Florida Star

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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090511_AAAACZ INGEST_TIME 2009-05-11T16:20:44Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00079
FILE SIZE 34213 DFID F20090511_AAAUEF ORIGIN DEPOSITOR PATH 00028.QC.jpg GLOBAL FALSE PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 43ad002cd88801b832ea2ea4b4bf23f9SHA-1 fb3f4c9aeb3610eebe60442fdc9c528e43997487
55647 F20090511_AAATXI 00005.QC.jpg fb8748076e5e755f99967f70ab5e9fbd9975864b654b2c03f5c824cc0f73053f0555fdd1
36302956 F20090511_AAAUEG 00028.tif 9e16a9e3d05ca9c8b4337b2f72dd83489f2e571ccf7d2bd9a4860d9d9bd083f183d17e6e
74906900 F20090511_AAATXJ 00005.tif 8c623ebc2b05bd671c7a7e0cdf485fa5670739eabce068306a481aa079688d7a65271801
1921 F20090511_AAAUEH 00028.txt 3e5e1631d110dca6f36e5eb77d706bb350e03a00408d43f32fcb73c4a0659e78bdf58487
8669 F20090511_AAATXK 00005.txt 7dd7541255f258c1d660e8b05db5f1a64174dcc683b35c8ed67f72a4a865bf9f442602fe
9397 F20090511_AAAUEI 00028thm.jpg ccc3c2e6b3e82885d2b3bee0625c48114aa58ce765b2a86b665459a7c4ed604296e12615
15167 F20090511_AAATXL 00005thm.jpg 9dfe5d6f3ecaab1346e3010a503389138117b1b388477043dc45292352e9d22b8064ddd5
40835 F20090511_AAAUEJ 00028_archive.pro c61d6b37e6d38c45625509d9f58852aefb19b2c1802be7a65af808a81f6b80b5f46bf7b6WARNING CODE M_MIME_TYPE_MISMATCH conflict in mime type metadata
3242788 F20090511_AAATXM 00006.jp2 d1670f19f7e5013a829db3f2ac060f4ff94290dc9989c929f97a174fa42838edc23b6d5c
36302224 F20090511_AAAUEK 00028_archive.tif 03c11e6e42bee412ab21503328385418ff15440acc10a5213c52f5714cf2cf2304a6b297
460024 F20090511_AAATXN 00006.jpg 7f64cd45f735a8c84be74a19c5d56a24707177414e583ed853178f441675204f6664bd39
1751 F20090511_AAAUEL 00028_archive.txt 99dba5c62094fbacc367a96c82cbdf5b92269388020baa4150cd1339b709958e48134828
210866 F20090511_AAATXO 00006.pro 12bd16294cbdc62b4735b709c8702fcbefd3f322e70fa18a7b6b5a12899f541e9d687d48conflict in mime type metadata
1473936 F20090511_AAAUEM 00029.jp2 18ac913eac83e03e9467fc495413ae6c18e27e1215635ec13fac7988668f9166990b37e2
53440 F20090511_AAATXP 00006.QC.jpg 68a35071be47aefdb81f09bab6c76ed3b37ed7c153fd4dd4d62dac9dd08130e06959d913
409926 F20090511_AAAUEN 00029.jpg 83e45851c7569546604732330d97a1325574059ea593aa539d2a34bd117c6fff2798270f
25954836 F20090511_AAATXQ 00006.tif ea5db018137c7e6b90c6ad6193529be7c6f1ed25d9c2e45ac988cabc8776b3622040e1b6
137704 F20090511_AAAUEO 00029.pro 64a149890cfd1c4b1fc0b5e8952699ad86a226f584f6cb97a92d626223ed8224789c3352conflict in mime type metadata
8712 F20090511_AAATXR 00006.txt 56560d7469aaf18f614b70a31409c217e8b4861364f4b21e0858e37cbeee92cf9f9555e2
48248 F20090511_AAAUEP 00029.QC.jpg a8a009eaf9e4110a52e4e79622c817e9cf4668c65d32a78167491628ebb282d0edc4f001
14854 F20090511_AAATXS 00006thm.jpg eb03fd2c1d89df4ca20d77bfb10b868851574879c0461a29ca5d274ecc875a1f1cf303c6
35389636 F20090511_AAAUEQ 00029.tif e124b42e3d8e4fc0d1b2afbdaf6529e80c586a2863922a8802c6679797e86088fdb30955
3269627 F20090511_AAATXT 00007.jp2 ed20070cd56ca349c5847c7af6899cb4e207ae7a078b087066b2c661d5a95153220fa66e
5391 F20090511_AAAUER 00029.txt e6f5580bad9e725fcdea685b9031adf617812ba3c85b2dc483948aec38fa091adaeb252f
429824 F20090511_AAATXU 00007.jpg 570db7b5a2678e2dbc5dd267a84f2be2c4bb68ceab68833b2942b820eb4f32cc74f3d44d
11361 F20090511_AAAUES 00029thm.jpg 9cd1936d7972c5aad43ab1cd3874e50f8c27e29136d51cf741b1550eaa81532ac60323a2
260030 F20090511_AAATXV 00007.pro b52f12a00c747d60f7faf0b21d4493926bb41cbb856012d12cad3b92e8f4bf754d555cfeconflict in mime type metadata
137302 F20090511_AAAUET 00029_archive.pro 6ef669836b313ee4d05657ea5069352631de6634233bcbe31a5f445f04549a23caf2d83bconflict in mime type metadata
51278 F20090511_AAATXW 00007.QC.jpg 8095dd3411cc694f92f79f3ab4c14d54a29a2894446b45ba601c609d4bfa96d08ad82a93
35389368 F20090511_AAAUEU 00029_archive.tif 967ee143b4592d964a5e32ed8244a06c72e506e77cbc5de4b5c5fe395aaabf7a4bb1e876
5340 F20090511_AAAUEV 00029_archive.txt 5d1e4cdba1e613b151e34f852ee488da1895e96be98b06cec6186b32fe850a03e9f4f5ac
26168624 F20090511_AAATXX 00007.tif 4102096f836084df63ba635826449e446f2b2d0c4969e801d09ce567fcc6912674edaac6
1454275 F20090511_AAAUEW 00030.jp2 af53f6d5d3391d195313ed0ccf682b022320e8b6d903cce35220762112e0fb82e32081c8
10114 F20090511_AAATXY 00007.txt dc6d9e6379665e507d84fa538d45e0335c5abbaba48f639ec4c8d40ca48bd3e3364985bb
504572 F20090511_AAAUEX 00030.jpg 74cba245e30d98bbe4f6a669e94e2fdeffd1a4a03790f7134888f774d30f847835ed1e2a
13895 F20090511_AAATXZ 00007thm.jpg 70b6f51b2e217ff2a05f503d998cf6edf5e21b8753a6f9197d5666271c62b1a591bf611f
361593 F20090511_AAAUCA 00021.jpg c372b422e871855c606792c3deec795f19d7157e911bdc53f2cd340ee11424a24e9991f8
240327 F20090511_AAAUEY 00030.pro 43005c085d93b88aab0bbfe5cebd4a665b77ebd3c703d9e766d4c1bec420162eb10edccfconflict in mime type metadata
52022 F20090511_AAAUEZ 00030.QC.jpg 3deb8eb5d9a003be3d49aa2e6f7fc2deef19cf2fded963748b33bd78bc50176c9bc2ed27
140535 F20090511_AAAUCB 00021.pro 953560958d148a7245ca9ce0f29f328bb3fd89917dc3ddd2f56428d761bcd51b3a20286dconflict in mime type metadata
51113 F20090511_AAAUCC 00021.QC.jpg f3c83cfea2bef79b2047f7bd1b8ffb432f9b65f3330acea84abc882d74cdb3861479d86f
73213116 F20090511_AAAUCD 00021.tif 8b88b598321be8308a559d7d3166664aa7132db198804bd793a7560cf0f0aa3f4d4ce188
6163 F20090511_AAAUCE 00021.txt 4748f5157cc4e4b0e11fb4e612271eab4a0539b5935a1203905e85f31a53367fb3104cdd
15493 F20090511_AAAUCF 00021thm.jpg 0e760f47dbdb9fe02107409f36314b5e71f8a77bdb2b8a9f3df3b032e98be5854eb14f94
215391 F20090511_AAAUCG 00021_archive.pro 763f49aa6d6b2404e9a8feec3199f41d05329394759b7ca30b9a584ee4fd539ef30cb2aaconflict in mime type metadata
73212636 F20090511_AAAUCH 00021_archive.tif 13dc1d2882c33cbea91958a1cd568e49007d8e9a4db5a28ed907039c1865c4e93d732f87
9498 F20090511_AAAUCI 00021_archive.txt 72cec6eb7b04bdc7950e98fc880217375b7c293fd217894ffd502acf243228c9972c053e
3081397 F20090511_AAAUCJ 00022.jp2 7986cccd189842db775718f74c100db7c084c4438e8081d829d1fbc45c8760ff24dbcc43
531653 F20090511_AAAUCK 00022.jpg 1b4658944e6a4cc4f23652c9d13a929567274e9da68d8aedc0e32dde8fd47330e3b4b5cf
383019 F20090511_AAAUCL 00022.pro d52163c62c6f290da18fa05de1621fc10f7bbdf57422c8809460849c80bbad1c90283172conflict in mime type metadata
60100 F20090511_AAAUCM 00022.QC.jpg f04357bd6d261bf36094bc50bd2d9b37ad1f251789006eab9bb77a8eae9ab163076a150b
24664076 F20090511_AAAUCN 00022.tif 77fbc593316cb3b3f38ff80d09a2c35ef18b2acb29ad1443712c290e16d7f7c7bb73525f
15251 F20090511_AAAUCO 00022.txt 5d681469f15e82c57f48c325cd0a7a9979fa5666b988bbc8c014a589239f4814efcd8fb8
15618 F20090511_AAAUCP 00022thm.jpg ace624fb7f58e129e8f6c4361b88c464eafdfd58d7cfbb0198be6fbc285db5feb07af652
3180249 F20090511_AAAUCQ 00023.jp2 90b4fc59da1f991224613805c8a61788b3178465762d91c6e4c544ebb6c114ac2a0066c8
440898 F20090511_AAAUCR 00023.jpg 2cbee99034bdb61671b09ec970a1a56dfa51002925a032ee9e7921eb8c5235d21216cd47
356318 F20090511_AAAUCS 00023.pro 16c193dae0bcc07c213a1412b7a6d1af5488f21bc4e742353e09e5612062c104f219fecaconflict in mime type metadata
53138 F20090511_AAAUCT 00023.QC.jpg 97ca987b3bee33846777d3cc794dae5cb2d94827da868f176cebb9d3c871504c08598582
25454272 F20090511_AAAUCU 00023.tif f18676789832dbb2d6a6e70959c852ed514f7d877d02c524683a4bf0af98966c112e9752
14880 F20090511_AAAUCV 00023.txt 597045cfb51ff70e6c1a653f71976fd8a62dcac0a596219ab78f9079acfd9492b8772cbf
14431 F20090511_AAAUCW 00023thm.jpg 75c6e631f7eec007ad6a7f38427c43b1199753e303734283de3b848fb0a8b43c53fb6c27
3170498 F20090511_AAAUCX 00024.jp2 2ed2991e4f01d2120960ea85d43fb0d5e2e9a6376c39e0cf0092bb48804b5cf9b8cfaa00
386208 F20090511_AAAUCY 00024.jpg 1266378355cfd2fe9abb3e28a857a4afe095eb1bc4cb25883347ec815492d7fe54d07c1f
3207903 F20090511_AAATYA 00008.jp2 9ffc69bafce22e392d45ebe70e77db88490701c4713e72d0ddaadb80f412dd930022475c
75893 F20090511_AAAUAA 00014_archive.pro 717828854718233f982c2c7c4e7f017584626f90fd7bd821777bda73d3ea0c356424355bconflict in mime type metadata
71453 F20090511_AAAUCZ 00024.pro afbd3aa9687b5bffef1b19e162517ebf31959e79776f5a4f4e4f7e6f23e2c8f971a4b9c3conflict in mime type metadata
364442 F20090511_AAATYB 00008.jpg b40d969b8d7dde097edd0ae37124de749ace8f7351f85c9566b4798db0e771a9d466440c
12683620 F20090511_AAAUAB 00014_archive.tif 9d9b9a2d565b5b60677857e7d9cf520a47b3dc130fd0ffbf2fed239ad491177d4297c4c5
83058 F20090511_AAATYC 00008.pro 1eaec4c6514b7568f0107899f15db713e846d23b4e3932c1c5f90e481ed3207fd5884c63conflict in mime type metadata
4121 F20090511_AAAUAC 00014_archive.txt ed491ec882b498e26ec7fc3defbe42786a47e634f5410703bdc388334e3d9ae6378aafaa
11651036 F20090511_AAAUFA 00030.tif 9e0b48802831a2a1adc5bceeb1be5c95df9f0636c5928dc3c80e3d7736bc5e42f5cfcb6a
43313 F20090511_AAATYD 00008.QC.jpg 9fcfa9b00821f633dc4f286ca071be415dbf2b571847f92cdf7fd9f7d8113600b7ccf2e2
1368534 F20090511_AAAUAD 00015.jp2 30e0eff427e8f574a601ba5644ce4f8cb878e946d8557b90ae5d093b075a1296d5e670ca
10443 F20090511_AAAUFB 00030.txt fc56196fc99562ee9e7db393859cadec9b3adce1ee459e968946ea2f9e081f4bd562e5c6
25676680 F20090511_AAATYE 00008.tif 6bd0ceac0806d4c8ba8a213e47e15c04b152e8c942a88b0f6121b9e4d2d9e1bc4a65a6d6
101118 F20090511_AAAUAE 00015.jpg 190ef6c4d60ef1cc42f962cad7b1af22861482882e75b8e38361a77db7f3f5619e34b511
11696 F20090511_AAAUFC 00030thm.jpg 3ea54dd7cc8a5ca7c4aa0947c24bf132baae59ce8b8011e0306595f90a2956066f0bca0d
3298 F20090511_AAATYF 00008.txt 86b23c035cd9f6486225e992f1f20720ebea477e6b9101f76f768bf689e796b46f0cdc56
10110 F20090511_AAAUAF 00015.pro c4747a9670300b5775cd7b50dbfcdc81a45b407812c0b9fcf0cddadc8232b44232e61cadconflict in mime type metadata
1571380 F20090511_AAAUFD 00031.jp2 8b10137a218719d6a4fc1facfd222a58541a8f2cebbc76ff093cf0bb3bd8ed6220aac98b
13284 F20090511_AAATYG 00008thm.jpg ac2e410b0db4b4820f8169e65f33ff39b80ea3e29618632c7ae287b431c5663508f8d8fb
18705 F20090511_AAAUAG 00015.QC.jpg be38f98949ccf8e0c4f23afa931481b45fe57451688a6eac9cbb3297865bf4962689744d
1529985 F20090511_AAATYH 00009.jp2 35ab3dcc2e3e217b1eff7b17d8265e1832ece9de2334996a0ce6213ef94769dfa4e6ccee
12751336 F20090511_AAAUAH 00015.tif d68830cf302a798e986d27e6e6fb3cdceed7d861a504b86089a6a618bd0019a5c6f5a6bb
413435 F20090511_AAAUFE 00031.jpg acaed8303ec64a111bf377d3bbda4989ddf23fecf05f0f89a4cb448dc83fa7864ab94a94
378531 F20090511_AAATYI 00009.jpg 52b7cb5c166763cacf294ee1173dc8b5a3527235b911578e3f0f287143206a0e2927c805
468 F20090511_AAAUAI 00015.txt 89ca46db76c84b9d10993c942b51e8191ed04c505a07bc06877c86677a54ec703fe6bc8b
193920 F20090511_AAAUFF 00031.pro 2118bf3ed3a351f8b9db9a9be24e965f288c94cfa416344a16b230a1ad82f067912de904conflict in mime type metadata
38465 F20090511_AAATYJ 00009.pro 674688ac0c2cec632f3f0c788ad8c28cb63181d09c4bf299a2e94cd1aa0510f3e984003cconflict in mime type metadata
6432 F20090511_AAAUAJ 00015thm.jpg 758cfafaed3138b2f6d99904d9822d8796daccbcf99a112c5d414830c9dc5271d25b1626
43276 F20090511_AAAUFG 00031.QC.jpg a3accc3819ba30bb0fb8512b19e4415c152e113bf55d0d3d27abde8d49176813445748bf
40450 F20090511_AAATYK 00009.QC.jpg 5b33344cb7c0d9619d5b86e9f5d3a3cb367260b594a8461a9f711b2a78a4c6b2c2b69dae
12347 F20090511_AAAUAK 00015_archive.pro 13510c4f2a1b2fd25bea779b0f6cd2bc1aace020e75b0160ecbb6c318c7c27514848fd71conflict in mime type metadata
12587304 F20090511_AAAUFH 00031.tif 5a118fe27662e4a0ab5acff604b77feddba2ed36c4e717b3acfe0327e2611ada1fcdabf8
36734348 F20090511_AAATYL 00009.tif 52711ae93dd77bd5cc87d357ac98c43bbd700780bada9b28765a518576eb00f6136f02fe
12750708 F20090511_AAAUAL 00015_archive.tif 2cad65cf480ced508d3b08c2c33d49e9041b4e69166f37dd794acee0668ecbe1ecd43d70
7914 F20090511_AAAUFI 00031.txt 218a38e4cd1eef6d211f1de599f4242f92c91f6edac2f715753d8c59e135369c72cf9e3f
1798 F20090511_AAATYM 00009.txt fd23e83749094bf0f492521fb595a3f8db43a6826e54c0ec17fac9e73d0404187a695aa5
615 F20090511_AAAUAM 00015_archive.txt 6bbe550f6277d6eb06b292c45c7ae5d147db0494237d6e07b77dbce250333b6e2098e62f
9923 F20090511_AAAUFJ 00031thm.jpg dde9fba5b845107ab134a4e91eb401cf41fb2443b54c387abe76d647e1abd85a5bfd7b5a
10003 F20090511_AAATYN 00009thm.jpg 4139cdc26ba42a71448827cf26a798d3e8e33cf9267f2d59b04283c0d55095f45d13a516
1528587 F20090511_AAAUAN 00016.jp2 ff971d30f19dc437fe773dbe5164108b123ea3b311f6ace2a524870db3d9b47abbf06582
201265 F20090511_AAAUFK 00031_archive.pro fe709c8300607218f5b503986e1dc30b9b7cfdccfc8c1be7a88408ea642db7bad20ed219conflict in mime type metadata
1721577 F20090511_AAATYO 00010.jp2 6b76d02a4835cc85ae6b877c55383e312db49cad98ddb052e9685165e3e4ee77187d8eb3
387981 F20090511_AAAUAO 00016.jpg 3d1344f6aeee961c8523eddc17e81a70b0c9f51c66ea1ee5bc40ba754c948048f0108726
12586732 F20090511_AAAUFL 00031_archive.tif e51420e9593b058ecfe229a9da0d53015001a1bcb0804675138983808a44d94e8b27d952
354469 F20090511_AAATYP 00010.jpg 8efc8fead2ae51c0c36fe0667127d731f903250de9570fb8b3155fc117c57206f94aef0d
126206 F20090511_AAAUAP 00016.pro 29b7d07b5b45bd13d272fdefbae89c58823b7be0ad232febd63b035ffc0a49c1fc65651aconflict in mime type metadata
7971 F20090511_AAAUFM 00031_archive.txt 91b47768a94ef4399f3d63da414e43ed3e69f4092369482390305e081f38f02f38be46f0
153771 F20090511_AAATYQ 00010.pro 42d5937ea65aac65f82db26786b982eb5a3444618b5ce565e0b37d6a377939ca610a031econflict in mime type metadata
44118 F20090511_AAAUAQ 00016.QC.jpg cb747155da8eadb125492cb2dd336c844299107c449ac3382c57491b18c22f0363cff81e
1596024 F20090511_AAAUFN 00032.jp2 cc15dcd8a2879176c455b74d33671ac1e3ebda3a7e2dcb4cfd15be81fb0740e711b47c3f
38644 F20090511_AAATYR 00010.QC.jpg c8401cdb48e8912cdf03abcaf92249a46fd6c9924d5c0ab9ce2d8aa169623c128d59efb7
36700972 F20090511_AAAUAR 00016.tif 18f11a22164bc3edf7520a716954991185aad6644c0fa54a48c7022409c3244231ba25a3
456630 F20090511_AAAUFO 00032.jpg 0837f12cd439bea6a212c20264b6a94a421e6a5f2b4c893281da37a777395f6e4c4b45ef
13788384 F20090511_AAATYS 00010.tif 9266fd6a02b54c8c6e6dfe7a2f037078d6dcce487e725f4b1a90c1f1d6eb8ce47b0d0958
5776 F20090511_AAAUAS 00016.txt 2238ea2355f760586ff71cde3e9d73ed513b8c451837afbae801ca22400babda0a19e7ac
229881 F20090511_AAAUFP 00032.pro f8d19e4cbf53407bd27ee5e015cabfabbfbfe9d99356c4a4dc06ec134f39b2c975238710conflict in mime type metadata
6003 F20090511_AAATYT 00010.txt 7bd7ecc867955a4babda297e6f59cc92b478fe5d2bd891f4605a1dae66397f401fdeedf2
10691 F20090511_AAAUAT 00016thm.jpg 8d2b4fbe2f6a4d49e6ffe3c2a671d6b168befb0a8b84e1cd4ae24eac0c8892cf45586add
48481 F20090511_AAAUFQ 00032.QC.jpg ee9cf67cda789ae2f797776270c0af52c56494efe1ef4403785b5833895fc7090373d6ce
8747 F20090511_AAATYU 00010thm.jpg 1a8d03a7d2bbc6c06209a549c882980473fcbe0786c1ef5291560e32fe12b80391dbadd6
3066615 F20090511_AAAUAU 00017.jp2 9b3af371546e7cf8f01ded549725efbdf8bfa305489d647a84cc249735e50f06b6295657
12784832 F20090511_AAAUFR 00032.tif c93ef64158b98049bd16cb14d77baaae82cd09d3627d32a39b7697888d02300de0e9e929
456295 F20090511_AAAUAV 00017.jpg b1cab95c88d73b37e01c7f899770707ddde632dced22007d2345e4648b311c25433545e5
8942 F20090511_AAAUFS 00032.txt cf445e3e213f7dd57c38572ad4889fd92eb3af75d71a9bdd9c95fcffdaeb8d63c902e99e
1682177 F20090511_AAATYV 00011.jp2 911cdce404b11038e99b3c5518b7ef3675af6903f938dfa56e65e524e11e9a4fdd33d5bc
206093 F20090511_AAAUAW 00017.pro 5f6099cb9724c0743a13525abe3d1a06cd5bd2ee86bc42caf6bf822570f11f74e5db1bfaconflict in mime type metadata
10834 F20090511_AAAUFT 00032thm.jpg 160a5b85657836300312131204e69b0ddfb615ec3a161feb135465ebfe076baeee418a3b
191948 F20090511_AAATYW 00011.jpg 163a522951565f5be5678d8bf6a39bdd9b0392830fdfab100cc56caeb864a88c8a4bdbe4
55405 F20090511_AAAUAX 00017.QC.jpg 87b119478518c4c2cd3f5f1dd08aafc277e5a8f65d7116137e18b4ba24fd5d9d89b44a6b
51943 F20090511_AAAUFU UF00028362_00079.mets FULL a5a205e00b2c1550e2eb0bdbcee8e02e03dbe63438ce393ffe0eefbc1c6ece174073ad58
13949 F20090511_AAATYX 00011.pro f2e6f81a0d9130fb9d05d4535a272c9cc56ba73556e8157ca13c3800be57e70f9919efb1conflict in mime type metadata
73610692 F20090511_AAAUAY 00017.tif 3b6e5f7d0f20868c55135d171625b77db7a6af72dfc5b90326b9f38062c954c0d4b0ddde
7713 F20090511_AAAUAZ 00017.txt 6d6eb80df85abfb1ee4a866c35d0371d6ef7fe534c0bd2f7f4f48becae9a311d011db328
3200196 F20090511_AAATWA 00001.jp2 35ba74c233416f651dbebd132faf1c66b684e28fe98a85e9b20da97d8b6700d86ba73e24
27297 F20090511_AAATYY 00011.QC.jpg 6611a1e52f3e586813511d370df86cc0511b8a6f7f5b81484e309f19a8b8ed8d150ca442
71001 F20090511_AAAUFX UF00028362_00079.xml a42843c3660d3279bf070dc3028ef7ea03ef9aaec775d74cf6919c08b0885bed3c272253
487208 F20090511_AAATWB 00001.jpg 3e6b85c3fad0b149143b5f12fc2586b164766447672e9ca34841151336b080bd93ba8463
13473780 F20090511_AAATYZ 00011.tif 4a23e2e48e12d2030e3b92d5f495b1c4a36d8652e66f49f7d3c87940cda05c04a6ef0f58
44363 F20090511_AAAUDA 00024.QC.jpg 515f3487c4907129fb675061257d66bce4bd33164894363970a4920a6679d690ac3e7bb7
192016 F20090511_AAATWC 00001.pro cfbd119982e74f4275f7e79ff48cefd660ad8aa6b76a76539a23c3e94ae52c0c65c49835conflict in mime type metadata
25376320 F20090511_AAAUDB 00024.tif 0e4781f2f84520b2cfae40a73a47115a3521f8bdbc74b3fc9e76944b741503199fb35183
56401 F20090511_AAATWD 00001.QC.jpg 440fffd328b32294a69d60f050587d56b9d12e9295f0948c5c371a94fd2fd604adba840d
76816852 F20090511_AAATWE 00001.tif 90e7329d319a17794573515f28a11c1642079ba3f60847c85055e8fe63fe292de4c924f6
3037 F20090511_AAAUDC 00024.txt 105307b59be82fb5de8f38b3179dc5c7230cab5fc0d6728eaae5e89d40a024ed077758f9
9452 F20090511_AAATWF 00001.txt 4114375c8aa24acdfecfb000baf56f02cf21006e92706e156775c9ab9d9a3979106a92dd
12247 F20090511_AAAUDD 00024thm.jpg 298d7903dcd6881517abcbe4ab85feea173a3ce7bbecb1931c493c5ba795909c545f9596
15983 F20090511_AAATWG 00001thm.jpg 7c75c295d5ca81adbc52cb3cbf0a5b2e13b738af210735b6e5ec1537eb263598ed0b4ad1
1528227 F20090511_AAAUDE 00025.jp2 10f8bd6e39a3a9f275aba6e3c1e530000859d22ab2fa4e26485232cbd01925ac46b3fdeb
3276305 F20090511_AAATWH 00002.jp2 7cb34af72881be45f1abf2d08564d5db924d9813dd8eb9bbfa80252960f7ad6075b139c4
325387 F20090511_AAAUDF 00025.jpg ce3eeb8953400dd5d432fd39bd096019b2e533b3596a54ca073cbd063d59ad9da1350810
393369 F20090511_AAATWI 00002.jpg c49bd44c844cc2fb15c5b232a1f8e488c2ca95b5550e2c640ba6dfbfe903493519c13823
99664 F20090511_AAAUDG 00025.pro 7f231e59294af4f22a11efdb6e49fcb77124d5f181190c0cc78f549c4f954ac002af4af0conflict in mime type metadata
225583 F20090511_AAATWJ 00002.pro dcb69431bd6e04504d9e5d588aeba45e0d48df99d7baa2b3c120f803d84b86c65b0c3fc9conflict in mime type metadata
40327 F20090511_AAAUDH 00025.QC.jpg 7978413c8f1733f6fa8a88dd71339895b56b23290e42d30d46feaeeb1b325a8056ade9f6
49790 F20090511_AAATWK 00002.QC.jpg 772a8761f96975db026870d51b8124e67dc5be97c6ed9bd9cfe5ca45c40414051548afd0
36692848 F20090511_AAAUDI 00025.tif a61d55a1340f24d71f8a7a52cd6f20d3789f943a99a0b2137062c481b602364429f4535d
26224020 F20090511_AAATWL 00002.tif 96862ea654bf90a73c1bdc23ba43ecb29b25e5b385e43cf95784e09677e5ee77c35a3f2d
3849 F20090511_AAAUDJ 00025.txt f435063bebca76a772d77d7c35e202c81cacd318ca4ef128b96f4f14c580de4f7d6472fe
9258 F20090511_AAATWM 00002.txt ebe7aa03cbd0f0fd7a9fd4c5b12ad352e891c792928809c850e3f9f4b2840c458febbf6a
10090 F20090511_AAAUDK 00025thm.jpg 31fe7a88ba2172b2e92c129fde80506a0a43946fcb76ca1f3d3bf73c75c5890b6a82c1b0
14511 F20090511_AAATWN 00002thm.jpg 4c2bae0272a30e3afa060a0e767aa1df205e1ede22a082c19321ec0cb7c1b9af4e53d671
100181 F20090511_AAAUDL 00025_archive.pro c85a1eef8472b055437bc2d2cd1f6e3de5469b10aadd79edd80f63e4002a8e84e2c478abconflict in mime type metadata
354082 F20090511_AAATWO 00002_archive.pro e65a2d367ffedd8f98e22e8a611fa461f1b9886e3fe5d4e833a2ded3e115628790b242b6conflict in mime type metadata
36692476 F20090511_AAAUDM 00025_archive.tif 1e87433a26f2074fa2c4301bea2fca6ad5e268e4dc8862c3ee37cbc25e4f1761ff08f308
26223200 F20090511_AAATWP 00002_archive.tif 64532b4584aaeda5e1ae53a600e2578c62157f3ff41baacb69bc346415d314086d7fdc5e
3865 F20090511_AAAUDN 00025_archive.txt 4cd7c46f09b7995b1fcdad2acb6e63c95a2d76834ea0513263d7414a96595a952b493d6d
14068 F20090511_AAATWQ 00002_archive.txt 7d9a887268c6b7ab8e1d1f36f43744a693eadf7ab6d88e4ad065996e6f2bba4444079279
1683941 F20090511_AAAUDO 00026.jp2 f78ee650931eb512b349d2f9b7af6d0a06d2433a9e2d64c161b078d8f6b0a0bdd3cae8e5
3288988 F20090511_AAATWR 00003.jp2 922a58ae4051a00befa0151066d0f1914345367af7a5d123bed94070cbf5c817add73b01
444227 F20090511_AAAUDP 00026.jpg 3938a435e4563d2b8d536e9d62b1754c63f84f5a0f04a2c5069f4bf3f694c0329c9e6d92
484895 F20090511_AAATWS 00003.jpg ba2c003c306f709f7908a8e8d70525459767d341da353c5b45b8b8cbee425e5aa1c3665a
270554 F20090511_AAAUDQ 00026.pro 26bb985d9f2c0b246888c59b5ca2ee6c8ef5feded1690cf94bc5500bfefecf7c6277766aconflict in mime type metadata
367310 F20090511_AAATWT 00003.pro 5ce74fe60a3fb0075dd48f59170058ff8715ec2adf50c8bcfe561849a51efeaacb5c48ffconflict in mime type metadata
44230 F20090511_AAAUDR 00026.QC.jpg eb580431c6d6cc492e12f0943fb4ed8f391efcc5397fe3e534ca5ec6ed3ecca5beb50595
55978 F20090511_AAATWU 00003.QC.jpg 5fb69a113f0716c586a0ae5db563e3d2ff8579d73cb67727177f81c635bd1a50a39c45d6
13487320 F20090511_AAAUDS 00026.tif 47a4fd3eeb9434d0f2f355c4542986a2586dbf788ebb986c39f9ff82c8a4301315d43b1e
26324528 F20090511_AAATWV 00003.tif f7c21b560c88ee65962b5585892c631f06e15a45c115e358605fba53922aee0594ab98a0
11103 F20090511_AAAUDT 00026.txt 15107cc6f86e5445a1b6488e025408c556896972afa507bd309b715c992d070f44fdbcb5
9929 F20090511_AAAUDU 00026thm.jpg 6824da6aea78c241ee6dc24be9c54d81db91c2c0c4fae8e2f52449c7afae27746775de0b
14783 F20090511_AAATWW 00003.txt c6bfddffac688819cbd02d789af2f68f1653684717c72cae605f6090fc740162220be0a4
1675186 F20090511_AAAUDV 00027.jp2 b56c3e49da791300802db73374a2f71492c7d3c505c4537a334fbf4027d5700387fc4652
14957 F20090511_AAATWX 00003thm.jpg 2eb11c045bbc3c64c148129afd6090e8a430a4716da7b5da3c620e7c835ecefb4f667d4a
441873 F20090511_AAAUDW 00027.jpg 6e23783e6962719158beb69225aa05ad4dab1be2546fef773d54458e0f118996be862e33
3077200 F20090511_AAATWY 00004.jp2 73445c9b8d36b6901d52492658dcbafc4d39682d8736b9abf1e71bbc73a15cb946a9d5dd
289388 F20090511_AAAUDX 00027.pro 88de09dd55d22d56696ac35ae63804a10f9728286d0a46849ae3f5773f3a57c4b9ed7f3bconflict in mime type metadata
466185 F20090511_AAATWZ 00004.jpg 75782757b872d9692e2d490a92f57d56000de0baed30764c7fb33b8badf7d8567e29d078
43904 F20090511_AAAUDY 00027.QC.jpg b8b6193af4ea705fd798ca2423c8447610c9976abaa6190d40e90f80e30ded14391930ba
764 F20090511_AAATZA 00011.txt c51fa181e0b857f5a99dc1daba9bbb2c88e7ed2dc6831a4356b5750b61ff112876e0bb47
15442 F20090511_AAAUBA 00017thm.jpg 25fe781c4436f27fbe4c96c414b30c735d66c05891a5522a9cda830e0aa77bd54dd74b23
13417800 F20090511_AAAUDZ 00027.tif 6cc3b4b3debb4ba3c9753f50aa5dbe84111371d291734f6409d25a10762706c9ea638084
7420 F20090511_AAATZB 00011thm.jpg 55f372265b7aef29cddc37f129806edbd8f8aed44a4706dfe0cf46aa78dda8133b107b29
3398853 F20090511_AAAUBB 00018.jp2 271eeae396789dd1aec7c700845db540ba3ad747ad0ad340e2061488ec030d75a62062be
126834 F20090511_AAATZC 00011_archive.pro a8fe5ba2869ae0e5239b29fdd64c4f74b3a7407e4ae0d10684ae55239d1d7c3fb49c3ed2conflict in mime type metadata
394149 F20090511_AAAUBC 00018.jpg 318617218906b6d8100d8b770a1d307e72750034064f223a7c4ec4ae6aa9a41b28bd1233
13473548 F20090511_AAATZD 00011_archive.tif c3fe44cfb0758674c1da40433f65dfc07466e3471ce1b84760e63c26a0a935630bab366f
232147 F20090511_AAAUBD 00018.pro 61ba9a195d277b2e216fb92a57b930b8ca2a13a3641e9356f7f27e9467476fdf5c7bc4eeconflict in mime type metadata
5000 F20090511_AAATZE 00011_archive.txt ef993925cd7b4de62c55026ed176e48f1e15bb03a3f5f0d2316cbd92e05b725fd6771ba1
49332 F20090511_AAAUBE 00018.QC.jpg 5f387a2d1df046f9c7d1bfdcbc98e991588ba8502db61c727fbe4a876ecf2098b9610840
1543408 F20090511_AAATZF 00012.jp2 d73b8a9579c60ccab0548ea9acda4c3435cbd9d78399a1c493ea312bef0142b1852b1e74
27203852 F20090511_AAAUBF 00018.tif 9c00a791bc9b5791c073528165e73221714c324d3eca89a8a8f3cbe9a477174b22ff9bb6
395311 F20090511_AAATZG 00012.jpg 57f373c118034ad8ec65443822fbfbaff5951a9d2c256ce70ff4ea390bd29bd4d75fc020
8986 F20090511_AAAUBG 00018.txt 2df297b9879fa7118b7a4ddc5c2110d25484ce511dbf9ef8cf4f41d29a56e8db1dc6cafa
53842 F20090511_AAATZH 00012.pro 682681f1fdea4fa9e76d80bad2c748f3a08317117dcdde7f2b9ccca7bf4acae6e28b6289conflict in mime type metadata
13324 F20090511_AAAUBH 00018thm.jpg 81cb54c119bc2cebb19c51b8f430cdf4bdb3ed7c65963ee2eeecd04814404a36af5b0abc
43163 F20090511_AAATZI 00012.QC.jpg adaaa195daeda00c3aef105e282955b3aa74fcecb280399bfac13db89e62ab833890f150
313071 F20090511_AAAUBI 00018_archive.pro 5842658af193ac84a46fbf9e74f2749fc9edbbcb7f131c037d807f471be34143fd88a40dconflict in mime type metadata
37060376 F20090511_AAATZJ 00012.tif 4a4aa2db39c03d9535d1b5188c1a7232183f7623bc19793697946ba007d4b2e2742408dd
27202796 F20090511_AAAUBJ 00018_archive.tif d1365f4c346583ef749a9edb02f4ef00cdf02ae05454134156d949003e2718d61c63f5d4
2059 F20090511_AAATZK 00012.txt 6320096de72699141919b785c915b26abbbd6a891abfb61407d1156952b3e688d39a30de
11732 F20090511_AAAUBK 00018_archive.txt 1846653513af13aa124522c8af52d9fe4464ceccf0a454c06d22595c5e468bf5cc1d11d6
10751 F20090511_AAATZL 00012thm.jpg efecee2de381a10a95d7c176858f4020ef67eba98c620a5a9ac9e99a587ee011a97b971c
3185392 F20090511_AAAUBL 00019.jp2 8c2bdafd14407c1a9d2ae72aeae6af47c2199d9d80dafc360e8ca2cfb72f8b6ec7dc3a3d
1456751 F20090511_AAATZM 00013.jp2 a69b8cf272a315de00023c686c1d483df01f1abc66b1d9020910c29cca38bbbef2c46c00
509391 F20090511_AAAUBM 00019.jpg a7dd6095eb4a2db67d3e9a613f987635a0eee1219ac3bb91e5e5c361bafd4e1eeb7c04d6
391640 F20090511_AAATZN 00013.jpg e89773621e6bfac7142ab716c9b014d955cf4c1d0d13b60955843cee7a878af1fc898b8d
345746 F20090511_AAAUBN 00019.pro 7fc4fa1f05b4ba3d1c3638ee640fabf497f2ebeaee980db8335a62411abc806a46e4b84aconflict in mime type metadata
48231 F20090511_AAATZO 00013.pro 5b2de8cb65b37c931441cfa966356d5264dafb63ffea2dd31a04edb544c0b77d4d0c25afconflict in mime type metadata
57615 F20090511_AAAUBO 00019.QC.jpg f1561e5d22a20138eb2834a6bb079a94278ed0ef06a5f0cbe3790d7ec78503174aeaf55b
40145 F20090511_AAATZP 00013.QC.jpg 8ceb5adbdc427a86d72bbc4c4204fc1840240797e0e249181b1d205212415bd836461b88
25495140 F20090511_AAAUBP 00019.tif 8ff9a35d2b7fa56e8e6304bfd545fbc191915cfd1cbfdef0e4f904f7406ceb3bbc99a01e
34975192 F20090511_AAATZQ 00013.tif bd6f9b7c46eca0df3133cb7acca2aa38a6312284147d718f0f63aa9c12e4e98dfecae2b8
13165 F20090511_AAAUBQ 00019.txt 7723cbe72805a97f232f497d0f544ad3ad7cf9714c47ec3fc7739c9b65cd319eb2136b83
4165 F20090511_AAATZR 00013.txt 18a6ed3a4b40131710fdf0605ba1c41dc83dc4f8d86f1cb37123e48bc02e2a5f3f04bed1
14869 F20090511_AAAUBR 00019thm.jpg ca52c57fd548918ad422fa8d83c92e22aca54990cacfb33b8ecab34a08e4de3f9a6e0b8f
10447 F20090511_AAATZS 00013thm.jpg 9b79929089ae4162214cb21b726bf4be95f2f718b48bb4fb7ee4cd29a08da794fd3e6980
3359226 F20090511_AAAUBS 00020.jp2 223e331ecc7eea7c9ee3fc16201f0cf5ec79f3dea5d3fa1aee8a95d065a90a2703cc55a7
1410986 F20090511_AAATZT 00014.jp2 7a591c65f7bb14fb6e29ae6e61c799f48e821eedd32846d8fa5390aee6507e872412d367
468856 F20090511_AAAUBT 00020.jpg 6d40b2fc15e9fddef10e0233b675d428daaba3c5592ab62320aa4def9a5e22d98c9dcf6b
117290 F20090511_AAATZU 00014.jpg fff8e8a18e516cd1e99570daff68919c87ca4bc2796121f26881b2d6f10a8b290e4a9063
279323 F20090511_AAAUBU 00020.pro 8c90cdf9620a8f81299788afd42302c7f0e29f34be88fd08f27c11aa73f6201e6777fad4conflict in mime type metadata
13160 F20090511_AAATZV 00014.pro de0e3eb88664d0a92d13472f2409825b5c0d3324d412b63f6f4c72af1e76ffda7eb6174cconflict in mime type metadata
55726 F20090511_AAAUBV 00020.QC.jpg a5e392e00092636e34c9503be08203ffccd2f1aaeb0fd00090fb5df646bec42823e867e0
21476 F20090511_AAATZW 00014.QC.jpg bdaed509408596ccacfda88f308ad9c7d977b4fc735e377ea264b7c6ee3c241597d0ae16
26886412 F20090511_AAAUBW 00020.tif cfd5bc9a4ad8e6d1b76ed513f1efbc3b3224fead6de50fc745620f924bd5344e1874b097
12684084 F20090511_AAATZX 00014.tif 5503921cd9ef275088738f6b448f437b5907817df68f379a00b4b4c422a82ad6e66ce710
10504 F20090511_AAAUBX 00020.txt 817ff071f0d9780e0c1b5aa1b2b95fa99c42286242cf36917da2a9544978e8f06f8dfc81
583 F20090511_AAATZY 00014.txt 016f738ae239aa7d67f52f9ac246b80ac90d9c938c86f6cdcc0c95093984184447cbe47d
13996 F20090511_AAAUBY 00020thm.jpg 4b44099d62624d990228940b611b4fed7e4e747cd039281078b15f375cabba4d49232425
3050034 F20090511_AAAUBZ 00021.jp2 160b8b447be9b073365c8f37e8e8ae8b59dda009ec7a25a50fbb202ea4020590b16b666e
154179 F20090511_AAATXA 00004.pro c0e665f98ac1f424033bad67e5d420a8d44df1665066cdcef2289fd3f6c713df14f9d3eeconflict in mime type metadata
6713 F20090511_AAATZZ 00014thm.jpg 38d5a4bb928fc68401b0ad12d9c4d8bd2fc4cddcba5265facbf7e7574267001a92ddd0d4
54236 F20090511_AAATXB 00004.QC.jpg d5878c80d9ab7f67f752e4ea821b3352a16d297d9bd885597d1484d18fa405d50b4f49a2
11708 F20090511_AAAUEA 00027.txt 664ce2984a2d3f0a1533c763440a9d8d982a521f7b4720b1062193391557af559d659b8a
73865440 F20090511_AAATXC 00004.tif 2ea01a303dad199bcf53ae86676036c95c36a5fa2253db572df83308af060549cafd9ce4
9664 F20090511_AAAUEB 00027thm.jpg b0f769958ecadfde9666271f43e616bf727273f0f12abe9dcf2c59bcb84d00db713f9c08
6051 F20090511_AAATXD 00004.txt 840a14884f2c7c310ca8db840049f4a0108dde78ed2dfe479083e2b55034a2c1fdc731f2
1511980 F20090511_AAAUEC 00028.jp2 45f19e1b263db712ab6cf151359256678624b3845f098eb9267bc8a15ad1cae9a6c7c2d6
16076 F20090511_AAATXE 00004thm.jpg ea5dc17621ef0f68a84433a9b4892e4030252598140e0fa2132d7e2941fb3c2b9aebd3c8
3120632 F20090511_AAATXF 00005.jp2 f741abbe86a32b3f106e8436ac2d864d07669e15e36f0c794766882bb0253196ffc1a4d8
281236 F20090511_AAAUED 00028.jpg c22c13d13ba76ea1acb448822edbed72bcf84da1c4fbea098c05572c0bd2c9f951ef945a
493567 F20090511_AAATXG 00005.jpg 223fa2722fa813bd30552ae13f9cb158d635d739216a8ac40934784339fe505cd6850c5e
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215387 F20090511_AAATXH 00005.pro 7a6d11ba0ad258ea2a2f61fa0069cbd9f1417dc32eec5f18fa92f7f0b858e48cbf7b31fbconflict in mime type metadata

