Florida star

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INGEST IEID E20090401_AAABYN INGEST_TIME 2009-04-01T23:05:09Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00128
FILE SIZE 25677036 ORIGIN DEPOSITOR GLOBAL FALSE DFID F20090401_AADEVM PATH 00007_archive.tif PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 c469c94a9a527a9c9fc9f61f3eeabef6SHA-1 3b42194827ee3ffe9cf69bedad83cecce55226be
6293 F20090401_AADFCK 00015.txt c28a9716419c1e8590c703013d4826f693a496ee511ee3a2e6120f3d5bada2f46910a857
25363140 F20090401_AADEVN 00008.tif 081fa0828381533a4cf3d061ef5637f307afa52e09752bd3c0642fc9aab2c0e495de04ce
5269 F20090401_AADFCL 00016.txt 3fe4da2d7b980097f4f4581fad605c65eba31c5620d0289269e33424821fbd5043ae866d
39649976 F20090401_AADEVO 00009.tif 9f450c5ecdf851565e0676a46957a728c74695a88357d83dede70d24fe4b27f1aca92278
10042 F20090401_AADFCM 00017.txt 1f5e6b14b441d0d5489bc7de14e673035de6c7f88bcbd5156f5b6a2ec593b8be5a4628c6
39741660 F20090401_AADEVP 00009_archive.tif dbce7e41277f59a6cca9a4e72a4a790f362d1fdfdf381492112a5030e9cd93d3a85cbb80
15406 F20090401_AADFCN 00018.txt 5adbde7b1930801c98a2686f1eb5d586dcf528c8b6d3a5a650d7fdec6361467db5b175bc
13201952 F20090401_AADEVQ 00010.tif c2a2fbfa3867416860cb5afc4de7e615eca1ce0257dc264e3b2593c91112081530f708a9
11604 F20090401_AADFCO 00019.txt 1bdc272fc5c86bc86fadc512b352d98709e98f7dce89ea1aba0552c498b07b22392e9790
12921724 F20090401_AADEVR 00011.tif 3ace133b4f304e463f329d7359ab679d97da78810553eafee4c729146c7408294254ff77
13959 F20090401_AADFCP 00020.txt d6f5b67258f9f46874caf669ac69ecd37af9c4dc8e84433202a22e1ea8a3784748a39391
13171780 F20090401_AADEVS 00011_archive.tif a77a996869f44950f7f28ebfc6a75937ed60d8d455eb4ed595cc625c7fd8c6ccf5eb298a
12466 F20090401_AADFCQ 00021.txt af75ba1d9d417d1422faa65823a135e700045d4138028e571e3edc8654d1f35174e25d0c
12913420 F20090401_AADEVT 00012.tif 988e0f3d7551f3d4c4ce5b9bb57cff927cbcb0d5149d960d6159ab0bb054edd85d667d47
10442 F20090401_AADFCR 00022.txt 8b52955a927b217fbdcac24561b008304becd0d50c7b6f1a44081e2676bf4d0a02f9d311
13175508 F20090401_AADEVU 00012_archive.tif 5ccb731c2b6a9d31dd5c6b8578a9043f037c496d5c8a77603d1a9dc78233c18e71f00c54
16279 F20090401_AADFCS 00023.txt 50dc957edb96cdea70da649ac9acaa102cd374e8ca93709014b6051b4aff439500f1ebd3
37384676 F20090401_AADEVV 00013.tif 03e99ee1a5d418cff6f17281769cbb1d1afaa65c198946a59c7407569b2a40256fc7daf9
12434356 F20090401_AADEVW 00014.tif 864d06ef2b73cfd11b54f3a1dd4d3ae794061eb3490578c43031652bdcf39ddfbb3658fe
4950 F20090401_AADFCT 00024.txt f07236842681fe0dc1dd47275922620d804303bd3addaa762e65bc827c47d671b77ade23
3631 F20090401_AADFCU 00025.txt 1fd99c22f5d9847cc3469ff440d2a2c41759625c84967a11d36248a753d08ac1cbe4a757
12635208 F20090401_AADEVX 00014_archive.tif dadfa2d1fba38ba97b413aa1d66a68c2fe54db838d6652495bdcc0bb8dd72629a84c0c37
11811 F20090401_AADFCV 00026.txt a014c6365e781c12ed62a3385f15ecc2d134a1d260b04beca7e4cf6b1b4ed3c6b60b6707
12666996 F20090401_AADEVY 00015.tif d0a51332ae52df905ef2415826cff249e14a794fc9865e4120f861efda22fba2afee2196
11751 F20090401_AADFCW 00027.txt 1d02ede4b0b9c46e6beba680c76c73e9789b6f2c4c4f38bd083e880361f47501264caff8
12920928 F20090401_AADEVZ 00016.tif cb939c01f3d58a0ef2ff9a45e7cdd1f3f4306ef7efdc5f42897d2ae6221625d6daa90218
3847 F20090401_AADFCX 00028.txt 7753b2ab8123a1037d359d384c1121755c5c958f675176368e4690d04967276eb2f0fd4a
1651349 F20090401_AADEYA 00009.jp2 50859d1f73278797a129cdb5afdada08d97715039289596b5a2a5f60ce5855268d53a646
3165261 F20090401_AADFAA 00022.jp2 9ccefd71decccabadc3d45388e64ffade5535667abe48411c7c0fb37b79f40f2052a59c8
949 F20090401_AADFCY 00029.txt 5acc0c6f4d20e4055c518836b81a0463ab9459bc993afa0c48311373a6b05c359a2e0bb4
347538 F20090401_AADEYB 00010.jpg 915d1fc76f9b81ec0c06061b6840b09426c0f9d13c253a1151d7ce811afd15687547948b
425371 F20090401_AADFAB 00023.jpg a81370882c2715f92c15353c87c8be0429d1999d57bb84d43bb9f3d4e965eebbedc8b894
2874 F20090401_AADFCZ 00029_archive.txt 9aef29a0fe10123c7b4b0d48a5789bbd77077c7ba1f15b726365958478f6801347b16dbb
38625 F20090401_AADEYC 00010.QC.jpg d17caff144c6467d03aecf18aa08331d6ad187236fffeb56e9fb97de8ff8d5e09601dcc5
54644 F20090401_AADFAC 00023.QC.jpg e5d3b0e444a3e6805605bb0832a427ebe55d41b9a4b87987db255142148c09a7f75b337c
9232 F20090401_AADEYD 00010thm.jpg b597e4ad91f654b639407f91f5dfa6eb40a296c9e8eeef673c66c6dde51be751b8860b19
15306 F20090401_AADFAD 00023thm.jpg 347b54888a7b0add2c10277f2913784a4c40ae48c8ed23436ca5fbf0644ef81d99c084a5
1648249 F20090401_AADEYE 00010.jp2 1d08334e768d1b22af28eae2e8e8df0d77b27c126bf0b9cc40373cb288ef09556629564c
3163923 F20090401_AADFAE 00023.jp2 c19cebb483fe50fe1a442457b5564f35ebbf2974a06f39d70762aae025ba281489bea887
283013 F20090401_AADEYF 00011.jpg ac68fe26450727cf2e094d7cfeebc7b8d5164664467a7e5be17611a997269dc5a2bc6151
395655 F20090401_AADFAF 00024.jpg cc1a5f1b1d76e4ab9df538d80a5f1846989906da2913b4561a8af1a2a4b16876266b8bde
35932 F20090401_AADEYG 00011.QC.jpg 8db6aa2cd1db1001c366b342b7483076d4bf64c6355dad4847fe717f5e1dcb95a14593d1
46799 F20090401_AADFAG 00024.QC.jpg c26222d482827656b7ddddc2c133e5b8d4fe4e4200b7abf56907f982129bd7b646608de1
9107 F20090401_AADEYH 00011thm.jpg ab364eae74a5ec6958b8c978fe7cc0c4a5d2dac29ce72d969b2f47b5877ae2baa895cb20
13549 F20090401_AADFAH 00024thm.jpg 8e04495dce446a408713f6ae4e0e7c514eba037b7986ae8b8a2e824c65b5935de6346b81
1612835 F20090401_AADEYI 00011.jp2 f5e9923fa1f555baf17f2e59439c0b15cecd1cc197ff08e3965d6211171b9b542307ad78
3151866 F20090401_AADFAI 00024.jp2 83866821caadc802b3c3ea55994d17c52637476a15b435368a66c17a7058ad18465e994d
115954 F20090401_AADEYJ 00012.jpg 97cb9957a0904bed18767114636f4637a7ec63ed42442866f5524ab824e3d6ce83bc726a
386127 F20090401_AADFAJ 00025.jpg 3a9131cff2686536c94301053e597a911e80a38818438f7545205bb1a082a3c567a1de62
43442 F20090401_AADFAK 00025.QC.jpg 5ea8c1b9bef95a77484a25ac9b143e1cf4283f78af9ee36a666ff10648e8572762a74613
21643 F20090401_AADEYK 00012.QC.jpg 38cfd8994815c930c6e390337b4e6f43420f38d4f7c9633a2ca11aadc8997e8954732031
10232 F20090401_AADFAL 00025thm.jpg dabfeeb008cb023b1dfcdd33b47120b979ed0810a32cbd91d4c9b4206b034e9283688e06
7025 F20090401_AADEYL 00012thm.jpg 19d74d4018fed08dce257cce89a607cf23652d3e9552744c2474ccf271e2ba46a1f9d45d
1636928 F20090401_AADFAM 00025.jp2 328ecce1ff6c07138e6c87bbcb36deb9238e5e5225ee541cc30c30352a7d4f30a3c416fe
1612170 F20090401_AADEYM 00012.jp2 8f60531ef14fe9856f5988805409d69e9281f9403c7601b86ee53571f0d0e621d18a0b94
449290 F20090401_AADFAN 00026.jpg ba2967a4eca7f6c3efeaa5b17b95b60170779bb9052cf80c9a8f3e6f2be1812de72c6346
355109 F20090401_AADEYN 00013.jpg 0e86cef61da117a6bb3f9f558ef47d57542f555f5298eb0f50d2c07de088ef9467529e22
46121 F20090401_AADFAO 00026.QC.jpg 94f233f16d06a70fd593dc1a85054e5d1726010793349e450f2435b8dc1cdaf5466334dd
39460 F20090401_AADEYO 00013.QC.jpg 0191c79669bfbe1da4eb994793b2a5e15d7eb0f44817e1fbcabdef7cd447692550b4a5d9
10329 F20090401_AADFAP 00026thm.jpg 45eb8d9df7eb8868550f9d7a79ca0a6ccc647da594c5718a1baaa5a37fd9d5f9578216f4
9879 F20090401_AADEYP 00013thm.jpg 8df7ea4eba4b45de4d5758b048c769551c403dafa1017f29131c3ced67e36e9cba47bd0d
1622501 F20090401_AADFAQ 00026.jp2 1f7b7654e18007a63d8fd811227adecaa09a7a3a0e69a7648ad9001f09e764ff5a35f43c
1557066 F20090401_AADEYQ 00013.jp2 ac9f9dc48b16526c28daf159077967990697838c8682c8992cbf75db5dba6e907ee1c221
278604 F20090401_AADEYR 00014.jpg 02aaf965b840f4c0485e28ec3632a4b53702092c75bb12e00915e77a29220638e7b2369c
457771 F20090401_AADFAR 00027.jpg 2be273979d21ab1305e581d9cf5b9d21b148fe8c28e9358a402113307d88f345e98b6a97
32803 F20090401_AADEYS 00014.QC.jpg 112cef836d2397a5ec24bce1b5da6e432bbc264fce6b62910983ebad066e0197bcb41ff3
46184 F20090401_AADFAS 00027.QC.jpg 00fe2d602a21f6934478fbafebd2fa8e87735ac054846054a740c12ed88803a48e768c87
10436 F20090401_AADFAT 00027thm.jpg 5290a5efe43ec3ac3f150c89a505238c73facd4efc3b8ba64998910a8cbc76b43aa5c991
8516 F20090401_AADEYT 00014thm.jpg 7bb4a8f7cdf7b611ed672e9f470670e2cb90f55a458ed2138a5c44e4e61a951327abbd18
1600097 F20090401_AADFAU 00027.jp2 f4c27c9bd4c5fe2c1237c74777c8cae803d7be9a0d5bda6bdbb79ea2f2e546cf5ff86563
1552227 F20090401_AADEYU 00014.jp2 aa288db2ae7d2b330dfc70616c984537c932355cee9fc2e90872220c077513bbf72c499c
353399 F20090401_AADFAV 00028.jpg fead952d948beeb369c682a485ab831c4c2a0b4a3e8cdc6bca246dff39e3dda6f972b3f5
371314 F20090401_AADEYV 00015.jpg bd6a9886b86240fb85a6eb4c8386e23b35f68105b8a8ddc64e64d117e00fdcb6aaf8d930
40192 F20090401_AADFAW 00028.QC.jpg 6a3f9971266c62bb7229abdacb8be9ca697814be2cfbe35d158a6ca56ae6ab8c12b8a933
42797 F20090401_AADEYW 00015.QC.jpg 1d665001c7c49512399fffc311b0e1902119134da33e08dcf691446a117847332d40758a
9330 F20090401_AADFAX 00028thm.jpg a48b62e6f527ab0e1906d7879703f522aa05a29c26d76696d1471399b9a26980f93e0026
9655 F20090401_AADEYX 00015thm.jpg 71de22ef1cebad29eb0bce100eef9b1088cdcb8f146e4d197e6e94fcfb579df69690a9f4
1617986 F20090401_AADFAY 00028.jp2 1dcb7cfa664865a8ed5899e1dfabc8fcd7332d7c365050a94a8585a5945b6cefb6770b0f
76224380 F20090401_AADEWA 00017.tif 79ba3aa4a0948237029cdcfc81e43e893892ca6fb4453925768dda57d8efc9590dc976a0
1581373 F20090401_AADEYY 00015.jp2 d10f6488db5080d1498333526e55fbf5f02d636446e059695baf501f878cf09997f43cec
292216 F20090401_AADFAZ 00029.jpg e4c6eb45ace32173f5610a245704248dc4e6a4bfd54b15e2548925cd42044952f61211b1
25299424 F20090401_AADEWB 00018.tif da7c4b32042dd0c710fec60af8e7094651646e7d3c7d10b4193294b0a0f4991e0d3f4ee0
398620 F20090401_AADEYZ 00016.jpg e32d5cd109f3ac40f739fad6c7ee40c1e59d3504ceec626f4f4a2053b1b4c68ece6b09c6
25416972 F20090401_AADEWC 00019.tif 2c4af133c9e23924a1af9e6a75abebddb78a7210d9db897ee311e6c9467467407762b101
10745 F20090401_AADFDA 00030.txt a237fcf54843917b61fa123a29689cd8746c77509c17ed75daa02075666b99ad385e9e94
75872608 F20090401_AADEWD 00020.tif 72e0cbbf78b34b81cebc077799764079ace865781ac7b904fc5cd5cd86412197ddf425f1
7714 F20090401_AADFDB 00031.txt aa791b9da5225e79fafbc6bd3d0806ceac027b61b0451814c60ce6877d38c28f99c3a617
76063968 F20090401_AADEWE 00021.tif 32e3f8039cb16fd2ef0e21839500fe24e0f6a7e48554cae2421ac37232e23ba5d5d99689
7311 F20090401_AADFDC 00032.txt fcacdc72f69ded8cac3d96828cc63dbb8090e58ae38644e9b2101fb0a4d3c68ed428596e
25335072 F20090401_AADEWF 00022.tif 89739d9ea59550cda4632504f87e29c7f2bfe4b9b1adda85d6a6b3d910636e902be02256
222794 F20090401_AADFDD 00001.pro 11c03dc7bd70c52042d971a699ede64183258f98255cfdfe88bef2b6592d938629e37d9eWARNING CODE M_MIME_TYPE_MISMATCH conflict in mime type metadata
25324608 F20090401_AADEWG 00023.tif 0fc07b0f707958bc1ad86b6d790499e490bed099f014c44cfdb6254e31f1e0ea6cf6a922
213940 F20090401_AADFDE 00002.pro 215f193add1d6493c22ad929f759fb3d7dd360fff8993de1de45b14f22e9c76a35119559conflict in mime type metadata
25228648 F20090401_AADEWH 00024.tif 9349ae87b189f1746c52b4b49eb1cfbe1dadb8aeb280778a1ac4aeb1727eaf18e2046c0e
349543 F20090401_AADFDF 00002_archive.pro a72e908d7fe717b79da48f03f78797bc58d0d9a16bd264f937720ecddae47dbbef2d777dconflict in mime type metadata
294503 F20090401_AADFDG 00003.pro 75b1bacbd4f5587d888467fd58fb67d8eaac17c3ae83695d1ce2f7aefda4f8dd963a58a5conflict in mime type metadata
39301112 F20090401_AADEWI 00025.tif 464201fb07341cbab01a2f3ee8de5c051cc748f3e3823133dc294ed6dfc1d6e8fd986473
183540 F20090401_AADFDH 00004.pro ec0381d49363b9cc05a2b641448a36e6b0de8aa0e00e945fe0c1694f766ae7de46b56ae1conflict in mime type metadata
12996928 F20090401_AADEWJ 00026.tif 7944ed93773ac16e2cf348ae6cc82e8ea987cfe3b69526fe68296a64da82eded0240e4e7
325154 F20090401_AADFDI 00005.pro 7d2d14a8e4ba34fc7b411f92d3197a6f523b1964cf45d98240552cef0faa99d0789317ceconflict in mime type metadata
12817516 F20090401_AADEWK 00027.tif 324b423c7ee51198d1716686efd9120fdbe2cdc4bdb91f4e12368bd2f7ab1c5c5e5cfe66
182821 F20090401_AADFDJ 00006.pro efe9a3fa5bb5a0397c44988587ad5c1b003b87a0f41e94f6aa1d3c3fbe91dfabe8d39570conflict in mime type metadata
12960688 F20090401_AADEWL 00028.tif 6847ac56c3741f4f4537aba57e73f4eff83dc3a69780863caf85a8dd1e1bb98037041edb
351665 F20090401_AADFDK 00006_archive.pro 1004fe64e9946034e4d84bd5900804aec8588f7fab65a9041289e33e6e507c20e61e1597conflict in mime type metadata
12866924 F20090401_AADEWM 00029.tif f9d07b861e768424c485997d3b7947fc65eee75638fe392103a42ef8f7109c352b51ca2a
120943 F20090401_AADFDL 00007.pro 0fbde448ad81b0a563bb2f5121a88226a7cae35eb69ab33da294be0f0d308d660e533bf6conflict in mime type metadata
12743732 F20090401_AADEWN 00029_archive.tif 76a80f5a8c16b530e05f2581baefed992ada4dac130a743858da4dac62d108289d9dfe61
257248 F20090401_AADFDM 00007_archive.pro 703df5826a0a7c6658727d77e2e00cbf8023726dfedd61496b18899e51b84fe4e518ce3aconflict in mime type metadata
12818048 F20090401_AADEWO 00030.tif 096ccdb54d9aaf5a758950c1ad05551081cf1825b4a9d5e26fca90b601f2c6e26ba69ba0
43920 F20090401_AADFDN 00008.pro b7e0b961201c59f1a211799b9ce1e858fee1dd2e5ef4c49a95ad6fa1ac28cc1435fe3542conflict in mime type metadata
12923860 F20090401_AADEWP 00031.tif 598b10a0c2a1d17fb211ad4b89e61a794399b72f4c4f3ea677c813f612a7039e801c193d
15140 F20090401_AADFDO 00009.pro 79adfcfc926fced7d860c886cfec5f3cfb91ab90a24753ca645f1ef72e353e18b2fbffb5conflict in mime type metadata
13217060 F20090401_AADEWQ 00032.tif 1791d74b6afedb7325c4dbef80ad79b5be0236abef924c0b8c81ce0845313995ed722ad2
50371 F20090401_AADFDP 00009_archive.pro 1af3a88a2ff069d618e1d81911b8a3cd266668594b198d42207890fa7958adb7735af80bconflict in mime type metadata
497127 F20090401_AADEWR 00001.jpg ac19dde7faa2e064eed137f0716f8951fb109fe5e04f1802a79d7f61b244d9310395f783
122844 F20090401_AADFDQ 00010.pro b97ae6a9669aa1f8e8aec1c58aa8267f89cf6b139f07cfe04c6a15e359a4dd743c923848conflict in mime type metadata
61354 F20090401_AADEWS 00001.QC.jpg eda7326e9907e6ca13daa8f5fc256b6bd404a907f4dad942f69ea1f3a69ab2739d2cf55b
84595 F20090401_AADFDR 00011.pro 466fcc235c845bba39821b2ebf0cf09ff606aa503207288fd6af4fa3b2dfdcb55a77eb1cconflict in mime type metadata
17626 F20090401_AADEWT 00001thm.jpg 80371e3c980f2adbc5a21b3a725ead379efab05bcbce893c39db339e63161251587e7fd8
147132 F20090401_AADFDS 00011_archive.pro 76042dd03e4186dc256e05163f5b45e690ee6403240cb7fa7c4bf2e6c9bd4eee0d3e06b0conflict in mime type metadata
3200397 F20090401_AADEWU 00001.jp2 95689074008b0fb6647f5b35166bf194a90d6905ddc72aa422ac0e905470320b483c9ef0
9438 F20090401_AADFDT 00012.pro 4062ee8f905f3b86d8f8b35bf341ddd3c9add707cf1ce86571cc41bbcf3e0ba4b2a62a12conflict in mime type metadata
391641 F20090401_AADEWV 00002.jpg c30f6e2946f41525ed4d680537b55d87ea4cd7c330a048bf57b111fb95b12549f953b51b
49545 F20090401_AADEWW 00002.QC.jpg dc85d45bfebec3af6e04986a0c86645ac615b84f4c68ac11e4da6d275b2630cc2b1da56d
86590 F20090401_AADFDU 00012_archive.pro 7a173122a6e42a4b5bcf97984e6c1354e1de7938b562a9ded433fdab4247562c2c82fb1aconflict in mime type metadata
14474 F20090401_AADEWX 00002thm.jpg fceef3320a4b7fd299c332fdd931151dc95a57cb854d61cea45bcb83f0aae914ac8dd6bd
30648 F20090401_AADFDV 00013.pro 4f89e950548f1552bf440e28ecedf6fc05329ec27de4aa11811ed61bc91bdf617cecf85aconflict in mime type metadata
3232161 F20090401_AADEWY 00002.jp2 95397958d423600118f2f5562ebd8c439b255f73601bff6f015d1911b311f16b5ae87fda
459976 F20090401_AADEWZ 00003.jpg 574ba03af80ff055c4664cd1733cae2d823e66ecf2591b0bd3c83bbb61d4d498796a7250
34653 F20090401_AADFDW 00014.pro b39c86e607bd666d300e69586cd239e6f78cb272a4d0ef3a9cdb12245905527bbbbcbc28conflict in mime type metadata
37881 F20090401_AADFDX 00014_archive.pro 71e849fc0df99fd730bcf7097a5b307b28503d75154e17164b107a6948a00b19967a9579conflict in mime type metadata
42266 F20090401_AADEZA 00016.QC.jpg a8fa4a8a790996acd0d7a0c9a088751ffac2cb2f9eb068a153c2b6d224ea8bed75720e7c
33565 F20090401_AADFBA 00029.QC.jpg 46536f684bbc98fca5276d59fa7fe9d782319788dc2ed7f932685c4aa44ebbb524e35c40
164711 F20090401_AADFDY 00015.pro b933b21779bb85017db1276edc52e0ee0432176b0de109044818d4069038ff9dbf2b9444conflict in mime type metadata
9619 F20090401_AADEZB 00016thm.jpg 18ee4d6b3bfb08a78979483d7be938f62528882cdc1bd8c1714336def6ea53eba49fe3d2
8337 F20090401_AADFBB 00029thm.jpg c1dc95b31165fa1d3bf26b762cd2ddeb5f225b65193443ba5ef72c58f384d0611ad9f21a
124036 F20090401_AADFDZ 00016.pro 97d5fa617cf9a12689a886c4708155e1b0cb0a23114ab47227203374c7814a7a6e154786conflict in mime type metadata
1613069 F20090401_AADEZC 00016.jp2 2951642b624f48a727373105bbec837cf9c4120f817353f26de713542e327f0eb252e880
1606361 F20090401_AADFBC 00029.jp2 b3337d03e22f0ae8c8a0ca745b22220bebc27d30bc32afc854d4057f5726227cd43b2bf8
448217 F20090401_AADEZD 00017.jpg bab5fb49e25211849aad1860ded2363b1320b03c752dd73897fecb078e13f917fabcc3c8
405508 F20090401_AADFBD 00030.jpg bdd72fb4a31bdb39b00b9429332244faa884ceb616c0e3b88c5fd9cb968bdac58c994812
56057 F20090401_AADEZE 00017.QC.jpg 855057c6f15bdf60f84503b6f3aa8121658fceaecf69be4b2e648881ae2e4a3f146cc8a9
44090 F20090401_AADFBE 00030.QC.jpg f784c3d7cf422782c856e96b95f0cbb949c080cb9b94761a13abde52005822c85e04a721
16538 F20090401_AADEZF 00017thm.jpg b6917b8e1853aaa3b59bc32e864164fe6427004d16ac32e3db0177fb22c9539cc616d8f1
10154 F20090401_AADFBF 00030thm.jpg a98840c9a16adb253e9518e984334c25792a7198b5523c3c03a3aafd1d23dadd66a3f859
3175493 F20090401_AADEZG 00017.jp2 2fd689b3095ac5ab7bfaa3e5d94c54fc94940547ae5e9cc6e10c7f55cc7c044888cf4fb2
1599873 F20090401_AADFBG 00030.jp2 3ad2211a389c57a58ca58c01e4c7a950353fe3b4f3f54ad82fbecdad625503dc58576c18
474429 F20090401_AADEZH 00018.jpg 56d69e5e23081ed59b148f4aaf6d48e9b9603593d6e790139bc5b8bf0188d7e8db99f21f
407852 F20090401_AADFBH 00031.jpg fc7c34feb85c3b889291300f10faa3dfabcabd05dd06e40267856c43fb9d0651b25abef4
56526 F20090401_AADEZI 00018.QC.jpg 9f779db60e3ae1e0d37e0231eb33095204a0cfafd36e35b3549df12f4b59587cfe0e1667
44708 F20090401_AADFBI 00031.QC.jpg 2a4c17b1c9a3493b84f1be84fd5c9c758f9fdbbfb29b9bd25b7d0779ea6063029e901a08
15815 F20090401_AADEZJ 00018thm.jpg c22abb8c293246b81f20fa743746db03b0131b111ec63328ec8b45d72660a54759b2a24d
10273 F20090401_AADFBJ 00031thm.jpg efdf4f025af8365dd98b3e599d670588a0763058d3ccf592d311aec9092edc96e14bc94a
3160867 F20090401_AADEZK 00018.jp2 8e225a17cd4a72f917ccea245f4e85ee8c9f9f41f93a96eee4f2e2d33f998111d7c3009f
1613273 F20090401_AADFBK 00031.jp2 d9ecd2fefceec8b1a7c19e73fd05793683b2c71873e5a46713372b5257a641d01f1cb198
402669 F20090401_AADFBL 00032.jpg 08c740d4f0defb60ae6a4b42d0d5bc2602570f514d6a15912eb0b8d67c8649093eaf699f
482712 F20090401_AADEZL 00019.jpg 0b2977524cf2f1827cb11a1947e1d8cb1c13633f4b5ec5a95c52db018c2c08475509f28b
43687 F20090401_AADFBM 00032.QC.jpg b1a41c63d8c0b76fbd126386fa54e9aa25d8c3dda6c1758d168bdf7a826201b2e6b301e7
57838 F20090401_AADEZM 00019.QC.jpg d2a6798b69899de585d2face7145b5d96974f4d3b958397fc78818858856b2abc8e35d1d
9686 F20090401_AADFBN 00032thm.jpg d29258de564b6af2f2f3ac7f560eda189fba98da2baf7579c6804ffbc9dc9ad03fe27421
15906 F20090401_AADEZN 00019thm.jpg ecb6f0352d258ced36a32749efd7e1bfd52d92a3f75b54e39e3ba8ccf91c8a51fef3a5b2
1649965 F20090401_AADFBO 00032.jp2 25e1376f441df636a113eac2f62bab0acf1643e91e1f727bdac007e1a3a8827e4a08c47e
3175395 F20090401_AADEZO 00019.jp2 71c7f34451d965f2dd411d043eca8ab79d6a748e1beef565938d4267e5f7b26c5910263e
9374 F20090401_AADFBP 00001.txt fce3f8da1c1192343a1a086c55296023ad65ee75905eeb18dea21b0c6c73269e4b1064a3
492735 F20090401_AADEZP 00020.jpg 10512917017a2b112772479f51f2b46b938e263b9eeb2971d73d1d1c450fad3046133ca5
9152 F20090401_AADFBQ 00002.txt 01d774a121b9661bd027c8abdaa42e7ea6acbc3fe35a95c3d22a1cb06c52d258221a2195
59858 F20090401_AADEZQ 00020.QC.jpg fd64036729da0c08e158637221e2604e665e502d68f5a5a985493b56304c7425cf099084
13738 F20090401_AADFBR 00002_archive.txt 39cf6e4d17f302c08e52242284bc49d383aa0fa28aa61e1f25f31b11d061606265ac46a9
16923 F20090401_AADEZR 00020thm.jpg 93ea4c97dc412c50b5b3fa0b4e3b1979512160eb9ccc775ec9ba818a967e3dae0ddf864f
3160859 F20090401_AADEZS 00020.jp2 3ca857200edb107b3e03b01696888778258ecc35b810ee2a170f60f8c39e9685f9e89286
12180 F20090401_AADFBS 00003.txt f65605cf21b5681f0fe622b6279ef9e97efa5969dab32cecbfa768f3811e61f9bb2b44d8
486955 F20090401_AADEZT 00021.jpg 1677189b94c5b2d60abb3218118322cf32737c973c82e30a55b9298c6e9873e367ffe7b0
7890 F20090401_AADFBT 00004.txt f7043979eba32f83a66c10e69c798fe75b1dce8e1fb613e8ffa8bc563f0b2dbfdc5d263c
59422 F20090401_AADEZU 00021.QC.jpg 0612fb12bf816d135b0483f302d99988f68ae13ad7aaf9fa93038821d9fc1b95f42c233e
12509 F20090401_AADFBU 00005.txt 1d0a1d071c5d0b37738dc87b20d1b3fd831ada161507e51f10e084191e26b7ee2cb76698
16579 F20090401_AADEZV 00021thm.jpg 0085c88c3e73c3f3e579390f066f16e7ac13c7e189b89fd728fb1d5f4f96ed1efa9e60fb
7537 F20090401_AADFBV 00006.txt 1c67632b73bfb2300ba411d8e03c0bd5afc0dd900ec7889e04512735ec935e5fd979ab8b
3168834 F20090401_AADEZW 00021.jp2 ad785b3d2e11d01f025791795e1ac647c28dcfc27a75c9163f258d5059836bbbd3fae4ac
13287 F20090401_AADFBW 00006_archive.txt 0c1fa859fd6d15523859de2b86b622bab6c2baba4cc9cc425de26889c1c152eb028039b0
440175 F20090401_AADEZX 00022.jpg e49e2c1d59e0cab0297e68dae9bf82f39df4a1e5435fb075589b0902ca73032a22003009
6046 F20090401_AADFBX 00007.txt abff89fec530d6ee60bc558c9e552d51b0a31bb2e0117b8c16783d5956d21a6a526c394e
54495 F20090401_AADEZY 00022.QC.jpg 8c3706d5eeaf644655f8fbf6008a8311d7cb098f4bc7196b3cbf37345f3a991a646551ba
10474 F20090401_AADFBY 00007_archive.txt 8614c0da26453349e36b62e522fc4ccca053a19e7d80761f76e53fa7dd6b3534ed8fdc37
56940 F20090401_AADEXA 00003.QC.jpg c84f27a676e9374c5db8fcd72aa79fe48277ea7bb73c3f991460aa47fb2c2cea87416d07
15459 F20090401_AADEZZ 00022thm.jpg 2c0be05820dd4354b64d4ab1413f3adc08f6fd55df971760e00944e05deb7e06774a214a
1816 F20090401_AADFBZ 00008.txt c1894144e6ff0bf09a18e359ea573075a38d1e068f4a83d6d1641f782bf04c366bd218a9
15651 F20090401_AADEXB 00003thm.jpg aae215e8ab8ed4f9903ea538bac73fad33699ec4637bbcdd1acad4f9f4000a4d3ccfa149
3235777 F20090401_AADEXC 00003.jp2 63c50950ef1166851cf2fbc3504abe67c0af4056bec31680ebe3bfa19d6fcd7bae951091
260544 F20090401_AADFEA 00017.pro e6f447b6af95bd11c7551de08c1fba75b0ffdd49422d74e1447bdbf04a8da7ef4ba107c3conflict in mime type metadata
478111 F20090401_AADEXD 00004.jpg 0cbb26638e27333ff5dba10026c185bea7324fd4b39c8bd3e422fdfdb7e8fb716fdb3206
394717 F20090401_AADFEB 00018.pro c6c5180f12ca95b87a2d8ab1760157d95ba7731c5faaa9558e363cc01ea6457a4c8284caconflict in mime type metadata
57362 F20090401_AADEXE 00004.QC.jpg 435965995d590a0f5fb6894cfa4931b4e85453834746b9ad95cc5e4076bbbfede8852e90
317422 F20090401_AADFEC 00019.pro 84069626a675958df38b14a1edd780a89f92c557c27ff6962780c49308683cc721a00171conflict in mime type metadata
17022 F20090401_AADEXF 00004thm.jpg 05fa0980e4390e0bbabd8e6c37ac9c0095bfff29ef6213f721c8044b3fee76f2d6fc6c16
361950 F20090401_AADFED 00020.pro 0e7e3d2de4a447f01827f8b575233f9e3b4d41df478979ff2c33971a1003bfa26275552bconflict in mime type metadata
3233976 F20090401_AADEXG 00004.jp2 f3e207df327b9802284edc882883ef7e46fd3b917a94380dd36b5131658c3f90aa6bb4c2
325206 F20090401_AADFEE 00021.pro 55239c354458b554eced05506bbaa91c15a3c623e4f98120bd381055679b7ef6d0be71deconflict in mime type metadata
486656 F20090401_AADEXH 00005.jpg 184c141501625b0396bef568fc04af33a005656673f9edf64dcbe9c1e15caeb8e949b0b6
265049 F20090401_AADFEF 00022.pro 243df3c7f3ae062cc817be81ba722449b0abf8979cceb165dd41e3053d4f969a4746541fconflict in mime type metadata
57789 F20090401_AADEXI 00005.QC.jpg 82861eeba095c06eec19cd21bc2b25b2c5d85b313770e3cd0b0645eae3b9fc727fafe462
399410 F20090401_AADFEG 00023.pro fcb54c1d192af15f5f509b203abb677c3851f8c382c4869b28f49e96d6796bc753a83344conflict in mime type metadata
128718 F20090401_AADFEH 00024.pro 0fba93970a3e930ca2133dda79ffa86a9780f5dd4ff24f25a42c1e1a0482d3945af073c0conflict in mime type metadata
15503 F20090401_AADEXJ 00005thm.jpg aa50a60ce5f2f11072b51a3f6b1f8e5f9340920f3d1e39021929a1f61f42ac1401b598df
93205 F20090401_AADFEI 00025.pro 77528022066caad0a3b8f097ac0b804dc881fb3ea34cf0992ed1df65f5633e6282fc91baconflict in mime type metadata
3197325 F20090401_AADEXK 00005.jp2 378e387d033f61efa33ac0626040b0fefd946571f83ee34630ef1dbfc3783271195120c8
287001 F20090401_AADFEJ 00026.pro 67febdc27754e3bfa0c080573b0dab7bce21ea440fe2fbde90c6ca1a69989bc8353dfbbcconflict in mime type metadata
319680 F20090401_AADEXL 00006.jpg fba6b948f28685eb25f72e40ad07b4ce95263f41cb14813e3ce54910eac7d8f29be05466
293946 F20090401_AADFEK 00027.pro c7a4966fb05d1d597cd7c44e7d5d3958470aa65d258697832d8b48dcedcd72c980cdc55fconflict in mime type metadata
46759 F20090401_AADEXM 00006.QC.jpg ca757f5e141ef9a3954052de8c4eb809aede21c94cd2a140e4317d234c041fecb46814d9
98173 F20090401_AADFEL 00028.pro d17c9ff25a7ff9702af54185109bd62995eec76c408094122cbc95f5c34afb615a336318conflict in mime type metadata
13556 F20090401_AADEXN 00006thm.jpg bd17f7cd85dca8bbd0fa905775b97fdb1f3d0341e4fb32db8d2368e012d862f3908e9dd5
22577 F20090401_AADFEM 00029.pro 5e56e121a71101847cb619bbd8638b1b78206abe116ad234dfeb0aaaf43fa662e44082c7conflict in mime type metadata
3195531 F20090401_AADEXO 00006.jp2 881fff2a9830e5a26d7cf60daef10c3097762870882a0f806df5c97da5b335e5338dc941
71008 F20090401_AADFEN 00029_archive.pro 94af99468e1298e5fa62c07d98c46d791109ec20b65ffde014251e8e8a7e8225bddc0674conflict in mime type metadata
326151 F20090401_AADEXP 00007.jpg 219ce77db96c34120228dde556788cdc075ac62b9f66cbb0ff09b23a85ac7d68777594e4
237709 F20090401_AADFEO 00030.pro 3ba4ba9e49029b8d962aaa5516355be309456f7409f8956e55384bd6cb73de3a00fa4385conflict in mime type metadata
44649 F20090401_AADEXQ 00007.QC.jpg 2fe6dcef1c8a72d93b4368a929048b88e01ff4c03d5451eec59e61a3c89dd6b6539e1efe
192071 F20090401_AADFEP 00031.pro 65b12837537ea713ba05ba11260ed92836957911744a338702c120fa5ed48c185125c653conflict in mime type metadata
13297 F20090401_AADEXR 00007thm.jpg f486ec34c542d39c954dddccc754193a91cac494aeb1e4c5505e1afb5d11447035ad5eb4
180940 F20090401_AADFEQ 00032.pro 2f65f90bad54343630a50f297c944bbe7370f6f3d7c5aed0a2f11b43d33c69b1b6726ed7conflict in mime type metadata
3180382 F20090401_AADEXS 00007.jp2 6a1cd33c4ca963f9e3ca5450522c06c685f42a385548e115b9bbd1248fba583b91bf528c
52920 F20090401_AADFER UF00028362_00128.mets FULL b1ce00fbdc4000b9e22152420ea0e36b046593e4bdf3fd7d0441ee451fa7b07f0c177030
380126 F20090401_AADEXT 00008.jpg b852b775145c24b84893a8962a03099f2e883335f39c49f7bb67da0cdfdc1d7ddc07d1c1
40736 F20090401_AADEXU 00008.QC.jpg 1b2556ffdd4d83c59f8344b3595324e0513a12bfef3ca99d31e6d0fa38cb6149256d9b60
11790 F20090401_AADEXV 00008thm.jpg 386153eaef21a7c275fb708a0cef37b6ce7df149f8971a20efe42826872123ccb135dc1d
70630 F20090401_AADFEU UF00028362_00128.xml 6b8f14920e691b70442a5ddb9da04dfbb2d6b73c8337c481cc65eda6fc217f3504590afd
3168835 F20090401_AADEXW 00008.jp2 86c6b6c400827b44328ea2e35bb4a207cc8bc871267c5b5091e1767cefe2170a93acbf49
340671 F20090401_AADEXX 00009.jpg 2fcfa20141c2dbd84c91a6cdcd468422b46f7878cc66a1f707b5ce511d9d38c2f57a4db4
38103 F20090401_AADEXY 00009.QC.jpg 957d7ba1e55e3d074eb973f64c94f6aa7878a48e76ffa973efeb85166d6e0f3f81b8c525
9667 F20090401_AADEXZ 00009thm.jpg 568c306c314f2294c947dc81e23b69ecdeeb5cea1c9f43e9abe4093807cfadec0f803384
620 F20090401_AADFCA 00009.txt 2f14e60b6794f06c17aed05dec0af162c0d3bdeb676915406b782a7404a8ef1395523185
76823144 F20090401_AADEVD 00001.tif cb58ca27362b1588100e7abae6cd9fb4293d4af85ffdede6b47800f0931a3dc7cc593929
2048 F20090401_AADFCB 00009_archive.txt 89799b7399f316a033ae059d770461a08ac8f684414c66793b6f7c431fb64230797d1b0b
25871120 F20090401_AADEVE 00002.tif 6fee0797605ae64cf95df62bff255b40e7b432d6a3785de32adad2cf517b6db17325f101
26537928 F20090401_AADEVF 00002_archive.tif 977b46b87548f17e113c5c30301790f76c825e28f84fb1f1cb245d13f850e454cb73f2e4
4908 F20090401_AADFCC 00010.txt aeeec95a30c244beb91bc75efb34cd315e6c8e60781229e6945397fa905ea79d8db0b32a
25899692 F20090401_AADEVG 00003.tif 9d42f52d196c8adb8ea9dbdfb39bce696be0fa94abb63d004d826279c64c5b36703d64f1
3337 F20090401_AADFCD 00011.txt 67aaf91a5bb625a93b654e974ea383e504d4e904f2c0fc32441f7500810b5e602f9d9261
5818 F20090401_AADFCE 00011_archive.txt 7d1ab2ca9b89e73ffd1ac108260e2be0447ce838dcac4f7d2de0dadf124093cedfba5184
77628804 F20090401_AADEVH 00004.tif f44780b5bfb0c6831061c3ae5da5325d738673cf612d0fbefac779b5ee79f5a901c0e2ae
560 F20090401_AADFCF 00012.txt 554036f7c244a153e10fece290315b241af6d3592218e56362390630005a6e090d045c88
76747264 F20090401_AADEVI 00005.tif 3a4aa5a6bec67cbb41516e23aadb8d404266b91784abf99b310465f09bb933f59c4f4a78
3429 F20090401_AADFCG 00012_archive.txt f8c4c06fabd77c29aafaf025bc27ef95c89d05f7f7f4079b26c0d0044d2da7f1c11ba074
25577744 F20090401_AADEVJ 00006.tif 6ee075d63c6184be3eff9dfe1278ce527559e42ef9bd6325e2c3e87835d7c4665bb20f1d
999 F20090401_AADFCH 00013.txt a50f1adf77c87437be0b3fe816ac16a0311049b9450c5b595be6406df2e5d2de856cbf29
25730272 F20090401_AADEVK 00006_archive.tif 993c05c54a32ac6b2182f42042882b45a2cf2a12028d1a438e82a5763672979b1ff1216c
1450 F20090401_AADFCI 00014.txt 950a8e4080d3d7e967552e1d0b9985f06bdb5aef89d90564f8deb0864f77b3f14c9c9da3
25456452 F20090401_AADEVL 00007.tif 081ba3b14df389f3e5f67efb17d6b67c9f0cd1cd30f9b7e400a7a8ceb9057573b0b9e9ee
1566 F20090401_AADFCJ 00014_archive.txt 033d6dd2f107c04c1a697c3a7514c032d6e83f22658d6ec0843e14ad7e3bcadd65c89135

