Florida star

UFPKY National Endowment for the Humanities LSTA SLAF
xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090114_AAAAEU INGEST_TIME 2009-01-15T05:32:20Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00476
FILE SIZE 806325 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090115_AAABKY PATH 00384.jp2 PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 5dd4303e0daabb3abf0a7b1e23605652SHA-1 f574c8918553ea0067d1644ad7a0229c10a58f6e
45234 F20090115_AAABMA 00388.txt 52b8e68032c0ba451991f4541fc428ae277b9786fbda78fa91dc651f28797d823e77fc18
366837 F20090115_AAABKZ 00384.jpg 8b2f6474735041be7982990615498fb1ac483e27f4081673e41dd120bfa00c900050ddae
13068 F20090115_AAABMB 00388thm.jpg dc002f91975cf1e6d7654023bc34c652d2a342e3f1c5b9e29bb9f70c59d366de40743e0e
811112 F20090115_AAABMC 00389.jp2 f3d556f29793dd02439e7151ad8eedf957614456dd0c2eea320e5e30146f431c6a7fd2d2
357336 F20090115_AAABMD 00389.jpg 7c686e4007ca0fab14b66ea2e2f74669ccfc2f4c60c4bcbf26021086bc946a35fac40dd5
51410 F20090115_AAABME 00389.QC.jpg 2bc3189921da96e6abf9537d54727f1551489186700690bfbb72b5db5e7366485ce8ec32
6482503 F20090115_AAABMF 00389.tif 196fa243b076334829af04e9ad991cba790d89ac5d0b3889dd438a3c772a2e2bec98a5ef
42322 F20090115_AAABMG 00389.txt 2b58e65dcb2f16eca55761f8a4d04d60e9d96ce888c5529d795c709404d395ad13e2197d
12454 F20090115_AAABMH 00389thm.jpg c5f89c2b5ccc881114c64c1ab3edc3becfb0811e3a367d0939e7254a3db9df527c40ca0d
793103 F20090115_AAABMI 00390.jp2 ba662c4722074712c272e958de9bfc19038fafcf34508f0910ac6c77d53bccc21a0ae25d
294088 F20090115_AAABMJ 00390.jpg bc1f9bc537793c03895a6d44af6d01e136a80f81d7042d031f9066491ac30ba9bb1a34dc
47158 F20090115_AAABMK 00390.QC.jpg da15ea87144349e6c0b926193398ca010ce7586e17906eb3727e82101377dfb342914fa7
6339683 F20090115_AAABML 00390.tif 43d3bda229c0df791eaf0da998a9328929422b16fb15b9cef7964a558c179c15c18339d3
23704 F20090115_AAABMM 00390.txt e499423e28b9d1c07e9dda3b217ae0f8ed57788ce6872e22e3c5dead39eaae4e33b1f580
12537 F20090115_AAABMN 00390thm.jpg de45d8c5e247dbb51391503c41c7c096d36c675100ac7486a8765b6bfe0e23c31c239e3e
809177 F20090115_AAABMO 00391.jp2 8e6bd2f79f11c7084b9b55ccbf4cb6d8baaed0cb39ad42dcf2caef95f5e50c023da394a7
323325 F20090115_AAABMP 00391.jpg 77e8a15e50599f14d8e7408e148288b8ff7e090bffdb4b90aaee8030e4df8335fc40fc9f
48087 F20090115_AAABMQ 00391.QC.jpg c111055f9444c1ca4f10897ed7513bf77e36ce4ab9cddf657edccec908083f72c34541c0
6463973 F20090115_AAABMR 00391.tif 1b38862f8eb09468e05ccb716ec8dc2dc6e52b667c4d5b92095bbc03f45029753fb7a655
32586 F20090115_AAABMS 00391.txt 3acfc43080cb00ff67c4cfec360a7f109b3ff0a6f0d9e2dfd7ce627e2a5ccae64ea3a53a
12090 F20090115_AAABMT 00391thm.jpg 7689ec1eb7a857f1720db01916460bb96f77366573a0cc7e8a6f2282ff86bf9b8b11a82f
805727 F20090115_AAABMU 00392.jp2 b1b44eedd8b1f3ac5e8ebf4cfe94ca991e06dbe6318b7fae0ff9fee3276c33b64866dc67
53861 F20090115_AAABLA 00384.QC.jpg ae4cd1f5595d5308ef212767eda59e10d7ab7c5dabae0094ca8b4890d0903b5c3ec36259
343651 F20090115_AAABMV 00392.jpg 3b4e9647658e7ab33006e1b893cd0684bf71ff29e7120a4e3e57251d76c6dec3fea4a66c
6444269 F20090115_AAABLB 00384.tif 37a14eaa2e7154790e4362d8d0be9cd3aceeabf4d7bb7be9041688ec2b87fff5499b32eb
48467 F20090115_AAABMW 00392.QC.jpg 717c89a2272d03e1326dc61a5c956b8f247567436192e5dae31fbaa71e2dc057a5720c1e
45885 F20090115_AAABLC 00384.txt a6ab420462052938e03b322586a4443f2edf1f87621e9c946264be58dccce0a8e33801a7
6439573 F20090115_AAABMX 00392.tif 996b91a4ed829bf3821678f7a14f9499c47d917f6850e7145df8f151ff289036c425dbf0
13214 F20090115_AAABLD 00384thm.jpg 1223d3dca9dd6408b4f9d45c163ab29fcf29c87c14982adbfb87b079b1bd0f8903598093
44200 F20090115_AAABMY 00392.txt 1bc06f950038b2a65abc06be0e49763172636af9c32736703b1086539fc38da33e7419ec
811438 F20090115_AAABLE 00385.jp2 520b23d68acc91862e92d236082b1d5fd1213c45e9c19d8c2a4a45b74f0d23fb23a53d5c
11910 F20090115_AAABMZ 00392thm.jpg ef6e100c71b1cdeee56abe8acb1eed8e14861d5a89a06f70a847a0c8f45edb3df90f02f1
369113 F20090115_AAABLF 00385.jpg 687960ed8635e015578c2fa8d22e0109810d1ec1b35b64756754f21bc34b79ebf0b9e512
49997 F20090115_AAABLG 00385.QC.jpg f667a9727b740557252ced017cde31b3e5d1ff041e0310abc5d94b49d133025791b5ba29
6488217 F20090115_AAABLH 00385.tif 51d5043df724cef36afe758078018dcaf1b595e4f1c03e664500f61bde7576b1db89b33e
44285 F20090115_AAABLI 00385.txt 61ae03a2c28f6b6669ac3fb2e2f6106a379c6929c7d04380a334d3ddeeaedd1af9872044
11835 F20090115_AAABLJ 00385thm.jpg 2aa25369f41be05b5fc70299a30a8c180e323b0eae3ca19d2548fbbed9b96da8b7b2be2d
811035 F20090115_AAABLK 00386.jp2 4b6d7d71de9ad20501a556eb03f7a27fc02873dffac4ff5b636be15de4fa0ce49a0aa440
339986 F20090115_AAABLL 00386.jpg b7a010ae7e6e7db9278f15494486b79b9b3369ec675b47dbe5a0d42b14d41702ca49eb10
50489 F20090115_AAABLM 00386.QC.jpg 3cd2d2a3cfa01cb770e1d5ad5b3edd576a7f8b0ce434023b50ca6c805e5ab9441c144d14
6481919 F20090115_AAABLN 00386.tif 21347b51d8458160a91adaf1a9216591237776184c627ad848c19951e4e966495fb5964c
32697 F20090115_AAABLO 00386.txt 3c09c7ba8c226147677e6c7bbd9e6d294ea90ed8f978ec74864412b6ab316f58521f79f3
12547 F20090115_AAABLP 00386thm.jpg f5eced2f0dfc9898be639b3b99f62d0919ac8e1f90234353b26167b88e488f86d9e619b0
813888 F20090115_AAABLQ 00387.jp2 960e29d5b6989a0791e4f07cd39e37308fbaabde5bd036476534c397a0fde63822ac941b
336243 F20090115_AAABLR 00387.jpg 009b0f36d8c6ffc73c6e8bf96963046a7f6a5c238c61eb508fb011d586054b239e9349d7
49211 F20090115_AAABLS 00387.QC.jpg 7646c9ba385876338a8d162193c02d63a0e00776e35bd16e24bd0f82edd82750dd6c00ac
6508403 F20090115_AAABLT 00387.tif 49f2155a65a70188f297c9b54a8dfb0a99788de139a39f50d288a7178016f6891c634c31
44133 F20090115_AAABLU 00387.txt db8e03f1143eb85a27462d2f03faec38d5e662b06b56272d90cde4323d8a629523dda3bc
12301 F20090115_AAABLV 00387thm.jpg 6f798667c19a83b23267bb3b1ca7cd4df8e695d6f587dce5cf986019317d26a9c8293a28
803860 F20090115_AAABLW 00388.jp2 c5f413d7ea591be08675e21a98046f47c422f1ddabb0184c248bb2d45e1586291fd8ec87
363215 F20090115_AAABLX 00388.jpg e0986d15080293608e660c6b1e6ea743c3dc1131374090275ba8d80cc6578de1f955d39e
53388 F20090115_AAABLY 00388.QC.jpg 0aae984fa148e8110620d79e71f9bb9076d021fbb7410c1fde1bfa1d3bd3899e252f2aa3
802945 F20090115_AAABNA 00393.jp2 5a7b86747eab4acb2bbd74e2f45542a4156ff660d70759f7c44a0db7352b9dc3bddd6e91
6430853 F20090115_AAABLZ 00388.tif 456879db1b4415acfd99f8bd6ccb8e496c81abbd2aca88c0311c3eff478b725928361ddb
388346 F20090115_AAABNB 00393.jpg cfede4326306a7a22b8d771fc2fc932cec2e5d7b99a06faaaaf65526ddeda07ac700b0a0
54431 F20090115_AAABNC 00393.QC.jpg f8384fada73de12f1e7778f5995c01cb0de9f2c83b02ff0a128f8cbaa926e729d691d4be
6423405 F20090115_AAABND 00393.tif 1376c418cca224227e7eaea238990963c9bf4c668fcadca6b8f4ddc5ddb5e7922f6bbff3
44551 F20090115_AAABNE 00393.txt 6e8f422033661b69a278ac3ab47b67c049c455660011d2eab3daeaba0dcdd894da663be1
12887 F20090115_AAABNF 00393thm.jpg 130bff404f88084093a543f18d024455a369aa13abafe917f2702aaae788baa5cd783ebf
16025 F20090115_AAABNG 1967090901.xml FULL d67b4c46cd9a7dbdd48e7ca7208da1993925c8a078ad7947cf8376b8ae2142cffa5f7e9dBROKEN_LINK 0384.jp20385.jp20386.jp20387.jp20388.jp20389.jp20390.jp20391.jp20392.jp20393.jp20384.txt0385.txt0386.txt0387.txt0388.txt0389.txt0390.txt0391.txt0392.txt0393.txt0384.tif0385.tif0386.tif0387.tif0388.tif0389.tif0390.tif0391.tif0392.tif0393.tif0384.jpg0385.jpg0386.jpg0387.jpg0388.jpg0389.jpg0390.jpg0391.jpg0392.jpg0393.jpgWARNING CODE A_XML_BAD_FORMAT Unknown format exception (parse error)
21513 F20090115_AAABNJ UF00028362_00476.mets 3acd7e636303affd3bef639148177a45abe7cef93f576deeb9468709a89b8ab427b07af3
24708 F20090115_AAABNL UF00028362_00476.xml 1abcd332eebb8cabf661a406d0ebbaa728ca546709c44aee755ef3287d5e6b73ce043141

xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090220_AAACDV INGEST_TIME 2009-02-23T00:02:49Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00476
FILE SIZE 19495 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090222_AABQPL PATH UF00028362_00476.mets PRESERVATION FULL MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 8072691e5c68301552218a5f2e5e8353SHA-1 b39041cc328f898ef740887bb548ffa4fb9abba1
22181 F20090222_AABQPN UF00028362_00476.xml 4a72e615fd6e1f3788a78494b69a45c841c24f3c0278fab9d7b6b8c784369a63a06700ea
53388 F20090222_AABQOA 00388.QC.jpg BIT 0aae984fa148e8110620d79e71f9bb9076d021fbb7410c1fde1bfa1d3bd3899e252f2aa3
6430853 F20090222_AABQOB 00388.tif 456879db1b4415acfd99f8bd6ccb8e496c81abbd2aca88c0311c3eff478b725928361ddb
45234 F20090222_AABQOC 00388.txt 52b8e68032c0ba451991f4541fc428ae277b9786fbda78fa91dc651f28797d823e77fc18
13068 F20090222_AABQOD 00388thm.jpg dc002f91975cf1e6d7654023bc34c652d2a342e3f1c5b9e29bb9f70c59d366de40743e0e
811112 F20090222_AABQOE 00389.jp2 f3d556f29793dd02439e7151ad8eedf957614456dd0c2eea320e5e30146f431c6a7fd2d2
357336 F20090222_AABQOF 00389.jpg 7c686e4007ca0fab14b66ea2e2f74669ccfc2f4c60c4bcbf26021086bc946a35fac40dd5
51410 F20090222_AABQOG 00389.QC.jpg 2bc3189921da96e6abf9537d54727f1551489186700690bfbb72b5db5e7366485ce8ec32
6482503 F20090222_AABQOH 00389.tif 196fa243b076334829af04e9ad991cba790d89ac5d0b3889dd438a3c772a2e2bec98a5ef
42322 F20090222_AABQOI 00389.txt 2b58e65dcb2f16eca55761f8a4d04d60e9d96ce888c5529d795c709404d395ad13e2197d
12454 F20090222_AABQOJ 00389thm.jpg c5f89c2b5ccc881114c64c1ab3edc3becfb0811e3a367d0939e7254a3db9df527c40ca0d
793103 F20090222_AABQOK 00390.jp2 ba662c4722074712c272e958de9bfc19038fafcf34508f0910ac6c77d53bccc21a0ae25d
294088 F20090222_AABQOL 00390.jpg bc1f9bc537793c03895a6d44af6d01e136a80f81d7042d031f9066491ac30ba9bb1a34dc
47158 F20090222_AABQOM 00390.QC.jpg da15ea87144349e6c0b926193398ca010ce7586e17906eb3727e82101377dfb342914fa7
6339683 F20090222_AABQON 00390.tif 43d3bda229c0df791eaf0da998a9328929422b16fb15b9cef7964a558c179c15c18339d3
23704 F20090222_AABQOO 00390.txt e499423e28b9d1c07e9dda3b217ae0f8ed57788ce6872e22e3c5dead39eaae4e33b1f580
12537 F20090222_AABQOP 00390thm.jpg de45d8c5e247dbb51391503c41c7c096d36c675100ac7486a8765b6bfe0e23c31c239e3e
809177 F20090222_AABQOQ 00391.jp2 8e6bd2f79f11c7084b9b55ccbf4cb6d8baaed0cb39ad42dcf2caef95f5e50c023da394a7
323325 F20090222_AABQOR 00391.jpg 77e8a15e50599f14d8e7408e148288b8ff7e090bffdb4b90aaee8030e4df8335fc40fc9f
48087 F20090222_AABQOS 00391.QC.jpg c111055f9444c1ca4f10897ed7513bf77e36ce4ab9cddf657edccec908083f72c34541c0
6463973 F20090222_AABQOT 00391.tif 1b38862f8eb09468e05ccb716ec8dc2dc6e52b667c4d5b92095bbc03f45029753fb7a655
806325 F20090222_AABQNA 00384.jp2 5dd4303e0daabb3abf0a7b1e23605652f574c8918553ea0067d1644ad7a0229c10a58f6e
32586 F20090222_AABQOU 00391.txt 3acfc43080cb00ff67c4cfec360a7f109b3ff0a6f0d9e2dfd7ce627e2a5ccae64ea3a53a
366837 F20090222_AABQNB 00384.jpg 8b2f6474735041be7982990615498fb1ac483e27f4081673e41dd120bfa00c900050ddae
12090 F20090222_AABQOV 00391thm.jpg 7689ec1eb7a857f1720db01916460bb96f77366573a0cc7e8a6f2282ff86bf9b8b11a82f
53861 F20090222_AABQNC 00384.QC.jpg ae4cd1f5595d5308ef212767eda59e10d7ab7c5dabae0094ca8b4890d0903b5c3ec36259
805727 F20090222_AABQOW 00392.jp2 b1b44eedd8b1f3ac5e8ebf4cfe94ca991e06dbe6318b7fae0ff9fee3276c33b64866dc67
6444269 F20090222_AABQND 00384.tif 37a14eaa2e7154790e4362d8d0be9cd3aceeabf4d7bb7be9041688ec2b87fff5499b32eb
343651 F20090222_AABQOX 00392.jpg 3b4e9647658e7ab33006e1b893cd0684bf71ff29e7120a4e3e57251d76c6dec3fea4a66c
45885 F20090222_AABQNE 00384.txt a6ab420462052938e03b322586a4443f2edf1f87621e9c946264be58dccce0a8e33801a7
48467 F20090222_AABQOY 00392.QC.jpg 717c89a2272d03e1326dc61a5c956b8f247567436192e5dae31fbaa71e2dc057a5720c1e
13214 F20090222_AABQNF 00384thm.jpg 1223d3dca9dd6408b4f9d45c163ab29fcf29c87c14982adbfb87b079b1bd0f8903598093
6439573 F20090222_AABQOZ 00392.tif 996b91a4ed829bf3821678f7a14f9499c47d917f6850e7145df8f151ff289036c425dbf0
811438 F20090222_AABQNG 00385.jp2 520b23d68acc91862e92d236082b1d5fd1213c45e9c19d8c2a4a45b74f0d23fb23a53d5c
369113 F20090222_AABQNH 00385.jpg 687960ed8635e015578c2fa8d22e0109810d1ec1b35b64756754f21bc34b79ebf0b9e512
49997 F20090222_AABQNI 00385.QC.jpg f667a9727b740557252ced017cde31b3e5d1ff041e0310abc5d94b49d133025791b5ba29
6488217 F20090222_AABQNJ 00385.tif 51d5043df724cef36afe758078018dcaf1b595e4f1c03e664500f61bde7576b1db89b33e
44285 F20090222_AABQNK 00385.txt 61ae03a2c28f6b6669ac3fb2e2f6106a379c6929c7d04380a334d3ddeeaedd1af9872044
11835 F20090222_AABQNL 00385thm.jpg 2aa25369f41be05b5fc70299a30a8c180e323b0eae3ca19d2548fbbed9b96da8b7b2be2d
811035 F20090222_AABQNM 00386.jp2 4b6d7d71de9ad20501a556eb03f7a27fc02873dffac4ff5b636be15de4fa0ce49a0aa440
339986 F20090222_AABQNN 00386.jpg b7a010ae7e6e7db9278f15494486b79b9b3369ec675b47dbe5a0d42b14d41702ca49eb10
50489 F20090222_AABQNO 00386.QC.jpg 3cd2d2a3cfa01cb770e1d5ad5b3edd576a7f8b0ce434023b50ca6c805e5ab9441c144d14
6481919 F20090222_AABQNP 00386.tif 21347b51d8458160a91adaf1a9216591237776184c627ad848c19951e4e966495fb5964c
32697 F20090222_AABQNQ 00386.txt 3c09c7ba8c226147677e6c7bbd9e6d294ea90ed8f978ec74864412b6ab316f58521f79f3
12547 F20090222_AABQNR 00386thm.jpg f5eced2f0dfc9898be639b3b99f62d0919ac8e1f90234353b26167b88e488f86d9e619b0
813888 F20090222_AABQNS 00387.jp2 960e29d5b6989a0791e4f07cd39e37308fbaabde5bd036476534c397a0fde63822ac941b
336243 F20090222_AABQNT 00387.jpg 009b0f36d8c6ffc73c6e8bf96963046a7f6a5c238c61eb508fb011d586054b239e9349d7
49211 F20090222_AABQNU 00387.QC.jpg 7646c9ba385876338a8d162193c02d63a0e00776e35bd16e24bd0f82edd82750dd6c00ac
6508403 F20090222_AABQNV 00387.tif 49f2155a65a70188f297c9b54a8dfb0a99788de139a39f50d288a7178016f6891c634c31
44133 F20090222_AABQNW 00387.txt db8e03f1143eb85a27462d2f03faec38d5e662b06b56272d90cde4323d8a629523dda3bc
12301 F20090222_AABQNX 00387thm.jpg 6f798667c19a83b23267bb3b1ca7cd4df8e695d6f587dce5cf986019317d26a9c8293a28
44200 F20090222_AABQPA 00392.txt 1bc06f950038b2a65abc06be0e49763172636af9c32736703b1086539fc38da33e7419ec
803860 F20090222_AABQNY 00388.jp2 c5f413d7ea591be08675e21a98046f47c422f1ddabb0184c248bb2d45e1586291fd8ec87
11910 F20090222_AABQPB 00392thm.jpg ef6e100c71b1cdeee56abe8acb1eed8e14861d5a89a06f70a847a0c8f45edb3df90f02f1
363215 F20090222_AABQNZ 00388.jpg e0986d15080293608e660c6b1e6ea743c3dc1131374090275ba8d80cc6578de1f955d39e
802945 F20090222_AABQPC 00393.jp2 5a7b86747eab4acb2bbd74e2f45542a4156ff660d70759f7c44a0db7352b9dc3bddd6e91
388346 F20090222_AABQPD 00393.jpg cfede4326306a7a22b8d771fc2fc932cec2e5d7b99a06faaaaf65526ddeda07ac700b0a0
54431 F20090222_AABQPE 00393.QC.jpg f8384fada73de12f1e7778f5995c01cb0de9f2c83b02ff0a128f8cbaa926e729d691d4be
6423405 F20090222_AABQPF 00393.tif 1376c418cca224227e7eaea238990963c9bf4c668fcadca6b8f4ddc5ddb5e7922f6bbff3
44551 F20090222_AABQPG 00393.txt 6e8f422033661b69a278ac3ab47b67c049c455660011d2eab3daeaba0dcdd894da663be1
12887 F20090222_AABQPH 00393thm.jpg 130bff404f88084093a543f18d024455a369aa13abafe917f2702aaae788baa5cd783ebf
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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 9, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
September 9, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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.. -


::z t". _. I'.,.., :4!f:,,: .t.J,! ;-T: (_,}T'<..f.I'Y' -r- iJ'.. ./' '.r_" .'_",', !- '.\....B1'm'. .., ..'.: =:.r/.

