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E MIAMI I TIMES' Friday, September 13, 1968

2163 N.W. 62nd STREET
9 C
.> A w v LB
---- LIMIT 2
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MEAL & GRITS B LBS. 29Cfg'ryy
? :. :; -- _ iip. \ liCE 55: : 5 LBS. 99CSUGAR

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''t 5 LB. 39
1 _- '

t'1 % I a ...:"...:.....::....::...:.:.r.:...;:.".:.::..IAI.:.;...... CHOICE OF I WITH $5.00 ORDER
C ::::::::::
__ '_I_ i i11 11i jj 1 McKenzie/ Frozen 18 oz. PLASTIC BAG
, _ _ I ____ 1111 11111i GREEN .
-' --i_ ;::_ 1 ThI __i__ -i___ __: =1:1 1:11=1:1:1r::1 1: GREEN LIMAS PEAS 39c j
--- 1:1:1:1:1:1:::::: MIXED VEG.

. .. . .. w.,---",'.''__'_''_ .


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THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 33

The War Department RegretsThe

telegram fell from her hands
0 POET'SCORNER and slowly fluttered to the floor;
through flood of tears her mind could see
that day he came to her front door .

He looked so small and so forlorn, :
By GENE GRIENER a piece of baggage gone astray;
around his neck a large white tag
______ _ .,
___ --------------- "
-- n had read
:: : :;:: ; : .'fib "My name is William Clay.

The Me Nobody KnowsThe She made a circle of her arms, ,
Police Brufiafify a home for her dead daughter's child;
presence of an extraordinary force seemsto through the seasons of eighteen years, :
drive me into a past. Now everyone can see she let him grow up'strong and wild.

That not only blacks As wild and free as eagles's wings ". '
The presence of an'extraordinary force seems to drive me intoa Suffer police brutality __ that soared across the prairie lands; s N x*
past Whites as well have this wild young colt who raced the winds : *:fi
into a past from which I came, and do give respect while I Had their share was, kept In check by her strong hands.'. *

last.A Chicago Michigan Avenue's His letters came from South Viet Nam: Jy
past that has caused me to stir,to stir in a state of confusion HELLIII! ! j "Her picture was his good-luck charm.. .
Admiration and concern fills me with a desire! one more mission then he'd fly home. .
A desire which seems, to have never been to my attention.It's Dorothy Mitchell Bochhold he missed her and he missed the farm . ."

a place of plenty,all precious things which bear no depth '. Her black lace shawl lay on the floor
And, yes,- even . death! Watch Your Step beside still rockers of her chair
"For many years I still remain, because of a reason," Tm that once had rocked her love to sleepa -
here" Walk with care blue-eyed lad with sun-kissed hair. '

perhaps to motivate some cause of greatness, "it must be," Run like the wind . Gene Griener
Black meets white
I swear. T
Sitting with a mind open wide, "grasping thoughts from They smite the air Power .
where?" What can it be -
baffled at Does anyone know He tended the sick and such loving care --
At times, ,-pulling my wooly hair"Seeking
an answer that must be there." Why they cannot walk India salutes her Patriot Saint,gem so rare!
not1' dare not toe to toe? From the poorest of man, to the richest of
I dare question my host who abides in the .
sphere. kings,
All human Peace and Joy in his divine he did bring.
beings- way,
Consider the past as things we've seen, and heard, which .
exist upon the land. Americans all t';

Then let us open the doors of our minds to comprehend, When and where '..' -Shanta T. Mahtani
The likeness of some things and the contractions of another.As Will barriers fall? Bombay, India

the sparrow from the eagle, the lesser and the greater.The So little to lose
man and the woman, the father and mother." So much to win -

"To envy, is to hate."Derision and contempt among ourselves, We could knock fences down Immortal RoomIf
war invites." With a great big grin!

This is what tears one's heart and mind till nothing's left,
I could hold the lilting songs of mirth
Dorothy Mitchell Bechhold
"so be it," it's death we excite . The long remembered Joy within a heart,
"To love, brings Joy." Harmony and serenity gives supremacyunto And all the gracious thoughts kindly worth,
Not Different
life. i Very To know that
they were mine, a vital part
"Oh!" such a wealth and attire of armour to possess," Of life his vibrant
upon glowing plane,
Everyone says you are not
we enllght. different from To guide when days were anxious, filled with
"Who am I," you may ask, this question shall never be unfold, very inside me woe,
"For none amidst you, solely with eyes. could behold." We each mean have;our dreams I then would welcome somber notes as gain
Nor with ears could be told.. And lift
Brown skin black skin my halting steps with Inward glow.
"For some strange reason/ the only thin? real as me, is a
white smile-
"Soul." . And the flame of love I long to rise above the darker moods

and friendship shall burn To know the moment brings its own reward,
Robert Bell with a steady light In ways that heal a hurt when sorrow broods,
3054 NW 52nd St. .:.. .. : And will penetrate into For, time can change the things that seem so .

Miami, FloridateSwami ,...I i darkest woods .J'the j t. ,:.: hard; s.We' ?it'-

-: '.(1. or the Jungles of the streetsof tj;l walk inTsunllght then in deepest gloom
I And '
intolerance. swiftly back to God's immortal room.

; Vivekananda .-Dorothy Mitchell Beci hold ..

"'- -,
L"Sisters: James' Draperies

and brothers of America! What Color/ ?
Are now immortal words,known near and far, & Service
At the Chicago Parliament of Religions in 1893 She did not know about color

This greeting came from a heart,so light and When she was 5 or 8 or 10 Phone 235-8816
free! When she did and wanted out 1 1I

She found that her color

The simplest of greeting, but with a feelingso shut her in. . . BEDSPREADS DRAPERIES SHADES

Like a magnet, the large gathering, he drew! Dorothy Mitchell Bec bold prices:trimmed to fit your pocket

The thundering crowd went mad with joy; You will like the way we do businessIn
While he stood there, like a bewildered home
your at your convenience
Near Desert Sand Dunes Call for Appointment 2358816'LAST

The unknown Monk, recipient of such Instant
fame, "Lord's Candle" with its showy bloomsIn

Yes -- Swami Vivekananda was his name. unique, bell-shaped drooping style
Thus, he brought glory to bis beloved mother- Adds beauty where the strong windbroomsHave
land; swept the sand from aisle to aisle.

To him, thousands of people extended their Spectacular in hours of day, WEEK TO SAVE MONEY 4
hand. It looks more specter-like at night
When ghostly shadows mark the way

Shanta T. Mahtani On trails the moon has tried to light. FAMILY PLAN SEASON TICKETS,

Bombay India
7'_" ,. .:t; .. Remelda Nielsen Gibson

Naren as a boy, was. a mischievous energetic The Dream King

Whose antics would drive his neighbors mad! Black in skin pure in soul lived a man whose

Yet they loved his sweet, wonderful ways, heart shone like gold.
For meditative inspiring was he in his young He lived in a world of wars and guns, but his
days. were the words, we shall Overcome.

Pouring cold water o'er his head, chanting And over the mountain be would go fearing no
Shiva! Shiva! man friend or foe. He met

His mother thus calmed the future Swami many people who were very mean but to
Vivekananda. them be said, I have a dream.

She soothed his tantrums,little knowing in that
hour He spoke to us of the mountain top, and of 4
dreams he had that would never stop.In I 1 as
That she quieted soon to be world shattering
a dead man's neck: lives a circular ring, but Adult Family Season

He tended the sick and such loving care -- in our hearts lives Dr. King. $28 r
India salutes her patriotSaintagemsorare! Although his body may turn to dust his dreams an ; I.IT Y

From the poorest of man, to the richest of will forever live with us. Children ((14 & under) $14.

kings, On Sole only at Gate 14,
one for three/fourths ,
Peace and Joy In his divine way,he did bring. J Rest in peace, peaceful Orange Bowl Stadium
of the battle has already won.

-Shanta T. Mahtani Until 8 p.m., Sat. Sept. 14.
Robert Lee Gilbear
Bombay India l

THE MIAMI TIMES Friday, September 13, 1968

; ; ;





'..,,.'''.:U:t:., m" JIfJI-I"', :'I"I .
.."'IH i IW' ':" .',
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.,;i'I, f : '.. ,I \. IIILS
'" OX
' I' !
,. ,Iiii I", \
"' ; .11 "
1' ", 'I'',
I "
: """: 1! I Y I w 'In'':i III;"', .
: , 'I" '
'''II'f1 ilm '!u n 'i : .1.1IP :
,,: :
; i iIlj ,iff, 1!I':iII1"! I' 1' , I I"If
I:" , , I! ,
I : .. '
"'! I 'I ;; t 2S
'i Im'lIl,:.,II \ : '
''',' I ;1'' I': LB.q'h .
.''I'Ift",1 I,,,,i"I '''I" '
.... oa;:;, ,"' J ,'
.. ,' r.'I'! ." ::"i i ';'
, '\\11\\",( "" I '
OJ .t 1\1-\ "
}<' II "1 lil'I I' *' .h
i '"l '
""!II, iIt' :i..Ii:.ij.I"! ,.....\: \ "
!"i '1tti '; ''>III:, .MiI'' ..... .,
II,It:1\,!:,:'\' i H.'..""'' -' PORK_


4 CHOPS LB. 29cOR RIB liPS LB. 3



r/4 LB, 79 : Sunshine Sweets


,LB. r 5LB.

FRESH .' 5 SACK 29




i \,

6 FOR 49C
fi e

5 LB. SACK .: LB.
'. ;' SIZE'i



,i ;- We Are Still Selling Watermelons


I f
' -_.. -- ---- --- -

THE MIAMI TIMES. Friday September 13. 1968 35 j

I Dade Schools Have Largest Number Of 1100 New Students Expected at FAMU J

Physical Fitness AwardsFor TALLAHASSEE.- Florida on Monday, September 16 with Other programs throughout
A&M University will open its a general assembly in Lee Hall the week will provide informa-
the third consecutiveyear won more awards than boys of 7.5 seconds, the 600 yard run- dormitories to over 1100 new auditorium at 8'a.m.'This will tion on testing, payment of
boys and girls in Dade any other age, reports Ted walk in two minutes and two- students at 8 a.m. on Sunday, be followed by skits on how to fees, group meetings with department -
County public schools have Bleier, supervisor of Health seconds, Jump 5'9" in the September 15. register, how to study, and beads and counse-
won the nation's largest num- and Physical Education.And of standing broad Jump, and A full week of activities designed sessions on counseling,finan- lors, and learning the namesof
ber of Presidential Physical students tested, fewer girls throw a softball 90 feet. Per- to orientate the new arrivals cial aid, health services and officers and classroom
Fitness Awards failed three or more of the centiles for each group, by to college life has been housing.The buildings.
Of 110,613 pupils tested, seven tests given and a higher age, have been established planned including skits, panel entire day through out
9,443 received this award "in percentage achieved the based on tests administered programs, formal and infor- the week has been carefully The orientation program
recognition of outstanding award. thousands of students nation- mal dances. planned to make the adjust, will end Saturday, September

physical achievement and exceptional How fit does one have to be wide. The activities get underway ment to college life easier and 21, with a new students ball, in
dedication to the
to win a "fitness And how goes it in the battle --'to give the new students timeto the grand ballroom.
ideal of a sound mind in a award? Classes begin the following
To qualify for the of th sexes? Orchard Villa// organize themselves
strong body." O f these, 313 presidential students testedfewer meet new friends. Monday on September 23rd.

pupils, 169 girls and 144 boys, must pat-on-the-back achieve students girls failed three or more of PTAThe
the 85th
the award for the percentile -
earned top
or above for their particular the seven tests given ((6.9% nominating committee
third year. age group on all seven against 9.9%)and a higher per- selected the following persons
The Presidential Award, a tests. As an example of stan- centage of girls achieved the to serve as our officers for the
certificate bearing the signa- dards set for achievement of award, (8.97 against 8:12: % of 1968-69 school year:
ture of the president, was in- the 85th percentile by a 12 year the boys.) Dodd Johnson, president;

augurated In 1965-66.That old boy, he must: do six pull- "Experts recognize that a Raymond Smith, first vice -
year, 2,382 Dade County girls ups, do the shuttle run in 10 person's general learning potential president; Mrs. Ollle M. Du-
and boys earned the award,the seconds jump 6'2" in the for his Intelligence hart; second vice president; II
figure jumping to 5,680 last standing road Jump, do the 50 level is increased or decreased Mrs. Marion Johnson,record-

year and to 9,443 this year,an yard dash in seven seconds, in relationship to his physical ing secretary; Mrs.Coley,
increase of 66%. throw a softball 150 feet and fitness," Bleier pointed corresponding secretary;
At what age do most students do the 600 yard run-walk in out. "The physically fit boy or Mrs. Verda Harrow, financial
achieve the award? two minute, two seconds. girl is healthier, stronger, a secretary; Mrs. Annie White,

In 1968, twelve-year old Girls must do a flexed better student, a better citi- treasurer; Jameson, parliamentarian t
arm zen. For this
girls ((943) won more awards bang for 19 seconds reasonrather ; Mrs. Pearlie
50 sit-
than the awards themselveswe -- Strange chaplain Mrs. Ollle
than girls of any other age; ups, the shuttle run in 10.5 ;
fourteen-year old boys (888) seconds the 50 are highly pleased with our M. Duhart, reporter; Mrs.
yard dash in
accomplishment. Odith Shaw '
and Mrs. Vertice )
Johnson chairmen ._ _, ;4t } i'k .
--------- -
program ; '-- '- '''-
G.W.CARVERSCHOOL Mrs. C. Adams, welfare and A brand new Dorsey Jr
I DORSEY DIARY High Teacher Corps goes into action
LISTS PERSONNEL committee chairman; this year I Mrs. C. McCartney,Team Leader stated that one of
Mrs. Codallah Hardy, hos- the principle at work
with her
is that is
group "learning
It's funny how you wait for ASSIGNMENT pitality committee
assistant chairman
principal for
; based on more that one environment." Members are (from
vacation to come in the spring istration; Mr. Ed Trauschke Mrs. Marietta Bullard, Mrs. left) Mr. W. Diffenderfer
time, and then toward the end Principal Isabelle S. Blue Edith Mr. M. Clark, Mrs.C. McCartney,
assistaint principal for curri- Washington, Mrs. Ruth Mrs. E. Cox (new Math teacher
of it wait for school to begin announnced teacher and staff ), Mr. J. Roderiguez, Mr. C.
you Johnson '
again! tills Is true of culum; three new math teach- assignments for the school'sfall budget and finance Welker, Mr. F. De Varona, andMr. M. Katz.
committee chairmen.All .
ers, Miss G. Bracy, Mrs. E. term.
teachers as well as students at
Cox, Mr. H. Usry; Mr.A.Day, officers were elected to
Dorsey. We have returned to science; Mr. J. Castellana, Headstart teachers: Mrs. serve for a period of three Hear on Radio
the Halls of Learning once music; Mr. T. Collins,history Alice P. Akins, Chairman; years. We ask all community
again. .and lots of new things ; and Mr. S. McWoodson, Miss Suzanne French. people Interested in the progress
have been added. We're going of and WAME 1260 ON DIAL
our boys girls to
physical Ed.
Mr. E. Clapp, First Grade teachers: Mrs.
to try to tell it like it Isl! formerly Phy. Ed., has Joinedthe Branhilda Moore, Grade meet with us in the school 9:4510:00 P. M.
catetorium .e a c h third Wed-
counseling Congra- Chairman Mrs. Yolanda
Mr. C. Allgood Admin-
nesday at 7 You are always
istrative staff and faculty ex- tulations to them all! land.Johnson; Miss Patricia Ape- welcome.p.m. Our first-

tended warm'greetings to Four Dorseyltes madeup, meeting for this school will ben will feel God's pre-
more than 1,100 students on the panel of WKAT's "Young Third Grade teachers, Mrs. Wednesday, Sept. 18, at 7.m. listen to
Tuesday, September 3. The Miami Speaks" last June 22. Annie ,M. Ivey, Grade Chair .p. sence as you
principal stated, "An exciting They were: James Seymour, man; Miss Leona Cooper, Mrs. C lor a M. Pearsall, I Pastor Baker the program.
program awaits our students (a R. C. Jordan, Wilfred McCall Mrs. Delores Calmer; Miss :principal.
this school term. inno-
Many Delores Russell.
and Marie Carr. James was
vative educational experiences Fourth' Grade teachers
invited back again on this :
are planned for the popular radio show and was Claudius B. Jones, Grade

regular school curriculum. selected as one of the mem- Chairman; Mrs. Rosa. ,J. For the BEST START
Among these are project REA, bers of W KA T' s "Youth :Hutchinson; Mrs. Barbara
Work Experience Program, Board." Congratulations to Pflster.
Teacher Corps, Little School them aliiSponsor!
Grade 7, Team Teaching Fifth Grade teachers:Wood-
Grades 7,8, and 9, and a year of the "Golden ward Vaught, Grade Chairman
long music lab program for Eagle," Mrs. M. Beneby, re- Mrs. Fannie Hall; Leonard
grade 7. Parents will the leased these names of students Freddie Saunders
Jones; ; d'A N+9G,,
opportunity to observe various who make up the 1968-69 Mrs. Alice Shipp; Mrs. Mary 't'" "i.'" .. : .
aspects of our program in action newspaper staff: Editors, ann Smith; Miss Claire F. ,
on dates planned especially Constance Smith and Octavia Whitehurst.

for this purpose.It is anticipated Edwards; fashions,Jacqueline
Hodge sports editors,Ronnie Special teachers Miss Mae
that the year will be rewarding ; : V.Y
to both faculty and Paramore and Larry Clark, Barrett, Art Consultant; Mr.s
student body." exchange editor, Barbara Wil- A let he a Butler, LanguageArt

liams. Consultant Mrs. Alethea ...
All seventh graders will be Arts (PLATS): Josua Dove,
going to a "school within a Last years "Golden Eagle" Visiting Teacher Counselor;

school" at Do r s e y. This is newspaper was well-known for Mrs. Vera Gallogly, Reading I
called the "little School" its high qua II t y Journalism. Teacher; MrsHortenseJoyce II I

The y have completely taken Congratulations to the new Librarian; Mrs. Mary -
over the "9th Grade Hall"and staff, and may the good news McCray, Language Arts w .a

most of their classes are con- be yours! (PLATS); Mrs. Virginia :

ducted the r e. The teacherswill .Qrmsby, Lan g u a ge Arts
be working together as a' (PLATS); Mrs. Emma Phil-
team in te aching themand :hour, Speech Therapists; Miss
more field trips and special :Linda Poach, Music Consultant It's JACKSON'S TODDLE INN
attention will be given to them. pines ; Emmanuel Fryar,

Stand Tall 1 Visiting Teacher; and Lonnie ,A. .-
Along with the new image [ Education.
Ross Physical
In ,
comes new teachers. We wel- NURSERY ,
t V
come the following to the Dor- ,I Mrs. Bernice Hunt Sec- I

sey team: Mrs. J. Hamberrv. retary; Mrs. Margaret Cruz, KINDERGARTEN II I

J Clerk Typist. I I
YOUR FURNITURE Ben Davenport,Head Custo- '
1 WITHOUT HIDING ITS BEAUTY dren; Miss Lafronia HIggs, I
CUSTOM MADE 1T\ Maid; Daniel Robinson,Custo-
J dian and Mrs.Ethelene Bishop
> PLASTIC u$ School Nurse. 3038 NORTHWEST 48th TERRACE

CAUOI Telephone: NE 4-4308

nus- 3 DAYS ONLY Visit us or call for details '
JllNlUIA" Jock l
SNIP M* Mrs. I. B. .on-Mo.l.y,

MTIIIHIAUMINIUI I ',11' YU.ATlI W*will!duo. \ Own.i-Jup.rvl sor \, (.1
limn CttMIOM SPECIALIZING CALL oil and idjust
Alt VINT(( .T 01 __
D my U 1flIniacfiine
EXCLUSIVELY SardIess or of lit 4 Registration Now Going OnI

House ol Gretchen conditionCALL

Call anytime 24 hour service 3/4-5082 685-2564 ...... -.... .

,_ _,_ . , - 'II't
.11 !


THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968
. '. ., .' 0 .,.. ,, .. . .. '.' . ,
P ,,

1 .. .'* ".-:..:;.. hi

1 :




GR. A. FLA. WHOLE ROAST LB. 89'tt i,



t ;a I uw 11 Iii

I \

-i_ CLEARANCE!! REG. 790

48 Ox.

14 TEA BAGS. ", ;" .l IaQCT.. 99 P,

fr.,,. ".
PURE LARD .2S4 LB. 49<:
it W/S5) FOREMOST:,INSTANT. .:}: "-
:,/ BREAKFAST 1 ENVE"L"P':. BOX 39+ :
SEALTES PARD CRUNCHERS 'f'.'-'''':' .(:'1(.,':." I


SUNFLOWER .! IJ, L '., z ". "
BATH TISSUE' \f4'i 1.1.1'P. '" 39 C:
OLEO 2 LB 29 .MARGAL ,',.<. .... ,Nf'';is 4//.t; :''",:'4.. ,

.NAPKINS .-.,: .. .''...;--' :;\....'..::.:A.:.;,.Y',::r.,i;.,"\;;....)<.'. .,.{'..!.::.""I'T'',. .;"', .'' <.JUw"v "
V LLIW "" 4....:'. '.:, '. t.Y:." .' .
'.. ..j1 ..
: CLEANER :j. <, 5.Z.. 39
,0' MIONS'' 3 LB. 19... NORTH: AMERICAN .' :'..,'.,.. .<,: .I':.':.'.,{:'('1'1':,,. .:t.,;. . '

.(/ YELLOW .'.. .. ....."r...( kt.:..J":: .... SOUPS.:'. !::1'" ...,,, .,,.. ,';::.. '!,.SNACK.SIxE,'w.;f' ,,9.. 10, (: ,
I .7..; .", '"' t. HOLSUM 'r.,,,. "J. ". ;. ,' r1t.r ,.., .ti .' .' .
) 'SQUASH' -.,':!s'. .'..J"LB',: 7 ; .; .'; :"I.'.: '..r', ... .: "".. .' '. . '
( l'. ''' ... . t : .. / .. :;: #. ;}< ;
'. : . .
':* .J- HONEY :,..j t:., '"", '. ", '.'-';. ;y.-I"'",:'r''J<,,,"'.' ;.LB. '29C.
{.t ": '. : :..'... 4''.."-. ..., HOlSim, OR STAIEY.PAHCAKEiSSYRUP ;,..-;'" ':' ..-.W'AF'f'L', ,..,.. Eo'd. , :: ,",.":\:I"\:.,.,' "
;7 '\ (/
.J.! J; GR' "A'P' ES' 04\f "f, 2 BS. 2',t . '" ( } f:".:"" ,5fn "''-"'} ". .. ' .I.
.; .. . ,
' I .- : ;
.. "" . p'r"TOWELS \ '' .
; :.-'/ ..-. ; ,' *. 24 02.i 39. .,
.l. .
; 0-1': : r t
\".'11.{ '( ",t'" ... '', .. ,
' .'A . ,. ,'t : ." '
1"F: ,.: ' VIKING 4.., I'.' ,.,-t"'i'36 ,-': .y.. If. "' \ "
.,. J CANT AIOUPES EACH 29t a Ia -9(:

1$1 TT

---- ---- -

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 37

of Ruth and Odd Fellows ConvenedThe _ H

38th BMC Conferenceof 3 p.m. grand parade and
competitive The
Grand Unite Order of drills 8 next BMC Conventionwill
the ; social be
held In
California In
Odd Fellows and Household of hour and floor show.
Tuesday 1970.
Anyone to become
desiring -
Ruth in America, was held at morning grand household
a member of the House-
Norfolk, Va. in August. breakfast; 9 a.m. Tuesday a hold of Ruth or the Odd Fellowsin DRESS SHOPS LOUNGES ACCOUNTANTSE.
the opportunitywas joint EARL'S ZEBRA LOUNGE
again session. Grand
Once Master America PATRICIA'S INC. 0. CU LME R
may contactDis- 4400 NW 7th Avenue
offered members of the William L. Wilson and Grand trict GMNG, Sister Edna Mappor J843 NW 17th Avenue Earl Edwards, Prop.SHADDIE'S Public Accountant
Family to bring to Worthy 696-3515
Fellow Superior
Odd Susie
F. District DGM Brother T. Income Tax Notary
the highlights of Jones TAVERN
your attention were presented the Boning for information. LORY'S FASHION SHOPS Phone 633.3735
6800 NW 15th Avenue
our 38th BiennealConference, gavel for the transaction of 6112 NW 7th Avenue Live Ent.rtoinmentWeekends 5264 N W 24th AvenueS.
held at the Golden Triangle business of this grand conven- Those attending this con- Martin W. Smith
Hotel in the beautiful city of tion. vention from Florida were: L. McNEAL
Edna Mapp, District GMNGof UPHOLSTERYAL'S Bookkeeping & Tax Service
Norfolk, Va.Memorial. Tuesday night the grand FUNERAL HOMES
services were household Fla.; R. M. Johnson, Dist. UPHOLSTERY 1730 NW.57th Street
celebrated its 110th RAHMINGS EVERGREEN 5509 NW 7th Avenue 69L2114w.
Street Baptist GRNG; L. R. Randall, End. MORTUARY
held at Queen Anniversary which was a 759.8907
beautiful very Sec. V Tr.; Sarrah A. Jones, 5253 NW 7th Avenue
Church. affair. On the Mez-
754-0681 or 7540682MANKERMILTON
All other activities of the zanine floor of the Golden Tri- Hilda Edden, Louise Rolle, REALTORS PeIIJIU
convention were held in the angle Hotel. Edith Bethel, Ethel Broochez. BROWN.REALTY FLORIST
Golden Triangle Hotel. Mon- M. Thompkins, is reporter. 6701 NW 15th Avenue 4740 NW 7th Avenue f1o.rd It"IuD"

day, 9 a.m. grand opening; 1- 691.9151 754.0655

Rtiponiible party to moke t CLEANING
payment of $9.00 or $68.20
There are still several
cash on a rate model. WILLIAMS' ON 4340 N.W. 7th Ave w.Mtemi .
openings for Kindergarten SINGER TOUCH & SEW Sewing Machine TAILORS & CLEANERS Auto Insurance Fiwid.
children in the afternoon ses- ZIGZAG included 1 Day Service Alterations :
sion at F.C. Martin,If you have Originally old for $182.40. Hoi automatic bobbin winder 4842 NW 27th Avenue I
Liability Physical
twin needle Monogram & designs. Call mgr. anytime. Phonei 634.9251 -
a child who will be 5 years old 685-1564 WE WILL GUARANTEEWE DamageSR
on or before Jan.1,1969,bring WILL DELIVER AUTO REPAIREDW. 22 Filing
him to the school and register BRYANT'SGARAGE
So One Refused
him. Afternoon classes are
held from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. GOOD DRIVERS
There is no fee for children AUTO INSURANCE 4382 NW 32nd Avenue Ho Finance Chargeas

attending the Kindergarten.This 635-4210 little as

is crovlded bv the Dade WINDOW REPAIRHENRY'S o. ...r
15% 40WN
County Board of Public WE WIRE FLOWERS
Instruction. U you need further SPECIALISTS Ste-21 filing! Install WINDOW SERVICE AT SHE LL'S CITY ANYWHERE
1 Repair Windows,
information call 238-3688 or Operators, Screen, Glass (South Door) $4 00 Minimum

238-3689. SERVICE FIRST Licensed 635-9869, Free Estimates PLAZA INSURANCE Cod :305


3497 NLW tH AVENUE PAINTING & Phone:754-4951
I s- DECORATINGFAYSON 5941 NW 7th Avenue

JIM LEVENSON, Own r Phon* 635.7507 & FERGUSON

Private Homes our SpecialtyFree
WE'VE MOVED!!! Estimates AUTO INSURANCEImmediate

Magic City & Harlem Cabs 371.5914 or 633.4765CONTRACT08S SR-22 Filing

Operating the Citgo Service Station Don't be fooled bylaw down payments for applications
NEW which do not give you insurance coverage.. We have
been In business for two generations and take prideIn
LOCATION servicing'our customers with honest explanationsand
honest answers. We Insure you with. companiesthat
Gener04 gVTVtractoc give you the lowest possible rates.
696-6400 2939 NW 48th .
Additions, Fla rmbedrm,bathREGISTER
THE BROWNSVI LLE DOWN- .. 2633 Nfl 62nd ST. OX 1-0350\



Jack's MEN'S WEAR "The Pants King"

lift *eJf) f>f DerHrufteh.y .
seel* ene"felling;)**!r. AsK lorittfyeuf I SEE 'MR. JACK" 6129 NW 7th Ave.

feverl.ffclbeeuty se.l npe l FOR

'", I y Onty i STYLES FOR ALL AGES 0s Pants Made to Measure,'- Any Style
l The Very Latest in Men's Fashions Sk ) q From: $19.95

AdarcwpLE : I SILK MOHAIR SUITS HATS Fast Service Perfect Fit Guaranteed

Temple : i ITALIAN SHOES 0 Thousands of Patterns for Your Approval

5ROKE& Tl? I




635-5283 or 693.4583

FREE ESTIMATES IN YOUR HOME CALL 696-9133 OR 635-3641 Hot lunches

":" (TF)

rLirrII 'I:' ; "Ui'bF3d' :";: i it 18 Years of Responsible
I I .
; ".. ,'."" Building The Community Service to -

When Buying or Building


o PL 1-3604
Beautiful Homes DISCOUNT
Built on Your t'
Lot or OursAttractive ,
A I.te I- 4 a
rat I an. and
us Demolish Installed' & C .
SW Your Worn OutHouse
and Build
: s /
a Lovely New
e e
Call Us for Facts About
Good Bank Financing
8 8

: :. Licensed Insured 2450 i 5thHousehold

Carpeting 888 N. E. 79th Street
We Carry Brand Name Miami, Florida S 1 I

-, .t " -- - . _. -
------ ---- -- ---- --- --- ---- -- -- ------

. ____ "" JoO< . :''ioI. ,
. __ ' .. q ,' . '

38 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday,September 13,1968

" -r ir-7-rri

: GRAND ir I L c1 IL' I

AII k17 14 nA
1100 W.54'hStreet, MIAMI

6209 W.27hAve.., MIAMI eI




: b 29
' : itlMlT.*FHYEBS Sfi fBAGHeuHh



1-LB 19c
:t blIAiAA1Ii1iid
I a


REQ.OR 23c

: .




121 r7:11 BEER

6 12-OZ.PACK BTLS.89c.: 4yq


; -: FLOUR 4TE At

t Sa4.M .' ? 549s _


Ia --... -r....... .._- ---.-..._----- --- ------

-" . '" "

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 39


[ CARDS MEMORIALS DEATHS t .,... John Houstin, of 223 SW 4th The family of the late

:; :. St., Homestead died August 29. ALBINA JOHNSON
A At'- Arrangements are incomplete -
Wishes to express our sin-
cere thanks and appreciation
CARD OF THANKSThe IN MEMORIAMIn The remains of Mrs. Mattie for the food, floral pieces

M. Duncan, of 2350 W 5th Way, cards and telegrams and the
loving memory of my family of the late sad but loving of
In memory Hialeah, were shipped to Eus- kindness that was shown dur-

mother, and my grandmother, MRS. MAMIE tis, Fla., Friday, Sept. 6. She ing our hour of bereavement

wishes to thank the MORGAN is survived by one grandson, Special thanks to Rev. J.

MRS. CORRINE A. and friends for all acts neighbors of kind- Limuel J. Walton; two great Cohen, Mothers of the church,

EDGECOMBE, nesses shown them In their grands, Joan and Leonard Choir and to Range Funeral
hour of sorrow. Walton, seven great great Home.

Special thanks SP/5 Stanley J. Kee of Mi- grands, one niece Mrs. Bur- Words cannot express the
who departed this life Sept.. 14, to the Houseof two nephews
gess, heartfelt thanks.
Albert and staff. ami and brother of Bessie Kee
1952. '
.' art of 5804 NW 12th Avenue was; The remains of Sid Mitchel,

Sweet memories; sustainedby Marshinell Williams t killed Saturday, August 31 In i of 10951 SW 224th St.,Goulds, The family

faith and the acceptance that daughter Viet Nam. were shipped toMUledgevUle,

she is just away, 'going about Mary L. Brown sister Funeral services will be i Ga., Friday,Sept. 6.He is sur-

her father's business'. Joseph Smith, father held Thursday,Sept. 12, In Arlington vived by his wife Ella; seven RICHARDSONJames
Essa Jones, aunt and family National Cemetery, sisters, two brothers.
Mrs. Roena Livingston, you.CARD. Washington, D. C. Services for (Jabbing) Jake Wallace of 1316 NW

daughter Other survivors include i Simmon of 2303 NW 72nd St., 62nd Ter, died Sept. 7. He is

Mrs. Edna E. Johnson, OF THANKSThe L11 nieces and nephews Miami, were held Saturday at survived by two daughters,

- granddaughter. the Chapel. He Is survived by Mrs. Edith Mass of Miami and

", family of his mother Mary Williams, Mrs. Virginia Gibson of Nassau

- BERNARD GERALD PRATT CARD OF THANKSThe stepfather, Willie L. Wil- Bahamas. Services were '

CARD OF THANKSThe CHARLIE WILKE LEWIS who departed this life Sept 2, liams, sister Corrine; three held Wednesday at Seven Day
will always remember with 1963. family of the late Mrs. brothers, David Theodore and Adventist Church.

family of the late deep gratitude, your comfort- We all love, you, but God Annie Bell Smith would like to Leroy Simmons.

Ing expression of sympathy loves you best. express their sincere appre- Services for Bertram Sandsof
ciation to their
many neigh- 7943 NW 14th Ct., Miami,
Dr. George Lewis Sr. Gerald Pratt, father bors and friends. were held Saturday in the BAIN'S

... George Lewis, Jr. and Edith Pratt, mother To Rev. & Mrs..E.Wright, chapel. He Is survived by his-
- FamilyIN Claudia Rev. & Mrs. Sample, Mr. &
sister wife
one son Bertram Alice Jackson, of 110 Frow
Mrs. Harcourt Wilson Mr. &
'It Triandos Pratt, brother Jr., one daughter Diana
. Avenue, Coral Gables died on
. Mrs. Frank Hartmore '
MEMORIAMIn Locan p. Pratt, sister Vaughn one sister Delores September 7, at Jackson
Greater New Bethlehem
and FamilyIN Higgs, one i grand, Nina Ray
remembrance of my late Baptist, Jordon Grove Mis- Memorial Hospital. Funeral

son sionary Baptist, Mount Olive, Vaughn services were held on Tues-

Antioch Baptist, Chattle Services for Mrs. Willie M. day at 4 p.m. from Bain's

6 MEMORIAMIn Grove Baptist, Trinity CME; Whitter, of 8801 SW 128th St., Chapel. Survivors are one son

.' loving ofMRS. The Pratt Prayer Band, Her- Miami we re held TuesdayatSt. David Johnson of California,

\ memory man Thomas Gospel Chorus, John Baptist Church.She is one sister Daisy Woodfork of

't. Employees of Do b kin Re- survived by a husband John, Coconunt Grove, one nephew

THERESETTA COHEN sidence, Mr. & Mrs. Willie five sons; John Jr., Zinmon, and other relatives.

Stallworth and many others; Thomas, Alfred and Ossie; two

wish to express sincere We are gratefully acknowledgeyour daughters, Rosetta Steans and Josh Harris, Jr. of 1304 NW

thanks to our many tends and kind and thoughtful expression Johnnie M.; three sisters 8th Court Florida City died

neighbors for their kindness of sympathy.} Elizabeth Carter, Ella M. Teal Sept. 8, at home.Funeral ser-

shown during our hour of sorrow and Mat tie L. Holland; one vices will be held on Friday at

for your prayers, visits, The FamilyIN daughter-in-law, four grands. 2 p.m. from Bain's Chapel,

cards, telegrams, and flow Services for Timothy Bos- Rev. E.J. Curry, officiating.

ers. Special thanks to Rev. ,, , tic, of 2071 Wilmington,Sr., Among his survivors are one
--------- -- - -
L, A. Thompson,andRichardson LONNIE J. RANDOLPH MEMORIAM Opa-locka, were held 1 p.m. daughter Pauline Mack, wife, ,.
Funeral Home and staff. Tuesday, Sept. 10, at First five grandchildren, one great-
who departed' from life- on Sep C ,Unloving memory of our dear Baptist Church.. His suiylv-?1 ,grandchild, three sisters and

The Family tember 12, "1965. f mother ed b y a wife Pauline,four sons other relatives.

