Florida star

UFPKY National Endowment for the Humanities LSTA SLAF
xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090114_AAAAFR INGEST_TIME 2009-01-15T07:18:49Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00439
FILE SIZE 1878680 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090115_AAAENH PATH 00410.jp2 PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 c46133e8561aed88f84734d59cc61fb9SHA-1 1bd03a2b3fc747b0ab4b2daef80f6a0809c6670e
320697 F20090115_AAAENI 00410.jpg 24ef0c8d24324ce62871ee99539648b4d7eeb798c005c610698c0a1ad4d964a254a1e503
44799 F20090115_AAAENJ 00410.QC.jpg 3906d22ebaa1616f6092e8fbabeecc73359f09340aedf713be207fe8089b29612f22f8d9
15019789 F20090115_AAAENK 00410.tif dc206e6b1d8540cbc38609bf2467a8504954361e3d2988e85adf88e41a5b8dfda22de1b4
29985 F20090115_AAAENL 00410.txt 6cc946042da18c8021a1887ea662cd3dacfd01921f12689aead386ab4d6c0e2cea1a7ab5
11204 F20090115_AAAENM 00410thm.jpg 3e7cf1e7070fba87251f180850282bb998e039f2002cdfe4f977f37ab285e6f814e736af
1914772 F20090115_AAAENN 00411.jp2 e35ef57be2e71bb615f8afc0a23e7d197268274cd5560f42e0f8480489e7c68b8d80cb49
298213 F20090115_AAAENO 00411.jpg df68882457a65859c59edafa6bfcb29c9a887df4816fd87910680fe50a3d5d1064948904
44068 F20090115_AAAENP 00411.QC.jpg 8e62d29b9c4ef8cf19ba3dab41696b35457370b9bccb6a8eaf297d1399b83980b729e8db
15313112 F20090115_AAAENQ 00411.tif 40fce36731643c9e5dcd8ad97b3853e540e5b03ee0fe008c9221ef579a1e64a8cdf7f1f7
20963 F20090115_AAAENR 00411.txt 0513ec57d7a6f9f0a911a8686283e2ffb0a2e5e7c43ec3bf2858d3d40a05d0cce71b4413
11585 F20090115_AAAENS 00411thm.jpg 3f0816eeb9a72487053827f3c001c07ac98536572919a84a27539e5f93399fbe01dca703
1881851 F20090115_AAAENT 00412.jp2 bdeb5665e0bb0d053c25822be9544e328fe804134d06913d7718e97586b0bae6893a6548
327605 F20090115_AAAENU 00412.jpg befd4e4f22d75a5c5080eeabc75062097369916ca67ea676c86bc762360a62abc87259a1
45768 F20090115_AAAENV 00412.QC.jpg da3a96ce1548675133c48c1bfe177ffe4f1e48153ebfef84ffee846c229b62f868281140
15045041 F20090115_AAAENW 00412.tif f5c26b8f9f6500dae2410320fc1601746a4d8c799063b891792fe850e817c09082ac3e3e
36562 F20090115_AAAENX 00412.txt 5e2c089cafe2b8e963c7983d4c787f24358d747d1fd597efd373b42b3da0e73771b8188a
11583 F20090115_AAAENY 00412thm.jpg 8120aa237b1c254d9aa1cd4cadea2f3a3d0af25c5df03429d37a94fd0d72be48492e94fc
14662153 F20090115_AAAEPA 00417.tif 200109ee51202333a50ecf26514c819be5f5c95331ae7172b717b75e5a10a50737651f85
1864686 F20090115_AAAENZ 00413.jp2 d9891de1c683f367f941ef8d0da3dfaed9a485942471f81a456ca02015db7fd8b2d72090
38316 F20090115_AAAEPB 00417.txt 5b362b0a1a41d162c7487a8b033739c1a886fb30cc0104fe8c1f7c2ab79c0950b9affe68
12062 F20090115_AAAEPC 00417thm.jpg 4c179681417f045f6952004c7e2b5c972b905e2ce1fa63fb2841fa06eeffaf4e6efcf32d
1818327 F20090115_AAAEPD 00418.jp2 15d7469fecff31326a1e9c3e60fdfb4597b9de51905ceef9a227b3d94312e395f745efce
305842 F20090115_AAAEPE 00418.jpg 9de1b47077ce8ad8b58f7dc862a5452e5af01a6dc429645ca41b639acbff0e24af0ca196
46061 F20090115_AAAEPF 00418.QC.jpg 314c033d817de8d09d9a06a4f740fdc6e14a6781ea739c6b286c5bde29d5a6252cca7111
14542446 F20090115_AAAEPG 00418.tif c3378036699875e9b854c36e6e69084333ba096b53b2e5c545c47d851167f83cb6bdbed5
25076 F20090115_AAAEPH 00418.txt 33c5c579e354237c28fe6d3c365784b3159ef9d48620a4a7cbe4b49f265e03ac656326e8
12081 F20090115_AAAEPI 00418thm.jpg 233142fac98340ab9a8d73b373b364dbf8390aad97dea1436cff2e530cfa55dd3c7f4c10
17801 F20090115_AAAEPJ 1961122301.xml FULL 728e34cd7c43c21ae86bb2f5907e986ebc621378e8a539bcb7d26957816044dced7a1a78BROKEN_LINK 0407.jp20408.jp20409.jp20410.jp20411.jp20412.jp20413.jp20414.jp20415.jp20416.jp20417.jp20418.jp20407.txt0408.txt0409.txt0410.txt0411.txt0412.txt0413.txt0414.txt0415.txt0416.txt0417.txt0418.txt0407.tif0408.tif0409.tif0410.tif0411.tif0412.tif0413.tif0414.tif0415.tif0416.tif0417.tif0418.tif0407.jpg0408.jpg0409.jpg0410.jpg0411.jpg0412.jpg0413.jpg0414.jpg0415.jpg0416.jpg0417.jpg0418.jpg
1870764 F20090115_AAAEMP 00407.jp2 2f1a2bc516be9d14b756f67ee7fb0f8a749d01088ed2b11ac6901ffd6a4e1b49af6710fd
24167 F20090115_AAAEPM UF00028362_00439.mets 5eb5d651b4be759bf08384a2157153fe2fe7d311a268a5a0f7935b9f4ef26ce00b9c79ec
384604 F20090115_AAAEMQ 00407.jpg f5dfd5d258e3877585bec81e72628760e7c82fea8bb38f1428c65e6dbae9d6af0613e505
53317 F20090115_AAAEMR 00407.QC.jpg 8d9a10e50fd812b5a703ae1782a18c64d43f6f2987d00196f06b1ccf0fdfb35e134fda57
14956529 F20090115_AAAEMS 00407.tif dfd7b3fcb7a5d898d740c9cdba864cd3720503ab94a00bbc622e43a19a174bffd6bd6e9e
28348 F20090115_AAAEPO UF00028362_00439.xml d3a9ed17a06609fbdb0e629871ba4e495d6d8817bacfb3ca79acca0e3c6f66a970f99c44
33299 F20090115_AAAEMT 00407.txt e352d40b9a8c5e2a6b28dbb829c7c56e792f96b7613f11ea68269fc0fd998d83a647aa5c
13110 F20090115_AAAEMU 00407thm.jpg f627561e12268433e0419ff8747720b472eb1c169b7d0a8848bd41221d756ddc6b0272ad
1898898 F20090115_AAAEMV 00408.jp2 fa345d993cd239772f3529f6b03e13a36423e4ade23fca9c3ec7e024be6111865fb8676f
351057 F20090115_AAAEMW 00408.jpg 22fb2ff6d3c6c3133991aae449f910ccadc6c4824589332e020dd1bc99f7529086e7106c
46393 F20090115_AAAEMX 00408.QC.jpg 6a96e3a7e6d7f9635c242a7c3bf94b1ab74392eb198320dfefc1b57dbeb73c41a6a2ee82
15191149 F20090115_AAAEMY 00408.tif 3460cc817b87a498b44cd23d7fb9313c9e4afbee4a13c5fdcb4720d164d1c322732e9e24
302558 F20090115_AAAEOA 00413.jpg 4b2a483f1806de6e94dba369dee35eff9114b07594da3503153d3c2fce37eeedd24f2cdb
40544 F20090115_AAAEMZ 00408.txt c248b3e3c34ca80ec377e1332bc62a5eb49e2143c4b787d009b6b828da5183fcaf675ca7
43688 F20090115_AAAEOB 00413.QC.jpg 0e31079700c92d52b75c77a9ecbe3e4509c87c7df8ec988f2984d19e52a789fae1e62c60
14908519 F20090115_AAAEOC 00413.tif 18dde012c029c3f9b16b01ae244365e194c883a4134931ea566f915320605017f6b7fac0
29942 F20090115_AAAEOD 00413.txt 28a86cc8a019d26f38060d3f8032452bfa10856353d087d311b3f681a20ada9dd1405106
11245 F20090115_AAAEOE 00413thm.jpg d70b1268ceaa426c9cb94f238a8adffac87efb067a476c90d3e23040b4fe0409d8b5e5fe
1842280 F20090115_AAAEOF 00414.jp2 3ff4a3fd34f624fe49e674c21a051bf6f786e4b8c7678230651cb6b51de85a5ad31c16ec
344658 F20090115_AAAEOG 00414.jpg 125f0d3533a992a3d4dbe7fc4c2349c4bc3c271b460d518c4795490339629d56b5c262cb
53120 F20090115_AAAEOH 00414.QC.jpg 462778dc5f9d33d466c1431d18949b6cf210e57385fcd81805bdee9d7dfbd04797dbd1e0
14733373 F20090115_AAAEOI 00414.tif 50f73ec1b5b0fe57989d5cbe8dd84ed034a575cb53ab11670c95e5e80d3f18658b9276d7
27592 F20090115_AAAEOJ 00414.txt 3d1b924d8c92ea80f817a38bd749a873a8b6c9ea9aa7dec0f8020bafa0bccc2da9a3890d
13196 F20090115_AAAEOK 00414thm.jpg 2e275421fd94378e6cde5aff7f2722884b1b977a51506b09fc9b7b9fe1cffa5d11b8f7c7
1879345 F20090115_AAAEOL 00415.jp2 bab8f484c22fda4cf29c82cd00ab4272ed326f4117697f50efe53244c90a26c90c479085
336862 F20090115_AAAEOM 00415.jpg 5967bcc74a92e0883b4eb87b0e3213307355d5a818a34963201073cc3a91b6a8c09fbc30
45351 F20090115_AAAEON 00415.QC.jpg 12806743ab8980182ef3fc54dc312a0f092a0ea1c50a4de23c404c6d6b066524343596dc
15025373 F20090115_AAAEOO 00415.tif ab4ecf473370ece69c0a726cb86a4370cf819b19351c083d4811cb0bbf9836acf738f73f
34644 F20090115_AAAEOP 00415.txt a7789aa3f5d0d504eba7430eb814948a6723d940dbb936aa80e7ba21a85ab253247b6276
11548 F20090115_AAAEOQ 00415thm.jpg 82564e43f5fef0b2cfc9382c15365eb6ec9f05968e4dc27e63ddd4653d45867ef8bf9ee1
1828226 F20090115_AAAEOR 00416.jp2 8dfed38700ad2716524208a4701415507f4ebacb9f897a4d4a562bb8afa70f5c9255fa9f
362886 F20090115_AAAEOS 00416.jpg 9701cea197de1375734fa33dce910d2b4c4677aa4e9bad55957b27904d9cc4f08d632905
50559 F20090115_AAAEOT 00416.QC.jpg c2019156c8b75fb40d3cd3ec895f3c68d542dee23a96ba74843b0819e183b45f95a84fb1
14625489 F20090115_AAAEOU 00416.tif de346cfa54db58c59f47a105279f836a4d79c3ff5d8d0fe14719746ede3340e4e144ddb9
11286 F20090115_AAAENA 00408thm.jpg 17bc1f380b232a50b13793f3a40a3c7295c0af67207d15240ce535051b32a66b1903331c
45383 F20090115_AAAEOV 00416.txt b71112cbbb7bc0a2eec958a9c31d5a119e3af8cae921cefafdb9d057fdff4febc0df6bba
1992446 F20090115_AAAENB 00409.jp2 81ca436b2074f99f32c2b33898535e68cf6ddb8de46f20e613d504cfaef22b973bbdbe34
12325 F20090115_AAAEOW 00416thm.jpg c2c9c4178581d22c01dc5138110f57ca793796001b1ce744e25a58aff2ed6685199d8a85
320180 F20090115_AAAENC 00409.jpg 8e0936d45def5fef046668be2b711dfbe3009a40a6079ab25bca95604a4b8d1dcd639ef6
1832776 F20090115_AAAEOX 00417.jp2 d0ce93fb6d3f73a85d8275d6326c1eb5aa4b3470750dd88f9ee21f7db297e6c8a271473a
328649 F20090115_AAAEOY 00417.jpg bf380fc1b22bcdff72cd7b2525744dc89e6191d460a0ed8561c1d8dca2338fd47f1af69f
43785 F20090115_AAAEND 00409.QC.jpg 4a3d0fd40d8153b7fbe6fb0f6af88cf5b8a3935e1772a70801c0abd677dd93ec477bdd1a
46883 F20090115_AAAEOZ 00417.QC.jpg 5f6a97674d3a51bc4742e1787b3084ace97908c92194bfae3f5dd0adadfd2580a19330f8
15929669 F20090115_AAAENE 00409.tif 30eaf723ec6f90a387a8321d74e96e5d8d7465c6bbd3a1b1bccc4e87ad660ead25f0a4f5
39813 F20090115_AAAENF 00409.txt 181a9ac16a7ffac80f1963ce622a0ba18a285c4fd50b5eb5d68823dcc59da4d8ad2a3470
11081 F20090115_AAAENG 00409thm.jpg 14facaaab94a3b411d179faf0f60c8047c550ea759a675af3efeddb2239e27a9c9482684

xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090220_AAACCK INGEST_TIME 2009-02-22T21:29:38Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00439
FILE SIZE 15313112 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090222_AABLWJ PATH 00411.tif PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 40fce36731643c9e5dcd8ad97b3853e5SHA-1 40e5b03ee0fe008c9221ef579a1e64a8cdf7f1f7
20963 F20090222_AABLWK 00411.txt 0513ec57d7a6f9f0a911a8686283e2ffb0a2e5e7c43ec3bf2858d3d40a05d0cce71b4413
11585 F20090222_AABLWL 00411thm.jpg 3f0816eeb9a72487053827f3c001c07ac98536572919a84a27539e5f93399fbe01dca703
1881851 F20090222_AABLWM 00412.jp2 bdeb5665e0bb0d053c25822be9544e328fe804134d06913d7718e97586b0bae6893a6548
327605 F20090222_AABLWN 00412.jpg befd4e4f22d75a5c5080eeabc75062097369916ca67ea676c86bc762360a62abc87259a1
45768 F20090222_AABLWO 00412.QC.jpg da3a96ce1548675133c48c1bfe177ffe4f1e48153ebfef84ffee846c229b62f868281140
15045041 F20090222_AABLWP 00412.tif f5c26b8f9f6500dae2410320fc1601746a4d8c799063b891792fe850e817c09082ac3e3e
36562 F20090222_AABLWQ 00412.txt 5e2c089cafe2b8e963c7983d4c787f24358d747d1fd597efd373b42b3da0e73771b8188a
11583 F20090222_AABLWR 00412thm.jpg 8120aa237b1c254d9aa1cd4cadea2f3a3d0af25c5df03429d37a94fd0d72be48492e94fc
1864686 F20090222_AABLWS 00413.jp2 d9891de1c683f367f941ef8d0da3dfaed9a485942471f81a456ca02015db7fd8b2d72090
302558 F20090222_AABLWT 00413.jpg 4b2a483f1806de6e94dba369dee35eff9114b07594da3503153d3c2fce37eeedd24f2cdb
43688 F20090222_AABLWU 00413.QC.jpg 0e31079700c92d52b75c77a9ecbe3e4509c87c7df8ec988f2984d19e52a789fae1e62c60
14908519 F20090222_AABLWV 00413.tif 18dde012c029c3f9b16b01ae244365e194c883a4134931ea566f915320605017f6b7fac0
29942 F20090222_AABLWW 00413.txt 28a86cc8a019d26f38060d3f8032452bfa10856353d087d311b3f681a20ada9dd1405106
11245 F20090222_AABLWX 00413thm.jpg d70b1268ceaa426c9cb94f238a8adffac87efb067a476c90d3e23040b4fe0409d8b5e5fe
1842280 F20090222_AABLWY 00414.jp2 3ff4a3fd34f624fe49e674c21a051bf6f786e4b8c7678230651cb6b51de85a5ad31c16ec
25076 F20090222_AABLYA 00418.txt 33c5c579e354237c28fe6d3c365784b3159ef9d48620a4a7cbe4b49f265e03ac656326e8
344658 F20090222_AABLWZ 00414.jpg 125f0d3533a992a3d4dbe7fc4c2349c4bc3c271b460d518c4795490339629d56b5c262cb
12081 F20090222_AABLYB 00418thm.jpg 233142fac98340ab9a8d73b373b364dbf8390aad97dea1436cff2e530cfa55dd3c7f4c10
17801 F20090222_AABLYC 1961122301.xml FULL 728e34cd7c43c21ae86bb2f5907e986ebc621378e8a539bcb7d26957816044dced7a1a78BROKEN_LINK 0407.jp20408.jp20409.jp20410.jp20411.jp20412.jp20413.jp20414.jp20415.jp20416.jp20417.jp20418.jp20407.txt0408.txt0409.txt0410.txt0411.txt0412.txt0413.txt0414.txt0415.txt0416.txt0417.txt0418.txt0407.tif0408.tif0409.tif0410.tif0411.tif0412.tif0413.tif0414.tif0415.tif0416.tif0417.tif0418.tif0407.jpg0408.jpg0409.jpg0410.jpg0411.jpg0412.jpg0413.jpg0414.jpg0415.jpg0416.jpg0417.jpg0418.jpg
1870764 F20090222_AABLVI 00407.jp2 2f1a2bc516be9d14b756f67ee7fb0f8a749d01088ed2b11ac6901ffd6a4e1b49af6710fd
384604 F20090222_AABLVJ 00407.jpg f5dfd5d258e3877585bec81e72628760e7c82fea8bb38f1428c65e6dbae9d6af0613e505
21851 F20090222_AABLYF UF00028362_00439.mets c97310fdb31774af499eef84413447459fff2cc0d9afc7e465c5a3bb410d81175003d8df
53317 F20090222_AABLVK 00407.QC.jpg 8d9a10e50fd812b5a703ae1782a18c64d43f6f2987d00196f06b1ccf0fdfb35e134fda57
14956529 F20090222_AABLVL 00407.tif dfd7b3fcb7a5d898d740c9cdba864cd3720503ab94a00bbc622e43a19a174bffd6bd6e9e
25439 F20090222_AABLYH UF00028362_00439.xml 795e87460fa3ef05ea3fdb463f15b1a1cb7533df55d703c3c9416ff7e1b79caed77b4ff8
33299 F20090222_AABLVM 00407.txt e352d40b9a8c5e2a6b28dbb829c7c56e792f96b7613f11ea68269fc0fd998d83a647aa5c
13110 F20090222_AABLVN 00407thm.jpg f627561e12268433e0419ff8747720b472eb1c169b7d0a8848bd41221d756ddc6b0272ad
1898898 F20090222_AABLVO 00408.jp2 fa345d993cd239772f3529f6b03e13a36423e4ade23fca9c3ec7e024be6111865fb8676f
351057 F20090222_AABLVP 00408.jpg 22fb2ff6d3c6c3133991aae449f910ccadc6c4824589332e020dd1bc99f7529086e7106c
46393 F20090222_AABLVQ 00408.QC.jpg 6a96e3a7e6d7f9635c242a7c3bf94b1ab74392eb198320dfefc1b57dbeb73c41a6a2ee82
15191149 F20090222_AABLVR 00408.tif 3460cc817b87a498b44cd23d7fb9313c9e4afbee4a13c5fdcb4720d164d1c322732e9e24
40544 F20090222_AABLVS 00408.txt c248b3e3c34ca80ec377e1332bc62a5eb49e2143c4b787d009b6b828da5183fcaf675ca7
11286 F20090222_AABLVT 00408thm.jpg 17bc1f380b232a50b13793f3a40a3c7295c0af67207d15240ce535051b32a66b1903331c
1992446 F20090222_AABLVU 00409.jp2 81ca436b2074f99f32c2b33898535e68cf6ddb8de46f20e613d504cfaef22b973bbdbe34
320180 F20090222_AABLVV 00409.jpg 8e0936d45def5fef046668be2b711dfbe3009a40a6079ab25bca95604a4b8d1dcd639ef6
43785 F20090222_AABLVW 00409.QC.jpg 4a3d0fd40d8153b7fbe6fb0f6af88cf5b8a3935e1772a70801c0abd677dd93ec477bdd1a
15929669 F20090222_AABLVX 00409.tif 30eaf723ec6f90a387a8321d74e96e5d8d7465c6bbd3a1b1bccc4e87ad660ead25f0a4f5
39813 F20090222_AABLVY 00409.txt 181a9ac16a7ffac80f1963ce622a0ba18a285c4fd50b5eb5d68823dcc59da4d8ad2a3470
53120 F20090222_AABLXA 00414.QC.jpg 462778dc5f9d33d466c1431d18949b6cf210e57385fcd81805bdee9d7dfbd04797dbd1e0
11081 F20090222_AABLVZ 00409thm.jpg 14facaaab94a3b411d179faf0f60c8047c550ea759a675af3efeddb2239e27a9c9482684
14733373 F20090222_AABLXB 00414.tif 50f73ec1b5b0fe57989d5cbe8dd84ed034a575cb53ab11670c95e5e80d3f18658b9276d7
27592 F20090222_AABLXC 00414.txt 3d1b924d8c92ea80f817a38bd749a873a8b6c9ea9aa7dec0f8020bafa0bccc2da9a3890d
13196 F20090222_AABLXD 00414thm.jpg 2e275421fd94378e6cde5aff7f2722884b1b977a51506b09fc9b7b9fe1cffa5d11b8f7c7
1879345 F20090222_AABLXE 00415.jp2 bab8f484c22fda4cf29c82cd00ab4272ed326f4117697f50efe53244c90a26c90c479085
336862 F20090222_AABLXF 00415.jpg 5967bcc74a92e0883b4eb87b0e3213307355d5a818a34963201073cc3a91b6a8c09fbc30
45351 F20090222_AABLXG 00415.QC.jpg 12806743ab8980182ef3fc54dc312a0f092a0ea1c50a4de23c404c6d6b066524343596dc
15025373 F20090222_AABLXH 00415.tif ab4ecf473370ece69c0a726cb86a4370cf819b19351c083d4811cb0bbf9836acf738f73f
34644 F20090222_AABLXI 00415.txt a7789aa3f5d0d504eba7430eb814948a6723d940dbb936aa80e7ba21a85ab253247b6276
11548 F20090222_AABLXJ 00415thm.jpg 82564e43f5fef0b2cfc9382c15365eb6ec9f05968e4dc27e63ddd4653d45867ef8bf9ee1
1828226 F20090222_AABLXK 00416.jp2 8dfed38700ad2716524208a4701415507f4ebacb9f897a4d4a562bb8afa70f5c9255fa9f
362886 F20090222_AABLXL 00416.jpg 9701cea197de1375734fa33dce910d2b4c4677aa4e9bad55957b27904d9cc4f08d632905
50559 F20090222_AABLXM 00416.QC.jpg c2019156c8b75fb40d3cd3ec895f3c68d542dee23a96ba74843b0819e183b45f95a84fb1
14625489 F20090222_AABLXN 00416.tif de346cfa54db58c59f47a105279f836a4d79c3ff5d8d0fe14719746ede3340e4e144ddb9
45383 F20090222_AABLXO 00416.txt b71112cbbb7bc0a2eec958a9c31d5a119e3af8cae921cefafdb9d057fdff4febc0df6bba
12325 F20090222_AABLXP 00416thm.jpg c2c9c4178581d22c01dc5138110f57ca793796001b1ce744e25a58aff2ed6685199d8a85
1832776 F20090222_AABLXQ 00417.jp2 d0ce93fb6d3f73a85d8275d6326c1eb5aa4b3470750dd88f9ee21f7db297e6c8a271473a
328649 F20090222_AABLXR 00417.jpg bf380fc1b22bcdff72cd7b2525744dc89e6191d460a0ed8561c1d8dca2338fd47f1af69f
46883 F20090222_AABLXS 00417.QC.jpg 5f6a97674d3a51bc4742e1787b3084ace97908c92194bfae3f5dd0adadfd2580a19330f8
14662153 F20090222_AABLXT 00417.tif 200109ee51202333a50ecf26514c819be5f5c95331ae7172b717b75e5a10a50737651f85
38316 F20090222_AABLXU 00417.txt 5b362b0a1a41d162c7487a8b033739c1a886fb30cc0104fe8c1f7c2ab79c0950b9affe68
1878680 F20090222_AABLWA 00410.jp2 c46133e8561aed88f84734d59cc61fb91bd03a2b3fc747b0ab4b2daef80f6a0809c6670e
12062 F20090222_AABLXV 00417thm.jpg 4c179681417f045f6952004c7e2b5c972b905e2ce1fa63fb2841fa06eeffaf4e6efcf32d
320697 F20090222_AABLWB 00410.jpg 24ef0c8d24324ce62871ee99539648b4d7eeb798c005c610698c0a1ad4d964a254a1e503
1818327 F20090222_AABLXW 00418.jp2 15d7469fecff31326a1e9c3e60fdfb4597b9de51905ceef9a227b3d94312e395f745efce
44799 F20090222_AABLWC 00410.QC.jpg 3906d22ebaa1616f6092e8fbabeecc73359f09340aedf713be207fe8089b29612f22f8d9
305842 F20090222_AABLXX 00418.jpg 9de1b47077ce8ad8b58f7dc862a5452e5af01a6dc429645ca41b639acbff0e24af0ca196
15019789 F20090222_AABLWD 00410.tif dc206e6b1d8540cbc38609bf2467a8504954361e3d2988e85adf88e41a5b8dfda22de1b4
46061 F20090222_AABLXY 00418.QC.jpg 314c033d817de8d09d9a06a4f740fdc6e14a6781ea739c6b286c5bde29d5a6252cca7111
29985 F20090222_AABLWE 00410.txt 6cc946042da18c8021a1887ea662cd3dacfd01921f12689aead386ab4d6c0e2cea1a7ab5
14542446 F20090222_AABLXZ 00418.tif c3378036699875e9b854c36e6e69084333ba096b53b2e5c545c47d851167f83cb6bdbed5
11204 F20090222_AABLWF 00410thm.jpg 3e7cf1e7070fba87251f180850282bb998e039f2002cdfe4f977f37ab285e6f814e736af
1914772 F20090222_AABLWG 00411.jp2 e35ef57be2e71bb615f8afc0a23e7d197268274cd5560f42e0f8480489e7c68b8d80cb49
298213 F20090222_AABLWH 00411.jpg df68882457a65859c59edafa6bfcb29c9a887df4816fd87910680fe50a3d5d1064948904
44068 F20090222_AABLWI 00411.QC.jpg 8e62d29b9c4ef8cf19ba3dab41696b35457370b9bccb6a8eaf297d1399b83980b729e8db


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 23, 1961
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
December 23, 1961
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .
Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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Full Text
-'- -- -.-------- ..--
------ -
:r "
: 1

I\r... -'.10.. '...... ''J4 .-.-' ._.' ....:..:...... -._---..;.--, L._. .;....-" ---.- -.....-':). -,- ,-..-. '''1.:-", -.-.. -.. .:=-.--------. '- -,-- -_ .' \- ._--. -_. -




.. .. ... T "Y.'I V"'OI ... .,....- .. .. .n. I



'\ ., "'--
.,er VoiarJ ."
,o-rida "leKs JFK's
II .Exclusive'Pix,:01 Robbery Murder Suspect i zbr J -d1J..e 1 .-

..-- _. .;. Q8.ineS .
'-- --- Aid In _Albany

NEW ORLEANS La. President

f ,. Kennedy was asked by the

4.k .+ Southern Conference Educational -

:. ( ill t: iJk VOL; 12-NO. 31., AND NEWSSATURDAY: DECEMBER.. 23:1961 .15C'ENTSl Fund to protect '

: the lives and civil libert-
V =W1 ies of students in Albany
rR _
Georgia and to enforce the
\ integration ruling of the
Two Youths
.i Teenage Interstate Commerce
___ ,
k 'The arrest in Albany of
I A .
more than 250 Negroes, many "
__ : of them high school kids'
vx L said SCEF :in a telegram to ?-

6 Admit looting Agent the president, 'is revolting -
: and barbarous.'

.4 t The mas arrests said the

telegram 'follows the
to >* Hmmi -

I 4T yA EN ITwoMeo;t ; In .Admttng/ ; -Crnie i; .Two Teenagers: Are Arrested expulsion students Bertha of two Gober Negro:7 and t

Blanton Hall from Albany

Implicate Prominent Woman 35 Days Following Incident State College for attempting '

7 ._ to ride in an inter-
Within period of thirty-five days two 17-year old
MIAMI---This City still remains in a state of shock stata bus the arrest of
youths who were being sought by local police for the Nov.
following the arrest Tuesday of the socially prominentwife eleven young persons on
a 11 ahootlng of a white insurance agent were apprehendedlast
of a City judge who has been implicated in the Sunday and the holding in
Saturday and are now in jail awaiting filing of
recent robbery-slaying (Oct. 28) of Mrs.) Beatrice prison for more than 48
assault to murder charges police reported.
(:Tiny) Dunnaway. -... hours without bond of a ,
Mrs. Eugenia B. Thomas Police reported that the Danish newspaper man,

37-year old wife of City reported to have been agent, Willie joe poole 27. I ,* '- Larson perlson.'
'shocked' at the of 3024 Dalehurst Drive
Judge L. E. Thomas was arrested was '
Some "Easy Money' Court Takes Suit Against
{ at Jean's Restaurant :i.7.-:

3 1400 NW Fifth'St. on In their confession to ;,. I

a warrant. issued by .Peace the police the two men I/t r NAACP Under Advisement

--- Justice- Ralph. Ferguson.Mrs. said Mrs. Thomas told ( .

Il, ..MRS. THOMAS is fingerprinted Thomas is charged them that she knew where Ft. Lauderdale: --- A suit asking that the NAACP be
t I ... .. ...-- e. ._ they could get some 'easy prohibited from organizing "
with setting up the rob- "wade-ins has been
t r--- bery which resulted in money' at the Wilson .Apart- taken under advisement and study by Circuit Judge
... '. ment-which: to Ted
-- fes.bejieved Cabot. Defendants in the suit are Mrs. Fula .

be a 'bolita' house., --{...., Johnson' president..--- of' the,' Ft. Lauderdale,,. NAACP; Dr. '. ,'.
The men went on to say >- Von D. Mizell; Robert W. Saunders NAACP Field i Secretary "

that they spent most of Callis Brown a special youth field secretaryand

Oct. 28 in the Thomas t the NAACP corporation. r

a .i apartment watching the Highlighting the hearingwas

other a artment and then Heal Alionso btilis testimony from several Negroes began using the

forced their way into it collecting from his accountsin witnesses called by the facility in larger numbers
Community Court when he
with their drawn guns. City who stated that: there pqlice reported that
Killed During Scuffle was accosted by the two have been no disturbances, whites resenting the use

During the robbery youths in what was believedan on the beach since August by Negroes started to resort -
attempted poole"
robbery. 7 that facilitiesin to violence.Two .
4iES. Simpson said he scuffledwith ;
t was said to have been
Mrs. Ft. Lauderdale are all defendants representing -
Dunnaway and
; carrying a large amount of
accidently shot her. .desegregated and that an the Florida States

i The two men got about I money at the time. S ordinance. 9-9. was invoked. Righters Incorporated a
$200 but left' over $700 poole was shot during the because of customs tra- pro-.segretlon organization,

which was attempt and the two youths ditions and practices of failed to appear at the
fled the scene without
the community which here- trial.
..Robbery-Slaying Victim police said. ._- -
'vpr --J Police ,also added that ':- tofore had barred Negroes Representing NAACP Attorneys -

Mrs. Dunnaway. pistol- Mrs. Thomas first denied from use of the Atlantic Reeves and G. E.

i slaying. the men's charges but ,"I-\i. Beach. Graves of Miami. Gravesis lr

The warrant states that later said they used her j; Mayor Edmond R. Burry chairman of the Florida

Mrs, Thomas is charged home and that the two men told the court that all NAACP legal committee.

with conspiracy to com- had guns.A ... facilities including parks

mit a felony resulting in resident of Miami for jI'l'to swimming pools, water SuspecfArrestedMrs.

first degree murder. some 27 years. Judge fountains and the beach "

i Judge Ferguson stated Thomas became the first were open to all persons '

I .WITH nete. tine at police Station that. under the present Negro judge in the South I', 4 without regard to race. ....;.,
__ :: .
The question of policy was :
law of this state the since the Civil War when ,
J asked by NAACP attorney ..
charge is tantamount to one he was appointed a Miami :r i
,. ,
Frank D. Reeves of .
.: of first degree murderand Judge in 1950.Officer. Ernest Lee Scalesrobbing Fll I
Washington. D. C.
the penaltydeathcanbe .
imposed. Nabs the victim. The Chief of police Lester

Mrs. Dunaway who was wounded man was taken to a Holt told the court that I"< ''\

prominently known throughout Own SisterMIAMI local hospital and was re-.' the basis for his orderingmore
to the beach
the state for activi- .
ties with the Daughters --Another ironfcltwis"t was because of the large

of the Elks, Order of the of Mrs. Eugenia Homicide Det. Sgt. J. Y. number of Negroes that

Eastern Star. Order of Thomas' arrest here Tuesday' Parker said Ernest Lee were going to the beach. Alice

a Pallbearers and church was the disclosure- a t her: Scales of 5510 Portier When asked by Atty. Reeves Patterson. 40. of 759 ,.
Drive, and Alfonso Stills why he used a double
circles was killed in the apprehension was the result Beaver Street was arrested
of 1150 W. 19th St. were standard for Negroes? The
apartment Mrs. Catherine of investigation by last Saturday on an attempt.
Wilson. 1661 NW Fifth Pi. Miami policeman Willie (Big. arrested Dec. 16 by capt.R. chief replied: 'Becauseof to murder charge in the
L. Starratt of homocide the customs and tra-
during a robbery attemptby Nick) icholson, Mrs. shooting of Mrs. Olivia
two men.Police Thomas' or other. and both admitted the attempted ditions and practiceswhich
45 1025 Julia Street.
existed here
-ef. robbery-shooting.
i. :-r q10. a arrested AubreyW. Known as one of Miami'scrack Mrs. Patterson is reportedly
Henry. 27. of 1322 NW Negro policemen Stills also admitted firingthe past and that being the out of jail on pond.King's. .
first time Negroes ever .
I -" -. Fifth Ct. on Dec. 4. Henry Nicholson, working weeks on, shot.The.32
used that beach.
I Implicated Clarence Simpsonno the case, finally arrested calibre revolver Refusal
; The suit was brought by .
used in the shooting was
'r known address--on Henry who then implicated
..., ; 'Dec. 16. as his co-con- Si- son. Simpson later, found under a mattress inStills' the City' following, a
series of visits to the Is
:! spirator and both men in accused the woman of bedroom. Parker
'. .\ said. Fort Lauderdale Beach at .
.". :.. 1" i... ,; admitting Mrs. Duttn&way's complicity in the case.I' .- "
", .. I Olos and Atlantic Boule- ORLEANS. LA. -- The
: -
killing stated that Mrs. **?w II sick,' Nicholson] Judge Thomas
'" \ .1'\\, vard which began last action of city officials in
I Thomas set up the plan. claimed when he learned of t
\ July 4 when Mrs. Johnson. New Orleans In
The have been clr.rgcu Former
\. men his own sister's involvement axon
; '_. Dr. Mizell and three other th e use of the city
'with first degree murder in. the..c.as- 9 i. ,Municipal Judge L. E. persons decided to use auditorium by the Rev.

t' -- f in Mrs. Dunnaway death. Late Bulletin* Thomas is a former Jason, the facilities. Martin Luther ICing jr.,

When Judge Thomas was MIAMI -- Mrs. Eugenia it was learned here this Later. City Commissioners was called a 'flagrant and
notified by friends of his'wife's
..' .. he is Thomas, wife-;ef City judgeL. week. declared as a matter of outrageous violation of the
-- JIL arrest said E. Thomas, was released His brother. E. V. Thomas policy that the Beach was Constitution'. by the
to have rushed to the Miami .
Wednesday under .$2,000 "was a former_ administrator "open to all citizens regardless (Southern Conference
-. ..LEAYDfQ Station with Jotae Thorns .police _station and was bond a.$ Blodgett here. ::1'.
.- Homes- -,-. of race. When- .- I..Educational Fund., v

... .. I .

