Florida star

UFPKY National Endowment for the Humanities LSTA SLAF
xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090114_AAAAFD INGEST_TIME 2009-01-15T06:18:36Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00460
FILE SIZE 44832 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090115_AAACRF PATH 00207.QC.jpg PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 9436a5a4dc4712ef803e085337b07811SHA-1 b5ce6f7f2fa34216935c2dd7a53efaf070dd7410
6522229 F20090115_AAACRG 00207.tif 8a85eb0751d0fa503bf1c34ab5cb6f229ee4032188ffdde92a2a80525d70958c69f18114
30505 F20090115_AAACRH 00207.txt 55d605e6ce4ccb0073a69853e93c512f6973adc932223b93f20daf122cf864859836f345
11760 F20090115_AAACRI 00207thm.jpg 4389f8cdaa7e2de7b0d44eae7cb4ebefd2e0d3bc94cc0d5b4f9d2a6f215e9126e8c134ba
803627 F20090115_AAACRJ 00208.jp2 5e91db0a2364074eeda66131560c18d780230c4104af9fd50681cda9f156f8c6f13eb08b
298623 F20090115_AAACRK 00208.jpg 92f375e2fe00bed56f931b6be30b8b4eadcb3c1dc424082144ab26225b615fe5b438d172
46456 F20090115_AAACRL 00208.QC.jpg c2358535d451b2184c14c87d5a1f2cf8f8feabaecc4c3b3d0692da02167b7094b81ce4f2
6423169 F20090115_AAACRM 00208.tif 221842ff4e6b9b81fa92debe7b5e79a319797e76011bfd69c7582e6db56defcef8bbf049
27661 F20090115_AAACRN 00208.txt a2bebf29d133a1220e9e53c289ebd2183c143b07af98926e31ca71da8810ac2cc80943a7
12035 F20090115_AAACRO 00208thm.jpg 7b33982ad5eda69227cfe1b8df46e838ff0e81d654423bfe0169f67be11f85e60cf698da
788240 F20090115_AAACRP 00209.jp2 858635b5882486834d913ac6bb4637ca4501f3954203913bc83885d49ee0048e0722ae0c
332063 F20090115_AAACRQ 00209.jpg 78c8b4f75ed2532869047f0157d7e3a10a34cab0eb431dc1460f49d5d63e5fa7094bfd4d
50581 F20090115_AAACRR 00209.QC.jpg a8c75fce56d7d42cb561af15f08697382d75d0b9dd1d99dfaf511552844e8b13c4daed59
6302603 F20090115_AAACRS 00209.tif b975f5101e5ab045c8a1a0115e4166c84d41b4efb4636140451f2f42a7170d435008d9ca
35212 F20090115_AAACRT 00209.txt 0618b4914ddb49f872182e8b0d6e55a9ddaf0aabdfd50a6db97eff84e8317ae305a849d1
356026 F20090115_AAACQA 00202.jpg 0aca8a276c6d40cec8a85118f1483d5f1111516da16b3d97f6ee7096bf5b6a8e47c6e3ca
12664 F20090115_AAACRU 00209thm.jpg 0ede58e5bf9b5e96ea7f13e63ab0cf7bbbd4582af6f893d2aaa558aeaf86378d63276b63
17800 F20090115_AAACRV 1967052001.xml FULL 323f28571d007938447deec82c92dcd0ee9acd5835da5cd7b78383ba917c9b5fe80df504BROKEN_LINK 0198.jp20199.jp20200.jp20201.jp20202.jp20203.jp20204.jp20205.jp20206.jp20207.jp20208.jp20209.jp20198.txt0199.txt0200.txt0201.txt0202.txt0203.txt0204.txt0205.txt0206.txt0207.txt0208.txt0209.txt0198.tif0199.tif0200.tif0201.tif0202.tif0203.tif0204.tif0205.tif0206.tif0207.tif0208.tif0209.tif0198.jpg0199.jpg0200.jpg0201.jpg0202.jpg0203.jpg0204.jpg0205.jpg0206.jpg0207.jpg0208.jpg0209.jpg
52607 F20090115_AAACQB 00202.QC.jpg 3f7ec3b172c8d0802201f13c9195568d32b2a5cce7281c12ec5aa64b7fcb08413fe869e2
6288533 F20090115_AAACQC 00202.tif ec7d69ab18beac25bdf4145f4b8c234e2d0408586aa93c5724e33be59daf3ee6335b9ea1
37242 F20090115_AAACQD 00202.txt 17dfa43aac7c43fac8e4608f14ce4af1cde97ea99d25a20da15491a172bf20e5f338c4b4
24132 F20090115_AAACRY UF00028362_00460.mets fe448c2f0feefdfe7433d693b9a340ec5610100bde37878b559759c40029cf70cec381dd
13009 F20090115_AAACQE 00202thm.jpg d29c9179c0d753bddb96c7973ad004b71e083127c63ea8f25120fcbda3792606a6ec0b5f
793706 F20090115_AAACQF 00203.jp2 67fab7cf9d1a28dddd6975f4e4d0fc173affc35116789a8837853953adb3034156e14b16
327182 F20090115_AAACQG 00203.jpg d1d0298c602310fb51c4a92a2913415417c7594edf65ea82c8c1ea90c748d8befe2db36d
49297 F20090115_AAACQH 00203.QC.jpg c8b14af2012e72f083a9767d21579a7f2ca169d9899a5bea6dfe288da6b0108692ca8c82
6340814 F20090115_AAACQI 00203.tif 20ea2acc7cd540f4ed4f9dceb76582fd184d09fe54494a1ac265349c003f3f544a9fc982
38228 F20090115_AAACQJ 00203.txt 9ed6a0d37667dd27485c67df1b72dc3eba5b9020bcb73265c0eb79aeb59378534b76c2f5
12621 F20090115_AAACQK 00203thm.jpg b1e01d89139668299d751d95979e107f3c1c887a9eb0480876f35815ab29e93126abe568
806094 F20090115_AAACQL 00204.jp2 16be492d11f7450047392cbd3204108591ca4a070a58a00f92fbff45830ec06ea3db777d
282344 F20090115_AAACQM 00204.jpg 3d04c1ec6c7e3dfa7d8dd0c885c7a9448abfff16d16443558cdb76e2c436f1f414006764
41546 F20090115_AAACQN 00204.QC.jpg 4669c4859d8ef1587cfac5c285a208ab1c4a1c4fc4f62e394a9267ded58523b6854412e5
6442583 F20090115_AAACQO 00204.tif 71b3824b590aa479d50ede6e5d276d37707a19d809543c44e01cd5c25257eb78cdb21584
31446 F20090115_AAACQP 00204.txt 5eff08e09f4e8aee50691a4128efd36e2180bfd80521951acff4512b5056b0b847846600
10821 F20090115_AAACQQ 00204thm.jpg a3f27aea6c05ffcacb2e7a268888c4e315502bd12aef4485c220eb3c439dc721f604ff82
812005 F20090115_AAACQR 00205.jp2 140cf74e00b4508e109c20d4de8b9a5226574a0960e7ac62bb0ee688835125b34ae0b70c
335836 F20090115_AAACQS 00205.jpg d475cfa556b393e0a5afc83afcea51506009afe36ba2dabbccb795a0dab041edec4d54c3
48675 F20090115_AAACQT 00205.QC.jpg 3702ff7bfe6faa3545395d99d9224cb4596acef28ac8c8f564350227a21d1e584e34028b
6489881 F20090115_AAACQU 00205.tif 5d2c5fbd3a4bccda0c15407089b860d786d93f4051a4d75e96e3b46a6b2873d6f3970ebc
41969 F20090115_AAACQV 00205.txt eadda18bba16b39f9a64e34e4630ac0b210e84764cbb9696e56629590ada72bc68f2836e
787645 F20090115_AAACPB 00198.jp2 8c2365c2ec5527633c7d12336420100c37545a0e93e5c97b0009fe677b9ececeed45f207
12269 F20090115_AAACQW 00205thm.jpg 72045c2a86db0cb8b19556343810792e572e48ad8bd621a2316af23f648a483be8c6fc9d
366912 F20090115_AAACPC 00198.jpg 643a974b9ddfce60babbbc316941824800cc191b89b2934922e61e7604a2a65504f2d5cf
799370 F20090115_AAACQX 00206.jp2 22d9fb837072d71afccf27a74d7cf93ccdebfe260dcbbe281d0373d769a2b7af83664c16
52543 F20090115_AAACPD 00198.QC.jpg 10775ac2da45d6f3b721bd096bb85110479b35637e86b1a178cde9e71fe2323376212e8f
28319 F20090115_AAACSA UF00028362_00460.xml 9b21377afbf3a9070235457886d0addf3149977a97ec69d511c1002e2ec3df00125dd0a3
326587 F20090115_AAACQY 00206.jpg c574c8abaffe1afc9c57d1a178eb001ef2608a6fc4cf9ba152376d402a31c571c3a7d9c5
6298478 F20090115_AAACPE 00198.tif 4257640b20d82ed036355e6756d445cbad86b54e78aeebbe165c98b27fb05b97f2216e81
50231 F20090115_AAACQZ 00206.QC.jpg a0bf4bbe098c46cae7c30c66b5b3bdfcc9426b97082ccdde271037ada972ac463ddbb94e
42526 F20090115_AAACPF 00198.txt 47b8711a988ba6bb578463d15b814555c231039bc6e5d6c4d4fb931256c978eaed4659ef
12922 F20090115_AAACPG 00198thm.jpg 233b032e07a7e0d622ae74b845afadb9becd36e29bfd862ba370462f4af4d56d14cdb0ee
788140 F20090115_AAACPH 00199.jp2 9dfd05a19cd305da1be8eb35f8a53e68edc023f297f169ee017f9a6b00288d207f357080
368962 F20090115_AAACPI 00199.jpg 26aca8d08da2614153d7416734d24a458f0898727be12c52aea340581d80f4d10dc82f9d
50831 F20090115_AAACPJ 00199.QC.jpg dc076f7536de8855ce67d8f898e145cc73e733f3b1ff1e01cd4a903abe3b958c81218cb2
6304809 F20090115_AAACPK 00199.tif 4ffebdd082f7fc18fed6dd3b321136b22266f5727558d7e5f452a6af932c06da75a93474
39777 F20090115_AAACPL 00199.txt a2852e2b20582e4f516d15ae1694197c71bc5d3bbb3f99430d3a4e2c96edb9d9f6716015
12084 F20090115_AAACPM 00199thm.jpg 62663347c80b699137a71381900ec41b4614791da8d78b48fab1286dc72992063e65e35c
793225 F20090115_AAACPN 00200.jp2 04b75499c6f08cb9ffa75939d43e25b44a057533db4de949922d721e3ea202af35709b6b
297173 F20090115_AAACPO 00200.jpg 2425398abc54d142f7ee814bb2c284a0351194d983df2b304dc1dc1ae41088e67fb298ae
47830 F20090115_AAACPP 00200.QC.jpg 1b9223470a1e8c5eea59556a7fe22adc3e41c502661d3aa2b58c3ad26463bf39dd1d120b
6336644 F20090115_AAACPQ 00200.tif 3e1223e970068e1a88d999ef77e74081e65d5b80c4ae9030e67641dad65c5d3fa910e172
23470 F20090115_AAACPR 00200.txt 656e791bf2cde680a43b449bb71e08e79269b1965304b88cfe4d8ccaa7cdf5b1e8f2feae
12819 F20090115_AAACPS 00200thm.jpg 17f00551f6f672e9217e49c9a1c2ef65aaeac92943d56766122c94d5f25b423fd88917e3
791672 F20090115_AAACPT 00201.jp2 8303cda3278c28c5953568b29f77344b4d31420719ce8c3e1f6c8da9d924c0058faf7a74
327635 F20090115_AAACPU 00201.jpg a38659083206610521a036cf990a26955daff4baf35eb46811fc6a0a0a846579662ca051
47712 F20090115_AAACPV 00201.QC.jpg 00e545dfdbf567cad6d2b77bf029c5d735a711f068f0e475fc39d9f0e3d358af7794c664
6327167 F20090115_AAACPW 00201.tif d129caa6a4b4f05cd85765b157155d095700dc1a1a6bdf8ffa6d301ec6b741543fa8cdf3
35729 F20090115_AAACPX 00201.txt d4dc17b62c772ac10676c8dbd3f8038f3d5ca1c0061bf27deee12fcb8377abf2be75c398
6394881 F20090115_AAACRA 00206.tif bc17c981bcfd813233d5edb86b47cd921916d43eb9e74125d0bd71ddb0f68fee6e9ed90a
11921 F20090115_AAACPY 00201thm.jpg ebe632091ef49bf653f24fa6309ed774ce01f38fb1509a8748fff5f0f0eaab885ef9b4ea
27267 F20090115_AAACRB 00206.txt 95366b79cf3d8c152fc7079ce1cf20a933cddcf15f58315033368e0e22595d77e1a2a9a6
786079 F20090115_AAACPZ 00202.jp2 ed15e795b694ecb68b91a65e262b6252d5afc02519625aa91cea653d2b5508347ef795dd
12631 F20090115_AAACRC 00206thm.jpg 6f7699f731a4dafdab296faadd01a7ad9f5b274714bbad2e6a8fee2ba14aeced8ecb5d9c
815309 F20090115_AAACRD 00207.jp2 d868c13a078216c0f5105a52dc93f430256130cd03c69446586099330b28f86e9103c00b
303404 F20090115_AAACRE 00207.jpg e00ad57fe40aeabb8de1afe28b9d787141c09ccdbecc55b1b8992d3f0da477c8c48456db

xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090220_AAACDF INGEST_TIME 2009-02-22T22:50:45Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00460
FILE SIZE 356026 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090222_AABOKT PATH 00202.jpg PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 0aca8a276c6d40cec8a85118f1483d5fSHA-1 1111516da16b3d97f6ee7096bf5b6a8e47c6e3ca
52607 F20090222_AABOKU 00202.QC.jpg 3f7ec3b172c8d0802201f13c9195568d32b2a5cce7281c12ec5aa64b7fcb08413fe869e2
6288533 F20090222_AABOKV 00202.tif ec7d69ab18beac25bdf4145f4b8c234e2d0408586aa93c5724e33be59daf3ee6335b9ea1
37242 F20090222_AABOKW 00202.txt 17dfa43aac7c43fac8e4608f14ce4af1cde97ea99d25a20da15491a172bf20e5f338c4b4
13009 F20090222_AABOKX 00202thm.jpg d29c9179c0d753bddb96c7973ad004b71e083127c63ea8f25120fcbda3792606a6ec0b5f
30505 F20090222_AABOMA 00207.txt 55d605e6ce4ccb0073a69853e93c512f6973adc932223b93f20daf122cf864859836f345
793706 F20090222_AABOKY 00203.jp2 67fab7cf9d1a28dddd6975f4e4d0fc173affc35116789a8837853953adb3034156e14b16
11760 F20090222_AABOMB 00207thm.jpg 4389f8cdaa7e2de7b0d44eae7cb4ebefd2e0d3bc94cc0d5b4f9d2a6f215e9126e8c134ba
327182 F20090222_AABOKZ 00203.jpg d1d0298c602310fb51c4a92a2913415417c7594edf65ea82c8c1ea90c748d8befe2db36d
803627 F20090222_AABOMC 00208.jp2 5e91db0a2364074eeda66131560c18d780230c4104af9fd50681cda9f156f8c6f13eb08b
298623 F20090222_AABOMD 00208.jpg 92f375e2fe00bed56f931b6be30b8b4eadcb3c1dc424082144ab26225b615fe5b438d172
46456 F20090222_AABOME 00208.QC.jpg c2358535d451b2184c14c87d5a1f2cf8f8feabaecc4c3b3d0692da02167b7094b81ce4f2
6423169 F20090222_AABOMF 00208.tif 221842ff4e6b9b81fa92debe7b5e79a319797e76011bfd69c7582e6db56defcef8bbf049
27661 F20090222_AABOMG 00208.txt a2bebf29d133a1220e9e53c289ebd2183c143b07af98926e31ca71da8810ac2cc80943a7
12035 F20090222_AABOMH 00208thm.jpg 7b33982ad5eda69227cfe1b8df46e838ff0e81d654423bfe0169f67be11f85e60cf698da
788240 F20090222_AABOMI 00209.jp2 858635b5882486834d913ac6bb4637ca4501f3954203913bc83885d49ee0048e0722ae0c
332063 F20090222_AABOMJ 00209.jpg 78c8b4f75ed2532869047f0157d7e3a10a34cab0eb431dc1460f49d5d63e5fa7094bfd4d
50581 F20090222_AABOMK 00209.QC.jpg a8c75fce56d7d42cb561af15f08697382d75d0b9dd1d99dfaf511552844e8b13c4daed59
6302603 F20090222_AABOML 00209.tif b975f5101e5ab045c8a1a0115e4166c84d41b4efb4636140451f2f42a7170d435008d9ca
35212 F20090222_AABOMM 00209.txt 0618b4914ddb49f872182e8b0d6e55a9ddaf0aabdfd50a6db97eff84e8317ae305a849d1
12664 F20090222_AABOMN 00209thm.jpg 0ede58e5bf9b5e96ea7f13e63ab0cf7bbbd4582af6f893d2aaa558aeaf86378d63276b63
17800 F20090222_AABOMO 1967052001.xml FULL 323f28571d007938447deec82c92dcd0ee9acd5835da5cd7b78383ba917c9b5fe80df504BROKEN_LINK 0198.jp20199.jp20200.jp20201.jp20202.jp20203.jp20204.jp20205.jp20206.jp20207.jp20208.jp20209.jp20198.txt0199.txt0200.txt0201.txt0202.txt0203.txt0204.txt0205.txt0206.txt0207.txt0208.txt0209.txt0198.tif0199.tif0200.tif0201.tif0202.tif0203.tif0204.tif0205.tif0206.tif0207.tif0208.tif0209.tif0198.jpg0199.jpg0200.jpg0201.jpg0202.jpg0203.jpg0204.jpg0205.jpg0206.jpg0207.jpg0208.jpg0209.jpg
787645 F20090222_AABOJU 00198.jp2 8c2365c2ec5527633c7d12336420100c37545a0e93e5c97b0009fe677b9ececeed45f207
366912 F20090222_AABOJV 00198.jpg 643a974b9ddfce60babbbc316941824800cc191b89b2934922e61e7604a2a65504f2d5cf
21810 F20090222_AABOMR UF00028362_00460.mets 224bc27516aa56abf84eccab67405f84d0c257003b8a515bda2b162faece78afee36e933
52543 F20090222_AABOJW 00198.QC.jpg 10775ac2da45d6f3b721bd096bb85110479b35637e86b1a178cde9e71fe2323376212e8f
6298478 F20090222_AABOJX 00198.tif 4257640b20d82ed036355e6756d445cbad86b54e78aeebbe165c98b27fb05b97f2216e81
25404 F20090222_AABOMT UF00028362_00460.xml 60d5d9543b86259b1607333690799f47a2470779a70dd937454225eb4bff4328373e4754
49297 F20090222_AABOLA 00203.QC.jpg c8b14af2012e72f083a9767d21579a7f2ca169d9899a5bea6dfe288da6b0108692ca8c82
42526 F20090222_AABOJY 00198.txt 47b8711a988ba6bb578463d15b814555c231039bc6e5d6c4d4fb931256c978eaed4659ef
6340814 F20090222_AABOLB 00203.tif 20ea2acc7cd540f4ed4f9dceb76582fd184d09fe54494a1ac265349c003f3f544a9fc982
12922 F20090222_AABOJZ 00198thm.jpg 233b032e07a7e0d622ae74b845afadb9becd36e29bfd862ba370462f4af4d56d14cdb0ee
38228 F20090222_AABOLC 00203.txt 9ed6a0d37667dd27485c67df1b72dc3eba5b9020bcb73265c0eb79aeb59378534b76c2f5
12621 F20090222_AABOLD 00203thm.jpg b1e01d89139668299d751d95979e107f3c1c887a9eb0480876f35815ab29e93126abe568
806094 F20090222_AABOLE 00204.jp2 16be492d11f7450047392cbd3204108591ca4a070a58a00f92fbff45830ec06ea3db777d
282344 F20090222_AABOLF 00204.jpg 3d04c1ec6c7e3dfa7d8dd0c885c7a9448abfff16d16443558cdb76e2c436f1f414006764
41546 F20090222_AABOLG 00204.QC.jpg 4669c4859d8ef1587cfac5c285a208ab1c4a1c4fc4f62e394a9267ded58523b6854412e5
6442583 F20090222_AABOLH 00204.tif 71b3824b590aa479d50ede6e5d276d37707a19d809543c44e01cd5c25257eb78cdb21584
31446 F20090222_AABOLI 00204.txt 5eff08e09f4e8aee50691a4128efd36e2180bfd80521951acff4512b5056b0b847846600
10821 F20090222_AABOLJ 00204thm.jpg a3f27aea6c05ffcacb2e7a268888c4e315502bd12aef4485c220eb3c439dc721f604ff82
812005 F20090222_AABOLK 00205.jp2 140cf74e00b4508e109c20d4de8b9a5226574a0960e7ac62bb0ee688835125b34ae0b70c
335836 F20090222_AABOLL 00205.jpg d475cfa556b393e0a5afc83afcea51506009afe36ba2dabbccb795a0dab041edec4d54c3
48675 F20090222_AABOLM 00205.QC.jpg 3702ff7bfe6faa3545395d99d9224cb4596acef28ac8c8f564350227a21d1e584e34028b
6489881 F20090222_AABOLN 00205.tif 5d2c5fbd3a4bccda0c15407089b860d786d93f4051a4d75e96e3b46a6b2873d6f3970ebc
41969 F20090222_AABOLO 00205.txt eadda18bba16b39f9a64e34e4630ac0b210e84764cbb9696e56629590ada72bc68f2836e
12269 F20090222_AABOLP 00205thm.jpg 72045c2a86db0cb8b19556343810792e572e48ad8bd621a2316af23f648a483be8c6fc9d
799370 F20090222_AABOLQ 00206.jp2 22d9fb837072d71afccf27a74d7cf93ccdebfe260dcbbe281d0373d769a2b7af83664c16
326587 F20090222_AABOLR 00206.jpg c574c8abaffe1afc9c57d1a178eb001ef2608a6fc4cf9ba152376d402a31c571c3a7d9c5
50231 F20090222_AABOLS 00206.QC.jpg a0bf4bbe098c46cae7c30c66b5b3bdfcc9426b97082ccdde271037ada972ac463ddbb94e
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788140 F20090222_AABOKA 00199.jp2 9dfd05a19cd305da1be8eb35f8a53e68edc023f297f169ee017f9a6b00288d207f357080
27267 F20090222_AABOLU 00206.txt 95366b79cf3d8c152fc7079ce1cf20a933cddcf15f58315033368e0e22595d77e1a2a9a6
368962 F20090222_AABOKB 00199.jpg 26aca8d08da2614153d7416734d24a458f0898727be12c52aea340581d80f4d10dc82f9d
12631 F20090222_AABOLV 00206thm.jpg 6f7699f731a4dafdab296faadd01a7ad9f5b274714bbad2e6a8fee2ba14aeced8ecb5d9c
50831 F20090222_AABOKC 00199.QC.jpg dc076f7536de8855ce67d8f898e145cc73e733f3b1ff1e01cd4a903abe3b958c81218cb2
815309 F20090222_AABOLW 00207.jp2 d868c13a078216c0f5105a52dc93f430256130cd03c69446586099330b28f86e9103c00b
6304809 F20090222_AABOKD 00199.tif 4ffebdd082f7fc18fed6dd3b321136b22266f5727558d7e5f452a6af932c06da75a93474
303404 F20090222_AABOLX 00207.jpg e00ad57fe40aeabb8de1afe28b9d787141c09ccdbecc55b1b8992d3f0da477c8c48456db
39777 F20090222_AABOKE 00199.txt a2852e2b20582e4f516d15ae1694197c71bc5d3bbb3f99430d3a4e2c96edb9d9f6716015
44832 F20090222_AABOLY 00207.QC.jpg 9436a5a4dc4712ef803e085337b07811b5ce6f7f2fa34216935c2dd7a53efaf070dd7410
12084 F20090222_AABOKF 00199thm.jpg 62663347c80b699137a71381900ec41b4614791da8d78b48fab1286dc72992063e65e35c
6522229 F20090222_AABOLZ 00207.tif 8a85eb0751d0fa503bf1c34ab5cb6f229ee4032188ffdde92a2a80525d70958c69f18114
793225 F20090222_AABOKG 00200.jp2 04b75499c6f08cb9ffa75939d43e25b44a057533db4de949922d721e3ea202af35709b6b
297173 F20090222_AABOKH 00200.jpg 2425398abc54d142f7ee814bb2c284a0351194d983df2b304dc1dc1ae41088e67fb298ae
47830 F20090222_AABOKI 00200.QC.jpg 1b9223470a1e8c5eea59556a7fe22adc3e41c502661d3aa2b58c3ad26463bf39dd1d120b
6336644 F20090222_AABOKJ 00200.tif 3e1223e970068e1a88d999ef77e74081e65d5b80c4ae9030e67641dad65c5d3fa910e172
23470 F20090222_AABOKK 00200.txt 656e791bf2cde680a43b449bb71e08e79269b1965304b88cfe4d8ccaa7cdf5b1e8f2feae
12819 F20090222_AABOKL 00200thm.jpg 17f00551f6f672e9217e49c9a1c2ef65aaeac92943d56766122c94d5f25b423fd88917e3
791672 F20090222_AABOKM 00201.jp2 8303cda3278c28c5953568b29f77344b4d31420719ce8c3e1f6c8da9d924c0058faf7a74
327635 F20090222_AABOKN 00201.jpg a38659083206610521a036cf990a26955daff4baf35eb46811fc6a0a0a846579662ca051
47712 F20090222_AABOKO 00201.QC.jpg 00e545dfdbf567cad6d2b77bf029c5d735a711f068f0e475fc39d9f0e3d358af7794c664
6327167 F20090222_AABOKP 00201.tif d129caa6a4b4f05cd85765b157155d095700dc1a1a6bdf8ffa6d301ec6b741543fa8cdf3
35729 F20090222_AABOKQ 00201.txt d4dc17b62c772ac10676c8dbd3f8038f3d5ca1c0061bf27deee12fcb8377abf2be75c398
11921 F20090222_AABOKR 00201thm.jpg ebe632091ef49bf653f24fa6309ed774ce01f38fb1509a8748fff5f0f0eaab885ef9b4ea
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Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 20, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
May 20, 1967
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
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issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
i iY.

