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Film opens Friday Retires after 60-
" 'law career
explores the darker side
of Jamaica T ,
************ u****3-DIGIT 326
PO BOX 117007
Tempora Mutantur Et Nos Mutamur In Illis
VOLUME 89 NUMBER 51 MIAMI, FLORIDA, AUGUST 15-21, 2012 50 cents
Has the local
MM iami's Black voters NAACP lost
still get 'no respects its relevance
.... Former president State president New president
N, .How important was Curry's
A" leadership?
By D. Kevin McNeir "Leadership in the Black community is suffering
from mediocrity and the
In October 2006, the NAACP needs an aggres-
Miami-Dade branch of the sive and uncontrolled [by
NAACP was in the midst others outside of the Black
-Miami Times Photo/D. Kevin McNeir of great controversy, fac- community] leader. It's
Supporters for local candidates were out in force at the Caleb Center on Saturday, the last day of early voting. ing a membership crisis. time for a serious change."
The result was the first Given Sears' comments,
What will our strategy be as political process, when will Blacks grow contested presidency in one could easily say the
Wu tired of being ignored both by candi- many years with former more things change, the
presidential election approaches? dates seeking office and incumbents branch president Bishop more they stay the same.
pra en awho often turn a deaf ear to our con- Victor T. Curry [senior pas- Particularly when we look
By D. Kevin McNeir th Baptt at the perceived ineffez-
kmeneir@miamitimesonline.conz We spoke with several longtime Church Cathedral of Faith tiveness of today's NAACP.
residents of Miami who have served as International] in a winner- While membership num-
Miami is a city that prides itself on its diverse communities, community leaders, lawyers and grass- takes-all contest against bers in Miami-Dade once
its wide variety of cultures and languages and its ever-growing roots activists and asked them to assess then Vice President Shirley boasted 5,000 during
international appeal. But when it comes to the equitable distri- the current state of affairs facing Blacks Johnson. The controversy the 1980s, in 2006 that
bution of wealth, business opportunities and upwardly-mobile fl in Miami-Dade County. Here are their was featured on the front number had plummeted to
jobs, Blacks are still lagging far behind other ethnic groups. H.T SMITH remarks. page of The Miami Times less than 500. Now, with
But who holds the reins here in Miami? And as it relates to the Please turn to VOTERS 10A with a salient quotation the departure of Curry,
from community activist 52, who has served for the
Tangela Sears. Please turn to NAACP 10A
Does domestic violence discriminate?
Abuse knows no bounds all walks of live, economic backgrounds
and ethnic groups. FOR RICH OR FOR POOR
By Ju'lia Samuels For quite some time domestic violence
jsamuels@miamitimesonline.con THE INCIDENT appeared to be synonymous with lower
According to police reports, Johnson income households. But the recent ar-
Television reporters and newspaper head-butted his wife, Evelyn rests of some of pop culture's
writers were busy this past weekend af- Lozada, following a verbal con- most iconic figures has pushed
ter the boisterous Miami Dolphins player, frontation regarding a receipt an important question to the
SChad Johnson, was arrested and booked for condoms that she found. forefront of discussion: "Who is
ion charges of battery assault and domes- Reportedly, Johnson struck the most likely victim of domes-
tic violence. In the "hood," many people her as the two were discuss- Itic violence? "
Made immediate comparisons to another ing their marriage. She then Sergeant Sabrina Murray in
Couple that had experienced the same ran to a neighbor's home to call the Domestic Violence Depart-
idrama Rihanna and Chris Brown. the police. Johnson was jailed ment of the Miami-Dade County
a eWith these and other less-reported inci- overnight, posted bond and 1 iPolice Department says that she
Sdents, it's tough to say if domestic vio- was released. But more prob- CHAD JOHNSON has noticed the non-discrimina-
: --a.lence is exclusive to any one race or eco- lems were to follow: he was cut tory nature of domestic violence.
. nomic group. However, most experts say from the Dolphins football team and the "I have not seen that domestic violence
That domestic violence is an "equal op- confirmed VH1 show that the couple was has been confined to a specific economic
Is-..a-- 2D opportunity" culprit impacting people from slated to star in was also scrapped. Please turn to VIOLENCE 10A
Black man's death inside police car defies all logic
By Dei/ayne Wickham when it was approached was then put in the back for great suspicion and a could have shot himself in the whose fingers were nimble
by a police officer after a of a patrol car without be- federal investigation, head, even though "his hands enough to pull off a nearly im-
What happened to Cha- 911 caller said the vehicle ing handcuffed. When a Did he commit suicide? were still cuffed behind his possible bit of marksmanship
vis Carter in the back seat of had been traveling along computer check revealed According to police, Carter back," according to the po- with a gun that a cop over-
a Jonesboro, Ark., police car a street with its lights a warrant had been is- managed to get a gun and fired lice report. His mother, Teresa looked while searching him.
should never have risen to the off. The officer called for sued for Carter's arrest a single shot into his head. Carter, told a Memphis, Tenn., Or, failing that kind of "Ripley's
level of a national story. That backup and another po- WICKHAM for violating his probation Just how the police officer who television station that police Believe It or Not" scenario, the
it has suggests that the truth liceman soon arrived at in a 2010 drug case, he searched Carter was able to said her son was shot in the possibility of police foul play
about how he died is not yet the scene. was removed from the patrol find what amounted to a dime right temple. But, she said, has to be seriously considered.
known. Carter, who at first gave a car, searched a second time, bag of pot but missed a small- Carter was left handed. During an interview with
Carter, a Black man, was in false name, was searched and handcuffed and put into the caliber handgun is a mystery It is, of course, theoretically national television network,
a parked truck with two white police said he was carrying back seat of the vehicle. to a lot of people. possible that the 21-year- HLN, Jonesboro police chief
men on the night of July 29, $10 worth of marijuana. He What happened next is cause And so, too, is how Carter old was an ambidextrous guy Please turn to CARTER 10A
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or those of you who exercised your civil rights and Phone 305-694-6210 CREDO OF THE BLACK PRESS
H.E. SIGISMUND REEVES, Founder, 1923-1 The Black Press believes that America can best lead the
voted in last Tuesday's Florida primary election, we GARTH C. REEVES, JR., Editoi, 1972-1982 world from racial and national antagonism when it accords to Ap
F salute you for doing your duty as a U.S. citizen. every person, regardless of race, creed or color, his or her "'JI-A BLIin't D J (Lj!,1[ (N S
With over a week allotted for early voting [38,654 ballots GARTH C. REEVES, SR., Publisher Emeritus human and legal rights, Hating no person, fearing no person.
RACHEL J. REEVES, Publisher and Chairmar the Black Press strives to help every person in the firm belief -q
were cast] and the record number of those who took ad- f A-,
that all persons are hurt as long as anyone is held back.
vantage of more convenient absentee ballots, there is no
excuse for not having cast your vote. In the annals of Black
history, many died securing our right to vote. Even today,
many others wish they could have voted like the esti- BY STEPHANIE ROEMSON
mated 20 percent of Blacks in the State of Florida who
because of absurd, biased laws, cannot vote because they
have felony records. First family; Challenges for all Americans
It has been an interesting several months here in South
Florida with some candidates doing whatever they deemed Needless to say, it's been a mention this today to question First Families as a reminder to type of support between iamily
pretty rough road for anyone what it says if the two families all of us that our community is members is not there in a last-
necessary to secure victory. Lawsuits, name-calling, fin- Black and famous named Jack- that have symbolized and rep- made up of just that: families, ing way, then when hardship
ger-pointing, dime-dropping and slanderous mailings have son lately. Not good at all. In resented our community on a and that our community will or tragedy strikes, you get the
been just a part of what we have witnessed. Maybe that's fact, the two families that can global scale for years are racked fall apart if we don't put our sad situation we are currently
par for the course in the world of politics or more specifi- easily be described as the First with serious challenges. families first. For the family, re- getting with our first family of
cally, Florida politics. Families of our community in On one level, it's just a re- gardless of how many members entertainment, a family under
With a higher than usual number of candidates on the the second half of the 20th cen- minder that despite all of their it may have, is still the base of attack from external and inter-
ballot, Tuesday propelled a distinct few into office while tury are seriously going through nal forces. That said, I am well
sending many others back to their home districts where it right now. Cases in point: Our n one level, it's just a reminder that despite all of their aware that family can be hard
they will inevitably return to more mundane activities. Sev- first family of politics in the lat- prestige, fame and fortune, these are human beings going to deal with sometimes. I get
eral candidates will have to continue pounding the streets ter half of the previous century- O through itand trying to work itoutjust like the restof us that. But it's essential to have
one engaging the political sys- ... someone there who loves you
because of run-off elections. We expect those races to be- tem for at least the past 30 years just more publicly. But on another level, maybe it does appropriately and knows you when things go
come even more heated and perhaps downright nasty. But and still active today-is dealing symbolize our challenges regarding the state of our community, our wrong, when stuff hits the fan,
that's only part of what's in store. with some very serious issues infighting, our poor health, our lack of well-being. when dreams get deferred, and
Now that Mitt Romney has announced Wisconsin Rep. regarding the mental health and when there's no place to turn.
Paul Ryan as his running mate, the gauntlet has been well-being of its elected son, So the message today is to
thrown down with the future of America on the line. We Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. prestige, fame and fortune, our community. This is the case keep your family first. For it's
have a choice now a very clear choice. We can re-elect Our prayers and well-wishes go these are human beings going whether you are a famous fam- been said: "As the family goes,
Barack Obama who stands in the gap for a more diverse out to the Congressman and his through it and trying to work ily of influence or a single par- so goes the nation and so goes
America Blacks, Hispanics and other races, the middle- family. Our first family of enter- it out just like the rest of us... ent living in the projects. And the world."
tainment in the latter half of the just more publicly. But on an- for most of us, family will love Stephanie Robinson is a po-
class, the poor, the voiceless, senior citizens, college Stu- 20th century is not faring much other level, maybe it does ap- us unconditionally regardless litical writer and CEO of of the
dents, gays and lesbians. Or we can sit on our hands and better. The Jacksons are reeling propriately symbolize our chal- of what we are going through. If Jamestown Project, a national
allow Romney to take over where his first action will as- from infighting, those looking to lenges regarding the state of our Jesse Jackson Jr. is suffering, think tank that focuses on de-
suredly be to keep rolling back the clock. The rich will get exploit them, and a lack of clo- community, our infighting, our his family is suffering as well. mocracy. She is a lecturer on
richer while the majority of citizens will struggle to survive. sure regarding the death of their poor health, our lack of well- Right now, what matters most Law at the Harvard Law School
Has Obama been able to keep all of his promises? No. most famous member, Michael. being. Maybe we need to look at is not his political support, but and former cChief Counsel to
But then, it hasn't been a cake walk for him given the Re- Prayers to them as well. So, I the current misfortune of these the support of his family. If this Senator Edward M. Kennedy
publican-controlled U.S. House and Senate. As for Rom-
ney, he hasn't made any promises at least not to Black
America. And he won't.
So, get ready to vote once again. And make sure you con-
sider your options with care.
Examples of excellence shown at Olympics
Love m eans not beating g The 2012 London Olym- their stories. formed with excellence, gain- Georgetown and L)mvt: izsay Ui
pics are well underway and if Cullen Jones gained major ing one of the two U.S. spots' Texas grad, he represents ex-
you have not had or taken the attention as part of the gold to compete for the Olympic All cellence on and off the track.
up on your spouse time to watch any of the hours medal winning 4xI00 meter Around in Gymnastics which This takes nothing from the
of coverage being broadcast freestyle relay in Beijing. That she won [gold] the first Black brothers and sisters in the
you remember those quaint little Hallmark by all of NBC's platforms, you is swimming and not track for woman to win a gymnastics games that play neither basket-,
cards that had endearing messages on them have missed a lot. But if you those of you that are familiar medal since Dominique Dawes ball or run track, nor the non-
that helped you to express your feelings? They missed the opening ceremony, with all the event terminology. won bronze in 1996. Black athletes at the Games. All
often had little Snoopy dogs or some other playful crea- in my opinion you didn't miss are champions who should be
tures on the cover. Sometimes there were words from an event with the abstractly he U.S. Olympic team also has some brothers and sister celebrated. These five athletes
choreographed splendor of the S illustrate that we can take the
the Bible. Whatever the backdrop and the words, it was Beijing Olympics. As someone in sports that traditionally don't see us going for the gold road less traveled and win. Let's
clear that you were in love with someone so much that born in the UK, I appreciated T that I think, win or lose, you have to check out both their watch them, cheer for them, but
you believed it would last forever. Like in the fairy tales the world being introduced to also use them as an example in
. . happily ever after. British culture, but was most skill and their stories. our own lives to do what others
So, it's sad when we hear about folks like Chad and surprised that the main char- won't to win the gold. I believe
Evelyn, Miami's newest celebrity newlyweds who made acters in English film producer we all can.
it only 41 days before she filed for divorce following an Danny Boyle's production were Jones, who almost drowned Daryl Homer and Nzingha Jeffrey Johnson is a televi-
alleged incident of domestic violence. Maybe there I s of African decent. when he was 5-years-old com- Prescod are the two Black U.S. sionjournalist and motivational
something in the water. Perhaps some of our Black men The U.S. Olympic team also mitted to overcoming his fear of Fencing team's secret weapons speaker. He appeared on the
has some brothers and sisters the water. Well, the world would at this year's Olympic games. TV show Rap City on the BET
have lost their ability to reason. Or it could just be that in sports that traditionally don't agree he has. And finally, there is Haitian- cable network in the United
some men believe they have certain "inalienable rights see us going for the gold that I Gabby Douglas, 16, has been American Samyr Laine, com- States, where he spoke about

U 5A! US r Condoleeza: The GOP's real dream gir
Whether it's head 'lines on the pro-choice, was a key member erner, whose childhood friend and Allen West and Tim Scott
Drudge Report or speculation of an administration whose was killed in the bombings of to Congress from Florida and
about her vice presidential foreign policy is controversial the Sixteenth Street Baptist South Carolina, respectively.
media, Condoleezza Rice re- at worst, including the now- bama in 1963 who could sought to improve its stand-
... mains a figure of endless fas- unpopular war in Iraq. She is give the GOP a much-needed ing with minority communi-
_c ination for political watchers. linked to the Bush administra- face lift. ties," Christie said. "I honestly
The former National Security tion's widely panned response "Without any shadow of don't think anyone would look
o Adviser and Secretary of State to Hurricane Katrina (she was a doubt she i a star in the at [Rice] and say she can solve
AW .......0 under President George W. shopping in New York at the party," said Ron Christie, a our problem with women or
i Bush has repeatedly insisted time, and has since said she Republican political strate- minorities, because we don't
:that she has no interest in be- shouldn't have left Washing- gist and former aide to Vice have a problem with women
ing Mitt Romney's vice presi- ton following the disaster. And President Dick Cheney. "She and we have been aggressive
,. ,dential running-mate, ques- about seeking to appeal to all
tions about whether she was he announcement that Rice will be among the featured speak- people regardless of race."
being vetted by the Romney =1 ers at the Republican Party's nominating convention later this Christie says that it's Rice's
campaign, occupied the media T month essentially ended speculation that she is under serious unique qualities that are at-
for weeks this summer. tracting attention to her asa
S OLI[ ,. LL .-. The announcement that Rice conlsideration for the Romnley ticket rnone of the candidates thought to possible vice president.
YO0 I OIT willarbe among the biafeatured be on the short list have been named as convention speakers.) ee"Herolpersonality eandaexperi-
l (Y. [ --. TO. YOUR W pCard Party's nominating convention fied candidate for any elected
WIL D I FR>later this month essentially she is remembered by many is brilliant, she is very person- office," Christie says. "Imglad
YOU. ended speculation that she is Americans for a singular me- able and she knows her way to see that people are viewing
under serious consideration ment: a Congressional hear- around the corridors of power her as a viable candidate to be-
. :.for the Romney ticket none ing at which she read the title better than most people in the come the next vice president,
of the candidates thought to of a national security briefing world, let alone within the Re- even though I don't think it's
,- b :be on the short list have been she had given then-President publican Party." "I take Condi job that she wants."
, named as convention speak- Bush the August before the at everything that she's said On that, Christie and Steele
Users ) And yet, enthusiasm for 9/11 terror attacks. She has publicly at face value," Chris- agree.
i'"iRice hasn't waned, and talk also made frank statements tie says. "She has said she has "If the Romney people were
,:,'?about what Rice as running- about race, and America's his- no interest in running for elec- serious and not just using her
Smate could do for Romney, tory of slavery, that hardly en- tive office. One thing that she as a midsummer distraction,
/! k ~~~~~~~~~including lending key foreign deared her to the party's con- has told me and others is that as some have said in the me-a, g-Inm ywysRiehrlonepbcndsgesvratn"
policy experience for the ticket servative base, which largely her dream job is to be corn- din, I'm sure they walked away
W,, hasn't completely died down. reacted negatively to the idea missioner of the NFL." Chris- saying she mixes up the con-
In, man wys Rcehadl of her onthe Reulcntick- tie dsgesthat the GOP has vrain"said Steele. "She's
, seems the ideal candidate et. Still, Rice supporters point a racial problem, pointing to definitely one of the smartest,
for the Republican Party of to her as the kind of candidate the election of Nikki Halley best prepared people out there
2012. She is believed to be a Black woman, a south- as South Carolina governor, to be vice president."
tWADMr CdWA true hair-raising experience for Gabb
MA =S69A I MF6JN YOUJVo a If you don't follow Olympic hair wasn't up to par. I'm not In addition to thinking of is employed, and h s ncd
CDMUtS..., WL6Je lg gymnastics, you may not have sure what style would be ap- hair, some commentators were defending our country. Why
ANr.".... heard about Gabrielle Douglas propriate for a gymnast, but thinking of fatherhood. Where is his presence or absence at
l~l"n~ rr : before this year. But the amaz- let's celebrate Gabrielle's medal was her dad, too many asked? the Olympic games subject to
ing grace of this 16- year old instead of railing on her hair. But the truth is that while Ga- mean-spirited discussion, when
Black propelled her to Olympic Are we still stuck on the Spike brielle's morn, Natalie Hawkins, it is clear that he supports his
i gold last week, and she is the Lee version of "straight or nap- and her dad, Timothy Douglas, daughter? It is easy to suggest
first Black to win an individual py" as a contrast? When Don are divorcing, Douglas, a sol- that the Tea Party attacks on
medal in gymnastics. Indeed, Imus insultingly uses the word dier who has served both in Iraq President Barack Obama have
her performance toppled the "nappy," we Black Folks are and Afghanistan, is very much made it "open season" on Black
Russians, who have portrayed up in arms, as we should be. part of her life. His presence or people among the comerm-
themselves as unbeatable. But when sisters excoriate an absence should not be the fed- tariat. And certainly, coverage
So unbeatable, as a matter of accomplished young woman, der for speculation. I wouldn't of the president and his family
fact that the winner of the sil- has been rife with stereotypes.
Obama says he's not the President ver medal, Viktoria Komova, ni addition to thinking of hair, some commentators were Still, Tea Party attacks can't ex-
" sobbed uncontrollably," be- thinking of fatherhood. Where was her dad, too many plain the ways that some Black
ofBlckAm ria uthahhid n c alshsor unqliedto cel- lasked? But the truth is that while Gabrielle's mom, Natalie women have talked about Ga-
Thi cals or nqulifed el-brielle Douglas' hair. In the
enOL]-1NI fo B ac sebration. Sneaking into some Hawkins, and her dad, Timothy Douglas, are divorcing, Douglas, a face of caustic comments about
en u hfrlc s of the celebratory comments, soldier who has served both in Iraq and Afghanistan, is very Much Black people from outsiders,
MAI IBRY 9D.MECRSIN though, were snarky and rude part[ of her life. must we turn on ourselves? The
MARA IM ER Y, 9.DR M E C RITI N,67comments that many reserve to only thing I want to hear about
Miami Gardens, administrator Miami, retired tarnish Black accomplishment Gabrielle Douglas is how amaz-
and victory. Channel surfing in there are those who nod their mind the commentary so much ing her victory was, and how in-
Yes and despite the challeng- President Obama had some the talk radio space, these corn- hair in agreement. When will if the same folks spent any time spirational she will be for other
es he inher- tough prob- ments came in two categories, we, Black women, get over this speaking of the economic plight young women. All of America
ited that were lems facing equally objectionable. hair thing? And when will we of Black men. The most recent ought to celebrate this victory
caused by theF him that Bush A LFirst. there were comments stop) playing into other people's jobs report shows that while because Ms. Douglas brought

4A THE MIAMI TIMES, AUGUST 15-21, 2012 1, L .\ UKS i\l.v I t I.SIU N I R 11EI R () W'N 1) ES II Y
Monestime breaks ground on Arcola Lakes Senior Center
County Commissioner Jean MoneSboes-
rtime, District 2 and community me m- gon nanw ]
of-the-art senior recreation center at ... ... .. : ..
Arcola Lakes Park, 1301 NW 83rd i
Street, last Wednesday. The develop- :
ment marks Miami-Dade County's : .. .i
first recreation al facility specifically '
designed for use by senior residents, / l
age 55 and older. .
The new one-story, 14,220-square- Y,%' -
foot facility will be completely ADA
accessible and feature a covered pas- ) ti '' "''!
ener drop-off entrance; a lobby and./' < : f -'?
reception area. F1, : {
Seniors will be able to enjoy enter-
sions, an arts and crafts room and a t ,
room to create ceramics. An exercise it
room equipped with the latest fitness
equipment will be available for seniors :
looking to stay fit and active. The facil-*1 4 .*:
ity will also feature a large banquet
hall/meeting room.
"The seniors of our community
deserve the very best amenities and
that is what this new senior center will :
deliver," Monestime said. ;
The $6.3 million project is funded by 2i
Building Better Communities General .! A. g .,:2; .. ,
Obligation Bonds.....;, i2 ) 7 ''.,.4 o ,... ,. -.
-Photo courtesy dean Monesirne
Commissioner Jean Monestime was joined by members of the Arcola Lakes community at the groundbreaking for a new senior center.
FAMU Attorney Avery McKnight FAMU opens new healthcare center
TALLAASSE as FlglE l t 'orida FaMU received* $.5million stdns
h o or d s L ga E it 'A&M University [FAMU] and from Public Education Capital The facility, located on the
TALAASE -Flriathe City of Crestview recently Outlay funds in 2008 for the corner of Main Street and
' ..i opened the FAMU Rural Di- project titled "Rural Diversity Woodruff Avenue in downtown
A&M University's [FAMU] Vice ,- --versity Healthcare Center in Healthcare -Crestview" and Crestview, was transferred
President for the Legal Affairs Crestview. was appropriated $7 million by the City of Crestview to
and General Counsel Avery "This year, FAMU celebrates in 2010 to continue the FAMU FAMU in the summer of 20 10.
McKnight was selected by his its 125th anniversary as an Crestview Education Center Known as The Alatex Build-
peers as one of the top govern- institution of higher learning," project. ing, the facility was opened in
ment/non-profit attorneys in said Interim President Larry In addition to courses being 1937 as a garment factory and
Florida Trend Magazine's 2012 Robinson. "I am convinced taught at the center, lectures was one of the major employ-
Flonsuiv yegallier. Vh fifth there is no better way to mark will be provided in real-time ers in Okaloosa County.
" the occasion than by high- through video conferencing
"I m eryapreiatveto e lighting our commitment to between the FAMU College of Photo caption: Florida A&M
recognized by Florida Trendi ensure citizens of this region Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical University's [FAMU] Interim
and my peers in the Top Gov- .. .. will have access to a high- Sciences in Tallahassee and President Larry Robinson (cen-
ernment/Non-Profit Attorney quality education in the health the Crestview facility. ter in orange tie), state Sen.
category for the fifth consecutive professions." Faculty assigned to the Greg Evers (behind Robinson)
year," McKnight said. "This pro- The major objective of the Crestview facility will be able and former state Sen. Durell
grfinal milenstonsering pcally. Crestview project is to produce to establish relationships with Peaden (left of Robinson),
orfyin est n collieag who high-quality graduates corn- major health-care systems and along with other officials and
are alsteme w orkig ahully wo mitred to serving the health community pharmacies such citizens of Crestview, cut the
arealo wrkng aihfulytocare needs of citizens in the as CVS, Walgreens and others, ribbon for FAMU's Rural Di-
advance the best interest of our rural Florida Panhandle. which will provide training for versity Healthcare Center.
great state and distinguished appointed vice president for the senior associate with the labor
universities." Office of Legal Affairs and Gen- and employment law firm of
A 1987 magna cum laude eral Counsel. There he oversees Allen, Norton &, Blue, P.A., and
FAMU graduate and former SGA operations of risk management, successfully represented public
attorney in misdemeanor pros- labor relations and the Office and private entities.
ecution at the state attorney's of Equal Opportunity Employ- McKnight has been recognized
office, McKnight served in vari- ment. as a 2002 NAACP Achiever and
ous capacities in FAMU's Office Prior to returning as FAMU's was a Virgil Hawkins Fellow at
of the General Counsel between general counsel in 2007, he the Florida State University Col-
1992 and 2005. In 2012, he was honed his litigation skills as a lege of Law from 1989 to 1992.

