Florida Star

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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20090511_AAAACV INGEST_TIME 2009-05-11T15:49:43Z PACKAGE UF00028362_00077
FILE SIZE 93224 DFID F20090511_AAATIQ ORIGIN DEPOSITOR PATH 00025_archive.pro GLOBAL FALSE PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 77a8e1c37cbdf4d74d803a4795192966SHA-1 b86afa803368c027710a5ef0cfb7b9e6d1a5420eWARNING CODE M_MIME_TYPE_MISMATCH conflict in mime type metadata
36349468 F20090511_AAATDT 00009.tif db268fe8d067794063c94eba3bb1dee74cdb4cf1d09eb001804f52630a7061eff6feee57
37040864 F20090511_AAATIR 00025_archive.tif 2ded20fcc23898e51d3cad2a9963f53331956968dcf27b94fa1263b88b6cbed80afde7f2
2179 F20090511_AAATDU 00009.txt 71a2c8643276417e2160e576b9483ff06bd1e1f8cd934e3325d8c6edee804f8f85ea8b2c
3644 F20090511_AAATIS 00025_archive.txt afc39ac39c29120f22f08475adf9c0e229e07f434cca757affa63ae3b481487526e29708
10245 F20090511_AAATDV 00009thm.jpg ed604eaf4c4a168731cddfa7b5ba36f5c68a2e4d0cba54b4ed4af928dc55016928ed9949
1512691 F20090511_AAATDW 00010.jp2 0e83b0df86ece80d24975d8e7d25c82827a5428f35068b72468faafb755fe26674bf7c2a
1676428 F20090511_AAATIT 00026.jp2 58076e90bbc9b128c0481e670fa1d19dd1d74e4e9e40e07c49eea5c04114d64a505fc016
123464 F20090511_AAATDX 00010.jpg 6086fc45123cede926b0bc9aa574206aa847b844f09beac8d815e2604ef9ceae208d9df6
435451 F20090511_AAATIU 00026.jpg 8546401c1f971c0be16993748f0858df0db362a1a1b21e78944dbac7cd611cbdd877a830
15037 F20090511_AAATDY 00010.pro 91c2adcd15db809f2f7bb94eb5b7a766cc0187de7cd874910b223d800b01a912dddefba0conflict in mime type metadata
298956 F20090511_AAATIV 00026.pro 9b035cf29587e9f12f6f9c58abc20722bb752df3416aa5893459fb7b5a47594a12e35c00conflict in mime type metadata
22327 F20090511_AAATDZ 00010.QC.jpg e50b80905cf1dac38616fc7bc03f02e3758222748561f696325f982e3dcdacfef8617b95
43091 F20090511_AAATIW 00026.QC.jpg bddb0516f3e820bb8e48e812796c5ae120afc338524d9c670b5cf432776d5c9d5a64ecd5
13426808 F20090511_AAATIX 00026.tif c0231d73ba65135f1138e3b9d84d22e4baecd7d0225574354a7809c4bde3683a47a8bebe
102010 F20090511_AAATGA 00016.pro d38715756260a6a3efb260a1deda30cdcb0fdbd3952e937204be4c4e66c400aac4e4e523conflict in mime type metadata
11927 F20090511_AAATIY 00026.txt e8334a6163e0fc0e1db945210fc7297aa62409f56f273b20018ebc7759615e7083ed10ac
41478 F20090511_AAATGB 00016.QC.jpg 21738b8e0ff3e4cbea3f73e0c39f6f4186657c80e5a8b45b9e55f1f58d7ad4ec50f971e6
9418 F20090511_AAATIZ 00026thm.jpg aaeba134a1da3bad7666c8ccd586ac22abcab283e66df5338da0d7113fba033f44c5e8f2
35980260 F20090511_AAATGC 00016.tif 3950bb2895b9f32fd9e2d781f2f3f46e6790840ef1e9ced6e23ac3bea9491b31bf16bdf3
3855 F20090511_AAATGD 00016.txt 1e69e05df7642efe194eb22f9e049f03acd40d2dd2348cec6a67800dc8ffc545516974eb
10384 F20090511_AAATGE 00016thm.jpg fb6ef35885d9d2f53704752fb70ab7020df060f9cc4d25bf7b172de3b1ad72ba73eb55c3
3094115 F20090511_AAATGF 00017.jp2 ed24b480affee9ac1694941385cdf4d40b72315d8ac5ea188387464e05263567942c2d62
3056633 F20090511_AAATBI 00001.jp2 eef59b99cf020204d1ca4671cf17c7e2a9afd7e9b7f28475327416a52e354053797f9338
449247 F20090511_AAATGG 00017.jpg 3911ff7829a077eafaaac5de54e75d42829ded2133004a1495f7bbffbb43d979ff94af54
456482 F20090511_AAATBJ 00001.jpg 2abfb645751571702ea86e5a9d70a91d3c39610da757daa04155acca93aac517606d6ec4
119429 F20090511_AAATGH 00017.pro 62a8b8bd43700af5fefa75331e8477a19e87145e4b20d55fa3503f295bed7712b3fb7f54conflict in mime type metadata
172553 F20090511_AAATBK 00001.pro 346d7e613cae258f5a19bbae925e1689673ab570b68151b47cc5fb1644dc6f078ad25e57conflict in mime type metadata
56232 F20090511_AAATGI 00017.QC.jpg 86e98094b7c489edf403deb9a21108e371848e339d514577018731225c46ec3ab4fac7c4
55624 F20090511_AAATBL 00001.QC.jpg 950b2cb554dca48e341d0fabebf26273da997fde7a5731984e582aab0fa45040752cadb0
74272160 F20090511_AAATGJ 00017.tif 6ace0d8a94a4630a1d152823cb999d2776aa7dbbee4ed051c9758fee2d8f2988ce0344d3
73371488 F20090511_AAATBM 00001.tif ecc8fb0130fc8470e9bdc82f16b618be478c73d7d9a39612d17098406a51d2aeee524a22
4536 F20090511_AAATGK 00017.txt ab198bf0757a144eb0882884fad072b347e038e25e93ad1ee940f913edd35ff11f0cba10
7372 F20090511_AAATBN 00001.txt 6e28bed09f3262c9f614a588383cf73a27dfeae1294bb524e0311c13d30966684dc054a1
16434 F20090511_AAATGL 00017thm.jpg 2573856a6363ce75aa432936dbdde4f2811b0574c0b91ecb8c84abcc69299e354d004507
16729 F20090511_AAATBO 00001thm.jpg e7e47c9a1c7c5615d8e587c9a5e0c530edbb245deee208819dc17372c6fd61128a36b1a7
3403445 F20090511_AAATGM 00018.jp2 1463810892057ab7d10a179e83a75daba9c554633b2789fb376dcbc636c78e649d675cda
3446366 F20090511_AAATBP 00002.jp2 6650a4089a8a1413243750c3de08d817a914a5ec4662520331dfaae474760f7adfe485b8
457806 F20090511_AAATGN 00018.jpg 00b9ce3c49e3c6029242ea7d1c6acece050864036159b7c76fe7c933e50cc4c7b91d7607
408831 F20090511_AAATBQ 00002.jpg 32df9bebdaf7c2666ac1586e557ea545d0bc44557002d795ee5000acd964029a6f9ce32e
98012 F20090511_AAATGO 00018.pro 479958ca3f56488a4434c5f00cc7daa0865b3be132955e8b32cef84c129534f4d5205e2cconflict in mime type metadata
222131 F20090511_AAATBR 00002.pro 4b6f1bd4fe417c61e76be51e7e8d29d55551edff29216fdf6fe2fa71db6ef92ba5f7c949conflict in mime type metadata
55408 F20090511_AAATGP 00018.QC.jpg 5c59c69e6e7e6db4008cb0112786778d688ad2c2e7e3f9537adefb17d124b889ba9bc94a
50519 F20090511_AAATBS 00002.QC.jpg 09668b95b077191a227deebb6b4493e19476be26707e7ddaf697ea4eb383d0b5a4b1e8f5
27240800 F20090511_AAATGQ 00018.tif 25b1ea29198a550caf48d3d8722c12028e7b880f15f71af3aafce4ca77f38132ce3842c4
27584600 F20090511_AAATBT 00002.tif f2b51afd91afa01a9dcc4131fa5b976b468848b9986e9ee351fcc3bd0d33667e4d5975f4
5203 F20090511_AAATGR 00018.txt 42bf0fb596864d2bb0b13db70fd12cd2d6fe76be31f6d48845fc23dc588419903e552417
9155 F20090511_AAATBU 00002.txt dad41cf39f6ced72c5452375d930fb0c5e20655f696ac41929e4c91d92bdac3b8bb8ec12
14105 F20090511_AAATGS 00018thm.jpg f9ccb867b86fe572c8e4d05a39d064d87d3fa658b5b71d014ae4b80db9f915353bcc817e
13187 F20090511_AAATBV 00002thm.jpg 2a14c640d10688c9f21a733d5e2450db2c5634f601264be5922bf73f65f86309ba8c3ee9
3480383 F20090511_AAATGT 00019.jp2 3d520b750d34140d65e14b9ada30796d83b86ab5e628307b61ebcb9a508dce8721d62ffb
358549 F20090511_AAATBW 00002_archive.pro 5d0cb3ee84535e153ece1f18ee345acd7072dff13711d65ce56e7df9f377f8ba7e738e45conflict in mime type metadata
449760 F20090511_AAATGU 00019.jpg 6759337e5d38e1cf3867fba1f17c98759952ace039686e47cfb09bcf2980658542624088
27583804 F20090511_AAATBX 00002_archive.tif 8e86dc339ad95e87c9b8b0993f5c2f2df4c69724862651157173e2015af4340a81d36aae
200497 F20090511_AAATGV 00019.pro e239f7128db631cb00ce720f5775cac54b84a42874ae01775c2403986a79c6430c316a93conflict in mime type metadata
14234 F20090511_AAATBY 00002_archive.txt a496d7a1b9a71657110da4a1a89523c37693a367db8d5239f96061447b211ff1808b39fd
53294 F20090511_AAATGW 00019.QC.jpg c5809d3fd59c6599fc056eaa512308326eb6cdd1825d0d261d5f8a67f256e1f4790f00ae
3240988 F20090511_AAATBZ 00003.jp2 253aa27ae78dd3c145cb13055a2245ac1ed0e92a221066b316ad1aeb16fd04605b96b092
27855856 F20090511_AAATGX 00019.tif 118ca821c3650772f9b92c117271595934641bd3c90b05d9d1dd13518295adcf272f6941
13675876 F20090511_AAATEA 00010.tif b956975f1a7ff5ad1e0e99bb1f800abbb848c76671fa89caee54face529e0996188d23a9
7793 F20090511_AAATGY 00019.txt b45f67ad0782a6431a2917fc50f0eb7f99d48dab7323d02263db8f3ecb50cec02f27664b
694 F20090511_AAATEB 00010.txt 9a66af5e6e358b798ea4472258818d7bcdde1cb09f60d184e5a539700b7f104fff92cb21
12862 F20090511_AAATGZ 00019thm.jpg d344e1e8a992fae54b6f7777818b08ed51de55b88f3ea26594d2b52837d8174335ed0e5a
6414 F20090511_AAATEC 00010thm.jpg c6334ea823fa9fe5bea008a77fb1a9a74697a14cfd2b431f162df7df6e7461fec27130a9
1633705 F20090511_AAATJA 00027.jp2 6d8569895711846d429615d9eb0b0dc974c969a0ba81030b97b89f3d3dc1c4808eef576d
160887 F20090511_AAATED 00010_archive.pro 19212d1205cb682f66733e4dbe1fc2129f499b6c75e5435cbe6c5c3f83b008a564fc97dbconflict in mime type metadata
439131 F20090511_AAATJB 00027.jpg 8b0dccbc7385b90510835ceda6bfe38d025dd0d91db874b3e765464d04796e39e00d6da2
298614 F20090511_AAATJC 00027.pro 6005d03093729d921b43628281c93847d92959723ebb3cf7abc7dae006c98bf77522ab39conflict in mime type metadata
13676260 F20090511_AAATEE 00010_archive.tif 78ee3f17d3ca68b17c26ed0be59c8e24e4320a1c999935cceb550ce057467648b935f7f7
42657 F20090511_AAATJD 00027.QC.jpg d913f8df18b3b1dad595bce99083d4e171f8b5dd53fdb9fee9a9ca93ffb5fd0eab153ffb
6115 F20090511_AAATEF 00010_archive.txt 98333f992bf26e4488992f65885348c73cd524043d97dec173eb03ad356fa214e615de13
13085284 F20090511_AAATJE 00027.tif 8d34bf3d1c85a2b0e4372b379de1cb58767b3423895462f24a99bbcce690319171435003
1638667 F20090511_AAATEG 00011.jp2 16838b58a6286755497608cbff69d2f63d699425b18ffeb08da9ea3447edb5c307524851
11681 F20090511_AAATJF 00027.txt 0d14ad94f9beaa59397ec0287e74dbecf408eeb847ec716ce4eb2059dab124152bf57004
165230 F20090511_AAATEH 00011.jpg 20a97ad1c414d7069ebf250edcc300c6019a0165aa9791bdaec11e0120b4db19eda78e3e
9668 F20090511_AAATJG 00027thm.jpg 836575f9b2cdbc330490a7e8c107c0d5bdbdb718bf2d3d8b756952c0a3558782f6774884
27323 F20090511_AAATEI 00011.pro 6e1cab263156fb02ea57047dd116e124b3ca0ad163d33deb479f13917232df23ebde5bc2conflict in mime type metadata
1554622 F20090511_AAATJH 00028.jp2 151750b3db4fcc84419aea816853b021f3c94bb8d7492aaa5b47d7fc541f5c422bdeea79
25618 F20090511_AAATEJ 00011.QC.jpg 87c5385e750ec049fffe35e8052214e14ace51f3bc69c1bcc865ccec3c219b3c44b90cfa
384359 F20090511_AAATJI 00028.jpg 921ea2a3541f7ceefc3e8bd3f477f0fc7361e109dcfd7aa9a0fd5ec4ba66d799a38b8333
13126240 F20090511_AAATEK 00011.tif 72ecbd1a3d6c201d91577d2db98f442446e81e1eca2e5b6581921c610bea189379893d98
1285 F20090511_AAATEL 00011.txt ba4419b9d2802a873b3201bb5fe7b179fb2982aa0374d888bc6bacfcb0fd08e68620de97
97300 F20090511_AAATJJ 00028.pro beb67a296462c3a3b1c68a7732843353131e546dbcc9ada2e55ff468373ae97c0fc6ad08conflict in mime type metadata
7241 F20090511_AAATEM 00011thm.jpg 6cbe055a82798ddae529c0942de46e63d4f1954a8bca464f283712ae9317b26a870b1de1
43251 F20090511_AAATJK 00028.QC.jpg b46a6fc06234cb8795c228495d2c8189664fb81f3099e81148dd46c156595352f3c7cfff
161465 F20090511_AAATEN 00011_archive.pro b5fd5e0cbb17de377a651dbd2ff06422f535b9c951e2943dc471835826e4cc2b61c5fbedconflict in mime type metadata
37326168 F20090511_AAATJL 00028.tif 2caa09ef1e0e8467ec42187cfc629e4d7c867cee41729183bfa85be22320e288824c76eb
13126544 F20090511_AAATEO 00011_archive.tif c014806fc7336b7c218717c92059b37551380dabd79cecddb0b4b76d377d66e2cc830c5f
3807 F20090511_AAATJM 00028.txt bec3d393bccd1cce944151540027e4f847206cfc24f9036f984f0b8511898d26c8ae5a49
6357 F20090511_AAATEP 00011_archive.txt 4817dba1ce9927f0f0d7ea810405e3a55b175cc7d5f884c182cb1c45f407c33d979c912d
10423 F20090511_AAATJN 00028thm.jpg d0aed1cf06e1d2e8a20dd9e2c260c0c0fb3314383c691d97c033f83e8231dec0f77ed1de
1486811 F20090511_AAATEQ 00012.jp2 207beac089f9403fce3b0d47ada30e1a617eb44160784f6bddae77e3eb4b8f59e1abc581
1464395 F20090511_AAATJO 00029.jp2 ec121a1839dcf325df14d20504a2673121ca1f7a7c303a92ef18b3f5f4934363a0367b40
367508 F20090511_AAATER 00012.jpg 25424cd462d6a8587111662cab472d4ffe0aaae074a867272ed45de42c78864d8937d3f6
322595 F20090511_AAATJP 00029.jpg 3aa7937fc321aab687227cb300cd87bb3f5a0f8f8b42bd16949801caf4ee5a5b2a4d137d
74638 F20090511_AAATES 00012.pro 13f0e9c592e369b757e5c98ec2aba3c6a78e5f8c49e65c4e99d59ea65d0c39cd7547a5fdconflict in mime type metadata
118177 F20090511_AAATJQ 00029.pro 44edf353cc9b064a7360a6f1957cf649d14b7441d8351d4fc01415747c416c03fe2e38dcconflict in mime type metadata
38955 F20090511_AAATET 00012.QC.jpg e91313e55ef69bcc17e5a83734dc642aafc7fc8fe263db6073297b3d18c73ce8ecd628c5
42565 F20090511_AAATJR 00029.QC.jpg cc41d6476664dad5acfd59f8a8e0248336a3ed33ea500effd80aa874f2c987c812998eda
35698044 F20090511_AAATEU 00012.tif 64e6adb077b96ef163948485ff9a8aed67bf0dd007f4c1bee9a23cf110129cdcde661b53
35160176 F20090511_AAATJS 00029.tif 480c29f213a48c5a8be0fb70fbd26186ce3be0e49ca9f9613061bce050d1754c4e8c4514
5790 F20090511_AAATEV 00012.txt e002152f1853bd829c44e87d1127e520763a6146f7047416fc037f1c41a128df3949a9e8
4585 F20090511_AAATJT 00029.txt dd591cdac3903a6176c2e1a99a2e1f69a78942106c12ce444dabf5f4b7f06d2f64e3a2e4
9345 F20090511_AAATEW 00012thm.jpg 2f3dd93070e256faef18abb13e6425d2a8d04dc86ca336d4f9965b4bc8c7e1a5b665a08e
10713 F20090511_AAATJU 00029thm.jpg 846fde84003c58e8d51b71487e7246bf230e29f74479d4f798e213c316c4c6ac7dc71efd
1439066 F20090511_AAATEX 00013.jp2 5034d3a0d259abddc19e17d6ad75a059b4f0bded339b84eb4271d62a7f3d2220f4fdaa64
118440 F20090511_AAATJV 00029_archive.pro ddc235fa7b3f98bd32cce28d943efdd8d8779a792ee2c3720766e074907489ad956a03e0conflict in mime type metadata
490105 F20090511_AAATCA 00003.jpg f5f7666a9bd9a7aa2dbd847877e8e6449e2373eef85ebf60e09efca6bc1ae1e73d85979d
354212 F20090511_AAATEY 00013.jpg ae2bd8b476683cbeb2b6a3cdc288ff294665eaeaa3fef9ba4d4b4fdb04aedf752e712d46
35159792 F20090511_AAATJW 00029_archive.tif d12b84c987b25359675c3d2fea79ba5f8579e11f745ea6def097ef3bc02ac41627000e59
365225 F20090511_AAATCB 00003.pro 69b9e926155be5961c38a897ea98aa0394dd4a6722f2ba8e30779810c15efc248ac65650conflict in mime type metadata
90472 F20090511_AAATEZ 00013.pro fe536da1e91379f5f2b568ed3b20c4592a1492250a466c5f6182b1586157f7d5118c968cconflict in mime type metadata
4597 F20090511_AAATJX 00029_archive.txt 3a5df312bf8ced20288f2907dc21b6646b97506d6d2e5bd0aa59a6fef9c9c9950514995a
1512388 F20090511_AAATJY 00030.jp2 999defd4b56e4c0f5e7903ce094be6a65e817cb63ddac984703322f0dcef12e1c908872b
56944 F20090511_AAATCC 00003.QC.jpg 7c6a912f808d46636d5de0a969bb8543bd3affcb5f64fbaae280875015174b9517eb65af
3161683 F20090511_AAATHA 00020.jp2 5f657b1b6cf9dde502c70155cac082d0436c2fef3b53471cf01b57b1a5419b60b4f89ec4
445325 F20090511_AAATJZ 00030.jpg 1ec3b2796436721db4647b367eb41c29f1bb831fd8692ddd5e03ff1c974ad12667e54973
25940244 F20090511_AAATCD 00003.tif 6432e23652c8a0070c9cf25fec514438c4013ab5b4da99e639cce0f7676874ab5d480054
494527 F20090511_AAATHB 00020.jpg 775dfde0d548220f5eb871523a252e843c130dcb8862004dfd0a606d3c1785a8608c17d9
14908 F20090511_AAATCE 00003.txt f4557122950fd537b62ea32d4c3596b5bff07800e88cc49fe500c27ed86170ee84c7cd7b
185673 F20090511_AAATHC 00020.pro c2796e93f8c0de87f662d552a1601cd77099e62dbafad6771d08a783b5680ca1749cd701conflict in mime type metadata
15263 F20090511_AAATCF 00003thm.jpg 5392fd27d6191e874bfcf2f3900b691e1a27d1613cfdae44ce0e2e1b15bfbc4dc764bc8a
55288 F20090511_AAATHD 00020.QC.jpg 6989928fad540dda865d0e4e48eba18a0dfdaf42529e924261a1673650a1ba4b90b9aeba
3215252 F20090511_AAATCG 00004.jp2 5d794c42e987b5d73de21faca1bbbab90411db9e819a5aaee415e5748c2e7fe595353b72
75892576 F20090511_AAATHE 00020.tif c961495b10b14881ff00960202d4d690b6ebb73aa9d1692b857d9019f18cc6245c414f47
473062 F20090511_AAATCH 00004.jpg d41dd2789957e1af8ff9519601eca67969095b5eefdf5e8f4f545ec5389e67cea1f657c4
6894 F20090511_AAATHF 00020.txt 4d847bd2ed445ca6f924abcd63873663b44f319f86a7406e68dfe4bb9d47c2f0e1ddff1e
164129 F20090511_AAATCI 00004.pro 313decf1d8791193c4b8c48148c21ffe7ad4d8e6bd1829f66e87579ac4266267c8a9c33dconflict in mime type metadata
15049 F20090511_AAATHG 00020thm.jpg dc5e24b4d72ffca53c36b9c2b122faea99a4b408c11dbe264cc0accd3d9c26f8bf5cf4a8
55131 F20090511_AAATCJ 00004.QC.jpg 484b6e21cff8836dc5c9eb34ec60f075ff05f0e10367dee1fd1cd1a68ac63b2c84fd078f
77178476 F20090511_AAATCK 00004.tif 30cea3fd85a1e44f8233e4a2503e99c5a6a6c147decb8fa970dd2b197f05068a165611bc
2970751 F20090511_AAATHH 00021.jp2 0c47df6915f723b3cf2a3de7cb2951b1d86f87cfc69ebaf29a7a773beb53fe2185f4d53d
6186 F20090511_AAATCL 00004.txt 1d719fc13058f8e8cc6c2c762ddc9e511b34e5b5edd79e45b66092e10c9932e8f666fba6
469305 F20090511_AAATHI 00021.jpg 3162776998b1f8e0a96922d5037348b498e994c3b50364980a95f22f6dbc12ac4071fae1
16156 F20090511_AAATCM 00004thm.jpg 4bced35587f2d77d4e80518fc31993416f4425da36fa3063994a14f9ab1b9c0c544ae6e9
259202 F20090511_AAATHJ 00021.pro 9b8336c6895cb61548c632e1fd796b9a3900238bbb449df8b311dc5a16167944315322f9conflict in mime type metadata
3060944 F20090511_AAATCN 00005.jp2 c256219ea4e0fc92d9acc20f712cde8fea3f2de6ebed7d2d1663e660e13536dbe998361d
58285 F20090511_AAATHK 00021.QC.jpg 14c6ab393863ee5fb46d808142294020af968d4ae8eca32f515cf051743f82546830bd25
444743 F20090511_AAATCO 00005.jpg debb8c4feb8173510b411cea8aa20c800e0fb8d2fdf7a09a041f001e75ecf17bfd9d029e
71310136 F20090511_AAATHL 00021.tif 3e9e8ff47fea3cab57a63a3990bd4f223a8d0a153e8355f9a0c2ed73962f1a72c42abf95
184681 F20090511_AAATCP 00005.pro f6621c011d338ebf9f2d3e495d017862747458c636ffe8990e5bd990161547830e3fdadbconflict in mime type metadata
10630 F20090511_AAATHM 00021.txt 57abf50a384b5e0a16251525a78db0980c36c6d0a30a4f81f101952785c017304a9846c5
51997 F20090511_AAATCQ 00005.QC.jpg 3739a0bfcbead9fce5785448582a654608fbb29772ee2c08cd5a03709b7f6064c090bb6c
16802 F20090511_AAATHN 00021thm.jpg d0662631749a16682449909b0c14d9d41eb6ea605fdb1576ffddb0cbfdd165d6f90c1cda
73474592 F20090511_AAATCR 00005.tif cf377a16e67ea3a68b4c5b0594b3eb9d937b30a4bd3ccab90476a1d3bd6baf5831bf4a09
3359809 F20090511_AAATHO 00022.jp2 518fd52584abdd6179cb8c560e1f3f68a9e0f5eda8821a426140860d30bcf9cda119c7bc
7150 F20090511_AAATCS 00005.txt 11506583191149cfa2c74b61fbdc35644af7a9eac3d75f8f9fdf1e5837823795d99ff12c
514001 F20090511_AAATHP 00022.jpg 7acc9a03cf900f482fb3fc9d0ea51b63b71cd4a71e934df9e055478d7b3f7560b948bc74
15789 F20090511_AAATCT 00005thm.jpg e31338d0b1e65d5e52f5bb1eb46d2fd8760ba10a26736617e5fbdb8531dd4e3c79ecbc10
418092 F20090511_AAATHQ 00022.pro a84bd12fc8915732ce63a4214d75403e1c9cb71357cd6d978b2f6d1cc9e27a51f0c7a363conflict in mime type metadata
3274917 F20090511_AAATCU 00006.jp2 385169a1c37ce34416aea7ca9c545ea0df0c57727619e5a93c6283754cf15acb723b9eb3
57418 F20090511_AAATHR 00022.QC.jpg 99746c08fe9a783a180b6558ebbf7952cf1f9fa90a04c1ec397f32b72197a9713876c5cf
437023 F20090511_AAATCV 00006.jpg f56391d746d61abf17aa3080b6d44143a30b87a2d20997ebcf4d89b331bc4037f16152a0
26890712 F20090511_AAATHS 00022.tif b673d2e6311d01d0502a9557becadb3431adec1a0e67fc052cd25221f762ec0183234da2
214468 F20090511_AAATCW 00006.pro 91465fdaa4b266615fd143ca72ca6b49d702456a4987dd032a9cc6a56e3a876779f174bcconflict in mime type metadata
16278 F20090511_AAATHT 00022.txt 0a21a92c72a17874b166427f7d9b7f5778638743a5b64b3f7ebe1f1b9b396b997d18fb95
52128 F20090511_AAATCX 00006.QC.jpg 6dc549303a9237b030618ad56331e901361c19303f7b99b580b8cb2d9a4239740438241d
13933 F20090511_AAATHU 00022thm.jpg dbbce17280c3dc238e34b8780abe6a021652801b0d4bac4efcdbb4f4baaefff31b1eb23f
26211944 F20090511_AAATCY 00006.tif 50d7b6015bb4c1865dde2c3e18b346918e6c2012c09745a53ced915642aa3c2430474ebf
3408656 F20090511_AAATHV 00023.jp2 a263c4e024d7402badf734a6be2d5189b47c962c19e5cf53e31c69a513970f8d473d5f38
8536 F20090511_AAATCZ 00006.txt 49694f480e44bd6672402b855b0e8e90c9e93a847625b6e0fdfc260ae7474fef4c83c8e5
466626 F20090511_AAATHW 00023.jpg b89f77a221040b30b413d6f9ea5835b83358ebbcb4d9b050b3b4f64563e1dc09fcd58423
424258 F20090511_AAATHX 00023.pro 372b5648a3d3185c64430c61aa6c849902a806984331a5c80cb4bbf5bf4a27411581973econflict in mime type metadata
40939 F20090511_AAATFA 00013.QC.jpg cd50106f3ffa70f18cbb7a5a03ed0ca43c6567a06dd3147186c253f2f60467484645b4fa
53719 F20090511_AAATHY 00023.QC.jpg 3d21aec3de074569b50c7776c1a63938bd0c320ac4c960c478a462ae23ba2fc85d9e19ea
34552452 F20090511_AAATFB 00013.tif e0ded75ab7f937705116cd8b706415bb065f20d109a8b1078159d3296fe7590c1dcda5f3
27281684 F20090511_AAATHZ 00023.tif de0a2e57cdb91b0520439293c43de1268009cdbc6921403a6863ed5564ccf7d8267bd0ac
5892 F20090511_AAATFC 00013.txt 488e0a2756dae070e6730ac22f947eaf70749d0ac089f5355e138922bddf6ca95d2a9d52
10498 F20090511_AAATFD 00013thm.jpg 2a6b6d21cb9d258acb9b33aaeb7ed2823f90ac7c42402562d86df9de648793ebd9075405
241352 F20090511_AAATKA 00030.pro 6870ca1621d76572fc2777f405b8938bfeed67a983810f544a386fc7f7e4e7c7acfc47adconflict in mime type metadata
1043525 F20090511_AAATFE 00014.jp2 a906d7b85403e3b1d889ab3160d2bbc0c7f977c470eecaf76383fbc428433d76ecedc354
46159 F20090511_AAATKB 00030.QC.jpg c29ee934872b4607a174283ef03ea00e0442dc627dc3fb6b6ed0428732da81ff9a12e920
12115708 F20090511_AAATKC 00030.tif 61c44a9de384e5103f49a8825aab5203ca5c9ee4a9030e57aa6acdd819de39a755fa4785
103571 F20090511_AAATFF 00014.jpg 6d82d1bb636b9fd93526483f478c2113bd467c17c0d563cfe135d0adebf23ad7f10371fa
10718 F20090511_AAATKD 00030.txt 184f8e834d9fcdc29a962c61109e98e636ca54dce34eca2b3151fcfbb96377ef1b11c2d6
12065 F20090511_AAATFG 00014.pro 8adb1b2954f8d555f896c9f9d37eb95965aa4b025d7c79fe400d5459339286f813e3240cconflict in mime type metadata
10596 F20090511_AAATKE 00030thm.jpg fe0daae252bb58ae6d1892fdcbb31813a8dae59851fd16726b2554c2ec790d8aff8b3ee6
19885 F20090511_AAATFH 00014.QC.jpg bf64c3edf45cbfc3773f8124ee21f5f79763cba508f3e5a862ec9fa44bbb0e1bec22c204
31632 F20090511_AAATKF 00031.jp2 837cfed668bd9cf8d8a4762b4cddff97b1d1b49a32fdaf1ae13e0a49694bef3a06826ef7
12327948 F20090511_AAATFI 00014.tif 46af23d8f199e22ba20f6e74adbe6e1127317c7aa7fbfc894fd5d69a33c8b4d4823fd495
45579 F20090511_AAATKG 00031.jpg 38f5940081694b3d624d6f870aa5a03be4d67f87db1c9b837544d9564a245f23d190ab01
708 F20090511_AAATFJ 00014.txt d17d1744c10152e4e72c778c1439e55692da490e18c52b7b7c099ca961ebe384a5b5af80
1062 F20090511_AAATKH 00031.pro 3bac681237b2bff82497e16f04ef1d0205ceff2e1e9f8175d4390bc67b7a23df29ef8daaconflict in mime type metadata
6323 F20090511_AAATFK 00014thm.jpg 2e1f9d839569dac54efd001953f3eaf6a3b2924d510964bf8cc290dea2931596fc8c5c74
11854 F20090511_AAATKI 00031.QC.jpg 985fd44a789fa95a7028c8194fb21bae8eacc0b99d30eafda69b85aa1c1f8226ff38fb4b
66409 F20090511_AAATFL 00014_archive.pro fcc483d7910a9e413ccb120f7f08b51dbbb69bffd7508b0f178f6cfae0968294f4a3e1cdconflict in mime type metadata
1467732 F20090511_AAATKJ 00031.tif 90bb1b2d2c443cdf1446b64667c4aad9dd711beb9261c4047d305e6cb676fcf27fe72f22
12327672 F20090511_AAATFM 00014_archive.tif 1b0adbce1be0c58ce574f0ff25f1e1e55d04bfd9a97ab69337e042a7ceb863123455e23c
3846 F20090511_AAATFN 00014_archive.txt 0f59b311f6df966d4edf5439d0ce55ed8d58fc719ed9bd0e6fc0bbbdb2112c419cf93f43
50 F20090511_AAATKK 00031.txt ed845a4b4c755ff1e8c1294fce2f5abcf7596f82bb75b5515751b6349c5fcb1b5765ec47
1611840 F20090511_AAATFO 00015.jp2 59dc0fbb95263a7cb554ad9c844d8976342a26c4ad253c2b1a3739ff3b7670fee6059a52
6521 F20090511_AAATKL 00031thm.jpg 4077725310d0030979f2f9d38fe9035a13b0206a2ac9e0269958e59c0eb6e80444810e1b
144805 F20090511_AAATFP 00015.jpg 83ea0de981146b4616f79ca77c2d937ed38cd600a6bb169708cd53a4c11a61243175df25
1669372 F20090511_AAATKM 00032.jp2 b6ad2e0e25bde64b684149aa5664067f48047b813f42f3315ccf9344691915cc6092ffe7
25514 F20090511_AAATFQ 00015.pro 681dbd82a648813952b81d77b54c760a6017a98fd1a60bd2469e630cc8154b4bb8cae87fconflict in mime type metadata
399449 F20090511_AAATKN 00032.jpg b2bccdc284d724bc18881799cc55cf0697b985280e8430df4b7cb520ac4f81aab860ee56
25671 F20090511_AAATFR 00015.QC.jpg 87425158c741885cd4a3eff0facf794b2f812919e7aa2ef606440de87cbbf34c28a466c2
214017 F20090511_AAATKO 00032.pro ec546ac3e38884c3c03a7f8e34169bfa955d21d654325858a3555493a5afb8b7c994aaf5conflict in mime type metadata
12911480 F20090511_AAATFS 00015.tif 89ccf742c4f3a2f104e92109f856d2b1c7f9f70347d4444d24b21e254b05f5547da57bc0
43984 F20090511_AAATKP 00032.QC.jpg 567ceaf7b88ff6b5d93e824da459c511cc9924cf3d16ae09df5b457d711f48aadbb601b3
1085 F20090511_AAATFT 00015.txt 658d45675aea662f4c5820293286a5da2938b22ce010eaebc4a7d8696183046943671aaf
13370624 F20090511_AAATKQ 00032.tif 2d1c0ebcb1a5c0cb12371908c845623ce6ea6ba1816217b4b2b0f5173482467f465b9002
7426 F20090511_AAATFU 00015thm.jpg d11546518dd48fcd49214659464bdf1f08c2e109fbf19cd9783057d7e0e7fb8f7d019b4d
8646 F20090511_AAATKR 00032.txt f4c630d40ebdcaf3d224477ab1ce6eb20aebfc31cad2434422e2065be774be13dde26110
148690 F20090511_AAATFV 00015_archive.pro 25f55ed3f11f8f11f8a61600bbb55be9bacd89fb52480e4a279a83e7bfb2476e9120fbfeconflict in mime type metadata
9712 F20090511_AAATKS 00032thm.jpg 64e0c07973f61a775adb1333218cad4c3122dd68ff22204faa07041445d91f8021a04d5c
12911544 F20090511_AAATFW 00015_archive.tif c3739c1c83a2bce00ea7e0c31922cf7a5855d39f61459adf9c7c7cc32963fb5c2d9312b5
211325 F20090511_AAATKT 00032_archive.pro 0c54f096bf08753476f6e15b80c0ed5688171347f30e281af8d29cc17bb5976fd564d0e1conflict in mime type metadata
12917052 F20090511_AAATKU 00032_archive.tif 4e1914154b67c435d8b38d7c5946f69dba6383f17eb6e9d4cec043c223abe1aee4284eca
5761 F20090511_AAATFX 00015_archive.txt e2cc73e1afd8f94ba452d8bc51f9d1e550cb262f7a5962c9f45c13d1b91c5b12bc0d730c
8424 F20090511_AAATKV 00032_archive.txt d12cd4c9d454a86a4fcb2d4cb659d7eab48dddb7b82bf6e03236a7a03ef5cd53af55ba3b
14293 F20090511_AAATDA 00006thm.jpg be7a03915c6c3b6a3e685541d01cca8c732621a8b438633dc4fb376f9dd7a6ffb35bfdbc
1498321 F20090511_AAATFY 00016.jp2 d2a11528a6dd5bb61bf8339242dc04e0bedefcce2bb5d728d449fa79dc3c3e050f06feae
51932 F20090511_AAATKW UF00028362_00077.mets FULL a4894db7da21917f5253da350fbadb5113af3cb48b91cd4baa7cefd485570d98848dd6ca
3260761 F20090511_AAATDB 00007.jp2 2fea8ed967353b98844a117c767aca2bbb30429c4e2198be9f878fc2ca955cddb67a2ede
348063 F20090511_AAATFZ 00016.jpg b702cd2ac667d658cf282c28c070c2ab790ae6b6792860b16b04109aa725ac771203666d
447997 F20090511_AAATDC 00007.jpg 5da275ea6b4c8845a6f262fa10be0b95bf0127c5c9c9127de8f16725ea0d995398b7688c
17332 F20090511_AAATIA 00023.txt 629b2e2038ce67b221f8f59089c2a6db4dfba75066b8d9296ad0b19fd8ea0f16c99c08bf
13023 F20090511_AAATIB 00023thm.jpg 1270f041bd96039a6a0e4c417b455bd93a5a8ecf05a61d2e96f06602a850a08038e47e68
69590 F20090511_AAATKZ UF00028362_00077.xml 203c1e00a895c0514b049bfc6e97c10e11b81bb4cf1010e68ee1ba7c7d79cc0304f0b611
190654 F20090511_AAATDD 00007.pro 0effff9cefec02ccfabde47fe17360347e0c888ba50131bbcce1af3a3591222593c28919conflict in mime type metadata
3198855 F20090511_AAATIC 00024.jp2 5b15be8e9af50b6398c857942b2202626839c7e9333a1730ea98e2e873290f876bd793cf
53067 F20090511_AAATDE 00007.QC.jpg 7fdc69ac6cc521a04072beed27936a2f1dfb88d47dfbdc25b99b71e9077319389f8cc400
378154 F20090511_AAATID 00024.jpg cf6dc23952cb2b4ae5e47bcfa50983a0aa3ca38d84c6ead35a5b5d8cca2957b7cf039ae4
26098424 F20090511_AAATDF 00007.tif 3c448108936a5bb024db31c17eab800a6a463d486c6655ff76149f8c55ff4765be5840ca
82992 F20090511_AAATIE 00024.pro 13c8502b8532e75f9ad94116a4b03960a4bafed7ff429ae26d3966f988fe17cf591e64e7conflict in mime type metadata
8229 F20090511_AAATDG 00007.txt bd3024540a2eb7bd42c54c6938db25e60ea8ac8e2219f68ad3e8e1be6a8d24e8409cd271
43571 F20090511_AAATIF 00024.QC.jpg f5d678f06ead085641f897a018b79cff7bbe2db2e96008cba00d155e8a63ef49c32f84d5
14974 F20090511_AAATDH 00007thm.jpg 355866d04d77700f4c14b8f9837e89b0592fd2c3592c999d7ad914074cdaa48db347a3b7
25603400 F20090511_AAATIG 00024.tif 0ac44f929be3c295f2dea0656b504833e8357a83400b7dc928eb59790bdfbc29bdb4b48c
3450592 F20090511_AAATDI 00008.jp2 1eb91ef8cc37e038b6795e98f61e6fab5258f1f3dcfb7a3eb4dc53df9d6467923c24b5a3
3490 F20090511_AAATIH 00024.txt 9a4f81af69c12dfc5d538be2459cc626c30ae8cd420bc7bd6beabf370d88d5b7fe2595e3
311583 F20090511_AAATDJ 00008.jpg 3ba933949fd23e2e72b6b00fbc2d0027f5aac66d28ad38b8c150f76f96d2847d9ca0d7ae
26159 F20090511_AAATDK 00008.pro 0730c2744de22fdae0868205f1ac3b1e436d54457c037e18834cbe520d83897129c6e5caconflict in mime type metadata
12216 F20090511_AAATII 00024thm.jpg 0956974974421964bb42fed2d3a6610b4efb7d7a70bab3f6be63b511f4a86be798996023
34920 F20090511_AAATDL 00008.QC.jpg b40cc4a89d6860e7c6a52f533a16324926766b8789a9aed4a26dab6bb7967f905df6f7ff
1542763 F20090511_AAATIJ 00025.jp2 0e7db3d5e6919cfc0be6f3690710f1df3063a1a36f34bc56987e36f9736d1adbb0803e40
27616092 F20090511_AAATDM 00008.tif 84dd38d83340dfdeaa96d575efa812d356eca041af389675b370e46ea521cdbc1a1b1d93
334173 F20090511_AAATIK 00025.jpg 209c4a61b5aef1b89ce6bf2d88419d24fccc435b20ae8102a58634b3d4d0d47c5d92fd6b
1120 F20090511_AAATDN 00008.txt 111576855d95a89feb4699738c466218efbac2e7f24b87af884fa8271228565582774651
93528 F20090511_AAATIL 00025.pro d402d3b4d74d03a1178798e3442cbaba6fe038d92f2578c3bc8fbb00f5c134fe1749f1d2conflict in mime type metadata
10055 F20090511_AAATDO 00008thm.jpg b9593f71a13c8c7dc8f0876a36390d51e9ec6c72ef51eeb7aa9d69027808d70bfb90c853
41612 F20090511_AAATIM 00025.QC.jpg e1e8e2ddaf6cbd79674ac8dab79d4ad4871f69e8c67330df627f801566e689108224bd98
1513804 F20090511_AAATDP 00009.jp2 6edc11eef5e160fcd52ea42af082513cf8237cee1858dbc31489de7d05c74621e0f3d065
37041128 F20090511_AAATIN 00025.tif ce03f001810f605c2b6fa0eabe36d219050959cb5a3102e6605db5f77ef22676c250de29
371777 F20090511_AAATDQ 00009.jpg 6cba59811fc5b404e1b433a63a290cc51f047fbf32790fd789c6ce8546cac8fc00d99dbc
3894 F20090511_AAATIO 00025.txt f557115e8aabc46b52593a77687d5ab54a4d3141a5b5d219b7011bd24c6cac45ffaa8fbe
55700 F20090511_AAATDR 00009.pro cc41951717d7d285c17c4c705cf86d314835d9c75123025a30a5ef7f997d7b12a5f4e3dfconflict in mime type metadata
10413 F20090511_AAATIP 00025thm.jpg e71df87a274ca0687631481f060dcedd6334c312cbd889fe9210fa0f716a7eed306c5928
40216 F20090511_AAATDS 00009.QC.jpg 3e5b31c3600c0053db19437ed6841129edb8581758dfce95d6088163bfb1b2f392ebf386

