Florida star

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416666 F20090401_AACXAE 00012.jpg f019a42e6e83024716d2d72e6408df0e74b4e852797d6a37a108260e6b7d58c8e9685061
13079616 F20090401_AACWYF 00027.tif 5110e29469051a3476c8bfe2632c955f659621182855497f654ed9487d643870392ff363
42610 F20090401_AACXAF 00012.QC.jpg 33b8cb20786b47f954a35647cee444836120b30d7fb66512af8602170cdf7f044d6ffeab
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13029220 F20090401_AACWYG 00028.tif e74196bb0ef83d3d23ad18f75c4c8a320d60e76738cf9cfdeb0cacc33776d4fb52ac755f
9811 F20090401_AACXAG 00012thm.jpg 1efeb3af329eb185ad29e528a5b61886d7de0297ae13950a4b8257c63b500765d848072e
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12674416 F20090401_AACWYH 00029.tif 79d2db17a3b33f769c60583d0edc27a804f492ca1cd4262be3b0ab2039a66367624da99d
1629260 F20090401_AACXAH 00012.jp2 d24a3d3644d7ebb88fc525c529d52343e3b6a3e42c51e6620f1a75275873aa10a44bb0b8
12725932 F20090401_AACWYI 00029_archive.tif bfb3fba28b46210c6a7ee2270d87ee67406565c9ecf923578f169a459a92cac69069b95e
392285 F20090401_AACXAI 00013.jpg 4162d1abefea31030e6858c9daa3d3c43239b5fa44a739873b1173e08b9c7336fca982e2
156107 F20090401_AACXFF 00010.pro 92c833e692c332a1b6e0c24bc1aae08c8ee141d2c090cec60f431b35f6b12ba783c1a16fconflict in mime type metadata
13097872 F20090401_AACWYJ 00030.tif 21474511d83289beda128da59e9b33b7608fa5cf640fbf0199bb48faa9b1f638e7ec6904
42633 F20090401_AACXAJ 00013.QC.jpg 8ee4323f71829ab9c839bca78e15644901a62ad4fc586c7488f4a3a4078439843305c946
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12817500 F20090401_AACWYK 00031.tif c652ed8f1461d75642b1517b691df290aa8858eaf21a2a6c28b61dd7a3222a9e285b0320
10144 F20090401_AACXAK 00013thm.jpg fe4e6be0ff7151750282095160e7b88167676bcedaa3b43d0c00284df425603151e980f9
90486 F20090401_AACXFH 00012.pro 0af061fe2130d67ec03c59d548804ba3951945f6534402498a44fec09e6322cffd91ac28conflict in mime type metadata
13082600 F20090401_AACWYL 00032.tif 2906879ff51943b1b80c1a877b8ff26ffb341980d6cbcce66bc8b1229aff4228fa2fae42
1598530 F20090401_AACXAL 00013.jp2 079b168d1cb2060cba7bacb916977ffbd6990264215a15703d68c7e2af78238dfaa923ab
115032 F20090401_AACXFI 00013.pro 57a8458261759b19b9af8dde0dd76a7fe61744b6e70e93a4e8e16ccabef7a217f232cf05conflict in mime type metadata
487268 F20090401_AACWYM 00001.jpg cd7bf8259bb3a8fcc4389d44a01c1f928edab9bdc749905641ccf3c4b3ab74bc502c8acc
228224 F20090401_AACXAM 00014.jpg c981e14689a63c3ff46abb21b266aee016e3f92f052b04100760b7d5f2b5bdecbed5e2b8
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59682 F20090401_AACWYN 00001.QC.jpg be61cd6a9dfa1baf616fbb41590f759939a8c41c1b90bb999a43c1eb1578c774c6f9ee7e
30021 F20090401_AACXAN 00014.QC.jpg b7b583207d78d45a5a4522fda8ff452123c827f5c0c5ee282932d3834885e169d0b05026
54386 F20090401_AACXFK 00014_archive.pro 2f1d558c19562c4e0223a0a29f23d9223e1bf946e0def2fa10ae80bdfd455c849441892cconflict in mime type metadata
17276 F20090401_AACWYO 00001thm.jpg d16a0b338de19de2d32b3509919e0b5035cad048da6ec705355e6240dfba449b3346c492
7862 F20090401_AACXAO 00014thm.jpg 423e606595e3c22e4e1ffd18f1f6e913f63a1cea93701a1d85a15737e72e1380e6fd10e9
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3180377 F20090401_AACWYP 00001.jp2 70e2abfe8b286550914fe6ca84c6c2dec6f11691b8c25592a29730c11d8f5dae4220fd19
1557932 F20090401_AACXAP 00014.jp2 52fa188566405db49a241a2f5efe888aaeb45789904c8c84735df4dab1d4fee5893d15d0
72828 F20090401_AACXFM 00016.pro 02dfa0fc29a46a04f7c8b56fe7453263c0d416d07a8af6f3ea10d11065f96f891c4765c0conflict in mime type metadata
404738 F20090401_AACWYQ 00002.jpg 76ef95befe85e1c54f8d0a0b928322e4a6ed4678e0e84f01f4e096ee2de3746e725382f0
384029 F20090401_AACXAQ 00015.jpg 38d48812fc50f35d70a8510400af692edd9aae5f48e562a6f6f97109d3ed621285df3570
283489 F20090401_AACXFN 00017.pro 79a177cc02daeade054793a37c3637311f1405b4a95a4969d9b6316c371cc9c46e7508c1conflict in mime type metadata
51131 F20090401_AACWYR 00002.QC.jpg f027d3f43ff2c7f850b641cfe7d95b3dbe4c23b57b265383d899fc17a161bbba233b86aa
38654 F20090401_AACXAR 00015.QC.jpg d1a2e7b306143ddbe4b6922cc028ed6be80a8a43c98db66f4640a2d88cd9d688aa7028b3
407659 F20090401_AACXFO 00018.pro d53d016a9e51de9186c161b5f9a09a9cd1d2af0494c09479580e602d29dd8d2d7b20a1b5conflict in mime type metadata
15057 F20090401_AACWYS 00002thm.jpg 6dbc7e7c5d96df07f0315bfcf947a17d0f418ef6aed884b17f2b3bf4f4700b828c3bf675
9228 F20090401_AACXAS 00015thm.jpg ea90f33c0441db43bcd413164f0d99612241ae5bdc54b8c6e55257ebc1d22972b718a7e4
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3171875 F20090401_AACWYT 00002.jp2 0b0e6a2d2977c8550134eff49dde6c811680680d291e98fae317c4bfcc8ef781d37761f2
1624195 F20090401_AACXAT 00015.jp2 7a8c7d7d6e02228fc71408a05855cb514dcf456f4a34ceda961f785725f991f4b3b41cc2
271512 F20090401_AACXFQ 00020.pro 6caf39a755d243fa36b6d39c37a1d6f98d48141dc774274efb7b3ca1e87593c326da3b7fconflict in mime type metadata
462625 F20090401_AACWYU 00003.jpg e13f13ebc4b85836c9e8e57a4aec85c4d14fe9eb395cc1b14c269aa1242dac66147c1df0
402675 F20090401_AACXAU 00016.jpg b9fd2ee310697eb8dd1a0d407ce3368a65f74f97ddc79d3cc873a6b2dbc47dfd4ef1664a
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57047 F20090401_AACWYV 00003.QC.jpg ef55e8b28dc4bdd320e49ac31525820e0a0770f560c3963c335d10ec9479e156a4cbd60d
41402 F20090401_AACXAV 00016.QC.jpg a3c9c5067b2f361d615686c527124918231225b2aa3e14256dc142152fef7cadaf37c1c7
270477 F20090401_AACXFS 00022.pro 55e9fca41a4f95d68adbbfbc344a6304d72a3c5e736e5c657113974fac76a02c30424cbcconflict in mime type metadata
15487 F20090401_AACWYW 00003thm.jpg 952f59a205a17397d56aea1b80aafe679b4a31d209979be44aca1a738d8cb1008eb7ba44
9940 F20090401_AACXAW 00016thm.jpg c95011b3685e2289510c6b99410e020ed608e1d3de63b4e2d2fa5e4abdb3116593644e4d
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1623239 F20090401_AACXAX 00016.jp2 0f3654d7978e4d44ad16c1387fe328da868402df8b848c7e2087c86d9686909e2b42d203
72163 F20090401_AACXFU 00024.pro 5f64c04ca6e363e9aa8fba5c6d5e7ef29c085d1cac31d71b79b882163bee686e658c8cacconflict in mime type metadata
3216941 F20090401_AACWYX 00003.jp2 0229da0ca0b206520cff8e896ac2ea7903c09bbf2cab52bb7a96af7bb96fbc30c812c703
489575 F20090401_AACXAY 00017.jpg fb79144f73054c70bdea532a837859f5b114ae530bec2d4eb6f47b6339a00fc69cde875d
90108 F20090401_AACXFV 00025.pro b819c3fd3b08eab44cf21fa78781593b2745f8c474582a6b1eca2e47215e45d9bc7a9e3aconflict in mime type metadata
467800 F20090401_AACWYY 00004.jpg a4102278cd23aabe61402f26002e3b6b5e30fd51432eca879b16d9aca0008cc0ebf3723c
58435 F20090401_AACXAZ 00017.QC.jpg 3b768811ca65de7a253bc294d2ab714b9f95765ea55627b600f33f09efe730a72f82cd97
289515 F20090401_AACXFW 00026.pro 80e995d50270b75fb9aac41407490591146f3135589089f76b56647fa94b01410d8e15b3conflict in mime type metadata
55857 F20090401_AACWYZ 00004.QC.jpg 9aa5a07f9ff2a9daa4558ea92c92d484b3d05ce6348b56398801d3a8d436192405a9592f
300503 F20090401_AACXFX 00027.pro 750416ac368613b5b9f9598ab941ae88b6a2ade1b05e916bc93066ae59e16fd0588191eaconflict in mime type metadata
10056 F20090401_AACXDA 00030thm.jpg 9b4abe7b62936681c7cb7e09df8c74be4e5e4f802dac09e63217c83aff0c0885527b1919
90901 F20090401_AACXFY 00028.pro 0fc46f5d95a7f0fa75acaff599464ef239edcda332061925122c5a1b0e4cb97faa246903conflict in mime type metadata
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1635122 F20090401_AACXDB 00030.jp2 468160e4ecdb596ee74fd6b89e44a9ff223dff48560c072c4485959d4ea60722cc0d023d
398184 F20090401_AACXDC 00031.jpg 17d0d82738c8aa78ec40665498e951f408c1edbc18dcabb0aeab5ef18e80600e47fbbc59
43885 F20090401_AACXDD 00031.QC.jpg 668576a5d06f31d9518cafda67c6f4781d70db59b552e02af79eb26c0ffdb14ed6790ee8
9877 F20090401_AACXDE 00031thm.jpg 162754bb0ff91926e08b0348a81062886db6838509c5964c562cc53d807d2360cb218ada
1599865 F20090401_AACXDF 00031.jp2 67329e1dabc8c3e11e29bfcad96717ec9ab4e7d295999ad1c6cf321d033435904c59c864
391939 F20090401_AACXDG 00032.jpg 4887597f987de6d4bce76f6e3f23b8e80ad066b4176d493a88c1adf1ad10536e025655c7
42987 F20090401_AACXDH 00032.QC.jpg 185ab05c69562e779c9df3a988e8df6a25a51c610116dfb29cf3908c58f368b3e66e060b
9724 F20090401_AACXDI 00032thm.jpg b3318f52603d7d49f75b911c7334474d5d2ec8d53c1b1aecfb311524c3c0a894b64f5967
1633313 F20090401_AACXDJ 00032.jp2 5876f7de2c20e69951e571522a01a75670e56775cb7f0a3b1fb2431b1b37eba338ebb09e
8495 F20090401_AACXDK 00001.txt 6e05c11f8350834e32e10c2619cdc050fc6cb194845485f3d36fbbdf215475c1ccadd75b
7735 F20090401_AACXDL 00002.txt ee88e34e91c14ff3ebe3c19bc6f41b69721495d64a5fd4dda328284c989107485a5bc6c2
12346 F20090401_AACXDM 00002_archive.txt 2ba2520de3a20d7a952ab3c0f3fc55245fe8e9eace1edb0349fff1a13d8e7850d5c844cd
12973 F20090401_AACXDN 00003.txt 8fba20bbf80139582ffe31526599eb19a89f4c137df87b5f65cd527034523fb09bb40664
5449 F20090401_AACXDO 00004.txt d0f4f88325d234cc1668826c1dd8408dd0cfde6d67cea8fb11fc644c26d7eb7fc600e64e
12359 F20090401_AACXDP 00005.txt cdc59d86f69f943641638d1691aad064965151d7e3bea679184980013efdc1e5c0134da1
7421 F20090401_AACXDQ 00006.txt d9c8ba0f829e291e5f6768e5c1377d74043788713b1815ad2694728824360cfff88d308a
12568 F20090401_AACXDR 00006_archive.txt f12e7e55998a7f1ea3cc834c4e1716241d39eb97cdb9599c5c5169df06b8aa29d6f6ff5c
12165 F20090401_AACXDS 00007.txt c0c4a9cd143d0a6c2a5fe2bc3ae001a4dd60e94ed41977c1f40473be748aa5e72fe02845
6336 F20090401_AACXDT 00008.txt 8898231e7ab4920e960ad0834e1814618cb6767340a8bf4b268eaa9e9fd36c2e68a0c71b
517 F20090401_AACXDU 00009.txt e2950259881954cf8d8a1ee2967a92a053421ce31acf7a802978afa83fb7043b78c571b7
5878 F20090401_AACXDV 00010.txt 1903ead5c994bd4462ae8d3f988b0595d30027d2f8a06b8e8df66094568029efbeb6b6c4
5766 F20090401_AACXDW 00011.txt fbce1d30a4f2d0cf2eeaa5d2b9c11026e639f2d7af64c595b5f994f0aabd3763ac7aa0d4
3446 F20090401_AACXDX 00012.txt 3b17966d40e2fceabb92ca2c27a54ee490a5b4c2eb106cfdf049da54b3bca852388e6103
4585 F20090401_AACXDY 00013.txt 41ef8e0e4edac386df32b89490914e5f3ff2001aba8d3cf6c88fe63c7a9bc8dda44fd01c
1852 F20090401_AACXDZ 00014.txt 05ea0e8be960bbb4e1ff1209e53f5945b5e8b65429eb354251cce8c6ffda72991ed1f73c
16887 F20090401_AACWZA 00004thm.jpg 3658e9de064c320380b8122deb0207a43995780376263033df5a4afbd0992a3eaf984b96
16733 F20090401_AACXBA 00017thm.jpg de815df2c578e29aca39d199e498a08e1ac719075c5c07a3ba49a3c1f9e2e19d9142ba95
3207591 F20090401_AACWZB 00004.jp2 2003d8116ea93a1b5a92420627c9d548d59d20c3cd809656bd4eb51db2310cbed8e9f8ba
3191940 F20090401_AACXBB 00017.jp2 6f7d1a93766214c50489a22431fc33a6258f6190bc3a17f7c9700980776f818149837d2a
69520 F20090401_AACXGA 00029_archive.pro 9b7950c41e5ae3df266fa2706e0bd7238582fa2565378ce47b8d0f11186ce4032dce7ac6conflict in mime type metadata
431855 F20090401_AACWZC 00005.jpg ad752eae9a8ed45948728872569c5716322f84f76fc9fa6f7635973986f02b36bc2a849a
500673 F20090401_AACXBC 00018.jpg 1658a8b21a2c8ff93908137caec251d79d84418ba48912869dd43002ac7e88b4d1967ff5
241188 F20090401_AACXGB 00030.pro 6f49062e1dd694082293ec612b91ba7e9389dc6b502d375271db6549712418ef028edf83conflict in mime type metadata
52570 F20090401_AACWZD 00005.QC.jpg c16584847334f33a49effea527bc66021222c0d30af2fc460bfb043413f85cee77473900
58719 F20090401_AACXBD 00018.QC.jpg 53aa1c3cbfe10b950f5f0cffc0f96e9f1d861494ecb8c5fa2ae3015ba77b8b98925c7f1e
189910 F20090401_AACXGC 00031.pro 989c5d250a1a8c52bb3354d28677b06aa53d9bc2e9557a0b0abe5e2e7fb111349c9e55efconflict in mime type metadata
14387 F20090401_AACWZE 00005thm.jpg 081d700a616908ac1eaf7a6509218c1fb0f38cd264d0b61ef0e6a60ec78156ce24e66ce9
15652 F20090401_AACXBE 00018thm.jpg 2846e20849c2486af4d8403a4118b021e8f1cd84ba5d9af22840598dde5d603f13aafe97
175167 F20090401_AACXGD 00032.pro 2bdc87a750743280aadd5ff44f85d6aecd6cfdb252bb2e6dbdbdc1da3da298b3108d0727conflict in mime type metadata
3224138 F20090401_AACWZF 00005.jp2 c28fa5dc0a9113584cc581b7b7961dda86171308d2cd318ea1a91eaf4337836c6a8993dc
3177279 F20090401_AACXBF 00018.jp2 34c96c6c2d8b24b656eba2d99a67aee5986b7f08770ba79029188704952ea37eeacf6b12
334635 F20090401_AACWZG 00006.jpg 8f26f062bd7c8bc44c26c1734db1adeca08538657ffbeef70a97f0c44b15db9d8dd04d1a
510502 F20090401_AACXBG 00019.jpg 7385776b68fd8ae78fcbf8e201b58861789f41a5ca35f0e83124b45d0bb47922d4d58b58
52926 F20090401_AACXGE UF00028362_00125.mets FULL f2945470a62b459dcc0fbe7e381f67af8efa7f24f65046ca662c6de8741a86f8fcf669dc
46147 F20090401_AACWZH 00006.QC.jpg c0c311cfc77cdd976a3777635b88d63a4caa653e511c3cf8a022e4b2edafee7705bed71d
60518 F20090401_AACXBH 00019.QC.jpg 01e5f355f037b82a16c6bba813a482028811810ca94a8297665e21248fcdd10033136f3f
13385 F20090401_AACWZI 00006thm.jpg 20f3da2961f501e0583754ff1b6dd023b2872b60af36276c63046ce9f63a74da8e6f2945
16189 F20090401_AACXBI 00019thm.jpg 18c0bfc8931290d0b285713e093977baa949637d49f3967582f2f4153ad28e32ff5e13d2
3211945 F20090401_AACWZJ 00006.jp2 e58ad0a224ecddb0d9f8423ac0fb0ab1e363ceba5e9c9c1d2e467e02f879677f26c5bce5
3165229 F20090401_AACXBJ 00019.jp2 c34b09d80d8c00ae914b21d72a0cd8adc9c01ebc29cfe5af62123cd3f2a5f714186d088f
67838 F20090401_AACXGH UF00028362_00125.xml 173fb16e0ce147e2d7b31e68a811916b4b87e7d48cb1fb8326fa94562fc308b952d369c1
410330 F20090401_AACWZK 00007.jpg e5475790134d0fd01122c681bdbfaecd643d906c3f14162c2358bc453f6b51f42258cf1e
435895 F20090401_AACXBK 00020.jpg 0a43c3e6b3332ceb05fbf8e4aebb84fdf9d8d41b6a504c39b93be0511610cbd6839d841c
51251 F20090401_AACWZL 00007.QC.jpg f6e7b66e3e538316fbf15f2aa740e61bf324020503c85b02b6c3931d7c1c7c77598e246c
56278 F20090401_AACXBL 00020.QC.jpg e664291f500ff79ea364db4fc773f5d9c04f95b1a026fcfaa115b02bf35f5cc30fd6113c
14318 F20090401_AACWZM 00007thm.jpg 520b0f29a590c23a7041937939d6a01c40e1a377b48b5dca3863903173e3c4623714a6f5
16346 F20090401_AACXBM 00020thm.jpg c2726929db69d6b7ab078696a8e098a3e1e2e21c80f1c520353e05e645c3628c5a1954f0
3205801 F20090401_AACWZN 00007.jp2 e32e5a2938012356b5ba092bf23582c1fa3c616e4b0a3a98482e3de7e657041a8b926041
3157307 F20090401_AACXBN 00020.jp2 581f47bae1e1ad6f579e595d7bf1e99fdc4eedaf25c344509d1fcc174e948e9f83265687
309498 F20090401_AACWZO 00008.jpg 6b4a38ccb28f602114b8af67c8a3dc88c0252704d0971ee832a9193d6c67e807f06cb92d
465924 F20090401_AACXBO 00021.jpg 790c8a157f8aa2959e2ec24eababd4a6e53c91227f65336d322303279c8337ec85945fe3
36105 F20090401_AACWZP 00008.QC.jpg e940b52682253a43b5bd7aa2e29ad31c6eb6f86e7f94a743fef0b4cc6ea251db387191f2
57151 F20090401_AACXBP 00021.QC.jpg 53ce351b60899754172f946e563f41d26738f07f4b8c2aa69557f9f462f5a7b0c76468cb
10114 F20090401_AACWZQ 00008thm.jpg 617d836ea782d0393e0f896b7a806abfd01476726af63e6cbc2366d90cd0394ea1904b50
16349 F20090401_AACXBQ 00021thm.jpg d99cdffb3294aa8b298d27a5ed5f32e42ab213e5f8ecaa109ed5cf9967e125d4c92fdbbb
3178595 F20090401_AACWZR 00008.jp2 a653ca65682bee984a33d2252fb72be9fdb4aae827a7cbafc66943ecbaa770e8f87c82f3
3190153 F20090401_AACXBR 00021.jp2 99b2452044630d8cb856181fe800c0a88405925e60c358903d4f49a9a209986579fbd195
364430 F20090401_AACWZS 00009.jpg 349f098c3bdaf48ce680bc32ac1f277cd1e489a544a3e2bbdd10d124f0e38f9d716b2fa5
430530 F20090401_AACXBS 00022.jpg 04480fad93fa2fc9b397d0b3e50448bf91f1ef7835c4a993fafd2032b05c565bc46cb977
38052 F20090401_AACWZT 00009.QC.jpg 68cf964e58faaa6d01999a05c95a96adb3b28967d32e54658071316d5fad3e57fffe7cd1
54252 F20090401_AACXBT 00022.QC.jpg b06c88131084fbdde9f8220407bf563953ac52b915bb1246f57942816ddfcadc9c2dc3d3
9752 F20090401_AACWZU 00009thm.jpg 7a00c1160a02747596cdc351bab7e8dd25b36a2aeb00d2da84f0d2fba74c0a37f376a7fc
15388 F20090401_AACXBU 00022thm.jpg cb3b1d55c59f318496be32c5a2f3399ab3dd932085e5992a160aa520ad1dface3ff651cb
1654786 F20090401_AACWZV 00009.jp2 50da5012563612817c0911f50218c87fb58adc4853301fed0e23ffa272cd37e57607dbfb
F20090401_AACXBV 00022.jp2 79ffa1fa41dc5fafb6afd56779d79fb663ec2517fbde91b0c6628081a045eab5cecd47ea
395017 F20090401_AACWZW 00010.jpg facbf947fec33588dbb93a41fd57386aeb0abd804ff0fb5b121b2146ec17170e3d1f3bf5
400737 F20090401_AACXBW 00023.jpg eccd94a5531df0ca85a2570bfd8011c511a425e7b27e8eda8bc37f6ee4b3798629ac4620
43183 F20090401_AACWZX 00010.QC.jpg 337d79de4fae4aa70b32f3c6c4fbd199b0948d80747d2dc2aca89c326bc46cba3e3396cb
52235 F20090401_AACXBX 00023.QC.jpg e9107f0f4739c564239b274696facb879f73d8365bb178562a3c76dc297d3853e9d5bdb1
14578 F20090401_AACXBY 00023thm.jpg ca70d83edbdee5e26bb7bd53a8080a042ae7f3308118fa34a6073702f7b1728d969fba0a
10086 F20090401_AACWZY 00010thm.jpg 0f048afa4a5f2d6b0669fbc3699a9a5a064edbc2b8ec0cb37ef0bed2055da965f36b1a03
3162149 F20090401_AACXBZ 00023.jp2 893ad385a6317d14c4f91d775c480927add6dbd4648a899f5fac33235057da2a04e0d362
1622511 F20090401_AACWZZ 00010.jp2 e7bc1a6f0b07a201bb4903632be6e8785277c739896f97809e5c25fb3bfa391f9147976d
76341884 F20090401_AACWXC 00001.tif b869a503adb91bcd3d61bb0b4a86f9385d2f3f6fed0fbf5c09cfdd898fa1e6b1c24612a8
2201 F20090401_AACXEA 00014_archive.txt 4ab4c695659c8c3e6607667e1b6d740c811d125d4c29280124cd885c7076912fd3c17239
25389324 F20090401_AACWXD 00002.tif 7220ccce3ffc9d3aeb784a58550fcf3d3cf7fe8dd63bbd4ba1e30c4d58df9ac80569f95f
4282 F20090401_AACXEB 00015.txt 6842b0fbecbefa745065c134d4fd6f921cc4cd3b09917a8666cc34aad3f8ee5d249a7200
25624736 F20090401_AACWXE 00002_archive.tif 8ff00e73ff04289d72e4b24f9a7cad57b0da65f33d64daba3508c137462b2565055e884f
25748932 F20090401_AACWXF 00003.tif 893778177bb6b134133e30152179058be302e57601369cc8ebb73595ee0c223b9f84cf30
2915 F20090401_AACXEC 00016.txt 58dd6954db6a44ac0142c6ddd7d46f3bcc4757c49363dd3374ed6366119077facb6bf65b
10841 F20090401_AACXED 00017.txt 607377d353321c723e4229cc9f3ab477ab0bb097f2eb06bab4cecb1455cc294486750d8c
76995764 F20090401_AACWXG 00004.tif 09c63a257b773fe3b5a1285b84bbe481b53b4648905dad1b10bc39b171692afae00cfcc1
15146 F20090401_AACXEE 00018.txt d26b11f47f3578295057b7216704057af960d3ee3306ef80365198a7095f1de7cb03cbc1
25805720 F20090401_AACWXH 00005.tif bebc30e7367fc1ae936bbf1ec7bea0a0c13c614fea89d0efaa7ee49cd5ddaf999b9237cc
13483 F20090401_AACXEF 00019.txt 6e12e015eb785a67e2f02843402412cb6d08b251cdb05f1eb70f8bc1982f74b49addce16
25709340 F20090401_AACWXI 00006.tif 69bb91fb826123d322ada80c950bf30897e44291d3df05acb7f8c9d828ee87cbc01a2b21
10514 F20090401_AACXEG 00020.txt bcaaec2eb8303582905decadc4d92373bc587e3a603ecbf5201f8461df3454bd0158476a
26051908 F20090401_AACWXJ 00006_archive.tif 2572964ecc67961b378f8f4823e5e3fd18cd61f3d36db6af9ebf641e1c65574a64372066
12954 F20090401_AACXEH 00021.txt 4918d5086bdfd40ea179c3235a94bbadae5e0e5658e3f929e45f67a78312a26dd75c29dd
25658992 F20090401_AACWXK 00007.tif d4faeea9a09c66ab25cdf3c4d77840fb82a1172a068e374952b25aaf1edff484a4a62fdb
10707 F20090401_AACXEI 00022.txt 57a45a008c99a11bf7627d8599764ea34fcf48330502df69a1fdfca6b49347273cc3c6c6
25439912 F20090401_AACWXL 00008.tif 03a833f60b0a73a61450f35210cfdc1face5b0b7204d90a36ac038c748c6172bebb5accb
18048 F20090401_AACXEJ 00023.txt f27b67eea94c202117aa733e34667f2d208f764dc307da0c2514ffaff04afc97cbae273c
39736840 F20090401_AACWXM 00009.tif 1f5a2f5f1bbdefdcb6d98f49dcfb5252c6bf6b2d85814b0710e07aaa43baa1da7f2b0ddd
3659 F20090401_AACXEK 00024.txt 2296c3fd70cf5412c62d51635db8a05f00d2eeae749f2e73df676f002a6e921587a92d76
12997176 F20090401_AACWXN 00010.tif fca51b4c0eff44484a5fee6cea6d86f8363cbabc78e94282dbf6455e02cf45fc2b9f68e8
3486 F20090401_AACXEL 00025.txt cf8e2289ebb334502a7c902bdc5780c8ca2e8c693588887800a32b09bd4a0227b5c248ba
13105000 F20090401_AACWXO 00011.tif 6a2b5ffc0f8fe41b0f3fd803b90bbe36a43448ebbe8208e4b3087c43b0e094e689628f7a
11560 F20090401_AACXEM 00026.txt bfa7e36ac78040c17ef80e9aff5ef1d3f765dc00668afcfe04e552e97a3db7a429911ae4
39116912 F20090401_AACWXP 00012.tif 51229b391cce5dd623ab60c9449825d06e92aa42d8d8329c128ca077637805f776ab6b9a
11752 F20090401_AACXEN 00027.txt 17a058ce5e3320423dfd109e7985d41a4479f6bfb5be75758a618ca3e494c32e05f91e43
38385388 F20090401_AACWXQ 00013.tif 1df772f5820330dd2315b75286d073f270df115f6d59190b422588f3a3f95d13113b4fbf
3630 F20090401_AACXEO 00028.txt 803a6df61b69938e51e075d0aca4bc8a46eecc845d5b9cb0dec06a0623e8b74e3c9f9d98
12479328 F20090401_AACWXR 00014.tif c23e23e93e57cfc2e60fae1c67825e44f8586ae40011d97fa46f3ec1cf96328942307e65
1084 F20090401_AACXEP 00029.txt 1ca9c56269f39a0918c14864bb010c14860320865c3eb4d91db8668e881cba2affd1bf3d
12814484 F20090401_AACWXS 00014_archive.tif a11565f3766ff12a5e6f233a1d1c97bdd34881c2b547c0f21b8896057951ea7118753b35
3163 F20090401_AACXEQ 00029_archive.txt 50b09fd64f2a4dc10593ea608af80a7f3a444ee7056ed40d5d82215b78c8a88b20b58b04
13010052 F20090401_AACWXT 00015.tif 3c88484d37fc4ef273e2c12852814e31e543bc6bf801b540f157e6ff02be638bba0717b8
10733 F20090401_AACXER 00030.txt d3c93e277d7ee57f5f78c4580d18706b8cd715d827e46bf15b8d54aff79b8f19af218f73
38977220 F20090401_AACWXU 00016.tif 6505b34332a64f86eb86fbc796976f7163941040eb6b0291723c52e729ce7e23314a7fe4
7716 F20090401_AACXES 00031.txt f5cd30e781bbc1b0cf5f6a6e117b06597222899388d0409097379d7ccb078af964af718b
76618872 F20090401_AACWXV 00017.tif d8e602251ec0ec8e0ad107cb1e483bf9e8cb3b8b6b73f1283d9b56446085d26cced42059
7027 F20090401_AACXET 00032.txt 0661a37a2d2a0aeecbe53797be42dc5f3f12b7815b5bd5af00b7385507651432e756b503
224747 F20090401_AACXEU 00001.pro 17387f2be468a80f4f33b2a2ed20073aa9e8cef330a8a188ec9314e495fd4f45fc82687fconflict in mime type metadata
25430752 F20090401_AACWXW 00018.tif 24e5289deb15213b2ff80867b3bf3d45a969edcde72732f89fa613939ea352ef9db0f228
179986 F20090401_AACXEV 00002.pro a4b4eb4e32da45cfd7f116dcc657f91670d79dad70bf6cc96403813d9d8f4742db471a16conflict in mime type metadata
25334852 F20090401_AACWXX 00019.tif c95272a1847f3a245ef2061d41bf855da33479ae7300e95083e4223c0f13f07304bdd967
312025 F20090401_AACXEW 00002_archive.pro 1217c37203d3d4b3e3f1c27717cac3846c3006421de9f7cba4a922976e54f0786edd9d92conflict in mime type metadata
75787288 F20090401_AACWXY 00020.tif 416bebb86bcdfbe6be283880e3474711f41c1ca350aac2371564b4da6f6bee1f759f5718
314185 F20090401_AACXEX 00003.pro cca5ff355c765c43ee63a871c3175f347db416f80a152792531de20ea352ee0dc01c5edcconflict in mime type metadata
76575264 F20090401_AACWXZ 00021.tif 1606571aaaca7bdb7a1e7cfca0f490d7943881850fefc2440699e7d4ffe63146d23508fc
137758 F20090401_AACXEY 00004.pro b23f841a0008167b2744c2efc49c1298a78ed325bd7cefabda89400dc4a2f4938d97051econflict in mime type metadata
379784 F20090401_AACXCA 00024.jpg 133ee8120db263a05eb1c22f2a7a779a73f7fc594cfbcbfb1805732e324f71b7bbe7ec09
318381 F20090401_AACXEZ 00005.pro b94002b4c9eadf1e510882c2d02f2d44113b318f47840383cc838c55fa44278929dd01d6conflict in mime type metadata
44399 F20090401_AACXCB 00024.QC.jpg 7a6b282ab738403b5939021a507e02c39b7d0c686fe036e2f675a49f82a92095e9457b18
12752 F20090401_AACXCC 00024thm.jpg 4b4808045b46d138de289602ad1e281194c59bf3e88b471a5336f2c36e05f8a9523f0f08
3158446 F20090401_AACXCD 00024.jp2 9184fcbd575c77628f25822c301353f9f51e35775f2e9c1306f481ab64ef3df8f2a3b0d9
373938 F20090401_AACXCE 00025.jpg 1d81942ef9dfff2c34ec828aa477823d8c269e6452f460710300530a840af3df183cce50
41847 F20090401_AACXCF 00025.QC.jpg db305239433173acbc9ec2bfc06798be808997fde20e97e4225a6b2e3e87826932a6d16c
10019 F20090401_AACXCG 00025thm.jpg ee73a393d65286496508671944f2fa22a0fb7ed77c99d4efe72a0939de0c43cd9f8a3def
1625640 F20090401_AACXCH 00025.jp2 04e5153e74e5d55589db6588140c129e7e163d591d23d3a79da71ffa68da9a40a039be57
437028 F20090401_AACXCI 00026.jpg e5c4f7de97ef929f5992d6ac68a112c910a7c12dc7285c2f7f571d470319153b799ee372
45182 F20090401_AACXCJ 00026.QC.jpg 7e7fddd6109c456fe1d74c5445535040aea5cb1e78b0e52762207efafebf55d9cf389d0d
10214 F20090401_AACXCK 00026thm.jpg 75d184b2b0cfbe01e823d9df179239182ff3002c9b1cf185ff7bb2e1137e84a21034288f
1626519 F20090401_AACXCL 00026.jp2 59a9a39817a752fb33ec30fe984f267dcc18174f06b82f270238d88d9dfb4d3071bcd27c
442690 F20090401_AACXCM 00027.jpg 0879ba50dcb270b916683f689492248860a8fa0a15ce28403260e73f7d6e163eb145a37b
44750 F20090401_AACXCN 00027.QC.jpg e04d394e6980b6777f40bd8123214335fdbd03ded212da44765507b650140c0179938dbc
10120 F20090401_AACXCO 00027thm.jpg 72c2b41705ef73cb5af297154c2a387b93d7434fff6f8a9a9cfd540d447b8bdf3f528daf
1632861 F20090401_AACXCP 00027.jp2 d1350f7106d118bba850fc336a738ff7d8f400a4cf6cfb5d564695fd7495b2e503d518a3
341865 F20090401_AACXCQ 00028.jpg d45041cac83774bb1ee54cc8d85bb2733ab450bc140332fc54f5a49930257ba3be2bcaa5
39889 F20090401_AACXCR 00028.QC.jpg 3130587f7b322fea558982a84d76e3c9ddca88e9ee26968d504544ef417a995229d62910
9278 F20090401_AACXCS 00028thm.jpg 8adb68968bf5fd801f7e3355a775f5edd8f096f85d8d8479d08641b557857ec892130af3
1626520 F20090401_AACXCT 00028.jp2 cc10b75b549aa058a67ed3fb8568731ac14f0629504ebb81024e6cbc6aed464a61f327d7
280384 F20090401_AACXCU 00029.jpg d7fef3b58153f0d0bfa13ad43c1f17fec66a891f2189804acc5361c11bee21e9d32c4dc4
32570 F20090401_AACXCV 00029.QC.jpg d3933df46851e4f10930e4bcf1696795c34c64f39a49c2f417732c026bc0efa8a99a8310
8383 F20090401_AACXCW 00029thm.jpg e4d8a04c329cc544a6fd85a0482ee89a18413f2ce1b96a063587814dafc8aea723e66a33
1582173 F20090401_AACXCX 00029.jp2 6448ae6ac194accfda3671b11a2a4f7885b50def77af207288310e7c9071cf0b83d00617
402276 F20090401_AACXCY 00030.jpg bfdd27cd1d3d8c9d820c608604037b0910d8b5be43141b6f87cbe457986229970d85fc88
25441432 F20090401_AACWYA 00022.tif 06d71f0f907aa4b630aea572e55b01e25f9d281cba5e0a34388ffe39ac5921802eb87aa2
354766 F20090401_AACXAA 00011.jpg 0e1b0f03c75dca2a0f9e9c9b6e478768a21c9622437091705dc1c1138b2eb9a5294fb6dd
43448 F20090401_AACXCZ 00030.QC.jpg a354d373a2a256827338c6df0de76bf44a136f4a0014185521c71e103593c9637025f79a
25310028 F20090401_AACWYB 00023.tif 56dbd9577c49a366ecb26b5965e2d6769d7958d4d1552408bc9f652f8613a296bf57780d
41513 F20090401_AACXAB 00011.QC.jpg 693152c6218f018ba7bde9876769ba521af809cec8aa2e0b360cec012e9b5d66a3e367f5
194575 F20090401_AACXFA 00006.pro 315492e1466180c1ba7ea3bea552a66b129fe9ea342d4c09457c9adbeef598879b7bf0cfconflict in mime type metadata
25281684 F20090401_AACWYC 00024.tif 72c6d70079097c28660fec7c08b0cfd2982b4eab6cc732d791ecd6d3e1418e6a9cb7e4ce
F20090401_AACXAC 00011thm.jpg 66465a5dd30bb694f0c0edbc77331c86f044938f0dafd5bfa67748cd4a61ff40a1ee63a1
333206 F20090401_AACXFB 00006_archive.pro 09f0e3e3e6a0fa7fb8996a67365644d6face0d6527b5d42ede5097e586f9a3fe4e3d8b7bconflict in mime type metadata
39030612 F20090401_AACWYD 00025.tif b5892a08e3f775a518f514b1d67cad71f69b6f27d0595d97bb8ed2e5a97ebabdd1873fe6
1636027 F20090401_AACXAD 00011.jp2 5657059e675c846283f67778c6dc5f419aa6a8a7d21dec673a04466138e5f14fa749121d

