Florida star

UFPKY National Endowment for the Humanities LSTA SLAF
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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090114_AAAAEO INGEST_TIME 2009-01-15T05:16:26Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00461
FILE SIZE 805037 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090115_AAAASM PATH 00210.jp2 PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 fc7424a9117b81de9c0141a3245282a0SHA-1 1aca1be15bd308c75c7ccf1b44cc4ef4554057c1
332907 F20090115_AAAASN 00210.jpg 5e46e2986fa1d25aa2ad2c2476988cac953d324f910b2b6840f3232a364aa006ad599e4c
49820 F20090115_AAAASO 00210.QC.jpg 3da2ca40b4debff37259eb4a2a8aa759f550ebf6f448308cd0a629d2723e5729c010f7a9
6440269 F20090115_AAAASP 00210.tif aeb9c0dd953baf4f64415a56f4d94f00a4cbf396e0bc483decdfb7e7082741e4fedfc256
32571 F20090115_AAAASQ 00210.txt 58f4c64efbb2ac9888601716057010fe7ab3a7061aef3b336d7e73726f8599a0ae91a1aa
12840 F20090115_AAAASR 00210thm.jpg 033150f5fcf62ce5117173ae77fe760b1500cc60d4094c92cfda5731b740d12bea4cfb5e
797822 F20090115_AAAASS 00211.jp2 59baee3d577cb49157aa01083f8fee297c2a252d9995310f88b215cf457037734a8fd744
371769 F20090115_AAAAST 00211.jpg 05a018746a4d01586485517d05fa02cd0f74cd8705bd09634147ea36607477f729d33b13
51490 F20090115_AAAASU 00211.QC.jpg 98e2d12814193d70cc8fe33b6707a6edd882c709e1571c5ff446102f6f174c7ace4c268a
6373112 F20090115_AAAASV 00211.tif 612b351dc667f51ad25619a644648948df9400689352a204461c4d65067e03e9aa5dfb71
41796 F20090115_AAAASW 00211.txt 7753b71c863f57f23be50fb158a22c668fe8838fc426243e1ae7fc045b5bccc7d541c936
12340 F20090115_AAAASX 00211thm.jpg 8f33770efaf33444d83ffd4c029215ce7a1dc3e78e2b393516dff34a6c011eccfb1088a1
31357 F20090115_AAAAUA 00216.txt b7d4bf05954b9c141930f310451a2f582a25e04d0bfa84e4f2099a8bc58328a40142ef9c
808040 F20090115_AAAASY 00212.jp2 adc813ad038fca49590175e7134cb4ac9c1fa8618a005a7133922bae8d2ee01e2bca8a85
11806 F20090115_AAAAUB 00216thm.jpg 1e0e02822fdb9baf8840921cb2b4e08704aefccd99eef4e21573b6c03f524158696e4255
311414 F20090115_AAAASZ 00212.jpg 60eb2143a098f91214474afb923edce371dfe82194e4a9e8ceabe02120bae614e429dfa5
805789 F20090115_AAAAUC 00217.jp2 ba406465f923058f22cdfd41caea9523654397d245df5898b2f2e87ab987d20dc0f3ade6
383132 F20090115_AAAAUD 00217.jpg 1c560fac51e94b45e73ca9d9f54929d21dc5275ee3bf19e95b4a68349f1dedbcc9b3e3ae
51660 F20090115_AAAAUE 00217.QC.jpg 14b5acc75984022d1686a78595b1255377f36f856034fa22aa2502448b910d14fc0c970e
6446669 F20090115_AAAAUF 00217.tif ef20de9814b7df8b429dda959a20070f722715ad12c40e611fdee2b67a2631c16ef41a9c
50633 F20090115_AAAAUG 00217.txt 2d2c82541519d655bc1fb27eb8eb6f5bb71edda42a2281e2a9f757be29401d2f4c2810d0
12161 F20090115_AAAAUH 00217thm.jpg 40a96d94de513ac27bf06f265d3aa282d4e9097a6450df12287beb9db3977f58e8bd9fa7
800931 F20090115_AAAAUI 00218.jp2 255d6ea33c3b1e341efb68fc8a98adc9c9c789abd676966045b8be498e843abc6e0ce0f3
332854 F20090115_AAAAUJ 00218.jpg 062069469129da20e4b31bab3397f7c82f0e07ad2ac7364ef08676b1ac8a7a52a57c7635
50325 F20090115_AAAAUK 00218.QC.jpg c02adba7ae7aee2379d64829f7f761e77f949b841b3bd5394d6a2a0a0430b42f55e9c2ee
6407429 F20090115_AAAAUL 00218.tif 13d0a3639cc71e0a2b2c2937bec13b153e5ba7618fd7023e4a8715c248088d203d9857b9
33223 F20090115_AAAAUM 00218.txt a20ab3c2ebbaebaebfae1776c8527f2537acbce3ea4a6ac892762cf6d70022b5f0a5ff0f
12419 F20090115_AAAAUN 00218thm.jpg 27bd363a8a5c7608a852d950fa29475fc711ff68e10f7b1e45099cefa4fc57ca76c204db
792803 F20090115_AAAAUO 00219.jp2 09cba74fae893b65d98cc2b72ac4500df1796b3ae6553e476d31e75c645a7b25b7d2e3ec
299706 F20090115_AAAAUP 00219.jpg d80aa8a6d1b2693c948554c9204394d3cc7e729c53077cb9fda38ddfa94cb2d980a0bd59
48651 F20090115_AAAAUQ 00219.QC.jpg 5094a0b0f0f1adafc65b34b8db22d34dba92006e882511aaaf83cbb3a6d618df1f7ba635
6336773 F20090115_AAAAUR 00219.tif 3e22998253cdb38805e7b52905e3da7e2560fe234c35d549025dd54ac201dc4870e38c41
21473 F20090115_AAAAUS 00219.txt a48ccd94fbaaf9af86fd25676c970989c7caef380d03d1b66d3599cc7a52c12d1f48dc8d
12976 F20090115_AAAAUT 00219thm.jpg 58f03c194de4b0e4995b750dc63c30cb6f47cfd71a00beb90750391dba1988dc1fc3d302
48678 F20090115_AAAATA 00212.QC.jpg 0cb7f63a7812dc17943109f93a4893cbe2eb4b0d4f7f6d145a8a55cf6bb8b2d172246b38
15888 F20090115_AAAAUU 1967052701.xml FULL c8b60308bb2c650a13dd0fa8159ae794f430f1757e91f975a30fb574c7d2f591cb9c9cdaBROKEN_LINK 0210.jp20211.jp20212.jp20213.jp20214.jp20215.jp20216.jp20217.jp20218.jp20219.jp20210.txt0211.txt0212.txt0213.txt0214.txt0215.txt0216.txt0217.txt0218.txt0219.txt0210.tif0211.tif0212.tif0213.tif0214.tif0215.tif0216.tif0217.tif0218.tif0219.tif0210.jpg0211.jpg0212.jpg0213.jpg0214.jpg0215.jpg0216.jpg0217.jpg0218.jpg0219.jpg
6455062 F20090115_AAAATB 00212.tif b033cb068eccca811175c41b0f034ce10e81c3ef335b866431dd372bb1e876d50c484a2b
25072 F20090115_AAAATC 00212.txt 09c66c745be5a48aa1e371ec3e508325422d35fcd2052d571f10b45af98fd4514fcf249b
12426 F20090115_AAAATD 00212thm.jpg 34e41540fe3796cc01e612fdd8c8a5ab744ece114eab617e71f7479cb10196eb5e171c35
21504 F20090115_AAAAUX UF00028362_00461.mets 19fc21770bbf7d72e26c2b83609d783aee91f0b9b9aa412d8697dbd5898eaa670ad6d5d0
799540 F20090115_AAAATE 00213.jp2 16eba3020a6741205f77ee05530fc48eb3e3f171b55e6f8c621c721afef01c1af4c659b3
309970 F20090115_AAAATF 00213.jpg 0ff76fa2824a5c718d2cc2a98ac618601d270d4c2ee8f1d501ca88e7ed33b79bb4d0f44b
24703 F20090115_AAAAUZ UF00028362_00461.xml a2b27207c440e32528aef0abe7bc5ca77c16a4690eedee5a28986b5b950f7e4ad38d81d3
46041 F20090115_AAAATG 00213.QC.jpg 636c37ebab9c5fc152e659676867242cfcc0bfd7c9d7ad27e264dfd792e8ff73335215e2
6386899 F20090115_AAAATH 00213.tif 7636786cab0f889c0c6ae930736dfe8843b0dade85aeb3f13b03ec8c04bd10f965a1b7ae
33725 F20090115_AAAATI 00213.txt 40c62c33f87ffbfbef2aedf62c69a9758b0f9733728f92b0ed304c70824dc14f25f5d83d
11567 F20090115_AAAATJ 00213thm.jpg 8ed157cafc8bdf524c16970b799f5dc3327796ae4681e332992f2455ce4b9e4e660db330
806539 F20090115_AAAATK 00214.jp2 23657ae3c4e3669c70e593f0a8e12561d1f690c8f1e70a0c5c5dc00ffd011bbba85a9b57
309812 F20090115_AAAATL 00214.jpg 5bf1b33c946b83fa77049df0829e5c17343e9bffa661ab1d3245ac0ae3a5d680f6dd7a81
46872 F20090115_AAAATM 00214.QC.jpg 9bf6513a9f2b79883e52f87999260347f041f34f3985c0a8040d3c3df9c77af93dfd4131
6452425 F20090115_AAAATN 00214.tif 506d2f85de8947837313001d17bcf45e7d66ced78ebcc2b8dad2c7278e8bdf0e5df0cfdc
27285 F20090115_AAAATO 00214.txt 7114ff167a3c9665bffe7786a20634eab3fef89a2999dc48e0c9164d927b16ccaaf1c73f
12125 F20090115_AAAATP 00214thm.jpg e55a99c58d16e18d7a6c5312ef0a28e0b89697776e4be22364bcb8287c8c87e101eb0cc5
795083 F20090115_AAAATQ 00215.jp2 a6b680528c35a8c02f74630c589c1fef45e4a3ce252646976d6691090a84974e9abd9a70
366731 F20090115_AAAATR 00215.jpg de21364afba45eae419dacc218d46ff2a50883b1c7809dd35848d5ad391695e295b644fe
50268 F20090115_AAAATS 00215.QC.jpg 8444dfaf2eed3b0eeeff70db303504235811cb1b93d047692c2394acabf00064807b682b
6361229 F20090115_AAAATT 00215.tif 0610f11ec2e07b8b6275d091cd2cda3fbf241542b916f47931d5c342e5db8b3a8a352bdb
41767 F20090115_AAAATU 00215.txt c493b3f7c29a9ff424142fbc1aaa7c0c19bbbbb659890da89c4648fb51fad36015c771cb
12194 F20090115_AAAATV 00215thm.jpg 4d67f08a7a11cf1729d0cebeb7ce12b99b3a078bdf17a4e1cdf93a042a8bf8e9615cf8b4
794563 F20090115_AAAATW 00216.jp2 216637afaeedf5c6494468d16c98dadb87ce4a095734657af6ea8e0a3e23ebb5f227bf97
326210 F20090115_AAAATX 00216.jpg 57f615770ef0fd2ed8107dd1ac99b44e9bf4a0b75b030f81f0758189287c3534dc53ff33
47413 F20090115_AAAATY 00216.QC.jpg e00d78c237ad90f944f9055b743b15935f6ba714bf1b38cc40b0fac52658c8f1ebdfc8b0
6347069 F20090115_AAAATZ 00216.tif fc2d0bdf93484f3d8ab35d665b57b27a759a419f4eae587d9454e52d6892daedeefc11ca

xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090220_AAACDG INGEST_TIME 2009-02-22T22:56:49Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00461
FILE SIZE 51490 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090222_AABONQ PATH 00211.QC.jpg PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 98e2d12814193d70cc8fe33b6707a6edSHA-1 d882c709e1571c5ff446102f6f174c7ace4c268a
6373112 F20090222_AABONR 00211.tif 612b351dc667f51ad25619a644648948df9400689352a204461c4d65067e03e9aa5dfb71
41796 F20090222_AABONS 00211.txt 7753b71c863f57f23be50fb158a22c668fe8838fc426243e1ae7fc045b5bccc7d541c936
12340 F20090222_AABONT 00211thm.jpg 8f33770efaf33444d83ffd4c029215ce7a1dc3e78e2b393516dff34a6c011eccfb1088a1
808040 F20090222_AABONU 00212.jp2 adc813ad038fca49590175e7134cb4ac9c1fa8618a005a7133922bae8d2ee01e2bca8a85
311414 F20090222_AABONV 00212.jpg 60eb2143a098f91214474afb923edce371dfe82194e4a9e8ceabe02120bae614e429dfa5
48678 F20090222_AABONW 00212.QC.jpg 0cb7f63a7812dc17943109f93a4893cbe2eb4b0d4f7f6d145a8a55cf6bb8b2d172246b38
6455062 F20090222_AABONX 00212.tif b033cb068eccca811175c41b0f034ce10e81c3ef335b866431dd372bb1e876d50c484a2b
51660 F20090222_AABOPA 00217.QC.jpg 14b5acc75984022d1686a78595b1255377f36f856034fa22aa2502448b910d14fc0c970e
25072 F20090222_AABONY 00212.txt 09c66c745be5a48aa1e371ec3e508325422d35fcd2052d571f10b45af98fd4514fcf249b
6446669 F20090222_AABOPB 00217.tif ef20de9814b7df8b429dda959a20070f722715ad12c40e611fdee2b67a2631c16ef41a9c
12426 F20090222_AABONZ 00212thm.jpg 34e41540fe3796cc01e612fdd8c8a5ab744ece114eab617e71f7479cb10196eb5e171c35
50633 F20090222_AABOPC 00217.txt 2d2c82541519d655bc1fb27eb8eb6f5bb71edda42a2281e2a9f757be29401d2f4c2810d0
12161 F20090222_AABOPD 00217thm.jpg 40a96d94de513ac27bf06f265d3aa282d4e9097a6450df12287beb9db3977f58e8bd9fa7
800931 F20090222_AABOPE 00218.jp2 255d6ea33c3b1e341efb68fc8a98adc9c9c789abd676966045b8be498e843abc6e0ce0f3
332854 F20090222_AABOPF 00218.jpg 062069469129da20e4b31bab3397f7c82f0e07ad2ac7364ef08676b1ac8a7a52a57c7635
50325 F20090222_AABOPG 00218.QC.jpg c02adba7ae7aee2379d64829f7f761e77f949b841b3bd5394d6a2a0a0430b42f55e9c2ee
6407429 F20090222_AABOPH 00218.tif 13d0a3639cc71e0a2b2c2937bec13b153e5ba7618fd7023e4a8715c248088d203d9857b9
33223 F20090222_AABOPI 00218.txt a20ab3c2ebbaebaebfae1776c8527f2537acbce3ea4a6ac892762cf6d70022b5f0a5ff0f
12419 F20090222_AABOPJ 00218thm.jpg 27bd363a8a5c7608a852d950fa29475fc711ff68e10f7b1e45099cefa4fc57ca76c204db
792803 F20090222_AABOPK 00219.jp2 09cba74fae893b65d98cc2b72ac4500df1796b3ae6553e476d31e75c645a7b25b7d2e3ec
299706 F20090222_AABOPL 00219.jpg d80aa8a6d1b2693c948554c9204394d3cc7e729c53077cb9fda38ddfa94cb2d980a0bd59
48651 F20090222_AABOPM 00219.QC.jpg 5094a0b0f0f1adafc65b34b8db22d34dba92006e882511aaaf83cbb3a6d618df1f7ba635
6336773 F20090222_AABOPN 00219.tif 3e22998253cdb38805e7b52905e3da7e2560fe234c35d549025dd54ac201dc4870e38c41
21473 F20090222_AABOPO 00219.txt a48ccd94fbaaf9af86fd25676c970989c7caef380d03d1b66d3599cc7a52c12d1f48dc8d
12976 F20090222_AABOPP 00219thm.jpg 58f03c194de4b0e4995b750dc63c30cb6f47cfd71a00beb90750391dba1988dc1fc3d302
15888 F20090222_AABOPQ 1967052701.xml FULL c8b60308bb2c650a13dd0fa8159ae794f430f1757e91f975a30fb574c7d2f591cb9c9cdaBROKEN_LINK 0210.jp20211.jp20212.jp20213.jp20214.jp20215.jp20216.jp20217.jp20218.jp20219.jp20210.txt0211.txt0212.txt0213.txt0214.txt0215.txt0216.txt0217.txt0218.txt0219.txt0210.tif0211.tif0212.tif0213.tif0214.tif0215.tif0216.tif0217.tif0218.tif0219.tif0210.jpg0211.jpg0212.jpg0213.jpg0214.jpg0215.jpg0216.jpg0217.jpg0218.jpg0219.jpg
19482 F20090222_AABOPT UF00028362_00461.mets afac2cadd1fd16c46f577f03b5aa93a74fd1281cba4d57365b13b283de4eb9a526d0e7dd
799540 F20090222_AABOOA 00213.jp2 16eba3020a6741205f77ee05530fc48eb3e3f171b55e6f8c621c721afef01c1af4c659b3
309970 F20090222_AABOOB 00213.jpg 0ff76fa2824a5c718d2cc2a98ac618601d270d4c2ee8f1d501ca88e7ed33b79bb4d0f44b
22172 F20090222_AABOPV UF00028362_00461.xml 166cf7ebb46485b659096eddff625a212b0ef2a46b380bbb4b5155a8de48ba2b5be3684f
46041 F20090222_AABOOC 00213.QC.jpg 636c37ebab9c5fc152e659676867242cfcc0bfd7c9d7ad27e264dfd792e8ff73335215e2
6386899 F20090222_AABOOD 00213.tif 7636786cab0f889c0c6ae930736dfe8843b0dade85aeb3f13b03ec8c04bd10f965a1b7ae
33725 F20090222_AABOOE 00213.txt 40c62c33f87ffbfbef2aedf62c69a9758b0f9733728f92b0ed304c70824dc14f25f5d83d
11567 F20090222_AABOOF 00213thm.jpg 8ed157cafc8bdf524c16970b799f5dc3327796ae4681e332992f2455ce4b9e4e660db330
806539 F20090222_AABOOG 00214.jp2 23657ae3c4e3669c70e593f0a8e12561d1f690c8f1e70a0c5c5dc00ffd011bbba85a9b57
309812 F20090222_AABOOH 00214.jpg 5bf1b33c946b83fa77049df0829e5c17343e9bffa661ab1d3245ac0ae3a5d680f6dd7a81
46872 F20090222_AABOOI 00214.QC.jpg 9bf6513a9f2b79883e52f87999260347f041f34f3985c0a8040d3c3df9c77af93dfd4131
6452425 F20090222_AABOOJ 00214.tif 506d2f85de8947837313001d17bcf45e7d66ced78ebcc2b8dad2c7278e8bdf0e5df0cfdc
27285 F20090222_AABOOK 00214.txt 7114ff167a3c9665bffe7786a20634eab3fef89a2999dc48e0c9164d927b16ccaaf1c73f
12125 F20090222_AABOOL 00214thm.jpg e55a99c58d16e18d7a6c5312ef0a28e0b89697776e4be22364bcb8287c8c87e101eb0cc5
795083 F20090222_AABOOM 00215.jp2 a6b680528c35a8c02f74630c589c1fef45e4a3ce252646976d6691090a84974e9abd9a70
366731 F20090222_AABOON 00215.jpg de21364afba45eae419dacc218d46ff2a50883b1c7809dd35848d5ad391695e295b644fe
50268 F20090222_AABOOO 00215.QC.jpg 8444dfaf2eed3b0eeeff70db303504235811cb1b93d047692c2394acabf00064807b682b
6361229 F20090222_AABOOP 00215.tif 0610f11ec2e07b8b6275d091cd2cda3fbf241542b916f47931d5c342e5db8b3a8a352bdb
41767 F20090222_AABOOQ 00215.txt c493b3f7c29a9ff424142fbc1aaa7c0c19bbbbb659890da89c4648fb51fad36015c771cb
12194 F20090222_AABOOR 00215thm.jpg 4d67f08a7a11cf1729d0cebeb7ce12b99b3a078bdf17a4e1cdf93a042a8bf8e9615cf8b4
794563 F20090222_AABOOS 00216.jp2 216637afaeedf5c6494468d16c98dadb87ce4a095734657af6ea8e0a3e23ebb5f227bf97
326210 F20090222_AABOOT 00216.jpg 57f615770ef0fd2ed8107dd1ac99b44e9bf4a0b75b030f81f0758189287c3534dc53ff33
47413 F20090222_AABOOU 00216.QC.jpg e00d78c237ad90f944f9055b743b15935f6ba714bf1b38cc40b0fac52658c8f1ebdfc8b0
6347069 F20090222_AABOOV 00216.tif fc2d0bdf93484f3d8ab35d665b57b27a759a419f4eae587d9454e52d6892daedeefc11ca
31357 F20090222_AABOOW 00216.txt b7d4bf05954b9c141930f310451a2f582a25e04d0bfa84e4f2099a8bc58328a40142ef9c
11806 F20090222_AABOOX 00216thm.jpg 1e0e02822fdb9baf8840921cb2b4e08704aefccd99eef4e21573b6c03f524158696e4255
805789 F20090222_AABOOY 00217.jp2 ba406465f923058f22cdfd41caea9523654397d245df5898b2f2e87ab987d20dc0f3ade6
383132 F20090222_AABOOZ 00217.jpg 1c560fac51e94b45e73ca9d9f54929d21dc5275ee3bf19e95b4a68349f1dedbcc9b3e3ae
805037 F20090222_AABONI 00210.jp2 fc7424a9117b81de9c0141a3245282a01aca1be15bd308c75c7ccf1b44cc4ef4554057c1
332907 F20090222_AABONJ 00210.jpg 5e46e2986fa1d25aa2ad2c2476988cac953d324f910b2b6840f3232a364aa006ad599e4c
49820 F20090222_AABONK 00210.QC.jpg 3da2ca40b4debff37259eb4a2a8aa759f550ebf6f448308cd0a629d2723e5729c010f7a9
6440269 F20090222_AABONL 00210.tif aeb9c0dd953baf4f64415a56f4d94f00a4cbf396e0bc483decdfb7e7082741e4fedfc256
32571 F20090222_AABONM 00210.txt 58f4c64efbb2ac9888601716057010fe7ab3a7061aef3b336d7e73726f8599a0ae91a1aa
12840 F20090222_AABONN 00210thm.jpg 033150f5fcf62ce5117173ae77fe760b1500cc60d4094c92cfda5731b740d12bea4cfb5e
797822 F20090222_AABONO 00211.jp2 59baee3d577cb49157aa01083f8fee297c2a252d9995310f88b215cf457037734a8fd744
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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 27, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 27, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
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Full Text
.' ..
""'" 'J" .;! :', ,, "'
; j"r
'If I, l t : .,' y' \ "" -. r! > / ....,.",. ,
.. '" \t 1\ I \\; 'I,: ;; J .' 1\\" _. .. j
.1 I' ".t '" Ii' 1 "r'diJ .
'- ,> -
= ..- ', ... "' .,'\, I' '/ ,, I, (,/, ', :'] ''I ,! JJ: j rL J'I" ....,.- ,.,..,..,.
__ > .... ''''' ', ,,",,(,rl' \il'! ,...,,*>i::,,."')'i1', '' ;,, ", ,,,,, ,",'''''',, ff'" ';! ... blJi ,J
... ** ***** ****** *** ** *******