xml record header identifier oai:www.uflib.ufl.edu.ufdc:UF0002836200077datestamp 2009-03-03setSpec [UFDC_OAI_SET]metadata oai_dc:dc xmlns:oai_dc http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc xmlns:dc http:purl.orgdcelements1.1 xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.openarchives.orgOAI2.0oai_dc.xsd dc:title Florida Stardc:creator Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)dc:publisher The Florida Star Pub. Co.dc:date July 15, 2006dc:type Newspaperdc:identifier http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc/?b=UF00028362&v=000772261130 (OCLC)000581378 (ALEPHBIBNUM)0740-798X (ISSN)dc:source University of Floridadc:language English


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
oclc - 2261130
alephbibnum - 000581378
issn - 0740-798X
System ID:


Material Information

Florida Star
Uniform Title:
Florida Star
Physical Description:
Florida star (Jacksonville, Fla.)
The Florida Star Pub. Co.
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla.
Publication Date:


newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )

Record Information

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University of Florida
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Monday through Friday
from 10 to 11 p.m.,
WCGL-AM-1360 -

XaNia Masline F L O R I Aquestions and answers
Miss Ribault The Florida Star and
2006-2007 -Impact Striving to
7 thefloridastar.com make a difference.

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= : .., .. '. .,- ;' .:; :; -:-." ::::-.--;: :. ,- ".. ':'. -:,.:<:::..:.' ; : .; ..: -, : i :- :!-: ?, ; ,;'' :;

Six Charged In Beating

Death-Two Still At Large

Jason Starks Chevonne Hargrove
SSuspect Suspect

Anthony Grubbs Padrick Fedd
Wanted Suspect

Kyron Mills

Classmates From 1st To 12th Grade;

Fifty Years Since Graduation-Still Friends

.4 rm

This group entered first grade as classmates and remained classmates until they
graduated from Stanton High School, fifty years ago. They are: Lawrence Turistill,
Mrs. Wanda Donal, J. Carl Davis, Sr., James Mosley, and Bentley O'Neal. Tunstill,
Mosely and Davis continued on to the AirForce together. See more photos in Socially
Speaking on Page A-4. (Photo courtesy of J. Carl Davis. Sr.)

Murders, Crime, Murders, Crime

Kenneth Lamar Fedd
II anred

Darius Waters' mother,
Ms. Nancy Tutson knew
that something serious
had occurred when she
reported her son missing
since July 3, 2006. She
had heard that he had
been killed after his wrist
had been bashed with a
baseball bat and treated at
Shands Jacksonville. On
July 4th, she heard he had
been killed but had! no

When the 20-year-old
left the hospital, he did
not go home. Instead, he
went to an apartment on
Niblick Drive, where wit-
nesses say he was tied,
kicked in the head, had
his arm broken and then
stuffed into a garbage bag
where his body, in the
bag, was placed in the
trunk of a car. Ms. Tutson
said that she knew her son
"had been involved with

Wanted For Beating

And Stabbing

On Sunday, July 2, 2006, at Paradise Island
Gentlemen's Club, the victim became engaged in a fist-
fight with the two suspects over his hometown,
Chicago, Illinois. During the fight, the suspect in the
red/whitelblue stripped shirt stabbed and cut the victim
numerous time. The male in the white shirt was an
associate of the suspect and also engaged in the fist-
fight with the victim. Anyone with information regarding
the identity of the suspects, are asked to please call
JSO or First Coast Crime Stoppers confidentially.

drugs, but. they did not
have to do this to him."
Water's, bodN was
located on July 6 in the
%\oods off Lake Shore
Boule\ ard.
Charged \\ith murder
are: Ky-Ron An-Twan
Mills, 16, Jason Starks,
25, Padrick Fedd, 23,
Kenneth Lamar Fedd, 20
and Anthon\ Grubbs, 19.
Chevonne Hargro\e, 19,
-who witness say was his
girlfriend, has been
charged with false. impris-

Beating Death continiedi on

Desnane Harris
I 1(11111

Fla.--The report that
County has the highest
murder rate in the State of
Florida for the seventh
year is still baffling the
minds of the citizens and
its leaders. To add that it

Parents File Lawsuit

-,,, .. ~- c 14(47=~c mll
TALLAHASSEE, FL. The attorneys for the parents of
Martin Lee Anderson, filed a suit against the Bay County
Sheriff's Office and the Florida Department of Juvenile
Justice. The Bay County Sheriffs Office operated the
boot camp ih Panama.City where 14-year-old Anderson
died. Attorneys Ben Crump and Daryl Parks held a
press conference to announce the suit. Gina Jones,
Anderson's mother, speaks during the conference.

Kyle Bass
is now slightly behind
Miami/Dade County in
overall crime, a mere 37
in numbers with a vast
difference in population,
makes it more. apparent
that major changes must
be made immediately.
Mayor Peyton
announced Wednesday
his proposed budget for
2007 includes 200 addi-
tionial, police officers. In
fact, the new budget
request is for more than
50 percent of the city's
budget go towards public
safety. This of course,
requires cut backs for

"Birthplace Of
The Florida
Religious Hall Of
"Serving Florida
For 55 Years
The People's

Cornelius Monfort
other departments, elimi-.
nated approximately 191:
positions. Of the 191:
positions being cut, most:
of them are already:
Thirty-six are not,
vacant but.the Mayor did:
not disclose the 36 filled;
positions that will be,:
Murder continued on A-7

Changes Sought
In Sex Crime Laws'

While two Florida stu-
dents, Mackey Davis, 20
and Eddie Scott, 19, were
arrested Wednesday for
the rape of an 11-year-old' .
girl that sources say may':
have involved at least ten
men Saturday night, a
group of sexual predators
in Jacksonville wants to
overturn the city's ordi-
nance that require them
to live 2,500 feet from a

Laws continued on A-7

s 5 0D69 00151

I_ _~ _

S :..-' Jacksonville Suns first baseman Craig Brazell was crowned the
,- -" Home Run King of the Southern League after winning the 2006 Home
Run Derby on Monday night in Montgomery. The derby was part of
,.- .. .. .. the Southern League All-Star Game festivities. Brazell, a
S.' .: Montgomery native, entertained his home crowd, parking eight home
AV C,*.. .. ..;-' ,- runs in the first round of the competition, held prior to the All-Star
S; .. .. Game




.TJLYV 15. 2006

1r7 /rn A ,.TAR




TEL: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673
Serving St. Johns, Clay, Duval, Nassau,
Leon, Alachua, Flagler, Marion
McIntosh And Glynn County

The Florida Star Newspaper is an
independent newspaper published
weekly in Jacksonville, Florida

*One Year-$33.00
Send check or money order
with subscription amount to:
The Florida Star,
P.O. Box 40629,
Jacksonville, Florida 32203
The Florida Star will not be responsiblefor
the return of any solicited
or unsolicited manuscripts or photos
Opinions expressed bs" columnists in this
newspaper do not necessarily represent the
police of this paper

To reach The Florida Star
via electronic mail:
On the Web:



National Newspaper
Publishers Association
.: pR.'

