Florida star

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1624285 F20090401_AABATZ 00015.jp2 703188501a9893b7bb36a5ef7d499e90e9724812f82ebf3d394f828f8d5a27291b06c22f
7524 F20090401_AABBAX 00028thm.jpg 86f657648648dba9ce78509fdb59b1403d2ff6a677cbc02ba3de0d7b2985815866c0e25f
15053 F20090401_AABAYX 00002thm.jpg 84d91a0bb91fdedd8c7ee1174bcaee60712ac4eb0ec359addfbe160767d909f26491ad16
39804 F20090401_AABBAY 00029.QC.jpg 35016f474ae159fcf51fab6ac6432a71e717e0ef1d8172f89e60e9f2a5feefbdac3431c5
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9375 F20090401_AABBAZ 00029thm.jpg e1cede5fb7a9b9755704e3bbce73e57321892ccedad5128490905f4fdec2af3baae34c79
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1573835 F20090401_AABAUA 00016.jp2 a018a8f10195b668a221b729d43bac5186faa752f90dc3315db22ac7cd57272111e44668
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3284194 F20090401_AABAUB 00017.jp2 79c83f6d5f55cca30e3e79253657b0254313760a0d5254ffb48869e252281b78a6540036
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3166985 F20090401_AABAUC 00018.jp2 8a1e157f8086cfd636fc978000d0a0730c8d4280d2836d5b43d67258a519646690e1e6c8
3167043 F20090401_AABAUD 00019.jp2 5763c6e40d890969d68e92ecbe3c9fbde4d8626d543c71097dae60c49e40b1cf14cf21e7
56964 F20090401_AABAZA 00004.QC.jpg 730fbd396442d79a5871223fcb2a674b921fb70b06350cf476d04ee9d07513e510ac047e
42455 F20090401_AABBBA 00030.QC.jpg a4a72753fd210223b84ac77652fec296ae12f43eb9477d992455a693099dd2cfcf44ae64
3167051 F20090401_AABAUE 00020.jp2 4ee2a2e07beff1eb6c401db67ce697653706b7f852e8ec6e58eaebac9a21df3a04db1d4c
17027 F20090401_AABAZB 00004thm.jpg 846323e96573a45f7c0ee42ca234cbb6ad6aa3a4c3faf51eff6121b9d641b5e6424b8051
9854 F20090401_AABBBB 00030thm.jpg 840009b85bc5f64b97de8871beee286457edf067b8f71709b76e18001128f2baa97a14df
3167052 F20090401_AABAUF 00021.jp2 57b9254c3ccf16673b3bdef22508ea15eefc402731a8988ca64c2fef418e187220e02ed3
40717 F20090401_AABAZC 00005.QC.jpg 7c5119aec742b33a5e889e36c3dee3f24e2eca4f68f11bb78f1434c19798171043f533fe
41490 F20090401_AABBBC 00031.QC.jpg 172c6acfd10defb26ffafe1b165b830bcd369f882da7b1074ae15a35119e5bbaf7195854
F20090401_AABAUG 00022.jp2 89e327e005d4914899a4b54514e11412251ba15a51da7e6442031f7427ae92a67c29a567
11862 F20090401_AABAZD 00005thm.jpg 0de676c9cd80a98e14fc7711d9384926bc76f041bfbf5896afc5b75ef2bff9180a2a2e7e
9475 F20090401_AABBBD 00031thm.jpg a549652d427bfa1ec185cda7f1c515970ba973f2010fe8a22fbc768e2e53229d0c7e1eb4
56947 F20090401_AABAZE 00006.QC.jpg d8e2045a423c5389380a0fcd0fb6d2a8061ba2d2762d943354847d385034c8845ee76efd
42498 F20090401_AABBBE 00032.QC.jpg 97bacaa25e942e2188254cce4d13598c1cd50464740f0534f2274fb0c290d91ae230fd06
3167049 F20090401_AABAUH 00023.jp2 385aca920fea00fa446ed21427767954ac23b3b3c5c1b441ac75cbde0bbfa58a660c874e
15634 F20090401_AABAZF 00006thm.jpg bc11c0a8701d8dad3cc9acada0abd14232718f26cf8548d5180fb14ac332d4478bb566b7
9477 F20090401_AABBBF 00032thm.jpg d73ffd92a471791429fdce081af9b394f5c5f0aa3e24095d24eae1b3ef2380e6a2073d48
51990 F20090401_AABAZG 00007.QC.jpg fe369ab963aed21fe1bd52bffa4205126dfe367c6e068bf29715160a4f0fc98a6485c0e1
14249 F20090401_AABBBG 00002_archive.txt 5f8fdac101f010b964c712f43d1a12462772b08b5648e25e99c37f7d96a58f2db3e14d4f
F20090401_AABAUI 00024.jp2 88f5d21931e626e5aacdc4d3a841ea7efa36da2ddbe78f9626f1ba3e34014ea7d6a26b7e
14607 F20090401_AABAZH 00007thm.jpg 8c135f7df6c5bbe40e8cd94654c9c63a730a038255cbe7ec992d020f3bbbe8c464f5f335
6995 F20090401_AABBBH 00003_archive.txt a8d27fc411e40e16a0fecd3fc38ea4473757792acf90b18d36cd8d5fe6866ae4f2544748
1585836 F20090401_AABAUJ 00025.jp2 4a6202116f11042629541636623ec7e83f437e61c6f483cca717854bc0d0b47303ea2262
48239 F20090401_AABAZI 00008.QC.jpg ac0588f7472386bd1c3de45333d95514f3b3bf39f987d7e2696f486add3534cd79ff6a20
3520 F20090401_AABBBI 00005_archive.txt b7d0a341a344d9e3f70161bed59b6904db40aa3d7572d60d5ba6fda058cb7b51f372e972
1585783 F20090401_AABAUK 00026.jp2 455ed9a97d944c26eab6867837bafadb865ae6fc4b358bb332b0a4e7bb4baca1ddd78b92
14456 F20090401_AABAZJ 00008thm.jpg 32fe99c13ae3d259868c6fae9f353fdb2bb9fc715424d4a865400868be9485baab8eb9f8
5432 F20090401_AABBBJ 00010_archive.txt 1bf0312ccb17a0ef58e0e0fe41e1e43324e5ce14508faca4c3ace93bf2682dc4a796a92d
1585842 F20090401_AABAUL 00027.jp2 359c7e80be719390bcc0852b7710ee73302b363edb9c729f65f0b91752317e1a4efd8d3c
35485 F20090401_AABAZK 00009.QC.jpg f2013246b0681e43bcb42ee7cab0954d2de99fdd267c32cf5da5e399f58507242320ead8
683 F20090401_AABBBK 00015_archive.txt 69fabe49e225e6b5446aac2c1dd71a33c720e738e684427728976654ee407b3d1a81eff2
1585756 F20090401_AABAUM 00028.jp2 da2fd3638b1a34d4e01e683acb1acb1a46660605cc6f04e2cfcb006e7543fad7bdcd6c4c
8374 F20090401_AABAZL 00009thm.jpg 8534cd9a1dcd0a65bcb9914e3309263d4b096f869f63067304543b1d759efc04bb1e162e
10940 F20090401_AABBBL 00017_archive.txt 6ebb9c72321886953f0dc1da6068aec154e5dad6ee97881cd8dbde21c3a50e887591d276
1585780 F20090401_AABAUN 00029.jp2 6836a28768e647e36b1018aad6053f16690ad1217d76eabcb4e0f59f7087d55a709208c3
34226 F20090401_AABAZM 00010.QC.jpg 2542e9a58bba2535adeefce9959b1912d5d5ac24dfa40b6b5b0e076359bbdf9c0b029b79
11590 F20090401_AABBBM 00019_archive.txt 75eeb39506faabec4c42f4c306574dc588320ed6c3b0d1a17396816709cce799ab8f4288
1585734 F20090401_AABAUO 00030.jp2 4e5ca161823106342fd5b54c9f61a506d010ae980bb8372b8e4eb15986fbd06b0a935113
4426 F20090401_AABBBN 00025_archive.txt 8c05c50c3e1522fb0125af7c5e967ba17a8f116da73a736de19d08964310313a65f0a380
1585802 F20090401_AABAUP 00031.jp2 06de23c23ecb5bb0130835fd8db0703d622950fa698434b33133750281a348d96ac51175
8348 F20090401_AABAZN 00010thm.jpg 9e1155aeb9acfadd4154a281177a3ea5a251257282a74203c85c7e0791b33ea5d4e09663
3191 F20090401_AABBBO 00028_archive.txt 6c9dd2fb7f25e979de58abf53f5f993011c0e5a692323c51e37f6e200fa05737738be151
1585800 F20090401_AABAUQ 00032.jp2 3388353960cbbd7a581f5d2f72fab8612b91d71b4355c8552336095e97685bddceedbc79
35185 F20090401_AABAZO 00011.QC.jpg 4847b8622918de6ffd22e8b6cc613d0a773bc383f5e2313151ec8db0bd2639ccdbe7603c
8315 F20090401_AABBBP 00032_archive.txt 792e9d114a24bbf6ac18f0a1084bf2bd5353dfa5a83a4f8c2f43b40ea5a756ebeee393c1
77727152 F20090401_AABAUR 00001.tif c5cd84ec2eee5cff9ea26ef90ef1ca7fa6e1bda71cb9fef5144219c1144521a63c6c48d0
8552 F20090401_AABAZP 00011thm.jpg d49fc518309376ae3ff9ef345a382b9a96a9e56e853e0ddd004669f4d9433453e6725465
2522 F20090401_AABBBQ 00014_archive.txt 098b9351aac8c4f808790c71e22fddff590c178feff022e7578075246ea490116b99b3bc
25247480 F20090401_AABAUS 00002.tif 94effaaa056c883cb8cb51fa59fd6225d78e8920a9b30f8e0f40a180ede3e506d709c605
32417 F20090401_AABAZQ 00012.QC.jpg 2618054b338b5305c8d286bf9ab31d2c95a5243f1efd87d1df26ff3cd149855d34d72043
354969 F20090401_AABBBR 00002_archive.pro f53cb4c5dd68515b5f941a57c84194c9aa225df6f0eec5cf7ccdccbc2ca5cd4b89a14637conflict in mime type metadata
25917788 F20090401_AABAUT 00003.tif c2e5b15c81b53fdbf8909dead3a51eaab9749ba91a697dfeb166bd82aad01b3b81b1712c
8886 F20090401_AABAZR 00012thm.jpg 3ed4e2a0753de9841d7c7be1b10a4b1c89ba9ef67195d47554ef14fbed98916d0f5b449d
175998 F20090401_AABBBS 00003_archive.pro fc9bb1f1e89b9717f6224863ae0869bef0ae15d1285998357022d59bd713eea498781602conflict in mime type metadata
77727816 F20090401_AABAUU 00004.tif a00189190031c07111bdf5c88e9c98cf17506685b132cf8187ab60c0aa2c664ef5abf09c
38513 F20090401_AABAZS 00013.QC.jpg d4f2fd11a56e09fc51bbbe2327cac06f71bc9fcd4dd849a9c4347ace213b42a50e7472d5
82109 F20090401_AABBBT 00005_archive.pro 0ab8159a7e74a8fe0bd8e6c2ba785053dd6d49366b53f5e779180817306c61977958c397conflict in mime type metadata
25918424 F20090401_AABAUV 00005.tif b497cdc354bfbb65060226948ee665a8b7c2ae2536f1c579734eab5c275ae2396c53b174
9753 F20090401_AABAZT 00013thm.jpg 9a567b082eab9ada2c0b86fd78c2a3074a92f653259a1483c8edb7ff2dea6173ca19a8fd
25917972 F20090401_AABAUW 00006.tif ff62fdf700f3419df9871916f987ed587a791809794eb941a07a89e5e7020a75fa73260b
30924 F20090401_AABAZU 00014.QC.jpg fda80f22375d3c92b7cd5bbdbc1749ed58f26f73a6456e543e189a6f2e57590d1676fb81
138318 F20090401_AABBBU 00010_archive.pro b8442eb98ef885ffe954e0327af16e509243249114aa26278c421b1e94dac11255dbb02aconflict in mime type metadata
25917592 F20090401_AABAUX 00007.tif 2e18882e14f8802ae2005e225c8c9f404da6c12b591a658fc7578598b73829028bc788dc
8443 F20090401_AABAZV 00014thm.jpg 2d23ac56220fcdefba3aebaa1b1bf5350ca97e9146fb6d8b173b5e251c8faaa8095781bf
18140 F20090401_AABBBV 00015_archive.pro b2cc632783712b922958e789576984b3ae995e22d4ac8b94dfb215acf50c85efdcf5ebb2conflict in mime type metadata
60653 F20090401_AABASA 00014_archive.pro 0039bc687c292e585474e72240a3c9b84ec4ef6dcf7583d407187c11828f250580574721conflict in mime type metadata
25918088 F20090401_AABAUY 00008.tif 32e686dfe4f5f4fe3a93b3ffac93d8c0ce0a6712e7cbad503bab0625a24bf595d1be4721
20420 F20090401_AABAZW 00015.QC.jpg 9e126482298ae8228000a7f6e0bb92d94f7d97c9dd43e3c812c1bd07159c3bf0db622922
297470 F20090401_AABBBW 00017_archive.pro 480160741ee291487946009dfa3716018d40fbe79c1d92d629c5401156ada745eb5963a1conflict in mime type metadata
53788 F20090401_AABASB 00014.pro 356df4a0f17fbe729f73b1db353c0b314548875ed6f6a7dbbec4ad79daa214dce0ebb4d4conflict in mime type metadata
38910452 F20090401_AABAUZ 00009.tif 2ce16232a978deadb7058e96f1d79aae63732183bfc6c86e61666e670c702b79f29a78d2
6057 F20090401_AABAZX 00015thm.jpg 63c37bb1d53ba1a44a8ed3377e1b7f4c769cca7b97f5343e4ff5e9ee0f543ec3e3d4ef29
296409 F20090401_AABBBX 00019_archive.pro 57ac9336e8d48699a796170a8f8d1080ebccb1d075fac2e92de4a8412b04660b6264b587conflict in mime type metadata
52940 F20090401_AABASC UF00028362_00106.mets FULL 7439f828702795c7d758896f6a82ef94b77093828cf8be2d1d1bf657e266c12a25ef0425
190252 F20090401_AABAXA 00031.pro 039c1eb1ded3ebb7c0abf900b153ae31734d2f1cbefa7ba07f56e45a0641fbd18a1f4731conflict in mime type metadata
39398 F20090401_AABAZY 00016.QC.jpg 8a220b7414159bfcdb9ffdd50366475488c02e9a4b1c0211aef034dbed73157ffc078d16
112981 F20090401_AABBBY 00025_archive.pro 168a3bb0f1fd6d12536566f9617e6eff0a7b228312282930b687f375181555b432f5114bconflict in mime type metadata
199445 F20090401_AABAXB 00032.pro 524894b9af350ead75a1b2daa19d3b3bf7f480beb9b43a12213f25727a574d65587ef95aconflict in mime type metadata
9679 F20090401_AABAZZ 00016thm.jpg 2aa0d312a393d51655dbc5ef7b30841ad5afad93274a2a1cb290e23feb95325ba613ceed
77264 F20090401_AABBBZ 00028_archive.pro 55beb405a39328172d13bb4d28f8fd885d66e4b7644bbb7bde00bac44f762349c0f8187dconflict in mime type metadata
9499 F20090401_AABAXC 00001.txt 7935ad1a0f4a4cc7ab54369189d7cc0c5a4dc50e4e28ce20e60c8bad158f673004d9922f
442159 F20090401_AABASF 00001.jpg 44d5b3f8cdb18d1b8fce405b7e649cdcd0dc03e3bfd98d2d9c7a6f381584b4bc06d67ca0
9640 F20090401_AABAXD 00002.txt 9c941fa3e266fc7ce92f5ee73d86114777d7731c31d5c7909bf11a49867003f27a99324f
381795 F20090401_AABASG 00002.jpg 3c83836770786447c4a0108f962a4e8d6a378c38e5eea0fa960e3d9fed51b942d3c8c879
1430 F20090401_AABAXE 00003.txt 2d7ce5b242f678d4bb14b608e0d1601b10d2dba3f0dbac68385c20784d38b158eb459ce6
222368 F20090401_AABASH 00003.jpg cebb4b12b655f2b4d6089ecf591f6d8f37a253a0cc444f62a680c581142312cc02007551
6245 F20090401_AABAXF 00004.txt b72419b26ba39103b7b0b435c3dd3cd7df06a92ab6fd894186c205720f7f0d910a8b9862
455209 F20090401_AABASI 00004.jpg 8c08eb10d5f282ebfe379783c62adb6142c6169136fb7ae4a0e9c3245908899365df6fbb
1704 F20090401_AABAXG 00005.txt d67e468fb48da8ea22c3bdd15abcbb8b98ce6aa974333a4921a7760191acddbba00a7127
323925 F20090401_AABASJ 00005.jpg 0c3aa756e015da25939b89b6d20824b690083b29b4f5fa607feafa98145a6fe76558458d
14350 F20090401_AABAXH 00006.txt aa0c694607cf639ab0fb862ab10581a9ccc0fbfa6e10d9b1ce480a3eb8fbc2cc6846e836
462270 F20090401_AABASK 00006.jpg 58754a29414bd5c17ba000b4ea8cce1163d535f612209ef7028b7a3de77dff7147cb6251
10624 F20090401_AABAXI 00007.txt a42da00126d6e38d1d8d62e7984d856b609931a2a33ceca6714e61894b447817b8a99301
402407 F20090401_AABASL 00007.jpg cedce9f68ff096258d062d975a532f79f50921b037515ab80fb1f24be4fb8b6f9116a344
1371 F20090401_AABAXJ 00008.txt cb8690d1246a3d5d0ec4cd8cdbf660948dea9ddffdc6fde14a5962b7a15ebec6e8f22037
369446 F20090401_AABASM 00008.jpg 29bc68e53368c1c938abeb5e5f51480c6aceacca891fcacd1cdcd60a61442c91111908fb
191 F20090401_AABAXK 00009.txt 3f96dc19a94a3f188c0792461a14a1c5d57f54912f92fa65a9677e1f1e68e42d798b544d
354093 F20090401_AABASN 00009.jpg d94ae96db0ae7af0e1c86e7fcb21fe00dfd5c34f35671979055856a1b6442b8c0ba96c68
267136 F20090401_AABASO 00010.jpg 7886c3de46f815d0f05cd056fa48c73508a2dad10a561f9e76117ee453f3594948257e6c
3064 F20090401_AABAXL 00010.txt 2fbbd723616b870508e3df6878ab89f920f9ea42770ff868f839c4098d8e4de049c5e0b6
263329 F20090401_AABASP 00011.jpg 3a669662ed8bec826b42e81d3a9826bd3ba6deebb5469aeefa7c2d5524b8df9f28aa8f4f
4220 F20090401_AABAXM 00011.txt 2c1ad09cd4d3ff7a656b7795f5f8bff4030d7996e2623ec7d089a1a4211b95ce0ccedd19
269240 F20090401_AABASQ 00012.jpg 5c70fd6b84a612e1c0413eedac3aa14d15e9cd32b0b3b16e70732967940446e8e99cbd06
1504 F20090401_AABAXN 00012.txt 3050dffc6d83fb707f286164190032fdca8c0567cb7620d7602bc19bc988a6aa7a82beb6
339374 F20090401_AABASR 00013.jpg e08b8c1a8ea8ba973728e8d5120781cd9d909a3f7242e0c607c293a8bb56a467555e607d
1848 F20090401_AABAXO 00013.txt abf2c7d4220b691620c87d595c0bdaafee7e1f20464f22a66b93b76f0cb070eb77465fce
204074 F20090401_AABASS 00014.jpg 8402a878165d0cd82f3978ac977f2d0ff9bfcf31ee74ef326e96a1f2b5bad732bcdc5743
2279 F20090401_AABAXP 00014.txt e5ebbea7fe5112f747abdc3569b4d15cfabc73704ce2cd380767908ec1e8c1fcf84aa04e
113236 F20090401_AABAST 00015.jpg 1e43609e1d7db07c2ec527a4f3cf695a927d9bdcc38a15a38a157f7aa250098060d02835
485 F20090401_AABAXQ 00015.txt a392353a098dc4440f388f8d0dd367e2ef7809fd85c8c8f8237e1a61f92534e873ca975b
346942 F20090401_AABASU 00016.jpg b94ab654181792fbc0cb2b147d25c35df0e405b30ffd02b345bd4e293c3e7601f3cfc1e4
4945 F20090401_AABAXR 00016.txt c351b85db854198a2c5b3656d88ca0213707118babc71bb70baaa2c84b5d88a2aa936375
431588 F20090401_AABASV 00017.jpg d07cddaa02533e0bc6d1314f4daf5581c2eaaf9cebd6e44d55974a3e6638e402f7c885db
8702 F20090401_AABAXS 00017.txt 9a256814b93b2b20f885fe640509dce15ec78c6d65035c05eca5957223a354cd1b2bb78b
493074 F20090401_AABASW 00018.jpg 4ca71021384bf51412a47d3aca5ae8e02593ea74fac69ee95f818a8ae6e02f025a3e7b57
14833 F20090401_AABAXT 00018.txt 6b3af716ad34a9648f01855b8de70e4e7cfb321f25f6f5d1e43fbc6e1ca824fcd9e06b77
410577 F20090401_AABASX 00019.jpg 3c8d5b9617128266035f937036fbf3929ecb6af770e7ad08416918336f2791641bb4bd8a
10068 F20090401_AABAXU 00019.txt 7e1bd996e5f63600034e9613374f0b35d7207c60c2039829e77243dcf9e34ea5f5ee91cf
498028 F20090401_AABASY 00020.jpg 9a2f5c3df28b1152cc264a452725ed4475f23784d45959b4fb7285ff4d28072e0251776f
11028 F20090401_AABAXV 00020.txt 68e20e1401b6aa2d392abd61f0537e6fcc5c5997c154ae29ac295f7578ceb753dba0ca06
448477 F20090401_AABASZ 00021.jpg 834b04659714e90bea2e168a95d4dcde4519bf1861b15f9c99ac8d098ae63598d0a03ddf
12237 F20090401_AABAXW 00021.txt 72c9639b9c7d928515e640a2f51e67662a7cef39c20313bc63ab20162b12119908790b47
15209 F20090401_AABAXX 00022.txt 6aee8a2e48efa4cf48f177ea0acc543cf3fa94f8993915f52ab190909cea3d678c8494fa
12967340 F20090401_AABAVA 00010.tif e631d97f9c3f59bd36c4ea736d039e455a66a688eb8487459777c95ac160b42c6423ee4a
15351 F20090401_AABAXY 00023.txt 28609c7c8e77f1fb0ca6d97c7d71d7613c32bf92326ef208e5fcf89c65d85068be740b4b
12642040 F20090401_AABAVB 00011.tif de8c87c4bdf6ecea696bdb01d078757760118ff38efc539b1a2fc08f5868cdaaeae56153
2128 F20090401_AABAXZ 00024.txt 499bad1cb9aa56deb09e9ade85e4a39b356c1d73bf0b08616f97643fb14095cea87df66e
38053076 F20090401_AABAVC 00012.tif 9c13f760c39aab50c4047ba2684ba04c70a5f57547a032524ad35f9e88c6dbf2e9736430
214053 F20090401_AABBCA 00032_archive.pro 76c4d8de793c87c397a0e520ff770a001736c1b64dc0e3b0ea17eb621c54121fc5a6e6eaconflict in mime type metadata
37968548 F20090401_AABAVD 00013.tif 2b6030d8fd30448cd899600cc65010e6dcbf8c67c2b8d380f77c37184e51c07ce74f0159
12472080 F20090401_AABAVE 00014.tif 9f06879313aad7bb0398da77d5a6e6453de7e28db7dd797a19233da6dabeb9ccf15424b5
13009332 F20090401_AABAVF 00015.tif 864a480b53a192fd7ac6b34c43b0f021d8dd01da8315781e2436c6e47e5ffb39406dc492
37786168 F20090401_AABAVG 00016.tif 2a28685fc2e1d5fce5619a0387adae8eb3abd5bce9ec895702532e846d4433f55cb2f444
78833432 F20090401_AABAVH 00017.tif b5373e4f6fa0f55d0b036ff7591ab227a0e886ecb2299a83bc057f677b133ad472fabe44
25348876 F20090401_AABAVI 00018.tif 91b526d31632a6bfaa716d29cb43118df34f62668977d482467a85e56650876550407783
25349088 F20090401_AABAVJ 00019.tif 3bc477fd119faba0526b106c4aee7a2fcbc777206b2d4b5d50ae9838ca107e1aa8dc95f5
76021292 F20090401_AABAVK 00020.tif c1825653a0a28c1013917a5441c06b873d891487c1b6ffa2b9fc9aa835458d3b483d4c46
76020912 F20090401_AABAVL 00021.tif a40c14ad4b00205a757ea11276008a341cd84beff80c307cdf519a01b4c57db702fcb5c7
25348752 F20090401_AABAVM 00022.tif 7364afa5ff7835fb7f103d45ec88f3c216487b5a5613013c7899dac173bd92cedf57a23a
25349148 F20090401_AABAVN 00023.tif 49eb72aa11af0f02058a178c7bb698450143eaa3bed663ac1fa522f485771b8eabc5a0cf
25349904 F20090401_AABAVO 00024.tif c43a0e647c1708459e015e9ff021e462b5586ffae3ca89f1d6cc0d9aaeaf88be8a95eb9b
38075004 F20090401_AABAVP 00025.tif 19a8505ebb40292137c9d2f6ee372119f61b85eca61aad9c9b940198de52a5b2ee77e6ac
12702632 F20090401_AABAVQ 00026.tif 07dcececd352ba726418829ff1823b02d181c0e3d6b12f0079f7e5ac2c497b4eb86c9ab6
12702460 F20090401_AABAVR 00027.tif fd5585f3257bc902adb680108dcd673f34bdb4c5ecd3851ab0c47f9b89d7523df601f94d
12702724 F20090401_AABAVS 00028.tif d24ef7e3c47ee3363f8d992d9c8e9f5c324e642420cb439fee5c4a7665022b0275ef89d2
12702664 F20090401_AABAVT 00029.tif 17533fab0dd8e2e1055b19e582486aa0009fffe6c109dd44db3269624491d206ae3915da
12702804 F20090401_AABAVU 00030.tif 73bb1860b5344534be1233b3f7a3182c5329ea3dec0f1919589326b834a617ce9dcc5f37
12702932 F20090401_AABAVV 00031.tif 62b891c82b4615d8df578d26406e68aecd50950f664ac1f578255454dbdbfce395370e0f
12703224 F20090401_AABAVW 00032.tif b175f21ea2f2b6d2fb4efd21140e5ddff731ce3f40cbc7d696100f0de397c8385516a2c8
251494 F20090401_AABAVX 00001.pro ac0e378c242256c12c9ffc0cf2c764f39c7a5074a1368bb3e38609c16ddca514fcbaa801conflict in mime type metadata
229965 F20090401_AABAVY 00002.pro eaeaebff56a5e56f57ee71506d899e8b19ddd55e8e28650ce7af5d8973f0e1a1445b383dconflict in mime type metadata
504020 F20090401_AABATA 00022.jpg 32049134421e88d523d1af4cbe24ff9880b0769d816fdf22985cf5bab8169d4b233757d7
30687 F20090401_AABAVZ 00003.pro 0842e5955c88f4d7fb16dc3c919ea12a6838c14d0cfef311f9e0e0bcbad4baee4b04a1c8conflict in mime type metadata
398598 F20090401_AABATB 00023.jpg a7a76fc2601b18fe20927345b0f5c7f0f7a270cc97f0900fa78240a68ef3923b50e6fb5f
339107 F20090401_AABATC 00024.jpg 0ca9f09bce6462a88fb6e46de229f8d6c05a4860354ddcd69e24ca33fe67da8a66a098a8
3501 F20090401_AABAYA 00025.txt 5cb6d2a1a1d367b92ec739eeb9800f443310fb714b3348294c308a9280c04f1ec530a00d
53912 F20090401_AABBAA 00017.QC.jpg 0f169fcee30496a7b098cc2c5a503114dff01e356af31ea51274f598c297766ad5131b0b
327690 F20090401_AABATD 00025.jpg 33910d7d40a471753a0cb405bef6a0679e55fcfb22d81dc32a9e2ac80cc96904f80e9871
11729 F20090401_AABAYB 00026.txt f2c5ed46372b02ecda602ace71dac470943f4ec69ed9047e8a5420f23c4911eddccbdc54
14435 F20090401_AABBAB 00017thm.jpg 7dc3c133f2ad6ca798f740feed81216e631e6392fa4aa6fb981449243a54778e2baffdd7
415520 F20090401_AABATE 00026.jpg ffac6b074411e7cb0f507fca5c28003498479a51df85987007fdb0e69fa82ddc29b24338
11745 F20090401_AABAYC 00027.txt 0583cc8e40abff75f158922da7b1c7c3e61061e447355da64b87a2c81120a4e16e42fb49
57984 F20090401_AABBAC 00018.QC.jpg 9568c1e140ff316c53ad2da86078e715621c14e7c581dbbcd520372d343b8a9e3cbea842
421994 F20090401_AABATF 00027.jpg cf2c213d3fc25bf77808e13782a571db22e7ad2a97b61da0d9b64df6302c921a3d7dc3ff
921 F20090401_AABAYD 00028.txt 4d5ced83ec77420ee9700c50b8e9acc1473664eb7b4c7ba4434120775fde9596ba92893b
16048 F20090401_AABBAD 00018thm.jpg 7aa376b9f4bf60949736a1e7b5c5c592a163ae64f142c68105b87dfff154b5dbe92bbb16
156657 F20090401_AABATG 00028.jpg 98dd4f932aa912a870952647e4385bfa0fcab9b7f1bcceca651ffdbb91c354922037fd93
3988 F20090401_AABAYE 00029.txt a2917b44e5072faa17c84a2dcd46048c6b337c8acd41f554d743d3b4f06994cb6525ce7f
50125 F20090401_AABBAE 00019.QC.jpg 6802f38d9d27db50a35d30bedfbf3a05413157e56d0f183296bee19d5e276086c606929b
10357 F20090401_AABAYF 00030.txt 00c6e92f5d72c302f132ec8968eaa0eb9395041175d4fc49436293d6515a46d244d5db9b
14324 F20090401_AABBAF 00019thm.jpg 62cea96a1bf5a8e2eb02e7b78f2566c2f16d7570c30765d165c81c9d34a168a96f4bb147
321109 F20090401_AABATH 00029.jpg 7ac4b25037284fd9125de157866b4adeb8f24b10f66715ce7dea738ded427ff95d1ecabf
7662 F20090401_AABAYG 00031.txt aef18479094b581b3ba83aeea34c978b2b9bfd2b09664a0e481b5465a7bad71272a1212e
58477 F20090401_AABBAG 00020.QC.jpg 89fbe55ad0ec7935a51c9b2d5bc8bfae8ddc39e8925fba1ae48d73754e11632f35a18686
392989 F20090401_AABATI 00030.jpg ae5526df471b149afa647bc29d0cc23d6cee744ddad4a9ea04f3999485873401f4b02af6
7827 F20090401_AABAYH 00032.txt 81d83b53595122453753f4501b7a0a604f9dc4234d1be296401de3c96e496f7f8c04513e
16551 F20090401_AABBAH 00020thm.jpg a92db1c3e21188f424d5d89c20ab00800b3028cb9c4a22c4cab4477006ac7a474f3af09e
367839 F20090401_AABATJ 00031.jpg 007d7b20dee46d04a9345dd0ea8769a3514cd57bbac2212803b3ce55c9a19c53bd83e4c5
16692 F20090401_AABAYI 00001thm.jpg 0dd1f411dc3d8e3eec47b4b02c37a8523a28b7052e09be1978f770f9a9a4daf020af3bf8
56525 F20090401_AABBAI 00021.QC.jpg 47d9cd1dff5b53fbb4d9d5e3616a9857c4a2429ff18e24d529971c0f93391cf1331ce93a
367385 F20090401_AABATK 00032.jpg 9419edfe7e56495cbb92c0cb5164b3aeff59497f94a9b091f7f2ed17b9981dd725017e5b
72736 F20090401_AABAYJ UF00028362_00106.xml 2967eaf7b303df7236056ea0ef9e56c06ce948112b247fb83467f296b70b2d2b9a128474
16315 F20090401_AABBAJ 00021thm.jpg 241656e45cccb47ba530c5ee042f8a35c741fb0e5ad70a29937504033c1e1ef85d2c1968
3238120 F20090401_AABATL 00001.jp2 ae967e9da845f6a87c0fd430e5058cafa693cf1772111d6c5a86faf96437968726e88692
25246756 F20090401_AABAYK 00002_archive.tif 8bffdaab17e7b38d4e166bd69f75a640a3439ad0dfa41144ae98f7f2bd870cbe286d5084
58565 F20090401_AABBAK 00022.QC.jpg 7adf7bbc1f8de946ea4c69ecf41e34293ab013fd8f53c4232b3ea04f0ca26f9eef5b5b10
3154213 F20090401_AABATM 00002.jp2 58ca6d2422d701c2522b4251cd061b895109f6fb4c7a76c302f84d1287a92d3502f296a1
26003036 F20090401_AABAYL 00003_archive.tif 106c49762eb7b89bdcc278fde419638cf4b7f8e04896a86bad88530198c4a9a1eedabb3d
15845 F20090401_AABBAL 00022thm.jpg 151eeb640892c49771cf535d9cf121ddb1a3236e248a5cdf26f05ef8aff8b26eda72a337
3238096 F20090401_AABATN 00003.jp2 e0574e7fdf5a210d944879aa59e13ffe3518458533948613cbfb02d2c7b05c53a784c3f3
51822 F20090401_AABBAM 00023.QC.jpg d07393e887d1617764e1a2bb55fd1e61bdc823f05725d955efce706c0d5e8618e0605387
3238116 F20090401_AABATO 00004.jp2 4f6b03c375dcd86c8e7bf1b66cd431c1b7c747395b86e86cd0da424859ca95f03c1e32c2
25890688 F20090401_AABAYM 00005_archive.tif 026f38ac7bce49404a218b3f0c246211117245c99e55d62c1699c2f2440dd6e3ff5333c2
14540 F20090401_AABBAN 00023thm.jpg 159bd1296104ddcfe5fc42ebcdd7575dfa58a92f2b8cee50c1a07d6e4813f5bf9ef0a89e
3238115 F20090401_AABATP 00005.jp2 5f43258c5827112ccfea9b2ea36472163f502e3e4f4e10894b9e1a5368c455dc5ba0182d
13570236 F20090401_AABAYN 00010_archive.tif 5843eddd37890e8ebbdc835cd2fba60b5c688fa1275953000bb56598421da36f963e0684
45133 F20090401_AABBAO 00024.QC.jpg 3a7368ee2fd24a2b20e3fc9ba0d3f77a41907b68db2ec520f712d3166383cbf7302c5897
3238113 F20090401_AABATQ 00006.jp2 629c8508ed460329c18e106be4994d5a227480cd6bcbc96a8f38ebad6b17990f13cb14ce
12430004 F20090401_AABAYO 00015_archive.tif 04b4a084581642a85647d630ae0e305f92da2c902ef048a7de94e387800dd695f83f69a1
13553 F20090401_AABBAP 00024thm.jpg 3b4d7ce5569eb66f8cde0fcf8a6311472c38ec78182d63be5f5cdb25bafd77284365b2cb
3238108 F20090401_AABATR 00007.jp2 03cebb84d4a8658659d606c7f95b9e5a03c537b71c4c846f2f608ed5f66c404939a58a51
78833108 F20090401_AABAYP 00017_archive.tif 27f7f94923d82561466091ec97abb4b6287d266e1e1f1e409b6b406d3253c08b4b2a8ef2
38114 F20090401_AABBAQ 00025.QC.jpg c846412021dcd6d360e6ad7d504f65f65763e7bb8092ccb00bceef5bd84d2b37af13eba7
3238117 F20090401_AABATS 00008.jp2 03b6521f18fd5eef8b5560f980c32fe4417d68d9657a3477c0f776f025cddec909f2ca94
25349044 F20090401_AABAYQ 00019_archive.tif a1111ff49b925cde2fe89a590b4b2c0b5e563a88bee52ea5065bd056ea1758ef94f1ef03
9715 F20090401_AABBAR 00025thm.jpg 51ec88158deb06a1a4940da0a0913afa18d89a467b37db9e4e065f69b34971a310ed8a18
1620715 F20090401_AABATT 00009.jp2 7bafde057fbf709d2bd2c9aadd35c1fe0027b04825da0065de0a49827cd05178f068234a
38074968 F20090401_AABAYR 00025_archive.tif 97e6c605f9cfbccfc0264ea02fb29f58f102a9bd75415e0c64fd9f5d77caf2315231a7fd
42932 F20090401_AABBAS 00026.QC.jpg ef333aa98ccbceaa602bfb3a0ea40b81f931fcc1609370d315970f168d96a9c800bb6251
1618776 F20090401_AABATU 00010.jp2 ec90b445d44ed5e57bde734ce20f6219147c3eaf5e68365df7fafc45ce871552ac997c41
38075284 F20090401_AABAYS 00028_archive.tif b39a5feec96cf7cd1ace84f75407d733de4531e98e02856316e1273facca5402d9add6c8
1578286 F20090401_AABATV 00011.jp2 be9b5331c5d786749ecfd9d2339426e9deb7189dc7d94dceb638652f9b017e5bd1aebc07
12703328 F20090401_AABAYT 00032_archive.tif abbb186aa1f0d4d21770816f0c9157384a065ac0556b79b5137d5884328e89956c2b22af
9423 F20090401_AABBAT 00026thm.jpg a1317c60735a8e0c9104aa83a108eb5b54883f533d55ebf4c8fd22f74be3a09558ef7d6a
1584921 F20090401_AABATW 00012.jp2 a80fdbc8aaf62496ba51f3455ceff07bdb85d8a6f42d912451a095f61d8a26d12e652398
12472060 F20090401_AABAYU 00014_archive.tif 49644fa09663d22f9b584b31b825ac29f27e730367a5272cfb61a3030e4679e7881db71a
43176 F20090401_AABBAU 00027.QC.jpg d967eaeaa9c5c599175df979e673885d91d3cd4544fc0f0d5794f65452c83235c3fba212
1581390 F20090401_AABATX 00013.jp2 d51d1ae8cdb40e76f0acdc2804cdf27cc893200adb06b03ec9142f725e989ca47909aeca
57849 F20090401_AABAYV 00001.QC.jpg af461769cf7f103c25a0634f0a6a78ee3bf4534808791549f4c3a85c8a1b9b1b81739ebb
9580 F20090401_AABBAV 00027thm.jpg 34e08d842d3a4ca099e0578243edb9402948734fc459984e98ae56f769325cfc41b1a6b0
1556778 F20090401_AABATY 00014.jp2 7788c0d24e6d3429bfa7fb9a54f5df79ede74f92d8fc1b1e2f3330e2c3dc607bf1599d3c