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200128datestamp 2008-11-13setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida Star. July 14, 2007.Florida Star.dc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.dc:date July 14, 2007dc:type Newspaperdc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=00128000581378 (ALEPH)2261130 (OCLC)0740-798X (ISSN)dc:source University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
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Florida star news
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v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
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Jacksonville Fla
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July 14, 2007
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African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
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Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
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Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
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"Florida's statewide black weekly."
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Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

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University of Florida
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
July 14, 2007
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
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m IRA -Iii~ C
la,#!,%n Onr
It's Your Tiime KIM~11
See PagesP~~P =~h~T1PTFB I~I i ic



Tuesday and Thursday
from 8:30 to 9:00 pm,:
The Florida Star and
Impact Striving to
Make a Difference!


Two Homelnvasions One Man Shot. One Man Beaten

"Cause I Love You" Oh. O0

Wrong House To Enter LennyWilliamsk
A Th G l drikin Icac

entered a home in the 7000
block of Ellwood Avenue by
kicking in the door. The alarm ..
went off and the Sheriff's ti e
Department was notified. Along
with the police being notified, the
noise woke up Johnny Johnson
who grabbed his gun, ran into the Jonathan Donovan Sandra Flood,
and saw Comas and Comas, 24, shot, Thomas, 21, 27, Suspect
living room and saw ComasSuspect
Thomas leaving. Johnson said he
fired five or six shots and then
dove for cover when he heard gunfire coming from outside. Comas was hit several
times. Thomas was able to get into the 'waiting' vehicle being driven by Sandra
Flood, 27. Comas was taken to the hospital and reported in critical condition.
Two men on Wednesday night broke into a house in the 1800 block of St. Johns
Bluff Road North where they were able to beat one Home Invasion Continued on A-7

Residents in the 1200 block
of Belmont Terrace were
truly surprised that the noise
they heard Sunday night was
gunshots that left Dexer
Owens, 28, *dead. Even
though much evidence was
taken from the apartment and,
the area of the shooting, a,
suspect has not been identi-
fied. Dexter is a Jacksonville
Dexter Owens, 28, native that attended Raines
Murder Victim High School.
Persons questioned about a
possible motive in this
killing,. lid not supply one. However, drug activity has not
been ruled out according to the police department since
Dexter Owens Jr. had a criminal record of nine local arrests
since 1998, that included six drug-related cases. His listed
occupation was that of a-carpet layer and his last arrest was
in 2004. Investigators are asking for help and
Crimestoppers has stated that a reward is possible. Call
(866) 845-TIPS, as an anonymous caller.