.' It seems as If It was only =- "r"----1: Timothy Jr., Gregory Stacy

yesterday that you were here and Tyrone Bostic;two daugh- Robert Lee Hobbs, of 14620

with us laughing, talking and ters, Linda and Rosanna; one Tyler Street, Richmond
spreading Joy' whereever you ORELIA SEYMOURwho sister Gertrude Lee, one bro- Heights resident for 18
trod. Although have left ther William.: died on September 10
you years, ,
loving memory of m> departed this life Sept,12, w4fn ....
-- -
at home Is
dearly this mortal world your spirit Mr.Hobbs survivedby
departed 1967.
still lingers on In the hearts of M: )f'f'I f fh I i his wife Arilla, two sons,
all who knew and loved you. "Death be not proud though Ronald Eugene and Charles

who departed this life Sept. 12, May your soul rest In eternal some have called thee mighty l I Edward. ThreedaughtersLennie

1964. peace. and dreadful for thou art not Anderson, Mrs.

I have spent many hours remembering so. Those whom thou think thou ,f6Services and Mrs. Leonra Cambridge,
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest HadleySr. and Leila Yvonne. 11 grand-
that devouest
sad day, and die not poor death. ,
the days that followed which and four brothers n !?, lot" ,, children, two brothers,Josephand

have left a gap that cannot be Flora Randolph, wife and Chilion Seymour, husband /- (, Clinton, neices and
filled In five children. and the Family ; nephews. Funeral services
my life. HIGGS ;'i'
He is i will be held on Saturday at 1
gone,but not forgotten.Mrs. .
CARD OF THANKSThe p.m. from'' Bethel Baptist
Annie Mae Smith wife DEATH NOTICE who departed this life Sept.19 65 Church, Rev. O.W. West

family of the late a a -' We have spent manyhoursre- officiating
( that sad day and --
WILLIE C. THOMAS membering ,
CARD OF THANKSThe takes this method to thank the days that followed which for Joseph Grant Funeral services 10 rTheo-,
Ji h a v e left a gap that cannotbe Williams of 2300 NW 73rd Ter. Phllus McKenzie were held on
their friendsandnefghborsforcards
family of
the late will be held 3
Is Saturday
letters of condolence filled In our lives. She p.m. Saturday at St. James Baptist
In the chapel at 6942 NW 15th
JOHNNY JAMES AUSTIN flowers and kind thoughts dur- gone, but not forgotten. Church, Rev. S. Johnson, of-
Ave. He is survived by one son
wishes to express sincere ana ing our hours of bereavement. ficiated. Among his survivorsare
Joseph Jr. and
heartfelt to Daughters; daughter, two sisters including Mrs.
gratitude for the Our sincere thanks Mrs.
Catherine Bain Jane Jones Vicky, one sister Francine
many deeds of considerationof Pear line Richardson, Mrs. Ellen Ramsey, of Coconut
Mobley one brother Arthur
Johnnie Mae Leverity, ;
kindness rendered this Rolle Christine Grove.
to Edna Mrs.
bereaved Goldie Mullins and Juanita nephews, three nieces.
family.We Mims, Mrs. Louise Rommer, Williams Funeral services for Mar-
the Atlantic Foundation, also Services for Bush
Joseph J.
cannot name each of you .fCleveland Sons; garet Hammock of 3360 N.W.
individually but In time we will the House _of Albert and staff John and David Leverity of 4827 NW 25th Ave., were 53rd. Street, were held on

find a way to let you know our' for service rendered. held Wednesday in the chapel.He Saturday at 4:30 at St. Mary'sBaptist :
appreciation. May God's riches blessing is survived by a wife, Irene Church In Coconut
Special rest upon all. Johnson one nephew Daniel Martin one
thanks to the Houseof Grove. Surviving are nine

Albert and wonderful staff Deacon Cleveland Johnson, FRANCISMrs. cousin Margaret Cudgo. daughters, three sons, and a

members. Mrs. Mildred Fabian Hills, jr., a former Miamian who Services for Mrs. Rose Al- host of grandchildren,. and

May God's grace be ever sister lived In New York City died LlzzleBennett of 110 ston, of 1560 NW 68th Ter., other relatives.
yours. Mrs. Eva Dell Thomas NW 7th St., died Sept. 7. Ser-
August 19,1968.While will be held Th ursday at
Scales, sister vices will be held Saturday,at
Greater Bethel AME Church.
Most Mr. James Thomas, Jr. Mt. Zion Baptist Church Re- flNEST
gratefully in Miami, he was a She is survived by three c
Foster mother, Mrs.Gladys brother. member of Mt. Tabor Baptist mains will repose In the chapel daughters, Francis Harris,

Thomas, aunts and others. Church and married Hazel 1 p.m. Friday until funeral Julia Taylor and Ruth Hy- PRINTING

MEMORIAM Jenkins also of this city. time Saturday, 3 p.m. Survivors smith, two sons, Jessie Kelly
include one daughter SERVICE
THERE'S and Manuel; two sisters,

to loving memory of our beloved In New York, Deacon John Mrs. Flossie Kemp; two bro-. Louise White and Dinah Smith,

PROOF YOU'LL was affiliated with the Upper thers Governor and Lee Anderson 18 grands, 36 great grands and HERE'S PROOF YOU'LL

LIKE Park Avenue' Baptist Church ; four grandchildren: ;, ten great great grands.
OUR PRINTING MILDRED ALLEN where be was buried on Au- four great grandchildren.Mrs. LIKE OUR PRINTING
Adrian L. Colston (two
who departed this life August gust 23rd.
Clara Culpepper of 420 months old) of 2050 NW 65th
Quality Job Budget Price .
; Price
Quality lib Budget )
31,1962. Surviving Deacon Johnson NW 10th St., Apt. 1 died Sept. Ct, #6 died Sept.9.She is sur- ; 1t
We loved but God loved
Ind. our you, are a wife,. Hazel; two child 8 at her home. Services will vived by her parents grandparents '
customers cent back* soul rest
you best, may your wtiturs cell back!
ren; Mother and father,Cleve- be held Saturday, 1 p.m. at St. Betty J. and Melvin and our

MiaMI Times la peace. land and Christine Johnson of James Baptist Church.Re- Reid; one aunt,. four uncles; Mlalll Times

5929 NW 32nd Avenue Miami; mains will repose in the"chapel one great grandfather and a
Mrs.. Syble A. Butler, aunt and seven bro beginning 12,noon Friday until
Call!! three sisters greatgreatgrandrnother.Arrangements -
OX 10421 ".4...Mrs.,Joyce Matthews, thers. funeral time Saturday. are incomplete. Call OX 10421
Mrs Susan Williams

r '" ., -- .. .. ..
--- -- ----- --- --- -- - -- -----

40 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968

BETHEL BAPTIST Sunday at 3:30 p.m. the No. ..
1 Choir will observe their an-
Rev. W.K. Smith, pastor
niversary Program, all are
Alice S. Irving, reporterYou invited.

invited to a tea at
are The Fourth Sunday, The
the home of Sister Vivian Missionary Society will
Rigsby, 1795 All Baba Avenue, observe their anniversary
r on the fourth Sunday in Sept. program.

from 4-6 p.m. Fifth Sunday, The Women's

You are also invited to a tea Day Annual Tea.Welcome ."

at the home of Sister Beatrice back Deacon

Williams, 1810 Rutland Street, George Hepburn, and Sister
Saturday, Sept. 14th at 8:00: pm Florence Hepburn from the
&n 1t In CUljurrlj!I htt agNEW Sister Dorothy Davis will be National Baptist Convention,

the guest speaker. Deacon which convene in Atlanta Ga.
I f s # John Alken, sponsor. Don't forget to pray for all
PROVIDENCE ST. MARY'S' 'the sick and shut-ins.
Choir No. Two invites you

Rev. C. J. Burney pastor Rev. H. V. Stuart, pastor ......._,, _... z _" ___' . _. ",. -, - - '. to their anniversarybeginn1ng
Arsula Edwards, reporter A. E. Bethel, reporter HERMANTHOMAS GOSPAL Thursday night, September 12 GREATERNEW
Choir No. One will begin Sunday is Tithes Day. All CHORUS and ending Sunday, Sept. 15th BETHELRev.
celebrating their Eighth An- members know our duties for at 3:00: p.m. Bro. Ray of Radio
this day. Joint choirs will sing will be WAME will be the C.H.Smith, pastor
niversary Friday, Sept. 13, at There will be a Tea, at the wood. Guest speaker
all day Usher Board No. 1 will Anderson narrator. A wonderful program Minnie Hunder, reporterWe
7:30 p.m. And Sunday at 3 p.m. home of Bro. Herman Thomas Brother Leroy ,
You are Invited tocomeand serve during 11 a.m. service 1370 NW 86th St.,Sunday from other invited guests will be the has been planned for are always happy tohave
help make this a successful and Usher Board No. 2 at the 4 to 6 p.m., sponsored by the utility Voices and many you enjoyment. your presence among us. Feel
occasion. 6 p.m. service. Herman Thomas Gospel others. The public is invited. The Young Women and free to make our church your
The Hospitality Club is pre Let us not forget the Raffle Chorus. Special guests will be Brother Herman Thomas, Young Matrons Auxiliaries choice to worship.On .
United States RegionalTea sponsored by the Wome 'sDay Choir No. 2 of Greater St.luke president, Rev. Douglas Cook
senting a 14 are in charge of the Suuday the Third Sunday at 3:00
in Fashions. Plan to attend committee Saturday, Sept. P.B. Church of West Holly- pastor. School Class Sunday.Let .
p.m. our congregation will
at 6 p.m. in the church Social
celebrate this
and help us to for conclude
Hall. Dinner will be sold all us pray Men's Day at the
outstanding occasion. orders ST. LUKE DRAKEThe everyone. church of Rev. Carter's.On .
Sunday, Sept. 22. Bonded day at the church for
Rentals Recreation Center, call 7581601. 163 NW 59th Street officers and members the Fourth Sunday at 3.00:

4150 NW 7th Ave., at 4 p.m. Women's Day willbeheld Rev. Luther Lee, pastor thank Brother Whitehead for FIRST EMANUEL p.m. there beafellowship
Bible Class and prayer ser Sunday, Sept. 22. Our speaker Shirley Whack reporter the message delivered last Sun. program for the general
vice each Tuesday at 7:30: p.m. will be Mrs. Walton Y. Robin- Revival meeting begin Sun- day morning. Our thanks to Rev J. E. Wright,pastor church,to conclude our Rally.
you are invited. son. Our guest choir will be day night, Sept. 15. Rev. B. the evening speaker Brother You are Invited to worship Each auxiliary is requested to
The pastor and congregation from New Bethel Baptist Davis is the speaker from Key Faniel who gave us food from with us each Sunday at the invite guest.
will worship with Friendship Church. Everyone is invited to West, Florida. the tree of life. May God bless YMCA, 5770 NW 15th Ave.
Baptist Church, Monday, September spend the day with us. We thank the ChrlstianGospel them for making our servicesa This Sunday at 3 p.m. the BAHA'I'SMr.
16. Rev. J. E. Jenkins Let us pray for all our sick singers for rendering a spiritual feast. pastor and members of

pastor Everyone I s Invited. and shut-ins both at home and wonderful program ,Sunday The women are making Friendship Baptist Church Richard Mellman, His-
Continue in prayer for our in the hospital.The night, and Rev. Hardie for plans for the third women's will be here to install our pas tory major J at Parsons Col-
sick, shut-ins and those who Sundav School will hold making it a success. day. Members of our planningand tor. You are invited to share lege, Fairfield, Iowa, will be
ar e bereaved. its promotion exercises Sun We wish to acknwledge the program committee are: with us a glorious time. the guest speaker ata Pot Luck
day, at 9:30 a.m.CHRISTIAN presence of our visitors Mr. Sisters Dunn, chairman, Effie supper, sponsored by the
and Mrs. Vergin from Jamaica Williams, co-chairman; E. There will be a Musical pro- Miami Baha'i Community, and

MT. SINAI SCIENCE ; ,Mrs.Stokes fromAllen Bacon, B. Mackey, J. Mizell, gram, Sunday at 8 p.m., featuring to be held 6 p.m.,Sunday,September -
Chapel and the Cunningham and W. Neal. All captains and the Wright Singers of 15, at the James E.
Rev. Cleo Albury, pastor If the scholastic and social children co-captains are asked to try Miami. Scott Community Association
B. Boney, reporter challenges o f a new school Please pray for the sick and and reach your goal by the sec- We are always praying for Building, 4901 NW 7th Avenue.
Sunday morning speaker is year seem difficult, parents shut-ins. ond Sunday in November. our sick and shut-ins.
expected to be Rev. Ralph and students may find the solution Don't forget to visit and pray This meeting Is being held in

Ross, assistant pastor, Mt. in a more spirituals GREATER NEWBETHLEHEM for the sick and shut-ins. MT.CALVARY observation of World Peace
Zion Baptist. ens e of purpose. Finding Day, which is sponsored year
j ua- Th3 Fellowship Club will one's identity as child of God CORINTH Rev. S.Atchison,pastor ly by the National Spiritual Assembly .j
meet,Friday at 7:30 p.m.in the removes limitation and fear of Let us not forget our Women's Phyllis Beal, reporter of the Baha'ls of the
annex. failure. Listen Sunday, Sept. Day will be observed tHe The members wish to thank United States. It will be observed -
Promotion Day will be observed 15 to "Helping Students Meet Second Sunday in October.Sis- Rev. Stephens for carrying on in 2,000 localities in
the fourth Sunday, Challenges at School," over ter Margaret Finder,'general in the absence of our minister. the United States.
which is also National Sunday the "Bible Speaks to You" chairman; Sister Louise Jack Again thanks.
School Day. program at 1:45 p.m. WMBM. son, cochairman.The The BTU needs the supportof
The grandfather of Sister Congregations in Christian Missionary Society will k d the adults. We are gettingoff MT. TABORRev.
Essie Drayton passed in Fitz- Science churches throughoutthe observe their anniversary on a good start. Come out James Hendon, pastor
gerald, Ga. She will remain world will hear a LessonS Friday night at 8 p.m.They are and take apart in our program. Wilhelmina Sands, reporterThe
there until the third e r mon this Sunday titled
the and Miss
asking support coop- Please for the sick and Jr. Usher Board,
The Pastor's Aid Club will "Substance." All are welcome
eration of the entire church. shut-ins. Mr. Willie Martinisstill Bessie Rudolph,president will
hold its regular meeting,Sept. to attend. Its Golden Text is Sis. Alberta Williams, ill in Jackson Hospital. celebrate their anniversary
17, at 8 p.m. All members are from John: "Labour not for
president. Our church mother is still ill Sunday, Sept. 22, at 3 p.m. at
asked to be present.Let the meat which perisheth, but There will be a Dinner Sale at home. Much is needed the church, 1701 NW 67th St.
us continue to visit and for that meat which endureth at the church all day Saturday. prayer The public is cordially invitedto
pray for our sick and shut-ins, unto everlasting life,which the You may call 633-7340 for de- attend ,this affair.
also our bereaved families. Son of man shall give unto liveries. .
you." Rev. Anderson will render Rev. M. L. Paschal. pastor NEW MT. MORIAH Mr. Edward Duffy,president -
services The Pastor's Aid Union will and members of the Sr.
JORDAN GROVERev. Wednesday night,
BROWNSVILLE Sept. 15, sponsored by Usher convene at the Mt.Oliver Baptist Rev. A. L. Shipp, pastor Choir extend their sincere appreciation

Douglas Cook, pastor Board No. 1, in behalf of wo- Church, Sunday at 3 p.m. Evelyn Souter, reporterThe to the many friends
Eddie Gilbert, reporterThe BAPTIST men's day. Deacon W. L. 1622 NW 69th Ter. Rev. Nix- Home Mission Society and members of the church

Willing Workers will 2775 NW 60th Street Lightbourn, president.May on, pastor. will have a tea, Sunday at the who helped to make this tea a
sponsor a Fish Fry and other Rev. F. L.Johnson,pastor the grace of our Lord Rev. M. L. Pascahl and the church from 4 to 6 p.m. The success. Amount raised to
variety's of good taste Saturday Elizabeth Wright, reporter continue to reign upon our sick Corinth Baptist Church wllbe public is Invited. date $369.00.

night at the church. They There will be a sale at the and shut-ins. in charge of service. You are The No. 3 Choir will cele- Please call the church, 691-
are asking each and everyoneto home of Sister Alice Newton invited. brate their anniversary,Sept.
8732 to order dinners on
There will be a dinner sale your
patronize them. Sister Ada Saturday, 2865 NW 65th St. 20, and 22nd.Remember.
14 at the homeof Saturday.
Manuel president. This is in behalf of Saturday, Sept. the sick shut-
Men's Day, ST. PAUL AME Dr. and Sis.Ector 2175 NW Pray for the sick and shut-
Baptism will be held this Sunday, Sept. 22. The chair- ins, bereaved families and. ins.
call 696-4195
Sunday night, all candidatesare man is asking that all mem- Rev. T. C. Kelley, pastor 69th Ter. Please those in the armed servicesin
asked please be present. bers begin reporting your assessments Mary Amos, reporter for delivery. your prayers. please pray
On Monday night after the to your captain. Usher Board No. 2 invites Sister W. Deliford, chairman for world peace. Visitors are ZION HOPE
1" third Sunday there will be The Pastor's Aid Club will each and everyone to come out t Sister Whiley,cochairman always welcome.
preaching at the church in behalf meet Friday night at 8 p.m.at and hear Rev.Arthur Ford Sis. Carolyn Ector, reporter 5129 NW 17th Avenue

of the Home Mission,they the home of Sister Vinnie Hen- from West Hollywood, Sunday GRACE Rev. Paul Freeman, pastor
are asking the cooperationof derson, 2411 NW 58th St. All September 15, at the evening FIRST BAPTISTRev. Bessie Williams,reporter
the church Sister Eva Mae members are asked to pleasebe services, this program will PRESBYTERIAN There won't be any rehear-
Hope, president. present. take the place of their anni- W. M. Davis, pastor Rev. W. F. Savoy, pastor sal for the Jr.'s Saturday be-
Prayer meetint every Tues- Sister Ruby Williams is stilla versary.All Donella Turner, reporter The Educational Fund Com- for the fourth Sunday becauseof
day 7:30: p.m. patient at Mt. Sinai Hospital persons who are inter- Thursday night, Rev. W.C. mittee is sponsoring a "Backto Women's Day. All Jr.'sare
ested in our Jr. Women's Day School Fashion Show to beheld asked this Satur-
Room 407. You may visit or Ivory will, preach for the to be present
call her between the hours of please meet with Mrs. Amos, Deaconess Board, We're at Grace this Sunday at day at 5:30.Baptism.
MATTHEWS after Sunday School in the annex 5 We thank this committee
ST. 11 p.m. -
a.m. 8 p.m. Don't forgetto Hoping to see our friends and Sunday at7:30a.m.
say a prayer for her along Sunday. members in this service. especially those who have AU candidates are asked lobe
Rev. A. Randall,pastor Plan now to have dinner with shown the leadership of get-
with the other sick and shut- young Matrons are askedto present and bring a change of
Annie Vassar, reporter Stewardess Board No. 1, Sun- ting this group started. Mrs.
be at their regular meeting clothing. Sister Vera Johnson
On the third Sunday of this day, they are preparing a won Friday Roena Livingston, Mrs.
night at 7:40 P.M. will sell breakfast during bap-
." month the Usher Board No. 2 derful meal for you. Business of importanceThe Louise Edwards, and Mrs. tism.
ST. JOHN The Auxiliary Board will
Anniver Gwendolyn Clarke.
will observe their Sister Veola Williams and
celebrate their Missionary will
anniversary on Society
sary. Rev. Ward and congregation Aid of St. be selling dinners The the general church are spon-
The BTU Society the fifth Sunday at 4 p.m. All Saturday at following SundaySchool
"> .. will start the pre-anni- John Baptist Church, 1328 NW boards, clubs, members and the church, please stop by and Teachers will attend a Chris- soring a musical extravaganza
... versary services this Friday 3rd Ave., Miami is presenting friends are asked to give your help support this activity. tian"education seminar on Miami Sunday, Sept. 15, at 3 p.m.The

night. Brother and Sister Pugh Gos- full cooperation.Let There will be a Tea from 4- Beach Sunday: Elder J.D. public is invited to come out.

There will be a Singing Con pel singers, Tuesdaysept.17, us pray for our sick and 6 P.M. at the church, spon- Faniel, superintendent; Mrs. Don't forget the sick, shut-
test between TOT own Choir No. at 8 p.m. shut-ins that they w11lgrow. sored by Sis. Davis and Sin Margaret Walker, Mrs. Bar- in, members of bereaved
2 and Antic th M.B. Church. Sister Gladys Thurston, stronger with each passing day Chatman, In behalf of the Deaconess bara Savoy, Willie Whytehead, families and the boys in the
Don't forget to pray for the president Rev.ThedfordJobn- and will,soon be able to attend Board. The public is and Mr. and Mrs. Herschel armed services in your pray-
' + sick and bereaved families. son, pastor. church with us. invited. Peterson. ers.

L.V :
! _
-, ".-, V "
-- -- -

"- . 't' ...... : s ,
-- ------- -"

THE. MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 41The

wnwp r
w MAY.m YM.n.w w a 1Wp} awi
; M* Yy", ,r P I iu t P.rsx MM.r A'MeYJ/I./ i M 1 AMM111l

\ ,



1s r AFR fiF wnw vr.w k r>F' >;'Iw I t x w.. 0,. xa.,. r
; *
i __.__ _. ._ % ... .
om - ---- --- - -- -- -----

FAMU Rattlers (First Row) Robert Hills,West Palm (Second Row) Leroy Char It on, Miami; Harry Passmore, (Third Row) Richard Evans, Atlanta, Ga.; Roy Howard, Mi-

Beach; Marvin Moore, Washington, D.C.;Charles Henderson, Miami; Ted Lyons Miami; Willy Miller,Savannah,Ga.;Roger ami; Charles Stockton, Miami; Marvin Wilder,Newark,N.J.;
Ft. Pierce; Carlmon Jones, Tallahassee; Henry Scott, Mel- Finnle, Miami; Raymond Wilcox, Miami; Otis Collier Miami; Holley Jones, St. Petersburg; Johnny Davis Lake Wales;
bourne; Hubert Ginn, Savannah, Ga.; Kent Schoolfleld,Columbia Gerald White, Tampa; Robert Lampkin, St Albans NY; Charles Goodwin Ft.Lauderdale; Walter Spencer Bradenton;

Ohio; Jimmy McCaskill, Tallahassee; Arthur Pla, Miami; Alonzo Gilbert, Miami; Ken Riley, Bartow; Alfred Dixon Al- Tony Ash, Tallahassee; Nathaniel Wayne, Savannah, Ga.;
Horace Times, Miami; Steven Scruggs, St.Petersburg; Leroy achua; Walter Spicer, Savannah Ga.; Charles Sasser White Frederick Fields Lake Wales Melvin Roger, St. Petersburg; .

Jackson, Tallahassee; Dewitt Anderson, Gainesville; Benny Plains, N.Y.; Joseph Pinckney, Miami; Glen Edwards St. Marvin Woodard, Miami; Clifton Flowers Savannah,Ga.;John
Johnson, Hallandale and Alfred Sykes, Tallahassee. Petersburg and Horace Lovett, Savannah, Ga. Champion, Gary, Ind.; Othello Renfro, Atlanta Ga.; Jerome
Ford, Tallahassee; Leo Harrison, Columbus, Ga. and John
Harper Long Island N. Y.Spearing .

regular monthly meet- McClairen Cuts

ing for the Laymen of the North I with........i
Miami District will meet this
Sunday Sept. 15, 3 p.m. at St. B-CC SquardBethune :

james AME Church,Rev S.L.
I All members Cookman College
Gay, pastor. Headcoach Jake McClairen
please be present. nine football players from a

Willie Scott president group of 75 prospects earlier

this week as he began trim-
ST. JAMESRev. ming the squad to the regular BY HARRY SPEAR

40 man roster. BY LEO .
S. L. Gay pastor
Joseph Marshall, reporterMrs. Coach McClairen Indicated DOLPHINS OFFICIAL OPENINGIt's

Classie Porter and that cuts would be larger VACATION almost post timet The Miami Dolphins begin their cham-
September-ites would like to and more frequent in the next pionship American Football League schedule Saturday night,
thank you for your support Sunday ten days. He praised his vet- The report Sept. 14, entertaining the Houston Oilers in the Orange Bowl.
at their Dinner Sale.Com- eran football players as a ing or leaving Kickoff Is set for 8:00 p.m., E.D.T.
ing Saturday night Sale party group who came to camp in and a dream of Houston will be the first of three successive opponents to be

will be at the home of Mr.and high spirits and ready to play departure.Our far-. met on Saturday night at home. Oakland plays here, Saturday

Mrs. Porter 7100 NW19Ave.We the game hard. He said their and night, Sept. 21, and Kansas City Saturday night, Sept. 28.
need your support. condition prove that the ma- capital and This means the Dolphins are meeting Just about the very
Mrs. G. Nathan and Ste- jority had trained on their own rendered best at the start of the regular schedule.Houston won the Eas-
wardess Board No. 3 will have before reporting to camp. of Imagination. tern Division title last year. OaklandwastheAFL champ, and .
their Anniversary, Sunday at The prime to Kansas City was the title-holder two seasons ago, and last "
3-.30 p.m. Please make this a Jack has concentrated on be on hand for : year the Chiefs were runners-up to Oakland In the Western
must to be present.To developing his ends and flank- tournament; Division.
the sick and shut-ins God ers. As of now, he is without of our trip;we : the The Dolphins had a creditable pre-season record winningtwo

wants to be your partner. starters in these positions, hundreds of losing two, and victories In three starts against NFL opposition -
however he Is working deli- every section They opened with a tie against Buffalo, 28-28, beat
NEW MT. CALARY gently everyday with about 12 that many, than the Philadelphia Eagles, 23-7, and then lost to Boston, 1917.A .
Rev. potential receivers. McClairen we do, but we second defeat was administered by the Baltimore Colts
W. P. Tarpley,pastor
Ernestine Hart, reporterThe said, "all of them are fun.To 22-13, and in the finale the Atlanta Falcons were topped, 19-
for the slots further 13.
working hard top
No.3 Choir is
sponsoring -
their Anniversary Sept. and are making my Job a little tition in Houston had a very fine pre-season record.The Oilers gained -
15 at 3 easier." Veteran end, Elijah fortunate to successive victories over the Washington Redskins,9-3;
p.m, you are
There will be a musical Richardson and SylvesterDavis Director who to New York Jets, 28-14; New Orleans Saints,24-23,and Buffalo
program a converred defensive how we can 37-7 before losing to the Dallas Cowboys, 33-19 and Kansas
Sept. 22, featuring the
Calvary Travels. back, seem to have the edge ,. City 26-21.
Choir No. 3 is sponsoring a 'performance wise.: The 6' 3' : oJ' Rev. S. A. Cousin, Dist.,Supt., AME Church,offered prayer
)! before the starting of Saturdays football game between the Mi-
program Sept. 29.
Moultrie Ga.) am I Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons.
Home Mission meet the sec- Richardson ( : <.:
ond and third Sunday of each has been a dependable second Febrary.'T:1
month. stringer for two years. Mc- ya a

Let us pray for the sickand Clairen said he has good hands NAPIER JOINS TAMPA U. CAGERS
shut-ins. and can catch the long ball

Sylvester Davis (Pompano John Napier, former Miami-Dade North Falcon basketballstar
ANTIOCH Beach), at 6' 2-,has the height has signed agrant-1n-aldathletlcschoarshiptothe Uni-

Rev. p. w. Wiggins, pastor and necessary speed, he was versity of Tampa
The resident of Mr. and an outstanding receiver in high In addition to leading the Falcons in scoring last season (19.5

Mrs. James Adams, 2462 NW school. The Wildcats will con- pts. per game) the 6'3 forward was top man in field goals with
56th tinue Its twice a day drills
St. will be the scene of 277."About
the annual Bluellght Tea, through September 13. a month ago Coach Danna Kirk asked me to look over

sponsored by Usher Board No. Cookman Collegewill the university and consider playing ball there," says Napier
on Saturday Sept. 14, at 7 Bethune first regular sea- proud father of a new 8 1/2 lb. boy, John Jr. "liked what I
P.m. Mrs. Annie Ruth Young, play Welch Stadium Saturday MIamians on saw and decided that's the place for me."
an active member of Antioch, son game at 28. Bondu, Jimmy The transition from Junior college athletics to four year

yUl be the guest speaker. Mr. September son.While competition is often a difficult one. John, however,is sure he
in '
make it
Adams is the president.The can .
tract to put- "I figure I can play along with the big boys," he says. I've
34th Anniversary observance ting the been practicing with some pretty good guys all summer."
of Usher Board No. MATTHEW TEMPLE Corps officers The "big boys" Napier speaks of will be coming from major

at 1 will 3 be held Sunday, Sept.15 Rev. L. H. McGill,pastor After Colleges such as Florida, Tennessee Miami, and Georgia
p.m.Rev. and at
W. E.Sims,pastor sus Tech.
Mattie Rouse,
of New Hope will deliver the door for us "Once I get to Tampa Fll begin working on becoming a

the anniversary sermon. nate the most guard," he says. "I feel I have the talent. The main thing now
under new
The contest among the ush- are Is learning to 'think' basketball."
ers, Mr. J. Hill, Mr. L. Floydand at 5631 NW 31st Avenue church, we Besides being chosen to the secondstringAll-Americabas- "-
to make our
Mr. D. Mason will also invite church you of worship.A ketball team last season, Napier won starting berths on four
terminate Sunday afternoon. your separate Florida and Regional All-State and All-Tounament

Mr. Jessie Hill is the presi- men's day program will $ teams. In addition he was picked as Most Valuable Player in
dent.A be held Sunday at 3 p.m. state tournament competition.
cordial Invitation
ex- -
tended He got only
to everyone. I to ment-but sleepthe FLORIDANS SET CAGE DEBUt

NEW BETHEL AME'Rev. victory In the Coach Jim Pollard of the Miami FLORIDIANS pro basketball,

team announced Saturday that the area's newest team will make .
Leroy Holmes pastor PEW RALLY ATMT.OLLIVETTE nis .., ". I
Beatrice will be worth its local debut on Saturday night October 5th at 8:00 p.m. in
Mencey reporter
Friday 000 to him in a pre-season intra-squad exhibition In the Miami Beach Audi-
night, Sept. 6, beganour torium.
last quarterly conference you are Invited to attend a That's the
for the sponsored by the pected to be The game will be played under the auspieces of the Miami
year.Our Pre sid In g pew Rally,
Elder, Rev. S. A. Cousin had BTU committee of Mt.Olivette for a pro who Beach Police Athletic League All proceeds for the game go
his business report Friday Baptist Church 1450 NW 1st finishes his and to the PAL youth program,according to Bernie Milstein coor-
22. in dinator of activities for the entire Dade
night. All boards were 100%. Ct., 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. In the Army County are .


.- n ." . <
-- :

42 THE MIAMI TIMES Friday. September 13, 1968

The Black I NEW CLOSE IN -


Origins of The Slave

Large park and playground nearby. The following homes now being completed:
Tile orgins of the slaves brought Infromthe
"Dark Con-
1 bath enclosed
3 bedroom, garage
tinent" are uncertain during the period of the early 1500's. HERE'S PROOF YOU'LL 2 bath enclosed
3 bedroom, garage
From colonial times to the present, such terms as
"Nago", LIKE OUR PRINTING 4 bedroom, 2 bath, enclosed garage
"Angola" and
"Mozanbique" have
been used to try and dif
ferentiate between many areas of Africa where the Negroes These homes are situated on large wooded lots, all with low FHA payments.

have decended from. Quality Job; Budget Price OPEN DAILY FOR YOUR INSPECTION AT:

The "masters" of the slaves gave little thought to the organ No Job W. 128th STREET
of the slaves Too Large or Small 8191 S.
being primarily Interested In the
condition -
Three blocks west of South Dixie Highway
of the slave and the amount of work that he was able to Deadlines Met on Time !
do. The black men were all grouped together with no recogni- PHONES: 238-8231 OR 238-3675

tion of the lines of differences which seperated one tribe or Miami Times .
people from another. "
: : : .
According to two renowned naturalists, Spix and Martuis, Call OX ggm g "BHHBHMMUMMBMBI HMBMMOTMHHl M MMMH- W OJ BMMMII
the countless number of slaves Introduced into
Brazil's habitats I King Realty Inc. of Miami
at this time belonged to the Bantu race. These would include ,

the Congos, cabindas, and Angolas of south and west '.Klng Size Buy'REALTORS 8000 NW 7th
Africa, and the Macuas and Angicos from the east coast. When DADE COUNTY' Ave.
the slaves traffic increased and more active interaction began !IS OUR. -
with Bahia, slaves were being imported from areas other

than those already mentioned. These slaves differed In many BROKER CALL

respects in their physical, mental, and social make-up. 6932831cosfe'
." Other accounts from researchers in this field say that
three great peoples migrated Into Brazil from Africa. The OPEN 7 DAYS'WILL

first group were the Dahoman and the Yoruba Negroes. This

race of slaves were tall, robust, and courageous, main-
taining their self control more efficiently that the other groups. / '
They appeared to be more literate that the other groups and
Corner CBS on large lot. Tile roof, awnings,
were looked upon as being the best slaws on the Brazilian I
mar k e t. Many of this group were preferred for service In open front porch, wall heat, stove, refrigerator.FHA .
domestic capacities by their "masters". bargain at $11,500, $350 down and $76.98
the month. (Our Opa-locka number is 6243666)NO ) WATERFRONT POOL HOME
The second group of black people, Taps, Mangingos,
and the Hausas, converted to Islam.These Negroes were gen- 1011 NW87 STREET

erally well built and hardy. The led vigorous lives, housed a RED TAPE MOVE IN!! Gorgeous 3 bedroom, 2 bath, pool, carpets, drapes,
stubby beard, and many times refused to have any social intercourse Very neat 3 bedroom, 2 bath frame home at 720 built-in stove and oven. Many extras.

with the other groups of slaves. They were thought NW '53rd St. Large Flo room, large ,open front 2410 NW 89
best suited for work In the mining and agricultural phases of porch, garage, wall to wall carpeting, cornices,
the economy. drapes, stove, refrigerator, air conditioner. Price 3 bedroom, 2 bath, built-in stove and oven, carport,
only $10,000 $2,500 down and $100 month. well and pump. 7 years new.
The Mozambiques, Congos, and the Angolas consituted the ,

third group of Negroes found In Brazil at this time. These WILL SELL FOR FHA VALUATIONNice 0040 NW 181 TERRACE

peoples were thought to be physically weaker than the other 3 bedroom, 2 bath CBS, terrazzo floors, Gorgeous 3 bedroom, 2 bath, built-in stove and oven,

groups, while being more talkative and quarrelsome. They jalousie windows, awnings, wall to wall carpetIng extra large carport, sprinklers, well and pump, car
served their keepers In the capacity of mine and plantation
large fenced yard. FHA bargain at $13,500, peting. FHA $800 down.
workers in northeast Brazil.If .
$450 down and $90.10 month. (Our Opa-locka
it wasn't for these three great peoples enter ing this number is 6243666)NO ) OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 24 HOUR SERVICE

country there would not have been any brazil In order for the HOMES FOR AS LITTLE AS $100 DOWNWe

Portuguese to have continued their conquest and developmentof RED TAPE MOVE IN!! specialize in homes for persons being dis-
the Interior of this large land with their shortage of man-
Large 3 bedroom home beautiful fenced lot. placed in Urban Renewal area, Miami Housing
the sweat blood and musclesof
power, they had to depend upon ,
the suppressed black man. Fla r ton, enclosed porch, new roof, awning win Projects. Veterans call to see if you qualify

Besides being used mostly as field hands,the black man was dows, special pimp and well for lawn, carpeting, You're only a phonecall away.