.. .. -. --
",' '
.. r0r'I i? ." 'f';; .
< ;
'? I U1'-- '., 1Jjt,. ;" .U.' 1'-t I D "; ..1 I )'"

: <,tJ"dJi,.''. \";',.",:\_ _"f'. "L-. '1\: < ,i".It.' _' ,.;,;'_ ',', (h Wsr. r 'N; ,'; ,'of..',r.,j,,",. '", "

5 X R S KING.f9l PQjIR :::

**** **. *** *** **** ** .
e n-

CASSIUS CLAY ARRESTED IN MIAMI; j C&tnesviv.ae DZsY:: !; otPi"1OidaT arid. i:,


....... ... ................. I
-- --

I Muhammad All Still Has Opposition : :

Has MessageFor tai 17 .'. 7 SATURDAY MAY 20, 1961 15 CENTS

******** .*** ** ** ********

MiamiansCassius m.fS i jjft ffIE5iW

(Muhammad All) Clay iiIiiIi OO Fdf1F.orT y r ;"_;

the dethroned heavyweight ,,r I Id > > *
champion who is already IB
trouble with Uncle: Sam for d J 1 '
refusing to be drafted for service ,,t ry JAXONOri AL f'
In the Vietnam war got 1 I

In Into Miami more trouble this week 3 +' t

Clay was arrested Thursday
on 7-month-old traffic viola
tion. And to make matters
worse, when the motorcycle *
policeman asked him for his IN AFRICA DEATH

produce driver's It license, All couldn't !

He was taken to the county ........ _._ ... ... ...... .... .....
Jail, booked and released under ........ # *1F*# .

$75 bond. 'Court Orders Union
As "Minister Muhammad x Largest NumberOf Teacher Gets

Clay will be principal speakerat To Admit NegroesNEW
the Muslim Muhammad's'
Mosque In Miami Sunday after SuspendSentence
noon, at 2 p.m. A record crowdis ORLEANS, La.-The Negroes Seek
expected to turn out the National Association for the
champion who is gaining a fast Advancement of ColoredPeople
... won an unprecedented leg l victory
reputation as an Anti-Vietnam
A former New Stanton High
Involvement speaker. In this Deep South city, ElectionWhen teacher who was arrested
Clay has been stripped of his RUNNING-Charles Simmons, shown with Mayor Louis H. Rltter who appointed him to May 9, when a U.S. District City School in connection with a .
title by the World Boxing Association the City Civil Service Board and City Recorder J. "Shorty" Almond< taking oath, found Judge ordered a previously all- series of car vandalism which: I
and the New York out this week that he still had opposition. Earlier it had been reported that Watson admitted white union to "admit Imme numerous auto owners'

State Athletic Commission that he was not a city resident and his withdrawal from the race was expected dla lely'" Into membership Negroes the polls are opened next Tuesday the largest number plagued during the month of March drew I
Clay was stopped by motor- Watson's withdrawal' announcement had not been made up to late Thursday and It was leaned and MexicanAmericans.Judge of Negroes ever to seek city: offices a city: or county electionIn a $250 fine and was given a
cycle officer Robert E. Elliott, that be Is still campaigning for the post. Hitter's naming Simmons marked the first Herbert Chrlstenberryalso Duval County will be found. 90-day suspended sentence. ,
who was the policeman who time In history of Jacksonville that a Negro was appointed to an Important policy making enjoined the defendant Rudolph R. Robinson, 29, of '
arrested Clay last Oct. 19 for board.Roy. Local 53 of the International The only Incumbent will be Municipal Court probation of 531 West 26th Street, was found
Association of Heat and Frost Charles Simmons Who was appointed finer
making an Improper left turn. of disorderly conduct and
Elliott said he recognized Clay Insulators and Asbestos Workers to the City Civil Service Also seeking a council seat guilty malicious mischief in Munici- I

today u the boxer headed down Wilkins from maintaining any of Board to nil a vacancy Is Mrs. Mary Singleton who Is pal Court by Judge JohnSantora.
Miami's 27th Avenue and turned Native Jax Woman the following requirements for due to death. He was appointed opposing Mrs. Reba Sharp for Robinson was arrested at 3:15
east onto the airport expressway future membership to the post council-appointed the Ward 2 slot Mrs. Sharp 13 after a man
In Us 1966 Cadillac. Coming For "Recommendation endorsement ... .. .... ..... .. is running for the seat held by answering a.ra. March his description was I

Hauling him over, Elliott discovered by present members relationship : t her husband Lem Sharp who seen slashing'automobile tires
that Clay, who was Pearson RitesThe Tried In Africa by blood pr marriage L Is facing charges following a with a knife and Icepick in toe
to present members.lectloeto grand jury Investigation into
had license. Elliott
.driving no
t also was aware that Clar-.u' 'Jack onvllleiJrMKofthe .. _.***'W* "** \ \H|_,.|__\ membership by.present mem .t I, ; corruption in City Hall. ,Durkeevllle tires also section.were: slashed A numberof pre-
'of about in NJU.C.P. through Its beri." Yrs Slagletoa l la a former'p
one 40,000 names a viously in the area wood!
President Linwood Lee announced
NAACP General
For Counsel,
countywide "red book" Issued
Whiner and Eighth Streets.
W"policemen. The names are ,that oo:Sunday, May Robert L..Carwr,'and NAACP A 1 Robinson who was teacherat
gist at the Civic Auditorium
Associate Counsel Barbara A.
those of traffic violators who New Stanton High School
have failed to 'answer court 4.00 p.m., a Tribute Service Morris,' had charged that the waI
will be held commemoratingthe Nigeria 4 native of I when the Incident occurred
two American Peace Corpsfriends 275-member union which rep .
summons and for whom bench
of the late Rut- Jacksonville, Mrs Claudette riding a child's blcyle at fledtime
memory resents some 1,200 workers *
warrants have been Issued.
sent who ledge H. Pearson; former Barrington Musa, 32 Is on trialin He and his wife had a row. had repeatedly refused to accept /i' of his arrest. He was
Clay a companion Florida State and local President the West African capital on Mrs. Musa.started to drive Negroes or Issue them pent to a hospital for psychiatric >
with him
was riding to get his
driver's license and went to of the N.A.A.C.P. manslaughter charge in the away in the car she had bought work permits, in violation of t J examlaatIonandwasbrought'
>> back to court for trial :
r :
the county Jail with Elliott to Lewis J. Carter, in, Chair death of her Nigerian husband for them. Musa, trying to stop Title VII of to Civil Rights ) ..... : :
be booked.He man of the local branch's A graduate of Tuskegee Institute her, straddled the hood and fell. Act of 1964 banning racial discrimination 'M. ', ...- fAMU Hospital Aid
was charged with failure Rutledge H. Pearson Tribute Mrs. Musa Is reportedto She drove oft Next morning In employment.The MRS.SALL'YEMATHISMayor : :'*
to have a valid license and Committee, confirmed late have"said, "It's like a nightmare police took her into custody, Asbestos Workers local Louis H. Ruler over Cut 'Off By Law
"falling to keep a promise" to Wednesday that Mr. Boy "'11cti1 questioned her, then told her Is the sole supplier of em- much City Council opposition.
show up in court on his previous She believes Nigerian law has Musa was dead. ployees for the asbestos In*' The appointment was a first TALLAH SSEE-A bill to a:;
charge. put her in double Jeopardy. The The trial In high court was dustry In the New Orleans and in the history of Jacksonville fiollsb the AiM University Hospital

Clays troubles with the federal prosecutor, J. Omo Eboh, said recessed until Wednesday when Baton Rouge areas. Three Negroes will be running board of trustees became
government began when he that was not so. the defense attorney was scheduled The NAACP lawyers filed action against.!!! each other for the Third ; law Thursday without the signature
underwent a physical examina A magistrate three out the to wind up his case, be- In Federal Court here last JOHN THOMAS.JR. of the governor
tion In Houston followinga case for lack of evidence In tried without a jury. Mrs Musais November and received I temporary schoolteacher and the widow of The bill paves the way for

draft call, then refusedto ,& ,', ; i March, said Ebon, but the pro- free In $2,800 ball and the restraining order against Isadore Singleton who was closing the hospital on June
step forward and take the : .. I !."" court secutor appealed to the high U$. embassy in Lagos has sentan the union to hilt a plAnned famed for barbequed ribs as 30.a. an operation of the university
which took the
oath with other draftees. a case observer to her trial. election that was called to financed
military well as his activities in politicsand : partially by
Mrs. Musa could be sentencedto Mrs. Musa, a plump, shy woman circumvent the inclusion of Negroes i work. the state.
U'e' imprisonment If I community
con was graduated from as members. J
His have filed
lawyers suits
challenging the U.S. Selective victed. But Ebon saldthe courts Tuskegee in Alabama in 1962. Legal sources and courtroom ._ _. '' '. 1

Service System, but a 5th VT. usually The dead are more man lenient.Is Abdulaiye buffs contend that the preliminary l' C 11.1. I I'n
Circuit Court of Appeals ruling Carmichael Out order won by the NAACP
from Jacksonville on Tuesday ROT WILICINII Musa, about 30, a six-foot, and the subsequent Injunction .. I.I' _. ,"",, .1 ,"" "''' ''' ..
turned down Clays petition to kiDS the National Executive Director $50-a-month police constable. As 5NCC Head issued by Judge Christenberry BY NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONALALL II
have his trial postponed pending of the N.A.A.C.P., will Musi, a Moslem, and Claudette is unprecedented in a case of
outcome of the suits. be In Jacksonville to deliver Baptist, were married two this kind In this part of the BARS DOWN i iPHlLADELPHIJNPJA
the main address. He further years ago In LeopoldviUe. The )- country.
-year-old effort to end bias
stated, "The basic alms of this Congo, while he was serving Nonviolent Coordinating The plaintiffs Included s Negro A
nation ended
the successfully
2 Re-Indicted Committee tote with all YMCA chapters throughout j
appeared moving -
service will not only be to with U.N. peacekeeping operation in less a Mexican-American and last week when the National YMCA council voted 294-11 I
a flambouyant more
provide verbal and written and she was teaching < white man the last of whom
amend its
business-like direction to cn
tributes to the man Rutledge domestic science. as was fired from his job at Mc-
make that chapters
constitution to mandatory
to amend its
In New Orleans Stokely Carmichael: was replaced -
Pearson, whose undaunted services According to court records, as SNCC Chairman. Catty Inc., a contracting firm MRS. MART L.BNGLITOH declare "annually that their doors are open to all without
to his community in the Musa returned to his home when he sought to help integrate ".
color national origin.
his shoes held discrimination on the basis of race, or
Filling was H. Rap Ward Council seat now
area of civil human early the'morning of March the union.
rights and on They filed
1950 Rape Case relations are left to be unchallenged 3 after a night of drinking with Brown, the organization's Alabama complaints of discriminationwith Barney Cobb who voiced strong Penalty for violation of this provision, is expulslonUrom the:
state director who said the appointment council
the Equal opposition
but also, on this Employment
NEW ORLEANSNPlTwo occasion the Rutledge H. Pearson I Memphis Firm Settles he "hopefully" would not be portunity Commission inMarch: of Charles Simmons to the Civil IT'DEntOlTNPITh.'
men convicted in the 1950 raped Trust Fund and Founda- as publicly prominent as Car- and April of 1966. Service Board THINKING ABOUT
club of its kind in the
white have michael.: Sam Jones a largest city:
a local women The The three are
been- set back in their bid for tion will be Initiated with the Job Bias Complaint SNCC's objectives appear tc Commission found"rcasauble world, the Women's City Club, founded In 1919, is about to get
freedom. support of the many dedicated be the same as ever-but the cause to believe that .! .... down to the task of removing the biased policy has had
citizens of this community who .. The National a violation of the (ClvU Rights
NEW YORK ) but
Edgar Labat and Clifton Alton new leaders seemed to be interested Act against Negroes. The club not only bars Negro members,
have Indicated concern about for the Advancement by had oc .
Association from in the third floor duing
In out : also bars Negro guests eating
Poret were re-indicted by the more carrying curred and
the need of continued endowments has the NAACP filed
of Colored People
and from meeting in any'rooms above .
New Orleans Parish grand Jury program than Issuing volatile :suit room, attending
after federal courts struck down to be utilized by the Immediate agreed to settle out of court a public pronouncements. second floor. Even on the second: floor. Negro guests are:,

,the charges four times. president.With family. of our deceased, Memphis violation,of Ternx the, case anti-job Involving bias Leaders of the group declaredthat OUT OF STEAM ? barred from the lounge and bar. .

The grand Jury,which Included: they would "seek a strong
this In mind, and alao, of the Civil Rights '
provisions PUBLIC RELATIONS? ?
two Negro members,acted after nationwide, black aatl-drsa' CLEVELAND -- (NP1)) ? '
the need for continued Act of 1964. SELMA Ala--Ex-Dallas: County Sheriff Jim Clark
hearing the supposed rape vic program and movement, to include George Wallace may have run ,
membership and growth in the The case tavolvesjerryHun high school students, as cut of is now a public relations man, but you wouldn't know It from
The U$. Supreme.Court bad Local Chapter all of, we the heartily citizens encourage of ter, Jr., *division truck driver of Buhler In thewholes.1e well as college students and of hot sit.Ie.m.. Touring though Northern not out the way he talks about Negroes. Clark, whose men beat back,.
other: black of draft civil rights demonstrators a few years ago, said he did not
refused to hear a Louisiana men age. cities In order to stir up sup '
this community reservea Mills, Inc.. who was bypassedfor seek the Negro vote In his unsucessful: bid for re-election
"We black
Appeal from a 1966 ruling by the see no reason for port for his 1968 Presidential -
place In their hearts for in 1965 and discharged -
promotion capabl.o'-.
the UJS. Fifth Circuit: Court of work Mr. Pearson accomplished men who are daily murdered ambitions, he.drew a tepid reception .SAM JOKES' "because I didn't think the average Negro was
later that year. physically and this making up his mind" To top it off, Clark added that Negroes,
Appeals which reversed the 1953 to Join with us on this oc Mr. Hunter filed a complaint mentally in racially tense Cleve retired railroad worker; Mrs "
convictions. .casion." through the NAACP with the country, to go and kill yellow, land.' Even his jokes about his Sallye. Mathls, retired &ehoolrc "have no respect for their own kind,
The circuit court held that Negroes Other members of the Tri Equal Employment Opportunity people abroad, who have done big government and his Presidential : :;; 7- ONLY ONEALEXANDRIA ..
and daily wage earners bute Steering Committee are Commission which found, In late nothing to as, and are, In fact, plans drew only yawns Va-(NPI) This suburb of the nation's capitol.
had been systematically excluded Mrs. Sallye B. Mathls, Attorney 1966 that there was reasonable victims of the same oppressionthat at the city club, a luncheon has one Negro policeman, Pvt. Albert Beverly-the only nonwhite -,"
from the Orleans Parish Earl M. Johnson, Mr. cause to believe the Mills had our brothers in, Vietnam group of business and' professional cop in the D.C. suburbs. This was revealed by the Federal ,'
Jury system. Wendel Holmes, Reverend violated the Civil Rights Act suffer. men. Equal Employment Opportunity commission,' which said
The re-indictment means that Charles B. Dailey and Mr. of 1964 In maintaining unLawful Carmichael win remain with Prince George's' (Ml) County came la a close second with a.
Labat and Poret will be retried Prince McIntosh and the organization as field direc- INCREASE Negro meter maid. In all of the Washington suburbs Negroes .
in local criminal courts Any and all persons who might unlawfully promotional dlscbarglngMr.Hunter. policies tor, but will oo longer serveon were found to be employed almost exclusively by city

for the 17-year-old crime. The wish to make contributions or SNCC's Central Committee.In WASHINGTONNPJ( )-. governments in menial postions.UNLESS. '

two mea, Imprisoned since 1953 otter assistance may do so by NAACP General Counsel his new postlon,he addressed Negro membership in the House ... -
are said to have spent more contacting the N.A.A.C.P.. Robert L. Carter then filed a the Whittier School Mothers in of Representatives Is expectedto JACKSON II1 -Npl-The state's Negroes will go to; I
,time la condemned cells than office at 411 BroadStreet,Jacksonville complaint In the United States a program, "Ode to th.1feact'at Increase from six to as high -:CHARLES SIMMONS Jail instead of toe army, unless Negroes are named to local,

anyone! la U.s. history.& Florida, Telephone District Court for the Western High Waukegan School recent(HL) Township as 16 by 1972, according to the teacher, and local NAACP official draft boards, asserts Charles Every NAACP state field; I
Number 3531395. Continue to Page 6 Christian ScIenceMOI11tor. and John Thomas young secretary..

of t 1 (

........ ..................................-...... _.A. _. ... 4 -- -A".............................................. """ "" """" "",it...... .. .. .............. --"" i "' "' '''-. ''' -


F. PAGE 2 -- SIll PAPERS SITUiDAY lAY 2o,1 15t s

i: 1
Published by the
: '
It the name eiven to the broad range
Thea on rated by'the Office of Economic Opportunity,

: NEGRO.pr1B SOLDIER ANDRESIDENT (JI CEO programs). TheSe q programs have been under way to since 1964, jj
live up being called
.tHO. OFf while they never KI.rt7ttey! broad
., "war" against do constitute a frontal
.a"u" .h.. ...-.,.-.. nf the noor. In its first two years, the
ERIC 0. E: f NITED' STATE k d war on-;;e'rry'b served more than 9 million

Americas I, including LS million disadvantaged
OIl s ,children Lr Head Start.
HILDA WOOTEN The importance of the war' on poverty lies In II
/ ; ,' the fact that its programs are geared to helping
"-t themselves by becoming independent producers
2323 Moocrief / i. <,,. .,.nnnmY. rather. than consumers of tax
dollars ;' the war on poverty is not spent. It 11Invested -
taSMTwto will eventually pay it back in the taxes
l' '
; ." t. they will pay on earnings from Jobs they never would have hada
P.O. Boi 599 t chance to hold without the program.The .
IN PALM "t', \ Job Corps Is a good example of this. The average expense .
SPRINGS, for 8JCb graduate of the Job Corps to $5,850. But sine
,I: _: these young! people are being trained to hold better Jobs, the
iovefnment w1lI get baektvlltethecost 01 their training thrOUihthe
5018 NW 7th AMERICA WILL WAKE UP TO THE I., higher taxes they will pay In the course of their working

THAT OUR SOLDIERS ARE DYING 'r : lives And that doesn't Include the savings on welfare costawMch
E (( : might have to be paid beCause many 01 the youths couldn't
One Year. $ SOMETHING WE BELIEVE 'E/SEA1- hold a Job If it were not for this training.