Two Rapes, Girl, 11;

Mother and Son 12
is disturbed
that an 11-
HIV positive
since birth
girl, was
raped by 19
Darnell Chaney, 17, Freeman Gurley, boys. To
Rapist Suspect 40, Rapist Suspect date, five
have been
arrested and charged. It is reported that a 16-year-old
female was the instigator and told the girl that she
should perform sex acts with a number of boys. She
also advised her that she should have sex with her 40-
year-old uncle. The 11-year-old initially refused but
then gave in. At one point, Freeman Gurley, 40, had
unprotected sex with the girl. Darnell Chaney, 17, had
oral sex performed on him. The 16-year-old female,
and a 15-year-old male, have been charged with being
party to first degree sexual assault on a child.
In West Palm Beach, three teens have been arrested
and about seven more are being sought for the torture
and forced sex of a Haitian born 35-year-old female.
The lady was beaten and gang raped. She was also
RAPE-continued on A-7

Betty Asque Davis is a woman of many talents. We
always knew that since she writes the Lifestyle col-
umn for The Florida Star, but she proved another tal-
ent last year when she decided to expand her work
hours and sell real estate. At Watson's, she won the
President's Award. "Our Stars Among the Stars!"

Night Time Is Not The

Right Time 212 Arrested

Clay County Sheriff's Office initiated Operation
Night SITE in mid May. During a six-week period,
212 arrests were made. The arrests included drug pos-
session, armed robbery, moving'violations, aggravated
battery, possession of concealed weapon, warrants,
and many more. Along with the arrests, many other
citations were issued such as 547 moving violations,
371 nonmoving violations and 734 written warnings.
The crime-fighting initiative was operated in the late
evening and early-morning hours. Clay County
Sheriff's Office said they are planning to make the
program a permanent tactic program since the area is
one of the state's fastest growing communities.
The organization said that the program is similar to
the ones used in New York, Philadelphia and
Jacksonville. Jacksonville's program was called
'Operation Safe Streets" in'an effort to combat crime,
and in Jacksonville, the homicide rate.
Accordingto CCSO, a smaller version of the pro-
gram was utilized during the past two holiday periods
and helped to prevent almost all felony activity at the
Orange Park Mall. By using such programs, they are
able to determine where the emerging criminal trends
exists and where they need to shift their resources.
Such a method of pressure work to move the criminals
out and into different areas out of Clay County.

.g c


10, I

S 3i: 9 D,: 15 1

205 SMA UNIV OF FL (1.1.08
PO BOX 117007

On Wednesday,
Jonathan Comas, 24, and
Donovan Thomas, 21,

Man Shot Down on San Marco She's A Star
S A S ta



__ II
I _I



rls~;~ 11 81114 ~$ LI% i~[ep ID A~l i~3lii~`SmA~BLllc~iB~ ~:-lsl~COgblP~DBIAY~?
ole~t aaptr-r--]Bawr~~ rs~s~8rnsti;l~n~;rQmrl Ea~8p-~a~~mrrr~gr~~j~e~lua~
~-X? ~881 ;8~lb~BI 3 nT~7ii~D~TI a s ~-~.~a9~8~s~~ Pl~r~g~_U1Yf~.
iratii ~AI;F~~L~l~orPI IIP~g~lsElrB~;I~W;f ;PcP I~
iil ~Te`ri~aYmlP-~F~ii IIO1II)El*


He is Lenny Williams,
the "Tower of Power",
even though he is no longer
with a group, when his
name is mentioned, the
first thing you hear is, At
"Power of Tower." Lenny,
like many black musi-
cians, started in the Soul Singer, Lenny Williams
church. H retreat and Odell, Owner of Flight Line
church. His great-great Bar & Grill, Brunswick, Ga.
grandfather was from
Centerville, Georgia so he
is very much at home when he performs in the
Brunswick, Georgia/Jacksonville, Florida area. When
he performed at the Thompson Center in Brunswic
last Sunday, the audience stayed on their feet and wh~
he sang, 'Cause I Love You,' it was all over for thokt
who might have felt they just wanted to hear the song.
After the concert, he went to Flight Line Bar & Grill

Silvia Glover said she
never dreamed she
I). Y would have difficulty
STenjoying her vacation
with her husband, Dick-
S Glover,69, and their

Toddler couldn't get in pool, was born with AIDS.
She said that when she :
told the clerk her plans to adopt her son and his HIV
situation, she did not think it would be an issue but,
the clerk and management would not allow their son
in the swimming pool.
Dr. David Little of South Alabama CARES, an
AIDS education program, sid that there is "absolutely,
no way you ca get HIV from a pool or a shower
casual contact using the same facility. The Glovers
said Caleb is a happy child with a seven year life
expectancy. They wanted him to enjoy the Wales
West features with the steam-diesel locomotives.

News Briefs
Boil Your Water in Callahan, Florida
As a precaution, residents of Callahan, Nassau

ing teeth or washing dishes prior to boiling. The
town experienced a loss of water pressure in its
water system which caused the need for this precau-
tion. They will advise when to return to normal use.

Lady Bird Johnson Dead at 94
Lady Bird Johnson, the former first lady from
Texas spent 34 years in Washington, D. C. during
her husband's many political positions. President
Lyndon Johnson died in 1973, four years after he
left the White House. She was most known for her
desire to beautify Washington with flowers.

FO n N qv FW r-

Al~~~~tfl-d~~~__ 1*4.kRLOr1I .tIE '. EU


TEL: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673
(912) 264-6700 Georgia
Serving St. Johns, Clay, Duval, Nassau, Alachua,
Flagler, Marion, Mclntosh, Camden And Glynn

The Florida Star Newspaper is an
independent newspaper published
weekly in Jacksonville, Florida

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The Florida Star,
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Chamber of Commerce

Founded In April 1951 By Eric 0. Simpson
First African American Inducted Into
The Florida Press Hall Of Fame


When the Democrats
gathered for the first ofTavis
Smiley's All-American
Presidential Forums, the con-
versation about AIDS was a
far cry from the sorry specta-
cle of the 2004 vice presiden-
tial debate.
In that 2004 debate, mod-
erator Gwen Ifill asked both
Vice President Dick Cheney
and then-Democratic nomi-
nee John Edwards about con-
fronting HIV among Black
women. A befuddled Cheney
replied that he was "not
aware" of the problem;
Edwards ignored the actual
question and talked instead
about AIDS in Russia and
But what a difference
three years, lots of activism
and intrepid Black journalism
makes. When NPR's Michele
Martin asked about AIDS
among Black teens in the
June 28 debate at Howard
University,. the leading.
Democratic contenders took
turns offering meaningful
"If HIV/AIDS were the
leading cause of death of
White women between the
ages of 25 and 34, there
would be an outraged outcry
in this country," declared
Sen. Hillary Clinton, drawing
rousing applause. "This is a
multiple dimension prob-
lem," Clinton concluded.


"But if we don't begin to take
it seriously and address it the
way we did back in the 90s,
when it was primarily a gay
men's disease, we will never
get the services and the pub-
lic education that we need."
Sen. Barack Obam'a urged
African Americans to chal-
lenge stigma surrounding the
virus, and notably cited
homophobia as a roadblock.
"We don't talk about it in
the schools. Sometimes we
don't talk about it in the
churches," said Obama, who
talked about AIDS in White
evangelist Rick Warren's
church. "It has been an aspect
of ....homophobia that we
don't address this issue as
clearly as it needs to [be]."
Obama added that AIDS
is but one more symptom of
the larger, "interconnected"
problems we face. "The
African-American communi-
ty is weakened," he declared.
"It has a disease to its
immune system."
Sen. Joe Biden urged
African-Americans to get
tested and to discard
unhealthy notions of Black
masculinity that discourage
both condom use and sexual
John Edwards outlined
three clear policy priorities
for stopping AIDS, which
included boosting spending
to find a cure, guaranteeing

On HIV/AIDS: Show Us the Plan, Mr. and
Mrs. Candidate
Phill Wilson
NNPA Columnist

universal treatment for peo-
ple living with AIDS, and
expanding Medicaid to cover
HIV a crucial initiative that
advocates have tried and
failed to get on Washington's
agenda for a decade, and
which Clinton highlights on
her campaign Web site.
Black America has finals,
convinced presidential candi-
dates that if they want to get
our support, they have to
meaningfully discuss AIDS -
at least when theN are talking
to us. Now we've got to make
them put their platforms
where their mouths are.
Show us the plan, Mr. and
Mrs. Candidate. Show us the
The AIDS story is prima-
rily one of failed leadership,
and ifs time for our leaders -
and our wannabe leaders to
actually lead. No candidate in
either party has put forward a
plan for dealing with AIDS in
the United States, let alone a
plan to end the epidemic in
Black America. And no can-
didate should receive a dime
from us, let alone our votes,
without one.
This demand is a crucial
one. An Open Society
Institute report highlighted in
May that America today has
no overarching plan guiding
our national response to an
epidemic that has killed more
than half a million people and
left as many as 1.3 million
living with HIV/AIDS today.
There are no listed goals.
No benchmarks for success.
No delineation of the
resources needed. As my



W o

Y 'Sm- I



*0 -

o 4





- r

* a-

'o*,. ,iL, '

We have some solutions that might be easier
than you think. We're the National Endowment
for Financial Education, a nonprofit foundation
with nothing to sell and a lot to tell. For over 30
years, we've helped people just like you get smart
about their money. Come to us for sound advice
and practical information on how to start achieving
all your financial goals. For everything from
getting out of debt to managing your money wisely
to saving for the future we're here to help.
w w w smartaboutmoney org

It's time to get smart about your money.

Not if
w.can help

,t- I I. .


Black America suffers
most from this lack of focus.
We account for half of all
people living with
HIV/AIDS and half of all
new infections each year. As
Martin noted in her question
to the candidates, our chil-
dren make up 69 percer.. of
new cases among teens.
Black women represent two-
thirds of female cases. Forty-
six percent of Black gay men
may already be posiri\ e.
So any candidate credibly
asking for African-American
votes must show hdw he or
she plans to end the epidemic
in Black America. We must
not accept vague promises
alone, but must insist that
candidates lay out detailed
Every presidential candi-
date should sign on to this
historic mobilization as well.
The time for haphazard.
reactionary policymaking in
confronting AIDS is gone.
The emergency of the epi-
demic's early years has long
since morphed into a lasting,
increasingly complex prob-
So here is what we need
to do. Anytime we communi-
cate with a presidential can-
didate-by mail, email, tele-
phone or in person-ask this
question: What is your plan
to end AIDS in the Black

To reach The Florida Star
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National Newspaper
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-- 1111 1 1






J rJ ^J-X- -A

SI1I 14 It. YUU/



C ~ih
r i

JULY 14, 2007

Faith In Our Community

Schedule of Events and Services

CHRIST, located at 3328 MoncriefRd, Jacksonville,
FL will be celebrating Bishop R. L. Dixon and First
Lady, Missionary Martha Dixon, 31th Pastoral
Anniversary. Services will be Wednesday, July 18th -
Friday, July 20th, at 7:30 p.m. and close out Sunday,
July 22nd, at 4 p.m. The public is invited to attend.
CHURCH presents the 10th annual Family &
Friends Weekend July 28 & 29. The fun begins
Saturday, July 28th, 11:00 am at the church located
at 10325 Interstate Center Drive. There will be games
for the kids, merchandise vendors, entertainment, a
ministry fair, a 3 on 3 basketball tournament, a talent
show and free food, yes, free food. Hamburgers, hot
dogs and CRABS!! Then on Sunday July 29th at
10:15 am, you're invited to a spirited, power packed
worship. For more information call 696-1770.
located at 2297 Edison Avenue, where the Overseer is
Pastor Elwyn W. Jenkins, cordially invite you to wor-
ship with us as we celebrate our 22nd Church and
Pastor's Anniversary. The services will be held each
Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. during the month of July.


TUESDAYS @ 5:00 P.M.

(904) 766-8834


Tune In and Listen to


wit/h The Florida Star!

Real Topics! Rea

REACH MINISTRY is having their 2007 Serious
Praise Service, July 22nd at the Father's House
Conference Center, located at 1820 Monument Rd.,
Bldg. #2, Jacksonville, FL. Join them for a Spirit
filled worship service as they give Thanks To Our
Lord and Savior! When Praises go up blessings come
down. Come and experience a life changing move of
GOD. Associate Pastor, Evangelist Ethel Pritchard
will be bringing a Life changing word from the Lord!
No admission fee, the public is invited to attend. Rev.
Mattie W. Freeman, Pastor.
118th CHURCH ANNIVERSARY, Sunday, July
15th at 11 a.m. A grand service is being planned in
honor of this event: "Generational Praise 118
Years." Guest speaker will be Rev. John White, II.
The public is invited to attend.
CONVENTION will be held Thursday, Sunday, July
12th 15th at the Wyndham Hotel on Prudential
Drive with Bishop James McKnight, Presiding and
District Harry Johnson, Host Pastor. there will be
Preaching, healing, choirs singing, workshops and
more. The public is invited. Admission is FREE.

Listings are due the Tuesday before the next issue. Email
submissions preferred. Send to: info@thefloridastar.com

Greggs Temple
African Methodist Episcopal (
1510 W. 45th Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32208
(904) 768-4416
Pastor: Rev. Roger Williams
Church School: 10:00 a.m. Worship Service:
Midweek Bible Study: 6:00 p.m.
lu -

A v,

Ch uI7u c lj

11:00 ~



Cb~l~jrg ( 1

li'onne Brooks

d Issues!

Tuesday and Thursday
8:30 p.m. 9:00 p.m..

WCGL-1360 AM

.. On the Iteb:
.,(w-it. f 'CGL 1360.comn


.4ssem bli of Goad, Inc.
7 Lane Aitnue & 1-111
SSunday,I Jul\ 15'
,- HfHare you
Receired/ the Fullness /
of/ the spirit ?

SIs that nPo er1 'A '
Operating in your Life?


,-'L r *

4,I4 (II 2t 1 N1% i LIdJI ,j II
lulov% Xuv$nne llI Lots of Children?
Raing 1111111 1o Sourliviest Campus oni Agus t.iIh
ai ):oo a.m. Each child presne twill rccete a
a.hp k loaideCd widli supplies
Call for details.
S uhdd' Schuil r0:45;,~
Moiin tug -rrdi~p 101:45j.ni.re. kdnet%da' Nitl~i 7,Mpin.

"U I~ I[ 1i

v I- i r 1 1
it I rj) #I I f t I LI '11 I 1

.Almingihtv God. Father i a/ll mercies and gu er of all
Soniorl. Deal gaLious/ly. we pray thee. \nih hose iho .
mourn. thallcia s C ti1 even''/' cur e 11 ltee. lle'l inal .l
know' the consolati on oil love. thnvgh
,: Jesius Chrmit' our LORD. .

ITT" .: -

AUSTIN, Alonza, died July 6, 2007.
July 6, 2007. NEWBERRY, Lenny,
BUXTON, Ronald, died 47, died July 6, 2007.
July 4, 2007. NICHOLAS, ,Abdullah,
CLAYTON, Mrs. died July 7, 2007.
Pastola, died July 7, OWENS, Dexter A., Jr.,
2007. Alphonso 28, died July 8, 2007.
West Mortuary, Inc. SCOTT, Teannette, died
COLEMAN, Elouise, July 3, 2007.
died July 3, 2007. SCOTT, LeRoy, died
COLEY, Fannie L., died July 6, 2007.
July 8, 2007. SHANKS, E. Renee,
DEANGELIS, Joseph, died July 6, 2007.
35, died July 1, 2007. STEWART, Alexander,
DENMARK, Elouise, 91, died July 5, 2007.
died July 4, 2007. .' WHITE, Ernest, died
EDMOND, Cecelia, July 4, 2007.
died July 7, 2007. WILSON, Tonya, "died
HAMMOND, Fannie July 2, 2007.
B., died July 7, 2007. WOODS, Audrey D.,
H1-1ENSON, Ruth, died died July 7, 2007.
July 6, 2 i 7.. YANCEY, Ulysses, died
III I11' I TINSON, Leon, July 9, 2007.
diedL July 5, 2007.
,IN KIN S. William, 92, BRUNSWICK, GA
died July 7, 2007.CARR Katie M 7
JOHNSON, Ruby, ed d CARR' Katie M, 73
died July 8, 2007.
Jul AW 52007. ABOWDEN, Willie
died JuNLAW 9, Ann2007ie M., Clarence, Jr., 61, died
died July 9, 2007.200.
SJuly 10, 200.E., died
LA\\ S, David E., died

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"Come and Worship With Us"

New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church
1824 Prospect Street Jacksonville, FL 32208
Sunday School .....................................9:30 a.m.
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Youth Church 2nd & 3rd Sundays
(Old Sanctuary)........ ................ 11:00 a.m.
Tuesday Prayer Meeting..................... 7:30 p.m. .
Tuesday Pastoral Bible Study ................ 8:00 p.m. iC -1_
Rev. Eric Lee, Pastor
Rev. Joe Calhoun, Pastor Emeritus "
(904) 764-5727 Church

Historic Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church
Worship Service 10:00 a.m.
Church School 8:45 a.m.
Fulfillment Hour Bible Study 6:30 p.m.
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday 10:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon
Joy Explosion Ministry 6:30 p.m.
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1417 North Laura St. Jacksonville, Florida 32206
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A Bible Preaching, Bible Believing and Bible Practicing Church
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"The Church Where Everybody Is Somebody"
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Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Tuesday ................. Prayer Meeting & Bible Study,7:00 p.m.
Thursday Joy Night,7:00 p.m.
"Email: Gospell75@aol.com
Website: Greaterelbethel.org

"Jesus Loves Sinners Church Folk Don't"
Elder Joseph Rice

Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Sunday Worship 12:00 Noon & 7:00 p.m.
Bible Study Tuesday & Friday------ 7:00 p.m.

(912) 267-6395 (912) 996-4864 Cell
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"To everry-
thiling there
i. s a season
*v" and a time
to everypurpose under the heav-
en. A time to be born, and a time
to die. "--Ecclesiastes 3:1-2.
No one wants to talk about
death and funerals. Too depress-
ing. Unfortunately, death is a fact
of life and there simply is no way
tot avoid it. For indeed there is a
"time to be born and a time to
You may want a traditional
funeral service with visitation
and a member of the clergy con-
ducting services at a church or a
funeral home. Would you want
an open or closed casket? Maybe
you want a special friend to do
the eulogy or family members to
read scripture passages or poetry.
Any favorite hymns?
First, you should shop
around and talk to a few funeral
directors. Yes, let your fingers do
the walking-comparing prices
for such things as casket,
embalming, ant the cost for pro-
fessional services.
Resist one-stop shopping,
which can include such things as

prayer cards. thank-you notes.
and guest registers.-he\ add up
quicklN Mlan opt for the funer-
al home in their neighborhood
for personalized services.
Decide on body disposition.
Burial or cremation? If earth bur-
ial, a cemetery plot should be
purchased; if above ground, a
mausoleum crypt. If cremation is
the choice, plan disposition of
the ashes. Do you want them
stored in a columbarium niche or
buried? Maybe you prefer to
have your ashes scattered?
An option some people take
is to donate organs and tissues to
a medical school (have a donor
card and check on requirements).
If you would rather have a
memorial service express that
wish. That means a service in the
funeral home or a church where
the body is not present. A com-
mon misconception is that when
the body is cremated you don't
hold a funeral. You can hold a
funeral before cremation.

"Our Aim Is Not to Equal, But Excel"
5660 Moncrief Rd.
Tel: 768-0507






PAGEA-4 .1C'1-1A',A

Conclave 2007-The Moles Fantastic Voyage
The Jacksonville Moles under the leadership of the chapter's pres-
ident Mrs. Madeline Scales-Taylor were off for their annual June ",
'trek' to The Moles National Conclave. This year the Conclave was
hosted by The Norfolk, VA Moles. And as always the organization's
Motto "Enjoy Yourself It's Later Than You Think" was the mind set -
for all. The theme for the 2007 Conclave was 'Fantastic Voyage' and
everything and I do mean everything, focused on the theme from attire
to events. In fact, members started planning their attire in February
when the Conclave/'Cruise' packets arrived.
The four day Conclave kicked off on Ports of Call on Thursday with ,
a Dinner Cruise on the Historic Elizabeth River aboard the Spirit of
Norfolk Cruise Ship where there was entertainment, dancing and din- .
ing; for the land lovers there was Apollo Night at the Captain's Cove. U
On Friday, there was shopping, meetings, golf, bowling, historic i
tours and the Captain's Welcome before sunset. In the evening there
was The Fantastic Voyage Beach Carnivale that culminated a beauti- .
ful day. Moles Gail Mathis and Janice Hice were among the local The Jacksonville Moles and Mules at the Thursday Night Social Event of the 2007Moles Conclave in Norfolk,
Bowling winners. Mules Carl Davis and Dr. Bill Cody were 2nd VA: Moles and Mules Betty and Carl Davis, Dr. Lois and Ernest Gibson, Sylvia and Warner Singleton, Betty
place Golf winners with Dr. Cody hitting his first lifetime 'Eagle'. and Dr. Bill Cody, Pat and Dr. Orrin Mitchell, Josephine and Lt. Col. (Ret.) Robert Porter, Jacksonville Moles
On Saturday there was business to take care of and that included the Chapter President Madeline Scales-and Howard Taylor, Gail and Edgar Mathis, Dr. Menia and Henry Speights,
Dr. Barbara and John Darby, and Janice and Alex Hice. Photo courtesy ofJ. Carl Davis, Sr.
election of a national president. Mole Mary A. Polk, founder of The
St. Louis Moles Chapter was elected president, Mrs.
Polk has ties to The Jacksonville Moles president, .
Mrs. Scales-Taylor having been one of her Mentors.
There was much rejoicing between the two ladies fol-
lowing the election and at the Black Tie Captain's
Ball event. Although before the Ball, there was The
Nautical Luncheon that featured youthful
Shakespearean and Black History Dramatist along
with a fabulous fashion show featuring fashions from
Lili's Boutique. I must add that the owners of this
boutique really know how to serve the customer.
They provided shuttle service to their boutique locat-
ed in Historic Norfolk even after the Conclave ended..
With service like that, we couldn't stop ourselves The Presidents:Mesdames Madeline Seales-Taylor-Jacksonville
from shipping even more new purchases home. It's Moles; Sandra Fenner-Eady-Immediate Past National
nothing like receiving those lovely boxes :after The Jacksonville Moles at the 2007 Norfolk Conclave Black Tie President, The Moles and Mary A Polk, National President,
you've returned home! Affair. Photo courtesy ofJ. Carl Davis, Sr. The Moles.
The Captain's Ball
was preceded by The ,
Captain's Meet and
Greet that included
Roving Waiters with X
libations and hors d'oeu-
vres enabling one to do a
little dancing between
dinner courses. .:i
Remember now that The .. -
Moles motto is: "Enjoy
Yourself, It's Later Than '
You Think."
And then came Jacksonville Moles: Mesdames Barbara Darby,
Sunday for the Jazzy' Jacksonville Moles Prexy with a childhood mentor Ph.D., Madeline Scales-Taylor and Lois, Davis
Captain 's Farewell Mrs. Mary A. Polk, The Moles National President Gibson, Ed.D. Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.
Breakfast. After the Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.
jazzy breakfast those of I
us who were not returning until Monday '
rushed off to Worship. Luckily for Carl
and me we worshipped at the downtown
Cathedral. We were taken back to ohr hotel Jacbioniile 'ule '-1leP' Hice having fil in ioffol. f 1.4.
by the presiding Priest who just happened Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.
to have ties to the First Coast. His parents
reside in the Baymeadows area. How about
that for coincidences?
Following some needed post Conclave
rest we joined The John Darbys, Edgar L. 1 .-
Mathises, Sr. and Henry Speightses for a
lovely ride over to Virginia Beach, VA.
While there we dined at 'Catch 31', took .
an Oceanside moonlight stroll and depleted .
the Oyster Reserve by the time we depart- Jacksonville Moles: Mesdames Patricia Hill Mitchell, Gail Cole '
ed. Mathis and Betty Asque Davis. Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.
"Enjoy Yourself, It's Later Than You ,',- 1 t
Think". Next year we will be in Washington, D.C. I can hardly wait!! : -

Don'tforget to let us know of your upcoming events. Contact us at (904) 766-8834; E-mail
socially@TheFloridaStar.com or you may reach me directly at imajol@aol.com, telephone The Brookses of Ne.i\ ort News, VA Moles, Betty Asque Davis, immediate
(904) 285-9777 or fax (904) 285-7008. past national President, The Moles and J. Carl Davis at the 2007 Moles
Conclave's Farewell Brunch.
See you in the paper!

