Florida star

UFPKY National Endowment for the Humanities LSTA SLAF
xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090114_AAAAGD INGEST_TIME 2009-01-15T08:16:15Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00480
FILE SIZE 12560 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090115_AAAGGN PATH 00436thm.jpg PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 a0d1716bf5d1b9a6109049e9cffe57d5SHA-1 a954ed734f6e2964ef5daf17229674f57b6661d8
813437 F20090115_AAAGGO 00437.jp2 d6d5efefe102bca5b80cc035387d68e59d40f80cebf131b7b88d1cacc88bea83492e3218
346313 F20090115_AAAGGP 00437.jpg 1db02064805d248757e70c843c297904935408da164a6229edf912c989992a2e11fffdd3
48182 F20090115_AAAGGQ 00437.QC.jpg f195843354927247d848181725b4c7447d6d23b46627603f58361a3852db0903d5ba27c3
6498037 F20090115_AAAGGR 00437.tif e9fb74d2a7200559920f499f241414b77da3eb39954cddc082a73e8a31206bac19463dfd
49980 F20090115_AAAGGS 00437.txt f1c31c3acf9de7658b5d6638d6fce2d14964f2b1d20957dc0ec4ae06dbc9ec21704557f0
11699 F20090115_AAAGGT 00437thm.jpg 55b95537e9d1abf0d056af2d921815d9bbde848fefd33fc54f24f37e9f1d43b22e16ee0a
788206 F20090115_AAAGGU 00438.jp2 f9c1571787ea8a9a4de4517db632664346511ad3cb4dcdead75b773534693aa6a442e39e
331332 F20090115_AAAGGV 00438.jpg 0646ee56d23e498ea364e1e87766de8393a956d4b9b89a8ef646f54f36d79cfd70273598
48858 F20090115_AAAGGW 00438.QC.jpg 2a804aa774e62f19940701bede1760e8d1ff371af772db0013079b1bdd5caa9527ed177a
6302382 F20090115_AAAGGX 00438.tif 759b9bedb33d5e8d2797dfd418f88f6864d8be647a036ab599336d7b5c94ada14a067ce7
47690 F20090115_AAAGIA 00443.QC.jpg 72add99a28033c5ac772bae62c1c8181b2b504c6d823882c4329e92fa47801cf6e5272b0
41553 F20090115_AAAGGY 00438.txt 9ba49ff217de85d46c918cf242d74f26cb13d72944cf24095f97f7906c7be545286c6605
6251219 F20090115_AAAGIB 00443.tif b07db5e84bea0ced9d0589438696a7281fa1786b1a401818d273f9daa6e9492a6ac07a45
12542 F20090115_AAAGGZ 00438thm.jpg a2c94835099cc52c07d10930337a7c29b93fecc7152f99f3d02827450faca99b0f460641
34960 F20090115_AAAGIC 00443.txt e8997860e9520c52894fa741150e25f23aa277bf5b2e4d22f92c4a3cae29db973c57ce7f
12008 F20090115_AAAGID 00443thm.jpg 53ace5a52591f5b3fedea55b54dff857c15dcb90f23ad6b86198425eecf45dfb6317da59
809694 F20090115_AAAGIE 00444.jp2 1949a25726bb7c3f1da71d7fb9d7ed54fa350838c85907f32590b1d032e4258a62b8ae96
352632 F20090115_AAAGIF 00444.jpg 0620c9e200c3ff9ae7020c0c95785e24063962f44e1855d9a3374b33dd02b296321cb0a5
50244 F20090115_AAAGIG 00444.QC.jpg 15d5778deec81ff6a4969914f19bc30346236213cd3de8c1809e28548f098772c0599220
6471283 F20090115_AAAGIH 00444.tif e3ab23d77749a6444bac298503c34f6fb2ffd011e637700336ba6f5defd903a8ab1d4ab3
45713 F20090115_AAAGII 00444.txt 517b12f9776f80342baddbf2e02849c6941d9ab5147da406b94ab8e5ee83b97b488e546c
12167 F20090115_AAAGIJ 00444thm.jpg 7c2eaf4a27a93c6f15419988e9cfee9b7fa485893a4482da4f411b5df61a698eed13d082
810464 F20090115_AAAGIK 00445.jp2 3651026a47e821ab517af342d12d72ef78d1888831759da46c4c0d87f473fccbae5a9003
343299 F20090115_AAAGIL 00445.jpg 2b67f6b437359cc1d4dbb7c70d1b7fd39a57f4073fe9e22c719a037d44f11c2168a2a00d
49455 F20090115_AAAGIM 00445.QC.jpg fe1e3b8414b92f23a5559062b577a141d2cfe92941364e08dfb013441cb3ef12edc6b779
6474561 F20090115_AAAGIN 00445.tif 6c67f3f367f6404310958d18244c1ed48c42788f10df3794580ae967107625ad2c2ff337
36931 F20090115_AAAGIO 00445.txt 61716b7bc6863feddb28f3c058f71cce05808df863f01781b4ea26018ca04516a868c7be
12398 F20090115_AAAGIP 00445thm.jpg 3a90b24ed853b4a87af1fc496547b68a071ed2d6aa6797ac8d53d9ffab70edff884ff58e
805188 F20090115_AAAGIQ 00446.jp2 03998d011839f0a41de05b5b0d121488534b5a53bfa3170f58c8fa454a9200b0f2f02491
318278 F20090115_AAAGIR 00446.jpg f3f47046c3e0b5a3046719d9123cc5ff50d09c6a88a812cbb3532149933e674811f3844c
47463 F20090115_AAAGIS 00446.QC.jpg 99aa993d91865ae74ea4264e0937b401f14a9a362921bcbfcb85d3eff23caf0203b057e5
796852 F20090115_AAAGFW 00434.jp2 6b8880ea13dfea3beb517312d8e687d9d55850b89262bc4adad58662a6eaaf6231379217
6441433 F20090115_AAAGIT 00446.tif 174bb04c003838786f15b825a228cc350a384e37324731512c568347bd1b8805130e6fbd
366522 F20090115_AAAGFX 00434.jpg 23a70f15b7edb126e76370a9f9b8db646f42c5627133fbda1efd61a65404dc63daccca06
32238 F20090115_AAAGIU 00446.txt 414995e8f63e300f5ace6247c645e6bc86fd3ee9aab6572a08deab8d0385727c2e03a2f6
808250 F20090115_AAAGHA 00439.jp2 b9af094c4654167391be2e83d95df0fa5ab29a3483d7af9779c99aa5d974def3d7806141
52036 F20090115_AAAGFY 00434.QC.jpg 69db38ec51baa645c462eae80c5e39dbf7e46f2d6e4ff2583040e21e8265db2f0a4a8bd5
352977 F20090115_AAAGHB 00439.jpg 0ec24bdf829b5a166f3fddf60466face0fe3d96523b6e3ae163b9725cb7423aabdc28b1d
6371606 F20090115_AAAGFZ 00434.tif 58200b9c0cd4c5e1052ad9a5de80f79ff436d6a5c351f89cb8026578e5c718c6887d30ae
11838 F20090115_AAAGIV 00446thm.jpg b5325b5def55ff24537cf35cf0ccd762053b3be2cc4c95dfd9f508ab0df0c988bae64f55
48989 F20090115_AAAGHC 00439.QC.jpg 8b3fbbeb899da347a8cffe1f8df97b6f9c97b3e2c1af1a45c44594d75dcec0b62b33144c
790515 F20090115_AAAGIW 00447.jp2 82cdf4cdcacbeba37797a551c4097e2d669e815250432b39168c4c0698eabac92bd70879
6459697 F20090115_AAAGHD 00439.tif 0bc9dc14d9492bc9c81266b744a25f04c0c8e5b3a68c8a79878784ace2fd248d0eb257fb
362542 F20090115_AAAGIX 00447.jpg d8fa4db9a3c732144097a52a51a1d747469284cf74374fb7c40fabd5a55c0a66426d5b66
51750 F20090115_AAAGIY 00447.QC.jpg 47a72069fe524ae9a0569735c71b6080da3f2d046bf436004fcd9e35d623fd557071be30
40461 F20090115_AAAGHE 00439.txt 8236e2989eaa353c0783cba79c0a9005a23009167990a0194abd8609cf8de7b9530b51d3
6314910 F20090115_AAAGIZ 00447.tif 5309e85ee66a2fd239c08e889fe16b132155e0c0b79fe8e98add56f7c006d627f9c587c5
11788 F20090115_AAAGHF 00439thm.jpg 9495b9f77f197bcc342ea58f716153af7b610dd7d2b137813e04632ba1bcbae2b1c319aa
794326 F20090115_AAAGHG 00440.jp2 57e1af55cce1c585b95341b92b27d86c466c152652066385f4d21b98150be59d4776ebdd
342988 F20090115_AAAGHH 00440.jpg f9572ce045df7a58a1ac3da615e46ea72d716169e774e05d2156eccfe9735236ea892ca2
48061 F20090115_AAAGHI 00440.QC.jpg 0d01ff41399cbb75b48b8d0f1c35378d896743d717ac110b1277292bd55d9bead5d7395a
6354445 F20090115_AAAGHJ 00440.tif e6e6b1aeb54f37ce4dbb6af5171b571f4cac340bb7bc9e6079a1c2356d5edcf62b890e10
36687 F20090115_AAAGHK 00440.txt 10d979f0022ebe71babdf27f1833f8a7ce508e9de45d3e930311472f5743f426f6b58f93
11916 F20090115_AAAGHL 00440thm.jpg aff818c415dc8ac1216fb4d98c41a00802d6e3dcddff42ec71e1d03afe951b60cb394e1b
786307 F20090115_AAAGHM 00441.jp2 9f773753058f2527aa0854610179b9f1b6bb8186ade8aa84cb12b7b41bebee737b1977b0
296096 F20090115_AAAGHN 00441.jpg 3080665ce138e35228d53b1d32c65c16b4bf52a4ad3ea242eaa222f11bc9d190602cb95d
47277 F20090115_AAAGHO 00441.QC.jpg c45856606663878de148524876ccd12f10b6d27e9a5d7d8dc65b106d788e4950ccd57799
6290609 F20090115_AAAGHP 00441.tif bdbf312566c6086b38455e965ad363b7bf2f6d8b7e0f11b5bf760cbdbe5b9dfeb452219f
25213 F20090115_AAAGHQ 00441.txt 2070331d86e992b259b0bdc5766d7eb68e8d82b896f4dd6cd163ad80bc9db7f00e587610
12564 F20090115_AAAGHR 00441thm.jpg 24bda61cbd803b7c848181a8f5a123817e815d1890667f97ffcd5664ded86f23ba8bc8ad
818288 F20090115_AAAGHS 00442.jp2 d7db7ebc0fd6b7ac1478b3a7355adced35e996ed3ee79c2d0f9c94687e6fc0033aa8abd0
304766 F20090115_AAAGHT 00442.jpg 0e2b7a80c167c6474da60eab61daf0de9543f8ecc0ec351de44b759763b3aad4be353571
38730 F20090115_AAAGGA 00434.txt a4542461065fbce0bc45df60f228d0093980e7f0bb6d9ad6380c541417ee881116ca2239
45116 F20090115_AAAGHU 00442.QC.jpg 787a743500d76c5fa0e20f37bbe86c62bee472c7e33f3c607bce91dbd1048f015d7059d9
12861 F20090115_AAAGGB 00434thm.jpg 23b0a2cdfa5f3288e3fd70c73f80ecab663e665609afa006f15ebcb1266f73a19a2268a2
6539855 F20090115_AAAGHV 00442.tif d2792ef8d3d77cae5e838de036cb0608d4c352019ff4e0924e487a55b9a9835459f830f2
798843 F20090115_AAAGGC 00435.jp2 afa45f10716699de05e42b3eb38452606b21e292382da38ff6f13f79ecf13f53a36495f0
31548 F20090115_AAAGHW 00442.txt 14a16d3ab83203b8d86720637088a874d01a9867b15d9c653992b54992a6b0fb5962d8b4
295642 F20090115_AAAGGD 00435.jpg 14fce3252996c36b198f3e525b4eb9a7bb7f311c52685f3cb7b1c063475e1814e93ed6a3
11506 F20090115_AAAGHX 00442thm.jpg c5fb060f758d8d143e3f2a413b1409b3041393f2f85605b038d1b49197b24fb11cce4170
46236 F20090115_AAAGGE 00435.QC.jpg 0f5c5476df201384927ce2a33b2313fe1490e2243317e4c936780c346330d0e2f463296a
42478 F20090115_AAAGJA 00447.txt 184c5aaf90bfc533652d3abdd8ec2660994a73026b3f066fbe326ad4d5deb350aa3204f4
781821 F20090115_AAAGHY 00443.jp2 c67163210e0a60d66f1907ab2f54e35b8473cdf7b1b3de358c0c093d72d736cf7ae7ee12
6388334 F20090115_AAAGGF 00435.tif 0d77e196fa93beaffa31b6ed3a9ff16b9fd1d9b7101328fb6aa1a1e44a74c74bd900941b
12647 F20090115_AAAGJB 00447thm.jpg 28c2e533589cd6d25335a1d8adc734f1aeb8fc1733bd98fb74579debadfdc7a5a606557b
332822 F20090115_AAAGHZ 00443.jpg ca4431614c8258065dd4491b3ba12852e68a2aeb9fc1bc80d0477ed8f00007b0c2f0a3d5
34916 F20090115_AAAGGG 00435.txt 5d2574013e4bf3b7be5866d5f670747585f4e665132578e116e5f28781dfa2afc54096ea
19710 F20090115_AAAGJC 1967100701.xml FULL 0c77ba208f8f63e6b75169083a26de53ae5122303cb28b1068b33deafbba556b77e1f3c8BROKEN_LINK 0434.jp20435.jp20436.jp20437.jp20438.jp20439.jp20440.jp20441.jp20442.jp20443.jp20444.jp20445.jp20446.jp20447.jp20434.txt0435.txt0436.txt0437.txt0438.txt0439.txt0440.txt0441.txt0442.txt0443.txt0444.txt0445.txt0446.txt0447.txt0434.tif0435.tif0436.tif0437.tif0438.tif0439.tif0440.tif0441.tif0442.tif0443.tif0444.tif0445.tif0446.tif0447.tif0434.jpg0435.jpg0436.jpg0437.jpg0438.jpg0439.jpg0440.jpg0441.jpg0442.jpg0443.jpg0444.jpg0445.jpg0446.jpg0447.jpg
12349 F20090115_AAAGGH 00435thm.jpg fc7c0eb53cd12441851fc0159dc97d90352b38fd79782eeced3baaf6d72042c6dd034580
810489 F20090115_AAAGGI 00436.jp2 8234fa95f258f7efdbddac8c6a2bb1e142f3ea6b46c5760c8b85df326f3921f30b601fb2
329988 F20090115_AAAGGJ 00436.jpg 1f7c4a138a76586b5a6edf3b5a6f3a6498a2a0511d292a83a64cd56db0a142c3c6e57f7b
26766 F20090115_AAAGJF UF00028362_00480.mets 73fc6451cd7f0634732297d7759d5d5be57885416bb309183bfeedb80dd12529b4f2d080
49308 F20090115_AAAGGK 00436.QC.jpg 399c5b2dbb7ed14289ce106b9c3a96438d3429e3460c7134589f00de711511cfeac1be15
6483741 F20090115_AAAGGL 00436.tif 9d54d2e148f8d64d285af78ffac6bfeffff7e7b1d87651a5dfe5cd80596ed2dee0f4a03f
31938 F20090115_AAAGJH UF00028362_00480.xml 13b2ff63d2f3df539f1ba0d721ed3c1dcac28eed60159ec6ce58097eaf656094be6bfa04
35321 F20090115_AAAGGM 00436.txt 476f52ddb1316e5da3d23e7d6c5ffd5c01d45b4642781bfc0ad4770bae70e8d9934c50e0

xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090220_AAACDZ INGEST_TIME 2009-02-23T00:43:16Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00480
FILE SIZE 48061 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090222_AABRDC PATH 00440.QC.jpg PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 0d01ff41399cbb75b48b8d0f1c35378dSHA-1 896743d717ac110b1277292bd55d9bead5d7395a
19710 F20090222_AABREW 1967100701.xml FULL 0c77ba208f8f63e6b75169083a26de53ae5122303cb28b1068b33deafbba556b77e1f3c8BROKEN_LINK 0434.jp20435.jp20436.jp20437.jp20438.jp20439.jp20440.jp20441.jp20442.jp20443.jp20444.jp20445.jp20446.jp20447.jp20434.txt0435.txt0436.txt0437.txt0438.txt0439.txt0440.txt0441.txt0442.txt0443.txt0444.txt0445.txt0446.txt0447.txt0434.tif0435.tif0436.tif0437.tif0438.tif0439.tif0440.tif0441.tif0442.tif0443.tif0444.tif0445.tif0446.tif0447.tif0434.jpg0435.jpg0436.jpg0437.jpg0438.jpg0439.jpg0440.jpg0441.jpg0442.jpg0443.jpg0444.jpg0445.jpg0446.jpg0447.jpg
6354445 F20090222_AABRDD 00440.tif e6e6b1aeb54f37ce4dbb6af5171b571f4cac340bb7bc9e6079a1c2356d5edcf62b890e10
36687 F20090222_AABRDE 00440.txt 10d979f0022ebe71babdf27f1833f8a7ce508e9de45d3e930311472f5743f426f6b58f93
24147 F20090222_AABREZ UF00028362_00480.mets 8c0cfabfe5ee1ef540719edaaefa848baf871da42d20f1284959f84ae339de96cadb6020
11916 F20090222_AABRDF 00440thm.jpg aff818c415dc8ac1216fb4d98c41a00802d6e3dcddff42ec71e1d03afe951b60cb394e1b
786307 F20090222_AABRDG 00441.jp2 9f773753058f2527aa0854610179b9f1b6bb8186ade8aa84cb12b7b41bebee737b1977b0
296096 F20090222_AABRDH 00441.jpg 3080665ce138e35228d53b1d32c65c16b4bf52a4ad3ea242eaa222f11bc9d190602cb95d
47277 F20090222_AABRDI 00441.QC.jpg c45856606663878de148524876ccd12f10b6d27e9a5d7d8dc65b106d788e4950ccd57799
6290609 F20090222_AABRDJ 00441.tif bdbf312566c6086b38455e965ad363b7bf2f6d8b7e0f11b5bf760cbdbe5b9dfeb452219f
25213 F20090222_AABRDK 00441.txt 2070331d86e992b259b0bdc5766d7eb68e8d82b896f4dd6cd163ad80bc9db7f00e587610
12564 F20090222_AABRDL 00441thm.jpg 24bda61cbd803b7c848181a8f5a123817e815d1890667f97ffcd5664ded86f23ba8bc8ad
818288 F20090222_AABRDM 00442.jp2 d7db7ebc0fd6b7ac1478b3a7355adced35e996ed3ee79c2d0f9c94687e6fc0033aa8abd0
304766 F20090222_AABRDN 00442.jpg 0e2b7a80c167c6474da60eab61daf0de9543f8ecc0ec351de44b759763b3aad4be353571
45116 F20090222_AABRDO 00442.QC.jpg 787a743500d76c5fa0e20f37bbe86c62bee472c7e33f3c607bce91dbd1048f015d7059d9
6539855 F20090222_AABRDP 00442.tif d2792ef8d3d77cae5e838de036cb0608d4c352019ff4e0924e487a55b9a9835459f830f2
31548 F20090222_AABRDQ 00442.txt 14a16d3ab83203b8d86720637088a874d01a9867b15d9c653992b54992a6b0fb5962d8b4
11506 F20090222_AABRDR 00442thm.jpg c5fb060f758d8d143e3f2a413b1409b3041393f2f85605b038d1b49197b24fb11cce4170
781821 F20090222_AABRDS 00443.jp2 c67163210e0a60d66f1907ab2f54e35b8473cdf7b1b3de358c0c093d72d736cf7ae7ee12
332822 F20090222_AABRDT 00443.jpg ca4431614c8258065dd4491b3ba12852e68a2aeb9fc1bc80d0477ed8f00007b0c2f0a3d5
34916 F20090222_AABRCA 00435.txt 5d2574013e4bf3b7be5866d5f670747585f4e665132578e116e5f28781dfa2afc54096ea
47690 F20090222_AABRDU 00443.QC.jpg 72add99a28033c5ac772bae62c1c8181b2b504c6d823882c4329e92fa47801cf6e5272b0
12349 F20090222_AABRCB 00435thm.jpg fc7c0eb53cd12441851fc0159dc97d90352b38fd79782eeced3baaf6d72042c6dd034580
6251219 F20090222_AABRDV 00443.tif b07db5e84bea0ced9d0589438696a7281fa1786b1a401818d273f9daa6e9492a6ac07a45
34960 F20090222_AABRDW 00443.txt e8997860e9520c52894fa741150e25f23aa277bf5b2e4d22f92c4a3cae29db973c57ce7f
12008 F20090222_AABRDX 00443thm.jpg 53ace5a52591f5b3fedea55b54dff857c15dcb90f23ad6b86198425eecf45dfb6317da59
810489 F20090222_AABRCC 00436.jp2 8234fa95f258f7efdbddac8c6a2bb1e142f3ea6b46c5760c8b85df326f3921f30b601fb2
809694 F20090222_AABRDY 00444.jp2 1949a25726bb7c3f1da71d7fb9d7ed54fa350838c85907f32590b1d032e4258a62b8ae96
329988 F20090222_AABRCD 00436.jpg 1f7c4a138a76586b5a6edf3b5a6f3a6498a2a0511d292a83a64cd56db0a142c3c6e57f7b
352632 F20090222_AABRDZ 00444.jpg 0620c9e200c3ff9ae7020c0c95785e24063962f44e1855d9a3374b33dd02b296321cb0a5
49308 F20090222_AABRCE 00436.QC.jpg 399c5b2dbb7ed14289ce106b9c3a96438d3429e3460c7134589f00de711511cfeac1be15
28642 F20090222_AABRFB UF00028362_00480.xml e12809f2dd435ce9bc08bce93da8da36745644a42b02e5b8e58e1f161800a41f0e5c557c
6483741 F20090222_AABRCF 00436.tif 9d54d2e148f8d64d285af78ffac6bfeffff7e7b1d87651a5dfe5cd80596ed2dee0f4a03f
35321 F20090222_AABRCG 00436.txt 476f52ddb1316e5da3d23e7d6c5ffd5c01d45b4642781bfc0ad4770bae70e8d9934c50e0
12560 F20090222_AABRCH 00436thm.jpg a0d1716bf5d1b9a6109049e9cffe57d5a954ed734f6e2964ef5daf17229674f57b6661d8
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346313 F20090222_AABRCJ 00437.jpg 1db02064805d248757e70c843c297904935408da164a6229edf912c989992a2e11fffdd3
48182 F20090222_AABRCK 00437.QC.jpg f195843354927247d848181725b4c7447d6d23b46627603f58361a3852db0903d5ba27c3
6498037 F20090222_AABRCL 00437.tif e9fb74d2a7200559920f499f241414b77da3eb39954cddc082a73e8a31206bac19463dfd
49980 F20090222_AABRCM 00437.txt f1c31c3acf9de7658b5d6638d6fce2d14964f2b1d20957dc0ec4ae06dbc9ec21704557f0
11699 F20090222_AABRCN 00437thm.jpg 55b95537e9d1abf0d056af2d921815d9bbde848fefd33fc54f24f37e9f1d43b22e16ee0a
788206 F20090222_AABRCO 00438.jp2 f9c1571787ea8a9a4de4517db632664346511ad3cb4dcdead75b773534693aa6a442e39e
331332 F20090222_AABRCP 00438.jpg 0646ee56d23e498ea364e1e87766de8393a956d4b9b89a8ef646f54f36d79cfd70273598
48858 F20090222_AABRCQ 00438.QC.jpg 2a804aa774e62f19940701bede1760e8d1ff371af772db0013079b1bdd5caa9527ed177a
6302382 F20090222_AABRCR 00438.tif 759b9bedb33d5e8d2797dfd418f88f6864d8be647a036ab599336d7b5c94ada14a067ce7
41553 F20090222_AABRCS 00438.txt 9ba49ff217de85d46c918cf242d74f26cb13d72944cf24095f97f7906c7be545286c6605
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48989 F20090222_AABRCW 00439.QC.jpg 8b3fbbeb899da347a8cffe1f8df97b6f9c97b3e2c1af1a45c44594d75dcec0b62b33144c
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50244 F20090222_AABREA 00444.QC.jpg 15d5778deec81ff6a4969914f19bc30346236213cd3de8c1809e28548f098772c0599220
40461 F20090222_AABRCY 00439.txt 8236e2989eaa353c0783cba79c0a9005a23009167990a0194abd8609cf8de7b9530b51d3
6471283 F20090222_AABREB 00444.tif e3ab23d77749a6444bac298503c34f6fb2ffd011e637700336ba6f5defd903a8ab1d4ab3
11788 F20090222_AABRCZ 00439thm.jpg 9495b9f77f197bcc342ea58f716153af7b610dd7d2b137813e04632ba1bcbae2b1c319aa
45713 F20090222_AABREC 00444.txt 517b12f9776f80342baddbf2e02849c6941d9ab5147da406b94ab8e5ee83b97b488e546c
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810464 F20090222_AABREE 00445.jp2 3651026a47e821ab517af342d12d72ef78d1888831759da46c4c0d87f473fccbae5a9003
343299 F20090222_AABREF 00445.jpg 2b67f6b437359cc1d4dbb7c70d1b7fd39a57f4073fe9e22c719a037d44f11c2168a2a00d
49455 F20090222_AABREG 00445.QC.jpg fe1e3b8414b92f23a5559062b577a141d2cfe92941364e08dfb013441cb3ef12edc6b779
6474561 F20090222_AABREH 00445.tif 6c67f3f367f6404310958d18244c1ed48c42788f10df3794580ae967107625ad2c2ff337
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318278 F20090222_AABREL 00446.jpg f3f47046c3e0b5a3046719d9123cc5ff50d09c6a88a812cbb3532149933e674811f3844c
47463 F20090222_AABREM 00446.QC.jpg 99aa993d91865ae74ea4264e0937b401f14a9a362921bcbfcb85d3eff23caf0203b057e5
796852 F20090222_AABRBQ 00434.jp2 6b8880ea13dfea3beb517312d8e687d9d55850b89262bc4adad58662a6eaaf6231379217
366522 F20090222_AABRBR 00434.jpg 23a70f15b7edb126e76370a9f9b8db646f42c5627133fbda1efd61a65404dc63daccca06
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52036 F20090222_AABRBS 00434.QC.jpg 69db38ec51baa645c462eae80c5e39dbf7e46f2d6e4ff2583040e21e8265db2f0a4a8bd5
32238 F20090222_AABREO 00446.txt 414995e8f63e300f5ace6247c645e6bc86fd3ee9aab6572a08deab8d0385727c2e03a2f6
6371606 F20090222_AABRBT 00434.tif 58200b9c0cd4c5e1052ad9a5de80f79ff436d6a5c351f89cb8026578e5c718c6887d30ae
11838 F20090222_AABREP 00446thm.jpg b5325b5def55ff24537cf35cf0ccd762053b3be2cc4c95dfd9f508ab0df0c988bae64f55
38730 F20090222_AABRBU 00434.txt a4542461065fbce0bc45df60f228d0093980e7f0bb6d9ad6380c541417ee881116ca2239
790515 F20090222_AABREQ 00447.jp2 82cdf4cdcacbeba37797a551c4097e2d669e815250432b39168c4c0698eabac92bd70879
12861 F20090222_AABRBV 00434thm.jpg 23b0a2cdfa5f3288e3fd70c73f80ecab663e665609afa006f15ebcb1266f73a19a2268a2
362542 F20090222_AABRER 00447.jpg d8fa4db9a3c732144097a52a51a1d747469284cf74374fb7c40fabd5a55c0a66426d5b66
798843 F20090222_AABRBW 00435.jp2 afa45f10716699de05e42b3eb38452606b21e292382da38ff6f13f79ecf13f53a36495f0
51750 F20090222_AABRES 00447.QC.jpg 47a72069fe524ae9a0569735c71b6080da3f2d046bf436004fcd9e35d623fd557071be30
295642 F20090222_AABRBX 00435.jpg 14fce3252996c36b198f3e525b4eb9a7bb7f311c52685f3cb7b1c063475e1814e93ed6a3
6314910 F20090222_AABRET 00447.tif 5309e85ee66a2fd239c08e889fe16b132155e0c0b79fe8e98add56f7c006d627f9c587c5
794326 F20090222_AABRDA 00440.jp2 57e1af55cce1c585b95341b92b27d86c466c152652066385f4d21b98150be59d4776ebdd
46236 F20090222_AABRBY 00435.QC.jpg 0f5c5476df201384927ce2a33b2313fe1490e2243317e4c936780c346330d0e2f463296a
42478 F20090222_AABREU 00447.txt 184c5aaf90bfc533652d3abdd8ec2660994a73026b3f066fbe326ad4d5deb350aa3204f4
342988 F20090222_AABRDB 00440.jpg f9572ce045df7a58a1ac3da615e46ea72d716169e774e05d2156eccfe9735236ea892ca2
6388334 F20090222_AABRBZ 00435.tif 0d77e196fa93beaffa31b6ed3a9ff16b9fd1d9b7101328fb6aa1a1e44a74c74bd900941b
12647 F20090222_AABREV 00447thm.jpg 28c2e533589cd6d25335a1d8adc734f1aeb8fc1733bd98fb74579debadfdc7a5a606557b


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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 7, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
October 7, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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Full Text
-. .. -

NtoCikkte '- .NOOJinatb\\; 'In Cleveland! Ohiol I



.... _
'. -
** ****

r i't F14'rw 'StoppeduB! Um

t.er ,
'it '
tib3'1r. Gt nine = **** ****** ** *** ** *



PKY LIBRAE *** ** *** ******* i ix

HISTORIC' Viewing Accident Scene

I _of JLA" ,, ,... _. ._
I ,r. "'j L L L' I '",,1' '

WIt; 11 HO. 27 SATDRBJkY OCTNEt '7, 1317 15 CENTS : ,"lSI.;iI' ;:M1 : '(

.A********.**** *_* f**,* ** %**__*..*_*********!** 't)' I> ,

iMorals'char Dismissed :;A.Asainst- ''Minister.. + J.'j vi 1 \

** ***** ** *




****** N .vq t I Iyt

Eastside We..1 34 School Kids Clevefaad Negro' Swamps Rivals :

Brilality Victim IB Contest For 1968 MayoraltyCLEVELAND I,

A Jacksonville woman Is reported
planning to bring salt 4 Adults HurtThe Ohio-The biggest upset In politic In twenty-
against a local policeman and six: "years put Negro Attorney Carl Stokes at the top of the

(he City of Jacksonville on list In the Democratic nomination for mayor and placed him Ywl

charges of brutality School Dus-Wrong-Way Dump Truck Collision 9:35: Wednesday face-to-face with Seth Taft, his opponent in the election of

The tacident occured on Sunday morning at Haines and First Streets has resulted in one November 7.

