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T HE i MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969 9



James Baldwin's scripting of "Tte Malcolm X Story" Is
P ., causing much pother la Hollywood and the country. Bald-
win, author of "Anchor Country," has completed the script
3 after more than IS-months seclusive writing -- but he has
refused to hand It over to the producer.At .
the outset Baldwin stated that he would script "Malcolm" Ion
I three conditions: (1) that it would be directed by a black
Y 1'' director, ((2) the script be filmed exactly as he had'written it,
1 vl or changed only with his approval, and(3) that an unknown
who the dynamiclsm, and
black actor -- someone possess
physical appearance of Malcolm to star in the film.
Surrepetttlously, Hollywood-money were Initiating projected -
changes in both the script, and directing, and wanted to
star a Raymond St. Joeques, a Jim Brown, or a Sidney Pot-

tier, NG.
Mira Waters, costarrer of Gordon Park's "TIle Learning
Tree", and Lola Falana of "The Liberation of Lord Byron.
Jones," and this pillar ate hamburgers and went to see "The
Wild Bunch", which we enjoyed thoroughly .- bloody battles
P w and all.
Hear that Nancy Wilson is contemplating retiring from
showbiz when her contract expires: what a loss if she does
r.y Miss Wilson Is perhaps the greatest black female singer
since Billle Holiday and Bessie Smith, and really should have, I
her own weekly TV show. She'd certainly have more com
mercial and artistic appeal than Lesllo Uggmans Comic
Stu Gilliam gifted himself with a brand new Bently for his

birthday What happened to Cads? Sammy Davis Jr.
1 : : f and Jerry Lewis are on a "Let The Jones Get'em Down" .
4 11".lu\J'" -';0:. .._ 1Mi.AA1 T"";;'. '-11 ... They both purchased a $35,000 Rolls Royce, Lewis can well

More than 1,000 persons turned out July 30for Addressing the enthusiastic crowd is City of Miami afford one, two.
Commissioner M. Athalle Range, who played a key Cal Williams, one of the few black writers getting Into:TV
the dedication of one of America's first under-ex- andfor writing, (he did "Soul" and "Especially Soulful") has been
role in obtaining the land for the playground
pressway parks, a totally new concept in play named. Miami-Metro Dept. of signed to script "Halls of Anger" for MGM, starring Calvin
whom the park is -
Lockhart Lincoln Kilpatrick and Barbara McNair have
grounds. It is the first such playground. for Miami. Publicity & Tourism photo.Leonard thing goto' on In Harold Robins' "Stiletto". Lincoln portraysa
T black Mafia leader with powerful credibility and force. So
strong Is his role that be over shadows Dabs, who really hasn't
I the nitty-gritty experience: that the New York trained Kil
Black Company Gets $550,000. Contract"Servicing patrick has ; Watch out for Lincoln he's a tremendous

w principal Fred Williamson, formerly called "The
NBL Headquarters con Hammer"' of the Kansas Chiefs, has set in motion fantastic -
a $500,000 coo- Burrell was making a simmuttaaeous Aaron ,ot Seattle and -
ference.Mr. career for himself. Re's done Z"Julia's",a seg with Harl
tract is the kind of Job we at announcement last Alaska, and the Atomic Energy
Rhodes in "The Bold Ones", and now he's fa Otto Premln-
the National Business League week in Washington with Phil Commission Contractors Aaron is a veteran fireman ger's "Tell Me That You Love MB, Junta Moon" Los
welcome for oar members,'' Gayton of Seattle,Washington B-E-C-K Contractors and has extensive j experience Angeles Sentinel's columnist Getrude Gtpson had a birthday
said Berkeley Burrell,president Project Director of the Seat Parker Drilling Company. in systems and management party Sunday night that brought out the top black talent faHollywood. \
of the largest membership tle Business League, of a The contract is for fire protoctica of fire prevention in Such stars,as Lola Falana, Don Mitehel, Virginia I
organization for business $550,000 agreement between service on Amchttka the islands of Alaska. The
Capers, Muhammad,Nkh U,Nichols Roscoe Lee Browne
and economic development in the West Coast Fire Service, Island Alaska; an AEC test awarding of the contract to a Gloria Jones and Fraakle Karl celebrated hi feta with the
the black business site. The project pew out of is there- "
community ,_a minority headedby minority enterprise beautiful entertainer, GG.
NBL's management and technical suit of long preparation and Speaking of Muhammud All,, he's been signed by Stephan
I Nassau Trip' 'Winner program* Project Outreach'operaiedon negotiations with government Tompkins for a TV Special to be called,"The Matammud
: .> -., of.the and prime officials In Seattle Special," and that should be, of course, "tbi ".t.st" ..
Mrs. ,S. L. Smith was the the memberst Mesdames Washington office where Mr. and Washington D, C. Minus the puns, the show should M very,fcteresUnf and Informative -
Burrell met with AEC
winner of the? trip to Nassau, Addle Cobb, Mary Bryant, and instructed executives worth seeing ...Jad,Pace has completed her rote
toe Seat-
sponsored by the Loyal Lady's Marie Whipper, Eula!: King, The terms of the contract to "Cotton Comes To Harlem" and Is back In LA Upon
I Club. Elizabeth El and Helen Col- tle staff to "give priority u.lstaDee" are for 13 months and is one her arrival offers began to pour in for her to do more films
I Congratulations to you from bert, president., to complete Informal of the largest minority agreements She's the sister of Jean Pace who named Oscar Brown's
commitments made at
a for, the west coast area. baby."Africa", and destined to become a top talent Rev

Jessie Jackson of Chicago sneaked Into LA, that is, the gen
I ppnntitT! nr ii 11 inmmrnTBii I omit numus raw ttin umor tIIRnlll't Div III! CD nn nrnm 11 eral public wasn't aware of his arrival,and dined at the homeof
t. Bill Cosby
Susan St. James present at the feast was struck with awe
when she met the fame founder of Operation Breadbasket. But
-------4 /i not too awed; she landed a part on the "Bill Cosby" show forDed 1
-1 iT < : season Cookie Gilchrist has begun. He appeared '
out at Universal Studioand dada seg of the Johnny Grant Show,
4h live -- and pulled It off quite well. Glynn Turman has fallen .
In love,-to a two-parter of"Julia"he,falls head over heels iriJ:,
love with the vivacious Diahann Carroll, but like real-life-
love he comes away'with a cracked heart -- but not a tear

.'. Sidney Poitler Is qultely getting his life together. with
Joanne Shlmkus Ketty "Love Letters Straight From Your
Heart" is one of the few black character actresses that's

working everyday or so It seems. Otis Young's play,
4 Y.irly., "Right On Brother", may just be a "Write Off Brother". m 'I I
spite of such talents as Virgin Capers,Davis Roberts, Kenny i
Roker and others It seems. about to told So am L, 1. e., !
mill next we meet. .f




JEAN DELIGHTFUL WILLIAMS.YOUNG DRESS DESIGNER: "I don't believe in'Bubble-Gum' fashion..the kind I 44i!:

that's in today and out tomorrow. For my clients,I design the smooth i iI.

classics that suit them best. Maybe that's why I choose
ne SKillS BANK
Gordon's Gin. It's always smooth, always dry, which i

suits my taste best!' WANTS YOU I

.' '
1. '
: :
'., \ ENGINEER '.
3't.;: .. *

\ 1 ',t ';''J'/Jor : "PROJECTIONIST ".' ,'" I I

... ,4. ,'" .T" ,{': : i' DISTILLED SECRETARIES II '4 4If '
:., L0ND0NDRT you had torn court of study or Job
GINCordon's experience that qualifies you at a good

: It's how the English keep their gin up! ::- .. Raqulrad.

Contact: SYLVIA POLLE, South Florida Broadcast Skill Bank
318 N. Miami Ava. Miami, Fla. 33128 Ph. 377824't



erg ... rrne..................rl.......... < f BOn

,, Youth : : 5

!' ,, "' The Scene With Miami f4>,

, : .:) '.
I< ... _ _ _. ______ __
, ___ -to
t( t Culturists
TheHappening w y Beauty

Hold GoldenAnniversary

By Garth C. Reeves, Jr.

Dear Mr. Reeves: pYyyYi The National Beauty Cultur- of New Orleans who is given
Twelve ists' League, staged its 50th credit for most of the
ago I wrote you a letter giving my views progress
.and opinions on the black youth and their manner of acting in and Golden Anniversary in of the league for the past
public, the white majority and their feelings toward the black Philadelphia, July 27 to Aug. twelve years. ,
youth's actions, and the racial situation which exists in today's 7, in what has been termedthe Among the projects approv.
column your intelligent ideas, and your Impartial manner of most usccessful and colorful ed by the league was making
thinking and writing. convention since its found- the financial security of Its
This was one year ao. Today the content of my commentsand ing in Philadelphia a half century members and protection as.
views on certain matters have not changed, but have increased A ago. At that time it had swing them independence in
strengthened, and matured. I find now that last July, n P only 19 members. Over 50-, old age, hospital and health
my views about the problems in the world were limited only 000 members were reportedat 'benefits in the present.
to the situations in my country--America.I can now expressmy I r.a this session. Plans for completion of the
thoughts on many of the same problems but with a differ- : Highlights of the Pre-Con- research building in Washing.ton .
ent and more widespread aspect, for at,this moment, I am in I, i '.' 'I' ventlon included a postgraduate D. C. werealsoapproved.

a completely different atmosphere. From last summer to this .. '"i__. ."'..,...,-iii.iIffIIfI. !\ \, ,, ,,.', Institute of Cosmetologywith Next year's meeting will be
summer, I have gone from Liberty City to Europe. This sum- '.-- ._ 276 graduates; sessionsof in Houston, Texas and New
mer my parents have provided me with an opportunity to geta < the beauticians' own sor- Orleans has been selected for
close.look at another continent, and other group of people, I .. ority, Theta Nu Sigma, both 1971.
and another mode of living. I have received the chance to :-- from July 27 to Aug. 2. The slogan for 1971 is
see the differences land the similarities between my country \ Highlights of the convention "Come to Dr. Wbickam's
in North America and the countries in Europe. proper Included a parade on Home Town With Over 100
I have been here in Europe for a month now and have already Aug. 2nd, depiciting the progress members." :

seen many aspects which dJslInguisfi America from Sod sip 01 t tk Wed of the League over 50 Guests at the meeting Included
European countries. Besides a greater stress on the codes of years; a trade show with exhibits Mrs. Martin Luther
morality and ethics in Italy, a stronger display of harmonyand and demonstrations King, Jr., Poncnita Pierce, I
pleasantry in Germany and Switzerland, a more wonderful -. Pretty intellect graces the page this week as Eloulse showing latest in beauty culture CBS newscaster; Rev. Jesse a
sign of outward concern and love in France, and a more Taylor holds soul sister honors. This attractive young products, equipment and Jackson, youth department,
Joyous atmosphere of human.! kindness in Austria and Holland, ,< lady is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Taylorof techniques; work shops, SCLC; Sis, Rosetta Thorpe,
I nave found a more tremendous distinction between Europeand 1017 NW 65th St. She will be a senior at Notre ,clinics, business sessions, a famous gospel singer; Mat-
the' United States. I Dame Academy in the fall trip to the grave of former and thew G. Carter, Mayor of
'All men are created equal' is a quote from our Bill of ', late President Cornelia G. Montclair, New Jersey; Sterling
Rights. In Europe's Declaration of the Rights of Men-which """"" Johnson, report on the mil Fletcher, field representative
is similar to our bill-there is a statement which goes a lion-dollar research building for the National Urban
step further than ours. It says 'all men are born and remain being constructed in Washington League in Washington, D. C.,
equal. See the difference? For the first time in my fifteen- The Man On The Moon/ D. C. and aleader ship who was given the citizen of
years of living, I am In a place where I am neither liked nor conference preparing mem- the year award.
disliked because of the pigmentation of my skin, but simply bers to assist in the betterment Richard A. DeCarlo, Washington -
because I am an American. Hula Hoop. of their various com- D.C.was crowned King
While in,Europe, I have"found some ,time to think. I have munities. of the Institute and Mrs.JonnJe
Brightly colored Hula
come to a conclusion about American whites. It Is the t There will be two categoriesfor
many Hoops will be awhirl as hundreds Heading the convention and Mae Williams, Newark,N.J.
older generation of whites which is keeping prejudice competition:
re-elected to
office of Presi- was crowned
of queen.
against black people a tradition. The white parents are youngsters throughout the 9 and under group, and the -
pushing their children up to continue bigotry and to practice the city of Miami and Dade 10 years or over division.The 11
it to the best of their abilities. Some whites do no want the County, compete in the second 1st and 2nd place winners in JOIN NOW!
blacks to succeed. They want nothing but the worst for us and annual Metropolitan Hoop each division will be eligibleto AND SUPPORT THE
they will go to any lengths to make things as bad as possiblefor Championships. This eventwillbeheldatCentral compete in the Regional
us. Most of us have come up across this kind.I sta- Finals which will be held inI I Carver YMCAMembership
am studying here and even the classroom teachings are dium, Saturday, Aug. 9 at 9a.m. Orlando, Florida, Saturday,
different. The European people take the greatest pride In the ., co-sponsored by the city Aug. 16. The overall Metropolitan Drive
histories of their countries.In each class there Is a thorough of Miami Recreation Department Champions (city and
study of the country from its beginning to its present es and the Dade County Park county) will each receive atrophy
tablishment. I am learning about the people-rich and poor, and Recreation Depart ; and the 1st, 2nd, and Coll 696-0231. Send your membership to:
literate and illiterate who have played equally important ment. The contest is tree and 3rd place winners in each division 5770 NW 15th AVENUE
roles in the continent of open to all Hula Hoopers be- will receive
building Europe.The people here are ribbons. Youth $3.00
tween Teenage $5.00 Adult $10.00
the of
thrilled to teach the history, customs, and culture of their ages 5 and 15. Spectators are invited free. Family $25.00 Century-$100.00Jack's
country not only to their own people but to foreigners as I -
well In America, the blacks have to ask, plead, and almost Theatre
Group Plans -------------------
get down on hands and knees and beg for,the right to have prO-, I ,
fessors teach about-what I feel is the most Important his I Men's
Benefit Show
tory in! the world-black history. Because the black people For "Shack" !
in America make up a minority, this does not give anyone I I
the right to deprive us of an education about our own black In their upcoming venture half of August. The general I' & Boy'sShop i
heroes. toward purchasing "The public will be invited for a I
There are people who do not want the blacks to get an education Shack" the old Liberty thea- small admission price or by I I THIS. IS OUR'ONLY STORE 1I
because the bigoted white man despises a black man tre building on 15th and 67th buying advance tickets. j See Mr. Jack II

,and the only thing he hates worse is an intelligent black man. the Liberty City Community The money from the revue I I "The Latest in Men's Fashions" I
Unrest of black youth has given much Impetus'to toe wniw Theatre Group is,planning to will go toward the funds needed I I Pants -'Suits Hats -, Shoes II
establishment in the schools because the older generation of present an original musical to purchase the shack. The Dress Shirts & Fancy Knits
"Let I 1-
whites has to confront the argument of discontent in black revue. Yourself Go"written" entire production vili be spon ----
This racial problem (or generation whicheveryou for the group by Otis soredeythe EOPl thrBeET I 1944
youth. gap- .Myler a-1969 graduated Miami -* ; NW 2nd AVENUE MIAMI, FLORIDA J
prefer) is not going to be spccessful by mufllingtne cry fonte Talcocy Center and the -
Northwestern Sr. -----------------
for a change with the blast of a gun or the threat of authori- High. Liberty city Community
tative actions. tt will only be solved by employing reason and The revue is scheduled to Theatre Group. Samuel Payne I
be produced around the latter is chairman.

righteousness.think it is marvelous that the United States is reaching out -- j STANLEY DRUGSYOUR

to touch the'moon that's progress. It is wonderful that
America Is getting a taste of helping other countries out other people In our struggle for betterment in today's American NEIGHBORHOOD PRESCRIPTION STORE
of difficulties that's compassion. But I think it's time for society.I 8690 NW 22 Ave 691-3741
E certain Americans to see the torments of the people here in hope that you will remain the fine, intelligent, young man -
their own country, hear the cries for assistance here in their that you are, holding up the highest standards, and setting
United States, and speak up for the good of their fellow Ameri forth the greatest of examples for the human race. Itongratu-
cans. This would be labeled 'success.' late you again on the manner in which you have continued to Y

Being a student in high school Ibavean urge to conquer the write.iiwf. Please keep up the magnificent work. I am behind you ...
problems, which confront black people. However, to accomplish .
these goals, one must have experienced the unnaoDlness
which exists for many blacks,one must endeavor to receive a Your devoted reader, r '
M : r
good education, and one must have some doubts. Doubting is Eloise Avery Taylor -'MMM E r
the essence of thinking and when you think, you are someone. Paris, France riff
,Sometimes you may feel totally disgusted with your countrybut
you must always remember that you have the best country ,
in this if for other because live
world o reason- you MERCHANTS
here. With an education will all be able to improve situations IN THE HOMER HUMPHREY Owner
which we are d1sconte. with We must love our country MIAMI TIMES ARE TELLING YOU THEY ,
Y and make it even greater, with a fuller democracy for all. APPRECIATE DOINGBUSINESS WITH YOU. DRUGS COSMETICS GREETING CARDS

Mr. .Reeves, this Is wilt I have continued to enjoy and ad-. THEY ARE
,. mire your column You nave brought out how necessary It is DEPENDABLE PICKUP &
? tar blacks to say it loud "we're black and we're proud." You PLEASE PATRONIZE THEMI! MON.
have truly been an inspiration for me and I know for many -


h __

". '"""'1

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969 11

1 r not the food, or boat rides, or the poney rides that we give
Cookin'BUTTER'' these kids. But the feeling they have that somebody cares.
That somebody Is doing something for them.

with Try if you will to imagine that no one has ever given you
[ ---- !anything and you are always giving everything Let me tell you,
j It is a wonderful feeling for a kid with no home or a seven-
year-old whose daddy left him and his three sisters and mo-

ther to come up to you and say,"Mr. Butterball, I ain't never
erA r \\y MILTON "BUTTERBALL" SMITH had no chicken that taste this good."

It's a wonderful feeling to see white black, yellow brown

It is beyond me why things that are so simple can cause so red kids playing on the beach, riding on a boat for the first i
time in their ilfeEating all the chicken,drinklntc all the cokes
much trouble, or turn into such a big thing. Where as with Justa
little help and understanding the problemcan be solved in no they can hold. It's a wonderful feeling to see people like Mr.
time at all.I and Mrs. Sap Wilson and their mother (the Bid Whist family)
t am talking about all the trouble now at Youth Hall. About cooking and serving these kids and taking time off every Sunday
the kids running away and the incompetance of one Dr. Presleyand to help and enjoying it! It's a wonderful feeling to see people
his staff and why he can't stop so much trouble. like Mr. and Mrs. Singletary not only to come out and bring
\ Now have never metDr.Presley and know very few of his food, but to fall so completely in love with these kids that they
staff but lam very familiar with the kids at youth hall, Kendall, adopt not one but two of these kids,take them into their home
parkway and some at the county jail, city jail, and the stock- and try to raise them and give them a better life. It's a won
15 derful feeling to see people like Fred(Spider)McCoy, Tyrone

ade.First of all as I have always said,"there ain't no bad kids". (The Wonder Boy), and even the girls from the Larry Steele
But bad environment, bad parental influence, bad home life, show try to help by taking some of these kids into their
bad school life, bad lack of religious life, are conclusive to homes, even if it's Just for one day.To.take them to a movie,
bad behavior. buy them a dress, a pair of pants or Just have them home for
a meal. Mr. and Mrs. John Mosel!. of Jacskon's Toddle Inn
Since 1954 I have been associated with the youngsters in out never fail to arrive to pitch in with the cooking and serving of

; $ community. For the past 16 years have come in contact with the food.In fact there are many of you, too numerous to name
some of the so-called best and so-called worst. And I have who donate your services (financially and morally) to help to

_'."_. ,_.mm.m ___.m'__ ....._... found that sometimes the so-called worst are better than the make these children happy,it's a wonderful feeling to see peo-
so-called best and the so-called best are worst then the so- ple like Chas. Whited Just completely taken when a sixyearold -

MISS BLACK AMERICA competitors are Marie called worst. boy comes up to him throws his arms around him and saysin

Cox 19 151 NE 181st St. shown left and Carolyn the voice of an innocent child, "Take me to the water
There are kids living in better sections of our community "
please. Even a tough old news like Whited who has
Wright, 20,1061 NW 23rd Way, Ft. Lauderdale. Miss that will do things kids in youth hall wouldn't think of doing. seen Just about everything and reporter been about
Just everywhere.
But they are in youth hall they are in Jail and that's where it's
Wright will compete for the title of Miss Black It's a wonderful feeling to see his heart Just melt.,
at. And that is what the kids call it and feel about it.
America of Broward County Saturday night, August
9, at War Memorial auditorium, Ft. Lauderdale at Now there are some kids that are there only because their I wonder how many of you have had that feeling. If youhaven't
you can sure get it when you help someone else. And
have shown little regard for their welfare. No
Soul Otis will She'lljoin very
8:30 perform.
. p.m. singer Clay most especially. a child. Instead of criticizing Dr.Presley and
love no understanding no corpassion. Can picture
! you yourself
Cox and other Saturday riight Aug. his staff not offer to in
competitors no matter what your age, with no one to ever say a kind why help someway You don't have to
16 at Miami Beach auditorium ot8:30p.m.when Miss word or show a sign of love.Or make you feel like you belong. adopt one of the kids, you don't even have to take one out for a
day. But there are many programs that Youth Hall has where
Black America of Florida will be chosen. Joe Tex
Now there is no doubt in my mind that the staff at Youth Hall you can help. One Christmas I played Santa Claus. Blanche
will be on hand to sing soul music. !3d tbs others gjve as much understanding and love as they:;i Calloway for years Instructed a program there every week.If .

, can to these kids. But they are understaffed, underpaid and you would like to help every Sunday with our barbeque, you
.; most of all, underhelped by you the community. As many of can call the Miami Times and leave your number. And I will
you may know between 150 to 200 kids come to Virginia Beach call you back.

; Miami Ads Don't Cost from Kmufeil and Parkway every Sunday for our cookout. Now You can send donation if you like to "Happy Miami Butter-
1 to many.. of this is no big thing. Some hot beans
They Pay / you dogs, ball" Lincoln National Bank, 6013 NW 7th Ave. Miami Fla.,
hamburgers cokes and a few cookies. of
Many you probablysay account number 0023284. This organization is licensed and

they get enough food at the homes.Well let me tell you it's tax deductable. Or If you would like to help on Sunday, Just
leave some chicken or ground beef or ribs at Virginia Beach
: pit number (1)) between 12 noon and four o'clock. Not only will
the kids enjoy it but you will also.

\,., Training Jobs Open Now

\ }
3s v4 k lei x If you have no experience, but want to work .. here is

% 4rr an opportunity to work and learn a new trade. All you
have to do is apply for a job at the Employment Service
Office listed below:

'i.f ((1) A Coral Gables employer has a Job opening for an
engraving press operator trainee. The starting salary
,:!i / will be $80 a week for a 7 a.m. to 3:30'p.m. shift, Mon
';1L 1:: s : r'Yx day Friday.

] ((2) An Opa-locka employer has a job opening for a tire
'i.". .; ",I 4 J experiencenecessary buffer trainee. The starting salary is$1.95 an hour for an
No 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. shift Monday\, Friday.
:l; l (3) A NW area employer has a Job opening for garment
JiJ spreader trainee. The starting salary will be :$2 an hour

.{:.<,..,. \'ft :
,\'; I. <>. State Service 1350
Employment NW 12th Avenue,Room
S 280. Employement Service offices are open from 8 a.m. to
We offer young men and women more than Just a Jo).. 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.lL.l .
R. J. Reynolds offers a bright and rewarding future.And we back
up what we say with the best training we can provide. ti pf 1

Regardless of color, promotion and additional
x training for promotion goes to.the worker with
the most seniority.
Finest Photography
Here Is how It Isi ,_
Ilis ZOCLsummer-Jobs-rlght now --- ;
rs : 3, '. I !'H
- It Is 1 of every 4 Jobs for Blacks y N y crr. :}.ryfi Available i I I ; :

< ?ya 'c $ It Is everybody starting at the same level yIx ,.

