Florida star

UFPKY National Endowment for the Humanities LSTA SLAF
xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090114_AAAAGE INGEST_TIME 2009-01-15T08:19:18Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00481
FILE SIZE 366362 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090115_AAAGMF PATH 00458.jpg PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 36b5955b80b1747b83a2f9159c0d2d7bSHA-1 2701f8ec871e56e53ef7d7973e9b612ac1c759bb
51472 F20090115_AAAGMG 00458.QC.jpg 5ddf22d66ec5ed421c709e58e323be07d512e4430e8500bfd1e447502202f66f06ef0924
6377879 F20090115_AAAGMH 00458.tif 7801719b57c642ea1df116ba8b9e833ef0fa1da36a36a48af1fc46c657bccf982b8cbabd
34018 F20090115_AAAGMI 00458.txt a3fd7c2b96af08226090721c5b6168feb0d666b4920c91716cc51d73106d00a292d31930
12265 F20090115_AAAGMJ 00458thm.jpg e02ed338ecfe52337a2113b2ff3196d556ade70cd7934088c78dd89c378aed6a4bf9fcf5
805340 F20090115_AAAGMK 00459.jp2 e6328fd3d1c2052c81db6169be7ed1ab66196129694e2450461686da7c48358db3351985
363457 F20090115_AAAGML 00459.jpg f3196697076d793995580d7d1d6fd96e2019fabc47f243f421275decc53b4a0c35fd24a8
51779 F20090115_AAAGMM 00459.QC.jpg c5d2590531f5e75fe37fd32b7149c5fd796e181aac5d3481059ce013a67323cb85d79d2f
6439321 F20090115_AAAGMN 00459.tif dddccf348155df5408a57f6bbfda99b3c12a39759976069cfa987debdc41c429daf6e1af
56152 F20090115_AAAGMO 00459.txt ff4e441c68cff6bbaab03f82e33e1c8f8121d2624c4a51d98108541ec2d61aae61220f5f
12852 F20090115_AAAGMP 00459thm.jpg d84154331a529c63c5d8802b50535208e527dee0a59ddb4e8ab5c2f3ea92bc8453d136f6
792846 F20090115_AAAGMQ 00460.jp2 e42857408dd73522694966a89132f675c8dd9708a06ca03ebc4474bdde3fea1d1e6714ce
351918 F20090115_AAAGMR 00460.jpg e0ebdddf8678ef7d63b83659203c84face7cbd8c343eb2a095435529bdae5b3bbd35e4b5
49015 F20090115_AAAGMS 00460.QC.jpg 1bb9becf28333dd310bc983b58a8830a5c3a767134a6e349d3e4336bc2d8ae8dc549bc38
799909 F20090115_AAAGJW 00448.jp2 642289e69324ed23d8a50cc1107f1904e16efed1858aeb38d69d110dfbc6d3a827d28160
6333538 F20090115_AAAGMT 00460.tif 141333021c878ba36d03d33bd759ca7f932e83770cded485b18e9a8f628eee5d0adf4fdf
379786 F20090115_AAAGJX 00448.jpg 7706cdc87f58d6b09b156d9ba0289604717d5efb77b70e5dd0338314a0feeb8c6aed657d
50153 F20090115_AAAGMU 00460.txt fcb72562e6ea95871618747c4de8964aa14f1f4ba6bb91c266815901c7f7864de5c23289
795470 F20090115_AAAGLA 00453.jp2 e8715462302c9c213f3ab420028134aeb4f584ffc0bd5e94d87a9e7a4d57c5dd18c31836
54313 F20090115_AAAGJY 00448.QC.jpg eb3dee99c6e351327023c30ea4d536310ef685c7c7f54ffb226b9307c892bc3644ce01bb
11853 F20090115_AAAGMV 00460thm.jpg ca713126e0afb0c01575cdf78c6ef585f1c6190ae1dc3b341733ee97284a7be4070f601f
376930 F20090115_AAAGLB 00453.jpg 112a34f56855d8c94896ec62e7aa95c4dba28656a3cae1f11d3d2c7e21f7446385b49aa1
6389888 F20090115_AAAGJZ 00448.tif d9062c5aace560da3b5de33963e4fa5918362c704de6dfcaa8e14a85a6f607cc6c2590d4
797269 F20090115_AAAGMW 00461.jp2 c7d3c73aed55fd45d8a55d0ae72536163d054963a7aecdf9a77f11c7ec9bc82ff047a55e
51533 F20090115_AAAGLC 00453.QC.jpg 9ea77e46562f0bf268df5ce61cd2ed34c5e2c5c2f26c3ed21ebda076a94ddde616d2b6fe
345514 F20090115_AAAGMX 00461.jpg 157476fb65e82ceb9ee4a80faf336876f3c1c671d02ea05eaad4e93462717ba690bb32b5
6357299 F20090115_AAAGLD 00453.tif 6e9dee8381f73d1f0f1c3c0a94eb1f3b72c64de45451e5590ed55bd5ddde5597212e2e62
50039 F20090115_AAAGMY 00461.QC.jpg fcbe199016067fc24a6a89780a581e8f457c371c03999521ab0d76219351f3c92f5927d7
53949 F20090115_AAAGLE 00453.txt 4abd3c6b449b63bf07777293bdd5d86f580255fa14bf6ade86cbf634b44bdbd6d0b43298
12342 F20090115_AAAGLF 00453thm.jpg d87717c4229722fce5b40ed6adfbe969546f89ba996464468e7828d0b229aa9d05096dfc
6377953 F20090115_AAAGMZ 00461.tif ef8d1417b6ef5a0fe239eea5f38256e36e841029662378479c7c821325598c76aaf620bb
818898 F20090115_AAAGLG 00454.jp2 ee9c8df9413b73820349c5cc49770316b8a38ab8fac231ba52fd0fef04867b0c9967f9a1
307587 F20090115_AAAGLH 00454.jpg 0e39e2df0c7625ee6b53f5eed83fe69825a0a249bfd5b41c45fcae8e7b6a40fc7ca59dc9
46140 F20090115_AAAGLI 00454.QC.jpg 5af67ca990f3625179f342df7034e776c05cdadcf093e48cb6a1f9d7d76c244fb34f740f
6541686 F20090115_AAAGLJ 00454.tif 2e4195d108986309bc10ee3d0f201bc76aa205c306b751c65f5222a2f1bf544911335f92
33931 F20090115_AAAGLK 00454.txt fda03eced29a2d871e3e3eab5b86e6d89bca97ee57a98588de609be65b064d9929e2266e
11880 F20090115_AAAGLL 00454thm.jpg 142f348a99fb9b816a3b1d24c9094186189da3170027eb3ea72f11d2aba98c0684ff8d8a
818237 F20090115_AAAGLM 00455.jp2 adea206852338e7748c1fcffcd74c60d749069a2293d3d88ac9bb7cb6794879f79f3e581
294087 F20090115_AAAGLN 00455.jpg a9ade97a23e967d0ac4395538d439acf88e9bcdbfb04e258947ece43ef7a106fb8e6fb5f
47700 F20090115_AAAGLO 00455.QC.jpg b31e7ed0891793204c2344c8df12a1c9732ec4bc07c045896830b55d97d0965caee2e172
6546057 F20090115_AAAGLP 00455.tif 6efb7008a4cfcf829a9f4f3b241acfbc8d284be012b27ac8f5ede7620e8a181dd33750b7
26375 F20090115_AAAGLQ 00455.txt 7c2e1c308d97f8b460301324b58becdc1ddfbe9d20f46dc64112b54ca479bf0af01d04f0
12583 F20090115_AAAGLR 00455thm.jpg c87c032632a7a3686334963f8badd6f283f13890a4e82409ef964ceebe90af97fe20a47c
804774 F20090115_AAAGLS 00456.jp2 ce5bc050d9d2a27261cfb68739234a959c06cff15c2ad4482692232569af3abfe4fba25a
306830 F20090115_AAAGLT 00456.jpg 0f63ae3daad66fc6e8deb748fb61210ef5a5cc6cbab4e1bcbca4f01a0b02098b67401f55
45567 F20090115_AAAGLU 00456.QC.jpg e83e91069f0b7599b4a85ad2a1e32a5bba0dce03f2c0b94748abb618911d7bc5ca7735aa
42685 F20090115_AAAGKA 00448.txt 86b5ef9e4831487bfb68537cc2a9cd9e33d97984e62cddb995c2a77fc750787153091b06
6429389 F20090115_AAAGLV 00456.tif 4a51cea181fbfc40b9ce2238770f78702607fa674cb3e228cf630124f6db2b8483924311
12877 F20090115_AAAGKB 00448thm.jpg 289310466081f289573872b39f17097bf32ef00eb0a8b501d84b98b380d642cfa77a7854
30976 F20090115_AAAGLW 00456.txt e4d973f673fe2e29b041c4144dafa8823518cc13b9f8fca3eb5cd1ac5677f9579da0f965
11625 F20090115_AAAGLX 00456thm.jpg 5935f0573aafa5145efd32d6a8920e71215a7a3a65caf76e2b2ecff53e3f389bc6aaf077
829039 F20090115_AAAGKC 00449.jp2 2937d6dc96c47bb1c96d6f2e150aa52d005e01d33244021cd927ac632a5c26a1d1da2233
301231 F20090115_AAAGKD 00449.jpg be8c76bda04804648782307e192806343dcd261aff5f8c12fc07b6559f918e329895c1b1
810416 F20090115_AAAGLY 00457.jp2 eab347f45f887c2a03e50b4559412847ca763885f42fdd3cfef0d994886467858779f99e
44965 F20090115_AAAGKE 00449.QC.jpg 45d7e8c8185bab391a6536474b4f845b752d68c800234bd3af836e16288ae6a23626b369
45031 F20090115_AAAGNA 00461.txt ab836247869b7016b5ed6ccaf3f4a5bc61272f171e0599d68f9e99db1e32b0cdf7912984
6626681 F20090115_AAAGKF 00449.tif d3bc318cd2073a133cd3cbe132dcbcfda0efaef03e35125b54e6330cc7a5456d0e072ed7
12543 F20090115_AAAGNB 00461thm.jpg 64c109e5be819c01419bbbd7cdacd8375b692fc509b4dabfe078eb434f3a6d8bd990f76e
300123 F20090115_AAAGLZ 00457.jpg 9ef434f9f308797b7912d69ce4f6062031309557cadba8c0875755a07d34242ed95535ff
37103 F20090115_AAAGKG 00449.txt 833dc96417343c9187ee805485f6710ee04b11f68bb3284b9db8b0fa167d9d65fedf9f24
19713 F20090115_AAAGNC 1967101401.xml FULL 0b9e1c8ae3bbd2ebb0bd635a24bb64c901497e9098ca95280b2d76c98dd9e0162383ee7fBROKEN_LINK 0448.jp20449.jp20450.jp20451.jp20452.jp20453.jp20454.jp20455.jp20456.jp20457.jp20458.jp20459.jp20460.jp20461.jp20448.txt0449.txt0450.txt0451.txt0452.txt0453.txt0454.txt0455.txt0456.txt0457.txt0458.txt0459.txt0460.txt0461.txt0448.tif0449.tif0450.tif0451.tif0452.tif0453.tif0454.tif0455.tif0456.tif0457.tif0458.tif0459.tif0460.tif0461.tif0448.jpg0449.jpg0450.jpg0451.jpg0452.jpg0453.jpg0454.jpg0455.jpg0456.jpg0457.jpg0458.jpg0459.jpg0460.jpg0461.jpg
11560 F20090115_AAAGKH 00449thm.jpg 2e17a5161692514b063b91e25765100805aad9251ff22f4fab5f31028d64ea7ad69a6fc7
815277 F20090115_AAAGKI 00450.jp2 e9b380b251998c0d410cd31e1472f5a511c39ea8771e45089db4c7056ffe43830a8066d9
309373 F20090115_AAAGKJ 00450.jpg be4da8a688e2a2c685e54b52019f4acb3404b50d5d4847cbd0d3efdf554b6b0a86cc46fd
26769 F20090115_AAAGNF UF00028362_00481.mets 9559a67a42c51175469df73c1af7c18a6d8ea9db9c55490a4d489261830008645c824d1a
47912 F20090115_AAAGKK 00450.QC.jpg e9dfec7566f6c1ed8371477e31afc0341551e62c45aa8c161f026ccfab57e19442a27a65
6512940 F20090115_AAAGKL 00450.tif e8300fed6972fd1f41347186cc6697e38f34ee2ed48d046beaee319726b2f2a1f2cc8413
31939 F20090115_AAAGNH UF00028362_00481.xml 1730887ad2f1b1f516a029fd5a7969edb515a84d1803735cdf84b8e81220b7fc4288b385
31364 F20090115_AAAGKM 00450.txt 891214c0f530f1796b336bf92c0dd0d8c6ca68c7e079972c41059e75e63d576f5984eed8
12564 F20090115_AAAGKN 00450thm.jpg c3372cbb069fe2eea1593648919d63ff675c1ec4e659a2178e7bc6fe2940223dd74714c5
792450 F20090115_AAAGKO 00451.jp2 1d1779b06187e281ab4ab98367a00b9381be46fc9e3028aeb654e3222ce0c1d5ffa1c5ab
349888 F20090115_AAAGKP 00451.jpg 66db77eb0c7093143e36f29117cbf89f9a9863d8f07a8fa1d68e6d98dd33e10b01613f39
49617 F20090115_AAAGKQ 00451.QC.jpg 1c32dcd55e73fcdfcd90e5d8e9a59752c742498383dfba6768b1b0e7f2063a34d8d735fb
6336461 F20090115_AAAGKR 00451.tif 411f67323b2b5fb752666aeeef93267b4917998f983026b4b58482d1bd943f6c57be2b0b
40170 F20090115_AAAGKS 00451.txt 66c1b5d359639e623ab1262da4a34e81e4a4ea381e0c353345f008e3b7bfba322a5e05fe
12427 F20090115_AAAGKT 00451thm.jpg 90ea4354abcbab697f0d732adf401b753e611214a5d8ccacd28e556a2eb8bd0ec3e17fb8
806924 F20090115_AAAGKU 00452.jp2 bf7599d1f1f83794b762bd1e92eca7a25a9abe61237c521dce9dd75f953af1dbcce801dc
333695 F20090115_AAAGKV 00452.jpg 550784e14bbf1c9992a21a607c87fb939da990afd0e5dfb389f21cb8986576a5315bb8ce
49032 F20090115_AAAGKW 00452.QC.jpg 36ff037a478d32ab88a01f7fb37b09623f8e463afce5a21c3b32c6254e2d98686e1edf69
6455165 F20090115_AAAGKX 00452.tif aafdb727626920ce41ba5ffef3e86757777e5f6acb98c27d06e678397287bc8ea6372928
45027 F20090115_AAAGMA 00457.QC.jpg cd41c8f6dd077e8e0c7c7cfcbb1a9855db92accf52d91cb11a96fda9b109006b4118bee0
39309 F20090115_AAAGKY 00452.txt 7f16035c31975db5f0891a489ab1df9acfb5af6fcf434973322aea51a764ab78b2da9c57
6474115 F20090115_AAAGMB 00457.tif c23bcb4e3beeb79729dde44bfdb56cfb5763e9de46e507a0c375966eedfd280abb395a1c
12142 F20090115_AAAGKZ 00452thm.jpg ba11cd6b216f982bba3421f10e625a0740e07437da0475fff461f4c4de2237c1f724d4d8
33734 F20090115_AAAGMC 00457.txt 2fbc6b687ae3f419596cb6a615b0bb542da6cba5b27e00dd42d38b279d776d16ce910dd5
11618 F20090115_AAAGMD 00457thm.jpg 7f34457c9def84c1e1d7688c534777b23b23906d67dcadf4e05667c97cf4f584daf40e9d
797641 F20090115_AAAGME 00458.jp2 478dcde3c97d089992d8464047a9a8c4c941cda07caaac9f6bb29ddc65eeb7d19c123a8f

xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090220_AAACEA INGEST_TIME 2009-02-23T00:47:22Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00481
FILE SIZE 810416 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090222_AABRHS PATH 00457.jp2 PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 eab347f45f887c2a03e50b4559412847SHA-1 ca763885f42fdd3cfef0d994886467858779f99e
300123 F20090222_AABRHT 00457.jpg 9ef434f9f308797b7912d69ce4f6062031309557cadba8c0875755a07d34242ed95535ff
37103 F20090222_AABRGA 00449.txt 833dc96417343c9187ee805485f6710ee04b11f68bb3284b9db8b0fa167d9d65fedf9f24
45027 F20090222_AABRHU 00457.QC.jpg cd41c8f6dd077e8e0c7c7cfcbb1a9855db92accf52d91cb11a96fda9b109006b4118bee0
11560 F20090222_AABRGB 00449thm.jpg 2e17a5161692514b063b91e25765100805aad9251ff22f4fab5f31028d64ea7ad69a6fc7
6474115 F20090222_AABRHV 00457.tif c23bcb4e3beeb79729dde44bfdb56cfb5763e9de46e507a0c375966eedfd280abb395a1c
815277 F20090222_AABRGC 00450.jp2 e9b380b251998c0d410cd31e1472f5a511c39ea8771e45089db4c7056ffe43830a8066d9
33734 F20090222_AABRHW 00457.txt 2fbc6b687ae3f419596cb6a615b0bb542da6cba5b27e00dd42d38b279d776d16ce910dd5
309373 F20090222_AABRGD 00450.jpg be4da8a688e2a2c685e54b52019f4acb3404b50d5d4847cbd0d3efdf554b6b0a86cc46fd
11618 F20090222_AABRHX 00457thm.jpg 7f34457c9def84c1e1d7688c534777b23b23906d67dcadf4e05667c97cf4f584daf40e9d
47912 F20090222_AABRGE 00450.QC.jpg e9dfec7566f6c1ed8371477e31afc0341551e62c45aa8c161f026ccfab57e19442a27a65
797641 F20090222_AABRHY 00458.jp2 478dcde3c97d089992d8464047a9a8c4c941cda07caaac9f6bb29ddc65eeb7d19c123a8f
6512940 F20090222_AABRGF 00450.tif e8300fed6972fd1f41347186cc6697e38f34ee2ed48d046beaee319726b2f2a1f2cc8413
28645 F20090222_AABRJB UF00028362_00481.xml FULL 7995381814507c10cf37703ee7ac2f2b27989594f2095666efdcd10c2c59f2fcc5027eef
366362 F20090222_AABRHZ 00458.jpg 36b5955b80b1747b83a2f9159c0d2d7b2701f8ec871e56e53ef7d7973e9b612ac1c759bb
31364 F20090222_AABRGG 00450.txt 891214c0f530f1796b336bf92c0dd0d8c6ca68c7e079972c41059e75e63d576f5984eed8
12564 F20090222_AABRGH 00450thm.jpg c3372cbb069fe2eea1593648919d63ff675c1ec4e659a2178e7bc6fe2940223dd74714c5
792450 F20090222_AABRGI 00451.jp2 1d1779b06187e281ab4ab98367a00b9381be46fc9e3028aeb654e3222ce0c1d5ffa1c5ab
349888 F20090222_AABRGJ 00451.jpg 66db77eb0c7093143e36f29117cbf89f9a9863d8f07a8fa1d68e6d98dd33e10b01613f39
49617 F20090222_AABRGK 00451.QC.jpg 1c32dcd55e73fcdfcd90e5d8e9a59752c742498383dfba6768b1b0e7f2063a34d8d735fb
6336461 F20090222_AABRGL 00451.tif 411f67323b2b5fb752666aeeef93267b4917998f983026b4b58482d1bd943f6c57be2b0b
40170 F20090222_AABRGM 00451.txt 66c1b5d359639e623ab1262da4a34e81e4a4ea381e0c353345f008e3b7bfba322a5e05fe
12427 F20090222_AABRGN 00451thm.jpg 90ea4354abcbab697f0d732adf401b753e611214a5d8ccacd28e556a2eb8bd0ec3e17fb8
806924 F20090222_AABRGO 00452.jp2 bf7599d1f1f83794b762bd1e92eca7a25a9abe61237c521dce9dd75f953af1dbcce801dc
333695 F20090222_AABRGP 00452.jpg 550784e14bbf1c9992a21a607c87fb939da990afd0e5dfb389f21cb8986576a5315bb8ce
49032 F20090222_AABRGQ 00452.QC.jpg 36ff037a478d32ab88a01f7fb37b09623f8e463afce5a21c3b32c6254e2d98686e1edf69
6455165 F20090222_AABRGR 00452.tif aafdb727626920ce41ba5ffef3e86757777e5f6acb98c27d06e678397287bc8ea6372928
39309 F20090222_AABRGS 00452.txt 7f16035c31975db5f0891a489ab1df9acfb5af6fcf434973322aea51a764ab78b2da9c57
12142 F20090222_AABRGT 00452thm.jpg ba11cd6b216f982bba3421f10e625a0740e07437da0475fff461f4c4de2237c1f724d4d8
795470 F20090222_AABRGU 00453.jp2 e8715462302c9c213f3ab420028134aeb4f584ffc0bd5e94d87a9e7a4d57c5dd18c31836
376930 F20090222_AABRGV 00453.jpg 112a34f56855d8c94896ec62e7aa95c4dba28656a3cae1f11d3d2c7e21f7446385b49aa1
51533 F20090222_AABRGW 00453.QC.jpg 9ea77e46562f0bf268df5ce61cd2ed34c5e2c5c2f26c3ed21ebda076a94ddde616d2b6fe
6357299 F20090222_AABRGX 00453.tif 6e9dee8381f73d1f0f1c3c0a94eb1f3b72c64de45451e5590ed55bd5ddde5597212e2e62
51472 F20090222_AABRIA 00458.QC.jpg 5ddf22d66ec5ed421c709e58e323be07d512e4430e8500bfd1e447502202f66f06ef0924
53949 F20090222_AABRGY 00453.txt 4abd3c6b449b63bf07777293bdd5d86f580255fa14bf6ade86cbf634b44bdbd6d0b43298
6377879 F20090222_AABRIB 00458.tif 7801719b57c642ea1df116ba8b9e833ef0fa1da36a36a48af1fc46c657bccf982b8cbabd
12342 F20090222_AABRGZ 00453thm.jpg d87717c4229722fce5b40ed6adfbe969546f89ba996464468e7828d0b229aa9d05096dfc
34018 F20090222_AABRIC 00458.txt a3fd7c2b96af08226090721c5b6168feb0d666b4920c91716cc51d73106d00a292d31930
12265 F20090222_AABRID 00458thm.jpg e02ed338ecfe52337a2113b2ff3196d556ade70cd7934088c78dd89c378aed6a4bf9fcf5
805340 F20090222_AABRIE 00459.jp2 e6328fd3d1c2052c81db6169be7ed1ab66196129694e2450461686da7c48358db3351985
363457 F20090222_AABRIF 00459.jpg f3196697076d793995580d7d1d6fd96e2019fabc47f243f421275decc53b4a0c35fd24a8
51779 F20090222_AABRIG 00459.QC.jpg c5d2590531f5e75fe37fd32b7149c5fd796e181aac5d3481059ce013a67323cb85d79d2f
6439321 F20090222_AABRIH 00459.tif dddccf348155df5408a57f6bbfda99b3c12a39759976069cfa987debdc41c429daf6e1af
56152 F20090222_AABRII 00459.txt ff4e441c68cff6bbaab03f82e33e1c8f8121d2624c4a51d98108541ec2d61aae61220f5f
12852 F20090222_AABRIJ 00459thm.jpg d84154331a529c63c5d8802b50535208e527dee0a59ddb4e8ab5c2f3ea92bc8453d136f6
792846 F20090222_AABRIK 00460.jp2 e42857408dd73522694966a89132f675c8dd9708a06ca03ebc4474bdde3fea1d1e6714ce
351918 F20090222_AABRIL 00460.jpg e0ebdddf8678ef7d63b83659203c84face7cbd8c343eb2a095435529bdae5b3bbd35e4b5
799909 F20090222_AABRFQ 00448.jp2 642289e69324ed23d8a50cc1107f1904e16efed1858aeb38d69d110dfbc6d3a827d28160
49015 F20090222_AABRIM 00460.QC.jpg 1bb9becf28333dd310bc983b58a8830a5c3a767134a6e349d3e4336bc2d8ae8dc549bc38
379786 F20090222_AABRFR 00448.jpg 7706cdc87f58d6b09b156d9ba0289604717d5efb77b70e5dd0338314a0feeb8c6aed657d
6333538 F20090222_AABRIN 00460.tif 141333021c878ba36d03d33bd759ca7f932e83770cded485b18e9a8f628eee5d0adf4fdf
54313 F20090222_AABRFS 00448.QC.jpg eb3dee99c6e351327023c30ea4d536310ef685c7c7f54ffb226b9307c892bc3644ce01bb
50153 F20090222_AABRIO 00460.txt fcb72562e6ea95871618747c4de8964aa14f1f4ba6bb91c266815901c7f7864de5c23289
6389888 F20090222_AABRFT 00448.tif d9062c5aace560da3b5de33963e4fa5918362c704de6dfcaa8e14a85a6f607cc6c2590d4
11853 F20090222_AABRIP 00460thm.jpg ca713126e0afb0c01575cdf78c6ef585f1c6190ae1dc3b341733ee97284a7be4070f601f
42685 F20090222_AABRFU 00448.txt 86b5ef9e4831487bfb68537cc2a9cd9e33d97984e62cddb995c2a77fc750787153091b06
797269 F20090222_AABRIQ 00461.jp2 c7d3c73aed55fd45d8a55d0ae72536163d054963a7aecdf9a77f11c7ec9bc82ff047a55e
12877 F20090222_AABRFV 00448thm.jpg 289310466081f289573872b39f17097bf32ef00eb0a8b501d84b98b380d642cfa77a7854
345514 F20090222_AABRIR 00461.jpg 157476fb65e82ceb9ee4a80faf336876f3c1c671d02ea05eaad4e93462717ba690bb32b5
829039 F20090222_AABRFW 00449.jp2 2937d6dc96c47bb1c96d6f2e150aa52d005e01d33244021cd927ac632a5c26a1d1da2233
50039 F20090222_AABRIS 00461.QC.jpg fcbe199016067fc24a6a89780a581e8f457c371c03999521ab0d76219351f3c92f5927d7
301231 F20090222_AABRFX 00449.jpg be8c76bda04804648782307e192806343dcd261aff5f8c12fc07b6559f918e329895c1b1
6377953 F20090222_AABRIT 00461.tif ef8d1417b6ef5a0fe239eea5f38256e36e841029662378479c7c821325598c76aaf620bb
818898 F20090222_AABRHA 00454.jp2 ee9c8df9413b73820349c5cc49770316b8a38ab8fac231ba52fd0fef04867b0c9967f9a1
44965 F20090222_AABRFY 00449.QC.jpg 45d7e8c8185bab391a6536474b4f845b752d68c800234bd3af836e16288ae6a23626b369
45031 F20090222_AABRIU 00461.txt ab836247869b7016b5ed6ccaf3f4a5bc61272f171e0599d68f9e99db1e32b0cdf7912984
307587 F20090222_AABRHB 00454.jpg 0e39e2df0c7625ee6b53f5eed83fe69825a0a249bfd5b41c45fcae8e7b6a40fc7ca59dc9
6626681 F20090222_AABRFZ 00449.tif d3bc318cd2073a133cd3cbe132dcbcfda0efaef03e35125b54e6330cc7a5456d0e072ed7
12543 F20090222_AABRIV 00461thm.jpg 64c109e5be819c01419bbbd7cdacd8375b692fc509b4dabfe078eb434f3a6d8bd990f76e
46140 F20090222_AABRHC 00454.QC.jpg 5af67ca990f3625179f342df7034e776c05cdadcf093e48cb6a1f9d7d76c244fb34f740f
19713 F20090222_AABRIW 1967101401.xml 0b9e1c8ae3bbd2ebb0bd635a24bb64c901497e9098ca95280b2d76c98dd9e0162383ee7fBROKEN_LINK 0448.jp20449.jp20450.jp20451.jp20452.jp20453.jp20454.jp20455.jp20456.jp20457.jp20458.jp20459.jp20460.jp20461.jp20448.txt0449.txt0450.txt0451.txt0452.txt0453.txt0454.txt0455.txt0456.txt0457.txt0458.txt0459.txt0460.txt0461.txt0448.tif0449.tif0450.tif0451.tif0452.tif0453.tif0454.tif0455.tif0456.tif0457.tif0458.tif0459.tif0460.tif0461.tif0448.jpg0449.jpg0450.jpg0451.jpg0452.jpg0453.jpg0454.jpg0455.jpg0456.jpg0457.jpg0458.jpg0459.jpg0460.jpg0461.jpg
6541686 F20090222_AABRHD 00454.tif 2e4195d108986309bc10ee3d0f201bc76aa205c306b751c65f5222a2f1bf544911335f92
33931 F20090222_AABRHE 00454.txt fda03eced29a2d871e3e3eab5b86e6d89bca97ee57a98588de609be65b064d9929e2266e
11880 F20090222_AABRHF 00454thm.jpg 142f348a99fb9b816a3b1d24c9094186189da3170027eb3ea72f11d2aba98c0684ff8d8a
24152 F20090222_AABRIZ UF00028362_00481.mets 8a43f97012f1151322be859fb8c4ced04d0d6fc7a7c1a0a4ea48575ee8396dc233a0aa03
818237 F20090222_AABRHG 00455.jp2 adea206852338e7748c1fcffcd74c60d749069a2293d3d88ac9bb7cb6794879f79f3e581
294087 F20090222_AABRHH 00455.jpg a9ade97a23e967d0ac4395538d439acf88e9bcdbfb04e258947ece43ef7a106fb8e6fb5f
47700 F20090222_AABRHI 00455.QC.jpg b31e7ed0891793204c2344c8df12a1c9732ec4bc07c045896830b55d97d0965caee2e172
6546057 F20090222_AABRHJ 00455.tif 6efb7008a4cfcf829a9f4f3b241acfbc8d284be012b27ac8f5ede7620e8a181dd33750b7
26375 F20090222_AABRHK 00455.txt 7c2e1c308d97f8b460301324b58becdc1ddfbe9d20f46dc64112b54ca479bf0af01d04f0
12583 F20090222_AABRHL 00455thm.jpg c87c032632a7a3686334963f8badd6f283f13890a4e82409ef964ceebe90af97fe20a47c
804774 F20090222_AABRHM 00456.jp2 ce5bc050d9d2a27261cfb68739234a959c06cff15c2ad4482692232569af3abfe4fba25a
306830 F20090222_AABRHN 00456.jpg 0f63ae3daad66fc6e8deb748fb61210ef5a5cc6cbab4e1bcbca4f01a0b02098b67401f55
45567 F20090222_AABRHO 00456.QC.jpg e83e91069f0b7599b4a85ad2a1e32a5bba0dce03f2c0b94748abb618911d7bc5ca7735aa
6429389 F20090222_AABRHP 00456.tif 4a51cea181fbfc40b9ce2238770f78702607fa674cb3e228cf630124f6db2b8483924311
30976 F20090222_AABRHQ 00456.txt e4d973f673fe2e29b041c4144dafa8823518cc13b9f8fca3eb5cd1ac5677f9579da0f965
11625 F20090222_AABRHR 00456thm.jpg 5935f0573aafa5145efd32d6a8920e71215a7a3a65caf76e2b2ecff53e3f389bc6aaf077


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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 14, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 14, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
.. .