Sept 24, about 2:30 p.m., woman bus attendant's loss of both legs, the hospital treatment Stokes not only garnered votes Celeste was at the botton of the

when police arrived at the home for some and release for others of 34 retarded school childrenthe from the large Negro popula votegetters.If sd i

d Mrs. Beatrice Thompson hospital treatment of the bus driver,Mrs.Logenla Randall, tion, but he received many votes Stokes becomes mayor of y ry

who lives at 934 East Union and a state of hypertension and confusion for all. from the whites and other ethnic Cleveland he will bead the largest

Street.It This almost-fatal collision occured while the bus, filled with groups He polled more than American municipality asa
was learned that the officer the children under the guidance of Mrs: Oliver Seabrooks, attendant 100,000 votes,sweeping ahead ofincumbentMayor Negro

had gone to the Union Street Mrs. Logenla Randall, with a perfect driving record, (, Ralph Locher Several other cities have Negro
address looking for Mrs. and !)wayne Henry, regular driver, who was suffering from a and Candidate Frank P.Celeste. mayors. The Mayor of

Thompson '5 son. shoulder ailment, was struck broadside by the dump truck, It is to be remembered that, Springfield Ohio is a Negro. ..

The officer who was evidently driven by Frank Charles Daniels. Daniels also received treat- scarcely two years ago, Attorney The position Is more or less.

dissatisfied because Mrs. ment. Ironically, Mrs.Seabrooks had Stokes lost by a narrow honorary but Involves participation

Thompocon did not promise to The collision drew hundreds just completed her volunteer margin. However, he vowed, at in all (the affairs of the
cooperate with the police was from the area. Mrs. Seabrookswas. with the Board of Education that time, that he would tome Ohio City.

seen by witnesses dragging the pinned..under the truck, U ship tn assistant a bn, Mil ,back,.for ,he Alt that his faith "Mnyor'McCree, bt the MichK .. .< .1'
woman down the stairs. The legs crushed. Both vehicles recommend her "would vindicated: in American -' ran city of Flint was appointedby i'
Randall had
Hundred of Jaxocu rushed, We&wsday morning, to the scene of the Dump truck-ichool
their sides. Mrs. Randall
witnesses said when the officer were on "
last week for her new official history the returned to his oIftc.because bus crash at Haines Street Expressway and East First Street. Many of those who gathered
had to
reached the bottom cube stairsbe managed come
When 900 of the 901
window. Onlookers posllon. Mrs. Seabrooks had polling of a dispute over fair helped In extricating 34 retarded children, all on the way to school and In getting to hospitals
dropped the woman on the through a
sidewalk.The Joined In comforting the child iust begun to earn $5.00perday places reported their tabulations housing. In the lower picture the North Florida,Trucking Corporation Truck, driven by Frank
when misfortune struck. Mrs. Attorney Stokes received: Several days ago Attorney Daniels is The
Charles shown. truck, coming out of construction brricades the area,
who because of speech
victim of
the ren
brutality case Seabrooks was chosen because 110,356 votes His nearest ap- Charles Washington became, hit the bus broadside
was recovering from an operation difficulties! and the like, could ponent Incument Lo-
of her "goodness to children.'* Mayor following presidential nomina- (Photos By Dob Smith)
' for a broken hip she suffered not altogether comprehend The superintendent of school drier, polled 92,029. Frank P. tion, mayor of Washington D.C.
In mid-August and has happened and who were almost Mayor heads nine-
transportation, Dr. Francis Washington a
:clamps pins and a plate in her la states of hypertension. leader DeniedAccasatioa men commlttHoIwII1cbl1veare
Brown said that that Mrs. Jealous Wife Shoots
hip inserted by doctors. According to the police report record among the best. Negroes Would Be Robber
the school bus was going .
:Unable to walk because of the Randall's husband John
Mrs. ,
south the Haines Street Ex- Of Woman With HusbandAn
pain she was suffering as a on LJUndall, both of 104 North Recovering
,result of being dragged down pressway. The dump truth was -
Street Marietta is
Mac-Carge ,
the stairs said the proceeding north on the same
neighbors other buses all Local
the owner of two OfficerTAMPA Shot
. the At First and By MerchantA in
policeman pulled woman expressway. used for such transportation.Both early morning shooting
by the wrist across the streetto Haines street vehicles must t the 700 block of W. Ashley
have perfect driving records Justiceof
the use one lane In each direction.A FU. A. In the death of
police squad car. St., resulted:
and both have driven- lied as the car that the
would-be robber was shot brought
the Peace Court freed Elder
construction is in
One witness to the "pltful project one woman and another being
1944.MRS.. victim to the
since in the chest while emergency: room
Haines Street. The Ilaywood Dryant, sixtyeightyear attempting
sight" said the partly crippled progress on charged with homicide.
street to the detailed old pastor of the Apostolic to loot a cash register in a of DMC. As Fleming was being
woman was thrown into the car according Lira Mae Pearl Williams, 24
Church of Jesus of an variety store located on Col- admitted, the mea brought him
is barricard oft ,
head first.Theeye-witnesuald police report, was prounced dead on arrival
There The driver of brought by a Tampa police officer fair Boulevard, last week, as In said they didn't know the vic
one of the victim's legs was are signs. nt DMC ty Dr. Wolfeaden after
the truck continues the who claimed that, on Friday the table was turned on his plot. tim as they found him lying on
hanging .out the car and the dump the being shot in the left chest.
"cut to his left and September 26, he saw the Investigating officers gave the street near the rail road
policeman kicked her leg Inside report, tracks The victim, who lived at 984 W.
knocked a barricade went minister In a compromising following account relating to on Boulevard and pick
the vehicle over him Ashley St., was shot by Christine -
between two other barricades position with a twelve-year old the attempted robbery. up. Fleming was admin-
Assistant Chief R.F. Hobbs ted King, 30, 6822 Rhode Island -
said an Investigation had been to the wrong side of the street, girl on Nassau near Garcia. After talking to witnesses they under the flcltitlous name Dr.W.
The Fl/lPtm STAR In 1special found there had been several of Leroy Johnson of 329 W,
and his left front end !lit the
made and it gave a different According to police reports
left side of the bus. The bus r. l1 to the Justice Negro men watching the store 17th St. Fleming was dead on
version of the alleged brutality. Adrian "Ken" Knight arrival Eddie King had parked his car
of the Peace office here was from a car, at 458Golfalr Blvd. by Dr. Jack Z.Sapolsky.
Be suggested that persons can was pushed over on its right In the 700 block of AshleySt.
suffer contusions as a result side. The truck also rolled on given this information shortly Ken Knight popular Jacksonville and Mrs. Cora Hyatt had noticed Police authorities checked this ., when his wife, Christine
Its side. before press time. disc-Jockey and television oerlonallty the car. address out and found no one
of striking themselves against right approached the car and said,
the caging of squad cars whiM Daniels made a statement to Officer J.T. Feltman claimed is reported irecovering, Mrs. Hyatt's house Is locatedat living there answering the description "So this is the business you

resisting arrest. Hobbs said the police. He said that be that the minister was engagedin following an operation on hat of 3740 Boulevard and she told they had. had to take care of."
"had vehicle that a lewd lascivious act.He his eyes for the removal of ca- authorleis the car was parked A witness at the scene of the
that as far as he knew no disciplinary Just passed a Mr. King told authorities his
taracts. beside her house. She said she shooting gave the tag number
further stated that the minister
action against Officer had pulled out of Third Street wife had a small when she
Merritt will be taken. onto Haines." He had started appeared to have raised his Knight returned home from hospital went out on her porch and look- of the car to investigating officers came up to the car on the

llrs. Thompson Indicated that back into the right lane, when RANDALL head as he approached. The officer this week and told the FLO ed toward them and the men left. and check revealed the driver's side, and got In the car.
she will be represented by EarlM. be noticed a vehicle stopping The children were of ages seven charged, too, that the RIDA STAR that although be ap After the car left the vicinity owner to be Lamar Johnson. There was brief argument with

Johnson, attorney. In front of him. Daniels said to fifteen.They are students twelve-year old girl was partly preciates the Interest many have Mrs. Hyatt went across the street Johnson, eho live at 655 South her husband.

he applied his brakes. They at J. Allen Axson Exceptional undressed. According to the shown, he cannot receive calls and warned Murphy Fen- Lincoln Ct., was arrested and Detective Sgt. F.A.Gruberand: Ii

C.kIIO'S SWMCiearaace didn't hold. 'l'benhec to his Child Center at Franklin and officer, whose testimony conflicted or visitors at home nell Starbuck, owner and opera- his car put on the police lot W.C. Barber said following the

left to avoid the stopped vehicle. Sixteenth. Only one of them with that oItli.minister, Forced tor of the variety store as evidence as it had fresh argument Mrs. King shot Mrs.

Plan Then, he said, as be remained in for hospital care. the girl and the minister were Housing Mrs. Hyatt told Mr. Starbuck blond in the'barkePat and Williams through the heart.
proceeded between the two barricades The superintendent schools, seated in the car at the same she thought his store was being the floor. Walker Thomas Jr., Mrs. Williams was sitting in the
Has HUD NodCHICAGONPIA looming before him was Dr. Ish Bryant, also visited the time Fought By Priest watched by the Negroes. Later was arrested also because be front seat with King and his wife .
and other victims. He she returned to her house and the
; the buS, directly In front. Elder Bryant denied the accusations WLWAUKEENPIflouslng was visiting Johnson during Immediately following the
. $12 million Daniels said this the first accident of when arraigned In marchers have carried their called the police, and relatedthe time of arrest. Thomas was later shooting King carried Mrs. ,
plan to rehabilitate slum further stated that he this type. to them she had and cleared of
court Tuesday. He contended demands to the doorsteps of a same story released Williams to DMC. Mrs. King
neighborhoods In this city could cuts to the light in order to avoid The dump truck Is the propertyof that the charge was a mistake Milwaukee alderman. told MA Starbuck earlier. charges for he wan not involved and a witness identified as
be the prototype for financing the bus.a collision with the North Florida Trucking on the part of the officer.Elder But they weren't promotingopen Mr. Starbuck said as he was with the incident. Byron Shan was in the car. j

housing rehabilitation In other, Mrs. Randal Corporation, 5072 PlcketrUle, Bryant testified that be went occupancy, and the white getting ready to close for the Mr. Starbuck,was not arrestedbut Shan carried the victim Into
communities across the nation, stated driver of the Bus Raod. It was loaded, with 1 12 to get the girl to stay with priest leading them had no use night he saw two Negro men the police took the weapon the hospital white Eddie and
that she
according to Secretary RobertC. vehicle had slowed her yards of dirt and weighed about Mrs. Bryant while he went to for the'Rev..James Croppl: of come Into the store and ordera and turned it over to the homi- Christine left DMC and went
Weaver of the U$. Department down to a "very slowspeed" 50,000 pounds. The goal was the a local hospital for treatmentand the NAACP Youth Council. pack of clgaretts. As be turn- cute division. home. ;
: of Housing and Urban in order to make the Ploof Transfer Company at The ed around to them be reached
also while be took Ills car latest group of Milwaukee get Reports have it that Mrs.King
curve. Mrs. Randall saw the STUn NUTRITION
Development. Commodore Point. demonstrators into a drawer that
. for service. was led by was under -
called her and told
The federally financed dump track Just before the col The police department went Into the : the cigarette rack and
pro' lislon.. According to the church bead, Rev. Russell Winton, chap got him of the shooting He advised
tram largest In the nation, DMC treated Immediate service and responded the girl went to a nearby lain at St. Alphonsus hospital, his pistol, a .24 colt-automatic. NEW YORJC--(NP1))-Notall her to give herself which
six victims up,
for the renovation of St. with ambulance As the American children are well-
In his
provides every clump of bushes. When she suburban Fort Washington owner was getting
Luke she did at
police headquartersat
1,000 dwelling units in the Westside was deluged with 15 cases availabeL Thirteen ambulancecame. saw the officer coming she who led about 73 whites in a pistol be said one of the men, nourished, according to a survey 4:40

Lawndale area.Absenteeowned Baptist Hospital received and Toe can of alert was made ran to the car, leaving her march against "Forced Hous later Identified as Ralph Flem :" conducted in cooperation a.m.
treated 1 12 Mrs. King was placed in the
buildings win St. Vincent Hospital Police 23:: with the Bureau of Nutrition
by City Seargeant I.E. underclothes in the bushes. ing. ing of 625 S. Lincoln Ct.,
the of homicide
treated two city Jail on charge -
victims.Mrs. .
be bought by the Departmentof Randall in Goode, GIlt of the first officers Further, the preacher said, The group, known as the Milwaukee was posing the lever down that and the Board of Education and is being held without
statement to
Urban Renewal, rehabilitated on the H.M.NeIsoo the cash New York.
scene. an many persons were on the Citizens' Civic Voice opens drawer to his
and sold to the Chicago the press, said that the"' children off-duty policeman spoke of streets, enroute to a local football went to the home of Mrs. Val cash register. Mr. Starbuck Poor diets, low vitamin level, bond.

Dwellings Association for leasing were "Screaming." !'be,kept efforts of persons to raise the game. He testified In court Phillips, a Negro alderman who said he then fired one shot that and below averan size and HERE AM NOW

to the original tenants at screaming.In said Mrs. Randall bus off Mrs. Seabrooks. Nelson that Officer Feltmaa walked up has been trying to get a fair- struck one of the would-be rubber weight found among children In

DO increase in rents. addition, the driver said, and Mrs. Nelson took six children to the car, asked what he was housing ordlance passed. Fleming In the left side of low-income areas of the Lower MILWAUKEE.Some.
The combination of federal I"They were all tangled up, and to St. Lake's There Mrs. doing and then arrested him. Five commands of the NAACP his chest. East Side. people used to make fun of reUg1on'
financing and local effort can Randall get them out. Mrs. Nelson help ed comfort them. Elder Bryant's! case was beard Youth council greeded Fr.Wi- The other bandit, who too,was In one group of Puerto Rlcan supposed other-worldly
be used throughout the nation In spite other own condition At DMC the bead intern received In the Justice of the Peace ton telling him be couldn't later identified as Samual Platt children low levels of vitamin Irrelevance with taunts like

to "increase dramatically the a bus,window after struggling" through compete, cooperation Court Tuesday. The church come in. Mrs Phillips) was away and Fleming ran out of the store C, nlcotinlc acid,and vitamin "There'll be pie In the sky

supply of decent housing avail the others children from Hope Haven Children's is located at Cypress and Dela- at an open housing march, gointoa1963whlteCbecro- B-12 were seen. Of these children when you die.. But that hardly
able to families of moderateand comfort the The minister resides at and the commands let 80 per cent came from applies to this city's open housing -
ware were guardIng -
low incomes/*Weaver said and get them to bCJ 1fab., CONTINUED ON PACE M 903 Gilchrlst. her house. The same car was later identi! families on welfare demonstraUolls.t .


r.. t, r

iL.ii 1/

k't v 11.1._ nl'I. -!....,


Royal Arch Golden Dream Club Orchid Ladies Social Club Sponsor Annul Fall Tea ladies Of Leisure '-

Masons HoldIerubabbel To Sponsor PartyThe ; i Plan Meet teejdiyTne Club:: Notes:

Day 1 Ladles of Leisure Social
Royal Arch Masons, will celebrate Golden Drea Social and 3iti ii'i and Savings Club will meet The group meets Wednesday
serubbabel Day, Sun- Savings Club wID sponsor a Tuesday, October 10, at 8.M. October 11, In the Masonic
mrs. Minnie Temple, on the third floor, at
Oaf Oct. 8. 2.30: at the St. party on Friday night beginning Washington, .819
Mark Baptist, Church,1064 Clay at 8 p.m., in the home of Division, will be hostess. All S p.m. Member should be pre
Street. 'Jjij,I Mr. and .'Marlon Williams, members are requested to be pared to pay the annlversarj
All Royal Arch mascxurerr: 11td+w..t$tIl6L e e on time, in order that plans fee.
to be present in full There will be plenty chicken for the 16th anniversary can be ***
regalia fish and chitterllng dinners for completed.The .
Including Putman, fasM The Vagabonds meet tonight
all. Games and music will be anniversary will be celebrated
and Counties. Circle South. Raw
1991 CoDep
All other of the featured also. A cordial Invitation at Mt Olive Primitive
department LL J7 ben B.. Brooks will be host
; Baptist Church
Masonic family, are corldally is extended to the pub- Fourth. The Myrtle and M.T. Davis is secretary.
public tad iii clubs
invited to make this grand af-
,tilt ** of the city to tab part. Mrs. **
MarUe 1.. King president;Mrs The Usher Board No. Z of
I Lela,. Fowler, reporter.Stewardess St. Paul AME Church will meet

c lllil 1'I;' Sunday October 8,at the church
Boards at 4.W: p.m. Business of importance.
M.C. Chambers,pre

Plans Anniversary sident.

Elect 1 ;. Stewardes Boards No. 1 and 2 Mrs. Burroughs
of the Her Hope AME Church
I Seventeenth and Davis, will celebrate -
I their anniversary Sunday Guest Artist

N -V V October 8, immediately
[ J
The Orchid Ladles Socall Club will sponsor their for the occasion: will be Mrs. J.T.Walker. after the morning worship. The At Mt. Sinai
fall tea on the third Sunday, October 15th, ag the YWCA. A cordial Invitalon has been extended to the public to attend public invited.
It was announced by the club's reporter that the speaker this affair. Rev. J.L.Tyrus, pastor; Mrs. Mis. Alice Burroughs will be
Ethpl Jarkcnn--_n.......IA.ntnfOt.twirdeu .....-..,."..._ presented In a Recital, Sunday
I BILL BASFOBDGrovp I BosrdNo. L evening October 8, at 7 o'clockin
Queen Of South 105 Whosoever Will Nurse the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church,
Duval County
first Place Wiw.fr sponsored by the Women's Day
Mrs. R.F.Heradoo
Plans For Fall Work Bible Band Meets ,
;. chairman.
Alumnae Make Gift } Mrs. Burroughs is one of the
Queen of the South No. 105, leading singers of the city,possessing
Order of the Eastern Star, will Vw quality of gospel
The Whosoever Win Bible a rare
meet Tuesday, October 10, at Study Prayer Band will sponsor The Duval County Stanton Yo- SAP singing, a talent that has been
S p.m., at Masonic Temple, a benefit program Sunday, October catlonal School of Licensed recognized and proclaimed:
410 Broad Street, 3rd Floor,' 1, at 3 p.m., in the West Practical Nursing Alumnae met) throughout the city, state and
Grovp 4, At Large Room 2. All members are re- Side Community Center, 1040 recently in the home of Mrs.
quested to be present. Line Street. The subject will be Mule Taylor, 1653 West
This is the first meeting since "Jesus". Seventh. ..
vacation. Much business will be Speakers will be Mrs. Mary This group recently gave a
transacted. A report will also Slater, Mrs V. Stewart and trapeze to the Moncrlef Day -
be made on the annual workshop Care Center. A donation was
Mrs. R. Manning Prayer bands
which was held In Orlando. have been invited. Mrs. L. also made to the Hope Haven 9v : :
Paid Political Adv. Queen B. Williams,Worthy Ma Thompson, president. Hospital for crippled children. .

tron. f .

LAYAWAY SALEChildren's I ,,', ,1"". .t. .. ..,.

1 ,


otter states or tne umtedsiatesft
warm sturdy America. She has been selected -
by the president and other
officers of Bethune Cookman
College to be guest Soloist for

CATEVAY CENTER .... .- -. "l r their coming Community Relations -
q playwear at savings Little Miss Tanya Vvette Chavis is first place winner in day in Daytona Beach.
II1AY PLAZA a local baby contest. Tonya, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Al Accompanying Mrs. Burroghs
Mill ; <
Chavis of this city received a 25.00 war bond. The baby will be Mrs. Malnor, one of the
: }( contest was a part of the annual Queen's Day celebration of Lifted and outstanding music-
5121 muwlt Rlti Olive buss of the city. The publls'ac1fditlly 1
l Jf.I.y Mt AMS Church to be held October 29. Other contestants -
\ REDUCED $2 invited to attend Rev-
( WARMLINEDJACKETS in the contest included: Derrick Kennedy, second ,
place winner; Gina Fisher third place winner; Pamela Renee read L. V. Thompson is pastot. -
:: -r -.r ) ( sit i AND PARKAS Ashley, Louis Green, d, Roderick Katrell Lewis, Jacelynne The church is located .at
\ J Toyetta Jackson,Terry_Katrlna Nealy.Sponsor for Tonya Chavis 151 Lee.
was Miss Paulette M. Owens, member of art. Olive.
'l ((y e' -


"*C 1:: ,, WARDS 6 EACH Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Lewis have as their house guest, Has Birthday

O Mrs, Patrick Lewis, of New York City.H .
I LOW REGULARLY 0.99 e is the brother of Theodore and uncle of C.T. Lewis, The Rev. Henry L'. Wilson
i PRICI Antonio Lewis, Willie Sanford, WIbur and A. J. Ruffin, will celebrate his birthday with
"CHARGE IT" AT WARDS Kenneth Ruffin, Alberta Evans, Dorothy Green and Eunice a party Monday, October 9 .t
Sanford. the
Good Shepherd Bai-Li
They motored to Sanford on this past week-end to visit Church, 1722 West Twonty-nlnth
0 GIRL'S JACKET-A real fashion look for your little snow their sister-in-law Mrs. Eva Lewis Taylor and their other Street. The Rev. Alex Garvin

bunny I lit's reversible nylon quilt (both sides I) gay floral print nieces. Is pastor.

. 1 I son solid. Acrylic pile trimmed hood; 2 zippered pockets; PLLEEAASSEE

I cuffs to keep out breezes. Quilted with acetate for the Cosnetolotists Will RememberThe

} warmth little girls need. Fashion colors. 3 to 6X.

ii'U( BOY'S PARKA-Rugged style with the extra warmth of on Hear State PresidesMrs. Deadline For t
pile lining.Trim yoke front with zipper closing and attached Cathelene B. Ross, State Church & Social l News
.Cotton corduroy,acetate sleeve lining.Smart shades. 3 to 7. President oftheOrangeblossom

Florida Beauticians, will speak 1 Is Twsdey 4 P.M.
October B, at 1 p.m., at the J .
SAVE OVER $1 ON STURDY SLACKS Lewis YWCA at a meeting of
Jacksonville cometologlsts. Bring News To t
NEVER NEED IRONING! Mrs. Roes' message will be
0 of great importance to all.Mrs 2323
Moocrief 13th"l
(D) FOR GIRLS. Reg. 2.99 Little Miss Brent lean[ T.W. Dorrell is chairman,Mrs Rd. Cor. .

style slacks in colorful polyester-cotton corduroy. r Callle Coin, co-chairman. Notices
Must Be Mail
Band front, elastic back. Machine-wash. 26X. By Monday Noon

FOR BOYS. Reg. 3.99 trim Ivy slacks In the Benevolent No. 3 YOUR COOPERATION
handsome look he likes| Carefree polyester- 2" Changes Meet Date .

cotton corduroy. Machine-wash colors. 3 to 7. SO WE CAN SERVE YOU ;

Independent Benevolent No. S
has changed the hour meeting '
from night to afternoon.The Elect :
next meeting will be ,
October 10, at 4.30 p.m. at
Simpson Methodist Church, ::
Kings Road and Cleveland. All Pail R. AkiH
are urged to be president LM.
Fleming, president.

1 k President John Kennedy $ ;;
-17 pointed A.Leon Hlggtabothanj
the Federal Trade Commission Civil Service Board ?
r f and later to the U.S. DIstrict ,


((1)) Stock up now! Wards top quality styling In longwearing 0
[ WHEN YOUR Group 3 .
cotton corduroy at a tiny sale price I Boys' C =.. .
style has all-around elastic waist; girls' has band front 88 SKIN CRIES...

with elastic back. Easy-core slacks wash and dry in

your machine. Choice of versatile colors. Sizes 2 to 6X. IALI 'RICI IfEJPI Cointy Wide Election


SPECIAL BUY! COTTON KNIT SHIRTS ""It *.."1 "... to llvt with MM ::: >:
0 I ....wful. .._..Ie.."tf' Itching.. ikl**HIM..rtalK ky ... of J.citonvill. Sine; 19 17. 'f 1 I IEduc..d
0 Hurry I Buy an armful of colorful tops for girls ...Ift., Mln IrriUtl.nt.' PAIMCR CtuntY Schooh Gr.
-- du.H
Unlv.nify of RorUt i
KIN If 14
and boys. Styled for extra-long wear with turtlenecks 8 8 C IM pawn SUCCISS".r.? mllllM.OINTMINV 1st hot ll, R..I Est." less_ 21 Y..'". ,
long, ribbed cuffed sleeves neat hemmed bottoms. O .Mtm.... MNe". a.ohmm.dkMM.n Ohl., IIIt..II th.n .kls.. rr.iU.nt. J. honyn. lord tt a..Bers. ItSi.M.rr.JWlft. .
Soft,machine-washable cotton knit shirts In choiceof Nip Mmwe skin' MM* ( Twe Child.G.ftdch"d, ,.,,.
your U'J M: riM I..i.N I
: i V.l.r.m World W. II.
fashion shades plus versatile white. Sizes 3 to 7. WARDS 'RICI hot Mratehlnf k.n.r e.....fl tliftfur DMttrt..C.W.H| )/.","". EplKop.1 Church 'I

n HUM <..ni.mi.liXMii.il.VM 'Clvlo Effurl. 'nclud.' $.",Ift' e. FlCulty During F..II" Y..r..1
.*.W* II It ytur IMlfwt. tntf J.doftylII. University.A. / .
"MP.KIN. 'SUCchf l. I. OINTMINT.I.I >Ak.MIITI Mlp bt.n.... I..l9rt iij In Ov $.",10. AdmU.... .... I ;
mess parr lift. IVI.", ...1110
("" ':.." :- J '.n .i: :-; ,-,111m, ; Paid Political Adv.
lit:.. 7' r .. !2 HIL Iut


'. f I 1 )i'

_ .

" . . . . . . . . .. . . . .. .



I *** ***** Delta Sororas Hear Negro Woman Senator ** **** ** --

', 't1; ..., ,

t I "for a .