.f RST NEGR :ECTED..i "CITY pos, j y i

*****... ************* ************** .. _A._************* .. ..,........
,, ,,,, u 'I

t..nitz or "ordaUnrr I
: ...

i'> A Ds' VF/ Gasnervi".. "or1da L ..

ti X914
+ yr

rti _
o go 1o The Poi ,? ,

e 1 +


6<- .

III. 17 M. I, of fF f'Lq C1 1BgA1lV SATIIDAY JUT 27, 19S7: 15 CENTS

******* *** .***** .********** *****Vf"FBIV***>*'VV'V"V****T*


Judge Says She Mist Give Up Negro _.c "__ '

Child To Keep White Ones .. .

NAACP Drive **,*** **** *

TAMPA -The effort of t 36-year-old.white mother to regain Police, Invasion In Houston JAXON ELECTED TO CIVIL '1 1I
her five ch.Udren-bc1ud1nc the colored one who were Lmcked ForSigutrres I
taken from her by the courts might prove a new truism.
That: Mother's lore Is color-blind.

Mrs. Geraldine Leylt e. 108 she was sent from the city I
Hyde Park .Avenue, salt all stockade to the County Hospi .*.*
of the children have been taken tal's mental ward, and later
from her because the father moved from there to the NEW YORK A nationwide Fear Negroes Will Continue
I of the youngest Is a Negro. State Mental Hospital at drive has been launched by the
The distraught mother made McClenny. She was released NAACP to gain one million Voters
her complaints In a letter to from the hospital three weeks signatures from NAACP mem, As One Time Around
the Sentinel-Bulletin, a Tampa after the Negro child was bers and the general public to SLJ !
born. support enactment of the 1937
,, Charles Slnmons Jacksonville Insurance executive became :
"All I want is my children civil rights tills the first Negro to win election to public office in Duval County
back Mrs- Levitzke said." Roy Wilkins NAACP execu- I
in over a half-century when be defeated white candidate
I understand they've been tive director announced at t Stanley. D. Watson for the City Civil Service Board, Group 2.,
placed up for adoption But I news conference here, May 16, last Tuesday.
I don't know where the youngest the distribution of printed Simmons swamped Watson Also in the second primary
r child is, and I want to know petitions to the Association's with a Tote of 15,501 votes to run-oft Mrs. Sallye Mathis,,
raJ because I love him just like 1,800 branches to "gain one 4 9,400 In the unofficial count. who sesplte being hampered
I do all the other.". She said million signatures of support by the presence of.two other
"never will sign adoption papers' ...for passage of thto. for any of the children. ." post by Mayor Louis R. Rltter''7,. 685 votes to lead Incumbent
r Judge OJ). Howell, senior Emphasising the need for addlttonal who was the first Mayor to Barney! Cobb tor the Ward\
Judge of the Hlllsboro County civil rights legislation appoint a Negro to an Import.* J Council seat.Campaign .
Juvenile Court, wh rule on the this year Mr. Wilkins pointedto strategists for both
case In Tampa has maintainedthe the long list of civil rights Mrs. Singleton and Mrs.Mathls
Mrs. LerttztewumentaU murders committed In the r 44 have already began soundingthe :
incompetent. He said the records South where "no one has been M v 1 appeal to Negro citizens.
_.,.. show that the Negro boy convicted in these crimes." r nin"' J not to follow the usual pattern'
infant was the result of a"pro "The pending bin, If of staying: away from the polls.
MRS. GERAlDINE LEVITZKE stitution" relationship with a would enable the enact lt1J on the day of the second pri-

Negro newspaper. Negro man and that the white Government to prosecute such, } 4 Lis pointed
A native of Chicago Mrs. children of Mrs. Levitate could cases In the future as the slaying out that the JuneS
Levitate. came to Florida after never enjoy a decent life knowing Jimmy Lee Jackson HOUSTON-Negro youths lie' on ground waiting to be taken to Jail as Houston police made second primary election of:
her third white husband wu of such a relationship. Marlon, Ala., in 1965; the flre- mass arrest on Texas Southern University's campus early. Two policemen were shot and vital Importance not only because
placed In prison at Avon Park. Judge Howell said be had advised bomb-maming of George Met- another Injured during a rock throwing. and shooting battle which lead to almost 300- CHARLES SIMMONS ''j j two Negroes are still In
While living In Avon Park, she Mrs. Levitzke to either calfe and the bomb-murder of arrest. UPI TELEPHOTO the running for the ImportantCity
enrolled her four white children get rid of the Negro child and Wharlest Jackson, both of Hatches ant local board. A change in Council. posts but also be- '.
la the Negro school there, keep the white ones, or place Miss., In 1965 and 1967, Grief In Jackson Hiss. the laws made the Civil Service t Wilt the second balloting will
causing an uproar inline"white the white ones up 10(,adoption respectively" Mr. Wilkinstold Board positions elective t determine who will occupy the .
community. She also became and keep the Negro child. newsmen. .. sun in the running for public important Mayor Commissioner
preganant for an unidentified "1 don't want it that way," At present only states can act offices are Mrs. etas seat.Mayor .
Negro man Mrs. Levitzke maintained. in suspected murders. If the which is seeking election the Louis H. Ritter who"led
She was arrested while visit "Pve never been a prostitute states choose not to act and swr City Council, Ward t. Mrs. the field over John P.IC1oc'and
charged the Negro school and never been Insane. I want all a conspiracy.:Indictment is not Singleton who was opposed by' Hans Tanzler with 17.Ul"YOt8I
with prostitution and of my children, including the or cannot be secured, the suspected M ,. now faces former Judge'Tanzler
the theft of two dogs but told colored one." persons remain free. who is being supported* ''
that if she left town,the charges Other Titles in the 1967 bill by what has been described as
would be dropped. Disintegration would grant the authority toissue the "silk stocking crowd.;
Mrs. Levltzke went with her and desist"
children, and said she had been CffiCAOG-NPI What happens orders to the Equal Employ Rights Leaders
told to Inform police authorities to a white family that ment Opportunity Commision.
there that she was in the city. moves into a predominantly The Commission may now finda x Hove To
When she went to the police Negro area of Chicago? firm guilty of racial discrimination t it} Ni'w4c .
station, she was booked u a If they're Mr. and Mrs. Eu- !In its employment
vagrant got a suspended sentence gene A. Bovin, Jr., they've policy, but may not order it Down .SchoolDesegregation
but later sent to the experienced no "overt acts of to cease.
stockade after it was learned 'violence" but have run into Another section of the bin i
that she was expecting.a child "a certain degree hostility.." would fHminafo racially dlscriminatory .
for t Negro. The Boivlns and their nine practices in the
Mrs. Levitxke claimed that I children moved selection of Juries in state and WASHINGTON, D. C. Roy
Federal courts. Wilkins chairman of the

Demo Chief, Says GOP leaders that Mrs."As Wilkins an indication also declared of our : Rights Leadership Is In Conference the forefront on Civil of.

concern with these develop t : : the battle to block proposedmoves
of our determination ; Q in the House of Representatives ,,
'Thnb Their Noses' At Citizens! gate our member* mil L that could destroy,

the public on the issues, we' : Mrs. Reba Sharp wife of the Federal efforts to desegregate.
WASHINGTON D.C -DemocraUc National Committee will begin this month an accelerated former Ward 2 Councilman, southern schools.
/ Chair.
L In letters sent 16 to all,
and William
voter registration 1 George) F. Knight
man John M. Bailey today charged that the Republican leader- .
ship was "willing to thumb their noses at the city dwellersof and education campaign. This E. Thompson, led the ticket House members, Mr. Wilkins (
who is also executive director
will reinforce our year-'round with a whopping 13,850 votes
this country by their vote to destroy the Model Cities
Program. program voter registration." JACKSON, MBS-Family of slain civil rights worker Benjamin Brown, attend funeral Next to her is Thompson with of Jbe NAACP said that ,
committed against the future Mr. Wilkins was highly critical services at Jackson. Brown was killed during riots at Jackson State College last week. 6,439 votes They will runoff adoption of two pending amendments
The Democratic National' of our cities and the 70 per of an asserteoly Republican Brown's wife at second from left and mother second.from right. UPI TELEPHOTO on June 6. would "halt the pro:
that would alter mlsing start that has been made.
Committee Chairman produceda cent of our country men who sponsored plan / I

list of 48 Republican Congressmen -'today live In those urban cen- elementary and secondary education ... '...... .h.... ......h..M...... _. ...., .....".. _" _'''' toward school deaecrep oa."
who voted against ters. acts "so U to give the i. .., ; He referred to one amendment
the Model Cities Program despite At a time when the solution to states a lump sum instead of :: .. '. ,,,. I s \ which would! in affect, nullify
compliance section of the
the fact that the cities challenges sending Federal school aid .
In their district had applied our urban the Imagination problems of our- money directly to poor school ., ... .. ......--.,...., ....._ ......--...- ," .............- .. ........ .. Civil Rights Act of 1964 u far:
for grants under the program. greatest public .servants the districts""Ii BRIDGE along with Sen. Eastland, violated the constitutional rights.of u schools aro concerned. The
Following is the text of Chair- Republicans voted u a block it baa coupled with it, u CHCAGO- man Bailey's statement against the Model Cities Pro-, is rumored some kind of an J. Edgar Hoover with left-wing groups, has announced that his ,officials to raid Its offices In New Orleans 1963. would prohibit "the assignment
It is shocking to see how the gram. Why Merely because agreement to soften the present role in SNCC from now on will be to "bridge the gap between or transportation of students
Republicans In the House of Representatives that program was thought up mild guidelines for public Negro intellectuals and potential riot-makers/ It was those PROTEST teachers la order to overcome
were willing to and put into operation by a school desegregation, Negro riot makers that Hoover was concerned about when he said MTLWAUKEE->-Tbe local NAACP branch's youth council racial lnfslaxe"The
thumb their noses at the city.Democratic Administration children and their parents will Carmichael bad connections with the Revolunttonary Action has protested the arrest of the Rev. James E. Groppi, its Leadership Conference
dwellers of this country by The Republican leadership has be back where they started in Movement Carmichael being replaced as SNCq chairman advisor Council leader were talking of marching on police which Is iftide up of more than
their vote to destroy the Model revealed its true colors by this 1955," he added. "byH. Rap Brown, said power .will come to the black mab "1fJ headquarters to protest harassment and "bloodletting." The 100 civil rfrts.1abor.* religious
Cities Program. venal vote which demonstratesto "It could be," said Mr. Wll Tie can take advantage of the skills and abilities of the Intellectuals Catholic priest was charged with obstructing: police and resisting and civic "!.oapa, is also urging
It la a dishonor to statesman- the country that they win tins. "that the Republicans and the sheer numbers of the black muses" arrest. Police said the trouble broke out in a predominantly defeat of Republican substitute -
ship that the Republican leadership -'' sacrifice the future of our who treed the slaves 104 years Negro area when they sought to arrest two 16-year-olds. to the AdmLdstration'i
and the Republican Party American family for petty partisan ago are seeking to rebuild GO Khool-ald bin. Under ita
have been so quick to play gain their party in 1967 by so handicapping WASHlNGTON-NPI-The U.s. Supreme Court has ruled BETTER '"block grunt* system the.
partisan politics with the urgent Let ns remember who these the Negro that at the that tile Southern Conference Educational Fund may proceed ATLANTA-(NPO-Coterage of Negro news Is markedly Improving I Government would place no rertrfctions -.
needs of our cities.is Republicans are who voted to swift pace of today's ervfllatton with a $350ooo damage suit against J.C. Sourwine. chief in Southern white newspapers,said BertStruby general I on how the states
1 a political crime that let our titles drown in their he might u well be beck' counsel "A James Ef>Ua *' internal Security committee manager MaconGa.) Telegraph andMaconNews,andpresldent :ipend Federal tads lot soar f
fla state Republicans have present ills. In servitude." but aot aglnst the senator. The salt charges that Sourwine, Southern Newspaper Publisher:.. Association. : .

mI'J""?JR'IJf, J' r \, t'U 7 r ,
,1 .:. :: <<"" ,,,,I' \

__ --................. .. .. -.. .. ... ........... 'Lim....JII'NIl, IJSM A"n__... r' ....-,_............'.__' _. :. -.:...-.1i1111.L: ; : ;, 1.11warw: ; :} : ..:'f:!.::.l..l ldWf'

.... .. ...... .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .

11II'.J.; ; ; "lI"lIP,1f

."/) sm PAPERS SATURDAY In 21. .Y.

Mo_ .. ._ .. .... .... ..... .