l;l.,C K S N. I t Sr (' 0 \r I J FI' R O L',x 1-11:'.:' 1 5A TH E M IA M I TIM ES, A UG UST 15-21, 2012
Macy's posts 16 percent hike in 2Q net income
By Anne D'lnnocenzio pricing c\erlV day,. Some Pen- Arnold Arolnson, maniaging -:,ik: { L a : company expects to reopen all
AP etilWrzir eyshoppers is th ae ietro e alctgies at ...- ist and second floor selling
signs ~~ and couons cosligfr Kr amn space within the next 90 days,
NEW YORK (AP) -Macy's Hoguemt told analysts in May says, "Mthratc don't lie..! including- what it describes as
reported a nearly 16 percent that sales were rising at Macy's Macy's certainly has to be pick- .s womn' shedeat
increase in net income for its stores that share malls with Pen- ing up some share from Penney.- ,. >';. merit.
second quarter, helped by cost- ney stores. She didn't comment Meanwhile, Macy's said ,
cutting and its strategy to tailor on that during Wednesday's call. Wednesday that it will take a .i IntisMy 0 21 fl poo
its merchandise to local mar- Penney is expected to rep-ort its planned break in the multi-year 'aj people carrying Macy's shopping
kt.second consecutive quarterly remodeling of its Herald Square bags wall( past the Macy's flag-
The department chain, which loss and drop in sales when it store renovations so as not to ship. stri.Nwr(.Mc'
operates stores under its name- reports results on Friday. interrupt holiday shopping. The Inc.
sake and upscale Bloomingdale's -AP Phot0/Mary Altaffer, File
names, also raised its annuala0AA 41 Al aJIV & I l
earnings guidance. Its shares 6WPA
rose almost 3 percent Wednes-
Macy's Inc., which has been
a standout among its peers
throughout the economic re-
covery, is the first in a series of
major retailers that will report
second-quarter results that
will provide insight into howZ
Americans are spending. The
results from Macy's may reas-
sure economists concerned that
shoppers may pull back just as J
the crucial back-to-school selling
season begins.
Like many department stores,
Macy's suffered during the
recession. But the retailer has
been able to navigate through
the slow recovery better than.1%
rivals like J.C. Penney Co. and
Kohl's Corp. Macy's, however,
acknowledged continued eco-
nomic challenges.
"Clearly, we are not operat-
ing in an ideal macroeconomic
environment," Karen Hogu~et,
Macy's chief financial officer, told
analysts during a call Wednes-
day. "Issues like unemployment t
and housing prices continue to A
be on the minds of our custom-l
ers. But we believe that Macy's
and Bloomingdale's still have the
opportunity to grow sales and,41
earnings by listening closely to
our customer and delivering ex-
actly what they need, when and
where they need it. That is the A
underlying principle behind our
core strategies.-
Macy's also conceded business ..
was hurt in the second quarter '
by lower spending by interna-"" !
disruptions related to its major ..%. ..;:!"'
renovation of its flagship store in .. %,,> "% '
Manhattan. ,
In a statement, Terry J. 7,
Lundgren, chairman, CEO and '' .. "g :'
president, said Macy's is staying ;
firmly focused on driving profit- ...... ,, ,,,
able sales growth while running J 1
the business with discipline.'
Macy's said that its net income: M" i : : ,
rose to $279 million, or 67 cents
per share, for the three-month,'a
period ended July 28. That's up
from $241 million, or 55 cents :
per share, in the year-ago pe- ..... . :: A< .
riod. Revenue rose 3 percent to A:> A
$6.12 billion from $5.94 billion a
year ago. i
Analysts surveyed by FactSet
had expected earnings of 64 :;i :g"
cents per share on revenue of :.,. i: ;:; {
$6.13 billion...
Revenue at stores open at i :!
least a year, a key gauge in i:
measuring a retailer's health,
also rose 3 percent, helped by 1 ";
surging online sales. Sales were
uneven with June's sales below ji :;
expectations followed by a July ... ;, -!'i, -'!
rebond, ogutisad.,

6A THE MIAMI TIMES, AUGUST 15-21, 2012 1 LAUK %1 \ I (A) N o I O L ] -1:1 ()\V N )FIrI N)
Thi kin ab ut he utu e a d m reKidnapping ends in police shootout in Homestead
Thin ing abou th fu ure nd oreA kidnapping plot in southern Miami-Dade ended with a woman being shot
to death by police in Homestead.
By Arthur Lee Hall, Jr. expecting tco be re- times set us back even the first place or whether they Investigators said it began last Wednesday when two teens, ages 17 and
... ... .leased someday will i further than from will succeed at hurdling the 19, were taken at gunpoint. The kidnappers then called the boys' family
Imagine someone who was occasionally encounter t where we are today, many obstacles that will cer- addmne ure famlindlasi asmfrtersf eun
suddenly been released back m om ents when racy i: particularly if our m or- thinly stand in their way. And Th fa iygt nto c wth hepl ew os i vsi ai nldt em ot e
into society after spending a images of being free Ai al compass is not guid- as the last grains of the sand Thfaiygtitohwthhe0iewosinsiainldtemote
large number of years subject again will travel won-':!: \?Jigt aho pih lwytikedw h or Cocowalk mobile home development in Homestead. Undercover detectives
to prison authority and con- drously through their -WOO living. What I have glass, the unretrievable years stormed unit #72 and found six people suspected of being part of the kid-
tinuous authoritative com- mind. Those images Idk found to be true is the wasted in prison will start to napping plot inside.
mands, such as what time to that appeal most to HALL fact that is customary weigh down heavily on upon Also inside the mobile home, police found both of the teens. They said the
have their bunk made, when the prisoner will serve as the for those who map-out their the psyche of a soon-to-be re- younger one had been severely beaten in effort to extract the ransom from
to eat chow, when to shower, basis for formulating a game future with a strong sense leasee, and made up mental teaiy
how to dress, when not to plan of future life activities, of moral scruples to not only images of the possible chang- thfaiy
talk, when it is permissible to each inspiring thought being think in terms of what the es in society that await them
watch television and what time reflected throughout the pag- future holds for them alone, will cause the pitapat in their S. Fla. track coach accused of molesting student
they must go to bed what es of the prisoner's futuristic but also how the decision heart to quicken even more. A former South Florida high school tr-ack coach accused of molesting one
would it take for that person playbook, to pursue a vision will effect Once free, culture shock will of his students is in the Broward County jail getting ready to bond out,
to abandon the psychological Although life is surely not the future of their loved ones, immediately smack them Matthewi Love, 42, was arrested on August, 8th. He's charged with three
conditioning associated with a sporting event, m ost people friends, associates, com m u- hard in the face, and if they co ns f eA adL ci ou ml st i nona hldb w en1 -6y ar
dwelling in a prison abode would like for their lives to nity and the world as a whole. are not full of focus, the real- cut fLw n acvosmlsaino hl ewe 21 er
and succeed at becoming a move in a direction that would Understandably, even after ity of lagging behind others in old.
productive member of a com- lead them to achieving some years of planning and hav- society can cause a previously
inunity where the freedom to type of victory. A fair-and- ing countless europhobic well-thought out strategy to Convenience store shooting suspect denied bond
exercise authority over their square winning of a materi- thoughts about the future, waver and ultimately derail The man suspected in a July convenience store shooting will not be get-
persona life is broadly given? alized thought is usually the one of the inescapable adverse off track. Dishonest thoughts ting out f jail anytime soon.
Success would probably de- result of positive thinking, effects of long term confine- of playing a game of catch up
pnd on whether that indi- while a dishonorable achieve- ment that most prisoners still the fast and risque way will Gevaenydo i<. McKenzie surrendered at the Fort Lauderdale Police Depart-
vidual had put some thought ment the kind of shenani- face before being released is become their own enemy and ment last Wednesday night where he was charged .with attempted murder.
ino restructuring their life in fans that always seem to hit having the underlying fear of high recidivism numbers will OrlThursday morning lie was denied bond in court. The clerk, 21-year old
positive way longa before they the fan at some later date is what life outside of the prison once again be testamonial to Ramizi Fogahaa, survived the attack but could be paralyzed because one of
had been set free. deeply rooted in diabolical ru- will bring them: not knowing the fact that underhanded the bullets lodged in his spine. He was listed in critical condition after the
In between times of becom- minations, whether they will return to thinking can never be a safe, shooting.
ing adapt to a prison corn- Acting upon thoughts to- the same pitfalls that brought enduring blue print to build-
mitment. a prisoner who is wards the future can some- them to prison in the prison in ing a prosperous future. Dtciewuddi lee
grow house shooting released from JMVH
G eo ge Zim eran se ks ea in he Miami-Dade Police detective wounded during ashootout at asus-
G eo ge im m rm a se ks ear ng pected marijuana grow house has been released from the hospital.
Dot. John Saavedra, 34, wvas discharged from Jackson Memorial Hospital
last Wednesday afternoon, Saavedra wias shot three times after a gunman
Ask for dism issal of m urder charges opened fire on detectives who showed up to the home on July 31 and asked
for consent to search a grow house that they later discovered had 80 pounds
Attorney says shooting death of teen gruddeLaw SchoolwForiasfessor hoes'adyu-h thas of marijuana worth $90,000 inside it.
falls under 'stand-your-ground' law ter whether Zimmerman was thePe nSaec udtk a
By~~~, "aio BloLetr aggressor or when his fear wasPe nS aec u dtk a
"This is a significant issue," "t"rioggeresdnda
The neighborhood watch vol- says Michelle Jacobs, a defense "Most people don't under- cu f o m FAU ca da
unteer charged with killing an attorney and law professor at the stand, she says, that the law is B ao I alrlansmtigfo AU
unarmed Black teen in Florida Unvriyo lrd.Teha-bodywidn limeranso Around the same time the hor-
will seek a hearing to dismiss the ing, she says, will decide wheth- broken nose m aceaioso Earlier this week, the NCAA rible details surrounding San-
charges against him based on er the case goes forward to trial. his skull are evidence that he imposed sweeping penalties dusky's actions were beginning
the state's "stand your ground" Zimmerman and Trayvon, 17, would have been in fear, she on the Penn State football pro- to surface, Robert Champion,
law.g goransa tor- ncope aofih toFheb. 26 a n-te No hearing has been sched- gram. The penalties, which a drum major in FAMU's re-
eoMre Zimmramanhs or d. compe oftownhoser, inravn- -By Gary W. Greer), AFP/Getty Imiages uled. were in response to the heinous nowned Marching 100, was
ney, Mrk O'Mra, sad on hs ford Whenit wasover, rayvon GeorgeZimmeman iaeshtheuofindngsainthe no-infaousukiled duing a nazingtitual
website that the evidence shows had been shot dead. stadodrg iso e rin g forsth The office of Florida State At- Freeh Report, will likely cripple Like the Nittanyv Lions, the
that Zimmerman, 28, shot Tray- Zimmerman says he was in thanshooting dh bond aring Mar- torney Angela Corey released the Nittany Lions for years, if Marching 100 is FAMU's grand-
von Martin in self-defense. fear for his life when Trayvon tin shoin nodeFa., on Aryvo Mar- more documents in the casenodeas.stndmtblvdsy o.
O'Mara likened the hearing to slammed his head into the con- tniSafrlaonAil2. Thursday, including a state po- nTh d ed epor cofr est Thand most relaryv led ymo
a "mini-trial" with testimony by crete. The prosecution says Zim- ney for Trayvon's family, issued lice report that showed Tray-evro'swstngmas.pfrmteetsllvrth
experts and other witnesses. merman followed Trayvon and a statement saying, "A grown von's blood was on a bag of Skit- H-evene'swors t htmaresrper f ro m NFL hns alf rtme
Under the stand-your -ground confronted him for no reason man cannot profile and pursue tles candy in his pocket. Stat-ee ofic ials fome Presi- sowsto presidnialftigua
law, a defendant who claims other than that he was a Black an unarmed child, shoot him in The office also inadvertently dett, Grahaludingfrer andresi- tions The arhidngal is sra
self-defense is entitled to a hear- teen in a hoodie, the heart and then claim stand- released Zimmerman's school entratdHa Footalle Cach Je tiopulTarh 00 is foobl
ing to determine whether he was Florida is one of at least 21 your-ground. .... There is only records, which are private under Ptro hwda"oa ir-gms ti fe igrda
in fear for his life. If he was, the states with some version of the one version of this story that federal law. The records show gatror thoe afet tawlfaire" thames t isoota bgeradra
law says he had the right to use law that says a person does not represents that Zimmerman was Zimmerman was a below-aver- oaf the seated byfrer" t the distapoit m en
lethal force and the charges are have to retreat in the face of a attacked by Trayvon Martin, and age student at Seminole State Assistant Coach Jerry San- of many, the band will not be
dropped. threat and can use deadly force if that's Zimmerman's self-serving College of Florida who was on dusky. around next fall, suspended by
The decision will be made by they fear death or serious harm. version." academic probation after failing The report touched off much former President James Am-
Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Benjamin Crump, an attor- Elizabeth Megale, a Savannah a science class. debate about whether the NCAA mons through spring 2013.
should, or even could, disci- Ammons gave the Marching 100
pline the program. The NCAA the death penalty. And while
Par le eni d f r t reecop kilers answered that question by is- hundreds of innocent student-
Par le eni d f r t reecop kilers suing an unprecedented pun- musicians will suffer due to the
ishment. But it stopped short of bad acts of a relative few, the
By Kathleen ":uhne when he heard what his former the ultimate punishment, a one self-imposed suspension was
i :,',.: classmate had done. year suspension of play, also undoubtedly the right decision.
TALLAHASSEE -Three men "Bad choices by Mr. Lewis led known as "the death penalty." Penn State should take a cue
convicted in the 1974 killing of him where he is today," he said. This is where Penn State can from FAMU.
Fort Lauderdale police officer iI

%l , I l t, il ,\ IJl 7A THE MIAMI TIMES, AUGUST 15-21, 2012
7 .... r MIAlIl COLORED WEEKLY '--
C h u rch m a rk s -7....7......................... ...
225th anniversary ...14 "
l'n Augusta ...
AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) An events.
Augu~sta congregation is Sharpton said the corn-
marking its 225th anniver- munity has forgotten where
sary as the nation's oldest it has come from, and what IV 1
continuously meeting Black it took to get to where the !
church. church is today. .. i;
The Augusta Chronicle Sharpton also noted the ..
reports that Springfield church's historic role in the 4 ;
Baptist Church was founded founding of Morehouse Cl-
in 1787 by free and enslaved lege, which originated in the ..
blacks, and served as Au- basement of Springfield as
gusta's only Baptist church the Augusta Baptist Insti- L
until 1817. tute in 1867. The school Al Jl ,
The Rev. A Sharpton ad- moved to Atlanta in 1879 as
dressed about 1,000 people the Atlanta Baptist Insti-
on Sunday as part of the tute and was later renamed Rev. Al Sharpton celebrates 225th Anniversary of Augusta church
congregation's anniversary Morehouse College.
Rosa Parks' Congressional Gold Medal on display,,,,,
By Vernon Clark front for our visitors." gation in interstate bus and rail police "mug shots" of the riders quest and posing for a photograph
Benson and others hailed Peco stations unconstitutional. Their and their supporters, and other by the Liberty Bell. p
With the presentation of a small for financial support for the ex- buses were attacked and many of aspects of their lives. "With that image in mind ...,:......
blue box, the African American hibit. the dozens of riders were beaten Dean, who was general manager it is only appropriate to put on
Museum in Philadelphia received The display, which opened July by mobs and arrested in Alabama of the Marriott when it opened in display for the very first time theA
a giant national treasure Tuesday 3, is to run through Sept. 30. and Mississippi. 1995, recalled Parks' coming to Congressional Gold Medal," Dean
das it was lenttoethe CongressionalonRs Benson emsumaid theinmedalhwouldibe Janssen's portraits depict the the city for the opening at his re- said.
Parks, known as the mother of the and possibly longer.
modern civil rights movement. Parks, who died in 2005, is
"We could not be more honored considered the key catalyst of the/
than to have this piece of history civil rights movement. On Dec. /,:
here with us at our own African 1, 1955, Parks, a seamstress in .,;
American Museum in Philadel- Montgomery, Ala., refused to give : ;I::
phia," Mayor Nutter said of the up her bus seat to a white rider in.,. /i '.,,: ,y, .....
medal, the highest civilian award violation of a city ordinance. .-i::,.2 .,
bestowed by Congress. It was giv- Her quiet act of defiance sparked ..,;... ....
en to Parks in 1999. a successful boycott of the city's,: F. ,4:. ::;
In a brief ceremony, Curtis bus system led by the young Rev. ,
Dean, former general manager of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and .; :
the Philadelphia Marriott Down- thus the movement that eventu-
town, lent the medal to the mu- ally ended legal racial segregation
scum to augment an exhibit of in this country. "'
portraits of civil rights pioneers. The exhibit, by the artist Car-.,, : "!
Romona Riscoe Benson, presi- lotta Janssen and titled Freedom ...,,':", ..
dent and chief executive officer of Riders: Threads of a Story, fea-, : *.,-
the museum, said Parks' medal is tures 82 mixed media portraits
"a rare part of history." focused on the Montgomery bus ,:i
The medal adds "another di- boycott of 1955 and the 1961
mension" to the exhibit, she said. Freedom Riders. ;!;, I;"
"It really creates a continued un- The Freedom Riders were civil
derstanding that this museum rights activists who rode by bus .....
is committed to telling the story from Washington into the South..."
of the civil rights movement and to test the U.S. Supreme Court's i
bringing our history to the fore- 1960 ruling that declared segre-
!!i~ii~I,.,. It: .

Dozens of 'Innocent' federal "
prisoners could be set free
By Brad Heath more than a year, then all who .
- ~~~~had committed that crime are .....!
Dozens of federal prisoners felons and cannot legally have ;
who are locked up even though a gun, the courts maintained.
prosecutors concede they are .... But last year, the 4th Circuit
"legally innocent" could soon be Court of Appeals said judg- -
released under new orders from es had been getting the law
the U.S. Justice Department. wrong: Only people who could Ja k oJr t e t d
The eparmentconfrmedhave faced more than a year in
Monday that it had instruct- prison for their crimes qualify
ed its lawyers to abandon le- as felons. Its decision meant -.,-,,"-bp l r d sd e
gal objections that could have thousands of low-level offend- f r b p l r d s r e
blocked -or at least delayed -ers are not committing a federal
the inmates from being set free. crime by having a gun. By Catalina Camia
In a court filing the depart- 1In many cases, prosecutors
ment said it had "reconsidered did not dispute that prisoners
its position," and that it would convicted of gun possession Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is being treated for bipolar disorder
drop its legal arguments "in the before that decision were in- and responding well to treatment, the Mayo Clinic said.
interests of justice." noet u rudta hy The clinic in Rochester, Minn., released a statement today on
The shift follows a USA TO- should remain locked up be- Jackson's behalf, saving the diagnosis of bipolar 11 depression
DAY investigation in June that Neither Justice Department lawyers nor defense attorneys cause of strict laws that limit came after "extensive evaluation."-
identified more than 60 people would speculate Monday how many innocent prisoners eventu- when and how inmates can The Illinois Democrat has been on medical leave since June
who were imprisoned for some- ally might be released. challenge their convictions. The 10. His whereabouts had not been known until recently, when
thing an appeals court later department's new instructions his office announced he was being treated at the clinic for de-
determined was not a federal sentences; others might be that could have put them in directed prosecutors to drop pression and gastrointestinal issues.
crime. The investigation found tried for different offenses. prison for more than a year. In those arguments. The clinic said in 2004 thatJackson underwent bariatric sur-
that the Justice Department Chris Brook, the legal direc- North Carolina, however, state Justice spokeswoman Adora gery, a type of weight-loss surgery, and specifically a duodenal
had done almost nothing to tor of the ACLU of North Car- law set the maximum punish- Andy said the department had switch. The clinic said this surgery is "increasingly common in
identify those prisoners olina, called the m ove "an en- m erit for a crime based in part "decided to take a litigating p th U. .a d c n h ng ho t eb dy bs r sf dlq i ,
many of whom did not know couraging first step," but said on the criminal record of who- sition designed to accelerate vtamU.s, anutrient candgedhiwathio as orsfod"iqis
they were innocent and had "much more has to be done ever committed it, meaning relief for defendants in these Oitamins fourienuts, ord miationplsho.ymtmso
argued in court that the men for these wrongly incarcerated some people who committed cases who, by virtue of a sub- Oei orauto 77mlinpolso yposo
were innocent but should re- individuals." He said the de- crimes such as possessing co- sequent court decision, are no a mental health disorder every year, according to the National
main imprisoned anyway. partment still had not offered caine faced sentences of more longer guilty of a federal crime." Alliance on Mental Illness. More than 10 million Americans
Neither Justice Department to identify prisoners who were than a year, while those with She declined to elaborate on have bipolar disorder, NAMI says.
lawyers nor defense attorneys sent to prison for something shorter records face only a few the details of the department's Jackson, 47, has been a member of Congress since 1995. He
would speculate Monday how. that turned out not to be a fed- months. instruction. In at least one case is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for alleg-
many innocent prisoners even- eral crime. For years, federal courts on Monday, the government edly raising mone-y for then-Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich in
tually might be released. Some Federal law bans people from there said that didn't matter. asked a court to set aside a de- exchange for an appointment to Barack Obama's Senate seat.
who were convicted of other having a gun if they have previ- If someone with a long record fendant's gun possession con- He has denied any Wrongdoing.
crimes might receive shorter ously been convicted of a crime could have gone to prison for viction.
Athletes missing in London iScientsts exmnerecord::
CONAKRY -Athletes from Guinea and Ivory Coast have By :' CNN;i i re Staff~i :!:: ;::;: i!lii',i'i' ::
. ~~~~joined several other Africans who have gone missing following :.': !
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the London Olympics, officials said on Tuesday. Three Guin- .. ..,. : =:;: ,,:-
'eans and three Ivorians disappeared, adding to a total list of i~.''University ofFlorida res e e ea iig the: cacs o:f:.
S11 Congolese and Cameroonians suspected to be trying to a lar. peod8" gantiBmese pyihthon sid Monday they found a
S make new lives in Europe. rcr 7eg nie iigte motn le bu h
"Three members of the delegation have not returned to the re:produtv c apabiliy of the dangerosinvasive speies.: "
' Olympic'village," Adama Doumbia, technical adviser at the Scienatiss at the Floid Muse-Lm~i ofNtua istory onthel)
: : Ministry of Sports and Leisure in Ivory Coast, told Reuters. He
(::: :!:: : did not give the names of the missing members of the delega- snake' idaly after it was bogt theei from th~eEveglades:::.
)';J .. .:i,,," ,:: :!!'i~i i::.:.,i tion but said they contained two swimmers and: a wrestling Ntoa ak ti h ags n vrfuda h ak
An oficat nGiea's Olympic Committee told Reuters nethKrysko', i tthe mange oif the ms-isheretoog colle-i:;
on :condition of anonymity that swimmer Dede Camara, judo willife ar I.. ii trouble.":,ii : ei::i
competitor Facinet Keita and runner Aicha Toure had been i: vf! 51 ...
Tr e k l einmissing since Saturday, the day before the closing ceremony. ':I:EvergadesNaionlPrkadte lrd Fs nWllf
Games officials are already looking for a Democratic Re- Cosrvto Comsinae: woringwhoter: agencieso
Tr e k l ei public of Congo judo competitor three other members of that th prole of the? Bu e yhn o-ai but estab-i
country's delegation and seven Cameroonian athletes. ise spaces Fo id a i i i} on of he ealiet nd os
s G-nnt erThe London Olympic organising committee said it had noti= opttv peaosi i he sutcr part f thestate, ac-i :i
fled British police about the m issing Cam eroonians but added co din to th un ve it::"::?i!i) <; :i :,:,:, ,.; :'! .
s h o o in g e a rthe athletes would not be infringing immigration laws until Th snke h % T0knw redatrd popuatin eti
their visas expired in November. mte rag fro the t sinds to hundrerds of thiousands. ,
Texas ... ...