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Florida Star
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Florida Star
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Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
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Jacksonville, Fla.
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Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

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August 1 7:05 At The Jacksonville Baseball Grounds

Come dressed like Crockett, Tubbs or in your favorite
80's garb and enjoy fifty-cent hot dogs, peanuts and
ice cream treats. Sponsored by Blue Bell Ice Cream,
Hampton Farms and Folio Weekly.




We Have Your

Name-We Are

Coming After You!

Nickeshea Gray

rennein Lamar reaa

--After the drive-by
shooting death of 8-year-
old Dreshawna Davis.
S h e r i ff
faced the

and told
the \-iexers
Sheriff that \%ith
Safe Street". \ve know
who the thugs are \with
guns. "We are coming
after you." Those who
S saw\ the sheriff making
that statement would
ha\e to believe, he was
very serious.
Illegal guns must be
removed from the streets.
stated A listener of the
Florida Star's nightly
radio sho\\. Impact.
There was a shooting
Tuesday after midnight
\here almost twelve gun-
shots were exchanged.
leading Adrian Bullard.
26. dead. The gunshots
went inside an apartment
where a baby and a fami-
ly were living.
Fortunately, none of them
were injured.
On Saturday a 51-
year-old female was shot
several times in the 1600
block of West 19th Street

Name continued on A.-7

Antnuniy uruuus, Jr.
and 28-year-old
Nickeshea Gray. mother
of three, was shot
Tuesday and died
Wednesday. There is no
suspect in her murder.
The 19th Street neigh-
bors said they are really\
fed up \with the murders.
burglaries and crime.
They have called their
City Council representa-
tive and others for assis-
They know each other
and they knot\ \hen a
new face is there. The
51-year-old: who was
killed Saturday 'did not
live at the house \here
Name continued on A- 7

Monday through Friday
from 10 to 11 p.m.,
WCGL-AM-1360 -
News, guest,
questions and answers
- The Florida Star and
Impact Striving to
make a difference.

Eight- Year-Old Murdered

l- Children in the past,
,always felt safe at
Grandmother's house and
Il Dreshawna Washington
Davis was no different as
she played video games
while at her grandmoth-
er's home on 3rd Avenue.
_' It is not Confirmed if the
targeted person actually
lived at the 3rd Avenue
Address or expected to
visit or-was actually lin
the house at: the time of
Dreshawna Monique Washington Davis Willie J. Davis the shooting, but the.
17ctim Person OfInterest shooters did shoot up the
house where the 'eight
:ear old \\as shot. Police
--'. }. 'officers believe 'the
shooting was deliberate
but the intended target
did not get the bullet.
young, innocent, third
." i ".. 46grade honor student.
Dreshawna did.
S T"V vie%\ers watched
the news in disbelief, as
Dreshawna's grandfather
'IIr ,broke.. dow'n,. weeping for
r ii his granddaughter.
"How could they do
Tujuan Dubose Terrell Dubose Rasheem Dubose
A r ,..o ......1 ) ,n... p,1r ,, tflP,,to,,ot Murdered continued on A-7

JCCI Completed Study- Will Implementation Begin?
t ,

JACKSONVILLE, FL. After the murder rate in
Jacksonville began to sky rocket. the Sheriffs office
decided to use funds derived from criminal activities to
decrease the crime, specifically, the murder rate in
Jacksonville. The study w\as released Tuesday, July 25
with a formal presentation and only the sheriff, the
mayor, the present president of the City Council.
Michael Corrigan and former president. Kevin Hyde
\\as present. All of the other council members \ere
absent. There were no one present from the State
Attorney's Office, the School Board. the County
Legislative Delegation or the Regional Chamber of
State Representative Audrey Gibson was present
and also appeared that evening on Impact, the nightly
radio talk show, hosted by The Florida Star and partly
sponsored by WCGL-ANI 1360 to discuss the final

The report acknowledged that Jacksonville has a
murder problem. It examined the complex individual,
environmental, and social factors that influence the
murder rate in Jacksonville and reviewed national
research on successful approaches to lover murder
The report's important theme was that murders in
particular tend to cluster in certain high-proverty areas
and disproportionately involves young black men. both
as perpetrators and as victims.
JCCI pointed out that racial divisions in
Jacksonville cannot be ignored as it is both profound
and entrenched. It stated that most of the black-on-
black violence in Jacksonville is a symptom of deep
neighborhood-level dysfunctions, growing out of years
Study continued on A-7

Black Columnists Meet With Representative Nancy Pelosi

Meeting Wednesday night for dinner were Tonyaa
Weathersbee, Florida Times-Union, left; Errol Louis,
New York Daily News; Donna Britt, Washington Post;
Derrick Jackson, Boston Globe; Rep. Nancy Pelosi;
DeWayne Wickham, USA Today; Askia Muhammad,
Final Call, and Gregory

"HBlack Columnists
Meet With Nancy Pelosi
The first two members
of the Trotter Group of
African American colum-
nists have reported on
their three-hour dinner
meeting Wednesday with
Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-
Calif.. the House minority.
"In response to
attempts by GOP hawks
to brand her as soft on
national security, Pelosi
says that she. as a woman,

would actually be
tougher on defense than
her male colleagues,"
Errol Louis wrote Friday\
in the New York Daily
"'Think of a lioness,'
she said. 'You come any-
where near our cubs,
you're dead.'
"She meant it.
"Pelosi, like other
powerful women in poli-
tics (good morning, Sen.
Clinton) has mastered the
art of presenting herself

as a tough, take-charge
leader without surrender-
ing her femininity."
Columnists continued on A-7

"Birthplace Of
The Florida
Religious Hall Of
"Serving Florida
For 55 Years
The People's

S51900315' I i
510a9 00151 0

; lu''
-~. :
;- ;.
? .-.
.... ~- -~-- ii
.. n s
':r ;I.
-I r

M i

PO 80' 117007
'I4tUFSOILLE FL 32611.7007






- ..

rerson uj inrerest rrr Cr'll W Iffirrum

osre n f interest

1, .




