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Title: Miami Times
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Creator: Miami times
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Place of Publication: Miami, Fla.
Publication Date: November 8, 1968
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Dade -- Miami
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PKY L a r'! : Blacks Always Be Used?

01 tuINI>RIAL) In the package that was Just recently approved, the lawyer,
On Monday, November 4th,the Advisory Board of Little HUD the consultant and the general contractor are all members of
recommended the approval of a bid, submitted by one of our the same Immediate family. None are blacks.
local black churches, for the development of a 6 1/2 acre tractof Then too, the act also provides for those persons making a
h the Urban Renewal Program in project one. This was done profit out of the development, If they want to, to share a per-
agains t the recommendation of the professional members of centage of that profit with the non-profit sponsors to assist
the staff. with the social services program; and to lend their expertise
Now DON't misunderstand me. We are in perfect agreementthat directing them in the initial operations of the development afterit
Black organizations and/or churches should apply, and is constructed. None of this was promosed by the developerof
where qualified, be approved for any Federal Housing projectthat the package to the black non profit sponsoring group.
is available. But NOT to the detriment of themselves, and We raise the question why? Must blacks always front for
other blacks, and to the financial benefit of other groups who other groups?
will rake off all of the financial benefits and leave the black Why can't black professional persons participate In some
_u_ _______. organization with only the mortgage.For of these transactions where fees and profits are Involved?
JOE LANG KERSHAW example, under the existing Federal Laws governingthe It is our understanding that the group that was highly rec-
Department of Housing and Urban Development, the spon- ommended by the professional staff as having the best pack-
soring groups can select the architect of their choice, the age, also Included in their package the use of blacks to the
Dade Sends First general ,contractor of their choice, the consultant of their maximum extent possible.We .
choice, and may even enter into a contract with a' mortgage wonder what our County Commissioners will do when the
brother of their choice to'seek sources of financing. package is submitted to them for final approval.

Black To TallahasseeThe

Florida Legislature will take on a bit Dr. Ward Honored At

of color in the next session when it seats its

first black member in 77 years.
Cultural TestimonialMetro l
Joseph Lang Kershaw, 56- year-old teacherat

G. W. Carver Junior High School, defeated Dr. .

Roger Gunderson by 156,108 votes to 87,435for Mayor Chuck Hall College<< when the Miami Sym
presents a plaque to Dr. Elmer phony Society Orchestra was
the 99th District seat in the State House of
A. Ward, outstanding featured In concert under the
Representatives. Miami civic leader, as his direction of Max Pecker. $G m R p
Kershaw became the first black man to be wife, Anna Belle, looks on Plaques were presented by w
elected approvingly. The award was The Miami City Commission,
to the Legislature since the last Recon-
one of many received by the Greater Miami Urban League,
struction legislature in 1891. pioneer businessman who has Greater Miami Chapter Links,
'Kershaw defeated Steve Butter for the Democratic given unselfish service to his Inc., Florida Voters League,
community for more than 40 Metropolitan Dade County,
nomination to the State House in the May .
years. State Democratic Party, Rinkeydinks 1.
'. primary election Dr. Ward" was honored, Inc., Egelloc Civic Phi Beta Sorority, Dade Democratic !and the Democratic '";
a Cultural Testimonial' f last Service Club, Inc., Young Committee. Cwest ,Commltt .,:;:Johnson of Miami \1
Sunday at Florida Memorial Democratic Association, Eta Club, Economy Drug, Inc., photo. "::
little HUD Split Over {

I +

Urban Renewal Developer;

Metro's Little HUD Advi- The board's recommendation i C M .wwa / 1
sory Board recommended a to hire Louis Falk, local i
Miami developer Monday to attorney and developer, now I
rebuild 6.6 acres of Miami's goes to the Metro Commission I''
Urban Renewal area. for final action.Supporting.
The 4-to-3 decision came the Falk pro j ll'ta
over the strong protest of two posal were Henry Arrington, II'
members of the Housing and Jerome Greene, Leon Levin
Urban Development Board,Including and Mrs. Dana Dorsey Chapman .
Board Chairman Sid- j
ney Aronovitz. (continued on page 3)) I

/ 1

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r e qNoyJ 4 'r'i'.t rj..tfrr
1 m :_ I.' ':' 17, ('1/;

Block voters in Dade County made their greatest showing in history in BLACK CONGRESSWOMAN

Tuesday's general election I when thousands crowded the polling places to First Black woman to be

cast their ballots. Long lines began forming,before the polls opened? at seven crat elected Shirley to Congress Chisholm Is Demo-New

Members of the Block Brothers for Progress en- a.m. and many stood in line for more than an hour after the polls closed offic- York. She won the seat by defeating
tertained the patients at Variety Children's Hospitalon
ially at seven James Farmer, a Republican -
Halloween night bringing bags of gifts and candy to p.m. and former national
the work of the, Urban ,
One of the big reasons for the tremendous turnout was -
all of the
youngsters. director of the Congress of
Shown with Kenneth Cespedes, a little patient, are: League's New Thrust in the ghetto. During the week before the electior, Racial Equality. Mrs. Chis-
(standing) Mrs. Georgia Jones, and L. D. Kennedy, League staff and volunteers canvassed the county's 20 precincts with the holm, Democratic national
adult advisors; and,,(in front row: L-R) John W. Bennett, committeewoman, won In the
1st vice president; Robert Gilbert, 2nd vice/ president,. largest nhmber of registered black voters residing therein. The effective work new 12th Congressional' District -
and Willie Simms, president. of this group was evidenced by the record turnout. in Brooklyn.

.... c .. " .k:

- -T

2 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday-, November- 8, 1968 always, where possible, insisted that-their boys and girls

selors an opportunity to meet more often with representativesfrom school to college to become school teachers and other professionally go

Industry; expand counseling at the elementary orientated positions. It was almost considered as degradingand
FROM I SITA vocational
level as soon as possible; Appoint a full-time indus- insulting to suggest that a boy or girl develop his skillsin

re Step In The Right counselor In each school. He should emphasize local non-college the vocational arenas.

Direction trial opportunities and promote the status of school Recognizing that this has been one of the major handicaps

careers; Expand the staff and facilities in disadvantaged of the black community, every effort should be made to make
BY BILL McBRIDEI areas; Limit school and shop material fees wherever pos-for available to theboys and girls of school age in this community

sible; Institute a typing program in the junior high school the vast amount of knowledge and benfits that a solid backs
like countless other Dade Countians, am becoming in- credit. ground In vocational education can yield.

creasinglyjconcetned, over the rampant crime wave In the city From where I sit, the school administration, business and Where do we begin this task? -- In our public
involving .mostlt teenage Blacks and certainly that we would do well to Immediately schools!
; agree industry, and the general public We sincerely hope that these fine recommendations
must ddies ourselves to;finding to combat this issue. the implementationof not
ways imbark upon a program that will result in end atop or on the bottom of the ever increasing
up pile
la'addition to and of im- Of
devising ways means bringing an these recommendations.
recommendations for action that will point the to
mediate halt to this awful situation must at and vocational training way a solu-
,we get destroythe In addition to the absence ofa meaningful
to much of the social and economic ills of Dade's
roots that breed the conditions that these paying blue tion Black
cause youngstersto program, our youth have not ventured into good
"go bad." collar type jobs because, historically, the black parent has community.

We strongly feel that. the crash program to expand voca- -.; . J
tional training in Dade junior and senior highschools, decreasethe
school dropout rate and provide Jobs for black youth as Tickets Going fast To U. L. Dinner I I.r

recommended by the University of Miami's Division of Con-

tinuing Education will certainly go a long way in helping to do
just that. "The announcement in last ami, but his reputation ing supply. It will make the and whose solution is the

The recommendations came from a three-week vocational week's Miami Times that ready preceded him as the man total supply more equally building of quality education

guidance Institute for Dade's school guidance counselors whereit Sterling Tucker, author of the who initiated the New Thrust available and this will unques- into their segregated schools.

was agreed that we have a school program curricula too challenging "Beyond the program that is revitalizingthe tionably relieve the problem.It "The only way black child-

heavily oriented in favor of the college bound student when it Burning," will be the guest militancy of the Urban won't solve it, however, for ren can get equal education to

is common knowledge that the bulk of the students will not or speaker at our Equal Oppor- League in Its concerted effortto there will still remain a pressing which they are entitled is by

should not go on to college. tunity Day Dinner has sparked develop a strong people's need for low-Income and integration," he "Thereare

Under the present conditions, less than one-fourth of our unprecedented interest and voice from the ghetto's grass- moderate-income housing. only so many dollars to go

black youngsters go to college. High school is terminal. An we look forward to a capacity roots leadership that is ag- around. If political pressures

alarming number drop out even before completion of high crowd on Nov. 16," says T. gressive and responsible, yet "When America thinks in continue to remain operativein

school. Willard Fair,executive direc- soundly based and construc- terms of population resettle- public education as they

Foremost of the recommendations was the call for greater tor of the Greater Miami Ur- tively directed. ment," says Tucker, "it must have in the past, the people

cooperation among Dade's schools, Industries and commun- ban League. "Reservationshave think in terms of mixing up the from the wealthier white
ity service agencies to solve the overwhelming problem of the speeded up from indivi- Sterling Tucker does not ad- whole population -- black and neighborhoods are going to get

"hard-core unemployables," most of which are black school duals and firms and the annual vocate separatism. His Idea white. A total black commun- the greater share of the educational -
dropouts. inter-racial event is likely to of Black Power Is economicand ity is economically im- dollar. What is left

Listed among the many recommendations to the school ad- be a sell-out for the spacious political,participation and possible; we must have inte- isn't enough to rid the ghettoof

ministration; Establish outstanding vocational and technical Napoleon Room at the Deau- involvement -- violence gration of the races to build its curse and its blight.

training centers in each school district, utilizing present facilities vllle Hotel." and destruction. In a long dis- the kind of America we want. Thus, deprivation will con-

whenever possible; Improve the line of communication This will be Mr. Tucker's tance conversation from his The path can be cleare'dbyindustry tinue in the black schools,regardless -
between school counselors and Industry by affording the coun- first public appearance in Mi- Washington office, he was and government. It is of who grabs and
critical of existing
militantly the government's responsibility wields the power. Your own
urban renewal programs."All to turn over land it owns to Dorsey Junior High School is
do Is to
renewal help
urban can
the construction of Integrated an example. Ghettos
can organize -
shuffle black epople around on
communities after attracting demand and get better
the same land, he declared.
industry to build plants near- segregated education than they
"To date It has created more
by. It is Industry's responsi- have now, but it will not equal
problems than it has alleviated -
bility to provide jobs and job the education and the facilities
for it has intensified
training for all segments of the provided white children. To
ghettos. It !has; closed down one
population, for only through settle for less than the best Is
area after another to the poor.
such efforts can integrationwork. inexcusable. Real integrationis
Even fair housing laws won't .
the only
end the problem. The fair
On the question of education, Tickets for the Equal
housing legislation will open
Tucker takes issuewith peoplein Opportunity Day Dinner are
up more housing to Negroes as
the black community who available from the Greater
it ends discrimination, but it
are convinced that good inte- Miami Urban 395
J4 will not add to the total hous- League,
grated education will never be, First St.; phone 377-3682.

__ _

0 4TA


L:: AiI

r-----_. ____ __ ___-____._. s nn n__________ _

Ernest Tribble, a Claims Investigator for the Metro Transit Authority, ; -

chats with students at Booker Washington High School about their "FutureIn -
Transit." The discussion, which focused around the opportunities for em-

ployment with the MTA after graduation, was well received and plans are

being made to continue the program at other high schools in the community.


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THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968 3 :

Businessmen Can Hire HUD-Assisted Leased Housing Spurs Local Interest : ;

The Johnson family of month plus utilities to a pink lic housing techniques, it :;
Hard-Core for TrainingDade's Berkeley Calif., are among stucco house where she pays represents another effort to i E
76,000 members of low-in- $73 a month. The U. S. Department use private resources to help a
com families enjoying private of Housing and Urban bring about a greater volume ,,
business communityhas recognizes that because of a effort in recruiting training homes with the economyof Development pays the $92 difference of decenthousing as well t.
pledged 1057 Jobs troughthe lack of job skills,work experience and counseling,which will add public housing between the Johnson'srent new--for low-income fami 4'1
National Alliance of Busi education and social acceptance additional costs above the nor- Mrs. Johnson describes her and the$165 a month mar- lies. '
nessmen (NAB) Jobs programand the hard-core mal for a training program. new way of life as "the greatest ket rent the authority con- r
has reached out to 632 employed remain jobless and Under the MA-4 Federal con- thing that ever happenedto tracts to pay the owner. 18,000 UNITS OCCUPIED
hard-core unemployed per- hopless. It is the goal of the tract employers will be reim- us." Authority for leasing privately f

sons hired them thenplaced NAB Jobs program to find bursed for extraordinary expenses Burdened by an effort to owned homes by the local As of June 1968,nearly 18-,
them in educational and meaningful, gainful employ- incurred in their hir support her four sons on her housing agency,such as the 000 leased unites were occu- .
skills training programs so ment for the hard-core. ing and training programs. teacher's aide Income of $3- one the Johnsons occupy, was pied, out of a total of 39,000
that they may become perma- Funds are now available for Small businesses are urged to 398, she moved her family privided for in the Housing and already covered by finan-
nent employees. Over the sum- the hiring and training of dis- participate in the NAB pro- from a one-bedroom apartment Urban Development Act of cial aid contracts with the US f
mer of 1968, 1301 summer advantaged and poor persons gram either as a group or renting for $67.50 a 1965. One of several new pub- Department of Housing and I
temporary jobs for youth were under the new simplified MA- individually and help Dade's Urban Development. These
pledged, and, 1301 youth were 4 Federal Contract. Some of citizens to a firmly based, were located in 186 localities
placed on NAB jobs, the present hard-core unem- sound economic future. Jobs Open For Vietnam Veterans across the country. More than
The NAB Jobs program Is ployed can be assimilated in Interested employers are 500 units have been made
making possible for all businessmen industry simply by changing asked to contact the NAB office Wanted twenty returning sixth grade. available in Miami. :
whether they em- existing entry barriers to at 379-7052, where a Florida Vietnam Veterans, with high The Veterans in public "Tenants, real estate brokers
ploy one or one hundred to their employment, suchas State Employment Service school diploma, to participatein Service Project (VIPS) is a and property owners, and
take part in the national effort hiring those persons with representative, Ted Keith, a work-study program directed pilot program intended for im- communities find the Leased ,
to make the hard-core unem- police records, or who lack will fill you in on information toward an associate in plementation in the Dade Housing Program attractive,"
ployed permanent members of residential requirements. But needed to enter into the MA-4 Arts Degree in preteaching County Schools. VIPS is a part says Don Hummel HUD
the 'world of work.' The NAB many others will require extra contract. covering kindergarten through of a nation-wide series of pilot Assistant Secretary for Re-
programs projected by the Research newal andHousingAssistance

Council of the great "The tenants, he continues, '
NASSAU INFLAMED cities for school im \
program "welcome the opportunity of
OVER KING'SBROTHER'S Kidd And Thomas Get provement.The living in public housing that k
project seeks attract does notlabelthemas'lowincome. '
CHARGEThe male veterans to work as :
They live in neighbor-
brother of slain civil New FAMU Post para-professionals mak- hoods composed of divergent
rights leader Dr. Martin Lu- ing use of their unique experiences social, economic, and racial ;

ther King has incensed many TALLAHASSEEThean- gan and his A. M. degree from : and capabilities for groups. To help them adjust in \
in the Bahamas with a 3;
people '
nouncement of an acting dean Columbia University. Prior to children of poverty.The their new environments we
public statement about poverty of administration and of a coordinator appointment, he was directorof program will begin on have urged local housing authorities \
here. of development and administrative planning.He Jan. 2. Interested Veterans to make every effort :
"At least half population planning was made last week replaces Dr. Perry who was may secure details by calling possible to assure satisfac- ,
goes to bed hungry every night by Dr Benjamin L. Perry,Jr., appointed president last Sept. Mrs N. E,Dove,project man- tory settlement of these families ;'
while the other half is throw-
of the Teacher Corps at
president of Florida A&M Uni ager intheworkingandmiddleti
ing away food," the Rev. versity.The 15.In his new position, he w1l'be 350-3517. class neighborhoods where \

Alfred D. King,of Atlanta 24-hour,tolda newly appointed presi- responsible to the president LITTLE HUD SPLIT leased housing units.. are likely .
meeting during a .
dent of FAMU announced thatA. of the University for gen- to be located. <
visit. continued from !
L. Kidd has been named act- eral administrative and fiscal paged "Through the Leased HousIng
King's remarks obviouslyhave ing dean of administration and functions of the Institution.He Favoring the proposal of Program many owners and .I'
embarrassed the govern- M. S. Thomas has been appointed will also represent the pres'- Urban Systems Development brokers are finding a market .
ment of Prime Minister Lyn- coordinator of plan- dent upon request in polio Corp., an Arlington, Va. subsidiary for properties that would
den O. Pindling, which has ning and development, a new matters, administrative pro) I of the WestinghouseCorp. otherwise be allowed to de-
ofimprovedsocialandeconomic position. The approval of the lems and meetings. : ., were Mrs. Elizabeth teriorate. Communities are
conditions for theislands' appointments was made duringthe Since joining the FA MUst: !fin t jVlrrick I George Reed and also able to make better use
population of 130,000 .
Board of Regents meetingin 1925, Kidd has served *s - Aronovitz. of available housing much
during its brief 18 months in M. S. THOMAS The area in question is "
Gainesville.Kidd registrar chairman of the division more rapidly than through .
office. a native of Philadelphia of social science,associate support programs including bounded by the Midtown Inter- construction of new housing ;
The remarks came at an especially received his dean of the college of arts fund-raising, governmental, change on the south and west, and the program encourages :
awkward time of from the University of Michi- and sciences, professor of social alumni services and supportfor NW 17th St. on the north and the upgrading of neighbor-
the start of the Commonwealth Foundation Ave. the east. ..-
u ur science, and coordinatorof the FAMU Inc. Fourth on hoods.
Parliamentary Association
institutional studies.
conference which attracted Thomas, a'native of Ocala,
150 politicians from received his from
70 countries around the world. Hampton Institute and his M.
Pindling, host-chairman of Ed. from Colorado A&M University -
the conference, refused to He has been directorof MODERATE RATES-CALL
comment on King's remarks, .f the vocational-technical division .
though he did say, "I have my of the school of technology '
own feelings about what he ? t at FAMU prior being BONDED P
said. appointed to his new position.He .
The prime minister said he j was director of the vocational ,
had been a good friend of the .e a ar technical institute -
Rev. Martin Luther King, I prior to its being upgraded RENTAL
though he had never met his to a school of technology. _
brother.He Thomas will direct and administer -
added: understand this the University's development AGENCY :
was his first visit to Nassau" I program involvingthe : :

The Bahamian Times,voiceof planning, organization and
Pindling's Progressive A. L. KIDD implementing of off-campus tAl .
Liberal Party, was not so
withdrawn, however. v Oo
It commented: "Someone FEMALE LAUNDRY HELP o
A. D. King to keep his mouth Flat work, feeders, folders. Good wages. MANAGEMENT AGENCY IN THE SOUTH, OPERATING

shut when he is not sure of his Excellent company benefits. Paid vacation, IN DADE AND BROWARD COUNTIES
facts. Black Americans havea permanent job. Production bonus. Must be 18

curiously marked propensityfor or over. Apply in mornings. No phone calls A fleet of cars and collectors give door to door service for
traveling outside the ghetto please. National Linen Service. 1950 NW tenants convenienceA
limits of the States and Immediately
1st Avenue Ask for Mr. Findley.
painting civil rights community recreation center for teenagers and adults "rent
difficulties! where thereis free," furnished qnd. air conditioned I for your comfort and enjoyment

none." A poblic relations department to assist you with your problems.

{;rnL:':!}:r y: rrY.Lr',4Y?' {: }wrrrrrlxryy nr alroF:}S M47l' Tenants concern will stopvandalismandreduc thecostofhousing.
]9rr ,

4150 NW 7th Avenue 759.8733
,, ?
:{:;.... r: r ry...:.r ?;:'{.: if frtifA irf'? ,v{:f4 L ..7i"'"'i}fjti : 14255 NW 22nd Avenue, Opa-locka MU 8-0617
?' }':i::::.,{.; S'l 4' 20848 South Dixie Hwy., Cutler RidgeCE 5-3553

): 605 NW 7th Terrace, Ft. Lauderdale JA 4-3357 ,, '. ..

r 1163 NW 3rd Avenue FR 3-8416 ; ,

Yti.ti fY"?h 15); ;{' ,. { }: }:< '..: '.Q r'r : 3801 Grand Avenue, Grove HI 5-1381 :'
:S} } }!,i; \ 'f? Yy i4'Aq. {.,L'YJ{ +fS rf h 74'jrfYti fr,y '
fj : 512 NW 1st Ave., Hallandale WA 7.2434

.{,}. 339Hammondville Rd., Pompano WI 3-2434 :

i ::4
HON..L.. L. BROOKS, President \i\,
GEORGE P. HARTH, General Manager "''
f (
SEALTEST FOODSNational.Dairy CHARLES. A. LOCKHART, Publications Director.. <
Products Corp. <\' <(

17707 N. W. Miami Court It . If I am to enjoy a better life, others must live better too." L. L. Brooks :, :
Miami Florida (
i..; .


.. ._ .
----- -" --- --- ----------- -- -- -

4 THE MIAMI TIMES Friday November 8 1968
__ ,-4 .

i ,.; r : To Be Equalby

Whitney M. Younf Jr.
Office: 6530NW 15th Ave., Miami, Fla. 33147-Phon.:691.0421
By Booker T. Hayes

H. E. SIGISMUND REEVES, Editor and Publisher Executive Director Uonal Urban Leapw


STANLEY .SWEETING., Theatrical Editor
Notional I
Advertising Representative Everyone, including myself, is advocating greater black
Amalgamated Publishers, I Inc: ownership of businesses operated in black communities. The
310 Mbdlson Avenue. New Yak N. Y. 10017
considering it Next Year?
Member of the National Newspaper Publishers Association withdrawal of insurance coverage by companies
2400 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, III. 60616 too risky to cover white owned businesses in black areas, appears -
-,, to be making this more of a reality than a dream. It The new President will be making some very important

ONE 'YEAR 5.00 SUBSCRIPTION RATES seems that once a disturbance has rocked an area, te white decisions when he takes office in January. One of them may
merchants are reluctant to reopen We find the most prevalent even decide whether you have a job next year.It .

Entered as Second Class Matter, August 9, 1927 at the Pos reasons behind most of the decisions not to reopen are the seems that many businessmen and economists are say.

Office at Miami, Florida, under the act of March 8, 1876 high crime rate, the increased lost of insurance,(if and when ing that inflation is becoming such a serious problem that the

"CREDO OF THE NEGRO PRESS" it is possible to get coverage)and the previous relationship of only way to beat it is to have higher unemployment.A .

The NEGRO PRESS believes that America can best lead the merchant and the customers. It seems that those stores few weeks ago The Business Council,an organization made

to the every world man from regardless racial and of national his race antagonism, creed or color when his it accords human having a reputation of laterally robbing its customers are usually up mainly of the presidents and board chairmen of major corporations -

and legal rights. Hating no man, fearing no man..the Negro the ones hardest hit. By refusing'insurance coverage to had its semi-annual meeting with government of
Press strives to help every man in the firm belief that all men white merchants, the insurance companies are in a sense helping -. ficials. The businessmen were reported saying that it mightbe
are hurt as anyone is held back. to create all black communities.It necessary for the next President to take steps that would

is my opinion the removal of white merchants from black lead to an unemployment rate of 5 1/2 percent. The present

'It: lfiditnr's oftbooh communities will have a direct bearing on the economy of the rate fluctuates between 3 1/2 and 4 percent.

area. Since this is more of a possibility than at any other time, What does this mean? Instead of the two and threequartermillion

we are going to have to face some facts covering the black out of work now, there will be about four million pea

RELIGION IN SCHOOLSI consumer and the black merchant that up to now have gone ple who won't have jobs. You may be one of them.

unchallenged. Up to this point the black merchant has been patronized Their reasoning goes something like this: The governmentis
am pleased to learn that teaching relt&on in state more because of his convient location, rather thanbecnse spending too much money; so are private individuals. Since

schools is again being considered. of any effort to support the economic conditions of goods are limited, the increased demand for them drives

According to Dr. Edwin S. Yaustad, a professor of religion the community. It is an accepted fact that goods bought in a prices up. With so few people out of work, unions can ask for
from the University of California, "An honest historical approach wxack store would cost more than in some other stores. The higher also driving prices. With demand
wages, up so high,
to the nation's past demands the teaching of religionin black consumer accepted this practice, and made an effort to industry is forced to use, older, inefficien t equipment that

public schools. One ignores a considerable part of the buy only those things that would carry him over until the time makes production more expensive, again driving prices up.
American past if it is not taught to purchase The black merchant depended on a small
grocery. So the solution offered is to cut spending and the
money supply
Yaustad said religion should be taught in public schools if
turnover but with increased on his items.
and put more people out of work so that they won't be able
young people are to become literate about an important partof With the new emphasis being placed on black ownership, we to spend as much and the competition for jobs will limit wage
human culture. Graduating students these days are expectedto are going to have to change the structure of black businesses. hikes.

have some acquaintance with history, economics, govern- If the busi-
black merchant is to attract the bulk of black That's neat too It's
very ; possible by limiting economic
ment, phychology, geography and socialogy, and they should ness in his area, he is going to have to offer merchandise at that we'll into
with said growth way, go a headlong recession, and
and religion
have a speaking writing acquaintance ,
comparable prices. The black consumer will be expecting the with six million
of wind up jobless people. But even if we don't,
Dr. Gaustad. These subjects, except religion, up part
same returns for his earnings as he is now able to receive. it's unbelievable that anyone concerned with our domestic
the studies.
what is cUed in the
upper grades
Under the present conditions of most black businesses, this crisis would advocate higher unemployment.Black .
Dr. Gaustad said the explosion of knowledge calls more than
is virtually impossible. They are not volume buyers, and
workers suffer
an unemployment rate more than
for about which is one factor in enabling
ever literacy religion
therefore unable to get the discounts offered to quanity buyers. double that for white workers. So an all-over rate of 5 1/2

quality decisions. With these things in mind, how are we going to make black percent really means ten to twelve percent for black workers.

A DAYLIGHT ROBBERYWith businesses profitable to black merchants, and acceptable to And it could mean a rate of 30 to 50 percent for black teen

all the talk we have had concerning control of firearms black consumers. I feel it is going require a meeting of the agers just entering the labor market.

there seems to be a lot of them in the hands of robbers. minds between black merchants and consumers. longer will The real message here is: "There is too much inflation and

Reports are that five Negro bandits kept more than 100 cus- the black merchant be able to expect a more than average pro- prices are going up too fast. Let's stop it. It won't hurt us; let

tomers at bay on Sunday during daylight while they robbed the fit for his comodities.In the future his business must be gear- the blacks and the poor pay for it."

Winn-Dixie Grocery store, 2300 NW Seventh Avenue. They ed to volume sales with a minimum profit. The type of merchandise Why must the very people who can least afford it be the ones

ordered all customers and employees to lie down on the floor must be acceptable to the consumer,and the attitudeof to pay the bill for the rest of us? That people in responsible

The five left by the front door with about $1,000 in cash and the black merchant must be greatly improved. The black positions could advocate I such actions in the present atmos-

some groceries police said. They left the grocerys and somerolls consumer on the other hand must offer a greater share of his phere of urban tensions strikes me as a dangerous exampleof

of pennies in the parking lot. The manager of the store, purchasing power to the black merchants. The attitude of the the failure to place priorities that make sense.

Vincente Mazzarro, was cracked over the head with a shotgun black consumer must also change. His past inhibitions about Even the present unemployment level is far too high. The

muzzle and suffered minor injuries' said the police. patronizing black businesses must be cast aside and replaced whole purpose of our economic system should be to assure
also taken by a feeling of unity and togetherness. He must be made to
Money was from checkout registers and white everyone a decent job at a decent salary. If our system only
feel concious of the distrust usually found under the
customers. surface of
works for the handful at the top, it won't survive.
There was also a the 62nd St. Station most black consumers toward black
killing Pure on Sun merchants If we, as a With all the unfinished business facing the next President it
day night. Its owner, Abe Barnett, was shot by bandits. group, can overcome our fears of each other,the future should would be a drastic mistake for him to take action that will put
offer a greater degree of for each of
security The vitally
us. one
men out of work. Creating hungry families would be a strange
Ingredient is togetherness.LETTERS .
way to start a new administration.

Florida Still On The Growth Path' I can't understand why people are so willing to worsen a

situation that's already too serious. We are strong enough and

rich enough to devote our attentions to creating jobs, not cut-
Floridians can afford to cent, compared with 8 percentfor to ED'ITO"r1Gentlemen I ting them back. And it would be especially unforgivable for

brag about their state's eco- the nation. ., the federal government, which ought to be making the elimina-

nomic progress because its .:. tion of poverty its first order of business, to take steps that
key indicators continuedto
Although nondurables increase poverty and want.
march upward in 1967,again :
manufacturing was in a seasonal I
outpacing those for the nation.