First African American Inducted Into
The Florida Press Hall Of Fame


Marc H. Morial
President and CEO of the National Urban League

In April, U.S. Attorney
General Alberto Gonzales
referred to the U.S. Justice
Department as the steward of
the American Dream -- the
dream of "living and prosper-
ing in a safe, secure, and
hopeful society."
"Our record in securing
this dream is strong. We have
not suffered another terrorist
attack here at home, and our
nation's violent crime rate is
at its lowest level in more
than three decades," he told
lawmakers at an April 6 over-
sight hearing before the
House Judiciary Committee.
What a difference a few
months make.
Since then, the Federal
Bureau of Investigation has
unveiled preliminary crime
statistics that indicate a com-
pletely, different scenario.
According to the FBI's
Uniform Crime Report for
2004 to 2005, the rate of vio-
lent crime, which includes
murder, rape, robbery and
aggravated assault, actually
rose 2.5 percent nationwide -
the first time in five years.
The good 'news? Rape
actually fell 1.9 percent. but
murder, robbery and aggra-
vated assault were all up.
despite posting modest
declines from 2003 to 2003
With the exception of
major cities, %\here violent.
cnme fell:0.4 percent, urban

areas with populations under
1 million posted increases, up
to 8.5 percent in some areas.
Though cities with 100,000
to 250,000. in population
fared better for'violent crime,
they posted a 12.4 percent
increase in murder.
To the attorney general,
his department's priorities are
"rooted in the pursuit of the
American dream." In order of
importance, they are: fight
terrorism; combat violent
crime; stamp out cyber crime
and drug trafficking; protect
civil rights; and preserve gov-
ernment and corporate
"The terrorists seek to
destroy the American prom-
ise of libertyand prosperity.
And the\ are determined ,to
attack us again here at
home," ,he .told lawmakers,
before rattling off the names
of the latest terrorist ring the
Justice Department had a role
in bringing down and the lat-
est suspected terrorist who
has been captured or brought
to justice.
I'm all for protecting the
homeland, but secunty and
safety, in America's urban
communities cannot take a
back seat to the hunt for ter-
rorists. Indeed, abuse of and
trafficking in illegal narcotics
and guns is causing more
deaths of Americans each
year than terrorism-related


To Be Equal:
The Crime Rate Down






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BG 55 Blower,


MIkes cleanup work much easier
Primer hulb and throttle lock ensure ta.i sarns.
Opiional vacuum and gutter is availablee

Jacksonville Neptune Beach
Bennett's Ace Hardware Tucker Equipment
8080 W. Beaver St. 113 11th Street
904-693-0929 904-246-1330

Nichol's Equipment
S10237 Beach Blvd.
- 904-641-2923

MS 170 Chain Saw

S169 '

1 'bar

This Il.hretwaih saw Is designed for occasional wood-
tuning tasks around lha home Includes many of Mte same
e:ellent design lelatures as our professional models.

At l rp a.i SiE5Ial

Orange Park
Orange Park Power House
611 Blanding Blvd.

Ronnie's Repair Shop
5091 Sunbeam Rd.

stihisaco Aae yrd ra

. In our government's
efforts to bring enemy com-
batants to justice and to pro-
tect. our national monuments
from terrorism, we've forgot-
ten to protect the neighbor-
hoods where violent crime is
a daily occurrence.
I must praise the depart-
ment for its recent efforts to
implement innovative anti-
gang strategies through a
$2.5 million pilot project in
Los Angeles, Cleveland, and
four other urban areas. This
program seeks to prevent
youths from joining gangs by
addressing the personal, fam-
ily and community factors
that tempt them to join gangs,
improving law enforcement's
ability to prosecute gang
members and providing re-
entry assistance. That's
exactly what our criminal
justice system.-needs, given
that just last month, a com-
mission upon which I served,
concluded that prisons are
becoming places where crim-
inals become better crimi-'
nals. But is the Justice
Department's commitment to
such initiatives strong
enough with homeland seci-
rit on its plate?
The share of the federal
budget devoted to discre-
tionary domestic programs
such as crime prevention and
reduction efforts has stayed
constant since 2001 as
deficits continued to mount -
thanks to increased spending
on the \\ar in Iraq. homeland
securitN and tax cuts. There's
no doubt that, m light of 9. 11.

our nation must invest in
efforts to combat terrorism.
However, at what cost? The
increased presence of the
National Guard and height-
ened reporting of suspicious
activities in major metropoli-
tan areas where terrorists are
most likely to attack have
probably been very helpful in
deterring not only terrorism
but crime overall.
But you usually don't see
National .Guard troops
patrolling the most crime-rid-
den neighborhoods of New
York City. You see them in
the heart of Greenwich
Village or at the airports or
around the New York Stock
Exchange. The National
Guard's presence in New
Orleans failed to deter the
murders of five young people
a few weeks ago.
It would be misguided to
assume thatall strategies
used to protect the homeland
will work for violent crime
prevention. Our history
reminds us that we can win
the war against crime when
\re put our minds to it. When
\we let other ."priorities" take
center stage, we have no one
to blame but ourselves.
SIn our government's quest
to stamp out weapons of
mass destruction, we've for-
gotten to rid our urban areas
of weapons of community
destruction. These latest FBI
statistics tell us that we must
renew our commitment to
crime reduction and preven-
tion or risk reversing the
progress \\e made in the






in A dly 7 A 11

4 0 40O.. 4N.- 40 --


Faith In Our Community
-Schedule of Events and Services-

H.O.P.E. Ministry of New Bethel A.M.E. Church, 1231 Tyler
St., invites the public to participate in a scavenger hunt for
school supplies on Saturday, July 15, 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at
the Church. You must participate in order to receive school
supplies. Activities will include breakfast, games. prizes, a
cookout, snow cones, popcorn and fun. Pearl Fris6n,
President. Rev. William H. Lamar, IV, Pastor.
WOMEN'S DAY CELEBRATION-The pastor and con-
gregation of St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church invite
the public to join them in the celebration of the 25th Annual
Women's Day. "Beautiful Christian Women: Highly
Favored By God" is the speaker. The celebration begins on
Sunday, July 23 with Sunday School at 9:00 a.m. and
Morning Worship at 11:00 a.m. Sis.. Martha Ann Rivers is
the Guest Speaker. The church is located at 2600 W. 45th St.
Sis. Dominique L. Mann, Chairperson, Sis. Carlotta Smith,
Co-Chairperson, Rev. L. J. Coleman, Assistant Pastor, and
Rev. Henry Rivers, Pastor.
SPECIAL PROGRAM-"Let's Go To Church" will be pre-
sented at 4:00 p.m. on July 23 at Grace Baptist Church. Rev.
Alvin Smith of Friendship Primitive Baptist is the Guest
Speaker. The first 20. people in attendance will receive a gift.
The church is located at 1553 East 21st St. For more infor-
mation contact Deacon Ernest Dewey at 356-5040. Rev.
John Devoe, Jr., Pastor.
YOUTH EXPLOSION '06-"Meet Me in the Church: It's
Goin' Down (122 Psalm; Matthew 16:14-16) is the theme
for Youth Explosion '06 at First Baptist Church of Oakland.
A Health Fair & Community Day will kickoff events on July
22. The Oak's Youth Back To School Concert will be held
at 6:00 p.m. on July 23. The Oak's Youth Explosion servic-
es will be held nightly at 7:00 p.m. July 24-26. Rev. Daron
Dixon of Miami, Fla. is the Guest Speaker. The church is
located at 1025 Jessie St. Rev. Torin T. Dailey, Pastor.
BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION-The public is invited to
attend the 83rd Birthday Celebration of Rev. John A. Pay ne,
Pastor Emeritus of Grace Baptist Church of East Springfield.
The celebration will be held at 4:00 p.m. on July 16. The
church is located at 1553 East 21st St. For more information
contact Sis. Joan Daniels at 710-7344 or Sis. Claudia
Campbell at 708-4776. Rev. John Devoe, Jr., Pastor.
YOUTH DAY-New Redeem Missionary Baptist Church,
1615 E. 30th St., will observe Youth Day on Sunday, July 16,
beginning with Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. followed by
Morning Worship at 11:00 a.m. and Afternoon Worship at
4:00 p.m. Rev. Willie Addison, Sr., Pastor. Rev. Dr. E.I.
Norman. Pastor Emeritus.

Ask us about Our

If There had been a death
in your family' resterda..
what would.l'on be doing


* .1A' "

* ,~c .'


.,*". ,







4409 Soutel Dr. Jacksonville, FL 32208
Tel: (904) 766-9671 Fax: (904) 766-2354

Deborah West

Alphonso West

Jacqueline Y. Bartley

Fellowship Ministries Jacksonville-Duval County President
Sam Roberts is seeking donations of school supplies for chil-
dren of prisoners to be given away August 5, 2006.
Donations may be left at Second Baptist Church, 954 Kings
Rd. (at State Street and 1-95 entrance) or at watch the Lamb
Ministries, 2519 Soutel Dr. You may call.Roberts at (904)
994-1044 for pick-up or the church at (904) 354-8268 or
(904) 764-1104. Roberts recently suffered a heart attack, but
is determined to fulfill his project for these children to have
school supplies. Clothing contributions will also be accept-
ed and distributed.
UNITY FEST-The Churches of Dunn Avenue and the sur-
rounding areas present Dunn Avenue Unity fest July 28-29.
Participating churches are Abyssinia Missionary Baptist
Church (Dr. Tom and Rev. Eugene Diamond, Pastors),
Dayspring Baptist Church (Rev. Jeffrey Rumlin, Pastor),
First Timothy Baptist Church (Rev. Fred Newbill, Pastor),
Joint Heirs Christian Fellowship (Bishop David Thomas,
Pastor), New Life Community United Methodist Church
(Rev. Candace Lewis, Pastor), Open Arms Christian
Fellowship (Rev. Leofrice Thomas, Pastor), and Truth for
Living Ministries (Archbishop Leonard and Bishop Carolyn
Love, Pastors). The event kicks off with conference activi-
ties at participating churches For the conference schedule
and other information call (904) 696-1770.
ORDINATION SERVICES-The public is invited to attend
Ordination Services for Elder-Elects and Deacon-Elects
Sunday, June 30, 5:30 p.m. at Believers In Christ Christian
Center, 11565-107 N. Main St. Ordainees include Minister
Vernell Gillespie, Minister Rosalyn Joseph, Minister
Marnice Parker, Minister Robyn Sessoms, Brother Danielle
Joseph, Brother Wayne McDonald and Brother Charles
Listings are due the Tuesday before the next issue. Email
submissions preferred.
Send to: info@thefloridas- TH
Mt. Olive Primitive
Baptist Church .AMOS-Shirley Ann, 51,
died July 3, 2006.
Celebrates Annual BROWN-Frances F. died
Revival Services July 5, 2006.
BROWN-Naomi Davis,
died July 8, 2006.
Mt. Olive Primitive died July 8, 2006.
MtBRYANT-Thelma ,T., 89,
Baptist Church will cele- diedJuly5,2006.
brate its Annual Summer BYRD-Athan Byrd, died
Revival Services July 17 July 7, 2006.
through July 21, nightly CALLAHAN-Ruth E., 88,
at 7:30 p.m. died July 10, 2006.
Sp i r i tu a 1 l y DANIELS-Hattie B., died
Empowered For A City- July 8, 2006.
Wide Campaign (Acts DRAKE-Samantha H.
Wide Campain (Acts died June 8, 2006.
1:8" is the theme.
1:8 is the theme. A.B. COLEMAN MORTU-
The itinerary for the ARY, INC.
Revival Services HAWKINS-Leo Robert,
includes: 74, died July 7, 2006.
Monday, July 17 and JACKSON-Roberta S.,
Tuesday, July 18-Prayer, died July 7, 2006.
praise and worship servic- JACKSON-Baby Girl
es with participating Shaniya died July 7, 2006.
churches in the city and JORDAN, JR.-Lester,
communities died July 9, 2006.
KING-Queenie, died July
Wednesday, July 19, 7, 2006.
Thursday, July 20 and LEWIS-Jean Arnold, died
Friday, July 21-Spiritual July 3, 2006.
evangelistic preaching by LEWIS-Ruth Lee, died
Elder Benji McMiller of July 3, 2006.
Nazareth Primitive MCPHERSON-Mary, died
Baptist Church, Charlotte, July 7, 2006.
Norh C .. MILLHAUSEN-Flossie
North Carolina..
Eleanor, 93, died July 6,
Mt. Olive Primitive
Baptist Church, under the MURPHY-Ronnie Trae,
leadership of Elder Lee died July 8, 2006.
Harris,. has been a beacon NWANKWO-AD1 George
of light, hope and change O., USN, died June 20,
in'the Jacksonville com- 2006. A.B. COLEMAN
munity for many years. MORTUARY, INC.
The church is located OTEY-Juanita, died July
at 1319 N. Myrtle Ave. 6'2006.
The public is invited to PENDER-Mary, died July
6, 2006.
attend all services. DnRI 0 0 r. h
I~~~tRO L ESlI=_ _r-S.heallt

Everything love is ...
Love is patient,
love is kind.
It does not envy,
It does not boast,
It is not proud.
It is not rude,
It is not self-seeking,
It is not easily angered,
It keeps no record
of wrongs.
Love does not delight
in evil
but rejoices with
the truth.
It always protects,
always trusts,
always hopes,
always perseveres.
Love never fails.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

,IuLL -Vl I. V-lI I. II ,
died July 7, 2006.
M., died July 9, 2006.
SMITH-Emma H., died
July 7, 2006. ALPHONSO
SPARK-Joe, 47, died July
2, 2006.
TOWNSEL-Beulah B.,
died July 10, 2006. A.B.
WATERS-Darius, died
July 7, 2006.
WHITLOW-Donald, died
June 10, 2006. A.B.
WILSON-Walter, died July
3, 2006.
WYCHE-Wanda, 52, died
July 10, 2006.

The Church Directory

"Come and Worship With Us "

New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church
1824 Prospect Street. Jacksonville, FL 32208

Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Sunday Afternoon Bible Study
(Except First Sunday) 4:00 p.m. .
Tuesday Prayer Meeting 7:30 p.m. r,
Sunday School Review 8:00 p.m. '
Pastor: Rev. Eric Lee .
Pastor Emeritus, Rev. Joe Calhoun
(904) 764-5727 Church

Historic Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church
Worship Service 10:00 a.m.
Church School 8:45 a.m.
Fulfillment Hour Bible Study 6:30 p.m.
Every 2nd & 4th Thursday 10:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon
Joy Explosion Ministry 6:30 p.m.
201 East Beaver St. (904) 355-9475
Rev. F.D. Richardson Jr., Pastor

Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church
2036 Silver Street Jacksonville, FL 32206
Rev. R. L. Gundy, Pastor,
(904) 354-7249 Church
Bible Power Enrichment Hour
Sunday School 9:15- 10:15 a.m.
Sunday Praise & Worship 8:00 a.m.
Baptism-Praise & Worship
S(Sanctuary) 10:30 a.m.
6 Youth Church-2nd & 3rd Sundays
SFellowship Hall 10:30 a.m.

Wednesday, Noonday Prayer 12 Noon
Inspiration Wednesday Worship Service....................6:00-8:00 p.m.
Prayer Meeting & Bible Study, Youth Bible Study & Activities

1417 North Laura St. Jacksonville, Florida 32206
George Harvey, Jr., M.A., M. Div., Pastor
Telephone:. (904) 356-0664 or 768-4453
"Christ diedfor our sins...was buried and Rose again" (see,1 Corinthians 15:1-4)
Sulzbacher Outreach Service 8:30 a.m.
Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Eirening W .r hip... ........... ............ .. 6:30 p.m
Wednesd a. Frd.i\ N!i i er'.kS i ....... ..... ........ .7 pm
Saturday Pr,.onr Oureih ...... .............. .....l.1:O p m
Saturday Nursing Home Outreach 3rd and 4th Saturdays
International Sunday School.....9:00 a.m. and5:00 p.m. Saturday on WYMMIv AM 1530
A Bible Preaching, Bible Believing and Bible Practicing Church
"Without the shedding of Blood, there is no remission of sin" (Hebruia 9:22

"The Church Where Everybody Is Somebody"
Bishop Lorenzo Hall., Pastor
Street Address: 723 W. 4th St. Jacksonville, Florida 32209
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3575, Jacksonville, Fla. 32206
Church Telephone: (904) 359-0661 Home: (904) 358-8932 Cell: 710-1586
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m.
Tuesday Prayer Meeting & Bible Study,7:00 p.m.
Thursday Toy Night,7:00 p.m.
"Email: Gospell75@aol.com
Website: Greaterelbethel.org

Sooner or later, our loved ones
are going to die.
When it happens, family mem-
bers are left to sort through a host of
financial issues that start with funeral
arrangements and usually end with
passing along or disposing of a life-
time of personal belongings.
Here are some of the details that
need to be addressed and how to han-
dle them.
The first important step is to
determine who's responsible for these
matters. It makes a difference because
financial institutions will only recog-
nize authorized individuals.
Key positions include the execu-
tor of an estate, a beneficiary of an
insurance policy or retirement fund,
the holder of a power of attorney, a
trustee, a joint owner of a bank
account, or a co-signer on a loan or
safe-deposit box. You can have as.
many copies of a death certificate as

you want, but if your name and signa-
ture isn't on the safe-deposit box
account, you're not getting into that
box without a court order.
Speaking of death -certificates,
you will need lots of them, and you
need them quickly. Most companies
will need to have one to close out an
account; insurance companies will
require it to process a claim. Call the
coroner's office in the community
where the person passed away. If they
don't handle it there, they can tell you
who does.
If you're the executor of the per-
son's estate, it's your job to pay any
outstanding debts and disperse any
remaining funds or property to the
beneficiaries listed in the will.

"Our Aim Is Not to Equal, But Excel"
5660 Moncrief Rd.*
Tel: 768-0507


m e i / 1 o ." / / I I -
Lnllne ,* o& I-e Uli
Sunday Sermon.
July 16th
"Faith to See Your,
8:15 am & 10:45 am
Pt.,r C-, -nd

(Hwy. 218, across trom Wilkinson Jr. High)
Pastor Steve I-
& Kristen Coad
Sunday School 9:45 a.mn.-
Morning Worship 10:45 a.m.
Thursday Night 7:30 p.m.
A Worship Experience
That is Life Changing p..tor, Ste .nd K.rltn-.
5755 Ramona Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32205
(904) 781-9393
Website: www.evangeltetnpleag.org
SEmail: evangeltemple@aevangeltetjPleag.org
10:45 a.mn. .\E ;.ic Interpreted for Deaf at C4sttral Cantpus..

PAGE~~~~~~ A- LRDASA UL1.20

'--F- AN


"There's Always Something
Happening On the First Coast"

The Class of 1956's 50th Reunion, Part I
And then came Saturday...........Mrs. Carol
Armstrong-Meeks writes, Following two days of fun,
activities and fellowship, the class of 1956 on the third day
got up early on July 1st. We had assembled on the parking
lot of Gateway Shopping Center. There we loaded buses
and journeyed to Hanna Park for the Sumptuous Low
Country Crab Boil and Fish Fry Event. Laughter, more
greetings, hugs and expressions of joy (with so many sto-
ries to tell) was the order of the day.
We arrived with our beautiful 50th Reunion T- shirts
and gorgeous back packs ready to take on the seafood
smorgasbord that brought back memories from our out of
city classmates. Everyone left this event, like others,
blessed for this experience and rededicated ourselves to
keeping in touch with one another."
And then came Saturday Night..........In very dressy
attire the Class of 1956 arrived at the Bethelite Conference
Center to find an elegant and elaborately decorated ball-
room and beautifully set tables with blue and white linens,
golden charger places, and elegant crystal. It was a table
that would have made the Class of 1956's Home
Economics teachers: Mrs. Mary Barnett Mitchell, the
late Mesdames Sara Folsom, Georgia Snyder and
Narcissus Weaver very proud. And the five course dinner,
menu prepared by Voila! Catering that began with: Mini
Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes- appetizers; Tuscany Antipasto-
the First Course; Mixed Baby Greens with Hearts of Palm,
Mandarin Oranges, Pine Nuts with Goat Cheese Crumbles-
the Second Course; Chilled New Orleans Gazpacho
Garnished with Lump Crabmeat-the Third Course; the
Entree' of Fire Roasted Chicken with Artichoke Hearts,
Saffron Infused Risotto, Tri-Colored String beans, Petite
Parker House Years Rolls with Herb Butter-the Fourth
Course; and the Chef selected dessert of Vanilla Cake with
Fresh Berries and Whipped Topping-the Fifth Course was
absolutely divine!!.
Following the delectable meal a lovely program that
included: Mesdames Patricia Sharpe Greene, Wilma
Green Santo, Gwendolyn Armstrong Mathis, Sylvia
Genwright, Clara Driggers Smith, and Louise Tippins
Bouie; Ulysses Stockling, Charles Bynum. James
Mosley, former teacher Mr. Walter White, former Dean
Mrs. Juanita Wyatt and former members of the Stanto-
MIusi-Cho and Stanton Glee Club under the direction of
Mrs. Metro Lewis Griffith accompanied b MNrs. Gail
Jefferson Henley. The) then danced the night away to the
music by "Sleepy and the Gang" Band.
And then came Sunday......The Class of 1956 wor-
shipped at the St. Paul A.M.E. Church as they had done 50
years ago. Following worshipping together the\ returned
to the Bethelite Conference Center for ;dinner, the
Necrology Ceremony,.to hear the words of class member
Rev. Raleigh Washington, and for fond farewells.
The Class of 1956 had an absolutely elegant reunion!
Yes, they did indeed!!
From The Class of 1951
SStanton High School's Class of 1951 1 ill celebrate
their 55th Class Reunion August 18-29, 2006 at the
Renaissance Resort at World Golf Village. St. Augustine.
Classmates \\ho would like to participate may contact Mrs.
NMabel NMcLendon at 904 354-6267.

Send me your favorite photos from \our trips with a one
liner. Don't forget to let us know of) our upcoming events.
Contact us at 904 766-8834; E-mail
sociallyi'.TheFloridaStar.com or you may reach me
directly at imajoli~Faol.com, telephone (904) 285-9777 or
fax (904) 285-7008.
See you in the paper!

Dressed elaborately were members of The Class of 1956
at their elegant Saturday Night Banquet. (Photo by Betty
Asque Davis)

Dean Juanita Wyatt spoke eloquently at the Saturday
Night Banquet and introduced her teenage grand-
daughter who was off to Europe just days after. (Photo
by J. Carl Davis, Sr.)

Ulysses Stockling, Charles Bynum and Mrs. Gwendolyn
Armstrong-Mathis enjoying the seafood at the beach.
(Photo courtesy of The class of 1956)

I ,'" ~ .- --

'Mr. Walter White spoke to the Class of 1956 in several
languages as he had taught French and Spanish to the
1956ers. .Everyone shared such fond memories of their
teacher who had opened their world to the languages.
(Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.)

The Lonnie Stewarts enjoying the Saturday Night
Banquet., (Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.)

Mrs. Deloris Philyaw Brown, of California traveled the
farthest distance for her 50th Reunion. (Photo by J. Carl Davis,

Ballardeer 'Sleepy' had his A+ performance ready
'The Gang' for this event. (Photo by J.Carl Davis, Sr.)


Class Presidents James Mosley and Charles Bynum
during Sunday's Final Gathering. (Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.)

Class members Ronald Pauline and Mrs. Patricia Sharp
Greene share a special moment at the Saturday Night
Banquet. (Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.)

LEFT: Reverend Raleigh Washington, Senior Pastor of
Rock of our Salvation Church and a noted author as he
spoke to his classmates during the'Sunday afternoon
dinner. RIGHT: Mesdames Patricia Sharp Green and
Marva McCoy McKinnon share joyful moments as the
Reunion came to a close. (Photo by J. Carl Davis, Sr.)

LEFT FRAME: Classmates Mrs. Gloria Petty Davis,
Walter 'Rubber' Robinson and Mrs. Elizabeth Milledge
Byars and the beach. (Photo courtesy of The Class of 1956) RIGHT
FRAME:Class of 1956 Classmate Mesdames Mary Bray
Carrington and Carol Armstrong-Meeks enjoyed the
i, Beach Outing. (Photo courtesy of The lass of 1956.)

The Hu$sons on

Sunday. (Photo by J. Carl DavisSr.)