PA (it A-. 1'VI U lU




TEL: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673
Serving St. Johns, Clay, Duval, Nassau,
Leon, Alachua, Flagler, Marion
McIntosh And Glynn County

The Florida Star Newspaper is an
independent newspaper published
weekly in Jacksonville, Florida

*One Year-$33.00
Half Year-$18.50
Send check or money order
with subscription amount to:
The Florida Star,
P.O. Box 40629,
Jacksonville, Florida 32203
The Florida Star will not be responsiblefor
the return of any solicited
or unsolicited manuscripts or photos.
Opinions expressed by columnists in this
newspaper do not necessarily represent the
policy of this paper
Florida Press Association
Ndaiuonal Nc-papp r .AO'i. aiiaL
National N.sHappr
Publhher; 5L-oci liirlln
.Amalgamaied Publlhetr. Loc
JackLonillr Chamlbr ofCommerce
Firsl Coai Africao Ami ncan
Chamber of Commerc.

To reach The Florida Star
via electronic mail:
On the Web:



National Newspaper
Publishers Association


Founded In April 1951 By Eric O. Simpson
First African American Inducted Into
The Florida Press Hall Of Fame

Recently, the nation's
wealthiest man, Warren
Buffett, gave the philanthrop-
ic world a shot in the arm by
pledging $37.4 billion worth
of stock from Berkshire
Hathaway, the company he
runs, to five charitable foun-
dations. He earmarked $31
billion of that for foundation
run by the second wealthiest
man Microsoft founder Bill
Buffett told reporters that
he hoped his actions would
encourage others to follow
suit. "I would hope that a few
of them would pick up on this
model; I think it's a sensible
model," he told reporters after
making the announcement in
Although African
Americans tend to associate
the concept of philanthropy
with the very rich, our com-
munity has historically been a
generous and giving one -
whether it be time or money.
The civil rights movement of
the 1960s didn't start with the
March on Washington or in
some corporate boardroom. It
began in church basements
and living rooms across the
nation. Civil rights crusaders
didn't rely upon the wealthy
to help them out: They. built
their own network of philan-
In 1999, the Roper Center
for Public Opinion Research

found that 54.4 percent of
Blacks gave money to charity
from 1988 to 1996, compared
to 75.2 percent of Whites.
Given that the net worth of
Whites exceeds that of Blacks
by more than 10 times, it
stands to reason that our com-
munity is less able to give as
much financially.
But what is most telling
about the generosity of our
community is that African-
Americans took the top spot
on the 1997 National Survey
of Philanthropy and Civic
Renewal's civic engagement
index, followed by
Whites and then
Hispanics. When Blacks don't
have the money to give, they
give their time and energy.
Since the early 1970s, ethnic
philanthropy has taken great
steps at least financially,
thanks in part to improved
economic situations for
From 1973 to 2004, the
per-capita income of Blacks
increased 70 percent from
$2,521 ($9,284 in 2004 dol-
lars) to $15,758, while that of
Whites rose 57 percent, from
$4,364 ($16,060 in 2004 dol-
lars) to $25,203.
In the African-American
community, charitable giving
begins earls. Blacks tend to
begin volunteerr work during
high school or college and go
from there. They often take

To Be Equal: You Don't Need to Be a
Warren Buffett to Effect Change
Marc H. Morial
President and CEO of the National Urban League

on leadership roles in organ-
izing events, joining boards.
Their ability to make contri-
butions is often combined
'with a willingness to leverage
money through fund-raising
events, matching gifts and
donations from firms etc.
The purpose of our com-
munity's philanthropy tends
to be to "create pathways" for
people excluded from access
and opportunity, according to
a 2004 survey of minority
philanthropists by the City
University of New York's
SCenter on Philanthropy and
Civil Society. Blacks also
tend to prefer giving to insti-
tutions they have personal
ties to than organized philan-
thropies, the center found.
The 21st century is going
to be one of great demograph-
ic change for the United
States. By the end of the cen-
tury and maybe even earlier,
our nation is expected to be
the first without a majority.
ethnic group, demographers
predict. Things are going to
-be very different. Whether the
change will be good remains
to be seenand depends on us
as a nation.
'If the current dl\ide
between Whites and ethnic
minorities isn't narrowed, our
democracy will be in peril.
That's why we need to invest
in our future generations by
financially supporting organi-
zations and programs that
seek. to shrink economic and
political and education gaps
between the races.
As the nation becomes
more multicultural where no

U -: -







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CD '



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'of fli

k- M


BG 55 Blower


Mvls ,ipnI-nup )ork muCh ta d s
Primer bulb and 1hrcl it, enrtti!ijrc ao 5acls
Optional Scuun :,,nd ,ur1r kiiivoil ab.lt

g- S g side! I

Bennetts Ace Hardware
8080 W. Beaver St.

* S

Nichol's Equipment
10237 Beach Blvd.

Neptune Beach
Tucker Equipment
113 11th Street

Ronnie's Repair Shop
5091 Sunbeam Rd.

MS 170 Chain Saw


14 h1t

Th,- lightoeighl is. desiard Ifr cccasi.)nai woaid
Lulling It sl around Iho hice Includesr many of i tlfsame
&-faeliem design lealufus ac :iur prc-lession3i modelE

AIi p.Co$ SSF.RP
3"diti. if Jolijbi e ll';

Orange Park
Orange Park PowerHouse
611 Blanding Blvd.

ethnic or racial group domi-
nates, our community will
need to continue and
strengthen our commitment
'to "civic tithing" and take it
into new directions.
The first phase of the civil
rights movement back in the
1960s set us on the road of
political empowerment. Now,
it's time for the second phase
- economic empowerment.
And we must adjust our gaze
to the younger generation of
donors. According to the
Center on Philanthropy study,
these donors believe that
access to financial power will
close the remaining social,
political and economic gaps
that exist between Whites and
ethnic minorities in this coun-
They have different prior-
ities for their money than
their older counterparts who
helped finance the first phase
of the civil rights movement
in the 1960s. They're more
interested in gaining access on
Wall Street than marching on
Washington. They tend to
send their money to programs
that emphasize individual
attainment and employ a busi-
ness model of operation.
So let Warren Buffett
serve as a role model. You
don't have to be rolling in
money for your contribution
to make an impact. Let histo-
ry be an example of that.
As author Isaac Asimov
once \Tote, "No sensible deci-
sion can be made any longer
withoutt taking into account
not only the worldd as it is, but
the world as it will be."



I h u y e-.e 0

.HLV 29. 2006


- A le, 71 A 11



* -



Faith In Our Community
-Schedule of Events and Services-

C. Zanders and the Saint Paul A.M.E. Church family invite
friends to share in their Family and Friends Weekend
Celebration. "Family and Friends United In Love" is the
theme. The youth will have a "back To School Explosion"
on Friday, July 28. This includes all day workshops, and a
Social from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. An Old fashioned Fish Fry
and Games will be held on Saint Paul's Campus on Saturday,
July 29 from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. The celebration culmi-
nates on Sunday, July 30. Pastor Zanders will preach at both
the 7:30 a.m. and 10:55 a.m. Worship services. The church
is located at 6910 New Kings Rd. For transportation and
additional information call the church at 764-2755.
SINGING-The Women Ministry of Greater New Mount
Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, 1953 W. 9th St., invite
the public to "Sing Unto The Lord" Sunday, July 30 at 4:00
p.m. The program features The GNMM Praise Team along
with Sis. Jackie Brunson, Sis. Ruthie Grant, Sis. Dora
Dailey, Bro. William Gilliard, and Bishop Larry Boston. Sis.
Anna Sanders, Women Ministry Leader. Rev. Percy
Jackson, Sr. and Rev. Percy Jackson, Jr., Pastors.
MEETING-The Jacksonville District Meeting of the
Church of God by Faith churches will convene July 27-28 at
7:30 p.m. and 12 Noon on Saturday, July 29. Dr. Harry
Johnson, Presiding District Elder. Elder Robert McGriff,
Pastor at True Believers Church of God by Faith, White
Road in Callahan FL.
HOLY CONVOCATION-The Florida Central Second
Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Annual Holy Convention will be
held nightly at 7:30 p.m. August 15-18 at Southside Church
of God In Christ, 2179 Emerson St. The public is invited to
come and experience a mighty move of God through prayer,
praise, and preaching. Mother Mildred Eason, Supervisor of
women. Bishop Edward Robinson, Sr., Jurisdictional
is invited to attend the Soldiers For Christ Church and
Pastor's anniversary Celebration. The congregation is
rejoicing in the church's 13th year and the pastor's second
year in this ministry. "Dare To Believe...All things Are
Possible" is the theme. Services begin Thursday, August 10.
A semi-formal banquet w ill be held in honor of Pastor Arthur
S Mealer on Saturday, August 12 The celebration concludes
Sunday, August 13. For more information call (904) 200-
5533. Thechurch is located at 2045 Tuskegee Rd..
COME TOGETHERWFirst Missionary Baptist Church, 810
Third A\e. in Jacksonville Beach FL, will host Annual Come
Together Day August 5, 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Free
food, clothing, and school supplies will be provided. For
more information contact Alberta Floyd at 727-5027 or
Beverly Prescod at 751-9951. Rey. Dr. Marvin A.
McQueen, I, Senior Pastor.
ANNIVERSARY-Greater New Hope A.M.E. celebrated its
115th Anniversary July 26-28 at 7:00 p.m.. The celebration
concludes Sunday, July 30 at 4:00 p.m. "Down Through
The Years 'Standing In Awe Of God"' is the theme. The
church is located at 2708 Davis St., (17th and Davis Streets).
Sis. Shirley Harris and Bro. Elijah Brooks, Chairpersons.
Rev. Mary F. Davis, Pastor.,
Fellowship Ministries Jacksonville-Duval County President
Sam Roberts is seeking donations of school supplies for chil-
dren of prisoners to 'be given away August 5, 2006.
Donations maybe left at Second Baptist Church, 954 Kings
Rd. (at State Street and 1-95 entrance) or at watch the Lamb
ministries, 2519 Soutel Dr. You may call Roberts at (904)
994-1044 forpick-up or the church at (904) 354-8268 or
(904) 764-1104. Roberts recently suffered a heart attack, but
is determined to fulfill his project for these children to have
school supplies. Clothing contributions will also be accept-
ed and distributed.
ORDINATION SERVICES-The public is invited to attend
Ordination Services for Elder-Elects and Deacon-Elects
Sunday, June 30, 5;30 p.m. at Believers In Christ Christian

SYan g.el

SO(UTH1 lh:ST' CA.~1P .US

S unday, .lul 30th

Ilorning w,'rs.lhipg 111:45 a.m. f
"rIBr-isda) SJiIIh 7-:3 p.nm.

;.. .... ,ffA f a lr. "(Erflh f' "(ri(.nL. Ja Lx ciI,

Sunday Sermon
"It's Timte For Your A4Mijracle"
8:15 am.* 10:45 am
*--------6:00 pm '
5755 Ramona Blvd., .lucksonville, 'I, 32205
S (904) 781-9393

Center, 11565-107 N. Main St. Ordainees include Minister T e Church
Vernell Gillespie, Minister Rosalyn Joseph, Minister t
Marnice Parker, Minister Robyn Sessoms, Brother Danielle "Come and Worship With Us"
Joseph, Brother Wayne McDonald and Brother Charles
Wilcox. New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church
Listings are due the Tuesday before the next issue. Email 1824 Prospect Street Jacksonville, FL 32208
submissions preferred. Send to:
info@thefloridastar.com Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Q-nAy-iIioning voranM

Historic Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church

Celebrating 140 Years Of Service

MOUN5T 2104


"I ~



Historic Mount Zion
African methodist
Episcopal Church, 201
East beaver St., will cele-
brate its 140th
Anniversary Sunday, July
This is the second old-
est A.M.E. church in.
Florida. The recent struc-
ture was started in-:1906
and completed in 1910..
Many great events
have evolved 'during the
history of this church,
including the establish-
ment of the first chartered
Boy Scout troop from
African Americans and
the establishment of the
Divinity High. School.
which :later : became
Edward W'aters College.

In Loving

Memory Of

'Heniy L. Williams
March 2. 1932-Jul3 28.2003
It's been three years.
but f seems like only
yesterday, that Jcould hear
your voice and see your
The pain, the sorrow,
the hurt and loneliness
is forever present

Love Always,
Wife Emma and Family

God's Wrath:
Vengeance Is Mine, I Will
Repay,. Says the Lord

Beloved, never avenge
yourselves, but leave it
to the wrath of God; for it
is written, "Vengeance is
mine, I will repay, says
the Lord." 20 To the con-
trary, "if your enemy is
hungry, feed him; if he is
thirsty, give him some-
thing to drink; for by so
doing you will heap
burning coals on his
head." 21 Do not be
overcome by evil, but
overcome evil with good.

Romans 12:19-21


The celebration begins
with Church School at
8:30 a.m. Morning wor-
ship begins at 10:00 a.m.
Rev. James H. Davis,
Presiding Elder of the
Suwannee-North District
will be.the speaker.
A unique celebration
begins at 4:00 p.m., fea-
turirig the music of the
Mass Choir and an organ
Presentation by the
SMinister of Music, Bro.
James Smith. Rev. F. D.
Richardson, Pastor.



BLUE-Benjamin, died July
21, 2006.
BOLAR-Jerome, died July
23, 2006. A.B. COLEMAN
BROWN-Erika, died July 25,
2006. A.B. COLEMAN
BROWN-Solomon. died July
20, 2006.
CAINE-John. died July '20.
CASWELL-John, died July
20, 2006.
COBB-Thelna G., died July
22, 2006. ,
COLVIN-Charlotte Diane,
died July 16, 2006. ,
died July 20, 2006.
died July 21, 2006.
FERGUSON-Jeanette M.,
46. died July 21, 2006.
FRANKLIN-Nathaniel, died
July 24, 2006. A.B. COLE-
GREEN-Mary, died July 22,
2006. A.B. COLEMAN
HALL-Simms Harris. 71,
died July 19, 2006.
HARRIS-Bernice, died July
20, 2006.
HERBERT-Anon Kenyatta,,
Jr., died June 30, 2006.
HIXON- Tracy, 45, died July
21, 2006.,
HORNE-Clara, died July 22,
JORDAN-George, died July
22, 2006.
KITCHEN-Lazarius M., died
July 24, 2006.
KISER-D'eloris, died July 18,
LOWE-Mary L, died July 25,
MADDOX-Allen, died' July
21, 2006.
MILLSAP-Debbie Ann, died
July 20, 2006. ,
MITCHELL-Josie Homer,
died .July .20, 2006.
NAPPER-Moses, 75, died
July 20, 2006.
NEWBURG-Shawn P., died
July 18, 2006. A.B. COLE-
PERKINS-James, died July
22, 2006.
SMITH-AI'Maria R. McClain,
37, died July 20, 2006.
SMITH-Willie, died July 20,
died July 17,'2006.. A.B.
STEWARD-Doris, died July
19, 2006.
TIMMONS-Lauretta Jenkins,
died July 20, 2006.
WIGGINS-Greaga L., died
July 21, 2006.

Sunday morning worship iI;uU a.m.
Sunday Afternoon Bible Study
(Except First Sunday) 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday Prayer Meeting 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School Review 8:00 p.m.
Pastor: Rev. Eric Lee
Pastor Emeritus: Rev. Joe Calhoun
(904) 764-5727 Church

Historic Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church
Worship Service 10:00 a.m.
Church School 8:45 a.m.
Fulfillment Hour Bible Study 6:30 p.m.
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday 10:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon
Joy Explosion Ministry 6:30 p.m.
201 East Beaver St. (904) 355-9475
Rev. F.D. Richardson.Jr., Pastor

Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church
2036 Silver Street Jacksonville, FL 32206
Rev. R. L. Gundy, Pastor
(904) 354-7249 Church
Bible Power Enrichment Hour
', Sunday School 9:15- 10:15 a.m.
Sunday Praise & Worship 8:00 a.m.
Baptism-Praise & Worship
(Sanctuary) 10:30 a.m.
r Youth Church-2nd & 3rd Sundays
Fellowship Hall 10:30 a.m.

Wednesday, Noonday Prayer 12 Noon
Inspiration Wednesday Worship Service..................6:00-8:00 p.m.
Prayer Meeting & Bible Study, Youth Bible Study & Activities

1417 North Laura St. Jacksonville, Florida 32206
George Harvey, Jri., M.A., M. Div., Pastor
Telephone: (904) 356-0664 or 768-4453.
"Christ died for our sins...was buried and Rose again (see 1 Corinthians 15:1-4)
Sulzbacher Outreach Service 8:30 a.m.
Sunday School -' 10:00 a.m.*
Morning Worship 11:00a.m.
Evening Worship 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday & Friday Night Services 7:30 p.m.
.Sauimbi, Prri6n Outreach !. 0n p rn
.:,rurda', N.uir ng Home )Oure.iiah 3rd jnd 4th i.aturdai
International Sunday S..l:..:.1 i 1:11 r ald5:0('i r m ', urJi .:..1r. '.'."'t.I .1 I ?.
\ Bible Preachino. Bible Believing and Bibli Pracricina Cburch
"Without the shedding of Blood, there is no reminiun of sin" (Hebrews 9:22)

"The Church Where Everybody Is Somebody"
Bishop Lorenzo Hall., Pastor
Street Address: 723 W. 4th St. Jacksonville, Florida 32209
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3575, Jacksonville, Fla. 32206
Church Telephone: (904) 359-0661 Home: (904) 358r8932 Cell: 710-1586
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Tuesday Prayer Meeting & Bible Study,7:00 p.m.
Thursday' Joy Night,7:00 p.m.
"Email: Gospell75@aol.com
Website: Greaterelbethel.org

When a loved one dies, be sure to
report the death to the three top credit
reporting agencies -- Equifax,
Experiaf. and. TransUnion.Identity
thieves have been known to take
advantage of the window of time when
a deceased person's death is not known
to the CRAs, and then use that person's
Social Security number and identity to
open credit accounts in the deceased
person's name. The family does not
know the.accounts have been opened
because the impostor has the m nthly
account statements sent to afother
address. It would be a good idea to
mail a copy of the death certificate to
the three main credit bureaus as soon
after the death as possible.
It's shocking to think that thieves
would try to profit from someone's
death, but it happens. Linda Foley,
executive director with the Identity
Theft Resource Center, suggests
adding a security alert on the dece-
dents' credit reports that reads:

"Deceased. Do not isae credit. All
applications are fraudulent. If one is.
tendered, contact (name of estate
executor and phone number)." You
should also contact the Social Security
Administration right after a death.
Foley emphasizes doing this as soon
as possible in an attempt to prevent
identity theft. Here is the fraud contact
information for the credit bureaus:
Equifax, Inc., P.O. Box 105069,
Atlanta, GA 30348-5069; (800) 525-
6285 or (888) 766-0008; Experian
(formerly TRW), P.O. Box 2104,
Alien, TX 75013; (888) 397-3742
(select the option that relates to vic-
tims of fraud); TransUnion Corp.,
Ftaud Victim's Assistance
Department, P.O. Box 6790, Fullerton,
CA 92834; (800) 680-7289; e-mail:
"Our Aim Is Not to Equal, But Excel"
5660-Moncrief Rd.*
Tel: 768-0507

10:4.5 in. m. xrlIcIr lanrpreted fr Dec1f a Central cCampul






T Af-l AA

if/JEA-4 lLJ-

Socially Speaking
Betty Asque

"There's Always Something
Happening On the First Coast"

A Reunion of Friends

It.was a July Friday and friends who had connected
when they lived and worked in Florida before marriage
and in some instances before children were visiting the
First Coast at the same time. Each of these friends had
met through the same couple while living on the First
Coast. And the couple, Howard and Mrs. Madeline
Scales Taylor hosted a 'jammin' Seafood Supper for the
group of friends. I bet you didn't know that Mrs. Taylor
could fry up some seafood! Well let me tell you, she
really can. She fried Tilapia Fish and Mayport Shrimp
endlessly it seemed for the more we ate there seemed to
always be even much, much more! With corn muffins,
a Mexican Style Salad and libations galore we found
ourselves 'stuffed' and enjoying every minute of it.
Now let me tell about each of the friends!
From Houston, TX came Mrs. Nicole Bivens
Thomas. Mayo Clinic of Jacksonville brought Mrs.
Bivens Thomas to the First Coast and as she moved up
the Mayo career ladder she met and married Actor
Michael Thomas. Many will recall their lovely wed-
ding at Bethel Baptist Institutional Church several
years ago. The couple now resides in Houston, TX
where Mrs. Bivens Thomas is the Administrative
Director at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital and hubby
Michael finds Houston to be the perfect 'hub' for his
acting career.
Joining the Friday evening fun was Mrs. Bivens
Thomas cousin, Mrs. Gail Wedgeworth. It was great
seeing Mrs. Wedgeworth as we had not seen one anoth-
er since the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. Since
then Mrs. Wedgeworth has contracted with Bell South
as and Out Source Planning Engineer.
From Atlanta, GA came Fred and Mrs. Yvette
Kinsey Daniels with their daughters Kinsey and Kasey.
Mrs. Kinsey Daniels while on the First Coast was an
attorney with the State Attorney's office. Mrs. Kinsey
Daniels returned to her hometown of Atlanta when she
married Fred Daniels, Sr. Vice President, Citizens Trust
Bank. Mrs. Kinsey Daniels is Director of Policy and
Legislation for GA's Division of Public Health. Mr.
and Mrs. Daniels stay really, really busy with their
lovely young, daughters and their wonderful careers.
Locally, Ms. Selena, Maafo, General Surgery
Supervisor at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville is still conva-
lescing from surgery recently and even though she was
keeping quite still she moved her convalescence bed to
The Taylor for the evening. I also heard that wedding
bells are going to be ringing for her very, very soon. Oh
how wonderful!!
Locally TPC staffer Les Carter with his lovely wife
Mrs. Michelle Carter and their infant daughter joined
in the fun of being with old friends.
Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Employee Relations.
Coordinator Mrs. Allyson Lyons with her Mom Mrs.
Alice Barnes from Atlanta and a dear friend and Mayo
Clinic Rochester colleague Ms. Brenda Mensink
brought much excitement to the 'evening and the Baby
Shower the next day as Mrs. Lyons and hubby Brian
Lyons are expecting their first child early fall. The
other great news from the family is that Mr. Lyons is the
new director of a college oriented program at Ribault
High School. We can expect good things from this pro-
gram for sure.
It was truly a delightful evening hearing about all
the wonderful accomplishments of such very .fine
young people. What a joy!!
Favorite Summer Photos
When I sent cout an APB for Favorite Summer
Photos the first to respond was my dear Link sister
Mrs. Ernestine Rutledge. Mrs. Rutledge writes, "In
Seattle for my granddaughter's graduation. It has been
wonderful!......The day before my granddaughter Perri's
graduation, I had dinner with she and her younger sis-
ter........Perri will be attending Pepperdine University
in Malibu, CA next month. We're so thankful, and
prayed that she would choose Pepperdine over
Spellman, because she's only 17 and my youngest
daughter,' Tracie *is in N. Hollywood, 25 minutes

JULY29. 2U(

Columnist Betty Asque Davis, Ms. Selena Maafo and
Host Howard Taylor. Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.(Photo byJ.
Mrs. Nicole Bivins Thomas, Houston, TX with her Carl Davis, Sr.)
cousin Mrs. Gail Wedgeworth of Jacksonville (Photo by J.
Carl Davis, Sr.) l fl

Mesdames Brenda Mensink, Alice Barnes and Allyson
Lyons. (Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.)