The Sunshine State outper- ments lull showed, most considerable other seg- Mr. Norman E. Jones in a column entitled "Let's Talk

formed every other state except strength. Construction con- Politics" attacks Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshallon

Alaska. tracts awards were well above the basis that the theory of the NAACP was to prove beyonda PHIL OSSOFERWho

last year, and tourist trade reasonable doubt that "all Negro schools were inferior, that

Take personal income, for compared favorably with a the students of all Negro schools, past, present, and future,
example: in Florida it rose 9 were- are and would be inferior
always that
.. year earlier -- partly as a result Negro teachers are the truly poverty- sions and its slums. Now,this
percent last in the were inferior.
year nation -
of preparations for stricken people? From an is a spiritual city where "the
7 percent. Or look at non- the National Republican Con- Mr. Jones has not apparently looked at the cases in which eternal point of view, they are flesh profiteth nothing." Here
farm employment: Florida Justice Marshall and the NAACP were involved. In the famous
vention. Farm cash receiptswere not necessarily those who are the material riches are
registered a 5-percent gain, up 21 percent,and mem- Brown decision, the NAACP proved and the court ruled there- poorly housed, uneducated, or existent, so only those who gathered
against a national gain of 3 upon that separate but equal education
ber bank debitsareliable was inherently inferior who may not have enough to spiritual wealth in this
percent. Manufacturing em- measure of consumer and because it was all too easy to prove that the segregated black eat. No,these poor are deprived world of existence will live in

ployment, increasing by less business spending -- rose 17 schools could not offer the benefits to the black children that in the material sense only those "many mansions" in our
than one percent in the U.S. white schools offered to white children.On .
percent. The rate of new business for the short span of time Father's House.I .
registered a 5percentincrease formations Florida page five of the same article, your paper proves this by which this life on earth represents believe this is what Christ

in Florida. was twice as large as for the discussing the inferior accomodations of Dorsey Junior High but the truly poverty- meant, saying, "Blessed be ye

These and other facets of nation, and business failures School.Dade Undoubtedly in this is the worst Junior high school in stricken are those who have an poor, for yours is the kingdomof
County terms of its
economic exuberance in the trailed the national average. accomodations. abundance of worldly goods, God. Blessed are ye that

most southeastern of our 50 ren While are Mr.inferior Jones this may believe in his heart that Negro child- yet who ignore the needs of hunger now, for ye shall be fil

states are discussed in some because of writer believes they are only inferior their less fortunate brothersand led. . (Luke 6:21.)
Looking into the immediate conditions pressed upon them the
by white next
detail by Mr. C. S. Pyun com- sisters. In the slums of the
future, Mr. Pyun expects no munity. This inferiority would be removed had they the same It is who relied on
Economist for the Federal Reserve cultural these of whom Jesus world live those
slowdown in the state's economic, and educational background
Bank of Atlanta, In the as white child-spoke when He said, "Verily, the material treasures of our

October Issue of the Bank's economy even if activity ren.While Mr. Jones I say unto you, that a rich man world "where moth and rust
throughout the nation evens accuses Thurgood Marshall of
Monthly Review. seeking to shall hardly enter into the do corrupt, and where thieves
off. Indeed the state could prove the inferiority of Negro teachers while, in fact what he Kingdom of Heaven. And break through and steal."
was showing was that because
withstand a major recession segregation was Institutionaliz to
Has the high level of activity better ed in American education not say unto you, it is easier fora Here exist those who failed
than other areas because only were their teachers. Thus "
spilled over into 1968? The her is because of their inferior education and an Inferior camel to go through the eye "lay up treasures heaven,
economy heavily school facility of
Reserve Bank economist furnishes weighted with service indus- Negro children were being denied an equal of a needle, than for a rich and are devoid of the coin
unequivocal evidencethat tries and nondurables manufacturing to obtain an education. opportunity man to enter the kingdom of the realm of Heaven:the spiritual
it has,even after seasonal whose activities are U Mr.Jones is desirous of downgrading Thurgood Marshall's God. (Matt. 19:23-34.) attributes such mastic,

factors -- especially important historistic may not necessarily contribution to the American Negro, he certainly could find could Today, the term "rich" compassion, sincerity
in this area -- are taken that cover many,considering and peace.
continue to act as a cushion something comes closer to the truth than what he set forth
into account. PreliminaryBank in the event of a general slowdown in your newspaper. theprosperlty? see all about These poverty stricken
estimates indicate that us. Unless these have compas- slum dwellers of eternity
according to Mr. Pyun.
during the first half of thFlorida's is As the state's economic base Sincerely yours, sion for the poor in our midst, might be said to have sold their

personal income has Howard W. Dixon '> they, too, may miss that king birthright for a mess of pot
gradually changed,she has
(seasonally adjusted)was ris become more susceptible to Executive Director dom of God. tage. For a moment's comforton

ing at an annual rate of 11 per national flunctuations. Legal Services Program EOPI I see the world of eternity earth, they have sacs filth.
beyond as a city with its man- an eternity of

. ,, .. -

f fJ

.. THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8,19685

Bayard >>. .. ,

..., .t"I ., ,,,, CAN DO FOR YOU- l I'

.tW! .il I} 1' ....... JOHN f"KtNHeD'I
Speaks v l, I

I ,
-- "- ---

The Disease of RacismMahatma 'i"t ) S_ : 1I a

Gandhi, the great revolutionary of this century, _
who led India to independence often said, "Onebecomes the S
t thing he hates." And there is disturbing evidence that some _
black youth today have begun to accept the very worst ideas
and concepts that were employed by Southern white racists to jv
brutalize and emasculate black people.
! The racist argues that their culture is threatened by blacks J
and that segregation is the only policy insure racial purity.
Now, we find black extremists arguging that separation is the
only course to be followed if black identity is to be nurturedand v
t The racist contends that whiteness is in Itself a value that
I supersedes all other values. Love, affection,truth and justice ) F r
t are to be sacrificed on the alter of whiteness when white cul-
ture is "endangered." Now we find some black people con- f +'' f I
; tending that blackness is a value that supersedes all others "
and that the old fashioned notions of fair play, considerationand
honesty will occasionally need tobe abandoned if the black ? i ;
t It. community is to be perserved.The .
racist violates the democratic process. They use fear, ; j
; || economic pressure and threats. Their slogan is, "Keep the r !' _
1 black from the polls." Given the fact that scores of black men :
,1 and women have been lynched in seeking the right to vote, it 'I7 "
is ironic today to hear so many black people argue that the ; T Tj
. vote is useless.The expression of such sentiments in the black /j \ % I Ia
community must bring much solace to the hearts of Eastland,

.! Wallace The racists and Thurmond.have always argued that the Jews and the "Nig- I_SUMMER OLYMPICS/ I96S

I gers" are primarily responsible for all that is wrong in the ::1
United States and that they should go back where they came
I from. Today, there are black people whohaveborrowed these AMERICAN I BLACK ATHLETES MADE THEIR POINT AT OLYMPICSOPPORiU

, attitudes toward th e Jews, and who now argue that the Jews
are primarily responsible for all that is wrong in the ghetto. .
The racist, in his insecurity, bolsters his sagging ego by I I I ( "No Cost To Taxpayer
I calling black men "boys;" by calling black women "Ne NIiY
gresses," and by calling black people, in general, "boots," () () Legal Urban Rehabilitation
. "spooks," "niggers," etc. Now we find young black people MBBBBK OBUMHH.
calling all white people (good, bad, and indifferent) "honky," [ ServicesMY
devils and r1 Reported
"whitey, "blued-eyed "pigs. j. Approach
I The racist uses economic pressure, brutality and threatsof i : Leo Addtrly! ,
death not only to supress black people, but also to supress Center Attorn BUFFALO, N. Y The first details of a privately sponsored ,
white people who support the civil rights struggle. Their aim -- profit motivated urban rehabilitation program which
is to contain "the nigger lover." and to act as a veto power has involved no government funding or subsidy and is provid-
This is the first article in a series on organizing a small
over men of good will.Now we find some black extremists us- ing home ownership opportunities to lower-income families
business. There are basic considerations one must give thoughtto
ing threats, insults and intimidation against those forces in the for as little as $350 down and average monthly payments of t
before plunging into business. Therefore this article will
black community who seek the cooperation of white in our $85 were announced here today by Colon Brown,chairman of f
deal with some of those considerations.
struggle for Justice. the board and president of National Gypsum Company.The .
.. This whole process raises for the black community some Practically every strong willed individual dreams of going program has been tested for the past year in Columbus,
very serious questions: Do we believe that we can make pro- into business for himself one day. Owning one's business, or Ohio and has involved the purchase, complete rehabilitation, :
, gress adopting the very values and concepts that have brutalized having a proprietary Interest in one, is part of the American modernization and resale of previously condemned single and
us? Do we believe that we can make progress by abandoningthe dream. However, individuals from minority groups have been double family residences in deteriorating inner-city neighbor-
very values and concepts that have undergirded the all to virtually excluded from this dream, and the rewards that flow hoods. The homes are sold at a profit in a price range of $10-
limited progress we have made to date? from it. Things are changing. 500 to $14,000.Using .
Setting up a new business, or taking over an existing one, FHA insured mortgages from conventional sources,
LET'S requires a lot of planning, if it is expected to be a success. the 1800 to 2200 square foot homes can be purchased by lower
; One cannot get an Idea over night, go out the next day and set Income families with monthly payments less than what many
TALK up a business, and expect instant success. The chances of are now paying in rent for dilapidated apartments and public
such a quick plunge into the business world working are almost housing.
:' POLITICS zero. Successful business is born with an idea and a lot of The National Gypsum venture, known as Town Homes,Inc.,
planning. was incorporated as a profit making venture to determine whe-

BY Before one invest even one dime, he should make a personal ther private enterprise,through application of profit oriented -
E. JON evaluation of himself to see whether he is the business type. business principles could supply low-income housing with-
This argument documented with photos charts. tests research Determination, technical know-how, and managerial skill are out government funding or subsidy assistance and return a pro-
and proof of the inherent inferiority of every single Negro some of the basic requisites. One should sit down and write fit to the developer.
school from elementary through university, of every student out all the traits which he thinks are important for a businesshe Colon Brown, chairman of the board and chief executive of-
who ever attended such schools and of every teacher may be interested in, then rate himself. ficer, explained the rationale behind his company's entry into
these such schools, as presented to the supreme court by urban rehabilitation:: "As a major supplier of building ma-
Thurgood Marshal and the legal staff of the Dubois founded and While there are usually no educational requirements for terials to the housing industry, we know our nation has an
philosophically oriented NAACP, in one fell swoop completely starting a business, the more education you have the better enormous stockpile of abandoned and dilapidated inner city
destroyed and completely annihilated the basic philosophy of equipped you will be. Generally, in most businesses one must residences amounting to over 3,500,000 and 500,000 more are
Dr. W. E. B. Dubois of the "talented tenth," who should have a working knowledge of mathematics, keeping records, estimated to be so classified on .ies' tax rolls with every
provide the total leadership structure of all of Negro Ameri- and conducting necessary correspondence.The best way to obtain passing year. We know many ot.these, old houses, though unsafe -
cana, and whose vehicle wherein this total leadership struc- knowledge of a specific business is through actual experi- for living, are structurally sound and can be reconditioned -
ture would lie, the NAACP. ence in it. This factor is,almost always,absent when a mem- to bring new life to the neighborhoods which they are cur-
This ironical genocidal strategy of the brilliant argument of. ber of a minority group seeks to launch a business career. If rently demoralizing.
the counsel of the NAACP, to place the: stamp of inferiority on this is your situation, don't be discouraged. If you feel other- "We set out to prove that private enterprise through the
the Dr. Dubois "talented tenth Negro leadership structure," wise qualified, but lack sufficient training, select a job work- application of profit-oriented priclples and ability can reha-
was so forceful so factual and so convincing as to receive a ing for someone else in the business you're Interested in, then bilitate a substantial portion of this idle housing inventory to
unanimous decision of the supreme court,thus legally imprinting branch out on your own.Also,there are many business consul- serve our nation's low-income housing need--without govern
the Indelible brand of Inferiority andunfitnesson the near tants with private industry and governmental agencies who will ment money or subsidy. We believe our successful Columbus
total past-present and future Negro leadership structure.All give free time and advise to individuals and groups Interested experience is showing a profit significant enough to Interest
of this"bralnwork" of Dr.Dubois own NAACP, which In starting a small business. local businessmen around the country to independently dupli-
had long since "kicked" him out of his organization under the cate our efforts," Brown concluded.
domination of his one time protege and now "sole boss" Roy Town Homes is a partnership corporation between a Columbus -
Wilkins Moreover, whatever business you choose, you'll need suf- builder, Lee Skilken, and realtor, Lawrence Schaffer,and
It was Dr. W. E. B. Dubois founder and editor of the Crisis, ficient capital.You can estimate how much money you will need the National Gypsum Company. No government funding subsidy
official organ of the NAACP, and chief spokesman for the organization by preparing a worksheet itemizing what it will cost to buy has been involved. National has supplied working capital I
since its founding, who personally brought Roy Wilkins equipment and Inventory, and finance all normal expenses for for property acquisition while Skllken and Schaffer provide
at least six months. It usually takes several months to reach a day-to-day construction and
to New York, as his staff assistant, from Kansas City, marketing experience. I
Missouri, where he was serving as managing editor on C. A. break-even point and compensate for initial opening expenses. Kenneth G. Macintosh,National's director of urban rehabilitation -
Franklin's Kansas City Call, then as now the leading Negro Without sufficient capital, you may be unable afford enough reports the pilot experiment has been so successful his
newspaper in America's heartland. employees to keep your business operating, invest in the pro- company has budgeted an additional capital outlay which will
Thus the brilliant, Intellectual counsel of the NAACP, prov- per equipment, and obtain the necessary mercbandise., generate over $1,500,000 In low-Income housing In Columbus.
Money education and/or technical know-how are not,how- Phase n of the will involve the
ed conclusively that the NAACP as wellas the near sum totalof program total rehabilitation
the Negro leadership structure were unfit,by reason of their every, enough to operate a successful business. There are many for sale of 75 single family residences scattered throughout
legally proven status of inferiority. practical problems to consider before starting. What form of Columbus' deteriorating Inner city neighborhoods,40 multiple
Since by far and large the greatest number of these Negroes business organization will you have?What insurance coveragewill family units and at least 15 modular homes.
which the NAACP have proven Inferior,are now,have been and you need? How much capital will you need? Where can The company has also announced its plans to release a com-
will be a large degree be teachers and administrators in you obtain capital? What licenses will be required?Should you prehensive report including financial case histories,rehabili }
schools with all or nearly all Negro students, it Is more.easily advertise? etc. These practical problems, and others,will be tation and administrative procedures in order to answer the
understandable why the Negro teaching profession Is beset by treated In greater detail in future articles. rising interest in this approach and to encourage others to
Listen to "Legal Services Presents on the Tom Washington attempt similar Further
"fear insecurity an intellectual cowardice," and why the programs. information available
total "Negro leadership structure" must be changed,If we, the Show, WMBM, 1490 on the dial,7:00: p.m.; and WKAT, 1360 from Mr. Macintosh, National Gypsum's Director of Urban
Negro as a group" is to even survive. at 11:30 p.m., every Sunday. Rehabilitation, Buffalo, New York. ,I

I" . . ... .
'J1 .


6 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968

Darden Named Director of

s 4 >fr'.':" .'. CenterMrs.
Child Opportunity
:'t. Brownsville
tJ '<"
i Darden living and seeing that the
Margaret children of the center
BY CLARICE LITTLES has been appointed acting director proper education and get the
Miami Times Society Editor of the Brownsville
. ence of early childhood "
Child Opportunity Center, her main objective.
KNOWLEDGE B POWER. Knowledge, gives the ability to 4621 NW 25th Avenue, Miami. She resides
effect a change (power) In our understanding,feelings and be- She has been employed by the James with her husband .

havior as It effects ourselves and others. "Get wisdom, get P' EOPI since January, 1967 and Street, Richmond, at 14500 Jackson

understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of s as secretary-aide at the i r Heights.
my mouth . Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore gel 'tj X Brownsville Center since July e Mrs. Nettie Sturgis of 266

wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding." Proverbs of the same year.A NW 8th St., Miami, replaces

4: 5, 7._November 16AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK. native of Detroit, Michi- Mrs. Darden as secretary.
aide at the
Visit YOUR schools! gan, Mrs. Darden graduated

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin (Rudy) Marks motored to Jacksonville MARIE CARL salutatorian, Mays High
for the funeral of her father, Fred T. Billings.The School, class of 1961. She has LADIES
Sigma Gamma attended Shaw University, Ra- EARN

leigh, North Carolina, and is Extra money for yourselfor
Eric (Letisha) Hepburns of New York City have returned Rho Founders presently enrolled at the South your church or social

home after vacationing in Miami, Nassau and San An- Campus of Miami Dade Junior group by selling wigs
Also buy for
yourself a
tonio. Day Sunday
College. gift atDEALERS PRICE.
Mildred Marks will be representing Dade County at a con- Gamma Delta Sigma Chap- Besides her activities with Bowling League. in For further informationcall

ference called by Floyd Christian at Tallahassee on Committeeof ter will observe the 46th anniversary the EOPI, Mrs.Darden Is very "Serving the community 534.6160.Mrs. Classman at
of better family
Certification of Visiting Teachers. of the establishmentof active In her community. She every aspect

t h e i r organization on Sun- is past president of the South e
Marcia and Sherri are the house
Phillip and McCoy daughter,
Dade Extension Home Economics -
day November 10 at 5
guests of her mother and father, the J. Hartman Taylors. Their, founders day, p.m. Club; leader of the
On Saturday, November 9, the Egelloc Civic Club is spon- program of
Workers 4-H Club
will be held on the of Willing
soring a Book Review at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Julius. campus
which won a
the Florida Memorial College. recently
Toni Vivian Bullard and John L.White were married Satur- Mrs. Marie S. Carl,executive community service plaque for

day at the home of the bride.The bride is the daughter of Mr. director of the EOPI will be the monthly birthday parties givento

and Mrs. Samuel Leroy Bullard, 2271 Rutland Street, Opa- guest speaker.The patients at Lincoln Mem- :tom:

loca. The bridegroom, son of Mrs.Grace White,7480 NW 22nd public is invited to attend orial Home; former publicity

Avenue. The couple will live in Coral Gables.Mr. a special invitation is chairman i of the Richmond z
extended to all Greek Letter Heights Women's Club and a '
and Mrs. Willis Murray are announcing the marriageof 1 1igbic
their daughter, Levora Jean to Mr.Charles Edward Holiday organizations. An interesting member of the Irresistable

on Saturday, November 23,at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church. program is planned, come out ,
and fellowship with them as
On Friday evening a group of "Beautiful People" gatheredat they endeavour to render BIRTHDAYMrs.

the Pageant Gallery of the Arts, 4216 NE 2nd Avenue. The "greater community ser- Mary Johnson of Put- !

occasion was a Preview for the artist M. Jorie Austin. Her vices, for greater community man Hall, Florida celebratedher

paintings are imaginative abstractions of nature forms.Critics progress." 79th birthday Sunday, OC- :
Miss Austin a superlative color .
unanimously agree possesses tober 27.Present.
sense and a feeling for significant form. Born in Kingston,
THANK YOU were her ten child-
Jamaica. (Experimental painter; self-taught) Early artistic ren a large number of grand

aspirations . Started painting realistic landscapes In Salis- The Cosmetology Unit No. 7 and great grandchildren and a

bury, England, during the war. 20 years later, while living in wish to express sincere ap- host of relatives and friends. rhr

the Bahamas, began experimenting with spray acrylic paints, preciation to all who made the The table was set very pretty

using Modifying and Synthesizing "found objects" creating Cocktail Sip and Fashion Show with two huge birthday cakes, v 'r A r,, a >
from them a new kind of spiritual landscape."Jorie Austin is held at the Bonded Collection salad, vegtables, barbequeribs 2 'R
truly a pioneer at the frontiers of a new art. She should enjoyan Agency Building on October and chicken lots of coffee

exciting future." The public is invited to Miss Austin's Ex- 20 a success. and cold drinks. Mrs.Johnsonsat .

hibition, today through November 20, Pageant Gallery of The Special thanks to the models at the table while Rev.

Arts.The and cooperative beauticians of Pridyen read the scripture andRe

Burnell (Alice) Thompsons and daughter Leslie have Dade County. Also, the East !., P. M. Hayes her son
returned to Miami after an extended vacation that oak them to Coast Tailors who presented prayer and everybody joined in : Pr'

New Orleans, San Antonio, Las Vegas and Arizona.Then on to excellent models and the latest singing happy birthday to you.
Cleveland to visit Alice's brother and his family. fashions to a most appreciative The afternoon was spent + I
audience. eating and o T
Now they are four.Russell and Breshea Erwin are celebrat- Garland drinking and meet- yR
Mrs. chairman; ing old
ing the birth of a son, Russell II; born in Germany. Rev. and Mrs. Dates friends. After that we N r
co-chairman, all went to church e k
and heard
Mrs. J. B. Blacknell are the proud maternal grandparents. Mrs. M. Muldrow, president. sermon preached by her son
Get well wishes to Caleb Crosby and Herbert Williams at
Rev. Hayes, pastor of First These and
home. Friends of Gus Love are happy to know that he is recuperating AME Zion many
Church, Melbourne
at home. Samuel Payne at Veterans.E. FLORIDA MEMORIAL Florida. many more foundat

R. (Carol Cooper's hubby) Hanna of Nassau spent the
weekend in Miami on a business trip. CHORUS TO SING AT "Any whore I In the world Lory's -

Something new has been added in the field of cosmetics G.W. CARVER JR. HIGH you want to go"TJCKfTS Meditate before you

AFRAM House. Salon 'Afram, located in the Shore Building COST
'1190 NE 125th Street. A complete line of cosmetics designed The faculty and student bodyof NO MORE AT buy, but be sure and

especially for you. G. W. Carver Jr. High will buy Lory's out of

Beauty Happening with new Soul shades of make-up will present a special pagent en- for our
space tops
titled "The Negro a Glorious
happen Nov. 14 15 in Burdine's Tea Room (Downtown) says 7MY BUREAU
History" music will be fur- out of sight slacks -
Shirley Burkes, Floria Roberts' cosmetic representative ..
nished by Florida MemorialCollege's "Your
Dr. and Mrs. Craig Roberts, who originated the Flori Roberts Neighborhood Travel
mixed chorus under
products for darker skins (introduced in Miami March) will Agonts"
the direction of Mr. John
come from Newark, N. J. and Giovani, New York make-up Price. This activity just one A. near to you at your
artist, will demonstrate make-up techniques to music. telephone. Give us a call.
of many planned American Wo deliver.
Dr. Robert Hayling of St.Augustine was in Miami during the Education Week. Ave. FR 98451.1104 Chos.NW 3rd C.

American Dental meet on Miami Beach. Other observances includea North, Manager

Attorney Norman Hill Jetted in from Kingston to attend the Parent-Student Lunch Day,

Preview Exhibition of his aunt, M. Jorie Austin. Wednesday, Nov. 12 from 11 HAIR DOESN'T GROW*

On Saturday, Nov. 2, Girl Scout Troops of Ixora Neighborhood a.m. to 1 p.m. and a student t
joined the Troop 409 (Panorama) in" celebrating its assembly Friday, Nov. 15, at {JANbRUFF? tn

Founder's Day Birthday.Sgt. 2 p.m. Everyone is cordially ITCHY SCALP? '

Daniel W. Mulliens #39 Disabled American Veterans' invited to attend.
Auxiliary invite all eligible ladies to attend the regular meet- THE PACESETTERS OF FASHIONS

ing on Friday evening at 8 p.m. PrimaryC 757 NW 66th Street. NUKAIRPR featuring

Arie Mae demons, commander.
After spending the summer in Elmhurst, N. Y. Zack and
Helen Johnson have returned to Miami for the season. The

Johnson jetted to Nassau for a few days of relaxation. equippedAir
Conditioned. THE KING'S MEN
Mr. and Mrs. George Wilkinson Sr. celebrated their 46th Large
wedding anniversary, November 6. They are the parents of Clientele.For lease no At A
Wilkinson of New York former Miamian and investment. Low rental
George Jr City, "CALENDAR
Virginia Wilkinson Tresvant of Miami. available because of "A YOUR

Larry, Anna and Bernard and parents Mr. and Mrs. John doctor's retirement. November 10 __ 4 to 6 p.m.

Souter (Evelyn) recently spent a weekend visiting, Kissimee 379-6834 Ebenezer Methodist Church, 1042 NW 3rd .

Cocoa, Silver Springs, Six-gun Territory,Cape Kennedy Space 373-2691 benefit Women's Day Donation $1.00
Center and Orlando. While in Orlando they were the house- (TF) Fashion Show of
coordinated by Dee Dee Lawrence
guests of Mrs. Mary Lou Swilley a former class mate of Mrs.