The Howard Taylors in Norfolk, VA's 2007 Moles Conclave.

The James Curries of The Atlanta Moles have First Coast ties.
James Currie is a native, son of the late Mrs. Amy Currie, a
renowned local educator. Mrs. Currie is the recently elected The Fred Garretts of Greenville, SC. The Garretts are the par-
Southern Area Director, Links, Inc. and is Treasurer of The ents of our First Coaster Mrs. Janet Garrett Owens, VP at
Atlanta Moles. United Way and a Jacksonville Mole. Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.
1C ^F ^


.J77VY l. 2007

7t A d"T V .44

The Star July 14, 2007

* Ammons In Charge at FAMU

Black Enrollment Milestone

Alachua County Profiling?

Florida & Georgia Blacks Can

Influence Presidential Elections
Michael Fauntroy, assistant professor of public policy at
George Mason University and author of "Republicans and
the Black Vote," analyzed the historical and conservative
view behind voter disenfranchisement particularly con-
cerning the African-American vote. In the Huffington Post
Fauntroy wrote: "African Americans and other minorities
around the country are having a difficult time voting 'and
being certain that their votes are counted."
That conservatives see the black vote as a sleeping giant
tin American politics is proven by the lengths to which they
go to Iock out of the s stem as many people as possible.
The Republican Party has spent millions in support of
purge programs and 'electoral integrity' schemes with the
only real purpose being to reduce the number of African
Americans that vote.
This money is spent because the party understands the
arithmetic of black political power and the disproportionate
impact African Americans can have in deciding who wins
presidential general election states such as Florida, Georgia,
Mississippi, and South Carolina."

Florida Gives

Voting Rights

to First 15,000
The Florida Parole
Commission has reviewed
more than 21,000 cases and
restored the voting rights of
15,500 people who could
not previously vote as a
result of a felony record.
Those whose rights were
not restored were due to
relocation frdm the state, a
re-arrest, outstanding resti-
tution fees and death,
according to the Associated
Press. In April the
Clemency Board ruled that
individuals with a non-vio-
lent criminal record could
vote after completing their

sentence. The state's
Department of Corrections
is loaning 100 employees a
week to the' Parole
Commission to speed up the
restoration process as Gov.
Charlie Crist hopes the
effort is completed before
the presidential primary.
Muslima Lewis, an
American Civil Liberties
Union of Florida attorney
who oversees the group's
voting rights and civil jus-
tice projects, said though
she's happy to see progress,
"15,500 is still a drop in the
bucket when you look at the
entire population of offend-
ers whose civil rights have
not been restored." More
than 1 million people are
disenfranchised in Florida.

Dr. James Ammons Takes Over at

FAMU With Probation First Issue

Florida A & M Univ-
ersity (FAMU) officials are
"working expeditiously" to
develop a response plan for
the university being placed
of probation by the
Southern Association of
Colleges and Schools.
"We believe that James
Ammons' experience with
SACS and resolving issues
at North Carolina Central
University will prove to be
invaluable as we move for-
ward to resolve these
issues," said Dr. Larry
Robinson, FAMU's chief
executive officer
The University was
placed on probation on June
21. It will last for six
months. Dr. James H.
Ammons took the helm July
2 as the 10th president of
the historically Black uni-
versity promising to "give
my all" to put FAMU on a
new course of greatness.
"I think we have made
tremendous progress, but
we have away to go," said
Ammons, who once served
on the commission of col-
leges for SACS and has
served on 15 teams. "I have
a pretty good knowledge of
SACS and when an institu-
tion is ready."
SACS, a regional
accreditation agency\ for an
11-state region, gave the

Blacks represent 31.4 % of all Georgia college students

Black College Enrollment

in South Passes Milestone

For the first time ever in
the Southern states, blacks
are as well represented on
college campuses as they
are in the region's popula-
tion as a whole some-
thing not yet true of the
country overall.
The milestone is noted in
a new fact book recently
released by the Southern
Regional Education Board,
a nonprofit organization that
promotes education.
In the 16 states meas-
ured, the number of blacks
enrolled in colleges has
risen by more than half over
the last decade. They now
make 21 percent of college
students and 19 percent of
the overall population.
The number represents
progress but it also has to be
seen in context. A major
contributing factor is the
South's rapidly growing
Hispanic population, which
has reduced the proportion
of the population that is,
black, and thereby made the
milestone easier to reach
And educators also
stressed that the number
should not obscure the per-
sistent achievement gaps
affecting blacks both in the
South and nationally. In par-
ticular, black enrollment
rates for college-age stu-
dents, while iimprirt in.', still
lag well behind those of
whites, as do the :riad.LIuli nii
rates of black .-ll.lige stu-
Wili a i'-,ll. ..,. degree

now almost a prerequisite'
for high-paying jobs, those
achievement gaps pose an
economic threat and the
South will be on the cutting
edge of that. In 2005 about
61 percent of public high
school graduates in the
South were white, the edu-
cation board said, but by
2018 that figure is expected
to be 45 percent.
"We've made tremen-
dous progress, don't get me
wrong," board President
Dave Spence said. But, he
added, unless achievement
gaps narrow, "we're going to
be in trouble. We already are
in trouble, but we'll be in
more trouble seven or eight
years down the road."
Still, the report reflects
the reality that many more
Southern blacks are
enrolling in college. In those
states, about 1.1 million
black students were enrolled
in college in the fall of 2005,
52 "percent more than a
decade earlier.
The increase has come
largely from new and
expanding public, tradition-
ally white universities and
two-year colleges rather
than from historically black
colleges, which for many
years shouldered nlcarl\ all
the burden of higher educa-
tion for Southern blacks.
Many of tlio.. schools still
ci\i-t, but their share of
black enrollment in the
region has slipped from 26
percent to 19 percent over
the last decade.

"We've removed a lot of
the barriers and accepted
that we will have to provide
higher levels of learning
support in the short term,"
said Erroll Davis, who over-
sees the 33 institutions in
the University System of
Georgia. He noted that
innonr students arrive bn
campus with lower levels of
college preparedness on
Blacks represent 31.4
percent of all Georgia col-
lege students, about 1 per-
cent higher than the propor-
tion in the overall popula-
tion. The proportion of
blacks in the state university
system is about 24 percent _
higher than a decade ago but
still below the population as
a whole.
The number of Hispanics
in higher education in the
South has also shot up
sharply over ili last.decade
- by about 71 percent to
about 5:.'..l000 in the region
lie board studied. But
unlike for bIlcl>., it remains
well bhi,\\ ie proportion of
Hispanics in the rcuion's
Nllioniill\. 25 percent of
Hispanics aged 18-to-24
attend t lll--!, compared to
33 percent of blacks and 44
plerc-nt of whites.That
means the rf.'.rle'l gro\\ing
m.1:jir group has the lowest
cillhr,-'.-jini rate, an
alarming IiIir,-I,.-un threat to
the I''IIl of increasing the
pilcIcI11l.:.e of workers with
,ii ,lI'' ,Ic tele,.

university a list of the areas
of non-compliance with
accreditation standards at
FAMU. The majority of the
items -dealt with financial
of the con-
are the
s a e e
issues the
Board of James Ammons,
the university leadership
and staff and the Board of
Governors' Task Force have
been working to resolve,"
according to a written state-
ment from the university.
The actions by SACS
were "not unexpected" said
State University System


Chancellor Mark B.
"The accrediting body
gives great weight to the
financial strength of an
and the
Board of
has been
aware of
issues at
A&M for
th Pres. of FAMU
time," he
said. "The chair of the
Board of Governors estab-
lished the FAMU Task
Force in March to help the
university reform its finan-
cial processes and proce-
He continued, "That
work is well under way. As

Alachua Commissioners

Ask Sheriff for Community

Meeting on Driver Profiling
Two Alachua County Commissioners
have requested that Alachua County Sheriff
Sadie Darnell schedule a community meet-
ing to address the issue of "driving while
black" and alleged discriminatory practices
b3 the Sheriff's deputies.
:The request came as Damell said she is
investigating the allegations. She added that
such charges can be unfair and represent
bias and discrimination against law enforce-
Commissioner Rodney Long urged the
establishment of dialogue with the commu-
"Perception becomes reality," he said.
"Many of our young African-American men
just do not have a good feeling about dealing
with law enforcement. Let's have a commu-
nity dialogue about it. Then we can begin to
understand how people feel. It's going to hit
the fan at some point, and all it takes is one
Allegations of heavy-handed tactics by
deputies arose two weeks ago when mem-

it proceeds, this effort will
help incoming President
James H. Ammons move
FAMU back into good
standing regarding SACS
The university statement
said, "We assure everyone
that we are working to
design a thorough response
to this crisis. However, this
action will take time."
Ammons said he has
asked the president of
SACS to provide the uni-
versity a "technical assis-
tance visit" for July 9-10 to
take a "close look to where
we are in advance to our
submission of the compli-
ance certification" to be
ready when SACS comes in
the spring. "This is some-
thing a lot of institutions do
not take advantage of,"
Ammons said.
"I thought coming in
new, it would be helpful to
me to have that kind of visit
and the work that would
come out that visit to help
that short period as we sub-
mit that first report."

bers of an Archer family told commissioners
of incidents related to traffic stops involving
The Sheriff said she has spoken with
family members, several of whom were at
Tuesday's meeting, and is investigating. She
said her investigation will take more time to
But Darnell also spoke about the broader
allegation of bias and profiling by deputies
county ide.
""When issues of bias are raised, it brings
a time when my duty is an onerous one.
Issues of bias cut deep and they cut several
ways," said Damell, reading from a pre-
pared statement, added she felt discrimina-
tion as a young female police officer when
female officers were rare. "In closing, I
assure you and the public that I do not con-
done discrimination and I will not tolerate it
by employees or toward my employees."
Commissioner Cynthia Chestnut said
relations between blacks and deputies
threaten to worsen unless emotions are vent-
ed through actions such as a community
Chestnut read a letter she received from
a black resident related how the woman's
college student son was ticketed three times
in one night by deputies.

Davis Law Group, P.L.
303 North Liberty Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Kevin M. Cobbin, Esquire Dexter Van Davis, Esqi


Personal injury
Family Law Criminal Defense
MilitarV Law False Arrest
Traffic Offenses Worker's Compensation

..ed.ce.. .eM.... .. ..a ce




The Star July 14, 2007

* Bonds at the NAACP

Spike Lee's Latest

Spike Lee's Latest Film Highlights

Black American Soldiers in WW!!

Filmmaker Spike Lee announced plans
July 3 to work on a movie about the struggle
against Nazi occupiers in Italy during WWII
that he hopes will highlight the contribution
of Black American soldiers who fought and
died to liberate Europe.
The film will spotlight the courage of
Black soldiers who, despite suffering dis-
crimination back home, offered a contribu-
tion that has so far gone largely unnoticed in
other Hollywood movies, Lee said at a pres-
entation of the project in Rome.
"We have Black people who are fighting
for democracy who at the same time are
classified as second-class citizens," he said.
"That is why I'd like to do a film to show
how these brave Black men, despite all the
hardship they were going through, still
pushed that aside and fought for the greater
Based on the novel Miracle at St. Anna
by James McBride, the film tells the story of
four Black American soldiers, all members
of the U.S. Army's all-Black 92nd "Buffalo
Soldier" Division, who are trapped behind
enemy lines in an Italian village in Tuscany
in 1944.
Filming is planned in Tuscany, Rome
and the United States, where the film begins
and ends, Lee said. Shooting is expected to
start by the beginning of 2008, according to
producer Roberto Cicutto. Cicutto also said
the movie will cost $45 million (euro33 mil-
"This is a wonderful story and what
makes it even more wonderful is that it is
based upon true incidents," Lee said. "If you
look at the history of Hollywood, the Black
soldiers who fought World War II are invis-
The film also looks at the relationship
between the soldiers and the villagers, some

of whom are partisans.
"We had. good relationships with the
Italian people, they gave us a lot of informa-
tion," recalled 82-year-old William Perry
who, at 19, was an infantry soldier in the
Buffalo Division. "I'm not a hero, the heroes
are those buried in the American cemetery
in Florence. I hope this movie will put a pos-
itive spin on some of our activities here,"

d. -

mb____-dam&_a_-_ 4b

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41b 4


- ~

Filmmaker Spike Lee, left, and William Perry, 82,
who at the age of 19 was an infantrysoldier in
the Buffalo division, pose for the photographers,
in Rome
Perry said.
The film, whose working title is also
Miracle at St. Anna, is based on some true
events, including the massacre of more than
500 civilians by SS troops in the village of
Sant'Anna di Stazzema in August 1944.
About 300 troops surrounded Sant'Anna,
which had been flooded with refugees,
ostensibly to hunt for partisans. Instead,
they rounded up and shot villagers, while
others were herded into basements and
enclosed spaces and killed with hand

Daughter of Fallen Detroit Police Officer

Visits Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

r -


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l b- C -
41h C.aw mm


4.. b. _

a -

She was only 6 when her
father,' a Detroit police offi-
cer, was killed while on
duty. Her father was an
undercover police officer
doing surveillance work on
a murder case when he was
shot twice in the back in
October 1993. He died 20
days later. He was 43.
Yesterday, Alexandria
Spruiel found his name at
the National Law
Enforcement Officers
Spruiel, 19, traced the
letters "Norman E.
Spruiel" on a piece of
paper, one of the most
meaningful keepsakes she'll
take back from a trip to
Washington with 19 other
children and spouses of
police officers and firefight-
ers who died in the line of
duty. She plans to frame the
rubbing and keep it in her
"He loved doing what he
did, and it is nice to see his
sacrifice recognized, she

were in
guests of a
,m e n t
plans for
state and
ees. Since

and the others
Washington as
scholarship pro-

scholarship winners, is a
junior at North Carolina
A&T State University and

qb-opw qv
--4ow 46 41 -E
- 4b E -ab q -

Alexandria Spruiel traces name of her father at the
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

2001, the national program
has awarded more than
$500,000 in scholarships to
162 students-- all children
and spouses of local or state
government employees who
died in the line of duty.
"The fallen firefighters
and the fallen policemen
would be very proudto see
that their sacrifices have not
been 'forgotten," said Joan
McCallen, ICMA's chief
Spruiel, one of this year's

will use her award to contin-
ue pursuing a career in
chemical engineering. She
is a 400-meter runner and
competed in the NCAA
track championships last
"I flinched at the begin-
ning and didn't cry the first
day," Spruiel said yesterday.
She could not accept that
her father had died. "I
thought I was going to see
him again. It was disbelief."


aw"-00 Cmom .)

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40 S. -400041- 4.a41
'a a o 40a 4 C 4 S m Emmkw -
m = -
C ~ .'- *~ --Z
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q. -


National News Briefs

Jogger with iPod hit by lightning, has serious burns and hearing problems
Boston, MA Here's a handy tip for joggers: If you think you might get caught in
a thunderstorm, leave your music player at home. Doctors at Vancouver General Hospital
in Canada said a 37-year-old jogger wearing an iPod was burned on his chest, neck and
face after the man and a nearby tree were struck by lightning in 2005. The burs traced
the path of the earphones, they said.
The patient's eardrums were ruptured and the tiny bones in his middle ears were dis-
located, the doctors wrote in a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine.

dm d a. IV
C -
a. -Odm a- *


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C S- .

Swd* Cab r AA CP t

RoW or Orwid WmU4I

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- Nm 0 4mv 0 -1a. C
0 fto .5 -m do
C .- .
CC --a S

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Lenny Williams Continued from A-1

S Mr. Williams was able to sing from his new
CD which really turned the audience on,
Especially when he talked about how she had
Left him two years ago and now somebody
else is getting all of the things she had previ-
S. ously enjoyed. He now has his own record
Label and all of the songs on his CD were
written by he and his daughter.
When asked about his few years of not writ-
ing, he said that he used that time voluntarily
to spend time with his daughters and better
develop their relationship. He enjoys working with young people and devote a num-
ber of his hours helping young people who wish to get an education. He said that
parents need to reclaim their children to change the problems we are seeing among
our youth. Most of all, he said, fathers need to get back into the lives of their chil-
dren. Our children need love and guidance.

Rape Continued from A-1

made to perform oral sex on her own son. Three of the youth have been arrested
and some are talking. The community has set up a watch-like organization to pro-
tect she and her son to avoid retaliation.

Please don't let one more fall.
, Nearly 13 million children in America live in
poverty. Without enough to live on. That's one
in six children trying not to lose their grip.
Trying not to lose hope. Find out what you
can do to help. Join the numbers who care.
Go to www.povertyusa.org and get involved.
gf' \kj Catholic Campaign
. forHuman Development
For a three person household,
the poverty line is $15,577.


'. i

If you care about your community

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CALL (904) 766-8834

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"m woo
dhw meat bamuoS

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a..- Goma 4 omma.

ama ao.omo" o-op D qp
w a 0.0
a. qw- a m- S a.

1b mem -..Nm -am .




Most Heated

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Daily Talk Show!

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OR www.downtobusiness.org
'r *

1) rnhe 8r ~f icis




Call Liz!
She will set you up.

(904) 766-8834




r C-Y ~Y1 1;Ll~;fi~LtllIl~l~Us*- T~Y~ll -I


Al'"AJ<; Z2-1


- -- -




Oavo lw Cid w Din

Pork Loin Chops
Publix Pork. All-Natural,
Full-Flavor, Pork Loin
SAVE UP TO i 60o L.3

P -.........

Z 00


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Blueberries............0. 0U
Peak of Han'est Freshness and Flavor,
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UIPRRit c"NC LLO' :R."E ..

VOL. 12 NO. 14
Published Weekly
By The Star
July 14, 2007


Lays 'N' Word to Rest

*44. izZ

* k'WT *r
:K Ur
., a ,.

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Syndicated Content
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JAX CHILDREN'S COMMISSION AND SUMMER CAMPS ...................................... B 2
i JUST FOR KIDS! ............................................................................................................. B 6

_ .E.-


PageBIT 14,UAL 2007 TheRNING DAY"p


July 11 2007- To high-
light the importance of
high-quality summer learn-
ing programs, the
Jacksonville Children's
Commission and their
sponsored summer camps
hosted special programs
and events for their
campers on Thursday, July
12th, in recognition of
statewide "Summer
Learning Day" as pro-
claimed by Governor
Charlie Crist.
The event was held at
Hope Haven at 9 a.m.,
located at 11789 Alden
Road; 10 a.m. at the Bridge
of Northeast Florida, locat-
ed at 320 W. Eight St.; 10
a.m. Lutheran Social
Services of Northeast

Florida, Inc., located at
6118 Bowden Road; and,
10 a.m. at Providence
Christian Fellowship, locat-
ed at 3012 W. 12th St.
This event was held for
Children enrolled in sum-
mer camp programs. JCC
Representatives visited
Hope Haven, The Bridge
and Lutheran Social
Services camp sites and
was on-hand for interviews.
Children enrolled at
The Bridge camp site par-
ticipated in celebratory
activities including tennis
and outdoor games, story
time, life skills presenta-
tions, dance/step, karate, art
and other activities.
Lutheran Social Services
campers decorated ethnic
masks. Hope Haven, which
provides camp for special
needs children, offered
basic computer skills class-
es to the campers.
Providence Christian
Fellowship campers per-
formed a play.

; 4CH Kltu CK Ou -

WHEREAS, a wide array of public agencies, non-profit organizations.
schools, universities, museums, libraries, and summer camps across the
countryy wilt celebrate annual summer learning day, and
WHEREAS. this will be a day to reflect on the importance oi high quality
summer learning opportunities in the lives of young people and their
families, and
WHEREAS, summer learning day is designed to highlight the need for more
young people to be engaged in learning activities over the summer and to
support local summer programs that benefit children, families, and
communities; and
WHEREAS. summer learning programs have been proven rl have a
meaningful impact on the education, health and safety of children;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Charlie Crist, Governor of tho Slate of Florida. do
hereby extend greetings and best wishes to all observing July 12, 2007 as
Summer Learning Day.

Capital I',; 18" day f J.un
In tIn-o :er tuvL inolm.t-rii

?TH '.Ail'OL
ih~ r,, 2 2 -m lao'e n1

Local High School Student to Attend
Presidential Classroom International Conference in Washington, D.C.

D.C. India Booker, a
student at Mandarin
High School, will attend
the Presidential
Classroom Future World
Leaders Summit July

22-28, 2007 in
Washington, D.C.
P r e si d en t i a 1
Classroom's mission is
to provide the highest
quality civic education
programs for outstand-

ing high school students.
using Washington. D.C.
as a classroom. For near-
ly four decades, more
than 120.000 students
from across the United
States and around the
world have attended
Presidential Classroom's
week-long programs.
gaining knowledge.
insight and experience
from this extraordinary
educational opportunity.
Classroom expands stu-
dents' knowledge of pol-
itics, government, and
roles and responsibilities
of institutions and organ-
izations involved in poli-

cy-making. Students
gain insights into the
complexities of the poli-
cy-making process, as
well as the interaction
between government
entities and organiza-
tions around the world.
They experience the
inner workings of gov-
erunent and policy for-
mation first-hand,
through seminars and
site visits, in
Washington, D.C.
Classroom is dedicated
to challenging the lead-
ers of tomorrow to learn,
understand and take

action on the formidable
problems that face our
nation and our world."
said Presidential
Classroom Executive
Director Elizabeth A.
Sherman. Ph.D. "With
Washington, D.C. as our
classroom, we attract
outstanding high school
students to a series of
discussions w ith influen-
tial leaders and policy
makers, site visits to
national institutions,
exercises and debates on
topics of prominent
importance, and interac-
tion with teachers, men-
tors and peers. I am

LOCAL STUDENT continued on B7

Page B-2/July 1~4, 2007,

The Star/Prep Rap

TPage B-3/July 14, 2007


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a-t 5 am -

oft. -ou "Ofta-
~- _
.- I.