****** *U********. ***** ** ** ****** a


/ UolY Liir ryGalsertllU rlty of, .FlorUa Florida. O1A. ) I TO DESEGRE ITf/$ SCHOQ

l '.... _....... ..... ......:......... ** "***** ___ -- -__. ..** *.***

toe azori' I:lled [n \ avern i'_Bf.awl I I I

** ***** ******* ** *** ** **

e SREB's Criticism Of Negro Colleges I

Draws Mixed Comments! From Educators j

TIL 17 N. 23 .*.... .11II.
** A 11II..1' Of Schaotselai Nero
***,*******_ ****' -, ...... -- ... .. ..

W_ ek R. '-.; ...' ..' 'J ,,,,'.if SL1: Standards Low

........_...,--.... r ._* ..*.r..r-.w ... .__. _. .y...: ._. w. ,......-. 04 .
************* ** '
************ "' .. SREB Rtpttfs.:

LBJ NAMES NEGROAS J Negro operated degrees Universltyand.College are "hollow I,

21iC symbols" because of the Inadequate -

preparation cf stu,.

fc dents. Therefore, opines the.
c t Southern Regional Education)

... Board (REB), n a recent release -
MAYOR OF D.C. .: the Negro University.
... i the Negro college rifts toe exception '

; ',' / 'r .. of new Junior colleges, j
r' "shut.
.. .::1., should raise standards or
.... down."
.. .. <
I... This blunt polemic against
Councilwomen Run Sc.ol''Ittr level of teaching traditionlly
Georgia Native Get;S Negro units of higher education

For Same OfficesThe k followed upon a year-long

Thread Wrrt study by the SREB. Us study
based on a comparison d
(two first Negro women was
to via councilman portions In $28,000 Job As ,Negro and white Unstitations,
Jacksonville hare announced Court Action in the South.

plans for seeking office la me "A' college degree is a badge

consolidated government. Duval County Negroes questioned MILWAUKEE WBr-Aa unidentified Negro woman claws at-a -Milwaukee -police captain'sface of preparedness," emphasised

Urs., Sally Brooks MathisFt Mayor the County School Board U be tries to place her under arrest during a Negro rally here last August JOth. the graduates report have"but found some U a hollow Negro

Of D.C. for falling to follow a court Some 200 people were arrested following the second night of racial disorders here.UPITELEPHOTO. symbol.*
order for desegregation la the
I )
school systemudhavetbreten- All of the Sooth's 104 Negro

WASHINGTON D.C/-A I Negro, Attorney Walter E. Washing' ed to take court action U something institutions were checked." 'It
has been will documented the
ton, a native of the State of and Is not done ,
Georgia a career man In the Log-Wrench Slayer
continues "u
District of Columbia has been named as the next Commissioner Chairman Wendell Holmes of 22 Negro CandidatesAre report a group
and for that
of the District by Presldenty Lyndon B. Johnson, Confirmation ,the Citizens Committee for Better many reasons,
do not
,is expected. from Senate along wltti three Held Without Bond these Institttions pro
too' ,. : Education, u ,. vide equal.hlpr educational,
The confirmation sill make u his assistant, the Chief Executive members d the'same'com 'Defeated'"hi' opportunity for their students."
1s beheld r
A Jacksonville man
mittee confronted Superintendent -
Washington the first official room, BRED
i Further comments
.made the topronouncement Brant with a, list cf 27. in jail without bond I ,
lead of the 800.000 municipality : They do not match their pre.
the fug-wrench
since 1S74. The position Washington has been prominent questions relailng to the court, for '
dominantly white counterpartsla
', order of Fed i'a1' Court Judge of Maurice Brown, 45, of1MO
-'--- '- Is unique la that It Is known in Washington affairs Run-off Vote admlsdon standards,
Arletha Road in a South-
22. ,
a "one-mav' government Simpson of August
IRS uu.n: B. MATHS u breadth, depth tS cnrlculcm,,
He win be! the first Negro Holmes claimed that Negro influence and can for new elections tavern. quality of Instruction or preparation
and Mrs. Mary Singleton are ever to bead a. students have been baruHe -'. JACKSON Misss-Negroes In Spencer Christopher, 28, was
the two in MladulppL"Evers in his borne at 2MB of students for employment. -
ladies. Mississippi arrested
President Johnson, strong In said Para High is guilty this week asked "
Mrs. Singleton,rice-president Us praise of Washington said, of threats, through some of President Lyndon B. Johnson further charged attempts Westmont St., approximately will "
of the council was the largest "We have found a man who its white students. Holmes said to have a replay of the recent at intimidation by Nan- 4 a.m., Sunday by Detective Sgt. "Changes to the necessary,
vote-getter in the last election. VlU be a strong and authentic the committee plans to seek elections In which all ot 22 type whites He mentioned continued J.L. Suber. He was arraigned according agency.Amoegrecommendation
The lawmaker Is member of "moving in and out" stand before Justice of the Peace were a long-
a warrants which will "Includethe Negro candidates lost and a
voice for the people of the District. i
the laws and rules and the administrators of schools white anti-Negro politician woo near polls on voting day. Duress Drake later In the day. rang program of educational
Even said that election: workers evolution, a massive effort toward -
badget and fteasee.committees nomination concerned" the gubernatorial nomination. Suber said Christopher
Attorney Washington's
.. were frightened into refraining at about equal education All
Brown quarreled
N Holmes wanted to know the Charles Evers State President ,
the President has been
: by ratio of white and Negro of Mississippi's National from helping Illiterates 9:30 p.m., Friday in the Paradise schools, of both races, were t
: In the making for some time
to alter
1 : the teachers In the school!*., He Association for the Advance- go througbtbeprocuoc voting.This Inn, a tavern on Highland urged policies
Papers over country car- action came the to accept student who might
upon Atlantic Boulevard. -
asked bow many bad been assigned meet of Colored People, sent Avenue near
ried the message ft the Impending startling revelation that all of be unqualified but who show
to various schools a special wire Wednesday toms
However .
22 Negroes who were in the According to reports each men some college-level potentialities.
Anderson assistant Executive that
Dr. Cy Chief asking
tt remained for President Johnson .
superintendent, could also present sjtoce the United States government campaign, some of whom werefairly pulled out a knife, but wereIepI.r&ted
to conclude the matter this sure of winning lost out. at Within the last few days comments
other patrons
no figures on student enrollment. JeD4llnIpeCtor. to Vietnam by
week when with
Washington "It At the same time Congressman the tavern. Brown went backto came from the president -
to check elections,
nominee for commissioner
u Miles Memorial
John BeD Williams College.
The Matthew Gilbert Junior- would mean much more toAmerlc.lf swamp bin table. Suber said, sad
and Thomas Fletcher white .
ed his opponent Treasurer Birmingham and the president
left the
Christopher area.
4 Senior High School according would use your
59.000 for of Atlanta University Mites
Winter by
Rap Brown's Arrest to Holmes, does not have one *. Approximately two hours following Memorial
WALTER E. WASHINGTONfor white student Holmes gave the the Job of governor. IHlamswill the first ,quarrel the unaccredited- .
Defectives Watch run against\ Republican patrons of the tavern beard a the association.
board 19 days to straighten out
1 Sought HereBy more than 25 years He the difficulties and warned Ruben Phillips In the finals. sharp noise in the rear of the Negro University and College
has beaded the New York City Returns Mississippi showed tavern and saw the suspect Presidents, beads theSoutn's
Warren Folks Housing Authority for the past against "bluffing. Caleb Hold-Up Man also that Negroes supportedsome standln g over Brown, Suber traditionally All Negro

Segregationist" Warren H. year. Prior to that be was Klrby-Smltb Junior High white candidates and thus war He said Brown was slumped schools have spoken out, some
Folks has complained In a suit Chief of tOO National Capital School, which opened Tuesday Detectives caught Thomas A. brought about the defeat of 'over In lots chair, but the In "d1IDIIJ"lDdlOlDtlDarree-

..-MAST L,8RlGid1O1tot ;- filed In circuit court that SNCC Housing Authority, from 1961. with 285 Negro pupils among Johnson Wednesday behind a several Negro candidates. In patrons did not become alarmed ment with tile SEES blast at
chairman H. Rap Brown should Even when ..nlDrIDNewrort, the 1,883 total enrollment, was liquor store on Beaver street, the State of Mississippi a Demo- since be had been drinking ""poor standards. -

the council The' leader Is be arrested on charges of encouraging Washington maintained residence picketed Wednesday. after they bad watched him, cratic nominee for governoris heavily. Dr. M.F. Nance, acting president -
also cha1rmu of license and' a riot and contributing in Washington D.C., and Prlnclapl Stanley W.StelnsaidIt with an accomplice, take money almost sure to win the finals. When the customers spotted of the state-supported,

taxation. The legislator repre- to the delinquency of remanlned In the maelstrom of wu, a small group, "only from the stores cash regis However, it Is said tint: Phillips blood on Brown's bead, they South Carolina State College,
sents the Second War and Iaaeet1Dr minors. public affairs there. five or six." He said be sawa ter. plans a strong campidgn. examined him and then rushed Orangebnrg. said the decision-

the District 11 seat: 1 Folks based his charges on, The nominee In a brief Inter- Confederate flag and tearhers, According to the sheriffs office History was made In Mississippi him to Duval Medical Center makers did not mention the

Mrs, Sanyo Mathis currently the remarks Brown made during view with newsmen, felt that said one picket carried a sign Detectives J.L Suber and when, on August 8, 15 Negroes in a private car at about 130: failure of state legislatures to
represents the Third Ward and his Dur tees Field the new reorganisation of the which read "White Power" HJ>. Nelson caught Johnson won out candidate. a.m. Brown died on Saturday help this type ci school.

Is seeking to represent District on the night sitit August 9. That District implies the "process Klrby-Smlth was Integrated after Nelson fired a warning for county offices. However, afternoon around S:45 p.m. Dr. Lucius PUts, prafdestci.
I under foniHI'1ft1'in was the occasion when Governor of borne rule. As to priority last year when three Negro shot when the man attempted to in the recent head-to-hesdrun- Mites Memorial College,

6 The eouncilwonua Is one ci Kirk confronted Brown,who refused for problems In the District, children attended classes at the flee. In Johnson's pockets were off, all the Negroes lost. Meredith's Sister Birmingham, felt the criticism .
three members of the City Par to stake bands with the Attorney Washington pointed previously all-white school. $180. Detectives reported that, Evers lamented the fact that "unfair,** Miles U not aa accredited ..
don Board,. chairman of the out employment, welfare, and Stein said that, so far, there the amount actually taken was there are still many Negroeswho I Institution accordingto
cou cll's apparalsals, auditIng -' governor.Folks filed the suit naming. crime, all of which require were no major problems arising said to have been much larger. don't feel that a Negro Was Found Hanged news reports..Dr. Pitta said

; printing and advertising Juvenile Court Judge Gordon study. Priority will> come after from the Increased Negro According to Sergeant Richard can do the job.1 He also said MILWAUKEE, Wisc.-- that, on the taU of the report,
Mrs. Mathis Is a member of A. Duncan Jr., as respondent study, be said.Washington enrollment. Elian, the robbery happened at that in several close races In A woman identified by a relative increased difficulty will be experienced

three,other committee Folks said be filed an affidavit and Fletcher win about 10 a.m., Wednesday when the state election irregularities as Willie Lou Meredith In raising tI dI. Dr.

against Brown In Juvenile serve four years. Nine council Nagging Husband a Negro approached the drive- were involved. 22, James Meredith's Pills said that money Is required -

Refused.Policy Court August 22, but Judge members, also of the district, in window In a car and began sister, was found hanged. for accreditation.
will be named along with the Slt ;Ins "Off Limits"In
Duncan refused to tune aa arrest asking questions of the clerk, Miss Meredith whose body Foundations refuse to support
Owns Million warrant. Folks said on two nominees Monday; to the Shot Twice Betty J. Bruce. Another man Miss Meredith whose body unaccredited schools
occasions Duncan Senate. No more than six of bad stopped a second clerk in Therefore, there is a cycled
Dollar numerous refused Dirksen's Office was Identified by an ,
Unit them may be of the same party. the office at another window
an audience with him Houston Wilson, SI, of Milwaukee solicitation and refusal.
KANSAS CITY, Kans.r-.ir you This, Folks said, deprives Urn Nominee Fletcher Is a former By His WifeA in the back, WASHINGTONtfPl)- was employed In the Dr. Rids Clement, bead ot
can't get what you want, start of equal protection of the law City Manager of San Diego Hiss Bruce said she turned Everett M.Dlrksen,Senate GOP records room of the Miner the treat Atlanta University
your own company. James 'under the U$.Constitution. Calif. He Is now in the Depart* Jacksonville housewife shot and found a third man bending minority leader, has declared Brewing company. College complex said that be

Browne was refused u Insurance Judge Marion W. Goodlng to ment of Housing and Urban her husband with a '.S3 caliber over her counter and removing sit-ins to be off limits In his She was found banging by a agrees with most ci the conclusions -

policy, lalM5tacause whom the suit was assigned, Development. revolver when she became money from the cash register. office.Dlrksea. plastic clothes Ine from a gas but that, on the other.
The District of Columbia was tired of his annoyance, In hair Sbe screamed, frightening the Issued his order after band "statements wen too
of W race. was ute d by Folks to com pipe In the basement of the ,
Be decided this did not pel Judge Duncan to issue the organised In 1802. The council borne. man away with a fistful of a group of welfare reclpents apartment where she lived:,, broad and some were not tree."
make sense. Now Browne, a arrest warrant or show cause chose the mayor. la 1820 the William Wright Jr., 34, S409 money. According to Detective swarmed into his outer office, Be pointed out oat only Ramp-
clerk la IMS; heads his own why be should not do so. city voters started electing him. Bridler St., was shot in the head EUan! the man In the back oftha protesting against House cuts I I Worth Carolina I 6el ton,.Flsk and Taskegee stein
insurance company. When be In his affidavit Folks said The Presidenttallyappointed and stomach by Us wife, Laura store ran with a bottle ofvine. In relief paJID J1ta. the above flO-mOlioa endowment -
'was .Initially refused, Browne' Brown encouraged his Durkee governor's Job became a reality Mae, of the same address when 1 One of the .demonstrator! First Negro Patrol clue

contacted a company in Field audience including In 1871, alone with a H-mem- be refused to stcpaanoylpgber.\ The store employees ran after charged Dlrksen had struck DURHAM, N.C-OPO--) The MorebooM cadge bead,

Atlanta! and became a special- a number ci minors under 17 ber council and a 22-member According to reports police the fleeing mea and, returning him. But the Illinois Republican Cbarlet BarreD Johnson 21, Dr. Closter, said some cf the
to* la selling. to criminal violence. Be quoted boast of delegate The present authorities received a call to without locating them, saw the said, "If I had bit a former center on the North weaker schools might! bare to

Tile: Crusader Life Is the tame Brown u telling the audienceto three-commissioner form the above address and open man driving Jump Into his car Mm, be probably would be spinning I Carolina College football team fold up wlmoqj federal grants
of ale Browne company, with "get guns and be ready to of government began in 1874. arrival they found Officer'Jef- aaJleave DM pre alael. toward the Potomac has become the state's first The SUB has countered criticisms -

assents of 100000. From of Folks said will be $28,500 per year and Investigation revealed that the first to take some money, Dlrksen called the demonstration of
typewriter to a suite a Ufa. the audiencewas Johnson, who played football that aa members the eoomlttee -
from nothing; to $D.I" cs also encouraged to "get Fletcher's 128,000. Attorney the victim was shot In tte left was still hiding. behind, the store a "IUIDd said ob- I it Hillside High School and were governmental employees .
Browne car speak of nerve and.ltiegritj matches and destroy Jackson Washington's wife Is director eye and stomach with a.1% 'when' the detectives caught him.Jubnsoo strvtion: of public business In J NCC, win be stationed la and that concurred
ville." of the Job Corns for Women. Caliber revolver. lives at 119 West 17th. his office "cant be tolerated. i Greensboro. la the decision.
'J ... .. .
I ""t ./ '( J T. .
I. ." ..' rv. .. ..f fi f
'\ r. ".' ( / I I.. _
$ 'ltIE' 10
( NN f R

. /,'\ ;:. ."i." i{" ,; "' \ i ;" ''' ;J. .. ', .. ._.'. .. ,, ". ..,,:.a


1 111 1i N!
>.. _


Published by the norlda Star Publishing tompanyMEMBtfR Jj By WHITNEY Y. YOUNG fit

tZ Jht An Army officer was assigned to Vietnam. Retried to find

:an apartment for Us family before leaving for the war tone.
He couldn't. Dozens of realtors turned him down because he is
'!'Negro. "

iAn Army sergeant recently returned from a frontline tour
NEGRO PRERNA'I'IONAT' t I [Iii duty Vietnam, where he Integrated dozens of foxholes!
'without complaints from his "neighbors" too. couldn't'

P find an off-base apartment for his family.Again .
it was racial discrimination that forced
;"him. into an overpriced apartment in a run- I
ERIC 0. SIMPSON -- Muifiii Editor 1 !don building In the ghetto. III

These are examples of the disgraceful condlttions I

; facing Negro GPs. Finally, the DefenseTVmartmant /
IILDA VOOTEN -- Circilitin .Miiiir r :ii r rOv t* rinlnv something shad !t.

Secretary M Defense McNamara, 1 issued orders forbidding
ml'ltary personnel in certain bases to lease or rent in any
2323 Moncrief Road Phil Elgin 4-6782 o I["/segregated building or trailer court within a specified distance
from their base He said the orders were Issued be-'
Miiliif Address p Sp h, casue "thousands of servicemen are being subject to humiliating
11JL hl y discrimination by the refusal landlords to rent them

P.O. Bu 599 Jicksuiilli, Florida 32261 apartments because of race or creed."
: ; The first base to which the order applied was Andrews Air
UI Force Base where over half of the white servicemen live withIn -
MIAMI OFFICE 31/2 miles of the base, but only one of every hundred Negro

servicemen live so close. '
501 HI 7th Ail. Phone 151.3819 This order la long overdue, and it should extended to cover:

every base ,in the country. It appears to be the only way to getj
SUBSCRIPTION RATES many landlords add realtors to stop discriminating on the]
basis of race. If they are willing to have their lives and their I
One Year $6.00 Half Year, $4.00 ,
,' property protected by the sacrifices of Negro servicemen,theyshould
Mailed to You Anywhere in the United States ,
'" bfI willing to rent to them.
Subscription payable in advance This order must be strictly enforced. A report Issued last

Send Check or Money Order to: 1n -- .. +' .. week indicate! that landlords are complying but we all know
FLORIDA STAR PO BOX 599 that many win try to avoid it whenever possible. This Is one

Jacksonville 1. Florida order which should get' top>> priority from every base com-

KILL THE RATS..NOT THE PROGRAM rI The order is signflcant because it will enable thousands of
Negro GPs; to find decent homes for their families. But it Is

Florida House Tackles Sex "Discrim"Even also Important for the example it sets. Private Industry should
especially take it to heart.
----- --------
---- -----
r------ I Large companies" should make sure that their Negro'em-,
sage lawmakers can let some byproductidea ployees will be allowed to live wherever they wish and not ba

throw the assembly into verbal turmoil. restricted to the ghetto They should let it be known that they

Columnist Jack McDavitt recently reportedhow I will not build In a town which will net treat its employees,

the House of Representatives in Florida YOUR Weekly : ''I: I equally. For most American towns the arrival of a new Industry -'
L" : or plant means the difference between growth and prosperity
took a simple bill "to prohibit discrimination ; and a slow decline. Big corporations know this ao(

because of sex and turn it into a rag- : : 'r use it to get favorable terms for land and: taxes. They need to
: ,,
ing battle. The proposed bill simply would ; use this power to assure equal treatment for their employees.

prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex' > Horoscope Guide

in wage rate for work preformed. .
Nevertheless the discussion started a con **** T ***** I II

troversy but "before the house ended Itt CLAN2EL LROWN, Jr.,

debate, falsies and hip pads, ,racial discri- I .: By PABLO, The ASTROLOGER I II The current anti-poverty effort reflects serials schizo

mination and fair play for the aged were in- I I IWHICH phrenia. It is called a War on Poverty, but the program la administered -

volved. I by the Office of Economic Opportunity, set up by

This kind of irrelevant debate makes uswdn- ARE 'YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR the Economic Opportunity,set Act of 1964.The rhetoric, in other

der, since, the Orlando Sentinel published on "I words, is concerned with the relief poverty.But the program
assumes that the remedy is provide opportunityby providinga
August 29 a boxed minute editorial whichsaid I
vast array dservicesdestgnedtohelp the poor \
: 'Your legislature in Tallahasseecostsyou BUSINESS -' LOVE TRAVEL I take advantage of the opportunities that calf.I .I