By CNN Wire Stafftnedescribed as a "civilian by-hwaidniedaD E AE OR D IRS T
Texas constable and two oth- 43-year-old Chris Northcliff ofD E AE OR D IRS T
ers were shot dead Monday in College Station.
about a half an hour of gunfire Four others suffered inju- om s i n Cos s Mdr tr
near Texas A&M University, ies in the roughly 30-minute C om s i nho e s Mdr ts
police said. ordeal after law enforcement
Sott Mc~ollum, _ssitan officer arrive -+ reiec

'Gen Silent' film on gday seniors exposes fear
Nursng ome canpus %!ing environments. Gay and
-usn ho e ca push; lesbian seniors searching for
homosexual seniors back into closet,: long-term care would be able to
By DanaC. Lde (k~ Silnt"to SuthFloida .\ :ask which providers participate
ByDaeChLd 01 l et too LIt, Clreive in the program, Lopresti said
trnhernnrtt rjvc44Some corporate care pro-
Gay and lesbian elders hanve Arts Enterprises, in association A viders already are interested:
lived long enough to see minze- with'Treece Financial Group "South Florida is a retirement
ing changes: marriage rights. Inc', "None of us imagine aging ;i destination for many LGBT
the rise of AIDS. activism, valeb= or getting older, so this is seri--,;...snosadttmesthr
rities coming out, But there is ou n huh-rvkn. i ; i will eventually be a lot of people
something that may drive some No one is sure exactly how nedn ogtr ae"h
of them back into the closet: many gay and lesbian seniorsv- said.
long-term care, there are in South Florida, yet
Afraid of abuse or discriiii- alone the numbers in retire-GEINOMTN
nation, LGBT seniors who are mncetr.Treoud"Gen Silent" screenings will
open about their relationships be as many as 53,520 LGBT icuepnl feprss
i~ith friends and families may elders in Palm Beach and Bro- inclue panes orexperorma-
hide that patohir lives if ward counties by the common tion after seeing the film. One
they enter nursing homes or estimate that 10 percent of thewilbDadTreagymn
assisted living facilities. overall population is homo- willse Miavi finaca gaylang
It's a real concern, "Gen sexual. evc a bu n-hr
Silentt' a :2011 documentary Lawrence Johnson, a servicensats. ethr
being screened at three South 68-year-old retired teacher in Alexandre Rheaumne cared for by partner Lawrence Johnson Gay couples can ease the
Florida locations this week, Delray Beach, was recruited by path into old age by stating
hopes to shed light on the Maddux to be in "Gen Silent" with a caregiver support group, care providers. Among them, said gay seniors would hide their wishes in living wills and
issue. The one-hour film by shortly after the state of Mas- "but I felt uncomfortable, be- 43 percent reported 853 cases their sexual orientation if they drafting powers of attorney,
independent California director sachusetts named Johnson as ing the old gay person there. I of mistreatment. ended up in institutional care. Treece said. But other benefits,
Stu Maddux opens the doors Caregiver of the Year in 2007. never felt I could talk about my Yet while the debate about like veterans' long-term care
of nursing home rooms and The camera follows him from issues," he told the Sun Senti- Chick-fil-A fast-food restau- NEW PROGRAM FOR IGBT pensions and Medicaid allow-
private homes, letting LGBT se- his former home in suburban nel. rants supporting anti-gay James Lopresti, clinical edu- ances that let one spouse keep
niors and the people who care Boston into a nearby care At the first nursing home causes is making national cation director for SunServe in some assets when another
for them tell their stories. facility where his partner of where Rheaume lived, "they news, advocates say the public Wilton Manors, said sometimes needs government-funded
"We forget that we have an 38 years, Alexandre Rheaume, weren't prepared to deal with is largely clueless about the facilities err not because they're nursing home care, are out-
entire generation of people for struggles with conversation us as a couple. You could pick extra pressures aging LGBT hostile but because "they just right denied gays because they
whom being out wasn't even an during their daily visit. up the vibrations, especially people face when they can no don't know how to deal with it." cannot legally marry in most
option," said Tony Plebes, CEO from the aides," Johnson said. longer care for themselves. one local assisted living cen- states, Treece said.
of Compass Gay & Lesbian BECOMES CAREGIVER A second nursing home Gays also are more likely than ter, when residents complained One of his clients, in a com-
Community Center of Lake "I love you," Rheaume finally stay went much better, after their straight counterparts to about having to live and eat mitted relationship for years,
Worth. "They can't be guaran- murmurs clearly through the Johnson had a frank talk with face these pressures alone, as with a gay person, moved the ultimately had to declare bank-
teed an environment, as they dementia that clouds his mem- management in advance. The their lifestyle denied them life man to the memory ward, ruptcy after his partner died
age, where they will be treated ory and blurs his speech. administrator "made it very partnerships or estranged them where management assumed because, unlike a legally mar-
equally." Johnson and Rheaume, who clear we were welcome and from family. the residents would be too con- ried spouse, he had no rights
was 22 years Johnson's senior, if I got the feeling we weren't "Stories from the Field," fused to notice. But spending to his deceased mate's benefits.
10 PERCENT IN had met at Harvard University. wanted, I should come to him," the report that included the his days being the only men- Another man initially could not
BROWARD AND PALM BEACH They made a home together, said Johnson, who eventually 20 10 survey, found that the tally sharp person surrounded claim the life insurance ben-
One social worker in the supported each other in life's moved to Delray with his new most common complaint was by cognitively impaired people efit his long-time partner left
film, who coordinates sensitiv- up and downs. And like many partner after Rheaume died in abuse or harassment of gay was so depressing that the man him, Treece said, because the
ity training in care facilities, other couples who grow older 2009. "It starts from the top or lesbian residents by other eventually committed suicide, hospital would only release the
describes watching a nursing together, Johnson suddenly and filters down." residents, accounting for about Lopresti said. death certificate to the immedi-
aide offer to pray with a frail found himself a caregiver when one-fourth of the instances. It He's developed a new pro- ate family.
resident to be forgiven for the Rheaume was diagnosed with PUBLIC LARGELY CLUELESS was followed by being abruptly gram for SunServe, an LGBT "The gay community rallied
sin of being gay. Parkinson's disease. A 20 10 national survey, discharged, about 20 percent of social service agency, which during the AIDS crisis," said
"I watched this film and got But Johnson suddenly dis- done by a coalition of gay and the cases; and verbal or physi- will help long-term care facili- Treece, an accredited invest-
sick," said Ellen Wedner, chair- covered that in other ways they nursing home residents civil cal harassment from staff. ties and home health agencies ment fiduciary. "Now we need
woman of the Miami Jewish weren't like other couples. A groups, polled a mix of 769 gay More than three-fourths of develop gay-sensitive policies, to rally to support our elders,
Film Festival who brought social worker connected him seniors, family members and the LGBT survey respondents train staff and create welcom- many who are alone."
WoanbecoImes first.
oenly gay U.S. general ..
By Matthew L. Wald...>"
icer being promoted to brigadier 1
general openly acknowledged her
homosexuality on Friday by hav-
ing her wife pin' her star to her
uniform, thus becoming the first
openly gay officer of flag rank in
the United States military.
The officer, Brig. Gen. Tammy
S. Smith, 49, a 26-year veteran
of the Army, was promoted in a
ceremony at the women's memo-
rial at Arlington National Cem-
etery. The star was affixed by
Tracey Hepner, who was aco-
founder last year of the Military
Partners and Families Coalition,
which "provides support, re- Brig. Gen. Tammy S. Smith and her wife, Tracey Hepner. Gen-
sources, education and advocacy eral Smith is the first openly gay officer of flag rank in the Ameri-
for lesbian, gay, bisexual and

Will Blacks ever get tired of being ignored?' Where is the evidence?
VOTERS tion will remain unchanged." the next election. much for the community," CARTER
continued from 1A In recent elections Miami he said. "Few people know continued from 1A
WHO'S TO BLAME has seen a growing trend -who they are and they re-
"Blacks are certainly being OURSELVES OR OTHERS? Blacks and Haitians have ally haven't been out in the Michael Yates tried to have
ignored and you can start with Kymberlee Curry Smith, 3 1, is been pitted against one an- trenches. As for our voting it both ways. He said what
the Democratic Party," said the founder of her own law firm, other both as candidates and percentage among Blacks happened to Carter was
H.T. Smith, a native of Miami, counsel to delancy hill, PA and among the voting populace. it's just dismal. The statis- "definitely bizarre and it de-
distinguished trial lawyer for the immediate past president Smith says she's not sur- tics speak for themselves. It's ies logic at first glance, so
over 35 years and the of the Gwen S. Cherry prised but she is concerned. not that people aren't regis- we're actively trying to deter-
founding president of Black Women Lawyers ,,When the Republicans in tered -we just don't get up nine how that happenedd.'
the Black Lawyers As- Association. She says Tallahassee look at Miami, and vote. It anything, what we But then, when he was w
sociation of Miami-Dade that Blacks are not so they see one group of Blacks need is more voter education asked why cops listed Cart-
County [now known as much ignored as Black-Americans in the Black community. er's death as a suicide, Yates ..
the Wilkie D. Ferguson, they aren't treated an ata-Aei ad "tapas htswa
Jr arAsoitin. h sm a thrcans," she said. "De- COULD BLACK LOBBYISTS it is. .... We've reviewed the
"Blacks' relationship SMITH groups. pt u utrldfe- B H UPIS dash-cam Video and as late
with the Party is akin to "Many candi- fences, we tend to agree Brian Dennis, 45, president as today ... had some wit-CAVSARR
a domestic violence situation dates don't court the on the majority of is- of Brothers of the Same Mind, nesses come forward who HVSCRE
the~~~~~~- Deort*otnet lc oe n hn se.Ee hn took a different route observed the incident from Department would be hold-
abuse us but we insist on stay- it's because since so DENNIS we differ one when asked about why start to finish, and their ing hourly screenings of that
ing with them and remaining few Blacks vote, can- thing is certain Blacks are still being saeet edt upr"foae ntateplc
fully committed. In terms of local didates simply believe that- we are all Black. We ignored in the political sttmentos ctentiuort fot a g Ingted the pl oie a
politics, Blacks have yet to get a it's not worth the hustle. We can ill-afford to split the realm. h yh d nti gt owt h i e a erlae
fair return for the contributions should be upset but more at vote and therefore allow "Bc n the day, can- Carter's death. because it is evidence in an
we make to the Democratic Par- ourselves than anyone else. If both groups to become didates came out to our So why hasn't the police ongoing investigation.
ty and to the candidates up and we aren't making a concerted disenfranchised. What STINSON communities to talk department released the But in the absence of some
down the ballot. We have grown effort to get our community power we would have with us and field our videotapes from the two po- visual evidence that Cart-
comfortable supporting white to the polls, how angry can if we voted as one commu- questions now it's their liecrrmagdtoptablt
candidates but whites are still we be? People will listen to nity and stopped complaining consultants who do the work. liecrrmagdtoptablt
reluctant to support Black can- us and give us our respect about what we don't have." And many are advising the Yates says that won't hap- through his temple while his
didates. Rarely do we see white if the Black community ris- Former Miami-Dade Public candidates that they don't pen until after the investi- hands were cuffed behind
candidates spending money with es up and votes. Voting has School Board chairman, Dr. need to bother with us. We gation has been completed. his back, the police conten-
our businesses that work in the to become a given activity in Solomon Stinson, 74, cites have become apathetic. Many You can take that to mean tion that he did just that will
political arena like consultants, the Black community. And unqualified candidates as promises have been made there's nothing on them that indeed Idefy logic.
the Black press or Black radio we must put pressure on the reason why so few Blacks and most have been broken. clearly shows Carter shoot- And it will cause me to
stations. Until we got a strong, those folks who come to our vote. It's like we see different can- ing himself, or which exon- wonder just how big a rois-
consistent voice and can see churches and neighborhoods "We have far too many can- didates but they are pretty rates police of having any carriage of justice has tak-
specific and measurable returns during election time and then didates that just decide to much doing and saying the hand in his death. If there en place in that Arkansas
for our contributions, the situa- aren't heard from again until run one day but haven't done same thing -nothing." were, the Jonesboro Police town.
Solution: Must include awareness that there is a problem Police shooting kills man
VIOLENCE I was in love." physical," said Jean- Garofalo said. "You near N C T msSquare
continued from 1A nette Garofalo, presi- have to tell someone
THERE ARE NO dent of Safe Space, or seek counseling Associated Press per spray, but he charged at
background," Murray said. LIMITS WITH ABUSE a non-profit organi- and make a plan to them with the knife and was
"We receive cases involving According to a report from zation dedicated to leave the situation." NEW YORK -Police have shot. He was taken to Bellevue
different ethnic backgrounds, the Miami-Dade County Do- providing safety and Safe Space organizes shot and killed a man in Mid- Hospital, and was pronounced
religions, creeds and prates- mestic Violence Fatality Re- support for victims of a walk every year for town Manhattan just blocks dead.
sions. Keep in mind view Team, in 2010 domestic violence. domestic violence vic- from Times Square. Witness Julian Miller told
that many victims there were a total of The earlier reported R|HANNA tims and to increase Police say officers were try- WABC Eyewitness News he
choose not to report 30 deaths related to numbers did not in- awareness. This year's ing to stop the man at about 3 saw the man emerge from the
their incidents, and domestic violence. A clude the number of forcible walk will take place on Octo- p.m. Saturday when he began subway with a knife, "slicing it
unfortunately, do- more alarming nu- sex offenses, which totaled up ber 6th at the Gwen Margolis backing down Seventh Avenue at random people" and appar-
mestic violence occurs iii meric breakdown from to 721 arrests. Amphitheater, 16501 NE 16th near West 38th Street, carry- ently hitting .someone in the
in the poor, middle "' the Florida Depart- Ave., North Miami Beach. oic sa y thie mafrp at- Teae erTmsSur
class, and upper class ,,,. ment of Law Enforce- FINDING SOLUTIONS For more information about Poiesytemnrpa- TeranariesSue
households." :,'. i, ment states that every FORl THE ILLNESS domestic violence and Safe edly refused orders to drop is typically filled with tourists
Jonathan Spikes, LOZADA nine minutes one ag- For Spikes it was as simple Space please visit www. the weapon. They say offi- and other pedestrians at that
42, is the founder of gravated assault takes as finally deciding that he had, cers sprayed him with pep- hour.
a self-actualization organiza- place. Every five minutes a enough.
tion that is dedicated to help- violent crime occurs :""The best advice
ing individuals recognize their and almost every two :' la that I can give is to ac-
own potential through written hours a forcible rape cept that the person is
words. Spikes recalls being in takes place. In 2011, not going to change,"
an abusive relationship when there were a total of li Spikes said. "The situ-
he was 24-years-old. He said 12,188 arrests made ation is not going to ..... -
that the principal silencer of related to aggravated el w61get better. So for your
his abuse was embarrassment ssault, saeyad well being,
this actual abuser. It is important to BO N you have to leave."
"~I was working in law en- remember that do- As important as ac-
forcement and there I was in mestic violence is not ceptance is, aware-
an abusive situation," Spikes confined to a simple textbook ness is probably more impor- :
said. "I was embarrassed and definition. tant. .
I stayed because I was embar- "The abuse can be emotion- "The best way to stop all of
rassed and because I thought al, verbal, sexual, financial or this is through awareness," K
" i
NAACP has much work to do here J.
NAC einein the oraiainlvoters out othbaltbox ta
continued from 1A structure so I am well prepared at any time since the rise of Jim '..
for the job," he said. "Noth- Crow. And when the tide rises,
past three years as the organi- ing has changed in terms of we at the NAACP must ensure Our website is back new and improved.
zation's president and with an our goals and direction since that the forces of freedom andIfui r nn n t-nrhnn nw

The Miami Times
Fih Family
Spriua trnfraiono
Chrc of~ th"iin o
ByJ,'l aul
ami~innes phtoD Kei M i
Therit al tmersfomto o
ofT Church of the Living God
.... Mth r n d so statue of mtir sonrgain it-
out ugthe hurch owth ivin G odmdt u xaso.
e q a s a l t o o head pastor of the church, Dennis
P ulmore, 52, spoke highly of the A LEGACY OF FAITH
Brownsville Transit Village is the new home for one young mother, Vanessa Jones, and her two- growth that he is seeing and the The phrase rooted in the church
necessary expansion that is await- rings true for'Fulmore. He grew
year-old son, Antwan Williams.The former resident of Miami Gardens said they moved to the ing the growing congregation. up in the s ame church in which
newly-completed Liberty City complex [5255 NW 29th Street] about three months ago. She loves "The church has grown tre- he now serves as pastor.
mendously," Fulmore said. "We. "My mother was a minister here
feeling safe and having fun, wholesome activities in which her little boy can participate. The two are planning to make necessary and my father was a deacon,"
were out last Friday evening, visiting neighbors, enjoying music,'eating good food and getting free expansions and have purchased Please turn to FUILMOIRE 13B3
the land across the street to ac-
health screenings all part of the Florida Healthcare Plus health fair.
Longer marriages getting rarer
By Anita Creamer the Depression and the war. Afterward, continues to drop: In 2010, 6.8 peo-
McClatchy Newspapers the American economy was very strong. pie per 1,000 entered new marriages,
People were ready to turn toward home U.S. Census data show, compared
It's'not, unusual these days for older and family. with 16.4 per 1,000 in 1946, at war's
couples to celebrate 40, 50 or 60 years "The effect of growing up in hard end. i
together. But in the future, marriages times made them more likely to want a And couples today are waiting
of similar duration will likely be rare. stable family life. That's one reason we longer to marry. The national aver-
These :days, wedding bells are not see so many long anniversaries now." age age of people marrying for the
ringing -ate'least, not as often as they first time is 26.5 for brides and 28.7
used to. As a result, marriage in Amer- New trends for marriage are troubling for grooms. Researchers suggest the
ica has evolved.. But into~what? A sen- In contrast, the demographic portrait average ages are even higher in urban
eration ago, marriage was a bedro ck of of marriage today shows the upending areas.
stability, the foundation of family life. of tradition. Statistically speaking, marriage has
"That was the most unusual genera- Only half of American adults are now become the province of the high-
tion of the 20th century," said Andrew': married, a record low, compared with achieving: Two-thirds of adults with
Cherlin, a sociology professor at Johns 78 percent in 1950. While the divorce college degrees get married, compared
Hopkins University. "They grew up in rate has leveled off, the marriage rate Please turn to M ARRIAIG 19B3
0 e0 0e 0 0 0 e 0 9o e 0e 0 0 0 0 0 a a 0 0 0 0 0 0 0o 0 a a o 0 a 0 0 0e a 0 0 6 0 0 0 0 e0 e e a a 0 0 0 0 0e a 0 0 60 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0o 0 6 1 1 9 0 0 a 6 0 . . . . 0 . .o 0 0 . . . .e . 0 . 0 . .o 0 . .~ .e . e oe e o o
Clinic on families will aim

Black pastors tied to GOP _.._z
Alliances call into question claims of treussfor comment, en oly Ghost Assembly do Hotel, 21485 N. W. 27th
F dorsed 2008 GOP presidential of the Apostolic Faith to Ave.Call 305-354-2780.
being "mostly Democrats" i contender Mike Huckabee and host Family and Friends Day
. LOhio GOP gubernatorial candi- service. 11 Emmanuel Mission-
By Aamer Madhani He has also vowed to collect date Ken Blackwell. ary Baptist Church invites
100,000 churchgoers' signa- "CAAP bears all the hallmarks N Ebenezer Communi- the public to a Unity Prayer
Since the Rev. William Owens tures in support of "traditional" of a front group," said Michael y Church to host Back to Breakfast, Aug. 18. Call
launched his national campaign marriage and plans to hold an Keofo the liberWa. POepl
in May calling on African-Amer- Aug. 16 rally in Memphis, his for th6mria01. Oes-7348.
icons to withdraw their support hometown, to focus attention on ? i presents himself and his group E Second Canaan MB
of President Obama because the issue. "We will see that the President 0barna's support as non-partisan or, if anything,
of his stance on gay marriage, Black community is informed ogamrigedwpase leaning in the direction of the M First Baptist Church Church will celebrate its
he has claimed the backing of that the president is taking ogamrigedwpase Democrats. That makes him Piney Grove to host a con- Pastor's Aide Board 24th An-
3,700 Black clergy and touted them for granted while pander- and criticism from African- more useful to religious-right cert. Call 954-735-6289. niversary on Sunday, Aug.
his organization as predomi- ing to the gay community," he American church leaders. groups and easier to book on 19th at 4 P.M. and Thurs-
nantly Democratic. said last week. cable news." E] New Corinth Mission- day, Aug. 23rd at 7:30 p.m.
But Owens and his group, The coalition describes itself Blacks on gay NOM set out to find African- ary Baptist Church will Call 786-395-0931.
the Coalition of African-Ameri- on its website as a "non-parti- American spokespeople to de- celebrate its anniversary.
can Pastors, are drawing criti- san group of truthfully mostly 1,-["velop "a media campaign around Call 786-350-6221. N] The 59th Street Pen-
cism from Black leaders and Democrats." But interviews and mar l_ ,e their objection to gay marriage tecostal Church of God
the political left who note Ow- a review of tax documents re- 4t as a civil right" and "provoke the 11 Second Chance Minis- will host Family and Friends
ens' long-standing ties with GOP veal deep connections with the How do African Americans feel gay marriage base into ... de- tries to host a Bible study Day on Sunday, Aug. 19th at
politicians. They charge CAAP right: about same-sex marriage? nouncing these spokesmen and meeting. Call 305-747- 3 P. M.
misrepresents itself as a non- Owens was appointed this Two polls, looked at individually, women as bigots," according to 8495.
partisan grass-roots organiza- year as the African-American don't offer conclusive results when it internal documents unveiled 0] Running For Jesus
tion when it is actually backed liaison for the National Orga- comes to blacks' approval of same- earlier this year in a Maine law- 0] A Mission With A Youth Ministries invites
financially by right-leaning con- nization for Marriage (NOM), a sex marriage because the number of suit. New Beginning Church the community to a Back to
servative groups. Washington-based group op- Blacks included in both was small. Maggie Gallagher, co-founder t ott er a n a ot c olS m e rieCl
"He is the poster person of con- posed to same-sex marriage But the fact that the two show simi- of NOM, called the language CovninadterWn- batnAg26t4P..
servative evangelicals . who that has endorsed Republican lar results a change from a minor- in the internal documents "re- Cneto n hi o-ertoAg 6a ..
are trying to use this as an emo- presidential candidate Mitt ity of Blacks supporting same-sex grettable" but denied that the en's Department's provides Call 305-696-6545.
tional wedge issue to divide the Romney. marriages to a majority in support group's alliance with Owens re- community feeding. Call
Black community," said the Rev. Frank Cannon, head of the -- at least suggests a trend. flects a wedge strategy. "The be- 786-371-3779. M] Jesus the Christ
Amos Brown, pastor of the Third American Principles Project, In earlier Gallup polls, 46 percent lief that this is somehow a front Church of Miami Gardens
Baptist Church in San Francisco a group opposed to same-sex of Blacks said same-sex marriages group, I think, is unfair to the 0] Peace Missionary presents Prayer Revival
and a prot6g~e of the civil rights marriage, confirms his group's should be recognized. Then in USA majority of Black pastors that Baptist Church's summer Conference" on Aug. 24th
leader Rev. Martin Luther King. political action fund is paying TODAY's poll conducted the night have appeared with Rev. Ow- camp. Call 305-778-4638. and 25th @7p. m. and Aug.
Owens has become an outspo- public relations firm Shirley & after President 0bard announced ens." 26 @ 11 A.M. Call 786-315-
ken critic of Obama since the Banister to assist CAAP's corn- his support, 57 percent of Blacks Polls show Black voters are 0 New Mount Mori- 7846.
president announced in May munications strategy. said they approved. deeply divided on gay marriage. ah Missionary Baptist
that he was switching his posi- CAAP received loans total- Two weeks later, in a Washington Still, "this idea that there is go- Church holds a summer ba- E] Partners in Christ Min-
tion on gay marriage. The pas- ing $26,000 in 2004 from the Post-ABC News pol, 59 percent of ing to be Black voters coming ton twirling camp. Call 786- istries present a Prophetic
tor has railed against Obama conservative Family Research African Americans said they support out against a candidate or co- 357-4939. Encounter, Sunday Aug. 26
in cable news network inter- Council, American Family As- same-sex marriage, up from an av- alescing for a candidate on one @ 4 p. m. Lively Stones for
views and has held a series of sociation and Mississippi Tea erage of 41 percent in earlier Post- issue is simply not true," said 0 Speaking Hands Min- Jesus, 835 N. E. 119 St. Call
news conferences warning that Party activist Ed Holliday, ac- ABC polls. the Rev. William Barber, presi- istry's holds a sign lan- 786-317-1580
Obama is in danger of losing cording to its IRS filings. -By Jim Norman dent of the North Carolina chap- gaecm o ot.Cl
Black voters' support. Owens, who didn't respond ter of the NAACP. gaecm o ot.Cl
954-792-7273. IN New Seventy-Ninth
Lega lesonsoffeed any ppotuniiesStreet Word Church Int'l
0] First Thessalonians will host a Back to School"
Lega le son ofere ma y o poruniies Misionary Baptist Church, connection on Sunday, Aug.
RIGHTS from The State Attorney's Of- ant, taxes, identity theft, con- and merit retention from the 88 N.icl W. 54hStrilly hot26@104.AM
continued from 1i 1Bice, Legal Services of Greater sumer/credit laws, truancy, NAACP. Snacks were provided 17t muicl onedemptionAu IBg
Miami, Inc. and the Miami- upcoming seal and expunge and giveaways included: six 17thh Redemptes the B.m
Rose Brill. were there to or- Dade County Public School's clinics, child support and the Publix gift cards, school sup-Chrhivtshecm
ganize the event. Even Smith's [M-DCPS] IT Dept. Enthusi- M-DCPS's Parent Portal web- plies and a child's learning 0] Abraham and Sarah munity to come computer
Christopher, lent a helping astic and caring representa- site. Attendees also received laptop and the grand prize, Ministries present Night classes on Tues. and Thurs.
hand. ives from all three organiza- pamphlets and literature from a laptop. It was an wonder- of Healing and Restoration, from 11am- 12pro and 4pro
Over 115 people received ex- tions made presentations on the organizations, as well as ful opportunity to educate the Aug. 18 at 7 p.m. El Pala- 5pm. Call 305-793-7388.
tremely valuable information topics such as landlord/ten- information on voters' rights community.