: ... ..' .-:,-:_-- r _.' ::;; .-1.'_ -.r' J' ,
.. ..' :' ,'. '. "-' --" I,. -', '..-. : ,.?:'i t ; ?
-"f (:r't ," .' -'p. t


__ -.____ -_d ...

A i 2 .1.,, _
... I t
I 'Orr '. .. '
.. .
"' U'fI -;'
---"- ---- .
Ii. It" '" "Politics
,, ., ,- FLORIDANEWS STAj'' ; '{fll' Hii .
....}1'/! .. .... ""
'. ,,1 {
: i1'th ;: -.; Eric
I \ 1 IU'! ? :p. Simpson

: 'i..J .
I- Published by The Florida .Star Publishing.Co" ; -H: .. .
"Member, Associated Negro Press"t:,. !!t !' Madison, Wis. Dec. 13 If all discriminatory

f''W/"l laws in the United States were repealed immediately -
j ERIC O. SIMPSON......1.........................!..........:Managing
remain one of the, mostpressing
| ALYSON E. WISE......................................................News dato racejvould I
; moral and political problems the
j HILDA WOOTEN.........._............................Circulation Manag ii J / I I I
L nation, a Negro leader said at the 15th annu-

MAIN OFFICE & PLANT: \' ti'li al dinner here recently of the Blessed Martin
2323 Moncrief Road,........ __.....Phone ELgin 467821'Moiling 1 1i r
\ : ::::= .::: : I 'Negroes in this county are not simply victims

Address: of a system of iniquitous statutes said

P. b.' Box 561, Jacksonville 1 1, Florida i I / I I f.tanl'ey P. Herbert, Commissioner of r.,

the Wisconsin. Public Service
.642 N W 2nd! AVENUE .
.. ". MIAMI. mission. "The /rerican' economy, the .
; { FLA. TR48195 OR"R%48105 .' _
\ .
: ..'' 1 i American society, rnd' therericon I
:- 1
: t unconscious 11] racist."If .
One Year, $5.00; Half Year, $3.00 I f>ll Irws suddenly] were 'f'ipr.t.'
Mailed To You Anywhere In The United States .t 1 la I i there would still be the vast
I Subscription! Payable In Advance. Send Check or Money Order To:, iM
system directed against and '
men women (of c> -
j To be equal, the Negro requires something much
--- more profound than a way 'into the society. He

\ : needs a transformation of some of the basic .l,
F I" institutions of society. 1

'.. ,'f 'j r Mr. Hebert said that this is why it is not

q; enough to open the southern schools, to sit in

(f /1\-Iv at the lunch counters and to move into the ore-

.,. Christmas vious all-white neighborhood.'It .
I :j. n is enough he continued, 'to be able to

f _: _# nd this shall be a sign unto you.t. M live simply or complexly as human beings, as a
Catholic as others are Catholics, as an American -
I t. "'. -4I' I gc shall find the babe trapped '
: ; '. n as others are American. He deserves not
/J1 iy in saddling clothes, Icing in apnangerJSindsiiddenlgtheretoastoiththeanflel more, and will settle for no less. '

: : } Negroes realize that discrimination is a
-- -
--- --
Rtia. multitude of the heaoenlg host praising Bud .. national problem, Mr. Hebert said, and that

'. hand, saging: 'eiorj to 6od
\\ I ;J\) i\' on earth, peace,good toiil totoard mm.l: : Your Weekly ., \:; ir

\ \ f \ 'Ois: (Christmas: let us again raise our unites ."
\: \ Horoscope you Ii
in and toe celebrate
prayer song as the birth of fi l

the irinceof eact..iet ns,in all our spiritual WHICH ARE YOUR LUCKY DAYS FOR a J.;v it4........ ';) !!

demotions,gtoe thanks to the tuatoenlu!!father : BUSINESS LOVE TRAVEL .- ra

for IMs countless blessings and for the rich her : .. I

itage ofa free people.j:> let us pray for the ;I-. By PABLO, The ASTROLOGERARIES e @J.ri

.," .. strength to keep us true to our faith. let us -. Q '.' c )1t7 it

strtoe altoaus!! to line bg!!the inspiring teachings sMp matters and to arriveat 'you, and the family a long- w a f I1 l.

beseech ftim to fitoe solace and hope to those As a typical Arian, you satisfy everyone concerned. if you could do no better a r.rt

less( fortunate,wisdom and to (leaders done absolutely than to welcome then with i{
courage our may have Go our heartfelt At
5 20771537527LEO
open arms. There is an exciting '}1 a! ,' "Jj
,spiritual and political,that thEY may better nothing as.yet about trend developing in i 0 n t1; 1 1if
meet the problems that confront( all mankind. getting your presents your fraternity and social wishes. of happinessat l s! t tj

together, thinking that It is said that lightningnever circles, and you could be I ChrIsL r
there still is plenty of
., strikes twice in the called upon to be one of Christmastime! s!! l.
ss rsrsz sa ssszsxsssAZ rsarss s-sI' time to make up for this same place. T.is cannot Le tote main contributors. It 8 8 ".{ we cannot help but a U
omission: What you may .
said of tie kind of light- "
\' overlook is that stockscan ning, a highly Leneficial you goes should without. be saying pleased that beyond | B R 0 DNA X f ftii t1'1 remember favor we've t!e many received ilnd

: be depleted, and that
I certain colors, sizes or one, that :las selected you your fondest expecta- SERVICE STATION IS & from our patrons end 5
as its target.AnJth in tions if to take S
you agree
types may no longer he that happens shoul" te con-'' part. 8 816 W. State St. gg t our many fr .nch...m.y !
IL e. 'ri : ii6j available so late in the all the b'estl)
; be si'ere'T as cost: propitious Phone EL 4-9264 HS you enjoy
nonth. There
for Leos their mates or 3rO991973r9 J. N. BROADNAX. Mgr. a
job offers or sone of your 4 r j J. C. DOWNING g
partners their gainful
an -ii
d n
i decisions could alter the 5 f.I
j en-'eavors (19th, ?1st and SAGITTARIUSIf 5J! D.D.S.
course of life (19th). .
your i Zd
: l! r nd) Accept opportunities, I t "
you have lived up to
940881327948TAURUS no matter vuere: they cone i

I. Mayaii food from, and rely on chanceto the challenges that seeredto j- l; R :I f :! ::::lj J::
h'eln you in exploiting be arising from everywhere .

I I W be YOttrS thIS hEtppy SeeSoll, i iI' There is a startling trans- them to your advantage. If and have rtannged.to ,4jyOTx IIO

Maintaim your ecuililrium, ;
formation in the moods of it takes marriage to get
the recognition and rewards I
: yjou in the business or vocation -
people in the
general as
1 DOCTOR E. H. WASHINGTON II'II'Bi hpliday. spirit begins to you desire you nay that they have earned you q i
should start coning in a
just as well give it I
make itself felt. Foraeone 1
: t AND FAMILY very close to your heart serious consideration. steady flow. The first ...,..",..,. Q""".." e B:

B I event of any importance t I !j jr
could unexpectedly come ,
J;;::! crscrss rrl 1 rss ssr xtcsssrus 1" I.t 7-10-2r-13-S7-712 should take place on the #& I! t
from afar to pay you a
19th-20th, and
an even
.. .F-_ visit and this event would VIRGO QtaYOttP$1<
more glamorous one may
do more for your morale
follow on the 22nd. vOur
than most anything else During the' rather hectic i 1

: /J I 'sop.r that you can wish for nays that have kept you ina gainful or professional Go our heartfelt ,

(;#tIWn (19th). Be sure to get all dither up till now, you -endeavors should bring you SS
A greater prestige and cur+-
,., your gifts selected or delivered may have overlooked the wishes of happiness S
before the end of swift approach of the nensurate remuneration. 8
festive cycle. You nay haveto 8- O- -11-93-85 i G1fTIe6SOur !i 8
VVWSINGLETUNISSUPERIOR the 21st to prevent' dis- no some tall hustling to i 1&& at Christmastime! I
appointments. CAPRICORN
tree is Med with wishes J
cards written,
get ant
:BABBECUE'Specializing presents selected for those Things are starting to ''For everyoneofyaw -. J I JPYOUS CHRISTMAS |
470331957473GEMINI move rapidly, and you would
who are agog with anticipation. be well advised to keep !j May your Ckistmas be!happy j jI And Happiness g

.. in Ribs and Chicken Po not tej ect romanceif "far ahead of them, when I And all of next year tool I II I In. I

You can expect to be on it enters your life unexpectedly this is feasible. One of .1 The Coming Year I

; .' No. 1 33rd PHONE at EL Moncriof 49102No. Road the receiving end of unex- on the 19th, sit your first surprises and I Dr. and Mrs. (I I DR. A. T.\ FRAZIER 11

pected good fortune this would be the forerunnerof there should be many more ] Hunter H. Satterwhite Ir
2 Broad at State Street' 1 Ii 1913 Kings Rd.
a succession of thril-
week. You acquire ,enable
pro- should
PHONE EL 4-9789 may on the way := ::.t
;{ SSS:1:: : :1 )
perty, receive a legacy or ling events that will all you to get a glimpse of
No. 3 Floricla Avenue at 1st Street *
PHONE' EL 6.9367 find the kind of surround- take place before the en' wonderful things to cone I tsxs 3= : 7 s a sc3:a rs3x xr.t .
of the nonth. t = ::1 r
ings that match your fondest Surprisesmay ( 19th ) .
No. 4 700 :Block W. Ashley Street dreams. Whatever happens, sweep you off your I i iY .

No. 5 Edgewood and Cleveland Pd. you should not hesitate to feet, r-nd place an entirelynew 4-30-99-13-T5-439 !

......-.... -".. 'I ._ __-_. FLORIDA..- -- -.. exploit your advantagesfor complexion on life AQUARIUSAs !
TrlcSsO'NVILLE and its meaning (21st-22nd). I.
all that they may haveto ;1.'Ill
... -- the season of good will
offer. The days when you :
approaches, you are boundto D
should step out boldly and 2-90-6P-17-87-29F
>=<\ .---""'--- \ feel the excitement
; attempt the unusual are the LIBRA
rising wt 'thin you. If you
I I 19th 21st and 22nd. Chance :
: have any secret wishes r
may-deal you a generous with the
storm cloud about how it is going to. 1! 1
rM hand but it may still be starting to disappear over turn out or in connection B I
only a part of a better the -horizon,
you can now with the presents you
one that is being held in settle down and
start enjoying would like to receive, I
reserve: for you. all the .1 '
jjj/In blessing your chances of getting ri
that are due to shower on them granted may far sur- J ml

al' 180551667185CANCER you. You can restore peace pass your fondest expecta- i
within the family, serenity tions. I
to all of, J
within yourself, and a renewed : iI
from all of us!. You may get a foretasteas sense of security in 7MO-22-14-98-742 I 1I'

to what the-coming week general. The exultation 1

has to offer, and it should which comes over you as a :'. PISCES :

.. whet your appetite-all the consequence could outshineany .Should you be at odds

more. When you are invited other gift that is with your mate or romantically .. .

to parties' accept with purely material. in .sub-. inclined you i J. .1 ,
alacrity as you may meet stance (19th and 22nd). seem to be a legitimate
your fated one, but only target for Cupid's arrow.;

I'OOS t !E GRILL if you. are listed among 6-30-44-12-47- '-- There will be surprises I DR. L. B. CHILDS ,

the proaising. eligibles. "..' SCORPIO where you work or spend- I GENERAL. PRACTICE OF MEDICINE '
(20.th thra.22ad).,. It 8S3 DAVIS, STREETPA
t..W..srr ; _' '. nay- If ;you have kinsfolk or your leisure hours (21st-.
mo.v s.ooaI ,. .. also Le the I w t eat- ;to- ,'disI i friends'::who have,:the' desire 22nd). t ::1 I6i

'. '" .cuss... >narital, aad partner-f;" I.to' make a long trip to pay 5-20-ll-18r82-521). i ( ;

I ..1' : : -y, 1 I. l

'.; .\: i
t'i .. 1
.t ..
L .'.' ,.' I

,;<.1-!,', r.. -: ': .d -.-............ ,-, -.------ -- .--------.--.- -.. .


: r-i 1L


I It. Wedding Bells Sponsored Fall Tea R I !ecenf/y/ ; Yes, We

.. .. ', _
--- < P.
: -
: < ,
'-........ S. ?;.f'"J 'P: S ; \ All TalkBY
t. PLICATIONS FOR ; .J.'_'-5>, ;'i.::; & ;"fi
1'1 .1.
: : : ; \
Julius Cohens 2220 W. 1st St, : MARCUS H. BOULWARE
i <*.3 and Nancy Shaw, 2220 W. 1st
By tit, 45.Tutus'. >f. a' ; Gl it;
Mason 718 Eaverson St, .- 'e' j) If parents and teacherswant t

51 and Carrie Tracy, 1541 Louisiana a helpful book that
t .. -' : LOUISE G. GUINYARD .. ., (: }
; .,J .. St, 49. ( .\ Y'1 t '" will help them to aid child-
Wm. Madison, Jr., 1515 W. r' A I *, ,
Union St. 22 and Emma / :t.. ; .. ren. with their speech, I
R. Way, .
'J:}. .J1. '1602 W. 29th St, 20. ; -. t4K1r recommend' :

Wm. E. Howard, 1220 OakleySt 1 .. -.;J Spsech in the Elementary

Christmas is just a. few days ,away and I find myself 42 and Mattie M. Johnson 'f Classroom, by Van Riper and

sympathizing rlth people who are faced with the problen. I 1220 Oakley St, 40. 4/ \ Butler, copyrighted in 1955

of selecting suitable gifts for others, especially the Eugene Brown, Jr., 1545 W. 6th \ 1; and published by Harper land
St., 25 and Mary A. Lee, 3322 .-' ;.
t men. Snooping being a necessary part of every woman's --, Brothers, 49 East 33rd St. .
Moncrief R life (in fact, many of them pursue it as a hobby) for I David Brown 11252 Ft. Caroline > : "- New york New York
them it 'is just a matter increasing the tempo a bit. Rd., 20 and Beverly A. Ed- L L Its topics include: (a)

But, also, the poor man! For him shopping can be almost wards, 1483 W. 33rd St, 20. t :. xr r speech improvement and taking -
torture. A visit to the women's wear in a' department 'Doley Alexander, 1642 W. 30th : ::4i (b) the alphabet of
St., 47 and Paralee Holmes 2912 .'
store can unnerve even the 'nervuest' of the Bethel Ct., 49. i t sound, (c) self-hearing and
stronger sex.Fortunately. Wm. H. Jones 918 Oakley St., ..' ''1. ;' I vocal phonics, (d) improving

many of our department stores are fully 19 and Hazel D. Mitchell, 1233 E. I fluency, (e) thinking aloud,

aware of the gentlemen's predicament, and have ser aside Swift, 16.Isreal k 4 and (f) improving the voice.

special nights for them to do their shopping when they McCall 1429C Davis St., r. rt y. 1 3 Oral communications is so j
37 and Irene H. Harrison 2702
will not be harassed by regular shoppers or the stares. White. Ave.. 33. important in our lives that

of curious females. What' more, they have special help Johnnie L. Brown 2112 Bald- --- it must no longer be deg-
MEMBERS of the Lincoln Villa Social Clue presented an entertainung program during
t from sales personnel who offer suggestions and presentthe win St, 25 and Lorraine Cason, lected in our homes.
2056 Baldwin St. 21. their Fall Tea recently which was held in the home of Mrs. J. B. Bailey 7845 New
more personal items in a manner that prevents em- Yulee J. Hart, 1311 W. 31st St. Kings Rd. Mrs. Rosa Stephens was guest speaker and Mrs. Rosa Lee Ryles, mistress READERS: For mar free dis
barrassment. 31 and Nancy M. Jackson, 1139'*I. cussion pamplet send a '
of ceremonies. Seated from left are: Mrs. Martha Jones, chaplain; Mrs. Edwina Cull
However, with only a couple of days remaining, storesare Foster Lane, 23. .I self-addressed long busT-
secretary Mrs. Agnes Hartsfield president Mrs. Mary Moran vice presi-'
Oscar Randolph, Jr., 2068 W. recording ; ; 1
on a 'come one, come all' basis, so here are a 'few
19th St., 27 and Deborah O'Neal, dent; Mrs. Bertha Wilson, treasurer. Standing from left: Mrs. Ethel Brown, Mrs. Rosa ness envelope to Dr. MarcusH.
suggestions for last minute shoppers. 2019 W. 10th St., 18. Boulware Box 310-A
Lee Burney Mrs. Juanita Poole, Mrs. Dorothy Hall, reporter; Mrs. Libenia Baijley
i Furs are always desired, whether in cold New York or I -
Florida A&M University,
Robt Mervin, Jr., 1228 Jackson financial secretary; Mrs. Lovenia Hopkins, social secretary: Mrs. Mertris Albertia
sunny Florida Glamarous mink stoles, in new tropicana, Tallahassee Florida.
: St., 19 and Gloria C. Cousar,
Hayward is the member.
and Mrs. Mamie Pinkney. Mrs. Ophelia remaining .. .
cowl or bolster collar fashions are available in E. 28th St, 17. I -- -- -- -

I exquisite new tones for those who want to make a real I Henry L. Maxwell, 472 Claude
St., 24 and Sharon Mills, 463 I Artist Visits Friends Here y" ** j .
r -
t r impression on the woman in his life. Fascinating fox Goodwin St. 13. __ f Y Jv

shrugs and capelets although more economical, are : Lindsey G. Chancy, 820 E. n" '

>. equally as pleasing as mink and are ideal for tropic i Union ,St., 20 and Geneva T.. l I1 3Qin
Woodley, 1316 Dora St., 19. I { 1
"'.'k nights and balmy weather such as we are experiencing now. Roosevelt A. Bacon, 1537 \ .. '. } 11 F Which word IS o r.

::':.:.:- But, if you really want reach her heart, and have something Franklin St, 21 and Annette V. 1 : '
/ ,
t t. .: left to squire the precious lady around to Christmas Sykes, 1087. W. 12th S., 20. .. :

aid cocktail Habey Collins, 1634 E. 22nd St., .r. Grnoi' tc
f.1.: parties lounges, the mink-collared
i 22 and Johnnie M. Heath, 1765 E. ..u T
cashmere sweaters cannot be surpassed. They come with : St. 21.Cataline .L ,
26th ? !-
.. Gordon's
luxurious-looking deep collars of precious mink, color ; Rodrigques, Jr., 1656 +Y : VN -

keyed to the various cashmere sweater tones. There's gift J W. 32nd St.. 20 and Shirley A. vt -
for you. : Jackson 1519 W. 7th St., 18.