-THE FLORIDA l OJ, 10 nnOJ $ \ .1' : BliBPJJY

y ,. >
rn 'f" ':1AtS
., NEWS t ,i& ,, \ WHITNEY M. YOUNG( JB.
\ ,
: Published by the Florida Star Iub11 "

S' The myth that people> on welfare are -chlseten" who don't
MEMBB'R C want to wort hag been repeated so often that It falls Into
S. "
& 9.tfS\ the technique of the Big Lie-repeat a lie often enough and
;:" > people wm believe It. Every time a politician wants to make

i'NEGRO P 1'f1 a -hif with the home folks or a newspaper

= ::1 Oc, wants to boost circulation, they go back to
the old welfare chiselers routine.
'/ I!'jl lr f \\r, Now they will have to find another horseto .1

ts ERIC, 0. SIITKOK Hiiiflif i"f."f : ;) 'c ,f 0 \;; ." flog, because a White House official has
welfare recipients
is made public the figures on
: ., ,:r T' 1, I'f. ( )( than 1
HILDA WOOTEH.....Cireilatiifl .. and they show that only 50,000-tess -
-- -
\ Y tlt" percent-are able to work.
'r'I .\ There are 7.3 million people in the U.s. getting some

/ 2323 Mlicrief, Rial Pbui ._ :;':: : form of welfare aid. A little over 2 million are aged, 700,
\.S1CO' 000 are blind or handicapped, 3.5 million are children, and

Address" ., < ; the rest are the parents of these children who are unable to
\ Mailiif support them. Almost a million of these are mothers who
1 \ 9'J can't leave their kids to go to work, while most of the 150,000
P.O. Box 599 Jacksiifilli, !, I ; ,A"4/ \tJ\\\\\ J( fathers on welfare are handicapped In one way or another.
( ... #s'tVLiriiJA' These people don't sound like chiselers to me or to any
t ;t > ;; \
: 4otln fair-minded person. They are victims! of a system which
MIAKI : \ has failed them and they are people who may have met with
\\\1',, ,< misfortune in life, but they must be accorded the basic
j 5018 NW 7tl ATI, Ph ? : Ot\ dignities due all human being. The present welfare system
;t I treats them in a manner which robs them of dignity and frustrates : -
self-sufficient. .
efforts to make them
,' One Year, $6.00 Half Year: ; j This nation reveres the family and everyone agrees 'that
'Hailed to You AnywhereIn) the J O J0'\ a strong family unit is essential to society yet the welfare

Subscription payable in },' '.\ system actually helps break up many families. Children
'" who receive welfare in the Aid to Dependent Children program -
Send check or Money : ,; 'I'. .,I!.
i"t'" I often pay for the aid by losing their fathers That's
FLORIDA STAR P.O. BOX IJ "" .':'-,. {i1$ because of the "manlnthehouse" rule which forbids as-
Jacksonville 1, rlori : A :; If there Is able-bodied man
> :: kit( slstance to the children an
: B//f. .j ; ;t All living with them. So many fathers must leave their'families!
t f
,. ...,...
to their children from starving. The rule is enforcedby
k keep
I 'Y '''I 1 1e q ir\Ji ,
: ,,
I t>!H t.yr,?> y ;"".:.. ", Gestapo-like raids, usually In the middle of the night,
to check on whether a man is home.
First Class Speciality Tnining TIME FOR ACTION..CONGRESS AND COMMUNITY There are many other abuses-most states pay benefits
which don't even come up to their standards, payments

f We have constantly held the --'- -- .- -.. ..- -- .. ---- -' ..... .- *.. ---.,'! often average denied below on the unfair federal grounds poverty clients standards must submit, eligibility to bar Is

Negro institutions of 1 rassment and humiliating investigations, and Incentives are '
should strive for qua 1 i t dimmed because benefits are cut by a dollar for each dollar
in special fields, in order YOUR Weekly 1 earned by anyone In the family
youth for specialized I i 1 There is also another myth about welfare-that Negroes
constantly opening to them. 1 gravitate to big cities because welfare payments are better
there. This is false. Only about a thrill of welfare recipientsare
It has come to our 1 Negro, and those who go to the cities are doing what
predominantly-Negro state Guide million of immigrants before them did-they go in searchof
Tennessee State A&I University work and they go to escape the brutal repression which
this summer or fall a new still exists in large sections of the United States. They are
the most modern and complete 1 no different from the white families who leave poverty stricken -
designed to train 1 areas of the South or the Appalachian region in search
of and
profession of speech jobs dignity.
pathologists, and 1 New York's welfare commlsioner Mitchell I. Ginsburg, recently *.
1 said that the welfare system was "designed to save
tory clinical practice and
money rather than people and the tragedy is that it does
services for YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR
University neither". We will have to find a better way to assist thoseIn
public will be provided. by a 1 need. Through no fault of their own, millions of our fellow -
Hearing Clinic i Americans are unable to get even the basic necessities
A new classroom building has BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL ,of life, and they need help. There are few business, farms,
pleted with the fourth or banks which don't receive subsidies in one form or
devoted to speech sciences, 1I another. subsidies to human being are at least as legitimate

.audiology ... --- --, .-.- -. .. as these government subsidies to property or to business
development a n -- / -- -- --- -" .,
which amount to billions of dollars yearly.
pathology. Sliding one-way v CANCEft LIBRABORN The problem facing us now is to provide the basic necessities
'glasses can be exchanged CAPRICORN no human being should be deprived,while allowing recipientsto
boards or blank wall pieces MARCH BORN JUNE SEPT. maintain their dignity and providing Incentives to restore
_?.space ,which has wall-to-wall \ ,- .. BORN DEC. them to self-sufficiency whereever possible.
lit therapy rooms and offices.It 23'OCT. 23rd "It-is 'obvious that the nation needs an economic security
1 191
contains an examining room,benefits.'J 22nd-JULY 22 22od-JAH.. 19th program which will'Insure that all Individuals as a matterof
Talk it differencesthat
studio, speech and voice Some ot tne Im- over. Any Just one more pull. There are right, will be guaranteed minimum payments to keep them
It'l the Q.T. Everything have In
offices hearing aid Is the trade on family veryfew Capricornlanswhohave above the poverty line, while all who can work will find Jobs
stresses silence secrecyin and public associations can be
Allans, may now clalned that success has been with the government acting as an employer of last resort if*
reading room, storage room, d order to obtain results or composed when both parties
,suite, and two English for greater pru- to occupy the seat of authority. are willing to discuss them in easy to come by.It Is mainly necessary.
the school hard
speech Improvement and Those who are allied with you a spirit of justice and fair play clone through

Persons interested in this established house,Allans In must also be enjoined to take Friendships, too, should able knocks reverses and that often you suffering have finally many Curbing Blindness Is Splendid SignToo

write Dr. Thomas E. Poag, somewhat due precautions against pre- to weather any storms that gotten where you are. But once
which could
of Arts and Sciences, In views. set mature counter revelations forces at work to threaten to tear them asunderIt are there, you are among the long scientific and medical know-how
A&I University, Nashville, ambition may thwart A Important seems as if the solutions the most capable appreciating has been paying lip service to the problem
Some 18,000 public speech In your mind contact you.or financial very operationmay to any problems of vital Importance fully the extent of your blessing of preventing blindness in the United

will be available. Negro youth could be ready be necessary to hide feelings and that lie others in your hands ,That is a prime reason why so States.It .

gate this opportunity. reach tremendous the Job and guard tongue when be waiting for you may to say slnply the jhany of the more mature among has been reported t n a t teams of

very there is danger of antagonizing word or to make the first ad. you are happierandmoresecureduring surgeons and scientists at Johns Hopkins
a VJ.P. who Is in a positionto vances. Circumstances twilight years. many University in Baltimore have launched a
13 -'17'1 may who keep on working,even when
College Students, Mist advance your material interests contribute in large measureto 'the need for it has long ceased five-year program aimed at bringing new
Should a point have the way future plans and ''to exist it is for the sheer joy rays of hope into the world of. darkness
The occurrence of student been reached are where being broken vital negotiations off- existence are shaping up at the of being occupied and feeling and shadows in which millions of blind

several predominantly. APRIL present moment.; usefu. 1 in environment Americans live., With a $1,100,000'grant
of higher learning distresses 4- 50 22 -14 576AQUARIUS from the National Institutes of Health,

You will recall the mild SCORPIO they are seeking new methods of preventing -
Fisk' University and Tennessee 20th blindness and treating afflictions

weeks ago, end the bigger riot iong. Whatever LEOBORN' BORN OCT. that impair or destroy sight.
State College in Mississippi.But way appears to BORN JAN Government statistics show that every

excelling them all was : of an excel- JULY 24tb NOY 22nd year about 35,000 Americans become blind
recent encounter at Texas to add to earn- 2Oth-FEB. 18tb and that more than 1,000,000 persons
S .Decisions
23rd-AUG. 22nd Show what do. You
versity in Houston. ,,' It was and rathe generally are not a person for Fear nothing. The tjlngs that lack useful vision, at least 3,500,000 J
one policeman was killed, or Imaginative Build up, not down. Many Leos words because you set greater life has taught you are not likely have eye trouble that cannot be improved
wounded. acted woo to who believe that they are familiar store by deeds to prove any- to be quickly forgotten. They by corrective lens.
Policeman converged upon of get with every phase of life,or one's worth including your should be Invaluable in aiding Common causes of loss of vision are
dormitory about 600 strong The other days vat the world has to offer; own. And yet although dear you to make up your mind re cataracts, detached retinas, clouding of
down the 'doors to apprehend ),enthusiasm, will better understand the natural ones may be aware of this garding many questioot now besetting lenses inside the eye, glaucoma, or
were snip shooting from windows be displayed rhythm that governs us trait in you, there are moments it. The answere to queries hardening of the eyeball, tumors, and
& should be the all. This facilitates the task when an expression of affection such as: Should you a- inflammation.We .
points. phase adds the of adjusting ones own tempoto and good will may be necessary How yourself to fall in love?
From the newspaper, it cannot information keep it In harmony with the to maintain their morale and Should you marry just now? hope that the work of the Johns
rately ascertained what was he the main force of circumstances. The faith in the future. Gainful endeavors or should you see how near Hopkins medical teams will provide the
cause ot this physical of gainful en- next step is to recap all that should be maintainedat to perfection you can bring guidelines for preventing blindness and
blame"" it upon the breakdown in there may be a the past has taught you and their present level when newly discovered talents?- eye trouble. These scientists also need
of communication between the lurking In the to use the material assembled making the planned headway toward may be preferable to maintain the encouragement and support of the
the administration.We of the soul, to employ as stepplngstones to your chosen security ob- the status quo until circumstancesdlctateotherwlseAlso public in this venture.Can .
kind that would the kind of orderly future you This is the
contend whatever the cause jectives. especially true teams count upon you?
desire. Those who still show Also adhere to the diet that
have been settled with thoroughly than of the Scorpios who are adding Insures -
outside could the blush of youth should go all up the years and who feel thatit a healthy existence which,
police brutality. S t u den out in formulating an educational could be hazardous to undertake in turn,is conducive to a happier
a sinnificant role in keeping -18 109' program that can later changes at this stage frame of mind. The presenceof THIS WEEK IN
and it could have been done be translated into outstanding 4 60 88 16 223 love ones boosts morale.
exercise of wisdom and tact. successes ,


Some Tkoagkis Oi Social Sec VIRGO NOY.23rdDEC. .
21st BORN FEB.19thMAR .
BORN AUG. 21st May 22, 1948 Claude McKay, poet-author died In Chicago
We are aware that Social The orlghten- 20tbPisclans it the age 58.
fits should be that surround .
increased to Sincerity Impresses. Althoughit
with the rising cost of period, whether 23rd-SEPT. 22od may not have been your habitto who have struggledjust May* 23, 1779 Jean Baptlste Pointe DuSable, Chicago's
ought to be done on a by or is still to What more Important?If you be too serious regarding ro- for the purpose of wooing first settler, was born.
In this connection the in full force are being charged with a very mantic attachments or creative their own homes may now have
alivelyone. important office or assignment pursuits, in the past, the exact reached the point where fulfillment May 24. 1854 Lincoln (Psu) University wu established by the
social security bill H.R.( ) will occupy an cancel all other interests and opposite> may be true at the could be near. But you Presbyterian church to educate Negroes '
to contain some bad features, wherever activities and handle it with present time. Regardless of should not accept the first offeror
the matter of the cost. held in a your customary dispatch and age, this could signify that many pay the original askingprice May 28. 185'1 Bred Scott, central figure In a fugitive slave
The proposal for as a special efficiency One thing appears Saglttarians have reached full until you have checked on comparative case. and his family were liberated by Taylor Blow Massa
social security wiLl parties or certain, and it is that the benefits 'maturity. Consequently, you values everywbereelse cbusetts Congressman who had merited them '
taxes paid by both the be unusually that generally follow in the may be considered far more If youare undermotlonal stress
ployee from less than $25 a the subject of wake of successful missions or reliable in your affections and you could be making a rather IfimP'B18? Mal. Gen David Hunter issued proclamation
much as $52 a month and Wherever be your transactions can be yours. You also more disposed to tie the costly bargain when you bindJourself' and S.C. freeing all slaves inSoutn CarolinaFlorida
can fairly be than knot for ever more.Despitethe Georgia.May
may more aware ever to
earning base from the present' $ the first row. that the person who has the fact that you have many lunar phase that begs oath.The
$10,800 by 1974. arranged mat-. most salted away is the one friends and benign influences 8th indicates that results in this 27, 1862 Done Miner, first Negro to win the Navy
The working man is carrying one person is who is in the best post on tc going for you, you must not direction may be obtalnted.. Cross for herlosm-during the Japanese attack on Pearl I
dous load in taxes now. We all the bless navigate through life and take expect the path to be clearedof Harbor

should get .a sounder its up and downs obstacles altogether.., 8-90-44-17-76"5
for boosting social security -19 343 6-40-66-18-789 1.80-44-13-98? venUo May 28., 1851 Sojourner Truth attends Women's RlgMg.w

} .
\ .

-- -- -- -- --- -- ----- ..- -
---- ---- -- -- -- -- .
-- ---- ---- -


American T.1. And Tel. Conpsiy -- --- .Delta----SifBi--- .. Tfcita Pnsnts treats R. Y. Daalets School Bill CongressAnnual Dedication Progrw' *"

H..s Dedication Planned Session For Woodsoi School
Negro As PR M__

Dedicatory rUes for R.V.Dan A dedication program will beheld
The iels Elementary School win be Meets Juno 14.18 Sunday at 4 p.m.,1n CarterG.
Telephone and Telegraph Company to New held York has announced the promotion of Ramon S. Scruggs to at 2:00 p.m. in the cafetoriumof -{NPl)- The Cafetorium. f
public will relations manager. In his new capacity Mr. Scruggs the school. Dr. W.E.Combs, 1967 session of the Sunday The participants on program
His be responsible for matters involving urban problems. well known educator of FloridaMM School and Baptist Training include: Rec. F. D. Wilson,
new level of responsibility Is equivalent to that of an University will be speaker Union Congress will be held School Chorus,Hiss Ruth Kirkland -
panes assistant vice president in the Bell telephone operating cornIn for the occasion.A : June 14-18 at the Netberlaad Mrs. D. M. Williams
week of events with open Hilton lintel.Teachers Principal C. 0. Billiard, Miss
addition to his telephone ferred to ATtT in New Yorkin house for the entire school affiliated with the Jeanette Kitties, Mrs. Susie
responsibilities Mr. Scruggs 1963, he was customer relations and programs with student congress will recieve their Keith, M. C. Harden Jr., Mrs.
{baa long bee connected with manager participation is planned. The annual training. The congress Lucile McCoy William Cannon,
the National Urban League In Mr.Scruggs received his A.B. program for t the week Is as aligned with the National Bap Church of the Crucifixion and
which he is presently a senior from Fisk University in Nashville follows: Sunday at 9:30 Lm.. tist Convention of America, Valorle Malbory.
vice: president, working to pro- Tennessee in 1932. After ;irl appearance: of the Sixth Grade was organised 63 years ago
mote racial harmony and solve his graduation, Mr. Scruggs Class urban problems His enlarge went to work for the Rumford Monday night, the Administrative founder,National Baptist Publishing rREADr RESERVE'
Baking Powder Company. He Staff; Tuesday night, the board The Rev. T.
was involved in testing pro- Fourth Grade class;Wednesday B. Boyd Jr., is now secretary RMr RESERVE
ject to develop the Negro market night, the Fifth Grade Class of the Congress and publishing -
for the company.In and Thursday night P.T.A. board.
1935 he turned his intereststo Banquet. Programs will begin "
a summer experience as at 7:45 p.m. '
director of a youth camping Parents and friends are Invited 1967 HIGH SCHOOL SENIORSNew
I project sponsored by the --- ---.. to witness the T.V. Pro-
Detroit Urban League. mattes CONTRIBUTION-Mrs. Willie Mae lilies pelt) president, and Miss Willie B. Stewart, secretary tram and tocome out and share
to became Director of Boy of the Tallahassee Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, ins, present in the activities planned. Stanton WM. R. Raines Gilbert
Work at the St. Antoine YMCAIn t $200 check to Dr. George W. Core Jr., president Florida MM University The money Mrs. Lenreath H.s.ert..Co-
Detroit holding this position will be added to the FAMU NDEA Student Loan Fund. ordinator; Mrs. Waltee..Perkins
until he Joined Michigan Bell. FAMU staff photo by Ernest F1l11au.I Mrs. Florence Turner Vocational Batter Douglas Anderson
411 %
Mr. Scruggs serves as a director Chairman; Mrs. Annie R.
of the National Social Brown, Mrs. Mary S. Robinson
Welfare Assembly and of the Mrs.Delores B. Washing
United Community Funds and I[ CALENDAR EVENTS | ton Mr. Joe E. White, Miss 10 PROFFESIONAL COLOR PICTURES
Councils of America and the Alice L. Lynch.
responsibilities will now offer United Health Foundations. He I[p Weddings t
Increased opportunities to bring also is a director of the National Ararat V. CAP AND GOWN ** ..
Choir 2 of the Mt.
his experience to bear In cities Public Relations Council Kappa Alpha Psi
across the country.Mr. (Health and Welfare.). Baptist Church will sponsor
Scruggs began his tele- Mr. Scruggs is also a trustee their annual outdoor musical 1-8x10
phone career in Detroit in 1940. of Hampton, Va., Institute and Tea, on Sunday May 28th at the Beanie McKever, 3502 Stewart Ann Henry, 1438 W. 22nd St., J.5XJ
He was the first Negro manag- its executive committee,as weU home of Mrs. Wilson, 2905 St., 23 and Mary Alice Graham El. Elects OfficersThe
ment employee hired by Michigan as a trustee of the National Edgewood Ave. 3224 Lee St., 19.
Bell, and advanced throughthe Health and Welfare Retire- Some of the city's best singers John Jessel McFarlan, Jr., 1966-67 officers of the '2.3/x5 *' 6-WAUETS '
ranks until when ho trans- ment Association will be there. The public is Jimmie Lee Edwards 1434 W. Philadelphia, Pa., 22 and Mary Jacksonville Alumni Chapter of
.. invited to come out for an 1st St., 25 and Marion Loretta Alice King 325 Nixon St., 20. Kappa Alpha Pal Fraternity
evening of good entertainment.The Same, 709 Court H., 20. Inc., wefe elected in the previously "All Cilir Niw Fir Oily $10.5
;;r,,) $ ., Huble Clyde Dupree 2428 business meeting.
'" ,., F t Blue Light Social and James KInsey,Jr.,807 MonroeSt. Southern Ave., 19 and Patricia The officers are: Geroge H.
Unwind. ",. jt, ? j Saving Club will observe its ., 19 and Maggie l Calhoun, Ann Felton, 2211 Venus St., 20 Hill, polemarch; Lawerence V. 1 Will lilimr-Smiii Over 151 Scions
.. *' /,1 807 Monroe St., 18.
10th anniversary Sunday at Jones, vice polemarch; John B.
,,j / ,i j 3 p.m., In the Acorn Street Herbert Daniels 26 E. State aims, keepre records;WU-
"i1i:1\' Recreation Center. Other clubsin Roy Lee Wlms,1324 Prlnce St., St., 19 and Annie Ruth Rhodes, liam A. Johsnon, keeper of exchequer BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
(c1 1y : ;;. the city have been Invitedto 18 and Joan Joyce Maths, 1143 26 E. State St., 24. ; Henry Daniels,strate-