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200125datestamp 2008-11-13setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida Star. June 23, 2007.Florida Star.dc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.dc:date June 23, 2007dc:type Newspaperdc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=00125000581378 (ALEPH)2261130 (OCLC)0740-798X (ISSN)dc:source University of Florida


Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 23, 2007
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
June 23, 2007
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
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~e~------ la .------- -P ..apw,.-, .. ..r. &.a~ u yd~r. n~T a-iT ~~ r~f 'rZ-~ i~ll -'I

.115P~lR FW u : A S 3 I 70a E IL LAK u1 tbl *I u Iu ii Ir U -

am -z ]a 1%.! biU I 4 *"-.q'%M ~ ~ %~~







Tuesday and Thursday
from 8:30 to 9:00 pm
The Florida Star and
Impact Striving to
Make a Differencel

FBI Impersonator

Katherine Fountain's
son, Earnest Lee Walker is
23-years-old and they had
recently moved to Marietta,
Georgia from Warner

Robins, Georgia,
They had dinner and Ms.
Fountain asked Earnest to
wash the dishes, according
to witness. With that
request, they began to argue
and Walker then got a knife
and began stabbing his
mother in front of his two
nieces who are ten and
under. He stabbed his moth-
er in her chest and in her
back, after she threaten to
call the police.
The police were called
and Walker was arrested

after the officer was able to
subdue him. using pepper
spray. Mrs. Fountain to the
hospital where she died.
Ms. Fountain had acquired a
job at a Goodwill store in
Marietta as a production
assistant. The store manag-
er said Fountain was a hard
worker and well-liked.
Employees of the store
would be offered counsel-
Walker has been charged
with felony murder and
aggravated assault. He has

Jefferson Honored

Earnest Walker

also been charged with two
counts of cruelty to children
since the stabbing and argu-
ment occurred in the pres-
ence of two juveniles

The Young in Florida and Georgia Involved in

Shootings, Deaths and Robberies

Trarelle LaQuan Zack William Glenn,
Mack, 17 18

Varnadore, 22

I T` ,1

Jason Carter,

Whorley, 21

Sallen, 17

Richard Gary, 18 Roderick
Manigault, 17

The warm weather of summer is not an
excuse for the amount of crime being expe-
rienced among the young. Police are still
searching for the killers) of a Jacksonville
teen who was shot in the Washington
Heights area while riding a bike Thursday.
S According to witness, after the teen was
Marcus Lane, shot, and had fallen to the ground, the
21 shooters started kicking and beating on him.
He later died and the friend he was riding

with, was not injured.
SOn Tuesday, a 17-year-old Putnam County, Fl resident, Trarelle Mack was counting money for a pizza when his
friend, Zack William Glenn, picked up a gun pretending to rob his friend. According to Glenn, Mack grabbed
the gun nd it went off, 'shooting him in the chest and Glenn has been charged with manslaughter as investigators
determined culpable negligence was the cause of Mack's death.
Glynn County, Ga. Police Department arrest four people in connection with four burglaries at Readdick Street
Metal that occurred in April, May and June. More than $15,000 worth of various types of copper was stolen.
Kenneth Varnadore was charged with four counts of burglary; Jason Carte was also charged with four counts of
burglary; Angela Whorley was charged with two counts of party to the crime of burglary and Marcus Lane was
charged with two counts of burglary.
With the amount of crime, Sheriff John Rutherford of Jacksonville submitted a letter to Mayor Peyton advising
him that he is unable to cut his budget by the mandated ten percent which is almost $33 million. The Sheriff said
that such a cut would require he reduce the number of officer by 308. The Young Continued on A-7

Attempt Being Made to Qualify

Unqualified Director and Chief of JFRD

According to the Jacksonville Brotherhood of Firefighters, Dan Kleman have the mini-
mum qualifications for fire chief. The organization feels that he does'not have the ability to
insure the safety of firefighters if the city should experience a large scale fire, hazardous
material or medical emergencies. They are also concerned about the City Council's approv-
ing a rewritten, reduced qualification guideline that is not comparable to cities the size and
population of Jacksonville in an effort to guarantee the confirmation of the interim director.
The rewritten document reduced the qualification to a two year degree and five years of
administrative experience in public safety. The Jacksonville Brotherhood of Firefighters feel
that if Interim Director Dan Kleman and Assistant Chief Randy White are appointed,
Jacksonville and its citizens will have a public safety issue.
The organization and several concerned city groups are therefore requesting that the
Council look at the unrewritten qualifications, take a second look at the appointments of
Assistant Chief Randy White and Interim Director Dan Kleman and in using such guidelines,
if it is determined that either or both are not qualified for the positions recommended, that
they be-removed from their respective positions and that a nationwide search be conducted
for persons that have, the appropriate education, training and experience to handle our city.

Jacksonville's own, Officer Kenneth Jefferson
received for the second time, the Florida Law.,
Enforcement Public Information Officer's Associatiof
Award for the Most Outstanding PIO of the Year. He
is the first to receive such an honor, two years in a row.,
The position of PIO requires Jefferson to be on call 24
hours a day, seven days a week so, he recognized and,
thanked his wife for being his beacon, of support. He
said, when the phone rings at 3:00 a.m., it not only
wakes him up, it wakes her up also and he is sincerely:
grateful for her understanding. Office Jefferson said:
he truly enjoys being a part of the Jacksonville
Sheriff's office, which was his childhood dream.'
Congratulations Ken Jefferson!

Mailbox Protection Needed
A Florida Star/Georgia Star Exclusive
by: Lonzie C. Leath
Lock Your Mailbox, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas based
company that through research learned that there are
24,000 identity theft complaints reported daily to FTC
and therefore established a system to convert existing
mailboxes to a locking mailbox. The company com-
municated with the National Crime Prevention
Council, the U.S. Postal Service, Federal Trade
Commission, the Identity Theft Resource. Center and:
the FBI regarding the existing problems citizens are:
experiencing with identity theft. The National Crime:
Prevention Council recommended installing a locking:
mailbox since thieves steal credit card and personal,
information from curbside mailboxes. The locking:
insert that can be installed through the company is1
highly recommended by Mailbox Continued A-7
Power of Prevention.

News Briefs
Sosa Hits 600th Career Home Run
Sammy Sosa joined the elite 600 Home Runs Club while
back with the Texas Rangers against the Chicago Cubs. The
other four players in history that have hit 600 home runs are


Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, Willie Mays and Babe Ruth.

Mayor Jake Godbold Underwent Open Heart Surgery
Former Mayor Jake Godbolt underwent open heart surgery Thursday at Memorial
Hospital. It was a five bypass procedure.

Jacksonville Company Again in Top 100 Black Companies in the U. S.
Black Enterprise released the top gross black-owned companies for 2007 which includ-
ed eleven companies in Florida, one of which is in Jacksonville Raven Transport
Company, with W. Randolph Lee as CEO. The trucking company started in 1985 and
has 367 employees. It is number 66 in the country, moving up two notches from the
last Black Enterprise report. The majority of the top black-owned companies in the top
100, are car dealerships. Of the eleven in Florida, seven are auto dealers.

3-i -1

205 SMA UNIV OF FL (1 1 0
PO BOX 117007 26118

5 ,*69 D15 1 5

-&-mers, 04 1 tr''
6kfiTrfor stol tp potr' 'iid'buu
ps .. !rjess, or ge you




It's Time for a New G. Bill



By. U. S. Rep. Bobby Scott, (D Vir.)
NNPA Commentary




TEL: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673
(912) 264-6700 Georgia
Serving St. Johns, Clay, Duval, Nassau, Alachna,
Flagler, Marion, McIntosh, Camden And Glynn

The Florida Star Newspaper is an
independent newspaper published
weekly in Jacksonville, Florida

*One Year-$35.00
Half Year-$20.00
Send check or money order
with subscription amount to:
The Florida Star,
P.O. Box 40629,
Jacksonville, Florida 32203
The Florida Star will not be responsible for
the return ofany solicited
or unsolicited manuscripts or photos.
Opinions expressed by columnists in this
newspaper do not necessarily represent the
policy of this paper
Florida Press Association
National Newspaper Association
Natiqual Newspaper
Publishers Association
Amalgamated Publisher, Inc.
Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce
First Coast African American
Chamber of Commerce

To reach The Florida Star
via electronic mail:
On the Web:



National Newspaper
Publishers Association

First African American Inducted Into
Tha Flnridra Prce- Hall Of F ama

After World War II,
Congress passed several
other GI. Bills to provide
educational benefits for vet-
erans returning home from
the Korean War and the
Vietnam War.
Since the Vietnam War,
Congress passed two GI.
Bills that established peace-
time educational benefits for
members of the all volunteer
Armed Services. Although
the current Montgomery GI.
Bill of 1985 provides peace-
time educational benefits,
the current program was not
designed to meet the needs
of our current global situa-
tion a situation in which
several hundred thousand
men and woman in uniform
are fighting in Afghanistan
and Iraq.
Our military operations
inAfghanistan and Iraq have
strained out entire all-volun-
teer military, forcing many
of our Reservist and
National Guard units into
extended tours of duty.
Many of our men and
women in the Army, Air
Force, Navy, and the Marine
Corps have served more
than one.tour of duty in Iraq
and Afghanistan.
With hundreds of thou-
sands of our brave men and

women currently fighting
overseas in Afghanistan and
Iraq, we need a new GI. Bill
to honor these veterans
when they all finally return
home. The Post-9/11
Veterans Educational
Assistance Act of 2007 is
designed to expand the edu-
cational benefits that our
nation offers to our brave
men and womei who have
served us so honorably and
who have sacrificed so
much since the terrorist
attacks of September 11,
The bill that I introduced
is designed to give this gen-
eration, who took it upon
themselves to serve after
9/11, benefits very similar to
those provided to the veter-
ans of World War II.
This bill would specifi-
cally increase educational
benefits to members of the
military who have served at
least two years of active duty
with at least some period of
active duty time served
beginning on or after
September 11, 2001.
Veterans will be eligible
to receive these benefits for
no more than 36 months or
four academic years and
would have 15 years to exer-
cise these benefits. The

House version of this legis-
lation limits benefit pay-
ments to the cost of the most
expensive public institution
in the state in which the vet-
eran is enrolled.
If the veteran chooses to
attend a private institution,
the veteran must pay the dif-
ference between the cost of
the college of his or her
choice and the most expen-
sive public institution of the
state in which the veteran is
enrolled. Like the GI. Bill of
1944, the Post-9/11 GI. bill
will pay for tuition, books,
fees, room and board, and
provide a monthly stipend of
While in law school, I
was privileged to serve' in
the Massachusetts National
Guard and the U.S. Army
Reserves. I fortunately was
never called into active duty,
but the circumstances of our
global situation today have

pulled thousands of Guard
and Reservists out of college
into active duty. I am proud
to represent the Third
Congressional District of
Virginia which is home to
thousands of military per-
sonnel. You cannot go very
far in my district without
running into a military
installation or a member of
our Armed Forces. I see the
sacrifices of our men and
women and their families
each and every day. It is time
that we pass a GI. Bill on the
same scale of the first GI.
Bill that was passed at the
end of World War II to meet
the sacrifices of this genera-
tion. I am, pleased to join
Senator Webb by introduc-
ing the Post-9/llVeterans
Educational Assistance Act
of 2007 in the House and I
encourage my colleagues to
support this important legis-

M -. A

_ r__

mo -m





i. tl





). .











r C



";,, ^ : '.
f a,,'; "; :. ,- '

fel^* .

4 ~'' '9 : Ei;

We have some solutions that might be easier
than you think. We're the National Endowment
for Financial Education, a nonprofit foundation
with nothing to sell and a lot to tell. For over 30
years, we've helped people just like you get smart
about their money. Come to us for sound advice
and practical information on how to start achieving
all your financial goals. For everything from
getting out of debt to managing your money wisely
to saving for the future we're here to help.
ww w smartaboutmoney org

It's time to get smart about your money.

Not if

wecan help

Itk*.- ^''.'1:;."