; A. J. Daughtery, Rt. 2, Box 258
Lest readers think I have 'high-hat, here is a
my gone Jax, 21 and Patricia A. Wilks, Rt r
reminder, 'It' s to selecting a gift that will always be 2, Box 258, 1I \ / I

cherished. So, for the more practical side of giflbuying t \ _

here are additional suggestions:' Betrothed i If i'

Perfume, all fragrances, sizes and prices, can be I L LI t p

found to suit the most discriminating taste; cosmetic I
I Kc
cases; nylons; accessories, such as jewelry, gloves --
ARTHUR PRYSOCK, internationally known balladeer of 1f GORDONS
bags, and the like, to compliment a favorite outfit;
popular songs, and star of radio, television movies, an
[lounging! or hostess outfits; any of these will make her
top flight clubs shows was a recent guest of socialite y1- I
eyes sparkle long after other events of the Holidays ,
i Mrs. Azee Anderson and friends here last week. Mr-
: have been forgotten. ,.
also Mrs. Anderson and friends guest at the
prysock was LONDON DRY .
Gents, take the above suggestions for starters, look tk 4L 4.MMSilh
recent Orange Blossom Classic in Miami.; He left during GIN .
for hints from the little lady, and go on from there. ., :
midweek for Miami to open a series of engagements or 1w
It s still the sentiment that counts most. Miami: Beach. IK( '

I s He is shown chatting with Jax Urban, League's ExecutiveSecretary t ir* -1 t" | 'Ii. :

Junius. Bowman, (right)

As usual, along with sleighbells and Christmas bells we
( Royal Art Studio Photo ) '
can catch faint chimes of wedding bells.A .. is 69years older, but since
------, t.
beautiful candlelight ceremony uniting Avalon Anaida

Darby Dowdell and Jimmie Cromartie of Bradenton, Florida, A Chair Is a ChairIs :f Y cordon's was introduced *A 'j;

was performed Saturday afternoon, December 15 in the Stork ChairThe
a in in it has been @
I home of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. John B. Darby I II I England 1769,

1335 West Ninth St. The Reverend Goldie L. Boys,' uncleof I Mrs. Estella K.- Lyons announces Deliveries )1n
unusual !seat on tht".rdjuott.rlatic the world's word for gin. \
the bride, conducted the ceremny.Mr. the engagement of : hair, built for

and Mrs. Richard Harvey of Bradenton were sole Frances Burn To secretaries., is split in two equalliahes. r '
her daughter, Kaye : each half responding. .. DISTILLED LONDON DRY GIN 100%NEUTRAL\ SPIRITS DISTILLED FROM GRAIN.90 PROOF 3t\\
attendants Mrs. Harvey honoring the bride and Mr. Lyons, to Officer Alexander the Height antI movement of i vrcsfl GORDON'S DRY GFN CO.LTD.UMKN' } .N J.PROOUCTOf A 6;;

Harvey serving as best man to the groom. G. Joe son of Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Hardy the. two "hahes" of the body, .... ...,
a biological fact that the ordinary <- 1 i.r' i..
701 Venus-Mars Court : < .
included 9
Out-of-town guest Mrs. Laura Hammond, Branden and Mrs. Willie Joe. chair has never taken .. / ( :. 1 ,,'i l.J.
ton, Fla.. nad Mrs. Ida Mae Atkins, New York City. The bride-elect is a June Boy. into consideration.

I Mr. Gloria jane Moore, sister of the bride, headed the graduate of Florida A. andM. Mr. and Mrs Herbert Cul-.. I

receiving line, while Miss Saint Frances Darby and Miss University where she ver, 613 Court 3, Girl.

Murnace Coleman assisted with refreshments. received her B.S. Degreein Mr. and Mrs. William

Nuptial music was furnished by Miss Guelda White. Elementary Education.She Henderson, SID Bakers. ,

The taride is a recent graduate Florida A&M uni is presently employedat Ave. Girl. .. I w

1 versity and is employed by the Duval County Board of the J.R.E. Lee Schoolof Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Col-

Public instruction as a teacher. at James_''ffeldoa Johnson Mulberry. Florida and lins, 313 w. Union St. ,

junior High School. is a member of the Alpha Girl.

Mr. Cromartie is also a graduate of Florida A&M uni- i Kappa Alpha Sorority. Mr. and. Mrs. Roy McKennon

versity and is assistant coach at Lincoln Mermorial Higl 1 Mr. Joe is employed by 7136 Easther Street

School in Bradenton. the Police Department of Boy.
Mr. and'Mrs. Willie Rich.
Lakeland. Florida. He .
6416 Lobelia Road. Boy.
native of ..Savannah.Ga. Stai -
1 Mr. and Mrs. Clude Kirk- -S. -- ..
.:, but presently
The Jefferson Street apartment of Mrs. Bettye R. Belton Lakeland. Patrick 804 Portier Road.

I'' served as a meeting place for Les Fleurs Whist .Club Plans for their wedding Girl.

,) Saturday evening. ill be announced. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Davis ,

Members present and enjoying the delicious refreshments 1581 Ella Street Boy.

included Mrs. Juanita .,att, Mrs. Fay Helms Mrs. Irma ._. Mr. and Mrs. David Hen-

Villarin, Mrs. Helen Grimes Miss Estelle Williams, r-::; ; derson 806 Palmetto St. ,

Mrs. Dorothy Dunlap. Mrs. Barbara Walker Miss Myrtle '.1 I r Boy. I
Turner' Mrs. Cornelia Oree and Mrs. Doris Scott. f .: :\ r. Mr. and Mrs. James Byrd

.t l 4., d1 J. Of' 1248 W. 4th St. Boy. I RivEm __

.. : Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Mc- f
F:;'; : .:i:;
Christmas vacations started for many persons this MERRY Clain. 6106 CarnationRoad
week and of course, seasonal parties have begun for *. Girl.Mr. .
organizations.Entre and Mrs. Harold Wai- lCQUORS' l
many I
Nous Bridge Club will meet Friday evening' in THE FLORIDA STAR. !!I bey. 1720 Highland Ave. ,

the home of M \ and Mrs. Dennis Stewart. Details of t stlss ssc c Girl.

l I Awrwg_(

Mrs. Emma Bell of Atlanta. Georgia attractive representative -

of a milk company, was in the city recently -

visiting local schools and distributing sampleof

her product. CkRISTNGSr
"-__ 0I :.- i r

wi :

: N"ORT-I N fi.OIi : '
tj ilAS .

f ,

\ I i' no wits j (. 'P,4'e 74'- 771e I/IIllf ))


Drugs Sundries Cosmetics :-
1/1/ ,
c for those .J. "II
: 5668 Ave. S. FLORIDA JIll po 4-0289
who think young ..;.:...#> ..:.. > 530 BROAD STREET :."Z.lr. .:
--iT .r. .. .,
EL 42159
l I t- Pkona j; : ;r'I ,
-< .
I. J'i" ; 2 -' 4 4S
, -- :; ;( -" ;i. .
i : 'if : ., 1.
! "f ; <: :1\ :;,

\ ,A' '" ,; I .... ,u'. ,,of .' .;.,;; ._ /.;
>'.. .. .' \ -" ., : I ,> ... -

I .



':: '-- ;19l:

/ -- -- .

...t- --,- JI. I' NOW OPENED.

f 1; '; '


CHURCH !! V T Try ,li' .With. AL'S Barbeque.Sauce.

Ribs&Barbequed Chicken
.x, I 'fl', .

rI t4._ rw. i lL' } 1226 LOGAH ST.
I .
/ A gospel musical program featuring several groups z
4f One BL Block North of St.
1 will be presented Dec. 31"in the auditorium of Mt. Tabor : _

E| tint Church, Fifth and Mt. Herman Streets. ,: rti ry .' 3e ALBERT
tpj faring on the program will be the Voices of ,

Jerusalem, the Cavaliers, Sunny Rose, Soul Revivers, 1 .r

Starlight, Silver Singers, Trunpetters. the BSA Chorus,. > Big News For Men

and the UN Gospel Singers The featured group will be

the Sunbeam Spiritual Singers and'Andrew McCall. Edwards
3 The public is invited. The Rev. H. T. Overstreet ;:

host pastor. .
t -
s 4f
M me. n. Custom Shirt Makers

Preparations are being made by the members of choir 1 :
of St. Paul AME Church for their annual musicale recitalto Domestic & imported

be presented Dec. 31, at 7 p.m. in the church. ...;,
i Solo numbers will be presented by Naham McClellan who
REGISTRARS -- during
one-day ,executive board meeting of the Florida State Funeral
will sing "Sweet Little Jesus Boy." Mrs.! Dorothy Bacon. Directors and Embalmers Association meeting here Tuesday week were Mrs. Edward Mc-

Leonard J. Roberts and Mrs. Eardean Taylor. Rea St. Petersburg (left) and Mrs., F. B. Stone. Tampa. Being enrolled (from left
In addition to the choir featuring Christmas music; are Ernest Clark ) Custom Made
or st.
Petersburg. J. Maxwell Charlow of plant City. Albert Drapes'You've
- spirituals, and semi classics will also be heard.
J Cunningham of Ocala, Elihue
Brayboy of St. Petersburg Oscar Hillsman of
Allen N. Green is director and Jacksonville Tried Others Now
organist of the group. Try Us"
B. F. Gibson of Fort Pierce and David Larkin of Clearwater. ,

( Photo By Fillyaw ) Edward & Randolph Ine
The annual Emancipation program will be presented Jan ,

uary Auditorium 1. 1962, sponsored at the Apostolic by Mrs. Elizabeth Church of Holts.in Christ r The True Spirit Of Xmas I 'Woodlawn Presbyterian 1157 W. 8th St. EL 42524Special

I Scheduled to deliver addresses will be Missionary D. i -

'Cooper Elder Thomas Brown and Elder M. Howard. Church NotesBy Now' 'Sizes 20-24-

.\, The choir will sing the National Anthem and Go down I till Xrpas 26 inch

Moses. Miss Mamie Gibbons will serve as guest soloist. rrmi. L. N. Pearson Sr.
Miss Dorothy Davis offering a reading and other partici- and

pants will be presented. The public is invited. Church schools' schedulefor middleweightdurability

Sunday are slated to /J,1.y '- \ !

begin at 9 a.m. on the new j Chrome trim!

The Trumpeteer Gospel Singers will be presented in a site, 3066 Woodlawn Rd. t ,. Boy's
musical program Dec. 24 in Starke at the First Born and at 9:30 a.m. at the

Church of the Living God. i Elder F. Howard is the host, old site State and Laura "i ..- .. Girl' I

J .,Castor. Soloist for the group are, Walter Brown and sts T. V. Harper, : ,

Dorothy Telfair. superintendent in charge, t\j\
Featured,selections will include: "I Love The'Lord announced. .
\ -
'Meet Me In Galilee, "Does Jesus Care" "Wonder Pev. Franklin D. wiJson :' '

What The Lord Can Do, "He's Alright. and other
pastor, who was absent
HUMANITARIAN GESTURE: Customers and employees of the
seleections.k Layaay NQW-$1 Holds! )x
from his pulpit last Sunday -
Bottom Dollar Store 2255 W. Edgewood, demonstratedthe
k Appearing on the program will be the Angelite Gospel
i true spirit of Christmas last week, when they in Woodlawn United
Singers. The groups will depart for Starke Sunday '
turned over $72.20 to Justice of the Peace Dorcas B. Presbyterian Church. He
morning. All singing groups are invited to go along I will be supported by the 2888 U\\ :
Drake who in turn gave the money to Mrs. Rachel ice,
with the Trumpeteers.
church choir with Mrs.
mother of the five children who perished during last

September flaming truck crash here. Taking part in Rudyne Watson at the con- .

the generous Xmas gesture were: Mrs. Emma Ford, (left) sole.

Usher Board 1 of St. Paul AME Church met recently and Judge Drake and Mrs.'Camilla Edge Jones. Mrs. Sallie Regular midweek prayer BRING THIS COUPON IN
is the store's manager. services will be held
held its election of officers. Sampson

'Officers elected were: Mrs. Gussie Jenkins, president; (Royal Art Studio Photo) Wednesday beginning at and Receive
7:30'p.m. in the sanctuary
Mrs. Bertha Bing vice president; Wheeler Pinkney vice
This will consist of
president; Mrs. Clarice Street, recording secretary; Roller Skates
and Bible study.
Mrs.' Sallie Mae Stoke assistant secretary; Mrs. Eula Progressive Baptist/ Groups prayer Weekly choir rehearsal

Graham, financial secretary; Mrs. Mable Henderson
will start at 8 No./ 4's & No. 5's
treasurer; Mrs. Ruth DeWitt chaplain and Mrs. Pauline Meet p.m.
Goines, reporter. .1 I In Marietta Dec. 27-37 Thursday the sanc-

tuary. Members are urgedto For Only
1 I I The Ministers and Deacons Mutual Union and the Women'
be present. Those
.. Missionary Society auxiliary to the Emanuel progressive '
--- -
:: fl' wishing to become members
Baptist Association, Re\ J. W. Johnson, moderator will 2098
may join during this
convene in New Hope Baptist Church Marietta, Dec. 2731.On period.The pr.

Dec. 28. Mrs. Olivia
hams Mrs. James Jackson United Presbyterian
Sf King, Mrs. Hattie Thomas
Mrs. G. G. Webb. Mrs. H. Youth will hold their' SURPLUS GOODS COMPANY
Mrs. Alice Robinson and .
1 r: now itSPepsi Telfair. The B. W. Wil- annual Christmas Party
Mrs. Ethel Baker will con- ARMY-NAVY GOODS STORE
liams Choir of Ht. Bethel Saturday at 7 p.m. at 3066
duct worship service. All FLOHIDA'B OLDEST BUBH-US PTOKC
and Moncrief Baptist Woodlawn Rd. Parents are
t women are requested to TOY CBTAIUBMCO 11*
f r t Churcftes will serve.On requested to bring their
Dec. 29, Deacons James' children and to call for '
Bibles. The Forum subjectis 427 WEST ADAMS STREET TELEPHONE EL 6-O241
ftp those
Pugh and Robert Newman them at 9 p.m. The pro- 6.02424aCKLONVILL
"What Baptists Believe 10135 BfcB W. Pfc. RA 4 5750
will conduct devotions. gram will be rendered in
1 WM think young ." Mrs. Louvenia New [ 11. FLORIDA
I The education sermon will the sanctuary.
man will be moderator.
I be delivered by the Rev.F. .
Speakers will be Mrs. C.
L. Wilcox alternate
L. Boyd. Mrs. C. I. Wilt TI
t M Rev S. A. Thomas.
-- r -- :-:: Educational will be
.. rally v
led by Rev. R. Scott and I

Deacon Charlie Smith. Best Wishes For The Holiday SeasonAnd i i1i

During the final day, I

Sunday School will be at '

'/ M Madelines CofkeShop Season's Greetings 11 a.m. Deacons James .

__ Baker and M. Wilcox will

: ._ I ::,.\ conduct devotions. TheRe 1.9 The New Year r' i
v. W. M. Smith will '
i" M JS t
preachthe sermon Rev. {
,, ::1' ::." ,... R
A. 0. Williams is alter- I
}. .
... nate. The laymen will be
I ,
in charge of the service M'
: 7i
M at 2 p.m. and the Young
People's Hour will beginat .M,

249 p.m. with Mrs.

Sarah Jones, director in
y ,charge. life sermon will be

i 1jT'J1h'e I preached by Rev. G. L. i I

Boyd. alternate Licentuate -

Curtis Telfair. Wordsof
; appreciation will be .
.! given by Mrs. M.M. Harris.
t..,. '.,,;."; ',1 "' ',:::' .

,., ;' 1 M St. Paul Choir 1 I.i. H

,Plans. Recital- i AFRO-AMERICAN I
: r
to tell all
i ? pause our St. Paul AME Church s hew

Choir 1 will end a successful .

5! .We enjoyed serving them during the past year .. and to wish them a I..j I. Its years schedules programming a recital when i LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, .

; Sunday night Dec. 31 beginning .
at 7 p. m. in the : B

MERRY XMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR : \ B church auditorium. : l .\.

Prof. Allen N. Green. : :.DR. JAMES H. LEWIS .
: Minister of Music at St. ) I.
I Paul ,will direct the choir: / .

.'I i : Madelines Coffee Shop -:: :\ :.:" .. during tions. its Nathan varied McClellan presents, CHAIRMAN-PRESIDENT '

: choir president, is inviting :
.,: : 1929 KINGS r EL 4-9962. : : other musical groups 'l : J. 0.: ''MATHER MANAGER, JACKSONVILLE DISTRICTp .

: .
,_ : :_. : : H'
_;. c. -- "" and music lovers to hear
S r I
the program.. =
w ..



Eci .