'The Carter Family. Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.
(Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.)

Little Mses. Kasey Daniels and Cornetta 'CoCo' Jones.
(Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.)
.. *'. .* *. i *

The Daniels Family from AtlantaGA. (Photo by J.Carl Davis, Sr.)

Hostess Mrs. Madeline Scales-Taylor and J. Carl Davis,
Sr. (Betty Asque Davis)

Little Miss Carter, daughter of Les and Mrs..Michelle
Carter. (Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.)

away...just in case..."

Send me your favorite photos from yo trips with a.
one liner. Don't forget to let us know of your upcoming
events. Contact us at 904 766-8834; E-mail
socially@TheFloridaStar.com or you may reach me
directly at imajol@aol.com, telephone (904) 285-9777
or fax (904) 285-7008.
SSee you in the paper! ,

Mrs. Ernestine Rutledge and granddaughters Taelore
and Perri having dinner together. (Photo courtesy of
Mrs.Ernestine Rutledge)

After graduation Mrs. Ernestine Rutledge with grand-
daughter Perri and her friend Nnika. (Photo courtesy of
Mrs.Erestine Rutledge)
A '



New test Could Keep

Babies From Contracting

Deadly Infections

.GAINESVILLE, Fla.--The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday approved a new
test studied at the University of Florida that could lead to better screening for the most com-
mon cause of infection in newborn babies.
Passed from mother to child during birth, group B streptococcus can cause sepsis, pneu-
monia, meningitis, neurological damage and, in a small percentage of newborns, even death.
Although all women are tested for group B streptococcus during pregnancy, current
screening methods can leave some babies at risk for contracting an infection from the bac-
terium. But the new test, which UF researchers studied for several months as part of a clin-
ical trial, allows health-care workers to quickly screen mothers during labor, improving the
odds that babies will receive preventive care so they will not be infected during delivery.
"Without any intervention, (group B strep) is the most common cause of early-onset
infection in newborns," said Dr. Rodney Edwards, a UF assistant professor of obstetrics and
gynecology in the College of Medicine who led the clinical trial at UF, one of six sites to
study the test. "It can cause sepsis, meningitis and pneumonia. The likelihood of dying if you
are a newborn is 5 percent. (With meningitis) even if the baby makes it through the infection
there is a chance of cerebral palsy and cognitive delay."
The new group B strep test, developed by the California-based company Cepheid, allows
doctors to screen for the bacterium during labor. Currently, women are screened for the
organism a few weeks before birth because it takes a few days to receive results from the lab.
But because some women do not contract the organism until after they are tested, some
babies are still at risk for infection.
The first clinical molecular diagnostic test the FDA has approved, the technology can be
adapted to detect other infections such as avian flu and even the deadly bug methicillin-
resistant Staphylococcus aureus,. Cepheid officials say.
About one-quarter of women carry group B streptococcus in their bodies, according to
the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The bacterium, typically found in the rec-
tum and vaginal tract, causes few problems for adults, but in babies, whose immune systems
can't fend off bacterial invaders as easily, it can be deadly. The germ differs from group A
streptococcus, which causes strep throat.
Only one to two of every 1,000 babies born develop group B streptococcus infections
within their first week of life, and most of the children who contract the bug do not develop
problems. But of the babies who develop sepsis, meningitis, pneumonia or other complica-
tions from group B streptococcus, about 15 percent die, according to the American College
of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
Federal guidelines require doctors to screen all women for the organism between 35 and
37 weeks of pregnancy. Women who test positive are then treated with antibiotics during
labor. "The patients we worry about are the ones who go into labor before their culture is
done." said Amy Murtha, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Duke.
University, who was not involved with the clinical trial.

FAMU Hires New SBI Dean.

TALLAHASSEE Florida A&M University
Provost Debra Austin announced that the university's
renowned School of Business and Industry (SBI) has
S a new leader.
"I am extremely pleased that Dr. Lydia A.
McKinley-Floyd has accepted the SBI deanship,"
Austin said. "She comes to us as a woman of commit-
ment, extensive experience and a solid reputation
among corporate leaders and numerous institutions of
higher learning."
"We have made an important decision with the
appointment of Dr. McKinley-Floyd that will allow us
to stay the course of excellence for SBI."
McKinley-Floyd has more than 25 years of experi-
Dr. Lydia A. ence in higher education in leadership positions at
McKinley-Floyd, such institutions as Clark Atlanta University, Chicago
State (CSU) and Morehouse College. She has a distin-
guished record of service and extensive accreditation knowledge and experience.
Furthermore, McKinley-Floyd, a published researcher, is also a proven fund-raiser in
both the public andprivate sector.
She served for more than three years as the dean of the College of Business at Chicago
State University and is currently employed at Savannah State University as associate dean
and professor of marketing.
"I am happy to become a part of the highly regarded School of Business and Industry
at Florida A&M Universit-," McKinley-Floyd said. "I am quite aware of the significant
changes that are taking place at FAMU. I believe that the university has a bright and
promising future. I look forward to joining the team and contributing to the move to take
SBI and FAMU to the next level."
McKinley-Floyd is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle, where she
earned a bachelor's degree in political science and the University of Chicago's Graduate
School of Business with an MBA, concentration in marketing. She received her doctor-
ate from Emory University.
The newly appointed dean's impressive record also includes serving on the team that
raised more than $1 million for CSU's annual gala; securing more than $2 million from a
number of corporate partners to include Kraft Foods, Freddie Mac and Gannett; and co-
founding the HBCU Dean's Roundtable.
"Clearly, with this appointment, we have made a significant additionto our outstand-
ing faculty and staff," said FAM U Interim PresidentCastell Vaughn Bryant. "We will con-
tinue to build our team for the future \ ith the nation's best and brightest."
NMcKinley-Floyd's appointment is effective August 7, 2006. She will earn $180,000.

Florida Baptist Convention Names

Interim Director Of African-American

Church Planting Department

Maxie Miller, Jr.'
Florida Baptist
Convention Executive
Director-Treasurer John
Sullivan named Maxie
Miller Jr.the interim director
of the Africafn-American
Ministries Division.
Miller relieved Cecil
Seagle; director :9f the
Missions. Division, who has
been temporarily overseeing
the African-American

In time, Sullivan will
make a recommendation for
a full-time director to be
approved by the State Board
of Missions.
While in his interim
position. Miller will contin-
ue with his duties as director
of African-American
Church Planting as well as
assuming the responsibilh-
ties of the division office.
These tasks will include
overseeing the division's
Board-elected and adminis-

trari e approved personnel
and participating in regular
Convention administrative
.staff meetings.
Miller \;as elected by the
State Board to serve as a
regional African-American
church planting field mis-
sionary in 2002.
SIn January, the State
Board elected him to serve
as director of the African-
American Church Planting

Judge James Dean: Monroe County, Florida
Having graduated first in his class from
Howard Law School he was elected
Monroe County judge over two white can-
didates in 1888. (Dean was said to be the
first black county judge elected after
/ reconstruction in Florida.) Governor
Francis P.: Fleming removed him from
office in 1889 for marrying a black woman
and a white man'(although the groom
said he was mulatto). In 2002 Governor
Jeb Bush reinstated his judgeship

The Station "Whee Chot OGets Lifted"



JUrLY29, 2006

.... j -


P4"lZ- I A

One Third In High Risk Hurricane Area

Say They
According to a new sur-
vey of high-risk hurricane
areas in eight states--
Alabama, Florida, Georgia,
Louisiana, Mississippi,
North Carolina, South
Carolina and Texas--con-
ducted by the Harvard
School of Public Health
Project on the Public and
Biological Security, one-
third (33%) of residents said
if government officials said
they had to evacuate due to a
major hurricane this season,
they would not or are unsure
if they would leave.
Homeowners (39%), whites
(41%) and long-term resi-
dents (45%) are the groups
most likely to ride out a
major hurricane.
People with children
under 18 are less likely to
remain in their homes
(26%). Mobile home owners
are no more likely to evacu-
ate than the general public.
-The top reasons people
give for not evacuating
involve concerns about safe-
ty and security.
More than two-thirds
(68%) say their home is
well-built and they would be
safe there. Just over half
(54%) feel that roads would
be too crowded, and one in
three (3,6%)'feeis that evacu-
ating would be dangerous.
Close to one-third (31%)
worry that their possessions
would be stolen or damaged.
Contrary to the images

May Ignore Evacuation Order

people might have from
Hurricane Katrina, African-
Americans are less likely
than whites to say they
would stay in their homes if
government officials said
they had to leave in the
event of a major hurricane
(23% versus 41%).
The top reason for both
African-Americans and
whites for not evacuating is
that they feel their homes
would be safe (78% versus

But those African-
Americans who are uncer-
tain they will leave their
homes are more likely than
whites to cite lack of
resources and safety con-
cerns as reasons for staying.
African-Americans are
more than three times as
likely as whites to lack
transportation (29% versus
9%) or to have a physical or
medical problem that makes
it difficult to leave (35%
versus 10%).

SThey are nearly three
times as likely to say they
cannot afford to leave (41%
versus 15%) and over twice
as likely to say they might
not evacuate because they
do not know where to go
(34% versus 14%).
African-Americans are
almost twice as likely as
whites to say that they might
not evacuate because it is
dangerous to do so (60%
versus 33%).

Rap-It-Up/Black AIDS Shorts Subject Film Finalists Named

Networks, the Black AIDS
Institute (The Institute), and
the Kaiser Family
Foundation announced the
10 finalists in the 3rd Annual
Rap-It-Up/Black AIDS
Short Subject Film
Competition (RIU/BASS),
who are now eligible for the,
next level of competition
from which the winning
entry will be selected.
S The ten finalists are:
Beverly Abbott, Casey Arrillaga &
Wyndle Jordan (Reseda, CA),
Odicie; Mya
Baker (Brooklyn, NY),. An
Angel Scorned; Blu Fox (North
Hollywood, CA),
The Gift; Menelek & Tafari
Lumumba (Los Angeles, CA), In
Myr Skin;
Layla Mashavu (Los Angeles,
CA); Lemonade; Johneshia
McCiay (Philadelphia, PA), In
Memory Of; Jerry McGill
(Phoenix, AZ), Degrees Of Anger;
Elliot Porter (Chicago, IL), Draft

Pick; Cassandra Riddick
(Washington, DC), Shining Star;

and Kimberly'' Singleton (New
York, NY), Conscious.

Focus On Africa

f A ....

,. .,

Nigerian dancers perform at the Leon Sullivan Summit
in Abuja, Nigeria Wednesday, July 19, 2006. African and
black American leaders meeting in Nigeria this week
debated an unusual proposal aimed at spurring invest-
ment and interest in the continent, securing African cit-
izenship for American descendants of Africans taken
away as slaves. (AP Photo/George Osodi)

Rice Seeks 'Urgent and Enduring' Peace
S RAMALLAH, West Bank --
Talking to reporters after meeting with
Palestinian President .Mahmoud
i'. *.:l Abbas, Secretary of State
'" Condoleezza Rice said, "We need to
get to a sustainable peace, there must
be a way for people to reconcile their
Rice presented nothing new on the
Palestinian situation, said Palestinian
officials who spoke on condition of
Condoleezza anonymity after their meeting with the
Rice U.S. diplomat. Separately, Palestinian
Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, whose
Hamas party was not present at the session, said from what
he heard about Rice's conversation with Abbas, it "doesn't
argue well" for a solution to the Middle East crisis.
In Israel, Rice reiterated the United States' position that a
cessation of hostilities in Lebanon must come with condi-
tions, saying there is "no desire" on the part of U.S. officials
to come back in weeks or months after terrorists find anoth-
er way to disrupt any potential cease fire. "It is time for a
new Middle East," she said. "It is, time to say to those that
don't want a different kind of Middle East that we will pre-
vail. They will not."

Black Entrepreneur Helping Others
In The Black Community
Augusta,. GA. (PRWEB)-- Eric Brown the owner of
Brown Horizons, a computer consulting company located in
Augusta Georgia, recently announced and launched an
organization titled the "African American Circle Of Friends.
Even though the organization's primary focus is African
Americans, all races and ethnic groups are welcome in the
African American Circle Of Friends.The primary goal of the
"African American Circle Of Friends" is to go city-by-city
and state-by-state within this country the United States of
America to provide hope, help, encouragement, caring, shar-
ing and togetherness to the African American community
and the general population at large using modern technology
to convey messages, provide information, provide ser-ices
and help people fulfill their needs and wishes. This is a true
grass roots campaign lead by Eric Brown's belief in the Lord
through \whom all things are possible.Clients served by the
African American Circle Of Friends come from a variety of
ethnic groups, races, social standings and economic levels.

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Excessive debt is more than just annoying -
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i ..:' f -, .'^-

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The Homeownership Preservation Foundaton is a certified 501(cX3) nonprofit.
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*O kING(R1--
WI,,,,,,,, -~r - 2 A1

i. .I

--.-.--^. L--------

3 1

JULY 29, 2006


PA GE A-6f

.:;*.i~* ~y l~p~T~;
W-\ L~E
a( ~'


Study continued from A-1
of segregation, oppression,.institutional racism, and racial blindness in the larg-
er community. In Jacksonville, 61 percent of the victims and 60 percent of the sus-
pects are black.
It stated that boys need help to become nonviolent men. There is a lack of pos-
itive male role models for many boys and young men in our city.
Hope is essential to a nonviolent life stated the study. Racial and economic iso-
lation, combined with a childhood of witnessing violence, leaves many children
with a feeling of hopelessness.
Prevention is the highest priority, said the report. The long-term answer to
reducing violence and lowering the murder rate is prevention. Prevention approach-
es cost less and have far greater impact than anything else.
Ending the violence requires rehabilitation. For those caught in a cycle of crim-
inal activity, rehabilitation is often the answer to end the violence.



Recommendation 1. Deter violent behavior among young adult men:
Jacksonville has many young men (ages 18-35), particularly young black men, who,
within neighborhoods, tend to congregate in groups that may be drawn into illegal
and violent behavior that contributes directly to the murder rate. While these
groups may not be organized as "gangs" (as the term is popularly understood), the
reality on the street is that they are affected by group dynamics that often escalate
into violence over perceived insults and "disrespect.".
The City of Jacksonville, in partnership with local neighborhood organiza-
tions, faith-based leaders, and MAD DADS, should implement the Ceasefire strate-
In conjunction with this initiative, community social service organizations,
education institutions, and employers should provide assistance to young people
seeking a way out of violent, self-destructive behaviors.
The Jacksonville Sheriffs Office and State Attorney's Office should work close-
ly with this initiative to communicate with young people that they will hold the
entire group accountable.

Recommendation 2. Get illegal guns off the street

B. Long-term

Preventing future murders requires addressing a series of underlying problems
and risk factors identified in this report.

Recommendation 3. Admit and address racism

Recommendation 4. Fund successful programs

Recommendation 5. Provide strong positive male role models

Recommendation 6. Improve economic opportunity

Recommendation 7. Improve the relationship between law enforcement and
the community

Recommendation 8. Address the culture of violence

Recommendation 9. -Differentiate drug traffickers from users

Recommendation 10. Target domestic violence

Recommendation 11. Help children succeed in school

Recommendation 1)2: Rehabilitate ex-offenders

Facilitate re-entry into the community

Mentor inmates to help turn them around

Prepare inmates for employment after release

Review sentencing guidelines


Recommendation 13. Implement the strategy: The Mayor and Sheriff should
jointly establish and fund an implementation task force with broad citizen partici-
pation and staff support with the charge to advocate for the implementation of this
strategy, monitor the results, and report the outcomes to the community in a timely




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Daily Talk Show!

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CALL IN PHONE: (904) 786-2400
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OR http://www.wymml530.com
_ ,

Eats flies. Dates a pig.
Hollywood star.

Pass It On..

Murdered continued from A-]
this?" It is speculated that the shooters were seriously after Willie Davis Jr. in retal-
iation for a dispute that had occurred earlier. The community advised the officers
about the dispute, naming Willie Davis, Jr., 22, as the possible target and Tajuan
Dubose, 18, Rasheem Dubose, 22 and Terrell Dubose, 20, as persons of interest. It
is believed the three were riding in a white Chevy Impala or Chevy Lumina. This
situation is critical.
All of the persons of interest have extensive arrest records dealing with such
crimes as burglary, fraud/swindle, simple assault, drugs, motor vehicle theft, and
aggravated assault. Davis has a number of traffic incidents and there was no
releasable history for Tajuan Dubose. The incidents mentioned are not for all of the
people of interest.
The sheriff asked the community to please call Crimestoppers at 866-845-TIPS
(8477). You will remain anonymous. The calls go through Texas. Remember, $1,000
is given for information causing an arrest of certain criminals in Jacksonville.

Name continued from A-1
she was shot. The neighborhood has experienced many incidents.
In fact, Pernell Davis, 33, had been seen in the neighborhood quite often when
he broke a window and entered one of the houses. An eleven-year-old was there at
the time. He laid on the floor and called his father, because he felt the father could
get to the house faster than the police, to save him. And, his father did arrive, so the
man quickly left before he could harm the child or remove any objects.
Because the father, his relatives and friends were determined to find the suspect-
ed burglar or whatever else his intentions may have been, they canvassed the area
until they did. The father said, this is our home, our neighborhood, and we are not
going to let the drug addicts and gun-toting thugs take it away, said his wife. Davis
had an extensive police record, had served time in prison but was out again. He was
arrested after the father and neighbors apprehended him. His bond has been set for
Even though a gun was,not used in the beating death of Darius Waters, he was
killed and all but two of the suspects were apprehended. It was later learned that
Stephanie Phillips, 26, of Piedmont Road hid them at her place. She has been
charged with capital felony as an accessory after the wanted men were apprehended
by the sheriffs office SWAT team. The woman is being held without bail.
So, when Sheriff Rutherford say, with the initiation of "Operation Safe Streets",
"We are coming after you," he is serious. Believe him!
Columnists continued from A-I
Gregory Kane of the Baltimore Sun, whose politics are at odds with Pelosi's,
.chose to emphasize Pelosi's Baltimore roots.
"Not everything Pelosi remembers about Baltimore is positive," Kane wrote
Saturday, explaining that Pelosi was born "Nancy D'Alesandro, daughter of
Annunciata and Thomas J. D'Alesandro Jr., better known to Baltimoreans as 'Old
Tommy.' .D'Alesandro Jr. who was mayor of Baltimore from 1947 to 1959, the man
who brought major league baseball and National Football League franchises to
Baltimore. Thomas D'Alesandro III yes, he would be 'Young Tommy' was mayor
of Baltimore from 1967 to 1971."
"She. recalled how 'Young Tommy,' when he was mayor, was booed at, of all
places, Baltimore's annual I Am An American Day Parade. Pelosi suspects that her
brother was booed because white ethnics who attended the parade didn't care for her
brother's pro-civil rights, pro-integration stand."
Kane also noted, "Outside her office in the Capitol sits a bust of W.E.B. DuBois
a leader of the Niagara Movement that led, to the founding of the NAACP and
renowned educator Mary McLeod Bethune." Pelosi said some visitors confuse
DuBois with Lenin.

Suspicious Letter And Powder

Sent To NAACP Headquarters

By Tracy Stokes, BET.com Staff Writer & Wire Services

Five days after hate-filled letters popped utp at NAACP branches in Baltimore,
New York City and Norfolk, Va., a fourth letter containing a suspicious powder was
sent to the civil rights organization's Atlanta office.
FBI spokesman Stephen Emmett wouldn't say whether the letter was sentby a sin-
gle person or from where it was sent. The other three letters originated from Baton
Rouge, La.
But what.Emmett did say is that he believed all of the letters are linked because
thej were sent around the same time period, and the content of the letter and the
writing on the envelope appeared to be the same, the Associated Press reported.
Investigators don't believe the powder found in Wednesday's letter is harmful,
but it is being analyzed, AP reported. ,
Marvin Cheatham, Sr., who heads, the Baltimore branch of the NAACP, said at a
news conference this week, that when he opened the letter sent to there, he found
himself covered in white power, and the first thing he thought was that it was
anthrax. Authorities later identified the powder found in the letters sent to Baltimore
and Norfolk as boric acid -- a common insecticide.
The substance found in New York has not yet been identified, AP reported.
Cheatham said the NAACP will not be intimidated, adding that these actions
only "give us more fire, not less." I
The FBI is classifying all the letters sent as hate crimes.







CALL (904) 766-8834
... ................. ...................... ............................... . .

JULY29, 2006





Enhanced Cable

for $33 per month.

High-Speed Internet

for $33 per month.

Comcast Digital Voice

for $33 per month.

(With a deal that good,
why bother making this ad clever

The Comcast Triple Play

Enhanced Cable with ON DEMAND
High-Speed Internet that's faster than DSL
Comcast Digital Voice with unlimited local and long-distance
A great deal when you subscribe to all three services for one year

corcastcom ':'.

*Limited time offer. Offer only available in participating Comcast systems (and may not be transferred) and is limited to new residential customers, in Comcast
wired and serviceable areas. Offer limited to Comcast Enhanced Digital Cable, 6 Mbps High-Speed Internet access and Comcast Digital Voice service. Advertised
prices only available with subscription to all three services. If any service is canceled or downgraded during the promotional period, Comcast's regular charges
Comcast's current monthly service charges for all three services range from $117.90 to $142.90, depending on area. Standard additional outlet charges are extra.
Service is subject to Comcast standard 'terms and conditions of service. Certain services, available separately or as a part of other levels of service. Must
have subscription to B1 and B2, as well as B3, if applicable, to receive other levels of service. Equipment, including a converter and remote control (for certain
cable services), cable modem (for high-speed service, current monthly fee is $3.00), and EMTA (for :telephone service, current monthly fee ranges from $0 to

$3,00) required and equipment and installation fees are additional. Speed claim for downloads only and compares Comcast download speed of 6 Mbps to
1.5 Mbps DSL. Many factors affect speed. Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed. Prices shown do not include taxes and franchise fees, or in the
case, of Comcast Digital Voice, the Regulatory Recovery Fee, which is not a tax or government-required, or other applicable charges (e.g. per-call charges).
May not be combined with other offers. Call 'for restrictions and complete details about service, prices and equipment. Comcast Digital Voice: Unlimited
package pricing applies only to direct-dialed calls from home to locations in the U.S. No separate long-distance carrier connection available. Plan does not
include international calls. Comcast Digital Voice service (including 911/emergency services) may not function after an extended power outage. Certain customer
premises equipment may Tot-be compatible with Comcast Digital Voice services. 2006 Comca4t Cable Communications, LLC. Al rights reserved.
,, ,.

n A -' 0

JULY29, 2006


WWail`!EE111,~,~ C 5R~paL~ ~ d~-6-;~~~r.

Volunteer Mrs. Rosie Brown of Historic Mt. Zion A.M.E. shows interest as young participants listen dur-
ing a presentation at the Reading Program held at the church.