- *

Fli 11, MMM STA





Faith In Our Community

Schedule of Events and Services

with Rev. Charles Tabb, Pastor, will host the 117th
Annual Session of the South Florida Conference,
Alabama-Florida Episcopal District, June 19th through
June 24th at the Clarion Hotel, Jacksonville
International Airport. Evening services begin at 7 p.m.
Call (904) 725-5892 for more information..
Temple Church of God In Christ, located at 3328
Moncrief Rd. is having prayer for teens, youth, singles,
married couples and prayer for the sheriff and police
dept. Saturday, June 23rd and Saturday, July 7th, from
11 a.m. Noon. For more information contact the
church at (904) 353-1418.
CHURCH of Palm Coast, located at 91 Old Kings
Rd., North, with Rev. Gillard S. Glover, Pastor, is hav-
ing their Second Annual Community Music Workshop
and Seminar. Dr.,Raymond Wise, world renowned con-
ductor, songwriter and musician, will be the guest clini-
cian. The workshop begins Friday, July 6, and culmi-
nates with a Community Choir Concert on Sunday, July
8, at 5 p.m. at the Matanzas High School Theatre.
Concert tickets are $15. Workshop registration is $35
per person, which includes a DVD of the workshop
S100th Year Birthday Celebration ~
Daisy Minor-Hicks; Pastor of the
Bethlehem Apostolic Temple Church
celebrated 100 years of life on Tuesday,
June 19th, 2007. Pastor Hicks of the
P .--. Florida State Council, P.A. of W, cele-
brated with family and friends. The life
and legacy of this beloved matriarch
positively affected the lives of everyone
she has come in contact with. It is with
Much honor and Christian joy that we
4, give honor to whom honor is due. We
'Praz'You! We Celebrate You! Pastor Daisy Minor-Hicks.

concert. For registration or concert information, please
call (386) 446-5759, or email at www.famemu-
YOUTH EXPLOSION 2007 presented by FIRST
having the Health Awareness 2007, Saturday, June 23,
2007 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Winn Dixie located
at Edgewood Ave and Avenue B for Customer
Appreciation Day. There will be health screenings,
entertainment, free food, and fun and games;
MINISTRY June 24th at 3:45 p.m. at the Father's
House conference Center located at 1820 Monument
Rd., Bldg. #2, Jacksonville, FL. Share in our 2007
Serious Praise Service. Special guest speakers are: Dr.
Rhonda Addo "Ruth," Dr. Veronica Troup "Mary"
(mother of Christ), PBR Monica Bosque "Ester," and
Rev. Nl attie Freeman "Debra." No admission fee. Rev.
Mattie W. Freeman, Pastor.
Soutel Drive at 11th Avenue with Pastor Dr., Betty Tutt
extend the public an invitation to witness the Pre-K
class 'under the leadership of soloist Sharonda Wilson
and the Teenagers. Class under the auspices of Devan,
Justin and Kindy Roberts in a Review at The close of
the service, Sunday July 1st. Assistant Pastor Sharon
Mortley will be the speaker. For more information or
directions call (904) 764-1104 or (904) 994-1044.
Listings are due the Tuesday before the next issue. Email
submissions preferred. Send to: in'for@thelloridastar.comn

Greggs Temple
SAfrican Mlethodist Episcopal (
1510 W. 45th Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32208
(904) 768-4416
Pastor: Rev. Roger Williams
.Church School: 10:00 a.m. Worship Service:
L Midweek Bible Study: 6:00 p.m.


Ask Us About Our

IJ 1thlre l ad h been a deatha

what woiu,,ld yo be hedoing

to have
tol tell
IOU this...


-< -



:: Funeral



Since 1988
4409 Soulel Dr. Jacksonville. I-1. 32208
Tel: (904) 766-9671 Fa\: (904) 760-2354

Deborah \\est

Alphonso \\est

.Jacqueline V. Bartler

Evan el

Assembly of God, Inc.

(Hwy. 218, across from Wilkinson Jr. High)
Sunday School 9:45 a.m.
Morning Worship 10:45 a.m. Wednesday
Night 7:30 p.m.

Pastor Steve and (Lane Avenue & I-10)
Kristini Coad

St. Nlarv's
Satellite Campus
0 0i1 Dilh north ai
Ashlc, Ae.
Pastor Cecil mnaAil V.Pastor (,,iti' '.
Paulineor Ccggin Sunday at 10:45 a.rn. Kinm h'lin
Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.
For more info., call (904) 781-9393

5755 Ramona Blvd.
Jacksonville, Florida 322115 ('14) 781-9393
W ebl t-' t\ \\ i \ c l\ %mll 1'il '.l' i'
Em ail: .'\ ,anr i Illn ipl eLiil c \ iic.'el i iintl'.I I ,I'
10:45 am Service Interpreted for Deaf at Central rniinpii

I. I Ll'.-.'IQI- 1 1 i I I .-.(III L'. Ilk 1 111111'
AtCo ii
4 1. bj

A4T, NOnc

ALSTON, Jeffrey, died
June 3, 2007.
ANDERSON, Lillie M.,
died June 18, 2007.
BARTLEY, Joshua, died
June 17, 2007.
Robert, died June 15,
BRYANT, Melvin, 90,
died June 17, 2007.
BULLARD, "Baby Boy"
Alwhid, Jr., died June 13,
CLARK, Denise M., 43,
died June 11, 2007.
CRUZ, C'ristin. died June
1, 2007.
DANIEL, Leon, 56, died
June 17, 2007,
DE1OE, Lois A., died
June 18, 2007.
DUHART, Stanley E.,,
died June 11, 2007.
ELERBY, Grace R., died
June 13, 2007.
FLOYD, Neal, died June
6, 2007.
FR.AZlIER, Edward, Jr.,
69, died June 18, 2007.
Allphloi-, West Mortuary,
(-_;\, Adell L., died
JliIc 13, 2007.
HA NIES, Dorothy M.,
.Il'NKINS, Francis, died
JiuII 17, 2007.
Ki:LL.LNI, Albert, 74,
dli.d June 16, 2007.
EK. RIIE, David, died

June 18, 2007.
52, died June 16, 2007.
MOORE, Lena T., died
June 12, 2007.
OWENS, Michelle, died
June 18, 2007.
PIKER, Joann, died June
15, 2007.
PITTMAN, Shandate,
14, died June 15, 2007.
RATHEY, Mary Jane,
62, died June 11, 2007.
RIPLEY, Bobby, died
June 15, 2007.
H., died June 16, 2007.
SAMUELS, Arthur, Sr.,
died June 15, 2007.
SCOTT, Bryan, Jr., died
June 3, 00.().
died June 12,2007.
THURMAN, Carey, 70,
died June 16, 2007.
WALKER, Alfredo, Jr.,
52, died June 8, 2007.
WARREN, Robert, Jr.,
died June 14, 2007.
Christopher, 26, died June
13, 2007.
WILLIANIS. Ronnie, 55,
died June 17, 2007.
VWILL..I.AMS. Sarah F.,
died June 12, 2007.


DES.-VMIEA. lBcIhol,. Sr.,
died June 16,2007.

The Church Directory

"Come and Worship With Us"

New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church
1.824 Prospect Street Jacksonville, FL 32208
Sunday School ................................. 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Morning Worship ......................11:00 a.m. '
Youth Church 2nd & 3rd Sundays'
(Old Sanctuary)............................ .... 11:00 a.m i .
Tuesday Prayer Meeting..................... 7:30 p.m. '
Tuesday Pastoral. Bible Study ............... 8:00 p.m. !' '-
Rev. Eric Lee, Pastor
Rev. Joe Calhoun, Pastor Emeritus .
(904) 764-5727 Church
Historic Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church
Worship Service' 10:00 a.m.
Church School 8:45 a.m.
Fulfillment Hour Bible Study 6:30 p.m.
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday 10:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon
Joy Explosion Ministry 6:30 p.m.
201 East Beaver St. (904) 355-9475
Rev. F.D. Richardson Jr., Pastor

Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church
2036 Silver Street Jacksonville, FL 32206
Rev. R. L. Gundy, Pastor
c!I.l4- 354-7249- Church
Bihlf Pownr Enrichment Heilr
SundaL School 4:15 10:15 a.m.
Baprism-Praise & Worship
S(Sanc uar ............................................. 1 :30
Youth Church-2nd & 3rd Sundays
Fellow ship Hall 111:31 a.m.
Wednesday, Noonday Prayer 12 Noon
Inspiration \\ ednesdac Worship Service.................6:00-8:00 p.m.

1417 North Laura St. Jacksonville, Florida 32206
George Harvey, Jr.. M.A.. M. Div., Pastor
Telephone: (904) 356-06-4 or 768-4453
"Christ diedfor our sins...was buried *.:,'. ;. .' ..(....:" "TeeI C : :. .; .' :-
Sulzbacher Outreach Service 8:30 a.m.
Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:0,0 a.m.
Evening Worship 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday & Friday~'-i: S... i.. i .. 3.) p.m
Saturday Prison Outreach 1:00 p.m.
Saturday Nursing Home.Outreach 3rd and 4th Saturdays
S"Call or Wite Mt. Charity for FREE Sunday School Oaldhnes"
A Bible Preaching, Bible Believing and Bible Practicing Church
"Without the shedding of Blood, there is no remission of sin" (Hebrews 9:22)

r-0nM A .r l ryrrVI TV YTT"7Nfl raffIF FIa r r f' CC r Tryr-n

"The Church Where Everybold Is Someboty"
Bishop Lorenzo Hall., Pastor
Street Address: 723 W. 4th St. J-cksonville, Florida 32209
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3575, Jacksonville, Florida 32206
Church Telephone: (904) 359-0661 Home: (904) 358-8932 Cell: 710-1586
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Tuesday Prayer I.kin Ilt. Bible SJu.i,"' 1I pm.
Thursday Joy Night,7:00 pm.
"Email: (spelli75ai aol.con
Website: Greaterelbertil.org

"Jesus Loves Sinners Church Folk Don't"
,i' Elder Joseph Rice

SSunday School 10:00 a.m.
Sunday Worship 12:00 Noon & 7:00 p.m.
SBible Study Tuesday & Friday---- 7:00 p.m.

I (912) 267-6395 (912) 996-4864 Cell
S2705 MLK Blvd., Brunswick, GA 31520

"To eerr-
": thing father
m .. ".. ,I. .
u.and a time
to cil'r'i,.I prpoi' under the heav-
en. A time to be born, and a time
to die. "--Ecclesiastes 3:1-2.
No one wants to talk about
death and funerals. Too depress-
ing.I ln;l'rtlunrlAt ly. death is a fact
oflife and ilL: -i li", 'n is noway
to avoid it. For indeed there is a
"time to be born and a :::. to
You may want a 1i.i.::,I'..
funeral service with visitation
and a member of the clergy con-
ducting services at a church orTa
lun:r.al home. Would you want
an open or c!l'.tld ca.ket NM.' !b.
you want a special fiic6l t do
the eulogy or r.inmul members to
read scripture p.assags .r E .'...y
Any favorite fI-n',r'?
First, ...: should '.-'
around and talk to a few funeral
directors, .-,. let o:.- iitn ,'>
the :' ill.in. '-c : '.': .s
*',*- z-h tiiha as casket,
>.l,.|iing:. ant the cost for pro-
"', .. -n.di rvices.
Resist one-stop -:'.: I'li ; ..
which can include such ." ':":- as


pr:n. ~r ~i d.:a-. 7:-.'fu flfltc%
aid Iu~si rgegist .. -ihty sddJap
quick:l:, \ns r.pc cp r thei funer-
aL horn- ii: i.hr nCieh'rrhnrid
for prsenali:ed .snce,;.
Decide on 5c: disposition.
PI -.:r:. OTl 7 -t::L3[1 .' ear-n :-ur-
.al. a cem l,yl: terJS
cem-111-- rk-. ;h,'--' ;:j;m be
niausolenr .. .r:r i S
the choice. I 'Ir qr J., 'L

thae Khs'av.

An sm, c~ut ~ u.

yo' un wouzd uMkter ha
unial srviee ev s th.11


Te 768-0507
v. v. ,.% '- e ) emaiazc n




JUTNE 23,,2007



PT-.LLr A' ". .- ..- "... 2 ..2

"There's Always Something

Happening On The First Coast"

A Celebration of Excellence and Ethics
The Edward Waters Colleges of Trustees honored
their 27th President Dr. Oswald P. Bronson, Sr. at a
magnificent black tie affair at the downtown Regency
Hyatt Hotel. The celebratory program featured as
Keynote Speaker the President Emeritus, Bennett
College Dr. Johnetta Betsch Cole with entertainment
from Bethune Cookman Alumnus and International
Entertainer Harry Burney.
Each guest was provided a copy of the remarks of
Dr. Bronson and I'd like to share excerpts from those
The New Edward Waters College
"It was in the evening time when a telephone call
came to my attention with the news that had shaken not
only the Edward Waters family, but Black Colleges and
Universities in general. It was the voice of Bishop
McKinley Young offering Oswald P. Bronson, Sr. an
opportunity to which I could only say 'yes,' provided
the Bethune Cookman College Board of Trustees
would give their approval.
Yes I had retired from the presidency of Bethune
Cookman a position I was blessed to serve for 29
years. However, upon my retirement, I was issued a
consultant contract and felt it expedient to secure
Trustee approval before accepting the offer from
Bishop Young and the Trustees of Edward Waters
College. By My Friends, I Wanted Very Much To
Become The Chief Servant Of This Historic Institution
so much that I prevailed upon the B-CC Trustees to let
me serve EWC Trustees", stated Dr. Oswald P.
Bronson, Sr.
And he served EWC well during his tenure! The
College is fully accredited for the next 15 years. Dr.
Bronson's assessment of the four challenges for EWC
set forth a blueprint for the institution that included:
assuring the faculty and staff of the educational mis-
sions of Edward Waters College; put in place a leader-
ship team that would meet the mandates of the
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools; the state
of the faculty'and staff morale and their confidence in
the integrity of administrators; and setting forth the
urgent need to communicate a philosophical thrust that
would inspire the entire college. The Trustees issued a
call for the support of the Double E Principle names
"The Pursuant of Excellence and Ethics in all that we
do. The New EWC is on steady ground for its 28th
President, Dr. Claudette H. Williams.
It was a splendid celebration indeed for a leader that
is loved and respected by ALL!

Don't, forget to let us know of your upcoming
events. Contact us at 904 766-8834; E-mail
socially@TheFloridaStar.com or you may reach me
directly at imajol@aol.com, telephone (904) 285-9777
or fax (904) 285-7008.
See you in the paper!

Dr. and Mrs. Oswald P. Bronson entering the Hyatt Regency
Ballroom for Edward Water's College Board of Trustees' Celebration
of Excellence and Ethics in Dr. Bronson's Honor. (allphotos by J. Carl
Davis, Sr.)

PreNiding Prelate-llth Episcopal District a.M.E. Church Bishop
McKinlry Young and Historic Mt. ZiSin A. M. E. Church officer Mr.
Sollie Mitchell with EWC Celebration Keynote Speahrr Dr. Johnetta

lIM I I 24th EWC president Dr. Robert L. MitcheII and Mrs. Mitchell with
EWC Staffer Dr. Phyllis Walker, incoming president Dr. Claudette H. their Mrs. Barbara Middlebrookl, Shuman. Dr. Miththll gave a rous-
Williams and Keynote Speaker Dr. Johnetta B. Cole. ing invocation and blessing at the event.


The McLendons took the opportunity to dance a little during the
EWC Celebration. Dr. Groomes-McLendon is a member of EWC's
Board of Trustees.

i i ll.lIII -
Retired FCCJ North Campus president Dr. Ezekiel Bryant and Mrs.
Christella Bryant. A $5,000 EWC Scholarship aw reccill named in
Mrs. Bryant honor.

Mesdames Vera White, Thelma Lewis, Lydia Wooden and Charlotte

Bethune-Cookman University Alumnus and International
Entertainer Harry Burney with International Performer Ms. Roslyn
'Auntie Roz' Burrough.

The Carl Youngs with their hosts and long term friends Dr, Nathaniel
and Mrs. Vera Davis. Dr. Davis and Dr. Bronson have a long history.
During Dr. Bronson's presidency at Bethune Cookman University, Dr.
Davis was a member of the college's Board of Trustees.

Ms. Gwendolyn Mitchell with a special friend at the EWC

City of Jacksonville Division Chief Mrs. Roslyn Phillips with a guest All in the Family: Rev and Mr. George Jones and Mrs. MapleJones.
and Ron Belton.Alln the Family: Rev. and Mrs. George Jones and Mrs. Mapleones.

EWC graduates Mrs. Peggy Rice Johnson and Ken Johnson with
international entertainer Ms. Roslyn 'Auntie Roz' Burrough.

Retired Jacksonville Sheriff Nat Glover with Mses. Lucy Milice, SGA
President EWC, Brittani Raulerson, SGA Chief of Staff, UNF and
SRachael Tutwiler, SGA President, UNF.A

The James Richardsons and State Representative Ms. Audrey

Dr. and I1rs. Richard Danford.

I JU/NE 23 2007



The Stir June 23, 2007

* Minority-Majority by 2025

Georgia City's Experiment

Can Georgia Experiment

Work In Florida's Cities?

Now that the Florida Legislature has car-
ried through on their mandating lower prop-
erty taxes, some local officials are warning
of libraries shutting down, your 911 call
going unanswered, or our local jail turning
inmates loose.
Some of those elected officials should
turn their gaze north, where they could
observe how a Georgia city that demon-
strates how Florida's local governments
might not only survive but could possibly
thrive, with big savings for taxpayers.
Sandy Springs, Georgia is a fast-growing
town of more than 80,000 residents just
North of Atlanta. It is Georgia's sixth largest
city. But what makes Sandy Springs so
unique is that it has only four public
employees who are not involved with public
safety. Except for police and
fire, virtually every govern-
ment function has been con-
tracted out.As Mayor Eva
Galambos Ph.D. says "Our
government is operated prima- :..'
rily by private enterprise i
through a contract with the
City. We have put competition
into the equation of providing
local government services."
In its two years under pri- Signage for th
vate management, Sandy
Springs hasn't needed a tax hike or a fee
increase, the government has become more
responsive, the service quality has
improved, and so has customer satisfaction.
The residents love it.
How could Florida's communities follow
suit? First, they could take a page from man-
agement guru Peter Drucker and require that
every "traditional" service or function prove
that it's a proper role of government.
Second, they could apply to local gov-
ernment Drucker's famous test for business:
"If we weren't doing this yesterday, would
we do it today?" Some services may well be
discontinued rather than contracted out.
Indeed, certain services that some other
cities provide won't necessarily be provided
by Sandy Springs either because they've
outgrown their purpose, they're no longer
effective, or they're outside the proper scope
of government.
Local officials carl determine on a case-

by-case basis whether it makes more sense
for their community to "make" or "buy"
public services. If they decide to buy, there
are numerous functions that are readily
available on the imarkdplacc and could be
easily contracted out to the private sector.
Criticism of the way Florida's state gov-
ernment handled contracts for the outsourc-
ing of selected government services should-
n't deter local officials from experimenting.
At the state level, the problem arguably was-
n't in the game plan but in the execution.
While the Sandy Springs model isn't nec-
essarily a good fit for every city, it does
teach us an important lesson: that "business
as usual" isn't the only operational model for
local governments. Local governments need
not adopt the entire model; rather; they can

ie Sandy Springs City Hall. Estimated cost $195.00

choose some services or entire departments
to outsource to achieve savings.
For too many years local governments
have been on auto-pilot when it comes to
budgeting. They generally tend to spend
more than they did the year before, with lit-
tle real consideration of how sustainable that
spending trend would be over the long term.
The taxpayers have finally said "enough"
and local o\ernmments 'are scrambling to
figure out how to live on less income; some-
thing many of their constituents have
already learned.
By breaking the mold and encouraging
the kind of innovation and creativity that
Sandy Springs exemplifies, Florida's local
governments could become more efficient
and effective.
Locally, rethinking how local govern-
ment operates can be the key to providing
real property-tax relief and better services
for the tax payers.

Florida News Briefs

Britney Spears Threatens to Sue Clear Channel Advertising
San Antonio, TX Britney Spears is threatening legal action against a Florida radio
station that used a bald-headed photo of the pop star on billboards that appear to call her
sanity into question. In a June 14 letter to Clear Channel Communications lawyer Donna
Schneider, Spears's counsel claims that the billboards promoting the MJ Morning Show
Were "outrageous to the extreme" and demanded their removal. The Spears billboards,
which first appeared in April, advertised in Tampa, Jacksonville, and Clearwater.

Man Struck by Lightning While Using Cell Phone During Thunderstorm
Montverde, FL Trevor Duncan, a 19-year-old man who was struck by lightning,
was conscious but in critical condition at Orlando Regional Medical Center's burn trau-
ma unit today. Duncan was talking on his cell phone to his brother in his garage at 15218
Arabian Way, when he was struck during a thunderstorm.
Chip Chenoweth of Lake-Sumter Emergency Medical Services said Duncan was
unconscious when emergency responders arrived. A medical helicopter was unable to
take him to the hospital because of bad weather, so an ambulance rushed him to South
Lake Hospital in Clermont. He was later transported to Orlando Regional.
Duncan said a thunderstorm was raging "like a monsoon" while he was talking on his
phone. He said he saw two bolts of lightning come into the garage and crash in front of

British Take a Stab at Predicting this Year's Hurricanes
London, UK British forecasters are predicting that the Atlantic hurricane season
may not be as busy as their American counterparts expect. It is most likely that 10 more
tropical storms will form from July to November, the liorlc':r.lcI said. An expected cool-
ing trend in Atlantic Ocean surface waters favors fewer tropical storms than in recent
years, the British meteorologists said in their first-ever hurricane season forecast.
The British scientists did not predict a number of hurricanes ili:il would form or how
many would become strong, as American forecasters do. There is a 70 percent chance
that the number of storms will be in the range of seven to 13, according to the British.
Matt Huddleston at the U.K.'s weather tracking agency within the Ministry of
Defense, said its numbers are based on a "brand new fii c-:i-.l1ii)', system" using a global.
climate model.
In May, U.S. government forecasters predicted 13 to 17 tropical storms in the season
that runs from June 1 to Nov. 30. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
scientists said they expect seven to 10 tropical storms to become hurricanes and three to
five of them in the strong category.
The Atlantic season has already had two named ...i i ns Andrea and Barry.
'1, ** ,

Florida and Georgia to be

Minority-Majority by 2025

By 2025,
Georgia and Maryla
be among a host o
and the Distr
Columbia in which
and ethnic minority
outnumber Whites.
the conclusion of
released by the U.S
Bureau 2006 estir
The report stated
nation's minority
population had
reached 100.7
million in 2006,
which means that
one in every three
Americans is a
person of color.
The country's popu
302,010,697 as of I
At present, Haw
Mexico, Californ
Texas have 'n
minorities. In 2025.
and Georgia will b
by Arizona and Nev
The statistics sh
the explosive growl
Latino population
Washington suburb
Asian growth s]
Montgomery and B
counties and the
growth of Blacks
out the state are fee
These numbers
into possible empo'
for people of col
Prince George's
Council Member
Campos (D-Hyattsv
"Blacks, Latinos
and others will need
to work together
we have mutual int
Maryland," Campc

and will
of states
ict of
h racial
:ies will
That is
a report
mate in

That the


"We have to get beyond this
mentality that Blacks and
Latinos are minorities. We
have to stick together
because we can get nothing
accomplished if we stay
David Bosistis, senior
research associate for the
Joint Center for Political
and Economic Studies, said
one byproduct of minority

cording to the estimate, bla
be the primary minorities
gia and Maryland.

state (even smaller than
Asians)," he said. "Most of
the time however, the agen-
da of Black and Hispanic
leaders are similar jobs,
education and health care."
There are some who
question why Georgia will
become the first Deep South
state to become majority-
minority, considering that
the Black population in
Rli.,,ii ppi is 37
percent, the highest
acks in the country.
-in "Mississippi is
changing somewhat

Census Bureau 2006 Estimate slower than
Georgia, as the lat-
ter is also picking
nation is population growth is politi- up many Hispanics,"
/lay 31. cal power. William Frey, a demograph-
aii, New "Obviously there will be er for the Brookings
.ia and more Black and Hispanics Institute said. Frey said that
lajority- elected to office, and their the magnet for Latinos, as
, Florida issues will receive greater well as Blacks and Asians,
e joined attention than they do now," to Georgia is the Atlanta
rada. Bositis said. metropolitan area with its
low that Latinos will be the pri- strong diverse economy, its
th of the mary minority populations reputation as an internation-
in the in states such as California, al business center that is
rbs, the Texas, New Mexico, anchored by Hartsfield-
purt in Nevada and Arizona, Jackson Atlanta
altimore according to the estimate. International Airport one
steady Blacks will be the primary of the busiest in the world
through- minorities in Maryland and and an expanding cultur-
:ding the Georgia. al center that has a multi-
Bosistis noted that while national embrace.
translate Florida has more Hispanics, Frey said that New
werment it is "not a great many Jersey will likely become
or, said more." He said that in the next majority-minority
County California, the Black popu- state after 2025. He pointed
r Will lation is in a precarious out that the White popula-
ville). position. tion is expected to be 50.2
;, Asians "California has fewer percent in 2025, but cannot
Ito learn Black elected officials than safely say that it will be
because in the 1980s, reflecting the majority-minority by 2030.

erests in
os said.

