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xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200494datestamp 2008-09-23setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida StarFlorida star newsdc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:subject African Americans -- Newspapers. -- FloridaNewspapers. -- Jacksonville (Fla.)Newspapers. -- Duval County (Fla.)Newspapers -- Florida ( LCSH )dc:description "Florida's statewide black weekly." Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida. b Funding Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05Funding Funded in part by the University of Florida, the Library Services and Technology Assistance granting program of Florida, the State Library and Archives of Florida, and other institutions and individuals.dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.,dc:date January 10, 1959dc:type Newspaperdc:format v. : ill. ; 58 cm.dc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=004940740-798X (ISSN)2261130 (OCLC)581378 (ALEPH)dc:source University of Floridadc:language Englishdc:coverage North America -- United States of America -- Florida -- Duval County (Fla.) -- Jacksonville (Fla.)North America -- United States of America -- Floridadc:rights All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 10, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
January 10, 1959
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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B Bl ht. B bt ** "" "* "*"" """* -* w """ "M M m

&m m&mmmm

.t ;.- c'I/ID STAR j; Iii




;;- t ..yy.U h .. '. 2 Jaxons Suffer In juriE -... -.

:ir- .. !
v .Y ; /;. : {

In Auto-Train Acciden
ac'I 'IF: /'..M Y I ". -


---- ---



Yea asA !

Two Jaxons narrowly escaped death in auto-train wrecks;i Twenty-four year old Private First Class Wilbert L.

on Moncrief'Road rid the railroad tracks during the past L. Monroe, a Medical Laboratory Technician was named
CLOSE CALL Willie Hay who was injured in an aulo-lrain wreck last Tues week. "Soldier of_the Month" for December at Fort Hamilton,
day is shov. being lifted from his car by police. The car was struck by a Seaboard A car driven by :Mathew --- Brooklyn' N. Y.

Airline switch engine at a Moncrief cross ng. Hay suffered a fractured leg and lacEration 1 Cotton, 29, 1091 Florida Ave was hit by a Seaboard Air-I:I,' He is the son of Mr. and & .--
of the head. Ho was taken to Duval Medical Center for treatment. of'j I,
nue was hit by an Atlantic line switch engine last Tues- Mrs George W. Monroe under, John K. Daly.
Coast Line switch engine, day. Hay's car was struck in'' 546 Franklin Street, Jack-I 1 PFC :Monroe is an Associate -
[ Thursday, Jan. 1, 1959. Damage the right side by front end' sonville, Florida. member of the American
I to his i 1952 Mercury!of engine and carried approximately -! Entering the Army on Pharmacy Association and a
I i I was estimated at$210. Cotton 295 ft., from point April 23, 1958 he attendedthe I member of the YMCA. He is
whose occupation was listed; the U. S. Army Medical j I a graduate of Stanton High
AS JAX WOMAN\ AWAITS/ HEARING )ElAYS DEAL !of impact. Damage to car,
; as a cab driver, was shaken was estimated at $500. Service School, at Fort Hous-j School, Jacksonville and attended
up, but not seriously injured,': (ton, Texas. FLA. A & M Univer-
I; police reported.In !> Hay was treated at Duval j| The "Soldier of the Month" sity,. Tallahassee, Florida.
Willie Flanders, a bouncer :i in an Ashley Street bar is in *fOR COLLEGE another accident, a 1952: Mdical Center for fractured receives a check for $25.00, a; t sx
serious condition in Duval Me edical center after being shot Ford Sedan 'driven by Willie right leg and laceration of :3-day pass and some special

'several times on New Year's i eve night.convicted. Hay, 30, 1619 Davis Street:,head. privileges in the Post Exchange -
Detective Sgts. E. p Cor- i St. Petersburg The race Store. He is selected
Patrolmen J. M. Beck and
ana I I
ley, L. A. Hamway Det. if the other version issue, in the form' of fear of 'I J. E. McClean by a Board of Officers and
Lt. O. A. Johnson who were Some of the questions that : Integration is del 1 ying ne- ; NCOs from recommended
called to investigate the shoot will have to be answered are: : gotiations for a college site POLICE CATCH I personnel of units of this in-
ing reported that Delores in Florida. stallation. J
Did Flanders have a gun.. ..
Martin, 26, of 724 Minnie The council voted last Out of four enlisted
Who reached for a first.. city per"fonn.el
Street was the trigger woman -., What transpired in gun the Cabaret -_'Tuesday* to defer until Jan- MAN -IN ;.ACT OF TIMEGRANTED that competed for thishonor
in the shooting t lounge before the shooting uarjTlD the'signing'of'a-deed ,!I PFC Monroe was
threw Ashley Street into up-! ? .which would convey' 150 chosen for his superior know-
roar and caused New Year'seve I f acres of land to Florida Pres- ROBBING SHOPPolice TO ANSWER ledge of the Uniform Codeof
celebrants to scatter for1cover. Flanders who lives at 638 ..
: byterian College as a campus Military Justice, Chain of :
\Vest- \shley Street was shot' site. Command, First Aid, World
The investigating officers I several times in the neck and; It is believed the city want News, miscellaneous military
reported a call to SCHOOL
said witnesses told them the I rrm by hail of bullets when : ed to make sure the college 1223 Jefferson Street last: subjects, and personal appearance -.
occurred when Flan the (
shooting her
young emptied gun would maintain racial segre- : and military bearing.
ders attempted to eject Miss : in rapid fire succession.A i Saturday to investigate a
gation. "The $25.00 is nice
a prize
I breakin at the Jefferson St.
Martin and a woman compan- i I The deed was scheduled to 1 1I I to receive at this time of
preliminary be- Wine and
hearing j arriving
Shop, I I
ion from the lounge for danc-! upon i TAMPA Federal Judge
fore I be signed i last Wednesday !year as it will help me to
: the : Justice of the Peace Sa-| ; they found Fred Mull, of 445
ng The on FLORIDA premises.STAR learn rah Bryan is being delayed'|but Mayor John Burroughsi ;'i. Orange Street inside and a ,' George Whitehurst last week i complete my Christmas shopping -
jed this week that there are! pending the outcome of Flan-i said there were "some restrictions -juke i I box had been broken:granted Hillsborough County I ," he said as he acceptedthe
that I think authorities additional time check
der's condition. we from Post Corn- *
( into.
two versions of the shootingthe -!, r should ( for
f discuss in private. J ta answer a suit calling
i Police said they alked to PFC WILBERT MONROE
one told police and an- I !
other which describes whatit 'i' He said he would call a Fred Mull in city jail and public school integration. j i IMAN ...."Soldier of the Month"charged
caucus between now and the TO SERVE
is alleged actually happen- I he stated that he was riding : Whitehurst, who will pre-
,: next council meeting Jan. 19
ed. i discuss the
to matter.
Facing trial for assualt to I : name of Levi Roberts. He signed an order extending un : der.Asst.
: There that
murder and possibly se- was speculation ;r said Levi parked the car. til Feb. 2 the deadline for,YEAR TERM County Solicitor Hans

cond degree murder, in the FOR SHOOTING "restrictions" dealt with pro-, about a block from 1221 Jefferson county school authorities to i*: I II Tanzler said Miss Atkins testified
event Flanders should die, jiosals that the college prom-''I Street and told him :answer the action filed in be; ; that Thomas molest her
Delores Martin stands to be ise not to permit racial inte-t I to wait, he would be right I half of a group of Negroes. I I,FOR SHOOTING and then pushed her around

of the shooting is the true!WIFE IN ARM I!: gration before the deed is': back. Mull said he waited' Francisco Rodriquez,Negro i,i ,: and when she protested as
/ signed. I I _______
about 20 minutes and since she and Jones were leaving
version and is not told. i attorney, filed the suit two I
!) The college board of trustees -Levi had back he A five-year prison term the bar.
What will be justice in: 1 I decided to build the I I I not come weeks ago in behalf of four t
this case is anybody's guess.. new got out of the car and went Negro parents and their mi-I was given a 32-year-old man Prosecution witnesses said
I I An indetermined prison I I church school here last Fall i i I I Iafter I I to look for him. nor children. i last Monday for shooting another -I they saw no molestations.
term of from six months" to, a of all of Central -' iI
He said Ie.yent tt the I man in the stomach They said Jones suddenly
BURGLAR WINS/ / 10-years was given & 73-year-:': ] Fkrida. The city's off&',!'I front 'door: of the Jeffp"%sor County School Supt. Croc-I j daring an a/j neit in a barroom tired cue buaet from ? .22
old man for woundin;* his!!I which: included donation of Street Wine Shc and loom! v.ctt Farnell and members of!! over tne defendar.t's' .a iber revolvern'jo Thomas
wife in the arm with a shot !the land,.\\as one of the most, **ie school board are defend-;|wife. r h
I' j i in. He saw Le j and he went i I st f.m ; and than calmly:
IN FOOT RACE gun blrst last Oct. 12. 'i tra-tive: received. j jto i the back d found if'..!'ts. ;,: Wallace Jones of 604& walkrd out of the bar with

i James Campbell of E t. 7, I I open so he went nside wlore Thurg( d Marshall, head,, Davis Street waived trial by'Miss Atkins. Thoi aas rc co/-
Box 96, Old Middleburg, Rd.'YOUTH FACES he had already broken open of the legal staff for the Na-,I jury in criminal court on cred after spending a short
WITH POLICEA I received the sentence for I the juke box. 'Levi gave him tional Assn. for theJVdvance-1 I I a charge of assault to murder;time in the hospital.
blasting his wife Lula with I:PRISON TERM the money bag to hold while ment of Colored People, was*Jin u I the shooting of George''' Tanzler said the woman
:a single-barreled shotgun. IN 5H'OOTINGV he- looked around the shop. listed as one of the attorneys Thomas last Sept. 6 at the, later claimed that she, not
burglar, who I waived Mull said after Levi left him t I Reno Bar, 736 Davis Street. Jones, fired the shot. The
speedy was Campbell a trial by \ A YCROSS, Ga.-A three I for the parents. Rodriquez:,I ,
too fleet of foot for two policemen jury on a charge of assault year sentence in the state the next thing he knew the I said he didn't know whether| Sentence was imposed by|prosecutor said she asked in
escaped when he out- with intent to commit first''penitentiary was imposed on police .were there ,and arrested -$.Marshall I: would come to Tampa I j:Judge A. Lloyd Layton, who I court to be allowed to plead
ran them after he was forced degree murder, and Judge s. 19-year-old youth last Tues him but Levi was I to take part' in arguing I]j found Jones guilty. The judge.guilty in the lesser charge _

from a television repair shop William T. Harvey heard the day for a Sunday night shoot- gone. j the case. acquitted Miss Fannie Mae 'of aggravated assault, but he

last Tuesday. I evidence, found ,the defen- ing spree: in which he shot : Roberts was picked up in I i Atkins, who had also been :refused to accept. that plea.
Patrolmen Johnnie J. Doe dent guilty and 'Riverside on the same date ---- --
I up a cafe, a. .houses and an I
and Freddie D. Mack re-, automobile. .on a charge of disorderly conduct MAN USES HAMMER

ported they were checking sentence.Mrs Arthur Soloman was sent- and carrying concealed AFTER BEING CUT NAACP RAISES $1 MILLION
Campbell the '
building in the 200 block of : 77yearold enced to. one on each weapons (steak knife and ice I
'wife of James Campbelltook year and held for, investi-
Davis Street at 130 ajn. pick),
the stand to tell how of three counts of pointing a ,James Green 50, 805 W.
denies know-
when potted the !gation. any
they suspect
inside Eastern TV Company, she left. home the 'previous gun at a deputy sheriff fight- ledge of the breaking ,and Beaver Street told police he: BUT NEEDS MORE FOR FIGHTNEW
night to stay with her daugher ing and drunkenness by City I was: cut when he asked Joe
210 Davis Street.The entering charge.Sgt -
Judge Ben Smith : "
because her husband Jet Christopher Fraley to stop
...fleet-footed burglar was. K E Jones:was called :
drunk' : Soloman, shot into the village and outside the YORK The
rhn .- -: building and and abusive.. and took arecording'ofMull's cursing go I ;- National Association lor the
i Cafe Hebafdvflle, into smoke shop at ,711"W. Ashley 'Adrotcertent Of Colored People tecf'MdDdaf
't:.jshase:,,, :..several- blocks She''retunl ibd home- ..thenext.mornlngtn I fin automobile and a :private I confesion.1t. was then Street. that. its, irco.,.e':last year' exceeded repo$1,000,000 for the,
; Levi Roberts
the .officers : played-back; to-
Y giving fix her&&- home. according .to sheriff'sdeputies.Deputy first time.: -
lli' &p .in the alleys.in thcf.DuvalBtreet band s breakfast, but fee:;.>fii : in the presence of Mull; bat He said" :Fraley went out

71. boCk : at .ho-' with,:buckshot: T&e f :Sheriff C arley Levi .Roberts continued to side and came back in.a. few Roy Will ''ns, r -xutive secretary told the NAACP

; .th e, the light pellets penetrated .her Williams said Solwrtxnnt- deny any knowledge' of the minutes with a knife in his annual met.r the income was $1.017,471 but that
t y cefs learned'that the bur- clothing but did not hurt her. ed his shotgun at D '. Roy tirime and Mull still main-. hand and started cutting him, the organfa- .heal a deficit of $1183 for theyear..
w -. had broken a plate glass James reloaded with 'V"de- Aycock and h'inshen tained that Roberts s an and fie picked up hammer. Wifidot ss. i e NAACP "must, press the school

window in the store at 214 shot.and fired again, she tuld they arrived on tJ''e) accomplice.Sgts. .. r. him in the head, desegre?[ :tio tg.it through the courts a-d in the

Davis Street and then cut a the court She also showed j I The gun was. kuDcV: from G. C.. Starrett,: F: i'-' i J. L...Mays and! arena 01 public opinion." This Le said, would be ex-
hole xhrough: the wall 'between the court the scars'crt:.- the hands of 'Soloman. The W. Murray" -and Patrolmen W. --- ion investigated. pensive, "requiring far more than we Have given i if

the fchopswLocsr. Wundetermined. right arm left by the u,.*>.-jgi-i went off bUt ***e buck-t J h r'!,c,:-.. ston approved. theY thus far." t

; ing. shot missed the deputirs.; .som 1 i l -- ---


.. .