L Mailed to You TOLD AN AIRPORT NEWS CONFERENCE ( ",' '> Perhaps the most Important aspect of the war on poverty are
the community action programs which give the programs which
Subscription PALM SPRINGS. WE WILL NOTA&ANDON / :': Y give the poor perhaps for the first time to their lives,t
send check :
WHO WANT TO LIVE INDIGNITY.AMERICA 16/: sense of control over their own destinies. If the cycle of
FLORIDA failure and poverty Is to he broken m the like these
HAVE TO APOLOGIZE FOR. HER PART IN o 'if will dV the Job. By Including the poor governing

WAR SHE CAN BE PROUD OF IT." V wboards of local anti-poverty agencies, OEO giver them the
s: Can The Negroes H6k/VORI the local problems which only they can know. ti
; Negro leadership WE TOO WOULD LIKE LIVING IN DIGNITY/ By Including the poor In the planning and execution of they
:: a debt to their programs the 1,100 community action agencies performed the
of of the established social agencies:
service waking up some
: of ladder.It
rung the who Just weren't doing their Job. Many of them suddenly real
is not ----.---- --- ---- -----.--- ----.. ----. ---- g teed that they were neglecting their responsibilities lid
to be assembled started their own programs. But this would never happen If
: operate big it weren't for the local anti-poverty groups and their ecU

f plants. i YOUR Weekly l culate and dynamic poor representatives..Unfortunately It Is
The opening of a this very Independence of the poor which has caused the most
i is something of controversy.
: community and Community action funds have been cut and many local
I a venture would :\ programs will have to be discontinued. Among these was a
program run by the Urban League and two other agencies
j Horoscope GuideBy called ENABLE (Education and Neighborhood Action for Better
i When, and if, *** Living Environment). ENABLE was active In about 60 cities,
: facturing pia helping attack the problems facing ghetto residents. Professional
: something of I workers were assisted aides, drawn from the
; Institutes PABLO, The ASTROLOGER : neighborhood, who acted to motivate their neighbors and bring
; skilled minds and ** : them from apathy to action. Thousands of families were

: area is in great 1 "enabled" to make better lives for themselves, but now that
to successful like many others,is gone
: support the program
: displaced from WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR :; The point of all of these programs Is that they represent

: of agriculture. 1. Innovation which established government agencies did Dot
: think of or were unwilling to adopt. Now there is talk that
This of
type /
BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL some of these programs will be shifted out of OEO and Into
the South to
". older, established agencies. This in itself proves the valued
a period if CEO's work. It proves that these frankly experimental pro

enable the region __ _. grams are so successful that they should be absorbed into
---- -- --- --- -- .--
private employment -- -- -- -- ------ -- -- --- -- -- -.rrrAr.rCAPRICORN ... the traditional framework of government programs helping

sturdy educational to change them and make them more responsive to our chang

Remember tha man CANCER LIBRA ing times.
better than one? That Is why OEO is so Important to our nation. Even If some
bURN JUNE BORN SEPT. of Its programs are transferred, it has proved the need fora
.. .BURN DEC. government agency free of traditional approaches and able

The7Di :- 19th' ,.- '-, 22nl-ilLY *.. 23-OCT.. 23rd', I and willing to experiment with new Ideas.and,new, ways of
( W-Y-r- ,y ) ; 22 .w..v 12od.IAN, .13th doing things and reaching people.
The American the air Decisions are due. Outside have Whatever happens to present OEO programs; 'we should
dangerous habit f"A all mis Say the word.Instead keep- of the 25th, when you may still Mow, you're on. it may always have an agency which is independent of established
words in been some what of a hard Job
Ing or feelings pent ,
be sorely tried in making decisions offices 'and which will serve
asa catalyst experimenting
refrigerators in return of ,
it may be much more to the' to get in tune with the trends ,
children often of co benefit of concernedto Librans can expect or the world situation.The fact and developing new programs, proving they can work and
everyone this to be a time for reaching then pushing older agencies to accept their and
.Great approach run
folds of death. bring them out In the open constructive conclusions. It is Is again acutely pressed home them themselves.
There has been a be made Once this Is done,it possible better to wield authort on the 25th. But this Is a far
these should to start to reconstructinghopes better to wield authority from as it will go for the rest of

more effective devel- along more practicalline from the background than to the month. Someone,or favor- Active Citizenship NeededWe
refrigerators It and taking the personal possess none' at all. Or a able developments>> are boundto
se- measures needed to bring open new vistas, not only to
that the handles chance may occur to act are so
may be to the good
them to materialization. feast your eyes, but to acceptas many
thereby as front for some secret but things
in- about the
These would also be excel. a cure for a changed and United States that we
of entrapping rest and lent days for short trips,visitsto event powerful, the Interests.opportunity In to bring any more Interesting mode of are often guilty of taking some of them

The Incidents you kinfolk, and unusual neighborhood better order In your financial existence. Progress upward for granted. One thing we should never
seems now that we may developments. You affairs Is bound to influence Is taking on a faster tempo forget is that this is the
of tragedies of lacking could be the one to sound the decisions and the attitudes of those number one
with land
regard of
death by being take call to action since this would around considerably friend- individual opportunity where
accepting or refusing whatever
refrigerators.The bring and an do much to raise prestige or may be offered. In some lier. anyone can go from the bottom to the top

time has come reputation to new highs Instances marriage may be 4-90-66-19! of the ladder of success if he has the

ment officials the answer to a particular ability, talent and ambition to make the

around people's 212 r need. AQUARIUS,: climb.
of the death-trap i-90-55-16-671 Consider the record of Dr. Milford 0.

available.We LEO BORN IAN.20t'.FEB. Rouse of Dallas, Texas, gastroenter-

recommend ologist and In order Jo fulfill his

people disregard BORN JULY SCORPIO 18th. determination to be a benefactor to

safety and Pick the moment. Thre are mankind. He completed high school in

tors. 23rd-AUG 22nd BORN' OCT. those who believe that If s 1918 and had a janitorial Job on the

With the Never mind others. It standsto J Just a matter of chance Vernon, Texas, Record, then worked as a
Rev Graham 24th whether Is rich
when you' reason that strangers wintry -NOY. 22sd! There are one others who or know not. reporter on his brother's paper, the
to get into the act when It'. music. Do not be misled
The active well as weekly Vernon
that It takes work and a lot Times where he did most of
you are-well known as a public by clashes of opinions
consider : ,01 any-
pastor of the Mt. of other things besides. The the news
de- figure or in financial circles.An thing that may be claimed 1919 to 1921. He
in Miami smart Aquariams who sub-
was In the attempt to share In your by those who are really horse scribe to the latter of graduated from Baylor University in 1922.
monial dinner they gains or favor should be nipped traders at heart. The truth view will fare better point in the Without money to continue ''education,
and civic service' provide In the bud. From then on, of the matter Is that the scene lie, secured
final accounting. Any Impulse a teaching
fellowship while
Reverend it will be all profit and no Is set for harmonious accordsfor
is likely to be the working for his
opinion that the d the worries for the Leos who have the present as well as for wrong MA degree'and later
one. on the Is wide
straight course little learned the gold rule of the future. It may be the timeto open ,for reaping way the harvest entered medical school from which he

relations, inspite or event silence. As long as one knows spread one's wings Inquestof of previous endeavors and enJoying graduated in 1927. ,
fringe right / Day that be or she Is secure and in a knowledge or for the pur- a better position an Dr. Rouse has followed his profession,

obstacles in hfs for position to go places makesno poses of acquiring greater improved economic status or published 'many scientific papers and with
whatsoever what spiritual Insight. This could
The minister felt as their who other think.; take some Scorpios to far-off a new opportunity to gain. In his partner founded the Gastro-Intestinal

was Just the : 1-50-88-15954 ,1 I lands providing them with the stature importance.. Research Foundation of the Southwest. He

contribution is in broadening effect that ensures '5-60-88-13-821' He has won many awards and has been an

laid a'foundation 18'1 from extended travels and observations. honored, member of the AMA which he now
IMSCES heads. He believes that, "The real
The achievements
8 80 44 Physician is interested in
too numerous to BORN AUG. v 14 824 the standards increasing
friends who BORN FEB.19tO'MAR of medical care in kur

what he has done. 23rd-SEPT., 2Zad.Be SAGITTARIUS.BORN day country.physician's" But. in his view, the present

As Ralph Waldo a friend. Where faultfinding 20tk responsibilities encompass -

would say it: The has failed, new and NOV.23rMEC ., Love Is the Judge, If there and involvement in furthering social
himself into friendlier tactics may work community development. He urges
pro- 21st are any traces left of the rift
beneficiaries nature miracles. No matter what the that threatened In the domestic participation in Chamber of Commerce

citizen ask? rapidly feelings about anyone In particular Get an opening wedge. Maintain area, let everyone have Us activities in churches, service clubs
Remember the inJ : tacks or things! in general, a poker face and sit It out or her say In order to clearup and other, activities such as Boy Sco ts.
remain tight-lipped the
on until you sense that the all- all
thyself a workman re- remaining; misunder "It is only as we take
ashamed. prl- 25th. This may open the doorto clear signal is being sound- standings' From then on, the bilities our responsi-
There another trend of thought that: ed. From then on capture regard and affection that bind as citizens that we merit being
School Bell's from well may provefrlendllnessto> and hold the attention of the loved ones together should make regarded as health advisors to our c'om-
( end of be the magic word that obtains principal figures wbocan ren- It easier to carry out all long- munities. Dr. Rouse's recipe for

head entry Into clubs, fraternitiesand i der favors, boost career, or range projects without a dissenting responsible citizenship is one we should
Gives de- social groups of din I suggest the road to a moreout voice being raised In all
one of Unction. And with Mars ta y i prosperous way of life. It is :oppaeWoo. Some Plsceans may follow more closely The strength
TALLAHASSEE School wit 2nd solar house finances resuming not only status that will count decide that this Is the Ideal and character of our nation can be no

late signal to the be alert end of for the fun-loving 1068-07, sure of a long-awaited direct from now on, but the extent moment for vacations, study greater than, the total of these qualities
according to Florida Highway a long motion once again, the financial t of your holdings and security courses, or extensive travels. to be found in our people.LYOIMGTUcoMTS.
Col. H. N. Klrkman with picture may start becoming provisions. I There. Is no one who should
Slid today "The final school pro- somewhat rosier thanIt argue this ,,point for, to all
another summer will releue boas\ been during the last ;appearances, it Is.t806614650.
very street and highway of I few months. 'l
fesponslblllty for their safety" ; 333 8103313311i 1705517.264 !

) ; ,

_- _._- .. -,. _.. -- _.. .._ A __ .. -- .- .

. .- m ..J. .. .

I' ,

SATURDAY MAY 20, 1967 mi _WEB. __.______._____ ___ ._ 'FAft 3

:Mrs. Gertrada H. Harrison Wed William Raises Featured' InFulls Kappa Alpha Psi Casual Dance I World War I Veterans Meet I

IB Private Wedding Ceremony Class Play. Show In Maxwell Snyder ArmoryThe War Gateway I Veterans Barracks, 3131 will, World meet tact Morgan Quartermaster before June Robert 3 for tic-L.

Saturday at t at J.H.
annual summer casual The afialr Is the final event p.m. kets.
Dates Set dance of the Jacksonville of the social season for the James Center.. The barracks and auxiliary
Mrs. Gertrude H. Harrison, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Nasser Alumni Chapter of JCappa Al- group. Attire Is casual wear. A bus trip will be sponsoredby will place flags on t veteran,
R. Hoftman of 1526 W. 14th St., was united in marriage to The senior class of Willaim ,pha Pal Fraternity Inc., win Tickets for the dance may be the barracks June 10-11 to graves May 28 at 4 p.m., beginning -
Kenneth Peele Sr., son of Hr. and Mrs. James A. Peele of M. Raines High School will be held June 2 In the Maxwell secured from members of the the Department Convention. at Memorial Cemetery.
Wlliiamston, N.C. in a double ring private ceremony at Mt. present its class play, "Clas- Snyder Armory. fraternity. For further Information con
Olive AHE Orach. May?. The early sunrise nuptial ceremony sics on Broadway" Sunday at .
was performed by Rev B.J. Williams. 6 p.m., and Tuesday at 8 p..., --
In the school auditorium.
Nuptial music was played on pink flowered hat with tiny veil The presentation will contain
the organ by Sammie L. Davis, and carried a nosegay bouquet excerpts from the theatrical
and Mrs Jean R. ilptrot sand, of white orchid and orange masterpieces of William Shake-
"I Love You and "The blossoms, tied with ribbon bows
speare, John Steinbeck, Christopher
Lords Prayer." Vows were In love knots. OWeil
Marlow, Eugene ,
said at the altar which was The matron of honor was attired Lorraine Hansberry and others. SALLYE B. MATHISDESERVES
flanked on each side by two in a three piece baby Included In the cast are:Louis
large baskets of daisies, car- blue Italian silk suit overblouse.1 which* Cummings u"Hamlet;"Gloria --
nations and ferns and lighted featured a blue lace Ed-
Jordan, "Helen of Troy; KM. Ethel C. Spears w1lJ'be
baskets of daisies, carnations She wore a flowered hat with "Othello"Leonard -
win Fletcher, ; featured at the "Evening
candles Two large ferns graced blue and white accessorles.Sbecarried Antonio
Wilson "Romeo"
of In Paris" fashion show May !
the extreme end of the altar. carnations a nosegay and bouquet Shasta Grant, "Juliet," LInda McMIlllan II at 815: p.m., In'he main
,The brWajselectedasherma* pink ," Joan, of Arc;" ClaWs ballroom of the Mayflower AND QUALIFIES FOR
tied with ribbons.
daisies pink
tron of honor her sister, Mrs. Hill, "Medea," and Theodore Hotel.
Hortense H. Ford, and LoydFord Following the wedding, the Thomas u "Macbeth. Other The event Is being sponsoredby -
friend of the groom,served bride and groom were honored andi talented seniors will participate the Spelcial Events Com-
at a wedding breakfast t.
as bestman. : r.
mittee under leadership of
The house blessing at their new
given marriage Ethel Ban..'
Mrs. Davenport
home 4336 Roth Drive. Mrs. *
by her ,
father, selected a three ulster, for the benefit of the "
piece which suit of pink Italian Silk, as Beulah bridal L.consultant.McClellan served Hamplon' A la rani Cancer Crusade Drive. YOUR YOUR
a sheath skirt,
the The latest In fashions for sum

lined and overblouse in pink sequins that was, rhine-out- party Immediately,the bride following_ and groom Club To Host. featured mer and by early Mrs.Spears.fall will Smart be

stones,and seed pearls. The left on their honeymoon tripto'parts'of VOTE VOTE
designs and not crazy fads wUl 1
North and South
box style jacket featured three- High SchoolsThe be shown for the well dressed'
Md. and
quartered length sleeves! with Carolina, for occasion of
the same, sequin trim, as the Washington! D. C. the woman clar.Alone. every
oberblouse. She wore a small Jacksonville Hampton Institute with the fashions will BECAUSE BECAUSE "
Alumni Club will host be their styles by Mrs Rutha
the Junior class members of Mae Dean, wigs by Mr. Spen-
Raines, Butler,Anderson,Stanton cer and hats by Mrs. Hattie
I | =TEA TIMEThe I Gilbert and Stanton Vocational Hayes. Music will be rendered
High Schools Sunday by Frank Legree and his band.
at 4 p.m., at the Myrtle Avenue Free champagen will be served
Branch Library. ,throughout the evening. Tickets
The Recruitment Tea is a pro be from Mrs.'
Goldenrod Saving Club and Miss Vera A. Newberry of may
ject of the Hampton Club to
Perry. Bannister and members of the 1
will sponsor its anniversary encourage Juniors to start early Fashlonettes and Friendly Hostess As the people representative, in e responsible 4,, She It committed to "fight 'for a reduction of'
lean Sunday from 4 to 6 p.m., 1.
in their plans for continuing
In Mt. Tabor Baptist Church, sesesses their education after high school Clubs. position she will bring to the office dignity and s-" exceisive spending in City government.

5th and Mt. Herman Streets. and to more specificially learn character
The club with the largest attendance Choir No. 2 of Second Baptist about the educational opportunities B CC CommencementSet 5. She will support the need for additional sewage
will receive a prize Church will have their annual of Hampton Institute as one and in her ward and
tea Sunday, May She will be capable of exercising positive' judg paving '
spring of the major college, accordingto For May 2829The 2,
...... ZI, In the home of Mrs men! and common sense in making decisions
W.P. Holmes Jr., chairmanof
Loreatha L. Bush, 1021 W. 13th that will relate. to the growth of' the City of She will support with many others in this com
the local club.
Annual Commencement -
District 1 of Revelation Baptist Street, at 3:30 to 5:30: p.m. 63rd announcedat Jacksonville. 6. munity' and state, th. need 'for reduction in Ad
calendar was
Church will sponsor a A very special program has Valorem taxes.
Spring Tea Sunday at 3 p.m., been arranged for the oc- Ht. Yerioa a recent
at the church. casion. Some of the city leading Council Meeting' at Bethune- 3 She is totally uncommitted to political' allegiances,
The program is : Devotion, talent will appear. Everyone Cookman College. Baccalaureate This will assure her public that 'they will have en 7. She will support any end all City proposals that ,
Fellowship Prayer Band;Intro- is Invited.. Baptist ChrcbThanksgiving speaker will be Dr.Ralph, untampered' voice to plead their concerns In City advance the basic principles of progress and
duction of mistress of cere- W. Sockroan. Minister Emeritus government sound government "
Mrs Mirioa Wilson Methodist Church, '
monies, Mrs. H. Telfe.tr; mis- Christ Paid Political Adv'
tress of ceremonies,Mrs.RubyA. Service New York City j
Stewart; welcome Miss Heads Activities .
Evelyn Miller; response, Mrs. Rabla Court 25, Daughters of
Bessie Williams; guest soloist Mrs. Marlon Hart Wilson of Isis, will celebrate its Thanks-
Mrs Bertha Harris; introduction Mt. Zion AME Church was appointed cItncserYlce Sunday at 11 am.t
of speaker, Mrs. Ada chairman for the Baby In Mt. Vernon Baptist Church. I
Brown; speaker, Mrs. EarlieM. Show and Inspiration Serviceby The daughter have been askedto FAIR
Alvarey Mack;reading,Mrs. Rev Charles E. Toston, assmeble at 10:30 a.m., at T A
Willie M.Shiggs;offering,Mrs. pastor. The activity wlllbe held the church Nobles of the ,
Eddie M.Brown;remarks,Mrs. June 11. Mystic Shrine'have been in- '
TeUalr, president, and Rev. C., ,MlssWinltred Small. was selected vited., ,as guests, and other ,I
L. TeUalr,pastor. Selection Committeechairman department. of the Masonic krIP
; Mrs Dennis Stewart family have been Invited to
assistant superintendent; Raymond attend.
Wade, superintendent and The Isis feast will be held f
The Matrons Council of Day Sumner G. Wiles, Religious Monday night in the home of .
Spring Baptist Church will Education director Mrs. Mary E. Scott, 1439 W., az
sponsor a Pretty Hat Tea Sun- Finance chairman is Mrs. End St. All members have been .
day from 4 to 6 p.m., in the Her bert Gay, and Mrs. asked to bring a covered dish.
church. The lady wearing the Nathaniel Davis Is publicity ;
most beautiful hat will win a chairman. The program will WILL BE I
prize. The participants are: include pre-schoolers, In the SINUSITISSix
Mrs. M.L. Brown, Deacon Baby Show; adolescents in the million Americans ere
Willie Wright Mrs. Sara J. Sunday School and young adultin
Seymour, Mrs. Justine Hender the Inspiration service which treated for inus trouble each
son, Mrs. Clara Y,, Wllkers will be held at 11 a.m. year, the Catholic Digest finds. _



3118 EdgewoodAve.





lU.S.D.A.GRADE. Steak Sale!

GOOD (The following is reprinted from the Fla. Tinles-Union February 5, 1964))


IB, LI.95CL8.79C LI.69C Criminal Court i Judge Hans 'Tanzlcr yesterday said he favors abolishment of the death penalty.He .

SHORT LINK SMOKED said he believes that the faking of one life for another is wrong t but that there surety

SAUSAGE 2 LBS. age .,.

e must be punishment. He made the comments in answer 'to a question from 'the audience

STEW ,4 .

LB. "

FLA. GRADE A c after speaking on "Crime in Duval County as Viewed from the Criminal Court Bench.I' "

FRYERSDIXIE .. ...... ._ .. .
.. .
LB. .. ... ... ..... .







e e se ,

". -

.._ -
---Y ---- .t

,-, r.: .';o."' .. .,-.- ..'. .-.-, ,-- --_". ..,... ....._. .,. .-.-... ...-.....'-r..-.-... 0_... ... ..gn .- ..'...... .0. .-.W M--No 0- ", ". .-, ." 0 0

I ;


...,...--- .