Gov Crist OKs

Private Toll Roads

Gov. Charlie Crist said
Wednesday that he signed a
bill to let private companies
build and operate toll roads
because it would help end

fact that Blacks are the
smallest minority in the

congestion on Florida high-
ways, even though he didn't
like a provision for automat-
ic toll increases.
The new law Crist signed
Tuesday drew opposition
from environmentalists who
argued it would increase
urban sprawl by encourag-
ing the construction of

unnecessary' roads. Other
critics said it would lead to
higher tolls.
Crist said building more
toll roads would give
motorists the option of
avoiding gridlock-free high-
ways as long as they are
willing to pay for that

Davis Law Group, P.L.
303 North Liberty Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Kevin M. Cobbin, Esquire DexterVan Davis, Esquire


Personal Injury
Si Family Lav Criminal Defense
Military Law False Arrest
S Traffic Offenses *Worker's Compensation

VDe tcc4 ted t' etwawUdc 9c~eel
, D' tedto -a-di-g


The Star June 23, 2007

* Black War Opposition

NAACP Explains Layoffs

Asprin & Colon Cancer

NAACP Emphasizes

Layoffs Not Sign of

Financial Problems
Last weeks announced layoffs at the NAACP headquar-
ters in Baltimore and the possible closing of regional offices
has spurred questions concerning the whether the organiza-
tion has long-term financial problems..
"That is not true at all," Richard McIntire, a spokesman
for the organization, said. "We are right-sizing the organiza-
tion, particularly the national staff, in order to stay financial
According to McIntire there has been no final decision
made in terms of which regional offices will be closed. In
addition to Baltimore, the regional offices are located in St.
Louis, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, New York and

"We are planning to re-activate four
chapters and start five new chapters
here in Michigan, the NAACP is stronger
than ever."
Yvonne White Pres Mich. Chapters

The work of the local branches will not be affected, he
"People must remember that we are talking about the
national office when we talk about the staff reduction of 40
people," he said. "Our local branches are mainly where peo-
ple interface with the NAACP and they will continue to
operate the way that they do."
The proposed reduction will drop the national staff from
119 people to 70 through both layoffs and attrition.
Hopefully, McIntire said, those laid off will be able to come
back on in the near future.
Yvonne White, president of the Michigan chapters of the
NAACP, said that expansion will take place in her state.
"We are planning to re-activate four chapters and start
five new chapters here in Michigan," she said. "The
NAACP is stronger than ever."
McIntire disputed claims that the organization has tabled
its move to the District because of the re-organization.
"The board of directors made a-firm commitment to
move the national headquarters to Washington and we have
not wavered from that," he said. "The issue is selling the
property (the national headquarters) we have here in
Baltimore. The cost of moving to D.C. will be from $15-30
million and we have a capital campaign to do that."
McIntire said that the financial problems that the organ-
ization had in the 1990s have been long resolved and it is
operating well.
"We have money in the bank and we are paying our
bills," he said. "But we have to live within our means."
"Everybody has budget cuts," White said. "We have to
learn how to do things differently. But we are alive and well.
We have been around for almost 100 and we will be around
for another 100."

Student Loan
Advances in
Democrats in Congress
are pushing to overhaul the
nation's student loan system
with legislation that would

cut federal subsidies to lend-
ing companies by as much
as $19 billion, channel most
of those savings to student
"aid and ease repayment
rules for borrowers.
The Senate education
committee overwhelmingly
approved its version of the
legislation yesterday, one
week after the House educa-

BlecA 4i e ter: Wres Praev

\I I ii* Dry*i6 % (4pei Irq1

% e 00

I=she a I Na

%& or% V14 c AW W* i
A& slL % o I PI

~.- ---

- S


4. .


* -

"Copyrighted Material

Syndicated Content -


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* -

- _

- S

- -

- S

tion panel took similar
action. Senior Democrats
predicted that the bills
would come to a vote by the
end of next month and
would be reconciled without
significant difficulty.
"This legislation will
help reverse the crisis in col-
lege affordability," said Sen.
Edward M. Kennedy

Ie-1V!5MVA-a- c

a' i ~ r




L.. L--




-L *

- 0


Aspirin May Keep Colon Cancer at Bay

Aspirin can reduce the risk of a common form of colon cancer but not all forms of the
disease, new research suggests.
The study found that regular use of aspirin lowered the risk of colon cancer associated
with expression of the cox-2 enzyme This type of colon cancer accounts for about two-
thirds of the colon cancer cases in the United States, according to the study.
However, the study authors aren't recommending that people start using aspirin for colon
cancer prevention just yet.
"Although studies have been very supportive for the potential benefit of aspirin, it still
remains unclear who stands to benefit the niost." said the study's lead author, Dr. Andrew
Chan, an assistant professor of medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard
Medical School in Boston. "It's important to determine if there are individuals that will ben-
efit significantly enough to outweigh the potential risks of gastrointestinal bleeding."
Part of the problem is that there's currently no way to know who's at risk for cox-2-
expressing colon cancers, and aspirin had little effect on colon cancers that didn't express the
cox-2 enzyme. That means that for about one-third of people with colon cancer, aspirin
wouldn't help to prevent the disease and could cause unnecessary side effects.

National News Briefs

HBCU Delaware State Unirersity .-l.ward Its First Doctorates
S Washington, DC At commencement ceremonies last month, Delaware State
University, the historically black educational institution in Dover, awarded the first doc-
torates in university'history.
Ben Kamau, a native of Kenc .1. received a Pl' P in physics. Paul Gibson of Dover,
Delaware, was awarded a doctorate in Im'thl':'.Kac, '-it'',r. now 65 \ ears old, has been
a member of the Delaware State LfaKuhi since .A o
There are an additional 22 students in the :..:i-,.: ..; s and physics doctoral program
at Delaware State. The only other doctoral : 1;..- at ':- L:i\ ersity is in educational
leadership. This program, established in :i'.; has not i turned out any graduates.

Naked Couple DeadAfter 50 ft F-ll .u/ Rw c':., r, r' ifildding
Columbia, SC Police today were ir,: c .: : how a naked couple fell 50 feet
from the roof of a downtown office bIildint' to their deaths.
The bodies were found on the road by a pF'.wb: cabdriver at about 5 a.m. today.
Clothing was discovered on the roof, lc.adhn .uith'I'rities to suspect the man and
woman, in their early 20s, may have been ha.i ino sex. Iheir identities were not released.
"It's too early to rule out an. Itling." ColIumbi. police Sgt. Florence McCants said
/; k:

8:30 p.m. 9:00 p.m.
WCGL 1360 AM
On the Web: www.WCGL1360.com

~------------------- ---lwcc------------------E~3----w----

. -

- -

- .

- I--_.- -- ...-


10 NAL

The Young and Crime Continued from A-1
The Sheriff said such a cut, would change our priority of keeping officers on the
street. Sheriff Rutherford said in an interview on WJCT that reducing the number
of officers would be his last step in reducing the budget.

The FBI said that "One of the simplest ways to obtain account information or
actual bank cards is through postal end". The Lock Your Mailbox Inc. provides an
explanation of the system through www.lockyourmailbox.com or (972) 291-8500.



rlUO B?

The Resident
and the U.

The Jacksonville Housing Auth2rity,
Advisory Board of the Jackscnville Housing Authrity,
S. Department of Housing and Urban Developrent

]nNites All to atteMa a

omeo nerxons

Awards Rcett,,o .

Saturday, 29 23, 007

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By. Hazel Trice Edney
NNPA Washington Correspondent
when Samuel Comish and John Russwurm
founded the Freedom's Journal, America's
first Black newspaper, Black people were
still in slavery.
It was that publication, Frederick
Douglass' North Star, and the hundreds that
came after them that led the way to freedom
and citizenship for Black people in America.
Through the "Double V" campaign of World
War II that fought the battle against racism
at home and fascism abroad, to lynching and
Jim Crow, Black reporters, who could not
work in White news rooms, dedicated them-
selves to groundbreaking stories that
impacted public policies for Black progress.
The stories also put White segregationist
newspapers to shame.
Eventually, during the civil rights move-
ment, White-owned newspapers opened
their doors for African-Americans. The did
it in part because they needed the per-
spective of Black writers and their sources in
the Black community in order to report sto-
ries of injustices with any semblance of
Today, 180 years later, the Black Press,
still documenting the oppression and pro-
gression of
Black people in
America, is
reaching for the "The ethnic Press i
next generation area of the media. Th
to continue its White media is trying
m i ss ion
m s s1 o n ties or start their own,
Through the
"Black Press
Fellowship", a
partnership between the Department of
Journalism at Howard University and the
National Newspaper Publishers Association,
young journalists are preparing to carry the
torch at Black newspapers around the coun-
"I was interested in writing stories for an
audience that I cared about. I really believe
in the power of the media and I found, when
looking at my options, that this medium
would help me do that more than any," says
Shari Logan of Brooklyn New York. "A lot
of people, when they looked at my resume,
they were surprised that I didn't seek a job at
the other publications that I'd interned for.
But, the things that I wrote about weren't
necessarily going to keep me excited
throughout the year. I thought about that and
this fellowship just sort of came right on
time and I said, 'Okay, this is more like a
better fit.'"
As part of the fellowship, Logan, Heather
Faison, Amber English and Brandon
Holmes, all of whom graduated from
Howard in May, have completed four weeks
of training at the NNPA News Service. The
training, funded by the Ford Foundation,
aimed to prepare the graduates to work for
the next two years at several of NNPA's
member newspapers.
The NNPA training included lectures and
seminars by journalists and other media pro-
fessionals, visits to congressional offices,
and weekly deadlines in the NNPA news-
Logan will be working for the Houston
Defender. She says her initial inspiration to
apply for the fellowship came from Howard
communications professor Dr. Clint Wilson,
who teaches a course on multi-cultural
"Dr. Wilson talked about the first Black
publishers and how they wrote, "We have to
plead our own cause" and I was like, 'Wow.
That's very, very powerful even today in
Heather Faison, who will be going to the
Philadelphia Tribune, also took Wilson's
class She says she became interested in the
fellowship when he first conceived and
announced it, but she was especially
, intrigued by the educational benefits of start-
ing her career in the Black Press.
"What really sealed the deal was an arti-
cle that I read, an interview with Milton
Coleman with the Washington Post and how
he started out in the Black Press," says
Faison of Raleigh, N.C. "He felt that it was
a teaching experience for him and a lot of
what he knows now he credits to the Black
Press. I got an opportunity to speak with him
a couple of days after I read that. He really

solidified and really encouraged me to go
into the Black Press."

Wilson, the author of "A History of the
Black Press," says he applied for the fellow-
ship grant, not only to open opportunities for
the graduates, but in order to infuse fresh
perspectives into the Black Press.
"I think that the Black Press is at least as
important as it has always been. I sense that
in recent years our young people have not,
been exposed to it. And opportunities to'
work in the White Press far overshadow the
Black Press; so our best talent is being'
recruited by the White Press," Wilson says..
"Also, people are starving for information,
that is vital to them."
Wilson says the Black Press is also an
outlet for young people to use their artistic
"Just as some young people say that they.
find rap music or spoken word as a venue of;
expression, the Black Press is another way
of expressing the mind of the Black commu-
nity, reminiscent of the editorial in the,
Freedom's Journal, America's first Black,
newspaper, which stated 'We want to plead
our own cause,'" Wilson says. "In a way, our
students need to realize that the Black Press.
is a more sophisticated way for them to do,
Issues pertaining to the social, economic,
educational, judicial and political affairs of
Black people are
documented in
more than 200
s the fastest growing Black-owned
at's why some of the newspapers every
to buy those proper- day. Though they
have changed
says Wilson
since the 1960s,
racism and White
supremacy still,
prevail throughout the culture of America.
Amber English, who recently wrote a
story headlined, "Presidential Candidates
Still Silent on Most Issues Pertaining to,
African-Americans" says she has always,
had a passion for politics.
"So often, we're taught in school to kind
of glaze over the issues. I want to be a little
more bold and a little more assertive in my,
reporting and I think I'll be able to learn that
through the Black Press as opposed to if I.
went to, say, a smaller newspaper and I was
just a new reporter and I got to cover little or,
nothing," says English. She will be going to,
CrossRoadsNews in Decatur, Ga. "I hope to
improve upon just being able to focus on the,
issues that mean the most to the communi-
Brandon Holmes, who has had a three-,
year scholarship from the Chicago Defender,.
says he has always had a connection with the
Black Press. So he is happy to go to a place
where his talents can be both showcased and
used to serve. Holmes is the only advertising.
fellow in the group.
"I wanted a close-nit environment where
I could probably talk to the editor-in-chief:
myself," he says. "I've had to write an essay
every year on the importance of journalism
and community service. After writing that,
essay every year, I began to really take jour-
nalism seriously. I never wanted to be a jour-.
nalist, but since advertising is a part ofjour-.
nalism, I began to look further into it...I've.
watched different historical films on
[Defender founder] Robert S. Abbot, [NNPA
Founder John] Sengstacke and all of those
good, wonderful historical figures that I
would like to be like one day."
Holmes will be going to work at Insight
News in Minneapolis, Miin. He was one of
the students in a marketing campaign class
that worked on a rebranding project for
NNPA last year and presented their ideas to
the organization's winter conference in";
NNPA Chairwoman Dorothy Leavell, :
publisher of the Chicago Crusader, says the U
youthful vision helps to infuse new blood
into the Black Press to assure its legacy
remains strong.
"It's important because the Black Press
must live. Even though technology and tele- <
vision are everywhere you go, that written
word, cannot cease not for the Blacki
Press," Leavell says. "And so, I believe if:,
our young people know what we believe, ;
what we have done, what we are still trying
to do, they will join with us with fresh legs,
with fresh minds and really be able to devel- "
op the Black Press in the way that we can I
feel secure as we pass from the scene that

the institution of the Black Press will not,

Black Press Prepares Next

Generation for Leadership

1 I




Call Liz!
She will set you up.

(904) 766-8834



St ar

If you care about your community

CALL (904) 766-8834





,5i;~, Z

Publix joins you in celebrating Black Music Month.

f2OO7 PublLx sset Management Cnmpaniy

orfolk Southern / CSX Strategic Intermodal System Connector
Duval County, Florida
You are invited toa public hearing Location Map
to discuss proposed ,,1; .L
transportation improvements for sp,-n,,,, ,
the Norfolk Southern / CSX Club Rd.
Strategic Intermodal System | ..***
Connector. The hearing will be | x" I1
held Thursday, July 26,2007, at "-.. ""......*
the Lincoln Villa Community i
Center, 7866 New Kings Road, \
Jacksonville, Florida 32219. Existing Connector \ \
Doors will open at 4:30 pm. to **, '
allow you time to review and \
discuss the exhibits and have your '*
questions answered by one of our Financial Project ID: 416953-1
staff. Then, at 6:30 p.m., we will begin the formal portion of the public hearing with an audio / visual
presentation, followed by an opportunity for public comment. It is the policy of the Florida Department of
Transportation to prohibit materials and/or exhibits in our public workshops, meetings or hearings that are
not the property of the Department. Therefore, no outside party will be allowed to display or hand out
materials in anyof these events,
The Department is currently conducting a Project Development & Environmental Study to determine the
transportation needs and possible improvements for enhancing access between the Norfolk Southern
Intermodal Facility, CSX Intermodal Facility and Interstate 295 in Duval County. The purpose of this
project is to improve the connection to Interstate 295 from both foa;ltiie- improve the safety
characteristics of the roadway and meet existing and future traffic riee.s. The public hearing is being
held to present the study findings, discuss our recommendations and receive your input,

As of July 5, 2007, the Project Development & Environmental Study will be .1.. il t I' for your review
during normal business hours at. the Westbrook Branch Library, 2809' Commonwealth Avenue,
Jacksonville, Florida 32254.

This hearing is being conducted to inform the public of the project and uti,' .i J li .I. I.ublic the opportunity
to express views concerning the location, conceptual design and social, economic and environmental
effects of the proposed improvements. This project has been evaluated in accordance with the
provisions of Federal Executive Orders 11990 "Protection of ',.llAiiris and 11988 "Floodplain
managementt and this involvement will be discussed al [I-- H-I;in.'.: The proposed improvementswill
require additional right of way.

Ti .: v. ho wish to submit written statements may do so at Ihei hcuiriing or mail them to the address below
no later than August 27, 2007. All comments received by this date will become part of the public
he.:ig r-ecord. This project is being developed in compliance with the Title VI/Nondiscrimination
Pr-.'Jarri oJf rihe United States Civil Rights Act. This hearing will be held in compliance with Chapter 339,
F.'. r.:r;,:r 120, FS,, 23 CFR 771 and 23 USC 128. Public participation is solicited without .i.:.; il to
rao'. r. .';-i''.i sex, age, national origin, disabilityorfamilialstatus,

11 ,... r. ':.';. prlr'; i ._ public rieainginfoirr-iat ri or special accommodations under the Americans with
, :.rl...\:, Act of 1990, write to the address or call the telephone number given below, Special
oco;rnrr 'ji';i ':-.r, requests should be made at least seven (7) days prior to the public hearing, Your
a";'oro.r.: r t-.r I pjubl.l hearing is encouraged and any comments made are cappi,'l i. 1,',. If you
hav-'e (iry r'. r '; '.r comments please contact:

FDOT: s:ephen Browning, E.I,, Project Manager
1109 S. Marion Avenue, MS 2007
Lake City, FL 32025-5874 1 Pr



'"ourRights May Already Be Restored!"
Presented by
State Senator Tony Hill
Jacksonville Branch NAACP* D.W. Perkins Bar Association ACLU of Greater Jacksonville

Salurda JUNE 23,2007

10:0am 2:00pm

S1840 W. 9Strt
lacksaonvllle, RFoda 3220

*Note please have the follow information available at time of registrtion:
11 COivicted Name- 2) DafeofBitth 3j Social Seunty Number 41Curent Address
. ', ^, : : .
'' "y:l. i- In order to quaty for mnial eligibility thefoi1.
MUST be venlfied:
1) Sentence has been completed
2) Probaton or upervision has been,
3) 100 t oft'ictim rsntution.has 'ba diRb
4 1 No pending cases ol statife a

pl i Ulnder these rules, th.engh :b. o'
1) Voting Rights
T 2)he rghtto'se nenai .;:.y '
31 The.hj ht to app lyftoc ,4)T ih b hi o0l -dp..uWf ~;

1!5 1.4-
NAACP '-" -' ;,-" ;-
,9a.: at'i:

1-800-749-2967 or (386) 961-7455
E-mail: Stepher brcrirn, 'Iil '.t. 1.1 fl.
oiect website: www.norfolksouthernsisc.com


,. **
f- .'


. .1. -.-

A ...



4~i ''
~8. ...

4:: i
.! .;r ..
~ ~

...... ..vw


* r

VOL. 12 NO. 11
Published Weekly
By The Star

June 23, 2007

BLACK IlIUSIC onnued ron B2


DJ SHERI FINE OF B92.7 FM IS BEING HONORED..................................................... B 8
JUST FOR KIDS! ......................................................................................... ............ B 6

.^ :*
.. **'.



Page B-2/June 23, 2007

The Star/Prep Rap

All Styles of Black American Music Have Made

An Immeasurable Impact All Over The World

songs about teenage con-
cerns, he was the biggest
influence on pre-Beatles
rock. He trained as a hair-
dresser and played with
Johnnie Johnson's
(1924-2005) trio in East St

Minnie Riperton is best
known for her rare, five-
octave vocal register that
reached into what profes-
sional musicians call "the
whistle range." With the
release of her 1974 "Perfect
Angel" album, many
assumed hers was a story-
book discovery of which
Hollywood films are made.
Mahaila Jackson became a
leading singer in Gospel
music, known for her rich,
powerful voice. A devout

Baptist, she still found time
for secular sounds of such
blues artists as Bessie Smith
and Ma Rainey. Mahalia
Jackson became an active
supporter of the civil rights
movement in the 1960s. She
sang at the March on
Washington at the request of
her friend Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr. in 1963. After
King's death in 1968,
Jackson sang at his funeral
and largely withdrew from
public political activities.
Chuck Berry with his wild
and crazy style touched
many. Born Charles Edward
Anderson Berry on October
18, 1926 in St Louis,
Missouri. As a singer-gui-
tarist who drew from blues,
rockabilly, and country-and-
western styles, and wrote

Louis, IL, before launching
his career with Chess
Records in Chicago (1955).
With hit songs such as
'School Days', 'Rock and
Roll Music', -'Johnny B
Goode', and 'My Ding A
Ling', he appealed to
teenagers of all races. In
1986 he became an inaugu-
ral member of the Rock 'n'
Roll Hall of Fame. Ella
Fitzgerald was also a song
bird that touched the hearts
of many, she turned to
singing and debuted at the
Apollo Theater in 1934 at
age 17. She was discovered
in an amateur contest in'

Harlem and joined Chick
Webb's band and recorded
several hits, notably "A-
tisket A-tasket" (1938).
After Webb died in 1939,
his band was renamed Ella
Fitzgerald and her Famous
Orchestra. Two years later,
she began her solo career
and by the mid-1950s, she
had become the first
African-American to per-
form at the Mocambo. Her
lucid intonation and broad

range made her a top jazz
Billie Holiday was jazz in
itself. Known for her dis-
tinctive phrasing and soul-
ful, soft, yet strong voice ,
Holiday went on to record
with jazz pianist Teddy
Wilson and. his orchestra in
1935. 'Holiday, born
Eleanora Fagan, began
singing in local clubs and
renamed herself "Billie"
after the film star Billie
Dove. Producer John
Hammond reportedly dis-
covered her while she was
performing in a Harlem jazz
club in 1933. That year,
Hammond helped land

Holiday recording work
with bandleader Benny
Goodman. She -also met
saxophonist Lester Young
around this time and he was
the one who gave her the
nickname "Lady Day." She
also worked with the Count
Basie Orchestra in the late
1930s. Holiday recorded
two of her most well-
regarded songs during this
period: her own composi-
tion "God Bless the Child"
(1939) and "Strange Fruit"
(1939), a powerful story
about the lynching of
African Americans in the
South. She signed with
Decca Records in 1944 and
scores an R&B hit the next
year with "Lover
Man."Considered one of the
best jazz vocalists of all
time, Holiday has been an
influence on many other
performers who have fol-

low ed in her footsteps.
Miles Davis was at the fore-
front of jazz, developing or
advancing several signifi-
cant and contrasting styles
and trends, all of which
highlighted his intensely
personal sensibilities. These
included cool jazz, hard
bop, modal jazz, fusion, and

several innovative orches-
tral collaborations with Gil
Evans. As a bandleader, he
was a discerning recruiter of
new talent, including John
Coltrane, Bill Evans, and
Herbie Hancock. Davis was
widely admired for his cool
demeanor and sartorial ele-
gance. Jimi Hendricks
could make a lead guitar
talk. Hendrix pursued his
music, working as a session
musician and playing back-
up for such performers as
Little Richard, Sam Cooke,

and the Isley Brothers. He
also formed a group of his
own called Jimmy James
and the Blue Flames, which
played gigs around New
York City's Greenwich

from Africa christens Yvette
with a new name; Chaka
Adunne Aduffe Yemoja
Hodarhi Karifi. Chaka
.became part of the Black
Panther Party and heads up
the organizations free
breakfast program for chil-
dren on Chicago's South
Side. Chaka married Hassan
Khan and officially became
Chaka Khan in 1971. Now
as Rufus featuring Chaka
Khan, Stevie Wonder is
impressed with the group
and Chaka's vocals and
writes the song that would
become a million-selling
smash, "Tell Me Something
Good." The song earns
them their first Grammy for
best R&B performance by a
group or duo. Chaka's pow-
erful vocals and wild child
persona often whips audi-
ences into a complete fren-
i t I J^-- i .*..,(J.^-;t 3))

Village neighborhood. In
mid-1966, Hendrix met
Chas Chandler, a former
member of the Animals, a
successful rock group, who
became his manager.
Chandler convinced
Hendrix to go to London
where he joined forces with
musicians Noel Redding
and Mitch Mitchell to create
The Jimi Hendrix
Experience. Chaka Khan
was born March of 1953 as
Yvette Marie Stevens in
"Chicago, IL. She and her
sister Yvonne formed their
first singing group, the
Crystalettes. They became
involved in the Affro-Arts
Theater and formed a new
group, The Shades of Black.
In 1969 during a naming
ceremony at the Afro-Arts
Theater, a Yoruba priest

The Star Page B-3IJune 23, 2007



Fla. June 19, 2007 -
The City of Jacksonville
hosted a combined gradu-
ation ceremony for the
YouthBuild and DAWN
programs on Wednesday,
June 20th. This unique
graduating class complet-
ed rigorous State
Department of Education
requirements to earn high
school diplomas while
serving jail sentences.

The guest speaker
was Betty Burney, Duval,
County School Board
Member, District 5, and
author of the book, "If
These Chains .Could
Talk" based on moving
stories shared with her by
incarcerated young peo-
It was held at the
Office of the Sheriff's
Community Corrections
Facility, located at 515
Catherine Street,
Jacksonville, FL.
While incarcerated,
these young men between
the ages of 19-25
received concentrated
GED instruction, coun-
seling and vocational
Student inmates met

eligibility criteria before
acceptance into the
DAWN and YouthBuild
programs, which incorpo-
rate an intense transition-
al counseling process.
Participants receives
counseling from the time
they are accepted into the
program through their
date of release and
The programs seek to
help the young men tran-
sition back into the com-
munity better prepared to
assume the responsibili-
ties of positive and pro-
ductive citizenship.
For more information
on the YouthBuild and
DAWN programs, call
630-1212 ext. 4232 or
visit, www.coj.net.