Two THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday. January 10 1933

THE FLORIDA_ STAR "Politics As Usual"By

23&K3pffir.w* **ittifcBUT

No one-likes the idea of revolution. But the man, Fidel

Published by The Florida Star Publishing Co. WE'RE MAKING Castro who led the Cuban revolution to restore democracy
; and thereby :free his people from the slavery of dictatorship
"Member of. Associated Negro Press" tta* -" must be admrredFidel
Eric -
O. Simpson Editor -
Castro risked his life,
C. Psrham Johnson News Staff endured many hardships and Mt. Herman. In addition

Ahsmae Richardson ,___Circulation DepL not for money, not for personal some land will be taken i*
glory but because of around recreation center to
t desire to free his
a burning
.tt,. provide an play
MAIN OFFICE fc PLANT: people from the yoke of poli-
area around the Wilder Recreation
2323 Moneriei: Road EL 4-8782 EL 4.6783Downtown tical' enslavement.
If there center.Unfortunately.
Branch office: 423 Broad SL Phone EL 43773Mailing .'' were
..4... :, only a few however, he
-if', ore Fi del could not tell this reporter

Address: ;tros among when he asked the questionjust

P. O. Box 581. Jac ianvfl. 1, Florida S "*3the Negro raceK4who how many feet of play
stand up area the Negro community
r *i, and fight for would have compared to

SUBSCRIPTION RATES i r a : the. right oftheir what was had before the Ex-

One Year, $54)8) ; Half Year, $3.00; Three Months $'1.80 4 ':. .J: people. .. pressway took some of the
rrlei .t1J; "" : Purely for the cld play area.
Mailed To You,
Anywhere In The United Stales.febscrfption .
: of
right The to which
Parable in Advance.: Send Check or Monty Order To: 4 ;ike! not for the Robinson group gave his "promises"to George
T ''. was composed of membersof
> ad- the Mayor's advisory com-
SImpson vancement,the
on juvenile problems,
Negro people would not ben a body created_by Haydon
NEGLECT OF NEGRO the plight they are in
HISTORY w today.I Burns. It is headed by C. S.
Williams who serves in a
have found that all too
public relations capacity for
FOSTERS INFERIORITY FEELINGNegro qI often Negro leaders are will- the AME church in Florida.
0 ing to sell their people out
/ The next strong man in the
:: for their .!
d., yLOhtila own personal gain.
children outfit is Joe James, who is
must wear "Black oflnferi- a !
a Badge and this is true in Jacksonville

roity, because educators fail to ...JJI: J Ji credited as having been one
"vital ,
contributions as well as any place In
made by I of the shrewdest Negro politicians -
Negroes to America's of life" the U.S.
way a
representative WHO DOES HE THINK HE'S KIDING? in Duval. Both
of the
National Association for the Advancement There are in this city a few I'I
of Colored People has told the New Jersey Youth Study "leaders", politically inbeded! possess considerable ability
CommISSIon."The I and are capable of rendering
who will blow the trumpet'
studied indifference of historians to this element Your Weekly for any candidate to get Negro worthwhile service.
of the American child's *
constitutes a serious deprivation citizens to vote for their
explained Calvin D. Banks, NAACP field secre- man pilrely for the price the,I Citizens are eagerly awaiting -
tray, testifying before the commission on December 10. Horoscope Guide local Negro has been paid or;!'[ the outcome of the hear-

"Our leadership is unanimous in the conclusion that because it places him in a'I'ing set for Negro policeman

discrimination and prejudice serves to destroy the incen- WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR position to get some personal George R. Henry before the
tives of the Negro child and often create a marked inferi- favors. city commission on chargesof

ority complex," Mr. Banks said. He went on to emphasize BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL being drunk.

that adjustment of curriculum is a top priorty matter. ---- Not only do we need!, Henry was found in a semi-

ed by:Mr.weakened Banks added that the NAACP is seriously concern __ By PABLO The. ASTROLOGERARIES stronger and more dedicated I drunk condition, partly dress-
family structure which poses a threat for Negro leaders, we also need'' ed in uniform during the
the community as well as the ther happy and expansive and there indeed
family involved. I ;t are many some unity. As long as there Christmas season in a car
f The NAACP urges consideration of family strengthening Born March 21 thru April 20 mood, interested in whatever i, and varied posibilities! The ire small who local papers reported it, one
means, he said, pointing out that the responsibility can- It should be very good for worK you are doing, and with I year 1959 begins with a fine, certain matters groups pertaining keep'to'' after midnight. The way the

not be surrendered to or assumed by government alone. your business interests and associates whose Personalities i- constructive sextile of Venusto the their got the idea that Henry was
"ha- :
But, he concluded, the government should, "participatewith profitable results could be ex seem to you, at least at ; Jupiter, and you may be as own I on duty at the time. The fact
1 bies" to the exclusioh of
existing community agencies to structure a meaningful pected from your professional -j first, quite. Saturn i iI busy visiting people, commu- ethers, Who i: i:; that when Capt. Bates
program." activities. As enters Sixth House on : ting, or selling might be able toj
on January your your wares cased up on him, Henry was
,5th, Saturn enters your Ten-I January 5th for a nearly i writing letters or publicity- contribute something to the i officially "off duty".
th House for and this in other words effort we will never make;;
a nearly three- three-year stay, I II being activein
year stay, your professionalor r could mean that matters of I II every line connected with any worth while accomplishments. -, Many citizens feel that
A TIP FROM MARK TWAIN I I Henry deserves another
public status is likely to I employment are getting well communications, physical or I chance, especially since he
became more clear cut and i established and presumablysecure. intellectual. There are too many of us''

more settled, soon if not im I Jupiter will meet Sa-. 5 50-33-49-31-543 who want to be the "big; has a record as being a very
I The turn in Sixth House in wheels" Too of : good policeman. It seams unreasonable -
Mark Twain's lovable Pudd"nhead Wilson mediately. first ten daysof i your i many us;,
diary: "October, This is a peculiarly wrote in; his January may pave the two years and you may bet' SAGITTARIUSBorn who are obsessed with the: to dismiss a cop
dangerous month to because he had" too
eculate in. The others way for just such a thing, gradually making ready for desire to "carry the ball". many
are July, January, September, Nov. 23 thru Dec. 21 while off duty when others
notable to do a *
the interme opportunity
perhaps through a
April November, May, March, June December, Augustand You may benefit from ;i -white cops-have been only
February." diary of a woman friend or very significant work. contracts Last Wednesday evening I
government pen- suspended after shooting at
Pudd'nhead Wilson could write today with more telling !of a group of friends- 4-40-99-39-97--443 sions or benefits, or from a attended a meeting unin- citizens while in a drunken
effect about the 120111913129TAURUS vited to hear George Rob
gamble millions of Americans are now bonus from a large firm. condition.
taking. For these millions are gambling with more than VIRGO Your Savings should increase inson, head of the recreation
Born 23 thru Sept. I *
money. They are gambling with their lives- 221, and your j job or business department explain what was
Here is what we mean: Born April 21 thru May 20 Before leaving Capricorn should prosperSaturn, which being done to provide recreation There is some talk about

There are 300,000 Americans alive today who have had I- The very first days of this on the 7th, Venus makes a has been for over two yearsin areas in_ lieu of the j extending the city limits,

polio. Many of them are crippled for life. Some are still in new year seem to be pleasantand very auspicious aspect to.Ju- your Sun Sign, is leavingit area taken from the Wilder t I thereby bringing a large portion -
iron to represent more or less piter i your Third House sug Park recreation center by the '! of the county includ-
lungs. Some will never be able to leave a wheel chair on January
the tail end of the conditions gesting happy times among Floradale and Magnolia
Expressway acquisition of ing
But since 1955, thanks to Dr. Jonas E- Salk and the 4-30-22-29-21-431 |
which have since relatives neighbors- is a'fine i i the
March of Dimes, we have a vaccine to prevent polio paralysis. prevailed or land in that area. I Gardens into jurisdiction -
Christmas-u s t now you week for answering your( of the City of Jackson-
It won't cure those already crippled, but will prevent The question of what was I .
might be enjoying a long Christmas cards and seeing CAPRICORN the''' ville.
done :
new cases- being to provide
Some 65 million Americans have already had the wisdomto journey and very pleasant people who have been goodto into -I Born Dec. 22 thru Jan. 19 Negro community with recreation -,' All I can see is that the

stop gambling with polio by taking Salk injections But with probably influential associates you. As Saturn moves for This augurs well for your facilities in place of! city officials want to bring
Fifth House a
Relax and be ,
46 million polio-susceptible persons under the age of 40 have expan your I ability to make friends, in- that taken by the Expressway, the county residents into the
sive in your feelings. See and three year long stay, your fluential ones, and to influ- that the
neglected to do so. These are the foolhardy gamblers. life stabilize I was first aired in the editorial city so can get some
Any month in the calendar is a good month for startingyour enjoy j people. Sign worth- emotional under may perhaps)I ence people, if you make columns of the FLORIDA: additional taxes, more votesto

series of polio shots- Every month you delay is a bad while. agreements and contracts itself rather binding some limitations. full use of your personal mag STAR issue of Dec. 13 1958.: pull on and give city patrolmen -

month for speculating with your health. Take a tip from G-55-7S-54-787 But if you accept them in a netism and charm. Thus you George Robinson told us -,: more area to roam.
Pudd'nhead Wilson and protect yourself against the risk of constructive attitude it may should be strengthened and or rather the group that} Mabey It won't be such a i

polio crippling nowKILLER. GEMINI give much depth to your per steady deepened and(made reliable more) as mature an individual his department was willing, bad idea after all for the

Born May 21 thru June 20' sonality. Education might bea It could indeed be a to do all the necessary repairs -; people of Floradale Magnoliato

-. The outlook for work and fine outlet for your energies '' important three but dwelt heavily on: incorporate the area and

I OF CHILDREN business is good for you as very as, early in 1961 Jupiter years and the fact that the department i i for an independent city.

the year begins, and the favorable 2-10-44-12-43-214 Saturn are conjunct in your spends untold thousands of Whatever happens, and
situation presumably Sign. I dollars repairing damage whatever the majority de- h

Burns cause more injury and death among children than refers to the continuation of LIBRA 9-70-66-68-65-976 I done by young vandals. He cides to do, let's stick together

any other agent. Every parent should know how to identi- what was begun around, and I Born Sept. 23 thru Oct. 22 I admitted however, that van- and see it through.For .
fy and treat them especially immediately after,I ICh. The very pleasant sextile !dalism is not confined to the,, together we stand and

This point is stressed by Today's Health, an American Expansion as.well I aspect of your planetary nJ 1- AQUARIUS colored areas. i< divided we shall surely

Medical Association publication. It then provides some Sim- as enjoyment are keynotes,er, Venus, to Jupiter orens Born Jan 20 hru Feb. 18 : He informed us that a play I fall. Together we can move
ple but vital rules: I of this situation: as far as I i the year on a construe'ive! A new phase of your life 'area will be provided at 4th mountains Divided we

Youngsters will grasp everything within reach, so never work and :.cur participation and optimistic note- It may is likely to start when, Jan- and Jefferson and also at 6th'',can't budge &n ant hill.

allow conditions to exist which can lead to accidentsKeep in your community is concerned be particularly favorable for uary 5th, Saturn enters. fora

matches from children; keep pots from the edge of the your finances and could bring three-year stay, the sign
stove, and keep youngsters from fires. 2-10-66-12- 5-- 21CCANCER any realestate deal or rent- Capricorn, and Venus, on SUPPORT THE DRIVE
al to a satisfactory conclu- January 7th, moves into Aquarius -
Determine quickly the degree of burn. In a first degree .
burn the skin is red; in second degree, the skin is blisteredIn sion. It should in other cases Saturn's stay in Ca- '
third degree the skin is charr d. Born June 21 thru July 22 promise a happy situation at pricorn may pose some prob- FOR BETTER TREATMENT

For first or simple second degree burns, coat affected With Saturn entering your home, perhaps a gift from lems of adjustment, perhapsin
Seventh ,House on January'father or mot h e r. Saturn, terms of having assumednew
area with antiseptic ointment or olive or baby oil- This relieves -
pain and prevents skin from cracking and drying out. 5th, romance could consoli-!however, is moving' into Ca- responsibilities, but is OF NEGROES LOCAL FIRMS

For deep second and all third degree burns, call a doctor date into a permanent union,' pricorn for a long stay, and may also stabilize your inner''
Shock and infection occur. A layman with: all the responsibilities ,this could increase home re- life and bring more I would like to see a new policy of bttter treatment .
immediately. may ,' '
should not attempt to treat burns of these types.' this implies-. Or, if a musician sponsibilities or gradually in your spiritual and social na to Negro customer adopted by local firms
'or an 'actor, you mightbe troduce some, heaviness or a ture. I resent being called by my first name by salesman
on the road to a solid con sense of limitation into your 8-SO-77-89-76-878 and saleswomen.

tract' which would stabilize home life, but it should be I believe that Negro patrons should be provided

your relationships with other mainly maturing, influence I PISCES ample rest room faculties In local establishments and

people, though also limit and which would give greater Born Feb. 19 lira March 20 an end .put to Jim-crow: signs on drinking fountains

?J 1 I define them. This may be, depth,,to yoUr personality, a :Most characteristic of this and rest rooms 4 ". "**

V z. however,. a gradual process- deeper wisdom- week, however, is the entrance -I To accomplish: theee'engages I am wiles CSM

I 9-7, 76-978 5 .!O of Saturn into your patronizing. flea that arc .onwffllng to meet ths ecrequests.
; Eleventh House; j j' .-bas, 'Yen.I .