(I4. brought in as mining experts, metal and leather workers, men stove, refrigerator, air conditioner. Bargain at ,
,t experienced In cattle breeding and the pastoral industries,as $10,000, $1,200 down .and $103 month.

manufacturers and merchants textiles,soaps,and other important WILL SELL FOR FHA VALUATIONCBS .
and much needed products. Others came to serve the home ')
at St. & N. Miami Ave. Tile roof,
slave, being largely of the Mohammedan faith, such as
teachers, prayer leaders, and preachers. Fla room, carport, stove, refrig., FHA price i is fANUBULOUSOPEN .1
$12,500, $400 down and $83.55 month.
Many of the slaves became musicians,entertainers,and en- i
tered other Interesting and varied professions while the women WILL SELL FOR FHA VALUATION SATURDAY AND SUNDAYSee

slaves became midwives, and companions.As Modern 3 bedroom, 2 bath, CBS on large corner
time progressed, we find many of the slaves being fenced lot. Tile roof, awnings, |jalousie windows, Model I at

superior to their masters, mentally, physically, and spirit- central heat, stove, refrig. Bargain at$14,500 FHA,

ually. Every ounce of resourcefulness, ingenuity, and will- I $450 down, $97.01 month. 5917 S.W. 63rd Street
power of the Negro was pitted against their "master's inhuman I
interests. The amount of hardhlps and suffering of the SELLER PAYS CLOSING COSTS

slaves can never be realized, but the ability to survive the 3 bedroom 2 bath, corner beauty with guesthouse 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATH HOMES

harsh treatments and the continued striving to raise their tile roof, garage, carport, c e n tral I air

culture above their masters was their motivating drive.It wall heat, jalousie windows, VETERANS $100 DOWNNON
Is said that the slaves revolt in Bahia In 1835 was not a awnings, fireplace, wall to wall carpeting, stove,

revolt of slave against master, but of a superior culture a- refrigerator. Pretty guest house is air conditionedtoo. VETS $300 DOWN

gainst the domination by the inferior FHA price on this better house is $22,000,
next week 1 MORTGAGE FHA $85 MONTHNO
$1,400 down, 142.23 month.
Treatment of the Slaves

Lovely 3 bedroom CBS with lots of extras!" Tile '...'

GRADUATION PICTURES MADE roof, jalousie windows, modern kitchen lots of FULL PRICE $12,900

cabinets and closes, 2 large 'air 'condltlonrs, >
COME IN TODAY! (heat and cool) stove, 2 refrigerators, washing < Greater Miami

CAPS AND GOWNS machine, dropts, fenced yard, Dump & well for'. ,
FURNISHED lawn, plastic pool. FHA price $16,000, $600 dn, '
TASSELS OF ALL SCHOOL COLORS $106.34 month. Our opa-locka number Is 6243666. Realty, Inc.

2 like new duplexes on NW 82nd St. near 25th I

Ave. Tile roofs, jalousie windows, built-in appliances

formica kitchens, with lots cabinets,

m. Johnson of Miami gas heat, gas heat. Those modern duplex. are
well worth the FHA price of $17,000, $700 down ,
and $112.55 month.

1186 NW 38tb St. 635-474


IJ FHA-CBS, Select area, 2 bdrm, 1 bath LR, K &
Din. a.r.a. Ute; rm & gar., sprinklers, w/w carpets.
Best in Town
Buy $15,000, $450 down, $100.46 month.

REALTYBROKER FHA-CBS 3 bdrm, 1 bath, LR, K, din rm, ut. rm,
FHA cpt., $15,200, $500 down, $101.50 month

FHA-CBS, Beauty, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, Fla rm, LR,
2 bedrooms each side, screened in porch, KJ din rm, ut. rm, gar., $21,000, $1775 down,

newly painted in and out. Cost only $40 mo. 4932 NW 7th Ave. $136.76 month.FHACBSWat.rfront.

k for owner to I live in one side. Only $700 down. > > beauty, 2 bdrm, 2 bath, LR,
will PL '. Flo rm' din rm, K, Ut rll, extras. $24,000
4 ; Owner pay closing cost. Total price: 9.4371 : $1800 down, $153.29 .gar. ,

; $16,900. Drive by 820 NW 60th Street, then ., : NO mo.
NW Ave
16000 27 : :
: ,. ,
> call : 2 BDRMLI 1 BATH K
: .' .. hLR, cpt, fenced.
; ; : : $9,000, $1100 down $69
FENSTER REALTY, BROKER 759-8779 -, 624366'i'/ ., month.
', : ALSO hove a 3 bdrm, 2 bath and a 4 bdrm 3 bath
t: Open Evenings >, Wlar>|teiiH I | Waterfront 'luxury homes." .


44 ,- ,.........._, '-"::"" "" !" ".

, .

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 43


ClASSIFIED, ADS The National Council of Negro Council of Catholic Women,
SALLEY Women will hold their United Church Women, and

,15/ WORDS-OR LESS $1.50. 5C SPIRITUAL READER regular meeting Saturday, others to discuss our com-
FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD Advises you on all problemsof Sept 14, at 4 p.m. at the New munity problems.
I DEADLINE FOR life, such as love business Covenant
_P..M.. .
[ '- -- marriage. 751-6992 545 NW 1221 NW43rdStRev.
FOR FOR SALE 95th St. Dentist
Open dally. Bruce Robinson, pastor
18810 NW 43rd COURT MODERN CBS DUPLEX-FHA Special guest will be repre- Doctor

3 bedroom CBS, carport, low Price $12,500 $400 down. Small one room furnished Snack bar operator Sunshine sentatives from the city and

down, No qualifying. GregorS month. Near schools house. Middle age woman, or Stores, 62nd and 27th Avenue. county offices, City Manager Lawyer
Realty, Broker, and 17th Ave. bus: man $14 week. Nice Christian Over 20,000 In our store weekly Steve Clark, Mayor Chuck

TUBIN, REALTORS, 7906 NW person. 696-0473. Willing to share profits Hall, Lt. Leroy Smith, Mr.Ted
CBS Duplex,NW 58th St vicinity 7th Ave. ph. 591-4785. with the right man ContactMr. Nichols, National Council of Home & Office

In beautiful condition,good Furnished apartment call OX Harold Saxe, OX 6-0310 Jewish Women, National OWNER 693-2671
income, $5,000 down,owner EAST OF EXPRESSWAY 3 1-2426. for appointment.
will hold first mortgage. ALA BEDROOM CBS. ENCLOSED $350 DOWN FHA

Realty, 751-1402. front porch, large utility room Room for single person. 3051 Elderly man wants position 5900 NW 5th Avenue FOR SALE

--- tile floors, jalousie windows, NW 67th St. 696-9478. manager, hotel or motel, experienced Lovely 2 bedroom CBS, $1,500
1907 NW 41st STREET and awnings all around. FHA want to relocate. air cond., Flo room.
price $12,000 $400 down. 1 bedroom apartment adults. Call collect 404 876-5575. * * Easy terms.

3 BLOCKSTOSCHOOLS $80.09 month TUBIN Real- Teacher preferred p. O. Box Room 203. $900 Down FHA We Buys buy lots a choice& homes.S. lot. .

2 bedroom CBS with 2 car gar- tors, 7906 NW 7th Ave. Ph. 563, Miami, Fla. 33145. 3 bedroom, 2 bath CBS, BARONJE

age on fenced corner lot 70 x 691-4785. We buy scrap starters, bat- large Fla room. Many ex-
11. Double entrance.Air-con- Lovely room, conveniently lo teries, generators, alumnum tras. Beautiful!
3103 NW 157th brass and Midas * * *
ditioned and controlled oil fur- STREET cated. Cooking privileges for copper.
nace. Jalousied sleeping porch Modern 3 bedroom 2 bath CBS professional or business wo- .Metals Co. 2770 NW 32nd Ave DUPLEX FHA CocaColaBOTTLING

patio outdoor shower. Only large Florida room, fenced man, also room for working (Sept 13) 1390.1392 NW 37th Street
$13,500. $2,000 down. Owner: yard tile roof, hardwood man. To see, call NE 5-4805 Draperies taken down, Lovely CBS. Corner lot. CO. ':
E. V. Johnson. NE 5-4847."FHA" floors close to everything. cleaned, decorator folded and ALLAPATTAH

FHA price$15,800.$600 down. Rooms. Nice location at bus rehung. Lustra-tone Drapery REALTY, Realtors Route
$104.95 month. TUBIN, Real- stop. 691-7034. Service, 887-8022. (hide)
Beautiful 2 bedroom, Florida tors. 7906 NW 7th Ave. Ph. SalesmanSalary j

room, fenced yard, $12,500FHA 691-4785 F teat or lease.2 bedrooms WIN A WIG
down payment plus clos Florida Have a and win while
room, asbestos shingles wig party a
ing costs. By appointment fenced, city water, near tree wig. Call 754-5401 for InOct training J
only. Call us to show, Fenster 63 Chevy Impala,perfect con Shell's. Call 665-5126 after3p.m. formation. FROM HOME Must be 21 or over

Realty, Broker, 759-8779. dition, air-conditioned, $799. ( .4) Tourist Accommoda ions and a resident of
$34 per month, 634-3620 or Do you have a friend or re-

FOR LARGE FAMILY 949-7956. Nice 3 room apartment. Furnished Idealistic? Join group starting lavtive visiting? Beautiful theGreater

3 BEDROOMS 2 BATHS suitable 1 or 2 adults Super (Poor People's) Mar- private home for rent.Daily Miami
Close in, near shopping, 6948 NW 5th AVENUE utilities included, call 665- ketsl! (nonprofit!). Ghetto basis.Air cond.,wall/wall Area I

schools, buses, etc. Clean as Beautiful large bedroom, 2 5126 after 3 p.m. area! 3716990. carpet all utilities Turn.including Apply in at
bath CBS home with Florida gauge, TV & person :
A real (Spt. 20)
a pin. $15,500 FHA.
room, plus another nice 2 bed LOST Phone. 301 NW 29th Street
good deal. By appointmentonly Nice room in private home,
call us, Fenster Realty, room CBS home in rear. FHA twin beds, respectable business Male Siamese cat. In the vicinity Shown by Appoint. Call 9 between 10 a.m.
Broker, 759-8779. terms. No closing costs.Drive person only. 635-1247. of NW 48th St. and 12th a.m.toS p.m. 691.5283 or and 3 p.m.
by the property then call or Avenue has a crook at the end & :
stop at Edison Realty Realtor of his tall. "Kumasant.'Reward. dual Monday through Friday
SEVERAL GOOD 2 rooms. Male or female.1521 (N29))
3 bedroom, 2 bath homes plus 175 NW 62nd Street. 751-2441 NW 67th Street. 634-8164 until 5 or 947- I

extra buildings attached. 2774.

From $15,000 and up giving 3 bedrooms, living room,dining Room, couple and man call
owners excellent returns room, kitchen, bath, front Friday morning only. 693- CHILD CARE Join The Happy

their investments. Good down porch, partly furnished.Fenc 2534. Infant and child care in my r
payment, many owners will ed yard, low price Allapattah home 5 days. 6334330. HundredsYou
section. Call owner 532-3206.
, carry first mortgage, call us ROOM. No cooking working Mothers, mothers, if'you are don't have to be sad, t

to show you these buildings. 1057 NW 30th STREET adult. 691-4286. looking for a clean home,good 1 You can be happy.

Fenster 8779. Realty, Broker, 759- Nice 1 bedroom house on rear food, experienced babysister, a, You don't have to suffer,

of large lovely lot.Duplex: zone One bedroom unfurnished whom you can trust, call us. You can be healed
$3500 cash.A. Ben-Korl Real apartment with stove and refrigerator Day 633-6607,Night 633-2002, :
"ATTENTION INVESTORS" tor, 759-2425. 634-2205. 633-2732. Free pickupandde- FIRST FAITHCATHEDRAL
8 units furnished plus a beautiful livery. (indef)
bedroom home on 3 Furnished 1 bedroom duplex.
CUSTOM BUILTDUPLEX married couple.No Pastor Baker 2610 NW 36th Street
quarters of an acre. A real Responsible Juanitas' Kindergarten is now
moneymaker. Excellent: Luxurious CBS Duplex 2 bed children or pets. 1871 NW open for pick up and delivery
terms. Call us to show youth room 1 bath Florida room on 52nd Street. service 4For further information -
one Fenster each side air conditioner,spacious MALE LAUNDRY'HELP
Realty, Broker, call OX 1 2350. Mrs.
759-8779. bedrooms large closets, Elegant bedroom complete
specially built for owner's furnished. NE 50th St. Juanita Jackson. (Oct. 4) Loaders, pullers, extractor operators. Good

FHA TERMS-LOVELY HOME personal use.E:!cell e n t location adjacent 3 buslines. Wall to Child day care in my home. wages. .Production bonus. Excellent com-

2 bedrooms, 1 bath, screened FHA $1600 down. $147 wall carpeting including stair Your child will be given the pany benefits, paid, vacation, permanent |ob.
porch (can be converted) carport month.. Drive by 237577 NW way and corridors.Please call best of care Phone 759-8335. Must be 18 or over. Apply in mornings. No

large kitchen, pantry, 95th Ter., Phone 66G0411forInspection. PL 9-4174. Made) phone calls please.Ask for Mr. Find' ley, Na-

large utility, walk-In closets, Atlantic and tional Linen Service, 1950 NW 1st Avenue.
Realtors. Infants and toddlers. Best of
hardwood floors, beautifully Pacific HELP WANTED
landscaped care in my home. P.L 8-9972.
fruit-trees, bedroom home Custodial. $1.99 hour day,209
sprinklers. Large many
Owner 6261 SW 58
extras clean 2 hour night work, contact principal
Ave. 665-7234. : very plus
Dorsey Jr.High,NW 17th' FOR SALE
room apartment for income. FEMALE LAUNDRY HELP
down. Call 681- Ave. and 71st St. Liberty City Area
Only $1,500
5831 SW 59th
Street. 3 bedrooms Flat work feeders folders. Good
6049. (Sep. 13) DUPLEX LOT.
1 bath, CBS. Three Clerk-typist. Previous office Excellent benefits. Paid vacation a
blocks from Miami Univers Corner 59th St. and 21st company ,
ity. Newly painted and decorated 2320 NW 96th Street experience required. Good Avt. Value $3500.00. permanent job. Production bonus. ,Must be 18

Ready to move In. $400 Duplex: 2 bedrooms each side, typing, aptitude for detail.with Owner leaving town. Must or over. Apply in mornings. No phone calls
Good starting salary
down, $135 per month pays all tile roof, very nice $18,000 liveral fringe benefits. Telephone sell. Make offer. please. National Linen Service. 1950 NW a

NO QUALIFYING NO CLOSING total $800 down FHA, one side 373-1997 for additional PHONE: BSB-OSSS 1st Avenue Ask for Mr. Findley..
vacant for new owner,we have
COSTS NO FEES OF ANY information.
key. A. Ben-Kori Itealtor
KIND. Direct from owner 358- ,

1879 or evenings 865-2160. Carol anytime 759-2425.City. 3 bedrooms, 2 parttime.Insurance Be salesman.your own Full boss.or SAVE NOW On Hoover's New ...c' '

1471 NW 87th 2 bedroom Career opportunity. Great fu- I
pool no I'
PLUS Fla. baths, swimming tore 754-5568. WASH AND SPIN DRY SPINDRYINGWASHER .
,newly Total
painted and qualifying, by owner. 24 LBS. OF CLOTHES !
decorated. On a down.
pretty treelined street. Va $97 price month.$13,320.624-4016.$2,000 Mothers, mothers, if you are IN 30 MINUTES .

cant and ready to move in. No (Sep. 20) looking for a clean home,good,
qualifying, no closing cost. food, experienced babysister, . NO PLUMBING NECESSARY II' .'
$300 down, $127 month pays Like new,freshly painted inside whom you can trust, call us. . .ROLLS ON LARGE CASTERS

all. Direct from owner, 358- and outside, sparkling Day 633-6607,Night 633-2002, . WASHES FAMILY SIZE LOAD j :

1879 or 865-2160. hardwood floor, 3 bedroom, 1 livery.633-2732. Free pickupand(todef) . WASHES FAST-DRIES IN A -t'/

bath CBS Florida room.Fenc FEW SECONDS
ed yard FHA $13,300, $300
down. $89 month. Veterans or Dishwashing man or woman.

2 large bedroom, CBS, displaced person $100 downS Mom's Restaurant, 101 NW 20 NO CREDIT
screened porch, carport, nice Atlantic and Pacific Street. 371-9564.eventag226- : j
neighborhood 696-1543, $400 down FHA 666-0411. 9394. Steady. REQUIREDCall < ,, ,, "

fruit trees. Total price MISCELLANEOUS '
First $150downl
for both housesll inquire
Leg Flattering, pint Quality ,
"POOL" 49 NW 34th St. 3716728. Nylon $8.00 doien
3 bedroom, 2 bath, screened - S.c.25, Sis.s 8Ji to 11 Ls Wells
pool> and 'patio. Mechanicspecial. Coffee 6pr. Whit Brown Co.
Needs clean-upwork sHELP. WANTED Toast, Medium Beige. S.nJMon.v '
Order for 45 H. W. 54rii :
your! STREET
$600 female
down$160 month pays all Cook. Male or YOUR SHOPPER P. O.
See it today at 2840 NW 187thSt. days. 101 NW 20th St. Mom's Box+9923,BronjcN.Y.10451.. I I MIAMI. FLORIDA MI27 See and Try it Today !
or call Broker 444-1305. Resturant. 226-9394. No postage necessary

n.--n.1 J


42 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968



try BetrocK: SUBURBAN
Origins of The Slave r
Large park and playground nearby. The following homes now being completed:
THe or gins of the slaves brought Infromthe "Dark Con-
3 bedroom, 1 bath, enclosed garage
tinent" are uncertain during the period of the early 1500's. PROOF YOU'LLLIKE 3 bedroom, 2 bath, enclosed garage
From colonial times to the present, such terms as
"Nago", OUR PRINTING 4 bedroom, 2 bath, enclosed garage
"Angola", and "Mozanblque" have been used to try and differentiate
between many areas of Africa where the Negroes These homes are situated on large wooded lots, all with low FHA payments.

have decended from. Quality Job; Budget Price OPEN DAILY FOR YOUR INSPECTION AT:

of The the slaves"masters" of the slaves gave little thought to the organ No lob Too Large or Small 8791! S. W. 128th STREET
being primarily Interested in the
physical condition Three blocks west of South Dixie Highway
of the slave and the amount of work that he was able to Deadlines Met on Time !
do. The black men were all grouped together with no recogni- PHONES: 238-8231 OR 238-3675
tion of the lines of differences which seperated one tribe or Miami TIIIIIS
from --
people another. l
According to two renowned naturalists, Spa and Martuis, Call OX 10421
the countless number of slaves Introduced Into Brazil's habitats King Realty Inc. of Miami
at this time belonged to the Bantu race. These would Include ,
the Congos, Cabindas, and Angolas of south and west '"Klng Sin Buy."REAL TORS 8000 NW 7th
Africa, and the Macuas and Angicos from the east coast. When REALTY DADE COUNTY Ave,
the slaves traffic increased and more active interaction began KINGDOM IS OUR -
with Bahia, slaves were being imported from areas other
than those already mentioned. These slaves differed in many BROKER CAII
respects in their physical, mental, and social make-up. 693.2891
.' Other accounts from researchers In this field say that
three great peoples migrated Into Brazil from Africa. The OPEN 7 DAYS'WILL

first group were the Dahoman and the Yoruba Negroes. This
race of slaves were tall, robust, and courageous, main-
taining their self control more efficiently that the other groups.
They appeared to be more literate that the other groups and
Corner CBS on large lot. Tile roof, awnings,
were looked upon as being the best slaves nn tha RrazllIan
'market. Many of this group were preferred for service In open front porch, wall heat, stove, refrigerator.FHA .
,domestic capacities by their "masters". bargain at $11,500, $350 down and $76.98
The second group of black people, the Tapas, Manglngos, month. (Our Opa-locka number is 624-3666)) WATERFRONT POOL HOME

and the Hausas, converted to Islam.These Negroes were gen- 1011 NW81 STREET
erally well built and hardy. The led vigorous lives, housed a NO RED TAPE MOVE IN!! Gorgeous 3 bedroom, 2 bath, pool, carpets, drapes,
stubby beard, and many times refused to have any social intercourse ,Very neat 3 bedroom, 2 bath frame home at 720 built-in stove and oven. Many extras.
with the other groups of slaves. They were thought NW 53rd St. Large Fla room, large open front 2410 NW 89 TERRACE
best suited for work in the mining and agricultural phases of I porch, garage, wall to wall carpeting, cornices,
the economy. drapes stove, refrigerator, air conditioner. Price 3 bedroom, 2 bath, built-in stove and oven,carport,
The Mozambiques, Congos, and the Angolas consituted the only $,0,000, $2,500 down and $100 month well and pump. 7 years new.

third group of Negroes found in Brazil at this time. These WILL SELL FOR FHA VALUATIONNice 4040 NW 181 TERRACE

peoples were thought to be physically weaker than the other 3 bedroom, 2 bath CBS, terrazzo floors, Gorgeous 3 bedroom, 2 bath, built-in stove and oven,
groups, while being more talkative and quarrelsome. They jalousie windows, awnings, wall to wall carpet extra large carport, sprinklers, well and pump, car
served their keepers in the capacity of mine and plantation ing, large fenced yard. FHA bargain at $13,500, peting. FHA $800 down.
workers in northeast Brazil. $450 down and $90.10 month. (Our Opa-locka
If it wasn't for these three great peoples entering this number is 624.3666)) OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 24 HOUR SERVICE
country there would not have been any brazil In order for the HOMES FOR AS LITTLE AS $100 DOWNWe

Portuguese to have continued their conquest and developmentof NO RED TAPE MOVE IN!! specialize in homes for persons being displaced -
the Interior of this large land with their shortage of man-
in Urban Renewal Miami Housing
Large 3 bedroom home beautiful fenced lot.
power, ,they had to depend upon the sweat, blood and musclesof on call if .
Veterans to see
Fla enclosed Projects. you
the suppressed black man. r aim, porch, new roof, awning win-
Besides being used mostly as field hands,the black man was dows, special' pump and well for lawn, carpeting, only a phonecall away.

,, 14.4 brought In as mining experts, metal and leather workers' men stove, refrigerator, air conditioner. Bargain at
experienced in cattle breeding and the pastoral industries,as $10,000, $1,200 down and $103 month.
manufacturers and merchants textiles,soaps,and other important WILL SELL FOR FHA VALUATIONCBS
and much needed products. Others came to serve the home 69th Miami
at St. & N. Ave. Tile roof,
slave, being largely of the Mohammedan faith, such as
teachers, prayer leaders, and preachers. Fla room, carport, stove, refrig., FHA price is fANTABULOUSOPEN i
$12,500, $400 down and $83.55 month. ;
Many of the slaves became musicians, entertainers,and en-
tered other interesting and varied professions while the women WILL SELL FOR FHA VALUATION SATURDAY AND SUNDAYSee
slaves became midwives, and companions.As Modern 3 bedroom, 2 bath, CBS on large corner
time progressed, we find many of the slaves being fenced lot. Tile roof, awnings, ,jalousie windows, Model I at

superior to their masters, mentally, physically, and spirit- central heat, stove, refrig' Bargain at $14,500 FHA,
ually. Every ounce of resourcefulness, ingenuity, and willpower $450 down, $97.01 month. 5917 S.W. 63rd Street
of the "master's inhuman
: Negro was pitted against -
Interests. The amount of bardhips and suffering of the SELCER PAYS CLOSING COSTS
slaves can never be realized, but the ability to survive the 3 bedroom 2 bath, corner beauty with guesthouse 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATH HOMES
harsh treatments and the continued striving to raise their tile roof, garage, carport, central I air
culture above their masters was their motivating drive.It c on d i t i on i n g wall heat, jalousie windows, VETERANS $100 DOWNNON
is said that too slaves revolt in Bahia In 1835 was not a awnings, fireplace, wall to wall carpeting, stove,
revolt of slave against master, but of a superior culture against refrigerator. Pretty guest house is air conditionedtoo. VETS $300 DOWN

the domination by the inferior FHA price on this better house is $22,000,
next week $1,400 down, $142.23 month. -
Treatment of the Slaves

Lovely 3 bedroom, CBS with lots of extrasl! Til ,
GRADUATION PICTURES roof, jalousie' windows, modern kitchen, lots of FULL PRICE $12,900
MADE cabinets and closets, 2 large air conditioners, .
COME IN TODAY! (heat and cool) stove, 2 refrigerators, washing Greater Miami

CAPS AND GOWNS machine, drops fenced yard, pump & well for ', '
FURNISHED lawn, plastic TASSELS OF ALL SCHOOL COLORS $106.34 month. Our opo-locka number U 624-3666. Realty, Inc.

2 like new duplexes on NW 82nd St. near 25th
Ave. Tile roofs, jalousie windows, built-in appliances
: : formica kitchens, with lots cabinets,
: Johnson of Miami I gas heat, gas heat. Those modern duplexes are
I well worth the FHA price of $17,000, $700 down ,
and $112.55 month.


1186 NW 38tfe St. 635-4741
$100 DOWN IF YOU ARE A VETOR BEING I ., oat 6353177
;'' l FHA-CBS, Select area, 2 bdrm, 1 bath LR, K &
4 Best in Town Din. area. Ute rm & gar., sprinklers, w/w carpets.
0 Buy $15,000, $450 down, $100.46 month.

i REALTYBROKER FHA-CBS, 3 bdrm, 1 bath, LR, K, din rm, ut. rm,
FHA cpt., $15,200, $500 down, $101.50 month

I' FHA-CBS, Beauty, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, Fla rm, LR,
:; 2 bedrooms each side, screened in porch, K/ din rm, Ut rm, gar., $21,000, $1775 down,

newly painted in and out. Cost only $40 mo. 4932 NW 7th Ave. f $136.76 month.FHACBSWaterfront.

, }, for owner to live in one side Only $700 down. e' beauty, 2 bdrm, 2 bath, LR,

-p.. Owner will pay closing cost. Total price: PL 9-4371 . <...: $1800 f''? rm down, din, rm$153.29, K, Ute rm, ,gar., extras.. $24,000,

, ':, c $16,900. Drive by 820 NW 60th Street, then ,: mo.
16000 NW 27 Ave < QUALIFYING
, : ., .
call 2
: 'd" BATH, K, din rm, LR, cpt, fenced.
FENSTER; REALTY, .BROKER 759-8779' ;;1 '.. 624-3666':, ;f.: ocJt'tt1 $9,000, ,. $1100 down, $69 month. '

.: "$?sftA;. *f** ALSO have q 3 bdrm, 2 bath.and a 4 bdrm, 3 bath
Evenings '
1 ; ; Waterfront
"' ...1IL ,.. _e luxury homes. .

"'" __ ..- '- !!!'"iII'l""

I . No . . , .. _, ., ,


THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 43

ClASSIFIED ADS The National Council of Negro Council of Catholic Women,
SALLEY Women will hold their United Church Women, and j'

,15 WORDS OR lESS $1.50. SPIRITUAL READER regular meeting Saturday, others to discuss our community -
5C FOR EACH ADDITIONAL WORD Advises you on all problemsof Sept. 14, at 4 p.m. at the New problems. t
DEADLINE FOR ClASSIFIEDAOS..TUESDAY I life, such as love,business, Covenant PresbyterianChurch
.G P._.u. _. .
I:.. --=-' -: - marriage. 751-6992 545 NW 1221 NW 43rd St Rev
SALE Dentist
FOR FOR SALE 95th St. Open dally. Bruce Robinson, pastor i
18810 NW 43rd COURT MODERN CBS DUPLEX-FHA Special guest will be repre- Doctor

3 bedroom CBS, carport, low Price $12,500 $400 down. Small one room furnished Snack bar operator Sunshine sentatives from the city and i

down, No qualifying. Gregor $83.55 month. Near schools, house. Middle age woman or Stores, 62nd and 27th Avenue county offices, City ManagerSteve Lawyer
Realty, Broker, 887-0403. shopping and 17th Ave. bus, man. $14 week. Nice Christian Over 20,000 In our store week- Clark, Mayor Chuck
TUBIN, REALTORS, 7906 NW person. 696-0473. ly. Willing to share profits Hall, Lt. Leroy Smith, Mr.Ted
C BS Duplex,NW 58th St.vicinity 7th Ave. ph. 591-4785. with the right man. ContactMr. Nichols, National Council of Home & Office I

beautiful condition,good Furnished apartment call OX Harold Saxe, OX 6-0310 Jewish Women, National OWNER 693-2S31
income, $5,000 down, owner EAST OF EXPRESSWAY 3 1-2426. for appointment.
will hold first mortgage. AlA BEDROOM CBS. ENCLOSED $350 DOWN FHA

Realty, 751-1402. front porch, large utility room Room for single person 3051 Elderly man wants position 5900 NW 5th Avenue FOR SALE

tile floors, Jalousie windows, NW 67th St. 696-9478. manager, hotel or motel, experienced Lovely 2 bedroom CBS, $1,500
1907 NW41stSTREET and awnings all around. FHA want to relocate. air cond., Flo room.
,price $12,000 $400 down. 1 bedroom apartment adults. Call collect 404 876-5575. * * Buys a choice lot.

3 BLOCKS SCHOOLS $80.09 month TUBIN Real- Teacher preferred. P. o. Box Room 203. $900 Dawn- FHA We buy lots & homes
2 bedroom CBS with 2 car gar- tors, 7906 NW 7th Ave. Ph. 563, Miami, Fla. 33145. 3 bedroom, 2 bath CBS, BARON

age on fenced corner lot 70 z 691-4785. We buy scrap starters, bat- large Fla room. Many extras JE 8-1340

11. Double entrance.AIrconditioned Lovely room, conveniently lo teries, generators, alumnlum Beautifull
3103 * * !
NW 157th brass and
and controlled oil fur- STREET cated. Cooking privileges for copper.
nace. Jalousied sleeping porch Modern 3 bedroom 2 bath CBS professional or business woman .Metals Co. 2770 NW 32nd Ave DUPLEX FHA CocaColaBOTTLING

patio outdoor shower. Only large Florida room, fenced also room for workingman (Sept. 13) 1390.1392 NW 37th Street
yard tile roof hardwood Draperies taken down Lovely CBS. Corner lot. CO.
$13,500. $2,000 down. Owner: To see, call NE 5-4805 ,
E. V. Johnson. NE 54847. floors. Close to everything. cleaned, decorator folded and ALLAPATTAH i

FHA price$15,800.$600 down. RooNice location at bus rehung. Lustra-tone Drapery REALTY, Realtors Route
"FHA" $104.95 month. TUBIN, Realtors stop. 691-7034. Service, 887-8022. (indef) 633-0426

Beautiful 2 bedroom,. Florida 7906 NW 7th Ave. Ph. Salesman ;

room, fenced yard, $12,500FHA 691-4785 For rent or lease.2 bedrooms WIN A WIG Salary while

down payment plus clos- Florida room, asbestos shin- Have a wig party and win a HOME AWAY
ing costs. By appointmentonly. gles, fenced, city water, near free wig. Call 754-5401 for in- training
Call us to show, Fenster '63 Chevy Impala,perfect con- Shell's. Call 665-5126 after formation. FROM HOME Must be 21 or over

Realty, Broker, 759-8779. dition, air-conditioned, $799. 3 p.m. (Oct.4) Tourist Accommoda ions and a resident of
$34 per month, 634-3620 or Do you have a friend or re-

FOR LARGE FAMILY 9497956. Nice 3 room apartment. Fur- Idealistic? Join group starting lavtive visiting? Beautiful theGreater

3 BEDROOMS 2 BATHS nished, suitable 1 or 2 adults Super (Poor People's) Mar- private home for rent. DoUr Miami
Close in, near shopping, 6948 NW 5th AVENUE utilities Included, call 665- kets! (nonprofit!). Ghetto basis.Air cond.,wa Area
Beautiful large 2 bedroom, 2 5126 area! 371-6990. carpet all utilities furn.Including .
schools, buses, etc. Clean as after 3 p.m. Apply in at:
bath CBS home with Florida garage, TV &
(Spt. 20)
A real
a pin. $15,500 FHA.
room, plus another nice 2 bed Phone. 301 NW 29th Street
good deal. By appointmentonly Nice room In private home,
call us, Fenster Realty, room CBS home in rear. FHA twin beds, respectable business Male Siamese cat. In the vicinity Shown by Appoint. Call 9 between 10 a.m.
Broker, 759-8779. terms. No closing costs.Drive person only. 635-1247. of NW 48th St. and 12th a.m.to5 p.m. 691-5283 or and 3 p.m.
by the property then call or Avenue has a crook at the endo Evening & Weekends:
stop at Edison Realty Realtor f his tall. "Kumasant.'Re- 6.2538 Monday through Friday
SEVERAL GOOD 2 rooms. Male or female. 1521 (M29)
3 bedroom, 2 bath homes plus 175 NW 62nd Street. 751-2441 NW 67th Street. ward. 634-8164 until 5 or 947-

extra buildings attached. 2774.

From $15,000 and up giving 3 bedrooms, living room,dining Room, couple and man call
owners excellent returns on room, kitchen, bath, front Friday morning only. 693- CHILD CARE Join The Happy

their investments. Good down porch, partly furnished.Fenc ,2534. Infant and child care in my
payment, many owners will ed yard, low price Allapattah home 5 days. 633-4330. rF HundredsYou

carry first mortgage, call us section. Call owner 532-3206. ROOM. If don't have to be sad
No cooking working Mothers, mothers, you are t
to show you these buildings. 057 NW 30th STREET adult. 691-4286. looking for a clean home,good You can be happy.

Fenster Realty, Broker. 759- Nice 1 bedroom house on rear load, experienced babysister, You don't have to suffer,
8779. One bedroom
of large lovely lot.Duplex zone unfurnished whom you can trust, call us. You can be healed
-i $3500 cash.A. Ben-Kori Real apartment with stove and re- Day 633-6607,Night 633-2002,
"ATTENTION INVESTORS" tor 759-2425. frigerator. 634-2205. 633-2732. Free pickup and de FIRST FAITHCATHEDRAL
8 units furnished plus a beautiful livery (Indef)
bedroom Furnished 1 bedroom duplex.
home on 3
CUSTOM BUILT DUPLEX Pastor Baker 2610 NW 36th Street
quarters of an acre. A real Responsible married couple. Juanitas' Kindergarten Is now
moneymaker. Excellent Luxurious CBS Duplex 2 bed No children or pets. 1871 NW open for pick up and delivery

terms. Call us to show you this room 1 bath Florida room on 52nd Street. servlce.For further informa-

one, Fenster Realty, Broker, each side air conditioner,spa tion call OX 1- 2350. Mrs. MALE LAUNDRY HELP
759-8779. cious bedrooms large closets, Elegant bedroom complete -
Juanita Jackson. Oct. 4) Loaders pullers Good
specially built for owner's furnished. NE 50th St. ( extractor operators.

FHA personal use.Excellent location adjacent 3 buslines. Wall to wages. _Production bonus. Excellent company *
HOME Child day care In my home.
2 bedrooms, 1 bath, screened FHA $1600 down. $147 wall carpeting including stairway Your child will be given the benefits, paid, vacation,.permanent fob.
porch (can be converted) car- month. Drive by 237577 NW and corridors. Please call best of care Phone 759-8335. Must be 18 or over. Apply in mornings. No

port, large kitchen, pantry, 95th Ter., Phone 666-0411 for PL 9-4174. (Indef.) phone calls please.Ask:for Mr. F/ndley/ Na-

large utility, walk-in closets, Inspection. Atlantic and tional Linen Service, 1950 NW 1st Avenue.
hardwood floors, beautifully Pacific Realtors. HELP WANTED Infants and toddlers. Best of
landscaped care in my home. P.L 8-9972.
fruit trees, Custodial. $1.99 hour day,209
2 bedroom home
sprinklers. Large many
Owner 6261 SW 58
Ave. 665-7234. extras, very clean, plus 2 hour night work, contact principal -.
Dorsey Jr.High NW 17th FOR SALE
room apartment for income. FEMALE LAUNDRY HELP
down. Call 681- Ave. and 71st St. Liberty City Art
5831 SW 59th Only $1,500
Street. 3 bedrooms Flat work feeders folders. Good
6049. (Sep. 13)) DUPLEX LOT.Corn.r .
1 bath CBS. Three
Clerk-typist. Previous office Excellent benefits. Paid vacation
blocks from 59th St. and 21st company ,
Miami University. 2320 NW 96th Street experience required. Good Avt. Value $3500.00. permanent lob. Production bonus. Must be 18
painted and decorated
Ready to move in. $400 Duplex 2 bedrooms each side typing, aptitude for detailpOp Owner leaving town. Must or over. Apply In mornings. No phone calls
Good starting salary with
down, $135 per month pays all. tile roof, very nice $18, llveral fringe benefits. Telephone sell Make offer. please. National Linen Service. 1950 NW

NO QUALIFYING. NO CLOS- total $800 down FHA, one side 373-1997 for additional PHONE: SSB-OGSS 1st Avenue Ask for Mr. findley,.
ING vacant for new owner,we have
COSTS NO FEES OF ANY information.
KIND. Direct from owner 358- key. A. Ben-Kori, Realtor, n___. -_. ._
anytime 759-2425.
1879 or evenings 865-2160. salesman. Full or i iparttlme.
NOW On Hoover's New
Carol 1 City. 3 bedrooms, 2 Be your own boss. / SAVE -- '
1471 NW 87th 2 bed- Career opportunity. Great fu-
pool no
room PLUS ture. 7545568.Mothers .
room,newly Total
by owner.
painted qualifying, 24 LBS. OF CLOTHES
decorated. On a
price $13,320. $2,000 down IN 30 MINUTES . .
Pretty treelined mothers it are 1AP
street. Vacant $97 month. 624-4016. you .
and ready to move in. No (Sep. 20)) looking for a clean home,good
qualifying, no closing cost. food, experienced babysister, . NO PLUMBING NECESSARY

$300 down, $127 month pays freshly painted inside whom you can trust, call us. . ROLLS ON LARGE CASTERS
Like new,
all. Direct from owner, 358- and outside, sparkling Day 633-6607,Night 633-2002, . WASHES FAMILY SIZE LOAD -'

1879 or 865-2160. hardwood floor, 3 bedroom, 1 633-2732. Free pickupaDd Indot . .WASHES FAST-DRIES IN A .eoJ
livery. ( )
bath CBS Florida room.Fenc FEW SECONDS
ed yard FHA $13,300, $300 -- 0
n down. $89 month. Veterans or Dishwashing man or woman.