Dr. Emanuel A. Stnfield and Mrs. PatriciaSharp Greene
on Sunday. (Photo Dy J. Carl Davis, Sr.)



JULY15. 2006

JULT 1), rtT U fl RI fP

Study Sheds Light On Cystic

Fibrosis-Related Diabetes

Frat Dance

--A growing number of cys-
tic fibrosis patients are bat-
tling a second, often deadly
complication: a unique form
of diabetes that shares char-
acteristics of the type 1 and
type 2 versions that strike
many Americans.
Many of these patients
are teens who take enzymes
to help digest their food and
undergo daily physical ther-
apy to loosen the thick,
sticky mucus that clogs their
lungs. But despite treat-
ments that are helping thou-
sands to live decades longer
than ever before, when dia-
betes strikes, their life
expectancy plummets -- on
average by two years for
men and an astounding 16
for women.
Now a University of
Florida study in animals

suggests diabetes in cystic
fibrosis patients is not
caused by the destruction of
insulin-producing cells in
the pancreas-- as is often the
case in patients with the tra-
ditional form of type 1 dia-
betes-- but by differences in
how these cells function.
The findings were published
this. month in the American
Diabetes Association's jour-
nal Diabetes.
Cystic fibrosis patients
with diabetes produce some
insulin on their own, but
they require daily injections
to boost their levels when
eating so they can properly
use sugar and other food
nutrients for energy.
At times they also
become very resistant to the
insulin they do make, simi-
lar to people with type 2 dia-

"For the longest time, the
development of diabetes in
cystic fibrosis has been
thought to be chronic
destruction of pancreas, so
eventually you get loss of
the insulin-producing beta
cells," said Dr. Michael
Stalvey, an assistant profes-
sor of pediatrics at UK "Our
study provides some early
evidence to suggest there is
an inherent difference in
beta cell function."
Cystic fibrosis patients
suffer recurrent episodes of
infection and inflammation
that slowly destroy the
lungs. The pancreas is also
affected, interfering with
proper digestion.
The disease stems from a
faulty gene that blocks the
normal passage of salt and
water through the body's
cells. It is this gene deficien-

cy that is proposed to cause
insulin-producing cells to
malfunction, Stalvey said.
About 30,000 Americans
have cystic fibrosis, making
it the nation's most common
lethal hereditary disorder.
On average, they will not
live past 35, though some
are living through their 40s
and even into their 60s.
As each year passes, the
likelihood they will develop
diabetes increases. As many
as 16 percent of all patients
with cystic fibrosis also
have diabetes, a number that
is expected to rise as overall
life expectancy for cystic
fibrosis patients increases.
Half will show signs of dia-
betes by age 30 and will suf-
fer a rapid decline in overall
health and lung function,
muscle mass and body mass

Half Million Dollars Donated To B-CC School Of Nursing

Daytona Beach, Fla. -
Over $500,000 in donations
were presented to the
Bethune-Cookman College
School of Nursing at a press
conference held on campus
today. The donations,
S250.000 from Blue Cross
Blue Shield of Florida and
$150,000 from both Florida
Hospital Memorial System
and Halifax Medical Center
are making it possible for B-
CC to purchase a building
that will serve as the new
home for the- School of
Nursing. Donations were
also made members of the
Bethune-Cookman College
Board of Trustees and col-
lege President Dr. Trudie
Kibbe Reed totaling
"The donations made by
Blue Cross Blue Shield of
Florida, Florida Hospital
Memorial System and
Halifax Medical Center
along with the Trustees'
donations have had a monu-
mental impact on our ability
to purchase this building,".
said Reed. "This venture
exemplifies our commit-
ment to civic engagement
and social responsibility.
With this new building we
will be able to expand
enrollment in the Nursing
Program so that we can con-
tinue to do our part in edu-
cating qualified nurses to
help reduce. our local and
state-wide: nursing short-

The property, located at
739 West International
Speedway Boulevard, will
.feature eight high-tech
"Smart" classrooms, a 300-
seat lecture hall, a seminar
room, two simulation labs, a
skills lab, a computer lab, 16
offices and a nurse-managed
health clinic.
The nurse-managed
health clinic has been
designed to address health
disparities within the com-
"This addition to the
nursing program will
enhance the learning experi-
ences of students as well as

provide a valuable resource
to people who are dispropor-
tionately affected.by chronic
diseases," said Dr. Alma
Dixon, Dean of the School
of Nursing.
State Senator Ton\ Hill
and Representative Joyce
Cusack were also.in atten-
dance at the press confer-
ence. Hill expressed his
excitement over the nurse-
managed clinic and ho\\
pleased he is that, B-CC
nursing students are being
trained to ser\e at-risk com-
munities and to be a \oice
for those who cannot speak
for themselves.










Csack, who is a
Registered Nurse, spoke
about how she knows first-
hand the affects of the nurs-
ing shortage and how impor-
tant it is for B-CC to expand
its program.
Both Hill and Cusack
applauded the School of
.Nursing for this undertaking
and its continued commit-
ment to the community.

Doing their signature 'stroll,' the members of lota Phi
Theta kick off a week of events last Friday. The fraterni-
ty was hosting an impromptu dance on the Reitz
Student Union Colonnade at the University of Florida.

FAMU Names New

Dean Of Education

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.--Florida "
A&M University Provost Debra
Austin announced that the
University has, appointed Scott
Jackson Dantley, Ph.D., as the .new
Dean of FAMU's College of
Education. Dantley's appointment is
effective July 17.
Dantley served as the the Acting
Dean of the School of Education Dr. Scott J. Dantley
at Bowie (Maryland) State
University, where he was also an associate professor of
chemistry and science education.
Under his leadership as the expert on NCATE and the
accreditation process, Bowie State's accreditation was
affirmed for seven years in Spring 2004.
Dantley has also distinguished himself as a successful
fundraiser through federal and state research dollars for such
programs as Men Engaged in Nurture (MI.E.N.). a federal
program designed to recruit and retain minority male teach-

The Station "Where Christ Gets Lifted"

.,.:V toirViAMl 6 :OIWcI GL.I

PAGE A-5 ,


rTTT vi; //)nnx


.AKr7A-7 flblf

JULY 15, 2006

Study Shows Latino Immigrants Come To The U.S.

With Negative Stereotypes of Black Americans

DURHAM, N.C. -- Latinos bring negative stereotypes
about black Americans to the U.S. when they immigrate and
identify more with whites than blacks, according to a study
of the changing political dynamics in the South.
The research also found that living in the same neighbor-
hoods with black Americans seems to reinforce, rather than
reduce, the negative stereotypes Latino immigrants have of
blacks, said Paula D. McClain, a Duke University political
science professor who is the. study's lead author.
How Latino immigrants relate to blacks and whites -- and
how those groups relate to Latinos -- has implications for the
social and political dynamic of the South, says McClain.
McClain said the findings are significant because the
South has the largest population of blacks in the U.S. and has
been defined more than other regions along a black-white
divide. How Latino immigrants relate to blacks and whites -
- and how those groups relate to Latinos -- has implications
for the social and political dynamic of the region, she said.
"Given the increasing number of Latino immigrants in
the South and the possibility that over time their numbers
might rival or even surpass black Americans in the region, if
large portions of Latino immigrants maintain negative atti-
tudes of black Americans, where will this leave blacks?" the
researchers wrote. "Will blacks find that they must not only
make demands on whites for continued progress, but also
mount a fight on another front against Latinos?"
In an interview, McClain added: "We're actually pretty
depressed about a lot of our findings." The findings will be
published in the August issue of the Journal of Politics,
which is already available online
(http.://journalofpolitics.org/art68_3.html#a7). The study
was funded by the Ford Foundation.
The study's co-authors are Niambi M. Carter, Victoria M.
DeFrancesco Soto and Monique L. Lyle of Duke; Jeffrey D.
Grynaviski of the University of Chicago; Shayla C.
Nunnally of the University of Connecticut; Thomas Scotto
of West Virginia University; J. Alan Kendrick of St.
Augustine's College; and Gerald F. Lackey and Kendra
Davenport Cotton of the University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill.
Researchers found that 58.9 percent of Latino immi-
grants -- most Latinos in Durham are from Mexico -- feel

that few or almost no blacks are hard-working. About one-
third, or 32.5 percent, of.Latino immigrants reported they
feel few or almost no blacks are easy to get along with. More
than half of the Latino immigrants, or 56.9 percent, feel that
few or almost no blacks could be trusted.
"One might think that the cause of the Latinos' negative
opinions about blacks is the transmission of prejudice from
Southern whites, but our data do not support this notion," the
researchers wrote.
White residents in Durham actually have a more positive
view of blacks, leading researchers to conclude that Latinos'
negative views were not adopted from whites.
In the survey, only 9.3 percent of whites surveyed indi-
cate that few blacks are hard-working; only 8.4 percent
believe few or almost no blacks are easy to get along with;

Black Tour Group Participates In Cc

Josephine Baker

-- Black Paris Divas travel
group .were the honored
guests at the 100th anniver-
sary commemoration of
Josephine Baker's birth, cel-
ebrated June in her adopted
homeland of Dordogne, in
southwest France.
Celebrities and politi-
cians, flag-bearing ex-com-

latants, local residents, and
Josephine Baker's eldest
son, and Black Paris Diva
member Robin Bates pre-
sented an honorary letter
from the NAACP to the
Alain Bogaert, president of
Operation Josephine, the
association behind the proj-
Under an azure Perigord
sky and blazing sun more
than 600 people attended the
official ceremony that began
with the unveiling of a ,life-
size bronze statue of The
Black Pearl.
It depicts a mature,
maternal Ms. Baker with her
arms wound tightly around a.
young child.
Baker and her husband,
bandleader Jo Bouillon,
adopted twelve children of

and only 9.6 percent feel that few or almost no blacks can be
The researchers also noted that if whites were the pri-
mary influence on Latinos' stereotypes, Latinos would
become more prejudiced the longer they are in the U.S.; the
findings do not support that notion. The researchers also
investigated whether Latinos might be reciprocating the
prejudice they sense from blacks; again, the survey did not
support this theory.
The survey showed that blacks view Latinos much more
favorably than Latinos view blacks. About 72 percent of
blacks feel most or almost all Latinos are hard-working, and
42.8 percent say most or almost all Latinos are easy to get
along with. About one-third, or 32.6 percent, of blacks feel
few or no Latinos could be trusted.

centennial Honoring Josephine Baker

different nationalities
between 1954 and 1964.
Akio Bouillon-Baker, their
first adopted child, told the
Sud-Ouest newspaper that
sculptress Chouski perfectly
captured the message of the
universal mother figure his
mother lived fully.
The memorial to
Josephine Baker stands per-
manently on one-third of an
acre of open terrain in the
community of Castelnaud. It
is both practical and a site of
reverence. With its statue in
the centre flanked by a
boardwalk in the shape of a
J, the site includes the origi-
nal guardian's stone hut ren-
ovated into an information
centre of Ms. Baker's life.
The shelter also doubles as a
rest stop for hikers, and per-

sonifies Ms. Baker's life-
long concern: a bus shelter
that serves children from the
Children's Centre across the
In the 1950s Baker creat-
ed, a World Village to global
brotherhood in this tiny cor-
ner of Perigord, as well as a
thriving theme park com-
plete with hotel, pool,
restaurants and many attrac-
tions enjoyed by streams of
tourists and locals..
Josephine is remembered
fondly by Perigordians for
her personal warmth and
generous- spirit. Many
approached the African-
American tourists to recount
stories such as passing La
Grande 'Dame as she
shopped in a nearby town
'just like everyone else'

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Beating Death continued from A-]
All have been arrested except Anthony Grubbs, 19, and Kenneth Fedd, 20. JSO
is asking for your help in locating them.

Murder continued from A-]
The murder and crime rate is predominately black on black cases. Many efforts
are being sought in the black community but the crime and murders continue and
answers are being sought through prayer, marches, gun buy back efforts and efforts
to get employment for the unemployed.
One in ten American children have a parent who is under penal supervision,
either incarcerated, on probation or on parole. One in eight African American chil-
dren and one in 33 children overall has a parent behind bars today, according to
award-winning journalist Neil Bernstein in his book, "Children of the Incarcerated."
When these crimes and murders are committed, are they remembering our chil-
dren and the future of black people?
Kyle Bass was charged Thursday for the murder of Martaze Deshane Harris at a
restaurant where they were both employed. Bass shot Harris in the head.
Employees at the restaurant were not aware that the males were having difficulty.
This week, Cornelius Roderick Montfort, 23, was 'arrested for the murder of
Ronnie Trey Murphy on Saturday.
According to witness, Murphy and Montfort became involved in a physical con-
frontation. Montfort got into his vehicle and pursued Murphy who was walking on
the roadway. Montfort struck Murphy with the vehicle, throwing him into a yard on
Pheasant Drive and continued down the street Until the vehicle finally crashed into
shrubbery in the next block. Montfort originally denied being involved in an alter-
cation or an incident. He was arrested for the murder on Monday, July 10.
There was an undetermined death Monday at 7270 Lem Turner wherein the vic-
tim did not have identification.,
On Tuesday a 14-year-old said he was chased by some other youths while attend-
ing a camp.. It appears that the boys, while at the camp, formed gangs according to
their floor of residence. The 14-year-old was housed on the fourth floor and a group
of boys from the third floor chased him. He placed his hands up to protect his face
when he struck the window and could not say who was chasing him or who pushed
him through the window. The youth sustained two severe lacerations that required
eleven stitches to his right arm. He also required five internal stitches and five sta-
ples to his left side where he received laceration/puncture to his torso.

Laws continued from A-i
park, school, day care, and other places where children may congregate.
The sex offenders say Jacksonville's law is tougher than the state's law, which
only requires a distance of 1,000 feet from schools and parks. Sex offenders inr
Georgia filed a similar lawsuit last month and a federal judge temporarily blocked
the new Georgia law that required the '1,000 feet distance.
In the interim, Congress is now considering a new bill that will allow records of
S juvenile offenders to be placed in the federal, sex offender registry. There is a fede-
ral registry and states also have their own registry of sex offenders.

Megan wants to be like

every other little

But Megan is not like most other

News In Brief

Commodore Milan B. Williams Dies

Milan B \\illiams. one of the original members of the Commodores.
B died after a long battle v.ith cancer. Williams \~as 58.
Villiams placed ke\ boards for the Commodores. The group started
Sin 196S while the\ were students at Tuskegee Institute in
Tuskegee. Alabama. The group lead singer %,as Lionel Richie and one o
their most popular songs was "Three Times A Lads."

S 'Be% once Sued
The \ent popular Houston. Te\as R&B
Mialan B. singer, Be\once Know les has been sued
Williams for $1.5 million over the launch of her.
House of Dereon clothing line. "
Greg \Walker said he introduced her to his bosses at Wear '
M;le Apparel Inc. and the firm paid her approximately $15 mil-
lion. According to the New\ York Dail\ Ne\\s. Walker
Sreceixed S25.000 from Kno\\les and $85,000 from \ear Me
.Apparel Inc.

Supermodel Charged \ith Identity Theft
.W She is a super
model. Beverl
*i Peele. as a super-
model. \\as named
L ii[+' B queen of the cat- Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce Knowles
Ac\dalk in the mid
-f nineties as she modeled for the world's top
designers and appeared on the covers of many
magazines. including Vogue.
SAccording to reports. Peele \\as at a supermar-
k. I i ket when she found a \oman's ,wallet in a shop-
ping cart. Rather than turn it in, she used the
ila credit cards for such items as $1.000 worth of
1 ? When she appeared in court, she had with her,
"1 $3,800 in cash which she feels is restitution to the
victimm w\ho is recovering from cancer.
Beverly Peele According to sources. Peele \ ill perform com-
Smunity sen ice to avoid jail time.
S Taser Guns To Return
JACKSONVILLE. FL Sheriff John Rutherford said that school resource officers at
Middle and high schools will again carry taser guns, which h have about 50.000 volts ofelec-
itricit.. The guns \ere pulled from Duval County School in 2005 but after much debate and
cirty\ide meetings, they \rill return.

.............. u s
* . * '@ * * & & *
I Send us

an email @





: '" ** "'
a i ,,, ,, ,

little girls because she has a disease
called Progeria.

Progeria is a rapid aging disease that
causes children to die by their early
greens from heart disease or stroke.
The Progeria Research Foiedatfon
is working to cure this devastating
disease. You can help save Megan
and children like her.

Learn more abour Progeria research
and how you can make a difference at







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JULYIS5 2006


S'. j V

Ribault Honor Student Attends

%f Student Leadership Conference

XaNia Masline joins one of the facilitators at a Congressional Student Leadership Conference event in
Washington, D.C.
Last week, \while Jackson\ ille residents were still reveling in the spirit of Independence Day. XaNia Masline,
a young scholar from Ribault Senior High School. joined hundreds of her peers from throughout the nation at
LeadAmerica's Congressional Student Leadership Conference (CSLC) in Washington. D.C.
She was selected by LeadAmerica to attend the conference held at Gallaudet Univ\ersity in Washington. D.C.
The CSLC is a college-accredited invitational leadership program for academically talented and promising
young leaders from across the United States and internationally. Exceptional high school students with record of
academic achievement and extracurricular or community involvement, are in\ ited to attend. XaNia has a 4.25
Grade Point Average at Ribault \\here she plays the flute in the Trojan Marching Band.
While at the conference, students select an academic area to study. choosing from among Government &
Politics, Engineering & Robotics, Global Business & Entrepreneurship. Intelligence. Diplomacy & National
Security, Junior War College, Crime Scene Investigation. La\\ & rial Advocacy. and Medicine & Health care.
Students may attend Leadership University. an in-depth, intensive leadership development conference for
young leaders \\ho \\ant to challenge themselves to excel and realize their full potential. Through briefings and
discussions with national and international leaders in the fields of sntdy and realistic, hands-on simulations, stu-
Honor Student couninucl on B-4

w. iN

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The Florida Star/Prep Rap








The Florida Star/Prep Rap

Page B-3/July 15, 2006

How Teens Cope With Stress




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904/ 766-8834


Honor Student

(Continued From Cover

S. dents experi-
Sence leadership
in action and
learn first-hand
about the com-
plexities of
4 ing in a chosen
S field or profes-

By engag-
ing in interac-
,. eptive workshops
and activities,
XaNia Masline XaNia and her
peers learned
-i and developed vital leadership skills,
Se .. r r including affective communication, conflict
elor resolution, team building and time manage-
.. ment.
"Leadership is essential to' a student's

Esq., Founder and Executive Director of
along" future success," says "Chris M. Salamone,

L LeadAmerica. "It is the key to what they do
a cl-'" aa"'c with their lives and how well they do it. In
... today's world, it is imperative that we nur-
n r wh ture leadership potential from a very young
age. leadership can make important differ-
XaNia poses at the Florida station during an outing at the National Mall. age. leadership can make important differ-
ences in the lives of teenagers--in their aca-
demic and personal performance, in their acceptance to the college of their choice, and in their level of focus, passion and purpose."
"Since 1989 I have had the privilege of seeing nearly 40,000 exceptional students from over 51 countries learn first-hand about leadership and
explore its role in a variety of educational disciplines. It's my sincere hope that LeadAmerica will give our young leaders the skills to help them
along the road toward a successful and rewarding life of leadership."
LeadAmerica is the nation's premier
youth leadership organization. Its mis-
sion is to transform the world's next i

inspiring and instilling in them ethical
and principled leadership values, atti-
tudes and skills. With a rich history p
dating back over 17 years,
LeadAmerica is committed to educat-
ing and empowering young leaders.
Each of its high school conferences
are college-accredited and its programs
are approved activities of the National
Association of Secondary School
Principals. LeadAmerica sponsors the
Congressional Student LLeadership *1
Conference for, high school students,
the National Junior Leaders conference
for middle and junior high school stu-
dents, the World Youth Leadership
Conference with study abroad pro- ...
grams in china and Russia, and the :
Washington Summer Scholars program, "
a college-level academic program held -
in cooperation with American A team of students pose with XaNia Masline during a relaxing moment.

Page B-4/July 15, 2006

The Florida Star/Prep Rap

Kurtis Blow's 'Hip Hop Church

America' Set To Rock Your TV

LOS ANGELES---Watch out, America! The Apostle Paul of
hip-hop, legendary rap pioneer Kurtis Blow, is back to his old
groundbreaking ways -- and he wants to make the youth of
S. America true believers.
As the host, DJ, MC and worship leader of "Hip Hop Church
America," his mission is to make the worship experience excit-
ing for parishioners of all ages!',
"Hip Hop Church America," based on a weekly service Blow
has been hosting and MC'ing for several years at Hood Memorial
Church in Harlem, is a new weekly series currently being devel-
oped by the growing television division of the Newport Beach,
CA based The Machine Productions, a multi-media entertain-
ment company which is producing positive audio and visual
entertainment to a diverse, international consumer group. TMP
is committed to wholesome entertainment and firmly believes
that quality entertainment can be realized without compromising
commercial appeal.
The show is aimed directly at the MTV generation but
Extending its appeal to parents and grandparents whose passion
,for God seeks an explosive new outlet, the show blends rhythm,
song and praise into 60 minutes' of clapalong inspiration.
Michael Reynolds, CEO and co-founder of TMP, says, "We see
an exciting opportunity to minister God's Word to those disen-
franchised kids who may only hear it when it is presented with-
.. in the music of hip hop."
Michael Nason, The Machine Productions President and Co-
Founder, brings a unique expertise to his hands-on role as one of
., "Hip Hop Church America's" Executive Producers. For close to
30 years, he produced, promoted and bought airtime for Robert
Schuller's renowned "Hour of Power" show, broadcast to mil-
S.lions weekly from the world famous Crystal Cathedral in Garden
S Grove, California.
"I'm thrilled to be part of this new cutting edge cultural phe-
nomenon called Hip Hop church," he says. "Unlike anything on
television, this program will, in a positive way, reach the hearts
Sand souls of America's young people."
m "Hip Hop Church America" begins with a lively procession-
al down the aisle, featuring hip hop music and breakdancing,
KurtisBlow then a youthful and exuberant choir joins in, performing behind
a new guest artist each week.

First Annual BET Hip-Hop Awards This November

Following the success of BET Awards and BET Comedy Awards, Black Entertainment Television has now
added BET Hip-Hop Awards to the fold. The show will be hosted by comedian Katt Williams. BET president of
entertainment Reginald Hudlin said BET's version will have a different focus from VH1's Hip-Hop Honors, which
also runs annually. Let's just hope they can keep this one peaceful and, resist the urge to throw chairs a la Vibe
BET is set to launch a series of reality shows "The Way It Is" and "Soul of a Man" featuring r & b artist
Keyshia Cole and rap star DMX respectively. Later this month, they will also debut a special, Top 25 Hottest
On a side nofe, BET recently announced that it. has cancelled controversial late-night music-video series, BET
Uncut. (Source)

The Florida Star/Prep Raap

Page B-5/July 15, 2006

Page B-6/July 15, 2006

Clean Kid J

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The Florida Star/Prep Rap

Page B-7/July 15, 2006

Hoping Young Girls Find The Bufty WthMn

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a' aa a k- -
* a

M* Ow- a. t t"

0- 0 O ON- *-- -

- -- -*


Are You An Outstanding Youth?

Let Us Know!

Call Prep Rap At (904) 766-8834

- L

o- a a
40 a





- _





The Florida Star/Prep Rap

Snoop Dogg's 'Drop It Like It's Hot' Live

CD And DVD Set For Release October 2006

NEW YORK, NY-- Filmed and recorded live in Brussels, Belgium, before a fren-
zied audience, "Drop It Like It's Hot" is the definitive Snoop Dogg live experience.
The package will contain 21 tracks of Snoop's biggest hits on both audio and video
formats. The two-disc set has been scheduled for release for October 2006. The deal,
arranged between Titan Global Entertainment and Charly Films in the United
Kingdom,. will also include over fifty other titles, including such artists as Public
-Enemy, Ice T, The Isley Brothers, etc. Titan Pyramid Records ivill utilize Universal
Music Group's Fontana distribution in both the U.S. and Canada.
With album sales of 17.6 million in the United States, Snoop Dogg is one of rap
music's most durable icons, known for his distinctive lazy drawl, laid-back, rhythmi-
cally complex lyrical delivery. Released in Europe earlier this year, the project has
had great success overseas. "As the first in a collection of stellar live music projects,
we're very proud to kick off the series with an artist of Snoop Dogg's caliber," stated
Allen Jacobi, President of Titan/Pyramid Records. "The caliber of production of the
Charly Films series is second to none and we know all of Snoop's fans will be look-
ing forward to it."
Single song snippets from the DVD portion will be available as downloads on
Titan Global Entertainment's web portal TitanTunes.com. Purchasers can obtain
advance copy of the audio and video on TitanTunes.com prior to its retail release
beginning August 1, 2006.
Titan Global Entertainment, Inc. is a multi-faceted entertainment company that
specializes in audio and video digital distribution through its state of the art web por-
tal -- TitanTunes.com, the design, production and sale of four multi-media players
(The Omni), traditional record production and marketing through Universal Music
Group distribution, television, publishing and artist management. Titan is dedicated
to supplying new emerging technologies for music to talented artists of various back-
grounds on the worldwide web. The management team is comprised of accomplished
music industry and technology veterans.