- --M
- A


" &
GE 0 m 4

ft. *-. w

* -


Should I Attend A. Historically Black College or University?

A Historically
Black College
or University
From EducationPlanner.com

Choosing which col-
lege to attend is usually a
difficult decision for
anyone to make, but
when an African-
American student is con-
sidering attending a his-
torically black college or
university (HBCU), a
whole other set of family
and cultural issues are
There are many valid
reasons that favor one or
the other. Some are obvi-
ous differences. Parents
and their children have
to be honest with them-

selves and take a long,
hard look at the needs of
the student and how the
campus environment can
fulfill them. To help you
decide, here are some
questions to ask:

Do I know what's real-
ly important to me?
Look at the reasons
why you want a degree
and what you want to
achieve with it. Is the
choice to attend an
HBCU yours or you
family's? Do you have a
particular field of study
you want to pursue?
Sometimes students can
get so caught up in
applying to a particular
institution, they don't
realize it doesn't even
offer their major.

How will this campus
fit my plans for the
There's no substitute
for doing your home-
work about the campus-
es you're seriously con-
sidering. Know the repu-
tation of those campuses
in the community and
among employers and
the general population.
Find out about gradua-
tion, student retention,
and placement rates.

Does this campus have
the facilities and living
conditions that-suit my
comfort level?
Finding a campus
where you're comfort-
able is a big factor in
choosing a college.
What do you want in

campus facilities and
living conditions? For
instance, if you currently
attend a small private
high school in a subur-
ban setting, perhaps you
wouldn't like living on a
large urban campus with
peers who don't mirror
your kind of back-

What level of support
will I get on campus?
Students considering
institutions where few
people are like them
should look at the avail-
able support systems and
organizations that will
be available to them.
Parents need to feel
comfortable with the
contact person on cam-

When all the factors
that determine the choice
of a college are laid out,
the bottom line is which
institution best meets
your needs. For some
African-American stu-
dents, an HBCU is the
best choice. For others,
it's not. African-
American students
reflect many back-
grounds, and there is no
single decision that will
be right for everyone.

C9 rrr

IShould I Attend A. Historically Black Colleg'e or University?

The Star,

'M *b -bft qk 40

0 ow -
0 0
mb MEME -
~ a-

Material* -.do-

ontent 4-

I News Providers"..

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t-: Syndicated Content

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* 7

- *~ -

- -

-- 1~


- .p

- -I

* -- -

-- -




-- r
.- 4

-o 1 -of -

ub -

Page B-5/July 14, 2007

Rev. Lawrence
Foster of Calvary
Baptist Church in
Detroit said the event
was historic.
"This makes the
NAACP relevant,"
Foster said. "I'm grate-
ful that the NAACP has
embraced this moment."
Philadelphia Mayor
John Street who stood in
the crowd watching the
ceremony said it sends
the right message across
the country.
"This word has been
used to denigrate, dehu-
manize African-
Americans. If you can
kill this word, then peo-
ple can begin to be free
in a different kind of
way," Street said.
"There is no question
that the reach of this
message will reach
beyond. It is a simple
message that has great

NAACP Chairman Julian Bond delivers the eulogy.
(Oxygen Photos)

NAACP President Julian Nonc is FlanKecd y, (rrom lent) interim NAAe IUI=u tennis nayes,
Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) (Oxygen Photos)

The Star/Prep Rap

Page B-6IJuIy 14, 2007 The StarlPrep Rap

I Silly! Silly! Jokes

Q: Why did the chicken cross the
A: To show everyone that he was-
n't a chicken.

Q: Why did the clock get sick ?
A: It was run down!

Q: Did you hear about the silly
"tap" dancer ?
A: He fell in the sink!

Q: Why don't sharks eat clowns?
A: Because they taste funny.

Q: What has 4 wheels and flys?
A: A garbage truck.

Q. What do you call someone who
hangs out with musicians?
A. A drummer.

Q:Why do cows like being told
jokes ?
A:' Because they like being

Q: Why did the baby strawberry
A: His mother was caught in a

Q: Why did the child study in the
A: He wanted a higher education!

Q: Why did the rubber chicken
cross the road?
A: She wanted to stretch her legs.

Q. What do you
pered cow?
A. Spoiled milk.

get from a pam-

Color This


) **********

1 6 a 9 1 ,& f

t "Copyrighted Material -
Se Syndicated Content a
Available from Commercial News Providers"


* a *

** *

9* m

* *

Am A



* *


*0 4


Tic! Tac! Toe!

* 4

0 4


- -

Page B-6/July 14, 2007

The Star/Prep Rap


kt A

The StarlPrep Rap Page B-7IJuIy 14, 2007

LOCAL STUDENT continued fiom B2 -
delighted to welcome this student to join
Presidential Classroom for what promises to be a
vital step toward civic engagement and meaningful
participation in public leadership."
Presidential Classroom offers a flagship civic
education program, PC Scholars, as well as six spe-
cialized .focus weeks, including Media and
Democracy; Science, Technology and Public Policy;
Law and Justice in a Democracy; Entrepreneurship
and Global Business; National Security in a
Democracy; and the Future World Leaders Summit.
Interactive sessions with international policy-mak-
ers, diplomats, scientists, military leaders, journal-
ists, public officials and others, teach students about
the challenges and complexities of government and
Students work with their peers on a group proj-
ect throughout the week, applying new skills and
ideas immediately after learning them. They also
have the opportunity to earn college credit through
the University of Virginia for their week at
Presidential Classroom. Students graduate from
Presidential Classroom with refined leadership
skills and deeper understanding of politics, benefits
that enhance their educational and career aspira-
Presidential Classroom is a nonprofit, nonparti-
san 501(c)3 civic education program, approved by
the National Association of Secondary School
Principals Student Activity Listing and endorsed by
the National Education Associatioh, Congressional
Youth Award and Who's Who Among American
High School Students.
For more information, visit our Web site at
www.presidentialclassroom.org .


Protect Your Family During Mosquito Season

(Family Features) Just one is all it takes. One mosquito bite can transmit West Nile
virus or other diseases. One tick bite can result in Lyme disease. In 2006 the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 3,887 cases of West Nile virus in
the United States, resulting in 120 deaths. And according to the National Institute of
Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), more than 100,000 cases of Lyme disease
have been reported here.
Traditional insect repellents can be effective, but.the potential health risks-espe-
cially to children-have many parents thinking twice about slathering man-made
chemicals on their kids' clothing, arms, legs and faces. The American Academy of
Pediatrics cautions against using products containing DEET on children less than *
years of age. And even for older children, it recommends avoiding application of DEET
to their face and hands. Yet children are the ones most vulnerable to insect stinging and
biting because their immune systems have not fully developed.
Aware of the restriction of traditional insect repellents, researchers have long worked
to uncover safer alternatives to repellents that contain DEET. They have discovered an
all-natural, plant-based insect repellent called Geraniol that not only is a safer choice
but, in many instances, is more effective for repelling insects than DEET. A 17-year
study revealed that Geraniol, the active ingredient in BugBand insect repellent prod-
ucts, is safe for children and pets, and can be used around food. BugBand distributes
Geraniol-based insect repellent in several forms, including wristbands (for everyday
use), and pump spray and towelettes (for heavier-duty applications).
"With the growing risk of West Nile Virus and Lyme disease, going without protecd-
tion when you're outside simply isn't an option," says BugBand president Dan Ritter.
Dr. Kimberly Thompson, a specialist in risk analysis at the Harvard School of Public
Health in Cambridge, Mass., says that vigilance is required in taking precautions
against mosquitoes.
"It is best to take a holistic approach to mosquito control," says Thompson. "This
includes taking physical measures to reduce breeding grounds and risk, using pest con-
trol products properly when needed, and working within local communities to ensure
civic leaders are providing education about West Nile Virus and protection from mos-
She recommends the following 10 tips to protect yourself and your loved ones from
mosquito bites and possible infection by West Nile Virus:
1. Make sure doors and windows have tight-fitting screens. Repair or replace screens
that have tears or holes.
2. Use mosquito repellents on exposed skin whenever you are in an area where mos-
quitoes may be present. Repellents provide extra protection when exposed to mosqui-
toes and other disease-carrying insects.
3. Eliminate standing water, including clogged gutters, pool covers, empty wheel-
barrows and pools of water anywhere in the yard. Dispose of tin cans, plastic contain-
ers, ceramic pots or similar containers in which water may have accumulated. Be sure
to remove used tires, which are a common haven for mosquito breeding.
4. Remind or help neighbors eliminate breeding sites on their properties.
5. Wear long sleeves, long pants, socks and closed shoes when outdoors.
6. Encourage local officials to treat small ponds with larvacide and consider stock-
ing larger.ponds with larva-eating fish as additional control.
7. Ensure that organizers of summertime activities for youth and the elderly-such
as summer camps, park and recreation centers, and senior centers-are proactivelxi
using pest-control strategies and products.
8. Beware of the times when mosquitoes are most active, typically at dusk and dawn,
April through October, and avoid prime mosquito locations including marshes and wet-
9. Clean and chlorinate swimming pools, outdoor saunas and hot tubs. Keep them
covered when they aren't in use.
10. Learn more about your community's mosquito-control program. Ensure that local
community leaders are protecting the public through integrated mosquito management
For more information about how you can protect your family from insects, as well
as where you can purchase natural insect repellents, visit www.bugband.net.

Page 1 13 1 /July 14, 2007

The Star/Prep R~ap

From Wall Street Journal
By Tara Parker-Pope Free

on television make
you eat more?
The question is cen-
rral to the debate about
\whether food marketing
to children is fueling the
S childhood obesity epi-
demic. while e T\ has
long been linked with
i-nactiviy and poor eat-
ing habits, a number of
health groups say food-industry advertising of fatty and sugary products
to kids is making kids overeat. Now, new research from Britain supports
the claim, showing that the type of advertising kids see on television can
make a dramatic difference in how much food they eat afterward.
In two similar studies, researchers in Liverpool compared the effects
Lpf television advertising on the eating habits of-152 kids between the,
ages of 5 and 11. In both studies, the kids watched 10 ads followed by a
cartoon. In one session, the kids saw ads for toys before they watched a
video. But in another session, the toy ads were replaced by food adver-
tising commonly aired with children's and family programming. After
both viewings, held two weeks apart, the kids were allowed to snack as
much as they wanted from a table of low-fat and high-fat snacks, includ-
ing grapes, cheese-flavored rice cakes, chocolate buttons and potato
After the 5-to-7-year-old kids saw the food ads, they ended up eat-
ing 14% to 17% more calories than after the toy ads, according to a
study published this month in the medical journal Appetite. But the
changes were even more dramatic among the 9-to-11-year-olds. They
ate from 84% to 134% more calories after being exposed to food ads
-ompared with their snack intake after watching toy advertising, accord-
ing to research presented in April at the European Congress on Obesity
meeting in Budapest.
Notably, in the study of older children, kids who were overweight or
obese not only ate more after viewing food ads, but they were more like-
ly to eat sugary and high-fat foods. "This suggests that overweight and
obese children are more susceptible to the messages they are exposed to
through food advertising on television," says Emma J. Boyland, an
author on both studies and researcher at the University of Liverpool's
Human Ingestive Behaviour Laboratory.
[Health Journal]
Next week, the Federal Trade Commission will hold a forum on the
issue of food marketing to kids and whether more regulation is needed.
"-ihe agency has found that 22% of the ads kids see are for food products.
Food companies have long -claimed that food advertising is about
building brand loyalty so a child will ask for Cheerios or Fruit Loops
while shopping with mom. But the Liverpool test showed that kids will
eat more of any type of food after seeing food ads on TV. None of the
foods on the table were included in the ads the kids watched.
Last month, Kellogg Co., which makes Fruit Loops, said it would
phase out advertising its products to children under age 12 unless the
foods meet specific nutrition guidelines. The company made the changes
after a lawsuit threat by the Boston-based Campaign for a Commercial-
Free Childhood and the food lobby group Center for Science in the
Public Interest. Walt Disney Co. has said it will only allow its characters

to be used in the advertising and marketing of healthy foods. And Kraft
Foods Inc. in 2005 also adopted nutritional guidelines for food ad\ ertis-
ing aimed at children.
The fact that a visual stimulus would prompt us to eat even if we're
not hungry makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint, says David A.
Levitsky, nutrition and psychology professor at Cornell Universi\- in'
Ithaca. N.Y.. \\ho is conducting a study this suLmmer measuring the food-
ad effect on adults. "From an evolutionary standpoint, if you see it you
better eat it because you don't kllow when it's not going to be there any-
more." says Dr. Levitskv. "-What the food companies have learned very
well is hox\ to take advantage of that process and get us to eat more by
show ing us food."

Because most parents can't monitor every ad their child is exposed
to. one solution is to simply make sure your child only has access to
healthy snacks after %watching TV. That way, a post-TV binge won't do
much damage. Notably. in the Liverpool studies, kids' consumption of
healthy foods. such as grapes and low-fat snacks, also jumped after see-
ing food ads.
This article is from Wall Street Jburnal. If you found it informative
and valuable, we strongly encourage you to visit their Web site and reg-
ister an account, if necessary, to view all their articles on the Web.
Support quality journalism.


Florida Gospel Announcers Guild Commemoration Held for

Honors Locals at State Conference Ms. Edna M. Calhoun

This past weekend at the Florida Gospel Announcers Guild State Conference Bro. Jaye
Brummell was inducted as President of the Jacksonville Gospel Announcer Guild of the
Gospel Music Workshop of America Inc. founded by the Rev. James Cleveland. The cere-
mony took place this past weekend in West Palm Beach. Maria Dennis will serve as Vice
Chair of the international organization.
WCGL was awarded the highest award for a gospel station at the conference. Ms.
Deborah Maiden, owner and general manager of WCGL and Bishop Bruce Allen, Pastor of
The Church Fellowship and Gospel artist of the award winning Gospel Duo Allen and Allen
were present and inducted into the Florida Gospel Hall of Fame Gospel Announcers Guild.
The National Convention for the Gospel Music Workshop of America and Gospel
Announcers Guild will be in Orlando this year August 11th, through August 17th.

A group gathered at
American Beach at the
beautiful home of
Michael and Marsha
Phelts to honor Edna M.
Calhoun Saturday. It
was a significant affair
as each provided their
special memories of her.
Those in attendance had
shared a part of her life
either as a friend, mem-
ber of her many organi-
zatiogs or as a student.
Ms. Calhoun was a
Jacksonville native, who
after sharing her beauti-

Ms. Edna M.

(L) Maria Dennis of WCGL and Vice Chair of the international organization; (C) Ms. Deborah Maiden,
Owner of Radio Station WCGL-AM the oldest black owned radio station in Jacksonville; (R) Bro. Jaye
Brummell, President of the Jacksonville Gospel Announcer Guild (Below) Bishop Bruce Allen

( National Gospel Announcers Guild I
Purpose of GMWA Gospel Announcers Guild
To increase the penetration of gospel music in cities
and towns in America through a greater awareness of,
and a greater acceptance of, this original contributing art
form of Black America to American Music and the
To preserve and expand the rich, traditional heritage
components while increasing acceptance of ever-evolv-
ing contemporary expressions.
To establish an association that seeks to raise and
maintain a high level of quality and proficiency in reli-
gious broadcast presentations.

L-R Clara McLaughlin, Celia Miller and Marsha
Dean Phelts view the Howard University yearbook
that included the Dean, provided by Clara
McLaughlin, who was the Editor at the time.
ful personality with others as Dean of
Women at Florida A&M University and as
Assistant Dean of Students at Howard
University, returned to her hometown, upon
She served through the tumultuous times
of the "student revolution" of the late 60's

devotion to fairness.
Dean Calhoun w\as
also a pioneering men-
ber of the Nationa;
Association of Persontel
SWorkers founded in 1 Q9-
as the result of a mer&ie
,, of an association f
; '" women's deans and men's
deans at .'Negro" co-
leges, which later
changed its name to tlie
National Association f
Student Affairs
Calhoun Professionals.
She served as
President of NASAP and
was the chair of two of its national confer-
ences in Xashington. DC. She received the
Association's highest honors.
The flowing theme at the affair \\as her
lady-like personality that was a genuine part
of her, like a habit. She was always "a lady"
in her every move and she proudly passed
on her traits to all in her environment. Every
memory shared at
the event contained
that one theme and
a feeling of honor
and pride to have
been a part of her
life as a neighbor, a
friend, a member of
one of her many
organizations or as
a student under her Joan Jenkins of
leadership. To have Newport News, Virginia
known Edna M.
Calhoun was truly a significant key to being
a proud Black American, and each attendee
at her commemoration gathering gleamed
with pride.

Local News


Mayor to Present
2007-2008 Budget and
new taxes
Jacksonville, FL
There will be a Special
Meeting of the City
Council this Monda\ at
10:00 a.m., in the
Council Chambers, 1st
Floor, City Hall, St.
James Building.
Mayor John Pe) ion
will present his 2007-
2008 Annual Budget
address to the
Jacksonville City
Council at this time. The
regular scheduled Rules
Committee meeting will
convene immediately fol-
lowing the Mayor's pres-
Mayor Peyton has
also announced that he
will propose three new
taxes next year to help
offset the anticipated
losses in property tax
The monthly fees for
residential liarhagi pick-
up, stormwater runoff,
and a JEA franchiseL fcc
are expected to rav.se
about $26.5 million for
next year.
Peyton promised not
to raise taxes or fees dur-
ing his first campaign for
mayor in 2003, but he
said he was left with no
alternative because of the
new state law.

The Jacksonvrle Transportation Authority continues to look for new ways to
improve the efficiency of its transit services. After reviewing the hundreds of
comments and suggestions from Transit Talk meetings, surveys and interviews
conducted with our riders and the public, JTA is proposing some route enhance-
ments. We invite you to attend any one of three pubic hearings to discuss
these proposed service changes (planned for September 2007).
P-2 Cassat-EdgewoodfTownsend: the P-2 will be spit into two routes and re-
named as WS-12 Cassat-Edgewood and AR-3 Townsend-Regency. The
AR-3 route will be extended to Regency Square and Arlington Library via
Southside Boulevard. New Sunday service will be added to the AR-3 along
1 with additional trips on weekdays and Saturdays. On the WS-12, frequency
may increase during morning and evening rush hours from every 60 minutes
to every 45 minutes.
J-1 University Park/Mandarin: the J-1 will be spit into two routes and renamed
SS-9 Mandarin and AR-S Arington-Regency. The AR-5 will be extended
along Ft. Caroline Road and Merrill Road to Wal-Mart and Regency Square
Mal in both directions AR-5 service will be extended on both weekdays
and Saturdays and new Sunday service added. Midday frequency on SS-9
wil be reduced from every 30 minutes to every 60 minutes (rush hour fre-
quency will remain at 30 minutes). Express trips will be added on SS-9
during rush hour periods.
AR-20 Arlington Connector. this route will be discontinued and replaced by the
new AR-3 and AR-5.
NS-33 AirJTA: this route will be extended to Rier City Marketplace before and
water stops at the Jacksonvile international Airport, One or two later evening
trips and Saturday service will also be added and other minor route and
schedule changes made.
R-1 South IBeacVFCCd Station: the route wil be renamed the BH-1 South
Beach and will no longer make stops at FCCJ-Kent Campus. There will be
other minor route and schedule adjustments.
BH-50 Beaches Commuter Express: begin new express service from JTA
Gateway Station to the downtown Rosa L Parks/FCCJ Transit Station to
J.T. Butler Blvd. and AIA May extend to Sawgrass complex in Porne Vedra
Beach. Four to six trips per day, seven days a week are planned.
Airport/Oceanway Ride Request: to provide weekend Ride Request services in
the Airport. IHighlands, Octranway. Blount Island, and San Mateo areas, the
1 AirpUflHtghlands Ride Request and the Oceanway Ride Request service
S arias will be combined (on Saturday and Sundays only). This special week-
end sevce will c-,iinr-cd rlh the P-7 and NS-14 buses at the Highlands
Squar.- Shopping Center evry i0 minutes
Ti7r will also be mInrs x ulo, andfor schedule adjustments to the R-6 Murray
Hill IRn(fV.V.y :sad Ilh r-$ Av riluMle-Regency.

Monday, July 23
FCCJ Downtown
Advanced Technology Center
101 W State Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Open House: 5-6 p. mn
Presentation: 6-7 p. m.

Wednesday July 25
South Mandarin Library
12125 San Jose Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32223
Open House: 5-6 p. R
Presentation: 6-7 p. m

Thursday, July 26
Regency Square Library
9900 Regency Sq. Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32218
Open House: 5-6 p.m.
Presentation: 6-7 p. m

Al interested persons or groups are encouraged to attend and participate. Pubic
participation is solicited without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national
origin, disability or familial status. This project is being developed in compliance
with Titles VI and VII! of the Cvil Rights Act.
Any person requiring special accommodations should contact Fred Haley at
904.630.3153 or e-mail fihaley@itafla.com at least three days before the hearing.
Fred Haley, Service Planning Manager
Jacksonville Transportation Authority
100 N. Myrde Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida 32204
Telephone: (904) 630-3153 Fax (904) 630-3168
E-mail: fjhaley@jtafla.com


Regional Transportaion Solutions


Ir; ---s .' E ieE


Jacksonville Transportation Authority

PrpoedJv us Route Changes


J1~IS 14, I~fffl


r,.h, fA ,-/I-"



PrU$1;A UU-/ .A.A L 1

Ask Deannal Is an aavice column Known jor urs
fearless approach to reality-based subjects!
Dear Deanna!
I feel there's a difference between honesty and not telling
the whole truth in a relationship. My husband has the ten-
dency to I was at the movies and saw my friend's fiance
with another man. I understand that people have trust and
free reign in their relationships but this wasn't normal. She
was holding his hand and acting as if they were in love.
I've been asked to be the best man in their wedding and now I'm stuck in this situa-
tion. I don't know if I should tell him she may be cheating or should I mind my busi-
ness and bow out of the wedding. What should I do?
Ex-Best Man (Paoli, PA)

Dear Best Man:
You should go ahead and spill the beans so that you and others can possibly save some
money. If you spend money on attire for the wedding and the bride is already cheat-
ing, they'll be headed for divorce soon. With true friendship comes loyalty and you
should do what a woman would do. Call your friend or take him to lunch and tell him
what you saw. Your conscience will be clear and he has the opportunity to make a deci-
sion and keep it moving.
* ** **** **********

Dear Deanna!
My friends are out of control. I'm afraid to be with them because they are getting bad
reputations. We were at a house party and they had' sex with a group of guys. The next
day gossip was so bad in our town that our families we're fighting because of rumors.
I didn't do anything at the party but now that my name is out there, I cut the friends
loose. They're mad at me and call me a traitor. How do I handle this because they're
my friends and I miss them?
Anonymous (Tampa, FL)

Dear Anonymous:
The decision you make depends on what you want in life. If you want to be viewed as
having loose morals, no class and a bad reputation, your current friends can make that
happen. Your friends and lifestyle are a direct reflection of your character which will
affect your employment and all of your relationships. If you want a good life with
decency and respect keep the current friends at arms length, find some new ones and
call it a day.