$15,000 yesterday, and the total cost to should like to advance the no-longer quixotic

date is $3,860,045. L__ ____________ ________________3 view that poverty consists of the absence of E1 j ;
--- -- --- - - --
and that the for poverty
money principle remedy
Democratic and parliamentary procedure per- ai, s--- CANCER 'LIBRA CAPRICORN and for the tangle of pathology that surrounds ,

mit freedom of speech by lawmakers who pre- and grows out of it is the presence of money. C

sumably represent; thinking of,:Jthe! 'people BORN MUCH, BORN''IUM( )' /' BORNrSEPj.., ,BORN DEC,' 'The problem with the services'approach U that t considerable -

but it is aglow process for?, getting "things,,'1' ''APRI !% Keep' in tune. When oWI lead 23hT1)CT.) ttfd '22nd-: JAN. 19t"Do extent carries" the latent assumption either,(a) that tntu
done with dispatch. Every man in the lawmak- 'la firmly on his or her shoulders Own to It! When out to things slowly. Althougl poor are going to be permaneUy poor and therefore must have
You care It's often those we and up Caprlcornians are not general an network of services or (b) that the poor can be changed by
ing body has rights ,equal to, those of every everyone everything take self-corrective measures
love best to whom we say the around find their rightful ly panicky, there la a danger learning productive skills, by learning how to use their
other legislator and hence ,there should be no eomprolI -
hours can be most cutting words. While this places. But as soon as discretion that they may lose self control money more wisely by developing better attitudes etc<- hll '
cut from the
wasted talking upon side and Irrelevant is- la far better than showlngcom- la thrown to the Jnds, Ie. sharp undesirable and a friend to boot. And they are still poor, and that once they have changed, they will
from associations -
sues. plete indifference, a sure sign 'one spends recklessly or gets I past, or be the only if money injects itself into the be able to get rid of their poverty.
Upon whose shoulders rest thisemormous financial that love has flown away never himself mixed: up in compromising to redeem, may oneself and to picture, it certainly would complicate I think these assumptions are extremely pernicious ones.
; to return there always la way matters rather than Whatever characteristics the poor have which interfere
burden a attachments, upheavals
of cost for making the state's establish the sort of modus
risk that the other person may are created on all sides. You otherwise. Those who can rise with their upward mobility, they have by virtue of the fact
laws the Vivendi that comes naturally.And .
taxpayers! of course. not look at it that way. To are now more than ever aware, if sentiments In the above material eO considerations that they are poor.
mate certain that this doesn't or should be, that if one is it win be to as ,well as egos, will soon have This Is a Judgment, should add that Hylan Lewis has contributed -
,happen, tame dynamism and ,in a responsible position he way allow, material necessary interests to occasion to thank their stars to more than anyone else.
Impetuousness somewhat and must be a model of correct dictate final decision. Should that they did. Continue to watch The remedy, if we accept this Judgment-more precisely, In,
Birth Defects Being Conquered'By Surgery try to express thoughts and behavior and a paragon of virtue these be resisted or should porfesslonal receipts and disbursements my view, the starting point or prerequisite for a remedy-Is
feelings as gently as possible. especially for the edification Llbrans refuse to face to to make certain money, Income. I see Guaranteed minimum Income,A system
The Allans whose only pleasure of the younger genera- the facts there always exists up that nothing "f1sb," la going of family allowances, and a program public system of social
Every year thousands of babies are born with is work and the ensuing compensation tion. Material considerations the possibility, that circumstances en. Things should be far more welfare services. To pick on example, both the U.s.
disfiguring shouldflnd this in favor when makes his Commissioner of Education and the Director of the Officeof
but not necessarily disabling, period also lend weight to the advisability will step in. We all one
birth defects birthmarks tailored to their measure. of Jealously guarding or: her own decisions Economic Opportunity have suggested that the best remedyfor
floppy ears, over- have a mission on earth to
2.40.U.17.477AQUARIUS' the deficiencies of slum schools would be cut class size
sized noses, facial blemishes cleft 7109915645TAURUS status, reputation and existing fulfill, and one may be pretty
lips and in
half. Maybe. But the Cleman Report, written for the VS.
authority.!!? \ that not a single one la
palates-but now these are being corrected by sure Office of Education provides massive evidence that class
new medical and surgical techniques. 3 50 7719 -.291 permitted to stray off too far size is of no particular significance at least with present
from the chosen path. BORN JAN.
Also thousands, of babies .are born BORN APRIL LEO teaching methods. More to the point as Professor DanielP.
with annually .9-20-66-13.321 Moynihan has pointed out, this remedy would involve an
more serious and 20th FEB. 18th
handicapping defects, BORN JULY expenditure of $1000 or more per slum family. Itoynlhan
Nonetheless, while most of these malafies, are 20th MAY 20th SCORPIO Do it subtly. It may be discovered also pointed that there are solid reasons for believing that

not capable of being totally corrected: much 23rdAUG. 22pd OCT. by now that if s your these families would gain more, and their children's education -
Give a Ifs easier said BORN
improvement can be expected through new know- dive Job to restrain the other half wotld benefit more, if the thousand of dollars were
than done when it to White is truism
comes keeping way. a
when he she is in
or a flamboyant given directly to the family themselves.
ledge being accumulated by doctors. NOV. 22id.
tempers unruffled.You pro that Leos step aside for no 24th
mood I
or,harboring ambitions am not suggesting that the money alone )fa enough to solve
The most serious problem engenered bably don't have tG be told that person, or anything else for that To each his There that are the
( by both own. maybe purely Illusory Negro's "Negro Problem". It Is a prerequisite; let wa'be
minor and major defects is the current manner kind words and actions are matter, there are momentsit ,ample,Justification for your But there la a wrong as wellas clear about that. Without enough money Income to live in
'in which the victims have been the subject of supposed to soothe, but this la Just a matter of good belief that you are efficient u a right way to go about dignity without enough Income to permit Negro Men to play
cruel comedy and cannot completely account for commons sense to do so. It well as a hard worker with ticklish situations of this sort the role of husbands and fathers u they wish they would,
harsh ridicule.You
the other person who la not, is smarter not to have any But Making the choice without
sterling qualities. teammates wrong could enough income to permit Negro children to devote
have a part in this rehabilitation and or does not want to be, aware encounters with those who are and associates cannotbe bring about results that are diametrically their psychic energies to education, to self-improvement,'
regeneration of body and personalty by" including of these truths. At least, you armed with the authority of law expected to follow suit Just opposed to what one to the future instead of day to day lUJ'Yin1otblnr else
in may take the wind out of the or with members of the family because be to will
your budget each year a' generous' you say so. They must may attempting accom- help. '
fincial contribution for woi'k- other fellow's sails by not responding who could sow discord in domestic be given their own ways and pUsh. Onece over this hurdle, But there la another aspect of the Negro's "Negro Pro-
every in kind when
agency sharp environment. Deals that allowed their particular tempo, chances of getting to getter blem", I submit that is relatively Immune to the solvent
ing for the
rehabilitation of the handicapped. words are flung oat carelessly. are pending should be broughtto as long as this does not proveto again brighten up considerably. ,fl money-ttat is relatively'immune, in fact, to anything;1 .
Peace and quiet in one's their finishing stages, but be a hindrance or a dangerto The signs u regards travels white society can do. I refer to the residue of self-hatred;
domestic environment la precious not without the benefit of expert Continue long and short have not the
.- anybody. to shine been sense of Impotence and Inferiority, the burdening and',
to naUves of this
sign counsel whenever there is where friends and fellow club too promising ID till now But sometimes -uncontrollable anger with which 350 years of'
Voters Say "On Mississippi"In 1- 90 5518 528 a lot of fine print or terms members gather and they will after this date, it la possible to white oppression have burdened Negro Americans "The

that are not crystal Your stop to look and listen to what begin anew to make,plus togo worst crime the white man has committed" as Malcolm
GEMINI financial Interests are being you have to say. If some have places, X used to put it, Has been to teach us to bate ourselves."'
Mississippi, the runoff prmiary for governor accentuated. discovered the formula for success 9-60-68-14-498 It Is not only the Negro poor who bear that burden another

may well hinge upon how the Negro. vote BORN MAY, 1-70-88-W-S27 they may pass it on to a reason insisting that money alone-or money plus services
,goes. few selected friends.' PISCES cannot by themselves solve the Negroes "Negro Problem".:
Suffice it to say neither candidate sought to, 21st JUNE 21s!, VIRGO' 5 20 33 18 256 Wltnes a the growth of overtnlhillsm and hatred among some

bring the Negro aboard _his band wagon, al You can't'stop. The survival BORN AUG. fc BORN FEB. of the Negro middle class;it has not been the poor alone, after-
though the Negro vote could reach of all spaces in general. and SAGITTARIUSBORN all, who have participated In or supported the riots. There
But the irony of the situation 200,003. Homo sapiens in particular, 23rd SEPT. 22ai NOV. 19th MAR. 20th are always been a certain dualism in Negro Thought alienation ..'
was that '
:candidate each depends mainly on 'sconstant Bite your tongue. ICs so easy Listen and reflect: If it Is and nihUl isle hatred to enter the larger society. "There
preferred to express his segregat-* growth and development. This to blurt out the harshest of 23rd DEC. 21st possible to hold out a little lon come times", James Weldon Johnson wrote in 1934, "wiea
ionist views, while implying the other would applies to spiritual thing as well words, and so hard to take them ger before committing yourselfto the most persistent Intergrationist becomes an isolationist.'
,have the can to the material StandIng Your dander is up. It's not whe be curses the white world and consigns it to hell" ,
Negro, support. How silly a candi- as ones. back, too often to those we a person cause or enter
date get? still can bI Just as degenerating love the most. Use whatever Just that people are rubbing one prise you will be enhancing For many Negroes, it la apparent, that time has come. If,
u flipping backward :method may have been found the wrong way that rolls mayat the ability to arrive at the in the past Negroes directed the hatred they felt for whites
One of the candidates, i qilliams, 48, is allegedly Most Cemlnlans do not most efficacious prevent such this time It may principally be correct conclusions. While arguments against themselves it la almost certainly the case that some

the favorite because of his racial and have to be reminded of these a thing cooling to pass on the that you are annoyed with yourself may appear very potent Negroes are now directing the hatred they feel for the themselves

state rights stand which may well appeal tothe basic principles since they are 9th. You undoubtedly are burstIng for allowing events or In favor of taking quick action against whites. .
supporters ,of the three losing. Candidates in endowed with great curiosityand with energy which must beheld others to push you around This there are elements that There la, in short, a Negro's "Negro Problem" Involving
,the August 8 prmiary. an intense desire to learn. under strict control is not a bad situation, In a way., must be Idanttfled and problems more than lack of education or training. That problem, let
Let nothing deflect from forging whether deciding, driving or especially when yon finally decide solved before anything else. me repeat, la the result of what whites have dofcj to Negro's ,
While in the other hand, Winter, 44, led Williams ahead by rejecting all Internalor Just walking in the street. Be that you are the one whole Plsclans who are considering for three and one half centuries. But the grim Irony"of
by 23,000 votes in the first going to give the orders from history la that whites baring created the "Ne-'
primary by external pressures to wan- more than Just suspicious of marriage could be held back Negro's
waging one of the most vigorous', runoffs in the der off into shadowy planes. those who want to cut you in now on. And If there la any because of a shortage of cash gro Problem", are nor longer In a position to solve it through
politlcial history of the state. Those who are determined to on a scheme which can be more pushing to be done, you and material assets. And if their actions alone. This in no way reduces the burden or therespoosib'11ty
get things done, according to put over only if providethe are the one who la going to do having any doubt regarding that white men have to provide. resources
From the facts in the you
campaign the N. e g r o it. And yet there Is a limit, that are necessary. But because Americans
plan will concentrate on the cash. Natives of this sign ability to Improve the picture as Ralph
hardly has any choice but to stay out of the Job at band to the complete usually are not fooled when since this sometimes'creates within the foreseeable? future, Ellison once put It, "are in desperate search for an Identity",
gubernatorial toting. One oesn.. t vote Just exclusion of all other distracting taking plenty of time to think secret' enmities that will even-' this will not encourage you to there la ultimately a point at which only Negroes can solve

to be casting a ballot, for the effort must pastimes. :and figure ,things out. ,Bally prove to harmful. change In the slightest the Negro's "Negro Problem" by creating a sense of com

stand for a orinicnle. J -80 55.391, 7-60-44-15-M4 5.90.314.725 munity searching.l."E.Y1" that. win provide the Identity for which Negroes-.are,*.

.-..-: .

t 1 A.
-- ----- -
t ---- -- -------- ----- ,


SigmaVice Thetas Hear Legislators At Convention I r 9

President HwnpireyCommends YMCA lists Three 'Madill Batterlly" Winner Crownediiiiimim sues Aiiiliiry OfYtts 9 a

Teei-Life Work September Events Plus tiilfitiTJ

CINCINNATI Ohio-Two thousand delegates the twenty- At A.L Lewis Brine ,'\, Ladles Auxiliary to Gate
ninth annual convention of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority heard, way Barracks 3131 Veterans of

and enthusiastically received, a special message from the The A.L. Lewis Branch of the World War I, USJL, wttl discuss -.
Honorable Hurbert Humphrey, vice-president of the United Young Women's Christian Association J ._..... plans for the building drive
States, who u chairman of the President's Tooth Opportunity win hold a meeting of :r rt\ at the meeting of September
Council, speaking her on the "Teen-LUT' program, said: ". the Membership Committee on 9,1967. The auxiliary is making
plan to can on the leadership of Delta Sigma Theta for as* Monday, September 11, at a special plea for the attendance -
slstance and guidance In r'v'lnC your "Teen-Uft" to other 12 noon. Business of importancewill t ..ft ; of all members. The
cities. I feel there should be more of this type ot educational, be transacted.An membersare meeting opens at 2 p.m.
cultural and social enrichment poocrlDllD every metropolitan urged to be present. Hostesses On September 23, date of the
area In the country."A standing ovation was given the dignitary win be Mrs. Marvyn ,\ last scheduled meeting the
at the conclusion of Us message. Jenkins Mrs. Mary L. Washington A'J' I' \ir 1yt1V Buddies will serve refresh-

Mrs. Vldella Butler and ments. Plans win be completed
The Delta agenda, starlit with guise," concluded the eminent Mrs. Eula Graham. Mrs. for the Armistice Day celebration -
speakers and leaders of national Journalist. Estellt R. ,Jones Is chairman. of November n.

prominence, highlighted, Pittsburgh Courier Editor Howard On Saturday, September 23, to p- I The September 9th meeting
also two messages by Negro Woods described"Tes be known u Leadership Training I win feature reports by various
women legislators, namely:Dr. Too Can" motivation seminar Day for the YWCA, leaders .rJ committee members.
Dorothy M. Brown, only woman held Pittsburgh. The special and trainees in leadership will Jim \ 1'a
member of the Tennessee motivation effort was attended go to Talbot Island, from 9 .
State Legislature VUss Barbara by 200 tenth and eleventh a.m., to I p.m. T .ti .j' J Bethany Councils To
r Jordan only Negro woman graders and was, supervised Miss Jean Flless, Executive h j 1 liI
elected to the Texas State by persons not over 25 years Director of the Jacksonville Association -
Senate. of age. Woods said that "0- win give a review of Observe AnniversaryThe .t

t Mae Jordan caned for "re- ample and the sharing of ..1perlence the International Tour from f f members of the Sons and I
newed leadership among "
were stressed In which ".elecU,,'" have lust
.American Negroes. The Negro the Daughters of Bethany Councils 4
program. returned. Other locals win also
.' I 6 14 and 15 win celebrate .
senator said "This Is a time
Jet Foods Inc. representative Sula Wells
Mrs. Is
participate. Hardly Nelson, Contralto with the Bethl le-cootmu College their anniversary on Sunday
for musjal unusual resources people and to commit talents Herman T. Smith, spoke. chairman. Mrs. Vice,F.James Choir, was crowned the winner during the coronation of "Ma- September 10, at 6 P.B., in
Jet Foods Is only national Is co-chairman. dama Butterfly", a lift from Dr. Richard Moore, president St. Matthews Baptist CtunaThe
to solve-American unusually dttflcnlt Negroes\ problems are- supermarket chain operated by On October 5, 1967, the Religious of the Institution. Donna Legget, a sophomore from Key West president has said that
Negroes. "The most Important Resources Committee

ship confronted crisis.! with. Miss a grave Jordan leader felt things," said Mr. Smith, "is win hold a meeting.This Important was The the program runnerup., "M adama Butterfly", was organised. by the that the event will be promises long remembered.The to be one.

must take to eliminate the Idea that It announcement was made by Choir In an effort to raise money to purchase 40 Blazers, public has been Invited '
that educated Negroes can't be done or that we can't Mrs. F. J. Dixon director with : ,
disturbances according to Thomas D. Demps Director of the Choir. to help mate this occasion a .
the lead In preventing "
dolt. Mrs. Mary Alice C. Smith .1 win be used
The Maroon and Gold Blazers u a traveling memorable f
and confusion. Clarence B. Jones vice-pre co-chairman.
Dr. Dorothy M. Brown told sident of the firm of Cuter
the vast audience that the political Berllnd and Weil, Inc., Investors -
process and the use of suggested a Federal reparations Gram! Daughter Elk Smith
It are vital. Dr. Brown further program to offset the Grind ..I'ler.Elk Re-Elected I

urged the use of reason, good losses sustained by Negroes !,,,,.. .a ,.. ,
sense, mature Judgment, forgiveness whose "ethnic assets were Wins Her Fourth Election I ,
and an Increasing
seised and destroyed under -i
use of the Vote rather than violence chattel slavery." Grand Ruler Nettle B.Smith
LOG ANGELES, Calif.- Daughter
for the attainment of Sergeant Shrlver of OEO was of the Grand Temple of Elks, at the recent convention here, ; __:h, 11
equality. "Even though voting: represented by Dr. Maurice A. proved that her slate and her platform were unbeatable. AccordIng -
takes a little longer," said the Dawklns, Assistant Director, to a special release to the FLORIDA STAR, already three- '
olon, "in the end it 1s more who urged the Deltas to plunge times leader of the women's auxiliary,really. rollered" '
effective. Any other way will Into the war on poverty u a her strongest opponents and was swept back Into offflce without
lead to self destruction." "command post to unify and
the difficulty. *
Senator Charles H. Percy of coordinate an all-out effort" was made an honorary Elk by !
Enthusiasm was high .
Elk Hobson
Illinois prated the sorority for by federal agencies in cooperation the complete tatyingotthe Grand Master Reynolds.
and for Its upon Daniels was recognized
accomplishments with state, county and city ballots Grand Daughter Ruler
dedication. The coon mentioned officials u well u business Smith ,came In for the fourth for his and 35 for years"his In show long business heritage Try OurRecipe
the bin heproposesforhomeownership
and labor
u a means of meet- consectuve time u the'ICIr.me "
of faith.
for low-Income
lug crisis.
leader of the Lady
families and spoke of the need Coun- In an Inprecedented and certainly -
Other speakers were
Elks of the World. The culmination -
for federal aid "to make the cllwoman Sallye B. Uathls, surprising move GrandDaughter For
of the campaign point
American dream a reality for Ruth Bates Smith matte a presentation
Jacksonville, Fla., vital
ed wen to the strong
all Americans." That realisation Harris, Executive Director of Grand Daughter Smith of$2000, Including bonds
of the expense of the the Human Relations Council, program 'o the Elk el
has sponsored for the past four
war In South Vietnam. Joseph Hall, Executive Outdoor
Washington Living
; years. Her efforts were lauded
Another first, Clarence B. Director, Cincinnati Urban by those in charge. The reelection Heroines Of
Jones, first Negro principal oft League; Jack Young, Mississippi was a response to the
New YorkStockExchange.felt attorney,''and Vernon itself which has been
that aid to dwellers by program Jericho EndINstitate Round
ghetto I ',Jordan, Director, Voter Education expanded and become unusually -- Ye
the Federal Government would Project, Southern Regional effective.
be lawlessness."
Council. Grand Daughter Ruler Smith
Mr. Jones mentioned monies The Delta Mary. Church
has left no stones unturned to

channeled many. He said to ,Post-War"There was Ger-no posthumously Terrell Award, to was presented the late bring Lady Elkdom more and The eleventh annual midsummer /A Take One Poolor
more into the forefront of fraternal ,
Most "
institute of the
question In our mind about rebuilding Phllllppa Duke Schuyler,
the people of Germany pianist and author, who died organizations. Widely Worshipful Union of the Grand Patio and some
known u a fervent worker
Court of the Heroines of Jericho
after the war and there should in South Vietnam.
Mrs. Smith has with her workers
be no question that the Negro Mrs. Schuyler, wife of the as added to the, perpetuation working under the Most Wor-1 LOB ANGILES-Showing a smile of victory, Grand Daughter Electric InfraredHeaters
people are entitled to re- soclate editor of the Plttsburgt hiirful Union the Grand Lodge Ruler Mettle B. Smith was swept Into her fourth term, along .
of the link of which
dresslve reparations for the Courier, received the award. progress recently Melbourne, Fla. with her co-winners, u the leader of all of the Ladles of
has been of the
conditions created slavery." Lady Sara Carter, wife of Ambassador Kingdom of part Elks Itself. great The session upend with registration Elkdom. Grand Daoughter Ruler Smith, according to news or Quartz Lamps
Two outstanding Journalists, to the United States of delegates. The release to the FLORIDA STAR, stood far ahead of opponents
Howard B. Woods of the Pittsburgh Carter was Initiated U an of The the United World Oorder is the of largest Elks Board Meeting was at 12 noon,, from the very beginning Mrs. Smith was commended for her to take the nip out of the air,
Courier, and Editor honorary member. fraternal with dinner recess following., work and for the great programs Lady Elkdom has sponsored
John Sengstacke of the Chicago The closing hours of the convention dues-paying In the UnltedStates or- The business session opened at under her dynamic presidency. (PHOTO Special to STAR) and have"Endless'Summer" "
pn1 .Uon. you'll
Defender Publications, addressed featured the election of 1:30, the education board wars,
the Islands of tho Sea and in
the assembly. Editor charge Deputy
Muse Freeman
officers Frankel
Sengstacke commended Chicago the Dominion of Canada. subordinates instructing. This Brown ---. / .
aaa1 Betty Weds
was elected president.Mrs. Grand Exalted Ruler His ExceUency .
for its"OperaUaa Cool Summer Freeman Is the only woman Lynden 0.PlndlingVasat session closed at 5 p.m. Club. Holes ,
for the An enthusiastic youthprogramtoot
a past
panacea commissioner on the Ralph Stephens
the same time awarded the
In relations."Ef place at 7:30 p.m. The Add
summer race United States Civil Rights Com
Lovejoy Award during Civil Liberties -
forts must be made to solve mission and Is an associate. theme was "Youth's Role in a Miss Betty Jean Broun,daughter USHER BOARD ITO
Day Mrs. Smith received -
the problems and Improve the general counsel to the St.Lend Changing Time." The Greater of Mr. and Mrs. Judson MEET-
like award.
conditions that give rise todls- Housing and Land Clearance Billy a Daniel,'Internationally Allen Chapel AME Church was Lee Brown, Jr., became the Usher Board I of St. Paul some of the new
and mental host to the affair. The Rev.J. of Leon Stephen -
contentment an- Authorities. entertainer bride Mr. Ralph AME Church win meet Sunday;
town this year B. Garmon, Is pastor. At Friday, September 3, In September 10, at 4 p.m.