Precious Children and
Grandchildren of the Stanton
Class of 1947
(Classmates, Relatives, and Friends)

You are invited to attend our 60th Class
Reunion with your parents) and/or grandparents)
relatives, neighbors, and friends
August 3-5, 2007 at the Clarion Hotel Airport,
located at 12101 Dixie Clipper Drive in
Jacksonville, Florida 32218.
We have come a long way.
Theme "The Bridge from Then to Now"
Historical Area Tour Luncheon -Banquet
The Class of 1947 has been mentoring and
sponsoring scholarships for youths in the area for
the past 60 years. You are cordially invited to join
with us as we celebrate OUR YOUTH and memor-
alize the lives of those that have gone before us.
For activity schedule and ticket information:
call Doris Henry (904) 768-4728 or Ernestine
Williams (904) 598-1285 Thank you.

Should I Have A Student Credit Card? I 1

All About Student
Credit Cards
By Morgan Hamilton

Student .credit cards are
regular credit cards that are
offered especially for stu-
dents. The idea behind
them are to help students
establish credit. There are
advantages to getting a stu-
dent credit cards, but
before you can benefit
from them you should
understand -what credit
cards are all about.
A credit card is simply a
loan. The credit card com-
pany offers you a line of
credit and as you make
purchases on your credit
card they pay for them.
You then pay back the
credit card company.
Credit cards carry fees and
interest that you must also
pay back. Student credit
cards are often easier to get

than a regular card because
the company knows you
have a limited budget and
will issue you a lower
credit limit that will allow
you to build credit without
getting into serious debt.

Credit cards are a privi-
lege that offers many
advantages. Having a stu-
dent credit card allows you
to pay bills and make pur-
chases online or over the
telephone with great con-
venience. There is also
buyers protection to help
against theft. A credit card
gives you funds in an
emergency and allow you
to avoid carrying cash or
checks. The credit card
company keeps tracks of
purchases for you without
having to balance or record
like a check book. Credit
cards make large purchases

easier, too. The main idea
behind credit cards,
though, is they help you to
establish credit.
Establishing credit by
using a student credit card
is a great way to prepare
for the future. Credit is
important to every aspect
of life, from buying a home
to getting a job. Building a
good credit history will
allow you to get a loan and
will help you to avoid
many problems people
with bad or no credit face.
Good credit means you
have access to money if an
emergency or need arises.
Student credit cards are a
great first step to securing
your financial future.

What To Look For
When looking at offers
for student credit cards it is
a good idea to compare
them. You should look at

the fees and APR, which is
the interest rate you will
have to pay on purchases.
You should also look at
other things like the grace
period, which is the
amount of time you have to
pay your bill -before inter-
est is charged. Shopping
around will help you get
the most out of your stu-
dent credit card.
Once you decide to get
a student credit card it is
important to understand
how it works and the
advantages. You should
find the card- that works
best for you. It is also a
good idea to use your card
wisely, pay the bills on
time and keep within your
credit limit. Student credit
cards offer lots of advan-
tages for students looking
to build credit.
Morgan Hamilton
offers expert advice and

great tips regarding all
aspects concerning Credit
Get the information you
are seeking now by visiting

The Star

Page B-3/June 23, 2007

Page B-4/June 23, 2007

The Star/Prep Rap

His reign as King of the
Blues has been as long as
that of any monarch on
earth. Yet B.B. King contin-
ues to wear his crown well.
At age 76, he is still light on
his feet, singing and playing
the blues with relentless
passion. Time has no appar-
ent effect on B.B., other
than to make him more.pop-.

E music he plays,
and a grateful
world can't get
enough of him.
For more than half a
century, Riley B. King bet-
ter known as B.B. King -
has defined the blues for a
worldwide audience. Since
he started recording in the
1940s, he has released over
fifty albums, many of them
classics. He was born
September 16, 1925, on, a

plantation in Itta Bena,
Mississippi, near Indianola.
In his youth, he played on
street corners for dimes, and
would sometimes play in as
many as four towns a night.
In 1947, he hitchhiked to
Memphis, TN, to pursue his
music career. Memphis was
where every important
musician of the South grav-
itated, and which supported
a large musical community
where every style of African
American music could be
found. B.B. stayed with his
cousin Bukka White, one of
the most celebrated blues
performers of his time, who
schooled B.B. further in the
art of the blues.
B.B.'s first big break
came in 1948 when he per-
formed on Sonny Boy
Williamson's radio program
on KWEM out of West
Memphis. This led to steady
engagements at the
Sixteenth Avenue Grill in
West Memphis, and later to

Sa ten-minute spot
on black-staffed
and managed
Memphis radio sta-
tion WDIA.
"King's Spot," became so
popular, it was expanded
and became the "Sepia
Swing Club." Soon B.B.
needed a catchy radio name.
What started out as Beale
Street Blues Boy was short-
ened to Blues Boy King,
and eventually B.B. King.
In the mid-1950s, while
B.B. was performing at a
dance in Twist, Arkansas, a
few fans became unruly.
Two men got into a fight
and knocked over a
kerosene stove, setting fire
to the hall. B.B. raced out-
doors to safety with every-
one else; then realized that
he left his beloved $30
acoustic guitar inside, so he
rushed back inside the burn-
ing building to retrieve it,
narrowly escaping death.
When he later found out that
the fight had been over a
woman named Lucille, he
decided to give the name to
his guitar to remind him

never to do a crazy thing
like fight over a woman.
Ever since, each one of
B.B.'s trademark Gibson
guitars has been called
B.B. continues to tour
extensively, averaging over
250 concerts per year
around the world. Classics
such as "Payin' The Cost To
Be The Boss," "The Thrill Is
Gone," How Blue Can You
Get," "Everyday I Have The
Blues," and "Why I Sing
The Blues" are concert (and
fan) staples. Over the years,
the Grammy Award-winner
has had two #1 R&B hits,
1951's "Three O'Clock
Blues," and 1952's "You
Don't Know Me," and four
#2 R&B hits, 1953's "Please
Love Me," 1954's "You
Upset Me Baby," 1960's
"Sweet Sixteen, Part I," and
1966's "Don't Answer The
Door, Part I." B.B.'s most
popular crossover hit,
1970's "The Thrill Is Gone,"
went to #15 pop.

tf I V7747 "lie

AM R, Jazz, ,6t'o,,3jpe1 .(j rj, d, B i

The Star/Prep Rap

Gospel Shirley Ceasar

Page B-5/June 23, 2007

The Lady, the Melody,
& the Word: The First
Lady of Gospel

By the time she was ten
years old, Shirley Caesar
had already made a name
for herself. The tiny singer
in pigtails and bobby socks
was known throughout the
Carolinas and Virginia as
"Baby Shirley," and her
foot-stomping, bring-
down-the-house style was
in demand for church serv-
ices and revivals.
To date, Shirley Caesar
has had an astonishing
career spanning four
decades. The Lady, the
Melody, and the Word is
Shirley's own story of those
years, told in her intimate
and passionate style.
Overall, Caesar takes
her listeners on a joyous
ride showing versatility
while her usual energy
uplifts and encourages.
Earning numerous

accolades, including 11
Grammys, 13 Stellar
Awards, 18 Dove Awards,
an induction into the
Gospel Music Hall of
SFame, and recently honored
at Oprah Winfrey's
Legend's Ball for her con-
tributions to the arts and
entertainment, Caesar has
surpassed her wildest
She has successfully
recorded forty albums and
performed duets with
extraordinary vocalists as
Patti Labelle, Gladys
Knight, Faith Evans and
Destiny's Child Michelle
Williams enabling her to
effectively bridge the gap*
between R&B and Gospel
Indeed a living legend,
Caesar has made several
notable appearances
including a series of com-
mercials for MCI
Communications, the tele-
vised Live from Disney

World Night of Joy, the
Gospel According to VH-1,
a White House perform-
ance for George Bush, and
a speech on the Evolution
of Gospel Music to the US
Treasury Department.
She completed her
third sold-out run on
Broadway, starring in
"Born To Sing," the third
installment of the "Mama I
Want to Sing" trilogy. She

the hit
"This Is

New York's
Square Garden in
gospel musical,
My Song," with
Houston and

She has also been
involved with four major
motion picture soundtracks,
including Whitney Houston
"The Preacher's Wife ," the
John Singleton film
"Rosewood," and acting
roles with Warner Brothers
Films' "Why Do Fools Fall
In Love and Paramount
Pictures "The Fighting

Temptations" with. Cuba
Gooding, Jr. and Beyonce'
While the music indus-
try keeps her busy, she
always finds her way back
to assume her pastoral
duties, at Mt. Calvary Word

of Faith in North Carolina,
where her messages of
encouragement and peace
are heard throughout the
Shirley Caesar-is the
essence of inspiration and
vitality--a global sensation.

Wynton Marsalis has inspiring educator. He car-
been described as the most ries these distinctions well.
outstanding jazz musician His life is a portrait of dis-
and trumpeter of his gener- cipline, dedication, sacri-
ation, as one of the world's fice, and creative accom-
top classical trumpeters, as plishment.
a big band leader in the tra- The sound of Wynton
edition ofDuke Ellington, a Marsalis' band is inspired
brilliant composer, a by the basic principals of
devoted advocate for the democracy. According to
Arts and a .tireless and Marsalis, what you hear in

a great jazz band is the
sound of democracy. "The
jazz band works best when
participation is shaped by
intelligent communica-
tion." This intelligent, hard
swinging interplay has
made Marsalis' bands .the
favorite among jazz musi-
cians and audiences world-
wide. In the smallest of

towns Wynton is received
warmly and enthusiastical-
ly. The connection is the
music, which mimics our
valued way of life.
Through jazz music
Wynton Marsalis repre-
sents America all over the
world. In such disparate
locations from Prague to
Warsaw, Seoul to
Wellington, Paris to
Istanbul. Santiago to
Mexico City, Toronto to
Calgary, Amarillo to
Portland you will find
Wynton Marsalis sharing
his vision of the union of
jazz and democracy.
Wynton was awarded
the Grand Prix Du Disque
of France, the Louis
Armstrong Memorial
Medal, the Netherlands'
Edison Award and the
Algur H. Meadows Award

promising leaders under
age 40 in 1995, and in
1996 Time celebrated
Marsalis as one of
America's 25 Most
Influential People.

PaeB-Iue 3 00 h Salre a


The professor discovered that
her theory of earthquakes was on
shaky ground.
If you take a laptop computer
for a run you could jog your mem-
A dentist and a manicurist
fought tooth and nail.
A bicycle can't stand alone; it
is two tired.
The optometrist fell into his
lens grinder and made a spectacle
of himself. [That's a story that lens
Time flies like an arrow; fruit
flies like a banana.
A backward poet writes
In a democracy it's your vote
that counts; in feudalism, it's your
Count that votes.
A chicken crossing the road:

poultry in motion'.
Show me a piano falling down
a mine shaft and I'll show you A -
flat miner.
When a clock is hungry it goes
back four seconds.
The guy who fell onto an
upholstery machine was fully
A grenade fell onto a kitchen
floor in France, resulted in
Linoleum Blownapart.
You are stuck with your debt if
you can't budge it.
He broke into song because he
couldn't find the key.
A boiled egg is hard to beat.
He had a photographic mem-
ory which was never developed.
His parents thought he was a
budding genius, but he turned out
to be a blooming idiot.

I* *
e* ee S
O 0 l
"Copyrighted Material .. Syndicated Content o
Available from Commercial News Providers"

Zf~ S

s ee0 M

- e -
[.A. L


1 Tic! Tac! Toe! .1

Color This

*t -I 1 *

a m I e0

00o O MW



The Star/Prep Rap

Page B-6/June 23, 2007

The Star/Prep Rap

Page B-7/June 23, 2087

Reun ions

A Growing Trend

R .-i.. ,i I,. ,

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,, ; ,, .. h .. I I1

,; ": L I ,', ,' ,_ I ., ,. .3 I ,I

.1Rc i P', .n T., .p .

destination preference: send out terno invitation
packers and tally responses.
Finances to crate a budget and mnnage; a special
checking account.
Activities to plan the itinerary aind arrange for keep-
sakes like special T-shirtsm
SRMeal planning.
Photo andi information collection to display and hand
out to attendees.,
outto attendees.

. '' 'I ''' '' I *''t'I''I I:

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I-~I'I. I r... 1 ..I. I..

II;I idii.,it.IiI.,..i,

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" When choosing a destination, consider the time of year
and potential conflicts. For instance, spring break means
big crowds, increased rltes nid lonlg lead times to make
* When choosing a hotel, look for one that has a variety
offmirily-frieidly amenities -- like a pool and fitness
area to ensure tlha everyone is entertained when the
day's official activities are over


Collecting Memories
S,* ,.. -.; ,,; ,, r', ,r,.,' c ,r,,: T,, ,n 1l,, ',:l'. r',,,, ,, 1, ;

l ii ," I I. -l,, ,.rF I I, I.; ', I. ?,
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j I I' ,r. I~i rt~j,', i iL l li l r -, n 1 ,I 1

Breaking the Ice

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I ; .. l I l l l I II I I... .I I II 1 i'l I II II .. r i" I II i
.. II. = 1- 1.ai'i I 1ai IJ II i i II I I i .r l f i I I ii ii Iii ri.I

I}, hI i .. ;V i. ll i ,. Ii, ;r l I ,, I I'l.- .. i l I,, l I .I ,i o
.I~l ,1 II I '1 "11 I 1 I "1' ll'l I 1'- '1 f, II h II .. I 'r 1 1':.. .I,
II. 1.. ... r i .r, I.... I: .1 ii ,_ I D II I J .... I~ t,
.,. I ., ..h i h I d ... ,I.II I.r ... .1


Family Reunions
Turn a Famniv Reunion
into an Ainmazing Tirr'el

The old-fashioned family
reunion in grannda's back-
yard is so last summer. The
destination family reunion
allows everyone to get
together, while also enjoying
a fun trip
There are many reasns
to consider a destination fam-
ily reunion. They are espe-
crally appealing if family is
already spread around the
country or globe anyway.
They provide a unique oppor-
tunity for several family
members to bond while
learning and experiencing
new places.
They don't have to be
exotic or expensive. Here, re
some ideas for planning a
destination family reunion
Keep it simple
There's no need for a
pricy trip to a faraway land
staying in expensi- e hotel
rooms. Family reunion goers
have one distinct advantage:
a quantity of people. This
means several people can
share a vacation beach house.
or you can get a olume dis-
count for a family cruse.
Several hotels do offer dis-
counts as well.
Pick the right spot
Think carefully before
choosing the destination. If
people are spread out or e\ en
in the same region, rry to find
a central location so no one
family feels slighted.
Also consider destina-
tions that have a special
meaning for the family. Did
the grandparents immigrate
fior? Have a reunion in their
hometown, and learn mire
about the family history
Look for fun destinations
OK. the kids won't exact-
ly get nuts over a really bor-
ing destination. That's a fact.
Try to find destinations that
have something for every-
one: cool kid activities, plus
great museums and art gal-
leres. shopping options and
sporting events.


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DJ Sheri Fine of B92.7 FM

Featuring Gospel Greats:

Black Music Month
continued from B5 Ice
Cube is one of the most
enduring, versatile, contro-
versial and engaging figures
ever to emerge out of hip-
hop. At 30, he is one of this
generation's cultural icons.
After establishing himself as
a film phenomenon,
acclaimed actor, screenwriter,
director and producer, Ice
Cube (born O'Shea Jackson)
comes back to his solo music

career with a vengeance. He
has spent most of 1999-2000
working at an astonishing
rate, completing not one, but
two full-length albums the
first part titled War & Peace -
Volume 1& 2. Michael
Jackson, born August 29,
1958, in Gary, Indiana, as the
seventh of nine children.
Jackson and his brothers
Jackie, Tito, Marlon, and
Jermaine were assembled into
a singing group when

Luther Barnes & Sunset


Greg Kelly & Foundation

Mike Alston & Nu Revelation

Women of Strength

Saturday, June 30, 2007
at 7:00 p.m.

at the
Seldon Park Auditorium
Tickets: $15 in advance / $20 at the door

Tickets are available at Urban Extreme (Glynn Place Mall), Grooves
One Stop (Buckingham Place). Eddie's Restaurant (Gloucester
Street), Mrs. Annie Jackson (912) 265-2985, Mr. Vincent Williams
(912) 571-8187

Annie Mae Bullock, the most
successful female rock artist
of all time, Turner has stated
that any future albums or
tours would take place before
she turns 70 in 2009. Barry
White, the love icon, formed
the group Love Unlimited, a
female vocal trio made up of
Diane Taylor, Glodean James
(his future wife) and her sister
Linda. He also founded the
Love Unlimited Orchestra, a
40-piece ensemble to accom-

pany himself and the singing
trio, for which he conducted,
composed and arranged. Rick
James was the super freak, he
Mixing rock and funk creat-
ing "funk 'n' roll. When he
approached Berry Gordy in
1978, he had an entire record
in hand. The album was
released later that year as
Come Get It and two of its
songs immediately hit the
charts. "You and I" went gold,
"Mary Jane" followed.

Michael was only five years
old. Despite his extremely
young age, he soon distin-
guished himself as a singer
and dancer of prodigious abil-
ity. The Jackson 5, as the
group was called, signed a
recording contract with
Motown rule the charts in the
late 1960s and early '70s with
such hits as "I Want You
Back," "Stop, the Love You
Save," "ABC," and "Dancing
Machine." Tina Turner, born


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The Star/Prep Rap


juneE S., Auu /

"It was a screw-up on
the part of our research
team," Obama told the Des
Moines Register," It wasn't
anything I had
seen or my senior
staff had seen."
The document
in question linked
Clinton and her
husband to vari-
ous companies
that outsource
American jobs to
India, and includ-
ed a headline that
referred to Clinton
as the Democratic
senator from
b Punjab, a refer-
ence to a joke
Clinton had made
at a fundraiser.
The Obama
campaign provided it to a
reporter on a not-for-attri-
bution basis, and the
reporter shared it with the
Clinton campaign, which

Local News Briefs

Green Cove City Manager to be Investigated
Green Cove Springs, FL -The Florida Department
of Law Enforcement will investigate complaints of elec-
tion fraud involving the city manager of Green Cove
Springs following a review by the state.
Manager Don Bowles has voted in two municipal
elections since gaining the post in 1999, according to the
Clay County supervisor of elections, despite having a
homestead-exempt property on Wilkies Point Road in
unincorporated Clay County.
The Green Cove Springs charter requires the manager
live within its limits and no one who lives outside those
boundaries is legally allowed to vote in city elections.

Cargo Plane Brings New Jobs to Cecil Field
Jacksonville, FL -The military's new light cargo
plane will be assembled at Cecil Field in Southwest
L-3 Communications Integrated Systems, Boeing
Integrated Defense Systems and Alenia North America
teamed up to win the Joint Cargo Aircraft program. The
$2 billion program calls for 30 to 78 planes to be built to
replaceNietnam-era cargo planes.
The L-3 team has chosen to conduct final assembly
and checkout of the C-27J Spartan at Cecil Commerce
Center, where Boeing has operations, .Stone said. The
team has not decided whether it will build an assembly
plant on an undeveloped part of Cecil or whether it will
modify the hangars Boeing leases there.

Vietnam Vet Strangles 25-lb Bobcat Barehanded
Wesley Chapel, Fl --A 62-year-old Vietnam veteran
said he was acting on instinct when he strangled a rabid
25-pound bobcat that attacked him while he was sitting
on his back porch.
Dale Rippy endured the bobcat's slashes and bites
until it clawed into a position where he could grab it by
the throat. Then he strangled it.
Rippy said it was clear the crazed bobcat had to be
"I was bleeding everyplace," Rippy said of'the attack.
"If that cat had attacked a child, it would've been really
bad. It %wouldn't have quit."
Ripp\'s neighbors in the suburban central Florida
neighborhood called for help. Tests showed the dead bob-
cat \\as rabid. Rippy was treated for exposure to rabies,
and several bites and cuts.
Authorities praised Rippy for clear thinking under
"We give this guy a lot of credit for what he did," said
Pasco County Animal Control Manager Denise Hilton.
"The man was definitely using his head when he did that.
If he let the cat go, we could have had more victims."
1 t

shared it with the world.
On the website of South
Asians for Obama 2008,
one writer wrote that the
memo, "although intended
to draw attention to Senator
Clinton's hypocritical posi-
tion on outsourcing, the
memo was laced with criti-
cism of Senator Clinton's
longstanding support
among the Indian American
community. In addition to
being offended by the clear
anti-Indian sentiment in the
memo, we were particularly
disturbed because the memo
flies in the face of what we
respect most about Senator
Obama his inclusive
message and his ability to
relate to people of all back-
Said Obama on Tuesday,
"I thought it was stupid and
caustic and not only didn't
reflect my view of the com-
plicated issue of outsourc-
ing, it also didn't reflect the
fact that I have longstanding
support and friendships
within the Indian-American
He added that he takes
"responsibility for it, as does
our campaign, and we quick-
ly apologized and are com-
municating that in various
circles around the country."

Council's Corrigan to

Attend Murray Hill

Town Center Kickoff

Jacksonville City
Council President Michael
Corrigan will participate.in
a ground-breaking ceremo-
ny Tuesday, June 26th to
kick off construction of the
Murray Hill Town Certer
infrastructure improvement
The ceremony, to be
held at the corner of
Edgewood Avenue and Post
Street in the Murray Hill
district, will signal the start
of the approximately six
month project that will
restore and revitalize the
Edgewood Avenue com-
mercial corridor through the
reconstruction of sidewalks,
the milling and repaving of
the street, installation of
new historic-style street
lights, new landscaping,
and the retention and
expansion of the current
angled on-street parking.
In addition, the JEA has
already begun work in the
area to improve the appear-
ance of overhead utility
lines by the replacement of
aging poles and the removal
of power lines crossing the
street, where possible.
According to Council
President Corrigan,
"Through the perseverance
of the Murray Hill commu-
nity since 2003 when the
first visioning sessions took
place, the Town Center
improvements will finally
take place! The excitement
generated by the First Block
improvements will hopeful-
ly carry over to this longer
stretch of Edgewood
Avenue and help to again
make Murray Hill the great
walkable' community it
once was."

Crist Forms Commission on

Open Government Reform

Obama calls Clinton

Opposition Research

Paper "A Screw Up"

Blueprint for


Graduates 22:

Volunteer Jackson\ ille
recognized 22 community
leaders during graduation
ceremonies for its 2007
Blueprint' for' Leadership
class, held at the Ritz
Theater oil Wednesday. June
13th at 6:00 p.m.
Blueprint for Leadership,

HMc saughlih
~ iMost '1i~~.

adopt, amend and interpret themselves.
"As I understand it, everything was done
appropriately and I think the conclusion was:
exemplary," Crist said. "But I think you can

In a move that underscores his commit-
ment to governmental openness, Gov.
Charlie Crist has created a nine-member
Commission on Open Government Reform.
The commission will be responsible for
reviewing how)well the Sunshine State's
open meetings and records laws are
Crist, who has burnished his govern-
ment-in-the-sunshine credentials repeat-
edly in office, said the panel stocked with
top administration, media and legislative
officials would have broad authority to
explore where one of the country's
strongest open government laws could
use tweaking.
Putting limitations on it would be
counter-productive," Crist said a Tuesday
press conference.
The panel will hold at least three pub-
lic hearings around the state beginning in
Tallahassee in August and produce a final
report for the Legislature and governor
next year.
"It's important (they) have the oppor-
tunity to review whatever they deem
important and whatever they hear from
the people is important," Crist said.
When quizzed by a reporter, Crist listed
the Florida Clemency Board he sits on as
one place where work is still held in secrecy,
and a body where he thinks reform could be
examined. Earlier this year, Crist pushed
through a major reform of Florida's Jim
Crow-era clemency rules that is expected to
clear the way for hundreds of thousands of
felons to regain their voting rights.
Crist was also asked repeatedly about the
Florida Legislature's just-completed proper-
ty tax special session, where the final deal
on what could amount to Florida's largest-
ever tax cut was privately negotiated by leg-
islative leaders.
Unlike local governments, state lawmak-
ers' open meeting requirements are spelled
forth in rules the House and Senate can

Volunteer Jacksonville's
community leadership pro-
gram, is designed to train
and place community lead-
ers on the boards of non-
profit organizations or other
governing or advisory
boards in Jacksonville and
has been preparing leaders
since 1988.
Blueprint for Leadership,
a program of Volunteer
Jacksonville, Inc., is a com-
prehensi\ e six-month (one
day per month) course
designed to develop leader-
ship skills of particular

value to the nonprofit sector.
Graduates included:
Melissa Alex; Stephany
Amos; Thomas Blakely;
Pam Brizendine; Terrence
Campbell; Ajani Dunn; Jim
Farah; Belinda Fowler-
Hess; Cal Jackson; Paige
Johnston; Linda King; Pat
McGhee; Ernestine Moody-
Robinson; Jessica Smith;
Harlan Stallings; Gail
Staton; Danyel Surrency;
Deborah Thompson; Mike
Waters; Janell Weltz;
Pamela Wilson and
Elizabeth Yant

" ," .. .. ,,*"* ,* ,* '* 2 ;' "" Yio.

R EAL TO PICS! '''rom
u Cohost.


: : .30 pm. 9:00 p.m.
:K ..WCGL 1I 360 AMK

On the eb: www.WCGL1360.com
.* .; ** -; 1 ". .
*** ^ ^* /

always do better." First Amendment
Foundation President Barbara Petersen was
named chair of the commission.
Its other eight members include: Gerald
Bailey, commissioner of the Florida
Department of Law Enforcement; Bob
Butterworth, secretary of the Florida
Department of Children and Families; John
Carassas, a Pinellas County judge; Sandy
D'Alemberte, attorney and past president of
Florida State University; Sen. Paula
Dockery, R-Lakeland; Jeanne Grinstead,
deputy managing editor, St. Petersburg
Times and president of the Florida Society
of Newspaper Editors; Renee Lee, a
Hillsborough County lawyer; Rep. Will
Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel.