, _.111PMC North Shore
Al 1190 N.W. 95th Street, Suite 310, Miami, Florida 33150
SAichard A. Grant, DDS. PA NRHD F

I _10 ,kN'. #1' 1il-.CK X\,.-P! 13B THE MIAMI TIMES, AUGUST 15-21, 2012
Giving vacation bible school an update for the 21st century
By Samuel G. Freedman bets. He has overseen the cre- 'I Vacation Bible School, A la
- ation of Vacation Bible School o- Second Baptist, adds upto
HOUSTON -When Ed for the 2 1 st century an over- ;:what one staff member calls
Young was growing up in the-top amalgam of Christian ."trickle-up evangelism," and it
small-town Mississippi, a boy rock, humorous skits, Broad- .. stands at a striking, sophisti-
far more interested in baseball wvay-style musicals and, lest : cared remove from the summer
than the state of his immortal we forget, strobe lights and fog program's commonplaces of
soul, his mother asked him to machines. cooies Koo-Ai and flannel-' :
attend Vacation Bible School. This month, his brainchild 1 :5 -'-" board Bible stories," as the
He put her off until a friend drew nearly 10,500 children g 7 "" enior associate pastor, the
of his passed along a secret: between kindergarten and fifth .. .,"Rev. Gary Moore, put it.
all the students were going to grade, and every one attended "' ? ,!J Sr* ...'t .... We discovered something
mak very simple," said Young, 75.
On that basis alone, Young Enticing young :~l"You may not like me, my
spent the summer of 1947 at evneiaswt : church, what I say. But if your
evangelicals withg}; isan rnkishv
First Baptist Church in Lau- kid an rnkishv
rel, Miss. He indeed made the skits and rock bands ...... ." super experience with what we
shoeshine box. And he also 8........ !! ';:"'"'.. do, III1 have a chance. You love
learned the basics of Christi- free of charge. Two-thirds of 1 someone's kids or grandkids,
anity from the pastor's wife. them do not even belong to "you've got them. Because in
During the Bible school's Second Baptist, and some- "6_ u b o e ord ts o d r
commencement ceremony, he where between one-third and ful to have a home base."
stepped forward to be baptized. half come from single-parent~i ;!:; The serious underpinnings of
Exactly 65 summers later, homes, a particular target of Seon Bats' prgamto
the Rev. Ed Young has reap- Young's ministry. After the ,N ,:--.#; shape during a staff retreat a
plied the principle of evangeli- Bible school session ended, i decade ago, when the church's
cal enticement as the pastor each child's parent received leaders determined that the
of Second Baptist Church in a hand-delivered thank-you .... :! .....biggest social -and theologi-
Houston, a megachurch of five letter, homemade cookie and Children at the Second Baptist Church Vacation Bible School, which uses entertainment to cal -problem in the Houston
campuses and 58,000 mem- invitation to church. teach. More than 10,000 children attended this month, and most were not church members. area was family breakdown.
UR BND COMMNT OUTREACH SQUA Leave legacy of love,u giving
Community exp7--losion at Solid Rock FLOEFulmore's wife, Brenda Ful-
continued from 11B more, 50, has maintained a
Tired of what's happening in arrogant, and use abusive lan- ,, ,:,have been abused, emotionally very active role in the church
our schools, community, city, guage. They will curse their and mentally, those who are ne- Fulmore said. "This has been and the changes that she has
state, etc.? Urban and Commu- parents, show no gratitude, : ,: iglected, rejected and held cap- my church sincelIwas achild. I seen happening within the
nit Oureah Sua prsens hve o espct or hatistive by the power of the enemy, have held every position in the church surprise even her.
Community Explosion. holy, and lack normal affec- those bound and rejected, espe- church." "We have one of the strongest
It seems that these problems tion for their families. They ': cially for the youth and married Fulmore's history of leader- men's ministries I have ever
state ad here an noeemwl rf s to benmakn.T ey w l e sanerwit couples. ship and growth in the church seen in a church, which is sur-
stae ad teresees o b noanyne.Thy wll e sandr-The plight of the younger gen- has made him a valuable as- prising because it's normally
solutions or relief in sight. In ous, lack self-control, be bru- eration is a major concern to set to the growing potential of the women who are more ac-
the meantime, there is hope tel, and have no love for what ILher. Her mission is to see the the church. His official motto tive," she said.
and help to change things. is good. They will be traitors. youth use their talents con- is simple and can be credited While the church is expe-
Yes, we are encountering dif- They will be reckless and con- 1 structively, instead of in a de- to the church's growing appeal. riencing tremendous growth,
ficult, hard and troublesome ceited. They will love pleasure structive manner. She recog- "It's not how you start, it's the heart of the community re-
times: unemployment, crime, rather than God. .." (2 Timothy nizes the potential and vision how you finish," Fulmore said. mains the church's central fo-
drugs, economic recession, so- 3:1-4 (GW). PASTOR RHODESSIA children have and helps in ac- "For us, it's not about where cus. Some of their well-known
cial and racial problems, and Prayer will do more to make STRONG complishing their goals. you come from." community events include: the
other dilemmas. Although, we our communities, cities, and Prayer will go where you Come learn how you can be a Since being appointed pas- "Gospelfest," "Back-to-School
have been facing these prob- states what they ought to be, cannot go. part of the solution August IS- tor a year ago, the membership Bash" and "Youth Explosion."
lems for many years, instead more than anything else. Prayer changes people and 17, 7:30 p.m. nightly at Solid has grown from 19 to 300 -a "Our church believes that
of getting better, things are be- Prayer will strengthen in- people change things. Rock Redemption Ministries, remarkable feat a person should be able to
coming worse. "You must un- dividuals, marriages, families, Pastor Rhodessia Strong, is a 14694 NW 7th Avenue, Miami, "What pushes me is my de- find refuge, food, clothing and
derstand this: In the last days children and youth. very talented and consecrated FL 33168. sire for everyone to hear the anything else that support
there will be violent periods of Prayer promotes unity woman of God. She has a heart For more information, call Lord say Wvell done.,'" Fulmore life," Fulmore said. "We want to
time. People will be selfish and among leaders in our commu- of compassion for the lost, those 305-627-8470 or 305-687- said. "Our church is very con- leave a legacy of love and giv-
love money. They will brag, be nities, cities, and states. who are hurting, those who 4399. cerned with saving souls." ing."
A TIP FRO A? ...
FORMER{ : >...k:i" 2- 'g"
,' 5 :}g :,@ .. ..... ..... ... {: ,: ,"W
SMOKER,'' ,: {.g
4, }: {{ :g { : ,{:i : :i, };. : ....
>:g Z ,<{}:g4-

14B THE MIAMI TIMES, AUGUST 15-21, 2012 111 1 N Al- 10 N', # 1 13 LAC K N EWS I'A 13 E IZ
Non-religious reasons to take your child to church
By Nick Shell more of a scientific one. enforcement. It's no secret that yourself and your kids to all
1. Friends. For you as well as pop culture, everyday life, and this positivity every week, after
Year after year, polls like a re- your kids. Most of my friends even just our own negativity a while you're bound to see a
cent one by Gallup show that and my -%vife's friends are some- can be a drag on our ideal per- noticeable difference in the way
'.churchgoers" not only experi- how traced back to our church. sonal standards. your family interacts.
ence more positive emotions In fact, we met each other t' 6 Motivation. Imagine the Even if you have trouble be-
but also less negative emotions through a mutual friend that I hope that comes out of the be- living in all the religious as-
than people who do not regu- met through a group of friends I lief that the creator of this uni- peers of going to church, there
larly attend church, synagogue, knew through my church. verse not only loves you but has is evidently something to the
or mosque. So maybe you're not 2. Community. Similarly, a plan for your life. When you fact that people who go are
like me; having been intrigued you find yourself among other go to and belong to a church, generally more positive and
since kindergarten on how we all people who are bound to have you are exposed to a way of less negative. The way I look
thinking that ultimately affects at it; even if at the end of my
got here and what happens to things in common with you and Ni
your children; even if it's just
us after we die. how you see the world, yourself, life I was wrong about God this
This is for the agnostics who the fact you are parents with and others. entire time and when we die,
are curious about taking their kids around the same age at the 7. Opportunities to help we just die and that's it, I still
kids to church, as well as, for same place. others. You'd be amazed at wouldn't regret having believed.
3. Activities and events. ..ii i I _111S.1
those who haven't had much 4 some of the unique ways you Because if nothing else, I had a
exposure to church but are There is always something hap- ment with families you have own age appropriate Sunday can help others and your com- sense of hope amidst all of life's
curious enough to consider pening on the church calendar stuff in common with. School and worship service munity through your church. uncertainties. Not to mention,
checking it out. Therefore, I am and much of it involves free 4. Child care. Free child care. where they make you crafts out It is likely you will find a venue as the polls show, I lived a hap-
attempting to explain why go- food. Not to mention, most of While you are in the main wor- of construction paper and pop- to serve others in a way that is pier life than had I not believed.
ing to church is a good idea for the activities themselves don't ship service, as well as Sunday sicle sticks. framed around your talents and But I do believe. And I invite
you and your kids, not from a cost anything to participate. School, your kids are being 5. Family values. Church is abilities. you to check it out. Even if it's
religious perspective, but from Basically, it's free entertain- supervised and taught in their a great place to get moral re- 8. Routine. When you expose just for your kid.
NAACP works with Black church
to deal With HIV/AIDS epidemic
Ass(wiated Press than they should. sex and access to condoms
Shavon Arline-Bradley, the and to organize HIV screening
About a year and a half ago, director of health programs for drives for their congregations.
a group of pastures joined with the NAACP, who helped in the The manual also offers pas-
the NAACP to Nvrite a manual creation creation of the manu- sages from the Bible to serve
designed to help church lead- al said that this, too is a a civil as starting points for teaching
ers talk to their congregations rights issue. and conversation.
about the HIV epidemic in the "People look at us as just a The manual can help the
Black community. The manu- civil right group; what they're 31ack church overcome the
als are now available online or missing is that health is one of ,tigma that it's done nothing to
in printed fonn. the most pressing civil rights help in the fight against HIV/ MARIAN WRIGHT EDELMAN
The efforts by the NAACP are issues of our time," Arline- AIDS. By condemning the gay
necessary in response to the Bradley said in an interview community and only address-
growing HIV crisis among Afri- with the Associated Press. SHAVON ARLINE-BRADLEY ing out-of-wedlock sex as a R ep o rt: S tate o f
can American women, and ga It has been established that sin, the church often runs into
Black men, two groups that are Blacks make up almost half of in the Black community and problems with behavior that
leaders in HfV infection. But all new HIV infection, and are offers the manual as a tool to occurs behind closed doors. in th e
heterosexual Black males are more likely to die of complica- begin the process. What happens behind closed ch ild ren
also being affected, with a vast tions from AIDS than any oth- The manual suggests that doors is not always good and it
number of cultural influences er race. The NAACP says the pastors talk about HIV in their can often be quite dangerous,
convincing young Black men Black church can play a role sermons. It also encourages Fore more info go to www. U n ite d S tates
to have more sexual partners in combatting the effect of HIV church leaders to promote safe
By Marian Wright Edelman has just released The State
of America's ChildrenO 2012
There are 16.4 million poor Handbook. It provides key na-
Televangelist go ing to j* ail for fraud children in rich America, 7.4 tional information in a range
million living in extreme pov- of areas to help inform and en-
By Similoluwa Ojurangbe Maryland, which he concealed in the name of a church mem- erty. A majority of public school able anyone who cares about
from the bankruptcy court ber. students and more than three children to effectively stand
when he sought a discharge "Freeman lived a life of fraud
Maryland pastor and long- out of four Black and Hispanic up for them. State tables show
time televangelist, Robert J. of his debts from the court in and deception, using millions children, who will be a majority how children are faring state by
Freeman, a.k.a Dr. Shine, is 2005. of dollars from church mem- of our child population by 2 0 19, state and how each state com-
going to jail for 27 months and According to his guilty bers, and fraudulently ob- are unable to read or compute pares to other states in protect-
was ordered to pay $630,000 plea, Freeman said that he tainted credit to pay for luxury at grade level in the fourth or ing children. When it comes to
to four church members. The was a consultant for a main- cars and a mansion while eighth grade and will be un- ensuring equal chances for chil-
Washington Post reports that tenance company, and did falsely representing in court prepared to succeed in our in- dren everywhere in our country
the 'Gods Top Gun of deliver- not report any income from that he was indigent, "Maryland creasingly competitive global we have a long way to go. And
ance'pastor lied to bankrupt- his ministry. Freeman and U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosen- economy. Nearly eight million when we realize that nationwide
cy courts and hid the church's his then-spouse owed over stein said in a statement. children are uninsured. More a child is born into poverty ev-
assets in order to avoid paying $1.3 million in debts, includ- Freeman argued that in children were killed by guns ery 29 seconds it should sound
hundreds of thousands of dol- ROBERT J. FREEMAN aka ing $846,000 in back rent; regards to the money from in 2008-2009 than U.S. mili- alarms from coast to coast.
lars in debts. "DR SHINE" more than $87,000 in lease the church members, he was tary personnel in both the Iraq I hope this report will be a
Freeman, 56, also convinced payments on ajet airplane; purchasing the luxury items and Afghanistan wars to date. piercing siren call that wakes
church members to take out Seed International Church, over $160,000 for payments for the benefit of the church. "I A Black boy born in 2001 has a up our sleeping, impervious
loans for his multiple cars and and Seed Faith International on musical instruments; and did all this publicly," Freeman one in three chance of going to and self-consumed nation to
$1.75 million waterfront home Church, with his then-wife, $220,000 in loan payments told the judge in U.S. District prison in his lifetime; a Latino the lurking dangers of epidemic
with five fireplaces, ajet-ski Dee Dee. The church was in- on a bus. March 8, 2006 the Court in Greenbelt. "There boy a one in six chance of the child neglect, illiteracy, povert-,
lift and two four-car garages. corporated in 1991, 2001 and bankruptcy court discharged wasn't nothing shady about same fate. and violence. It's wav past time
When the church could not 2003, respectively. Shortly hundreds of thousands of dol- it." The judges disagreed. "The Millions of children are living for those of us who call our-
cover the bills, church mem- after February 200 1, Free- lars in debts owed by Freeman. essence of this crime was tak- hopeless, poverty- and violence- selves child advocates to speak-
bers were on the hook for the man used funds from church Not long after he got away ing advantage of unwitting stricken lives in the war zones and stand up and do whatever
debt, and in some cases lost members to accumulate with lying to the court, Free- people," District Judge Roger of our cities; in the education- is required to close the gaping
their homes and iobs. substantial assets, including man bought two Mercedes W. Titus said before sentenc- al deserts of our rural areas; gulf between word and deed and

Roy S. Bryce-Laporte, 78, led Black studies at Yale
By Douglas Martin TOPICS| %-" been blessed." brought unwillingly to the Unit- he taught for three years, he
Professor Bryce-Laporte ed States as slaves. was an assistant sociology pro-
Roy S. Bryce-Laporte, a soci- taught a core course in the new -"CHOSEN AND BLESSED In 1986, when the centen- fessor at Hunter College of the
ologist who led one of the na- program, "The Black Expert- Sidney W. Mintz, chairman nial of the Statue of Liberty City University of New York. Af-
tion's first African-American ence: Its Changes and Continu- of the committee that created was being celebrated, Professor ter his time at Yale, he led a var-
studies departments, at Yale ties," which spanned the his- Yale's Black studies curricu- Bryce-Laporte curated an ex- led career that included being a
University, and did research tory of New World Blacks from lure, called Professor Bryce- hibit at the Schomburg Center Woodrow Wilson International
that advanced understanding of pre-slavery recruitment in Af- Laporte "the first manager of for Research in Black Culture Scholar and the first director of
Blacks who came to the United rica to 20th-century slums. He the futures" of the outstanding in Manhattan that focused on the Research Institute on Immi-
States voluntarily rather than emphasized that Black studies Black students drawn to Yale. Black immigration. He collected gration and Ethnic Studies at
as slaves, died on July 31 in must address hot-button topics He advised them to cultivate old photographs, diaries and the Smithsonian Institution.
Sykesville, Md. He was 78. like racial stereotyping while re- discipline, no matter how eager certificates of nationality given At Colgate University, Profes-
His brother, Herrington J. gaining academic rigor. they were to change the world. to laborers. "If there is a forgot- sor Bryce-Laporte was John D.
Bryce, said that the cause was "You have to be adults," he ten or overlooked fact of Black and Catherine T. MacArthur
undetermined, but that he had Tecigsuet osad, according to Professor history, it is migration," he said professor of sociology and an-
had a series of small strokes. Mintz, now research professor in an interview with The Times. thropology, and director of the
Professor Bryce-Laporte was embrace controversial of anthropology at Johns Hop- Africana and Latin American
named director of Yale's new kins University. WOODROW WILSON Studies Program. He taught
department of African-Amer- issues without losing vespormwnbyndS OARa course called "Total Instit-
ica sudis n 969 wenthat of some colleges by study- Roy Simon Bryce-Laporte was tions" in which he compared
icanlstdes an unierstie where academic discipline ROY S. BRYCE-LAPORTE ing Blacks in the entire Western born in Panama City on Sept. plantation slavery with social
recruiting Black students and come a professor himself. "A Hemisphere, an approach that 7, 1933, and earned an associ- life in prisons and asylums.
searching for ways to include "Black studies is the way by different model was available to meshed with Professor Bryce- ate's degree from the University Professor Bryce-Laporte, who
their culture, history and other which respect is to be given to me," he said. Laporte's research focus. He of Panama. He moved with his had dual American and Panao-
concerns in the curriculum. Blacks and to knowledge about Professor Gates said Profes- wrote articles and contributed family to the United States and manian citizenship, was mar-
Students participated in the Blacks," he said in an article in sor Bryce-Laporte had urged to books on the African dins- earned bachelor's and master's ried to Dorotea Lowe Bryce, who
selection of Professor Bryce- The New York Times in 1969. students to involve themselves peru in Latin America and the degrees from the University of died in 2009. In addition to his
Laporte. One of them, Donald In an interview on Tuesday, in activities like writing for the Caribbean. He examined how Nebraska at Lincoln. He next brother, he is survived by his
H. Ogilvie, praised him as "not the Harvard professor Henry college newspaper and joining some sought new lives in the did advanced studies at the companion, Marian D. Holness;
all academician and not all ac- Louis Gates Jr., who has writ- secret societies as steps to ac- United States, and how some of University of Puerto Rico, then his sons, Robertino and Rene;
tivist," adding that Professor ten influentially on the Black quiring influence in the larg- them returned to the places in went to the University of Cali- his daughter, Camila Bryce-La-
Bryce-Laporte was "Still angry." experience, said that as a Yale er society. He said Professor the Western Hemisphere they fornia, Los Angeles, to complete porte Morris; his sisters, Celes-
freshman he was inspired by Bryce-Laporte told students, had left. The bulk of earlier re- a Ph.D. in sociology. tina Carter and Yvonne St. Hill;
ADDRESS HOT-BUTTON Professor Bryce-Laporte to be- 'You've been chosen, you've search had concerned Blacks Before moving to Yale, where and three grandsons.
How to handle McCullough, 35, inspiration for 'The Corner'
By Danie E, Slotnik :!' : :;"! McCullough went from deal- While McCullough struggled,
. ; i~iii~i!':ii'):!i !! :: : ing drugs to becoming addicted his mother cleaned up her life.
g e t t o a d ia ete Dende c:louhwhs himself, to heroin. But Simon She now counsels addicts and
experiences as a 15-year-old :i 'i),:did not forget McCullough. He is married to Donnie Andrews,
drgdae nBlioei- o i ati h ia ep-teinspiaon for Oma Lite
Q: I'm 30 pounds over- 4- __TS EP spired the writer David Simon ... sode of "The Corner," as a po- a bandit who robs drug dealers
weight and was planning to r ARand the former police officer : lice officer who arrests DeAndre on "The Wire." The two were in-
Call weigh befor thetting Edward Burns to feature him in "McCullough. troduced by Simon and Burns
pregnant. Well, I'm pregnant. ino h ers mr the book "Th-e Corner: A Year in McCullough also played La- while Boyd was struggling to
Soam atris ofgesatinali te Lfe f a Iner ityNeih-mar, an associate of the dap- overcome her addiction and
SobmIaorsrfgsttoa h ieof whIn ich b eme an per hit man Brother Mouzone, Andrews was in prison. Me-
wibet wes dc I' lsegat Youod, mayc became an light
weihtwhie 'mprenatEmmy-winning mini-series on in "The Wire," and worked in Cullough's father died in 1996.
inhe abovnyndobe HBO, was found dead on Aug. : '(!! ; set design and security on that In addition to his mother
1,. in W d.wn 'Md ... He ws,35 show. He did security work as and stepfather, McCullough is
A: The answers are yes andSimon confirmed the death : ::...: :!":: well for Simon's series "Treme," survived by a younger brother,
no. ~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ Yes,. y.ou are at riko ihrsd o on)-u intseiyacue set in New. Orleans, but his ad- DeRodd Hearns; a sister, Ariel
gestational diabetes. And no, Yo o' att etit Focused on an open-air drug dictions became unmanage- MCullough; and two sons,
weblo flow you't aimimndgos market at the corner of Fayette DIADI UKUH able. Deante Tyree McCullough and
ing weight at this time -you treueheaonof and Monroe Streets in West Bal- interview. "We became fasi- "He went to work for the tele- Kason Taylor.
should maintain your weight piotrvlntohe timore in 1993, "The Corner" nated by some of the kids, but vision shows, time. and again After his job on "Treme," Mc-
and add physical activity offered an intimate portrayal of especially DeAndre, because of lasting only as long as a pay- Cullough returned to Baltimore
flkn posbe wash moethnhoue McCullough and his two des- his wit and his humor and how check or two," Simon wrote in a- to work as a juvenile counselor
now do can make a difference, wuditsopadperately addicted parents, Gary unguarded he was, at least as tribute online. in the Mountain' Manor r 6si-
your exrcis ofetainl rdaucesndpstini Castro McCullough and Denise compared to a lot of kids on DeAndre Lamar McCullough dences.
yourtrs). fGetat o nldotra-o hehat Francine Boyd, known as Fran, those corners." (his first name was sometimes McCullough was not happy
bets) Ge to pdoetesas well as other impoverished spelled De'Andre) was born in with the way "The Corner" end-
so you're never without one, Rmvjelror people in the neighborhood. HBO "THE WIRE" Baltimore on May 23, 1977. ed, with his arrest after a raid
and keep track of your steps, foterfo h itn "DeAndre and his contem- The mini-series won three He dropped out of school after on a stash house. That isn't
increasing what you do slowly etmiythara ay poraries were 13, 14, 15, and Emmys and paved the way for ninth grade, but later complet- the end of the story,' he corn-
and steadily.wel they were sort of one foot on "The Wire," Simon's critically ed his G.E.D. 'plained to me years later," Si-
And remember, you are eat- Ithsnkisda, the corners and one foot on the acclaimed series, also on HBO, men wrote. 'You don't know
ing for 1. 1, not 2. You need to bigttoheosta, playground," Simon said in an about urban life in Baltimore. MOTHER GOT CLEAN that the story ends that way.' "
add only 10 percent more calo- 1 aeul!Sae a
ries (the equivalent of adding i:ii :iS:ii:;i: iiii iiiii!:! i i !,i i ii: ii(i.iil
abut the walnuts inyua hrd. day to your::{:i{41ii!ii:i{~i~~~i{ :ii ~uaei::,i:, i' { i ~i i ici:!a !ia{:tss:laiiei
otriestfats, mlsan an d plei ; ~~de :!Osbe i~ai;i; ia :a ~ st
syrups, and any grain that isn't .............. to: b.e. .: at. the. T.h. ..... helt car la.poedrs s osil,. said ly us lcrni elhrcodciialgieie t hwwa
100 percent whole. You can hoptlwe ouarv.ivziMdcr n Med;ica :iJrdan Baf6 i, mangin di Glbl s a~id MatHwks CE o t est a red ue s heouldtba e
see what we recommend (with Als ak f ouca eai mre utortytotrckan r- er g:rC Glba Iie er eatcreSluin, hc p rierfomd Tedtabse aso
great recipes!) in "YOU: Having thephtotoposo con- jec payent fo medca pro fo Emrgn Heltcar Prac provide reorso 8,00 allow s pers tses wha
"Bapy anT lh y wner's Mnu astos invovin hopta Te Affordable Care Act .is m;ean th ecrsar se owheter any newly prescribedi
a apy ,,an Heath andg its alee vr cagig te iway we! pay ifor i~!,~stop erosan nouaemore; :medications will cause bad ina
nIny. you:.., hav to ..... to use, of ............atens l cre"sh si "W ..v ffcie aetrctos ihh ldpesrp
To a 6p rcnrf rg-iei~q:6;: 0 16 !nprrent nf nrpai:A 0d ::

16B THE MIAMI TIMES, AUGUST 15-21, 2012 I ,\i # A x \v r\r 1
AARP: Florida boomers frustrated, afraid to retire
58% while 5!1 percent are just i'r .. a subset of non-retirees of age bents in Congress but remain
wory tey somewhat or no1a7aV 7oni 50 to 64, aka baby boomers. skeptical about whether
w on't be able to dent. The pollsters also focused on Republican challenger Mitt
onThe survey, echoed this : Florida and a few other key Romney or either political
week byiteveslihyle electoral states. They found party can spark a recovery.