:CHURCH NEWS Elected Cciaiidtr I| CALENDAR EVENTS]| Joseph L Collier St. Thomas Baptist Mt. Carnal Baptist Chick New 1

ST. STEPHEN BAPTIST lee Tine SpeakerJoseph Slates Woneo's Day Women's Day Observaace Sassy 1

\ Dual day will be observed June 23 In St. Stephen Baptist The P-TA Carver of School George will WashIngton L. Collier, general Annual Women Day will be Women's Day will be observed presiding. Guest president.
Church with Mrs. CoUeen Cunningham u chairman and Mrs. present agent for the United Life Insurance observed Sunday In St. Thomas In Mt. Carmel Baptist Mrs. Elizabeth Starling; group
Seasonal Tea Sunday Sunday
B. Martin, co-chairman for the women. Ralph Smith is the the School a cafetorium from 4 Company, will be Baptist Church with Mi s.Ladle Church wlthMrs.Ruby Williams leaders, Mrs. Doris Green.
men's chairman. speaker Sunday for the annualtea Bowers is cbalrmu, Mrs. chairman Mrs. Rose. Mrs. Nell Hedley. Mrs. Betty
Smith Morris, ;
The service will begin with the Sunday School at 8:45 to 6 p.m., Mrs. Mary L. Jones sponsored by District:;: 5 Willie Mae Crutcher. co-chair. Johnson, co-chairman; Mrs. Jean Ross; Instrumental solo
and Mrs.
and the men will have charge of the U a.m. service. The will preside from 4 to 5 p.m., In the church man; Mrs. Letha Divans, pro- Edith Howard secretary; Mrs.. Miss Carmen Kelly; duet, Miss
youth hour will be held at B p.m., and the celebration terminates will serve as Mrs.organistDevotion Verdell Jefferson auditorium of St. Matthew Bap- gram chairman Mrs. Doris Grace Johnson, finance chairman -. Yvonne Laverne Hampton Miss

at 7 p.m. mistress, of ceremonies, tist Church. Kino, co-chairman; Mrs. M. U ; Mrs Ruth Gresham Mrs. Betty Mae Holmes speaker I

Kiss; Alverla Lane; welcome, The orocrao' _Iii m __ _Devotion__ Johnson acting assistant pas Elk Hill co-chairmen: ; Mrs. Mrs. Marguerite Kelly; Instrumental I
UNION COMMUNITY tori Mrs. W. C. Neal, acting solo Miss Yvonne '
solo Prlscllla G.Smith,music chair- Rogers
Hens Day will be observed May 28th In Union Community Mrs. Watts Introduction; of, I pastor} Mrs. Annie B. Milnor, man and Mrs. Dora & Washington ; offering Mrs. Helen Barges I

AME Church with Johnnie Griggs as general chairman. Joseph Mrs; W. McWblte : I organist and Mrs Lillian Saunders. usher chairman.The Mrs. Mary Rodger,Mrs.
speaker, ; I
The participants will Include; H.W. Williams, guest superintendent Josle Fosett guest organist. services begin with the Annie Bell Glean; secretary's
Rev. R.W. Jackson morning speaker; St. Paul speaker, Mrs. ; I All adult choirs and ushers
; Mrs L. School at ft30 a.m., report Miss B. Holmes;appre
AME Male Chorus, Winston Anthony, S. Kohn and Rev. James Smith presentation remarks, Dock Mary Bronner will serve. The Sunday School with Mrs. Mary Daniels and elation Mrs. Carrie Styles.
Thomas evening speaker. Other talent will appear. ; at 930 a.m.. with Mrs.
r and Mrs Eva Guytoo begins Mrs. Ruby W. Morris charge.. Mrs. Dora Washington win
HAZEL ALEXANDER Miranda. Tennant as guest Mrs. Renekta Jenkins will serve have charge at 7 p.m., with
BEULAH BAPTIST Rasel Alexander has been tMtetif superintendent. The teachers as superintendent and Prayer Band 12 and Eastslde
Annual Women's Day,will be observed In Beulah Baptist area Miss Florida Mrs. guest
elected commander of District West. Mrs. Gladys Barnes, guest re- Fellowship Prayer Band In
Church May 28 with Mrs. Candies Felton and chairman and 8 Disabled America Veterans The Moncrief Needlwork Club Slyvia Clbbs Mrs. Annie L. viewer. charge of the devotion. Processional -

Mrs. Jessie L. Seymore, co-chainnaa.: Department of Florida. will its annual tea June. Cherry Mrs. Mary Fullmore The teachers are Mrs.Emma choir i responsive
Mrs. Ernestine Smith and Mrs. Victoria Golphin will have sponsor .Mrs. Irene Parker. Mrs. Vir-
Rev. Mrs.
Elected to serve with him 18 In the Community Clubhouse Melton. Mrs. A. Calendar.Mrs. Win-
charge of the,Sunday School, and Mrs. Evelyn Daniels, Mrs. ginia Mack Mrs. Carrie HoU
lams selection choir
were: Julian Yancey, Senior 2nd and Chase streets. S. Mlddlebrook Mrs. E. Hawkins ; ; mission
Tommie Story, Mrs. Francis German will conduct the U a.m., away Mrs. Rosa Banks, and Mrs.
.. Vice commander; Harry Mob- Mrs. Essie J. Williams prayer. Margaret Grant;
rites. ley, Junior Vice Commander; Mrs. Lois Cain Potee. Mrs.N. Mrs. D. Sampson Mrs. Lessle scripture, Mrs. Dorothy Oliver;
The 3 p.m., Miss Gwendolyn Johnson, Miss Carolyn Story, Herman A. Gattis, Adjutant; aa.a B. Williams will review the Peeler. selection, choir; Introduction of

Miss MaxIne Daniels and Miss.. Claudette Cooper will have Paul E. Allen, Chaplain; lesson. Mrs. Alma Cook. Mrs. Prlscllla mistress of ceremonies, Mrs.
charge In charge of the 6:30: p.m., service will be Mrs. Charles B. Griffin, Sergeant Mrs. Mary Nealey will be Mrs. Fannie Dlllum and Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Daisy Laura M. Gooden; mistress 01
Johnnie M. Alvin, Mrs. Beatrice. Savage and Mrs. Maria at-arms. presented In a musical recital Rose Campbell will conduct the Cooper will preside at H a.m. ceremonies, Mrs. Lucinda
Williams. Sunday from 3:30 to 5:30: p.m., devotion at U a.m. Guest soloist Devotion Mrs. Willie Mae TIa- Jackson; welcome Mrs. Rose

at the annual Spring Tea of ..q( EPH L. COLLIER Mrs. George Price; intro- by, Mrs. Bessie Phelps Mrs. Cleveland; response Mrs
ST. MARK BAPTIST Chi Eta Phi Sorority Inc,Sigma Deacon A. Waters Introduction duction of speaker, Mrs. Marva Cora RIchardson Mrs.Deborah Frances T1mrstOll; le4ectloa.
Dual will be observed May 28th In St. Mark Baptist ; Wright speaker Mrs. Gussle
Day ,
The dedication program will Chapter In St. Paul AME of mistress of ceremonies, Nelson Mrs. Mozella Games; choltj; presentation of speaker
Church, New Berlin with Mrs. Thelma Ervin as chairmanand :be held May 28 at 4 p.m, In Church. She will be accompanied Mrs. Tereas Donald; mistress Mae Paige| Grays offering Mrs. processional choir; responsive Mrs. Catherine Jackson;speaker.
for the ladles and Blanche
Mrs. Helen Overstreet, co-chairman Carter G. Woodson Elementary by Mrs. Theresa B. of ceremonies, Mrs. F. Ernes Pollrt. Mrs. Minnie' reading Mrs. Mary Daniels; Mrs. Hortense Williams
Deacon Herbert Wanton men's chairman. Hawkins Mrs. Marlon 1<. Cos-
School Cafetorlum. Hodge. tine Holzendorf; welcome,Mrs. well selection, choir; scripture, Gray; selection Trinity Trln-
Mrs. Sarah Mrs.
Queen Kitchen; solo, Mrs.Cora Mable Hayes. Mrs. Florence Brown; selection ettes; reading Mrs. Mildred
Scott; reading, Mrs. A. Levy, Jones. Dunbar, Mrs. Maggie choir; mistress of ceremonies Sumpter; duet Mrs. Josephine

duet, Deacon and Mrs. Joe The Mrs. Hazel Argrett; Brown, Mrs. Mary Hartsfleld;
Young Adult Hour will
CHANGES Brown; reading, Mrs. Mary S. be held at 3:30 p.m, with Patricia solo, Mrs. Celestlne Way; reading Miss Connie Randall;
Huey; solo Miss Brenda Huey; Bradley In of the announcements, clerk; guest solo Miss Altamese Weaver
offering Mrs. Burnell Sims, devotion. Introduction charge of mistress soloist, Mrs. Teidle Tunsll| reading Mrs. Flossie Bronson
Mrs. Jessie Frazier; remarks, of Introduction of speaker, Mrs. selection Excelsior Quartet;
Mrs. Ethel Wright, president; Dawklns; ceremonies mistress of Patricia- 1.. G. Genwrlght; speaker, Mrs:, reading, Mrs. Rose Johnson.
Deacon Sam Jones, leader; ceremonies Maeola Monroe;solo,Mrs.Tun-' Also selection Miss Jacq-
GEORGE GARRISON closing remarks and benedic- Bettye Clayton; solo ell; offering. Mrs. E. Ashwood, uelyn Robinson; instrumental
tion, Rev. George A. Price, Williams Cheryl ; reading Sheila Mrs. Barbara Morgan, Mrs. .solo, Miss Jacquelin Calvin
: pastor. ; solo Angelettesi Lucile Singleton. offering, Mrs. E. T. Reed,Mrs.
reading Georgia Mae Fossett; Mrs. Grace Ross Anderson Doretha Calvin, Mrs.Ethel Lip-

: HAS MADE IN THE FEW MONTHSHE Emanuel Baptist solo,of Marva speaker Wright, Brenda; Introduction Titum- and Mrs. Rosalie Williams will trot, Mrs. Gladys Sams, Mrs.
; have charge at 3 p.m. Pro- Catherine Branch, Mrs. Ethel
Slates ActivitiesMrs. speaker, Betty Brown; solo M. cUllonal, Trinity Baptist Johnson, Mrs. Lugenla Randall,

HAS IEEN YOUR COMMISSIONER Dorothy Wright; Manlor offering,Deborah Verdoda Holt Choir; selection, choir; scripture Mrs. Lottie M. Broadway Mrs.
B. W. Williams will be Dorestlne Smith. Mrs. Anderson; prayer, Elizabeth Williams Mrs Jac-
the speaker Sunday at U Mrs. Mae At5:30p.m.will Miss Betty Holmes; welcome quells Walker Mrs. Amanda
Flagler have
(..a our More ire promised( yoe) In Emanuel baptist Church for charge of me BTU and at 7 Miss Sandra Crosby; speaker, Banks, Mrs. Pearl Simmons
the Dual Day celebration.The p.m., Mrs. Maggie Troupe and Miss Theresa Johnson; solo, Mrs. Mary 1.. Washington,Mrs.
Miss Diane Invitationto Effie Crosby Mrs. Annie Lee
services begin with the Mrs. Teresa Wilson will Crosby;
Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. with duct the devotion. Introduc-con- joiners pastor for the day; Patterson, Mrs. Rosa Crier

George Smith Sr., and Mrs. tion of speaker Mrs. selection choir; offering. Miss Mrs. Tresa Wingard, Mrs
Daisy Ernestine Nedd Miss Betty Eddie Joe Williams and Mrs
Eloise Thomas in charge. Mrs. :Kelson; speaker Mrs. Mary
Sadie Alexander will be guest I Parmer; offerig.Mrs.Ila Varren Rsso Miss Shirley Johnson; Mary Laurayjobservations,
superintendent and Mrs. appreciation! Mrs. Rosa Lee Mrs. Rosa Lee Shannon; intro-
fpYrME / Patsy Mrs. Fannie Horne Mrs.
" Johnson guest reviewer. Guest ,,Annie Bell Speed and Mrs. Liz- Williams duction platform guests, Mrs.
; ;; I teachers will preside over the :tie Monroe. The BTU hour will be held ,Beverly Taylor Usher Board
classes. at Solo p.m., with Mrs. Helen 2 of Mt. Artrat and other boards

E Mrs. S.1..Badger,acting pastor The Annual SessionOf Hampton and Mrs.Carrie Styles will serve. I

and Mrs. Mamie Fields,
.' chairman, will have charge of BTU Congress
the U a.m. service, and the WATCH REPAIR

.' prayer band will conduct the Meets June 14.18CINCINNATSNPIThe $ ,

.... devotion. G' EClAtJe"
i ,Guest choir, ,Mt. Zion Baptist .- .
Church, southsIde. Other 1967 session of the Sunday Your Choice
6' rr guests will bet Mrs. Janie School and Baptist Training
: Union Congress will be held STEM MAINSPRING
; Jackson, Mrs. G. H. Hamilton,
Mrs. DruneUa Mosley. Mrs. June 14-18 at the Netherland '
Hilton Hotel.Teachers CUCK
Alberta Reid. Mrs. A. N. Sessions -
MAKING PICNIC AREAS Mrs. Mary Smith, Mrs.J. affiliated with the Say Charg._I
HEW 100 Iris A. Belton congress will recleve their 5DA7ICa" rlYUA+ANTrr

,F 8 acres waterfront being filled' Ronald J. Coleman will pre- annual training. The congress MENS STAINLESS STEEL *
side at 3 p.m., for the youth aligned with the National Bap WATCH BAND &V
in to make $
Many new animals have been bought family picnic grounds activities. Guests are Lawrence tint Convention of America, ?
:; to delight your children. New, nat and docking. Concrete, fill shownis Brooks, Gerald Miller, was organized 63 years ago Compare at tit.o$

ural-like pens let you see them from old Gator Cowl stands, no Renelda White Rosa Lee Prid- by the late Dr. R.H. Boyd,

o better. Grounds are clean. cost to you.PIBCtY. gen Elton Rogers Ronald Stafford founder, National Baptist Publishing Me CRORYSJULIA

Eugene.Butler Ensemble, board. The Rev. T.
P r and Gerald Miller Singers The B. Boyd Jr., Is now secretary at BAY
BTU will be held at 5 p.m., '> of the Congress and publishing
with Mrs.MInnfe Cookandgrwp board.

;'; j leaders in charge.
t .The men will have charge ofthe

-: __ service at 6:30 p.m., with PLEASE ELECT A MEW,. TRULY QUALIFIED MAN
Pate Teasley as cho-chalrmaa
i' The devotion will be led by
City Recorder
. Deacon Leroy Mallory andDeacon -
Joseph Thomas. Guest
A > YJt
+'rrrw/ L choir, Mt.Calvary Male Chorus. 'DEGREE: Industrial Management

Rev. J. Watkins, moderatorof 'EDUCATION: Office Practice Bus-

Union St. James Association iness Communications, Accounting
t'.' will be the speaker Other 'EXPERIENCE: Insurance Records

!1 1I' participants area Deacons L A.
R Roberts W. R. Buckner, Mrs.
Samuel Thomas.

; M Plesse Vole Aid Elect .


Church will sponsor a Musical
a Clean, comfortable dispensary Spick "H Span new kitchen and ser- Tea May 21 from 4 to 6 p.m. at Paid Political Au>.
, staffed by full-time nurse' cares ving line serves prisoners good the church.
for sick prisoners. inmates treated wholesome food. New showers clean

.; as PEOPLE.NEfeHBOftHOOft. clothing furnished to all now. -

" ,. \\-L 'YfpO0OaTOatS

.' *

.': tt nc L
.' c : II
'1 'a''' 'r f!

PAIl ROWBS a I _IJf : egin P:

As fast as they can be grown in rr.

. this nursery, George Carrison is '
filling your parks with beautiful .

flowers to beautify your neighbor- GEORGE GARRISON

hoods. Keep Political Hands Off ; ;.( .: II

Tour City Zoo Parks, \
and Prison Farm

, :. GEORGE GARRISON Paid Political Adv. '' I Beef ,cut: its' Best i i




....... .. .. .

J .J .. .. J. .
---- '- ----'n om. n. .n n- n -

I 'SATURDAY! MY 2P., 1111.? .SCAR PIPERS /oscr I

Rep IicaN Deaecratic Loriors ,SU Pits Two Players -- .

Vie To PrcMoto Opei lioisiig u AI Top Of SWAC rrl.e l-Laet e

Help Elect fajd Political Adv,
SPRINGFIELD, IlL (NPJ) -. Republican and Democratic A. Baseball LeagueWhen

I iwders vied to be the first to promote open housing measures, L. O.JOHNSON
IS the fate Of I proposed Itom smasher In W.,.*rnn hun. .. Southern uilverslr/s .
--------- ---- -
perilously in the balance. a 1967 baseball season closed,all-
Illinois Is one of the few apenoapancy American Pete Barnes stood at
The -
Northern states without t fair Republican's repre ,
the top as leading hitter,
sentative's measure would
housing law. But prohibit
that situation and southpaw Charles Herbert
4th WARD
discrimination In the sale
was be
likely to chained was the top pitcher with an
rental of ,
or assigning r.
soon as two property
Republican open- enforcement to state's 4 r l 8-3 record. CITY COUNCILMAN
occupancy measures were the
Barnes big 230-pound
at the 1 level
rammed through House commit At first, the bill would applyto senior who Is being hounded r wIn APPnCIATE Tout VOTE 4 SUPPORT

tees.At all but six-flat buildings, but: by both football and baseball
the same time., State Treasurer ended his
scouts, car
Adlai after six years. It would affect PLANNING + UNDERSTANDING = PROGRESS
E. Stevenson HJ(, all but two-flat eer with a 1967 batting averageof
a Democrat, and son of the late buildings. .432, which Includes eight'
The bill was attacked by Sen.
U. S. Ambassador to the United home runs--tops In the SWAC--
Cecil A. Parsee (D.-Chicago)
Nations, declared that his office' for forever exempting owner- and 45 RBIs, which also ranks ., .. .
policy wold! be to use him In the lead role among
occupied housing.One
state funds as a lever for
encouraging performers.
of the RepubU n-spon- IT'S 94 PROOF
open occupancy. Hebert finished with a 2.72
open housing bills Introduced -
The open housing bills were Noble earned run average and was the
by Rep. W. Lee of
the first two measures on the top strlkeouUrtlst on the Jlgua r I
Chicago, shot through the House
matter this session to be delivered Committee in the sale squad with 69 recorded for the JACQUIN'S
to the floor of either season.
or of housing. The other
Illinois chamber for consideration. The sophomore leftle became
bill, by Rep. Lewis V. Morgan
Jr., ofWheatontheState Atomic the first Jaguar hurler to pitch
Earlier House Speaker Ralph a nine-inning no-hit, no-run
commission chairman
Energy ,
T. Smith had Introduced bill and
a ----- --- game, only the second South
was approved by the House Public -
for a step-by-step approach to ern university pitcher in history -
Welfare committee after 10mantes' MEMBERS-of the Citizens Adlsory Council: of Greater' Jacksonville Economic Opportunity to turn the trick.

deliberation,, Inc., honored the Mayor of Jacksonville, Louis H. Rltter (right) by presenting him Hebert also wielded a mean
Siitkin Scliils with a Humanity Award. The presentation was made by Mrs. Mattle Jarrell (center), President stick on the season as he finished -
R. C. Weaver of the Citizens Advisory Council at a community-type meeting of the GJEO Board with a .392 batting aver .. TOWER '
load Ii liteintiii of Directors attended by more than 700 persons in the Civic Auditorium in Jacksonville age In 6llt-bats. playing left
May 15. The award, the first such ever presented by the cou1\cU.1s witnessed above by field many timeshewasn'toper- ,
To Address James E Workman Jr. President of GJEO. Double Distilled
The outgoing chief of the federal atlng from the mound. *
school desegregation The plagque reads, "Citizens Adisory Council Greater Jacksonville Economic Opport Head Coach Emery HInes and
has found substantial program Integration unity, Inc., Humanity Award, Presented to Louis H. Ritter, Mayor of Jacksonville, for, his aide, Bob Lee, guided the f
In the South Welfare ForumDALLAS..Tex.fNPl his demonstrated compassion for people, his outstanding leadership and unusual abilityIn Jaguars to a 20-7 record for Loonbo GIN I

--and almost progress none in the North. finding new approaches in meeting old problems. Mrs.' Victoria Jackson, Secretary, the season which was good for ; Toer
David Seeley, who resigned --Robert Mrs. Mattle Jarrell President." a second place finish In the Jj"

as the school desegregation C.Weaver,secretary,Housing ,tough SWAC race. The Jaguars :$ :

program of the Office of Education and Urbanievelopment.will' tetkeae-Cook.11 The Department of Housing and opened the season as defending PINT ,2
address 94th annual forumof College Holds
said, "The pattern of the urban Development reminds champions.
old dual (school) systems has the National Conference on FHA borne buyers that their: Among the regulars on the a 3'99
been basically broken"Instates Social Welfare, to be held May Commencement Exercises May 28The mortgage payment Is due on the Southern team, catcher Gene D1GIN IF I : "
south of the Mason-Dixon Line. 21-2, In the Dallas Memorial first of every month. The len- Burton finished with a .366 hitting PINT '$ ((45

But he added "I dolt know auditorium anon of Higher Education der expects the payment on or mark; third baseman Ar-
of any big city (In the North) Weaver will address the closIng 63rd Annual Commencement associate as before that date. If a home owner thur Ganleus! .337>JacuesTate,
general session May 26 on activities for Bethune- general secretary is careless about keeping his and
.320 shortstop Lee Richard
that Is making any kind of headway from ) ,
Cookman College are scheduledfor 1961 until January 1S, 1965,
In "Humanizing the City1 whichIs payments up to date, he maybe .296.
( schooldesegtegatioiQ.)
I Seeley was more hopeful also the theme of the annual May 28th and 29the. and previously had been a staff liable for a late charge or may On the season, the Jaguars @
member of
the Division from
The Baccalaureate is
forum. speaker find that his mortgage is in 291 hits
about the Deep South. even capped out --33 doubles,
"Even In Mississippi and Whitney Young executive dl- Dr. Ralph W, Sockman, Minister has 1949 to 1958. This division default. The home buyer's con nine triples and 20 home runs-- Only At Your Store

Alabama," he said "we are rector, National Urban League, Emeritus Christ Methodist responsibility for thechurch's tract is with the lender,not with and finished with an overall
and president of the conference,' Church, New York City. The work In hlher edu- Federal Administration. -
beginning to detect growing the Housing 34.1 team batting average. .
--- -
will preside at the forum. service will begin at 3:00 p.m., .
"recognition(by the white powerstnscwre Other major speakers will Sunday In Moore Gymnasium. Dr. Wlcke received advance
) of the need to find away degeces (V.A. and Ph.d.In -
,Include Vice President HubertH. Dr. Myron F. Wlcke, Generil English
to change. Humphrey; Barbara Ward, Secretary, Methodist Board of ) from Western Reserve
Seeley seemed to be most 'British author and lecturer Education, Nashville, Tennessee University In Cleveland, Ohio, iIIkLEr1
hopeful of desegregation In the and has done !
will f further graduate
12 border states between the Philip M. Hauser, professor, speak during commencement r, rb :ti
( of exercises at 10:00 study at Oberlon College and anM .br .f
University Chicago; Mayor
North and the. states of the old Jerome P. Cavanagh, Detroit ,am., Monday, also in Moore Columbia University He has 9 t
Confederacy) and Ben W. Hetnernan, chair- Gymnasium. honorary degrees from a num-
"I think we're over the hump"In man president, Chicago and One-hundred and seventy- ber of American colleges t; ::

those states, he said, "even North Western Railway three senior students are candidates A native of Cleveland Ohio, 0
though 75 per cent of the Negro for the Bachelor of Arts Dr. Wicks served as professorof ;)! '+_ "
children still attend segregated and the Bachelor of Science English, dean of men and _
,schools" In some of them. / deanatBtldwinWallaceColkge -
I degrees, according to a report
Seeley resigned his federal 9 from the Director of Ad- Berea Ohio. During the
position become director ofa missions. period 1958-61 he was dean of

new..Qfflce ,of Educational U" Dr.,,Sockman was born In the college of arts and sciencesat a lx
,111'New York BUILT WHERE
City. In MSMULTIPLE Mount Vernon, Ohio, and grad Southwestern University,
that capacity, he will coordl- ;uated from Ohio Wesleyan University. Georgetown, Texas. YOU WAN
hate' educatlonalaspects of antipoverty He continue his stu- .

school aid programs plans and with the federal city SCLEROSIS Sen. Brook's Tour NOT WHERE THE DEVELOPMENT IS !

schools. He also will help decentralize
There's no shortage of mortgage money when Jim Walter's builder and don't
the schools.BE th your you
creal" erlpplerof Could Result In
f have to build In a development, or near a city, or even on a paved road to be eligible for
young adultsYouDon't o full 100% financing. Jim Walter will build a new home almost anywhere you own property and

,YOUR SURE VOTE TO COUNTS VOTE l tltUa"$ :C'tmast.r Economic Ties finance it 100%. The tight money situation won't cause you any problems. 100% financing Is

available, to all qualified property owners with no down payment. You need no cash!
Edward W. Brooke was ona tour
PRICES of Israel that could result In
LOW closer economic ties betweenthe

United States and the Holy

.. ,DRUG STORE NEEDS:, The Massachusetts Senatormet
with scientists aj the Hebrew -
'Trade with Your Neighborhood Drug Store
University who said
they .
were Incollaboratlng J ItANC
Papers. We deliver We also fill all Doctors PrescrlpUons with electronics concerns In, "r


The Senator was visiting Israel -,

Dixie Pharmacy as a guest ofHlstadrut,
DR. RALPH SOCKMAN the country's giant labor fed'

: dies at Columbia University and eration.
Union Sen. Brooke did not Indicate
Theological Seminary
what he might do on behalf of -
both his
receiving M. A. and
.. 1302 Riots Road At Myrtle Ph.D. from Columbia In New closer Israel-U.s. ties. But the 3-BR. COLONIAL
where -
he stood
\ *" York. While there. Dr. Sock- was Indicatedby
his active of His- --
support -
man was a layman at the Mad-
Planes Elfin 5-5597-98 ison Avenue Methodist Churchnow tadrjit; committee In Boston.
( Christ Church Methodist) e
Build the
and there received the inspiration Jim Walter way
: PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND that turned him toward the Elect

ministry. Having completed, 'it's wise !