2 Urge bedroom, CBS, .\displaced person $100 down. Mom's Restaurant, 101 NW 20 NO CREDIT "

screened porch, carport, nice Atlantic and Pacific Realtors Street. 371-9564.evening 226- '
neighborhood, $400 down FHA 666-0411. 9394. Steady. REQUIRED .,. t .:,;:: ..:\,., ;, .', ",.
fruit trees. MISCELLANEOUS
First $150 down! Total price t
J5800: for both houses!! Inquire SAVE MONEY-SAVE TIME Call 751-5629 .
-"POOL" Log Flattering, First Quality -
49 NW 34th St. 371.6728HELP .
Nylon $8.00 daten
3 bedroom, 2 bath, screened $4.25,6 pr.Sis.s 8tttollLj W.T. Wells Co. .{ 0
Pool and 'p a t I 0. Mechanics Coff., Craam, Whit. Brown
special. Needs clean-up work. WANTED Toast, Medium Bolgo. S.ndMon.v
Ord.r for 45 N. W. 54rh STREET
$600 female 5 1/2 yours |
down.$160 month pays all i Cook. Male or
See it today at 2840 NW 187th ,days.! 101 NW 20th St. Mom's Box 323,Bronx, .;Y. 0451.., l MIAMI FLORIDA 83127 See and Try it Today !
St. or call Broker 444-1305. Resturant. 226-9394. No postag necessary.



,.. . ia.1 1 1
----- -- -------

44 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday,September 13,1968SUNSHINE


f Gape '

v I

Tp S
DSo 0J "

F y LB. ,

a.a. / PORK

1 1 1 LB
CHOPS4fL ). .







CATSUP 14 OZ. 1q4 '
TOMATO SAUCE 6 O_. 104 4

I 3$3
46 OZ.


; GRAPE 46 OZ. 3/ .J J.}



320Z. FRENCH i RYES5 L8.BAG 69(:

{. .........- JAR
" ';
. ..,"':
" 4N
1 .
? ,.........'-'" ;.:,... ,... .

44 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday,September 13, 1968o

r ." '



D 0J
Y y LB. .


PORK r ..





NKS'_ $1 1


SAUSAGE -: L8 39 w

E4 a.
5 :

CATSUP 14 OZ. 19C '
.,1;: ss WITH $5 ORDER I



I PUNCH 9602' 3/ $3 WITH ORDER

GRAPE 4&DZ. 3/ : "' J.1,

..,.. ......-' LIBBY'S
P.AC.SOflHALVES 3/ _, '.

r u JA.G.


':: 32 0Z1 FRENCH FRIES 5 LB.BAG 69t
: .
-- -

. ....
... ,
!""!If r

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f m il1i[m1 m m mtti;] t11 ffiif i}!;;; i I i ; !] ;i] !m Jmf1!$ "

,Gaibestrilhr ,F .;


>- : ....



-IeIe Vol. 46, No.3 MIAMI, FLORIDA, FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 13. 1968Violations 15ct

--Ie IeIe Two Policemen Guilty Of


.. Civil
-IeIe Rights
-IeIe Two former Miami police- Neither contested the They arrested two personsfor
men, who dangled a 17yearold charges against them and falling to appear In courton
.. Negro youth over an expressway Atkins declared them guilty traffic charges. Then they
span at the Miami after hearing FBI agent Leonard picked up the youth, supposedly -
River, have,been convicted of Peterson testify as to how on a concealed weapon
civil rights,violations. they handled Robert Quentin charge.
: Susan F. Harris R.N. : Owens, of 1461 NW 60th St.,
Federal Judge C. Clyde At- last February. After they delivered the
kins Tuesday delayed sentencing Creekmore and Edwards, other two to Jail, they took
of John Creekmore and who no longer have their Owens to a then half-finished
-Ie Susan Frances Harris, R.N., is an energetic, dedicated person who .
Jerry P. Edwards pending badges, pinked up Owens when section of 1-95, stripped him
-Ie combines true philanthrophy with practical living. -IeIe
background reports. to his shorts and hung him
They they were checking out patrons over
A of she Florida 22
native Pennsylvania, came to offer 12
of varied years ago -Ie could each get a $1,000 fine at a pool hall at 13th Ave and the bridge 80 feet above
years nursing experiences. .. plus a year In )jail. NW 62nd St. water.be .
In 1962, she was assigned direct transfer of patients from Germany
: to the States, after /joining/ the Armed Services in 1941 as a Flight Nurse. :

In 1966, after 25 years of "service and continued interest in the defense --IeIe
of our nation," she transferred to the Retired Reserve, U.S.A.F./ with the .. I
Passes Gun
rank of Major. -IeIe City Tough Law

Miss Harris organized the first chapter of the Future Nurses at Dorsey -Ie -

: Junior High School (than a Senior High) in ,1949. Miami city commissioners $500 fine and 60 days In Jail a "step in the right direction -
-Ie She has received citations from the Greater Miami Urban League for passed Dade's toughest gun requires registration of all ."
-Ie volunteer service; Iota Phi Lambda, local chapter, has placed her in its registration law last Thursday firearms in the City of Miami.It The law was vigorously op-
-Ie Hall of Fame for leadership in the field of religion; Florida Civil DeFenseIe after a s torray three-hour also prohibits the sale of posed by a bevy of speakers,
-Ie .College for her outstanding service in the field/ of Nursing; Carver YMCAIe hearing during which both statistics firearms to minors,convicted however, which Included New
: for longtime i service; the employes of The Christian Hospital Inc. for and the spectre of com- felons, drug addicts and York statistician and Pedro
munism were Invoked by its drunks. Diaz Laoz Fidel Castro's
special services; and Pensacola Vocational School for her inspirational
-Ie opponents. Miami's present gun law requires former air force chief who denounced -
-Ie contributions. -K Some 100 gun enthusiasts only that new purchasesof Castro and fled Cuba.
-Ie Memberships include Dade County Massage Association, vice president #, Jammed the Dinner Key com- handguns from Miami gun
-Ie ; Florida State Massage Association, secretary-treasurer; board of mission chambers and unsuc- dealers be registered with the Alan S. Krug, a statisticianwho
is assistant to the direc-
: trustees, Christian Hospital; NAACP, Greater Miami Urban League, John Kf cessfully tried to sway Com- police department. tor of the National Shooting
Griffin Post No. 165, past commander;' and the Baptist Church. '.. missioners Maurice Ferre, City Manager Melvin Reese Sports Foundation Inc. told .

ili 1 j illil\Ililif\ 1ili j 1 j j mt 1 1I Ij lli 1j! jI! !j1111rI*! 1 j 1 lii 1 f mil@1 1lmm m m ili1 jit 1 Christie M. Athalie from Range giving and ,IrwinG.the lawsecond'reoding and Headley Chief estimate of Police that Walter It will tration the commission laws have that been gun re shown ls- ....':

. approval. cost the city about $25,000 the to be a weak deterrent crime i
, ( f I Mayor Steve Clark and first year and "$10,000 each and that, ,even New York'sstringent
'Commissioner David Kennedy year after that'to maintain Sullivan Law is a
Bus Driver's Death Case opposed the law, drawing loud registration of the estimated graft-riddled, expensive fail
applause from theaudienceand 100,000 guns In Miami. ure.
producing the same 3-2 The gun law was supported
vote by which the law passedop Thursday by only a handful of Both Krug and Miami Attorney
first reading July 25. speakers, including Arthur Charles Greenberg dis-
Goes To Grand Jury The new law which replaces Hutto and Dan Sullivan, ,both puted United States Justice
a more lenient one and of the Greater Miami Crime Department figures which link
provides for penalties up to Commission,who said it would guns to crimes.

The shooting of a Metro bus they had told everyone to While everyone else stood --.-....
driver by a sheriffs deputy "freeze." still and help up their hands,
last month was not justifiable A medical examiner's report Williams wheeled toward the School
Countywide BoycottBeinq ;
homicide, Justice of the Peace said Williams died of a deputies,, then,turned back and
Charles Snowden ruled at an shotgun wound in ,the back. started running away several
inquest Friday. He recom- The fatal shooting occurred witnesses said.'Deputies .
mended a full,scale Grand Jur]y outside an apartment house at Laurie and Cribbs OrganizedA

investigation. NW 60th St.and 2lstAve.after testified that they saw a shot- .
.. ..
Johnnie Lee Williams, 35, Deputies JamesCribbs,27, gun in Williams' hand as he
was killed August 13 from a and James Laurie, 28, were wheeled toward them. recently released study of suffering from the Board of the boycott would' take place,
shotgun blast fired by a sher, summoned by a man who saida "I was holding my service the continuously rising rate of Public Instruction's lack of he said, "we have been'work- I
iff s 'deputy, Snowden ruled.But : "maniac" was there with a revolver at my side, when I high school "Drooping Out" concern." When asked when ing on it for quite a while now." ,
events surrounding the shotgun.All saw him holding the shotgunI prompted Bernard N. Dyer,
shooting are "not sufficiently of the witnesses' testi- fired one shot with my revolver Chairman of Community Ac-
explainable," Snowden said. mony agreed up to the point of toward him (Williams) tion Committee to again remind -
"Further proceedings are the actual shooting by Deputy but apparently missed," the Dade County Board of h
recommended, by the Dade Cribbs of Williams. Laurie said. Public Instruction that the
County Grand Jury, the State A dozen men bad been play- proposals submitted by the ws. ,
Attorney's office o r both." ing cards and drinking whiskyin Community Action Committee -
Sheriff E. Wilson Purdy, an apartment when someone have seemingly rung on "
after learning: ofSnowden's turned'out the lights and grab ,deaf ears. ,
ruling said: bed about $6 off the card table. Mr.'Dyer further stated that
"At this pointthereisnoindication When the light came back on, In an era of advance tech- .
of any basis for a sus- a dispute arose between nological manufacturing process
pension any other disciplinary Walters about the missing : : .Fs the Importance of a
action against these of- money. sound education is even more 'I .l
ficers for the performance of Walters then left in his car 7 I magnified. He stated that ac- -'"
their duties." and returned to the scene a few cording to a Miami Herald
He said the matter had been minutes later carrying a sawedoff newspaper article, a seven
t referred to the State At- shotgun, several wit- pears study bythe Dade County
torney's "forappropriate nesses testified. School 'system revealed that ref
action." When Johnson heard Wal- 56% of students attending
The ruling followed three- ters had a gun and thought he school in the Black community
hour bearing at which two deputies was looking for him, he got in would not complete high
said the victim was his car and flagged down the school education without being
sawed-off few CHANNEL 10 TV able to meet this requirement. .... ,'
pointing a shotgunat deputies' patrol car a
..-.......,. ....
them when they fired: at him. blocks away.Johnson. HIRES REPORTER Members of the committee .-....-..
Another eyewitness, Titus led them back 01 a| CAMERAMANC. have waited patiently some
Fascell certificate of
U. S. Rep. Dante gives a appreciation -
(Schoolboy) Walters, also testified foot to the dimly lit yard out- T. Taylor a popular sign of progress from theBoard
to Percival Brown, of 1780 NW 87th Street for
of Public.Instruction
that Williams bad the side the apartment house
gun rhythm blues disc Jockey,
his service as a Page for the Congressman in Washing-
which would have indicated
in his hands when the deputies where the card players'werestanding has been named a reporter- -
Brown's mother looks Fascell well-known for
ton. on. ,
that made
progress was being
fired at him. around talking."That's t
cammeramanat WLBW Chan-
his youth activities, made the presentation at party ,
towards these
correcting con-
But a dozen other witnesses him, over there, nel 10 Taylor started his radio i'
honoring 14 men who over the post two
young years
testified that Walters,not Williams , Johnson said, pointing at a 'career as host of 'The New ditions. served as his Pages. The boys'parents also were honor-
bad the sawed off shot- group of men, Deputy Laurie Breed Show" oaWMBM radio It now seems, Mr. Dyer
states "our efforts will have ed at the party Sept., 7 at the home of Mr and Mrs' Eel
gun, and that Williams was said. in 1964. Earlier this year, be ,
8495 Miller The certificates
Moore, Dr. were signed by
to be directed towards a countywide
shot after he wheeled suddenly "Police, freeze" Cribbs moved to WKAT Radio as .
Fascell and House Speaker John,McCormack.PKY .,
Boycott in the schools
toward the deputies after said he shouted a t the men. newsmanproducer..

i . . ,
j : \


2 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968

County Employees Demand i ii i !!

SSO. Month Raise 21 1 P I 4hMVa2

Dade employees gave over- Homer's opening offer of a countercharges of "bad faith
whelming support to union demands package $50-a-year Increaseand bargaining"
for an across-the two per cent wage hike.
The workers crowded into
board $50-a-month raise Homer also offered a three .1. KJS+ [4
the labor hall to shout "No"
Monday night greatly strengthening per cent increase in the county
when Tafel isked then if they
the hand of negotiators contribution to the retirementfund. .
wanted to approve Homer's j
preparing to return to the bargaining offer
table with Dade of- "We will immediatley con-
ficials. tact Mr. Homer In hopes of Basically, Tafel said, the
returning to the bargaining union seeks $50 a month wage \
t Nearly 200 Dade employees table"said Lee Tate ldi-, increase plus full payment of a
p crowded Into the American rector of the union's South Fla. Blue Cross and Blue Shield
t Federation of state Countyand District Council 22. polices by the county. He admitted )
. Municipal Employees labor Four days of negotiations however,that"there's 0 .
hall to cheer the rejection of between Homer and the union room for compromise. Sure p:7 a u
County Manager Porter official ended Saturday with there is." 14 + ___


Black Panther Party founder .. _m_

GENERAL MOTORS BOARD Chairman James Roche, second from left,

receives the first glove box made by Watts Manufacturing Company from Watts'

Guilty' In Cop KillingLAKELAND General Manager, Leon 0. Woods, as Carl Davis, left, of the Watts sales

staff and Richard Ault, right, look on.The presentation of theglove box was

of the i initial i i I shipment of glove compartments for the 1969
Calif.'_A Jury Newton, 26, listened to the would make motions Thursdayfor representative
convicted Black Panther verdict calmly."I a new trial,arrest of judg- Chevrolet cars and trucks from the predominantly Black Company. recent .
founder Huey P. Newton of don't understand the ver- ment and for bail to free New- contract awarded to Watts Manufacturing Company marked the first timea

voluntary manslaughter in the dict," Newton slad later. ton during appeal. major automotive parts contract has been won by a predominantly Black
fatal shooting of a white "They didn't have the guts to The trial was marked by Watts Manufacturing Company is a subsidiary of Aerojet-General
policeman last October.A decide the case on its merits.It sporadic demonstrations out- company.
side the courthouse by Black Corporation.
was a racist sellout.
verdict of Innocent was
Panthers and other sup-

returned charge of assault on an with additional a deadly chief Charles counsel R. Garry said,he Newton's would porters.The Jury. also found Newton Jewish Groups Raise Biafram Relief Funds I

on a second policeman I about the
weapon appeal everthing" had been guilty of a previous
wounded in the same in- "appeal everyting" about the felony, thus increasing the An effort to raise funds bya Council of Jewish Women, the the cooperation of the Dioceseof
cident. conviction. "Wehavevolumnous possible penalty. A normal number of Jewish organization Welfare Federation and the Miami, through the Catholic
The seven women and five grounds for appeal," he conviction for voluntary man- s comprising Jewish religious Greater Miami Rabbinical As- Relief Services because of
men on the Jury returned the said. slaughter carries a 1-15 year communal and philanthropic sociation. their work in Blafran.
verdict early Monday after sentence; for a felon the sen- bodies, for Biafran "The amount of help that Tax deductible contribu-
four days of deliberation.The The angry attorney said he tences becomes 2-15 years. Relief, was announced by Dr. wins the race with death is up tions can be sent to any of the
The voluntary manslaughter Joseph Narot,Rabbi of Temple to each of us," said Dr.Narotin organiations listed above
conviction Involved the fatal Israel and President of the announcing the drive. "The (earmarked for Biafran Re-
Brownsville CitizensAir shooting last Oct. 28th of Oak Greater Miami Chapter of the more money available, the lief).
I land Policeman John Frey, 23 American Jewish Committee. greater, the quicker the effortto Serving on the Committeewith
His fellow officer, Herbert Included among the organi- airlift food and medicine to R. N a rot are Samuel
Gripes To CRB Heanes, 25,was wounded in the zations are the American the men, women and children Pascoe, Arthur Rosichan,
pre-dawn gun battle on a street Jewish Committee, the doomed to a death of starva- Rabbi Solomon Schiff, Arthur
Is the most crucial tatives of the County Manag-
Housing corner in one of the city's American Jewish Congress, tion and illness." Teitelbaum, Mrs. Irving Wex-
need In the Brownsville the code enforce-
neigh- er's Office
r Negro districts. Anti-Defamation League, the The Jewish organizations ler, Joseph Yanicb, Dr. Wal-
borhood and several
residents told the ment
B'nal B'rith Council, the will channel their funds, with ter Zand.
Community Relations Board other agencies.
last week. .
CRB also heard com-
plaints of bad trash collection,
poor sewage and inadequate @ Southern Bell
streets amid the criticism of
the board.
"Perhaps the most needful America
thing Is housing where our
people can live In decency,
where they can afford to pay
the rent and where they can '
take care of their families In on $1.70 a day. : < ;:,, :
a decent manner," said Rev.S. .
A. Cousin, pastor of the ,
Greater Bethel AME Church :
and a CRB member.

Cousin lamented "condi- S. ttl.-
tions that are deplorable . .
rents that are sky high . .
shotgun shacks and concrete

monsters . "
"It Just makes for a parti-
cular bell,"he said.
"Our young folks have so lit-
tle to look forward to.No won- D.trolt 4N.w York CItY

der they are rebellious." C Ic.j..
Paul Bullard, a long-time
critic, added; "You walk one Omaha
block In any direction from SMI Fra.clsc.!
here and you'd never know
there was a housing code."
"Here" was the Browns-
ville Community Center, at
2741 NW 49th St., where more
than 50 persons attended the
.. .
CRB's L Angel
monthly meeting.
Nearly half the crowd ap-
peared to be Metro officials,
including Sheriff E.Wilson
Purdy, Model Cities director
Gordon Johnson and represen- ,
I II I RMlaad

my .


6026 NW 7th Avenue Tour America by phone. Call one person a day, anywhere in the U.S., and
call If don't want to that much afK you can pay for a 3-rrlinute, station-to- .
Hew Exclusive station is $1.70. you pay go tourist class. Call I
Ready to Wear state in the continental U.S.A. Except Alaska. And maybe you can save that for your vactlo these rates, you can visit every :
Popular Price next :
Maximum rates for 3-minute'station-to-station call, plus tax, summer.
Bottor 'are* *.a. mad to a anywhere in the continental U.S., except Alaska.!
moauro. Alteration fast
and f..... (Indof). '



THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday; September 13, 1968 3 i

$2.1 Million To Train
1,971 7 7Li' ';

Hardcore Jobless

A $2,165,000 Federal grantto The program will train and Employment Program will

attack the problems of attempt to find employment for come from the Manpower Development

chronic unemployment in the 'people who lack the education, and Training Act
Miami Model Cities area and experience and skills neededto and the Economic OpportunityAct

an assistance grant to build a find steady relatively good for recruiting, remedial ik ;e y 6f

Liberty City neighborhood paying Jobs.It education, counseling,on-the-
center were announced last marks the first time suchan Job training and supportive

Friday by CongressmanClaude ambitious program has service such as minor medical

Pepper. been attempted in Dade. care and transportation, Pep-
The Model Cities-related The Neighborhood Center per said.

grant, a sum surpassing a grant for $116,779 has been "Let us hope that this sig-
third of the annual operating set aside by the Departmentof nificant grant marks the be-

budget of Dade's war on poverty Housing and Urban Develop ginning of a concentrated effort -

program, will be used to ment for the construction of a to find Jobs for the chroni-

train and find Jobs for 1,971of permanent facility at N"N 62nd cally unemployed and unem-

Miami's hard core unem- St. and 9th Ave. for the Advi- ployable in Dade County," ..d:;. ;'.....
ployed. sory Council of Liberty City Pepper said."However.

Officials of the Economic Youth(TACOLCY). it must be stres-
Opportunity Program Inc.will The funds will be released sed that success will come
administer the $2.1 million when the City of Miami allots through the wholehearted -
Certificates of achievement were awarded to these smiling young ladies 1
grant from the U. S. Dept. of its share of $58,000 for the cooperation and efforts of the
Labor under the Concentrated building and submit final business community. Men for their volunteer work at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. Mrs. Normal Elson

Employment Program (CEP), plans to HUD, Pepper said. trained for jobs that do not (standing R) Director of Volunteers, presents awards to Gwendolyn Spencer

Pepper said. Funds for the Concentrated exist is an effort in futility."I (standingL) and Yvonne Holliday, Cassandra Jefferson and Cynthia Smith ,

am confident that com- (seated) at the Annual Teen-Volunteers Luncheon held at the Sorrento Res-

I Soldiers Heroic Attempt Fails behind munity and businessmen give full support will rally to taurant. All high school students, they give their spare time, helping as

Specialist 5 Bobby G. Bell grand son of Mrs. Dollie M. assist this worthwhile effort," aides, mail I clerks, gift-cart and gift-shop clerks, messengers, laboratory and

made a heroic but vain attemptto Hukins. Pepper said. Dieticians' assistants, working in 13 different departments.
save the life of fellow
I soldier who was electrocuted 1

while wires installing in Bien communication Hoa.Specialist Capt. Samuel Stewart Honored Posthumously i ANNOUNCING!

On Sunday, Sept. 8at, 3 p.m. mony Master Stewart was pre-
a posthumous award of the sented with a shadow box containing TWO NEW

Distinguished Service Cross previously awarded .r
qv and the Purple Heart was givenat medals, ribbons and badges
a military ceremony hon- that Captain Stewart had received Adult Education ClassesIn

oring the late Captain SamuelR. prior to his death and

Stewart U. The ceremonywas are listed as follows: I

conducted at the Kendall Bronze Star Medal,National
United States Army Reserve Defense Service Medal, Viet- ,;

+ Center, 5601 San Amaro Dr. nam Service Medal, Vietnam It

i Coral Gables, Fla. The pre- Campaign Ribbon, Combat Infantry -
sentations were made to Mas- Badge, Parachutist BASICMERCHANDISING

ter Michael W. Stewart, the Badge.

surviving son ofcaptainStewart Captain Stewart was born at

who was accompanied by Miami on October 27,1940.He
his paternal grandfather Mr. attended the public schools of

Samuel R. Stewart, Jr. Miami where be graduated ,

Bell was returning After the posthumous cere from Miami Northwestern Sr Iit '

Honour-Smith Compound y .. '. i

when he saw a crowd : High School, with honors in the This course prepares the student for a (job in

gathered near the roadway. Poor Kids HelpedBy class of 1958. His education retail stores or similar businesses. In the .
Upon investigating, he saw the continued at Howard Univer-
the student studies selling, advertising,
victim, an NCO from the 267th sity, Washington, D. C. wherehe course
Signal Company, lying on the Miami Delay received a Bachelor of : retailing, various business activities, all of

ground in a state of shock. Science degree in mathema- which help get a better (job and gain promo-
Milton "Butterball" union 478 Food Fair and other
tics in 1964. Returning to Mi- : tion in the present (job. The course is taughtby
one of those rare disc joc- local merchants donating food
The victim's platoon mates ami he became a teacher at : small
keys who is more than a loud and Atlantic record company Mr. Geage Kilpatrick, owner a
his boots and
were removing
Miami Northwestern Sr. High
his mouth platter spinner enter- pitching in with a substantialcash : supermarket, and a certified instructor.
loosening clothing trying
School. In 1964 he was commissioned I
treat him for shock.He did not taining his audience. He goes contribution. a 2 LT Infantry of : TWO LOCATIONS AVAILABLE
out of his to help under-
way Butterball's one-man
appear to be breathing and was proJect the United States Army and
turning blue. Bell was asked if privileged children.en joy a also came to the attention serve d In the Republicans of :I TUESDAY NIGHTS, 7 to 10 p.m. at MAYS ;

he knew mouth-to-mouth re taste of the'good life. of city officials who had high Korea and Vietnam obtaining : HIGH SCHOOL 11700 Hainlin Mill Drive, t

suscitation. praise for his humane efforts the rank of Captain by 1966. : Goulds, Fla.THURSDAY.
and started doing their bit for
While serving on a second voluntary -
Explaining the situation, his "Teenie Weenies" as he tour of duty aiding less : NIGHTS,7 to 10 p.m. at NORTH-
Bell said "When I saw no one called them. County Commis- I WESTERN HIGH SCHOOL 7007 NW 12th
fortunate people as a military : .
doing anything,I did the only sioner Carroll donated a bar- advisor, Captain Stewart : Avenue, Miami. i iT'otal
thing I could do. He was not beque pit; City Manager Mel-
wounded at Ben Cat
was I
for either $2.00 Regis-
breathing when I first startedthe vin Reese gave cash as did cost course
on January 31, 1968 and :
mouth to mouth resuscitation. q Mrs. M. Athale Range, the tration fee. Register at the school of your
of his wounds
died result
as a
But after a minute or two, the town's first Negro city : choice. Diploma awarded at the completion .
on Feb. 11. 4 I,
he began. When he began commissioner. of the course.
breathing on his own, I quit With Miami Mayor Steve For extraordinary heroismin
giving first aid." Clark a regular visitor to his connection with military ; ADULTVOCATIONAL TECHNICAL.

Sunday frolics, Butterball has operations involving conflict DIVISION OF THE
enlarged his program to include with an armed hostile force on !
Because the victim apparently - DADE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM
was recovering and Ball started last June at twice a week trips to the January 31, Captain Steward |
an evacuation helicopter and Virginia Beach in Miami when various "Happy Miami Youth has posthumously been awarded j 1410 N. E. 2nd Avenue
Centers" with sodas and hot the Distinguished Service < Miami, Florida
doctor had arrived. Bell ton he took his family there for an
with the satisfaction of apparently outing and noticed about 40 dogs. He now has a volunteer Corss, one of our nations high- |

having helped the children from the Parkway staff of a dozen people helping est military awards. 1
with the Sunday affairs which
man. But, he later learned that Homes for underprivileged fr
now makes 200 kids happy.
the victim died on the helicopter eel c h 11 d r en spendingabor- "I just couldn't standby! and :'; r rCf

on the way to a hospital at ing day. What they lacked, he see those kids onthebeach
Long Bien. remarked to his wife, was the "
lifeless listless and bored
little things that go into mak-
he said. "It time to
was stop
Bell had studied mouth-to ing a day at the beach a plea-
mouth resuscitation in the Boy sant one.Being. 'big mouthing' and do some- .
thing constructive that would } ; ?rr: 'y l
Scouts where he Life
was a an activist, and with-
Scout, in YMCA and Red Cross out fanfare, he decided to air.long"outlast my words on the /iM'r

first aid courses, and in the throw a real bang up beach ,,}:
army. "But, this was the first party for them the next Sab- "An., where In the world
time I ever needed it," Bell bath complete with soda pop, you want to go"

explained. barbeque, games, prizes and T/tKG'T' COSTNOMO&E4T

rides spending his own
Bell Is an illustrator in the money. r
And it was a day the children, P&rL
graphics section of the 6th
PSYOP Development Center ranging in ages from 6 to 18,
will remember what with
(PDC). He is a graduate of long 7iUYEL 8VHlU
them for
Butterball taking
Booker T. Washington High
cruises on his motor. boat. "Your Neighborhood Trav.l lAg I
School in Miami and attended
Deciding to make the picnicsa .nts"
Florida A& M University in FOODS

Tallahassee.Bell weekly affair, Smith broad- A. near to you o. your National Dairy Products.Corp. ,
cast an appeal for support on folvphono. G// ,. us a call. 1'
is the son of Mr.Mrs. his popular radio show on 1d.llver.. 1104 NW 3rd 17707 N. W. Miami Court

William Jackson of 9201 NW WAME. It came droves from North Av.. ,FR Managor.98451. Chat. C. .., . ../ Miami, Florida '. .
Little River Blvd., and, the such places as local labor




4 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday.. September 13 1968 -

s&& k 3-TON4, Civil Disorder Insuranceby b To Be

laroi Leo Adderly, Center AttorneyIt Equal

**" areas; of \ +
in the poorer
is an established fact thatproperty

'the community have always been under-insured. reasons fcy Whitney H. Young Jr.
Office 6530NW 15th Ave., Miami, Fla. 33147-Phone,691.0421 Industry to
have been two-fold the refusal of the insurance

H. E. SIGISMUND REEVES, Editor and Publisher extend coverage in> these areas; and discriminatory,and oner I Executive Director National Urban League

GARTH C. REEVES, Managing Editor prohibitive, rates when insurance was made available. AS a j p

STANLEY I. SWEETING Theatrical Editor result, businessmen and resident property owners have suffered I. _

National Advertising Representative ; and continue to suffer financial hardship. Changes are Police rower

Amalgamated Publishers, I Inc.:' now taking plate to correct this inequitable situation,however.

310 Madison Avenue. New York, N. Y. 10017 The insurance squeeze on property insurance in,and on the Millions of Americans were shocked by the violent clashes

Member of the National Newspaper Publishers Association fringes of, blighted areas of the community, has never been between the police and peace demonstraters and newsmen in

2400 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, III. 60616 more cleraly illustrated than in the aftermath of the recent Chicago during the Democratic convention.We .

.... ed in of the major citiesof men with women with blood streaming
SUBSCRIPTION RATES civil disorders that have occ our many saw young down

ONE YEAR 55.00 SIX MONTHS $3.00 FOREIGN 6.00 our nation. Many property losses were not covered by in- their faces; youths thrown to the ground and clubbed! by four

surances. And many property owners and businessmen, who or five policemen;and we saw reporters and press photographers -
Entered as Second Class Matter, August 9, 1927 the
at Post before the disorders
insurance manner.
had fire and extended attacked in the same
Office at Miami, Florida, under the act of March 8, 1876 coverage
were suddenly notified that their policies were cancelled Innocent bystanders did n't escape either Middle-aged

The NEGRO"CREDO OF THE NEGRO PRESS" immediately after the riots. Obtaining similar cover- guests at the Hilton Hotel were pushed through a plate glass
PRESS believes
that America best lead
the world from racial and national antagonism when It accords age with another company, after cancellation of the policy, window and then they were beaten.

to every man regardless of his race creed or color his human was virtually nonexistent.This All of this was on television screens in millions of American -

and legal rights. Hating no man, ;fearing no man.-the Negro appalling situation led the President's Commission living rooms, and by now films of these outrageous events
Press strives to help in the firm
are hurt as long as anyone everman is held back. belief that all men Civil Disorders to recommend the following to remedy the have been shown around the world.

situation: People now should realize the dangers of unrestrained police

((1). That the insurance industry take the lead in establish power. Hopefully they now understand that such abuses aren't

'Ie ditur' ntebnnh ing voluntary plans In all states to assure all property owners the sole property of sheriffs in Mississippi and Alabama, but

fair access to property insurance. that they can exist in the great cities of the north as well.