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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 10, 2007
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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Material Information

Florida star
Uniform Title:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Florida star news
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date:
February 10, 2007
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African American newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 12, no. 13 i.e. 39 (Jan. 6, 1962)-
General Note:
"Florida's statewide black weekly."
General Note:
Publisher: Eric O. Simpson, Feb. 14, 1981- .

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
aleph - 000581378
oclc - 02261130
notis - ADA9536
lccn - sn 83045218
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****jaatB *jtf1^ I






Tuesday and Thursday
from 8:30 to 9:00 p.m.,
WCGL-AM-1360 -
News, guest,
questions and answers
- The Florida Star and
Impact Striving to
make a difference.


I EEI i I~Tir~""'50

Police Will Face Murder Charges

In Death Of Elderly Georgia Lady

t.-:. .~~'

Ms. Kathryn Johnson, 92
According to the Fulton
County, Georgia prosecu-


The Mega Millions
lottery Jackpot will be
$91 million. The next
drawing will be Friday.

Embracing for
Over 5,000 Years

An eternal embrace.
ROME, Italy This cou-
ple was unearthed by arche-
ologist outside Mantua,
about 25 miles south of the
romantic city, Verona where
Shakespeare set the stage
for his epic writing,
"Romeo and Juliet."
The prehistoric pair are
believed to have died young
about 5,000 to 6,000 years
ago. They were discovered
nine days before Valentine's
Day, still embracing.

Uncle gets 30
Years in Prison
Willie Davis, Jr., uncle
of Dreshawna Davis, the 8-
year-old who was killed
when three
brothers shot
up the home of
her grand-
mother was
sentenced to
30 years. The shooting took
place because they were
angry with him for humili-
ating Rasheen Dubose.
Despite Dreshawna's
mother's testimony on his
behalf. the judge felt Willie
instigated the shooting that
caused the death.

tors, the three police officers
who were involved in a shot
out with a 92-year-old
woman at her home, will
have murder charges filed
against them.
District Attorney Paul
Howard indicated in a letter
that the case will be present-
ed to a grand jury on
February 26 against Officer
Gregg Junnier and the two
other officers involved.
According to the letter,
Junnier would be charged
with felony murder as well
as counts of violation of

oath, burglary,m criminal
solicitation,m aggravated
assault and false imprison-
Ms. Kathryn Johnson
died and the three officers
were all wounded on
November 21, 2006 when
the officers used a no-knock
warrant to search for drugs
at her Atlanta home.
When the officers
entered her home without
announcing who they were,
Ms. Johnson fired at them
and they returned fire,
killing her.

Suspect in Northside

Drive-By Shooting

Arrested in Virginia

Lamont Trevor Asberry, 22, wanted as a suspect for the
murder of Pamela Shrowder, 36, on January 6, was appre-
hended Wednesday in Virginia. According to witness.
Asberry opened fire on a group of people standing outside a
home on the northside when one of the persons yelled for
him to slow down. Pamela Shrowder 36, the mother of four,
died at the scene. The Sheriffs department was able to
locate the car but it was not owned by Asberry and the owner
was believed to not be aware of the car being used in the
Asberry will be returned to Jacksonville.

Dorothy and Willis Hughes

Celebrate 60th Anniversary

... .- .. ...


Willis and Dorothy Hughes celebrated their 60th wedding
anniversary with a family outing to Daytona Beach, Florida.
They will enjoy an extended trip this summer. They were
married on February 8, 1947 in Leesburg, Florida. Their
children are: Brenda Butler, Jacksonville, FL; Anthony
Hughes, Tallahassee, FL; Donald and Willis Hughes,
Oakland and Manteca, CA; Adrian Batiste, Atlanta, GA; and
Leslie Greenhill, Detroit Michigan. The Hughes' have eleven


Suit at WalMart

History's Largest

A California federal
appellate court upheld a
2004 federal-court ruling
granting class-action status

to a lawsuit alleging
Walmart engaged in sys-
temic gender discrimina-
tion in pay and promotions.
The suit was originally filed
by six women in 2001 and
could involve up to 1.6 mil-
lion former and current
employees. This would
cost the company billions in

Stopping the violence is where he will begin his focus

New Faith Based Leader's

Goal is to Stop the Violence

Rev. Rudolph Porter resigned as pastor
of Irvin Hill Baptist Church in Valdosta,
Georgia on the first Sunday in February
2007 giving him the ability to put all of his
energies, heart and soul to place his city of
birth, Jacksonville, back on track.
As a 1969 graduate of Raines High
School and raised in the Durkeeville area
with eight brothers and sisters, Rev. Porter
has strong feelings and maximum faith
about Jacksonville and is ready to get to
work on making a.change, even though he
has not lived here for more than twenty
years, he still calls Jacksonville home.
When discussing his new position and
how it relates to a pastorship, he said the
position of Leader of the Office of Faith and
Community Based Partnership gives him a
much bigger platform to perform in the
manner he has been led to believe and
trained to perform.
Rev. Porter is a man who relies on his
experiences and the doors that have been
opened for him. This gives him strength and
courage as a male who lived in Durkeeville
when the floors and walls were made of con-
crete, moving to Adams Street and graduat-

Rev. Rudolph Porter is new leader of the Office
of Faith and Community Based Partnership
ing from Raines at a time when the city was
experimenting by hiring teachers with mas-
ters degrees, the top coaches in football and
basketball, the top music director and a prin-
cipal with a Ph.D. The experiment proved
that when you have top leaders, you can
reach the top, and the graduates of Raines
did. He graduated from Bethune Cookman
College and was afforded the opportunity to
Continued on A7

Elementary School

Blamed for Cover Up

In Sexual Assaults
ALLENTOWN, Pa. It is reported that teachers and administrators at Central
Elementary School knew that a 12-year-old had been accused of going into a bathroom stall
and sexually assaulting a first-grade boy but they did not report the matter to the police.
They allowed the 12-year-old to remain at the school where he sexually assaulted three
other first-graders.
Parents have filed a $15 million federal lawsuit against the school system and are
demanding that the superintendent be fired.
The parents feel that it should not be difficult under the law for parents to hold a school
system responsible for the safety of their children.
The school system denies wrongdoing and has asked for the case to be dismissed.
However, they have not denied that the assaults occurred. The school is located in one of
the state's poorest school districts.

litigation and related fees as
well as damage their reputa-
tion. The suit was filed
based on findings that
Walmart violated Title VII
of the 1964 Civil Rights
Former and current
employees could join in the
suit if they meet four
requirements: Numerosity -
class is so numerous that
joinder of all members is
impracticable; Common-
ality there are questions of
law or fact common to the
class; Typicality the
claims or defenses of the
representative parties are
typical of the claims; and
Adequacy representative
parties will fairly and ade-
quately protect the interests
of the class.

News Briefs

Barbara McNair Dies at 72
Barbara McNair, the pioneering
black singer-actress who hosted her own
TV variety show and starred with Sidney
Poitier in the early 1970s, has died after a .
battle with throat cancer. She starred with "
Elvis Presley in 1969 and as Poitier's
wife in 1970 in "They "Call Me Mister Tibbs."

FDA Approves Nonprescription Diet Pill
If you are anxious to lose the extra pounds, you now
can get help by using the first government-approved
nonprescription diet pill. The FDA said the fat-block-
ing weight-leTss pill Orlistat which was only available
by prescription, can now be sold in a reduced strength
version, over the counter under the name Alli. The
pill is a product of Roche Holding AG and is intended
for people 18 and older to be used along with proper
low-fat diet and exercise.


plc yo.,d DA.5
Chek, DiIme Y Odr reiCdsc"t

205 SMA UNIV OF FL (1.1.
PO BOX 117007

I .



Rated One Of TheTop Fifty Minority Owned Companies
In Northeast Florida by 'Jacksonville Busines's Journal.'