Of"I' TELEPHONE BILLS AT OUR STOREVETERANS his 1916 seminary, he joined training the at Madison UnionIn LARRY LEWIS It'. wise to choose a builder with a flexible homebuilding plan which can be made to fit your financial're. uire-/

Avenue staff as Associate ,. ments instead of trying to stretch your budget. The unique Jim Walter homeowner's plan is designed to help

Minister. In 1917 he came you get the home you need while still maintaining your budget. You may purchase,your new home built to

into hill pastorate of the church, fI virtually any stage' of completion from the basic shell home to one 90% complete offering you the opaor.tunity

where having he has served the unique over 44 recordof years .C' }', to make big dollar savings by doing all crony part of the interior finishing that you wish. You may purchase -

In his first and only parish.He .,... Interior finish materials from Jim Walter and install them yourself purchase them installed by ,Jim

THE JACKSONVILLE BARBER COLLEGE, INC retired and was named Minister ,.., Walter or make your own arrangements for Interior completion. It's up to you. Whether' you choose the

Emeritus, December 31, ,.\ basic shell home or one 90% complete, you can be sure of getting top quality at the lowest possible price. It's

1961. what you expect when build the Jim Walter
[Of 630 DAVIS SI. Is Now Taking{ 'Dr.
L.. .Myron F. Wkke ._ 1

.Weele ,Yocof/oni Jteffremenf

Applications For Its Don't \vaft" until" next jrtor* ogalaf

100% financing It BOW aral/aUo/ %

Veteran Class. Y er 1 on Jim Wo/fir's/ complete fim of ff


The Size Of Our ClassesIs Call, Write or Come by Today.
:|Ill|| Service Board

\ firm 4 tits fit1 JIM WALTER CORPORATION
Useli a th.nenroot otAce)
Limited By Law. Larry Lewis believes '
I weuU Bit. to know nor. about your building and
protection of Civil ServicdRights enoedne glen, fleew send eN a foe aanaba l caw.we .
for city employees, InNnolod MI e...
a continuous study and adjustment -, AM OWN SUNDAYS I .
Q Nome Q CoMog.MAML.
Enroll Now To Be Sure Of Lir of salaries to cost

of living, protection of promotional : ._
,exams: a chance Jacksonville, Fla.$2203 Ocala, Fla. S2670 Tallahs'see, Fla, 32308 | ADDRESS
-'- for all people of our city to 3281 West Bearer Street 1813 Jacksonville Rd. 1310 w, Tennessee St. :
Place. Drt Myron f. Wlcke is general tab civil exams: when open- P. 0. Box 6241 t P. 0. Box 954 P.0. Box 115 JTATi.My -
,( secretary of the Division Honesty In all of our city Phone: J88-1585 1 :Phone: (22-8118 Phone; 224-0194 I T.h'fO-'

of Higher E ucadon. Board of business at all times pvopwfy P healed ".. Cnhnty,
CALL '355-9874 Education, The Methodist Rid Political Adv. Y M,
if Church; He served a Divi

.. -.............. ..AlIAs. .. "------t -M NAdl. eY

n-nJ.J ..._..nn..n.. . .n..nn. .. ___ .III"" . T..,

.STIR ._UUISL- 1911

Elided, to Slid, GroinA4LW Rigger D''lstr.t..s. Foresees

VOTE .. ,
': '( j'l!<: Against Hovstag DiscriffliectioaLOUIiVlLLE"

May23rd "I'i,"', .'.. I promised bigger demonstrations ever InLt'UlsvUleagalnae I,
,. housing discrimination despite" the last minute cancellationof
,' the announced picketing .of r the.recent Kentucky Derby. .
t The president of cheSouchernjChrlstlao !!thousands t persons at the Derby

Wen!) I take a case. I thoroughFy :; ', Leadership con- and city officials got the mes-
said disrupt
ference the plans to -
study the background. }< .. the Derby had been cancelled sage.Meanwhile, demonstrations

Events happening years before f : as a "gesture of good,'are planned In New York-.and,
faith as In Louisville, they would not
can Win a day in court." However, open housing advocates beheld in Negro areas.
led by his brother, the hats, chairman Harlem
fc Maybe that's why I pickedGordon's Rev. A. D. Williams King, will CORE chapter, said his group
'"escalate" demonstrations In/planned demonstrations In the
London Dry Gin. weeks to come, Dr. King added downtown area this summer,
,I Good English background. "We will be working more particularly In front of City Hall.
vigorously and actively," he unit explained that the people
Dry the way I like it,"9Cturitt said, adding demonstrations of Harlem were "not Interestedin
In the predominantly white South tearing up Harlem."
t Uord AttorrAittaor to tht Sltuton-Vftthmffan End would resume.
Coontmtung; Council Count: *lor Tht Btnk of Fmtnot.Attttor( to 0/MrtttOn "If there are going to be
I Bootl"..it onto/tht mat tucctss/ut young Inmjtri to thfSovttnvtttGorton Efforts to block the Derby, / riots," he said, "they are going
r on] which much of the local econ to start Inareas outside Harlem.
fri I omy substantially depends, had The reason wears gearing demonstrations -
been threatened by civil rights for downtown is because -
leader, but were withheld at the the city Is dragging! its
last m 1II1te. feet with funds
on coming up
t ti
.' Still, National Guardsmen for our summer programs
stood at three-foot intervals Riots, he declared are caused
i from each other to preventpos- by the police, not black people
p7h sible trouble. There wts none, "They are also caused by hoodlums
except for a firecracker tossed, and right-wing elements
,5' ? near the finish line by a spec- that attack peaceful demonstra-
tator. '
Yet it seems the lena 0(..

d '' '
ayw Uncle Sam has a couple ot

Ih ornns.1111 State rRt1ciD-CJfIDcu trIl Education Out*- tdgn School, jKkfomille. Standing, left to rift, are: plan to make yopr money as
of Florida elected officers for the 1967-68 school term during Rhoda Griffin, fourth vice president, New Stantoo High School, easy to save at it is to spend,'
L their fifth annual state meeting at Florida A4M University Jacksonville; Katherine Davis, treasurer, Howard W. Blake There'i the Payroll Savings
1 f recently Sitting, left to right, are: Darrell Blackman, third High School, Tampa; Shirley Richardson, first vice pre Plan where work. And the
d60RDON ,vice president, Stantoo Vocational High School, Jacksonville; sident, Lincoln High School, Gainesville; and Carol M.Collier, you
t Bond Month Plan where
Ronald E. Wright, president, Lincoln Park Academy, Ft. secretary, Stanton Vocational High School, Jacksonville -a you
Pierce; and Geart Sabb, second vice president, New Stanton, FAMU staff photo by Ernest FfflyaiiPMIfppa bank.

i Memphis Continue from- Firm'Pare Settles 1 Schvylar World Of Books WHEN YOU AM ILL

District of Tennessee, asking award. They have also offered ANYPLACE BUT HERE By
1oNDIY that Mr. Hunter be reinstated, to distribute throughout Killed In ViatMM Ama Bontemps and Jack Con-
rh s ( ito be given back pay, and that an their operations a nondiscriminatory royt Published by Hill and' You Seek The Best Doctor,
Injunction be granted to pre- pledge guaranteeing Wang, New York 202 pp $3.95. When Your Doctor Prescribes. +"
j vent Buhler Mills from DA NANG, South Vietnam- This auspicious work was recently "
'1 011I._r.d III ? : continuing promotions solely on the Get Experienced Pharmacist K
NPI -- Music lovers around
London fnglindm 1719, to discriminate against basis of merit ( ) given the James i, Dow According To Your Doctor's s
the world mourned the death of
KsMbggaunwrmfn9Und M T' Negroes. Mr. Carter states that the award. It is a revised and Orders We Use.OiJy The Best
Arntnci ml 0*world Just this week Duhler] Mills Association is willing to accept Miss Phlllppa Schuyler.M,who expanded versionofTHEYSEEK 'Quality Drugs.
:llOD Cr Ir U.a.'ODS' II1IIJAt nus DlStIUU f10IIIiIAIII_calli DIY ca.CUIt..IJllDlU., offered either to reinstate Mr. this favorable settlement,' was killed while on a mLtslonof A CITY (originally published In

Hunter, or to grant him an and\ will drop the case. mercy.An 1945)). ,C. E. 'SLACK ProprietorThe
r accomplished pianist, as .
i' new edition Is a chronicle\
DOLLAR well as a special correspondent ;Negroexplorers.wander-- -S Registered d Pharmacists To Serve You n
for the Manchester N.H.
( ) ers, and adventurers who blazed
Union Leader newspaper, she new trails across the American ...........-.-.-A COMPLETE LINE Of..-............- :
r BUYS MORE Is rememberedasa"ChlJdpra-" continent, searching for freedom (
dig, In that she composed It I Is also the story of Cosmetics Rubber Goods Candies Sundries. ; \
nuslc at the of six.
AT YOUR BANNER She also was an author of ',the Negro them.Americans who followed PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND D.E 1EREDAdditions -
note, having written "Who
to the original Include
'Killed The ?" In 1962 and
Congo Store
FOOD STORE" r "Christ In Africa" In 1963. new chapters on Marcus Lilly's Drug
PRICES GOOD the Black Muslims,,
At the time of her death she
THROUGYSATURDAYMAXULL x., and Detroit Chi 1901' KINBSf ROAD EL-3-8276
GRO'ER" RIGHTSRESERV was completing another book,
"YOUR HOME TOWN and Watts.
on her experiences In Asia,as a
Also In publication Is a paper _
sequel to a 1960 book, "Adven- *
,, .' back edition which Is pan o SISTER BESIE-:
jtures In Black and White about
lOUSE. ,' ..* her l tour of the Cong -K1naha,- the Hill Series.and Wang American FREE CANDLE..WITH EVERY READING
Century. f
DIXIE CRYSTALS aba (formerly the Belgian
511. COffEE To top It off, she acted as By Frantz Fanon; Published by She will read your entire life-past,present and I
SUGAR 38C publicist for the West African 'Grove Press, New York; 232 future. She asks no questions but will tell you
BAG independent nation of Togo last pp, $5. what you want to know, giving date and facts of 1
r year, on the occasion of thecountry's Probing with unerring perception business, love, health and family al JJ's. Will!
sixth the late Frantz Fanon, help you find lost art. TELL you whom you will f
OR MOlE FOOD OlDER' anniversary.
LIMIT 1 11TH $$5.00 pE6 611ND1ESIERN Departing fromherusualrole a black man of French origin marry and when. If the one you love Is true, what
of a musician Miss Schuyler j builds! a moving case for black to do to be successful.Will reunite the separated,
liberation locate absent friends and relatives, and cause I
organized a press conference In
; "UECTII PElI" 48 Washington on behalf of the To-1' A compelling: genius suggests happiness between man and wife. Make up I Ilover's
3 11 S' golese government, describing :Itself In the writings of this quarrels. Tells,If sickness or bad luck is LMM _
the .now deceased craftsman. Fanon natural eneralnes, evil influence and bad luck. Does not tell
45C DRIP CRill country as "an oasis of
SPARE RIBS ll 1 lit democratic Individual liberty 'died in 1961 at the age of 38. to please you, but will tell the truth.One visit will repay you for.
r CAN and free enterprise." Born on the French Antilles disappointments In all others. I not only read your life like an-
fin GlIII Her death came while she was Island of Martinique, he was open book, but I also help you out of your TROUBLES. Come
-r Involved In another "occupa-' absorbed with an analysis of the and see why you are so unhappy, when everything seems to g o
LIMIT 1 11111 $5.00 DR MORE fOlD ODDER.r jtonf -- that of rescuing lives. reason for the persecution of wrong. WHY be sad and downhearted,sick and worried when you
GALA JUMBO $1 100 She was doing volunteer work, black men--and with the hercan be helped and everything made clear by consulting. THIS
TOWELS 3 lOll AZALEA All MEAT evacuating Catholic children culean' task of making his people ,GIFTED MEDIUM! Everybody welcome. NO MAIL ANSWERED.
themselves 'I make house Don't mistake the address SISTERof
r from Hue to Da Nang,where her see as worth/ no calls. ,
admiration. BESSIE Is located north of Callahan #1 mil from
helicopter plunged Into Da Nang on U.s. l/Z
sim PREMIUM FRANKS Bay close enough for some of Fangs contends that the white' City of CALLAHAN, Florida. Phone 879-2Z50.
I the 14 passengers to make It to reaction to the black man is WATCH FOR HER SIGN IN FRONT OF HOUSE
shore. 'always on a genital level Racism Across the Street from SPORTSMAN MOTEL
CHUCK ROAST 43C One child was killed In the Is based on the hopeless! Open dally 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., including Sundays
1 11 Oi
u. 38C 'crash, and the pilot was hospltillzed !white fixation that casts the THIS CLIPPING ENTITLES YOU TO A $5 READING for $Z.
PLC. with a concussion \Negro In the role of a sexual
A product of a mixed marriage !superman.An ,
SIIfT'S PREMIUM her mother Is white, and understanding of this psychosis -
III. GRADE "A" MEDIUM her father >- George Schuyler '! and a determination to r k
-- was once editor of the for- liberate himself are necessary
'for the survival of the black
mer Courier.
CHUCK STEAK II.59C Pittsburgh
EGGS Her mixed background U said 'man.
Says Fanon "The of
to have created so many prob- body
history' does not determine a
lems for her that In 1960, she
A"I YlCEilll announced !single one of my actions"
the would leave the His't''t'
III ''I 29'c United States to pursue her 'position Is a fanciful: It ,
cairn musical career abroad because I of a man Involved with himself d
SHORTENING 3 u. of racial prejudice she had ex- ''and the route toward his own
48C rleDCed in this country. liberation: y
CAN She also complained of discrimination Fanon builds a telling case
'IODISIII' SLICED her In the I for self-respect and self-admi
LIMIT 1 IITI $5.DD 01 MOlE FOOD against }
United States because she was' I'ration both unfortunately notably _
a woman pianist. j among black people. __
i BACON Miss bchuyler performed

EVAPORATED 1All own,York compositions World's Fair at In the 1939-40 New Two lidictedIn

MILK 6 $100 1 at the age of six.
CANS lt, 59c. While! still a child she also Chirch
performed with leading orchestras -
all over the world.
AURORA She died on her second trip Robberyuspects
,to Vietnam. She had been In the accused: or robbing a
o $100 1 war-torn country since before S SouthsIde Catholic Church have

BATHROOM TISSUE f1ilrfs 4 FOR ,schools Easter ,and hospitals had performed and In conj at been 1 1ry.indicted by the county grand

cert halls. Arrested were Louis Carr
PllUlUn Her first visit had been at the 90 Invitation of Henry Cabot Lodge, One;) and possibly two others
nuclUu( FUDGE 3 FIR $1 then U.S. Ambassador to South were being sought.

FLOUR IBIU, YEll01. DEVIL flU Vietnam. Police said the gunmen tiedInvites I You To Listen To-
Miss Schuyler Is the second up two nuns and an altar boy,
: woman correspondent tobe killt fired a shot at a third nun,

DOG CAT FOOD 8 q 1 1.... KRAFT .IDDI ISLAND I KRAFT SALAD SECpEia ,ed Dickey In Vietnam Chapelle,The 47, a first report was and)Dorothy's fled! with Roman 11,700 Catholic from St. BIG BAND

DRESSING I aI, I DRESSING '$ 01. jer-photographer! who died Nov. Church.
: ... 19M. after! being wounded by A shot was fired atc of
.mine. the nuns when she saw the men "DANCE
PEACH HALVES 4 it 2, 1 OUT ITALIAN IAn nAPE and fled! from them. She was PARTY"
I TH6 not hurt.
: SlIII 1 J J t t IL JELLY 1"'I.. 7WRPr6OROUNDBUYANDHOCD r Gerald The church Scanlan.pastor, was,forced the Rev.at Nightly 11:31: II 12:00: Silmdij 9 p.m..

10 $1 3 liTTLE U S. gunpoint: to open a safe. Most

: PORK & lEANS r See SIZE $100 :SAV/N6SBWDS of collections: the money at Sunday taken was masses.from 1400 WRHC 1400I'

e e a IIIr. >


.#>,. 0 0" . . ., . .
.. 'L ...... ... ... ._ .


111 T SATURDAY !MAY 20. WJ -

... sui tmas? : HIM

Louis H. Ritter Gets Label A Tsp .SlCC tads .

liiis Stiint Virkirs Jax L Liquors

", "Mayor Of All The City" ii lifisiif li.ictiii

!1 ATLANTA .-(NPf) -Cleveland Tb Fiist Drlva-lB. Bars & Usifjs la Tk SH.t6ai
. '
Louis H. Ritter who Is seeking a full term election to the office of mayor to which he was L. Sellers, a top SNCC
appointed a little over two years ago has brought new Image to the office of Mayor of leader, has joined IS other student I
Jacksonville since be has beenyd office. committee workers in refusing
Along with the rigorous!, "go-got" leadership which he has brought into the office of the to be Inducted Into the i
Mayor which has accelerated; progress in Jacksonville, "Lou" Ritter has been able to army.According.
make the citizens feel-Indeed, convince them-that he Is the Mayor of all the people of to SNCC Chairman, -
Jacksonville. Stokery Carmichael, the refuse:
Even the supporters of his opponents In the current race will readily admit the Mayor's to serve Is pan of the organization's 4ri '
personality and manifested In small people, common people, poor people are qualities campaign against the .
that are hard to find subordinate officials, much less a Mayor. Vietnam War, _
The office of the Mayor in City Hall has never been as accessible as it has been since Mayor Sellers said he believes selective yr74

"Lou" Ritter took office. The young "all people Mayor" has granted ready audiences service boards were, __ ; j !oierk
to the NAACPs deceased Rutledge Pearson as readily as he has given a courteous ear trying to "wipe our his organization r
to white anti-Negro Warren>Folks. by drafting all Its
Shown below are some of the activities In which the Mayor has been involved, dating back workers. SNCCs staff Is said
to the days when be was Commissioner of Highways and Sewers.INTEREST to have between 80 and 100

-. workers. ,
Carmichael charges that Negroes pa R
were being drafted In a'
racial"genocide" effort. '!
The casualty rate for Negro, _
In Vietnam is three times higher
than the Negro population ratio ____ __ _
In the United States, said Carmichael

If convicted of violating the

ij Selective Service Act Sellers A
't't11I and his co-workers face up to Mk
five years' Imprisonment and a 1 r
as $10,000 fine each.
: Sellers, a native of Bamberg
S. C., Is SNCCs national program

<4 t ./ rx ES director.