Dear Deanna!
I'm a newlywed and I feel depressed now that I'm finally married. It seems as if the
excitement is gone and my husband is different than when he was a boyfriend. He
always tells me that he gave me what I wanted and to move on to something else. The
dates, gifts and spontaneous things have disappeared and it feels like I got a lot of
work in return. Is this normal for a new bride or am I setting my expectations too high?
Sad New Bride (Oklahoma City, OK)

Dear Sad Bride:
You wanted to be married when you wanted to be married and your boyfriend went
along with your demands to make you happy. Instead of pressuring him, you should've
let things flow and allowed him to get comfortable with the idea before taking the leap.
You can renew the spark in your relationship by taking the lead with creativity, a lot
of love and focus on goals and.the future. Keep your husband involved and you'll see
him coming around'slowly but surely.

Ask Deanna is written by Deanna M. Write Ask Deannal Deanna M, 264 S. La
Cienega, Suite 1283, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 or Email: askdeannal@yahoo.com
* Website: www.askdeanna.com

July 13,2007
Draft of Proposed One Year Action Plan
FY October 1, 2007 September 30,2008
Pursuant 24 CFR Part 91, et al., Consolidated Submission-Action. Plan for Community Planning and Development Programs, each
jurisdiction must submit a Consolidated PI ui., iion Pl n it Il-eJiIl I-ii i) .~i least 45 days before the start of its program year as a
prerequisite to receiving funds underthe 1,irrrula pgjrl pr.'.parr, ia d l. '
Community Development Block Grant Program $6,931,490 Funds provide for neighborhood revitalization and affordable
housing programs, i.e., construction or reconstruction of infrastructure and public facilities, housing rehabilitation and public services.
At least 70 percent of funds must directly benefit persons whose income does not exceed 80 percent of median family income
HOME Investment Partnerships Program $3378.371 Funds activities designed to expand the supply of safe and affordable
housing. Includes rehabilitation and construction of rental and ownership housing, down payment and closing assistance for lower
income homebuyers, a CHDO set-aside at least (15%) and CHDO operating funds.
Emergency Shelter Grant Program $299,911. Funds activities designed to improve quality of existing emergency homeless
shelters by renovating, rehabilitating or converting emergency shelter buildings; providing essential services, operating costs and
supporting homeless prevention activities.
Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS $1,630,000 Funds housing assistance and supportive services for low-income
persons and their families living with HIV/AIDS; housing information services, acquisition, rehabilitation and repair of facilities, new
construction, project or tenaht-based rental assistance, short-term rent, mortgage and utility payments, and support services.
American Dream Down Payment Initiative $754363 The funds will be administered in conjunction with the HOME Program to
provide down payment, closing costs and principle reduction not Ito exceed $10,000 or 6% of the sales cost whichever is greater. If the
applicant requires additional subsidy, ADDI funds may be leveraged with HOME funds, the total of which will not exceed $14,999. In
addition, ADDI funds will be used with the HOME Purchase and Rehabilitation Program (HOME-PAR), which allows for down
payment, closing cost and principle reduction for the acquisition and rehabilitation of vacant and abandoned properties in target
neighborhoods, the total of which will not exceed $14,999. All acquisition and rehabilitation will be funded by private dollars
leveraged by local lenders.
The Consolidated Plan Action Plan includes the following activities that are funded with program income and reprogrammed funds:
Catholic Charities, Inc, $60,788 CDBG funds will be used for staff and operational costs to coordinate a network of care to
provide housing counseling and emergency assistance to prevent 25,000 low and moderate income persons from becoming homeless.
Clara White Mission, Inc. $14.212 CDBG funds will be used fpr administrative costs to provide transitional housing, vocational
training, case management, and supportive services to homeless persons. Total CDBG fimunds dedicated to this program is $68,250.00
The purpose of the Consolidated Plan is to combine in a collaborative process, the planning, application and reporting aspects of
HUD's formula programs using the same program year. A complete submission must be made every five years and an Action Plan
submitted annually. Contents of the Plan include:
Form Application Resources Consultation and Citizen Participation
Geographic Distribution Certifications Homeless and Other Special Needs Activities
Program Specific Requirements Activities Monitoring
Copies of the draft of the City of Jacksonville's Proposed Action Plan can be found at the following locations:
Community Development Division, 214 N. Hogan Street, Suite 800
Jacksonville Public Library Main Branch, 303 N. Laura Street
_ww,.coi,net/DDtartmnent-s/Housing and Neighborhoods/Communitv Developrment/2007-2008 Action Planitimi.
Citizens wishing to comment on the draft may do so in writing to Kenneth M. Pinnix, Chief, Community Development

Division, 214 N. Hogap Street, Suite 800, Jacksonville, Florida 32202, by Sunday, August 11, 2007 (30-day comment
period). A public hearing regarding the Consolidated Plan-Action Plan will be held in Board Room 825 at the
Housing and Neighborhoods Department at the above address on Tuesday, July 24, 2007 at 6:00 PM. All citizens
are encouraged to participate.
If any non-English speaking persons, or persons with mobility, visual or hearing impairments wish to attend the public
hearing and have special needs, please notify the Community Development Division at 630-7030 in'advance so that
accommodations may be made.


F~ 1I.i1i

Kerri Stewart, Director
Housing & Neighborhood Department

Faith of the Fearless
ReligionAndSpirituality. com
By Ester Davis

The first person to cross the United States in an air- "
plane was deaf. Cal Rodgers, a student of the Wright .
Brothers, reportedly had about 90 minutes of flight
training. He left New York on Sept. 17, 1911, and
arrived in California on Dec. 10, 1911, in a biplane
called the "Vin Fiz," which looked very similar to the rickety wood-frame and fab-
ric plane of the Wright Brothers. Rodgers, sitting on the front with no protection or
even a helmet, made it in 84 days with five major crashes and two engine explosions
along the way. A childhood bout with scarlet fever had left the young aviator deaf.
What rationale, in its proper place, would think you need to hear to fly?
The building of the Hoover Dam has always been a study of serious intrigue to
me. I have been to visit the final project several times. I still stand in wonderment.
The endless questions still linger. There is a list of the lives lost carved on a marble
slab, but was there anxiety, hesitation, cold feet, terror?
Some research revealed that there was a group of adventurers called "high
scalers," who had nerves of steel and were paid 75 cents an hour vs. the 50 cents an
hour paid to regular Hoover Dam workers. There were no hard hats, no safety nets,
no OSHA controls during this period in our history. The high scalers were former
sailors, Native Americans who lived in harsh terrain, and circus acrobats. Of course,
these men were selected for their proven courage, agility, delights of heights, not to
mention their physiques. I wonder, were these individuals driven by a higher octane
rush of adrenaline?
I attended the funeral of an African-American centenarian recently. The family
had many famous stories about her life, among which was a story of Bonnie and
Clyde, the notorious duo, being guests in her home. The underlying thought was that
the officers would not be looking for two white people in the home of a black fam-
ily. However, the thought does not escape the amount of faith required to be a cor-
dial hostess to known offenders. Can fear also be unspeakable strength?
Throughout history we have been amazed, dazzled and in awe at the daredevils,
their enthusiasm and taunting efforts to be the "best." Jumping through fire, crash-
ing cars, best fight, legal racing. The World StuntAwards one year went to a man and
woman who, hands cupped together, jumped out of a fifth-floor window. The Ozark
Mountain daredevils are a constant conversation piece.
Pilots are the most particularly competitive group, the stunt community creates
the action we required in movies, tornado chasers are truly misunderstood and the
good-looking lion tamer the cutest and bravest. The motorcycle stunt shows make
your heart skip a beat. The Blue Angels and Skycoasters have your nerves doing the
tango. But we go to watch anyway. Is it the thrill of it all that fascinates us?
Gov. Schwarzenegger's real claim to fame was his contribution to the explosive
action in his movies. (Speaking of movies, let me surely not forget the film crews,
who are the masters behind the scenes.) Evel Knievel wore us all out with his high-
ly publicized stunts and broken bones routine.
We could not get enough of Erik Weihenmayer, the one and only blind man who
ventured up Mount Everest, a mountain he could not see. All of these headliners feed
the public's eager interest and quest for "I-saw-it-but-I-don't-believe-it" outcry. But
again, do we consider them bold, daring, half-baked, desperate, thrill-crazed or
In our daily lives, we see many, many examples of the fearless and their faith. The
fearless live up to the true meaning of faith, which is daring the soul to go beyond
what the eyes can see. Faith is not rocket science, brain surgery or a library of books
analyzing how to get it.
Worry looks around. Sorry looks back. Faith looks up. What's your pleasure?

Ester Davis is a writer and a television host/producer. Watch for her shows online Fall
2006. She can be reached host@esterdavis.com.

[F irJrlr lrJlrjIlrJlrjlrjlrJI lrJlrlrirJlrJlirJIlrirlrlirlirJlrtirirJirJlrJlrJlrJl rJ ilrJllrjilrjirF r

U The Governing Board of the District requests that interested 1
parties respond to the solicitation below by 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, a
SJuly 31, 2007. Further information is available through Onvia Z
DemandStar at www.demandstar.com [(800) 711-1712], or the
E District's website at www.sjrwmd.com. Bid packages may be -
Sobtained from Onvia DemandStar or the District by calling Jill R. 2
U. L
E Williams, CPPB, Sr. Contracts Administrator at (386) 329-4133. T
7 1

U i
U Bids are to be on specified herbicides only. Bids on alternate "
U or substitute products will not be accepted. Prices are to include ^
U delivery to 4049 Reid St., Palatka, FL and/or 525 Community

U College Pkwy, Palm Bay, FL. The estimated budget for this proj- U
| ect is $507,000.00. U
U Staff's recommendation will be presented to the Governing 5
U Board at its September 11, 2007, meeting.

S Special accommodations for disabilities may be requested
R through Jill R. Williams, CPPB, Sr. Contracts Administrator or
| by calling (386) 329-4450 (TDD), at least five (5) business days |
E before the date needed. E

Ij I JEJ jaj
[], [

rF-- 16




JVULY 14t) lTUU / .
-9~ -- -II I _

WashAr A all Tires, Vacuum, CleanWindows

What Can You Do About Osteoarthritis?
Every year, an estimated 2 million Americans undergo arthroscopy on their
knees, shoulders, and on many other joints. The results, however, depend to a great
extent on the patient's observance of certain tips and guidelines, both before and
after surgery. But, what should you know about arthroscopy, and how can you pre-
pare for this important operation? The American Arthritis Society has compiled
some useful and practical tips for self-care, and made them available on the Society's
website. Developed with the help of some of the world's leading arthroscopy spe-
cialists, each tip is easy to follow and can be helpful in preparing for your operation.
These and many more suggestions regarding osteoarthritis can be viewed online at:
www.americanarthritis.org .



t'LY~1 Ifitjg;f/

PAG zeiiA T


Florida's Beauty of America
Antina D. Sta-T[oid

Jacksonville's very own,
Beauties of America Florida
State titleholder, Antina
Stafford will be representing
the state of Florida in the
2007 National Beauties of
America Pageant. The event
will be held in Myrtle
Beach, SC from August 16th
-19th. Thank you
Jacksonville for your prayers
and support!

Learn to Read Jackson ille has created a ne\\ Orientation toi incoming students The
session is required at the start of the student's enrollment and will last approximately two
hours Orientations are offered: Tuesdays, July 17th at 10 a.m. 12 noon or Thursday.
July 19th at 6 p.m. 8 p.m. The Laubach \Wa3 to Cursive Writing \ ill no\\ be offered
as a class to qualifying Learn To Read students. This new class is open to higher-level stu-
dents and \\ill last approximatelN two months. Sessions will begin W\ednesday. July 25th
at 10:30 a.m. 11:30 a.m. and \\ill continue to meet onLe a week at l.cnar To Read until the
class concludes. The Internet Basics workshop p to qualify ing, studlet- I his one-ttme session
will review the basics of opening up a brow\ ser, using the address blar to find web pages, con-
ducting searches. and more! The \workshop will be held at Lcaiin Io Read. Saturday. July
28th at 9:30 a.m. 12 noon.
Tutors are needed for the upcoming Tutor Training held at I earn To Read! Training
prepare volunteerss to tutor in the Jacksonville Readi Adult Lilcrak.) program. Registration
is required for training and you music attend Class I and C(lass II Ior tutor certification.
The text Tutor: A Collaborative Approach to Lileracy Instruction \ ill be provided. Call the
LTR office and request a tutor infonnation packet to register ifrt the training or \ visit web for
more information. Next session 1ill be held: Class I is Thursday. Augusl 2nd at 5:30 p.m.
- 9:00 p.m.: Class II is Saturday, August 4th ai 9:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m.
Volunteers are needed for special e'ent planning! Planning committee, are being
formed for next year's e ents and volunteers are needed to fill the roles of promotion, gen-
eral planning, ticket sales, fundraising, etc If ou aIi e interested in participating in these
roles, call the office or visit the \eb to fill out a volunteerr application. Next e\ent to be
planned \ ill be Scrabble Soiree. Thursday, No ember 29th at St. John's Cathedral. This
e ent is held to honor the achie\ enents of students and the dedication of tutors and volun-
teers. More information coming soon.
Training are held at Learn To Read. Inc.. 2747 Art lluseum Dr.. #100, 'wo blocks
from Beach Bld., next door to Department of Children & Families.
Adults above the age of 16 not enrolled in another educational institution and need to
learn reading s-kills up to the fourth grade le el. are eligible for free classes, tutoring and
other seni ices, at LTR Studentsl must call to make an appointment for assessment of their
current reading le \ el and \\ ill then be enrolled into orientation to began the learning process.
Adults who are interested Ima, call (904) 399-8894 or isit Miw.lTK.JR.IX.org for more
information and make all appointment for lasessmlllet.

CARIBBEAN CRUISE. Sailing August 27, 2007, for 5 days. Please call now
Sto reserve your space. Ask for Evelyn Gosha at (912) 265-2620.
Class of 1967 from NB Forrest High School proudly announces the celebra-
tion of its 40th High School Class Reunion the weekend of July 20-21, 2007, .
to reunite with their friends and classmates from their youth. The homecom-
ing will be at the Crowne Plaza Downtown on the beautiful banks of the St.
John's River. Festivities and events will begin on Friday, July 20th for a Luau
I Dinner/Dance at the Crowne poolside at 7:00 pm. On Saturday, July 21, alum-
ni can choose from several day events that includes a golf outing, a jam music .
Safest or gathering in the hotel hospitality suite and concluding with an evening *,
Dinner/Dance at the Riverplace Tower in the River Room with a breathtaking-
ly beautiful panoramic view of the City of Jacksonville on the banks of the St.
John's River at 7:00 pm. For Reservations to join us for this memorable week-
end to renew friendships and make lasting ones, contact Reunion Classics at I
(904) 269-5471.
I 2207 East Seventh St., Charlotte,'NC by invitation only. Boys and girls ages
10 19 are eligible to apply. Players from 50 states and 17 foreign countries
attended the 2006 camp. College basketball scholarships are possible for play-
ers selected to the All-American Team. Camp locations include: Glassboro,
NJ, Prescott, AZ, Thousand. Oaks, CA, Sterling, CO, Babson Park, FL,
Atlanta, GA, Champaign, IL, Ypsilanti, MI, Hickory, NC, Mitchell, SD,
Lebanon, TN, Commerce, TX, and Blacksburg, VA. There is also a Summer
Camp available for boys and girls ages 6 18 of all skill levels. For a free
brochure on these Summer Camps, please call (704) 373-0873.
HAVEN HOSPICE OF JACKSONVILLE is looking for volunteers and
Offers a variety of rewarding opportunities to reach out and help within your
community. Assignments are available to best suit your time, interest and
skills and include: patient/family care, administrative assistance, fund raising,
speakers bureau and community events. If you are interested in making a dif-
ference, please contact: Sandra Francis at (904) 733-9818 or (904) 465-0209.
FREE SUMMER STORIES AND MORE visit www.StatePoint.net to
download stories free of charge. Including 'Summer Guide' supplements and I
Timely 'Healthy Living' supplements. StatePoint.net offers links to top state
"News Readers Can Use," general interest features, monthly special supple-
ments, as well as crossword and Sudoku puzzles... all free-of charge.
Sunday, October 21st at 7 9:30 p.m. at The Avenues Mall. Honorary chairs
this year are Lewis S. and Frances Childress Lee. Caring Chefs has raised
more than $2 million for CHS to help families for the First Coast. Thanks to
the generosity and support of the area's chefs, donors, volunteers and spon-
sors, 100 percent of all proceeds continuously benefit CHS. Chefs tickets are
$60 and include admission, food; drink and live entertainment. For more infor-
mation and sponsorship opportunities, contact Nanette Vallejos at (904) 493-
LIBRARY SUMMER HOURS Branch Libraries are Closed on Sundays in
June and July, as part of the library's regular Summer schedule. The Main
Library is open on Sundays in June and July.
TER will host a Golf Tournament Wednesday, September 5th at Mill cove
Golf Course. We are asking all businesses to advertise by sponsoring a hole at -
$100 each. Tickets are $50 per person. The proceeds will benefit our local culi-
nary chapter, Apprentices from the Clara White Mission and F.C.C.J. North
Campus and a local charity. For additional information, please contact
Executive Chef Johnnie Jones, Genesis Cafe' and Catering at (904) 448-8434.
THE MENINAK CLUB OF JACKSONVILLE is accepting applications
for its Annual Charity Project Award. The $30,000 grant will be awarded to a
Charity organization in the Duval County area that serves underprivileged or ::
handicapped children and must be used for a capital improvement, the dead- .
line for submitting an application is Monday, July 16, 2007. Applications can
be obtained from the Meninak club by calling Cathy Hill at (904) 745-3393 or
meninak@comcast.net. July 16th is application deadline; August 27 select
three finalists; September 17th winner announced. Special Note: Include a
cover page with the following specific information: (1) Exact amount of funds i
requested; (2) Detailed description of project; (3) Who the project will benefit
(i.e., how many, age range, special needs). '
SUMMER LUNCH PROGRAM KICKS OFF Tuesday, May 29th through
Friday, August 17th. Look for the "Free Lunch Served Here" banner. A com-
plete list of Summer Lunch Program sites is available at www.jaxkids.org. For
more information, call the JCC at (904) 630-6400.
MENTS/VENUS, MARS COURT AREA a Reunion Event has been sched-
uled for residents who lived in the neighborhood from 1950 thru 1975 who
lived between Myrtle Ave. and Boulevard, and from 8th Street to 21st Street.
The event will be held September 15th from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at The Place,
located at 1754 N. Main Street. You still have time to be included in the fes- ::
tivities; as we will meet at the Graham Branch Library, at 3 p.m. on July 21st ;.
and again on August 18th. For additional information, please contact Jeff .;
Cooper at (904) 608-6902 or Joyce Smith at (904) 703-2751.
__ --------- -
SPECIAL MEETING OF THE COUNCIL: Mayor's 2007-2008 Annual .
Budget Presentation
A Special Meeting of the Council will be held on Monday, July 16, 2007 at 10:00
a.m., in the Council Chambers, 1st Floor, City Hall, St. James Building. Mayor John ;
Peyton will present his 2007-2008 Annual Budget address to the Jacksonville Citys,,
Council at this time. The regular scheduled Rules Committee meeting will convene ^
immediately following the Mayor's presentation.
Council Member attendance is mandatory so please mark your calendars ,

accordingly. All other interested parties are invited to attend.
If you have any questions, please call Sarah Balme, Executive Council Assistant ,
at 630-1380. :




Announcements, meetings, happenings, and community events scheduled
in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.

PAGE C-3 -


JULY 14 2007

The Star July 14, 2007

* Maryland Ex-Felons Vote

'* FAMU Law Student Dies

13-Yr-Old Drag Racer

Maryland Ex-Felons See New FAMU Law Student & Son Amon
M aFelons See Ne Plane Crash Fatalities in Sanford

meaning to Independence Day he ragc prvae airplane
crash in Sanford earlier this week

For a few Maryland residents, freedom
became more than just a word or an abstract
concept just two days before the Fourth of
Empowered by a new state law that
relaxed voting restrictions on ex-felons, five
'former inmates gathered at the Baltimore
City Board of Elections on July 2, the day
after the law took effect, to
celebrate another step in
their re-entry and to formal-
ly register.
The first-time voters,
.wearing black T-shirts ,
imprinted with "Maryland
Got Democracy!" the name
of a registration campaign ,
targeting former prisoners,
are also registering in time 's
to affect city-wide elections "
for Mayor and City Council Walter Lomax reg
'that will take place in the the first time after
fall. years in prison.
"Today is my
Independence Day," said Kimberly Haven,
executive director of Justice Maryland, a
statewide prison reform advocacy organiza-
tion that was instrumental in pushing for the
"Today, as we walk through these doors,
we begin the process of restoring our votes
and reclaiming our voices."
The new law, passed by the General
Assembly and signed into law by Gov.
Martin O'Malley in April, removes a three-
year waiting period that applied to people
with multiple felonies once. they had com-
pleted parole and probation requirements.
The Sentencing Project, a Washington,
D.C.-based research and advocacy for
reform organization, estimates that more
than 110,000 ex-felons in Maryland are pre-
vented from voting because of their record,
including over 52,000 who have completed
their full sentence. That organization esti-
mates that Florida has over 950,000 ex-
felons who are precluded from voting pend-
ing administration of Governor Crist's
recent actions.
Organizers of the "Maryland Got
Democracy!" campaign a coalition of
groups that includes Justice Maryland, the
American Civil Liberties Union and the
NAACP are hoping to reach those poten-
tial voters before the Aug. 21 registration
deadline for new voters.
To reach that goal, they plan to educate
voter registration groups about the new law
and to reach out to social service organiza-
tions whose clients may include former pris-
oners. Their efforts will also include a rally
set for July 21 in downtown Baltimore.
Meanwhile, Haven, released from prison


Court Voids

Voting Denial

The Alabama Supreme
;Court has ruled that state
.and local election officials
have violated the state con-
stitution and laws, causing
the loss of voting rights for
eligible voters.
The ruling in Gooden v.
Chapman, resulted from a
class action law suit filed on
behalf of Richard Gooden
and Angela Thomas by the
NAACP Legal Defense
(LDF) and Education Fund
and Alabama attorney
Edward Still.
According to an LDF
Statement, "The suit chal-
lenged the unlawful denial
of the right to vote to eligi-
ble voters with felony con-
The court agreed that the
Secretary of State and

in 2001, proclaimed it "a new day" and "a
historic moment" as she fought back tears.
"I said I wasn't going to cry today, but
today is the fulfillment of a six-year journey
for me," she said.
Haven, 46, was, joined in registering by
Marlo A. Hargrove Sr., David Waller and
Walter Lomax.
Hargrove, a 34-year-old
father of four who works
S. for a re-entry program for
ex-offenders, said he "felt
lost" without the ability to
"Even after returning
home from prison, maybe,
just maybe, my vote could
have opened a new recre-
ational center instead of
penitentiary," he said. "My,
sters to vote for vote could have built a new.
spending 39 playground instead of a
Waller, who also works
for a re-entry program, registered along with
his 18-year-old son, Christian Montague.
"According to the state of Maryland, I,
was not a full citizen," said Waller, 50. "In
my eyes, I wasn't a full citizen.... Today, all
that changed."
Waller, who, in 2000, finished his sen-
tence, including parole and probation, said
he was "apprehensive" at first about regis-
"I didn't know what to expect. I've never
voted before. I've never been in here," he
said. "This is all new stuff."
But he said that he now feels more of a
need to stay informed about the candidates
and issues.
"Where before I could walk away from it
because it wasn't something I was interested
in, now I want to hear what people are say-
ing," he said. "I want to know what the posi-
tion of a politician is. I want to investigate
them because my vote is valuable."
Walter Lomax, who was ordered
released by a Circuit Court judge last
December after serving 39-years in prison
for a murder he denies being involved in,
also registered.
Lomax, 60, said he grew to understand
importance of the political process while
imprisoned, and was among a group of
inmates who educated themselves about
their legislative districts and state represen-
"For me personally, I understood that
there were three significant things to me
feeling complete in society, and that was the
social, the economic and the political," he
said. "Politics, for the most part, controls
almost everything."