---- 9 p.m., the banquet' was held in Ephesus Junior Academy. The The president has asked all Portable Electric Appliancessuch
Masonic Hall.Saturday Rev. Ralph B. Halrson of- members to please be present

E-X-C-L-U-S-l-V-E-l-Y I morning at 9 a.m., ficiated. u business( of Importance will .
the Institute Work Shop opened. The bride bad chosen a creation be discussed. as the
Dup dy Grand Most Ancient Matron of silk linen, with French
At Francis Morris was In lace trim. A pillbox of French
charge. This meeting featured lace secured the veil Miss. Phone For Appointment Electric Charcoal Broiler
signs and demonstrations. Brown curled orchled and carnations -
1 Ancient Matrons Ruth Adams on a Bible. DR. REX SMITH that charcoal vor
L --- BCCOllpater and team were discussion lead- The matron of honor was Mrs.
ers. The theme was "A Good Cleveland Jones. The bridesmaid 900 W. State EL-t-Dfl'
Name. Deputy Pauline Reed par" Miss Audrey Hollomon. but with no mess. They'requick
Office: Formerly Occupied bJ'Dr.
Most Ancient Matron LIllie Mr. Larry Stephens,

Ifewby, Most Ancient Matron brother of the bridegroom. ,served Lvncker-Opposlte Rita safe and clean.. .
Operations Leola Thompson and Heroine u best man. ,,
Lenora Gulett spoke. Most An.-
:lent Matron Carrie L. Arnold Add

Course made the summary. Moat Anient Ladies Extra Large .
:: Matron Rosa L. Johnson ,
led the questlon-and-answer a number of
Train tin the' fabulous new IBM 360 and Honeywell period.

120 Computers. Commentaries came from Size Electric Patio Lights,

100,000 Operators Needed Now. Rev. D. E. White, Grand Yen ClothesLay .
erable' Patron. Remarks were
If you are Interested In a furturo with made by the Grand Court Historian turn dark into day and

high pay, prestige and, advancement.||| ibis H. Waybill Taylor, the
Grand Vemerable Patron E. D. .your backyard into a,
Gibson and Most Ancient Ma- -A-Way Now .
All live Til Disin Ti Mm AlesIi Will trOD Lola Jo mson. Lovely/ Oasis

At 3 pjn., the Heroines and

Armii Tit. litiilif. Tiitici AH .lib PlicmitAsslstiici. Causeway Heroes motored for their to grand Melbourne picnic. For Your Fall of Light

: The menu featured bar- Clothing Needs
becue chicken etc. IllustriousGran and Pleasure

Venerable Patron EJ>.
Class opening available' In ICEY PUNCH f
BUSINESS Gibson spoke words of ap-
Slips Gowns Dresses
Tour potential u an LBC graduate is unlimited. Other 1.a The next session will be held

Business Colleges hire our graduates as Instructors.o ''1+ lnwGainesviUe, Texas, according -
we must be the best. ;: to naunoocementbyGrend Dusters Lingerie

,r., Ziae Court Historian H. MaybeU

CALL 18 WHITE: Taylor FLORIDA In a visit to the officeof A
the STAR.

Liscola Basfeess College ** *** Y C

618 West Forsytb St. Jacksonville, Fla. I IARMYRESERVE STORE r:! .
119 bread Street a Did 3544011

Phone 355- 6611 ( U JAI $ONVIW, flCfJDA, 9X202 ,

-- *** ****





t : .li htale Strkji Club toils Heroiaes Of Jericho Eleventh

..._ ,
> ? + ry. w iBStitate Is lest, Says LeaderThe

CRJREWS eleventh annual Mid-Summer Inctitue of the Grand Court

of t the Heroines of Jericho of the Most Worshipful Onion of tat
,band Lodge of Florida, closed recently at Melbourne and, according -
: to the Grand Court Historian,Mrs Eddie Taylor eclipsed .
earlier meets both In achievement and entbuatas.Mrs. .
Women's Bay .WU1 be observed on Sunday September 10 at Taylor widleYISItIngtbeFLORIDA ola Thompson. *
STAR office, reported -
the Church of God b Christ. Most Ancient Matron Carrie
Sunday School Is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m., with Mrs t that the work done this caliber.year L. Arnold brought the summary
of extremely high
and teachers charge. + was Questions and
Eddie Mae Williams, superintendent 1-LA r to- answersweredl-
The lesson's topic will reviewed by Mrs. Freddie". Jones. The annual confab educatlemnrtfraternal brought reeled by Most Ancient Matron

Morning service is set for 11:45 ajn., with devotion being led 14. hA.IIIII Rosa 1.. Johnson. JIEY. DJE.
by the devotional committee. The morning speaker will be convention White, Grand Venerable Patron
The was precededby
MM. BlUI.Alternooa. ,,, as A.1' 1r the registration of delegates. made remarks u did Grand
service scheduled to begin el4p.m, and evening the Board Meeting held at, Court Historian Maybelte Talor. ,-
service will begin at 8 p.m.. high Several important Dlustrions Grand Vener;
able Patron E. D. Gibson
a ,, and
matters pertinent to the work
MT. OLIVE: PRIMITIVE BAPTIST qr. Most Ancient Matron participated
Rev. J.M. Dixon win be the speaker Sunday morning at Mt. were discussed. Plans were also.
made for the entire session.
Olive Primitive Baptist. enthusiastic business session This large group motored later:
Sunday School win get under way with Superintendent A.M. was beld.Many in the day to {be Melbourne,
Frailer In elate along with his staff of teachers. Causeway for the grand picnic>
will be led the deacons and Rev. youthful delegates presented bl
Morning service devotion by a'gala program at 7:SO. Featured were barbecue
Dixon win bring the message "Youth's Role other goodies.Illustrious Grand
The theme was
Prayer meeting scheduled for Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m. in a Changing Time." Host toGas Patron GlbeoospotefnspprecI.:
During the Ame meeting the gospel choir win render a ation.
affair was the Greater Allen -
The next annual oummu Y
program ,
e .Chapel AMEjChurch.; : The school wUTbe ln Gainesville,(
Rev.; J. B. Garmon Is pastor.
UNION PROGRESSIVE BAPTIST Fla. The Grand Worthy Historian
Later in the evening was thesess1oo'
Sunday school is set for 9:30 a.m., with the superintendent, which Mrs ..Taylor lives at 673 '
p ,Mrs. Mary McCoy and teachers In charge. The lesson's held at the banquet Masonic, Temple.The was. West 16th Street Jacksonvlll.Her ,
topic "Ambassador in Chains," will be reviewed by the pastor husband, the Rer. Eddie
-- -
Rev. Jake Ray, Jr. MEET- Members of the Nightingale Savings CUh who!met last ;.. Ida Ovens,' Mrs. Georgia lunge;-ilr Anna favoredfeature Institute Worshop of the,gathering alwaysa TalorlI pastor of theSt.Paul.
Morning service will begin at II un., with Deacons D.B. Tuesday night for their regular monthly meeting are seen here., Daniels, Mrs. Emma Lea Dennis Mrs. Rosetta Holden, and Saturday mornlngat Baptist church,716StonewaHSt.
It Pollard LId Robert King in charge of devotion. The speakerfor Seated from left are:Mrs.Eloulse Archer,Mrs.Bessie Golsoo, Mrs. Willie Mae Thomas. The meeting was held in the home 9 began Grand Most Ancient -
morntaff service win be Sv. T. E. Olds Choir and usher Mrs. Mattie Brown,Mrs Margaret Woods,Mrs.Naomi Grimes, of Mrs Givens at 1475<< W. 18th Street, where Mrs. Givens proved -' a.m.Matron Deputy Francis Morris
board 2 will serve throughout the day. Mrs MozeUa Freeman; and Mrs.Mildred Pooler.Standingare.: to be a gracious hostess. (Photo By. A.,Paul Crawford) was in charge. Signs and demonstrations Church Of! Christ
The speakder for evening worship scheduled to begin at Mrs. Laura Bryant, Mrs. Ruth Cohen, Mrs. Maggie Lesure, essentlalparts of
6 p.m., win be the pastor Rev. Ray. -- --- ,
The president of choir 2 Is asking all members to meet him Masonry were watched with

at First Samuel Baptist Church in their choirs anniversary Religion And RaceNEW Anniversary ToRe ..In Conc,d Ancient eagerness Matron by theaudlene.Ruth Adams Most and Holds Men's, Day
on Monday afcbLPnJlr '
meeting is scheduled for Tuesday night at the usual ObservedDistrict her team discussed "A Good The Church of Christ Written
time and all choirs will rehearse on Wednesday night. ADDITIONS Name." A fine summary came In Heaven will hold Its annual
All members of the church are invited to attend the regular HERAKLION Crete business meeting to be held on Thursday night at the church. granted full membership in the World Council of Churches by Church will observe Ancient Matron Lizzie Newby 10,
the approving Central committee are the Malagasy Friends their anniversary on Sunday and Most Ancient Matron Le- throughout the Elaborate

FIRST CORINTH BAPTIST Church, Conference of Methodist Church In the Caribbean and afternoon, September 10,3 p.m., plans have been made, and all

Rev. J.M. Haselton pastor of ML Cannes will speak for the Americas, Methodist Church In Sierra, Leone, Evangelical In the church's auditorium.The James Bailey ._Heads are invited.
'Joint anniversary 'observance of Deaconess boards 1 and 2 Lutheran Church of Tanzania and the United Church of Jamaicaand anniversary sermon will The speaker for the morning
and the Deacens and Trustee board on Monday night Grand Cayman. The addition of the 11 denominations bring be delivered by Rev.J.1..Davis service will be Elder Calvin
Services for Sunday at First Corinth will get underway with to 231 the number of religious bodies in the WCC ranks, in more of Mandarin. New AMVET Post 93 D. Klnsey, pastor of the Church
Sunday school beginning at 9 30 a.m. The pastor will reviewthe than 80 countries. Guest Districts will include: Post No. '93 of the Florida of God in Christ Temple at
lesson. District 30 oIMt.Arart,Deacon American Veterans of World Fifth and Wood. Elder Kinsey,
Morning worship has been set for 1149 a.m.. with the deacons RASS ROOTS Henry Milliner Is the leader; War No. 11, known as AMVENS always an Interesting speaker
In charge of dtvotlon. NEWARK, NJ.NPIHBome 100 religious leaders.-mostly District 24, Second Baptist, was organized on September is expected to bring a stirring
Evening worship will begin at 6:45 p.m., with the gospel clergy and two-thirds white-tave formed an ad hoc committee Deacon James Tremble Is the I, u state officers and mem- address. At 3:30 p.m., Elder
chorus choir 2 and usher board 3 serving. The pastor will to work toward alleviating conditions which led to the recent leader; District 22, from Day bers of Post No. 30 of Orlando Amos Darting, pasta of the
deliver the message. wave of rioting in the city. Spring, Deacon L.D. Mungln Fla.,convoyed into Jacksonville Church of God in Christ, accompanied
Tuesday night at 7:SO p.m., prayer meeting will be held at TESTIMONIAL and District 8, St. Johns Baptist to set up this new unit. by his Twlnty-Flrst

the church. CHICAGO-(NPI)-A, testimonial dinner honoring the Rev. Church, Deacons Willis The meeting was held at Buster Street Congregation, win be a
District 1 rod t will meet Sunday In the home of Mrs. Angeline Joseph H. Evans, pastor Church of the Good Shepherd, for his Martin and James Thompson, HENRIETTA GRAHAM Ford's Blrdland Rest. Commander Professor

Simmons, 8501 Mlnosa Drive East at 3 p.m. recent election as secretary of the United Church of, leaders. Paul AME Robert Washington, Green and Us male
Choir 1 will observe their anniversary on the September 21, at Christ (Congregation, Evangelical and Reformed Churches), # The YW.rs of St. Mrs. first vice-commander of the singers will participate. In the
8 p.m., in the church's auditorium.ABOUT will be staged in the .: Room; Pick-Congress Hotel Friday Church win present Graham In a Florida Department, was the morning services Moses Williams /
Sept. 15. Rev.Evans to officially take office u denominatlomtsecretary Patricia Everett hiRokirt Henriette Birdsong Be Music" Installing officer. will be at the organ.,
'Let There
on Oct 1. Ten officers were elected. Members of the Celestial Singers '
In the main auditorium of the
James C.Bailey is Commander. will participate.
PEOPLE Wiffiri wed church Sunday, September 10,at is
PHASING OUT The first commander The Sunday School will begin
NASHVlLLE-NPI-Come next April, the Central (Negro) 8 p.m. Mrs. Graham will be Edward E. Speights, second at 9:SO, Deacon W.G. Patterson

SERVICEMAN LNTERTAIIiED: BY: CLASSMATES. ,. .... Jurisdiction, Methodist Church will !have become.a part Miss Patricia Corrine Everett, accompanied by Mrs. Dorothy Choir' ,vice-commander Arthur S.lC1nc win be,guest Superintendent
I "-. ." ,.4ta( of the past history, of the denomination. Recently, rep re* t tsentatlves daughter, J iof.'Mr. and Mrs. .Chllds. The Ada Bracy I 4 ,,.tWd'11.vjeefonunatiderFreamon 'Others, wULbe Julius: Mack,
Specialist Fifth Class Thomas Taylor was entertained j r by of the. JursldlcUon met' in the eighth and.final Thornton /na, West 6th St, will assist. ThU affalrcped'tothe McNalr. reviewer; John Robert Dunbar
classmates of New Stanton High School on August 25th. conference, to put the finishing touches upon Its coming Integration Jacksonville was married to public, is being presented Willie Clayton was named ad-' secretary and Moses Williams,
Taylor has Just returned from a tour of duty overseas and is with the main Methodist Church, and subsequently Mr. Robert Wofford, son of for the benefit of the Women'sDay jutant. George Worren will be music.
staying at home, 1762 Broadway while here In the city. into the new United Methodist Church, which merges the Mr. and Mrs. Willie Woods, program. The public is finance officer andOtisSpelghts The roster of guest teachers
Methodists with the United Brethern. at 6 p.m., Saturday, August cordially invited. legislative director. Judge Advocate lists: Deacon Leroy Mallary
'.' 19, in the home of the bride's will be Alfred Taylor Men's Bible Class, Deacon Ell-

I parents. Choirs Robert L. Jackson, Pro- Jab Tolllver Women's Bible
The Rev, R JU King officiated Westside r vest Marshall end Freddie Motley Class, Elder Charles Reed

at the ceremony.The chaplain. Young Adults, Deacon Clinton
bride chose a long gown Union.: To Meet This national organization, James Junior Class and Deacon -

I ATTENTION JAXONS of chiffon over taffeta,with lace Westside Choirs .AMVETS, Is open to all veterans Fired Lockley Primary
slower appliques down: the front. The Friendly who served in the armed forces class.

The chapel! trail was touched Union win hold its termination quarterlybusiness afros September 16, 1940, The church Is located at MJO.
with appliques of lace. Miss* meeting, testimonial through the Vietnam War con Kings Road.
Everett's veil was attached to of the president's flict. The post plans to launchits
r a crown of seed pearl. She appreciation affair and ban-, 19(8 membersblpdrlvesoon.
carried a bouquet of carnations. quet, Monday evening at 7:30 AMVETS has as its motto
the MahlUhckson'
': Florida Star Wi.II'Publish Miss Deborah Webb, cousin of p.m.. in the main auditorium Chnr "Unity for Peace With Conviction
Mount Bethel Baptist dvS67S
the bride, came from Fort Honor and Valor." The
Lauderdale to be maid of honor. Anderson St., September National Headquarters Is at 1-10 Returns Home
11, with Rev. Lee McQueen and
Bridesmaids were Miss Gwen Rhode Island Avenue, Washing
dolyn Garrison of Jacksonville Mrs. Ule Llee In charge.. ton, D.C. A. Leo Anderson Irfabal1a Jackson, Internationally
and Miss Carolyn Cody of Damascus The Musical Extravaganza is national commander. The acclaimed singer of gospel
"r ,. entitled "Sing Choir of music has retumnedtoher horn
organization started In 1944 and
., :. \Y.C'J". .Yeari I .' Mr. Lawrence Webb was best Choirs SIng will be held Sun:: wu chartered by Congress in In Chicago following a Jaunt to
man. Ushers were Mr. Ernest day October 28th at 6:<45< p.m., 1947. President Lyndon B.Johnson Berlin, Germany.' Miss Jackson
In the main unit of Mount Olive according to a press release
.. I* Ward and Mr. Marvin Holt. is a life member. The organization -
,1' / The reception for the newlyweds Primitive Baptist Church, 1319 : Implements many suffered from a recurrence cia '
was held in the home of North Myrtle Are., with Mrs/ plans for the benefit of the.membera. beart condition. I!
Church News Clvb Hews the bride's parents. Following Catherine W. Sykes, Mrs RubyB. .
a brief honeymoon in Tam- Stewart and Mr. Joseph P.

i pa and In Wildwood, Mr. ands Long in charge.Westside Union
Mrs. Wofford are now in Rap>> The Friendly

,1\: .Social Notes Wedding AnnovnceMents ktasvffle employed, in Ky.the Mr.public Wofford school is Male, September Chorus will 9th meet, 8 Saturiday p.m.,1\. WRITE WJ2HC. TOOl

main nnltof
I for rehearsal, in the
system '
Royal Tabernacle Baptist Win $25.00 Your Charch
'y *' :': Usher Board Plans Church 1320 W. fist Street, ;
: I with Mr. James M. Harvey
lifE OF CHARGE : ; For i2Stn AnniversaryUsher The Robinson Brothers, Mrs.. Cat oat the. coupon below and

", ,1T.t, i\.l, Mary Helen Bellamy and x,..,
tf* I board 2 of tile First _Catherine W. Sykes in charge.Memorial .. write you question then nail
: Zion Baptist! Church will cele-.
: t., r\

'r' 'We'll Publish Your Pictures September brats their 13th 28th, 8 p.nu anniversary,' in the' : -21. ) to. radio' statioi'WRHC! .t. 0..

: main auditorium cI the churcL. .
The public is invited to attend Box 2467 Jacksonville Floe
this affair for the program ,

(! Except Color Photos'i'1' committee has planned an enjoyable PHONE 389-11)1)
\ program for your en-' : 5INSTRUCTIONS.

tertalnment. : : The WRHC "Mall Box": wm attempt to get
an answer to any question you may have on any subject, such
Second Adult Class u schools, rents, taxes, dry and county government and so
: Do Yoa Wait A Photographer To Cover on.