live comf rtabl Flrd oes n oiia that 81 percent of 50-plus "I was raised with the fact
Florida iner Floid baimca poii tha yo o'tbysoehn
a n a l y s t s r e fl e c t s a d i s t r e s s e d v t r n F o i a b a e p l t t a o o u o e h n
By W~illiam E. Gibson electorate that has grown cal gridlock in Washington for if you don't have the money
distr-ustful of government at- worsening their finances. for it, and I wish the govern-
WASHINGTON Roughly tempts to revive the economy. etwudwokta a,
half of Florida's baby boomers Even the pollsters were sur- SOCIAL SECURITY WORRY Ethel Cornell, 89, of Altoona
fear th ey 'll n ever b e ab le to p r s d a h c n m c a x e yO n ly 3 7 p ercen t of F lorid a i a e C u t s i n a
retire, an AARP survey indi- expressed by baby boomers. baby-omr an 3prent interview. "I just hope we do
catd asig ofdee fi an of Florida retirees were fully not go any further in debt. So
cial anxiety among the state's ECONOMICALLY STRESSOFR confident that "Social Security I'm hoping that changing the
middle-aged and older voters "This is not a normal pat- will be there for you and for present president will make
in this election year. tern," said Guy Molyneux of grandchildren. And the oldest the value of the dollar is going future generations." a difference, but I'm not sure
The AARP survey, conduct- Hart Research Associates. voters -who grew up in the to hell. You can go down to Some 70 percent of those Romney is the rightman."
ed by Democratic and Repub- "People between 50 and 64 shadows of the Great Depres- the beach, pick up a buck in 50 and older said they wor- Some are suspicious of
lican pollsters, indicates that are normally at the peak sion -- fret about dwindling the sand and bring it home ried that prices will rise faster Romney's willingness and
69 percent of Florida voters of of their earning power. But savings and the rising na- in a bucket. By the time you than their income; 53 percent ability to help those struggling
age 50 to 64 expect to delay consistently in this survey the tional debt. get home, you've got less than were worried they would not to work, save and retire.
their retirement and that 58 boomers are feeling the most "What savings?" grumbled half a buck in the sand. That be financially secure in retire-
percent worry they won't be economically stressed." Jacob Myron, 7 1, of Boynton sand is worthless. So is my ment; and 22 percent wor- OBAMA TRYING TO HELP
able to live comfortably when Their worries are com- Beach, when asked about the dollar. ried they could not pay their "I think [Obama] is at least
they do stop working. pounded by rising grocery impact of the economy on his The survey reached vot- mortgages or rent. trying to help the average per-
Only 45 percent are fully prices and the cost of col- nest egg. ers of all ages but focused on Many blame President son. I don't think the other
confident they will ever retire, lege for their children and "My biggest concern is that those 50 and older, including Barack Obama and incum- Please turn to AA"P 18B
Health insurance rebates mtayv keep ,-
all premiums down for everyone
this v "e r checks orth $n who comes in with heart dinate medical teams, so each ii ",
L ast ~disease. health provider knows what i"::
billi il ~~~~~~~~~"Across the board, we are other doctors have prescribed,:,,": ..*;::. :.,,;,k,
bilon must be mailed today continuing to innovate to rein or tested. '
By Kelly Kennedy at least 80%1 of consumers' in rising health care costs," Though the health care law .,. > :;! .:,. ..
premiums on health care and said Alissa Fox, senior vice requires such programs to cut ,,' ,
As the last of $1 billion worth not administrative costs such president of policy for the Blue down on Medicare costs, Fox.
of this year's health insurance as overhead or salaries. If they Cross Blue Shield Association. said some insurers started do- !
rebate checks goes out to con- don't, they must issue their For Blue Cross, as well as ing them before the health care i
sumners this week, insurers and customers a rebate. That check several other large insurers, law took effect. ,..
government officials say the may go to the consumer or the avoiding the "medical loss ra- The rebates differ substan- "*
new regulation may be keeping consumer's employer, depend- tio" means new programs that tially because each state has
premiums lower for everyone. ing on how a person purchases concentrate on paying for ef- several insurance companies, Americans are taking their first steps toward better health.
"Consumers who are not get- her insurance. ubro et rpoeue fective care, rather than by the reuaehwisrr obs-as well as different laws that a u t a k n
ting rebates are benefiting from But it goes beyond simply nubro et rpoeue euaehwisrr obs- M ore ad l s wki g
the plan," said Teresa Miller, lowering premiums. Insurers a patient receives. ness.
acting director of the office of say they're also working to cut They reduce costs by re- According to Health and Hu- btne ose tu
oversight for the Center for costs. ducing hospital readmission man Services, 62 percent of b tn e o s e tu
Medicare Services. "Insurers Miller said insurers are rates by making sure patients people in the individual mar-
are keeping their premiums investing in quality measures receive follow-up care -even ket, 83 percent of people in the Not even half a week in 2005, to 13 minutes
down." and equal care standards, if it's a phone call to make sure small group market, and 89 a day or roughly 91 minutes a
The 2010 health care law re- such as using the same tests someone is taking medications. percent of people in the large metg ilnsweek in 2010.
quires health insurers to spend and treatments for each pa- They are also trying to coor- Pleae turn to REBATES 18B This study is "good news but
By Nanci Hellmich there's still a lot of room for
improvement because half of
Adu t k ds ivi g t hme n t e r seMore people in this country adults aren't getting enough
Adu t k ds ivi g t h me n t e r se say they're walking regularly, physical activity to get the
a new government survey health benefits," Dorn says.
amog 3- t 34yer-ods, hashovre abve 2 prcet. shows. But less than half of "We need better spaces and
B b Bo m r Living with parents nearly one in 10 lived with Financial insecurity, coupled people say they are meet- more places to make physical
p a ren ts w ith m a ssiv e stu d en t lo a n p y ilin g th e fed eral v y Oern m en t'Sid i es a ctivity vrth e ea syi nc aehoice ."
b oomerangs cut By age grup: "This 'Great Recession' debt, has exacerbated another phsclatvt udlns h vrl nraeinth
has had tremendous effects trend that might encourage About 62 percent of adults number of people walking
across age, race :-1980 1990 that previous smaller reces- some to live with their parents: in 2010 said they walked at is "encouraging," says Tim
By Haya El Nasser 0]2000 N 2007-09 sions did not," says Zhenchao delaying marriage and post-lesonefr1miusor C rcdetrofpvnie
Qian, a sociology professor at poning having children. more in the past seven days, medicine research at the Pen-
Whether in their 20s or 30s, 20-24 Ohio State University and the Many also return when up from 56 percent in 2005. nington Biomedical Research
Black or white, in the West i... ;35 % author of the report for the marriages end. Among 30- to Ta en bu 4 i- Cne nBtnRue A
or Northeast, adult kids find 40% US2010 Project, which stud- 34-year-olds who live with little oleither lfor fun, relaxation, direction."lati' oei h ih
there's no place like home --- 3% ies trends in American society. their parents, 20 percent are exercise or to gett lcs n Aot4 ecn fpol
when their finances are in a 3 /o "The surprise mostly is that it's divorced.etoplcsan Aut4pretofepe
tailspin or their relationships 4% increasing for every group." The biggest impact has been increase of 15 million people in 20 10 said they were meet-
insh mbe 5-9The only segment not affect- on lower-income groups and from 2005. ing the government's physical
in habls.2529The findings are based on activity guidelines, up from
The number of young adults 1%ed: young adults with graduate the less educated. In 1980, itrveswt lot4,0 2 n20.Aotatido
ages 20 to 34 who lived with degrees. The share living with 18% of young -adults living pneplew inth NainHalmo th people repn05Aor t gnative.o
their parents jumped from parents has stayed at eight with parents had a high school Inervew Surheys Activity Ha Thpele curent goenntve.
17 percent in 1980 to 24% in 16% percent since 1980. education. In 2007-09, it hadInev wSu ey .A t iyTh c re tgo r m nt e -
200-0 heGrat ecs-Thenube ofkis nve jmpe t 2 pecet.levels are self-reported. commendation is adults should
200-0 th Gea Rees 19 % Th1ubro isnvr updt 9pret "The basic news today is get at least 21/2 hours (150
sion- according to a detailed moving out or coming back- "Sometimes young people ta hsclatvt ste mnts fmdrt-nest

Sponsored by North Shore Medical Center
"Once You Know, It's Wbere To Go"
116...E. for HIV
Smoking:: wa reaet mn 3 et'oe ok
! percent of construction and min- remains despite gains
ing workers, according to the 2011 over two decades
I /Well-Being Index. By Liz Szabo_
kids are mostly doing a better
:: f ol th! S t u d Y~~~r h e a H i g h erco n c e r nsri ~~ ~ k r a t e C a r t e r C o b e r le y d ir e c t o r o f j o b o f p r o t e c t in g t h e m s e lv eSet h R s a ha y n d O c os a tf m H V h e v rs a
S, Healthways, sasthat by improving causes AIDS, according to a
fo elh o cr employees' health, companies will new study from the Centers
see less turnover and lower health for Disease Control and Pre-
...<>: ', By Rebecca Lurye c r co t.vention.
.... ."The key for organizations is In particular, Black high
,,-i~, Workers who keep the country understanding the unique aspects school students have dramati-
C. running through transportation, of their own workforces' well-being cally reduced sexual behaviors
; : construction and other services and then the unique things they're that can lead to HIV infection
- may also suffer the worst health, going to have to do as an employer over the past 20 years.
: ~~~~~~ accordin g to recen t rankin gs of to address th e n eeds of th e popu la- h si o d n w ,b t w
! employees' well-being. tion," he says. still have more work to do,"
,.'The research group Gallup and Health care, illness and work says Kevin Fenton, director of
wellness company Healthways environment also varied across the the CDC's National Center for
.... .; ~~~~~~gathered inform ation about em n u ti s h u v yf u d e r H 'V/AIDS, speaking at AIDS
ployees' health and living through ly half of construction and mining 2012, an international con-
~~its 2011 Well-en In xtogi a workers had not visited a dentist ference of more than 2 1,000
comprehensive picture of workers' in the past year, and 31.5 percent researchers and organizers
health across occupation groups. of transportation employees had meeting this week in Washing-
The survey, released last month, high blood pressure, for example. ton. "The heavy burden of HIV
found that blue-cla okr Clerical, office and service workers in the United States is neither
'.: topped the charts when it comes to reported some of the best health, inevitable, nor is it accept-
S many health concerns: About 37 but about 30 percent said they did able."
percent of transportation workers not feel safe walking alone at night Among the key changes
and 30.7 percent of manufactur- in their city. from 1991 to 2011:
-. ing and production employees Yet employee welfare has im- The proportion of Ameri-
: are obese; smoking was prevalent proved in the construction industry can high school students who
S'. am ong 33 percent in m ining and nt ep s e a e a sT o a have ever had sex fell from 54
' construction and 29.3 percent in Gerlach Jr. of Seattle, human percent to 47 percent. Among
,, installation and repair work. resources senior vice president blacks, the proportion who
'! On average, blue-collar work- for Turner Construction Con- have ever had sex fell even
4{ ers were more than 6 percentage pn.About 15 percent of Turner more sharply, from 82 percent
.::,: 7. points above the national smoking Please turn to BLUE-COLLAR 18B to 60 percent.
The proportion of students
.... .... .... .... .... .... .... ... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... ... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .xwhwhad se n ithi ethepas
0 three months declined from
~38 percent to 34 percent
Fuel your metabolism How to put overall. Among Blacks, that
Please turn to HIV 18B
and do it smartly it in practice
Heei ape eucnan Health law
In the study, researchers divided H r sas m l e uc nan
1 atflbalance of subjects, all of whom had recently ing about 2,000 calories that targets excess
c a rb s c a n h elp k eep lost 10 percent to 15 percent of their r fe t, r p ri n n aiy o
body weight, into three maintenance- LEreth poodratio anhdrat ofa By Kelly Kennedy
th e eig h offdiet groups: high-carbohydrate,
th e g tofmoderate-carbohydrate and low- used in the study. T e2 1 elhcr a
By Elie Kri gerextr meshad serousdownide: B E A K A STgives Medicare and Medicaid
carbohydrate. It turns out that bothBRA FS
B li k i g ret e m hig -a d r iou dieni d es:i -:,1 h rd b i e g m ore au th ority to tra ck an d
thehig-cab det ieled he ig- 7,+ 1har boledeggreject payments for medi-
Anyone who has tried to lose weight gest drop in metabolism (it burned +t 1/2 cup steel-cut oats cooked in 1 cal procedures believed to
and keep it off knows one big chal- the fewest calories), and the low- cup low-fat milk topped with 3/4 cup be overused, such as those
lengeis k epingyour metab lism carb diet, while having the sm allestsied tr w risan / cu siednvl ngh pta g a tHC
stoked. That's because as you shed metabolic dip (and burning I h slict ta werris anandc lie invo l g o rs gint f
b y u n n ,e e c a o i s of i n l m m t o i- -h b o y B ot ,U C -r e c o r - .- '- 1 l o d 'a d s al gd i n t e r u ew o f t

Let's support U.S. Olympi*ans and get our kids active
By Michelle Obama and Paralympic legends Brandi These activities and clinics are Finally, as we're cheering on
Chastain, Dominque Dawes, open to kids of all skill levels, Team USA, we can all make
Some of my happiest memo- Gabriel Diaz de Leon, Grant W especially those playing sports simple changes at home to help
ries both as a child and as Hill and Summer Sanders. for the very first time or play- our families be healthier, such
an adult involve watching While I'm in the stands in ing a sport that's new to them. as drinking water instead of
the Olympic Games and cheer- London and when I'm watch- Sometimes all it takes is just sugary drinks and adding more
ing on Mary Lou Retton, Nadia ing on television back home, one lesson, or clinic, or class to fruits, vegetables and whole
Comaneci, Carl Lewis and so I'll join my fellow Americans get a child excited about getting grains to our diets.
many others. I was awed and in cheering for Team USA and active. And that first step can We can also get active with our
inspired by those athletes and celebrating everything our ath- lead to a lifelong passion for a families from taking a walk
everything that the Olympics letes achieve. Some of them sport or activity. together after dinner to doing
stood for hard work and will bring home a medal. Some -cost
You can find a free or low jumping jacks during Olympic
teamwork, sportsmanship and will share their personal stories program in your community by commercial breaks. You can
an unyielding commitment to and the challenges they've over- visiting bring your children to play at
excellence. come. And all of them will make Olympics. the local playground, swim at
This summer, the names our country proud, serving as the community pool, ride bikes
have changed to Lolo Jones, role models for our children by AN OLYMPIC FUN DAY around the neighborhood, or
Ryan Lochte, Gabby Doug- inspiring them to get active, to Michelle Obama speaks about her 'Let's Move' campaign We're also working with com- kick a soccer ball at the park.
las and others, but I still have strive for excellence and to pur- to get kids active during the U.S. Olympic Committee media munities to organize the first Think of it as your small part
,those same feelings of awe and sue their dreams. summit Monday in Dallas. national Let's Move! Olympic in bringing the Olympic spirit
inspiration. Fun Day through home.
That's why it's a dream come GET KIDS MOVING start by getting our kids up and U.S. Paralympics and others this Saturday. Friends, family I can't wait to see Team USA
true for me to lead the U.S. This summer and beyond, moving. recently committed to provid- and neighbors can gather to in action and to cheer on our
delegation to the opening cer- let's support Team USA not In support of my Let's Movel ing 1.7 million young people support Team USA by attend- athletes. And I can't wait to see
emony of the 2012 Olympic just by cheering them on, but initiative to try to solve the with the chance to participate ing or organizing fun, Olympic- what all of us can do together
Games on Friday. And I'm not also by urging our kids to live problem of childhood obesity, in Olympic and Paralympic inspired Meetups in your com- to inspire a generation to lead
going alone. I'll be with Olympic up to their example. We can the U.S. Olympic Committee, sports in their communities. munity. healthier, more active lives.
Fears in Florida blamed on politicians Consumers get rebates
AARP 44 percent favored Obarna, state government and all six and expert on older voters at REBATES ance commissioner, said insur-
continued from 16B with 10 percent undecided. closely contested congressio- the University of South Florida. continued from 16B ance agents have been "vocal"
When asked about Florida's nal seats. "Florida has been in such about their commissions being
side is," said Rickey Greens- U.S. Senate race, 42 percent In recent months, gas prices a long-term downturn that it group market fell at or below cut as insurance companies
pan, 60, of Sunrise, who is favored Republican Connie have dropped but a drought would defy history to say it's the medical loss ratio standard. try to keep the ratio down. He
concerned about her ability to Mack IV and 39 percent fa- in the heartland is expected to not going to affect the incum- But consumers will still re- said it will be important to keep
retire. "We have the very rich, vored Democratic Sen. Bill raise food costs. bent in the White House to a ceive rebate checks because the those agents as more people
and the people who are poor Nelson. certain degree," she added. market can be difficult to pre- purchase health insurance as
and getting poorer. I haven't Obarna won Florida in 2008, MANY SKEPTIC "Florida in the past has always dict, Fox said. part of the Affordable Care Act.
seen Romney show as much faring best with younger vot- "You can't go anywhere with- led states out of the recession, "We had to predict 18 months But the ratio itself hasn't been
interest in the common man as ers and worst with the oldest out people talking about rising but this time we've been lag- in advance what the premi- a huge concern. About a million
in the class of people he came ones. But after the Great Re- grocery prices. Of course, the ging behind. It's created even ums would be," she said. Fewer checks averaging $168 each
from." cession and a housing crisis president is not causing that. more skepticism about gov- people used medical services, will go out in Florida by the end
Among Florida voters 50 and hit Florida, the state turned to But it's putting a pinch on ernments being able to do which means less of their pre- of Wednesday, said McDermott.
older in the AARP survey, 46 Republicans in 2010, handing their pocketbooks," said Susan anything about it, and about miums went to medical care, "We're one of the few states
percent favored Romney and them the top four positions in MacManus, a political scientist Washington in particular." causing the medical loss ratio HHS said has an effective rate
to be higher, she said. review process," he said.
At the state level, there have "We're heanng most insurers
also been some concerns. Jack are actually meeting these re-
M am a daddy I need to com e hom e McDermott, -director of com- quirements," he said. "Most of
munications for Florida's insur- the rebates are pretty small."
KIDS 34 percent. "It's not the only reason," Hispanics' rates were lower
continued from 16B "Thi's is a case of families Qian says. "Compared with (24 percent), largely because
adapting to difficult circum- daughters, sons have fewer many parents of immigrants do Let's get into stepping
"Sometimes it's for the life- stances," says Paul Taylor, domestic responsibilities not live in the USA. Blacks (27
style. They don't have to pay director of the Pew Research such as cleaning and cooking percent) and Native Americans WALKING hip fractures, Frieden says.
and have access to a full re- Center's Social &. Demographic when they live home with (30 percent) had the highest. continued from 16B Exactly how many people
frigerator." Trends project. "Family is the parents." Koslow says it has become actually meet the govern-
Qian's research found: ultimate social safety net." Non-Hispanic whites had far more socially acceptable for "There is no single drug that ment's physical activity guide-
* Metropolitan areas with High-cost areas such as New the lowest percentage living adult children to live at home can do anything like what lines varies depending on the
a higher share of residents York (30 percent) and Los An- with parents. Asians had the for long periods of time. regular physical activity does. research method used.
who are low-income, unmar- geles (28 percent), where dou- biggest jump (from 17 percent She was recently asked to That's why it is the wonder Researchers with the Na-
ned or young minorities have bling up can save money, also in 1980 to 26 percent in 2007- write a piece for Cosmopolitan: drug," he says. tonal Cancer Institute found
high rates of adult children rank high on the list. 09). Qian attributes that to tips for women who date men Physical activity "makes that less than 5% of adults in-
at home. The Bridgeport- -Men are much more likely later marriages among Asians, who still live at home. you healthier and happier. the USA met the recommenda-
Stamford-Norwalk, Conn., to live with parents than wom- cultural traditions and a great- "I don't think young people It makes you live longer," he tion to get at least 30 minutes
region had the highest share en, partly because they marry er likelihood to live in expen- feel any embarrassment or says- a day of moderate-intensity
of the 100 largest metros, at later. sive regions. stigma," Koslow says. It also helps control weight physical activity in bouts of at
and reduces the risk of heart least 10 minutes.
disease, stroke, type 2 dia- For the NCI study, activity
betes, depression and some was measured with acceler-
Health concerns include obesity, smoking types of cancer and a host of ometry, the use of motion sen-
other conditions. It lowers the sors to objectively measure
BLUE-COLLAR pany helped me do it,' Ger- fruits and vegetables, the sur- and also least likely to have risk of cognitive decline and overall body movement.
continued from 17B lach says. "Long-term health vey found. access to good stop-smoking
depends on you taking care of Erika Sward, director of na- treatments, she says.
employees have completed a yourself and us providing an tional advocacy for the Ameri- "Every state must include a A C A prevents delays
weight-loss program since the environment where you can can Lung Association, was not comprehensive quit-smoking
company launched an overall take care of yourself" surprised that labor-intensive benefit so that those who are CARE ers could charge women up to
wellness initiative in 2009. Still, more than a quarter of jobs topped the list for highest most likely to smoke and least continued from 16B 50 percent more than men just
"You have people walking constr-uction and mining work- rates of smoking. likely to be able to get the help for being women, even though
around all the time saying, 'I ers were obese, and half re- Those with less education are they need will have that oppor- but I'll have to get by without the plans often didn't cover ba-
lost 25 pounds and the com- ported they did not eat enough most likely to pick up smoking tunity," she says. it for now." Far too often, when sic women's health care such
they did make it to the doctor, as maternity care. One study
a small health problem had be- found that this discrimination

~~~~~~Anniversary at Soul Saving Ami osv oe
Our 13th Pastoral Anniver-
sary for Pastor Jodie and First
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Lady Arpie Alexander begins TARGET get paid."
In loving memory of, In loving memory of, at 7:30 p.m. at Soul Saving ...stuff' to "outcomes," she said.
~~~Church, 2170 NW 76 St. .....justify cardiac procedures they For example, in the bundled
i ,, .. ..... On Monday night Browns !- performed, according to a New pamnsytth goe-
41viile Baptist Church, Rev. Mc- York Times investigation this ment is working to identify how
SCullough; Tuesday New Beth- week. Insurers and the govern- many Medicare patients fall into
anyRev Hiks;Wedesdy ... ,merit then paid for those un- a hospital's service area, and to
ir any, Rev. cksnaeesayyroeurs then pay the hospital for that
Thursday Emmanuel, Rev. .: In 2010, the Department of whole population.
Capete ad riayJoda Health and Human Services re- So, the provider ends up with
Grovei Re.Cok ported $48 billion in improper both healthy patients who don't
Our Pastoral Anniversary will payments through Medicare. need a lot of care, as well as
clma n unaAgut26a Those payments were due to patients with diabetes or heart
3 pim. with Rev. MichealRoan unnecessary procedures and disease who need more care.
and Dayspring Churchat2991 ii.i:.,tssmecaerosndnd-The provider receives a budget,
NW 62 Street. equate documentation. and makes money based on how
Wear iviin outowoshpThe problem stems from an much can be saved. To make
with us as we celebrate our Pas- REVEREND JODIE antiquated fee-for-service sys- sure providers continue to give
toral Anniversary. ALEXANDER trthtecuashathgood care -- rather than cut-
SILO CRESPO DR. LORRAINE F. providers to perform as many ting tests or procedures to save
STRAHan in h apca geoncedures tias possible, said monceate ult msrerehy the government has
of Overtown, who was Chief 0811711936 -0210612011 Joran a.tni managing d-as rae ult esrs
Apesin Araba of Lagos, the of- Ma i g h s cn ed rector for CSC's Global Insti- Accountable care organiza-
ficial representative of Yoruba It's your birthday and we tute for Emerging Healthcare tions, or groups of providers
in the Americas and the Ca- miss you dearly. MARRIAGE driven marriage trends. During Practices. such as hospitals and fam-
ribbean, has entered into the Love, husband, children continued from 11lB the early Depression years, the "The Affordable Care Act is ily practitioners -- who work
"Land of Plenty." and family members. marriage rate languished at changing the way we pay for together, aim to save money for
He has left behind wiser with less than half of people 7.9 per 1000 but after World health care," she said. "We have Medicare and then receive part
mins, armr ears, nd 'H NORYOU LO ED with only high school diplomas, War II, when jobs were plenti- incentives to do a lot of stuff. of those savings at te end of
riche soulOthroghLth mul the Pew Research Center re- ful, marriage boomed. The more you do, the more you the year.
titdeof ivs h tuchd.ONE WITH AN ported. And people without col- And the meaning of mrig
His spirit lives on through ME OIMlege degrees are more likely to in the post-war era was differ-
hiIeis divorce. ent: It was a sign of adulthood,
The Cres-po Family [TEMAM Iv! "The people who can get good a first step into a life of respon- are marrying and staying sibility. Less starry-eyed than
' .together," Cherlin said. "Those practical, couples tended not
.are the college-educated peo- to think of finding their soul METABOLISM white breads and sugary foods.
ple. Marriage is reflecting the mates but rather establishing continued from 17B Eat modest portions of
...socioeconomic polarization in their stability. whole grains and starchy veg-
Su s ri e t So has marriage become an job, bought a house and had clusive and there are many fac- form (steel-cut oats, brown rice,
economic luxury, the institu- children," said Skip Burzuma- tors to consider when it comes quinoa, hearty whole-grain
' ...T 8tional version of a mansion in to, assistant director of the Na- to achieving and maintain- breads).