Crunks Founder
'Pastor Troy'

fir~I "**r
i la"-

;-,'is cwr(lsq
a^'- *" r

Snoop Dogg

Releasing New Album

Pastor Troy's new KOCH album, By Choice Or By Force, is scheduled for release on on
July 25. The new album features guest contributions from Rasheeda, Kira, Misha, Criminal
Manne, Mr. Mud and Bootleg.
The first single from By Choice Or By Force is "Pop A Few Bottles." Here are all of the
songs on the album:
Born Micah Levar Troy in Atlanta, the hip-hopper grew up as the son of a drill sergeant
turned pastor. His father laid down strict rules around the house and made sure that his son
was introduced to the church. However, just like many neighbourhood kids, Troy was influ-
enced by his surroundings. And that's how he developed a persona and music that combines
both good and evil elements.
Troy, known as the "Crunk Pioneer", first hit the music scene with his major label debut,
Face Off, which debuted on the U.S.-based Billboard rap chart at #7 in 2001. He followed that
with Universal Solider, which topped the same chart, in 2002. The two albums have combined
to sell more than a million copies. Troy's most memorable song, the Timbaland-produced "Are
We Cuttin'," was used as the lead single for the soundtrack to the Vin Diesel film, XXX.
The dirty south rapper has worked with such producers as Timbaland, Jazze Pha and fel-
low Atlanta crunk star Lil' Jon over his still. relatively young career.

'Page B-8/July 15, 2006

-r 117 I nn /



Jacksonville Celebrates The Life And Legacy

Of The Late Rev. Dr. Andrew Booker Coleman, Jr.

By Vonkesta Mobley Abrams

A church packed with
hundreds of people includ-
ing City Officials, Funeral
Directors, an Army detach-
ment, Pastors, family and
friends gathered Friday, July
7, 2006 to celebrate the life
and legacy of the Late Rev.
Dr. Andrew Booker
Coleman Jr. Rev. Coleman
passed away on June 30,
2006 after being ill for a
short while.
The funeral service
which stretched past two
hours; followed two days, of
public viewing during which
a victory service was held in
his honor at St. Andrew
Missionary Baptist Church,
tle church that he organized
in 1978.
The order of service was
outlined by scriptures,
prayers, and remarks that
were given by various civic
leaders, colleagues and fam-
ily members. Officiating the
service was the Rev.
Rudolph W. McKissick, Sr.
of the Bethel Baptist
Institutional Church.
As a minister of the
gospel, Rev. Henry T. Rhim
delivered a powerful prayer
offering condolences and
hope to those surviving the
death of Rev. Coleman.
On behalf of the Alpha
Phi Alpha Fraternity, Sigma
Pi Phi Fraternity and Florida
First Coast Morticians
Association, Dr. Wendell
Holmes highlighted Rev.
Coleman as a great busi-
nessman and colleague.
Most moving of the
remarks came from the son
of Rev. Coleman; A. B.
Coleman III, who expressed
his appreciation for the out-
pouring of love shown dur-
ing the death and passing of
his father.
He said that his father
would've been proud if he'd
been alive to see all the

ai- r r -:"1

A sea of mourners at Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church celebrate the life of Rev. Dr.
Andrew Booker Coleman, Jr. on Friday, July 7. (PHOTO BY MARSHA DEAN PHELTS)

many friends that came out
to celebrate his life.
At the close of the of this
very kairos occasion, a mili-
tary detachment carried the
flagged draped cherry wood
coffin down the stairs of the
historic sanctuary of Shiloh
Metropolitan Baptist
This was the same
church that the late Rev.
Coleman's father, the late
Rev. A. B.' Coleman, Sr.
built and served as pastor for
many-years, and where the
late Rev. Coleman, Jr. also
served as Co-Pastor.
Following the coffin was
the family of the late. Rev.
Coleman, and the staff of
A.B. Coleman Mortuary all
wearing a white carnation in
memory of such a great
man. The entombment was
held at Edgewood Cemetery,
Jacksonville, Florida.
Rev. A. B. Coleman, Jr.
will be missed by all who
knew him. His past religious
and civil associations
Florida Memorial

University, Chairman of the MorticianAssociation
Board of Trustees :(Duval County)
Former President of
Florida First Coast Coleman continued on C-3

Mrs. A.B. Coleman, II at the head of the funeral proces-
sion followed by Rev. Coleman's sister, Mrs. Andrena C.

.... ....;A t -

Arlene B. Coleman (white dress), Rev. Coleman's daugh-
ter, is assisted by staff of the A. B. Coleman Mortuary,
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Coleman, III (Clara), Wayne Inc., James Agee and Tyrone Warden. (PHOTO BY MARSHA
Spigner and other family. (PHOTO BY MARSHA DEAN PHELTS) DEAN PHELTS)

Go anyr',where. Stay here?'"

Planning a family reunion?

Get your family together in style with the Reunion
Package at the Howard Johnson Inn & Suites. When
you have more than 15 family members stay
overnight, they'll get to use our meeting space,
breakfast area or Outdoor Pool area as a gathering
place free of charge.

A lot goes into planning a reunion of any kind.
Attention to detail, organization, and good planning
are key to making your family reunion a successful

We specialize in helping you make your family
reunion memorable and
enjoyable, no matter a large or small family reunion.
Call us tolay at 904-281-0198

Howard Johnson Inn and Suites

4300 Salisbury Road North, Jacksonville, Florida 32216 904-281-0198

Great Family Reunion Package -
Pool Side PARTY, Music & More -Call us for more details!

JULY 15, 206UIVxfil' AX&


PASK DC L-2 ___ ______ eal-Advice

Ask Deanna! is an advice column known for its fearless approach to reality-based sub-

Dear Deanna!
Ever since childhood, my best friend has played games and
told lies to blackmail people or get money. Now she s mar-
ried and still doing the same thing. Her husband doesn't
want children and she knows it. Her latest stunt is too much
for me to handle. She told her husband that she s pregnant
and she plans to go shopping with the money she's supposed
to use for pregnancy termination. Ifeel this is too much and
should tell her husband.
No More Lies (Dallas, TX)

Dear No More Lies:
At what point did you decide to stop benefiting from your friends financial gain? If
you've been a part of her scams for so long, I'm sure she gave you a cut of her shady
earnings. You've co-signed with her for so long it's obvious she doesn't listen to you.
Your best advice is to pull away and stop being a witness to her dishonesty. You 'll cause
too much drama if you stick your nose in the hornets nest now. In other words, mind
your business.







10-11 P.M. EST

WCGL-AM 1360
Lislen On Line
Listen On The Radio

Clara McLaughlin

I'm the only 18-year old girl in my group that doesn't have a baby. My friends are
treating me differently now that they all have children and try to make me feel abnor-
mal. I'm not interested in a baby, but I still want to befriends with them. They treat
me as if I'm not good enough to be around them and they act as if they're so mature
and I'm young and dumb. How do I handle this?
Shawna (Oklahoma City, OK)

Dear Shawna.
You need to find your favorite song on the radio, drink lemonade and enjoy your life
until you meet a husband. There's nothing cute about girls fresh out of high school
two steps from a welfare office and dirty diapers. You're the winner in this bunch and
you should be on your way to college and a blessed life. Go for the gold, shake it off
and encourage your friends to achieve as you avoid the baby daddy blues.

Dear Deanna!
I spend a lot of time being friends with women, listening to their problems and just
being a great guy. I'm in a situation with a friend that I now want a relationship with
but she isn 't interested. Once I made my feelings known she has basically kicked me
to the curb. I can't understand why she took my money, used my car and came to me
with all of her problems but won't date me. What did I do wrong?
A.J. (San Diego, CA)

Dear A.J.
}bu got pimped which
is -what insecure
women, a few wives
and silly girls do to the
Q 'b ici good men out there..
S; }u fell victim to a
S. woman that wanted. a
S^' 'i'',, guidance counselor
'. and financial provider
without any loving.
.These women are fine
Sas long as they get
,' :" '. what they want with-
o giving up any-
Sthing. Consider your-
self blessed to be out,
before vour credit was
"-ruined and, you were
lefi looking foolish
i~it with a broken heart.

Have a Love,. Life,
Faith or Relationship

MWrite to Ask Deanna!
264 S. LaCienega
SB/vd. #1283
SRE F Beverlv Hills, CA

Email Me: askdean-
,, ",,-naIn(&ahoo. coin

.- ,
:, :a"- '
. '. '" i"


JULY15, 2006


Dft A 4-"I- 7r' I"



(Continued From C-1)

A First Inductee, Florida Star Religious Hall of Fame
Former President, Board of Directors and Embalmers (State of Florida)
Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity
He leaves a legacy of his life and for those to follow and cherish his memories including his wife, Mrs. Ida M. Coleman;
a.daughter, Arlene B. Coleman; a son, Andrew B. Coleman, III( Clara); three grandchildren, one great grandson, two broth-
ers, Rev. L.J. Coleman, Sr. (Betty) and J. B. Jenkins, Jr. (Lula); one sister, Andrena C. Nickerson and a host of many sorrow-
ing relatives and friends.
To honor the late Rev. Coleman, contributions may be made to the A.B. Coleman Jr. Scholarship Fund at Florida
Memorial University, 15800 NW 42nd Ave., Miami, FL 33054

I im, I -

."- "' .

TOP FRAME: Among mourners were Prince Hall 33rd
degree mason, Henry Cotton, Henry Pate, Grand
Instructor; Charles T. Maxwell, Worshipful Master;
Oliver Martin, Thomas Gary, Larry Adkins, Rickey
Torrence, Samuel Bolden and Rev. Eugene White. BOT-
TOM FRAME: Members of the Sigma Pi Phi Chapter of
.the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. (PHOTOS BY MARSHADEAN

... #,-. ~ ~ ~-. .
., .

TOP FRAME: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Jenkins (Lula),
first cousin of Rev. Coleman. (PHOTOS BY MARSHA DEAN

Local Woman Earns

Doctorate From JTSC

Jacksonville City Council members Reggie Fullwood
and Pat Lockett-Felder. (PHOTOS BY MARSHA DEAN PHELTS)

Dr. .Barbara Pressley
recently received her Ph.D.
in Christian Education from
the Jacksonville Theological

iN M
WA. ,(P~lw i It fdi l' %Ctllil l M-1
11 ~~tr 1?bi5 cyr*r ll rl

...~4TI, N..
.-i tl rr r. I:., otir -I r. Tit me,', -r'.*?''I ::1 -1 .~l l l~ ~i;l 1) lll i!il

I~l-i!;~JI~~U llt, t r, I I It Vi- \ Llh t m ,if, t-IW

It '.- f,
I 1 : 'ir. l. ~ ..... .... .1~ 1,',~l r (I III till If Ill.: i;l ~ l. ~ ;'i '

L 1I1I.( hd~y nif 1 11,H

'I p r I1 1 K VI %
I) I''I.' '". TL .i [II r i 'F~r~l 1 I1I1- 1I I pr-r* Ilr i~j'llI l !Illi 1-IL-l.rIi. .".1- 1'

Dr. Barbara Pressley
Seminary College..
She -obtained her
Master's in Ministry and the
Bachelor degree in Christian
Dr. Pressley's mission is.
to teach children in an acad-
emy or. become a counselor
for troubled children. She is
a member of New
Dimension Church of God
By Faith on Edgewood
Avenue (Dr. Charles
McGriff, Pastor; Dr. Harry
Johnson, District Elder).

"'*'"' -* r (.- ,

I I T' I '. i lr i


-!I I.iF 1,4'i ii

M, 3M*~lb Su no:Uv. AL1 IFLI 1 1.1. NIilJA? I" drr ruffl mm IC

p..I uI).~b ?I i) ii' 14t t I Irg ir iihilkTiePl a'n. Wn kiiimsd IIi cIuu1 an -Ii I n l In t~i intht "" l iWir Studiol aI hs
Ilanunijn and I Iidiwnlmtit It parinirti mit attieabe addire ss on I.ut.Ja, F 5, 21N 16-0 0: P I'M. UI W iicnfe
nre eviiurag{d I w participate
trill%1' Ii'IL-h~iJ11, 1' in i LiIn t1' ri44.. ( If 19.1 6I l I i I i m,-'4% Vim a l dr flly III: uiiIntr-, wishlto II)autn4 tkptjbss
fic1iri- intl .1nd f l-: rdl rka nc1iii the Cin-.imurnr in'I ic-aNipmcnual ) l.uDn at 630-703 in A&Wc
avomim~atims mW be mwit c


Keni Siewarn O, Decto
Housing & Neighborho Depwrtmen






AT (904) 766-8834



ii.ia, Iiia ic'mi~'t l l n lic nis lg i.ippcllln n,. ailrT conlillnlllll
Scruis schJtuled in Jackson'idle and thie surrounding area
DRIVE--The Ed\ard Waters College Office of
Alumni Affairs and EWC Alumni Association will
host an alumni membership drive on Saturday. July
22. at 10:00 a.m. in the Milne Auditoritun. This is the
premier alumni event of the summer that \\ill be both
infonnative and engaging. The activities will include:
Alumni Membership Information
EWC Staff Presentations
Campus Tours
An Alumni Social
All Jacksonville area alumni and former students of
Edward Waters College are invited. If you need addi-
tional infonnation regarding this event, call the
Office of Alumni Affairs at 470-8252.
the follow\ ing dates and times:
July 6: 1:0) p.m.
July 13: 1:00 p.m.
July 7: 10:00 a.m.
July 17: 5:30 p.m.
July 11: 5:30 p.m.
July 19: 10:00 a.m.
July 12: 10:00 a.m.
July 20: 1:00 p.m.
** Dates and Times are subject to changes.
Jacksonville Regional Sen ice Center
921 North Davis Street. Bldg.. A Room 109
Jacksonv ille. FL 32209
Medicaid beneficiaries are encouraged to attend one
of these events presented by Medicaid representa-
tives. Each session \ill last one hour. Space is lim-
ited and \ou must make a resen action to attend. To
choose one of the sessions and make a reservation by
calling (9041 798-4659.
MAIN STREET EVENT-Experience Main Street
from the Mlain Street Bridge to the Trout River
Bridge on July 20, 3:00-6:00 p.m. Everything is free.
There \will be food. games and prizes. For church
involvement and more information contact Amy
Walker at (904) 765-5502.
BLOCK PARTY-The American Poor people Party
presents a "Block Party" on July 29 from 12 Noon
until 5:00 p.m. on xavier Street between 45th and
Talladega Rd. Music, performers, food, fun, and
information will be available.
HEALTH FAIR- A free Cholesterol and Diabetes
Screening, sponsored by: Bayer. will be held: 2:00
p.m. 6:00 p.m. July 26 at the Winn-Dixie Pharmacy,
96076 Lofton Square Blvd.. in Yulee, FL.
being made for the January 6. 2007 Matthew W.
Gilbert High School 9th Annual Reunion
Celebration. Two representatives from each class
1952-1970 are asked to become involved. A meeting
will be held Tuesday, August 8 and every other
Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. at Matthew iw. gilbert Middle
School. For additional information contact Almeyta
J. Lodi (904) 355-7583 or Vivian W. williams at
(904) 766-2885.
Jacksonville Bold City Mandarin Lion's Club will
host the 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament on
August 26. at the Golf Club at Fleming Island, Orange
Park. FL. The tournament begins at 8:00 a.m. Sign-
in will be held at 7:30 p.m.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY-The Ribault graduating Class
of 1974 \will host a 50th Birthday Celebration on
September 16, 7:00 p.m.-until, at Arielle's. 7707
Arlington Expressway Attire is dressy casual. For
cost and reservations (ASAP) contact Aundrea
McDaniel (McClinton) at (904) 765-6041, Carolyn
Sutton at (904) 764-4291. Janet Simon at (9040 696-
2034. or Carl Porter at 1904) 673-5066.

- --------------------------------------- --


JULY 15 2006









rZ~ Ix~
/f r r

PAG C F STAR J 15..200


Baby Naming Ceremony for Yasin Amani, born June 1, 2006
to parents Carmella Blackwell and Mario McIntee was held
last week in Houston, hosted by Mario McIntee, proud
father. The ceremony was dedicated to Dr. H. E. Blackwell,
deceased father of Carmella, and reknown physicist, profes-
sor and artist.


St. Petersburg, FL----- Florida Consumer Action Network, affiliate of USAction and the state partner of
Americans United, released a new report today prepared by the Institute for America's Future that shows that the
costly, confusing Bush Part D plan has dire health and financial consequences for the 7 million Americans who
will soon fall into the program's 'donut hole' -- a massive gap in coverage for those covered by the program whose
annual drug costs are between $2,250 and $5,100. Floridians who fall into the 'doughnut hole' are forced to pay
the full cost of their prescription drugs on top of their costly monthly premiums. The report -- entitled 'Falling into
the Doughnut Hole: How Congress and the Drug Industry Created a Trap for American Seniors and People with
Disabilities' reveals that September 22nd is the date the average Medicare-eligible American will fall into the
'donut hole;' it also details how the gap will actually grow over time and the grim realities for the vast majority
who can not escape it.
"September 22nd will mark an unsettling milestone for most of the 7 million seniors and disabled
Americans will soon fall into the Bush Part D 'doughnut hole' trap," said Phil Compton, spokesman for FCAN.
"Many Floridians who managed to navigate this incredibly confusing and corrupt prescription drug program will
soon be rewarded with no coverage whatsoever, yet will still be forced to pay their costly monthly premiums.
Next year, even more seniors will fall and fall harder into the 'doughnut hole' as the coverage gap continues to
grow. But the most troubling reality for Part D enrollees in Florida is that few will escape the massive coverage
gap, putting them at significant health.risk when they simply decide to take their chances without their medicines."
Among the study's key findings of 'Falling' into the Doughnut Hole':
* Seven million Americans will fall into the Part D 'doughnut hole.' According to the conservative estimates
of the Kaiser Family Foundation, it is predicted that out of the 11.8 million Medicare enrollees whose plans
include a coverage gap, nearly 7 million of these individuals will fall into the doughnut hole. This doesn't include
the 4.2 million who didn't sign up for the benefit because it was so costly and confusing.
* Part D 'doughnut hole' will actually grow and increase over time. Reaching the catastrophic coverage thresh-
old in 2006 requires $5,100 in total drug spending, but this rises to $5,596 in 2007 and $6,158 in 2008. While the
level of spending in the 25% coinsurance range will also increase, it does not increase at the same rapid rate as
the catastrophic level increases. As a result, the total size of the doughnut hole will rapidly increase over time and
engulf more and more Americans.
* September 22nd marks national 'Doughnut Hole Day.' The millions of Americans with Part D coverage have
different spending patterns and prescription drug needs, but the average Medicare enrollee's total drug
spending for 2006 is estimated to be $3.081. Accoidingly, this means that an average Medicare beneficiary who
enrolled in a stand-alone drug plan on Jan. 1st would be paying $257 dollars a month and would fall
into the doughnut hole on Sept. 22nd.
* Part D 'doughnut hole' has fatal health consequences. 55 percent of Americans who enter the doughnut hole will
be unable to escape it. A study.in the New England Journal of.Medicine examined the effects that capping pre-
scription,drug benefits had on seniors in the Medicare +Choice plan in 2003 and found that seniors who reached
this cap, which. would be very similar to falling into the doughnut hole, were more likely to skip doses of treat-
ments, less likely to visit hospital emergency departments, and, sadlh. died sooner. It was discovered that
Their annual mortality rate was 220 o higher than those without such a cap on benefits. Additionally, the increase
in frequency and length of hospital visits caused by the deteriorating health actually increased costs overall for the
insurance companies.
The full report from Institute forAmerica's Future can be found here.

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JULYS5 2006


...... --.....~....

0 9-/ 5 216AJ TP G -

B-CC' Names Carla Winston

'Woman Of The Year'

Home Run

All-Star Champ

amongst 10 other female
athletes of the year at Mid-
Eastern Athletic Conference
(MEAC) institutions for the
honor of being named as the
Woman of the Year in the
league, and possibly later
the nation.

Winston earned this
year's award with a great
GPA and essay on what
being a women's basketball
player at B-CC has taught
her over the years, as well as
her outstanding communi-
ty/volunteer service both in

her hometown of LaGrange
and in and around the
Daytona Beach community
over the past four years. She
has been an intricate part of
the Wildcat women's basket-
ball program since her fresh-
man year.

Venus Williams No Longer In WTA Tour's Top 20

Carla Winston

Fla. Carla Winston, a mem-
ber of the Wildcats women's
basketball team, has recently
been named as the Bethune-
Cookman College Woman
of the Year. Winston, a 5-
foot-7 senior point guard
from LaGrange, Georgia,
posted an average of 1.8
points per game last year
while dishing out 13 assists
in 20 ballgames.
The Callaway High
School alumnus, and now an
alumnus of Bethune-
Cookman College, has
earned the right to compete

Roderick Green

- Venus Williams dropped
out of the WTA Tour's top
20, and Andy Roddick slid
out of the ATP Tour's top 10
in Monday's rankings after
both fell short of past per-
formances at
Roger Federer's fourth
consecutive Wimbledon title
allowed him to stay at No. 1,
but No. 2 Rafael Nadal
closed the gap by reaching
his first final at the All
England Club.
The first five spots in the
women's rankings didn't
change: Wimbledon cham-
pion Amelie. Mauresmo
remained at No. 1, followed
by semifinalist Kim
Clijsters, runner-up Justine
Henin-Hardenne, semifinal-
ist Maria Sharapova and
Nadia Petrova.
Both Williams .and
Roddick have been ranked

Barry Bonds' 715th

Homer To Be Sold

,SAN FRANCISCO The fan who caught Barry Bonds'
715th home run ball while waiting for a beer and peanuts
\Nill sell the history-making ball on Internet auction site
Andrew Morbitzer said he and his wife, Megan, mulled
keeping the ball, but decided they couldn't turn down a pos-
sible payoff. The ball might help the couple put a downpay-
.ment on a home in pricey San Francisco.
"We decided if we were rich we'd keep the ball because
it's fun to have a piece of sports lore to hold on to,"
Morbitzer told the Associated Press on Tuesday. "But we're
not rich;".
Experts have said the ball is expected to fetch around
$100,000 at auction, far less than the 5500.000 some experts
say it could have commanded absent the controversy sur-
rounding Bonds and his alleged in\olhement with steroids.
The auction will start July 24 and last 10 days. Morbitzer
is mulling an opening bid of roughly $10,000. The auction
will also likely be a "reserve" auction, meaning Morbitzer
won't part with the ball for less than a certain.price.

"It was fun to have and it's fun to have been the one to
catch the ball," Morbitzer said. "It was a great once-in-a-life-
time moment. But the decision is based on the fact that
there's someone who would love to pay us for it."
San Jose-based e-Bay has handled auctions for other
-cherished pieces of baseball history. Among the items sold
on the site include a 1909 Honus Wagner T206 card that
fetched $1.27 million and Shoeless Joe Jackson's "Black
Betsey" bat. which sold for nearly $580,000.

Md. Ravens linebacker
Roderick Green was stabbed
early Sunday during a fight
at a bowling alley, Baltimore
County police said.
Green was taken to Sinai
Hospital. Ravens spokesman
Kevin Byrne told WBFF-TV
that Green's injury doesn't
appear to be serious.
Police said a fight broke
out when Green bumped
into another bowler. Green
tried to break it off and left
the bowling alley, but the
man carn after him and

No. 1 in the past.
Williams was the
defending champion at the
All England Club but was
upset in the third round by
Jelena Jankovic, sending the
American from No. 12 to
No. 23. Williams also won
Wimbledon in 2000 and
2001, and reached the final
in 2002 and 2003, losing to
younger sister Serena each
Serena Williams, also
once ranked No. 1, skipped
this Wimbledon with a left
knee injury that's kept her
off the tour most of the year,
and she's now ranked 140th.
Roddick, the Wimbledon
runner-up in 2004 and 2005,
was knocked out in the third
round this time, a straight-
sets loser to Andy Murray.
Roddick's ranking went
from fifth to 11th, his first
time out of the top 10 since
the start of 2003.
Federer and Nadal were
followed by David
Nalbandian, Ivan Ljubicic,

LeBron Agi

James. agreed early
Wednesday to a three-year
contract extension with the
Cleveland Cavaliers, keep-
ing the All-Star forward with,
the club through at least the
2009-10 season.
The contract includes an
option that would allo\\
James to extend the deal one
season, the Cavaliers report-
ed on their Web site. The
contract. which James is \et
to sign, will take effect after
the 2006-07 season.
"I knew all along-- and I
had always said -- that I
wanted to stay here in
Cleyeland, so it's a terrific
day for me and my family to
actually make it official,"
James said in an interview
on the team's Web site.
"Now I can continue to con-
centrate on basketball and
helping bring a champi-
onship to Cleveland."
James chose an exten-
sion that is for two years less
than the maximum deal the
Cavs could have offered

stabbed him in the parking
Green ran after being
stabbed, and the attacker
tried to chase him down but
was unable to do so.
Police have no suspects
in the attack. The assailant
and the player didn't know
each other, police said.
Green, 24, is a third-year
player out of Central
Missouri State. He played in
16 games last season and
had two sacks.