Reading Program

Was A Summer Breeze

For Local Youth
.... ~ The Sunmer
I R e a d i n.g
Program\ at 1 2e "7 r y
SO i Historic Mt.
E Zion A.M.E.
Church was a
very special
time for all -
youth of school
age. pre-school-
ers. chaperones. Youngsters select books to read from the varied choic-
Sand guest stu- es.
s hodents and \\ho were also invited.
: Lois J. Roberts Allenites Club sponsored this illn\ati\e acti\lt. to
ri |encourage, motivate and inspire the yoiug students to attend the file once a
week sessions.
With the help of club members and other chtich volunteers, the reading
Lois J. Roberts Allenites Club program \\as held from 10:00 a.m.-12 Noon June 27 through July 25. M rs.
President Olivia Young intro- ()li via Young, the enthusiastic club president initiated the idea and arranged
duces Mrs. Marsha Dean Phelts for purchase of books for the availability, of young readers.
and shows her book "American
Beach for African Americans". Reading Program oiniura,jl B-4

& --- -16 ~' __________________________

Page B-2IJuIy 29, 2006 The Florida StarlPrep Rap



By Rose Rennekamp

No One Road
to Success
You may have seen one
of the many news stories
this spring about what a
tough year it was for col-
lege admission--how more
students were denied
admission or wait-listed
than ever before. But what
may have been lost in
some news reports is that
the "worst year in college
admissions" affected just a
very small percentage of
students applying to only
the most selective colleges
and universities.
Many students, and
even their parents, believe
that to be successful, they
have to go to one of those
"Big Name" universities.
While it's true that stu-
dents at elite universities
get a great education;
make important connec-.
tions with students, staff
and alumni; and can hang

a diploma in their office
that has the "big name"
seal of approval on it, stu-
dents who go to smaller,
less-selective colleges and
universities often enjoy
the same kinds of things,
only with a different seal
on their diplomas.
One of the richest,
most successful men in the
world, investor Warren
Buffett, graduated from a
state university. His alma
mater, the University of
Nebraska, is a great
school, which obviously
gave him a fantastic edu-
cation--but it's not an elite
What's important for
you, and your parents, to
realize is that with more
than 3,500 two-year and
four-year colleges and uni-
versities out there, it's
pretty hard to believe that
you could only be happy at
one, single school. My son
recently graduated from a








904/ 766-


university that I never
would have considered for
him, that is, until he told
me during his senior year
in high school that it was
on his "top 10 list."
Do some research to
fill out your own top 10
list. Start out with a broad
college search. You can
search for free at www.act-
student.org. There you can
narrow down colleges by
how close they are to hom-
-or how far awa--by aver-
age GPA, even by major;
If students are relative-
ly certain what they want
to stud--business, comput-
er science or education,
finding a school that offers
a strong program in that
major can be more impor-
tant to 'them than the pres-
tige of a certain school that
may not even offer the
major they're considering.
Ask someone working
in the field that interests
you which schools offer a

Community Hospice Offering Four Scholarships
There's still time to submit your scholarship application! Spread the word!
Community Hospice of Northeast Florida is making available four scholarships for
African-American students who have experienced hospice and/or have experienced a
loss in their immediate families.
One scholarship will be awarded in each of the following four categories: Liberal
Arts a student at Edward Waters College; Health Care a student in the nursing pro-
gram at Florida Community College at Jacksonville (FCCJ); Arts a student at Douglas
Anderson or LaVilla School of the Arts; and Higher Education a high school senior
who has participated in Community Hospice's Camp Healing Powers.
The deadline has recently been extended! Applications must be postmarked no later
than August 18.
The winning applicants will be notified by August 31. Presentation of the scholar-
ships will take place during the Living Through Giving gala event on Saturday,
September 9. For more information, please call 904.407.6176.

Publix's Back To School Festival
Publix Super Market will offer free back to k ..
school, activities and goodies to parents and chil-
dren at all Jacksonville area public locations d
Saturday, July 29, 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. _
Parents are invited to bring their children for a
day of fun-filled activities at their favorite store
Items to be given away include Publix Mini-
Backpacks to the first 250 children at the event,
"Publix Supports Youth Soccer" Magnet Picture
Frames to the first 200 parents attending the event,
distribution of "Child Safety Kits" to parents, and
fun children's activities featuring Plato.

good foot in the door when
starting that career. It's a
great way to find out about
some colleges you may
never have considered.
To figure out which of
the schools on your list
will be the best fit, visit the
colleges' websites and try
to talk to people who have
gone to those schools.
Many schools now even
offer current students by
email, phone or Internet
message board to answer
the questions of prospec-
tive students. Visiting a-
college in person can also
be a very important step in
finding the right fit.
-A woman I know was
all set to go to a large, state
university a few hours
from home, until she went
to visit for the weekend.
She says she just never felt
comfortable there, so by.
Saturday afternoon, she
told her mom that she was-
ready to leave.

She went home, and
started a whole new list of
potential colleges. She
ended up at a smaller, pri-
vate college, and was very
happy with her choice.
There isn't one single
path to success. Getting a
great education and mak-
ing contacts for future,
careers happens at col-
leges big and small, public
and private, regardless of
how "prestigious" -they
may be.
Rose Renriekamp is
the vice president of com-
munications for ACT. She
is a mom and has a mas-
ter's of education in guid-
ance and counseling. For
more college and career-
planning information,
visit www.act.org. Have a
question you want
answered in a future col-
umn? Send a letter to this
newspaper or e-mail Rose
at AskRose@act.org.

The Florida Star/Prep Rap

P age B-2/Jully 29, 2006

The Florida Star/Prep Rap

Page B-3/July 29, 2006











R cks





0- 0






your wai into tea"m09 "" t'
I slefwlq fl d3mrO mufstc
Pu'rqp V Your score with more tan 260
|l riltir SAT wOrs
LOL wilt our sldy guide tW! mreS Ihe wordS
YOUTo Tdsc in yOUr hea

To Towe Won.% ExpeWr


dW -



- o


Reading Program

Continued From Cover

To introduce the
youngsters to the whole
spectrum of the joy of
reading and the accessi-
bility of other resources,

activities included: talks
from Jacksonville librari-
ans--Ms. Jani French,
librarian, Raiford Brown
Eastside Branch; from the

Main Library--Deputy
Director Mrs. Carolyn
Shehee Williams (an
Allenite of Historic Mt.
Zion), and Library
Supervisors Ms. Patricia
Morrison and Ms.
Margaret Morford.
On another day the
Summer Readers were
bussed to the Main Library
where they met their

guests--students from the
Day Care Center at
Church Fellowship, 9077
Lem Turner Rd. (Elder
Terry Hill, Pastor).
Their Summer pro-
gram is called "Camp
Fish" and their chaperones
were: Taneishia Ross,;
Arril Pottinger; Chakene'
Cross; LeTrell Clark;
Michael Walker; Daresha

and TaQuilya Cross.
On another occasion,
the two groups of young-
sters were thrilled by the
storytelling and talk pre-
sented by Mrs. Marsha
Dean Phelts.
During each of the
days the young readers
were rewarded with prizes,
school supplies and other
Reading continued on B-5

Keyone Cousar and Taylor Wriht, young Mt. Zionites,
enJoy books together.,

Mrs. Marsha Dean Phelts makes a presentation to the campers.

&IA WIIIi .r"-:M^. j

Taran Clayton (center), a Camp Fish participant in the
six-eight age group, is eager to ask a question.
Shown with him from left are, Chakene' Cross (camp
counselor), Letrell Clark (camp counselor), and
Taneishia Ross (camp counselor)

Camp Fish participants from left are, Kechon Bing
and Leroy Yeartie .

Camp Fish participants mull around the book selections. From left are, Arril
Pottinger (camp counselor), Kaila Johnson, Jahdeja Riddles, Deja-Green,
Taneishia Ross (camp counselor), Davon Whitty, Douglas Jones, Triston Hunt,
and Chakene' Cross (camp counselor).

The Florida Star/Prep Rap'

Page B-8/July 29, 2006


Continued from Page 4

goodies including
.' r. .Jacksonville Public Library
'... information schedules and
bags to carry their books and
other items. Lunch was
enjoyed after each meeting.
a.l:l irThis Summer Reading
ff1-. : Program was so interesting to
:all involved that the allenites
~ ll f Historic Mt. Zion tossed
around the idea of conducting
I- ,.some Saturday meetings dur-
ing the school year. Special
.- thanks were extended to
Michael Phelts (photos) and
.. the allenites who were present
: -at each session: Olivia Young;
I Elizabeth Downing;
Vanestine Small; Anne
McIntosh; Charlotte Stewart;
volunteers, "junior" Allenite
:.. Tasheka Young; Jeanette and
,Lynette Myers and other help-
ful members of Mt. Zion.
Pastor Frederick
4 ,Richardson was out of town
I~"vr ~I '. ; .!; attending the .Christian
Education Conference, but
,t ,he was very. happy for the
Success of this exciting ven-,
!I..i: I i nEdT taure.
Shown here are TaSheka Young, James Ellis, Jachelle Ellis, and Taylor Wright.

Two of the Allenite members standing with Mrs. Marcia Dean Phelts (right) are
Mrs. Ruth Thomas and Mrs. Anne Mclntosh.

Historic Mt. Zion volunteers: Phyllis Murray, Rosie
Brown, Virginia Miller, and Vanestine Small. Theyare
all club members of the host club Lois J. Roberts

Page B-5/July 29, 2006

The Florida Star/Prep Rap

Page B-6/July 29, 2006

Clean Kid Jokes

a f- a- b

* .- _

- .4 -.--
- --4 -

- -

* __ _

- -~ -

. f am

so .

*1--- a
111 -


.~-. .

dw~a 41w 4

- -

* 4 -EEw 4w

0 -MONO-

a W *


"Copyrighted Material-

-Syndicated Content

Available from Commercial News' Providers"

f. f- _" i. ,.

-do -, f

m 0 M



Itl C' st ,I


The Florida StarlPrep Rap Page B-7IJuIy 29, 2006

(r. t I S* ru.








"Copyrighted. Material

Syndicated Content
Available from Commercial News' Providers"
I 1, i









Page B-7/July 29, 2006

The Florida Star/Prep Rap


0 4

dw 4

Jurassic 5 'Is

Back On Track

With 'Feedback' .t ,

Since their debut in 2000, Jurassic 5 has always made hip-hop t i .
that's groovy and gangsta-free. The fivesome's third album,
"Feedback," is their best yet, celebrating classic '70s sounds, '80s
West Coast rap and music's overall- feel-good factor. Charlie 2na, i
Zaakir, Akil, Mark 7 and newcomer Nu Mark (who replaces
longtime DJ Cut Chemist, who left in 2004) even mix it up with '
Latin rhythms, rocker Dave Matthews and super-producer Scott i _
Storch. Jurassic 5
The guys rhyme about discovering hip-hop in the '80s in
"Radio," which sounds like a classic jam from that era. "In the House" samples from the L.A. Dream Team, an early Los Angeles hip-hop act.
The '70s show up in "Gotta Understand," with a hook reminiscent of Curtis Mayfield, and "Turn it Out," which channels Parliament.
Matthews adds melody to "Work it Out," the kind of upbeat anthem that inspires spontaneous swaying. Storch works his magic on "Brown
Girl," a sexy jam featuring reggae duo Brick & Lace.
The rappers speak their minds most on "End Up Like This," which looks at the ill effects of abundant violence, and "Where We At," which
upholds the value of smart rhymes and questions the popularity of gangsta rap.
Akil sings, "I refuse to bust gats and water down my raps."
Jurassic 5 MCs Chali 2na, Zaakir (Soup), Akil and Marc 7 and DJs Cut Chemist and Nu-Mark conjure an energy that recalls a throw-
back era in hip-hop, when the only thing that seemed to matter was the music and having fun.. The time of park jams and block parties, of will-
ful braggadocio and stylish wordplay, of crafty disc jockeys and handclap beats. J5 have always displayed characteristics of those back-in-the-
day jams, like their powerful vocal harmonizing and amplified funk beats, but what the group embody more than stylistic flourishes is that
era's spirit: making good music that connects with the people.
That sentiment is especially true on Power In Numbers, which the group describes as an all-together different sounding album but one still
is very much a part of the Jurassic 5 tradition. "We all knew we wanted to do something different than what we had done before, with a whole
new sound and a whole new texture to the music,"

S'' scratch with no regard to what we had done before,
... 'experimenting with technique and sound."
: i Jurassic 5's roots lie in the L.A. Underground, a
r hip-hop movement centered around The Good Life
,. M,- w'' Cafe open-mic. space in the heart of South Central Los
AL" Angeles' old jazz district, where dozens of MCs and
DJs would congregate regularly to perform. During its
Most prolific period (1991-1994), the L.A.
Underground was a Mecca of musical .innovation,
-spawning groups like The Pharcyde and Freestyle
a" Fellowship; more importantly, the movement encour-
'f -aged its artists to constantly balance progressive styles
..., and good music an idea that still resonates with J5,
the most successful group to emerge from that scene.
Jurassic 5 formed in 1993 as the union between two
separate hip-hop groups, Rebels of Rhythm and Unity
MAN IN DEMAND--Pharrell is photographed at his clothing showroom in New Committee, both frequent participants at The Good
York, July 19, 2006. The uber-cool songwriter and producer, one half-of the
superduo production, team The Neptunes, is arguably the most omnipresent s r
hitmaker on the planet. His slightly off-key falsetto is heard on smashes for taneous, one-off single, "Unified Rebelution," which
artists ranging from Jay-Z to Snoop Dogg to Justin Timberlake, while his sleek made a deep impression with true hip-hop heads
visage is prominently featured in their videos. In addition, he's fronted his own everywhere. Its success emphasized the chemistry
punk/hip-hop hybrid group, N.E.R.D; has his own clothing line, The Billionaire each of the artists had with one another and they decid-
Boys Club; his own shoe, the skater-boy Ice Cream sneaker; and was recently ed to form Jurassic 5 as a singular musical unit.
named as the.face of the luxury goods staple (Louis Vuitton. (AP Photo/Jim Cooper)

Th'6' Fldddaf Stt~~ir/F` "16615 -Ra '""""'" ''""''

Page B-8/July 29, 200'6 ''

0 4-/ A, A Z-7,6&R AS RG -

Jacksonville Urban League Installs New Officers

The Jacksonville Urban League hosted its Annual
Meeting at the Ritz Theatre and LaVilla Museum. During
the event, the agency profiled its successes to the communi-
ty at large by releasing its 2006 Annual Report.
Judge Brian Davis installed new board officers and mem-
bers and thanked the outgoing board members. The JUL
also recognized and honored its employees by presenting
them with an Urban league pin indicating their years of serv-
ice. A reception followed.
New officers installed by Judge Davis for the year
include Derrick Smith, CSX Transportation, Chair; Maribel
Hernandez, Jacksonville Aviation authority, Vice Chair;
macdonald Auguste, Rayonier, Inc., Treasurer; andre
Higgins, Assistant Treasurer; Brian McDuffie,
McConnaughhay, Duffy, Coonrod, Pope & Weaver,
Secretary; Rev. Odell Smith, Second Missionary Baptist



Church, Chaplain; and Debra Kloeppel Wotiz, Rising Tides,
Inc., Immediate Past Chairman.
Elected to the Board of Directors were Michael Blaylock,
jacksonville Transportation Authority; Douglas Booher, The
St. Joe Company; Brian Dunmore, PGA Tour; Andrew
Fawbush, LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae; Wayne
Givens, JM Family Enterprises; Zoraida Jirau, Crowley
Maritime Corporation; Bradley Johnson, Foley & Lardner;
Beth Mehaffey, Baptist Health; Philip Mobley, Blue Cross
Blue Shield of Florida; George "Buddy" Schultz, Holland &
Knight; J. Sabrina Simmons, Convergys; Bill Soumis, UPS;
Deborah Thompson, First Coast African American Chamber

of Commerce; Michael Wilkes, nationwide Insurance &
Financial Services; Angie Williams-Hollowell, Anheuser
Busch; and, Chip Vance, Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
Founded in 1947, the Jacksonville Urban League is a
non-profit, community-based organization, devoted to
empowering African Americans and other minorities to
enter the economic and social mainstream.
The Jacksonville Urban League implements its mission
through advocacy, coalition building, program services and
by promoting communication and understanding among the

School Bus Transportation Local Minister

Call Center Is Open

Currently, school bus transportation is provided free to all students who live more than
one and a half (1.5) miles from their school. One and one-half miles (1.5) is considered a rea-
sonable walking distance to a bus route for students who are eligible to ride a school bus.
Please be aware that the Duval County School Board policy is different than that required by
state law. State law'establishes a two mile limit before transportation is provided. Since the
law has a two mile limit, the school district is not paid for transported students who live
between the one and a half (1.5) mile limit and the two mile limit.
Transportation for students participating in the magnet and exceptional education pro-
grams is provided under specific guidelines. Transportation is not guaranteed for magnet stu-
dents applying after the magnet application deadline.

Bus Transportation for Students in Exceptional Education
Parents/guardians of students in self-contained exceptional education programs, who are
assigned to bus routes designed for these students must notify the. Exceptional Student
Education Admissions office at 904-390-2073 of address changes or alternate pick-up and/or
drop-off address requests. Please include current home, work and emergency phone numbers
when requesting transportation. At least a one-week advance notice of any transportation
requests is advisable so that services will not be interrupted. All changes require at least three
working days to process.
Bus schedules are a\ allable from the school to which your child is assigned. For addition-
al information, please call::

Neighborhood and MNagnet Routes 1904) 858-6200
7:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m..
Monday Friday

Exceptional Student Education Routes (904) 858-6235

89th Birthday

Rev. John W. Garner

Rev. John W. Garner of
Jacksonville celebrated his
89th birthday on July 17.
He enjoys going to pris-
ons preaching the word of
God to prisoners while serv-
ing with the Prison
Fellowship ministries.
Rev. Garner is a devoted.
member of Shiloh.
Metropolitan Baptist Church
where Rev. Darryl Gilyard is

Wilnita Tonique Allen and Kenyon Morrell Meadows
were married on Tuesday, July 18, 2006 at 2:00 p.m., in
Memorial Park (Riverside and Margaret Street in
Jacksonville, FL), The Bride is the daughter of the
late Willie Thomas Allen and Dr. Anita Carter Allen,
graduated from William M. Raines High school and
Florida A&M University with a degree in Business
Administration. The Groom is the son of the late
William Lawrence Meadows and Barbara Jean.
Meadows. He graduated from Case Western Reserve
University for both his undergraduate and medical
degrees, he completed his residency in Radiation
Oncology at the University of Florida. The couple will
make their home in Dothan, AL. Dr. Meadows will join
the team of 21st Oncology.

'Catch Your Breath' Women And Lung Health Luncheon

The American Lung
Association of Florida will
partner with its medical sec-
tion, the Florida Thoracic
Society, to host "Catch Your
Breath," a luncheon to pro-
vide lung health education
to women.
The luncheon will be
held 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. on
Thursday, August 24 in The
Terrace Suite at Alltel

Stadium, One Alltel Stadium
The luncheon will fea-
ture distinguished speakers,
delicious food, a fashion
show, raffle, silent auction
and a Tree of Life memorial.
Speakers include
Kathryn Blake, PharmD,
Nemours Children's Clinic;
Margaret Johnson, M.D.,
Mayo Clinic Jacksonville;

Veena Antony, M.D.,
University' of Florida
College of Medicine; Pat
Keith, Mayo Clinic
Jacksonville's lung. trans-
plant- patient; and Ellen
Glasser, cycling across
America with a stop smok-
ing message.
Lung disease is the third
leading cause of death in the
United States and women

are more likely to suffer
from it than men.
Lung cancer kills twice
as many women annually
than breast cancer.
The luncheon will pro-
vide an opportunity to learn
about tools the Lung
Association has developed
to help women make deci-
sions regarding treatment
and recovery.

....."... -

Planning a family reunion?

Get your family together in style with the Reunion
Package at the Howard Johnson Inn & Suites. When
you have more than 15 family members stay
overnight, they'll get to use our meeting space,
breakfast area or Outdoor Pool area as a gathering
place free of charge.

A lot goes into planning a reunion of any kind.
Attention to detail, organization and good planning
are key to making your family reunion a successful

We specialize in helping you make your family
reunion memorable and enjoyable, no matter how
large or small the family reunion.
Call us today at 904-281-0198
.^ ^

Howard Johnson Inn and Suites

4300 Salisbury Road North, Jacksonville, Florida 32216 904-281-0198

Great Family Reunion Package -
Pool Side PARTY Music & More -Call us for more details!
,i I




JULY 29 2006


II1LW; 1L vu~

Ask Deanna! is an advice column known for its fearless approach to reality-based sub-

Dear Deanna!
My friend and I traveled on vacation together When we got
to our destination, she claimed she lost her wallet and did-
n 't have any money. I didn't mind financially supporting her
on the trip. When the trip was over and we were back home,
she bought a new car I asked for some of the money back
and she refused. Her contact numbers have been changed
and she 's ignoring me. What should I do about this?
Sharisse (Toledo, OH) "

Your friend used you like toilet paper and kicked you to the curb. The moment you real-
ized her funds were low, you should've put her on a bus and sent her packing. Some of
the blame for this is on you because if this was your friend, you knew in advance of her
capabilities. You've lost your money, but hopefully you 'll gain some wisdom. In the
future, mind you dollars and sense and don't fall prisoner to someone else's debt.
Dear Deanna!
I had an office relationship with my supervisor After being together for almost eight
months, I later learned that he was engaged to be married. I'm very hurt and upset and
find myself trying to get even with him for deceiving me. I confronted him with the
information and he laughed in my face and acted as if this was no bigdzeal. Ifeel humil-
iated and want to know if it's wrong to let his fiancee know her future husband is a
Hurt on the Job (Glen Burney, MD)

Dear Hurt:
You should 'tpoop in the place that feeds you. The office isn 't a playground for lovers
and you should be focused on work instead of getting your groove on. You and the
supervisor are equally wrong. Decide if you value your job or your pride more. If you
can put this in the past, learn from the mistake and continue to excel in your duties. If
you're immature then leave before causing problems for yourself and others by trying
to get even.
Dear Deanna!
I've been engaged for almost three years and I'm ready to get married or call it quits.
Myfiancee keeps using his job as an excuse or he says he wants to save money for the
wedding. We don't have any kids and our finances are stable. I'm beginning to feel as
if he doesn't want to get married. He denies this each time I bring it up in conversa-
tion. Is there anything I can do to force him to make a decision on this?
Patricia (Bossier City, LA)

Dear Patricia:
You're wasting time because three years is too long for an engagement. This man has
no plans to marry you especially ifyou consider his stall tactics as excuses. A relation-
ship is like a new job. It takes six months to learn the job and another six months to
decide if you will do the job and stay. Ask him one more time to set a date. If he does-
n 't, you need to kiss the wedding bells good-bye, give the ring back and keep it mov-

Write Ask Deanna! Email: askdeannal@yahoo.com or Deanna M, 264 S. La Cienega,
Suite 1283, Beverly Hills, CA 90211. Visit her Web site at www.askdeanna.com.


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Life lost to Obesity: Not Just Quality

With two out of three Americans overweight today, we're learning more and ore about the numerous ways that carrying excess weight can really affect our health
and diminish our quality of life.
But you may not have heard the hard facts about how overweight and obesity can diminish your quantity of life.
Simply put, overweight people die younger. On average, they lose as many years to their excess weight as smokers lose to their cigarettes.
It stands to reason, doesn't it? With all the health problems that we know are caused or worsened by excess weight, it is to be expected that those who carry an
excess would die sooner than those who don't.
Still, we don't often hear the cost of our extra calories expressed in such stark terms. In the popular media, we've typically seen our weight problems discussed as
a function of appearance and appeal, and feel the imperative to lose weight in order to be more attractive and more successful.
The medical establishment has been warning about the risks of obesity and overweight in terms that address their health consequences, but. early death is seldom
mentioned among these.
Yet Dutch researchers studying Americans found that there's a lot to lose for those who don't lose their extra pounds. Published in the Annals of Internal
Medicine, the data from the Dutch study were gathered from more than 3,450 subjects between the ages of 30 and 59.
The researchers categorized people according to their body mass index, or BMI. A BMI of 19 to 24 is typically considered healthy, while a BMI of 25 to 29 is
considered overweight, and a BMI of 30 or more is clinically obese.
Among those subjects who were overweight but not actually obese, the study showed that 40-year-old female nonsmokers lost 3.3 years of life due to
their excess weight.
In this weight class, the 40-year-old male nonsmokers lost 3.1 years of life expectancy.
;For non-smokers who were clinically obese, the news only got worse for women, who lost about seven years of life because of their obesity, while the men of this
size lost justunder six years.
That's six Thanksgivings, six New Year's Eves, and who knows how many grandchildren born. That's six'Superbowls they'll miss, six World Series they won't
Not surprisingly, the loss is much greater for overweight smokers. When we add the strain and damage of cigarettes to the body?s burden of obesity, the loss dou-
bles, to around 13 years for both men and women.
That's 13 birthdays, 13 Independence Day fireworks shows, 13 years of some special child's school pictures that will be missed. When you think about it in such
personal and specific terms, those extra calories suddenly seem so much more costly.
"Obesity and overweight in adulthood are associated with large decreases in life expectancy and increases in early mortality," the the journal reported. "Because of the
increasing prevalence of obesity, more efficient prevention and treatment should become high priorities in public health."But what "prevention and treatment" means
depends on who you talk to, and it's becoming an increasingly controversial issue, with some saying that overweight is an individual problem caused by individual
etions, and therefore one that should be dealt with.
We face tremendous pressure to eat often and eat poorly, and there are consequences to that, for everyone, even those who are not personally overweight.
American's weight-related health expenses now exceed $130 billion per yead, and that gets spread across everyone's health costs.
And that says nothing of the incalculable economic cost to businesses and communities in lost human time and potential.
And it says nothing of the immeasurable loss to families and individuals, of those moments on birthdays and holidays, of those stories and photographs that end
up missing someone, lost early to a. preventable weight problem.
Obese American males lose an average of six years of life expectancy to their excess weight. Six birthdays, six family Christmases, six Super Bowl
Sunday. Thinking about the consequences of obesity in such personal and specific terms, carl really drive home the cost of those extra calories.