; i1I Write your questions below and man at once. Tour question
Stirtiet and theroadcast frroommf'timme' ram your m5 tBd address will be
b to on WRHC, so please print your'
Teas tyt.,. 2J, 8 P.M. : name and address. Write u often u yon like and llstenjpr
Bampets Weddings Social Events? four answer'on WRHC,woo on your rafflq your total communlt
Hospital Aide Class ,station, on the air 24 hours a day.
For the best question each week during this
.* .Cashier SalesClerk ma111ar. Radio
Call 354-6782 Stat10D WEHC will award $25.00 to the church of your choice
Kindergarten Teachers' lMY QUESTION IS:
rfri of my darling .
.Piano Voice Theory son, who passed away Sept.
DEADLINE FOR NEWS: TUESDAY 4. P. M. i ,S Bud And Orchestra fisfohfesTs 7 1963, .4 years ago. Be bid
no one a last farewell not even:
goodbye. He was gone beforewe
: College knew It and only God knows
Brhf Mews Mail News To
To: : why. Our hearts still ache in

.loneliness, our eyes shed many. LEASE PRINT
I 20tk. Strut '
Florida Star-'r: .1 i..i :: Florida Star 1I1S tears Sleep on Sonnle, take MY NAME si- .
> / i your rest. We love yon but
:' lilistnr 35M 5 God love you best. MY ADDRESS: 'S- _

2323 MeiicrielJU.. P.O. Box 599 Signed. II question Is beat 1
John! H. DoMes, Mrs Gussie T. Singletary! of my choice Judged piety send $%5.00 tithe church

i Coh 13th ,'Street. /. :Jacksonville 1 1. Fk. 32201' Resident BJ.M.S.EpS.-.mrector mother; ; Anna Charlie lee Spence Singletary., sister w.my I ..



-., .-w a.. w.t a .,tar'. - "


''I ,1 u _


1 The 63rd Anniversary For Allen Chapel AME Scheduled To Begin Sept. 10th

Sister Thomas Anniversary Service Juei :Pirtici Juoi Participates Ji lastilBtiAs Week loag Activies Plaaaed

Gospel Horse Slated C.L.telfalr For MondayThe gospel cho- for Adversary Celebra3ioM

rus of Revelation Baptist According to an &announcement made by the official stag.
To Celebrate Church will celebrate their 3rd the 63rd acnlversary of Allen Chapel AMK Church will beheld

anniversary on Monday Bight beguiling September 10-17.
f Sister Eerie Mae Thomas. September 11 In the auditorium Aa outstanding program hat from Emanuel Baptist Church;

r known an over u the "Gospel of the church,at 0 p JB, beta organised by the program and Rev Z.L. Tyrns, accompanied
. Horse" of gospel music win Devotion will be led by the committee for your spiritual by hlseongregatlonfrom
1 celebrate her anniversary Sunday Brooklyn Prayer Band followed comfort and enjoyment.BeglnnlBf New Hope AME.
: night, September 10, at lit,. by the Introduction of the mistress Sunday at 3:30 The Rev. H.H. Wright and COBgregatioa -
l' Ararat Baptist! Church, la the of ceremonies by Mrs. r I _n ...., St Paul AMK Church from Evergreen Baptist
I t' annex, with a star-filled pro- Helen Telfalr, in the person of aid pastor. Rev. A.C.Chand- Church; Rev. S. M. Gat-
. tram of singers and artists.ESSIK Mrs. Jessie Brown. ler Sr. and It Stephens AME son, First Samuel Baptist
'. The Excelsiors Gospel fingers Church Rev JS.Johnson will Church and Rev. B. J.Franklin
will render song service ,reader the services accompanied and congregation of Midway
ad usher board 1 of Ala by their choirs and members AME Church will render service .

Is Chapel, AME Church will also of their congregations. beginning at I p.m.
em, during the service. OB Monday Bight beginning at Sunday September 17th, beginning
s: Others appearing on the program I pjn., Fountain Chapel AME at 3:30 p.a.tIIe; Navy
will be: the Summer- Church, the Rev. F.W. Jones, Exchange Anniversary Service
i ,Tine Baptist! Cholrl. Mt., Vernon .. ST. pastor and St. Matthews win be featured by Father Rich
, I Baptist Gospel Chorus; m Church Rev. E. Mobley ard J. Bowles delivering the
.: Brooklyn Gospel Singers; Deacon will be IB charge of the order message.
Albert Ashwood.Mrs.Alice service.. Dr. A. R. RlchardsoB win
Phillips; Mrs. Retha M. Lang; lev. IX. Taylor pastor ofIt. hold the 4th Quarterly conference .
Mrs. Thelma Edwards; the Paul Baptist Church along business session on
Traveling Stars Gospel Singersand 'with Rev. Otis Davis and Com- Friday night becJDnI.DI.at I i

Mrs. Genuine Austin. amity Baptist Church is programmed o.m.
Mrs. Telfclr will give t the to render the service

l closing remarks ,1 oa Po'Tuesday". night beginning at Sons Of Jubilee fToReader I

Allen Dale To Hold I "4'i''' Programmed for Wednesday
!sight, I p.m., will be Bethlehem
Baptist Church, Rev. A.
: MeetingThe Anderson pastor and Rev
MAE THOMAS Revival The Sons of Jubilee Singers'
N. McCray, pastor of Union
This raHntiaiiy known singer Allen Dale Baptist ChurchIs Community AME: Church will render an after service at
UsteIamong holding a fifteen night revival a part of the work la the KDKA Institute the Holy Church of God X,
In a visit to the STAR, Mrs Grace Arizona WIlma Elementary ei Thursday sight service win
Bagdad Cody Library
those 'Sfpearlng: The meetingwhkh began on the Solomon was a member of the Science Study Group which visor ,Texarkana; Independent, Schools Texarkana Texas,' feature three pastors and their 1993 Yutoe St., Sunday Bight
Thelmattas, The Thomas Singers 4th of September and will rut examined and studied literature for children In this ares Delia,Relnmuth Librarian Alliance iongrentloM rendering ser 9p.m. .
the eunrlse Singers The thru the 17th. The Rev. W. G. and compiled\ a bibliography of recommended books. Elementary City Schools All singing groups la the city
rice follows Rev
I Alliance Nebraska Mary UTscbelL NDEA Institute Instructor They are u : ;
sam Tilly Is the host pastor. Members of this study (from left to ; and surrounding vlclnty are In.rifted .
1 Sons of Jubilee Singers, group right) Included and Group Adviser; and Grace Solomon, Librarian, Rufus I.C. Baeaerman, pastor of Mt.,
Octorettes Mt.I The evangelists the marathon Ella B. Sayles Librarian Eighth Avenue to help make this program
dare :Renders Elementary School, Payne Elementary School. Jacksonville Florida Moral AILS Church; Rev. S.
.Ararat Baptist! Choirs No. 3, revival will be Rev Horace Houston. Texas; Lester Dykman. Librarian, Bagdad Schools, L. Badger and congregation. a -success.
I and 4-B, Male Chorus, Mrs. Owens and Rev Nathan dourer l
1 .Thelma Edwards, McDade Singers win deliver the sermons five
Sunbeam Singers,Traveling nights each. AME ,Minister Calls
e Stars. Others are: ReY.I Also participating In the revival ASSOCIATE

Mae Davis, Gospel Choirs of services will be Rev. Vietnam War Murder AFAYETTEIRADIO
Philadelphia Baptist Church, B.T. Overstreet pastor of Mt. SMI
t 'Deacon Solomon Gammons, Tabor Baptist Church Rev DENVER-(NPI)-An .interracial RADIO ,
Emanuel Male Chorus, Excelsior Overstreet will also deliver a group heard an African

.. Gospel Singers, Peter message for five nights. Methodist Episcopal Zlon minister ...
Jack Ben, Deacon Clem Levlne, The public has been Invited tc described the Vietnam war I I
t ,The McC'ond' Singers, the attend this meeting which promise 'u "murder and suicide" at a
I Specials, The Celestial Gospel to be different free* clay "Stop the War" rally attended

. Singers, Pentecostal Choir, other held in the city. by 300 people. IAFArtTT1
t Heavenly Five Gospel Singer The Rev. Willie Long Jr.,
L Utimore Singers Voices oi Octovettes To Host pastor Spottswood AME Zion

Faith, Austin Twin McCall ,Church and secretary Denver / FREE TUBE TESTING 3DAYS .
1 ,Singers and the Gospel Echoes.' Ministerial Alliance, declared\ : .
Voting People UnionThe
I Mrs Ruth Valdes will be mistress that ending the war "must take FREE: PARKING Sept, 7, I, ,
. of ceremonies. Mrs Nathaniel Jackson Octo priority over everything else. .FREE: PRIZES
Marion Whitehead will present vettes will serve u host to Everyone is a part of the war; 'IJIIJ : CATALOGS, llw 3663* Hran rhllllM MOli.I Nt ML t S awn '

".' the occasion. Refresh the Young People Union Sunday whether be is fighting It or MAPS SEE LIST pc.A1:'e k e

ments will be served by the. September 10, 3 p.m., al not, he Indicated. MMItS

I 'Fashlonettes Club and the the Community Baptist Church Corky Gonzales, chairman,. .. ...... ,.........,... .'..IIl..U.C.U.L.lJll..J.: .. I
Rev. OD. Davis is the pastor. Crusades for Justice,called the II
City-Wide Hostess Club. Mrs WAr1TTl tu/r 10" I 1
I p 12.Trln/lt/
Irene Williams Is president of Mrs. lee* Harris is Inviting conflict "a war of imperialist I'' L.T h.lab I 1I 1I AM.FM Pocket Sadie r j i LAFAymE : : UFAYETTE
the Hostesses. All prayer bands "au singing groups and the public aggression fought by the pool I EMERGENCY I : N.M F..IMtedmnseal.hrt I. CELL i TECHN4TIMERM i

;-are:toyMed U pastor, The,, Rev;'D':;L.Graham .td success help.mate".this' program. a fpr Industrialists,.. the .Interests, and those'whowould of the fat 1 1ASIlUGHf"" : : trig r" n ... ..VJ'Jp .... i i i'D ; F ? i /

Members of the Octovettes create a police state; < I I

are: Miss Beverly Fedd, president The Rev. James Bevel, national ,. n 6
: Missionaries To Nee! ; Miss Gloria Ann Harris director Spring Mobilization .
Secretary; Mrs. Shirley Against the War In 1 II I 1 1 11 ge l 9e4 y./a / i
Thomas treasurer; Mrs. Vietnam was to have addressed 1 Sale C II 1 .wrl I I O.M11 I I CENTS 11 "" a
Here 'September
the but he could not 17 ; I I
Frank Hawkins, vice- rally I N IInA .wry ww 1
; All local presidents area president; Miss Cynthia Jack. due to Illness. 1 PnCe,! II 1 Nrw __u::"".:... (1 w 1 1 "" "w wwrnw qnrr I 1 ,,, 1 I i i yry"a Inn' wY
. chairmen, committee chair ion, manager; and Mr' A top aide of Dr. Martin Luther I WNIITN1lA1Tl : wwr:: l.:...t,-wwww' 1 L------- -r .J i -r-.r.j ,.. 1 1

, men and missionary workers Nathaniel Jackson, u..tJ King, Jr., he was thereIn .I.L..I
East Florida Conference Jnanager.REVELATION spirit, however u speaker
of the Popular HI'.Fl Stereo Phono Musts System
1 Branch Missionary Society are after speaker denounced the I a tit Ufmm toM.SUte Tan (MerfwiUMTfTTt iPs i

called to meet 10 a.m.,Saturday war. Cairptat Stan f hana Syrian. ac ..d a.IY.p _'11I"" "__
September 9,in the AME Church According to Gonzales "We ..30L
of the Master located Vernon IAPTIST Have a cause, and we're going Sale! 59"Rat
Road. The Rev R.V. Webster' According to the church's reporter to Cjjit for It right here." .34 129

Is the pastor. Sunoay services will Gonzales called for a new 72.IS tiwmw Nlrll

Mrs Vivian Williams win con prevail as usual at Revelation social revolution based on humanity LL $ UPArnt.C.m.nd s a1.N.d sTM'sit wINNbWIwNAN "" LTIMhY.N 1/INN.N.ML1YMn1
duct the morning meditation Baptist church 1401 Evergreen and brotherhood p. tgM -- 1 wwrYrr.w.wr, .
period The business session .Ave.Acting. ae Q95 a.s ANM N.Nrw AC N 41/1d,....A... :w.. rwM.N: ::==1::::.:
the 1 Women's' Day Set tr499w MAY.nN o4 AIM 11N M11w .. Ar11.w1N rY .. .,r rMr r wY1.
win be presided over by superintendent Loretta -, warM ,,,, lase ,T ... -- t" :::
L president, Mrs. Allah B. She- Myles will caD the Sunday ww. ..NY. "1 ,... MAMML ........ 1/wwwM..y Ww M '--Ur1 I ...=
I +wNw-r wen a.- Er 1- _, !:: S":. :: ..::-
tour to order at 9:43 a.m. The en+r cry NrY- ..New
) bee.The fan study program win lesson's topic Kept Chains" For 17th .'1"M.wM11YN"' 1"l 20-WATT STEREO HI/.Fl PHONO SYSTEM tlUUHUt, If WAyml
I be presented by Miss Polly D. will be reviewed by the pastor Sept. NA 1.0 fwu'wrw NA 1MA i FEATURING THE "STEREO 20" AM/p/1w/YNPPOUA1lt/

, Brook, with the current theme, Rev. C.L.TelWr. 'The women of Mt. Bethel Baptist 1,1 CkMiwI lTnmlitirWilktoTilklt A-Ch.nnN loTmIMuNWr Camplata,,.. MIMS Syrian' Mlle t.IMW, >|111Ywr.1. _:=
r "Christ and the Faiths of Men". Morning worship! will begin at Church will observe their rAN bee.t..d' eo7995:- ,
Walker taped Deacon Charlie wit,Rtitf SMrtMlllhnlt WIAI.TClip T Sale! 79"Rif.
I Mrs. Jacquelyn 11. a.m. with annual observance on the third w ru Irlu / l .
soloist. Tnnsen In charge of devotion. Sunday September 17. i u i
19 iue SI ISMI r"r1M
session will ,
- The afternoon The pastor)win deliver the mor A wonderful program has been MLittNM LoIoroIto.....II....If...... := '
with Mrs. Ethel D. Bannister ning's NIdIM NMIL _w. fryww, KfSXSSJUlFAMOU .
r open message.Fellowship prepared and win be announced .. ,, .4 M
I i M1Yw M --
M1/11 AOa/41r/ .
IM.YI. _
conducting the "Sing- hour will be held later, according to reports. U MMNrN.. .n1M e""I11N. "" ...-...... ... .t. ..
''A-lusg period. at 3 p.m. and Rev. Robert Logan FY wNYY.r.niM wlwup awe Mtt IM w row :: : ":0or49"
Invited to attend
The public U ;;;; H
The delegates and life mem- will deliver the messageat % r i T;. .-II..... '". NNNr
and mike this afblr a ,-
hers of the Women's Quadrennial that hour. i-ChtniwI Twin IChiiml WiltlcTilkltMtriMC
e.Nr w *
Convention win give Deacon PXFelton will lead wILIwT.IANw 30-WATT MATCHED STEREO SYSTEMS WITH
Willie N. Crime!, AK s029It "
'their ''report, All branch comtmlttees devotion during the candle light assisted srw )9I N. Nn.n MODEL LR-450T SOLID-STATE STEREO RECEIVER *
chairman ,
win be expected to mater services set for 6:45 p.m.Sunday the general 5 32.55 Cimpliti SUM Ph,ni Syttim 795 .ee. AIWYM.
Jessie M. Walker. IYw.h.M..r
by Mrs. IA NMAI sea
r reports also. evenJnr.'Need Simmons chairman *'*.
Miss LInda -
of the youth department. w.,c b!" i / ;ijft 21995 231) 1n I fJ : ::::::.T.w1..:=

.wW wMn n Mewwra r www w u.N, NMI www1

", LONE UNIIIDYNUOM r- ', is u..h..d.t.
The nun born with the lift. ./ w, w r... wmw-..
2 It
:e. .N' -.
t fwM'
. Rev Roosevelt Franklin of Ma- are tit/II" r
Wx1 .w1 Mw M 11.N
Or Wedding Pictires: 491tssr ''M .
con Georgia It Is through God :.wwWNw rY.: Mos.Y.W" It It held
,,,,, YrrMMMOrwY .
that I can remove all trifcon-, n 1 wr 1 M Lad Day tt Salt' Sat Sapt Ith K
CAll Ell APPOINTMENTS, IE till CHIt Tl Til 'wish dittoes to,know.some questions you may u ....- 65 WATT MATCHED STEREO SYSTEM WITH FREE PRIZES EVERY HOUR
mil M. .SEIYICE II SPECIAL CIAI6ES. 'DO) YOU NEED MONEY? l.r NArN r.wYr'"" wwM.w NNY. Camplata SUM haw Sjntam awn Crand Pike Drawing it 3.00PM:

Ir ? w'" NM w1
i"'w"rll. ==::=
CAN MY LOVE ONES BE RETURNED A995NN ".r Yew w... wry w1w.Y. '''=C.--: UfAYEnEffl-525CSoM-Slat.
UIILY'ICTIUS; w11Y.W N. ." rrw ww
Y ? a YN .w e..w rrr. o.J Mobile 2 Iran I Jio
4 qNll Lew.Y.Ir w1/Y I M"1 Ian NI., wYn w1aY.4Y.w1 1x1 sew MwwC.r.tM ,111WM..W / .=1Y' .Y W LS :rt.I ::m W W"NIIO NNMML/...LaII_Aw iCit
,< lEI cern' CE The/ call me the (Rootman) a3A Cry.M CNNMINd a.nq s..d i.-w.,adMM :! \ '"=o-='-" IrMF it .
:But I am only servant of God' M see s-r.l-ALL N3MI MYNA. =-- W? :. :r::q= unarm 11TnMMwAM-fMfNMfMI*.?*tor Tmuhiw M* {cit
I if
n Tl
Because God Is the answer tc wwrww q L 1r UFAVtTTI HA-70C WikK Tllklt. *
,r, ', BABY PICTOIEJ all life's problems. 1 am the 13 9 9S.'W Mr1.YMNnr. 120 WATT MATCHED STEREO SYSTEM WITH ., i, UrATtTTIMA-IMACIWlNUiTrtl. *
King Day Prcpbets.Seas] ., it[ i, UHTITTIHA-llOAWlMtTtlkkl. #
:: 161 III UICES" for my special selected Bibs Rat it u um:cAixa '.a 'nr",.. To be read ooSPECIAJ I. 369"LAFAYETTE' 3MSS it LAPAYITTI III aW-MN Tqp i sow
.; "'= DAYS. 1 49,9, .r.rrrwn.umrw.rww.,1y : it i UfAvrrri P..4b. *:.: ,eWl"AIIlfIlJlWUH'cc
COLOR OR Send aself-addr'ued.ltamp I$1' r 4 I (i .w .' 1 T it UFArTTI1yMMITMAISidi. <<

I 1 ed envelope and $2.00 for Bible; N..., .Msewwr.rq1Y.qN/A .=t".r1NwIM.1..,Aww it I UFArinitttoUMiltlMltikiMaMMlSnlNI.. ",w..
1 verses and spiritual Messages. it; ALL STU mm *) MI lurvin U ..."'.
r suntan
[| rY ww-11x1 AIM
""r r.wr.-w MM' 1. r
1 HACK & WHITE Yon will receive Bible verses NY1. 1./ Y Y w.w r r.w.w r wr YYw Y Yrr
{ :s -wNY.w... Y.Y.YYrF.N..w r r1w..1 r rrrYr
by return mall.' 9995 wq.1 .wrrYrrrrrww..wrS .
Send TO u ;trni urn*MICT1iNIa AMOCMTI TIM '
Her. Roosevelt Franklin -- .
TODAY 630 Morrow Avenue : = -=:
PHONE -- --.-.. .

Macon, Georgia 11301 ASSOCIATE STORE 3 ta.ll Hlfhwav r : CIIr_ ":'-';-"; :;; _='''' ...:--':
SMITH 7U-3200 RADIO i xlarraeaue e S i?_ ...::::r.r.\: : _::-t: t:.':.: .
'101 I specialise in all case work ELECTRONIC .
-"- ,1
.. ..
J'boDe.area tode 912-74-M47S..


&_ -- ............ ... 1t6r."