First Medium Honored By Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
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r -- I II


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Katrina Recovery in Major Need of National
Marc H. Modal
President and CEO of the National Urban League


This year's State of the
Union Address by President
George W. Bush offered lit-
tle hope for the thousands of
New Orleanians who fled the
city in the wake of Hurricane
Katrina and never returned
and those who did return
home. Not a reference to the
tragedy that halved the popu-
lation and left in the region
in ruins was made.
What a difference over
one and one-half years make
after the president vowed to
restore New Orleans to its
former and greater glory in a
poignant speech in historic
Jackson Square with much
of.the city under water and
the National Guard
patrolling around.
But Capitol Hill
Democrats are hardly great
saviors of New Orleans.
They also failed to reference
Katrina in their response to
the president's State of the
Union. They put nothing in
their first 100 hours agenda
that addressed the rebuilding
of the Gulf Coast Region.
Not until the press and
activists noted the glaring
absence of Katrina in the two
parties' recent addresses did
they begin to do anything.
But better late then never, I
guess. Still. How interesting
that Senate Democrats
would hold a field hearing
on the rebuilding efforts in
New Orleans not too long
after the hubbub, and that a
presidential candidate would
be present. CNN even sug-


gested that the road to the
White House in 2008 may
very .well go though my
I can only hope and pray
that that's not true. And that
lawmakers are casting atten-
tion to the debacle that is the
Katrina recovery because
they want to do something
about it and not just react-
ing for fear it'll hurt their
political prospects. They
should be there because it's
the right thing to do. The vic-
tims of Katrina cannot be
forgotten and should never
be used as some kind of
political football being
tossed about to win elec-,
By most accounts, the
rebuilding of New Orleans
has been a slow and tortur-
ous process marked by insuf-
ficient coordination, unnec-
essary political infighting,
and a great deal of both
human and institutional suf-
fering that continues to this
President Bush appointed
a rebuilding czar in Donald
Powell but he failed to give
him any power. Powell is
merely a diplomat assigned
to ensuring that the local,
state and federal govern-
ments play. nice with each
other. There is little coordi-
nation between the various
federal, state and local agen-
cies charged with cleaning
up the city. Mississippi is
entitled to as much federal
aid as Louisiana even though


evil is~ I t
-__ )




00 5


0 -

- c -

os. s ee




*' 5








*. a
*. 0 0

U -
S ,
*. S



S- 0
_ ~ .

BG 55 Blower


Our most popular model for homeowners.
Lightweight, powerful, starts easily

a- 00 ealers

Bennett's Ace Hardware
8080W. Beaver St.

Repair Shop
5091 Sunbeam Rd.

MS 180 C Chain Saw


14' bar
Great for homeowners Now features STfIHL
the STIHL Easy2StartTM System. 'r. "

SAvailable at participating dealers.

Nichol's Equipment
10237 Beach Blvd.

Orange Park
Orange Park
Power House
611 Blanding Blvd.

Neptune Beach
11311th Street

stihua~ m Ay *uradfa

1,111", FORIDA STA

it wasn't as hard-hit because
Congress decided to cap aid
a single state could get. How
illogical is that? And state
and local officials Gov.
Kathleen Blanco and Mayor
Ray Nagin have hardly
risen to the occasion and
taken the reins of the recov-
ery. Any wonder why New
Orleans is still a wreck and
its current and former resi-
dents are. still suffering?
Does anyone really care
about losing one of our
nation's greatest cities?
In aNew York Times col-
umn, from January, Bob
Herbert summed up the situ-
ation perfectly. "If you talk
to public officials, you will
hear about billions of dollars
in: aid being funneled
through this program or that.
The maze of bureaucratic
initiatives is dizzying. But
when you talk to the people
most in need of help -- the
poor, the elderly, the dis-
abled, the children -- you
will find in most cases that
the help is not reaching
them. There is no massive
effort, no master plan, to
bring back the people who
were driven from the city
and left destitute by
Katrina," he wrote.
Back in July during our.
2006 annual conference, I
suggested that our nation's
leaders convene a national
summit on rebuilding the
Gulf Coast.
It's time to. assemble
America's greatest minds,
with its most.powerful lead-
ers and resolve to get the job
done. I'm asking for the
development of a 12- to 24-
month action plan to reinvig-
orate recovery and rebuild-


First African American Inducted Into
Th Inlnarid, Pree uHl fC f Fame



ing as well as ensure greater
coordination and collabora-
tion going forward than
there has been in the past.
I must say that I am
encouraged that the
Congressional Black Caucus
called upon U.S. House -
Speaker Nancy Pelosi to cre-
ate a select House committee
on Katrina. Maybe this will
light a fire in Washington
under efforts to bring New
Orleans back to life:
I am making a call for the
collective leadership on the
federal, state'and local levels:
to ensure the survival of one
of our -nation's greatest
cities. Instead of finding
fault and pointing fingers,
I'd rather get our collective
wits around the table to.
address this debacle before it
becomes our nation's great-.'
est shame.' As Sen. Joseph
Lieberman, who chaired the
recent Katrina hearing, said,.,
the days of playing "gotcha"
over the Katrina recovery.
are over.
The wealthiest nation in
the world can" spend
unprecedented amounts of
money to rebuild Iraq but
cannot save one of its great-
est and most colorful cities? ..
That's downright pathetic. In
a recent editorial, the, Neir,.
York Times observed that the
current state of New Orleans :
is a "sad monument to impo-
tence" of the 'world's last
surviving superpower.
What does that say about
our nation's priorities? We
must act now or risk allow-
ing New Orleans t6o become
an ugly footnote in history.

FEBRUIARY10, 20071

I'l.r Ui) A STAR




FEBRUARY 10, 2007

GW*%* se~o am e Gooft tv%' k. mo"s p om -"-astv awse&
WO O m

- *

0 -~

4ow a
a -
~ a.

- -

- C = *

"Copyrighted Material "Copyrighted Material

~. Syndicated Content Syndicated Content
Available from Commercial News Providers'" Available from Commercial News Providers"

4 C

Q o

o -


.% w 4.

--W OAW a

- Z -- ~



0 -
h -

* -

Ib S S

4b -q- m0




00 .

b -W



O -



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your Free Checking

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#1 in Customer


five years in a row?

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1 I I

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kr:I,~r i r Ilr i ~ ~ NANP.r~r~ ~ ly;u II~ 4, 94' ~'''1 ''l. "L.:'~I h i~ lI'' ri lLr





_ _










4w -



"There's Always Something

Happening On The First Coast"

Saint Gabriel's Episcopal Church Develops
Strategic Plan at Retreat
Father Eddie Jones, Vicar at Saint Gabriel's assist-
ed by his wife Mrs. Janine Jones facilitated a retreat
for the members of Saint Gabriel's Episcopal at Camp
Weed and Cerveny Conference Center, the camp site of
the Diocese of Florida located in Live Oak, Florida.
The purpose of the retreat was to develop a strategic
plan for the future of their church located in northwest
According to church leader Dr. Norma Solomon
White, "The genesis of St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church
was on April 28, 1964 in the chapel of the late Leon
Bland's Funeral Home. In 1965, the church moved into
a building on the site of the present church. The present
edifice became a reality in 1982. The dedication of the
New Church was held on May 21, 1983. For more than
forty years, St. Gabriel's has been a vital part of the
SNorthwest Quadrant and the Jacksonville Community."
The focus of the weekend led by Father and Mrs.
Jones was to explore and to discover how church mem-
bers can best carry out their unique purpose and con-
tribute their unique gifts to one another as a Christian
community and to the world. Former Senior Warden,
Dr. Alvin G White, whose vision it was, for the church
to go on the retreat stated that "the attendees also
focused on an outreach program designed to develop
strategies to increase the membership at St. Gabriel's,
involve the youth as well as renew efforts to move
toward parish status."
"The Song of St. Gabriel" was the theme of the
Retreat with Isaiah 49:1 as the scripture reference. In
that scripture reading Isaiah reminds us that even
before we were born God knew'our names. Father
Eddie challenged participants to grow both as individ-
uals and as a church and to reach out in love to the
world around us. Members are called to listen and to
recognize God's song for each member and for St.
Gabriel's. Members were continuously asked "What is
your song" during the Retreat?
"Through large group and in small group settings,
those who attended the Retreat reflected upon our God-
given purpose, gifts and strengths both as individuals
and as a church body. The group discussed and formed
Focus Groups for developing goals and new direction
foi St. Gabriel's congregation. Singing, worship, shar-
ing and fellowship were vital components of the
Retreat. Participants departed from the weekend with a
renewed sense of purpose and vision for St. Gabriel's
Episcopal Church," reports Dr. Norma Solomon White.
Located at 5235 Moncrief Road, Jacksonville,
.Florida 32208, the church has Sunday school at 9:30
a.m. and morning worship at 10:00 a.m. each week.
Brunch is served immediately after service. The public
is invited to join us for worship every Sunday.
Dr. Norma Solomon White further reports, "Plans
are being made to begin an after school tutorial and test
preparation program at the church. Interested commu-
nity schools and families should call the church at (904)
765-0964, leave a call back number and someone will
respond to telephone messages". Father Eddie Jones,
Vicar and Earl Sims, Senior Warden state, "Focus
Groups are meeting monthly to further develop and
implement the plans made."
Members are excited about the success of the retreat
which included adults and youth.
Ebony Fashion Fair Arrives on the First Coast
STYLISHLY HOT hosted by Alpha-Jax
Foundation, Inc. to benefit the community projects of
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, Gamma Rho
Omega Chapter at the Florida Theatre was as always
a smashing success. The fashions were elegant, daz-
zling and as SYLISHLY HOT as the Ebony promoters
said it would be. If you weren't there you missed a glo-
rious evening of entertainment and gorgeous, gorgeous
Kudos to my Alpha Kappa Alpha sisters!

Don't forget to let us know of your upcoming
events. Contact us at 904 766-8834; E-mail
socially@TheFloridaStar.com or you may reach me
directly at imajol@aol.com, telephone (904) 285-9777
or fax (904) 285-7008.
See you in the paper!

Photos by J. Carl Davis, Sr. unless otherwise noted.


Focus Group (seated I to r) Sammie Aikens, Mrs. Linda Belton, Mrs.
Diane Sims, Mrs. Angela Kitchings, Mrs. Lorine Jordan. (Standing) Dr.
Alvin White.

Focus Group (seated 1 to r) Mesdames Yvette Thomas, Maude
Henderson, Elizabeth West, Andretta Aikens, and Irene Wilson.
(Standing) Mrs. Brenda White and Marvin Badger.


Focus Group Mesdames Mary Sewell, Jacquelyn Williams, Bertha Father Eddie Jones presenting workshop.
Padgett, Leila Aikens, and Rosabelle Johnson.

St. Gabriel's Retreat attendees and guests.
I I 1 ...

Focus Group (Seated) Mesdames Standford, Lydia Monroe, Joan
Whitlocke, Norma White, Gwendolyn Leapheart. (Standing) Earl Sims.

Mesdames Janine Jones and Ann Hurst assessing the morning ses-

Dr. Alvin White and Mrs. Bertha Padgett interacting in pairing activ-

Emcee's: Bryan Kelly, WJXT, the local station, member of the
Morning show Alpha Kappa Alpha member/Reporter and Mrs. Joyce
Morgan Danford.

k .W! ... M A I 1
Local Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Ebony Fashion Fair co-Chairs
Mesdames LeVon Burnett and Johnetta More with Ebony Model and
Alpha Kappa Alpha member Ms. Sharmelle Joyner, Memphis, TN

Ebony Fashion Models (L) Ontwanet Moran, LA; (R) Deonna
Pinkerton, Kansas City, MO with Little Mses. Maria and Moira

B ..

Gamma Rho Omega B.R.A.T.S.(Brilliant, responsible, alert, talented



FEBR UAA R Y 10. 200 77



"Umrmts o f %1866

%%%( r








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U -


f 6 6

Advertising Deadline
@ 5 p.m.
To place an ad:
CAII: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673

We show it every day in our

workforce, our programming our

vendor relationships, and our

community investment programs.

Please enjoy special Black History Month
programming on TVOne check your
program guide for details.

To learn more about Comcast's commitment
to diversity, visit www.comcast.com/diversity




S.-, iury.March 10th. 2007
open @ 6:00 pm Worship Begins at 7:00 pm

. Free Event

Victory Way Christian Center
4058 St. Augustine Rd.
Jacksonville, Florida
Bishop James Swinson, Pastor
1.904.391.0002 1.313.999.9459


";)'* "F'';";st....r .... ,- P
*..... ,: .. .W ^',, .
^ ^ ** -w'' I

....$ VickiFa me
1, a s"
,' ',.** 1 1

R8 1llve.. for DVD ind Television I




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r I~

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4hw -



AIV7lrDTTADVM 1 f2007


r ;

'I~) ..j:-

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~t*. ;~'''


r''': '~'


February 10, 2007

Faith In Our Community

Schedule ofEvents and Services

Kings Rd, Sunday, February 11, 2007 at 7:30 a.m. and 10:55
a.m. The Rev. marvin Zanders, II, Saint Paul's anointed pas-
tor will preach both services. Plate dinners sold after 10:55
a.m. worship service..
ing a candidates forum on Thursday March 1, 2007, 7:30pm
at 10325 Interstate Center Drive. ALL CANDIDATES ARE
INVITED!!! RSVP Required. To RSVP.or for more informa-
tion, email Mr Fred Matthew's at fmatt99@yahoo.com
Sunday, February 18th at 6:00 p.m. The guest speaker is
Pastor T. L. Cole, West Friendship Missionary Baptist
Church. Come and join us at Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist
Church, 2036 Silver St., R. L. Gundy, Pastor.
located at 2606 San Diego Rd., Jacksonville, FL announces
the celebration of their 127th Church and 14th Pastor
Anniversary beginning Sunday, February 25 Sunday, March
4, 2007. Rev. Dr. Richard W. Jackson, Pastor. Theme: We are
Striving to Build a Strong, Steadfast, Partnership With Christ!
CHURCH, located at 1605 West Beaver St., will celebrate
107th Anniversary of the Church and 3rd of Pastor Leroy C.
Kelly, on February 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th, 2007 at 4 p.m.
Each service will feature a different guest speaker. We cor-
dially invite the community to join with us in the joint
anniversary celebration. Theme for the anniversary "My
Grace is Sufficient for Thee," song, "Amazing Grace."
GENESIS BAPTIST CHURCH, located at 2415 McDuff
Ave, Jacksonville, FL, Rev. Kevin Honor, Pastor. February
18th at 6:30 p.m. Special Guest; The Fabulous White singers,
sonny rose golden Tones Rejoice Singers Bro. Al Andres, sis-
ter of Praise, New Creations, New Testament, Royal
Spirituals, Christian Brothers, God's Spiritual Gifts, Jerry
Cannon and the Caravans, Emanuel Church of the Living
God and Elder Robert Jackson and The Spirit Travelers. For
more info, call sister Claudia Campbell at (904) 708-4776.
invites 'you to attend the Sunday School Anniversary on
Sunday, February 18, 2007 at 9:30 a.m. and the 104th Church
Anniversary from February 21-23 at 7:30 p.m. nightly and

Ask Us About Our

If there had been a death
in your lamil .reiterday.
what would you be doing





D P1% ri rn r"

Since 1988
4409 Soutel Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32208
Tel: (904) 766-9671 Fax: (904) 766-2354

Deborah West

Alphonso West

Jacqueline Y. Bartley


Temn _e

Cent1ra C anlm p

I I 1 11.. 1 0
SlI b.1ith
Are You I ltng," t,''" '

lerienct-ll the Fit e
.Je;u Promied?

Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames
Sun., Feb. 18th (@ 6:00 p.m.
Mon., Feb. 19th O@R 7:.30 p.m.
S Itlit Spr .ad tlt \. >|'d- I.% n ., \\ ill it.' ni, ill, Cly hant ril!

Solutlhwlest Ciampus C la., Co.un.\
1,l .1, .. I,, ...l
:X ~Fcbh. 2 I
iHem Ile cn'. Gales I Ikll's Fluanl:cs
Feb. 25th
.,,, h, I ,, ,, .
"i "'Toid It ull IF I (1 oilrS" iil CiMiicc-n-
I1.i. m,,,,, i ,. I, iii ~~~~. iil \ 1. h ~. .3.,,1, "
57,~I._5 R Iamon ll\( 1 ,l .1 ,mw ill,. I I .-',220.')
,, h ,. I .
,. ,,.. .. ., ., .,.

. ... --&AX.-_* .

Sunday February 25th 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Rev. Randy
L. Sewell, Pastor. The church is located at 1418 Van Buren St,
Jacksonville, FL. Call 356-2525 for more information.
Northside will celebrate the 31st Anniversary of our Pastor,
Dr. Landon L. Williams, Sr. Banquet is Saturday, February
10, 2007 at 5:00 p.m. at the Philippian Community Church
Multipurpose Center. Tickets are $40. Pastor Anniversary
Worship will be held at Greater Macedonia Baptist Church,
located at 1880 West Edgewood Ave, Sunday, February
11th, the spoken word by pastor John Guns of St. Paul
Missionary Baptist Church at 4 p.m. and Sunday, February
18th spoken word by Pastor Ernie Murray, Sr., of St. Thomas
Missionary Baptist Church at 4 p.m. For information call
(904) 764-9257.
CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST with Dr. Nassir Saddiki of
Tulsa, OK, Sunday, February 25th Wednesday, February
28th. Sunday services will be held at 11:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Monday, Wednesday will be held at 7:30 p.m. Dr. Saddiki is
currently teaching wisdom success principles from the work
of God at the wisdom Center in Tulsa, OK.
98 (on Adelphia) in Brunswick, GA and surrounding areas
every Monday, February 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th at 8:00 p.m.
- 9:00 p.m. Call (912) 267-6448 for more information.
Jacksonville, FL. February 11th at 4 p.m. Rev. Ronnie Cohen,
Pastor. Special Guest; Stephanie Vanterpoll, Rejoice Gospel
Singers, Touch Gospel Singers, Jessie and The Miracles,
Johnnie Ruth Anderson, Roderick Ingram, Sr., Sam Adams,
Singing Trumpets, Bethesda Faith Assembly. For more info
call Minister Donnell K. Wyatt at 551-1622.
Pack and Troop 175 celebrates Sunday, February 18th at the
11:00 worship service with Speaker Eagle Scout C. Ronald
Belton, The Pack and Troop 175 is asking every Boy and Cub
Scout Pack and Troop in the city to participate. Call Joyce
Couch at (904) 366-6091 for more information.
GROWING SPIRITUALLY- The Deaconess Ministry of
New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church will host their
annual seminar Saturday, February 24, at 10 a.m. Speaker,
Sister Leola Givens of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church.
Church is located at 1824 Prospect St., Rev. Eric Lee, M. The
Pastor, Rev. Joe Calhoun, Pastor Emeritus.
Listings are due the Tuesday before the next issue. Email
submissions preferred. Send to: info@thefloridastar.com

Matthew's Campus a
Instructor Samuel L. Roberts, presents
"The Over Coming Life; Paul's Letters to the Romans"
February 26, 2007 thru May 20, 2007
Call (904) 994-1044, (904) 779-7707 or Fax (904) 778-0316
Dr. Harry J. Johnson, President (904) 696-1788, Angela Green,
Campus Director (904) 225-9900 or (904) 225-8208.
(Can be credit towards Bachelor or Master's Degree)

I..'. q" ...... .
A' I


ALLEN, Linda F., died
February 3, 2007.
ANDERSON, Derhonda
M., died February 1,
BERRY, Eunice, died
January 31, 2007.
BRADLEY, Robert T.,
Sr., died February 6,
BRYANT, Mildred, died
February 4, 2007.
COLMON, Willie M.,
95, died February 5,
COOPER, Clinton, died
February 5, 2007.
CURRY, Lillie Mae, died
February 1, 2007.
DORSEY, Freddie B.,
died January 30, 2007:
GLENN, Corey S., died
January 30, 2007.
GOODE, Catherine, 74,
died February 2, 2007.
HILL, Mac Rene, died
February 1, 2007.
JACKSON, Alice Mae,
died Jatiuary 31, 2007.

JERIDO, Evelyn, died
January 30, 2007.
JOHNSON, Joe, died
February 1, 2007.
McCARTHY, Eric, 30,
died February 4, 2007.
McCAULEY, Leroy,
died February 2, 2007.
McGOLSTER, Johnny,
died January 28, 2007.
NORRIS, Bruce, died
January 30, 2007.
PRATT, Herbert, died
January 31, 2007.
SIMS, Sam, died
February 3, 2007.
STEWARD, Daisy, died
January 31, 2007.
TAYLOR, Albert, 78,
died February 5, 2007.
THOMPSON, Paul, died
February 4, 2007.
WALKER, Rachel, 88,
died January 31, 2007.
WILLIAMS, Keaver S.,
85, died February 2,
WRIGHT, Gloria, died
February 1, 2007.

The Church Directory

"Come and Worship With Us"

New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church
1824 Prospect Street Jacksonville, FL 32208

Sunday School .....................................9:30 a.m .
Sunday Morning Worship .....................11:00 a.m.
Youth Church 2nd & 3rd Sundays
(Old Sanctuary).................................. 11:00 a.m.
Tuesday Prayer Meeting.............. ....... 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday Pastoral Bible Study .............. 8:00 p.m.
Rev. Eric Lee, Pastor
Rev. Joe Calhoun, Pastor Emeritus
(904) 764-5727 Church


Historic Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church
Worship Service 10:00 a.m.
Church School .................8:45 a.m.
Fulfillment Hour Bible Study 6:30'p.m.
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday 10:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon
Joy Explosion Ministry 6:30 p.m.
201 East Beaver St. (904) 355-9475
Rev. F.D. Richardson Jr., Pastor

Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church
2036 Silver Street Jacksonville, FL 32206
Rev. R. L. Gundy, Pastor
(904) 354-7249 Church

Bible Power Enrichment Hour
Sunday School 9:15 10:15 a.m.
Baptism-Praise & Worship
(Sanctuary) 10:30 a.m.
Youth Church-2nd & 3rd Sundays
Fellowship Hall 10:30 a.m.

Wednesday, Noonday Prayer 12 Noon
Inspiration Wednesday Worship Service...................6:00-8:00 p.m.
Prayer Meeting & Bible Study, Youth Bible Study & Activities

1417 North Laura St. Jacksonville, Florida 32206
George Harvey, Jr., M.A., M. Div., Pastor
Telephone: (904) 356-0664 or 768-4453
"Christ died for our sins...was buried and Rose again" (see 1 Corinthians 15:1-4)
Sulzbacher Outreach Service 8:30 a.m.
Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Evening Worship 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday & Friday Night Services 7:30 p.m.
Saturday Prison Outreach 1:00 p.m.
Saturday Nursing Home Outreach 3rd and 4th Saturdays
"Call or Write Mt. Charitfor FREE Sunday School Outlines"
A Bible Preaching, Bible Believing and Bible Practicing Church
"Without the shedding of Blood, there is no remission of sin" (Hebrews 9:22)

"The Church Where Everybody Is Somebody"
Bishop Lorenzo Hall., Pastor
Street Address: 723 W. 4th St. Jacksonville, Florida 32209
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3575, Jacksonville, Fla. 32206
Church Telephone: (904) 359-0661 Home: (904) 358-8932 Cell: 710-1586
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Tuesday Prayer Meeting & Bible Study,7:00. p.m.
Thursday Joy Night,7:00 p.m.
"Email: Gdspell75@aol.com
Website: Greaterelbethel.org

"To everything there is a season
and a time to eiery purpose under the
heaven. A time to be born, and a time
to die. "--Ecclesiastes 3:1-2.
No one wants to talk about death
and funerals. Too depressing.
Unfortunately, death is a fact of life
and there simply is no way to avoid it.
For indeed there is a "time to be born
and a time to die."
You may want a traditional funer-
al service with visitation and a member
of the clergy conducting services at a
church or a funeral home. Would you
want an open or closed casket? Maybe
you want a special friend to do the
eulogy or family members to read
scripture passages or poetry. Any
favorite hymns?
First, you should shop around and
talk to a few funeral directors. Yes, let
your lingers do the walking-comparing
prices for such things as casket.
embalming, ant the cost for profes-
sional services.

Reta;t oni-otop Ahoppmg,. 'lnctt
can include such things as prayer
cards, thank-you notes, and guest reg-
isters-they add up quickly. Many opt
for the funeral home in their neighbor-
hood for personalized services.
Decide on body disposition.
Burial or cremation? If earth burial, a
cemetery plot should be purchased; if
above ground, a mausoleum crypt. If
cremation is the choice, plan disposi-
tion of the ashes. Do you want them
stored in a columbarium niche or
buried? Maybe you prefer to have your
ashes scattered?
An option some people take is to
donate organs and tissues to a medical
school. (Have a donor card and check
on requirements.)
If you would rather have a memo-
rial service, express that wish.
"Our Aim Is Not to Equal, But Excel"
5660 Moncrief Rd,*
Tel: 768-0507

Pentecostal Church of God
"Jesus Loves Sinners Church Folk Don't"
Elder Joseph Rice

Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Sunday Worship 12:00 Noon & 7:00 p.m.
Bible Study Tuesday & Friday----- 7:00 p.m.