Lifer Gets lew biIcek.s Supreme Court Reveries \ .W N .'

# #ra* #."#*' *e<*### .#*### ...##. *******



**** **###1 #* # -- ****** i University| | Cf Florida 1

C'hargeirWith Homicid Library

f Gainesbille, Fla

******* ** ** *****

No Negroes Called ; Service r

o On Mississippi "Murder" iurya LIBRA I' rtY 1. Y / /

................ ... .WQ..
III III. -W '"

Defense Use Not Opposing Each OtberCHARLES 111. 17 NO. 21 SATHIAT ICTItEJ 14, 1SS7 1S CENTS

Attorneys ** *** .-- ....*..>.. .....

Old Refection Tricks s JAngry 1f.1 liIi! ltfifjP.f fI

MERIDIAN, Miss.- o Negroes will serve as Jurors In the
so-called "Klan Assassination" Trial of 18 Mississippi white ****** ** ****

men accused of the brutal and allegedly premeditated murderof v

two white Jewish civil: rights workers and one Negro in j

Philadelphia, Mississippi, in 1964. JAX TV STAR HURT
Earlier this week seven white women and five white men were r

chosen to Judge the 18 whites, after a peremptory and well 4

planned maneuver by the defense attorneys excluded all Negroes Y .

from Jury service. According to the latest reports
various and roundabout tactics were used by the defense

attorneys for removing the likelihood of having any Negroesto
A 50-meraber had been composed of 17
serve. panel AUTO TURNOVEREthiopian
Negroes and 33 whites.An .
all'White Jury, then, will several homes but were also NOT OPPONENTS order to avoid any possible misunderstanding

Judge, as Lie days go ty, an warned about expresslngopln- that Eric 0. Simpson, left is running against Charles

all-white group of Miss- Ions or of being persuaded by Summons for the Civil Service Board, the editor of the ###### ##5''I.. .. '! I
isslppians who, according to the words of others. Judge Cox FLORIDA STAR has Issued a statement clarify the situation. I
Information already presented, said be would bring them into Simpson said he Is running for the Civil Service Board, Is Theresa Mickey

with the help of the Klan,work. seclusion if there were shadow Group 7, whereas Simmons Is running for the Civil Service MurderSuicideMotive

ed In secret to annihilate, in of their inclination to engagein Board, Group 1, which are two separate races. Simpson first And 3 .

1964, Michael Schwerner, Jew, conversation with others. ran for a seat on the board In 19C2 but was defeated tor the On Faculty Teachers ;
Andrew Goodman, Jew and The Jurist also put"off limits"all second primary by a narrow margin. He decided to run

James Chaney, a Meridian Negro Journalists and photographers in the coming elections because the board has been expandedto !Is IR Car Mishap
under a dam on a farm for the sake of the seven members, two of whom he feels should be Negroes At Florida U. Mystery j: .

near Philadelphia. case. so' that a truly democratic board would function under the
Another white man,Doyle Bar- Radio and television per'I'I ;.,
Nineteen Negroes were con new city government. ****
the first
sidered, following the mass nette, 23, of Cullen, La., was Simmons was reluctant to pose with Simpson, the STAR'S GAINESVILLE-For sociality Theresa Mackey and II! '
checking of qualification But, scheduled to testify for the editor for fear, that voters might get the impression that he time in Its history the Roomer three other occupants of a car |f
will a Teacher
d Florida Dead Woman's Female
when the decisions are reach government. Earlier the Justice (Simmons) Is supporting Eric Simpson for election. However its faculty miraculously escaped death last |
ed, a former Ku Klux Klan Department called to the Simpson,, said, in addition to running his own race, he willgive Negro professor on Saturday when the car In which
stand five witnesses whose whatever he He Is Negussay Ayele. Ayele Sees Goes Into Hysterics they, were riding turned over I II I
head, four minions of the law, to be support can. will serve as a visiting assistant Shooting, ...
guilty allegedly of the crime, testimony was expected several times before It landed
for a
and others of the 18, will have damactne year. native, G.uNESVlLLE-TracecIY struck In this normally quiet university In a thicket.
District attorneys as Indicated Husband ArrestedAs Hovsewife The new professor, a Other occupants of the car |
only whites as their Jurors. used ruse 1 of Ethiopia, has taught at the town last Wednesday when police found the bodies
every possible Included Mrs. Mary Felder ID
However, the Federal Bureauof He of baseball coach and his wife punctured with
to eliminate prospective University of Los Angeles. a popular ,
Instructor at William Raines ,I
Investigation has had under Membership in Suspect has also studied there The bullets. Authorities have ruled the deaths a case of murder- .
Negro Jurors. ---
steady surveillance one of the' the National Association For Shoots Ills..d I University of Los Angeles: is suicide. r

.iajccused.J ,mes E.JordanJ.asa ,, ... .,A In the field erf Afrt- : ,
the' :Advancement oof. Colored ''' .. Miti ding }
7 : nineteenth 'euspect7Ne is In Staying : .u. t., 'i, 1 'studies; He1 Is Completing' The Incident claimed the livesof vuesomslItacWoI'noieatdeath. .
standout. con
People was a Negro .
considered a key witness for Lincoln High School Coach
the trial, on the side of the venlreman Napoleon Johnson, An angry housewife shot her his doctorate. at the ,Ray Washington, 40, and his,, The 30-year-old) Mrs. Wash
Detectives from the Duval school ,
Jr., was asked pointblankly mate '' found on the floor'at
Justice Department. He was a .22 caliber pistol wife Doris Smith Washington Ington was
brought to the Mississippi whether or not he belonged to County Sheriffs office arrested in tie upper right chest after The University of early Wednesday in their north the foot of the bed with
the national organization. He the husband of a local him program on Africa has gained several bullets wounds In her
courtroom under strong juard. giving two dollars he had east Gainesville home.'
His case, however, will be answered affirmatively.A woman carried to DMC by ambulance asked for earlier In the after Impetus over the hundred last several students Police who discovered the body. Her husband was sprawled
bit of humor was given the early Sunday who was to years Some two out In the doorway betweenthe
handled In another Jurisdic noon buy some food This bodies said\ they answered a ,
tion. For the past five years opening Frank J. Herndon, one dead on arrival and chargedhim Officer E.M. Peppers stated are enrolled there. bedroom and living room
Jordan has been under federal of the accused came in wearing with homicide on last Mon In his report that Jessie Lea has made necessary the widening with a single bullet wound In

protection because of the danger a green robe accompanied bya day night.. Cooks, of 2040 Edison Ave., of the school's scope of' his body. The shots In both
to his safety, in both the nurse. According to his attorney Detective Sgts. M.B. Kemp was assaulted by his wife after studies within that area. Dr. of their bodies came from a ,''I
states of Florida and Georgia be was suffering froma and J.L. Suber and Joe Frigo arriving home and asking her Irving Wershew Is the 32-calibre revolver j I
4 His testimony, even in the face "hernlated esophagus."Judge said an X-ray showed a bullet for two dollars. Courses at the school Include Police reasoned that Washington 1\

"of opposing circumstances is Cox reminded them that this inside her chest. Jessie said he told his wife geography and history, Europeand shot his wife fatally then
expected to give much lighton was no time for comedy. The suspect, John W. Carson, Lcola that he was going to Africa, the Swahili language turned the gun on himself t.

these ghastly '64 murders. Symbols of the Confederacy of 2243 W. 44th St., told 1 investigating buy something to eat. About government, the peopleand Principal John Dukes, Jr., of ,1 '- -,
are still maintained In the officers that he this time their culture and politics. Lincoln High School where
One of the enigmas of the the suspect blocked
situation has puzzled the white state of Mississippi. A Confederate found Mrs. Clara B.Carson, 51, the door and he pushed her out Professor Ayele also believes Washington had been a member MRS. THERESA! MACKEY
flag was flying, on about 1:30: a.m., on the floor of that more should be known nine
men's lawyers: Who told where of the way. of the faculty for years School who the driver *
a truck, across from the her bedroom in their home. the American Negro.Ayele RAY WASHINGTON said ''It'. all a mystery to High was ;
bodies Cooks said his
the were, so unceremoniously wife then ran referred to some discriminatory Mrs. Patrlca Shehee, a Resource
Carson and Suber
Neshoba County Courthouse told Kemp asked whether the
burled? Followingthe in the bedroom and got a us, when school
in call from who teacher in the
practices a neighbor reported -
This so-called 1964 triple he and his wife had ion to
dead man had shown any signof
revelation to authorities When she returned she shot
Ada Stanford
Gainesville but was optimistic hearing shots about system and Miss ,
lives home atabout
murder snuffed out the a party returning despondencyor marital '
of the government an extensive him In the chest. The victim
of these three men, all of whom 12:30: a.m.. He said Mrs. Car u to the future. He will returnto 12:37 t.m. When they Investigated blems. a substitute teacher.
search revealed the three disintegrated was taken to DMC friend
by a has
as a found the Mrs. Mackey who gained
Ethiopia next yea r they Washington
were planning to encourage Hero son left tp buy a package of Els Clements It was learned that another
bodies in the Nesho- of Orlando and
of the University home tranquil and fame In television u the commercialist -
snuff and then retllrned'and faculty member nothing
voter registration. They
member of the faculty Mrs.
ba County grave, shallow and was treated by Dr, Peacock the
to indicate trouble. on Sunday mornlug -
had come to the little town of went to her bedroom. there Marlon Wright who was a
unmarked. Philadelphia (City of BrotherlyLove According to the report from A second call from the neighbor roomer in the home of the fen Knight Show and is
Additional Impetus was given
) to see the remains of the autopsy performed by Mrs. at 12:44 a,m. told police, also a school teacher at suffered -
Washington escaped from the
the trial the of Sentenced
by testimony a At 13 Preston Cobb "I believe Is contusions of the) face,
a church which had been guttedby The bullet removed from the something wrong, house when Washington began
He revealed that
pathologist. When police returned second braises about her body and cuts I
chest of Carson revealedshe .
and Mrs.
fire. Suddenly, without blazing away at his wife. Suf
the two white workers had been '
explanation, they disappeared. was shot with a .22 caliber ,time they flipped the lock on fering from shock u a result on her knees which required
shot through their hearts. He Will
Face Hew Jurors the back door of the home and eight stitches.
also testified that Chaney the The FBI, the Navy, the Army, pistol. after the autopsy was of the ordeal Mrs. Wright )
all In to look for performed by Medical Examiner entered, where they found a
Negro had been shot three Joined them. was unable to give a coherent Also suffering Injuries which
times. Dr. William Feather- Their decayed, almost unidentifiable Dr. Carl Wells. WASHINGTON- Georgia Negro, sentenced to death in picture of what transpired between required several stitches was ,

stone of Jackson,. Mississippi,' bodies, were found A coroner's Inquest date has 1961 at the age of 15, and Indicted the same year, Preston Loses Eye When. the time the husband Miss Stanford who was riding. ,'.
also testified. He said that the later, some 44 days later, under not been set, but it was learn Cobb, now 19 years of age, can now take another lease on came home and the time of the in the back seat of the Volkswagen n
white men were victims of bullets shallow earth. More than ed that there would be one in life, with the exception of facing a charge of murder, because enraged shooting. with "T", u Mrs.

through their hearts.Meridian 400 sailors were In the search. the near future.Jnoi tile United States Supreme Court reversed a Georgia life Mate lasts Mrs. Wright, the only witness Mackey known to friends and :;

resident Chaney was shot These men will be tried undera sentence against him several days ago and ordered the to the shooting was reported TV viewers.

through the left eye, near the Mississippi law of 1870, but Cleared drawing: of a new ,Integrated panel, and thus, a new trial. under treatment for The driver of the car, Mrs. ,

heart, and in the stomach, cannot be sentenced to life im The NAACP Legal Defense been systematically excluded Her With Ivilet shock Felder and Mrs. Shehee suffered I

Featherstone said. prisonment. The maximum fine Of Murder and Educational Fund, Inc., from the grand Jury that Indicted minor braises. I
Dr. Featherstone could not definitely Is $5000.00 and 10 years In Rn (LDF) attorneys WOO the case Cobb and from the petit YBER CITY Flav-An. Yber Blind Man Jared Mrs. Mackey said she doesn't. '

decide upon the causeof prison. After waiving! a aril by Jury, on grounds that racial discrimination Jury that tried him. City woman is minus one eye remember how many times the
death of the three victims.' According! to releases ar Albert Curry, 23, of 5739 Brait was used In composing He was relndlcted by the Jasper u the result of her being shot car overturned; she thought it ,.
'He contended that the bodies plans to prove that Klansman Ave, was recently acquitted Cobtfs Jasper County, Ga., County grand Jury in by a well-aimed bullet at the In Street ArgumentWitnesses was at least three or four times."Maybe .

were to-decomposed. However secretly plotted the murders of second-degree murder In jury February of 1969. A motion end of t day of fussing and five", she said, "I
he opined that death was Inevitable "because they did't like what the pistol slaying of anotherman The young man must still for change of venue was granted quarreling with her allegedly told investigating lost count, but I was sure glad
,L la the murders. Two these boys stood for" Klansmen on the night of January face the charge of murder, and petitioner was tried common-law mate. authorities that a blind man when It cam to t stop la the ..

dentists were also questioned mentioned were Imperial 8, this year.Cr1mtnal however, the new Jury will be before a petit Jury in Bibb Mrs. Alice Jones, of Fifteenth was struck on the head witha woods."
as to the deaths. They made Wizard Sam Holloway Bowers, Court Judge Warren drawn from an integrated panel County. Street, was hit, it is said, by baseball, bat by another manu The group was driving to
some identifications on the Jr., bead of the White Knights Nelson granted the: acquittal LDF attorneys argued In their He was found guilty. The Jury a bullet fired from a gun In he was walking away froman Tallahassee where they art enrolled 1
basis of dental plates. They Neshoba County Sheriff after hearing the defense plea brief to the Supreme Court that returned a recommendation of the hands of Andrew Malroy, argument that took placeon in classes at Florida ,

came from Scarsdale, New Lawrence Bailey, Chief Deputy for a verdict of not guilty. Cobb was tried and Indicted by mercy petitioner was then sentenced 27, of the same address. Mad- the sidewalk! of a city street. AIM University 'The accident
York. Cecil Price and Sheriff- Curry was represented by Lacy Juries from which Negroes were to life imprisonment. roy returned home and could The victim; Charlie Walker, occurred on the highway near
Federal elect Ethel Glen Barnett of systematically excluded. of 1040 W. Duval St., suffereda Madison.
Leading the side of MahonJr. On appeal the GeorglaSupreme not find the woman. When she
this gruesome trial is John Neshoba. Doar has been assisted Sammie Lee Bush, 31, who They added that when Negroes Court affirmed Cows con finally returned, the argument deep bole) in the left side It la believed !that the driver

Dear of the Justice Department. by Robert Owens. resided at 7141 Ken Knight Dr., were included on Jury lists in viction. started In full fore*.Mrs.Jones of Us head and forehead.Mr. lost control of the car when I
Dear has been assigned the Evidence points to the fact East was the victim of the Jasper and Bibb Counties, Ga., Is said! to have grabbed a 22- Walker told the police the wheels went onto the soft I
that Price held the three rights it was The SET be and the suspect un- shoulders of the highway.
extremely difficult duty of recreating shooting that occurred about merely token. Jury NEW lUll Ie caliber revolver from her that
an atmosphere such workers In the county Jail, '30 p.m.TesUmooy. lists, the attorneys maintained, NEW ORLE NS-NPI- pocket book, she ran from the that he and the suspect Both accident victims, Mrs.
as might have existed la the charging them with traffic violations. showed that an contained racial Identifications.: Criminal District Court Judge bouse and returned. known only as Chester, were Mackey and Miss Stanford hare

strifetorn town in the hot Price, it Is said, released argument developed between the Young Cobb was orgjnaUy Indicted Edward A. Haggerty, Jr., last Late that night, according to arguing and he began to walk been unable to secure hospital
them that couldbe
summer of 1964 In the deep. so they Bush family and some neighbors on the charge of murderby week set October 23, at the reports, the two walked home from the man. About this time accomodatlou In Jacksonville
South state when the three were Intercepted by others in the concerning alleged mistreatment the Jasper County grand Jury new bearing date into the retrial together. When they reached witnesses said, the suspectattack where they reside, due
killed plot. In 19 61. the house and entered Madroy the victim on the head to a shortage of hospital beds.
of one of the Bush casa of Edgar Labat and ,
Door hopes to prove that these Seventeen of the alleged murderers children while Mr. and Mrs. lie was tried In the Superior Clifton A.. Poret, bothdwnom pulled out a .38, put it against with a baseball bat be had been Urn, Mackeya Injury marks
18 whites were guilty of the were Indicted two years Bush were away from borne. Court of Jasper County Oat have been under the shadow her head, and fired. holding In his hand, knocking: the second personality to be
crime. Judge Cox, presiding ago, but Judge Cox interepreted Witnesses said Curry, was year, found guilty, and sentenced of the electric chair for the The bullet ricocheted and fin him to the sidewalk. out of the Ken Knight;! Show.
the of federal
Jurist iri the Involvements, In choosing visiting neighbors and became to death., last 17 years, the longest In ally lodged Itself In a kitchen According to the police report Ken Knight the producer: and
order not to influence the Jurors Jurors as Inimitable. Therefore Involved and this led to the That ruling was affirmed by UJ. history. walL .Mrs. Japed left eye was Walker struck: his bead star of the show has bean
has forbidden the the cross section of the the Supreme Court of the sidewalk u ha fell to off the program for two weeks 'J
already shoot out between be and Bush. Georgia Labat, now 33 and Poret, pulled out of the socket.Madroyran on
Jurors to talk with anyone about neighborhood .system evolved. Curry was armed with a .38 The Fifth Circuit Court of 38, were convicted in953 out asd threw the revolver the ground He was curled and Is still recuperating froman

the case. The Jurors were J_rOT caliber revolver and Bush with Appeals overruled In 1964 on the aggravated rape of awhile away. He came back to wait to DMC by Gateway Ambulance. operation on his eyes for
allowed to return to their a shotgun the ground that Negroes had woman In November 1950 for the police Service and was treated. cataracts.

J JGrgia

I, ,4 t

L "

-- -
-- -
-- -- -


Ladies Barracks Ladies Of Leisure ladies 01 Leisin Plus SiiUeaih AoBiversiry Wedding Bells .1

Club Celebrates I .
Unit His Heel Jos. Gibbs, 1981 Tuskegee,
Sixteenth AnniversaiThe. JM. Hayes, zm Jeanette St.l 38 and Edna Nell Corley, Detroit '
21 and Geraldine DawsonaaM Mich., 32.
Tn* Ladies Auxiliary of Gateway Ladles of Leisure Social ''W. 1Kb St., 17. i
barracks No. 3131 of the and Saving Club will celebratethe Cbas. Osby, 1436 QllnoU St,
Veterans d World War No. 1 JiaWaUlranntverlU)' OQ Leroy Burnam,, 6Z W. 17th 81 and Naomi Ruth Collins, 727

will bold their regular meetIng Monday, October 16, aW'p.m.. 8t,44tndHaMlEllUVereen14JHppliiSt.J Venus-Marl, Apt. 43. i
Saturday October 1 W<<, at In lilt"'1t. Olive Primitive i
2 p.m. All members and officers Baptist Church Fourth and Alvin Eugene Mitchell: 1216 W.
are expected to attend. The Myrtle.An Earl Williams 1050 Madison! 16th St., 18 and Helen Sandra
books bYe been opened for the elaborate program hu been Sl 41 and Maggie Moore, 428 SlngleUry, 1U6 Pippin St., 22.
1967-68 dues. prepared. Participants will be: 1/2 W. Union St.. M.Theo. .
The Armistice Celebration Deacon George Baker Rev. J. Connie Lee Surrency, 1732 W.
Committee Is asking all to be M. Dixon, pastor of Ut Olive Roosevelt Riley, 1162 W. 12th St, 20 and Ethel Louise
present. Open house will beheld Primitive Baptist; Miss Jac- 28tb St., 22 and Barbara Jean Sabbs 2619 Sunny Acres Dr.,
Buddies of West, 1468 W. Hit, 11.
,on that day. quline Borders Mrs. Elaine 20. I
World War twill give t pro- Campbell Miss Myra James, r II I
gram. Dinners will be served Mrs W. p. Easton,Peter ICnox,. Nathaniel Bernard Clair 1S74 Lewis James Smith Jr., 834
throughout the day. All are Invited C.W. Shoots Sr., W.B. Har- n Spewing St, 19 and Carolyn Houston St., 27 and Dorothy
Including the general groves, Miss Sherrie Knot, + Joyce McKnlght, 1117 E. 1st Jean Bailey, 717 Adams St
public. The meeting will feature Mrs. Janie Johnson, Mrs. A.A. St.. M.Johnnie. 20.
t look at the new home. Rice. Mrs. Carrie Lockett, C.Hlgbtower, 1638 W.
1 All buddies with cars are asked'to Mrs. Black, Mrs. Threes 'S4tt St., U and Rena IsbaH Sylvester Nesmlth, 1103 Daniel
help. Carver and Mrs. .M.Thomas, Ovens, J606 Grunthal St., 32. St., 32 and Annie Bell Lewis,
Presentations will be made 1103 Daniel St., 26. .
i by Mrs. Florlne Wilcox. Remarks Rob!. Jackson, Jr.:. 166 Bel-
will come from Mrs fort st., 29 and MoWe Mae Gus Smith Jr., 1531 1 Lee St.,
Young ArtistShown Mattie L. King, president.Mrs, HaInes, 2557 Phlox St., 36. 20 and Betty Jean Ross, ,ir'lb

Maggie ,Black will be In charge fl' slab Brocklngton,1703W.45th: ,Harrison St.. 3L .
of music. Mrs. Fowler is re- r w r St. 45 and Geraldine Ellis DanIel Hard, Sn8 N. Myrtle.
abovelsMlcbaelJames porter. PitcMord. 1458 W. 25th St., 28. Ave., 32 and Gwendolyn Ray,
Humphrey,, the talented son of 3116 N. Myrtle Ave., 29.
Mrs. Mary E. Humphrey,Jacksonville -
and Mr. SilvesterHumphrey Mildred WilsonIs -
Clewlston> Florida. ELECT.
.. ..
Mfchael Is a piano pupil ofEveljn MoRoreo At '
The picture shows the member of the Ladles of Leisure SlpUn, Mrs. ArnIe t. black; Mrs. ,Josephine Wyatt, 1I.rJ-:
Club. They have planned for the sixteenth anniversary Mon Luedella Mitchell Mrs. Catherine Brown, Mrs. Loretha
Birthday Party day night, October 16, at the Mt. Olive Primitive Baptist Bush. On the third row, from left they are t Mrs. Verna M. WAYNE K.
Church Fourth and Myrtle, at 8 p.m. From the left, front, Bollard, Mrs. Bernice Hickson, Mrs. Willie M. Williams
Mr. and Mrs, Booker T. Wilson members are: Mrs. Mattie L, King, Mrs. Marie Smoothers, Mrs. Arnie M. Baker Mrs. Eva Alexander and Mrs. Ozell
E honored their daughter Mrs. Lela M. Fowler Mrs. Bertha Ayers Miss Myra James, Reese Members not shown are: Mrs. Flora Wilcox Mrs.
Mildred with "sweet sixteen" mascot, Mrs. Earnestlne Gay, Mrs. Mable Jordan, Mrs. Susie Odom, Mrs. Essie M. Clarkson, Mrs. Olivia Miley, SPENCERCITY
birthday party recently. The Annie B. Cummings Mrs. Alice Anderson On the second Mrs. Earnestlne Denton, Mrs. Minnie Washington, Mrs.
I. honoree received many lovely row, from the left, members are: Mrs. Lute M. Love, Mrs. Virginia Lewis Mrs Eliza Taylor Miss Rosa Dicks, Mrs.
and useful gifts. Refreshments Elizabeth Henderson, Mrs. Juanita F. Beasley, Mrs. Vera Gertrude Henderson Mrs. Bessie Leonard and Mrs Susie

v were served. Goodwin. COUNCIL DOT 1 10 ,
Joining In the festivities were:

Patricia Miss Belinda Black, Hughes Miss Renetta Miss St. Janes Baptist Chick Choir To Present A DEM.