In his first public com-
ments about the controver-
sial opposition research his
campaign prepared about

Barack Obama

Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY,
trying to tie her to outsourc-
ing in India, Obama today
blamed his staff.


c~Lrrari.~~Prs_ oR.I-~?CP(llm~19~.rr~L-- ___-------llri~~*~~)*~45kl*rr*Lgd)l(L



r-.-, 7q ')/2107

PAGE C-2 TII. ~' STAR JUNE 23, 2007


Dear Deanna!
I'm stuck in a dead end relationship in a dead town. I
just graduated from high school and I am dating an older
man. I am feeling the urge to get away but I feel guilty. I
want to achieve things, see other people and have a better
life. He's trying to brainwash me and make me think I'm
dumb, and can't make it without him. I want to get away
but he has me limited because I can't drive, have no skills
and no friends. How do I make things happen for myself?
Anonymous (On-line Reader)
Dear Anonymous:
Your old man has watched his life pass by and he's a loser and will pull you into
the same hole. Your life is just beginning and you need to get some job skills, educa-
tion and treat yourself to the finer things in life. You don't need a man holding you
down or telling you what you can't do. You can do anything if you believe in yourself.
When you get tired of your dead end situation, empty your bank account and take a leap
of faith and just get up and leave.

Dear Deanna!
My girlfriend of two years destroyed me. I learned that the entire time we were dat-
ing she was seeing someone else. For a year she has been trying to pressure me into
marriage but I wasn't ready. She ended her relationship with me and a few weeks later
announced she was getting married. I see the things she wanted and I'm willing to look
like a fool to get her back. She tells me that I blew my chances. I feel desperate and
want to know is there anything I can do to get her back?
Sean (Memphis, TN)
Dear Sean:
Instead of being a pathetic beggar open your eyes and see that your girlfriend was
a cheating two-timer. She played games with two men and chose the one that would
marry her. You can look like a fool if you want but if she cheated on you with another
man once, she'll do it again but next time things may be worse. You shouldn't allow a
woman to have this kind of power. Get yourself together, hold your head up and work
through your pain and wait for the lady that's meant for you.

Dear Deanna!
My best friend is in an abusive relationship. I see the bruises and hear the pain and
torment in her voice. I want to help her but she always denies the problems. I saw her
recently and one of her front teeth was gone. She claimed she had an accident on the
stairs but I know otherwise. I'm ready to tell her family but I'm afraid because her
father is crazy and may do something harmful. How can I help a friend in this horrible
Worried Friend (Milwaukee, WI)
Dear Worried Friend:
You need to tell your friends family as: soon as you can. Yes, fathers go crazy and
if a man is beating his daughter he needs to be dealt with. If something deadly happens
to your friend you will have blood on your hands too because you knew and didn't try
to help. Give your friend some referrals to a few domestic abuse sources so she can rec-
ognize that this relationship isn't healthy. In the meanwhile, join forces with the fami-
ly and support and help her get out of this relationship before it's too late.

Email Me: askdeannal@yahoo.com or write to: Ask Deanna! 264 S. LaCienega
Blvd., #1283, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

'Segregated' Schools Hinder Reading Skills

CHAPEL HILL -Children in families with low incomes, who attend schools
where the minority population exceeds 75 percent of the student enrollment,
under-perform in reading, even after accounting for the quality of the literacy
instruction, literary experiences at home, gender, race and other variables,
according to a new study.
The majority of black and Hispanic children in the United States attend such
"minority segregated" schools, according to the National Center for Education
The study, by the FPG Child Development Institute (FPG) and the School of
Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, examined reading
development from kindergarten to third grade for 1,913 economically disadvan-
taged children. The children were part of the Children from Early Childhood
Longitudinal Study Kindergarten Cohort, a nationally representative sample of
more than 22,000 children enrolled in approximately 1,000 kindergarten pro-
"Good instruction is essential, but it's not enough," said Kirsten Kainz, an
investigator at FPG, senior research associate in the School of Education and
author of the study.
"Most current reading instruction initiatives and policies are aimed at
improving classroom instruction," Kainz said. "This research shows that charac-
teristics of the child, the home, the classroom and the school influence reading
development, and that maximally effective reading policy should address all four
systems simultaneously."
Kainz and her colleagues found that classroom and school characteristics had
a larger affect on low-income students' long-term reading abilities than the
method of instruction or a child's background, such as the parents' employment
patterns or size of the household.

The study also showed that the percentage of struggling readers in a class-
room negatively influenced every student's reading performance, erasing any
benefits of comprehensive literacy instruction. Children attending kindergarten
classrooms with higher percentages of students reading below grade level
demonstrated constrained performance in reading at the end of kindergarten. The
same was true for children in first grade.
Children were assessed in basic reading skills, vocabulary and comprehen-
sion. Researchers then considered how four levels of variables child, family,
classroom and school affected reading skills. Data was collected as part of a
national survey via telephone interviews and written questionnaires with care-
givers, teachers and administrators.,

Faith Of The Fearless
B \ E tie r D a % is ,.

The first person to cross the United States in an airplane ..
\\as deaf. Cal Rodgers. a student of the \W'right Brothers.
reported\ had about 90 minutes of flight training. He left
New York on Sept. 17, 1911. and arrived in California on Dec.
10. 1911. in a biplane called the "Vin Fiz." which h looked very '
similar to the rickety wood-frame and fabric plane of the
\\right Brothers. Rodgers, sitting on the front with no protec-
tion or even a helmet, made it in 84 days with five major crashes and two engine explosions
along the way. A childhood bout with scarlet fever had left the young aviator deaf. What
rationale, in its proper place, would think you need to hear to fly?
The building of the Hoover Dam has always been a study of serious intrigue to me. I have
been to visit the final project several times. I still stand in wonderment. The endless questions
still linger. There is a list of the lives lost carved on a marble slab, but was there anxiety, hes-
itation, cold feet, terror?
Some research revealed that there was a group of adventurers called "high scalers," who
had nerves of steel and were paid 75 cents an hour vs. the 50 cents an hour paid to regular
Hoover Dam workers. There were no hard hats, no safety nets, no OSHA controls during this
period in our history. The high scalers were former sailors, Native Americans who lived in
harsh terrain, and circus acrobats. Of course, these men were selected for their proven
courage, agility, delights of heights, not to mention their physiques. I wonder, were these
individuals driven by a higher octane rush of adrenaline?
I attended the funeral of an African-American centenarian. The family had many famous
stories about her life, among which was a story of Bonnie and Clyde, the notorious duo, being
guests in her home. The underlying thought was that the officers would not be looking for
two white people in the home of a black family. However, the thought does not escape the
amount of faith required to be a cordial hostess to known offenders'. Can fear also be
unspeakable strength?
Throughout history we have been amazed, dazzled and in awe at the daredevils, their
enthusiasm and taunting efforts to be the "best." Jumping through fire, crashing cars, best
fight, legal racing. The World Stunt Awards one year went to a man and woman who, hands
cupped together, jumped out of a fifth-floor window. The Ozark Mountain daredevils are a
constant conversation piece.
Pilots are the most particularly competitive group, the stunt community creates the action
we required in movies, tornado chasers are truly misunderstood and the good-looking lion
tamer the cutest and bravest. The motorcycle stunt shows make your heart skip a beat. The
Blue Angels and Skycoasters have your nerves doing the tango. But we go to watch anyway.
Is it the thrill of it all that fascinates us?
Gov. Schwarzenegger's real claim to fame was his contribution to the explosive action in
his movies. (Speaking of movies, let me surely not forget the film crews, who are the mas-
ters behind the scenes.) Evel Knievel wore us all out with his highly publicized stunts and
broken bones routine.
We could not get enough of Erik Weihenmayer, the one and only blind man who ventured
up Mount Everest, a mountain he could not see. All of these headliners feed the public's eager
interest and quest for "I-saw-it-but-I-don't-believe-it" outcry. But again, do we consider them
bold, daring, half-baked, desperate, thrill-crazed or what?
In our daily lives, we see many, many examples of the fearless and their faith. The fear-
less live up to the true meaning of faith, which is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes
can see. Faith is not rocket science, brain surgery or a library of books analyzing how to get
Worry looks around. Sorry looks back. Faith looks up. What's your pleasure?
Ester Davis is a writer and a television host/producer. She can be reached at

Adults Have Power to Close Black-
White Reading Gap

By: Tonvaa Weathersbee. BlackAmencaWeb.com "
I" ith perrniiss~ion

If hen I w'as a child, I never read books like "A-mazing Grace"
Or ",lufaro 's Beautiful Daughters."

It wasn't because mN mother an elementary school teacher -
didn't want me to. Oh no. Almost from the time that I \vas able to
hold a cup and a baby spoon \\ith myfat little finger, she stuck
books in front of me as well. First it was the picture books, then the books with big letters. Once
I entered first grade in 1965, those baby books were replaced with the Alice and Jerry readers.
All those books, with their idyllic portrayals of nature, fairy tale characters and everyday antics
of blond, Beaver Cleaver-era white kids filled my imagination and showed me that this read-
ing thing was a big deal. What they didn't show me, however, was where children and people
who looked like me fit in with that lily-white world.
Books like "Amazing Grace," the 1991 children's book of how a black girl proves she can
be the best Peter Pan ever in a play even though her classmates say she can't do it because she's
black and female, weren't around back when my mother was buying me books. Neither was the
book "Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters," a 1988 book that, through its pictures of women with
clear African features, depicts the,story of two sisters who go before a king who is choosing a
But such culturally relevant children's books books that throw the cloak of invisibility off
of the experience and culture of black people are around now. And more are being published
all the time. Which is why a recent story in The Christian Science Monitor gave me reason to
celebrate and to sigh.
According to the Monitor, the explosion of multicultural children's books in the early 1990s
is still making a huge impact with black families. At Hue-Man Bookstore, a black bookstore in
Harlem, for example, children's books account for 30 percent of the sales of the 16,000 titles
that it stocks. That's good news.
But what's frustrating is that even though anecdotal evidence suggests that such books may
inspire more black children to read, that trend needs to pick up steam more quickly to begin to
close the reading gap that exists between black and white children. And the gap is stark.
The National Assessment of Educational Progress reported that just 12 percent of black
fourth-graders were reading at grade level in 2000, compared to 40 percent of white fourth-
And recent studies done by the National Center for Educational Statistics found large
achievement gaps between black and white children as early as kindergarten. For example, the
center's studies showed that in 2002, 73 percent of white kindergartners were proficient in let-
ter recognition, compared to 59 percent of black kindergartners. Similar differences existed for
recognition of words' beginning and ending sounds, and for print familiarity.
But the studies also keyed in on a significant point that achievement tests don't measure
literacy skills acquired outside of the classroom, and that an appropriate response to enhance
reading skills is to match children's learning capabilities and needs with the most appropriate
That's important. And that's where children's books especially those written by black
authors can play a vital role. For example, a 1988 book entitled "Baby Says," by black author
John ,Steptoe, uses only baby words to depict the relationship between a toddler and his older

And while baby words might not be the vocabulary that one ultimately wants a black child
to stick with, it at least takes the mystery and fear out of reading for many black children who,
because of cultural and economic reasons, have to look after younger siblings at earlier ages.
That's the hopeful part about all this; that while the reading gap still exists, it is within the
power of black parents and black communities to close it by exposing their children to books
that celebrate and recognize their existence. The books are there. And if many parents just heed
Bill Cosby's advice to forgo buying the Nikes in favor of "Hooked on Phonics," in time we can
close this reading gap.
The lack of culturally relevant books didn't hurt me much when I was child because my
mother was skilled enough to put the world in context for me. So I learned how to read by mak-
ing do with the stuff that I had. Nowadays, black parents have more material to work with.
And fewer excuses.


JUNE 23, 2007


.!JE2.207TESARPG -

Queen Quet,
Marquetta Goodwine,
Chieftess of the
Gullah/Geechee Nation,
announces the
Gullah/Geechee Reunion
on Sullivan's Island, S.C.,
on July 7 at noon.
Queen Quet is calling
for all descendants, from
Jacksonville, Fla., to
Jacksonville, N.C., the
Caribbean and around the
world, to join her in this
annual celebration of cul-
ture, heritage and history.
Bring your entire family,
friends, civic organization
and congregation along
with chairs, umbrellas for
shade. \ after. drums and
an open spirit. For infor-
mation, send e-mail to
GullGeeCo,'aol.com or
call (843l 838-171l.
The photos are of
Queen Quet giving a
histo-inusical presenta-
tion and women present-
ing the ring shout.


:,. "PI

d `


.A' -
2~ ;

SPECIAL MEETING OF THE COUNCIL: Mayor's 2007-2008 Annual
Budget Presentation
A Special Meeting of the Council will be held on Monday, July 16, 2007 at 10:00
a.m., in the Council Chambers, 1st Floor, City Hall, St. James Building. Mayor John
Peyton will present his 2007-2008 Annual Budget address to the Jacksonville City
Council at this time. The regular scheduled Rules Committee meeting will convene
immediately following the Mayor's presentation.
Council Member attendance is mandatory so please mark your calendars
accordingly. All other interested parties are invited to attend.
If you have any questions, please call Sarah Balme, Executive Council Assistant
at 630-1380.
URGENT! Federal Abstinence Funding Will End June 30th!
Money allocated for abstinence funding will shift to comprehensive sex education
Jacksonville, FL- Based upon a recent Health and Human Service (HHS) report, the shift
of abstinence funding to comprehensive sex education funding is the worst possible thing for
the youth of Northeast Florida.
Project SOS will lose much needed funding that will eliminate their much needed services
in several schools in the Northeast Florida area. Since 1993, Project SOS has taught teenagers
S skills that help them set boundaries, use refusal skills, set goals, communicate with parents,
and avoid high risk behaviors. In fact, since federal abstinence funding was made available to
Project SOS, the teen birth rate in Northeast Florida has decreased 55%! Are parents really
ready to turn the health education of their student over to comprehensive sex educators?
Parents need to know that what is called "comprehensive" is really anything but.
According to the HHS report, startling components of the "comprehensive" sex education pro-
grams for teens as young as 13 include lessons include:
Advocating showering together as a no risk activity.
Promoting methods for sexual stimulation.
Conducting sexual role-play on how to help a partner maintain an erection.
Describing how to eroticize condom use with a partner.
Suggesting teens wear shades or a disguises when shopping for condoms so adults and
parents won't recognize them.
Parents communicated their strong support for abstinence education, as currently fund-
ed by Congress, in a recent 2007 Zogby poll. In fact, regardless of ideological leaning, par-
ents from across America supported abstinence education over 'comprehensive' sex education
by a 2:1 margin. The very topics that parents wanted curricula to cover are absent in most
'comprehensive' sex education."
Parents need to know who is teaching their students and what their students are being
taught. Comprehensive sex education teaches little about abstinence (risk prevention) and
focuses heavily on condom usage (risk reduction) and ways to engage in sexual behavior.
Project SOS is encouraging 10,000 parents to contact their elected official and demand that
abstinence funding not be cut!

Joy Purdy Returns To Jacksonville
Jacksonville, FL... First Coast News announced today that TV Anchor Joy Purdy
will be joining the First Coast News team, starting September 4th. She will co-anchor
first Coast News at 7 p.m. on WJXX with Deanna Fene, and will also play an impor-
tant role in both franchise and series reporting. Purdy replaces anchor Mark Spain,
who will leave First Coast News in early August.
Purdy joins First Coast News, WTLV/WJXX from the CBS affiliate in Miami,
WFOR, where she served as. weekend anchor and reporter.
"What always impressed me about Joy Purdy, was the ease with which she
exudes both professionalism and energy in her work," said General Manager, Ken
Tonning. "She'll be a great addition to our award winning team."
Joy Purdy is glad to be back on the First Coast, rcnlarking. "First Coast News
welcomed me with open arms, and after being away from my husband and step-
daughter for 7 years, this was an opportunity I just couldn't pass up. I'm excited
about joining the First Coast News Team,,and cannot wait to get started. It feels good
to come home."
Purdy is a recipient of the individual achievement, 2000 award from the Florida
Associated Press. She is also a member of the Associal ion of Black Journalists. She
received her Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from Villanova University,
and remains a die-hard Jaguars fan.
The Jacksonville Branch of the NAACP, Senator Anthony C. "Tony" Hill, Sr.,
the D.W. Perkins Bar Association and the ACLU of Grer;aer Jacksonville to host
Restoration of Civil Rights Outreach Workshop on June 23rd, at the first of sev-
eral Restoration of Civil Rights Outreach Workshops plliiLcd for the Jacksonville
area this summer. The workshop will be held at the James Weldon Johnson Middle
School, 1840 W. 9th St., Jacksonville, FL from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The workshop is
aimed at reaching ex-offenders who may be cli iibl for an expedited version of civil
rights restoration adopted April 5, 2007 by Florida's ClciICncy board. For more
information (850) 488-2952 or visit \ cJi site: https://fpc ,l,' fl ii 'Clemency.htm
i d tt

Women of Strength. Contact Vincent Williams at (912) 571-8187 for more
PROSTATE CANCER," Saturday, June 23rd at 10 a.m. Donation is $15 per
bike and $5 for extra rider. We will be departing from Gateway Mall on
Norwood Ave. Arrive by 9:30 a.m. for registration. Kick stands up at 10:30
a.m. Supports a non-profit organization that offers education and support serv-
ices to prostate cancer patients and their families. Afterward, there will be the
1st Annual Riders Gathering at the Knights of Columbus located at 3920 Old
Middleburg Rd. For more information contact Rob at 993-0569.

k, *. i--J



Announcements, meetings, happenings, and community events scheduled
in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.
CARIBBEAN CRUISE. Sailing August 27, 2007, for 5 days. Only 7 spaces
left. Please call now to reserve your space. Ask for Evelyn Gosha at (912) 265-
CLASS OF 1967 NB FORREST HIGH SCHOOL is having their 40th
Reunion, July 20-21, 2007 Crowne Plaza Downtown/Riverplace Tower.
Contact: Reunion Classics: (904) 269-5471 for registration info.
East Seventh St., Charlotte, NC by invitation only. Boys and girls ages 10 19
are eligible to apply. Players from 50 states and 17 foreign countries attended the
2006 camp. College basketball scholarships are possible for players selected to
the All-American Team. Camp locations include: Glassboro, NJ, Prescott, AZ,
Thousand Oaks, CA, Sterling, CO, Babson Park, FL, Atlanta, GA, Champaign,
IL, Ypsilanti, MI, Hickory, NC, Mitchell, SD, Lebanon, TN, Commerce, TX,
and Blacksburg, VA. There is also a Summer Camp available for boys and girls
ages 6 18 of all skill levels. For a free brochure on these Summer Camps,
please call (704) 373-0873.
Over $100,000 in prizes will be awarded this year in the International Open
Poetry Contest. The deadline for the contest is June 30, 2007. The contest is
open to everyone, whether previously published or not, you can be a winner. To
enter, send ONE original poem, any subject and any style to: The International
Library of Poetry, Suite 19925, 1 Poetry Plaza, Owings Mills, MD 21117. The
poem should be 20 lines or less, and the poet's name and address should appear
on the top of the page. Must be postmarked or sent via the internet at www.poet-
ry.com by June 30th.
SUMMER CAREER ACADEMICS Duval County Public Schools and
Florida Community College at Jacksonville have partnered to help prepare
Jacksonville high school students for life after high school by offering "Summer
Career Academics," a month-long exploration of career and education opportu-
nities. Weekdays, June 4th to 29th to explore seven career fields at seven FCCJ
campuses and centers from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Parents and students are
encouraged to visit www.fccj.edu/summeracademics to complete admission
applications and summit as directed to via fax or postal mail.
HAVEN HOSPICE OF JACKSONVILLE is looking for volunteers and offers
a variety of rewarding opportunities to reach out and help within your commu-
nity. Assignments are available to best suit your time, interest and skills and
include: patient/family care, administrative assistance, fund raising, speakers
i bureau and community events. If you are interested in making a difference,
please contact: Sandra Francis at (904) 733-9818 or (904) 465-0209.
FREE SUMMER STORIES AND MORE visit www.StatePoint.net to
download stories free of charge. Including 'Summer Guide' supplements and
Timely 'Healthy Living' supplements. StatePoint.net offers links to top state
"News Readers Can Use," general interest features, monthly special supple-
ments, as well as crossword and Sudoku puzzles... all free-of charge.
Sunday, October 21st at 7 9:30 p.m. at The Avenues Mall. Honorary chairs this
year are Lewis S. and Frances Childress Lee. Caring Chefs has raised more than
$2 million for CHS to help families for the First Coast. Thanks to the generosi-
ty and support of the area's chefs, donors, volunteers and sponsors, 100 percent
of all proceeds continuously benefit CHS. Chefs tickets are $60 and include
admission, food, drink and live entertainment. For more information and spon-
sorship opportunities, contact Nanette Vallejos at (904) 493-7739.
LIBRARY SUMMER HOURS Branch Libraries are Closed on Sundays in
June and July, as part of the library's regular Summer schedule. The Main
Library is open on Sundays in June and July.
TER will host a Golf Tournament Wednesday, September 5th at Mill cove Golf
Course. We are asking all businesses to advertise by sponsoring a hole at $100
each. Tickets are $50 per person. The proceeds will benefit our local culinary
chapter, Apprentices from the Clara White Mission and F.C.C.J. North Campus
and a local charity. For additional information, please contact Executive Chef
Johnnie Jones, Genesis Cafe' and Catering at (904) 448-8434.
THE MENINAK CLUB OF JACKSONVILLE is accepting applications for
its Annual Charity Project Award. The $30,000 grant will be awarded to a char-
ity organization in the Duval County area that serves underprivileged or hand-
icapped children and must be used for a capital improvement, the deadline for
submitting an application is Monday, July 16, 2007. Applications can be
obtained from the Meninak club by calling Cathy Hill at (904) 745-3393 or
meninak@camcast.net. July 16th is application deadline; August 27 select
three finalists; September 17th winner announced. Special Note: Include a
Cover page with the following specific information: (1) Exact amount of funds
I requested; (2) Detailed description of project; (3) Who the project will benefit
(i.e., how many, age range, special needs).
SUMMER LUNCH PROGRAM KICKS OFF Tuesday, May 29th through
Friday, August 17th. Look for the "Free Lunch Served Here" banner. A com-
plete list of Summer Lunch Program sites is available at www.jaxkids.org. For
more information, call the JCC at (904) 630-6400.
is being honored Saturday, June 30 at 7:00 p.m. at the Seldon Park Auditorium,
' Brunswick. The audience will be entertained by Luther Barners & Sunset
Jubilaires, Greg Kelly & Foundation, Mike Alston & Nu Revelation and



JUT~NE 23, 200 7

* Arkansas's Apology

Regina Benjamin

Charleston's Fire

Regina Benjamin

New Chair-Elect

Federation of State

Medical Boards

Former FAMU Trustee

and President Medical

Association of Alabama

Dr. Regina Benjamin, a
former Florida A&M
University Board of
Trustee, was voted Chair-
Elect, formerly known as
president, of the Federation
of State Medical Boards at
;the organization's recent
95th Annual Meeting in
SSan Francisco, Calif.
S Benjamin, is founder
Sand CEO of the Bayou La
Batre Rural Health Clinic
in Bayou La Batre, Ala.,
which serves this Gulf
Coast, small shrimping vil-
lage's largely poor popula-
The Bayou La Batre
Clinic was severely dam-
aged by Hurricane Katrina.
Bayou La Batre is a lit-
tle village tucked along a
waterway that reaches
inland from the Gulf of
Mexico several miles into
the pine-dotted Alabama
Seafood is the town's
main livelihood, but foreign
imports and
rising fuel
costs have Dr
driven the African.
industry into preside

decline. Society.
When the
hurricane sent
a 13-foot tidal surge sweep-
ing through the town, it
submerged shipyards, and
flooded State Highway 188
two miles north of the gulf.
By morning, with waters
rapidly surrounding them,
panicked residents crawled
onto their rooftops and into
The Clinic's building
had survived but the con-
tents of the structure was
completely destroyed by
the water and debris.

A week after Katrina,
she was treating patients at
the community center,
where 240 cots
were set up for
Her office sat on
the stage of the
auditorium. She
right there,
without even a
curtain for pri-
vacy. The near-
est bathroom
was downstairs.
As chair-
elect, Benjamin
will assist the
FSMB's Chair
in discharging
his leadership
during the next year. She
will assume the position of
Chair in San Antonio, TX,
Benjamin has been

Regina Benjamin was the fi
-American woman to becoi
nt of a U.S. State Medical

active in the medical regula-
tory community on the state
and national level for 20
years. In addition to serving
on the FSMB's board of
directors, she has served on
many of the organization's
committees, including the
recent workgroup that
developed the FSMB's
Model Guidelines for
Opioid Addiction
Treatment in the Medical
. Benjamin also served on

Aces & 8's
(*-^- -".--

Heads or Tails

Jingle Bucks

Candy Cane Cash

(S S
Holiday Cheer

Money Game

Cash Reward
.j ... ...

the National Board of
Medical Examiners and
chaired the' United States
Medical Licensing
Examination Step 3
In Alabama, Benjamin
served on the state's Board
of Medical Examiners for
12 years. In 1995,
Benjamin was first physi-
cian' under age 40 and first
African-American woman
to be elected to the
American Medical
Association Board of
In 2002, Dr. Benjamin
became president of the
Medical Association of the
State of Alabama, making

Dr. Regina Benjamin

her the first African-
American woman to
become president of a U.S.
State Medical Society.
She is cur-
rently a mem-
rst ber of the
me AMA Council
on Ethical and
D r
Benjamin was the U.S.
recipient of the Nelson
Mandela Award for Health
and Human Rights, and
been ABC Television's
Person .of the Week and
CBS This Morning's
Woman of the Year. Dr.
Benjamin received the
National Caring Award,
which was inspired by
Mother Teresa and recently
received the Papal honor,
Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice
from Pope Benedict XVI.