: ;,J attend. Bridler St., 17. Paul Senior, 2018 Lewis St. gus; Cary Holmes Lt. strate-
"I' __ gus John B.Darby Sr.
; ,chaplain
27 and PHONE TOD'-768-3200
t Theodore Jos. Smiley 1618 Carolyn Cheryl Bryant and George H.Williams,Journ
A Usher Board of Simpson Anderson Road, 22 and Tommie 2339 Woodland St., 21. alist.

a Methodist 24th anniversary Church will Sunday observeits at Elaine Wells, 5052 Wolcott Roy Lee Campbell, 1460 W. Robert L. Mitchell, cochairman : -
Ave, 19. State St. 22 and of the
5.m.., in the church audi Bloneva Mont- scholarship committee -
t' i iY torium. gomery 1178 W. Beaver St., 19. announced that more than BRIDE AND WEDDING SPECIAL
Henry Archer, 1030 W. DuvalSt. 25 high school seniors will be
Y Mrs. Vernell R. Glover, pre-that ., 46 and Pauline Dixon, 10:JO James Thos. Odom, 1702 W. Interviewed for the scholarshipwhich
sident, has announced that W. Duval St., 31. llth St., and Gladys Frances amounts to $1,000.00and
talented artists of the city MAY JUNE JULY
Grady, 6833 W. Virginia Ave., increase of $500.00 made poss
participate_ on the program.The Abraham Elly, 551 Minnie St., 22. ible by the Increase in the last
p'y wppp n 46 and Marglree N. Bass, 551 Kappa Krlssmas Ball.
N Nathaniel ucto- Minnie St., 33. James Leonard Presley, 6513Pettlford COLOR OR HACK AND WHITE
vettes will render a recital E. 23
Dr. and Barbara
Yf'v riF M Sunday at 8 p.m., in New Mt. Robt. Anderson Burney 2628 Ann Champion, 5763 Cooke St.,
Olive Baptist Church. They will Lantana Ave.. 20 and Shirley l 19. FIGHT.. CANCER, PHONE 7684200
sing favorite selections. 'r.r '\I
The group is under directionof
Nathaniel Jackson,and Mrs. :, "."Y "?!if "
Alberta Latimore will serve as
pianist.city singing groups THFACTION GUARANTEED
in the. have been invitedto back.ONTGOMERY
or your money
attend the
then reward yourself Members of program.the group are:

with America's most Miss Beverly Fedd, president;
Miss Cynthia Jackson, secretary -
popular whiskey. ; Mrs. Shirley Thomas
treasurer; Mrs. Frankie Hawkins .
7 Crown-
Seagram's vice president; Miss
:The Sure One. Gloria Ann Harris, reporter;

'"', Mrs. Ines Harris counselorand
gAGuMaIStallalcOMPM ,NEYONNCp1'hIIINNNISPAr.ealeaf>"%GlAlmUI $I'I'II" N. Jackson, manager and
director.iw .

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i '

. --- _- ...._- .......... ......_-_... -- ... -- ...,L -- -- .-. ......._..._,:.__._...,-:.. .'J.:...:.....,;... '




Adrk11 Kill, Boy PreicbrTo Edocilionil Belling Fond Drive Group Captains CHURCH NEWS

Preach At Allan Chapel Ai x i i'r

Adrian King, eight year old boy preacher, will deliver the Dual day will be observed June 25 In St. Stephen Baptist
sermon Sund ay at 7 p.m., la Allen Chapel A1IE Church, Church with Mrs. Colleen Cunningham! as chairman and Mrs.
according to Rev J.W. Jones, pastor. B. Martin, chairman: for the women. Ralph Smith Is (the

ills great-great grandmother, men's chairman.The .
the late Mr.. Mary Sharpe, ACE League begins at 5 P.DX, service will begin with the Sunday School at 9.41 ..lit,
I wag one of the organizers In with Gregory Washington pre- 1,+ h, ,r rI4 and the men win have charge of the 11 a.m. service. The
U04; bis greei-ffraadBother, siding. Choir I and Usher. #iN Yul youth hour will be held at S p.m., and the celebration terml-
Board 1 wIll serve throughout nates at 7 p.m.
the day.

Mt. CIBIII S 1s Mens Day will be observed May 28th In Union CommunityAME
Biptists t Church with Johnnie Crlggs u general chairman
i M1? 4 l The participants will Include; H.W. Williams, guest superIntendent -
Pin Observiice # ; Rev. R.W. Jackson, morning speaker; St. Paul
AME Male Chorus, Winston Anthony, S. Kohn and Rev. James

r Of Wooers Diy 'fqd tY Thomas, evening speaker. Other talent will appear.

Women's Day will be observed Annual Women's Day will be observed in Beulah Baptist
July 30 In Mt. Canaan Baptist Church May 28 with Mrs. Candies Felton and chairman and
Church with Mrs. Willie Mae Mrs. Jessie L. Seymore, co-chairman.
Foster as chairman and Mrs. t Mrs. Ernestine Smith and Mrs. Victoria Golphin will have

Mary Slater, co-chairman.: charge of the Sunday School, and Mrs. Evelyn Daniels, Mrs.
Other officers are: Mrs. Ver- Tommie Story, Mrs. Francis Cermon will conduct the 11 a.m.,
dell Slmpkins, recording rites.
cretary; Mrs. Handle B. Ray t The 3 p.m., Miss Gwendolyn Johnson, Miss Carolyn Story,
financial secretary; Mrs. Miss Maxine Daniels and Miss Claudette Cooper will have
Pearline Tisby, Mrs Alma charge In charge of the 6.30 p.m., service will 1 be Mrs.
Candidate; treasurer, Mrs. Johnnie M. Alvin, Mrs. Beatrice Savage and Mrs. Maria
ra. Mattlewaahlngtontrand( -
Estella Brown; Mrs. Inei Williams.ST. .
parents, Mr. and Mn. Walter ,
program chairman
founders and his mother Ids.Wllbelmenla Wright ;
Rodgers, Mrs. Annie MARK BAPTIST
of the church.King are all members M. Mobley, Mrs. Essie B. Dual Day will be observed May 28th In St. Mark Baptist

Adams, members; tag com- Church, New Berlin with Mrs. Thelma Ervin as chairman,
Sunday begin mittee, Mrs. Edith McDanlels., and Mrs. Helen Overstreet, co-chairman: for the ladles and
the Sunday School at 9:49 a.m., Mrs. Loss!, Eubanks Deacon
,Mrs.Op Herbert Wanton, men's chairman.
with Mrs. Amanda Cay in
helia Thomas
; Mrs. H.Hazel-
charge Morning service at
for the
11 a.m. The Rev Mr. Jones day; decor Group captains for the musical recital which was rendered "*ALTERS MEMORIAL
Mrs. Elsie lira Virginia Sam, Mrs. Willie Mack, Mrs. Annie Robinson
f will deliver the sermon. The Wllci, Mrs. Rose Lee Johnson W St. Matthew Baptist Church In Interest of the Educational, Mrs Orenza Price and Deacon Joe Brown. Not shown are Services Sunday In Walters Memorial AME Zion Church
Mrs. Bessie Mrs. A. Cook; Mrs. BulldlogFund'Drive are seen here! left to right (back row) Mrs Annie Smith, Mrs. Evelyn Edwards, Mrs. Louise Roberts will begin with the Sunday School at 9:30: a.m., with ArnettB.
Grant Chrlster Baker, reporter. Mrs. Rosa Hlnson, Mrs. Sarah Price, Mrs. Barbara Peterson, and Mrs Burnell Sims. The dedication service will ba held Rogers In charge. Rev. H.C. Archie, pastor, will review '
The captains art t Mrs Rev. George Price, pastor. (Front row) Deacon James Wilson Sunday at 3 p.m. the lesson.
t To Be Presented C. Baker, Mrs. V. Slmpkins. .. Morning service begins at 11 a.m., with the pastor In charge.
Mrs. AX Mobley, Mrs! At 3 p.m., Mrs. H.C. Archie will sponsor a program. The
li Recital Sandiy Frankie Mae and Mrs.Estella missionaries will meet at 4 p.m. with Mrs. Mary L. Leavy
Brown. Altar Call Pipi, JailS BnwiObsirm presiding.The .
Mrs. Bessie Grant will be pre TWO evening service begins at 6.30 p.m. Choir 1 and Usher
sented in recital Sunday at Ml. lion AME Auiursiry Board 1 will serve throughout the day with Mrs. Annie Mae
8 p.m. in Mt. Sinai Baptist 3Y EMORY G. DAVIS, DJ>. Davis at the instrument.

Church. The sponsors are NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALNOT The anniversary celebrationof
Chores SII'ISAllly.rsiry'
-Deaconess Boards 1,2 ChoL Pope James B. Brown and MINUTES
2 and the Senior Missionary IN 100 YEARS the Mother Church, Kingdomof MI. Ciive AME Group Featured la
Society The timetable for the unification of 10
major Protestant Peace, 1034 Davis St. will
The participants will Include: denominations Is et for "de factor union with 13 years and Presents Musical Fashion ShowMrs.
Mrs. Gussle Paige Cray, Mrs. final incorporation In 25 years. Mimi THE 3IBLEV

Virginia Mack, Mrs Ruby F.Herson The Gospel Chorus 'of Mt Meanwhile, there is continual falling away of young members' I, COINIUUf. STAM ,.... Ethel C. Spears will
and Miss Antonio Zion AME Church will observe and clergymen from major Protestant denominations. MIIAN Illll KKMTV
1st second! CHICAOO, IUINOII. tOm The Young Women of Allen be featured at the 'Evening
Grant anniversary Mondayat The
reason made
was clear by the Rev. Colin W, Williams
In Puts" fashion show
Mrs. Grant will be supported 7:30 p.m., In the church National Council of Churches, at the sixth meeting of the SOBER of Mt. Olive AME Church will May
CHRISTIANS 28 at 8 IS In the main
: p.m.,
auditorium.The present Mrs. Elisabeth Nelson
by Choir 2 of which she servesas Consultation on Church Union, held in Cambridge, Mass.
one of the soloists. Mrs. L. participants will Include Rev. Colin said, "The problem for existing Protestant Institutions Smalls of New York City la ballroom of the Mayflower
Dena McClellan and C.W. choirs of St. Paul AME., Mt. Is catching up with their members. I recital June U at 7 p.m., In the Hotel.
Shootes will serve at the In Morlah AME, Greater Payne A young Catholic layman, active In civil rights, asked the 'Ltt m, who an of the day, bi church auditorium( Franklin The event Is being sponsoredby
struments.The AME, Mt. Slnal Baptist, Mt. other day, If lIeU there was any hope for the survival of the sober (I The, 5:8): ). and Pippin Streets the Spelclal Events Committee ";
hostesses are: Mrs. Zion Baptist, Fountain Chapeland church u an institution Many people entertain the erroneous Mrs. Smalls, a native of this under leadership of
,. Jeanette Mungln, Mrs. Mildred Union Progressive. The His question came out of the anguish he .ufferes as be Idea that truly spiritual Chris city and a former member of Mrs. Ethel Davenport Ban "
Wilson, Miss Brenda Collins, Barrlck Ladles Auxiliary 3131 views the conservatlve-to-lnert stance of his own faith In tUni must always be solemn and the church, now serves as lead- miter, for the benefit of the
Mrs. Wilmer Arnold Mrs. Ro- will also participate. relation to Its role In the vital social Issues of the day.\ long.fared In fact they auppoM Ing soloist of Salem Methodist Cancer Crusade Drive.
nnla Williams, Mrs. Catte, While the dreamers of vast single.church, with some 25)) Jhat ,such Scripture passages ai theabove Church, New York She win The latest in fashions for summer
Hall, Mrs. I Addle Williams, million members, are trying to resolve such questions u' teach! thin(' 'be'accompanied by Mrs. Mae and early'tall; will be
Mrs. Georgia Mae Johnson the structure of the super-church, congregational organisa Nothing could be farther from Pope Spearing, organist at Ebe- featured by Mrs Spears.Smart
Mrs. Louise Blacksbear, Mrs CommencementSet tion, clerical ranking, hierarchical authority and local church I the truth for the word "sober," nezer Methodist Church. designs and not crazy fads will
Louise Green, Mrs. Beulah board functions, those who are sensitive to such irrelevaneare in our English New Teatament does The Allen group will meet In be shown for the well dressed
Cooper, Mrs. Della Whltaker, For B.CC easing out the front door. not mean solemn, but completely a business session June 6 In woman for every occasion of
Mrs. Emma Hampton, and Mrs Will there be 25 million people to Incorporate as one body under control. This Is also trueo( an assembly room of the church. the day.Along.
be observed Sunday at S
.Fan Lee Graham. May 2829The 25 years from now? p.m., the original Greek word from which All members havebeenaskedto with the fashions will
John H. Grant, Perry Hall, Two Negro denominations are Included In the 10 laboring for In the church auditorium the Englmh word "sober" Is translated submit sponsor sheets. Progress be their styles by Mrs. Rutha
Mrs. Inca Blvens and
t Shelly Jennlns will serve u 63rd Annual Commence- union. One point alone that Is characteristic of both Is their groups reports will be made by Mae Dean, wigs by Mr. Spen-
will nave of the
i hosts. ment calendar, was announcedat traditional emphasis on election of bishops. charge music. Sobriety In Scripture, as in modern Mrs. Gertrude H. Peele and cer and hats by Mrs. HattIe
Other talent In the
a recent Administration Visit either the AME or AME Zion General conference-both participate. The city will has English Is the opposite of drunk Mrs. Wattle C. Campbell. Hayes. Music will be renderedby
Council Meeting at Bethune- Frank Legree and his band.
meet next yea.r-ud enness. This Is brought in the
compare the money, time and energy been Invited to attend.'charchmen out
FIGHT CANCER WITHA Cookman College. Baccalaureate spent In the sometimes unholy politics of electing bishops,' rest pf the passage cited above,
CHECK speaker will be Dr.RalphW. over against the tine spent In programming that would renew Denounce Along with its context this pasiage
Sockman, Minister Emerl-j these denominations to the point of meaningful relevance In, reads as follows: Ymi Don't Have To Go To Town To'Get'
tus, Christ Methodist Church, our segregation-scarred society, and you will .Irrelevance Negro Farmers "For they that sleep sleep in the
New York City. at its best night, and they that be drunkenbe LOW PRICESDRUG
Self-Help ProjectNEW drunken in the night

YORK Denouncingwidely "But let IIi who are of the day,
circulated "smears" be sober putting on the breastplate ,STOlE, NEEDS:

BECOME A BOLDENS' GRADUATESUMMER help against project a Negro In Alabama farmers, three self- of faith and love, and for an helmet ,Trade, with Your Nelghbornood Drag Store
the hope of salvation.
leaders of national Protestant, WE WILL MEET ANY PRICES ADV. IN YOUR LOCAL
Catholic and Jewish organixattons "For God hath not appointed ,Papers. We deliver We also fill all Doctors Prescriptions.
us to wrath, but to obtain salvation
issued today a Joint state '
,- CLASSES STARTING ment supporting the declsleo by our Lord Jesus Christ,
of the U.s. Economic Opport- "Who died for us that we
unity Office to allocate $399 should live together with \Him" (I Dixie Pharmacy
tl 967 to the Southwest Alabama
Thus those who "of the ''
Farmers Cooperative Associa are day,
tion. The grant was made public and know Christ as their Savior

recently and has come under should not "sleep" on the one hand .1302 Kinfs Rta. At Myrtle
heavy attack from Alabama or "be drunken" on the other, but
,poUUcalleaders. should be awake and alert, their
"It Is distressing to learn faculties completely under control,
that there are politically-mo so that they might witness the more Phases Elfii 5-5597-98

tinted attacks being lsunched'aplnst effectively to the saving grace of
N 1 r the funding of such a Christ PAY TOUR LIGHT WATER AND
carefully-developed, self-help If ever there wu a time when ,
project for economic development true Christians should "watch and
be sober," It is now. TELEPHONE BILLS AT OUR STORE


Register Ins, lair, Fri. I Ti 10 P.M. AYe An




j a ialar Q


1 1. KEEN
.t er AnroAM

1I I I r

t YerT"
: lOLDEH'S ,COLLEGE; ',1',:

"i -ff' 1Stf W. 20th Street : "

run Beef fits Best
I Registrar 356.6465 T" ,at pi

ij ,< .