Souter. ' ( -** growth tfnd
AU Federated Club Women and other friends are invited to f ,: vt f.-)' r DonaVv give f<; .t yof < I Tremendous Sale Going Open 9 9

attend a Continental Tea at the home of Mrs. Roosevelt Denard, t.()' [! 000 fOlt-nq I'J.i.f. Ak (

3221 Frow Avenue (two blocks North of Grand Avenue Coco- TOOTHACHE Aon

nut Grove, Sunday, Nov. 10, from 4 to 6 p.m. (

r Larry, Anna and Bernard and parents Mr. and Mrs. John Don't row suffer jet(relict''''''. from'd OU-lfl throbWnj'In tootsach. IICaMI LORD'SlORY'S I Li)19J!) {

'(Evelyn) Souter, spent a sightseeing weekend at Kissimmee, Nln. Put on-pain's | no. Until fOIl r
CM s.c ."'tllt. t. / Tomple Add
your '"t/IIOIII douse
Cocoa, Silver Springs, Six-gun Territory,Cape Kennedy space IM-JtU **eommntt : .___ FASHION SHOPS EVERYWHERE!
"center and Orlando. While in Orlando they were the house- by many dee ,
tlltl. .*.. .:. .
.' Asil phirmKltt for .* ... 6112
guests Souter.of Mrs. Mary Lou Swilley a former classmate of Mrs. ora-jel =.1 NH7TH AVENUE (EDISON CENTER)

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968 7

.' .
: ,:" kW :;; I : '" .
i + ,j. r' Actors NeededFor .
7 t;; -

"Raisinin a'. f=: k'I '
M ., ,
', : .
the Sun" "
, ,
'",. ',,' .... '. .
, ProductionTryouts

BY STANLEY"SWEETS" SWEETING are now in progress -
LINE-O-TYPE for actors for the
1 award-winning production "A
THE LITTLE RED BOOK: Dr Irene G.Pratt's grandsoninlaw Raising in the Sun" by Lor-
j Sgt Erhest Knight will be buried from Mt Olivette Baptist raine Hansberry to be produced r
; Thursday afternoon around 3:30 . It was at the Merry Go Round
just a year ago (Nov 11 '67)) whenSgt Knight Playhouse, 235 Giralda Ave.
buried his 12-year-old daughter Dorothea (4 blocks North of Miracle
. from Mt Olivette, after being struck down Mile, 1/2 block off Ponce de
by an auto while enroute to school in North Leon.)
Carolina ..Sgt Knight fell dead with a heart Try-out date is Nov. 10 at
attack on his wife Marva's birthday (Nov 1) J a 4:30: p.m. Interested personsare ,
enroute home from work at Ft Bragg, N. C. M urged to come. The following I
where he's stationed. . Oddly enough, the characters are need- 1i 1tTL
handsome Sergeant had requested -- only a ed: Mama, age over 40; Ruth,
year ago -- that (upon his death)his body be 30's; Walter Lee, 30's; Bobo,
buried next to his deceased daughter . Sgt Knight a BTW 30's; Beneatha, Georgeand
grad and native of N. Carolina) will get his request today Asgari, all college age;
(Thursday) in Lincoln Memorial Park cemetery. Travis, must pass for 9-10. DUMB COP TEACHES SCHOOL?
The play will be conductedby
Mrs. Gibble, for Dumb ? It has often been thought by the public that all are of
' .. NOTES ON A NAPKIN: Overheard at the Satellite: She's sos Peggy cops cops
drunk her makeup's mad at her . At the Hampton House: merly Miami Carol City High the dumb variety. But now at school our kids are discovering that the new
1: She used to wear a pony tail, now she wears horse hair . teacher. Her production of teacher explaining the "Fragmentary Sentences" or the new math may be your
\ At the Knight Beat: Her Old Man deals in real estate -- he's "Raisin" last May wontop local policeman. Deputy Sheriff Robert Jones is representative of the new
) a grave yard digger . At Small's Lounge: They call her honors at the University of Mi-
f. officer that turned Sheriff
is Thesemen
ami Drama Festival. police being out by Purdy's department.
"Gun Smoke" -- stays loaded. .At Cafe Society: She was a
"bottle baby" -- any brand. .At Mo's Lounge: I used to date Persons interested in work- are working days and attending college classes bynight to upgrade them-

I him until he lost his job . At Mary Elizabeth: Is that your ing on publicitycostumes,set, selves and their profession.
p wife with my husband? etc. are also welcome. Jones "moonlights" as a substitute teacher in the public school system,

also as a member of the Metro Traffic School at Miami-Dade Junior College.He .
t SALT WATER TAFFY: Florida's Governor Claude Kirk's AnnualPofenfafe is a native Miamian and has been certified by the state "Standard Policeto
I handshaking routine among City jail personnel and others last
teach law enforcement the
in academy in state.
Thursday does not necessarily make a news item here . But any
what does rate a izeable mention is the fact that "Bright Ball ,
1 Eyes" chose early 6:00 ayem to perform his friendly chores Whether you're new in town, QUEEN CROWNING
. Louise Poitler birthdayed Monday(Nov 4)) but she and her or have Just lost track of old ACTION T.V. Sales & Service \
"health and muscle builder" hubby Zeke celebrated their 24th friends here's a pleasant way & COKE HOUR SUNDAYThe

anniversary next Wednesday(Nov 13)...Mazie Rawls-Smith- to meet the new and greet the Lillies of the Grove GUARANTEED TO RELIEVE YOU
Edge's dad Otto Rawls passed in Ft Lauderdale. old acquaintances. Kazah Club is sponsoring the crown- OF'YOUR T. V. PROBLEMSWE

Temple No. 149 AEONMS, Ing of their queen and a coke REPAIR ALL MAKES -
THE WEEK'S WASH You can expect fireworks to erupt in
: annual
presents its Potentate
hour Sunday, Nov. 10 at .
nearby Broward resulting from the recent election. .
Ball, Friday, December 6, 10 the home of Mrs. Beatrice
Might even throw a few sparks down here in the Dade area p.m. until 2 a.m. Gulfstream Davis, 3028 New York Street, COLOR AND BLACK & WHITE i
. Young Rev Oswald Turner Jr a Belcher Oil Co 'astro- *
Room, Bayfront Park Audi- Coconut Grove.Donation Is$1. STEREO HIFI RADIO TAPE
naut' . Former Dorsey high football flanker Charles BethelJr
torium 499 Boulevard
Biscayne There will be door prizes. CALL NOW: RECORDER
suffering from an asthmatic throat congestion recovered
For information
more The public is invited. '
after delicate surgery at Jackson Memorial... Looking fit as contact, John W. Dillard, Illustrious 696-3381 8626 NW 22 Ave. .

a fiddle again -- but no cigarette smoking. . A computerizedaudit _ .. .. .. _ .. .. .. .
potentate, Bob Wil- u U u u u u uuuuu \
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
could in well-established l
bring about a shakeup a big cox, promotional director, .. .
$ biz in North Dade. ie '*
1885 NW 55th St. and 6965NW
ie i .; . 1\
30th Avenue.
STUFF AND SUCH: Marlon Brando discovered Diana Rossof #* y:,
the Supremes ? ? ? Our favorite dialectician: Myron Cohen
. How could anybody hate the Beatles and like Tiny Tim NEW *
; ? ? ? Charles Drew junior bigb schoolmarm Gussie Ervin and ''ie *

her hubby Alphonso are cuddling their first boyby who arrived MERSOI ie New name... ".,. *
last Friday . Frances Tucker elementary's Martha Clark ie .
(she's Mrs Harcourt) mending at home after weeks at Cedarsof *
Lebanon...The LeroyOssie) Smiths of Jamaica L.I N. Y. *
<\ in town visiting relatives and friends. A birthday party cele- TELEVISIOJ. : New facilities... *

bration was tendered Leroy during entertainment festivities. .. **

SCRATCH MY BACK: Naomi Byrd down from Harlem to, : New spirit of banking #*
check on her mother Millie Byrd convalescing at Fountain *
Head Convalescent nursery . The Smith family was well thecommunity.
to .
represented during their cousin Herbert Knowles'burial up in : *

Ft Pierce last Sunday. Saw Herbert, David, Bessie, Jeanette ie .*
Smith; Priscille Smith-Saunders and hubby Jerry; Ida Deshaz- *
: ...
ior. The deceased died in his sleep. . Mt Sinai hospital'snew I I *
dietary employee recognition program has honored 4 .. .
sepias to date. Labeled "Employee of the Month," honor has .
come to Dorothy Palmer(July);TommySmithAugust);Gladys 1c .
Reid (September); Yvonne Crumbley (October). The usual

award-winning ceremony is held, check presented,with spec- MODEL 11P50A WITH
ial recognition given each honoree.

SWEETS' TREATS: North Dade high holds its annual coro- EARPHONE
nation (crowning of Miss North Dade -- Elizabeth Watts)
and(Miss Blue and White-- Vanessa Brown)during festivitiesin $5.00
the school's audit Friday night (Nov 8)) at 7:30 . That'sit
brother from your one-man-newspaper who knows every-
( body and everybody's racket but who is allways giving some DOWNCall
t' poor sucker a break!


(Formerly Lincoln 'Nufioncil 'Bfa I II
751-5629 I
NO CREDIT iC 1 1tc
ARE TOO OLD OR SUFFERING I FROM : 1u/.t s&w e aI tiitIJtc :



., *
Join U.N.C.A. STEREOS . .. I Itc

....''. ,I

Universal Christian SocietyAND :1 -, .. ; of' ,'c ; JOHN w. ROBERTS, JR. \ ** ,! ..
'. J

MEMORIAL EXPENSES WILL BE PAID. 45 N. W. 54th Street : Member Federal Reserve System GARTH C. REEVES, SR. ** I fs: :

CALL NOW. 'Miami, Florida 33127 Federal Deposit,Insurance Corporation Chairman of the Board :
? *
Jf.," . ". .. ,. .. .. Jf. . . .. . Jf. . .., ... .. . . . . .. fi::


8 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968

Residential' ScholarshipsTALLAHASSEE.Twenty '
Aretha's Baby Sister Carolyn' Following In Her FootstepsNEW Miami Get

scholastic average In order to
YORK CITY.-If sing dividual style that could make Six top record firms are dang- fore her, already Impressedwith four freshmen at Florida A&M have his scholarship renewed
er Aretha Franklin's title of her, a big name as a performer ling attractive contracts be- her creative ability as a University have been awardedthe each quarter.
Soul Sister No.1 Is ever songwriter.In Presidential Scholarshipof
threatened by a competitor It's the past there's been several $2,500. The scholarship Is freshmen enrolled
more likely to come from a NOW SHOWING famed groups of singing for 12 quarters and Is awarded presidential quarter holding FAMu
member of her family Latestof sisters who performed as either school seniors who Scholatshipsare-
to high
her sisters to make her debut SCREENED AT trios or quartets.But with on the state 12th Woolworth Davis, Robert
In show business Is Caro 7:00 & 10:30 each of the Franklin sisters grade test. The recipient must J. Fulcher, and Valarie R.

lyn. wanting to be a star in her own maintain a "R" orhflf-l! Hill.
right, they're setting aprece-
Signed to an exclusive book
ing contract last week by Mrs. dent. JOIN THE IN-CROWD

Ruth Bowen, president of at theMUSICANA
Queen Booking Corp.,who also
handles the engagements for CocaColaBOTTLING BARThe
both Aretha and Erma Frank CO.
lin, Carolyn will soon be N ( Players Choice)
crowding the others for mar Route Specializing in imported and domestic wines. I
quee space on theatres and a
spot on the hit record charts. N SalesmanSalary Free hors d'oeuvres from 6 to 9 i
At 24, the youngest member A while 500 NW 54th St.
of the talented Detorit family,,
Carolyn Already has played a M training
major role in Aretha's continued Must be 21 or over

popularity, having written and a resident of
several of her top Atlantic "Mother, theGreater Phone: 836.3691
record hits, including "Ain'tNo
I'm not a child.. Miami
Way" and "Baby Baby,
Baby." A music major at Area Central TV & Radio RepairColor

Southern Calif and Los Angeles : ( Apply in person at:

City Colleges, the energe.tic LLe 301 Nfc v 29th Street Stereo Inter-Corns P..A. Systems
Carolyn has also sang with
both of her sisters in a gospel between 10 a.m.
group at their father's Baptist and 3 p.m. 9415 NW 17th Ave.
Church in the Motor City.
Monday through Friday Miami, Florida
Encouraged by both her
2z :
father, Rev. C. L. Franklin,, n '
and Aretha and Erma to go out DEBORAH KERR DAVID NIVEN"FIELDER
on her own, Carolyn has an In-
COlOR by wi,,..

JobmobileThis / .

Is where the Jobmobile
Monday, Nov. 11, closed the first comedy
Veterans Day.(holiday). b'- about the pill I
Tuesday, Nov. 12, 7:30: a.m. -- - l

to 4:30 p.m. Grand Ave. and PLUSKILLERvsKILLER
Douglas Road, Coconut Grove -
Wednesday, Nov. 13, SW 66 V3nlv M, !
Place and 59 Avenue. Across Friday & Saturday
from EOPI lennforangie ;

Thursday, Nov. 14, NW 12th
Avenue and 62nd Street. NW Dickinson : MR. WALTERS [f
corner. w', ;

Friday, Nov. 15. Same PROUDLY PRESENTS
had Everett :
place, Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1

p.m. same place. T I


wwry Mist Heir T1IIc'


Not w1n.n" 'M -b IOO%MWw.nMM..
: ::z
/bq CM thr you tbl..1 you rn1I MR. WALTERS
Style 12Ollly
ta.eesu Ti

0/.....-yOW |DRIVE-IN THEATREhey're -
MOi IlttMMf I I
iN Mlu'r.Alpc.n

lie MtrWwkay 1 young... they're in love P BELL

utlMM10 .......y



-- -. y- -3.98-- ::
. :
OOIO MIOAL 11AA1091. IM.IMMll" :
:: "L.$!*'..,......M.V.I;iMSj r1ECHNICOLOR 2 BANDS 2 SHOWS
SIKH Q oN cue*
i 4 b Mown Q ptl.Av.urn I
t N._,.. : !
...and they kill people.
Clty-t-Z---C ..w..-MtM,Awl.....11M'" SUNDAY: EARLY BIRDS FREE BEFORE 9 P.M.
f .........',c........'''..-J.II 0VI41I


I ' .w. 1E

S rw FA"Y.s Wednesday


PiiTeen \I LU
; t otHER "It'
TT fun tfU WIN CASH AND S I.00

T ,



?- for 1 Admission ADMISSION ONLY
a Free with this AJ. 1.auBIC. a TABLES FREE

I 1 ,_ oJ. .- . .. -'.-'- ... -. . ---- --

< '1\\ < ,

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968 9


rFa an
Education x r> C +

t i

Explosion at 9 I 1

North DadeJr.
HighA s
A l1Halloween

$ week of carefully planned
activities have been prepared : ;
for the students, and the Opa- I
night, October 31, at the Knight Beat and Clyde locka community in keeping
K11lens out-did hlmselt again. Natch the house was full and by with the American Education
10:30 there was standing room only.This Is the show t 1
every- Week theme: "America has a : 't _
body watts for. Of course, I had to look around to see what good thing going- its schools."
faces I would recognize, and the first person I saw was t the V
new director of the Model cities Program, Gordon Johnsonand On Sunday, Nov.10,to stimulate I 0 r
his lovely wife, Gloria. Also spotted were Sonny Wright moral and spiritual LJ\-:
. El Corbar at his usual table at ringside . Tom Washington values, the speakers council
standing against the wall . How about Evelyn Lyles will present community of''
. Henry Givens . Mr. and Mrs. Al Martin . zell speeches on spiritual role
Barnes..Mr.and Mrs.Oliver Page(he's at the Dobbs Houseat American education,sponsored -
the airport) ..almost didn't recognize Dana Dorsey Chapman by Mrs. M. Green.
with her new hairdo. I don't think she has missed one ot On Wednesday Mr. James
these affairs since Clyde started them. I sat with China and Cash, assistant principal of,
Thelma Valles and China's cousin, John Valles from Bedford, administration, Allapattah Jr. :, r
Mass. One thing about these Halloween Balls is that they keep High, will address the students. tOne
you on your toes. You sit and watch the people dancing and during the Student Council installation f. y I
you try to figure out who is who and which is which. Most ot services. VisiJ j- --
the folk make the scene just to see who is going to be crowned tors are welcome the entire of the really swinging parties at Clyde Kittens' Hurricane Boys

Queen and the fabulous fashions that are going to be shown. day on Wednesday.The Halloween Party at the Knight Beat last Thursday night was that of Elco
Thelma said to me,"you can tell the men In drag because they highlight of the activities around
seated and his Harold Martin. Seated clockwise
Corbar ( right) son,
sweat more than the women." Well, that's one way of lookingat are expected on Thursday -
it. Now It is time for me to tell you about the show. The night when the PTA, with the table are Sarah and Harold Martin, Agnes Deveaux and escort, W. J. Camp-

band was conducted by Frank Williams, and George Patterson Mrs. Brown, president conducts bell, Mrs. Izell Barnes, Mrs. Alberta Corbar, and the host. A record crowd

opened the show with "This could be the start of somethng a workshop. turned out witness a great show, as only Clyde Killens can produce. Corbaris
big." A chorus line of three . capped off with Phil Harris On Friday, there will be an 53rd
the popular of Corbar's Trucking, Inc., 1031 NW Street.
upsetting the house . then a few songs by Queen Catchei. Alumni Career Forum, spon- proprietor
Next came Princess Nodda who danced topless. Then Phil sored by Mrs. B. Smiley. (Adamsfotos.)
Harris, who did his theme song,"I Live the Life I Love, and I
, Love the Life I Live."After his song,Phil introduced the Fantastic -
1 La Frenchie,another dancer who did a strip tease. Princess -
t Dallas was the next attraction,and when she came on the
! stage she turned to leave saying, "Pm going off and I'm corning -
I back on again.You know, Igothrough a hell of a lot to look
,t like this." Carlotta is the next act with "More" followed
by Baby Twana in another dance routine.The Hurricane Boys,
doing a Samba, closed the show, and Phil introduced Bobby!
"Call Me Darling" Marshall as M. C. for the fabulous gay
fashions. Bobby upsets the house with a white evening gown '
Jd t is +
called "sorry," excuse me,I mean"Sari" made by Gee Gee :
The fashions and models were: #1 wearing a blac''', chiffon.
two piece gown with black mesh hose; ##2 a blue silk dress
,, 1 kl. + 'kR: NdL1M I r1 k t L Ai 1i
with rhinestones and red ,cape; #3 Sugar Man with a black< Y1
I sequined gown, black gloves and mink stole,14# gown of white
feathers with nothing under it; ifs a gown with electirc lites* //i I ,
t in It; 16# -A long red sequined gown; ##9 a gown covered com- 1
i :pletely with baloons; ##12 -,a long queen sequined gown called
4, the "bubble." It opens and another silver gown is exposed with II/i/ - '
, emeralds hanging from it; #13 was a short mini done up :in '
1// I t tI
f silver and gold; #14 was an oh so tight black gown; ##15 a
{ pink floor length cape bordered by black fringe with pink and
black gown underneath; #17 was a long goalden gown with a % I I
, mink bottom. George Patterson wore a beautiful green gown. r ,
: The winner of the 1968 Hurricane Ball is Queen Micka Blanca I
from Jamaica, BWI, who wore a beautiful little Jamaican type 'WI
gown. Second prize went to Monique, of Miami, a caucasian;
, third prize went to Millie Jones. There were so many people
I there, as usual, that another seat could not have been put any-
" place. Clyde needs a much larger place for next year because
;a l as every year, he had to turn down a lot of disappointed people ex"

who could not get in. It is always a good show. VIC!;ROY I

PRETTY BOY OF THE WEEK: Roderick Silva i Jr
yy1 ,,
VIP OF THE WEEK: Thena R. Crowder .


QUICK NOTE DEPARTMENT: China Valles tells me that on
the 29th of November the CATV Productions will present :a
"Night with Nina Simone" at the Dade County Auditorium . Never sleeps. Never quits.
Speaking of China, we congratulate him on his new show from . .
1- 5a.m.WGBS.... We are all happy that Dr. Ira P. Davisis
up and about and in the office a couple of times a week .
The Big 17-piece band played their first engagement last

Saturday at a dance given by the employees of the Brownsvill .. ,
EOPI for neighborhood.It was a huge success, and the 9andis I" ). ;(
ready to play for your affair if you will call me at 757-2836. ,i.. l-
. Dr. Elmer Ward was honored last Sunday for his many;
years of devoted community service, and I regret that I could
not attend the Testimonial given for him.Hear tell he received "
almost a dozen plaques and commendations. Congratulations: :;
tohlm...If you didn't get out and vote, don't speak to me next Viceroys
time you see me .. Went to get some work done on my boat S : '
trailer the other day, and met Harry Cannon, the Sales Man- :
ager at Rocket Boat Trailer Company on 79th A venue and 51st
Street. Found our old friends William Barkett is president of: : : taste
the company, and that they have all kinds of service, a com- S good
plete repair department and parts for all kinds of trailers that .
I will tell you about next week.But they can do a complete re-
finishing Job on your old trailer and make it look like new. If
you can't wait until next week, give them a call at 8876521. S

More next week on them. J never quits.
And that does it for the column for this week too. Till the next ,


.. .


APPRECIATE DOING . ..... .....
., ""':" !'- ""'"
DEPENDABLE. ._ ..I. ,, :'
THEY ARE .'; ;.. r.
PLEASE PATRONIZE THEM! O/I.&wurwr .%1U4wwMrnwro/UHwwunl>h KiMV. ".N"'41'' 1v.FUV --:f/lbJw

10 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968HlflBBflBBBBBBI
_. . -" - - - .. . . . . . . . . . . . ..
- - - --
- -

4 ,! i

: ;.''.t Miami YouthU

. .'''. The Scene With YM

. .. A

_ .IJ..A _. r ..L .>L....:. tI ."--

... NorthwesternFocus

TheHappening I I, t



By Garth C. Reeves, Jr. -- -

American Education Week will be observed next week. The

Future Teachers of America will sponsor a variety of programs .
here at Northwestern. A public program is planned for
weekend rolls around for us starting tonight t
A truly big tonight at 8 p.m. in the auditorium.
(Friday). The swinging Motown Revue comes to Miami Beach Reigning over Homecoming festivities was Miss Karen Shan.
starring the fabulous Four Tops.This very popular male groupis Homecoming 1968-69. Her attendants are Rosilyn
known for such recordings as: Standing in the Shadows of non, Miss Mitchell and Yvonne Chandler.

Love, Reach Out Til be There, Seven Rooms of Gloom, Walk m Holmes Also ,announced Delbra were Miss Boy Councilors and attendants,
In A Different World and many
Away Renee, their latest Fm
and Anto-
Atkins Yvonne Mitchell, Valjane Coliington
others. Tickets are being sold at the usual record shops and 1. fY Linda Linda
Sweetheart Royal.
nette Turner and Team
drug store locations. See you eight o'clockatConvention Hall. Northwesterners went to the polls on last Thursday cast
* * * * * * * *
Mr. Dynamite, James Brown, let Miami down for the first ?:;{: their votes for:
time when he postponed his Tuesday night MiamiStaidum ap .r, Humphrey-Muskie 1357 votes
pearance. The cancellation is due to death in the family. But .zA Nixon-Agnew 66-

don't fret, for J. B. will be back. Wallace-LeMay 37 -
* * * * * * * Collins 717 votes
The Detroit Magazine, a prestigious Sunday supplement tithe Gurney 576 -
Detroit/Free Press, paid unusual tribute to a pop record The Girls Volley Ball team participated in the regional
artist by featuring Florence Ballard on the cover of its October a games. The B team won first place and the A team won second.

20th Issue. The magazine contained a six page feature H The Jr. Varsity football team defeated Mays with the score
story on Florence and her new career as a solo recording artist of 31-12.

and entertainer. The story,by Detroit Magazine Associate ___ The hard fighting Bulls lost a heart breaker to the Killian

Editor, Barbara Holliday,was illustrated color photographs; Cougars, 14-0. It was a sad Homecoming.JACKSON .
of Florence and her husband, Thomas Chapman. Initial sales: Sod SUtw the Meek
reports on her new ABC record "Love Ain't Love," indicate 01
that it be'the first inastring of gold records for the talented
may Glenda Thorpe, MiamiCentral junior, gets the vote
vocalist. as this week's soul sister. She is the daughter of Mr.
* * * * * * * *
and Mrs. Eddie Thorpe of 3080 NW 69th Terrace.Glenda's .
Last Saturday night Sammy Davis Jr. and Aretha Franklinsoulbeated
hobbies are dancing and reading. plansto By
The Hollywood palace to what I consider one of attend Miami Dade Jr. College for two years and ARNETTA JOTTINGS
the most successful shows of the season.Aretha sang her ver- major in Business Administration. She is a memberof WILLIAMSHalloween

sion of "I Say A Little Prayer" which was originally written the campus FBLA and Anchor Club.
for Dionne Warwick. (Miss Warwick appeared on The Beautiful was a night to re member when the Generals trick-

Phyllis Diller Show on Sunday).Sammy Davis delivered ren- L . J ed and treated the Carol City Chiefs. Oscar Anderson, Moses
dition of McArthur Park done originally by Richard Harris., Moore and Leon Lewis, made the first three touchdowns leav-
* * * * * * * ing a score of 21-0 at halftime. Clarence Strong and Eddie
A new album has hit the market.It is one of those very, very Youth Jazz Lab FormingFormation Williams made the final score 35-0.

good ones that demand stocking in your collection.It is called The Jackson Generals marching band, directed by a masterof

"My First Time Around." And who but Miss Betty Wright is of the All-Miami There are openings for saxophone music Jake Muscanera, stepped high and mighty over Carol

having a most remarkable first time around. Some of the Youth Jazz Lab for senior high (alto, tenor and bari- City at halftime. Drum Majors Alphonso Harrington, Michael

familiar tunes on this album are "Girls Can't Do What The school students was announcedby tone), trumpet, trombone, Dames, and David James performed as the Marching 100 play-
Guys Do," "Sweet Lovin Daddy," and her latest "He's Bad the University of Miami piano, guitar,'bass and drums. ed "people Got To Be Free." Beverly Parks captain, moved
Bad Bad." This album you would have tohear it to believe it. Preparatory Division and All interested students are and grooved with the Swingettes td "Who's Making Love" and

ON THE SPORT AND CAMPUS SCENE: Jerry Coker, director of the welcome to audition. About "Give Me One More Chance."
UM Studio and Jazz Program. eighteen instrumentalists will This year's king, queen and court are Larry Allen, senior;
the first time in the of the school the Miami
For ,
Auditions will be held from be accepted. Equipment for Frances Bethel, senior; Paul Schubert, senior; Bessie Young,
Northwestern Bulls lost a Homecoming This occurredlast
game. noon to 3 p.m. on Saturday, percussion will be supplied senior; Larry Pye, junior; Phyllis Wilcox, junior;Joe Daugh-
met the Killian at
Friday night when they High Cougars played lead and solo trombone
November 9 and November 16 try, sophomore; and Debra Wright, sophomore. Mr. and Mrs.
MDJC Stadium. You can believe, it was a good game. The in the UM Jazz Band and is on
in Nancy Greene Symphony Green and Gold are Martha Days and Tony Chester. Interactand
Homecoming queen was Karen Shannon. Her attendants were a full scholarship. His instruments
Rehearsal Hall. For audition Opti-Miss won Patio Decorations.Homecoming was spon-
Holmes Debra Mitchell and Yvonne Chandler. A
Rosalyn is has
appointment, call 284-2304 or trombone. He sored by the senior class and topped off with a swinging dance
swinging masquerade dance was thrown in the gym on Satur- 284-2305. taught both privately and in the given by Inter-Club Council.

day night. The new jazz oriented classroom for the past three "The Death and Life of Larry Benson" will be presented
Miami Jackson walloped the Carol City Chiefs by a score of
and is intern-
courseensemble will hold its years presently November 12, 13, and 15, at 8:15 in the auditorium. The play
35-0 for their Thursday night Homecoming in MDJC stadium.
first rehearsal Jan. 5, 1969. ing at North Miami High concerns the tragic headlines of war, death and broken lives.It .
They celebrated with a sock-hop in their gym on Friday night.
School. As a professional mu-
The All-Miami and
Youth Jazz carries with it a moving and Important message pro-
The Homecoming queen and king were Frances Bethel and Lab, under the direction of sician he played lead trom- vides a large number of colorful roles for both i leading and
Larry Allen. The runners up were: seniors-Bessie Young and bone in the Frank Sinatra
Michael Katz will be head
patterned supporting characters, as stated by Drama department ,
Paul Schubert juniors-Phyllis Wilcox and Larry Pye sopho-
; ; Bennett and Paul Anka
after the UM Jazz Lab. It Tony Mr. Don Bowerman. The cast of main characters consist of
mores-Debra Wright and Joe Daughtry.The will be composed of a select shows at Miami Beach, made Eddie Jackson Richard Patricia Marshall Julius
Taylor, ,
Miami Central Rockets traveled back to the days of old several
group of students who are interested recordings, includingone Wade, Johnny Wilson, Kelly Gordon, Margaret Elliot and
"Dog patch" and experienced Sadie Hawkins days Wednesday,
in studying jazz Im- with Sinatra,and has played Christine
Thursday and Friday of last week. Marrying Sams performed with the big bands of Les Dunnom.
provisation, interpretationand at Miami
mixed chorus In
participated a workshop
ceremonies and the week was climaxed by thebig Sadie Haw- and
kins dance Friday night in the cafeteria. This was all spon- ensemble techniques. The Elgart Chubby Jackson. Beach Senior High and were predicted to be the top chorus in

sored by Sorrota Club, Maggie Lawrence, president. Band will have access to the Dade County. Always being used as a good example, senior
UM jazz library.Guest clinic SUPPORTYOUR and Briar" and
* * * * * * * mixed sang "Honor and Glory, "Bushes
I hear tell that there is a bit of discrimination in the organi- ians will beinvited to work "Every Time I Feel The Spirit."

zations on the Miami Central High School Campus.Interested with the group. This year's officers are first soprano Juanita Deshazior,
parents would check into this. Previous experience in im- first alto Katrinka Mumford, first tenor, Robert Williamsand
provisation is not r e q u Ire d.
* * * * *.* * * YMCA first bass, Richard Taylor.

45 OF THE WEEK:"For Once In My Life" by Stevie Wonder
ALBUM OF THE WEEK: "My FirstTime Around"by Betty -- -Bles1> I

Until Wright Later, Do your own thing. I c
took lolurai

I cc 2 c c cc i 1 1



NEBfl U.S. I

I I 0 i

$89.00 I

I 36th Strut liacayita Blvd.. Miami I / -
71th Strict Cavitway. Hartk lay VIII.|. r
DOLLY WIGSCall OPEN DAYS 1l3rf St.IN E. IDtk *.... Nartk Miami luck
I A WEEK lard St.ft Callint A.."... Miami Buck I ,
?. O. Box 4513deposit till the wee, S."rl..t Gatiway. Ft.Lavtfara'ala
or writeus today.Send mall hours. 11th ft Cammncial IM, ft. laniirdala .
If ordering by moil. Miami Beach, Florida 33141 I OFFER GOOD THROUGH Stata II... 7. lariaikill I .. .
Beauty shops call for Phone: 6-2396 SUNDAY, NOV. 10,1968 Martk Fatfaral Hwy. at 14th St., .*..'......cll S..

wholesale prices..
, a.- - - - _


. .--.-. --- .' ... .. ..- ,-. ..'--. .
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, *' .
co , 0 0 ..- 0 ,

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968 11


Ecr Ft 3D I 3ST l

: i

., "".,I.f. ,' 4 . .0. ..... ... .1: :1 yyy'''
; ": ,
,, ,, ;t"'i'
-.. ItP ...:\ ,..
,,'. 1'.:...'\t.f'."!, I,..t', t.:'. '. ,f ;

Fieri Robertsbeauty


: ,, : .
) { ,>, happeningat
r ',' ..' . .
;" .

'. . .

!rtM1 1 'burd ne's doiuntpiun mfamifeaturing


. .

Miami's own

master of beauty ,

J. Dallas Robinson .

"' .:A.....'. IIa

Famed artist of fantasy night makeup, Mr. Giovanni .

d: e Mistress of ceremonies, Miss Blanche Calloway

a'f, is "\ll .....$"
a ...:' Plus supporting cast of other beautiful people

? I r
c'' ', '.1' '

;. See complexion care and makeup magic made simple! Dis

', cover the beauty of Flori Roberts new soul shades for your

skin tone. Plus-a bonus gift, live music, step-by-step illustrated

4: I'; take-home course on how, where and why to makeup, ,\.

. '
a \

o Thursday, November 14th, 3:30 p.m. ';

'. W Friday, November 15th, 7:30 .

a'<, rY our newly decorated Hibiscus Dining Room, third floor

,& TICKETS 3.50 at Burdine's Downtown Miami Flori Roberts

t< Cosmetic counter; includes admission plus 3.50 in Flori

Roberts' makeup. ; .',

1 .:,,11

S ."
.4'.I.' ," '


.. : ..."';1.: .,' ,
,/' '.1.