Caroline J..Cederquist, M.D. is a board certified Family Physician and a board certified Bariatric Physicians (the medical specialty of weight management). She special-
izes in lifetime weight management at the Cederquist Medical Wellness Center, her Naples, FL private practice, you can also get more information about Dr. Cederquist
and her weight management plan by visiting www.DietToYourDoor.com

She is the author of Helping Your Overweight Child A Family Guide, which is available at, Dr.Cederquist.com, Amazon.com, or by calling toll-free 1-800-431-1579.


JULY29, 2006

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Jacksonville's Community and Senior Center
Sen ices Program \%ill present the 25th Annual
Senior Prom "Remember the Times" on Friday,
August 4, from 6-10 p.m. at the Prime F. Osborn
Convention Center. The Fabulous Moods of Roger
Glover \ ill provide musical entertainment. Tickets
include dinner. The, are available at Mlan L.
Singleton Senior Center, 150 E. 1st St. For cost and
more information, call Jeannie Bald\ in at 630-0952
or the senior center at 630-0095.
Post 197 presents "'Back To School...Back To
Basics" Saturday. July 29. 2179 Benedict Rd. The
event will be held from 1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. School
supplies \\ill be provided. Activities include face
painting, door prizes, guest speakers, and food.
MIITTEE-The Stanton Vocational Alumni from
1959 through 1970( \\ill hold their annual event on
August 5 from 6:30-11:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn on
Commonwealth Ave. "Back To the Sixties': is the
theme. Participants are asked to wear Afro hairstyles
and Bellbottoms. The alumnus \\ho wears the best
60's attire \will win a prize. Alumni Worship Service
\will be held on August 6 at Ne\\ Colossians
Missionary Baptist Church located at 1154 W. 31 St.
where Rev Ambrose NMerkison is Pastor. The service
begins at 10:45 a.m. For more information call Carol
Mann at (904) 765-4080 or Ben Pinkney at (904)
There \will be an Early College Program meeting on
Monday, July 31, 6:00-7:00 p.m. in the Jean Ribault
High School's Media Center. The public is invited to
attend and gain knowledge on how a student can earn
an Associates Degree upon graduating from High
School. For additional Information contact Dean
Stafford at 924-3092.
CLASS MEETING-Northwestem Jr. Sr. High
School Class of (1962) will have a meeting on
Monday. August 7. 2006. at 3731 Roger Ave. 6:30
p.m All members asked to please attend. Anthony
Hickson and Bobbie Smiley coordinator. For more
information call 607-8524.
BLOCK PARTY-The American Poor people Party
presents a "Block Party" on Jul\ 29 from 12 Noon
until 5:00 p.m. on xa\ier Street between 45th and
Talladega Rd. Music. performers, food, fun. and
information will be available.
being made for the January 6, 2007 Matthew W.
Gilbert High School 9th Annual Reunion
Celebration. T\wo representatives from each class
1952-1970 are asked to become involved. A meeting
\%ill be held Tuesday. August 8 and every other
Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. at Matthew wi. gilbert Middle
School. For additional information contact Almeyta
J. Lodi (904) 355-7583 or Vi\ian W. williams at
Jacksonville Bold City Mandarin Lion's Club will
host the 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament on
August 26. at the Golf Club at Fleming Island.
orange Park, FL. The tournament begins at 8:00 a.m.
will be held at 7:30 p.m.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY-The Ribault graduating Class
of 1974 will host a 50th Birthday Celebration on
September 16. 7:00 p.m.-until. at Arielle's. 7707
Arlington Expressway Attire is dressy casual. For
cost and reservations (ASAP) contact Aundrea
McDaniel (McClinton) at (904) 765-6041. Carol.nI
Sutton at (904) 764-4291, Janet- Simon at (9040 696-
2034. or Carl Porter at (904) 673-5066.






AT (904) 766-8834

Seeds of Change Completes First Neighborhood

Cleanup In Northwest Jacksonville

As part of Mayor John
Peyton's Seeds of Change:
Growing Great
Neighborhoods initiative,
numerous city agencies
joined forces with residents
to conduct a comprehensive
cleanup in Northwest
From July 10-21, the
team collected nearly 57,000
pounds of trash, issued more
than 1,300 property safety
citations, removed hundreds
of. junk vehicles and
cleared numerous vacant
lots of overgrown brush and
"Keeping our neighbor-
hoods clean and safe is a top
priority for government, but
we cannot do it alone.
Citizen participation is a
vital ingredient to building
strong communities," said
Mayor Peyton. "Through
this cleanup and other Seeds
of Change programs, we are
working together with our
residents to strengthen com-
munity pride while remov-
ing structures and other ele-
ments that may encourage
crime." .
During the two-week
cleanup, residents were
encouraged to participate by
placing household garbage

Fraternity Launching
Local Effort
To Support MLK
National Memorial
Groundbreaking for the
Martin Luther King Jr.
National Memorial is cur-
rently scheduled. for
November 4, 2006.
This event will take
placed on a four-acre site,
next to the Tidal Basin in
Washington D. C. on a direct
line between the Lincoln
and Jefferson Memorials:
giving Dr. King a place of
honor among our nation's
most revered heroes.
The Memorial will honor
not only a great man, but
also the values that empow-
ered his Leadership: These
values include courage.and
truth, unconditional love and
forgiveness,. justice and
equality, reconciliation and
peace, brotherhood and sis-
The National Project
depends on the Foundation
raising an estimated $100
million, which is required to
complete' the memorial. All
necessary funds must be
Raised privately. No govern-
ment funding has been allo-
cated to create I this
Memorial. With the support
of Alpha Phi Alpha
Fraternity Inc. and the City
of Jacksonville IT CAN BE
SThe Jacksonville Chapter
of Alpha .Phi Alpha
Fraternity Inc. has pledged
.to raise $100,000.00, We.
need your support. We chal-
lenge you to give sacrificial-
ly towards this monumental
* building project. Please note
that all donations are. tax
deductible. Our tax ID num-
ber is 77-0621980.," .said
Michael R. Mayberry,
President of Upsilon
Lambda Chapter Alpha Phi
Alpha Fraternity Inc.
For the public's conven-
ience, the fraternity, has

established a central loca-
tion to drop off contributions
for this worthy cause.
Members of the fraterni-
ty will be located at the
Jacksonville Landing on the
first' floor, Suite 106
between the hours 12 p.m. to
6:00 p.m. on Saturday,
August 12,

and large items not typically
collected by regular trash
service at their curbs for
The city's Solid Waste
Division, using 'inmate
labor, collected 56,634
pounds of mixed debris --
enough to cover a regulation
basketball court 3 feet deep.
Crews also collected 720
tires, which would span half
a mile if placed end to
Meanwhile, the Property
Safety Division's
Neighborhood Enforcement
Action Team (NEAT),
which has been actively
working in the neighbor-
hood since May, cited 1,315
noncompliant property own-
ers for issues such as over-
grown weeds, trash, unsafe

structures and junk vehicles.
Approximately 695 resi-
dents received citations for
junk/abandoned vehicles;
approximately 348 vehicles
were hauled away.
Since May, 173 vacant
lots in Northwest
Jacksonville have been
mowed and cleared of trash
and debris through the nui-
sance abatement process to
help prevent possible crimi-
nal activity or vagrants.
Mayor Peyton's Seeds of
Change initiative, which
launched in May, is
designed to drive meaning-
ful, measurable and visible
change in neighborhoods
across Jacksonville through
partnerships with residents,
neighborhood associations
and business, community

and faith leaders.
The initiative focuses on
enhancing beautification
and infrastructure, improv-
ing public safety and
increasing home ownership.
Many elements of the
initiative will be implement-
ed citywide, but some pro-
grams focus on smaller
areas targeted as pilot proj-
The two pilot neighbor-
hoods are Historic Arlington
and Northwest Jacksonville,
specifically the 29th Street
and Chase Avenue and
Moncrief Road and 45th
Street areas.
For more information
.about the.Seeds of Change:
Growing Great
Neighborhoods initiative,
visit www.coj.net.

Jax SCLC Seeking Nominations For President
The Jacksonville Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership
Conference (SCLC) is seeking nominations for the office of
Persons nominated must possess the ability to listen, analyze,
think clearly, work well with people individually and in a group. .
They must also be willing to prepare for and attend board and com-
mittee meetings, ask questions, take responsibility and follow through
on a given assignment, contribute personal and self evaluation.
"This individual must also possess honesty, sensitivity to and tol-
erance'of differing views, a friendly, responsive, and patient
approach, community-building skills, personal integrity, and a sense
of humor," said Dorothy Mitchell. Interested person should contact Dr. Martin L.
Mitchell at (904) 768-8114 or Maggie Alford at (904) 356-4454. King, Jr.
In the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Southern Christian
Leadership Conference (SCLC) is renewing its commitment to bring about the promise of
"one nation, under God, indivisible" together with the commitment to activate the "strength
to love" within the community of humankind. Founded February 14, 1957, the SCLC is a
nonprofit, non-sectarian, inter-faith, advocacy organization that is committed to non-violent
action to achieve social, economic,, and political justice.
The SCLC focus is to promote spiritual principles within our membership and local com-
munities; to educate youtth and adults in the areas of personal responsibility, leadership
potential, and community service; to ensure economic justice and civil rights in the areas of
discrimination and affirmative action; and to eradicate environmental classism and racism
wherever it exists. '


The Governing Board of the District requests that interested parties respond to the
solicitations) below by 2:00 p.m.,.Wednesday, August 16, 2006. Further informa-
tion:is available through Onvia DemandStar at W .ww.denmandstar.com [(800) 711-
1712], or the District's website at www.sjrwmd.com.; Bid packages may be
obtained from Onvia DemandStar or the District by calling Jill .R. Williams,
CPPB, Contracts Administrator at (386) 329-4133.

Rental of Fleet Vehicles

Bid is for.therental of vehicles for a flat rate on a daily, monthly, quarterly, and/or
annual rental basis through September 30, 2007, with the option to renew for two
additional one-year periods. The estimated budget, for the first term of this project,
through September 30, 2007, is $85,000.00.

Staff's recommendation will be presented to the Governing Board at its September
12, 2006, meeting,

Special accommodations for disabilities may be requested through Jill R.
Williams, CPPB, Contracts Administrator or by calling (386) 329-4450 (TDD), at
least five (5) business days before the date needed.


The Governing Board of the District requests that interested.parties respond to the
solicitations) below by 2:00 p.m., Thursday. August 10, 2006. Further informa-
tion is available through Onvia DemandStar at www.demandstar.com [(800) 711-
1712], or the District's website at www.sjrwmd.com.: Bid packages may be
obtained from, Onvia DemandStar or the District by calling Sharon Whitener,
CPPB, Contracts Administratorat (386) 329-4281.


Purchase of diesel fuel (high and low sulfur) for three (3) sites for the period of
October 1, 2006, through September 30, 2007, with the option to renew for two
additional one-year terms.

The estimated budget for the first term of this project is $170,000.00.

Staff's recommendation will be presented to the Governing Board at its September
12, 2006, meeting.

Special accommodations for disabilities may be requested through Sharon
Whitener, CPPB, Contracts Administrator or by calling (386) 329-4450 (TDD), at
least five (5) business days before the date needed.




JULY 29 2006

p-U4U;.J .4. LO-RIA....U.LY-2. 2 0

President Bush Signs Voting Rights Act

Reauthorization And Amendments Act Of 2006

Fannie Lou Hammer

President Bush has
signed Into Law The
Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa
Parks, And Coretta Scott
King Voting Rights Act
Reauthorization And
Amendments Act Of
The Voting Rights Act
of 1965 (VRA) was
designed to restore the
birthright of every
American- the right to
choose our leaders. It has
been vital to guaranteeing
the right to vote for gen-
erations of Americans and
has helped millions of our
citizens enjoythe full
promise of freedom.
In signing this bill,
President Bush honored
the memory of three
women who devoted their
lives, to the struggle for
Civil Rights Fannie Lou
Hamer, Rosa Parks, And



Rosa Parks

Coretta Scott King.
The Voting Rights Act
Reauthorization and
Amendments Act of 2006
was named in honor of
these three American
The Voting Rights Act
Reauthorization And
Amendments Act Of 2006
reaffirms a commitment
to enforce the right to
vote for all Americans
The Voting Rights Act
Reauthorization And
Amendments Act Of 2006
extends the VRA For 25
Years, Extending:
*The prohibition
against the use of tests or
devices, to' deny the right
to vote in any Federal,
State, or local election;
*The requirement for
certain States arid local
governments to. provide

Coretta Scott King

voting materials in multi-
ple languages.
The new law also
amends the VRA with
regard to:
*The use of election
examiners and observers;
Voting qualifications
or standards intended to
diminish, or with the
effect of diminishing, the
ability of U.S. citizens on
account of race or color
to elect preferred candi-
dates; and
*Award of attorney
fees in enforcement pro-
ceedings to include
expert fees and other rea-
sonable costs of litiga-
The President. has
committed his adminis-
tration to vigorously
enforce the provisions of
this law and to defend it
in court.

The President will also
continue to work with
Congress to ensure that
our country lives up to
our guidirig principle that
all men and women are
created equal.
The Presidents says
the. administration will
continue to build on the
legacy of The Civil
Rights Movement to Help
ensure that every child
enjoystThe opportunities
America Offers. -
These opportunities
include the right to a
'decenteducation in a good
school, the chance to own
a home or small busi-
ness,and the hope that
comes from knowing you

can rise in our society
throughhard work and
using your talents.

History Of The
Voting Rights Act Of
*In March 1965,
African Americans
marched across the
Edmund Pettus Bridge in
Selma, Alabama, to
protest the unfair and
racist practices that kept
them off the voter rolls.
*When the marchers
reached, the far side of
the bridge, they were met
by State Troopers and a
civilian posse bearing
tear gas, Billy Clubs, and
whips. This group bru-

tally attacked the peace-
fully protesting men,
women, and children.
One week after the
Selma incident, President
Johnson 'announced that
he planned to submit leg-
islation that would bring
African Americans into
the civic .life of our
*Five months after
Selma, President Johnson
signed the Voting Rights
Act into law.' For some.
parts of our country, the
Voting Rights Act marked
the first appearance of
African Americans on the
voting rollssince
Reconstruction following.
the Civil War.

Savannah State Receives Grant

From American Cancer Society

Savannah State
University received a
$5,000 grant from the
American Cancer
Society's HBCU Model
College Demonstration
Program. The two-year
program will provide edu-
cational services, plro-
grams and activities to
address the issue of smok-

Fort Valley State University Names New Development Director

Fort. Valley State University
President Larry. E. Rivers has
announced the on campus arrival of
Ms. Vickie Oldham, new director of
'- 'i Ms. Oldham will coordinate all:
: development and outreach activities
V l and report directly to President Rivers.
Vickie Oldham This is a great day for our univer-
sity family," Rivers stated. "Ms. Oldham brings
invaluable experience, keen intelligence and a record
of remarkable accomplishment with her. We are truly
fortunate that she has agreed to join our administrative
Ms. Oldham is a graduate of the University of
Florida where she earned a bachelor's degree in broad-
cast journalism. She received a master of fine arts
degree from the Florida State University Conser\atory
of Motion.Picture, Television and Recording Arts. Ms.
Oldham has over 25 years of experience as a journalist
and producer.
As the writer, producer and narrator of her most
recent project, a documentary entitled Looking for
Angola, Oldham raised more than $200,000 through b
state grants, private donations and in-kind contribu-
tions in the archaeological search for Angola, an early .

1800's Black Seminole settlement near Tampa Bay on
the Manatee River. Earlier this year, she received a
$10,000 grant from The History Channel to integrate
the project's findings into the curriculum of three
schools in that area.
Ms. Oldham is a former news anchor and hosted a
popular weekly program called Common Ground.
which featured compelling interviews with the nation's
top dreamers and doers in politics, education, arts and.
N nationally she has appeared on HGTV, an episode
of a network show on ABC, Nickelodeon, Comcast
Cable'Vision, and numerous television commercials
and industrial videos. She is currently a member of the
University of Florida, College of Journalism and
Coinmunications Advisory Council.
During her tenure at Fort Valley State University,
Ms. Oldham will provide active leadership in the iden-
tification, solicitation, cultivation and stewardship of
major donors. In addition, she will plan and coordinate
activities to raise funds and increase visibility among
internal and external constituents, including alumni.
"I'm delighted to have the opportunity to work at
Fort Valley State with a dynamic leader like President
Rivers," Oldham said. "I am already hard at work and
very excited to be here."

ing prevention and cessa-
The overall goal of the
HBCU Project will be to
reduce the use of tobacco
products and the array of
negative consequences
associated with snioking
among all students in gen-
eral and ner students in
particular. The SSU
Bacchus and Gamma Peer
Education Network and
the Peer Mentoring
Program .will be central.
comnpo nent s of this effort'
SAccording to data col-
lected annually by the
Harris-MNcDel Student
Health Center at SSU,
it'sindicated. that respira-.
tory- -related problems
represent the largest cate-
gory of illnesses treated
on campus.
SSU intends to aid in
re ersing the rising trends
in smoking among young
It is anticipated that

the program will educate
approximately 500 first-
year students living on
campus ,and 500 upper
class, student athletes,
commuter, non-traditional
and other students by the
end of the one-year grant
For more information.
contact Betty Bennett.
director of the. Harris-
McDew Health Center, at
(912) 356-221'7.. .
Established in, 1890,
Savannah "-' State
University is the oldest
public historically black
college or 'university
(HBCU) in the state.
The university's 3,000
students. are enrolled in
22 undergraduate and four
graduate degree programs
in three colleges: Liberal
Arts and Social Sciences,
BBusinessAdministratioi ;
and Sciences and

ASU Part Of Governor's

Customer Service Initiative

Albany State University President Everette J.
Freeman expects the University's faculty and staff to.
have, little difficulty in meeting University System of
Georgia Chancellor Erroll B. Davis Jr.'s goal;of pro-
vidi.ng faster, friendlier and more efficient service to,
the USG's "customers," including the system's stu-
"Chancellor Davis, in a coordinated effort with
Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, is emphasizing improved
customer service for the 35 member institutions of the
University System," Freeman said. "While that should
already be a priority concern for everyone associated
with this University and others within the system, we.
will take the necessary steps to. ensure that proper-'
emphasis is placed on efficient and courteous customer
"Gov. Perdue has indicated he wants Georgia to be
the best-managed state in the country by the year 2007,
and we can do our part by providing quality and pro-
fessional service." In coordination with Gov. Perdue's
launch of the state's "Customer Service Improvement.
Initiative," Davis announced that every USG campus is
poised to implement a plan for improving customer
service beginning August 1.
"The campus-based customer service improvement
plans that will be launched in August will begin to cre-
ate a culture that places emphasis on customer serv-
ice," Davis said. "In line with the governor's goal of
achieving the best-managed state government, we
intend to provide a model of service unparalleled in
public higher education. Many of our faculty and staff
already place our students'needs first, but we need to
institutionalize this practice and really qwn it"n-- .-..




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Fill Out The Subscription Form

Mail your form with the proper

Check or money order



le. I F-I

JULY 29, 2006


PA ,GE C-4



JULY Y, zu IuUU A -l

Jacksonville Jaguars

Open 2006 Training Camp

The Jaguars report to training camp at Alltel Stadium on Friday, July 28. The Jaguars will hold their first practice at 10:15
a.m. on Saturday, July 29 followed by an evening practice at 7:15 p.m. Training camp will be open to the public and media
for viewing through August 11.

Training camp schedule

(Times subject to change)

July 29: 10:15 a.m. and 7:15 p.m. l
July 30: 11 a.m. (special teams only) and 7:15 p.m.
July 31: 10:15 a.m. and 7:15 p.m.
Aug. 1: 11:00 a.m. (special teams only) and 7:15 p.m.
Aug. 2:10:15 a.m. and 4:15 p.m.
Aug. 3: 11:00 a.m. (special teams only) and 7:15 p.m.

Five players to watch

1. Reggie Williams, WR. The former first-round pick has underachieved in his first two seasons, but he is i big-time play-
2. Matt Jones, WR. The team had Jones watch tapes of Randy Moss in the offseason because the two possess freaky abil-
3. Brian Williams, CB. The former Viking was just what the Jaguars were looking for. Williams will team with Rashean
4. Marcedes Lewis, TE. If he can become a threat down the middle, it will take some of the pressure off the outside
5. Donovin Darius, S. If he can fully recover from his knee injury last season, the Jaguars will have one of their leaders

Directions to camp

Take 1-95 North to Prudential Drive/Main Street Exit. Stay left at the fork and get on U.S. 1 for a half-mile. Take the ramp
toward Newman Street/Governor's Center. There are signs throughout the area pointing toward the stadium.
Parking: Available in the lots around the stadium.

Jaguars Sign Three 2006 Draft Picks Before Start Of Training Camp

The Jacksonville Jaguars
signed three of their 2006
draft choices to contracts .
Second-round pick Maurice
Jones-Drew, a running back
and return specialist, signed
along with linebacker Brent
Hawkins (5th round) and
James Wyche (7th round).
Jones-Drew, Hawkins

and Wyche were three of the
six players selected by the
Jaguars in the 2006 NFL
Draft in April. Cornerback
Dee Webb, a seventh-round
pick, signed on Monday. All
85 Jaguars are under con-
tract except for two of this
year's draft picks (TE
Marcedes Lewis, 1st round;

LB Clint Ingram, 3rd
Jones-Drew was the 60th
overall pick in the draft and
was the fourth-highest draft-
ed running back by
Jacksonville behind Fred'
Taylor and James Stewart,
both first-round picks, and
Greg Jones (2004, 55th

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Jones-Drew played three
seasons at UCLA and left as
one of the most productive
all-purpose backs in the col-
legiate ranks.
He rushed for 2,503
yards on 481 carries along
with 26 touchdowns in three
Hawkins, the 160th
overall selection in the fifth
round was the first Illinois
State player to be drafted by
the Jaguars. Hawkins ranked
second in the nation as a
senior with 17 sacks and was
runner-up for the Buck
Buchanan Award, presented
annually to the top defensive
player in I-AA football.
Wyche was selected with
the 213th overall pick in the
seventh round.
Wyche was a four-year
starter at Syracuse and
ranked second on the team
with 4.5 sacks and 6.5 tack-
les for loss as a senior.

N~ j

Tiger s Victory

More Than

Just Golf





~~- U





1CD -

0 .








Hasiw Weekeid! -
S 5* lsil g 29 ', -55.P

L..5'7Ma e'..

.f I f-m&d Ida*-Qp~i b~ m
he uw~.md hI, f ii wIWN5o died
&e oft PdfJul4Wy 3ft- 5:05pmf
mWA "D E Wh 1bjbmF L5Ot7 hi
~;:peie~a -.- Iafa~f~ Be -j

-i UI I rm M Ki RIOIi iiL Bms



/ I : ~~, i




rrTTTT V r0 WnI


~:i frl
:: 2 ~'
'_ diiFt~t~-*':~FI.p
,:l ~; ~-~;~fb-.:

aaais~Is MR!~

/AU E I U- L- -iJ-A ,...-


The Governing Board of the District requests that interested par-
ties respond to the solicitation below by 2:00 p.m., Tuesday,
August 15, 2006. Further information is available through
Onvia DemandStar at www.demandstar.com [(800) 711-1712],
or the District's website at www.sjrwmd.com. Bid packages
may be obtained from Onvia DemandStar or the District by call-
ing Ranae Smith, Contracts Administrator at (386) 329-4159.

Network Infrastructure for District Facilities

The objective of this project is to install, repair and relocate the
computer Network Infrastructure in several District facilities in
Jacksonville, Palatka, Lake George, and Palm Bay.

The estimated budget for this project is $70,000.00.

A MANDATORY Pre-Bid Conference is scheduled
for 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, August 2, 2006
District Headquarters Building, 4049 Reid Street,
Palatka, Florida 32177

The pre-bid conference is intended to provide bidders the oppor-
tunity to receive clarification of any requirement of. this
Invitation For Bid. The District will only accept bids from those
attending the pre-bid conference.

Staff's recommendation will be presented Ito the Executive

Special accommodations for ,disabilities may be requested
through Ranae Smith, Contracts Administrator or by calling
(386) 329-4450 (TDD), at least five (5) business days before the
date needed.
Special accommodations for disabilities may be requested
through Alan E. Weaver, CPPB, Procurement Coordinator or by
calling (386) 329-4450 (TDD), at least five (5) business days
before the date needed.