Hock Contract

.. COLUMBUS Ohio-- A 450-
000-member civil rights organization -
has Initiated Federal
court action -- seeking an InJunction -
against Gov. James A.
+ i ij I Rhodes--to block the awardingof EMPLOYl NT-lu Upon provides good salartad employ, service to customers. At left is Glennell Mill, right is trio

n a $12.8 million contract for ment for scores of young women who give courteous, efficient ,Matthews. I
construction of a state building
by all-white workers.
The National Association for -
the Advancement of Colored Pea r LJ
ple filed suit here after state S
:officials had repeatedly refused
to accord Negroes equal employment -
opportunities on the
proposed multi-million dollar

Medical Sciences Building at f IonE
---- Ohio State University.
IN DRAENAGE-Wtters interest in the total community was Highways and Sewers Commissioner. He is down with Precinct Committeeman James not responsible for discrimination
Genwright, schoolteacher and Fla-Jax member checking on work being done in heart of against Negroes by craft'
Negro community unions awaiting contracts to
construct the building. The

_=_. .__ r .._____ building construction would be
financed by state and Federal
During a hearing before U.S.
k km District Judge Joseph KInneary

r, on May 1, Ellis Ross, head of E -
the Ohio Civil Rights Commission
m h y gM conceded thatNegroes ____
o Pr had not been successful in gainIng -

admittance to craft unionsIn EQUAL OPJORTU1UTIII-W: atmf men are promoted sou cishlers are sees ben, Ann Pascaq, left aDd Ruby W1lcClllo I
Ohio. He also testified cordJsc to their ability Two GIllie yoesug wcaea who earn,
that his Commission had not
been effective In rectify Ing discrimination
( In the unions.
I NAACP General Counsel
Robert L. Carter, and NAACP
Assistant Counsel Lewis M.
Steel asked the Federal courtto
Issue an Injunction against
Governor Rhodes,Public Works
1/(Director, Alfred C. Glenow and
I ,State Treasurer, John Herbert
to halt the $12.8 million con-
I tract unless state officials
9 guarantee that Negroes will be
I able to gain employment In the
t skilled crafts on the project.
Governor Rhodes Is presently
backing legislation that would tr
void agreements between unions
,and contractors who dlscrlmmate

". against Negroes on public
works projects.Mr. a
a ." Steel who fifed additional
-- -w briefs on May 8, said the state
has sufficient BIG PAYROLL-A total of 59 workers, men and women em- IN'MANAGEUENT here are some of the local Jazons
to eliminate racial legislation dis ployed in the colored areas earn, altogether over $208,000.00 who serve in managerial capacities with Jaz Liquors. From -
crimination. What is annually, according to Don Tredlnlck, owner of the operations. left are Zeb Shoemake, area supervisor with bar and drive-in
INTEREST:: IN YOUTH-Equally: interested in youth as he is in senior citizens, "Lou" the 'NAACP needed, Employed enjoy many fringe benefits and case histories show manager, Oscar Turner,Tropicana Lounge;;Robert Washington, I
Ritter is seen presenting a check to'officials of the James Weldon Johnson YMCA. From is determination lawyers and contend, that several employees have been able to earn salaries to Kings Road, Drive-in W. C. McRae, Edgewood Lounge and
left are L.M. Argrett Dr. Hunter H. Satterwhite YMCA positive Henry L. Washington Moncrtel Drive-In James Ross of Enquire
director, J. Urquart and Mrs. state action continue their education, secure degrees and move Into teaching ,
Annie McGhee. Precinct Committeewoman. Lounge is not shown.
Judge KInneary has taken the and .case under advisement. --

,- ...
('-' m.- "
V/!. ( ... ; Henry Broadstreot Wlaaiaf SepportFor Order Increase
;Y.'A '. ; ; lify-While Drift
.' Of NAACP Branches
t.'. ., 1J .,",". ;s-; Co..lssloaer{ Of Highways OfficeHenry \

'f ,/.j. lords Are Scored NEW YORK -. The National

.h Broadstreet is winningthe He served u a lieutenant Lithe promoted! to City Engineer ini96L 'Association for the Advancement -
of Jazons who see Naval Civil Enlgneerlng of Colored has -
h support and served In that capacity People ordered
i: JAC H- a Even Mississippi state field! Highways Commissioner, the Central Pacifice Theatre of position of Highway Com- divided Into five chapters to
director of the National Association Group 3, a man who has proven Operations, He was active in missioner left open when conform with expansion plans'
for the Advancement experience in the field of engineering the Naval Reserve until 19(3; former Commissioner Louis being Implemented In other major
t u.l of Colored, People, has called which the post rrA.r on state officials to ,abolish tenant Commander USNR (retired orlty. The order was contained in a
r "Illy-white" draft bOi rds. Citizens of both races are in ). Broadstreet is active In many letter sent by NAACP Executive'
Mr. Evers. who spent 10 agreement that all too often Following World War 0, he professional and civic organizations. Director Roy Wilkins to Cecil
years In military service, said pests demanding training in a returned to City Gpvernment in He Is a We-loogmem- B. Moore, president of the Philadelphia -"
Negroes are willing to fight particular field are fill by professional ber of the Presbyterian Church.. unit, and 37 board
:in Vietnam and "they shouldbe pollttcalans. He Is married to the former members.
representednon their local Broadstreet is opposed by a Mildred Jones. They have one ,Expansion of the branch into
raft boards. local constable who prior to sonage 10,Thomas Dale Broad- live separate chapters was ordered -
He called for a start in the his appointment to the constable street by the NAACP National
h14n appointment of Negroes to the past worked for the railroad. Broadstreet readily admits he Board of Directors in July*
all-white draft boards in the Broadstreet is a native of Is not a politician and hash. 196,Aijhat time Mr. Moore
State by June 1. Jacksonville and attended local never run for public office got an Injunction from the Stan
r. The ",000 member Youth public schools. He attended "But", he says proudly, "I Supreme Court delaying Its im
and College Division of the night school and recieved his plementation. On April 24,'
,L : NAACP had earlier called e- Professional Civil Engineering am an engineer. '' the state high -court removed
ll 1
He has stated
llminatlon of Inequities In the Certificate In 1929 from the ; my its Injunction, thus paving the
self to continue to work for I the
draft. The NAACP's national State Board of Engineering Examlners. -, way for expansion.
( convention In Los Angeles last He then studied law I improvement of out anUquaf cS u his letter to Mr? Moore.
year, called for the appointtotal at Jacksonville Law College ,sewer and highway system. I Mr. Wilkins pointed out that
of a committee to Investigate and was admitted to the Florida have just obtained help from Gloater ,Current director of
theraclalcompoeltloa Bar 10 19S4. federal sources to aid in doing branches and field! administration
of the nations draft boards.' Broadstreet was first employed the job. I also pledge that all, had authorized the establishment
INTEREST IN POVERTY-Unlike to mayors of some cities who either remsed or take The NAACP citizens of our community will I
has refused of additional-
to by the city of Jacksonville the
steps to secure federal aid under President Johnson's poverty program, Ritter spearheaded have U opportunity to wort
link the Vietnam
War with civil as a chainman in a surveying branches Philadelphia and in
the to secure funds for an Equal Opportunity which and advance in the
move program gave aid for department
citizens,, aid and rights movement, but has called unit. Within seven years he JsAsonvin*. In 1998 he became'assistant : Houston Dallas Los Angeles.
Headstart, surplus food, senior youth corps employment. He Is seen addressing for with qualifications u the only
a citizens committee on anti-poverty. proportional racial representation was placed in charged of all I City Engineer for the criteria" San Francisco Omaha Kansas
on. all draft boards, paving done by the city. I city of Jacksonville He was City, Mo. Chicago and Detroit.III .


4 I

,- f-

-.j .. .. .... .. ... .. ..n.... ...... .. .. .. ..... .... .0. .. .. 0' .. .. .. ._n..O 0 0 .. "


dour professional the beautician I Moon Over Miami Hiss Cirolyi Boldei Weds Bcraird Mitchell Miami

knows At Greater' Isml Beti.il P.B.Cinch.

MIAMI BEACH Fla.--Selectlon the materials that have been _.-.__. BeatBY
of Virginia Key Just subjects of adventure books and
a mile south of Miami Beach.s .
pictures.So .
the $5,000.000 headquarters a Miami Beach
site for a new governmental Edna Callmon Cooke world
quite easily may have a segment -
Should every woman oceanographic study, brings to of this underwater world) Vt renowned Gospel Singer was
the fore gain some of the unique alive and on sandwiched guest at the Mary. Elizabeth
advantages for vacation fun In between such over recreation HoteUwlth Hiss Cook and
be blonde? i
a this Immediate
What has area. as golf fishing, the nightclubs her cbicers! rehearsing In oo
oceanography to
a the hotel and the
concerts and similarly normal area popular -
wf with a vacation? Simply this .
holiday diversions. YRI Salem Tramles at U*
Monde hair Is beautiful for those women whose natural color. It Is a field In which science The visitor, of course, win R other endUJhc hotel toot or
I But not everyone should be a blonde. has much to learn and an en- leave to the sciential, the deep the took on the atmosphere
Expert beauticians know that complexion and hair color must vironment totally new and interesting explorations, the study''tinder ofaconcert.hall.
for the
complement each other to glamorize and bring out all the nat. average A* microscopes of the haul of a I A aaelsaSpeaking

ural beauty that was meant to be They also know that very merican. plankton net,the recording,step of the Mary Eliza
Skin and scuba
coarse and dark hair often is resistant to drastic color changes diving Is a by step, of the life cycle of a 4 beth Hotel the Sunday JUI Concert -
However, there's no doubt about slightly lighter hair adding ex last sport that has developed in the shrimp. Rather, the visitors in the Fiesta Room hat
20 Self
citement to a woman's appearance. And hairdressers know underwater years. Interest will center on perhapsa been postponed since Prexr
there is no better product to add a whole new appeal to every breathing apparatus seahorse pendent from stalk James Chatmon of the local
woman's look than Miss Clairol haircoloring-extra rich Creme (horizons SCUBA) has for opened undersea of seagrasst a parrotflesh In chapter SCLC has leased the

Formula or new extra easy Shampoo Formula, and everyone. But blue and burnt orange grazing room for a series of workshop>>
Both Miss Clairol products lighten and color at once, com chilly most of the murky American waters along on rock-growing algae with bony seminars. For an indefinite
bining vibrant new color with the natural pigment of the hair. So coast lips; a school of sergeant maJors period.
have limited diving appeal ......
even those shades that look blonde on white hair (as shown on Here that limit Is playing about the crevicesof
most color selection charts) give a variety of flattering red.to- Waters clear and their coral home. Minister Muhammad All, now
golden brown shades on women whose hair was black to begin warm Variety Is keynote In these! on a tour of Muhammad's Mosque -
alive with and
They are strange \
subtropical waters. More than throughout America will
colorful and animal forms. .
with.Beauty salons are equipped to answer questions and help are plant relatively shallow. 600 species of fish Inhabit them be the guest speaker at the

with hair color selection. Depend on your hairdresser to have The They swimmer some clothed In fantastic colors Lwy Ace Theatre in Hallandale,

the professional skills and the total family of fine Clairol prod-- the surface with paddling only mask along and others bizarre In form. q Florida with local leaders present ,

ucts to make every woman's experience with haircolormg com snorkel or the nonswimmerpeering The box fish, an example of and will fill local engaged)
pletely personal and glamorous Should you be a blonde? If you in the latter, Is what the name meats In Miami at Muham
through glass panels Implies. His skeleton encloses } load's Mosque #29 at 2.00p.m.;
don't really know, ask your expert hairdresser. the bottom of a marine sightseeing j e ;
him. Sunday and again at 8.00
e Clairol Inc. 1967 Courtesy of Clairol Inc boat can see much of } ,
at the Masonic Hall on 10th.;
Street and 3rd Avenuev
****** i
ynti1 Earl Carroll president of the"'

NOW LOOK AT AUSTIN'SGIANT Dade Association County presented young Democratic the 14th:

annual Calendar Tea at the.

Roosevelt Savings and Loan Assoclatioo -

USED CAR SPECIALS THAT --1 Room..guest In speaker the Community was that

Honorable Cecil Wlncent Whit-:

Miss Carolyn Bolden and Mr. Bernard Mitchell who were married last April 23, by.me field Wallace***of**the* Bahamas,'
HAVE TO BE SOLD BEFORE SUNDAY Rev. P. D. Brantley at the Greater Isael Bethal P.B. Cborch. 11
Very happy to hear that P.Rei
The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Ruby McIntosh of 1445 N.W. 42nd Street, Miami Fla I
Exec Charles
She is a graduate of Booker T. Washington High School, attended Miami Dade Junior College Lockhart is bomej;
F- and is a graduated of Nightingale Nursing School and on the mend and ,
the at Bonded i
The groom Is the son of Mrs. Melvin Green of Miami He is a graduate of Northwestern job Realty and !
4ZW'1 'rMA'I'2YJ5. .1 High School and is now employed with the Metro Transit Authority of Miami. The couple with Art Green on the W-A-W-E ,
I Hot Line. )
L' j \ will make their home In Miami and planning a late June Honeymoon. |

) ." **'' i
.t.t; .... sjp "A I MIAMI DEATHSMrs. So sorry to bear about Charles
; f" .. :iIIJt'
1 Lila Bridges of 820 N.W. Mr. Matthew DIxon of 2358 Hom.ma.(1HOulteleanln JIB Cedars of Lebanon Hospital,
"'"' 67th Street, Tuesday, May 16th. N.W. 59th Street, Sunday, May s' ...He's the radio personality'

She is survived by a granddaughter 14, He is survived by a wife, Clinic heard nightly on Art Greene's
Mrs. Gladys Shef- Mrs. Claudia DIxon; two stepdaughters show and aLto PJR. Man at

med; two sisters, Ella Johnson Etha Finch and Joese I Bonded Realty.

M and Lizzie Thomas; two great- Stevens; a sister, Luaia Mil
IL! granddaughters, Regina Ann ton; a nice, 0. Bellamy. Fun- How to Keep eaaa

1 "" Lee and Mary Francis Harris; eral arrangements are incom- Your HouseSpringtime
three great grandsons, Johnny, plete. Jonny Burke, manager of the
Cornell and Ceron. Funeral arrangements Fresh Mary Elizabeth Hotel his AGVA
are Incomplete. eeaso (American Guild of Variety Artist -
Does the mere thought of
) franchise and promises
ease Mr. Hugh Lamar Brown of Spring?housecleaning fright he will bring to Miami and all of
en Well,1tneedn't. With
703 N.W. 44th Street, Friday. Florida some of the nation's
1u the organization and
fA 1 i 1 Mr. Curley Perry of 3038 N.W. May 12. He is survived by proper It lift top>> nunesM.He also plans a
equipment. can ;]
64th Street, Tuesday, May 16th. two sisters Miss Judy Brown 'spirits, and afterwards,those your 'JaizConcert Matinee in the
He Is survived by a wife, Mrs. and Miss Mary Brown; three of entire air-conditioned Fiesta Room
Httle Perry; two stepsons,Aubrey brother, Clarence, Duller, Jef- your family. every Sunday dirlng the
t Keith and Averil Lenard; fery Telfalr and Roejohn Davis, Half. the battle U In the planning summer months.
Lilt the Individual lake
: one daughter, 'Yvette Anita; a three aunts, Celia Morris,Lual
under two columns In
,. !{.;_ :sa' '_ ti slsttr, Gladys Flowers; a Hicks and Mary Carswell; two one column separate enter itandup chorea aaaaA
"" 1.*,.... r I brother, Lucious Perry. Fun- uncles, Eugene and Charlie such: u taking up rugs and cleanIng -
: eral arrangements are incomplete Brown; godmother, Eula Mae out closet, and In the other, birthday party was given
e Cousins. Funeral services were the lighter ill-down Job, such Julian DeVine (architectural
kitt1s held Thursday! May 18, in the ao mending slipcovers or tidying and Design) at the BernardX.
eteee Range Funeral Home Chapel. bureau drawer Nile Restaurant on Seventh

In thlt way you can budget your Avenue, instead of enjoy ing bar-
? ri Mr. Brady Miller of 1175 N.W. aesa energy, doing the toughest Jobs becued Lamb and Bean Ple...He
4th Avenue, Sunday, May Mth. when you're full of lip Allow was busy showing customers
i : : He Is survived by a wife, Mrs. Herschel Robert Peterson,the enough time to do each Job pro renderings and drawings
perly, and Just aa Important,
L. Miller a daughter Mrs. of Mr. and Mrs.
;_ ; young son
enough time for relaxation. .......
Mozella Wesley. Funeral services Husher Peterson, Wednesday,
Group Jobe to be don In any
will be conducted on Sat- May 10. Other survivors are For
L 65 G 65 RAMBLER 61 PONTIAC AMBLER urday, May 20th at 12 noon in two grandmother Mrs. one probably area want example.to wuh you'll down Intimates are certain that

NV. Fall paws. Many N.Y. All alaslord Fact. 4-Dr. NT. Radio, AIR Ina. Wa|. full sower Ill Wares Auto, M, the Range Funeral Home Virginia Hurchlnson and Mrs kitchen cupboard and straighten these frequent trips back and
t, Ghee, Licks 1 CohaPrioad $1495 COND. Economy Plus Low miioaco. Cotta Air Con*., radio, Mono.CQC. Chapel. Ida Peterson; and other out food.pantry shelve on ho forth to Washington, D.C., has
96 N 9611 on Comfort. **fmm BHiltarB. Miady Cilia $ relatives. same day taken real estate broker Sonny
$1595 Only .. .... for vacation. $795 a eelai...... eeeae After you've finished the first Wright off the "Eligible Bachelor -
...... step such aa removing and storing List".
'66 FAl N '64 FALCON '65 T-BIRD '63 CHEY. II Mrs. Rosin Lee Lockwood of storm window, and perhaps .
L ****
66 FORD 3265 N.W. 48th Street Saturday Mr. Ester B. Surrency of 1260 removing, cleaning and storing
t litrea&1 L Future, 4-Dr. Auto, ra 1 dr. Economy plus DNihnl. blaa.cated. 4-Or. Radio, Economy draperies to make way for lighter The corner of Second Avenueand
96Mos.. Car.fes IIsA96ferrinyliMedor, comfort. Levral (roon. Cannot le dupli I. looutilul May 13th. She is survived N.W. 59th Street He is survived summer (curtain, and dusting Seventh Street Is being

d.Shsw. New $2 new.skewns.Only. $1695 ion pritete......... .895 price atthls....... $295. car.Only ........ $795 Lock wood by ,a three husband daughters, Joshua, Williams by a and sister many, Mrs other Mildred relatives thoroughly musty odors, you'll and want make to your ban.lah renamed Miami" with"The the Jazz lounge Corner of the Of

Martha L.Perry,Maybell Johnson His remains were house free of dangerous germ Mary Elizabeth Hotel opening

62 FORD "tC Albertna: Johnson.; two shipped to Waycross, Ga., for by deep-cleaning wall, floor>> up again under new -
FORD wag, i.s IALT. 65 CHEY. 4drAuto.. 66 C IL Iliir a u 63 FALCON Bona, Joshua and Alphonso final rites and burial. and storage shelve with "live entertain-management

., radii, hlu vinyl inarin, leaolilul rude, Showroom sendla.stio, radio. Motor, 2-Door, H.T. Showroom Lockwood, a mother, Sallie According to the Lysol Home ment.
ition.Extra c MAC FACT.AIR. Con Denegall; three brothers aa0 Health Information Bureau once
M at.$1295 a $595 iharp. .. Vinyl too.Only*1895 s.Oeri' $895 James, Robert and Samuel deep-cleaning mean washing Looks like Dave "Bondu"'

Denegall; sixteen grandchild Mr. Albert Shine, Jr., of 2190 with a solution of warm, soapy I(that's the musician not the

Iff purif Cervair 61 CADDY '65 2-Our ren; several Deices and nep- W. 6th Court, HIaleah, died in water to which a disinfectant bar I columlnist) won't have to do
RENAULT 00 tUtl.Moiual ULU5 *-r- ITDO hews. Funeral services slated a local hospitaL He is survived been added It will deodorize and I that hitch In the service after
Or, toe Mitt Groon. Alpha white, SIN COND. Full rentFull ewer, FACT. AIH. for Saturday at the same time disinfect I all..He 4-'.
May 20that4:00 wife Mantle __
1 phMu, 4-dr. Gone. Showroom Condition. bxtra sharp Ieleriur r!>.. FACT AIR. Alpine i Honey lefpu. like new inpc .. _.. h. ''',8 kl8_ n.._.....____ t a_ .,..Mrs..I I
/ rNnen. Med f.u ui uio iivw rtuviuencv ouuie, uue cuuureu uu pILl -
esN ..... $5 Mths.$1595 tsssn,....,. $895 MIMCeeLWh s $795 TtseD,1595Dal Baptist Church. ents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Shine, Sr.; four sisters and EAGLE EYE PROPHET
****** .
many other relatives. Funeral
'' services will be conducted on
gin 64 FORD 64 PONT. 't 4-Or. CORYAIR PONTIAC Mrs. Lillian Amanda Prattof Saturday, May 20 at 1.00: p.m.,

FORD Ill Cane. Full power,FACTORY AIR ohr white, auto, ro- 4-dr. Auto, radio, Iranisortatioit 3359 N.W. 52nd Street on in the Bethel AMtEtChurch,l la-
L ado/. Extra, etha Alpine eMs with rod Ile, AIR CONDITION Special. Economy Slarfiro H.T. Full power, May 12. She Is survived by leah.
d ore. Now toe. Ready interior, radio and koat- Ccontmy plea| comfort plus comfort.Price FACT. hki..l96ka a four daughters, Mesdames, The
Hard te find Drives aaa
/Moon.1495 d any? *|Z95 raft ...,..... 395 N.w. t' Alice T. Evans, Marie McKInney -
Olga Morley and Carolyn Mr. John W. Cruse of 140

Davis, six grandchildren; a N.W, 17th Street, Wednesday,
nice, Edna Not tags;five great May 10.,Ac Is survived by a
grandchildren; and many other wife, Mrs Claudia Cruse; a'|I Eagle Eye
AUSTIN HAS 20 RECONDITIONED '62 thru '65 relatives The remains will lie daughter, Irene Stanley; lour'brethen
( In repose at the residence,3359 Lee Cruse, Willie,
4 !Vi Ton and 3A Ton Pick-ups for You. They Start N.W. 52nd Street beginning 6:00 Marvin and Benjamin DanieUt ,

1 Come In Today While They Last as'Low as p.m., on Friday. Funeral services two sisters, Mary Evans and I
I will be conducted on Sat- Mandy Lue Daniels. Funeral

urday, May 20th at 10:00) services were held on Wed
In the St. Peters African Or- nesday, May 17, In the Range Prophet Saves! :
thodox Church. Funeral Home Chapel. ;

: ihiIil.I NEW LOW RATES tr t):. ..