(2). That states cooperate with the industry In establishingthese Americans now know -- because they have seen it with

VOTE FOR HOPES, NOT HATES plans; and to supplement the plans, to whatever extent their own eyes-- that what black people have been saying about

may be necessary, by organizing insurance pools and taking police abuses is true.For a change,black skulls weren't being
Vice-president Hubert Humphrey begun his coast-to-coast other to facilitate the of urban properties.
steps insuring core cracked. Those were white middle-class youngsters who felt
barnstorming tour on Monday by calling on the nation to reject -
(3). That the federal government enact legislation creatinga
and the crack of the
the sting of the tear-gas bullyclub.It .
what he said was the Old Era of hope, equality and unity. assist the
National Insurance Development Corporation, to
would defend this
is ironic that those excessive show
"I not to fears "
appeal your but to your reason, said the insurance
Insurance Industry and the states in providing adequate
of force on the grounds that the police were Jeered spit
vice-president, "I ask you to vote for your hopes, not for your for inner ,
hates." taunted, and otherwise humiliated, are the first to say that no
His speech for (4). That the federal government enact tax deferral measuresto amount of intimidation or brutal treatment done to the Ameri-
prepared a midday Philadelphia rally, reiterated -
increase the capacity of the insurance industry to absorb
for centuries his resort to force
the themes he announced In his formal presidential can Negro Justifies or vio-
the financial cost of the program.
campaign in lence.
Washington.The .
opener (5). And that such other steps, to meet the special needs of
of what happened in
vice president charged that,his opponent Richard Nixon.who perhaps some good may come Chicago.
-- was not mentioned by name in the text- Is openly competing the inner city insurance market, be taken; for example, programs I hope that many people who were so free,with their cries for

for the same votes as George Wallacefor the vote of to train agents and brokers from these areas; assure "law and order" now understand that we can't have law and

people who want, at best, to slow things down when it comes the absence racial of discrimination in Insurance company employment order without Justice and compassion.Now that they have seen
to programs that offer the way out of tension and trouble In or other groups;and to seek out better methodsof "order" can lead to when it is itself lawless and exces-
and of
America.He marketing insurance in low income sive, that slogan has been exposed for the fraudulent deviceit
termed the 1968 election "a national referendumnothing can be, namely a way of restricting freedom and suppressing
Some of these recommendations have been heeded by the
lesson human rights and human opportunity," saying dissent.

that the choice this year is:are we going to accept as invitable federal government, and a few state governments. And because the victims in this instance were white, perhaps

the conflict and hatred which are becoming a part of our every- The United States Congress recently enacted legislation people will be more likely to understand the complaints of the

day life. creating the National Insurance Development Corporation. It ghetto and be more willing to do something about them.
will reinsurance for insurance
provide companies inhighrise
"Turnaway from the older area when an American boy who For it was the indifference to the ghetto's complaints about
This will have the net effect it is submitted of
fought in an Integrated battle at Khecarih, could come home areas. freeingthe police actions that made what happened in Chicago possible.We .

to a segregated slum in America," Humphrey said. Choose Insurance squeeze !in poverty areas; and do away with the are all in the same boat -- if one group is allowed to suffer -
of "red under which there is
practice Lining''neighborhoods an
the new day when that boy can come home to a Job a training, other groups soon become victims. Yesterday it was black
to equality before the law and In his automatic denial of insurance because of location alone. in
neighborhood. "Turn people; Chicago it was white students and reporters. Who
away from the Old Era where separate and equal, really New York, also, recently enacted legislation provide fire will be tomorrow's victims?
and other insurance in slumareas.The chief featureof
meant separate but unequal,and when generation after generation or near, But it would be unfair to stigmatize all policemen for the
the New York plan is that it established a pool arrangement
in the same family ended up in poverty and welfare, he similar to the "assigned risk pool"set by automobile insurance acts of poorly-trained and poorly-led officers in Chicago. In

went on adding, "when people have hope they will not acceptwhat companies for drivers who are considered high.risks. New York, for example,a demonstration to protest the Chicago

Is wrong. They want something better. They want it now actions was held and the demonstrators presented a signed

and they are right. All insurance companies that are authorize to provide fire and placard to policemen thanking them for their professional performance

"I say this nation is willing 10 pay the price in dollars in extended coverage in the state are required to participate in of their duties.

personal sacrifice and in moral commitment to make this one the pool. Extended coverage includes insurance against lossessuffered But the fact is that in many cities Negroes are harassed by
America and to do it from acts of nature and civil disorders.
peacefully he said. some police without Justification. It doesn't have to take the
Speaking to the B'naiB'rith convention he charged that Nixon form of brutal
Florida has not yet acted on this insurance problem. It is club-swinging. Sometimes It's calling men
and theRepubllcans have chosen this year to Join forces with therefore, recommended that the state's legislature and insurance "boy" or stopping people and frisking them without cause.
most reactionary elements in American but Rudeness
society, ex- commission take to is common.
steps the
public this
pressed confidence that the nation's "great moderate majority tection. The events in Liberty City, In recent weeks clearly pro In the long run, the cure for police disorder is better train-
would ,
reject such efforts.
demonstrate an urgent need for an insurance plan such that: ing, higher pay, and betr education for candidates for the
If elected president"!will take new initiatives. . I believe recently enacted in New York. as force. But that will take a while,and right now there is a des

that I am a peace man." Humphrey had said earlier when perate need for civilian review boards handle civilian com-

interviewed on ABC's Issues and answers. "My Republican plaints and take actions to curb abuses of
opponent is no racist." He told the International Jewish If
Or- as seems
likely, creation of such boards is politically
ganization. He Is a fair and Just But he
man. and the
Republicans impossible
ought to be a public investigator with the
have chosen this year to Join forces with the most
elements reac- PHIL OSSOFER power to resolve complaints.Scandinavian countries have such
tionary of American society.
an officer, called an "ombudsman." too.
We need him here,
Humphrey said he is more suited to selling the Vietnam And
war local
One mayors have to take action to reform their police
because he Is "very close to the facts" and his general approach very important step terprises, found that the rate forward the so that they are to the needs of citizens
on road
is a little less hard-line than Mr. Nixon's. to equality of default is less than 1%-bathe U : and don't become
Ye Editor is still in favor of Vice President Hubert Hum- depends on a sharp Increase loss rates of the bank'snormal threats to law and Justice themselves.F. .

phrey for our next president, and sincerely hopes he will win in the number of Black busi- business loans. One

the nomination. ness enterprises. That step Black businessman gave as the

forward has been made most reason, "We're only given one S. E. S. REPORT:

THESE UNITED STATESThe difficult ...almost impossible chance to succeed."

above is the caption of a in .,by the traditional practices Training Jobs NowHere
story Readers Digest,- a which keep Black from Besides finances, there are Open

reference volume by Carolyn Davis. We enjoyed itwe hope the opportunities of people edu- other problems. Where canhe
you will. cation, good Jobs and the locate his plant or office?Who is an opportunity to learn a trade. Each week the
Did you know that in 1946 the possibility will Florida
average Federal income tax of advancement within sell him equipment and State Employment Service will list several trainee
per citizen was $40.56 and in 1966 it was $658.03 . that supplies? positions
we Wherewilihegethis open in the
are firms where they are employ- area.All you have to do is apply -
adding a population the size of Chicago to the United States ed. management men and sales- for them at the Employment Service office listed below -

each year . that farming is big corporate business with men? ,

about 30 per cent of the farms producing over 80 per cent of Despite the hardships, the Even labor relations maybe (I) A N.W Miami
indignities and the frustra- Company will train someone interested
the ;
. that
we have
currently defensive
military nations troublesome. When in
tions of Albert learning the is
on five continents? being unable to develop candy making trade. Experience
Johnson not
There are so many things we should know about this big and expand their God- became General Mot- necessary but you must be able to lift heavy sugar

booming country of ours. But it is Just about Impossible to, given talents, some have done ors' first Black new car deal- bags.forty hour The salary will start at$1.70 an hour for a five day,

keep up with all the changes.The well in business. But despite er last year In Chicago,he was week.

this breakthrough in the worldof "scared," as he put it him- (2) Another trainee position is open In N,W. Miami for
America knew*
we impossible in school now ringed business too few self. The former someone interested in becoming You
Blacks are dealer and a bicycle repairman.
with man-made satellites laced with
gigantic supernignways, able to step in and establish most of the service help were must be mechanically inclined and willing to learn. The
bursting with a population explosion and a red-hot
economy. businesses even when quali- White, and he expected them to salary starts at $85.00 a week. The hours are 8 a.m. to
The editors of Readers Digest fait it was high time we had 4:30: p.m.
fied to do walkout Monday
so. when he X through
walked in. Saturday.
a single-volume family reference book that would pull together
The They didn't (3)) if you want to learn water
biggest stumbling blockis , except for the the assembly of electric
the whole of from times
exciting story our country perhistoric heaters
i finances. hard-core a Hialeah must
Banks when has
approached Black-haters. He company openings now. You
through ithe present day . and into the world of the future. told be
for business loans the others, "Youhelp mechanically inclined and willing to learn.Thesalary
We are therefore proud to announce the publication of these starts
usually require a and Til help at SMS an hour for week.
threeyear'picture' you. He kept his a five day, forty hour
United States, a giant sized volume in the Reader's Digest ((4))
family reference series that tells everything essential about of the operations. promise beyond the terms of This job is not for a trainee, however, a local employer -

Even when a satisfactory resume the union contract,and now has needs an experienced over the road" driver.You
out country in maps, words and pictures.And because we feel must have
is given they a smooth an I.C.C. card and be to drivea
are slow running operation. willing and able
this book is so important we are offering you two chances to diesel
to loan to Blacks. One tractor trailer truck Miami to
money While on round trip from
win one of the 11,521 prizes in our $300,000.00 46 anniversary the percentage of Deaver
bank is proving the Colorado. Suitable
fallacy of Blacks working hours will be arranged
sweepstakes plus a free gift Just call your attention to business is still and the
this policy The First low very salary will start
these United States. Pen- the success of these at $150.00 a week.
nsylvania Banking and Trust may few Apply for all these Positions at the Industrial Office,
As Americans and as shareholders In democracy it is not serve as an Inspiration Florida
Company, which has lent about for others to State Employment Service, 1 3 50 NW 12th A venue,
only our privilege but our obligation know all we can about the"wilds"of room 280.
$1.2 millions to the Our offices Monday
encourage business world are.open at 8 a.m. sharp
our country. helping through
Black-owned and managed to make Friday
equality a reality.

\, ," . . .. . ,


THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 5

:&' .
- \fr ,



Dear Mr. Reeves:
rr 1

Congratulations on your newspaper's 46th birthday. During

your 46th year, you've really come of age.You are now reach-
Ing for the mark of excellence that rveknown you to be capa-
ble of for many years. '
I have watched The Miami Times grow from a 12-page edi- I IF THE BLACK MAN 1 M
tion to its present 32 pages. It has become a by-word In News- I' CAN MN IN MISSISSIPPI r .
r "
paper circles and an inspiration to Greater Mlamians of all HE CAN WIN ..r 3 MISSISSIPPI CAST
races. It has always been my opinion that In addition to reporting '- .ANYWHERE t77 .-"'; r ; IT'S VOTE-

the news, newspapers should perform a service to its ;
readers. No one can question the service The Miami Times is I

presently performing.My .J
pride in your progress Is so great, that I frequently mail
copies to all of my friends as far away as California. r m proud
J to be a Miamian and even prouder to claim The Miami Times

t, as my hometown newspaper. ,
t I wish for you another 46 years of sustained progress and J f aVVV1

service to our community.
J ,

I Respectfully yours, fa fit i'

Henry W. Daniels.

Sir: i 1r

This letter comes to you in reference to our arrival to Mi- !h
ami International last at I t,f
Airport, evening, September 2,1968, '
approximately 9:30 p.m. We tried to employ transportation to

our residence, 390 NW 2nd St. by way of Yellow Cab. Because

I being Negroes and city location, we were denied this trans- :-" r '.' I
portation by several cab drivers. One in particular No. 67. 1 6 1 i .F S,1 >

Can you (we hope)by some influencelook into this situation? / ;; .
i ,r
So we will not be confronted with this situation again. C j
D OCRA I Ol i !
4- rr u'CIaZ V
Expectantly yours,
Mr. and Mrs. Alphus Deane

Dear Sir:

1_ I
This letter is to inform you that the Scholarship Information I
1 Center still has available their booklet,College Opportunities Minorities MovingUp C 41' #
for Southern Negro Students. The booklet is free to studentsand

guidance counselors and it is$.50 for anyone else. We also : & TALK'POLITICS.1

have a new supplement to College Opportunities for Southern *'

Negro Students recently.with a listing of many scholarships developed In EmploymentPlans

Since we are on a shoe-string budget,we would like any free BY NORMAN E. JONES
advertising that you might be able to give us so that as many for Progress com- point out that this improve-
: students and counselors as possible will be able to
guidance panies have shown a 35 per ment must be continually compounded -
I benefit from the booklets.We cent gain overall in employ- over the next few forthcoming convention of the Florida Voters League
would appreciate any help that you can give us. Our ment of minorities since early years to bring about equiVa- Inc. will Initiate a practice which we hope will spread throughout _

address is Scholarship Information Center J; 1966 according to figures re.'lency'ln the employment field.In the entire nation and set a precedent which may well go along '

YM-YWCA x leased by the organization college recruiting activities way toward aiding the acceleration of the solutions to
University of North Carolina week. the establishment of a many of the many problems confronting the Negro individually -

Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514 The percentage gain is con- closer working relationship and as an easily identifiable ethnic !group.

Sincerely, siderably in excess of the 18 between Industry and educa- For the first time in the history of the Negro in America,

per cent increase in the num- tion has already been produc- Negroes will hold an "open convention" where every shadeof
Tony Mason ber of employees of all races tive and we are optimistic that though from a total cross section of Negro Americana on
Co-editor during the same period. The current effort will be drama- every issue they wish to publicly present their opinions on,
comparison is betweenasummary tically effective during the will be given the opportunity to be heard.

of reports received from next three years if our econo- For the first time, in the connection with any Negro conven-
Plans for Progress companiesin my remains on a stable base." tion of any nature, the Negro from "the street' will not onlybe

School IntegrationPlan the first quarter of 1968. invited to express his opinions directly, but will be sought,
For the past several years, out and brought to all of the public meetings and given time on
Plans for Progress is an organization Plans for progress has spon- the program to "speak his peace," without fear of being un-..,
WorkingCoconut of 440 companies sored three major cooperative recognized or rapped down or "put out of the meeting
which have executed with the programs between industryand of
In all conventions of Negro organizations, regardless
Grove Elementary School's experiment in maintaining Vice President of the United education designed to en- their nature, political, religious, fraternal, educational, social -

integration is apparently working. States formal voluntary plansto courage minority youth to stay professional, business or whatever, the "incrowd,"
Principal Timothy Herring said the school in initial enroll affirmative action in the in school, to complete their "streamroller" all opposition to their already determined

ment is "holding its own" at the 60 per cent black, 40 per field of equal employment op- education and to qualify them- "answers." With their control of the"gavel,"they recognize

cent white ratio it had last year. portunity.In selves for jobs in Industry and only the "safe in-crowddelegates' whom they know are goingto
The school, many parents feared, was about to become all the two-year-period, the business: "parrot" the administration policies.
black. It had a 30 per cent black, 70 per cent white ratio two number of Negroes, Spanish ((1) Vocational Guidance Institutes Even if"dissenter"happens to get the floor and happens to

years ago. Last year, this was nearly reversed.T surname Americans and other which are being con- get a motion before the house, the "in-crowd," kills the mo-
o head off de facto segregation,concerned parents ask- minorities employed by Plans ducted' in 35 cities this year to tion by tacking on disabling amendments, substitute motion,
ed the School Board to establish special programs they felt for Progress companies Increased assist guidance counselorsand defeats it loa voice vote, or !tin the event an unfavorable mo-

would make the school more attractive to white parents. 251,670.Tbisyear, teachers in working with tion should pass, the "chair" either tables it,or appoints his
Board agreed. the total minorities employed all minority youths. "safe in-crowd' to the committee and of course they "kill'it
who had lived in the school's amounted to 977,723 which Is
This week, abut 12 students, by inaction.In .
boundary area, but had transferred last year, came back. No over 10 per cent of the 9,567- (2) the college relations order to get a cross section of all divergent opinions we
aimed to assisting
others transferred out. There are 389 students in grades one 833 persons employed by these program edu- are for the first time expressly inviting representatives of all
predominately minority
to six.Another 27 are in kindergarten and 12 more in a special companies. Institutions to improve organizations regardless of their nature attend the convention -
cational -
has been in the
Biggest gain
education class. curricula staff and facilities for open public discussion on such pertinent subject as -'
"We're happy to be holding our own,' said Herring. "That'sall white collar categories. Here "the Vietnamese war' "civil disorder" police brutal-
which will
we had hoped for the first year. Next year we hope it will the number of minorities em- ity" the Republican-Democratic and the American parties-'
better qualified graduates,
from in
go to 50-50." ployed grew 59,125 total integration" vs "self-determination of the Negro com-

"It didn't look good for Integration, if wehad continued the 1965 to 217,563 or from 2.8 and(3) the Youth Motivation munity," jobs and business opportunities,the right of free expression -
cent of the white collar
way we were going," he said. per wit- and any other question of public interest.
where "living
The s c h 001's extra programs cost 67000. This includes work force to 4.6 per cent. program" The Florida Voters League Convention, Sept. 28-2910
funds for nine teacher aides who will divide their time among This represents a growth of nesses, minority employeesof Tampa is the time.
who have
268 per cent which occurred PIP companies
the 12 regular classrooms.It .
attained meaningful positions -------------------------
also includes funds for special programs in social studies during a period when the total I ,
white collar work force in the business world, meet
In all these areas students repre- SUBSCRIPTION ORDER
math, reading and science. j =I.
with high school and college
by PfP companies was
ahead at their own rate of
will be given a chance move
increasing 110 per cent. minority youth (over 222,000in I Miami Times I'I'I
speed. the past year) to encourage I 6530 NW 15th Avenue 1
Two years ago, only about them to become educationally I Miami Florida 33M7 I I
16 per cent of the minorities qualified. I II
employed by Plans for Pro- I I

Your ill gress companies were em- "The improvement in the II I Enclosed please find the sum of $5.00 1 1to lI
ployed in white collar cate- number of minority employedis
cover the cost of a one subscription I I.
I year
& PRESTIGE gories. In 1968, the propor- also a reality in the blue '
TO MORE PROFITS tion jumped to 23 per cent. collar classifications," Mr. I to the Miami Times. I II I

COULD BE ADVERTISINGYOUR "The headway made in mi- Allen said.The ratio of mi- "

BUSINESS IN nority white collar employ- norities employed Is growingand I Mall Pap, To I
ment particularly sig- will continue to Improve I
'hI): 'TI. L. nificant and very gratifying," provided all employers Add,...

J )!1f HJl! .hJf said T. C. Allen, administrative earnestly and consistently I taf. Ip Cod.. I
CALLUS TODAY! director, Plans for Progress ply fair employment practices J '

"However, I should ." L_________________________

Li I



6 THE MIAMI TIMES Friday, September 13, 1968 --

Teachers Urged To Care I1fJftdII


About Negro ChildrenOAKLAND ei9ltt4dO U.

Miami Times Society Editor Calif. This regation plan adopted by He PRISCILLA REDDING
of Berkeley.
city's school teachers and administrators nearby city
KIND WORDS Cold words freeze people, and hot words were urged this said that in spite of Oakland'sschool 51 ---

scorch them, and bitter words make them bitter,and wrathful week to "care about minority population being fresh per The members of the Church of Ascension (Episcopal) are
words make them wrathful. Kind words also produce their own children and not regard themas cent Negro, the city sponsoring "A Family Dinner," Sunday, Sept. 15at2 p.m., at

image on men's souls;and a beautiful image it is. They smooth pawns to be shunted about approaches to desegregationto 11201 Colonial Drive. $1.25 per person or$5.OOper family of

and quiet and comfort the hearer. pascal over a city chessboard" toap- avoid "compartmentationof five. Tickets may be purchased from any member.The .

The reason Dora Patterson was absent from her home she pease black or white groups.In peoples." include members of Second Baptist,Trustee Board are sponsoring .

rushed to the bedside of her mother, Mrs. Emma Tillman in a speech prepared for de- Other Wilkins proposals a Carnival September 28, on the church grounds,from

Bennettsvllle, S. C. livery at Oakland High Schoolon : school 12 noon until 6 p.m. Come out where the action is.
__ of the
Yvonne and Yvette Barnes of Baltimore were weekend guestsof Sept. 5, Roy Wilkins, exe- Revision meet the needof Houseguest of Mrs. Mary Wooten and family of(FillmoreSt
Oscar and Dorothy Weaver before Jetting to Nassau for avacation. cutive director of the National curriculum to to know ) was Bernard Sandford from Tallahassee. He wishes to
Association for the Advance- minority children thank one and all for making his visit a pleasant one.
their ancestors' -
After an absence of ten years Floyd H. Lewis and his familyare ment of Colored people, declared the truth about to American The Miami Killian Sr. High Booster Club Is sponsoring a

down from Washington, D. C. to visit his mother, Mrs. that teachers and principals contribution Dinner, Saturday, Sept. 14, from36p.m.. Come out and make
Ethel Lewis. must first believe that life. success.
. this affair a great
__ Inclusion of more minor-
Gracie Wyche visited her brother, Richard Thompson and the Negro child is educable. administrators not- Exercise your power Register to vote. Voters Registration -

her sister, Louisa Carey in Asbury Park. . but Paul spent "This belief has to come ity group only two, Negro Books will be open from Sept. 10 thru Oct. 5. You may
that there are
his vacation with brothers, James and Wesley at Newport through in all contacts with the ing principals in Oakland and register to vote at any of the following places: South Miami

News. child, the parents and the white recently appointed in Fire Station. Perrine Post Office; Kendall post Office, Dade
. Mrs. Arlis Keene vacationed in Nassau. After her returnto and black communities," he only New one York City.Increased. Land Maul, Cutler Ridge Community Center Building. For further -
the city she was hospitalized for two weeks. (Hialeah Hos- continued. "U a school man or participationof information call 377-7501.

pital). She wants her friends to know that she's recuperatingat woman does not believe this, n communities in
home, 8117 NW 13th Avenue. he should leave the professionand the parents school LILLIE c. EVANSThe I

It's back to school for: Dwight Wilson, Howard . J. Hart- take up butchering or program.
concluded that deprivations school lease via mail
Wilkins start of the new giving per.
man Taylor,Creightoo University, Omaha. ..Julia Lee Cook, bricklaying or chimney visited Ne- tinent information
upon brings many changes.We concerning
Tuskegee . Linda Kelly, Hampton. sweeping." year
groes call for the money, the at Lillie C. Evans, under this new organization at Lillie
Oakland study
Citing an dedication and the will of the able leadership of our C. Evans Elementary.Uyoudo
weeks in Lawncdown
Barbara McGruder spent two N. J. which showed minority and
with relatives and friends.Mr. low-income areas were more entire Oakland community. newly appointed principal, not receive Information with-

Oscar J. Edwards, Sr. of Brownsville returned on Saturday cooperative on school prob- "Since we are one people,regardless Mrs. Agenoria S. Paschal,are in the next week, please feel

from an extended tour of New England States and lems than those in higherIncome of the opportunisttalk in the midst of Initiating plans free to contact the school by
Canada. districts Mr. Wilkins of apartheid, it will be for a Lillie C. Evans Com- telephone, or in person. You
Shirley Rolle spent her vacation in Nassau . Bennie Ca- noted "the almost universal ourselves we will be saving, munity Council are always welcome to visit

bell is enjoying Nassau for the first time . Gloria Green desire of Negro families and not just the Negro.' Bulletins will soon be re- us at any time.(Telephone No.

vacationed in Mexico. communities that are trying

Mrs. Clara Harris jetted in from Denver to attend the funeral to sincerely help their young- Mrs. Susan McMurry and
of Mrs. Ethel Dorsett. Clara will spend two weeks with sters."
her sister and brother-in-law, Rosina and Leonard Ashe before friends, Mrs. Marie Taylor,
in Oak-
One of the troubles Mrs. Dora Foster and Miss
returning to Denver. land and elsewhere, he said, Bennie Cabell are back from
Houseguesting with Hazel and Nathaniel Davis is Arnetta ,
"has been that Negro parent their tour in the beautiful Har-
Wallace of Chicago. Arnetta is pastSupreme Baslieus of Alpha
have been pushed
groups bor and residential section.
Kappa Alpha Sorority and a Great Lakes area coordinator of
the background by a variety of Touring Nassau's finest top
WICS. Negro community organiza- and casinos featur-
Sophomore at S.C. State College, Curtis Gary of Newberry, night clubs
tions of which know lit-
many In show busi-
S. C. spent the summer with his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. and ing top names
tle about public education
native limbo. For
Hiram Boozer. The Boozers took him back to Newberry by ness, plus
care less about education results Gardens o
automobile to spend the final days of their vacation with Cur- day tours Adastro 6. .
than about control. beautiful parading flamingo .
tis' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emory Gary.
Wilkins urged Oakland to
Hazel and Thomas Pete Sanders the last birds. The casinos are one of
( ) were happy family
follow the "sweeping" desegSPECIAL -
the of the tour.
weekend when their son, Michael jetted in from Boston to spend highlights

the weekend. To add to their happiness, Pete's sister, Martha
Covington came down from Nashville to spend a week. a.l r
Eola (Dyke) and Annie Long along with Mary Eddings and I. 'J

Dan Terry motored SadlersvUle,Tenn to visit their mother,

Mrs. izellaTerry.Here .

from Nassau are Victor Bain,Una Davis and John Sca-
vella who are guests at the Columbus Hotel. F

Charles and Mary Rhodes are the proud parents of a baby .

girl, Charmaine Deidre, who weighed in at 5lbs. 2 oz. August

31, at Mt. Sinai Hospital.
Carl and Julia(Jones)Jackson ofDecee spent two weeks with /

her mother, Mrs. Mary Ross. .
Get well wishes to Mrs. Flossie Benton Baptist Hospital;

Moses Clemons at Parkway General; Willie Gresham at Mt.

Mary Lou Nixon and Mildred Francis jetted to Chicago to NOTICE!

attend the wedding of their niece, Joyce Hayes. We've |lust returned from Mrs. Verneice James
Here from Nassau was Mrs. Christiana Butler to visit her the Atlanta, Ga. Notional Imes It

sister, Mrs. Stephen (Louise) Rolle. Beauticians Convention. So Wig Stylist

Sad news from doctors at Martin Place East Hospital tellingof far, the very latest in hair Formerly of Susie's

Glen Hepburn who lies in a coma,hospitalized in very criti- styles-we have "Goodnews Beauty Salonis

cal condition from injuries suffered Saturday in a Continental for you. located
now at:
Football League game. Here in the cool and comfortable *

Little Michael W. Stewart attended the Military ceremonyat beauty salon of Thelma'sBeauty

the Kendall Reserve Center Sunday where he accepted the Jones located at 2686 NW Salon

posthumous awards of Distinguished Service Cross and Purple 62nd St. Ph: 6919669. 1094 NW 79th Street

Heart. His father, Capt. SamuelR.Stewart m, was hit by ene- You've tried the rest Phone: 693-0632 1'- vX t
my crossfire and died February 11 in Vietnam. Now try the best. Specializing in all types of
Sgt. Daneil W. Mulliens Auxiliary #39 will hold its regular The Girls ofJONES SALONof Beauty treatments.

meeting, Saturday, September 14, at Primary- 756 NW 66th BEAUTY Thelma H. Devoe Sheik chic in a
Street. All mothers, wives and sisters of disabled veteransare Doris & Odessa, Operators Owner and Operator twenty-three skidoo

invited to join the group. Time 7:30 p.m.
Are you interested In a career in banking? U so, please blouson dress that flapsits

stop in at Lincoln National Bank ask for Mr. Reeve. DALLAS CETTE ROSETTE HAIRSTYLIST jazzy way from summer

Pinkie Lowe spent her vacation with her mother in New Proudly Presents
into fall. The many
Smyrna Beach. When Pinkie returned to Miami, mom, Mrs. MRS. BERNICE BROWN ROBERSON

Virginia Fisher came down for a week's stay with her daugh- One of Miami leadinghairstylisr, has returned ScottandZeldaapprovedcolors

ter.Here tothe cityand has joined theteam of professional I are the cat's meow.
for the funeral of DeYansa Sturrup were Effie M. Davis artists at C.tte Rosette.Mrs. Roberson is skilled Sizes 513. $20.

Winchester, Va. Mrs.Cora Lee Albury, Howard LaRhoda,Carl in the field of cosmetology, etc. basically and
Inghram, Mrs. Vivian I. Francis and Anne Wilson of Nassau. technically.

Otis Stallworth of Chicago, Illinois visited his sister, Mrs.
Ardella Carter in Coconut Grove while in this fair city, he DALLAS CETTE ROSETTE HAIRSTYLIST Don't miss the Tropicalite Social

was guest of honor at a party given by Mrs. Adell Mitchell, ALSO OFFERS: Club's presentation of Fashions and
also of the Grove. HAIR STYLES Fashions featuring Lory's Fashions,

Mrs. Mattie M. Buck of Philadelphia, Pa.,will leave the city "To suit you" MANICURES"For perfect Sunday, September 15 at 5:00 p.m. at the
this weekend, via Jacksonville and Sanderville, Ga., before fingers" Bonded Rental Agency Auditorium, 4150

arriviiig at her home, after seeing the sights in Miami and NW 7th Avenue. Donation $1.50.tORr .

Nassau. She was the houseguest of Mrs. Evelyn Souter, who WIGS STY LED MAKE UP b FACIALS

has returned to the city from Nassau,and Mrs. Deloris Chavis "For extra beauty "For those special

and family. occasions"HAIR .

"For a newlook" "For
The class members of 1959 EVERYBODY'SBUSINESS a beautiful color change"

of Northwestern are ur/ed to I !
meet at Freeman's Barber AOIID.,..,, ,_ PERMANENTS "Are Our Speciality" FASHION SHOPS . EYERrWHERE/

Shop, 4207 NW 17th Ave., at d'a.a...=, -=-. 6131 NW 7th AVENUE PH: 151-9213 6112 NW 7TH AVENUE (EDISON CENTER)
8:30 p.m. September 14.



THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 7

Summer JobReport

r '

Florida State Employment
Service placement of youth on
jobs for the months of May

through August, 1968,as compared -
LINOTYPE to the same period in

1967, shows marked evidence
THE LITTLE RED BOOK: Miamian Dr. Robert Lee Owens
that concerted community ef-
president of Knoxville College in Tennessee '.
fort and national summer Jobs
(Tuskegee alumnus of 1949)received a Tus-
campaign do work.Comparison .
kegee Institute alumnus Merit Award from
figures of May
President L. H, Foster during Tuskegee'sJune
August, 1967 and May -August -
commencement. The award to Dr.
1968 are: 1967 Total
Owens (BS MA and
Tuskegee; PhD University -
youth placements (
of Iowa) was second only to Miss Ruth A.
both summer and permanent)
Lucas (BS Tuskegee 1942 MA Columbia I
1165 of that 362
figure, were
1957)) who is the highest ranking Negro woman .
summer only. Total jf IIT'c
In the armed services (Lt Col USAF) I youth placements (includes !
and the only woman officer on the Educa- .
: both summer and permanent) A as
non taU oi Office 01 me .
tne secretary Of '
3105 of that figure, 1139 were d'f

summer The above only.figures represent gI Y

Involving placements solely through _
a heretofore reliable agent. We beg to offer our apology and FSES and do not include Jobs

j are sorry If we offended anyone . His eminence, the Duke filled bypr i v a t e employers
' of Ellington, goes into Marine Stadium on Rickenbacker Cause- through their own personnel

way for a Jazz concert next Thursday night. The Sam Wil- departments or other city,
sons (Hardy Jackson) have occupied their lakeside home at county or community agen .r

1175 NW 83rd st ..Florida Memorial College opens today in
its new location but student dormitories won't be ready before cies.The total summer Jobs filled .......---- -'. ---,,-, - -_ ,..,.. '_JII;;;_,, ......._ ,:'-"",!:
December. Resident students will live in trailers parked on by city, county and com-
'I the campus in the meantime. munity agencies through July NEW YORK-Grand Exalted Ruler Hobson R. Reynolds the Improved,

31, 1968 are: Summer 1773 Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World, buzzes Miss Shirley

SALT WATER TAFFY: Key West-bornCecelia Ellis(Harry Permanent- 1006. Total of all Washington, of Detroit, Michigan, newly crowned Miss America of the IBPOEof
Ellis' kid) has her first--a girl.. born in New York City four for this including
agencies period, W. at the Elk's Convention just concluded here at the New York Hilton
weeks ago . Nassauvian Eric Russell ended his one-week the 3105 FSES place- Hotel.
stay here last Sunday. No sooner than she sheds about 20 ments: Summer 2912. Per-
pounds of avoirdupois, Janet Roberts will enroll her shapely manent 2972. Miss Washington was crowned by her predecessor, Miss Marian Wells,

torso in an airline training school hostesses.. . Was that Early in the spring of 1968, second from right, a Northeast Airline stewardess. Miss Wells, now I living in

City Commissioner's early ayem flight to Nassau August 4 a the FSES began its summer Roxbury, Mass., is a native of Bridgeport, Conn. On the extreme right is the

shrouded one ? ? ? Mrs Ida Webb to the Isle-of-Pink-Pearl Jobs campaign.A business-to- runner-up, Miss Verna L. Boyd, of Holly Springs, Miss.
j Sunday ayem to attend the funeral of Ellison Smith's grand- business saturation visitation

,: mother buried on the island that p.m. at 3:00. schedule by FSES representatives -
resulted in hundreds of
t; THE WEEK'S WASH: Terminal Luncheonette and Sundries
summer job openings that
: at Seaboard Coast Lines' RR station shuttered for back taxes
were filled as soon as students
, . WRIZ, flying the banner of Mission Broadcasting Co of
finished their current school
San Antonio, Texas to take over Miami's WAME in million term. The Miami Opportunity DrI 1!

dollar pact ? ? ? Ex-City of Miami patrolman Dess Vangater Center was named as head-

now chauffeuring a delivery van for Cooper Distributors Inc quarters for youth looking for
. Roving newsman John A. Diaz cards our desk from his
lair in Trinidad after island-bopping all over the West Indies instant summer jobs job and information a network was of E U R DIN E 8 .

during the past few weeks. The suave reporter is due in townin
available from each local of-
a few days enroute to the Quaker City of Phllly.
fice to MOC. Special emphasis -

t SCRATCH MY BACK: James (Moon) Vickers mending at was focused on placing
home after a freak auto accident put him in a hospital for a needy youth on jobs.The usual,

brief stay. The mishap occured on Highway 95Sept 5 when an heavy traffic into the MOC office .

axle on his vehicle broke followed by a smashup. . Thelma was augmented by students r
Carnegie recuperating at home after a light stroke. . Pugilist returning home from , ,
Joe Cartwright rushed to Jackson Memorial last Saturday out-of-town schools, recent
\t''' night suffering from second-degree burns Inflicted upon his high s c h 001 graduates, and

frame when flames from a crippled car's hot motor belched those between-school, who I.
t upon his clothing. The 28-year-old Opa-lockan, attempting tof needed work to continue their todaySaturday

help a damsel in distress In Northside Shopping Center, pour- education.
ed gas fluid into the car's carburetor when suddenly she attempted A complete report which will
i,' to start the motor causing the explosion. Include the August figures for
city, county and community
i STUFF AND SUCH: Nurses attendant in gynecology Birdie agencies will be available
Colebrook on a vacation tour Florida? Kenneth Williams shortly.
and his two lovely beige lassies taking inventory of the new and monday only
Florida Memorial College buildings and grounds on a Sunday
afternoon . And isn't Hollywood and TV star Raymond Burr
(he's chairman of FMC advisory board) due in town next Saturday

(Sept 21)) for conferences with the college's prexy Dr :

'. Royal Puryear and board chairman Dr Edward T. Graham : A Giant Savings Event ,
anent extensive national publicity the school?? ? The Oral f<
(Marian Finder) Aliens celebrated another anniversary Tues-

day (Sept 10),

SWEETS' TREATS: City jail guard Sam Henly who recently '
annexed to beautiful Catherine Mayhew the RN(now doing spec- ',.
ial chores at St.Joseph hospital on Miami Beach))) has applied IJ Just pick up y ou r Burdine's credit card . and

for legal adoption papers for his six-year-old stepson Donald.
The trio Is currently domiciled on plush Normandy Isle across head for the Burdine's nearest you .You've three ,'I'

the Bay . The Frith (Dorothy) Watkins' are grandparents

Their grandarling's named Treneise Ray. .Dunbar elemen- :): days to find each Burdine store overflowing with
tary schoolmarm Roslyn Bethel birthdayed September 7 . .
Ditto Mrs Sybil Ramos Sept 8 . Bertram and Lula Cole-
J the newest excitement in fashions for family
brooke's daughter Raphaletta celebrates her entry into the
teenage ranks with a party at her home come Saturday (Sept.I ,
14). and your home. You don't need a penny in your

CONFIDNETIA YOURS: The late educator Anthony pocket . not even a down payment. . and you
Gardiner's baby son Anselunbornathisdeath in August 1967)was ) Mr. and Mrs. William

-months-old September 1. Mother (Quyline Turner- Curry, Sr. of 1633 NW 1st Ct. can take months to pay. See you today?
Gardiner) and baby doing fine . Leola Griffin's second take this method to express

daughter (Yvonne Burney-Gr eenf ield)a student at Central State sincere thanks to each and : ,,.\, :. ', ', ..,
University's branch of Wilberforce U. Springfield, Ohio . everyone for their help in the i ,', .-'' ,., ,,
Harold Mitchell's brother Charles wound up his two weeks stay trouble and sickness of their '/

here Monday. Enroute back to Phllly . The late Bert and son William A.CurryJr., ( :. ':
Annie McKinney-Sturrup's son 18-year-old Deyanza Adalbert better known as Curry. '
Sturrup buried atop his father's grave last Saturday. The deceased Deeper thanks to Mr.Harold "

youngster's aunts Lee Sturrup-Albury (Nassau) and Moore and Mr. Donnell John- t ',.. I. ; .

Effie McKinney-Davis (Winchester, Va) here for the burial son and Jackson Memorial , ',.C I i' ... .

from St Agnes Episcopal Saturday. . Atty Calvin Mapp :Hospital. Thanks for cards, J'I- ,.

(Ma tthews- Braynon-Mapp), Christel Ingraham-Roach and prayers, and letters big and .
in 2nd .., ... ...
Colleen Pinder birthdayed September 10. . Shifting ,small. : ., .
Gear Chris tab e 1 Demeritte' (RR Moton) and Larue Ford I offer ,- .
: my respect and admiration : < ; TJ :: :X-, '''' '
: ,
(Holmes) to elementary case workers. . Emanuel Frayar, and ask that God .f' ; ; :: } ,; .

Willie Frank Johnson and Evadne Curlin-Jacobs to visiting ,shower his blessing upon you ,
teachers for truancy . That's it brother, from your one- :all. ,: .. ,- (:' '' -1'" '". ... "'"
man-newspaper, who knows everybody and everybody's racket, "
but who Is allways giving some poor sucker a break! Curry

--- -

8 THE MIAMI TIMES. Friday September-- 13, 1968 Duke Ellington/// at B-CC

Kiah Sayles Join Cutty Sark me Cultural Activities magic. Ue Complete Genius
Committee at BethuneCook- as discerning critics through
NEW YORK.-KIah Sajrles beaYJ"ftlgbt champion jw man College will present Duke out the world have proclaim.
has Joined the Catty Saxk LET iS. and his orchestra in ed, he expresses himself
andfiargvette Ellington withconcert
Scotch Whisky crg1J Utial as He attended Lincoln Audia broad
Clyde & Frank at Peabody and an unmis-
East Coast acco :t uecatiTespecial1.ti universities, is a palette
SatiooalAss'n.of trium at 8 p.m. Wednesday takably touch. La
of the
market member
PRESENT g in Negro almost
18. every imaginable
and the September ap.
sales. Market Developers
Solid Amooncemest: of his appointment Elks. Recently Mr. Sayles has Duke Ellington occupies a proach to the presentation of
Gold American
Weekend Show ns made by been active in the Kennedy unique place in American music and its atten-
Kerned Washington national Recreational Center In New music. No other name today dant arts, be is far out in frontequals
his in prestige and of the field-beyond
director of Negro marketing York City. overtaking,
activities for Catty Sark,
America's So.1 selling; Scotch

Whisky. LIB f Now
l r.Sayles comes to his DeW
position from P. BallanfineSODS L CITY
vtere be *as market de-
F .eka anent manager: for toe nationally -
: -kaovn brewing firm. r---- WINNER OF
n his new job be will war t

r(:' .. closely piamrfng with and Ur.developing Washington sales in 5 ACADEMY AWARDS!