(912) 267-6395 (912) 996-4864 Cell
2705 MLK Blvd., Brunswick, GA 31520
iBBBBBBBI~ ,~an~ll uarlIIBBma8n^

. ju i '


New Faith Based Leader
Continued fiom A-i

take his first air flight because of a
scholarship. It was not a short
flight, he went to Israel.
He said that his Raines High
School experience gave him an
undying enrichment.
The new Faith Based leader feels
his experience as Deputy Mayor for
Community Affairs for 12 years,
while still employee with GMC pro-
vided him the knowledge and forti-
tude to forge ahead through the
Office of the Mayor, to make
Jacksonville one of the safest cities
in the nation. He is seeking the help
of all of the city's churches through
the pastors; the community leaders,
business persons, schools and organ-
izations, to make this goal a reality.
He said that Jacksonville is a city of
800,000 and it will not be difficult to
form a committee to Stop Violence
in our community. Stopping the vio-
lence is where he will begin his
.When advised that many church-
es and nonprofit organizations see
his office as a place to get money and
may see his effort to stop the vio-
lence as a form of neglecting their
cry for financial assistance, he
responded that the ability to provide
larger grants will be available
through the platform he is forming
for all to get involved.

Porter said that everyone will be
given two questions if they wish to
be a part of or a recipient of the Faith
and Community Based Partnership
and make the necessary changes.
The first question is: "What can I do
to help stop the violence? The sec-
ond question is: "What can you, the
organization I represent, do to help
stop the violence? He has a form
prepared with the two questions.
"With every one joining in this
effort, we will stop the violence,
increase literacy, economic develop-
ment, the quality of life, and public
safety while streamlining govern-
ment" said Porter.
He told of a country and western
musician who visited his office last
week and asked, "What can I do?"
He left, wrote a song, had it copy-
righted and produced a CD, spending
his own $500, as an unemployed cit-
'izen from St. Augustine.
The sooner we all understand
that we can play a role and that the
high murder rate is affecting us per-
sonally, our churches, our homes,
our jobs, our families, the sooner we
will get control of our communities
and can join Eli Grimes in his song
written just for the Jacksonville met-
ropolitan community when he
speaks of violence, said Rev. Porter
"No More We Have Won!


$80 Billion. Thal'i how rh.Ch money
Federal Student Aid awarda ich year in
giaraS low inveraii Ioani :ind work rtudy
to st.Jd',I% in colIege: I-trade sOII w and
piofeEsIonal school;
au rd youi Ifaily may ,a belelig Sa Sgo
oni,,, a la Irr, now Federal ISludent la.
p ..1 IIam UU i rDipnmimt ,l Education can
rnlp Iy au begIn Io ,iFirn your CIF"m o fan
,dEailla,.yIfe righ ilchol

wwF FedraidSludelnAid ed gao
I-800l .FED AID
I-- F LI-F. T-H A
F ,It R -c L I.. C-E iNT I C,

U -

February 12, 2007
24 CFR Part 91.505 requires an amendment be made to the Consolidated Plan-Action Plan whenever
changes occur in the way the jurisdiction carries out its activities, and the changes be made available for
public comment. In compliance with this regulation, the City of Jacksonville's Community Development
Division of the Planning and Development Department announces the following revisions that may include
the use of program income and unexpended balances remaining from completed or cancelled projects
approved in previous years:
Jacksonville Economic Development Commission (JEDC)- $25,000- CDBG program income funds will
be used to pay the loan servicing fees for loans originated with CDBG funds.
I. M. Sulzbacher- $21,500 CDBG funds will be used for administrative cost fpr programs at the homeless
shelter located at 611 E. Adams Street. Funds will be allocated from reprogrammed funds.
Family Nurturing Center of Florida $12,000- CDBG reprogrammed funds will be used for renovations to the
Family Nurturing facility located at 133 W. 9th Street, in the Springfield Neighborhood. The Family Nurturing
Center provides services to disadvantaged young children and families.
Springfield Facade Proqram $132,099.15- Jacksonville Housing Commission (JHC) is proposing to transfer
$132,099.15 from HUD Activity # 3027 Springfield Historic Acquisition and Rehabilitation Program (SHARP)
to the Springfield Fagade Program HUD Activity #3026 for owner-occupied housing rehabilitation activities
within the Historic Springfield District. JHC ended the Springfield Initiatives Programs and these funds are
being reallocated to assist the remaining 15 low and moderate-income homeowners who are currently
awaiting rehabilitation assistance in Springfield. Eligible rehabilitation activities include, but are not limited to,
the following: Roofing, Porches, Windows, Exterior Doors, Exterior Paint, Structural Repairs, and Lead-Based
Paint Testing & Remediation.
Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Areas (Project #002680) $700,000:
These CDBG funds will be reprogrammed to the following projects:
I. M. Sulzbacher $150,000- CDBG funds will be allocated to this project for building renovations. An
additional $110,250 of reprogrammed CDBG funds will also be added to the original budget of $375,000 to
assist with the total renovation cost of $635,000.
The Jacksonville Housing Commission has allocated the remaining $550,000 in CBDG funds to the agencies
listed below under CFR 92.9, designated by the HOME Investment Partnerships program and certified them
as Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) to carry out neighborhood revitalization
activities. These activities are eligible under 570.204 (a)(1)(2)(iii).
Metro North, CDC $150,000- CDBG funds will be used for development subsidies for new home
construction of affordable housing for low to moderate income persons in the Brentwood Neighborhood area.
Northwest Jax., CDC $200,000- CDBG funds will be use for development subsidies for new home
construction of affordable housing for low to moderate income persons in the 29th and Chase Neighborhood
Habitat Resources of Duval County, Inc. $200,000- CDBG funds will be used for material cost for new
home construction of affordable housing for low to moderate income persons city-wide.

The original Consolidated Plan-Action Plan is available for review at the Community Development Division,
128 East Forsyth Street, Suite 600, Jacksonville, Florida'32202, and all public libraries. Comments from
affected citizens regarding the revisions are welcome and should be submitted in writing to Kenneth M.
Pinnix, Chief, Community Development Division at the above address no later than March 13, 2007. Once
the 30-day comment period has passed, these activities will be amended into the document.



Michael J. Saylor AICP
director of PlanBing & Development Depa

I SUBSCRIBE TODAY CALL (904) 766-8834 1




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Radio Talk Show!

North Florida's Best
Daily Talk Show!

3-6 PM AM 1320
3-5 PM -AM 1240 '.

CALL IN PHONE: (904) 266-1320
(904) 568-0769
OR www.downtobusiness.org

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I want a One Year Subscription to The Florida or Georgia Starl Please donate 10% of my paid
Subscription to the church or non-profit organization listed below.

Please send my Subscription to:

STATE Zip Code
Name Of Organization:


()6 Months -$20.00
()Year-$35.00 () 2 Years $67.00
The Florida/Georgia Star
P.O. Box 40629
Jacksonville, FL 32203-40629
Cash, Check, Money Order
t or Credit C~rd Accepted. .



\" .

80Billion. T, 1 ho, much money
Federal Student Aid awards eacn y-a. ,n
granLtl o'.,r.Irest lons and work-study
to students .In collect Erade school ; and
^ *^ ._Jr Ftp le'svon sr s 16015
rc'u nn your i'milv may be cli.gile So go
.. Jnonline ,nd IFtrn noV% Fcderl Stuacent Aid
j iP"1 or, th' u 5, D'p, e l Edu aion ca.
I t help j.U u.Jv To raiD z r ut drCIF m a [ an

....... T. .....sr,
1') 1. 1,. L 5 T I 1' C

K ~


I "" -

-NO -..A: -

i. '.i .m :,'-," ."-.. .





Call Liz!
She will set you up.

(904) 766-8834


FEBRUA~dRY 10. 2007



J '-

FEBRUARY 10, 200


-: ..V..


I \F ~ .' F.


- .W ,




n. .,1.,...
i. ;

ik ~; '11-.1-?
I~ .,
~( -~

1 7
I -*.

Campaign Headquarters

grandOpening for

IiVn "Pedro" cohen


City CouncilCandidate District 7

Saturday, february 10, 2007

Ipm- 4pm

4315 Brentwoo.dAve.
(across from the Pepper Pot next door to Abdullah's

Come Out andimeet "Pedro"

Enify free foo4 music & funi

Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Irvin "Pedro" Cohen


@ 5 p.m.

4. .

* i



Lk' L I V 5Z

T~l\ .;~~4 .'. ;

II I',:~i



.. F .. i. I.


n- i-
rg" :
~ ..I;

i i-

To place an ad:
CAll: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673


you're Invitedto the









UP4IVrE0VUL SIOry )/On 5-0-




Page B-21February 10, 2007

Im *fl 9q % W` 91011% t>oo % aM* V4 o 01 Sat% tM 4m1 qb
0i --

a. -ft __n
a o ,en.-.n8.

- -


Copyrighted Material
Copyrighted Material

_.. Syndicated Content.

-- S



Available from Commercial News Providers"



- Z_

* ~ ~ a


a 0
C -a

- e -

Unique "Touch Tour"

Brings Art To Blind Students

Getting a better vision by touching the art

Jacksonville, FL
-- If you've ever been to
an art museum, you
know the number one
rule: do not touch! That
is, unless you had a
chance to be on a unique
tour at the Cummer
Museum of Art and
Gardens on Monday
With every fin-
gertip, gliding over
ridges and curls, the
image grew clearer. The
first visitors to see the

Cummer Museum's new
exhibit -- didn't use their
eyes at all.
"It's like being
able to get to know the
art and see what it really
looks like," said Maggie
Meade, who had just fin-
ished running her gloved
hand over the bends of a
bold wooden woman, a
forlorn bronze bust, and
other works of art.
On this special
"touch tour" were stu-
dents from the Florida

School for the Deaf and
the Blind in St.
Augustine. Their vision
is very low or nonexist-
ent. But their interest in
the Cummer's new dis-
play of African-
American art is extraor-
It's more than
only "touching." This is
about feeling -- in every
sense of that word.
"Sitting there,
looking at something,
and you can't really see it
that well -- you're not
going to make as good of
a connection as you
would if you were to feel
it," explained Chelsea
Stillman, one of about
two dozen students who
took the tour.
Walter and Linda
Evans, the artwork's
owners, couldn't take
their eyes away. "They
can tell things about this
art that that I've never

known before," Walter
Evans said after mar-
veling at the students'
ability to understand the
expressions on the
sculptures' faces and the
emotions they conveyed.
These sculptures
had traveled to fifty
museums. This was the
first time their owners
had ever let a visitor
touch them. "Discover --
by using their hands
instead of their eyes. It's

very moving," collection
owner Linda Evans said.
Monday marked
the launch of the
Cummer's exhibition of
the Walter O. Evans
Collection of African
American Art.
Eighty pieces,
including sculptures,
paintings, and more will
be on display through
Black History Month
and on until April 17th.

a- ~.

- 0 -



Advertising Deadline:

To place an ad:

CAl: (904) 766-8834 or





0 AMP M. -



idldW oW

Page B-3/February 10, 2007

Encouraging Our Daughters This Valentines..., Black Inventor: Henry Boyd
Wooden Bed Frame
Thoughts for Inspiring young African American Girls on Valentines Day. Wen

1. You are an extension of your parent's good qualities. It is up to you to capitalize on
them in positive actions and words.
2. Your reputation precedes you and that is how people will judge you until you change
3. You are receiving the same education as boys, so why do you think they are smarter
that you?
4. You look at the world in a nurturing and protective way that is why you don't think
like boys.
5. How many female astronauts can you name, do the research.
6. How many female teachers do you know, do the research.
7. How has your culture been affected by strong and intelligent Black women, do the
8. Can you name the Secretary of State? What race is she?
9. Who founded Bethune Cookman College?
10. Who was the first Black woman astronaut?

A Valentine's Message for Dads. You Do Matter In Your Daughter's

Dads, if you ever wonder if you really matter in your daughter's life read this.

A Fathers Love Helps Your Daughter To...
1. Succeed academically in school.
2. Participate in extracurricular activities.
3. Be willing to learn all the things that you and mom know.
4. Resist peer pressure.
5. Resist the temptations of sex and drugs
6. Be less likely to be suspended or expelled from school
7. Score higher on assessments
8. Expect boys to respect and honor them.
9. Graduate and continue their education.
10. Increased maturity levels.
11. Have healthier self-esteem.
12. Take pride in their looks.
13. Seek a mate like their dads

WilliamJackson, M.Ed., William.jackson@ewc.edu, Edward Waters College and
Duval County Public Schools, Edited by RM.

You have a special something
that makes days a little
sweeter and life a lot more
loving for everyone around
From 0
Your Father

You're a SWEETIE PIE, a
CUTIE PIE, and any other
good kind of pie there is!
Happy Valentine's Day to a
daughter who is loved a lot! "

For a Special Daughter,
Happy Valentine's Day,
Princess! Loved-A-Lot!
Dad ( ( C
*** 0 v -

Find me again in this section>

The Inventor

Henry Boyd, a skilled
carpenter, was born into
slavery in Kentucky in
1802. Young Henry want-
ed to be a carpenter. He
learned early that many
Black carpenters used their
skills to buy their freedom.
In 1826, after purchasing
his freedom, 24 year old
Henry Boyd moved to
Initially he worked as
a laborer and later teamed
with a Caucasian carpenter
to build houses. By the age
of 31 he had earned and
saved enough money to
purchase the freedom of
his brother and sister. At
the age of 34 Henry
opened his own company
in which he sold the prod-
uct of his invention "The
Boyd Beadstead" .
In spite of the arson
attempts at his plant by
angry Caucasians Henry
Boyd ran a successful
company with about 25 to

50 employees and went on
to become one of
Cincinnati's famous furni-
ture makers. Henry Boyd
died in 1866 at the age of

The Invention:
The Boyd Beadstead
was a bed constructed with
wooden rails that connect-
ed the headboard and foot
board This durable and
sturdy construction is com-
mon in bedding styles
To insure customers
received a genuine prod-
uct, Henry Boyd stamped
his name on every bed
frame he made. Boyd
attempted to patent his
invention by having a
Caucasian apply for the
However, Henry Boyd
like other Black inventors
before and after him never
received a patent for his





The Florida & Georgia Star

The Star

The Annual A-B
Honor Roll Party for the
patients of Simmons
Pediatrics was held at
Dave & Busters in
January 2007.
Dr. Simmons
values the recognition of
student accomplish-
ments. Learning and
developing new skills
and talents are joyful
accomplishments that
deserve celebration.
Whether through a posi- --
tive affirmation from
school and family or ---
Dr. Simmons, Ansenika Lattery, and Latonia Callum Dr. Simmons, Kyla Bell, and Angie Lowery
through the more formal
forms of recognition.
Dr. Simmons fosters
self-esteem through
encouragement and
recognition of a job well
done. As a result, he
seeks to praise his A-B
Honor Roll patients and
their families annually
with a day of fun and .
games. .-
Dr. Simmons
gives kids that extra
attention they need to
feel very proud of their
accomplishments and to
encourage them to con- .
tinue to do well in Kyla Bell and Family Dwayne and Sylea Lowery
A-B Honor Roll
continued on B5

Valentine's Day
(904) 766-8834

yr. ammons, ,ytea Lowery, ana morner, Angle

Page B-4/February 10, 2007

The Star/Prep Rap

h rvParRrrap Pna 'iinBr5suglana 10,r 2007W nsh

p r ,e .: u girg gl ..pail igigi,.igP"Bffi^ riq? ayp

continued from B4
Each-of the -hil-
dren received a medal-
lion around their neck, a
power card to play Dave
& Buster games and a
buffet with a coke. Most "
importantly, the chil-
dren had big smiles
when they took pictures
and received their
awards. ..
We are very Latonia.
excited about their Dr. Sim
achievement of excel- f
lence towards their
future endeavors. We
would like to extend a
special "Thank You" to|
the parents of these chil-
dren. for their dedica-
tion, love, patients and .
strong will to encourage ;
them to soar like eagles -N
and strive for success.



mons, Ellu Mlonleyk, and Lutonia (I)Dr. Simmons, iAyair Maat and Angie Lowery
(r)Nyair Maat and Father.

~.- ~-

~- -1, -. L-u

- as.. __

Special People,
Warm Feelings,
and the Happy
among them!

Valentine's Day



Florida & Georgia


Dr. S immons, Lelante and Angie Lowery

Dr. Simmons, Lelante and Angie Lowery

Dr. Simmons, Aniya Brookins, and Latonia

Dr. Simmons, Damjan Bell and Latonia

(904) 766-8834

Lehlart Wooaen ana Motner

Page B-5/February 10, 2007

irt~_~_~~'Ye,, ~ ~ b~r ~ ~j~~'~~w"L 1~I~14aLI~- PSRL _-_PD---- -rL-~ra I~CP~nbp X -fir_ _.M 4M M.~Cyil,-

!~.';llr.~.~:~C~J~.I~k~.'~*P*~~?~RP~PI1 r'~L~Xk~ ~dbkar. ..dl~aas;~di~dl~&;J~FSI~~J)~e't~PII~P~*7

~ ^ L---

Dr. Sim

Aleyna Bailey and Family

The Star/Prep Rap

Page B-6/February 10, 2007


School Jokes!
Teacher: Where is the English Channel?
Pupil: I don't know, my TV doesn't pick it up

Teacher: This is the third time I've had to tell you off
this week, what have you got to say about that?
Pupil: Thank heavens it's Friday!

-Teacher: Didn't you hear me call you?
Pupil: But you said not to answer you back!

Why did the pioneers cross the country in covered
Because they didn't want to wait 40 years for a train!

Why did the teacher wear sunglasses?
Because his class was so bright!

1st Roman Soldier: What is the time?
2nd Roman Soldier: XX past VII!

#id you hear about the cross eyed teacher?
He couldn't control his pupils!

Teacher: What family does the octopus belong to?
Pupil: Nobody I know!

Black back bat

On a lazy laser raiser lies
a laser ray eraser.

Yally Bally had ajolly gol-
liwog. Feeling folly, Yally
Bally Bought his jolly
golli' a dollie made of
holly! The golli', feeling
jolly, named the holly dol-
lie, Polly. So Yally Bally's
jolly golli's holly dollie
Polly's also jolly!

As one black bug, bled
blue, black blood. The
other black bug bled blue.
If you notice this notice,
you will notice that this
notice is not worth notic-


Knock Knock
Who's there?
Arbus who?
Arbus leaves in 5 minutes?

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Arch who?
You catching a cold?

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Aries who?
Aries a reason why I talk this way!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Armageddon who?
Armageddon out of here!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Arthur who!
Arthur any more biscuits in the tin!

Color This

* *
*S- '
* *

* -

* *

6 9

* "Copyrighted Material *
Syndicated Content *
Available from Commercial News Providers"

* S
* S


0* a .

a* S

* *

S ** *

** *

me *

* *

* **.* .5




a ,




Th t rIe a a e l e r a y 1 2 0

NcWo^ pa vr'FUnIt

Reedeng is a Blast'


- -
- .

*^. ^-

S"Copyrighted Material

Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers"

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* 9.

- q* -'


* *



6*400 %-s

The Star/Prep Rap

Page B-7/February 10, 2007

_ _


o o

UNIVERSOUL continued from cover page _
Atlanta, GA Magic is in the air as
the 14th season of UniverSoul Circus pre-
liicres in Savannah, GA on Tuesday,
February 6, kicking off the national tour. This
season features The Magic of Soul, which
blends UniverSoul's famous urban-rich fami-
ly entertainment, including performers from
around the world, with a taste of magic and
mystique. Tickets are on sale now and can be 2
purchased at www.universoulcircus.com
The new season features magician
and illusionist Jon Ross who combines magic ,
and dance for a captivating performance that
will leave audiences mystified., The Magic of 4M
Soul will also feature flying trapeze perform- -
ers, mind-bending contortionists, Chinese:
bicycle daredevils, gravity-defying aerial
gymnasts and much more that will excite and -
enchant audiences of all ages. .. .
Audience favorite, Ringmaster Tony
Tone will start the show off accompanied by Zeke, Onion Head and the rest of the UniverSoul family.
"Every season, UniverSoul Circus gives our fans something new," explains founder, Cedric Walker. "This year our audiences will journey
igto the unknown for a night of mystery, fantasy, and intrigue. But you'd better hurry because tickets are disappearing fast!"
The 27 city, 500 show tour will lead UniverSoul Circus across North America through November 22, starting in Savannah and moving onto
Jacksonville, FL, Atlanta, GA, Greenville, SC, Raleigh, NC, Richmond, VA, Philadelphia, PA and 4 locations throughout the New York City area
through May.
Dates Include: 25 Washington, DC: May 31 August 5 16
Savannah, GA: February Richmond, VA: March 27 June 17 Memphis," TN: August 8 Chicago, IL: September
6 11 April 1 Baltimore, MD: June 19 19 20 October 14
Jacksonville, FL: Philadelphia, PA: April 3 24 St. Louis, MO: August 15 Oakland, CA: October 20
February 13 19 -15 Greensboro, NC: June 27 19 28th
Atlanta, GA: February 22 Brooklyn, NY. April 18 July 1 Columbus, OH: August Los Angeles, CA: October
- March 11 May 6 Charlotte, NC: July 3 8 22 26 .31 November 12
Greenville, SC: March 13 Queens, NY: May 8 -13 Indianapolis, IN: July 17 Cleveland, OH: August 28 Houston, TX: November
-18 Bronx, NY: May 18 -20 22 September 3 17 -22
Raleigh, NC: March 20 Newark, NJ: May 22 -28 Dallas, TX: July 31 Detroit, MI: September 5
About UniverSoul
UniverSoul is a worldwide leader in family entertainment. Both internationally and in the U.S., UniverSoul continues to inspire children and fam-
ilies from all backgrounds. Providing a wide range of wholesome yet hip and cutting-edge entertainment experiences, UniverSoul is offered live,
and via broadcast, print and online media. UniverSoul pioneered urban-rich family entertainment with the introduction of UniverSoul Circus in
1994 and remains the premiere urban-rich family entertainment business in the nation. UniverSoul Circus is the company's cornerstone from which
thousands of families have associated its name with excitement and fun. By creating a new category-"urban-rich family entertainment", UniverSoul
Circus quickly staked its claim in live entertainment history. Founder, Cedric Walker continues to focus on creating productions that both reflect
and resonate with the increasingly diverse face of American families. His ability to weave the magic of classic circus favorites with hip music,
dance and soul has given UniverSoul Circus an appeal that extends far beyond its urban core.

THE Happy



P.O. Box 40629, Jacksonville, FL 32203 From:
Ph (904) 766-8834 The Florida & Georgia Star
info@thefloridastar.com www.TheFloridaStar.com

I_ __ C C

V~age B7.8/February 10, 2007

The Star/Prep Rap

A1'tV IV ,1 T .STA PAG C-i

$5 Million a year is Ballpark Price!

Great Valentine's Day Gift,

Name a Stadium After Her!

That's no typo! The
Jaguars and City govern-
ment are expecting to split
approximately $5 million a
year based on today's stadi-
um pricing.
With the Alltel contract
now expired and the sig-
nage removed from the sta-
dium the lowest priced
stadium naming deal, is
Qualcomm Stadium which
carries an estimated price
$900,000 a year based on a
contract that is almost ten
years old.
Talk about inflation, the
naming rights for. new base-
ball stadium being built for
the New York Mets has
already been sold to
Citigroup in a deal that
reportedly is valued at
$20,000,000 a year.,
' If the Jaguars get the
expected $2.5 million per

Sports business experts expect
the team and city can get $5 mil-
lion annually in today's market.
year their half of the con-
tract value it will amount
to over 30 dollars per stadi-
um seat based on a seating
capacity of 77,000.
The original stadium,
which ran East and West,
was constructed primarily to
service Jacksonville's three
new high schools Lee,
Jackson and Landon. Then
Governor John Martin, on
hand for its opening, called
the stadium "the best place
in Florida to watch a foot-
ball game!"