Crazy Cash

^S;I 7^

$1 I Illd-iy Monopoly $2 Holiday Monopoly
Ht,. 4 #673

Super 77-7-

Surprize Package

All these Scratch-Off Games officially end June 29, 2007. So play these great
games now while there are still prizes to win. But remember, any winning tickets must
be redeemed by Tuesday, August 28, 2007, Prizes less than $600 may be redeemed at
any Florida Lottery retailer. Prizes $600 and over must be claimed at a Florida Lottery
office. (For the office nearest you call 850-487-7777.) Thanks for playing these and the
many other games of the Florida Lottery.
0 o007 Florida Lottery. Must be 18 or older to play, Please play responsibly.

Deal or No Deal

Holiday Package

Triple Cash

Flda Lottery.
When you play, we all win.
flalottery com

lb I

Non-Binding Interim Resolution Passed

Arkansas Joins Southern

States in Slavery Apology

Less than two weeks after Arkansas
Governor Mike Beebe questioned an effort
to have Arkansas join other states in apolo-
gizing for its role in slavery, an Arkansas
legislative panel passed a resolution Friday
expressing "profound regret" for the state's
role in slavery, following the lead of other
Southern states that have issued similar
Alabama, Maryland, North Carolina and
Virginia have issued slavery apologies.
Some Arkansas lawmakers say the 50th
anniversary of integration in Little Rock's
Central High School on Sept. 25 would be
an appropriate time for Arkansas' own leg-
islative resolution or a statement of regret
from the governor.
The Arkansas Legislative Council, the
group that oversees legislative matters
between sessions, approved the interim res-
olution asking forgiveness for the "wrongs
inflicted by slavery and its after-effects." A
black state legislator called the resolution a
The non-binding resolution does not
require Gov. Mike Beebe's signature, legis-
lators said.
"The Legislative Council expresses its
deepest sympathies and solemn regrets to
those who were enslaved and those descen-
dants of slaves, who were deprived of life,
human dignity, and the constitutional pro-
tections accorded all citizens of the United
States," the resolution said.
"The last thing I want to see is for my

children to have textbooks say that all
southern states that played in a role in slav-
ery apologized except for Arkansas," said
Rep. Steve Harrelson, a co-sponsor of the
Black lawmakers have debated whether
it would be appropriate for the state to fol-
low suit with similar apologies, and Beebe
has said he didn't know if such an apology
was necessary.
"I think Arkansas probably has as good a
feel for folks working together as any
Southern state or any other state, so I think
we've moved past that," Beebe told The
Associated Press earlier month.
Asked whether he would sign an apolo-
gy if legislators approved one, the governor
said, "I'd have to deal with it then."
"I think the next step is to look at how
we reconcile the vestiges of slavery with
where our hearts and minds are today in
terms of the issues related to racism, to
poverty, to de facto segregation. housing
and all of the other social issues we say
we're concerned about," said Hank Wilkins
IV, co-chairman of the council, who is
Rep. Stephanie Flowers, who is black,
said she viewed the apology as a "mockery"
because it was merely symbolic and doesn't
address current inequality.
"We' e still got so much discrimination
in this state and this country and umnil these
whites admit it and deal with it it doesn't do
anything," said Flowers, D-Pine Bluff.

Not unlike Jacksonville
and many other large cities,
fire has shaped Charleston
since before it was even a
city, but last week's tragedy
stands out because it
involved so much loss of
life from a single fire that
burned two buildings down.
By comparison, Jackson-
ville's great fire of 1901
only seven deaths were
Nine city firefighters
lost their lives, including
two veteran African
Americans, Monday -
when the roof of the Sofa
Super Store on Savannah
Highway collapsed sudden-
ly, resulting in the greatest
loss of life than any other
blaze since the city reorgan-
ized its fire protection into a
professional, paid depart-
ment in 1888.
Monday's fire claimed
the most firefighters since
the 9/11 attacks when 343
died, the U.S. Fire
Administration said. Before
9/11, the' worst single-fire-
fighting fatality happened
in 1994 when wildfires in
Colorado claimed 14 fire-
Mayor Joseph P. Riley,
Jr. declared Friday a Day of
Mourning in honor of the

Sofa Super Store Fire in Charleston. S.C.

nine firefighters killed in
Monday's fire.
All city offices were
closed, with the exception
of Recreation facilities,
Public Safety offices and
Municipal Court. The Fire
Department stations were
operational but stations

were staffed by outside fire
Jaencies. At 8 a.m. a pro-
cessional beinniniiu down-
town moved to West Ashley
and then to the North
Coliseum where a 10 a.m.
memorial service was held
at the North Ciharleston

Regional News Briefs

Georgia Moves Primary up to Join MIega-Tuesday
Atlanta, GA Gov. Sonny Pe i ie has signed a bill that moves Georgia's presiden-
tial primary to Feb. 5, making the Peach nkuc part oa' a mc,.:-Tuesday primary dt could
be key to selecting each party's nominee.
So far, 15 states are currently scheduled to cast iitir ballots Feb. 5, acc'rdini. to the
National Conference of State Legislatures. Anoth'lici states have pending leg is;tion
that would either bump their primaries up to early February or would give state officials
latitude to do so.
a- J. r1


The Star June 23, 2007

Charleston Fire Devastating

as Nine Fire Fighters Die

What's about to become

Florida history?

All the following Scratch-Off Games of the Florida Lottery.

The Star June 23, 2007

* Champs Visit White House

New Gator Coaches

FZ.1. Ae((

Angel Cabrera
Let me get this straight up front, I am a Tiger Woods
man. Cut my finger on any Sunday afternoon and I will
bleed Tiger Red until the last putt of the day!
Having said that, there is no doubt about it, after
every major Tournament we have an obsession with
looking back at Sunday's final round using Tiger Woods
as our frame of reference. Tiger is the Gold Standard
when it comes to golf.
But every once in a while we have to look the facts
straight in the eye and agree with the observations of the
guy who actually won the whole bag of marbles.
Angel Cabrera knew he was playing the guy two
holes back on Sunday and he remembered the
Wentworth last month when his nerves fell apart and fie
hit several crap shots that cost him the tournament.
But this US Open belonged to the El Pato the
Duck. Argentina's pride and joy.
And for the record, the world's No1 has held the lead
on the final day in the last two majors, the US Open and
at Augusta, and failed to win either. Big deal.
.Or as Cabrera put it far more eloquently when asked
what it was like to beat Tiger Woods: "No, No, No," he
said. "I beat Everybody, not only him.."
A few side notes to Cabrera's win, I expect that 15
other golfers including Phil Mickelson will proba-
bly remember his performance.
That would be the group that missed the cut when
Cabrera's birdie on eighteen Friday moved the cut from
+11 to +10..
There were 454 rounds of golf played at Oakmont. Of
those 454. only eight were below par. Of those eight, an
Argentenian named Angel Cabrera had two!
Does all that change my opinion of Tiger Woods? Of
course not but it does change my opinion of Angels
Sam Woods
While he didn't take home a trophy from Oakmont,
Tiger will be taking one home this week.
Monday, less than 24-hours after the Tiger-Angel
drama ended, Sam Alexis Woods joined the Woods fam-
ily. The baby girl and mother are both doing fine accord-
ing to the proud father.
When asked how his game would be effected by
fatherhood, Tiger answered "I don't really know. ..
because I've never gone through it before."
Tiger, let me tell you something, your golf game is
not the only thing that is going to change in your life.
Congratulations to Elin and Tiger Woods.
Jacksonville Suns
The Suns are hot! As of press time the Jacksonville
Suns were on a winning blitz with 9 wins in their last 10
While Mississippi's win last week over Mobile
clinched the first half South Division title for the Braves,
Jacksonville won 12 of the last 15 first half games to fin-
ish 41-29, one game back of first place.
The Suns are at home tonight and If a great ball game
in an outstanding stadium isn't enough, remember that
the first 3,000 fans get a b,obblehead of Matt Kemp.
Kemp was the Suns outfielder last season who made
an instant impact with the Dodgers in 2006 and contin-
ues with the Suns' parent club this season!
The Suns then hit the road for a six-game series at

* b

Sports News Briefs

Gators Open SEC at home Against Vols on TV
Gainesville, FL The University of Florida foot-
ball game against Tennessee on Saturday, Sept. 15, in
Gainesville has been set for a 3:30 p.m. kickoff on CBS,
the Southeastern Conference announced Wednesday as
part of its early television schedule.
Florida's league opener will be against the
Volunteers for the. ninth time in the past 10 years. UF
leads the all-time series against UT in contests played in
Gainesville, 8-5.

Pacman Draws Two Felony Charges in Vegas
Las Vegas, NV Suspended NFL player Adam
"Pacman" Jones will face two felony charges in a strip
club melee that preceded a triple shooting in February,
authorities said Wednesday.
Two other people police identify as part of the trou-
bled Tennessee Titans cornerback's entourage also will
face felony charges in the fracas inside the Minxx club,
Las Vegas police said in a statement.
Since Jones was drafted by the Titans in April 2005,
he has been involved in 11 separate police investiga-
tions, including efforts by Atlanta police to question him
about a shooting early Monday after a fight at an Atlanta
strip club. He has been arrested five times just over two
years. He has not been convicted of any crimes.
.i &,

1 2 Collegiate

Gators & Noles Visit White

House for Champions Day

The Gators National Championship Basketball team and
FSU's National Championship Track team visited the White
House Monday as part of the President's Champions' Day.
The two were among the 21 college athletic teams recog-
nized Monday as NCAA champions. The students, repre-
senting 14 states, included victorious baseball and basket-
ball teams, champion bowlers, gymnasts, fencers and
"I appreciate being with good athletes, good students,
good leaders. That's what it takes to become a champion,"'
Bush told the students sitting before him.
But the president also took a friendly jab at some of the
teams' unusual mascots.
"There's Tigers and Badgers. Huskers and Anteaters,'" .
.he said, in a nod to the University of California Irvine base-
hall team. "'Go Anteaters! Fight Anteaters!"'
Florida State
It didn't even matter that President Bush mentioned that
"other" Florida team first for winning back-to-back men's
basketball titles.
In his first visit to Washington, Greg Bolden not only got
to visit the White House, but he also met the president. He
then walked out with him to the South Lawn as his Florida
State track team basked in national attention.
SThen, with the mention of Florida State, a segment of the
White House lawn responded with war chants and toma-
hawk chops.
"We had a lot of people out there cheering for us. It
always feels good when you hear them call you back-to-
back champs," said Bolden, 22, who stood behind the pres-
ident, along with the other team captains.
"Everything was just a good experience."
Garrett Johnson, who graduated from FSU last year, said
he enjoyed the White House tour, 'although it wasn't as

extensive as he
had hoped.
"The guys had
a good time look-
ing at the different
rooms, but I
would have liked

The Gators .baseball
team and the women's
Track and Field team got
new coaches last week.
AD Jeremy Foley
announced Kevin
O'Sullivan as its new base-
ball coach. O'Sullivan
arrives in Gator Country
after serving nine seasons
as the pitching coach and

Kevin O'Sullivan

recruiting coordinator at
Clemson, where he helped
the Tigers to nine-straight
NCAA Tournament appear-
ances and College World
Series berths in 2000, 2002
and 2006. A native of
Jupiter, Fla., O'Sullivan
becomes the 21st head
coach in school history.
When questioned on
what it takes to get the
Gators back as a baseball
powerhouse, O'Sullivan
said "The key here is to not
put a timetable on it. We all
have expectations, but the
goal is to work hard every
day and let the rest take care
of itself. If we do that, I
think we'll be right where
we need to be. Obviously,
the goal here is to win SEC
championships and host

regionals and Super
Regionals, because that
gives you the best chance of
getting back to Omaha.
Everything is in place to do
that here, but we have to put
all of the pieces of the puz-
zle together."
O'Sullivan replaces Pat
McMahon who took over as
head coach in June 2001 and
compiled a record of 231-
141-1. He led the Gators to
the 2005 College World
Series championship game,
where they lost to Texas.
The team suffered consecu-
tive losing seasons the past
two years.
Women's Track/Field
Mike Holloway becomes
the first track & field coach
in Gator history to oversee
both men's and women's
track and field programs.
Holloway will be the ninth
head coach of a Florida
women's track & field pro-
gram that dates back to
1973. He will also oversee
the UF cross country pro-
gram, while Jeff Pigg
remains the head coach for
both men's and women's
cross country.
Holloway, who was
named Florida's men's track
and field coach in June of
2002 after serving as an
assistant at UF since 1995,
is one of the premier sprint
coaches in today's track and
field world and has devel-
oped Florida into one of the
nation's top sprint pro-
grams. He has coached ath-
letes to 12 NCAA titles in
the last nine years, and 14
school records in the indoor

President George W. Bush stands with
members of the Florida State University
Outdoor Track & Field 2007 Championship
Team Monday, June 18, 2007, at the White
House, during a photo opportunity with the
2006 and 2007 NCAA Sports Champions.

to have seen more rooms" and nosed around more, he said.
Still, meeting the president was incredible, the team's
former shot-putter acknowledged.
"It was wonderful to catch up with everybody on the
team," said
Johnson, now a
graduate student at
Oxford University. i*' .
"It was great we '
could bring anoth-
er championship
back to
Tallahassee." tJ
The Gators Gators national Championship Basketball
presented the team presents President with a #43 jersey.
nation's 43rd
president with a
No. 43 Florida basketball jersey and took a team portrait
with the president.
Florida head coach Billy Donovan and assistant Lewis
Preston made the journey from the coaching staff, while
national championship squad members Walter Hodge, Dan
Werner, Jonathan Mitchell, Marreese. Speights, Jack Berry
and Brett Swanson were on hand.
Most of last years starters were absent due to NBA draft

a storied. Florida women's
track and field program that
owns a national champi-
onship and has posted a
combined 24 top-10 finish-
es at the NCAA Indoor and
Outdoor Championships.
The Gators have also cap-
tured nine indoor and out-
door SEC championships in
their 35-year history.
In Holloway's five years
as head coach of the Gator
men's team, he has been the
architect of seven NCAA
individual and relay titles,
four runner-up finishes at
the NCAA Championships
and two NCAA East
Regional, titles.

and outdoor events of 400
meters or less have been set
under his watch.
Jeremey Foley said that
Florida made the decision to
combine the track and field
programs after an examina-
tion revealed that 13 of the
last 16 NCAA indoor and
outdoor titles were won by
combined programs.
Holloway will take over

Kobe Airs His Dissatisfaction

With Lakers on His Web Site
Kobe Bryant earned $17.72 million last season and will
earn $88.6 million over the next four years. He is considered
one of the NBA's most dominant players and a top draw at
the Staples Center. But, Bryant last month voiced frustration
at Lakers management and publicly requested he be traded
after the team was eliminated by Phoenix in the first round
of the playoffs.
The 28-year-old nine-time All Star has four years left on
his contract, but can terminate it following the 2008-09 sea-
Bryant last month voiced frustration at Lakers manage-
ment and publicly requested he be traded after the team was
eliminated by Phoenix in the first round of the playoffs.
Though he said nothing could change his mind, Bryant
later backed off after speaking with coach Phil Jackson.
"I don't want to go anywhere this is nly team," Bryant
told KLAC radio at the time. "I love it here. I called Phil,
man. He and I talked; it,was an emotional conversation. But
he just said, 'You know what, Kobe? Let us try to figure this
thing out."
But the second delivery of the message is a reassertion
on Bryant's part that he remains unhappy with the franchise.
Bryant wrote that the Lakers, owned by Jerry Buss, had not
backed, him with players the team needs to win champi-
"The Lakers are pursuing a longer-term plan that is dif-
ferent from what Dr. Buss shared .vith me at the time I re-
signed as a free agent," he wrote. "I have seen that plan
unfold for the last three years and watched great trade
opportunities come and go, and have seen free agents passed
on. That has led to the Lakers not winning a playoff series."

Teams Recognized as NCAA Champions

New Baseball and Women's

Track Coaches for Gators

3' a


AI t V/-t- A- k XA

JUNE 23, 2007 JUNE 29, 2007
Source: Black Press of America
^ ^

March 21st thru April 19th

Your suspicions will give you mislead-
ing information. Now is a time for trust.
Base the trust on the fact that nothing is
in danger. No matter what the outcome
of current affairs you are going to come
out wiser and better.
Soul Affirmation: I release internal
pressure by enjoying the beauties of the
world around me.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 26, 34

April 20th thru May 20th
Ponder your intimate thoughts. when
you feel that you would rather have
stayed in bed. Treasure the remembered
image of a friend and play the image
over and over to uplift your sleepy spir-
Soul Affirmation: I make a special
effort to bond with old friends.
Lucky Numbers: 34, 36, 39

May 21st thru June 21st
Give yourself a break this week. Coast!
You might not feel it but you are on the
top of a hill. You don't have to work to
move forward. Just let your momentum
carry you. Smile and things will get
done. Spend some time on the phone
taking care of social obligations and
social diversions.
Soul Affirmation: I try to smile more
often than usual this week
Lucky Numfbers: 8, 15, 20

June 22nd thru July 22nd
This week you're likely to notice that
your relationship with your lover has
been elevated into a strong friendship as
well. Play up 'the friendship side this
week. Don't feel inhibited when the two
of you are alone. Act and speak freely.
You will be pleasantly surprised at the
reception your lover/pal gives you.
Soul Affirmation: I open myself up for
a glad surprise.
Lucky Numbers: 14, 23, 45

July 23rd thru Aug 22nd

It is true that the universe provides but
you are part of the universe and so you
have to be a provider for yourself this
week. Willful activity is the key this
week. Ego matters. Pursue it because
you want it and are good enough to get
it. Make the changes necessary to add
dynamism and excitement to your body
of affairs.
Soul Affirmation: This week I forgive
myselffor everything that has happened.
Lucky Numbers: 5, 34, 52

Aug 23rd thru Sept 22nd
You definitely need to ease up on your
work schedule and immerse yourself in
some good quality quiet time. You have
forgotten what it is like to relax hiding
behind all those seeming necessities.
Let it go. Smell the roses take a stroll in
a real or imaginary garden. Chill!
Soul Affirmation: There are other fish
in the sea waiting for me.
Lucky Numbers: 8, 52, 54

Sept 23rd thru Oct 22nd
Your popularity is at a personal peak this
week! Be sure to pick and choose among
your social engagements so that you gath-
er the best from the most. Financial mat-
ters, along with family members, will stir
your interests in feathering your nest.
Your.smart business sense will make the
most of an unusual opportunity. In your
personal life, let your softer emotions
Soul Affirmation: Ifocus on long-range
financial security this week.
Lucky Numbers: 14, 31, 42

Oct 23rd thru Nov 21st
This week is better than last for finan-
cial goals. Put on the. thinking cap.
Think about money. There is a solution
to money problems hidden in the way
you conduct your home life. Make the
adjustment. Reap the reward.
Soul Affirmation: I change who I am
by changing where I am going.
Lucky Numbers: 21, 39, 43

Nov 22nd thru Dec 21st
Think about small stuff. Be petty. Know
that details are important. Look not at
the bigger picture. Go to the trenches.
Get fine points taken care of. Step-by-
step movement will help with the grand
designs that you are seeking to manifest.
Soul Affirmation: I remain adaptable
so I can deal with changing circum-
Lucky Numbers: 2, 35, 45

Dec 22nd thru Jan 19th
Think hard about the nontraditional
ideas that you have been percolating.
Speak up. There are others that may be
thinking the same thing but don't have
the same courage to say. You have more
in common with the people you work
with than you think. There is strength in
Soul Affirmation: I let my friendships
guide my way.
Lucky Numbers: 6, 40, 41

Jan 20th thru Feb 18th

Others need you. Be a great listener this
week. Teach but don't preach. Family
members need a vision of the big pic-
ture. That's easy for you to give but use
charm to give it. Be a cheer-giver.
Expect nothing in return.
Soul Affirmation: When I give thanks
for what I have, I lose all sense of what
is missing.
Lucky Numbers: 4, 32, 35

Feb 19th thru March 20th
It is amazing how a bif, hearted person
like you can button 11 ii to the detailed
work when you've l tlI, big picture
still projecting over and over in your
mind. Both the big picture and the
details are important to you thi week,
Concentrate on both at IIc. same time.
Soul Affirminaiiion: Ifind peace in com-
tnitl'iinv with nature this week.
Lucky Numbers: ., 10, 48

/ From Actual Police Reports
SDid You Hear About?

EDOPR'S PT=J A I s up ts a re deeme'd in nocent u'nles A pven guilty in jra

TLE, NOT A GUN An officer
was dispatched to the 3300 block
of Fitzgerald St. in reference to an
armed suspicious person. Several
calls were made that related to the A
same incident. An unknown
female pointed the suspect out.:'
The officer observed him yelling
back at the unknown female. The
officer made contact with the sus-
pect and detained him. He said his
name is Mr. RM. Per records, the
suspect had an active arrest war-
rant for aggravated assault and an
active caplas for driving while license suspended. The unknown female stat-
ed that the suspect held a gun to victim Mr. A back in March of this year. She
also said he pointed the gun in the victims face while he was seated in the
front passenger seat of a mini-van, and said, "I'll kill you." Mr. A.S. witness,
drove away during which time the suspect fired three to four gunshots at the
vehicle. The suspect was read his Miranda rights. Afterwards, he stated that
he didn't have a gun, it was the alleged victim Mr. A that had the gun. He
stated he had a "Budweiser bottle" and not a gun.

COME AND GET ME, I GIVE UP An officer was dispatched to the 500
block of E. Bay St., in reference to a suspect wanting to turn himself in on a
local arrest warrant. Upon his arrival, the suspect, Mr. S.R.H. announced him-
self. He was tired of hiding after allegedly taken materials from a construc-
tion sight, grand theft under $300. The officer read him his rights andotook
him to PDF.

HOME An officer was dispatched
to the 1200 block of Labelle St., in
reference to a dispute. Upon his

arrival, he contacted the victim who
stated that the suspect, her boyfriend
\with one child in common, had threat-
ened her to return home within 15
minutes. She also stated that the sus-
pect, Mr. B.C. had bruised her arm the
S. .. day before. She stated that the suspect
\\ as upset with her because he felt that
she had been cheating on him. During
that dispute, the suspect grabbed and
twisted her arm. The officer observed a large bruise on the victim's left arm.
The officer made contact with the suspect at the apartment where he was
waiting for her to return. The officer placed him under arrest. After his
Miranda rights were read, he told the officer that he was worried about her
safety. He stated that there had been voilent crimes in the area and it was late
at night. He said he did grab her hair, but didn't pull it. He was transported to
PDF. The victim refused treatment.
patched to the 6300 block of Sauterne Dr. in reference to a burglary. The wit-
ness said during the burgarly, the suspects went into the backyard, entered the
shed and threw all of the property that was inside the shed out into the back-
yard. The suspects then removed the hurricane straps from the shed as if they
were going to steal the shed. The witnesses went to the store and bought some
"no trespassing" signs. The two witnesses said when they got back, they
noticed the side fence to the resi-
dence torn down and the listed tow
truck was backed into the yard up
to the shed. They said the suspects
were trying to load the shed onto
the wrecker. One of the witnesses
said they blocked the wrecker with
their vehicles and called 911. .

observed a vehicle run the red light at
the intersection of Old Kings Rd. and
Lane Ave., The officer quickly activat-
ed his emergency lights to stop the vehicle. The vehicle did not stop until a half mile
later. When the officer made contact with the driver, he noticed the suspect's eyes
were bloodshot and watery. And, he smelled an odor of an alcoholic beverage com-
ing from the suspect's mouth. When asked if he had been drinking, the suspect said,
"yes, I had 1, 5, no 2 cups of mandarin orange Absolute Vodka about 2, 3, 4, no 5
hours ago." The suspect refused to do the field sobriety test at first, but later agreed.
During the test, he stepped off the line 5 times while arguing with the officer. The
officer found that the suspect had 4 seatbelt violations, driving without lights,
unlawful speed, loud soundmaking device, expired tags, careless driving, and more.
The suspect appealed to be impaired, was arrested, and booked into PDF.

1 -` ., I

JUNE 23, 2007



"... .. -

"' "


JUNE 23, 2007-


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METAL ROOFING. SAVE SS buy direct from manulice-
tater. 20 colors in stock with all accessories. Quick turn
around! Delivery Available.. (352)498-0778 Toll free
(888)393-0335 code 24. wwwv GfllCoastSuppl3ycom.

Steel Buildings

Ph,-I h, hi.-i.d1 M hl1 a uli dh'e n J' I .,,.. DiscountSale.
(. ,,,, r ,,, l sl i .. i\\ ,Iii .11 .' ., i,.r W arehouses, Mini-
-'.., ,_ d.3.. ,,i; di s,;i : r .ii r1-- 000square feet.25 Years
1 -, .. ,.V. a I ai I. o 'ite Estimates & Factory


S\ Ill l N l M \ I \ k l "1r \ l'i r lh, I ,, I, '.. 1.. ,l ...
I.,ke Chatuge Stay 2 Nights, 3rd Night FRIEE. Beautiful
Lakeside Mountain Resort Hiawassecc, GA
IhRidcts Lo.o. (888)834-4109.