J '_ and merchandising prograns _,
far Catty Saxk.
Delia Little
Before joining: Baliantne in
Humphrey Beaver 1961. Ur. Sayles was wig the
LJebmam Brewing Co. Prier
to that he was poblic: relations
The Little Grover Sam & Dan director for former wok

Charles Glasco

FRIDAY NIGHT Beat the Club. Before 11
p.m. Admission is free. HOMOSEXUALSFIGHT

SUNDAY Teenage Matinee 3 to 6 p.m.
Special Adult Matinee from 6 to 9. BACKThe
Admission Free. 1


no longeris 1
THURSDAY OCT. 10 hunted

N.W. Sth ST. & 3rd AYE. FR 3-J38I. like an animal.

Read about

this amazing

: transformationin kL POITIER STEIGER


HW TtH AVE C3i-4211 SEPIAAt '

newstcnd' IN T kETfa ,:: '.,
your now.
3 Blood Curdling Thrillers!!

SACRIFICED TO THE e - NIGhT"jI4i'1kk j ,


1, [
y fTtT

LL Pisi1L LviOYIti'i IAYFQ oarsc.s



TS in.iv 71 IL

QDS ._Q T1 tii1A W3IIEI! ;\
lit Tf a
I. .M:Ji.A++ t.R T.r+arrrr

Llood-curdling TICKET DEPOTS

......- -.=......'.; 1 color -Discount Records, THE BONANZA THEATRE OF JAZZ . In Fort Lauderdale
.-.... No. Miami Bch; Sound of
-- (The
- Music, Mirocl Mile; Miami Jazz Center of the World)
Marin Stadium;Music Mok.srs .
,No. Side Shopping Cen

ANYTHING. THAT MOVES! NW54fh Hollywood.FT., LAUDERDALE St.:,Mama's-Music Bonanza American Evolution 0 f Jazz

Room of tH' Escop THURSDAY
ti Hotel, Brown's Music Store, NITE, SEPT. 19th, 1968
Off Sunrise. 8:00: P. M.
Checks or money orders MARINE STADIUM, Rickenbacker Csway, Miami
i payable as D. & B. Corp. Listed, in order of appearance:
elf addressed envelope to
Escape Hotel, 2100 Rio JOE RICO WGBS Disc-jockey I Master of Ceremonies

.. Mar, Ft. Louderdale, Flo. BILLY BUTTERFIELD and His Orchestra . . . Dixie Land Music

Jit MIKE VETRO and His Orchestra . . . . .Rhythm 'N Blues Music
r, IRA SULLIVAN and His Orchestra . . . . . .Avant Garde' Music

,7; ,11. t "CHUBBY" JACKSON and His Orchestra . . . Big Band Jazz Music

S 4' .. +. w Featuring DUFFY JACKSON . MARGE ANN
Wy4 w
f. '

;1 in blood-curdling t' nllBt I DUKE HIS ELLINGTON

witftt I kLNL S m AND HIS
A CIRIO H. SANTIAGO. PRODUCTION Directed by G.de LEON Featuring' Johnny Hodgesl!



.. : .
.. . "' p .

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 968 9

r Cashier Checker

, ,.....,.
I. 'i. : j Training Course

: ",
Talk ;.'.. ;} ;} OfferedA r'ik c

....._ BY JIMMY "SCOOP" BETHEL .." Supermarket cashier _
-checker training course

PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT .Army Lt. Arthur Ashe sponsored by the food store
(Negro from Richmond,Va.)the first black man to win the U.S. Industry is now available at
National amateur tennish championship. Ashe won the title in Lindsey Hopkins Education
a playoff at BrooklJne.Mass.Brookllneis one of America's ,Center.
richest towns. Negroes in the past had been barred from play- The course is designed to I
Ing at most of the rich (all white) clubs in the U.S.A. . Let end a perennial supermarket
us hope that Lt. Arthur Ashe will overcome that "lily-whit tw headache-errors at the check
barrier, and be expected for his "talent and merits," and not stand. The 90 minute daytime
his color .The death of actor William Talman due to a malignant course begins Sept. 16. Daily o'y
long tumor (cancer) Talman, 53, played the district WILLIAM HAROLD GARY classes are for five weeks
attorney on the Raymond Burr, TV., Perry Masonseries, for is on the move at Lukens Steel starting at 8:30 a.m.
nine years . Diahann Carroll stars in her first NBC-TV Company Coatesville, Pa. He The course cost $15 and
show Tuesday, Sept 17 at 8:30.This makes her the first black has been promoted to person- students will be ready for em-
female star to have her own television series. . .Stokely nel assistant in employment.He ployment in small or large
Carmichael recently dismissed from SNCC (fired) Is now the had been a trainee since stores upon graduation. If you
Prime Minister of the Black Panthers Parry . Last week his graduation fro m More- are interested call 350-3511. .
when 200 men (including some off duty NY cops) attacked 15 house College in 1967.
Black Panthers, they didn't expect to run into 15 Karate and During his Junior and senior
Judo experts 200 feelings got hurt. Comedy genius, years at Morehouse, Gary f f
Timmie Rogers at the NY Americana's Royal Box. was employed by the Collegeas
.w Psychology Laboratory

assistant. .-.AJ_....._ "'_,., ... .
Tropical Socialites,
I A Last year, during the presents fashion and fashion NASSAU, BAHAMAS The masterful use of zoom- ,
Personnel Testing Institute in
a Chicago, he was certified by featuring Lory's Fashions, ing and rim lighting techniques by Bahamas News Bureau
Science Research Associatesand plus "Little Wayne," with his award-winning photographer Roland Rose producesa
the American Psychological Rhythm Steps, from the East stunning rhythm effect in the artistry of bongo drum-
Association. Coast, Sunday, September 15, mer Berkley "Peanuts" Taylor. A vrfuolegend both in.
Gary Is a member of Coates at Bonded Collection Agency, the Bahamas and abroad for his mastery of the goatskin
ville Area Jaycees, the Indus 4150 NW 7th Ave., at 5 p.m. drums .. he beats six at a time .. "Peanuts" is the star
trial Management Club, and Donation Is $1.50. of one of the many colorful native shows on the night club

the Omega Psi Phi' Fraternity, circuit here.

Inc. He is on the board of the .._,_..........._._ ._._uu_._._. _._u.u..,....................................r.. .....,....n_................... "
Chester Brothers : i :)i@ : :): )) :: :: : : :: ]:; i !
County Big
---- --.." MiijhiCt;: ;:ri :bmf@ilii :
MARTIN LUTHER KING KIRKLYN ARTHUR-PRYSOCK-- --- Association serving as secretary.and is presently fllri iiii'i:1rJ '\

Gary lives in West Chesterat
KIRKLYN SMITH-SCHOOL TEACHER OF THE WEEK . Goshen West Apartments. :;': 6000 NW 7 Ave :g11f

Kirklyn Is the daughter of Mrs.Grace LeeSmith of Opa-locka. He graduated from Miami 1 1
She teaches an eighth'grade class at Ft. Lauderdale Jr. High Northwestern Senior High Fri. Sato S un. E
:::: :::::::
School. Her hobby is collecting records.Her treasured recordsare School in'1963. He is the elder ;
those of the Late Martin Luther King.(He was her favorite son of Mrs. Arie Gary of ifm MR. WALTERS PRESENTS I mm

speaker) . Miss Kirklyn enjoys dancing, Rock and Roll Miami, Fla. I.... ; '"
music and jazz. Her favorite singers are Nancy Wilson and ::11 ; DIRECT FROM :::;:
Arthur Prysock; songs,Nancy's Is Beautiful"and Pry- :::1::::;:c: CHICAGO, ILL. ::;::

sock's "Ebb Tide." Miss Kirklyn styles, designs and makes :I.;::.:::;.:::. :::.:::.:::.:::.
her own cloth. She's engaged. : ERNIELUCAS
: I Im
ROUND ABOUT TALK v .Mr.. and Mrs. Charles Hudson ;'I M
>and their four children spent two weeks vacationing in New
York. (Their kids, Charles., Myra, Marvin and Sandy) whilein 11 1 "lOV'E TH IE F" !h 111 111I

New York, they were entertained by Mrs. Virginia Hudson .
'of 3170 Broadway, NYC and Mr. Earl Ferguson, 274 Miller 111I
Ave. Bklyn. . Earl Perpall, son of Master Sgt. Arthur Per- I -I
Held OverI!! 3rd Week
pall (USA) Is spending six weeks in Brazil as an exchange stu- Big ti1f
dent. Earl Is a straight 'A' student,he's the grandson of Mrs. } Ha
Hilda Perpall, 1720 NW 44th St., Miami and he resides at 418
20th St. NE, Washington, D. C. . Mildred Howett, 1704 Se- -w -
ward, Bronx, and Emily Thomas, 55 W 100th St., NYC, returned _r'..____ TI I I;
to New York last week after spending a very enjoyable three
weeks in Miami also time with and Mrs. SP/5 Woodrow Charles C.PJ.ige '
,they spent Mr. Gradyshe's
1 ;::::
will be his .rjii:::; LittleEddie ::;
visiting par-
( Cora) Wlnkfield, 103 W 184th St., Perrlne, Fla. M
ents upon his re turn from
NAVR SPLO Viet Nam. He is
MUSIC . The ,
Poor Peoples' Theatre Performance of Beautiful Dreamer at the son of Mrs. Lillian E. :::::::: Ja io W::::::

the World's Fair site in Queens (given by Trish Van Devere Brooks, stepfather Garfield .:.:.:.: t::.:.
and Scott Cunningham) was a wonderful tribute to Dr. M. L. Brooks of 2540 NW 162nd Ter. W
King. . The impressions, newest disc'Fool For You" dedi- and the grandson of Mrs.Ruth i TaylorTHE t
Brothers of Love Hanna of 2310 NW 166th St. .
cated to pretty Pamela Farrington The ,
"Yes I Am' (sound like the Temptations)to cute Carolyn Estes SP/5 has served 18 monthsin ::1:;1:! ( WORLD'S ONLY SINGING MIDGET) ; : a
. Clarence Carter's "Slip Away' dedicated Betty Moss. Viet Nam and after his M
(lady of the Urban League Guild). . Say it loud, I'm black and leave, will return for an extended :
: :::::
six months. :;::::: P L U S
fm pround, (James Brown) dedicated to news man, Bobby T.
Reid. We are watching you. . This is Scoop Bethel. saying, Paige has been awarded the $
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Army Commendation Air 1 1 j EDWARD EDWARDS !! f frm'

Medal, Medical Badge and the M
Purple Heart.

See and Hear !1 1j THE DYNAMIC AR-KAYS t.11J.!..!...
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II. ---- ------- -
'r.+: ,'


10 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 I. . . . . . . . . qll . . ..
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . -

11j! : On The Scene With Miami Youth ;, I

l 'r,' ",....

TheHappening "' :: '-:) I Sky Organized Lake Panthers Youth Newly Club I

,,,)-J. I The Sky Lake Panthers, head at 1770NW83rdSt. or
club call 6931304. The Sky
';:, newly organized youth Lake
football Panthers were organized
\I won it's first game under
against a good Miami Dade the direction of Northside

i 1. team. The Panthers scored Community Civic Associa_
By Garth C. Reeves, Jr. tion, to develop and
once on a blocked punt, a pass upgrade
- - - Interception and three times the community and develop

from scrimage. self-help progrms.
We have successfully ended our second week of school and Lawrence Gilliard scoredon With this as our objectivewe

all seems well. By now each student Is either satisfied or runs of 60 and 45 yards re found It necessary to begin
thoroughly disgusted with the classes they have and the Instructors spective. Others scoring were with the youth of the area, so

teaching them. fi Ricky Edwards on a 40 yard the search was on for boys to
Most of the mass confusion of schedule changes are over reverse play. Ronald Durantran form the team. We needed a

with. This Is a considerably mild period of adjustment faced \j HF for 30 yards on a blocked sponsor, we contacted radio

by most high school students. Those 1968 graduates who are punt and Elvis Peacockona 55 station WMBM's president,he

attending college this fall, are the ones having the big problemof yard pass interception.The referred us to Mr. Lenny Left
adjusting. Some of these kids and the colleges they are attending Panthers offensive line of the Skylake Optimist Club.

are: made all runs possible with These men who do not live in
HARVARD: Emory West excellent blocking.The this area, wanted to do some-

YALE: Clarence SmithU defense, led by Morrie thing for the youth of the area,
of M: Elvis Paschal and Edward Gooding Wells and Marvin Mathis,held so they arranged! to purchase
FBK Gala Brown and Robert Hall uniforms and-insurance
: the Miami Dade team to once for 25
BENNETTE: Sharon Roddick, Rachel Reeves and Pat Austin touch down. The game was play. boys. They are not doing this
HAMPTON Patricia Styles and Linda Kelley
: for publicity. They are
ed at the Miami Dade field before just
SPELLMAN: Paulette Gabrielle men who care.
a crowd estimated at one
WINTHROP: Jackie Bland Anyone Interested in
:hundred and sixty. giving
HAWAII: Jackie Glass Follow the team and offer their time in helping with any
TUSKEGEE: Sophonla Darling other youth programs, please
support. Anyone seeking
and Glenda Peterson
MORRB Hightower
BROWN: Aquilla
call Mr. Joseph Whitehead.
information about the team can

TEMPLE BETHUNE: :Gwendolyn John Culmer Rock, Sandra Marshall, Miles Johnson and I Sod Stito 01 t Me Week contact the team public rela- headcoach 693-1304 or 6912919.Mr. Willis Jiles

Georgia White I tions man, Mr. Joseph White- ,

FA MU: Sam and Ruth Stubbs,Fred Bethel,Lietta Sergeant and ---
Our soul sister of the week is Odessa Thomas,
Patricia Pompey I daughter of Mrs. Ellen Thomas of 6502 NW 14th Ave.
TENN.: Julia CookN. Odessa is a senior at Miami Northwesternwheresbe Is TJ-: &
C. A & T: Arthur Butler I Jin such school organizations as speakers council, and
(ALABAMA: Willie Blackman and Lorone Houston 'the marching and concert band.Her hobbies are swimming .c na
TLA. MEM. Patricia Culpepper, Ida Robinson,George Busby,
reading and listening to different types of music. 47i
John Bailey and Don Jennings

'DADE: Yvonne Collins, Norvel Bethel, Sandra Nealey,.Denise I

Burnside, Lena Smith, Herma Justice, Patricia Robinson, rf
Ben West, Flora Mitchell,Anthony Blackman,Vincent Dunn, :u
and Erroll Johnson.
* * * *** * *

** There Is a new 45 rpm record out called "The Look of J / ,
'Love." This particular record was originally recorded by Paul -

Muriat and can be heard now all Jazzed up by Miami's own '
'Charlie Austin Quintet. On the flip side is the familiar tune :

"The Green Tambourine." Two very popular recordings
,which make this 45 one of the hottest out.
* * * *** * *

The Miami Northwestern Bulls have started their weekly

dances, or shall I say sock-hops, in the school gym. The Bulls ARTS AND CRAFTS AT THE CARVER YMCA
are boasting of the dazzling refinished gym floor they have.

Drop by and see it. It's something fine. Arts and Crafts is one of the many activities offered at the
* * * *** **
Carver YMCA. photography and Ceramics are also taught
Sunday nght Alan Rock and China Valles presented In con along with the arts and crafts program.

cert Dizzy Gillespie with James Moody at Miami Marine Sta These activities are offered Monday-Friday from 12 p.m.to

:dium. The show also featured the Ira Sullivan Four, Charlie 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m.to 12 p.m. All instructionis
,Austin and Sandra, the voice of tomorrow. Although Miami free if you are a member 0 f Carver 'Y1.
Marine Stadium is a beautiful setting for these concerts, the For further information call 696-0231 or 6960232.
>acoustics are something to be desired. Think how great this ri
'cool Jazz will sound in Dade County Auditorium.
* * * *** * *
Tacolcy To Get New
,: This Saturday night Miami Jackson will have it's first night
dance. This is something that students have not been able to

enjoy in the past. The dance Is sponsored by the Student Coun Youth Center
cil. The class of '69 works wonders.
***** ** * * *
TACOLCY's roller-coster is now headquartered in a big
The last set thrown by the National Council of Negro Womenwas fortunes took a sharp upswing old house on the corner of NW
a blast. The kids grazed in the grass until the bewitching e Friday. 62nd St. and 9th Ave., which
hour of twelve with all of the latest sounds. The groovers were months ago
4 The black teenagers who run was rented three
from everywhere Northwestern, Jackson, Central, Edison, > the Liberty City recreation from real estate broker
Notre Dame Academy, Curley and even the older college kids center learned that a federal Howard Reigier and several
dropped in. They would like to thank all of their supporters for has
grant been approved to buy business partners.
patronizing their parties. This week the youth group Introduces the land feared Reig-
on which their tem The youths had
a new bag the girls are selling tickets to raffle offa ( ,. porary headquarters stands ier planned to evict them when
Kodak Instamatic 104 Camera. Check with the chick from and to lease runs
build a new facility. their four-month
your shool to find out the details of this raffle
Only the day before, the out In three weeks.
* * * ** * *

Last Friday night the weekly dance at the National Guard Young Local Artist Has Sept.youths 30 had expiration awaited bitterly of their the Under terms of the neigh-

Armory on Seventh Avenue and 28th proved enjoyable by the least with no borhood facilities grant ap-
crowd which in to have apparent pros- the existing
dropped a good time. pects of help.Officials proved Friday,
* * * * * * house will be replaced by a
Exhibited of
Happy birthday to Patricia Campbell, Miami Central senior Economic structure designed for the use
who celebrated her 17th last Opportunity Program, Inc., number of war
birthday on Monday. of TACOLCY, a
"Expressions of Emotions"Is YMCA's Culture which
Through sponsor s TACOLCY
* * * * * Play activities and some
the title of a showing of program.The were inclined to credit on poverty
45 OF THE WEEK: "Down Here On The Ground' by Lou works of art being exhibited at showing will run from Claude Pepper with the unexpected Rep. services of the new Model City

Rawls a Nest of Owls Art Gallery, Sept. 10 Oct. 7. Previewswill approval of program.The .
ALBUM OF THE WEEK: "Feliciano" by Jose Feliciano Inc. by Walter Mitchell. be held a $116,779grant City of Miami,acting as
on Sept. 17, from by the federal Depart- for the
LATER Mitchell has become established 8- 10 p.m. at the Nest of OWls ment of Housing and Urban De agent for EOPI applied
last ,January
in our community as a 12330 West Dixie Highway. velopment. federal grant
promising young artist and has Nothing official had been heard
Bring the Sick recently been awarded a Wolf- -- TACOLCY's Pepper, they virtues said, In extolled since, and the unofficial word

ton Foundation ScholarshipGrant BUNCHE PARK PTA keep was not encouraging.Mrs. .
ing youngsters off the streets
11:00 a.m.
in Art at Miami-Dade Bunche park Elementary and encouraging them to stay Marie Carl, EOPI executive -

Sunday: 7:30 p.m. Jr. College.He School PTA will meet Monday in school. director, said Friday
J was born In Miami
r MILTON M. BAKER \ 12, 1948 and has developed, July a asked September to be 16, all parents are The Dade Democrat a sore- morning "It"just doesn't
present and on time counted the role the center sound too happy.
Has prayed the prayer of life most original style through his in order that you may register played as a meeting place for Less than an hour later, the

faith for thousands from working experiences along with with his with the membership chairman black and white leaders tryIng approval came through.
exposure Mr. and get all the information to cool the good move. THIS
coast to coast. Leroy K. Daniels. He has been August riot in "It's a very
active in enriching the in the meeting. Liberty City, they said. center is going to be the best!
2610 NW 36th St.
Mrs. Sylvia Lambert TACOLCY said John Ben-
the children of this principal name is an in Florida,
Pastor Baker Miami, Florida munity through the Carver com and Mr. Willie Cason, acronym of the Advisory nett, assistant director of
president. Council of Liberty City Youth TALCOLCY.


-- -- --- -- --- -- --
-- ---- -.--- - ----

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 11

221,826 Answer School Bell

"- ___. -.,. ,....." JL.'
A record 227,826 children Included in official reports operating kindergarten pro- t", ''-
enrolled In Dade County's public made to the state in computing grams and most of them! still
schools during its first active membership. Exclusiveof have' room, reported Tom L Le I t _
week of operation,an increaseof Head Start, the school sys Gato, elementary curriculum FH'U
nearly 12,000 over last tem's total enrollment runs specialist.
225,100, an increase of 11,741or Greatest increase in the
year.Membership in the nation's 5.5% over last year's initial regular school program came .:.
seventh largest school systemis week. at the secondary level. jun- \\ (-

expected to swell steadily Of this yea r s enrollment, ior and senior high schools I
during the year until reachesa 5,949 are kindergarten children with an increase of 4.37 over 2fpfft
peak, probably in January, most of whom enrolled the year previous.Elementary itrr
school officials said today. this year for the first time as grades 1-6 climbed by 1.65 .
Total enrollment figures Dade launched its first free percent.By .
here include 2,726 children countywide kindergarten pro- district, the greatest increase -
enrolled in federallyfundedHead gram.A in membership came
Start classes for disadvantaged total of 88 of the county's in the Southwest District witha
children -- notUnidentified 156 elementary schools are Jump of 2,937 students((8.00), E&
the South District running hard
behind with 2,205 additional '
youngsters ((7.80)), The North- G1a
west District tallied the third + 4 V
I +
highest Increase with 2,224
Man KilledAn more children (6.69), the I 11
Northeast District next with
1,404 ((4.84) and North Central '
unidentified man was The victim died at Jackson next with 1,659 (4.31 percent). '
shot to death last Friday night, Memorial Hospital, about 30 Smallest growth came in the Y
apparently by robbers, near minutes after he was shot. He South Central District with 1-,
the corner of NW Eighth St. apparently tried to reach a 293 new children, an increaseof
and Third Ave. street telephone booth to send 2.72 percent.Kindergarten.
for aid, but collapsed beforehe enrollmentran Scrap Aluminum can help lads like Horace Stepherson, 7, son of Mr. and

Miami homicide detectivessaid got to it.Police. highest in the Southwest Mrs. Paul Stepherson,3370 Frow Avenue, Coconut Grove, a patient at Variety -
Section and second highest in
people on the street told said the victim Children's Hospital. Proceeds of the sale of alumnium foil and
the Northwest Section. Total- cans, con-
them they heard shotsand saw probably was accosted by robbers -
three men running away, but after leaving the Sir John led with Head Start enrollment, tainers are given to the hospital. The county-wide cban-up campaign is cosponsored -
did not see the shooting. Night Club at 276 NW Sixth St. Dade now has 8,675 pre-pri- by the hospital, Goodwill Industries, Reynolds' Metals Co., and
mary children. the City of Miami Beautification Committee.
While scoring a marked increase
in enrollment, early The public is asked to bring all aluminum items to the yellow Goodwill

membership figures ran less collection boxes located at most food stores in Dade and Broward Counties.
Dr. James To Direct Family than predictions, partially due
to fewer kindergarten enroll-
ments than expected. Efforts
Health CenterDr.
to arrange outside facilities in -w
schools which had no space BRAND
Thomas Leslie James will become the Director of the were being continued right up SUPPORT NEW ZIZZAG
Family Health Center on October 1, 1968.He will assume this until opening of school. 1968
position from Dr. Lynn P.Carmichaelwhohasbeen part-time Another study will be madeat YOUR
director since the beginning of the end of the first month I .
the program. Dr. Carmichael when enrollments are expected (
will remain with the program as to top 230,000and peak $22 '
the advisor in family medicine.He :month predictions will be !
is the Director of the Division r evaluated. Sews Buttons Terms :, i'. c; .1
of Family Medicine at the Makes Buttonhole _
University of Miami School of Blind .. k
Stitches F
Medicine.Dr. } r' I' " r., ,, ,
With Monograms ''If.. ) '
James is a 39 year old Teenager Charged y
dentist who was born in Pensa- For free I
cola. He is a graduate of BookerT. home demonstration
Washington High School in Murder Of Pal
Pensacola. He attended More- .: CALL 625-1261 WE INSREPAIR
house College and Fisk Univer
sity. Dr. James received his An 18-year-old youth was led the trigger. Nothing SPECIAL
DDS degree from Mebarry charged with second degree happened. He pulled the trig
Medical College in 1951. murder Tuesday In the killingof ger a second time, and Clark Clean, Oil, Adjust

.After........ iii.1n"2"n2tfnn-..........,.. .l",.r. James a companion while he played fell, wounded.
entered the Navy and served as a Marine Corps dental officer with a .38 revolver. The shooting occurred in an 98 Call 6257267ABBEY
until his yetiant in 1966 with the rank of Commander. He Sheriffs deputies said the apartment at 2164 NW 68 Terr.
was with the73/ ;t Marine Division in Korea and Japan. He did shooting victim, Anthony W. Ownership of the revolver has DOMESTIC
his post-grau. training at the U. S. Naval Dental School, Clark, 17, of 7159 NW 22nd I,not been established, police 15982 NW 27th Avenue
Bethesda, Maryland, and the Albert Einstein Medical Center, Ave, died from a single shot said. -
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attained his Board qualifications in the chest.Several.
in Pedodontia with emphasis on dentistry for the men- hours after the
tally retarded and physically handicapped children. He is the slaying, they arrested Ira Lee
only dentist chosen to head a Neighborhood health center program Simmons, 18, of 2171 NW69th MR. -WAITERS WIG SHOP
in the United States.Dr. Ter., for the shooting.

James left his private practice in Delray Beach last Deputies quoted Simmons as 6011 NW 1 AVENUE MIAMI PHONE: 751-6521
October to Join the staff of the Family Health Center as den- saying he had been playing with
the revolver when he pointedthe PRESENTS ITS ANNUAL
tal director. He currently holds an appointment as Assistant
Professor of Pediatrics Division of Family Medicine and weapon at Clark and pul-

also Miami.with the Department of Oral Biology at the University of Miami Elks BACK TO SCHOOL SALEAnn

"It will be very hard to follow Dr.Carmichael who has dem-
onstrated by his integrity that the Family Health Center is not On The MoveA
only needed but is a necessity," says the new project director -
"I intend to exert all energy to the continuance 0 f the chartered bus by the Edu-
ideals of my predecessor and the fine staff he has put together cational Dept. arrived in the
." I will rely heavily on my Board of Directors, headedby city of New York for the 69th
Dr.J.O.Brown;my Medical Director,Dr. George A. Simp- Grand Lodge Convention of the
SOIl and my Administrator Mr. Charles L. Feltus. IBPOE of W. Participating in
"This nation is on a threshold of medical change. The inno- the parade was the Junior Herdof
vative concept of comprehensive(or complete)family care and Liberty Temple and Greater
group practice is one manifestation of this change. For too Miami Temple, who represented -
many years the poor have had to serve as the last recipientsof Miami with their dazzling r
medical service. We have the opportunity of providing the parasols decorated with
best care to the poor of Liberty City and Brownsville.The best oranges and the Sunshine City 4

of care, medical and dental, is what we will offer" colors. Secretary Mr. Walters, President Alice, Head Stylist
Dr. James also views his role as project director as one of Another first was a music ,
having the beneficiaries of the program advise the staff of the student of Mr. and Mrs.Higgs
program's efficiency in the neighborhood and whether or not who was entered into the musical FINAL BIG WEEK
it is reaching the people it should reach. As he states, "Thisis contest,piano division,and CONVERTED
the only neighborhood health center in Florida. I hope to was the recipient of one of the
prove to the state that it is cheaper and better to keep our citi- prizes given; she is Miss AFRO WIGS $1200
zens healthy rather than to treat the matter they become ill." Libby Allen, niece of Mrs.
Dr. James is the son of Mr.and Mrs. Tony L. James of Pen- Harvey Smith, and daughter of
sacola. His sister Gloria James Hunter, is a director of Mr. and Mrs.Alexander Allen. Wig StylingNote INGLUDESCLEANING&$300 :
speech therapy in the Escambia County schools. His brother The Junior Herd won aTrophy STYLING YOUR WIG ,
Daniel Chapie James, is an Air Force ace fighter pilot who is and an Award, which will '
Vice Commander of Eglin Air Base. be presented to them by the : Mr. Walters gives away a 100% human WIGS t;
His wife is Dora Adams James.She is an elementary school State President W. O. Perryin hair wig with the "Natural Look" every Friday -
teacher at Coleman's Elementary, Pompano Beach. The the near future, our many night at the famous Continental Club ( to o W $1195 SS9
James' reside in the Arcola Lake Gardens area of northwest thanks to the parents and the lucky ticket holder). .. UP.it

Dade. He is a true Dolphin fan and enjoys golf in which he is friends who made our trip pos . ,, .", _ ._,'" "' - -. -. --'" -, - . > '" .
very good. sible. .


.- ___-.-


12 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 ." '

Store Hours



r JT .
k -. 3301 N.W 62nd ST. AND 2501 IN.W. 37fh ST. t.,
} .' ; f :'"''
; :;
;. ',:'>" BEEF ::::": ROUND : BREAKFAST


,, .
,,:;i; ; '

.' . 9 C FULL 9 8 c THE

3 ;t: .--.. CUTLB.. PIECE LB. 39r
.,,'l--t J '
.'; ; :r )







I PLUM PRESERVES 2 a 49* " "

:. PORK & BEANS i02! I
RAY'S 3 1/Z



PEPPERS4': '"<. ,;
. FOR 29J.
l' RI'CE FARM FRESH. "'.g-I< \ .' i"I <,: />1'I '.' ;< .
: ,
; _, 2st
LB U.S.NO. 1 MEDIUMmow r,'; t.1:I:
::1 4 BAG 49'I ., ONIONS ... ,3'B Le R 394PRICES EA.2'SC
: ,THISiAD.EFFECTlVE: : THROUGH TURDA Y.SEPL.14, 1968. 1= ,':. ....",...J t,;. ......,..'.Or,:.,,.".... ....,.....i.-m.; .s..t"'t i'-.f't""




THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 13

Happy Miami/ Centers To Help' StudentsThe 4.4

.- v-- 4
Operation Happy Miami Mrs. Naomi Miller of the at NW Second Ave. and Fifth ._ ;
Committee disbanded on a EOPI told the committee plans St. would be on a week-to-week v __

happy note last Friday as the were under way to have EOPI basis. r

work that it started shifted continue two of the centers fora In replying to Mrs. Range's d

from the recreational to the year --the Doyle site at 6703 plea "hopefully a new cen- A

educational -- and under new NW Seventh Avenue and one at ter could replace the Food .

sponsorship: the EOPI. 225 Grand Avenue, Coconut Fair site,' Mrs. Miller saida I.)

Chairman Gene Autrey, Grove as "tutorial centers," location is being sought in r _ _
Florida Power and Light Co. as suggested in a front page that area. . ( r '

vice president, told the meet- editorial last week in The Miami _ /
ing of government and business . Times. Even the Happy Miami trea-

leaders, "out of nothing, sury was in good balance.
the She said she was hopeful of treasurer Austin Yonts
program was brought to a ,
success with five Happy Mi- getting retired professors and YMCA executivereported

ami social and recreation cen- college students to donate "$1,591.41 was raised by the

ters in operation at the end of their time to help tutor the committee and after expendi-

summer." youths at these centers. tures there wa s a balance of

Miami City Commissioner'Mrs. Mrs. Miller said that at $418.83."

M. Athalle Range, who eight EOPI centers. includ- It was voted to have the bal- \y.w

last spring said she had "a ing the five Happy MIamicenters ance turned over to EOPI to +o3,
dream" about the program -- it was anticipated use In the centers located in

said her "swang song" to the serving 300 youths per week the City of Miami.

committee would be that it but wound up serving "
would 3,500 All Happy Miami centers _4_" __ __ _- 'PI .... .___r.._ .
turn from"the fun-and- youngsters.

games aspect to the educational Ernest A. Jones Operation equipment also was turned Students in basic sewing, at (seated at the sewing machine) Smith, Mrs. Eleanor Brooks,
..that the youths who used Happy Miami site chairmanand over to the EOPI with excep- Booker T.Washington High during a special teaching- Mrs. Emma Jones, Mrs. Ole 1

the centers in the summer president of the Miami tion of billiards tables, Juke Community School, observe learning experience. Standingleft Roberts, and Mrs. Christine
boxes .
could use the centers as placesof Board of Realtors, said the and vending machines. Mrs. Evergreen Murphy ( to right) Mrs. Melvina Armstrong

learning and preparing their Food Fair-donated site at NW Chairman Autrey summedup

studies" throughout the school 62nd St. and 10th Ave. soon the fellings of the committee Daniels Reveals BTW Community School Plan I J

year. would be closed and the Bur- when he said, "Creating 1
It was City Manager M. L. dines' center at NW 71st St. the program was a challenge _. _
war 10 create an uiieresi using -
Reese who called on the busi- Continuing the outstanding ed for those who want to take
and 32nd Ave. would be used that left each of us richer in the facilities that already
ness community to implementMrs. on a month to month basis, spirit for what we have done adults participation of youth and the courses offered. exist at the school for pre- .
in the school
Range's idea. for the Roosevelt Witherspoon and
while the Discountland center community. cational machine
activities of Booker T. Wash- Charles Floyd are the instruc-
ington Junior High School,this tors for the recreational ac- atlon, electronics and diver

I Haven School For Retarded Open House SetA W.year Daniels, will be ,the coordinator duty of Henry for ketball tivities., table These tennis include and bas-bad- flied A Counselor mechanics.will be aval -

able during the late afternoon
the school .
program.In minton. The gymnasium is
first for Dade County,and servation by parents of stu- ment or situation.The and evening hours to assist entire -
an effort to start the new week-night for these
for Haven School for the Men- dents and instruction and home new facility has been families, individuals and
school with a diversity of activities. Touch football is
tally Retarded, is a new Beha- visits to the parents as well. made possible for Haven year offered to groups Interested in taking advantage -
activities people each
Mr. has indicated young
Dwells -
vior Modification Laboratory, school by the generosity of that is afternoon on the school court. of the counseling pro-
which will be opened at ribbon- Housed in the laboratory Dade County, which has loan- being cess. Everyone is Invite to
placed four Already the 10th street"Chargers"
cutting ceremonies at the will be teaching and response ed the already-constructed, upon areas. Join in the efforts to make the
and intermediate instruction h a v e played the
school, located on Hospital machines, new equipment in but not-in-use building near community school of Washington -
to fare
for the seamstress and those "Angels" a
road, South Miami, at 2 p.m. the field of education for the Haven school, and the gener- the well Heights the action place of
interested in learning to score. September
Sunday, Sept. 22. Parents and retarded.At osity of several Lions Clubs marked the the year.
for themselves and family is starting date of the
friends of Haven School, as (Westchester, South Miami,
well as members of the Boardof first eight children will West Miami and Tropical)who being offered on Monday from popular course Karate.This COMMUNITY COUNCIL
be studied in this 4-7 p.m. Mrs Evergreen year, Mr. Robert Williamswill
new and continuing -
the school, are invited to combined efforts to pay for the
is the Instructor. teach the course on Mon- MEETS SEPTEMBER
view the new facility. Michael program, the numberof buildings' renovation. Murphy 19
Shores Is president of the students to be increased later Bas I c Adult Education including day, Wednesday and Friday
from 79 p.m. Mr. Daniels has called"the
Board of Directors of the and to involve some pres- Consultants and teachers history, governmentand
The outlook for more offer- first meeting of the Community -
school. ent resident and day studentsat the new Behavior Modification. mathematics is being offered -
ings is great. You may secure School Council for Sept. 19
Haven well to adults ,
as as new.resident Laboratory at Haven School interested in +
The behavior modification and day students. The will include Miss Patricia Goff receiving the general educa- six or more persons who wish at 3:30: p.m. in the school li-

laboratory, a comprehensivestudy program will later be open to (teacher); Dr. Malcolm Kush- tion certificate.These classes any type of activity for the brary. If you live in the area,
of autism and retarda- community school. Mr. Dan- and you interested in helping -
retarded be
any child in the area ner, Dr. Richard Toister and may arranged to coincide
tion is under close supervi- who has difficulty in operatingefficiently Louis Farrell, executive director with the time that is best suft- iels will be happy to talk with to chart the course for
sion any individual or group inter- community action, contact him
of professionals,with ob- in his ownenviron- of the school.KINDERGARTENOPENS.
ested in starting a new course at 377-2536 during the school

JESCA Residents In addition, plans are under- day.