I "'" .,; :" .......\ Alto .
_':'':'':'' : .. : :..wfJ._' _

''pU . . . ,


Civil Rights RoundupFREED [I COMING World OUT 01; by Books Theodore Portrays Of RICH! Dnnitic Scene Among The Stars

Isaac Rubin, published by Tri
dent, New York, $3.93. The Iceman come ; thanks to United Air Lines and a dark
ALEXANDRIA( Va,-{NPI)>-A cafe owner was freed from Those of us who saw the green Lincoln Continental.
Jail after areelng to allow Negroes into his eatery-If be powerful and moving"Lisa mud I But he also goeth(pardon met I by the same route.
mr reopens'It. Roy E. McKoy, who operates the BeJ'olf David" film made from the We're tallng about Jerry Butler,
restaurant near Marshall, Va, said he wu thinking about novel by Rubin, are delightedto lie lives In Chicago.
closing his Place. After a few days In Jail, he told Federal learn of his newest writing. But he's so quiet that you'd never know It and be seldom
Judge Oren R. Lewis that be would not discriminate: U be COMING OUT, to be released works in his home town.
should reopen. His case recalled that of Lester Maddox now June 1, again demonstrates the "After 40 weeks a year on the road," said velvet-voiced
Ceorgl a governor, who closed his eatery rather than serve inimitably sensitive and accurate Jerry, "I like U think of Chicago as my resting place; a placeto
Negroes. powers of observation Unda get way from it all"
which are part of this eminent In between his infrequent appearances at the Regal Theatre, 1
CHAIRMAN New York psychiatrist. Jerry uses Chicago u a "quiet place" to relax with his vivacious '
NEW YORK-CNPD-Slnger') Frank Sinatra has become national Rubin uses letters to tell this and charming wife, Annette, and their playful poodle,
chairman of the American-Italian Anti-Defamation League, a story. A 20-year-old boy and Scbatte..
croup, which Is fighting iterotyplng of Italians. However, It girl he is in love with, picture The Mercury recording/ artist spends a good deal of time
&Q Into a legal hassle with the 54-year-old Anti-Defamation through their correspondence 4k\ working top clubs in the United States and in the Caribbean
League of boat Brlth over its name. The Italitan groups the gradual emergence of two r Usually, Annette can be found right along side of him.
wants more than one Italian commissioner out of 54 in this 26 very different young people into "Living out of a suitcase isn't the best thing in life," Jerry
BREAKDOWN creative and active membersof reported. "But I have many friends all over the country and
Dr. Rubin observes, "Adol *J '>I a' again."
mission has charged that widespread verbal abuse by policemen escence is a crucial Juncture' Although Jerry Butler is not what is considered in the music
and harassment of cltltens are contrlbutlngtodeteTloratlng in human devel m8Dt..at this ; trade "a hot artist," he finds that his record sales are quite\
relations between the police and minority groups. Police dishonesty point we have the opportunityto ;) admirable and that be Is, by no means, a "forgotten" enter!
and brutality are making things even worse, the commission view that Juztapostlon of an tainer. j
said. "No lasting Improvement in law enforcement is Individual and Us society and "Most of my fans have grown right along with me and they?
likely in this country unless police-community relations are how they hamper or enhance : are of club age. In my many night club appearances to thej
substantially improved," the commission said. each other." United States, I find that most of my tans sing right alms
Theodore Isaac Rubin is the with me on all of the tunes I have been fortunate enough to.
otowjm author of nine books, seven of A nave recorded." j
TAMPA, .-( charging white men have filed a suit In which are novels He has recently And there have been many. Jerry's hits run the gamut from;
'U.s. District "crowjlm" by a Negro bar. completed a manu "For Your Precious Love" (his first) to "I Dig You, Baby"
Thomas Albert Martin Jr., of Tampa and William Clare script for a new book, THE Oils latest). In between-and Pm sure you've heard them-
McCall of Winter Park said the were refused service at the WINNER'S NOTEBOOK. have been such classics u "Make It Easy On Yourself," "I
ATC Lounge, because "this is a colored bar and no white Need To Belong to Someone," "Find Yourself Another Girl,''
patrons will be served." They were arrested on charges of asses. I Stand Accused," and "I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore."
trespassing after warning. Martin was also charged with One of his biggest sellers was "Moon River," which be
disorderly conduct They Invoked Title Had the 1964 Civil HINTS AND TIPS FOR THE recorded on the Veejay label.
Rights AcLREFmED HANDYMAN; By Bernard Glad u Be plays to standing-room only bouses everywhere be appears'
stone; pubUsbedbJCoroerstooe and his "Iceman" nickname belles the fact that he Is a warm'
Library, Inc., New York.152 pp.>> 1 and sensitive performer. -
ST. JOSEPH, -NPI-More than 35 Negro delegates $.L XI. His favorlt e pasttlme is playing whist, and, without a doubt,*
attending an NAACP regional meeting were refused serviceat All kinds of "bow to do if ,, he ranks high up on the list of wousy whist players-.unless'
the Red Rooster Lounge. The FBI was asked to Investigate tips are Included in this helpful shun,, he has a fantastic partner. Same thing in chess I 1
possible violations of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and delegates publication. Trade techniques With me u his whist partner, be never loses-because I
pledged to return "keys to the city which they had been of master carpenters, cheat notoriously.
presented by Mayor Douglass Merrlfield. St. Joseph NAACP plumbers, painters, electricians At chess, he Is a notorious cheat and very sneaky.
Branch President Mrs. Kelsey Beshears said she and otter and other have been com* .... His best bobby is cooking and, baby, he can burn. I have
Negro delegates at the lonaje had been threatened by a police piled by Gladstone. FELTON PERRY-AND-NANCY LEE NOBLE enact a dramatic scene In' ;iterracW often wondered where he would I.l in the world today If he
man at the Loung. He explains the "bow-to" play, "My Sweet Charlie," which opened at Chicago's Hull House theatre May 19. Perry had not decided to sing. Probably &.f of the top gourmet chefs
CLERIC HELDWASHINGTONCNPI of routine Jobs around the house, portrays a lawyer who Is forced to share a deserted beach cottage with a typical Southern in the country
of Improvements you can make I'd rather hear him sing, though. There are many good cooks
white The
dramatic %
girl. explosively play will remain at the Hull House through July 3.
>-The Rev. A. Kendall Smith, chairman and of emergency fix-Its. (NPD la the world. But only one soulful, beautiful Jerry Butler.
Harlem Citizens Community Action, has been held on There is advice on bow to See You Among
$50,000 bond to answer charges of passing three bad checks make tedious Jobs like pulling
in Washington last year. Smith was supposed to have gone on up nails, matching cabinet I New Worker Training
trial on March 4. 1966, on charges that be passed three bad doors, or removing rust and
checks totalling $Ill at a D.C. hotel in 1965. But be never warp simple. There are Directed "YOUR DOLLAR
showed up for the trial, and was only now located In the suggestions on how to store Program
nation's capital. and save bolts and other small BATESVILLE, Mlss.-{NPU- BUYS MORE .
U machine parts. Also included A new migrant worker training fAT ,
are tips on the best way program will be directed by a '
I CAMPUS NEWS to care for drills, old paint, predomlnatly Negro committee YOUR BANNER ,
a :. paintbrushes, and other tools. elected by local residents. ..1
ALT COLLEGE Selective hopping Is importantto Some 18 to 20 Negroes and
achieve full value In school about 10 whites are expected to FOOD STORE""YOUR i Ji? l6 :-
d The annual national meeting of the A&T College General clothes even if only one new Item serve on the board of Mid ._ f QUANTITY'f f( PR.C. uvvu
Alumni Association is to be held here In a one-day session on it being; added to your child' State Opportunities, Inc,which HOME TOWN GROCER" (jIGHTS RISERVJPI TJj .OUG1iSgTURdAY.
>t Saturday, June 3. closet Look for long-Uitinff quality will offer year-long basic edu
The meet is scheduled for the new B.W. Barnes Hall auditorium fabrics that wash well and caUooandprevoca11ooallraiD.Snr .
beginning at 9:00 a.m. iron .a.lly- even not at alL for MO migrant workers I

Among the principal matters to come before the group are 1 MAilEIL ROUSE' .
h- atie' election of officers for .the next,, biennium, subject to WHEN YOU ARE ILL: "" "" "" SUCH CREEL, Ml HIT
>a balloting by mall, now underway; revisions In the Constitution I IB.
rt and By-laws and conclusion of the DlamondAnniversary Annual 48'' FRANKS
Alumni Giving program aimed at raising $75,000 for the
11d .. College. 'TVhen'You -Seek The Best Doctor, CAN "
Your Doctor
Main social event connected with alumni activities is the Prescribes.jCet 390
U Annual Award Dinner, scheduled that evening at the Longhorn ;According Experienced To Your Pharmacists Doctor's LIMIT 1 VITR $$5.00 OR MORE FOil DUEl PK6.
Steak House beginning at 7:00 p.m.
a Howard C. BarnhUL, Charlotte, N.C. health educator and .Orders. We Use.Only The Best SWIFT'S KIEL
president of the organisation will preside. 'Quality Drugs. '


1. J Registered Pharmacists To Serve You 28LIMIT
The Virginia State College ROTC Marching Band is the num.ber SUGAR 5.-::

one ROTC band in the nation. ................A COMPLETE LINE OF................
The band was named the nation's top>> ROTC Band at the LIMIT 1 VITI SAO

sixth Annual Musical Festival competition, sponsored by the Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candles Sundries 1 PLEASE lIT $5.00 08 IDlE FOOD HBEI
National ROTC Band! Association. The competition was held 08 MORE HIM HIE '
at Jersey City State College, Jersey City,N.J., and at Roosevelt PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVEREDLilly's \
Stadium in Union City, N.J.
The Virginia State College ROTC Band won first place in the Store SWEET BISCUITFLOUR,
concert phase, playing a march and a concert arrangement Drug CHEER =v::? 48C '

FIGHT CANCER 19.01 KINGS ROAD EL'3.8216"eWith PLAIN ir 39C


insurance. .

it's having every available policy, .' PORK & BEAKS

then picking the one ". 29C

that suits your client be st." .; 4 ciM:l $1


WWith gins..it's what i :3 IOLOGNA U. 59C PILLSBURY 08 BALLARD oz' 39C'

suits your taste best. I pickedGordon's. BISCUITS PI.


.e' drier, and. d I find great it mixer.smoother" CHUNK STYLE TUNA J CARYIAi1N SPINACH 6 SUE t4 I IK8II

Sanders Stone.President of Sanders Stone Inc..Is among the ten top lift insuranttalesmen III linilitlis S 1
In the country. Active In community housing.he was Ohio's 4 '*. "33" PLASTIC '
representative to the lest Senior Citizen's Conference in Washington.O.C. CREAM PUS I 19'0


NHi r 9 ,fjiwv .
PARRY ru A $<<

FRENCH fRY POTATOES 4 ms .1ciiiimeui IESIEH 45C


EVAPORATED MILK -/ W.isum mi. $1 TOMATOES siiiiiE T/ en T $1 1

FUN ln 15



9 w 'a"t GORDONY APPLE ILK rilTE JELLY 4 11 tuss M. $ 'I TOWELS 3 ULLrl M $1 1


ORANGE DRINK 3 H til. $1 STARCH IT. nnu li>V '
Gordon't On. Land/ ,fng/nd" 1789. ,- l
5.lilt I1Iwe"s"din Eng/MId.M*c.and the-'do
Ie5NC1WsalNeNuuLwattamissnor/4AlaNNat.eo.oowsems.eo.HR.UHOU.I.I'. ;'

t (:'/

._._._.! Lea' "': "n"". A..... '. _,' . -

." ', "___ ,.__? ..,_ _,. .HWWHIPWUHPI,, lueuuuuni'il' UiUUWIPplLI JUiVVliilV| NJVUVU9V....wWw sWv .Wrr .._ ,_ -'I IWE



m 'ENTERTAINMENT HUES AND CRIES WORLD HEWS Irlu'' I. 6rell Notre. Civil Rifkts Orlllzlflol Wins

:. BY NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL view ,, ", .....I.... 'I
bold CAPETOWN NPISouth ":!!:. Right To See 5... Eastloii.! Unit

:LIFETIME PACT Africa's government policy of ' ::SAN rRANCBOMNP)-Veteran Jaxi pianist Earl (Fatha) apartheid (separation of the )"<.jI, WASHINGTON, DC. Tbe U$. Supreme Court has ruled
;%lnes, 62, last week signed $ contract with. Leonard V, races) has been openly attack- ': that the Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF) may
I.Martin, owner ol the new $7 minion dining and shopping ceaar eby a Protestant publication- t yDI I proceed with ofSenatorJame suit against J.G. Sourwms,
: scheduled for opening !In September guaranteeing him Pro Verltate published by the I I chief counsel ''. Internal Security
from $10,000 to 120,000 a year against persentage of the Cbrlst1aDd being subcommittee.
:fronts, tor u long u be lives. The composer-pianist was "the greatest general beresayever The suit charges that Sour- of a witch-hunting committee
r-flellghted; with the deal,which will give him"a borne Use" while to be found to have adherents wine along with Eastland violated of the Congress has been ordered -.
.'l laying the Chancery, located near the famed Fisherman's In the church: and among the constitutional rights by the Supreme Court to-
Wbarf.' people In South Africa." TIle of SCEF and its supporters stand trial on charges teat be

publication, a product: of tbenondenomination by conspiring with Louisiana violated the rights of American -
PACKS 'Ell IN multiracial' officials to raid Its offices In citizens. It vindicates
LOS ANGELES-NPr>-Famed trumpetist Miles Davis last private organization, noted that ,New Orleans In 1963. SCEPs position that such a
week played to overflowing opening night audiences at tbe Christians who profess the doctrine : 'f Lower courts had dismissed Ugh official is not above the

Sands night-club where be and his quintet were appearing. of apartheid "must eventually both suits on the grounds that law.
Miles echo-typed trumpet sound adopted itself well to tile face the avenging righteousness I Kastland and Sourwine were "Our attorney plan to pursue
acoustics of the Sands, as did the sounds of other members of God." el t protected: legislative Immu- this case with the utmost vigor
of the quintet Including Rerble Hancock, on piano; Tony I nity. The Supreme Court held and we will now bring to trial

Williams, drums; Buster Williams, bass, and Wayne Shorter TB PROBLEM l: ;f vtr' (! that such: Immunity applied to In the city of Washington the
tenor sax. BVLANTYRE -NPI)- Tuberculosis I, Eastland but not to Sourwine entire conspiracy through which
is visited upon approximately tod it reinstated the suit against we charge that Louisiana officials -
MEXICO'S 1ST YANKEE FESTIVAL one and a half per R' I (be chief counsel. with the cooperation of
MEXICO CITY-(NPI)-With such famed jail artists as cent of Malawi's four mlllicr scot officials called the decisions the Senate Internal Security
Diny Gillesple, Dave Brubeck and Tbelonlous Monk is star ring; citizens: according to the Association a "great victory for Subcommittee, trampled the-
roles, Mexico City last week hosted Its first Yankee jazz test!-, for the Prevention of civil rights and civil libertiesin rights of both black and white
vaL Other named artists and big bands were also scheduled to; Tuberculosis the independent i' the South and In the nation." Southerners when they raided'our
participate. African nation Addressing an 3A ID connection with the 1963 offices: In New Orleans In

annual meeting of the association raids, Louisiana officials 1963."
PREJUDICE LIMITS Mrs. FJ. Brereton, charged three SCEF leaders SCEF which is run by aboard
ADELAIDE, Australia-(NPI>-X>ean Dixon Americanbornconductor said that there are a total of l with violating that state's anti- of 60 Negro and white leaden

of the Sydney (Australia) Symphony Orchestra, 800 beds in government and --- subversive law. SCEF chal- representing each Southern
declared that, after conducting: all over the world, the only mission hospitals In t the country HIGHLIGHT OF the recent "Dr. Charles Richard: Drew Week" enfolding with tbe dedication lenged these charges In federal state, now has Its main officesin
countries where be had not met racial prejudice were Australia to treat some 60,000 TB of the Harlem Hospital Center's blood bank in New York, to the late pioneer in the court and took that Issue to Louisville. It moved thereIn
and Spain. Dixon has turned down Invitations to conduct the patients. field of blood research and preservation, was the presentation of certificate of honor the Supreme Court in I9sM.: 1966 after winning the casein
r New York World Symphony Orchestra, and the NBC Symphony, by William Ho Booth, chairman, New York Commission on Human Rights, to the widow SCEF contended that it was being Louisiana because its longtime -
the New York Philharmonic and the Boston Symphony Orchestras BANK MANAGER Purpose of the week's observance was Inform theadvantages community because be felt the invitations were extended only NASSAUNPl)- When the theephlate 'socoon b lion to medical science and to stressto and need for work for civil rights and that browskl, retired and Its new
"to disprove charges of racial preference that might be new Freeport branch of the regular blood donations. Others In the photo, to left of Dr. DreWs portrait, are the Rev Louisiana's anti subversivelaw directors were long-time residents '

leveled against them." Commonwealth Industrial bank Robert C, McCraley CJSP., Maxwell, Jr., Protestant chaplain (liPi Photo) was unconstitutional anyway. of Louisville. However,
opened Its doors for business .. it maintains an active program
lAR NEGRO QUARTET on May 1, it bad U manager In a landmark decision in 1965, in Louisiana through a com-
; TALLINN, USBR.-cNPI-lt( was not clearly determined a 29-year-old black Bahamian City Officials Religion And RaceBy the Supreme Court upheld mittee of its Louisiana board
last week whether politics or race prejudice was respon A bank employee for almost SCEF's contentions and, in effect members. Four full-time staff'members ;!