McDaniel, Miss Harriet Hard- 1 [C1 r:HolesCHIT ] A CANDIDATE FOR THE PEOPLEPaid

wick, Miss Brenda Ivory and Repeat Hymn Husica Political Adv.
Miss Linda Everett.
Other present were: Rudolph Choir 2 of Second Baptist
Crier, Roy H. Smith, James ; Church will present a repeat of CHAT CIVIC
2 Club
Squires Foy. Be win King, Fred Brayboy Jr., their musical program"Hymnsof THE ANNUAL TEA will beheld Need Church .
be featured la atwo-planonum-, Charles Taylor, Larry Prison,' Yesteryear" in compliancewith Sunday October 15, at .,
for him Larry and Alonio Brown and popular) demands. Prince Hall, 913 Jefferson St.,
ber especially
This will be rendered from 4 to 6 The public
at annual recital Sunday after- Ricky Clark. program p.m. Or Wedding Pictures
the fourth and all clubs
on Sunday evenIng are cordially-
noon October 29 at New Stan-
beginning at 7 p.m., in the vited. Music will be by the Mt
p.m.ton ,Senior Thirteenth High and School Eaverson., at 4- Practical Nurses main auditorium of the church.A Ararat Baptist Youth Choir,, ,cA( FOR APPOINTMENTS, IE E WILL COME TO YOU.
The public Is invited. The Stanton-Duval County Vocational cordial invitation has been Mrs. Katie Strickle and Mrs.
Licensed Practical extended to the public by the McNear The club will also WITH
Nurse Alumnae will meet president Mrs. Madle Jones. sponsor a PARTY October 14 NO ,SERVICE, 01 SPECIAL CHARGES
Tea Tine Thursday, October 19, in the Mrs. Jones also hopes this at 7:30 at the he :o of Mrs.'
The White Rose Social' Club home of Mrs. Shirley McGee program will be as successful Tbelma J. Toney, 2054 West

will sponsor a spiritual tea on 5332 Bollard Drive. 1, i if as the first performance. Nineteenth. A pi ire will be,
Sunday afternoon at 922 West' The meeting begins at 8 p.m., iv given. Mrs. Dorothy Gilmore FAMILY PICTURES
Duval SL Mrs. E.R. Wilson, president + I Lillle Rock Baptist president, Mrs. Hattie Washington ':
Mrs. Eula Luarance the president wants all members to be pre- .t 1 Coorespondlflg secretary
has extended an invitation sent and on time Business of ****** le NEW COVERAGE

ttfthe public to attend. importance,.*1U be fscusSed.1t. Plans Anniversary, + .
t.'F: ; ""' ,' :a"jSntTuinrfersary t celebra"- ,A FALL'TEA will be plannedby "lii
the Caraelia Ladies Club loir PRICES-
'Ii" Uon has been slated for Little ,
Unwind. t
., Rock Baptist Church involving when the members meet on
"' '.. choirs 1 thru 4; the male and Tuesday October 17, in the
female choruses on Monday home of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton COLOR OR
: October Graham, 1560 West Fourteenth.
.I night 16th.
? 1.1' The program is scheduled tobegin Mrs. Wlncy Cummings will be
; at 8 in the main co-host. The tea will be October MACK & WHITE
i' t ,7'w \ *r t auditorium of the church. Mrs. 29 at the YWCA, Lewis
Miss Carol Harris Is new queen of union st. James Baptist theo Oree will serve as the Branch from 4 to 6 p.m. The N
Church Miss Harris' coronation was sponsored by the mistress of ceremonies and the last business meeting was heldin
Young People's Department of the Union St James Association. male chorus of the Tabernacle the home of Mrs.Vine,Cum ftIOIIE TODAY
In the picture above Miss Harris is receiving the crowna Baptist Church will furnish the mlngs. Mrs. A. M. Hartseg _
M" IJ sparking tiara, from Miss Emily Wright. music. President, is asking all Lobe on
STAR PHOTO By A. Paul Crawford. Miss Matilda Allen will be the time. BOB SMITH ;768-3200

guest soloist along with other ******
., ,
1 4 4p9 local talent In the city. JOLLY GROUP SJS. CUJB.
Garden CircleTo LITTLE ROCK All choirs and choruses of the
: city are invited along with the Mrs. Marie Simmons I 11917McMillian .
"i; ,"." public. The church Is located Street, will be hostess ,
. Hold BAPTISTSunday 1418 Van Buren Street. on Satruday, October 14, at DON'T MiSS THE
MeetingThe services will get underway 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Geneve J.fart'Ia '
{ : ,,'" president. GREATER
with church school beginning JACKSONVILLE
I ; r FAIR 1 I
; ;:;ff: ; regular weekly meetingof at 9:30: a.m., with the Queen Esther Court ** ** **
the Carnation Garden Circle superintendent Mrs. Renelda OCT. 18 THRU 28
h will be held at the youth center Jenkins and teachers in charge. 19 Set Anniversary ROSEBUD GARDEN .
on October 29, beginning at The Sunday School lesson will CLUB L
8 p.m. be reviewed by the pastor. Queen Esther Court 19 Her-
The First Meeting will be
The president has urged all Morning service is scheduledto Coliseum
oines of Jericho will celebrate Gator lewl
Thursday, October 19, at 7.30
then reward yourself members to be present as business begin at 11 a.m., with the ,their anniversary on Friday in the home of Mrs. Pearl
,with America's most of Importance wlU be discussed deacons In charge of devotional night October 27th at 913 Jefferson Mitchell 1518 West Twenty-
The topic discussion service.At .
St., beginning at 8
p.m. third. Mrs. Carrie Mallard I
popular whiskey. will be "Fall Planting" which 5:30: p.m., the BTU depart- Mrs. Mamie ,
Starling is the
4'Seagram's will President, asks all to be pre- EXCITIM HIIIITS 'FIREWORKS{ IRPLATS
7 CrownThe interest each member of meat is sert to meet with the Most Annicent Matron and Mr. sent. ,
the club. president Mrs. WyleneB.Dun- John Foster the Most Worthy CJ.
Sure'One. The hostesses win be Mrs. bar presiding. Patron. ... .-., 'SENSATIONAL. WHAT 'SOCIAL; EVENTS
ts; ftttb, Cressle Byrd and Mrs. Maude Evening worship will begin at A crodlal invitation is extended -
scuweilllnaameian.Nlsrofion.amcmmansw.serA00f'/ %M MlllUTfUUMNJ! '''. Callaway. 7 p.m. The pastor will deliver to the public to attend. GATEWAY CIVICS AND A
the messages during both ser- ,
Choir 1 and 2 will serve Mrs. G.P. Gray To II
throughout the day.A FAMILY
NIGHT CLUB cordial Invitation extended Be Club will meet Monday ATTRACTION
Keynote Speaker -
GIBBS to the public to attend services night, October 16, at 6 p.m.,
tft the home of Mrs. Julia Ter- opi
throughout the day
CALlAHAN. FLORIDA Mrs. Gussie Page Gray will rel, 7813 Moncrlef Road. All GENERAL ADMISSION 0
be the guest speaker for the :are asked to be present. Business -, ....... 1.00 ]
OCTOBER 19(7 **** *... Missionary Scoeity of New Hope of Importance will be tro.11
11 P.M. AME Church during the morning
discussed Mrs. Clark Singleton CHILDREN
service on Sunday October 29th. is President. ....... 25' : rolL 1
1 ADVANCE Adm. '2.50 AT DOOR 3.00 READ THE The Society group will be in !
charge of the 11 a.m., service ****** a petI

:FLORIDA STAR and the public has been cord- **** ***' era!
RECORDING STARS Lilly invited to help make this. .SJ
a memborable occasion. r foriUa

JOE SIMON x ,Elect .. F,

incut us LATEST itiusrmH "IIISUU," : NEEDS outPUE .



.. vs .
""""-Ie .( ''iM

MILTON HOWARD 1 I :S-;=. .n.d:... .r"oi.I..ee.N..qap.-=..::, .rerST FR JonesMiiiciptl

:-Id:: 'eMnlWruM"jdwinayy PAIL ARM FOR
Aid THE THRILLERS With awed, _.,- .,d a gsru0'r ......
.. ..
.. .... ...... ""'" the. ...
allow okJt.: ...,._p4ek.. ..... "" ;1( ....,.,..1M Judge
"" '."
; ma SIINR-A.IINR" I D) ..CUSSIS taK.rL.a
2 '
"Al1 AHeoneWALKER Group

Ability Experience Judgement ';
Drink Dine Dnce tail Myrtb A_.. /. O. I.. lfUN 'C
". _
1f6-142J N a. p. TO-0004 Paid Political Adr.II .

e .


I Wedding Announcement Seai-Civk .. Cdttrri Yens Ladies, Eitirtib"MB Golden Kilt (' J

Social 1 Cbb Ib..... -:. .. _--- Charity Clap

L 1

the club will meet with Mrs was held recently at the I .,
Ruby Washington, at $ p.m.The boat oT MTI. Natalie KcKen-
held ID lIIe
previous meet1Dgwu : Hon, 1226 Brkker by Mrs.Na-
Fannie Reeves.
home of Mrs.
mol Grimes Newly-elected officers -
Luncheon wu served.The Bible areMrs.. Laura Campbell I
win with the letter
verse begin president Miss Amhetst
Elnora Small in tin
P. Mrs.
president Andrews, Vice-president; Mrs.
Riches Giles, Assistant: secretary -
Civic/ Clap ; Mrs.Annie Wilson,Treasurer .'i
; Mr. Charlie Baxter '
# t Chaplain, Mrs. Maude Miner
Public Relations Mrs. RachelGUs 1
CHURCH will be the secene at ;
the next meeting on October IS. and Mrs. J. Bryant, Coworkers -
Others are: :Mrs.Florence
The president la asking all .1
Sick Committee 1
Preston, ;
members to be present for business .
of Importance. Mrs.Dora Mrs. Allean McCoy Coworker
; M. Brown Is presided and Com- : Mrs. Edra Surrency
t >
4 ; Refreshments, Mrs.Agnes Reeves
mltteeman. i-
Co-chairman of refreshments -

\e S : ; Mrs. Willie Forrest "
Atlantic Beach 55 Programs and Soloist. The next.
meeting October 16 In the' I

NEW FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST home afMrs.White,U30 Cleve- .
Repair services will be held J land. All members art urgedto
throughout the day. Sunday'p be present. ;:.1
School at 9:30, morning worship -
at U s,m.The morning hour
t44" of worship will be led by Mrs.
J.M. Haaelton. At J p.m., the ,
program win be In charge of
Mrs. Lucille Brown,Chairman.
The evening service at 8 p.m.,
Miss Gloria Ishmael, daughter of Mrs. Brooksl Smith ,will be In charge of Mrs. Lox- r
I and Mr.' Walter Board, son of Mrs. Edna Duhart were mas Brown. Mrs. N. Curry. will MAKING YOUR
married on October 3. The reception was held at the home
of,the bridegroom on October 7, at 3839 Freeman Road. be pastor for the day. '..........' .;r I| ,_... LIFE MISERABLE

Las Mujeres Elegantes Social Club held'its first meeting of gram chairman; Erma L. Wiggins, parlamentarlan; Wilma
I Tee Gavel It Is QiHe (Mortal.. the club year at the borne of Joyce Badger. The club purpose!. J. Small, welfare chairman; and Barbara W. White, publicity VM twful Out umwnt law" *It f tkln llvi .wtt p.*.l MM W
to promote social and cultural understanding among young wo coordinator. Other members are Argenla H. Anderson Betty ,1ft.Hi to.kl" i pll yr men, was reiterated by the establishment program of activities W. Howard, Betty K. Jackson, and F. Yvonne Hicks. -IKIN lueeul", OlNTM.NTr3 ,. IIIII.
for the year, the first of which Is to attend the Andy Williams The next regular meeting will be held at the home of Sue. yVIVIA., whM Ilea tC.lr, a.t 114II.IUI ICCI
Show which will be held In November. Baety at ':00 p.m., Saturday, October 7, Left to right they'' -Ml.". As Ihta IntomittanIlly I
Officers elected for the year are: C. Yvonne WUkerson, pre are: June Davis, Sue Baety, Clara Wilkerson; rear standing f.m.Y.IAII No III midlMU Induces tail*tMIhi twlil -

sident, Joyce B. Badger vice-president B. Davis, sec .Betty Howard, Wilma Small, Barbara White, Joyce Badger and tug.SMw iitlir itching<.."miMrtti 0..l.rt, mull ImtwMratcltlni l
retary; Sandra C. Thompson, treasurer; Sue M. Busty pro argenla Anderson PHOTO BY: EMERSON im IliOtur n wiN.
II 11111 riiniirauilnfMtlin.Vm
... II !. ,.iimfiil, tii.*
IPo" ." !. HI f AlMIR SKIM
Vote "mill( yivr succiss"III! ".OINTMINT.....,. ...1".MI, *

jr I I

October Q i II

__.y Sears r dde 'I .

U1rI1 Y'
--.. -.. BurnulmloUliM.jWliiiii.rtHbuslMsi. ae \
wild War No. 1 Veterans a B. Gateway
But, the gavel Is also Important sine It represents iuthorUr.J.8.Irving Senior
I Commander, U holding the gavel. Mrs. Elnora Benbr.. President of the Auxiliary, to chatting
with, WJ.MWtoo. All are dIsCussing the events lor November U. Last
2 IT"ou Account
PHOTO By A. Paul Crawford Days "CHARGE s..rs Revolving

KEEPSHERIFF lildwii, Florida ::

.AME THE CHURCH CAMPBELL OF Baldwin CHAPEL will SAVE ''11 SAVE $1.3310wriece

-:. ,,, havens annual Women's Day all '
day October 15. Sunday School :J
begins at 10 a.m.The guest superintendent 1 Teflon Acrylic Exterior
will be Mrs Rutha .
DALECARSON Mae Brown. The guest secre
t&rJ.wUI. "be t Miss Daisy Man J Cookware Sets Norse Paint

Curtis. The guest teachers will'
be: Class No.l, Mrs. Emma I
Simmons; Class No. 2, Miss :ReJ'$ .1S
,Beulah Boykins; Class No.3.Mrs. t Regular, 499rov 366
Gal oli
Adel Bryant. The lIIet.reviewer i S25.9S MIUWWDEF yIN
will be Mrs. Rosa /

Johnson Includes 1 Z and S IATBA Here's a sell priming late paint
The pastor for the day will
CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT be Mrs. Luclle Cillyard. Mrs. t U-ln., chicken fryer 10-in., open .MOUSE PAINT :that Is fade resistant smoothly and 1 mildew ana,
GUlyard will preach at U a.m. try pan; 2 utenclls. New lock on SL""'*MM Mtk defying. Spreads
Teflon 61)). use metal .. easily, easy to apply Dries In 30
OFFICERCARSON'S The General Chairman for the scrapers. Sl5,, minutes Buy Now and SAVE at
day will be Mrs. Louise Mick- you'Hnevergettothebottomolth/s '
ens. Mrs. Eliza Darby will be Teflon (R). 'Sears} _.
co-chairman. Mrs. Laura San- paint--Basement I

ches and Mrs. Lucille.CUlvui
pLET'S will serve on the program com '
mittee. The secretary for the !
SHEaIF day will be Mrs. Luretha Chat-, SAVE *4.10
man. Devotions will be led by
Mrs. Addle Thomas and Mrs. as CnrftM 9Pc.Screwdriver
Gussle Mae Walker. Usher .
LOOK'I Board No.l of St. Paul Baptist'Church Boys1 and GirlsStawJard '

will be guest. The Invocation Sets
will come from Mrs.
Emma Simmons.The likes
guest choir will come.
from Callahan, Fla. The mission Sears
offering win be tabby Low3q99 '
Mrs. Rutha Mae Brown. Toe Regular 278c
Scriptures will be read by Mrs. .431.9!
Susie Dasher The mistress of ,
ceremonies will be introducedby -- A screwdriver for every need to, '.
RECORD still Miss Daisy Mae CII1' J. Tee << Ideal for rugged use. Coaster I this all purpose set of regular sun
.. :, Cann i response will come from Mrs. \ brakes for sure stops. White coD 'PhiUips-t'y p e screwdrivers.: ;*
Elizabeth Cameron. Miss Doris spring saddle. Kick stand for easy, ,Blades are tapered to a Up. Shock
Grissett will stag. parking. U and 25-la, sizes. Red' resistant plastic bandies. Hurry
Mrs. Catherin Toblu will be or blue. Reduce 2 Days Only! land SAVE!

Elected Sheriff first term.Nc Started training course in advanced the principal speaker In the Sporting.Goods-Basement ,hardwareBaptsnent.y .
opposition for second term. First Aid for all Pat- morning. Mrs. Tobtu will be
Organized the first Riot Coo- rolmen. presented by Miss Jeanett HalIonian. -'
trol Sqitad In 1960. In 1961 Sheriff Carson insisted The offering win betaken
*. Installed Radar In many Pat-i on Guards at school cross- by Mrs. Ellaphene Brown'
rol Cars la 1960. Ings. and Mrs. Attics Brlnkley.Observations
Introduced two water safety '* Recipient of the Jax Jaycee will be made by Mrs.
patrol boats. Good Government Award In L.W. Alexander. Mrs. Tbelma
Started SCUBA diving pro1964.. Scott will Introduce the visitors. It
gram within department. Carsod teaches a course ate Mrs. Louise Mittens will be
Sponsored Gun Safety Clinic Florida Junior College la"Pol-' Chairman, Mrs. Elsie Darby
for young people. Ice AdmWstrat i." Co-chairman. They win gl>e
'. Formed Duval County Auxiliary Former FBI Agent. words cll lrectat1oD.
Patrol who sent with .* Established one of the Finest At I p.m., the Youth Hour will
out compensation. Radio Communication Centers be featured. Mrs. Marlon Love sOtt
.In the South. Is Chairman, and Mrs. Brenda
Joyce McCollum will be the,
principal speaker.At .

VOTE FOR will 6 be p.m.led, DeoUoaalSenlctl by Mrs. Louvanla Baseboard Type RidiMf. Nesters' 1121 f1. Illl. 'PATH (ami* M FT. STEEL LAIN Hit .

shaw and Mrs. Carrie Bryant.

DALECARSON from The call Mrs.to Lucille worship GlUyard.Ifrs. will come. 6 1/8 x 17-h., size fits against 8 8 Solid sembled-Install aluminum It easily as- $ high There's 611 plenty ft,,repainted of storage build in this '
yourself or
.Annie Thomas win give OM wall so conveniently.Automatic 12 ing. Doubledoors.Galvanisedto j
Invocation. The welcome address thermostat. Safety tip let Sears arrange Installation. resist rust.
will come from Mrs.Tbe over switch Hurnrl -
Building Materials--Basement, Faro And Garden-Patio
i lma Scott. IIr;. Annie Dorl* Basement
Electrical Supplies-
Jackson will give the responseand UOWMOWN ARLINGTON FERNANDINA GREEN COVE N
Miss Doris Cissett will, SHOP 200 Wen Bay Slrrrl 971 Arlington Rd. Atlantic and Fifth SPRINGS
sing Miss Eallne Brlnkley will
&I, /odlo"Cuanntitdor Sears 3554181 725-2173 261-5511 281-9300
speak. The Smith Trio win sing. .
CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER The offering will be taken by Yo.r Monty Bath Ol"'n9alh.w,7iletep.w. ,U.-9a01.w.7iIT,111p.w.:: Opo eI9Lw.'TilkWpw.: lNlluurGt.IgI1Ie.
Mrs Annie Bryant and Mrs. SIABS,IOIIVCX: AND CO: TuudAt...,7tlfpaw. T........nd,el.,7ilfpw. tnd.jr h'II>'TilI1lIlIn */-. ,, R.uil.M.a311e1
Political Adv.
"Paid Willie Thomas.



J s

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r St. !Matthews Baptist Host To FloridaBethanv Confab Next Week


Childrei Will AppearFor a.,. Wflsefl Heaord On ISrtMoy

SBfiday Pro reM ,-

The East Florida and Bethany Baptist Association will begin : t+
SI Matthews Missionary Ii. 1 1Lj URCWEW
Its seventy-fourth cession a) the "
Baptist Church on ;Moncrief Road da Tuesday, October 17. 't:: 4 4t C
Tbe Rev. George A, Price Is the host pastor. The Rev. W... .. '
II, Hill, pastor of Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, is f

the moderator. _. '''A .,.,..."..,"...v. -
Tie convention will witha president wt i r-, I GRACE BAPTIST
open : p.1bb.uGreell
welcome presentation by the will be in ha the theme ? Sunday School begins at 9:30 ,*., with Mrs. V. Breakeras
I will discuss The morning worship begins at
host congregation Alexander will acting superintendent.
: Heard will give the response. and the Rev Theodore occasion.Lee The II a.- with Deacon Goggta and Deacon Wiley la charge of
Tbe convention proper will open preach for the devotions B. Seal will be at the orgat The Rev. P. Jose,
will deliver their annual -
Wednesday morning with Joint presidents moderator of the Gateway Association, will deliver the mes
; session at 9.30a.m.The Rev.E. addresses Moderators'at noon. Hour 1'n' sage. Prayer meeting Is Friday sight A special party win
; R. Simpson will be the lutial At 2p.m.the time be be held at the home of Mrs. Georgia Wilson, Twentieth and!
I "A Com. will be held, at In support of the Joint anniversary.
speaker on the theme will deliver his annual address. / Franklin, Friday night,
milted Ute To Christ
The election will follow
i Sams win also speak i COLOSSIAN BAPTIST
Rev J.C. at 1154 Thirty-first. Sunday School
; of Second The church Is located
t Dr. Sams is pastor
of the begins at 10 a.m., with Superintendent Ambrose Merklssen
and president
Baptist Baptist Conventionof In charge The morning service is at 11 a.m., and the evening

\ Ii Progressive America, as well as of the service begins at 7 p.m. The Rev Crawford, pastor, will
State Convention of Florida. be In charge of both services. Choir No. land Usher Beard
Many other leaders will appear No. 1 will serve throughout the day. Prayer service Is held

every Tuesday night at 7.30. ,
/ I 4
The Tiny Tots, Junior and
Teen-age Saturday groups morning. The Service Sunday will begin with Sunday School at 9.4S.: a.m.
charge adult supervisor will direct At UJS sm., devotional services will be held. At 3:45 p.m.,
H their activities Mrs.Ruth Bryant the pastor will administer communion. The pastor will deliver -
r is directress.Mrs. all messages
r i Mary Daniels is directress *
of the Children and Juniors. ST.
Mrs. Lena George Is A 'B4t" Ii -- JI 1If"'r: directress of the Tiny Tots. At' The Rev. Henry L. Wilson, of the Good Rev. F.M. Coleman, Mrs. Louise Coleman, in charge. Teachers will assist. Miss Margaret Evans win
I 7:30 Saturday, the Evangelical Church, 1722 West Twenty-ninth, was honored Hill, Mrs. Marline Wilson, Mrs. C. Ran, Mrs. review the lesson. The morning services begins at 11 a.m,
Hour will be conducted by the his birthday. He Is shown in the center of the Deacon Joseph George. Annette Wilson, the with the deacons leading the devotions. Choir No. 2 and Usher
Rev W H Wrfotit, The R VJ E. rounded by some pf the many who helped him and the Rev. S. Stewart.. Board No. 2 will serve. The Rev M J. Trowell, pastor, will
REV. E.SIM TOON R.Simpson'will deliver the ser', casion. Otln' 1 l" 'a picture, from the left STAR PHOTO By A..Paul Crawford speak. At 3 p.m., the Fellowship Hour will be held. St. Luke's
Choir and No. 1 usher Board will serve Miss Margaret
TIle Rev B.H. Hartley will -
deliver mon. The Rev J.C. Rogers will' Presides At Evans will again review the lesson
Introductory sermonat
be the alternate. Tabernacle
11 a.m. The Mission and Ed Master New Hope AMEWomen's
The theme for the year's observance -
ncatjoa Boards along with the UNION PROGRESSIVE BAPTIST
Rev A.J. Hughes aud the Rev Commltlment Is To"The The Christian Unfinished !is!fkc.aj4 Plan For Misical Sunday School at 9:30 with the superintendent and teachersin
G.A. Price, will be In charge aj of charge. The lesson topic will be reviewed by the pastor..
t p.rn. The Rev. Thomas J. coramltiment Task will Courage be through' and The Deaconesses anniversary of 15, at the Day The regular service begins at 11 a.m., with Deacons A. J.
Daniels is the district mission emphasised. / 410 Broad Robinson and James Bulllngton charge of devotions Choirs
National and local Baptist Church will
ary. He will give the annual re* perxon- Mae Burns, No. 1 and No. 2 will serve throughout the day, along with
alltles well state lead; 22. The
port. as as program Matron of Daugh Usher Board No. 1. The evening service will be at 4 p.m.
will be On Nov 3 Mrs. Carrie Will Be SvadayThe
ers, present. pjn.
The Orthodoxy Hour will be i Leola James No. 110, will pre Rev Jake Ray, pastor.
ember 12 a national minis Mrs
held at 3 p.m. The evening services or The program Greater New Hope AME
Deacon H.
terial leader will be guest. !be'Pastor's sident.
will be at 7:30 The invited Church's HOI EY CME
: p.m. heads the deacons All are Women's Day celebration -
Rev H.T. Overstreet will deliver Night program on November >, will be Sunday, October The church Is located at 1200 East Third! The Rev SV
13 will close out the In the Sunday .chD
the sermon. The Rev. W. week's celebrations Mrs. Alberta tendent C.A. 15, throughout the day. Mrs.Jessie Jones is pastor, the Rev Dave McElvln :assistant. Sunday
C. Neal will be the alternate. .rYes. In Mrs. M. Tyrus has been School opens at 9.30: a.m., with Mrs.. Bertha Griffin and
Williams Is all charge.
handling :
The Missionary Departments chosen teachers in charge The morning worship begins at 11
publicity for the church for the. will review the i as Pastor.Many organisations a.m.,
will be in charge through Thurs FLORIDA STAR. The church morning service the guest groups,speakersand with the pastor presiding The evening service Is at 7 p.m.
day. The District Usher's Union Appreciation will be expressed for the In

: located at 954 Kings Road Young will deliver musicians will help make pastors charge
r andthe Laymen's Brotherhood All adult choirs and 'this day a success. Hours for this are 5 to 6 p.m. Prayer service Is every
will open their Joint meeting Male Chorus and Elder N.L.Hodge,pastor of the Tuesday night.SWEETFlELD.
Friday morning at 930am. No.3 will serve. First Born Temple, will pre
I Mrs. M. K.Heard,president of All Youth choirs .sent the morning speaker, the BAPTIST CHURCH!
the ushers and George Walker, VoteI Wednesday : Rev. Inez Johnson. Sunday School will be at 9.30: Ralford McKlnnon will be In
I I M.L. Johnson, President Prayer meeting is At 6:30: p.m. the Grant Mem- charge The morning service will be at 11 a.m., Mrs. Marvin
PllEEAASSEE RemeMker of the Senior Women's District chers' meeting Is n orial AME Trio win be featured Salary and Mrs. Mamie White will be at the musical in-
Convention of the East Florida In a musical festivaL struments. All choirs will be consecrated in the prayer
with the
I and, Bethany Baptist Association C p.m., The Sunday School will have asa room. The Rev E. Easton will be in charge. Choirs 1 and
The Deadline For will preside at the slxieth charge. guest superintendent Mrs. 2 and Ushers Boards 1 and 2 will serve throughout the day.
t annual esslon of the conven- Masons Emma Gillis of Mt.Ararat The pastor the Rev D.B. Barnes, will preach at both seri -
Ctaith & Social' News tion at St. Matthews Baptist Baptist. Other Participants, all vices. Dedication Day Is October 22, for the Progressive
Church, Twenty eighth and Lay guests, will be; Mrs. Maggie Sweetfleld Baptist Church.
Is Moncrief Road Thursday Goldson reviewer; Mrs.'Patricia em
Twsdoy Hooa morning' October 19. The The Worshipful Anderson, Mt. A r a r at;
eminent leader will be delivering Waredons 'and A BUKKB Mrs. Charlene Brooks, Mt Ararat The Church's Anniversary will be celebrated on October
Bring News To ,.her fifteenth annual message Mast r Masons of ; secretaries; Mrs. Ceon- 15, at 3 p.m. in the auditorium of the church. A "Symposium"by
i The Female Chorus of District Nol, Burris, shown stance C. Jones, Shiloh Baptist; the young people will be featured. Participants will be
St. Thomas Baptist, Mrs. tection of the Most an im Mrs. Anita Garner, St. Paul Miss Deborah Hall, Scripture, Miss Lauretta Green, Leroy
j 2323 Moncrief' ,Rd. Cor. 13th St. : Blanche Miller president, will Union Grand Lodge 3366'U for the after AME, Mrs. Frank P. Lang Mt. Hampton, Miss Janet Hankins, Miss Judith Stephens, Miss
sing. The public is invited. of Florida, have appearing will Zion AME; Mrs. Gertrude Hat Lender Spencer, Mrs. Gertrude J. Barnes Lorenca Williams,
Notices Most Be Mail By Monday Noon assemble at the St. F. Cannon, Past ,cher, Grant Memorial AME; Miss Debora Waters Miss Malvlna Spencer, Miss Gertrude
:AME Church, 2072 Matron, St. Mrs. Arte L. Peterson, Sec Jones, Edward Robinson, Miss Cynthia Waters, Miss Chanlta
YOUR COOPERATION IS NEEDEDSO Central Baptist wealth, Sunday, Rosa Lee ond Baptist; Itrs. Emma H. Gray, James Murray, Miss Gwendolyn Bradley,Arthur WUcox,
2:30 p.m. to Ledessa John- morgan, Grant Memorial Miss Geraldine Wilson, Alfonsa Hayes, Deacon R. King,

WE CAN SERVE YOU Dist 2. Meets Master W.M. Leroy Mallory, AME, Mrs Lillian Stukes,Mrs. Deacon Freddie Carroll, Miss Catherine Barrow, Mls s Rose
and the! Brethren Mrs.. Cora Shuman, Morning Star Mary: Holmes. The Rev. D.B. Barnes Is pastor and will ex-
Central Baptist's District No. Lodge No. 340 In Mrs. Albert J, Baptist, and Mrs Mary Stalling tend the invitation to Joiners. Mrs. Gertrude Barnes is president
'2's Anniversary celebration the cornerstone. Cynthia Ken- Central CME, teachers of the Deacon Board!
... will be Sunday, October 15, at The support of Jones, Mr. In the morning service part-
.. the church Third and Broad Ladies' is also Mr. Charles T. icipants will be: Mrs. JessieM. REVELATION BAPTIST CHURCHA
1 Streets. The. time Is 4 p.m. E. Mobley Is Ealey, Mr. Tyrus, call to worship Mrs. Spiritual Tea will be sponsored by the church Sunday
The public and co-workert church. H. Simmons Mr. Albert Annie Huff, Second Baptist afternoon, October 15, in the auditorium. Mrs Clan Brinkley
Mildred R. Deputy Grand Jackson Mr. will be speaker for the
II are Invited! Mrs. occasion The regular order of services -
.Robinson is president R. Bradley Mrs. Allle Mrs. Kirkland will be followed Sunday Sunday School is at 9:45 with
.. Master. Mrs Lauretta Superintendent Evelyn Miller
charge. The morning worship
.Frank E. Owens,Mrs. Models Hats begins at 11 a.m., with Deacon Charlie Townsend in charge.