The Governing Board of the District requests that interested par-
ties respond to the solicitation below by 2:00 p.m., Tuesday,
August 22, 2006. Further information is available through Onvia,
DemandStar at www.demandstar.com [(800) 711-1712], or the
District's website at www.sjrwmd.com. Proposal packages may
be obtained from Onvia DemandStar or the District by calling
Carol Taylor Miller, CPPB, Contracts Administrator at (386)


The District requires soil scientist services to provide 1),
detailed field soil descriptions and classifications on
elevation vegetation transects established at pnonrity \ater bod-
ies courses identified for the determination of Minimum Flo\is
and Levels; 2) short reports, which discuss the soils and soil
properties identified at each system: 3) aid in development of'
soils based criteria for the MFLs program. and 4) peer review of
technical materials and methods.

The estimated budget for the first term of this project, ending
September 30. 207, is S60.000.00.

District staff will meet at District headquarters at 10:00 a m...
August.31, 2006. to evaluate and rank Proposals. The,
Evaluation Committee may request that some or all respondents
make an oral presentation in advance of finalizing the rankings.,
If requested, oral presentations w ill be made at the District's
headquarters on September 14. 2006 Respondents selected for
oral'presentations will be notified in ad- ance of the presentation
date. Staff's recommendation will be presented to the
Governing Board at its October 10. 2006. meeting. :

Special accommodations for disabilities may be requested
through Carol Taylor Miller. CPPB. Contracts Administrator or
by calling 1386) 329-4450 1 TDDi. at least five (5) business days
before the date needed


.The Go\erning Board of the District requests that interested par-
ties respond to the solicitation(s' below by 2:00 p.m., Tuesday,.
August 15, 21(06. Further information is available through Onvia
DemandStar at www.demandstar com [(800) 711-1712]. or the
District's website at v'ww.sirwmnd.com. Bid packages may be
obtained from Onvia DemandStar or the District by calling Alan
E. Weaver. CPPB. Procurement Coordinator at (386) 329-4271.


The objective of this project is to conduct telephone sur-,
veys and to facilitate focus group discussions on various
water resource issues, including but not limited to water
conservation. water quality. water, supply, restoration, and.
flood protection.

The estimated budget for the first term of this project is-
$125,000. The anticipated budget for the second and
third terms (fiscal year periods) of the project is
$125,000 / term.

Staff's recommendation will be presented to the
Governing Board at its September 12, 2006, meeting.

Special accommodations for disabilities may be requested
through Alan E. Weaver, CPPB. Procurement Coordinator
Sor by calling (386) 329-4450 (TDD), at least five (5) busi-:
ness days before the date needed.
"" "" i"


Your Weekly Horoscope

Aries (March 21 -
April 19) You will feel as
though a burden has been
lifted. Certainly there should
be a lessening of
this week. Now
you need to pay
attention to income and per-
haps. some long term invest-
ments.. Extra money coming
your way this next weekend.
A family gathering is in the
offering and you may sur-
prise everyone and actually
enjoy it.
This week lucky num-
bers are: 8, 10, 16, 20, 26.
Taurus (April 20 -
May 21)New responsibili-
ties are headed your way. Be
careful of what
you take on, these
new duties will,
last approximate-
ly two years. Get
out and about as much as
possible and keep your eyes
open, you could meet that
special someone this week.
You will need a new outfit
for next weekend when you
are invited to a special occa-
sion. Something colorful
will put you in the right
mood. This week lucky
numbers bre: 16, 22, 24, 46,
Gemini (May 21 -
June 21) The pace is still a
little hectic even
for you but you
are loving every
minute of it. More
family visits are
still around the corner so
keep your energy up to par.
Meeting new people seems
to be on the agenda for next-
weekend with a cookout or
party planned. (Could be a
family reunion).
Introductions to new family
members are at hand also
and you will make a good
impression. This week
lucky numbers are:, 8; 18,
20, 30, 36.
Cancer 'June. 21-
July' 22) Famllii
gatherings are
I being planned and
y ou are nght in
the middle of it all. Looks,
like you have thought of
everything and e\ervone
will have a good time. You
are going to make an excel-l
lent impression on all your
.relatives, especially those
from a distance. You may
start thinking of building an
addition onto your home and
.this summer seems the best
time to have it done This
'week lucky numbers are: 2.,
S28. 34,44.52.
Leo (July
23 .' August
22) For the next
two'' years or so
'Saturn will be in
an adverse relationship to:
,your sign. This means obli-
gations and responsibilities
you neither want nor need
are thrust upon yoiu. Your'
circulation could become
sluggish.. Take steps now to
offset this and start exercis-
ing more. Clear the deck so
when trouble arrives you
will handle it with ease. A
weekend party you do not
wish to: attend may surprise
;you. This week lucky num-;
bers are: 4, 12, 18, 22, 30.
Virgo (August 23 -
September 22)If you have

been waiting to
I meet "Mister or
SMiss Iight'", this
next weekend
should prove interesting.
You may not realize he/she
is the one until later so take
notes and phone numbers.
Act enthusiastic ',even
though you do not feel like
it. Th4 way at least you will

leave a good impression for
later. You are going to be
building something perma-
nent this summer. This
week lucky numbers are: 6,
14, 20, 54, 56.
.Libra (September 23
- October 23) The lifting
of an obligation
or responsibility
should make you
feel more light
hearted now. Some accom-
modation still has to be
made to these old duties but
still, everything lightens up
for you now. An entertaining
weekend is coming up with
friends but you seem to be
the one doing all the work.
'Still, a new outfit is needed
to make the right impres-
sion. This week lucky num-
bers are: 2, 4, 10, 32, 46.
Scorpio (October 24
November 21) You are
soon going to be
taking a good
look at your life
to see what new
direction you wish to take.
This is a rather sobering
experience as 'you realize
just how important your
decisions over the next two
years are going to affect
you. Meanwhile new friends
are important so get out of
the house and meet them'!
The weekend should bring
you into the orbit of some-
one 'exciting to' accept all
invitations and keep your
eves open. This week lucky
numbers are: 16, 22, 36, 40,
S a g i t ta r i u. S
(November 22 -
December 21) You have
to' adjust your
schedule to
accommodate oth-
ers this week but if
you do so \with a good heart,
your popularity could soar.
Invitations are coming from
unexpected sources and not
surprisingly. vou \\ill have a
good time. Most things are
out of your hands right now
but your enthusiasm will'
carry you throughout it all.
A gathering next weekend
could introduce yoii to
someone important. 'This
week lucks nmunbers are: 12,
.14, 18, 24, 36. '
C"a p r. i c: o r n
(December 22 January
191 Yo&u may
w-ant to update
some ih\ esmients
and get into
something new and modern.
By the next month this could
pay off nicely. Driving other
people on their errands and
trying to act enthused about
it lasts only one more week.
This next Weekend brings .a
gathering of friends '.and
family and a good time for
everyone involved. Some
extra money comes to you
o-ver the weekend and you
may meet someone special.
This week lucky numbers.
are: 2, 4, 8, 14, 20.
Aquarius' (January
20 -February 19th)You
have to accommo-
date. some family
members this
weekk and may be
called on to help throughout
the month. You are spending
a little more than you
planned on gifts, etc. so shop'
around for better, prices. You
have a social obligation this

next weekend that you really
do not want to attend.
However, you need to buy a
new outfit and go anyway.
You will be surprised at how.
much you will enjoy your-
self. This week lucky num-
bers are: 6, 16, 28, 30, 48.

Pisces (February 19 -
March 20)Visits
to and from fami-
ly members keeps
you going this .
month even
though you feel less than
enthused this week. Next
week is better: You feel irri-
tated this week and may feel
like picking an argument

Marijuana Gun

In Maryland Mi

with anyone around you.
This is not a good time to
gamble or take a chance. Be
careful driving because you
tend to go too fast this
month and could get a
speeding ticket with a hefty
fine attached. This week
lucky numbers are: 12, 14,
20, 26, 42,

nballs Found

ddle School

ELLICOTT CITY, Md. Federal drug agents aren't laughing
about marijuana packaged in yellow, smiley-faced gumballs.
The "Greenades" gumballs were found in January at Howard
High School in Ellicott City. The federal Drug Enforcement
Agency recently released an intelligence bulletin about them.
"It's a new idea and it's new to the DEA," Gregory Lee, a
retired supervisory special agent of the Drug Enforcement.
Agency, told The Baltimore Examiner. "When it comes to drug
dealing, you're only limited by your imagination."
Police charged three 17-year-old students after a.teacher i
alerted a school resource officer. She told the officer that she saw
a student give a plastic bag that the teacher believed contained
drugs to another student.
The officer seized, the bag, which contained two "candy,
balls" wrapped in foil, police said. Instructions on the foil told

users to chew for 30 minutes to 1 hour before they wanted to be
high and to "chew for as long as possible. then swallow.! "
Officers charged two students with distribution of drugs on
school property and a third with possession of manjuana. ;

Accused Prowler Found' ,.

Asleep In Police Van

BELLEVUE, Wash. Police in this Seattle suburb didn't
have to go far to arrest a man for investigation of car prowling..
He was found sleeping in a special weapons and tactics van. .
Officer..Greg Grannis said a municipal worker reported
someone breaking into cars, including Is: own, shortly before
midnight Monday.Officers quickly found burglarized cars, but
couldn't determine who nught be responsible --until about 4:50 .
a.m., when two SWAT team members came to the police vehicle
maintenance yard to get their %an and found a 25-year-old tran-
sient asleep in the back. Granums said.
The man. \whose his last known home address \as in
Louisiana. \as booked into the King County jail for investiga-
tnon of burglary. No damage or loss estimate \as released, but
Grannis said none of the burglarized police vehicless had
weapons in them. .
........ ......................................................... .
: ',
i----- --- :---s ., :."* -


i' iFOR







* # ; : 1


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*~ ". '^-,
;b *' .

. '
* ,
. i> + ,*
.e ', '
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i:: OR TO :"


-L (904) 766-88341

..' '" 'i | '* ""

July 2, 2006



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Residences with Fireplace, Panoramic
View Balconies, Gourmet Kitchens
and Designer Baths.

ik Pools of Florida
mo Homesites Wanted Now!
Qualify/Save $$
Limited Offer! First 10 Pools!
'ee Installation! Value to $1,500
icing Available (Restrictions Apply)
100% Financing
6 mo. Same as cash
Terms to Fit Most Budgets
Toll Free: 866-348-7560



Call today 1-866,741-8317

US Hwy 278 Beasfort & Jasper Counwiss, Sc

1, Z -at th

U1- me sa2orios igtsluxloust acmoain

Wild Hog Haven Abundant Deer, Turkey & Ducks
* Mitigation Easement Tracts Great for Hunting Minutes To Savannah, Savannah
* U.S. Hwy. 278 Frontage National Wildlife Refuge, Pickney Island
" Timberland Tracts National Wildlife Refuge & Tillman
* Tracts From St to 81 Acres Sand Ridge National Wildlife Refuge
Timber Cruise Available I
Rowell Realty & Auction Co., Inc. o In Cooperation With
is 800-323-8388 i..
AM-" r... ... rP.UAt..i a,,, d InrA-I,' .M I 1577





Monday through Friday

10:00-11:00 p.m. EST.



AM 1360

It can also be heard

online at:

www, WCGL1360.com


JULY29, 2006





,-, -



rA -L -L---I---O


.J :
: : 4
i r
i ~3~~a~a. 'a. P&6~L~t


': .. S

All About Kids is the premiere pedi-
atric facility in Jacksonville, Florida.
We are dedicated to providing chil-
dren with the highest quality of
health care. Our doctors are Board
Certified Pediatricians with years of
Pediatric Emergency Room experi-
ence. With flexible hours, we are
able to accommodate the needs of E
families with busy lifestyles. Come
see why so many parents trust All
About Kids Pediatrics with their chil- e
dren's health. (

Dean M. Cannon, MD
James A. Joyner, IV MD
Both doctors are board certified and
have pediatric ER experience.


877.560.KIDS 9
www.allaboutkidspeds.com A

* Asthma Therapy
* Pain Relief
* Hemoglobin/Hematocrit Testing
* Mono Screening
* Rapid Strep Screening
* Sport and School Participation
Well visits/Immunizations

"MR Technology
)ur Electronic Medical Record System
enables us to be more efficient with
ess paperwork and allows for:
Direct Pharmacy Link for fast and
convenient prescriptions
Check-in/Check-out process made
quick and efficient
Medical record history inquiries
and transfers that are concise and
easy with electronic database
Prompt subspecialty referrals

):00 6:00 M-F; weekend and after hour
are available
11 Insurances Accepted

12086 Ft. Caroline Rd. Suite Number 401 Jacksonville, FL 32225
Located in the new Hidden Hills Executive Park (near the corner of Fort
Caroline and Monument Rd.)

WIN $300!!!

Write An Essay On:

The Problems We Are Facing
That Are Causing The Murders In Jacksonville.
What Can Be Done To Stop
The Murders In Jacksonville?

State Senator Anthony "Tony" Hill Needs Answers. He is committed
to pay for the best essay on the subjects above.
You have until July31, 2006 to write and mail
your essay no more than 300 words to:

Essay Contest
Senator Anthony "Tony" Hill
The Florida Star Newspaper
P. O. Box 40629
Jacksonville, Florida 32203

Sponsored By:
Senator Anthony "Tony" Hill, The Florida Star,
And Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. (Theta Phi Chapter)
I .

)A4lJ'7 /'J 0


JULY29, 2006






Photos 2006 by Andre'B. Murray/www.bernagency.photoreflect.com

By Rych McCain/feed-
backrych@sbcglobal. n

As with the rest of
the nation, southern
California is baking
with record heat but the
temps did not hamper
the spirit and allure of
the Shadowboxer pre-
miere. The cast lead by
Oscar winner Cuba
Gooding, Jr. along with
Vanessa Ferlito,
Stephen Dorff, Joseph
Mo'Nique and Macy
Gray was in a festive
mood. The film's
writer/director Lee
Daniels was the main
spirit booster and life of
the red carpet, screen-
ing and after party.
Daniels is the one
who brought us
Monster 's Ball starring
Halle Berry.
Shadowboxer is cut
from a different mode
and Daniels is clearly
shaping up to become a
recognizable force of
his own in the same
vein as Woody Allen
and Spike Lee did for
their styles of filmmak-
ing. The film is pretty
graphic with the vio-

lence and the sex and
has a plot line that is not
the easiest to follow.
Cuba Gooding, Jr., is as
ice cold as it gets per-
sonality wise, in his por-
trayal of Mikey the pro-
fessional hit man. Helen
Mirren as Mikey's step
mom/hit partner/lover,
who has terminal cancer
delivers a convincing
montage of diverse and
conflicting emotions that
brilliantly keeps her
character's demeanor a
huge question mark. My
main lady Mo'Nique
continues the demon-
stration of her serious
acting chops (i.e., not
being funny in this film),
as Precious, the crack
smoking lover of the
crime syndicate's back
door physician, Dr. Don,
brilliantly played by
Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Vanessa Ferlito as the
wife of psycho mob boss
Clayton furnished her
own journey of conflict-
ing emotions and head
directions while trying
to balance motherhood
and loyalty to the old
and new man in her life.
Stephen Dorff as the
psycho, milk drinking,
brutal killer mob boss


Clayton, who keeps a
zebra in the yard, was a
wee bit too scary! He
played this character to
the nines! Macy Gray
ghetto charmed her way
through the role of
Neisha which seemed to
be tailor-made for her.
This film is different,
graphically violent and

sexual, confusing to
follow and difficult to
analyze and may not be
everybody's cup of tea
but it should it will
scream volumes to
Hollywood who said
"no" to the project, that
Lee Daniels is in the
Photos cont'd on D-4!

By Rych McCain

Talent Showcase
Los Angeles' 100.3
The Beat, radio personal-
ity Felicia "The Poetess"
Morris is hosting a new
monthly talent showcase
at the world famous BB
King's Club on the
Universal City Walk of
Fame in Universal City,
California. The debut
showcase will be on

Tuesday, August 29 at 8
p.m. Industry brass and
A&R scouts will be in
attendance. If you, are in
town and want to partici-
pate, email: poetessme-
dia@aol.com or call 323-
Super record producer
HI-TEK has signed R&B
crooner Dion to Dr. Dre's
coveted Aftermath
Records. TEK describes

his new found talent as a
"new age Marvin Gaye
with a natural talent and a
soulful sound." NBA bas-
ketball great, Ron Artest is
the opening act on Fat
Joe's European Tour,
which kicks off on July
28th in Lisbon, Portugal
and travels to Germany,
France, Switzerland,
Netherlands, Norway and
Denmark. Artest will be
performing cuts from his

album My World, which
is slated for an October
24th release -on the
L i g h t y e a r
Entertainment label
Rainbow Promotions
announces its lineup. for
the 19th Annual Long
Beach Jazz Festival.
Whassup continued on D-8

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I nars-naven
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July 29, 2006

Zack & Cody Phil of Future
Backyardigans Dora-Explorer

10 13 Pi
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'chie's Myst. [Mayor Peyton jCramp Twins (Mew, Power
ie Moving Show (CC)
day Personalizinq your workout; eyebrow grooming. 0 (CC)

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Bratz A (CC) IWinx Club (CC) Teenage Mut

Pet Keeping IWild About
Good Morning Jacksonville

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-Oh! (CC) Yu-Gi-Oh! (CC) Johnny Test (N) Xiaolin Show. Xiaolin Show. Loonatics Pokimon (CC) Spider Riders The Batman A Viewtiful Joe
rV 4 (CC) Mad TV 6 (CC) Mad TV 4 (CC) Mad TV Puddle of Mudd. A (CC) Mad TV "Cosby Reunion CC
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sCenter (CC) SportsCenter (CC) SportsCenter (CC) SportsCenter (Live) (CC)
lon-Digital Dragon Booster NASCAR Racer A T.O.M ICC Get Ed iL, Kong-Series Power Rangers IStar-Racers Power Rangers IW.I.TC.H. (CC)
,or-Crisis Rebound i001)5 Martin Lawrence i iCCi A Cinderella Story 200111 Hilary DPutt .iinnlter Coolidij; 6 ICCI I, Robot 120i4 Will Smirn 6
Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program ** Someone Else's Child (l,194
'own Up OddParenrs Jimmy Neulron Jimmy Neutron SpongeBob SpongeBob OddParents IOddParents The X's A CC IDanny Phantom
Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Three Stooges Three Stooges Women of Spike i Trucks! r6 ICCi Trucks! it ICCI
r t CCi) Becker n iC I *** 0 Brother, Where Art Thou7 1270001 PA) Geoi'e Cluroney ICCI Honey, I Shrunk the Kids 11989I1 PAl Rick Moranis ICCI

46 17 The Lost World Ic'Lrdn Calln, *** Analyze This i19991 RoDberl De' Ni, Billy Cry;lril iCCi

I Analyze That 12r.'02 CoomeJ Rooert L'e Nire Bili Cryst;al CCI Saved "Piloi' iCCi

USA 64 25 Coach a, (CI i Coach iCC) Paid Program IPaid Program jPaid Program ISexyAbs __Monk Ci IjMonk (CCi ** Major Payne (l9951 (CC)

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ABC 5 10 Kim Possible Power Rangers NBA Access Paid Program |Golf Senior British Open Third Round A (CC) Paid Program PaidProgram Paid Program lArlington: InEtemal Vigil (CC)
CBS 'A 6 9 Paid Program Paidrogram Paid Program Paid Program IJourney of a Lifetime (N) (CC) ]PGA Golf U.S. Bank Championship in Milwaukee --Third Round (Live) (CC)
FOX i73 10 13 Paid Program IWeek-Baseball ML8 Baseball New York Mets at Atlanta Braves From Turner Field in Atlanta. (S Live) (CC) MLB Postgame JPaid Program Cheers 4 (CC) IFrasier 0 (CC)
IND 4 3 4 Football Saturdays in the South Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Miss Hawaiian Tropic Pageant IER "A Miracle Happens Here"
NBC Q 11 12 Flight 29 Down Endurance Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Cycling Triathlon Lfe Time Fitness Triathlon (Taped) (CC)
PAX B 12 2 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program, Paid Program Paid.Program
PBS C 8 5 This Old House This Old House Antiques Roadshow (CC) Find! 0 (CC) Daisy Cooks! Real Simple a America's Tst Everyday Food Barbecue Univ. Jacques Pepin Barbecue Amrc
TBN E9 13 59 Wild & Wacky Miss Charity Bibleman (Ell JDavey-Goliath Greatesl Heroes of the Bible iEli K 10 C (Ell Retro News Chrislian World Greg Laurie Praise the Lord ICCi
WB 71 9 7 ** How Stella Got Her Groove Back I.'191n Aingela Bas.,en ** Free Willy 3: The Rescue 11 97) Jason James Richler 8MM (1999 Suspensrl Ni coalas Cag Jo.qurn Phoenix.
COM 165 43 Mad TV ICCi *** Planes, Trains and Automobiles (i19l'. S eve Marin iCCi *** Dogma (?999, Cimedilv Ben Arter.k Lnda Fiorenlinco Man Damon iCCI Ringmaster 11998) ICCI
DISN 122 16 Lilo & Stitch at Emperor New ]Up, Up and Away 1i4001 M:rcael J Pagan ,CC INaturally. Sadie Kim Possible JAmerican Drgn Proud Family (Emperor New Even Slevens |Naturally, Sadie
ESPN '48 34 National Pro Fastpilch Softball Airo-n Riaer- at Phil.3ielphia Flor.e CThe Contender The Contender The Contender Horse Racing
FAM :43 23 Full House (CCi JFull House iCCi Full House iC.Ci From Justin to Kelly i'Xi'Xi Kelly C.ilarsor. Justin Guiaiiin ICCI 1* Footloose I j?8 Drama) Kevin Barcon. Lon Singer Johr Lirrijgow CC)
HBO 2 201 ** Robot (200l Will Smith o ** The Chronicles of Riddick I2004i Virn ie.?el d iGCC ** Rebound (2i lC0 Marin Lawren.:e SC ICCi .**** Titanic, 19971 Leo.rnrdo DiCapnri. 6, (CC)
LIFE 18 28 ** Someone Else's Child (19-.4 This Boy's Life (199l3 R.loern L[e Niro Ei.ii Earjrin !CC) (DVSi Three Secrets i 199, Dramar Jaclyn Smrriti, Tyrn Daly. Cheater's Club (2006 iCC)
NICK 42 41 Danny Phantom Catscratch 's Avatar-Last Air Avatar-Last Air Nickoons TV INicktoons TV Nicktoons TV INicktoons TV Nickloons TV [Nicktoons TV IZoey 101 (CC) Drake & Josh
SPIKE 161 37 Horsepower TV MuscleCar ,fi Xtreme4x4 Ni Trucksl 'l ICCi Legend of the Swordsman! i19 A:tionr Jet Li, Brnfle Lin us ** Caddyshack l(980i Chey Chase Rodney Oangertield 0
TBS j17 18 Hook 119911 Dujtin Hortrrnn, Robin Willams LawyTi lurns urris in Peae Pan lo rs lve kiJs rojm Captain Hl iCCi I *** Jerry Maguire i96 RomanceCoimedyi Tom Cruise. Cuba Gociding Jr (CCI
TNT 46 17 Saved The Lady and rhe Tiger Saved Livinq Dead ICC) Saved "Fog iCCI Saved Famriiy'l CC) Saved iCC ISaved Wri.: Do 'irou Trusi'"
USA 64 25 ** Major Payne (1995 ICC) I*** Love & Basketball (2000, Riomanc:el Sanaa Lalrin, Omar Epps (CC) J*** The Best Man (1'9?, Com-rdy-Drama) Taye Diggs. Na Long Premiere (CC)