..l LEO r SCORPIO us leaves this House for r the I NAME ;
; Bern July 23 thru Aug> '22 Born Ode.. 23 torn Nor- 22 next one. You may be strongly : I ---L "
l The sextile of Venus and -For.several ,months now influenced during the yt i ADDRESS ,. -'- -L

Jupiter with whcih the year Neptune and.Jupiter have three years by: friends o.

.. : opens,. should be a good omen both been located in your are older than you or i I understand lisi my tame will be Held co&fl.
in matters of occupation and Sun Sign-tYou should be able seriousll and perhaps pu... 1u1aJ unless In&csJtd otiarwtse below. 1

in terms of your home life. by; ,_now: to...judge .:what thismeans.toyour (" ect : ...._'.. -.
You are likley to.be in a ra- jjresent. life, '1-8f-, --19-65-1. ::.r You mt.y ran a- ifPage I.r'f, : ..

', .
.. -
;; ; '- .
> -

.. .

.. V


.. ,
-. .
Eadtag'Sarardar Jaauarr 10. 1959 THE FLORIDA STAB
Pass ?tires

.. ,

ABOUT PEOPLEThe Winners Of .Pepsi-Cola Golf Trophies = :: .
= -"gj- ,
Rev. H- Jackson, 1489 .. .: --
Grothe Street, Mrs- ASump
ter, 660 West 18th St. and
Mrs- I. Harris of 1112 West BT
19th Street are sick membersof 4.
the! Who-So-Ever Will LOUISE G. GUINYARDDr.

Prayer Band. .
Leonard F. Morse Professor
at Edward Waters College
a a} and Phi Beta Sigma
Fralemlry's only living founder.
Milton Hood is recuperating !;:
has just returned from Sigma4.th Anniversary Conclaveheld '
,at his home, corner Davis -
and Church Streets, following '. .. a {., Hotel-during the Christmas Holidays Chicago's Hamilton
several days'Umess in .. Ki\w.
the Brewster Hospital. He is Dr. Morse; who was accorded all the pomp and ceremony
a member of the Day Spring Baptist Church. concerning the conclave. He also has dreams of establishing

an undergraduate chapter at Edward Waters College

Mrs. Pearl E u t say con- and will take the initial steps in this directior dy settingup
tinues ill in'her home at 1110 w a pledge club within the next few weeks. He will also

West 9th Street. She is a deliver an address to the student body of Morris Brown

member of Grant Memorial College, Atlanta Georgia, on Friday, January 9.

AME Church and is a mem- -rte o s r .
ber of Stewardess Board No- It was interesting to see the college set take-- owlet the
1. : local night spots during their went vacation. Of particular

.' interest was the New Year's Ere party held at the Lincoln .

Massey Hoffman of 1526 Golf and Country Club, when the charming lassos and

West 14th Street, is ill in the their dashing companions "Cha-Cha"ed the New Year in, .
Brewster Hospital. He is a relegating the old "jitter-bug" set to the role of edator.

member of the Mt. Olive AM Forsaking modesty for comfort. several of the ladies. were
E Church. seen dancing in their stocking feet.

Miss Doretha Wilcox and The Les Elites (formerly Cosami) Bridge Club welcomedthe

Mis Audrey Louise Wilcox re I A New Year in with its annual party, held in the upstairsroom
turned to the city recently after of the Country Club-

spending the Christmas r ... Guests included Mr. Frank Courtney; Mr. and Mrs. Willie
holidays in Greensboro, N. C I II Butler of Savannah,Ga.; Jonathan McCone; Mr. Joshua

with their brother-in-law* Williams; Mr. Isaac Simmons; Mrs. Sylvster Bossard; Mrs. .
and sister, Mr- and Mrs:II YC Dorothy McCone Steele; Mr. Edward Henderson; Julius

James: Taylor. I Guinyard; and Mr. Bryant-

I __.__._________ _.....____m-m______ ._m..m_ _......m_.___ __.______._ ___.__.._.___,___.'''wv.-.m._____. _,___. __,, .-y,,_ Gifts were exchanged among members.
Mr.. and Mrs. William J.! *. *
;L ACCEPTING AWARDS Charming Miss Theresa who was first prize winner in the second flight. In the
Cross of New York City were Mackey popular radio disc jockey is seen presenting scene at right the Pepsi Cola trophy for the winner in Another' fraternal group seen expanding its activities is
visitors in the city during the: Pepsi Cola trophies to two of the winners in the Initial the first flgiht is accepfed with smiles by George Mc- the local chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorotity which
holidays as the guests of rela-: Open Golf Tournament sponsored by the Ladies of the Clellan of Jacksonville.Miss motored to Brunswick, Georgia recently to participate in

tives and friends. They were! Links Golf Club at Hyde Park and Lincoln Golf and Mackey is heard each Saturday morning on the establishment of the Brunswick Alumni Chapter-

the house guests of Mrs. Ger-! Country Clubs. At left, Miss Mackey presents a Pepsi the Pepsi-Teen Show which is broadcast from tho stageof Mrs. Winona Alexander. one of Delta's living founders
trude Brown, 859 Julia St. 1 assisted Mrs. Thelma Cobb Southern Area Regional Director
Cola trophy to W. H. Parker of Montery. California. the Strand Theatre over station WRHC.

in performing the rites-
----- -- -- --------- -- -- -- ---
I 1-- -- --- --- Others from the Jacksonville Alumni Chapter participating -

BSA LEADERSTO LAS 1'JUNIOR SOCIETY GARDEN CIRCLE in the service included Mrs. Lillian G. Small, president;

Wedding Bells CHIQUITAS HOLDS FINAL MEET CONDUCTS MEETING Mrs. Sallye B. Mathis; Mrs. Edna P- Adams; Mrs. Emma

I, i Brown; and Mrs- Mary F. ColemanA .
Applications for. Marriage :CONDUCTS MEETLas The Junior Women's Missionary -
I 1! The Marechal Neil Garden much talked about affair during the Holidays was the

1 II Licenses Society of Second, Circle held its regular meeting brunch party given by the Feminae Gravitae Ladies, heldin
The annual scouters banquet 1 1I j I Baptist Church held its final.'; recently in the home of the beautiful Edgewood Avenue home of Mr. and Mrs.
1310 Pearce
Eleazer Elliott.
will be held in-the cafe- I Chiquitas, a newly or- business meeting for 1958 re- Mrs. Willie W B. Stewart-
18 and Ethel M.Trimmings Mae Hart with
torium of Matthew W. Gil-,, Stage ganized social club held a cently. Enjoying the bridge session were: Miss Corine M. Ken-
bert High School, January 22 131 Caroline- St.-, age meeting recently in the homeof Rededication services will LlrsEthel Hamilton, Mrs. nedy: Mrs. Eleanor J. Gay: Mrs. Rose M. Peppers: Mrs Ly-

at 7:30 p.m. 18- Miss Guelda White and be held this month. 1 I!il.lary Jones and Mrs- Tur- dia Hart 'Sweet: Mrs. Stazzio O. Hudson: Mrs. Berthena Jor-

The Court of High Awards: Henry Silas, 1449 WindleSt. elected officers. The society will sponsor its phane Jones serving as co- dan: Mrs. W- M. Garvin Mrs- Theodosia Childs: Mrs. Mary

will be one of the main features -!j ; ., age 32 and Susan M. annual tea, February 22. I, hostesses. < Washigton: Mrs- Mary Dumas: Mrs. Cora Ross: Mrs. Blan-

during the occasion.'I;Jones, 1625 W- 11th Stage Officers installed were: R e.p o r t s from various I Mrs- Annie Fleming, presi- che E. Jenkins; Mrs. Dorothy Dunlap: Mrs Lottie B- Gilbert

Charles E. Simmons Jr., a 22- Miss Guelda White, presidentMiss I Christmas projects was made dent and MrsCleola demons ; Mrs- Ora McIver: Mrs. Mamie Gaines; Mrs- FrancesM.
holder of the Eagle award 1 Charlie Thomas 1034 W. Metro Lewis vice presL by Mrs- Frances' Roulhac and Richardson: MrsHenrietta Kinnon Mrs. Ruth Parrot.

and the Scoutmaster's Key;, Duval St age 42 and Vallie dent; Miss Gail Jefferson, I,MrsAnna Jordan. Mrs. Mary reporterBetween Mrs. Madeline Jones; Mrs. Claudia Burris: MrsEleanor

will serve as chairman of the:IGWhitehead' 1034 W- DuvalSt. financial-recording secretary; I E. Scott and Mrs. Roberta A. I Littlejohn; Mrs. Mary L. Breaker Mrs. M. A- Campbell.

court.E. ., age 55Charlie Miss Gene Hopkins, corres- :Hall also made reports from I and Mrs. Brazilia Perry.

Robert Langley presi-j Lowe, 1156 W- 8th ponding secretary. I their respective committees 'I 1948 and 1957, the The Feminae Gravitae membership roster is comprisedof

dent of the North Florida'( ;St., age 66 and Mattie Baker, Miss Norma Wilson, treasurer -I : Department fids of Agriculture Mrs. Catherine Burns president: Mrs. Mary Jones vice

Council, Boy Scouts of America -,,1018 W. 18th t., age 54- Miss Madelyn Jones, . expenditures for food president: Mrs. Bon n 1 e Bus h, recording secretary; Mrs-
will be the guest speaker j Clanzer T- Brown, 2112 chaplin; Miss Padrica Men- I per person rose 18 per cent .Hallie Holloway. financial secretary: Mrs. Gussie Cunningham -
By of
for the occasion. I{Baldwin Stage 27 and Annie dez, parliamentarian; Miss FIGHT.DOMISS way comparison, per ,. treasurer; Mrs. Julia E. Brooks business manager
Den Mothers of the Cherokee -: V. Butts' 915 Leila St., age Joyce Shipp, reporter; Miss WITH I:a:>ita disposable than income increased -i Mrs. Elizabeth Jones: Mrs- Agnes Reeves; Mrs. Sara Scott
Division will serve as ;25. as: Mrs. Willie Mae Smart: Mrs.
V e r dell Covington, business I Stewart: Mrs- Denear King:
hostesses Other for the affair. I 1 manager; Mrs- Gloria Best, e I same much-period.38 per cent-in the Marie Argrett: and Mrs. Hazel Llllienlhal.
leaders of the Chero.
assistant business manager. *
kee District! are<< James H. YWCA CELEBRATES ,