. ',{ ; ;'

.,< .
': 1' . .
:1' > ..'" ,"

#' .Ha k H
d f


:9 d
.r. 8
a '

".. ,..<

ah .k Y Vea
i '
t, ':

.' ,:' uk 'to n.

.. . .

12 THEMIAMI TIMES, Friday,N'vember8,1968
L J 1
JA& P C r s i Y t FLA. OR GA. GRADE 'A'



'f1 .i......
... ,t. ,,. ,', LB."SUPERRIGHT" 29c

;;<:; STORE 330Jf :W, b2rnd ST. AND 250 N.W. 37th ST. r



All Beef,Veal,and lamb '
Sold in Dade Stores is

KRAFT (Limit with $5 order excluding cigarettes))F N V '*



PLAIN FLOUR 5. LB. BAG 49ti It.AECE,60Z; ; ,;,k 79$



2 QT.. BOTS. 69v GT

TISSUE 10 ROLL PACK 79t ,; ., "' ,,' .: >, ia ;t ,



MEAT 12 OZ.CAN 49t 4 1010Z.} 41 I >> 4 l010Z.} S9j.



' POTATOES 10 LB. BAG 69t 'Itu


THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968 13

AIIUR L r Urban League Announces Honorees

: ; "
< 51 1 1f -
/; ... ", : \ Senator Harry P. Cain, ing made significant contribu- I
,, .
4y", ,, l .. chairman of the wards Committee tions towards the social and ,
.ir :I." for the Greater Miami economic progress of Black '\
ES 5.3: d Urban League's Tenth Annual Americans in Dade County YPa ,
Equal Opportunity Day Dinner, are:: MrS Georgia 'Jones, "'
tJ- announced the committees selection Civic ,Leader, ;. Dr. Herbert '
itInfl 7/1 of honorees for this Wey, Associate Dean, Schoolof
4 years awards. To be honored Education, University
J 'HG'ElES by the Urban League for baYw Miami; Garth Reeves, Editorof
"\ : the Mia m I Times, and the
IBM Corporation.
:""' t :"I'.JIri

: .....: '
The awards will be presented
November 16, at the Deau-
ville Hotel. Tickets are $7.50
... and reservationsmay
: " per person
", '- '' .' : be made by calling 377-'
.. '
: ,
"n'I' '" 3681. The dinner arrange-
< ments are under the directionof GARTH C. REEVES, SR.
'oJ Robert Hach,chairman,and ban League's New Thrust
,?:J t.;, Dewey W. Knight, vice chairman movement and author of the
t 'I ) c recently published book, Be-
: .I I; .:, the Burning.
... ,\ / ,." : yond
III""" ,
1t Mrs. Maude K. Reid,presi-
dent of the Board of Directors,
MRS. GEORGIA'JONES announced that the guest
4 VVl , '
'o. '
>tt'; ":,',,..:" speaker is Sterling Tucker, .
National Director of the Ur-

TO NATIONAL AIRLINES, the two girls above, Cecilia Mayfield, 2621S. .
Dalton Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.; Patricia G. Bruton, 2760 NW 58th St., t'. ".
Miami shown Miami International 4, . '"
are leaving for their i
Airport, new assignments -
,. .. .,. .'.,,
: :'
at their current base in Los Angeles. Patricia is the daughter of Mrs.

Emma Burton. She attended Miami public schools, Miami Dade Junior College,
and recently both girls graduated from the AirlineDivision of Atlantic Schoolin

Kansas City, Missauri.Whitney .


Young Blasts Teachers

Union PresidentThe .'(1.; \

tila ,
following is a statementby a ruthless play for power,regardless they are being used as pawns some
Whitney M.Young,Jr.,executive of the damage doneto in a power play that goes far
director, National Urban the million schoolchildren beyond the original Issues.
League, Issued on the New deprived of their right to an ,..,.
York school crisis The close ties black Americans .>!f
; education, or the damage doneto
have had with unions and
I am resigning as a mem- a great city, which he has
with the Jewish
ber of the fact-finding panel plunged into racial strife community
appointed by Mayor Lindsay in Mr. Shanker created the issue have been endangered by Mr.Shanker's .
the school crisis. It is appar- of racism and antiSemitism Irresponsible ac
ent that the panel can no longer and i s trying to smear labor tions.and It's civic up to leadership the business, ,; t ,
serve a useful purpose in resolving the local board with such .
well as the parents in the city,' <
the dispute. The rejection charges. These are obviouslyfalse
to stop Mr.Shanker from tear .
of the latest Allen Plan since 70 percent of the
ing New York
apart racial
offers fresh evidence that Mr. new teachers hired by the by
fears and hatreds !in his
Shanker will accept nothing board are white, and half of out-
less than total destruction of those are Jewish. Charges of rageous grab for power. ;
any a ttempt to improve the harassment against UFT rye been to Ocean Hill-
education of the city's child teachers have been wildly ex- Brownsville and I've seen
ren by decentralizing aggerated, while threats of something very beautiful going
present Inadequate school violence against teachers who on there; children are beginning
system. remain at their posts have not to learn and respond to
The Issue of due process for been publicized.It a great educational experiment -
teachers, a dubious issue from is inconceivable that the and parents are participating
the beginning, has been resolved Jewish community, other unions as never before. It
by assurances by the and the teachers them- would be tragic if it tailed be.
local board, the City Board of selves- would- fail to see that cause. of the acts of--one man.
Education, the State Commissioner '
of Education, and the i i
Mayor, that teachers will be Jack's MEN'S WEARSEE
allowed to return to classroom
duties In a healthy educational "WR. JACK" "
atmosphere. Thesearethe FOR 1 ,'
highest public officials empowered STYLES FOR ALL AGES :

to give such guaran- I The Very ,Latest in Men's Fashions
tees, and from what I have personally
observed in Ocean
Hill Brownsville, the com- ITALIAN SHOES < '):

munity will cooperate fully. 944 NW 2nd AVE. MIAMI FLORIDA

gence Mr.Shanker's reveals him as intransi-making. I 4,11j111t\' 1 ,:

AVE NOW On Hoover's New ;: it.








I I ; : I'a

REQUIRED {. " ;;,'"
h 4: >"
;\.' 'f: "
Call 751-562 .
Your favorite soft drink tastes great in convenient, space-saving, .y .

W.T. Wells Co. quick-chill, no-return steel cans. Have some fun at your house.

45 N. W. lath STREET American I Iron and Steel Institute ((3w Keep America Beautiful Don't Litter
MIAMI, FLORIDA 33121 See and Try it Today!I

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-- ------ -
- -

14 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968

I _.r".A .ERrsrt I _

1 1

[ TOP ,
J>VALUE VTAMP* 1 1wnnniuitiiinnnn I '_ a ., awr.w .


tRAF OT. ,

,Mayon use M

(I WITH $5)
UUI '; uUIUUgUUapUiltq


', ., .d ./
,. '
Ii :17 / CHOICE u.s. CHUCK

g t n r STEAK ORhuh ROAST

huh (I WITH $5) ', .
....... 0
"""" .. .'.
imnniininiittinniiniitiuiniittuiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiniuiuiiiiiii Il111UUUIIIIUUIIII UUUIIUII lIlDIUUm111I
I STEAK 11/4/ LB. 790I


KK frSK22ge % N ?

DINNERS MORTON --- 3/l ay a BACON ,LB.59t


nnuiiiiiiiuiuumtnHiHiiiuiiitiuiuuuiiiiiuiiiuuuuuuiiuiii!! IUU_ E wEENEE. [, HONEE WEENES LB. 49

APPLES 3 LB. 4ge


TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968 15

I Philadelphia Dedicates Black OwnerSAh; Center

- -
More than 10,000 people complete, black personnel.Ten Company The Ford Founda- Zion Investment Associates, that Progress Plaza Shopping black and white people working
q row d e d the multl-million of the 16 stores are black tion assisted with a $400,000 Incorporated. To date their Center was for all the peopleand together."
dollar Progress Plaza Shop- owned. The others,including a grant. funds have been used to erect not solely confined black "I front for no one but God"
ping Center's 4.5 acre site on supermarket, banking offices, The Rev. Father Thomas S. Zion Gardens Apartments, folk. He also stated that non- Rev. Sullivan declared as
Broad Street between Oxford clothing stores and shoe Logan, Sr., most worshipful two blocks of rental.housing, voting shares of stock In'ZIA be refuted charges bysome
and Jefferson Streets, Sunday stores, will be managed by grand master of the'Pennsylvania units largely occupied by,elderly was now being offered to 3,000 black and white people that he
afternoon, as Rev. LeonH. black people.In Price Hall Grand Lodgeof people: Progress Aerospace purchasers, not of Zion Baptist was 'fronting' for others.
Sullivan witnessed and sharedin addition to the businessestablishments'the Masons, presided over the Enterprise,, 'Inc. that Church. He stated, "We Rev. Sullivan, fellow min-
dedicatory ceremonies Plaza also dedication. Eustace Gay, Sr., presently has a $2.3 million already have 2,000 applicants isters, and members of his
Progress PlazaShoppingCenter has a managemententrepre- president of the Philadelphia contract to produce component signed up for the 10-36 Plan. church, founded The Oppor-
in the heart of North neural school that will train Tribune newspaper and a deacon parts for General Electric; We welcome white participation tunities Industrialization Cen-
Phialdelphia's black populace, 200 black people for adminis- in Zion Baptist Church, Progress Garment Manufac- but they must(think blackif ters that now train black
is owned and will be operatedby trative positions. presided. Among the guests turing, Inc, with a year's coo- they Join us.Inor opro- people in crafts and business
650 members of Rev. Sul- The Progress Plaza location introduced was Elmer Young, tract to produce women's gress, America must have across the country.
livan's Zion Baptist Church. was purchasedfromthe Jr., who will manage Progress wearing apparel for The Vil-
Opening of Progress Plaza Philadelphia Redevelopment Plaza Shopping Center. lagers, Inc. L
Shopping Center is to be in the Authority for $250,000. Con- Orlgional funds for the In making the major addressof
middle of November at which struction began with $1.3 Plaza were supplied by the 650 the day Rev. Sullivan stated
time the 16 leased stores will million loan from the First members of Zion whopaid$10 LIFE INSURANCE
begin with complete,or almost Pennsylvania Banking &Trust a month for 36 months into the

_77----" ., Carver "Y" Doesn't Cost
."...,.;.: PaysLast
j If ;:, HoldsCarnival
I year life insurance benefit payments in

America amounted to more than $12,000,000-
4L 7 The Carver YMCA held it's

PreHalloween Carnival, Less than half, $5,200,000,000.99 were for
Wednesday, Oct. 30.
Two hundred "Y" mem- death payments. $6,800,000,000.00 was
bers in addition to neighbor- paid to "Living Policyholders" in the form

hood children and volunteer of policy dividends, surrender values, disability -
workers attended and participated -
'haoleln in the festivities.The payments, mature endowments, and an-
s *agenda of activities included nuity payments.
: fortune telling, apple
bobbing, basketball shooting,
horse shoes, musical chairs, LIFE INSURANCE DOESN'T COST IT PAYS
A t cake walking, sack racing, a
pie eating contest, and a BUILD UP A SAVINGS
record hop.
The Carver "Y" was for-
tunate to have the volunteer
services of the Omega Phi Psi
Fraternity, and Kappa Theta CENTRALINSURANCE LIfE
Delta Sorority of Miami-Dade _
Jr. College who worked diligently
x. along with the staff COMPANY
h members and the "Y" Coun-
Boy Scout Troop 218 beams proudly at ,ceremonies marking' the presen cil to help make the carnivala .
tation of their charter at the City of Miami Fire College., Present for the occasion success.A 1416 NORTH BOULEVARDTAMPA, FLA.
were Miami Fire Chief Lawrence L. Kenney, Miami City CommissionerMrs. special thanks to Mrs.
M. Athalie Range, Miami Jackson High School ,Assistant Principal of Alva the Hall food, who and was also in to chargeof Mrs. DISTRICT OFFICES STATEWIDE

Vocational Education Fletcher Pasco (front row, from left)', Scoutmaster* H. 4Ruby, Hadley and Mrs.Gussle '>
C. Russell (rear left) and Fire Capt. R. R. Patton (rear ,right): .Y Jones who assisted her


\ .

HUMPHREY '!'!; ".. .. '
inform their customersof
their new location of ,"
the : 'J'
Celebrity Beauty
Salon. New location :
6269 NW 7th Avenue ,', ,,' ,
Phone: 751.9441 .:

.. .




After 39 Years at:
the 17th St. Locationhas
moved to its new location

2227 NW 7th weekend
AVENUE Thel-day :
"Service as you like it"

Sherman Smith, Prop.
(Nov.29)) Why wait until Saturday when you can, start- tonight? 'Because now you ,can call long distance any night of the week for the
same low price you pay on Saturdays and Sundays. Not more than $1 for a 3-minute, station-to-station call anywhere in the
country, after 7 p.m.* So go ahead and start your weekend right now.
*Maximum rates for a 3-minute, station-to-station call, plus tax, anywhere in the U.S., except Alaska and Hawaii.

1 '
BUY AN .:: ',, : ;

PORTABLE ,K. , './ 'V'I
'. ,' "
I "
,. ':yxPl; ( ; CAr t" FtfII'

,., >. '
TnO.IM--AII S.I" .
Some Ja CabIsetsr .' < : , .;:,
I. ", ,
'. .
" -! tt. : "

1 t ,;. .; r, > ,:> ,:): ',,t; >:: ,':::: ', :r...., ',i V ( *:',:k f .. ::. >,.f.) i..
.. .\: ,,
< I
\ ;: " ; t\\ '.
1rABC 'If'J\ ",' . ,f J' ,_ < .
; : OJ '
; < ;
; ,- :
: .:.. . . *. ., .
:) ". ..i. ; .'

"\: < r., : ,' .:.' : Z" ,'.: "e, r: ". ,: ..,..,,, < ,' .', C" ... ''' .. , ,"<' 1 '
..... , 'l;. l. ., I' / .,. t.' -. / lt I I' ..'
\ ( c@
.JlI' ,' 'If"
: :
( : :- ' ': /t. ; '
SEWING CENTER .. ,.:..," :. "". . : .I\.i\,.:,:.. ,. ',:. .' ... .. ... ...:....,.,. .... .
''; ,. t .j\t\ f' '
12910 N.W. 7th AVE :, ; { : ..(" ( "" '" > 0" ':

mN a LM._I,... WS-1WI


." . .. ," ,- "


._16. __ THE_. .MIAMI.! _I TIMES.., Friday.- .',November. 8, 1968 + ? GRADE B WHOLEFRYERS
.. a

SUPER ma/m/ \ _
213 N.W. 62nd STRE : ,1 .., ,
\ 'l l\. :'" ',ji '' = ------1
(t;.:..; .'-- I
p"I LB.
(P .2

QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED >:: ; '. .-, .,_. -. -. -LIMIT..


'Neck Bones WINGS 3-BS.89 NECKS 3 LBs.69* CHOPS LB. 39J.og .


Pig Feet GIANT -/1 29t

,Beef Kidneys TREND 'rttlf? r MEDIUM Spare 95 I 098 j

$1 SAVE .
LBS. 20* FIRST'PR E SAVE 204Salad
Dressing QUART 39CPig



2/49 9 LB ioY

L6. APPLES 3 LBS. 39:
5 LB. $1.49 .






2 $1 $1 'T -' 5$1 Z

-SAVE 26 i _
.. --


THE MIAMI TIMES. Friday, November 8, 1968 17
.1!''':''-" '"" "N J'::: '!Ii Pl, <" (.1'... ,l'd .M i$1 North Dade Junior Schedule
F ,/ : > <' r'
; 3i
Blue and White/ ActivitiesTuesday 4 d,_

Oct. 22,culminated White" festivities tobeheldat R,
Lfi -
L"t '
the "Miss Blue and White" North Dade High, will be the i 6t tp
contest at North DadeJr.High Coronation on November 8,at
School. This 1968-69 competition 7:30 p.m. At this time all North
was no less exciting than Dadeites and their friends will
t previous years, as homeroom watch the regal ceremonies
contestants engaged infriendly designed for the occasion of
rivalry for the coveted title the queens. _
of "Miss Blue and White." "Miss North Dade" and her .
Much excitement existed about court will share the reign over : f
campus as the results were the activities for the evening.
revealed. Elizabeth Watts, "Miss North
Vanessa Brown of the 9-10 Dade;" Vickie Adams, first
homeroom and sponsored by runner-up; and Veronica Taylor -
Mrs. Margaret Green was an- second runner-up will
nounced the winner, and will make up the Miss North Dade
be crowned "Miss Blue and entourage Jlug

White" during the coronation An entertaining, yet infor- ceremonies. Thefollowingyoung mative segment of the activi- FSES Gives Specialized Training m
ladies ran close in com ties for the evening will Include -
petition for the Queen's en- "349 and Up,"a historical Left to right. Standing rear Standing front: Willie Bee
tourage; First place winnerwas play based upon the heri- Airlene Las site r, Roberta Lewis, Ida Bell, Georgia
Erin Edwards of 9-9 and tage of the Negro by Mrs. Cooper, Beatrice Roundtree, Smith, Carolyn DuPree,Cathy
sponsored by Mrs. Frances Frances Pierce, coordinatorof Vannis Wl liaras, Mattie Shannon. Squatting: Otis Ross,
Pierce; second place, Gwen- the Blue and White activi- Evans. and Jim Ducksworth.
Pat Marshall. Kelly Gordon Death and Life of Larry Ben-
son" to be dolyn Granville of 9-6, spon- ties for 196869.Following the Twelve local Miamians had day's world of work; to develop
and Richard Taylor are Jn.Die- 12 by Miami staged Jackson November Thes- spred by Mrs Ethel Ingraham; ceremonies, a social hour will a picnic that topped off two a feeling responsibility -
tured in a scene from "The plans. third place,Elaine Tanksley of be held in the North Dade Jr. weeks of specialized training for what is happening in the
9-3, sponsored by Mrs High School Cafeteria for parents given to them by the Florida community; and, to be motivated -
Miami Jackson Thespians Thomasena Lindsey; fourth and friends. State Employment Service. to become a regular
place winner. Avis Jackson of The training,held at the Miami employee who will be recog-
7-11, sponsored Mrs.Helen Opportunity Center was simi- nized for good work and who
Barbary Williams and fifth lar to the successful TIDE will feel satisfaction of ac-
Present Play TuesdayThe place winner was Marilyn Hall (Testing, Informing Discussion complishment.Local .
of 7-10, sponsored by Mrs. sisters, Juveniles, bro and Evaluating)programsheld
excitement bull' Admission is fifty cents. Delores Cam. Allhomeroomsare thers, Odd Fellows and friendsof last year, and is designed businessmen who are
rapidly as family and friends Directed by Don Bowerman due credit and praise for the Grand United Order of to hold local businessmen interested in the National Alliance -
await the return of Larry Ben- "Death and Life" features in, the success of the contest Odd Fellows are requested to introduce their employees into of Businessmen (NAB)
son. leading parts Eddie Jackson, through the remarkable efforts be present Sunday, November the 'world of work.; JOBS program are urged to
Larry, missing in action Pat Marsha 11. Earl Reaser, shown and the school 10 at the Masonic Hall,942 NW This 'TIDE-like' programis participate. The program has
and presumed dead for over Kelly Gordon, and Richard spirit exhibited. 3rd Avenue at 3 p.m. for the available to all local em- built in flexibility and, in gen
two years, is returning from Taylor Highlighting the "Blue and Memorial Services for the ployers as a service of the F. eral, the group adapted well to
Vietnam to a home where many Household of Ruth and reports SES The young people, in the training Don Asbury and
changes have occurred. He from the delegates attendingthe instance hiredbyBurdine's Kathy Muller, at the Miami
knowes nothing of his parents f. 38 B.M.C. Convention in Department Store,were Opportunity Center,245SE 1st
separation after 25 years of Norfolk, Virginia. helped evaluate themselves; St., are in charge of the pro-
marriage, and who is to tell Mrs. Edna Mapp is DGMNG. to decide who they were and gram. For further infor-
him his fiancee is now engaged where they were going in to- mation,_call 377-2411.
to another man?
But the Impact these
problems dims as the crowd
gathers, the band plays, a

man approaches(in uniform bursts and a throughthe young .\ R Don't give a chill;a chance!JFor

door ready to embrace an
astonished family who ask in
horror "Who are you?
Larry Benson?
I _
What's happened to our son?" p -::- w. ,.' ..
The tragic mystery of the 1 .
Death and Life of Larry Ben- BROWNSVILLE '
son opens Tuesday, Nov. 12 at
8:15 at Miami Jackson High
School Auditorium. Perfor-
mances will be repeated Wed- SERVING THE BROWNSVILLE
nesday and Friday evenings. COMMUNITY FOR 18 YEARS

4634 NW 27 Ave.

Dunbar E/em./ 634-7233

Everyone at Dunbar Ele- WATCHES RADIOS a
mentary including all faculty
members and students will SUN GLASSES* CLOCKS

take advantage of this oppor- t
tunity by participating in the Prescriptions Our SpecialtyDRUGS
following activities which the
American Education Week
Committee has planned: 'COSMETICS SUNDRIES

Saturday: A panel of teach- GREETING CARDS -NOTARY GIFTS
ers from Dunbar appraising -
the public of our schools --/1-- -r-i7T2
-- WAME.91SaturdaynJght.Nov. i
Warren Welters, Reg. Pharmacist
9.Sunday. (T.F..) _
: We will emphasize
the theme "Stimulating moral '
and spiritual values." Various I g-
churches in the community.
V.j __'
Tuesday: .
nation" King ;
-- Mrs. Mary
and Mrs. Dorothy Ward will 1I
speak to the student body.
"Aspire to quality teaching." cozy winter warmth count on
Students will write an essay S
flameless electric reverse-cycle air conditioning.And .
entitled "Ways the school library -

helps me." the same compact unit delivers cooling comfort during the hot.

Carl Wednesday, executive: director Mrs. Marie of 1 a. humid months. Save the expense of separate heating and cooling systems.See .

EOPI.Theme:"Provide Equal : your appliance dealer or air conditioning contractor now.

Opportunity. Student essay: Join the more than a million Floridians who've discoveredthat
"What I want to be when I grow
up." e . electric reverse-cycle year 'round air conditioning

Thursday: Mr. Nelson I ,..:;...,... is the best bargain ever.
Adams principal. Theme:
I '.,
"Foster life long learning.
Student "How can Iget
the most out of school." ,1's cheaper, tool
Friday: Mr. Bill Wynn, warms in winter..cools in summer
theme: "Promote economic .
2450 H 54tk fLOlllDA POWfll I LIGHT COMPANY
prosperity." Essay: "How can HUHNO IUILD'LOttiOAt
I improve my school conduct." '
The student who writes the
best essay will win a prize. I
I -... ---

" '

.,.". .

18 THE MIAMI TIMES Friday,November 8,1968


rt"u.s BLur STAMPS
urrt 1 wm1 TO", *
MrwncMAM iwm.
lK.iwnNiii.rrcITEMS >
1100 N.W. 54 STREET MIAMI 1
6209 N.W. 27 AVE. MIAMI

1',,PIGS Fresh c

FEET. . . . III


.I LIVER . . rb.N.

PORK fresb- c

. ..


6OZ.CAN 19c n", ,I



.,, CAN- 25 i:; ; I

2 .I
'u,49c .
LB 29cS.


33..0Z.GIANT BOX PKO.39C) 5 BAG LB:. 49c ;iLc CAF CAFL 4rf 2 5 C

Bavarian P Ii2&j&i2.Pizii V

) : i 'Mayonnaise: :


'I ;

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968 19

Officers Miles And Bryant Named Most Boy and Girl of The Month Award

The Exchange Club of North ", 1-1'.,
'r'" : I
Outstanding OfficersChief Dade met last week a t Bud ,,:, 11 : .
Walter .Headley and ',' Dickies Club House Restaurantto I
his staff, chose officers Wil- During the honor the Boy and Girl of the ;,/. ....
month, officers
lard Myles and Charles Bryant Myles and Bryant month. ).,
I as, "most outstanding officers were responsible .. .
.. ,
for the .
for the month of Sep three arrests of To qualify for this a award(he < "
tember, 1968,"basedonreco.I robbery-murder.subjects involved In a student must carry at least a ''to
This was the "B" average and be an out- {
gent result observation of many days of dili standing citizen In his school ', ,: I
discreet use activities and in the community ,
of informers '
and combined .-The students and teachers '
Intelligent police work. They select the ones to whom this
were also responsible for the award is given. y" 1 1r
recovery of f
the murder wea-
pon In addition to other perti- Laura B. Wilcox(right)live
nent evidence. with her mother and father,
This serious incident was Calvin Wile ox at 15721 NW
'xyCHARLES 18th Avenue.
committed in the "
presence of WILLARD MYLES
numerous witnesses who refused r
Laura attends
North Dade
to Identify themselves erous times for the many
to police, or felony arrests that they were Jr. High and enjoys cooking,
divulge their
knowledge of this directly responsible for. reading and sewing. She Is a
crime. For their being chosen as'outstanding member to the Future Home-
.. Aside from their good work/ officers," they* makes America,HospitalityClub
BRYANTmmendatlons for the month of September, will receive the $50 award, and the Boy and Girl
Officers Myles and Bryant from an anonymous donor,and Counselors. Laura's educational -
from their have been commended num- a plaque from Trophy World.! plans are to finish high r t k t 44
,school and college; complete F
medical ,school and become a

I Recruits Counselor Aides For CEP Pediatrician.

... Michael Taylo r resides at
Public and private agenciesare must have graduated from an present programs in the Model 15831 NW 18th Place with his
soon to be under one roof accredited four-year collegeor Cities area where there is the mother and father, CycilTay-
through the Concentrated Employment university with 15 semester greatest need to be met.fl1N1vhThi. lor.
.Program (CEP). hours of course work In counseling bles are swimming fish- The Exchange Club North
Their single goal-to help Jobless psychology, guidance, : ; Michael's ambition is to become Ing and sports.This young man Dade takes great pride in pre
men, women and youth social casework, or other a pilot or own and man- has received honors in Math, senting the Boy and Girl award I
living in the Model Cities area courses contributing to coun- ? age his own business.His hob- English and Drama. to such fine young students..
find and hold steady jobsat selor preparation. Transcriptof
decent wages. A full rangeof college credits should included }; ,. DOUBLE ACTION
services will be availableto if available. CEP SGR YIWBpIVa"
residents enrolled In the training will be provided by $D E ESNSIllI1l10E The Mini-Brute presents
CEP, including basic and remedial the FSES. .
education, medical and All interested: and_qualified
legal aid, day care, as well as persons should contact: Miss the short payment book.
many skills training courses. Rita Busbee, Commercial Of-
The Florida State Employ- fice, Florida State Employ- Give to
ment Service (FSES) Is recruiting ment Service 14 NE 1st Ave.
now for Employment ((2nd Floor, Ainsley Building).
Counselor Aides who wfll pro The annual starting salaryis your
vide counseling to individuals $6,000 with provisions for
in need of vocational guidance. periodic increases. The CEP United Fund
In order to qualify for the position does not Involve new program-
of Counselor Aide you''ing. The CEP is a widening of

HiiiiiuiniiiiiiHWHiiKiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiniiiniiininnii( 111nm18llnllglt( N Nf8111pingilMUllllIlllllmm( { lgll lllllI / c

1 1i $249 Down $4971 Per Mo. for 36 Months 'Illlllllli- 2-door Sedan

I FRIENDLY FORD BulcR's new.Opel Kadett 2-dr. Sedan.


i 2198 N.E. 163rd Street Sheehan BUICK

The ENTIRE 2300 BLOCK S.W. 8th STREET HI 41661Open

I Announces Y t.s Mon.,Wed..Fri.,'til 9 PM and Tues.,Thurs., Sat.,'til 6-PM

I Appointment of r FRANKLIN'S CARPET

a 0650 NW 22ND AVENUE_ _


: ;- '1 FREE ESTIMATES IN YOUR HOME:CALL 696-9133 OR 635-3641


...... _'f!,..0<'\ ....' ,. ,.....".,...-.-"...' ,;I I , i ,: t i' ;:... T, 'in.t: tf.I ; j jI

I !. \,\. ",, ,'," 'I', ,
.SYY ,
As Sales Representfve r S \: . N
!i f ... :':,
(,'. "
li ;
r'ff1. t-,:
To Their Sfoff. Personally See, d w +- I Itl I,:


Or Call!/ Him For All Your Newor ..\"1t U f "I''Ji ., ItjJ'iI

Used Cars. .

I II (1k: P -:

I '
CuIIoiCome'i9491311I iniiuuntniiutnaii .

I I / :

We Carry Brand Name Carpeting



------ -- --
_ -- ----

( THE MIAMI TIMES friday,November 8, 1968

.;,- CHOPS
18th A
r JIIT rur. .. Trrr1vTn.u1i .. JQP
y j JJ

r R 29t GR.B lARGE:

TURKEY2SLB.$379 ... 2
.uOi" 9 C

WINGS3: $649 o'N



,'''..; .-< E: C. 2? LB.L8. 5 )

FROZEN '....,..-....._.....,.-.