Radek S
five spo
No. 8 by
Ancic al
est ra
only pl
ever to
Slam tou
up six pI
best ran
run to th




under the
much as

Davydenko, James
Mario Ancic and
itepanek, who rose
ts to a career-high
r reaching the quar-
last week.
ydenko, Blake and
so are at their high-
nkings. Tommy
is ninth, and
Baghdatis the
ayer from Cyprus
compete at a Grand
ornament moved
laces to No. 10, his
king, thanks to his
e semifinals.

Philadelphia Phillies' Ryan Howard, the All Star game
home run derby champ, gets ready for batting practice
before the baseball All Star Game in Pittsburgh,
Tuesday, July 11, 2006.(AP PhotolGene J. Puskar)

r Woods Scheduled To Defend Phoenix Title
TOKYO.- Tiger Woods will defend his Dunlop, Phoenix. title in,
November, tournament organizers announced Thursday.
Woods will be attempting to win Japan's richest golf tournament for
the third straight year, t) ing Japan's Jumbo Ozaki, who won it three years
in a row from 1994-96. It will be Woods' fourth appearance at the Dunlop
At last year's tournament, Woods won the fourth hole of a playoff
Woods with Japan's Kaname Yokoo to claim the title.The $1.7 million Dunlop
Phoenix will be held NovA.6-19 at the Phoenix CountrN Club in MRliazaki.

To 3-Year Extension With Cavs i

e league's collective research and \'ith the way look at ar
ng agreement, a the CBA is set up, it makes in four ye
Package worth as the most business sense to Finan
$80 million, sign this extension and then revealed,

other ne\w contract :
ears," James said.
cial terms weren't.:

"We did extensive
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Ravens Linebacker Stabbed

In Bowling Alley Dispute



JULY 15 2006

FAi L-b A l -

Former Florida Secretary

Of Corrections, Former

Regional Director Charged

By Federal Authorities

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. James Vernon Crosby, Jr., former
Secretary of Florida Department of Corrections, and Allen Clark,
a former Regional Director of Florida Department of Corrections
were charged today by federal authorities with accepting approx-
imately $135,000 in kickbacks related to the awarding of a state
contract. Also, eight other current and former Florida
Department of Corrections employees have been charged by
state authorities related to their positions as correctional officers.
Today's charges were announced by U.S. Attorney Paul I. Perez,
Gerald M. Bailey, Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Commissioner, and Nestor Duarte, Assistant Special Agent in
Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Crosby and Clark are charged in separate Informations with
corruptly accepting approximately $135,000 from another per-
son, intending to be influenced or rewarded in connection with
official business of the Florida Department of Corrections.
Crosby and Clark each face up to ten years' imprisonment and up
to $250,000 in fines. In addition to the Information, plea agree-
ments were filed as to both Crosby and Clark. Clark will be
arraigned and is expected to enter a plea on Thursday, July 6,
2006 at 4:00 p.m. Crosby will be arraigned on Tuesday, July 11,
2006 at 2:30 p.m. and is expected to enter a plea at that time.
According to court documents, in 2003, Crosby, on behalf of
the Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC) began to negoti-
ate a contract to privatize FDOC's institutional canteens with
Keefe Commissary Network ("Keefe Commissary") of St.
Louis, Missouri, and two other private companies. After negoti-
ating with each company, Crosby, on behalf of FDOC, entered
into a written contract ("the Contract") with representatives of
Keefe Commissary in October 2003. Under the Contract, Keefe
Commissary assumed responsibility for operating FDOC's insti-
tutional canteens throughout the State of Florida. While the
Contract originally provided that inmates could purchase items
from institutional canteens by using a "cashless" debit card-like
system, a November 2004 amendment to the Contract allowed
Keefe Commissary to operate separate visiting park canteens,
where FDOC visitors could purchase, items with cash.
As part of the Contract, Keefe Commissary agreed to pay
FDOC a certain fee per day per inmate, which was anticipated to
provide FDOC in excess of $20 million per year in revenues.
According to the terms of.the Contract, Keefe Commissary could
not utilize any subcontractor without prior approval of FDOC.
Unless renewed by FDOC, the Contract and its amendments
would expire in October 2006. As Secretary of FDOC, Crosby
had the direct authority to enter into the Contract, to implement
contractual amendments with Keefe Commissary and to renew
the Contract with Keefe Commissary.
Crosby and Clark were acquaintances of an individual from
the Gainesville, Florida area who had a preexisting business rela-
tionship ith FDOC. In 2004, Crosby, Clark and this individual
agreed that the individual would be introduced to representatives
of Keefe Commissary to encourage Keefe Commissary to utilize
the individual in opening and operating visiting parks canteens.
While Clark and Crosby were aware that Keefe Commissary was
interested in opening visiting park canteens, they also knew that
Keefe Commissary did not want to collect and handle the cash
generated by such canteens.
Crosby, Clark and the individual decided that if, based upon
the recommendation and support of Crosby and Clark, Keefe
Commissary used the individual as a subcontractor on the
Contract, then the individual would kickback to Clark and
Crosby a portion ofthe profits made by the individual.
In the Summer of 2004, Keefe and the individual'reached an
agreement calling for the individual to make approximately $1.5
million per ear in profits. The individual advised Clark that he
(Clark) and Crosby would receive a 40% kickback.
In Auigust 2004, a company owned by the individual was, at
Crosby's direction, authorized by FDOC as an approved subcon-
tractor on the Contract. In addition, the Contract, at Crosby's
direction, was amended in November 2004 and broadened Keefe
Commissary's responsibilities to include its operation of visiting
park canteens. To facilitate the individual's work with Keefe
Commissary and the visiting park canteens, FDOC personnel
provided the individual and others working with him with iden-
fification badges that would allow access to, among other places,
the New River Correctional Facility and the Florida State Prison
in Starke, Florida.
Thereafter, Keefe Commissary reopened FDOC visiting park
canteens throughout the State of Florida. Cash proceeds generat-
ed by Keefe Commissar 's sales at FDOC visiting park canteens
were collected by the individual's company. These proceeds
were then delivered to the business in Gainesville, Florida.
After these proceeds were collected, the individual and/or
, others \ working with the individual would deliver cash kickbacks
to Clark and/or others about once a month. Once Clark received
a cash kickback, Clark would then deliver part of the kickback
payment to Crosby. These kickback payments grew .from'
approximately $1,000.00 a month tip to approximately
$12,000.00 a month and were made from about November.2004
through early 2006. The total amount of kickbacks paid by the
Conspirator to Clark and Crosby during this scheme was approx-
imately $130,000.00.
Eight other individuals have been charged in state court:
1. Richard Allen Frye Jr., age 37, grand theft.
2. Paul Lamar Miller, age 33, grand theft.
3. Theodore J. Foray Jr., age 46, grand theft.
4. Lamar Edw\\ard Griffis, age 49, acceptance of unauthorized

5. Bryan Kim Griffis, age 36, grand theft.
6. Christopher Paul Taylor, age 34, grand theft.
7. Bobbie Dewane Ruise, age 41, grand theft.
8. Stephen Randall Parker, age 32, grand theft.
The charges filed against Crosby, Clark, and the other eight
individuals bring the total number of former or current FDOC
employees prosecuted in this ongoing investigation to 21. The
previous prosecutions for the most part related to illegal steroid
distribution and use and receipt of kickbacks from a recycling
program. The investigation is being handled by the Federal
Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the United States Attorney's,
Office, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE),
and Florida Attorney General Charlie rist's Office of Statewide
Prosecution. *

Aries (March 21 -
April 19) All you will be
longing to is
someone to
explain yourself
to, and you're
likely to find that
someone just in time. This is
a good week to renew a
commitment. Generosity
will put you in the poor-
house. If everyone wants to
do their own thing, let them.
Make some notes regarding
the changes that you should
make. If you're willing to go
with the flow, you'll find that
you've an opportunity to
rearrange certain elements
of your life that you thought
you'd just have to live with.
This week lucky numbers
are: 2, 6, 12, 20, 24.
Taurus (April 20 -
May 21)Some people are
D unpredictable and
evasive--and give
you troubles. A
surprise expense
may also arise, but it's worth
it. What a difference a dar-
ing new attitude and a new
start can make! Your creativ-
ity is at peak levels so you
could steal the show. You
may be undermining your\
own chances for success by
expecting too much from
yourself too soon. Trust
yourself but respect your-
self. Don't count on your
friends to be loyal when it
comes to doing things.
Younger relatives may seek
your advice. This week
lucky numbers are: 18, 24,
26, 32, 38.
Gemini (May 21 -
June 21) Let go
of the past in
order to progress.
You, can make
money if you work on per-
sonal investments. Don't let
your mate force you into
making a decision that you
aren't ready to make. Don't
let your temper get the better
of you closer to the middle
of this week, concentrate on
what you can do, not what
you can't.This week lucky
numbers are: 8, 14, 20, 24,
Cancer June 21- July
22) Tension of a psycholog-
D ical or political
nature may be
Present at the
beginning. Issues
could become emotional but
you may be able to transport
yourself into a listening
mode. Create answers by
removing your emotions
from the subject matter.
Listen for the positive and
work toward compromise
that can make everyone
happy.This week lucky
numbers are: 2, 8, 20, .30,
Leo (July 23 -August
22) What is invaluable to
you may be utter-
ly worthless to
someone else and
vice versa. The
faster you get used to such
differences the better. Some
people will support you
while others wait and see.
Be grateful. Say a resound-
ing 'YES' when someone
suggests a fun night out on
the town, and remember it.
Those in authority may tar-
get you soon, so beware of
traffic -cops, government
officials and your boss. This
week lucky numbers are: 8,

12, 18, 20, 32.
Virgo (August 23 -
September 22)Haste
makes waste with first-time
projects. Pleasure interests
are more(ewarding however
so seek iout romance. You

will have to make
your current
dreams come true
the old-fashioned
way, namely by hard work!
Keep things in perspective
or you'll have to answer for
your actions. Patience will
pay off and bring you that
much closer to getting what
you want in the middle of
the week. This week lucky
numbers are: 14, 20, 24, 26,
Libra (September 23
- October 23) Help those
D-- incapable of tak-
ing care of their
personal affairs.
Pleasure trips or
friendly get-togethers will
be satisfying and intellectu-
ally stimulating. You have
your thumb in several differ-
ent investments at once.
Good news will come to you
about these investments
soon; this Thursday you
must allow progress to hap-
pen. You will be pleased at
the results of your planning.
This week lucky numbers
are: 2, 6, 12, 48, 68.
Scorpio (October 24
21)A private
business meeting
is a success. Real
fun and games must be
planned out logically, not
emotionally this time. Now
focus on personal affairs as
you see fit with little or no
interference. The stars are
particularly favorable to
your personal life at this
moment. Don't let the oppor-
tunity slip away. This week
lucky numbers are: 36, 38,
50, 66, 74.
S a git t a ri us
(No member 22 -
December 21) If you want
our ship to come
in. you'lll have to
send one out. Put
off decision-mak-
ing now. if you're feeling
exhausted. If you're feeling
so ship-shape, inspect your
own act before accusing oth-
ers of being awol. Take a
moment to make the much-
needed changes at home on
the in the middle of this
week. Once you have this,
task out of the way, you will
feel free to pursue some-
thing new. This week lucky
numbers are: 8, 18, 30, 50,
Ca p ri c or n
(December 22 January
19) You may be
making plans for
a nice trip, but
you may also be
coping with a moody co-
worker. Artistic sensibilities
are heightened. True emo-
tional peace and security is
found within, not from other
people's opinions. Be careful
what you wish for this time.
You may have far more to
contend with if you aren't
willing to compromise. An
offer that sounds too good to
be true probably is. Remind
yourself of what you have,
not what you don't have.
Your mind will be on love,
romance and, of course,
pampering and pleasure
now. It is very important to
finish off old projects before
starting something new.
This week lucky numbers
are: 2, 20, 38, 44, 48.
Aquarius (January

20 -February 19th)Use
your creativity to add to the
; quality of your
work and life.
Others appreciate
your special
touch. On the 1ther hand
don't forget t fat circum-

stances can turn against you
as easily as you turn them to
your advantage. You love
people for who they are and
need to express it. 'Love
romance, socializing, mix-
ing business with pleasure
as well as picking up infor-
mation that will help you get
ahead should be your main
goal. You should allow your
love to take on a life of its
own. Some people may not
be ready for you, but you
can appeal to their sense of
humor and hold their atten-
tion for as long as you need.
In general, this week is a
right time to discard the old
and embrace the new. This
week lucky numbers are: 14,
50, 54, 72, 84.
Pisces (February 19 -
March 20)Deal with


JULY15, 2006

finances before
you go out shop-
ping midweek.
Avoid making
any commitments at' the
moment. It is necessary to
listen carefully to other peo-
ple's ideas. You may have
wanted to make changes
where none were required.
Communication with others
will bring you the wisdom
you need. Teamwork will
lead to a closer bond
between you and your part-
ners. Bring your strengths to
the table & hope that others
will, as well. You should
avoid revealing how you
feel or share your personal
secrets with other people,
even close ones. This week
lucky numbers are: 14, 18,
26,36, 42,.


Bans Grillz

**FILE PHOTO** Singer Nelly, with dia-
monds on his teeth, arrives to the sec-
ond annual Fashion Rocks concert,
Thursday, Sept. 8, 2005. One school dis-
trict ih Texas has banned students from
wearing the mouth jewelry known as
'grillz.' (AP PhotolDiane Bondareff)
known as "gauging."

TON, Texas -
The school dis-
trict here has
expanded its
dress codes to
mouths-- and
may no longer
wear mouth
jewelry known
as "grillz"--
shiny teeth
caps-- or the
ing practice

"The district is having to respond to fads because they've
become distracters or a safety hazard for those around them,"
said Malcolm Turner, the district's executive director of stu-
dent services.
The nearby Irving, Grand Prairie and DeSoto districts
also ban grillz,.and some also address-gauging the process
of placing increasingly large items in the ears to stretch the
But students said the body modification is ,simply self-
"Really, a grill is just like an earring. It's fashion," said
junior De\onte Wright,, 16.
But school officials said they hoped to teach students that
life would require them to follow specific regulations in spe-
cific settings.
"We want to instill in them a sense of modesty and a
sense of community," said school board trustee Gloria Pena.
"We're preparing them for the work force, and in the work'
force there are rules."







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JULY15, 2006


Change Your Life.
Your Future.
You have the power to change your
future. And you can do it right here
at Florida Community College at
Jacksonvile. To learn about
employment opportunities that are
available please visit our website at

Bass Guitarist
2nd Tenor Singer
New Bethlehem Missionary
Baptist Church
Music Department
Contact Deacon Tolliver
764-7698(h) or 764-5727(ch)

You can begin as soon as you
want and earn as much as you
want through The Florida Star as
a member of our Sales Team.
Reap the benefits of being in the
Media -- Join the Team!
Call: Dan Evans at:
(904) 766-8834

Clean, Quiet Area
ADULTS Preferred
Call Cynthia
(904) 725-4359

Furnished rooms,A/C, $75/wk
+ deposit. 2 bdrm apt. A/C
unfurnished $400 mo or fur-
nished $450 mo. + deposit.
On bus & trolley lines. N.
Myrtle Ave/l-95 area
4/1 house. New rehab.
H&A/C. WID connection $725
mo. + deposit. Meharry off N.
Call 904-356-6069


#SCC 055764

$8.00 per dozen
Will deliver for small fee.

Low Rates.

@ 5 p.m.
To place an ad:
CAll: (904) 766-8834
FAX: (904) 765-1673


Is sirers Ruining l ur Helniionshiips' i3u1 and Read
I u.\NL I i S b I R.'.i, HtI..ib.rdj( ill I 172-0722 or
v.nd s I' 11i,, in ipl ., .1 .n liiJb.,J \, TampaFL.


**LAND AUCTION 200 Props Must be Sold!*
,: D:.,'-Z Tii.i ic;ra I"i, rc Catalog (800)937-1603
'I.\\\ I \ND\ilt. [it\ (.IOM N.R.L.L. E.a 1Ii C
Auction Btisiness License:AB2509. Mark Buleziuk Auc-
tioneer License:AU3448, Jeffrey Johnston. Auctioneer
License:AU'3449, Stacey Mauck Auctioneer
Li rn,e .\i 34J .

Building Malerials

ME T.'L ROOFING A\ F. ESS Bu:, D.r.:..i From Mnirn,.
facturer. 20colorsinstock II.,th ll -\;.:-.i. n (-I. Ir Ilr-n
around! Delivery Available T. I1 .c- ir_ I r'i il.

Business Opportunities

.\.L LC' H( .NDD ROlITEi)',....uc..mrT 'tida .j. iA
'lai h.rn es, i'L. u >. ;ir. 11 All Mi 5*.v' ** 1i.S i":51n.)
B02000033. CALL-US: We will not be undersold!

Prol', Nirnahl Vending Homule: \ u Julik-. iw e jild
brands. Greatequipment,great support! Financingavailable
With $6K,down. Tom: (954)971-9301. #B02002-037.

\n E.rculie )OppinriuunI I ,.t I rliAe ,..ailti.An nc..rn',
nlli',di J -i I.'' .r'n' ni. a l.el.'r \\ li'. t l i rin.i. h: lnnip I
250i**3. ,IIlk P l Pci r ..'*" fr:.'lihc.J'di r. ,, c.uni .

Business Services

**GOTA BIISINESS''" D ,minll.:.:all lr.lr1.c,: .il h>
Accepting all mjj''r rei. l rJ id Debur L J "1' nl.. i. 'uin
rates! Frce rat up' I itc .ar.cipincen urprjj'e isXiii :6rK-


S COOL I l\\ rL .LJob. No,. hirirL i .i: 4 p.-II...-i1
Guy. (, l tio i .rk ain I, iAn entire USA. Paid training,
ir na pirp an. ,n.li I,.Jg(ir h lurnilct'd C llt h ,d i. lu rt I, .I .

FRArL II.ORIDnl ..cail. Nhul,o.nall) IRp.;li.m.., [ood
:jade I iL r i hr 'il,..r il,i', pi inpl,.g.tl. JI lr el1,[ ,:,nirpen-
SI, n c p cc e 'qu.pn. ri N. d r ei .:pi .:,n: n.r.mjl] ,
Bynum Transport for your opportunity today. (800)741-

CDL-A)'RIVER$:' Expanding Pleet offering Regional/
OTRrruns. Excellent Benefits, Weekend Hometime. Out-
.'.Lrd;n( Pj.i Pja.l.jc. I ,:a : Purchase. '17 Pelcrhill-
Nl \ it l\i .- AIItRIER.S ,s.i'I- 'l7.7-27

'Mlii. tiui, P } ' the Postal Battery Exam, Find Out How! Call Today For
More Information,., (800)584-1775 Ref Code #P5799.

DATAENTRY[Wor. re.. \n.. n, .c i i- ;htl- l,.ir
Personal Computer R]qu.1cd I- .lcllert i,:r..:r u(p..lu.
nity. Serious Inquiries Only (800)344-9636 Ext. 700.

Part orFullTime. Makeup to $500-$ 1000 ormore persale
Sales madefrom ads, leads&references. Homeofficesuppdr
&training for local Steel'BuildingDealer.No investments
(800)964-8335 cwirth@wedgcor.com.

AWe're raising pa) "rnr Florida Reginnal dri ersi! lIon,.
e cn cckcnrd' I :,inc d,.rrin, lihe' cek' 1S.lid ,cckl. ni1 .'
95% no touch! Preplanned freight! $.43 permile HEART-
LAND "EXPRESS (800)441-4953.

owner operators, company drivers, students, recent grads;
regional. dedicated, long haul. Van. flatbed. Must be 21.
CRST Career Center., (800)940-2778,
,* .. dnr ,i.ii r i:l ,I i. '

career today! Offering courses in CDLA. One Tuition fee!
.'M.an p:.. n.lnt i.pri..n N.:. Rqegitr.,ii..r Feel (888)808-
5* ..5 4 Ir ll',,oln i ,n d m ,rnngisatler, i...m.

Want to purchase minerals and
other oil/gas interests
Send details to:
P.O. Box 13557
Denver, CO 80201

Curls -Ages 7-12 ONLY $29.95
Relaxer w/ Roller Set ONLY




Bulldozers, Backhoes, Loaders, Dump
Trucks, Graders, Scrapers, Excavators

-National Certification
-Job Placement Assistance

Associated Training Services www.equipment-school.com

I--1; iS.
is ~.

* -'.' > : I


Heavy Equipment Operator .CERTIFIED. Hands on
Traiping.JobPlacemenitAssistance.CallTollFree (866)933-
H.omosassa Trail, '.Lecanto. Florida, 34461.

EMPLOYMENT: Bulldozers. Backhoes, Loaders, Dump
Trucks, Graders. Scrapers, excavators; National Certifica-
tin',, J..t T'lja..ii. r,. \".i.i- in,. \ ....,lid Trjiiiilg Ser-
0 i. s C. oa.i l '"- i pTirln- dih.n, I ',.rni


15 \CRE FLORID\ R.\%NCIIEST \TEl i iihE 'l. r
Woh.n.r [r!.. t.. Call N ,.ui '.l Me I m '.lui Iri.i i-X10
Won't Jlast! Call No, i.r' ,,,'.. "lt Ext 650.

Legal Serices

1 HUR i I :.Ilk I j IT w r No., C- i :4 H.:ur:- r-, ,]l
Iilr'. j- d ("rCTrnm'" il D lon \ \ \ '.li'.'.i R rD.errl
'nI. LC P1 -1 P I. )l ,.ur R I

Manufactured Homes

P.AI.i ll.H HOH llOM I I Jl..,r, i.,,d.'lIt ,,erl \I.S .
I'. IP \I n .c i.m.id.il.ar, \l:.tile it li.'. r C.. C 1il1'
for fP F.F. tl,.r Br,:.m hu. : I II ii1 i"22-2832.


DI\ ORCEl$2'55.1- 0 CO'F.RSih,,I.i1rn. ci Onl -inerc
qinj{ur; ieluJirLJ' '1 1-.luJ& .-I I 5, < 11 Pll .I-JLI.. i
i ollll4fr"- ,illl '* -1 ,II -,tlrl. llr l iiil ,\ all L) i-.>.. L Ll
I lj -h edl,' P I', -

ATTEND COLLEGE ONITNE from home. *Medical,
*Business, i' ,~m '.ll *Computers *Criminal Justice. Job
p 1ac m l l... r rn ". ,r,,pnip .: i ,.' \ qul" hlc d L'.dl l l Ki,'(. i 2 I 2 I


Kayak Pool! The Above (round IPool with In-Ground
Features! Unique Opportunity. SAVE Up to $4,000.'Call
(866)348-7560 FREE ESTIMATES! Financing.

Real Estate

Cool 5'.c cm C 15NCnC M uanlini e ,f.e I-- I-'v huir,....
erdLI hmih. I I LInc., .l'in'. a.. -:.c r.,iri
I rudermi..l 1,1. rc Sii, -.I. Ic a owD.rn %.', io ;.-a


BEAI TIFI LN.( \ROILINA I "'-l I't 11 .\i 1il
IN, I. J .-R k 1. 1 IN'. M l M N .I\1RI il: b,..r.k,:e
r8,i.,un)i841 58% \L. R ;, t Ii le l-i.,,.,....i.....J.rieali ,...r.i

TrIlR N P'R(- I S' \:,ClI 4u,:lna.Pu.el..el 219 0 llll
8+Acres-DirectLakefront. 26f.'r."I 2 \; re llo.nic?. e-
$119,900 Located minutes from downtown Jacksonville.
FL. Private GatedCommunity. MilesofBridleTrails,Rec.
Area, Fishing & Boating. Call ih lRC-LAND Florida
Land & Ranches, LLC.

Gulf front lots $595k. Homes starting mid 5300k. New
masterplanned ocean front community on beautiful Mus-
tang Islapd, near Corpus Christi. TX.
www.cinnamonshore.com, (866)891-5163.

Buyers Market Coastal North Carolina 95-100% LTV
Financing Call CCL tric. Realty (800)682-9951.

LAKE LAND SALE! 3 Acres with Boat Slip -Only.
$29.900! Direct Access to 33,000-acre mountain lake in
Tennessee with boat slip. Available 8/26! (800)770-931 1,

NEW LOGIIOME PACKAGE! 3 Acres with Boat Slip
Only $89.900! Direct access to 33,000 acre mountain lake
in Tennessee. Available 8/26! (800)770-9311, Ext.821.