Steeley, vice chairman; J. F. 17TH ANNIVERSARY iI j i I The club members and ""dx .......... ...... ..... ..1...... Mrs. Ida Walker of 1165 West Twelfth Street tho entertained Holiday
Patterson '; feted witha friends with a coffee held in her home during
vice chairman; G. I I their guests were ,*sf 'a.h.: : : ::
A, Mackey, District Commis-I The A. L. Lewis Branch party at the Club Eidorado frg Season.
sioner; L. R. Aarons Field, YWCA will hold its 17th an- during the Christmas holi- 1'n ions Among guests were: Mrs. Wilner Dorrell; Mrs- Elizabeth
Commisisoner Norwood Mrs. Mary Jones; Mrs. Julia E- Brooks; Mrs. Salome -
and ;
M. L. 13th by Pat Reardo.
nual meeting January .1 J. ,. Alma Johnson Mrs. Lula Courtney -
Rtidd, Field Scout Executive. beginning at 7:30 p.m. with j I ... ...............1..... ........:.............. ... Mrs.H. McKinney Theodosia__ .; Mrs umios__ .. ; Miss llOteUe; Seals_f "1Ir"_"- i."... T.&.I'
chair- ; \ -
C. ,
Mrs. Bernice daysCLUBNOTES
Come dear-readers, fly with ring, bows, and tucks, we call Hammond; Mrs. J. O. Buchanan; Mrs Henrietta Kinnon,
GARDEN CIRCLE man in charge. If i me to Paris today. Gay Paris, them the "AMERICAN EM- Mrs Alonia Mitchell; Mrs. Mildred Joyner; Mrs. Lucile S-
The theme for the meeting I Ii. fashion capitol of the world. PIRE" look. And at only $20 to Mrs. Catherine Bums; Mrs-
GIVES PARTYThe Ahead and You will burst with excitementover $30 in a full range of sizes.A Clark; Mrs W. M. ;
i i.: "The Year I the breathless prettiness pretty dress deserves a Marie Calhoun; and Mrs. Deborah Harris.
annual reports will be made LADIES of the new Queen Josephine pretty coat, and especially when .
College Park Garden by Mrs. Thomas McGee, LAFAYETTE Empire fashion treasures. Let it's designed.by held the Holiday Sea-
Circle gave its annual partyat branch chairman Mrs. G. B.1 1 GIVES ANNUAL EVENT ,: us discover them together, for y the g-r-e-a-t Another aoleworth event during Club
the home of Mrs. J. E.Hut Gardner finance chairman;i yon to wear now, and throughout ,i, Balenciaga himself son was the party staged by the Entre Nous Bridge
chins 925 held the year. ., out of luxurious last Friday evening at the El Dorado.
Tyler Street recently t Ladies
and Mrs. Florence J. The Lafaytte I We start right at the top of 'e' Borgaiuu music
dinner recently in } Friends of Entre Nous dance to furnkhed5g
executive director.A its annual I Parisien fashion. See the old Only between
Members of the club exchanged of the nominating> the home of Mrs A- E Burn-' world elegance of the mighty $80 and $90 because outstanding local combo with the tempo rangfeg from *
report Stret. I Lanvin-Castillo with his little :. Balencia "mooth and soothing" to what the very n****** PM-
gifts and refresh- committee will be given by ett, 1104: Spearing ....... styling has '.
ga tb. sWIngj'numbers.
ments we reserved by the daytime Jacket dresses in rich ,. C- referred to (and he really meant a*
hostesses. Mrs. Sallye B. Mathis, chair- Gifts were exchanged by damask fabrics. Now the collections 1j.been: America brought to There was little left to be desired in the way of
man of the committee and members of the group- of Laroche, Balmain and :.1..:.:;.. Dave BeHsey by in musical entertainment during the evening.
Hostesses for the occasion the social hour by the court- Games were played and Patou ,who give us the pretty line-for-line originals! Superb
members also left little to be in
Club way
Mrs. Hutchins. high waisted EMPIRE look.
were Mrs. committee, Mrs. Martha awarded. tailoring detail in the banding
Willie Mae Jackson, Mrs Ju- esy Baker chairman. S prizes They are fashioned together of Empire with the hospitality, maneuvering smoothly among guests to see that
lia Mae Brown and Mrs- JTunsil of, brief littlebodices .. line Chemise tabs!line.Caress Note your the face waist-in they were "at ease" and amply provided with delicious. refreshments -

jackets free and : the soft,
toasty warm Borgana..
MRS. EULENE JONES WISTERIA SAVINGS CLUB easy (though li Fulfills your desir. for expens. Mr. Dennis Stewart presented officers and members of
TO HOLD MEETING shorter) skirts. ive furs. Ask to this delightful group during intermission as follows: Mrs.
DCE STUDENTS PLAN ENTERTAIN QUETTES And now, :7. \ see other Bor- .
back home lJ makes. Ruth DMyers president:Mrs. Charlotte Stewart vice president
FOR DISTRICT MEET The Wisteria Saving Clubof again, let us +. You'll love theireasytocare ; Miss.Lauretta Jenkins. recording secretary: Mrs.
The Qu ttes of Theta Phi Chaseville held a meeting stroll throughthe 'r. for : Camilla Thompson, financial secretary-treasurer: Mrs.Elizabeth .
Chapter of Omega Psi Psi recently in the home of Hen- ,pages ofMcCaU's : shades.
Simmons parliamentarian.We
The DCE Club of'New Stanton Fraternity Inc., held its regular Fields., ,Maga- The best Empire .
ry sine to see their clever
will complete plans for adaptations line must
monthly meeting receatly by our American design start with the have news of the Les Treize Amies Bridge Club's
attending and participating in the home of Prof and Mrs.i The club sponsored its an- ers and at such attractive best foundation. ':: r:: affair.
in the Annual District, Meet Eulene Jones.. Mrs.' Alma C. nual Christmas party recently prices I Thaf why we Christmas meeting which blossomed out into a gala included
ing of The Florida State Association Daniels the in the home of Mrs Willie For the girl who knows turn' to the Music was furnished by a smart combo which
of DCE Clubs. president pre McNair A was ren- clothes, sars.B&K,, 'Originals, Promise High-Rise girdle by Dwight Mitchell Jacksonville's gift to the music world and
sided the business program
over ses- there is this".aarJin little bo Poirette. Superb"construction in
'The meeting will be held sion of the.meeting. A social dered and refreshments were dice-lo1inc' Empire drape in only 2% ounces of waist cuddling other well-known musicians.
Stchard J.- 'Murray Ulna hour was ,held following the 'served' Christmas I gifts were butter-soft wool dacron and elastic. Ask to In addition to husbands and boyfriends ofclub, members
and-rabbit hair the exclusive Biaband- the Street home of Drv and Mrs. Warren' W.
School, S t. Augustine, Jan business session. exchanged. Guests presentwere see eon-
Cuffie set off 'VoI'f..t1INaums'1&W Schell filled to with too numerous to
Delores was capacity guests
Uat,30-! with
The Quettes of the Theta two jeweled off from tidbit to Bid-thigh
DCE Club. be' Mrs: Mary Cooper and Lon- .ccen ..r And only 'lUG. for-thb won-' mention. /
recently Chi entertained.
Chapter were, nie Williams.SE&QNOLE. What smarter dtrfal,: Em M6 mIthr"'DLJ"ion .; The Les Treize .Amies, presently headed by.Mr: Jose'
gaD its "Miss DCB Contest"which by Mrs. Eulene J. Jones dur 4 way to co to -r aete "el.tr. pHin Meares, are noted"for their triennial debutantes' ball-
is limited to the fe- ing"the.Christmas'holidays in towriVi.aadtO'dtonenrith .'1ciw.11enY-' C--- ..
male;memben'pi the. organization. their J'egu1ar'monthly'' meet- best look!That's b -
baal... Miss Marilyn Miller who is currently pursuing graduate
Winner of the contest CULTURE; 1 cage the skirtst4neDeashott ,
ing. !
-BJa'J&-Jr. we; studies atJffck Unverst the.dt> for the Holidays
will receive several DeE awards CLUB! CONDUCTS 1.A A..., 1'0 7 *
Members present were: ; JnttJ'! : ere achieve Jfen" 11r.JMfc t pnfesotfat ee'Stale College,
and honors and I Harkea' to
Mrs. Edna-Adams Mrs de- REGULAR MEET : _! '
.a.' 'trip to the state convention ',, raster fcwwp of Mrftttre silk I to-hat bI Ddecf '-.MlIleri D use guest fdif the.Vacation .period.Mr. .
mentine C. Banks MrS. Alma:
/ KBxab Inajrorrttat Ioak till i.7'fws tc
which will be held in Daniels, Mrs. Doris ':.Scott! ;-.ThcLSemiole: Culture Club ;....: .. r'eoocditifeo& : Kid Mtfe. Jimmy Walker an4Mr Cora Ross motored
the first week :
In Mrs. Janie > Mrs conducted its meeting recently lonArc.'IIt'-- '
i M. ,,1 Madry, to, Yfeginla during the Holidays, $ pmg:1n. Richmondand .
card 'l1I.a ; ,
May. Lorita Martin;;., Mrs.-Lillian' in the home of Mrs. Lena fn wi'a adoruN a rI''' Jer7. .... $tBursmell., ...' Petersburg. to rviait with relatives. / t." .
,Coordinators and advisorsfor Small, 'M1"Doiis J.: Parson,: ra Davis, 1937 Davis Street- cant turata..$ *' S .. 4.5. '*. ,-j?..,,)
the DCE'' at Mrs. Mrs8art: jhops. O9O9 "f9i IT let*. faHuradtiseam. '
Department 'Sop3ih"'Whlfe; -preYfous-m r- ._ : )Idra'SerscSelI"JG'Baniy :'arid"her ''taro dun life r.-oyee--.
New Stanton are Mrs Elinor bars Walker and Mrs. Eulene I held in the home of Mrs, ., awn sweet.. *fffeir- the. vat for yen... I and Cheryl, spent several..days in West Palm Beach recently .
" J.r Gay andRodell F. Robertsr Jones. Florida Dwight* -- .'. -, .. io visit Mrs. Bailey brother, MF ,Alton 'WilliamsW..k -

..;. .. ..;.. :- .. -




Page Four THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday.. January 10. 19S9

Apostolic Church. Of God To Close Anniversary :: :


'M'v.% .a
.. .
:%' ..;m. :! .ve: ,;fi: ;t?b
3 ; T.' ., ,.oraJ'o\o id.'.;haP


The Apostolic Church of God.-in Christ Commandment. ...
Keepers will celebrate the seventh anniversary of the The 30th anniversary of the

church and the pastor Bishop M- C. H- Cooper beginning,I Zion Hope Baptist Church

January 5 and will terminate January 16- I and the .pastor, the Rev. E. Y

The Women's Departmentof R. 'Simpson will be cele-
GOSPEL SINGERSTO brated, January 12-19 in the
the church will presentthe
auditorium of the church.
initial program, sponsor: :
ed by MrsDorothy Davis.Ell Local ministers will parti-

der Ezell Martin pastor of the cipate in the celebration.
t They will be accompanied by
The Dixie Humming Ly
Apostolic Church No- 2 will 1'Lf
Philadelphia, Pa., will ap- their choirs, usher boards and
he the The services'will
speaker. !pear at the Elks Auditorium, congregation.
begin at 7:45 m night 712 Duval Street 11
p. January : 4
ly. |I at 9 pjn.Also Regular 'servcies, January : :
11 will begin with Sunday 1 :
The following elders will appearing with the School at 930 a.m., with the

participate in the celebration J I group will be the Song of superintendent, Willie' Wil- f
,Prayer of Jacksonville. liams in charge. Vim'1.rMaY
they are: Elder Flax Howard,1 ..
; .. ._ ._
-- .
"- + .,
will '
Elder -
J. Givens, Elder J.Will; Morning worship con- > na A..w.to
; .
i jams, and Elder Ezell Martin.i vene at 11 a.m. with devotion JOYFUL TIMES The smiles shown on the faces of do with their moey. their answer was "Buy
N REV. W. M. HILL led by the deacons. The Rev. the sales forces of the Florida Star denote joyful times mother a present for Christmas." Both thoughtful and my

The men of the church will]TO SPEAK AT ZION 'E. R. Simpson will deliver around the Star office whre the new boys and girls are thrifty the youngsters are more determined to save

present a special program! HOPE WEDNESDAY the sermon and Choirs No. 3 receiving their savings from the sale of the star. It was their money to realize their one big dream and that is

January 12 and Elder p. C-, and 4 will serve throughout Christmas time and they are getting from $1 to $3 of buying mother a present at Christmas. Is your boy a
Hickson and: congregation of I the day. I their own savings. When asked: what they were going member of this happy 1amUy?

the Church of God Auditorium will at 5:30 --- -- --.-
-; The Rev. W. M. Hill, pas BTU convene I

will conduct service,' tor of Mt. Calvary Baptist p.m. with the president in Mrs.t, CHURCHNOTES :JWJ STUDENTS SUWANNEE SOCIAL REV. j. MCMILLAN
Altamese Brown charge. ,,
January 13. Elder W. F.Faust
,Church will be in charge of' Evening worship will begin'' CLUB GIVES PARTY SLATES CONFERENCE
pastor of the Church of God!the services at Zion Hope f'[ 6:30 with devotion Ii I .
I at : p.m. --
in Christ. and congregation. !.Baptist Church, January; 14.''services led by the deacons.!' ST. MATTHEW CHURCH i RECEIVE HONOR FERNANDINA BEACH- It has been

will serve, January 14- He will be accompanied by:The Rev. E. R. Simpson or! HOLDS INSTALLATIONSt. The Suwannee Social Club the Rev. J. T. McMillan announced by

On January 15 I Choir and Usher Board No. 2 bis appointee will deliver the: Matthew Baptist Church ,sponsored its annual party re tor of Grant Memorial ,AME pas-
Evangelist I and congregation. I message. I will hold installation services cently in the home of Mr. Church that church
p. Roper, pastor of the] January 12 throughout the Students of James Weldon and Mrs. Alex Decatur, 730 a conference -
I Choir No. 2 will meet fora have will be held, January
The general public Johnson School who have
Church of South 11th
the Street.
Living God II' 19th with various ministersand Gifts were 12 at 7
rehearsal for the
'; special January' extended invitation' shown p.m., purpose
been an outstanding ability in
Commandment Keepers and 15 at 8 p.m. at the church. services. their congregations in exchanged and the devotionwas of adopting a yearly church-
attend these scholorship and of
I to qualities
Evangelist L. 'charge of services each night. led by Leavy Duncans.
Adam, of the'! I J 'wide budget and election of
True Holiness Commandment The Rev. W. M. Hill will District No. 3 will hold its leadership, punctuality, co- Mrs. M. E. P e c k was the all officers.