The donation is tax deductible.

Sii. *Pik-upis free.
Sh ld We take care.of all the paperwork.


I-d..... I .1111 ,-k I, H. -, r,,,li 1 ,TnpleW.T pi Calcium

C -l I- I I I- In I( 1 f1:-11AIULI 2000- NI swl i'll a [a a o p n.,- g ;,- .

To place an ad:

CAII: (904) 766-8834

FAX: (904) 765-1673



Advertising Deadline:

TUESDAYS @ 5 p.m.

" 1 Week of June 25, 2007

DAI/ r' 7


,, I I d I I


Legal Notice


Petoaer, ) .
VS. )


Last KSown Address

IN THE MATTER OF ) FleNo. Docket No.
JACOBMORGAN, DOB: 11/11104 ) 2007-093079 PT72663


In this cause it- appears to the Court from the allegations of the Petiton seeing to

adjudicate Tommy Braden is a dependent and neglected child, a copy of which Petition maly be

obtaied at the Office of thewuvenile Court of Davidson County, Tennessee, at Nashille, thlt the

whereabouts of the Defendant, Tamara Morgan, mother are unknown and therefae the ordinary

procds of law annot be served upon h. AttomeyJeanah McClure,has geen pointed b the

court as Guardian at itmn for the minor child, 100 Woodland Sreet, Nashville, TN 37210..

IT IS, THEREFORE, ORDERED, that said Defendant enter his appearance herv: on

Augurt 14, 2007 at 8:30 AM., arule day of said Court, and show cause as to why a finding of

Dependency and Neglt should not be entered against her, and that a copy of this Orrir he

published f four consecutive weeks in the Florida Star Newpaper, 5196 NorwoodAve ite C,

Jacnks villeFlodda,


Ol WinWinghamBPR# 023099
Assistant General Couel
Tennessee Iepartment ofChildren's Serces
900 2"Avenue, North
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: (615) 532-4018



_ _




Here are some tips for keeping your home safe while you're away ;'
1. Display alarm stickers or signs where they can't be missed "'~
An alarm is a very real deterrent for burglars.
2. Create the illusion that you are home by putting lights on timers and asking a neighbor to
park in your driveway in your absence.
3. Rather than boarding your pets, hire a pet sitter or ask a friend to help out.
A barking dog- a.k.a. nature's natural burglar alarm-almost always keeps thieves at bay.
4. Either have your mail and newspaper service suspended, or ask a neighbor to gather
your newspaper, mail and any other deliveries.
5. Arrange to have your lawn mowed at regular intervals.
6. Store-or at least hide from view-all valuables.
7. Leave window shades and draperies in their usual positions, but' do not close them all the
way on the street side of the house.
8. Lock all doors and windows, including those in the garage, the basement and the attic.
9. Disconnect electrical appliances, and lower air and heating units to energy-saving levels.
10. Make sure your auto, fire and health insurance policies are correct and up to date.
11. Leave a house key and itinerary with a neighbor, friend or relative. Be sure someone knows
how to operate your home alarm system.

615 Highway A1A
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Business: 904 473 -1502
^Fax: 904 285 5330

...... .. l 1 .'"
-',. ; ." tsol .:, i orp. lT l AI 'ORS

U I-I--,L

- 2K

Victory ,


%M `013 bP'Mam.'.Wuu


1 rL A101.1.
., ....


g x10



[I in .111'
Rio. \l.'ir
D. jr. in Nonrriun

.1 4


JUNE 23, 2007


We have some solutions that might be easier
than you think. We're the National Endowment
for Financial Education, a nonprofit foundation
with nothing to sell and a lot to tell. For over 30
years, we've helped people just like you get smart
about their money. Come to us for sound advice
and practical information on how to start achieving
all your financial goals. For everything from
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w w w smartaboutmoney or'g

It's time to get smart about your money.

Not if

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it L *.-!. -.!*


;~ 'r





Wee o

By Rich, .le Cain.
j'ee1ha /aki'ch@a
Pl/iro, C200 o' hi .Andre' B
Il/lHtr.av bcf t 'Im, enlii pJlo-

Holly wood is a
place that dra\\s candi-
dates from all ages. eth-
nicities and locations
from around the w-orld.
MIan are called but
few are chosen. Those
of you \who read my
column features on a
regular basis are \\ell
familiar with Rvch
McCain's Hand-Picked
Family of Child/Teen
Artists. As a result of
my support of young
artists (black ones in
particular), I get many
referrals -from publi-
cists, agents, personal
managers and others. It
is especially exciting to
meet these youngsters
at the beginning of
their careers because
this is the point where
they need promotion
the most. My latest dis-
covery is an enchanting
8th grader in the person
of Taylor Parks.
This Dallas, Texas
native relocated to Los
Angeles with her fami-
ly at the encourage-
ment of fame choreog-
rapher, dancer, produc-
er and director Debbie
Allen who saw Parks
perform at one of her
Debbie Allen Dance
Studios Dallas work-
shops. Parks started to
work pretty quickly
once she arrived
appearing on the
"Gilmore Girls" and
"Everybody Hates
Chris." She is particu-

larly excited about her
first big role in the major
feature film HairspJ r y.
from Ne\\ Line Cinema.
This movie is the film
version of the smash hit
Broad\\ay stage play
and has a cast of major
heavyweights including
John Tra\plta. Amanda
Bvnes. Christopher
Walken. Queen Latifah
and Nlichelle Pfeiffer
among others. It has
already begun to gener-
ate an Oscar buzz!
In the movie. Parks
plays Little Inez who is
the daughter of Queen
Latifah's character
Maybelle. When asked
to describe her role,
Parks lights up, "The
film has a lot of amazing
people in it. We shot it in
Toronto, Ontario,
Canada. I was there
about three or four
months. My character is
kind of like the one that
wants to be in. She's one
of the best dancers and
she's really spunky and
has a lot of attitude and
she just thinks that she is
the best dancer and
everything, which she
'kind of is. I get to show-
case all three of my tal-
ents, dancing, singing
and acting." What does
she sing in the movie? "I
sing a song called "Run
Tell That," which is one
of my big parts. I'm
going to the bus stop
coming from school. It's
a really fun scene."
How big of a role
was it for Taylor? Her
eyes twinkle,. "There
were twelve main char-
acters and I wias one of
them. This is my biggest

Taylor Parks

role yet, so I was really
happy." Does the buzz
about Oscar get her
excited to hear that kind
of talk? Parks really
flashes her mega watt
smile on this one, "Yes it
does, because I got into
this business to get an
Oscar or a Grammy,
things like that and when
I hear them talking about
this movie possibly get-
ting one it gets me really
The movie will be

released soon in July to
big fan fare.
Parks is also work-
ing on her music career.
She says, "Singing is
my first love. So right
now I'm actually
recording a CD and try-
ing to get signed and
everything. It's going
to be real good. I'm
writing most of the
Parks is currently
studying the piano. She
Taylor cont'd on D-8

Taylor Parks: New Teen

Beauty Makes Film

Debut in Hairspray!

TIh. C*,.-

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NICK 42 41 Nicktoons TV [NickoonsTV NicKtoonsTV NicktoonsTV SpongeBob ISpongeBob Jimmy Neutron IOddParents Avatar-Last Air TEENick SpongeBob IJakedi Brothers
SPIKE 61 37 Xtreme 4x4 11J Trucks'. N 1'j C- ** Game of Death (1979 Aaventurel Brii: Lee. Gig 'ounn Fist of Fury 11972 Advrnlu;ei Brii- Le LIeiro he.r H:c:. The Ullimate Fighter I'
TBS 17 18 ** A Knights Tale 'Ylj, IPA) HF.ith Ledger ICC I ** Men in Black 19'971 PAl Tommyi Lee Jones VII Srrith ICCI ** Shrek 2,'001i iPiI vJ'i 't MiC- l, I 'rs, E.lie Murphy rCII ** Hitch ICCI
TNT 46 17 ** Cradle 2 the Grave 12'0)31 |** The Chronicles of Riddick (2004, S.:ience Fictiorn Vin DOisel. Co lm Fare 'CCl NASCAR on TNT Live! 'L..ei iC iCount, Green INASCAR Racing: rje.,l iup
USA 64 25 ** For Love of the Game gri) Ke',irn Cosrner r ** Out ol Sight i199r, Cnme Draams) Gecrge CIjne'y, Jenniler Lopez !,CCI [. The Mummy Returns IS,'l Prerrnal Fraper Pacnel .Ei2 CC I

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FOX 3I 10 13 ** The Other Sister King of Hill IThe Loop Simpsons The Loop Family Guy JThe Loop News Iri News Ini Seinfeld ci News Sun.
IND il 3 4 News Nit Edition Entertainment Tonight King King CSI: Miami Drl.en' iCC) News l i News 'NI Alias 'Tie Inde.g' iCCI
NBC ITi 6 11 12 News R aNi NBC News Dateline NBC Re' .ue ion Robertls Ridge" iNi CCi Friday Night Lights iCCi Law & Order: SVU News tN' aSports Final
ION :1. 12 2 Battlestar Galactica CC) Battlestar Galactica CCi |* The Principal (1987. Drarnair Jarries Btelushi. i ION Life a Live From Liberty '
PBS i7 8 5 Celtic Woman: A New Journey iCC) Bruce Springsteen-Sessions Mystery! NI ;CCi Mystery! 'll ICC.
TBN 19 13 59 Jakes Meyer By Force Hayford Joel Osteen lAuthority Believers |Changing ** Peter and Paul 119.81. Dramal Anthony Hopkins.
CW Lifi 9 7 Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr. Reba iCCi Reba CCi 7th Heaven 4a kGC|i Supernatural nm ICCI Will-Grace Will-Grace Friends 1i Friends ia
COM i 65 43 Zoolander f20011 i Ben Stiller Owen Wilson. (CCi Not Another Teen Movie 120011 Chyler Leigh. (CCi Mencia South Park South Park Lil' Bush
DISN 122 16 Suite Life [Suite Life Montana ISuite Life Montana IMontana [ The Lizzie McGuire Movie 120031 Hilarv Dulti 6 Suite Life Montana
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenler rLivel ICC) Baseball Tonight (Livel MLB Baseball Detroll Tigers at Atlania Braves Fromrri Turner Field in Atlants SportsCenter iel I CCI
FAM 43 23 *** The Parent Trap 1.1998, Conmedv) Lindsay Lohari. Dennis Ouaid. (CCI *** The Parent Trap (1998, Comeidy) Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid. (CC.
HBO 1 2 201 ** Ice Age: The Meltdown (200'6) O(' jBig Love Big Love or (CCI John From Cincinnati (Nli Entourage IConchords Cathouse 2 [Louis CK
LIFE 118 28 Cries in the Dark (2006, Suspense) Eva LaRue (CC) Christie's Revenge i2007i Danielle Kind. Premiere. Army Wives i'NJ) iCC) Grey's Anatomy 6m iCCi
NICK !42 41 Naked [Naked INaked INaked Naked IPlay IVideos IFull House Roseanne Roseanne Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr.
SPIKE '61 37 The Ultimate Fighter 6m *** Enter the Dragon (1973) Bruce Lee. John Saxon. Premiere. ** Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
TBS 17 18 *** Hitch (20051 Will Smith. Eva Mendes. (CC) Men in Black II (2002) (PA) (CC) Men in Black II (2002.1 (PA) Tommy Lee Jones. [8 Legged
TNT 46 17 NASCAR Racing Nexlel Cup -- Toyota'SaveMart 350. (Live') CCI J** The Last Castle (2001, Suspense) Robert Redford. (CC.) The Last Castle (CC)
USA 64 25 The Mummy Returns [** The Pacifier (2005. Comedy) Vin Diesel.. (CC) ]The 4400 (N) (CC I The Dead Zone INl (CCl Starter Wife (CC)

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The Star


By Rych McCain/ feed-
backrych@sbcglobal. net

Awards Shows
This weekend and next week
are going to be pretty jumping in
LA. Starting it all off this com-
ing Saturday, June 23, 2007, is
The Caribbean Heritage
Organization who will host their
Salute to Hollywood & the Arts
honoring Suzanne de Passe. Ms
de Passe is of Jamaican descent
and will receive the Legacy
Award. She is a former President
of Motown Productions and
currently heads de Passe
Productions. We will bring you
more on this event. The BET
Awards will take place at the
fame Shrine Auditorium in LA
on Tuesday, June 26. It will be
hosted by one of my favorite
people on earth Mo'Nique!
Beyonce leads the nomination
pack with six nods. Check your
local listings. This show will be
the bomb! The ASCAP R&B
Awards will happen on Monday,
June 25, 2007 at the Biltmore
Hotel in downtown LA. Mary J.
Blige will receive the Voice of
Music Award. And you can
believe the record label and pro-
duction company parties will be
in full blast at the hot spots all
over town during the entire
week. Everybody will sleep in
the week after!
Grammy-award Winning,
platinum rapper
Chamillionnaire readies for the
release of his highly anticipated
sophomore album Ultimate
Victory, with the debut of the
LP's first official single, "Hip
Hop Police" featuring the leg-
endary Slick Rick. The track,
which was produced by hitmak-
er JR Rotem, will be introduced
to the radio airwaves this month.
In addition to the debuting of the
new single, Chamillionaire will
also be giving away a free dou-
ble bonus to fans with the release

of Mixtape Messiah 3 and
Mixtape Messiah DVD. Look
for Rob G's Reppin' My
Block Mixtape in stores on
July 3.
New Book
SCheck out the delicious
new juicy novel entitled
Cycles of the Ghetto, a mem-
oir by Andrea Woods. This
author has been compared to
Toni Morrison and Terry
McMillan. She covers topics
such as baby-momma's grills,
gang activity, negative rap
music, saggin' pants to com-
mercialized pimpin'. For
more info check out
heghetto or www.cyclesoft-
Sunshine stars Rose
Byrne, Cliff Curtis, Chris
Evans, Troy Garity, Cillian
Murphy, Hiroyuki Sanada,
Benedict Wong and Michelle
Yeoh. This is a science fiction
tale that is pretty tough to
swallow i.e., a manned space
mission to the sun? Get real.
That is an impossible trip! The
premise is that the sun is
dying out and earth is in dan-
ger of freezing over. A crew is
sent to relight the sun (God's
job), by getting close enough
to the sun to shoot an atomic
bomb to its surface to. relight
its fire. This plot is so unreal
and it doesn't help that the
film is down right slow and
boring until almost the end.
This is one that you wait until
it is available to rent, and then
you still don't want to see it.
Hit me up at feedback-

T kdsbi

If you are an

African American.
..you are at
high risk
for heart
'r is V E i fl -a c, re *:ft I

LTI Ce da. -eKt -,i Cn:
Tl~lr .~3-?'3 r i 2SEale

Tt rr~~ eert~Ii~'r planr

N a ~i -i d i E e! n
T.- ieiim -ll~ ~il3 n

L-arn vt Q..iz bFE -,;E
1-.888-ANA-2222 rjr o'isr

Anirican lkW axt
As ocumfoa.n

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The Star

The Star I



"Copyrighted Material
Syndicated Content
Available from Commercial News Providers"

5- 3 "


jr Tpq
4 ~-u-


10 p.m. on
i :^ ;Law & Or-
der: Criminal
Intent: Rap-
per Sticky
Fingaz guest
Stars in
"Flipped" as a
"hip-hop cop" who works un-
der cover on crimes in the
world of rap ... such as the-
murder of a young rapper in
the lobby of a radio station.
It's Logan and Wheeler's
(Chris Noth, Julianne Nichol-
son) case, but he's happy to

The intimate one on one interview specials, with today's
hottest talents such as Steve Harvey, Mo'nique, Star Jones
Reynolds, Evander Holyfield and Pebbles.

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s Malcolm
News (N)
NBC News

June 26. 2007

i1) runmeumer i`,t) ,,,l
48 Hours Mystery (CC)

Judge Judy
Judge Judy

'70s Show Seinfeld 0 On the Lot
Entertain Inside King.
Fortune Jeopardy! America's

Murder (CC) MLB Baseball Chicago White Sox at Tar
IBusiness News-Lehrer Nova (N) 0t

Praise the
Friends 0

SLord (CC)

Dr. Baugh Wheaton

My Wife Accrd Jim

idina Judas"

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ys. (Live)

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SPIKE 61 37 CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn Jeremiah Johnson 119721 Robrert Retord Premipre CSI
TBS :17 18 Seinleld S ISeinfeld i Raymond IRaymond Raymond IRaymond Sex & City ISex & City Friends o IFriends uo Sex & City Sex & City
TNT 46 17 Law & Order "Dazzled" Law & Order (CC) (DVS) Law & Order (CC) (DVS) Law & Order "Gov Love" Without a Trace 6 (CC) Without a Trace t (CC)
USA_ 64 25_Law SVU _Law Order: CI ILaw & Order: SVU ** The Bourne Identity 12002. Suspensel Mail Damon ICC Law & Order: SVU

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m0%L, Ptwawb uewb ri. tvd kv) I P
News Judoe Judv Raymond


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Entertain Inside

xt sQ l Ifit n1
in Kina

Awmrercan invenror uv} *I
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Becker (CC) Dr. Phil 0 (CC)

CSI:.NY 0 (CC)

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News (N) INews (N)

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1 9 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Billy Graham Classic Clement IJeffrey Bible IVan impe Praise the Lord (CC)
1 9 7 Friends 0 IWill-Grace My Wife Accrd Jim Hidden Palms (N) (CC) Hidden Palms (N) (CC) Friends ,0 My Wife Jim Sex & City
MI 65 43 House Party IV 120001 Scrubs ICCI Scrubs iCC, Daily Show IColbert Mencia South Park South Park Lil'Bush (IN Daily Show Colbert
N 22 16 Cory ICory Montana Suite Life Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board 12007J on (CC) So Raven Life Derek Suite Life Montana
ON '48 34 SportsCenter (Livel (CC) MLB Baseball 31 Louis Cardinal, al New 'L. br. ,Ues ISubjec;l lo BiackouiI iCCi NBA Draft SportsCenier iLi 'e1 iCC

FAM 43 23 8 Rules 18 Rules Grounded IGrounded rThe Prince & Me: The Royal Wedding (20061 (CCI Whose? ]Whose? The 700 Club tCC,
HBO 2 201 *** Over the Hedge rn Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006) fs Trans. Conchords IEntourage Big Love Reunion" iCCi John From Cincinnati 6r
LIFE 18 28 Reba ICC, Reba ICC, Still Stnd Still Stnd Reba (CC) Reba iCCi Family in Hiding (2006) Brenda Strong. ICC, Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School Zoey 101 OddParents Neutron .SpongeBob Drake Videos IFresh Pr. Fresh Pr. IFresh Pr. Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr.
SPIKE 161 37 CSl: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scene CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Miami 0 (CC) CSI: NY t (CC)
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld 0 ISeinfeld 0 Raymond [Raymond Raymond IRaymond Payne IPayne Raymond IRaymond King jKing
TNT 46 17 Law & Order (CC) (DVS) Law & Order "Life Line" Law & Order "C.O.D." Law & Order (CC) (DVS) Law & Order (CC) (DVS) Without a Trace 6 (CC)
USA. 64 25 Law Order: CI Law Order: Cl Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law Order: Cl

Top Rated Primetime Programs Among
African-American TV Homes
Week of 06/11/07
1. NBA Finals-Game 3, ABC

2. NBA Finals-Game 4, ABC

3. So YouThink You Can Dance-Wed., FOX

4. Daytime Emmy Awards, CBS

5. Without A Trace, CBS

6. So YouThink You Can Dance-Thur., FOX

7. American's Got Talent, NBC

8. OnStar NBA Countdown, ABC


10. CSI:Miami, CBS
Source: Nielsen Media Research


9 p.m. on
NBC (N 1
Friday Night
Lights: The
are getting
ready for the
Ch Champi -
onship Clas-
sic, but nobody's cheering for
Lyla (Minka Kelly). In fact,
she's being harassed big-time
because of her relationship
with Riggins (Taylor Kitsch).
Julie (Aimee Teegarden) is
having love problems of her
own, as her dad (Kyle Chan-
dler) wants her to stay away
from Matt (Zach Gllford).


8:30 p.m. on

The New Ad-
U S ventures of
Old Chris-
tine: Don't
I you hate it
When every-
thing goes up
except your pay? For Chris-
tine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), it's
the tuition at Ritchie's (Trevor
Gagnon) school. She and
Richard (Clark Gregg) brain-
storm ways to cut corners to
keep him enrolled. Matthew
(Hamish Linklater) ponders
some changes in his own
lifestyle in "Women 'N Tuition."

news (N)
News (N)

13 Simnsons

4 News (N)

aveler l ite I rauer .i') news



eld fI

News (N)

Late Shot~
Frasier (CC)

The Insider


. .


-- -


r--- l 0

Page D-71.1une 23, 2007

The Star




Jim ISex & Cityr

~- --



Taylor cont'd from D-1
adds, "I started singing
at age three, actually
since I could talk. I used
to stay with my grand-
mother a lot and she
would take me around to
tlhe churches that she
played piano for. So she
taught me a lot of the
things that I know right
now." Parks is working
on all aspects of her
game and you can
believe at her young age,
we will be hearing from
her big time!


8 p.m. on

bNemo: An
A academy
Award f or-
best animat-
d b ed feature
a went to this
dazzling 2003 box-office
blockbuster from Pixar. A
neurotic clownfish named
Marlin teams up with a cheer-
ful but scatterbrained blue
tang fish named Dory -
voiced by Ellen DeGeneres in
a comic tour de force to
search for his son, who has
been captured by a diver.

Page D-8l/June 23, 2007

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FOX 1~5 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 0 You Smarter? You Can Dance News (N) News (N) Seinfeld 0 Frasier (CC)
IND ( 3 4 News (N) News (N) Entertain Inside King Becker (CC) Dr. Phil f (CC) News (N) News (N) News (N) The Insider
NBC (12 11 12 News (N) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Stormtrack The Office The Office IThe Office Studio 60-Sunset Strip News (N) Tonight
ION (21 12 2 Diagnosis Murder (CC) Designing Designing Mama Mama Diagnosis Murder (CC) WonderYr WonderYr Time-Music Paid Prog.
PBS M 8 5 Cliff Pup iBusiness News-Lehrer Old House- Old House PBS Presidential Primary Forums Knee Deep Nova (N) 0 (CC) (DVS)
TBN 1g 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Billy Graham Classic Majesty M. Youssef Jakes jThis Is Day Praise the Lord (CC)
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HBO 2 201 **** Star Wars IV: A New Hope (1977) (i (CC) John From Cincinnati Ci John From Cincinnati (t John From Cincinnati f( Thinking License
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SPIKE 161 37 CSI: Crime Scene CSI: Crime Scene CSI: Crime Scn TNA Wrestling Impact! UFC Unleashed UFC Unleashed
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld i,' Seinfeld to Raymond [Raymond Friends i, [Friends a, Friends Friends Charlie's Angels (2000) (PA) Cameron Diaz,
TNT 46 17 Law & Order Seed" ft Law & Order "Empire' The Closer (CCI *** The Sixth Sense (1999, Suspense) Bruce Willis (CC) ISixth Sense
USA 64 25 Starter Wife (CC) Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Starter Wife (N) (CC) Burn Notice (N) (CC) IHouse "House vs. God"

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-CBS 407 6 9 News (N) News Judge Judy Raymond Ghost Whisperer f (CC) Close to Home 0 (CC) NUMB3RS 6 (CC) News (N) Late Show
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IND i 3 4 News (N) News (N) Entertain Inside King IBecker (CC) Dr.Phil Ct (CC). News (N) News (N) News (N) The Insider
NBC R 11 12 News (N) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! 1 vs. 100 0 (CC) Las Vegas A (CC) Law Order: Cl News (N) Tonight
ION 1. 12 2 Diagnosis Murder ICC) Broken Vows (1987) Tommy Lee Jones. 0 Two Fathers: Justice for the Innocent 11994) fi Time-Music Paid Prog.
PBS 71 8 5 Cliff Pup IBusiness News-Lehrer Wash Wk Review NOW '.Ni s McLaughlin Bill Moyers Journal IN, Brief History
TBN R 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Bible Kingdom Behind Hal Lindsey Joel Osteen Price Praise the Lord (CC)
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COM 65 43 *** Dogma (1999n CC) Scrubs ICCi Scrubs iCCi Daily Show Colbert Mencia JPresents Presents Presents Presents Conchords
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ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter (L",e)i (CC) Arena Football Teams to Be Announced (LLvei Baseball Tonight (Lvwe) SportsCenter (Live) (CC)
FAM 43 23 8 Rules 18 Rules Grounded Grounded ** Never Been Kissed (1999) Drew Barrymore. (CC) Whose? The 700 Club iCC,
HBO 2 201 Barbaro ICCi REAL Sports The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift |Evan Entourage Entourage Conchords ICincinnati
LIFE 18 28 Reba CC. Reba CCi Still Stnd Still Stnd Reba ICCI Reba ICC IThe Wrong Girl (1999) Barbara Mandreil. iCC) (DVS) Desperate Housewives
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SPIKE i 61 37 CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn The Ultimate Fighter 0
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TNT 46 17 Charmed it iCC) Charmed as iCCi Forrest Gump (1994, Drama) Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sirise (CCI Legend-Bagger
USA 64 25 Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU ] Law & Order: SVU I Law & Order: SVU Law Order: CI

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