Registration is still open at mass meeting will be held 10 Service BRAND NEW
Offered At University of Miami Ulagattah Elementary Schoolfor ;at the Dorsey Junior High

kindergarten Monday School Auditorium on Sunday, Guarantee VACUUM CLEANER

Subjects ranging from Art (celestial and piloting,) oil through Friday between the September 15, 1968,from 4:00:

Appreciation to Yoga are painting and reading Improve- hours of 7:30a.m. and 4:30 5:30 pm., for all residentsof Special Price

among the nearly 200 Continuing ment are other courses to the James E. Scott homes

Education(NonCredit) choose from. p.m.Kindergarten sessions for .neighborhood. The purpose of ( $1588
Courses offered this fall at pupils will be 2 1/2 hours in this meeting is to begin ,

,. Miami-Dade Junior College. Fee for most courses is$10. duration. Morning session immediate work on some of EASY TERMS .

Classes for the 13-week Registration are now being 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.Afternoon the promises made to you. Rug ToolUpholstery

term begin Thursday, Sept. accepted in Scott Hall, North session 12:30: p.m. to 3p.m. The new Modernization Plan Tool ,

12, at North Campus and the Campus, 11380 NW 27th Ave, Kindergarten classes will has been funded and money is Host COMPLETE WITH 8 LABOR.

Miami Beach Center, and and in Usina Hall, South Cam be held at the New Covenant now available to work on some 2 wands SAVINGS ATTACHMENTS

Monday, Sept. 16, at South pus, 11011 SW 104th St.Regis- Presbyterian Church, 1221 of your needs. YOU, the RESIDENTS Ext. Cord FREE HOME DEMONSTRATIONCrevice
Campus. tration for Beach Center clas- NW 43rd St.Please. must be involved in Tool
Languages, literature, ses will be held through bring your child's plam j and carrying out your OBLIGATIONCALL

music, psychology,business Thursday, Sept. 12, from 5 birth certificate with you. B plans if- you are to expect im- ANY TIMECall6851564
and secretarial subjects, 9 p.m. The Center is locatedin you do not have a birth cer- provements. 1

gourmet cooking, creative Miami Beach Senior High tificate, bring a two dollar Bring your familyprovision -

writing, marine navigation School, 2231 Prairie Ave. ($2.00) money order with yoi will be made to care I
and the secretary will reques of the young children recrea- ABC Sewing Center, 12910 NW 7th Avenue

the certificate from thi tion will be available for the
Metro Transit Service ExtendedTo Bureau of Vital Statistics. older children- will you come? All credit cords and charge plates accepted.


New College CampusRegularly ZIGZAGSEWING

scheduled air- portation for students living MACHINES CLEARANCE 5 year guarantee
anywhere in Dade County with
conditioned public transit ser-
vice will be extended to the transfer connections from Slightly Scratched A

Routes 5, 9, 10, 11, 12,15,25,
campus of the new Florida rT
26, 31 or 32. $1888 c 1
Memorial College effective
Information and > zQ
Wednesday, Sept. 11, accord- more SOLID .
CALL TODAY685J564 p. '
schedules should
ing to Metro Transit Author-
call MTA information at 538- STATE
ity Chairman Raymond W.

Butler, Jr. W. Deliver
The campus, located along ;
8631.fleImWI Sewing .'.
NW 42nd Avenue between 157 ABC Center .
and 159 Streets, will be provided

Mondays through Satur- rul'EL 4//HU .
days with the first bus sched- HOME 12910 NW ,.
uled at the campus at 8:20a.m. "Your Neighborhood Travel PRESENTATIONCall Onl I I 7th Avenue"s --wBRAND NEW
Next bus is 9:30a.m.with Subsequent Ag.nti"
$7095 1968 PORTABLES
service every 40- 6251261VISIT
As near to you o your EASY TERMS
minutes until 6:50 p.m. tolophono.% Give us a call. OUR T." TRADES ACCEPTED
tfo dollvor. 1104 NW 3rd BEAUTIFUL SHOW ROOMS
The MTA explained the extension -
AYO. FR 9-8451. Cho. C. ABBEY-DOMESTIC CENTERS.INC. All Credit Cards and Charge Plates
of Route S to the Col- North, Managor. 15982 NW 27th A..... (Tho J7.K Awe"H Sh.ppl", c."'.,) '. . . .
I lege offers excellent trans- . .. . ... - ., .. . -

. .
II -
--" -

==-.- -- ------
. --


m 14 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September! 13, 1968

.a z Lindsley V Lumber

__. "Snap-On" STORM SHunERSIncl..eI.

t. i

t4AEE and
MNCL s on.-.ighth inch
> T.mp.r.d HARDIOARD

s'r r j "'Mot Jalousie windows of average size|
REV J. KENNETH MAJOR MRS. PEGGY MAJOR H ((37.SO.lneh) can be shuttered far ..u, For averaga

however, on a few makes adaptors (UM size window

I New Incarnation Priest Was per pair) are necessary.

Miami Youth LeaderThe

Reverend J.Kenneth came active in the civil rights

Major, newly assigned associate protest movement and when
minister at the Churchof James Lawson, a seminary A 98% organic soil conditioner that holds ,

the Incarnation, Is well student at Vanderbilt was sus- moisture, aerates the soil, and stimulates
known to many MIamians. pended by the Board of Trus-
Major, was born In Miami, tees for participating Ina protest healthy root growth. --.ter d

the son of Joe and Alice Major demonstration, he urgedin PEAT MEtt t .
both of Long Island,Bahamas an open letter addressed to 6q
Since his father died the faculty and studentswhichwas

when he was very young, he published in the Yale
grew up under the Influenceof Press, that they "not repudiate 1
the late Venerable John E. the Christian Gospel by 4-CUBIC
Culmer who baptized him as an hypocrisy" and requested / -cu. 2-CUBIC FOOT
Infant and presented him for the University support the FOOT FOOT

confirmation. He attended st.gnes' James Lawson Defense Fund ,. _
h _, .
Kindergarden and laterSt. prayerfully and financially. "

Francis Xavier Parochial
In August of 1960,he and his
School through the second
wife Peggy were married.
grade. He attended Dunbar
They have three children:
Elementary School from the
Allison, age 7; Karen, age 5; MItBUY
third grade through the sixth
and Kenny, age 4. In August of
grade. He entered Booker
1961 he took a job as case-
Washington Jr.Sr.High SchoolIn
worker with the New York City
the fall of 1949.In .
of Social Services
addition active In and two years later was promoted
many school, church, and Supervisor.

community organizations, In September of 1964 he resumed 5-GALLONS OF 98
Kenneth became valedictorianof his seminary trainingat i FLORIDA TESTED REG.

his ninth grade class.In May Mercer Seminary In Garden DRIVEWAY SEALER $6.98

of 1954, he was electedpresident City, Long Island, New York.
of the Student Council at The seminary provides an REG. 49
Booker 'Washington. As the evening seminary program for This Sealer DRIVEWAY BRUSH $1.69

newly elected delegate and men who show excellence in meets: U.S.

president of the Florida State professions such as law, social Force & BLACK TOP PATCH REG. 59
Association of Student Councllsheattendedandaddressed- work, teaching, medicine, Federal $1.85

but because of family responsibilities RP00358AAir
the National Association of (GSA-FSS) ",5
cannot pursue a day BLACK TOP CLEANER $ I49
Student Councils of the National time seminary training.He ... Specifications
Association of Second- received the Dip.Th.Diploma vs
ary Schools in St. Paul, Min- In Theology) in June of 1968 TOTAL REG. 12.21 for 9.95

nesota. He served as student and was ordained on June 29,
chairman of the Dade County 1968 in St.Philip's Church, w

Human Relations Committeeof Brooklyn, New York by the ,
the Intergroup Youth Council I Iii 'I'I II K.H'.U'"If'< fly{ ', ';
Rt. Rev. Richard B. Martin t
of the National Conferenceof of the Diocese of Long Island, 1x2-IN. "Blue Lake" V'JOINTEA. llii1
Christians and Jews.He was one of the four black bishopsof
elected the first black the Episcopal Church in "' h : J..i: 1\n.LLJ.\h.\ JI'
treasurer of the Diocesan America. Bishop Mar tin acted J.I
: /' 41'l
Young People Service Leagueof for the Rt. Rev.Henry I.Lout-
the Episcopal Diocese of tit, the Bishop of the Dioceseof : LONG !",,1/ 11"i.M J TIDEWATER DEEP SWAMP
South Florida and the follow- South Florida. GOLD-RED CYPRESS
ing year he integrated the Dio-
cesan camp at Avon Park,Fla. Major maintains that "the Utility planed by big name

gospel is revelant to the black mill. Double-end trimmed. 1x6 4 91 / cRUN. 1x8 RUN.
In 1955 the John Griffin
May, Excellent for frame work, 1 5C
Post No. 165, Department man and his struggle for dignity trellises, stakes, arbors, so INCH 16/2 FOOT INCH FOOT
of Florida awarded him the equality and justice since many uses!
American Legion MadallianofCourage Christ taught and practiced

Leadership, Honor, love of neighbor. Therefore,
Service and Scholarship.He the major problems of the
was also awarded the Wolfson- church is to find and offer

Mayer Foundation four meaningful programs fora
twenty-first century problem. Lindsley
scholarship by the Wometco LumberMIAMIDADE
Television and Theatre Com- On the other hand, as priest
and people of the church, we.
pany of Miami He was award
must be totally committed to
ed a four year scholarship by
the basic of the STORES
principles gospel -
the Home Department for Racial I
Minorities of the National regardless of the cost." Open Sundays till 2 P.M. LindsleyRBC

Council of the Protestant He opposes the view that 3505 NW 79th Street-Ph.696-2810 1635 N.W.28th St.-Ph.6354511 I
Episcopal Church and received Christianity is just another N.W.7th Ave.&127th St.-Ph.681-7471 2160 S.W.27th Ave.-Ph.443-7432 Stores alsolocated I
N.W.27th Ave.at 179th St-Ph. 6210544 812 S.W. 12th Ave.-Ph.374-5108
the 1955 Booker T.WashIngton means which the white man
14300 N.W.27th
Ave.-Ph.688-6523 401 NL 167th St.-Ph.949-3537 I I in: I
High School Alumni uses to exploit the black man; 8820 Bird Road-Ph.221-8311 HIALEAH: 1295 W.49th St.-Ph. 821-2150 I I
Scholarship.. however, he does not deny that 496 4300 N.E Ponce 79th de St.Ph.Leon-Ph.443-7461 PERRINE:S. Dixie Hwy._Ph.238-5535 /Key Wast ((2 Starts)
"whites" who were nottruetothe S.Dixie&Ludlam Road-757-4571 Ph.661.1672 HOMESTEAD:632 Washington Ave._Ph.247-6813 I Islamorado' .
Major entered St. Augus- gospel has used Christian- 5891 S.Dixie Hwy.-Ph.661-5361 MIAMI' STORES BELOW CLOUD SUNDAYS Trove rnier I
tine's College, Raleigh, North ity in the past as a means to 3817 N.W. 17th Ave. -Ph.6334218 66ON.E..96thSf.-Ph.7S9-2431 16160 Fort Piarco'
Carolina in the Fall of 1955 Biscayne Blvd.-Ph.97-4711
exploit. BROW
and received the AB degree in ARD COUNTY STORES Open Sundays till 2 P.M. Daytona: Beach
w.HOlLYWOOD 1800 N.
: State Road 7 Ph
1959. While the Diocese of SEE THE NEW HOLLYWOOOt 801 N.2IAvl.-Ph. 922.5624- 989-6850 fT.LAUDERDALE:219 N W.1st Ave.-Ph 5227411 Tampa ((5 Stares)
North Carolina under the direction OAKlAND PARR: 1099 Oakland Park Blvd.-Ph.56>6761fT.POMPANO.LAUDERDALE BEACH: 142$l3J: Ave.Pt"5" 942M900 Largo
fT. LAUDERDALE 2900 W.Browlrd Blvd. 800 H Ave.-
PIt. -
of the
college chaplainand 581.3900 'irr.
the Bishop
TRUSS PLANT St. Petersburg
lina. He made Alpha PbIAIIiLa MO'SBAR MIAMI 113S".W.28t1 Sl-Ph 133.0103 MIAMI
: 14300 N.W 27t11 Aft.
Fraternity: in December ot -UU553

1956. and was elected a mem-: .'

Society.hey of Alpha Kappa' Mu Honor REMODELEDAND ir DOWN ,


:..::tn the Fall of .1959, he entered 645 NW 2nd
BerkeleyDivlnitySchool P LA

i'jt'Yale: University, New Hay ((04)
a, Connlcut. At :Yale he be*

) '.:'


"" __ :;;- ..
... ..---.
't --- ,
- .

..,.."., "" ,R., '.. .. ..... .. ...!
"! : :' r

Florida S :

+ ,. pec pl
Memorial I Sll -

College = rpPlel11el11

;MIAMI, FLORIDA, Friday, September 13, 1968 15*

',,.-, :, .'
: ;; -
.''.' .. ,
What sculpture is to a bl rIc''ol marble, education /Is to the,
humor soul. The philsopher-/ saint, the hero, the wise, and + lr:
the good, or the great, very often lie hid/ and
In a plebeian -
: ::.:
a proper education might have disinterred and brought ;! ::
to light
....- .
,, Addisonayrafrr,1
. _.-
". }>.'i. ; ,. \
.....: < ....' ',i :
.. ,... fe*...*./'::.

.', ."...'
< .


r1l1 : :4 r

Y fw 11 -

} :; . a RIbv
',::r. ; __
'l. r,, '.J4.hK , J. ., '. '
." 1t'"", ,.., "'>-i.: .. .r,. 0# . ., . '.
.1 'W!' . "" .. .., ... ,
"a J> .", .* k ,. ...... ""'-. .x.. 55 ., .'. . ..._ ,, __ a Ae.Aww+
<, :. ,.!!'.".. ,J-';, t::,,> .... :\ .;. '" k ' K Q m N Y r76'l wtv
l: / ; "
''' ''
... . .
,,.4., : : o" ',.,< "
0/ . ''1 "' "" 10

.. . "' ......
'; :t.l ; r.
jt '--, ',

.' ;
; : .
; .
f' .'. .. .. '
"" .. .. . "'i.. . . .

-, .. *. .... ., . ,(.. ../ ,;' ; ';:" r" _
.; .} .' ; : ,'. ) '.i. ;f..r r ,'Y". ,'- , -, ..." 1< ,>.. I- .'.e.'r'f >
,,' "''4 ';, "t j' "'" a .
i ", '1_

America's Arts College .


., .
\ J.l 1 MM 1 jf tli 1mmllit i l 1Mj m: I11;yr mlj1111!; 111r.] I iliji j.: .imM[ J.tlIDfI# !@] ]iliil Witf1 i1jmmrrl[

;:::;::::;:: t J : : ::

.,:.,::,i:,:, /I Weuaqe Jtom tItt o{ t/te :.:.:.:: .: ..::..::i..::..::..::.i.:: i' ,4te4iaq& \J"w"f.I; iI'" ifa'Hlwowd ? ':., e4t'. .. .'..:..vi':e:...!::..:.

.' . .
111.111 11111 ..::'......:::1.. ..... ..
:ad 01 ;4a tees 01 11oUf4 ?item -ual &Uqe . 01loWk Clleqe e.>

::::::: ::::::::::
E:::::::;::: Everyone has a dream There's the American dream; Martin : :;:::;::: .trm. ..; Very few college presidents can have the elation. r have in presiding : ..*.....
1;;::::::: Luther King's dream -- and my own dream which is more modest,yet '::;:::: ::::":;:'::::: over a brand new institution.It :IX.:::::::::::.
:::::;:::::: falls into bath the forma and Dr. Kina's. .:;:;::::::: :;:;:::::;;: is truly a.wanderfulleel1ng, and I am delighted with the opportunity :::;::;::::::
;:[:f;;::::: And I am fortunate that my dream is, at least a reality I FLORIDA :;:;::::;? :;::j::i: which this presents in Miami, Florida, in contrast to the limited '::;:::::::?
F:: 1! MEMORIAL COLLEGE is here; the buildings are up and the students ;;:::: ::::::;::;:: opportunities in St. Augustine. : ff}:?:
(:::::::: are present. Over one thousand of them! :;:;:::::;:: :::;:::::::: Those students, who are transferring from the old school' to the ::::::;:::::
,:;i::i:: thank in order, and there people :iii::::: :::1: ::i:: '
: Certainly, you's are are so many : ... .. new campus share this elation with me; and I also speak for the teachers .:..:.,..:,
;: '
::::: :; ::: :::::
:::: to thank '::::::::::: and Board of Trustees : :::
:::ii:: Who would ever believe that a college could be built of the magnitude :::::::1i: ':::::;:;::; We are overwhelmed! The new setting is quite an Inspiration. ::::;:*:
::::::::: of FLORIDA MEMORIAL in less than two years? :;:::::;:::: :::::::::::: However buildings are only the framework within which "brain : m:::
r::ii ii i:: It is a remarkable achievement, and I am most grateful to all who i[[fft :: :::: power" is stimulated, and it is our objective to motivate young people f:i: ::1
:::::::: : participated. ::::;:::::::5 ::::;:::::: to greater aspirations. ::: :::

,.:.:.;..:.:::.:. My hope is that they/ will, continue' to participate, and that theCollege :,::.:.:.::..::.::. ., ;.:..:j:.... I should like to express our gratitude to the wonderful people in ::....:. :.3.
that al/'who'are ".:.'' ,
will became'atruly American college so part :: : -: ::-:
:;:; ::: : : Dodo County who have given us the tools to pursue an opportunity. >::f::{:::
I.::iiii:.:.:.:.. of it will share. the aspirations'of' .the American'.. '. dream/ oV" which. has. .. ,made, :y...::.q.i..: ::}::;:.::.t.. I am certain that we shall meet the trust that has been placed in us. t ::>f;
., .. ,
this nation I the foremost. in th'1. < i : :r r: ': ::::: I ':':
: :;;::::: : ::::::.:;: t, ;:;.::. .
:::: :::: ::: :,? ;::
::::: ?
:::::::: Reverend Edward. Graham 7::::::::::: :+::'ffS frrrx'ri: G' Dr. Royal W. Puryear. #;:::::r

:: .-s: .. " t.:, :-:. ....I
::: : :::
l T.ftj .1&ft.Jt p. :;-: .'..... ....................".........,....'................"..................."................."...........-: .......'.............;..... .............:-......."..............'..;.... :'..rn :c:'

"" 'm@fKrKWWgt.f.. ......>".,.. 'm.v'.w .'.wm f ...""" ... "_$.m.,, : o>. .. ?Jt @*ilijft.E 1 f f ll mm mj 1 lm m I1 1 l I m I t 1 1:m.rr jm ti: j rJ.ll1Wli: r.Y};



,., -- .- - _,
n ' ,
-------------- -

t 'I 68. I"

16 THE' lA''I TIMES' Friday, September 13, 1 --

I I Historv. Background.., and Facts Concerning: FMC II

eral Private Dining Rooms will provide iiexioillty for
This institution higher education was established just ways and balconies. This$300,000 structure will probablybe special groups and occasions. Food storage and preparation
after the close of the Civil War, first operating in Lire the first one to need expansion and a companion build- areas will be completely modern tile and stainless
Oak In 1879 then moving to its present campus on the wes- ing is planned in the near future. steel. Baking will be done on the premises.In addition to
tern edge of St. Augustine in 1917.B was envolved from a The curriculum of the College calls for many large the partial second floor areas, the building will cover
two-year special school to a full four-year liberal arts lecture classes for the entire Freshman Class and for $16,000 square feet.A .

college. some sophomores. For this purpose a 400 seat teaching small but complete Health Building will provide, in
Several years ago it became evident that the City of St. auditorium will be provided at a cost of over $250,000.This 3,200 square feet, complete clinical facilities,four small
Augustine does not offer sufficient opportunities for em- will be a theater-type building with full projectionroom wards a Laboratory and Resident Nurse Quarters. ThefacilitY
ployment or for cultural development for off-campus stu- and provisions for science demonstrations.A large will cost in excess of $100,000.The .
dent activities, nor is satisfactory housing available for platform, dressing rooms and work area will provide for two remaining structures in the Union Complex will
the faculty. When a site for relocation was considered, moderate drama work. The 10,000 square foot buildingwill provide an area of 14,400 square feet for Social Functions,
the realization that a large majority of the students are also house a large Lobby and Exhibition Hall. Games, Snack Area and College Store at a cost of
from the Dade-Broward area,and that this same area has The Science Building of two stories with 12,000 square $500,000. They will also house the Deans of Men and Wo-
became an important cultural center of the State, led to feet will be the first increment of a future, larger com- men and the College Minister until such time as expansion
a search for a suitable site in the lower East Coast. plex. The 400,000 first stage will house chemistry,physicsand provides more permanent locations for these im-

The,architectural firm of Connell, Pierce, Garland & biology departments with laboratories preparation portant members of the College community.
Friedman were consulted in the early stages of the search and storage areas as well as several faculty Office-Lab- For those interested in the type of construction,all will
and assisted in analyzing the suitability of several sitesas oratory units. Generous Lobby areas provide for Science have spread concrete footings,ground floors slabs on fill,
to traffic,utilities,soil conditions and,of course, rela- displays.The concrete columns and beams, poured-In-place second
tive costs. Finally a 48 acre tractat northwest Le Jeune 8,000 square foot Music Building,costing$150,000, floor and roof slabs, aggregate-faced precast panel exterior -
Road(42nd Avenue) and 159th Street was made available, will contain a combination Band and Choir Room openingto walls, metal stud and plaster partitions, built-up
after which active planning for the New Campus proceeded a grassed Amphitheater, Practice and Ensemble and gravel roofs,generally vinyl asbestos floors with tiled
rapidly.The Rooms, a Classroom, Crafts Room, Office, Library and toilet and bathrooms, carpet in some areas such as of-
architects are presently well along in the develop- Equipment and Uniform Storage. Acoustics and the fices and Library, exterior concrete stairs with roofs,
ment of contract documents (working drawings) for the containment of sound have necessarily received extra attention aluminum exterior doors,frames and railings Most ceil-
entire $9,000,000 first phase of construction.Nearly half In this facility. ings will be high-density lay-in acoustical board and flush
of this will be the Academic Complex which will receive $500,000.00 will provide a Physical Education facility fluorescent lighting fixtures. Air conditioning will be by
extensive financial aid from a Federal Government grant housing, In 24,000 square feet,a full Gymnasium,Offices, several types of air-handling units which will receive
and loan program.The balance is comprised of the Dormi- Classroom, Locker and Toilet Rooms, Exercise Rooms chilled water from the campus-wide underground distri-
tories, Student Union, Dining and Health facilities. This and provision for 1,300 spectators;also an outdoor Swim- bution system. Double glazing will be used extensively
portion Is expected to be assisted by a long-term Federal ming Pool with seven 25 meter lanes,diving bowl and Pro- for sound control and thermal insulation.A .
loan. menade. large fresh-water Lagoon will be a focal feature of
the Campus and will be traversed by two of the covered
The Academic Complex will consist of nine buildings; The 5,600 square foot Maintenance Building will provide
Administration, Library, Classroom, Teaching Audi- Shops, Storage and Offices and will cost $63,000.An walkways which will connect all buildings into a unified,
torium, Science, Music, Physical Education,Maintenanceand expensive but necessary ancillary building will house residential Campus. Landscaping,drives and ample parking -
Central Air Conditioning buildings.The areas will be included to provide a completely developed -
the Central Air Conditioning plant which will pump chilled
institution of education from the
one-story Administration Building of 6,000 square water throughout the Campus. Although covering only 3-, day of higher very first
feet will house the reception area, Executive Suite and 200 square feet, it with its equipment, will cost nearly occupancy.
Board Room, Business Offices, Deans and Public Rela- $250,000. The Master Plan which the College and its architects,
Connell, Pierce, Garland & Friedman have developed
tions suites. It will cost about .
Necessarily due for occupancy at the same time as the
through continuing close liaison, also provides for future
two story Library will be the largest building in formal learning complex described above,is the Residential -
of a large auditorium chapel science class-
the first stage construction. Its more than 25,000 square group. This will Include two, three-story dormitory
room, and administrative areas a well as athletic facili-
feet will provide both closed andopenStackAreas, Read- buildings for men and two for women, housing a totalof
ing Rooms, Seminars, Work Areas, Audio Visual Areas 600 students for the initial phase.Nearly all rooms are ties.Without
the and of ideas
and Circulation and Control. Although the initial books of designed for two-student occupancy, since this type of exchange development bet we-u
the college will not fill it to capacity, it will be capable housing has proven most advantageous to better study ha- Dr. Puryejr, President; Mr.Huenink,administrative as-
of housing at least 200,000 volumes. Provisions for ex- bits. Each dormitory will als o contain a House Lounge, sistant; Rev. Dr. Graham, chairman of the board, Mr.
pansion will permit growth even beyond this lilt becomes two Floor Lounges, Counsellor's Apartment, Guest Baxter, architect and project manager for Connell,
necessary. This $800,000 structure will be much more Rooms, Toilet and Laundry facilities.The four Dormitory Pierce, Garland & Friedman, and many others,the great
than a library. It will be the cultural and research center, Buildings will cost nearly $1,800,000.The task of moving Florida Memorial College from st.Augustine -
not only for the campus, but for the community as well. will to Dade County would have been impossible.Throughthe
$650,000 Dining Building provide gracious dining -
efforts of so many, the move will soon be an accom-
The classroom building will contain 14,400 square feet areas in keeping with the high social level necessaryto plished fact and a new center for continuing education will
in two floors and will provide several sizes of classrooms round out the learning process during; meal times. Serv- add another factor in the development of this area as an
Seminars, Faculty Offices and a Language Laboratory. ing will usually be cafeteria style, but table service may educational and cultural center for the State and the Na-
Circulation is almost entirely by outside covered walk- be provided when desirable. AnInviting balcony and sev tion.

:.. .n' .
'. ; : .
\ .' ;




: ?
: : '

Effective September 11 1968, Metro Transit Authority Has Extended .

Regularly Scheduled Transit Service Direct to the F.M.C. CampusThe

New Service is M.T.A. Route S-Bunche Park-The New Route:

\. .

NW 27th AVENUE TO NW 167th STREET, WEST TO NW 42nd '' .. .'



Mondays Through Saturdays No Sunday Holiday Service _

Transfer Connections From M.T.A. Routes 5, 9, 10, I?, 12, 15, 25, 26, 31 & 32


SCHEDULE (at college) (A'M') :M- : : 12,10
2.10,2:50,3:30 : 4.50,5:30, *.. .=30.
4 10
: 6:10,650P.M.( )

M.T.A. AT 538-8631.



: -


._ _. .

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 17Burdine's

.. ,.... '. .. . JNO . . ... -. ... .
.. ..... .. .
A'II _h_ ... .... it .. it' ... .-. .. oJ.. .. .. ."" .:I.' :."' "' .;1 '''" '
.. ,1'" j" .'ff". .
,. .. .. t 4(; 'IIojIII' If
. . Mr 11, k .. .. ...
.; ,;,
/ . ,0. ., :" .
..., \ ,'''...:.. ',... .... . . "" ... .J..
"" ".#",', .... t--. i'A.J . 0 ...,. ..... ..,.. '
,;,: : :
: :( "D.o..: .:- 0 ,
." "
::" : : salutes

\ : ourneighbor

. .>:. . r
. . .t' ." new I





...., r'

. It is with great pride we welcome the students and teachers of Florida
( .' .. .
Memorial College to the Miami Community. We salute your outstanding

.,' educational achievements of the past 76 years and we extend our

. .': ....':::. :- : >. .. sincere good wishes for your continued growth and advancement.
',' ,.
, .
. '. ; ,
For Florida Memorial College is much more than handsome

:: : ':1' (r' new buildings, a spacious campus and an impressive col.

lection of books in a beautiful library. FMC is truly an

.. investment in the future of Dade County and a living

symbol of the progress being made toward educa

tional opportunity for all. Finer goals than thoseof

FMC have never been set. May you meet I

with success at every turn in your journey

toward a brave new world of knowledge. ,

!4'ri Lr "
1It'.J !/ r
'r1lftlltt"ltb\tlt! LR' x9..1 t8dk81 .. ,. "..
Ili : "1'
., I' t Go J 1 .J
' ,1. .';I .... 1 'f 1mS'l. '. ,.:" ,fJrN s bn.a..,M ia:.10121:> it 11.; 91 rrhn..dr ; .11.1_, t.'lJlirQia r*1 .:.,(t.,','. \,:r, -I



..i'C' .

"'.r i ;..;, .
.to ,

'. ... r t p .
J : \ JIR'1; J .t

_ '. i ; , : ''/ :

: r": : Ii 11 r ci ctjr

rf f

: ::13. TJ :R. ID I N"I lJ lS i:

.:. i": V- .'; . ;: .,' .."; ....." .'
l' .: '.. , ./'. '.,: :. ,. .. 'J

'. . .- '. "' .. .. r ",, \Jc;.I'," 4. .14'."'. "..'., .\..' .. I


i;: .; :> ; ., : . '. / ;". >, .;.n .; .:F\ ; !. ; .,,c. .. ;. " .' t t.:1: j: ;?'!


... .
.- .-

18 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968
.. .
r iin


I -q "-','<,-..".'.....<..-


A r t 11AI1j I< ,a1Z'.bW.WwarA" Yaw. ..
-s y
"pq ;'.';




-. .:....;:.; I I
"' :"atin:1: af- I I

I Rev. Edward T. Graham and Raymond Burr, chairman advisory I I

board of F MC.. I I



S "
'Coaq4a14tirnu/ X4,4 W NORTH SIDE

"the CENTER of activity"

N.W. 27th AVE. & 79th ST.

s2'06RALSP Dependable, Friendly ServiceSAVINGS I I




with best wishes for success .



Trust FocilitlosNortheast \, i" Northeast 125th Street at 10th Avenue West
North Miami Dixie Highway at 162nd StreetNorth
2nd Avenue at 95th Stre.t' FloridaTelephone
Miami Beach, FloridaTelephone
Miami Shores Florida 751.6611
T.I.phon. 757.5511 945.4311

Northwest 79th Street at 33rd Avenue Northwest 7th Avenue at 135th Street
Miami,Florida North Miami, Florida
Telephonet 696.0700 Telephone 685.2444


{ Members
Federal Reserve System- Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation I II

---- --

. -----____. _ ____-______ -__.".__ _- H' ___ _

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 19

I .... 'r

., \ ..
;, : .
/ !

,:r. .,:


e4 w,

Afc. :: ? J Jxa.

J. '. .
r '

I.- .


% richards extends a. "
a?,Yi n

E a warm welcome to 4
?' \ .
florida memorial college r ,

,..now opening the way to higher

z x : ; education within Dade County, 1 g

j within financial grasp. For the 7

: : individual it is a stimulus '. a "I
..- of intellectual pursuits, a:greater -
a . ., 1 tan .
opportunity in employment, 1

'. .. uplift in spirit. For the black ,
.' .
';" ..:;, ":. 'y, y community it is growth \ i

..,' ,
< "

; j

N JJ /


,. . .. .
; ::< f>\
' ; / :<'1'.1 .:,;,'
?: J; < \ ....
N't '"" ':wb
, "
J 1. /:
: -
-__ 'lf '
;. ____ .... t
----- _. '. .
( ---- ---------- : :,,'I IJp ,:

\ .

-\ - 1J/il) }:t j


t 7a+
S ,

.. ,/

t'.I v'I

." ;'. '' OIl .,. ; "
J., t It: ... .. 1.it. .; '.".\, i.. .......(.{,J :' .I oJ., '. I





, THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 __ ____----------.""' .--.--- -.--- --..---------.-........--......
ii' i ;

k ytT
p yc
,_ y
i a .

5 <' dati 7 x 6 I CONGRATULATIONSand

,< ,q

4'i '

Welcome to the


2 t:4;;! Ye iltla, N qJA Dade County .

g 1k
'1 {7S'
4 '

a r
4w CommunityNEW
$ $

S +,

i : ;


W. A. SIMMS, PastorCongratulations

Church leader Dr. Susie Holley, member of the Board of Trustees; Dr.
J. A. F. Finlayson, president, Baptist State General Cpnvention of Florida;
Dr. A. B. Coleman,first V. P- of Baptist State General Convention;Dr. RoyalW.
Puryear, president;Dr. Mary Olivia Ross, national president of Women's
Auxiliary to National General Baptist Convention.

., t I



The Pastor, Officers and Members of

Mt. Olivette Missionary Baptist Church

1450 NW 1st Court

welcome you to the Greater Miami area. We sincerely hope that you will bea

"Beacon of Light" to the youth of our community and throughout the world in helping

them to securing spiritual and academic fulfillment.

"May God's richest blessings be bestowed upon you."

... .
.y. ""


Henry Sims S :
( George Stubbs
David Hudson
Leroy Johnson
Justine Howell
Hayward Johnson
Hiram Culmer
Richard Smith
Nevis Collie

John Dawkins L.._... Jimmie Hodges
.. .. .
z\/' REV. I I. C. MICKINS, P astor., Ii ..",- '.' James. .Regani" .. ,
'C'.J, ....:. t ."ssr .
,', Mrs. S. T. Ward ; : j IL & .
Clerk - '
: _*
. . .. .:...-
S Mrs. A. Strachan, Treasurer 4-= .

A .' r
r'20 -


--';:"- : : -
. -

,- .

I 21-
MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968

.n "


D' i t w ,Y', t, s per kn
> '
; ,. '
r q '
9a1 tio
'.;' ,....

,< ..

A an rktn.
,'" ./.
:..''''--'. .
I 4 1 \ $

III, '"
I >. ."' /cr;

.. .',1
...- ." Ir '

: f

r _

\ '


{ 0R
f 9

r Ir

.;. ...J.,'
", "' ;;}!!W
: 'N ,
: :!:> ,
k )

sh A ,,; a AcxsasM
ba q, A rd
t ax f' 6 f! I


1 1r
I t ,

; :: ; i
; A o'IA'i :


Start them saving now-or it'll be time for them to

enter Florida Memorial before you're really ready


We are proud of the progress that tion savings program. You'd be sur- open their own savings accounts. I

Florida Memorial College has made, prised how many parents like your- Whether it's for education, a new

and pleased that some of our First self have opened a savings account home, a start in your own business,

Federal people have contributed lead- with us, so they'll have the funds or any other worthwhile purpose, 1

ership to this fine institution. ready when their children are readyfor we invite you to visit us soon. We'llbe

Having a fine college like this right college. glad to explain the type of savings I

here in Dade County is spurring Some parents are also teaching accounts best suited to your per-

good many people to start an educa- their children to save by helping them sonal needs. f

'. . ... ,.;! .\
, '. ''.#,;:"" ." .
; ": \ .

.. G '

. : : ::) First Federal 1U1 Rw"eoi&
- H . ((4)) Savings INS w ED .: .



100 N.E.1et AW' 300 E Flatter St 2750 S.W.22nd St. 8380 N.E.2nd A.... 9OO N.E.125th St. D 374-6292 374-8411 446-7692 751-4511 757-3471 Center 661-5373 247-4661 7614611THE

,_ _. .-... 1i. .
-- '
.- -- .
-- .
-- -

22 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968

Rev. Edward T. Graham"A .- Florida Mem

Giant In


This Community"A

", ..,: '.'..... ... ,/. ,

recent article by columnist The organizations to which .. .,
Larry King In the Miami he belongs and in which he tr ?

Herald summarized Reverend holds membership are Just too .
Edward T. Graham and Gra- numerous to summarize. ,>". '. :. '-'
ham's attributes as acredittohis However, he is on Advisory 55.j
race -- the human race.
committee to the Metro Gov-
King went on and called the ernment of Dade County and on ." ,; "
Chairman of the Board of r; the Zoning Board of the City of 55

Trustees of Florida Memorial Miami. He is also a frequent 5
College A giant In this community guest on Channel 2's "Man to
." r man program" where he mat-
ches his intellect with the gMA
Until thelastfewyearswbennew leading religious leaders in
leader ship appeared In the the area.
Negro community in Dade
County, Reverend Graham was The awards which he has
spokesman for the black peo- received in Dade County are
ple in the community, how- also too numerous to list.
ever, his voice was never divisive REV. EDWARD T. GRAHAM However he did achieve the
it attunedto Outstanding Citizen's Awardin
; always cept to the perfect human being 1952.
the total community.A .

summary of the history of Reverend Graham was bornin The building of Florida
Hiltonhead South Carolina Memorial College is a great
Greater Miami would Include ,
tribute to this man who had the
his name amongst the twenty- and married Ethel Evans in
five outstanding personalitiesthat 1930. His eduction tookplacein courage, in partnership with
made this one of the great the State of South Carolinaand President Puryear, to move
cities in America and if his he received his B. S. Degree enough reluctant people in his
at Benedict College. His church constituency and .
aspirations were such, he r 'v i t ]xa
could easily have become botha M.A. Degree was taken at Columbia among the leadership of Dade
national and international University and his County to move this entire

gure. Only recently he appear- Doctorate in Divinity,with project towards final conclusion -
ed as Minister to the Republican honors, in 1962 from St. Andrews in a two-year "blitz"
Seminary,London, drive. Although, he has been
), party Convention, at its
England.His thinking about building a new
request, where he delivered -
the sermon on the eveningof background includes social church for years to replacehis .. .. .
present one the idea of '
the nominations. He is also work with the YMCA and
the United Service additional college which would -
responsible for the nomination Organization -
this year of Publisher (USO) in New York. serve young people in Dade

John S. Knight for the Nobel He arrived in Miami, in County, and he means all young ,.,'
Peace Prize which has been 1943, and became Founder and people, took precedence over t
church construction.He .
acknowledged by the Norwe- Executive Director of the

gian Parliment. If the purposeof Greater Miami Urban Leaguein hopes now that Florida
education and religion is to 1945. Memorial College is on its
develop the total personality From 1948 until the
, pre- way, that he can pursue his
Reverend Graham fits Into the sent, he is Minister to the Mt. other interest in building this
description of the closest con- Zion Baptist Church. church.