Keepers ofSt Augustine will''!deliver a sermon at Little j meeting January 11 at 3 p.m.in operativeness, politeness, speaker for the occasion ad All
; persons desiring to be
render service. J Rock Baptist Church, January -t' I the home of Mr. and Mrs. courtesy and helpfulnesswere Airs. Lottie C. Williams distributed elected on the trustee board
I : 16. He will be accompa-' ,W. Williams, 1145 West 27th honored at the first me the gifts. Nave! been
; : asked to contact
Presiding elder Simmons,i tiled: by Choir No. 3, Usher: Patronize Star Advertisers Street. ;rit Award assembly for the
will close the anniversary,''! J Boards No. 2 and 3 and the .school term.The :Merit Award The last meeting was heldin trie pastor who will enroll
January 16.
---.- AT MT. TABOR BAPTIST ,j'the principal, Dr. James Price, president, at 33 9th. list.*

Installation services were Greene as a positive approach Street. i All class leaders have been

WAREHOUSE SALE SAVE held Thursday night in Mt.( to discipline. asked to report a list of the
$ ,
I Tabor Baptist Church for all Leroy Jackson, supervisor, names and addresses of the
I Ineve
officers elected for the year. Elementary! School, Duval HOMEMAKERS CLUB class members.

H. H. Wright of Ever-: County was the guest speakerfor GIVE ANNUAL EVENT:
green Baptist Church deliver-! the occasion. He was introduced -
cd the installation sermon by John H. Jackson. BETHLEHEM SUNDAY
and Choirs 1, 2, 3,;and Usher, Music was furnished by the: An annual Christmas party
Boards 1, 2, 3, served. Land under the direction of was sponsored by the Goodwill SCHOOL TO GIVEENTERTAINMENT ,
The Male Chorus will rehearse -, Clarence Felton and the Glee Homemakers Club recently -
on Saturday at 7 p.m.I Club under the direction of in the home of Mrs.1 I

I Mrs. L. B. Black shear and Avenue.Agnes Taylor, 1627 Highland- The Sunday School depart-

Miss Padrica Mendez. The ment 'of the Bethlehem
STATE WIDE MEET A presented Bap- ,
awards we represented by program was tist Church will a
:Mrs. E. L. George, Dean of during the affair and refresh'' sponsor
'SLATED AT EWC j party for all members on
I Girls to the girl honorees and ments were served. January 10 at 2 p.m. DistrictNo.
Mr. T. V. Thomas Assistant Guests present were: Mrs-
3 will meet at the homeof
The State Wide Planning
U Corene Warters, Mrs. Beulah
I principal presented the a- Mrs. Pearlie Eddy, 322 W.
Conference of the 11th Epis-:
wards to the boys. i Alston, Mrs. Vernel Taylor,
1st Street at 8
copal District of the African i p.m.
,Mrs. Catherene R e e d, Mrs. ,
6Pdo 10'ittl Methodist Episcopal Church, The A. C. Madry Honor Society Emma Brown, Mrs. L. Polite' The services January 11
Bishop S. L. Greene, presidng entertained members, the Rev. Amanda Anderson,' will begin with the Sunday ,
bishop, will convene in f of the administrative staff and Mrs. Welton Flynn. School at 9:30: a.m. Morning

ptuR Lee Auditoruim, Edward',and their parents at a "Get j The club has three new worship will begin at 11 a.m.
Gea1tIMER a a Waters: College, January 14f Acquainted Tea"in the Home'members, they are Mrs. Wel At 3 p.m. installation serv-
at 10 o'clock. I making Suite. Mrs. Lucille L ton Flynn, Mrs. Amanda An- ice will be held for the offi-

Bishop H. T. Primm, presiding -Murphy and Mrs. B. H. Sessions -i derson and Mrs. Corene War, cers. The Rev. Toney Neal I
bishop of the 11th Epis- are the sponsors. terse '' will deliver the sermon.
\ District will deliver -- -
copal ---- -- ----
the key note address. After-

t ":;. noon service will 'begin at
::3 p. m.PAUL. t '-;.

.,)<, J

DUNBAR LODGE 219 p ;: prk
pt L
0 Arthritis I* the most common condition alluding "--'".
Paul Lawrence Dun- d." and disabling persons of 40 and over today. "" +

bar Lodge 219, F & A :M z. Arthritis may,affect any moveable Joint in the ..

_ It ___ elected officers for in the hand. feet. .,.
StErr __ recently 44 DR. OWEN body but u usually begins DR. GREESON '"
x 1959.Officers knees. shoulders or back. The area around Joints may become tender. red. swollen.' ,
M oonasoeI.1 are: Jmes A. Hawkins with the pain worse In the morning and gradually soeming to leave you alter youd

l worshipful master; W. move around. You may feel tired and restless when the pain is worse. In the early fj
R Buckner, senior warden; stages the pain often. seems to leave completely for a few weeks only to come backworse ,*"
p1tER Freddie Tyson, junior war- .
d O joow AND TRADE later. w
Sapp den; Emory Robinson, trea- A Doctor of Chiropractic fa trained to find and correct tke basic cause of your I

pVEM surer; G. Furman, secretary. condition. Time'may allow your condition to become worse. A ChIropractic examlna-p
RRwEIIS $ 7995 Officers appointed are: Ha- lion Is urged for you to find 11 relief can be yours. 1
rold Brown senior deacon EL 6-0186 Jacksonville. Florida
pGE ; 22ND and Main Street .. .. ..
6E st ---- ---- Thomas A. Valentine, junior "" "'- .. '" ... '" '" .... ...
tp :. . deacon; W. D. Crawford, senior .
I sentinel; Henry A.

Adams, junior sentinel;Ras-
berry Powell chaplain.

Daniel E. Moody, recorder;

Sammie L. Davis, musician;;

SAVE Abe Washington,, tyler;;Dan- 1
INCLUDES 2-100 LB. TANKS GAS $100NO iel E.Moody,W. Crawford
Birdsong Sullivan and Je- .

J>OWN-P. YMENT WITH TRADE'IN Free' TURKEY rome .Mack investigation. .

....... -" -J.: vtAb.nIOa prcjaal this_ Ad. committee;' W. L. FennHen-1 .
(J '" ,
ry Martin-O. F,.. SHOP ALDSAVEAT'YOUR oS 1
-COOK 7 -: ;
OLD CUSTOMERS Sead James Simon, relief commit .
i "l. '' tee. < .s
4 II It 'r acI'2': '
: -
:meeting was held
i t oJ, : reclyin \; sr
the Masonic Teas 1e;
41* Broad: Street,.sixth floor. STOREEVEST T -

Duval Appliance( ,

2tat i& MONCRIEFPW. .', ;

S29 PEARL ST. ,(AT STATE), ......... .'--... .. .JCI.q .,.-ell. p-.''' ,: .',a.. .' .. -' h ,' :--:, ;.--

j ro' 1!
'J' #,"" ,. ''t .' p. ::. ,' _'._ _,_ 9" : <
.- : t"! ,

oi.. .. .



.... .


Week Ending SaiurdAY January 10. 1959 0 THE FLORIDA STAR -- Page Fir-
-- -- -- -


First Runl! WED.COLOR .

Rev. R. L. Smith of St.
d 3r Matthew Baptist Church left I COLLINS -Funeral services 1

the city recently to conduct for Mrs. Allie E. Collins of STARKE-Mrs. Lillie Mae : TWE SE WAS

a revival at Connor Bapist 413,Pine Street, Green Cove Hood, was sentenced to six :. fG FOR
Church in Savannah, Ga.
Springs, will be held Sun- months in the county jail UCHANAN!.

Mrs.. Alice Hines and niece, day at,2 p.m. in-Mt. Zion last Tuesday on a charge of'I a
Kay of Wilmington, N. C. AME Church, Green Cove assault and battery. j RAIH''fso

5 were: .: the, house guests of Springs. She is survived by Mrs. Hood was scheduled' t
1 Mrs. LUa Wilson and brother
her son, Raymond Collins, to go on trial in circuit courten
of 1321 West 10th Street during -
the holidays. Sr. brother, William Ross, a charge of assault with

*,. Collins, seven grandchildrennine intent to kill, but her attor- 3 _
said she would'pIead
Leroy Williams of 1322 W. great-grandchildren, and ney .
guilty to the lesser charge !QYW.v f'
24th Street is ill in Brewster i
other relatives. Leo Chaseis
Rev. Gardner Taylor, Brooklyn, N.Y., pastor of Concord Bap. Hospital. He is member of and the state agreed to the
list Church, member of New York City Board of Education in_ charge of funeral ar-I action.
and President Protestant Council of N. Y.; Mrs. IL W. Wii- Ebenezer Methodist Church. C
liamston, Idabel, Okla., president. Ladies Auxiliary of the s rangements. ,She was charged with
National Dental Association, and M. C. Martin, Danville, Va., Rev. C. C. Daniels and .'a s a shooting Tom Marks on Oct. STRAND: NEXTI! eaaoaM
president. National Bankers Association, appeal to for
yon sup-
Thomas Daniels left the
port of the 1959 March of Dimes Funds raised In the March of city 25. Incredibly beautiful Elizabeth
Dime will be used to combat birth defects, polio and arthritis.In for New York City to be at BRANT Funeral serricecfor : Taylor (above) plays cn.UI{ A
addition March of Dimes funds support an enlarged research the bedside of their brother, ..Sa r7.M00iLIIM
program and expanded scholarship assistance to students inter J Theodore, who will undergo Mrs. Catherine Pemberton s a a a- her most dramatic role as
ested In five awed health fields. Support your local March ofDimes .I in the Bellevue Hos- Bryant of 1322 Steele the neglected young wife also "DUNKIRK"LEARN
Jan. 25LTHE surgery
Street will be announced byJ. BENNETT Funeral service
in "CAT
? E. Whittington, funeral for Charles Bennett, of 726 I
TIME TO BUY IS NOW 3 i director. Survivors include: Market Street will be an- ROOF technicolor smash
Mrs. Jeannette B. White, nounced by Dallas Graham, hit co-starring Paul New-
Mrs. Mabel W. Oliphant daughter, Eugene Bryant,I funeral director. Mr. Ben- mnau the next attraction TO DRIVE
is ill in her home at 1365 son; Mrs. Louvenia Austin j nett died on January 4th. opening at the Strand Sunday Secure Drivers' License
Evergreen Avenue. She is a and Mrs. Brinia Robinson,' daughter-in-law, Mrs. Lilla Jan. 18th. Co-hit In SAFEWAY DRIVING
member of Mt. Zion AME sisters, Lloyd Pemberton,I "HONG KONG CONFI- SCHOOL
Church. brother, other relatives. I Survivors include: wife, DENTIAL." Current hit at
Mrs. Flora Bennett, mother, Strand, "THE DEFIANT 600 West Beaver Street
Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Mrs. Ella Clark, sisters, Mrs.Delores ONES' is breaking all attendance Office ELgin 5-7742
Pritchett and son, Errol Jerome chett's parents, Mr. and Mrs.f. Gaines and Mrs., records and will Res. ELgin 4-0639
of Atlanta, Ga., were F. Donaldson, Sr. and, Cleola Campbell, other rela- be shown through next GEORGE PERPENA. Dlr
holiday guests of Mrs. Prit- ,other relatives. I tives. i Saturday only.

ye I : "'-. ...... ,..: ..: : ,, "'.
Bulova & Elgins -' $29.75 and up

Hamilton $39.75 Gruen $29.75 and up I 1 IT IS YOUR

.... .
.. ,
and Wittnauer .A <
Longines $71.50 up $29.75 up

326 MAIN STREET STAR JEWELERS. EL 3-9183 A!t!\ I. E 1 :: R! !I I. ,:. CIVIC j DUTY ,

m ;

3 HITS! 1sT RUN! !



/ : "BUT.U. A .

I. :

\ ''I Z \

FURY : ...

iT.t 10NYPOmER as THEDEPIANrr : >- V'H. H / you re

: i

ONE$ .
.J ,- \:: .


Feature-COMING Starts 1:10 TO-STRANDON 4:10 7:10 10*10- locke d out '


: 1 .

The SEAFOOD CenterCORNER :, ::, : of the primary elections '


BONELESS DEPT. unless registered

Select OYSTERS _n Pint $1.15 you re
Standard OYSTERS -. Pint 98c :

CRAB MEAT :3 FLAVORS : This will be the greatest spot in the world, come Election Day; ,
CLAW MEAT _____ Lb. 89c :
WHITE DELUXE Lb. $14)0) ': Most all your friends will drop in. To take a hand in running ....
LARGE SHRIMP (for frying) Lb. 89c : IF YOU'VE MARRIED, MOVED OR this country, county, city and state. To voice: an opinion on big r.
MEDIUM SHRIMP for boiling Lb. 69c I things like presidents and peace plans,on little things like parking
FLORIDA LOBSTER LLb. .49c : COME OF AGE SINCE THE LAST meters and garbage collections. To register a complaint about

MULLET ROE Lb. 89c : I ELECTION read this things they don't like/or approval of things they do.