I _

% V' 3 Tti lAY-DECEMBER-- l, 23, 196 1. ', .7 FLIRIBA STII. PAGE 5-


IIISIH Back Cower of Tilt I INO ,
: 7
I :: "
;f -
aa :
inn,fi6u. 10 INCMD TO THE.nc U INCH I i!
i '. : i ..! .... .. ,
: 10,000MILE '
". -
A epolt Will Hold Lau-Xtoag Until Christmas i : [tJ

OPEN CHftUTttAS EYt UNTIL ,.?.*" '., : A : R t aUARATEEUP


us suib ST. EL 4-soii r

'JACKSONVILLE- -- ... I i J7 fp- I J.DAY
1-# 1
-% FREE .
mc& :

r I d1 LE14.4444

I I ,... q A
J4. r r ; SOUTHERN
". All
'- ------- '., _
CLEANERS & LAUNDRY f \ R- _u___ .. II .
f I+ ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. Shown reviewing the curricular offerings of Gibbs Junior I FOR THE CHECKERBOARD"
I 612 West Ashley Street College with its faculty members is Dr. J. T. Kelley, director of Teacher Fducation. '. ,1ACXb VILLF, FLORIDA 14 WEST UNION
FL 41629STJUU6HT _
_-i :x:1 c5Sb SpJ Certification and Accreditation. Staffers shown include: Mrs. C. Sanchez, Robert
Simmons, and Leroy Johnson. Dr. Kelley was'in the city to ascertain the College's
readiness for added recognition via state and-regional evaluation.
} < "C ( Photo By Ballard )

.;r..x..... .: j. -' ,. Brewster Men :Kappas Plan t Scoufers' New a V

'First Annual Ball
Slated To Hear I Officers Slate ,- \
Here t 1i
Dec. 29lh '

5 C Bishop C Gibbs v Is/ Announced
The Jacksonville.AlumniChapter
Y Lii' ;
of Kappa Alpha f-r
_- __ rHICKORY' Bishop Carey A. Gibbs,
.- { .: Psi Fraternity will enhance With> its new slate of
lnuU the presiding prelate of '
their annual Kappa officers ready to assume
Ilf \ the 16th Episcopal Dis-
.' 'f' '. : Scholarship Fund drive Unties for 1962. the
I' 1''W trict of the AME Church,
r". ..::, with their first' annual Cherokee Division jof North
YltAF.8 OLD ; comprising South America,
Kappa Krissmass Ball Florida Council Boy
(. ..'.'' ...A i will be the speaker for
: :
.. Scouts of America has
.., which is scheduled Friday
s-::-v :<.ft. ,-.---, ... ,"; ....) : -.: the Brewster Men's Club
'<'; <. ::$.:,.: >;; :,.t-="" .'",1J.'fa:!:; breakfast program Sundayat )'night, Dec: -'29:in'- lY5---; rei&led ito advance ticket "-
Armory. sale for the annual ban-
7:45 a.m. in the 'd
The event is slated from quet slated for Thursday
( NAGNIFI CENFai hospital' dining room. 10 p. m. until 2 a. m. night Jan. 25 in Matthew _
The Bishop accepted the
invitation extended to For many years, the W. Gilbert High School
annual Scholarship Fund jCafetorium.
him by Solomon Jones I --
\ drive has been one of the The division is already -'"' -
chairman of the program
'I'mffi) WJ1 committee. Bishop Gibbs, outstanding projects of entering into its ,final Christmas Specials
the local alumni group. phase recruit 200 FULLY DRESSEDCATFISH:
who once presided over ,,, .
Invitations are now additional into the I ldt Wi I li t,bu" eels .1,'" 49c
the 11th Episcopal Dis- euppio Iud tea Ib
available from members of following units before the
: trict of theE Church, GENUINE
mCKDRY'j the fraternity. deadline closes. FLORIDA LOBSTERS lb. 59C
comprising Florida will .
Other projects sponsoredby The units have until the Holding the Line in Spite of General Price Increas
bring the Christmas mes- .
) ......____.______...._ "'__'. .. ..._._,...._._n'.> sage to the group. the local Kappas include first of the year to complete SPECKLED TROUT Lb.49c.
the annual Black and their recruitment
BOURBON WHISKY BS PROOF! ) OLD KCKCSY DISTILLERS: co.FK5LA. White Ball which is held deadline. BLUEFISH *""" 39c
f \ Broiling i lb.
during January of each
"very underrated" IjmenH Slim
year and the Southern
Regional Kappa Conclave --;;:
Notice which is scheduled for se

Jacksonville in April. .
i J Special Announcement Robert Mitchell and
William Mathis are pole-
When You Need A CAB march and vice polemarch,

!INSIST ON THE respectively of the Jack-
sonville chapter.JolnsLocalFirm.
I. i

1Meg Deal ADd Lincoln CabsWith ,.-.' .r .

The Checker Border

Get In And Out With Grace And Dignify

Theso Prices Good Af Our New

New Deal & Lincoln Cabs DISCOUNT CENTER

Built For Your CompleteCo.mfort And Safety
1824 West Beaver 56.SD .
Bonded And insured
Ervin (Bill) McDuffee. Yards West of the Formers Market (U.S. 90)) ,
veteran and popular sales-

man in the Southeastern \ ,
States area, and formerly
ii Special Reduced Rates affiliated with Jax south- .

East Of Cleveland Rd From Hercules ern Liquors Home Improvement has joined TO EVERY BODY

To Or From Town 50 Cents
Sub Company as a sales representative .
West Of Cleveland Rd To US-I Or From it was announced tPiiiis \J

Sub Division To Or From Town 75 Cent native this of week.A Jacksonville. Florida Grade 'A'Baking. \{U t 1ENS S

Rates Are The Same Mr. McDuffee was educatedin sroee'

/ On Regular Pick-Up & Phone Calls System the Stanton Duval, and High public graduatedfrom School.Mr. School. i 27C IIJI L-1 l Limit 1 __27 Y_ 0lJ

McDuffee informed the Frigid Dough

DEAL And LINCOLN CO. his recruit desire a in sales due time force to (NEAT PIES 1 IOC

which he, himself will ,
ft -J6JJ Radio-Dispatched $i.00 canS
personally train in orderto Limit 2
-, .- service Hercules' expanding ---. .. .._ ___ ,..
-- - -- -- clientele. : '" -- r.. --'. : -of--_', = _::- : ::- ':_ -':::'. '. -_ ___ ,' .. -=____= -::__,:..: ::_;






Number. 5 Featuring Drive-In Service 3017 idgewood Ave. Af Cleveland Road "

: ; : : Phone-PO '4-9136 HOURS 12 NOON to 2A.M. DAILY .... ,'



.. --
[V -*-'.-':-;; :

-- _.
-- .. .


T -.. ,

Match Car -F1 ii1 Carol SingAboard : AI.le- tio nSanfordiles ,

Upholstery To. t CarriersThe iii .

,Yo'ur'Dresses Get Your FLORIDA STAR At

Don't be surprised if one day s public is cordially
in the future you walk into a # invIted to a Christmas BURNS' DRY CLEANER S
car dealer's showroom and find "
automobiles upholstered in fabrics Carol sing, sponsored
to match your: dress or suit. ;. jointly by Capt. E. L. 316 CYPRESS AYE. SANFORD/FLA. DJai-FA 2-0522
More and more, Detroit's de- ;h
signers are turning to fashionas .. Anderson and Capt. HerbertN. F.N. POWEll REPORTER Nathan Bums, Agent .& Prop
inspiration for interior decorof a''Y .>'riS' Houck Commanding Officers -
cars. ,., "v'.. .....'.. '
1 of the USS FranklinD.
Many of the fabrics used for .
interiors of the 1962 Buicks ,.) AV t:, Roosevelt and the USS
1 1s
were styled after dress and .: .. Shangri La respectively.
home-decorating fabrics, and ,
it's likely this trend will become 1 '1- The .singing will be con- All M.... All McO.rt
njoire firmly established.tftUmiilvlWlJf3ilWiWiRiiiH. 4. ducted Saturday December
>i 23 at 7:30 p.m. on the OVERHAULED

Greetings and i .' sn YtJ flight deck of the Roose- ,
; 1: S Ccmpltf Auto Ktpom fcf icoS "ems oie.R.li.i.9WI
Best wishesTo 1 ; } : > : velt. ,.., 0/G/lei/l9 Front End A1i9.m..tWe
Our Many : J .', Ci.. A 10.000 Mile
Friends and _JlII .... Guereslte WrtA r.cAR.e.dt
I rro.reusu+.
t MOTOR MARTIrbrnete } ,

customers'l Royal Crown rN ,.. EL 5-6601 ..r,f' 1 'oi -
Cola i." 1 m: _
j rnMain & Beaver ( } ,.

I' "' .

.-------- v .

I iI iI ORANGE BLOSSOM STARS -- Willie Richardson (89), Jackson State College end, and

I Florida's quarterback James Tullis (42), were named recipients of The J. R. E. Lee; BUSINESS DIRECTORY

1ti.. jr. Trophies honoring them as the outstanding players of recent 29th annual Orange JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA ,
Blossom Classic in Miami. Above the two stars flank Mr. Lee left Orange Blossom The Firms Listed Below and Throughout This Publication Are Reco"1""pnrerl! I'

t FASHION Ji Classic founder and FAMli vice president and David Zachry Miami, during ceremonie As Reputable Establishments Specializing In Services And Products

MEN'S SHOP 1 1Jj following Florida's thrill-packed 14-8.win over the stubborn invading "Tigers"from -
i Mississippi. The two junior-year players, both All-Americans' were selected to HOTELS MOTELS ROO1ISBORY'S
.j receive the MVP awards by approximately 150 members of the working press and radioTV -

corps, who covered the record-breaking 47,791-paid-attendance game.NOW'S GOODSON CLEANERS MOTEL & RESTAURANTServing

Fine Foods-(.Bring Your Bottle)
: Pick Up and Delivery 2 Locations This Weeks Special/-Vt Fried .Ch.cfcen 75c

: .t 4956 CLEVELAND RD. .:.....................:PO 4-9214 OPEN 24 HOURS DAILY
1056. POWHATTAN ST ...,..................El 4.0047 7904 Kinas Rd. PO 5.9 \D3_ _

C 0 A L Pocqhontas-Briquets, .
Anthracite-Coke Blue Chip &, Charlie Ed. Hotels
512 BROAD ST. 635'/, W. ASHLEYEL

/ ::!::1trirrK: : .
WELL THE 1961 SPORTS CURTAIN is gradually going down.
Many things have happened since this recent event. Many ALL MODERN CONVENIENCES
6334 Restlawn Dr. PO 4-9516-7'-
ART STUDIO racial barriers have been torn down along a wider area :I Rooms by Day Night or Week&

CLARENCE J.SIMfONPROPRIETOR of the sports front. Many records were' broken and many I INDEPENDENT OIL CO. %27 West Ashley St. EL 5.4025

tied. The white perfomers.and the Negro performers
.played together with no disturbances and no unsportsman
Mechanic On Duty BARKER and EACTrlOP..'
like conduct toward one another.

1yII XMAS. SPECIALS NOT A SINGLE WHITE PLAYER has been reported for anni- JAMES FAULKNER MechanicIKE *. O'Neal's Beauty Salon

% mosity toward Ernie Davis winning the Heisman Award. JOSEPH Proprietor .

:WM's. 1-Color, t 1-Black & White $6.95.18x10 They seemed to have rejoiced when the Syracuse flash State and Jefferson Sts. EL 6-9432- I Specialist In Hair Setting-
Styling Cutting Waving Tinting
J received the trophy. Not only was ,he named the finest FUNERAL HOMES I
Opaltone & 3-3x5's $5.95. college player in the country but he also has been the ,; Mrs. Inez O'Neal, Operator
choice of the All-American Andrew J. Huff Funeral Home I "
first on many teams. He has
I 1602 W. _15th St. EL 6-2945
j,i Tops IncommericalWeddingsProffaits.. been a great performer, a strong competitor and a real 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE

team man. Despite his greatness and his fame, he has not Mary l. Breaker, Mgr. 'I ROYAL ART STUDIO.

played the game selfishly, that of trying to hog the
1337 Davis, Street EL 4-6896 or EL 4-689 ..
-E L:c. ::' L" =<;:
515 Davis Bt. EL 4-1894 show. He knew there were ten other players on the team. I
... ..
He is a real star if ever there was one. Carter's Funeral Home .S'5 TAy, .5RESTAURANTS. ':_ cc_
I .A=( ::: ;: A
-- BOB FERGUSON OF OHIO STATE U. is another star of the I!
24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE ;1 FBubba's (}(}[}-<,
first magnitude. He came in second to Ernie Davis in
Sammie '. Davis, I.F.D., Manager
national honors, but in the hearts of all students : i Coffee
929 West Beaver Street EL 4-\:: : -" 51 4-0546 Shop
( OtA former students, teachers, president and other officials .
he is first. Ferguson is the type of player GROCERIES
Mrs. Daisy Ford, Prop.
coaches dream about late at night with their eyes wide' '

now its Ppsi.Y open." Ferguson was picked on all of the selected All- JENNINGS MARKET OPEN 24 HOURS
617 West Ashley Street EL 49701Bertha's
Americans. Groceries and Meats ..- .--
SANDY STEPHENS OF MINNESOTA 'is almost a certain u-
Fancy Citrus Boxes Bar-B-Q & Restaurant
UfflLwhfi nanimous choice for All-American. honors. He has been
the top quarterback for the Minnesota Team throughoutthe
1 think young 1767 Kings Rd. EL 54278DrugsSundries STEAKS, CHOP & SEAFOODS
, season. He is the first Negro quarterback to be .
1 824 W. Beaver EL 4.9583
/ named to an Ail-American team.

-... ,... Jerico Pharmacy Inc. & RESTAURANT
--- --- --
.. -.:---, -- _. We -Filf Any Doctor's Prescription STEAKS. CHOPS CHICKEN SEAFOODS

BAKER'S.PHOTO FREE. Pick Up and Delivery Service 702 W. Ashley EL 4-912i
I I .
On Prescription
y I PHARMACIST ON DUTY John Springleton's Place
You Seek Taw Bfttt'Doctor a Hours 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Daily SPECIALIZING' IN FRIED CHICKENand

} When Your Doctor Pica runs 951 West Ddvis Street EL 1-9268. ALL TYPES OF SEA FOODS

Get Ex urtaaoct Pima FAMILY GROUTS'//r WEDDINGS. ..- 2619. KING 'AVE Fl 99295MADELINE'S
To Fill Your Pratcriptlaa* .. CNUtCHES ., PAXTYS LILLYS DRUG STORESA -," "-

According To Your DwoiteOrder i t. TEAS I .. 'COFFEE
*. Wo tfctf Only :- ALL OCCASIONS Complete Line ofCOSMETICS' SHOP

'the B.ii Qualiiy Drsffi Al Dr. C. E. BlackProprietor 1830 RUBBER GOODS
; Wright Ave. EX 8-5901.. Specializing In Tasty Poods
; I REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVEiniY'S YOU STRAND MERRY ,XMAS ... Prescriptions Called for and Delivered .Regular Meals Served Daily

Starts Thru 1907 Kings Rd.; EL 5-8276
; Sunday SaturdayThey
t "1929 Kings Road EL 49962John
look like kids- rHE MER VON'S PHARMACYFree
4 I tfb? Kings Road Lca 3S2&A : but they want a
,I COMPLETE LINE OPiCouuetla love like adults! ._ fXIJj Pick Up and Delivery Service Springleton's; Place

Rubb Good CtZdtaa -' SandrfM.PBE8CRIPTIONS GENERATION For All Your Drug Store Needs

And Co-Hit -
Open 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.-7 Days a week
P fl 9'9295Fhone
--- -
2735 W. Edgewood Ave. o.y-'
Phones PO 5-1582-PO 5-9267 : EL 4-1735-Al1 Wok Guaranteed

r 1 OMAKESg7SKIW f COMPANIONS Custom TaJ. ra.J "cdc r 'rrcssly !fcr' YouJ' .
// Film in>ANAVJSOM aiMl FATHE COLOR Satisfaction Guara;tcc;_
Drugs, Cosmetics, Notions Gifts(
ROQSEVELT. I First Run Pictur"1 SUR.
FUNTASTIC..MONSTER-IFFlC._J _._ Thu.. lues. Sundries and School Supplies REED TAILORSAlterations
akKAz4 601 WEST ASHLEY STREET El 4-1380
1230.1232 FLORIDA"AVE. EL 6-9762 Neatly

Prices Reasonable

BLEACHES :' FEATURE CARTOON .COLOR .;' Patent Medicines CosmeticsAll "

: fTYIU.III.as K leading Hair Preparations '

And JACK PALAHCf in ad Action ThrillerBEYOND L MOTHER E. M. JONES -
; i SUNDRIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE Service! Every Thundery p.....

SPVJEW Sun Night Tfcji .Ties Night NOTIONS r- GIFTS = LUNCHES 432 W. UNION ST. El ..-0269CHERRY'
i dirk I Cor. 6th Davis El 4-31

1 .rDRTRIIT: 26th & Moncrief 'PO. .5-9561 BAR

te=e Skintona.. r- t 1 I PATRONIZE. % Cocktail Lounge

Cordial Atmosphere

: _;3U-_ IMOBSTERj35Q I' Where Old Friends. Meet
Star Advertisers &1843 KINGS ROoF. *], 38009 _
Manufa of.Pesner'i with the I U39 W. ADAMS .EL 37457
ers Beryamot' Th.1pr 11 Cask Mil Nifktl!I, i ti';<

-, _. '_ ". T':;+ ", 3:: : .' 1 tii.SATURDAY .-i'1..... ..

nq' .,. '. ', ",... >:.:; ..l : ,} t f -''::.... ._T
-., ".





k Miami News' McLemore Tells Inside Story Of Rattlers' Inspiration ,

II Hockey's, Jackie Robinson Brown's Draft FAMU' Just Couldn't Lose I He's' Ci cy's Big! Gun I

Sandy*Stephens Regardless! Of The ScoreI I L I :- _

I .r "5AY CHICAGO -- If he takes 1MOysbandWasWithTheg. .. t :-

advantage of opportunities V ati r- .
By "' .' .. '- r a
Morris McLemore : x + .,,
promised him, Minnesota'sSandy :,;:.'>

Stephens will become !MIA\!!I -- 'One C%:'ornin Kin early Novenber, 'a' call from M

the ffrst Negro to quarter an old friend shook he: awake., Mis information shook me
L.JA back a pro-football team far worse than the 't a lephone' bell however. ..rk

according to Coach Paul "I've had some bad luck, .. .

Brown of the Cleveland he said. The report is. in. cheer and hope rather than I

Browns. It's Pig Casino. Yeah i. the somber one it night

During the ,recent draft- the liver. Rut let's don't have been.
ing of graduating col- fret about that now. .' 'A month, passed and the

legians, Stephens was the There' something
you probably answer was shaped by eventswe
number two draft1 choiceof can do for me. could not foresee. .

;! $ the Browns. 'I f you don't mind too !1r. I'ubhard's! good wife

Fated high on every pro nuch.would please ,
you '
Loyal Lee I'ubbard.! stayedby J a r y;
J 3! K team's lists Stephens check into the chances of his side during his-

quarterbacked the Gophers getting a fellow on a illness of course, and it M f" { r

for three seasons, the stretcher down on the side was she who called to ask ar-

recent one being his best. of the field for the Orange me of the progress made r, < '..aaR

Stephens' final college Rlossom Classic
toward the
y sideline ar-
.y game will come on ;New "I don't know how to approach rangements. ry t

d+ I Year's nay when he leads it but this is the I "''e have a large limousine,

the Copiers against UCLA one football vane I've otto she was told. 'It cnn be

in the famed Rose Bowl see this year. I'-d rather parked off the field, down

contest. at Pasadena. see it than all the
others at the corner of tae: sta- ... _. ,_, ._., ..........._ ___... ,,, "V" ----
fl..A., rLADFS WILLIE"o'FER of Frederickson New rrunswick. put together. hate to be dium, nd he can-sit inside' .n.y--. ,,,
Hail Pl\tJL !furl ir for,'! '; l' if 'fns f'ltlrtt!
,anada, is the only Negro player in organized hockey Of FameHARRY a bother but maybe Jake I'm afraid it won't work '
I 'ti. 1-: Ol'! (o')i Ui \("V < :';'rpio-!' t ti L 1 ",iif-a'; ian tt11s
raerly with the Boston Bruins, O'Pee is an outstanding raither wouldn' t mind too 'she sa:d. lie srmch'ica.: er. I
season. "rogue recently scored 27-points to aid t.F
Member of the Blades in the Western Hockey League. nuch.: Per;taps an nnbulance. '
4" rearcats in their clase 0-53 win over rake University
-- 'his news fror "'
}.nant rrl.is was arranged. Officials .
You p itfia ve to Go to Town to Gbt Y !avis "ublard was stunning.I of the Classic .cooperated -

J (. I *- with him on a radio and Coach raither I I

LOW PRICES ,. # r show less than a month: be was corpletely understanding STAR Advertisers

: fore. Then as usual, this:

: einnt of a nan- flexed his Re-Elected WislL. .Jo Serve You
On Your
Treat, muscular forearms as
z,. ..
ne talked with
w4x spirit and
DRUG STORE NEEDS 4' i intense interest trout t'.e' Guild Prexy

x old days in Africa and the
Trade. With Your Neighborhood Drug Store fun and challenge of his At its annual election of I finer-tasting

life on o Podesian farm. .