sible for tbe barring Negro modern Jan group, from participating the first institution alter having NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL Louisiana to leave the organization Urban
pig International jazz festival In the Soviet Union last week. worked In the post office and Attack Oi Child alone. SCEF then filed. easier NanelTo
Lloyd bad paid his way at tbe Invitation festival officials u an air traffic controller in the MULTI-CHURCH AID Its suit against Eastland and Bisintss Coaicil!
;who had promised to try to work him into the program, but DENVER-(NPI)-Here !Ssarwlne, whom It charges CHICAGO-(NPlHampton
when be showed up be was generally given tbe run-around EXPULSION ORDER Mile High City last weekltwas NEW YORK-NPI-Ten social: agencies drawn from three helped plan the raids and later McKinney
employment -guidance
and not permitted to perform. CONAKRY, Guinea(NPI)-- revealed by a news KTLN reporter Bill major religious faiths-Catholic, Protestant and Jewish-have 'spirited SCEF records out of director, Chicago Urban
Orders expelling Roman Catholic for radio station banded together to set up a foundation to help mobilize poor communities Louisiana to Washington while League, has been appointed to
Delta Sfgna'Preseifs Aide Beaten, After and Protestant clergymen Gagnon a story of violencehad throughout the nation to play a better role in solving they were the subject federal the Illinois Small Business Advisory -
y from Guinea, no later than June been hushed successfully. .their problems. The Inter-Religious Foundation for Community court litigation. SCEF Is also council

Entering' EateryWASHINTONNPI '1, were reported Issued recently for almost two weeks unknown Organization, a group two years In formation,lists Baptist, Jewish suing Louisiana officals. Members of the council are
It is said both the dally
Grails oy President Sekou Toure. The reasons. administration Methodist,Episcopal,Church Christ,Catholics and Presbyterians Commenting on the new decision appointed by the federal administrator -
and the -
)>-white expulsions are said to be In press city among its members Anlnvltatfonhasbeenextended to Carl and Anne Braden, of the Small Business -
OMAHA, Neb.-NPJ- information specialist at Howard retaliation to criticisms which knew of the incident. the Progressive Baptist Convention, and the AME: Zion to Join SCEF's Executive directors, Administration In
Association the Study of Negro University was beaten me clergymen have voiced on The story goes that on April :the program said: "This Is the first timein of their knowledge recognition of and

Life and History,the Omaha when he entered off-campus some of the government's 30 Gerald, an assistant Himelgrin,city 43,Atty.admittedly history that a chief counsel! Interest in small business.
Public Library and the Kennedy restaurant with a Negro woman. policies. HITS BIAS
"dumped" a six-year
Center for the Performing Arts
John C. Price who works in
have received financial grants the department's public relations old Negro youth to the floor center at PITTSBURGH-(NPI)-The ban against Negro membership In

from Delta Sigma Theta Soror- department, said one of the Jewish Community the Moose and Eagles national fraternal organizations was
and the
with sufficient
ity, an Interracial public his attackers told him "ThisIs admitted vigor that roundly rapped last week by tb e Rev. Donald McOvane, vice ,
women's service organization. black man's country." the also remain expectation there until he holic laymen and priests, who are members either group, to .t-" ,/
The Omaha Public Library boy I resign from th orpnhaUoolj andaboappealed to the local diocese -
None of more than 30 customers -
return hlch tbe child did.[ '"
headquarters for the organiza in the restaurant came I filed to bar use CIl! Moots or Egal facilities by denominational > '
A civil suit is to be
tion's collection of books on to bis aid, he said. T the and groups
against attorney
life and history. further
He entered the eatery with been suspended until
Miss Shirley Dunn, an assistant notice. The child is believed to WON'T BUDGE

in his office. be from the ordeal ,"Jackeonoillea W Kllow-
r'l recovering \ t.t'dM Stet
.'. MT. 'VERNON, N. Y.-(NPI) The Rev. Martin Duffy, white
after at least two trips to Den
pastor of the Inter grated VerDOll Heights Congregational church, PMlClll
: Old,Taylor Presents ? Americans ver General Hospital. I has so far resisted all efforts to oust him from the church. A $6 75
: Ingenious The with
bangs together
.. story ; group of members and officials of the church are embarrassed BON SECOUR SHELL OYSTERS ... .
facts since the
: :,: Nf"<'':''r near piecemeal by the minister's activities In community activities,especially SPECIAL STOCK USCDIV HAW SAK MSTAUIANTS
Incident occurred
> alleged that part which relates to civil rights.Hell the education chairman 1
hushed until 13 when
was May Station KTLN revealed it. For the -form/l the nfOfl'ousters the toned.
> defense of Negro figures as Stokely Carmichael and the late SELECT aroar !
It after KLTN's disclosure FOR FRYING 'I"
was only PIIotto ,
Malcolm X,
:. ,'<>v' I of the incident that both STANDARD FOR STEWING PIt. '1" I ,
I dally papers carried accountsof
ti.e rM In their May 14 editions. PELTED :HERRY STONE CLAMS P.. Du. 75

''i "i% : Dr. To Lead LOUBVILLE-(NPlMtemlniscent) of biblical accounts of SHRIMP
"stoning," a group of white hecklers last week used mud and
NtDIUM.$1.10 Lk. URGI.. .....,.$1 40 U.
ball bearings to vent their displeasure upon participants of the
iil4rzh Holy Lands TrekNEW Interfaith Churchmen-sponsored march for open housing laws.
: znf o1 a true Southern drt-Or Os *Fred Grunt
A Presbyterian minister was punched In the mouth; a Roman
YORKNPl)- Dr. Catholic priest, addressing the marchers, was pelted with ball GRUNTS
Martaln Luther King, Jr., will bearings, and several autos sped by the group,hurling mud and ROE MULLET HASH HOZ 39''
3.r lead a pilgrimage to the Holy water on them. OCEANVIEW SPOTS Lb-

f Land In November,visiting both SALT WATER BREAM
Isreaet, and the Arab countries END BAN
The Nobel Peace Prize winner

Indicated that be had no plans PORTLAND, Ore.,-(NPI>-..An end to laws which prohibit interracial YELLOWTAILeSNAPPERa'
to try to act as peacemaker marriages was asked by the Board of Christian Social

between the warring countries. Concerns, Methodist Church, during its annual meeting recent
"I am too aware of my own ly. The board's position was that"while some will conclude the FRESH
finiteness to have any messianic board is urging persons to enter into interracial marriages.. PICKED CRAB MEAT

b complex" said the Bap- this Is not the case...The board Ismaldng another point..that LAM WHITE LI. $1.50 CLAW. q .U. $JS
; tist minister who added that the right to marry Is basic to Individual human liberties, and frcMlIt I Flnirtn IB. <1.M AH r lurnn l. M.flB
there were no "messianic im ought not to be restricted solely for reasonsof race or national

plications" in his trip. origin in a free society...."
Dr. King said he was simply
.>" "trying to be a disciple ((01 BACKS EQUALITY

)t :1. Jesus Christ), though I have

0: ..:.. been greatly Influenced by the CmCAGO-NPI-iquaUtJ) : of opportunity Is the key plank in
".: /, ".". prophets. the Association of Chicago Priests' invasion of the social act-
II in a taus The civil: rights leader now Ion field. The sixth-month-old organization, forerunner of
i champion of peace, will hold similar organizations In severalother dioceses: ,and representing -
I.. religious ceremonies In both 1,400 of 2,800 priests in Chicago,plans to campaign for fair
Charles Richard Drew ((1905-1950)) sections of Jerusalem, divided housing, equality education,and equal opportunity throughout
since the armistice of 1948. the archdiocese
The pilgrimage to be handled
by Concreta Tours, will leave BACKWARD STEP

{ New York on Nov. 6,7, and 8, 4
and will return Nov 20, 2L CAMP SPRINGS -NPl-.Iotegratlonsceminghas( taken
and 22.According. backward step at Bell's Methodist church, the first Washington -I J
He found a way to save to the Rev. Andrew area white church to have a Kegromlnister. Since the Rev _

Young, a top King aide, the Harold G. Johnson was assigned to the church last June, membership
trip will be a real cultural has declined by 61; Sunday attendance dropped 35 per'
lives by saving blood.When pilgrimage for Negroes, since cent (from 465 to 300)); church Income in down 30 per cent and
much of Negro culture Is bound new members dropped 32 per cent.
with the Bible's ,
up accountof

blood someone for transfusion needs a couple of pintsof surgery at Howard University Medical the exodus of the children .... ... "'" "'" ... ... ... .. -
a his doctor School,Dr Drew trained and encouraged of Israel from
simply telephones the local blood bank, hundreds of young doctors. Under his I
and the proper type and quantity will be strong arid inspired leadership the enrollment White Ira Services I
there in minutes Wetake this for granted. at Howard swelled. Sentence BOYS t

But what most of us don't realize is Shortly after the war, Dr. Drew was for Sliviag Negro i tr,(
thatonly .five of New Stanton Senior High
twenty years ago this simple named Surgical Consultant for theUnitedStatesArmy.Thena MONTGOMERY, Ala UJS. _
phone call was impossible. year laterhis NPIThree Air Force Captain Walter 0. School, recieved his BJS. degree
It was not until 1941 that Dr. Charles career was brought to an abrupt halt by CHICAGO -drew( 9-20 Baety, son Drew, then director of the British Blood his untimely death in an automobile white youths in the slaying yearsin of J. Baety of<< 122712thSt. State University. He was commissioned KEN KNIGHT
Plasma Project, introduced the revolu- accident. Jacksonville Fla Is la 1963 upon completion -
tionary idea of a central depository for Dr. Charles Drew left an enduring Jerome Hue,, 17, a Negro youth Ci attending the Air University's of Officer Training

blood-a blood bank.Drew' mark in many fields. He had been an who cero In bad search gone of to a suburban Job.A Squadron Officer School at Max- School at Lackland AFB, Tex ,Invites You To Listen To-
next step was to improve the outstanding athlete and coach, a magnetic who turned 'wen AFB, Ala. The captain, a member of Kappa
methods of blood.And the fourth youth, Alpha Psi, also attended More- 1-
preserving .as speaker, an inspiring teacher and state's evidence Is not likely Captain Baety, who previously
first director of the American Red Cross dynamic administrator, a gifted scientist served as a biomedical laboratory house College, Atlanta.
Blood Bank, he supplied much needed and, above all, a skilled surgeon. to face trlaLSentenced Martin Kracbt officer at Bunker Hill AFB, HU wife, Gwendolyn, Is the. BIG lAND J
plasma to the United States Armed Memorials and were Ind. win receive 14 weeks of daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.L.
monuments are unnecessary 19, and Frank J. Hough, 18, i .
Hughes of 807 Johnson Are.
Forces. for that simple phone call Instruction at the senior USAf ,
of Chicago and Arthur Larson
But it was not only in the banking of reminder of the Norfolk, Va.
serves as a constant 19, of Cicero. Dominick Ma- professional school "DANCE i
blood that Dr. Drew made his mark. In contributions Dr. Charles PARTY
momentous zone, 17, of Chicago, who The captain: will study. communicative ,
the 1930's, as a professor and head of Richard Drew made to the world. I testified against them, was skills, leadership, Versatil. Cans .

likely to go free. international relations, duties On picnics or tamping trip i 11:31 II 12.00 f11I'lIy
OLD TAYLOR : : Sitirlij I
J..n?: :
The trial set off a disturbance responsibilities of tbe com- upplr of canned meat in the newnp
KENTUt.ICY STRAIGHT 00URBON outside the courtroom mand-staff team,and aerospace top cam fa nice to have The

I e i r BYCO.ft Nrr a1 t led by Robert L. Lucas, local doctrine: and employment. lid up completely off n second, 1400 WRHC 14001Ir.

., CORK: leader.. Captain Baety, a 1955 graduate leaving a smooth rim. 1 I.

'-..AA1w-w-.a.o.ail e- .. ..-- -'rL.. . .. '.# #. ..e'/ea---. ", .. .. ,. ... .. .. .. '. .. .. .. .. .."- .. ., .. .. .. ..... .. J
.... ... ...
... .
.a. & _.a. -... ... -- .. ..._ ... .. ... -s..neaM- ---_.

." J ...

1- ::


r w rr Y.

: : :

I Is


!WI ., .. .......'" ._: ',...;k."*


N At A GIAHCE Co-ed Awaiting Trimester End14e MOON OVER MIAMI,. Your knows professional the answer.beautician. .;';3

MIAMI BEACH, FLAv-Tne first world-wide orchid show ever p
staged In summer in the United States will be a feature attraction '. ;,'
here Aug. 4-7. ,," ,' ea
by mattie smith colas ,
Co-sponsored by Urn Gold yeas west of HawaC
Fashionconscious brides will middle aisle it la'pants... Coast Orchid Society and the While cattleys lndcattleya; hy'
come Fall, according to Boston's Mr.. Junes Kidder (who city of Miami Beach, the show brads will be inabundance in the Should every woman ;
directed the Lucl Basses Johnson-Patrick Nugent wedding promises to be the largest ever show, these more spectacular .
party). Known u PrlsclUa ci Boston Mrs. KIdder can held in the South both in number types are not expected to dominate be a blonde? ,
see no reason for mini-skirt wearers to go victorian, simplyto of flowers on display and in atUblt displays as In so many other
get married. '66-PrlsclUas: made fashion headlines with space. Convention hall exhibits. United States and r'I'
the abovetheknee chmlses for brides. Pants-enthusiast / ve.. here will be utilized for the show European growers probably will
brides have their choice of glitter banded tent on shorts that which will be in conjunction) with feature cattleyas. Blonde hair is beautiful foe those women whose natural colon
sil the American Orchid ing it flatters. But not everyone should be a blonde.
loose Society's From Latin
match the yoke-or a Jeweled "toga".Qmple it is expected
which at $240, are Eastern conference. Expert beauticians know that complexion and hair color must
houette. Prlscllla's bridal gowns, begin more species will be
embroidiere and lace..Her un- Estimates now range to 60,- shown complement each other to glamorize and bring out all the nat-
usually lavished with pearl y !r Y Y Y including many that are
traditional bridesmaid's dresses are made of Italian velour 000-60,000 square feet in the quite fare. For example, show ural beauty that was meant to be. They also know that veal
.exhibits with the coarse and dark hair often is resistant to drastic color changer
(does not marklnstead of velvet and un-wrinkable knit tents possibility additional officials have been promisedthe
replace satin. entries will Increase anguloa. 11'not plants, a t However, there's no doubt about slightly lighter hair adding ex>
this to as much as 75,000 square' least .This orchid grows citement to a woman's appearance. And hairdressers knoW'
ttltttttttt Jeet.In high blooms and has been there Is no better product to add a whole new appeal to every

In New York, Geoffrey Beene Is showing romantic-appear addition to growers from seen by few North Americans. woman's look than Miss Clairol haircolorlng-extra rich Creme
log full, full-skirted long-sporting night dresses with lots every section of this country Including The bloom is even larger than Formula or new extra easy Shampoo Formula. :
and lots of black pleats of woolen divided with shiny patent 7r, Hawaii entries have that of cattleyas and very long: Both Miss Clairol products lighten and color at once, corn,
leather, with snug fitting long sleeves blouses that have been promised from Germany, lasting. bining vibrant new color with the natural pigment of the hair. So
youthful turtle necks! .France, England and Denamrk Other South American species even those shades that look blonde on white hair (as shown op.\:
Contrast is Chester Weinberfs narrow, long clinging, la the European cone; Mexico, will include epidendrums, Mil- most color selection charts) give a variety of flattering red-to-,
gray velvet midi dresses, rimmed with chlnclllal /tosta Rica, Panama,Colombia, tonlas, Stanhopeasobrallesand, golden brown shades on women whose hair was black to begin. :
Judith Lleber who thinks women are weary of overstuffingsmall 'Venezuela' Jamaica, Puerto Rico lycastes. with
bags is working on chunky bags with multiple com- the Dominican Republic and Hawaii and Pacific displays Beauty salons are equipped to answer questions and help
partments for Fall.. Her new collection is expected to Include +,1 British West Indies in Centraland probably will accent vandas, on with hair color selection. Depend on your hairdresser to havp
the thing and slim and, small bags, of course for those South America. which extensive hybridization the professional' skills and the total family of fine Clairol products -
who wear short skirts! t Show officials also are hopeful has been done,dendroblums. to make every woman's experience with halrcoloring corn-J\
Greta Llndauer of Greta's orlgnlals emphasizes practical that plants or cut flowers or both phalaeonopsis. All are familiar pletely personal! and glamorous Should you be a blonde? If you "
ity. Her new .casual bags will be large enough to double as can be flown In from Pacific a- to most hobbyists. don't really know, ask your expert hairdresser, .
travel bags-and! pockets are against the walls! ENJOYS FLORIDA SUN-Attractive Juanita Frances Davis1 eCialrol Inc. 1967 CourtftrO'CI.lrol''lor
Is awaiting the end of the trimester 3-A so that she can l -

4tttltttttt4 return swimming to her and native dancing.Miami In the and meantime partake, she of her Is pursuing hobbles-a OOKING FOR A PLACE TO IUY A CAR? SEE DESIRE AT BILL AUSTIN

FASHIONers are MODoclesI! They have colored or major in business education at Florida AIM University and
bi-colored rims-some are leather covered, snakeskin or enjoying the wonderful sunshine in Tallahassee. Juanita Is FORD FOR THAT GO GO LOOK OF 67 GO ALL THE WAYI.
Furl! Big fashion news are the fabric-covered, to match stogie and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Davis who
dresses (by Jacqueline Familant, Boutique Montreal). The reside at 162 N.W.48th Street in Miami UA.u r
pendants are made of ribbons, hangs smartly from the neck FAMU staff photo by Ernest Fillyau. I f "

.... a 36 millimeter eye supposedly suitable for most fair ones
... They come attractively boxed in a trio of colors with six ..l UM :

ribbon changes. fM .. ieech S iJ mAT t '.,', ...

tttfttttttt ...-. .... -. -.--.----.--.-....-t" _-_.-_..-_-_- ........_ f : ''J
Revlon's latest soon-to-be-avallable. Moon Drops Demi MIAMI BEACH, FLA.-T he Incorporated in 1915. ,
Minute marine animals caller
Makeup..DJv super sheer light weight makeup.-.flexes first Island townsite along built the land -'
and stretch es with the skin and gives a NO Makeup look... Florida's so-called Gold Coast oryoEoans that bars the ..
years ago
Blends with new movement in fashion -freedom and un- tailed u a real estate promote .
sea from the Everglades to the ,
restraintt..J Ws complete fashion package consists of ion so long ago that few persons west. Calcium In the bryozoan
a liquid foundation, pressed and loose powerder In two In this area ever beard of it. shells combined with quarts
.. Lots were platted on the south
tones of translucense and a sand to form oolite, this area'slimestone e
end of Biscayne Key, five miles
W4.> |M 1' ***.*****.11\.0 ;.j ;: ; tMilt, south"of Miami Beach, prior to: ; base. The sea level tL1
then ;was some 23 feet higher
1840 the the lighthouse on
Alda Grey recommends the BoticelU look-t peaches and the key was partially wrecked than be now.observed The same process t p: \
may going on today
cream coloring which includes a new "Renaissance Base" an Indian attack. The site now is
some portions of the Bahamas
custom blended and translucent..on eyelids, a blending of a state park Miami Beach was to the east,

whites, beiges, pinks and muted greens!

iimm11iJJti M mI


+ "t ,".r., 45

HAVE_ *TO!: BE SOLD I BEFORE I SUN.t a i 3". Y'' t tr

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tllV P w f. Mlfl* H.T. ll HtntMt ftti. 4-lr. W.T.i.dlf/ '.,.
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i1 miMtH*, hellif, ll f ,l triif likt ..... -THUNDERBIRD-MUSTANG I
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from. .
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USID CAH NI 5-0310 : r j
1 1

s j'



- .--- --- --- -- -- -'-.-- -- ir.1 VIVAtA.- 'fag' ___ -.___--- -___. _-.