,DO YOU BELIEVE '....... ( ( Miss On Sunday October 15, Mrs. The evening worship Is at 8.45: with Deacon Felton in charge.
8 I'IJ .: Mrs. Ernestine; Maggie Aaron Kirkland will no- The Austin Twins will give a musical Sunday night at 8 p.....
Mr. Hampton del' hats from 4 to 6 p.m., in '
Mary K.Heard, the educational building. Mrs WHBE OF PRAYER BY FAITHa .
i BISHOP James, Mrs. Jennie Vee Crockett Is chairman revival will begin on Monday, October 18, and will ex
and Mrs. Door prizes winbeawardbeed -. tend through Monday, October 30. Meetings will be held
.t The Rev. J$. Johnson is nightly at 8 p.m. All are Invited. Missionary Johnson will
a member of pastor. conduct the meetings the first week. Pastor Raymond Graham
AMERICA'S GREATEST SPIRITUALIST will speak for the second week. The church is-located at
501 North Street. Esther Johnson, reporter.
Plan For Gala
j .J"' So, If you have PROBLEMS of any kind, If you would Pay Elder A. lUll, pastor, win deliver a special* sermon Sunday
1 live 'a' MORE ABUNDANT LIFE OF BETTER Allen Chapel AME: Church's night Sunday School is at 10 a.m.,with Deacon M. McQueen as
GREATER PROSPERITY, TRUE HAPPINESSplease Women's Day will be October superintendent. In the iwirnlng service, at II amthe deacons
let another! minute slip away A 29. Mrs. L.G. Jones will serveas win lead devotions. A wedding will take place at 4 p.m. At
Tea acting pastor for the day. 5:30 the ncw meets, Mrs. MarrreU Johnson president
II IMPORTANT. Mrs. Leevater Calvin will be The evening service Is II p.m. '
Y Club of Sec Willie
I general chairman. Mrs
4 j Please Bring A Friend That Needs
Help District I, Mae Shlggs win be cochairman : NEW MT. OLIVE BAPTI
I Guarantee You God's Richest Blessings Tea on Miss Charletta Calvin wUl A trip has been planned by the pastor,during which the entire
kfor I 15, in the home be secretary. Captain are: congregation and units win Journey to Fellowship BaptIst
PLEASURE TO WELCOME Theodore Lewis Mmes. Louise Chappel, Shirley! Church, Thursday night for the eight o'clock servtcerooec
:\ Street. A. Williams, Lnvenia Squire, services at the church are according to the plans. Holy Com
2339 BROOKLYN RD. 9 A.M. TO 9 and members Elizabeth Cummings, Pearl munion services will be held during the "enlne'worshlp, at
a cordial in Magrove,., Mae Maniac, LG. 6:30. The Rev W. L. Clanton, pastor and ct11cers will be In.
FOR APPOINTMENT CALL 765 and Join 1 In this Jones, Anna Ben Winiams- charge. TIle day's sermons will be delivered by the pastor/
'and Jessie Mobley a -1.. A< urn. Sunday School begins at 9.30: sm. Superintendent R. Cau,
I Odell Whlie.--- bridge win be la charge. The morning worship begins at
A spiritual tea will be featured 11 tin, with. consecration and devotions conducted by the
In the home of Mrs. Mamie $K5 The Deaconess board meets at 5 P.m. The Choir
I II Glover Sunday, October 22, will give music all day. Usher Board
ELECT from 4 to 8 p.m. The address Other activities are: Tuesday at 7:30 pjn., meMleS
Is 2061 Woodslde. The public Is Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.. Choir No 2', rehearsal. Gospel
invited. The affair leads to Chorus rehearsal, Friday at 7:30; Youth Choir No. *. Saturday
women's day. at 4 p.m. The Rev. L.W. Clanton Is pastor.

City Council BOB St. Thomas Baptist Baptist Ministers I


: 1.." District 4 Plus For Sunday Wives Plan Confab NOTICE

.-; MALLARD St. Thomas Baptist Church, The Baptist Ministers Wivesof
Democratic Primary will hold Sunday School Sunday Jacksonville win have the Tuesday, Noon, of each weekIs
October 24, 1967 Morning at 30a.m.: .The mornIng first meeting the home of Rev. the New Deadline for all.

i Became t of my long business experience and congregation at U a.m.wlU> and Mrs. W. S. Peoples, 1965 Church: News of happenings.
bear theRevWCNealpastor. Ella Street Monday October 16 of the Church for the current
I civic activitie.l/ sincerely btllnf that I can help bring to the In ,
tytyj City of Jackumville/ Good Honest and Sound Government. ASSESSORPaid a sermon. Choir 1 and Usher at 5:10 p.m. All wives are Invited. week or for regular schedules.
Board 1 wUlld.2 the
!f.A'I, process News postmarked Tuesday
Paid Political Adv. sional. The evening worship! is The members are asked to be ,will be acceptable. The names
.ill..' Political Adv., at 7 p.m. The Female Chorus present. ,of the Pastor and the Roc

.ensr will serve Mrs. LIU1u Knox Is ,wfll be tram bustnes'j porter and the Address of the
clerk Williams is president. Chore an Important!

f" :'" .,, >

,," j) I. .,j = ..,,\t: '
I c'i lhrtw. .4/s ". ". .rx. '!, '.. .., ,', ." rnC .., ; '':.-


-.... ,

.11A! OCTOBER'' 14, ''\MJ JW PAPERS PACE 5..

I New Bethel -AME Plans Set For Women's Day Observance Fifth SundaySecond II

St. Theses Baptist Is Cornation Scare Women Of Bethel To Observe

Baptist Plots

"'VtU Their Anneal Day Celebration It

For 117th r \
,Anniversary 'f The women of New Bethel AME Church has set aside the

The one hundred seventeenth anniversary of the founding of ',\ fifth Sunday October 29th as the day for their annual observance .

Second Baptist Church has been planned for the week of November it was announced by the general chairman Mrs Willie"
5 to 13. At that time this second oldest church In the Mae Jones. I Ii i
The services last Sunday at .
history of Jacksonville will be featured by wen-prepared pro- e
New Bethel were filled with anxiety
trams, by speakers of note, musicians, official, civic lead-
from start to finish. The
ers and church .
heads.The church is an offshoot of First Baptist
At the same time the church .'_ youth department rendered ft
will observe the ninth anniversary Secretaries. Alexander Heardis wonderful program during the
of the pastor Rev. J.C. the Co-ordinator. 11 a.m. service
Sams. The theme for the year's observance A program was sponsored during -
Seb 'Chester is the General is "The Christian evening worship which was
Chairman of Arrangements of Commitlment To The Unfinished followed by the reporting of,
this momentous program. Mrs. Task." Courage through supervisors and captains.
Beatrice Wilborn will be co- committment will be emphasised. Most of the women made a
chairman. Other major chair- National and local personalities splendid showing and put fourthan
men are Miss Flora Burns u well as state leaders effort for the kick-off. :
programs; Mrs. Alta Langley will be present. On November I The west division under the i I
co-chairman national ministerial lead supervision of Mrs. Ella Warren -
o/programs;Tho- 12 a
mad J, Wilson Printing;; Mrs. er will be guest. The Pastor's : took a satisfactory lead. ,
Annie November It is trusted by the general d
L. Huff, History; D. R, Night Program on
Taylor, Co-chairman of His 'IS will close out the week'scelebrations. chairman that by the 29th of MRS MELADiE JONES' i
Mrs.Alberta Williams October participation will show
tory; Charles T. Maxwell, mu-
sic, with Albert P. Henderson Is handling all publicity r .. double in strength and unity. Gray; Mrs. Elsie Grier Mrs r I
as Co-chairman. for the church for the FLORIDA The smiling group of Jaxons Is made up of those who .participated for 1966; Miss Cheryl Knox, St. Thomas, crowned Miss Baal Officials for the observance Rosa Lee Hall;Mrs Helen Hawkins f
Others will be: L.C. Chester, STAR. The church is.located at In th Miss Bethany and Miss Florida coronation at Florida. At the extreme right Is Mrs. Charlie Willis, crowned are: Mrs. Willie M, Jones,, ; Mrs Olivia flannel Mrs.
Cleveland Raymond cochairmen 954 Kings Road.Bishop St. Thomas Baptist Church, Sunday Reading from left to right Miss Missionary Society. Mrs. M. L. Johnson is District aloe general Jones chairman; Mrs.of Mel-the Melanie Jones; Mrs. Jeanette; I
acting pastor
of Decorations; Courtesy are Miss Belinda Jackson of MU Calvary Sisal price winner President. Others not named are attendants !I Jordan; Mrs. Earllne Watkins;
Mrs. Lucille Scott, Mrs Bar- Jones Mrs J.M. Bailey; Mrs Ethel

bara Moore co-chairman. AME Mt. Moriah AME Hew Redeem's Bracy; Mrs. Oretha V.Jackson;
The Reception Committee will Union Comanvnity Mrs. Mary Oliver; Mrs. OUle
be headed by Mrs. Mary K. M, Williams Mrs. Helen Williams f
Heart. Mrs. Leanna C. John Guest la Oct. 29 Has Women's Day 1 Women Readying ; Mrs. Erma Wiggins;
son is co-chairman. Louis Hold Women's Day
Women's Day will be cele- 4 4y' Mrs. Frances Parker; r s ,
Terry will be in charge of Fla.Bishdp AMEChurch Cox of St. Paul AME will read Moriah AME roi Johnnie Mae Washington; Mrs.' ,
Ocala Union Community brated at Mt. j
and He .
Special. Lighting Signs.
October 22 Serena Tolbert Mrs. Pauline
Stonewall For ;
will assisted will celebrate Women's Day on the Scriptures. Church, 99 Oak at 4,
by George W. R. L. Jones, pastor of Sunday October 29, with full In the same service the decalogue Sunday, October 15, with programs Church's Daniels; Mrs. Birdie Malbory;
MorrlsS tte. Holy Tabernacle, 1676 West services. In the Sunday School, will be read by Mrs throughout the day. In Mew Redeem Baptist October era"IOtS 1 Mrs. Mattie Bennet; Mr..'
Other General Officers Women Day will be i
are: Ninth and president of the Faith Jones First Born Zenebla Gladys Miffs; Mrs. Maude
at 9:30: a.m., the guest superintendent Prlscilla E. the morning Mrs Dunson will
Mrs. Emma Secretary Redessa
Teacher Union of Jacksonville will will Mrs. Dora Jenkins Temple. The missionary offer- Merrieweather of Central CMS 22. Mrs. Smith; Mrs Greenle Brown,
Mrs. Carrie B. Singleton Sunday October 15, at 11 Miss Marie Merri- be chairman. Mrs.. Alberta Morris;MlssMoBelie' -
speak of Mt. Zion AME Southslde. ing will be taken by Church will speak.Mrs. at 9:30
Lillle School will be
R :
Mrs. B. Johnson and
a.ra. at Memorial AME Church, The adult class will be taughtby Tukes of First Born Temple weather will be introduced by Sunday Burton; Mrs. Resale L. 1
Miss Bessie Collins, Assistant Ocala Florida. soloist will be Mrs. also a.m, with Deacon Washingtonin Armstonr; Mrs. Annie Reed;
guest teacher Mrs. Mary The guest Mrs. G.W. Washington; The lesson will be
The prelate will speak from Alice Shirley of Grant Memorial Artry Brown of Mt. Zion AME of Central. charge. Mrs. Janie Patterson; Mrs.
the Rev. E.J.
Grant McMorialWoalen's the Book of Revelations using AME, the Junior class by guest Souths Ide. Mrs. Juanita Green Mrs. Junell Watkins of Mt. man reviewed pastor.by At U a.m., the WILLIE M.JONES Maggie Alexander; Mrs.
his sermon topic"GodShallWipe announcements. Mrs. Clara Thelma Smith; Mrs. Ella Fred II
as teacher Mrs. Elizabeth G.Hun- will read the Calvary will sing will be In charge. The
Is Away All Tears From ter also of Grant Memorial Mrs. Gladys Hooker of Simpson Jackson Is general chairman, Choir and Ushers No. 2 will day; Mrs Minnie Davis, chair- erick; Mrs. Johnnie Mae MacOli
Day Their Eyes." AME ME Church will Introducethe Mrs. Essie May cochairman.Mrs. throughout the day. man of advisory board; Mrs. and Mrs. Ellen Williams : "
In the evening service, Jp.m., The lesson will be reviewedby guest speaker..Mrs. Para- Carswell is chairman of serve District No. 5 meets at 4p.m. helen Hawkins chairman of I
OR October 22The a program will feature the Holy Mrs. Ernestine Lewis ol dine Smith of St. Paul AME. programs. Mrs. J.C. Banner- ., in the home of Mr and program committee; Mrs.Win n n'I
'Grant Memorial AME Tabernacle Choir The Bre- Second Baptist At 11 a.m., Church. man will be pastor for the day. Mrs. Quaterman on East Fifty- tired Williams,musician chair VoteIN
Rev.A. Reddick thren JubUee Singers,and other hymns will be led by tars. Those In charge of the offer- The Rev J.C. Bannerman is seventh Street. District No. 1 man; Mrs. Beatrice Zelglor,
Church Joseph guests. Presldlngdurlngtheday Geneva M. Hartley of Mt. Zion Ing will be Mrs. Blanche Poller pastor. will meet at .4 DistrictNo. ,chairman of young people department -
has p.m.
pastor, planned an elaborate at the church will be Apostle AME of Mandarin. Mrs Rosa First Born Temple, and Mrs. at 4 Miss Mor.ella Brutoo, '
6 p.m., I
program for Women's Day R. L. Davis. Stephens of West Union Bap Julia Longworth Mt. Vernon Billy leal Is chairman finance committee;
at the church. The wvenlng service 'I
October 22. Mrs. LotUe Mae The bus leaves the church at tist will lead the prayer. Choir Baptist. Mrs. Ruby Clawson at 6 will feature Mrs; Birdie Malbory,chairman: I, ,
Rose is general chairman.Mrs 7 a.m. The public here and in No. 1 of Mt. Zion AME South- will introduce the visitors Us- p.m. The Rev. of Sunday School department; MEMORIAM
Lucious Kennedy is cochairman Ocala is Invited to participate. side will sing. Mrs. Ernestine her Board No. 2 of Mt. Olive Celebrant For the E J.pastor's Is sermon.pastor. Mrs. A.B. Williams chairman In memory of the Ute Mrs \ .'
Primitive Baptist will be the Norman of publicity; Mrs. Marion L. Mamie Williams, who passed,
Others are: Mrs. Reba Christopher chairman of October 16 1964. We
guest.At Cooper sponsorsand away
Lottie Mrs. Maude Milner, Brinkley Prayer Mt. Zion AMESchedules 3 p.m., the Junior Church Joint Program MI. Taber Baptist ads committee; Mrs,Leona still miss you in this life, 4
Mrs. Mae Ross Mrs. will be featured with Miss Jackson, chairman of ways and but we have faith that we t
Lucious Kennedy Mrs. Eliza Music Evelyn Clawson In charge. At Billy E. Beal, well-known Winds means committee, supervisors wil( meet again when it Is ,
musfcla, and direc* Up ProgramMt.
DeRose of the city
beth Mrs. E. M. Hopkins i
6:30 the evening will fea- DivisoRS Mrs. Haiti Nesbltt over.
p.m., ,
AME Beaver and Grace
Mrs. Gussle Mims, Mrs. Band Plans TeaMadame Mt. Zion tor of Choir No. 1 'of
Newnan Streets, will be the ture guests whose names will will be presented in Tabor Baptist Church Is north; Mrs O.F. Donaldson, Signed:
R.M. Johnson, Mrs. Ernestine be announced later. Rev. N. Baptist winding up Us celebration of South; Mrs. Elnora McBride. Curtis Williams, husband, ,
Clara Brinkley and of a musical program celebration
scene anniversary
Stephens, Mrs. E.H. Morgan, U Miss Willie a joint October East Mrs, Ella Warren,West. nelces and nephews, Mr. and
pastor night
McCray ; the week.Monday ; '
will have October 15 at auditorium
her band Sunday evening, October 17, In the -
Mrs. Willie Mae Hart Mrs. prayer Sunday
Daniels is chairman. Mrs. Lee 16, will be the evening of the The lonowlog'members have Mrs. S.M. Shipp, city Julia
Jacobs Gertrude, Mrs.Ball,Beulah Mrs. Celestlne Stebbins charge: October of a Spiritual 15, from,Tea S Sunday p.m. 7:30 Participants: p.m. will be Mrs. Wilder is co-chairman.. 'J, This W\Uiil1kehisfourtf of.the churcb. anniversary last celebration. All are Invited been named to'serve as cap and Henry Cosby, Marshallfille -
Rev. H.P.Over- taJns'The, are Mrs. Alberta .
to attend. ; Ga
Mrs. E. Cross Mrs. Freddie to 6 p.m., at the Revelation Johnetta C. Brown Mrs.Amanda celebration, as well as .
Allen Chapel Ladies street is pastor. I.M. Fleming I
Fourth and Miller Jacquelyn musician. Beal
Jameson, Mrs. Alvenlce Mc- Baptist Church 18 years as a 1
Queen, Mrs. Luclle Brown and Evergreen. All are invited to Smith Davis, William D. is a member of Grace Church. Is reporter.
Miss Truly Graham. attend. Cannon. Others will be a Celebrate Ode 29 He serves as organist and 'LOW COST'i
speech chorus directed by Mrs. pianist for Choir No. 1 and i
Bland Mrs. Louise G, The women of Allen Chapel Chorusof
for the Gospel
KEEPCHARLES Genwright dramatic reading, AME Church have planned organist Spring Hill Baptist Church. Horthside Church Of f Face Lifting Of 'Your Home : '
annual celebration
The John Sisters Trio, Mrs. The honoree is an alumni of
Lillian Robinson pianist, and Sunday, October 29. Mrs. L.G. Memorial and
E. the St. Paul AME Church Male Jones will serve as pastor for is Florida an employee of College the Duval Christ Plans "YOUR Npe{ IS OUR CONCftN"" 11

Chorus. Mrs. Ophelia Tostor the day. Public School System.
is co-ordinator. Mrs. Leevater Calvin will be Participants on the program The Northside Church of Hoof, 'Carports, Torches \, I
I General Chairman, Mrs. Willie choir Mt. Christ has planned for a busy ,
I will be: The serving ,
SIMMONS JR.' I Songs 01 Yesterday Mae Sluggs, co-chairman Calvin and Canaan Baptist, Rev. B.F. Sunday on October 15. Sunday Dens And General Room {
Miss Charletta secre- Brown, prayer and scripture; School will begin at 10 a.m.,
Mrs. Corlne Timmons, welcome with Brothers Earnest Tuff and
CIVIL SERVICE BOARD Featured At Mt.SinaiJosepn tary.Dr. address; Mrs. Alice Burroughs Gerald. Jackson in charge. At Additions Are Our SpecialtiesWe

Reddick songs; Mrs. Pearl U:30 a.m., the morning service
; P. Long, Cass W,' George, reading;; Gospel begins. Youth and Adult Bible Will Finance Up To
GROUP 2 Shootes, Jr., Mrs Catherine' Chorus, Spring Hill Baptist; classes begin at 6 p.m. The
st ,W.Sykes, Combined Choirs and Announces Greater Payne AME;Macedonia evening worship begins at 7P.m.
Male' Chorus cf Mt. Sinai 7 YearsCALL
DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY Baptist Church Choir; Mrs .
Missionary Baptist Church 1551 Annie Collins and Mrs. E.Hall; Brother Alfred L. Hooker will
Lee Street will be presentedIn Sunday offering; Mrs Victoria deliver both sermons. The 398.5981
"Songs of Yester-Year", Reddlck Breaker presentations; B. weekly meeting is Thursdayat
Sunday evening, October 22, Varlck Memorial AME ChurchIn Beal, Mrs. VB. Breaker Rev. 7:30. The pastor is Rev. Capitol Construction Co.
at 7 p.m., in the main audi- remarks.. Alfred Hooker.
Paid Political Adv. a special long-distance call B.F. Brown
torium of the church.

WRITE WRHC TODAYWin B.The Jones is Rev pastor Is sponsor.Vernal Mrs.L.Josephine Thompson for following Tallahassee Sunday schedule October, announced of 15 activities, from the Jacksonville's New GovEnment Neetfs I I II II Ii

Mt. AraratCelebrates ,

25.00 For Your Church Soon r,7 -- ---

Honest Able ftepencfaMe len

Cut out the coupon below and ,Choir Mt. Ararat No. I will Baptist celebrate Church's its ,

anniversary on October 11 In
write your question, then mail the church sanctuary at 8 p.m.

The Rev.S.W.Badger will speak: I

to radio station WRHC, P. 0. Rev. D J. Grahm, pastor; Mrs.
Mildred Thomas, president.

',' ., 2467, JacksonvilleJJa. _IN MEMOBIAM.la ,i

> PHONE: 389.1111 .

s UCTIONS The WRHC "Mall Bos" will to'
,II : attempt get
an.'arsfcer to any question you may have on any subject such, .. :J
as schools, rents, taxes, city and county government aid soon. HKNRttTA BtRDSONG
Write your questions below and! mall at once. Your question '
and the answer, along with your name and address will be A feature 01 the day will be
broadcast from time to time on WRHC, so please print your the appearance of Mrs. Hen
name and address. Write as often as you like and llstenjtor rietta Birdsong Graham, supported -
our answer on WRHC,1400 on your radio/ your total community 4 by the Ada Bracy
station, on the air 24 hours a day. ] Choir, at 8 ,p.m., in the
For the best question each week during this mailing Radio church's auditorium. Dr. Red-
Station WRHC will award $25.00 to the church of your choice.: dick emphasized that all are
MY QUESTION B: Invited and that the musical
Is part of the agenda for the
approaching Women's Day ser
vices. The Gardenia Club will

,:1., ., loving memory of the sponsor the artist's appear-
: late Mrs. Hazel Lewis who ance.

departed this life, October In the Sunday School opens
;1 20, 1964, I years ago today. at 9:30 with Superintendent A.
LEASE: PRINT Your acts of love,your tender V. Rose and staff in charge. LAST NAME IN I
MT NAME B care will never be forgotten Dr. Reddick will speak at 7 E I
down through ,the years. 10:45 on "Overcoming
MY'ADDRESSIt B- O how we miss you; We must Littleness". At tile 6:45: sere'

my question is Judged best, please send $25.00 to the church confess. We loved you Hazel, vice the minister will speak,
.but God loved you best. from the theme "I Win Love
of which is ,
Signed Thee" Choir No. 3 and! Usher CIVIL \
*.. MOM Lewis, husband; Mrs. Board lip. 3"will serve.

(PRINT NAME t NAME OF LOCAL CHURCH) Julia Evans, mother.


'/ l?




TME FLORIDA STAR'-'---' *THE LOVE OF A 'r I l LTo Be _Equal I

NEWS THArOF/, 5wrr/ryC\ aStfrJ\rV\ _.

Published by the Florida Star Pub'xing'Company I


MEMBER Through the airwaves and newspapers, Americans are bombarded .
dally by millions ot words of news reports There isn't

another country in the worst where news flows so freely or In

NEORCJ pTIONALEIIC such abundance. Despite this, most Americans aren't as we n

Informed as they should be.
They get the facts-wbat happend today-.but little cf the back

ground needed to understand the meanlngof current events. Tin

media have a responsibility to inform the na
f 0. SIMPSON -- Miiifiil EdltirIILPA i 1 1V01 thnotnewseventeandtbi5theydoquibewellbut

they alsohave the responsibility toeducate
and enlighten Americans about the social I

VOOUN --. Circilitiu Muiiir J- = problems of our times. .

'fi // / / This important because the nature ot news
'' coverage is such that the most sensational

2323 Kmrief load ,Phm Ell II 4.S7I2Miiliit H p s events get the biggest play. Too many peo-
of events through
pla get a distorted picture
Addrm a vivid unclip on television or a screaming newspaper bead-

:r line. .
,.1. hi 599 lictsiitllli. Flirldi 32211 Radio and telvlson especially, have to provide balace news
and feature programming wnclh Increases the dldaguebetween'
Y ; VO 5J minority groups and the larger community. In our segregated

MIAMI OFFICE society, the only way many white persons win ever hear the

viewpoint of Negroes is through such programming.Televlsloq/
SOU HI 7ti Ail. PIOBI 151.3119 has the power to bring Negroes Into the living rooms of the most
segrated neighborhoods. It can reach the many Americans In our

affluent! society who just don't understand what It meanst
SUBSCRIPTION RATES I, affluent society who just don't understand what it means\ to be
One Year, $6 00 Halt Year, $4.00 jo / without a job or to live IDa run-down ghetto neighborhood.

Mailed to You Anywhere In the United States I think that part of the reason why Congress coted down the

Subscription payable In advance proposed rat-control bill this summer, Is that there is so little

Send Check or Money Order 'to: communication and understanding. The people who voted

FLORIDA STAR P.O BOX 599 ,1 4 aganlst the bill and who made such tasteless, Insulting jokes

Jac a.Q!tJ..u.t. _Florida about the rat problem, never bad to worry that their sleeping
children might be bitten by rats. One way to reach such pea
ple and make them understand the dally problems of the ghe-'
TO SECURE "FREEDOM FOR OTHERS, HOT ENJOYED AT HOME! toss through enlightened programming.

LeT's Get Better School l BBS Drivers Perhaps stations would be more aware of their responsibility
r----- :---i-----i-.i --- ----- if they employed more Negroes. Federal law requires that any

It is amazing how little importance a business holding a government contract must furnish pros of

munity attaches to the kind of drivers com- I I II fair employment practices. Yet the FCC regularly grants
it valuable licenses to televison and radio stations without such

I employs to transport} its, ,children to' school. YOUR Weekly I II requirement, even though there are some notorious violations
And the pay given these drivers"is on insult I Another problem Is the pollution of the airways by heavily

upon their intelligence and that of bankrolled bate groups. Many individuals and groups on the

the taxpayers. *.. radical right sponsor radio programs which claim to bring

You don't get something for nothing, and I "facts" to the American people but acutally spread slander

in the past communities have tried to do Guide I and distrust of minorities. Some of this Is inevitable-.freedom
Horoscope would be meaningless if minority opinions! were suppressedbut
this by employing 'older students or part- what bother me Is the sheer quanitv of such programs. In

s time drivers who hold other Jobs :**** ** *
Low pay for school bus drivers could go on ,

for years without the school board's doing I By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER I

anything about it--at least, not until bus II ,THE URBAN LEAGUE 'STQRY'By

drivers began striking for better pay around I I

i the nation.; I ,WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR I II Clanzel Brown, Jr.

We know that the proposition of using students -
I Housing for 40,000 people In this country is sub-standard. If
I saves a I II
predominantly as drivers there is any one problem, or priority, it Is adequate housing

state a great deal of money, and by and I BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL I for the low-income: and moderate-Income group in this coun-

large the student drivers probably have as I try. However we as citizens, are more concerned about

! good accident record as anybody else..It i--------I housing in greater Jacksonville.
------------- ------- --
The statistical data in Jacksonville an
on housing paints
when the student driver does have an accident
11US10R'N. ugly picture. Forty-nine percent ot the
that the anvil chorus starts sound- GAMER LIBRA CAPRICORN:
I occupied by Negroes in the Inner city

ing. lURCH'21tIPRll BORN lURE BORN SEPT. -BORN DEC standard and 18 percent of that |
I We need professional drivers to transportthe cupied by white citizens sub-standard.

nation's ,children tg,.jschpols, .because 19t1Bettie 22nd JULY 22nd 23rd' OCT. 23rd 22nd JAN. 19th The housing conditions for 67 percent hOUS1n&1 I
make it harder? When
" take It. Turning the citizens in the core city will not ]
the ,safety --of the pupils something. : which, pe efllll1. IPs stoipleenough jut so? There are Individuals-{ h You,can running into people who' will the church 'Social service :
"other cheek is not, as a rule, agencies, lay
cannot be measured in dollars and cents. (' lawsuit but to start It'a an a quarrel different or who, Just because the} ire dissatisfied recommended in this day and not budge, or red tape that ship, private Industry, Housing Authority
with their lot
or Jobs. cannot be cut, the best courseto mass media and citizens In the Impoverished areas, begin to'
when or even
The Kind matter to stop It, let Should members of this sign run age adopt is the one that running Gnetio.
OiLow-Cosl'HoasingPeopleNeed allies try to subordinate able concert their efforts towards the elimination ct the
alone win And U
it. there is who is to
into somebody trying Llbrans to their wishe,. But away today enables one to fight For the next several weeks the Urban League's Story will
involved it often
any money Into rebellious
work them up a better tomorrow, or,to be more discuss solutions to the dilemma. '
t Not long ago, a realtor wanted to, build a happens that the costs can outstrip mood, or into committing actions before reacting In anyway that housing
be deemed violent, especially exact, next month. Talk ober The city cf Jacksonville has a housing code that has had an
235-unit low-cost housing unit the gains by a large mar- could livelihood ,may
ne r.a. more that place
the problem with a friend andit
i toward who Impact on sub-standard housing The Building Supervisor of
developed community. And the gin. These are all matters for in jeopardy, the answer should
expensively reflection before may; truly be dear, it may be appears quite likely that the the city is currently enforcing a seven-year program to bring
I residents of the established community made of that nature Wlderta.t1nganything on 10th, be an into arbitrary chances no. Or with, if especially advisable to unroot Identical words might bespoken. sub-standard housing up to par, or condemn the housing.The .
pressed taking
themselves vocal at the zoning hearing. llth. Changes of position,travelor untried methods ,the underlying reason for unruly Any trouble that mistakenly opinion! of experts throughout the country, UP! results
dangerous or ,
The in or stubbornly is stirred from other communities, should encourage us to explore the
I behavior.
The low-cost housing prospector told the, study projects and anything machines or equipment, resistto person
now is likely to last for
up a feasibility of a concentrated code enforcement for
,question could be ailing or program
low-income that be considered
, citizens
that the well-estab- may the last ditch until instincts long time and turn out disadvantageously Jacksonville.
: lished community thought Itself better than tionary in nature, could fare give the green signal. A nice having troubles that are bear-
better the ing down too heavily on weary anyway. These are the specifics ot the code enforcement program:
i they. This was ,a misuse of semantics, since' quarters.during A much following friendly leisurely pace that gives time shoulders. Once this is clearly lealizatlon that here is much SUBJECT: Rehabilitation Grants Under Section 115 of Title
more to think plan and work out in-
this was not the truth at all. approach will obtain greater is one that should established in the mind of more to be gained by playingone's 1: The Local Public Agency may make Section 115 rehabilitation -
The established genous way natives of this sign they will cards close to the chestor grants to qualified low-income owner-occupants of housing
community, based upon past cooperation at this time than always' be adopted regardlessof
find it much easier to be patient by using t -secret located in an Urban Renewal Area ofaSectlon 117 ConcentratedCode
methods that are on the whatever else ad- .
experience in similar situations had anyone
seen should in when
seep Enforcement
brusque side long-suffering and, above Program Area, for the repair and improve-
how irresponsible people become about property yeses all forgiving trying to see things more objectively ment of their homes so that the property conforms to applicable

;I they ,don't own in an apartment-type: T-70-99-15-878; I.OTUnBMLEO 6-80.88-15-732; than-subjectively. codes or other requirements.