,< E7,w Nf'? $' We're proud our program gives so many
?S young career-minded people the chance to yy
I % reach for a better life. gs
$' And triaf why we say F
.. '
$ "no experience neces---/ I '
s w woowxema>@ "[,
,' q} t sary" You really don't n''FSx'

need It here.
01 I

at W y _; miHS ,.9.1r

$ __ :: dS4S:ems


Johnson Of Miami

fiy ty'R"f 7'o33Yra7 i i! r < o

: 1186 NW 38t.h Street
wwrns rf.f3Reynoldsf**-'*"'" *
| things are ort! the move,

Phone 635.4748
Aluminum Product! PaaMaQ nR MauNals ;j, ,

.. ..
-""""" "

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12 THE MIAMI TIMES Friday. August 8, 1969


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PINTO BEANS W/HAM 3 1LB.CANS 794 ; ." i#' .. ',:. //. :.fl: <

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-' "' -'" '' "
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h. '''''' ''
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Ji ''fill"
( '.{;. :! 2 I 4H". <' *: :,
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I ';,4Nj'W\$:<1i" l. ,. .,. ,.,*...: \..>f.;; ., ,.... .'' '' <')\$ \ )
\, : "" .1 ;; ; '" M'.n.',,-" ijff..'.1", .''lj_ '-''k't\Jl'''', ,.'''<';N\k_\.......rJM..
1 ..----,-- ,. .., ,
Q ti;' h1t!; ;t .Q'a 3d$.#:(\'f "ti 4! ':t 1
". .%Z?"!,, rt 1'!'.'FlOftlA. ,... .A .!,. SK1:4;, ;, ,, : ,f; CALIFORNIA "- tlR,1,$t.'lIf'('1'\ .,' -
+" ,#. .
.} '':t" ,.;.'', ,.. 't'i'P1FCORf, 1i.
''' *' .w, ," .
} 4: I!(''"''" t\-t.: :JUIC "";t\1\\: < -1 t1" "" <',J,;,.t'$ ,;,,11I'.i.t'"{"li"I m,"'..., i ,
: ,1 CR'ISP LETTUCE dr. ...."'J;;;. <. "V'/, v "n'"
\; .wJ 23
} ;r f'' i. HEAD fi. >>t......,,.; ! '
: %>' '" >!; -' "' 5 ;'jJii.; .
'H'v "i rD'R1N.tf..1G1F i"E' S
''f1 "
; FRESH : .
Mk1'':>': V-: ': - : ?f WESTERN VINE RIPENEDCANTALOUPES .firff4lii "
g "
!t : "' ,
;.,, i.! l! '; .,.1 ,'.1t r #
; an }
.3 FOR $1 .' #::
ONLY ': 1'S ,:".'

.. .
.._--t _..-.- ... ., ... .



,. "J '. ., P_ THE MIAMI TIMES. Friday, August 8, 1969 13

Practical Nurse TrainingAt

B Junior CollegeMiamiDade

Junior College, to the two-year associate de- i ,
4 north will nursing should }r
campus, begin gree program 1
Y training practical nurses this the student later wish tobe- t'Y 9

v. fall.The come a registered nurse.

I new practical nurse Adeline Haiduck, R.N., has .
program a one-year certifi- been named supervisor of the

cate course of studies, is program. She has been asso-
6r z aimed at helping meet the ciated with Mt. Sinai Hospital

shortage of licensed practical since 1958, as Instructor and

nurses.A then director, of the school of
survey made in May and practical nursing. Later she

June of this year by the Com- served as associate directorof :
i k:4: ;
S 5)5 l1 4S prehensive Health Planning nursing for education and t y'na '

5S Council of South Florida indicated recently has been hospital
a shortage of 300 LPNsin training director. Mrs. Hal- sr 4F
29 out of 31 hospitals in duck received her Bachelor's $

Dade County. This was topped degree from New York Uni- '

only by the shortage of registered versity and her Master's from

) ::4 nurses in that portionof Barry College.
: S4 the survey asking for the Prospective students may
most critical health manpower obtain applications for admis-

shortage in local hospitals. sion in the admissions office,

"We hope to help alleviatethis Scott Hall, north campus
supply-and-demana im 11380 NW 27th Ave The officeis

balance" says Dr. William open Monday Thursday
: : Weber director of the Divi- from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Friday VETERANS PLAN REUNION Johnny 0.

'" sion of Allied Health Studiesat from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.,and Saturday Plummer, national president of The Promethians,

M-DJC north. 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for 26th anniversary re-
I Receives Master's Degree tells plans organization's
The curriculum was given Registration for the Fall
the go ahead this week by the term is Aug.25 and 26,classes union in Freeport, Bahamas, August 17-22, as wife,

Mrs. Ethel M. Jackson a degree from Alabama State in Florida State Board of Nurs- begin Aug. 28.. Mae, and Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Stinson listen.

former teacher of Miami received August 1964, Mrs. Jackson ing.Clinical Members are veterans of 2515 Army Specialized

the Ma ter's degree in taught in the Miami school facilities at several j Black Arts Ass'n Training I Program at Howard University during
Education at Alabama State hospitals in the area will be-
system from 1964 to 1967. 100 veterans and
World War Two. Approximately
University during Commen- While in college she majoredin come classrooms for some Presents "Week
cement-Baccalaureate exercises -; Elementary Education and courses Lecture classes will their families are expected to attend reunion.

on August :5J, In Montgomery minored in Library Science be held on campus.
Alabama. Mrs.Jack- Upon finishing the full year of The Arts"The Howard Army Vets To Hold
Mrs. Jackson is daughter of of will be
son formerly taught George studies graduates Miami Black Arts Association I
Washington Carver Elemen- Mr. and Mrs. Willie Ambers eligible to take the state board founded under the
tary School here before leav- who reside at 1010 NW 42nd examinations and, with satis- auspices,of Catherine Dunham Reunion On Bahamas Isle
in St. She is married to Loran C. become licensed
ing to take a teaching post factory scores, along with students of the University
Dothan Alabama. Jackson, and currently is practical nurses. of Miami, is present Approximately 100veteransof The group, which now Includes -
teaching at the Girard Avenue All courses carry college ing a "Week of the arts" in a World War n Howard severa 1 Judges attorneys -
Having received her B.S. Elementary School in Dothan. credit and some are applicableCan't which it will present guest University army unit, their ,,doctors,a college presi-

speakers and works of art.The families and their friends will dent, engineers, architects,
week!* begins August 11th convene in their 26th anniversary government administrators a
reunion at the Lu- bail bondsman, a warden and
and ends Aug. 17.
The Young Community Organization cayan Beach Hotel in Freeport army officers, held its 25th
Bahamas August 17-22. anniversary reunion on the
which is geared toward ,
: Howard campus last year.
r promoting an awarenessof The former members of the

.., BlackArts in the black community 2515 Army Specialized Training Organized during the war as
: j f' has undertaken this Program at Howard Uni- The Promethians, members

;lJ i "t seethe project in view of fulfilling its' versity' will be holding their have been holding'reunions in
I : goals, The program will be first reunion outside the con- Washington every five years
held at 4820 NW 27th Ave.,the tinental United States to pay since the, formation in 1943.A .
present site of the MlamiCoa- tribute to former colleaguesand
local unit meets regularlyin
: food litions "Operation Youth to plan expansion of their
.ft the Capital, where at leasta
: : Beat.
activities in public service
third of the ASTP unit mem-
The organizationwillutilizeworks
and education.The .
bers returned to col-
by and, about
for which will Include paintings, former GIs were mem-, lege and live after, the war.
bers of a special unit of some
sculptures artifacts poetry The veterans voted last year ..'
250 engineering premedical -
and music. to establish chapters in other
MBAA has in the past donated students who were cities where members now
dispatched from the campus in
r./'" '; two sculptures to the live and to admit associate
.,; 1944 to join the 92nd Infantry"Buffalo"
(.v" JM"'I) "" ,$,tJ\Ii : '" :, '>( 'h>Ii,< h" '''''''''' Carver Branch YMCA and is members who subscribed to
i presently teaching classes in Division for train- the ideals and goals of the or 1-
black history modern dance ing in Louisiana and Arizonaand nal Promethians.
frost 1 ? and art classes at the YMCA combat duty In Italy.
t ... In addition to business sessions
and a memorial, the 26th

THE WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA'SCOMPLETE anniversary session will include -
a luncheon a fashion

: f EDUCATIONAL PLAN show for wives, cocktail parties '

"iio, ':;,. Island tours a banquetand
I14 dance.
;;( '.,
( '1' ry r t I All parentsw..anUherchildren1."jj':1'
: I s With the present alumni
I! j" ', "">f membership ranging from

.;.... ., -youth-leaders-tcrau-assfstm '
: *:;\"i. secretary of Health,Educationand
1 ; .;- .. 41tj to do well. Welfare the organization

''' .. ... still emphasizes service and
leadership.John .
: Your Childs' SuccessIn 0. Plummer, department
,;r s:a H ? X
r .
( ,,' 45 ::waw+ l of labor manpower development -

"u L ; L" ,,,.,J School ,. specialist is national -
president and Nathaniel

Then what you need is a modern no frost Stinson, naval ordinance engineer -
refrigerator freezer. You can always see and ; M WILL HELP DETERMINE HIS is executive secre-

easily get at all the food in the freezer section. y LIFETIME EARNINGSAny tary.
No more chipping away at cakes of ice to .' 4 Washington members include -
get the meat out for supper. No more puddlesof "e .p.elol odvantogt your child r.c.iv.must : F r 1a son Travis, Dr.
water in the refrigerator and on the floor b. provided by you and you alon. What educational John Neely Col. Roy Burley,
material do hove to help do
when you defrost. Because there is no r f r nc* you
Co. Benjamin Hunton, formerU.
more defrosting ever I 4 your lob?
S. Marshal Luke C. Moore,
And today's refrigerator-freezer has 50% more "1 ''K Warren Sly Howard Fletcher
space inside for 50% more food. Yet it Melvin Addison, Samuel Eth-

And when the you same get anew space refrigerator as your old-freezer model., x _. s """" CHILDCRAFT-The How and Why Library ridge Larry A. Still, Com-
don't throw the old one away. Many people :r. CYCLO-TEACHER Learning Aid missioner Pete Porter Ken-
put the old one in the family room, garage, """ neth C. Hardy director of the
or patio. It's a great place for party foods and THE WORLD BOOK DICTIONARY' department ofcorrections;
bever a ges. See your appliance dealer about the THE WORLD BOOK ATLAS Richard C. Farrow national
wide range of no-frost refrigerator-freezers. secretary; FergulseMayronne -
model and a color for you. 'r r,
He has a
national treasurer,and
:.' combination: for family
won't hurt ; > every
Having refrigerators mlU't. regardless of children og.i William H. Clark,president of
budget, because there have been eleven the D. C. chapter. Ernest C.
reductions since 19571 The average price 'LORIOHOWU 4 LIGHt eOM."'". Goodman is a member in absentia -

paid today per is kilowatt one-third hour less by than FPL-it served was in famine 19571! Y ,, .. Call 751-8414 on duty abroad with the

There's no match for flameles elnr.tric 5 U. S. Information Service in
Stockholm Sweden.

_. . .
---._. --" T'r


.14 THE.MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969


CJ / ,
r. ._ .
1 !

:!' y,,,: Iii ''Itu:: mIRTH ,BtoMavonnaise \ou ShOD at thestoretbatg TOP VALUE-&TAMPS ,I f wWAp


ta A f1 % .


I I \ j ic I I CHUCK U.S.U.S.CHOICE CHOICE STEAK ', t,::::LB. 79C;

tAf >




I Mi rt/w '

11'i"I ..-." lB..M i $J 19
,.' ''1.'':;'.\, :.?j./ '

tAabamc\ ;fi': '. ,

.. t t f

,,, IANT


5 >m: N ,, ,.
;/ 'i; t R ry .c3 p3 CORN '2 i a .n +
cm 8
my STYLE rar:
I t

TURNIP k.P tP} ; ;
.ooz 3/25* 'v di

POT PIES 80Z. 19 C "
MORTON .' g k
APPLE PIE 20 OZ. 25$
j SCOTT, \ "
,"C'. ,i ..
: '
: "
TOWELS 29 .1 j'
GIANT (: >
SOFT'UEVE (: raacHisSQUASH' r ; 2" : :;r2.9(:
1 15,29
: CREAM I30Z- 25\\ ::. ,:.; 2 ,'" (:
ESS.: : ," :'
K,. t ... .J ,
OIL 'GALLON $1.99- "'.\.:>:-,:...i.....:". ..'10."':','-.r.>..,' ",.'.'.",...,.2,',,""f;,,","',,,n'f\J.i.3't.4,';.\-q;
1-:J_ .
r .. a .
.. ,.
+" '- :F:: '

rrida/ August 15 [M

I Carver YMCA Offers Community Bound Proaram I

The Carver Branch YMCA's w __ r _

Community Bound Program. r w.r ,v :
program which has greatly Increased
the Y's cultural efforts

In the community, was

conceived by Carver YMCA's S lh ..r d xr
Program Director, Raymon dkt4 3

It all began in May, realizing -
that the Carver Y's pro-

gra m (Culture through play); ,
4 ;e'J i r a
although a success in itself,
could only accomodate a few
hundred kids and that there

are many kids that can't for

various reasons, come to the
'Y', he began his quest for a ITInr''
way to reach the )'outl1in the. xc'f f
stone monsters. Accompaniedby

Mr. Walter Mitchell, he j1i I
went on a tour of the community ;

making note of the conditions pL
and density of people In '1

the stone monsters. Together

they selected five locations : c
within the limits of NW 62ndSt.

and NW 58th St.; NW 17th
Ave. and NW 10th Ave. ri::

Within the selection of the 4,; J _

target locations made,the task -r--- _..
of organization became the I':Sunday, Aug. 10 at 3:30 p.m. is manager of Florida Realty karate Is pretty good. lenjoyed dance very good." "The program was a tremendous
next step toward getting the There will be refreshments Apartments on, NW 62nd St. the program presented by Mrs.. Helen Barr, 37 says lift to this area. I am
program off the ground and :and open house immediately; and 10th Avenue. the 'Y' last Friday. "It's very nice for the child looking forward to seeing I

working well. I following the program.Our Debris Mitchell, 13 says"I, Charlene Slater, 13 says "I ren. I hope that the program happen this fall or next sum-
The agencies responsible day camp program ends enjoyed the carrom pool." like the. rhythm band perfor continues." mer." Mr. Williams managesthe

for the rental of these locations I Friday, Aug. 15. Ronnie Green, 12 says"Our mance. The girls in the,group. Kenneth Williams, 45 says King Kole Apartments.
were contacted in regard -
to the proposed program <(OMMENTS OF THE COMMUNITY
and permission to proceed :J BOUND PROGRAM
with the planned program was :I ROM ADULTS AND CHILDREN -
granted, but there were many I
questions to be answered!
Without funds,. an insufficient Mrs. Willie Mae Williams
staff, and the fact that |6, says "fun and very educaicoal. -
Plan Season Tickets
some people would not like omething. Gives meaningful the children to do Dolphins Family

what they were trying to do as jj the "
tiring summer.
barriers before him, he pursued -
ways of alleviating them. Mrs. Eldora Rolle, 54,says
II I and differentor
new something
Funds were secured throughthe
children in this shouldave
, United Fund. Walter Mitchell J area
1 children involved.
reshuffled the Carver's
Mrs. Rosa Bell Smith, 48,
. '
summer staff so that there /r
sJI. ays, "something for child-
could be supervision in community -
'I't 'en to look forward to and it's
programs without
ducational and meaningful .
't hurting the 'Y's' activities. :
[;ind of like Christmas.Childen '
.: It At 9:45 a.m.the Volkswagen "
rfJ' anticipate participating.
was loaded and ready to
Debra Reeves 10 .,
says w
A of veteran staff
go. group ,
'I' small children
members, all feeling some Enjoyed
(lancing; enjoyed fashion
" what uneasy, began what was
. II node ling part of program and
to become one of the mostsuc-
cess tu 1 efforts of Carver *nJoyed trampoline."
\7; YMCA history. They ran!down
" the stairs; slid down the rails Miss Betty Lomax says "it ,

and trailed the bus to 1060 NW i i:nproves the attitude of young ) ''''J r. Air/ r

4 62nd Street and at other areas i eople. It brought the parents :' \ I. .L I IfI
to. Each smile exemplified c:loser to the children. It also /:

deep appreciation that these I rcproved their attitude toward
kids have for the Y. A link c:leanliness and helped child-

has been established between i n to work better together .
the community and the Y. 1 here should be more pro- ':---i '-

On August 1, the Carver i t?:rams in this area.The super- .
YMCA took its performers to \Isors who handle the chlden -

the community on a tour, hiti' do a superb job." "* Now available for the entire
ting three of the five locations Mrs. Mary Glover, 40 says
designated in the program. 'j There's a closer relation-
The total estimated viewing S;hip between parents and me 9-game home schedule

audience for the three performances t cane the parents saw that

well exceeded 1,000. 1 am Interested in the welfare Here's a LOW COST way to treat your entire family to the excitement of the Miami
The Carver Branch YMCA C..f our children." Mrs.Glover Dolphins complete 9-game home schedule starting August 9th.

was fortunate this summer to nc i reserved seat locations (not
Billy Neal, 8 says, "I like Family' Plan Season Tickets are available iq special ,
have members of the University 11 t because I have fun." the general admission area). Seats will be in Section "C' on the.f orth side and Sec-

of Miami United Black Stu- Mrs. Lizzie Duncomb, 33 tion "W" on the South side. Both sectiQnsgceinJthe-iower-deck---*-:"" M i, ..... -,,.
dents (UBS) organization .CI '
working with its arts departs ays "It helps keep chUmif'tlvolved. Children must be accompanied by at least one adult, and proof of age ((14 and un

meat in areas of printing and 11 My children love the der) must be shown if requested. No children's tickets can be sold separately in

deslgn'J:rogram.' these sections.

Jeffery Carter, 9 says "I Make football a family affair at these special low rates. Purchase your Family Plan

CULTURE THROUGH PLAY 1:Ike all of the program. I like Season Tickets at Gate 14 of the Orange Bowl today. ;

PROGRAM ENDS 1::0 play and have fun."
Fredrica Duncomb, 12 says Adult Family Children $
The public is cordially invited $3650 1850 *
to attend Carver YMCA'sannual t'''The bus should all activities come every-and Season Ticket ((14 and under )
*lay. I enjoy .
"Culture Through 4 a joy working with art." Wt.1ff.f'41'r,1'fi11f.f
tr'hr( 1.11(1.f Frj;
and art exhibit
Play" '
program '
,. ''' :< 'V %
'h:* ;:a#f fw IJ1/f'HYPri.J1L'rJl-Aff" ft1' ,,,(:!'p'"r1' :'H'd
-- ---- 1ft{ 2rffft{#fI.w. / -- 'It.{:'f', "'/I
1I y'Wfh'F tIJ "C,4. nlleIO! jtn
I SUBSCRIPTION ORDER licmi / 1y'S r.i' "/ ,,"/ <{".ljNJllt>{'t' ,:t"e'O" if 'r''Zfti ;;''J '>>
1 rII;'N ;4.: ;'s/le' G }: '11&jf.i1y./fj) Jf / :OOPfl"3 Orange BowlStadium I
'.\ Times T'i.te' ,.j//f'r'd.2fh',.f.:4'f/! ",98" ;
6530 NW ,15th Avenue JJll }$% r I ; S t:; 16#'.I OooO.P .r\ Only'
I $;4t.,1 ..GO.rt. *' .s.,;Sot.,. ','""Y:"' t3'" ,I .W1
Miami, Florida:33147Enclosed I CH I G' .... '; 0.1 Aug 7 mJl
1 ... laJ. .t.Dr\.pn'" ...tt"'f4'f1'.,. 450\.;', 'A''P.., "'W' 00.P ".'
"". :. Co... C' 00 n
rp .
$5.00 ..uottl ff' Y': I"J.
sumof ; "sa..irO 1. ;
find $ ,
the it..1. t. '
please ,1. ( 'f./j n'"
: "rr'O R.p.n 'II 30 ,,
"'I. "f7'l '' % ,: ,7
IGr..C.' ,
1 to cover Jhe cost of a one year subscription. I: W'D'EG O'C H'Jr'.IA ,, ,fi 'S"""" 'Ot to, 2.3"'1:30 Pm.")""

io"' ,,' It., .N' #. %
1 ., 1.30p.rnt/
I LO'\.LS" ,
to the Miami Times. "'" ;4. : ;'7 h _d
1 '
f"4 # "ec. "w" "
45" "
uOUS10n'Os r '. ) ;14'.r,1.: \
t'O .
...11 Pop.' To I ,tel 11'r4'' { ,,>'kSun. ; ,,C! { : ,\
< '
i DIN &rf'S f1 rl llirf/W ;,. ,.; ,., "
,: ,, '
Il w/ .< / ,, w
,... I i'91! ,}, ., ;i M '
1 Add f. talW, ;, 'Y. ;1tJ ftf"r:! !t ii "l' .w.aM 2 #';... 'NNI

Cltr ..,,. ... StoteZICNe- I ih,,:rpra5a<;+ !.!aORf.'f u'8 .P1 r1ft&- '" ''itlM .* includes SOc for mailing and certification.THE .