I r ul rrM1l( t happy

-- National Confab PlalsAgllda Marjorie Boatright

. Dival Masons Plan marriedHfe
. Marries P.F.C.Mincey
y For Year Of 1968
Marjorie Yvonne Boartwrlght
When the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority met recently In Cincinnati Big Day October 21 and PFC Henley Kent Mlncey
for the twenty-ninth annual confab among the outstanding were married In a quiet ceremony -
a speakers was Miss Barbara Jordan, first Negro of September 7, In Emanuel -
woman elected to the Texas State Senate Miss Barbara AME church located "
Jordan expressed the opinion that the racial disturbances of The Duval County, DistrictNo. In Charleston, S.C. Rev. H.B.
, 1r the nation can be laid on the shoulders of America's educated 1, Masons have virtually Butler.Jr. officiated the cere- :!
Negroes. Strong determinism Is Important for future peace, completed plans for several
mony. :
said Miss Jordan Miss Jordan Is shown above speaking before grand events for October 21, The bride chose to year a wbJte
I the large number of delegates present. In second picture from all emanating from their head- brocade two-piece suit and a
I the left Dr. Geraldine P. Wood, new national president, chats quarters at 410 Broad Street. flowered hued pelca. A lavender -
with four other nationally known women, new honorary mem- Topping these affairs will be ..,..-
bers. They are left, Lady Sara Lou Carter, Mrs Charlotte the visit of the Grand Master,
Moton Hubbard, Dr. Miriam A.SheldenandMrs.Fred Lazarus. Grand Master R. Bradley, who
HL Lady Carter Is the wife of.Sir John Carter, Guyana's 'Will preside. dNife
I ambassador to the United States. Lady Carter Is an alumna of In addition to this visit and part : ,

I I FRATERNAL WEDDING = Bennett College.Greensboro, M.C., and a native of Wilesboro, of the festivities, will be the .
N.C., and works with underprivileged children In Washington.Mrs. Grand Parade.Each department I-
I. Hubbard Is Assistant of Sate for Public has been asked to enter a float. 1'_"
: NOTES Deputy Secretary : ; ,
*** *** BELLS The time and the route will be ; ;
= Affairs, has worked with the Girl Scouts, served as director \,
McClendon Chapter 163, OES, of field relations at Tuskegee and with community services announced later. Bands will, of f' i 7 ,/r J
,meets Tuesday a t the Mason Willie Bowden 2.104 Myrtle of WTOP-TV Washington Dr. Shelden Is Dean of Womenat course, be a part of the march. ,. ,, ....J ." {J
Hall 915 the of Illinois Urbana and of the According to the committee ..
: ; Jefferson, at 6 p.m. University a member (
Ave., 36 andVerleneWhite 1215 I
r'; :,Members should be prepared Governor's Commission on the Status of Women. Mrs. La- Invitations have been sent to all t
.of the and trustee of the Urban All four culminate with the affair at the bride.
Worthy Matron, Mrs Samuel Williams'l551 E. 27th a founding League. women ,I
48 other Atlantic Coast Line Building. The Groom, PFC Mincey Is :
Juanita now named
McClendon. are among honorary members by the
; St 26 and Carrie Gaile Frailer
The Masons wh are strongly at Ft. Ord Ca-
sorority. In the third picture are representatives of 20 now stationed ,
154Q E, 27th St., 17. national service organizations who attended the convention as Interested In education, will lifornia where he Is serving In

Matron's Council No. 1 will Harry Fender 1714 Harper observers. Two are shown! above talking with Dr. Woods. Mrs. give a donation thereto.Hodernettes the U.S.Army.
;:':meet at the Masonic Hall, 915 67 and Lillian Althea Warren, H.E. Lunken, left Is fourth vice-president of the Girl Scouts

.'Jefferson, Monday, October 9, 1714 Harper St., 56. of America. Mrs. James Dolby Is National President of the Bridge
'at 6 p.m. All Past Matrons Church Women United, Mrs. Hobart Taylor, Jr., Is Executive Sunlight Pallbearers

Worthy Matrons are requested Otis Junior Mitchener, 1205 Director of the Deltas. Mr. Taylor Is a member of the World
,-:'jo( be present. The vlst of the Oakley St., 19 and Linda Dar- Bank. The Taylors are from Detroit. In the last picture on the Circle Organized At
;;I.;.to be present. The visit of the nell Phelps, 649 Jessie St., 17. right Dr. Woods is shown presenting to Epsilon Chi Chapterof Celebrate TrinityThe
\*;Royal Grand Matron will be Southern University, Baton Rouge, the cup for the highest The newly formed Modernet-
i,1.:discussed. The visit will take Walter Levy Smith, 1068 Pearl academic average achieved by an undergraduate chapter. Dr. tes Bridge Circle held It's organizational Sunlight Pallbearers, No.
;'lace; November 17. Lady St., 24 and Ethel Mae Turner, Woods also gave the detrolt Alumnae chapter an award for rein- meeting on last 58 will celebrate the iixteenllianniversary
Lois Hagons, Royal President 5318 Buick Ave., 21. stating the highest number of active members. Dr. Woods Wednesday night Sept. 27th, Sunday October
Lady Juanita McClendon, re was assisted.in the presentation by.Charles Smith of Wash- In the home of Miss Eunice 8, Trinity Baptist Church, Du-
porter. ington. The honoree on the left Is Miss Catherine Cullers of val and Jefferson streets, beginning -
Leroy Butler, 146 Oak St., 20 Cross.
left Is Juanita Stafford at 2:45: p.m.
and Eunice Durham, 929 Epsilon and second from the Mrs. pre- Officers elected were: Miss Se
The Prince Hall Masonic Club Church sident of the Detroit Alumnae Association. Other chapters Alkinia Argrett president;Mrs The program win open witha
St.,19.Andrew ,
:will met at the Masonic Hall, honored were Gamma Tau, Tuskegee,Epsilon Alpha,Delaware, June Davis vice president; selection by the choir. Mrs. Bon

,915 Jefferson Sunday, October Lee Dickey, 2114 Gamma Phi, Winston Salem, Alpha Omega, St. Louis, Alpha Mrs Sylvia Morton, secretaryMrs. Alice Mae Anderson will lead
: 8, at 4 p.m. All Worshipful Venus St, 55 and Sarah Lizzie Kentucky State and Pi, University of California. Clara Wilkerson. trea- in prayer. Mrs. Made D.Jones
Masters are expected to be Gates, 7462 Richardson Rd42. (Delta Sigma Theta Photos-David Apter and Associates) surer Mrs.Patricia Kill will introduce the mistress of
present, as well as all Worthy business manager ana Mrs.w- ceremonies, speaker Mrs, An-

Matrons of the Heroines of ,Jimmie Lee Harvln, 266 Watts Eastern ,Star bara White, reporter. na B.Jenkins.The address come
.Jericho Plans will be made for St., 22 and Juanita Patricia Engagement 1 Other! members are Miss Gall from Mrs Willie Mae Williams, .
.1 cornerstone laying on October Brown 2153 Lewis St. 23. Glllls, Mrs. Maude Scptt! Miss and the espouse frm Mrs, Ar-
29 at 3 p.m. Most Illustrious White Rose To Erma Wiggins. Miss Eunice lean Muldrow.

David Hudson, president, will Clyde Haynes, 7963 ThrasherAve. Announced Cross and Mrs, Susie Baety. Frank Bush will sing.The his
preside. Lady Juanita McClen ., 27 and Frances Cornelia Have Program The next meeting Is slated tory of the group will be read
don, reporter. Williams 7963 Thrasher Ave. to be held in thehome of Miss by Mrs. Bertha Ayers.Deacons
Mark Carter and J.E,Hicks will
21. Gail Gaillls, 1128 W, 8th St,
Ser M rr White Rose Chapter 149, Or- Mrs. Annie Maude Williams October 11 at 7.30p.m. take the offering.. The principal
der of Eastern Star, Is cele- announces the engagement of speaker will be the Rev.CJ.
,';: Carl Ike Watkins, 1528 LoganSt. brating Its anniversary Sun- her daughter, Shirley Anne GlUt Speaker For Crosby. Mrs. Lucy Mae Grant
;r\ 1 21 and Gloria Mae Watson, day Sunday, October 8, at Williams, to Thomas Wesley will give a reading, Mrs. LeoI I
;:j -- e 729 Acorn St, 18. Brooks Prayer House, from 4 Fowler, son of Mrs Claudia Missionary SocietyMrs. la Burns will make tbd pre
to 6 p.m. Devotions will be led Fowler and the late Mr. Eddie sentation. Remarks will come
,:; BRAND NEW 1It \ Henry Thomas, Jr., 820 E.5th by mrs. Flora Shawers and Mrs. Fowler. Gnssle Page will be from the president, Mrs.Flo-
'. ; st., 28 and Thomasina Amanda Mattie Meatman. Mrs. Bertha The wedding will be Dec. 23, the guest speaker fon the Missionary ranee Wilcox The Rev. Cros-

i : 1967 VVVSEDAN Mundy,820E.5taSt,19.Gateway law of Day Spring Baptist, will at 5 p.m., In the West Friend Society of New Hope by will make closing remarks.
: be mistress of ceremonies. ship Baptist Church. AME Church on Sunday, Octo
The bride-elect is ber 29th. .
Music will be furnish by the a graduate

;!f : : Barracks choir Mrs. Eula Mae Williams of Northwestern -Junior-Senior- The president announced that Dahlia Garden Circle
169850 : will make the welcome address. the Missionary Society will be
r 111 To Meet Saturday With the response coming from In complete chage of morning
.t U DELIVERED IN IAXTfttf Mrs. Lucile Holmes. The his- service scheduled to begin at Convenes For PlansThe

,t. 'f tin BM., 't.t .f of World War No. L, given by Mrs. Anna Byrd. Miss All members and friends of Dahlia Garden Circle will
Mamie Starling will Introducethe New Hope are Invited to come
will hold their regular meeting meet Thursday, October 12, at
out and support the program
Saturday, October 7, at the speaker, Mrs. Gladys Foy- .. 7 In the home of the president -
Catlin- for p.m. I I7S
that has been prepared
ster of Orange Park.Mrs. Fan-
James James center, at 2 p. Ati Mrs.Queen B.Williams,
nie Bradford will make enjoyment.
'I" m. All members Ire urged to obser- 1321 Tyler. All members are
Griffin : be on time. vaslon and introduce the grand urged to be present since this

The Quartermaster! will have officers. Is the first meeting after vaca-
,,' Volkswagen all cards ready at this meeting. Mrs. Loise Kagan will bring \, Mrs. Birdsong Will tion. The roll call will be made. t

INC. S Each member is expected to be greetings from the GrandLodge's i Plans will be presented for the
early. The building drive Is Royal Grand Matron .. new Garden Circle Year. The 1 1t
1250 EAST 8th ST.lit In full swing.Plans will be com-now Lady Hannah B. Miller, and i 'J". Sing At Grant AMEBy program will feature Vacation
: 354.9093. from the Heroines of Jericho. it; .
pleted for the
celebration this )
The Elite Charmettes Social
i :;
t. ta 11 Itsw time New,members are welcome and civic Club will be hostesses. special request Mrs. He-

1" Lady Dessle Dent and Lady nertta Birdsong -Graham will 15,000 Boy Scouts
i- -V Barbara Hayze are program be presented In repeat recital
co-chairmen. J-azilSehooL She attended Benedict at Gr nt MemorialAME; Wanted For Course
College and was graduated church on Sunday October, ,
from Tenn. ALl State University ii t p.m. This program is oe. Councilfo
Community Savings lag presented In the Ingerest Scouts of AmericaIs
the Boy
Her fiancee Is a graduate of of Women's Day at the church.
for boys from
New Stanton Senior He Mrs. Graham was inconcert looking 75,000
Club Celebrates 8 to 18 years for Its scouting / '* *
has recently served a tour of lat the St. Paul AME church on
In the Jacksonvillearea.
the Christian Community Savings duty In Vietnam and has com- September 10, U guest artist program. t
four in the United of the YPD of St. Paul AME. POWER
Club will celebrate pleted years ,
a.i. Have you heard? seventh anniversary on Sunday the, States Air Force. The of singer the is Ada the Bracy leading Chorus soloist 000 There boys are In scouting approximately now. Boys,

1 October 8, In the Joe James interested are urged to have
1s Center Criminal and of st. PauL The Bracy Odor
Hurst their parents call 771-6161 bet
will support her in the concert I
place near Thirteenth
from ween 4 and 9 p.m. Tuesday.
Mrs. Dorothy Chllds will serve
i- 4to6p.m. READ THE
They will later be contacted bya
A unique program has been as accompanist John
Scout representative.
Something new at. planned. All are invited to at FLORIDA STARI Montgomery is activities chair 1 1ii'
man of the Muskogee district

Born In Jacksonville, MODEM BUSINESS j

EDGEWOOD LOUNGE Harvard University NEEDS __
Graduate, Navy Vet-

; eran. Active in Civic TRAINED OFFICE

and Charitable Or- PEB50NNELmcrita ;;
ganizations. Elected .. I
You Won't Believe Your M Mr
Ears! r- f tof.ft.far
; in June to Jacksonville .* :.ll. w! r
I d t dMpwM* ..... far
Civil ServiceBoardGroup IrWHd wratwlM 11ooi<"-0 fsSw!
I 5"ni|. cMcj) htlp. ndti FOB Jacksonville
i ifr&
;3. ,nd.mil TV pm MMd'--ind. UDI4 MSMnknti. toy
Supporter ConsoliH awe. did Mmn with" ....
now *lli> CM peck vwOAT
dation. e.rob. cry w.*. 1

Your Vote Is 0* EVENING -
I Apprecia. CLAUU .e
Ie HELP ELECT ed. HAH A"novn ,yK'r 'Mrs

Henry D. Rogers Civil smici hard llI i
INIs f. 0 In 4139'
M .e .....r, Mil 745-0004
,; Paid for by Henry D. Rogers (flip 3



.. -I.. ... It
-- -

J ''' .-.'.'-.',-.'j ........, ., ',- .. '. .. J. .
'. ... .. '
," --. .

1- 4' 1-:


Operation Hew St. JanesWomen's -Hew Bethel AME Co-Ciiirnin I

... Masonic Officials f! Plan tally Day ParadeThe

Common Sense Day Has October 29

1 ter Leroy and Wilson teacher, former, and minis now a Is October 29New As Women's Day

counselor In marital and domestic St. James AME Church observed
will be
Women's Day
difficulties In the Stated
has virtually completed plans
Bethel AME Church aO
Florida in this article for the Annual Women's Day r h
Operation Common Sense, of- Sunday, October 29, The Rev day C.V.Morehead, Sunday, October reports 29.that toe n r r

.1.; ; church A.D. Harris met with, pastor leaders of of tl the achuuch work seems to be going along
J' t smoothly. Every effort, daysMiss ,
completed the appointing
Morehead Is being
;, of committees and generally to make, this a suc
:t: ,: rounded out the agenda for that expanded 1
.i'I' cess. Just this pastSunday manyDembetlpaid
day, always a thrilling one for and
their fees
i the membership of the church.
'I Mrs tattle Perry is chairman some paid in full.
: On Sunday, October 8, in the
this Mrs. Lynette
year. Braggs
.,', "" } is co-chairman. Mrs. Eva morning service the Youth Department
1 ;, (. : Guyton, principal of George will help toward making -
the annual affair a suc
Washington Carver Elementary
: ; ; cess. This will be under the
trI"f School will serve as general Beatrice L. When New Bethel AME Church
of Mrs.
: coordinator of actlvltes. Mrs. begins Its Women's DayObser-
Ze Igler. During the evening
Eloulse Edmonds will
serve U jw service there wlU be the "Kick vance on Sunday, October 29,
of the Sunday School Off" service, featuring a talent Mrs. Ollle M. Williams, shown
Hour. Mrs. A.D. Harris will program. Mrs. Vivian Williamsis above, will ba co-chairman.
be pastor for the day. sponsor. Captains and supervisor Mrs. Wlllluns is widely known
The assistant coordinatorsare
will also make reports. for her church work All are
Mrs. Johnson
: Mary Mrs. invited to worship with the
LEROY WILSON Arzator Reynolds, Mrs. Annie church during that day
1 M
Bell Madison, Mrs. A. D. : Bishop AileD

) fers his solutions to the problems Harris, Mrs Robbie Baker,
facing eh country insofar Mrs. Essie B. McCleod..Others Loretto, Fla. ChurchThe

, as riots, lootings and deaths will be added to the list. Speaks Sunday Julington Baptist Church

r are concerned.opinions expressed Mrs. Guyton, along with the of Loretto, Fla., will be the
in this article do not other enthusiastic leader among At ME scene of the church Choir No.
necessarily represent the edl- the women, has set in motion Simpson 2's anniversary on Friday

CONTINUED ON PAGE 14 many activities which will be :shop LScott Allen,resident night, October 6, at 8:30: p.m.

a part t!the celebration. Masonic Family Parade holds part of the interest d the picture are left to right: Walter R. Lowden, "'....'.A.3., bishop of the West Coast Area An elaborate program was

Pallbearers the above group of Masons of Duval County, District No.1, Collins No. 602; Mrs. Flora M. Burns, M.A.W.M.;; Lester of the Methodist Church will planned.Mrs. .
Olive Trio In
Ml. and will be held on October 21. In addition to the parade, McClendon, P.M., Fidelity No. 251; Mrs. A.M. Frailer, preach at Simpson Methodist Llllie Mae Smith is mistress -

the day's events will be highlighted by the official visit of DJ. Heroines of Jericho; Andrew Edward, S.W., Oakland Chruch, Kings Road and Cleveland of ceremonies. Also featured .
Hold Meet Concert October 22 Grand Master R. Bradley. Complete plans will be announced No. 65; Mrs. Ada M. Reeves, D J), Templar Crusaders and streets, Sunday October 8. win be Mrs. Maggie
Pallbearers' Society No. U'. In the next FLORIDA STAR edition. The parade will conclude Louis A. Anderson, District Marshall The Grand Marshall at the 11.00clock service. Black, Mrs.Essie Mae Thomas,
sick committee will meet Octo- The Mt. Olive AME Chinch with a gala event at the Atlantic Coast Line Building, Seen in for the day is Lewis A. Anderson.CHURCH. Bishop Allen was elected at Mrs. Jessie Power, Mrs. Sadie

ber 10, at 7.30: in the home of Trio will be presented in recital the session of the Central Juris- Mitchell, Mrs. Essie Mae Carter

Mrs. Dora Jones, 1315 Wolf on Sunday night, October East Florida And fictional Conference, held at and others. Mrs. Wilbur
Court. 22, at the church. The publicis Bethany Nashville, Tennessee, August Burgess, will be speaker for
Pallbearers Society No. 11 will invited to attend. A varied NEWS 18,1967. At the time of his election 'the occasion All are invited.
hold a full meeting at 7 pm"in program of church and gospel Baptist Convene Oct. 17 he was editor of the Central

the Friendly Baptist Church, music has been planned. .. Cbrlstaln Advocate, a position Mrs. Bannister
1921 West Nineteenth, on Octo- The Rev Benjamin J.Williams The East Florida and Bethany Baptist Association will convene MT. TABOR BAPTIST CHURCH which he had deld since 1956.

ber H is pastor. with St. Matthew's Baptist church in the seventy-fourth Sunday School begins at 9:30: a.m. Deacon Jason Barr, superintendent He was born In Meridian,Mis-

annual session beginning with Tuesday, October 17, and con will be in charge The Rev. H.T.Overstreet, pastor, sissippi, and was ordained and Plans Musical
cluding on Monday October 22. The church is on Moncflef Rd. will review the lesson. At 10:45: the consecration service elder in the Atlanta Conferencein

WRITE WRHC TODAYWin The Roy George Price will .The response to'the welcome will take place. The morning worship begins at 11 a.m. The 1942. On Friday night October 13,
be host pastor for this annual will be given by Alexander Heard pastor and the associate pastor, the Rev George Cherry, will The New Bishop received his Mrs. Ethel D.Bannister will
meeting. The Rev. W.M.H111 Other highlights of the sessions be In charge. The district mass meeting will be at 3 p.m. A.BJDegree from Clark College present a Gospel Sing Along
moderator. Many ministers will Include the "Orthodoxy The evening worship begins at 7 p.m. Choir No, 2 and Usher B.D. from Gammon Theo- in the educational center of the
$25.00 For Your Church lay people from vrlous sections Hour" Wednesday afternoon. Board No. 2 will serve throughout the day. logical Seminary, M.A. from St. Stephen's AME churchFlflb

of the city and from northeast The Rec. J.CJiogers of Macedonia Northwestern Unlverslty.E- and Davis streets, at 8 p.m.
Cut oat the coupon below and Florida will be in attendance. Missionary Baptist TABERNACLE BAPTIST INSTITUTIONAL CHURCH vanston and LL.D. from Be- This program Is for the benefit
The Rev Kill will be assisted Church will speak on"Ad tion Sunday School begins at 9:30: a.m., with Superintendent C.A. thune-Cookman College. of the Women's Day drive

write your question then mail by the Rev. G.T.McCan, vice the Rev. John James of Jacksonville Lawrence in charge. The lesson will be reviewed by L.Y. Before becoming editor of the The Rev JjS.Johnson is pas-
moderator, the Rev. B.H.Hart- Beach will discuss Jones. The morning worship begins tt U a.m. The pastor, Central Christain Advocate, he tor. *

ley, second vice moderator and "Holiness" and the Rev. G.T. the Rev. W.E. Young, will deliver the message. All youth was pastor of In the Georgia St. Stephen's will celebrate
to radio station WRHC, P. 0. the Rev. H.H.Wrightthird McCall will talk on "Sanctifl- choirs and Usher Board No. 2 will serve.At 3:30: p.m., all districts Conference for twenty years, Women's Day on October 22
moderator. "A committed Life cation." will meet in the church auditorium. All youth choirs having 'served Asbury Church The annual tea of the church

Box Through Christ" will be the During the Mission and Edi- will meet Tuesday afternoon 3:30fcr: rehearsal. Prayer meetIng Savannah, Ga. for six years, will be Sunday, October 8,
2467, Jacksonville Fla. theme of the session. catlon session the Rev. AJ. is at 7:30 Wednesday night. lire Missionaries will meet and Central Church, Atlanta, 4 to 6 p.m. Daniel Cummingsand

aSA Huges and the Rev. G.A.Prlce Thursday night at 7:30: p.m., in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ga. for eight years. He was instructor the West Union Trio will
PHONE: 389.1111 will give their annual reports. Atlas Akins, 1127 East Union. The teachers meet every of philosophy and religion give the music. Mrs Marlon
: f The Women's will Saturday afternoon in the church auditorium. at Clark College. WhItehead will serve as MC.
,uS RUCTIONS; The WKJIC "Mall Box" will attempt to get Department
on.as schools, rents, taxes, city and county government and so The day.Ushers Union,Mrs. May e Sunday School will be at 9:30 a.m., with officers In charge. '960, and 1964, and to the Central Maggie hats Aaron, from Kirkland 4 to 6 will p.m.model In-

I j K.Heard The lesson topic will be reviewed by the pastor or his appointee Conference in 1956, 1960 the educational building.A local
Write your questions below and mail at Your question president, and the Lay
men's At 11 a.m., the morning worship begins with Deacon Lid 1964. He Is a trustee of displayer will have tghe fashion
and the answer, along with your name and address will be Brotherhood, George W.
?''broadcast: from time to time on WRHC so please Walker president, will hold D.B. Pollard and Deacon Robert King in charge of devotions.The Bethune-Cookman College.The in all sizes Mrs.Bannister will
your pastor will preach Choir No. 2, and Usher Board No. 2 pastor is Rev. SS.Ro- narrate.
rime and address. Write as often as like and their Joint annual session Friday
you listetUor
The theme will will serve throughout the day. At S am., the choir No. 2 will binson, Jr.Yaung.
You: answer on WRHC,1400onyourradtg total morning
your community
}station: on the air 24 hours a day. j be discussed by Rev.Levi Green be presented in a musical in the auditorium. Other meetingsare

For the best question each week during this mailing, Radio The Rev. Theodore Lea will : Monday night, Deacon Board; Tuesday night, Prayer Women Will
Meet In AfternoonMrs.
Station WRHC will award $2 .OO to the church of your choice. deliver the sermon and tho meeting; Wednesday night, choir rehearsals; Thursday night,
JIY QUESTION IS: JJ.Jones will serve as alternate business meeting. Rev Jake Ray, Jr., pastor.

C. Smith Will Be Pastor For Day
Mrs. Heard and Mr. Walker NEW MT. OLIVE BAPTIST CHURCHThe ,
will deliver their annual as. clerk of New Mt. Olive has announced that Sunday's The Greater New Bethel Baptist Church, the Re/ C.E.Smith
order of service will proceed as scheduled. will observe Its annual Women's
dresses at noon. At 2 p.m. the Day all day Sunday October
\ Moderator's Hour, the Rev. Sunday school will begin at 9.30: with the superintendent 3, and will feature young women In the afternoon. drs. C.E
I' ,, James Sams of Sevnd Baptist and teachers in charge. Smith will be pastor for the day.
REV. GEORGE PRICE will present tile Progressive Morning worship begins at U with the deacons leading Guest have been invited to participate in all services. For

t PLEASE PRINT Outstanding sneakers will Baptist State Convention nf Fin.. the devotional service, and the pastor will preach. The pastor, example, in the Sunday School, Miss Amelia Hackery will be
MY NAME IS serve as discussion leaders ..44He has been General P-e- Rev. W. 1.. Glanton will again deliver the message during guest superintendent and will be assisted by guest teachers,
r r and deliver the sermons. The silent of the convennon'iur n the evening service set for 6:30 p.m. Choir 2 will render the namely, Class No 1 Mrs. Elizabeth Powell, Class No.2 Mrs

MY ADDRESS B host church will present a wel- years and was recently elected music and usher board 3 will serve throughout the day. Mae Heartsfleld, Class No. 3 Miss Peggy Heartfleld and Class

If my question Is judged best, please send $29.00 to the church come program Tuesday nightat president of National Pro' Weekly activities Include board meeting for the deacons on No. 4, Mrs. Minnie Bell Harris. Mrs. ME. Patterson, guest
of my choice, which is 8 p.m. Various personalities gresslve Baptist convention, Monday night beginning at 7.30: p.m. will review the lesson Sunday School begins at 9:an- _
of the church and the community will be present, as will be G.W. Monthly business meeting will be held on Thursday nightat of the morning, Mrs. Pauline

will appear. The Choirs Scott prsident of the State 7:30 pm'L and combined choir rehearsal will begin at of the Church of God in Christ

(PRINT NAME ti NAME OF.LOCAL CHURCH}. ____1 of St.special Matthews numbers will be featuredin Sunday School Department. 7.30 The p.m.public, on is Friday cordially night.Invited to attend services throughoutthe No.Ella 4 R.will Watson.be presented Following by Mrs.the

day with New Mt. Olive Baptist Church on Sunday address
Mrs.Lulse Mae Townsend -

,y. will sing. The offering
Jacksonville's New Service at St. Luke Baptist Church will begin with Sunday Graves committee includes Mrs,Nancy
Mrs. Irene Lee Mrs
Gpernnient Needs School with Superintendent Percy and teachers in charge d Gertrude Murry, Mrs. badysHenderson
the lesson topic Rev. M.J. Trowel, the pastor will review Acknowledgements'for
\ the lesson.
the morning will be made
The pastor will deliver the message during morning worship
by Mrs. Cleo Fountain Mrs
Honest Ale BeperoaMe leu serve.scheduled to begin at U a.m., Choir and Usher Board 1will Clara Singleton will make ob-

servations while Mrs. Leona
Evening worship will begin at 5 p.m., with devotion being Bell Haywarood win give the
led by the deacons Choir 1 and 2 will render song service appreciation
\ and usher board 1 and 2 will serve.
Visiting clubs will be Glendale -
Holy Communion will be administered '
: following sermon Flower CLuD Mn Bessie.
bY the pastor ana deacons Aa new members are urged to be Mason- :
president Gateway Civic
present so that the right hand of fellowship can be extended to
and I
Savings Club Mrs.Clara
VOTE FOR them from the church
k1. C.E SMITH Singleton, president Twelve
The public is cordially invited to attend these services Christain Club Minister;
Mrs. C.E.Smlth, guest pastor Mack E.M.
Leader. Mrs Katie Lee
FELLOWSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH for the day will preside over
Sunday service at Fellowship Baptist will begin with Sunday the morning service, beginning Fields will and take Mrs.Ruby Lee Jackson
School starting at 9:30 am., with the superintendent and' at 11a.m.The general chairman The afternoon offering.
teachers In charge. for the day Is Mrs. Op service will feature

Morning worship is set for U a.m., this service will find helia Haywood. Mrs. Haywood begin the at 3 young people and will
reports being mad e ami a district meeting being held. will be assisted by Mrs. Leana Moore p.m. Miss Josephine:
ERICOSIMPSON On Sunday afternoon, Lottie Eukes of the Friendship Primitive Bell Haywood. Mrs. Ruby Lee Sanders chairman. Miss Mary
Baptist Church will furnish the music and the sermon Jackson will be secretary for Co-chairman. Serving
win be delivered by Rev. W.L. Jordan. the day. Mrs. Ada Brown, Mrs musicians will be the Youth
A cordial invitation is extended to the public. ora Brooks, Mrs. Willie Maw Young Adult Choir,Gos-
Reese and Mrs. Edna-Walk per Tabernacle House of God

NEW HOPE AME CHURCH er will be In charge of devotions. Saints In Christ of the South side,

Sunday School opens at 9:30: a.m., with J. Brewer in charge Bethlehem Baptist Cb- Ushers will be Miss Vivian
The morning worship is at U am., the Rev. Tyrus preach urch's Usher Board No.3 will Brown, Miss Berthlnes Fpun-
ing. After the morning service the Heavenly Echoes will sing serve. Guest Cblors 1 and 2 of tain. Miss Barara Moore and

for the benefit of the Women's Day Drive At night, 6:30 Mt Carmel Baptist Folkston, Miss Waughween Wright
p.m., after the service the Rev C. J. Crosby, pastor of Ga will sing.The Mission pray Devotions will be led by Miss
Trinity Baptist with his congregation and officers, will give er will be led by Mrs, Bessie Brenda Alberta. The welcome
service for the benefit of the women. Group No. 4 Is sponsoring Marion, and the Scriptures will address will come from Miss
the appearance. The Women's Day anniversary will be read by Mrs, Gladys Wright. LInda Moore Mrs. Rose An
celebrated October them will participate and Miss
on 15. The mistress of ceremonies,
Mrs. Jessie Ellis Patricia Jefco will give ghe
will be Introduced
FIRST BORN TEMPLE by Mrs, Mae Harts- reading Miss Marlon Wilson
Sunday Is Missionary Day at the church Sunday School fell Mrs Leola Brown will Mary Joe Gibbs Sims and Miss
begins at 10 a.m. Deacon M. McQueen Is '1IP rlntGndent. deliver the welcome address, will sing. Thespeaker
The morning worship is at U:15: a.m. Devotions will be led with the responsd coming from tho Hcvse, Mrs.Gladys Wright,of
by the Missionary Speaker, Emma Selph. Evening services Mrs. Maude D. Hutson. of God Saints in Christ
of the South
BOARD I at 3 p.m. The YPCW meets Sundays at 5:30: p.m., Mrs. The guest soloist for the mornIng Side will be Introduced -
by Mrs
CIVIl SERVICE GROUP : Margrett Johnson president. Later evening services begin service will be Mrs. Gus- In the C.EjSmlth.
at I sle Mae evening service, at 6:45
p.m. The special sermon will be delivered by an appointee Page Gray. Mrs. Rosa -- Mrs C.E.SmUh
d the pastor. Missionary W.W. Grant will preside over the Lee Peterson win give a day will pastor for the
missionary program. The church Is located at 825 West reading and Mrs. Ruby Allen preside, Devotions -
Monroe Stewart will i g. The speaker ,mie Wilson will be led by Mrs. Ma-

I \ ,

J )

......... .....01_ PalPASt

_..........._ ---------"I: : ; .... -- 1 _._ _. ., 'J. .
.o .
o. '0 i..r. ..f. . .IIISII!