'' locale, of living. Surely a -multi-housing, TAURUS 2 -:60 95 -19 :3fl<) eligibility of applicant,
1'I' unit of'two td three story'apartments would ,SCORPIO to be eligible, the applicant must be a low-income individual
BORN APRIL ORN JULY AQUARIUS or family who owns and occupies a one or two-family residential
I run down qucikly. Crime would increase i n
OCT. property. Rehabilitation
BORN : grants are Intended for hard
I the neighborhood, for people tend not to 20th MAY 20th 23rdllO>' ,221t BORN JAN ship cases to avoid displacement of homeowners who nave
gore0 care for what .they do not own. 24th NOY. 22nd no other means of financing repairs and improvements which
Secrets out:The tact that Spoil no one True the Leo FEB. 18th
can 20th
would must be made their
established community on homes. Section 115 grants shall not be
Truthfully One can be tactful. If anyone
this, has heart be
sign successfully may big enough
I Ifs disturbing.It is rare friend made to homeowners who have substantial financial resources
not have objected, at least not strongly guarded a fact or situation up want to lavish affection and Is trying to persuade lending for these
Indeed who L to listen
> willing purposes.
I the proposal had been forfamily-type units'sold to now may cause it to be gifts on those who are loved. providing the capital to finance Rehabilitation
let alone to become
to one's trouble, grants will be made directly to qualified
I to people who earned little money but come overconfident and, consequently While this has It merits, up to what appears to be an involved in them. You applicants

I 'at. the sane time who wanted to own their reckless. This, in a point, it can reach the stage would exceptionally be wise risky to turn venture it down., it probably may feel rather depressed NEED FOR ADDITIONAL FUNDS:
turn where it
increases the of produces a
homes.It danger contrary over developments ota In reviewing an application for a Section 115 rehabilitation
This should be done diplomatically -
'being found out much to effect to the intended., The
professional and financial na- grant, the Local Public Agency shall determine whether the
is well known that a man who owns a discomfiture andeipense. recipients of bounty start for there is a possibility
ture. This is when It would be allowable grant amount will be sufficient to cover the cost
home home is calculated to Some Taureans be taking It for that that the person In question -
prMs buying a may expectedto granted the the better move to keep away of the required rehabilitation If the allowable grant amount
is sincere and
take getter of it the average pay for any slights or dam- supply is inexhaustible,and they enough truly will not sufficient the
care on ,. believes In the eventual success from people In general and Public Agency shall not approvethe
age that others see fit to charge may up their demands to an
than the manwho: rents, house or,apartment them with. With this possibility extent beyond all Andit of the enterprise. This is not acquaintances In particular If application unless sufficient supplementary) : financing is
indicate that the by the under
the signs applicant the Section 312 rehabilitation
impossible but drastic
something -
in flew, it Is still possible to may become Increasingly is In trouble,take them loan program (Letter No. 341) or from other
first have to be addedor economy financing sources.
I Not Give Raise take difficult may
Why The Retiree A steps to establish preventive to start breaking the Subject Section 312
subtracted, and It could take as valid and proceed with measures : Program of Direct Federal Loans for
in habit for which
good :
your generous Rehabilitation
In Urban
to prevent family or Renewal Areas
clear to the ZSrd to deter-
and to avoid the natures have been up
A humorist once said 'Some labor leaders complications responsiblein Purpose Local
;: that mine exactly what it Is. Just friends from receiving the full Public Agency is to furnish assistance to
threaten. Take the first
want more 'pay for 'vacationing employeesthan when under Impression no gambleseven place pLty along and conduct a little brunt of the storm. It may be residents in Title I Urban Renewal areas or Section 117 Con-
for those the the 5'- possible to do something constructive centrated Code Enforcement area An applicant Is eligible If
: on Job on theorythat! that It.is Impossible to lose. private inquiry to get at the
leisure costs more than working. Another VIRGO true bottom of the matter in good time In addition to meeting requirements listed below, be is unable'
to secure the necessary funds from other sources
I good idea would be give a:man a raise when. GEMINI BORN 8.10.99a14ytZfSAGITTARIUS comparable terms and conditions pectlon 312 loans shallbear upon

he retires." AUG. the rate ot three percent per annum) ,

To give a man a raise. when he retires. may l'OUo May Hit SEPT. 22od; Requirements.\ :
'sound BORN NOV. 1. Housing and Home Finance Agency must find applicant
facetious at first, but when, one BORN FEB.
21st : JUNE acceptable risk.
,takes a second good look itmakes practical You can cq>e. Possessing 23rd DEC. 21st
sense. irs tough: IPs sot"going to mental powers strong enough 19th MAR 20th 2. Must be owner-occupied properties that contain one to
be moonlight and roses during to cope with most problems Tlgnten the rem. A resentment four dwelling units.
In traublee
You're It. Toe of
First, a raise in Social Security benefitsfor Limitations Loan
.and situations that has been gnawing on Amounts
and part of the next quar- slnglebandedly established business ,
theelderly: would,:enable; the retiree ter. Because of something connected there yet are some now developing inside may be reaching the partner marriage are one's or own as' The maximum limit for a Section 312 loan, whether or not

to live his declining Ute free from want with work,physical state that will be especially breaking point. The more well. Where one goes, (the other part of the amount refinances all or part of an existing dept

and despaire: As it Is.'noi: ,' the elder citizen or the doings of children, there hard nuts to crack. This is Sagittarians are thinking about Is bound to follow. This Is the secured by the property, Is $10,000 per dwelling unit or such

,unless. he is 'with cash 'of tent Ic'r Ulsttira when Vlrgoans may be able it, the stronger may become'the policy that should be adopted ,higher amount determined by the Federal Housing Commission'
loaded elife
u oorn to use suggestions and phy urge to burst out and speak er u a result ot cost levels in a geographical area. (Not
becomes award of the state which" costs and personal associations. The sical assistance, if need be, their mind, to toe strong as well as situation one's affecting own should main a critical more than 337,500 for a four family residence,)

;more than paying more Social Security'benef first phase warns against being from mate and others close as to the weak This could be closest ally develop Note:
or even competitor
lackadaisical and the a blunder of the first order, 1. A loan for rehabilitation only not
to him. : allowing This is no time to leave electrical on the 10th. There is a may exceed the estimated
flames of for could thereby antagonize cost ot rebabi tatton.
discord to un- you
connections wiring and
Second many of the pension plans in the better chance of reaching the A
2. which
the who could includes
checked very refinancing
equipment in may exceed the estimated
gportunlueseuringthe desrepalr. They of shore when all swim
past have been more harmful in a was than several a cost of
represent dangers that pave your way to a brilliant rehabilitation up to the amount of existing debt secujed -
good Let' say a 'man has to retire at' one next few days ta work harder threaten at the most unexpected can- career. Those who have man- together. Having gone this far by the property.
without too much distress does
hundred dollars a month Do you think h e toward finding the solutions that times and places. Also refrain aged to sidestep this possibility not signify that should letdown This is only one method to eliminate blighted housing. Nevt
will preserve respect,harmony from voicing ideas should spend the next eight you week we win discuss the ZZI H Program.
can live on this pittance No indeed. He that Proceed
? your guards. on
and affectlonln Imm 'Ulate .
surroundings. days building defense If Interested Invite to Urban
up you are we work with the
..may exist, and you"ban'::f call.this living The- display ot natural are not likely to prove popular the assumption, which would be you
;; with neighbors or where against the renewal of the same League to find ways to house the dlsadvantaged.I .
' V warmth has been known djliy'duties a well founded one, that a simi
I' any measuring 'yardstick ,to thaw out.even the coldest ot, Impulse that might result In lar and even more trying ordeal .
4MM ,haying retirees tj/Q would beMU. '0 performed.3.30.Z2155t getting. even farther out on a may yet be in store
then ion and community i 50 :'R13 J'mb
) ecogoniical1y.t 943 9,- t0r44r.16.700.1 s.en'Bs! =(36 an '

i t



DCTlIEI 14. un MR PAPERS PACE 7 ;1;!

Project Equality Frieodshb Ba,list Has .CrewiligAt Delias To Present Sevoath Day Adveatists Are '' ,I

Is Gies Jt\a\\ \ StroKf leliovers Is I&I0 i

Church Idea Mentil Health Seric: What does the Seventh Day Adventist Church Hullers: First, "

The Jacksonville Alumnae the Adventist Church believes Implicitly that the Bible Is ,
Yo.-NPs-- .
. CITY, Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta the Inspired word of God. They do not digress from that
t Eight major religious WesternMissouri Sorority will present the first thought There Is no vacillating In their teachings about the 11
in Kansas and
1 in a series of Mental Health Bible. The Bible is accepted u it \Is written. It is interpreted
announced last week
I discussions beginning Tuesday, u written. Those who teach from It believe that only God
a joint more to commit their
October 17, through November lathe inspiration.
multl-mfhlon dollar purchasing
. 17, 1967, at 7:30 p.m. All meet- The church believes in the
to Project Equality, the person. a
power | dogs will be held at the Myrtle God the eternal Father seventh day .
a through hiring and purchasing Trinity, The matter of the
practices of their individual i 1 Avenue Branch Public Library. God the son, and God the has been a moot question. The '
Since Mental Health is the The three are Inseparable from
institutions Inyolved In the pro Holy Spirit Adventist calls Friday,
ject are the Greater Kansas number 1 major illness in the u they see it, and sundown, to Saturday, sundown, }
City Rabbinical Association, United States, and also one of there can never be a division. the Sabbath Day. That la his
Kansas Council of Churches; the Five Point Projects of the As to baptism, immersion Is Church Day.Adventist churchesare
Topeka (Kans.) Council of National Body, the local chapter the way, and only those who,. full of those adherents who
Churches Lutheran Church In inviting the public to bear old enough to realize the Importance those adherents who take tint
Missouri; Synod Methodist, o e t stands n g psychiatrists, Immersion are permitted out for worship andfor the ful

CME.. Presbyterian U.S., and psychologists, and doctors who. to CO under tIt.water. The foment of that coming which
. will help the citizens in the
United Presbyterian Church, community become aware and sig b'thorougtiZmderstoodby! they anticipate.
UJS.A. United Church of Christ
develop a deeper understanding
Catholic Archdiocese Kansas ___
of the problems of Mental .. .rw-.. _
I and Diocese of w 1 t $
City (Kansas) p Y Health. ;;

t: Kansas Clty-St Joseph (Mo.) The first topic "What is Mental Elect" ) Y :

Health?' will be discussed "
It I t by the psychiatrist, Dr.William 'I
t :
' Grand Mister -1j' H. Geiger. MlllW E.Woccl
The Sorority under the leadership k IL
t Ir.,, ," ..... of the President Miss ,
: { rr Myrtle Turner, along with the' COUNCIL
I Project Committee Mrs. Lillian ,
.\ \,
G. Small, Project Chairman ** 6th DISTRICT
Mrs.Gwendolyn Chandler,'
I Mrs. Geraldine Walter, Mrs.
Catherine Jackson and Mrs. '

: Olga emphasis Bradham upon is projects putting special which \ D -HONEST-SINCERE ,

I will Involve and help the youth wI
1 dour. community. ,Paid Political Adv; :

Friendship e; Baptist's Coronation one lady was crowned '7 .
( queen and was attended by five others. From left they are:
Miss Sandra Hargrove and Miss Denise Hopkins, of the Auto Service Centers
queen's court Center the queen, Miss Everlene Reddick;
and Miss Alverta Powell, Miss Annie Ruth Powell and Mrs. '

Cornelia Prime,
attendants.STAR PHOTO By A. Paul Crawford.
The Most Worthy Grand Mas- Q DollaramaSALE j
ter Rudolph Bradley will be 3 BIG
the distinguished guest of the St. Paul Ushers

I Duval and Adjacent County Chairuaa :,
Masons in their annual con<* J:4.:
tab here. Grand Master Bradley Have Anniversary ; ,

will be in the parade St. Paul AME's Usher Board

scheduled for Saturday, October No.' 2, will celebrate the thirty- .
21, at 2 p.m., from the .seventh anniversary Wednesday
Masonic After Abe
Temple. night October 18, in the auditorium
parade a banquet will be held
In th Atlantic Coast Line at 1 p.m.A : ,
y has been planned.The \ i
,Building, Jacksonville. Members program public Is invited to attend. ,
t will be permitted to bring M.C. Chambers is president, block :Ir: l'.
non-members who wish to at has a

Wards ,
Rev. A.C. .Chandler pastor. { 1assembly !r.
tend. The banquet will be semi- for your car i. ,
t formal. Evening and dress Midway AMEWonei's !
clothing will be expected. II.I over! 700 modolsl r I;

Simmons, Deputy Masonic Master r
of the County, asks all Day
who would to enter float in t.
the parade. Will Be Saaday q air eYdi.

i' suet levies
Midway AME Church will observe
i Ill MEMORIAM Mrs. Ruth Spivey is General Women's Day Sunday, S.

Chairman for the ,Annual Wo October' 29. They hay ,chosena 4i 4
r men's Day of the Church of well-uown speaker, the tc ,. r i: M yew
God, Steele and Blue Streets announced later.
i The special celebration will be The ladles will be in chargeall .

Sunday, October 22, with Interesting day. : ..

j program services.will The follow complete in Elder Dearrlng i r, : ) Lx. L\

the issue of October 20. Bishop ,
Honored Rise, dr.n.d,
Roosevelt Hestle Is pastor. y
Those interested in further information It. ;" ;_,ol.., v evuei ldget
should contact Mrs. .p' '"
Spivey or the church office.

r ,}

Baptist M laislersBrotherhood.To I .H
In loving memory of my dear u
daughter, Mrs. Llllle Mae I
Wright, who departed this life Meet
two years'ago today, October The Baptist! Ministers L LI F r IN3fALLA110Nr
3, 1961. We all miss your of JacksonvilleDuval ''r r
smiling face since you have and adjacentccuntieswili I r
gone. But, we will always hold their regualr weekly INSTALLATIONAVAILABLE
remember your smiles. meeting beginning at 11 a.m.. In ria
Signed the main auditorium of DaySpring
Mrs. Alice Williams, Baptist Church.
mother; Live Oak, Fla.; Mrs. The Reverend C.W. Whither u1 '
Sadie Clair, sister; city.Mrs. pastor of Friendly Baptist willbe Reg. 20.99. woven

Annie Mae Livingston, Live the order of the day. Remanuffcicftured 'to' giveBlew
Oak; Mr. Joe H. Williams, The Bible exposition will be plastic seat covers
brother Live Oak Mrs. A.Weaver, .
; ; given by Rev. Cyrus Elder Amos Darrlng above
Louise Freeman, neice, Live host pastor.The of Faith FOR FRONT AND REAR SEATS
Mr. Richard Clair, Rev. R. L. pastor Temple Church life !.
Oak president, to car
of God in Christ, will be honored your j
brother-in-law; Alfred Dlckerson Jones is asking all,members with
nephew; Tampa,. Fla. to be present. an appreciation pro !
gram Sunday, October 15. at
tew $13"cHI..111"
1952-62.235 In Chevrolet 6 with trade
--- '- 4 pjn., at t the church, 163$ cu. All
-- i
r East Twenty-first Street. A PRIM ,

ELECT program dedicated to the work ,Install a Rlv.rid.e! block ouwnbly and give your car .
of the minister has been pre .a new hate on Ii?.. The engine you'll have will b. like .$ Built to'wood! The rich colors ere s.al.d.ln (.

pared. Elder David Samuel is rw with over 200 new ports, prcclilon-lnttalUd and 147 tightly woven yam which r.tliti stains end
speaker. Refreshments will
H.S. ALBURYTAX be served following the affair .dynamomet.r-tel.d for,'accuracy. Often torts IMS fading; glv.i yean... of i.rvtce. You can wipe It

The public Is invited to attend. than an overhaul, gives for otter, rwultil S. .. durable coven. 'dean with o damp "

COLLECTORKEEP cloth. Sues for most cars. -save nowl

PROVEN EXPERIENCE ; r I The man born with the gut. 3 DAYS ONLY!

THE JOB IN THIS NEW ?ev. Roosevelt Franklin of Macon -

< Georgia. It Is through God Thur., Fri., Sot. '
C CRUCIAL CONSOLIDATION POST that I can remove all evil conditions

some questions you may,
The Financial Reputation of Growing wish to know.
Greater )Jacksonville Is Quite 00 YOU NEED MONEY? .

Vital to Irs Continued Profress. is "MY SICKNESS NATURAL? '

6 MCtoR Otl lU
'1be'honor, integrity and ef. 4 ? 1 C y :
I 1
f1cleocyofyourTuColIector' 1
i iN31AttAiION
office Is an essential part of that They call me the RootmanJ; I( WHEELALIGNMENT r Avrtiwns '
reputation t"l But I am only a servant of God. ,
: Because God is the answer'toW
vole for a man whose previous life's problems I am t eKing -

reputation t handling DillJ of all Day Prophets.Send, ,Additive-Free oil foreconomy Town and Countryq..ringliNW.rb.
lions of dollars of your tax for my special selected Bitty Cut flr. wear, 'tern
funds has earned public p'; verses To be readonSPECIAL par c.rrutU'f.r.) .1' lubrication J shocks 1.61. off!
and commendatJonsineYeryre DAYS.Send. .nk..r .... tM-fci for .
I cent city audit. aself-addressedtstamp. ... .... .1,. Ills sad 511
ed envelope and $Z.OO .or Bible p..Nrriving Mftty. Wards lowest priced refined Stop bouncing oroundl Rlv
I verses and spiritual Messages Drfv to rode'-3 4oytMtyXIMtfewprfctl oiL Ml MrvlcfW .nglnM 10:; ersidee shocks hold. 9
HOST BII'I mXISEI IT'S .EUNEI! Ton will receive Bible terser where a Itght-duty all l Is tires on the road, hap you PAIR
add SAE 10-IOW, 20. In control for safer and
by return mail. Air Conditioned, Carl $2 extra .. 1 art
amoother'ldl *
VOTE FORH.S.ALBURY .Send TO: 20W, 30, 40., f.2 *

Rtv. Roosevelt Franklin
630 Morrow AvenueMacon
f., Georgia 11301 Philips Hiway Plaza 5121 Normandy Blvd. Gateway Center

TAX COLLECTOR III Ornie......'..---. ..'... Cm IS..m... ..-laiidiii 1J..t... 0.10.. .... r..-t1t.4
c.m.2I"'J': m.2711 7SI117.Now 5.htrgrN- '' 1 2.r A
Ebonam code 112-74-56479 /All 3 Auto Cantors 0/wa 12 Tf"PM.tvtTi.S'ITUIUY .,.. ... -e *

r. t r




I I"
,A Sandwich For All Heals HOLD THAT HAIRDOI! 44AAA.AAAAk

'HOUSEHOLD Droopy,hard.to-managc h.ir..n fllistlne La mar fashion pattern
be one 01 the mOlt fruitratinf
HINTSBY beauty problem Yau shampoo It, f U A Barbecue Salad
wt It, bruin It Into your favorite -
By style, then it Immediately collaptei 1
M. Worden What a dispirited hairdo needs ii
". Adorn, the self styling hair spray @)
W* are poor little lock who'1Iv. ;
with IIttr..holdinl! power specially
lout our way socks locki.Borkit" .

other Item Mora of apparel often, lock thin wind any: formulated There are for all hard-to-control torn of tricks hair.you (! b) )
up lout sttayed or atolen. They, ran use to reirue a droopy hairdo. .tJ! ;
Vanish without I trio, then Transform lank locks into a happy
weeks or month later turn up In Dip by fint spraying lavishly, then
the most unexpected place- -In with a comb, whip up the ends with h1'p
the Innards of the automatic short,choppy strokes, Or,glamonw '
washer. behind the dryer, In recestei longish hair from a down-do intoan
behind dresser drawer., updo by ipraymg fint, then
'or even out In the larden.
backcombing gently to puffypiliw. .
The Cue of the Disappearing .
Smooth over this cushion "
:Sock can be lolved To unr..el.the ,
with hair and the hairin
top troop up
; mystery a art. by going !
back into loft loopy curliHold
through the family socks weed
out those with unmendable bole the tall atomizer can about'',
and those without mate. Use seven Inches away from your head
A Hun-Cheese Dlpwlch-ham and melted cbwse on I ,
these a* polishing cloth, ovenjuitti' tossed salad ". at you spray The fine mist leaveiyour
:IS A NEW SANDWICH IDEA. Accompanied by or.relish
; or just plain rag's. Next hair soft, mildly fragrant and
Ikeep i mesh bag near the washIng plate, and fruit and cookie for, dessert, it can serve completely free from dullnen or
machine A. you sort the en as the main course of a light lunch or supper. Photo courtesy flakinen
tire wish, drop all lock Into the American Dairy Association.
bag. Close the drawstrings, drop
the bag Into the wither Thin not HAM-CHEESE DIPWICH SIZE ALLFABR1CSSpray
only aavei sock*--It'i a recommended Preheated sandwich trill 6 sandwiches
way to save your washing sizing can be used on all
equipment One sock In theworks washable fabric to restore original
2 eggs 1 tablesppon mustard body and feel. Magic
of the washer can cost spray sizing
':110 In repair bills. When doing 2/3 cup evaporated milk slices baked bamr can be used on cotton, linens, silks
'the laundry be sure to add a pine 1/2 teaspoon salt 6 slices OtfU': ... aeese and wools, ai well ai on lynthetic
'oil disinfectant along with your 12 slices bread ButterIn fibers such ai Orion, Dacron and
Regular detergent or soap. The Nylon. For bell results when using 1'1''i
disinfectant cut down harmful a shallow 'bowl beat eggs slightly; blend In evaporatedmilk lining. set your iron temperature-
In the wash
germ, and 6 slices of with control one notch below, or cooler
set bread
salt aside Spread mus-
.' If you have a large family, try ; than that indicated Gelatin salads otter a wonderful opportunity for variety. Lay
/storing the I'h In a centrally tard; cover each with one slice of ham and one slice of cheese the fabric of the Flavors of Jell-o Gelatin can provide the base for to
located spot, saving yourself the Place slice of bread on top and dip sandwich, one side at a. you are ironing.FACIAL many difference salad ideas, fruit, vegetable, meat, or what
time and trouble of palrlrg/ and time, in milk mixture. Bake on buttered sandwich grill until have .
.putting away. A "sock box" cart browned; serve with Tomato Sauce nlgty dalad that's Just a little bit different
:It% easily Inside your linen closet SCRUB Here's a suggestion
This way, It'. everyone for him. ,4 Barbecue Salad, a tangy tomato aspic, is a cinch to prepare.It .
.....elf In getting/ pair of cock on TOMATO SAUCE Many People fail to realm that can be served in a number of ways,beautifully molded or cut
Uils feet. 1 tablespoon butter l 8-ounce can tomato sauce the akin ii not a solid. man like a Into cubes and placed on salad greens. The recipe is so simpleto
Buy sork In the different slses.required blanket but u a multi layered tincture
1 tablespoon flour 1/4 teaspoon sugar use, many homemakers may wish to add their own personaltouch
but all In the tame with peril 10 small they can
1/4 teaspoon sat 1/4 teaspoon minced onion for variations Barbecue salad certainly provides bright
solid colors Thl way, even If only be observed with a microscope,
the very last pair In your .ock 2/3 cup evaporated milk Saunda, Inc., reporti That II why soot in even the most ordlnaly meal
box" I Is not an exact match In f.cI.lacrub with a mildly
",*lse, at least your youngster In a saucepan melt butter; bleD In nou'r and salt. CraduaUy'add a abrasive special action is needed to dig 1 package ( SOL) lemon, orange,
won't have to go through the day evaporated milk. Stir in tomato sauce and cook until mix down deep to remove dead skin \ or orange-pineapple flavor gelatin
wearing one red and one blue ture thickens. Blend in sugar and minced onion. Serve hot relit, dust and other areumulationiThe R-273 1 cup boiling water .
sock. flam-Cheese
over Dlpwlch. remit I. literally a new face, Sizes 12.20
'l tomato sauce
1 can ((8 OB. )
all these hints andyou'll
Follow Of
be able to ilng, "We are meal course, any of these sandwiches can be served at any since a new layer of akin, fresh and 1-1/2 tablespoons vinegar
little lock who have found and are a meal in themselves And, you'll make the Earl clear, hat been expoted salt
poor of Sandwich smile, wherever he Is, An afternoon tailored t 'o-piece casual. A shrath skirt topped 1/2 teaspoon
our way lock locki socks.
"ith l14'mi.fiul'llo\rrllouIM' is collar DashofpetterDissolve
---- -- II highlighted/ by a contrasting
and lie trim. 1.01'1)I)' in rrrpe, I linen,ilk or shantung.
K1'_, _____ "YOUR DOLLAR Price $100-H.27111: available in sizes 12, U, 16, 18, 20. Size gelatin In boiling water Add remaining ingredients
___ 11 lakes 2% yards of 41 I inch fabric and % yards of contrast. Standard Blend Pour into individual molds or a Scup mold Chill until
BUYS MORE' hotly mi'asurrmi'nls for pine 14 arc: Bust 31, Waist 26, Hip 36. fIrm Unmold. Serve on crisp salad greens with mayonnaise
ifttiIIiifr,4 Makes about 2 cups or 4 servings.

I Send One Dollar for pattern plus 5 cents for postage,in cash or Note: For extra flavor, add small amount clone or more of the
YOUR BANNER check.No Stamp. For Fir-t.Claw mailing, send 15 cents extra. Add following seasonings to the gelatin mixture before dhllllng:onion
One Dollar j if you wish 1SE\V AUSTINE LA MAR PAUERNJIOOK Juice seasoned salt, celery salt, cayenne, Worcestershire
#complete selection of High! Fashion designs, including ALL sauce, Tobacco sauce, or prepared horse-radian.
SPECIALS GOOD, FOOD STORE"'RGHTS best-teller*. Send to AUSTINE: LA MAR Fashion Pattern, (name of Barbecue Salad Cubes. Prepare Barbecue Salad u directed
your )). Box 1615. G.P.O., New York, NY. 10001. reducing water to 3/4 cup. Pour into an I inch square pan
o THROUGH SATURDAY, newspaper Print '
: ESEWLD m .. -- yourTulI name,address, PATTERN NUMBER AND SIZE.: Chill until firm Cu Into cubes and serve on crisp salad greens .

r with.mayonnaise...< "' 0=-.' __....h.. _-' -" .
.. .


SUGAR U..IAC. 39c :+ I qdto+ 3000 V. 45th .


-. i ..' w :,. PRICES IK THIS AD

| X Th. store t that t r-you. t! SATURDAY OCTODER 14






LB..49C 1 'L4.9L. .1.lI1: iOc DAfiLfKIT LR. 49


:. 1 I/$5.II II ill[ liBEl

.' 3 ? CAN



f GARDEN. PEAS. 4,313' LI. 48t 39ev JAR 3 5

SIZE lilt. ... 0 ,


4' 3 DDZ. .00 '





POT ROAST 11.HIIIEU 7' Ii L|. 4 DLI. S 11 99C. : ,10'us.. '39l (

"' CABIH HOME MEAL 39( : mute. ,Evnlffff"SIPEIII.II"


II till HUE ME fill till 1111'i.ll 1 11. en 49c COFFEE FOLCER'S INSTANT I 11. 79 C PORK CHOPS .\l SIZE TO I 3 ::..)At, LI..6 9 0. I


t l .



Make Any Day A Fish Day Perfect Any Tine llsarty Rib Disier Dressel-VpI

To so many of us, fish 1s a food that .ls dipped In flour or
COl'lUllea11DC1 tried until it It dry and hard lilt, of course, I I With liked iisset 'ellt..s
it usually accompanied by the -splatter and popping of hot
crease. Perhaps this cooking ordeal expans! why fish Is not Tasty spare rite\ and fluffy baked potato make an sppetisiaaaa1
dinner thit chock fall of hearty good eating and easy because Italll'ooka
one of the most popular foods to prepare or eat. This Is most
Add of
In the lame oven a "help yourself assortment lop
unfortunate becnase fith in a food that should be included IB pings for the pputo and let everyone feast Right now 1* a good
our diet regularly.Nowadays SA time to plan this menu became those popular Runiet potato from
homer, thin preparing problem should be a thing Washington Slat an plentiful and you can rely on this choice--;
of the past. Why we don't even tare to fry fish anymore! Good variety for both heM texture and flavor, Washington growers.eapIt's
the mineral rich lava loll which gives thkn all.purpose Russets>,,
Seasons Shake n Bake Seasoned Coating Mix for Fish makes
:4w and
their special flavor quality meallnei to you can enjoy them
frying obsolete when it comes to preparing a wide variety of In all your favorite potato dishes
Tempting Seafood Platter consisting of ash fillets (your :

choice), shrimp, and scallops can be prepared in practicallyno
time flat with the aid seasoned coating mil for fish. No

muss,.no popping grease, and no fishy ordors. Just moisten :
the pieces of fish, scallops, and shrimp, shake in the plastic r
bag with seasoned coating mix, and bake. With fish and seafood r.w

this simple to prepare there .Is no need to balk at the ____
Idea of serving It to the family or friends.