Jefferson County registrar
ignorede] the distinction
[as to which felony offenses
involve moral turpitude]
altogether," and "did not
attempt to apply the clear
language" of Alabama's
"We filed this case for
only one reason and the
Supreme Court's ruling
today makes clear that state
and local election officials
must follow the state's con-
stitution and laws by per-
mitting eligible people with
felony convictions to vote ,
that's all we wanted," said
Ryan Haygood, LDF assis-
tant counsel in a statement.
According to the LDF,
"the plaintiff, Richard
Gooden, was not permitted
to register to vote in
Alabama until passage of
the Voting Rights Act in
1965. Until that time,
Alabama relentlessly and
systematically pursued
efforts to deny voting and
office holding to Blacks.

Mr. Gooden was registered
to vote from the mid-1960s
until 2000, when he was
convicted of felony DUI."
The denial was illegal
because Alabama law only
disqualifies people whose
felony convictions involve
"moral turpitude," which
the statute did not define,
states the LDF. "The
Secretary of State, however,
had effectively expanded
the reach of the law by
instructing voter registrars
to refuse registration to all
people with felony convic-
The LDF states that
specifically, in addition to
felony DUI, the other
felony offenses that do not
result in a loss of voting
rights in Alabama include
"felony possession of
drugs, violation of liquor
laws, assault and battery,
speeding, trespass to land,
attempted burglary and
doing business without a

left the Florida A&M University
College of Law family mourning
the tragic death of first-year law
student Janise Joseph Woodard,
24, who along with her 6-month-
old son, Joseph, died in the fire at
their Sanford home yesterday
morning after a neighbor's house
was struck by the small airplane.
Officials reported that a plane
that was attempting an emer-
gency landing at the Orlando
Sanford International Airport
struck one home that burst into

flames and later spread to Joseph's home.
Last night, five people were killed; the
pilot, his passenger, Joseph, her infant'son.
and a 4-year-old girl. At least three others --
the girl's brother and parents -- were critical-
ly injured.
Joseph, a student in the FAMU College:
of Law's Part-Time Evening Program, was
scheduled to attend class last night. When

Racing is No Drag

to 13-yo Dimetrious

Linwood Morris had
been involved with drag
racing since his late teens
and into his early 40s, start-
ing on the street and eventu-
ally running on drag strips.
Linwood's passion for the
sport was passed to'his son
Dimetrious, who had been
going to the race track with
his 'father since he was 5
years old.
Only this was different.
This time, it was
Dimetrious getting ready to
run, as a 10-year-old, in
.something called a junior
Sdragster. But the stares were
unavoidable: Dimetrious
was the only African-
American in a field of about
50 junior drag racers.
SWhen Dimetrious would
win, or outrun another jun-
ior racer, he'd sometimes
get coldly greeted by a turn
of the back when he extend-
ed his hand. The Morrises
could see fingers pointing at
them or hear racial remarks.
After beating more expen-
sive cars, and being on the
circuit for 3 years now,
that's all changed.
As a 13-year-old on the
super pro 13-17 (year-olds)
circuit, Dimetrious has
begrudgingly earned hand-
shakes and hellos from the
very racers who once
ignored him. He's currently
in eighth place, out of 32
racers in the Junior Dragster
Northeast Division out of
Atco (N.J.) Raceway. The
top five receive a winner's
jacket at the end of the sea-
son, which runs from March
until November, competing
mostly on weekends.
"It is a complete reversal
from the first time I got in

the track," recalls
Dimetrious, who is home-
schooled and lives in
Yeadon. "Everyone I've
faced the last 2 years, they'll
shake my hand. I never got
angry over what happened.
My opinion is people will
think what they want to
think. As long I'm able to
race and win, I don't let that

Dimetrious Morris

other stuff bother me. But
the respect is there now. If I
lose, I might be mad, but I'll
shake someone's hand."
Dimetrious has never
been afraid of going fast. It
might have made his mother,
Madeline, a little nervous at
first, but she adjusted.
"You can't have any
fear," said Linwood, 52,
who was a SEPTA manager
for 12 years. "Some people
try to learn not to have fear,
but with Dimetrious, proba-
bly going with me to the
track all of the time, you
watch someone go by at
300 mph, it's a blink of the
eye. There was no fear of
the speed. It's the drag-rac-
ing life. I just wanted to
open the doors and see if he
wanted to pursue this. He
likes it. He's always liked


Airplane Crash Scene in Sanford, Florida
her Criminal Law class convened at 6:30
p.m., administrators and professors were
there to break the news and express condo-
lences to Joseph's classmates.
The plane was carrying Bruce Kennedy,
a Daytona Beach-area plastic surgeon who
was married to a NASCAR executive; and
Michael Klemm, a NASCAR pilot.

It all started when
Dimetrious saw a junior
dragster on display.at a race
he was attending with
Linwood. He bugged his
father until Linwood gave
in and bought him a used
junior dragster for $4,000.
Racing junior dragsters
can be pricey. Dimetrious'
newest car, which Linwood
bought used last year, cost
$7,500. New junior drag-
sters can run around
$15,000 to $25,000. The
required NHRA license fee
is $50. Junior dragsters run
on racing alcohol, which
costs $5 per gallon.
The Morrises succeed
despite some obstacles.
They travel with the car on a
flatbed, while most com-
petitors travel with mobile
campers or enclosed trailers
to protect the car.
It's what Linwood can
afford on what he receives
on workman's compensa-
tion, although it's never got-
ten in the way. Dimetrious
has run everywhere from
Atco to Englishtown, N.J.,
to Cecil County, Md.
"The bottom line is that
Dimetrious is having fun,"
Linwood said. "When he
was 12, we found another
used car and we've been
pretty lucky with it so far.
The motor runs well. He's
been really flying around
with it. But it is tough. We
make a lot of requests and
I'm on the phone with a lot
of people still looking for
sponsors and money. It is
pricey. We have a lot of
stickers from sponsors all
over the car now. We're hop-
ing with our proven record
maybe someone some day
will. come forward and
maybe help out with more
of the costs."
In the meantime,
Dimetrious keeps running -
and winning.

Regional News Briefs

Cats win in Key West Hemingway's six-toed cats may stay.
Key West, FL City officials have sided with Erest'Hemingway's former home
and its celebrated six-toed felines in its cat fight with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
The Key West City Commission exempted the home from a city law prohibiting more
than four domestic animals per household. About 50 cats live there.
The house has been locked in a dispute with the USDA, which claims the museum is
an "exhibitor" of cats and needs a special license, a claim the home disputes.
The cats are descendants of a six-toed cat given as a gift to the writer in 1935.
ai .




The Star July 14, 2007


All Star game
Barry Bonds has made it official. Bonds, who at 42
years, 11 months, 16 days became the oldest All-Star
starter has announced that he will not pursue the record
of being the oldest All Star player. That record is held by
Satchel Paige who was elected as an All Star at 49.
Cal Ripken, the honorary Captain of the American
League team, speaks \ ith a sense of authority when he
talks about durability. Ripken marveled at Giants short-
stop Omar Vizquel who is 40.
"It doesn't surprise me that he's playing at 40 years
old because he takes care of himself," said Ripken, "In
my opinion, he's one of the best shortstops in my era, so
I would certainly consider himself a Hall of Famer."
If someone should knows about taking care of them-
selves, it's Cal Ripken who played in 2,632 consecutive
games, a record that is likely to stand for as long as any-
one can imagine.
Chasing The Record
To avoid a scenario where Barry Bonds is booed
when he breaks Hank Aaron's record on the road, the
Giants are hoping the blast comes in San Francisco,
where Barry is still cheered despite his connection to the
BALCO steroids scandal.
In 1974, the Braves tried to keep Aaron out of the
lineup the season's first series in Cincinnati to make sure
he would break the Babe's record in Atlanta, but then-
Commissioner Bowie Kuhn ordered Aaron to play two
of three games. Aaron homered in his first at-bat to tie
Ruth and set the record once the Braves returned to
Bud Selig says he trusts the Giants will not manipu-
late the schedule to make sure Bonds hits his record
homer at home. Bruce Bochy, however, has all but
admitted that he'll try to push for a situation in which
Bonds hits the record-breaker at home.
Kuhn attended the game when Hank tied Ruth's
record, but he was a no-show for the record-breaker and
was heavily criticized for it.
Selig said he still hasn't decided if he'll be on hand for
SBonds' 756th.
' J

Sports News Briefs

Donovin Darius signs with the Oakland raiders
Jacksonville, FL Less than one month after being
released by the Jaguars, strong safety Donovin Darius
signed a contract with the Oakland Raiders on Tuesday.
Terms of the deal weren't disclosed, and Darius did-
n't return phone calls from the Times-Union seeking
Darius the Jaguars' all-time leading tackler (858
stops, 553 solo) had spent his entire nine-year NFL
career with the Jaguars, who drafted him in the first
round in 1998, before being released by the team June

Fun all weekend long with y our Jacksns

Friday, July 13-7:05pm
Simpson's Night Come dressed as your favorite Simpso's character for the
chance to win great prizes and have fun with donut eating contests and more!
Plus, the first 3,000 fans get a free Suns yellow bandana from the APT Real
Yellow Pages and enjoy the start of Mayo Clnic Weekend! After the game,

Saturday, July 14-7:05pm
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Back to SchoDay The first 1500 kids through the gate willget a Suns Jersey
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News "Stuf the Bus" and get a fee hot dog! Mayo nc Weekend concludes and
affer the game. Kids Run the Bases, sponsoed by orida Telco Credit Union.

Commissioner Bud Selig and Giants legend

!*. ^^^ '



fine passing shot but Williams smashed the
second out of reach.
Bartoli came under siege early in the sec-
ond set and initially dug herself out of trou-
ble with a series of crisp forehands, only to
then be broken by a thunderous Williams
Play was interrupt-
ed when the former
junior French Open
champion required
treatment on an array
of blisters on her left
foot and Williams fol-
lowed suit, receiving
attention to her left leg.
Bartoli was first up
on her feet and 'she
grew impatient waiting
bledon Champion for Williams, whose
abledon Champion
thigh was now heavily
When play finally resumed, Bartoli raced
through her serve and caught the eye with a
precise lob which left Williams stranded.
But she conceded three break points in
the sixth with Williams smashing a vicious
backhand to claim the third.
Serving for the set, the American ended
Bartoli's resistance with an unstoppable
serve to take the set 6-1 and the title.
Williams admitted the victory was made
all the sweeter by her season-long struggle
with a wrist injury that has affected her
world ranking.
She said: "I have so many people to
thank. My sister Serena inspired me by win-
ning the Australian Open at the start of the
year. I wanted to be like her.
"My mum helped me out in the first
round and my family knows what I went
through when I was off with the injury.
"It was a long road back with some tough
losses to take. But itwas great to be here and
Marion was a really tough opponent.
"It's so exciting to win four titles. I
always believed I could do it, but to actually'
do it is something different completely."
Williams was delighted to be the first
women's champion to receive equal prize
money at Wimbledon.
She said: "Growing up I always said how
much I wanted to win Wimbledon and it was
so important to get equal prize money.
"Billie Jean King did so much to get
equal prize money and she has done so
much for women's tennis in general, Now
we're playing under equal terms."
Serena William, Venus' sister was seeded
#7 jut lost in the quarterfinals.

AL- Again!

Ichiro Suzuki sped around the bases as the ball bounced
away from Ken Griffey Jr. for the first inside-the-park home
run in All-Star Game history. On a night of tricky hops,
Suzuki and the American League rebounded to win as
usual it's 10th straight..
His two-run homer in the fifth inning put the AL ahead,
then Carl Crawford and Victor Martinez added convention-
al shots and the Americans held on for a 5-4 victory over the
"I thought it was going to go over the fence," Suzuki said
through a translator. "When it didn't, I was really bummed."
Suzuki's home run ball smudged with green and red
and signed by the Japanese star immediately was handed
over to the Hall of Fame.
And the drama continued.
Alfonso Soriano hit a two-out, two-run homer in the
ninth that made it 5-4, and the NL loaded the bases on three
walks. Angels closer Francisco Rodriguez then retired
Aaron Rowand on a routine fly to right, for a save.
Soriano, who joined Frank Robinson as the only player
to hit All-Star homers with each league, connected off
Seattle closer J.J. Putz, who then walked J.J. Hardy,
Rodriguez relieved and walked Lee on a full count --
Leyland screamed at first-base umpire Charlie Reliford
about a check swing. A walk to Orlando Hudson loaded the
bases before Rowand's fly ended it.
Willie Mays, Bonds' godfather, was honored-with a
touching tribute before the game; In the Say Hey Kid's day,
the NL ruled All-Star games but not anymore. The AL
closed to 40-36-2 and improved to 5-0 since the All-Star
winner received home-field advantage in the World Series.


McNair Has

DUI Dropped
"It's good. I'm glad it's
over," McNair said as he
left the courtroom.
McNair, was of course,
talking about.the the drunk-
en-driving charge against
the Baltimore Ravens quar-
terback which was dropped
Tuesday because a related
DUI charge against his
brother-in-law was reduced
to reckless driving in a plea
The Raven's star
Quarterback .was a passen-
ger when Nashville police
stopped his pickup back in
May for speeding. The for-
mer Tennessee Titan was
charged because police said
McNair allowed his vehicle
to' be driven by someone
who was inebriated, broth-
er-in-law Jamie Cartwright.
Cartwright refused to
take a breath test and was
charged with drunken driv-
Police said he acknowl-
edged drinking two beers,
smelled of alcohol and
failed a field sobriety test.
Cartwright will serve two
days in jail within a month,
pay a $350 fine and attend
DUI school.
Because Cartwright's
DUI charge was dropped
with his plea bargain, the
charge against McNair was
When asked whether he
would change how he han-
dles himself when he goes
out at night, McNair did not
The Ravens released a
statement from the quarter-
back a couple of hours later.
"I said before today that
I thought I did the right
thing that night, and the
court process had to play
out," McNair's statement
The Ravens also were
happy to see the case end
and look forward to having
McNair in training camp
later this month.


23rd Seeded Venus Williams

Storms Back to Take Wimbledon

Barry Bonds goes O-for-2, flying out to right in the first

Despite the voice of critics who has said
her best tennis was behind her, 23rd seed
Venus Williams claimed her fourth
Wimbledon singles title with an efficient 6-
4 6-1 victory over Marion Bartoli on Centre
Competing in her sixth final at the All
England Club, Venus
overpowered her 22-
year-old opponent with
a display which was
ruthlessly effective at
key moments.
The American met
with stubborn resist-
ance throughout as
Bartoli, who was clear-
ly fatigued from yester-
day's epic triumph over ..
number one seed Venus Williams Wi
Justine Henin, battled
bravely for every point.
Bartoli had produced one of the biggest
upsets in Wimbledon history in .toppling
Henin but there was to be no fairytale end-
ing to her fifth appearance at SW19 and best
run at a Grand Slam event.
But she had made history by contesting
the lowest-ranked women's final at the All
England Club Williams was seeded 23 and
Bartoli 18.
Williams sounded an ominous warning
when she blazed through the opening game
by winning every point, and then picked
apart Bartoli's serve in the second.
The Frenchwoman, ranked 19 in the
world, looked nervous and double faulted on
break point to hand Williams a 2-0 lead.
Williams was glued to the baseline where
she could overpower her opponent with a
string of accurate, powerful strokes.
With her stamina sapped by yesterday's
epic against Henin, Bartoli double faulted
once again to concede another break point in
the fourth only for Williams to squander
the opportunity with a long forehand.
It was Williams' turn to double fault in
the fifth, conceding two break points and
hlilting the second long to haul her opponent
back into the set.
The American's error-count was growing
-. c.ibil as her earlier authority vanished,
lri-L'cl as a result of the resistance offered
by Bartoli.
Bartoli was serving to save the set in the
10th and she wilted in the face of a ferocious
',,i.l:.I,'ht from Williams, who accompanied
every shot with a loud cry of intent.
A double fault handed the 27-year-old
two set I ,(,a The first was saved with a

ose Res gs w a
Jose Reyes goes 3-for-4 with a run and a stolen base for the NL.
7 .. .. : -. I

* The All Star Game

Venus Williams Wimbledon


Y7' .,


JULY 14, 2007 JULY 20, 2007
Source: Black Press of America
^ ^

March 21st thru April 19th
Ask for second opinions and shop
around this week; it will be worth the
time in savings. Something. at your
workplace may cause you a momentary
qualm, but it's really nothing but high
spirits from co-workers. Don't look for
trouble! The present moment is rich
with romantic promise.
Soul Affirmation: I change who I am
by changing where I am going.
Lucky Numbers: 4, 17, 20

April 20th thru May 20th

During the next few weeks you'll find
yourself wanting to RUSH around. Try
to take it easy instead. Everything will
happen according to plan, and you'll feel
much calmer and happier with yourself
and with others!
Soul Affirmation: I let myself experi-
ence my true ambitions this week.
Lucky Numbers: 18, 24, 37

May 21st thru June 21st
Get any negative energy out of the way
quickly by turning a situation into a
solution. your mind will intuitively
find the best answer if you focus on a
resolution instead of a problem. A part-
ner or best friend brings a extra glow to
your, as your thoughts and feelings are
in harmony.
Soul Affirmation: Being true to others
-is the way to be true to myself.
Lucky Numbers: 6, 13, 50

June 22nd thru July 22nd
Keep focused. Your attention is likely to
be distracted by someone's foolishness.
Your concentration is likely to be pulled
in many directions. Don't let yourself be
seduced by something that looks a
whole lot better than it'll turn out to be.
Soul Affirmation: I love who I am and
Lucky Numbers: 5, 23. 44

July 23rd thru Aug 22nd
You'll need all the expertise you possess
to deal with the distractions that will
come into your life this week. Float on the
surface of things. If you go deep you
could get lost chasing after clarifications
that are not going to come. Seek compen-
sation from a relationship that has a long
Soul Affirmation: Forgetting past injus-
tices is my keep to a happier future.
Lucky Numbers: 8, 21, 50

Aug 23rd thru Sept 22nd
Some people around ydu may be a little
grumpy, but you are still in the mood to
behold the glad tidings that you feel in
your heart. Let the positive predominate.
Your family is happy and well, and so are
you... think about it, and enjoy a lovely,
loving week.
Soul Affirmation: I smile as I think about
far away paces.
Lucky Numbers: 178, 19, 40

Sept 23rd thru Oct 22nd
Take care of a number of minor matters
this week; you'll feel as if you've happily
accomplished the tasks of Hercules when
they are all cleared up and put tidily away.
Your ideas and words are very well-
received; speak your mind this week. You
are the social one!
Soul Affirmation: Appreciation leads to
Lucky Numbers: 6, 44, 55

Oct 23rd thru Nov 21st

Happy-happy-joy-joy. You'll have a song
on your lips this week as you make your
way easily through a thicket of tasks and
obligations. This .week brings a surprise
from a partner...anticipate it with a glad
Soul Affirmation: I open myself upfor a
glad surprise.
Lucky Numbers: 3, 31, 46

Nov 22nd thru Dec 21st
Steer clear of argumentative folks this
week, and let yourself flow with the
energy that is spectacularly positive for
launching new project plans. Happiness
at home is almost a given this week. You
may be feeling festive at a late-night
social gathering.
Soul Affirmation: New insights create
new directions and a new cast of
Lucky Numbers: 9, 20, 54

Dec 22nd thru Jan 19th

Watch for surges in energy that encour-
age you to overdo it this week, You are
brimming over with energy, most of it
very positive. Take a walk to burn some
of the other kind of energy off and to
keep your mind free and clear. Harmony
rules at home this week.
Soul Affirmation: I getjoy from giving
good things.
Lucky Numbers: 33, 42, 51

Jan 20th thru Feb 18th

It's a very pleasant and wonderful week
of the year for you, Money matters go
well, and there is a very sweet harmony
between friends and family. Have fun in
the present moment, but don't go over-
board, okay?
Soul Affirmation: I let my spirit light
my path this week.
Lucky Numbers: 4, 13, 46,

Feb 19th thru March 20th

Lots of happy reasons for goofing off
this week. You'll be in a luxurious state
of mind, expansive and dreamy. Ideas
and dreams seem very real this week..
.enjoy them, and let yourself think about
how wonderful it will be when your
dreams come true this year.
Soul Affirmation: I focus on long-
range financial security this week.
Lucky Numbers: 22, 43, 50

sH .From Actual Police Reports
s Did You Hear About?

STUFF an officer was dis-
patched to the 2100 block of
James Hall Dr. in reference to an
assault. Upon his arrival, he met
with the victim Ms. AS who
reported her former boyfriend,
Mr. AB, suspect, choked her and
punched her in the face. Ms. AS --
reported she and Mr. AB ended
their nearly two year relationship
approximately three months ago,
but stated she was 5 months preg-
nant with his child. The officer
did not notice any injuries from
the altercation. The victim stated
that the suspect came to her apartment and wanted to talk with her about
"some he-said, she-said stuff." She stated that some unknown female told Mr.
AB that she had been cheating on him during their relationship. Ms. AS stat-
ed that she told Mr. AB that the allegations were untrue and that she didn't
want to talk about them. She stated that's when she began to walk away and
he grabbed her arm and pulled her back and punched her in the face several
times and choked her to the point that she could no longer breathe. There were
two children in the house when the altercation occurred. The officer attempt-
ed to speak with the oldest child, however, he appeared to have a speech
impediment and was unable to under-
stand his statements. Ms. AS stated that
this was the. third time Mr. AB was phys-
ically violent toward her, but stated that
this was the first time the law was
"." ; involved. The officer left a message on
S the voice mail for the suspect to call him
back. The victim was given a case infor-
S- nation card.