-I St. Matthew's Baptist Celebrates Sixty-Sixth Year Of FoundingMusical I

Soilkside Ml. lion

ExtrcvaHia Will West Uiioi Trio Central Baptist' Has Mrs. Mack Will Gloria Jean 6 in in Plans Woaen's Day

Dual Day CeremoniesDual Speak At Holy Mt. Zion Baptist t Church south

Highlight Opening Service Day will be observed at Is Macedonia (keen side has set aside Sunday,
October 22 u the annual Wo-
In 1901 St. Matthews Baptist Church, Twenty-Eighth and Mon- Central Baptist Church.Tblrd October Church SundayThe The Missionary Society and men's Day. An.clmrch! of CM
crief, was organized. On Sunday, October 8, St. Matthews will and Braod streets Sunday, Baptist Training Union of the city are Invited. .

celebrate the slsty-slxth year of that founding with, first, a MM 22 iLLWaidgnandMr.A.E.Macon all day. Holy Church of the Living Macedonia Baptist Church held Officers are t Mrs. Ilisa*

Musical Eitravann Sunday night, October 8, and with programs are'chairmen for this God, 1993 Yulee South will their annual "Miss Macedonia beth Bowman, chairman; Mrs.
each night of the week, culminating with Family night obsrve Women's Day Sunday Contest" recently. Mist Gloria Barton; Baldwin! CochairmanMrs.
-: on Monday night October 16. 1I occasion. October 8, Missionary E.M. Jean Garvin was the winner Phlllli Johnson, secretary -
:. At the helm will be the Rev. George; Price who during the r111A y The public is cordially Invited Mack of the Holu Church of the and became Miss Macedonia and Mrs. MJ.Chrk, trea
to attend all of the events sche-
four years of his pastorates has carried on the historic tradition living God No. 1 The Twelve for the year. Miss Dezrie --urer.
of the church, he will also be honored for his work. duled for the day.Traveling. Chrlstaln club 'will accompany Campbell was runner-up.!
her. will be crownedon ICATI NOTICE
On Sunday night Pctober 8, religious units will appear In Stars The
Mrs. Amanda Collins will be October 13. at.
Monday, Mr. Julian Harris, suffered
music will be in the air. The full force.
The founder pastor for the day. p.m., In the church. At the tragic death, SaturdaySeptem-
committee has chosen to call was Kev. Har Will Sing SundayThe
At 3 the young people time the Missionary Society
same ber 30 in Trout River
this "Musical grove, deceased. Other minis-
a Eltrayanza"Musical The Musical Trio of West Union Baptist Church will rendera Miss Alice
TravellffgStar Gospel Singers will be In charge. will celebrate its anniversary flgb .
organizations, musicians ters succeeding him were Re- recital at Saint Stephens AME Church, Sunday October 8, wlupresentamusicalprogram Boston will cad. Miss Anita with Mrs.lUx1eCooks Mr. (Harris
resided at 724
lovers of music well- vernds Sparks Whltehead,Lane
at 4 .
p.m.Deacon AME Church''I'm
at the African United Carr of St. Paul celebrating her thletr sixth w. nth stFuneral
wishers leaders in civic activities Smith, Carr, Way,Walker,Culver Daniel Mildred Mrs.
Cummings, Mrs Bailey and be
She will accom- Emma
8 speak.
Church October Mrs.
Sunday night, year as president. service will be held
and the
ministers Rev. Price. The
may others Ruby C.ryant are members of the trio.
Rev. Price at 8:30. Mrs, Bertha Bell Is panoed by the Willing Workers Melton chairman, Rev J.C. Saturday, October 7, at Mt.
will George and Mrs
participate. Their appearance will be in conjunction with planning for the Singers.
On Monday night, October 9, Oreatha B. Price ecclesiastical women's day celebration r__________ sponsor. Spiritual Rogers pastor. Bethel Baptist Church, I p.m.
leader are the parents of four .
St. Thomas Rev. W.C.Neal, -- -
pastor, Zion Hope and Messiah children. The Rev Price was I AlA

Baptist,the pastor which called to the pastorate here

Is the Rec. R.Logan will come from Piersal, Texas. Second Baptist r------l I '
In full force to add to the festivities LAKEWOOD JOSE

On Tuesday of the week.night, October 10, St. John s Baptist Plans District SHOPPING PLAZA 4 + I ,

Macedonia Baptist will be a I
JM.n. i.u",
guest Rev. J.C.Rogers pastor, Holds AnniversariesThe Day For Sunday II I

Choirs, usher board, officers I
and members will be presented. eighty-ninth anniversaryof D'strict Dy will be celebrated II I
The Rev. B.F.Addlson, pastorof St. John's ,aptlst church and second; Sunday.Uustness meet- I THE
the St. Stephen's church will the eleventh anniversary of the tnts will be neld In various PLUS FACTORs I
share the restrum and will be pastor, tl,e Re/A.J.HugeswlU homes beginning at 4 p.m. Activities I
accompanied by his congrega- be celebrated beglnnlngSunday, : will begin with the Sun- s I Mtvlu.. h vm4 to till I II Iw.
Ion and church staffs. October 8, at 8 p.m. continuing day school at 9:30.: L.C.Chester Id!,Mini. .ito Hut ntloi Hi*
rtwwn a vtffn*
Wednesday night, October 11, with cervices through the week. superintendent, will be assisted ., .., ......" ."-"'. I
will be highlighted by the pre- Various pastors, their congre- by the assistant generaland
sence of theWest Friendship gations and church units will be departmental supe'lnten- YEDNESDAY-THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY I
Baptist Church, the Rev. R.L. present.On dent. The lesson will be reviewed : # i 4w +r i t

Wilson, pastor as well as that Sunday night ministers and by the Rev. J.CS'uns, I N "ti, I/

of the Rev. JJl.Lee, Spring Hill churches will be: Rev. J.CSam pastor. 9 A.M. TO 9 P.M. EACH DAY I rA. ?:: I-..." 1.. A I
and the Rev. D.Johnson of Bet- Second Baptist Church; Rev.J. Consecration rites for the deacons 'A/IIY e

hel. All congregations and officers C. Rogers, Macedonia Baptist deaconesses, ushers and L. ._I
will be presented,as well Church and Rev. Spring the choir will be held at 10:45. ,
as choirs and musicians. Hill Baptist Church.On The morning worship will be

On thursday, October 12, the Monday night guest will be: at 11 a.m. The pastor will deliver -

Mt. Arrat Baptist church, with Rev. J.JJones Antioch Baptist the lesson. RCA
the pastor, The Rev. D.J.Gra- Church; Rev. R.RSmith, First The Baptist Training Union VIIIJGTORIntroducing
ham, will be guest, along with Timothy Baptist and Rev. W J. will be at 11 a.m. Mrs. R.H.
St. Mary's Rev. J.M.Bryant Jones, First Corinth Baptist Morrlssette, assisted by Alen-
pastor, Emanuel Baptist, Rev. Church. under Heard, will direct the ac-
S.L.Badger pastor and Grlend- The Rev. R.W.McKisslck, accompanied tivities. Weekly activities Include -

ly Baptist, Rev. B.H.Hartley, Bethel: Baptist Church the Prayer of Faith Hour
pastor. These ministers will congregation and church Tuesday at 7 p.m. The Rev.

come in full force with their group, will appear on Tuesday Sams will be in charge of the 1U
congregations and offlvers. night October 10. Bible period. The Sunday School

On Friday, October 13, Mt. Wednesday night, October 11, officers and teachers' councils
Calvary Baptist church will be will feature the presence of the will meet Friday at 7 p.m.

guest, the Rev. William Hill Rec. C.A.Weaver, Day Spring Mrs. Alberta Williams, Chair- W all that's, new in
pastoralong with the Antich Baptist and Die Rev. A.F.Cum- man of Publicity.

Baptist Church; the Rev. J.J. mings, West Union Baptist. f"; home entertainment
Jones .pastor. Congregations, They wlllalso be accompaniedby Sings Sunday r for 1968

officers and members #in at-- choirs, congregation and ot- f LfiHBBBttBMm_ _
company them. ther units. r Color
Big Co
On Sunday afternoon, October A banquet will close out the : (% soIe.,.,,
IS, at S p.m two churches will anniversary services on Wed-
.', be guests, namely the Second nesday night, October' 11, all ''i i
Baptist Church, Rev. J.CSams arelnvlted to attend. RCA VICTOR WEEK

pastor and the Bethel Baptist f.r.

Institutional Baptist, the Rev Mission Society To

Rudolph This glorious McKIssick week pastor.will terminated Special low Price Ij FIRStIN

with the Monday night Observe AnniversaryThe //IIItiiiiJ
"Family Night celebration.The yY
Rev. C.A.Weaver and the Day Senior Mission Society ,

Spring Baptist Church, the Rev. of the Little Rock Baptist Church only $59888 C LOR
H.H.Wrlcbt, pastor of the Ever- will observe It's anniversary i Ii

gree Baptist Church, Jacksonville on Sunday October 8, at 3 p.m, I 1111-t ;
and of the First Baptist in the main auditrolum of the
Church of Jacksonville Beach church.A When you're first In Color TV there's
and the Rev. H.L.Harrel of the
program has been preparedfor got to be a reason. Like
new RCA
Mt. Zion Baptist Church South- -- -
the of the
enjoyment public Super
side, will share the pulpit.Their MRS ROSA WALKER HI.Lir. Color Tube for
and will feature the following 38% 1 ,,
brighter _
persons: Deacon Larry O'Neal' Mrs. Rosa Walker, mezzo soprano highlights this year YA ...w .
Greater New _
Hope and Mr. Eddie Brown, Mrs President of the Simpson Powerful 25,000,volt chassis .

Curlue Huger; Mrs. Essie Kate Methodist Church Choir 2 New Vista VHFtuner and Solid State

Women CelebrateWomon's Laidler; Mrs. Lugenla Graham will appear in a recital Sun- UHF tuner. All this at
Mrs. Viola Daniels; Mrs. Helen day, October 8, at 6:30: p.m. a price that's TM""YIR' I
'will be celebrated pleasing to the
Day '
Brown; Mrs. Bessie Baker in the sanctuary of the church.' pocketbook. kleW i4r7traoh /
at the Greater Hope ,,.
; Mrs, Wylene Dunbar; Mrt mrs. Walkers presentation will
Seventeenth and
AME Church
Vernon Smith; Mrs. Renelda include the works of the mastersand ecrlucmnAlny. .
Davis Streets, Sunday, October Jenkins; Rev. Richard Holiday Negro Spirituals, Carter T, :I M" ._
with special services. Rev. W.C.MltcehU; and many Lewis will be accompanist.The ,M"//
InezJohnsonwillbeguest others. SSRobinonts pastor.The ;
Miss Allle Fay Max- Rev. 4
speaker. Guest boards will be thd Beacon publuc is Invited.Someone .
,well be guest soloist. Mrs. Z.
wife of the and Deaconess' boards. BIG SCREEN ., .
L.Tyrus, AM
All mission societies in the RADIO
will be Pastor For The Day. '
I know
city are Invited to attend. you PORTABLE
The Grant Memorial Trio of VALUE
Also on Sunday afternoon the M
Grant Memorial AME Church
Female Chorus will sponsoran
will be presented at 6:30: p.m. needs U.S.O.
old fashioned tea in the i 1118Si
in musical recital.
a basement of the church beginning -
Other officers are Mrs. El- iI d '
at 5 p.m. until 6. IN MEMIIIAM i'/1 ; "
Chairman Mrs.
nora Grant ; A prize will be give the member -
Ernestive Wiggins Cochairman wearing theoldestcostume.Refreshments t itY i lAJli j
and Mn, Marcy C.WjJl- will be TV

er, programs. The public Is served -( \ I{ Myf TM ARROW A1AI1 >(
#.. ... Celestine Singers rr-----t: Vk/a TAN b dp/rya". haw"cjTh. I
.CA.v.me ,se.,f. ', nrY6a, -
To Present ?MIU A 8 .plkn, TM MAOIdAe
,. :
,.yoA.l "(!, MhM WIy
aYN ''deto. T:::, ::: \
Nathaniel Jackson and the 0." ... _,0 ,

IN MEMORIAMII. Celestine Singers 'will give an $ 0.96 $ : Fabulous r Offer!r All 3 Only r '22" ',"

after service program Sunday B 8
night, October 8, at the Mt. I'1 big J.Colorfu'.. .with""nt,fty2.. record, 45.rp," 2. RCA VIctor ;
Morlah Baptist Church, 1953 for room ,.. 'xcll.
tough i crew of Ingastoryof ,
West Ninth Street, at 8.30 p.m. thno. a Rig nognph WItbl! p j
All are invited. Rev. L. Gibbs 1 A / 1 8 p I Into outer'PIC'. epuka.
Is a, r

I Baptist MinistersBrotherhoodlo

i : In sad but loving memory .x
of our deceased darling, the
Meet late Rev. William R. Akery,"' FREE SPECIAL FREE GIFT
who departed this life one
The Baptist Ministers Bro- year ago, October 5, 1966T.Our ; COKES! Top Quality Pen Set_
therhood of Jacksonville, Du- hearts ache at your pass- Just for looking and listening-Hurry t! Supply
val and adjacent counties will
ing, but we know that God's Limited.
.1 hold its regular weekly meeting finger touched you and you = FREE .
at 1100 in the
Monday a.m. Day
slept to awaken in that celes- .
Baptist Church.
Spring tial city of God.
The Order of the Day will be Signed: COFFEE! '
:choes From the National
Mrs. Callie D. Akery, wife;
convention to be
given by
Mesdames 1..V. Robinson and
of husband REGISTER FOR
In loving memory my Revernd CJl.Wearer Pastor of
Justus David (J. D.) W.E. Akery Harris, daughters -
Day Spring Baptist Church, and ,
Messrs. John W. Akery
life ;
Qualls, who departed this Reverned W.E.Young Pastor of
'1 year ago Tuesday, October Tabernacle Baptist Church.The and William R. Akery, Jr., 1 PRIZES!
Sweet Is the hope that sons; grandchild, nelces,
slO, 1966. Bible exposition 'win be given 1JN1V6RS9T1l' BLVD.iW.
nephews son-in-law, Rev. A. A 1x310
one day we shall meet, by Reversed C.A.Weaver 788.1477
hog together at Jesus' feet. The President, Reverned R,. D. Harris; daughters-in-law, %, Phan.
Signed: Addle Jacobs Quails Leauder Jones Is asking all Mesdames Mildred and Mo- 'e IAS
sells Akery; and other re- '
wife. members to be present there latives. t
****** will be much to hear and leara.

; r II

..,.!. .....'" .. 1r 11111 l' tt ..- .. ."A aa







Published by the Florida Star Pur''...wg Company r GROUPS' By WHITNEY{ M. YOUNG JK.


There are signs tea t a sleeping giant Is awakening. Pm
talking about the Immense power of nongovernmental insutulons -
P flODNAI<; to use their many billions of dollars of economic power -
to help cure the rectal and urban ills of America
NtiO In the P .St, everyone looked to Washington. Business said
/ r ANA t M Ef that putting money Into slums was too risky,

ERIC 0. SIMPSON -- Nautili Editor f religious and nonprofit groups said that such
action didn't concern them, and local governments -
said they Just didn't have the cashal- III i

1IIJA. lOflTEH --. Circilatiii Muifir it though for other that causes.didn't prevent them from finding

jI ) UPs So it was up to the federal government. But
its response was Inadequate. It ended some
2323 Ifgicrief had Mm Elfii 4-6712 froms of leral segregation, but In mattersUkehoustae U: tolled
to mueaiicrimtaation illegal or to provW8anaoequate supply.of ,
Hiiliif Address low -cost housing result there ar over 7 million dilapidated -
homes and apartments in America.

P.O. En 588 Jichsuilllt. Flirldi 32201 1 1I P The big lesson here Is that the federal government can't do
the Job alone. Building decent housing for all needs the cooperation -

MIAMI OFFICE ;'. } : of private industry, nonprofit groups, and government -
.r :. '4tljlA all working together.\: In the past month a beginning has

5016 HI 7th Ail. Phone 751-3879 Si-.f been made in this direction.
\ ,tt :: America's hugh Insurance Industry announced that It would
I .. '1' frfr.r;; it Invest $I billion mostly in low and moderate cost housing
SUBSCRIPTION RATES f" '\ .'" projects in slum neighborhoods. The government will Insure

One Year. $6.00 Half Year $4. 00 ": ., their investment guarding them aganlst losses in what a has
Mailed to You. Anywhere in the United states fr' "I} I always been risky Investment area. Without such government
Subscription payable in advance 1"II.' .,\ 'I' help it would be nearly Impossible to get those private dollars
i : ,.
; .
into low-rent housing construction.In .
Send Check or Money order to: 4, ) ,
"A' ,
tri., .. .. : ,',J .I'. .r" ,, : l''j a little more than a year, 1000 moderate income families
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX 599 'ili .1 ,1 I\ ... ) t \ will into the first of the buildings which will be con-
.1, ; : Ji" ';," ;" .\ '> Ij. : : t. r.,9: move
Jacksonville 1,. Florida f1i ,' ,\ I .' :iwo'r'r.' -. '' :. d' ',.:t. ,o. ... t/-." .. .
f.. I '\1"-o' 1 ,.:t. .. \ r 1- ;, 1'! -'. ....".. trr4 ; .. structed by the imsurance industry. As part of Us share in
II', ,. r. N.'rCl! t ;o;,..... '1t t t\' .. "' the pledge billion dollars, the Prudential Insurance Company
will build a co-operative apartment house on the edge of the

Nonprofit groups also are beginning to take part In the revival
----------------- ---- ------
Teas Ail University Council Takes Stand 11-I : -, holic Archdiocese of private interest of Newark in decent has announced housing.that The it Roman will spon-Cat-

I sor new housing and rehabilitation programs in several no-

Fred Brooks, a suspended Tennessee State I thern New Jersey cities
Ail University student, forced the Student YOUR Weekly t But this is more than a brick and mortar plan. Recognizing
that many low-Income families need help in many areas and
Council president to take positive standat
a that a decent home won't solve all their problems the Arch-
a special call meeting last Friday at I diocese plans to provide special help for tenants. They will
3 p.m. in the gymnasium. He analyzed a let- I help furnish and decorate the new home, and will provide
being circulated among the student by fred Horoscope Guide I guidance in educational economic, medical, and other needs.

Brooks, or thought to be him, since Brooks Such services are desperately needed. They can help create
the sense of community which the typical barracks-type of
did not sign 'the letter. :**** ** I II low Income project destroys.The .
The Student Council President in a fiery importance of these planned projects is that they show

address warned the students not to be caugh' I ,By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER I II : that business, religious, and civic leaders are coming to realize -
off guard by emotive-laden words in the that they have an Important stake in the cities, and that
circulated letter aimed at getting hundredsof they must do something about the explosive urban conditions
which threaten America's
students at the courthouse when Brooks I WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR : After this summer's riots many people>> called for repressive

plan "to; sue the University for readmission I II measures and police action. But'the creative people in lead-

It was urged that all students should let I I ership roles understood that the cry from the ghettos cannotbe
the courts.decide Brooks' case' and hence 'I answered by guns, but by action to end poverty and poor
:BUSINESS living conditions.
they should not be drawn into the sparring I I The Catholic housing plans in New Jersey, for example,
ring to shadow box for the suspended student ._ 1
'U.-------------- --- --------- ----- grew out of Archbishop" Thomas A.Belauds visit to Newark'sroll

The Council Prexy urged students to LIBRA' CAPRICORN. area, and decision to involve,the Church in the social and
stay out of this affair and concentrate upon ARIESBDl' CANCER economic problems of the poor. And enlightened leadership
BORN SEPT. BORN DEC. of the business community has responded with the insuranceIndustry's
the business of getting an education., lURCH2U.APRIL BORN JUNE.I'22ndn ..
It was Indicated that JAN. 19th housing commitment, the formation of the Urban
on previous occasions : ,ff' ,. 23rd OCT. 23rd. 22nd 'J Coalition of the city, business, Ubor.religlon and civil rights
Student Council let itself be 19th, JULY 22nd, It's got to be done. For those Just wait. Any effort to force leaders, and with expanded work with groups like the Urban
drawn into a wishy-washy position, Jump,_ It happens to eveyone. Acer- Finding the meaning. A rather who consider homes as an example the hand of offlcialdon or the League to open up opportunities.
ing from side to side to gain favor. But tain depressed mood could lead serious development may call of all that is representedand pace of clrcunstances may only So some first steps have been taken. Seen In the context of
,with a firm hand the Student Council pre- to the erroneous conclusion that for a change in connection with striven for may have, per- result in setting one backon the desperate need for massive help In Jobs and housing,
sident indicated he wouldn' t'stand .for one may go farther or reacher residential matters professional foce to do a bit retrenching. his or her ears. Someone these first steps may seem feeble. But so are a baby's first
any alone. But who lives at a distance may also steps, yet babies later walk and
walking run.
foolishness higher by pursuits or intimate relationships hike naturally perferring to
an.dl "all
students should.use ( unless it is possible to figure Even when they permit friends to enjoy surroundings be mowed from the scene If action is followed by that of other private groups and U
their intellects and critically analyzethe things out by yourself before- seem hard to take, such developments to the same degree, dampening the splrtls somewhatin government at all levels responds with similar action,we may
pseudo-problem used to ensnare them into hand you could find yourself can turn out to be the attitude of mate, a family any event,friends are generally see the end of ghetto conditions. Those are big "11''" but I
unnecessary problems. contrite and repentent aroundor for a persons ultimate good. member orflnanclalconsldera- there to proclde the soothIng have confidence that the people with the power and the money
In the past we have had too Just after the month's end Each Cancer native should look tions may compel curtailment fluences that may be required to change things are aware of their responsibilities.
much of stu- should you break any of your at his own particular situationas of social program, at least for The accent falls on status -
dent irresponsibility, following the crowd key ties at this time. A new one that calls for a shift the time being. This does not rating ambitious alms and
like a lmab being led tothe slaughterThen lumar phrase reveals quite of direction with the objectof necessarily signlgy personally material intrest and these Has The Circus Lost Us Glamour
when they get'into'' trouble with the dramatically that loving and choosing the one that will Libra natives are in eclipse, could in some way be conneceed -

universities and the law, it is the parent unshakeable associations are as contribute most to happinessas fkr the opposite really holds with preceding developments Our .modern circuses travelled motorized
essential for you as they are well as material welfare true. Those who knows you best ,
who make the supreme financial sacrifice ,770'99l5873AQUARIUS and this
for else holding the grand
anyone It is good to remember that who are genuinely devoted are parade
to'get them out of jail. doors that are firmly closed bound to stand by through thick which every youngster used to want to see.

The tuition, fees, room and board are expensive behind should remain so, for and thin. It was a show in small rural towns Just to

I enough for parents without an additional they seldom can be reopened behold the circuses unloading from railway
load added upqn their shoulder again with any degress of su- 4-60-53-14 -466 cars and proceeding to the show
simply because their offspring was: led BORN APRIL cess. BORN JAN. where ,the Big Top was going to be raised.

by"some nuthead. 20th t MAY 20th 7 SCORPIO 20th FEB. 11th_ Then, of course, there was the parade
If children let
j our get into consisting of the marshal
this black-power mess and in jail, let them Take it seriously. What LEO BORN OCT. Pick right. Ifhavlngtogosome riders, the band followed
where near or far it would be wagons full
serve their time in Ja.il. We guarantee this ever seriously comes up since should it may be have taken BORN JULY 24th NOV. 22nd more fruitful and perhaps mcu of all kinds of animals and drawn by
will sober them wisely, This may be hard for dlspritlng to start out after the lour to six horses each.
to do with Jor or well-being.
Give out.
that is
a parent to do but children wilt learnno. 23rd-AU6.. 22nd Cooperation 3rd. AU sorts of obstacles or "thrill
many Do not hesitate to call on the not grudgingly given may be It was to see the parade with
other way experts who can aid in rese- If s the other way. While one Just the right remedy to over- complications might to met before the passing of the steam calliope) which'
Brooks used uncomplimentary language to tabllshlng yourself should anupset may be under the impressionthat come Job, health or private especially when going a- ,gave forth its whinny sounds
ganlst mate's whlshes
be you or ,
have suffered. The accept or she will have the
publicize Tennessee State A & I problems that are indicated for
University. last It looks interest. Projects that have to interrupted by puffs of steam.
will remain on these particular word. as If the
the 1st. :The lumar
If the University is as bad as Brooks says other will new phrase do with traveling In general the dsone
matters for the rest of the party bounce back that starts later on the 3rd confirms Then.at showgrp saw the ring-
it is, why .would he want to be readmitted month n will be much easierto and snatch it away. It will that background Influences higher mind studies, or chang master at his best, listened to stirring
could elsewhere know. handle related problems when be necessary to make some tog one's homestead will bot be music witnessed
He than the
? go you are moj potent any ring performances
easy at best. But they influence ,
concessions to custom even -
The fact that Brooks circulated an unsigned enjoying the best of relations public other kind, perhaps for the rest drank pink lemonade and ate cotton
thinking about. They candy
the ,
with chosen companion and other opinion, or prevailing frugal "
of the month. This sol-
typed letter proved that he is a loved ones. Noe Is the and concession to custom mean may plan and eventually cause hot dogs, and so on.
coward, a rabble-rouser, who is trying t o time to clear up all past misunderstandings public opinion or the prevail ving dlcaps or inhibitions overcomlnghad-,and eliminating the alterations of the course of With horse-drawn wagons gone, the circuses -
generage noteriety for himself and later and to establishnew ing frugal and conservative all factors that are generally your life. This really will bea have lost some "of their old glamour
conditions that will pre trends. This may entail revising months for news and sober
feather his financial nest like Stokely Carmichael termed negative.Friends reflections. ,
clude their ever recurring a- pet projects and reduce who have your true Interest ar
Brooks goofed this' time, and he will find1 galn. 6 . proportions ing them to, especially more manageable money- ful heart in should aiding also in be a quite change help-ef 0 10 99 14 220 Keep Your Dog h Check

that you can't. fool all of the people all of wise. course to the right direction

the time. 5- -88-13-680 Oftimes the sheriff is forced to inforce

VIRGO PISCES the dog laws of a particular county. And,

SAGITTARIUSBORN yoy may be sure that this puts him .on the'
Whit. We Think Of Dog PoisonersIt BORN MAY BORN AU6 NOV. BORN FEB. spot.