We Will Meet Any Prices AdvertisedIn Nov the report t'tat! he New officers Lincoln held recently Golf and at Schenley in '61

hnrt cancer--and no chance
Your Local Papers Country Club, KJwoodHooie S
whatever of
recover -
; -
( ) Banks and the

WOOD'S DIXIE PHARMAC? mumble shattered sone my morning.words and I entire staff of officerswere

)r I elected to assume
suggested he drop a note to
1302 KINGS ROAD at MYRTLE AVENUE JEFFERSON Jake aither, coach of the their former positionsfor
PHONES El 3-5597-98 CIAA Commissioner Harry 1962. _
rlo ida A. and M. Tattlers
W. D.li... W. A'.. fill All Doctors' Prescription Jefferson former athletic The slate for the new
hosts fo' the Orange Plosson
PAY YOUR LIGHT, WATER AND TELEPHONE director and head coachat Cl assic.- year includes: Flwpod

BILLS \ Hampton Institute, was Banks, president; 'Joseph
AT OUR_STOREJ'JACKSONVIlLr { ike most connoisseursof I
FLORIDA recently inducted into the Pauline Fr. vice president -
football \''y I'ut!:'bard
i National Association of ; Samuel Munroe! recording ( .
I long ago becane intriguedby ;
intercollegiate Athletics' secretary; P. J.
the speed and dash of fl
Hall of Fame The Parkersburg I Jenkins assistant recording -
the etro players fron : ii
: rest, Va. nativewas '' secretary; OscarL. .. s x
'allahnssee. r.ili: ther. the
honored for his 35 Hillman treasurer;
skilled artful nan who
years of service in Lillie C. white financial
now has led theM to 13Q
athletics and his out- secretary; Melvin Copeland -
victories against only
standing contribution in business manager,
21 defeats and four ties. :
the field of athletics. :" ,and James Holmes chap- .
Later, Mr. I'ubbard sent S
AwardFor o copj of his letter to lain. Installation was iJctc4
Big conducted by Mlliara
(;aitler: the coach. It vies
praise and appreciation of
HowardST. Other members include:
the rA''U teams he had seen
tg F.L.J. Banks James Burris
ssJI previously and the hope he wM"1
Farl Peid, John Rutledge ,
LOUIS MO. -- World could see the coning gore

Champion New York Yankees' agninst--ns.it developed-- William Shellman, Otis hr

first string catcher Elston Jackson rotate College of Speights Isiah Khite.VTillie .lr"

LEARNThe Howard is slated to receive Mississippi for the Negro C. Vhite. and :-
Herbert Mngate. > i,_ +t .
the St. Louis' Baseball man- college charpionship of the

of-the-year Award at the St. count rj. "rye wnrn
Louis Baseball Writers' 1 Ty I'ubbard's letter to ,

dinner here jan 31. Jake raither was one of ;
.. ., .
--- -- -- Ii
a 273-39-851

Of B8rherJng 6 %v 7 .
lq 4.Pt

FLA. BARBER COLLEGE nowitiPepsiSfor \ 8 3 f Ji \ 9 1 .

630 Davis Street ,
p J P "? lBir.a

At Beaver G.t. Approved those is 5U 'y 755268Sometimes S r b o

.*TirVQAWTf* gUtl 1 t-1V T E. :.fIl\R..IDAi\ I >*i whothinkyoung r he's up 55
Sometimes he's down
lOa ,per cent AirConditoneaL / H. adds, subtractsHe ;
works it all around

L ., sf o THIS CLOWNIS S chcn1eq
q .
\ .o 61-19-11 c@s .

i ., '
: I :
r9k r -
.- i 1, ; ,. e ,t4rG did)

\ ..
.... ":',' -*

,.tJ : .
..... ") ); Z if. 2i : chenleq,'

1I ... SOOlO.1 tI(1iO.CALI. IsS
...... l UrQRQL 11IO 't ,

Exclusive Discovery '
11:4 IN1S m Et 1RA Sy00 T14M E SS rand

i -V

J -
t .r be'S .
.. tr '. It S '
: remembered in 62 .

WRHC 1400 '. ; ,: : 'j) -*;1 : \ ; f: .

; .
: ,
-FEATURES: S ;;i. ;,s -.* As another,Holy Season approaches,when friend: _

4 KEN KNIGHT ': ; _jt ,:': *.>, j'ship.r..not measured but cherished,we want to wish our family of friends .. For the friends you want to be good to, there's no bet
: .. ter than
: -- :'" ; :" ': gift Schenley-the whisky the years have
-PRESENTING- .rt" F tiF'. .truly Merry Christmas. a Christmas that wfl Enger endlessly. been good to. Every drop of whisky in Schenley is
aged 8 be *u-- ,
8.9 P.M. -- 12-1 NIGHTLY r-- over years (100 months, to exact

SWEET' CHARIOT ,"' wisely blended with choice grain neu$410( ( r9 5 .

9:80 to 10SQ MONDAY thru FRIDAY :: :i Fidelity Federal tral!spirits. I In fifths and quarts. .'P. PInt
TOE : ;
h INo I ishly gift-wrapped at no extra cost. ,. '
O:30. SAY-theft-BATQIiDA7 ,
S I'.
.' ,JACKSONVILLE. ELORIQA' 5' t Savings and. Loan. Association K"INUY OtSL CO.N.Y.C.,IIINDIq wNISRY$5 PIOOf,5SOIAIN'IUJIAL"/1111111'>

--- Y eLl..I.fo JPJe :',,j... ;'" .
.. s ) : e.
:: < ..



PAGE 8 .. -- SATURDAY, DECEBER 23,1361
aoaon! ...STUB
---1. "" -

MERRY FROM CHRISTMAS I New Yorker To Top Post l la :Classified ft i: XMAS S SPECIAL i

THE FLORIDA STARHAMPTON .-- _._ .c:.. _-: -
'. \ L I For Your XMAS Eve J,9

SEASONS. GREETINGS i :' : :', ... Yd ..4t.3 } Johnnie's I; Hair *Style I Will Be Open 1k
i .IKIQUSE k'Atb r "CALL MR. BANKS EL 4.1210 310 DAVIS ST.ssA.
Li f All-Modern Conveniences
54Nru.It.igr.ic nr lal:fi1nrtl Rooms y Day Mite
or leek _._ _.
NIGHT.ClUB and ,
Dancing ; -
M E........_.'" Swimming a* s Call 81 6-7596. 741)4) lest
rol nd P ti AB loranwith
Private Tile loll.Coff*. Ashley Street.
1 Shop.and I**.avrant CooN -
--: Mol nil PAIRING
MIAMI. FLA. ., lots Fo..Sal
41M N.. W.7tb Avl.Ia.
A.wi...".ICe04Writ. .a..1 $...... Pretty,Lot 2577 Orion St.
.,... ... .
-- for C.Lr l Iaa ,.. t :' Will baird new 3-Bd. Rn.Hove ..
J3&0 dn.
i or sell
;! '
i il" .J 1500 Terns if you like \
,". T0.HAMPTON: f ..,'. {, ')' : i. ... C c: Call Er'4-1208
".. .. .. "
HOUSE I : t t ,".f.. :(- 4I -r-
To -Our I DEPT. 2 I T >{:; g: ': .
: For Sale EVERYONE!
I :- ..,. TO
: .
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Friends. And'I- MIAMI... FLORIDA ., ''''';1; .= Large 3t. This Home.Home 810 being F. sold BeaVei tq "Trade at MATHIS and Save1HOWARD !"

-CustomersBroadway BE SURE TO SEE -. .. :. settle an Estate. 1! AND FOSTER .SHOES. FOR .MEN'
RX SWINGING AFFAIRS L -__-__ __ j I A Real Buy !IM i. :
.. J Mrs. Ruth H. Jones of New York City takes oath as Col- & V REAL ESTATE. INC

Department Store .'j ALSO. lector of Customs for the Virgin Islands. administered 930 Arlington Dr. 1073-75 FLORIDA AVENUE EL 6-9445 ,
Ie' THE FAMED 'by Philip Nichols. Jr. (right) Commissioner of Cus- 724-2644. -

119 Broad Street =lwR MYRTLE JONES TRIO toms. The ceremony was held at the Bureau of Customsin .' _HELPJfALE: _

H Washington and attended by Assistant Secretary of MEN: Assemble and Distributein 0
alA the Treasury A. Gilmore Flues (center) and other Treasury -, borne spare time new inven-

rR ; and Customs officials. Mrs. Jones will take up her tion of ten uses. Write:

_... ,- ENJOY XI* COM M.IAWI'Volt duties at St. Thomas Virgin Islands on December 18. Northside Recreation. Inc.
Box 918. Brooksville. Fla.
S sa srzxr crssrssss cr srusssrs s cr c crs Police Bec-orts:; WANTEDBeauty A'
W Operators & Barbers
-i i
are wanted to

31-year-old woman was Mrs. Olivia Owens, ,45, of Beauty Lounge. 622 W. 0
8rHtol t3I Ashley St. Call EL 49774.Mr. I
hit on the hand with a 1025 Julia Street was shot '$5 l
EL 3-3245 Mr.
glass bottle last Monday, last Saturday, police re-

police reported. ported. I. S. Anderson.HeljTlfanTed'. ......___

Miss Cora Adams, of 914 Witnesses said Mrs. Owens

Caroline Lane stated that and Jerry Milton were together WANTED: 2 Exp. Female Cook

George Setzer, 23, her when Mrs. Alice 1 Exp. Butler; Bus Boys

TO OUR IIIII IIIII't1 former boy friend came to patterson 40, of 759 W. Domestic and Hotel maids;
I her house looking for a Beaver Street and Mrs. Truck Drivers.

AND PATRONS knife he said he left Owens got into an argumentover
B PO 5-11O3
there, but when she failedto jerry Milton. When Fidelity Federal Employment

find it he got angry the argument became heated Agency Jacksonville Fla.
with her. She said she .
jJ4 Mrs. Patterson pulled a gun 1832 N. Myrtle Ave lured or FreshHAMS
offered him her knife until and during the'tussle, Mrs. ..
.she could find his but he Owens was shot in the EI 66389.

DAVIS FURNITURE COMPANY refused and started fight- Stomach witnesses said. WHYWORRY Only 49 0 Ib

ing her. .
135 Broad Slreei v ABOUT XMAS BILLSA -- -
Phone EL 3-S79I few hours spent in
5S By Dr. S. CohenTo friendly conversation sel- '
ling AVONS will providea
many people. Excitement or any emotional disturbancewill
SS cause a headache. Fear worry overwork loss of good income.

sleep or any other condition that saps the patients Call EL 6-8810. : Ib 29c.
Insurance Agents Of _
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Duval $ Headaches may be located indifferent { ; Tootnbs & Burton
M parts of the head its ; .1 : HENS
r .4 JSeiuicz &* (Du' !BudnJJ.s"
Underwriters location usually indicatesthe Only,

Assn. M 'part of the body from which 2117 Wishart Street

ExtendSeason's the headaches actually originate. Telephone Landers 9-1271 oOR TURKEYS Ib 39C
,. .'Jacksonville 7, FloodaHOUGABOOK .
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4 reflex condition, and a thorough T o- \
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to 'our M These dis-placements. by causing pressure on the spinal GENERAL AUTO REPAIR! CANDY

t nerves leading to the affected organs interfere with Jl W. _HOUGABOOK- Mechanic

the flow of vital energy necessary for their proper 1361 Kings Road FL 4-3659

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Cohen whose office is located at -
Written by Dr. S. -- ---- --- -

([Afro-American Life Ins. Co.4 Phone Myrtle 3565068.and the) 20th St. Fxpresswayl 2928. N. Myrtle.

:Jt.t. -
.. _
4 mdvttJ.v. i.

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Plate .
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MAYONNAISE qt. 49C \ I 1: S .
r'j. ; :

",1 'm ,
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1 i
Fla. Grade A Fresh '

Heavy BakingHENS TURKEYS : "...: .'..:"- : I I. s .:>, '

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_. !,' :' : t -,: 1: '",,,. -", ].A
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up4to r t
0 t''IJ 29cand t':._,r. ;' ,r.t? l .

B : ; ... :.f ; .,,. M
; -1... .; ... .. .

Small Size Bar B.Q.SPARE :., E"'I' __..: :-.. ;;..;. i... ',, 'c & -': M
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RIBS Ib[ 39c '-' S..-..-.&AU-...:;..:.411E: e / l 't :,. Employees. ', .. 5?

Fall er House Fruit Pie 5?


The First Church I .
Of :

PEACH I To Our. Many Friends & Patrons.

Metaphysical Science Inc '
.rlb pkg. large. size 29C t 8348 3< W.. 13th ST. El 3-3245 W

. I' '3210 W. Edgewood AV e. :
9. .. I I s -S s
-* *r A *,
... -. .... ;
'." ,,,_ <:- "-t-

""'- 1I ... .....'




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ffR ?
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.ic n s t .2.03.E r
7 .? .a.i -r.1'
i 1



-V- --- r-. n Jnsfa/fafion/ Ceremony I Reese's RoostBy c -, "

MiamiBPWHjlrnrsive' J.

; _. ,, i i HT-im iiiinr iimi mil nuirr :...t.

Honored REESE I I I
I HAMPTON. 1 1i;i wS-i I

MIAMI -- Members of the
(EDITOR ..NOTE:) The refined, rather dignified looking
Miami radio and,
press young gentleman peering enigmatically through his horn-
Television were guests at
'rimmed glasses at life, the world and you. from the
the annual Orange Blossom
photo at the top of this 'week's 'Roost' column, is none
Classic And Festival Press
other than Hampton S. Reese himself, widely known and
Luncheon held in the roof
imminently respected in musical circles from border to
garden of the Biscayne
border and coast to coast simply as, 'Reese'-Arranger,
Terrace Hotel last Monday;
: Composer and Instructor of Music. Working without the aid

afternoon. of piano or any musical instrument, other than a tape recorder -
Some 100 persons were.present r
and his own phenomenal ear-sense of pitch-dis-

for the affair which _-rrIRvkvaI1jIt crimination, Mr. Reese writes and composes with equal

t jhad A&Y's' famous athletic facility in every known musical idiom, whether it be

director and head football Classical .
Popular' or Sacred. or Jazz.

.Coach, A.S. (Jake) Gaither 5 ';:t % QTr He began his musical studies at the age of ten 6A the

as featured speaker. Dr. Violin, with William Peterson, and later studied brass

George W. Gore jr. pre- instruments with Wilbert Robertson, Birmingham, Ala.*

,sident of Florida: A&M Uni- After this came a stint with the U. S. Navy Band B-502

versity and chairman of the followed by further advanced 'training in Composition and

Orange Blossom Classic and p t Orchestration at the C. G. Conn School of InstrumentalMusic

Festival Committee, also (where he later taught) and Schillinger House-now

'I spoke. Emory Collier, star. 'known as the Berk-Lee School of Music, in Boston, Mass.

Rattler quarterback, gave Then, as Mr. Reese says, The Army discovered me.' Two

brief remarks. ;; years after his Army band experience. Reese discovered

Julian Cole, a partner of : :' Florida, first Tampa then Orlando, and no& Miami, wherehe

I Venn Cole ana Associates /' INSTALLATION HIGHLIGHTED: -Impressive installation ceremonies featured the' recent installation of officers lives, writes and teachers, at 426 N. W. 4th Avenue. A

the public 'elationsfirm and members of the Miami Business and Professional Women's Club here. The organization plans to launch, its few of the 'names' he has written music for would include

retained. ly the Uni- year-long series of projects with a bazaar planned for the month of Jari ary. Seated from left are: Miss Earl Bostic, .Jackie Wilson B. B.- King. Lionel Hampton.

versity to promote the Mary Alice Smith chaplain; Miss Ernie Lee Cook. Miss Jacqueline Frazier. president; Miss Gwendolyn Wooten, Napoleon Reed; Duke Jenkins, Dizzy Jones, King Coleman;

classic presided. vice president. ;; Miss Larida Jackson, Miss Alice Simmons reporter. .Standing from left: Miss Evelyn Davis. Shamrock Film Studios,, in Winter Park, Fla. and WCKT-
t personnel attending -
University Mrs. Betty Sharpe recording secretary; Miss ,Thelma Hart, Miss Alstene Lynch. Mrs. Vevonne '!Thompson Miss TV (Channel 7) in miamihe wrote the theme music for

the luncheon (all : Dorothy Baldwin. Miss Jane Pratt Mrs Gloria Collier, and Mrs. McDonald of the YWCA. Channel 7's controversial film documentary: 'Miami con-
of whom are members of the- demned. He was also the driving force along with

\\-Executive Committee of the I.. __ __ Jt Johnson of Miami Photo' ) Artists Robert and Phyllis Satz. which brought the Sir
XBC) ) included, in additionto John's dynamic and daring 'Studio Two-House of the

Dr."Gore and Coach Gait- I 1- 'Classic/ '.E2'ns.EOY.Igf.t' To_ QueenHIGHNESS I Mays High To Present Seven Lively Arts inta being two years ago. He has

Jr., vice- .. -
her, J. R. E. Lee ... .
t'"f. t produced and directed a number of first-rate stage shows,
president and classic qwT n4 ; New Year's q1nce amcng them the fabulous 'Harlem Express Revue' which

founder; Dr. C. U. Smith, \\i'
Athletic Com- : The Mays B School featured such outstanding performers as Dottie 'Bahama
chairman i Alumni AssocIation will mama' Anderson Sylvia 'Miss Montego' Satin Nat Jones
; mdttee T. M. Rose, Athletic '
and many others. He emceed the
magnificent 'jazz For
present a New Year's
.- business manager; H. Freedom concert and rally held at the ,
Mary ElizabethHotel's
# at Memorial Youth
: Martin
r IY
R. Partridge, business _;: Center in Richmond Heights I Fiesta Room earlier this year, at which Father
anager;; and Charles J. Theodore R. Gibson was principal
: guest speaker which
1962 10
of on January 1. p.
Ith director
III featured one of thejnost formidable
arrays of musical
to 2 Music will be
m. a.m.
;r ublic relations., I i; furnished by Kiah Brown. talent ever gathered under. one- roof in the history of,

p-I YOURE: : ON THE LIST j'A: ? Refugee Cubans. Pose Problem i._Miami.Keglers Sport /It Up I Ir

1 WASHINGTON -- The mounting "'j'!
0 1!: 'c'
4: 00a .-.:) influx of Cuban refugeesand
a .,,
s ., escapees from the
-4> ; Castro regime in the past
'w' .
t two years has created a ,i

serious threat to the

1N \ rY r =,;;( '. =' itnrtt economic security NegroES 1 .j
x w+ a
) in the Dade CountyFla.
( ) area, a Senate Sub-

Committee was told hereon a -

__...... __ ____ -
"" ""C'aJ4' '''''''' V'I'J- Dec. 7.
: HIGHNESS -- The Florida A&M university queen' Miss Faye Gary, .(standing) Ocala, The assertion was con- _:;_ o u.- A
bloatingwith pride atop her float, as it moves'down Miami Flagler Avenue duringthe w L
tained in testimony by H. ::
1 1961 'noon break' parade of the 29th orange Blossom Classic. The Rattlers defeated -
Daniel Lang, executive
Jackson State liege, 14-8. in the grid classic d
director of the Greater

.. FAMU's Famed Alumni; t ;Leaders. _. Attend -Pepsi' Fete.. Miami hearing Urban conducted League by"at the a .-i- .