. '


\ Of Hew Weiss, Tea Rattlers Track Witters li Tennis C..Dlolsilp FAMU TeMb Tern dttires

SIllS GriRfcliRg's Jonas Joaes 'Teeel Scores SIAC This With Ssieriorlty.TALLAHASSEE

GRAMBUN& Tbe New Orleans Buccaneers at American
TALLAHASSEE,- An early orlda AllY University's owall superiority
fat checkbook ,
Basketball: Association made Judicious use of a
recently to sign guard James Jones their No. I draft rainfall failed te dampen the proved to be too much In the Southern Intercollegiate
spirits or hamper the speed I r.. I Athletic Conference tennis finals In Atlanta.
choice, from GrambUng College ?r,
of the Florida JAM University rt, The Rattlers captured the
Coach Babe McCarthy signed to point out that players of Rattlers u they breezed to an singles, doubles and team The Rattlers had a sophomoreteam

Jofces to a three-year contract Jones' stature offer positive easy victory in the 30th Annual championships enroute to win- last year.Long has proved
estimated at 175.000. He also that the ABA and NBA SIAC Championships in Atlanta, of the best tennis
can thequality ning the SIAC title, outdistancing to be one
received a new automobile with survive without diluting Ga. The Rattlers struck fof 51 their closest competitor players ever to play for taa

an1' outward show of pleasure of professional basketbalL points In the 19 events cap- Morehouse College bya Orange and Green. He was a

Jones Joins a select list turing five first, seven second, score of 18-11. high school sensation and woo
of ABA rookies In the five- McCarthy reflected that the one third, and three fourth The victory was culm1.nat1on t the state high school singles

fltfure salary bracket. two leagues "can and will ope- places despite the loss of threekey of three years of hard work by champlonshp.

McCarthy was elated to land rate on a competitive basis. men due to Injuries.The FAMU bead tennis coach Robert In the SIAC tournament, Long
the high-scoring Grambllng "This should be an incentive famed Rattler 440
relay Mungen. According to Mungenthe won the championship when his
He calls him "the most for outstanding high school
ace team bad to compete without from Morehouse defaulted
still opponent
was a ahead
outstanding college player In prospect to cast their lot with Hazelton and anchorman year
Major s schedule "Actually Earlier Long had defeated -
we were
the South." colleges in the area, McCarthy ;James Ashcrott. Bobby Lang, planning on 1968 as the opponents from South
New Orleans waged a stiff added alrU,. FAMU head coach had to rely when we should bit ready for Carolina State College and
battle with Baltimore of the Jones, 6-4 Is an aggressve
on substitutes Richard Reid and the conference Tuskegee Institute In the
NBA, but throughout the ne- type whose other skills are (Robert Ingram. The Rattlers The fellows worked extra hard doubles, Long teamed up with

gotations McCarthy and the sometimes overlooked becauseof ran a 42.3 their slowest time and came through earlier thanI Branch Currington to defeat

Buccaneers showed that sefl his brilliance as scorer. of the year.but still good enough bad expected but not earlier Tuskegee and Morehouse.
efftcement Is not a part of the McCarthy asserted that "He'sjust for first place. Joe Reid of SIAC NET CHAMPS-These young Rattlers are members of the FAMU tennis team which than they had elpeC"ThIs is With the entire team returning -

net league's nature. tremendous all around. FAMU set a conference record captured the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference tennis championships la Atlanta what made the difference." next season, Coach Mungenis

"We Just beat the NBA" Jones averaged 29.8 pointsIn In the triple Jump with a 46'9" by taking the singles doubles and team honors. Kneeling (left to right): Branch Currlngton, Led by Leroy Long mathematics looking for a repeat per-

McCarthy said stralghttaced 27 games scored 696 points, effort. Atlanta Ga.; Leroy Long Tampa; Carrington Collie Miami. Rear; Rueben Patrick, Or- major from, Tampa- formance by his 1967 cham

before breaking Into a big grin. and starred with the NAIA Because of Injuries,many Rattlers FAMU staff photo Ernest Fltlyaq FAMU shared the SIAC title pions.

It Baltimore.No. 2 draft selected choke Jones behind as squad Trials In during the his Pan senior American year.H than one bad to event.participate Eugene In Milton more-, Roy Wilkins On St. LOlls (U. Trustee Board In 1966 with Clark College

Earl Monroe. e scored 596 points In his Nathaniel James, and Richard; ST. LOUIS .-The Very rectors includes 18 laymen and rector of the NAACP has beena

Cbacb Gene Shew recognized Junior campaign. Reid were workhorses. Milton: Rev. Paul C. Reiner. S.J., 10 Jesuits, thus becoming the leader In the civil rights
said New '
his all-star credentials and Coach Fred Hobdy ran In four events and James'and president of St. Louis University first major Catholic university movement for more than 30 READY SERVICE

I latfeled him a potential pro Orleans recognized all along Reid took part ,In three. has announced the appointment to c1v.laymen and clergy combined

star. "As las as Pm concernedhe that Jones had too much" talent He lean First place victories for the of civil rights leader legal responsibility for years... -. TODAY $&. TOMORROWFOR
might be the best basketballplayer : "to let him get away. Rattlers Included the 100-yard Roy Wilkins to the university's28member Institutional policy and operations BUY"0. S.

In the country," Shue excellent dribber who makes dash (}Milton 9.6)), 220-yard board of trustees. said Father Relnert. ,

said earlier In Baltimore. good use of fakes antis dash (Reid, 21.8)), two-mile run The restructured board of dl- Mr. Wilkins executive dl- SAVINGS BONDS
Jones was almost boyish In especially Impressive as a Jerry Fault, 9 39"), 440 relay

his enthusiasm. "It's going to feeder and playmaker.Jones 42.3)), and the triple Jump Champ San McQntgg ILBJ Aide Addresses

be wonderful playing In New graduates this month 46'9"). The Rattlers now own SPORT SNOItTSPhiladelphii I

Orleans," he said with a B.S., degree In physical U of the 19 records set by SIAC'' Files Entry For I Maryland NACCP SISTER BESSIE

The Buccaneers were quick education. members since the first SICA ,FREE CANDLE WITH EVERY'READING
Championship Meet In 1941. Phils' nutty Infielder -
Firecracker BALTIMORENPIClif( ) -
The tennis title also became Phil Lint, owner of a
Ex-Hurler Promoted
ford L. Alexander Jr. deputy and
'She will read your entire life-past,present
popular New York tavern
property of F FAMU with the was
David PearsonPicked
speical counsel to President
future. She asks no questions but will tell you j
asked if he'd like to be traded
Rattler capturing the single and Daytona Beach, Fla.-Defending Lyndon B.Johnson will be guest
By Greyhound Lines to the Mets. what you want to know, giving date and facts of
To Win World 600 double finals Leroy Long, cahmplonSam McQuagg Is in The current Issue of SPORT speaker at the annual meeting business love, health and family affairs. Will
NEW YORK -- Joe Rattler Junior sensation who with an early entry for the ninth of the Maryland State Conference help you find lost art TELL you whom you will
Magazine quotes LIDs as answering
Black, former pitcher for theapetime DAYTONA BEACHDavid has not lost a singles match running of the Firecracker 400 of NAACPbrancbes marry and when If the one you love is true, what ; w
ofttjNatianal In three years received a bye at Daytona International Speedway : May 27."Cmtlnue.
Brooklyn Dodgers to do to be successful.Will reunite separated
Pearson who took retired "If it takes Llnz-plus-cash
and then went on to defeatSouth.
has been on July 4. the Fight" Is th..cOoYent1on' .
League locate absent friends and relatives and cause
Fred Lorenzen's place on the :Carolina State College and; The to make the deal, Pll even put
prdfaoted by Greyhound Lines. COlumbusi Ga.,driver will !" theme. The meet- happiness between man and wife. Make up
the cash
Ford team Is
formerly director of special Holman-Moody Tuskegee Institute before' be at of a Cyclone up tag to be attended by all the lover's quarrels. Tells,if sicknesi or bad luck UnsMt L sXJ
the first choice of the Pure
markets for the company he Oil Panel of Morehouse defaulted in the readied by Bud Moore Engineering .....- state's 25 branches, Is dedicated natural enemines, evil Influence and bad luck. Does not tell
has been to the Racing Exportsto finals. and has his sights set on to the late Carl Murphy
upgraded post- win the World 600 at Char- to please you, but will tell the truth.One visit will repay you for}
ton of vice-president for In the doubles, Long teamed up Joining the late FireballRobertsand Oklahoma basketball editor-publisher, AfroAmerican disappointments in all others. I not only read your life like anj
lotte Motor City
special markets. Speedway on May with Branch Currlngton to defeat A. J. Foyt as the only back who died last
coach Abe Lemons has to newspapers 'open book, but I also help you out of your TROUBLES. Com wand
6-3 and 7-' very I
Tuskegee to-back winners of the Independence ,
28.The February.
see why are so unhappy when everything seems to g owrong.
Panel, made up of racing Morehouse in the careful around his star guard you ,
The BestGroomed'MenUseMURRAY'S Day NASCAR classic. Alexander once served as both WHY be sad and downhearted,sick and worried
authorities from all parts of Gary Gray a full-blooded Indian
6-3 and 6-1. and MorehouseIn ,
McQuagg won the 160 lap battle associate special counsel and when
can be helped and everything made clear by
cast 72 who reads smoke
the ballots signals
country, the 6-0 and
finals 5-7. 6-2. over the Speedway's 2.5 mile deputy special assistant to the GIFTED MEDIUM! Everybody welcome. NO MAIL ANSWERED.
and Pearson recleved 20 of according to an article In the
Morehouse the Rattlers'
was trloval with a record speed of President and In addition wasa SISTER!
I make no house calls Don't mistake the address,
them. current issue of SPORT Maga
Superior Hair Pomade closest competitor in tennis 153.813 mllesper hour. member of the National Security

The driver who almost sine BESSIE Is located north of Callahan on U.S. N, 1/2 mile from!
alwaysIs and track and field events In
"I doubt if that makr will holdup Council staff of [
of CALLAHAN Florida. Phone 879-2250.
the Panel favorite Richard. "One day I lit a cigar and City ,
track and field Morehouse "
McQuagg says "The cars McGeorge Bundy. HOUSE'Across
Petty came In second In the he almost hit me for cussing
finished second to FAMU ((51- are faster,and the tires are bet the Street from SPORTSMAN MOTEL
balloting with 18 votes. 38)). In tennis, Morehouse again ter. Thathasbeenshownlntests him says Lemons
Estimates of Pearson's averaged Open daily 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., including Sundays
finished second to the Rattlersl8U Social
at Daytona In which the cars run Year Security
winning speed In the 600 ..-.. THIS CLIPPING ENTITLES YOU TO A $5 READINQ for 32.
( ).
over 180 miles per hour. I know
Ay mile race ranged from a record Wea are on the verge of those
that Cyclone Is faster than
LT 140.634 my When Dallas long hot summer days under
smashing Cowboy executive
125,00 the Charger I drove to a win last
comparatively slow ( Al Ward arrived at his that good old Florida sun.Sum
; 'fAMU'Baseb'allirs year, so I am hoping to be the 65 Buick Electra .... b a
m.p.1I.. one to knock down the mark." office not long ago he found mer has a special charm for AIR CONDITIONED.
While Pearson and Petty a note to return a call quarter- the teenagers with Florida's
McQuagg has run in the Firecracker 66 CADILLAC
dominated the Panel voting. back Don Meredith in Sidney, beautiful bewches and surf. SEDAN DE VILLE $439,
'400 three times.In 1964
seven other NASCAR driver Go Info A Slump Australia. While It is nice to think of LOADED a LIEU NEW AIR CONDITIONED
he finished 12th to 29th
were named as possible winners spot in 1965 and vaulted all the Ward called and woke up Mere- summer in a lazy way we face 66 Rambler ...... .. ... .. .. .. .... ...$1895
of the big race. TALLAHASSEE. The dith, forgetting that Australia the fact that young people will AUTOMATIC. It..... POWCR STEER., fACTORV WARRANTY.

+ k In third place with 13 votes, Florida A" M University way to the top in 196 In bis Is hours ahead of Texas The be looking for summer Jobs. 66 Dodge Dart 270 Series ;. ..... ... .. ...$1895
was Darel Dlerlnger and he Ratters baseball team got otto < He has earned $16,609 story appearing in SPORT Some of these young people PWR. ITIERINO. AUTO... RiH, FACTORY WARRANTY.

was trailed by Cale Yar- a fast start but lost momen- would three Firecracker like to take races home, and the Magazine quotes the half- will be looking for their first 66 Plymouth.&H, AUTOMATIC.Valiant WR.200 STEER..... .FACTORY" .. .. ., .WARRANTY.. .. .$l89S

borough with 5. tum near the end of the season 315,100 that is the winner'sshare awake Meredith as asking full-time work, others will be 65 Chevrolet Sport Coupe ...............$1995
Stubborn Hair Bobby Allison and Paul as they suffered seven lossesIn "What day is it?" working to buy that new surfboard VI AIR CONDITIONED.I ,
Kinky of the in
Goldsmith each were given 4 their last 12 games It was awards. $66,240 posted "Monday" answered Ward. or motorcycle,and othersto 65 Ford Calaxie 500 V-8 .. .. .. .....$1995
Responds "At If By Magic"HAIR votes of confidence and Dick first time since 1950 that the "Ah, that was a beautiful day add to their school money DOOR HOOP,AIR! CONDITIONED, LOADED.

Now rod can.h... mld.y,. con"dtne Hutcherson and Lee Roy Yar- Rattlers lost more than 6 gamesIn The Firecracker Is a full FIA said Don. "You'll have a good next fall 65 Ford. Country' : Sedan ... .........,....$1795
rout Ir .ha:::: M'URRAY'a N Su you,,: brough got 3 each one season international open to all eligible time" The Interest of Social Security AIR
DRESSING POMADE r.. thtmorjlni Baker favored In the first ten the ,drivers. One of the early In your Job Isthat almost 64 Ford Fastback. ,.......,...... .....$1295
No m.iter If you ..eir II tout Buddy was by games, entrants STICK tHIFT J. MOTOR

t MURRAY'S..:.lIc* or don.tt host .cool<'::001.1.comfort. no two Panelists Rattlers averaged 9.5 runs per current was NASCAR David Grand Pearson National -, Urban League Plan any a Social Job you get will require 64 Pontiac CaUina ... .. ............$1393
.IMMM! or tank brlunu.You'll .ncI-Il'l ; The highest speed for the race game while limiting their opponents Securltynumljer/ AUTOMATIC RAN POWER ITCERINO.
:...It.ra..,. was predicted by one of the to a 2.8 average. The the champion, and winner of For Having your card in your 64 Chevrolet, Only 23,000 Mi ...........$129
R.d MUa. race in 1961 when It was Pregant Girls pocket ,
i Hutcherson's backers who entire FAMU squad was batting can make the difference RIM AUTOMATIC
INO Hiss rOMADB- g .J thought Dick would average .353 and Ted Taylor Rattler run at 250 miles. Pearson, who between being hired or seeing 62 HOLIDAY Oldsmobile '88 .............,... .....$ 791

on .... .. F 143.029 In third baseman was replaced retired Fred Loren- Hilts Degradation someone elses get the Job. COUPE
yourirodw hitting
( comwttocouiMn. Nu.nyy m.p.h.. winning. an zen on the Holman-Moody Ford In Florida, most children: 62 Ford XL Coupe .....................$ 795
It your MURRAT The Panel next will vote on amazing. 577. Speed and power team hasrun get A REAL CLEAN ONt.

h.dnlw.. 40M MlMurrty'i the outcome of the Indianapolis characterized the Rattlers during In seven Firecrackers PITTSBURG--((NPI>- A pro- their the Social Security numberIn 59 Ford "6". ............11..............9 17J:

I Pomtd.* tt oulckly h. CM far UM tune IAIAI*M 500 on May 30.lItient1e. the ten-game winning The Speedvrah has scheduled a gram for pregnant teenage girls required eighth by grade.the State This De-Is 61 Chevrolet V-8 Convertible..........$ 7113
them to continue
you rorar 2 flint and IM!only.Hair f I.Ponudt ind ...pu will"||I,pudMumr nttO. the end of the 10 games,the doubleheader for the 4th. The is their enabling education and, at the same partment of Education, and Ii 59 Cadillac. Our Best Buy ..............$ 69S

''i tupiiigt PHODUCII COMPANY FAMU nine had Firecracker will be preceded by mini used for Identification on the
28 extra time them to
4M(lwl.M An., I.U.IL NoL, 4IMI rapped the Paul Revere 250 track-road Over 100 Cars To Choose From
base hits Including; 10 triples. mize the effect of their pregnancies tests given In the ninth grade
12 doubles and six home runs race. The Paul Revere Is aptly on their future i lives. If this card Is lost, you can

The Rattlers were Just as dan !named for it will start at mid- Develped by the local Urban get another limply by bringingIn R.
gerous on the bases as they might July 3, and be run over League the program Is called the stub of the original card.

truicur nimxxT MUMM mm M HOWUCIUT_ uu nsnum to","RUVMT.""""-"- mrrunr" were at the plate averaging the 3.81-mileInternaltonal course the Pittsburgh Educational and We will Issue a new card right

3.5 stolen bases per game. which combines the high- Medical!: Program for School- on the spot. If the stub has

Despite the power speed and banked road.Soitiern trloval. and a flat Infield Age Pregnaat Girls, or been lost, you must make an & MAINEL

good defense, the Rattlers lost PEMKAP for short. Some application for a duplicate card.

seven of their last 12 games 182 girls have participated We will then have our central 4-8382

to finish fourth In the SIAC. U. Teacher Nearing &"* aid of its second office search for your number OPEN TILL 9.30P.M.VETERANS: .