DAILY & WEEKLY ROOM Pioie 467.2954 r




N| 50310TOU
f RtE IftOWAftO SfVllft I


r .

f "

LA '


I .1I1y. -21." 'M87 SfAR, PAPERS PK J<



17* rBTTLBS ft. I JMO WAY CXJTI I I WILBUR, BY LOVE P.DWETZ prevalence of venereal disease has increased recent Symbols of affluence con- 3984826
THERE s NO stonily change. Once ownlnr a
WAY OIyGl FATilE NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL. years to the point where It is our most serious communicable hl-fl let, or two ears were the
riArJ disease: This trend can be combatted only through a greater symbol of iUtui. The symbols
l From Wellington New Zealand, comes an interesting observation awareness of the dangers of these diseases, earlier recognition however, are eonitantly than; Clean Used Cars *
cr l'> 1 0II Speaking before a general meeting of the Wellington of Infected persons, and prompt treatment. ing.with In fact at soon at wt catchup
the Joneui
r Youth Council: J. ShaUcrass, rice principal, Wellington Last year over 5,000 cases of new syphilitic Infections were' do something else ,the Jonetcs
Teachers' Training College, avowed:"youth'.problema reported In Chicago How many cases were not reported can Will Fiaince I IIF
are that of understandtngparents. only be guessed. If, Instead of syphilis, this many cases of I
Here, there, and everywhere! cholera had been reported, our complacent citizenry would
Young peopo are dependent upon their parents for their have demanded prompt and drastic steps to end the epidemic.( YOU NEED
II veil being. Young people must have reasonably satisfactory The microorganisms that cause syphilis and gonorrhea-the TRANSPORTATION(
relationships with the adults in their own homes-before they two principal venereal diseases are so delicate they can live
i HAD M/ can expect to cope with the larger adult population.. for only a ,few minutes outside the body. They are quickly TO THE POLLS
rM UTTERLY DESTINE D NHEUUST Bur/ young people, with distressing regularity, make their killed ,by exposure to the chilling, drying effects of the at.m06p1ere. .
r60 THROUGH ON HIS ARM .homes battlegrounds where there can be no victors and I
LIFE AT WILBURS misery is everyone's companion. The first sign of syphilis is a hard painless lump called a' Tuesday May 23 ;
sloe.wear There can be no questioning the act that very often the' complaints chancre which develops at the point where the organism enters ,
that are made about parents are true. the body after an incubation period of 10 days to three months. ;'
It is true that some parents Impossible. When it occurs deep inside the female. genital tract, it is very Call Any Of These Numbers
It is true that some do not understand! their offspring. apt to escape detection. n
It is true that they very often will not cut the cord or the An infected woman can pass the disease on to her unborn,
apron strings. child This is the only non-sexual means of transmitting this 751-0521 355-4041 355-1344 ,
A It is true that they very often show little respect for the disease.
opinions of young people, acting in an unfeeling, dectatorial Although gonorrhea is usually less serious than syphilis, It
manner. can be a crippling disease That it Is more prevalent than I
But, it is also true that young people are aware of all of syphilis is shown by the fact that in 1966, In Chicago, over 353-9513 354-8531 353-9312;,;
this. 40,000 new infection were reported. Unfortunately the presenceof
111 They know their parents welL gonorrhea often interferes with the recognition of syphilis.The .
They know what to expect of them, what they will permitand first sign of the disease in men is a marked burning .
what they will forbid. pain on urination and discharge of pus from the uretha observed .
Young people know Just what methods are necessary to on arising in the morning. These symptoms appear 353.1115 H5.J255 154:2111a;
maintain peacful re tima. 5-6 days after the infection occurs. In women the Infection '
I'I What young people seem not to understand about their often causes no symptoms.The t
parents is the fact that parents are the way that they are. law therefore requires that a drop of silver nitrate or '
I Parents are not going to change because Junior shouts or .penicillin solution be placed In the eyes of every baby at birth. Through The Courtesy 01
I bellows or pouts. to prevent the blindness that a gonorrhea infection might '
Parents are not going to rearragne themselves to fit Junior's cause

r demands.Parents feel that they have struggled and worked and suffered Jtxoas Say Bred Trediialck I Hans
I to learn what they have learned, and now if s Junior's

turn. 1 Is lest MH For City Cowwisslon
Parents are not going to let Junior make then over-.nd the
more be tries, the more dissension there will be. A recent survey shows that progress t tomorrow, Brad TANZLER
Thaf why Junior has to understand that he must adjust to well over 50 percent of the positive plan to eliminate this
his parents.The populace of the City of Jack blight from our city
problem that young people have, is to understand that sonvillt-both Negro and Finally Tredlnnick avers thata
becoming an irresistable force that deals with an Immovable white-regard energetic, young great city cannot prosper and For Mipr-Cewaiissfoisr
advance unless all of its citizens
object get nobody anywhere.The Tredlnnick as the best man to
only person in the world you can be sure of changing, isyou. fill the post of City Commissioner regardless of race coloror
Group L creed, enjoy the same opportunities From the Campaign Fund to elect Hans Tender, Mayor-
DEMOCRAT Young people must use the intelligence and the experiencethat Juan who have become tiredof for employment, Commissioner Claude Spink.
they have !had in all their years of living with adultsto the otdtlme, antt-bellumCity housing, recreation and justice Paid Political Adv.
aid Political Adv. help them avoid estrangements Fathers who have conducted the which go to make up first class
the New Zealand educator contended In his speech that some City's business for the benefit citizenship
youngsters at the' ages of U, 12, and 13, can think as maturely of their political backers

DR. A, P. CHITTY DR. EARL R. HOROWITZPkysiciao as If adults this is ture, .then certainly the older teens can think with and time their to elect friends a ,young feel, it progressive is- V* V* I

depth and maturity. man-with the necessary
i Sorteoi Podiatrist-Foot Specialist When they stop working at being "misunderstood," and work qualifications Oil Help Elect
toward understanding the parents with which they are endowed, the post of Finance Com
surely the teen years will stop being so destressingly difficult missioner.
for everyone..


Anioices the opeiiif of their offices II I I non eStars YOUR CIVIL SERVICE BROAD 6ft. 1

.' "1 ",_- .,_ .U, I'oil', 14,11"1 '.'-Kllll. LEE IVORYn lETTER JOI OPPORTUNITIES' ,

Tf'J III ",.u1IM, .541SoSfl; tel Drlie. ::1"- II" I 1i ,InW l/fib,.' .., -,i .1,1 I I
Nrdte| rhi.! '
.. f" rbie Kim '
.. I
H.' LlfIED .
1at Bumped into Maurice White the other night He was looking I
the medical Foot Bldf in on the Dells, then working at LonnIe's Skyway Lounge, Paid Political, Adv.
Chicago, and relaxing for a couple of days before returning
to the road. BRAD TKEDIKMCK
Uaurlce, one of Chicago's finest percussionists a member Brad Tredlnnick Ii regarded
for tie practice of Foot Disorders of the Ramsey Lewis Trio. as one of the "new breed" of
"About 90 per cent of our work is now confined to the Big young Jaxons who are thinking
Ten College circuit," said Maurice. We have bookings through along progressive lines in
October already confirmed, and I am happy to say that mostof keeping with the tempo of our ELECT.
them are college concerts." times..that breed which is not
Goitral! Medicine, and weight Coitrol.! The big grin on his face added emphasis to his words. confirmed to prejudice and discrimination -
"It's nothing like working in night clubs," be continued. ,
"We play a 40 minute set, break for 20 minutes, then Tredlnnick is seeking to fin JOHN A.
finis the concert with another 40 minute set. The audiences the office of Commission of
Elect JOHN THOMAS, JR. are simply beautiful to work for. Finance Parks and Zoos,
"They don't come to party and have a good time in the Group 1, to replace George I 1'L
sense that a club-goer will frequent his favorite bistro. Garrison who was appointedto
CITY COUNCIL-WARD 3 These people come to llsto. It makes up lay harder." the post by the City Cozen, TOMBERLINr
i Maurice, who Joined Ramsey last year after the original cil.
I am an American who loves hisIIcountry group was disbanded, misses the studio work be used to He says:: that streets and sew-
and his community. I want do for Chess Records, but stated that be would never change ers..today in Jacksonville are
of city and have ,places with the current studio drummer. among the worst in the State.Much CITY RECORDER
part my "I love to travel," he said, "and I've been to some pretty money has been wastedby i
in its development and swinging places with Ramsey costly repairs which have, w,' EXPERIENCE' HI BUSINESS
1 'My entire life has been Commenting on the vast popularity of the Jau-rock trio, only been temporary. Brad,I
[ to my fellow man. .Maurice said: Tredlnnick has a program of. "OWNED AND OPERATED, TOMB RLIN ;
"It '. really amazing the receptions that we cell think preventative maintenance that
the opportunity j
Won't you give me. this has done more to make the group a cohesive unit than will result in permanent good
DEMOCRATto serve you ? anything else. streets a,d sewers. Political Adv.
John Thomas, Jr. is not perfect "Of course, Ramsey is Just fantastic and more people He says slum clearance...is',, :: .1
he will al ays try to make you should get to bear him in concert. But Cleveland Eaton, _a must today If we are to have __ ;
in business and I m
,our bassist, is one of the finest get
in him.
proud of your confidence a charge Just being on the same stage with them."
:Trained in local schools and two coil-) The Cadet recording artist feels that Chicago will alwaysbe
leges. his favorite town.Health. I 1e

Has worked with youth through Youth Hints

Council for past six years. ._ JACKSONVILLE i

.Order of Elks. Cold outside sir contains ADVANCE ADMISSION 2.00 9:00 P. M. UNTIL
little moisture. When ?
.MarriedA brought Inside and warmedit
contains far less causingthe
member of the Methodist Church. air In many homes to FRI. MAY 19 '
be too dry. A humidifier can
help I perhaps enough to relieve
Serves as Court Investigator and Pro- uncomfortably dry i
Officer. nose, throat, or skin i ,as well.
at prevent damage to furniture GOING ABROAD?
Paid Political Adv.
paintings end otherhousehold
_.._-- i Items If you plan to travel outside
this country make sure you
have proper Immunizations. You
can obtain, for 35*. a pamphlet
entitled "Immun ation for International -
For A Claiiar Ae11'Heeltker Travel" from the
Superintendent of Documents, "
< --
i Washington D.C. 20402. Actu- --- YOU'RE STILL A SOU RE

( < ally It 11 a good l Idee for everyone .
City < to carry I record of his most r-jI
4 recent Immunizations or boost ANSWER TIE DOOR
ers, especially tetanus for quick

- fldEdwin 4 4 reference. Do your I'D RAIDER DRINK MUDDY WATER ;, '.J -


< 41

E. Sapp, M.D. : 6. B. KING '

I A doctor Is needed to return honesty and Integrity to a
sick 1tJ. Paid Political A4y .

t, s

-- -.w -..... ..... r

.... n .....n ........ .. ..... m..m.... .. .

;;C L II STAR : PAPERS, : SATURDAY (NAY 20., 1111 1 S

TT- : I I Scenes From Tens Southern University Relays mm MEWS I
-- ----
ol young adults relocation of many companies In "Caution Racial Integration'
t the suburbs Is adding to die 'May Be Hanrdous to Our1
Negro's employment problems Health." That seemed to be
'the Bureau of Labor Statisticshas the substance of a Phillip Morris
disclosed. "Getting to t Tobacco Company spokes-
suburban job Imposes I greater man's testimony before s fed-
MONEY AND BETTER LIVING burden on central city residents [eral court In the first suit
than Is experienced by the sub- brought under the 1954 Civil
COME WITH URBAN RENEWALAll urban commuter to the city." Rights Act provision establlsh-
the bureau's report said. "Pub- log the Equal Employment Opportunity
American Cities which have used 'wh, '411i w lie transportation to die suburbsIs : Commission. Benja-
Federal money available under URBAN usually expensive, often circuitous min A. Soyers, chief of the
RENEWAL have seen a wave of prosperityamong or simply not available firm's domestic tobacco manufacturing -
tradesman and the r- .There Is substantial moaned that changing
workingmen ,
evidence that central city residents his company's policy of preventing -.
result of booming
as the
professions .Interdepartmental i
using public transportation
employment in the wrecking of dilapidatedand > / spend more money and time transfers would be an"In.,
worn out buildings, followed by con- .N'_ to reach suburban jobs than tolerable burden."
struction of new buildings for dwellingand those commuting to the city."

other purposes. ...
: [
..J ,> ,<..
M ten, Curtis Mills Dunbar High School Luflcin! Texas, and his Coach Elmer Redd, hold awards won. Mills !SUPPORi-VOTlvEtECT( : )
m San Jones and other 3rd Cong. Dist was picked as the top High school performer, having won the open 440-yard run, and anchored two winning relay
Voters League officials, submitted aft teams Coach Redd's charges piled up 42 points to win the high school competition. On the bottom right, Southern
; proposed 'URBAN RENEWAL bill with theJacksonville Unlvetsity's Coach Dick Hill (left> receives congratulations from Smith for having the top college team in the meet. GEORGE F.
; City Council almost 2 years In'the center is Southern's Anthony Gates who was voted the top collegiate performer. In addition to providing the'
ago. trophies! shown In the above photos Royal Crown Cola Co., presented specially designed watches to all first place
winners in the women's and; coljege) dlvlsl ms. KNIGHTCity
i t .

SAM JONES qualified for City Council in Fire Destroys OrganAt /*'* Princely
.Ward 3 when it_was certain that the POWER EAR IMG N V TO SWIM''Ucles : Councilman

'STRUCTURE would :... plan get to the council floor for passage, T T T Next time your teenagers protest
,.. The second In series of ar on "Learning How To NEW ORLEANS -- ((NPI) against washing dishes, remind DEMO, Ward 2 AT LARGE
I: as a CITIZEN. Swim" by Opertlon NOD (No Other Drownlngs), sponsored Dillard University, which saw them that nbt even a royal ,
:.; by the Duval County America in Red Cross in prince finds it beneath hit dignity
Its In smoke
: with the Jacksonville Pilot Club. gymnasium go up to make with the suds. ffi. Political Afo._
last Feb. 4, had another blaze ol
AFTE Sam Jones qualified in an effortto Our next phase of swimming will deal with"rhythmic Breath- last week. tire or an undetermined -
get URBAN RENEWAL as an elected 3rd Ing. Rhythmic Breathing Is Inhaling through the mouth origin heavily dam
:: Ward Councilman, Mrs. Mathis and Mr. above the water, then submeri gtng and exhaling through the aged the Lawless Memorial ELECT A SINCERE FRIEND
:; Thomas filed against Jones. nose and mouth below the sui rface. This skill can be pracb -' Chapel on the campus and Just
,,..,, Uced at home In your bath ti or large bowl. You may as about completely destroyed the (Who Stud Dp Fir Ckarlis Sinus' AppibtiHt, )
o .5. ,well get use to this skill because: your face will be.in the fine organ In the chapeL The
':''; After all candidated had filed, MR.. water most of the time while Immlng.: fire was so hot that It melted Ti The Ciiil Service Burl
? The nest deals with "
phase 'Body Position This is 1m- the pipes In the 346,000
I'RUTLEDGE PEARSON in his last newspaper organ.
:.: death stated portant because, to swim ofbody Iclently:! you must have your Dr. Albert Dent, president,
:< interview before his tragic ,
: in postlon to avoid as nucb friction as possible. TOo said that smoke and fire had
:: that the record'of the candidates on accomplish this, you should have your body paralel to the damaged the Interior of the chapel 'r Robert R. (Bob)
::: URBAN RENEWAL was the most Important water and be as relaxed as ;possible. Relaxation will de- but that work on its restoration -.
::: point for endorsement. crease the chance of exhausU on. This is one of the most would Stan at once
: : important skills In learning hoi v to swim. In other words
: try In order to have it ready for
i:; to keep the muscles loose wl bile to
: swimming. Try avoid the annual commencement exercises a ROBERTS
5 SAM JONES feels that RUTLEDGE PEARSON's being*tense, this will only brln g on exhaustion and distress to be held In the chapeland
r view on URBAN RENEWAL reflects the aims New.week will take up the prop ulsive movement. grounds May 28-29.

& of most our people The chapel was named In
.. -1 To Appear On honor of Alfred Lawless,fatherof ii' City Recorder
!, .f Education Dr. T.
Elect ,, 1 K.Lawless,prominent' _
"j' Program Sunday dermatologist of Chicago who
;; I.- : : ,J Is chairman of the Dillard Trustee
{ SAMJONES 4y ,Y., (' Sister Rosetta Cohen will render -, board and a liberal con- ;
I a program May 21, 3:30: RoundupREFUSED tributor to the funds which was Bil Rikcrts fill Gin rill: I
tally.y. p.m., In the Church of the Living used to construct the chapel ,
f God Pillar Ground In Truth
14 The Church is located 35 Edgar NPI Parents Bright Dim *
Street, Atlantic Beach. at NEW Harlem's YORK-Public( )-School 36- Ciirteus ui Pirsiial Ciisiftntiii

All singer and public are invited -
125 have again been *
COUNCILMAN to appear on the program right to decide who will be Picture Painted Fiiruss ad Jistici Fir AIL

Sister Maggie Brown Is spon- the scho o's principal, but the WASHINGTON -. (NP1)) .- A
Ward 3 at large pastor sor and Elder R.J. Cooper is, Board of Education went along bright and dim job picture was Chick Til Ilk
with the formation of a com- painted this week. In Washington -
mittee of parents, comm unit) Secretary of Labor W.Wll- Check Mr Eipiriiici, Thy Ci Tifitkir
JONES IS QUALIFIED BY EXPERIENCE Pd. PoliUcaJ leaders, and faculity members lard Wins and Stephen N.,,Shulman -
"'THE PEOPLE KNOW WERE HE STANDS. ,Adv. FIGHT CANCER at the school. The committee's, chairman Equal Opportunities Robert( enjoys a fine relationship with He served "briefly as Justice or"the f r
---- powers were not specified.Mrs! Commission, said the nuraberous Negro citizens said be Is Peace under the appointment by
Anita Du Boulay, head of the Newport News(Va.)Shipbuilding using this means to appeal to readers Gov. Furls Bryant when Justice of
NW.w 1W ppu. school's Parents association, and Drydock company has promoted I of this publication for their support ,the Peace George Harris was removed
said the school board was tryingto 3,890 of Its 5,000 Negro 'because he realizes that it will be from office. His handling of
get around "what we must employees. Another 100 are In virtually impossible to personally con cases In the court won him the admiration -
re have: really sharing and line for supervisory jobs, and tact all of Us friends in the Negro of all races and classes\
M-Y a IIIh ,, participating in the whole life Negro apprentices are being areas. because of Us fair and Just treat
of the school admitted, the officials reported. ment of all concerned
Later, Wlrtz complained that

hr_ ?s VOIDED little progress has been madeIn Let Bob Roberts Keep The Records
.wrNVILhE JACKSONVILLE, Fla.-(NPI) the last three years toward Straight
A circuit court judge has struck hiring or promoting Negroes at
down legal action against the the higher levels of industry.,
} NAACP for supposedly inducing "The basement door's have been Your Vote And Support Appreciated
parents to keep their children opened, but the doors on the
. out of school to "
a protest stairs are still locked, he Paid Political Adv
segregated facilities The action _said.
-- ---------
was brought by the guard:

-/ (of Fla.Public) County Instruction, after a of school Duval

boycott in March and Octoberof BECOME A BOLDENS' GRADUATE

4 ; 1966. NAACP lawyers said
the decision, by Judge RogerJ.
Waybright stripped the
Board of Education of one -SUMMER CUSSES STARTING MAY 23-

,t means "to threathen parents
who absent their children from

+ schoos to protest against segregated -
v. conditions"

tragic effects of school desegregation
on both white and

Negro children were deplored
by a former aide to President
CITY CGRO Kennedy and a research team I
iflS d w from Columbia University.
3 Jerome B, Wiesner, who was
a science advisor to Presi
? o
dent Kennedy and now Is pro-
vost and dean of the science
school at Massachusetts Institute -
of Technology, charged
that Congress had let this city's
90 per cent of Negro schools Rttister Ties, Tkir Fri. B Ti 10 P.M.
go to pot. Meanwhile, a research -
team from Teachers
College, Columbia University
found that segregated schoolIng -
was leaving white pupils
;;wlth a sterotyped Image of Negroes
and depriving them of

HELP BEGIN A NEW ERA IN of American We. -

lAD STREET AND SEWER FUNNING ward University students, ever .
fat .v., 40 yMra Hi* pmmt Cwnmlwortr .f Stmti ad MiNft IMS k.m CMMctri spoiling for a fight, broke up ,KINPERGARTEN TEACHERS' COURSE
wlrt Hilt: La.Anlu1, At. mult .(Mb.e I !! r. h.u M M b iMt Mw MMJL..
..a s.Mei.s ./ is, shNI..d> wwtn, tn4 *.*liliit ih M4 H k*MM. a disciplinary committee neet-
Ing bearing accusations against
''a woman senior accused of being
Involved In a demonstration -
that stopped Selective'
shey from speaking at the
school. About 200 Howard stuf -
f dents knocked campus police
YOUR COMMISSIONER men aside and ripped out a ,
door' in storming into toe I. .
and Sewers ,meeting The 20 member committee
ol Highways of 18 faculty, members :.( 1316 W. 20th Street ..

w.PUNS M.M.M MI W-ar.r of four students, adjourned Y y..,y k tf rv'),

* '* wtthout.tai1ni action.- ,-_:.:: ,Registrar" 356.6465t. .