P ORK SwE 1 C pR01.1Np -


PET RITZ - -. c 2S LB.BOX $998pfESEAcH19C



2 "25t
iniiiinniitinniinituitiiiiiiiiiuiiiinnNituuiinniiuiuuui' PEAS CORN

....'.. ,M 5 SACK LB. 3'90R:MORE BABY LIMAS 18 PK.OZ.


THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968 21

*: ;

Health potlidhvoi)

\ .. "J -"

Center )

The Spotlight of Modern Free and Accepted Masons of the
World, inc., is focused this week on a brightly, shining star --

A mother is sick and cannot take McNervy L. Dickey of Evening Star Chapter No. 67, Orderof
care of her children while the Eastern Star.

she Income is ill. A formerly widow wonders how she is going to live without ,-? _ ,_,,,,-, Miss Dickey, an executive at ,.
the supplied
by her
husband. A child has a Burdine's is of the
one first Negro -
physical problem that requires >
attention during the '
day women in the Southeastern
; \
I -L
::1< ,
when he is in school; or maybe he is not J< 0;
school work as his mother tanks he doing as well in his United States to attain such a .;.1J.,": :t.._._ .... . _
should.A husband un --------
feel well enough to work but Is worried about how his doesn't family I position store.with At a Burdine's major department Mc-- SAPHELIA LASTER PRECILLA PATTERSON

is going to eat. These are some of the kinds of problems that is I
Nervy Department
are the concern of Social Services in the Family Health Center ;'j 1 for Casual Wear, Loungewear Manager, AMELIA CHAPTER 190 OES SAYS THANKSWe
and will rceive attention from
Family Health Center Social and Maternity Fashions.She .
Workers. The Center's only social worker now, Mrs. Evelyn has been at Burdine's for would like to thank the Tamara Jordon, fourth place
Cgren, is serving as Acting Director of Social Services. 'mot one year, beginning as a Man- pastor and members of New winner.
The Family Health Center gives service on a team basis.! agement Trainee, and working Baptist Church, Rev. Stanley, Thanks to our many friends
The team--the physicians, dentists, nurses, Family Health through various levels to her pastor for opening their doorsto for their support and prayers
Workers -- includes the social worker as one of the main ele- present position. McNervy'sas- us on October 27, at 4 p.m. which made the program a
ments of the team of people providing health care for the fami- piration Is to become a buyer for And thanks to the speaker, success. Total amount raised
lies registered with the Center. Along with the other team her firm. Mrs. Emma demons, and to was $513.00.Mrs. .
members, the social workers will work toward helping to pro- all who participated on the Rebecca Chestnutt Is
mote good physical and mental health for all of the family She is very interested In program. We also want to con worthy matron.CHANNEL .
members. They will have two goals: One is to help the family fashion design and in fashion gratulate our babies who participated -
work on some of the social and environmental factors that modeling, and has participated with her own creations -- In" in the contest spon- 7 OFFERS
cause sickness or keep a person hl-or unhealthy. The secondIs major fashion revues in the South Florida area, where her sored by Amelia Houston
to help the family stay healthy, mentallyand physically, by 4'101/2' gamin posture has often stolen the show. Chapter 190 Order of Eastern BOY SCOUT
helping to eliminate or prevent social problems that cause McNervy is also an outstanding choreographer and an ex- Star. Grand winner was Saphe- SHOW NOVEMBER 9
great concern. ponent of the Modern Dance. Hair Styling is one of her special lla Laster, second place The special television documentary -
Many times the social worker will talk to the different mem- hobbles. winner was Precilla patterson originally scheduledfor
bers of the family and suggest ways of directly helping with Before going to Burdine's McNervy was first a teacher of Twyla Bryant third place, October 26 will be shownat

their problems. This might be a marital problem,a misbehaving social studies at Allapattah Junior High School, and then a 1 p.m. on.Saturday,Nov. 9,
child, or some inability to adjust to an illness. Program Director with YWCA Project Miami, as a specialistIn on Channel 7, according to
Other duties of the social workers will not be known by the Vocational Orientation Training for teen-age girls. She Garth Reeves, Council Public
people who receive the service. The social workers many also partlcpated as a teacher-counselor in the United Fund's Relations Chairman.
times will be the link for getting a job done by other agenciesin special youth project (for employment). produced by Channel Public -
the community. They may be the contact between a familyand McNervy is tremendously interested in working towards Service Director Wilson
other persons not related directly with the Family Health raising the levels of aspiration In the Black community, and a Griffith, the documentary fol-
Center. finds the program of Modern Free and Accepted Masons of lows a newScout from his visitto
The social workers will help with the training program for the World, Inc. most specifically designed to make her goal a School Open House,
the Family Health Workers and provide special knowledge for black people a reality. She is a member of Alpha Kappa through his introduction intoa
about why families operate as they do and how the family situ- Alpha Sorority, and has numerous other civic and social affiliations troop, to his learning out-.
ation can affect a person's health or a child's behavior duringhis door skills and sound charac-
development stages. In general, the social workers' ter traits a camporee.
specific tasks will be directed toward providing the necessary Enroll For Free The show tells the story of
information to help the other team members do their own Carver volunteer and professional efforts -
work. The social workers will work to enable a family to receive Red Cross Home l . to bring Scouting to more
the most effective and satisfying medical care and men- Ranches : .,or. i: boys. Following the activitiesof
Nursing CourseThe ; ;f.
tal attention possible. The focus of the social workers' workis Biscayne Bay District Executive r.
to help remove obstacles that may limit family's capacity Rev. C. J.Burney,pastor Little' Stephanie P. Raines Will Fuller, the show
to make use of the medical services available. of the "Vew Providence Ne'wsBy ] was crowned queen of the King folds a view of the vast armyo
Social workers are not Intended to be cure-alls for all of Missionary Baptist Church, Walter Bev -| and Quee" contest sponsoredby communityminded men and
the family's social problem just as the Family Health Center announces a free course in Red the Sunshine Band of the showmen who each in their own
will not be expected togivecompletehelpeither; for example, Cross Home Nursing begin- Emanuel Church of God in way, influence modern American
financial assistance. The social workers and other team mem- ning Wednesday Nov. 20th at South Broward VFW Post. Christ, held on Saturday, November young men through Scout-
bers will work toward helping the family take the best advan- 7:30 p.m. at the New Provi- No. 8195, will hold its Veterans 2, at the church. ing.
tage from their own resources and those available in the com- dence Missionary Baptist Day Dance, Monday night,
munity. They will also work with the family toward developing Church at 760 NW53rdStreet, Nov. 11, at Elks Club In Ft.
new resources and improving general living conditions.The Miami. The class will be Lauderdale. The public is in-
motto of Social Services is "Help each family help itself -- to taught by Mrs. Willie Mae vited. All neighboring VFW
improve its health and economic and living conditions." The Hannah, Red Cross Nursing Posts are invited. s Call
health care team at the Family Health Center along with the Instructor. Officers and members of
community to make the neighborhood a better place to live. Call Dade County Chapter, Post No. 8195,please be pres- CHARLESROGERS
Red Cross ent to a special meeting Sunday
HEALTH HINT: To Buckle Down AndStaySafe.Fasten your Nursing Programs, Nov. 10 at 3 p.m. At the
.at 751-6661 extension 123 ,
seat belt before you turn the Ignition key. . buckle your seatbelt register. , post home on Pembroke Rd.

when you ride with anotherdriver. W. A. Bowe, commander,
--- James Pinkney adjutant. AT PL 1-7502
Annie M. Brown Progressive
Court #119, Heroines of FOR A GOOD BUY ON.A
MR. WALTERS WIG SHOP Jericho, will present their PIANO, ORGAN, SCOTT
Fashion Show and Banquet

the White Fence Inn Restau-
EXPERT WIG CLEANING rant, 1295 E. Hallandale Blvd.
Donation 600. Eleanor V.
CUTTING a STYLINGAnn Bowel chairman; Freddie MCriig
M.A.M., S. D. Bur-
roughs, Joshua.
Freddie A. Hanks memberof
Post. #8195 returned from
the Veterans Hospital several v

weeks ago, he seems to be doing
better. Comrades drop in

at his grocery store,,and say
hello, off 44th Ave. and Hal-
landale, Beach Blvd.
Mt. Zion AME Churchto
have their Men'sDayprogramSunday
Nov. 10. The public is
invited. ; t> II
James A. Rolle was visiting, .-
Secretary Mr. Walters, President Alice, Head Stylist here from the Bahamas last
week, he had a pleasant stay
LET US CONVERT YOUR WIG TO THE with relatives in Ft. Lauder- l tWE



.- - ".1" I
$2.00 Save Save $2.00 The Atlantic Social Club's AMERICA'S LARGEST DISPLAYAt
: COUPON ... .... . ..
tH "* ir !l S N r'k-J wfh lpr." y
sponsoring a PreThanksgiving -
I This is worth two dollars off our rr Dance Friday Nov. 15 -
coupon ,
CORNER N.W. 54th ST. ft N.W 3rd AVE.
I regular price of wip styling I or wig sales. : 10 p.m. 'til? at Baytront Park, Phone 7517502Or
320 NE 5th St. Music
by W.C.
ar I 2010 Biscayne Blvd. FR 7-0401 Broward JAZ.5131
Save 2'00 Baker. For table reservationscall
: $2.00 Save Willie Moorman 634- ran OUIVIRY ANYWMIM IN U.S.A.
a-------- 5704. Francis Delancy 757-

I ,. ., .. "i .. .. ,..
'''' '.

----------- -- - ---

22 THE MIAMI TIMES Friday,November 8, 1968




;: VJj \ 1466 ..W.PHONE 62 ST.

j : ; \ 691-3931






: 0 BREAD ar :, REG.19 2-49C



p : COLLARDS 303 C

303 CAN
I A.G. 303 CAN


,) Grade A SAXTON

4 : # iy 16023r

t r BOT, DEP}


or more
they last with a

\ I S LsBAG or$10 more Meat Order DOZ $ 0 0

i : I h.M -

A.D. OLEO LB. 20crL



41, .
'" . '

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968 23 4
E E 1 1Lindsley


P Lumber



6 6 6
Fuller, Area DirectorThe ci HERE'S YOUR FIIiEST
Youth group met at the Culmer Recreation Center on LAWN AND GARDENFERTILIZER SOURCE OF ORGANIC MIMAS
Wednesday, October 23. This group consists
mainly of teen- Sometimes the natu-
age girls. Miss Alvina Bush, counselor who is serving as ral FERTILIZERS do
supervisor temporarily, spoke to the girls about self-respect wonders where other
and good grooming. The first project they are
undertaking is mixes have failed'
the formation of a Pep Squad, to urge our neighborhood football TRY ITI'
team to victory.We .
have acquired in-kind contributions for the Recreation YOURCHOICE
Department which was needed. Weights have been added, but 50-LB. N-U. IAGREG
we are still i>3 need of more equipment.Please contact Robert ails 111
Barnett at 377-0525 for any in-kind contribution.Transportation -
will be provided.The .

first initial meeting was held Wednesday, Oct.23, with
the chairman of the various boards.The purpose of this meet-
ing was to form plans as to what was needed in this area and
to form a new Board by Nov. 1. Out of this meeting a subse-
quent meeting was scheduled for Oct.28. I

At the meeting held on Oct.28,a temporary board was form
ed. Out of each component,we obtained new members to serveon
the Board. Mr. William Meadows was made temporary
chairman of the Board. It was recommended that Housing in
the central area would have top priority. r 1'lNl

OPA-LOCKA Benny L. O'Berry, Area DirectorThe

Opa-locka Neighborhood Center "teen group," under
the supervision of Wendell Sturrup, youth counselor,and San
S //
dra Glover, intake worker and youth advisor,sponsored a very
successful teen-age dance at the Center. Approximately 75 CLOTHESLINE POLES
to 100 youths participated, and enjoyed the affair. Refresh- A dual-purpose Trimmer Edger designed -
ments were furnished from funds raised by teen group. Mrs. for tough, day-long trimming
Sally McCoy, a neighborhood mother, contributed volunteer 3 loot length. Cross=a and edging. Has heavy-duty Super
time as an adult supervisor for the affair. ::-- have fine hooks for fine Burnout Protected motor. The perfect
-llnss.: 1inch O.D. tool for trimming close to
The Opa-locka neighborhood people, were motivated by our
house, trees, fence, place
hardship worker, Mrs. Sarah Kelly, to rally to the cause of an ;-l heavy poet lawn mower can't reach.a
unfortunate incident that occured in the Carol City area. An '-

eleven year old child drowned, and there were no funds or insurance 71
for burial. Mrs.kelly,with the help of the Cub Scouts, 84-INCH KSiEL5M
solicited $135.00 for this cause from staff and community on a HIGH REG.

one day notice. PAIR $8.69
A staff member visited the Florida Memorial College, on r
Friday, Oct. 18,at 9 a.m.,and spoke to a class on Curriculum,
and Job Opportunities. This session lasted 11/2 hours, and ONLY
the class appeared to be enthused with the presentation, and
stated that they were well informed. SHOVELS

BROWNSVILLE GwendolynS. Cherry, Area DirectorThe

newly appointed area director for Brownsville,Gwendo- REDWOOD 2X4'S
lyn S.Cherry,has set up an office in the Professional Building,
790 NW 54th St. The office was donated as an in-kind contri- California REDWOOD, superior
bution to Mrs. cherry through the courtesies of Dr. BernardM. \_ to all for durability! Ifa just
what want for straight, trua
Chan, N. D. and Attorney Philip Edelman.Likewise, office \ ; \ -.:,. partition you work. Also will makanioa
space Is being generously donated toall three area direc- picnic table, ate.

tors serving in the Model City area by the Courtesy of Mr. Short square or round
Gordon Johnson, Director of Model City.
Under the new reorganization plan of Mrs. Marie S. Carl, _ round -FW 99.I C
Long or \
Executive Director of EOPI, new and innovate ideas are expected pointed.square LOW
to evolve whereby the poverty aeas will experiencemore
neighborhood control and authority in the services
rendered by the agency. The decentralization will return the
power to the local governing boards to determine where theygo
from .I.Iy 4.n4ar +
Mrs. Eura Williams represented Brownsville EOPI and wasa I 11TE ALUMINUM

recipient of a National Conference of Christians and Jews E r BDRDER cO uGAEQG1HGf

scholarship for one week with room and board paid at the Shore \W ER BED uridto
Hotel on Miami Beach. The workshop dealt primarily with ss.mbl.d a Y38.n s. ar rin
ar drive'
"The effects of discrimination upon children and youth."The p ick.ts Easy the in Use alongg of Iaow
dialogue was a beautiful exchange between blacks and white, inch P 1r tr' bb a
the recommendations very worthwhile and meaningful stall rgrou lust shru 4
today's time of tensions.Mr. nd.
Sumner Hutcheson was appointed Center Manager of the
Brownsville Multi-Service Neighborhood Center; Mrs. Jan
Haverson Is acting director of the Child Opportunity Center;
Mrs. Janie Mixon, director of Manor Park Child Opportunity
Center, and Mrs. CassIe Pondexter, director of Youth Programs

Burdines Tire Center.On .
November 2. the staff presented the first "Brownsville,
Community Ball." Dave Bondu's 17-piece band provided music
for the community! enjoyment.

JOHN F. KENNEDY Willie Brown, Area Director STORES
Open Sundays till 2 P.M. LindsleyRBC

CREDIT UNION 3505 N.W. 79th Street-Ph. 696-2810 1635 N.W.28th St.Ph..6354511 Stores alsolocated
The John F. Kennedy Neighborhood Federal Credit Union is N.W.7th Ave.& 127th St._Ph.681-7471 2160 S.W.27th Ave.-Ph.443-7432
still members. We hope to excel the N.W.27th 179th St.-Ph. 621-0544() 812 S.W. 12th Ave.-Ph.374-5103
on a campaign for new 14300 N.W.27th Ave.-.638-6523 401 NE. 167th St.-Ph 949-3537 I in:
other credit unions. So why not come out HIALEAH 1295 W.49th St. Ph.821-2150
eight neighborhood 8820 Bird Road-Ph.221-8311 : -
and Join your Credit Union today and make it the most out- 4300 Ponce de Leon:' Ph.443.7461 PERRINE:S. Dixie Hwy.-Ph.238-5535 /Kty W,'It.((2 Starts)
be did. 496 N.E. 79th St.-Ph. 7574571 HOMESTEAD 632 Washington Ave.-Ph. 247-6813 I IslomerodaTra I
will proud you
of the ? You
standing Credit Union year
S. Dixie A ludlam Road-Ph. 661.1672 vernier
5891 S.Dixie Hwy.Ph.661-5361 660 N.E.96th St.Ph..759-2431 Fort Pierce
3817 N.W. 17th Ave.-Ph.633-8218 16160 Biscayne Blvd.Ph.917.4711 -
Workshops are being held every Monday from 6:30 p.m. until BROWARD COUNTY STORES Open Sundays till 2 P.M. Daytona Beach

7:30 p.m. for members of the Senior Citizens Club. W. HOLLYWOOD 1800 N.State Road 7-Ph.989-6850 FT.LAUDERDALE:219 N.W.1st Ave.-Ph.522.7411 Tampa ((5 Stores)
Good sessions are also being held every Wednes- HOLLYWOOD N.21 Ave.-Ph.922-5624 POMPANO BEACH: 142 S.W. 1st Ave.-!Ph.942-0900()
grooming Citizens. OAKLAND PAR, : 1099 Oakland Park Blvd.-Ph.565-6761 *FT.LAUDERDALE:800 N.E.3rd Ave.Ph.. 522-2572 Largo
day from 11:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. for the Senior FT. LAUDERDALE:2900 W. Broward Blvd.-Ph.581.3900 '(FT. LAUOERDALC STOKE CLOSED SUNDAY) Pint, I,las Park .

MOTHERS center. It e MIAMI: 1635 N.W.28th St-Ph.633-0103 MIAMI: 14300 N.W.27th Avt.-1814)553MO )
The ADC Mothers met Thursday, Oct. 24, at the .. '
was planned to have a Halloween benefit to raise money for

their club and to assist the youth opportunity center's needs. ,JVM3NE JK3VM!


combined meeting is planned to bring together a committee Board- BUY NOW PAY tATI
of the (1) Parents of Child Opportunity,(2)) Advisory ,
and (3)) Youth Council, to handle all program pfcnntag. This
meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 30, at ap.ra.

r "r

-- --- -
- -
- -- -
- -

_. -- '
.--- -

24 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968I"
--- .', .. RICHARDSON

Mrs. Louise George who resided -

("R'D' 5'M" E'M' 0" R1lA' L' 5 DEATHS t family of the late wish I am to thank deeply each grateful of you sin-and died 4167 1. She NW is 24th survivedby Ave.,

cerely for the donations,
a husband Eddie; one daughter -
cards, flowers and other kind-
Mrs.Vera Wyche; one son-
nesses during my stay in Jack
THANK YOU CARD OF THANKSWe IN MEMORIAMIn son Memorial Hospital. But in-lawCharles Wyche; one
,1'ii" granddaughter, one grant
above all for
; your prayersand
The family of the late the family of the lateI"A' sad but loving memory of PI11 ay* deep concern for my well- Mrs. Eliza Johnson; five sis
our beloved father ters-in-law; three brothers-
being. With gratitude I acknowledge -
ELAINE GLANTON .i CHARLIE YARBROUGH, in-law; nieces and nephews.
gratefully acknowledge and who departed this life Oct.26, your thoughtfulness Services will be held Thurs-

thank you all sincerely for r 1959 and mother, May God bless each of you. day, at 3:30 p.m. from Ebe-
your kind expressions of sym- MRS. MIMIE YARBROUGH nezer M. Church. Rev. Aron
': : October 6 Hall officiating.
pathy. ,," : Sincerely yours, ,
Your cards, letters, and .
telegrams werequitecom- ) Asleep in Jesus Blessed Evangelist Maggie Greene HOUSE OF ALBERT

forting your phone calls and f4\\' sleep SARAH BENJAMIN
personal visits helped greatlyto )I\.. ,"\ From which none ever wake to wish to thank their many, many Services for Frank MinnisJr.

ease the pains of sorrow f''ct' weep.A friends for flowers, tele- CARD OF THANKS ., of 656 NW 9th St., were
calm and undisturbed
that are experienced when one ",, ,' ::" repose grams, visits and cards. held Saturday at, St. Nicholas
loses a loved one r , ; Unbroken by the last of foes. Special thanks to entire staff Wishing to express my sin- Catholic Church, He is sur-

Your covered dishes and ,," ," " "j. Only sleeping. Calmly of Hialeah Hospital and cere appreciation for all of the vived by his wife,three daughters -

other sympathetic expres- ": .;;:", sleeping. Richardson Funeral Home, kindness shown me doing the and father Frank Sr.
sions were greatly appreciated. Safe from the worlds alarms. and all of my sister nurses passing and funeral of my beloved Services for Mrs Gladys

,,-, ., 'T' .. Only sleeping Sweetly from all over the city.Thanksto Husband, Stockton, of 1417 NW 154th

Special thanks and appre' ETHEL NEALEY JAMES sleeping.Safe Rev. A, L. Shipp,Rev.E, T, BISHOP W. L. LOCKETTGod Ter., were heldSaturday
ciation is extended to the in their Saviors arms., Graham, Rev. Fred Hicks bless you all. Mt. Herman in OJ -locka.SheIs
Stevens Funeral Home and to kind gratefully expressions acknowledge of sympathy your Sadly missed by the children survived by many sorrowing

the Rev R. Thingpin and staff during our bereavement. We Mr. James Yarbrough, Mr. Out of town family were; Madam Mabel Lockett, relatives.The .
of ministers and everyone who deeply appreciate all David Yarbrough, Mr. Dozell Mrs. Dorothy Simmons, and family

made up the congregation. kind thoughts and deeds your of Yarbrough, Mrs.Arnie Harris Chicago, Illinois remains of Mrs. Susie
kindness. Your condolences Mrs. Ruby Davis, Mrs. Lillie Mrs. Ora Reese Williams, RANGE DEATHS Bradley of 21500 SW 119 Ave.
From the family: Patrick, Mrs. Leola Yar- New york City Mr. and Mrs. to Blackshear
f1 a r a Is, visits, and prayers ; were shipped ,
Mr. and Mrs. David Bell will linger with us always.We brough, Mrs. Minnie Hall, Robert Underwood, Midville, William Harbard of 795 NW Georgia, Friday. Nov. 1. She
Venssia, Vickie and Voncia extend a special thanksto Mrs. Pear lie Yarbrough, Ga.; Mr. and Mrs. B, T. Sapp 61st St., Apt. 1, died at Jack- is survived by her husband

Glaton, daughters Rev. P. W. Williams and Mrs. Lovella Blackmon. and son, Jacksonville; Mr.and son Hospital, Oct. 31. He is Johnson; two sons, Johnny A.

Catherine Cater and Sandra members of St. Luke Baptist Mrs. Dowdy, Ft. Lauderdale; survived by his wife Alice;five and Andrew; two daughters,

Bell, sisters. Church; Rev. W.K. Smith and IN MEMORIAMIn Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Jones,, children; his parents Mr. and Rosa Robinson of Blackshear,

members of Greater New sad but loving thoughts of Sr., Ft. Lauderdale; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harvard; three bro- and Elizabeth Farrely of Jack
Mrs. Forrest Jones, Jr., Ft. thers Jim and sonville three Susie
CARD OF THANKSWe Bethel Baptist Church; the our dear husband, father and Benjamin ;
staff of Range Funeral Home, brother> Lauderdale; Mr. and Mrs. James. There were no local Surrency, Roosevelt and John

,. and Dr. W. A, Patterson, and Priester, Ft. Lauderdale. services. He was removed to son, II; 22 great grands and 8
the family of the b* Rosa Lee Brady, R, N.
the neighbors. Dublin, Ga. for burial. great great grands.

May God bless and keep all w

of you. IN MEMORIAMIn Lisa Roberts,the twoyearold Ellis Richardson of 17211
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Duval St., Perrine, died Oct.
Lutituta Braham, sister sad but loving memory of Cleveland Roberts, Jr., died 29. Arrangements are incom-
Johnnie Nealey, brother our dear brother, Nov. 2. She is survived by her plete.

Otis Nealey, brother. parents; three brothers, her
grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Services for Mrs. Jessie

Cleveland Roberts, Sr., and Mack of 3295 NW 50th St.,were
IN MEMORlftM' Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sandi- held Tuesday in the chapel.She
L lands; five aunts and seven died Oct. 30. She is survivedby

In loving memory of JI uncles. Services were held four sisters Mrs

Nov. 6, in the chapel. Bethel, Mozell Brown, Minnie
L. Thomas and Eva M, Irving;

one brother, Moses Smith Jr.
Mrs. Alethua Baker of 1814
SAMUEL ALLEN )W 4th Ave., died at Cedarsof Remains of James Jones of

who departed this life Novem- Lebanon Hospital Nov. 921 NW 2nd Ct., were shipped
MR MURRAYGREENwish ber 10 1967.A 3. She is survived by two nephews -
Nov. 1. He died tat 30, at his
t to express our sincere voice we loved has ceased, Anthony Jones and father Wilson and step-mother,
thanks for the many prayers, And left a vacant place in our George Wade and several father Wilson and stepmother -
cards, floral pieces,donationsand hearts and home other nieces and nephews. .
other kind expressionsshown Which can never be filled. Services will be held Friday,
to us in our hour of bereavement JOHN E. SAUNDERS, at 10 a.m. at Greater Bethel Jack Butler of 26780 SW 137

Special thanks to I r Sadly missed by; who departed this life, Nov. 8, AME. Ave., Naranja, died Oct. 31.
the Richardson Mortuary and Martha Allen, wife 1967. He is survived by his parents

entire staff, also Rev.Johnsonand Jessie Allen, son, Gracie Blessed are the purein heart, Mrs. Catherine Kendrick of Issac and Mary; three sisters

Rev. Hicks of Bethel AME Miller, Juanita Lane, and For they shall see their God; 1342 NW 4th Ave., died at Katherine, Pearlie and Joyce;
Church and Father Lambert Johnnie Edwards,daughters The secret of the Lord is Jackson Hospital, Nov. 2. She three brothers Tom, Freddie
Sands of the St. Agnes Episcopal Rev. Clifford Allen,brother theirs; is survived by her husband and Issac, Jr. ArrangementsIssac

Church, Stewardess MRS. PAULINE WOODS Susie Me Million,'sister Their soul is Christ's abode. Booker; an adopted son, Jake and Mary; three sisters
Board Sr. Pulpit Aid Board, who departed this life Nov. 6, Wright and a dear friend Mrs. Katherine, Pearlie and Joyce;
the W. A. Chapman Board,the 1965. Sadly missed Lenora Kendrick. Services three brothers Tom, Freddieand

Laymen Organization,the Stewart Dear-mother, it's been three CARD OF THANKSThe Mrs. Luster Moss and will be held Saturday at 10a.m. Issac, Jr. Arrangementsare

Board of Greater Bethel years since you left us. It family of the late familyIN at Light House Temple.Mrs. incomplete.

AME Church, Plaster Tender seems as if it was yesterday. Mrs. Mary Hawkls of 1219

Local No. 635. Also special Your space will never be ,I NW 5th Ct., died Nov. 3. Arrangements -
thanks to the Willing Workersof filled. Your kind words will MEMORIALIn Christina Jamesof are incomplete.
2045 NW 69th Ter. died Nov.
New Providence
M. B.
never forgotten. We love
Church you, but God loves you best. loving memory ofT' 2. She is survived by her mo- Mrs. Laurene Ross of 915

May God bless each of you. Mother, sleep on and take your ther Mrs.Eva Joan; four bro- NW 3rd Ave., Apt.5,died Nov.
rest. ,'" thers, Ezekiel Sokers, Na- 3. She is survived by two sons
The FamilyIN thaniel and Charles James and and one grandson. Arrange-
Samuel Fleming two sisters ments
Sons and daughters are incomplete.
Irene Barry and Marjorie Bel-
Mr. Lorenzo
MEMORIAMIn Rogers 4'd+t' "r'r. lamy. Requiem mass will be Services for Mrs. EdnaAr-
Mrs. Eliza Barfield
Lula a held Saturday, Nov. 9, at 10 nold of 1444 NW 51stst.,were
memory of our dear be- Stephens }" a.m. at Holy Redeemer Catholic held Saturday, at Zion Hope
Mrs. Pearl
love husband, and father Rogers Church Baptist Church She is sur-
Mrs. Essie Bush
vived by five daughters Vera
---- -- -
Mrs. Louise Griffin w
\ Williams, Cressie Lane,
and grandchildren MRS. CORA SCIPPEO
t would like to thank the neigh- Sherman Gainey of 912 NW Rosella Gordon, Ruby Stork-
ryl V" bors and friends for cards, ..- .1 29th St., died Oct. 31. He is ren and Mary Robinson; four.