Seafood in general and fish In particular are excellent sources .P 1 1w :
of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Fish Is one of the most r I : ,
nourishing foods you can eat becuase there are few foods that :
can equal It in the quality and variety of nutritional factors it ..
provides. The proteins found In fish are basically the same as ,
those found In meats but they exist In a more digestible form.
Fish contains an unusually large amount of Vitamin D which ,
.Is Important becuase It controls bone formation and prevents 1 k
such diseases as rickets. Among the numerous minerals that
are necessary to the performance of certain body functions,
fish And shellfish contain Iodine, claclum, iron, copper, phosphorus -

and sulphur.
Fish Is easy to digest, and that Is another reason for its beinga
healthful food. Fish have thin skins and practically no tough
gristles or sinews. A little cooking makes the flesh very tender,
and the cooked fish since Is not coarsely grained, mixes easily
with the digestive)Juices.Therefore,fish digests easily.With all Spareribs Large Washington State Russets Chopped green. onions or chive

of the nutritional value offered by fish and shellfish It certainly Crumbled, crisp bacon bits Commercial' sour cream
should pop>>up on the family menu often, especIaUyllnce It can Orated American cheese or Bait and Pepper
be prepared soeaslly with( Shake'Bake) seasoned coating mix tV crumbled blue cheeee

__ _
for fish To prepare spareribs place In Shallow open pan. Rout la hot
Seafood Platter Baked Fish Baked Shrimp, Bated Scallops. Seasons Shake n Bake Seasoned Coating Mix for Fish oven (425F) DO to 40 mini Pour off fat. Sprinkle generously with
Courtesy of Good Seasons Shake n Bake Seasoned Coating. seasoned salt Reduce heat to S50F. and rout uncovered 45 to <0
BAKED H Pergect any day of the week and so easy to prepare. A golden MIl For MsnIs mini or until fork tender. Serve hot with baked potatoes.If desired
,Seafood Platter consisting of fish fillets, shrimp, and scallops>> ribs may be spread lightly with orange marmalde during; last ( mine
delicious and attractive thanks to Good r" of time.
both temptingly
1 envelope seasoned coating mix for fish, pound fish fillets or
Select Washington State Ruiaeti of nearly uniform alas. Wash
serving-slse pieces of fish, Water Almond Grits dry and oil Arrange! on baking sheet or oven rack, Bake from SSOF.
If frozen fish Is used, thaw and drain before using. Fried Sausage to 450F, depending on other oven needs Bake 46 to SO mini or
Empty seasoned coating mix Into the plastic shaker bag. Try This New Vegetable Dish Dessert Waffleswith For Breakfast till fork tender. Remove from oven and prick to let out ateaaa. Cut
Moisten fillets with water.Shake off excesswater.Shake 1 or 2 m Inch cross In top of each potato and press gently from bottom
fillets at a time in the bag until evenly coated. Arrange on Prachra and Sour UVMII If your family h looking for a until snowy white potato bursts thru Break up lightly with fork.
greased baking sheet. Bake at 400% for about 20 minutes or until new sale treat to brighten their Top with silt, pepper butter and a tablespoon of commercial soar
3 m, separated cream Serve at once with help-youruelf toppings of crumbled,
fish is easily flaked with fork. Makes 3 or 4 servings. light cream morning meal, hrre'i a delicious,' crisp bacon bite. chopped green onions or chives, grated Americanor .
1'CUPI breakfast idea from the Home Eco crumbled blue eheeiePINEAPPLE .
BAKED SHRIMP 1 teaspoon almond extract comics Department of The Quaker
I cup Btequlck ,Oats Company These fried sausage

1 envelope seasoned coating mix for fish, 1 pound cleaned raw 1 tablespoon sugar grill will ,please served everyone.hot with gravy or syrup, STRAWBERRY ALASKAGolden .

medium shrimp, Water. ''I cup chopped toasted To prepare them, you'll need: canned pineapple .Is readily available to give menus s refresh.
almonda / Ib, pork sausage meat, I cup tog lift the'year 'round.
Empty contents of envelope into the plastic shaker bag. Mois. Fresh peaches enriched white hominy grits, 5 cupi 1 quart strawberry Ice*cream 4 egg whites
ten shrimp with water. Shake off excess water.Shake 3 or 4 a 4a ,f .4r v 1h Sour Cream Topping (below) boiling water, and 1 teaspoon lalt 1 ((,Inch) round cake layer Vk cup sugar
shrimp at a time in the bag until evenly coated. Arrange in Then I Pan.fry the pork lauiage 1 lift-ounce) can pineapple >i) tablespoons powdered sugar
single layer on greased baking sheet. Bake at 400% for 15 to Blend egg yolks, cream and Drain well on absorbent paper. tidbits.
20 minutes or until tender. Makes 3 or 4 shervlngs. almond Stir in Blsqulck and Slowly stir grin Into boiling lilted I (10-ounoe) package lessen
sugar until smooth Beat egg water cover and cook 23 minutes, strawberries
Note: If shrimp are frozen, thaw before using. until IOU peaks formifold ; ) _'
whites stirring frequently (For quick grits, Spread Ice cream In round inch cake pan with removable bottom.
into Blsquick mixture decrease water to 4 cups Cook 2'/ii I.Freeze several hours. place cake on foil covered board, unmold lee
SCALLOPS Bake In heated waffle iron.
Make three Finch wairiea to 5 minutei) Add drained pork cream onto cake. Sprinkle with 1/2 cup drained pineapple tidbits.
one sausage: mix well. Pour into B/i x Return to freezer. Combine remaining pineapple with defrosted strawberries -
1 envelope seasoned coating mix for fish, 1 pound small sea Serve warm topped with square sweetened per 4'/i x 2'/i inch loaf pan, which tau Beat egg whites until soft peak form. Slowly beat In 1/2 cup
,scallops (about 1 inch in diameter), thoroughly! rinsed, Water. person sliced peaches and Sour Cream been rinsed with cold water Cool;sugar until stiff peak form. Spread quickly.over Ice cream and cake1
,inn thick layer. Swirl Into stiff points Sprinkle with powdered sugar.
Combine 1 dairy and
Topping: cup lightly, cover refrigerate
sew Bake In very hot oven (430 degrees F) 3 to 4 minutes, until delicately
Empty contents of envelope Into the plastic shaker bag. Moisten sour cream with '/. cup brown eral! hours or overnight. To serve, brown.. Cut Into wedges and serve with pineapple strawberry sauce.,
scallops with water. Shake off excess water. Shake S or 6 sugar and reheated Waffles. Wrap can In be toll trpzen with cut Into / Inch slices. Fry on lightly! (Makes serving\ .
scallops>> at a time In the bag until evenly coated. Arrange in r waxed paper between layers buttered griddle or in fry pan until: NOTE: If desired add 1/4 cup Cointreau or Curacao to pineapple strawberry
single layer in greased baking pan.Bake at 400% for 20 minutes Reheat in toaster at lowest golden brown, allowing 8 to 10 .sauce ,. .,
minutes tide
tit until tender Makes 3 or 4 servings heat.) per Makes 8 servings: -
Note If scallops'ai'e frozen,'thaw before using.u

; \


21/2. pound beet round 1 1 cup canned, tomatoes, Ilw,1.\ .;'ut ..

Inch thick crushed Fix "Pineapple Beans" to serve with pork, fovit! or flsh With its
1 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup sliced onion minced pungent .weet-lOur sauce this colorful, dish U miinlscent of fine
1/4 clove finely
Chinese cookery
1/4 teaspoon ground black garlic Canned green bean of the Blue Lake variety (sometimes called "Mr. MARKETPRICES
pepper small bay leaf Blue Lake') are Ideal for dishes such u this one because they retain SUER
1/3 ,cup flour 13/4 cups sliced fresh or their firm.yet-tender texture when heated
1/4 cup butter or margarine frozen mushrooms or
1 (6-ounce) can Pineapple Beans
1 cup water sliced mushrooms GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY AT [bREOODFANCY'

1 can (0 U>.) cut Blue Lake i/2 teaspoon dry mustard
''L A green beans. Dash pepper GRADE "A" SLICEDBACON
2 tablespoons salad oil 1 can ((8 3/4 oz.) pineapple tidbits
M 1/3 cup finely chopped onion .1 tablespoon cornstarch
'3 tablespoons wine vinegar 3 tablespoons diced sweet raosted I .55
2 tablespoons brown sugar peppers or;IpimlentoZ

tablespoons soy sauce I CELLO PKG.
Drain beans, saving 1/3 cup liquid. Heat oil; add onion and

saute lightly until golden. Add bean liquid, vinegar,sugar, soy,
mustard and pepper.Drain pineapple> reserving 3 tablespoons GRADE "A"FRYERS
syrup. Blen syrup and cornstarch Stir into spice mixture, heat f '
until thickened and clear. Stir in beans, pineapple and sweet e ,

peppers. Heat through Makes servings.. Z90

f, taate. Peppery Smoked Beef Sandwich LB.

2 package (S oz each) cream a lettuce leaves
cheese, aoftenedI 2 packages (S Yt 01 each)
I> teaspoons prepared hone- smoked beef
6 slices Bermuda onion' .
radian thin
.Cut the meat Into 6 serving.size piece Season with salt and .
8 enriched round hard rolls % cup well drained tweet pepper
:pepper. Dredge sides with flour. Brown steaks In hot fat split (about 4 Inches In diameter relish
Place meat In baking dish and add water,tomatoes, onions, ) DL33EACH :LIMIT ONE WITH $5.pO
and bay leif. Cover dish with toll and cook In a moderately 15
rolls Cov.r'bottom
Blend cream cheese and spread on BH
slow oven (325' 1)11/2 to 2 hours or until meat, '' half of each roll with lettuce leaf. T or I slices smoked OR MORE FOOD ORDER
Add mushrooms to roasting meat 10 to 15 minutes
Is tender. beef onion slice and 2 tablespoon pepper rellih Close sandwiches
before steaks are done. Garnish with sprig of parsley, inn cut in half to serve .. HALF GAL.






\ ; 69*
r w Y



$1.00t .
J '37 .

(. "" EGGS BOZENIN CARTON APPLES 4 1$. 111"4'e
: I;. : '

Beef at its Best
; "
i '" -p .rr.
grid ;
h .. liD In RISK CREAM STYLE \ _. .:, .

'.". ',. CORN 2/303 CANS : :37$ FlOU'11: 111m' -I'' IARfr''!),! 4ftSlnRlAY

I r .
'XfL .


. .

ME II sin rwis icT DtR H"

.. '. ". ,;. : .. ....... _. __ ___ __ ___ ____ __ _
< '
+:"':'''_ ,..." ;.;1 .... ..oiI!.. r -:;. .' "' ;- "' r

s Atlanta Life Stars At Foa&daitea D.Biar
? .iIw; '1rnmm1S: UtlI. IS Virgin
I Insurance Man I.

SHELL'S CITY Gwlhal Gets Honors Has Teachers
N.w, 7th AVE. 1. Slh ST.
ATLANTA-Robert J. Randal
1L1tw U.JlRUfIlUI: Director Manager, Atlanta Lift ....

Insurance Company awarded,' s i x1Ia re Nry From 34 StatesVIRGIN
the'coveted Chartered Life Underwriter \ :"
designation at National t ,
London Luggage Confernment Exercises y ISLANDS ThIrty-
; four mainland states are represented -
of the American College of Life I
Underwriters In Chicago.The '" .... by teachers whohave
American College of Life ,.. ,. ., arrived In the U.s. Virgin Is-
Underwriter grants the C.L.V. .- .f' '. lands to start the school year
LEATHER GOODS GIFTS designation to persons enganged ,.... ." .;.t"4'i"1 this month.
They were greeted by Gover-
In activities relating to Insuring
LUGGAGE REPAIRS of human life values and who. nor Ralph M. Palewon&ky and
officials during a three-
pass a series of professional
examinations and meet the day orientation institute, In ad-;'

i I stringent experience and ethical I diLlon to the lure of the
; ,requirements of the College. ; Caribbean sun, sand, and sea,
This year 1,775 men and women LaLr tI .,. the newcomers gave several
TELEPHONE 47 w FLAG STREET will be awarded the designation, reasons for wanting to serve
bringing to 17,391 the Dumber I sy Virgin Islands students. Some
373-3706 of people who have received it f expressed the need for new
MIAMI| FLORIDA 33128 since the College was founde)in horizons, having felt lost among

n 192'1._ .. the multitude of teachers in
larger school systems; others
DOWNTOWN STORE want to try working in a small
community with a different cultural
I" r-Tt background and others

: .GJtmn1j FRIDAY, SATURDAY look forward to combining their
vocation with a vacation.

October 20-21 V

ri.4 : A Kantian University computer
given the task of diagnoseleg
"-STARRING attracU U-itUl. third annual memorial dinner .Hughes and-the Tenlsoo Stephens Trio. "The group, wing Us ; *268 wa thyroid right on gland a8 percentof condition
of the Lovle Jackson Delgado Foundation, in the Marina City last Midwest appearance, opens next at Caesar's Palace them' the physician observer
I ballroom! Chicago, Sunday evening, Oct. 15, will be Rhetta in Las Vegas. (NPI! photo) reports.

iOOFF "Battle Of! The Bites" LavkENJOYING Soul Duo Heads Announcing The Grand Opening-Of

r $
For Europe Again
Wigs, Wiglets & WIG FASHIONS

a Stax/Volt recording artists Switches No Money
Sam and Dave, popular expon- a
C ents of the "Memphis- Sound"
'embarks soon son a one month, Down
1.25 Per Week
tour of England and Europe
their second visit abroad this .

year. ,
fRiDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY! The "Double Dynamite" duo

'j < al of Samuel Moore, and David li Tie V.T. Brut
} Prater will be accompanied by
their full orchestra,and special Departneit Stiri

CLIP COUPON AND BRING TO GRANTS guest stars Arthur Conley and tt 9 E. Hailer
I Percy Sledge.Stax/Volt recordIng -
artists Eddie- Floyd and lilli, fllri..

, THIS COUPON IS GOOD FOR t3! s progress Mable John may Join the tour in,, Pine' 377.38(5(

The Sam and Dave "Sweet Soul
Tour" will open in London on

% ALL the October tour 14th.includes The itinerary Stockholm of, Back To School Specials

Sweden on the 16th, Oslo, Nor-
10 ,way on the 18th, Copenhagen, Girls' Dresses .
OFF Denmark on the 19th and Helsinki I
J PURCHASESDOWNTOWN Finland on the 20th. The I to size 14
following day finds the revue 2 For $5.95
In Malmo, Sweden and In Gothenburg Boys' Slacksto
Sweden on the 22nd.
GRANTS A gala performance( Is scheduled size 14 '

A HEARTY LAUGH ,we*.De results Of the recent -- 'In Part on the 25th and in

PRESENT 10 ANY SALES PERSON "Battle of the Blues" held In ChTcagp..are, from'left: Amsterdam, Holland on the shs Fo-$5.;
D. Parke Gibson, president, D. Parke"Glbsoh* A solcat6S; 27th. The revue returns to England Shoes all 3 ,
the new "King of the Blues," Little Milton Campbell, and on the 29th for an engagement *

DO YOU HAVE A "Tommy Picou, circulation manager, Chicago Daily Defender. In Liverpool, the. Evirjthiii, For ChildrenAt
: home of the Beatles then
The trio had just completed viewing "The Young Americans," continues -
a Columbia Pictures release being promoted by Gibson's through England until
New York-based public relations firm. Little Milton, who November 7th when it performs, Prices To Suit Your pocketbooks
i:,)GRANT ''CREDIT ACCOUNT?, wrested the title from blues singer B.B. King in a three- in Munich, West Germany The
day battle sponsored by WVON disc Jockey andpresldentof following day, the snow moves
the National Association of Television and Radio An- on to Frankfurt where it remains -,
nouncers E. Rodney Jones, presented a copy of his album until the tour ends Nov-' UNCLE LEE'S
"Little Milton Sings Big Blues" to Gibson and Picou. Camp- ember 12th.
??: IF ,NOT: FIIUH, .THE HANDY APPLICATION bell records for Checker Records. Sam and Dave will soon be,
Photo By Lee Dale Assc. heard on the airwaves In radio 1025 N.W. 3rd Ave..
lUll AID BRING 01 lUll IT TO CUlTS ----- -spot commercials for Country.
'Club malt liquor nationally,and
181.01.' MIAMI STOlE AT I EAST fLUHR.'NAM Walter Jackson Detroit Bus Driver .for Pearl Beer in the Mid-South '

region. Your .
professional beautician ._
Coach The duo recently completed a
HOW Signs With ,leeDlle's Lands Radio successful engagement at the knows the answer. .

ADDRESS LONG? MOYEAIt- DETROIT: "I'm 'no doctor, but Whlsky-A-Go-Go in Chicago.
I feel sure I'd have bled tc They are currently represented ,I
on the nation's best selling pop
,death If It weren't for that two
\ charts with their Stax
OWNl NT -PHONE way radlot on my
' -SoulsaUonalroct Louis F.Thompson, Detroitbus rendition of "Soul Man", another -
I' I HAVE A lANK ACCOUNT AT [J Ch.ckine 0 S..ine. singer Walter Jackson driver, operates a radio hit composition from thephenomenalsOllprll1Dltteam
I HAVE ACCOUNTS AT 10\ '" e Is the newest client of Lee Dale equipped motor coach for the c1 Is
.. fiRM NAME Open' ad I AM EMPlOYED Yn1 Associates. Jackson signed a Detroit Department of Street Issac Hayes and Dan Porter. peroxide ,
long-term contract at the Railways. An urban transit Stu Records has prepared anew
Firm agency's Cleveland office. grant from the U.s.Department Sam and Dave album entitled color unwanted gray hair?
Now Long-Mo,_"". The polished balladeer, who of Housing and Urban Development : "Soul Men" for release
OcCllpotlOflI records for Okeh Records, helped to pay for the communications in the next few weeks.

I WANt A [J IUDGET ACCOUNT 030-DAY CHAOI came to prominence on the system. An earlier Hair care and beauty experts know that the first traces of gray
strength of his hit rhythm and HUD grant, in fact, helped hair-and even slight fading of natural color after chemical re,
blues seller, "Lee Cross," pioneer the concept. KENNEDY, CENTER laxing-can dull a woman's appearance and make her look older
EXAMPlES OF' GRANTS, since that time he has recorded Driver Thompson who credits i than she feels. While most women hate these premature aging
BUDGET ACCOUNT two albums and is noted for the radio with saving Us effects many are hesitant '''about using permanent, peroxide
his stylistic warbling on num- life last February, recalls that haircoloring which the natural hair
WEEKLY Payments i. may change color while
2.50 3.15 6.15'ONTHLY erous single 45 rpm discs. he was driving his route near ..t. coloring gray.
Afflicted with polio since his when! his
the State Fairgrounds
Professionally.trained know the
Payment s10. $15. s25, late teen years, Jackson has brush with death occured. .II! their customers'\ preferences when unwanted importance of
,, gray a
not allowed this handicap to As the bus approached a cluster ..... ,'. problem These experts also know that Clairol created
.. keep him from making hundreds
at "
waiting a
x passengers Q permanent Loving earehair 'color lotion without .
peroxide. .
OU GET .s200. s300. s500, coast.of engagements from coast-to- stop, the gunman grabbed him The John F4 Kennedy Center to color only the gray without changing the natural shade. They
e.eeeeee Thompson's for the TerfoTning Arts, also find Loving Care blends back color faded by chemical
Tall I, II 31 Mllth TI Pay D. IPJliaau and plunged off the bus Into to be completed in 1968 is processing. Because of its mildness, Loving Care maintains
the darkness. the ole memorial designatedby healthy looking hair and lasts through a month of shampoos.
Or fluillre PlrdulS Of IaO Dr Moro.1Ime1 buy U.S. Slnmbed at the wheeLwound-'
the Congress to the late President Whatever a wmar.'s reason for wanting Loving Care for her
ed In the chest jaw,
hair she is always to consult
0' r in our nation's capital. wise a professional beautician
I does GRANTS-bu' out bft.le policy driver remembered his two
ale VALUES hos no' changed since out founding in J906 J.WT wya radian link with the dispatch The Center will include three Hairdressers are equipped with a family of fine Clairol productsand
'SAVINGSBONDS the training to promise each patron the loveliest
transit large auditoriums, a studio and most
G RANT: ,'CO. Vr'Iffl. ".,....tt..l,...,'. f"1 I, tem. office Minutes of the after 'Ms can sys,' theatre, restaurants cafeterias personalized haircolonng effects every time she visits her salon.
the and underground parkingfor If you dislike gray and want no peroxide why not ask your
an ambulance was on wag
DOWNTOWN R 9 EAT LAGL R and police were combing the 1,600 cars-fill: under one beautician glamorize it with Loving Care?
... ,roof C Clalrol" Inc 1967 Courlety of Cl.
area for the abndlt. rot Inc.. ..IsATDRDAr


I j


$75,000 Goal Has Been Set By A&T University Alumni Units In 48 States

$335,000 Is Totil Of Stokes' Win World! News Digest

I Five Year Seen VictoryFor
Plan ... ,._. h............. ...- r
LIVINGSTONE, Zambia j GREENSBORO, N.CA goal of $75,000 has been accepted by Ideals 4 Kapwepwe issued a warning during a mass rally
Alumni representatives Association of the 48 chapters of the ALT state>> University a recently that "Africa is growing' stronger and stronger,

CLEVELAND, Ohio- Carl B. i ti and one day black: Africa will march onto the Southern
The money Is to be raised In the racialist countries and the white
fund raising; establishing of Stokes stunning victory sweep away minority regimes.
la the alumni association's: annual ." He was referring to the white-ruled
goals for achievement which, Democratic mayoralty primary minority coun-
campalganwhlchopensthls would contribute to success to here has been hailed by John.A.Morsell tries of Rhodesia, South Africa, Angola and Mozambique.He .
week and extends through next 1968 Alumni Giving and the NAACP assistant executive r added that nationalism "will not cease until black Africa
March 31. developing of uniformity in met director, u a fortE has reached Cape Town." -
Mora than one-hundred
of the "de-
hods, schedule and reporting, right vindication"
workers participated in a drew participants: from every mocratic: ideals and process: 4 HONORARY CITIZEN
three-day Alumni Workshop in section of the nation. ses." 1L CHICAGO-(NPI>-4n a ceremony which took place at the
the University's Memorial' The three-day event held on In a telegram to the successful Civic Plata' President Dlori Hamanl! of the West African
Union last weekend. Tliese persons Friday Saturday and Sunday, candidate Dr. Morsell said: J Republic of Niger, was made an honorary citizen of Chicago
beard a plea tor supportby September 29 and 30 and Octo- "Your victory brings tremend- last week The 51-year-old African head of state receiveda
Dr. Lewis C. Dowdy, pre- ber 1, featured as chief oars satisfaction At a time when medal of honor designating him as a citizen of the Windy
sident Dr. Dowdy urged alumni sup director of Alumni Annual Giving are scorned andrejectedby
port in a campaign to give Diversity of North Caro- a loud minority of extremists ON TRIAL
$335,000 during the next five lina, Chapel Hill, N.C.; aod Robert is our Inestimable benefit to LONDON-{NPi-The trial of Michael Abdul Malik, alias
years. This is approximatelyone J. Sallstad. director of have this forthright vindication. Michael de Freltas, alias Michael X, leader of Britlan's
third of the million-dollar public relations and development A majority of Cleveland's Democrats .. wa' Black Muslims got underway In Magistrate's court Wed-
goal set by the University Davidson College,Davidson : ban indeed voted for I nesday. Malik, Trinldadlan-born ex-seaman and founder of
Participants in the Workshop>> N.C.; Sampson Bute, M. 'a man.*" I -I) jj the Racial Adjustment Action society, faces charges of In-
responded to Dr. Dwody's plea B. Graeber, and Henry Frye, Stokes' success at the poUs was r ,! .. _.'. --.c a".J cltment of racial: hatred, stemming from an incident which
by turning in personal pledges all of Greensboro; and DavidW. rlded by a 90-day voter registration )' It occurred last July 17.

of more than $8,000 towards the Morehead, campaign conducted in I 1. ,,;.. \.. -A '
1968 effort. chairman of the 1968 Alum the Rough area by the Cleveland F4( I' PAY TVBARROW
The group, which Included national Giving Program, as well as NAACP Branch under the direction M.l '. "... "j !, ,, ....,... Alaska-(NPI-The Eskimo residents of this
officers and the president Eugene H.Preston,Washington, of W.C. Patton NAACP :, .; northern-most town of the United States are at least In step
and fund-raising chairman D.C., vice-chairman. associate: director: of voter education ., 1OMEGA-....... ... ...- -- with other mainland areas In that they have pay television.
from each of the alumni chapters Also appearing on the programwere Mr. Patton was assigned FOUNDERS. Oscar Cooper, a practicing physician In Philadelphia and. Bishop A closed-circuit station, offering programs 12 hours a day,
heard plans for the 1068 Dr. F.A. Williams and here to direct the campaign Edgar A. Love, retired prelate of the Methodist Church, two of the remaining four foundersof is available to subscribers at a cost of $20 a month

Annual Alumni Giving Program Ellis F. Corbett, director: and which added some 7,000 citizens Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, made an historic appearance at a fraternity banquet in Philadelphia -
The Workshop, which had for associate: director, respectively to the voting rolls. A door-to- sponsored by Mu Omega Chapter. Two hundred and fifty Omega men revered these TRANSLATION
Us purposes the providing of of the .ALT Office of door campaign was conducted by distinguished brothers and memorialized the late founders, Dr. Ernest Just, internationallyfamous KASEMPA, Zarabla-(NPI>)-A draft translation copy>> of the
volunteer workers with proper Planning and Development. a corps of branch volunteers zoologist, and Dr. Frank Coleman, bead of the department of physics at Howard Un- Kaonde Bible has been completed by six-man team, and
techniques and procedures: in 'who distributed literature, held iversity. The fraternity, founded at Howard University in 1911, has approximately thirty-five work has begun on a full text book In charge of the project
meetings, and provided tran- thousand members throughout the! United States. is the Rev. Charles Foster, retired missionary pioneer and :,
,. -. -.. .. Plans $100,000 sportation places of registration founder ot Mukinge Evangelical Fellowship Mission The :,
and election to the final text Is expected to be completed by the end of the year Z
on !II :
AREASERVICEMEN and state leg
a lawyer
i College Drive"Pm islator, is a member of the lists At Hii! NEW YO -(NPl-Free4om from colonial rule has been :::
Cleveland Branch's executiveand By DORIS BROWN urged for American Samoa and Guam, both territories under :=:
L..w.r..1CHEYENNE committee. NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALShaw WASHINGTON, D.C, -Eight UJS. rule; for the Gilbert, EUice. Solomon islands PItcairn wand
going to throw you bust legal redress members of Congress havecon- New Hebrides, by a UN Special committee on colonialism., ..

:, Wyo.-taff Ser- nessmen a curve," said the university has become the first college in Raleigh, N.C. eluded that "Fair housing Is Discussion are being continued on the future of Blue and ::
geant Robert Weaver Jr.,son of speaker at Friday's Bethl 18- Former NAACP to install a call-a-computer terminal for teaching computer not one of FHA's priorities and, Tokelau islands. ::
''Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weaver of, Cookman College DevelopmentFund mathematics. further, they have lashed out LOOKING AHEAD =:
1724 W, 15th St., Jacksonville: luncheon at the Daytona Head Chined Although the computer is located in the mathematics depart at HUD for its failure to Implement REAL, Philippines-{(NFI)-The first annual meeting of the
fin, has been recognized. for Plaza Hotel "But rememberthat ment, students in all areas of concentration at the universityare the law as Initiated In Asian Development Bank Inaugurated in Tokyo in November, :
helping his unit win the covetedU.S. a curve can be turned Into As Plothetd urged to take the course offered this year in the basic lan- the John F. Kennedy Administration 1966 will be held in Manila next April. Initially conceived by ;
Air Force Outstanding Un a home run. If you can raise guage used in working with the time-sharing computer system. .' the UN Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East
Award. locally, by Jan. 1, 1969, donations PHILADELPHIANPI.An The course will be offered to any student who has completedthe (ECAFE). the bank lists 31 countries as members and has
Sergeant Weaver, a computer to the development fund required general education mathematics core course ::
technician: at Francis: E. War of $150,000, my three brothersand unidentified investigator Action Move-of the Shaw's Call-a-Computer terminal, rented at a cost of $3,445 Missouri Leader Civic Service r FDRaIUDa.s i"

ren AFB, Wyo., will wear the I will match "it with our Revolutionary ment ultra-militant 'annually, is being financed by a grant originating with the Duke, '
check for $100,000. an group Shaw and St. Andrew's Science Development Program under
service ribbon
distinctive blue These words came at the conclusion reported to have plotted the assassination Fights Promises Offers : r i
u a permanent decoration as a of President Lyndon Title in of the House, Education, and Welfare Cooperative Jets Ir
of the talk by James E,
member of the 1370th Photo Some 1,500 college students are expected to use the Call-A-
Davis, Jacksonville, national Johnson and other key U.s. Computer service at the school this fall. r
Mapping Wing.was chairman'of the B-CC Development leaders, declared recently,that By EducatorsCHARLESTON For Florida r
The cited for accomplishing As a customer of Call-a-Computer corporation,Shaw can request BRAND NEW
extensive aerial Fund and chairman u board of dlrector.ofWinn-DtJ- Monroe, N.C., is the leaderin The Interagency Board of u.s.. :
photo mappingsurveyandrelated Occidental Life Insurance building. The program will be located: :: 1967 VWSEDAN .
missions well ahead ie Stores, Inc.: beginning a 10 exile of the blzaree scheme. in the Shaw library MO-t1nder Civil Service Examiners lot
geodetic year campaign to raise from Williams, former leader of the the leadership of Mrs. Court Avenue,Orlandq Florida,
of schedule and at cost savings.
<< $7 million to $10 million for Union County (N.C.) NAACP * cAm Helen Currln, the only Negro .has Issued the following examination a
A subordinate unit lithe
major expansion of the college. fled the United States several .. member of the local Board of announcement to $169850 .
Airlift Command the i ,
1370th Military mapping,and About 100 B-CC trustees, local years ago rattier than stand trial $850,000 grant has been made to Southern university by Education, t h e Charleston flU positions throughout the .,
provides In the South for what he described Branch of the NAACP,has State .
survey missions In response to businessmen and educators, the Office: Economic Opportunity"*..- a* flatly af, Florida with the exceptlon DtLIVUID IN lAX| .
and Volusla County and Day u a trumped-up charge rejected a proposed "compromise" of 10 counties North r
The must of Itl"0WD and fundsto
university use resources
Air Force and other Defense many *
tae tt rU
him of involvement in -rflat' >MU V /
tona Beach: Area officials attended against made by the Board. west Florida: r
Department needs. Its personnel match the grant,which it designed to help students from low- '
are stationed at numerous the luncheon meeting, the kidnapping awhitecoupl. income families make educational progress, according to Dr. The Association: insttlng that Clerk -Typist (Trainee) GS-4, jJ :
He went to Cuba where he
locations: in the United States presided over by J.Saxton Lloyd Felton G. Clark, university president. 260 requests for school transfers $3609 per year.Clerkstenogragper.
and are often deployed though- B-CC trustee and local develop launched a campaign against and Students will make or break themselves and the university be granted by the school (Trainee) : Catlin-
out the worll ment fund chairman.The "UJS. imperialism" the way they take advantage of the program, he said. system this school year. GS-2, $3925 per year. .
meeting opened with the racism.: He Is now said to be "TheY'reJIISt salaries $2.21 and hour
The servant graduate of Mrs. Currin says, Starting : :
living in Communist China and Griffin
'stanton High! School, attended singing of "Cantate, Domino", cc * trying to use more stalling to $3.72 an hour. ; :'
"Ezekiel Saw the Wheel", and recently was expected to be an tactics when they promise full Application will be accepted units '
(Ya.) Institute.
Hampton His wife, Geneva, is the "the Big Fat Goose", by the honored guest at the National Fayetteville State College has begun a long-range programto integration in '68. We're entitled i October 16,1967 and sholdbeh. : Volkswagen rI
daughter of Doctor and Mrs. L. Bethune-Cookman CoIl t g e Day celebration in Peking. strengthen Its academic: program. by law to have our children mailed to the Interagency!= Board \INC. .