. ,


I r[ Green Power Aid-To-Poor Project? Of Urban League Ends $50,000 Needed ,

l ."The Money 1 Is Here" 5.sLeague's Green Power Workers- Cited '

_... Y"- --

Former Director i j.. \J ,h '

Green Power, the Jacksonville Urban League's $17,000 I Ii ta t. .
I "
history-making, ald-to-needy youngsters project, came to '. ,f
I n end officially Friday night, September 1, when at Ebenezer ., \ 1"1 ,,; '
Methodist Church, Urban League executive,prominent officials
and leading citizens came to witness the presentation of awards
to those who completed, between July 31 andSeptember 1, their I ts
.lobe M member of the Instructional

Carter, disturbed with t hi self thereclplent of an award.
mention of"totalityt'bythe Ma- All awards were identicaL May
yor of Jacksonville,Mayor Tan- or Tanzler, who left before the
sler1 U a hope of the moment program's conclusion,received
felt that such cannot be achieved his award from Robert Ingram, wl tc
without Involvement of all the project director. The Rev. E. j a :
,people. Newman, pastor of Ebenezer,
The speaker, Introduced by gave the invocation. Leonard r
Executive Director Clanzel Mosbyneral, manager dradio
Brown, touching upon federal station WJXT, made remarks
grants, asked his hearets to realize Green Power Is a project of the i
'' that "The money is here." Urban League. However, Its o

"Green Power" bas not yet re- JoinTsponsorship rests wlththeLeague '
of aisleditselr'hesaidandmustr ) and Greater Jacksonville Ittj n w

; be maintained as a strong medium Economic Opportunity, .3
for building "Recognition Mayor Tanner and other leaders Al '

and respect;; for the underprivileged inclusive of churchmen,
c .u child and teenager teachen, doctors, etc., have,
!. The Green Power project in- helped where needed.
11 eluded those of ages 6 to 16 Mr. Brown, as Executive Director
e Y 'years. assisted by Mr. Ingram, '
e "Communication" Is lacklnf staff members, faculty members -
In Jacksonville, was the speakers of nee workers and others, -=:: v
opinion. Lack of It is one provided Jobs for 314 youngsters. The Green Power program a the Jacksonville Urban League closed recently when city Many awards were presented by the Urban League to staff members, dry officials and:
of the greatest barriers tototal Small children received officials, staff members, prominent Jacksonians and many citizens came to hear speakers citizens last Friday night at Ebenezer Methodist Church for their active participation
lit ZIt, progress. He felt that Jackson- meals and expert instruction at and witness the awarding of certificates to those who took most active parts between July on the Green Power Program of the League. The picture above shows large portion of
vile, now nationally know for ,Stanton Vocational High School 31 and September 1. Mayor Hans Taniler, Mayor of Jacksonville shown above speaking 'the group of workers who took part. The Green Power Program, running from July 31
C,', this fine project, should lift itself Older students wer In the smae of the merits of the program. Other .on the platform, all of whom spoke, are, left to to September 1, was designed to aid children from six to sixteen years of age from Impoverished
up by its own bootstraps, school Visits to places of Interest right: Dr. Hunter Satterwhite, Councilwoman Mary Singleton, Urban League Executive families. The program itself was directed by Robert Ingram. Clanzel Brown
10 by its own efforts, and raise were made. Young boys Clanzel Brown, Council woman Sallye Mathis and Lewis Carter, HI, former Executive Director Is ,Executive director of the Loague. ($TAR Photo by A. Paul Crawford)
bi the money. weretaught to become door-to- of the League, and now a member of the Justice Department.
door salesmen anddurlng the I .
Most of Carter's remarks -T-
n. were continually in emphasis Green Poer dayssold starch. War nJE-COLLEGE SPEAKS
oJ upon the need of autonomous Several older bead winners planto Area Servicenen AntiPoverty! Workers Anti Poverty Your Social STUDENT

0\ action on the part of Jackson- enter college. 1. May Be Increasing Youngsters from 4 to 14 are getting summer basketball
: "In conclusion" said The Jacksonville Ministerial \ Charged' With Si.itioo SecvrityDisabled
ville. se '
's "Jacksonville muyt move for- Association Joined enthusiast [-II\I' I WASHINGTONNPI'The Instruction Education, sponsored, and Recreation by the at Department Tennessee of State Health University., Pnyslcal -

ward. There must be challenges ically inthe program and donated Three white anU-povertJwork. Office of Economic Opportunity Adult Child's Benefits Coach Harold Hunter, Tennessee States basketball men-
by allot Its citizens. We must 150 in lunches each day. A ers have been charged with last week was put in the This Is probably the leas! tor, usually deals with young men, but in the university's
create avenues of change. We course Mea. Jean culture Rivers.was taughtby sedition, and one of them, A) unenviable position of Increasing well known of all the benefit I "Blddle and Iddie Biddia" basketball clinic, he is coach
'Cannot quit now." Of to McSurely, a field organiser for despair and frustration among we pay. Maybe we have no)t ing some youngsters who aren't in school yet.'
Carter was credited with having ,Brown course the ,Urban according Mr. the Southern Conference Education the poor, rather than given much attention to this' The "Biddies and Iddle Biddies" learn footwork,speed and
brought strong Impetus Into League plans Fund, said a gubernatorial alleviating tension.An benefit; maybe you do not give drills, as wellu, social skills.
for He asks
the program of the League when more pleas help. candidates political ambitions d Congress, which pro- us your attention. A disabled
he was Executive Director. He that localbusinessmen supportIn led to the arrests. rides OEO its funds, was put adult child Is t child who was twe
later went Into hlspresent position raising the$50,000 needed fro McSurely agreed that be had n the same boat by keeping disabled before age 18 and has

that of Asslstnat Coordinator preachment continuance. In of other Mr. words Carter thy been "seditious" in going along lie pursestrings tight on domestic remained disable since the 18th Youngsters must overcome "a serious lag In equal oppor:
for the Southern Region with Southern injustice until spending. birthday. The Impairment must
might well be the motto fora tunities" If they are to "compete In the kind of society whichwe
Community Relations Servicesof "THE MONEYIS WICHITA FALIA/Tex.- 1r.'' he started to fight it Instead. Called Into existence to be severe enough to prevent face today."
the Justice Department. driven HERE. man Third Class Clarence R. The other two charged with give the poor a better break, the child from working.The That was the message given by Bishop Randolph Shy, presiding -
Mayor Hans Tanzler, in earlier ; Phelts, son of Mr. and Mrs. ''distributing seditious material OEO was doing Just enough to reason we pay benefits Is prelate, Sixth Episcopal District, Christian Methodist
remarks, spoke of the continued Tens Negro For Gomnoi John A. Phelts of 425 W. First are McSurely's pregnant wife, bUd up people's hopes but not simple. A disabled child remains Episcopal Church, at the annual Atlanta University summer
need for Green Power. St., Jacksonville, Fla.,has been Margaret, 28, and Joseph Mul- nearly enough to wipe out poverty dependent on his parents school convocation.
He lamented the discontinuance A ISTiI4, TexasNPIA graduated with honors from the loy, 23, of Louisville. The -as it was expectedtodo. retires, becomes disabled, or Bishop Shy told the graduating class that they must encourage -
and pledgedefforts to renewed Negro candidate may enter this U.s. Air Force technical train McSurelys were held on bond. OEO Director Sargent Shriver dies the disabled chad gets those who follow them to get the best education
support from the Federal Gov state's gubernatorial race if Ing school at Sheppard AFB, Mulloy was released.In admitted U much when be defended the protection earned(! by the. available.
'ernment. Mayor Tanzler also Gov. John Connally falls to seek Tex. a letter from the Pke CountyJail the Administration for parent's work. These benefits' The graduates should motivate In others "Intellectual humility -
asked that Jacksonville be considered re-election. Negro candidates He Is being reassigned to McSurely charged that not seeking the money he said win continue as long as the cultural richness, morality, and personal discipline,"
moe in Its "totality" hesitate to run against Con Lakenheath RAF Station, Eng' Commonwealth Atty. Thomas was needed to wipe out UJS. vhlld Is disabled, which couldbe be said. I

than before. nally, for fear of hurting their' land, as a member of the. UjS.Vlr ., Rant, Republican candidate poverty. for the rest of his life. If "Other people," be went on, "must learn to use tM ballot
4t Councilwoman Sallye B, Mat-: political futures. But with him Forces In Europe for governor, had broken into If OEO asked Congress to the child cannot handle money, wisely,"since "proper use of the ballot is a powerful weapon
his '
wasmistress of ceremonies. out of the way, tie ix will Airman Pbetts"14' "graduate his home and taken mematerlal double its budget, "we might 'we will choose someone to in eliminating social evils."
Councilwoman Mary Singleton, be clear for a Negro's gubernatorial of Douglas Anderson High to advance his political am get nothing because many people handle the benefits.This person
presented awards and.was her candidacy.. School bitions.VSy in Congress would consider that Is often the parent, but can be Fifty freshmen who enter Bennett College on Sept. M, wUL e
._ irresponsible, even though the anyone whom we feel ,will use be enrolled in a special curriculum designed to encourage
need may be there," he said. the money for the child. Keep them to "think," rather than Just store facts.
SHOP AT YOUR Shrlver said It was "cou- In mind, that the child cannot The curriculum win emphasise ideas and their expression,:
&* UP WAREHOUSE STORE rageous" for President Johnson become eligible until one ctparents mathematics and analytical thinking, social Institutions-their
nature and change--and a physical and biological Inquiry.
-.f *-*$ to ask for only a 25 per becomes eligible for a
fH9R1'The 3000 W. 45th ST. : cent Increase in the War-on- .
CvV Poverty budget, which would This benefit should be a comfort Bronze News Editors
I total $2 billion. to the parents of disabled
Implicitly, Shriver admitted children They know that their Recovery A Miracle
> <;, ARE GOOD THROUGH that Us agency would be fighting work Is providing income to

,.. store: that caress.about' ;you r !!,{ SATURDAY SEPT. 9 it out.poverty ,but could not wipe they their stop child work.for many years after Origlnany FORT WORTH given,Texas less--than(NPI>a- A.f

50-50 chance of attar
At the same time, the nations Our office Is at 400 W. BaySt surviving '
poor had come to expect the The boors are 8:30 ..m. to six .38 slugs bad been
SPECIAL I 4C OFF government to wage an all-out 4:30: p.m., on weekdays, and pumped Into his body by an i\\ (i /_
Irate Freddie
GOLDEN RISE grandfather
iffriAsst ,
9:00 to ,
war on poverty. a.m., noon on,Saturday.
Thus, OEO-and Its benefactors Wilson, publisher editor, PiQ8L '
SWEET MILK & BUTTER MILK in Congress were' put in Bronze Shopping News, Is now

RISCO1SHORTENING the more position desperation of producing and discontent even W. I. Riddick Joins near recuperating recovery at has his been home.so miraculous His- PERSPIRATION'

the that he even was per-
among poor.
I Stall I I muted to spend A few hours SOLVED even
This is what Theodore M. N. C. University
BISCUITS Barry, head of CEO's community I in his office. He lost 60 pounds for those who perspire heavily
as a result of the ordeal.
actions porgrams, accusedCoopess CHAPEL lULL, N.C,- W.L."Bill" Meanwhile his assailant
of doing In not giving
Riddick D has been '
full support to the War on Po appointed to the University of 61-year-old grandfather of t
former lEN employee, was released
3 4 CANS verty. North Carolina's School of Social oo $S,000 bond. The man
"The great turmoil and
69CALL 39c Work u field instructor ,
is said to have escaped conviction A new antiperspirant that really
tragedy that is besetting us is for the unit in community ac
ie. CAN lallier OF tS because of the frustration that tion.Riddick. some years on a ago murder and currently charge- for work many! Solve who underarm had despaired problems of

is being experienced by those who graduated from has two other assault charges effective help. MITCHUM ANTI-
people who were led to believe 'AIT with.a degree In agricultural pending. against him. PERSPIRANT keep underarms
that the nation made a commit was deputy absolutely dry for thousands of
the Incident Wilson
: Recounting ,,
FLAVORS ment to wage all-out war on director of Coastal ProgressInc. grateful useri. Positive action
U. S. NO. 1 RUSSET said he was seated at his
HIC the conditions of poverty," he ., an anti-poverty agencyIn desk In his officer late one coupled with complete gtntlentu (0
said. normal skin and clothing Is made '.
BAKING New Bern, N.C prior to evening when he heard someone
Congress, Barry said, was accepting the position at the possible by new type of formula r
"playing politics with poverty" enter the front o flce.Yell produced by a trustworthy 64-year-
University of North Carolina.
DRINKS POTATOESioii and thus building frustrations Riddick holds the master'sdegree back hug to.Len the/'unseen he salfc person,"When"Pm I old with laboratory.patented 90-day nylon supply applicator.J$3.00
: in the slums. "
In adult education from
I the barrel of
Meanwhile, OEO itself was the North Carolina State University looked up saw Or for sample, send Z5f to The e
a .38 revolver." Mitchum Co., Dept. AP-36, Paris,
winning no popularity contests -
at Raleigh. He served His assailant told him "Youthink ..
Tenn. Remember-it
stops exces-,
in Harlem where Jesse
/ .
u an assistant agricultural agent you're smart Pm gonna rive perspiration-for many users s

-- 3 46 acms 8geHICKEN 1 : S,9cSPECIAL his Gray chairman Council,,would Harlem nave Community lost more than in Person three years County and was'a for firing lay you as with fast.this,as" and be started tould. keeps underarms absolutely dry.

Job, hadShrlverhadhlsway. field counselor for the Neighborhood '
Shriver said be sought unsuccessfully '
Youth Corps u AsheYlUe SISTER BESSIE ;;
Prtfai Niiagirx to dismiss Gray.,.a for nine months
rent strike leader. JHEK CANDLE WITH EVERfREADINdShe


( will read your entire life fast,present and I ;
i LIGHT YOU ARE future She asks no Questions but will tell you
PEACH STREUSELPIES 'what you want to know, giving date and torts of y
You seek The Best Doc
CHUNKTUNA business, love, health and family ,irs. Whelp i
tor, when Your Doctor. you find lost art. TELL you whom you will

Prescribes. Get Experienced marry. and when. If the one you love is true, what I ;
Pharmacists II to do to be successful.Will reunite the separated,j

,According to' Y o n rDoctor's locate absent friends and relatives, and cause I
8 happiness between man and wife. Make npl t
tsN3.tit orders we- lover's quarrels. Tells Ifl1cknes.or baclluct 11|
I 3 6 X"Ol. Ttl 00 az"9 'QU.Ut1'Drugs.. ,to please you, but will tell the truth.One visit will repay you for]
; CANS Y'- i. SIZE C C. E. BLACK Proprietor disappointments In all others. I not only read your lift like dq:;
open book, but I also help you out of your TROUBLES. Cone;
d Registered Pharmacists To Serve YOUA 'and see why are unhappy when seemclvg
so everything
you owrongg.
Meat Maoalor
d LINE C------------- WHY be sad and downhearted,sick and worried whttryoaj
--- Cosmetics -. Rubber Goods candies sundries can be helped and everything made clear by consulting. THJS

is located north of CaUahan on UXWVS mile from
City,of CALLAHAN Florida Phone S79-22SO.
t 210311. Lilly's Dw Stew. WATCH FOR HER SIGN IN FRONT OF BOtBB>:

l AYfi.: Pas 69c'I' J Across the Street from SPORTSMAN MOTEL]]
lH1liln Roil 353-Rfl:J. Open dafly I a.m. to-10 pjm, including Sunday


l (

-4.I.... A .. -. .-- ......._.. .................. -- -- -- -

...,..-- .... T or .' "':" ._ 1 L_


... \, PointsDRESS MAJORS '


t'e Nothing being young 'I
like being a girl '
like going to
high school or

college boob to with study new, & 1\ [ci i

new boyi to meet, it
0j andnawclothesof

An Apple a Day your choosing.own, right \ i

J This li the
2 ichool year of the

by "61ty CAockEJL sweater the turtle dress neck, of I 'I'I, 0 / I'I

sweater and tot
skirt, of the military t ,- ,
For all the burnished beauty of a bowl of red apples for all dress and
the appetising flavor of apples cooked or fresh. I've long felt military coat. It's
that its the smell of the apple that Is a secret tool of the good
the of the
e cook. What better way to welcome family or friends on a brisk year '
j y fall day than with the warm, spicy fragrance of apples baking jumper- part of f
with cinnamon?Memories are made from Just such cosy, homey, the new "page ji
w.. a tantalizing smells. Which types of apples are best for baking boy"look extended -
a t e : and cooking? Look for Rome Beauty Jonathan or McIntosh. down to tights, panty hose and boots In matching or contrasting
Use them In this Brunch Cake that will bring Saturday sleepy.beads color.
running or will waft a special "glad you came" to that This is also a mix-match year,of,say,a skirt weskit and JacketIn I
committee )'ou'"' Invited to meet In your living room. differently-patterned fabrics. I
APPLE CHIP How many apples for a recipe Many of the newest sweaters and jackets are long, and are* I
BRUNCH CAKE One pound of apples (3 medium often circled with a link chain belt over a brief skirt So, too, "
< apples) yields about I are many skinny sweater dresses, jumpers and coats. Wide '
cup sugar cups of diced apple. To store leather or fabric belts are back-some buckled around dirndl i I
1 eggcup apples, place in a plastic bag shirtwaist dresses. Other wide belts, especially for little jersey ,
H milkI In your refrigerator. They dresses and crepe skimmers emphasfee: high-walsted silhouette. :
shorteningS tablespoons salad oil or keep 2 to 3 weeks, The dress that isn't belted frequently will close with a big
But first do an autumn centerpiece "Industrial" ilpper all the way down the front or side. Lotsof
cups Blsqulck of bright red applesIn suit jackets and coats fasten the same way.
e 1 cup finely chopped pared a wooden bowL Then for and discover knits
f Follow the signs to "College Shop" you'll
w apples
: Topping (below dessert try this: for every back-lo-echool purpose-dormitory fun,classroom and
APPLE BETTTI dates. Some knit dresses are skinny. Some are elongated to a
Heat oven to 400 Oren s o
layer pan, 8x1% Inches or apples pared and sliced low flounce Double knits come In wool,shape-keeping synthetics -
square pan 8x9x3 Inches. Mix 1 cup Blsqulck and cottons.
all Ingredients except apples 1 cup brown sugar (packed) After knits and jerseys comes corduroy-a favorite fabric for
and Topping Beat vigorously '/a teaspoon cinnamon jumpers, coat-dresses and shirt-dresses along with suits and
30 seconds Fold in apples Butter coats.
Spread In prepared pan. Sprinkle Light cream For school as well as otherwise, the big news In fall fashionIs
df-- with Topping Bake SO to Heat oven to ITS.Place applesIn a look of togetherness. To help you shop with the,look In
ti minutes. I errvlngs. loaf pan 9x5x3 Inches. Mix mind, the Consumer Service Division of the ILGWU offers two
Topping: Mix with fork U cup Blsqutrk, sugar and cinnamon. booklets: "Your College Wardrobe" and "Your Dream Ward-
sugar 2 tablespoons Blsqulck Sprinkle over apples. Dot with. robe" (for all teenagers).Send your request for one or both to:
2 cinnamon and 2 butter. Bake about 30 minutes.Serve
teaspoons Avenue,
Union Label Department, HL-B, ILGWU 275 Seventh
tablespoons soft butter until warm with cream 4servings.
crumbly. New York,N.Y.10001.

-1 ;y '

FORK STEAKS or chops, tarbecared Ctlnese-ityle, gale t hint of adventure to an outdoor" BUYS MORE
meal. They also have the advantage of being an exciting change any time of the year, and /
can be prepared Indoors as well u outdoors. The zesty sauce doubles s a marinade and o
a basting medium. (KM PHOTO) AT YOUR -ANNUQUANTITY


and anchovy paste. Spread on'rout. Open can crescent rolls; 'SATURDAYRERSNEY'
make the fast, crust a RESERVED
Refrigerated crescent rolls flaky RIGHTS
unroll but do not separate Into triangles Seal together two
shortcut that makes this winner!
idea recipe a lengthwise dough sections and cut off dough to form one large
J.poUldounce frozen turkey roast 8x7Inch rectangle. Reserve remaining dough. Seal all perforations. .
bounce can luncheon meat spread Place I z inch dough piece on ungreased 15 x 10-Inch jellyroll ,
t-ounce tube anchovy paste pan. Place turkey rounded side down, on large,dough piece.
Cut remaining dough piece Into two 1 x 14S Inch pieces.
1 Refrigerated Quick Crescent Dinner Rolls .
can Pillsbury
Place one 7 x 1'A inch dough piece on each end of row:. HUH .ODE HUH
1 egg yolk, beaten Wrap large dough strip around roast and at ends. Prick dough SUGAR
1 tablespoon water Brush with egg yolk diluted with water. Bake at 400 for :30 to, S US..
Oven 400' 6 to 8 servings 251nnutys'or until golden brown. Let stand 15 minutes; slice. 29C
." .'Roast turkey aoootdtingtopeDkaeodlasctkU.-Pout olr.4rillPlnis ...'.Winning rtclpt tiu: Mrt,,f. Miles Brown. : RIvHon., New "
I for gravy. Cool for 15 minutes Combine*i luncheon meat spread 'tY. Adaptt\ W.Ann Wltbufy -a .. *..Jerseys .. J .. .. ,








DETERGENT' JAM, 3.u 01. t


PKG. CORN 41201. 1



; ... 29c TIES'! BANANA, 'DUlL'S FOOD 3 Ppf K 11E. !f; t

''I{:}; LB. CHOCOLATE L--__

.; 'f; .. I
,., I






1 ,
\\ 57


10 m, 39 C CAMPI ELL' '$ UU .CAR 10 {LDR1DA GRADE "A"FRYERS UOlf 201'



'OKRA 2 o11 ADS. 35C :1 lI35e VEGETOLE/ :I.llll'U, PLEASE WIT! '3 IB.,. 49Cu
\ :


.......:...' ,.. '-- ....-- ------ --- -- -.

.. .
. . . .