.... < Senate Sub-Committee on
-- Refugees and Fscapees. FUTURE'CHAMPS ? --- Taking advantage of the ultra

"In Dade County (Miami) modern facilities at the Mi-Club bowling lanes last

r the Negro worker forms the week were: Zack Deaham left) of St. Petersburg; Miss

k- s t largest number of bott om- Clinzell Brown. Jacksonville and Herbert Green of

jw r, T: of-the-ladder laborers or Charleston. S. C. all on the line while Sidney

,. ..-c....", 1t marginal workers. Duhart Tallahassee, (seated left). Sgt. Willie J. E

Alex. Tallahassee, and Calvin James. New Orleans,
tabulate scores.


4 V F f Famed 100' Captures World's Playground

? ._._, u. __ __
; :
t f M
fiT f ?
-': { .

3E 'Z -4..r,
R r 4t= l'
; :
'SI _
iI10i ___ 4
: 's'M'I ..
T R a _

t? } z N p ... Lx a' I _I r x tE wt.
{ i _
'/ 4 'V l T
rt 1 ass, :' : aj
1 i i X r a t-
s trr flay {

'., ,.'-,' '. ::'

: : Tz. ta-

FY. ; :- }h' '(.'.:' _

: -' .0., yuIt

'* vw s

I 'j AT "Classic Luncheon -- Dr. t {

A. T. Spaulding.. president of the North .Carolina Mutual T _
JAZZ GIANTS AT THE CLASSIC -- Jazz giants Insurance Company of Durham is shown delivering the w
... alto sax player deluxe, and
(Cannonball) Adderley (left), of the principal address at the first annual orange Blossom TIE MARCH INCEST BAND IN THE LAND kicked off the 29th annual Orange Blossom Classic

his cornet,-playing brother Nat blew the pollen out Classic kickoff luncheon at the Sir John Hotel in Miami. with the traditional -noon: break' parade through the heart of the World's playground
I _orange blossoms and the sturdy Orange Bowl Others IB the- photo are Edwin T. Demeritte (left). pres. Miami under the direction of Dr. William P. Foster the FAHD 'Marching 100' had the

caved in from the rampacious approval of ClassicJ9&the 47,1&1.' Miami chapter PAW Alumni Association and Vice-chairman 47.'191 fans in the Orange Bowl yelling: yore, more, more...-* at the conclusion of

fans there to witness the 29th Orange Blossom 100' of the Orange Blossom Classic and Festival Committee;. and what was, perhaps the greatest half-time show ever staged in the Orange Bowl. .The
FAMU graduates of the fame Harching
and ex-members president aad,Mrs. George I. Gore jr. of Florida A&M. rhythm and blues show geatured the Jazz giant soloists, Julian (CaononUll) Adderley,
were canoall' s originals,
guest soloists of
on two ;the half-time Some 158 persons, many of national stature,. attended the alto saxophonist, and his cornet playing brother, Nat. Both artists are FAMU gradu-
[ 'Winetone' and Waltz' darin
luncheon .sponsored feer the pepsi-COla Company of New York. ates and former members of the gamed FAMU band. The Rattlers defeated Jackson state
rhythm and blues show taped:tar. the FASO, baad.sqrtv -- r
C lece.* 14-8 in the. grid spectacle. .
J % > .-. > ; .
,. .;; (All staff ato.W Hcraee-J ones.. jr. ) ',:' -* ( *(staff photo *by Horace. *Jones- Jr.) -r. ;. .. '- (Mia .staff photo by Horace Jones,.jr.,.
.\4 ? *
.,.:: iI .r IHrauKwi:'<,.": '. ,": .. ., <; j :..,. -, : \;. :, ... ('. -
>i ''.t-- < ,'" '" .. w
'''"> '
: 'f'i ". -; : "
'?r,f" .". A' :t 3._ -:<<: .w., -- :. :J.- ,'4., :. .; > !


.. ..
I--i : t .
; 4S
: ; -S '-
.. <_: :: .'_ .'- .s--' r. -



I --S sln' --Greetings From. Alf Of Us To All Of You '. : -

i < .- : '. --s .

I Queen nBMM nH nBMnMBiaBnBBjHn p hfiBMnvnw Gets B B B* Trophy From HH HHHl 'Pepsi B Democratic National/ Leader a I I. King Gives Queen Her Trophy :.Sfudenfs Rally! I If jl

: Severely- Lashes, .GOP' Group, J i... To C9RE. 1

WASHINGTON John M. Bailey Chairman of the besocratic --' i

National Committee sharply criticized 4! Group ;:
,Republican ... .. ,
b '
c.a ti Chairman in the District of Columbia for d
BATON ROUGE La. --3.50Q \
.looming "to the defense of these groups which include
students attended a mass' J
racial hate, and bigotry in their arsenal of, so-called.
*..*..' rally on the Southern
weapons against* communism. -
I University campus pro-
The Democratic Chairman
J testing the arrest of 23
also criticized the :thinly I Deaths .y
CORE members while
veiled racial under, .
tone" of a recent statement picketing downtown mer- {
; chants for jobs and equal
by the same man. .Franc/s : $
7n ; lunch counter service.
h Carl Shipley, this. Republicans '-I.
i41tS The group of jailed CORE
were worried FuneralHome
members was led by David
over 'lopsided Negro
Dennis, CORE field secre-
fZ F voting'/ and that, a Republicans MR. EUGENE ,F. SMITH of 1 tary. Bond was set at t

; Congress might 1145 N. L. 4th Avenue $1.500 on the 'picketing
repeal the right of C.
DVj Apt. 11 died at Jackson 'and blocking traffic' ,
residents to vote for %
Memorial Hospital on Dec. .e charge but all have
President because "a one- 12th. Funeral .
Serviceswere pledged to refuse bond.

r Fi Party District of Columbia held at St. Haul AME Roinie Moore, chairman
will be intolerable. "
Church on Tuesday Dec. 4- 4 of Baton Rouge CORE, told
C .
This Republican threat 19th at 3:00 p.m. with the cheering audience:

.brought v he comment from Rev: M. J. Fayson.ppastorofficiating. 'Some people who' teach

Louis Martin, Deputy Survivors include M "Wait until
us say. you' reeducated
Chairman of-the Democratic his wife" ': Mrs. >f to join the fight

!ii National. Committee, that .Leona Smith; 1 son; Mr. ',' ."i .-- 'iIII'. .it,'. .. ...... for civil rights. We say.
"as long as Mr., Kennedyis
Alfred Smith; 2 daughters; QUEEN'S TROPHY -- Faye Annette Gary Miss FAMU for the 'The time is now. If we

President and we have a Mrs. Thelma Lewis and'MissIda current school year, smiles as she holds the beautiful wait we'll be just like

Democratic Congress, any Smith; 2 brothers; Mr. "'Queen Trophy which was given her during the first you and never fight for

GETS TROPHY-PHOtl-CAWNUftttAbL- -- Attractive---- ,rttjre Annette member of any ,race or "Sylvester Smith and Mr. annual orange Blossom Classic Kickoff Luncheon held at our rights.'Rev..B. '

Gary, Ocala, Miss FAMU for the current school year, ,is creed will be free to Marcella Smith; 3 sisters; the Sir John Hotel in Miami. The luncheon was given by Flton Cox, CORP
vote for he chooses
shown receiving the 'queen's trophY' from Julian ( Cannonball anyone Mrs. Essie rae Mackey; the Pepsi-Cola Company of New York, donor of the trophy. field secretary said

) Adderley, the world s premier alto sax player, at without fear, ."."of reprisal Mrs. Willie Bell Upshawand Both the luncheon and the trophy are 'classic' firsts. 'This is not a passing

the first annual orange Blossom Classic Kickoff Luncheon. or punishment. We Demo- Mrs. Marie Grant and Some 150 persons attended the luncheon, including many fancy. We are growing

Seated at right is Miss Antoinette Brown, junior attendant crats hope to win our and friends.MR. persons of national stature. At the left of Miss Gary is ,stronger every day. Join

to ,Miss FAMU, of Pensacola. Some 150 persons, Including votes on our record of WITHROW JACKSON of 711 Dr. Jacob L. Reddix president of Jackson State College.. the march and give segregation \i

several nationally known celebrities, attended the affair p.erformance not on N.W. 5th Ave. Apt. 3 died The Rattlers defeated Jackson 11-8. before a record hell. f

which was sponsored by the pepsi-Cola Company of New York, threats which would seek at Jackson ,Memorial Hosp. 47,791 fans. ULTIMATUM ** \
to make minority '
groups '
donor of the trophy. Florida A&M university's Rattlers on D.ec. 13th. Funeral The picketing arrests'

defeated Jackson State College, 14-8, to win the 29th second class citizens services were held at (A&M staff photo by 'Horace Jones) came after CORE had given
without the right of. free
annual Orange Blossom Classic football game before a Francis Funeral Home 12 downtown merchants an

crowd of 47,791. fans in the Orange Bowl Stadium. franchise. Chapel on Sat. Dec. 16th I Ala./ Farmers Protest To U. S. I ultimatum to desegregate

(A&M staff: photo by Horace Jones, jr.) at 2:00 p.m. with Rev. facilities and offer equal

Ili'lIlt8.! } Aaron D. Hall officiating. TUSKEGER INSTITUTE, Ala.---Bitter complaints of Job opportunitiesThe ..

Survivors include his wife Negro farm leaders that they have been left out" of ultimatum came just as 170 / ,

Pr Mrs. Inez Jackson; Father- major farm welfare programs will be taken to Agri- CORE members participatedin

in-law. culture Secretary Orville Freeman this week by Lawrence a two-day training

It MR. FRED MATTHEWS,of 10020 A. Potts, agriculture dean at Tuskegee. and special clinic. Ronnie Moore said A

S.W. 182nd Street in consultant to Secretary Freeman. registered letters were

,Perrine died at his homeon Some 70 Negro farm leaders Potts said today that he ;sent ;o :he mel chants

1 Dec. 14th. Funeral from 13 southsoutheaststates is synthesizing the com- after s>c attempts

5 v t ''s'sf services were held at The lodged their com- plaints which he will car- to set up .::?;".., i ad ens by

First Born Church in plaints at the 19th Annual ry to a meeting of the RAD telephone *>ad failed.
Perrine* on Wed. Dec. 20th Conference of Professional Advisory Committee in
iGETINGSii.; "They otccu 1. n't
at 3:00 p.m. with Elder Agriculture Workers Con- Washington D. C. the busy Christmas season -

) Wallace officiating. Sur- ference here Dec. 3-5. More Thursday and Friday (Dec. he. did

vivors include several than a dozen Agriculture .
14-15) The committeehas "I replied Christmas is
Ii nieces and Department representatives
broad policy powers busy season for both buy-

WILLIAM C. PINKNEY of attended the meetings. over RAD programs. I l ing and selling. '
---- -
318 N.W. 6th Street died

at Jackson Memorial Hosp.on \ : '

.. Dec. 15th. Remainswere -F Free
Park P' EhShop j

Ga. on shipped Friday to Dec.Brunswick 22nd in an o/ eke


burial. Survivors include par4injacit4tiep
<,.. his wife: Mrs. Mary Alice
... Pinkney; parents; Mr. and where

,"). '. .' .' Mrs. Ben Pinkney Sr. ; 4 DOWNTOWN
'< you see
: 'i .
: t
brothers and 4
; sisters. AttII '
4 :n,,.. 4r PARK-SHOP this / Any parking lot or
.. -
(ArJ DOWNTOWN garage displaying this
.... /
--= INTOSH of 1900 N.W. 3rd iMIIi emblem 1
: -". ; emblem will honor
Ct. Apt. 9 lied at her PARK-SHOP i
/ : ) rafidated Pork and .\
t' IA home Dec.
on 16th. survived -
Shop parking .
,. stamps.ThoyerMcNoO
.... by ,parents Mr. and

rED --' ;.... Mrs. Ralph McIntosh and Each of the members of Downtown Park

., several otheI.rel: j1ves'CORE' ; ;- and Shop will give you a stamp for one _

: ',; hour's parking when you shop with them. Abbott' Auto Pork 112 S. E. ht s..

i j Pickets AlIight Auto Pork, Inc 6.c S. E. lit St. 4
'.'; .{" AJIight Auto Pork, ? 130 S. f. ht St.
.. .. r' + Aixad K ddi. Shop 131 S.ybold Arcod. Allright Auto Park, Inc 173 H. !. 1st St.
... : b1 111 i Dad fed Sayings & AlIight Auto..Park 1ftC. 55 S. E. 4th St.
-\ I1 1 fl) Capitol's/ Lean Atioc. 101 E. FIogI.r St. Allright Auto Pan, I Inc. 221 N. f. ht St.
", ... ..' Alrright Auto Park, 1ftC. 41 H. W. ht St.
"' : Mil Davis 138 E. Flag_ St. Allright Auto Pork, I lac 121 H. E. 1st St.

yi ; Drag City, I Inc. 0 272 E. Flopl r Sf Allright Auto Park I Inc. 29 H. W. ht St.
: Stores AJlright Auto Park lac. 30 S. W. 4th St.
Dunlap She Store 41 W. flag_ St.
MILTON BUTTERBALL SMITH, :(4 C. M. Bishop' Gorag. 122 H. W. lit AYe.flagler .
COOK.. : .',' Federal,Savings&Loan 100 H. E. 2M AYe. luchy. Auto Pork 115 H. E. 2nd St.
; WASHINGTON D.C. Over luckey. Auto Pork 115
.' Florehein Shoe Store 243 flagler St. H. E. 3ref St.
f ;:
; -,,.' :-- ;- J 150 members of Washington .', W' Parking lot 201 H. W. 2.d St.
: .,: cup; Camera Store U9 S. L lat St.
,. .. .Listen To .., Chopnan's A.to Pork, 100 H W 1st S t.
four down-
; .... ... ., picketed Gifpln's Photo Supply 1" H. E. lat AYe: QoplllOn' At 'orb 107 H. W. ht St.
town department stores in Glebe Shoe Store 30 N. E. lat St. City Parking lac. 1" N. E. 3ref AYe.

H y .' protest against dis- x Greater Miami Federal City Parking, lAC. 1..9 H. W. lit St.

WMBMMIAMI : ..' .- .. criminatory hiring PO- Savings J> Loan 101 S. E. 2ad AYe. .CIty Parking! Inc. .1. H. MJo.r Ay..
." :' ; ,, City Perking, Inc 19 H. W. 4th St.
licies. Picketing was H.hdy's Department Store 22 N. W. 1d St.
.. .. ... CotuMrdol 'arkla Lot 317 S. Miami AYe.
j S FLORIDA. '- <- coupled with 'selective The Hub 129 N. Miami --Ye. Corfu-
/ a Parking Lot 301 H. E. ht Ay..
I ...
= ,
.. : Jackion'sByronsJefferson 51 E. flog Ie, St. Plaza S.
.. l buying guide" listing Dwpollt Park'lag lAC. 200 E. 3rd St.
,. >: Stores 53 N. W. 1at Sf Dupont Plaza Parking, IM. 201 S. E. 3rd Ar..
1 ... (. ;those firms that deny Dvpoftt Plaza Parg, lac. 91 S. E. 3rd AYe. .
J .... .;: '. ', .t :- equal job opportunities. to Kirk Jewelers 26 H. E. 1st AYe. flogle torkug Service 60 .W. flogle St.

.; fke' Persolality SttimPERSONALITIES -0i':" "' Negroes, according to la f.... Women's Apparel 28 S. E. lit St. Hector', Sh pP n' Parking m s. Miami AYe.
\ Julius Hobson Washinton Lane Bryant 3- E. Floghr Sf. Herald 'arklng Gorog 22. S. Mia.1 AYe.
r \. H..illgtoA Allright Porkhig 126 S. E. 2nd Ay.
..--, CORE: chairman: There are Maynord Page 121 E. flogle Sf. I"prohom Parll"D 0 Garog. 226 S. E.-1st St.