"I ~-~ 'I"?.

AWAY? an officer and back up was dis-
patched to the 1400 block of Manotak

Ave in reference to a dispute. Upon his arrival, he met with the victim who
stated she wanted to retrieve items from her apartment, but was afraid that her
ex-boyfriend, Mr. MLG suspect, might show up. They were girlfriend,
boyfriend on and off for four years. They also had a child in common. The
suspect was served an injunction for Repeat Domestic Violence for his fre-
quent violent attacks against the victim. The victim had moved to the current
residence in an attempt to get away from the suspect. The suspect has never
lived at this residence and does not have a key or access to the residence, the
victim stated that the suspect had never even been invited to come to the res-
idence. As we approached the residence the victim stated that the door was
open, a search did not immediately identify anyone having made entry. A
short time later the victim exited the resi-
dence screaming, "he's inside, he's inside."
As we entered the residence, the victim
said that he was in the hallway bathroom. ,
the officer opened the bathroom door ,:
encountering resistance as the door reached / ".-'
about halfway.open. The officer made ver-
bal command for the suspect to exit the
room with no response. The officers forced
their way into the bathroom where they
observed the suspect with items from the
home in his left hand. The officers attempt-
ed to take custody of the suspect, who upon first touch began to fight with
them. They attempted to subdue the suspect who fled out of the apartment and
South, South East through the apartment complex. Air3, K9 and numerous
units of JSO established a parameter and a thorough search of the area was
conducted. They were unsuccessful in locating the suspect. The victim was
given several handouts for assistance. It is now a warrant out for ihc suspect's

patched to the 900 block of Maynard St. in reference to a stolen vehicle. Upon
his arrival, victim Mr. GW stated he had been robbed by two unknown sus-
pects with pistols. He stated that when he returned home from a club, where
he had won $1,500, he left the car running in the driveway. When he came
back outside, he stated that two guys with guns and ski masks on took his wal-

.. 8 ,
" "1
S' .

"' .1

let. He said that he fought with them and
they hit him in the head with the guns. He
said he ran to his father's house and could-
S n't call the police right away because his
cell phone was in the car. The victim could
S not come up with any paperwork to prove
She had a car. He said it was inside the vehi-
Scle and that it was a rental car. The officer
S called the rental company and did not get
"- .. an answer. The officer ask the victim to
contact the police when he got in touch

with the rental company.

-I I





JULY14, 2007


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Your Future.
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A copy of the request is available at:
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The City of JaLksonville is an Equal Opportunly Employer and offers a competitive
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DAnI r1 7

THE STAR JULY 14, 2007


- -----


Jacksonville Transportation Authority

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority, hereby gives notice of pro-
posed fare adjustments planned for October 1, 2007. This is the first fare
increase offered by JTA in nearly nine years. During that time, the cost of
fuel alone has increased 226 percent. So far, the JTA has absorbed
these increases with existing revenue. But these containment initiatives
can no longer keep pace with the escalating costs. Even with the pro-
posed increases, JTA will continue to have some of the lowest fares in
the state of Florida. The JTA will hold four identical Public Hearings to
discuss the fare adjustments and receive public comment on the pro-
posed fare modifications. You are invited to attend any of the meetings.

Monday, August 6
Gateway Mall
Mall Annex Stage
5258 Norwood Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32208
Open House: 5-6 p. m.
Presentation: 6-7 p. m.

Tuesday, August 7
FCCJ-Kent Campus
Auditorium D-120
3939 Roosevelt Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32205
Open House: 5-6 p. m.
Presentation: 6-7 p. m.

Monday, August 13
Regency Square Mall
Community Room
9501 Arlington Expressway
Jacksonville, FL 32225
Open House: 5-6 p. m.
Presentation: 6-7 p. m.

Wednesday, August 15
Southeast Branch Library
Meeting Room B
10599 Deerwood Park Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Open House: 5-6 p. m,
Presentation: 6-7 p. m,

The proposed fare changes can be viewed at www.jtafla.com. Public par-
ticipation is solicited without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age,
national origin, disability or familial status. This project is being developed
in compliance with Titles VI and VIII of the Civil Rights Act.

Any person requiring special accommodations should contact Bill Milnes at
904.598-8731 or email wmilnesjtafl corn at least three days before the
Jacksonville Transportation Authority
100 N. Myrtle Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida 32204
Telephone: (904) 630-3181 Fax: (904) 630-3166

RY Seinal'Phsortasio lttiofns w 21065


F!ve Handy Household Tips
from Your Neighborhood Specialist, Betty
Asque Davis, MPAulti-Million Dollar and
President's Aw,,ard REALTOR!

1. Stains in Plstic Storage Containers: Use a 'akinq soda pasie (bkinr soda sardi .waser) nd ub tr-c the
Istai. Y,: t .' i ; e i'i e r roptiona a!) and wash r- rrn.=lllt fnol'er riethcd is to pace corntainre
.:ifside on a nice v.nrtv d.y and the sun actuali bl-. ches the stal.; out. To a?,oid stains in the first place,
spray :cnTer i :t!h c:olki'i;! spray bl:efiore cuttingg thin s in tha! stain i.e. spfchetl sauce.
2. Stickers, Decals, and Glue: To 'emcve them, fromfu riiure, glass plastic, etc. salurate
w:i t vegetable oil and rjb off
3. Stuck-On Food in Pots, Pans, and Crockpots: Fill the pantl v,;tlh er a' nd place a fabric softener
.leet in ithe .vater Alloy !the pan to: oZa overnight The food ',ill wipe right 'jut
4. Stovetops: To prevent grease and griime fiorn sticking to youir sto e top, making i! easy to ciean, rut' it
*Jon,,;i with car ,:ax on occasion.
5. Tarnished Silverware: Line a :ake p ar, ivt aluminum foil. Fill ,rh wa'.tr and add 1 T~blespoon of
baking soda per 2 cups :if afterr Heat to 150 degrees Lay silveRvare in pan oiru hing aluminn u fil.
Watch the tairi diiappearl

615 Highway AIA
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Business: 904 473 -1502
Fax: 904- 285 -5330

Watson Hl-ii ( ,IT. R, UTORSK:o

Betty Asque Davis,
Multi-Million Dollar and
President's Award

The Station "Where Christ Gets Lifted"

VictocyAM 1:3601fWGL

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Not if
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It.! ,*;*""

I-- I -------------~-I

Mm" .I

- r Irr r I

JULYY14, 2007


Victor Fields Delivers

The Vocal Goods!

By Rych McCain,
Photo: Courtesy of The
Robertson Treatment

It is an early
Saturday morning
and I scurry to get to
a breakfast interview
with vocalist Victor
Fields at the popular
Universal Hilton
Hotel in Universal
City, California. His
publicist Gil
Roberson, who is also
a nationally noted
columnist, is one of
the few people who
can get this hardened
"night owl," up and
out that early. Fields
had just completed a
packed out stand at
B.B. King's Club on
the world famous
Universal City Walk
at Universal Studios.
We all meet, order
breakfast and talk.
Fields was in town
to promote his new
CD Thinking of You,
which features a
guest performance of
celebrated. saxophon-
ist Richard Elliot and
two original compo-
sitions by noted jazz
artist Jeff Lorber. The
album also contains
some standards and
original compositions
by Fields himself. In
this era of disposable
popular music with
its "flavor-of-the-
month" idols, Fields
is a seasoned veteran
who has seriously
studied his craft and
sings songs with style
and substance while

striving to create a sig-
nificant body of work
that will stand the test
of time.
Fields was born in
Brooklyn, New York
and reared in
W o r ce s t e r
Massachusetts where
his mother exposed
him to classical, blues
and pop music. She
was also a singer and a
pianist. After attending
Bowdoin College as a
political science
major, Fields relocated
to San Francisco
where he built a suc-
cessful business. In
1997 a mutual friend
introduced him to
Kashif. This led to
their collaboration on
his debut album
"Promise," which was
released on his inde-
pendent label Regina
Records (named after
his wife). Two more
CD's followed with
Billboard chart suc-
We mention real
singers vs. the video
type vocal mimes ear-
lier; do they help
impede what Fields
does? He responses,
"In a way it does, but
the way I look at it,
there is enough air for
everybody. If I go out-
side and breathe twen-
ty times and you
breathe once, there is
still enough air if you
want to take some
more breaths. It's real-

Victor Fields

ly unfair to the artists
because I come from a
standpoint of old
school where the song
makes the sale. I think
they don't get the
opportunity to develop
the way maybe they
could have and maybe
they could become
better singers."
"That's the thing for
them,", he continues,
"but from a pure enter-
tainment value the
public is not standing
up complaining about
it, they are watching
the videos, buying the
CD's and purchasing
the tickets so they're
being entertained but I
tell you man, if you
can get in and get it,
however you can get
it, bless your heart!"

From a strictly per-
sonal view, Fields
says, "I'm in it for a
whole different thing.
I mean I have a
lifestyle that most
musicians are aspir-
ing to have. I worked
first, music came sec-
ond. So I'm into it for
all of those other
things. "Fields honed
his talent via vocal
lessons, family train-
ing and paying dues
on the local club cir-
cuit. Now he is reap-
ing the benefits in the
form of record sales
and world wide tours.
Check out Fields
when he comes your
way, especially if you
appreciate the real
thing in vocal presen-

PageD-2Iu~y 14,200 TheSta

Saturday Mornina


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eurprse npt.
rds of Light


rrogram Hniana mu vemn. nevin raver luwou morning america tr() ti~
Hall Cake (CC) Dance Revolut. Saturday Early Show (N) 6 (CC)

Icmperor new |I


Madeline (CC)


Sabrina Series

July 14, 2007

Han. Montana Zack & Cody

Trollz (EI) (CC) Horseland (CC)

Archie's Myst. Mayor Pe
ytori Winx Club (CC) (Vive Pinata 4 Vive Pinata 6 T

e ganeeT Mut

c itoahC 4 (CC) Son )

Paid Program The Morning Show (CC) IWild About Awesome Adv. Exploration Beakman's Paid Program Paid Program

B a -, ( ( CC) Dra gn ( --(E 3----1 Pengui-- -'.-n! ei--

Rose Lee A.

GED Connect.

Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program

GED Connect. Clifford-Red

Ebert & Roeper Today (N) 6 (CC)

Good Morning Jacksonville Saturday (CC)

) CC() IE(r abaB Drag )

d IaP Program

IDragon Tales Danger Ranger Joy of Painting Victor
y Garden Wood t

d IaP Program

e eknaY Shop

3-2-1 Penguins! Veggl s

Paid Program Paid Program

oH metime Cultivath e

ierub Wings Faithville (CC) Kingdom Adv, Greatest Heroes of the Bible (El) Pahappahooey Miss Charity BJs Teddy Bear Dooley-Pals Nanna Cottage My Bedbugs A Maralee Dawn
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ork Home Paid Program Mad TV Triple H; Ferirrman (CC Mad TV i iCCI Mad TV 1i I'Ci Grilled l006, I'comnedy Rayy Romano. Ke/in Janies, lrn Carey. (CC)
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LIFE 18 28 The Wives He Forgot 12006) ICCi Cradle of Lies 1206, Suspensel Shannon Sturges Dylan iNal IC.C) Christie's Revenge 12007) Danialie Kind, John Wesley Shipp ICC) Howl Married My High
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TNT 46 17 Devil's Adv. The Sixth Sense 999. Suipenel Bruw Willh. Haley Joel Osmeni iCCI ** Paycheck (l003, Sc ence Ficiionii B-n Aifierl' Aarun Ecihanr. Uma Thurrnan. ICC, Mission: Imp. 2
USA 64 25 Psych '.-Prr.ri anD:. ICCC, [*** The Breakfast Club (19.5) Emlir Eslneez. Ju d Nelson ICCi *t Barbershop (2ui'. Conm-,j Ie Cuie Atrllor, y Aniersn ICC) IMonk Eigr-, Fan ICCI

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TNT 46 17 L.A.P.D.: To T* The Devil's Advocale 1971 Keanu Rreves An allorney goes o ,. oi at. Ii hrrr run bm y Saln I j ** The Sixth Sense i ic'ii ispenS-rt Br.'~ 'il-, HalIy .lr'e O'Qrnri, .CC)
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COM 65 i43 ** Trading Places 1i :, (. -ir~;ml/ Danr iAroyd, Eddie Murphy, Ralph Pallanm ICCI How High 12001, Com.'y/ Mer.hod Man. Rerlmsr,. ;CCI Black Sheep l19-. C'.rrn.dv Crins Fa ley ,CCi
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HBO 2 201 Devil-Prada D* Doctor Dolittle i,')jF Eddie Murphy CC.:) (* The Adventures of Pluto Nash (20021) f (CC)i [ Monster-in-Law i-005; Jennifer L:pez .lJan. F.:nda ',r i CA Assume 201
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ITBS 17 18 ,** Spanglish' 200-I CL. MLB Baseball Pinltuurgi, Pirdire j Aiii-ii Braves From Tumrn Field in A .iia3r ( ublCit t' 2ela.:oull ** Ace Ventura: Pet Detective I i-94, Comed') Jim Carrne iCC I
TNT 46 17 Mission: Impossible 2 iOr3. 4ctiuni Tom Cru"is D.ouijra/y 5;n ICC) JNASCAR on TNT Livel (Live iCC iCount. Green NASCAR Racing ;i-.-l1 Cup .. US irerr. v : -l0 *L.eli 'CCi
iUSA 64 2_5 ** Barbershop 10i02, le Cu L*, ** Barbershop 2- Back in Business i2D.1 i Ice CurA ICCi j** _Happy Gilmore 11996, Ciomlyl Adam Sandler iCCi- (D'Si A* Along Came Polly I -l!1'."

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The Star

Page DP 14, 2007TheStar

By Rych McCain/ 'feed-
backrych@sbcglobal. net

Racism As Usual In
The NAACP is concerned
(as always), with Hollywood's
lack of commitment to diversi-
ty. Despite lip service to the
contrary, Hollywood is still
woefully negligent when it
comes to promoting talent of
color to the networks and pro-
duction studios. The recently
announced fall TV season and a
soft summer film lineup cer-
tainly indicates a disconnect on
some level when it comes to
talent of color says Gil
Robertson IV, president of the
African American Film Critics
In an effort to quell a grow-
ing storm -of protest, the
NAACP, under the direction of
interim president Dennis
Courtland Hayes, recently
requested employment data
from all of the major talent
agencies in Hollywood that
will be included as part of the
organizations follow up to its
2003 landmark "Out of Focus,
Out of Sync" report. The major
agencies in Hollywood have
long failed to employ agents of
color and this environment has
created insensitivity to the
importance of diversity at the
networks and throughout the
entertainment industry, says
Be sure to watch for a new
AT&T commercial featuring a
group of children and teens that
include Aree Davis, Kylee
Russell and Khamani Griffin.
Yes, you guessed it! They are
from Rych McCain's family of
Child/Teen Artists. Also check
out young Kwesi Boakye who
is appearing in a new Burger
King Transformers
Hit vocal group "Soul for

Real," ("Candy Rain" and
"Every Little Thing You
Do"), has matured and
regrouped. Their new single
"One Man," featuring
Jadakiss has been released.
Their album The Unknown
will drop in November. From
the same "Tsunami Group"
PR camp, R&B singing/act-
ing ladies man "TQ' also has
a new single, "In My Lap. "
He also has four movies
coming out this year.
Talk To Me stars Don
Cheadle, Chiwetel Ejiofor,
Taraji P. Henson, Cedric
The Entertainer, Mike Epps,
Martin Sheen and Vondie
Curtis Hall. It is directed by
Kasi Lemmons. The story is
by Michael Genet and
screenplay by Michael
Genet and Rick Famuyiwa.
It was produced by Mark
Gordon, Sidney Kimmel,
Joe Fries and Josh
McLaughlin. This is an
embellished version of the
real life radio DJ Ralph
Waldo "Petey" Greene, Jr.,
who was one of the outspo-
ken originators of talk radio
back in the 60's Black Power
era in Washington DC. He
was managed by Dewey
Hughes at WOL-AM which
went on to become the flag-
ship station of Radio One
that his former wife Kathy
Hughes started.
Petey Greene was a Black
Afrikan ex-con and ex-drug
addict who told it like it was
over the air. His in-your-face
style developed a huge lis-
tenership in the DC radio
market and later a national
TV market where he was a
local Emmy Award winner.
Don Cheadle plays Greene to
the hilt. Taraji P. Henson as
his ghetto sassy girlfriend
Vernell really shows her
Wassup cont'd on D-8

If you are an

African American,
you are at
high risk
,for heart

T h1i year alone c-er
1 0C Uric, blazk5 wi% die
troii card1IVarCV1sLIr -jEase
The goi/-rl ne'.'s is jr~el'
pievevrt3bhd Be 'yivrall
,Ctive, eatlezaItIly 1ooci 3nd
de',elc'p ] prevert':ii1l p13n
'Ifill! ~0111121113
vutnyur d~ictor
S:nii a corhuersation tI stop
heart Iiege.
To lpmrfil n-Lire, (rikp th
Ltirn -i-nd I[.%e Ox- by CF1a irna
~ 1-888-AHA-2222 cir vi'sr

A Ledrican uiILIae.

Wei.,s Leart? and Live-.

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TheStg EN


U -


"Copyrighted Material
Syndicated Content
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10 p.m. on
ABC =2
SF F un n i e s t
H o m e
P .Videos: Here
comes the
bride ... oops!
A wedding-
themed episode showcases
some moments that probably
didn't make it onto the couples'-
keepsake videos but just
might earn somebody some
cash. One clip features two
women who take that bou-
quet-catching thing far too se-
riously. Tom Bergeron hosts.

The intimate one on one interview specials, with today's
hottest talents such as Steve Harvey, Mo'nique, Star Jones
Reynolds, Evander Holyfield and Pebbles.

The Star

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C1B o Man
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TBS 17 18 Seinfeld 0 ISeinfeld A Raymond IRaymond Raymond IRaymond Bill Engvall IRaymond Raymond 'Raymond Bill Engvall ISex & City
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LIFE 18 28 Reba (CC) Reba CCi Still Stnd Still Stnd State of Mind Pilot" A Trick of the Mind (2006) Paul Johansson. (CC) Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School Zoey 101 OddParents Neutron Drake ISpongeBob Videos IFull House IFull House IFull House Full House Full House,,
SPIKE 61 37 CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn ** The Siege (1998, Actioni Denzel Washington, Annene Bening. CSI
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld ii Seinfeld ', Raymond IRaymond Raymond ]Raymond Payne JPayne Family Guy lFamily Guy Friends Friends
TNT 146 17 Law & Order (CC) (DVS) Law & Order (CC) (DVS) Law & Order "Asterisk" Law & Order "Invaders" Law & Order (CC) (DVS) Heartland (CC)
USA 64 25 Law Order: Cl Law Order: Cl Law Order: Cl Law & Order Law Order: Cl Law Order: Cl

Top Rated Primetime Programs Among
African-American TV Homes
Week of 07/02/07
1. CSI: Miami, CBS
2. Wife Swap, ABC
3. Friday Night Smackdown, CW
4. Law & Order: SVU, NBC
5. Girlfriends, CW
6. Hell's Kitchen, FOX
7. Smarter than a 5th Grader, Thu., FOX
8. The Game, CW
9. AMW: America Fights Back, FOX
10. Law & Order: SVU, Sun., NBC
Source: Nielsen Media Research

9 p.m. on
Cold Case:
Lilly and Scot-
ty's (Kathryn
,J Morris, Danny
Pino) latest
i, case reads
like a prime-
time soap, so it's fitting that
former "Knots Landing" star
Donna Mills should be in-
volved. Mills plays the matri-
arch of a seemingly perfect
family with tons of money. Her
death in 1998 was ruled an
accident, but new evidence is.
suggesting otherwise.

8 p.m. on
ABC 25
Ugly Betty:
In "I'm Com-
S ing Out,"
,A Fashion
Week in New
York has Bet-
ty (America
Ferrera) at loose ends. While
she hustles to make sure
Mode's runway show goes off
without incident, Betty learns
Daniel (Eric Mabius) has of--
fered Hilda (Ana Ortiz) a job
helping out with the show.
Michael Urie and Becki New-
ton also star.

_____________ _

The Star

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65 43 ** Ski School (1991) Scrubs (CCI Scrubs iCC)
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>uty Io \ ,
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er Lyrics
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HBO 2 201 ** The Sentinel 12006!1 ( (CC) Countdown Brooklyn Dodgers: The Ghosts of Flalbush ur (CC) Entourage Entourage Conchords [Cincinnati
LIFE 18 28 Side Order of Life Piioi" Still Sind Still Stnd Reba (CC) IReba (CC) |* Thy Neighbor's Wife (2000) Karl Wuhrer. (CC) Desperate Housewives
eNICK 42 41 School IZoey 101 OddParents Neutron The Last Day of Summer (2007) Jansen Panertiere. IVideos IFull House Full House Full House
SPIKE 61 37 CSl: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn I*** Sin City (2005, Crime Drama) Jessica Alba. Devon AokL. Wrestling
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld r ISeinfeld 6 Raymond IRaymond ** Without a Paddle (2004) Seth Green. ICC) I* Road Trip (2000) Seann William Scott (CC)
TNT 46 17 Golf: Briish Open Law & Order ICCi (DVS) *** A.I.: Artificial Intelligence 12001) Haley Joel Osment. Premiere. (CC) A.I.: Artificial Intelligence
USA ,64 25 Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU IMonk (N) (CC IPsych (N) (CC) House f6 (CC)

Wassup cont'd from D-4
range as an actress.
She goes from a ghetto
hootchie to a mature
responsible woman by
the end of the film.
Ced The Entertainer is
.ln ever smooth DJ as
the Night Hawk.
Martin Sheen plays an
excellent station owner
E.G. Sonderling,
Chiwetel Ejiofor was a
dynamite Dewey
Hughes rounded out by
the ove'r-the-hill DJ
Sunny Jim played by
Vondie Curtis Hall. If
you are a nostalgic

60's buff or lived dur-
ing that time, this
movie is for you.
Hairspray stars
John Travolta,
Michelle Pfeiffer,
Christopher Walken,
Amanda Bynes,
Queen Latifah,
Brittany Snow, Taylor
Parks, Zac Efron,
Elijah Kelley, Allison
Janney, Jerry Stiller,
Paul Dooley and intro-
ducing Nikki Blonsky.
This is a feel good
musical about a TV
dance show that even-

grated during the early
60's era. The music
and choreography .is
"A-plus" and the act-
ing is as good. The
producers purposely
had several roles filled
by unknown actors
including the star
Nikki Blonsky who
made a very convinc-
ing debut. This is an
evening that the entire
family can enjoy.
Hit me up at feed-


tually becomes inte- Rych

The Star




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