_______-J, cry:i n1t
___ _____________ :

.. ...
--'-' -- ---
._' .. -' ,. .. ---- .
!l.. rr.-


16 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969 -- ................ ,,- i:. -
Masons Of The World To Hold -- A w e>


Grand Opening Saturday NightLocal I'I'g '

affiliates of Modern now utilizing the new facilities -" tie Sis. Vanessa Woodard, Jr.
Free and Accepted Masons of
: Matron; second and fourth Fr .
the World), Incorporated are Mt Zion Chapter 76, S is. g
happy to announce the complete
First and
Mondays- Ethel E. Graham, Worthy Matron -
renovation and modernization House of Progress #72
; second and fourth Fri. -
of their facilities at Bro. Richard W.Harris,Worshipful afternoons Alpha Centur fans t
4928 NW 7th Avenue and will
Master second and
; Court, Little Bro. Roger
observe the completion of this fourth Mondays Jewels of the GIbbs, Junior Master; second I % E 0
project with a Grand Star J
Open- Chapter #73, Sin Doris and fourth Saturday after-
Ing on Saturday night, August McGahee, Worthy Matron; noons Silver Stars Court,
9, 1969 beginning at p.m.AU first and third
Tuesdays- Little Sis. Sandra McNeal,Jr. a
affiliate members In the area Pacesetters Chapter #68, Sis. Matron.
are asked to attend and to bring. Eva Price, Worthy Matron; The following units of 'PEEa
their friends.
second and fourth Tuesdays Modern Free are expected to
in the newly renovated faculties St. Paul Lodge#74,Bro.Clyde move into the facility later this

members can now en- Murray, Worshipful Master month: Joy a period of recreation and first and third Wednesdays Sons of Coconut Grove
and relaxation after each meeting, Felicity Chapter #71, Sis.De- Lodge #71, Bro. Ozie Dunn, OFF TO A WINNING START A highlight of the recent grand openingof
friends can to also help them invite their lores Hanna, Worthy Matron; Worshipful Master;Carol City John Henderson's Pittsburgh Paints Center In Pittsburgh was the appear.

new programs. Special enjoy enter-the second and fourth Wednesday Lodge #75, Bro. George Skir- once of Wanda Bowie, who modeled the PPG Industries Paint Chip Dress. The

tainment will be the feature of Reatha Evening Whitebead Star Chapter, Worthy#67,Sis. ving, Worshipful Master; and mini-dress, made of paint chips from Pittsburgh Paints' new Custom Color<

each weekend, with door Matron; first and third Wed. i#Community 76, Bro. Charlie Goodwill Davis Lodge Wor- Collection, features most of the collection's 720 colors. ,lt was an attention.

prizes to be given every Sat- afternoons Jades of the Jewel ,shipful Master. Schedules for getter during the four- ay event staged by Henderson, who Is the first bloc
urday night.
Hosts and hostesses on hand Sanders Junior Court Junior, Matron Sis. Barbara these units will be announcedat general manager in the PPG franchise program. Here Miss Bowie selects wli -
to greet members this week and third, Thursdays Ladies; j a later date. ners' names in a drawing that climaxed the first week of business.

are members of St. Paul Lodge of the Lamp Chapter #70, Sis. _
#74 and Jewels of the Star Carrie Meek Worthy Matron;
Chapter 173. Next week the first and third Thursday afternoons -

hosts and hostesses are mem- Alpha Omega Court, MOVED DOWNTOWN! GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION
bers of House of Progress Little Bro. Terrence Griffin, !
Lodge #72 and Evening Star Junior Master; second and
Chapter 1167.Ottlcials fourth Thursday afternoons-
of Modern Free Spartans Court, Little Bro.
and Accepted Masons of the Oliver Page, Junior Master;
World announces following first and third Friday after-
schedule of meetings of units noons Quasars Court, Lit-

New Book Details How


To Reach Negro MarketThe

power of the black purse How Negro models and
Is the subject of Negro marketing Afro hairstyles affect buying.
expert D. Parke Gib- How to use words and
son's The $30 Billion Negro phrases sensitively to avoid
(311 pages, $6.95)). Recentlypublished offense and create a favorable
by The Macmillan, reaction.
Company, the book has stimulated The author, who is publish-
so much interest that it: er of The Gibson Report, a
has just gone' Into'a second I, monthly newsletter on theNe-
printing: gro market, and Race Rela-
I According to the author, tions and industry a letter on
who Is president of D. Parke equal employment opportunity -
Gibson Associates, Inc, consultants policies and practices,
on the Negro national cites many successful and un-
community to corporations, successful'case histories of
advertising agencies,and pub- well known national products.He .
lic relations firms, attract-1 explains the advertising
ing a portion of the $30 billion :strategies which brought failure -
spent by the Negro consumer \ to the Miss Rheingold con-
for goods and servicescan I test and broWD-palntedAoglo-
mean the difference be- Saxon dolls and success to
tween success and failure fora , business.Mr. Gibson's pragmatic and I Salem' cigarettes, Polarlod
thoroughly documented re- port follows the author's own i The power of the $30 billion -
advice by finding a marketingDeed ; : that forms the title of Mr.
and filling it: black and I white businessmen alike i i highly effective in civil
should find his suggestions in- ;rights Selective patronage
dispensable. 'the positive term for economic 'You receive one of these gifts free by depositing $250
Among other information,, 1 boycott, has changed the hir- or more
Mr. Gibson tells: :ing practices of the Tasty Bak- during our Grand Opening Celebration.
How the black market differs I ing Company (manufacturers
from the white market and'I i of Tastykake), The Pepsi-Cola Only one gift to a family. Sorry, no gifts mailed. +?'. li, III!:* I

why. ]Bottling Company, Breyer Ice Other gifts to choose from: ','1.\.. \ ': ..:} .
How to recognize the Ne-- gro market,give identity to the I tion, and the GreatAUantfc and Convenient Hours. ': .tI.";'; :"
Negro consumer_asaros um- I. ;ry 1\qr': '
--Pac1ftc-TerCompany: ( &P FX I
and solicit. Mondays 9:00: to 6:00: P.M. ; ; : :
his business I to name only a few. .., \ I ;' '
by invitation -- in media and Mr. Gibson's Is the highly Tuesdays through Fridays 9:00: to 3:00: P.M. .j;. .'
' under circumstances with |practical and workable voiceof INTEREST PAID FROM DATE OF DEPOSIT TO DATE OF WITHDRAWAL
which he is familiar < black power. in this case, OAEtHAN
How to EVEq/t
create more sales I economic< Illustrated with ,
by producing a favorable"ra- "
I j sample advertisements, authoritative -
cial reaction" through carefully I| in detail, yet I ar- Per annum
researched and planned I i ticulate In style, the $30 Billion O and Compounded Dsld p patd Per annum andO
public relations, program- ; Negro is / quarterly ,,0 compounded
highly recom- on six months / quartery)
ming, advertising,and selling. mended reading for both the certificates.savinRa on regular
How Negro media can be ;Negro consumer and the man account.A' .
more effective than mass me who is courting his ever-in-
; dia. ,
I creasing Income. t
ra To $A E



Carver YMCAMembership

Drive / 124 East Ragler Street; MA or: id a. ,', I. ,\

Cell. 6q6.0231.S..d yo.r ...b.rshlp U: : .

5770 NW 15th AVENUE Se habla
Espanol. Member (Downtown Park and Shop.
y.... $3.00 TtM... $5.00 AJ.h $10.00 : (Savings insured to.$15,000.
Family $25.00 C.twy $100.00 .

... -


I '.' THE MIAMI TIMES Friday August B, 1969 17

s' ,,
'ir : ''

'' ;;1P;:; ?. }\r;: ,
(;;; };:# \ ::!(,

t 4 \ r e 1a
.iiI'' :

,. ., ''
; { '
\ ft : 'i"
; i Sv .;
:l ;

\ '
: i r"\I'''J "\'ci;
::} ) V P 0,
\i.i': .
: ;

\,\ +'
wl \ y 'q
; \ I


1\ 1yi1 c .1 {

; i r< ; n I j 1 r u

p K 1.


e"1a9tIW t AfUtOtwd A"oluued eaggew AlCMtuted'

the Mr. and Mrs. George of their Mincey wish to announce Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C.. Awkard, Jr. of Tallahassee Mrs. Rossie Mae Dean and Mr. John Henry
engagement daughter, Betty to Mr.
Robinson the of their daugh;
the announce engagement
announce of their
Phillip Mendez of engagement daughter -
Mr. and Mrs.
son Frank Men-
dez, who resides in West Palm Beach Florida. Jane Castro, to John Robert Marks, III, son of ter, Margaret Robinson, to Mr. Jessie L. Fussell.
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Marks, Jr., 3140 NW 49th St. Margaret attended Lindsey Hopkins for practical -

Miss Awkard is 'a graduate of Saint Francis de Sales nursing, and is currently a student nurse at.Mi-.

1970 Census Boosted At High School, Richmond Virginia, and received her ami-Dade Junior College.Mr. .
I bachelor's degree in psychology from Florida State Fussell served in the Armed Forces and is

Black ConventionsAn University. Mr. Marks will receive his degree from employed by Pan American Airlines.A .

Florida State University this summer and will enter double ring ceremony isplannedforSeptember. -

estimated 77,000 piecesof buted on a per capita basis the University School of Law in September.The wedding .
literature designed to help and representation in various
is planned for August 24th.
get a more complete count of legislatures.
blacks during next year's cen-

sus remainder will be of distributed the summer at,the the More Honors For Head Of OICRev. 1 WITHOUT PROTECT HIDING YOUR FURNITURE ITS BEAUTY

Bureau of the Census, U. S. o cs MADE
Department Commerce Leon Sullivan, founder retired former Pennsylvanians Is alloted to the school system. t r CUSTOM
says. of,OIC and recent visitorto to the three who have Mrs Virginia Knauer, spec PLASTIC FURNITURE
This figure Includes 17,000 Miami, where he was guestof done the most to bring honor ial advisor to President Nixon; SLIP COVERS

copies ,of the leaflet, "We the honor and main speaker at and prestige to mat state.Rev. In politics for her unceasing .. CIVITAl. CHlMl
Black People of the United a banquet sponsored by Mr. Leon Sullivan will receive his efforts In consumers affairs. I lAtfIN*
States", a collection of,sta- Garth Reeves and The Miami in Humanities, for his unseat and her efforts to have every Ml FMIUUAIANTIW MSIITANT
tistics blackAmerlcans; Times and was instrumentalin ish effort inhelplngthe underprivileged thing packaged equally and

13,000 copies of"1'11e Nation's raising $138,000 for the MI- to attain success honestly. IMIN.0I UN. INt 1Aa
Census Taker"; 15ooocopies ami branch of OIC, is to re- through his OIC. These awards are to be' ... t Mill tit/MATtt
of "The '70 Census"; 15,000 r'ive yet another honor, made, In the near future, In llfMIIIMNIMt
Mr. J. Joseph Blithe, will
of "For Accurate Washington, by Pennsyl- til Vtotll copies an with two other nNitliNt 1A"
He, along receive his in Sports, for the vania's senior senator Sena- SUP COVERS
Black County", an excerpt residents of that ; EXCLUSIVELY
prominent 15 years of effort through the tor Hugh Scott.

from Ebony Bureau magazine.The is making. a state, have been chosen tore- Committee for First Class ............................ Ruuse ol Cretehen
'ceive citations of merit,as the
racing, having finally succeeded -
special effort to enlist the sup outstanding citizens of Pen- this in getting t GO TO CHURCH 's

port of such organizations because sylvania for 1969. legalized plrl-year mutuel wager- :. SUNDAY .: Call anytime 24 hour service .374 5082FRANKLIN'S.

it discovered that the These awards are given ing in the state. This effort :.........................:
1960 cenSus missed propor- will off in better educa- .
every year by Keystoners, pay ,- _
tionately more blacks than tion all taxes from racintrift 'U
a group of retired and semi- as
whites. That census missedan :
estimated 10 per cent of the CARPET
black population and two per-
cent of the white population.
As a result of not being fully SPECIALIZING IN RUG SALES & CLEANING

represented inthecensus, $ COMMERCIAL CLEANING & FLOOR WAXING
black communities lose bene-


NANTONIOAfrmanThaddeus -Transmission '4 24 HOUR ANSWERING SERVICE
Moss, son of Mrs.
Bessie L. Cook of 10230 SW .
151st Ter., Miami, has com- Service ? You

land pleted AFB basic, Tex.training He has at Lack-been can't beat it. I N k:2: :,11 ?) I'' ...

assigned to Sheppard AFB, 1)1
Tex., for training in the transportation -
'field. Airman Moss, 1-DAV SERVICEMOST .
a 1967 graduate of Mays High
School, Goulds, attended MI- F
ami Dade Jr. College. 550 SHOPS NATIONWIDE




p ,
DaaUr Addr... Ph on. D.al.r Add,... Phono. ..
Hialeah 887.4309 '
Miami North.id. 696.5546 420 W 29th Str..t
7635 NW 27th Avenu.
South Miami 665-6573
PROOF YOU'LL Miami 751-2416 5771 S. Dlxi Highway
6500 NW 7th AvonuaTb.
LIKE OUR PRINTING P.rrln. 238.9277
Troll 642-6366
18200 S. DIxU Highway
2821 SW 8th StrootNorth
Hollywood 927.2816
947.3469 .
mi nr cistratrs twi kick! 454 Miami NE 167th Str..t 1332 S. DIxU Highway ,. ri(
Ft. taudardalo 566-4373 ,
L.: .
1.1 B.ach 538.2366 --
Thus Miami 3110 N. Andr.w. AvonuoFt.
! 825 5th Stroot Laudordalo 514-5440 We Brand Name CarpetingI '
CtK OK; 10421 1821 S. St.t. Rood 17

.. ....

/ ,

-I _, .
"- -4 -

'. ..... r
---- ---- --
I "---- : ;::

18' THE MIAMI TIMES. Friday, August 8, 1969SLAB

E ,



:I": :' _.' ', .-. : .,. ,"



= :



24 OZ. 9Se

WHOLE 12,too,, ,LB.. '::fri::: ': ":;;"Y' TURKEYSUindquart' {" 'fr, frf 1,, :,LB, ;'::39,, ,,(:, .,
ROAST " :; ',,' :h::<" F:; .
: r,1.., ,..'::"" '<. ;<>(. 4, 'LB33C! ; .:,I
,, . .
'< :, t-it: :;> \
"WI' 'A' 'kll .', '.. 1($
.ng ',, ii'J .'
: '" "' ;;{ :':: i ',:
f"lO 7 F ..," ;'' GRADE B LARGEEGGS

.,..,. ,t ,'' '
It" LIIIIS.", i...B.,;, :V,, 2DZ. .
'" '
$ If ., _



:LI 8BY''S ':WfYl tt.. 'J", '" g'C' H .. .."'
5 G9C " '. LBS. : :.' ,,'
'"PEASLIBBY'S h',,'".'4,:;w;{;":'.;'';' ." '5".. L ""' !.,;
," ,I. ,,::: U.j. ''f'.CORN

JEWEL SHORTENING 3 LBS. 590 ,:LIBBY'sMIXED> : : ,' ::5.J' :''.:;,:.,;,":';.

: ''IE'O. 5 :
., .:
39<< STOKELY 14 OZ, ,
WHITE ""'.!", ..,'<1'':"'",.i"''" CATSUP $
; :
,' ,. '.,, BABY :FOOD ,12.SAUSAGE 1
: ,
; : "; ,,. '. '",.., .j 1f'ldBBY ,
: k '' }X :i I.t=' ./ .'
-POTA-TOES- ::1 0: 4-9 SN'EHNAr'' ; i : i
;'- "' '," ,; :.. .
: I 5.
: :( ,:!I ,, "
't, ;? : ,
I' y'HUL'T'S :;
:: ,,,il ilt.Rr4; "? $ ;.; k".V, ,' /t1'.. ,,(. ;'."
'29 : > :;'Ji'
,.WHITE, ,,.. GRAPES.SUNSHINE" ,. ,, ," {< '.; :' .1t3" '" ':,: ',"
; FIR '1 ,\"." PEACHESAG _,, ,, ...
; <" "J'" 'II/'t '1t' ,. 1. ,' "' "...J\i, ,\,,",,: ,

TOMATOES, '",","''"<<,f(,,,''''','''";b'<<"' i.,,'..'<. '..\1<.>",,';,'',,"';- it 4kf- .i'. \'Nt".,(; 'i.,>.",>,"'> ,41',"'1\'\,"','";,""<;"B d I\A.<<',19'N't ,<.".'",>."Ii.;;,;"'.!.;,..,j.iI'k"4 14'' KING SIZEBREAD
II -
ROMAN #,',,R.. lt.Jf,';$zlr ':\) f. .
j,"ip3acdF' ? 7\\,,," \" "':,""'1j'k'.IW" :'If ,.l,\.."d'.w. COUNTRIOLI

BLEACH539c.9c ;,\,.I;:;.'.\JI i DfE",_!1jtMi.' ;'Ii'. ,,,; : 01
'" ',,'"'. \ .11H\;: '. I E O I Iy
Fi'w,'f :,;..1: ''f.';Il, '
.\5 < '$1/: \ >>J
% :
bC' '
: !' ;
Y t.l: :
( ''' !
V .. ,:''" :
: "" '"


.. .::r- _n



... .< ..,,':J........,," ,"' .. THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969 19 .
; .
: -
!, ; "," ''. ',' "
"" frio of Organizations
". :
,-,,", I
; '
,, "" ,"' 'iI'I \
'f; : :' Sponsor Day CampIt's

'.i.I:. a far from the 'old
instructors and per The camp is being co-spori-
trimming most
mitted free period for fun In i sored by the Girl
Scout Council
,., ,; Duthern adults learn -
? : to swim,
the pool. Swimming, however,,, of Tropical Florida,Young
'k ut the youngsters in the Tri-
; Is just one of the activities al t: Women's Christian Asso-
gency Summer Day Camp the camp. ciation and the
Young and
,' ill tell you the spacious mod- The staff of twelve counse Young Women's Hebrew Asso-.
rn pool at the
; summer day
lors work with the kids in at i elation The three groups,
amp. provides Just as much arts and craft program, di along with EOPI, provided the
;'( J; The rect a coordinated program f t budget for running the pro-
youngsters attending outdoor sports and spend time,i gram. The staff has beenaug-
.. le unique day camp get exert
acting as big brothers and sisters mented by Neighborhood Youth
swimming lessons from
'1" -.....' ...........--' to the youngsters. Corps Workers.
A spokesman for the Girl
... : .i ,, f r: Scout Council said .thatby the
...' end of the summer more than
600 youngsters will have benefited
from the program. "We
divided the Summer into four
two-week sessions and have
I Id been taking 150 youngsters for
each session," she added,,
Most of the youngsters were
chosen from the free lunch
+ t b lists at neighborhood schools.
Camp sessions are held
kit daily at St. John's Seminary,
i 2900 SW 87th Avenue Children
arrive at 10 a.m.on buses
that are provided by the
Greater Miami Coalition and
the EOPI. The camp day lastfe
until 4 p.m.and the youngstersare
I provided a hot lunch at no.
w i cost..

s Florida Voters''

I League Fall
:; :&
Meeting Set
Li1 aTop

__ The Florida Voters League
Top: LUNAR LANDING TOPIC OF INTERESTTWO tall convention, is scheduledto
program officials examine a special drowning done in one of the art be held September 27.28 at

classes at the Day Camp: In addition, to ,swimming, the youngsters are encouraged { the Flager Inn, West University

to participate in a full program of arts and crafts. Shown are Miss in Gainesville Avenue and The 13th Alachua Street

Barbara F. Moore, executive director of the Florida Council of Girl Scouts County Voters League is ser

and !Miss. ,,:Barbara Moncrief, arts and crafts director' for the Day Camp.. ving,as host. Eugene Poolels
I\Iit.!! -iW president.

"Youngsters at Tri-Agency Camp gather weekly to share an entertainment ____ __H" Sewing

fest. Each' of the groups prepares a fifteen minute presentation for all the : CHAMPION SWIMMERS.1T CAMP ,

others to watch. Performances range from specially arranged songs, to skits Winners of camp-wide competition pose with Machine

and solo I dancing.Shown here is a group of youngsters performing. a dance skit. I their trophies and instructor at the Tri-Agency RepairsALL

--._____________________________________ t Camp Center. Swimming sessions were held in, the

I 't, Get The I 1 I I pool of the St. John Seminary. Shown are Stanley MAKES
'I Jefferson, winner in the backstroke and Larry Clean, oil and
1 ( ) 1 YEAR$5.00 Miami i Times 1 .Jackson, winner in freestyle Also showns adjust in your
M lIt. .6740 HW 15th Avenue, Miami, Fla. 33147 -.. ---- swimming. home.
., 'I 'I William Reese of the
{ /, '. By Mail 1 one camp counselors. It t


I 1I Two' of the 150 youngsters at the Tri-Agency 2

t lamp.are shown receiving swimming lessons from

ADDRESS. two of"',the senior ,camp counselors., Robert Trynor
.; ': 1 I J Ir. and Toni Benedetto said that the youngsters

,,- 1 I ake easily to the water and were able to 'learn the 864-4309
!CITY STATE ZIP CODE 1 various Swimming strokes easily.

1---------------- __________________-___-+


SALARY? Start at 17,236 a year


"Miami Police Dept. needs more of US"

br 7 AJ


? lvk


Lt. LeRoy Smith '-' 445-4466 -

.. ,n _" _n" _
....- .,.,

rI -

20 THE. MIAMI TIMES Friday, August 8, 1969 ..

International Masons Close Successful Convention

-.--..,...._ --

The International F, &A.M.
Masons, Inc held their 19th
Annual Supreme Conventionat 10
the Marco Polo Hotel Miami A

Beach, July 2126.A .
delegation of more than _
500 was present to witness I I :
some of Miami's top talent at Y YtI Y"I( t N

the convention.The .
Banquet Hour, which \
was held Friday night, July
26, proved to be one of the t. Aft
outstanding events of the con-

vention.Some scenes from the Ban- fl t ;: f M1 a rw INYJ ttL
quet Hour are pictured above
: E \ .....
(1)) Supreme Grand Master .11
w.V. Banks, D.D.,DDL, 33'; t<1r-.J 11 f
Bro. Marvin Phillip, toast- / 1.-J tt. 11
master. f

(2) Principal speaker,GarthC. J

Times.. Reeves, editor of the Miami .

v(3))' Presenting awards:
N.A.M.: Noble Lady Dorothy :: 's : ,
Riley. Receiving award is No-
ble Lady A. Ruth Drivers, .
Grand Matron of New York.
Noble Lady Rivers was awarded ,
rx SR" ,
for bringing in the largest 3 d 'b
delegation in 1968. ,

(4)) Receiving trophy first R
runner-up is Noble Lady Mary
Arline, Grand Matron of
Florida. &
; VI
((5) Receiving trophy as second y

runner-up is Noble Lady HYATT 119 951 JjM5
Luvenia Hartfield, Grand Ma-
tron of Michigan. Left looking
on is Dt. Inzalet Rahming,
Grand Matron of the Bahamas.
(6)) Receiving a token of appreciation -
from the Lady Ivy
Banks Nursing Guild of Miamiis
International Masons'First e ih Lady Sister Ivey Banks, pre- h
sented by Noble Lady Mary + .

Arline. pr' :.
((7) Community leaders ap- i'I:
pearing on program are left '
tp right: Rev. Lester C. Albert .
funeral director, NobleS. f ',1a
T.Davls, P.G.M. Florida,
Mrs. Frank Johnson of John- + ,
son of Miami photography;,
Garth C. Reeves, Sonny
Wright, president of Universal RM M
Real Estate. Inc,

((8) Grand Matron,Mary A r- b K t. wk" .w At
line extending greetings to

husband, Anderson Arline, ,, .
: "" ;'< : : ....
GAM, Little Mae Curry and ; \ t"

gusts.; j; 1t :
(9) Supreme Convention aTt .5 ; _
:: : Left to right -
Committee chairman, Noble ; ;

Lady Annie M. Lenard; PGM _
Ifoble S. T. Davis; GM Noble
Lady Mary Arline; GM Noble
Thomas Montgomery; welcoming ,-
program chairman,
Noble Lady Katie Crenshaw.
Top row: GM personal sec-
retary; Sister Emma Jones; S.
honored WM Sister Geneva S t4j .-,
Cox, GYM Noble Mellissa __
Horn; Imperial Potentate of
Florida; Noble Robert Hill and
GAM of Fla. Dt. Lillie Mae

(burry, Tampa, Fla.abulousfashionsifthtsu.

p r e m e convention were pre-
sented on Wednesday night in c;
the Dynasty Room of the Marco
Tfolo> Hotel. There were s i P: II
models from all over the world a
exhibiting fashions. The *5 ?. ,'.': chairman of the fashion show
was Noble Lady Annie M. Le-
nard and the vicechairmanwas

Noble Lady Katie Ren- k.rt ; r R5'S
shaw. The moderator was Sis

Dorothy Miller Tinsley and the w ? .
pianist was Sis. Mary A. Ro-
zier. All mentioned above are :' 55-x%
members of the second Melzie.
Coleman.No. 5 of Miami. f tll ,,

Pictured are: Sis. Adgnoe ba4
_ Bradshaw, veteran model ,

shown representing Mary Ar- ,.,
line No. 99 of Miami. X'6 ,t 'I1A e
-0( I ib
Sister Freddie M.Washington .
also of second Melzle
Coleman No.5 modeled tor epfesent P VWik + NT

fchown receiving herchapter.Shels the first prize i c.:5:: ova,
ward from the national chair-
ban. Sister Luvenia Hartfield. SS.r P



THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969 21

I ..?" bnd m n. e...Convention. fs First Count Towards Blacks On The Moon I
"' NW
men from black nations by is a, Washington, D.C. Jones trained, black Americans can evolution, and we can blastoff ly be developed around the bush during the rainy seasons.
1990 are possible. And, the professor. of civil engineering further the development of by 1990." petroleum fields and refineries "Is this possible?" areporter
NTA 41st annual convention, The black nations. Response from "We will, of course, go directly in Nigeria and in trini- questioned. "We black Americans -
27-30 August in this city, will NTA Is a large,professional Invited black countries has to nuclear powered roc- dad and Tobago." have already well dem-
be the first count toward blastoff architects organization of black been enthusiastic. ket engines. We won't waste "Actually, putting blacl onstrated our creative ability
/' announced Raymond M. tists engineers, scien- Guyana, Trinidad and valuable development time on men onto the moon by 199C with fire on a number of occasions -
Jones, executive secretary of technicians, planners, builders, and Tobago, Cameroons, Ghana, crude liquid oxygen systemsof will be an opportunity to demonstrate in this country in the
the National Technical Asso- ters with active chap Ivory Coast, Niger, Nigeria, the type the U.S. presently to the world how past," Cornish answered witha
ciation, at the national head- convention throughout the U. S. Its Senegal, Lesotho, Swaziland, employs," Dr. Donald Cotton, blacks can use their tech- wry smile
quarters, 3310 Georgia Ave.. exploring will be devoted to Tanzania, and Uganda will a research chemist with theo- nology for other than war,"'
how- -. technically participate. Other black na- ries involving surface phenomena Thomas N. Cornish,Washington iEYIN MAC
tions anticipate go-ahead instructions published in the Journalof Chapter Secretary and Research
a 1 from their govern Physical Chemlstry.ex- Chemist, added. "For Unclaimed Layaway
'j4 7 t 1969 brand new ilgzag towIng -
Y tiN IC + I'FS + ments. plalned at the press conference Instance, building roads tc machine. Never uied.
y "Resource-wise black "Raw nuclear fuel is in connect the raw materials witt You can monogram, make
nation Guyana and the CongoLeopo- the power centers will be an button holtt, blind hem
the richest
ftitch, and applique with.
areas of the world," Jones vllle). Cement producing capacity important initial step. Defoliating ''out'attachment.. S.w withon.
amplified. "Science and technology for building vapor diffusion chemicals can be or two needlei. 'Original
are the only Ingredients installations for en- used to cut paths through thick gaurant..d. Complete
presently in short supply. richment and atomic piles for bush for railroads beds. Or, 'price $31.80 of $3.18, or a make month.1paym.nts
Black Americans, while hav- breeding is in Senegal and the perhaps we will purchase Tax down, no Interest. For
tZtid'oae. ing no meaningful sovereignty Ivory C oas t. Ferrous, lead, napalm bombs from the U. Sand free home demonstration,
--By-- possess the technologicalknowhow and other metals will come hire black American pilots call Capital Sewing, credit

ADLINE PONTIPHFLET of the West. Mesh from Liberia (iron) Ghana who are now engaged killing, mgr.922-3528 tll 9, Miami p.m. ,Hollywood 949-8124,
these two(resources and technology (aluminum), etc. Backup brown people in Vietnam to out of town, call collect.
My guest this week is Miss dent at Corpus Christi School ) in an environment for chemical industry can readi- burn roadways through the
I Ginger Howard, a pixie-Ish majoring in history. Among
sweet little teenager of many her many hobbles,her favoriteIs

talents. song-writing. She also favors -

9 t poetry writing, and any- I .
thing connected with creative ,
arts. As a matter of fact,some ,, "J'.yfy 1 F i Iy', ,., v j" 1f1Ff101IIM ,\,
few months ago, Ginger wrote /1"i"I'1".H, ," ';}I". :.t.
3i and directed a school play t. :
which was presented to the

3> students and the faculty ratedas

Careerwise Ginger is look-
.e ing forward to becoming an
j Y actress. No doubt she will be 6444 N.W 7th AVENUE MIAMI, FLORIDA 33150

the protegee of her uncle, Mr.
Napoleon Reed, a famous PHONE 757.1512 .
artist in his own right. .;..'"t "! :'d.> '
'1' 'i', '
'' ;'t'q i '' ; .r '
;, '\ II
Her sponsor in the Performing HAROLD E. OLIVER '' t :, "' : :, '
.1' S. CARL
Arts Society Fm Director ,\I\'r: ,, "
,,; \" Executive Director
proud to say, is yours truly. '
_.. '
-- Please look forward to ,,; ;L
New York born, Ginger reading about my next guest, :; : .. : ;j ;'! ';
presently resides with her Miss Michele Carey.. I..
aunt, Mrs. Mae Sneed, and incidently, I hope you've hada
uncle living at 745 NW 58th good look at our new insig- "
Street, here In Miami. nia which adorns the headingof THANK YOU ,
Shortly after her enrollmentIn this column. It is our official : .
the studio did the Performing shield (crest) for The I
Arts Society directors dis- Performing Arts Society. At
cover her natural flair for your request, I shall be more tI."(' '. 'I:, '. "I ,
choreography. Immedi- than happy to describe the The Economic "' 'n'd'its
ately she was offered the position meaning of every item on this Opportunity Program
of dance mistress for crest. In the meantime I will
the forthcoming "Fiddler On appreciate your comment on
The Roof" presentation. She It's composition. The 'Times'
has already establish the en- office is our mailing address CONCENTRATED EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMwish
tire score for a Jewish folk- pertaining to this column.
type dance In a certain wed- Thanking you in advance,
ding festivity within the show. please be happy, love one an-
Miss Howard Is an A-l'stu- other. to thank the entire community for its response

Iq't r T W and support. The commitments shown by your

replies to our request for applicants for staff


By JERRY D. MITCHELL and training positions has been overwhelming

"America the beautiful", a per, the "Times" has become
song which tells of beauty,love somewhat of a public utility

and national brotherhood ant h e m., should Presently our, the through black its community.years of service to and exemplifies the spirit and dedication that ,will

the star-spangled banner, a Looking back to the time
-song-whlch tells of war and -when-the-first;: ttlavdS wt:1"8

destruction, is our national brought to America from the total community efforts to
to propel
anthem. shores of eastern Africa, this serve our

Jackie "the great one" race of people has had many

Gleason, does a grand Job of popular names attached to
selling the Miami area every them.In success I,
Saturday night to the nation. the 1600's and 1700's, he I :

There should be a televisiontalk was a plain slave. Around the .', / ,,', .... .
show which features the Civil War time, he became a"nigger" ., 1 ,I <\t..Itrr'
Evldents of this can ''J' --\' : :
people of the Miami area. : ,. ) H'IH.Jrl".Jj! ,
be seen in Mark Twain's ''ill' ',
If has a I'Ii
black man
any :,rr ;I':} ;. r
Finn. Then came .
chance at the Presidency with- Huckleberry '.jia; II.; ; .,
in the next twenty years, it'll the advent of the automobile, ':t '. :" : : :
: "
the aeroplane and the "colored c. :: : : : ; ; \f. '
be Julian Bond. ,
When the market ., \ '
Why is it that low rent public
housing built with federal aid, crashed, "Negro" became the
popular is always black constructed communities In the? accepted 1969, the awareness title. Presently of an in ) u Harold,! .E.' Oliver: '**'

has lead to
African heritage
Did know that Cuban
you Afro fashions and ; /'
Afro wigs, b
refugee children have a guaranteed Executijrt DirectorI
college education the AfroAmerican.just / qy : ."

funded .by the federal govern- for fun sake, ask some a7T
ment. With this in mind, let's:
friends of African heritage if ,
hear it from your ,taxpayerswho they refer to themselves as ':' ... \ ''..
are Just making ends meetto either a black man, a Negro,
put your oWn kids through a colored person, an Afro- .

college. American or what have you. .
MIami "" -
Even though 111e Don't be surprised at the many ? ,
Times- is a privately owned different answers.
and operated weekly newspa-

.'! .

rC AMI TIMES. Friday August 8, 1969 BAIN'SHenry HOUSEOF ALBERTJoel


of 8822 SW
family of the late Harrell Whiting of 2757 NW 59

DS MEMORIALS DEATHSMEMORIAL I -.- 126th Terrace In Kendall Memorial died I St.. died Aug. 1. Survivors

;' Aug 4 at Jackson Include wife Julia Mae; 3
: ; services
/ Hospital Funeral
,daughters Temellsa, Camille,
will be held Friday, Aug. 8,
four brothers one -
I CARD OF THANKSThe CARD OF THANKS 2 p.m. at Mt. Olive Baptist Arlice two; aunts mother-in-law;
la loving of South Miami with Rev. ; ;
memory Church
TP q _. _. family of the late The family nf MIA lahARTHUR -.- 'a.. Rogers,, officiating. Survivors Jerrie Edward; brother Jas
I W. Whiting.
jC include six brothers Wright,
1551 NW 65th St., who departed :j- Toby, Ezekiel, Matt,Solie,and
A July 23, 1969, wish to ;: '""'Ir Julian. Mrs. Estalle Engram of

gratefully acknowledge your Rudolph Edwards of 11610 1817 NW 59th st, : died Reposing -

comforting expression of SW 13th Terrace in Richmond will start Friday at 1.

r sympathy during our bereave- Heights died Aug. 4, Services I Services will be held Sat. at

ment. Your telegrams, cards, will be held Friday Aug 8,4:30 1 p.m. Survivors Include two

beautiful flowers, letters, in the chapel Remains will repose 'sons Shedrick, Dino; two

food, donations, visits, calls EMMALINE GAITORwho in the chapel beginning daughters Vida, Vickie Lee;

and other acts of kindness A at 2:00 on Thursday until funeral one aunt, Eunice Marshall; 4

were deeply appreciated and :; ; departed this life on July time Friday afternoon cousins. Place for funeral unknown -

will always be remembered. 12, 1969 wish to thank all the Survivors include his wife at this time

Special thanks to Rev. friends and neighbors for all Ethel; two daughters Kathy

Harold Brown, the Deacon your kindness in our hour of Lynn and Patricia Ann; two Leon Eady of 1175 NW 40th

Board, Mrs. Miller,the choir, sorrow. A special thanks to sons Rudoluph DI and Steven; St. Services will be held Sat.
the ushers of St. MatthewsM Rev. Samuel Atchison and father Rudolph Sr. two brothers J
at 11 a.m. in the Liberty City
MARGIE LOWE MILLERwho B. Church and the Range members of Mt. Calvary Bap- Dr. Armond Edwardsand J will start

departed this life Aug. 9, Funeral Home. Thanks to the tist Church. Also thank you to John W. Edwards. chapel Frl at Reposing 3 Survivors include -
1968. relatives who came from LEWISSTANBEARY the Richardson Funeral Home. Walter Baldwin of 3832 Thomas p.m. Ruthie

)(Memory the treasure house abroad. Thanks also to Rev. Ave. died Aug. 2 at Mer- Williams( four Francis sisters WinD Lucille M.

of happy thoughts so gay S. L, Gay, Rev. Joseph Smith, wish to express our sincere Mrs Eloise Kemp, Merce- cy Hospital. Funeral services Lillie, -
( Andrews Mae
And happy thoughts of the one and Mr. Nelson Adams. thanks and appreciation to our des Williams, children and will be held Saturday Aug. 9, Rolle two brothers, Roosevelt

we loved Mrs Alice Bullard and many lends neighbors family. 4 p.m. at Sweetfield Baptist :Eady; and Herman J., Eady.

Will never pass away Family for your prayers, beautiful Church with Rev. J. E. San-

A loving smile we long to see cards, telegrams, letters, --- -- ders officating. Remains will of

And a voice we loved is still IN MEMORIAMIn telephone calls, visits, floral IN MEMORIAM repose in the chapel beginning Casey McCollough died
NW 3Ct.
173'71/2 Aug.
A place is vacant in our homes contributions and other acts 2:00 p.m. Friday until funeral ; ,
sad but will start Thurs-
loving 3. Reposing
of kindness
Which never can be filled. bestowed upon us time Saturday afternoon. Sur-
our dear mother and father In of dear at 2:30 The body will
memory our son day : p.m.
during our recent hour of be- vivors include his wife Elma
and grandmother and grandfather and brother be shipped Friday morning to
Therodore Miller and reavement. Ree; two daughters Walter M. ;
Eugene Lowe Families Special thanks to Rev. CARLTON BAKER Johnson and Annie E. Burrowsand Tallahassee, Fla. to Strong

James W. Hendon,the officersand two brothers. Jones Funeral Home.

members of Mt. Tabor who departed this life August Mrs Mertis Gilmore of 852 Audrey Hale of 1147 NW 65

\ IN MEMORIAM Baptist Church, the Range 3, 1968 NW 10th Street, Fla City died St. died Aug. 2. Services
Funeral Home and the office Rest eternal grant unto him Aug. 2, Funeral services will
: In loving of will be held Aug.7 at the Eben-
\ ._"""- -memory_._-- _,._------ staff.May Oh Lord, and may light per- be held Saturday at 12 noon in ezer Church.Survivors include -
God bless each of you. petual shine upon him. the chapel with Rev.E.J.Cur- four daughters Eva Hunt,

We loved you Carlton, but ry officiating. Remains will Joetta Harris, Mysella Lewis,
Lucy Stanbeary and Family God loved you best., repose in the chapel beg1Iming Mabelle Porter;' a wife Dale
afT 2:00 p.m. on Friday until funeral -
one daughter-in-law; and two
Rev. and Mrs. Coy Baker, time Saturday afternoon. grands.
father and mother;brothersand Survivors include her husband
sisters. mother, two sisters, and one
Nathaniel Mitchell will be
In but
sad, loving memoryof brother
our dear sister._..__ shipped Friday to Fort Valley -
Ga. Reposing will start

Y.f CARD OF THANKS THANK YOU Thursday at the chapel.

,, ._ ( D.f The The family of the late Mrs. Julia Williams Watson '
family the late
JOHNSON ADLENE B. COUSINS, i y wish to thank everyone for 2. Survivors include one son

---.R_- wishes to thank all the many their flowers, telegrams; and Louis; a sister Marietta Mal-
-- friends for their kindness cards. Your comfortingwords lory; one son-in-law.Services

JOHN J.AUSTIN, doing our bereavement of telegrams -' donations and food was were held Wednesday 3 p.m,

who departed this life August cards, visits,flowers, highly appreciated. at the New Antioch Morlah

8, 1968, food and the use of their cars. Special thaks to Rev C. A. Church
Knowles and Rev.C. I.
Your love and smiling faceis Special thanks to the Rev.Ed- Mackeyand
others who conducted a Mrs. Ada Brown passed July
deeply missed but no one ward T, Graham and Range
31 NW 63 St.
fine service. And also to the She lived at 2440
can ever fill your place. Funeral Home, who was so
Survivors Include
House of Albert for their kind-
Your aunt, Gladys Thomasthe considerate and kind.
ness and thoughtfulness Clifford; one some
two that love you most and
He is but not for-
the rest of the family I The Family gone Clifford; one son Oscar; mo-

MRS. ESTELLE M. RHODESwho gotten. ther Lizzie; three sisters

departed this life July29, The Family Daisy Phillip, Doris Green,
IN MEMORIAMIn 1961. Barbara Faggs, one brother

We miss you so very much CARD OF THANKSThe --r Cecil McGee; a sister-in-law
memory of our dearly beloved RANGERev.
and will never be the' same Eloise McGee; a daughterinlaw -
I husband,and. _pastor____ and SIMON PETER JOHNSONwho without you. family of the late Alexander Allen of and a host of other rela-

N; departed this.life June J Until we, meet again. 1621 NW 56th St., died Aug. 3 tives and friends.
at Christian Hospital He Is
10th and August 4th 1964, re- .. Ronald Washington died
survived his wife Mildred
A Mitchell sister by ;
Mary van
spectfully.Lord ,
July 30. The remains will be
four brothers two children a son Alexander,H; six daughters -
make us giants ..
Clarice Hughes Delores shipped to Jacksonville to Dallas -
four grands a step.mother ,
Look down on us from above Graham Funeral Home.
Covin Monica Smith Patricia
f Let not hate or rancor and Family. ,
wxy Hide us from thy Love. Ebron, Ivis Johnson and Cleo- Zack Stewart of 2510 NW 161

t.j t. May they rest in peace. .- .... t... mie Smith; 12 grandchildren; Street died July 30. Ser-
two brothers Charles and vices will be held
i. Sat.at 3
Helen / p.m.
Weems and Susan IN MEMORIAMIn .... George. Services will be held at
Mt. Herman
Woodside, daughters; Alsaida Thursday at 4 p.m. Mt. Tabor Reposing
wi1Lstart-Fri '
Henderson and Cole- ; .at-1-p m; :
Dorothy "
man granddaughlQrsCARD memory of our fathered, Baptist-Chili.ch. Opa locks chapel. Survivors
*-- --"grarrdfamer, Mrs. Martha LoU of 2332 include wife Rose; mother

a 'W" NW 72nd St., died Aug. 4 at' Blannie; one son ZackJr.;two
OF THANKSThe .r Treasure Isle ConvalescentHome. : daughters Marian Lizzy and

I She is survived by her Sandra
Fayes five brothers
family of the late ;
MR. JASPER FOOSE PP"b MR. JAMES ARMBRJSTER niece Mrs. Evelyn Richardson : Curtis, Robert, Clinton, Sam-
Services will be held Fri- uel and Willie
who departed July 20 1969 at ; grands;
of Corinth M. B. Church departed ,
who this life 14 day, 4 p.m. at Bethany Seventh' two uncles and one aunt.
1001 departed July
this life August 9,1968. NW 62nd St. #20,'wish to Day Adventist Church.
thank our neighbors and 1969 wish to express our sin-
Sadly missed but never for thanks Harold Miller of 2027 NW 76St.
friends who cere and appreciationto
were so though NW 23 Ave.
gotten. died
July 31.
died Aug. 4 at South Fla.
friends for
ful during our bereavement for' It.\ our their cards, Survivors Include
Carrie Thomas, wife their beautiful cards and floral \! floral pieces, food and other State Hospital. He is survivedby one daughter -
William Thomas SOB Harper; one sister
acts of kindness. his brother Earl Wallace
** pieces and words of consola ; Mrs
Roscoe Ector, stepson tion. Thankstohisformerem- i a sister Muriel Simmons;| Gertrude Frazier; one

of Special thanks to Rev. Ira nieces and nephews. Services brother James Watson Ryles,
ployees Coca
IN MEMORIAMIn their tfaoughtfulness., Florida Special for McCall for his consoling mes- will be held Saturday, 4 p.m.: Jr.host; a of mother relatives Alfonla; and a

and Miss Joan Storr for the Church of and friends.
sage at Ridgeway God
thanks to the
of Cancer
loving memory my dear Societyand her beautiful Services will be held Wed
solo. spec- of Prophecy.
brother, the entire staff of Home at 4 in the
MR. JAMES YOUNG, Care of Jackson Memorial ial thanks to Rahmings Funeral Miss Gwendolyn F. Brownof Liberty City chapel.t .
-- Home for their services 14421 Richmond
ren- Harrison St
Hospital the
who departed this life August many com-
U 1967. forts they gave him while he ELMORE GRADY dered. May God bless each of Heights, died July 31 at t Mrs. Lull Storey, of 4935
PHELPOT, SR. you. Baptist Hospital She is sur- NW 36th Ave, died
A precious one from us is goneA was a bed patient at home. Aug. 4.
who departed this life vived two brothers Mauriceand Survivors include
voice we loved is still Special thanks to Young'sFuneral August by Mattie M.
We love you but God love you Home of Opa Locks 7, 1968 and was laid to rest Mrs. Bertha Armbrister, Donald Barron; four sis- Graham, Willie Storey, Eula

best. and Rev. L. Brown August 10, 1968. mother ters Ernestine Jones, Lucy M., Storey, and Emma Jane
May light perpetual shine Mrs. Florence Ferguson, Pope, Sandra Rutherford and Rankin, children; 15 grandchildren -

Willlford Young, brother Mrs. Annie Harrod, sister upon him. aunt Jacquelyn Barron. Remains 32 great grandchildren -

Pauline Young, Her children and grandchildren Ruth Ferguson and Cynthia were shipped to'Columbus, three great great grands,
Ifster- -1a.w The Family Davis, cousins. Mississippi arrangements are incomplete




THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969 23

family of the late In sad, but loving memory Carver Your
MRS. LILLIAN CLARK of our dear son and brother, Mrs. Kathleen Sears of Mi- [ L
wish to extend thanks to the St. WILLIE EUGENE ami, and Miss Viola Smith of

Matthew M. Baptist Church, SAUNDERSwho Nassau, Bahamas wish to ex- [Ranches And YouBY
deacons, officers, members, departed this life August press sincere thanks and appreciation -
choirs, and Pulpit Aid Boardfor 9, 1961 tone Ighbor sand i.
Sleep on and take friends for their thoughtfulness VINCE COOPER
remembering them in their your rest, News
sorrow We love you, but Jesus loves during the bereavementof [ j
our dear sister the late I Walter Bow
you best. By
I, Rev. Clark, now expressa
her out into the
Sadly missed by the ETHEL CCAKLEY ----------- This week I shall discuss a shy. Taking
heartfelt love for the family
of Nassau who died 10 The VFW Post 8195 country,last week, we found
vice that was rendered duringthe Mrs. Mary Saunders, July few tips on enjoying your dog.
that she swims like a fish and
after a long Illness.Oh Ladies to meet Sun
hour of mother Auxiliary You know,there are so many
my sorrow. Mrs. Carolyn Lewis what the Joy and the glory day, at 5 p.m. All officers and dog owners whose activities enjoyed that outing so much,
To the moderator of the Sea- Mrs.
Marion Hannah must be, those endless sab- members' are asked to be center around nightclubs and James, my partner, had to go
board Baptist Association Mrs. Ver-
into the water and coaxher out.
Rev Edwards and staff,thank dell Wright, sisters baths the blessed ones see. present and on time at the post movies. This, I think is good The results were really
Mrs. Marion Saunders home on Pembroke Rd. Mrs. In its own place and time.Few spec-
for the service you ren- tacular she Is to
you now happy
grandmother, six uncles CARD OF THANKSFor Dorothy Trotter, president of us really know the pleasureof
dered for my wife and myselfand see any one of us and doesn'trun
five aunts other relativesand New Macedonia Baptist revival a country walk,the completeand
the gifts that I received.
your cards, telegrams, when we approach her.
friends. to start this month.Rev. utter peace of a quiet sit
Thanks also to Rev J. Smith, flowers, and numerous acts Cooper is pastor. under a large oak, or a real My congratulations to Mr.
Rev Graham, Rev Sims and of kindness the family of the Eugene Ferguson and his thrill in seeing Rover stretch Al Jones and Cherpie, Abe
all the other ministers whose RICHARDSONMarvin late, uncle Willis Ferguson left for out his legs behind some Johnson and Shane, John Tur-
names do not appear here. I FRED SEYMOURare ner and Tippy Walter
H. Nassau last Sunday. They are imaginery animal. It is really Bokleyand
appreciate seeing everyone of Spann of 1321 NW indeed grateful. We shall both of West Hollywood.The nice when can forget the Bisco,Beverly Nixon and
you and thanks for giving me 16th St., died July 29 at his remember each of you in our Progressive Lodge No. house payment you and the small Spartacus, Dorothy Howardand
words of comfort. home. Survivors include his Lobo and Rex
prayers. 690 will meet this Thursdayat worrisome bills that plague so Mr. Reagan
To Rev. L. A. Thompson, father Jule Spann, a grand- 8 p.m., all officers and of us. for their completion various
moderator of the Atlantic mother and other relatives. The many of obedience and .
Family members be present at the One of the sad parts of some phases pro..
Coast Baptist Association,and Remains will be shipped to Masonic Hall to Liberia. dog owners is that they forget tection. Their diplomas shall
staff, I appreciate your presence Albany Ga., for final rites. Don't forget the Friday and that their dog, like any other be arriving soon.Condolences .
I am grateful to Services for John Holmesof to &
my many Saturday night Fish Fry this animal, should be allowed the Mr. Mrs.
friends for, telegrams and 357 NW 13th St. will be held PERSONAL weekend at the post. There freedom of confinement. And GUnton, whose dog Prince suf-
cards, whose names are too Thursday, 3 p.m.in the chapel. will be door prizes for the ladies in cases a few hours in fered heat exhaustion while in
numerous for me to mention, He is survived by one daugh- Hilton E. Hanna, assistant this week.A many protection training.
the country spent with dog
but this goes for all, I thank ter Julia Jarsh; two brothers executive director of the banquet sponsored by the may result In fewer holes your dug If you know anyone who hasa
Amalgamated Meat
you very much. MayGodblessyou George and Charles. Cutters male sheperd to give awayor
Association of Community M.B.C., Aug. 10 in your yard and the stoppingof
North America
those friends Services for Percival Evansof for sale callCooper's
especially from 2:30-6 at Sweden please
p.m. small
who 5550 NW 9th will be beldThursday made a short visit here last many you Canine Service at
brought gifts on Saturday House, 5550 N. Federal Hwy., may have with him.
weekend to
see relatives and
4 p.m. in 6912643.
night Bethany
Ft. Lauderdale. For tickets
Yes, we are sailors on the Seven-Day Adventist Church. friends. Mr. Hanna, a former call 983-6766 or 983.3291.rMl One example Jfe male aGerman Next ,week: Want a Larger
Miamian sheperd we were
who lives in Madison
ship of time for eternity, and He is survived by his wife to breakfrom Pup? And First Aid.
Wisconsin posed being very
the promise that If we be faithful Bertha; one son Melvin; his president of the -
m serving Jesus,our pay, mother Julia Woods; one sis Urban League of that city;and I 'I
will be eternal life ter Anna McPhee and three attended the national conven-
brothers tion of that organization in
Lloyd, Charles and
Rev. N. Clark and family o
Rodney. Washington, D. C. last week.