Farmer's Market

on Beaver Street

Opens New Sheds

The historic Jacksonville Farmer's Market on Beaver
Street recently celebrated the opening of its new sheds. The

; .... .. :. a

New open air sheds at Beaver Street Farmer's Market

new location is immediately to the west of the old site,
which is now in the process of being demolished in prepara-

A prospective customer checks out the merchandise at
the new sheds recently opened at the Farmer's Market
tion for the expansion of a nearby seafood processing plant.
While we missed another opportunity to relocate some-
thing of this magnitude to a more high profile and pedestri-
an friendly site that feeds vibrant related activities around it,
at least we can rejoice to the fact that the state's. largest urban
market and only one still operating seven days a week now
has modern and presentable facilities.
Now it will be up to our city leaders, Downtown Vision,
and JTA to work together to at least extend the free down-
town trolley route to connect the core with this vibrant local
oriented spot of commerce.
The Beaver Street Market which is now 68-years-old is
ipenievery da\ -f the week and has anywhere from 35 to
S00 vendors.

It's a difficult

decision but one I feel very comfortable with."

Shorstein Says No to Sixth

Term as States Attorney

State Attorney Harry Shorstein,
Jacksonville's chief prosecutor for the
past 16 years shocked the local politi-
cal and legal community by announc-
ing on Tuesday that he would not be a
candidate for a sixth term as state attor-
ney for the 4th Judicial Circuit.
Shorstein pointed out that he will be
approaching 69 when his current term
ends in 2008 but added, "While I'm
confident that we would have been
elected to the sixth term, I simply
decided it was time to.retire from elec-
tive political office. It's a difficult deci-
sion but one I feel very comfortable
Harry Shorstein was Jacksonville's
General Counsel when he was appoint-
ed chief prosecutor for Duval, Clay and
Nassau counties in 1991 and has been
re-elected without significant opposi-
tion in every election since.
There are at least three known
potential candidates to replace

&S Ni I I w .

%* %%
.... .. ...



; "a
i ^ ^ a
~ ; ^
."" f "* ^
"; U;s
^&~ Q)1
^T^ ^ ^^^
is"~ ^^^^ Ly
^ ^^

^ I

Shorstein with more expected.
Two former prosecutors on his staff,
Angela Corey, who was fired last
November after more than 20 years
service in the prosecutor's office and
Audrey Moran, who. resigned to
become chief of staff for former Mayor
John Delaney have announced plans to
The third candidate could be Jay
Plotkin, who has already received
Shorstein's blessing. Plotkin has been
Shorstein's right-hand man for years,
but has yet to officially announce his
desire for the top job but all expecta-
tions are that he will.
Corey and Moran are Republicans
while Plotkin, like Shorstein is a
.In his 30 minute statement,
Shorstein reviewed his major accom-
plishments, emphasizing his highly
publicized juvenile justice program in
the 1990s. As a prosecutor, Shorstein






*, -




* -)
(U~ ~~ ~;

Harry Shorstein elects not to seek reelec-
tion in after over 16 years of service.

took pride in the fact that he never lost
a conviction in a murder trial he
presided over.
Shorstein said that he will go into
private practice with his sons at the end
of his term, an opportunity he wants to
take advantage of before he is too old.

TV Judge Hatchett Uses

Innovative Interventions

in Episodes to Help Teens

CULVER CITY, CA Judge Glenda Hatchett continues
her crusade to help at-risk young teens with two powerful,
hard-hitting intervention episodes, both airing during Black
History Month in the syndicated courtroom series "Judge
Hatchett." Interventions include sending an out-of-control
teen to tour the Underground Slave Railroad with historian
Carol Westmoreland and a young girl experiencing a reality
check when she is directed to volunteer with the organiza-
tion, "Hands On Atlanta."
"Underground Railroad Intervention"
Mary Barnes vs. Jewel Barnes (Baltimore) Mary Barnes
brought her 15-year-old daughter Jewel before Judge
Hatchett because Jewel had been acting like a thug whose
life has spun out of control since she turned 13! Jewel
admitted she has issues with her mom, and also said "she is
never going to go back to school, because she can make
money selling drugs or hustling and besides, who is going
to give a black teen mom dropout a fighting chance?" Judge
Hatchett sends Jewel to an awe-inspiring inter mention heree
she tours the Underground Slave Railroad with historian
Carol Westmoreland, and recreates the journey of a former
slave all to make her appreciate her personal freedom and
"Children's Theater Intervention Atlanta"
Lisa Spearman vs. Alicia-Spearman (Las Vegas) Lisa
Spearman said that her 14-year-old daughter Alicia is a "sex-
crazed, drug-using wild child who is completely self
destructive." She continued by claiming that Alicia's outra-
geous behavior included trying to roll a joint with a page of
the bible, getting arrested for fighting and even stealing
money from an old lady's purse. Lisa claimed, most recent-
ly, Alicia was missing for five days and she was found in a
sleazy hotel room with a truck driver. Alicia admits to
smoking weed and trying heroin and meth as well as
"gangbanging and stealing cars." Judge Hatchett steps in
and sendsAlicia to her hometown Atlanta to help the "Hands
On Atlanta" volunteer organization rebuild an outdoor area
of the East Point Youth Center. The intervention becomes
very personal when Judge Hatchett, and even Tom the
bailiff, arrive to help and show Alicia the value of commu-
nity service and working together.

our nation's honor," he said. "The war in Iraq is causing a
war on the poor at home.
"Money needed for the working poor, the aged and the
young, are being sacrificed for this misadventure."
Jackson said that the war in Iraq is part of a larger prob-
lem in the country.
"We need more than new leaders; we need new direction,
new priorities, and a new way for a new day," he said.
The speakers throughout the rally encouraged the pro-
testers to support the bill, Bring Our Troops Home and
Sovereignty of Iraq Re-stiratnoni Act of 2007 sponsored by
Waters, Rep. Lynn W\oolk) ind Rep. Barbara Lee.




FFlrRRUARY, 10. 2007

PAGE C-2 1 A1A -...

Ask Deanna! is an advice column known for its fearless approach to reality-based
Dear Deanna!
How do I apologize for interfering in my best friends mar-
riage? 1 want to apologize to her but I don't know what to say
without any physical confrontation. There were some things
that 1 did and said that caused problems in her relationship. I
just want to apologize and let her know that 1 didn't mean to
come between her and her husband. How do I apologize?
Hurting (Oklahoma City, OK)

Dear Mistress:
You owe an apology to her husband as well because your .a:- .'.-. i
actions affected him too. You're an adult and know you should-
n't do anything to jeopardize another person's relationship. If you did something so bad that
it would get physical, you should communicate with a card or a phone call. Then again, if
this is your friend and you truly have her best interests at heart, you should be able to
respectfully apologize, face-to-face without drama and keep it moving.

Dear Deanna!
I'm 24 yrs old and my girlfriend is 30. We've lived together for a year but she recently said
that she can't live with anyone because she's too picky and needs her space. We've made
long term plans for the future and I don't see those plans working if we aren't around each
other. She works and I go to school full-time. Am I wrong for giving up and moving on or
do I stay around and work through these issues?
Anonymous Male (On-line Reader)

Dear Anonymous:
You're ahead of the game because you get the idea that she doesn't want you. When some-
one pulls out the old "I need space" excuse they're simply saying "Get away so I can sort
my life, be alone or see other people." You may want to put the brakes on any joint long
term plans because your relationship is going to end. You already know this and should con-
tinue to plan your life and not feel guilty about moving on.

Dear Deanna!
I'm 20 years old and recently lost my virginity. For some reason, my mom didn't take this
well. Ever since she found out, she has been on me abqut everything I do and she questions
my actions all the time. Now she is beginning to falsely accuse me of being promiscuous.
I have a full-time job; I go to college and do everything to prove that I'm not what she
thinks. She is making my life a living hell. What do I do?
Miserable Daughter On-Line Reader

Dear Miserable:
It's time you move out and get your own place. You're no longer a child in your mother's
eyes and it's hard for her to view you as a big girl doing big girl things. If you want to get
her off your back, be an adult and become independent, handle your business and become
the woman you want to be. Eventually, your mother will see that you're making good deci-
sions, being responsible and she'll accept the fact you're growing up and sex is a part of
that process.
Ask Deanna is written by Deanna M. Write Ask Deanna! Email: askdean-
nal@yahoo.com or write: Deanna M., 264 S. La Cienega, Suite 1283, Beverly
Hills, CA 90211 Website: www.askdeanna.com.

From Negroes to African-Americans
Ester Da\ is
ReligionA ndSpirilualitly comn

There has al\\\as been resistance to an\ change in the
%otnlg habits of Negroes. \hen Judge J. W;anes \Varmg --. .
ordered that the South Carolina Democratic primary> be it
opened to Negroes in 194-7, there \\as the most biter denun- .
cialion of' he decision. The Waring famnl\ \\as ostracized b\ '
whites in Charleston, and hoodlums threatened them \\ith
bodily harm. In 1956, a Louisiana registrar disqualified Negroes as qualified voters who did
not satisfactorily demonstrate their understanding of the Constitution.
The steady migration of the Negro to the North and West gave them a new powerful
voice in voting and politics. In cities like Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland they frequently
held the balance of power' in close elections and in certain pivotal states. The votes of
Negroes came to be respected and regarded as crucial in national elections. Meanwhile, an
increasing number of Negroes in the South were registering and voting. Thirty-five thou-
sand Negroes voted in the 1948 Democratic primary in South Carolina. Half could not read
or write, did not have a driver's license or gas money. In the same year, the number of reg-
istered Negro voters in Georgia had already exceeded 150,000, and this number was even
higher by the time of the next presidential election. In 1952, it was estimated that 63 per-
cent of the eligible Negro electorate in Durham, N.C., voted regularly.
In the same 1952 election the efforts of Southern Negro leaders raised the number of
Negro voters to 2 million, and the influence of the Negro voters could be seen clearly in the
elections. It was held by some white newspapers that the Negro vote was an important fac-
tor in holding Louisiana and South Carolina in the Democratic column. (There were 350
Negro publications at this time, some daily.) A survey of the vote in predominantly Negro
districts revealed a majority for the Democratic presidential candidate, Adlai Stevenson,
ranging from 56 percent in two New Jersey cities to 99 percent in Darlington, S.C. In 1952,
there was widespread opposition to Eisenhower's candidacy in part because of his stand on
Army segregation in 1948, while other Negroes were more concerned with retaining the
gains made under the New Deal and Fair Deal programs of Roosevelt and Truman.
The rising influence of the Negro was clearly on the march. In 1954, Illinois sent Negro
Democrat William Dawson to the House of Representatives for his seventh consecutive
term, while Adam Clayton Powell was returned from New York for his sixth term. Charles
C. Diggs Jr. of Detroit was elected in the same year, marking the first time in the 20th cen-
tury that as many as three Negroes were in the Congress. Detroit would send a second Negro
to Congress in 1964. By 1956, there were some 40 Negroes in state legislatures, all in the
North and West, some being Baptist ministers.
The year 1956 was an economically empowering year for the Negro. In 1956, the
Negroes of Montgomery, Ala., boycotted the city bus lines to avoid the alleged abuse of
Negro passengers by white drivers, to obtain a more satisfactory seating regulation and to
secure the employment of Negro drivers on buses. Almost immediately about 90 Negroes
were indicted under a 1921 law forbidding conspiracy to obstruct the operation of a busi-
ness. But the effective weapon of the boycott gained momentum as the Negroes of
Tallahassee, Fla., in June 1956, cut their bus company's business by 75 percent by follow-
ing the Montgomery plan.
Thus, by 1956, something akin to economic warfare was being waged in America by
the Negro. Negroes began to boycott businesses and to vote.
Now, will someone please tell me what happened? The Negroes, who coined their lega-
cy, are fading away, and we are left with the African-Americans. We know what history
wrote about the Negro. What will history write about the African-Americans?
Ester Davis is a writer and a television host/producer. She can be reached at

Black Men Give Your Daughters A Special Valentines Day
What does it mean when we hear the term "Daddy's Little Girl", in the Black community? Surprisingly, the same
Thing for other cultures in America. .
Basic observational patterns are not a scientific way to judge important data when dealing with this issue. Teaching
S young ladies from ages 7 to 13 in an elementary school has identified a disturbing realization about our young Black girls.
Many are lonely, depressed and have very diminished self-esteems because their dads lack an involvement in their lives.
," The facts cannot be denied that girls look up to their dads. According to data from Science Daily 1999, "...researchers
II found that the quality of fathers' involvement with daughters was the most important feature of the early family environ-
ment:" Daddies are the keys to a young girl's emotional stability and future relationship patterns with the males in their ,
lives, and continued educational success. Stated also; "...important role fathers seem to play in their daughters' develop-
ment, given that the quality of mothering is generally more closely associated with how children turn out than is the quality of fathering".

Comments made in our own communities about "where are the fathers"?
We know where they are; we just don't say anything to them to motivate or guide fathers to see their daughters. We just shake our heads
and call them: "no good, dead beats, hustlers, No good baby daddies, and identify them by their parents as being "just like his daddy." Maybe all the "Baby Momma Drama"
and the "you ain't seeing MY kids unless you pay" issues have hurt our children to the point where girls feel the need to display themselves in an inappropriate fashion to get
the attention that they desire. The biological make up of men and women are what allow them to conceive a child, but what about the emotional maturity to support a child?
This is a,willing and consensual action on both parents unless there is rape or incest. Despite the emotional implications, and if both parties are emotionally ready or not,
our Black girls are having sex, our Black girls are having sex with multiple partners, which can result in pregnancy, and contracting venereal diseases that will develop com-
plications later in their adult years or even the possibility of death.

What does this have to do with fathers?
Involvement of fathers in a girl's life especially during or between ages 4 to 16 are crucial because girls receive a foundation on how they want their boyfriends and
future husbands to be. The quote by Ernest Hemingway states, "To be a successful father, there's one absolute rule: when you have a kid, don't look at it for the first two
years." Unfortunately too many Black fathers have not seen their girls over two years. This gives justification for many mothers, why even bother to have a father in their
daughter's life if he is going to leave any way. Expectations are that Black fathers will leave the home after five to six years of the child's life. Despite the causes this is a
fact that many do not want to face, or choose to down size by excuses and ignorance.
One of the greatest challenges is change, this is enough to scare any new father, and unfortunately young fathers are unprepared for the emotional and financial
responsibilities children bring, and they have no mentors to guide them. Communication is a key ingredient for new fathers and mothers. A quote by Phyllis McGinley
states, "The thing to remember about fathers is... they're men. A girl has to keep it in mind: They are dragon-seekers, bent on improbable rescues. Scratch any father, you
find someone chock-full of qualms and romantic terrors, believing change is a threat, like your first shoes with heels on, like your first bicycle...". Because of this fear of
change and a threat to their ideas on stability and independence many young men and some older ones are just plain scared. To fight this fear there must be opportunities
to "teach" our young African American brothers how to be fathers.
My personal feelings are, "....until you have a daughter of your own, you will never know the joy and the love that booms in
a man's heart. You will never know the fear, anxiety and stress of being responsible for a little girl that is depending on you to keep the
*! scary things away. You will never know the sense of honor and nobility that makes a man want to be more than he is, to work harder
than he ever has to please his child. You will never know how a man's heart jumps, skips, and melts when his daughter runs and jumps
in his arms. You will never know the heartbreak of the fathers who are haunted by the inner demons that try to consume them when
A, they are not allowed to see their daughters or are unable to spend time with them. Unless you have a daughter, and have gone through
divorce, separation, imprisonment, the court system or denied visitation by the mother, you will never know why men are angry at the
world." This does not go well with a young girl just waiting to see her dad. Not understanding why he does not call or write, and not
realizing that these actions have long term detrimental emotional and psychological affects in future relationships.
This February has two important events;\Black history and Valentines Day. Black Men, I challenge you to see your daughters,
;i spend time with them swallow your pride, disregard your arrogance, and break the cycle of not supporting your children. You may have
experienced this, just as I have, but the time is now to break this viscous cycle. Make the time in your busy schedules, get rid of the
tough guy and thug persona and be a loving and caring father. I challenge mothers as well regardless of past mistakes, hurts or situa-
tions, allow your daughters to see their fathers. Unless there is legal action, abuse (mental or physical), put your child first and allow
them to spend time with their dads. Why can't Black folk put aside the "Baby Mama and Baby Daddy" drama and let their girls know
that they have two parents that love and support them. What have you got to lose except your pride.
,, '' W William Jackson, M.Edt William.jackson@ewc.edu, Edwafd Waters College and Duval Cainty Public Schools, Ected by RM. 1
..&May, -iffSilop^flp' "

February 10, 20077


- I --


d uo %b *0 '* b. ft
00 a.owwp sm %, o., cm *0m'* *

S"Copyrighted Material

Syndicated Content
Available from Commercial News Providers"

ft w Oft

Democrat Jackie Brown Running for Mayor
Jacksonville, FL Democrat
Jackie Brown filed her paperwork to run
for mayor at the Duval County Supervisor
of Elections Office. She will be the only
challenger running against Republican
Mayor John Peyton.
Brown says as mayor, she would
work to more evenly distribute tax dollars
to all areas of the city to help reduce
crime. S
"90 percent of the crime that's tak-. .
ing place is happening with young men Democrat Jackie Brown
under the age of 30 because there are no
job opportunities, there's no economic development," Brown says.
Brown gained notoriety last year when she was arrested at a city council
meeting, but she says despite that she thinks she can work with council if elected.
S Jackie Brown, political activist, started the Movement For Economic Justice
to aid Blacks living in the inner city area of Jacksonville, FL
The election for the mayor of Jacksonville is March 20th.


I*,1 1(s way to live.
A wtty fij k b R1,1 to J, dq i
h lhklli4~t9~ ~ d~ka'q I IL'C p L? 1 r 1. (

qpili. ~. .........~
Amt t" X016 dkw, 'Hu, Id-

G16iiyEplelim Gfrap Presents

We Invite You To Experience The
Power Of Worship Through Gospel Music
Hosted By Maria Dennis of Victory AM 1360.

Come Out Worship With
, Wanda P., D.J. Soulja and Jaye Brummell
'TiE SHOW" on Gospel 1400 WZAZ

$Saturday March 10th 2007
00opm Worship Begns @ 7:00 pm ..Free Event
Semi Formal .
4VI!tory Way Christiani ter '*.
S 4058 St..Augustiil '
6a hop James Swinso tr ; .
Ww.GLORIFYGOS 'li.'':. ,. -"" -".
.904.391.0002 1.313.9 9.4 :., .

SCo ,.HostedB The.0o Announcers Guild and
The Gospel Music Workshop of America
id Television Jacksonville Chapterl,



Announcements, meetings, happenings, and community events scheduled
in Jacksonville and the surrounding area.

CULTURE MOVES AFRICAN DANCE COMPANY is bringing their traditional
African flair right here to UNF! Come out for an evening of rhythmic beats and help
send money back to needy families in Africa. Mande! The Evolution from Bare Feet
to Blue Jeans African Dance Concert with Special Guests Bassikolo Drummers from
Guinea, West Africa will be held at the Robinson Theatre, Thursday, February 22nd at
7 p.m. It's free and open to the public. Contact Keeanga Speaks, Office of Admissions
(904) 620-1138.
SILENCE IS DEATH HIV/AIDS in Duval County Community Mobilization. Be
Heard, make a change. February 16th at 9 a.m. 4:30 p.m. Registration begins at 8
a.m. at the Holiday Inn Commonwealth, located at 6802 Commonwealth Ave. Lunch
will be served, please RSVP by February 10th. Sponsored in part by: Minority Aids
Coalition Duval County Health Dept., EWC, FAMU School of Pharmacy, Inter-Faith
Based Advisory, and River Region Human Services. For additional information,
please call 358-1622.
distributing the USDA commodities to the following sites in Jacksonville, FL:
February 8th Hurley Manor, 3335 University Blvd; Jacksonville Townhouse, 3465
Philips Hwy; San Jose Manor, 3630 Galicia Rd; and Sable Palms Apartments, 2150
Emerson St. February 9th Lane Wiley Senior Center, 6710 Wiley Rd; and West
Gate Apartments, 5202 La Ventura Dr., East. February 10th Centennial Towers 230
East, 1st St; Morris Manor, 9050 Norfork Blvd; and Phillipi Missionary.Baptist
Church, 9232 Gibson Ave. February 13th Mt. Carmel Gardens, 5846 Mt. Carmel
Terrace; Pablo Hamlet, 1600 Shetter Ave; Jacksonville Beach P.R.I.D.E., 123 8th St,
South; Pablo Towers, 115 3rd St; and Cathedral Terrace, 701 N. Ocean St. Feb 14th -
Baptist towers, 1400 Le Baron Ave. Feb 15th Eastside Community Center, 1050
Franklin St; Emmett Reed Center, 1093 6th St; and Lillian Saunders Community
Center, 2759 Bartley Lane.
RECOGNITION BANQUET The Jacksonville Housing Authority and the
Resident Advisory Board will be hosting its Annual Black History Program for public
housing and Section 8 youth. This event will consist of a Spelling Bee, Brian Brawl,
Cheerleading / Step Contest. It will be held on Saturday, February 10, 2007 beginning
at 1:00 p.m. at Eugene J. Butler Middle School located at 900 Acorn Street. Cash
prizes will be awarded to First, Second, and Third Place winners. In addition to these
activities, youth that participated in the Sports Program for the year will be given their
special recognition. Refreshments will be served to all participants of the program.
CHRISTIAN POETRY CONTEST A $1,000 grand prize is being offered in a spe-
cial poetry contest sponsored by Christian Poets Guild, free to everyone. There are 50
prizes in all totaling $5,000. To enter, send one poem of 21 lines or less to Free Poetry
contest, 1638 Dogwood Ln, Ackworth, GA 30102-1820. Or enter online at
www.freecontest.com. The deadline for entering is February 14, 2007. Poems may be
written on any subject, using any style "A typical poem." says Contest Director
Cecilia Gica. might be a love poem, or nature poem, one that inspires the reader."
Be sure your name and address appears on the page with your poem. If you wish a
winners's list please enclose a return envelope.
DIVERSITY" BREAKFAST Join the First Coast Diversity Council, Blue Cross
and Blue Shield of Florida and the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce for
a "Best Practices in Diversity" breakfast. The keynote speaker will be Luke Visconti,
partner and co-founder of DiversityInc. DiversityInc's mission is to bring education
and clarity to the business benefits of diversity. Wednesday, February 21, 8 to 10 a.m.
Jacksonville Marriott at Southpoint. Tickets are $25 for Chamber members and $35
for non-Chamber members. Corporate tables are available for $225. Call (904) 632-
1051 to make your reservation.
February 10, 2007 at 8 p.m. at the Potter's House Christian Fellowship Grande
Ballroom on Normandy Blvd. Featuring: Poetess Dee Whitfield; Guest Artist
Trumpeter, Isaac Byrd, Jr. and the Tribe of Judah Soprano Saxophonist, Allana
Southerland of "Fusion", England's British Poetess; Sjervon Kelly; Jacksonville's
Inspirational Neo Soul Poetess, Tiffany Eve, Poet/Writer, Aaron P. Woods,
Rapper/Poet, The Tenth Leper. Contact 786-0313 for more information or email: poet-
icjustice 25@bellsouth.net.
An all day youth event entitled "A CHILD SHALL LeAd theM" will be held on
Saturday, February 10, 2007 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. This event will be packed with
fun activities that are geared toward enhancing our youth's knowledge' about Christ.
There will be games, gifts, prizes, the mall, and a trip to Regency AMC Movies to see
"The Pursuit of Happyness." The purpose is to introduce young people to other saved
young Christians to form new wholesome relationships among them and their peers.
This event will be hosted at Vision Baptist Church, 8973 Lem Turner Rd. For addi-
tional information and/or to sign up your child, please contact Pastor J. Marcellas
Williams at (404) 468-7887 or 765-6083. Youth names are needed by Jan. 27, 2007.
TER Invite job seekers to meet and interview with local employers. Job seekers are
encouraged to dress as if for a job interview and bring copies of their resumes. March
14th, 9 a.m. noon at 101 W. State St., Jacksonville, FL. It's free and open to the pub-
lic. Exhibitors invited to participate at no cost; reserve space by' February 15th. For
more information call (904) 633-8270.
Knox Odom, independent scholar and Chautauqua performer. Travel back to 1954 to
meet the founder of Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona, FL, a visionary educator,

civil rights activist and presidential advisor. Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune (portrayed by
Ersula Knox Odom) shares stories about her life and accomplishments, and her
thoughts about the Supreme, Court's landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision.
It will be held Sunday, February 18, 2007 at 3:30 p.m. at the Jacksonville Library
located at 303 North Laura St. Contact Sharon Coon at (904) 353-7350 for more infor-
meet every Wednesday beginning January 31st through May 2nd from 3:00 p.m. until
5:00 p.m. at the City Hall, St. James Building, First Floor, Committee Room A, 117
West Duval Street, Jacksonville, FL.