40 stores on the- 'buying Maters JewelersMetropolitan '4 N. E. 1. St. Joy' Parking lot 160 H. W. lit St.
Bank Jo' PodI8g Lot 35 H. !L 2nd'St.
"IRSONALITIIS' Guide. of Miami 117 N. Eo h. AYe.
K ltIM7 Syst.m, lac 200 S. E. 314 Aye.
', t Hobson .further said. "We Miami' lug Co. ,.. 100 S. Masi AYe. I1uey SyII.... I.c. 300 S. E. 3rd'AYe.
; request that the community M & M CafeteriaNankin's ; 127 H. E. 2nd AYe. Ii."., Syst.al, lac .coo s. E. 2nd St.

not cross these picket liberty Parking Syit.m 169 N. W. Id St.
SHoes n E. fJogItt Sf.
: Mod' Porki.glot 100 S. W. 1st St
'lines and not shop with Original KebLs Jewelers 145 H. Miowt AYe. i Main Parking Lot 261 H. List St.I
those merchants who feel Moi.'etriMg lot 246 N. E.'tad St.
TW Paralon 45 f. fJogIe,.Sf. MllntcipoDowntorti Parking

.: ; .,that they can discriminate PkHpJtt'f Mask Co. 36 H. Miaisi A,.. : Gotog. #1 39 N.W. nda.
j1 against more than half % Mundpol Downtown ParUag
: : 1 S tndd's M a't Shop 127 E. fJogler SI. Garage #1 .co No W.3ref St.
of the Washington community
/ KkKartb DepL $lore. 1 N.. J. lit tr..t Ott' lorkfag lot 30 N. E. 3rd St.
with iaaunity. Parkway Corp. 20 S. f. 1st St.
"Let. them' feel the Dick Bdunond Men's Wear 201.. E. flcgbr-St. Porkwsy Corp. 22 S. W. lit St.Porkwoy .
Corp. 56 S. W. ht St.
econoMic pinch that Edrfer Jewelry Co. 160 L St.
'1.. they Flogh .
... PO PcriIag Lot 400)( N. E. 1st A.
have so imposed on bests, Credit JewelersStaterDewelry 13 W. fIogler SI. r IoIpIa' Auto Pork 70 S. W. 21N1 Sf.
'.. colored and 101' Porki.g lot 11. S. f. 2M St:
Co. 50 H. E. 2M A... mdy'.Poking Lot 51 N.E.4tb St.Edd .
job seekers" mid CORE. ., IMm.w 'orkLtg Lot .en s. MIa_ AYe.
.. Stephens, be liS s. L 2M A...
sa.adow Attie Perks 161 H. f. 2nd St.Sybtt'i .
: .. ...... 76 S. E. lat St: I So.tIaIo..dc U.e lac. 140 W. f1cg1et St.
: '. .. I S.aatls .... Parb 2.co s. f. 111 AYe.
; 16 ALL WI ..- 20.. W. flogSf.. ( SuaaW.. Porkl.p. Inc 3.51 S. L tad St.
,. ". GREETIN6S,. 1 Suasbia. .rkLtg, lee.. 121 H. W. lit Ar..
.>> ; ;"' f -* -- Sboes 155,L Flogla $I.
rNu /. U.L criLtg lot 49 H. W. tad St.
: 'i!r m'FRIENIS<" ; .: ',fL L lit- Sf. .
.1-,:. # Yariby Shop : -- Wig's .Porkieg 64 S. L 4tht5 Sf.
JIIIIIA". J =a .. ,i w .. Ooraae 170
s H.
.__ 4.' : S .0_-/, r'tff'}fl/r. ; Z : ... .. '. -- .-L--_:1d.; Sf.0. .

.. "r'J'" / ., "
-' ,
..,, v.. : ;1. -' \
1: .

\ j; ,: : : : : : ', : ;S':' ': '.:: ;, ,. '> tr- -- ".i. 'Aor" ':; '. ) -'. .: : %

; -S -
; )
_. .... "t: ,. : l. t -
;r ,' -ii ',.; ; ,_: .' .

ir -I



f' Father T R. Gibson's Fate

; .

Now Up To Supreme Court

WASHINGTON The 'fate of the Rev. Theodore R. Gibson,

4 .. y 4 g .fr xiw, : Florida clergyman and president of the NAACP.branch in

Miami is now in the hands of the nine justices of the

r _, United States Supreme Court. _
s y ''iw- Fk -
t The Court heard argumenton Court held in 1958 that

Dec. 5 by NAACP General the Association could not
Counsel Robert L. Carter be compelled to reveal the
V vP
asking that the Court. set names of its members and

aside the six-month jail contributors to state

sentence and $1.200 fine officials. '

'961 r r'. '"- imposed upon the clergy-* In the Gibson hearing,
.- :.._ "' 0.-. ,." "' >
We extend to you I man by 'a Florida state the NAACP counsel con-

our heartiest wish court. tended that there was no
Father Gibson has been valid state interest which
for a Merry.Yule.
held in contempt of a could he served by reQUiring -
The Florida Star 'Staff Florida legislative inves- Father Gibson to

W. Brown tigating committee becausehe testify from the NAACP
!" _
ae refused to verify list. He further pointedout
Mrs. J. Gilbert
that Florida authori-
answers to questions
Mrs.. L Guinyard : based upon the NAACP ties and courts conceded

A. Harold membership list. The that the Fpiscopalian

I It Florida Supreme Court rector was not subversiveand
; ; .
J C.JohnsonMiss Lj:; ', .. JrI.
... 1 upheld a lower court con- that the NAACP wasa
... {i.
I .
C. Salmon' tempt conviction of the legitimate organization.
NAACP leader.In .' Mr. Carter urged that in
B. Shields :3'r
WILLIE c. QUARTERM'AN.* ; his argument Mr. Car- the absence of facts con-
,,ra .N M I
'popular veteran sales.
1. Singleton + ter stressed the similarity necting Father Gibson or
'representative was ap- a w the NAACP with subversive
1. Terrancelilrs jR < between the Florida and
pointed general manager % organizations there waS
Alabama cases involving
: C. Taylor "of the Silver Star Bar i't" tyA 'no basis upon which the:
t: disclosure of NAACP
)J. Williams and Package Store locatedat ; ;; > membership lists. In theAlabama .state could require pro-

: 5668 Avenue B. this ; duction of the Associa-
A. Wise :9' 1. case, the Bu rene
w .,, "< tion's membership list.
./;:< ,
;:: 4
Y -' r7 HOME IMPROVEMENTS. .5 ". : 1J

Down .J. .. qtbristUti15
r No Money .. *g
:r: t7 !, 7
Bills Consolidated yr Sx :l*7 s r jEappineS5:

Low- Bank Rates.BILDUFFEE c S \

". All Wo'rk.GuaraQteed* The glorious >pirit
: }' )
Sales Engineer ;:: j/ }.: ', pervaded. the
Call Me Today FL 9-2422 .. .
Free Estimates r l \ 1:0; UUf
: =
.. ,'.. r .5 '., ,;::... :. : manger
Rooms Added Garages. Awnings. r .' .". to .llare
:ff \".
----- -- >
Carports / Drive Ways ; RooJs/'etc : .boarded JMa'kenjratta.. leader of the Kenya African National Union Is shown as he recently ", ,.\: : :.

Chain Link or Redwood Fence Addis Ababa an Ethiopian, Airlines DC:6B in FranKfurt, Germany- en route from London to
Ehtiopia, where he
** was an official
guest of
1st and 2nd the Imperial "bplan
MORtGAGES: qovernmen -
__ ,:


'p'pHERCULES HOME IMPROVEMENT COMPANY Wilder. A.. C. jtSSl S ...... ",, -..-,, \ Z/ I

; (fc
i if
6885 Phillips Highway Boxers Train f4

Within 75' miles of JacksonvilleNight ,

and Sunday Ca3.1: P0. '5-67ll For. AAU. Bouts :.1 ,

? 1e&Moncrief roZ
Coach Julius Guinyard 1.

announced that 14boxershave ARTISTIC BARBERSHOP Drive-In F. r1 R '

\ already reported for CHARLES SIMMONS. .
Mgr. :3w
; training at Wilder A. C. Fruit Market *

I Boxing Club in order to G.C. HcCurdy Prop. Motley Fuel Service, -
be in tip top shape for

the annual Florida AAU EU-9231 619,W... ASHLEY 45th SJ. & Honcrief Rd.__. Dr. and Mrs.dauohier.James ShmhanlA.rn. R. Hendersonand

i1, ck > c. Boxing Tournament slatedto -
0 Y9r>Y+4r?' : '
be held here next Feb. $7" C :: irj1 r' "', ,>> <>
: t : :
f. 1 ;
.. rs ... .
.. v
".' .t !; .'.C a'v :'J.W' ;f.} '
Due to transfers, Guin :: ; K.S
... A :
: !i} {
"And1"A yard said that he will s{:Kp Y:4.4tinsh..Si F.. v'ti X S, '<.f.... i''S"i 74:.v'vs.: ..1'v.rJ rt

., Happy New !! be minus the services of 2'I;
Year.a0 ..SaSy .., .
; ,' <1l;; '
Joseph Murchison. Tim ( :-" I

Ford and Milton Harrod i

all of whom have been assigned : s iI I

Ill to the Jesse St 4 / I
/ To our friends, Boys' Home boxing teamon I I

both old and new.CARTERS the eastside._ '
However he said he expects :_ '_ qy!. 'i'ACM' ... S M _
to build a strong rr
squad out of such promi-

sing veterans and new _t'L.L .;-
comers as: Johnny Thomas f a' yr a> .

II 147; Kenneth Wilson 137;

James Early 160; Willie _

London, ,160; Glen Shehee. _

135; Raymond Wilkes 130; -a .
::- ....... + -.w JiiI: CL-
Nat Wright 140; Henry
; .g$ '4z Little Michael Claiborne loves Carnation. .
(\l'e. Matthews, 175; Frank McDonald x
Mixed with an equal amount of water it's
147; Fred West- stillas rich as state standards forwhofemilk.
( ....- .
V,4. brook 130; Frankie K.
'. .
Glove*, 147; and Willie rI '
Jack'on. I RECIPE: V .
HOME ---------
'--Inc.JacksottYllles .-- CarnationDOUBLEQUICK I
SAMMIE L. DAVIS leading Agencynow (I

has a fall staff of I
Licened Funeral Director BANANA PUDDING
:- '. trained colored detectives I
to handle domestic investigations I (MmJktt 4 tot tennngt)
Hour Ambulance Ser .
ice" child custody I 24 to 28 vanilla wafers I
C -.- body guards, aisslnc persons I 1 package vanilla pudding .
:- patrol & nite se- ; I
929WEST BEAVER ; f and pie filling mix
: <'cur t1. Strictly Confltiential. j ...-.rn.-.:.. --., _.:Ii'.M=----_ _....>" -'KIt I 1 cup undiluted I

PHONES EL 4.0545 EL 4.0546 I Mrs. Prince Qaibome (right) is a lecturer clubwoman hostess,homemaker and CARNATION EVAPORATED MILK
Phone. EX 83111 or PO 59844 mother. She is shown demonstrating the whipping qualities of Carnation to 1 cup water .
Vivian Sutton,Director of Young Women's Activities at Carver House in St Louis. 1 to 2 sliced bananas .

( : '" Vivacious Jean Claiborne, St. Louis; Missouri Line a quart casserole with vanjlla I J

... .(1.1erru' "4hrsti; I wafers. Mix the pudding mix. Carna J
; ns tion and water in a saucepan. Cook
\ l .;.... .. The. career girl who makes life easier I according to package directions.Pour I
I half of mixture lined
: pudding into
_ t' for 50 thousand homemakers casserole. Top with banana' slices. I

CommunityChurch of First Deliverance I Place remaining wafers on top of I
-. ':' Jean Claiborne has been.a Market tor recommended. Carnation for his '1 pudding. Cover with remaining pudding -
mixture.Chill before serving.
'Bishop.W.. & .'Paul 1 :': Consultant for the Carnation Com formula,of course." I V
: '
.., pany for the past ten years. Mrs. Claibprne conducts dozens of I
Presents ,
She conducts cooking classes, talks cooking demonstrations every year. '
G The Man. of Deliverance From Coast To Coast ,_. I.. at PTA and club meetings, appears "I love to show the smoothness of I, (
_- '
')' on television,and shows young moth. puddings made with Carnation,"she -I
: II I
Your Problem May Be, Through The Power oF God :
Whatever II.I
how to infant formulas
.- en prepare says (See recipe at right) ,

nd Your i Faith, It, Can .Be Solved..METE-. Daily Consultations at. home. ''". ,,' -7,,.
: : : : "1 had plenty of extra practice with pours and even whips like golden, .L i N J
S "THEIylANOFeOD11 ; .. : my own 3-year-old,Michael.His doc country cream-at the cost!

Spiritual Advice 9 a.m. ,.' 10 P.r -.sa. ,,. .
> Daily -:. ': _
.. .
_ Coded
'-:.: :>.. i .. :.;:- Carnation in the red and white can is the whiffs favorite'brand' &L4c- Caw".

:. J ':N- Myrtle Av* ;-":..s,-j ''S- '/> Phone 355-6189: _. ..',.".. .
I -":' 1. '.' ..
;**:: ; \ .
: / ..-,- -
: ,
.. : J
s '
: .i
T ,
;; .
r J .."'.... ." .;. _' ;\ '-
: '. '[: "- '. ': .

;;. '- ::' i;,. ;< ,., : ., '. ,.
',c!.. :"' .>.,: .. .- .>..<<:.&.';<-i.L..J:: __ _."'.. h".:...:".i<' M'.idl: ; QoJ'i'. .- :' ._t"_.. : r .r"' : >t< .;..;..o..._ ,!..:& ".". .,.,.)0., > -. /-p '. _'Ji .? a. '



Assembled' Pre-Holidav Social
.._ ._._ ..... .. .. Wind the
.. -----:-- '
Yg: pJ .RITZ Merrr .:...--_ J!! AJ" gr9'7 _... strengthWORSHIP
-- --...... "',-. ...
:::,:; Wi



H 1r, THE THIEF if IAGIA t F 1961

.HOLIDAY P' A y F 6J w

: .
: 1 WISHES [ J!

7= 'x 1c&i s,
d 1 _


f I

f '

There's .... I
a i joyin
sending MEMBERS and guests of the Just-For-Fun Social Club gathered in the home of Mrs.

you Gladys Henderson, 6109 Carnation Road, last week to enjoy their last get-to-gather rw/\/D
Y .f Yule.gr.eetings..
of the .year and to also exchange Christmas gifts. Rounds of bridge were played and
:: Best"wishes to '
:1 :a sumptuous luncheon was served by the hostess. Seated from left are: Mrs. Lena

/ '1 you and yours.Bubba's House Mrs Helen COleman, guest; Mrs. DaisyFoster, vice .president; Mrs. Beatrice .

-r Williams, and ,hostess Gladys Henderson treasurer. Standing from left: Mrs. Edna When Santa arrives we hope he brings

Iszard, Mrs. Alvaria Davis reporter; Mrs. Edna Lewis. Mrs. Geneva Henderson pres- you a happy holiday season. Many

ident; Mrs. Fannie Bradford, secretary; Mrs. Daisy Baker guest and Mrs. Vivian thanks for lour fine friendship.

Robinson guest., a
____-'- (Royal Art Studio Photo) Bill's AMOCO SERVICE STATION
happy 54.50 CLEVELAND RD.

.. .-.. new Clara/ White Mission
.. .' ...... < ,t,>gk: '' .
.)01. year Set Xmas Programs BILL LINWOOD, PROP. : PH. 7686171Seasons
A' : .
Coffee In previous years beginning Green Pasture Grill- a w
: Shop
., on Christmas Eve group of ladies under the !
/" Night the late Miss Ida direction of Joseph Johnson

Home Cooked' Meals. Bingham's Choral Group and will render a programfor : -' *L '" .. if ';
1O i'A't, ,;> "_ + < <>>i ':fr .:ir.,,', < '?.
members of the St. Paul the service men in >:
: Open 24 Hours ; ='. A.M.E. Church Choirs accompanied the auditorium of the USO C's "

617 W.: ASHLEY ST. EL4-97 01 '96z Op Miss Eartha M. building. 741 West Ashley ; r ':; ltf ;ttr;:.'

-. White to jails. Old Folk Street. ; ,
MRS. DAISY FORD.Prop. THE FLORIDA STARSeason's Homes,. hospitals.. other Saturday, January 6.
shut-ins and sang carols.At at 4:00 Christmas '
a :
p.m. 1 ''
_. i
). :: '
-L "-_ 10 a.m.., fore than two Tree Party will be held 0/<:'':;.: ''
hundred bags of fruits and '::" ......
at Mandarin Beecher Stowe .
..... __
vegetables including -u
Gr eef in as Community Center a projectof :t.: : ,
chicken and cake will be .
the Clara White Missionfor ;; .
given to those, holding the children of that ..' ,,:_ :!!! i >-

t tickets Fifty-four bags community. ,;'_"', ..-", -yo i '>A"">-
will be delivered to the
The follordng volunteer
&&TDN sick by the following per- workers have dressed more
sons; Rev. Dennis Rhodes. than a hundred dolls for ,

Rev. William J. Smith. the Christmas Tree; Mrs. N s
Rev. J. S. Johnson. Mrs.
\\ith,each hour of the New Yearwe Jessie Patterson. .Mrs.
wish jou joy and extend .. Daisy Ford J. B. Jacksonand Louise Brown. Mrs. Anna '
Ulysees Glover. Parker. Mrs. Sallie Blod- 1!
,our thinks for jour past Iy Y.'C' '
Promptly at 12.noon, the gett Mrs. Dena Abraham.
favors and patronage. __
,A. annual Christmas. Dinner Mrs. Ruby Koelman. Mrs.
will be served, at the Old Madeline J. Hampton. Mrs. Greetings

Folks Home. Helen McLaughlin. Mrs.

At 3:00 p.m. the annual Brown, and tfrs. Marie' Greetings to oureverywhere. friends
Christmas Tree will be
Mangram Singleton. Friendsare
We hope to
held for the children invited to qome by and

holding tickets in the see the bags.JJlerry serve you during 1962.
auditorium of the Clara
White Mission. The Christmas Christmasand

message will be givenby SPEARS FURNITURE COMPANY

the Superintendent of
the Good Sheppard Church A Happy New Year
Sunday School, who for a

number of years ,has fur- Season's GreetingsTHE I

p nished more than one EL54641
hundred toys for the underprivileged FLDRIDA STAR

children.On .1 .
New, Years night. The

FIESTA MOTEL ,. >> r' I,
Greetings and -

26 Rooms Air Conditioned Private Bath With i Tubs and Showers\ Best Our wishesTo Many ', : ..NOW

1251' KINGS RD. For Reservations Call El 50938 Friends and ,Customers .
\ : OPEN'j >
,. .
1 Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year Co. -.,.. : : '":"', '., ;

1219 KINGS RD. :-
.. -
-- '" : '
y: .
21st.LIQUORS '
r fi (

I > .

3Y : '[ -

y aYa ;

'. '

: .; -4Jjq ;.. J;', : .
s : : -
sA :: -
,. .
rI .f' J. .-_
(A w ejor't

1961 WINDOW FREE. .i< '.

,' ;" ,<,iN,
Happy' ay >

To All wishes to all
f friends J2OO EAST Z/st STREET '_

From the Owner, Managers & Employeess HIM at T ir.JACK' '

COMBSOwner 2/st: Sr .t e ;,Mlk"h :.:

'Of-Tne Ritz Theater Ritz Gr; L; :-. E16-968I : --T .

: ". ... '. .

\ \

-.: i; i:; ., .' r.E. -; .: :j. .., ,,1 S'; 'ii... ',i' I. .:/'4'Zx.:, Ate. '..1." .'.. ...'fIt l'tiII.K i_" '.""':1, ,..... ., .. I. :..'- .