BARGAIN BASEMENTROE Here, your voice is as big as all the others,your opinion as important r.
: BRIDES I Even if you bad previously brated your 21st birthday since the
JLb. 29e
MULLET" registered under your maiden last election (or it you will be 21 as that of a Supreme Court Justice.
BLUEFISH Lb. 35c have to register again by Election Day), get your name
: name you You're locked out
Lb29c under year "new**'firtmft. Be sore .in the beok. It's a mark of maturity But you won't get in ifyou' not registered.
Fresh Water CATFISH Lb. 49c : your Tnarried ,name" to in the to register and_ vote! ,of the right to vote, cut off from your friends and neighbors,shutout \
FRESH.WHITING _. -t h. 29c I MB ERS OF THE ARMED FORCES on national and neighborhood issues. ..
!If youlia3e moved from .. '
MOVERS for"theword3 ,.
eft Voting Officer f a f
your ,,
> .Lb 23e .
SPANISH MACKEREL :, .the precinct where you wen previously : _how'yotf<; mn rote. :. vDOT'tmi38thethr ofpullingtheWtc'GI'Ift.. l tbeb r-. ;! tb.49C: registered yoU bar to r
: -
ItINcInBH.TEA1C' Make' tare Jobr# GCDid i AWAY ELECTION' OATT fat makea' ..gpv&nment ** jY J -T'v., t1j {, "
register again. yourt.
49cLb. yo _. .
,' 1. : -
'" DeWaddrellt.in the book 'ts,':. Veto first-fey;Abesotn134Bot-- '" y J -:-- -- '.n
SAL IUILET, ....-.,: 25c .. ,,,. ......Re t..fcttiO Pmt ,. 'If" A' =
'...'- .,y....- ',. FIRST VOTEtSI V jw twv Mb bia'ayoaleat.: &:* '..: ; ': .... \ ::
4- : i.
; '!' bit..f I fI tV-IIIf' ." -
ff* ,
; *
a- :- ... .
lREL'pA1 !$ _ElEi R>3AP x r'c : ..e< ;., :: :< ':' .' .J.' !1 ***** : '
.. *****
I '. ;; .' hyourirnnieIOOKS '
it' .... ,.r
I j&: to. :
-.1 > .
le"Agjsmd Adass ,I JO ,';- l' '; '''- "'' ..'
: .- '1J <' .
: ;
'J' "' : ,: : < tnC'bOOK
: Z ; t
:. ,. ;, r._ in -MOXDAY,THHU 8ATUBDAY9ME&8TBAT .
: .
,V ...'. ,: : : .r- : 1: .A.IL TO ," PJ& .
ee f. 1 -T' .


.., ." ''''',


- -

<:.: Ii' .


per, mac. THE FLORIDA STAR W.ek Boding. Saturday. J *u ry 10 195S

b -

NEW ADDITIONS WILDER BOXERS Teen-ager Is Named One of Ten SCHOOL TO GIVEENTERTAINMENT I American medical colleges

had a record enrollment of
I 29,473 students in the 1957-58

I jYonng Women'of the Year' The Sunday School depart academic year. Sixty of the

AT BREWSTERMr. GOLDEN GLOVES t ment of the Bethlehem Bap- 85 operating medical schools
I tist Church will sponsor a reported major construction
party for all members on projects, costing $47 million,
January 10 at 2 p.m. DistrictNo. the planning, beginning, or
H. Wawman Parker, : Coach Julius Guinyard of completion stages
3 will meet at the homeof
President of the Board of DL I the wilder Athletic Club boxing Mrs. Pearlie Eddy, 322 W.
rectors of Brewster Methodist team is carrying his 1st Street at 8
Hospital, announced the charges through the paces p.m. meeting at 1550 Louisiana
appointment of three new each night to get them in The services January 11 Street. BTU will begin at
staff members who will assume shape for the Golden Gloves will begin with the Sunday 5:30: p.m. and the evening
their duties at the hospital Championships scheduled for e 4 School at 9:30: a.m. Morning services will convene at 7
at the beginning of Jan. the first week in February. worship will begin at 11 a.m. _
uary. I Several impressive fighters try ,: At 3 p.m. installation service p.m.Usher Board No. 2 and the

Mr. Robert Nordham asl have I been__produced at the will be held for the offi- I Young Adult Choir will serve
Assistant Administrator is Wilder Athletic C 1 u band 1 ,< cers. The Rev. Toney Neal with Mrs. Mamie Cade in
prepared; to render a service I many of them have won a t Twill deliver the sermon. I charge of the music. The

that has been long needed in title in the AAU and Golden The Junior usher board Rev. T. C. Nelson: pastor,
the growing institution and Gloves Five of the club's will hold a meeting at 4 p.m. I will be in chargeof theservice.
the many activities of its fighters have represented the District No. 7_ will hold a I .

programMr Nordham comes, city in the Eastern Golden t t:
to Brewster from Duke, Uni-' Gloves championships in
versity Medical Center where New York City.Approximately I

he was engaged in the Hos- 100 amateur -

pital Administration program boxers or more participated
with a fine record of under- in the tournament in
standing in this specialisedfield 'I December. Of that number,
!29 were civilians and 16 of Mademoiselle's 1958 Merit Award winners, honored for signal achievement during the past

The Collection Departmentof that number represented the year. Top row, left to right: Jessie Angelina Evans,'high school student, cited for her"independence"

the hospital will be headed Wilder team. I in the battle for desegregation; Pat Farrar, TV producer; Jane Addama, Our very liberal
by Mr. Stephen E- Dorn who The team has won a totalof cultural earnings are compounded Each account: Is
exchange specialist; Betty Carol, fashion. designer; Anne Bancroft, actress. Bottom
comes from St Louis, Missouri 18 trophies for winningteam 'Semit t-----' insured up to
to join the staff. Mr. honors. Some of the row: Bianca VanOnlen, writer; Rosalind'Eliatt, singer Marcia Rogers, city 1lailue:; Annually on Sayings I" t. $10.000 b I' the

Dorn received his master's boxers developed by the club Natalie Carbonc Mangini, atomic scientist; Violetle Verdy, degree in Hospital Adminis- are Henry Matthews, winnerof oft. ---.c.... ... ,_ ," 'I which Is d and Loan Incur
: .. ..... ,," .. -- ,
Golden Gloves :) :: : ; .:: I pt = ,.
tration from St. Louis Uni- the Novice chartered and su- IAAw''-" ance Corporation
NEW YORK N.y.-FiCtt en-year-old lations before her job with the laboralors the !'T. '.---....
in on new ra ::
versity and has been highly 160 pound championship of perused by the ; ) authorized by an
Jessie Angelina Evans presidentof Institute of International ; .
Educa essa, changed the pivo,1! role tf
recommended for his the AAU senior title -
and of
com- 1955 the student council of Van tion. In 1958.as in U. 8. Government act Congres
specialist Erika to mezzo so that E'is! nti ; petence. in 1957;.John Woods, win- Buren High School, Arkansas, is charge cf their Polish Exchange sing at the world premiere. '1'nev
Mr- Dan Smith, a registered ner of the senior AAU title today the "surprise" winner of a Program she traveled to Polandto were rewarded when critics agreed
X-ray technicianwith in 1954 and the Golden 1958 Merit Award from Made help select Polish students for that she slole the show." Miss
in 19 moiselle magazine. study in the u.s.-the first full- Elias last
a -B- Sin Medical Tech Gloves Championships went on summer to repeat -
54-55- For the sixteenth successive year scale cultural exchanges with east her triumph at Salzburg, is
nology is coming to Brewster
these, awards were presented to ern Europe since World War II. now swamped with invitationsfrom
from the Good Samaritan Benny Jackson:, winner of ten young women in their twenties With cultural! exchange; never so leading opera houses of the
Hospital, Indiana and is a the 175 pound championshipsin and early thirties.In imperative as now, Jane proves world.
welcomed addition to the X- ; the 1953 Golden Gloves; making a special award to the her own words: "An increase in M.\fcci ROCEKS city planner.
ray Department. Approxi- Leon Smith of the 125 classof exception Angie Evans: for"inde- understanding brings an increase With a degree in architecture from

mately 3,000 x-rays are done 1954; Louis Mims winner pendenc ,"BelliyTalbot Blackwell: in respect, in dignity, in creative Carnegie Tech, she joined the -- -. -
editor-in-chief of "
monthly at the hospital at of two bouts before losing in thinking action. Pittsburgh Regional Planning Association -
referred to the she in
part played BETTY CAROL, fashion designer. ,earned a master's in City
die present time and this the quarter finals last year '4n 1958 when forty-five boys boycotted After Pratt Institute she did mod Planning from the U. of Pennsylvania -
new technician's services will the Eastern tournament. her school because thirteen eling and fashion illustration, but in '57 and then went to
afford great assistance in the Woods was voted the most Negroes were enrolled and she designing,always the goalbecamethe work for Philadelphia's Zoning.
department.Mr. outstanding boxer in the rallied the rest of the students to reality when she took over at Advisory Commission. In 1958,
tournament in 1954-55- keep them from panicking. On Mam'aell dresses. Under their invited to join the City Planning t.7A
J. Whittington, the polling the student body Angie label she has demonstrated excit- Commission she concentrated n.i
Admini s t r a t o r, expressed The Wilder Club has participated found the majority to' be for inte ing combinations of colors and various rehabilitation projects in
many high hopes for the future in the Golden Gloves gratinn.At a meeting of the school fabrics and a wonderful use of Philadelphia and was primarily''
board she stood up to angry trimmings.In 198: the name Detty responsible for planning the rede-
with the
of Brewster an event each since theteam
year segregationists; and presented tEe Carol came to the rescue of junior velopment of the Whitman area.
ticipated contributions which first entered the amateur polled results. "We' salute her" pocketbooks as! well as figur-*. In twelve months she has become
these qualified men are ableto event in 1953. Mr*. Blackwell said,"for her fearlessness ANN BASCPOFT, actress, trav one of the most outstancingouag:: .,
make to the services of ,her insistence on thinkingfor : eled from the ftronx to Broadwayvia women in her field.
the hospital. The tournament is sponsor herself and then forthrightly TV and Hollywood. Last January NATALIE c\It oo'uIA: "air. : .
ed and conducted b y theJacssonville acting on the truth as she saw it." she landed her first'Broadway atomic scientist. After Scion Il.il t
Recreation Department The achievements of the other role as one-half the cast of Two she joined Westinghouse! as a '; --s-, -.
SAY YOU SAW IT and will be held inIurdock's Young Women of the Year range for thf Seesaw Although the chemical engineer and in. 1951 t a" 1i
from outstanding performances in other half was veteran Henry became the only woman employee!
Arena'NURSING the theatre.and ballet to atomic Fonda Miss Bancroft i M -Z:
IN TIlE according there over to hold the title of sci ;
; science anti I city planning. All are to one critic threatened, to "take entist.::ml? continuing her graduate -
"iFLORIDA STAB cited in the January Mademoiselle the entire theatre under her ana studies part time at Carnegie rS '
fir "reaffirming our faith in the and go home." Another rilo pso- Tech she worked on a reactor for
l lives, the work and the potentialities dized that "she has the range: of a the atomic generating station atSbippingport. ,. :4 _
SLATED AT DUVALVOCATIONAL of young women everywhere." guided missile" and all agreed She co-authored t'tc _
Tbry are: that here was the most promisingnew first procedure used in atomic subs;
Real Estate i SCHOOL PAT FAn'.\r.,TV producer.Graduated actress of the season. for disposing of radioactive materials -
: cum Rude from Bryn :Mawr BIANCA YANORnF.\no\ei-t.! began and was the only woman to
I classes five years ago she started as a writing at Cambridge University work on the tss Nautilus the
$ LOANS $ Practical Nursing production assistant i at WRCA-TV, and continued experiment- world's first atomic submarine.
will begin at the D u val :N.C.I' ::'s :NewYork !station and L i Z while living: and working in VIOLETTE VERDY, dancer,te?m
$1,000 12.000 $1,0001.000 County Vocational School, cow manses its public affairs Florence. Critics called her two studying at ten in her on'i.e
$- up to $' ,OOO February 9.Practical programs. She also produces two long short stories-published' first France and was dancing leaning: : .
Nursing is a 12- educational! shows: AyuiSr Habla in Er.Jand-wiur, original: andpromising. roles with the Ballets de P..rii at
Payable $1.00 per mo. per hun- month sponsored by angles teaches English; to 100.000 This year fulfillingthat the age of twenty. Shortly aftrr *
dred on unpaid balance at 8%. New Yorkers vith "a technical -
Board of bpani-ih-opeaking promise she made her American ebnt! } -e '
Let us help you to complete the Duval County and Dr. Joyce Brothers offers maturity nothing short of phenom- joined the London Festival Ballet KEN KNIGHTInvites
your house or refinance S3 Public Instruction and approved counsel-en women's problems. enal for a first novel she leaps to end performed as guest artist at .
in the same place. by,the Florida State Under her brilliant guidance both command of her world her era La Scala. Rut it was in 1938 that
years CaO Board of Nursing. shows are proving that TV can be a and her medium in rater Music.ROSALIND dancing with the American ballet You To Listen To -
Requirement for the course dynamic effective in. rument: for ELIAS singer. After 1 nratre in New York, she emerged
must be betweenthe the public good.JANEAODAtuscultural. the New England Conservatory in Miss Julie as one of the "love "KNIGHT TRAIN"Starting
J. P. YOUNGMr. are: persons of 19-45 and shall exchange. Tanglewood: scholarships and a liest and most skillful dancers. in
ages After a B.A. from Wellesley she few minor roles she found herself the ballet world." Now with -
Simmons or Mr. Walsh have completed the 10th did graduate work in American last January a prima donna over- New York CityBalletrshe is It: At 7:00 P. M. Nightly -
Main and Monroe grade or above. Applicantsmust Civilization anJ International Re- night.! Barber and Ienoui. col- as an international ballet star.
212 Maaonlo Temple Bldg. show evidence of good 1400 WRHC 1400
P ODe EL 5-8014 physical and mental health -