,\l .\B \.\. \\ .TERFRON T .\C RE..AGF I..ui, Ir
A' l.r,, l. l the l i.I n' .Jl, .Ai: l Ir...

ASHEVILLE,NCAREAACRF -\rF. I i, .. .:r..ri.l:l
L i .'J .. r tm.ij..i l .nr 4 mii,. k I i r i* ..l | ,. l i, m pi slmn'' ]J
.j rt l lli.hC I cr i.tr[ l' i l m i l,',i. 'Jl l i l td r i l 1 i ll : 1[,. P 1? *
]'lh,iC II ll.:, h'm" r:"''. 'i.

IKY DEEP WATER PARCEL 1.38 acres overlooking
Lake Barkley. 90 min to Nashville. minutes to Land
Between the Lakes. Just $47,000. Won't last! Owner.

LOOKING TO OWN LAND? Invest in rural acreage
Ithn.,tIII ui \.nr :r;,..3 I..i Ii. ,,'il. lim' in.' ilC,,i i i[rl....p-
(L .. -" Ir 2'"' *.r I'21r i'R '.1 '1'fc-i l LJI-d cpi,' '.
,, ,, i IJril'u', r-^ui.J ri,,11, f

TN .ACREA(;E i\ \ E\\S! I L.. c prcl, '..iit
;r: r.:illhl 'I. .. i i.ii cl a .r, .n l. I ..r.il >Cr ..l .r F ll
l i -r.i[.' lu-. 1..,h.' i M. h' I l. l I ri.In I .,. ">-nh '. L. ll
Ir rt.ril .5769.

S.A MOUNTAINS S acres with frontage on very large
pristine creek L.1 pr;.jild. .,'licr|I Ih ii,: ,amqeing,
good access; nea, i -\ R 1 ,. I11 'lI mt.I I'Arl $39,500.
C o .- n e i t S 1* L 4 .*'* .3 r .t i n i d 'l \ .. .- ,

V'it r nnllne \\esicrln Nor h rlina. N .i ,..i1, i.. i.u Re I
I I lIt 'l.-ab.'lie. rill.jl.e l'u.JJL 'd c. ', i .,. -. jI h'!.
l:,r.,, ricnird. 'Be-n .ili. ct i l r Im l S .1 \ .' I lrb
1 in.' pIj jiJ t m ,nhl.n

(;EOR lMOI'N I %INS I rd I r l .- :: ,rimniLn .irl& In'. i inimen T
*LL'. Litl IlNI G '\\ IO.I :l iliRNS TO '.OLD" J.rUen
B.Tr R.ernll:.. I "IllI 4-' '. i )1 8211-782
',, j .' .nLcha nri' lr e'Ii iu h 'l i; llfiel i.

MAINE OCEANFRONT B\RG.\1N 4 -\ :er 220'
waterfront only $1'9 .'. 1ii'r 5+ j, ':, .ealn i..:.e. onl
'-'1 i n' 1 :} ulr.1 .~rc iirn.. .nrl p icnpa i: l rn
" i i prir iI Iri l.-elin;e O el .. i.' .. ..'ur .' .ac:e [.,e:r
' .I ..I..I. & Jd .ccd I h.- r. I .:,p ,l .nd. bc- lJ
u e' ; I J. J. il ,lt '.*.l. p ..Jd rd In n j'.'> mrurnl, (-rn,
,-'.ner I onirIc.n, .all i t. e lN I n 1 2 | 781..3 a1

NITY! www.grandeharbor.intb. Allwater-accesshomesites
direct from the developer. Most amenities already in. Far
below market value, from $79,900. Possible 18 mo NO'

East Tennessee- Norris Lake 5.6 acre wooded
LAKEFRONTI lot- in',6 l.i, 5.l acre wooded VIEW lot-
$28,900 Call Lakeside Realty ., I '4 '2I3 L. .X82n Or visit

Western NewMexico'Private74Acre Ranch$129,990 and
:OP;icin'rvqc \Lr.Ti- 090.Scenicregionwithmountain
. i. l I rll ir ., ..iling. hulls, meadows, wildlife. Enjoy.
li'..i hu,.~nri, ill. \ 1'V's.Perfecttobuildyourfamily
ranch orretreat, retirementorsecondhome with electricity.
.I1: i:., linAl.ngl N \. i C'(866)365-2825.

'.IIIPII\, NORTH II CAROl.IN' A -I 11 i )n I M.
M l It' M II I) \\ IN i 1 R1, .Io.jijr'l loir~e'-.w & h1u-m lr.
Cabins, Land CALL FOR FREE BROCHURE (877)837-
TIES www.exitmurphv.com.

Steel Buildings

1980!" Extensive range of sizes/models.. Example:
40'xl00'xi6'=3.48/sq.ft. Ends optional. 3-week delivery.
25'x40'x12' $3990 (LIMITED QTY). Pioneer (800)668-

/ .UJ ".i Il J 'i -t f..' i..- i m.'JA

.' -* jr.; u :p ,M i "*

, (Week of July 10, 200 J


Big Al Lovely
(813) 758-9896


Florida Office
(727) 641-9521

14202 60th Street N.
Clearwater, Florida 33760
or MerchantlnventoryFinancing.com

"We Give You Moneyl"

Kayak Pools of Florida
S i Demo Homesites Wanted Now!
Qualify/Save $$
Pobs Limited Offei! First 10 Pools! .
A ~othorlz, Dear Free Installation! Value to $1,500
> Financing Available (Restrictions Apply)
.* 100"o Financing
-- 6 'Name .1 cah
Termt in FiNt Msl Rudget,
S. I te Estimatle!
S, To Fro : e:866-348-7560
-:w- ,' tw.ka. akpoolkflorida.com


STHE <^2
'Thb. Uht. ., .r;...tt1, 0Oceanfront
O n, m ilrii ,,i i'h L'.ri, '> :i... ?.:,' ice,
and Golf& Spa P. IP.ie-.

Oceanfront Pool with ii1 i.l ....r
and Lush Gardens

i. i r..-Lm' r, 2 inl 3 'Bedroom
residen..':- v ilh Fi ,|l ,... 'n 1.ir ,ia
r 'l -I, ii_. ..i I, rrP -.t it l '
Ih J L[ i ...I [ h-.

Call today 1-866-741-8317
*' \ ".. i. n r r .. .]t i | l. ,-

Mild Hog Haven Abundant Deer, Turkey & Ducks,
* Milii]jmljn Ejaemn Tt3r:l': I Greajt lur Hunting Minuit'. To ]vMnrnih SavJnnah
* u H..* 278 Frilj ge N1ira.nl Walidill RIeuge PM.:eny 1ljnd
* TmTineliiil rd IT Nnihl .,nIl Widilde ROeluge & rTilman
* Tr, ii Friom3t iti '1 At re Sand RdA e i lie sjl Nh iiairhl Rl'lni
I Timber Cruise Available I
SRowell Realit & Aiction Co., Inc. In Cc.':mi.in Itit
F-z 800-323-8388 '.Jir P11W F li n. rIM A 'i'riml. ..i I) -hU.., pr 4.lrri 'n F I:;-F I ". '

I .1 .... I. Y .. ..... S "... .. ... .... ..... ....


MON-FRI 10-11 P.M. EST



AM 1360



(V1~ [\Wl As seen



(800) 794-7310

J.G. Wentworth means CASH NOW

for Strnctured Settlements! "

Almnm wig

Orlando Disney Getaway
- - - - -- I-er I
I)AY 2 NIG111' couple I
I Gc t a way 138 ($599Valt-10)
13 -j
'S, Fun-Tile-d Ziys-m-d at tile
0 Pool 5'spa pooisidk' L t IL'I it it,, It 1c, lv.skei Lm 11. ten ni t Lit I ris ivsorl,
I III iversll SI If dic's, Dis 110V World & S'n\vo!Id.


190-+ Acres Divided
C-AUCT ON) Recreational & Timber Land
,M. Fantastic Hunting Tract

U.S. 14wy;,278i Beaufort &Jasper Countles-i SC
Friday -:- July 28 -:- 10:00 a.m.


0. Ae L ,f l


: :



JULY 15, 2006





Asthma Therapy
Pain Relief

All About Kids is the premiere pedi-
atric facility in Jacksonville, Florida.
We are dedicated to providing chil-
dren with the highest quality of
health care. Our doctors are Board
Certified Pediatricians with years of
Pediatric Emergency Room experi-
ence. With flexible hours, we are
able to accommodate the needs of
families with busy lifestyles. Come
see why so many parents trust All
About Kids Pediatrics with their chil-
dren's health.

Dean M. Cannon, MD
James A. Joyner, IV MD
Both doctors are board certified and
have pediatric ER experience.



Hem6globin/Hematocrit Testing
Mono Screening
Rapid Strep Screening
Sport and School Participation
Well visits/Immunizations

EMR Technology,
Our Electronic Medical Record System
enables us to be more efficient with
less paperwork and allows for:
Direct Pharmacy Link for fast and
convenient prescriptions
Check-in/Check-out process made
quick and efficient
Medical record history inquiries
and transfers that are concise and
easy with electronic database
Prompt subspecialty referrals

9:00 6:00 M-F, weekend and after hour
care available
All Insurances Accepted

12086 Ft. Caroline Rd. Suite Number 401 Jacksonville, FL 32225
Located in the' new Hidden Hills Executive Park (near the corner of Fort
Caroline and Monument Rd.)


1057 FM

www.fiesta925.com .

Thank you for

listen ng ten


9550 Regency Square Blvd. Suite #200 acksonville, Fl 32225 ff (904) 680-1050 Fax (904) 680-1051

Office: 904-285-6300
Office Fax: 904-285-5330
Direct: 904-473-1502

ini orrnim isb tli cdwhd Ie r, accuo but N o!z *a~nViItJ

WIN $30 0!!!

Write An Essay On:

The Problems We Are Facing
That Are Causing The Murders In Jacksonville.
What Can Be Done To Stop
The Murders In Jacksonville?

State Senator Anthony "Tony" Hill Needs Answers. He is committed
to pay for the best essay on the subjects above.
You have until July 31, 2006 to write and mail
your essay no more than 300 words to:
Essay Contest
Senator Anthony "Tony" Hill
The Florida Star Newspaper
P. 0. Box 40629
Jacksonville, Florida 32203

Sponsored By:
Senator Anthony "Tony" Hill, The Florida Star,
An Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. (Theta Phi Chapter)

n A d7 /t" 0



Quene Lewis: Vocalist,
Photos 2006 by Andre' B. Murray/www.bernagency.photore

Songwriter & Arranger!


By Rych McCain/feed-
Every now and then
you meet a person who
stands out head and
shoulders above the
norm and you just say
"wow!" I recently
attended an after party
for the opening night
of the Black
Hollywood Film
Festival and met a
young singer who per-
formed at the event.
She approached me
because she could feel
I had something offi-
cial going on. other
than just being a club
fixture. After talking
with her, I was blown
away with her creativi-
ty, talent and her entire
thought process.
She is Quene Lewis,
vocalist, 'songwriter,
arranger and clothing
designer. She is also a
fashion show promoter
in Los Angeles. Lewis
has a BA degree in
Fashion Design and is
finishing her Masters
Degree in Finance. She
is the daughter of
world-renowned drum-

mer Tony Lewis who
:has toured and recorded
with numerous artists
including Michael
Jackson,'George Benson
and others. He is cur-
rently the long time
drummer for the leg-
endary Smokey
Lewis invited me to
one of her fashion
shows which featured a
couple of top name
brands as well as up and
coming designers and
models. She. is truly
hands on with her on
designs i.e., she actually
creates them herself.
Lewis has a distain for
celebrities who jump on
the clothing line band
As she puts it, "It's
kind of like a fad, like
how everybody gets lit-
tle dogs. The thing
about it that I don't
respect is that most of
them aren't even
designers, they just put
their name. on some-
A conversation with
this sista gets deep intel-
lectually. Her financial
education and business
savvy are no joke. She




e L


uuene Lewis.

has designed for a few
big names but her focus
is now on her own cloth-
ing line and singing
career. She is emphatic
when asked about her
business approach, "I
have a degree in fashion.
I know from the design
aspect to the production
and marketing, what it

takes to successfully
launch a clothing line."
When the focus
switches to her current
band and stage show
she lights up, "I listen
to all kinds of music.
My iPod is stacked
with R&B of course, I
have so much jazz, I
Quene' cont'd on D-4!


By Rych McCain

BET's "Beast and
Beauty Wednesday
Night" debuts on July
12 at 9 p.m. Check
your local listings also
for the the launch of
"Keyshia Cole: The
Way It Is" and "DMX
:Soul Of A Man."
In "Keyshia Cole;

The Way It Is," BET is
granted special access
to Keyshia Cole's very
demanding world.
Throughout the series,
viewers are given a pri-
vate tour of her old
neighborhood in
Oakland as she discuss-
es up-close and person-
Sal some of the trials and
tribulations of her diffi-
cult childhood. For the

first time, Keyshia will
reveal intimate details
of her upbringing that
have been the inspira-
tion behind her multi-
platinum successes: the
father she may or may
not have known, the
personal demons that
have plagued her moth-
er, the series of events
that ripped her family
apart and the source of

strength that has driv-
en Keyshia to become
what she is today.
In reality series
"DMX: Soul Of A
Man," cameras take
viewers into the heart
and mind of one of
Whassup continued on D-8
TV Listings

Saturday Morning http://www.zap2it.cor July 15, 2006
lii- ii iar 3EiM
ABC i 5 10 Paid Program Paid Program Enterprise Rpt. Total Health Good Morning America (CC) Lilo & Stitch Emperor New Proud ll That's-Raven Zack & Cody Phil of Future
CBS 6 9 Words of Light Town Hall Little Bill (CC) Blue's Clues Saturday Early Show (CC) LazyTown Go, Diego, Go! Backyardigans Dora-Explorer
FOX U) 10 13 Paid Program Paid Program Archie's Myst. Mayor Peyton CrampTwins jMew, Power Bratz 6 (CC) WinxClub(CC) Mutant Turtles Kirby: Right Ultimate Muscle Cramp Twins
IND (4J 3 4 Paid Program Paid Program The Morning Show (CC) Pet Keeping Wild About Awesome Adv. Exploration Paid Program Paid Program
NBC OI2 11 12 Bob Vila (CC) Rebecca Gdn Today The 5 Browns; savings; infidelity. ft (CC) Good ".:.rnlrin Jackson,ille Kenny-Shark Time Warp Trio Trading Spaces Darcy's Wild
PAX ( 12 2 Farm Bureau Rose Lee A, Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Proigram Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program
PBS Gi 8 5 GED Connect. GED Connect, GED Connect. Clifford-Red Dragon Tales Big Big World Joy of Painting Victory Garden Woodwright Yankee Shop Hometime (CC) Garden Home
TBN 5 13 59 Kids Like You Circle Square Flying House Cherub Wings The Reppies BJs Teddy Bear Faithville (El) Colby's Club Dooley-Pals McGee and Me Pahappahooey Knock Knock
WB j@ 9 7 Paid Program Paid Program Yu-Gi-Oh! (CC) Yu-Gi-Oh! (CC) Johnny Test A Xiaolin Show. Xiaolin Show. Loonatics Pokemon (CC) Spider Riders The Batman f Viewtiful Joe
COM -65 43 Paid Program Paid Program Mad TV f (CC) Mad TV 0 (CC) Mad TV f (CC) Mad TV Jerry Springer. 6 (CC) Mad TV 0 (CC)
DISN 22 16 Bear in House The Wiggles JoJo's Circus IHigglytown Little Einsteins Little Einsteins Mickey Mouse IMickey Mouse Doodlebops IDoodlebops Charlie & Lola IKoala Brothers
ESPN. 48 34 SportsCenter (CC) SportsCenter (CC) SportsCenter (CC) SportsCenter (CC) SportsCenter (Live) (CC)
FAM 43 123 Paid Program Paid Program Digimoni Digiial DI agon BEooi-Sei jtASCAR Racer A TO r.i Pwc-r RFnyers [Polwer Rangers Por er Rangers Mystic Force LJa I V-,' iCr., IStar-Racers
HBO 2 201 Live From Bag. ** Uncle Buck 1 i'; C:.n: d.< ..r. n, :jr..J,-' n ..i..~ !,' i> ..i -* Shrek: ; .: ,..:,: 1 :' i.1l, I ii :': ,* The Hun for Red October i 1 i0 ii ar Corn'.,rer ii P CC
LIFE 118 28 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program [Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program The Nanny (CC) Golden Girls
NICK 42 -11 ChalkZone I''' Rugrals iCCi All Growr Up OddParenis Jimmy Ileutron Jimmpy N'ei.ilon ISpiingebeob SpongeBob OddParenls OddParenls The X's I i. Danny Phantom
SPIKE '61 37 Pard Program Pair Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Pa Program ThreeSooges Three Stooges IIXC iMeC o Trucksl Trul Il I Trucks! (' CC I
TBS 17 18 Beker Irs iC': Becker is i: i Beckr i .C L' Becker i v The Brothers; i! .':i.' I ..i. rui L gi' .. ,' ',;. A Thin Line Between Love and Hate i'9) Martin La.,rence
TNT 46 17 Young Guns l'4.1.i Ernf:. El-i : ri.. :i i .J : i Young Guns I11i :" ': 1~ : u u, ,: w. : I 'i 3000 Miles to Graceland (2',:l. l Acl:o Kur Rusell (CC)
USA 64 25 Coach i : C:) cCoach al.: : i Paid Program IPaid Program Paoa Program ISley Aljs I[Monk i.- ,' -,, ir r li,... ** K-PAX i(i'.. Ciira-l 'en.rn SparCy Jet Brndge iCC.)

Saturday Afternoon .u p.coni July 15, 2006

ABC '5 5 10 Lilo & Shtch Emperor few iNBA Access Paid Progr.am PGA Gol i : r.. i WiIBA Basketball .inr:.:i,-: u .c.n .-r, rn..l.,r,)r.. r.lh (L,,i
CBS .6 6 9 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Proqram PaidPrqrr Pd Prrogram Paid P am JHurri'ane 2l003 ntrc;rinenial Poker Champ PGA Gulf-' .-:r-tr-, -.r T,:ur- Ford Pi',,: C r.
FOX (0 10 13 Paid Program Week-Baseball MLB Baseball Chicago White Sox at New York Yankees From Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, N.Y. (CC) MLB Postgame Paid Program Cheers 0 (CC) Frasier (CC)
IND 1 3 4 Football Saturdays in the South Land Sale Paid Program iPaid Plrogam IF'ad Prograr Paid Priogram Pald Piogram Steel Dreams MI'ASlIH ,'."I ER i l.'-; Ti i ( ,i.
NBC 0I 11 12 Flight 29 Down Endurance Paid Program Paid Piogrm Aclion Sporis F -rTl L' ...' i ;' L ; ll r-ii,-iic-n niu '- 3 ll.'i.,, .,I!- .' rj ;. jr..j Li.e; i. C ;
PAX i 12 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program
PBS 8 5 This Old House This Old House Antiques Roadshow ',-,i Find;..i 6i'i jiDaii;i Co'i Real Simpk i. Am.rica'a TI Eve'rydav Fcod Earbecue Unlv Jacques Pepin IBarbecue Amrc
TBN 15j 13 59 Wild & Wacky Miss Charity Bibleman frE Ii Dey-Gchlarh IGealesi Heroes or th, Bibie .El; I, 1 C Eli Retro Ne~'s Christian World Greg Laurie Praise the Lord l':C)
W B : 1 9 7 Air Bud Spikes Back il.i :.f"0o rl Tirki.?]r r..:'itr h-; _. ;'- i r Svonelhing W''ld -r. it.. .' \ .ii ,. ii ".i. r,ii ril'hi *** The Untouchables "' 91-7 i l.rn C.Atnr-r S re.mri C' rtr
COM 65 43 .Menry Cho: What's Clckin' The Original Kings o Co rly -.. --i L Binr T e "' ;' I i n RE: Ru- ... ii ** King Ralph ;I'91 1r ICC
DISN 22 16 Lilo & Slitch o, Empeior ew Mv olocrusw~ ''i:. .. r J .: .'. -. H,... ,..'Fossble American Drgn Proud Family jEmperor New Evn Stevens INalurally. Sadie
ESPN 48 34 Softbal'l i."'J :p ,' i. .u ,- ir'..: :Hi. Li i. "C B1d Pull Ridiny ,..1 '~ ii T:.u Bull Riding-' d Ha l T..,r 2005 U S Poer Championships 2005 U.S. Poker Championships
FAM 43 23 Full House I'.i Full House CC, Full House .C', |* Catch Thal Kid ': ':-i I.i r:'.;,'.. .* S- ''.. i, C,: i* Scooby-oo iK'i. :I .: F:.x ,j Fl' r.i e ,i iCCI [Home Alone 2
HBO 2 201 Hunt-Red-Oct. ** The Love Leiter 1 UI.s'a Cai.a.r. ei 'C. : IBOFFO! Tinselr a~c n Alien vs Predator .k:'-: ,': Lariianr R,:.ul Bi .as I, iCC. ** Shark Tale 12)1:li 4 i CCi
LIFE 18 28 Will & Grace n Lovespring Before He Wakes I i '1.i D'r nar .' i.i :rni 0 rnil l' 1 i 1:: I* Every Mother s Worsl Fear 11 [41 i. ia Ch'r,:i LA.ldl ICCi ** Nighl Sins (1'1. L'rarniai CC
NICK 42 41 Danny Phantom Catscralch i) Avalar-LaslAir Avatar Last Air Iickioons TV Jrick'onrs Ti' iricioons TV INickioons TV Nickioons TV Nckoons TV Zoey 101 ,CCI Drake & Josh
SPIKE 61 37 Horsepower TV MuscleCar iii Xtreme J4 Il, ITrucks! i ICCi *** Fist of Legend *4 ,.'., J.-i i L.i y j hr. I' Naked Gun 33 13: The Final Insult ll94) Leslie tielsen,
1TBS 17 18 ** The Wood '1999 Drarrial m:-r Epp T...:. D,:- RA iu I 1 : ''.. [ Bad Bols '.9? '. ~-,i. .'F, P- j.iin f I..,' rei-i:. Wil imil-l, CC i ** Scary Movie 3 (20031 iPAl Anna Fans (CC)
TNT 46 17 3000 Miles ** Lethal Weapon 2 I .,, 1 .-in Ir,-10 G:birirnr D -,r '..'-r ; .- Pe-w. .'*'.. NASCAR Raciny Bu-. ri 1i ri.- i'Ji,. EriNlar- i 2u i iL.', ) ieCC, ** Seven (CC)
SUSA 64 25 ** K-PAX iC'i The Life of David Gale i '01 0 .aTal l Krvin, S.a,. ''-il ,.i-e; L.ijra Li,"--\ l. Nick of Time, ,' 5 Su ,r,- Johnrn Daepp CC tuEVS) ** Blow i2001'i

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ABC I. 5 10 ABC News News 'CC) 24 i iCCi b Unbreakable ii2 i:ij, -i. Bn-,i. WiliLs Samuel L Jack.Con s (CC News ICC) 24 r6 (CC)
CBS 1i: 6 9 News CBS News Stargate Atlantis (CC] Ghost Whisperer i i.CCI CSI. NY S5reling Homrr 48 Hours Mystery ICCI News Raymond
FOX (I 10 13 Frasier (CC) 70s Show '70s Show Seinfeld 0 Cops (N) ICop i (CC) America's Most Wanted News (CC) News (CC) Mad TV A (CC)
IND d? 3 4 News The insider Griffith Griffith Da Vinci's Inquest (CCt CSI: Crime Sen News News Da Vinci's Inquest (CC)
NBC '12 11 12 News iCC., NBC News Fortune Jeopardy! Saturday Main Event Saturday Main Event Law & Order News (CCI Sat. Night
PAX !ji 12 2 Morris Cerullo Helpline Gaither a Miracle **** Bonnie and Clyde 1967)V Warren Beatnv. Fave Dunaway 0- Time Life Paid Prog.
PBS 7 1 8 5 Lawrence Welk Show Antiques Roadshow (CC:i Keeping Up Keeping Up Time Goes Time Goes Served IServed MontyPyth The Office
TBN 159 13 59 Praise the Lord iCC! The Coral Ridge Hour In Touch ICC) Carl Baugh New Lire Billy Graham Classic Thru History Travel Road
WB 1 7:9 7 Untouch. My Wife Will-Grace Will-Grace Pepper Dennis Piloti s What I Like Twins iCC, Smallville 'Plarn" CCI Star Trek: Enterprise ii
COM 165 43 ** King Ralph i 911 ** Blue Collar Comedy Tour- The Movie i;'.'::, CCi Joe Dirt 12001; 'COlidcl Spcse. Dinnis Miller (CC) Chappelle's Mencia
DISN 22 16 Lile Derek ISuite Life Montana _So Raven jMontana ISuite Life Dragon jEmperor [Phil [Lite Derek Suite Life So Raven
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter rLive, iCCi [Baseball Tonight iL.'el IndyCar Racing Firesr:n Irrd,. 200 ,LilCE ICCI SportsCtr.
FAM 43 23 ** Home Alone 2: Lost in New York 11i992,; CCI I** Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory i 7171 *** Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)
HBO 2 201 Shark Tale I Shrek 2 (20041 Vol'ei Lo Fl Mie Myers a's (CC) 1** Rebound .220051 MAdriir Ld'.rtncr e Cedric the Enlertainer Enlourage ITrue Lies
LIFE 18 28 ** Night Sins .1997,. Dramal Valerie Berlirnelli. Harr) Hamlin Karen Sillas iCCI Killer Instinct- From the Files of Candice Video Voyeur
NICK .42 41 School Zoey 101 OddParents ISpongeBob Avatar IAvatar Danny Phantom it iCCi Fresh Pr. [Roseanne Roseanne ICosby
SPIKE 61 37 Raising Raising Most Amazing Videos Most Amazing Videos [Disorderly Con. UFC Unleashed as TNA iMPACT! 6a ICCI
TBS ;17 18 American Pie Presents: Band Camp 120051 (CCI Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me MLB Baseball Arlanta Braves at San Diego Padres
TNT i46 17 *** Seven i 195,1 Brad Pill M.lorgan Fr-eman iCC) **** GoodFellas :'19' CiO-r C Diama-n FRoben Dc- [-lro. RRa Lion3a iCCI 3000 Miles to Graceland
USA 64 25 Blow (20011 Johnn'i De[pp, Penelope Cruz CC, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2C03) Premiere. Law & Order: SVU