Thl i am i a gated neighborhood? tional Marriage Project at the ing a healthy weight, think of Incorporate healthy fats
':More than 60 percent of cou- University of Virginia. it as a fresh incentive to avoid such as nuts, avocado, fish and
ples today live together before "Now marriage is maybe third extremes and eat according to olive oil.
T m marriage or instead of mar- or fourth on the list. It's no lax- these sensible principles. It just *Include protein from beans,
riage, as they churn from one ger the signal to society that might give your metabolism a nuts, eggs, low-fat dairy, fish,
partner to the next through you've grown up. If you marry healthy boost. Some key points: poultry and lean meats.
i :. the years and 41 percent of too young, parents and society Get carbohydrates from Limit sugary drinks, candy
ii children are born to single par- tell you that you're being irre- whole fruit, vegetables, beans, and sweets.
Cal 3 05. "-6 94 =,62 14 ents. sponsible by not getting those low-fat dairy and whole grains, Watch total calories and be
:, ', >.,,<' + ,> Economic forces have always other things lined up"not refined sources such as active.
The MimtT
.... .. .. ... .. .. .p .
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Service 11 a.m., Friday at New certified medical Jackson North.
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August 11 in children: Larry, Happy Birthday
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administrator, died August 9 at The a host of relatives and friends. MERCEDES FLORES, 82, died
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incomplete. l JR., 257,a Vadied of Life Deliverance Ministry. Servicepl 5 p.m., Friday in the cha- ,H H l areGregg L. Mason DOROTHY DAVENPORT, died TWO LOCAI..................TE
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died August 3.F held. co, died South. ]z,,,RrA O SHIEUDI AKGE BRA ER~fBNLERCAE
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p.m., Thursday, construction worker, died August 7
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2, at Vitas 2 p,m., Friday Ai!
Healthcare at in the chapel. ANDERSON SHOEMAKER,
North Shore Interment'died August 12 at home. Service
Medical Center. SuhrMeoilPk.1 p.m., Saturday at Morningstar0
CARRIE MAE SINGLETON, 75, Sevcs 1 Baptist Church. 11
died August 7 at pmSer Marcer
Vits nivrstyat Mt. Tabor LOIS REED, died August 9 at .
of Miami. Ser- M i ss io n ary SCHONTRIA D. ROGERS, 47, home. Arrangements are are in- l
vice I p.m., Sat- Baptist Church. teacher, died August 2. Services complete.
urday at Friend- were held. .
ship Missionary ALETHIA REYES, 62, retired
Baptist. Emmanuel PETER N. WRIGHT, 30, actor, dietician, died August 10 at Jack- I
died August 3. Arrangements are son South Hospital. Service 4 p.m.,
REGINALD GRANT, 21, repair incomplete. Saturday, in the chapel.
specialist, died
BRIDA MAE SIMMONS, 68, August 4 at -,
home. health Jackson North. i :'
aide, died Au- Service 4 p.m., ..
gust -7 at J.ack.- Saturd:ay in the
son North. Ser- chapel. Ag l I
vices were held.

Li~~~ n ernet
0-0 1 0 C]N 11H 4- Moi Iu s Ic F FOOD D DININ G A AR TS & CU LT U RE P PEO0PL E
.... Kids get free haircuts in time for school
families were treated to free hair- Everybody was nice to,"
Cf ol b r t v cus by state certifid, pofesional The fresh cts and soooi su-
, ts eek tobarbers along with free school plies were made possible because of
efors ees supplies. And with classes set to a collaboration between
, in til p ideinyouth resume on Aug. 20th, it was a treat
that the boys say they really ap- African American Performing Arts
By Eric Ikpe preciated. Community Theatre [AAPACT] and
J ericikpe @gia il. coin After getting up from the bar- the Chopshop Barbershop [7283
ber's chair, eight-year-old Giovanni Biscayne Blvd] sometimes referred
Just in time for the start of the Gibson, a student at Carol City to as Miami's first hip-hop barber
school, a group of close to 40 young Elementary said, "I like my hair- shop,
boys from financially-strapped cut and now I'm ready for school. Please turn to GENTS 2C
ki S i'Tyra taps Tyler
! : L' for America's
a Next Top Model
L* "America's Next Top Model" will soon be back
~on The CW Network as the hit reality modeling
Fci nltlsmystery and season premieres August 24th. The show has
coincide with suspense -i', been hot for years, but Tyra Banks is always
thats wh the working to keep it hot and regain the trac-
couny s "1 5oth arqo netan tion it had when it first began.
ing. When we Long-time fans are probably wondering
go the movies, what Banks has in store for this season consid-
ann~ersa w are ftenering she just got rid of many of the show's long
By Kevin McNeir drawn to the 4W ; time co-hosts, judges and photographers. The
girls in the film. eontie con ba boy an moves were a bit of a shock, since the ratings
gil nth im hadn't declined nearly enough to lead to such a
Jamaican-born award-win- Kingston Noir looks dramatic shift.
ning writer Colin Channer has at bad boys and girls } Cycle 19 is college-edition themed and will
hit pay dirt with an anthology of too but as each story faueget uha h rmyaadwn
short fiction by authors from his unfolds we get some in- nin licatr guessc ad the box-ffic wndr-wler
native country -just in time sight as to how life often ..Perry. We're not sure what Perry has to do with
for the celebration of Jamaica's works." modeling, but hey, he's a celebrity.
50th anniversary of freedom.
It's the second Akashic Books WORDS PAINT :!
antholog ee by Caner, ITRSO
49, who has been hailed as "one JAMAICA'S BEAUTY "
of the Caribbean Diaspora's detective stories from the 1950s Channer was born in Ja-
finest writers. But one ques- and what you find are charac- maica and moved to New York ,
tion readers may have is "what ters driven by dark emotions," City when he was 19. All of the !i!
exactly is 'noir' writing?" Charer said. "It's about people writers, except two, were also ..
'The genre emerged out of that do bad things, and each Please turn to NOIR 2C
~"Tyler Perry comes on and gives the contes-
: ;iil)tants an acting challenge," Banks said. "The
winner of that acting challenge is actually going
!ij C itney~oustonto be in a Tyler Perry movie."
IVd1Ve4IV I -.4A,'V"ne%& dh.4 The nxx format is also n to 1-nclude

Making movie was one of the hapiest time in her life
WHITNEY During the shoot, there were : ::: : !an event that was her corona- they would put the movie into
continued from 1C few signs that tragedy would ? :F ....tion back in the '80s with development with her."
soon befall the vocalist. In- .....various drugs in her system, All was in place for the
next several months, she spent stead, her co-stars speak including cocaine. 22-year-old to play the title
every Saturday going steady warmly of the joy and profes- ,rlu tlh rutml et
with Sparkle, starting with the sionalism Houston displayed roe uEEBRHNTI A n t01i he u ne death
tiee evnin styhrough onWe weet al akn neg Now Sparkle is more than a brought the project to a halt.
Housto exain ed show. "We shells a shwali, 'ono,'-( mere movie. It is a final fare- After Warner Bros. dropped
session t eporsla st h fr llb says an Sumers, who noays well to a great entertainer out, the remake sat on the
sesson o rporerslas fal sys ikaSumter wh plys : !who once prophetically sang, shelf. "Over the years, people
on the set of the long-awaited midesse eoe."She i :. "Didn't we almost have it all?" in the African-American corn-
Sparkle remake that she exec- was so chill. She treated us as iwti oi sm itmnt ol s emr
utive-produced and in which iIwFell.eehe hlrei for her," says Sparkle produc- about Sparkle than anything
she plays Emma, the stern One day, she just came over to : o ,,,er Debra Martin Chase, who else," Chase says. "I just knew
God-fearing mother of a trio of me and said, 'I'm so proud of beaehrbsns ateiw ol e tmd oe
ambitious daughters. you.' I got teary-eyed, just the and friend while working to- how." Persistence paid off
"This was kind of like posi- way she said it." il ehro h rahrsWf when Sony/TriStar signed on
tive reinforcement for young Echoing those sentiments is Itas well as the 1997 TV spe- three years ago and American
African -American women," she Carmen Ejogo, who sizzles as cial Cinderella. "People will be Idol winner Jordin Sparks
said. "It was just anybody who the slinky oldest sibling, Sis- SPARKLE: Jordin Sparks and Whitney Houston. able to remember her in this took over as Sparkle.
wanted to pursue their dream, ter. With Houston on board, impressed director Salim Akil one of the most beloved sing- way. Beautiful, healthy, radi- Given Houston's musi-
their desires, their goals and "we all knew this was fated was by keeping it real. "At some ers in the world slipped back ant. Not with pictures from cal heritage gospel singer
present their gifts. It just ap- tbesmhigpcal"hepoint, people were worried that into the self-destructive habits bdtms"CsyHutni e ohr
pealed to me." She added: "And says. "I think her sister-in-law, Whitney had a little pooch on that had altered her glorious She recalls the day when Dionne and Dee Dee Warwick
I never let go of it." Pat, said it most eloquently at her stomach," he says. "But tones as well as her angelic Houston first suggested that are cousins, Darlene Love is
Sadly, fans were forced to let her funeral. That doing Spar- she loved that part of the char- features. they collaborate on a remake her godmother and Aretha
go of Houston when she died kle was one of the happiest acter. She knew you can't have Instead of triumphantly of Sparkle. Says Chase: "War- Franklin her "honorary" aunt
Feb. 11 at age 48, just months times of Whitney's life. It was children and be a supermodel, walking the carpet at the ner Bros. had the rights at the -it was natural for her to be
after she finished her labor of magical." If you didn't believe in Emma, film's premiere, Houston end- time, and they had a three- attracted to the original mov-
love one that took a decade One of the ways that Hous- you didn't believe anything ed up drowning in a bathtub picture deal with Aaliyah," a ie. "She knew even then she
to become a reality and will ton, mother of 19-year-old else in the movie." at a Beverly Hills hotel during rising urban-pop artist. "They was headed down the path to
open Aug. 17. Bobbi Kristina Brown, most Yet, once the camera stopped, Grammy Awards weekend -said if we were interested, stardom," Chase says.
Sparkle presented a unique challenge W1.....
SPARKS lor hrswt ., scene when eHouston shakes_. ----
continued from 1C2 the holy rafters with an impas- Rest in peace, dear friend sick and shut-
sioned gospel hymn; "There and church member. in: Betty Blue,
onteBlbadcat ith wasn't a dry eein church." Miamians were saddened Elouise B. Farrington,
such hits as No Air and Bat- Sparks, once a plus-size to hear of the death Naomi A. Adams, Selma
tlefield. But the high school i i!model, has been quite the of Joycelyn Newbold Ward, Thomas Nottage,
drm lu ebe h hismagazine cover girl of late after Burroughs-Smith who Wilhelmina S. Welch,
from Phoenix always had an loig50pudsadgetn expired last week. in Charles Mobley, Jean W.
interest in other types of per- '"t .. serious about exercise. "When Hollywood, where her only Brant, Gloria Bannister,
forming and found the per- ., -o..... I was on Broadway, I got really soDrRladBrugsM vi ElsVonc
fect outlet with a 2010 stint in ; ....: sick with walking pneumonia.
theBradaymusca I te ' "purchased a home. O'Berry, Princess Lamb,
for: grate anymor andak oycelyn taught at Phyllis Kim Cooper, Shirley
Heights. After that, she says, "I '.' .. frgatdayoeadmk
got bit by the acting bug." i ; it a priority. The great thing is, Wheatley Elementary for Bailey, Inez M. Johnson,
Sprlhoeeprsne the pounds just started to fall many years. She was a Yvonne Johnson-Gaitor,
a unqecaleg.Sak off." staunch member of The Shane Hepburn, Elisa
had no idea that the original #;:; Her love life is in pretty good Historic Saint Agnes' McKinney, Pamela Smith
movie, which boosted the ca- ..-.... : ... "-shape these days, too. She Episcopal Church. For the and Willie Neal. Maria
reers of bothlIrene Cara (Fame) Tika Sumpter, Carmen Ejogo and Jordin Sparks in TriStar and singer Jason Derulo ex- last 10 years she lived in Davis, who spent the
and Philip Michael Thomas Pictures' Sparkle. changed sweet tweets last week New York City with her son summer with her mother
(TV's Miami Vice) and was one to mark their first anniver- and his family. Etta Mae Taylor, her
of the inspirations for Dream- songwriter and performer, she That the disapproving m- sary of dating. Sparks giggles Wedding anniversary aunts Selma Ward and
girls, was cherished by so dims her own light so her sul- triarch is played by Whitney when his name is mentioned. getnst u oebrsEr .Snsadfml
many. try and less stable older sibling Houston, who died in Febru- "It's tripping me out, it's been ofthreeting ione Ar aneid memr s rt rn ead homel
"It's crazy," she says. "I didn't Sister can shine onstage. ary at age 48 just months after so long. When we first met, we Loui theree:uLonel A. 6th: to bes Calif rn r ety
realize how much it was a cult "I actually did relate to Spar- the movie wrapped, made her didn't think of each other like LoiFegsnAu.6:to Cifra rcnly
clsi.Pepekp cmn pkle in a lot of ways," Sparks first experience on a movie set this. Then all of a sudden, it their 52id; Harold and Nancy Dawkins and
to me and asking, 'What songs says. "When I was on Idol and extra special. "I had to tell my- changed. He is the best thing." Paula Meadows, Aug. 8th: Taylor Dawkins returned
are you doing?'and 'I hope you 17, everything was so new. Ev- self to keep it together," Sparks She isn't wasting any time their 42rid; Rev. Freddie home after a weekend
aren't going to change this or eryone is so nice and wants to says. "To hear her sing un- with the acting side of her ca- and Sammie Dykes, Aug. at her family reunion in
that.' see you succeed." But, just as der her breath just a few feet reer, either. Sparks is working 17th: their 66th; Ron and Charlotte, North Carolina.
A few updates were inevi- Sparkle discovers, "I learned away from me was so surreal." on her second film, The Inevi- Betty Major, Aug. 19th: "The Winter" Months of
table, including switching the that is not always the truth. I But she soon felt comfortable tableDefeat of Mister and Pete, their 30th; Elder Willie Saint Agnes are sponsoring
time period and place to the connected with her determin- around the superstar, who she directed by George Tillman Jr. and Jacqueline Gaines, a one day outing for Key
late '60s in Detroit instead of tion and not letting anyone tell describes as "very nurturing Castmates include fellow Idol Aug. 26th: their 34th. West Bahamian Goombay
the late '50s in Harlem. her not to do it." and mothering," alum Jennifer Hudson. "It has Sabrina Denika Jones on October 20th. See or call
But the soul of the story re- However, there is one impor- "She was just one of us. Down nothing to do with music," she ad Aln Grd lzbt le aoy
mains the same, as family tant difference: "My mom and to earth. She would do her says. "It's an indict drama and andrAus en Gerd mariedet Modo lune Caolnc
obligations clash with show- family have been behind me scenes and come back laugh- a smaller part. But, as they Feusn wr maidModrFoec-onu
biz aspirations. While Spar- 100% from the, beginning. She ing and singing with us." Most say, there are no small parts in in a beautiful setting on for further information and
kle harbors ambitions to be a had to convince her mor." poignant was watching the show business." July 14th at the Rusty save the date.
Pelican on Key Biscayne. A little more history about
..The proud mother of the our beautiful Miami-Dade
', :i : ,':" iFerguson and the bride's established in 1825 and
' 'i!iparents are Mr. and Mrs. is the location of Miami's
A .i t 'i Kenneth (Sharon) Jones. City Hall in Dinner Key, the
iil : 'iGuests were beaming as Coconut Grove Playhouse,

Homegating Snacker, i
Yield: 10 to 12
I tube pre-made pizza crust (thin)
I 7-ounce package Wholly Guacamole dip
1 red bell pepper cut into small strips
Roll out uncooked pizza dough on counter.'
Use football or other shaped cookie cutter to
cut pizza dough and place on cookie sheet sprayed lightly with !
oil.i 2 1
Cook dough according to packaging instructions. Allow to
thoroughly cool. : ..
When cool, spread with guacamole and use cheese shreds and, @
pepper to create football laces and markings. :... iiii
Optional: Plate on a bed of shredded lettuce, i ~}i
and use sour cream to create field yard lines.
Avocado Cream Cheese Dip
I 8-ounce package cream cheese
I 7-ounce package Wholly Guacamole-11 4
3/4 teaspoon salt, divided V4
1 lime, juiced
I tablespoon cilantro, minced
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
2 cups sour cream
3 tablespoons chipotle peppers in
adobo sauce, pureed
I cup 3-cheese blend shredded cheese
V/2 cup green onion, sliced
3/4 cup Roma tomatoes, cored, seeded
and diced
Allow cream cheese to soften and warm to room temperature,
about 30 minutes.:
Whip cream cheese at medium speed for. 3 minutes to fluff.
Add guacamole and beat for another minute.
Season mix with 1/4 teaspoon salt, half of limejucan
:Transfer mixture to a 9 x9ihpa, and dust withchili i
Mix together sour cream, chiPotle, 1/2 teaspoon salt and the.
ret of -the lime juice.
Add to pan as the second laver.
Top with cheese; garnish with green onion and tomatoes.' ?
ame day is no time to be Set up a dipping station Have a Make sure you have enough Don't
sidelined in the kitchen. selection of salsas and guac available so disappoint guests by running out of
Do lttl pe-gme everyone can have their favorite. From munchies or drinks. Here's how to
Do ltte pe-am Wholly Salsa's classics to the new figure out how much you need to
planning so you can red pepper mango or roasted tomato prepare:
spend less time cooking and more time varieties, fans can find a salsa to cheer m If you're having 8 to 10 guests,
about. And for guacamole lovers, try figure on three different appetizers.
cheering on the home team. Wholly Guacamole's all-natural, gluten For
free varieties. In addition to chips, set up to 16 guests, plan four
Keep it simple -Instead of taking out some of these tasty dippers: or five appetizers.
up space with a lot of dishes to hold m Bell pepper slices m For non-alcoholic drinks, plan on
condiments, use muffin pans. Each well m Baemozrlasik two 16-ounce cups per person. Plan
in the pans can hold a different topping m hipon about two glasses of wine or
for your burgers, hot dogs or chili. Put Srm
a spoon in each for easy dipping. It's m Pita chipstheberprprsn
Tips to m ke a ga me day partysimple, fun, and you'll have fewer post- m Bagel chips "welTo have enough ice for drinks, asast epdik odi
game dishes to wash. n Jicama sticks cooler, get about a pound and a
fun for everyone m Mini rice cakes half
of ice per person.

Payment Center hosts back-to-school soiree
Children and 7
families come out .. '
forfre supplies...
By Ju'lia Samuels.... :- v
owesof the Negboho N
Payment Center held a back- ......7
to-school-drive for the Miami .-:,: .:: :
community. The event provid- ..
ed Miami residents with free
food, a bounce house, cotton Children line up to go into the bounce house at the "Neigh-
candy, snow cones, pop corn borhood Payment Center's" back-to-school drive.
and most importantly back to
school supplies. The owners good kids." munity focused event each _
were more than pleased with The event, which catered to month. Co-owners of the "Neighborhood Payment Center [6209 NW 18 Ave]." Left to right;
the community turn out. elementary and middle school "Although our company is Lola Daniels, Angela Rowell, Kenneth Rowell and Kendra Smith.
"It's better than what I children offered book bags, a for-profit organization, we
expected," said co-owner folders, markers, crayons, give back like we are a non- event for children and fami- being able to gather in larger ment center will host will be
Angela Rowell. "This -as paper and pens, and other profit organization," Daniels lies in the Miami community. groups and be able to remain on Aug. 28th and will focus
basically our small way to goodies. said. "I am very happy with "It is always nice to see peaceful," said co-owner Ken- on the needs of Miami's elder-
give back arid help with the According to co-owner Lola the turn out for this event." Black people come together neth Rowell. "This was truly a ly community. There will be
education of our outh. We Daniels, the back-to-school All of the owners expressed for a community effort and family affair and all the own- onsite testing for blood pres-
grew up in this area and we drive is part of the company's the positive sentiments about prove commonly held ste- ers were happy to see that." sure and diabetes and other
know the kids are still really goal to host at least one com- successfully hosting a safe reotypes wrong about us not The next event that the pay- exams -all free of charge.
Greater Miami Chapter Call 855-778-3411 or visit Dancing alum C ad Johnson
accepting applications for -
Js UsGrls Mong n0 SolidRock Enterpriset n o d fe a r s
Program. Call 800-658- Inc. Restorative Justice o to o dat ra r s
122.Academy offers counseling By Lorena Bias
..... for youth. Call 786-
0 Booker T. Washington 0 Range Park offers free 488-4792 or visit www. Chad Johnson, also known as
Class of 1964 will be 0 The Miami Chapter, selIf-defe nse/ karate classes Chad Ochocinco, a cast mem- i
holding a meeting. The class Tennessee State Alumni for children and adults. Call ber on HBO's Hard Knocks:
is also sponsoring its annual is planning a bus trip to 305-757-7961 or 786-306- E] Evans County High Training Camp with the Miami
"One Day Fun Trip For Grown Nashville, Aug. 29- Sept. 2 6442. School Alumni is creating a Dolphins and former contes-
Folks" trip. Call 305-632- forthe TSU vs FAMU football South Florida Alumni contact tant on ABC's Dancing With
6506. game. Call 305-624-3663. 0] Chati Community roster. Call 305-829-1345 or the Stars, is out on bond after
Services free food program 786-514-4912 being arrested at his home.
N BTW Alumni Night E Miami Northwestern is taking applications Johnson, who danced on TV
is Aug. 17 at the Shantel Class of 1967 will resume from low-income families 0] SAV, (Survivors screens with DWTS pro CherylI '
Lounge, 5422 N.W. 7th Ave. class meetings in Sept. Call and veterans. It's also Against Violence) to meet Burke during Season 10 of the
7pro- until. Call 305-751- 305-891-1181. sponsoring a school supply with young people weekly. popular reality competition, is
6752. giveaway. Call 305-830- Call 954-548-4323 or visit charged with simple battery,
MBack to School After 1869. www.savingfamilies.webs, domestic violence, which is a
0] Booker T. Washington School Fest event Aug. 25 Cor. misdemeanor. He is accused of Miami Do lphins w ,ide receiver
Classof 1965, Inc. will meet at TACOLCY, 6181 N.W. 9th M] Alumni of Raines and head-butting his wife, EvelynChdons.
on Aug. 18. The class is also Ave. 10 a.m. 2 p.m. Call New Stanton Sr. High of 11111 Empowerment Lozada, during an argumentChdJns.
sponsoring a "Scholarship 305-751-1295. Jacksonville, Fla. will cruise Tutoring in Miami Gardens in their driveway outside Mi- ship with NBA player Antoine
Fund Raising Trip" trip. Call in May 2013 for a joint 45th offers free tutoring with ami on Saturday night. Walker.
305-213-0188. N] Seed of Hope class reunion. Call 305-474- trained teachers. Call 305- Johnson and Lozada got Johnson's attorney, Adam
Community Outreach, 0030 or email hicks6756@ 654-7251. married July 4. Lozada has Swickle, tells the Associated
N] The Miami Inc. offers free weekly, appeared most recently as a Press that'a no-contact order
Northwestern Class of counseling session. Call 11 Calling Healthy Ladies regular on the reality TV se- has been issued that prevents
1967 is planning their 45th 30S-761-8878. ll Dads for Justice assists 50 + Softball is on. Call 305- ries Basketball Wives. She Johnson from contacting his
reunion. Call 786-227-7397 or non-custodial parents 342-8742 or 305-688-3322. previously was in a relation- wife.
www.northwesternclassof67. 0 Youth Education and through Miami-Dade State
Corn., Athletic Program (YEAP) Attorney's Office with child
hosts a summer camp. Call support, modifications and
0] Booker T. Washington 305-454-9546. visitation rights. Call 305-
Class of 1967 meets 830-1923.
monthly. Call 305-333-7128. [ Merry Poppin$
Daycare/Kinderoarten N Resou rcesforVetera ns
0] The Miami Jackson hosts a summer camp. Call Sacred Trust offers T
High School Class of 1967 305-693-1008. affordable and supportive 1
is holding its 45 year reunion housing assistance for low-
banquet and dance. Call 11The National Coalition income veteran families :" !,
786-355-6664. of 100 Black Women --facing homelessness.

Summer intern wants -o
; :to dance oeday
" By Jayvon Ricketts
The world better make room beaseSlvse
.....;i:.' .Sanders, 15, says he has big plans for his future.
i. : ~A But for now, he's making final preparations ':-
: for his freshman year at Jackson Senior High
~~School. Sylvester, who lives with his grand-
parents, gets excited when he starts to talk !1154.... :.