. __.... __~~.. R -.III .lVI :I: III-I (I~1 ._J ^ ., ^ __ ^ I ,^ .-~lrlC :.*--_- ,~- __-~YV*~lX~~



FE3BRUAR Y 10 200 7



0i Urtl~hI1: Ldft



'' IL~E:
~r~as~ L.I


P'Al L4 -1114


Institute Leadership

Goes to Ofield Dukes

William Tucker, Vice Chairman of Bethune-DuBois
Institute, has announced that Ofield Dukes has been named
to succeed his late wife, Dr. C. DeLores Tucker, as presi-
dent of the Institute. He said Dukes, who has served as
Secretary of the Bethune-DuBois Institute from its found-
ing, worked very closely with his wife as an advisor and
associate over the past 20
"Dukes was there work-
ing with my wife at the.
inception of the Bethune-
DuBois Fund," Tucker said,
,' "and she depended heavily
and consistently on his
advice and support in poli-
tics and all her civic endeav-
Dr. C. DeLores Tucker, Founder Dukes began his career
and former President of DBI with the black-owned
Detroit Courier and as news
director of WCHB, an African-American radio station in
Inkster, Michigan. In 1961, he accepted the position of
assistant to the editor and general manager of the Michigan
Chronicle, one of the nation's premier African-American
After serving for three
years in the Johnson-
Humphrey administration as
an Assistant to Vice
President Hubert H.
Humphrey, Dukes has oper-
ated his successful public
relations firms for the past
37 years. He assisted in
organizing the first
Ofield Dukes new DBI President Congressional Black
Caucus dinner and served on
the boaid of the CBC Foundation for 14 years.
The Bethune-DuBois Institute was founded in 1986 by
the late Dr. C. Delores Tucker, former Secretary of State
of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
The organizationswhich Dr. Tucker has founded, led, or
become involved with on a leadership level include the
National Association for the Advancement of Colored
People (NAACP), the National Political Congress of Black
Women, the Reverend Jesse Jackson's National Rainbow
Coalition, the Democratic National Committee, and the
Federation of Democratic Women.
The nonprofit Bethune-DuBois Institute, was estab-
lished to sustain and magnify the educational legacies of
two of America's greatest leaders; Dr. Mary McLeod
Bethune and Dr. W.E.B. DuBois. Their examples and
teachings, emphasized personal leadership and the impor-
tance of education and training in solving public policy
problems and in advancing the status and contributions of
all African Americans in American society.
In addition to scholarships, the Institute provides
resources for studies and research on public policy and leg-
islative affairs. It publishes VITAL ISSUES: The Journal of
African American Speeches. It is a one-of-a-kind quarterly
journal that has published nearly 400 speeches by over 350
different African-American experts across a broad range of

SCLC Turns 50

With New Spirit

The Southern Christian
Leadership Conference, Dr.
Martin Luther King's old
organization, turns 50 this
year and Charles Steele, Jr.,
its president and CEO, has
already presented Dr. King
with the best possible birth-
day gift he has revived
Speaking to the annual
mid-winter conference of
the National Newspaper
Publishers Association
(NNPA), Steele, recounted
how he resurrected the.
dying organization over the
past two years.
"When we were coming
to SCLC, the headline in the
SAtlanta Journal Constitution
(AJC) said, 'SCLC is on the
verge of collapse." Steele
recounted. "The sub-title
was, 'Only God can resur-
rect the dead.' Well, we
didn't die, but we were on
life support."
There wasn't much of
any other kind of support
4 when Steele, then a board

member, was selected to
take over SCLC. The organ-
ization was sharply divided.
The convention at which
Steele was elected was so
emotional, that the local
police had to be summoned
to maintain order. Steele
wasn't prepared for what
greeted him upon his arrival
at the Atlanta headquarters.
"When we got there, the
lights were off," Steele said.
"The phone was turned off,
and we couldn't meet pay-
roll. In the last two years,
we have raised $6 million."
Steele described John B.
Smith, publisher of the
Atlanta Inquirer and chair-
man of the NNPA, as the
first business leader to
embrace him..Steele began
calling on business leaders
he had supported as a state
legislator to help him raise
funds for a $3 million inter-
national headquarters, to be
built in the same block as
the old SCLC building on
auburn Avenue in Atlanta.

Spelman Scholarship in Honor of Coretta King

Established by Dr. King's Youngest Daughter

Bernice A. King
announced today an
endowed scholarship at
Spelman College in memory
of her mother and founding
president of the Martin
Luther King Jr. Center for
Nonviolent Social Change,
the late Coretta Scott King.
Appropriately titled, Be A
King. Scholarship in Honor
of Coretta Scott' King, the
scholarship was announced
on the one-year anniversary
of Mrs. King's death.
"This endowment pays
tribute to my mother's life
service to human rights and
the philosophy of nonvio-
lent social change," said
Elder King, who is a
Spelman alumna, C'85, and
the youngest child of Mrs.
King and the late civil rights
leader Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr. "The scholarship
will provide financial assis-
tance to deserving students
with financial need who
demonstrate a commitment
to civic engagement, com-
munity service, and volun-
teerism." Elder King cur-
rently serves as president
and CEO of.the Be A King
SThe Be A King
Scholarship was established
with a gift of $100,000 from
Bernice King and a contri-
bution from the The Home
Depot, Inc. for $75,000.

Joining Elder Bernice King (4th left) is (1-r): Arlene Cash, VP of Enrollment
Management, Spelman College; Bishop Eddie Long, senior pastor, New Birth
Missionary Baptist Church; Georgette Porter, senior VP for Georgia, American
Cancer Society; Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, president, Spelman College; and Kevin
Martinez, VP of Community Affairs, The Home Depot.

Bernice King's goal is to
grow this endowment to
yield at least two full
tuition/room and board
scholarships for incoming
freshman and two partial
tuition scholarships for ris-
ing juniors or seniors. The
scholarships will go to stu-
dents pursuing a degree in
education, music or psy-
chology, all areas of great
interest and importance to
Mrs. King.
Bishop Eddie Long
donated $14,000 and opened
a challenge to other church-
es to make a donation to the

SANKOFA African American

Museum Visits Tallahassee

As a result of the realiza-
tion that her honor student
nephew knew little about the
history of African
Americans, South Carolina
native Angela Jennings
established SANKOFA a
museum on wheels that is
considered to be one of the
foremost collections of
Afridan American history
readily available in this
country today.
As a part of the exhibit,
Jennings presents stories and
dramatizations about select-

Steel said his next goal is
to build an institution that
continues long into the
"People remember Dr.
King, but they don't remem-
ber SCLC," said Steele. He
noted that SCLC was at the
forefront of protests that led
to the passage of the 1964
Civil Rights Act and the
1965 Voting Rights Act.

ed periods and historical fig-
ures to allow those in the
audience to "experience"
both the pain and pride of
the history portrayed.
Additionally, she is always
anxious to respond to indi-
vidual questions from those
viewing the exhibit.
A traveling museum of
black history opened at
Tallahassee Community
College (TCC) last week
and, for many, it was a
sobering experience.
"It's sad," said Michael

"A lot of Negroes have
forgotten that or don' t want
to remember," he told them.
An undertaker by trade,
Steele said: "When I was at
the funeral home. 1 got the
call from intensive care to
come pick up SCLC. I got in
the ambulance. That's not
how we say it am-ba-lance
- and I cranked it up and I
went to intensive care and

Elder Bernice King and her Mother Coretta Scott King

Cariglino, a TCC student
who was walking through
the Sankofa exhibit. "It's
hard to look at."
"It brings a lot of diverse
attention to what black histo-
ry is," said Shawn Couch,
who works in student activi-
ties at TCC. "This display
shows all aspects of slavery.
Some kids learn things about
their heritage they didn't
The exhibit is named
after the adinkra symbol
associated with the Ashanti
tribe in Africa. It can be
translated to mean "use the
wisdom from the past to
build a future," curator
Angela Jennings said.
She's a longtime collector

looked over the body,"
With a revival-like fer-
vor, Steele\continued, "I was
ready to pick up the body,
but I thought about what my
daddy had told me. He said,
'Boy, doctors are like
Negroes, they think they
know everything, but don't.
Doctors make mistakes,
too.' He said, 'Before you
pick the body up, go behind

of African-American arti-
facts that tell the story of
slavery, segregation and
black successes. But it was-
n't until the 1970s that she
started to show the collec-
tion at universities.
"My nephew was a
straight-A student in high
school," Jennings said. "I
gave him an elementary
school test on black history,
and he failed it."
"It's devastating, refresh-
ing and sorrowful," said
Zachary Francis, a TCC stu-
dent from Fort Lauderdale.
"Everything is a reminder.
When I see this, something
comes over me. It should
make you feel grateful for
where you are now."

the doctors to check for a
pulse.-- you got to check the
"I put the body back on
the cot and I checked for the
pulse. It wasn't a big pulse,
but it was a pulse. It was a lit-
tle pulse. I came to Phoenix,
Arizona to check your pulse.
Have you forgotten from
whence you come?"
Evidently, Steele hasn't!

FEBRUARY 10, 2007


n l"Yl el




Class: No-1

Lauderdale Lakes
Boyd Anderson corner-
back Moses Jenkins has
made an oral commit-
ment to the gators.
Boyd Anderson coach
Mark James told
Scout.com "He's going
to Florida, It was his life-
long dream to play for
the Gators."
The Gators remain in
.the running for Glades
Central wide receiver
Deonte Thompson of
Belle Glades, the biggest
uncommitted star left in
the state. Thompson is
expected to make his
announcement some time
this week.
The 6-foot-2, 175-
pound Jenkins can play
safety and cornerback,
but projects as a corner at
in Gainesville, where he
would help fill a need. In
his senior season, he
recorded 50 tackles and
intercepted a pass.
Jenkins is UF's 27th
The Gators still are in
the running for the
nation's No.1-ranked
wide receiver, Terrance
Toliver out of Hemp-
stead, Texas. Toliver will
choose between UF and
LSU this week..
UF could sign up to as
many as 30 players on
national signing day.
The Gators' recruiting
class is currently ranked
No. 1 in the nation by
both Scout.com and
Indicative of the
power of the SEC, five of
the top ranked schools
are from the SEC with
South Carolina, LSU,
Tennessee and Auburn.

Colts Drench Bears in Miami 29- 17



Dungy Leads Colts

to First NFL Title

Since 1970

Peyton Answer!

Peyton Silences The

Critics and Wins

MVP Award

It takes more than a South Florida
rain storm or a game opening kickoff
return for a touchdown to stop Tony
Dungy when he has a goal. Dungy's
-facial expression barely changed as he
watched Devin Hester get the Super Bowl
off with a bang, becoming the first player to
return the opening kickoff for a touchdown. It
would be presumptive to say that destiny was on his "
side, but Tony Dungy simply does the best he can, all the
time and with a sense of class that is unique in the NFL. With all that
and Peyton Manning, destiny may just be the right word and well

"Every year, for probably the last three or four years,
I've evaluated where I am at the end of the season,"
Tony Dungy after the game

It was a great night for vindication. Vindication for the NFL coach with
the second winningest record of all active coaches.
It was Dungy who was fired from the Tampa Bay Bucs in
2001 when they fell one game short of a trip the the big game
by losing the NFC Championship game.
During the non-stop press barrage in Miami, Dungy said
that his biggest blow however, came in 1993, when he was
Minnesota's defensive coordinator. The Vikings had the No. 1
defense in the league. Seven head coaching jobs came open at
the end of the season and he didn't get a single interview. Not
It's shameful that it took Dungy so long to get his oppor-
tunity but now the Colts fans and management are the ones
worrying! It may have been his final game as the Colts coach
since after the game Dungy would not commit to coming
back next year.
"Every year, for probably the last three or four years, I've
evaluated where I am at the end of the season," he said
Monday morning. "I still have a lot of passion and enthusiasm
for the game, and after a night like last night, how could you j
not love it? Manning and
Is that a commitment, Colt's fans hope so! the Vince Lot

Kevin Clark named New

EWC Head Football Coach

Kevin Clark, an assistant
coach for the Edward
Waters College football
team for the past three sea-
sons, was named head coach
of the Tigers on Tuesday
Clark will be introduced
as coach at a news confer-
ence Wednesday in the
Centennial Library at the
Jacksonville school, accord-
ing to a news release.
EWC athletic director
Johnny Rembert said in
December that the school
would conduct a nationwide
search, but he apparently
, found what he was looking
for in Clark, who was serv-
Sing as interim coach since
Lamonte Massie was fired
in December.
"We knew that Clark
would be the best fit for the
Program, He fits as a leader
as well as someone the play-
ers can emulate and learn
from. We're grateful and
excited that he accepted the
role." Rembert said,
A native. of Fort Still,
Okla., Clark is a graduate of
Norfolk State University in
Virginia, where he was a
four-year letterman as a free
safety. He is also a veteran
of the U.S. Army, and start-
ed his career as linebackers
and special teams coach of
the Nuremberg (Germany)
American ilgh School

team. He also coached the
Columbia Cougars semipro
team in 1993-94, and began
his college coaching career
as a defensive coach and
special-teams coordinator
with Benedict College from
He's been with Edward
Waters since the school
reinstated football in 2001.
Massie, who was let go
in December after a 2006
season has been named head
coach at Livingstone
College in Salisbury, N.C.


Peyton Manning has always been a
Coach's Quarterback. Athletic, talent-
ed and always wanting to improve.
Sunday Manning led the Indianapolis
Colts to a methodical Super Bowl victory
S' against the Chicago Bears.
.-, ~ Manning did what had to be done last
Sunday evening in spite of the fact that he was 7
points down before he got on the soggy field. He did
what Peyton Manning does best. Hi dissected the Bears
defense. He called over 90% of the plays from the line of scrimmage
and when the Bears made a mistake like the broken coverage on Reggie

"I want to be held accountable each and every year.
Next year my goal is to be a better quarterback... "
Peyton Manning Monday morning

Wayne in the first quarter, he made them pay.
The stats are interesting and they show a much closer game than was
played. But the one stat that tells the story best is the time of possession. The
longest possession for the bears was an 8 play series that last-
ed for less than three minutes
For anyone who still doubts the Colts quarterback,
Manning now has the ring that so many claim-provides the
ultimate credentials. But he wants to be better!
S When asked about what would be expected from him next
year, now that he has proven himself, Manning said I want
to be held accountable each and every year. Next year my
goal is to be a better quarterback, and I feel like I should be
because of the experience that I gained this year."
A coach's dream!
Peyton Manning travels to Honolulu this week, where the
best players from the AFC will face the best from the NFC in
the Pro Bowl on Saturday. But Honolulu's 50,000-seat Aloha
Stadium with picture-perfect playing conditions against a
backdrop of blue skies, clear water and swaying palm trees
will seem like home to Manning.
Joining the Super Bowl MVP in the Pro Bowl will be wide
ngy pose with receivers Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, center Jeff
rdi Trophy Saturday and OL Tank Glenn

The. events on the field
were only a hint at the
broader roles played by
Gaither and Robinson. The
son of a minister, Gaither
had aspired to a career in
law until his father's death
made him the family bread-
winner. Nonetheless, he
went on to earn a master's
degree at Ohio State at a

Blossom Classic games -
1955, 1964, 1967 and 1969.
Robinson would go on to
accumulate the most victo-
ries (408) of any college

... both Gaither and Robinson insisted
that their athletes go to class and earn degrees.

football coach, while
Gaither would register one
of the highest winning per-
centages (.844) with a
career, record of 204-36-4.
Both produced scores of
players for the N.F.L.
The 1967 Orange
Blossom Classic had as its
opposing quarterbacks
James Harris of Grambling,
who became the first black
quarterback to regularly
start in the N.F.L., and Ken
Riley of Florida A&M, who
became an all-pro defensive
back for the Cincinnati

Wednesday featured Suns
President Peter Bragan, Jr.,
as well as many other nota-
bles from the world of base-
The event was the pre-
mier scholarship fundraising
event for the Flagler College
baseball team, which com-
petes in the Florida,'Sun

time in the 1960s when only
3 percent of black adults
even had a bachelor's
Perhaps the most telling
characteristic of these
coaches was the simple fact
that both Gaither and
Robinson insisted that their
athletes go to class and earn
They cared about the
individuals as much as the
football players a trait
cited these days about
Coaches Tony Dungy of
Indianapolis and Lovie
Smith of Chicago.

Conference of the NAIA.
Last season, the Flagler
Saints posted a 31-22 record
and were ranked as high as
26th in the national NAIA
The event was held in the
Flagler College Elegant
Dining Hall.

Super Bowl XLI, with
its super-hyped confronta-
tion between African-
American head coaches,
was a big deal to many
younger fans.
But to the more seasoned
black fan the game invoked
memories of the old Orange
Blossom Classic, the unoffi-
cial championship game for
the all-black colleges of the
then segregated South.
Starting in 1933, the

Gators Unanimous No.1 Pick;

Carolina and Wisconsin Lose

The 21-2 Florida Gators became the first unanimous
No. 1 in The Associated Press college basketball poll in
nearly two years, taking all 72 first place votes in
Monday's balloting.
The Gators had 45 first place votes last week, but the
defending national champions benefited from losses by
then-No. 2 Wisconsin and No. 3 North Carolina.
The last unanimous No. 1 was Illinois in the final
poll of 2004-05. The Illini were unanimous in six of the
final seven polls that season.
Al Horford dropped in a carper-high 22 points along
with 13 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocks to help the top-
ranked Gators over Tennessee 94-78 Saturday and
extend the nation's longest winning streak to 14 games.
Against Vanderbilt earlier in the week, Lee Humphrey
made five 3-pointers, including three, straight to key a
rally from a double-digit deficit, as the top-ranked Gators
beat the 24th-ranked Commodores 74-64.,

Orange Blossom Classic -
which often drew as many
as 40,000 to the Orange
Bowl stadium in Miami -
provided .the forum for the
legendary likes of Florida
A&M's Jake Gaither,
Grambling's Eddie Gay
Robinson and Gaither
met in four of the Orange

Coach Eddie Gay Robinson of
Grambling State whose football
records include nine National
Black College Championships

Suns President
Peter Bragan,
Speaks at
Flagler College

The Flagler College
Baseball team's "Dine with
the Stars" ce\nt, last

All Black College Super Bowl:

The Old Orange Blossom Classic



FEBRUARY 10, 2007

S- o SSHH From Actual Police Reports
Your Weeklv Horoscope 4ss DID YOU HEAR ABOUT?

(Aries March 21st thru
April 19th) You're not one
to follow the
crowd, and
Monday's no
exception. Your
best ideas are the unusual-
ones now. Then while
everyone else is all about
all things romantic around
Wed, you're probably all
about work and career. If
you've got a sweetie, don't
forget to show you care!
You're future-oriented on
Thur and Fri; new technol-
ogy, fresh ideas and big
plans are emphasized, and
help and resources are
available to speed you on
your way. This weekend,
commitments are problem-
atic. Avoid signing con-
tracts, making major pur-
chases or upping the ante in
(Taurus- April 20th thru
May 20th) Choose sub-
stance over style
on Monday -- it
may take some
Extra thought to
determine which is which.
Then you're given a stellar
ability to step into someone
else's shoes and see how
they feel. The kind of deep
understanding you can
achieve now could get
downright hot on Wed --
you're extremely loveable
now. Around Thur and Fri,
something's funny, and
probably more funny-pecu-
liar than funny-ha-ha. It
could be annoying;, get to
the bottom of it. Enacting a
wild idea is favored this
weekend, so what have you
got in mind?
(Gemini May 21st thru
June 21st) Resist telling
what you can
show on Mon. A
worth a thou-
sand words. Something's
hidden around Tuesday and.
Wed, whether literally or
figuratively -- could it have
to do with the love depart-
ment? Maybe it's time to
lay your heart on the line or
insist that someone else
does. On Thur and Fri,
your always-open mind can
grasp new viewpoints with
even more alacrity than
usual. Make sure that what
you're agreeing with agrees
with your true values.
Watch out for mixed mes-
sages or misunderstandings
this weekend; comprehen-
sion takes creativity now.
(Cancer June 22nd thru
July 22nd) Know what to
keep to yourself
on Monday; the
less said, the
better. The ener-
gy's changeable around
Tuesday and Wednesday,
and you have a profound
impact on how it all goes.
Bring positive energy to the
table, especially when it
comes to romantic matters,
and you'll be looking very
good indeed. On Thursday
and Friday, money or a
budget may be a point of
contention. Be objective
rather than emotional, and
make a sensible case for
your point of view. You're
clicking with others this
weekend, and both philo-

sophical conversations and
day-trips to new spots are
fun and fruitful.

(Leo July 23rd thru
August 22) Don't wait until
later in the week
to celebrate the
power of love;
on Monday,
you're burning hot, and all
things romantic are very
much favored. Around
Tuesday and Wednesday,
bold moves of all sorts may
be appealing, but you could
come across as brash or
insensitive. The simple
solution? Listen up rather
than 'lecturing (and before
taking action). Your ability
to come up with an entirely
different option on
Thursday or Friday might
just make you a superstar --
exercise that bulging cre-
ative muscle of yours! Ahd
this weekend, keep your
finances separate from oth-
ers' as much as possible.
(Virgo August 23rd thru
September 22nd) Handle a
family matter or
a major work
responsibility on
** .. r Monday. You'll
want to have the decks clear
for some incoming romance
around Tuesday and
Wednesday; the stars are
sending some serious fun
and flirtation your way.
Playing Cupid for someone
else earns you karmic bonus
points! On Thursday and
Friday, think carefully
about how you're phrasing
your suggestions -- you may
come across as just being
critical, so be sure to point
out what they're doing right
too. Expect some things to
get lost in the shuffle this
weekend; sometimes that's
just the way it goes.
(Libra September 23rd
thru October 22nd) Ask
away on
Monday -- the
.sA^, answers you get
are overwhelm-
ingly positive (or at least
very revealing). Around
Tuesday and Wednesday,
the sentimentality in the air
may have quite an effect on
you; try to keep it all (espe-
cially the love-related stuff)
in perspective! Time spent
with a friend with a good
sense of humor is definitely
in order. Then your personal
energy's great on Thursday
and Friday, with social
activities favored and your
brain in high gear. Watch
for an excellent idea. Finish
off a project this weekend
rather than starting a new
(Scorpio October 23rd
thru November 21st)
Weigh any risks
very carefully
on Monday; 'a
approach is warranted now.
Around Tuesday and
Wednesday, you're full of
bright ideas and you're
communicating like a
dream. If you focus your
awesome powers on the
realm of romance, well,
who can say what kind of
sweet results you'll get?
You or someone close to
you may be advocating for
some radical reenvisioning
on Thursday and Friday,
whether at work or else-
where. And this weekend,
your mystical, passionate,

creative side is ready and
willing. Give it something
to work with!