21st JUNE 21st 23rdSEPT.. 22nd 19th MAR. 20th Inasmuch as people differ about how they
23rd DEC. 21st feel about their dogs, as well as those of

is true that some people let. their dos You're not alone. Most everyone Soften up. The influence of There's an "if." Success can not Hold hold back major Plsclans trump who cardsin do other people, the officer must become a

annoy their neighbors, but when the dog- In all signs, has a periodof Venus should make Virgo natives be had, but there always Is a their lands! had no doubt Solomon.
hating neighbor places down in special fulfillment and another of disappointments. -. more aware of the valueof price. Somes Umes this means is known, adversaries quick Those who have observed dogs know that

spots poison to ensnare and kill the offending Sometimes its sion making the best Impres- sacrificing love or friendship to take advantage of the other they are like people to a very great _
romance that founders on the possible through grooming and each one will have decide side's weakness. The weakest ex
this is cruel
dog, and dangerous. rocks Or an offspring or other and personal embellish individually, wheather this Is link in one's chain may be tent. Some are friendly. and others. .are
Let's take a look at the road to tragedy loved one gets into some sort ments. Perhaps it may go aga wise or not. A crisis or loss financial in chatactet. This not.
when poisoned bait is placed to kill dogs.It difficulty that Is.mbarasslne fist the grain to spend the money of some sort is revealed as likely gives the cue as to what actions Some dogs will lick the hands of a burglarwho
can just as easily be foundfirst by the and even costly when you ce- for such projects can take and perhaps painful on the to take during the com- is breaking in the house, and others
neighborhood children whose Instinct makes come Involved. Whatever it is, quite a slice out of it But it 2nd From then on,proceed with ing days to strengthn replaceit will bite* the leg of the kindly postmanwho
them into their mouths in any particular oase, it would be to personal advant- social program and start rebuilding A rather serious development -
put things
make It easier for self to remain age in the long run, for tI Is the hopes that may have could plunge and is delivering the mail
you your
A resonsible grown-up would think of such a. calm and tolerant. If it Is how superiors look at you tha been temprarily subdued.Energy closest ally in the dumps and People who own dogs have a duty to the
thing, regretfully a 'dog-poisoner has possible to lend a helping hand counts In the struggle to reach is to be found In abundancebut give cause to restudy the whole community In which they live, and should
,no conscience nor regard for. the safety; of besides, this would be ennobling the top. Those who have Intent- a safe outlet should found economic steup. Additional testimony -
for them
the children in the community.In and help to retain the trust and ions to travel abroad or to for excesses of it that could to this effect Is added care properly, keep them in good

one town, it was reported that affection that blind loving partners .'prepare for the future of dream cause any blowup when being. by the new lunar phrase/ that health, and vaccinate them against rabies.
for life, will not hesitate to acquire new contracted. gets going after the late 3rd. Dogs should be trained to know their own
dogs died from poison which contained
enough to injure to kill a child. S 40 S3 11 ZOO I 80 55 -19 S89 3.30 22-1 18 554 80 44 -18 '700 home civic! and responsibility their owners have)! both a humane'and

f J i

.... .I




I Honored By Hinble Oil For Scholarship Shortage 01 Mosey Negro History

__, World News
_kFr.I \ ...
I Keeps Negro Gnditie:; Coafflb To Be

fFroB r Masters Rank!1 GrooisboroCAROLINA HEARING COMPLETION
IB QVAUATAPORT,South Afrlca--Tl e Jut of the 106,000
cubic yards of concrete for the wall of the hog Labial dam to
WASHINGTONlnadeqtatefinances tl'ORm -Wore than the Tembuland region of the Transkel (reservation for black:,
discrimination a a d 500 persons are expected to attend
Africans), was poured last week. The final stage of the project
hinder the 52nd annual of
poor schooling seriously meeting expected to be completed by next April, Is Oe construction
students from the Association for the Study iNel1'o
Negro college <
of an 180-foot outlet tower. Water from the dam,
education. Life and here
pursuing graduate History the 13th largest in the country, and costing la the neighbor
I That's a major finding of a October 12-15. hood ct $9.l minion, win irrigate about 1,400 acres of had.
"Special Report on Graduates The opening session of the conference -
taken over by black African farmers two years ago.
of Predominantly Negro Col- win be held October U
legs?" written by Father Joseph at I p.m. in the Harrison Andltoum CABINET CHANGES
H. Flchter of Harvard University of MaT State University.
LUSAKA-QNP1-.Ceremmles( swearing in new cabinet mem
the All sessions Tin beheld
by other
andpoooted bers were conducted at State House last week by President'
Federal Govenment. a t the Statler- Hilton-Voy Kenneth Kaunda. Taking the oath of office were the sw vice f
The 260-page report, based on ager Inn. president, S.lf Kapwepre; and Malaya ("*"*> ,minister without
surveys conducted by the National Special presentations planned portfolio;, Arthur Wins, minister education, andlfuraSbelo,
rr Opinion Research Center, for the conference this year area minister of acrkultue.STANDARDIZAt10N .
probes the background,training memorial service honoring the
and plans of I9M graduates of memory of the late Negro powt OF NAMESCENEVA.NPIGeocrapber.
predominantly Negro colleges Lanston loges and a symposium representing 5'lO"I'tJUItIand
y .iD the U.s. on the teaching of Negro history international organisations, meeting at the can of the UNEconomic
These the findings in the schools.
are major and Social Council recommended the formation of t
of the report, sponsored Jointly Arthur PJ>avls of Howard University permanent UN commission of experts on geographical nance.
by the National Institutes of and Samuel Allen, poet
The i>ropc alUdeslgne Health, the Department ot Labor -. and general counsel of the Department -
names in the various languages. an example, in French,
flFk and the National Science of Justice's Community
Genera is "GeneveJ'taGeraan"Genf; ,'iaItilian, "Ginevra"
Foundation Relations service, will present
More than half of all graduates papers honoring Hughes.
= r coming out of Negro colleges Alien D.Plerson of Yale Uni-
say lack of finances prevents varsity will be in chaise of the
them from entering graduate of session of the teaching of Negro f HELP ElECTWarren
profela1onallCbooI. history.
Los family Income, poorly- Noted scholars who will participate .
educated parents and broken In the program include
homes are among the major Kenneth B. Clark professor ofpaycolo
early barriers Negro youths at City College of New

., must overcome to obtain a college York; John Hope Franklin of the
rl education. University of Chicago; Robert
.. nucalhoun and Frank Melton of E
: More
Negro womenthanhegro
Reginald #. Wade right, wu captain of me toocGtu team In his senior year, j.'pd-; measure, .. was class president to to and the University of North Carolinaat
men a lI1&b.rprqKlt
to his Junior and senior years at Lincoln High School, La his Junior year (1965-66)). Ralph C. Allen, Lincoln High OD college of has Greensboro, N.C. and samuel
Negro women
Marque Texas, but his sports accomplishments were the School principal adds his hearty congratulations aid a handshake specific commitments for Jobs Dubois Cook of Duke UD1Yersl-
I lesser part of a record that Impressed !the people who named after young Wade accepted the four-year scholarship after graduation.Only ty; and Charles H.Wesley, en-
him this year's Humble Oil t Refining Company Achievement to the college of his choice from George A. LLidsey, center, about half of the Negro cutlve director of the Associa- THOMASCIVIL
Scholar. Just as outstanding the classroom u on the manger of the oil company's Houston Dlstric.. The winner, college graduates able to tion for the study of Negro -1
gridiron the youth was valedictorian of last year's graduating 18, has enrolled at the University of Texas, w;ere be plans to take were Life and History.
class of 109 and President of the student Honor Socief major In chemical engineering.
.. courses in high school.
In addition to poor educational FAMU Professor Has

NAACP Receives Coast Councilman 348 Cowpgiies Plan Help high preparation school a shortage levels alibi,of primary the competent study and reveals Federal Job OfferTALLAHASSEEFLAl SERVICE BOARD

counseling to gold Negroes (u PAM )
For Successful -
Aatl-Bias Help Use New Plan Appliciits well u whites) and lack: of post dr. Annie L.Gayles; 't bead of
graduate opportunities for Negroes the Department of Secondary
LOS ANGELES, Callt Three Three hundred forty-eight major Insurance companies in ; in predominantly Negro ucation at Florida A&lf University GROUP 5-AT LARGE
FroM Rep. Tiff Negro councilmen in this west American have Joined together,with the bless1De of the Federal institutions. has been contacted by the
coast city began presiding under Government Robert G.Weaver and others In what promises Other findings are that: Negro Department of Health Educationas
what is called a Rotation Plan, to !M a gigantic finaclal boost, to dwellers In ehettoes.
NEW YORK-The drive of the male students feel they will deputy director of the Teacher Qualified
National Association for the Ad. a plan instituted by the president This sudden and unexpected log of homes In slum areas, most likely be employed u Corps. By
protein, John Gibson. change in attitude of the gigantic according to the commlttee.The Richard A.Graham director of
vancement of Colored People to teacbersinll.meDtaryand.ecODdary : ,
The dally rotation of the Insurance empire is an win be no huge, unwledly, central 4
end the color bar in federally presiding schools, while most the Teachers Corps, contacted /2 Yens Civil Service,
officer continues as historic contribution toward the committee. Each company
long about the
registered apprenticeship training white male students expect to Dr. Gayles position
programs received an Important and whenever the president,L. welfare of America, President will take a personal in the applicant work inbuslnsss and industry.. which otters a goveknnment rating Business & Legal Experience
assist from Rep. Robert E. Timberlake, is absent from Johnson said. The Chief Executive orthepersoninterested.The More thantwice as many Negro of GSlt and is contractedfor

A.Taft, Jr. following exposureof sessions. The first Negro this felt that other businesses technique: Involved in developing women aswhite women want three years Paid Political MY.I .
an official Department of Labor be followed, when opportunity should show a similar Interest. this plan is based on to combine marriage, family .
offers itself Thomas Bradley However, this hugh plan will
memorandum to field representatives by the pro-rating the money to and career.
directing that no and Gilbert Lindsay. be assiduously administered, each company to its assets. Depute the barriers in 1964, I Old Taylor Presents Ingenious Americans I
further action be taked to secure Several times, because of Illness according to the leaders and Two of the larger companies a majority of the Negro students :
compliance with the Federal Timberlake.seventyoneyears "Nothing will be giver any" will then, receive about $200. were optimistic about improvements r'J /J' fl
nondiscrimination policy old, has been away from expressed by one government 000,000 each. The billion will inJobopprotunlUes,
and departmental regulations. the council: table. He Is, therefore official. ( be Invested by the companies at especially in Northern cities, l t, "H,I,', '1 jI V b.
The memorandum dispatched expected to become less Gilbert W. FRhugh'board Interest rates under those rates though not bibs South,the study "
hv Bash C. Murphy director and less active. chairman of Metropolitan Life applied in regular business.. shows. : '-"I. it.
Bureau of Apprlaucesiup tr.a As to the new plan, Council Insurance headed of state and The chairman said that it will "
Training was revealed by Her man Mills said, "The new procedure officials involved In urban pro adhere to FHAFederal Housing ;
bert Hill NAACP labor director is most meaningful to blems. House and Senate members Authority, regualtions. This
September 16, at the annual all of us in that the position of were also present. hugh allocation will speed opimprovemebts Judge Warms 01 Pro '
conference of the Ohio State presiding officer enables eachof This hoP allocation will go in areas whereapplicants :.:.k4; V ,
NAACP In Cincinnati Mr. Hill us to get invalubale experience for bousing, rent, model cities have been unable to r "
read to the delegates the Mur in conducting the official rehabilitation and the purchas get consideration. Decision On FowellWASIIINGTONNPI tL.

phy memorandum of April 20, council meetings* "
1967 which said, in part City Hall observers reportedthat
The NAACP labor director the new system of selecting Heads Education CommissionF2I >- The V ,
charged that the BAT had never a presiding officer is particularly bead of a three-Judge appellate f'f
decertified: any of these programs significant for Mills, I looking into Adam C.
because of bias, as provided by who was runner-up recently in court'. claim to his House I
departmental policy and regulation the council's voting for its president seat, has expressed concern
an allegation later confirmed pro-team. He has teen that a ruling in Powell favor
by Murphy. The apprenticeship mentioned asjtposslble canra- might play the courts< against I
date for Tony, present. f
programs are Jointly sponsoredby mayor. Congress. x6l..NFW
management and the trade mayor, is said to be gearing Judge Warren E.Burger questioned

unions. himself for the United States whether the Judiciary has. f'l '
Congressman Taft was on the Senate in 1968. the authority to order Congress'
Platform at the time that Mr. to reseat Powell, who wu ousted
Hill dramatically produced and by the Rouse.
read the memorandum. He expressed Seven Colleges Eye What would happen Burger!

Interest exposure, and asked if the House passed a
on his return to Washington,senta Job Seeking Biases resolution directing Speaker
pointed Inquiry to Administrator John McCormack not to swear
Murphy! a former official of trN in Powell, after federal courts l

the Bricklayers' Union A North Carolina study of ralal upheld his right to his seat? ,
Frank Reeves, one Powell's, /
I: differences la Job-seeking
methods is one of about 50 manpower .y r 1tY.ra1lawyers, said McCor-
** **** :; research projects undertake ficult mack would position be,"placed but be 10 hit a"dif the Matthew Alexander Henson (1866.1955)
I: by 7 U&Colleges under a
speaker, in the "later years
ARMY I federal: grant program.
: Secretary of Labor WlUiardIVlrts of service to his country,'
would obey the U$. Con
RESERVE :shows released"significant a reprot progress"that .stitution. The first man to set footon

** *** inder the program.SEAFOOD Reeves laid be was confident
1' that the House would comply, if the top of the world.The

CENTER 3u ordered York Democrat.to readmit the New .

signs of a true adventurer showed to the Pole and fast foot a number of
144 N. MYRTLE A.VE. PH. EL4.146.I why up early in the life of Matthew Henson. nations were vying for the claim.
WHEN ASKED had"ootbrushed ; At the ripe old age of thirteen, Henson Matt Henson was the man. Trudgingthe
SPANISH MACKEREL QIMIXED jji'"T""" Presdent his teeth, the confuted shipped out si cabin boy on a schooner last painful miles, recording observations -
SILVER DRUM Dr. Richard V. Moore Bethnne-Cookmaa Collage boy explained, "/ can"tl My bat' bound for China. and calculating a true course
I I was named Secretary of the 30-man Commission for quality err It dead." Catholic Digest When he returned to Washington Matthew Alexander Henson became the

PAN FISH education in Florida by Governor Claude Kirk. D.C., he met the man who helped make first man to locate and stand on the
Dr. Moore also recieved word this week of his nomination to'tile him famous.The then Lt Robert E Peary North Pole.Peary arrived forty-five minutes
Halifax Area Chamber of Commerce, marking the first Second Adult Class
s.u wia nm' discovered Matt Henson working in a later,and,together,the men plantedthe
time a Negro has served In this capacity.The appointment win hat I immediately American S. .
MULLET . .u. 35c Washington shop. Peary was ,
be affective January, 1968. ) Impressed by Henson and he No l Matt Henson an obscure
....M. from OeMII ve_. Dr. Moore and Dr. George W. Gore, President, Florida Stirtiu invited the young man to Join a canal. adventurer. He was given a Con.

I NORFOLK SPOTS..LI.. 39c Il AIM Negroes University named to, Tallahassee Governor Kirk's, Florida 30-man, were team the only to make two Sept. 2), I P... surveying son accepted.Pears! expedition. to Nicaragua. Hen. gressional Explorers'Medal Club a life commendation membership in from the

"NUIN. /LOIDA a one-year study leading to an expected dramatic overhaulof
Under Matt Henson the Master Science degree
LOBSTERS . Lb. $1.10 II Florida's educational system. The study will embrace the e Hospital Aide Class became navigator tutelage,, adept at calculating by Morgan President State a College and numerous'

_FRESH_____ FILET_ __ OF_ STEAK_ ._ J. Lb. 79c pre-scbool thru the graduate schooL C Cashier SalesClerk distances and plotting charts.A medals and plaques from civic organka-
short time later, Peary began his renowned Lions
Lb. 49c Dennis Carfrette Kindergarten Teachers' Aide arctic expeditions to locate the April 6, 1959.the 50th anniversary of
CARP PO. iucu HOLIDAYS ............
Completes Coarse Negro Wonin6efs' C Piano Voice Theory North Pole and Henson accompaniedthe the discovery of the North Pole, was
FANCY LIVING S1 00 CLAW "lAT..,.arts .e admiral on all seven trips. proclaimed by the governor of Maryland
CRABS DOZ. wNITI leu1NM' : AMARCLLO, TELLS--Air 30,000 NY Job &ud.&Ad. Orchestra last On the final trip Peary lay drained as Matthew Alexander Henson
man Dennis H. Cartrette,son ot from exhaustion and cilpplea by frost Day.Fitting tribute to the first men ever
YlLLOWTAIL SNA"U . . u. HrUSSN Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cartrette NEW YORK.-A Negro, Mrs. ioUai's College bite. Someone had to make the last dash to stand on the top of the world.
FLOUNDER u. U.WI 'of 1754 E. twenty-third St., Margaret Douglass, a district
Jacksonville, has completed superintendent in New Yorl OLD TAYLOR

,1 urn SHRIMP DEVEJNIR. .. $Slag Ea. Jnslc. training AmarUlo AFB City, is now superintendent in 1111. I. 2ltk Strut KENTUCKY ST AXHT BOUUONUNTUOCVITUKJHT
Texas. He is now assigned asa charge of curriculum, stepping
.."-- ',..W ,.... e..w Tun ".....-II protective coating specialist into a $30,000 Job and Into the Itfistnr 35MJS5 SOUtSON WHISKY M NOOF.THJ CHDTAnC DliTHlMVCOJIANKFOtT IlOWSVIUj.
DEVIL CRABS nc..U SHELL OYSTERS s.. 'S" with a unit of the Tactical Air highest position ever held by Would you like to own this handsome sculptured butt of' Matthew Henson? Ifs 1"IOLnade ef
case MIXIDWHITE Command at Forbes AFB Kan. a Negro In the system. .JohnH.Bolden. antique bronze cast stone,and carries the complete Henson story.It costs $5.00 (which Is what ft
SHRIMP= 89c Airman Cartrette Is a 1967 Mrs. Douglass received: un- 83. UJ.ED6.President costs in).Send check or money order to.Old Taylor,Box 48 Grand Central!StavN.YvKy.l0017.I .
graduate of Andrew Jackson anions, or 5-0, vote from the
High School. Board of Education. Director Of 6160 ..... ...


A__ _A

... .. -. . . .....
rr .
... _

r. ; 1


I Austine La mar/ fashion pattern


--- .
e ---r- Dieters Bt Served... .

The Light Look Is tho Right Look, Processed Wools During National Macaroni. Wet, October 12211Centuries I

,.. "' '"

Resist Shrinkage ,';'" ,","

Aging : ; \ :i 7I
Sods '
WhiR : f:,,,,
Houso A wonderful new world of ma "I, 'I/ ;,
or.f. chine-washable wearables has be- 'J .
come a reality through the cooperative -
With Doc GarveyHose ) efforts of textile chemists i iI"

kAs\ Sweet Home and engineers fashion designers, I" .-"
and th,wool industry
Neighbor Ed Hastings define r At least 450 different machine-
a modem home M ont "where a washable wool items are alreadyon
//Vi1r woman does her preserving In'' the market. These Include
front of a mirror instead of they men's, women's and children's apparel
kitchen dove." made of woven and knitted-
r There for a spell It looked like fabrics-as well as fabric :yardage .
t *' Ed was going to give up his :" .;(" and blankets-all safely '
comfortable old house Vine I ',' '.: shrlnk-reslstant 47y
on .,', I:1' after repeated
I Street and move into a modem I'I sudsings in home laundry equipment 4'v
home. But the cost of moving .
was enough to care him half to' '- Most experts advise washing
II death not to mention the fancy treated woolens in water at 100 to
,I, price tags on the ranch-type 120 degrees, in automatic washer
homes he.had looked at.Trouble sudsing and rinsing cycles of from
F was that his house I 2 to 5 minutes each. Air dryingon / ,.,. I
looked like an accident about to '7' a flat surface is generally pre-
happen. The roof sagged. And It. ferable. Tumble-drying II satisfactory
I here and there the siding had"unsided" for some, but not all,
Itself. It got to bad NEW YORK (CFN-The difference between a welldecorated treated wools. The best rule is to
Ed ssyk, that even the ghost in room and one that lacks that special touch Is often follow instructions on the label.
the attic complained. determined by the proper accessories and one of the most ,

important features in a roomis dimensions? Generally a good New Spice ,
Work OH Quartet
the lighting. A lamp can rule to follow is small lamps old, but up to date> aa the mlnlsklrtthat'sfair
.. Since Ed wouldn't move his give Just the right look to a for small tables and large Helps Busy Cools a description of macaroni. One of the original convenience
missus made him hire some contractors room both from a decorative lamps for large tables. For example There's an extra pair of hands foods, macaroni requires ,no epeclal storage,
R-265 'J f) \ who specialize In home viewpoint, as well as the funs the slim lines and delicate available for the busy cook who needs no tedious advance prerual1on. cooks in Just min
Improvement work. Well sir,youwouldn't ,rtlonal aspect. Here are a lewdecontlnlrlckl details of this Stiff Lamp uses a new spice dispenser that utes. Not only does : good eating, It la
food which fits 1
$1"1,2.,11 a nourishing too nicely Into weight-con
: know the old Hastings to shed little become a perfect accent for a holds four different "lIavor.each ."- trol plans.
:place now new shingles and light on this subject: long narrow library table by In its own compartment. Any Here's a menu, featuring a delicious macaroni salad,
A flrm'"'" itrrm IxmM l clerk one-pircn lines with mart ....ped ''siding spanking new coat of How high should a lamp be Henredon. choice can be selected then either which adds up to only 352 calories for a hearty portion.
fniiit wanting Id form partial lowered waistline Large rolled colliir '. paint, glassed-tn front porch anda that is to go on an end table poured or sprinkled by adjusting The National, Macaroni Institute Invites I you to sit downto
aide| 'In llir harm of .thin Hrcw. Lovely in woolens or textured picture window where the big at the side of a chair or next It Isn't necessary for the style the cap. this mini-meal during National Macaroni Week October
ral.ri.-n. bay window used to be. to the sofa? The average height of the lamp to conform to a Spices will stay their testiest If 1221.
Pri.,,' t1.00--lt.265; available in ,ii<* 12, 14, 16 18.Site 14 Funny thing \is that the "don't Is about 36-lnches but this Is particular period. If you are a the container is kept so scrupu CALORIE COUNTER MENU
Inks :3% yard of 441nl'h fabric. Standard body mramreitimts. for move, Improve" fever swept not always the rule. If the room little daring, you can achieve lously clean that competing stale Shrimp Cocktail: (I to 9 medium canned shrimp,
down Vine Street.Today Ihere'lhardly. has high ceilings a taller lamp a most dramatic effect by using odors are eliminated. Wheneverone with 2 tablespoons chili: sauce) .....,........... 85
.hw! I 11 nre: 111110/J:31,Wni'l 26. Hip"36. a house on the block that will give the room greater dimension. a lamp that Is contrary to the spice is used up the others MACARONI DIET PLATTER ...................... 177
I Scud UIH Dollar lor |Mltrrii. plus :S cents for portage, In cash doesn't look 20 years younger. The same rule applies design period of the room. should be emptied separately onto Sponge cake U. .inch: sector) ...................... 90
Add' OIK' I Dollar if \ou wish NEW I AfSTlNE LA MAl FATTEKN 'Ladybird' Johnson stops large, or bulky In appearance, floor lamp? Lopg neglected ''should be washed in hot soap or Total calories..about: 352
by to thank me for helping to for here again, it is advisable detergent suds, rinsed dried thor
/IKXK # ) \-omi>1cle K-lcttiou of High Fashion designs, Including the floor lamp has now come MACARONI DIET PLATTER
our best-sr4lers from #| stud #2. Send to AUSTINE LA MAR beautify America," says Ed. to select a larger lamp to balance into Us own, and because of oughly then refilled. (Mskes 6 servings, about 177 calories per serving)
of hoe G.F.O. "Meanwhile, my house Is a the chair or sofa Its portability can be used in \Vi low calorie Italian Freshly
rusliiun fattens (name sour iiraspuper), 1815 cup ground pepper
How do
nice place to sit around In whileI'm you determine the Face Facts For Teens
New: York N.Y, 1MK)1.()( I'rnit, wt full name, address, PatternNumber correct of almost any area of a room. iliad dressing I cooked artichokes: halved
) height for
waiting for someone to bring a lamp \M lemon and chokes removed
stud Sire, These lamps range from four The first thing people notice Is cup: Juice:
back the family. ,car." __tables--of various"styles----and- to six feet In height and size your face. It's hard to feel comfortable \M cup: water 3 medium tomatoes, sliced
I I 1 cup chopped: parsley 1 tablespoon sail
-- depends upon how the lamp when you think they are
t' is used. If it is for tablespoon capers 3 quarts boiling water
reading looking at that latest pimple
: "YOUR DOLLAR 4\ teaspoon oregano 2 cups elbow macaroni
the bottom of the shade should So, wash your face with soap \Vi teaspoon salt' (8 ounces: )
be above eye level. If lamp lea at least twice every day. This gets .
MORE Combine salad dressing lemon Juice, !H cup water, parsUy
BUYS decorative accent only the rid of germs before they can start capers, oregano, }% teaspoon' sail and pepper. Pour
Important features are the pimples on your skin. over artichokes and tomatoes; marinate I several. hours
% ii color shape and style in relationship Rub suds over your face and Add I tablespoon salt to 3 quarts rapidly boiling water.
AT YOUR BANNERQUANTITY to the other furnish neck with clean hands or a clean Gradually add macaroni no that water continues to boil
I ings. One of the most attractive washcloth Give your skin a good Cook uncovered stirring occasionally, until tender DrainIn
models available today lathe workout with the lather and use coUnder. Rinse with cold water; drain again.
.GOOD FOOD STORE" floor-tray lamp a handsome plenty of clean: rinse water. Dirt, Remove artichokes and tomatoes from marinade and arrange
SflClALS around edge of .Toes macaroni with the mar-
accessory that provides good oil, germs and dead skin go down t
RIGHTS RESERVED THOUGH SATURDAY lighting as well as table space the drain when you rinse away Inaderand plaoe.in centers
next to a sofa or chair. the suds. ********* *

LMT HE PLEASE fill $$5.00 .. ,





}S.N II MIRE rill WE




IRE PLEASE tflTI $5.0111 MME fill IIIEI

j LIVER LB. 37c,
t tr

slAtON 11" ll. 49c DETERGENT


t EGGS r.' ,: 25 FAB $5.00 FOOl olin SIZE 49

3j$7. : '


LIMIT ,,1 1 VITI' 5 LB. ,

II.25c FLOUR $$5.00 Fill OSIER BOXr. 3"9


1111111I ClIJ lIllllJ 1 LI. CUll uc. 55 111 cal 10e




I .,\ ., *t""iftJ.. CUll snu' MEDIUM EGGS IInl

: '011 5CHOpS ICOI1NIE5111EN #313 4/R9 II Cllnl .33t 3 lI. CAR 4ft


! CHOPS 4.e BLEACH H ilL. 25C PINT III 2ft K i1115N 25t

i '': 'ff *

f r

. . -- . - ------ - --- . .. -- -- -


1 I ,


I .......Sere's i the "!ilCif" for 'Icookey.; ....$.. .. 1 141VYVVr GUIDE,

) I Canned Pineapple Goes Upside Down 13UDGET

Veal Birds: An Easy Gourmet Dinner YOUR l'LM NINGt

CihLCooher; 'f0 MEt\L .