CARD OF THANKSThe condolences, telegrams and survived by one son, Leonard; sons John, Thomas/WilUe and
donations. We also thank the # t u two daughters Kiota Belton and Charles; two brothers Essae
Ethel; five grandchildren and and Johnny.
s staff at Brownsville Cafeteria. ;
family of the late four
great grandchildren.Ser-
,- May God bless all of you.
vices will be held Saturday,at Services for Mrs. Elizabeth
MOTHER HBTORIA 1 p.m. at Ebenezer Baptist Jones of 1121 NW 1st PI.,were
The Scippeo and Swint
STANLEY SAM MOSS Church. held Saturday in the chapel.
would like to thank neighborsand familiesIN who departed this life Oct. 27, She is survived by two sons

l friends for cards, flowers 1963. Mrs. Nora Thomas of 2260 Samuel and Henry; three

condolences and all kind- MEMORIALIn There is no death,although we NW 154th St., died Nov. 3.She daughters Lilly BellandKathleen -
ness during our hours of sor grieve is survived by one brother and Ossie Hammond;one
RUBIN JOHNSONwho row. Our sincere thanks to Elder When beautiful familiar forms Ace Jones; an aunt, Helen brother Willie Marshall; 17
departed this life October Collier and members of loving memory of our That we have learned to love Dames and an uncle William grands, five great grands,

28, 1967. the First Born ChurCh and dear mother, Are torn from our embracingarms. Jones Arrangements are incomplete three great, great grands.
A precious one from us is goneA MankerMilton and their staff. MRS. BEAULAH GARDINER, Services for
voice we love is stillA May God bless all of you. who passed this life, October May his soul rest in peace ton of 3031 NW 51st Joe Lee Hous-
place is vacant in the home 1967. and the light perpetual shine Orean Green Ter.,were
of 3070 held
NW 51
Oct. 28 in the
The world can :never fill Mrs. Petronia upon him.
Hadley St. died
2. He is sur- chapel. He is survived by his
Mrs. Teresa Doss, daugh- From her four daughters; Mrs. Olive Rodwell, cousin vived by a niece Mrs. Justine wife, mother three
sons two
Sadly missed by wife and ters Mr. Nathaniel Gay,son Barbara, Betty, Beulah and Mrs. Martha Store, aunt McGee. Arrangements are incomplete daughters, brother, grandma,
children. and family }ielen. and Family ther.


-- "

-- - -

. .
.. ,. .

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968 25

SOUTH DADE NEWS HOUSE OF ALBERT died October 22, 1963. He Is Funeral services for the Leukemia H
Society Expands I
Funeral services for theproverWUliamsof survived by his wife Beatrice late Mrs. Elizabeth Jones,,

Rev. and Mrs. Eugene late Mr one daughterClaudla Footman!, of 1121 N.W. 1st Pl., Miami,
J. Leukemia
; Society of viduals from Dade and Monroe
144471 three grandchildren stepson Florida will be held 10:00
the Lincoln ,
Sheppard are proud Blvd. America"
parents Rich- has
Willie Foster sister Amanda November 27 officially Counties will be placed in the
mond a.m. Saturday
Heights ,
of a bouncing boy Adriean Florida the
were name of
our Dade hands of a special"Board De-
held 200 James and a host of other relatives 1968. She is survived by two
James, born October 26. p.m., Saturday "
Oct. County chapter to the "Dade velopment Committee For
26 and sons Samuel and
1968 friends. Henry
at the
Mrs. Luclle Owens is recuperating Second Baptist Monroe Chapter "
three Bell and announced Information call Leukemia
Church. daughters, Lilly
at home after Mr. Williams, died Kathleen and Ossie Hammond local president, Attorney Irv- Society of America, Inc.
brief stay in the hosnftal. October 18, 1968. He is sur- Funeral services for the one brother, Willie Marshall; ing J. Whitman, 1701 Congress 373-2624.

l1 \edbyhls wife, Mary, late Mr. Felix Archer, 64, of seventeen Building, 1925 SW 86th Ave.
Mrs. Mary A. Smith and daughter, Marcia Williams, 2185 NW 74th Ter. Miami Fla. grands, five greatgr
mother ands, three great, great "The change encompasses the
family motored to Titusville, Ida Williams of will be held 1:00 Satur-
Jacksonville p.m., grands and a host of other relatives broad scope of Leukemia So-
Fla. this past weekend, to see Florida;two day, November 2, 1968 at the
and friends. ciety of America to meet the
mother-in-law before three FOR
her sisters; three Ebenezer Methodist Church RENT
taking off for a three year stayin uncles, one aunt, mother-in- located a t 11th St. and 3rd. Funeral services for the increasing need for direct, 3 offices with
law late Joe Lee total area development and reception
Mrs. Houston, of 3031
Italy. Accompanying Mrs. Daniels
of Avenue.
Mr. Archer died
Richmond Oct. servicing has been and will room. Fully paneled, carpeted *
NW 51st Miami
Smith on the trip were her four Heights and a host 24th 1968 at the Jackson Terr. Fla.
air conditioned
of other were held 2:00 continue to be under our direction ,
children, and Mr. and Mrs. relatives and friends Memorial Hospital. He Is p.m. Monday, ideal for law office of real
October 28 1968 at the with our Mrs.DorothyH.
and Liberty
Arthur L. Cooper family. survived by his wife Lillian
Funeral estate. 400 NW 5th St. FR
services for the City Chapel. Mr. Houston died Grant, as executive direc-
late Mr. James Lewis,of 2245 and son Theophilus, three October 23, 1968.HeJssur- tor, and the responsibility 35781. (N 29))

WAHIAWA, Hawaii.-Tech NW152ndSt., Opa-LockaFla. daughters Constance, Bar- vived by his wife, mother, expanding our board of direc-
nical Sgt. Thomas J. Glass,,, were held 2:00 p.m. Saturday, bara and Chris tell; two three sons and two daughters tors to recruit interested,active -
son of Mr. and Mrs. WilfredJ. I, October 26, 1968 at the Shiloh brothers, nine grands anda brother, grandmother and a community minded tadi-

Glass, 1757 NW 69th St., Baptist Church. Mr. Lewis host of other relatives and host of other relatives and < 'HOME AWAY
Miami, has received his second friends. friends
of the 1I
award U. S.Air STEVENS I
Tourist AccommodationsDo
Force Commendation MedalaWheeler for the
AFB, Hawaii. late Mrs. Edna Arnold of 1444 RESTAURANT 50'x140' nut 7776 NW 14 Ct. you have a friend or re-
Services for Sgt. Earnest NW 51st St., Miami, Florida 70x88.8 Duplex :: lavtive Visiting i' Beautiful
Glass decorated for Knight of Ft. Braggs, N. C., NW Slit St. & 12th PI. home for
Sgt. will be held 1:00 Satur- private rent. Daily
who died p.m. : Completely equipped for LOW DOWN PAYMENT
meritorious service as a sup- be held Friday, Nov. 1 will day, November 2, 1968 at the lease. No Investment. Own.rt 754-4484 basis.Air cone).,wall/wall
ply inventory technlcanat Thursday at 3 p.m. at Zion Hope Baptist Church. j carpet, all utilities fern
Osan AB, Korea. He was cited Baptist Church.He Mrs. Arnold died October 25, Next to busy bar. including garage, TV &
served In the U. FOR SALE Phone.
for his outstanding pro- 1968 at the Jackson Memorial
fessional skill, leader ship and 17 years. He was a graduateof Hospital. She is survived by Air ConditionedLow Shown by Appoint. Coll 9a..t05

managerial abilities. Booker T. Washington High five daughters, Vera Williams, Rent37968M $1,000.00 buys 50x140 lot. p... 691.5283 or
School in Miami. He is sur- Cressle Lane Rosella Have Business Lots ,I Evenings & Weekends:
vived by his wife Marva Need Money? See Baron 696.2538
The sergeant is a 1947 grad- ; one Gordon, Ruby Nell Storkranand
son Earnest Jr. two W. Buy Property
uate of Dorsey JuniorSeniorHigh ; daughter Mary Robinson; four sons, (TF ) 538-1340

School. He has served in Cynthia, Brenda;mother-in- John Henry,Thomas,Willie R. - y
Vietnam.His law, Carmetta Lyons of New
and Charles Arnold; t w 01
wife, Lucille, is the York City and Mrs. l G. Pratt brother Essae and Johnny
daughter of Mrs Vera Dor- of Miami; a brother Leroy a
; Garban and a host of other Technicians
Computer Operators
sett, 1205 NW 62ndSt., Miami. sister Mary of Ocala. relatives and friends. ,

WEAR IT NATURAL or & Supply Clerks ---


looking, dull,
kinky hair looks livelier
-In second when
; you apply a dab of R"
URHA Y'S Superior "
*POMADE.Adds apar- 'i \)
kiln highlights.Never 1
Straight sticky or hard-to-greasy. ESS A G -

softer manage, hair silkier become and \ OS .
hold that ,just-
k combed look all day.
r A favorite for more
..h t than 40 yean.
POMADE It's the technology of tomorrow. You know it. We know it.

Contains no acids,alkatie or other harsh If you can help us "hear" and understand the kind of talk Saturn-Apollo vehicles
Irritants.grooming.It's On the ala inexpensive at all drug way Economy to rood 3 send back from space, then we at Federal Electric Corporation want to talk to
metic counter. Trial alw 25c:>> -
size 50c. Get MURRAY'S today. you.
MURRAY'S SUPERIOR PRODUCTS CO. We're prime contractor to NASA for communications and Instrumentation supportwt

456 Charlotte Ave., Detroit Michigan 48201 MR. LESTER ALBERT, OWNER Capte Kennedy. We're still growing. We need many more eyes and ears on the

Job . technicians, computer operators andsupply clerks who'll be right where

You may rest assured that America's it's all happening. Because we handle all communications,ground measurementsand

finest funeral I service is rendered at the calibrations, computations, telemetry and timing for this program to put men
on the moon . and beyond.
House of Albert.No .
If you want to be where it's happening, then FEC has a dynamic place fr you.
deserving poor, regardless of fin-

ancial circumstances will ever be refused.So COMMUNICATIONS TECHNICIANS

in your hour of bereavement call: Applicants should have at least 1 year's experience in the following areas:
Audio Communications CCTV Systems

House of AlbertWhere Intercom Systems Telephone Systems
Mobile Radio Systems Cable Splicing and Installation

service begins and never ends
3 years' electronic laboratory experience maintaining and reparing measuring
THREE LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU transducers, signal conditioners, multiplexon, digityers, recorders and other

LIBERTY CITY OPA-LOCKA PERRINE complex electronic equipment. Will build breadboard circuits and perform functional -

and environmental tests as directed by engineers. Develop and use test

r circuits and set up and operate laboratory instrument testing equipment, construct

specialized measuring Instrumentation.
I 1
3 years' experience in the digital computer field In the operatlonof various peripheral -

BRANHAMof / equipment such as: electronic plotting devices, photographic development

the Living God in equipment associated with plotting devices, wiring program boards'for printers,
Christ and various EAM equipment.


& HELPERIn C 1-1/2 years' experience in the operation of large and medium scale computers.

All Walks of Life Ability to control and direct operations of the main computer. Readying equipmentfor
With God all thingsare operation, monitoring operation and corrective action in stop and error situation -

possible. The man .

of God performs miracles SUPPLY CLERKS

andis here to do Requires 1 year's experience In warehouse and stock control work.

just that. Bring your / 0 "'"

sick and they shall be Interested and qualified applicants call collect Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. to 5

healed. Problems tie p.m., Employment Office at (305) 7840200.Or .

down? In trouble?
you send details of In confidence to
you may your background, L. A. ,
Unhappy? Have financial Federal Electric Corporation, Suite 802, Cape Royal Building,Cocoa Beach, Fla.
trouble? Crossedup 32931.

or bewitched?


ITT's World-Wide Service, Associate

6323 NW 23rd AVE. 00 e A Plans for Progress Equal Opportunity Employer (m/f)



.. .-- .. ,"t .

26 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968

.. Fourth Quarterly ConferenceHeld MACEDONIARev. AT NEW BETHANYMRS.

Roscoe Jackson,pastor
at Att. Herman AMEOn Willie J. Beard, reporter

Friday evening October ing of this message.Choir No. Deacon Vandell Bovan was
18, the pastor opened the Three sang.Offering elected general chairman of r
Quarterly Conference by singing for the a.m. wor- or Men's Day and Brother
A Charge to Keep Have." ship was $257.80. Thus, Mt. Rosby Davis was elected co-
The conference was then organized Herman closed glorious year chairman.The .
for business with Mrs. and is now looking forward to Ushers' FederaUonAs-
Maeola Monroe being electedas the annual conference and the sociation of Miami is in the

the secretary of the confer return of their pastor,who has process of their Sixth Anni-
ence. All boards and clubs brought things to past at Mt. versary at Peaceful Zion M.

ii" Inu Jn QJIjiirrl!I ] &undtty made reports and asked for the Herman, also their presiding B. Church, 6800 NW 24th Ave. r
return of their pastor and On
pre elder, Dr. Allen. Rev. C. Preston, pastor .
siding elder. Total amount Mrs. Channie Moore, reporter Friday night Rev. Roscoe k
raised for the quarter$10,680. Jackson and congregation of
Third Annual Women's Day During the three month period Greater New Macedonia M.B. r
much has been accomplished, GREATER NEWBETHLEHEM Church is in charge of service.We ? -I
such as, the paying for the wish to announce that
At Drake Memorial SIMS
W. E.
music, both organ and piano, Brother Perry Whites, a

paying for pews, and erectionof Rev. C. H. Smith, pastor member of Choir No. 2 and Rev. F. L. Carter,pastor
an anchor fence around the Minnie Hunter reporterOn chairman of Men's Day, has The women will observe
parking lot, and the mortgagenote November 26, there will acknowledge his calling into their 10th annual women's day,
has been reduced from the ministry. Let us as
be a program sponsored by the pray Sunday moring beginning at 11
$84,000 to $62,000. deaconess Sister Hickman he start out in this new task a.m. Mrs. W. E. Sims of New
On Sunday, the Presiding is president., for the Master. Hope Baptist Church will be
Elder, Dr. Allen, was at his The members of Ushers' the morning speaker.
Saturday, Nov. 16, dinners
y JyR best. His theme was, "Colli Board No. 2 will begin observ- Mrs. Dorothy Davis of
will be sold in the dining area
sion." Many were the amens ing their 6th Anniversary
of the church sponsored by the Greater Bethel will be the
hallelujahs during the deliver- Homemisslon. Sis. Mae West Thursday I might before the evening speaker.Come out and

, .,:, GREATER Taylor, president. third Sunday and close out the hear these dynamic speakers,
,i November 8 and 9th, Choir third Sunday afternoon 3:00. and the program that has been
NEW BETHEL No. 1 will sponsor musical Deacon Vandell Bovan, is planned for your Inspiration.The .
president.Let theme for the day is
Rev. W. K. Smith, pastor programs. Brother Drane, is "Wo

1:4L1 ,C : 'Lt' Alice S. Irving, reporter president.The change us of our bear evening in mind services the tion men's and Christian Fitness for Today.Obliga-"
: Deaconess Board No. 1 invites Juniors are selling din-
;:: a from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m. Let us
\ ,., ; you to a tea to be held at ners in the dining area on Saturday judge ourselves accordingly ins.Pray for our sick and shut-
the church Saturday, Nov. 9, Nov. 9.

MRS. MELVES MIKELL MRS. IDA CLEMENTS at 8 p.m. Sister QueenieHickswill Tuesday night, November
. CochairmanOur be the guest speaker.You 12, Rev. F. L. Johnson will beat MT. CARMEL SHILOH
The chairmen and all women are also invited to Deaconess our church in behalf of the
invite you to attend their evening speaker is Mrs. Board No. 1's anni- YWA, beginning at 8 p.m. to Rev. D. A. Bradley,pastor Rev. A. M.Griffin,pastor
3rd Women's Day observance, Dorothy Mazwell, a teacher versary Sunday, Nov. 10, at render services Sister A. Louise McGriff, reporterOur Cheryl English,reporter
Sunday. The theme: "Chris- and civic worker in our com- 3 p.m. Rev. Douglas Cook of Butler, president. pastor and wife are back Saturday at 5 p.m. all
tian Women: Lifting up munity. She is a builder of Jordan Grove will be the guest On Wednesday night before from vacation. We are glad Juniors are asked please be
Christ." youth who are making their speaker. the second Sunday, Rev. Paul they are back safe. present for choir rehearsal.The .
Our morning speaker will contribution of"lift Ing up Baptism services will be Freeman will be at our churchto The No. 1 Ushers' Board Red Circle Sunshine
be Mrs. Elizabeth Curtis, Christ. held the fourth Sunday night in render services beginningat thank each and everyone who Board will meet Saturday at
president of the Miami Asso- The chairmanandco-chair- this month. 8 p.m. helped them have a successful 3 p.m. all members are asked
ciation of Women's Clubs.Under man of finance, Sister Green Usher Board No. 4 Invites Let us continue to, pray for anniversary. to be present and on time.
her leadership the womenof and Sister Knowles wishes to*i I you to their anniversary Mon- each other. On the third Sunday there The No. 1 and 2 Choirs will
this organization won first thank all members who have day, Nov. 11, at 8 p.m. Rev.S. will be a banquet on our church begin celebrating their anniversary
prize for their project. Mrs. reported on the rally and wouldbe Atchison of Mt.Calvery grounds, 79th St.and 17th Ave. Thursday and Friday
Curtis will share with us some thankful if all would please ST. MARY'SRev.
be the guest speaker. sponsored by Sister Mary night before the fourrh'Sundayin
of their experience in "liftingup report on Sunday morning.Let Sister Roberta Norman is Stuart Gaines. This is behalf of our this month and will end the
H. V. pastor
Christ, through helping us do what ever, we can to the new insurance clerk.Dea- 10, services Women's Day, which will be fourth Sunday afternoon at 3:00
others." make our day a success.MILLROCK con Charles Sawyer is in Ce- will be as, usual.The Jr.Choir the fourth Sunday in this p.m.Th

dars of Lebonon Hospital. Let will sing during the 11 a.m. month. You and yours are in Smiling Jubilees of Miami "-
GRACE us pray for the sick and shut- service and Ushers' Board vited. The banquet will begin and the Florida Sim-Aires
M. B. right after the morning ser of Ft. Lauderdale will be here
PRESBYTERIAN ins.The No. 1 will serve. There will
Male Chorus is in vices. Dinners will be served. Sunday night after service in
also be Infant
I Rev. W. F. Savoy, pastor Rev. A. Jackson,pastor charge of the auxiliary Sunday church baptism.The the Pray for the sick and shut- behalf of the Jr. church.
Many thanks to Mrs Bar O. Fergerson, reporterThe School class Sunday. anniversary ins and those who have lost There will be a musical pro-
bara Sa and Mrs.Spero Chairman Sis. E Jack- 45th program will beheld at
voy, some of their love ones. Also gram the third Sunday night
Cokine and Mrs. Gloria of the is inviting 3 p.m., Nov. 10, at the church.
son day ST. PAUL AME pray for the boys in Vietnam. after service featuring the
Humes as they led us to attend their Speaker for the evening will be
througha everyone Visitors are
-- always welcome. Faithful Few, the Missionary
wonderful celebration of our service Sunday, Nov. 10. Sis. "rt or ff Atty. Matthews.Refreshmentswill and
20th Anniversary by meansof wUlbethemorn. :: be served after the pro- Gospel Singers, many
C. J. Burney ,
more sponsored by Sis.
the outstanding banquet and Ing speaker. Mrs. W. E. Sims ::1 > : gram in the social hall. En- ZION HOPE Chaney, in behalf of the No.
t the second mile giving. Spec will be the evening speaker.Our velopes for the anniversaryare 1 Choir.
ial appreciation also to Mrs. theme: "The Christian 1 to be passed in Sunday with Rev. Paul Freeman, pastor Remember the sick and
Roena Livingstonwho women of today must challengethe '": your special donations. Bessie Williams, reporter
chairman of the inspiring annual world of tomorrow." i_ I i The Nursery class of the Tuesday night after prayer shut-ins.
memorial service of last Rev. Jackson is asking all f M I Sunday School will hold an all meeting, Nov. 12, Brother
Sunday evening. Thanks to all, choir members along with the I II day sale and raffle on Satur- Tumblin will be sponsoring a
as we worked together to mak- Ushers' and members to accompany day, Nov. 9, beginning at 12 musical program. After the CORINTHThe
ing our anniversary celebration him to Key Largo, noon at the home of Mrs. E. program, there will be a drawIng Bright Morning Star
a success. Fla. on Friday, November 8, Johnson, 7159 NW 16th Ave. for the lucky name to win will render services here on
This Sunday is every mem- to the Greater UnionAssocia- Everyone is invited. the trip to Nassau. The pub- the third Sunday, Nov. 17, at
ber CanvassSundayAllmem- tion Will leave no later than After church services each lic is cordially invited. 7 P.m. Rev. J.S.Stevens,pas-
bers are urged to be present 4 o'clock. Sunday, there will be candy, Evening services will begin tor. You and yous are invited.
Sunday morning, to fill out our Revivial meeting will begin pies and conch fritters on sale each Sunday at 6:30, except November has been set
pledge cards during the worship Monday night after the second in the kitchen sponsored the first Sunday's. It will begin at aside for our Men's Day, we
s e r v i c e. The visitation Sunday in this month. Sunday School. 6:00. are expecting some of Miami's
team will then be dedicated, Don't forget to pray for the Who will be Mrs. or MissSt. We were thankful to have Sister Redford will sell din best speakers and singers.We
and will visit the absentee Siste r Irene Finder worship hope will be present to
sick and shut-ins.Don'tforgetto jPaul The answer to this ners all day Saturday at the you
members for their pledge on come to church and have question will be answered Sun- with us Sunday after her long church, in behalf of the No. 2 help us celebrate. Dinner will
this Sunday afternoon. At 7:30 your faith lifted.CHRISTI day Nov. 10. On this day the period of illness. Sister Choir Anniversary. She is be served after service.
Sundy evening, we will havean women will celebrate their an- Leotha Sweeting is at home, asking all to stop by and help Deacon Roscoe Ector,
.. evening service,with Elder nual Women's Day. We invite 1923 NW 66th St. All our other patronize this sell. chairman; Deacon Carl Car-
J. D. Faniel bringing mes- AN SCIENCE"Let you to come out and enjoy this sick and shut-ins remain the Don't forget the sick, shut- ford, co chairman; Deacon
age. We thank Elder Faniel day with us. Our morning same. Let us continue to pray ins, members of bereaved Henry Morrow, secretary;
and the stewardship and mission no man say when he is speaker will be Mrs. DorothyMae ana visit them.WOMEN'S. families,and boys in the arm- Rev. M. L. Paschal, pastor;

committee for leading us tempted, I am tempted of God: Gilbert, St. James AME i ed services in your prayers.. Sister Nina Morrow,reporter.

in this Canvass. For God cannot be tempted Church, Marianna, Fla. Our DAY
Condolences to Mrs. Patricia with evil, neither tempteth he Juniors invite you to come out AT ST. LUKEThe
at the loss of
This from the and enjoy their 3:30
any man. verse :
her father, and Mr. Herschel Epistle of James is part of the gram their speaker will be women will celebrate MT. CALVARY THANK YOU

t" Peterson, at the loss of his Bible Lesson-Sermon titled Miss Beverly Champion one of their 4th Women's Day, Nov. Rev. S. Atchison, pastor Many thanks to all of you.
mother. "Adam and Fallen Man" to be our own. To close the day our 10th. The chairman Mrs. Ida Phyllis Beal, reporterThe Sister Carrie Thomas the
read in all Christian Science evening speaker will be Mrs. Simms and co-chairman Mrs. Homemisslon will celebrate widow of the late Rev. W. T.
Churches this Sunday. Mary Frances Bannerman an- Shirley C. Whack, are looking ther anniversary Sunday Thomas would like to thank my
CHRISTIAN VALLEYElder Thought has a diredt effect other of our own. Our chairmanandcochairman forward to a great day. Guest Rev. Griffin and congre- neighbors and friends,also
on the body.That's why a fearful sincerely speaker for the morning will gation will be in charge of the Rev M. L. Paschal and all of

A. Ford, pastor thought can bring disease wish for you and your be Mrs. E. Taylor. Afternoon service. the members of Corinth Bap-
Blondie Haggins, reporter while a confident on that many friends to come out and speaker Mrs. Mildred Clarke, What's to be? A Dumb Sup- tist Church for the cards and
comes from God through prayer worship all day with us. a teacher in Dade County for per, Friday, Nov. 8, at the donations, flowers and gifts.
Saturday night; Nov. 9, the brings health. Listen to the Let us pray for the Lord to several years, presently em- church.: Make plans to come During my illness while under
., Sons of Faith will render a first part of this program discussed bless us and help us to make ployed at Holmes Elementary.Mrs. out with us. going an operation at Jackson
Musical Program. You are all Sunday at 1:45p.m. our 25th Women's Day an Thompson and others There will be a "RummageSale" Memorial Hospital, September
Invited. over Radio station WMBM, under overwhelming success. have prepared wonderful at the church Saturday, 30. I am happy to be back
Sunday night, Nov. 10, the the title "Why Prayer Remember our sick and program for you. Nov. 9.Please. home and doing fine.
Southern Trumpets will render Heals." Firm Church of Christ shut-ins and pray for their recovery Rev. J. L. Lee, pastor, visit the sick and
a musical program. Scientist, 1600 NW 54th St., that God will keep them Shirley C. Whack, reporter. s hut-i n s. Much encourage- Yours in Christ,
Please come. welcomes all. safe. ment is needed. Sister Carrie Thomas

.. > .

I ,

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968 27 _

.-.............................""'.........." ,...,................................ .... .... "

i Day At Tabor Rev. T. S. Johnson, pastor Rev. C. J. Burney,pastor A. Randall, pastor

Naomi Troutman, reporterThe Arsula Edwards,reporterThe Annie Vassar,reporterOn Ceremonies
Baptist Sunday I Nov. 8, the No. 1 Choir
church will observe it's Sunlight Pallbearer will sponsor a Musical pro-

Mt. Tabor will observe their annual Men's Day,Nov. 10.We Chariety Society No. 137, will gram. Everyone is welcometo at Holy

annual Men's Day, Sunday, are honored to have as our celebrate their anniversary, come out.

Nov. 10. The theme "A Chal- morning speaker Mr. Dewey Sunday, Nov. 10,at 3 p.m.Rev The Rev. R. C. Solomon andcongregation TempleYou

lenge to Christian men in a Knight, a native of Daytona.He J. E. Brown, pastor of Brown's of New Mt. Zion
changing society." attended public school there, Chapel will deliver the mes- M.B.C. will render our Home- and your many friendsare

Dr. R. W. Puryear, presi- received his bachelor of sage. Everyone Is cordially coming services on the third Invited to the Ground
of the
dent of the Florida Memorial Science Degree at Bethune- invited. Sunday at 3 p.m. We're askingall Breaking Ceremony

College, will be the speakerat Coo k man College, earned The men are preparing to members to attend. (New) Holy Temple Mis-

11 Dr. is his Masters Degree at Atlanta observe their annual Men's Tuesday night after the sionary Baptist Church, on
a.m. Puryear a
native of Winston-Salem, N. University, served four yearsin Day, Nov. 24. Plan now to at- third Sunday, Nov. 19,a meet- Sunday, Nov. 10 at 3 p.m. at

Carolina. He is an ordained the armed forces. Caseworker tend. Ing will be called to get dele- NW 143rd Street and NW 23rd
for several In Consecration hour of Court, Opa-locka.
minister years prayer gates and other business
educator ands
Baptist ,
Bridgeport, Connecticut, each Sunday at 5 a.m. straight. Our guest speaker will be

rr moved to Miami and was em- Bible class and prayer Please don't forget to pray Rev. W. H. Edwards of Bethel

4 f ployed by Dade County as a meeting Tuesday evening at for the sick and bereaved Missionary Baptist Church of

case worker and director of 7:30. You are invited. families! Dania, Fla.
professional services for Continue in prayer for the You will enjoy this wonderful -

Dade County's Children Home sick shut-ins and those who fellowship

He now holds theposltion of are bereaved. Visitors are always PRETHANKSGIVINGTEA Rev. Ernest Talmadge Ispastor.
He now holds the of welcome. .
Evening Speaker ,
director of Dade County Welfare Fourth Annual Pre-Thanks-
worship will be Mr. Organizational Affiliation CHRISTIAN
Rai 4w giving Tea, given by Lodge No. MT. SINAIRev.
Johnson, director of Model He's a member of the FELLOWSHIPRev. United Orderof
13 of the Grand
CIty program. He is a graduate AME Church, member of the of America Cleo Albury, pastor
t P. S. Brown, pastor Pall-Bearers ,
of Theil College, Greenville Cappa Alpha PSI fraternity. M. L. Nixon, reporter Inc., Sunday, Nov.10,at 4 p.m. Sunday B. Bogey will climax, reporter mission-
Board member of the Urban-
Pennsylvania, he has 5525
Sunday is the final day of at Pallbearers Temple,
done graduate work at Rutgers League Carver Branch YMCA, ary emphasis week. Morning
the Foot Power Rally sponsored NW 7th Avenue.
University and Penn and James E. Scott Associa- speaker will be one of our
State University in-
is cordially
by the deacons. They are The public
youth, Verona Bowens. Even-
served director tion.Let asking all members to contribute vited. Donations is one dollar.
t will be
Ing Lynette
of Cor p s men Development us continue to pray for Williams Is speaker
as much as possible. If Brother Edward
Custer Job Corps Center,Gat- the sick and shut-ins every- Ellen Pennlngton.
you don't know who your cap- president
tie Creek since where. Won't withus The Fellowship Club will
DR. R. W. PURYEAR Michigan Sep you worship
tain is make contribu- chairman.
your ,
meet 8 at 7:30
? Friday, ,
. Morning Speaker tember, 1966 until coming to
tion to in charge.
Miami.Mr.. anyone p.m. All members please be
administrator, has served as Please cooperate with the RECOGNITION present. You may make your

president of the Florida Coun- Nathaniel Norwood, JORDAN GROVERev. people selling pies and dinners PROGRAMGERTRUDE contributions to any member

cil of Institutions for higher general chairman and all ners. The paper drive sponsored of the Thanksgiving Club as
education presidentof Douglas Cook,pastor by the Ushers' Board is
((1957-59), members wishes to invite soon as possible In order that
Colleges and School Admin- their many friends and the Eddie Gilbert, reporterThe still on and they are asking you enough time will be given the
istrators of the American Junior Choir will begin to please save your news- committee to get the baskets
general to
join in
the celebration of their 10th
and tell them where
Baptsit Convention (196061)and papers ready early.GREATER.
making this
a most
associate pastor of the successful Anniversary, Friday, Nov., they may come to get them.
d r lye The goal for this
at 8 p.m.and will conclude this
Let us for the sick
St. Johns Baptist Church, pray ,
drive is
Dallas Texas. $10,000. Sunday, Nov. 10,at 3 p.m.The each other and the less fortu x
Juniors are doing a great Job ST.. LUKE
Guest speaker at the 7 p.m. Rev. James W.Hendon,pastor nate.
and they are asking the full co-

operation of the entire church Rev. O. Taylor, pastor

on both occasions Brother f Alfreva Taylor, reporterOn
Dixon is director. Thursday, Nov. 8, there
Rev. Ernest Williams, pastor Rev. A, L. Shipp, pastor The loo. 2 Usher Board will Rev. H.C.Samuels)pastor will be a fruit harvest program

Alice Harris, reporter Evelyn Souter,reporterThe sell(dinners_ on this Saturdayat Hattie M.Gowen,reporterThe in behalf of the Men's Day.