:3 t> zl d; tK
: xr J ,

.......- ,

3py 1 .

ti.gpl ft zlt r r .re
-a=ty xR=t es )


z .
PRIVATE LISTENING Our service will be remembered long after

I price has been forgotten. So in your hour of

? $S- EODOWN bereavement, call .

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Coca-Cola USA and Coca-Cola Bottlers was held in Atlanta recently. The

workshop, ,which,attracted 42 black sales and marketing representatives from service begins and never ends

Bottling Companies and Coca-Cola USA, was developed as ameans of provid- Call THREE LOCATIONS TO, SERVE YOU

ing additional professional training in both, sales and marketing. Picturedleft 751:5629NO : LIBERTY CITY OPA-LOCKA PERRINE

to right ore: Charles H. Boone, account executive. Southeast area Bottle CREDIT 691.7661 MU 8.3311 23ij- B01

Sales Development Department;Coca-Cola USA; Kelvin Wall, vice president, REQUIREDALSO

Market Development;. Richard Harvey, vice president end marketing director; errssitisMer- _lu ---.e

and Ed, Washington, special markets manager, Los Angeles District, FountainCl I
__ n____&___M. I 1 /
vap unmenr. :


) II
(Newly Open II I P
1778 NW 95th Street i
I 1

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IN MEMORIAMIn Will read your entire life without asking any 1

entitledto questions, gives advice on all affairs of life /
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Do not stand at my grave and cry; 1 With this ad, you get a free lucky number I
I there, I did not die.
am not 1
Call 691-7661 Annette E. .. S. L. McNeal 1 Hour 9:00 a.m. to 9iOO! p.m. daily I
Hazel E. & Robbie Wright 1 .I48CO NW Ith AVE 688-9128 I





.. .. ... .. .. .. .

24 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August, 1969


I Rev. A. M.Griffin pastor ..,
Rev. Roscoe Jackson,pastor ','
Willie J. Beard reporterThe Ella Elam, reporterUshers' <<.' "''Y''
,.\ No. 1 will have a .. ..," '
members of Ushers'Board 1'
dinner sale all day Saturday at >>$.l
No. 1 wish to take this :
the home of Sis. Claudia Bry- : 7
opportunity to thank everyone ;
ant 1200 NW 65th St. Phone i");
t who helped to make their 7th > "' ", ,;
1': "' '
anniversary a success. Special 691-2216. };:):,,:" ,/'! :
The School picnic
thanks to Rev.A.Andersonand Sunday
will be the fourth Saturday in
Community M. B,Church,
this month.
Rev. J. E. Wright and First

Emanuel B, C., Rev. D. Cook

6ft 3n &'UttDMII and Jordan Grove B. C. who
II .Iou CII1lIC1Ij conducted the services. SpecIal ANTIOCH

thanks to the members of
Rev. J. W. Stepherscn, pastor
Greater New Macedonia.Dea-
The Ushers' No. 1 wish to
LILY WHITE NEWS MRS. HENRIETTA WHITE con W.' L. Llghtbourn, presi- thank everyone for the success BISHOP E. FORBES

Canon T. R. Gibson,pastor dent. of their 34th anniversary.
Antoinette Silva, reporter Your reporter is back froma Mrs. Henrietta White The annual Battle of Songs The Juniors annual dinner Bishop E. Forbes will serveas

On much enjoyed vacation. I wishes to give notice to the between Choir No., 2 of Greater host pastor for the International -
Sunday, August 10, a L will be held Saturday, Aug. 9
memorial service for hope that everyone is enjoying African Methodist Church and I New Macedonia and Choir Convention of the
the late I from 2 6 p.m.at the Browns-
Bill Baggs will be held. The t hiS. I toured many places in friends that she is leaving the No. 2 of Greater New Bethel ville Community Center. Pentecostal Assemblies of the

Right Reverend James Florida. The Urban Renewal African Methodist Church as of Opa-locka will be held Sun World which will convene at
L.Dun Men and Women's Day will
can, D.D. Suffragan Bishop of Is doing great Jobs on re- of July 29, 1969.She is leaving day at 2 p.m at Greater New climax at the church Aug. 24. the Dade County Auditorium,
building. in order to Macedonia 3165 NW 56th St. 14 22.
the Diocese of South Florida pursue personal The public is invited to attend. August -
: Congratulations to Mr. and evangelism Plan to attend. Deacon Forbes Is
will preside with the Reverend I now The No. 3 Ushers'will celebrate Bishop pleadingto
Cannon Theodore R. Gibson, Mrs. C. and R. Thomas, who Mrs. White's background is H. L. Jefferson is president. their 2nd anniversary his friends for accommo-
celebrated their 45th wedding deeply rooted in African dations for about 300
rector as officiant. Others -. .. Sunday, Aug. 17 at 3 p.m. You rooms
:; -
anniversary in with Methodism. Her fourth
participating in the service a gener- are invited. for delegates attending the
cookout at their' home. His ation were African Metho- ST. PETER'S A.O. convention. Anyone with information -
are Mr. Ralph Renick, vice There will be, a sale at the
sister, Mrs. L. Billing, and dists. on rooms call
president of WTVJtelevlsionchannel CHURCHCanon home of Sis. Lottie Lundy, 26 may
her two granddaughters Tract In 1921, she was acceptedinto Bishop Forbes at 624-0704 or
tour, Dr.Joseph Na- and
Ave. 50
rot and Claudine Bowers Jetted the church. In 1965, she C, F. Cooper, rector St. Friday night.BEHOP 634-7143.
spiritual leader
Garth, Reeves, editor Miami; Mr. down from East Orange, New was ordained local elder of the Elizabeth Bain, reporterThe This is the largest Apos-

Times Robert Jersey for the occasion.Joining church and has served faith- Sunday School picnic ... tolic faith movement in the
; Morgan ''''''-
accountant them was their daughter fully in all offices of the will be held Friday, August 'll" United States. The public is
Mr. Martin Clark
; 15. The bus will leave 1749 1
Miss Claudine Thomas theirnieces church. (
president of Burdines Department to attend our services,
Betty and Donna Thomas NW 55th St at 9:30 a.m. and J '
Store '.. day and night. The address of
; Mrs.Laura West-
bar. & gars. j. aicGr u- make. another stop at the ., the auditorium is 2001 West
berry and
organist Mr.
der and family, Mr. Leroy church, 4841 NW 2nd Ave.,before '.
+ Ashmore, executive directorof ,.. Flagler.
FIRST CATHEDRAL proceeding to Virginia
Murray, Mrs. Margaret Carey .
the of ..
study Democratic Institutions """ .,"' T
Beach. Members of the Sun ,_' ..
fromSanta and other neighbors and 1 I SPIRITUALIST 'I. ..

California who will Barbara, friends. A very enjouable time 1 I day school wlllridefree.Visiting ,: :.,. ....,... ,,. }, ,,",. FIRST BAPTIST
t be guest "
; ;
Elder ,
was had by all. A.Williams,pastor children 25$, all adults ,,,. ',
speaker. The service will begin '. .. );; :' :' Rev W. M. Davis
The tenth anniversary of the I WWie lan Cram reporterOur 50$. '' ,
I at 5:00 p.m. please attend first national assembly : ." 411' \ ; Donella Turner, reporterThe
Lily White's of Miami and ] '
and bring your friends. ,South Miami was highly cele- will begin on Aug. 11 at 591]l "t. .. Jr. Choir and all Ush-

t Sunday, August 10th, is Tithing brated by all. Each one on the NW. Wit Avenue ,at '8 p.m.! ST. LUKE .. 1" er Boards will accompany the
Sunday We are asking pastor to St.Matthew Freewill
program was at his best. The Monday night, Aog. U Africa ,.,
each member to give one tenth solo by Mrs Laura Wilson and Uahrersa 1 Church,Rld Rev. P. W. Williams, pastor Baptist, Sunday to participateon

of our earning for the build the singing of the choir was M. J. Johnson, pastor Deacon Kathleen Stmter, reporterA their Ushers' Anniversary

ing fund. U you will not be present very touching. To make it so Clifford Hepburn In charge A vacation Bible School will program.

make sure that your tithe wonderful was the message Tuesday, Aug. 12 Mirkal| begin Monday ,_Aog, 11 23 There will be a musical pro

gets to the church.This money delivered by Rev., Maggie Church of Fattft, Ft. Lauderdale -' from 9 a.m. to i p.m. Everyone R. :P. PADDOCKThe gram, August 15,sponsoredby

in needed very, badly so pleas. Green, 'who took over for one Prof. J. W. Batter, pastor is invited to attend Arts Choir No. 1.

give hearttyfMT of our brothers, the Rev J., and crafts and other programswill 54th Genera Convention The No. 2 Choir is sponsoring ;=;

L. Johnson, who lost his wife. Wednesday. At*. 13, $t. be offered. of the PentecostalAsse a banquet Saturday,Aug.16II

We all extend out deepest 'Piters, Spiritualist Owen,, The Wom,.' Day committee lakes of the World. be. wil] at tat home of Mrs.Tommieoucdy .
CALVARY 'sympathy to the family. Many Rev. Rttoattt Detangbter,, is ma king plans for convene 'at me Dad C Effort. 2951 NW 56th St

(banks to Dec. Joseph White, minister' their annual Women's Day, Auditorium in Miami Angusl

Rev. Allen Williams, Mrs E. Thursday, Ang., 14, Church Get ta. All numbers are asked 14 22. The P.A. of W. hat GREATERU

M. Sample, Dea. James Allen of God by Faith, Bishop W. to beprestnt every Wednesday always been an integrated or.pntzatl

and last but not least our own Little john, pastor. at 7 p.m. Mrs. Annie
Rev. Lester C. Albert. Mrs. Friday, Aug. 15, Christian B. Sullivan,general chairman. comers regardless of race ox

Juanita McCloud was the win. Baptist Church, Rev. 0. Williams (On Wednesday night Aug. religious affiliation: Rev. C. H. Smith, paterMary

ner of the contest and was pastor. 13 the Special Effort Commit- Auxiliaries: and various Hopkins,reporter

Kwr crowned queen of the Saturday at 7 p.m.there will tee will present, a "Get Acquainted business sessions will The men are making plansr
1969-70. be a banquet at Toby's, NW program" at 8 p.m. convene daily at 11 a.m. nit for their annual Men's Day

Everyone enjoyed the program 7th Ave.. and 54th St. Tickets Please plan to attend thiS pro- a bible seminar from 10 11 l, which climax the fourth Sunday
gram. Evening services will be held d j in September.
and stated it was one of are now on sale call 6358917or
the best. Refreshments were 949-0941. You are invited to worshipwith nightly at 7:30. Sunday School The pastor is asking aU of-

served afterwards. us this Sunday,the churchis classes for all ages will tx ricers, and members to meet

Juanita McCloud located at 1790 NW 55th St. held at 9:45 a.m. him at Jordan Grovo Baptist

reporter Church, Friday, Aug.8 to render -


ST. PAUL AME DRAKE MEMORIALRev. Prayer meeting is held

P. S. Brown pastor CHRISTIAN SCIENCE every Wednesday at 8 p.m.The

,Rev. T. C. Kelley, pastor M. L. Nixon, reporterA J.. w. Dunn pastor pastor urges all to come out
------ Mary M. Amos, reporter "Toe Party" is being "No man bath seen God at N. T. Green, reporterThe and be in prayer.MEMoRIAL .
Mrs. Margarle Perkins a Ushers' Board #1 will celebrate -
love another
given by the adult Ushers' Fri any time. If we one -
member of Greater New Bethel I their 44th anniversary pastor wish to thank
day night Aug. 8 at the home God dwelleth in us, and 11
Baptist Church of Opa- ,i Sunday, August,3:30p.m.. of Sis. Rose Mutlln, 2131 NW hi love in perfected in us. who attended the service on

Locks, will be guest speaker 'They are asking for your full 63rd St.. The public is cordially Hereby know we that we dwell last Wednesday night at Zion TEMPLE

on a tea Sunday, August 17th i support.The invited. in him, and he in us, becausehe Hill Baptist Church, Rev. J. Rev I. C. Mlckins, pastor

at Mt.Calvary Baptist Church, J. G. Epperson Board The Home Mission Is sponsoring bath given us of his spirit." Pickett observed his 10th an- Lucille Beckett reporterYou
1140 NW 62 Street, along with .will have their regular meet- a tea on the third Sun This verse from I John is niversary as pastor.

a number of outstanding soloists Ing August 10 at 4 p.m. The day.at the home of Sis. DeJaney part of this Sunday's lesson- Please be present on Sunday are always welcome to

of Miami. This tea Is in \president is asking all members ;- "Sermon on "spirit? -at-3 p.m. to neip the Pastor's --worship-with-us-aM6600-NW-(

{---1he1Jehatf1)tMen's uay. to please be present. On Aug. 16 the Sunday School Fifth Church Christ, 1600 Aid observe their third anniversary 44th Ct.

The Rev. 0. L. Sample, and BTU will have a picnic at NW 54th St., welcomes all. Rev. Wade of St. Activities of the week: Sun-
pastor of Mt. Aaron Baptist the Police Benevolent Asso Mark B. C. and congregation day school teachers meeting
.. JORDAN GROVERev. Church will' pre:?>>.cb for Stew caution will be in charge. Wednesday, 7 p.m. Any mem-
and friends
ardess Board #2 Sunday are asked to come and MT. AARON You are invited to worship bers Interested in Joining the
Douglas Cook,pastor night, August 10 at 8 p.m. enjoy with us at anytime. Century Club please contact
this outing with the children. Rev. 0. Sample, Jr., pastor
Eddie Gilbert, reporterOur Our church's 55th Anniver Mrs. Cleolla Crew, 2491 NW
The pastor and family extend The pastor would like to
church's anniversaryis sary will be observed the 5th 151st St., 688-2295.
their' gratitude to the thank all of the parishionersfor
already in progress with the in this month. We
Sunday are
members their last Sun- DAY SPRINGRev.
and friends for their support on
Rev. 0. Taylor and congrega- asking for the full cooperationof on ST. MARY'SRev.
tion in charge. Friday, at 8 the entire church body.The kind thoughts during their time day.Prayer W. M. Slater, pastor

p.m. Rev. C.H.Smith and conj morning message will be given of bereavement.We meeting for our revival Sis. B. Wilkerson,'reporter H. V. Stuart, pastor
j .. extend our sympathy to will begin Wednesday A, E.
gregation will be in charge and by Rt. Rev. George N.Collins McCray,reporterThe
Sunday at 3 p.m.the Rev. ML. Bishop of the 11th Episcopal, the family of Rev. Allen. night, Aug. 20. Preaching will Day Spring Baptist Church Women's Day committee -

White and congregation will District (Fla.). begin Monday night, Aug. 25. extends to you a permanent invitation is asking your support during -.

close out the anniversary. Our delegates tomeTrl- The Rev. J. E.Jenkins,pastor to worship with us.On their dinner sales at the

public is invited to come out state meeting will leave Sun CORINTH of the Friendship M.B.Church Monday nights at 7Missionmeeting church every Saturday,for del
make this anniversary of Miami will be our revivalist. ; Tuesday night at livery call 758-1601.
and help -
day night, Aug. ,at the evening
meeting Sunday Schoolat Our
a spiritual success. service. They are Shirley Rev. M. L. Paschal;pastor prayer ; pastor returned to us
and On Sunday evening at 3:00 9:30, morning worship at last Sunday after a restful
All teachers secre- Cooper Geneva Paschal reporter -
Joyce Champion
union will 11:00 evening services
The Liberty Choir's begin .
taries of the Sunday School Samuel and his
Keith Carter, and Howard I Rev. congregation at 7.
and BTU are asked to meet at Smith. Mrs. M. F. Banner- of "Sweet Field Baptist convene 'with us. Please planto

man, Rev. A. C. Turner and[ Church" will render service attend this great musical. On Saturdays feel free to

the church this Sunday at 9 Rev. & Mrs. T. C.KeUeywUlalso 1 here Wednesday night, August affair. stop by for a bar-b-que or FOR FINE PICTURES

a.m. for a teachers meeting. attend. 6, at 8 p.m. in behalf of our At 7:00 p.m.,.Sunday,weareto chicken dinner in behalf of Men

Deacon parrish is superintendent Don't forget to save all old I Women's Day, render services' the St. day. The church is located on CALL:

of the S.S.and DeaconGilbert newspapers for Mrs. Abram. Prayer meeting, is every Paul A.M.E. Church. Therefore -62 St. and NW 30 Ave:
will be serviceat JOHNSON
there no OF'MIAMI
,. is president of the Call her and she will be glad to i Wednesday night at 8 p.m. our, home church Sunday A thought: Love one anotheras

+ ,BTU pick it up. Everyone is welcome. night. God loves you. 635-4743

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August,, 1969. 25
-- --- -

Rev. C. J. Burney, pastor Rev. Cleo Mr. and Mrs.Lonnie Rhodes
Albury, pastor
Arsula Edwards, reporter B. Boney Rev. S. Finder of the were visiting his sister Betty
The Mission Department of Choir no. 3 is extending an Bahamas will be the speaker Loyed from Oglethorpe, Ga.
this church will celebratetheir invitation for new Sunday at the 11 a.m. worship for two weeks.Recuperating.
anniversary Sunday,Au- For further information service. The Rev. Pinder is at home Is
gust 10 at 2:00 p.m. Everyone tact Sister A. Tanner con- vacationing with his many Mrs. Doris Sampson from her
Is cordially invited to attend. president relatives and friends. stay in Baptist Hospital. Tru-

Rev. J. E.Jenkins and congregation It's Singspiratlontlme!Sun- The singing groups, and die Brownie and Deacon Frank

from Friendship M.B. day at 7 p.m.A melody of four other members of Temple will Burnder are both In Baptist
Church will be their guest. to Star of Bethlehem
youth choir, Junior Cavaliersand go Bap- Hospital. Mrs. Maude Ester
Revival-prayer meeting; the Ushers Chorus is 'in tist Church, West Hollywood, Lawrence is in South Miami. --- -'-,
will end August 8. Preaching charge.The Sunday afternoon. The bus will They are asking for your pray-' Banking Is a good business; but before withdrawal there
will begin August 11-22. We Pastor's Aide Club leave the church at 2:15 p.m. ers. must be a definite deposit. We have come to the conclusionthat
are inviting the public to hold its regular will Mrs. Gertrude Tinker is apatient the minds of our young people today are full of Ides.
and bear this meeting Tues- There Is thirst that the ideas be transformed into
come great day, Aug. 12 at 8 p.m. Sis. at Cedars of Lebanon ST.MARK a growing
Evangelist, Rev. W. M. Boyd Hospital and Mrs. Catherine reality.
L. S. Stokes is ,
president. Rev,,C. W. Wade, pastor
of Atlanta, Ga. Bush is at Jackson. We pray Then comes the banking skill; deposit a little of our time
Sis. Doris Sperling, reporter
Cons ecreation hour of KELLY'S for a speedy recovery. Revival services will be In with our own young citizens and we will never stop paying

prayer Is held here at the CHAPEL Mrs. M.E.Stevens returned at the church Mon- humanity its benefits.
church each Sunday morningat Rev. W. H. Butler,pastor home last week after a plea- day night, Aug. 11.. Services You, are invited. When we say you,we are speaking of ALL.
5:00 a.m. Why not come out Marie Carr, reporterOn sant vacation with relatives in will be conducted by Rev. W. Join us Saturday, August 9, at 3:30 p.m. as we tour the beau-
New York tiful amusement park at Pirates World. Bus loads of families
and get spiritually revived. City.
Sunday the youth will C. Eder. The public Is invited.
all can enjoy themselves.
entertained where parties
are being
present a fashion show
entitled 1400 NW 87 St.
Those that invest in togetherness with our coming generation -
"Wear Your Thing", donation ANTIOCHRev. Our pastor Rev.Wade would
in far better .
will leave our grandchildren a society.We
ZION HOPE adults $1 children, 75$. At like to express his appreciation -
P. W.Wigglns.pastor will see you there, 900 NW 20th Avenue, Aug. 9 at 3:30
the Bonded Collection and thanks to
Agencyat many
Rev. Paul Freeman, pastor Dinettie
Cobb, reporterAll p.m. J. W. Wilson overseers
3:30 anniversary
p.m.Sunday for making his 7th -
Bessie Williams, reporter .
youth are asked to at
is Aug. 24, the Weslyn a great success. d
Deacon Young sponsoringa tend Junior church every Sat -
rummage sale Saturday, at present a urday at 4
fashion at the church from 4- ST. LUKE
church from 9-4.
the The male chorus will celebrate -
6 p.m., 7105 NW 15th Avenue.
The Youth Dept.sponsorIng The church school picnic its anniversary Sunday,, Rev. 0.,Taylor, pastor
a sale at the home of Bro. will be the last Saturday in Aug. 10 at 3 p.m. On this occasion Betty Taylor, reporter
Nathaniel Williams, 1810 NW there will be a musical 1 On August 7th the pastor,
August. We are asking all
84th St. adults for a donation of$1 to contest between New Bethe:I Rev. 0. Taylor, and the entire s
On Saturday morning, Dea- offset the Baptist of Opa-locka's Male> membership will be at
of food and
con and Sis. Billy Locke left transportation. Chorus and our own Male i Jordan Grove Missionary

for Philadelphia. They are Chorus. Baptist Church, where the
asking your prayers for a safe The men are planning activities Rev. D. Cook is pastor.

trip. for their Men's day,,. Also, on the 10th of this
BIBLE CHURCH Captains are Bro. Willie) month which is the second
Elder J. W. Wilson! and, congregation would
Washington and Deacon Hezekiah the Rev. Smith
Sunday, C. H. ,
NEW HOPERev. Bishop E. E. Rahming, pastor Lundy. and his congregation of Beth- like to extend a warm and cordial invitation to all

H. C. Samuels, pastor Shirley Cooper'reporterWe The Deacons and Deaconess;! leham will render service at of you to come and visit the church and enjoy the

Patricia Gowen, reporter invite all missionariesand will celebrate their anniversary the church. services.

Baptismal services will be friends to come out and be Sunday, Aug. 17 at 3p.m, For your comfort, the church is fully air-con

held Sunday at 11 p.m. Thepastor with us In our services Sunday. Rev. A. L. Shipp of New Mt CHRISTIAN VALLEYElder ditioned. For your convenience, we provide trans
is asking that the candidates Bible class Tuesday at Morlah will deliver the anni-
8 l.m. Friday night regular A. Ford portation for services to and from the church. Time:
be ready at this hour. versary sermon. pastor
Dinners will be served Sun services. Blondie Higgins, reporter Thursday 8 p.m. and Sunday, 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.

day at the parsonage from 1- ST.. JAMES There will be a musical program For your added convenience, we have a wonderful

5 p.m. in behalf of the Dea- this Sunday night at Sunday School service which we would like to have

conesses Board. All are Invited THANKFUL BAPTIST Rev. S. L. Gay, pastor Christian Valley featuring the your children with us each and every Sunday.

to come out and be Nellie Saunders,reporter Southern Trumpits, formerlythe Phone
: 6930481. Church: 9000 NW 20th Avenue.
Rev. C.T.Ramsey,pastor
served. Sunday, Aug. 10 at 3 p.m. Ford All Stars & the Mo-
Prayer, meeting is held Gall Ramsey, reporterWe our pastor is asking all members met Ford Chorus. The pro- YOUNGLAND U.S.A. Kindergarten is open all sum-

every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. are BOW In our state rally choirs and ushers toac- gram begins at 8 p.m. mer. We keep children from 6 months of age to 10 ..