't.i' AIA :/lA

Happiness? Is a Yam Pie

I I by Ethel Moor

Elegance In food-as In dress-Is usually obtained with
strikingly simple combinations of good taste, color and style.
Developing a reputation as an excellent cook and hostess
requires exactly the same emphasis. Simplicity Is elegance and
whether >6u're entertaining Just feedingthe family you
can be assured of compliments with-,say a Juicy roast land beef
vivid contrasting vegetables :

... Ji.! .: ,

Pi."I, Gr.everr Arrciafiu ,"'.,. 4

Topsy Curvy pineapple cakes are miniature versions of the classic ><...
upside down dessert. To get the handsome glued crown, put but eSit
ter and brown sugar In the bottom of each foil pan along with a
whole canned pineapple slice and walnuts. Some of the syrup Hm'l an easy one-dish meal that will win high praise from
drained from the pineapple goes Into the batter to give a tropical guests and a "let's have It again" chorus from the family The ,lt8'
flavor throughout Garnished with whipped cream, these little recipe offers two Innovations. It includes spinach noodles and
pineapple favorites are perfect for the ladies bridge club broiled tomatoes with mushroom caps, to make a complete meal
and provide a wonderful contrast (in flavors/ And it uses new
INDIVIDUAL PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKES Golden Glow soft margarine, containingliquid corn oil.

1 <( little plastic tubs which can be used right on the table to
pineapple slices tcupoons\ salt
sROAST bread rolls bread sticks.
/t cup butter % cup soft shortening
1 brown (packed) Yt milk ,
cup sugtr cup s :,,' Makes 4 servings 9
M walnut halves 1 lemon peel "
teaspoon grated
8 tablespoons Golden 1/2 teaspoon
V/i cups sifted cake flour I teanpooni vanilla Glow Margarine I 1-1/2 ((2 slices) ,
lye cups sugar I egt I small onion,chopped sort bread crumbs

Drain pineapple, reserving! % cup syrup. Spoon one tablespoon 1/4 cup chopped celery 8 veal scallops, II x Inches
melted butter Into each of 8 (5-lnchllndJvlduai foil pans; sprinkle 2 tablespoons chopped 4 tablespoons /flour
with brown sugar and top with drained pineapple slice Arrange parsley 1-1/2 chicken: L'
3 walnut halves around edge Place on baking sheet and bake In I teaspoon poultry 1 bouillon cube asp.
moderate oven (350 degrees P.) about 5 to a minutes Meanwhile, seasoningMelt '
resin Hour with sugar, baking powder and salt. Add shortening, .. 4 tablespoons Golden Glow Margarine In skillet Saute (
% cup reserved pineapple syrup, milk, lemon peel, vanilla and onions, celery and parsley in margarine until trans
eggs. Beat on electric mixer 3 minutes Spoon batter on top of parent. Add poultry seasoning:, salt and bread or:1; ; toss I,..a..! br c_...... Ca .............:..y..Bliit ::;.
pineapple. Return to oven and bake about 35 minutes until cake ., lightly: until well mixed Place stuffing on veal slices; roll up
tests done Turn upside down on cake rack; remove pans and the slices and secure with toothpicks. Dredge rolled veal with our tastes In food shift with the seasons, light
allow cakes to cool. Garnish with whipped cream u desired. tI ., ... flour Save remaining flour Melt remaining 4 tablespoons GoldenGlow refreshing desserts are being replaced with substantial
Makes t aervlnll.Cereal In large skillet. Brawn meat on all sides. Remove from:: treats such as Sploy Yam Pie. A favorite soul food for
BEEFS skillet. Stir in reserved flour, add water and bouillon cube to generations the yam pie' featured here Is evaporate
Potatoes Au Gratin skillet, bring to a boll, stirring? In all brown bits I that clingto with mnehed yams, eggs, apices and Carnation
Tops to 7 pounds standing rib roast of beef the ikillet. Return meat to skillet Cover, Cook over I low heat milk. It Is the better blending qualities of evaporated milk.
1 tablespoon Ae'centSalt about 15 minutes or until meat Is tender, Serve on spinach that Rives the pie a creamy smooth texture. You can use
and pepper noodles. Garnish with broiled tomato halves and mushroom caps, the same economical evaporated milk ,for creaming your
In buying standingrib I roast, allow ',i to H pound per coffee and other cooking needs. It makes soups and
serving. Sprinkle it with Accent about IS minutes before sauces velvety smooth and meat loaves Juicier And It
roasting to emphasize the superb "au Ju." /flavor and aroma Seed Bread whips just like cream for use In whipped salads and chiffon
Stand on rib bones In shallow open pan. Insert roast meat LemoR Poppy desserts.
thermometer. (Uf you don't already have a thermometer,invest SPICY YAM PIE
) In one.) Season the roast with salt and pepper and cook at lowtemperature Lemon peel and poppy teed long a favorite combination, lend a (Makes 9-Inch pie)
K (325F.). Low temperature Insures less shrinkage special touch to this quick loaf bread
and you get gradual gradation of color from very pink in I loaf 114 cup mashed cooked IS teaspoon nit
the center to light golden brown outside. How thoroughly you yams 1 teaspoon cinnamon
cook your meat Is a matter of preference,,.for rare, 22 minutes /I cup milk 34 cup shortening 2 else 3.4 teaspoon cloves
per pound should do; medium 25 minutes per pound 1 tablespoon poppy seed % cup sugar 14 cup sugar K teaspoon ginger
and well done, SO minutes per pound (Check the thermometer.) 2 cups sifted enriched flour 2 eggs 2 tablespoons W teaspoon nutmeg
x When done, remove rout to Urge heated platter and serve 1 tablespoon baking powder t tablespoon grated lemon molasses l'fa cups (large can)
with thin pan gravy made this easy way: Skim off all excess 1 teaspoon salt rind' 1 teaspoon rated Carnation evaporated
fat in boiling I water, scraping bottom an to lemon peel milk
Ip. etlft oJufUro" bite COOK over low best until well Grease By x 4y-incb loaf pan. Preheat oven to 3SO. Combine 1 tablespoon lemon .Inch( unbaked pie shell
blended. Add water to dilute to desired amount and season to milk and poppy seed Slit together flour, baking powder and salt Juice
taste with salt and pepper It lug mixing bowl cream together shortening and sugar until Beat together yams, eggs, sugar, molaa.a lemon peel
llht and fluffy. Beat In eggs and lemon rind. Blend flour mixture and Juice, salt and apices Gradually add evaporated
SAVORY BROILED TOMATOES Into creamed mixture alternately with milk and poppy'seed, begin milk, Pour Into pie shell, Bake In 425' ('hot) oven 15minutes.
: w. Cut : t'heI half and arrange In foil ptn. Brush cut sing and ending with Hour. Beat well after each addition. Turn Into Reduce heat to moderate 350' and bake 80 min,
surfaces I butter or margarine and sprinkle with pan Bake 1 hour and 10 minutes, or until cake tester Inserted In sates longer or until knife Inserted In center comes out
salt, pepper a little garlic salt, and herbs If desired, Broil center comes out clean. Cool In pan on wire rack S minutes before clean. Cool.
until beginning( to soften and brown Sprinkle with crumbs and removing from pan. Cool completely*
cheese, or spread with equal parts of dairy sour cream and .
mayonnaise mixed with just a hint of curry powder. Continueto If you don't sift and In the absence of other directions, spoon
t Y broil until lightly browned. JQII* directly from.container Into a one.cup dry measure level off Nitiml.. Sdjool Leech
then remove two level tablespoonfuls, according to USDA momneodatlons. -

x 2 packages of frozen asparagus according to package NOTE: If self.rising!: flour Is used omit baking!: powder and salt ,
directions. Serve hot with Betrntlse Swat For % cup of

sauce, put 2 egg* yolks, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, !V teaspoon ; ; X* 'l&faii *' '''**&&* { }. <:..: SHOP AT
each of sslt minced onion and parsley, H teaspoon dried V YOORUP
Quick, easy and good are Potatoes Au Gratin made: this way. tarragon and! a dash of cayenne Into 1 a small 1 heavy earthen- : .
Leftover cooked potatoes or canned ones are folded into s nippy wan mixing bowl mix well.Divide '4 cup butter or margarine : :} WAIEHOIISE STORE
cheese and salad' dressing cream sauce. A topping" of whole wheat into 3 equal portions,; Add one portion of butter to the egg : : ; :; :;
flakes tossed in melted butter gives crisp texture I ideal how mixture and place the bowl In a saucepan of hot water. Add : 1 : : ,: 3000 V. 45tl ST.
{ ;
cereals streamlined ease of preparation make them convenience second portion stirring; constantly is butter melts) and sauce r.111 : : :;
foods. Bake and serve the dish with ham or pork. Then thicken Add third portion, repeating the procedure Remove : : ,:: : : :;; ;: : i
call him.your meat and potatoes man to dinner assured of pleasing from the heat. : PRICES IN THIS ADA'RE

Potatoes An Cralln With Flaky Topping : ODD TRROU6HSATIRIAY
HeraW Alt

'A% cup cup butter thinly or sliced margarine onion U.2 cans teaspoon(1( pound aaJt, each) Apple Here's a dessert Dinpli.for those!brisk days of early fall when_.theseason's s>.abbuiy'! 'iJj OCT. 7

% cup milk white potatoee, drained first cooking apples come to market in all their Jolcy,
salad dressing and sliced
% cup or 4 cups
2 cups shredded Cheddar sliced, cooked potatoes tart splendor
e'2' cups whole wheat flakes GLAZED APPLE DUMPMNG9Makes
I servings :
Saute onion in 2 tablespoons butter or margarine until onion SPECIAL! SONNYBROOK JANE PARKER VRITE ENRICREBREfiBLAR '
is soft. Add milk, salad dressing cheese' and salt; mix well Add Pastry Spicy Applet:
potatoes; mil carefully. Combine cereal flakes and remaining 2 1./ cups sifted all.purpose I cooking apples, peeled and OR SANRIICR
tablespoons melted butter; toss to coat flake Sprinkle V4 of flour cored FRESH, FLA. CRABE 'A MED 10 ifCTNS.
flakes over bottom of shallow l% quart casserole. Add potatomixture. Vi cup enriched corn meal /j! cup sugar
Top with remaining flakes Bake in moderate oven 1 teaspoon sail 1 teaspoon cinnamon
,350F.) until hot about 30 minutes, Yield: 6 to.8 servings $4 cup shortening J4 teaspoon nutmeg

PA4-IO /t cup Cold water EGGS BREAD

Heat oven to hot (400T). Sift together flour, corn meal and
LEMONY GLAZED SQUASH salt Into bowl. Cut In shortening until mixture resembles coarse .
Tls crumbs Sprinkle water by tablespoonfuls over mixture; stir
To prepare, sash two worn lightly with fork until just dampened. (If necessary, add another HI 0 U
squash and nit in quarters lengthwiirl tablespoon cold water to make dough hold together,) Form S ;! u.
miiine lerdi Plate squath cut into ball. OF T
Don't throw those little 4 9" 9'c
fiilr down in a lha'low! baking dith away You Turn out on lightly floured board or canvas. Roll to form a 3
keys. can
bakein can opening 21x14 Inch rectangle. Cut In 6 squares. Place apple in center of LOins
Add /i wa'rt. steer and them novel cob
cup turn Into corn .
square Combine sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg in bowl Spoon IRE .
(350) :33 to ..0lIIinul. bit DOUR'M
moderate oven ( holders by filing the tips a about 1 tablespoon of sugar mixture Into center of apple. Dot ....
.... Mix /4 nIp ReaLemon to make them sharper andpainting "
with butter. Bring corners of pastry to top of apple; seal\ edges.
bottled kinon Juice ft rap brown them with bright nail Repeat for remaining apples..
auger and 3 tablespoons melted but polish. Place dumplings In Uxf-lnch baking pan. Pour Brown Sugar
Irr. Turn sqiiath cut aide up and a e e Glaze (see below) Into pan around' base of dumplings. Bake In EXTRA SPECIAL! SONNYFIELR
MHir Union mixture over pkeeu.imtimte A corsage pin makes an Ideal preheated oven (400'P.) 25 to 30 minutes,* Seri dumplings
(|: baking uncovered 20 min stopper for small cans of oil or with glass during laat 5 minutes of baking warm with PLAIN OR SELF RISINfFLOUR '.s. Nl 1 R09NB WRITEPOTATOES

until lender, bailing' tubes of glue. It also keeps the cream, If desired.
tiles or
hole unclogged. For glaze combine S cups flrmly-packed brown sugar and I cup
occasionally to glare 4 to 6 tervingi. water in saucepan. Bring to a boll; simmer 3 minute.I ..


: avI 5 U. BAfi 35C 10 1 lIS.39c,

I \
.: :




AM sA'

"' 2 M" 10 BZ.PH. C 'LIMIT 1W/J5 PKO.OR" 0

.:., tT ;$ : 1 10 I MORE FOOD 49

J \ .... I./, ,.. ORDER
:1 ,. .


3 LB.AVfi. .






B h Movie Opus Saga Of Sets Long Tern Contract THE COLLEGE STUDENT SPEAK

'.' : .," '.\'.:" ;"\,i ,.. < ..."c I
; in
:< Four Day WorkshopHeld '\\1J Shaw university has become the first college Kalelgh N.C.
hi-iii; !;''"! ; to Install a call-a-computer terminal for teaching computer
: The Duke .
J/i.. {k -/, mathematics.
--, .,,' At FAHU .. ,' Although the computer Is located in the mathematics depart
: ,. Duke Ellington will be on ment; students 10 *U areas of concentration at the Universityare
Television NBC, colorcast, to- urged to take the course offered this year In the basic aln-

'. 'j" Television NBC, colorcast, TALLAHASSEE, Flan / ,; guage used in working with the time-sharing computer system
: '. ; Friday, October 13 from 10 Florida MM University this ".: 'It"'I The course will be offered to any student who has completed'
< ,. : ., 'tpI" i to 11 p.m., New York-TIme, in week took part in a tour-day ; \, the required general education mathematics core course.
.t' ;" ,. ,. .' a new appearance called "On workshop for twenty-six Negro \ ,!, Shaw's Call-a-Computer terminal rented at a cost of $3,445
i ,: The Road With Duke Elllng- colleges and universities la 16 {, ,j, : annually, is being financed by a grant orlglnatingwlth toe Duke
,' f. ... tonl This format presents a states in the South According cfr,1III;; : *"i Shaw and St Andrew's Science Development Program under.Title
of the Great to the Office of Education the .. Education, and Welfare Cooperative.
,' musical profile << m of the House,
... : ,
'h"" Duke as be features a series purpose was to consider com "h Some 1.500 college students are expected to use the C"l-
'i < ': of one-night! stands, receiving munity service programs ';" a-Computer service at the school this falL
adulation and applause wher-' The University of Wisconsin !i .;II'." 'I As a customer of CaH-A-Computer corporation, haw
il '\ .. ever he goest. In the picture, was t tae host schooL Heads of ,' ,: t can request any program from the sales representative, located -
top left, the Duke is seated at universities and college were .r 1 n the Occidental Life Inusrance building. The program -
: ,. the concert grand, always the expected to attend. The theme will be located in the Shaw library
,, scholar, the dapper and at the it was said, was to be hooch An $850,000 pant has been made to Scatter. University
,, same time, profound, muicolo- on continuing education The by the Office of Economic Opportunity.The .
gist. The Duke stand high in meet was made possible by a I ; university must use many of its own resources: and
1' all fields of music. So profound $$21.078 grant from the Officeof ; ., :funds to match the pant, which is designed to help students
has been the impression made Education. ". from; low Income families make educational progress, according -
i' C ,,, FAMU was host Monday night G, Clark university president.
> "" ::, .. by his music, liturgical, Jazz, to Dr. Felton ,
': "" .. to the nationally and Internationally break themselves and the university
,, : r the mass, that, in the other students will make or
: '; ; renowned DePaur advantage of the, program, he sail
picture, be is shown receiving 11" in thw way they take
"'.\ ,, l ". .1. an honorary degree in music Chorus Their appearance .... w,.: Fayettevllle State college has begun a long-range program
from Yale University The part of the cultural program to strengthen Its academic program.
; .err Ellington story is one of manyyears. of the University Among numbers The institution has received $67,000 for use for faculty
;. :1- ...." : 40 or more, to be exact presented was "Songs of development visiting scholars, teaching fellows, exchange
: r', 'Certainly, the Ellington excel- the New African Nations." Negro students, and academic counselors.An .
: lence has remained Just as and Creole songs were Monica Peterson, the charming young lady In the above additional $10,000 has beem made available for future
,.- ,' sturdy. presented. picture, has signed a long-term contract with a leading when five Fayettevllle. students enrolled at the University of
FAMU was also host to the moving picture studio Miss Peterson will star In a picture North Carolina for the 1967-68 academic year
Tallahassee Quarterback Club which deals with the new face of the youth of today "The During the second gamester, five UNC students will study
Surf and "
Swing at Malibu Beach
this week. Jake Gaither, athletic tt FSC.
director and head football Several Fayettevllle faculty members have been granted aco-
coach, was principal speaker. domfc leave study toward their doctorate degrees.
Gaither, known throughout the Lea Ivory lusts I.
world The Grand Opening Of.
wlnnlngest coach in the nation, "Motown" Standards Announcing ,
has brought the FAMU
Rattlers to the National Negro J.nt j.JallWigs
championship six times CHICAGO-lee Ivory, one of the nation's most noted entertainment e
writers has leveled a blast at Motown Record
The Rattlers have won the Corporation the vast Wiglels & WIG I"ASHION5
recording complex headed up by Berry
Southern Intercollegiate Championship Gordy, Jr., and the firm where be was once employed in the

1951, 1952 title and 1966 yearly except in publicity Speaking department at a closed meeting of entertainment writers who Switches Ho Honey .

Coach Gaither was chosen to formed an association of threatrlcal scribes, Ivory stated that
membership in the Helms Foundation Motowu's policy for success is "one of the nation's gigantic '
Football Hall of Fame in Down 1.25 Per Week
myths and sooner or later the wraps will be pulled from the
1961. In 1962 he was named as entire set-up, and the world will know that it is not 'love that .",

I ,f Small Yearj'; ,College "Coach of the keeps entertainers recording for Motown"

Speaking of the recent troubles Negro disc jockey. who, in
between Gordy and one of his many cases, must first play a II TM i.t. grist
\... Civil Service star' performers, Martht Motown record before 'WWtey lipirtiiit Stina
Reeves;Ivory pointed out: will touch It," '
iiT Application!! Date "The recent name-change of Admonishing! the writers to be E. niif

Martha and the Vandellas was fair, but firm, Ivory asked that 101, fliridi
The Interagency Board of UJS. ,a perfect example of what plenty all future reviews be written

...I Civil Service Examiners for of Motown Artists have to go without malice and without ,Pint 377-3165
Florida located at 123 South through. Rosalind Ashford, who favoritism. The syndicated entertainment
Elected Vice Pres. STALEMATE 2nd Attempt To Court Avenue, Orlando, Fla., has been a long-Urn memberof columnist maintained -

has issued the following examination the Motown family, was not that truthful reviews, Johnnie Aim'sShopplHg
At Miles College Operate Private announcement to fill consulted before the billing was in the long run, would aid both -
positions throughout the Stateof changed to "Martha Reeves and Negro readers' and the enter-
Paul E, Harris, former facul- HONOLULU -- (NPt) -- Expectations Florida the Vandellas' Rosalind had tainers themselves.
ty member at Miles College and of a new"$14.3 million Schools Stalled Guard Supervisor, r..s-8.. every right in the world toblow Ivory, who was elected interim Center
most recently the controller for state capitol building for, $5861 per year.Applications up about It. For a time at president of the Enter-
Protective Industrial We Insurance Hawaii by February, 1968,when NEW ORLEANS-NPI-A three will be accepted Chlcwgos Whisky A-Go-Go tainment Writers Guild hosts
Company of Blrmlnham the legislature convenes have judge federal court in New Orleans until October 10, 1967 and where they were appearing a daily music-Interview show
has accepted the position Vice President incharge moves by legislators to changethe Department of Justice an injunction agency Board of U$, CivilSer- Rosalind refused to speak to WdEE. The program is broad-
of administration at Miles Col- original plans. i"he conflict holding up funds from pub- vice Examiners for Florida,123 Martha after the trio left the cast live from the Lake Meadows -
legs arose when senators demandedthat lic monies to pay expense of South Court Avenue, Orlando, stage" Restaurant and features 2994 N.W. 46th St.,
Harris, a 1949 graduate Miles lower house offices be white children who desire to Florida, 32801. Ivory also accused the De- interviews with top-named entertainers -
College holds a Master's degree moved elsew'ere, and larger evade public school integrationand The Board has Issued the following troit-based I record firm of .
in Business Administration offices and '':dividual washbasins attended segregated private examination announcements "managing news" as far as
from Indiana University cos&g an additional schools to fill positions throughout Negro publications are concerned Phi Alpha Groceries.Meats'VegetablesBEER
Before Joining Protective, Harris $1,500,000 be installed for the A few day earlier, the court the State of Florida, with Said he:
taught Economics and served senators With these and other held unconstitutional a law giving the exception of 10 counties in "The publicity department has
as Business manager at Miles changes, th cost of the struc- a child $360 per year to Northwest Florida. These are a nasty habit of refusing to New Office
for more than 12 years ture has now risen to $23 mil attend such segregated schools few-of-a-kind positions for admit the truth H.
lion. and this law called by its makers which limited infrequent vacancies CHICAGO, ILL-Or Lionel "
to members of the ethnic I WINE TO GO
\i press.
__1__ ... .. a "stand by" meant the first Newsom. Atlanta Ga, gereral
law knocked down this law occur. Then, shortly thereafter, we president, Alphi Phi Apha Fraternity.
; was Printing and Reproduction
r.1 find big, bold headlines in metropolitan -
announced the appointment -
tile might cdhtlnue in effect grants Postion, $208 to $3.69 per dailies This Is total ,

AUTO INSURANCE SERVICE 15%' DO W N in aid schools for the segregated private hour.Trades and Crafts Positions ly unfair to writers who have an assistant of Charlie to Laurence F.WUllams T.Young u :\ Free Delivery Phou' 634-3156

5 SHELL'S CITY (....th lea) done,more for Motown Records general secretary. .
f/y1 The court ruled that no pay- $1.40 to $U6 per hour.
N,w. 7th than else in the world.
AVE. a anyone fill
51'h ST "The recommendation to
I meats be by the state to will be
..... 1IJJ! may Applications accepted ,We were writing about Motown
:I'JI.JIUI: any child, to attend a private until further notice and the post, which was recom-
segregated, school. until should be sent to the Inter- long before thewbitepresseveDmey mended by the commitet on per-
: there was such an entity. sonnel was approved at the 61st 6917661M
after the motlda to declarethe agency Board of U.S. Civil Ser-
In talks with two Detroit disc
anniversary convention recently
law uncoostltutton been vice Examiners for Florida,
Your professional beautician heard. The court set Oct. 10 u 123 South Court Avenue, Or, jockeys after the first Palmer held in Los Angeles, Calif., said
the dale for this bearing Undo Florida 32801fHOjit Park Open Golf Tournament, Dr. Newsom, and "Mr. Williams
knows the answer. ,. Ivory learned that much disillusionment ,has the distinction of becoming
was created by the first to fill this much needed .
the recent Motown sales convention office. "He will be known u
LIVIN.IWIC.. Pan T... LIVIN" held In Detroit. the assistant general secretary
"The deejays with whom I Williams has assumed his duties.
RANGE FUNERAL HOME talked expressed disgust at "Williams is well qualified to

727 N. W. 17TH AV.NU. Motown's apparent snub in Inviting fill this newly created office andwe
at least one Negro disc expecting great things
N. are :
Is peroxide needed to .".. MANAttltPUNCKAU Jockey to the gala show pre- from him, added President
D............ .UN"Al OIHCOTOIIBack sented at the Roostertall. Robin Newsom.
color unwanted gray fair? ., Seymour and another white Williams rreceived his high
radio personality reportedly school education la Lumpkla Ga.
utilized as masters of ceremonies the degress of Bachelor! of Science >:J
To School SpecialsGirls' Both of the disc Jockeys in Business Administration
Hair care and beauty experts know that the first traces of gray felt that Motown was catering at Tuskegee Institute, June 1967
hair-an() even sftght fading of natural color after chemical re Dresses to white-oriented broadcast and was initiated into the Fra-
laxing-can dull a woman's appearance and make her look older media without regard to the ternity in April 1965.
than she feels. While most women hate these premature aging to size 14 --

effects, many are hesitant about using permanent peroxide 2For$5'95to 1tt4k lt41t arc f
haircoloring which the M 11 ,
may change natural hair color while Boys' Slacks!
coloring gray. London
Professionallytrifined hairdressers know the importance of i size 14 Luggage
their customers' preferences when unwanted gray becomes a 1 eh LOS 6uwtlfttltt caul,1 '
problem. These experts also know that Clairol created semi. --

permanent Loving Care hair color lotion without peroxide. Shoes all} sizes 3 ''for $5.Eierytbiif LEATHER' GOODS GIFTS
to color only the gray without changing the natural shade. They w
also find Loving Care blends back color faded by chemical For fkildrei .
processing Because of its mildness, Loving Care maintains LUGGAGE REPAIRS
healthy looking hair and lasts through a month of shampoos.
Whatever a woman's reason for wanting Loving Care for her At Prices It Soil liar Pickitkioks
hair, she is always wise to consult a professional beautician. ,
Hairdressers are equipped with a family of fine Clairol productsand "Whe service begins and never ."J,"
the training to promise each patron the loveliest and most
personalized haircoloring effects every time she visits her salon. Ural LEE'S TELEPHONE 47 w. FLAGLER mEET I Three I locations to jerve you:
If you dislike gray, and want no peroxide, why not ask your'

beautician to glamorize it with Loving Care? ,373-3/06 'I Mi... Ofl de p.rriSllrs ..
1025 N.W. 3rd Ave. MIAMI flORIDA 3312
C'CI.lrollnc.1967 Courlet ol C1.lrollnc, |

I 1 t ,

.. A.

. .



Florida AIMGrduates Atlanta' Life Honors New Morris College Units President Johnson Hanes. I

Get Vice President Lee Negro As, Federal Judge

Speech Grants The Atlanta Life Insurance t-- -----w 1 WASHINGTON D.C.ppecial--President( ) Lyndon B. Johnson

Company with sixty-Branches' announced Friday the nomination of a nationally known Negro
offices In eleven states employing Damon J. Keith 49, as Federal
i ''I lawyer of Detroit Michigan ,
Two Florida AIM la
University nearly 1,000 per sons varying
II ,Judge !In the Eastern District of Michigan.
graduates tart teen awarded capacities to service some '
to Federal .
pointed Negro lawyers -
federal tralneeships to who art '
study 700,000 policyholders Keith is tha second Negro at" Inmost '
District Judgeships
toward their masters decrees financially secured by more thai torney In Detroit to be appointed citiesincladtng
in speech. 7te pants an fora 1 G sixty-eight mfllloo dollars inas- by President Johnson to the Federal of the major Philadelphia
New -
12-month study program and sets honored one of Its executive Judiciary Lasy year the Chicago, The
will pay $200 per month plus Colonel GeorreW.Lee Vice President President named Federal Judge and Washington.
most historic appointment,
tuition. -Director a nd former
Wade McCree of Detroit and Is of
Martha Y. Scott will study at Manager of the Memphis Tennessee a graduate course/i was the appointment
Marshall to the United
the University of Missouri and Branch Unit of the Atlanta Wade of Detroit to the UJS.Clr- Thurgood
Court the first
will major In speech pathology. l), Life with an appreciation reception cult Court of Appeals.The States Supreme ,
She U a DatIve of Montlcello. f fI recently. This special Testi-:, new appointee was born Negor to sit on the Ugh court.