Chairman, Mrs.Alice. pastor wants to thank the home of Sister Hattie women invite you to Suzy, Nov. 10 there will

Harris co-chairman, Mrs. each one who accompanied him Reese, 1153 NW 58th Street worship with them on their an- be a contest between. 1

Iradel Hepburn and Mrs. Mil- to Peaceful Zion on Wednes- Please stop by and treat yqur- nual Women's Day program, Choir of Jordan Grove M. B.

o dred Wilcox, would like to day night to help celebrate the selves. Nov. 10. Mrs. Altamese Sili- Church, Rev. Cook pastor and

thank the members, visitorsand Ushers' Federation Union The No.2 Choir will sponsor mon and Mrs. Betty Gober our PERKINS No. 2 Choir of St. Luke. This

friends whohelped to make Fifth Anniversary.The a tea on this Saturday night,at chairman and cochairmanare program is in behalf of Men's

our women's day a success. No. 1 Choir will sponsora the home of Sister Geneva expecting the full cooper- Recognition program, Fri- Day. Sister P.Taylor Is presi-

We would like to send special Musical program the third Carter, 930 NW 49th St. The ation of the captains, friends day, 7:30 p.m., November 15,

appreciation to Dr. I.G. Pratt Sunday, at 3 p.m. with various public is invited.To and the entire membership to honoring Mrs. Gertrude Per- dent.Friday, Nov. 8, Rev. Fer-

and Miss Cynthia Knowles who choirs and groups of the city the sick put your trustin help make this day a successful kins, sponsored by the Grand guson and Choral Group;Wed-

brought a wonderful message appearing. The public is in- God and you shall be healed. one, both spiritual and fi- United Order of Pallbearers, nesday, Nov. 13, Rev. Drain

telling us the duties of a vited. The public is always welcometo nancially. 5525 NW 7th Avenue. and the No. 2 Choir of St.Luke.

Christian woman in these The directresses, Mrs.An- worship with us. Morning speaker is Mrs. You and your friends are On Nov. 17, there will be a

changing times. derson and Mrs. Collins for Marjorie Perkins and evening cordially invited to help make tea at the home of Sis.Shirley

Special thanks to our guest our Youth Day have set up the speaker is Mrs. Sallie this event enjoyable and ex- Armstrong, 4431 SW 18th St.

soloist Mrs. Jacqueline Liv- youth day with a portion of the NEW HOPERev. Carllne. citing. Individual and group This tea is sponsored by the

ingston and the Ushers of St. officials who will serve. They W. E. Sims, pastor Let us remember the sick artists will be there to enter- No. 1 Choir.
Mary's Methodistalsotheguest are Larry Souter, chairman; and shut-ins. The church is tain you. Your presence will
who appeared on the program Donna Humes, co-chairman; Loraine Parsonage, reporterThe Committeewish located at 1301 NW 1st Place. add to this gala affair. CHRIST

Patricia Garrett, secretary;
and all others whohelped to thank all membersand
Tolvert treasurer; Anna Canon T. R.Gibson,rector
D. ,
make our day a success.On friends who have placed TEMPLE BAPTISTThe
Souter program chairman; FIRST BAPTIST Antoinette Silva,reporter
Sunday Nov. 10 the Mis- in files
their pledge cards our
Debra Whitehead, assis- women will observe Have you got your ticket to
sionary Society will celebrate tant program chairman. We toward our parsonage drive, their Twelfth Annual Women's Rev. W. M. Davis, pastor Key West? The trip is this
their 12th Anniversary at 3:30 which will terminate Decem- Donella Turner
their Nov. 10. The reporterThe miss all
for Sunday Don't
are asking the youth Day, coming Sunday.
The will be
p.m. speaker Rev.
ber 5 at 8 p.m. Young People Dept and
this will be Mrs.
full cooperation, so that morning speaker the sightseeing fun! \
I. McCall. Sister Emerald Sunday, Nov. 10 4 6 p.m. Mae don S. Bullard a Dade the Young Women's League, 17 the
Jones Is day will be the best.Our youth On Sunday, Nov. ser
president.On is
the Society tickets for the
Missionary are selling
Public School Teacher will be
day will be the second Sundayin County vice of Thanksgiving
the sick list are Sister planning for a Fellowship pro- Family Dinner which will be
who is well known for her chal- administered to our rector ash
Francis Woodside at Christian Remember the sick, shut- gram, featuring a round table lenging and inspiring mes- Jan. 1. The tickets are $1.50 Is elevated to the office of

Hospital, Sister Diana Bain at ins Brother Brinson and discussion on the topic "Re- sages. The women's choir of for adults and 85$for children. honorary Canon. The Rt. Rev.

Jackson Hospital, Brother family, who lost his brother, sponsibilities of Christianwomen Ebenezer Methodist Church Saturday, Nov. 9, Deacon Henry I. Louittlt, bishop of the
Erskin Forbes at So let
in the home, school, Govan and co-workers will
bereaved families, Deacon will sing and Saint Matthew'sBaptist Diocese of South Florida and
us not forget to visit and pray church and community." This sell dinners at the church.
Ushers' will serve.
Souter who is in Cedarsof the Rt. Rev. James Duncan,
for the sick and shutIns.EBENEZER Roy event will be educational and There will be
a Sunday
Lebanon Hospital,Rm.217A During the 6:30: p.m.servicethe Suffragan Bishop of the Dio-
enjoyable. All are welcome. message will be delivered Nov. 10 from 4 to behalf will officiate *s
and those in the armed ser- cese of South Florida -
vices in your prayers.BAHA'IS Saturday, Nov. 9, the youth by Mrs. Rosa Lee Sharpe. of Men's Day. The pub A fellowship hour will
choir will a talent lie is
present pro- Temple's women's chorus invited. follow after the service. The
Rev. A. D. Hall, pastorE. OF MIAMIMr. gram in behalf of their anni with Mrs. Strachan at the organ Let us pray for all our sick public Is invited.

Ingram, reporter versary. Everyone is invited. will render music. Planto and bereaved families.

Infants baptism and recep- Harold Guinyard, When we kneel to pray, remember spend the day at Temple. BAPTIST WOMENAT
tion of members will be held chairman of the North Dade the sickandshut-ins,

Sunday. The public is invitedto Baha'i Assembly, and Mr. the bereaved, our naton and MT. CALVARYAll

a Calendar Tea and Fash- Savitt Treasurer of mankind everywhere.ST. .
ion Show, Sunday, Nov. 10, at the Miami Assembly, were BEULAH BAPTISTThe members of the Baptist *
4 p.m. Fashions from Lory's to the Council urgently
Women's are
elected as delegates LUKE Rev. N. F. Clark, pastor
Dress Shop with Dee Dee Law National Baha'i Conventionat Senior Choir is cele- On Sunday, Nov 10, at 3:30, requested to be present on
rence as na.r..r a t or. We will the state Convention which Sunday, Nov. 10, the Young brating their 8th Anniversary there will be a tea at the homeof Friday evening, November 8,

also have fashions from King was held Sunday, November Matrons will sponsor" an on Nov. 7, 8, and 9th,at 8 p.m. Brother and Sister Rufus promptly at 8 p.m. at the Mt.

The Tailor. An'enjoyable timeis 3, at the Statler Hilton Inn in "Honors Day Tea. Persons On November 9, the Florida Johnson, 1441 NW 68th St.This Calvary Baptist Church, 1140

tend. Orlando. The National Baha'i who have served the church for Nightingales and other gospel event will climax our Women's NW 62nd Street, Rev. Samuel

Convention will be held April more than 26 years, will be_ singers will perform. Everyone Day project. We cordially invite Atchinson, pastor.

gram have been arranged,donation 28 to 30, at the House of Wor- honored. Mrs. Corine Stokes is invited to come hear our many friends to come Please be on time as the
$1.00. This is to bene- Green, will speak for wonderful is an hour long.
Wilmette, Illinois. .these groups sing. out and help to make this an meeting only ,
fit Women's which will Bah'is will fair. The public Is invites and Miss '
Day, The Norht Dade The anniversary will climax enjoyable evening.We Mrs. Atchlnson
be held Sunday Nov. 24. celebrate the anniversary of attend. Refreshments will be on Nov. 10, at 3 p.m. Everyone also remind you of our Gertrude Crowder will serve

Sunday night we are to worship the birth of Bah'ullahfound- served. is invited to celebrate withus annual Women's Day obser- as hostesses. The foreign

at the Metropolitan AME: er of the Bah'i Faith, on Sun- Please pray for the siekand on all four dates. vance the third Sunday, Nov. Mission Banquet will be discussed

Church in an, after service. day, November 10, 4 p.mat bereaved members. You are Don't forget to visit the sick also the coming of the

Choir No. 2 aid Usher Board the James E. Scott Community Invited to worship with us. and shut-ins. 17.Let us continue in prayer National Foreign Mission.Sec-

No. l will serve. The Dorcur Association Center, 4901 Rev. P. W. Williams, pastor Rev. E. R. Ferguson,pastor for the sick and shut-ins. retary's plans for the Christ-

Circle will be in charge of NW7th Avenue. The publicIs Mrs.Kathleens.Streeter, Mrs. Alice Banks, reporter. mas party.

class meeting'Tuesday nght. cordially invited to attend. reporter.

. /1

28 THE- MIAMI TIMES. Friday, November 8, 1968 were on_forelgn'r..-..Torl

tL of + 1 MI ,t1 rt r1 ;;;; it t1 lr
with. t
Spearing o- r r1 r1t rt 1 1
....... : ix r1 fr
rxr $II to Ott
r1 III' r1 1 i if'
r' f Ms tt rl tt ,r11t
; 1rt !w 1 t t11t t1 w rt tt rt ty IP'w
Q r U nk' sU (1l 1 tlr III' 111 t1 1 H 1

1 }.,\v'4 w ,. nib t1 At 'rx Yt tl 1t rt lr iii 1
4 yF' J P t' I q ii ti! t11 rf 1 IP

.w.A IflaN Y"' _';
'( O M A.n.M ,


Winning two games In a row after having lost their first
three games, the Floridians are getting organized. This din't
discourage them any. Coach Jim Pollard speaks real high of 1 4 I N o ,
his players, there had to be quite a good bit of shifting aroundto
know where he stood to produce a first class basketball
team. Everybody loves a winner. Having not seen them play,

yet, I have no way of expressing my opinion as regards to their
ability, but hope to write about them in the near future. We
will be printing pictures of the players as we go along The
Floridians next home game will be Sunday,Nov. 10, when they
will play the Oakland Oaks, game time 7:45 p.m. In Miami Liberty City Clippers In Optimist's LeagueThe I
Beach Convention Hall.
----- -- --- 1 Liberty City Clippers take time out during a practice Harris, trainer; Norman Fishe, Pan Am assistant supervisor
session to be photographed infrontofthe Pan American World of production personnel, and Coach John Robinson.
gridders in the Optimist's Club Dade County football leaguefor Back row, left to right, Pan Am Vice President William F.
q players tipping the scales between 95 and 115 pounds. Raven, Jarvis Williams, Gerald Grant, Wayne Favors, Martin
Left to right front row are; Coaches George Cowart and Mann, Boston Crum, Emery Harris,Jessie Holloway,trainer;
Nathaniel Wimberly, Barry Barfield, trainer; George Arm- Monte Ray, Gerald Llghtburn, Kenneth Boyd, Kenneth Stringer,
strong, Ronald Neloms, James Major, Eddie Murphy, Fred James Dorsey, Carey Henderson, Willie Barfield, Anthony
Pew, Gregory Cheever, Philip Dorsey,Johnny Pew,John Hen- Rolle, Claence Lamb,Timothy Williams, and William K.Turner -
derson, Milton Smith, Sheldon Clarke, Curtis Clarke, Edsel Pan Am manager personnel administration, Miami.

A&T Out To Spoil' fAMU HomecomingTALLAHASSEE I Orange 'Blossom

a Classic Parade

r Florida (28-20)), Johnson C.Smith(20- offensive backfield might be at
A&M Head Coach Jake Gaither 14)), Norfolk State ((65-14)), full strength." December 7
rates the Aggies of A&T Uni- Winston-Salem ((60-0)), and Gaither was referring to
versity of North Carolina as Morgan State (7-6). halfback Hubert Ginn,and fullbacks -

LES HUNTER SKIP THOREN possibly the toughest home- The Rattlers also have Robert Lamokin and ; e* r ,
coming opponent the Rattlers plenty momentum after that Henry Scott. Ginn has a bruised -
5 TEAMS BEING CONSIDERED FOR CLASSIC have every played, 32-13 victory over Tennessee rib and Lampkin and Scott ''r 1 r ; >

Florida A&M University head football coach, A. S. "Jake" The Rattlers play the Aggiesat State for their fifth straight have knee injuries.

Gaither, has announced that he is considering five teams as a 2.00 p.m. Saturday in Bragg victory. This is the first year Defensively, the Rattlersare
possible opponent for the Rattlers In te 36th Annual Orange Stadium. since 1964 that FAMUhas in
ranked second the nation -
Blossom Classic to be held in the Orange Bowl In Miami on "I have to admit that I am five consecutive games.
according to the National
December 7th. Coach Gaither mentioned Morgan State College, concerned about this A&T ball Despite the momentum, Association of Intercollegiate

Baltimore, Maryland; University of Tampa,Tampa; Maryland club. They're big, fast, and Gaither is concerned about the Athletes and the National Collegiate E
State College, Princess Anne, Maryland; Alcorn A&M Col- have a lot of experience along two weeks he had to preparefor Athletic Association
lege, Lorman, Mississippi andAlabamaStte College of Mont- with a new coach who has done the game. "Layoffs have statistics.In .
gomery, Alabama. an excellent Job." Gaither never helped us," he said,
TROPICAL PARK OPENS NOV. 16 continued, "They also have a "we've never played our best five games, they have allowed -
lot of momentum after that after a week off. I would rather only 3 yards total offence -.

A gallant old campaigner will make his valedictory to the great victory over Morgan go the whole season without a per game."We're proud
turf when racing resumes at Tropical Park on Saturday, State last week." lay,off if I could. of our defense,"says Gaither.
November 16. Three U Stable's Communique is to race the The Aggies have won five Gaither continued, "How- "They have exceeded our expectations -
late fall and early winter before being retired to stud at Sun- games and lost one. They lost ever, the layoff has given our at thispointandthey William J. Stirrup, Parade
shine Stud Farm in Ocala for the 1969 breeding season. 9-6 to Maryland State,but have minor Juries time to heal and have gotten better with Marshall for the 36th Annual I
Tropical Park's schedule of events remains as it has beenin defeated South Carolina State this is the first game that the each game.TAMPA Orange Blossom Classic an-

past seasons. First post will be at 1:15 p.m. with the Daily nounced that the Orange Blos-

Double on the 1st and 2nd races. Replacing the Option-Twin AI Jones Fights Leotis CLASSIC som Classic Parade will be
Double will be the Big Perfecta comprised of the 5th and 7th held in Miami on December 7.
races. The regular Perfecta will take place on te final race NOV. 30 All organizations,clubs,businesses -
each afternoon Martin TuesdayOn and individuals are
The Florida A&M University -
to this event.
urged support
Rattlers will meet the
CINCINNATI-MIAMI GAME INTERESTINGThere Tuesday, Nov.12,heavyweight ready to beat the best thereis. Texas Southern University Notification of participationfloats --

hit* Al Jones has a boxing There ain't been nobody Tigers in the Tampa Classic, marching units, etc.,
are many reasons why the next home game of the date with the sixth ranked that's anybody been want in' New Tampa Stadium,Saturday must be made on or before
Miami Dolphins figures as an interesting contest. Leotis Martin,of Philadelphiaat to fight a southpaw and Pmthankful night, November 30th. The November 25, to William J.
The the Cincinnati the other Miami Beach Auditorium Martin ain't been 3301 Charles Avenue
opponents, Bengals, are only game will be the second be- Stirrup, ,
team in AFL sometime between 10 and 11 Miami Fla. 33133
expansion history. ducking me. Course, maybe tween the two small college telephone
It will be a return game, and in the first, three weeks ago, p.m., Jones will find out if he after the fight he'll wish he powers in the Tampa Stadiumand 4440478. No entries will be
at Cincinnati, the Dolphins won a squeaker, 2422. has the credentials to be top- had." the 11th since they first accepted after that date. The
It will be another meeting of two former NFL "Coaches of ten ranked boxer. $3 general admission. The met in 1958. FAMU has an 8-2 theme this year is: "FAMC
the Year; Paul Brown, of the Bengals, for many years was The 3-year old Martin, Jones-Martin summit meeting lead in the series. Yesterday, FAMU today,
the head man with the Cleveland Browns and George Wilson, of respected by every top con- looks like a natural to produce FAMU foreverl"
the Dolphins, had a long reign with the Detroit Lions. In regu- tender today, lost to Jimmy an all-time gate for Novem- Announcement of the parade
lar season competition, Wilson had two NFL wins, and now Ellis last year in the first ber at the Beach Auditoriumbox INTERESTEDIN route and exact time will be
one AFL triumph'over Brown.Wilson's Lions also could claiman round eliminations of the WB A site. A full card of prelims SINGING? made at a later date.

NFL championship victory and Runner-Up-Bowl over heavyweight tournament. He gets under way at 8:30 We're looking for religious
the Browns of Brown. In competition in te NFL meets Jones with 29 victoriesand
pre-season and the main bout will beginat
type people who are interestedin come Saturday, Nov. 9 at 12
Wilson had a six-five edge. four defeats, one of which 10 .
p.m.Archie good gospel singing. Uyou're noon for interview and audition -
The for the controversal decision to
probable starting quarterback Bengals will be was a
interested, please con- Mrs. Geraldine Belcher
John Stofa. One of Miami's first heroes, he was traded to the Oscar Bonavena in the South
tact Prayer and Information director Mrs. Ella Moncur
Bengals. It is inevitable that Orange! Bowl fans will comparethe American heavyweight's home ,
Mooie Center, 7512 NW 17th Avenue president.
efforts of Stofa and the Dolphin's QB Bob Griese in the up- town. This year, Martin established ,
coming contest himself as a fighter
ready to meet any champ--
-' To Visit
ANOTHER LOSS I SPORTS Jimmy Ellis or five-state tit 1ist -
John Byrnes, 77, passed on Just recently. John was well Joe Frazier--with two sensational
known throughout the boxing world. When I first knew him, he KOs over the ranked ScoutFormer
was Just another prize fighter in the good old days. He livedon Thad Spencer and Karl Mild- JUST FOR YOU

the beach for a good many years.He picked up a nicknameof enbger the heavyweight
Red Shirt by always wearing something red while trainingand champ Germany. Both light heavyweight
refereeing. John was real popular while refereeing main knock-outs were on goreign,I champion Archie Moore will JUST PHONE: 757-4827

events at Madison Square Garden. Some of the bouts he officiated soil.The visit the South Florida Council SPIRITUAL
.. in were Jersey Joe Walcott-Billy Conn andJoe Louis 6-6 Jones, a southpaw Boy Scouts November 17 to24, HELP FOR YOU

and many other bouts. He was a high school coach, managed from nearby Goulds has been according to Chuck Hall, HEALING HELP FOR YOU

several good fighters,he served as physical educaton instructor severly raked over the coals Council President. TROUBLE HELP FOR YOU
for Uncle Sam during World L He was a member of the for compiling a 25-1-1 record Moore, who is a Community FAMILY
American Legion post 85, John was always active until he against nobodys. Certainly Relations Specialist, will HELP FOR YOU
passed on. He was one of the nicest gentlemen you could meet. Luis Martin is a somebody be in the council to help in efforts BUSINESS HELP FOR YOU

We are going to miss him. Should the big southpaw giant to reach out to boys in TAX HELP FOR YOU
beat Martin Nov. 12, he wouldbe disadvantaged areas.
assured of a berth on the to p i A veteran of 28 years of boxing -
ten standings and would give Moore is now waging a nationwide -

... MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THE the Miami area a bonafide personal campaign American Spiritual ChurchPhone
against Juvenile delinquency
heavyweight contender for Joe
his "ABC" Clubs.
Fraizer with in a year
APPRECIATE DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU. Tve been waiting a long time Archie says, "That stands for : 757-4827 1080 NW 54th Street
THEY ARE .COURTEOUS, DEPENDABLE. for this fight" said Jones,' any body can . if he wants
tol"! To this Moore will add, Talk With Rev. Taylor
PLEASE PATRONIZE THEM! "Pm going to show the wise "Any boy can be a Scout."
guys and the fans that I'm

.. . .. .
---- - ----- --- -------- --- ---- -- ------ -- ------ -

, 'If, .' . ,, .. '" .. '- ,- ,'

,_ _Friday,_ -

r. Observe Education Week I I

West DunbarThe MNHS To Observe AEW j

pupils and faculty at "America Has a good thing in an effort to stimulate dls- LOUNGES MANKER-MILTON
6701 NW 15th Avenue
West Dunbar Elementary going -- its schools." North- cession between parents and EARL'S ZEBRA LOUNGE 6919151LAUNDRY E. O. CULME
School are going all out to westerners believe this and teachers. 4400 NW 7th Avenue Public Accountant
make thisAmerican Education want to demonstrate it to their Earl .Edwards, Prop. & Income Tax Notary

Week celebration one of the patrons and friends through Following the presentation AUTO REPAIR CLEANING Phon.:633.3735
m the auditorium will 5264 NW 24th Avenue
best ever. their public program on guests EDW. WILLIAMS' ,
We have many ethnic cul- Thursday evening, Nov. 14 at visit exhibits In the library .BRYANT'S TAILORS & CLEANERS S. L. McNEAL
tures at our school. We have 7:30 p.m. in the school audiwhere refreshments will be GARAGE I Day Service Alteration Bookkeeping : & Tax Service I

children from Puerto Rico, torium. served. 4382 NW 32nd Avenue 4842. NW .27th 634-9251 AvenueP.hone. 1730 NW 57th Street
and of "The Green 635-4210 691-2114
Haiti, Japan, course, Blackboard, Ministers of the community
our American children. a nard-hitting one-act drama have been asked to implementabout IMPORT-EXPORT WINDOW REPAIRHENRY'S .
There will be an assembly parental attitudes tothe
theme "Stimulate Moral HOUSE OF 7 SEAS SERVICE
Tuesday Friday with notable ward their children's school and Spiritual Values" in their BOUTIQUEAfroAsian Install, Repair Windows, .
speakers each day. We es- achievement will presented services on Sunday. Fashion Operators, Screen, GlassLicensed REALTORS"Jewelry

pecially seek your presenceon Perfumes Free Estimates' BROWN REALTY
Arts, Crafts
Thursday Nov. 14.Thisis 6359869kPA.INTJNG 4740 NW 7th Avenue
Open House_ Day to au:pr- Brownsville J r. High SEWING MACHINE 754-0655
ents and friends. General theme: "Americahas Education Week assembly SPECIAL i FERGUSON. DRESS SHOPS
please come each day and a good thing going its FAYSON
program, guest speaker, Mr.
see the many wonderful things schools." Chester A. Byrd.Liberty 3 DAYS ONLY Private Fr.Homes Estimates our Specialty 5843 PATR NW IDA'S 17th Avenue INC.

your children are doing.Students This year, the American We will clean 371-5914 or 6334765CONTRACTORS 6963515LORY'S -
Education Week Committeehas oil and adjust C

planned a variety of activities City machine any sewing 9 9 6112 NW FASHION 7th Avenue SHOPS

Get for Brownsville Jun- Elem. gardlessolage J. H. COPELAND I Martin W. Smith
ior High School and the com- or condition

CommendationScrolls munity. Morning devotionswillbehighlighted We had our firstHEP meet- CALL CONSTRUCTION FUNERAL HOMES

by outstanding ing, Oct. 31.The boys and girls 2939 NW 48th Terrace RAHMINGS EVERGREEN
community leaders decided that it should take the 685-1564 634-6233 MORTUARY
who will speak on several of form of a Halloween party, Additions-Fla. Rooms-Baths 754-0681 5253 NW 7th Avenue
or 754-0682.
the daily topics.An essay con- since they gave it.
Commendation scrolls were test sponsored by the com- The following activities will AI I WE'VE MOVED!!!

presented to 20 Junior resi- mittee will come to a close on be observed at Liberty City & Harlem' CabsNo
Magi City'
dents by the Dade County Youth November 12, at which time Elementary during American LABOR

Advisory Board during the the three best essays will be Education Week, Nov. 1016. Fee Drivers, Warehousemen Operating the Citgo Service Station
Fork lift,
Metro Commission meeting selected. On Friday, Nov. 15, Sunday, Nov. 10 "When We with cars. $ % Dolly, laborNEW '
Tuesday at the Courthouse. AEW activities will be culmi- Grow Up." An operetta pre- ers. A LOCATION: 1501 NW_ 62 St.

nated by an assembly pro- sented by first level classes.
These scrolls are presented .
gram. Guests of tis program 4 p.m. In the s c h 0 0 I cafetor- Hotel,, NEW 696.6400
in an effort to recognize Restaurant, Domes-
youngsters whose will be members of the feeder ium. Monday, Veterans Day, tic, factory. .PHONF ,
schools. In addition to the ma- (no children in school); Tues- "
day lives are a reflection of 534 H. Miami AvenueSERVING THE BROWNSVI LLE DOWN
jor speaker, Mr. Chester A. day, "Aspire to Quality
little acts of kindness, good 379-8382 TOWN COCONUT GROVE AND LIBERTY
Byrd from the University of Teaching," guest speaker: -

sportsmanship, humility or other, M i a m i, the three winners of Mrs. Lillian Peterson; Wed- CITY. AREAS) :
leadership, bravery
traits. the essay contest will present nesday, assembly program,
exemplary their prize-winning papers. guest speaker Dr Gilbert

Among those being honored Parents and friends of the Porter, 9 a.m., school's cafe- CAL'S

are Christy Culpepper, 11, community are cordially invited torium; Thursday, "Strive for RESTAURANTLOUNGEHome AUTO INSURANCE

1230 NW 86th St.,Henry Louis to visit our school and Health Personality Develop-
Jones, 11, 2450 NW 162nd participated in the American ment," guest speaker, Dr. of Soul Food Im ';,

Ter., Bunche Park Elemen- Education Week Activities. Thomas James,8:30a.m.PTA ported Beer and Wine Air "

tary; and Sharon Kilpatrlck, Daily Schedule: Monday, Meeting -- "Provide E qua 1 conditioned for your com ;:.