., _..,."..",>>:,,,,,,,,,<,..:,,,.,.;:,,<<.,,,,,._-=-m,,.,.,<<..,,,: ., ,,,.:"' ".x.w_ .,.,,.._...,....-yn.." .. .....".

Sincere Congratulationsand


Best Wishesto .

",', ")" :.r rtN:: ::....h:-)1 11 h :';"-'':.:".;i."< .' 'r.'I'f::,';:'. ::.ya.". j.if&re:; -- aUlid tJt' .
n' ,,, "
> : '
: ;:
'" ..",- :
""", .




Offering Educational

Opportunity For All .

Atlas Electric Supplies,

Inc. ,J
It' "
;-:;. ,. ,:' ,,",. :. ,:,,tr'#;'. : r.
.. ... ',' ..". ... 0' .. O'." --
6534 N.W. 7th Ave. <,


--- '. ..' ,, : . '. .. ," .,. ,- .. .-. _: :. :, "

- -- -- 'n" "- 'n"'h n.' 'n 'n ,'. ' ' .
__ __. .. '___n '..._ ,
.._ ._ ____ _00__._. . _

THE MIAMI TIMES September 13 1968 23
Friday, ,
-- ------ m_________ _

. orial College Meet The President Of


America's Newest College
<' ; '' . .
;;:'i': .: ,4 "N '. .
> :
5 \ *t'l&=:n'rI ) +::,:. :: >: :' ,.
< ,,:, :'<.: :/ .=> To boast of being Presidentof M A. B. Degree at Howard Uni-
America's newest college versity; his M. S. Degree at
ia Z, ty and one brought from the Indiana University and Honorary -
>9 ground up is quite a.featl! Doctorate Degreesat
Edward Waters College,
To boast of motivating the Florida Memorial Colleaeand
relocation of a college from .
St. Andrews Seminary,London
one community to another 300
England. He is an ordained
miles away, is even a greater Baptist Minister and for sev-

.feat.To eral years he taught In the pub-
suggest the idea and then Uc school system in Winston-
follow through with determi- Salem, North Carolina Fol-
nation and conviction is the lowing this he was a social
height fortitude and courage] worker, with the YMCA for an-
other dozen years, in Missi-
Dr. Royal W. Puryear, ssippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas -
President of America's new- He was Associate
est College as of September, Pastor of the St. John's Bap-
1968, stuck his neck out at a DR. ROYAL PURYEAR tist Church in Dallas, Texas
time when this kind of thing
from 1948-1950, he serv-
Dr. skill in
Puryear's con-
wx was simply not done in a period vincing his Board of Trusteesto ed as President of ButlerCol-
fft of general public apathy. support him in this great lege, Tyler, Texas. In 1950he

t ; Duos With several years yet to go move is the result of a back- assumed the Presidency of
until he reaches the age of retirement ground whic h includes experi- Florida Memorial College In
iY vN Florida Memorial ence In the field of education, St. Augustine and since that
College's president, could religion, and social work. time, he has accepted numer-
easily have hibernated in St. Certainly, the combination of ous leadership roleslnthefield
Augustine and let a successor skills in these three disci- of education and religion.
plines had to be together From 1957-59 he was Presi-
worry about upgrading an Institution pulled -
dent of the Florida Council of
A of this kind.However, to convince the Board of
Martin Luther King, Jr. was Trustees that the relocation to Institutions for higher educa-
not the only one "who had a an urban community was the tion. In 1960,he was Presidentof
Ani dream." Ten years' ago desirable thing to do. Colleges and School Administrators -
V of the American
'\, President Puryear also had a
/ dream. This dream wasto Born in Winston-Salem, Baptist Convention.In 1961,he
,..; tee} t ., 'oG build the finest predominantlyNegro North Carolina, President was Vlce-P res Id e n t of the
2 }
d aa American Educational
Rw.. a xapt College in America in Puryear attended the public Baptist
I the city of Miami which is at schools in that city and in 1938 Association. He has also pub-
J." <.' the crossroads of the world. married Pearl Bryte Hoover lished any number of profes-
., The of the she is educator in sional articles and is Educa-
t, growth Negro population ( an her own
t\-. t' in Dade County and the right, having received the tional Advisor for the National
:: Ii: dynamic growth of the city Itself Master of Science Degree in Baptist Convention on Schoolsin
<1,. < was a signal ten years ago Education at Prairie View the Bahamas.The .
to go "where the action is." A&M College, Texas, and her newest president of
Fortunately, Dr. Puryear had Master in Education this past the newest college complex in
a welcome ear in the Chairman year at New York University). Dade County, the community
of the Board of Trustees,Rev. congratulates both for making
Edward,T. Graham. Dr. Puryear received his this area their new home.

.S f i:::::::::::::: 1:;:::::;:;:;:;:;:;:::;::;/::.:;":;_:_::_::;_::..::.::.::..:-:.::.::.:::..::::.::.::.::::::::.::.::.:.::-:.::.::.::..:-.:-;.:..:-:.:::::.::.::.:.-:.::-.:.:.:;.::..:......:.::.;:m..;.:;.:.'::.:.;.:;..:...;:..:mIm..:.:.::.:..;..:.;:...:.;..:;...:;..::-:.;-.:;-:--.:-;.::..::-:.:-.::.::::::::: :::::::
d. '''' ;; ;; : ; ; ; ;; ;
f :':': ':""""""""""" ;;.1. ; ;': -'
.... m..m....m...... ........... ... .. .. ................ .. ...............,... ................................... ,1ii.:..#.! ; 0:1.'J y..i..:

Ilil1! r.'"il

mt Best Wishes f 1 iii ii

ations I

tu .m',w. rI WI

. , .

: :' j .. ,'"
I", :;{i<: :%" : ." ORIDAMEMORIA

,i I
... @.
I. 1

4 , I"

r 4 ivu4; r 4 r 4y. rI/ Al1MA, 1/w ill/ rli 1't
n G
Best >. .'
I 'j.,' ;;ro/ ,

:" '

" --.., ,


:: A :
. "
: :

,f.,.' ,, 11 FLORIDA REALTYAND !j!j

il III "



Sears ; :::::: 26N.E 54th.' StreetPh.7540641 .:'. ,-.',: ::::::

:I III. i

i gt': W ...c

1 .

J l. r

.- . .. .- '-.. _
I, --- '--- _

-- .
----- -- .
------ - -- .
---- ..:
-. IVI"1.
---- ..;
_ _ ......._ ..

24 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968BETTER

." ""'" "ioIy,. bs "9 30 o n'',.,' ,..'y,,.. "", -. .."p'-
..:;. ,:: .......',.'<:" .
I. .. ..... .,. ". t."yS '
._ ''I. ': : '. "J,.a: .1{'",,' ,f'Q""j';.' '.:' ,\; .:!;! ..",;,';>>'?

J z_
4 ..
y y
u O
"'""ti11tlY1g111 1f11""'"11 ["" "" )rnr : +W
ift+ r1A1HwN 'JI Milt

,>, ._'!'.'".,,.:., ,..,.......-.4.,........---,. ... '"."
'";;'! '"

..' .


'. "

::.: ..
:: : mauI.Maule .

Industries Inc. An Equal Opportunity Employer

.t. .ot



.. .... ,. .." ."'.'.,. .. .,.' .. ,. ,'', '., ., '
.' ' FLORIDA .
. .
,',:-.<:::.:,.:-: : '.." ': ',' ':.";'. '..' : ;' :' .





America's Newest Institution


Of Higher Learning: ." : '

BARRY. ':,. And A Welcome AdditionTo .,. .' ,

.. COLLEGE :; The Dade County Community

.. . ,.... .,

'.' .. '. .. .' ., . .
. '.1,." . ., .
' .
:. "
.. ',, .
-:, .t., .
I REV. L. A. Pastor


_.'_ i4"F \
.-_." '' '
-' ' '
-- -
-- --
---- -


_. _. ___ THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 25
.", "" .
> '''''''' :

I; ..i.1!.. ..
,.-. .' t 1 {
.' ...., ,,,,,// .(
1'ff /
\. ..
l' :
> ;
.. 'I r.t '."
'.. ,

.;.;.: .L", ,. r 7,

." p a



( H


1 1f


t &II"J
;- .'
{ / f 1r d'
'-4 .
"r" 3 .
4 >,A.a -
""', \ ,

q nt.... ,

T. 'p : .., #
x ,
f f 'N /1 af
{ i'v

> i ".
I. ; .
'.. 'P
1 it :.

') {
''rw ir'frI ry

'ill- . .
-- -- "--




Jordan Marsh salutes Florida Memorial College.In .

its 76 years in North Florida, it made great
+ } f progress. Now that this institution is located
Y f N

on its North Dade campus, we expect it to realizeits

:. ; ." ::4
nrrM Y v 1 full potential. We offer our best wishes to

the faculty, and to the more than 1,000 students
: : ;

expected to register and attend classes.

..,. ... '- .
I. ..- ..

; Jdid l t;': .. .

:,' : ,fi if j*} J, Mt' ,,,;.',' .q

I. , _" ; .: ? : ,_: i

, ;... .-- -. -;-. -:- _. I ',...' - . .. -_.._. '" ._' s


.., ..
nCongratulations toga
26 THE MIAMI TIMES Friday c.; "
and Best Wishesto


: :
, ..,.. ii iii '!
: . l;:':: '--- w --- J};""ft'",W d- ,.4'( :'.:1i111iiii!
A' t "'"' >> t::::
; ', r" .._::dll I :..::itm
".. ..IJ;;y" : : ,!ptf"fi."' 'IJ' ::''::::::::j
," 11ft I I ..::1..:,
' _. . "< 'JII' ..:....:'illl '
< 'I:; : -r---- '
'. .::1.:.:
.f._ ::::::::::
F ...r........!

:....::..:.;.:.:.11,,.:. ....Bringing new horizons

..1..1.:::: ,
d --- ... to Miami <
: ---- ::
w I!!iij!,
:::::IIIII and Dade County....
Iii iiii il

'h .; ,'., ", i .e..... .. '.'.,," Yy. hA" '.,.,lil111 We are highly honored ,
; ( ,
\\'/ t. ;; "-" : ; f i
< III:::::::
::::::j to be the
'<, ......m ',
:ji:::w:::::' .,> ;

Wi.:.:II general aontractors __ '.i
,1vt I 111i 111iII

i7pr TIt:4i.! II Iii in the construction of :: i iII s

3 r!' ; II II this milestone in the ]

j jIi
jt j!1111 educational growthof

., :::::Ii\\ theDade
:\! ,
., """,.:,- i'r vW
-''''.......1-: .) .." .t' t.11..IIIIII County community
.::'''::....IIIIII! .

':4 ROB.ERTWL. TURCHIN INC.Contractors. 111111/1! /!} ,
1mmt Ij'

... 1835 Purdy Ave. !jili! I

Miami Beach IIII I

Florida .........:.1

__. _

o 1"1
"'--...0 -_..- -- -------.. -
THE, MIAMI TIMES, Friday,September'13,1968 27 .:
Congratulations. j
., (




All Dade Countians Wish You The Greatest

Success In Dade County's Newest Center

: ,, ;' I,
Of Higher Education


Our Best Wishes

Florida Memorial
.... ,"' to ,.

Florida ,f

Memorial ,
America's Newest Institution j

of Higher Learning -'

'. .
': i-'i 'r.
'' : Goodyear Service Store, 1
'" 1
Printing 'Co 6039 N.W. 7th Ave. --1:!
' 480 West 20 Street
(Edison Center) .
Hialeah, Florida 33010 ..

-..-, -':.":':" _: ..' .. - .. R17R1Iqrnanw.wRf.wIRRwA-. . -0-_'. .. J !r


?B THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968

ewgrsfrth tYs '

0 0

... .
!1I. :oir;; I ';c;! : r '

".."\'. ..... ...,11-



. ...
., '" '" '' ':\ '\).'. ". ;;. y., v i' .

.. : .
'.... ' :,-'.(;'':.Ir.' .I,' : ':' '_. .'.' ,''in.' i: ,,. ., : \ .fit.," .J.
: "": Welcome to.Dade
,, ; County

b ;




.1 2121 BiscayneBlvd. _
., .
.r.. . . ..
;A, ,a :. i ,. p ..l"

., .'. .': . : . .- . . -" '. '" -: .' ." .. ", .. .,.:. ... ., .- ,- .. .. ", ".,'

"" #. .. . .. u. .,' . h . ,"

_.._ _ __u _
---.__ ___,_ ___


___' THE. MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September! 13,_1968 29

fr -

: : Don Myers & Associates:

: : I It' Inc.

3256 N.W.24th Street Road

.... .

.:.. r', "' >': ., PH. 633-4644

Two men whom Jet Clipper passengers most want to see when arriving or ,.
departing the Miami International Airport terminal receive pins emblematic of

of 30 years service with Pan American World Airways. For the past 20 years

both John Hoskins and David Spicy, center, have been greeting passengersand
handling their baggage at theold 36th Street terminal and the present terminaL -

"It's hard to imagine how much baggage I've handled," says Spicy,
"maybe a million pounds more." Dale F. Voss, Pan Am acting assistant

airport manager, left, hands 30-year emblem to Hoskins and John Otto, airport .

manager, presents pin to Spicy. Spicy lives at 3060 NW 50th St., and AUDITORIUM SEATING
Hoskins at 2350 NW 67th Street.

I State County Commissions Offers Scholarships- Library Seating

TALLAHASSEE.-A scho- to $1,000 for two years at a leges, universities or Junior School
larship program for deserving Junior college."If colleges accredited by the
students was announced todayby 67 sheriffs can sponsorthe Southern Association of Col-
the State Association of Florida Sheriffs Boys leges and Schools.An .
County Commissioners.This Ranch, then 339 county commissioners applicant must be willing laboratory FurnitureCongratulations
new foundation Is expected could surely to sign a pledge to render ser-
to raise $50,000 an- sponsor a scholarship program vice In the field for which he
nually for students who need such as this," he said. received the scholarship to a
county, municipal or state
financial aid in furtheringtheir
No tax
money would be Involved -
education at either the agency for one year for each
rather the foundation
year he received a scholar-
J Junior college or universitylevel.
will be financed by subscrip- ship.
tions and contributions from
The program sets a$500 per
Lamar Hancock, Presidentof private sources. year maximum for Junior college
the Association, said It Applicants must be resi- students and$l,250a year
would provide up to $5,000 for dents of Florida, high school for those working towards a ; # I.
four years of study at the uni- graduate and must attend any bachelors degree at a univers-
versity college level and up of the private or state col- ity or college.


We Are Proud

and ,','
\ ._ .,.,

To Welcome

Best Wishes For Success



Dade County Where


"Milk Means McArthur"i d T'

L.L. BROOKS, Pres.



4150 NW 7th Ave. Phone 759-8733 ..", :;;

George P. Harth r., Charles A. Lockhart . ': .
. ,
General Manager Public Relations Director :

_.. , .-. __ 'L' :
..' , ., - , ., -.. .
1 1
... 4' :
..i '
I Ij
--- -

--- -
--- ------ -

1 j

30 THE MIAMI TIMES Friday September 13, 1968

I American Foundation For Negro Affairs Meet In Philadelphia :',

Black leaders throughoutthe Foundation for Negro Affairs James H. J. Tate; Horace Development, Div. of Chris- are Elliot Moorman, Princeton the group are U. S.Congressman \I
nation are meeting In Phil- will not be in the same format Mann Bond, President of Lin- tian Education; Harry Ed- Univ.; Charles J. Hamilton Robert N. C. Nix, Sr.;
adelphia for a week-longCon- as the militant Black Power, coln University; J. M.Ellison, wards, Cornell University; Harvard Univ.; Frederick Samuel L. Jackson, Arbitration :i
ventlon at the Bellevue strat- conference held recently In Chancellor of Virginia Union T. M. Alexander, president, O'Neal, president of Actors Assn. Wash., D. C. ; and
ford Hotel, under the au- Philadelphia" But, he added, University; Stephen Wright, Central Insurance Agencies; Equity; Hilda Sims, actress; Howard B. Woods, Editor and I
spices of the newly formed "We will have real Black president of United Negro College Robert Carter, GeneralCoun- Loftin Mitchell, writer; Publisher of St. Louis Centennial I
American Foundation for Negro Power among the more than Fund; Leo B. Marsh,exe- cil, NAACP; William M.Sea- George Norford, Electronics; '
>> Affairs. Delegates from 800 delegates tending the cutive director of National bron, Dept.ofAgriculture, Perry Watkins, Design and Meeting throughout the week
all walks of life will be represented AFNA convention. Board YMCA's; Judge A. Leon Washington, D. C.; James G. Crafts; Edward Taylor, at the Bellevue Stratford
at the conclave to embark Higginbotham, U.S. Eastern Banks, U. S. Department of Music; Ernest Crutch 1 o w, Hotel, the convention will draw
upon an entirely new ap- AFNA through this Convention District Court; Herman R. Urban Development; and Ed- Painting and Sculpture, and to a close on Friday, Sept.13,
proach.to solving the overall objectives, and Ion grange Branson, Howard University; ward E. Johnson, Southern William Greaves, motion pic- with the workshop reports and
Plight of some 25 million goals will attempt to Dr. Pearl Olivia Stokes, Director University. ture crafts. passing of Convention resolutions -
American Negroes. bridge the gaps that exist between Dept. of Educational Other speakers scheduled Also scheduled to address .
The hugh undertaking to various groups organi-
zations social and economic
launch the American Founda-

tion organization for Negro Ten Affairs Year(AFNA Plan of) structures areas in life, and Black among hands other must Chamber of Commerce To Assist Black Businessmen

work together In America 11 business sector In general." Authorize chamber help in
total Afro American Involve Greater Miami's new committee organized for just
there is any hope for a harmonious Clements" committee also areas of providing Job oppor-
ment Is being headed by Chamber of Commerce has this purpose.
Samuel L. Evans of Philadelphia American commun pledge to assist black Charles L. Clements, Jr., recommene tunities; economic and technical -
chairman of the Board of ity. businessmen with their chairman of the Community recommended" that the assistance programs
the organization. virtually Federal Judge A. Leon Hig- business problems in a continuing Affairs Action committee, chamber board endorse to encourage black ownershipof
every prominent name from ginbotham is President of effort to upgrade and said, "We feel that welfareimprovetheNegrocommunity wholeheartedly, the Greater business, black management -
all categories of Negro activity AFNA. Other officers include has failed, has been terribly Miami Coalition,as the proper of business and blakc
will be represented at Dr. Horace Mann Bond, At- costly and that gainful, dignified communicating, programmingand accomplishments in pro-
the blue-ribbon gathering. lanta; Leo B. Marsh, New The effort--announced last employment is the first controlling arm of the fessional fields, and for programs
According to Mr.Evans, York; Hon. Patricia Harris, Thursday u will be spearsept toward equality for the community for social pro- to provide adequate
"The time has come for the Washington, D.C.; Dr.Stephen headed by a Chamber depressed and stability for the gress." housing, especially housing
Negro American,whatever his J. Wright,New York;Frederic Among the recommen- construction for the black man
,station in life maybe, to state O'Neal, New York;E.B.Weston dations of the committee was for his own use and to his own
clearly what he thinks or believes Phlla.; and Barbara FHA Approves Mt Zion one to: profit.

his responsibilities Weems, Phlla. -

Amercans.In relieving the With plight this of Black first "We can't close the economic Church Housing ProjectThe YOU'RE INVITED!'

meeting of the Convention we gap between white and -
will launch plans to catalogue blacks," according to Chair- Federal Housing Ad- units. The project will include
American Negro ministration has approved a 15 one-bedroom DOT & ANN INVITE
progress, man of the Board of AFNA, apartments,
thereupon to commence chart- Samuel L.Evans,"by teaching nonprofit apartment project In 105 two-bedroom apartmentsand YOU TO SEE THE
Ing ten-year goals in all areas and directing our people In the northwest Dade County. 30 three-bedroom apart-
of Afro American life. menial fields of life. The 25 The project, sponsored bya The program is aimed at New MO'S BAR
AFNA has been set up to million blacks in the United subsidiary of the Rev. Ed- providing cheaper accomoda-
propagate and serve as an States need meaningfully directed ward T. Graham's Mt. Zion tions for moderate Income
agency for collective and national goals. We must chart Baptist Church, will include families by subsidizing the interest (Opposite Mary Elizabeth Hotel)
unity among the Negro goals, establish priorities and 150 units for middle Income rate and taking the
population of the United States. ways of implementation. We families at NW 183rd Street operational profit out of the
The organization will estab- hope through participation of and 47th Avenue FHA offered project. 645 N.W. 2nd Ave
lish and formulate plans, responsible black leaders a commitment of up to$2 mil
goals, and schedules for the from all over the country to lion on a mortgage that would COMPLETELY REMODELEDAND
advancement of the total Ne- give them these goals.. bear an Interest rate of only
gro population in all areas including three per cent. etDOUBLE ENLARGED t
but not limited to Speakers scheduled to address The federally subsidized !
1, Commerce Education Civil project J is under the 221d3
R i g h t s, Health and Welfare gates and individual commis- program. Rent will be $lOla COLORS GRAY IWIUCl I

etc.The sion'workshops Include, Pen- month for one bedroom apart- :2 MESSES HJU KIKMia
organization will also nsylvania Governor RaymondP. ments, $119 for two/bedroom J1w" ...'1111:1111111: J.1, : See The New Look v
serve as a National Informa- Shafer; Philadelphia Mayorww and $136 for three bedroom
tion Bureau on all Negro mat- ;
ters and establish ways and ATTENTION: At Mo's .-J'
means of channeling incomers \
and resources of the Negro 1 1F
population into productiveuses St. Agnes' KindergartenAnnounces ,r
In the economy.
Acting as a Federation the its opening Tuesday, September
AFNA organization will serve 3, 1968. Call
the entire nation
through Hot lunches Free pick-up and delivery
branches In every state and divisions I
L services Train ed personnel ij
in every large city as :a. CHARLESROGERS
well as in many community information call: N E 4-1910 or N E 5-2307

districts. Mrs. Jacqueline Livingston, Supervisor
The herculean task of implementing -
the major J pro- ; 'I
grams forecasted will be under $88 AT PL 1-7502
the direction of 14 different :,
commissions. The com- ,, . ..1 GHETTO RESIDENTSJOIN FOR A GOOD BUY ON A
missions Include Education, .' k1A PIANO, ORGAN, SCOTT
Rights, Commerce and FI- !!!!! e INSTRUMENTS

nance, CommunlcationsNews -Y, .7f i1Ti ./I Poor People's Super Market
Media), Judiciary and Law
Manpower Labor and Em-
ployment, Religion, Science
Performing and CreativeArts PRIVATE LISTENING
Housing and Urban Development EARPHONE Call 371-6728
and Athletics and
Sports Development.
Governors and Mayors from $5.00 s

many states have appointed
representatives to attend the
convention, and more than a DOWN Look Natural --
dozen representatives from
foreign countries will also be Call

present session.and participate in the 751-5629 Be Natural

Among other things AFNA NO CREDIT
Ten Year Plan will attempt: REQUIRED
with i
(a) Enhance the American
gro Image; (b) Unify and har-
ness the American Negro
worth and potential in all areas ALSO: AfroAmNatural S a aWE
of life and to direct the same FURNITURE
within the mainstream of
American life (c) Establish APPLIANCES
goals and ways and means for STEREOS 'AFRO. SELL HAPPINESS
Implementation (d) Serve as AI
and stabilizer
a catalyst, a vehicle Hair Spray tk. f r.t.r..4i .( N.rth-Ie"th l>pr.t.w.y
the Americandemocratic W.T. WALLS
for continuing CORNER
MW 54th ST. ft NW.3rd AYE.
process of government COMPANY SPRAY Phone 751-7502
and the welfare of all Only barber has it.NAiR
54th Street your Or2011 lisca1ft. Blvd Fft 1..411 .row.,,,JA Z.SIII
people. 45 K. W.
Elans.in replying to a question Miami Florida 33127 Ask him. Pill DIlfrtKY ANYWMIII U.S.A.
about the gathering re-
zaarked "The American

" "
-- --- --

-- '.

,. . _.
---- ----

' THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, September 13, 1968 31

as Route Oranges Benefit Black Areas Carver !r Man Killed Outside BarA

4 announced Metro Transit plans to Authority revise and ditional on Route service will be added Ave., west on NW 11th St., Ranches 50 year old man was at Williams' wife as she .

extend three of its major bus 24 re-routing it north on NW 12th Ave. (Civic shot and killed Saturday while emerged from the door of the ,

in the through the Civic Center Com- Center), west on NW 46th St. he was waiting in front of a bar :
routes Liberty City, plex bar.The
Brownsville and Downtown on NW 12th Avenue to present terminus at NW 37th News ) at 5226 NW 17th Ave. shot missed Mrs. Williams ,

Miami areas coinciding'with vices Specifically, the new ser- Ave. and 46th St. (Return trip Walter Bo*. i Police charged George R. and police said andem-

its fall-winter service schedules Route are as follows to Downtown via reverse route By Knowles, 31, of 501 N.W. ploye of the bar, Ray Beneby :
21 -- All trips begin Fourth Ave.with the murder of burst from the door
except use NW 10th St.between and struck
beginning Sunday, Sept. at The VFW Post No.8195 will 4
Terminal (NE 1 Ave NW 8th St Herman C. Williams 50 of the tothesidewatkbe-
Rd and NW 3rd gunman
29, according to MTA chair- and 1st ; hold its regular meeting,Sunday -
St.) From Gesu northon Avenue 2051 NW 66th Street.
), fore he could fire another shot. 4
Butler 15 at 3 Members
man Raymond W. Jr. NE 1st Sept. p.m. -
,west on NE and Miami Police Sgt. Art 4
The three routes affectedare NW 6th St., north on NW 2nd Route 4 -- Revision in rout- please be present. Scheren said knowles followed Witnesses told police that i

21, 24 and 4. Ave., west on NW 17th St., Ing. From Gesu Terminal(NE 8195 The will Ladles Auxiliary Post Williams out of the HickoryBar I Knowles,Williams,and his wife .
have their
north on NW 1 Avenue and 1st St.)North on Fridayand
Ave. had been seated
weston early Saturday evening, near each
One of the major improve- NW 20th St., north on NW NE 1st Ave., west on NE 17th this Saturday night Fish Fry shot him twice in the chest and other inside the bar, but had
ments is the extension of both 12th Avenue west St., north onN. Miami Avenue, week. Conch-flitters, and I
on NW 62nd plenty of refreshments.The then whirled and fired a shot not spoken to each other.
Routes 21 and 24 further into St., north on NW 14th Ave., west on NW 29th St., north on .

the Downtown Miami area for west on NW 71 st.,north on NW NW 10th Ave.,west onNW46th daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel
better connections with Miami 19th Ave., west onNW72ndSt.north St., north on NW 12th Ave.and E. Nealy Donna-
Aealea to be married to

transfer Beach routes.and other Routes mainland 21 and NW on 75th NW St.22nd north Ave., weston NW ing.continue(This along change present replaces rout- Howard L., Bishop, Saturday, Open 7 Days-8 A.M. to 10 tM.

Sept. 21 at 3 St. Ann's
24 are primary lines in the 27th Ave., east on NW 79th St. Route 24's service along NW Episcopal, Church p.m.,Hallandale. The Best For Less At

Liberty City Brownsville to new terminus at NW 22nd 10th Ave. betweenNW29thand46th Mr. Bernard Dorsett

are as. The two Routes also Ave. and 79th St. (Return trip Streets), lar bar b e r at Bowes Barber,popu

cross the central Miami Negro to Downtown via reverse The MTA said all routes will Shop No. 2., will walk the Islesin

district. route). be equipped with new Route- marriage to Mary A. Scott
Route 21 Is also being ex- Route 24
-- All trips beginat Finder timetables for the fall- Sept. 29.

tended north of Liberty Cityto Gesu Terminal(NE 1st Ave. winter schedules. For passen- t

NW 27th Avenue and 79th and 1st St.) From Gesu, north gers desiring further inform .

Street for better connecting on NE 1st Ave.,west on NE and atio, MTA suggests calling Jobmobile .4

service to Miami Beach. Ad- NW 6th St., north on NW 2nd Bus Information at 538-8631.

J. I; I r;; I. '-1 I J :r-r # 1; J l1l! i11I'IIIII LocationsThis

'\, ]im. .111-,. 1 I....' tol ,,- I J : I l _1f"' r .. _
:: n .. : ... A
I JUa .t !! t A : 'r. .1 . is where
I the Jobmobile
I ,..,
r&1tTI: '""= .ill& ....
_l ., E .. : :1... -. t. . ,. Iu."" .1 is
.. rl\i l ,, L .
am iiminium IB I. 0 "' : ; ( ;: rJ..rrit
: ; _-.. ; It ..- p.-. .._lcJ T Z. 1' Monday, Sept. 16 through
.. : ,WJ..I t\Ls1\ ; -
rMi .
I ; Friday, Sept. 20, 7:30 a.m. to
I", II .. s ...
'" I .J .1L E J' .-. 't! -..!.!.' I. I II"I If IFiT" nl I.I '-{., r-- 4:30 p.m. NW 12th Avenue and

l t:; It N tn.2L. '. I I III .LI.I.I. I reo It.. .. 54th St. (Grandway).
t ;;-;- 't"7 ,_ W..rrr. -' l1O'T .t
,. .. I T
1-i1J Et PI o. wt+ r1U
,1t Nnln r I OVER 40,600 CARS SOLD

f _f.a..1: !;tr- r
I 0 'I 1 1 / Most Recent Survey

:.. t tl ? .. ""E- CHANGES In ROUTES 4. 21. 24 I:
: wE ::1.0 .. 0 e; 00 :; :.a I

+ It I" .. ;;- ", 11.fi 1 Effective: September 29. 1968 Shows 51 % Repeat '
1 .
. ., .. F" M
b . If'p
.ll. .. .. t vaI -f- NY

:; .... .. 'A, UI ... -LEGEND And Referral BusinessMUNICIPAL

f& U.... I'/W say s. Illi.'._llllllllll 11111111iNew' ' ,. Routing .

!I I J -i J ,; I -J tj
+ po, .. .. T... ,,= "," ---o'J Existing Routing AUTO SALIS AND SERVICE
:: E " ,5

:Thr .. .... T.- ..f" .". .-- .. r FLORIDA'SAUTOMOBILE
J 7f;.* .. .... I I. r 4'Pr ? T, -NMa
:...... I lL-r.L;; .0 -.;:- t -J : J E ; I.H.1 ... ., -I- I :1 '" ;
.0 .. ..
I .. -.
L, ..!.!1.! _ ...:- .. [.r.. : :: .. ;.. Every minute anda
/1 ..!l.1-! e. .. .. Loll! : .. ., SUPERMARKET!

$ -H* .J :; J., .. fill "' !P. -I., I. .. : -.II half..someonecalls
. .. .0 I j "
: '
'-i'tf r-. .. ..L:It!-, p.". .T"' - .. : '" ,..... II:121 -. .. .. ,'"J, AAMCOEvery CAR YOU HIT TODAY
::: oJ S 61I1S' 1'-' YOU DIY HOMI TODAY

J J+U. .. r rI week AAMCO satisfies more IMMIDIATI DIIIVIIYI
.. I
if ? "
I i Y I c than 10.000 transmission problem

1 j .I. ? .. 01 :I :" t1'' : . -a 'l .:-1-..11 Jj"'' .. 'check You, get fut free, efficient towing tervice. a free-road most 500 CARS!

P,0 tl -;-;;- .. ,.. -- I Tn""" f I"M .J time in |lust one day. And with
Ir J s ,, .. "v. T. I AAMCO your transmission can be
.t' Ii F "' r .
I 500 AAMCO Center !
.. protected by over 15 YEARS-SAME LOCATION
: ij: -I I rt i. : .. tout to coat

. :..: .. a. w e !-!. "' .. ., I ,J -- Every minute and a half some 14 COUftTKM/SXIUCMfN TO SMYI YOU
.. ,: i't 'L .; ; one provesYou ALWAYS H9N0ftEDS OP IfSS's
I '.. .r': n I. "t/ffl It ...1i..1'I' : I t' .. .!.!... ..!.:- .' If n.. ufo can trust yourtransmission THRU 1948's TO CHOOSE FROM
I_ ,. - .
t : To :- 1.rr ;; t. III

I T; f t1 tI : I' t/ .. .1 I.;' tot M I ,Mt. S '" 10, 1 t ,

O.. .. .. "." --, [' ., :; jp- MUNICIPAL AUTO
.lJ1 ,,, foo: / .,,J TRAltS1AlSSIOgS
1 .. :; ,. .................... '- : "tt".r ,.
'oo. : r 'j'
. .. .. .. to '
.t., .,...., ] It ,... "'. --- -;rt;- W rH'f target Irnnmlitl** SpccMtetl
I ; .G .::... l;:,, "" ::. ': 'rs; IT.'ii I ; 'I- -I- : 6 i 3.1 :i[ OPEN DAILY 8 TO 6
N ..Ul1.1UL..1 I:!.!!-: . ..I. I SAT. 8 TO NOON
1 ,
:. I.. ,- .. r.I I II I '
1 N.W. 36th St.
I t"D I')# n .. 1 I DOWNTOWN MIAMI 3061
'I;. ','r .....,. r r-t' l Bt/..e, a"$'.' "
.,. I I I. ....... ..... r.r: ) .: 17 .. ;.. 64N.E..20THST.PHONE ECONOMY CORKER-3I1T N.W. 36th STREET-
-- ::4 .. .:ot *... TO II P.M.
l Y I .Y !J y j .. d 1 : I..;;l Q YA' 1: .. 371-8411' OPEN 7 DAYS A WfjEK
.. ..
.. J. l ;' 11\ 1
: 't.rl.
: ,: I = : -H : ... ..111-:; -... \ i.. .. :\.. 1
.. ., ,,
1.1: .. I. t 11 I
E 2' 'T" I ., 'W
:' J-. .. ... .._ .. .1 J I !
....:..1: J "
f" It : j. II".1'; .I The Mini-Bruto! presents
: : i.- 0 I t r. : ;: .. I : .. : : J.. '
.. t ::: :
: : :
:: .. .. I A. TR lv0. . I ,. (he short payment book.
., .
'lI 1'1. .. .. .W.... _..I.
..11./ 11I:1 .L II t
t ..._ .-L.a.l ,,_!. ; -. J.!.. -- ;- 0 ,-: - 1. "... co(


.Oeawlso.uswoa..we.w w - - --- - -- - -pI I

: Miami Times :


Miami Times ...: -< 2-door Sedan
,l. I
6530 NW 15th Avenue $249. DownBulck's $4971 Per Mo.,for 36 Months -

Miami, Florida 33147 .-. . '. : new Del! Ka it 2-dr. Sodanoo _

Enclosed is $5.00 to' cover the cost: of a .one year subscription to' .v : TEST ONE TOb TAT

The Miami Times: ,. .' : ll r ?..? f!: -- ,- : I

Mail Paper *o. . .... ' r SheehanBUICK
.f .. !< : ; .
.II' ; : : -v :
; .
Address . -,\, ; -j : 0 II;

', . .' ,. Code'' __" '. il EN'JlflE.2300ItLOCK: S.W.8th STREET HI 41661Own :
..... : : Zip !
State --
City - ;
.1 MorvWtf,,, Fro't'i'|9 PM and Tuei,Thun.Sal;tit 6-PM
"- .'_'., t "" ,',: 't '\__ '1".1 :' :- 1. t t : '
b 1 e>w el!assn 4
r !
. -> -. t1r .- Qntisll- tw f/ .
9- .
[ ," "

... ... .I
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