According to head coach Costa and perhaps final year of operation and then we will re-Issue"ou
wPmt aFYQU + tittles, his team got too hot I Arrested For Burglary' the program was a card. This will take about

too soon "If the season bad launched after welfare leaders two weeks. To tide you over,

ten more games to go, I thinkwe NEW ORLEANS-NPr)>- Police learned that many pregnant we can Issue you a temporarycard

would !have leveled off and took Into custody last weekan school-age girls were dls* that shows that you have

had a strong finish; that Is, we athletic Instructor of the missed from school and where applied. The time to worry .

went from one extreme to the Crescent City located branch never heard from again-until about having a card Is NOW,not

other, hot and then cold. However of Southern University, Baton they appeared at a hospital to when you go Job hunting.

we displayed great potential Rouge. be delivered of their Infant Our office at 400 W. Bay St., THE JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INC,

CAN FIND In the earlier part of Fermln Tmothy Scott, 37, The girls are given course is open 8:30: to 4:30 weekdays,
: the season and next year we since September an InstructorIn In academic subjects In a and Is open on Saturday mornIngs -

ABETTERBOURBON ,should have the experience to athletics was taken Into special building and also leant from 900; to Noon. Of 630AVIS ST. Is Now Taking
adjust to a slump such as the custody but only after the police about hygiene the nature of ,

one we ran Into this year." augmented by others had pregnancy and delivery, and Siuici fir Miitilli III

Even with the slump the used tear gas to subdue him. Importance of medical orders.

.BUY ITAfrica's Rattlers bad a team batting He was reported by Texas Efii At Siiinr Applications. Its

I average of .317. with 225 hits Police as being a dangerous Once a girl delivers, she U

in 710 times al bat The 225 character and so the police referred toapubllc health nurse CHICAGO -
hits Included 19 doubles, 17 were careful In their appre- and other specialists, who services for the mentally 111 ':: Veteran Class.

triples, and 14 homeruns.Power hension. follow up with home visits through better use of existing ,

and speed netted FAMU 185 Scott was accused of having The Pittsburgh Urban League faculties was the theme of a

runs scored for an 8.4 average committed burglary and of noted that it cannot urge the two-
a while limiting ;their opponentsto Jumping bond In Tulsa,Okla.He young non-white girls from poverty sponsored by Delta Sigma Theta The Size. Of Our Classes

89 or an average of four was also said to have served backgrounds to give up Sorority and the Mental Health ,

runs per game some time In Texas prison for their babies if they don't want Association Greater Chicago.

I Ted Taylor led FAMU In six a burglary committed In 1958. to u "adoption agencies cannot The seminar held May 16-17.

areas; hits, 28; runs, 22; His young wife, whom he guarantee placement for most gave social workers, teachers Limited
doubles, 4; runs batted in, 21; married last December said of these children." nurses, probation: officers, and Is By Law.

stolen bases, 16; and batting she did not( know that her husband Others worth* In the mental
I 8 Year Old Bourbon
( Largest Selling Kentucky
average, ..366.Richmond was.a wanted mao.TUNEUP health field an opportunity to
Young led all Rattler Soap Legs Before And observe mental
health program Enroll
Now To Be Sure Of
pitchers with three victories "
AfterApplyingMake'VpCoimetlc s In action and to bear ,
4 > and one loss. In 22 games the Are you one of those people who experts discuss their day-to-
took a few movie lemon in
Rattier mound staff 77 year
56.15 gave up day problems
current hemlines are providing\ .
lone by and with *
S3145 .U you con- \
earned and
M.B0 runs tinued. You will be amazed everything' but dlmplei to make The seminar was Initiated by Place.
to &nd'J10w
.Ivr FIFTH $flT. struck oat 169 In 183 Innings. the
PT I euy it U to pick your music knees and leg attractive. Legmakeup sorority a 43.000-member
: The total team earned run aver- up items the interracial
Where you left off You on have run gamut! women's organisation '
.OJ : age was 275. 'good time doing It too, if you are' from akin creams to powders that"/ with chapters In 280 com- 1. CAD '3559874I -
playing the Hamipond Organ. hade out bumps and bulge IDIID1t1es.




I HAY 27. 136) ,STAR TAPERS PUtl i
-U. S. Olympic Tear 'Sef Record II Mitch Rice LEARNING HOW TO SWIM, ;;;

T. P R "..:. :
Encounters Bermuda ,1':1,::"$", ," ThethlrdlnaserlJsofartkIeion"I'LearningHowTo8wlin" '

by Operation NOD Is. concerened with those elements by whlck*::
CHAMP DESPITE RIOTING SSpt progress Is made through the water. .&
NEW YORK.(NPI>- lgerian Dick Tiger If still universally Soccer TeinMiy 27 Since buoyancy, body position, rhythmic breathing and
recognized as the world light,heavyweight champion, despite relaxation are of vital Importance to successful swimming
a bottle-throwing riot staged by wildly partisan fans of ex- CHICAGO -.NPI- Soccer this phase of learning not attempted until our previous skills'
champ-chaUenger Jose Torres constantly to give no elbowroom .history will be made in Chicago are mastered. .:
for long range pitching.Tiger."The Mosquito Boxing" Saturday night, May 87,when' The prone glide is the first propulsive movement laths:.
pounded out a split 15-round decision over Torres to success me U.S. national soccer team water that we will take-up. '
fully retain the title be had wrested from his opponent tub t takes on the predomlnantl'l, In waist-deep water, bend forward at the waist, arms ex.-
Dec. 16. black: Bermuda tended forward, and lay the upper body and arms In the water ..'
turn match of a home-and-: -Ds Now bend the knees, take a breathe of air, the face roOej. .
PLANS BOUTS ABROAD home series of the official 1968 f} under the surface: then press firmly against the bottom the_'
NEW YORK-{(NPI-Heavywelght champion Muhammad All Olympic regional elimination. knees are straightened and yon glide out In a prone position,!
(Clay), from whom the WBA and the New York Boxing association The historic event, to be held; Try to glide as far as you can. v'
withdrew recognition because of Us refusal to be drafted In. White Sox baseball park,! 6t Remember try to be relaxed and keep the bodylIeU' the..
is reportedly working on plans to fight three bouts outside the marks the first time that anofficiallyrecognised surface and stream-lined. When you feel that you are IoI1nifour
U.s. "to finance his court fight" All, Indicted Houston International glide and want to regain your footing all yon have to do.:,
competitive match of the .,
recently for refusing the draft, faces a possible five-year Is this: ," .
Jail sentence when he appears In court early in June. He Olympics will be held In ChI. Press down with both arms and at the same time draw both/,.

reportedly conslderingex-champ Floyd Patterson,Canada's cago.The two teams bad opened knees up to your abdomen this will bring you to a position:.
George Chnvalo and Germany's Karl Mildenberger u possible I so you can stand up. "
foes, fighting Egypt or some other Arab,Moslem-orientated their two-game series last May ,- .. For children and sometimes grown-ups who might be a,....
countries where he is still recognised as champ. Q in Hamilton, Bermuda, with : little too cautious about gliding in this position :.;.
their return match in Chicago 4::::" :., You may get a partner and Join hands and tow each other,. ,
RISKS TOURNEY BERTH recognized u the allimportant ..: alternately back and forth in shallow water area. ,,:'
'r ''
LOS :ANGELES-(NPI)- i-heavy champion Floyd Patterson one, since the winner will ,!o, In pools, you may practice the prone glide by pushing'',,,'
will fish being eliminated from a proposed tourney to decld be determined on a total-goals. off from the wall. First, stand with your back against the...,
a successor to the arbitrarily deposed champion Muhammad result. Thus, whatever the out. SAN JOSE, California-incomparable Tommie Smith of San Jos State crosses the finish ,side of the pool second, bend forward at waists and extend,
All:when he takes on 10th rank Jerry Quarry a pre-tourna come of the first game,the final line to set a world record in both the 400 meters and 440 yards In a special match race 'arms' forward under the water. One leg Is bent at knee and.!j
ment bout June 9. result will be made in Chicago with teammate Lee Evans His time for the heats were 44.5 and 4-1.8 respectively. 'foot 1s placed against the side of the pool, take a breath <4<.j
The selection of Chicago u TELEPHOTO air and submerge your face ',"
OPPOSITION the site of this international < As your body leans forward and yon lose your balance, >(
MONTGOMERY, ALA.-<(NPI-.The Alabama house last week game Is due to two factors. Jackie Robinson's the other foot is lifted from the bottom and place against the jwalll
First consideration was given beside the first foot and a shove with both will
adopted a resolution hitting heavyweight champion Muhammad send :
All's decision to buy and settle on a farm near Tuskegee, Ala., on the by basis John of Ally a generaoa chairman offer DiscriniRatioR ISINCE'[ YOU ASKED ME I| you gliding out along the water. :tl .
Next week will take coordinated
introduced by Rep. Tom Drake, Cullman Countyipea we up stroking see yoqenext ,
fessional wrestler, the resolution said "His (All's) presence to Chicago underwrite Mustangs the,possible who agreed financial AppealedNEW DEAR LONNIE: The kids I hang around with smoke something week and remember NO OTHER DROWINGS. ..,HThere's :
will serve as an embarassment to Negroes, many of losses:-.an importantitem awful. I hate to see them with those old dirty weeds. I don't see ...
:whom are our finest citizens and few, if any, Negroes will on the Olympic program, YORK. A major civil why they want to mess up their bodies putting all that tar and
by swayed by his false beliefs." Drake denounced All for which depends on contributions organization has announced stuff Inside of them. You won't catch me doing any smoking.
_ recently refusing to be drafted.SPOTLIGHT. .Instead of subsidies. rights it will appeal filed by There are enough illnesses going around without me trying to A Great Lineup Of i h

The second reason was that a group of prominent Negroes,: get sick by buying germs to put inside of me.
seven of the 18 members on Including former baseball star' Non-smoker SUMMER ENTERTAINMENTEDGEWOOD .: :;
the UJS. roster are from ChI. Jackie Robinson against an upstate -, ,
ON SPORTS cage (five) and Milwaukee (two) country club. TRY NOT TO GET SICK AT ALL. People who are well are al ,
thus creating a "hometown" Robert L. Carter, general very lucky. I guess It does make sense to try to do what you '
atmosphere for the team. counsel of the NAACP, filed can to stay that way. Lots of habits people have are not good ;
BIG TIM SOCCER Chicaog's heave contribution original complaint with the anti- for them. Pm glad yok are able to avoid things that you feel
Cagllarl from Sardinia, Italy, representing the Chicago to the team includes Ernie bias agency In January, 1966, are harmful. That takes character, doesn't it? {@ .. S
Mustangs, will battle Dundee United ci Scotland, the stand-in Tuchscberer of the Kickers; following charges by Mr. Rob *********** ,t3
for Dallas, as professional league play in the United Soccer Rudi Gertzlnger, Ned Krai] and inson and Harlem banker :.:
Association begins for the Mustangs in White Sox park, Sunday Johnny Schlenker Schwaben; Wlllla m R. Hudgins that they If you have a question, send it to Since You Aikad Me, Negro '....,:i
May 28. and Jimmy Benedek of Green were discriminated aganlst Press International, 5708 South State Street, Chicago, Illinois,
And U all this sounds confusing, it can be explained simply Whites, alloft.oChosenmember. 'when they sought to purchasethe 60621. LOUNGE:
that the United States is launching professional soccer within of Chicago's All-Star team. $1,400,000 Putnam Country
its shores by Importing full-blown professional teams of International From Milwaukee comes the Club in Mahopac, N.Y.
soccer status for Its initial(HOT)season duo of Bobby Gansler and Horst "We received a notlc on
Cagllarl is representing the Mustangs, beaded by John Stemke. May 1, 1967, dismissing our .a.a.h GOOD MOl d IY- LADIES N1TE free Champagne :
W. AUyn, president. The Mustangs are the Chicago entry in complaint," Mr. Carter said FEELS Z2 ,
the USA. Dundee,' therefore, will be playing Cagliarl for eu ewa1 his "
in a letter announcing appeal :
the Dallas (Texas) entry. fro to Commission Chairman ITCHING HOURS OF RELIEF FROM THE : : .
The Idea behind this setup Is to develop enough American ....? George H. Fowler. "This came AND IRRITATION OF "UPSET SKIN" Live Broadcast-Station WRHC
players to go with the foreign pros to make our teams really Ja' \ after the complaint had been P.lm.r-i W.d.esdl'-
professional," said "Stu" K. Holcomb, the Mustangs' general lingering in the Commission -INIn e.onee"Olnlmanl $ SESSION Great Fun for Everyone: ,
manager. "We are going to give the American boys a real i 4't'J I : for over a year." Induce fast fl .11\1'
shot at it." The complaint accused the bhseeerollof: C elu ThirsdiyTHE *".
And so, on May Z8,Chicagoans w1U be treated to professional country club of withdrawing the from miterlM itching caused wltlitori MMomv. *. lie JOHNNY SHAW SHOW
soccer the way it is played teamwise in South America and 1 sltk' fashionable layout from the by certain minor c containing
Europe. Chicago fans got a sampling of this type of soccer market after It learned that the skin I irrtfatloni 4 times. as much. Only MeSitlifKtlofl Great ntertalnment
last April 12 when the USA hosted an exhibition game between WatchThis prospective purchasers of the fucranlMd or your money nfunitod..OVBUIR Friday & Sitirdiy-
Red Star of Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and Atletlco of Spain. 136-acre, 18-hole club were Negroes COM L.XION" .. Hut hand-te4a protect,... with thMO ,
foamy medication of "Ikln SiM.tii" ..... It bMuty bottlewhile ;
Spain woo the closely-contested, rain-splattered contest,three Clown ctlni Leo Dorsey Doe Sanders ::
.. .... It fights prone that often egrevete pwtplratkm odors mainyou '
goals to one. Commissioner Fowler assigned sure you'ra nice to b* nr rthntit "(Mn .u....."S.i.. .* Vf Hawkins :
The..MahM a..wiU..be lies borne XMMV Jot the Mustangs 21-52-37' SCHR. .Vice chairman .e+eualarptleg' ::':: ie,a rrma\ J' ,:tupjR o"Bubb Mc Cruder *SId, Clem A Ty Ty i
in USA league play, which started May 28, with Washington, Bernard Katun to Investigate 1HSKIHSII CCES8".. t .:. PLUS Plus GUEST STARS ..*:
represented by Aberdeen from Scotland, playing Cleveland. the charge of discrimination -;;
Stoke City from EngUnd represented Cleveland.The 26-1I-94 on Jan. ZZ, 1966.Sixteen months .
rival National ProfesslonalSoccer league Jumped the gun after the complaint had been
and started league play proper last April 18, with the home '\. ; filed, Mr.Katzen announced that
team Chicago Spurs, hosting the St. Louis Stars The Spursnow '\ the charge was dismissed
rank fourth in the NPSL. ,, "for lack of Jurisdiction anda

t1 determination whether pro
bable cause exists to credit
the allegation of the com
II 49 211
plain Mr. Carter said his organization KE
35 3S 53
was appealing "on the .:.
AUTOINSURANCE Sometimes He's Up;Sometime SHe's ground that the statement of the .......
Down, He Adds,Subtracts,' law in the opinion (by the Com THESE PRICES MOD THROUGI SOMAY AT EDGEWOOD AYE. .""..
He works it all around, missioner) is in error. It attempts .',.,':'
to find ways, means, .
32 15 73 and definition which would .
restrict and bar the State Commission U. S.
COMING Arnucnoiis from taking action."
Much of the complaint based i
61-91-56 on statements, letters and conversations i
filed by Jack Ratl-
New Quality Policy Nov Available MAN'S DAYSNUMBERED ner Mr.,Hudglns real estate and Mr.broker Robinson, whom LB.

both officials of the Freedom .
10/20/5 Liability Free SR-22 Filings .
National Bank, contacted to negotiate
purchase of the club FLA. "AkiFRYERS ;;
From $7.50 pet month, payable monthly 'Man's' Days are Numbered." after they noticed a "for sale" GRADE ,
Health and Fortune Can Be advertisement IntbeWallStreet t..
Yours When You Know Your Journal. :,'
ROBERT Lucky Days. The complaint also quoted a : .29c
conversation between Mr.Rail-' LB ,ti
Lucky Colors, etc. ner and a country club board .
Send $%.00 for your member, who allegedly said -
& Associates Horoscope Guide for "You must be out of your mind
JUNE;. to think that we would sell this PILLSBURY
,club to Negroes. If s out of the
#10 Collier Bldg. Fill in -the blank below and queS ll." C r"'..y-:
mall to ZODIAC, Post Office Under rules governing the FIOIIR 6 LB BAG 3 :::: ;
121 E. Eta Street Box 11'71. Jacksonville, Fin State Commission for Human' a
Rights Mr. Carter said, complainants
NAME have the right toap- LIMIT 1 Vlfl $$5.11 II MORE HIIIIIEI. ,

STREET ply to the Commission Chairman -)
Phone 354-7897 For Rife Qiote
pATE OF BIRTH for a review of the dismissal
Mo. :Days or the complaint.




u. S. # I POTATOES J 18 Ll. lAfiLAIfiE 3'


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some questions you may wish to PORT N. Y.IOOSE.

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