Oakland Raiders :Find New Giant Menace To Help: -Beef Up ,Forward Wall I

Raiders' 7-Footer Will haunt Scott's Lighter Bat [ { (N'> ja:: SPORTS' ]

Opposing Teams. Quarterbacks ; 'Swings Heavy Timbe r ,

BOSTON-f In BoaIoD'.IDelent I Ifiss American Football League, Sue Hawkins, will begin
SANTA ROSA, CALIF/..,'Kama, mama look at the Monster" Fenway Park here were, a tour of AFL cities starting with the Boston-Denver opener .
cried a little ctrl u she stopped outside a local drug store '1 t calling George Scott by the named C a&y. hiss Hawkins, 21 J, blonde and a skiing, karate and
llama looked at the sevenfoot Richard: Sllgb--and vas proper yJi 4 h "Twiggy," but rival players Hula enthusiast, will make following appearances,:
ly Impressed. had other,less humorous names Sept. S, Denver; S, Oakand; 6, San Diego;7, Kansas City; 89,
But DO more BO than are the day aslkeeprettlngaltttle t for the big first baseman u be Houston; 10-0. Buffalo; 12, Boston; 13, New York;; M, Miami.'
Oakland Raider quaterbacks ter. Man, how I lore this game. made one sensational play after .....
and kickers who too often latel) Sllgh also has been working another In the field and smash.edtheballwltDthasudhorttythai.
bare seen their ottering with w.1&bI1I14 doing 150 sit- !1 '
knocked back Into their teeth ups a day, not to memtlon Isometrics made him an All-Star in his TOUCHDOWN! !: Ulke Garrett,who returns to!the scene of some
by this 22 year old rookie who an designed to improve rookie season last year.It of his greatest triumphs when the Kansas City Chiefs tab on
comes on like King (long.H bis physique. all began inocently enough onan Los Angeles, has this view of his own efforts:
Sllgh makes It and he certainly He could scarely be more menacing off day In Anaheim.Like most "The factor Pm concerned about when Pm playing is whether
will sooner or later he than he is. The Raider major league players, George I am getting the most out of every play. know or rather I
U rate u the tallest pro gri- faithful thought that Ben Davidson has friends the Southern California feel-how I am attacking toe hole,how I am fallowing the blocks,
der ever. '-8, and IIe Lasslter,6.5, ',6a 'b area and off be went on a how I am bleeding the most out of what Is there'
Certalnlu they don't comemo- were frightful enough, but ef en Thursday to spend th day with "Some of my best runs gain only two yards. If. harder to gain
re dedicated than this 305 pound the bruisers have to look up friends. two sometimes on a play that could lose five than it is to go all
defensive tackle from North to the towering newcomer. N Late the following afternoon, the way. But there's no feeling like seeing the big play.
Carolina College. Since Sup can extend his long when Scott reported Anaheim "When it's there, I say 'Touchdown' to myself"
A good natnred giant, who usually arms op to height cia, I Stadium for the opener of an
: wavers a smile sound hJa
punter-to knock down his at- Important three-game series,
,mustache Richard warned: atempt. "Once Pre broken the I the Man (Manager Dick Williams stalls.f f
t "I barest even begun to play .' said : Pvc rot ) put him on the scales. FRE-SEASON ODDS I AND ENDS: Catching up with the
rougbt yet. First, Pre rot to it mad AU I hen to do Is leap I' "Two hundred and twenty-one tics toot a while, but not only was Kansas City's 66 points
learn to read the offense, cad .in to the air. i pounds," solemnly Intoned the most ever scored vs. the Chicago Bears but the most
ot improve onfundamentals.I'ffl Most of Slign's trouble has } trainer Buddy LeRoux.! ever scored by an AFL team, pre-season or regular season..
'a little rusty after haTinr parsed been encountered off the field I w o t j 1 "Norm Slebern will play first Bears' Coach George Ralas left no doubt about his estimate of
op (for personal reasons) my (IF* Us site of course. Take base tonight," was the reaction the Chiefs, pointing out "they could play u rood as any team
fimal season; at North CarolinaInl96 the beds at the Raiders' training of Williams. In the National Football League".Steve Tens has found
camp. They are only "'. Nobody made too much of it the: a favorite target quickly since Joining the Broxa...ln Den
Despite his layottlast Mason So illgh has to sleep dlagnoal- first night because Williams bad ver's victory over Minnesota be found Eric Crabtree for
SUgh was ]just too bi( to be ly and somewhat doubled up. twice before taken Scott out of two completions for 94 yards, then came back against Oakland .
overlooked by the pros. Even : the starting lineup on the trip and hit the sophomore from Pittsburgh with four passes
the Canadian League was hep Basket Ball Ladies? i which was toprove a bad one for for 80 yardsM.Crabtree. a split end, also ran a kickoff back
to him. lie also beam from Boa, who lost seven out nine 54 yards while fullback Cookie GUchrist also did the unusual
Atlanta, Houston Dallas and to the Athletics and Angels booting Denver's final extra point...Hatt SnelL, who
.. ... ........ .. twins
Green Bay. Why then Richard -...,..........-- ....-.I' t"" .r. L.--.OII;&. ..t..WiIW and fell into fifth place. injured his right foot against Philadelphia, came back with a
need call of Oakland, whose How Play For MoneyAnother Richard Sliflh Tallest Man In Football sharp performance against Houston, gaming 75 yards In
tenth choice be was?,I wu soIl 15 carries..Joe Namath hit on U of 14 passes for the Jets
Impressed by Al Darts, be said call has been made tophucure getting solid protection from a front line that In
Here, I thought was the place top basketball talent for 1968 Chrysler Line stars in the I aided rookie Randy! uem ... took over when
to really learn the game Harlen Queens; a girls badket- Othello RenFroe Gets making Sam DeL lCl was lnjured"Rasmiissen has good speed
.And how's it gone? ball tram. Seen By Black PressCHICAGO4P0'More I site and strength" says DeLuca "About the only thing
"Why, PYe1earDecl more foot* This team will play ISO games Dual Sports Grant he needs Is experlence"w.Terry Swanson, a rookie from
ball my first two weeks in camp commeclng in Ocotober and than Massachusetts, may have won the punters Job at Boston,
than I bad ever learned before playing through April. Othello "Little Cangsten Nel 300 newsmen from 40 states the Cincinnati reds averaging'43 yards for nine kicks against Wasb1nlfOll...Tom
he insisted. "Coach John Ranch Girls of rood moral background son" Renfroe has received a are attending an advance showing Flares proved the advantages of working with t receiver you
has been running my tail off. and with basketball ex- football and baseball scholarship \ of Chrysler Corporation's! ( know la Buffalo's game against the Eagles...The two former
started to hate him. But then, .perlence and a desire to learn from Florida AIM Univerally. 196ft passenger cars in Chicago b. Raiders combined on 10 completions for 124 yards and two
when I began to try to more laterally. and Improve are desired.- Aug. 30 to Sept. L touchdowns.:
/1 began appreciate The age range from 17 throough Little Gangsters was picked u The new models are being
him. lie has a treat ability to 23 years will be accepted. center on the Metropolitan shown exclusively to press,
teach. I sense this, day -after The trainlg camp win open In Atlanta High School Squad in television and radio newsmenat PARADENEGRO I
-. Yr ..rrrrrrrrl late September. This Is a fine 1966 and wu one of three Negroes the three day preview that I SPORTS
'i j Pfcooe For Appointment'i opportunity Oor a young lady picked to play in the feature 100 new Plymouth.
I wo would desire to pursue this first Integrated high school Dodge Chrysler, and Imperial PRESS INTERNATIONALALL
i DR. REX SMITH I type of career.: baseball All Star Game at Atlanta passengers cars, and Dodge
All interested personnel can Stadium. trucks. The vehicles were shipped TIES: KNOT AGAIN .
I 900 W. State EL-4-11S7 I contact the representative by Gacgsten stands 6' 1" and to Chicago for the event. CHICAGO-(NPO-The enveloping ecumenical spirit found
writing to Harlwm t)eDS.1Z8 weighs 197 Ibs. He is the son The event is the first major 'its way Into the life of heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad
pflce: Formerly Occupied byl: Bunn Drive, Rocktoo, illinoisaJpcode8lO71orpbooJncarea of Othello and Louise Rents press introduction ci' new All (nee Casslus Clay) recently. All, already divorced
I Or. Lyncker-Opposite) Rlts' both former Jaxonswboarenow automobiles ever held la Chi from Us first wife, Souls cf Gary, Ind., tied the
Ir..r.r; ,, code US 624-2241 or 6242190.. livng la Atlanta, Georgia. cago. __ proverbial "knot"islawith 17-year-old Muslim Belinda Boyd
of Suburban Blue with a Baptist minister, the Rev.
Dr. Morris B. Trues, performing the rites with these remarks
: "I synthesized the best elements of both me Muslim

EARNING and LEARNING and prayers.C Chrlstlan" ,faiths., ,| read,both the Moslem and Christian

MARSHALL! Texas .(NPI-After clashing with traditional
Boys & Girls Can Make Money rival Bishop College In their season's opener Sept. 16, the
Wiley College Wildcats will host Jackson State College In this
year's Oct. 28. Other arch-rivals 111W1leJ'
9610gamerschedule Include Grumbling and Prairie
I Hundreds Of Florida Star NewsboysAre View Colleges and Southern and Texas Southern Universities.

EARNING From .$1. to $10.00 Weekly I I : FAYETTEVILLE N.Cr-CNPQ-includlng' its Nov. 11 Home.
o coming clash with Johnson C. Smith University, the Fayetteville -
Aid LEARNING to do business. State College football team will play an eight-game home
.i.( 'and-away 1967 scheduled. Fayetteville starts tb season at
Mel Queen 24-year-old lefhanded hitting rlghthanded throwing Salisbury, N.C. against Livingstone College,Sept23.
YOUNGSTERS! If you are smart and .;: outfielder, was In 58 games with the 1966 Cincinnati Reds
with seven games as a pitcher. NO LOVE LOST
want to earn own this is the Queen, who owns one of the most powerful throwing arms of NEW YORK(NPI)-There wu apparently love lost between
your money any outfielder in the National League was Inserted relief lightweight champion Carlos Ortis of Puerto Rico: and
on July 15, 1966 Manager Dave Bristol at home againstSt. Panama's Ismael Laguna, when they clashed in their"rubber"
way to do it. Louis. He retired the side In order and bad!two strikeouts. title match last week. Ortis retained title after the two bad
On July 20, in the first game at Chicago he was credited with fought a furious: 15-round battle In Shea Stadium, which: was
LM a "save" as be gave up a hit and struck out three In one Inning not marked by any of the traditional cordialities, such u
PARENTS! Your child may not need 't ; to save the Red's 5-4 victory. .embracing after the bout. OnUs and Laguna walked around the
Mel, son of Mel Queen, former Yankee and Pittsburgh pitcher, ring, obviously avoiding each other.
started out U t pitcher in grade school and hurled till his
money, but the training gained as a newsboywill "T freshman year in high school. He was throwing for distance DISCRIMINATION, TOKENISM
from the outfield with some other youngster and felt somethingpop NEW YORK-(CNPI)-Citing figures from a recent survey to
c in his.elbow. He was bothered after that so be switched to prove Its point, the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund
help him to successful' in later life. playing shortstop.'Queen feels that the strength In his arm last week charged that Negro athletes were beingdiscrlminated
has returned over the years. against in not being used in television sports commercials. The
Switching to the outfield In 1962, Queen hit .275 In 137 gamesat Fund, which charged that Negroes appeared in only five percent
Macon. Queen in 1963, was the "top major league prospect" of 351 sports commercials last fall, asked the Federal
Many of' the most successful men were (othdr 'than besttmt the Pacific: Coast League and "the Communications Commission to Investigate "the possibility of,
outfielder with the throwing are." In 1964 Mel was with racial bias in the production and broadcast of television',
the Reds the entire season .commercials."
With San Diego In 1965, Mel batted .273 with 14 home runs
Newsboys and finished up the season with Cincinnati, appearing In five
games and going hltless in three at-bats.

I r Start. A Route Anywhere. Yon Live In R. S. EVANS ---

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urn 280 ..... ..,.. ...,....... ...Jim I l

f : l

... ----__ ........... L.. _...._ .




I The Hot Bat Of Red Birds' Flood keeps Them' Flying ( Pennant ) High. !- I

-- -

Mays A Soft Touch Alabmanan Goes \
Denver Trades Pennant
Fever In St. LOlls

Still Tough, Clutcher Help OppositionOAKLAND To Hall 01 Fame Won't Make The Fans Sick'ST.

SAN FRAN'lberena,: Cooperstown. N..t. -TB!II. frj
'week "recently In Calif,-Denver Barker was In select, very select IONS Mo<-As El Blrdos alias the Cardinals, continued -
file lift of WlUle Mays a week never hu been a factor In theAFIs company;Joe Creole,Jackie to shake off one contender after another with the

ago be mcst Ulpiy!! ) wished hu title races, but 11". cer- Robinson, Bin Tem Charlie help of a hot string of one-ran victories, Curt Flood already
tanlnljr contributed to OatamTaWillie
revel happened. Gehringer, Ray SchalkLef 'went on notice that he planned to be even more formidable
For the first tin sine 1962, lot. ty Lloyd Waner and Red next season. He's figuring on winter conditioning.Flood .
the 36-year old star wu dropped Brown, a 6-3 corner- Grave.
had a big hand, and bat
back aqulred from Denver for
to fifth in the Giants' bat- .
'They were all here that day.tA
In the Bird's streak of sU one
reserve tackle Rex Mlrlch has
time order, and for the first Parker Joined
young run victories on a home stand
performed in
time ever, a Giant wu walked. brilliantly early them in the Hall of Fame u the I
that put the club eight and one
play could be the fifth standout
ahead of him.
on purpose 1966 American Baseball Player
half In front of tbepack
provided by the Broncos. Last games
Chronologically, it went like
of the Year.
id mid-August approached.The
this for the ooe-Umelncompa- year, the Raiders swapped So were the commissioner and
Cardinals stayedhotdeepiterecord -
rable center field who Is Archie Matios for Hewitt Dlxon. the Baltimore Orioles and the
low temperatures atdio-
having a subpar seasoolor him. Matson bu retired from foot- tans ,
Cincinnati Reds and 8,800
oed to the low 50s.
On August 13, hitting .287 and running back, sometimes mistakes who cheered u Parked receivedhis 0T At the point Manager Red Sch-
himself for Bronko Na
struggling along with a 4 for 31 Rulon
award from Feorge odendlensf men owned a 25-
Mays was dropped from his nor baseball director
(the Legion's
13 record in one-run vecdlcts
In 1965 Al Davis
mal second br third in the was quick
spot odor to the Hall of Fame game
Giants at
in as many days, ,
to pick Ike Lusiter after
up ,
batting order to fifth.Eyebrows "I'd like to accept this aware
the same time bad a slovenly
his release
were lifted m surprise. When by Denver. Today, on behalf of the more than fa
mark of 1525.
fee Ike, 6-7, 272, Joins with Ben
hu this last nappended to Davidson 200,000 American Legion ballplayers That's a difference of all Upm.s
another In
reject, one
in the said I'JlV
of football's ndtahtsexactlyhowfarapart
most fearful
front monster duos. Another up- the modest, almost shy Ameri the clubs were In the (,.'\,
.. 1(1f ;'
can. ;T' --- ;
erstwhile, chows Bronco more moves, Lionel than Taylor It was an unforgettable day for TUSCALOOSA's'Bill Parker, ,1966 "Player of the Year, meets with i el-Lepoo'player. standings.Time after time, as soon u / '"

a William Corbitt Parker, Jr. Pete Rose (left) of Reds and Frank Robinson (rlgbtof) Orioles at Cooperstown. Flood off the disabledlist ;
came VI
scared rabbit that ,;
an ability He saw his photograph in the A- ____.. _______ ..1'- .
28. Curk chipping '
hu made him the leading July kept '
merlcan Legion display in fte in with hits that figured ,I ':e't" w
pass-snatcher in AFL history. Lee May Now Useful teeGfi "
Cooperstown museum and met JU'SlgIs :First '
And a fifth Denver import,Jerry in rallies In close games.In It ,1 x ,c \ ,
the Hall of Famers Represent
Sturm, one of the Fighting After' Shaky Start riue'U the first 17 games after -" -'
nilnPs toughest, hu bolsteredthe day players Commissioners returning to action, be was batting :CurJ.Flood.' t
Raiders' offensive line. William Eckert and other baseball CINC1 NAT1-The first time Negro Athlete cos aaawarnOwn" at a .433 clip and El Bird- fession of artist for engraving

George Blanda he sees brass. Dave Bristol saw Lee May, the ....., o.ad..AM. ..... os won 13 and those 17 games. firms. ;
no originality III his says belnrcalled The 19 year old junior at the youngster was.1, >> awkward Chip Dublin, a 5-11, 180-poubd MOTOR Why, for a while Flood even But even though Flood won't be
"the senior cltlsen"of the Oak University of Alabama was accompanied around first base that he basketball guard, wu signed acted as if he bad designs on 30 until January, be is taking
land Raiders. He protests by his parents, Mr, "couldn't catch a cold." Jacksonville University's first One popular misconception the batting title by lifting his a leaf from bodes of such men
: and Mrs. William C.Parker, at the Reds' minor Negro athlete.Dublin a transfer about outboard motor used, to .332. Stan Muslal who "The
"Why, I was the oldest Chicago This was for fishing U that they area average as warn
dear back in 1956." Sr. and slater Judy Kay, 17. league training camp in the from Ch1cal \ \ Parker was selected u the spring of 1962. Dublin, who averaged points coated with fish scales St. Louis pitchers allowed Just conditioning he has to do."

Player of the Year after his May wu headed for the Tampa and 12 rebounds per game, will Once, this might have been M runs,ante four times allowing For years, it has been a most

1 Merchant Tuscaloosa teamflnlshedasnr farm club and his first full be eligible toplay freshman ban however a valid, the observation outboard U Today found more than three in one game.In for Flood to take it u easy u
Willie May* Marine prising second in the Legion seuon \In Organised balL Bristol with the Dolphins this season, In luch a wide number of fishIng throwing back the threat of possible in the winter He rarely

peerless captain? World Series. now the Reds' manager, JU Coach Joe Williams suid. situation that site U no the Giants, who had won the series used to miss a gamy and the'
It was eventually pinned down Seeks Qualified MenThe He hu an outstanding tourna- wu piloting the club's Macon Although he enrolled at Loyola criterion, and neither 1s the open at St. Louis August 10 wear and tear on a guy his size
ment, batting .325 and running farm. last year, he withdrew before tendency to be temperamental. the CarcUnall'could look backon was terrific.
to 1962, when the Giants won So, what IS a Uniting motor?
the pennant. Willie is fifth, occasionally United States Merchant the bases with an aggressiveness "Dave was right," May now the start of the basketball season According to the fishing folks a Flood single that preceded "But the first baseman can Just,
begin such staggers Marlene Academy desires to that belled his mild off recalls with a chuckle. "1 wu and NCAA spokesman Art at Mercury outboards, this an Orlando Cepeda homerin fall Into the dugout when the inning -'

as Willie McCovey and Orlando inform qualified young men of field manner all thumbs in those days;' Bergstormhu ruled that Dub label can be hung on any a 2-1 Redbird triumph, and is over "Flood noted.
Cepede. the opportunities available to A major in mining engineering "Lee has worn out many a. lin's brief stay at LoyolaSplro.vaftdescrlbed powerplant nhovlng a rig a Flood triple that figured in Flood, looking ahead to even

But it was not the lowest spotin them at the Academy and in the, Parker decided to by pus his fungo hitter, but I'd say he hu By his high schpot -through from any placid waters ponds for to Owning the II two runs in a 3-2 Cardinal victory rougher grinds, what with the

which Mays has swung since United States Merchant Marine. freshman season at Alabama to: improved 100 per cent in the coach, John Cladding, u "the briny deep. I the next night. In addition tough schedule and unrealistic

coming up to the majors In 1951. The Academy, operated by the concentrate on his boots But field since I first saw him," best whoeverplayedfor/ me.. Horsepower requirement are t to the triple, Flood set up the travel, wants to make sure he''
He hit Maritime Administration cube 'after laying the scholastic: .d. grinning Bristol. He could be injured and wouldn't,' determined by the type of flan I other St. Louis run with a sin keeps as physically/ fit u poa-
once seventh, directly ... .. In which
an angler
groundwork Joined the log engages
Crlrdj-} even let that atophlmtromplay
ahead catcher West Westrum, Unite d States Department of J Tide most often and the style craft I lie slble before it's too late. The
now pilot of the Mets, and behind Commerce, is located on Long into asaophomore.- ...' II g. used. obviously, Flood's winterizing ideas, too, is to be ready so that"
Bobby ?bomps:a. Island Sound at Kings PolntJ He wu a reserve outfielder .... The signing of Dublin wrapsup On small lakes or streams I prograta isn't intended to do the risk injuries will be re-
for Alabama and while batting ; .- Jlf s recruiting for the where johnboats, canoes and about his He
New York about twenty miles .. year I anything hitting. duce.
In ,
third and last gams of the the
only .200 in 17 he Impressed 12 foot skiffs adequate
1931 playoff with the Brooklyn from New York City. 1bt Coach games, Signed earlier were Vaughn We- f-hp earell seen most I has taken care of that department "Pm getting to the point where
Joe Sewell with
Dodgers for the National Lea XdJemy educates and trains ; deklng and Greg Nelson of E- frequently I rather well every since I feel that I have to find a gym
gue pennant, Mays wu in the young men for careers as licensed his Parker hustle hankers and leads up play. vansvllle, Ind. Harrison High The 8- and 9.8.hp motors outnumber 1 becoming a regular in the mid.file and work out, say at least oncea
a careeru other power classes of 1961 He batted week winter "Cal-
one-deck circle deck or tnglneerlng of- School. I season ,duringthe ,
a pro after college and, with They Bt the countrywide average *
: .322 that and has followed fornlan Flood said.
'lIcer.1I'the Merchant year
scared to death when
hit the home run off Ralph Thompson Bran through: a four year college i|j his can drive do, the m Job.one But is doubting'bt regardless ** power of fishing needs situations are matched where to With .%98 302, .311, .310 and ""1 have to keep my lungs expanded
oj craft and reaaolI I last season's 267. and arms and legs
ca that beard curriculum leading to the lightweight my
was around the
world.' 'Bachelor of ,Science 'degree. '; .of his future fortunes on "':; ; Mets Set Record ably protected waters The center fielder plans tove stretched. In the work rYe been-
the' diamond;,he's Impressed On large Impoundments his* a'' In the off
SiDce.1hen Walls to. e.1v 1 ailing, right arm doing season u an
milestone, after milestone.haaxteas 'I fee inlfV.lI 'it !''thfftf: :'r. er8lo, : e4.offtlJt.it'Codperstowd ,. IA 1 !' -.., 't spots where art distances considerable: to good. 2 lIa\14llij\1( i J o nplet (re. A;'' eapt'tU band- v'artist: I haven't had much
"i ; j For Man TradingNEW ttly chance for physical exertion."
Most nimble Player awards, officer or third vriglneer 38-hp*motors, fire P k1nr WS-Ae

home ran crowns,batting championships. graduates may be granted \)i I
YORK What with the
a Commission as Ensign,
Records were left In his wake United States Naval Reserve, i crisis in Vietnam, Blng1'I
and still more will be even by the Department of the Navy. I Record Grid Turnout' I Devlne'i penchant for trading ,:
Candidates for admission must and the simple inability of some ;
through the days of playing 62 4
games per season now are behind -: be nominated by Congressman Greets A&T 's Coach players, the Mats are well on j the bottlewiffitiiebulBinspare
him. or Senator, but appointments their way to establishing a National ,,