..' all members are asked, to company him to Mt. Tabor years of age. Call and Register Now. 6930481.
1 please work with your state,
Baptist Church torender ser- -
that this drive will be a suc

Rev. S. Atchison, pastor cess.The Jr. Choir will sponsora convene The Trl-State Aug. 11 meeting in Jackson-will JOHN HOSKINS JR. SAYS
Thumb Tom Wedding Wednesday ,
Phyllis Beal, reporterThe ville, at Edward Waters Col-
Willing Workers will Aug. 20 at 8 p.m.
lege. The pastor Is asking all

be celebrating their anniversary persons going to be ready Just IF IT'S FRESH FISH
the fourth Sunday in Aug. past 12:00 Sunday night.

There will be a tea, Sundayin ST. MATTHEWSRev. You are always welcome to <
behalf of Men's Day from 4 visit our friendly church. <
until 6. Bro. James Chaney, Randall, pastor YOU WANT -

captain. Wynell Turner, reporterThe MT. OLIVETTERev. \ .. ,,. ,jI.
No. 1 Ushers' '
Prayer meeting every
Thursday night. will celebrate their anniversary G.W.Warren,pastorN.

All men are asked to support next Sunday. Rev. Stevens J. Lawrence, reporterThe WE HAVE IT 7 DAYS A WEEKWE'LL

all activities, please. Men's will be the guest speaker. fifth Sunday in thismoothwWbeScholarsblpSun.

Day will climax the fourth Sun Beginning Monday night re- J
day In September. vival meeting service will begin day, all members are asked to
with Rev. polk of Albany, give $10 for this e If 0 r t.Mrs.

evangelist. Marion Arlnah Is chairman
NEW MACEDONIA Don't forget the male chorus U BUY FRYCALL

bus ride to Key West on Saturday
MILLROCKRev. August 16. The bus will
Rev. Albert ,
Cooper, pastor
The leave the church at 5 a.m. Interested AND WE'LL
pastor, officers and A.Jackson,pastorE. contact HAVE IT READY
members of New Macedonia persons may
member of the mile
West Hollywood are Invitingyou pastor is asking all any
to come out and Join In members to accompanyblmtotheOakGreveMB.hurcb chorus or Deacon Jimaie
at 235-8463.
with them in their services..- ; Hodges -WEXARRYTTCOMPIETELINE
- --
erl be one week of In North Miami Beach, Aug. PATHWAY MISSIONRev.
prayer services beginning

August 11 15, and preach- 10.The S.S. and BTU convention B. Jackson, pastor
ing services will begin on August will be Sunday at 3 p.m. at the Melody Gibson, reporterWe OF YOUR FAVORITE

18.Rev. (Oak Grove M.B.C.Rev.Jackson wish to thankall participants -
0. W. Stephenson of will preach the closing and visitors who
Miami will be the revivalist. sermon. came out and made our fellowship SEAFOOD INCLUDING

tea a success. Many .
thanks to Rev. Lester C. Al-

BETHEL AME bert of the House of Albert.
NEW MT. MORIAH Services begin at 3:30 p.m. EVERYTHINGFOR
Johnson, pastorIt's
Rev. T. S. every Sunday. The church that
Rev. A. L. Shlpp, pastor Revival time at Greater prays and God heals.

Evelyn Souter, reporterWe Bethel with prayer services YOUR BOIL POTS -
are inviting the publicto beginning August 11 15 at
come have your faith lifted 7:30 p.m. preaching will begin NEW HOPE
during our revival services, 18-22 with the Rev.
which will run through next of Mt. Rev. W. E. Sims, pastor
week and wUl have baptism the Yale Olive Bruce AME, ,Jacksonville pastor in Elaine Gilbert, reporter 22nd AVE. BETTER SEAFOOD
Friday night before the third The president of choir no.1
charge.Special. would like to thank
is Rev. everyonewho
Sunday. Our revivalist committees have

Anderson of Palatka. been organized to make,this sical participated program on on last their Tues-mu- 5807 N.W. 22 AVE. 633-6606
There will be a weight rally revival "a true crusade forChrist"
day night. May God bless all
this Saturday night at 8:30 at All officers and>

the 7142 home NW of 15th SIs Ct.Lucille, sponsoredby Shipp, tend.members .are expected to at- of Let you us not forget, meet for Hours : Mon. thru Sal. 8:30 AM-9:30 PM

our weekly meeting and our
the Spiritual Melodies.The chairman

their Sunday School anniversary will celebrate be- committee.Naomi of the W.Symonette public relations, regular Bible class prayer on Thursday meeting nightat and Open SUNDAY From 8:00 '2:00 PMII

fourth Sunday at 3 p.m. p.m.

i if ii ii ir

26 THE MIAMI TIMES. Friday August 8, 1969s


i"1 1'i's I

,'1' I I

The Washington press the pertifoent Quotation from the I I
36th annual "United States New Testament, name of the
Specialized Catalog of First artist and location of paintingor

.\ :, Day Covers" reflects hun sculpture, background information -
dreds of price Increases in
on the painting and
=-- its 86 pages of listings This other philatelic'data.

p Your 1969 edition, which has Just Requests for the use of this

been published by The Wash- program, accompanied by a 4"I
i Its) I Weekly Horoscope ington Press of Maplewood, self addressed, stamped en-
N. J., sell s for 85 cents. velope, can be sent to the Slide
Price rises abound innearly
," by OLGA Program Chairman, Honk L.
every section of the cata- Wong, 778 Calmar Ave., Oakland -
27-55-92-89- 18 log, testimony to the increas- Calif. 94610.

ARIES (March 21.April 19): During week ahead, you ing popularity of U. S. first Republic of Guinea -- In order -
may find yourself preoccupied with negative thoughts.This day covers among philatelists to publicize the activitiesof I
will,drain you of energy and leave you fatigued. Do Every auction sale a newbuyIng the Pioneers of Guinea, the Y
your utmost to fight against this. Seek out new people and list brings new highs,par government has issued a mul-
places. This will help somewhat. Week ends on note of ticularly for covers from the ticolored series of six stamps, Secretary of Defense Melvin R. Laird poses :

hope. 1930's and earlier. printed in sheets of nine, plusa with Miss Jane Harrison, 1811 East 298 Street, I'
TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Forget phoney excuses in The valuations in this new souvenir sheet repeating all elected President of i
who Vice
Wickliffe Ohio
week ahead, Taurus One in authority will see throughyou. edition provide up-to-date and six denominations. was
Entertain over weekend but don't be flashy. Stop realistic quotations for all .. the 1969 American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation.
trying to cross your bridges before you come to them. known U.S. and U.S.first ys, n. Miss Harrison and other young ladies representing
W. This only leads to mental anguish. As week ends,pressure including stationery items. the fifty states attended briefings by high level

slackens. Leo August and Gerald Strauss Department of Defense officials at the Pentagon,
GEMINI (May'21June 20): You've been wasting time, are editors.
Gem, and you're leaving a great deal unfinished. Be Fine arts Philatelists the Washington, D. C,., July 31. I II''
relentlessly honest with yourself in week ahead. If you do first of a series of slide pro- may I'
this, fragments will merge Into a picture which will be of grams has been assembled by ANNOUNCEMENT ;

great help to you as far as making decisions are concerned. Kathleen M. Berry. A total of iiPUBLIQUEut6lllitEE ZJr; fIeItItftn'T All churches, clubs
CANCER (June 21-July 22) Let off steam in week 49 colored slides are used to & .. .. ..... ..... ,
j' AY L 41/2f0 etc. interested in havIng
little boil
ahead Moonchild, or your personal pot just may depict events in Christ's life
over. As week progresses, try to get enough rest. As week from the Annunciation to the Five of the stampsshowac- "Yoor Neighborhood Trav.tA9.nts" souvenir programs
wanes, stick close to phone for important message is sure printed must have the
Ascension, as reproduced on tual activities of the boys,
wouldn't kick yourself if
to come. And you just you
stamps. Viewing time is 60 while the sixth in typewritten or printed
weren't there to get it? reproduces, A. nar to you a* your
LEO (July 23-August 22) Oh, Leo, there is one with minutes. color, the emblem of the Pio- tl' .phon.. Give wt a call. copy in the Miami i
whom you come Into daily contact who could cause you a The slides accompanied neers and their motto "We *. dolivor. 1104 NW 3rd Times office 2 weeks
great deal of trouble if you don't mind your P's and Q's. by a script which gives corresponding are the children of today, the North Av. ,FR Manage 98451. Chat.. C. in advance to the date
This person is probably of the opposite sex. Now that old slide number, the hopes of tomorrow. of the activity. I
Olga has warned you, if you want to get into mischief it's,
your problem. I''
VIRGO (August 23-September 22) Are you having an II
off-again-on-again relationship, Virgo? Is this what you !
really want? If not, do something about it. Week is
favorable for dramatic, action. Take advantage.
LIBRA (September October 22): Libra, Libra, what is
old Olga going to tell you? You already think you know
all the answers, don't you? Well, you are in truth, most I II Ii I
perceptive, but at the same time, you are easily influencedby BYRrAN AMET d i
one born under either the sign of Aries or Pisces. This I I
person could be a good force In your life. But make no
------ -- -
snap decisions in week ahead.
,i- SCORPIO (October 23-November 21): Week ahead may STELLA STEM HAS OBTAINEDTHE AT GAYS: END WHILE EACH DAY :r
have auspicious beginning, then tend to go downhill. Make TOP SECRETARIAL WALK AWAY WITH ,
any important move necessary on either,first or second POSITION IN DUKE'S OFFICE WHAT FOOLS THEY SECRETS THAT WILL \
day of week. Cool your heels emotionally for remainder of '

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21): Days DATA TO ITS ,KNEES !,
ahead should be most productive if you take advantage of
opportunities which are sure to be presented. Good weekto
/4 I I
evaluate motives toward one you love. Are you playing, : II
i order.the game according to the rules? If not, better' get house in, I S I P

\ CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19): Matters of the ,
heart seem to be' in focus in week ahead. Key word is I
"test." Do not allow one who is grossly incompetent to''

influence your thinking., Trust your own judgment, Cap.
j AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18): Be fiercely
independent In days ahead, Aquarius. Use that fine mind 71E5
that Heaven'has blessed you with., Use also your intuitive :' '
nature. It will be unusually keen in week ahead.
PISCES (February 19-March 20):, STOP
COMPLAINING. You are Pisces, not' Portnoy. Your
personal problems are no greater than 'those of the guy "r DRIVE MY INEXPENSIVE T TAKE AN ELEVATOR ..HERE I BECOME WHAT
who sits next to you on the subway or in the office. In AUTO TO AM APARTMENT TO THE BUILDING'SSKY :I REALLY AM -- THE
truth, you have a rather decent week coming up. Better, in BUILDING A FEW BLOCKS PORT WHFRE MOST WEALTHY WOMANIN
fact, than usual. A bit of romance may even enter the AWAY--AS MANY SECRETARIES MY SKY LIMOUSINE I THE WORLD6UT
picture. ,Doll PICKS ME UP

I :' Meet "Chick" CEP I-In -

\ "Chicle" Braunstein, York University for his Doc- r
I deputy MffNft Arimlnteh-a.-: -torater "
1 ,i
I, tive Services for the Concen- He at one time taught school
trated Employment Program at New York City, and later
.. was born in New York City.He became supervisor for the
Bureau for Community Education 1.:.:
He migrated to Miami in
1951, is married andhasaso /
23 years old. He has been witt
the Economic Opportunity
Program for three and a haU
moved to training
coordinator and the
position as deputy director foi' WE DRU66EDV YEAH, 'SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS'. SHE'LL NEVER BE
I : Concentrated Employmen!t. AND PUT HER \ TRUCK
Program. His hobbies are collecting ''IN THE BOXJ J PICKED '

rate literature. LIKE YOU SAID.. !, IT UPI IAUilOf1 .


attended school at Columbia DON'T COST ? IYiANAMET
his Bachelor'sdegrees
University for
: Teachers College at /
'Columbia University for his THEY PAY 61+0
?Master's, and ,studied at New 4 ,n r9 APR -ART P ATvrfS

: V11f1f: ... T ---


THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969 27
::: J: :: ::::z:::::J::::::::-:::J ..
::: J :::::: J J'j :: :::3



4400 NW 7th Avenue CONSTRUCTION
} pJ J J:: :::: ::: :: '::::::: :::::n:::::: :: Earl Edward, Prop. & CLEANERS 2939 NW 48th Terrace
------------ TAILORS
1 Service Alterations I Phone 634.6233
Day -
You Fought For MeI FingersWhen FUNERALDIRECTORS 4842 NW 634.9251 27th Avenue IndustrialCommercialResidential {

am America, you fought for me I raise my hands over 6701 MANKER NW 15th-MILTON Avenue
I am America my heard, my fingers look 691.9151 A-I LABOR
Ob God .. they died for meI like a field of wheat reaching
bear them gather upon my chest for heaven. l; WI NDOW SERVICE Agents Wanted Driv.r I Men with Carl,

They argue, fight and long to protestI ; HENRY'SWINDOW Fork lift, Lob! ,:','., Wore-
sell The Miami
am weary, tired and depress My fingers also make noises SERVICE Agents to housemen. Open 5:30 a.m.
Times wanted all
From the long of the young like a drum when I strumon '' Repair & Installing Florida are and Georgia. They over A-,
They beat on my chest ,my desk. Phone 635-9869
: be and
may boys girls or Employment
3 adults. Make spending Low Fe.. -No Money Dowr
More rights Fingers also come in handy
money. Write or call Mrs. Restaurant Hotel
More issues when I eat that finger Davis, 6530 NW 15th Ave., Domestic, Factory
Protest! Protect! licking good chicken.AJttby's RESS SHOPS 691.0421, 534 N. MIAMI VENUE
Oh God best friendis PATRICIA'S, INC.
With these trials and troublesYet his fingers. 5843 NW 17th Avenue
fight I still stand?

Will they let the unjust destroy my land MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THE I
Demolish my cities Sometimes fingers can
Keep stirred my stand? ':, get a person Into trouble, MIAMI TIMES ARE TELLING YOU THEY

Give me enough courage, that I : point at something. dressmaker THEY ARE COURTEOUS, DEPENDABLE.

might travel on- '5 .'.; PLEASE PATRONIZE THEMI
let the Fingers also get one In
good and Just :' 6026 NW 7th AVENUE
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28 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969"MY

Earl's Market Wins Little League Title

The Central Miami Little day-when they must take their
By BILL MCBRIDE finished up with a respectable "
13 and 8 record for third place League was organized in 1968as place in the world. It estab-

TIME"f.v 11Broadway the brainchild of Miss Shirley lishes the rudiments of team-
After finishing the regular honors.
work and fair
season with a record of 14 wins In addition to Earl's Market, Moore, local schoolteacher play.

and 4 first and Southern and has served more than
loses for placein McKinstry Special praise should be extended
PHIL DIXON the National League Earl's Farms F a r r e y s Hardware, 200 boys since inception. It is to the six local business

Market took on ,the powerful Cash and Carry Market andShell's a program of service to youth establishments who sponsoredthe

being geared to provide an
American Market fielded
- -- -' -- McKinstry Tigers, City teams, the coaches who
Joe's opening was rather unspectacular; but League champs and squeezedout teams in the league. outlet of healthful activity spent many hours working

) rather Informative. The Jets won the game; but we will haveto a hard fought 6 to 4 victory training under good leadershipin directly with the boys and the
of wholesome
wait on the Commissioner to see who wins the fight. Jots Wednesday Manor Park According to George Wil- the atmosphere other volunteers whose help

can still pick a defense apart and he still has pretty good for the Central Miami Little liams, League President the community participa make this much needed pro-

receivers and runners. Even though it took All-Stars League Baseball Championship. second annual league banquet tion. The movement is dedicated gram possible.

The finished the and awards night is scheduledfor to helping boys become
a whole half to understand that the Jets are human and can tigers
with 15 and 4 record 7:30 MondayAugust good and decent citizens. 'It plans are already underway
be moved I thought they a good account of themselves. season a ; p.m., '
Perhaps the team needed more time together to really becomea best in the league. The South- 18 at the Bonded RentalAgency strives to Inspire boys:to enrich tor a ,twelve team league"" in

team Auditorium 4150 NW 7thAve. their lives' towards the 1970.
ern Farms Supermarket
unit. .'''< ,.,, ,.,u.r..II,1.
The Dolphins didn't have the luck, that the Jets had. Even I '; ''' : ''.,' \<'-" ,:..( {

though I place a lot of the fault on Bud Grant. Grant did a Eagles Capture :','," ,' : .. ., :-' >\, ,

thing I haven't seen in Pro ball in quite sometime. Maybe '"' '

someone should tell him he has about twenty more games to CrownThe

play, and if he makes' the play-offs that's more games. To

leave his first stingers in an opening exhibition game is
Liberty City Eagles are
taking quite a chance. _
sponsored jointly by Cal's
'" As for George Wilson, he showed us a lot of rookies and
Lounge and Rest Leon's Qual-
untried players. A few of them survive the big cut; but ,
Seafood and
ity Sattlelite
the Dolphins did'show they can move the ball, can score and
Lounge. tothesesponsors
can stop somebody They lack depth and that breakaway -
who made this
threat from scrimage. Kick off and punt returns are another sible. year pos-

matter. The M & M boys looked pretty capable ,in handlingthe The final batting

chores of running back the punt and many kick offs last averagesare
follows Willie
as Amos
week. However the season is young and we shall see what we : '
shall 388; Grady Jones .386; Robert '
palmer .383 Jessie Olga-
In the event you haven't heard yet, Mays Sr. High has been ;
tree .342 Sam Rolle
phased out and 'Traz' Powell is now a track coach at Miami ; ; ; .
William Cox .283 James
Dade-North. Personally, I have no comment, so I hope no ; .
one asks for one. Hunt, .315; Arnold dDavis, .285;
Charles Brown .267 Donnie
Also, 'over the week-end f got a chance to revisit the ; a

Marlins. Woddy Smith is doing a commendable job, consi- Kelly.127., .222; George_ Walker, EARLS MARKET M

dering his handicaps. After fielding a starting team, he is

stuck for relief pitchers or pitch hitters. It seems as though The Liberty City Eagleswon
the Grapeland park Fast-
Baltimore has some help somewhere they can send to help
pitch Softball Championship.The .
Woody and the Marlini in the dog fight of the Southern Divi- EARL'S MARKET
Eagles defeated R.
sion of the Florida State League. This is too. good a team to
Fordyce by a score of 5-0 to
be thrown away like this. claim' the championship for Kneeling (left to right): John Arnold, James Spann, Calvin Wade. Standing *
Rod Silva note in to the Bil-
lard gave me a regards 1969. The, Eagles had come : Luther Frank, Isaiah Howard, ,Sin ton!o Robbins, Larry Coakley, Warren
Tourney, for people 16-21. If you live in the City, call
close for the past two years. Smith Edward Fields Freddie Dennis and Gerald Bullard Coach. (Not shown
t Rod at 445-4731; and if you live in the county call Herb Ball :

at 688-6597. You fellows that claim you're so good on the'green' They finished second in 1967 Rudolph Jackson, Dahyl Chipman and David Davis.
and 1968.However at the startof
t .
call one of these guys and let everybody know how -
the season Eagles manager :';';:f..>it', ; ':} tt: kr.j;; ,<
good you arelSportsman!
Arnold Davis vowed that this '
of the week: Booker T Hayes-welcome back old ,
I Was to be the of the
.. Buddy, don't stay away so long the next time. Eagles. year

Chump of the week: Bud Grant-The Dolphins had nothing to
The Eagles the
do with the N.F.L.'s embarrassment last year. captured
first half with record of
a 9-2.
Until the next time, I look for you at the game; and hope
They were well on their
you are being a good sport. way
to win the second half when

ace pitcher Charles"Donnie"

Traz Powell Named Track Brown was called to night duty I

by his employer.Going into the
final month the Eagles hit,a

series of bad luck. Lead off

Coach A t Miami Dade Sam Rolle Injured his ankle s ,o

and missed several games.
Mays team compiled an 11-0 i .
With these starters out of the .rLqA.
record on its way capturing line
up, pitchers Arnold Davis
the Florida Interscholastic
and Jessie Olgatree were hard
Athletic Association
Champ- pressed for victory. The

ionship. Eagles dropped four out of ,
f x as r
for }
Traz's concern young-
# their last five games to lose a
sters does not the athletic
stop on -
the second half. This forceda G McKINSTRY
field.He is deeply involved .g
two out of three games i
in activities
series with secondhalf winner
to reach people.He .
geared young
R. B. Fordyce.In .
is a member of the Boardof
the first game the Eagles
Big Brothers of Miami; a McKINSTRY TIGERS
erupted for nine runs in the
board member of Scout Explorers -
; a trustee'of the second inning to beat Fordyce Kneeling (left to right): A. C. Baker, Ernest Tarpley, and Maurice Thorpe.

Greater Bethel AME Church; catcher-manager 10-5. The attack Arnold was led Da-by
member of the Youth Oppor- vis and pitcher Donnie Brown. j Leon Dobson, Derrick Frank. (Not shown: Lamar Hodges, Ronald Plymouth,

TRAZ POWELL tunity Council; and a mem- The Eagles now are playing md Coach Johnny McGreggor.)
ber of the Recreation Task
in the Metro Fastpitch Tour .. .. .
Demle J. Mainieri direc- in Model Cities "- \ '
the Pro-
Force '
nament. There are five teamsIn 11!
'{ _
I@.W :
tor of has -
athletics announced gram. ,
the tourney with the winner .,<
the appointment of a new Powell is married.J -gofDg"1lf'"Camsvnl e to repre-
track and cross:;country coach former college sweetheart, sent Dade County later this

at Miami-Dade Junior College Altamese, who is a nurse for
month. The Eagles are the
north. the Board of Public Instruc-
only black entree in the Metro
Nathaniel Traz" Powell, tion. They have a daughter, tournament. The Eagles com- =
considered the dean oflocal, Nataline Gail, who is a sophomore
pleted season with a rec-
football coaches, will Join the at Miami Edison Senior ord of 17-6.

faculty in the division of physical ) High School.

education and athletics in

August, as head track and

cross-country mentor.

Powell, whose' career rec-

'of d in 21 years of coaching is

170 wins as opposed to only *t "jd ![

i 33 losses, received both his 8 Dz

; ,Bachelor of Science,and Mas- POSt TNIw

ter of Science in Education '8s00 P.M
Degrees from Florida A4M. jr' ilo Y.
x .
Powell was an outstanding athlete 5ryal

at A&M lettering for four Doubleheader/

' :years in football, basketball, S x

'and baseball. He was named to 1:15 ,& 8 / TAR 1

+ the A 11-American Football _
;". ''Team in 19464748.Traz SOUTHERN
came to Dade CountyIn SUPERMARKET

baseball 1948 and, and servedas basketball football coach Kneeling (left to rightCraig) Thorpe, Ronnie Bell, Willard Spicer. Stand-

at Carver High ,School until ng: Derrick Rolle, Michael Johnson, Alphonso Gibbons, Oscar Howard,

his transfer to Mays High Johnny Mills; Denson and Naton, and Arthur Colebrook, Coach.

School in 1966. That year. his


c .

THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969 29

; (Th Won't SellNEW Gravesite For Black Viet Nam Veteran


i ttb Defense and Educational I
Fund, Inc. filed a motion for

Director of Dade County Department of an Injunction against the Elm-

Housing and Urban Development J = wood Cemetery in Birmingham .