EL G-S391 and pass satisfactorily the REV. J. MCMILLAN CHURCHMENGIVES
entrance mental ability test. I POLICE OFFICER. SLATES CONFERENCEIt =

..-. TO FACE TRIALIN has been announced by EVENTGAINESVILLEThe FOR

l ---I; the Rev. J. T. McMillan, pastor -
: of Grant Memorial AME

(t 7 Now The Time To Order High Quality :, MISCONDUCTGeorge Church that a church conference DISTINCTIVEPRINTING
1 Clean Burning will be held, January Unit-

.. i For your stove or fireplace 12 at 7 p.m., for the purpose ed Church Women sponsoredtheir
: i Coal by the BAG or by the TON of adopting a yearly church- Christmas party recently -
R. Henry, Negro wide budget and election of
ALL SEASONS' ICE & FUEL CO. police officer com" "or an all officers. in the home of MrsElno-
"Our 17th Year"
,- 5883 Norwood Ava. PO .-i511LILLY'S admkiistra1'Before All persons desiring be ra Gill, president.
the City Coir-: -. on Jan. elected on the trustee board Gifts were presented and
13, with the pc aioility: of being have been asked to contact dinner served- Present at the
removed fi m the force, the pastor who will enroll -:- INVITATIONS
on charge of 1 mg drunk. their names on. the nomina- occasion were: Mrs- F- M .

In a letter t Ute commissioners tion list. Goodman, Mrs Agnes H. Curl -:- NEWSPAPERS .
Chief Miller said MrsLeola Cohens Mrs. .J. .
All class leaders have been ton, ,
i Henry was sus, 'uded from list of the Carrie Simpson MrsVi- -:- MAGAZINES '
asked to report a ,
for nduct unbecoming -
DRUG STORE duty Dec. 24 and addresses of the Shannon I
a pe: officer" names vian Ford, MrsF. D- -:- PROGRAMS
to the class members. Mrs- Lillie Blake, Mrs- j
1907 Bag Boad ti Spire which was prejuc.lal ,
efficiency, good 'me and :Versie Dixon, Mrs Gladys -:-

reputation, of the. alice de- immediately :Toy, MrsEva H Gary, Mrs- TICKETSBOOKS. m
partment." awaken Henry, who was .. .
er. B perlencad
stripped of his Arena Holmes Mrs. LiIIian :f 1
'hannadstf Prap ar Miller said at approximately and ,Henry was
badge gun. flarvey- Mrs* Bessie Aeosta,
'Yousr Precrptfon trd1ng 12:50 pan. Dec. ,24, Capt. promptly suspended by Bates Mrs. O la MaeTLyons, Mrs- VIblaTPeopTes % .......41ft1)OIL 1 CLAM WEDPPJQ.. IXYiAl1ON st
to, ya i +4t W.I: Bates was riding' north ,pending' "f urther-actioir by Mrs'GuesmeRove. "*-*.. AM"i80aAL-L AlOfODiriaDfPHOMP E '-TB'
on-' Barnett Street and found Chief L. A. who _. r. ..... -'
Reynolds, .. A' .
r. .
f 11 -
t1. best gnallty a. u r.pArkedJn: front of 1SS4 I sustained, suspension. ;- :: .'J:

B niett Stre t with Henry hi ,Henry, a patrolman since Mrs. Mahalie Xnighb.MsDinah DEUVEHYHEASONABLE- --.r.- PSICSTi" r'
_pJt-T--: partial uniform and "cot'% 1955, ,has had two previous D- Webb, Mrs. .Elzora *'

Bgt /!, L .>crtrstwlAer.-.- W. a.l pletely xmderthe infliwace'* "ofintopcating'Kquors. 15-day suspensions without GUI, Mrs- Maggie Saxon,Mrs 4 ".> : ;::11
Nelson Mrs-Ma
for "conduct Wilhelmenia. rr
-I : j L tt pay ". .
... i sald Bates was ;untO police officer." One suspension bel Crawford, Mrs. Mamie \\ -. .

A COMPLETE LINE OFs.Csratetl -. aWe- ,a'w;'aten Beer,- _from came on Ang.; 20, 1956, Fields, Mrs-, Fannie Glover, nc-i '

>- Bnbbe Good J vm -.iraa I... his steep and caH rSgt.12cP; Ui other on Aug 14. ,. 1958.. Mrs- Rosa .Gill, MrsEtta ) STAR, -
"I. ward.Hickson t>;meetrhb>aatthea4k --The Jaiarl .
... OAI' tI' ,JI,HI1rt'/ : r.-r4lJfi 'folt+ .
> .... ,,- ... .:i' +:.'0 .. ."' H. and: ore GiII'BETHLEHEM
son "finaUy1 was able .to: .9 a.m.
... -
"S, : f.

l d .
,' _

Week Ending Saturday January 10* 1959 THE FLORIDA S'r-AB" Page Serea

it Leading Golfers ToPIy In' North South Tournament

II i' -=== SPORTNIG IT UP !?? ? i'I II --.:.:.ZF.-i.:... ;.:It'>:,.,,.,". .':. ',. .' .. 'M ._ ''..)-., I SIFFORD WILL DEFEND TITLEIN
I' ', I. :: ?. \>> '> "
I )!': ; ity'
.. BY PARHAM JOHNSON I .: '> 4 : .,.

PRENTICE GAUTT, the hard plunging fast running f There L are from two to threeo xJt PARHAM JOHNSON
r. back of the Oklahmoa Sooner and the first tart player to the various other teams. t --. --_.-
ever play at the University of Oklahoma scored the first Many collegiate cagers will MIAMI Charles Sifford, by far the top ranking pro
touchdown in the Orange Bowl game in Miami on January be looking toward pro bas- among tan golfers will be in Miami to participate in the
!- Not only did Gautt score the first touchdown. but he ketball 'contracts in 1959- t ; 6th annual Ray Mitchell North-South Winter Golf tourna-

I threw many key blocks for the other ball carries aa- well ,SMOOTH SAILING UN- ment, which will be held in February at Miami Springs

as seme hard tackling at opportune moments He was quite TIL WE MEET AGAIN. Country Club. .

a defensive. _and offensive star through out the game-. i N + Sifford, the much traveledgolfer
OUT ON THE WEST- is well known in all contenders women
COAST where the Iowa many graduates who starredin .TENNIS CHAMP i.. 'Z'" i..i- parts of the country as one golfers.
Haw keyes slaughtered the high school football. The r__ of the most interesting golfers Joe Roach, of New York,
California Bears 38-12 in the different football conferences: : in the business, and one champ among the amateurs
Rose Bowl two tan stars will throughout the state made up MAKES TOUT who has ability to give it and will also be present to de-
of high school players pro- take it the chin. He has I
ever be remembered for that on fend his title. Roach was
'duced some mighty fine prospects been the winner on many champion in 1957 and 1958-
Halfback game Willie they Fleming played-and One will not have to'!IN PICTURES occasions, and ever in playinga Such names in golfing as
find .
halfback Bob Jeter of Iowa leave Jacksonville to losing game he is very interesting Zeke Hartsfield, New York,
were outstanding stars I some of the best football material I to watch Sam Woodson, Columbia, S-
I' in the business. C- Ted and
throughout the yearIOWA'S I HOLLYWOOD, CalifAlthea As has been the case on RhodesChicago
COACH JAKE GAITHER Gibson is now in Hollywood other occasion golfers many others who are well
BOB JETER reel- of the Florida A & M Ratt- She is there for the every of the na- known to golfing will be present
all sections
ed off 81-yards in the third lers lost the national mythical purpose of making a movie from will be expected accord- Ray Mitchell is lookingfor
quarter against California championship, but when with John Wayne and Willis tion made 1959 to be the biggest
J for a touchdown. The 81- Ing to announeements since the tournament
he can look over his list and :u -Holden- year
yard sprint broke the 71Xard the r s'_ by promoter Ray Mitchell was organized.
see fine job that is
being is from New York Mit-
record run from scrimmage Miss Gibson said she 1 MC City. I
done by both high school and movie chell has the tour-
made by Frank Aschen very excited about her developed
brenner of Northwestern a-' college coaches who were debut, but one thing she nament :from a very small be CARDINALS SIGN
Rattlers under his tutelage, ,
gainst ,California in. 1949- Je- wanted to find out definitely ginning to one of the major
he has every reason to slap the rb attractions in the field of DICK RICKETTS
ter was one of the outstand- before she went into .Y
his hands for joy. 'His own
ing backs of the Big Ten movies and that was to know sp rts.
staff is graced with the presence role I as ST. LOUIS-The St. Louis
Conference. what effect the movie a Mrs. Myrtle Patterson,one
WILLIE FLEMING an- of former Rattlers who would have on her amateur .o,w:. of the foremost women to, Cardinals 0 f the National
other tan star in the Rose(havebeen more than just a tennis career ."< ever swing a golf club will. League announced the sign-
dream for him. -
Bowl covered also be MrsPatter. ing of right-handed pitcher
game some I : 1 present. -
DID YOU KNOW that tan. She she has given up i. .: from Rochester -
good yardage for Iowa. It says I son, the New York Women'schampion := Dick Ricketts
the ball basketball players are entering competitive tennis for year i of the International Lean -
was chiefly carrying 4 ; was runner-up l
of Fleming that clinched the the pro ranks at a very but will continue to work I !; the 1958 United Golfers As-. J gue.
47 i
Big Ten title and put the rapid rate The Boston Cel.'cut to keep in shape and, on I sociation's national tourney Ricketts, an All-American

Iowa Hawkeyes in the Rose, tics have four, The Philadelphia occasion, take part in exhibi-I (. ,< ...:> +..,, .. v..o':: ..'.. h.> will be present to defend hel. basketball player, gave up a
Bowl I Warri rs. three and the, j tion matches bee a u t :1 fry"t = \=.. .v ; 't...> : >:?'Wj title- pro basketball career to put
OHIO STATE UNIVER-: Minneapolis Lakers, three" many of my friends want to)4 She is a three times winner all of his time on baseball-
; SITY was well stocked dur-i i was expected to do comes up' see me. play." I ACTIVE GOLFER One of the most active golfersin of the tournament, having .. Dick and his brother formed -

ing the past season with tan j Brooks, the general who I l'' Articulate and unassuming' the city is Melvin Ward, who is shown in his won the women's crow L one of the strongest bat-

stars who distinguished themselves | guided season the with Panthers one tie througha and no I i:Althea will play a housemaid -i familiar golfing pose Ward has worked himself up. te) in 1954, 1955 and in 1958. She teries in the International

as some football of the finest.Mosses I to win the national,' in a southern mansion 1, the point where he is one of the most highly respected has competed against leadin eg' Leaguer -
athletes in history.
With the Buckeyes were half title is a great quarterback:,;I'during the war between the.l I, golfers to participate on the golf courses in Jacksonville. ]
back Don Clark, who ended 'according t 0 Coach Billy 'States in "The Horse Sol-! In the recent tournament sponsored by the "Ladies of i

his career at Ohio State. He,I N icy..s.'i i:ito, diers:' It's no walk-on-part I the Links" he was 3rd place winner in the First Flight-

gained nearly 2,000 yards in ALTHEAGIBSON capitalize on her name va- Melvin Ward was also active in the tournaments
f 'i TENNIS QUEEN spon-
;tlue- Althea has several high-
.4 his three years Jim as Marshall a Buck.i I Ij j is pondering theidea :![j jly dramatic scenes requiring, sored by the Jacksonville Amateur Golfers Guild The NOW OPEN! j jPALMS
eye regular. of giving tennis because .
f junior tackle and Ernie I up a professional performance.i ability of Ward is highly respected by other golfers-
of several reasons. Af I,
Wright a sophomore tackle-I ter being questioned about il t;I "I think tennis has pre --

Clark is labeled an attractivepro she said: "It all depends, or l t pared me a little bit for acting -
candidate- I many things, working in the- Through tennis I learned
LEON BROOKS, the great movies, my book which i:s=i I poise and dignity. You stand
quarterback of Prairie View now out, and my singing career alone out there on the court
State College Panthers stand -'". Miss Gibson is now and have no ,one else but .
a good chance of making the making a movie in hollywood -. yourself to blame for your 4'
Panther fans forget the one mistakes.. believe acting is a raw ,LF
and only Charles Brackins. lot that way, too, Miss Gibson
Wherever the Panthers play COLLEGE FOOTBALL I said." ,
ed in recent years, the name TEAMS all over the nation < a xy
of Brackins, who could do will be ready with openarminext i Following her screen debut OF
everything a football player season to receive th1iYou she will go abroad on a '
State Department goodwill
Don't Have to Go to Town to.Get 14 ( THE 2-SPOT

41-29-38 7 ,4qJ a 5.' I

LOW PRICESOn 769 03 114 ia ."