-" ~~~about his dreams,. ':P'
"I love to dance and sing," he said. "Also I. .::::'::# @ ,'
1 "" Ilove to rap, do gymnastics and play football --imi Tmes staff photo
/ Iand basketball." Jayon Ricketts at his desk.
/ But Sylvester says his first love and pri-
~mary focus is preparing himself for a career
in dance. W tho tfrrsn rtr
"I would like to go to college and major in Wat h yvt o r risinettser
dance," he said. "Then I would like to move on to a
professional dance school."
Sylvester was an intern this summer at The a v n R c e t
Miami Times. And while it was rewarding, he
admits that working was not what he had in
dressed to impress for mind during his time away from school. Frs ma.ay, ing the past three, scorching
"mainly wanted to hang with friends this : Frehma says' ,: -I months, he has been invest-
the Alapattah Junior Asummer, but I kind of got an offer that I intrn inhsfuueascets 4
couldn't refuse," he said. "It was something intrnhi spnordbateFlrd
High School 8th grade imy morn really thought would help me and ccr Y9 warst Asposodbyton Forid
pro a th Cmfot lso I decided to do my best." America [FCAA].
prma h ofr Sylvester worked in the circulation de- By Janiah Adams "I got in that program
InnSuies n ay 012 partment. Miami Times intern ,through DFYIT (Drug Free
In uie n a 21."It's not what I want to do for myYotInTw)"hsad"W
Sanders danced the career but it was a good experience," Watch out Michael Krop were asked to do a project
he said. "I did learn that doing office High School -you've got a about what college we wanted
entire night in style. isn't something I want to Miami Times intern coming i to attend and what we'd major
do in the future. But times are your way! Jayvon Ricketts, an in. I was one of the few that
tough and I was able to earn incoming 9th grade student did the project and the people
some money and learn at the who comes from a family of that did the projects were able
same time." six spent his summer intern- to be placed into an internship
ing in the editorial department at a facility that would best
at The Miami Times. Rather ......... help them in their search for
In t rn re als h r u merthan soaking in the sun dur- JAYVON RICKETTS Please turn to RICIKFTTS 10D
at The Miami Times ISYorFa iy
nori ohimoeador 1 iReady For School
Turner Tech ;
Miami Times intern "
It's summer time and a 6 Z a VqCV?
lot of stuens ae hinin
about relaxing and hitting up N"...
the beach. But, for incoming 4V A"
freshman Marie Saintime, her -Miami Times staff phot0o.. 'N
months off haven't just been Marie Santime in the accounting department, v.,~ cmm'
for vacation she's been hard mer,"jg Sani e si B t T e l ar eayt in sa h i
at work. Saintime, 15, is bound mr"Sitm ad BtTelandmn hnsa h i g& 0 "
for William H. Turner Techni- Miami Times helped me more ami Times, plus there are dif- (
cal Arts High School later this than being out with my friends ferent departments that don't _." 5
mot.Btfrnw h ~e would have. I learned more just deal with writing if writ-,, '

... .. h a U .S P os.tal ..
nwhelp Service
for older reprts
workers.... ...... $5.2B loss
Work., ,,, Warning: Another
offers soia-eda payment will be missed
job connection det h esr
By Christine Ougas ''
AARP is launching a new socialWAHNTN()--henal
network designed to help older work- WAHIGTNA) Te eal
,,r,, fidjb n echterrtrmn bankrupt U.S. Postal Service reported
gr i oals adrahterrtrmn ,, a quarterly loss of $5.2 billion and
orkiasined '' whihstrsned it will miss another payment
toay iainpect with scal- due to the Treasury, just one week after
media site Linkedln, which can help it first-eve deal onapymn o
cosmr naigt onie le future retiree health benefits.
consmer navgat onlne.Oldr ..... ,,,,= ...From April to June, losses were $2.1
Amricarsare increasingly tech-savvyntrt es.WGERE AlN billion more than during the same pe-ridls er
Although older workers' unemploy- The mail agency said it is being hurt
ment rate is not as high as the general We GOG mOE:sinfctlbyouigcssfr
workforce, once they are unemployed :future retiree health benefits. Those ex-
they are out of work longer than their B l c penser made p av e $31biloh eheps
younger counterparts, says a July pessmd:p$ ilo offc' q aterl losst
AARP Public Policy Institute report, B l coay rfh a e h eDciigfir s tclssmi oueas
As difficult as it is to find work, many cinibute itlsss. vlmeas
investors (79 percent) say that retirees "We have simply reached the point
need ob staeyi eieet codne reinvent themselves and find a w a o oa' ee a i that we must conserve cash," Thurgood
in ew oba sraey nre ie e n ord- el Marshall, Jr., chairm an of the Postal
inFasr vego.sdtoa yWls a o oay s gnr t o Service's board of governors, said in ex-
Fargo.plaining the payment defaults. He cau-
While 58 percent of non-retirees tioned that the mail agency may have to
say they only plan to work part time tersaid Allen, who has been practic- UNCHARTERED WATERS :deaotrpymnsincsaybu
in etre en ha m y e is ra u a ef o ming law for alm ost 50 years. "After Allen quickly becam e com fort- : that day-to-day m ail service will not be
ful thinking, because 50 percent of oFl49 years, I'm ready to do any- able with the uncertainties of
them acknowledge that they only have Univ. o lorida :impacted in any way.
thing I want whenever I want to. life. As the first Black to graduate The Postal Service for months has
guessed at the savings they will need foAllen was referring to his ap- from the University of Florida, he
for retirement, according to the Wells preparesfor been urging Congress to pass legisla-
Frosre.proaching retirement day. He says he learned how to confront tion that would allow it to eliminate
Fag ureretirement graduated from the University of the unseen. In the process he Saturday mail delivery and reduce the
Despite their years of experience, Florida's law school [Levin Law] has created a legal legacy that annual health payment of more than $5
many older Americans fear that they By Ju'lia Samuels on December 22, ,962. He'll hang few have been able to match. billion. The post office defaulted on that
wilf b t r e A Psne dwnfor a l because jsamuels@miamitimesnline'c m up his shield on the last day of "Iwas the only Black in the payment last week after the House
oft e r a e A P s n w d g t l p a -D ecem ber of this year. w hole u niversity," A llen said. "It Please turn to PO TA L, D
form provides them with advice and Few people get to be in a room Allen's story is truly inspiring. was daunting and there was a
connects them to current job openings. with a living legend and that's just He was the first Black student to lot of fear. I didn't know who to
Currently 50 percent of Americans what happened when the highly- graduate from the University of trust. I was truly in uncharted
between the ages of 50 and 64 use respected attorney Willie George Florida Levin Law school. Other waters." om a l s
social-networking sites, according to Ale,6 a ont akaot Blacks had been admitted before He add that loneliness and rac- Cm a i s
a uereotbyPwReerhhis life with this reporter. him but he was the first to earn ism were two things he facedtr i ng c s
Please turn to AAR1P 10D "'How do you wanna do this?," his degree. Please turn to ALLEN 10Dtr ing c s
. ..................................................... ".. ............................................................. a d d t o w o e s
Mobile checkout ..... ... ......
bo t ng c s ie s, Companies have dramatically cut
training programs for new employ-
handheld devices that they gap that's keeping them from find-
losing cash registers can at a register, says Jamie ping ue jondidatesment.
Nordstrom, president of the pushing: up unemployment
By Jayne O'Donnell company's online division,. i Employers "want people to hit
"I believe the future of our "I :the ground running," says Whar-
Nordstrom is quickly replac- point-of-sale systems is corn- ton School management professor
ing cash registers with mobile pletely mobile," he says. "It's Peter Cappelli, author of Why Good
checkout, joining J.C. Penney, hard to know whether it's in Check cashers like this RiteCheck in the Bronx are often the main contact People Can't Get Jobs. "They don't
Appe ad wats epeced o ne earorfive years eas with the financial system for many New Yorkers. This month the chain will want to train anybody."

Econmiss se buget mpase bockng gBwt Banks are KKK
Econ miss se b dge imp sseblokin gr wthBanksters (Gangsters)
nBy Paul rraDavidson ne |llt 'U L tiveness of any agreement. SLAVERY n
Eao o mi BabrHneI think the politics have become Are banks paigoff
Ec no ic ou lo kso heightened and emotional that judges and lawyers? Will !
Most economists surveyed by Do you think the fiscal cliff The unemployment rate in we're at as great an impasse as I've bankruptcy judge Isicoff
USA TODAY have little faith a di- isu ilb eovdwtot July was 8.3 percent. When ever seen," says econoitTmbaheor help the
vided Congress will adequately ad- Binnings of Summit Economics. banks?
dress looming tax increases and doing significant damage to will the U.S. unemployment Binnings expects an inadequate Lehman Brothers
spending cuts, significantly ham- th cnmrate get below 7%? compromise that shaves two to Bank make you sign a
perng coomi grwt wel itothree percentage points off growth promissory note, then I
poig0 cnoi1gothwllit Yes, 60 in 2013 but doesn't cause a reces- deposit it in the Federal
TesadfinWsigosion. Reserve like a check,.k
Tsal n dof w ith th Wgoashinon,45 .. ....... The European debt crisis will Then cash the check
ic slowdown, threatens a U.S. il01 .. ..t40% 42% also continue to weigh on U.S. (note) then fund your MICHAEL
economy that otherwise would be No] 40 .growth next year, says economist loan with your cashed THBAKMN
gaining steam on a strengthening Sung Won Sohn of California State check, but without your
U..huigmre adipo-5%3 University. knowledge. This is il- never gave. Then they
ingpriatesecor alace heesThose surveyed expect the econ- legal! Then charge you ask for U.S. bailouts for
ecnompiateseco s ay. ne s e ets,5 20 ... -omy to grow 2.1 percent in the next high interest on money money they never lost.
leading economists was conducted 04%0%year, down from a 2.6 percent me- that came from you. Not Save your home and
Aug. 3-8. "t4hdan estimate in April. They expect the bank. fight for your homes!
Fifty-three percent of those sur- uepomntodgdwnfrom Then give to MERS, Call 786-344-0499.
Creit:Kvin. eplearbraanen 8.3 percent to 8.1 percent by the who then sell your notes SeMiheatjsk
able to lessen the impact of $560 end of 2012. Fifty-eight percent many, many times. Make party every Sunday.
billion in tax increases and spend- sures occur at once. deadline for reaching a deal to ear- expect the Federal Reserve to buy millions off your signs- I-10pm. 15020 S Rive
ing cuts, slated to take effect at Economists say the fiscal cliff ly next year, when a new Congress, more Treasury bonds this year to tured note. They owe Drive Miami, FL 33167.
year's end, in a way that avoids has created uncertainty among and possibly a new president, take lower long-term interest rates and you! Yet they call you Michael won the court
significant damage to the economy. businesses and consumers that's office. stimulate growth. dead beat homeowners. case!
The Congressional Budget Office already hindering growth. But even then, economists be- Some are more optimistic. Con- MERS illegally assigned 2nd Thessalonians
says the so-called fiscal cliff would There's virtually no chance Con- lieve Congress will largely remain rad DeQuadros of RDQ Economics notes to Aurora Bank 2: 1-11, sons of perdition
slice up to 4 percentage points off gress will tackle the fiscal cliff be- split between Republicans who says housing is picking up and con- who can't own note, be- (banks) will be revealed.
growth next year causing the fore the November election. And favor sharp spending cuts and sumers and businesses have pared cause MERS don't. Then See the whole truth at
economy to contract in the first 55% of the economists surveyed Democrats who support some tax back debt. He expects growth of they foreclose on you, on and get
half- if all the deficit-slicing mea- predict lawmakers will extend the increases, undercutting the effec- around three percent in 2013. ae note tandme they Paidadnertislen
Marketing group aims to revive festival MIAMI.
By Maria Herrera bean Americans to "The little children The event that runs West Atlantic Avenue
cross Swinton Avenue had never experienced from 4 to 10 p.m. Sat- and Southwest Ninth INDUSTRY REVIEW MEETING NOTICE AND INVITATION
The Roots Cultural for the Roots parade, anything like that." urday includes a gos- Street.
Festival is going back festival and gospel Wesley said the fes- pel competition, Jazz "It's a way to bring for HOTEL MIA, RELATED AMENITIES AND
to, well, its roots. concert at Old School tival has continuously and R&,1 entertainers, the festival back to the FOOD AND BEVERAGE FACILITIES
The Delray Beach Square, a milestone made a positive impact vendors and a barbe- community and bring
Marketing Coopera- that showcased how on the community re- cue contest hosted by exposure to the area," The Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD) will be soliciting the services of a management
tive, a nonprofit in far the city had gone gardless of the shift- the nonprofit K.O.P, Salon. company to manage, operate, and maintain the airport hotel and related amenities and food
charge of marketing to erase racial tension ing shape it has taken formerly known as the To continue the tra- and beverage facilities located in the Terminal Building in Concourse E as identified in the
the city, is organizing dition of sparking location map. MDAD encourages all interested parties to attend and participate in the subject
reunion-style revival "It's important to the younger generation to have e- iy ou hee' cultrio- meig
of the festival Satur- V- iyaotterclu-WHEN: Thursday, September 6, 2012
day. The cooperative ery opportunity they can to learn about their heritage al heritage, the Spady
has been trying to and the history of their families." Cultural Heritage Mu- WHERE: Miami International Airport Hotel
bring the popular On --Charlene Jones seumn will be encour- Concourse E, 7th Floor Conference Center C& D
The Ave street fairs to Spd ietr aging families to leave TIME: 10:00AM-NOON
West Atlantic Avenue Spd ietr their names and trace
for some time, but their roots to the pio- To RSVP, please email your confirmation to Leyanee Valladares by no later than Friday,
said bringing the his- and dividing lines. over the years and Knights of Pythagoras neer Black families of August 31, 2012 at Ivatladares( Attendance is not mandatory.
toric Roots Festival to "Roots was instru- she's glad a new group -- all on land owned Delray Beach, said
the neighborhood that mental in erasing that of organizations has by the Delray Beach Spady Director Char-
gave birth to it was a line," Wesley said of committed to carrying Community Redevel- lone Jones. -For lega d onie go to ht:eadsmmideo
better idea. that year's festivities. itron. opment Agency on :
"We realized that
rather than try to re-
invent the wheel and CITY OF MIAMI
cmuiyreate an event in thewihu ADVERTISEMENT FOR PROPOSAL F rt 1
the community, we Sealed proposals will be received by the City of Miami City Clerk at her office Io-
would partner with cated at City Hall, 3500 Pan American Drive, Miami, FL 33133 for the following:
Roots, which has been
saont o 3er, RFP NO. 336312 EMPLOYEE BENEFIT DENTAL PLAN ~ l U I t
sadJamie Salon, the
cooperative's public CLOSING DATEITIME: 1:00 P.M., TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2012
relations and events
toahnogr. aW lotofte (Deadline for Request for additional information/clarification: 8 1/27/12)
people who started this Detailed specifications for this RFP are available at the City of Miami, Purchas-
event and who made it ing Departrment, website at Telephone No.
such a mainstay and 305-416-1906. *4
we wanted to be clear
and community." CORDANCE WITH CITY OF MIAMI CODE SECTION 18-74 ORDINANCE When you finance your first home with a OneUnited Bank
froeanor HomtesJf O121 home loan using the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston's
Aesoton Man 1978, Johnny Martinez
RotAssoceia on lon AD978,957 City Manager Equity Builder Program, you may qualify to receive up to
gest running festival in $10,000 for your down payment ... AND an additional $1,200
Delray Beach after the to cover closing costs!
Delray Affair. Through- ., ,

Home States restrict store front lending
the highest number of payday the ability to financially man-
stores per 10,000 residents age the rest of their lives.
prices continued from 6D
also had significant Black pop- In response to these and
those who are either separated ulations. Those states are: Ala- other payday findings, Rev. De-
& EV 4*j or divorced. bama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Forest Soaries, Jr., author of
o n th e "In states that restrict store- Missouri, Nevada, South Caro- Breaking Free from Financial
front lending, 95 percent of lina and Tennessee. Slavery, said, "Reputable busi-
would-be borrowers have elect- A 2011 report by the CRL nesses build their loyal clien-
rise ed not to use payday loans at found that payday loan cus- tele by offering value-priced
By Yasmeen Abutalleb First-time buyers bought 34 percent of all homes in the all. Just 5 percent went on- towers remain indebted double products and services. Custom-
second quarter ... line or elsewhere," said Nick the time that the Federal De- ers choose to return to these
Metro-area home prices since early 2006. The current inventories come onto the mar- Bourke, project director for posit Insurance Corporation businesses. But payday lenders
are on the rise, bolstered by median is still about 20 per- ket, they're being bought up Pew's Safe Small Dollar Loan recommends. According to build their repeat business by
a smaller share of distressed cent below the record set in fairly quickly," NAR researcher Research Project. CRL, much of the problem with trapping borrowers into a cycle
homes for sale at exceptionally 2006, NAR said. Jed Smith said. "This tends to Earlier payday research by fully retiring payday debt is be- of crippling debt with triple dig-
low prices. Tighter supplies of lower- firm up prices further and con- the Center for Responsible cause of the industry require- it interest rates and fees."
Median prices for single-fam- price homes, including those tinues to confirm we are in a Lending [CRL] found that com- ment that borrowers pay the Charlene Crowell is a com-
ily homes rose in the second in foreclosure and short sales, price recovery and market re- munities of color are frequently entire loan within the next pay- munications manager with the
quarter in three of four metro- helped drive up median prices. covery." areas where payday stores are check. For most borrowers, this Center for Responsible Lend-
politan areas, compared with Short sales are homes that are First-time buyers bought clustered. Further, states with specific loan term denies them ing.
about half in the first quarter, sold for less than the unpaid 34 percent of all homes in the
according to the National As- mortgage balance. Distressed second quarter, little changed
association of Realtors (NAR). homes made up about 26 per- from the first quarter or a year E m ployers use less skill to train m o1c;
The national median price cent of second-quarter sales ago. A normal share is close to
increased 7.3 percent last compared with 33 percent a 40 percent, NAR said.
quarter from a year ago, to year ago. CUTS training began after the 1980 right skills is challenging. Sev-
$181,500, the strongest gain "This just goes to show as Please turn to HOME 10D continued from 6D recession as companies became enty percent of companies have
more cost conscious and inten- found it difficult to fill key po-
through company-provided sified in the Great Recession sitions the past year, accord-
training over the past five of 2007-09. Firms also grew ing to a recent survey by Right
"N either rain nor sleet doing bad years. By contrast, employee weary of paying for workers to Management. That helps keeps
training was commonplace in gain skills only to watch them unemployment high.
POSTAL government agency required to native changes, it said, annual the 1970s, Cappelli says, with soon defect to competitors, says Cappelli says this skills gap
continued from 6D make such payments. losses will exceed $21 billion young workers getting an aver- Susan Cantrell, an Accenture can largely be chalked up to
by 2016. age 21/2 weeks of training a year. consultant. employers' reluctance to hire
failed to take action before FUTURE LOOKS BLEAK The Senate passed a postal Particularly affected are With unemployment above candidates who meet most of
heading home for a five-week UNLESS CONGRESS ACTS bill in April that would have manufacturers, which have eight percent, many business- their criteria and fill in gaps
break. The numbers bring the Postal provided financial relief in part pared back apprenticeships es "believe there's lots of (un- with training a strategy they
The mail agency says it will Service's year-to-date net loss by reducing the annual health even as they're seeking multi- employed workers) out there used to deploy routinely.
miss the second $5.6 billion to $11.6 billion, compared to payments and providing an skilled workers, says Michael that they can get," says Mark The behavior is short-sighted
payment due on Sept. 30, also $5.7 billion for the same period $11 billion cash infusion, ba- Collins, head of consulting firm Schmit, vice president of re- because jobs stay unfilled lon-
for future retiree benefits, as last year. sically a refund of overpay- MPC Management. search for SHRM. ger, which hurts companies,
cash runs close to zero. Art Sackler, co-coordinator ments the Postal Service made The shift from extensive Yet finding workers with the too, he says.
"We remain confident that of the Coalition for a 21st Cen- to a federal pension fund.
Congress will do its part to tury Postal Service, a group The House, however, remains
help put the Postal Service on representing the private-sector stalled over a separate bill
a path to financial stability," mailing industry, cautioned that would allow for aggressive
said Postmaster General Pat- that the worst of postal losses cuts, including an end to Sat-
rick Donahoe. "We will con- may be yet to come. He noted urday delivery. Rural lawmak-
tinue to take actions under our that the Postal Service's third- ers, in particular, worry about
control to improve operational quarter nurcibers may reflect the impact of closures in their
efficiency and generate revenue an unusually higher volume communities. JF
by offering new products and of mail that typically occurs in The Postal Service originally
services to meet our customers' an election year. sought to close low-revenue NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING
changing needs." "There are more than 8 post offices in rural areas to NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING REGARDING THE ISSUANCE OF NOT
Overall, the post office had million private sector work- save money but after strong EXCEEDING $50,000,000 TAX INCREMENT REVENUE BONDS TO FINANCE
operating revenue of $15.6 bil- ers whose jobs depend on the public opposition it is now
lion from April through June, mail, and these jobs may be moving forward with a new CERTAIN REDEVELOPMENT PROJECTS IN THE SOUTHEAST OVERTOWN/
the third quarter of its 2012 fis- in jeopardy if Congress fails to plan to keep 13,000 open with PARK WEST REDEVELOPMENT DISTRICT
cal year. That was down a frac- reform the Postal Service, he shorter operating hours.
tion from the same period last said. "As bad as things are get- The Postal Service, an inde- Notice is hereby given of a public hearing to be held by the Southeast Overtown/Park West Community
year. But quarterly expenses ting for the Postal Service, it pendent agency of government, Redevelopment Agency (the "Agency") on August 27, 2012, commencing at 5:00 p.m. at Frederick Douglass
this year climbed to $20.8 bil- could be worse next year." does not receive tax money for Elementary School, 314 Northwest 12th Street, Miami, Florida, 33136, to receive comment on the adoption
lion, up 10 percent, largely driv- The agency has forecast a its day-to-day operations but by the Agency of a resolution entitled:
en by the health prepayments. record $14.1 billion loss by the is subject to congressional -
The Postal Service is the only end of this year. Without legis- control. A RESOLUTION OF THE SOUTHEAST OVERTOWN/PARK WEST COMMUNITY REDE-
Sealed bids will be received by the City of Miami, Office of the City Clerk, City Hall, 1st Floor, 3600 EXCEED $50,000,000 AS THE INITIAL SERIES OF BONDS HEREUNDER FOR THE PUR-
Pan American Drive, Miami, Florida 33133-5504, until 11:00 A.M. on Thursday, August 30, 2012, for POSE OF FINANCING CERTAIN GRANTS TO BE USED FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OR
ScopeofWork: The project consists.of 1) Removing a total of four (4) turbine pumps with corresponding Upon conclusion of the public hearing, the Agency will consider adoption of such resolution which authoriz-
motors and appurtenances and installing four pumps at two City of Miami Stormwater Pump Stations. Two es the issuance of Tax Increment Revenue Bonds (the "Bonds") by the Agency in the not to exceed amount
pumps and motors to be removed at Lawrence Pump Station and two pumps and motors to be removed at stated above for purposes of financing a parking garage to be owned by the Agency to be located approxi-
Riverview Pump Station. 2) Installing a 20,000 GPM Fairbanks Morse, a 15,000 GPM Fairbanks Morse, a lately behind the Lyric Theatre which is located at 819 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida and the financing
200 hp motor, a 150 to 200 hp motor and a soft starter with a central control at the Lawrence Pump Station. or refinancing, through loans or grants to private developers or property owners, the following community
3) Installing two 35,000 GPM Fairbank Morse Pumps, two 400 hp motors, soft start motors and central redevelopment projects undertaken in accordance with the Agency's Redevelopment Plan:
panels at Riverview Pump Station. Lawrence Pump Station is located at 342 SW 7 Avenue, Miami, Florida
33130 and Riverview Pump Station is located at 1301 SW 6 Street, Miami, Florida 33125. The work per- Lyric Place Block 25 new construction of a mixed use development containing between 90-100
formed by.a Subcontractor, if any, cannot be more than 10% of the total work specified in this contract. The affordable housing units to be located at the intersection of NW 2nd Avenue and NW 9th Street, Miami,
contract term is for six (6) months. The selected contractor shall provide a crane to lift the heavy pumps Florida. This project will be owned by or leased to a private developer.