Alabama, for refusing
J 411 .mai. '" ..
to sell a gravesight to a dead

Viet Nam veteran because he 4L

4 I was black.

Pvt. Bill Henry Terry, Jr., Z
who volunteered for the Arm-
ed Services, was killed on July :
;-r- '
3 of this year in Viet Nam. .," t"' .
When the family sought to / '.' ",- .n/. -" / /'
make arrangements for his
by funeral the Elmwood they were Cemetery turned down Eric K. Floyd, son of Mr. and Aaron A.Sampson,son of Mrs. Joseph Johnson, son of Mrs.
of of 6218 NW Pearly Johnson of 2390 Rut-
Mrs. Roscoe Floyd Jr. Nancy A. Sampson
cause black
though they the were cemetery advertises even 11785 SW 221st St., Goulds, 13th Ct., Miami, has completed land St., Opa-locka, has com-
basic at Lackland pleted basic training at Lack-
has completed basic trainingat training
in the media.
public news
This is the first such suit,but Lackland AFB, Tex. He is AFB, Tex.He has been assign land AFB, Tex. He has been
remaining at Lackland for instruction ed to Keesler AFB, Miss.,for assigned to Sheppard AFB,ttJ.//
Messrs. Swift
Cole and Higgs Little certainly not the last.The fund
HUD in the
in the education and training in the administrative Tex., for training communications -
help guide the summer youth aide program in the feels more such there has been the many training field. Airman Floyd, field. Airman Sampson is a field. Airman
cases as Terry
country's Neighborhood of MiamiNorth'West- Johnson, a 1968 graduate of
Development Program areas. case, but that they have never a graduate Mays High
been School, attended Miami Dade ern High School. Miami Carol City Senior High
brought public
Everywhere the people talk about Jobs, housing and edu tion. Junior College. School, attended Miami Dade
cation. The issue is no longer whether a community is to
be involved in these projects, but how it will be involved.
Clearly no one plans work the same way different
cities. On some occasions the same plan which works (FLOWERS BY MODERNDAY)
in the northern sector of Miami won't necessarily work in WE SPECIALIZE IN ALL TYPESOF
the southern part of the country. ,But this doesn't mean FLORAL DESIGNS
we quit searching for the ways to achieve success. Funerals Parties Bar Mitzvahs
Weddings -
You will note the accompanying photograph of a group of : k\ ,9 Decorators of Homo Planters
young boys working at painting an apartment building on
N. W. 3rd Court, which is owned and managed by Little Give a Fin. Bouquet from MODERNDAY
HUD. These are but a few of 49 other youths who are tryingto DAY:693-397I I NIGHT 164- 1888
make this a better community for all of us. 215 NORTHSIDE PLAZA
Much of the present program started on May I, 1968, NORTHSIDE SHOPPING CENTER
when the Department of Housing & Urban Development
concerned itself with an urban beautification and Improvement -
program. The plan was to cooperate with the Presi-
dent's Council on youth opportunities, and to coordinate our -
efforts with local and state agencies and with private groups 1 I ARE YOU TIRED?

hoping to aid disadvantaged youth during the summer. WAITING FOR THE BUSI!
The purpose of the Summer Youth Aide Program is to Miamian PromotedRodney I WAITING FOR SOMEONEI!
extend to the maximum the number and variety of Job pos HITCHING ANY RIDEI I
sibilities for disadvantaged youth,particularly during summer C. Taylor, USN,son Petty Officer Taylor was
months. Public agencies are urged to work closely with of Mrs. Helen A. Taylor of required to satisfactorily DO YOUR OWN DRIVING
groups responsible for private recreation and employmentto 719 NW 47th Street, was recently complete a competitive, ser- We Furnish Late Model Dual-Control Con 1
insure a constructive community effort. advanced in rate to vice-wide examination to be Our Office U Open Monday Thru Saturday

While such employment benefits the youths themselves by Boilerman Third Class while eligible for advancement. He 8.... to 6 p.m.
channeling energies Into constructive achievements, it also serving aboard theamphibious was selected for his advanced
assault ship USS Tripoli knowledge and skill in the field
supplements a family's income, and materially benefitsthe
Neighborhood Development Program. (LPH-10)), homeported in San of shipboard propulsion and 4190 NW 32 AVE. PHONE: &343190H.

Little HUD undertook a summer youth program in June Diego, California. maintenance.PIANO G. Hawkins and J. E. Bills
'68 and at the beginning employed ten young people for a
period of three months in Project Fla. FR-10, also knowni
as Project Ella urban renewal, downtown.
This year, under the guidance of William Higgs, Equal
Opportunity Officer for the Neighborhood Development Pre- d" Call T.V'SBlack
gram, we have undertaken a much broader program. 49 I
youths are at work in five NDP areas. Their duties range
from typing and assisting the clerical staff at NDP to painting CHARLES
and maintenance of buildings in the NDP areas. It is And White
hoped that the summer employment opportunities might be 1 ROGERS
extended to fulltime.Ten ,
/ '{rynf %// N/fRMNMri'h'ausmktWWlhY9MNMApbnMib/Ni4MN'kwdNx helpers are engaged in an unsual project in Goulds AT PL 7-7502
and Perrlne. They're ringing doorbells, seeking signatureson
petitions to help provide a special tacing district for FOR A GOOD BUY ON A
street lighting. Several more are doing surveyors' workin ORGAN, SCOTT ,M?
Coconut Grove, and South Miami is using typists. 25 are STEREO OR ORCHESTRA, M'v/ aiIIrr
painting housing units in Project #1. INSTRUMENTS.
Participation is a process of democracy in which we all
share. The goal is a decent society, a better place in which
to live. The summer youth program is part of the strategyfor
participation and our gains are evident, small that they
may be at present.MERCHANTS.





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I Weight Watchers Announce the Opening of I II 1 August 7 '

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I at 7:30 p.m. every Monday I II AMERICA'S LARGEST DISPLAYAt
the crosst ads of North-South Expressway between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.
Fees: $5.00 first Sundays Included
Phone Broward JA 2-5131
t $2.00 weekly 751-7502 :

I For Further Information, call: 221-7448 I II 300 N.W. 54th ST. F4M TV 425' E 9th St.

I when registering FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN U.S.A. Phone and Salesman Will CallC
Present this ad for free gift
In Ft. Laud.rdal., 1103 E. Las Olas Blvd., JA
,II. 53716'I


30 THE MIAMI TIMES,_ Friday, August 8, 1969CLASSIFIED I

ADS Director Of Planning AT FAMU I I L.KING I

in New Orleans
lard University -

20 WORDS OR LESS 200. JOe FOR EACH ADDITIONAL :.VORD. jor administrative appoint- has of libraries.been appointed Gaymon director General I
ments were announced recently -
DEADLINE FOR CLASSIFIED ADS TUESDAY 6 P. M. by Dr. Benjamin L. Perry received the B.A.degree from Hauling740J

Jr., president of FloridaA&M Moiehouse College and the
FOR SALE FOR SALEGOVERNMENT University. M.S.LSfrom Atlanta Uni- N. W.
,HELP WANTEDTen versity.
414 NW 32nd St. two houses RESALES > >N.". 51st Terrace
He is replacing J.
for sales
for the price of one. Front Newly painted 2 and 3 bed- work. Interested? Call 696- :'1I Thomas, who recently retir- Phone
house 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, room homes. Low down
pay 8066 ..,)/ ed from the University after
rear house 1 bedroom. LiveIn ment. Fast, occupancy Call >/ 33 years of service. 6963698HELP
one, let the other pay the 688-6671. Anchell Realty,Inc. I, ,i
'\ mortgage. Total price $20- Realtors. >
I I 000 terms. See today. Aetna MOTHER MARY WANTED

Realty '(Broker), 811 NW 54th Blonde night' stand, table The lady from the miracle DIRECTOR OF FIELD OPERATIONS

St. Phone 757-5724. lamps, etc. Sample men's land. Gifted reader and advisor Community action agency requires industrious self

shoes, size 7. 635-7213. will solve any problems started responsible to the executive director for coordinating *
28 NW 39th St. 4 bedrooms, you have No matter what
field and
CBS, tile roof,oak floors,total Value packed 3 bedrooms, problems such as love mar- operations monitoring program

price $14,500 terms. Aetna 2 1/2 baths, CBS beauty, with riage, health, luck, etc. She quality.
Realty (Broker), 811 NW 54th tile roof, fenced all around, invites you to come and see B.A. preferred plus four years experience in community
St. Phone 757-5724. modern kitchen with formica her at her home.She will heal service, plus three years experience with poverty pro

cabinets, carpeted. Above the sick, reunite the long lost gram operation.Salary$12,000-$15,000. Send resume
145 NW 64th Gorgeous ground swimming pool. Must loved one's. For appointmentcall to Mrs. Marie S. Carl, Executive Director, Economic

CBS, tile roof, 2 bedroom, sell at once. Lew Baron, Associates 691-9700 located at 2630 l R Opportunity Program, Inc., 395 NW 1st St., before Aug.
carport, being sold completely 688-6616. NW 62nd St. (Aug. 15) Tara Baidya has been ap- 22. This is an equal opportunity employer (A15)).
furnished. Total pointed director of adminis-
price$16,000 WEBB REALTY CORP.
trative A native of
\Assume $11,000 mortgage,$88 11575 NW 7th Avenue planning. b VoTfoVbinfoTlfb too a
monthly pays everything. MADAM KAYA the city: of Kathmandu, Nepal -

Hurryl! Hurryl! Hurryl! Aetna COMMERCIAL PROPERTY gifted spiritualist reader (India), Baidya comes to SAWYERS .
Realty (Broker), 811 NW 54th 2 BUILDINGS and advisor FA MU from Florida State University ,

St. Phone 757-5724. LARGE CORNER ,110 x 120 Guaranteed to help. Advice on where he received a
: 'Master's degree in Business UPHOLSTERY
SUITABLE FOR BUSINESS all problems -- love, marriage -

,2452 NW 87th St.CBS tile roof, CHURCH OR PROFESSIONAL courtship, business Administration. ?
oak transactions. find loved .He received his Bachelor of
floors. 2 bedrooms, car- Help PLASTIC fF
Presently a going business on
Science from Tribhuban Uni-
peting, drapes, stove, refrigerator ones and lost articles Guaranteed
property that can be converted
total help. She succeeds versity in India and a M. S.
; price$14OOO.Noqualifying E-Z terms, be to suit. Drive by 1501 NW 1511 where others have failed. She from the University of London. COVERS E :
; NW 54th Street then call for
first Aetna Realty (Broker), all information about gives you lucky days and lucky Nicholas E. Gaymon,
'811 NW 54th St. Phone 757- perty. Fenster Realty Broker pro- numbers. Blessed oil and former chief librarian at Dil- __

,5724. 759-8779. lucky charms for the home.
I From 9 to 9 daily She is a FOR SALE

"! 2280, NW 94th St. CBS, tile 1959 Lincoln Continental. true instrument of God. She ,"ou. Street to Street
: roof, oak floors, 2 bedrooms, helps and heals by'prayer.. 50x210
Very good running condition. Old House Lot -
"t Fla. room, garage, air-con- 688-9178 11601 NW 7th Ave. $4,000.00
One owner. Good tires,
) ditioned, stove refrigerator, BARON 538-1340
tery, mufflers,paint,etc$195 Cash Paid for Property -
washing machine
heat. FHA
Contact Jimmy's Gulf Service, JOE SAWYER, PROP.
.t value $20,500 seller pays all
1725 79th St. Phone 865-9268.
closing costs. This is the very BANK WE RE-UPHOLSTER ANYTHING
., (154th St. Phone 757-5724. 1967 Cadillac Sedan MIAMI, HOMESTEAD,
Room for rent. Must have ref Deville OPA-LOCKA SELL NEW & USED FURNITURELOW

:Newly painted 2 bedroom CBS erence. Telephone 691-3296. NEEDED!Managers, tales- LOW PRICES
large duplex lot. 1,000 down, 1965, Chevy Impala women. We will train you
I $80 month. 4530 NW 12th P1.x Efficiency for middle age Super Sport for positions'of/ with distributors HOURS to 5:30: -MONDAY, THRU SUNDAY'
working man.Conveniently located Holiday Magic
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2 weeks in advance and 1965 Bonnevj PontIac Cosmetics part-time.products.Small invest Fullor 5625 NW 7th Ave.

3 BEDROOMS- BATHS pay rent weekly. $17 week.To merit brings you generous
call 1966 Galaxie 500 Ford commsslon, unusual
see NE 5-4805 between op -
This large home in a split level \
the' hours of 4 and 7 p.m. portunity In America. Fastest 751-2677 696-5467
arrangement for bedroomarea Come In growing consumer in*
with a large Fla. room, or dustry. Must have good op* gO Q 0 0 0 0 0 0 P P Q Q QJ Q 0 Q Q 0 P QQOOOQP.OCQ8P.01lttP.fl
FOR RENT Mr. Duffie pearance and
garage, fenced yard, locatedin at: Intelligentmanner.
the heart of Allapattah.Near 1 bedroom apt. $20 National Industrial

,schools, buses, etc. On a lot 1 bedroom CBS apt. $20 Bank of Miami For Appointment
2 bedroom house Call after
$27 5
;size 60 x 140.priced at$22- 6013 p.m.
NW 7th Avenue
Deposit required. West Realty'
800. (Veterans down payment SAWYER
2020 NW 62nd I .... 1'1' ,
( ) 634-9024 '
$1200). Non vets slightly high- 159-4321 "i"
er. Shown by appointment only. j
fcall us for all information, House. $22 week. 2 bedroom, "i,;
living room, Fla. porch, kit !1 .1'' 1' "
( enster Realty Broker 759-
779. chen, bath.! Phone 634-5659. ,, FEMALE LAUNDRY HELP ':' "\ '!!>
Flat work, feeders, folders Good wages. Excellent '"

"FHA"BEAUTIFUL Furnished. ,room. Phone after : company' benefits Paid vacation.

HOME .7 p.m, 635-1882,One man only Must, be, 18 or over. Apply between 10 a.m. &

bedroom home plus garage, STORE 5 p.m. No phone calls: please..National Linen to the

located in the' heart of Manor, 7300 NW 7th FOR Avenue.RENT For offices Service, 1950 NW' 1st,Ave. Ask for Mr. :
Close Publicthis
park area. to schools
and shopping large enough or stores, light com- Findley. Li

that it may be used as a three mercial use, size 25 x 35.$100

,bedroom home. Wall to wall month plus security.759-2425
\. Ben-Kori Realtor. MALE, LAUNDRY HELP
carpets, plus many fine fea- Yowig Lady
tures, shown by appointment Loaders, pullers, extractor operators. Good
only. Priced: $18,250. Rea- 'Apartment for couple or single wages. Production bonus. Excellent company IS.

sonable down payment. Drive ]person only. 45th St. area.All benefits. Paid vacation. Permanent |ob. Must

by then 1321 can NW 55th: Terrace, j Can conveniences be seen anytlinftThursday Call 633-8455. be_ 18.. r..onr..AppJr-.in-mornings.-No-phone- --6Unlted,4irLines- -

-f--tt- Broker, 759-8779.Fenster-Rea4tyj;and Friday morning. calls please. Ask for Mr. Findley, National

Linen Service, 1950 NW 1st Avenue. ,

HOME INCOME Vow! Waterfront retirement
35 NW 41st STREET ]living: '--- none profit rentals

"Front house, 2 bedroom, CBS it tropical Florida's finest ad-
Rear house, 2 bedroom frame. (ress. Conveniently close Help WantedHandyman
$85 month income. Allapattah downtown! beaches. Car unnecessary She Is THE representative of our Company who
WILL be most remembered by the traveler. .
New hlghrise for
Realty Realtors.
:teachers: and other retired Therefore, the responsibilities are great..-but so
are the rewards. Adventure thorough training,
CBS DUPLEX I professionals. All facilities
It Furnished. activities for active retirement plus a generous salary awaits the young lady I
Leaving town.
who can qualify to Join our Stewardess team.,
$20,000. You'own financing.l write CTA Towers,1809

, ,..For information, call 757- Brickell Ave., Miami, Fla. ,, If you are;
0289. Near bus. 7028 NW 2nd 13129. Phone 377-8021. START 1.25.00 WEEK a high school graduate at least 19Vz years Court. (Ag. 8)) of age '5' 2" to 5' 9" with your weight' / '
proportion to your height and single. '
I jII"'I\{
Wonderful opportunity to own HELPWANTED Why not Investigate this position further? '

a retail wig and general mer- TRANSPORTATION & TOOLS Interviews will be held at the'
P chandise store. Spacious and Responsible woman to keep First National Bank Building ,
beautiful decor. Rent only $90 five month old baby. Live-in 100 S. Biscayne Boulevard
month in SW section Small Call for further information. Suite 1100't' ,
investment necessary. Call 635-7029. FLORIDA REALTY Miami, Florida

238-2062 evenings 235-6240. Saturday, August 16th
Licensed cosmetologist witha 10:00 a.tn.2:00 p.m.
2461NW 57th Street. CBS one J following;Salary plus commission ,No appointment necessary

#, he has grooms and other :I busy shop.Must come Phone 358-1020 United Air Lines..Jv ':/
one ,room studio. By owner ;j In for interview 9110NWl7th '

34-2180.. j Ave (Af.,29) AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER '

., a


THE M1AMI TIMES Friday AUGust 8., 1969 31

HR! 11.f "I .h tt t ti -
r* "" *. tlt', L :

I .I rr-- "
J i

x y ,

: _
__ _


!. <.
.a tx
---- II
CRAM COURSE Walter Womack, director of a new program to developmore

managers from minority groups for B. F.Goodrich retail stores, explainstire
construction to the first class. The men are being trained at Progress _n_ -

Management and Economic Development (PMED) headquarters In Philadelphia I.. Turner's Kindergarten Coronation;" I
for preparation for entering the regular B. F.Goodrichretail management

training program. Mr. Womack was given intensive training by the BFG Tire Bright lights, gay decora- and queen, who very gracious- Starks, togrith Smith,Michele
division before taking for tions, soft music and an overflow ly made their way to the royal Brown and Dwayne Mackey.
: responsibility training the store manager 'recruits" of royal dignatar throne OQ a red carpet, rolled Last year's king Gerald
PMED is associated with Opportunities Industrialization Center of America, among the small set markedan out by two page boys and Dixon and queenCyclorlaRiv-
the nation's oldest and I largest job :training organization for Negroes and impressive and delightful adorned with flower buds by ers crowned the new king and

other ,minority group members. The four trainees are, left to right: Steve occasion. two lovely little flower girls. queen.
Stevenson, 23; James F.. Cole, 34; Jesse Parker 25 and John L. The Royal Court marchedin Valarie Davis, chairming After the crowning, the
; Jackson26.
first followed by the king daughter of Mr. and Mrs John royal court did a waltz to the
Davis reigned as queen. tune of "let me call you
Roderic Brown, son of Mr.and sweetheart", led by the king
----- ------
FOR SALE Mrs. E. Griffin as king. The and queen.Each contestant received -
OUR CLASSIFIED royal court:',Patricia Nelson, a trophy The king and
I. ADS I daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. queen were presented a beautiful -

715 N. W. 52nd Street Nelson; prince, William trophy and' a war bond by
I BRING RESULTS t Green son of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Mary S. Bain, president '
William Green. of the PTA.Refreshments.
L------- -J I $600 Down $135 Month Other participants in the royal fit for royaltywere
court were: Bernita served.

:: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::;:;:::::. ,::::::-.;*'.;:::::::::::::::::::::: :-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: 2 bedroom home hoi: large rear porch with extra separate
j' bath and private/ entrance. Large lot, carport, close-in BY OWNER
;i;; WARNER HINES .j. location. See it today I
Property at 3639 NW 15th Avenue
CBS building private parking air condition.
;; 1863 N. W. 59th Street jl ,
.' .... Could be used for children's nursery, small

ar LISCENSED BY CITY 1 .1d4REALTY.: church, medical! clinic, offices, credit unions, At

f AND COUNTY ;; etc. Only $22,500 easy terms.

I tROKER<< : DAYTIME 75l-3G5b!
.i. EVES2261481FOR
CALL 634-2083 1 I 'J : :
Om' 1"DAYS' '" .t I

:-;un.':-:-:-:';.':'.:-'no'iI"'i1'-"""""'.! '''''''"'''",'','',',',''',''','"'''''"'''.:.';.':'n:';'.;.':'.:'.:-.:-.:..:.n.;.;.:..;..:.<.<,..;. .;".:n..:..;.:..:..:.n:.:..;"..:..;n::..:..:....:'0o" i:: ..'l .;: 'J ;, ,: ;:p'li.fl.!!;;,:;: '.. 1t '

Premium Rates r 2 bedroom CBS home in front and I bedroom house
Low P' rear. Near NW 54rh $t. and 13th Ave. Enclosed front
Monthly.Payments ,,
Immediate SR-22 Filings f porch, tile roof, faloviU windows. FHA price $19,000, Super Market33years
t, (900 darn, $134.21 Month.
Mon. Thru Frl. 9l 30-7lOO tome location./ canter of coming/ Hew Model
Sat. 930-4ivX> City. Great potential/ room for expansion/ tremendous

BROWN REALTY & INSURANCE AGENCY profit in specialty of meat coring/ and smoking, all
.. secret formulas, sausage making equipment/ smokehouses
4740 NW 7th.Avenue f'r" IC is i \ ,,'fea, it:iii'' f' .,, building and land. Will 'teach Once in a lifetime
754-0655 li..IJ.1't.A .'.... ..At-f';;';"',".' !M'4".i"3tm: "! 'tIE. ; ,"tt'., ;f:.$'<,',,, 'v1'J tWILL chance.