Gloria D. McLendon of Jacksonville mpny AffaIr was in recognition In Detroit and is a graduated Damon Keiths' appointment chic lead

1s attending the University I of the many and in se"ralln-' West Virginia State College 111'011' high praise from
'ers In Detroit.
of both racial groups
of Oklahoma Medical stances unique contributions si iii'ii and taa: Howard University. He
Center In Oklahoma City. She ) made by Colonel Lee to the progress l is a senior partner in the law He has been active over
in civil
plans to get her degree in the : : !: ciAtJanta1JfelnanMmln- firm of Keith Conyers, Anderson a and long political period affairs in Michigan rights

teaching of the deaf. istratlre and leadership way or: :3rown and Walls Ha U married and the father -
Three other FAMU graduateswith \ the local level and nationally. President Johnson has ap
0(3 children.
majors in speech correction _
received their masters Schenley Donates SUMTER sjCf-*. million dollars in facilities were dedicated -

degree They are Ida Mae at horns College last week as part of the peat expansion -
Jab Scored
Griffith's Stiff
Houston of Tallahassee' who Check For program of the four-year Baptist College Shown

received her degree in speech 5,00To above, at the top la the Wilson-Booker Hall, language and YES WE ALL TALK
pathology from Western Michi Heavily Daring Retire MatchNEW science building. Beneath is thetkbbins-Keith-Whttenermen'a ;

gan University; Jewel Davis of LeagueAt residence. Governor Robert!: E. McNair was scheduled to speakat

Orlando, speech pathology Ohio the ceremonies.
State YORK-Flghting with desperation Emlle Griffith used the recent convention of By MARCUS H. BOULWARE
UniversitysndBetty; Tuc- ---- ----
and booming body attack to even matters the National Business League
ker of Opt Loeb.speech path solid left Jab a
ology.. Ohio State University. that started back In April when he lost the middleweight title in Atlantic City N.J. Charles Prairie View Negro Receives COLLECT: CLIPPINGS FOR SPEECHES
Ifenveimtl T. Williams vice-president of '
Another FAMU tn Nlnn
graduate, to lack steam. Schenley Distillers received a Last week a reader asked, if it not
Ronald Thompson of Miami, Is After waiting five months fora puncehs appeared were
Judges Joe fcppy; ma Jonnnjr standing ovation when he contributed Gets Special Appointment At true that reading the
also studying at Ohio State University chanve to regain the title lost a speech was preferred -
9-5-1 for Grif a check for $5,000 to
He Is specializing In to Italy's Benvenuti Griffith pound Dran scored It the practice, In reply, I would say ,' 'no'' ,
with- League his firm.
it drae for
Walsh called
fith. a
audiology, and expects to get ed cut a IS-round majority decision 'I-'.-I iu rounds and "-71n"p i 1nts. The convention which met for Jobs Program Technical Unit even, though at'great many speakers read from
his master's degree In Decem In their rematch Friday
Griffith kept sending In com- .three days, was addressed by manscripts.:
ber. In Shea StaduIm. .
night binations and lunging with his outstanding speakers. Dr. Andrew WASfflNGTON-About 380 impoverished WASHINGTON
The once-posted match went on Cleveland L. Dennard has been Heading the vogue as a result of
head under BenvenuU'.chin while, Brimmer, member of the Texas youths and
Civil Disorder Unit despite a threat of more rain named president of the newly the electronic age. Bishop Walls of the
the Italian was throwing punchesone board of governors of the adults are being trained or
cut the crowd far below the Technical -
that authorized
Washington AMEZ Church has
indicated .in his book
at a time. Federal Reserve System, placed in jobs In an experi- on

Studies Riot Causes $300,000 expected In attendance receipts.of30OOOaad Blood dripped from the Italian'snose Thomas W. Harvey Deputy Assistant mental program undertaken by Institute here In to 1968.go into The operation IHS- Joseph Charles Price that delivery of, .

Griffith surprised everybody, from the first round on. He Secretary of Commerce Prlarle View A&M College,Secretary of Florida MM UnI- speeches has changed today-.the results of \
also had a cut under the chin and Mayor Richard S. Jackson Atlantic of Labor W. Willard radio practice.
Nino by schorlng repeatedly Is the
including versity assuming -
his mouth was red with his own City and William H.Kelly Wlrtz announced recently. presidency
These studies are proceeding with his stiff left Jab in October at an annual I think that we tend to follow the patternof
blood In the late rounds. League Senior-Vice President The Texas college, under a
with and
conjunction expanding despite a three-Inch edge In Although 1,500 Italians had made were speakers. $I 1/2 million contract with the salary of 25000. our governmental leaders who nearly Always
upon closed hearings the Commission reach and a disadvantage in both Dennard
has beet holding in height and weight. Griffith came the trip special charter Jobs and League President Berkeley Department of Labor, will also missioner Dr. of the was Manpower deputy com-and read their speeches for fear they will
chairmanship there were many other fellow BurreU announced that the organization explore new techniques counseling be quotted incorrectly
under the -
Washington In at 154 pounds and Benvenuti Career Development Agency of
of GOT. Otto Kerner of Illinois. 153-3/4. Benvenuti went down countrymen In hte stand the would launch a cam- manpower evaluation, the Human Resources Administration One way to build materials for speeches is
shouts of "Neeno Neeno" were palm to raise $250 000tocnv and providing occupational and'
from a right hand to thechln In the not as loud as in the first tight administrative costs resulting cultural orientation. New York City. Priorto to prepare a list of files of newspaper
The Commission will resume 14th round but bounced up almost going to New York City,
from the expansion of NBL The two-year program will clippings and/or put them on note
hearings on October 5 6 and 7 hands to cards. In
Immediately, waving his be had been principal of the *
programs and membershipdrives. provide a wide range of assistance the copying
Witnesses and process the speaker will learn
topics were announced referee Tommy Walsh indicateIt Carver Vocational and Adult

Tuesday. should not be called a knock- High School Drop Out Dr. .Frederick D. Patterson employed to unemployed persons in and 12 under-south- Schools in Atlanta, Ga. the story or incident which he can tell in

Print testimony dealt with grievances down. However, be was given the former President of Tuskegee east Texas counUes-Austm. Ha is a native of Sebring, his own words.

and tensions In ghetto mandatory eight count. Kills Football Coach and also of the NBL, resigned Brazos, Burleson Colorado Fla., received his bachelor decree Reading is ineffective, since very many
areas which lead to disturbances It was the only knockdown of the In vocational education
because of "health". BurreU Fayetta Fort Bend Grimes, speakers are poor readers.
porcednres to maintain law nad fight from Florida AIM, his master'
order; relations between police Benvenuti was not the super box- DAYTONOmChAo fresh- was elected president at this Harris Montgomery San degree from Colorado READERS: For my ,pamphlet on public speak'

and community the Newark and er of last April 17 when,as a 13-' man football coach was stabbedto convention following the with- ton.Jacinto Waller and Washing, State University and his doctorate ing send two stamps and a selfaddressedlong
drawal of Dr. Pt.tterson, ooker
Detroit riots and historical ec- he upset the New death In front of his bride of in educational '
underdog, In degree business envelope to Dr. Marcus H.
T. Washington founded the con- 1960, the medium family .
comic, and social problems affecting Yorker. He was not getting off the two months and 60 players bya administration from the UnI-
school dropout. vention 1900. income in six of these counties Boulware, Tennessee State A4I University);
American high
Negroes. brilliant combinations and hisAnnouncing Negro versity of Tennessee.Dr. .
---- Charged with first degree was below the $3,000 Samuel Nabrlt chairman _Box, 334. Nashville Tennessee. 37203..
poverty line and the median
,manslaughter in the bltarrestabbing of the Institute's Board of Trustees -
r the Opening 1 otHcCRORY'S r rt was Willie Dixon, 19 school years completed by called Dr. Dennard "a
Tuskegee Prexy'stetes persons 25 and older In six of VETERANS.
who left shool after complet- leader of experience who will
t SHOE REPAIR them was less than eight.
log the 10th grade. Dixon was bring specialized abilities In .
olaced: In Dayton city Jail. No A special feature, of the pro- ,
.. vocational! technical ,
Belief ject will be the use of a "bu** -
Specializing in date for arraignment was sef. cation teacher training;school
man potentials Inventory Designed TILE JACKSONVILLE
Police said Dixon cut down administration, and in human BARBER COLLEGE INC.
I, ,
3 MINUTE HEEL SERVICE Thomas Prinz, 21, during a to help an individual resource mobilization. Ha also ,
"iUSKEGEEmSTI,'UTE,Ala.1'11. ,-
plan his future, this system involves -
c.",. Ijr mug rtttlt f.ur I' freshman M scrimmage..., u.,.Prinz'Thomas .o President or Tuskeeee Institute gxtherfnedetailedeoclal has a keen sense of the needs
.. of Inner city communities and
"LUCKY 7 CLUI PUN CARD" believes that "continual C D mre--and cultural Information

I Frerr.roen.Ap.1.11..fre.Iopus destruction cannot In itself about a person to help possesses great personal" dignity Of 630 DAVIS ST., Is Now Taking
and human warmth.
r IU. make better world not even
1:15: TIL a UK. MOM.THRU a determine his capabilities.
i JULIA AT lAY ST. 1J1.421 J4fry. ,} In response to vestiges of flagrantly -' Those selected for the pro- Dennard's task Is to develop
and coordinateand
destructive segregation. 'ject will be persons who are new programs '
! ." handicapped by lack of adequate evaluate existing ones for 'Applications For
Heir Elect Dr. L. H. Foster addressed education and saleable Job an agency that seeks to open opportunities Ifs'M

the Tuskegee faculty staff and skills and who are unable to for underemployedand '

student body at the Institution'sFall find or retain employment at, unemployed persons.

SINGLETARY 0 .., Convocation. a living wage. Veteran Class.
f [ "Mora substance and capability The experimental program 'Illinois Religious
and institutionally ''
both Individually will provide training In such

; ,-must be brought occupations as automobile mechanic -
DemocratS on the scene if rebuilding is cook dry cleaner- Leaders Fight Bias The Size Of Our ClaassesIs

j Prinz to take place," Dr.Foster said, presser landscape nurseryman CKICAGO-NPlHlellglous lead

$tahbtngm as be emphasized the need to clerk, stenograhpher, and era of all faiths have uged the

wife Kathy stood 20 yards a- replace confrontation with constructive computer programer.The Illinois legislature to pass anopen
To Your way., She was treated at a hospital action "'.Hie better project will consist of housijg law. Joining to I Is Limited By Law.

. for shock. world we all seek'' ne went three phases: the plea were John Cardinal-

Dixon was captured by the on, "can best come by building First, a three-mOllthphase- t Cvd/j: Dr. Edgar HJS.C'HAND-

players whobeat him aft r watching on those sound understructures volvlng the human potentials Inventory ler, executive director Church
i City Print fall to the pound. that exist, while: carefully rep sruvey through which Federation of Greater Chicago Enroll Now To Be Sure Of Place:
the eroded elements I
A manslaughter charge was ;Iacag recruitment selection counseling ; Bishop James WJdontgo-
lodged because police could find which are no longer useful. and referral to training i mert Coadjust bishop, Epis-
no evidence of premeditation In his second formal addressto will take place. copal Diocese of Chicago and f

l Council ot Intent to garm Prins when the Tuskegee Family this Second, an 18-month phase Involving Chairman Chicago Conference

Dixon went to the pratice field. school year President Foster. a training program consisting on Religion and Race; and Rab-

In Ohio, conviction on such a stressed the special role of of basic studies cul- bi Mordecai Simmon ececu- CAIL35598Z4LThis .

A charge carries penalty of front university people in these tural orientation, occupational the director, Chicago Board of &

a Group 2 one to two yars. times, and credited the "or- orientation tralnglng, occupational Rabbis; and Rabbi Robert J.

i The young freshman coco's ganlied church" with being "tryouts", and Institutional Man, Chicago area executive .
"stronger and more able now training. Union of American "
team was scrimmaging with director.
At Large one from Orrllle Wright High to fulfill its humanitarian responsibilities Third atree-monthphaseIn- Hebrew Congregations. The
than at any timein volving Job placement follow- Clergymen called for a law that

history." Referring to the' up, evaluation and the closing would put an end to the state'sdual

."exploiting concern": of some of the project. housing market.' {
denominations and religious An advisory council composed f
Your New Government faiths President Foster cited of representatives from business ,;, isJthe I

the new liberalism of the Episcopal industry, and governmentwill BLESSINGS! BLESSINGS

Church and pronounce- also be used In the program. Toe man born with the gift. ,
Deserves New Leadership g ments of the Catholic Church Experimental projects such as Fev. Roosevelt Franklin of Ma- F nicest,

u promising evidence.Dr. this are provided for under the coo, Georgia It is through God
Paid PolUcai Adv.' Foster announced this Manpower Development and that I can remove all evil conditions !:: "))4 smoothest

.year's enrollment of 3,000 students Training Act and are designedto some questions you may
u the largest in the history explore and develop new wish to know bourbonever
You Dot 8m Ti Gi It Tin Ti Bit, ,
of the 87 year old Institution. methods for solving the Nations -

manpower problems. DO YOU NEED MONEY? to f

LOW PRICES Willie Dixon CAN MY HISBAND STOP out ofKentucky. 1 1's

School, police said when Dixon ? ,
DRUG STORE NEEDS began to heckle and Jeer him Lifting Of Your Home V .

on his squad's performance."When They call me the ((RootmanX tiy w w

trifle "With Your S e Igtborhood Drugstore the coach asked the "YOft, But I am only a servant of God.'
'WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL kid to leave, he pushed Mr. RHK IS OUR COICOR"100f Because God Is the answer to .

PAPERS. We deliver. We aloe fill all Doctors Prescriptions. Pin," said Paul Gregor, a all life's problems. I am the t.
player. 'Carports, Torches King of all Day Prophets. Send
Gregor said Prinz then triedto for my special selected Bible

Dixie escort the youth off the field. Deis Aid General Room verses. To be readonSPECIALDAYS.
Pharmacy "That's when the Dixon polled Find out

what looked lib a bnthcer knife Send a self-addressed stamped
out of his pants and started stab Additions Are Our Specialties envelope and $2.00 for Bible yourself.

bing Mr. Prinz, "Gregor said. verses and spiritual Messages.You .
1392 Rug End At MrtlePkMis "Mr. Prins fell on the kid and We Will Finance Up To will receive Bible verses' .

was bleeding pretty badly. by return mall
There had betel 0 cI u Send TO:
Efeii 5.5511
(players) standing around real 7 YearsCALL Rev Roosevelt Franklin

close, but everything happended 430 Morrow Avenue nr
PAT TOO LICIT WATER AND so fast When we realised what 331-5387 Macon Georgia 31301 < "
,had happended everybody went >'moor 0 teen ECHO SNtlNO 0IsnUEAr,1GU13VIa2., M.

and grabbed the kid and I specialize in all case work "
over Capitol
TEnURE BILLS AT 01)8) STORE ,started beating him up." Construction' Co. &one.area code 912-74-5M79.! ,


!!" -



I -Buffalo-Suffers First Shutout Ever In Recent Game With The Boston Patriots I II

After Six Complete Seasons

I THIS N' THAT IN SPORTSAmerican I li Beffalo Is Finally dunked

NEW YORK-The Buffalo Bills, through 100 regular season
Football League attendance passed the 10 million games 86 pre-season tames 3 championship games 1 playoff -
mark last weekend when sellouts at Buffalo and Denver lifted now and I All-Star game had never been blanked. But
attendance< for the four-game program to 153617. A r. game No. 142-end the Boston Patriots ."brought Buffalo's
The% tames playes so far this season have attracted 424,670 A streak to an end.
through the turnstiles bringing the attendance total for seven- : Boston? Houston and San Diego
plus seasons of the league's, existence to 10,133,154. the first The Bills, as a matter were first shut out In I960;Oak-
seven seasons of the league 9,708,484 fans saw AFL games were the only; American land and Denver were blanked
to enter
In person. r a, Football Leap team In 1961; New York and Kansas -
Buffalo's attendance for the Boston game was 45,748 the the 1967 season without a City went in 1963, and
,second time the Bills have played at home this season beforea marked against their name. Miami got Its Introduction last

sellout crowd. The figure was exactly the same for an earlier season In its first ;year of
meeting against New York Sfallworth Visits operation

**** Then, last Sunday the Patriots
hicks Traiiiig put the pressure on and posted

GATOR-BOWL BOUND: The American Football League Ail- NEW YORK-Dave StaUworth their first victory the season,
Star game will be played Sunday January 21, In the Gator Bowlat one of the most exciting of the %3-0. while handing the Bills
Jacksonville Fla.,AFL President Milt Woodard has announced. ;young New York Knlcks, suffered their card to the Shutout Club
a heart attack in a game And a ba1f-dozen of the factors -
This marks the first time a city other than a league city will with the San Francisco according to defensive
host the game, which previously has been played in San Diego ,Warriors In Fresno Calif.,last coach Chuck Weber and defen
0961-2-3), Houston ((1964-3)) and Oakland (9966). a y March 4ttu. sin line coach Jesse Richardson -
; + 1'Wt Stallworth visited the training were the two rookie cor-
SHUTOUT CLUB: The Buffalo Bills became the last memberof N .. camp of the Knlcks McGuire nerbtcks-John Charles and
--| i'' H" *ir*** **i '* **iffitmfH-----mi fisBttma::
the AFL Shutout Club last Sunday; when Boston held them LOS ANGELES, CALIF-Souther California head coach John son The latter two are members of the 440-yard AFB, 'NX and the rookies. Leroy Mitchell-and the front
scoreless marking the first time In their history that they relay; team four-ends Bob Dee and Larry
McKay lines which watched silently while the old-
up three of the nation's fastest sprinters in a holds the world's record for that event. Lawrenceran
had been blanked. The Bills had through 100 regular season Elsenhaner and tackles Houston -
gone mock track timers walked over one by one
pratlce. The speedesters are (L to R) halfback with them to set a school record. ,
games and 141 games In all, without being shut out. Jim Lawerence, end Earl McColloch: and halfback to shake hands with the personable Antwine and Jim Hunt
In the entire seven plus seasons of the AFL there have been O.Wlmp- StaUworth and tell him Here's the way; Richardson
20 shutouts The Kansas City Chiefs who blanked Miami 24-0 they were glad to see him again. sees his pride and Joy the
last Sunday led with five. San Diego has accomplished the feat Althea Darken Mitchell Moved From. Ofkhd Is To0gh OR Defense ,. ..-.N. front four:
four times, Boston, Buffalo and Houston three each and New W r, Hunt: "He used to make a lot
Yourk and Oakland once each. Miami and Denver never have of moves on the line; really
posted shutouts lecaise They learn The Offeise erg used to overdo them. We've.
Chins A First flanker To Halfback .
gotten him to take off on the
.... WASHINGTON D.CXXto Gra- How do you put together one of the best defense In the American snap of the ball, made him
Football League: At Oakland, they nave a simple theory: forward while he's making
Oi LPGA Toir ham has a little Joke ready when surge -
QUICKIE QUOTE: Randy Rasmussen New York's rookie confronted by sports writers Teach 'em offense. the moves and get that

starting guard from Kearney State, Neb., when asked if they LOS ANGELES,Calif.-Althea following his team's triumph Dee Lasslter the Raiders' 6- Broncos only two pass comple ? : penetration right away. Now
still milk cows in his hometown, Elba, (pap 184)), replied; Gibson Darben, has set out to against the New Orleans Saints.Satrlzing foot-5, 270 pound defensive end tions. he's making an explosive move
"Heck, no. We go to the store like everybody else" conquer a new sport after the sand gueseshe found that was the Oakland way There's little doubt that the defense on the snap and we're utilizing
reaching the pinnacle in the usually has to contend with when be joined the club In 196S. has talent. There's Las- his speed."
Ra world of tennis by entering after a losing, game Coach He was amazed--but please. alter, end mate Ben Davidsonand I Antwine: "He's quick-and
the 317,500 added purse Ladles Graham's comment on the 30- "I had never been coached that tackles Tom Keating and good at taking: on men straightaway
ON HE TOES:. Mike Garrett of Kansas City gained 131 yards L.A. Open Golf Tournament, 10 win over the Saints was: way before "Lasslter says Dan BirdweU on the front four, They usually double block
in 20 carries against Miami, then said his Increased production at MontebeUo Golf Course. "Aw we didn't have any balance they start us defensive play linebackers Dan Conner, Gus him, but that's what we
was a result of the bye week. Seems Garrett bad been In 1957 and 1958, Althea won fellows. We ran the ball ers out to learn offense. This Otto and Bill Laskey and a defensive ar, 1 want-to have him contain two
having trouble with his feet. The problems: the VS. Tennis Singles and too much--31 times aganlst only has taught me more about foot- backfield of Kent Mc. men He's capable of that and
Sprained toe on right foot in training camp. Wimbledon Championships and 20 passes ball than I ever knew. Cloughan Dave Grayson.Rod- that leaves Hunt single to explode -
Sprained toe on left foot in pre-season against Chicago was selected Athlete tithe Year I i It not only has taught Lasslter ger Bird and Howie Wllliamn. 1 in there. Then, if they
Bears. for both years. but f-e!: rest of the Oakland defense But It just might be the system shift and put one man on'Twine
As a result of the first two, he developed gout In his toes, She then switched to golf and as weU. And last Sunday too. he can blow In there."
and his legs began to ache pitched In with the same vigor the defensive unIt< put the "For the first two days when Dee and Elsenhaoer "Boy; art
"Those days off without having to do anything really helped," that bad taken her to the top lesson to( work aganlst the Denver the players get to camp we don't they different Elsenhauerhasa
explained Garrett. "I still don't feel in top condition but of tennis. Ertncos played a vital role even work out on the field, ex- calm period before a game,
my toes have stopped bothering me and my legs feel better Althea turned professional In in a M-0 victory and establish plans Coach John Rauch. .'W'I, then an explosion point when he
than at any time this season" 1963, and In 1964 qualified for ed two AFL records while ty just meet there three ', screams, bangs things, slams
It also helped to run through a drill Coach Hank Stram put In her Player's Card to become log one. Fears'! what the defense day--going over and over the Dave Sfillworrh lockers Dee is a concentra
during the week the first Negro member of the did: book we've compiled during the One could tell by his expression tion-type fellow the leader,the
"The backs have to run and cut at bags held by defensive Ladles' Professional Golf Dropped Uenvers passers seven off-season.- how be felt because heart-guy. He is the serious,
linemen," Garrett explains "I think that was really responsible Association of America. times for 70 yards in losses "The book is everythingwe've he couldn't play with them any- experienced pro who spends his
for getting my timing back. It increased my sharpness, Mrs. Darben's golf game con- setting a record by boldIng seen of offense--ours and the more. That's the way It is, time before a game reviewing
forcing me to bit the boles at greater speeds tinues to Improve and 1966 washer the Broncos to minus S3 other teams' The defense goes because StaUworth suffered a the game plans. What we've
"That's Important for me because I am not a big back and have best year as a touring pro. yards passing. ir it with the offense. Every- heart attack last winter. tried to do with them is get them
to hit the hole quickly for effectiveness" She placed third In the recent Became the first In AFL his- Pacific Ladles Golf Classic tory to hold a team to minus And the purpose? out at McGuIre since Sept. 0, possible for the quarterback
and recently took 15th place yards In total offense limit MWe want the defense too see and It's logically considered That all combines to put on
64 BUICK WILDCAT .. .. .. .. ;;.7;:. ... .$$1695"Allt "
CONDITIONED XXX SHARP money in the Englehorn OpenIn BOBBY MITCHELL log Denver to minus five yards what can 'happen to them, that the reason they made arrangements .. the pressure and thats what
CaldwelL Idaho. over-all. Rauch explains. What they learnis to train In the Weber likes to see.

67 CAMARO . . . ..... ..$$2395 The LPG has announced that starting halfback Tied a record by allowing: the different variations on plays middle of the sAiimal defense "It an starts with the rush,"
AUTOMATIC. ROH, FACTORY WARRANTY. Renee Powell has earned her Graham switched Bobby Mitchell the different line blocks. don't here, a site avtU\ closer to,say Weber explains. "You keep the

67 CHEY. CAPRICE, AIR CONDITIONED: .. ... $315$ ? player's card, and become the from flanker to halfback know U what we're doing is unique the PUladelp'OA, 76ers than guy from getting back and taking
second Negro golfer to qualifyfor ; to help fullback Ray McDonald but if s vast. We feel the Madison S:juiire Garden In New his time and you have a good
'61 PONTIAC CATAlINA HTOP .. .. .. ... .. .$$3295 membership put a new face on the Red- ,Veteran Vern Law players get to see 95 percent of York, is a fellow named Bill chance; of Intercepting"
65 CHRYSLER NEWPORT She Is 21, and lives in East skins' offense and the coach what they could see during the Bradley. It doesn't hurt to have strong
AUTOMATIC R&H POWER. 'STEERING. . .. ... .. $1935$ Canton Ohio. said .one of the nicest things season. The Bradley; fame and Investment cornerbacks and that's appar-
The LPGA says that Renee he could have about Mitchell's Quits After 18 Years "The player can communi has the Knlcks seeking antly what the Patriots have
61 CHEY. IMP. VB 4 DOOR ... .. .. .. .. $2535 shows promise of becoming a response. cate to us what he sees going on aU angels.But found in Charles and Mitchell

66 VOLKSWAGEN .. ..,. .. .. .. .. fl495 good touring pro and that she "Bobby's attitude was very PITTSBURGH PA.-Baseballlost and we can communicate to him now here was StaUworth who held Buffalo's wide receivers -
RADIO. ONLY 12.000 Ml Is a great asset to the associa good" Graham said "He step one of Its noblemen when what wesee going on.The entire again still in the employ of to six receptions.
66 FORD CALAXIE 500 HARDTOP tion. peel right In there at running Vern Law retired after 18 illustrious purpose of course, is to try the grateful Knlcks. who are "They both have good speed
.. .. .. ..
AIR CONDITIONED, ALMOST NEW back with no questions asked. years as a Pirate Pit and never have a situation arise considering using him as a: and good reaction,"says Weber
He blocked well for McDonald. char that you can't recognize or define scout and also are in the "and they're both tough-some-
61 VALIANT FACTORY WARRANTY SIGNET .,. .. .. .. .$$2695 Bobby Is a team man." Law plagues with a groin in some way." of talking him Into finishing pro'ecu thing nice to have in corner-
AIR CONDITIONING This was the compliant Mitchell Injury the last few week,left the That they way It must have college so that he. may back. Some cornerbacks aren't
66 DODGE CORONET .. .. .. .. .. ... .$1195 was awaited. There has team In Philadelphia flew to been during most of the 196S some day teach. But both Charles and Mitchell
ONLY XX> MI. FACTORY WARRANTY, never toon any doubt about his Pittsburh and decided to call It season as the Raiders provedone "At least PU be able to stay are"

64 TEMPEST LEMANS 2 DR. HARDTOP. ... $1535 talent as a runner or a receiver a career. of the strongest defensive close to( the game," the 25- The combination of the pressuring -
AIR CONDITIONED VI CHAIR He might have been the teams In the league and allowed year-old StaUworth said. "I front four and the tight

64 FORD Fl, DOOR .. .. ... .$1095 / cleverest runner of all when he r just 2.U8 yards passing the don't know if PU return to coverage by the corner backs
was with the Clevelands BrownsHe lowest in league history Wichita or finish my 12 credits led to five interceptions
64 PONTIAC CATALINA, 4 DOOR .. .. .. .$$1195 has never finished lower than And thafs the way It may teagain. at, say Los Angeles where of course, shutout No. 1 for

60 DODGE WAGON .. .. .$195 62 FORD .. ,. .$$695 Nrw Drwtint. ImproTtd Ponwd MURRAY'S work wonder Hair on No. 6 among National Football Pm living now" Buffalo.
kinky, bard-lo-maiuit Mir. League receivers since being
n, Take Dealt Where Others Refute la th. momlni hair t..... that ''/wt switched from a runner by the .w
combtd look all
day S.Uri.CUORatUARAY'a
Credit Approved On Spoil fuarantttd. O.l Redskins.
today Mitchell must have wondered
On Ml at -.. fij C
drug and count S who was supposed to be the
B S. EVANS K counitn* rmywhan .:::..__ workhorse, aganlst the Saints
238 pound McDonald or him
SHE SIZE HiMomrs MURRAY'IISIiAlL in the 1 t .At..
SIZE ZSt ..:;:z:;' self, first scoring drive
3rd & MAINEL He carried the'baU for eight

I surntoi nooncn to4H yards on the. first play; from 1C
4-8381 OPEN TILL 9:30 P.M. EL 4-8381 Ctarttta Mtnft, MIN" 4Utl scrimmage McDonald carriedon ss
the next two before Sommy; +
Jorgensen sent Mitchell sprinting -
downfIeld to catch a. |yard

Before he got his breathMlt-
chell was called on to carry
the ball on the next play and
the play after that, before a
Tick-tock..tick-tock... pass was directed at Charley

the Bourbon thatdidn't Taylor.The versatile Mitchell, supplied Vem Law
the key block to
k sprang Law said be dreaded the day
McDonald: Into the clear on his
watch the clock! ,36-yard touchdown run. he would have to hang up the
sometime spikes but knew it had to come

"It's a decision every athlete
OLD CHARTER must mate and Pm glad I can
make It myself rather than have
BOWLINGIS others make It for me," Law
Kentucky's Finest Bourbon ABALL said.