J. Pickering of 5 Maverick St., Chorale, directed by ThomasD. The linking of Williams with The institution has received $67,000 for use for faculty development transferred now... and we'll cf UjS.Clvtl Service Examinersfor 1 250 EAST ash.ST "'
the plot by RAM to assassinate
Charleston S.C.LIMESTONE Demps. The Invocation was >> visiting scholars, teaching fellows, exchange students stick to the law as we always Florida, 123 South Court Ave- 354-9C93 *
UJS. and officials and
top>> city
made by Dr. Liburn Moseley, and academic: counselors have nue, Orlando, Florida 3280L
****** Seabreeze United Church.Dr. dynamite public buildings came An additional $10,000 has been made available for future plan .. .- !II t ,. l
Maine-Airman John 0. Gross, Nashville, to light as huge bonds were set ning. -
,First Class Calvin J. Burney, vice chairman at the B-CC for six RAM members, reportedto The first phase of the program was launched this fall, when
.whose parents are Mr.and Mrs board of trustees, spoke briefly be connected to the plot. The five Fayetteville students enrolled at the University of North
Walter W. Anderson of Rt. 6. on "Why We Are Here," ball, set by Judge Lee Wein- Carolina for the 1967-68 academic: year.
Jacksonville: Fla.,has recelveolthe ;; outlining the Importance of education roll totaled nearly 8200.000.Local During the second semester, five UNC students will study at
U.s. Air Force Commendation for young people in to- police fro still seeking a FSC.

Medal at Lorlng AFB, day's World, especially Negro seventh member of the group.Williams Several Fayetteville faculty members have been granted academic -
Maine. people. He spoke of the Is editor of a news
young leave to study toward their doctorate degrees.In .
Airman Burney was decoratedfor role Bethune-Cookman has fulfilled letter called the "Crusader"
another effort to Improve FSC's academic climate, visit-
meritorious service u an through the years in pre- which attacked racism: in the
ing scholars will be used as resource persons and will help
administrative specilalst atnakhon paring young men and women to United States a dwhlchhasbeeabarred plan the curriculum.
Phanom Royal Thai take their rightful place: I n in America Williams-
'AFB, Thailand. Rewascltedfor society, and of the responsibility charged that President Johnson eeetcccc IJ
his outstanding Job proficiency erf the community for fur- was responsible for the banning.
and devotion to duty. thering the work of the college. The investigator here said
He is now at Lorlng with the Davis emphasized the necessity Williams had learned "armed Earn While You SleepOwn

Strategic Air Command, the for strong local support If revolution" from the master- your own Ultra-Modern'Coln Operated Laundry -
nation's combat ready Intercontinental the national campaign Is to be a Chairman Mao.
and other stores
next to 7-11 store new
In addition to the President
missile and bomber success. He states his belief ,
Moncrief and Richardson Roads. Have your own
force. that at least 30 percent of all FBI Director J. Edgar HOOverwas investment. Easy
business for minimum $5000.00
The airman is 1962 graduate contributions to private educa- also marked for assassina financing. Complete professional assistance. Call

of Douglas .Anderson High 'tion in Florida should go to pre ton or write, Les Sturtriilge, 1704 Flagler Ave., Jar,
School, South Jacksonville,Fla. dominantly Negro institutions. Phone 359-4586.
His wide Mary,is the daughter Calling Bethnne-Cookman
of Mrs Leila M. Simmons of College "one of the best managed -

807 E. Seventh St, Laurel, Negro colleges In the
Miss. Southeast and in the Nation," rut ITi ;
he called for wholehearted support _.

.development from the fund community campaign in.the RIMIATiARKHAM CHUCK BERRY es

riIuJ vu

tr WILLIAM'Bftt' PIC aftfl I BILL i *
Yn Dii't Han Ti El To Tory Ti (it'



HOC STOKE NEEDS For the benefit of the


trade With Tour* N t Ighborhood DrugstoreWE

PAPERS. We deliver. We aloe fill all Doctors Prescriptions.! Seagrams'V.O.Canadian: than any

other brand of-irnportedwhiskv

Dixie Pharmacy i.TTi admission $2.00 in advance $2.50 at the door. "j.""*,

( tickets available at your favorite record store or from "FOXIE"girls on the street $

1301 Kiijs led At .,rUe 3F .A iFSLMIVI4P -,l w I. . .

rims Efti 5-55JMB ,. "'ars.a""r mINOEO kokcrto ANo wNhs ao7niD rej u"oee EVERY PERSON OVER 21 WILL BE GIVENA i



WUft-i ion Of IIUCIU miMlU.m raw U.sax BOOf liAMM MillUUt con,M.C.

TELEUW BILLS AT m sun .. ._._-------w


12 IMI "'"* IIIIIMT HTilll 14. MM

"Orange Juice" Simpson Is Running Like A Trojan Horse Doing Battle

Detroit flag Ran-Yeah' Aft wile To .psew Gets Hlii Praise

I E t'ti

Nothing New To Then Ploy Host Year .., Opiesllki Grid Cock

Bre t-nect races are nothing NEW YORK-Mike Burk, club ANGELES, CALIF. -In paying tribute to the Trojans of
new to the Detroit Tigers, In President of the NewYorkYan of Southern California, coach Sarrell Royal of
trying to win the American kees has confirmed the fact .. taM fC Is one of the nation's finest."
Flag. that Mickey Mantle will not be his State 49-0 tba
League bad Just watched Washington ,. ,
Hit Tigers won the flag In sitting behi damtercpbonenert ) take a 17-13 trim week before.

1907, 1908, 1909, 1934, 1340 baseball season the Trojans) before Toby Page, the No. 1 signal
and 1945 and the races wentto For the past few months as witnesses on a balmy caller for the Trojans suffered -

the wire In five rf those The Mick wearly I hauled him- night in Memorial some bruised rtbsin... the
six seasons. celf to the playing field almost ",aSb1ngtpm-"! s"o Coach

In 1908, the pennant was dally In a futile cftortlo W year before, the Long- John McKay was forced to go
clinched on the final day of the Yankees; out ol the second also dropped a four-point against Texas with SteveSogge, -.
the season. The following year division, reports have persisted to the Trojan eleven, a 5-10 175-pounder Junior.
they backed in, when the Athletics that be is beaded to a TV or by a 10-< score in Sogge, after a shaky start,
dropped a double-header radio broadcasting post at Yan- at Austin. responded lIoblytothecha11eoc-

on September SO. kee stadium next Mason. has never lost to Texas, completing 10 of 18 passes for
The championship was not decided Burke said be believes The met four times and no 125 yards,with Interceptions.
until the last weekend In Mick. was saved beneficial to school that has played His main duty, however, was
1940, as the Tig rs nosed out him physically." Burke said at least three times handing off tile ball to tailback
the Indiana..In 194S, they won on "He has enormous physical the same statement. 0 J.; Simpson and 0 J. likewise
the final day, after losing in courage, into the game USC was responding nobly netted 158
'44 the same way. tr No. 4 In the nation, with yards in 30 curles.for a S.3
Only In 1934 did the Tigers Honor Badges To Be \iiLLii: In the No. 5 spot. average.

really breeze Into a World 3 trojans had the advantage OJ.'s counter-part, Chris
Series berth. This! was their Given Deer HuntersTALLAHASSEEFlorida game under their belts, Gilbert, was limited to75yards
first pennant In 23 years and It dispatched hapless in 22 tries for a 3Jt average.
was won with a seven-game sportsmen 0. J.- Simpson, who averaged 8.J yards in W carries for Southern California Kns into nt MarUM: after ga> This was comedown for the
bulge over the Yankees.The who harvest deer with eight 13 yards and first down. Texas Junior who the year
i908 Is or,more points cr) black bear Sill
pennant run before netted 103 yard against

remembered as the most thrilling with least skull 10 incehs measurements long and five at Trojans Pay Tribute Card's Gibson Could Bethiie. Set ForH'MC'II Houston's the Trojans, although playing
In Detroit annuals
although Dad only in the second half.
1940 and 45 provided ample Inches wide are wllglble for He went on to total over 1.00C
honor badges which they To Schools Win Corvette Award Looking For
eidtment.Hets: may High Bj Tilt yards for the season and enJoyed -
wear on their hat or shooting Coach From
NEW tDRK-Bt. Louis Cardi- a big day in the Bluebonnet -
of the
Three their Hoyle Granger
Cost jacket as recognition) of
Trouncing nal Bob Gibson who The Bethune-CookmanCcllejj Bowl as the Longhorns
skills In Florida' forest and pitcher Oilers isn't sure if he
won the SPORT magazine Cor- Wildcats, undefeated in two the thickness of his legs Wrong Way blanked Mississippi, 190. .
Coiches Yogi Stays fields the Virginia State College vette Award as the Most Valuable starts, will meet the Allen University working In Don't get the idea he'll bean
heredity or by
Big Came Honor Badges are made visiting was always some
Trojans Player in the 1964 World Yellowjackets In. less effective this year,
awarded FIELD AND Saturday rice fields. Bid now at Into around where
by to
YORK-toterlm Manager school students happy
NEW high
Series wUl have a good chance: Memorial in Daytona Beach even though his statistics
do with
he knows what to
STREAM magazine.Application Dave Costa,
38 to 12 victoryover
wasreleasedfromhis with a says
Salty Parker October 14th. shrunk in the Coliseum.As .
to win a second sports car, according to the
coaching duties along with forms for honor badges will the Shaw University BearsofRalieghN.C. "You've got go up defensive tackle,
The event for Gilbert Sumpson
gala homecoming vs. ,
plans announced -
be available the Game- pitching dle," says the 8-foot-l, be recalls his youth
two other coaches at the closed through .
Card Red is expected to draw Bethune- Royal wouldn't enter into the
this bueballleUOII. and Fresh Water Fish Commission The Trojans played host to by manager several pound sophomore running ny dad had a perfect
Cookman Alumni from argument."They're.
Schoendlenst. .
Dropped along with Parker : Dept I-ETallahassee high schools throughout the Schoendlenst revealedthptGibson states. "I picked my way too for keeping me and my both among the best

were pitching coach HarveyHaddU or the Commission's regionaloffices state during the Seventh Annual will draw,! the starting The Wildcats, a much 1m last year. You've got to out of trouble. runners in the country," be
and Sheriff Robinson located in Panama City High School Day.Quarterback ball club to. In there aggressively wedldn'tbaveany- leave it at"
for tht Series proved according said. "Lefs Just .
assignment opener
Bern will on Lake City, Ocala, Lakeland and Lawrence Sugg got to make them respect do and looked like we ,
Only Yogi stay n. "
and would thus be availablefor Jack' Mc Clalren, will use a ...... i.
the West Palm Beach. got the Trojans oft to a fast up the middle"Granger be beading for trouble
Job.Wes staring duty in games four pro-type offense with five eligible Coach Royal did make a wish
Since 1964 a total of 17 honor on is making us down to the cellar.
Westrum resigned as start by placing seven points
and should the Series receivers including the and that was to not have to
manager of the New York club badges have beenpresented the Scoreboard with a one yard that sensational Cooper twins($am- 'fensfis. do Just that. up a barrel of bolts contend with anyone with morecapabilities '
21 and Parker took to Florida sprotsaent for deer plunge early in the first quarter. last long. off a rookie year In : and dump them on the
SPORT uel and Daniel from Plant City than Simpson thiS'season
In the 12 that the ,
years 50 .
over. and ond for black bear, It Is The Trojans: .remebering an Corvette Award has Florida) carried the ball only Then he'd say: Sepa- .
Parker said the three ousted pointed out that Big Game Honor upset on their last High School Magazine Granger gave every .'
backs San
of Francisco
ten Outstanding running expected At City College '
Badges are not the results with Shaw were not to been presented, pitchers of his potential by gaining leave much time for .
offered positionsIn
coaches were ,
to contribute are: Allan Simpson 8-1 200(()pound -
have earned the prize, ancj of ,
contest but :; yards in a limited la trouble."
but of a hunting ,
be outdone.
the organization, those three had started the Wilson, a 5'10",180 pound halfback was hailed as the greatest thing
be Indicated be would rather recognition of skill in big game Early in the second /garter, The three open from Miami, Florida and carries a 6.9 average that and eventually football, since Ollie Matson possibly
for their clubs. ,
another club coach hunting Sugg sensing several weaknesses er the best among the top 20 crowded his schedule,
as ,
Join ,
T were WhIte, Ford of the New Captain of the 1967 Wildcats; even better.He .
in the league.
defense ers might
in the Shaw gone wrong.
York in 1961 Koufax of and Anthony Grlsby, a 5'10", scored 54 touchdowns
Sandy his thick
And now, with dH- nd Costa a 6-
sent ALL-CIAA Fullback Bobby ,
200 fullback from Del- two while
the Los Angeles Dodgers in pound years averaging 9.3
R.S.EVANS3rd the work he has has become
doing 250
Wlngo off his right tackle for an, pounder,
1963, and Gibson, himself In ray Beach, Florida. Grlsby, into second place among the outstanding defen- yards from scrimmage.He .
85 yard touchdown run.
a Is the team's the 100 in 9.4 and
seemed 1964. Koufax, who also earned sophomore American Football In the American runs ,
The second quarter the SPORT Magazine Corvette leading ground gainer with 120 ;last spring be took sixth a
ft MAIN for Shaw.. leading rushers."I League.
to be the downfall
stop Award in 1965, is the only two- yards rushing. don't really know why the the NCAA 100-yard dash and
not leading
The Bear defense could currently
EL 4-8381 OPEN TILL 9:30 P.M. EL 4-8382 the running of halfback Vernon time Tf lDer. Leading the Defensive unit.will legs are so thick," in tackles with 11-" ran third leg on the title-hold
be Henry Still, a 6-0", 270 ing Trojan 440-yard relay team.
Gibson who missed tn
: Granger "My father and
67 CADILLAC (PE. D VILLE$5595 Lee and fullback Wingo. months of the 1967 season because pound All-Conference tackle; rice farmer before be unassisted of the variety- Charlie Hall, a scout for the
The two workhorses placed one
i EXECUTIVE CAllI AN LIICI HW tOMIPDAT' ora broken leg came back and Johnny Orr, a 6'0", 305 a barber. I worked some in Bills will face when Houston Oilers, said "We'll
"1 cONOITIONED, pIMMEN. the ball In scoring position
middle from went'
take him
116Xi with number of strong gamesin pound guard the right now. Hall
I tlMJ.TJ, AC1'NoR WAICNT1K several times to allowquarterback rice fields. But maybe meet at Denver Sun-
aid Miami, an outstanding newcomer OB to say, that he was be didn'thave
t mid-September ven pit father
are hereditary. My
j 66 CADILLAC SED DEVILLE. $4595 Joe: Crittendon to scoreon ched the pennant clincher in': who Is shaping-up as big legs. Costa admits be to coach against him, because -
a one yard run and complete freely
1 LOADED AND LIINCYA NEW ONI ONLY 110M MILES Philadelphia two weeks ago one of the top defensive lineman Jr. 0 J. would scare him to
'\CTO'I' "" a 30 yard touchdown pass to "My son, Hoyle t".s.' be playing If it wasn't
B-CC histOI'J.
i Said Schoendlest wanttoto In gridiron. 70 months old, already death.
66 BUICK RIVIERA $3395LOADED All-American end Harry Shar
per. with experience in the opener, big legs. Somebody meul 'wasn't for football Pd
WITH EQUIPMENT CONDITIONED and that means Gibson. And if The game will be preceded by calves when I was a "
Wlngo later scored In the third my wrong, says.
I 65 MUSTANG . .$1395 quarter on a two yard plunge Gibson approach the form he a parade in Downtown Daytona In college. They were 19 gave me another six
Beach beginning at 10:00 a.m.. Gateway'
showed in the 1964 World Ser- :
j, 65 While Harry Short, who had inches guess they may ." .
PONTIACCATALINA.$2195 kicked four extra points for the lei In which be won two game.ancIletaSerleutrltelutrecor4. It is expected to attract more gotten bigger since" comes from Yonkers,
.DOOR HARDTOP, than 15 high school and college
day, capped the scoring with So has Gr ngesa and admits be ran with
67 CAMARO . .$2395 a 30 yard field goal then he Just might ride off clip .bands. A fifth-round draft choice crowd until his high Action Grid
Other events include: Coro-
AUTOMATIC RtH, FACTORY WARRANTY. The Bears put together two his second SPROT Magazine starring at Mississippi coach at Saunders Trade
64 BUICK WILDCAT $1695 scoring threats late in the fourth corvette Award. nation Ceremonies culminating the French-speaking took over. Grid action In the Gateway
Past SPROT Magazine Corvette ; Conference will find all teams
AIR CONDITIONED. 'quarter on two touchdwon was brought along slowly told me, 'you ought to
65 Ford V-8 Hardtop ............. ......$1995 passes,, from quarterback ., Award Winners: Pre-Homecoming MidnightBall season by Coach Wally college.' Pd say, Pm not involved in conference play except --
JIM, POWER AIR CONDITIONED. Clarence Patterson to halfback 1956.Johnny; Podres, Brooklyn Clarendon Room Daytona "We didn't push him last He'd tell me again Gilbert and Stanton Vocational. .
I 68 Pontiac Bonnevllle Coupe ......$2993 Dodgers Plaza Hotel; and Alumni because we wanted him to .
Allen Hepburn. me to go to a Junior
tTTOP VINYL HOOP! Breakfast meeting in the
65 Chrysler Newport ................11995 First Downs: 1956-Don Larson, New York Charles C. ParlinStudent Union what be. was doing," so I could get Into the StantOll.Yt1l1 host Raines la
m&pwiJfaajss': mi" lOOt CLEAN First Down: VSC, 18; SU, 8. Yankees Lemm. "He's got good studying. At the trade a game that will determine
67 Impala ........ $2595 Rushing Yardage: VSC. M7.SU! : 1957--Lew Burdette, Milwaukee Building, Bethune Cookman although he still has to I hadn't taken a book the leader. As of now they are.
OOR HTOP RLN, PACT.WACIA 68. Passing Yardage: hC,256, Braves College campus. to make maximum use of three ,ear.." tied for first place. The game
67 Valiant tow 1It ITEERlNO y..t.uAcgn, ., .: ......Hs95u SU, 14. Passes: VSC, 14-27; 1958-Bob Turley, New York size in running. He's '. constant pressure will be played at Wolfson Park
uv Chevrolet Station Wagon FACTORY... ......WARRANTY....$2195 SU,12.28. Passes Intercepted, Yankees Packers Bart Starr pretty good receiver, has and Costa made it to on October ll.p .
t Chevrolet! MH CIt ON TOP' WARP' IHARP. VSC, 0; SU, L Punts: VSC' 4- 1959--Larry Sherry, Los Angeles bands and can be a big J.C. in Sterling, On Thursday night Anderson
I 64 .Impala V-8, Air Cond. ...,$1595 148; SU, 10-251. Fumbles Lost: Dodgers. there too. then moved on to Utah and Butler will vie in conference -
591 Cadillac< .....$695 CLEAN. 62 Ford ........$595 VSC, 0; SU.O. Yards Penalized: 1960-Bobby Richardson, New Playing Under Strain "But if a boy has the pro football. action
Vocational travels to
we, 155; SUo 50. r. York Yankees. tential I want bin to the only things con Stanton
1961-Whltey Ford, New York WJS.-.lt was first. When we put about Costa are his Hastings where they will playin
Yankees GREEN; BAYS he was ready." and his high-top shoes.! a non-conference tilt. The
1962 Ralph Terry, New York learned recently that the acterl' Granger will be the & nigh-tops all through Engineers are coming off a
Yankees stellar quarterback admit Lemm had the right and college," says victory over Douglas Anderson
e 1963--Sandy Koufax, Los Ange- Starr has been injured since "I had a lot of trouble "When I went to the on last weekend, 6-0.
les Dodgers the beginning of the football Ing the audlbles and was wearing low- Matthew W.CUbertbuanopec

1964-Bob Gibson, St. Low season the defenses" Granger I gave them a try and date this weekend but, will get
Cardinals Coach Vince Lomnardi, said "In college we never off the bat I injured m> back in the swing of grid action
1965-.Sandy Kou z, Los Angeles "He's been playing with a multitude had audlbles. We called I haven't worn them by Journeying to Sanford Fla-
Dodgers of Injuries, Lombard plays in the huddle and to take on a strong eleven at

1966-Frank Robinson, Baltt-! didn't! go into detail about what we ran 9 out of 10 he has been wearing out Crooms Academy High School

Starr's injuries: It took about three to four e linemen .
for me to catch on when I
checked off on a pail

s SEAFOOD CENTER "And the people you have :VETERANS
hit are bigger and .

1A 144 N. MYRTLE AVE. ... PH. EL4-1468. people;'
Then be bad to learn to '

thority. That be has
SPANISH MACKEREL well is reflected In the ,; i 1

SILVER DRUMMIXED C tics. Granger, who gained
%ae 3. 9 yards, in the Oilers'

PAN FISH against last Sunday Kansas against City Denver, came Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking

NORFOLK SPOTS a 138-yard performance in
carries-and became the

SMALL WHITE' T OUT ',. player in the AFL this ... Applications! For its

URN WI'." COAIT MULlIT .. .., LI. 35C to gala 100 or more yards
That lifted him into

. Lb. $1.10 place with 319 yards
5.S average, behind Bo Veteran Class.,

FRESH FILET OF STEAK Lb. 79c .Jim Nance. Joe Namath
over the passing lead
fAMCV PeOINMULLET Daryl! JLamonica. of

ROE. .. . .Ll. 89c The Raiders' Hewitt The Size Ot Our ClaassesIs '
Jls tur-neYrecelving .
FANCY LYING 00 CLAW MIAT .tl.ll .- _

CRABS DOT. 51 wale MIAT 'etso '
LUMP.. .. : tioa:
Make United

HUSH FLOUNDU ,L1. 49.w i

PI avia SHRiMP DtYuNEK .. .. 51-49 Ea. Your ." Now To Be Sore 01 Place.

e..<< TMT AMMMMl*
DEM CGis'H28c..JSNEU, OYSnK M. f 5

to e e WHITE SHRIMP eLl. $1.10

CALL 3559874'ICE

L.r.fI I 4 ',..t1: P' \! 4 .. 1!

-- -
., "


Red And Stan Proved To Be As Successful Managing As They Were Playing .

;\ World Series Slrigety HwpedGrewbltog Red Birds' Dvo Seens Closer

1\1115 N' THAT IN SPORTS 1 -= -"," ,. ":r< _._ -- --

y Thai Playiig Days As Cards

The;' Cincinnati franchise which was awarded to Paul Brown 1'r :: .

last week will receive 32 veteran players In the second expansion { 8T.: LOUIS, MO.-Team work can't be beaten by any other
draft In American
Football League history effort which Involves a group of people. This was proven
Each; of the nine AFL teams, with the exception of the two- Pe' 1
"/ ,this season by the Red Birds and their manager Red Schoen-
year-old Miami Dolphins, will supply four veterans under tflenst.'Schoendlenst.
this formulaEach :
club a poor coal1DIner' ball's steadiest, finest-folding
existing except Miami, freezes 29 players
from Germantown and surehanded second bAsemen -
Cincinnati selects one player from each team.
Each,existing club, except Miami, freezes two more players. in southern l1 l-nols, and General though at tines' be (lay.ed .

Cincinnati selects two players from each teun. Manager Stan Musial, a at third and short wd in the

Each existing club, except Miami, freezes one more player. poor immigrant's son from Do- outfield
Cincinnati selects one player from each team nora in western Pennsylvania, Like his more famous roommatelIedwasbotheredatt1me.-

The Cincinnati club also will get the first and last pick on struck it rich together with .
+ / lgiV 1 their ability to do things to- by his throwing arm. The eondlton -
each round of the combined player draft, an additional pick r 1e
after the second, third and fourth rounds and the sixth round ether and with a baseball. was its most acute whenhe

choice of every AFL team except Miami As former players of baseball was married In September,
they know what come first. 1945, to a rabod baseball fang

as the men who sweat, strain and a pretty brunette named Mary

between the foul lines O'Reily a Fontbonne College
struggle I
GOOD The Boston Patriots who will play their '
Schoendlenstnor student in St. LouIs.Musial' .
scheduled home game at San Diego Sunday-the/ site of the Neither Manager
Muslal career hung In the
General Manager
game was shifted because cia conflict with tile World Series i 1
would attempt to take credit ,balance too, in 1940 when Stan
are the team coming off the bye this week. .
was a 19-year-old husband and
for the Cradlnals' incredible
And so far this season of the five 1
none teams coming off
has lost. surge to a pennant wond so'may. father. His left arm went dead
a bye
after suffering an injury making
Miami defeated Denver 35-21 .
City defeated Miami
From time to time however a diving attempt at Daytona
24-0 New York defeated Denver 38-24 San
Diego defeated
Indicated Beach Fla. where be played in
their players have/ ,
13-3 and
Houston last Sunday Oakland defeated Kansas City
attitude and outfield
23-ZU that the approach the between pitching

of both the man in the front starts This injury forced Muslal

net office and the one in the dugout to switch from the'mound.

have been factors in the Stan-the Man was never serIously -

spirit good feeling and harmony hurt tumbling or somersaulting -
QUICKIE QUOTE: George Blanda, who kicked three field
of the club. In all the yearsbeplayed
goals In Oakland's 23-21 victory over Kansas City, on his
There are few players that the outfield In the majors.He .
can boast better playing credentials soared from a $65amonthparttime
"In 1949 I thought Pd try pro football for a Pve been
year. ... ____,.. than Stan the Man professionalasahlgh
playing it one year at a time ever since." "-- ---
or the 018 Redhead.In school boy in 1938 to the Nation

.... Star a full seasons with the al League's first JlOO.OOOason
Sullivan" Runs Wild Rattlers Win 3rd Straight. Cardinals, Muslal, hit .331 and player In 1959.

/ moving around like a high-' The Man hit .330 as a full time

Little POST Dickie"PATTERN) Post: was Three a third-string games ago Dick running("Don't back Call for the Me .StiIS With BHCS In Fletchers Win Downing Alabama AIM 4536NORMAL priced only utilityman player in,major he becamethe league regular at nearly 42 in 1962.