Then,.another milestone was are made on the basis GREENSBORO, N.C/ record League record for pitchers -,
reached in AtlantaStadlumAug. of candidates' competitive 75 prospects, Including e employed In one seuon..:
standing within the state from what Coach Bert Plggott calls Lee May When the Mets purchased 30-
CONTINUED ON PAGE 12 "the best year-old reliever Joe Grtenda
which nominated. group of freshmen", The comment
manager's came
gave rise to pre-seuon optimism a couple of weeks back after from Birmingham, August 14,' !
the Journeyman lefthander became

at oUT
football University'sopening practice! May made a divining stop of : the list hurler to be used,
'LOW COST1Face John Roseboro's smash down
September L by the New York club this year..
first base line at Crosley
only three under the
"I am certainly more optimistic
Field and turned it Into an out
now than I wu this time N.L. record established by the I _
Of in a with the
Lifting Home last' year ," said Plggott ube game Coach Dodgers.Red 1921 Cincinnati Club and
: Jimmy Bragan'
equalled by the 1946 Phillies.
put his charges through their
"YOUR HOME IS OUR CONCERN" paces. "11 we can keep our experienced further memory than d May that goes of back Bristol.even With seven weeks of the sea-
linemen sda r.ma1n1nrLIt seemed a good j .}.
whole, and If It wu Bragan, men a Red a )ite
'Roof Torches our back come through this bet that the Mets would employ -
'Carports, scout, who originally signed
four more hurlers and
could be a very good team." I
May to Us first baseball contract -
break the
Deos And Gtoeral ROM Among the 10 freshmen candidates in June of 1960. record.
are several with impressive "Lee wu awkward becausehe

Additions Are Our Specialties fullback prospect credentials.is Aaron A Patterson top I first wu saw a big him 18-year-old recalled when Bra-,, 'Watch .' J

Lenoir, N.C. whostarred "
gar "But I WOllU1ll" say he wu dAE1ist'vbeftlaatcelaln

We Will Finance Up To AH Star in this Game.year's Eut-West clumsy.! He had too muchmooWJ.Ywdue.eenthat This Clown '

Another fine prospect is halfback U you had watched him run with 60 3816 f '

J 1 YearsCALL Doug McHardy of Stewart, a football the I did. Never

Fla. McHardy runs the 100 in once did I I.ee him way lose ground.*' 12 J? 19 1==:11II.: & a sparel

398.5987 97. Another freshman speed Eragan grinned. ..
ster Is WinstonSum'sLorenzo "Anyway. he said "1 didn't ,,5 _
Capitol Construction Co. Pearson,brother of the sign Lee because of his glove. 3f ,
r Aggie quarterback Willie Pearson I wu attracted by his bat and 4 t I /

t a Junior. the speed for a kid his s'lee. 4 / / t

Top linemen signing grant-ln- Even then, be had that good, 4-13-10
aid include Ray Parks andDoug short stroke-and with power."
Edwards, both named to Washington -
There wu a pause, then
1 : D.C/s alllletrqlolltaateam. Bragan added, "As muscular 9I110638ometfines

Parks ((8-1, %%0)) and Ed- is Lee le. though, I don't think He's Up,Sometimes

wards (6-1,230). will Join Dill be would have made it in .baseball -.} He'. Down, He Adds,Subtracts, a
Bethea Ala, AH-CIAA tackle i ,
s If he v
had stuck: with football He workds it all around.
and Clyde Pettaway. ..
Yiaekioaei a couple of more years..
A The Aggies have t'Sey d Even, BOW, be still hu a little1 I
good backs: returning. Junior |trouble getting loose." ZO9041COMING

k L.rpMt aMt lit k.Iedf'y Craig Siuii of Burlington,N.C., May passed up afootban grant-
' K w Is the bed hope at quarter ;:ln-ad at the University of Nebraska ATTRACTIONS
back. Veteran halfback include, ] to sign with the Reds.

OULTCKttT SPECIAL PACK Mike: Johnson, Coleman Tuft, "Today, you won't.find him re- II 30 115MAN'S -- -L

DEVIL CRABS 280. Willie Vaughn ,and Daryle .petting the decision. Neither
10 tN


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ti osj" pam, .... our," h. .. N' dates .w raIM Per Month. Health and Fortune Can Be I

I Lucky Yours Days.When You Know You

i Ta .9.... "U ewe fr HM 24 fl..tghf nc4-Iu&J.g
_Ir.-we ..... No Interest' Or Finance Charges Lucky Colors, etc.

t Send $2.00 for your Count'ML You get U ounces 3 store Of refrigerator More Coke
SPANISH MACKEREL Horoscope Guide fox fun glasses" over ice-in every 'because: this is the bottle with the

SR-22 Filings FREE. Half Quart bottle of Coa: -Cole. More built-in apere-..,.,, Half Quart bottle b.
fruft u mott '
SPOTS 49' 'SEPTEMBER economy, more convenience more fives you not two, but three full
NORFOLK Coke.Man economy befcawe In this glaue' 'of Coke over let. Its '

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MEDIUM LARGE FLOUNDER 'ROBERTmm mall to ZODIAC, Post Office: for your money. Mora convenience spirits a boost to your energy... .
Box 11'l1. Jacksonville, Fla. because you make fewer trips to the pick up several cartons tomorrow! '
toed trrod.alsobypWi.f.lM.gfwt.hM.rfkitsL.RGE. i Assieiatu, lie I

)tOO 'I Bottled under the authority of The Coc<-Coa! Company: by Jacksonville Bottling Company

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U. WUT COAST BMg. 1M-7897 ------- -, --.------- --- -ear M e.ei' e..A
DBS Edgewood Avenue S. 389-3483 DATE OF BIRTH

,. MULLET..LI.35c: .. M83 Rocsavett Blvd. 918-1583 Vo.. Day

). #
d ''
I I'y

.. .
---- --

F. .i* .. v. . . .


a MS 12 u __ ______ ____ $151 PIPERS,- SITOIBW JEPTEKIER 9, 1W7 .

-- --"' Cfcrjfbr Uaveils 196S Medal LiMo JXl( $ :IEUITJR '

EI: Some experience
: I _._ ._'H Good starting salary
I f ;, Advancement: Group ,
: MEN ft A suss 4 Ins.'AppIy-FLOIUDA'

t ? STAR, 2323 MooJriCfRd.SIN.ER .
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the ; j I Ii
Jamboree ,Airman First Send ;
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Rlggs, ThomasSlngle- George Washington MO.EL

at Maxwell 1.30 St.arrived, Jackson for to Viet Nam. SEWING MACHINE. A-I Snap*.

This Japan. Zlg Zags. Sold new for over
weights" an air- $300. MIST SACRIFICE. Just I
boxers crew chief pay balance $64. or assume I
finish. a unit of the HOUSE SALE : $2 weekly paymenU. Call Credit -'
u a which pro- FOR manager. Phone 353-1946,
l : air :Phone' 266-5365. anytime. Win deliver. No obli
employee, andltsallles. i gation.FffOEN.

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Wright lost Douglas UF AUJUS"
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Take IIlmoV )Blnmf
Wright hom,. Phone 7659811.
lost only TABLETS for that tired run
strong flown feeling that keeps you from
Isaac enjoying life.
plan Leon to of Mr. and ROOM MATE WANTED 100 Tablets $3.00,200 Tablets
will face Sr. of 94Z ----- 15.00. $1.00 deposits on

first UA Fla Air ROWS THIS .FOR AN optional accessory to a 1968 Chrysler Town and Country wages FEMALE EMPIRE e.o.d.'s. PRODUCTS t '

uDent after La Donna Tittle of Chicago shoe off the "wagon" during a preview recently held In Nice yomgladyios6treapart.{ Dept. .FS, 5937 N. &SALE! .
training at the Windy City for newsmen from across the nation. Stylistic features new to the Tan
Tex. and Country for 196J Include wood grain body side ornamentation which Is made of a pressure meat with person of the same, Chicago, ILL. 60620
Nice 356-0868.
a .to Nel- sensitive vinyl material. A tall gate squeegee-type wiper-washer system that permits neighborhood ,
the window to be cleaned window to be cleaned while driving is also available on the 'Mnn"
1968 Town and Country. Chrysler Corporation's '968 passenger cars win make their public -
r debuts In dealer showrooms on Sept 14. But don't expect the models to be offered u LOT FOR SALE SUMMER! RATES
accessories. (NPI PMOTO)
1dea1l1omesite'71'111' off Rowe 12 rooms, Private bath $5.00
Ave. Weekdays, Phone 18 rooms Semiprivate$4
CBUSfH NIWS 351-43 %. Price $1500, terms 1/g day and trackers $S.OO
0 or 2.persons) .

J I Holy Communion lies will be Civil Rights == ,EDGEWOIOTSCRA1tD' COURT

administered at 3 p.m. with the ROOM FOR RENT '
pastor and officers in charge 5911U S. Cor.EdgewoodAve.
on Sunday at New Redeem Bap Round-Up .gone '164..0003AI''y!Open
tist Church. -- Nice room, 36 Magnolia St.
I m. Sunday School Is scheduled to Couple or single person. Phone ISAIELLA OF UIUS''
11 for training begin at 9:30 a.m. with Deacon BIAS CHARGED 3533760.IEIP.
I Washington and teachers in NEWBURGH N.Y/-(NPI)West Point Military academy has That's Mel I have the Amat-,
a mem charge. The lesson will be reviewed been accused of continuing to "hire, promote, and make military fog superior tonic tablets, pep
\ packed Air Com- by the pastor Rev E J. assignments on the basis of race and color." The New. (CLt;", for all the things ycwranttooxi.
This battlefi- Norman. burgh NAACP Branch made the charge, In letters to President Box of 10, $1.00. Satisfaction
go the limit. precision Jet Morning worship Is set for U Johnson and federal officials which noted that academy guaranteed or Money back. For
go the : and air ajn. with the deacons Incharge band has never bad a Negro member la Its 150-year history ( Men and Women.
I tends that '.ground of devotion thircevind ushers In addition, the NAACP charged that only seven cf the acad j)
\ victor. 1 and 2 will serve throughout emy's 2,400 employees are Negro white collar workers. P. O. Ion 230, Dept S.
worker.In 1961 grad the day with Mrs Fannie Jackson -
a Bin serving at the console. SURE-FIRE Gary,.Indiana
I Queen and iiitca'f Afternoon services!: win] be highlighted WASHDfGTOlMNPQ-Sen.' James 0. Eastland (D.-Mlss.)
by a message from the has come up with a sure-fire way cf killing all civil-rights S1A MONEYMIRACLE TOD
pastor, beginning at 3 p.m. legislation this year. He said be would try to attach a fair. '
District will meet in the auditorium housing provision to the House-passed civil rights bill. Unk WANTED CAN COME TO YOU $
Tex. -Alr-
Nays Is ,,Thomas of the church at 5 p.m. log any sort of integration measure to a bill before Congress MAIDS, N. Y. SLEEIWN JOBS Join this
son On Tuesday night, 7:30 p.m. is almost certain death these days, In the wake of salaries to $65, fare advanced. new Prosperity
Augustus C. Write today for tree
Bible study has been scheduled. white backlash reaction to the recent riots. Rush references phoneaumber.ABLE .
Abella Road, information. An Individual You
District 3; 4; 6 and 8 win MAIDS AGENCY, 163 N.,
has been -may be energized, magnetised
14. *Qlant "SLIGHT" ,
observe their Joint anniversary FREE PORT. N. and polarised to attract the
ed so the on) Sunday, September 17th, at CHICAGOPI1'StghP" gains in the city's hospital Integration
It Miss., as a flow of money.Properly>> magnetized
Willie. 3 p.m. at the church. were reported by the Hospital Planning Council '
up The public has been cordially of Metropolitan Chicago In 1966, there were more Negro KELP WANTED ,alloaeyK1J'acle.any human belag can Write summon for.
strategy Invited to attend these services. patients than before at hospitals: other than the 10 most
y com MUST DO 60 W.P.M. ACCURATELY details about this new Prosperity -
Manager frequented by Negroes, the council said. At the time, almost
ly because at Lack- half of the city's Negro babies were delivered at Cook County GOOD IN ENGLISH) Movement! Write TO:
the greatest new school hospital In 1966, 'as before. Tb- Council, In issuing Its retort .SPELLING. '
day was it Air Training $SAVINGS CLUB, .MEETSThe tool exception to charges' mlde by Dr; QuentttD, 'Ap lJ'a' FLORIDA 8TAK' ; *323 :OBADIAH'S >
The Giants conducts hun off Pat courses to Ladles of Leisure :Florida. : INFORMATION
Rights that patterns of hospital discrimination are worsenIng -
and Club will meet Tuesday
{ Saving
Ding, a in Chicago.: 9204 S.'Commerical Avenue
out. Jim September 12, at 30p.m.., Chicago, QDonls 60617APTS .
base with Mrs. Willie M. Williams, .EVEN MORE MAIDS FOR NEW YOftX
ble play 1423 West 24th St., as hostess.This CHNCINNATI-NP7)Black slum dwellers hate middle class
"That was Important meeting will Negroes more than whites according to Sen. Barbara Jordan, :!''DP. TO $TS ,WEEK FOR RENT.
Mostly feature a discussion as to then first Negro elected to the Texas legislature In this century .Top Jobs NOW! Best iomes IdW.YTqilyNewJersev.Frlendly
,i That was a 17th anniversary. All members Addressing! Sigma Delta Theta Sorority' ;convention, Miss ; .. |20'E. Beaver St. 3 rm Upper
to be families. Fare sent, rush "
are requested
Ray bit a present Jordan said educated Negroes must take responslbllty for re' $35.00 mOo
down three f Mrs. MatUe L. King is pre ?erenc t. FREE GIFT St. 8 rm Upper
preventing a "national holocaust. ."We cannot afford to allow kills AGENd 1472 Logan .
sident. Mrs. Lela M. Fowler DIXIE
ve a chance bitterness, factionalism fear, and hatred to render our country $30.00 mOo
"It wasn't 1s reporter. Impotent In the face of danger," she said, 300.W.4Q St. N.Y.C. Dept, zu .I .1233" W, Monroe St..' 6 r.Upper
Mays as a $45.00 mOo

Is their hot :; THOMAS SOCIETY N0. 2. JAClCSONI41 ,-(NPI>-Pertah the thought that Cecil Ray HELP WANTED ROUSES FOR RENT
Mays hasn't trained per- The'lndependence'&neY01eDceSociety Price, a Neshoba County deputy sheriff,' would be "guilty of NEWS REPORTER
their hottest aero No. I will un-American racial Price became i i
sponsor a an prejudice.! so upsetat Trainee 1027 E.'Ashler: St. rm Bung.
set up the Sing Sunday night, September AIm J. Bronstein, chief staff Lawyers Constitutional Must be In ', $45.00 mOo
situation. a 1985 gradu- 10, at the African United Defense Committee, for reportedly making racial English! Use Type 394 Chelsea St. 6 rm House
.Raines High Church, Mllnor near First charges against him that the deputy sheriff filed a $200,000suit writer. Apply: FLORIDA $55.00 mOo
I Florida AIM St. The program will begin at. against Bronstein and a Jackson broadcasting station, STAR, 2323 Moncrlef Rd<< 3312 Roselle St. 4 rm Bung
I 8 p.m. The public Is Invited over which the accusations were said to have been aired. Price $55.00 mOo
to attend. The president of the was particularly angry about charges that he partcipated! in CIRCULATION MAN 831 W. 29th St. 6 rm Bung
Society Is Willie Stewart. the slaying cf three civil rights workers near Philadelphia. I $75.00 mo.
of Miss He's under a 1964 Indictment In the killings; :Distribute Newspapers ,
t Religious Full Time or Part Time 8857, 8867, 8927 Phillip High
*} from the DEL RIO LADIES' CLUB --- Most have car : way. S houses on 4 acres of

simple black. TO CELEBRATE, 5 Praticil Nirsiil .,A'co mss IN NEW MATH was : Apply: land. Total.. rent for all
; In the fu. The Del Rio Ladies' Club win being taken by t group of par. FLORIDA STAR 50.00 mOo

Digest pre celebrate its sixteenth anniversary Grids At Staitoi toe. ents to that they would.b tter 2323 Moncrlef Rd.' FOLAND A HIGHER
3 Sirter will Sunday, September IT, at understand It and be able.to help Realtors
apparel. the home of Mrs IDea Felton, ;their children. with their home 354-8435 317 W.ForsythSt.Jacksonville .
6th at Fifteen students received : : I
SCHOOLS! Powbattan Mrs. Doretha work. NAjflNS PROBLEM
: 'style clothes Mack 1s president.Mrs.Thelma cerUr1cate.lnpractlcalDuraJDc
t YOUR last Wednesday. In exercises After struggling with It for a
Brown Is .
with secretary. DAY
scruple, EVERY OF
at Stanton Vocational High few sessions, one parent threw
BUY;: and the cate School. Dr. Wilbert L. Daw- up her hands in despair. "After

communl- Science Briefs Mile Sr., delivered the principal this New,Math,:what nest?,* YOUR LIFE Shipyard
a Catholic address.
; (den) MD-' AO or DOT Duval County's Board of Pubic Her neighbor grinned.! "Haven'tyou Immediately Required
I A KanstM University computer Instruction's adult and technical 'ardJ AII"mat"+ Many seem smaller once the/ PIPEFITTERSFIRST
; clothing' given the task of diagnos are understood. Let me try to
: '' division supervises these
stereotype ling 268 thyroid gland conditions ht1p! ] yon with your Persoaal'Problems.
I' ( Benighted) was right on M percentof courses. The Duval Medical Phone For Appointment Confidential Air.
them the physicianobserverreports Center the Baptist Memorial
Nun. Mall to this country'IMEGA ;
... and the St. Vlncenf '
-- ._ Hospital s DR. REAP SMITH : ;
i' SSSWIFT'S- ".; ... I; ... -..... .....;fA.oil ...-.. ......qJI' B 8Pttai'art cooperating city 25? /
900 W. State BL-4-U87
J t: : A SALE OF'ALL SALES THIS WEEK DULY! agencies.Graduates are: Martha Bums, I APPLYSOUTHSIDE
t Rosa Ganrin, Eleanor .lilts, ,Office Formerly Occupied> IJy DIVISION

PROTEN" s. '/2 BEEF Swi 'sPrernium"Proten't 'T, ,Debris Lenora Louder Bio,, Doris Nancy Martin Jones,, \ Dr. Lyncker-Oppoelt Bits Box 29 South, zenburg, C.P.. *PT.tml OF"ewer MINDRICKI?., tratararBRAND .AVS.A .

r PREMIUM Dorothy McMiller, Betty Mlddlebrooks Africa
11 Altamese Moore,
!t FOR TEN DAYS CUTTING 53C Turner, Everlena Wiggins,Jac NEW BRICK HOMES

I CALL NOWI! 'quelyn Williams and Carolyn .
I U.S. Imp. Neb Hill Thomas.
2-j..4.OZ. ALL BEEF '

: PATTIES $1 99 5-LB.IOX FRYERSWhole 251lL'tbCOHTITFISI a other 65 MOHTIIe

i -No Limit ; //.J?. An- To hats Pence : PI.c INSIBE CITY LIMITS _. SAVE
right to be respected.He .
PORK 39 C 'O"N"H 5 has a rTzJjt' to his good ._ 'LOW BOWN
# SHOULDERS lb BACON 39 1CD BACON 59fi name.. Hejbp "a right to' PAYMENT!
,freedom kf 'investigating the

i STEAK SALE of truth the,. ariay moM within' order the and limits the 3 BEDROOMS CARPORT!

ARKET"PROTEN" common good to freedom of nisi EUttbeta Mason "Y1cat'IIIt"
I, C speech*and publication and now located at' GRAND PARK
JCLUB STEAKIOUND 8 9 III to freedom to pursue whatever .Spencer's Wig Shop 613 W.Ashley .
profession hem ;cbooIeJ. Ct, to the Clara White

STEAK las (Mission Bldg. lamgladtobe. SALES OFFICE AT DIVISION I 20TH ST. LIP
"He the right also, to Jig service in styling your wigs :
-accurately luttymedabout. '!tags!'. Phone 354-9188 for pickup PHONE 354-S74S FOR DETAILS
! &&8&Z ... ... .. ptfWic t'vepta. and delivery I

I L I I I ,.
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