After spending what Law says
7 were wonderful years with the
RAIN OR Pirates and attainted a salary
-1- peak of J40.000 In 1961 after winning -
: SHINE 20 games, almost retired
; after the 1963 season

Law wa s used sparingly this
season and lost six games before -
SHERWOOD be won his first victory
: over the Giants. He finished

LANES ) with a S-6 record and his It
years brought him 162 victories,
147 defeats.Be .
765-1111 didn't' get a chance to say
good-bye to his teammates. He
5010 S left from Pittsburgh and droveto
Ie."' ./ MOONLIGHT his residence in Merlden.
e e .
DrSATURDAY BITE Idaho, before the Buns retimedborne. e


I 1,

c ._____




I Jets' Tight End Could Give Maynard And Sauer A Battle As No. 1 Target I

From 'rhe.Iattlers Pete LsnnoRS Begfaiiif' To Leos

News Hud Or Tiibl

\\, ti-;, Stronger At The Tight .End Post I

y Pete Lammons, the New Tort Jets' tight end, is hitting the
Den books-and tilt defensive backs harder-and be Just may be
ready now to gala equal status with the other members of Jos
TALLAHASSEE FLA.-A e'4", 200-pound quarterback from Mam uf.band of thin .b* has ever caught
Birmingham Ate., who acts Ilk* be Invented tile forward pass ; r A* 8-fool-3, 228 pound a sfcgle gems before, gala-
will hays the Florida AiU University secondaryworUng: duct of Texas, Lammons more yardage than in an?
am this week bed 41 passes for 563!! game before and break-
The Rattler secondary: was ranked among the DIt1 G'. best last season while m away for a longer gala
last season, but Onret Jackson and the Alabama AIM College sfiy a for Rokle of ghe Year la any single game before.
Bulldogs were not impressed when they played FAMU in tilt and Joined with split end: while breaking into the
Orange Blossom Classic. + d 1 ,ye 4 l lv
Sauer and Flanker Don comes from hitting the
The Buffldogs were down 13-0 u a result of two consecutive Bard to give the Jets' ; adding oaths extra yard
fumbles on the opening kicked. FAMU recovered both times 1 set of receivers In the come from hitting the de-
Inside the 10-yard line and went on to score on the first plays 1, can league Football backs and Lammons ex
from scrimmage With Saner grabbing "and It'. Important to
But the Bulldogs had not yet begun to bark When Jackson ses and Maynard 48, to gain yards after you catch
got his throwing arm warmed tg, be showed the Rattlers were the only team able pass to keep the defensive
why he was ranked eighth to the nation among small colleges tdt 1 1Jp all there prime respect.: Ifeel yoadoB't
la passing and 12th in total offense. g, 111'a' among the top 13 In the to punish the defensive backs-
When the final quarter ended, the Rattlers were on top by a Now, Lammons may be try to take advantage
score of 43-16 but the score is ID1sJead1q. Alabama AIIM to show Sauer and the next time jot fact him.
came within a touchdown on two occasions and the Rattlers i : thing or tow. achieve that end,Lammons
needed two more touchdowns In the last fire minutes of play. r 4i$1 He pulled right up with lifting weights last year
JJackson threw 50 passes, and completed 19 for 300 yards catching: partners last first getting a shot at a
and two touchdowns. That was more passes than the Rattlers when he had the best day tbaDbe.'w: berth by walking
bad seen In one game all season and equalled the number short pro career, Coach Weeb Ewbank and ask
of passing yards gained by Tennessee State when they played 1t eight passes for 141 for the Job after reaching
FAUU earlier in the season. the Jets whipped Denver. primarily u Unebacklng
Hubert Lee Glnn, combination halfback, fallback and flanker Re now Is tied with .
may be the most important running back for Florida AIM the team lead with nine camp, I went to Coach
University since the days of Willie Gallmor and Adolphus Ums, one more than and told bio I would
Frailer. But then, that Isn't a good shot at being a tight
If anything has been missing from the Rattler team in to Cllce Rush, the Jet's LammOllSlr'.''1badpalJ-
recent years, a halfback who was a threat to go all the way the Jet's offensive coach. both ways in college and so
verytime be ran the ban Is high oa the list. Thanks to Gins, "He has tie speed afraid.of being a line
that gap has been filled. .' Florida with a football cellent hands and the I was confident I would
'The Florida AIM University Rattlers like other colleges In on It, while tilt tails side has a map of
Aformer All-City star for Thomptins High in Savannah, Florida playing football are using special, designed coin to on It and the referring to Florida u the "sports capital of the for learning," Rush could do that, too."
Fa, Clnn raised no eyebrows when be reported to the Rat world." "Extra Impressive Is playing tight end looked
promote Florida in the nation and in the world by the Florida
tiers Be saw no action in his freshman season, and the Development Commission. The coin will be given to players, officials, and coaches of he runs patterns. And exciting more glamo
same destiny seemed to hare hold of him last season until teams playing football teams In Florida Bill Bunker, director become adept at ." '
The coin is used by the referee to determine which team will
the Rattlers' fourth game of the season against Norris Brown have the choice of deciding if it wants to kick or receive. The of sports for the Florida Development Commission, said similar verages and adept at gave Urn the chance:
Until that time Glen had carried the ball twice for a minus type coins will be used for other sports. and it is helping him Lammons went to the
head side of the coin has the Great Seal of the State of Florida "
six yards. He entered the Morris Brown game with the Rattlers into the open. .
frilling 15-'. On ira first play he broke througb tackle for U. S. I Lammons has become worked out with weights
23 yards to put the Rattlers on the Morris Brown 15. Two Bears Gale Is YOU WON'T GET 10MORROW S JOBS Buy dept tht ha broke Into I would be In good shape when"
plays later be was in the end lOOt on an eight yard sweep WITH YESTERDAYS SKILLS *. .* Savings Bends [ all dya against the to camp,"Ummoni ex.
around right end. catching more pastes .
When the fourth quarter ended, GIna had run the ball eight
times, gained 64 yards, scored aoe touchdown: and set up Blowfoi Strong '
the winning tally on a 19-yard gallop to the Morris Brown six.
FAMU won 22-15 and Clnn was the new starting halfback. CHICAGO, ILL.-The Chicago [ S $ J El.C- == .

Despite limited action in the first four games, Ginn led the Bears are said to heve the world ; r .
Rattlers in rushing with 308 yards in 68 carries He scored greatest runner, in GalaSayers
more toucbdwons (five) ud caught more passes (seven) than but the word from Chicago is
any Rattler halfback He also ran back six kickoffs for 180 that the Bears are still In trou Only!
3 Days
yards. ble. .
This year the Rattlers are making up for lost time. One- George Halas problem position
third of the band-offs In the first two games have gone to Is quarter. He had expected
Clnn. He's carried the ball 27 times for 180 yards for a to compete this year with Jack

6.9 average.He Concannon, but a sore arm has Sears
leads the team In scoring with 24 points. During the last delayed that experiment. ThtYet.ran
game scored three times against South Carolina State College. Ruby Buk1ch,Is not
And be has three pass receptions for 48 yards. No one
yet playing back to the good \ s h
halfback has figured so prominently in the Rattler backfield from be showed in 1965. } f / hu

for many years. ", ,

The theme for the annual Homecoming weekend at Florida ,
AIM University is "FAMU: Expo 67". M.G. Miles, chair- i
man of the Homecoming: Committee, made the announcement.
Toe Florida AIM Rattlers will meet the Morris Brown :
College Wolverines from Atlanta, Fa., In the Homecoming:
contest Saturday, October IC, 1:00 pjn. ,,{ ,
There will be three days of activities in addition to the Allstate
football game which will Include the cornonatlon of "Miss '
FAMU," the Rattler Strike, and two dances on the campus.

aa11 ('\

The 35th annual Orange Blossom Classic: will be playedat
8.00: p.m., December 2 in Miami's famous Orange Bowl,
Stadium. Dr. George W. Gore Jr., chairman of tilt OBC
Committee, said an opponent for the always host Florida AIM
University! Rattlers will be announced the first of November. 4-Ply Nylon Tires
The game is sponsored by Florida AIM.

...... (For the trice of Ilickwills).

The Florida AIM University Rattlers will be pitted against
the Texas Southern/ University Tigers (a the Tampa Classic :
November 23. The game will be played to tin new Tampa Gal Seyrt i 95*
1.00X13 SutrtrfiMilm
Stadium. Larry Rakestraw, in his third 'j
Mason out of Georgia has I ffkitiwMsIftfir
Dove Season To Open shown some tate-char&'lslKDI '
Watch but the evidence on: Larry remains L' J22J5 EACH

This Clown Statewide OctoberTALLAHASSEEThouunds was be inconclusive who built the,35-0 although lead It t. Plis 1-53 lEi MTut

on the Cardinals en route to a
Gaaraateed Oil Tin
3-41-$2 of 42-14 victory.
33I Florida hunters win be at their There is also a depth problem
11 IS favorite fields for the opening In the Chicago offense 36 Menasha ...e.5oxlf'TIabelell whiwwalls, Regular $Z4.'!!
1t of the first phrase don hunt- which has been aggravated by Each Plus 180 FET and Your Old Tire. *
tog season oa: Oxtober 7. The Bob Pickens' neck injury. A 2195
season will open] statewide, except highly regarded rookie tackle n INVINIIflfiliiiGi00 fi 1DiilCf f f lfuruwJLrr JlmU3 '
for Alligator Point to Frank: from Nebraska drafted third asa .u.I.6'nn: r..p'n... ...u..... 'S 7.00x13 Tubeless Whitewalls, Regular 126.93 -
I ( Ito County, and will continue through redshirt a year ago, Pockens jr." I..1". fi..'..... ,............ S Each Plus' 1.9 J FET and Your Old Tire....... 23851
November 5. now wearing a Ron Mix-type ...,..wa A..I.... All 1... ...,..." b
21 31 -.14 Daily shooting hours are from collar, has a future which Is wndb' IHot wwhlM. L.. a..r.1.1...11 '
Previous ..wl.l. .. ...1.Twl....,_. -
12 BOOS until sunset to doubt. : 7.50x14 Tubeless Whitewalls Regular
37. II 55. have indicatedthat Rains Is too short of of- -1 .... ... ... ... $2U5695'
announcements And F., ... .n r" I I' T100 Ii Each Plus 2.21 FET and your CM ....._.
.. .. ... ..
Sometimes He's tfySomettmes : prior to October 29, when fenslc lineman to spare a ... w. IUIU III II
He's Down, He Adds,Subtracts, time will be set back one hour, blocker of such promise. wines liar111..... .... +... ..,1..I I.a ..... ...,. .111 ... I I. s" 8.50x14 Tubeless WiltwaUs, Regular $31.93 *
He workds all around. legal shooting boors would begin The situation Is little better In '" a "I'+'""'" *' f(Iruini ia Arltlltll Each Plus 2.3S FET and Your Old Tire..... 2595
: : ,
: :
;. .
... at 1.00 P.M. The return to the backfield, where Andy Llvington =:::.=;:.'h" drqb..r.,
12:00 Boon as the time for snoot- has mad only a partial r..I .olr '.. ,M. ..,... MW 11 :=. dM:-= Ill ItlltlWI '
40 413cbuntG = ;
'.- B 99 about u art- difficult ......a+.a. ; 50JJ4 Tubeless Whltewalls, Regular $33.93!! *
suit to begin came recovery from a opera r lJlJ1J. Each Plus 2.26 FET and Your TIre..._.... 3095
.IUlM .JW ffi"
of a re-evaluatioo by Federal tion.It J .t./ + Rl .
irnucTKus authories of an earlier to- was shown last year that Say- ,. Maid Ron '
gel Interpretation of existinglaw. era can't carry a team without On Sears Easy Payment Plan
.104-11-212: a Quarterback. .
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Moncrief Road ,
lien and Women. F rM + Florida, and other Federal agencies ta the Jacksonville,Flolrda
norJlIa.rOOTllACHI. '
J J 1 area.

P. 0. Sol 230, Dept, S. tonal philosophy of the i "Y> titA '' l' el n
Doxt-iuffw .. Ctt OMKl, I III HCoMi
Guy, Indiana M |*t MM Iron thtobblni tMttwclw ,.1- Dear American Citizen: AT-3.18 ((64)) Aircraft Ground Equipment Mechanic |%,98.
Krl M-Mln'l imt Until you CM IM nvtftntlit AT-3-ll ( 5))
? Aircraft Instrument Mechanic $3.07
ft M YIIIIIMI0YN.. MA-MU k This is an appeal to.ou ,.
HAVING I PROBLEM nM/Yd: /YM AT-3.12 (1I5) Aircraft Electrician $S.07
because I believe are apossessor
:Sit::: to* JliJnIiKirt tar X"3r""*, you AT ((65))
3-l3 *
:............. of COMMON SENSE Aircraft Electrical Worker $2.74
EVERY DIY OF MMM -J e. '-.J'; and win apply It and will also AT-3-15 ((65)) Aircraft Electronics wetter $2.74
AT-3.17 (65)) *
use your influence In seeing that Aircraft Instrument Worker $2.74
u... f1.wrY.Y" III s TA617 others nee COMMON SENSE >in AI'J'18 ((6A) Aircraft Instrument Mech. (Electronics) $3.14,
YOUR LIFE you community. AT-3.25 (65)) Aircraft Preservation Mechanic i2.74eAT

Away teem smaller once (Chef FACTS: ,. -3-Zb (65)) Alrframes Worker $2.74
are understood Let me try to SINGER AOTOMATIC It Is t fact that many of our j' AT-3.29 ((65)) Aircraft Engine Worker $2.74

help you with your Personal people are not using common AT-3.1 ((66)) Welder (Aircraft) A .$3,07*

Problems. Confidential AirMail CONSOLE MODEL sense in failing to do so, they } AT-3-10 (66) Aircraft Metals Worker $ .".*
postage to this cohitry are destroying many lives,nato i AT-3-3 (67) Aircraft Towman $2.62
25? mention the millions of dollars AT-3-4 (67) Machine Operator $%."'*
Sewing machine, makes buttonholes
d property by looting and '.Pcr Hour
OMEGA sews on buttons
Cash terms Call Credit arson in our communities By DEADLINE FOR FILING: Further Notice
Dept. FSN 353-1946 will deliver failing to use common sense, Full details regarding the duties, requirements, etc., of the
Box 29, Mulzenburg, C.P. No Manager obligation. 1606, MaIn St, we are permitting a few corrupt ) examinations listed tenon and appropriate application forms
South Africa and tlck-minded persons may be obtained from the civil service representative In this
to come >in our communitiesand Cheerer Lewis O left), president of the Lewis State Bank, of Tallahassee, presents Dr. post office.

HELP WANTED make murderers, thieves, George W. Gore Jr., president of Florida AIM University, copies of the special designed 10
drunkards and arsonist out of check for the FAMU faculty staff, students, alumni, and boosters. The check has a striking
NEWS REPORTERtrainee MAIDS FOR NEW YORK some adults and many of our rattlesnake and the seal of the University both In colors of orange and green Looking ROOM FOR RENT

UP TO $75 WEEK sons and daughters who other- on is D.I. Ralney vice-president tor business, development at Florida's oldest bank. ROOM FOR
vise woul never nave committed FAMU staff photo by Ernest FlUyau.'
I Must be good in
NOW! Best homes Inf.Y.
Top Jobs a crime. Let us take RENT Nice Iarprooms.Conven1ent.
Use Type*
English C1ty New Jersey.Friendly
{ located near bus linen Can
Stokley Carmlchael tor Instance
writer. Apply: FLORIDA : families. Fare sent, rush ,references. Union St. J n0s Baptist
STAR, 2323 Moncrief Rd FREE GIFT : by vlrtua of his father. 34 Kids Hertli Unfurnished, nice neighbor 355-590L

MISS DIXIE AGEN49oo All loyal Americans do not hood. Female only. EL 6-0668.
CIRCULATION MAN 'W.40 St. N.Y.C, Dept. tae condone rioting or any group AssoetotioB Closes Swrfay NEWS REPORTERSome
Distribute Newspaper or organization taking the law In Wreck experienceGood
MOTEL In their hands, regardless of starting salary
Full Time or Part Time race, creed or color. If there The Union St, James Missionary Baptist Association, which CONTINUED FROM PAGE t LOT FOR SALE Advancement Group

Must, nave car SUMMER .RATES'' is an un-lawful arrest, we have has been In session all this week, at Dayspring Baptist will Hospital. Ins.:Apply: FLORIDA
ADP1YFiA13IDA : I laws for the remedy and a hold special services this afternooon, tonight and all day tomorrow STAR 2323 Moncrief,Rd.BEIP
STAR 12 According to Board Member Brand Park Division St. by .
I rooms, Private bath $5,00, I ,
Saturday and Sunday This momentous occasion has
)Jury to decide the nature of the ,
2323 Moncrief Rd. 18 rooms Seml- viola 4.00 Don Wells the school boards owner. Phone 389-3706 or
It Is true of the celebrated ths sixty-fourth anniversary d the association.TheRe
1/2 day and truckers $3.00 case many voted last week to remunerate 3548524.
/. CJ.Watklns is moderator xNle t-e Rev. lUTEDMAIOO'N.
people that steal at these riots C.A.Weaver
*'A MQNETMIRACLE TOD 0 or 2 persons) bus attendants thus changing
has bee host the west
: during
have never stolen before. They postor
them from volunteers to pay Y.SLEEP-IM JOBS,
CAN COME TO YOU S EDGEWOOD MOTOR COURT steal because they see others Inspiring services have been lee, Fla. At U a.m. the young roll employees FOR RENT salaries to $65, fare advanced.
INTEGRATED59U held with noted and will Dinner
stealing Many of them now le- speakers people participate. Rush references phoneiumber.
Join this new Pros tree UJ5.1,Cor.Edjewood. Bret what they did and their leaders taking part, as well as will be served at 1 p.m. with Negroes treated at DMC were: Room and board for aged ABLE MAIDS AGENCY, IllS N,
Movement! Write today for is condemning musical and visiting officials. board for and Brenda Joyce Simpkins, 1408
Phone 764-0003 -Always Open conscience dally groups the meeting men ladles. Excellent! meals. MATt) FREE PORT, N. Y
Milner 14 Dwane 1520 ,
information. An Udlvldual-Yai them for their ad.. The women following at 3 p.m..The : Henry, 356-2700.
-may be energized( magnetized FOR MEN AND WOMEN first thing these corruptors do At 5 p.m. this afternoon the Young adults will participate Nineteenth, 20; OllvlaSeabrook
and polarized to attract tile when a riot begins; Is to loot Ministers' and Deacons' Wives in a coronation at 4 p.m. At and the amputee, 88, 8064 Nevada FLORIDA
flow of money.Properly magnetized OF All AGES bars and pass out whiskey >in wW demonstrate; They will be, 7 p.m. the State Mission Hour Matletta; Those trated !JOB WANTED PALALKA,
, any human being can summon Take NewIMPROVEfl rlA runE order to make the people will be from 6 to 7 p.m. The will open. Patclpants will be at St. Luke's were: Ronald Baker
a Money Miracle.Write for :TABLETS for that tired run drunk. In many Instances,many Tfaey will be headed by Mrs Rev. J.B.Kenchen and the Rev. Holmes 827 East Union, 13j; Cindy FEMALE Mr. Willie Akins can be contacted
details about this new Pro in Annie Shannon and Mrs.Cthel 1628 East Twenty for copies of the
down feeling that keeps you from of the people that took part the J.IjScott, St. James Baptist,
sperity Movement Write TO' : enjoying life. riot, really do not know what Carter The laymen's hour wW McClenny Fla. who will deliver second, eight; Leroy Smith, 142 Trained FLORIDA STAR. His phone
be from 6 to 7 The Inspiration East State, eleven. All were taken Dental Assistant or numbers are EA 5-7913 and
100 Tablets $3.00,200 Tablets happened or what the riot was p.m. the semon. The alternate Dr.
OBADIAJI'S to the hospitals by ambulance Asst Trainee or any trainee EA 5-7019. Contact him and
19.00. $1.00 deposits on all about. address will come will be the Rev. Ulysses Job part
or full time Call356335L
make arrangements your
MONEY MAGNET cod't.EMPDiE. INJURY: from the Rev.B.J.WaUacepas- Beatey.
INFORMATION PRODUCTS A SALES COMMON SENSE will teach us, tor of the Bethlehem Baptist On Sunday morning the school Mrs. Randall; was treated at weekly STAR. All news should

204 S.'Commerlcal Avenue Dept FS, 5937 N. Broad wy U these acts of violence are of Palatka, Fla. The educational will be headed by local and dls- DMC. be handled through Mr. Akin.
Chicago, Illionis 60617 Chicago, ILL 60S26 permitted to continue, the insurance message will be delivered tint superintendents with Mrs. Others treated at DMC were:
I rates will be so high by the Rev A.F.Cummlngspas- Cornelia Prime in charge. In Lynn Slngletary lOt West Twen
!In the Negro communities, that tor of the West Union Baptist the morning worship at 11 a.m. tySixth:, Lynn Diane Smolders, FURN. IN. FOR RENT ONFORN. APTS.
many of us will not afford to buy The alternate will be the Rev Moderator CJ.Watklns will be 9411 Culpepper Avenue, 13 and
Need Church Club insurance for our homes There S.L.Badger, Emanuel Baptist. in the pulpit. The alternate will Retort Strickland, 10348 Beam
312 E. Beaver St. 3rms
will t be no stores in the Negro The Educational rally will be in be Rev. J.A.Wright. The Foreign Street, seven years old. Modern home, quiet, modern $32 mOo
communities. Our churcbes and charge of the Rev S.L.Badger. Mission Rally will be taken At St, Luke's others treated utilities, cooking privileges. 154 Copeland arms $35 mo
Or WeMiMg Pictures schools will all be destroyed Tomorrow's actlvtes will feature by the Rev RLJones, were: Alvle Sevens, 1417 Hub- Respectful person or couple. 711 Edison Srms $U mOo
and we will not be safe in our first,the leadership trainIng At 3 p.m. the Rev. J.W.Mar- bard, 13, Jo Ann Green, 119 Gail For information call 355-9715. 1134 Harrison firms $40 mOo
hornet. These acts of violence class, 8 to 10 a.m. Mrs shall of the New. Zion Baptist Street, 13; Rick Wright, 16,6829 5-1646 Illinois Srms $50 mo

CALL FOR APPOINTMENTS, WE WILL COME J& WVITN should be and must be stopped! A.M.Bell, at 10 a.m. will present church of Fernandlna is scheduled Kings Road, 14j; Scott Dykes, 39 .1"G.1t: ; 706 1259 Minnie Jefferson 4rms Srms $15$54 mOo
52 Bessent Road Vickie mOo
seven )
a tribute to the dead. The to preach The Re,. R. ; (' :
enviCOMMON memorla 1 sermon will come L. Mornree, 2883 Fltzgerals r, 1233 1/2 W. Monroe firma
Hexeklan of Ferndma >is alter
NO SERVICE 08 SPECIAL CHARGES SENSE IS THE from the Rev D.V. lngletaryot nate. street, '10; William Barefoot, '' $45mo..
REMEDYITMNKI Ask yourself the First Baptist Church of Yu- 10320 Plnehurst Drive, seven; I' &. 1 UNFURN. HOUSE
the questions L What John Cambell, 3528Rockwsod I .t 8857,8867,8829 Phillips Hwy
+ following : Mrs. Mary Singleton I 3 Houses t 4 Acres $50
w is !it all about? Who started Weriot r.r.A..YAIAREA .. Drive 14; Mike Meanings 1821 f matoland

FAMILY PICTURES ? 3. What caused the riot? Speaker For Women'Day East Twenty-third. I f 7 hlgbee
s, Also t John Jordan 1267 Or- Realtors
<. 3. Are the rumors really true? : : '
ton 12, Bretta DeGrave, 1121 I "T'I ,3M-8435 317 W. Forsyth St.JOHN ,
4. Has there been a due prostest I.
NEW COVERAGE of law in the case?S.What Sunday Oct. 22 Nelson, seven,Betty Lewis,1140

type of person it was that Instigated [ SERVICEMEHJCrumble !!!j Drf ens,15, Patricia Manning; I
Avenue. -
s DADY PICTURES the riot? ti. Was he Mrs. Mary L. ingleton, Councilwoman 4615 Wllliamsburg : ct.ct
;,M guilty of commlUog! a crimeor and unopposed in the At the Baptist Hospital those
IKerry, son of Mr. treated All white Robert
were: :
"' resisting an arrest 7. Is consolidation election will be
"LOW ION PRICES" he instigator worth you tecomng and Mrs, George C.Crumbie, Jr. the CM featuredspeakerfarWe Hayle T. Walling, 6434 Union
1920 Criminal Jacksonville, is Heights Raod. 14; Clarks Brown A.
Involved and
an accessoryto Women's Day program set for
his crime? now >in training at the Technical Sunday October 22nd. Route 1, Box 44,10;Robert Hey-
COLOR Oft Center Sheppard Air Force le, 4291 Turton av.nue,14;Un- }
The chairman of the
k areVALUA3LE bane Wltchlta Falls, Karats, committee has announced program that da Baughman, 9420 Joos Road. TOMBERLINSupervisor f
DON'TS 9 Sandra .McCromlck 3526Pinecrest
: hr till entire program will be released
t HACK & WHITE Parents, DON'T permit your J at a later date. 14; Robert Wilson.

hlldren to Join or participateIn Also In connection with the upcoming DO East Ashley Str.et.14; David Of EUctlou
any organizations that ad- Lauramore, 8775 Commonwealth
women's day celebration -
vacate violence or any act. of the first lady of gospel, 13. .,
PHOHE )awlessness. ; songs, Mrs Etnek Davenport "Best Qualified For The Job"

Z. DON'T permit any stolen Bannister will present a gospel
BOB SMITH 768-3200 property to be brought Into sing along !in the educational PIaIof PIIIItIaII
your dome 3. Always get the building of St Stephens AME
facto. DON'T accept bear.sa,. Church on Friday night October Woodson School
4. DON'T forget; when we take < 13th at 8 The of
LINCOLN ESTATESOWN ides with a criminal, we are y .We church will present a bas Presenfs.An Evening. WHEN YOU ARE 111
encouraging people tosteal.roband
tau to help raise funds toward
commit all types of crime.. r t the financial: goal set by You Seek The Beat Doc-

A BRAND NEW the women Of FashionThe troy, Alien Your Doctor
'Prescribes. Get Experienced -

BRICK HOME! Let's PULLTOGETHER LITTLE GOLD MINE FOR RI6IT DISINESSMAN son PTA Elementary of Carter School G.Wood will According Pharmacists to Your II:

the Revlon Models in Doctor's Orders. Reuse '

FOR A FOR SALE_ DUE TO SERIOUS ILLNESS October 16th at 8 p.m., in the Quality Drugs.
SELECT 14 Spacious units with TV, Phones, W.W. Carpet A.C. and school's cafetorium. C. E. BLACK Proprietor
YOUR OWN MODEL OR PLANS, LET DS HELP TOO SUCCESSFULMERGER Central Heat Elaborate owners living quarter 40 seat Many of the latest styles in
restaurant complete. Near north fashion will be some of the 3 Registered Pharmacists TO serve You
prosperous Negro area at
'W YOURNOMflN', DEAUTIFDL.llNCOlrt ESTATES. city limits 1/3 down ( $35,000 total). Remainder financed at city's top most expert. '" .........A COMPLETE LINK OP.. ........ ..

'* Y ff 6%. Will accept !trade for down payment Reply P.O. Box! 9142. Adult tickets are 1L50, children Cosietics Rubber Goods- Candles sunirles. -
j .l.. Jacksonville, Fla., 32208.SISTER. tickets are $.75. They maybe ..
"l" .. ...
... purchase from members d
)9' A,:'''''P'' 'i T the school's P.T.A. PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVEREDLilly's -

BESSIE Mr. John Lester, PTAgprs,

JREE.CANDLE WITH EVERY READING sided is urging the general Drig Store
public to come out and rapport

1.1 't She'will read your.entire life-past,present aftd this benefit< affair. 1901 Rills Rid 959.!21 SElect

e future. She asks no questions but will tell you
p .what ou want to know, giving date and facts of I
.C;. .lJ; ., S .: business, love, health and family affairs. Will]
,help you find lost art TELL you'wnom you will f
ONLY! 65 MONTH t ". marry and when U the one you love is true, what ;
+.r.. to do'to be successful.Will reunite the separated, (

..... locate absent friends and I Morgii
., relatives, and cause
e. SAVE .
,,. happiness between man and wire Make up I "
ON UTILiTIES.FBI .S ,,y. lOVer'i quarrels. Tells if.lHcru nrhadInrH.I
natural enemlnes, evil Influence and bad luck. Does not tell

.... FINANCING 'LOW lOll to please you, but will tell the> truth.One visit will repay you for Jones
ELECT disappointments >in all others. I not only read your life like an
PAYMENT!, open book, but I also >help you out of your TROUBLES Come

3 JAKEGODBOLD and see why you are so unhappy, when everything seemito g c
BEDROOMS CARPORT! prong. WHY be sad and downhearted,skk and worried whenyott
can be helped and everything made clear by consulting. THIS Hnicipil Jadga

GRAND PARK 1 make no house calls. Don't mistake the address, SISTER
COUNCIL 'BESSIE is located north of Callahan on VS. IL1/2 mile from 6roap 2


Across the Street trot SPORTSMAN MOTEL Ability Sound
PHONE 354-6746 FOR LId Pdltlul Adv by Judgement
F/td Mclndt CMp.,,;n ..... Open daily I a.m. te-lO |Un.., including Sundays.THIS
.. : CLIPPING ENTITLES YOU TO A |3 READING for $2j Paid Political Adv.

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