San Diego Chargers. Then came Injuries. And Post, a 5 .
,foot 9, 190 pound rookie from Houston, got his chance.He NEW ORLEANSNPITheNew In the wake of a football season Ala.-Coach Jake Caliber's mighty Rattlers are history ever toplaylOOOgamea I .

gained 57 yards in 17 carries against Houston, then Orleans Buccaneers had which told many surprises rolling right along u they put together clutch passes, an alert each infield and outfield,centerfield

came back against Buffalo with,121 .uds In 20 tries, gainIng Jhelr fourth Louisiana standout and upsets Tom Sullivan of defense that came up with the big play and the punting of John and right field. i!

the admiration of his own coaches u well as one of the and second former Gramb- Fletcher High School was named Eason to down Alabama AIM 45-35 on C.elr last outing. Muslal trim, durable and olive -

Chargers' alltime rushing leaders Keith Lincoln with Ung college star last week In "Back of the Week" for his skinned put together major
now performance last week. The lead changed hands on FAMU, Ginn returned the kickoff league high for totalises
the Bills. the fold to
Just prior
seven occasions as Alabama's to the 45 Morand hit H. (6,134) and 4xtra-base hits HAIR POMADE
In his performance last Fri. ,
Said Charger assistant O.A. Phillips who of Post'scoaches on their Initial exhibition tour.
quarterback Onree Jackson kept Jackson for 15 yards and two ( 377)). And onto the American HaIr
day night against Paxon, Sullivan Keeps
John Comeaux
at the
University of Houston last year: ,a 6foot-5 guard i'
the Bulldogs in the game with successive 15 yard penalties League's Immortally Cobb topped Near andWellGroomed
took the kickoff
"He's, fast, he has wonderful balance and he's a winner. He who graduated at Grambling in
pinpoint despite his National League high
accuracy Alabama FAMU
against put on
and returned It 90 yards. From
makes a move at a tackler and freezes him." 1966, agreed to terms over the
Lincoln said weekend to Buccaneer scrimmage he had runs of 40, having many passes dropped by the 10 On the next play Eason of base-hits. 3630. All Day
his receivers. made a hand grab of a R d bead known as a defensive
"When I first saw him, the first thing that came Into my coach general manager 59 and three yards. one N.w. l..pro d MURRAY'S Hilr
Jackson completed only 12 of Morand in the end cone whir, played 19seasoaslnbase DnMlni omid. work wooden
The 170-pound senior tailback pass ea
mind was if s a question of his size, he's so small NowI Babe McCarthy.A 40 but ball 14 of those in a Cardinal kinky hud-to-m...,. ..... Applied
passes they were good and FAMU was back in the ,
a total of 304 for .,
native gained yards in ih momlni hall ktepi /mcomlwd
know he's of
a player. His fine he his Lafeyette
fiery blocking's
uses ,
the night Coach Jack Taylorhad for 256 yards and two touch. ball game with 10:48: left. uniform was even better defensively look til blockers well-and he'll get better." played three years at Gramb _.
than Mush! Red
downs. was
words pf praise following After an exchange of punts, MURRAY;S :

as The ling ass BUCs'teamate No. James 1 draft choice Jones Sul ivan's performance against The Rattlers scored first when FAMU needed 12 plays plus Just as versatile, too, when d.dlU..ndmo". On ul. .,.! ... M i

Paxon. He said, Sullivan is a bad snap from center by two penalties to put the ball achievelng his lifetime .28Sa- b cauogn n.ryrMo. .
and one of BUG roster are Jack .. '
always trying to Improve, and Alabama on fourth down gave the on the seven yard line.F AMU'. verage, topped by .342 In 1953, "UIIA".5
SHAPELY LEGS Quarterback Joe Namath of the New York Morelans Louisiana Tech and
: : Rattlers the ball their a in which be bit
that his play was among tops on own quarterback Ken Riley then hit season even HUE SII sao MUR98! :
Jets has had Just three interceptions marked against his Marbert Pradd, Dlllard. that he had ever seen in one 17, Three plays later, FAMU Eason for the score on a roll five points higher than the sum SUE Hsupniot mel.'euwf7 _,;:p
name this and credits the operation on his leg for cutting comeaux accompanied the
year, night. tackle Horace Lovett kicked a out pass, and FAMU led 37* mighty Stan.Schoendienst.
down on the number of stolen. BUCs on their four-night PRODUCTS
passes swing 31 yard field goal. The first 36 with 2:49 left in the was a shortstopby JJi '
: game. I
4M Ctortitto Irtnlt, Ml*
take little to look around Namath to Kilgore Texas
"I can a longer explains. ; Pinevllle, quarter ended with FAMUlead- After the kickoff Alabama choice and a left fielder by i
--'1 can stand back there longer and get hit more than I did Grabllng and Shreveport. ing 3-0. threw three Incomplete passes necessity, became one of base
last year. Comeaux came highly recommended In the second quarter Jackson before RatUer'.Unebackerotll -

by Grambllnc coach went to work after FAMPs Collier intercepted on the Alabama .

zee fred Hobdy. "The important safety Joe Williams fumbledan 26. On the Rattlers first AUTO
feature about him Lathe fact thai INSURANCE\
Alabama and
Dtx5 punt the Bulldogs play, sophomore) sensation Glea- '. "
DARYLE'S Daryle Lamonlca Oakland's quarterback he will add tremendous size to '
: recovered he 28 I '
on yard ,
Edwards broke off tackle fora "
has directed the Raiders to a 3-0 record and talks like a guy our backcourt which had been line,,.Jackson hit halfback 25.00 Down, '9.00 Per Month.
who neve r had It so good because of his two running backs, regarded as small Maurice Coleman with a 19 74 yard touchdown run" to

Hewritt Dixon, who is top ranked in pass receiving, and Clem During his senior season at yard pass ran for and put the game on ice
Daniels, who is fourth in rushing Grambling (1965-66)) Comeaux fullback Alvin Pressnet tookIt FAMU is now 3-0, for the
No.I I Interest Or Finance
"1 can't think of any team in football that has better talentIn poured through an averageof over from the one. season Alabama AIM is 2- Charges

the backfield than these two-Dot with their all-round 318 points a night and earned Three minutes later, the Bull 11. The Rattlers next game

ability," says Lamonlca. "Clem's record on running and. first team berths on three All- dogs recovered another fumbleon will be Homecoming Saturday

catching the football speaks for Itself and Dixon will be American teams, AP, UPI and the six, Jackson scampered afternoon, October 14, against SR-22 Filings FREE.,

recognized this season as one of the great fullback threats. NATE. He averaged U.8 pointshid around left end on the first Morris Brown College The

"The real plus is that they work for each other; both of. freshman year;12.9 his sophomore play from scrimmage for the. kickoff is set for 2 p.m., at

them are good blockers. Add that to their double threat as season and 2L3 his score. Braggs Stadliftn. TftAVISt '

receivers and ball carries with the knack of shedding tacklers Juror vear.Comeaux .. .. FAMU punt return specialistJoe ,ROBERT

-and they're pretty good to have around. who calls Eunice Tom Sullivan -- Williams made up for his Associates lie

home, average 47.8 points Sullivan was born here in earlier fumble when he took Tigers Win 1st ,

Houston Ridge Frferes Big during Us senior year at Mosvllle Jacksonville to a Navy career the Alabama kickoff on his 10 121 E
8th/ Streef Room 10
TEXAS-More than Bldg. b4.7897'D6S
High West Lake, La. family His father is now serving -' yard line and shot straight up, HOUSTON
In DafeistVo and was twice named All-State. aboard the IBS Saratoga the middle for a 90 yard touch. 11,000 Jepperson Stadium Fans Edgewood Avenue 8. 369-3483
Chargers He made prepAll-Americanhis In the Mediterranean with the down. sat in hushed disbelief as Tens Roosevelt Blvd.. ..3683583Tickwck..ticktock. ,

senior year. Within 10 second the Rattlershad Southern ran out the clock .
He doesn't clothes In booth but far Sixth Fleet.
change a telephone as as
the San Diego Chargers are concerned Houston:Ridge might After graduation at Gramhllng Coach Jack Taylor told the scored again. Alabama AIM in the closing minutes to nip! Tennessee
fm was drafted In the fifth round FLORIDA STAR that Sullivan ,tried a lateral on the kickoff State 14-10 for the first
Just be an alias for Clark Kent.
bytte Chicago Bulls of the NBA. came to Fletcher In Sept. 1966 and fumbled in the end cone, time in history.
"He is super strong ex throwing. Bulge became NCAA "I '
didn't play or even try out from New Jersey where his Rattler flash Major Hazeltorf
plains O.A.FhUlips, the Char. small college champion in the for the team because couldn't father fell on the ball in the end tone ...
While in
was stationed.
ter' defensive line coach."He's shot and was third In the discus
come to teams with them, said New for the score and FAMU took Watch
head and shoulders the strong .heaving the shot with his Jersey "Sully" played
Comeaux. "The ABA and the the lead 1814.Alabama .
freshman and thatdidrit
est man on the team. We had right hand and the discus with Buccaneers have given me a ball. sophomore foot. came right back as This Clown the Bourbon

a professional group come Into his left. chance to play pro basketball Jackson hit on four consecutive
Tom didn't come out for football
camp to measure our play He Joined the Chargers last and I'm gratful for this." when be first arrived passes in a 76 yard drive II watch the clock!
but with Ills 14 21
ers' individual strength with a .season, only prior that put Alabama back In frontat
but did
Fletcher so past '
machine. Ridge tiled 105 pounds experience being one year at

more than any other man who Reedley Junior College last Gaither's Assistants He spring, related Coach Taylor. FAMU half-time took 2118.the lead in the 16 11 1 : .3D, ,
was first tried at split- E9A
has ever neem tested." and one at San Diego State,
third quarter when end Herman I
end but
his aglUiy and balancein 3
But be didn't break the machine Ridge saw only limited action ,
Jackson picked fumble
that time, although machine as a linebacker and defensiveend. Played Under Him his moves and caused much by FAMU quarterback upa Elroy 6 1 OLD
curiosity was moved to the
breaking Is among the This year he went to the 4
back field Morand and raced 13 yards for J "
TALLAHASSEE at the tall back _
modest achievements of the tackle spot. FLAJUl six '
his first touchdown of the sea
quiet-spoken but destructive "The boy hasn'tpbyedawhole assistant coaches on the Florida and spot This the is where he stayed son. Alabama came right back ID 11 CHARTER

defensive tackle. lot of football," says Phillips. AIM University coaching won starting berth. and scored on a safety and 38

When the Chargers measured "But you don't have to wind him staff played their college football According to Fletcher's.mentor yard pass interception returnto 13021stSometimes Kentucky's finest Bourbon
the strength of Ridge's thighs up. He winds himself up.That's at FAMU under bead A$. Sully a shy and lead 29-25 going into the
modest lad
until he
with a patented machine broke the great thing about him. He's "Jake" Gaither. Two of them, gets on fourth quarter. He's Sometimes

under the pressure,and when he uninhibited. Robert "Pete" Griffin and Costa the Coach gridiron. Within 30 'second after the ,He's Down, He Adds,Subtracts.

wet to work on an exergenle "He's come a long way." Kitties, were selected to the not Taylor said "Sully is 4th quarter got underway Jackson He worlds it all around. .
a sprinter but his share
machine Ridge proceeded to And apparently is going much Pittsburgh courier All-Ameri strength and ability, to follow hit coleman with 45 yard a

Jear the device loose from its. furhter. can teams. his blocking makes him one of tobchdown pass and Alabamaled 20 55 -331-

concrete moorings. the best backs he has evarhad 36-25.
Hi s strength, and his rapid at Fletcher; From here on out It wad all COMING 7 I
improvement in technique, has ATTRACTIONS.
Sports ParadeNEW
' made him one of the foundations : I '100t: 18 !20MAN'S years
of the Chargers' entire
new front four.Teamed at tackle

with the e-foot-4 24$ pound DAYSHUMBERED
Ridge is Scott Appleton,acquire YORK-(NPI>- fforts were being made last week to get You Seek The Best DOCtor -

ed from Houston in a trade, recrowned middleweight champion Emile Griffith of New Yorkto Then Your Doctor. ,

while Jim Griffin, a reserve defend his title aganlst Nino Benvenutl, the man be disposed 'Prescribes Get Experienced

tackle last season, and Tom last week. The fight, which the Madison Square Garden brain- Pharmacists "Han's Days are Numbered"

,Day, acquired from Buffalo,are thrust would( promote, would also be the third (or rubber) title Health and Fortune Can Be
the ends match between the two fighters, with Nino having woo the According to Your .: Yours When You Know. You

The Dew front four, largely title from Griffith the first encounter, and Emile regaining Doctor' s Orders We} Lucky,Days

responsible for the Chargers' It is the recent rematch.nTTSBURGIMNPlMUght, Use Only The Best

2-0 record, will get another .Quality Drugs Lucky Colors, etc.
fielder Roberto Clement won the Send $%.00 for
test this week at Buffalo in one C. E. BLACb' Proprietord your
National League's batting title with a healthy percentage average Horoscope Guide for,
of four American
<< the
games of .357, as the 1967 season closed last week with the St.
Football lathe I Registered Pharmacists TO serve You
league program
others KansasClty Isf Oakland Louis Cardinals as the champion team. Matty Moo,Clemente's ..- .. .. .A COMPLETE LINE OCTOBERFill
teammate, finished second with ..338.BALTOIORENPI 0'----
Miami at New York and Denver Josnetics Rubber Goods' candles sun
In the blank below and
>-A early season Injury which sidelined dries mall to ZODIAC, Post OWce

lining Ridge In high school up when weight his I bin for several months has cost him, Frank Robinson, Baltimore PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVEREDLilly's Box 071 Jacksonville, Fla'NAME.

Orioles' triple crown titllst in 1966, the American League \ i
father banded football because
hasting crown year. Even so, Robinson finished only five : .f
i. ,
he Houston's Store
thought it might bother percentage points below the batting champion Carl Yastrsmaki Drag ..
, asthma. So, Young Ridge TOAIWT MtmtON WNISKV M MOOf CIMS, Oil Coleus MIT CO,lOWWIUt, XV.n .
Carl .319 Robinson
took op weight lifting to Improve, '1907 Miffs lead 353.1211 .. --
Us shot putting and discus Mo.Day.

I, r

I .

I Four Men Recognition Of Ability Bailor's Falcoas Are StroigCoapoti.ors Dates Announced -fCII. ,HELP WANTED'


IB Gateway Six For Milling 1.L SPELLING, GOOD IN ENGLBH,.

In one phase of the Gateway Six Conference this week,Coach The Department of Defense and Apply: FLORIDA dAR. 2323Moncrlef ,
Road Jacksonville
Alvin G. White's Falcons was scheduled to meet the firey Douglas the Post Office Department announce L ,
Anderson Dragosn, at Wolfson Par October 12. the following dates for Florida
t4ee The Dragons lost to Stanton Vocational on last Saturday night mailing Christmas cards and
(-0, in a hard fought defensive battle. gifts to Armed Forces person- TpOTHACHEDmt '

The Falcons will be led by James McKInney, Otis Maddison, nel overseas: Dmt eI bl4r, iiony. lit MMJCL, .ta MMirtiWKI .
git rIM from thrabblni tooth.d. pel.
guedel Murray Ernest Settler and Morris McFarland. five Parcels pounds weighing should more be mailed than NEWS REPORTERSome .rul to:I.'I f f::,:;.':' roe=': r.:
McKInney and Settler are tied for the scoring lead, followedby experience emeSd.d b ma, .
It Frailer. from October 16 to November DIf Good starting salary tliti. Art phirmclU r.:;:; ...0. ;-,

Total Falcon Statistics: regular postage rates are to Advancement. Group ara-jElI. >
be used. Greeting cards and Ins:Apply: FLORIDA .=.,

f 4Recognition ( # SCORING pounds parcels and that do weigh not measure less than more five STAB, 2323 MiWrlef Rd. ,I. Mmpitn. .... a laser

a : TDs PATs TP than 60 Inches length and girth
combined should be mailed between -
of ability without consideration of net has been McKinney I 0 6 October 21 December HELP WANTED SINGER AUTOMATIC'
shown by two of the country's major industrial concerns, one 1 If !
Settler I 0 8 regular postage rates are to SLEEP-IN JOBS
MAD ;N. Y. I
of the Gulf Oil Cprpooratlon\ the other the University National Frailer 0 1COMP 1 be used This mall will receiveair advanced. CONSOLE M38EI
Bank of Chicago. On the left C.A. Hereford of Pittsburgh has ..I:;.. .r, transportation on a space a- salaries to $65, .
been assigned to the Boston office of Gulf Oil, B.E. Willis, Rush references phoneumberABLE
vallable basis between the continental -
AGENCY 163 N.)4A1N' Radio Comb walnut console
second from the left, has been assigned to Baltimore and K.E. United States and over MAIDS ,
cj PORT, N. like Reliable
Lockett thried from the left, a Baltimore resident, has been YDS. seas areas including Vietnam. FREE Y1 new.$87.00 party can payoff
assigned to Passalc, New Jersey. Hereford was an outstanding Parcels and greeting cards or assume
football star at the RankIn High School near Pittsburgh. He bearing airmail postage shouldbe ISABELLA OF PAWSThat's monthly payments. A-4 Ware- .
Murray 31 11 127 house 1606 Main St., Jacksonville -
is a Heidelburg College, Ohio, graduate a major in historyand '
mailed between December 1
Settler 9 I 20AVE I Mel I have the AmaxI Fia.MAIDS ,
elementary education. While there he was co-captain of
and December U.
log superior tablets pep
basketball He is married and the father of four I I
the squad.
r Gifts should be I
securely packed -
tackles and assistst tor all the things you want to do.
children. Willis, a native of Brooklyn, joined the staff last In cartons of wood, metal, I Box of 30, $1.00. Satisfaction
February as a sales trainee. He is a former student of Morgan a or doublefaced corrugated fiber guaranteed or Money back. For. FOR NEW YORK
State College, where he studied chemistry. For some yearshe board. Fragile items should be .
mcFarland 14 'I Men and Women. i
was a correctional officer for Maryland and, In Baltimore, A. White U U surrounded by cushioning materials UP TO .75 WEEK
managed a local men's shop. He is married the father of a son such as excelsior or NUWI best homes InK.Y. '
Rivers U 'I P. 0.Cox 230, Dept. S. Top Jobs
and Is active In sports such motorcyle and sports car racing Meeks 10:' 'I shredded paper.Matches,light City,New Jersey.Friendly
and skydiving. Willis is an Iota Phi Theta frater. Lockett who Matthews 10 'I er fluid, and similar flammable Cary Indiana Famlljes.\ Fare sent, rush references
3 U' MONEYMIRACLt J00$ has been with the company since February, worked for the .\ items are prohibited. Mailers FREE GIFT
Afro-American Newspaper in Baltimore. A former Flsklte, PUNT RETURNS should check with (their local MISS DIXIE AGENd

CAN COME TO YOU $ he was also a member of the Jubilee Singers and of OmegaPsi '. .-- post offices for details on these: PALALRA FLORIDA 900 W.40 St. N.Y.C. Dept. '1ft
Phi fraternity. While In school he was vice-president of PR YDS and other restrictions u well assize ,
Join this new Prosperity the freshman and Junior classes. He is a member of the National McKInney 4 54 13.5 and weight limitations to Mr. Willie Akins can be contacted 10nL.'SlMMER'RATES'.
Movement! Write Way for free' Association of Market Developers married and the Cheeks 1 23 23.0 certain areas. for copies of the
information. An Udlvldual-You father of In another category Norman Simon on the '
a girl. Haynes 2 13 6.S Mailers are reminded that FLORIDA STAR. His phone
-may be energized magnetized has slated for the of the Universal National -
right been presidency and
EA 5-7913
Myers 2 12 6.0 thousands of extra packages will numbers are 12 rooms, Private bath 5.00,
and polarized to attract the Bank of Chicago. He has been recommended for the Washington I 5 s.o be in the mail at this time of the EA 51019. Contact him and 18 rooms
flow of money.Properly magnetized by Roy M. Cohn chairman of the bank's board. He is now'the Semiprivate$4,00
Job Dues 1 4 4.0 year, and In spite of the best efforts mate arrangements for your 1/2 day
any human being can summon first Negro president of a white owned Guaranty Bank, of the Post Office Depart- weekly STAR. All news should 6 or 2 persons)

a Money Miracle.Write for'' I and Trust Company The bank is located on Chicago's south- RECEVING ment and the military postal be bandied through Mr. AkIns. EDGIWOOD MOTOR COURT
details about this new Pro- ,side. ,
service some never will reach
sperity Movement. Write TO: .. .. .. .. 'PC"' YDS AVE their destination because they HAVING A PRO.LE-T I INTEGRATED
MyiterloUN Import EWC To Maddison 4 94 26.0 have been wrapped poorly or addressed 159H tr.s.l,Cor.Edgewood Ave.
OBADIAH'S People who move from Great l: Tigers MeeksWilson 4 36 Incorrectly. Illeg! :PhOlle.'I64-0003-A11f
MONEY MAGNET Britain to Australia, New Zealand 9.0 : or. EVERY DAY .OF
South Africa or the US 1 9 9.0 ibly. Mailers should wrap packages -
INFORMATION show higher lung; cancer rates: Play AIbuiy RIllS McKinney 2 5 2.5 securely and address them .
9204 S:Commerlcal Avenue YOUR LIFE? UNFURN. APU.
than do the natives of their Settler 2 3YDS 1.S correctly, using the fivedigitAPO
Chicago, Illlonis 60617 .shows.adopted. "countries, a new study Last year's conference SEAC or FPO number. To fur -any seem smaller once they 312 E. Beaver 3'rm $32 mo.

champion, Albany State College PUNTING ther insure delivery, both the are understood Let me try tolhelp 711 Edison 5 rm $42 mo.
travels to Jacksonville to' play PUNTS AVE mailing and return address you with your Personal' B-H72 3 rm $30 mo.
I LITTLE COLD MINE FOR RIGHT BUSINESSMAN ,Edward Waters College Sat- Settler 17 599 35.2 should b e place inside the Problems. Confidential Air 706 Minnie 4 rum $45 mo.

urday night, October 14th, at package. Iall> postage to this coihitrv. 1233 1/2 W. Monroe 6 rm
MODERN INTERGRATED MOTEL AND RESTAURANT Wilson vark. RUSHING Anonymous mall will not be accepted Z5 $45 mo.
Albany State College crushed TCB YDS AVE by post offices. All mall
Morris College last Saturday McKInney 27 123 4.5 must be addressed to servicemen UNFURN HOUSES
14 Spacious units with TV, Phones W.W. Carpet, A.C. and night by a score of 630. Com Dues 24 90 3.8 or women by name. Mai} Dept. FSN 3
Central Heat. Elaborate owners living quarters. 40 seat paring scores of games with a Murray 16 54 I.. should not be sent to the Pentagon Box 29, Multenburg, C.P 8829 7 8857 Phillips Hiwy
restaurant complete. Near prosperous Negro area at north common opponent, (Edward Settler 4 12 3.0 for Armed Forces person- South! Africa Houses A 4 Acres $50 mo.
city limits. 1/3 down ( $35,000 total). Remainder financed at Waters trounced Morris College Myers 2 4 2.0 nel serving overseas. 2813 Phoenix 5 rm $40 mo.
6'%. Will accept trade for down payment Reply P.O. Box 9142. earlier, 60-0) the game Cheeks 9 2 0.2 The Department of Defense and FOLAND A HIGBEE
Jacksonville, Fla.. 32203. between these arch-rival SEAC Post Office Department urge HELP WANTED Realtors
powers has promise of being everyone to shop early and mial REPORTER 354-8435 317 W. Forsyth St.

knock-down and drag-out bat. YWCA HeMs Trill II. Susbi early and to have overseas NEWS .
tie.The Christmas gifts in the mall before trainee FOR MEN AND WOMEN
Golden Rams from Albany, the mailing deadlines., Must be good in .
Georgia have 20 players on the ,English. Use.Typewriter OF All :AGES

'j'ji squad from Florida high IRONING IN Apply: FLORIDA Take NewlMHlOVtu' NATURE
schools. STAR, 2323 Moncrlef Rd
TABLETS: for that tired run
The latest statistics from the M NT NOME povn feeling that keeps you from
'ji NADA office in Kansas City has' Experience ironing in my home fnJoylng! life. -
i Edward Waters ranked second In 2021 Payne Street. Carrie. Distribute) NewspapersFull tOO Tablets $3.00; 200 Tablets
total offense with 476.5 yards Time or Part Time ;$5.00.: $1.00 deposits on
i per game. In total defense the Must. have car 'C.O.d/S.
) Tigers hold down the third place Apply: EMPIRE PRODUCTS t SALES
spot one notch behind Florida ROOM FOR RENT FLORIDA; STAR Dept. FS, 5937 N? Broadvayl!

A4M. 2323 Moncrref Rd. Chicago, ILL. 60626
Mrs. Mary Bryant 1514 W.
22nd St. Phone 354-7610.
: -- --------- --

)1I VoteNOTICE i it

I '
I -,
n 7 a rte' ,.y J Little Talbot bland was the setting of toe Annual leadership /65 MONTHInside
Training Day on Saturday. The theme for the session was 1137 W. 23rd St. Very Reason
"A Look At The YWCA's Program." able.,Call 356-2441.:
IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF The Keynote speaker was the YWCA's President, Mrs. Wil-

DUVAL COUNTY, FLORIDA liam G. Lockwood Hr., above left, who spoke on the Alms and MINISKIRTS All MORALS e City limits Save On

CASE NO. 67-8408 Objectives of the YWCA. Mrs. Lockwood pointed several areas Has the mini affected the !!r Utilities. FHA Financing Low,
U1V1MUNUJoesphlne In which change has taken place six decades. The role "
Only ::) through morals of our country? Read ._ Down Payment!
of Women in these with discussion OIl'
Day, Plaintiff vs. changes was presented
Able HAPPY 16"sturdy this. jrUcle in beautiful color
advance in science local and Federal :
Harold Day Defendant. urbanization education
49c vinyl PUNKIN NOTICE OF SUIT government the ever present homemaker, the religious climate NEW SEX .LIFE

TO: Harold Day, and the threat of global war. 'Jungle doctor makes old 'men 3 BEDROOMS CARPORT!

ARROW ZORIC residence unknown The leaders were admonished to examine our community young' and young men younger! '
YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED and determine the needs. The YWCA has a role to play in
ri CLEANING ORDER that an action for divorce has reaching these needs. MYNUSRANI'S PEATN' GRAND PARK

been filed against you and you Workshop leaders were Group I. Public Affairs, Mrsjtot- "I am preparing myself for
are required to serve a copy tie Mitchell leader, Mrs. Frances Alexander Convener,Group it," says Mrs. Martin Luther SUES DIVISION '
OFFER GOOD ALL of your written defense if any, D, Leadership Development, Mrs. Vicey F. James. Leader King, Jr. OFFICE AT I 20TH ST. EXP;
to it on E. Thornton Jackson, ,Miss Julia A. Brooks Convener. Group 10, Program Priorities -
Jr., attorney for plaintiff whose Mrs. Alice Griffin leader; Group IV, World Responsibility and many more in
address is 442 West Adams Mrs Blondell Mathe..leaderl. Mrs. Mary Alice Smith November:SEPIA.

Street Jacksonville Fla., and Convener.
SPECIAL file the original with the clerkof Miss Johnnie Fisher was correlator of the workshops SEPIAThis

the above styled Court on or The international Aspects of the YWCA were given by Miss ,
before November 13, 1967; Jean Flies, who Just recently returned from a world study subject has caused so ----
3 otherwise a Judgment may be tour conducted by the National Board, YWCA, 1m!. Miss much discussion and argument
that the
Plainofresses entered against you for the Flies stated that the women in the countries visited are working editors of SEPIA magazine -

t relief demanded In the complaint away with faith. These women are looking to us for answers have made an extensive
S330I or petition. to their problems. There is a similarity of concernsin survey and have published an
artlcule in color in November
Men's Suits WITNESS my hand and the equality, population explosion, automation, restlessnessand SEPIA
showing mini-skirts and
I seal of said Court on October religion.
I MIX 'EM UPGood 6, 1967. Pep songs and recreation were conducted by" Mrs., Delores what their wearers have to say. Have heard?
S. MORGAN SLAUGHTERAs P.Baker and_ Mrs._. Cora n_ Macon you .

thru Oct. 2ht Clerk of said Court SISTER BESSIE:,
J. Thomas
(Court Seal WITH
ork Oct. 14/21/28, Nov.4 A CHECK UP AND A CHECK She will read your entire life=past,present ana I

never future. She asks no questions but V/-1/ tell you Something aew ateeeEDGEWOOD
:what you want to,know, giving date and/acts of I
LINCOLN ESTATESOWN business, love, health and family afters. Will
help you find lost art. TiLL you-whom you will r
/IRROW marry and when If the one you love is true, what ;
todo'tobesuccessful.Will reunite separated, I LOUNGE
IONIC CLEANERSI A BRAND NEW locate absent friends and relatives and cause I

happiness between man and wife. Make up I ,

I JACKSONVILLE OVER 80 YEARS" BRICK HOME! lover's quarrels. Tells.lfllct.ness: or bad hick is 1 '
natural enemlnes, evil Influence and bad luck. Does not tell
I 1 i: 400 Eoil' F.nyth Str..t-Tol.pfi,.".Elgin 5-7595 to please you, but will tell the truth.One visit will repay you forI] YOB Won't Believe Your Ears!

run ricic.w see DILIVIRY iv lAD DISPATCHED TRUCKS 3 BEDROOMS li1,OATHIOOMS. CLOSE TO MO.- .** disappointments In all ethers. I not only read your life like ,;
I book but I also help out of TROUBLES. C o m Ii
you your
SCHOOLS AND,URGE SHOPPING, CENTER. SELECT and see why you are so 1 unhappy, when everything seemvft g ojVrong.
IEAUCIEIC SHOPPING CTl 5531 IOOSEVELT IOUIEYAHD WHY be sad and downhearted,sick and worried when Yog '
CEDAR IIUS. SHOPPING Crt JAMMES tit 1l3nl STIEETCATEVAT [ can be helped and everything made clear by consulting. THE,

1 make BO house calls. Don't mistake the address, m
j LAXEWOOI/SAN/ JOSE PLAZA, 44H IEHDIICXS AVENUE ,;' "* BESSIE Is located north of Callahan on U.S. fl, 1/t mile \

SAHAIVOOI SHOPPING CTl. till IUD lOll City of,CALLAHAN. Florida. Phone 879-2250. '
IIiIII I Across the Street from SPORTSMAN
toO including
i 7i30Rich nton fcdf 7651685 Open dally 8 a.m. pjn.,

.1 I I jPADE

-- ---