(Sagittarius November
22nd thru December 21st)
H You're an all-star
on Monday, and
whatever you put
w. your mind to is a
shoo-in. Around Tuesday
and Wednesday, it's your
unique approach that wins
you bonus points -- and
hearts! When it comes to
romance, let others go the
red-roses route; you've got
different, more original, bet-
ter ideas. Then pick up some
new concepts from other
sources -- people, books,
art,- blogs and more -- on
Thursday and Friday. Your
own thinking can expand
exponentially now. This
weekend, to call you absent-
minded would be putting it
mildly; try to keep your wits
about you!
(Capricorn December
22nd thru January 19th)
Temper your
ideals with some
realistic consid-
erations on
Monday. Perfectionism only
gets you so far in an imper-
fect world. Around Tuesday
and Wednesday, it looks like
you may get some well-
deserved recognition --
maybe at work, perhaps for
your lusciously loyal style
of loving. Things look hot
for singles now, so work it.
Short-term plans might go
awry on Thursday and
Friday, but take the longer
view and recover gracefully.
A slight change of tactics is
in order. This weekend, dif-
ferent methods of communi-
cating get different results --
think about your medium.
(Aquarius-January 20th
thru February 18th)
X" Networking's
-, very fruitful on
whether it's of
the work-related or social
variety (or, even better, a
synergy of the two). If you
feel low-energy around
Tuesday and Wednesday,
be proactive about getting
rest, exercise and healthy
foods. What'll lift your spir-
its even more is letting
those in your life know how
much you care -- love is
truly in the air. On
Thursday and Friday, you
should be all powered up,
and you can use that power
for an electric brainstorm-
ing session. Watch out for
being extravagant this
weekend; there's the future
to consider.
(Pieces February 19th
and March 20th)You may
want to chal-
lenge an author-
ity figure on
Monday, but in
the next couple of days
you'll be glad that you took
a diplomatic approach.
Those in high places come
to your aid now, and as far
as the love energy goes on
Wednesday, Cupid may be
aiming right at' you from
on high. Be a ready and
willing target! On
Thursday and Friday, your
thoughts may be confus-
ing, but your dreams are a
source of power. Allow
time to let it all evolve
within you. This weekend,

the stars say you can trans-
form your world in fantas-
tic ways. What would you
like to change?

He Took Car While She Was Sleeping: It was early Monday morning
when an officer was dispatched to Ace Towing and Storage regarding a dispute
and unauthorized use of a vehicle. Prior to his arrival the dispatcher rerouted him
to the 1200 block of 4th Street because the victim was now at her home. When
the officer arrived, he spoke to the victim,YLW, who stated that she was familiar
with a cousin and visited her frequently. She stated that she had left her car keys
in the table in the living room after securing her car about 11:30 p.m. When she
woke up the next morning about 7:00 a.m. the next morning, she realized that her
keys were not on the table. She looked outside and observed that her car was
gone. She then asked her teenage children and their friends who were at the
house and if they knew who had the car. Her son's friend, GC, told her that the
suspect, IW, told him that he had took the keys, and car and crashed it into a pole.
The victim located her car at Ace Towing and Storage and it had been totaled.
The victim stated that the suspect told her that he would have the car fixed for
her. She was given a f.form and advised of the filing procedure. She completed
and signed a stolen vehicle affidavit. The vehicle could not be repaired.
He Broke Into the House: An officer was called to the 5000 block of
Commonwealth by a witness who observed a burglary in progress. The dispatch-
er told the officer that the witness stated that he observed a black male wearing
gloves, black hat, black shirt and gray pants had just entered a rear upstairs win-
dow of a house and was still in the house.
Upon arrival, the officer covered the front of the house while another officer
went to the rear. One of the officers observed a window screen on the eastside of
the house and also observed that the rear window was open at the rear of the
house. One of the officers observed the suspect, CAC, inside of the house stand-
ing at the open window. When the suspect saw the officer, he closed the window
and shut the blinds. Soon afterwards, the K-9 officer arrived and the suspect went
out the front door of the house where he was taken into custody. A search was
conducted to get the name of the homeowner, through JEA and the suspect said
that the name given was the victim's name and that he knew the people who lived
in the house and that he was a friend of her son. He stated that he went through
the window before without permission'to enter. He told that his friend was at
school at Grand Park. The officer called the school and talked with the friend
who lived at the house and was advised that he knew the person but that he had
never entered through the rear window to visit him. When the officer asked him
what would his mother want to do about this friend entering their home, he
advised, "lock him up." The officer was unable to speak to the mother but left
two messages on her cell phone. The witness advised that the dogs barking alert-
ed him to the suspect climbing through the bathroom window. The officer said he
could not tell if the'suspect had opened any drawers or had gone through anything
at the house because of the house was not tidy. The suspect stated that he went to
the house, knocked on the door, and when no one answered, he went through the
rear bathroom window. He was arrested.
He Had A Knife Cut: An officer was dispatched to Shands Medical Center in
reference to an injury involving a knife. "When he met with the subject, ET, in the
Flex Care section of the hospital, the subject would not cooperate. The injured
man, TEN, was asked what caused him to have the cut on the back of his right
leg. TEN advised the officer that he sat on the knife. When the officer asked him
what type of knife that he sat on, he responded, "a regular knife." And then he
said, "What, you don't believe me, you saying that I'm lying dawg?" The officer
informed the injured victim that his injury was not consistent with his version of
what happened to him. The hospital staff told the officer that the subject could
not have cut himself by sitting on a knife. The subject became belligerent. He
refused to respond to any questions about the incident or give out personal infor-
mation. The officer was able to get personal information about the subject from
the hospital and left a case card and pamphlet with the subject. The officer went
to the address on Locksley where the subject had given as the place where he sat
on the knife but received no response. The case was cleared because the victim
refused to cooperate.
Violation ofAn Injunction: On Monday morning at approximately 10:25
p.m., an officer responded to a violation of injunction complaint at the 4000 block
of Sunbeam Road the Leigh Meadows Apartments. The officer arrived at the
scene and met with Ms. CLD who stated that her ex-boyfriend, TC violated the
terms of an injunction for protection. An investigation revealed that Mr. TC and
Ms. D resided together in the past and have one minor child in common. The
injunction was issued in January 2005 and Mr. C was served with the final injunc-
tion on January 19, 2005. Section 4 of the injunction sets the terms of visitation
for Mr. C. The injunction list SC as the responsible person that is to coordinate
the visitation arrangements with the minor child. Section 5 of the injunction stat-
ed the terms of contact between Mr. C and Ms. D. According to Ms. D she was at
her residence socializing with her friend JK (witness). Ms. JK ended her visit and
opened the door to Ms. D's residence and observed Mr. C at the entrance. Ms. D
went to the door and asked Mr. C to leave. Mr. C refused, and attempted to talk
to Ms. D. Ms. D called to her 14-year-old child to call the police so Mr. C left the
apartment complex.
Mr. C called Ms. D several times while the officer was still present investigating
the complaint. On one occasion, Ms. D handed the telephone to the officer who
briefly spoke to Mr. C who attempted to explain the reason for his visit. The offi-
cer informed Mr. C that he could not debate the course of his actions and ended
the call. Ms. D advised the officer that she and Mr. C were due to appear in court
regarding their situation the following day. An information card was given.

o a ....
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FEBRUARY 10, 2007

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notice. Offer void where prohibited.

N. Georgia/ N. Carolina- panoramic motmrain views.
waterlills. Your living costs gone up? Move where there's
lownr taxes. insurance! .0ots starting at $39,900 Call
(888)389-3504 ext 4000.

NORRISLAKE PROPERTIES Waterliont- i902,.77ac's
only $125,0100 Lake view- #144.3.5ac's onl v$48.900 Call
Lakeside Realty @ (888)291-5253 or Visit

MTN STREAM. 17 AC $239.900. Possibly the greatest
mtn views anywhere! Build overlooking your very own
private pond. All useable- easy access. Only 1 with pond.
Call -r ., ,: i-. r ,.,.. iS'- -- -4837.

700,000 ACRE NATIONAL FOREST. 164 AC $143.500.
Unlimited hunting, hiking, camping and trophy trout
fishing all inyourbackyard. New Release! Iurry, ouly one!

South Central Florida. Owner Says Sell!! 5 Acres-
$99,000.50% Below Recent CertilicdAppraisal. Unibeliev-
able opportunity to own 5 acres olimeado\ V & woods in
excellent location. 50%OFF recent appraisal!! ireat iantc-
ilg. Call now (866)352-2249, x 1097.

STATE ROAD FRONTAGE. 8 AC $114.800. Build your'
dreamn cabin wilt direct )0 miles m t views all aromundyou,
Privateownershnip toditrct National Forest access & stocked
trout stream. Ready to build. Call now (877)777-4837.

Lake Access Bargain I + Acres. $34.900 with FRHEE -oat
Slips! RARE opportunity to own land on spectacular
I l.I IIII I11. I I~ L I ',! '.- .I I.I.L i: 1 1h.1 .., 1 ,, .1 ,. -1 1% ., I
like setting with lake access. Paved rd. underground
utilities. Excellent linncing. Prine w atertlronts available,
Call now (800)704-3154, X 16(i.

A tli ~

I V1V'-.- L I'I

LUD flnrL DFOR 11 v r l AYiJLDIALE
1. it b lilp)

I l I .i-1- o r unni Ihroma ~t i '.ifsI 1 1; 1* ~ ii .



.I I 1Triplr l riu
IA H. : l,, .

CA-093 ey0000 06 i~k ParaalColliy.Alrihsrp y-

S *L e rita.. .-:., ,t .

," D '.v- :-..'.-- ,rtid the paprwA. x



Donate Car Boat RV Motorcycle




Register online at wwwJobing.com

SFREE Admission
> FREE Resume Review
SFREE Career Workshops

Bring a copy of your resume
on CD-ROM and make the
suggested changes from your
Resume Review on-sitel

The Joblng.com Career Expo Is accessible to those with disabilities. J ,

. ....-

Farm I -60-1 ACRES
L. '.U. IIi ll l

* I izA- 1, Pt.l 'is
P* -', I i-rc-il ,t i
flI--en hs.4- R.- P. .d

11m. iltt~aNtt. @

February 16
2 p.m.
Farm 2
Auction Site
for Both Farlins

Farm 2 413m ACRES

* c i -i l' F-,i,.

P I. "1 r-.Ir I I-:

:.I For conprore erai ic Rowe l Auctions, Inc.

Wednesday, February 14th
Auction Starts @i Noon Registration @ l11:00 AM

S. -. '

C1 IP,,p til, ,111 1 I 1d i 1, CN a'C h,. I ld \\. ll' ll
Call anytime, or for more inltrtnation please visit

Steel Buildings

BUILDING SALE...Feb/iiMurh delivery or deposit holds
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i Il-li, 12: I '~' I I

Advertising Deadlinc:

TUESDAYS @ 5 p.m.

To place an ad:

CAII: (904) 766-8834

FAX: (904) 765-1673

Week of February 5, 2007



sort'ji, ctivro,,txt I

.01 -N


(1.,.!11~ 11 I ~ ~: f 1I:

8f~ B

FEBRUARY 10, 2007


_________________ rrY 1~l~P~ lll

The Station 'Where Chi'ist G s Lifted"
VictoryrAMN-1t3 OL"WCGL

4 1urtikbacL Trail

FestnlymI ltsde:

v Ik:i Carp
rshp u~aa

'4 ''
** *

First Coast African American

Chamber of Commerce, Inc,

The Special Events Committee
invites you to the

9th Annual Heritage Breakfast

Friday, February 23, 2007
BeTheUte Conference Center
5865 Arlington Expressway
Jacksonville, FL 32211
Donation: $40.00 per person

Theme: Continuing the Legacy of a Dream
Speaker. Ron Baker, CFO
Jacksonville Port Authority
Call the First Coast Afiican American Chamber of
Commerce for additional information and tickets.

Phone 904 652-1500

emadi fcaaccevents(@,aoI.com

1725 Oak HRurst Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32208


g I
% ff


S: Reg. Retail $ 5 0:
90 DAYS $1499.99 -
----DLP--.--f----- LCD----- ---PLASMA---.,
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Ocnof Monda U.( a rday1 "0"
Corner of Post & Edgewood (Murray Hill)
Open Monday thru Saturday 9am-6pm
904 3874651





w ij-k f

Jermaine Dupri Named President of Island Records


Jermaine Dupri, one
of the industry's most
consistently successful
top-charted producers
and songwriters, has been
appointed president of
Island Records Urban
Music, a new division of
the Island Def Jam Music
Group, it was announced
today by Antonio "L.A."
Reid, Chairman, Island
Def Jam Music Group.
As part of the arrange-
ment, Mr. Dupri will
oversee Island's entire
urban music operation. In
addition, he will produce
artists on the IDJ roster,
as well as provide his
production services to the
entire Universal Music
Group family of labels.
Dupri, the longtime
boyfriend of superstar
Janet Jackson, will report
directly to Mr. Reid, and
to Steve Bartels,
President, Island
Records/COO, Island
Def Jam Music Group,
on operational matters.
Dupri will be based in
Atlanta and New York.
"Jermaine's career has
grown from strength to
strength over the years,"
said Mr. Reid, "as a pro-
ducer and songwriter and
recording artist in his
own right, as a respected
label executive and entre-
preneur, and as a highly
esteemed developer of

new talent. His deep ties to
Atlanta's creative R&B
and hip-hop community
have been the springboard
to working with the great-
est names in contemporary
music. This is a tremen-
dous step forward for
Island Records and its
established roster of artists
who will benefit enor-
mously from Jermaine's
"I'm so excited to be
reunited with L.A. Reid
because most of my
biggest hits were when he
and I worked together,"
said Mr. Dupri. "And 'then
to be working side by side
with Steve Bartels -- I
don't think there's a better
team because he's by far
the best in the game. I
can't wait for us to start
stuntin' on y'all."
"I am thrilled that
Jermaine has decided to
join the Island Def Jam
family," said Mr. Bartels.
"Jermaine is a prestigious
hitmaker as well as a pro-
duction wizard. I personal-
ly look forward to helping
be part of once again,
adding to and continuing
his illustrious legacy."
Jermaine Dupri is one
of the preeminent figures
in Urban Music today. He
has written, produced, or
mixed hit records for
many of the industry's top
artists. His long-distance

About Us." All three
were from The
Emancipation of Mimi,
the #1 top-selling album
of 2005. In addition to his
collaborations with IDJ
artists Jay-Z, Ludacris,
and Lionel Richie, Dupri
has turned out hits with
Aretha Franklin, Whitney
Houston, TLC, Run-
DMC, Toni Braxton,
Alicia Keyes, Nelly,
Chingy, Janet Jackson,
Monica, Aaliyah, Ciara,
and many others.
Jermaine Dupri was
19 years old when he pro-
Dupri cont'd on D-5


"Copyrighted Material

Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers"

Jermaine Dupri
run of hits with Usher,
which began in 1997, cul-
minated with 2004's string
of "Burn," "Confessions
Part II," and "My Boo" (a
duet with Alicia Keys)
which drove 8-times plat-
inum sales of Usher's
Confessions album, mak-
ing it the best-selling
album of the year.
Dupri is no stranger to
the Island roster, having
co-written and produced
the Mariah Carey #1 hits
"We Belong Together" (for
which he shared the
Grammy award for Best
R&B Song), "Shake It
Off," and "Don't Forget

6. mm;; 8~~ Si ~;

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ABC 5 10 ABCNews News(CC) 24 (CC) Charlie B. Winnie ** Bringing Down the House (2003) Steve Martin News (CC) 24 6 (CC)
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USA 164 25 Monk (CC) [Psych (CC) Law & Order: SVU ILaw & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU ILaw Order: CI

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The Star

The Star Page D-3/February 10, 2007

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Imuim ki~irit l IliiintlliibQer-r1mM MW ipsE 2if-
ABC 1 5 10 Paid Program Paid Program Good Morning Jacksonville (CC) Good Moring America (CC) The Coral Ridge Hour (CC) Celebration This Week With George Paid Program
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PBS 7. 3 5 Read Rainbow Big Conmf Thomas Clifford s Valentine's Clifford's Heart-y Party it Saddle Club Downtown Nl Capitol Updat.e ild Florida Wteik.-RP.ie.'i
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DISN .22 16 Bear n House JoJo's Circus The Wiggles sr Higglytown Little Ensteins Little Einsterns Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Johnny-SprilaE Handy Manny !Doodlebops 1I Char!lr,: L;l
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TNT 46 17 *. Eraser i'i ? Aoit nj Airn.~ .i S r ir ri Jer .lins ;e r in ICCI D Doisturbance ihr r.me c Disturbnce I 1hr a 'Vinre v.j .r iC Out of Time r ,, r'. '.'' ',";- '
USA 64,25 Coach i C', [Coach ':'i [ Paid Program IChanging-World Ed Young TV IJoel Osteen iPsych .C, Monk '. '.' I .'r The Guru i"l '.,

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SABC 5 5 10 Paid Program [NBA Sunday NBA Basketball San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat (Live) (CC) NBA Basketball Los Angeles Lakers at Cleveland Cavaliers (Live) (CC)
CBS .B 6 9 Motorcycle Racing %jpe ,:r.-.: College Basketball Ci- i. .-!) G~ :.' I Tech iLi CC. IPGA Golf T",T F' l r-,_:- : it. .r P.- A-. F :- n' ir. (tU.'. !C '.
IFOX J 10 13 ** Cop Land li ? 9 l '. le-lr lilline H.ar.'Iy 'E 1 R'd,. Li'113 NASCAR Raclng l].ll upi.. ,. 1:-r.', i P .~3,:1: ii l...i.- : Holy Man i'i' .
IND 1 3 1 4 Pad Program PaldProgram PaldProgram PaldProgram Paid Program Paid Program PPad Program Paid Program IAlias -n.-i : o iC I Without a Trace -.-... '
NBC 'i 11 12 Tolal Heath Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Snowboarding U'I:., iP' NHL Hockey i,,r- b,, L.rI .r'., .-. '-_.'., i, i r: L i..-. i":C
PAX 2- 12 2 Paid Program Bosley Hair Paid Program Paia Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program IWaymran Chap. jPaid Program
PBS 7 8 5 WealtrTrack IHealrh Matters Warplane ,'n r, -r -. 'Ir-i: n:I r,. ii. i t -i, ir ,ar, .:.- Warplane -. T ~ -. .ir ...:i T, u '.- ,. i..: ., .
T8N 'I 13 59 Love Worth IA.R. Bernard [Bishop Evans lit Is Written Bayless Conley IPaula White [King Is Coming jBishop P. Cornerstone (CC) LBayless Conley IGregory Dickow
CW I 9 7 Throw Momma From the Train ii I ".L 'r.eJt jr, r Clit lk. ** Above the Rim t1'J94 j rarrilillCune I.Aan Lre.n L Hart s a r War iL,'2 '.;ri Ea.r. :- Y.'Vll ,li ., ar i o
COM 65 43 ** Duplex .C' 1i ,* If Lucy Fell Ir-I r 3iarjr .IE.i ,.i a r'3rk'i- Er.: S:h3h tie. 'CC, ** Keeping the Faith rZi ) Ro':-arn,'' Cr.i: 'i r Bn 1:1i. E .,rl ;', :r L .n Ci' ** Duplex ,;i..i r,!-, -i,-
DISN i22 16 Lilo & Stitch ft Replacements 1Kim Possible: ASitch in Time (2003) ft .CC) Kim Possible Zack &Cody [That's-Raven Naturally, Sadie |Phil of Future ISister, Sister ILife With Derek
ESPN 148 34 SportsCenter PBA Bowling Geico Classic From Irving, Texas. IBull Riding: Xtreme Bulls Bull Riding: Xtreme Bulls Pro-Am Poker Equalizer From Las Vegas. (Taped)
FAM 43 23 Sabrina-3 tcrh Sabrina-Witch I The Beverly Hillbillies ": in 'karn-', Ci..rii LIi,'rnair,.il **. Rush Hour il)9P AF l,:- r, irn.' h i r i Ci n i-Tu.:.-r iT i ** RJsh Hour I l' 11.
HBO 2 201 Big Momma's House 2 '. anin La'.ren..e [*I King Kong lyJ:. Ad,'rtiii"i rlao.rri, Wanr Ja..p Ba. A t. uij/ lar-, i s5cv D;. i ts CCr jStarler for Ten Music in Me ISlar Wars Ep 2
LIFE 18 28 A Piece of My Heanrt .i1'i' Nora Robens' Angels Fall 20,i.7 Suieper:,i.H Hearih;r L..":H I-jr iCC. ** The Cutting Edge 11LD D Swen' MlorD ciei C"I The Dive From Clausen's Pier
NICK 42 41 Catscattch Nicktoons TV NicktoonsTV [NicktoonsTV ISpongeBob JSpongeBob Jimmy Neutron jDanny Phantom OddParents |Avatar-LastAir SpongeBob Drake & Josh
SPIKE 61 37 Xireme 44 ti Trucks' s i,', i Pros vs. Joes s CSI Crime Scene Investigallon CSI Crime Scene Irvesligatlon CS: Crime Scene Investigation Sniper 3 ,.':. T rr. E-in i
TBS 17 18 T The Peacemaker 11'.; r iPAi r 'I', n:., 'CC [D''.i ** Swordfish '2 il, I PA)..I.'r.n Tra..c'ii Hu.jh Jaorrai iC Blue Streak 11 i'9 FA, Manii La..r ,nc. Lu.e VL ion L, l'. ';
STNT 46 17 ** John 0 '2: ,.i2 an i, I rel ai lin'il... F:R;tn Du:iii Law Order .jul :-i II Law & Order '..irI- I; I, i Law& Order 'r., riir, La3.' & Order I' FP:. : Ir
SUSA 64, 25 i The Guru i ,;' :Cy. ** The Nutty Professor c6. ,. L,.rr'iyj E:jil urpri ICCi i0 S [ Nutty Professor II: The Klumps i,":Y, E,'J.Ji Mur.r,; i:CC, *I Ameerican Pie '-,'i :iC

Sunday Evening http://www.zap2it.com February 11, 2007

ABC ( 5 10 ABC News News (CC) Makeover: Home Makeover: Home Desperate Housewives Brothers & Sisters (N)IA News (CC) Sports Final
CBS 4 i 6 9 PGA Golf News 60 Minutes ft (CC) The 49th Annual Grammy Awards Festivities honor excellence in the recording industry. (CC) News
FOX 10 13 Holy Man "',i King of Hill [Simpsons Simpsons King ot Hill Family Guy !Amer Dad News Cews wsi ,CC Seinfeid o, Neis Sun
IID -~ 3 .4 Nevs ..', Edition Entertainment Tonight i, King King CSI Miami Tr.. '~:sir News "-.- i News CC.' Alias '',r r .C.
NBC r 11 12 News (CC) NBC News Grease: You're the One That I Want (S Live) (CC) Apprentice: Los Angeles Crossing Jordan (N) (CC) News (CC) [Sports Final
PAX 12 2 Bonanza t Kung Fu "Superstition" *i Other People's Money (1991) Danny DeViua 6, Kojak ( Live From Liberty f
PBS i 8 5 Everglades-Naked Planet Capturing the Killer Croc Nature (N) ( (CC) (DVS) Masterpiece Theatre "Dracula" (N) INearby Slavery and America
TBN ( 13 59 Jakes iMeyer By Force Hayford Joel Osteen IAuthority Believers |Changing Praise the Lord (CC)
CW ~1' i 9 7 Will-Grace Hates Chris Reba (CC) Reba (N) A 7th Heaven "Tit for Tat" Beauty and the Geek )0 The Shield "Co-Pilot" Friends A Friends f
i COi' 65 43 c Dple .'. '' ** Office Space "'':l P':r, L .'.rjl..:.r]i CC, *' National Lampoon's Van Wilder i2. 'i C) Soutih Park South Park
DI'Sri 22 1 F-nii So Raven IMontana Suite Life Lie Is Ru i i.ir', a i Replace Phil Sadie Suite Life So Raven
ESPFr' 148 34 SportsCenter (Live)J(CC) NBA Live NBA Live NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls at Phoenix Suns. (S Live) (CC) SportsCenter (Live) (CC)
FAM, 43 23 Rush Hour ".'-. I* *, HLine Alone l'9,1 ,' M,...iulA ,. r. J .. : C.. I Home Alone 1 :"' :.l:a., Cli ., .I PeC, iC.C.
HBO 2 .201 Star Wars: Episode II- Attack of the Clones a' IRome os ",CI Rome 'i, t 'Ci' JExtrasri I ** King Kong '.?..',51 lh-.:n-i ''.'aM
LIFE 18' 28 r.':- From Pier itjlora Roberts Montana Sky Ir.rj I'. r-, '.',-rtn :t A Valentine Carol I. rj7. Enrin. C 'u -ii"lP FPri-n r.:- Grey's Analomy is .
NICK 42141 Amanda ISchoolt _jDrake IJust Jordan IZoey 101 [Unfabulous Full House [Full House IRoseanne IRoseanne Fresh Pr. IFresh Pr.
SSPI E 61 3i 7 3 "'-r." .* Snipet 2 ': .'' ''.'ri F.IP .:. i, T B i.,n: r, r Snier C ,'.- i'. n E. r :-.:mirr_ CSI Crime Scn
T .S 17' 1 ; r i.n i lack .'"i .' '. L r. I Ocean s Eleven i '1 :'.. r.. *_ ..r :. I ta L'.arn.n r I Oce n s Ele n ie ii' 1 i .
T -1 17' L & rd 'r iCC .'-. Law & Orde-r '..'.i D .'-) ATime to Killi. '. Or. i -- *.r',r-- i Iili.v: ':I e L ...r, A Time to Kill 't.Kln '
U SA 64 25 n c Pr American Pie 2 ';'f' .i:-'i Bi'.i. I"'CC, i* American Wedding '?i::, .iji:1.ii :I: ii_ Law & Oraer: SVU

- TL

% aiwd mm


Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial News Providers"

.. 1 -


1- 0

- S..