Lemonade stand raises nearly $4K for Detroit
on PayPal, so that's tapering I.T 'I,- I I Rhonda Smith said every man who wanted us to come
Nieya -l f.Btta' ol eas precaution was taken to make set up the popcorn stand on
strin o odrwende sure that the money was the lot of his business," Mr.
handles life's it end." .,.... ,inot out in the open and that Smith said. "We didn't even
l ~ ~~~If the last week was any ..'' iiJoshua was never alone. negotiate that one. If you want
BJScr ott inictinthco e fo en moedays, noas "People are shady, flat out," to hire Josh, you're welcome
By Jy SottSmih cme or fe moe dysas : ': i Rhonda Smith said, add- to hire me too. We just didn't
the story of Joshua's lemonade p, "" 'ing that business have ap- want anything to detract from
DETROIT Days after his stand continues to draw inter- .. .preached them about their the purity of it."
internationally-known lemon- est from around the world. Re- son : enorin prdcs P- Ters f h oe h
ade stand closed, 9-erod enySihapaebfre !. pie were saying that he might Smiths have received will be
Joshua Smith's idea to help the Detroit City Council and .v %,get stuck up during the sale. donated to the city later in the
cash-strapped Detroit netted was presented with a "Spirit of It' Derot An ura ra we.Te aiyhpsta
close to $4,000 in sales and Detroit" award.! ... .. where its people are strug- they have helped inspire oth-
donations. After being hailed "I'm a believer (in Detroit) "", ,gling, you have to be cautious ers, regardless of their age, to
as a "hero" by the Detroit City and here's a young man at 9 about what you're doing. We follow their heart in terms of
Council an omne y yasold who also believes," ml Arecognized that people have giving back.
Mayor Dave Bing, Smith and said Detroit Mayor Dave Bing. tried to exploit him." "One man can make a dif-
his family are grateful for the "I think that bodes very well "We've had several offers ference," Flynn Smith said. "If
generosity of others in helping for the future of the city Ibe- LEMONADE SALE FOR DETROIT: In response to the finan- that we've had to turn down you've learned nothing from
to more than triple his goal. cause when you can get your cial crisis in Detroit, ,Joshua Smith, 9 and his friend Dwayne Du- from people trying to give Biblical history, God used 12
"It's close $3,600," Flynn children to get engaged; to rant, 10 of Detroit are having a lemonade sale to benefit the city. Josh things and it just didn't guys to turn the world over.
Smith, Joshua's father, said. understand the depth of the feel right," Mrs. Smith added. For Joshua, what my hope
After the sale ended last week, problem you have and say that his community," Delora Tyler, here's one young man who de- "He wanted to do this for his is for him is that he'll never
people continued to send cards 'I'm not just going to sit on the the foundation president, told cided that he wanted to pray city. He didn't want to do it for forget that God used one little
and money through a PayPal sidelines' either.' the Detroit Free Press. "We about the conditions in our fame or fortune." boy to make a difference."
account set up by the family. "I think it will permeate look forward to fostering our city and he had this spark of Joshua's father said that he "We've gotten phone calls
"People had us another $70 throughout our city," Bing relationship with him as he an idea. I really believe that never left too much money out from people who said 'I don't
at church on Sunday," Smith said of the spirit of Joshua's completes his education and it's the Lord that gave him the in the open and intentionally have no hope and I saw your
said. "Cards still came in the fundraiser. "I hope that does becomes our leader of tomor- idea." kept the stand away from the son do this, and now I have
mail with money in them. I happen. We don't want a lot row." There were risks involved in sidewalk. He also made daily hope,'" said Mr. Smith. "That's
think yesterday was the first of kids doing what he's done Joshua's mother, Rhonda Joshua's venture, including deposits to keep large quanti- priceless. How much would
time that at the end of the day, necessarily, but we want them Smith, played a big role in that someone would attempt ties of money out of the house. you pay for the restoration of
there was no money coming in to feel engaged." getting the initial word out to rob him or his family. "My wife and I had a gentle- hope in someone's life?"
Are Blacks welcome at Mercedes-Benz? The rising power of
Fird mpoyessie acsm vestigate the source minority employees, enced two of its most
Fie m lyesst a im of the graffiti, make but his manager told profitable years while o l n e w -ntrn
as aue f r awsitany indication that him he had to do it under his leadership,
ascueorlw utthe behavior wasn't anyway. the lawsuit claims.on i eetrkg
By Jill Berman time at Mercedes, said permitted by a anti- Guyton complained "The fact that I spoke cmaiswligt hr hi
people were initially harassment or anti- in writing about be- up, and it was an envi- More businesses experiences.Cmaiswlngtshrter
Two employees of a "resistent" when he discrimination policy, ing required to change ronment where those sethe adva tage Phillip icCrae of OladRuth
Manhattan Mercedes- was first hired as the or say that the behav- the evaluations of his types of activities were se a s Services, in Newtown, Pa., sells
Benz dealership claim only Black manager ior was unacceptable. non-minority employ- tolerated by all, I think By Melinda F. Emerson direct video advertising tools for
they were subject to in the showroom. He "It's just horrible," ees and about the had a great deal to do sales, marketing and education
racial discrimination added that had heard Guyton said. "You racist graffiti. After- with me being termi- When starting a business, new organizations. He used Twit-
at work and then fired racial discrimination would think that we wards, the lawsuit al- nated from the com- entrepreneurs often spend time ter to pull together a dozen or
after bringing this is- party," Guyton said. naming the business and develop- so QR Code users to test out his
seuwihte r su U Guyton, who has a ing a logo and printing business ideas for adding video to QR Code
periors, uthril. if n w hlrn cards and perfecting the look and campaigns. "The data was reveal-
Burnell Guyton and A""You would think that we were past those siitwsntaly feel of their packaging before they ing as to the user variations and
Andre Grammer say 71 veryy difficult for him know whether they have a viable pricing structures small-business
they found grafitti in E,;! times by now, but it was shocking to me." to find a job because product or service. There's now a owners would be willing to pay
the showroom's bath- -B gURN ELL G UYT0 N he had admit on ap- better way -social media has be- for video capabilities in a QR
romfauin wsi plications that he was come the ultimate tool for market Code," Mr. McCrae said. He used
kas, an image of a stick Zakdt laeacm research. Stephanie Clifford wrote a conference call line from Free
figure hanging from pany, which is a "red an article for The Times this week Conference Call to convene the
a noose, and phras- being expressed ver- were past those times leges, he received a flag." He ultimately about how big corporations are Twitter users. And each partici-
es like "Burnell is a bally before the graffiti by now, but it was negative performance found another job in replacing focus groups with social pant received a small gift.
dumb as [sic] n*****," appeared. shocking to me." evaluation in retali- the auto industry, but media, but it works for small Michael Sinsheimer of Flash
according to a lawsuit Once I saw it with In addition, the law- ation. Soon, another it pays "nowhere near businesses, too. Purchase in Charlotte, N.C., is
filed earlier this week. my own eyes, it put re- suit claims the two felt set of racist remarks what I'm accustomed Thanks to social media -espe- about to introduce a business
The two claim they ality in my face," Guy- ostracized after re- appeared in the bath- to making," he said. cially Twitter small businesses that offers deals on consumer
were ultimately fired ton told HuffPost. porting the graffiti. room stalls and they Grammer was fired now have the ability to determine products such as electronics,
for complaining about After Guyton and Guyton, who says weren't removed this minutes after Guyton what their customers want and clothing and jewelry. He has used
the discrimination, Grammer complained, he oversaw 150 em- time. lost his job, the law- what they are willing to pay. I put surveys created on Survey-
despite their success- the graffiti was paint- ployees, was asked by About one month suit claims. Shortly out a quick social media call for Monkey on Twitter, Facebook
ful work performance. ed over and the deal- his manager to give later, Grammer offered after the two were ter- small businesses on Facebook, and Linkedln to get feedback from
"It really hurts to ership's director of higher performance his resignation to minated, another rac- Twitter and Google+ who have consumers on which product cat-
find out that you're human resources scores to his non- Guyton, who attempt- ist remark appeared used social media for market re- egories they would be interested
judged by the color of asked the employees minority employees, ed to convince him to on the bathroom stall, search and within minutes found Please turn to NETWORKINgG 10D
your skin and not by near the bathroom to but not Grammer's stay and said he would and another employee
tt e qu liyqfuorarfrin fr m utinfs orocco di g orakfc re of thnd s- ofthod al rs ip .............of, the.................f ..........d...............ip, sen......
that you bring to the racist remarks on the the suit. The suit also crimination, accord- a photo of the graffiti
table," Guyton told stalls, according to claims claims Guyton ing to the suit. But to Grammer, accord-
The Huffington Post, the lawsuit. But the complained about be- Guyton was fired later ing to the lawsuit. This
referring to when he suit claims she didn't ing asked to raise the that same day, despite time, it read, "so long
first saw the bathroom make an effort to in- scores of only his non- his unit having experi- coon." Landmark Construction Service. LLC.
A statement from
Mercedes Benz Man-
hattn sttesthattheHampton Village Apartments
company can't corn- A Class Action Settlement About Chinese Drywall
met on the claims in Hampton Village Apartments ("Hampton"), a new construction 100 unit multi-family
detal de toongingMay Affect You project to be located on the SE corner of NW 43d Terrace and NW 29P Avenue in

Shrewd, open-minded, liberal and more Experiences of a lifetime
ALLEN on campus. ing," Allen said. desegregated, according RICKETTS to Florida State Uni- in the same room with
continued from 6D "I had to find a house in But he did. to Allen's autobiography cotne rm52 versity and hopes to Ricketts could tell that
the Black community," he "I enjoy the give and take, "Where the Bus Stops." cniudfo5C double major in Eng- he was all about busi-
constantly. It was a differ- said.. the strategizing and I enjoy His autobiography serves that job and to show lish and drama. With ness. But everyone
ent experience from NAMU Upon graduation, Allen winning," he said. as an in-depth account how that job would his eye set on the has to relax sometime.
where he earned his under- immediately went to work. Over the years, Allen has of the attorney's many greatly affect them." English field, he says And when he does, he
graduate degree. However, after being dissat- handled all kinds of cases. achievements despite over- Ricketts will stay on being in the editorial has a list of favorite 'to
"I would get phone calls isfied with the salary of his "Whatever walked in the whelming odds. Now, as he with the FCAA dur- department at The Mi- do's'
from people threatening my first two jobs, he decided to door was what I handled," makes his exit from the top ing this fall as part of ami Times was perfect "I like reading,
life saying things like 'Nig- open his own practice in Ft. he said. of the legal profession, he their after-school pro- for him. watching TV, playing
ger, we are going to kill you, Lauderdale in 1963. leaves this advice to anyone gram. "This experience has video games and writ-
if you don't leave,' he said. "I was anxious," he said. CLOSING STATEMENT who is aspiring to be a law- "When I first came helped me," he contin- ing," Ricketts said.
"But I wasn't going to let "It was the unknown that The case that defined A- yer; to The Miami Times, ued. "First, I learned Now that the intern-
them turn me around. Fail- made me anxious. I did not len as a lawyer was the Bro- "Study hard, be open- I expected to be writ' how to use a Mac corn- ship is over, he says,
ure was not an option." know if I was going to be ward County School Board minded, get a liberal educa- ing," Ricketts said. I puter, I learned how to "I'm kinds just going
Allen remembers not accepted or if I would get lawsuit, which ruled that tion and read -stay abreast can't say that I didn't pull different stories to finish up my school
even being allowed to live enough clients to earn a liv- Ely High School would be of the current trends." exetalto okfrom website and Ishpigadwtfo
but I expected easier learned how to do in- classes to start. To
S el a l nd llsh re y ou b u in sswork. I didn't think tensive research. This anyone who has been
Sel a l a d ll h a e y u bu s ne s"that Id have to do as was time well spent." offered an internship,
much research as I I would say go for it
NETWORKING people wanted to buy." design avaiabl fordi. t wsnt ar LEARNING THE because it can really
continued from 9D Sandy Patangay is ,.,, ,. ': ,order through our interning here, but it ROPES prepare you for the
founder of Creme De- .. ,;: Web site or Facebook." wasn't easy either." QUIETLY real world and a full-
in. So far, about 80 licious, a dessert bou- One crucial piece Ricketts wants to go Anyone who worked time job-"
people have complet- tique in New York City. of advice: Don't just
ed his surveys. "We The bakery specializ- ask your customers if R t s n w a i t r c l w
developed our entire es in hand-decorated "they like your prod- R t s n w a i t r c l w
company from this cakes and cookies and ..".,.{i? uct or service. Make
data," he said. "The publishes pictures r>.,: sure you find out how HOME promising and very ac- NAN's report indicates.
first deals on our Web weekly to its Facebook -,".-:::? much they are willing cniudfo8D tive," she says. Trulia's price moni-
site, which will launch page to get feedback .. } to pay. S eceon d- qu a r ter tor for July shows ask-
................. ".......7'. And please tell us in wihfrttm uestrends in median sin- lng prices on homes for
later this month, are on its latest designs. w"i.h firt-im buer
based on the feedback "I depend on my Face- 9', 2.: the comments section and often pay cash gle-family home prices sale increased 1.1 per-
we received in the sur- book fans and Twit- what they think about Ms. Patangay, "and what has worked for -accounted for 19 by region: cent from a year ago.
veys on the products ter followers to tell me my products," said then we make those you. percent of all trans- e Northeast. Down Altlhough prices are
actions. That was the 1.6 percent to $241,300 on the upswing in
D on t s ep ig t i h e e oo u ic lysame as a year ago but from the second quar- some areas, mortgage
Do tstp ig t n he e ooqu ck down from 22 percent ter of last year. rates remain near his-
in the first quarter. Midwest. Up 7.5 toric lows.
STORES additional money. In- ing to burnish its im- Queens (6.2 percent) 715 East 138th Street. Southwest Chicago percent to $149,400. The national aver-
continued from 6D stead, he described it age while it promotes and Staten Island (1.8 "To me, it's a little bit real estate broker Kim South. Up 7.4 per- age 30-year, fixed rate
as another benefit for legislation in Albany percent). Nationwide, much," Aguila, 52, Nolan says she has cent to $163,200. was 3.59 percent this
to them as corner bo- the more than 30,000 to loosen restrictions 7.7 percent had no said. "But I think ev- seen more investors West: Up 13.4 per- week, up from 3.55
degas, and as reliable. customers the busi- on short-term loans, bank account. erything else, they're come in and fix up cent to $234,000. percent a week ago,
But an industry ness sees a month -- which typically last Luis Aguila, an un- really good with. They foreclosures in poor Trulia chief econo- according to Freddie
built on mutual con- like a loyalty program three to six months. employed cook, pays work with you fast; condition, indicating mist Jed Kolko agrees Mac's survey of lend-
venience has come that rewards frequent The legislation would nearly $15 to cash his they're friendly, and that there is more con- prices have gone up ers.
under increased scru- users with cash bo- allow the loans at $785 disability check that matters a lot, fidence in the market. over the last year, but The rate was 4.32
tiny over the past de- nuses or electronics. higher rates than cur- every month at the even when it's 1.9 per- "That's a real posi- he says it's not at the percent at this time
cade as its stores have "If you can't keep a rently permitted, but RiteCheck store, at cent." tive sign. It's very 7.3 percent rate that last year.
continued to become pile of money sitting lower than the indus-
full financial centers, in a bank, you need try says is available
improving services an alternative," Cole- on out-of-state loans
like electronic bill man said. "Here, you secured through the B LCP RJT E
payment, wire trans- can come in and drop Internet.
fers and prepaid debit $20 in the morning, "The timing is un-
cards. and come back in the mistakable," said B LCP RJT E
The expansion has afternoon and take it Russ Haven, legisla-
spurred renewed criti- back because you re- tive counsel for the
cism from advocates alize you need it." New York Public Inter- BYN OE
for poor residents Jonathan Zinman, est Research Group.
and from bank of- an associate profes- "They're trying to put BYN OE
ficials, who say the sor of economics at a fresh coat of paint
check-cashing indus- Dartmouth College on the check-cashing
try takes advantage who worked with Ri- industry at the same $ 1 2 TILO
of those who have no reCheck on the new time they're pushing
other options, and it service, said it was im- hard in the Legisla-
has prompted more portant to understand ture to get the right to $ 1 R ILO
calls for consumer the role of these stores make loans at several
protections. Many of in areas like the South times over the state
been unfairly tar- check cashers are city's poorest borough, :..............................u- a.
nished, that they pro- where the money is," check cashers have d e tiese
vide needed services Professor Zinman flourished even as d es r u
and that they are said. "The basic idea is more bank branches ". d"aIi* ~ e~u
making improvements to meet people where have opened in under-
to their operations. they're at, and give served and low-income B lac m e as ~r
them an opportunity areas. There are 131 for u senoore
MONEY IS? a time when they're in the Bronx, up from Note to marketers: Television advertising is accowthn ato the Unierity ofnterga
amplequd. Rit1hck in 2007,taercordDr-ngotpsrail In part that is because marketers reason
This month, for ex- toui. stat in207,cordDringotrca.anwy omdcn rt rgaso
cape inf1 torhes .in EXORBITANT FEES ing that same period, That's the message that a newy o me thtasrunnouinn-ntea hne
the Bronx and Har- But the check cash- the number of bank sortium of the country's largest Afric ar-Ae- tha ad unn uigso tsporamssord
lem wllbegn ivngers' emphasis on branches in the bor- i can media outlets wants to send to Inrket- reachtme lac onumnsra hne
custmwlegin ivn g lageasierebak eiai savings has elicited ough increased slight- Debr L.s Lee, hv agyshnebacmdii w ra ch i soxekconuer t oTsaid
cutnoer sang ease tcs frmci-lt 52fo 4.ifvrs whpaigas nrloutes Deara ple hefeeuie a n shouldt
or~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ par On thi ah is wosytesr IO ody ET Ne rsala utler- woss "Any well-developed media pln-ho3

] 50 Street Heights 2353 NW 102 STREET 1283 NW 55 Street GENE AND SONS.,INC.
Aprmns Walking distance from One bedroom, $675 monthly. Three bedrooms, two baths. ADMIN ASSISTANT COMPUTER and HELP Custom-made cabinets for
Brownsville Metrorail. Free 305-525-0619 $1,150 mthly. 786-328-5878. 5947 N. Miami Avenue TRAINEES NEEDED! DESK TRAINING! kitchens and bathrooms at
15NW1Pae water, gas, window bars, 2360 N.W. 66 Street. Pri- One bedroom. one bath. Train to become a Become a Certified affordable prices.
110 W1 lae iron gate doors. One and two vate home $7moty.SverfrgMiostOfceHelp Desk and 14130 N.W. 22nd Avenue.
One bedroom, one bath, bdrms from $490-$580 mthly! Two bedrooms, one bath. No $470 mothy S3teer to ve, f rerig Miroof PrfesonlfCic35-8-3e
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$400. Appliances. 305-387-3349. monthly. Section a ok. mthly, 305-336-9977. Screen patio, washer and MEDICAL BILLING
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1215 NW 103 Lane One and two bdrms, $595 786-853-6292 Three bedrooms, two baths, postS$750. 786-205-6729. No waiting. Traffic school
Two bdrms, gated security, and $695. Call 786-486-2895. 3190 NW 135 Street $1350 monthly. 2.5 blocks 8150 NW 13 Avenue irst time driver $35 Beat any Learn to become a
tile, $700 mthly, $1000 to 6229 NW 2 Avenue One bedroom, one bath. Re- from park, Elementary and Two bedrooms, one bath, price. 786-333-2084. Medical Office Assistant!
move in. 305-696-7667 One bedroom, one bath. Sec- modeled. Section 8 ok. $675 Middle Schools. 3 blocks central air, near bus route, No Experience Needed!
122 N 1Cort tion 8 OK. 55 and older pre- monthly Water included 305- from grocery store. Full size fenced yard. $1,200 monthly. P LACE S YrOU R
12NWICut ferred. 305-310-7463. 975-0711 or 786-853-6292. washer and dryer. Wall air Section 8 welcome. Call Troy Job Training and Job
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$450. Appliances, free One bedroom, one bath, Two bdrms., one bath, Sec- welcome. Contact: 305-467- 930 NW 176 TERRACE HESRES available when completed!
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Three bedrooms, one bath. and half baths on the water.
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$425. Appliances. Churches30-975-1987.OnAyHm/yAra Lt .DI.-..... .........
1010 NW 180 Terrace 256 Any Hoe/n AraStreetI BIG HSD
786-23-11442683 NW 66 Street Free cable, air, appliances Three bedrooms, two baths FIRSTTIME BUYERS kL. AL ~~x
For more information and use of kitchen. and central air. 305-975-1987 Need HELP??? ',AMOUS NAM BRANS ALI. tNFW
305-835-2728 30-9281 -------: -'--------- Powerful, Spiritual, man of God
200 NW 13 Street Call 786-277-8988 14 n vne2725 NW 53 Street 30 9281 LKE NEW -$19 Bc yPplrDmn
One drm on bah $75.Private entrance, extras. Three bedrooms, two baths. Hos fHms ely ARPETSALEw~ ,WANO Gifted By God from Birth
Ms. Shorty 786-290-1438 C dsowhues $110 wkly. Call 305-687-6930 $1450. Stove, refrigerator, 71,1 oey~a 10 $9
MIAMI GARDENS AREA or .air, washer and dryer hook :12'XI0' Ricih8urgundy $100 $19 nr rC R AY M Or~ ND

U.S. women carry
the flag on medals i"'
other knees in gratitude. -E R
goDemus says. "I wanted it so
9old ace 3-11bad, I can't explain how bad. I
started crying because I knew
ByMk orsihow bad I wanted it." a
..... 9 p.m.: The two teams for
Women. Can't live with 'em, the women's beach volley- 1 '
wouldn't have a prayer in the balfinal take the sand. The i
medal race without 'em. U.S. team is in red. The other TRACK: Allyson Felix, right, and Carmelita Jeter took the gold
Through last Wednesday, the U.S. team is in white. It is an and bronze medals, respectively, in the 200.
USA had won 34 gold medals all-Yankee final, and Ameri-
at the Olympics. The women TAKBrteyReecan bikinis have taken over !
accounted for 23 of them. A T CK rtnyReethe land next to 10 Downing
Take away swimming, and the J od h .. lgatrwn Street. Meanwhile, the Horse
nAmerican men had three. Theyimdlls inbxn a~ ning gold in long jump.eoy fmGuards Parade dancers per-, iii
historical first) and put nobody 4 BOXING: Marion Esparza 9:01 p.m.: Allyson Felix, }
in the men's 400-erfna got bronze in the flyweight cat- wofnse eodi w
(ditto). consecutive Olympics, finally ;. !/
But the women have domi- 1, gets her gold in the 200 me- i
nated, from the halls of gym- ters, while 32-year-old team- : ~i.
nastics to the shores of beach Her name is Claressa Shields, who face Japan in Thursday's mate Carmelita Jeter finishes >
volleyball. Because Wednesday and she might be the most gold medal game. third and becomes the third-
figured to be another highlight fun U.S. Olympian to watch The Americans have become oldest woman to medal in the
reel, a diary seemed in order. in this sport since Sugar Ray masters of the comeback, ral- event. For both, the value of ;, .
A day in the life of American Leonard. lying against France and three patience. ,
Olympic women on a roll. "That's the performance I times against Canada. "It's been a journey," Felix k, <
1:45 p.m.: With the men all wanted everybody to see," she "I think we exemplify a lot of says, "but you can't lose sight
gone, any glory in the boxing says, after a rout sends her what the American people are of your dream."[7ltil :' : i
venue will have to come from into Thursday's gold medal going through right now with 9:30 p).m.: Brittney Reese
the ladies. Marlen Esparza en- bout. Her strategy this day the economy and all the hard- and Janay DeLoach go 1-3 in
ters the arena with an Ameri- against an immobile opponent ships," Abby Wambach says. the long jump. i
can flag around her head, from Kazakhstan is delight- "The fact that we're willing to 9:37 p.m.: That's the time 2.t.. ,:
loses and ends up weeping fully simple. "If a girl's going to fight no matter what is thrown on nearby Big Ben when April TRACK: Lashindla Demus is TRACK: Janay Deloach took
into the same flag. stand right in front of me, why at us, that no matter how Ross' serve goes long, and consoled after finishing second the bronze medal in the worn-
She'll get the bronze, but not hit her?" many times we fall down we're Misty May-Treanor and Kerri in40mlse'sogjup
that won't console her. She has no direct family all still willing to get up, even Walsh win their third beach in40mlse'sogjmp
"The worst part about it is here to watch her, but she is in the face of failure." volleyball gold, in probably we dreamed," May-Treanor Harry is behind you.'"
you imagine in your mind the the last American standing 6:10 p.m.: Clarissa Chun their last appearance together. says to Walsh, "and we lived Of the 11 American medals
other side," she says through in boxing and attacks with a wins bronze, giving the USA 9:42 p.m.: Walsh celebrates it." Wednesday, nine come from
tears. "To watch somebody fury. "I feel like Rocky Balboa," its first wrestling medal of with her two little boys in her 10:30 p).m.: Ross describes women. The water polo and
right in front of me ... have she says. these Games. arms, then hands one to May- all the news media that had soccer teams go for gold Thurs-
what I've worked my whole life She has seen every Rocky 8:45 p.m.: Russia's Na- Treanor. Guaranteed, an im- been waiting for partner Jen- day, and the basketball team
for is horrible." movie, liking the one with Mr. talya Antyukh barely beats age destined to live in London nifer Kessy and her when seeks to continue its stampede
2:50 p.m.: Finally, an T the best. American Lashinda Demus Olympics recap heaven. they arrived. "We thought the through the bracket.
American boxer who puts a 4:30 p.m.: News conference to the line for the gold in the 10:14 p.m.: One last hug on cameras were for us," she says. They are women, hear them
true pounding on someone. for the U.S. soccer women, 400-meter hurdles, then drops the medal stand. "This is what "Then someone said, 'Prince roar.
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