7, 6100 NW 20th Ave., Drew Nov. 11, Veteran's Day;tuesday Opportunities," guest speaker. fort. MONTHLY UYMEHT HAH

Elementary School; Mary Nov. 12, guest speaker, Dr. Keith Bennet, 8 p.m. Owned and Operated by: SERVICEFIRSTINSURANCE

Bradley, 11, 6302 NW 23rd Rev. Kenneth Major, closing school's cafetorium; Friday, JAMES AND NEALIE MAE
Ave.; Yvonne Marie Hill, 11, date for AEW Essay contest. "Promote Economic Pros- YOUNGBLOOD AGENCY

2455 NW 66th St., and Jerry Wednesday, guest speaker, perity," guest speaker Mrs.
Sawyer, 11, 6708 NW 23rd Alphonso Roberts; Thursday, Anna B. Ward, 8:30 a.m.Par- (Dec.21))

Ave., all students of Poinciana guest speaker Mr. Charles ents and friends are Invitedto
Park Elementary. Hadley and Friday, Americaneach visit us during the week. JIM LEVENSON, Own r Phono 635.7507
SAV E UP TO 40% -

Charles R. Drew Has A Great Thing/ Going AUTO INSURANCE
Auto I Insurance
Sunday, Nov. 10, marks the ing specialist and present demic program." Immediate SR-22 Filings

opening stage of American project manager of the Teacher Immediately after the program Liability Physical Low Monthly Payments

Education Week Observance Corps, a division of the will DamageSR
at Charles Drew Junior In-service Edu- refreshments AUTO TAGS DRIVERS LICENSE
R. Dade County be served in the cafeteria.Mrs. 22 Filing

High School. cation Depatment. No One Refused 0. GOODMAN & SONS
Beginning at 4 p.m.,the program Taking a cue from the na- Ella Moncur, PTA
will include vocalselections tional theme: "America has a president for the Junior high KEEN AUTO TAG AGENCYNo

by the Drew Chorus under great thing going . Its school, is making a special Finance Charge Same location for two generations
the direction of Miss Cas- schools" Mrs. Dove will ad- plea to all Drew parents and to as little as

sandra Hanna. Speaker for the dress listeners on the the general public, to attend isSHELL'S/ nOVlti 2688 NW, 62nd STPhone: 691-0380,
afternoon will be Mrs. NettieE. topic "Charles R. Drew has a this informative and highly interesting .
AT CITY - ---
Dove, former Drew read- great thing going. . its aca- affair. -
(South Door)



I 5941 Phone NW 7th: 754-4951 Avenue VET TV


t PIth : FLORIST e 379.7735

). Florid





r, C LOMAnl"euaie i
: . MtlllUl4UMMMIM* tMtte
". ,
: .... t/ C pert ISTIMATIS
R "' 1"> saT#
z. + and a bigcam- ence for voters of tomorrow.Mrs. WIRE FLOWERS, limn,.. SPECIALIZING '
Tuesday, October29wasthe candidate Charlotte Ford Clark, ANYWHERE + e S"IT::::HUM iTi' PLASTIC e.r CAll OtNWM1 rs.

big election day at Drew paign rally.election results were as our principal, and the boys and EXCLUSIVELY SLIP COVERS

Elementary for the Student The president; girls here at Drew, hope all of Cod. 305 '
Council. Each pupil in grades follows, Joni Jones, our parents voted in the national ; House ot Gretchen,
vice president;
Linda James, 754-8061
2nd 5th had an opportunityto secretary election on Tuesday,
go to the poll and cast a vote Tom m I e Jones treasurer, ;; Nov. 5, for their favorite can- Call anytime 24 hour service: 3/45)82

for his favorite candidate.The Mary Smith, didate as we did in our local 758-4371
Allen, chaplin.
election was followedby experi- election.
from This was quite an
campaign speeches

. . ... ,. .. ... . "

._ 30 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968

FSES Recruiting For CEP ProgramsThe
NAACP Warns Youth Who DRIVE BY-

DO NOT DISTURB Florida State Employ- ter hours of course work in

TENANTS ment Service is recruiting now counseling, psychology, gui-
Would Burn Than BuildWINTER THIS WEEK'S for employment counselor dance, social casework

BEST BUYS aides who will provide coun- other courses relatng to
HAVEN A top ers and businessmen who feed he declared "there are some seling to persons in need of counselor preparation. CEP
2 bedrooms
State NAACP official this past upon Negro community, but do racists black just as there are Spacious vocational guidance under the training will be provided by
weekend cautioned youth nothing for it. some rotten racists white." garage, fruit trees, concentrated employment the FSES. All interested and
against being misled by the The 42-year old minister of And he recommended picket- $300 down FHA.. program. The salary is$6,000a qualified persons should co-
hate merchants who burn ra- Ft. Myers Baptist Church said ing his church if he fails to * year. tact Miss Rita Busbee, com-
ther than build. He urged them black people in America are work for the downtrodden TRIPLEX To qualify you must be a college mercial office, FSES, at 14 NE

to mount militant nonviolent unhappy about being simply members of his congregation, 160 NW 50th Street graduate, with 15semes- First Avenue
programs that attack enemiesto tolerated rather than fullyac- indicating the signs should
human dignity and racial cepted in schools and public read: "This pastor will not 3 units best .!''ital

equality, whether blacker accommodations. fight for black people... whilewe area. $1400 down FHA $1,000 DOWNNo
white. "White teachers are ignor- are suffering he goes fish- low monthly payments. qualifying, large duplexon
The Rev. Isadore Edwards, ing Negro students, teachingover ing. * 2 lots. Move right in.
a Ft. Myers minister and first their heads, and they It is not enough to mourn the HOME & INCOME Hurry, this will sell fast.
* *
vice president of the Florida know it," he said. But heurged murder of Dr. MartinLutherKing BARGAIN COIN LAUNDRYin
NAACP, speaking at the youth youth not to be boisterousand Jr. and do nothing aboutit Opo-locka $1300 DOWN
night rally of NAACP's "act like they own the he said, adding: "It takes 1278 NW 44th St. Same owner 9 yrs. 10 NO CLOSING COSTS
state convention, declared; world," but to demandre- power to move power. And $250 down FHA Huesbsch dryers, 20 May. 1261 NW 41st Street
flU you(youth) are going to spect. "Never be ashamed that whites are not going to willingly Partly furn., 2 bed- tag washers, long lease. Lovely 2 bedrooms, CBS,

be NAACP, you are not goingto you are black, but don't try to give up their improper con- room, 2 bath, down Moneymaker. $4,000 Fla room. * *
talk about 'hate white/' prove anything by it.You don't trol . there is more to religion stairs, 1 bedroom, 1 cash down. Terms ar- &
You will talk about hate of the have to draw attention or be insulting than singing and pray- bath also ranged. HOME INCOME
upstairs new
56th Street
evil that prevents youth from to demand your rights ing. It is all right to 'wait on Atlantic & Pacific 800 NW
enjoying full democracy." and be treated like a man." the Lord,' but Struggle while homes under construc- Realtors 666.0411 No qualifying, owner will
tion in Carol 14 hold terms.
"NAACP stands for equality He provoked applause when you wait." City. mortgage. Easy
of all people black, white or weeks delivery from ALLAPATTAH REALTY

NAACP.whatever." Separatism is not Dade's Employment Picture I I1 $800 down* *FHA.* Realtors 633-0426

But the Rev. Edwards con- "A continued high level of with the printing-and publishing LIKE IT? BUY IT!
ceded that NAACP youth Is employment for the comingfall group showing increased
justified in attacks upon"hen and winter season is indi employment in the past thirty :
pecked" adult leaders who are cated for Dade County,"HarryL. days. Transportation equip- Sail RealtyREALTORS Better than Buying a House
$2,100 Down,
blocking progress because of Area ment held at the up
Metropolitan employment
4 available, 2 near 54th St. & Miami Ave.
vested interests. "Tell them Supervisor, Florida State Employment August 1968 level of 7,600 but
Another 36th St. & Miami Ave.
to 'get off my back"hesaid, Service announcedlast the construction trades increased 621-1433
One near 36th St. & 12th Ave.
"but don't do it disrespectfully week. Expanded activity in their total employ- 2101 NW 163rd STREET
All in conditionAnd
the manufacturing, construc- ment since August 1968 and top
The youth will have to begin tion and trade coupled with the was up a substantial 6.6 per- 0PALOCKAREALTY "BEST BUYS." 1 & 2 bedroom opts.

picketing some Negroes along fall school reopening zoomed cent since the previous Sep- THEY PAY FOR THEMSELVES
* * * * *
with the whites who block the non-farm employment to an tember 1967. The current estimate -
movement he said. TRIPLEX FHA i[
freedom estimated 415,600forSeptember stands at 25,700 whichis TERMS
These include some branch 1968. the highest since 1959. A modern beauty, close-in, N.W., near golf course. :
* * * * *
presidents, teachers, preach- Factory jobs remain stable
DUPLEXES $700 Down, Up

Four to choose from, all modern and nice, 2 near
list St. & Miami Ave., others close-in N. W., 2

near 71st St. & Miami Ave., others close-in N.W.

BROKER 2 bedrm ea. side, one with 3 bdrm apt. for owner.

; PAN-AM REALTY, Realtors
1749 S. W. 8th STREET PHON: 373-4717



a v, Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 both,-''CBS on large land- Ik9"King Realty Inc. of Miami
. scaped lot with hedges, awning covered patio, ,

11 system, carport, tile roof, terrazzo S z. Buy."DFALTORS 8000 NW. 7th
floors, jalousie windows, air conditioner DADE COUNTY
heat, sliding door to patio. Best buy at $1,500, (OUR Ave
\\1 \\1 FHA with $450 down and $97.01 month. KINGDOM '

NO MONEY DOWN ONTV's Nice 2 bedroom CBS at 6919 N. Miami Avenue, 693-208 I
Flo room, carport tile roof, hardwood floors,
sidewalk.Tbls wall located home is only $12,500
STEREOS FHA with $400 down and $83.55 month. ,

Large 4 bedroom, 2 bath CBS on 75x100 fencedlot.
Open front porch, pump and well for lawn,
& FURNITURECall jalousie windows gas heat, plastic pool for the
children. Good FHA buy at $14,500 with $450
down and $97.01 month.

888.6011-or 379-0900 ALL COSTS 195 LITTLE RIVER DRIVE

PHONE BETWEEN 1 a.m. & 10 SELLER 4 PAYS) 2 CLOSING with every Gorgeous corner, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, garage,
p.m. thing. Screened in 33x16 ool, 44x12 double carport, FHA. $1,000 down, $600 dp vets.
IMMEDIATE DELIVERY covered patio, beautifully landscaped fenced in Sprinklers, well and pump.
Sundays Included grounds, built-in kitchen, dishwasher, central
heat, awnings, {olousie windows, sidewalks, etc. 9800 NW 19 AVENUE
F&M TV 425 E 9th St. FHA price $23,500, $1,700 down and $150.52 mo. Beautifil corner, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath, double car-
port, wall to wall carpeting well, pump and
PHONE AND SALESMAN WILL CALLA NO RED TAPE MOVE RIGHT IN! sprinklers, utility, FHA $800 down, Vets $500.
Large 3 bedroom home on beautiful fenced lot.
Fla room, enclosed porch, new roof, awning win- 4040 NW 187th TERRACE
STEREO YOU NEVER HEARDA dows special and well for lawn 3 bedroom 2 bath
pump carpeting Lovely wall to wall carpeting,
STEREO YOU'VE NEVER SEEN stove, refrigerator, air conditioner. Bargain at double carport, FHA $800 down, Vets $500.
WITH A BAR IN-BETWEEN $10,000. Reasonable down payment and terms.
k', - Very neat 3 bedroom, 2 bath frame home at 720 3 bedroom, 2 bath, carpeting, drapes, built-in
NW 53rd St. Large Fla room, large open front range andoven.
porch, garage, wall to wall carpeting, cornices,
CARLTON REAL TV drapes, stove refrigerator airconditioner. Price *** NO QUALIFYING ***
only $ 0,000.teasonabledown payment and terms

693-4772 "Answer CALL 635 -3177 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, garage, utility room, only
YOU CAN BUY ANY OF OUR FHA HOMES FOR $111 month for this bargain.

sa FHA-CBS, 3 bdrm, 1 bath, huge kitchendin rm, DISPLACED AND IF YOU. CAN QUALIFY 3145 NW 193 TERRACEBeautiful
liv rm, en closed porchcarport, fire. lace, sprinklers 3 bedrooms, wall to wall carpeting,
bor-be-cue, workshop, fenced, $15,200, $700 central heat, Fla room, built-in range and oven,
down, $100 month. garage, awnings, well, pump and sprinklers. $102
month pays all.
FHA-CBS BEAUTY, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, liv rm, Flo REALTY.
rm, din rm, Ige kitchen, ut & storage area, gar., BUILDING AND EXTRA LOT 8151 NW 22 AVE
central heat, w//w carpets, stove, refrig., fruit % BROKER Restaurant already in. Call UI for terms.

trees, $21,000, $1775 down, $136.76 month. .ll CALL US FOR BEST SELECTIONS ON

WATERFRONT, large luxurious home, 4 bdrms, 4932 NW 7th Ave. NEW VA LIST OUT THIS WEEK

3 baths, Fla rm, liv rm, din rm, kit, built-in oven, OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 24 HOUR SERVICE
range, refrig., freezer, breakfast & wet bar, 2 car PL 9-4371 HOMES FOR AS LITTLE '
A3 $100 DOWNWe
lot 135'x147'. Exclusive
garage, area. Assume
mortgage or refinance. $35,000. CAROL, CITY SHOPPING CENTER specialize in homes for persons being dis
< placed in Urban
Renewal area, Miami Housing
EXCELLENT CHURCH ,SITE 2 bedroom, 1 bath ;SUITE 208 624-3666 Prolects. Veterans call to see if you qualify
hone lot. HO'xl40".Good location.
on large Asking You're
only a phonecall
$15,000. Open Evenings Sundays away.


- -
r '':!; T
- -

-- -- .

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday November 8, 1968 31 ...


CLASSIFIED ADS Room in nice private home for AT THIS Baby sitter settled lady 2-

couple or settled single work- College and high school stu- 6 p.m. Monday thru Friday-
20 WORDS OR LESS $2.00.) IOC FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD. ing lady. Phone 836-2855, call dents you can earn quick 9-6 Saturday. Call 635-7716

DEADLINE FOR CLASSIFIED ADS after 7:30 p.m. week days and money for Christmas.Earn up after 6 p.m.Childcare .
II. all day Sunday. to $100 or more a week de-

pending on ability. No experience in my home. Ages

FOR SALE FOR Large room with private bath necessary. Must be neat 2 months to 3 years. Free pick
SALE FOR SALE and private entrance. ALso and clean, reliable and willing up and delivery. For further

HOME & BUSINESS FHA large front roo m. 4758 NW to work. Contact me at 2029 information. Call 758-2472.
Drive by 6938 NW 2nd Avenue. 2 bedroom HOME&CBS INCOME 10417 NW 22nd Avenue :21st Avenue. NW 42nd Street. Saturday between -
3 bedrooms 1 bath apartment living room 2 bedroom 1 bath CBS FHA 9:30: and 11 a.m. Mrs.
dining room Infants and toddlers. Best of
room and 2 HELP WANTEDMale
and office or store downstairs.Rear CBS rental units. Completewith $400 down ($100 to Vet) No Belcher. care in my home. PL 8-9972.
parking $5,000 down. appliances and closing cost. Total $12,000. research interviewers. (TF)
Call A. Ben-Kori, Realtor Near 7th Avenue and furniture.75th $92 monthly pays all. Call: Conduct opinion polls, part- U. S. CIVIL SERVICE

anytime 759-2425. FHA terms $450 down$100.46month. St. Solomon Block, (Broker) 751- time, no selling. Automobile JOBS Mothers, mothers, if you an
TUBIN 9618 or in evening call 624- required, 681-7174. Men and Women looking for a clean home,rood

SOUTH MIAMI 7906 NW 7th Ave.REALTORS Phone 691- 7371. 18- 55 food, experienced babysister,
Start first
as high as $4,680
LOVELY HOME 4785. s FULL CHARGE COMPETENT whom you can trust, call us.
SEWING MACHINESAll Housekeeper for mother- year. U. S. citizens only. Day 633-6607, Night 633-2002,
2 screened
porch Gramma school education
makes less home. 6 and 9. Girl usually 633-2732. Free pickupandde-
(can be converted) carport FHA-EAST OF EXPRESSWAY and models. Origi- Boys
large kitchen, pantry, walk-In Modern 3 bedroom,, nal guarantee plus 1 year free 15. Five days, sleep in own present job while training.Keep your For livery. (indef)

closets hardwood floors,fruit carport, utility room, air- service. No credit check, no air-conditioned room, TV and free Information and list of
conditioner gimmicks. Call for home dem- phone. Must be able to drive.
trees, sprinkler system 75 ft. and appliances. positions for which we train, MISCELLANEOUSWIN
lot, $600 down. $125 month. FHA price $13,000. $400down onstration. 685-1564. Salary in excess of$50.Coconut call In Mlaml758-0501 or mail
all. Owner 62Grsw 58th $97 month. TUBIN Realtors Grove area.Call weekdays
pays 538-0494. coupon to; ALPHA 905 Buena A WIG -
Ave. Phone: 665-7234. 7906 Phone NW 7th Avenue. FOR RENT Vista Station, 33137 Miami, Have a wig party and win a
Have SINCE YOU MUST WORK Fla. free wig. Call 754-5401 for in-
room for
couple, and
4225 NW 168th TERRACE single room. Man or woman. Why not work in pleasant sur- NAME formation.

Carol City. 3 bedrooms, 2 4 BEDROOM 2 BATH Call anytime 635-6737. roundings, with good pay and
baths, swimming pool no Pool and patio. Large living many fringe benefits. Where? ADDRESS Draperies taken down,

qualifying, by owner. Total room built-in kitchen, utility At Miami Beach FINEST of cleaned, decorator folded and
price $13,320. $2,000 down. room, awning windows ter- Room in private home for course: CITY STATE rehung. Lustra-tone Drapery

$97 month. razzo floors, sprinkler system clean working woman. Phone HOTEL FONTAINEBLEAU Service, 887-8022. (Indef)
6244016.Nov.. 15) Near Elementary school. 635-4087. Applications are now being accepted PHONE AGE-
bus and North Side Shopping with some Immediate

Center. FHA terms $900 down openings for experienced day
410 NW 31st Street-big bedrooms TUBIN REALTORS, 7906 NW Look-aged women or men. A and night waiters and waitresses CHILD CARE

CBS, oak floors fenc- 7th Avenue Phone 691-4785. nice large quiet home for you. porters,warewashers, ROUTE SALESMAN

ed. A winner price $13,500 Call 693-0481. housemen, night cleaners,and MINUS INFANTS PARADISENow Good stoning salary plus

excellent terms. For details $85 MONTH PAYS ALL many other jobs . Now is open, 2377 NW 95th Ter- Cenmision.. Progressive
call A e t n a Realty (Broker), the time to apply in from month to salary Incrtatts unliatttd
Drive by 1621 NW 44th Street. A nicely furnished room. Call person, race. Ages one ,
811 NW 54th St., Open 7 days. 2 bedrooms 633-4949. at our Personnel Office, 10 23 months. Open from 6:30 promotional opportunitiesday
sleeping porch
Phone 757-5724. carpeted new kitchen a.m. to 4 p.m. 4441 Collins a.m. to 5 p.m. For further information wttk, paid holidays and
very Avenue Miami 3-0242. paid vacations good .
pretty inside.$8500 total Beach. call OX ptn
2116 NW 96th Terrace Gor- $300 HIALEAH APARTMENTSNo lion plan.,,.. lift insuranceand

geous 2 bedroom, oak floors, down REALTOR, Vets $100.A. Ben-Kori, children. 1 and 2 bedroom 17707 NW Miami Court Infant toddlers day care in ft.. hospital Insurance.
tile roof, priced to seel quick- anytime 759-2425. apartments include refrigerator RELIEF TRANSPORT my home.. I do not keep many Apply National Linen Service -

ly at $11,5000, only $500 down r and range, unfurnished, DRIVER children an d I do not pick up 1950 NW 1st v.nue.

E-Z monthly. Aetna Realty "LARGE DUPLEX"FHA newly repainted. Water free. Permanent position, children. U you are interestedcall
(Broker), 811 NW 54th St., large 2 bedroom each 1 bedroom rent $17 week or benefits, advancement oppor- PL 98335.
Phone 757-5724, Open 7 days. side, "clean as a pin." Closein. $69 per month.2 bedroom rent tunity, local or short run in

\ $800.00 down payment plus $19 week or $79 per month. South Florid a only until as-
1350 NW 99th Street Mag- closing cost. Call for appoint- Convenient to shopping and signed a regular run. This Job Opportunity For Women .

nifif ent 3 bedroom, 2 bath,en- ment to show. Fenster Realty, working areas around Hialeah. will also involve some ship- .

closed garage, built-in kit- (Broker), 759-8779. Very quiet area, these are ping department work. If you Ten women. between ages 25-60

chen, central heat, completly beautiful apartments. Hi Lo have a chauffeurs license and Must have own transportation.-:.Immediate em-

fenced. A bargain at $17,000, Apartments, 2490 W 4th Court, are 21 years of age,good work ployment. Must be able to talk and get along

minimum downpayment ofI-, FHA TERMS No. 1, Hialeah, Florida Mgr. references and driving rec- with people.
500. Don't let this one get 16155 NW 29th Avenue Mrs. Williams 887-0763. ord, please contact Sealtest "

away. Aetna Realty (Broker) 3020 NW 58th Street Foods, 17707 NW Miami Ct. Call for APpointmentTelephone
811 NW 54th St. Phone 757- 3030 NW 58th Street Room. Middle aged man,pref- Miami. Phone 625-0411.

5724, Open 7 days. 2380 NW 141st Street erably one that works duringthe an equal opportunity employer
SEE US FIRST day to live reasonable and 691-7669

7517 NW 4th Ave.-bedroom, CALL OWNER, 693-2631 in quietness. Call 759-3360. Barber wanted. Call between

2 bath,carport oak floors,tile 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dave's Ar-
HOUSE FOR RENT tistic Barber Shop, 1090 NW
roof built-in
electric kitchen, 3026 NW 14th Avenue 2 bedroom 1 bedroom adults un-
Lovely 62nd St. (Nv.5)
central heat and SLUSH MACHINES
air wall to
stove air-con-
garage, furnished. $20 per week. Will
wall carpets, draperies,dishwasher ditioned, wall to wall carpets sell $100 down. NE 5-5566.
washing machine, fenced yard, total price $13- LEGAL SERVICE PROGRAM Made by Poplar Chips Mfg CompanyP.

sprinkler system. FHAap- 000 assume $9,500 5 1/4% Room private home for a 395 NW 1st Street C. 22 full price $1,095 plus tax

praised $22,500 no closing mortgage $83.39 monthly, clean nice intelligent man. Legal Secretary Trainee. We P. C. 11 full price, $795 plus tax
costs. $1,500 down Even less Will train to be a legal sec-
( above or E-Z terms.See you
cash Call 757-4149. 80% net profit factory
if you are a veteran ) $145 today Aetna Realty (Broker), retary if you have good basic warranty

monthly. If you really want the 811 NW 54th St., Phone: 757- Cleaners and laundry.Say secretaral skills.
best, don't miss this house. 5724 Open 7 days. want your clothes done right? 379-0822 (Nov. 15)
Aetna RealtyBroker), 811 NW You see the difference at first Why lease when you can own?

54th Street, Phone 757-5724, sight, then take them to the PRICES F..O.B. WPB: $35 for Installation
Open 7 days. 18501 NW 39th CourtMagni- right cleaners Treat-U-Right Within 75 miles of WPB
ficent 4 bedroom, 2 bath,FHA
62nd St. and
Cleaners corner
DIAL-A-MATIC down. Seller
$19,000 22nd Avenue. .
ZIG-ZAG $6.43 pays closing costs $124.28
ewing machine A-l shape, monthly. Has huge screened Men Cooking. POLAR SALES & SERVICE
2 only.
less than 6 months old, $33 patio carport, built-In kit- 634-5627. 419 2nd St., W. Palm Bch 832-4291

cash. $6.43 monthly.,Will take chen, dishwasherwashingmachine

old machine as part payment. dryer, sprinkler Room, for a nice person 696- PAN AMERICAN
Call credit manager day or system, draperies and much, 0473 or 691-8326.
night. F r e e inspection. 685- much more. If you really want WORLD AIRWAYS .
1564. call us today. LINDSEY HOPKINS
the very best Room in private home. 633- HOTEL TRAINING

Aetna RealtyBroker( ), 811 NW 7087. 1187 NW 37th Street. The, World's Most announces
"Fes" 54th St., Phone 757-5724, Open Experienced Airline The Opening ofWaiterWaitress

3 bedrooms CBS, lovely area, 7 days. Nice room for respectablelady NOW HIRINGSTEWARDESSES
tremendous value at $14,500.
gentlemen or couple use ClassTotal
$100 down to vets others$350
4 and 757-
3750 NW 193rd Terrace kitchen living room.
Awnings, hardwood floors, air- Class Hours 180
bedroom, 2 bath, garage,
etc. Call us to show by appoint- To All!
conditioned central heat. Fly Class meets 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Broker ment only. Fenster Realty Total price $16,600,downpay- Nice room, private entranceand Six Continents IncludesOnthejobtraining ...,

759-8779. ment to suit your budget, E-Z bath for steadily employed at
call Aetna single man only. References. Must b. '
monthly. BJ first flngU, minimum age
"FHA" Realty (Broker), 811 NW 54th $10. 121 NW 39th Street. 20. Height 5 3" to 5'9'. Major Miami Beach Hotels
Large 3 bedroom home in 757-5724 Open 7 Weight 105 to 140 Ibs. Good Ample Positions Available
lovely area. Close in, carport, days., Room in private home for Good school vision.graduate.Must Next Class'Starts Wednesday, Nov. 13
fenced back yard lots and lots clean working woman. Phone fee
Knowledge l of a foreign Cost: $2 registration only
of extras. Tremendous valueat 635-4078. language.
For information call 371-7641
$16,500. Shown by appoint- MIAMI INTERVIEWS

ment only. Call us now.Fens- SINGER SLANT-0-MATIC ROOMS. Men only. 18th Ave. Wednesday, Nov. 13 Room 1507
ter Realty, Broker, 759-8779. ZIG ZAG $9 NW 83rd St. Call 6346602.
Like new. Sold for over $300 For IntirvUw ippofntmtrtt L/nc/sey/ Hopkins Hotel' Training -

Fancy designs.Guaranteed.No attach- Room for respectable working Cull 1410 HE 2nd Avenue
6DUPLEX6FHA needed. Pan Am
ments 10 lady to see call NE 5-4805. 637-2778 Sponsored by South.rn Florida Hotel and Motel Association
makes payments
FINANCINGLOW Reliable person An Equal Opportunity mpltytr Greater Miami Hotel and Motel Association,
DOWN PAYMENT of$9 will take older ma- Room in lovely home for refined and the division of Vocational, Technical and Adult
NORTH MIAMIBEACHAREA.BROKERS chine in trace. Call CREDIT A Plan for Progress Education, Dade County Public Schools.
settled lady with steady
INVITED MANAGER day ornlght wede- income., 693-2677. Company

Call J. Z. 587-2470 liver. 685-1564.

., . .- . .
-- -

.... "'.
;] ,. I'I' i.: ,
._.--.1....ArMWr. ,!. z ,

32 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, November 8, 1968

-. "i,
; ----- -; : :. SPECIALS GOOD THRU NOV. 10



h1 .7LL

t rFLA.


L B.



s,.,, r 1 PORK 4 LOS, 79





. L mTZSODAS: ASST.'FLAVORS:: (OZ.,CAN 12c.ANs .79(' :
I W/SIO ALWAYS GOOD '\ ft. >:",*%;:*,:: .,of" ,,, : ",,,:, ( ,.. r.
.EACHES'' IT 02.SLICED OR HALVES. ., ':,,2CANS"t :.,.t:3': .
t ',"; VAN CAMP, [" . ...<:<1:':;,' ,' ,,

GOLD MEDAL PQBK ft BEANS. 21 oz.,2, : I's';,, .' ::39C. .:
." t .... ,"y: .,,, ..
'>( '
HUNT'S :'. ; :,,;.Jr-"
,CATSUP 20 BOTTLE J' ': 29(:

A. DETERGENT 3x _Z. 29. $.
LB. AO TREET *2 oz- CAN 49(:'




. : .
.. ' > "
.' '\: "
V 3',$ :' : IAJIII
; .
: "
M "
STOKELY'S *<. &::.:*'>",;*:*.. ./ 1 fH'CQULjy&DS ?.:'-, .:; .'): \. ',;\- ". i; :" '.;, !
6 .' :;,.'." "',V"'.':.': :7';. 28, OZ. POLLY BAB'.s., ,..i, ":., : : I
1". I h' '>S' ;:
';' W STOKELY'S TURNIP '."'-',.:.' ,? .: ,'t" ,, "

IW/S" 'GREENS' 20 OZ. POLLY BAG ".1511t. '

, .
I LB. 5 LB
CARROTS BAG 10(: BAG 39t; (12 OZ. PK. 53. .' ,,
ftECEIVING''LIGHr'lBILL. , ;- PAYMENTS A, <<' ..... 'PAYROLL CHECK CASHING' '.) ; FLA. SMALLiv fM[4 '>"'*v01' .','I"' 1: '" II' ";-:::..>.>


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