( 4 'I

............. -aa.S a ",L a 1 Aloe ".LII..a.. _-- -.....




sports Parade: FAMU Third IISOHII, Ted Taylor 49ers Quarterbacks

Ask To Be Traded Roy Campanella:

His Stick OH Field And Class NEW YORK, May 18-Quarterbacks The incredible thinking man.I .

ifI. George Mtra of the

BY NEGRO PRESS INTERNATIONAL San Francisco 49ers,JohnHadl -
of the San Diego Chargers-an
Pete Beatha of the Kansas
Pint be suffered a horrible auto-
FORT LEE, Va.- for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football league, .. gement to trade them, reveals br inrinshimrcounthasper.oeai. broU up.
and other wise known as the "world's fastest human," Is I'a article In the current Issue problama. And yet, against thaw
currently serving a six-month hitch In the army, as a f SPORT magazine. hnpoaaibla ail"anna "hu rim
Mire, the number two quar- to gnat apirhual toocm. -
supply clerk. The former Olympic champion and coholderof .
the world's record for the 100 yard dash Is an alumnas srback to John Brodle, felt Read Sport MigulMi! moving
of Florida MM University. Jut he won the first-string article on Roy Campanella brawbMtli
,erth last season when he led for lift AJio,color) are pliytn ,
I favoriM Willie Mar alorfea.
the 49ers to i 21-20 upset win
TOUGH COMBINATIONNEW And 0v. youraelf a chum at
YORK-((NPIJuan Marichal and Willie Mays proveda over the Green Bay Packers Sport$i ,000 Giant Sport Quiz,nw. 26 other authoritttivf,
tough combination for the New York Mets last week as However Brodla started the iportt in-depth icen article*. *oath.college: and pro
Marichal posted his 18th straight pitching victory over the text game and Mira was still To pick up on the penonaUtiei who S P 0 HI
umber two. He went to coach make sports happen, pick up Sport
Mets and drove
Mays in two runs with a triple in the San ..
Jack Christiansen and demand Magazaie. June "uaiM now on tale rim M Francisco Giants 8-0
win over the New Yorkers. Mean-
*d to be traded.
: while Willie also reached a high mark In his 16-year
t'' major league career by scoring in his 1,600th run in the to What trade If Mira the?49ers decide not
rW "rm not sure yet on that I
CHOICE OF MAG could go back and play out my
CHICAGO-{(NPO-ftite Brown of Los Angeles Is favored option, or I may Just refuse to
over veteran pro Charlie Slfford as the man most likely ""'"'''' report tocampandseewnatthey
: to win .the coveted National Open Golf Tournament In a t" ,44'I 'i''< :J \ do Ton then not traded ril have this to decide "if Kew( Stanton *WM. R. Raines Gilbert
feature story sizing up the talents of the 31-year-old Brown .1. .i6 .:.' by .ummer,
) ," r says Mica
In the May Issue of Ebony magazine. Ebony pointed out that ,
E Brown; born In Jackson, Miss., was the !first Negro to win ;:., '." ,: :1". ,,,.'. .,.". ,' general"ad!.,the had Chargers'asked coach top field and Vocational Bailer *, Douglas Anderson

a PGA tournament (Waco Open In 1963), combines power '11,11'n
hitting with dexterity and has experience In big time golf. t ... ., trade general him manager reveals Sid the Cillmanto article
Brown, Ebony says, "can hit as for as anyone and he In-
1 sUnctiyely plays the right shot." t.t. ,.. iI,.. .." n...._.... seems In SPORT to have magazine patched but up the he 10 PROFFESIONAl COLOR PICTURES

}: JACKSON, Miss.(NPO-Jackson State College last week major"In one differences game last with year his boss I was "I" CAP AND GOWN ,
" jumped the gridiron gun by announcing a nine-game, home-
having a and Clllman
and-away schedule for the Tigers for the 1967 season, beginning game /
at Prairie View, Texas, Sept. 16. The schedule Includes came with (Steve) Tensl" who !'JtlO
had a hot hand for "
the Tigers H us, says 1.5x7
Had!. "That's
fine, but I
(La.) College, Oct. 21, as well as a new entry in Bishop gotta
College, Dallas, Texas. TALLAHASSEE, Fla.-- early In his college career as quit Coach Kitties had Taylor be number one. The next week,
(FAMU) -- Florida AAM University an athlete with a lot of talent stand and cited him for his contribution he started Tensl. After that, I 2.3/x5 WALLETS
was with
playing one on
ON TOURWASfflNGTON third baseman Ted Taylor but with a held too hot for him to the baseball team. eye
-<-Muhammad (Cassius Clay) All, the is speaking softly and carry to remain on a team for a whole Teammates and caches: gave field. and the other on the sideline I
world's heavy-weight boxing champion, last week began a big a big stick on the baseball season. Last year Rattler Taylor a resounding ovation.A e
nationwide tour of Muslim mosques with an appearance diamond and in the class- head coach Costa Kittles suspended former All-City baseball cludes"Out we talked It out, con- "All Color Niw Fir Oily $J10J5 :'
before 800 of the faith at Muhammad's Mosque No. 4 The room. The latest NCAA statistics Taylor after 12 games player from Miami!, Taylor back." Had!. "Fro coming
audience Included Mrs. Clara Muhammad, wife of "The have Taylor ranked 15th for disciplinary reasons despite credits Coach Kitties as the For Deathard 1 Ink Dilimj-Siuiic Our 150 Scfcnls
backup man to
Honorable Elijah Muhammad," national leader of the religious In batting with a 462 average a 432 batting.average. It was man responsible for his"grow
organization. and eighth in runs batted In with: the same old story--Taylor the ing up." "Coach Kittles andA. Len Dawson on the champion
20. Is also the hothead. H. Figaro are two of the Kansas City Club, the problemis BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
"THE FUSE IS LIT" that he appeared to be the I
top five in stolen bases with 13. Now the same old story has best people I've ever known and
Unheedingly, both Negroes and whites go along, Ignoring !the In the classroom, Taylor, a' a new ending. Taylor the loner if there's been any change In me, best quarterback in the AFL
foreboding forecasts of a long, hot summer for 1967. physical education major, Is has become Taylor the mixer. they are directly responsible" during the exhibition season,
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,makes predictions and his critics maintaining C-phis average, Taylor the fighter has become Taylor would like to enter but never got a chance during PHONE TODAY-768-3200
accuse him of fomenting riots. and the last trimester he was Taylor the mediator and Taylor pro baseball upon graduation! league play.
Roy Wilkins points to current conditions as ingredients close to an even B average. the individualist! is now Taylor from FAMU. and with his attitude Says Beathard lnSPORT article -
essential to summer riots, but when they happen, everyonewill It hasn't always been that way. the teamsman. and ability he should have, "I definitely don't want to
be asking: What started the riot?: Why do they burn, acquired a reputation During the spring sports bnKUf little trouble playing for the return to Kansas City, rd go
loot and kill? pros. anywhere where I could be mm BRIDE AND WEDDING SPECIAL
ber "
D..v ..11. one.

Baseball ,Astro Gents League End Practice II MAY JUNE JULY

15IUND NEW MOBILE HOMES$195DOWN With Opening Date Saturday

Watch j ; The Astro-Gents Little League for Saturday at Scott's
NEW YORK, May 18 -- For- Teams ended their spring base- with pre-game

This ClownU15.1s II3BCO:'10M< BAfHlVkir WIDO UP TOM FLU. mer Brooklyn Dodger star Roy ball practice thlsweek,and have ginning at 2 p.m. FlelcStl PHONE 7684200
< Campanella lays that his crip- scheduled their opening game _
I' \11 'I MttJ DEALS OTHERS RKl :: Ui.NG-tKCmT APPROVED ON{ blOTt 4 .. .
keeping him out of baseball according .
25 .11'--'.32 .,,. vi-. ,H n ." M'11'1I1hA'' to' an article in 'the' If 4S
'W11NAoa t114 CANS ot FUNNITuolfl -
!';IPc) ::1.t'O!: current issue of SPORT magazine.
1 ( rico'\"M'.":7-rti. M Al r.wt)1 N.'::,,,;u.-ll,-menu"'" *fI w 4GB .
TO *i9G7. Campanelb, a quadriplegicsince
era R. S, 1 VANS MOTORS & MODILK: HOMES r an automobile accident
3RD & l\IAIN.. Sjl-8381: % nine years ago cut short his active -
career, has become a successful
151Ii liquor store owner In. M A. R K R
New York. However Roy still U PaE R
56 loves baseball and Is anxious

13 21 51 get back Into the game, though
all of his efforts have been re-
Sometimes He's Up,SometkneS AUTOINSURANCE buffed.
He's Down He Adds,Subtracts, "Mr. O'Malley(Los Angeles
He works it all around. Dodger owner WalterO'Malley)
told me when I was playing thatI
31 233 18 would be a good coach or manager U.S. GOOD
." says "So I told
- COMING ATTRACTIONS him one Camp ys "Mr. 0'

Malley, this wheelchair his
10 421. 1$ changed your mind about me but CHUCK ROAST 49TENDER

the chair didn't affect my mind, LB.

MAN'S. DAYSNUMBERED New Quality. Policy Now Available only Campy my legs.also' "has approachedthe

Mets and Yankees about
10/20/5 Liability *Free SR-22 Filings a position according to the
SPORT article, but still has SLICEDBEEF
'Man's Days are Numbered" From $7.50 per month, payable monthly not been offered a Job.
Health and Fortune Can Be "No one knows this but I've
Yours When You Know Your even gone to the Commissioners LIVER 35
ucky Days. office to talk to him," reveals -
the former Dodger great."I LB.
Lucky Colors, etc. feel I could do somethingIn
Send $2.00 for your the Commissioners office. .
Horoscope Guide for & Associates Maybe In public relations. A
JUNE: lot of ballplayers have moved(!
,into club offices as personnel 4
Fill In the blank below and #10 Collier Bldg. o supervisors, scouting chiefs SUPER SUDS GIANT
,mall to .ZODIAC, Post Office and so forth. There's all types
.Box 1171, Jacksonville, Fla. :of Jobs. Of course, none of the
121 E. Sti Street SIZE
men holding them Is a Negro."
NAME -- "" So Campy fits In his wheel-, LIMIT 1 WITH $$5.00 OR MORE FOOD ORDER
fcTREET chair and waits, but feels that
PATE OF BIRTH- Phone 354-7897 For Rate Quote the doors to the baseball world

Mo.. Day are closed to him, concludes DIXIE CRYSTALS
I the SPORT magazine article.LLiLLL .

6 BAG LB. 39


l FLA. GRADE "A" FRYERS lI.- ,.2tC

I FLA, 'GRADE "A" SMALL EGGS a turn 25t '

U.S.. #1 MAINE POTATOES 11 LI. IICusiiiu 35t

RITZ CAN DRINK ruins' cm 49C

HUNTS TOMATOES (AlSUP' 21 aI, iiriif 2W

PILLSBURY FLOUR, : 5. il. Ill 55C.

: \'

r a ta a a' a 1


.n'-'P,' .-,-. .-,-'.-'-t r.: rr....r.. _.,,...r..r.. ....,- v,.. rv..T.. ....... ._. ........"........y7-.y...-.7., .... po ... rr rrrrtTr.+rr.'t r'rrr'I'rrr.--.7..-p'r.-.r.. ......................... ..-awry

PACE 12___ .d .._. SIll .

BLESSINGS WAHTED, 101* Fll IENTi llsiru Iniils Itf. Juois Ceaviiced Dick Birroijhs Win But. Actress. Award

The man born with the gin.Rev Beauty[) operators, and barber i Furnished room for rent. -- --
Roosevelt Franklin of Macon, /'N New Hollywood Beauty,>nd Single Man or Couple. Hot and The 20th annual LeonaDanlels Is Givlij TfetM A Clean CityWith
622 St. will be observed Sunday
Georgia It is through God that Barber Lounge, Ashley !Cold water. Call 356-tWS. Day
I can remove all evU coodiUons, 'Call 354-9774. In Fountain Chapel AME Church a multitude of slogans and catch-phrase promises
beginning with the Sunday School r=
tome questions you may wish to the air the current for the
FOR MEN All WIMEN at .M a.m., with Charles filling during campaigning city,
know i election there is only one that rings with truth and based
WANTED IF ALL ACES entirely on tact
HELP to havtUJ
DO YOU NEEb MONEY? IAII STYLIST ,have been to costly
IS'' MY SICKNESS NATURAL? Female Take New IMPROVED N A-, Gracie Smith Hair Stylist And that is Dick Burroughs' renovated.
CAN MY HUSBAND STOP TUBE TABLETS for that tired from 'New York City, now at declaration, 'Til give you a Another step that Burroughstook '
run down feeling that keeps clean city." in his positive plan to give
DRINKING? you Bernlce'i Beauty Shop. 1271Klnc
CAN MY LOVE ONES BE TYPISTMUST from enjoying life. 100 Tablets Road. Phone: JM-99J8. An overwhelming majority of Jacksonville a clean city was : i
RETURNED? $3.00; 200 Tablets $5.00. $1.00 both Negro and white citizens: to order the enforcement .
DO 60 W.P.M. ACURATELY. ,deposits on C.O.D. EMPIRE ..:uw1It have indicated that they are Infavor health laws,and- especially pollution (
They call me the (Rootman), GOOD IN EN- PRODUCTS t SALES Dept. FS t of keeping Burroughs in laws-,?equally' without
But I am only servant of God. 'GUSH, SPELLING. '5937 N. Broadway,Chicago,Ill. + 'f" the post of Commission of favoritism (as for example Creek,
Because God is the answer to Apply: FLORIDA STAR, 2323 60626. ? Sanitation to which he was appointed firms along McCoy's
all life's problems. I a m t h eKing Moncrief Rl, Jax., Fla. ;; following the Indictment were Informed they must com-
of all Day Prophets.Send 1 t'r of former' Commissioner ply with all laws by the time the
LEO'SShu '. +
the sewer
,for my special selected Bible Claude Smith. City finishes pro-
verses. To be read on SPECIAL .f. A multitude of'citizens are in ject designed to clean up the
DAYS. ZI6 ZAG SEWING lipiriif agreement that Burroughs has McCoy Creek area.

Fend a self-addressed,stamped MACHINE taken positive steps to give WINNER OF FSU AWARD-GUdys Perry, Florida AIM
envelope and $2.00 for Bible Jacksonville a clean city PLATINUM PRODUCERS University speech and drama major from Miami, received
verses and spiritual Message W. have two 1967 Dial-O-Matic Of Aij Kilt TOOTHACHE In his effort to provled a the best actress award for her performance as Catherine
'You will receive Bible verses Zig Zags, that have never been cleaner city which in the past Russia U the world's leading Creek in "The Grass Harp" a t Florida State University
by return mail. I used. They were lay-aways, Is Oir Oily lisiussE. PA Inn, mm was eRAML., ryT M,.-.wNN ralwirt ..lI..:: ::. saw trash laying around on the producer of platinum, followed ,Miss Perry was presented the awards at the UniYersltJTheatre's
Send TO: I never picked up.Customers left MC* alas to HUM streets for days, sometimes'weeks
Canada Colombia At FAMU, Miss Perryhas
by and annual awards banquet
a..eN / ": :iC. aNwnnad
Rev. Roosevelt Frnnkl'a: .this area. We are unable to locate .::.INN, d' M Burroughs, soon after of
bQ "Comedy Errors" and
In such dramas as
E. Uiin St. South appeared
the Catholic
630 Morrow Avenue them You can have these Ml rm !\NTS.! he took office, ordered two :
"A Raisin in the Sun" with the .FAMU Playmakers Guild
flacon, Gt rgla 31201 sewing machines for the balance orajelWIT : ; extra days per week for trash Lest states. FAMU staff nhoto by Ernest FiUyau
of $47., each. Cash 01 pickup. He prepared a map to
I specialize in all case work terms. Phone 353-1946. Any- HELP WANTEI assure equal service to all "
Phone area code.912-H-S647V: time/will deliver no obligation.. SALES PEIPLE sections of the City. RE4LECTee.e.. #
In a move to save taxpayers
Men and women, to sell advertising. PAY RENT money, the personable,'young
I Liberal draw, llveral commissioner Instructed all to! W.O. "Oscar"MATTOX
t commission, easy work, quick Buy with $50 or $100 down. I slow down and drivers not to
SEAFOOD sales You earn $75 to $150 if VS. Government owned homes
r you're keen. Fringe benefits. ;in Washington Estates and
CENTER Apply: FLORIDA STAR, M23moncrlef ,Lincoln Estates pay less than
; Xlyrtle Avenueat M., cor., 13th. rent. All homes like new. Call
'1 Skae R0( 764-2414.
it 4 MM sails realty broker .


'*)ocbo" Ult'.:largtil. and Bttt Known" That's ,Met 'Jha,. the Anui- HELP WANTED; '

_______ -" ._A_ lag superior tonic tablets, pep MAIDS, N, Y, SLEEP-IN .. ,
lor all the tings you want to do. Ward .Citywide
JOBS salaries to $65 fare
BLACK SEANBASSNKILb.. 45c Box of 30, $1.00..Satis advanced., Rush references, ,
faction guaranteed or Money
RED BASS u si a.10! .u. i.. 39c back, for Men and Womea phone number. ABLE I4AlWAGENCY
Box 230, Dept.S, Gary,

Dan/ cSECOUR !.75 Indiana William Oscar Mattox, Jr. announced his candidacy -
BON SHELL OYSTERS MAIDS: FOl NEW PORN for re-election as Councilman from the 5th

Secret Prayer abuse citizen's trash pans, was During the 8 years Mr. Mattox has served on the
Top Jobs NOWI Best homes in, very prevalent la the past. i ,city Council he has twice been elected presi-
SHELL STOCK ,.*'., 5" N.Y; City,New Jersey.Friendly AI a result preventive main dent and been a member of all the important
SELECT FOR FRYING ,?* M" Formula Chart! .families.. Fare FREE sent GIFT., rush references tenance and better driving, repairs committees. He has given fair and impartial
STANDARD FOR STEWING '1" have been greatly reduced -.
P1A MISS DCOE AGENCY representation to all the citizens of Jackson-
PSCHYO PHYSICAL TEMPLE 300 W.40 St, N.Y.C. Dept. 218 and maintenance costs ville. Mr. Mattox, while representing the 5th'
HERRY STONE CLAMS ,? ,.,. 75e OF THE DIVINE MOTHER, cut. Ward, has fought for improvements in the
SECRET PRAYER FORMULA In order fogiverelfeftoresi- facilities for all groups within the city and !
SHRIMP WANTED dents living in the area surrounding -
: MIDIUM.$5.10 .... UUSI.. .......$,.40 U. CHART. sent out HELP the 5th and Cleveland has particularly emphasized recreation facili-
are being
My Prayers
ties for our citizens believing that
in. Street Incinerator who were younger
and blessing are coming Hilt
JUST ARRIVED Send for Free Dally Blessing. plagued by air pollution Bur- playgrounds are an investment in the future.
OCEANVIEW SPOTS 39c How to get what you want .,WORK AS REPORTER roughs ordered the old,Incinerator Mr. Mattox has participated actively in ob-
u. of -...1ss closed because it would taining many public improvements in the cityof
LIVE CRABS ................." 'I10 Pal Dos through this new way Prayer I '" Jacksonvlle-
Mail selt..addressedNlVllopetoRev. WILL TRAIN AS REPORTERApply giving you a new city Hall,
SALT WATER BREAM .. ...u.39c C, Porster, P.0. Box 56, : FLORIDA STAR, 2323Moncrlef former Tenn. Prexy Auditorium, Coliseum, Library, branch librariesand .
:St. Albans N.Y. 11412. I Rd., Jax., Fla.. sewage systems.

Gets' New Position Mr. Mattox promises that if re-elected he will

: SUP IT mi ASP I see that the sewer program is pushed and that
the unpaved streets will be paved and. partic-
At Bronx eolleg'eNEW ularly those in the 5th ward.


3111 ,. 4511 SI: Junes Allen Colston former
{president of Knoxville (Tenn.) Paid Political Adv.
college, has been inaugurated II
'president of Bronx
The store that cares.aboufr : PUCES IN TNIS II college
you Dr.
Colston the first Negroto
AlE MM TMM.ISATIMAT head i college in New York,
told students MAT 21 that three-fourths or them
.- would live to work at Jobs that The ,

..: IIGIT" BEEF HUE "'" IIIH didn't yet exist. Little Old
FNZtl "The
revolution of rising ex-
,' CHUCK tmiBREAST pectatt sLV. which was first notIced LadyGoes
IatheleU-developedceun- New! EICO "CORTINA" On

tries, has reached our shores A
.and is being met with Increased '

OAST individual preparation opportunity and for educational for ''i'r-, ;: (. : :'! : sonss. SummerSelling J'
upward !:---.J KIT
movement In -M
occupational "'::
j: IInl IllS) roles and in society for T 1
all the people" be laid SILICON SOLID STATE Spree!
p. $ : "Ilgher education must rec :
RUlE Ll.J ,
:: ognise its responsibility tocre-
: I3NEINTRIMMEB. 39C 3I' ate conditions In which equalityof including':-.::."'t WJSVSS: SST I .h.S. .;:ff.rn ELCO CRAFT '
.... .
for 11 MMv MMMIi so s Ie looooo e H.I.
: opportunity a ..
our people, _! DM rlrMI I M> Hue 0.1%. torn. ..* H MI Tl MMH4 SOLID STATE
i; tun ..... ... can become a reality" Wow air .*_.'11.. HWDIl $V." N U" a T%". WeIh' ntCTIONIC KIT .
IC.IOO IltctmiK' Urn) KW; IC-tOt
jf fN/Rfr{ IIMr..I.. PIN 0-ryl.' ANrm, Al.r.KNj. IC-00011"KIIt! IC105Ilnhwl. .
/ 'ijS8995' '_1. I..,...
.. ,
111..1..1..1.1..1.1..1 ,
EIUT O'ClfiCR COSTIM i100N1COFFEE t-I,... (CI4.V'; "M"1tf" a.1. ....>......."... (4MklfMtt ,; 4: IS.n.NKNl lu
PEACH /rwln11.a pn.11 .nd. OP a 1P .... fr MPX IMIlMtI .
SAN ANTONIO-Alrman iji'ilnviti'lr. ,....
I Cecil ,tmn4 W.-ly SPY .le.sGO
L. Williams Jr., son of Mrs.' :. ..I0W".IP.7y'IIdw1" ...Ioh..tour* : 'r; Virginia! A. Williams of 1219 M.N. ..U KNI MPI
Cleveland Jacksonville,Fla.: MULTICORE 1.- le.700 11_

.' : PIE Air has Force received his first U. S. SOLDER lilt. IrwNMrnl11., le.oo./..
basictnlningatUcklatd 1-: ;; s coin or vmi-' :: "..011: Nit.'W. Ml,
apl... IKJIN fLUX 'y.. f !icoo rmr
: \1 i ] He has AFB been Tex.assigned to Edwards I U ai ; fis

: 1 1l1. \ AFB Calif., for train-. *w- *r c....ChoM)
If iiI 1 ,49, PiM/i? I 12.: .39c.Ei01 -in sal.a....Asqr_ at a oetnmtd/y-.,.,..I IRON $189 0/40. From $2.50 taWM.up

: Tubes Tested Fret

festiijgtiquseAll 50 OFF
I ala' ,

All American Mod

. ; -: Fit All Radios 20% OFF LIST

DARTS S I UNLIMITED l 4 Locations In Jill

t : 3 49'C 'M ;' U'I2. '$:l'OO) to l'i OPEN EVES
:: ;l W' AM 9 P M
15 ,.
..... IIHItIL iSI. :- specialist. Hes bseeari | til .. s
CARS member of the Air Force whichioperates ,' etetitonit Cenfei*
Communications Service:
I ,communications channels and 2626 ATLANTIC' BLVD. 5342 NORWOOD AVE.
ANN PACE IEALLY FINE. more than J.000.1r truffle control /h..359.2364 Ph e.1p.9602 '
f.cWtJelarounc1 the globe., S .tlDAH HILLS SHOPPING CENTER AIUWTM
Airman Williams, s 1969 3704 'BLANDING BLVD. 1350 UNIVERSITY 'BLVD. .N.I .

MAYONNAISE Inc graduate of New Suntan High, 115.4$44
School attended Bethany Cook-(
,man College Davtona Beach

( f )1r

L L ._'L ___ .- "