Your 4 +" 9 1; '; ; s.c 4S .A I[DANCING NIGHTLY I

0 p '
Y a
Trade With Your Neighborhood Drug Store I Watch This Clown 'r"h !vZ Thru JANUARY 11


Deliver We Also FID All Doctor Prescription Sometime he's up d .a .4Sr
Sometimes he's down
He adds, subtracts -PLUS-
He works It all around 9a
l Dixie Pharmacy

Coming Attractions iw


BILLS AT OUR STORE left. coach of the championship "Panther of Prairie I BROWN
Tour "- View A. and M. College. Prairie View. Teas, receives
; Monday thru TLursday 75 cenla
Atlanta home coming invitation from Moss IL Kendrlx. ,
I ((4tickYNumbers Washington. D. C. public relations man. at close of re- !I Wednesday thru Sunday 90 cents

cent Orange Blossom Classic In Miami. Mr Nicks was ''I '- ,
( f Informed that an Atlanta group plans to honor him In I
that city on January 293Qin conjunction' with The 100 STARTING MONDAY, JANUARY 12th I
oL2) Pre Cent Wrong Club's 24th .annual All-Sports Jam-

Lncky Days, Locky Colon
\ BY ASTROLOGY Seven Ailantans comprise the committee which Is GUITAR SLIM
planning the honor for the outstanding coach who was
(P In Your WeaklyHOROSCOPE formerly football mentor ,at Morris, Brown College

GUIDE Atlanta. Members of the committee are W. L. Calloway.Alexander.calloway -PLUSLLOYD -
Bead $2.00 for your Ban. Company. chairman. Mr K ndrIx. I

PlESS hall cope Guide with lucky num. Atlanta native co-chairman Herman -Glass Realty .
bers, lucky days, tacky; colon. Company. Dr. Charles Goo y, dentist Marion E. Jack- LAMBERT I
i- ebonnireCnaaskns Enclose a stamped enrelope. son sports editor Atlanta Dally World. A. J. LockharL

Morris Brown .College and Joel W. Smith sports
ja CIEMI russ: department. Atlanta Daily World. ADN HIS ROCK & ROLLERSDON'T
-011111 -
The Nlcksmen of Prairie View will receive The W. A- SIZZLING SHOW
t..... la and Man,to: Scott. IL Memorial' zTrophy. symbol of the national MISS THIS .. .

intercollegiate fretful.yfry"rB11p.i on January 30 in I
.... rIe br isAd's eebonolro Atlanta.-.The;huge,trophy Is donated to The 100 per cent
ZODIAO.P.O.8.x'7 'Wrong,Club:. by The; Coca-Cola Company. ,Atlanta. SPECIAL I
CII8 cmL Jacksonville I, n-. Georgia.ADflRTlSf.. EARLY SUNDAY I


Name ................. ... I,," !'" '. 2
':, STARTS 730 P.M.m.. JLM.
ADDRESS ...........: :: Cf .- i iit

Qty.; ..'! :;:. '_ \
I Birthday ................... : iVTHE '
I. j ....ate A.. *jU j' ,..,_. FL-ORID* Sil-R

.. --- .; -" ,.

: '

\. r I f

TiTPa' ,

THE FLORIDA STAR Week Ending Saturday, January 10 1959

COOK-MAID To lire on .Modern furnished bedroomand
Miracle Productions Inc. premises. Ref. aid Health kitchen. Hot and cold -Ietc
Card required. Phone EX water. $13.50 weekly. Call Chips Off The Blocks

. 89382. EL 51109.
By JAY JAY --=- ---===== t

HELP WANTED FEMALE ROOM FOR RENT I II I We have good news_ for the vocaluzing. The buxom lass tI I
: \ NURSES NURSES classes. You know those who makes with some smooth ly-
Modern furnished room. in shudder when they think of :
39 bed hospital has.open lies in -a distinctive way. L.
remodeled home. Hot water- the slim happenings in this
ing for nursing personel. C. Coke, Sam's brother takes *"
$7-50 weekly. 1133 Kings old fashioned town. For years
for addit-
Dakota Staton"AMERICA'S ipnal Building beds program to start soon. Good Road' Call EL 4-4200 after 71 the pseudo-comospolites have care of the male chirping. L. *" .
salary and full mainiance p nv complained because .J a c k C. is a handsome lad full of j
Contact Administrator Brewer sonville doesn's offer any en' stage personality. We realize *
SENSATIONAL JAZZ SINGER"t HospltaL Greenwood. tertainment.' Soon the Palms' that youth must have its

South Carolina opened. Those squawkingthe fling, but "The Five Knightsof :
loudest haven't been out
t "' 1 Enroll Now in the yet. Their beef, the groupsat Brooklyn" have as much VAt

DANCEz; .'.. South's Finest College the Palms -are not name business following Wini
w outfits and when the name Brown horse has
Duval outfits appear "It'll be too Ilileah. Their Midniter
County i & FREEZERS styled atJ
COLLEGE BRANCHG. many people there. Eight gyrations "ain't what's i
happening" -
Serviced: By I young men heard their cries I
ARMORY HTUES. Approved after have had
1 Licensed Technician and formed a group knownas you A Up of the Pepsi Oaf
M. E. DELEMOSCall I 630 Davis St. at Beaver "M I r a c 1 e Productions. a good taste of jazz as dished I, to these ootstandlBf
JAN. 13TH 10 P.M. Y' t They decided to bring "name!out by Cootie and company.! young Americans, sic
PO 4-0127 Phone: EL 5-9874 entertainment" Jacksoni,i Next week Lloyd Lambert;i make our country Mi

$2.00Adv. $2.50 at door vm ''will bring his swinging crew i! our community a better
I On Tuesday night they will dace In which to UvJONSTELL -
Tickles on sale at Ebony in for a week's stint. Guitar'S
WANTED their first major attraction -
Record Shop-Ashley Street ., > t tr HOUSEWORKERS present in the of Dakota Ii m is also on the bill.I ** f
COOKS person
MAIDS -:- -:-
Kozy Korner 8th and Davis > j'+ -NEWYORK- Staton.Following Dakota -|I Should be a good show if "':'",.,-.v, ''\\If';:"'
Street-Leo's Shoe Repair ,.. We have many excellent positions open for good female is Dizzy Gillespie on the:Guitar,stays out of the cups. >':.
845 Florida Avenue. domestic workers Steady Jobs with nice private families 28th of January. The group }: After February 20th .
who will treat you right and provide a nice room. meals hopes to bring George Shear-j you I ,
DAKOTA s'i AT o\ and all privileges Salary to $50 weekly to start. ing and other top stars in the i I will have chance to test your $:"";;"" ,
I Transportation to New York advanced If you are looJdngIE.Ei field of music. Tuesday night,sporting blood. The Ponce de :( .

TABLE RESERVATION AT KOZY KORNER in Job contact January 13 will bring a show:i Leon Park wiir open up for ,, ...,'" #", ,.,.... <<
; ,
Era .:: if;, harness and )f
ONLY Lakeland Fla. or down. We will find out quarterhorser .t. ;.; ,, '"
these so called folk-about-1 a c i n g. Nice facilities for '_', ,ioto. ', ,,,,,, :\ ."
f .., ,/ :"" ,
town really want entertain-: colored are being readied. '
ment or are just making fuss.i I The track is located just past .a '
I Caught a good show at the II |Bayard about eighteen miles t
HIGHEST PRICES FOR YOUR LOTS I HAVE CASH WILL BUY Palms. Cottie Williams, a lo-i from town. There will be D. WILSON w
I cal lad who went from the,If forty days of racing with pari NEW STANTON SENIOR
MORRIS ANSBACHER LOTS f 600 block to a top spot in;,mutuel betting. Tis a pity HIGH SCHOOL *
YOUR VACANT I Duke Islington's band that the.operators of Orange Tribute is paid to Jons-$(

pays more for lots than anyone else in town Call EL 4-6782-Mr. Kay brought a swinging combo in.I Park and Jax Kennel Clubs tell, of the Marching and C
TELEPHONE: ELGIN 5-5592 or EVERGREEN 9-5437 I Wini Brown, the former Lionel (i Won't make things conven- Concert Band She is a i
I Hampton thrush does the:.ient for Negro patrons. 'member of the Classical+c
Listners Club, a pledge to
---- -
ii i The Gator Bowl has come the National Honor Society -t
i and gone but the'bitter tasteis and a member of the" '
still here.It hurts my heart Ebenezer Methodistchurch.Ie

to see them Import bands ********* -**
Announcement! 'i from as far away as Mississippi -

and Virginia to marchn .. .
I the parade and refuse to
allow the Negro high schools ,
Effective Jan. 1st New Address, New Telephone_Number i lo march in the parade. To ".:"
top It off many of the im-
ported bandS can't hold a
light to our colored Junior trJc
PYROFAX GAS SERVICE I high bands. The_Gator Bowl>t
group is becoming very canspidoua -(

keep everything in their attempts includingthe to

.. ,
game "lilly-whiie" They
may as well call it a South SUE MATTHEWS
848 CASSAT AVE east ern Conference BowL, TNEW STANTON SENIOR
Wonder what will they del HIGH SCHOOL
when some of us appear on a I -Jc Pepsi Cola Dealers and
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA I S. E. conference grid team? !( +Pepsi Cola Bottling Com-
pany are proud to salute
Christmas like the tide'
TELEPHONE EV 8-3505 brought all sorts of things! +Sue Matthews.class- She is a the mem-senior -

and people to town. Many, t ber of the Glee Club, Stu-
folk we hadn't seen in some 7 dent Council and honor
OVER 35 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE make "Pyrofax" Gas the LEADERin time blew in.Jimmy Stewart: fc student- an

of the Ravens and his bro!************
I ther Andrew were in for a'' _. .
the bottled gas business --- you just can't buy-a more dependablefuel spell. Jessie Jordan and E-i. n:,--, .":J K
:vont Bowens with their fami: ,. : .
!fees had leaves. Elsie Francis I ;''v','" .. ""
service: j flew in from Caljfornia and' '. ict.
back out again. Freddie e'L4 : },
: .t.. "
Brown had his cousin Ann in //S .. .
COMP ARE--POINT BY POINTOnly town for a few days. Dr. Per >.f' .' <.<.
ry Knight (Ph. D.) was home
with his Ted Brownof <<
family. '
I. #
,, ,.
Pyrofax Offers You ALL These Advantages j Claflin and Alphonso Var- '"
of Fort Coll I'
ner Valley State
1. THE ONLY QUALITY CONTROLLED L-P GAS I cge brought their families ... -tc

Dried to remove all moisure, scrubbde to remove ,other #' home. Like Salomon returning -, MARY FELDER
spawning groundwas
cold weather down 40' below bC
impurities-No problems to f the homeward trek of SCHOOL

zero!Il J axons this year. Tis shame Mary, is a mmber of the *
that theweLthc-did not hold 'Ith grade homeroom
2. GUARANTEED SUPPLY Supply assured through a fleet UP. In all of tl.a* rain Uev.Year's where, she serves as sccre.ary. (
; Day, Fident 3il: -. She is :a member of
of over 600 tank cars owned or leased by Pyiofax Gas ,
Stewart and '*:s madam cf 'hi cheerleaders, Cre&tive-C)
Corporation. :; t EWC spent *hday on the I ianc Group, the National iC
fish creek. They cauugh* a 5Ior.or Society and the St.
3. SUPERIOR BOTTLED GAS SERVICE Prompt delivery : gob of trout. Paul A-M.E. ChurchOoagntalfttiaas *

.. and service and you are guaranteed in writing that * *

each cylinder contains 100 pounds of gas. baa Afet

4. METERED BULII SERVICE You pay for metered Gala to theM tine Mer
.Il Award wtnneri.Leben
"Pyrofax" bulk gas after yci have used it on a regular "- P- / o to Feel llfatl award

: monthly billing and have adequate storage 'to handle your 8=_ a,Sg&maMa e. It eatatattao s F-. Gels
requirements. 553 TZ i.11MZWili: UM
r, I on your dtel -1 .tQ'I'
.. ....
>WU4< UtU a
*w>v '** .
Why art thou cast down 0
S equipment free, if needed, no matter how long' in service. my soul, and why art thou
disquieted in me? Hope thou
In Go&-(Psalm*42:5.) iii.

There's Only One PYROFAX GAS 'of easier All despondency of to us sink have deeper when our momenta it than seems to

i make the effort to pull ourselves *
up.But God's food and
His love ye ever present to \
S |help and strengthen at,if wtf
9jE ALWAYS AVAILABLE twill[ but 1-seek Him in prayer

.. 1
: 1


_--ALWAYS Dependable PATRONIZE 1' 7, --- -
rasns ..
BOTTLED G*., METERED BULK GAS Star vCir.l.- : ssss '-
-/ '

-- : -: = 'J .. _._::.:::- ; ...._t.. .',-...- -.F.- ;.. ..,-".. .....-.- ... .........
.' ,: : o"'t.1' :' :., < r .,.. ., ;-