Saturday Evening http:JiwwwAap2it.com July 29, 2006

ABC j i 5 10 ABC News News (CCI 24 l ICC) Celebrity Debut 0i ICC) ** Practical Magic (1998) Sandra Bullock. I' (CC) News (CC) 24 is ICC)
CBS I1: 6 9 News CBS News Raymond Jaguars NCIS "Call of Silence" Close to Home is (CC) 48 Hours Mystery (CC) News IJaguars
FOX I3! 10 13 Frasier(CC) '70s Show '70s Show Seinfeld 0 Cops (CC) ICops (CC) America's Most Wanted News (CC) News (CC) Mad TV A (CC)
IND 4 3 4 News The fnsider Dangers Paid Prog. Da Vinci's Inquest (CC) CSI: Crime Scn News News Da Vinci's Inquest (CC)
NBC Ijll 11 12 News CC) NBC News Fortune Jeopardyt Dateline NBC is (CC The Italian Job (2003) Mark Wahlberg iy (CC) News ICC) Sat. Night
PAX i 1 12 2 Morris Cerullo Helpline Gaither is It's a Miracle is (CCI ** WarGames (19831 Matthew Brodenck. S Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS (~i1 8 5 Lawrence Welk Show Antiques Roadshow (CC) Keeping Up IKeeping Up Time Goes Time Goes Served IServed MontyPyth The Office
TBN (9 '13 59 Praise the Lord (CC) The Coral Ridge Hour In Touch ICC) Carl Baugh New Life Billy Graham Classic Thru History Travel Road
WB I7 9 7 My Wife Fresh Pr. Will-Grace Will-Grace Pepper Dennis e- (CCi What I Like Twins (CCI Smallville Pilotr' (CC) Star Trek: Enterprise ,'s
COM 65 43 Ringmaster (1998) (CC) Billy Madison 1995, Comedy) Adam Sandler (CCI The Waterboy .19981 Adam Sandier. Premiere Chappelle's Mencia
DISN 22 16 Life Derek ISuite Life Montana ISo'Raven Sadie jLife Derek Dragon ]Lilo & Stitch Phil ILife Derek Suite Life So Raven
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter (Live! (CC) Stu Ungar Series of Poker Series of Poker Baseball Tonight (Live) SportsCenter iLive) (CC)
FAM 43 23 ** Girls Just Want to Have Fun (1985, Comedy) Grease 2 (1982,) Maxwell Caulfield. Michelle PteRifer ICC) Best Man, Worst Friend 12005) iCC)
HBO 2 201 **** Titanic (1997) Leonardo DiCapno. 6I ICC) *** Kingdom of Heaven (2005) Orlando Bloom. Premiere sl JBoxing: Amaorois vs Harris
LIFE 18 28 Cheater's Club 12006) Second to Die 2002) Erika Elenmak, Jerry Kroll. (CC) Thy Neighbor's Wife !20001 Kan Wuhrer. (CC) The Last Trimester (CC)
NICK 42 41 School IZoey 101 OddParents ISpongeBob Kangaroo Jack (2003) Jerry O'Connell. i' Diff Wrld ICosby Roseanne IRoseanne
SPIKE 61 37 Disorderly Con. Most Amazing Videos Most Amazing Videos Disorderly Con. UFC Unleashed s TNA IMPACT! i ICC)
TBS 117 18 JerryMgre |** Stepmom (1998) Julia Roberts. Susan Sarandon. (CC) (DVS) *** Something's Gotta Give (2003) Jack Nicholson. (CC) lJerryMgre
TNT 146 17 Rush Hour 2 k2001) Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker. NASCAR Racing Busch Senes -- Gateway 200. (Live) (CC) The Replacements
USA 164 25 Monk (CC) IPsych (CC) Law & Order: SVU Bad Boys II 12003, Action) Martin Lawrence. Will Smith. Premiere. (CC)


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PBS 7i 8 5 Read. Rainbow Big Comfy Bob the Builder Clifford's-Days Dragon Tales Fetch! With Arthur f (El) Maya & Miguel Cyberchase Capitol Update New Florida 4 Week-Review
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I FAM 143 23 Paid Program Paid Program Digimon-Digital IDragon Booster NASCAR Racer IA.TOM. CC) Power Rangers Power Rangers Power Rangers Power Rangers IPower Rangers [Power Rangers
HBO 2 201 AllenrPredalor Faher, Son, Once Upon a Time ** Alien vs Predator (2001 5snj, Ljihafn li Real Sports ( iCCi Taxi (2r J C:eriJvi Quieen Latilah a ICCI
LIFE 18 28 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Robert Schuller: Hour of Power Paid Program Paid Program ** Silencing Mary t1998)i Melisa Joan Har, Conn Nemec (CC)
NICK 42 41 ChalkZone (CC) Rugrats (CC) All Grown Up OddParents Jimmy Neutron Jimmy Neutron SpongeBob SpongeBob OddParents OddParents The X's 4) (CC) Danny Phantom
SPIKE 61 37 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Carpocalypse "Double Stack"(. Horsepower TV IHorsepower TV Horsepower TV MuscleCar f
TBS 17 18 *** Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (11'I, PAl Ri:. Mcrnis CCi ** Angels in the Outfield 1199-, Ccrrinl) Danny Glover CCI *** Hook (1q1. Fanrasyr Du lin Horrman. Robin Williams (CC)
TNT 46 17 ** Bed of Rosesi' (~.6 R:.lman.rl) Chllllarl Slaler ICC) ** Forces of Nature (1i999 Sandra Bull:i, Ben AHle,: ICCi L Legends of the Fall (1994 Brad Pill, Armhony Hopkins (CC)
USA =6425 Coach (CCl; Coach (rCC) [Paid Program jPaid Program Paid Program iPaid Program [The Dead Zone L,,noF F-.er' The 4400 Blilin (CCi) PGA Tour Sunday (Live.) CC.i

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ABC .1 5 10 Paid Program Paid Program Motorcycle Racing: U S GP Golf ~enr:.r BRrihh Op-n Final Round i ICCi jIndyCar Racing FireSlorie Inoy -1'.i L|vel
CBS J71 6 9 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program On Winning PGAGolf U S Btnkc Cr rampir,_lF n Mipitausee Final R.aird (Livea (CCI
FOX !31 10 13 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program ** Wide Awake 11i99. Dramar. JT eph i.ri'. Tlimo, Reilfnvder Swamp Thing 1198?, Farnasly Ray Wise, Adrienne Earbeau
IND ',I 3 4 Paid Program Paid Program PadProgram Program Pald Program PaidProgram ProgramProgram 'Glenn Boyles Miss Hawaiian Tropic Pageant IER Miracle Hppns Here'
NBC i21 11 12 To Be Announced Champ Car World Series Racing iari JoE Grand Fri. From San Jc.it Call (1,C)
PAX 21! 12 2 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program (Paid Program Paid Program IPaid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program (Paid Program [Paid Program Paid Program
PBS 771 8 5 WealthTrack Tony Brown Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason First Coast Forum: Green River Blues Green Monster American Masters IImr i iCCI Wild Chronicles
TBN i 13 59 Love Worth Finding CCI i Bishop Evans llt Is Written Bayless Conley jPaula White lKing Is Coming Bishop P. Cornerstone ICCI Bayless Conley Gregory Dickow
WB J;I 9 7 Life in the Balance i1.01 Lrajmrn De-re' S:ewran BUck H* Hope Floats 19. 9 Romance; Sandra BulcO c Harr Connick .Jr On the Line (2001. Rcmance-oComredy Lance Bass. Joev Fatone
COM 65 43 *a Rat Race 12i0ICC) .* The Waterboy (19) C.orrnedy, Adaam Sandler. Kathy Bales iCCI Ringmaster 199j8! Jerry Springer, Jame FPressly iCCI Rat Race 12i',1il ICCI
DISN 22 16 Lilo & Stitch i, Emperor New Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century 1 49.91iKirslen Si.rms t (CCl Zack & Cody That's-Raven Lizzie McGuire IPhil of Future Even Stevens INaturally, Sadie
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter Baseball National Pro Fastpitch Softball AIroii, R erd al Pliladelephia Force World Series of Darts World Series of Darts The Contender
FAM 43 23 Full House i.CC) Full House iCCI Full House ICCi [Full House (CC)l j Celeste in the City (t'i'4al Malandra Delion Enlhn Erritiry CC) *A Au Pair ( Gegorry Harrmson, Hedi Noelle Lenharl ICC
HBO 2 201 Taxi (l260 0 Tourette's **- Shrek 2 12,0131 VoiLes ol Mike Mr'-,tr ia (CCI [*** War of the Worldsds i?05, So.-nce Fcirioni T..nm Cruie iiCC) I* White Noise ;2005) Michael Keaton tl (CCi
LIFE 18 28 Mr. Murder 1''99. .Supen.jni Stephen Bald in, Jui-e Warner A miysiery writer nmuel pr'..v he has a murderous double ICC) When Strangers Appear 20011 Radha Milchell. Jouh Lucas iCC)
NICK 42 41 Danny Phantom Catscratci N, NicktoonsTV Nilcktoons TV NictnoonsTV TNicktoons TV NicktoonsTV NicktoonsTV Kangaroo Jack 12003 Jerry OConnell, AnthonV Ander.on.
SPIKE 61 37 Xtreme 4K4 it Trucks! I iCCI Blade; The Series Pilol (iCI Blade The Series 'Pii:l iCC) Blade: The Series ft iCI IBlade: The Series Des:enr' 6 (Blade: The Series Bloodlines'
TBS 17 18 ** Hook 1i91l) Dusri Hurfrrman MLB Baseball fleiv r;rk MElI 31 Allania 8ra'.es From Turner Field inr AlFania l ISLublStI T', Blai:cIoull Home Improve. [Funniest Wedding Outtakes [Something's
TNT 146 17 Legends-Fall ** The Replacements (200.o Comedy! Ke.anu PReeve' Gene Ha.:i.man iCC) I A Knight's Tale ,200l1, Advenlurej Heari Ledger. MarY: Addr, Rutus Sewell (CC) Overboard
SUSA 64 25 Life (1999) Eodie Murphy Marn Lm awrene iCC _[ Friday After Next 20C02 Cromedyi Ice Cub~e Mike Epps(CCG j All About the Benjamlns (20r Ice Cube, Mike Epps (CC)

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WB i171 9 7 Girlfriends Girlfriends Reba rCCI Reba iCCi Charmed 4' ICC) Charmed Wc.rnm Raider Smallville ('o CC) Star Trek: Enterprise mm
COM 65 43 ** Rat Race i2001 (CCI The Waterboy 1998) AdJam Snndler ICCi Chappelle's Chappelle's Mencia Reno 911! South Park Dog Bites
DISN 22 16 Life Derek [Suite Life Montana ]So Raven Viewers'Choice K. Possible Phil Life Derek Suite Life So Raven
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TNT 46 17 Overboard (1~87 Corned I Goldie Hntrn. iCCI Miss Congeniality (2'O00, Sandra Bullock fCC) Miss Congeniality 12000) Sandra Bullock.
USA 1 64 25 Bad Boys II J20i., Acion) Malin Lawr-rnce. VVill Smith. Jord.i Molla CCI JThe 4400 (0r.) iCC The Dead Zone iN.Ji CCl [House "Autopsy ICC)

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\' _____ _JI:~ -r.


P E D I A T R 1 C S

All About Kids is the premiere pediatric facility in
Jacksonville, Florida. We are dedicated to provid-
ing children with the highest quality of health
care. Our doctors are Board Certified
Pediatricians with years of Pediatric Emergency
Room experience. With flexible hours, we are
able to accommodate the needs of families with
busy lifestyles. Come see why so many parents
trust All About Kids Pediatrics with their children's
Dean M. Cannon, MD
James A. Joyner, IV MD
Both doctors are board certified and have pediatric
ER experience.

* Asthma Therapy
* Pain Relief
* Hemoglobin/Hematocrit
* Mono Screening
* Rapid Strep Screening
* Sport and School
Participation Physicals
* Urinalysis
* Well visits/Immunizations

9:00 6:00 M-F;
weekend and after hour
care available
All Insurances Accepted

12086 Ft Caroline Rd. Suite Number 401 Jacksonville, FL 32225

Macy Gray.


PanP nd/linl7 7Q onnafi

... .......... m o

r- Teen Actor Oren Williams' 15th Birthday ..""- .
1 Celebration! ir~ ai. '. "a .

By Rych McCain/feedback-

Teen actor Oren
Williams celebrated his
15th birthday on Saturday,
Julyl5, 2006 at his parents.
home in Los Angeles.
Williams is a member of
this author's hand-picked,
family of Hollywood teen
and child actors and was
last featured in this column
for his role as Keith Ellis,
the ball-hogging showboat
basket ball player in the
20th Century Fox film
Rebound starring Martin
Lawrence. Williams is a
life long showbiz veteran.
His first job was in a
Broadway department
store ad at nine months old.
He was a long time child
model for the famous Ford
Agency and advanced into

acting on TV and in
Like fellow popular
teen heart throbs such as
Zac Efron, Jason Dolley,
Hunter Gomez, Ryan
Sheckler and Josh
Hutcherson just to name a
few, Williams is quietly
amassing a racially diverse,
huge and solid, female
heavy fan base. The pool
party included several of
Williams' close actor
friends i.e., the Massey
brothers, Chris ("Zoey
101") and Kyle ("That's So
Raven"); Chelsea Tavares
(Unfabulous): Jasha
Washington (Big Momma's
House); Cole Evan
(Sandlot 2) and little broth-
er Zachary Isaiah (Honey).
The food, drink, music,
parents and friends made
for a good time had by all.

From L to R: Chelsea Tavares, Oren Williams, Jasa
Washington, Kyle Massey, Front: Zachary Isaiah

The Kids Outside.

Photos: 2006.by Rugg Williams

TV seres BFamC.

WEEK OF 06/24/06

TV One
(Jacksonville Comcast
Channel 160)
9 a.m., "B Smith Style"
10 a.m., "Boston Public"
12 noon, "Showtime at the
5-p.m. -7 p.m., "227" &
"Amen" block
7 p.m., "Good Times"
7:30 p.m. & 10 p.m.,
8:30 p.m. $ingletary
$ays "$ingletary $ays"
shows everybody how
they can "live rich" iii an
entertaining, humorous,
and incisive manner. fea-
turing best-selling author,
syndicated columnist, and
national radio contributor
Michelle Singletary.
7 a.m. "Sweating in the
Spirit" Get fit with

Donna Richardson Joyner,
11 a.m. "Patti Labelle"
4:00pm "Inside the
Congressional Black
Caucus" a one-hour pub-
lic affairs program giving
you the inside scoop from
a black perspective of the
political activity in the
nation's capital.
*Sat. 7/29, 1 p.m. That
Man Bolt Movie (1973)
with Fred Williamson,
Teresa Graves. This
globe-trotting action-
packed hit stars Fred
Williamson as a courier
skilled in the martial arts
assigned to deliver an
attache case containing $1
million to Mexico City.
TV star Teresa Graves,
joins the adventures that
travels from Hong Kong
to Los Angeles and Las
Vegas. This hilarious
comedy will satisfy your

thirst for action!
*Sat. 7/29, 3 p.m. Shaft.
in Africa Movie with
Richard Roundtree, Frank
Finlay, and Vonetta
McGee. P.I. John Shaft is
recruited to go undercover
to break up a modem slav-
ery ring where young
Africans are lured to Paris
to do chain-gang work.
*. Sun. 7/30, 3 p.m. -
Nothing But A Man -
Movie (1964) with Ivan
Dixon, Abbey Lincoln,
Julius Harris, and Yaphet
Kotto. A young black man
in 1963 Alabama loves a
minister's daughter, works
hard, and is put upon,
oppressed, and called
"boy" by everyone with
whom he comes in con-
tact; hewants to be "noth-
ing but a man."
* Sun. 7/30, 5 p.m., Mon.
8/1 1 p.m. TV One on
One "Debbie Allen Up
Close" Learn more about
her Broadway success and

TV series, "Famle."
Sun. 7/30, 8 p.m., Mon.
7/31, Noon A Family
Thing Movie (1996) with
James Earl Jones, Robert
Duvall, Irma P. Hall,
Michael Beach, and
Regina Taylor.
Tues. 8/2, 8 p.m. Krush
Groove Movie (1985) -
In this movie based on the
early days of Def Jam
Recordings, up-and-com-
ing manager Russell
Walker has all the hottest
acts on the record label
Krush Groove records,
including Run-D.M.C.,
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde,
and Kurtis Blow, while
Rick (Rubin) produces
their records. When Run-
D.M.C. has a hit record
. and Russell doesn't have
the money to press
records, he borrows
money from a street hus-
tler. At the same time,
Russell and and his broth-
er Run are both competing

for the heart of R&B
singer Sheila E.
Black Family Channel
Monday Saturday, 5 a.m.
- 8 a.m. & Sunday 5 a.m. -
3 p.m., "M-Power
Ministry" Your daily
dose of power and praise.
Some of the world's most
dynamic ministers bring
forth the word with bold-
ness including Heritage
Christian Center Pastors
James & Teressa White of
8:00 p.m., "Inside
9:00 p.m., "BFC All
9:30 p.m., "Spoken"
Check out an emerging
generation of the most
prolific poets, spoken
word artists and lyricists.
10:00 p.m., nContrast A
celebrity-focused enter-
tainment and lifestyle
Listings continued on D-7

F. . ..

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f\-l^ Tt-- hB:- I* a:trtnul

B Fi d Cill

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LIFE 118 28 Golden Golden ** The Pilot's Wife (2002) Chnstine Lahli (CCI Vanished 1?0061 A.J Cook Brad Rowe (CCi Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School Phantom OddParents ]Neutron SpongeBob ]Just Kicks Full House IFresh Pr. Diff Wrld |Diff Wrld Dif Wrld Diff Wrld
SPIKE i61 37 Wildest Police Videos CSI: Crime Son CSI: Crime Son UFC Unleashed f Blade: The Series (N) 0 Blade: The Series (CC)
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld ISeinfeld o Raymond jRaymond Raymond JRaymond Raymond [Raymond Sex & City Isex & City *** Unfaithful (20021
TNT .46 17 Law & Order "Erntrtld' Without a Trace "Tr31s Without a Trace i CC) Nightmares Nightmares Saved "Secrets & Lies'
USA 64 25 Collateral Damage Law Order: CI Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law & Order: SVU Law Order: Cl

TV In Black continuedfrom D-5
8 p.m., "Gospel Video
3, p.m., "The Thou$and
Dollar Bee" Fourth and
fifth grade students com-
pete for their chance to
win cash and prizes as
they put their spelling and
grammar skills to the test.

6 a.m., Morning
Inspiration with Brother
4 p.m., "The Road Show"
- BET hits the road to var-

ious cities and college
campuses across the coun-
"Battle of the Sexes"
between 15 young men
and women another for
bragging rights and prizes!
5 p.m., "Rap City"
11 p.m, "In Living Color"
Monday-Friday 6 p.m &
Saturday 3 p.m. 4 p.m.,
"106 & Park"
Tuesday & Fridays, 10
p.m., "Comic View" -
BET's primetime comedy
hit flips the script. side-
splitting blasts from the
past mixed in with some of
today's funniest jokesters.

4a 41 1

CD -

o -
a (CD r-
E 0P

(D r-10




1 9 p.m. on
HH X- WB 17
One Tree Hill:
Watch out,
f kids; things
are about to
get messy.
S The opening
of the stu-
dents' time capsule opens a
whole series of personal Pan-
dora's boxes. Lucas and
Mouth (Chad Michael Murray,
Lee Norris) are forced into a
confrontation with someone
from their past. Brooke (Sophia
Bush) faces embarrassment
over things she exposed.

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HBO 2 201 Flight of the Phoenix Surviving Christmas 12004) ', iCC) |Lucky Louie Lucky LouielLucky Louie Lucky Louie Tourgasm Cathouse: The Series ot
LIFE 18 28 Golden Golden The Stranger Beside Me (1995), Eric Close ICCI Stranger in My Bed (20051 Jamie Lunar. (CC) Will-Grace Will-Grace
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ABC 1'21 5 10 News iCC) ABC News News (CCI Extra iNlI ', Funniest Home Videos TKyle XY ( CCi 20 20 (CGC News iCC) Nighlline
CBS 47I 6 9 News CBS News Judge Judy Raymond NCIS Twiliggn' iCC) (The Unit 'Unannounced NUMB3RS ilTV) to ICCi News (Late Show
FOX 3-'1 10 13 Simpsons Malcolm 70s Show Seinfeld ** Bringing Down the House (2003) Steve Martin News (CC) News (CC) WWE Smack.
IND E1 3 4 News News Entertain Inside King (Becker (CC) Dr. Phil I (CC) News News News The insider
NBC Q 11 12 News (CC) NBC News Fortune .Jeopardy! Dateline NBC 0 (CC) ILas Vegas (A (CC) Law & Order 4 (CC) News (CC) Tonight
PAX 'li 12 2 Animal Tails t's Ell MLB Baseball Boslon ReO So>. at Tampa Bay Devil Rays (Live) Diagnosis Murder ICCi Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS 1J 8 5 Cliff Pup IBusiness News-Lehrer Wash Wk Review NOW IN) fo McLaughlin Doo Wop Cavalcade: The Definitive Anthology (CC)
TBN lI9l 13 59 Praise the Lord iCC) ACLJ Primary Behind Rubin Joel Osteen Price Praise the Lord iCC)
WB H7 9 7 Will-Grace IWill-Grace Friends -, My Wife What I Like Twins (CCi Reba CC) Living-Fran Hollywood Friends (6 Sex & City Sex & City
COM 65 43 ** Back to School (1986Y Rodney Dangerhield (CC) Daily Show Colbert 10 Things I Hate About You (19991 Heath Ledger. Live at Gotham (NI (CC)
DISN 22 16 So Raven ISuite Life [Montana So Raven Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch jEmperor IDragon (Dragon Suite Life ISo Raven
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter (Lie.) (CC) NFL Live Series of Poker X Games From Carson, Calil. (Live) (CC) SportsCenter (Live) (CC)
FAM 43 23 7th Heaven "Busted" f 17th Heaven "Blind'" (CC) Whose? Whose? Whose? Whose? Whose? IWhose? The 700 Club (CC)
HBO 2 201 Harry Potter ** Rebound 12005) Martin Lawrence Entourage Entourage Entourage Entourage (Deadwood ft (CC) Lucky Louie Entourage
LIFE 18 28 Golden Golden The Beneficiary 11997) Ron Silver (CC') Black Widower (2006. Suspense) Kelly McGillis. (CC) Will-Grace Will-Grace
NICK 42 41 School Phantom SpongeBob IspongeBob Sabrina Goes to Rome (19981 Melissa Joan Harl. Full House IFull House Full House Full House
SPIKE 61 37 Wildest Police Videos CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn CSI: Crime Scn *** First Blood (1982. Action) Sylvester Stallone.
TBS 17 18 Seinfeld JSeinfeld Raymond JRaymond Friends t I Friends ur ** Jersey Girl (2004) Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler (CCI 1* Simply Irresistible (CC)
TNT 46 17 Law & Order "Asteri k' Without a Trace tS ICC) *** The Mummy (1999, Adventure) Brendan Fraser. (CC) (DVS) *** The Mummy (19991 (CC) (DVS)
USA 64 25 Law Order: Cl Law Order: C Law & Order: SVU [Monk INJ) (CCi Psych 9 Lives (N) ICC) JHouse (, (CC)

Whassup continued from D-I
This year's theme is "All
That Jazz... And More."
The fest will convene
August 11,. 12 and 13,
2006 at the breathtaking
seaside setting of Rainbow
Lagoon Park on Shoreline
Drive in Long Beach,
California. The super line
up includes; The
Rendezvous All-stars i.e.,
Wayman Tisdale,
Jonathan Butler, Kirk
Whalum and Brian
Simpson; David Benoit;
The Christian Hernandez
Quintet; Brian
Culbertson; George
Duke/Stanley Clark;
Everette Harp; Phil

Perry; Kim 'Waters;
Howard Hewitt; Peter
White; Richard Elliott;
Gerald Albright; Jeff
Golub; Poncho Sanchez;
The Al Williams Jazz
Society featuring Barbara
Morrison and Nils.
The National
Association of Recording
Merchandisers (NARM)
will host a four day confab,
SOUNDS 06, at the
Gaylord Palms Resort in
Kissimmee, Florida from
Wednesday, August 2
through. Saturday, August
5. Chuck D will be a
keynote speaker at

NARM's Technology and
New Media Forum. Kool
and The Gang will accept
the NARM Chairman's
Award for Sustained
Creative Achievement and
.will perform at the Awards
Dinner Finale. Scissor
Sisters will also perform at
the Awards Dinner Finale
which will be emceed by
Kathleen Madigan of Last
Comic Standing.
'Over 25 established
and emerging music acts
will perform live showcas-
es during the convention
and marketplace. Major
labels and music industry
pros of every niche will be
in attendance.

Movie Review:
Monster House stars in
voiceover Steve Buscemi,
Nick Cannon, Maggie
Gyllenhaal, John Heder,
Kevin James, Jason Lee,
Catherine O'Hara,
Kathleen Turner and Fred
This is a fun movie for
the entire family. Some of
the scary scenes may be a
bit much for children under
eight, but the spacing of
those scenes are of such,
that the humor in between
should lighten it up. This
film employs the same
technology that was used
in Tom Hank's Polar
Express, called, "process

of motion capture anima-
tion," The characters
appear to be cartoons but
are so humanly life like; it
will blow your mind! My
only question is why they
didn't save this one for a
Halloween release?
The plot is around a
spooky house on the block
that seems to be sucking in
things and people and
making them disappear.
You and the children
should enjoy this offering.
It has "box office smash,"
written all over it!
I'd love to hear from
you, drop me an e-mail:

r; i....... The! ;Fli.ida-SIWI~