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CBS i 6 9 Connection People-Church Wayman Chap. Refuge Temple Shiloh Baptist (Celebration CBS Nevs Sunday Morning f (CC) Face the Nation PaidProgram Paid Program
FOX I 10 13 Church-Christ AME Church Time for Hope Awakening Cornerstone (CC) New Life Chrst. Evangl Temple Side Baptist Paid Program PaidProgram PaidProgram
IND ~3 3 4 In Touch (CC). The Morning Show (CC) Dimensions Faith Christian Pet Keeping Safari Tracks Paid Program Paid Program
NBC i 11 12 Paid Program Belhel Baplist Paid Program r4ew.-Chrisrian Firs Baptist Church S.vicr.e Meel Ihe Press IC Joel Osieen First Baplisl Church Special New Homes
PAX 21 12 2 Amazing Facts Christians-Jews David Jeremiah Day-Discover, In Touch .CP Paid Program Schneider Eye Paid Program Church-Christ Paid Program Paid Program
PBS _' 8 5 Read Rainbow Big Comfy Bob the Builder Clllord's-Days Dragon Tales Fetchl With Arthur it it'i M aya & Miguel Cyberchase Capitol Update New Florida i6 Week-Review
TBN 59 13 59 McClendon Reading-Way Rod Parsley I'. Cenlral Messg Jame3 Merrirt New Life David Jeieniah Kennelh Hagin Ed Young Sr. The Coral Ridge Hour CC)
WB 17 9 7 Midnight Cry Paid Program florlh Jacksonville Bapiist Bcliever V'oic Jes-e Duplantis Firsi Baptist Animal Alias Paid Program Paid Program Ultimate Choice Ultimale Choice
COM 65 43 Paid Program Paid Program Mad TV ir'Ci Kinp R.alph -. C''.r r:.T; I. Gi :,,rrr, OT,'.,,l ** Bandils -i Ci:.ni-jy Bru:.e WVillis. Bill, Bob Tr.rilorn (CC)
DISN 22 16 Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse IMickey Mouse Mi:cke lMouse Iickey rMouse mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Mrckey Mouse MicKeyMouse Mickey Mouse iMickey Mouse
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter i C!) SponsCenler C:I ISporlsCenter .CC i portsCenler Outside Lines Sports Reportrs SpodsCenter i L.'- ICC
FAM 43 23 Paid Program 'Amazing Facts Digimon-Digital Dragon Booster INASCAR Racer A.T O.M .C Get Ed i Ci Kong-Series Power Rangers Mystic Force Dark Wi, iCCi WI T.C.H iCC
HBO 2 201 ** Rebound (i **C Cool World ,':l'.i m BlinrBir ;il' 'Biv '-e 1. ICC1 i .J. A Stud in Black and Wlhle ** The Chronicles of Riddick i20,'u .iJn DIc sel (i (C! Cinderella Man
LIFE 18 28 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Rober Schulier. Hour of Power Paid Program Paid Program ** The Art of Murder :19', Drania) Miciael ,lonarny iCC; IDVS)
NICK .42 41 ChalkZone C-C; Rugrats L-L.C) All Grown Up OddParents Jimmy Neultrn Jimmy Neulron ISpongeBob SpongeBob OddParents OddParents The X's i iCCi Danny Phantom
SPIKE 61 37 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program [Paid Program Pad Program Thre Stooges Three Stooges Horsepower TV !Horsepower TV Horsepower TV MuscleCar 6
TBS 17 18 ** A Thin Line Between Love and Hale ;I~t The Wood rir L'.r" i. i -.ai Fp Ta, L'lq:, iCC,:. Barman Forever 11~r'. -A ct\rl IlF' 'ai hIlmrr rTommiy Lee J:on;, iCCI
TNT 46 17 Most Dramatic Police Chases Crocodile Dundee II ll3'.3 F Pu!n H.ari L .Js r ,.-..,k, i.i.; Stripesi l midrr ilr l Mui -,, H r.i-;iil R3n i: iCC i t 0 Brother, Where Art Thou?
USA .64 25,Coach 4, ,.C: ICoach l i ':Pi JPaid Program [Paid Program IPaid Program .Paid Program The Dead Zone 4.1. :l.:i F ath The 4400 "jraudall,-L, C,' : I PGA Tour Sunday iLivei IC.C

Sunday Afternoon ntp-'i;..v'w.zap2it corn July 16, 2006

ABC :'5 5 10 Paid Program Paid Program Brilish Open Previer, Show l.. IPGA Gtolf .-r- cr :!i r: *- r. ..in: L .' IPaidProgram iPaid Program Day in he Sun Spotlight. First
CBS 471 5 9 Paid Program Paid Program Cycling T.u .J. Fi.fiia c Ti:. .- Auic Rda i ,rc -i r.. iL,- ,' 1 ..-, : n, i n r,', UIr r. '". PGA Goll: ir..min-,.ri T,:.,ui or F a,.-.r Cir-: rp r, vlii
FOX .10 13 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program MEet the Deadles I 1':-!i Nz r -. i i 'r F'. .I ;- .'il.er Gattaca I 197 :,i-ir Fi,..tir: i Errar Haw'i. m. Um ar Trrmrni
IND 3 4 Paid Program Land Sale Paid Program Paid Program Pad Progralrr, PaIdPogr Paid Proaram IGlenn Boyles GA'S'H I. C IHI'A'S'HC. I C IER ',.r Li.i Ti: Tr u CCi
NBC 1 2 11 12 Kids News Paid Program Action Sports Fr. nl lnr -i i L..r ,:.i olr .,-' .. irn,,.:ri).- ip I Finr, R..ii :- L.I i C
PAX ) i 12 2 Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program |Paid Program Paiod Program TPaid Piogiam Paid Program Piid Progranr Paid Program [Journey Paid Program IPaid Program
PBS TI 5 5 Ethical Market Tony Brown Bill Moyers or Faith &. Reason JacKie Gleason Genius a! Work Victor Borce. The Grea[ Dane Kennedy Cenler Presents 'ThI-i ii M1.rk T".rin Pir ri I" C:
TBN '59i 13 59 Love Worth Finding C.i: l Bishop Evans l r Is Written Bi3ylEss ConleP uh -sP e King is Comirnj Bishop P Cornerstone ICCi Bayless Conley Gregory Dickow
W B .ri 9 7 An Eye for an Eye i1' i u. .r. '' h .t' i. LL ** Code i Srlen -e *i;'. r.. 'h.' S i'.nc- H;r ,' :.l .** -Hero and the Terror i 'iE ~., C h'i., [inr e vnri Tlllyer
COM 65 43 *- Bandits iiC: Big Trouble :'2 rr.-' C i: Tir, ilnI F. ,: ,', 1 Alios" Hi-ices i- 1' i, F rl,, I'ti'.. P; (. i* Bandits 11. C'.rn ri,;i Bru, 'A WAilii. C,:
0ISN 22 16 Lilo & Sitch i Emperor Model Behavior i:.'.ir0L 'IT, '; _lji i 1 .l:-,, L,.r i: i.-. Zack & Cody [That s-Raven Lizzie McGuire Phil o Fulure Even Stevens INaturally, Sadie
ESPN 48 34 SportsCenter Baseball Softball 2"i, .,ri. Cup U3,:. I I i-i I- '; .: Ci Billiaids :i BE !! ll~.m iiri ls Billiards. alli F nals Baseball Tonight L..
FAM 43 23 Full House iCCI Full House rCI Full Hose house HI I l house .l I. 1 Home Alone 2 Lost in IePw York ; .ilt :l3J Cuh ,ii -ul.lr .,;' P:.I .i p a** Harry Poller and the Sorcerer s Stone 1f2C
HBO 2 201 *** Cinderella Man ri20i E., b l. riony. Rwi;lIl 'i:.'" ii :, 1 A Cindrrella Story U' -, H.-!r/ .f i '.:iT; 1* Speed 2: Cruise Control .19 7, A:. .' lra.n ir. Bullock Ja'rn Paltn. n iCCI
LIFE .18 28 The Suspect il';05 u'-perre. i ..lmi Lunrr iLi., Human Traticking ,,;!.r., I llr ~oari.- .rJ :i.3l i ~su eriae I rr, s tr.Inr i '. i.:. ir er-ilavement ol ,r.Omer, dnrJ children (ICC1
NICK 42 41 Danny Phantom Catscratch iI Nicktoons TV NickloonsTV Irickloons TV tficirtoons TV Nicktoons TV NicktoonsTV Jimmy Neulron: Boy Genius Jimmy Neutron Told by Ginger
SPIKE 61 37 Xtreme 4x4, Trucks! A' ,:C I Carpocalypse Il. 1i World's Most Amaling Videos a r'on Monkey 114< Aio '.ri, T~irii S.a Man Dornie ren i1 *** Shaolin Soccer 120Il)
TBS 17 18 American Pie Presents: Band Camp 'ii)5! T., H,.!rirrr.; rkr. C' ; Bad Boys I' i. I i l'PAi a L:.'rd n r=I :I Wi "mirlh ICC ]* Blue Streak l('i9l IFA) M ann Lawrence. Luk. Wilson ICCI IDVS]
TNT 46 17 *** Brother, Where Art Thou? 2cI1 :CCI INASCAR Pre. IIASCAR Racing i Itl cu 1C I~ v.w Eroi'l 3r Fi,.r i Ne.l. Hmp;rire Ine-r'nirlofnai .speCr~l v in Loud.:ln N H iLivel ICC!
USA 164 25 Psych pellin,, BE ,Ci .** Blow i2'0 Diarn .jnri L'C,' P-rif-l, u.c; F run Po R.r ': _* Endo Days (1i99. Horror Arnold SLcwarzeneqggr, Gabnel Byrre (CC) (DVS

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ABC C 5 10 ABC News News (CC) Makeover: Home Makeover: Home Desperate Housewives Grey's Anatomy 0 (CC) News (CC) Sports Final
CBS, 7 6 9 CBS News News 60 Minutes 0 (CC) Big Brother: All-Stars 0 Cold Case "Detention" Without a Trace Ac (CC) News Stargate
FOX 30 10 13 Cheers (CC) Cheers (CC) Malcolm IKing ofHil Simpsons Amer Dad Family Guy |War News (CC) News(CC) Seinfeld News Sun.
IND (D 3 4 News Edition Entertainment Tonight 0 King King CSI: Crime Scn News News Alias "Second Double"
NBC i;i 11 12 News (CCI NBC News Dateline NBC (CC.) Law Order: Cl Crossing Jordan A (CC) News (CC) |Sports Final
PAX I21i 12 2 Splendor in the Grass !19'E. Drama) Nai.alre W.ccr. I. *** Bonnie and Clyde I19'~T7 Warren reanty, Faye Dunaway. A Live From Liberty -,
PBS iT- 8 5 Globe Trekker a- Jean-Michel Cousleau Nature K~ilers in E.J.-n Mystery! iri i-CC; IiDV'i Ballroom Chall American Experience 0
TBN I.5i 13 59 Jakes Meyer By Force Hayford Joel Osteen IAuthority Believers lChanging Praise the Lord (CC)
WB 1171 9 7 Girlfriends Girlfriends Reba ICCI Reba ICC.i Charmed i- CCi Charmed a, CCi Smallville 'Ageless" (CC; Star Trek: Enterprise if
COM 65 43 Bandits 2001,) .C.Ci Joe Dirt (2001 David Spade, D nni- I.ller (CC) Chappelle's |Chappelle's Mencia Reno 9111 South Park Dog Bites
DISN 22 16 Life Derek ISuile Life Montana So Raven Iviewers' Choice Phil Life Derek Suite Life So Raven
ESPN 48 34 MLB Baseball JNew York MFIE ai Chicago Cubs From Wigiey Field in ChGidago 2006 ESPY Awards iN)I CCi SportsCenter (Live) ICCI
FAM 43 23 *** Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) ** Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 12001) Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Gnnt. (CC) Videos
HBO 2 201 ** The Chronicles of Riddick (200-4) Vin Diesel r- The Wire Hr~oiecoiinling" IDeadwood "A Ricr Find" Entourage ILucky Louie Tourgasm 140 Year
LIFE 18 28 Not Like Everyone Else (2006) Illeana Douglas (CCI Vanished i2006 A.J Cook Preirrnre (CC) Angela's Eyes (N) ICC) Medium a' (CCi
NICK 42 41 Drake jSchool Romeo! Ro Tnp' (Ni Zoey 101 IJust Kicks IFull House IFresh Pr. Hi-Jinks a, [Roseanne Roseanne ICosby
SPIKE 61 37 ** Shaolin Soccer a UFC Unleashed a Today You Die (20051 Steven Seagal, Treach. f( Out of Reach (2004, Action) Steven Seagal. A
TBS 17 18 Rush Hour 2 (2001) (PA) Jackie Chan. ;CC) *** Forrest Gump (1994, Drama) (PA) Tom Hanks, Robin Wright. (CC) ** Forrest Gump (1994)
TNT 46 17 **** GoodFellas (1990. Crime Drama) Robert De Niro. Ray Liota. (CC) ** Swordfish (2001. Suspense) John Travolta. iCC) ** Swordfish t2001) (CC)
USA 64 25 ** Face/Off (1997, Actionl John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Joan Allen. IThe 4400 (NI iCC) IThe Dead Zone (N) (CC) House "Detox" '7 (CC)

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The Florida Star

-~ ~ a a.


Quene cont'd from D-1
love jazz. I like Brazilian and Spanish
music. I love rock & roll, soft rock and
pop. I like a little bit of rap but I don't
listen to too much rap because I'm into
substance. That's what I bring in my
music: substance. Music that will last
for ever. My great grandchildren will
be listening to my songs because they
have real melodies and well written
words and live production. I don't
believe in sampling music. Everything
on my album is straight forward live
guitar, live bass, live keys! My music is
R&B based of course. Its got a lot of
soul, jazz and a little bit of rock and
some hip-hop beats."
You can bet that Lewis' products
both on the clothing and accessory
racks to the record store CD bins will
make her name famous and you read
about her first here.

VH1 in Sierra Leone This Week With Hip-Hop Artists Paul
Wall, Raekwon and Tego Calderon Filming 'Bling: A Planet

VH1 is in Sierra Leone this week with
hip-hop artists Paul Wall, Raekwon (of
Wu Tang Clan), and reggaeton king Tego
Calderon, to begin filming "Bling: A
Planet Rock" (tentative title), a new doc-
umentary under VHl's Rock Docs fran-
chise. The film set to air on VH1 in early
2007 will take a hard-hitting look at the
diamond trade in Sierra Leone, West
Africa, and how bringingg" in the flashy
world of commercial hip-hop played a
role in the country's civil war. The 11-
year war was largely perpetuated by
genocidal rebels and primarily funded
through the illegal trading of conflict or
"blood" diamonds.
Wall, Raekwon and Calderon will
hear first-hand accounts of the atrocities
suffered during this time and the role that
diamonds played as they visit mining
communities and meet with local nmusi-
cians, government officials and children.
Produced by Article 19 Films in associa-

tion with VH1 and the United Nations
Development Program, "Bling: A Planet
Rock," will capture hip-hop's reaction to the
human violations, bring global awareness to
this issue, and educate Americans about how
they can play a role in eradicating the smug-
gling of blood diamonds.



Exclusively on TV ONE

q ''*^'\^ S ^ ^ 'a.: ^"

_-.. -. l..r .: a .~l a .. c:, ,

r t ,,-
-I,: .t. t.. L2'11,

S. --1_ 7 -. C.- t i .: a. l, b I a i ..- J

;t'- i -C r.- *'..li i3 a -. l '; ie -n eua rrr c. tt '
e-.-nt r.-eLt ei-p.s F. frrt; nigi arr otr
,-0cia e n o tee -

All About Kids is the premiere pediatric facility in
Jacksonville, Florida. We are dedicated to provid-
ing children with the highest quality of health
care. Our doctors are Board Certified
Pediatricians with years of Pediatric Emergency
Room experience. With flexible hours, we are
able -to accommodate the needs of families with
busy lifestyles. Come see why so many parents,
trust All About Kids Pediatrics with their children's
Dean M. Cannon, MD
James A. Joyner, IV MD
Both doctors are board certified and have pediatric
ER experience.

* Asthma Therapy
* Pain Relief
* Hemoglobin/Hematocrit
* Mono Screening
* Rapid Strep Screening
* Sport and School
Participation Physicals
* Urinalysis
* Well visits/Immunizations

9:00 6:00 M-F;
weekend and after hour
care available
All Insurances Accepted

12086 Ft Caroline Rd. Suite Number 401 Jacksonville, FL 32225

The Florida Star






P D4/J l 15 2006

The lorda tar ageD-5JuIy15,200

Grammy Award Winning Ciara to
Headline 2006 VH1 Save The Music
Hamptons Benefit

Multi-platinum selling recording super-
star Ciara will headline the 4th Annual VH1
Save The Music Hampt a-s Benefit present-
ed by Crest Whitestrips Friday, July 28 in
East Hampton, New York.
The event, which will also feature Sony
Urban Music/Columbia Records artist Lyfe
Jennings, is among the most anticipated of
the Hamptons' summer, social calendar and
is expected to raise more than $300,000.
The VH1 Save The Music Foundation is
a non-profit organization dedicated to
improving the quality of education in
America's public schools by restoring
music education programs that have been
cut due to budget reductions or to save pro-
grams at risk of elimination due to lack of

Deadlines for

@ 5 p.m.

(904) 766-8834



WEEK OF 07/15/06

TV One
(Jacksonville Comcast
Channel 160)
9 a.m., "B Smith Style"
10 a.m., "Boston Public"
12 noon, "Showtime at the
5 p.m. 7 p.m., "227" &
"Amen" block
.7 p.m., "Good Times"
7:30 p.m. & 10 p.m.,
8:30 p.m. $ingletary
$ays "$ingletary $ays"'
shows everybody how
They can "live rich" in an
entertaining, humorous,
and incisive manner. fea-
'turing best-selling author,
syndicated columnist, and
national radio contributor
Michelle Singletary.
7 a.m. "Sweating in the
Spirit" Get fit with

Donna Richardson Joyner,
11 a.m. "Patti Labelle"
4:00pm "Inside the
Congressional Black
Caucus" a one-hour pub-:
lic affairs program giving
you the inside scoop from
a black perspective of the
political activity in the
nation's capital.
*Sat. 7/,15, 1 p.m. All
About You Movie (2001)
with Renee Goldsberry,
Terron Brooks, LisaRaye,
Debbie Allen, Rockmund
SDunbar, Lou Myers,
Vanessa Bell Calloway,
Chris Spencer. Two peo-
ple run from the pain of
their broken past. When
they discover each other,
they find themselves at a
crossroad where the only
thing that stands between
them and a second chance
is each other.
*Sat. 7/15, 3 p.m. Bid

Whist Party Throwdown -
IV Special: Alaina Reed
Hall, Clifton Davis, Tico
Wells and friends battle at
bid whist for bragging
rights and charity prizes
*Sat. 7/15,. 8 p.m. -
Bojangles Movie (2001).
with Gregory Hines,
Kimberly Elise, Savion
Glover, Peter Riegert. A
movie about the life of
Bill "Bojangles"
Robinson, the legendary
tap dancer.
*Sun. 7/16, 3 p.m. -
Tangles & Locks -
Special: Behind the
scenes of Washington
D.C.'s Golden Scissors
Black hair show.
*Mon. 7/17, 12 p.m. -
Dead Air Movie (1994)
with Gregory Hines,
Gloria Reuben. A dis-
traught disc jockey
(Hines) seeks out a mys-
tery caller (Farentino)
who may be the killer of
his girlfriend

*Tues. 7/18, 12 p.m. The
Riff Movie (2001) with
Antonio Fargas, Nia
Peeples, Mister Jones, and
Smith. Two old friends
who have been apart for
years are brought back
together; unfortunately it's
by their love for the same
Black Family Channel
Monday Saturday, 5 a.m.
- 8-a.m. & Sunday 5 a:m. -
3 p.m., "M-Power
Ministry" Your daily
dose of power and praise.
Some of the world's most
dynamic ministers bring
forth the word with bold-
ness including Heritage
Christian Center Pastors
James & Teressa White of
8:00 p.m., "Inside
9:00 p.m., "BFC All

9:30 p.m., "Spoken" -
Check out an emerging
generation of the most
prolific poets, spoken
word artists and lyricists.
10:00 p.m., nContrast A
celebrity-focused enter- "
tainment and lifestyle
8 p.m., "Gospel Video
3 p.m., "The Thou$and
Dollar Bee" Fourth and
fifth grade students com-
pete for their chance to
win cash and prizes as
they put their spelling and
grammar skills to the test.
*Mon. 7/17, 8 p.m. -
Gospel Video Countdown
*Mon. 7/17, 10 p.m. -
*Tues. 7/18, 12 p.m. -
Future of Black America
*Tues. 7/18, 9 p.m. BFC
Movie Classic Killer
Diller Movie (2004) A
Listings continued on D-7

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LIFE 18 28 Golden Golden ** Painful Secrets ,'C'00 LDrama) Seanr Young. ICCi A Job to Kill For (2006, Sean Young ICC) Will-Grace Will-Grace
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TBS i17 18 Seinfeld ai ISeinleid C, Raymond IRaymond Friends aC Friends cm *** Something's Gotta Give (20031 Jack flicholson Premiere. [Angel Eyes
TNT ,46 17 Golf: Brilish ,Open Without a Trace is (iCC' Without a Trace Ball Without a Trace 6 1 CCI Without a Trace f4 iCCi *** In the Line of Fire
USA ,64 25 Law Order. CI Law Order: CI Law & Order: SVU Monk i11 ,CC) Psych il-JN (CC) House Three Stories"

Whassup continued from D-1
today's most successful
and notorious hardcore
rap artists to find what
really tugs :at his soul
and inspires his thought
provoking, lyrics.
,Through his inner circle
made up of'his wife
.Tashera, to his business
associates such as his
road manager Ali, to his
Arizona neighbor
named Buddy whom X
feels is the father he's
never had. Viewers will
see the man behind the

A court ordered
bankruptcy-trustee has
taken control of Marion
"Suge" Knight's Death
Row Records sighting
mismanagement of its
accounting practices.
According to the pro-
ceedings, Judge Ellen
Carroll ruled on Friday,
July 7th, that the label's
accounting practices
were in "disarray," after
noting that Knight testi-
fied he hasn't reviewed
financial statements in
almost a decade. The
trustee will take the

assets that are left from
the label, said to be val-
ued between one and
ten million, and convert
them into cash to pay
off creditors. The label
has been estimated to
be over 100 million in
The Brooklyn based
Ernest Jenning Record
Company has signed
three new acts. They
are Saturday Looks
Good To Me, a Detroit
group; Health and
Adam Thorn & The
Top Buttons, both from
Greensboro, North

Carolina. All have new
releases forthcoming
and \\ill go on -tour.
Telstar Records hasjust.
:issued," The Black
Hollies acclaimed
Crimson Reflections
album on vinyl.
I'd love to hear from
you. Hitn e up at feed-
Rych ..

9 p.m. on
NBC Q3 ;'''
Las Vegas:
So how do we-
know she re-.
ally doesn't
have a secret
.d e n t i ty-?
Monica is un-
happy with Danny's decision
to book a comic book conven-
tion at the Montecito when the
conventioneers mistake her'
for a character called Moth-
woman. Sam confronts an old
enemy at a funeral. Mike
(James Lesure) keeps an eye
on a suspected cheater in

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