If you are an
African American,
,you are at
high risk
|for heart
T'is year lone evei
I CCO iC' cla:ks %-I die
tromn ca'.D:via .. c b a
The gccd nE's is iT's .r.~
preven.table he es.call..
S active. eat "e:Itny f'ocX' and
develop a cPever.tjn plan
wvt. .our doect"r
Start a ccnversatInc tc st:i.
heart disease
ST learn mnrr. ;ake tir
ma Lean r d L.'.e ,- by r,"
^,-^ 1-888-AHA-2222 or visI:

a --

Amcric;w Hc;iri fo
L 'rfn aid Li..

- W- -

Page D-4/February 10, 2007

The Star

- ib.



The Star Pae T

BET Networks Unwraps the Top 25 Events-that (mis)shaped Black America

Outspoken Paul
Mooney Leads Gang of
Celebrities to Count
Down the Good, Bad,
and Downright Ugly
Mishaps that Altered
Black Culture

BET is at it again
with another Top 25
special that is shocking,
refreshingly honest,
and sure to cause much
controversy. On
Tuesday, February 20,
2007 @ 10:00 p.m.
ET/PT, join the "King
of Controversy" Paul
Mooney as he profiles
the "Top 25 Events
That (mis) Shaped
,Black America. Brace
yourselves as Mooney
leads the ultimate
countdown to calamity.
"Here at BET we
like to create Black
History Month specials

you won't see on any
other network, and we
managed to do that
with this Top 25," said
BET President of
Reginald Hudlin.
"There's a lot of contro-
versy surrounding
these topics, but it's
time to shed light on
issues discussed at
work, the barber shops,
and beauty salons
across the country."
These issues are real --
these things did hap-
pen; BET is bringing
them to the forefront --
so let's talk about them.
Mooney's raw and
sometimes stinging
humor weaves every-
thing together brilliant-
ly. Hopefully this will
stir up some emotion
and spark genuine con-
versation on how to

move forward.
The show features
comical insight from
hip-hop critic, Fab 5
Freddy; actress,
Meagan Good; pop cul-
ture critics Nekesa
Moody, Margeaux
Watson, Toure, Emil
Wilbekin, and Lola
Ogunnaike; entertain-
ment lawyer, Londell
McMillian; celebrity
publicist Marvet Britto;
New York radio person-
ality Miss Info; R&B
crooner, Mario, and
many others.
The prequel to this
special, "Top 25 Most
Moments" drew an
impressive 1.4 million
viewers and was the
number one telecast of
February 2006 among
BET's target demo,
adults 18-34, according

to Nielsen Media
Research. This Top 25
will hold nothing back.
From Hurricane
Katrina, the assassina-
tion of two of the great-
est African-American
leaders -- Martin
Luther King and
Malcolm X; to ridicu-
lous-but-relevant topics
like America's fixation
with Elvis, the "bling"
phenomenon and the
negative images glori-
fied in the hip-hop
game -- it's open season
for Mooney and our
panel of celebrities.
Tune in and watch BET
claim the crown of con-
troversy on February
20, 2007 at 10 p.m.

Dupri con'td from A-1
duced his first #1 recojx
on the Billboard Hot 100,
Kris Kross' 1992 single,
"Jump." The 5-times plat-
inum sales of the teen
duo's debut album led to
Dupri's founding of the So
So Def label in 1993. He
was quickly marked as or*
of the foremost young
entrepreneurs driving the
arrival of hip-hop as a cen-
tral creative and commer-
cial force in mainstream
music. So So Def became
known as an engine not
only of hit records, but of
artist development, as
Dupri went on to sign and
nurture the careers of
many gold, platinum, and
multi-platinum selling
artists including Xscape,
Da Brat, Jagged Edge, Lil'
Bow Wow, Dem Franchize
Boyz, J-Kwon,
Youngbloodz, and
Anthony Hamilton.


Turn Ons & Turn Offs
SSun. 211 @ 10 p.m. (EST)
Tall. & lean or short .S thick' The brothers
, describe their ideal mate on the next
"Bla: k .,Men Revealed."

All-Star Mom on TV One
Sun. 2/11 @ 9 p.m. (EST)
NBA mom Ann Iverson lets you in on her
ghetto fabulous lifestyle.

Stevie Wonder Performs
Fri. 29 @ 9 p.m. (EST)
Stevie Wonder petforrns on the neext
'S k., S thow'

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The Star

E V-OE Thi Wee

PC, 4I~

r .;1P'
b. ~:
'''~' ~s~~p.j;s~~-~,';~i~~J11

P -Februarv 10. 2007TheSa

Weekdav Morninq


Dr. Keith Ablow

e hT early anow

The Greg Behrendt Show


I -... --

I Matlock

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The View

i0 10 13 Believer Voice [Joyce Meyer Michael Var. Programs Cosby Show [Cosby Show One on One Steve Harvey StillStanding Homelmprove. Jerry Springer
D 3 4 News The Morning Show The Morning Show Judge Alex Judge Alex Maury Eye for an Eye lEye for an Eye
12) 11 12 Good Morning Jacksonville Today Live With Regis and Kelly Martha
12 2 Varied Programs Shepherd's Chapel Paid Program Life Today Christians-Jews Paid Program Paid Program IPaid Program Paid Program Paid Program
T 8 5 Between-Lions Postcards Arthur Clifford's-Days Curious George Clifford-Red Dragon Tales Big Big World Sesame Street Caillou Barney-Friends
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65 43 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Movie Daily Show Colbert Report Scrubs Scrubs
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PN 48 34 SportsCenter Var. Programs SportsCenter SportsCenter SportsCenter IVar. Programs SportsCenter SportsCenter
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SPIKE 61 37 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program The A-Team World's Wildest Police Videos The Shield
TBS 17 18 Cosby Show Drew Carey Saved by Bell Saved by Bell Saved by Bell Saved by Bell Dawson's Creek Movie
TNT 46 17 Angel Angel Charmed Charmed ER ER
USA 64 25 Coach ICoach JAG JAG Walker, Texas Ranger Walker, Texas Ranger Walker, Texas Ranger

Weekday Afternoon http//www.zap2it.com

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FOX -0 10 13 Jerry Springer Judge Hatchett Judge Hatchett Judge Lopez IJudge Lopez That '70s Show Scrubs Malcolm-Mid. Bernie Mac Bernie Mac King of the Hill
IND D 3 4 News Andy Griffith Maury Dr. Phil Rachael Ray Oprah Winfrey News News
NBC @2 12 !News Extra Days of our Lives Passions Montel Williams Be a Millionaire Be a Millionaire News News
PAX ( 12 2 Paid Program Paid Program Through Bible IPaid Program Paid Program IPald Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program
PBS 2U 8 5 Curious George Mister Rogers Varied Programs Maya & Miguel iCyberchase Arthur Curious George Dragon Tales Clifford-Red
TBN ~i 13 59 Varied Programs Life Today IThis Is Day The 700 Club John Hagee Rod Parsley Praise the Lord
CW Hi i 9 7 ICristina's Court Cristina's Court Daytime The 700 Club What I Like What I Like Reba Reba The Tyra Banks Show
COM 65 43 Com.-Presents Var. Programs Mad TV Daily Show Colbert Report Mad TV Blue Collar TV Movie
DISN 122 16 Lilo & Stitch Little Mermaid Timon-Pumbaa Buzz Lightyear Mr. Whiskers Proud Family American Drgn Kim Possible Varied Programs
ESPN 48 34 iGamenight NFL Live Varied Programs Mike and Mike 1st and 10 Outside-Lines NFL Live Rome-Burning NASCAR Now
FAM 43 23 Full House Full House Family Matters IFamily Matters Step by Step Step by Step Full House Full House Sabrina-Witch Sabrina-Witch Gilmore Girls
HBO 2 201Movie Varied Programs Movie Var, Programs
LIFE 18 28 Movie Varied Programs Movie Golden Girls Golden Girls Still Standing Still Standing
INICK 42 41 Go, Diego, Go! Blue's Clues Backyardigans Wow! Wubbzy! SpongeBob SpongeBob Jimmy Neutron Danny Phantom OddParents Avatar-Last Air SpongeBob Drake & Josh
IPIKE 61 37 Amazing Video Var. Programs Police Videos Var. Programs Deep Space 9 Var. Programs Star Trek Gen. Var. Programs Star Trek Gen. Var. Programs Trek: Voyager Var. Programs
TBS 17 18 Movie Home Improve. Home Improve. NewsRadio Steve Harvey Steve Harvey Home Improve. Home Improve. Yes, Dear Yes, Dear King of Queens King of Queens
TNT 46 17 Judging Amy Judging Amy Law & Order Law & Order Charmed Charmed
USA 64 25 Movie Movie Movie

Monday Evening http:l//www.zap2it.com February 12, 2007

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FOX 3 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld C) 24 "Day 6: 1:00PM 2:00PM/2:OOPM 3:00PM" (N) News (CC) News (CC) Seinfeld 0 Frasier (CC)
IND 3 4 News (CC) News (CC) Entertain Inside King Becker (CC) Dr. Phil f (CC) News (CC) News (CC) News (CC) The Insider
NBC i~ 11 12 News (CC) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Deal or No Deal (N) (CC) Heroes "Run!" (N) (CC) Studio 60-Sunset Strip News (CC) Tonight
PAX 2f 112 2 GreenAcre GreenAcre GrowPains GrowPains Mama IMama Diagnosis Murder (CC) Charlie's Angels Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS i8 5 liff Pup Business News-Lehrer Antiques Roadshow (N) American Exoerience "New Orleans" (N) (CC) (DVS) Story of Oscar Brown Jr.
TBN 113 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Cameron Jakes Dino Chironna Kingdom Duplantis Praise the Lord.(CC)
CW 1 9 7 Friends 6 Will-Grace My Wife Jim Hates Chris All of Us (N) Girlfriends The Game Friends 0 My Wife Jim Sex & City
COM 65 43 Juwanna Reno 911t Scrubs (CC) Scrubs(CCI Daily Show Colbert Chappelle's South Park Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) Daily Show Colbert
DISN 22 16 So Raven So Raven Phil Suite Life Genius 99'j Tre'.-.r ,i.-rgin u, So Raven Lile Derek Phil Suite Life (So Raven
ESPN 48 34 S.,ii.Cen;Cer .;L: ; -, CBl, College Basketball ,L-'u:;' m ;llt..rh (CC. I College Basketball O 'Wh.hrr- ?t't t Tte-n3 (CCi SportsCenter (L-.'' CC\
FAM 43, 23 7rt Hearvn lo .CGi jLincoln Heights ', ..-. Wildfire riin ,CCi Satan's School for Girls 1iC000 Horrcri ICCi The 700 Club -.:
HBO 2 201 FriFend s rf God Aquanmarine r. ~-j. ,.riP ,i-n Norbit Rome s '', jReal Sports ri', ICC.. ** Final Destination 3
LIFE 1I 2 Rieba Rea C 1: Despirartc- Housewives Gay Gay rjorra Roberts' Blue Smoke i2:,7i' AlI. I V'in iCC! Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 2 1 Sco'-- IOddrlPaenls OdlPFarenils jfeution SpongeBoh Full House Growing lGrowing Growing IGrowing Growing Growing
SPIKE 61 37 Star Trek: Voyager (CC) CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Son This Is TNA (N) UFC Unleashed
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld 0 ISeinfeld Raymiorn d jRaymond Friends f Friends Friends 0 IFriends 6t Family Guy IFamily Guy Seinfeld ISeinfetd
TNT 46 17 Charmed f (CC) Charmed Ct (CC) Charmed t (CC) Law & Order (CC) (DVS) Law & Order P~-i.r-.r" Law & Order i=P..-i,'."
USA 64 25 Law & Order: SVU Law Order: Cl Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show "Opening Night" (Live) Law & Order: SVU

The Price Is Riaht


~i;'~n~ D-filFcbrllarv 10. 2007

The Star

IV Mow 51ulrnilly Jat;Kboril
0 Mainelr

Tuesday Evening http://www.zap2it.com February 13, 2007

ABC (5 5 10 News (CC) ABC News News (CC) Extra (N) 0 Funniest Home Videos Primetime (N) (CC) Boston Legal (N) 0 (CC) News (CC) Nightline
CBS (47 6 9 News News Judge Judy Raymond NCIS "Burn Out" (N) (CC) The Unit (N) 6 .(CC) Without a Trace "Candy" News Late Show.,.
FOX 3 i 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 6 American Idol (N) (CC) House "Insensitive" (N) News (CC) News (CC) Seinfeld 6 Frasier (CC)
IND (D 3 4 News(CC) News (CC) Entertain Inside King Becker (CC) Dr.Phil 0 (CC) News (CC) (News (CC) News (CC) The Insider
NBC Cf3 11 12 News (CC) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Dateline NBC (N) 6 (CC) Law Order: Cl Law & Order: SVU News (CC) Tonight
PAX 1 12 2 GreenAcre GreenAcre GrowPains GrowPains Mama IMama Diagnosis Murder (CC) Charlie's Angels Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS M 8 5 Cliff Pup Business News-Lehrer Nova (N) 6 (CC) (DVS) Secrets of the Dead A Frontline (N) (CC) (DVS) Independent Lens f6
TBN 9 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Dr. Baugh Wheaton Awakening [Meyer John Hagee IJoy-Music Praise the Lord (CC)
CW 71 9 7 Friends 6 Will-Grace My Wife Jim Gilmore Girls (N) 6 (CC) Veronica Mars (N) (CC) Friends I My Wife Jim Sex & City
COM 65 43 Back-Schl Reno 911! Scrubs iCCI Scrubs i.CC Daily Show IColbert Chappelle's ISouth Park Gary Gulman Daily Show Colbert
SDISN 22 16 Phil So Raven Phil Suite Life Go Figure 12005. Drama, .Jlrdan Hinson fP (CI ) Life Derek IPhil Suite Life So Raven
I ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter iLi'.'i ICCI College Basketball Kenriu.-r. -t1 Ternnr- csee iCC I ICollege Basketball Mll .ni,' rin, it.i v ,i wlr'-ii.t 1,'-. CC SportsCenter I ..Z-.'.'C ,.
SFAM 43 23 7th Heaven f- ICC, Smallville \-R3a ICC,' *** Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella l19'7) Lincoln Heightl : The 700 Club IC,.
HBO 2 201 Serenity (, *** Star Wars: Episode III- Revenge ot the Sith 12005) so ICCi The Sopranos ( C(i-. *** Kiss Kiss. Bang Bang el;,..:. 4a !Breach
LIFE 18 28 Reba iCC, Reba C, Slill Sind Slill Stnd Reba i'-Ci Reba CCI ** Lucky 7 i2003, Kimbetriy '/Wllrr'--P'. ,-', l ( IC Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School OddParents OddParents Neutron SpongeBob Full House Growing Growing Growing [Growing Growing Growing
SPIKE 61 37 Star Trek: Voyager (CC) CSI: Crime Son CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: NY "Rain" 6' (CC)
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld ISeinfeld 6 Raymond IRaymond Raymond IRaymond Sex & City (Sex & City Friends t IFriends 6 Sex & City Sex & City
TNT 46 17 Law & Order "Patriot" I Law & Order (CC) (DVS) Law & Order "Floater' The Closer (CC) The Closer "Overkilf Cold Case 6 (CC)
USA 64 25 Law & Order: SVU Law Order: Cl Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show "Closing Night" (Live) Law Order: Cl

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ABC 25 5 10 News (CC) ABC News News (CC) Extra (N) 6 Lopez Knights Jim in Case Lost (N) l (CC) News (CC) Nightline
CBS ( 6 9 News News Judge Judy Raymond Jericho (N) 6 (CC) Criminal Minds (N) (CC) CSI: NY "Heart of Glass" News Late Show"-
FOX (3! 110 13 Simpsons Malcolm '70s Show Seinfeld 6 Bones (N) 0 (PA) (CC) American Idol (N) (CC) News (CC) News (CC) Seinfeld Frasier (CC)
IND ~i 3 4 News(CC) News (CC) Entertain Inside King |Becker (CC) Dr. Phil 6 (CC) News (CC) News (CC) News (CC) The Insider
NBC 12 i 11 12 News (CC) NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Friday Night Lights (N) Deal or No Deal (N) (CC) Medium (N) 6 (CC) News (CC) Tonight
PAX i21 112 2 GreenAcre GreenAcre NBA Basketball Portland Trail Blazers at Orlando Magic. (Live) (Diagnosis Charlie's Angels Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS f3 8 5 Clifford Business News-Lehrer Ballroom Chall The Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America (N) Everglades-Naked Planet
TBN 59) 13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) Billy Graham Classic Clement IJeffrey Bible IVan Impe Praise the Lord (CC)
CW 7 9 7 Friends Will-Grace My Wife Jim Beauty and the Geek (N) One Tree Hill (N) 0 (CC) Friends My Wife Jim Sex & City
COM 65 43 Bubble Boy Reno 911! Scrubs (CC) Scrubs (CC) Daily Show [Colbert Chappelle's South Park South Park Naked Daily Show Colbert
DISN 22 16 So Raven Suite Life Suite Life Cory Read It and Weep (2006) 6 (CC) So Raven Life Derek Phil Suite Life So Raven
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter (Live) (CC) College Basketball Ohio State at Penn State. (CC) (College Basketball Duke at Boston College. (CC) SportsCenter (Live) (CC)
FAM 43 23 7th Heaven "Hot Pants" Smallville "Cool" Co (CC) I** A Cinderella Story (2004) Hilary Duff. (CC) Whose? (Whose? The 700 Club (CC)
HBO 2 201 *** Robots (2005) t *** The Interpreter (2005) Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn. f (CC) IExtras (CC) Real Sports 6 (CC) Rome 6 (CC)
LIFE 18 28 Reba (CC) Reba (CC) Still Stnd Still Stnd Reba (CC) Reba (CC) ** Shall We Dance? (2004) Richard Gere: (CC) Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School OddParents OddParents Neutron SpongeBob Full House Growing IGrowing (Growing [Growing Growing Growing
SPIKE 61 37 Star Trek: Voyager (CC) CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn UFC's Ultimate Fight Night 2 6 Pros vs. Joes 6
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld Seinfeld 6 Raymond IRaymond Raymond IRaymond Raymond IRaymond King IKing Thin Line-Love and Hate
TNT 46 17 Without a Trace 0 (CC) Without a Trace A (CC) Without a Trace f (CC) Without a Trace 6 (CC) Without a Trace 6 (CC) Las Vegas 6 (CC)
[ USA 64 25 Law Order: Cl Law Order: Cl Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: Cl Law Order: CI

Top Rated Primetime Programs Among
African-American TV Homes
Week of 01/29/07
1. Super Bowl XLI, CBS
2. Super Bowl XLI, Post Game, CBS
3. Super Bowl XLI, Post Game Show, CBS
4. American Idol, Tues., FOX
5. American Idol, Wed., FOX
6. Criminal Minds, CBS
7. House, FOX
8. Grey's Anatomy, ABC
10. Girlfriends, CW

9 p.m. on
B Bringing
Down the
House: If you
like Steve
Martin as a
wild and
crazy guy,
you might be a little put off by
his performance in this 2003
comedy, which casts him as a
straight-laced, divorced
lawyer named Peter. But his
co-star, Queen Latifah, brings
lots of fun.

Source: Nielsen Media Research

8 p.m. on
Idol: Now that
those pesky
and some-
times painful,,
rounds are
over, it's down to business, as
those who got the golden tick-
et to Hollywood get a chance
to show their stuff once more
in front of judges Randy Jack-
son, Paula Abdul and Simon
Cowell. Traditionally they per-
form in groups of three, so a lot
is riding on their ability to "play
well with others."

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The Star

Thursday Evening http://wWw.tap2il.com February 15, 2007

ABC 251 5 10 News iC', ABC News News iCCi Extra iN.i o Ugly Betty Srn', J:ob' Grey's Anatomy ii iCC i Men in Trees i-) (it 1 CC., Fews i.Ci Nightline
FWS :76 9 News News Judge Judy Raymond Survivor: Fiji (N) f (CC) CSI: Crime Scn Shark (N) 0 (CC) News Late Show
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Whassup continuedfrom D-1
band of 14 years, Bobby
Brown) is already dat-
ing 26-year-old R&B
singer Ray J, the
younger brother of

"Copyrighted Material
Syndicated Content
Available from Commercial News Providers"

Beyonce and
Alejandro Fernandez
Pair for Duet" in
Beyonce and
Alejandro Fernandez,
two of the music world's
biggest stars and most
acclaimed voices, have
recorded "Amor
Gitano," a sensual, fla-
menco-pop track that
will debut February 12,
on the premier episode
of Telemundo's El Zorro
novella. The track will
also appear on the
artists' respective solo

''Amor Gitano" was
written by Grammy
w i n n i n g
artists Reyli Barba and
Jaime Flores, co-written
by Beyonce and pro-
duced by Grammy win-
ning producer Rudy
Perez and is a thrilling
blend of the stars' voices
in a heated declaration
of love and passion.
"I'm your gypsy, your
pilgrimage," sings
Fernandez. "I'm your
thief, I'm going to love
you even if they tear my
heart out," answers

Beyonce. The song
opens with un cantando,
a flamenco shout-out
and proceeds with com-
pelling flamenco
rhythms and guitars,
strong enough to make
even the least Latin
among us move.
"Amor Gitano" will
appear on Beyonce's
upcoming special edi-
tion of B'day along with
six other Spanish lan-
guage tracks including a
Spanish version of the
#1 hit "Irreplaceable."

Petge D-8/F~ebruary,10, 2007

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