3 bedroom CBS. Carol City. Fla room, front porch,
Minister/ pump and well for grass, central heat, carpeting./ FHA
.Y, Miami's largest & fastest $16,000, $600 down. $114.19 month.WILtSELL.FOR .
s ai ., growing deliverance/ church
': 2610 NW 36th Street .Moderwr ,3 I L 4ro oss;, 2'bath: C3S. Caroll Ctt" goj,, ,. --
'ttearari Hodl9 WRIZ, 1550on iporc.ca. : rt7tul-iiriltl.ten,central. heat,-air con'ditlon.rRf -J% ,a.14 rjtf.79 STREET REALTORS
j 4; ; dial, 7f 30-6EOO! a.m.Sunday ; traps,' beautiful fenced ; (ground, FHA'} If No Answer
; ', thru morning.Friday 9t45-10 morning a.m. Monday ,$20,960, $1OW dawn. 140.88 IIOIlIt:_tf=';t; r Jtf9litf 693-4772.. 759-6500

Sun.SeE 11& a.m.HEAR morning REV.worship BAKER WILL SELL FOR FHA VALUATION FHA-CBS. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, liv 'rm, din area

Sun..7130 p.m. preying forth* Beautiful 4 bedroom 2 both,CBS on 'fenced double site/ kitch, tiled firs, near schools, $15,000, $1,006d
is k ,corner lot. Fully furnished, built-in kitchen, central own, $120 mo. pays all.
heat, sprinkler/ system, Japanese garden, fenc.dnchlldr.n' / "
CBS-FHA. 3 bedrooms, Itt baths, liv rm, din rm,
playground. Must see at $21,400 FHA. kitch, screened porch, terr firs, patio & pool.
down. month -
$1,300 $149.78 plus
Do you have a mortgageon escrow. Many' extras. $22,500, $2,100 down, $176.71 mo.
ti<, WE MAVI' MANY MIll _;';"':':/AtJ" l pays all.FHACBS..
house? 2 houseson one lot 3 bdrms, 1 bath &
your:>> ;>:I OWH ,IF YOU;ARC 'VEf,Off, ,BEWC, OISPLACEDt: 2 bdrms, 1 bath, tile roofs, hardwood firs. Must
AND.. ,.IF'YOU. CAf4 QWALIY,,,,,, ( a'ilM,, : 1' ";;:r l1 see $23,500, $2,300 down. $189.64 all.
''4' ,' ,"""',,,"v .'''.!..''"'''' !'.Iv"" ;.'.."; .1I'1i,1' )11)', J'":y"$> .1" mo. pays
Then family should be pro- :
your 1'leeled Excellent far Incomell
; ... '
against the possibility of your ry' ,' h. .. 3* r%' W Wffl *<* **$&* '
not being around to complete the /1? JJj HUGE CORNER. S. W. 3 bdrms, 1 bath, CBS:

payments family security We can with provide our Mortgage that '. tile rf, liv rm, Fla rm, kitch, din rm, utllrm,
Cancellation Ph,". If something f'/ ".f l "RE LTi stove, refrig, 2 air cond., $18,750, $3,750 down,
should happen to you. it guaran- a ,f<, : : $140 month pays all.
tees the cash to pay your mortgagein ..." ;1 ," ; : .
full Or our plan can he ....cIllo : BROKER; ,, '/ ACRE WATERFRONT
establish a permanent addition to < ,.,>v'p. .. '
'" 4 bdrms, 3 baths, 2-car gar., built-in/ hitch terr &
life insurance when the mortgage ; '
your : ) : *
/ is paid off For. all the dctaiN. It r j' TWO'OFF/ : '"CE$.I ,, ..... : hardwood firsCBStile rf, $32,500, $8,000 down,

contact meEdward : ,,' .. :CAROl ,OlV. ; < StfQHWG.'. 'C ENTERhY $189.68 month

E. K. Long worth John -l" ,,'. ,. Excellent corner bldg. Plenty of' parking area In
Neil R. Corey Ccneral Agency HanCOCK ; : choice/ business/ location $35,000. 25% down
201 S.W.27th Atenue Life Insurance i PL-4371 Seller will carry mortgage,
Miami Florida 3313: ,
Telephone) 612-72II ...<'. .,:;\', Closed Saturdays 3 p.m. and All day Sunday



32 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969



\ &

LB. '

27th Ave. & 54th St. "


f a yL A

5.g0 \,
C LB.u. .
? s.. CHOICE
. ; ;; I SIRLOIN

I i ST EAK LB. 9 8 C




LB STEAK LB. $1.19



)::; :::; :S >,q',''": \ 'SUNSHINE S VEST

cI\\\ \ .:, ;, \; SUGAR
< ti I: '
l' I'.i ', :t. LIMIT: -' _

\ \ 5LBBAG', WITH '39" C' .
r $5.00: e

:...M.'..b.'t" :;" ,,> : ,'JJ..''" '.", .;,..':, ,_ '
_ _ _

I II :", o NORGOLD RUSSETTBAKING..,,..:'':;:I!L,",
I G 5, .. POTATOES '7
1 6 PACK ,
II >
Co 1d'S "<,.It, :i*", ;r'f:. ,
", '
'.j" &;;">* .V LB.. 25C
S PLUS DEPOSIT' l'Q'r'Tat.............. __-" CALIFORNIA b

4 ',,- .' ..e'..I.e'..',',>'. ",ri" .. ."">' ';;x' "W'< FOR. It CONVENIENCE:OUR SERiCESNCLUWE MONEY ORDERS',
: imua
D "" EACH .
} Y :'ljPf \ ,.*



The Miami times
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i \ University of Flcrlflatfaiversity ot FA HISTORY

Libr )ries

(' ainesville, F'l..32601

Carroll Gets rr


Back PayMetro 1

Commissioner Earl
WA Carroll will receive $1,846 in
: back pay for the periodhe was
suspended from the commission
because of bribery

r: Assistant County AttorneySt. Vol. 46, No. 50 PRICE: 15*
Julien p. Rosemond saida 'I
f r Florida law: provides that MIAMI, ,
"an officer who is lawfully entitled -
to resume the duties of
his office after suspension by Kirk Protests EOPI
the governor shall suffer no
: loss of salary ."
; Carroll was reinstated by
( M t
Gov. Claude Kirk on July 25 Funding ReductionFlorida's
4 after Criminal Court Judge
Carling Stedman dismissedthe

j charges. Governor Claude many of its programs by Involving
Carroll will attend his first Kirk has sent an urgent pleato volunteers. They have
commission meeting Sept 2. the director of the Office also developed new programs,
Miami Mayor Stephen P. Clark, far left, reveals.the name of the new un
s der.expressway park dedicated July 30-the M. Athalie Range Park. The 4.5 of Economic proposed Opportunity cuts amount-protesting police-community most notably a program relationsand in

acre tract, which includes basketball and tennis court, swings, slides and Ing to $400,000 the budget an economic development
climbing bars, is one of the nation's first such playgrounds.With Mayor Clark ofDade'sEOPL program," the governor's let
to his letter to Donald ter to the OEO director continued
arefrom left to rightCity Commissioners Irwin G.Christie, Athalie

Range, David T. Kennedy and City Manager M.. L. Reese. Both Mrs. Range Gov.Rumsfeld Kirk, said director the proposed of OEO, Gov.. Kirk said the late arrival

and Mr. Reese were instrumental in obtaining the land for the park. Miami- reduction In federal funds of funds from Washington

Metro Dept. of Publicity and Tourism photo. would help deny "the benefitsof was the reason that the
the Head Start program to program had a surplus of
more than 100 youngsters In $200,000 In unused funds for
the Dade County area." the past fiscal year. The pro
Mystery Surrounds Death .- "It seems to me In these gram had been planned and
I for 12-month
days ofinter-planetarytravel, budgeted a
I Instant communications and period and this late start accounts -

continuing urban unrest, Head for the left-over funds,
Start emerges as one of the he said.
Of Black Front FigureBlacks most important of the pro "It would have been a seri
breach of fiscal
grams In the battle against ous responsibility
REV. ALEXANDER ALLEN poverty," the governor said if the agency had used
in Jacksonville can't $50,000. Friday saying they proved they 58 Years in Miami in his letter. all the allotted money to
seem to put the pieces together Stokes was one of five ar- were not part of the Florida He continued, "young peo- operate anine-month program
in the strange death of one rested Thursday. The state Black Front group which pre- PioneerMinister ple need education more than when the original budget was
of the men arrested in the attorney's office dropped sented a series of demands every and the foundation that designed for a 12-month program
Florida Black Front case charges against Stokes and to the Baptist Ministerial Bro is provided by the Head Start I think the agency shouldbe
where members are accusedof Willie Eugene Pinkney, 28, therhood. programs is of crucial importance praised and not penalizedfor
trying to extort $1,000 on I Dies ." their handling of the Head
threat of death from a groupof Head Start cuts make up at Start funds.,
black ministers. h Gov. Kirk said records in
Rev. Alexander Allen, 85, least half of the proposed cutsIn
Carl S t k 24 arrested the OEO office
o e s, a pioneer Christian leader In the budget of Dade's war Regional
on an extortion charge and then poverty The other "should clearly indicate this"as
Miami died Sunday morning, ,on agency.
cleared, was found dead in his August $200,000 cut would come from the reason for the surplusof
bathtub Saturday evening. Po- 5 l,F "versatile" funds, which pay unused funds."
lice said there was water in Rev. A 11 e n pastored the administrative costs at EOPI The governor, who only 18
the tub but Stokes' head was Trinity Weslyan Methodist are "less than four per cent months ago questioned EOPI
not submerged. Church at NW 14th St. and of the total budget and that the programs and operations,
Investigator W. E.Beacham First PI. Healso, was a well agency has been operating on .strongly urged that the fund-
said a preliminary investigation : known painter in the commun reduced funds for the past Ing level not be reduced, because
gave no indication of suicide I ity.He three years." EOPI Is a fine exampleof
or homicide, but an autopsy I Irs devotedhis entire career "Despite the funding, the a community action pro-
was ordered.Six in saving and winning souls for agency has managed to expand gram."
persons arrested in the Christ. He later became a
case remained free on bonds, Baptist minister and was affiliated
reduced to $1,000 and $1,500 4 with the Mt. Zion Baptist -
from the original $25,000 and 4 st t Church under the leader
ship of the late Rev. J, R.

Won't Go Regional Dirctor Local Basileus He was active until the end,
as one of the ministers of Mt.

.- A Tabor Baptist Church. Rev.
Eta Phi Beta Sorority lo I Allen ,wa s one of the buildersof
-ForAtorder- the-present-cburcln -

Host Regional Meeting Rev.Allen lived with'two of ,
What do you do if a com his daughters at 1621 NWS6th + \ I

pletely strange white woman Alpha Gamma Chapter of with a luncheon and the main St., and hadbeenagreater Miami
comes up to you and offers Eta Phi Beta Sorority is hosting session of business on Satur resident for 58 years.

you $500 to murder her husband the first Biennial Regional day. ,A formal invitational,, He was active in many civic
whom you don't even' Conference at the Hilton Plazaon dance' will culminate the con associations lodges
and other
know? Miami Beach August ference on Friday night in the : ,'
Broward sheriffs deputies 15 .- 16., L'Elegant Ballroom. groups.
charged a 53-year-old Pom- The regional conference Bettye Timmons, regional' Five of his seven daughtersare
pano Beach woman with con will comprise sorors from director, Julia Tynes,I local teachers of the public ..
spiracy to m u r d e r her accountant various chapters in Ohio, basileus, along with the sorors schools in Dade, Duval, and
husband Tuesday. Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, of Alpha Gamma Chapter are Volusla Counties.The only son
Officers said Mrs. Genevieve : Missouri, New York, Floridaand looking forward with great anticipation is' a painter foreman- of Scott
Jerardis, of 2220 NE 32nd the Grand Chapter from' to working, sharing Housing project.
St., Pompano Beach stopped! Detroit, Michigan ideas and, 'of course, having''
two black men Tuesday afternoon The agenda consists of the fun in the sun with our visiting Services will be at 4 p.m.
and offered them $500 to opening session on Friday, sorors. Thursday at Mt. Tabor Baptist r
kill Louis' Jerardis, 55, her Church, 1701 NW 66th St.
husband of 31 years,according I 'The Rev. Edward T. Graham -
to Sgt. Ed Roehling. I ,. ile: will give the eulogy.Intermentwill Congressman Dante B. Fascell! greets Miamian
The two men agreed but told I. !Mtart.times i* wfc be at Lincoln Memorial Archie Pinder on the steps of the Capitol Buildingin

her husband instead and, he in I r'tJ .ee...._ .+ wrq .,itc'oolriv'1W .si Cemetery. Range Funeral Washington, D.. C.
turn told deputies. Later, Lt.,r (_......- 'real 'M'reaUy Home is in charge.
.. -- ply Pinder has served as a U. S. Capitol 'Police
Sam George met the woman!I. : Butter" tot:;:: up'*
Survivors include a wife Officer and aide to the Congressman for four years
and her 81-year-old mother I ww"" column by the'popfertx j) *:is sh01Y bieil z d ,
behind Jackson'Byron's :disc",,jock.y; Milton,"15utterd'ball"Smith K.Mildred, Johnson; six Cleomie daughters Smith, Ivis while attending the College of Pharmacy at Howard
store in Beach. tmd- { F ,
Pompano i .We kaowhte ,
Those tut ut who Patricia Ebron Delores University,
He pretended he would commit ] 't tttade"of .mtes him off' ,
; -,to;k ow Covin, all of Miami; Clarice The son of Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Pinder of
the killing, forcing the 'tfe*"air, so keqp up witt: himweekly whit'swilt
woman to givehlm$100before:; : here! 'to tke".Times.? ,' _; ; eeRje tCw; ; >!r'F Hughes Qf Jacksonville;Monica 14821 Fillmore Street, Richmond Heights, Archieis

he would agree, deputies said.: This,guy.really aay. art, ';,new 0 Smith, of Daytona Beach; entering his last year at Howard and will do his
*. son Alexander n of Miami
.i yi one
She was then arrested and an tbRr..1l"I. I :,':. ''..t ;;;" y,Ny: y+'4,,rd, 1{ 9" hL t the M two ,brother Charles and; internship at Richmond Heights Drugs where. he
additional $400 was found in, Another ,osreabos l fY ,r i
<,, Xh ; i r r George and 12 grandchildren. plans to practice following his graduation.
her car, they said. ---....-.....-----.0.--:

: \; :\ !
.'. ". ,, .-I
2 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969 "*

Jesse Hill Elected President Of National

6y r nL'k, ,,'7 1"k

Insurance Association

_. tV2"> iMitYd
James Farmer, assistant president, Standard Life Insurance -
secretary for dminlstration, Co. of Louisiana; and .
Department of Health, Educa- Harold R. Whalum, president, d t
tion and Welfare, exhorted Union Protective Life Insur-
black life Insurance execu- ance Co. The latter two directors -
tives of the National Insurance' were named to fill vacancies v'w
Association meeting in Miami created by the elec-
Beach for their 49th annual tion of Taylor and Browne.
convention to take the future Hill graduated magna cum
into their own hands and send laude from Lincoln Universityof ex C f f H III
men to Washington to lobby for Missouri and obtained a :,',_ 1Y
special legislation and.finan masters degree in actuarial
cial awards to assure their science and business admin-
istration at the University of
continued role as leaders of j
black business. 5fJ Michigan where he was cited

Speaking to an overflow au- for outstanding scholarship.
dience at the Hilton PlazaHo.. \ \'! He has worked for only one
tel 23 company in his life, Atlanta
Wednesday, July where
he was principal speaker at the JESSE HILL Life, second largest insurance
association's President's company in the State of Geor-

Banquet, Farmer recognizedthe Insurance Co. of Orleans; gia.Hill
contribution made to pro Treasurer, C. 0.Hollis,C LU, an activist in the civil
gress by this segment black senior vice president of Pilgrim rights movement, has helped
Industry and said, "We must Health and Life Insur- to achieve school integrationin Miss Mariana Gimeno, 2101 NW 26th St., receives a Garces Commercial

help those older and proven ance Co. of Augusta,Ga.;Gen- Georgia,worked Increase College scholarship from Miami Mayor Stephen P..Clark and Miami City Com
eral Counsel J. Mason Davis voter registration, and was
Industries to survive and meet ,
missioner Mrs. M. Athalie Range in a brief at City Hall
the general counsel of Protective one of the original supportersof ceremony Dinner
Jesse competition.Hill, Jr.,actuary,Atlanta Industrial Insurance Co. of Dr. Martin Luther King. Key, last Tuesday as her proud father, Adan Gimeno (left) watches. The

Life Insurance Co., was Birmingham; ,and Actuary, He holds positions of lead- downtown Miami Garces institution! has granted 20 scholarships to be awardedby
elected president at the clos- J. C. Harrison, associate actuary ership in every major civil Mayor Clark. Also receiving a scholarship was Miss Christine Steele

ing session to succeed Wardell Vice, Atlanta presidents Life. elected rights such as organization chairman of inAtlanta the All-, (lower left) of 937 NW 58th St. Miami-Metro Department of Publicity and
C. Croft, president of Wright
Mutual Insurance Co. of De- were Edward W. Robinson, Citizens Registration Com- tourism photo.
'troit. Croft now becomes Jr., vice president-agency director mittee, co-chalrmanoftheAt- --
chairman of the board.In Provident Home Industrial lanta Summit LeadershipConference -
board Adult School Begins Ham Radio Course I
addition to his insurance Mutual Life Insurance advisory mem-
Co. of Philadelphia andJamesH. ber of Voter Education Pro-
the position Atlanta, Hill is Inquirer publisher and of a Browne, president of Cru- ject, secretary of the boardof Southwest High Adult Education U. S. Army,and presently with 2 9:30 p.m. For additional

member of the National Boardof sader Life Insurance Co.' of directors of Economic Opportunity Center, 8855 SW 50th the Civil Defense Center of Information, call 274-0181, I 1;
Directors of the Southern Kansas City, Kans. Robinson of Atlanta, Inc, Ter., will have an Amateur Dade County The class is after 2 p.m. Monday Friday.
Christian will head the agency section treasurer of the Atlanta Ur- Civil Emergency Radio from 7-10 p.m. on Mondaysand
ference.L. and Browne the home office ban League, and member of Course (Ham Radio)beginning Wednesdays, with the
R. Taylor, vice presi- section. the executive committee of on Wednesday, Sept 3. This course ending on December MIAMI TIMES
dent-actuary of Mammoth Life Five new directors were installed the NAACP.In course is designed to teach thebeginner 17th.
: Mrs. L.: M. Lovett. 1965, he received the Na- the FCC regulations ADS
Insurance Co. of Louisville, ? The registration fee Is$2.00
Lovett's Burial tional Urban Morse Code and of the
president, League's Equal some
was elected first vice presi- and each student will be required -
Assn. Edward D. 'Davis Award During the basic technical information of
dent. Traditionally, the first ; Opportunity to buy the necessary DON'T COST
Central Life Insur- and Johnson administration Ham Radio.
vice president, Kennedy -
president succeeds the books and materials. Registration -
president in office.Reelected ance Co.; C, L. Townes, Sr., he and Mrs. Hill were The instructor is Lt. Col. will be taken week daysat THEY PAW
officers are; vice president, Virginia Mu- White House dinner guests. Harold C. Williams,(retired), Southwest High School from
tual Benefit Life InsuranceCo. They have two daughters
Secretary, J, A. Blaine De-
joie, actuary of People's Life .; E. R. Newman, vice Nancy and Azira.



la September of this year FOCUS a program run entirely cial aid programs are either Ft FtI
nine low- income students by college students and exhausted or nonexistent Bill
from other regions of the now in its third summer, is Strauss, the program's execu-
country will be attending college Joining in the efforts to help
in Miami under me pro- colleges enroll low-income tive director, hopes that"prl..
gram of the Fellowship of Con and minority students. vate individuals and especially -
cerned University Students Through grants from the Carnegie coTDcratlons will take snnwi /
FOCUS Three of these stu- initiative In the FOCUS effort .
( ). and Ford Foundationsand 1
.. r
to show that where ,
dents will be attending Florida the Office of Economic Opportunity a specific f'
Memorial and six need exists,these groupscan
College the FOCUS programIs
of them will be attending Miami making it possible for over take over where the, gov- AH:
Dade Jr. College (north 100 colleges to admit quali- ernment leaves oft This yar : a4ae. '
at least financial aid for low-
Since there ,
campus). are no fied but economically handicapped -
facilities at Miami income students is a national
dormitory students for the com-
Dade, FOCUS is looking for ing fall semester. problem bordering" on crisis ,
families in the community The program was founded dimensions.
can provide room and board in the summer of 1967 by Bill If aU goes well this sum-
for a student during his fresh- Strauss, then a Harvard junior mer, FOCUS will place over
man year.Also,FOCUS will be who set up a pilot project 300 students in college- _
raising money for travel and in California involving five many of these students being s .
other expenses of the students Upward Bound students from from Upward Bound and Talent ""

not included In theiegula ..-.Texas. siiromeiyStrauss---search-projects--By--- k
college financial aid package. and eleven other Harvard un- Ing the resources of students, AnvK4 m.W W 'yV ti>
By taking ina student for his dergraduates worked with a host families,and business \
freshman year a; family not shoestring budget of $15,000with community, FOCUS hopes to
only makes it possible for a ( $1.50 per day living allowances continue supplementing the For Your Added Convenience
low-Income student to attend ) as they worked college preparatory work of .
college be rein Miami. But, throughout the South and West. these federally sponsored ef

since the student will becoming The budget is somewhat larger forts. Ml '''
from an entirely different this year and living allowancesare Most importantly, FOCUS '* BANKING
environment than that of the up to $3.00 per day. lathe hopes to continue making
family, this is the exciting words of FOCUS' Central special kinds of educational
chance for both parties to experience Operations Director, Charles opportunities available to the Our Drive-In Banking service is the easiest and most
and learn from liv- Abernathy, "only a studentrun students'who need them most. I I convenient
of the students way for to handle
ing with someone of an entirely organization can stretchits Many placedin you withdrawals and
different culture. funds the way FOCUS does. college' by FOCUS had no deposits The service is friendly and fast just
existing college options when
Who else but college students
After reading this article, can bunk in campsites and live the FOCUS representative IL the way you want it. Drive in and see for yourself.
anyone who is even remotely on three dollars a day?" rived on the scene and manyof
interested in becoming a This year FOCUS hopes those,who did have options
FOCUS host family should that still another part of the had no financial aid. By plac-
write or call the Miami Times. program will be helped by local 'i I ing students with no existing
You should leave your name and national businesses. college options, FOCUS has IP4I )
and phone number here and one Low-income students, been able to help many of
of the FOCUS representatives whether FOCUS students or these. The FOCUSstafffirmlybelieves 1
will contact and providemore that no student shouldbe = kJi
you not, are ,badly hurt this,year ,
information concerning by the cutbacks in federal denied a college education
I this program. Ray Bellamy, a scholarship program funds. because he and bis parents are
junior at the University of MI- While FOCUS cannot itself afford unable to finance one for him.
ami, and Luther Clark, a junior to give scholarships, the Please make all inquiriesto
at Harvard University,are staff works in each commun-, FOCUSin care of the Miami -
the FOCUS representatives in ity to raise supplemental funds Times, 6530NW1Stl Ave.
the greater Miami ara. wherever these federal finan- Miami, Fla. 33147,



THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969 3

Mini-Park Is Bia Hit With KidsOne Scott Building ConvertedTo

of the nation's first un Health CenterThe

de r- expressway parks was
dedicated last Wednesday by CountyCommissionhasrecently monies are Involved.
City of Miami officials and awarded a contractfor The Family Health Centeris
community leaders. $208,017 for the conver- designed to provide comprehensive
The four-and-one-half acre sion of the James E. Scott family health care
park possibly could representan Community Building, 7200 NW on a seven-day-a-week basis '
entirely new trend in 22nd Ave., comprehensive to 6,000 families The figure
America, utilizing the unused t Family Health Center to be represents 30,000 individuals ''\
but highly valuable land be- rA used by Scott Homes Public who reside within the target
neath our nation's expressway Housing Project residents, as area and whose incomes are
systems, according to city well as residents in the surrounding below the "poverty line."
spokesmen.More t Model City area. The center concept, previ-
than 1,000 persons, The contract was awarded to ously approved by the Model
including religious leaders : Lenz F. Kreger Construction City Governing Board will
from various denominationsand A Co., Inc., and the remodelingis serve as one of the three health
scores of neighborhood Wr.t expected to start in ten days. stations requested by the
children, turned out for the Monies for the project have Model City Governing Board,
ceremonial ribbon-cutting been secured by Metro's Department will serve as one of the three
neath an expressway at NW of Housing Urban health stations requested by
10th Street between Third and Development, public housing the Model City Health Task
Fourth Avenues division, entirely from federal Force for the demonstrationarea.
The park, consisting of sources. The largest portion .
tennis and basketball courts, $125,000 is contributed from Little HUD will maintain
swings, slides and climbing the $3 million Modernization ownership of the facility,
bars, was spurred on by City v t Program grant which was charging $1 a year for a long-
Commissioner Mrs. M. Atha- awarded recently to Little term lease to Family Health
-- -
lie Range and M. L. Reese, HUD first such loan approved Service Center, Inc., who will
The of
City Miami got a new park July 30 when city officials and community .. :
City Manager. in the S o u th e a s t. Public operate the facility.
Miami Mayor Stephen P. leaders were joined by more than 1,000 persons for the dedication of Health Service is participatingwith Dental, hygienist, medical

Clark received tumultuous ap- America's first under-expressway playgrounds. Joining Miami Mayor Stephen $75,000, and Office of and social work services will
plause when he announced the Clark at the 4.5 acre tract at NW 10th Street between Third and Fourth Ave Economic Opportunity will be provided at this Scott

recreational named the "M.area Athalie would Range be nues were left to right, ,City Commissioners Irwin G. Christie, Mrs. M. Atha contribute $8,017. No local Satellite Health Station.

Mini Park." lie Range, David T. Kennedy, and City Manager M. L. Reese. The playgroundwas

"The really significant as- named for Mrs. Range, who, with City Manager Reese, initiated the pro

pect of this park,' Mrs.Range ject. Miami-Metro Dept. of Publicity and Tourism photo.
said, "is that if this land were I I r--------------,
allowed to lay barren, It soon Mayor Clark singled out for islature will adopt a resolu- Rev. Edward Graham, Mount 1 1I
would turn into a junk pile and special thanks Michael ('- tion at the next session Zion Baptist Church, brief I I AUDITORIUM FOR RENT :

an eyesore for the city. Neill, secretary of the Flori-;approving use of u n d e rex- comments were made by I I
"But, now, turning this area da Department of Transportation \pressway space for additional Archbishop Coleman F. II If you're planning a dance, party, wedding
into a park, we have not only who authorized use of, ]parks. Miami then would be Carroll, Miami Mayor Clark, I I reception, meeting or any social or business
added to the esthetic pictureof the under-expressway space i eligible to receive Federal Vice Mayor David Kennedy, I I affair. the complete facilities II t
Miami, but have provided a for the park.Commissioner. ]fun d s for more such play Commissioners Range and Irwin You can use
much-needed playground for jI I grounds. G. Christie.Commissioner I I of the air conditioned\. t tt

the neighborhood children," Range said Maurice A. Ferre was out II t tI
Mrs. Range said. she now hopes the Florida leg- Following invocation by the of town on business. I t EBONY' AUDITORIUM/

The more than 200 children I 4343 NW 17th Avenue Miami I II It

at the dedication later were t Phone: 758.1191 or 693-1766 t
treated to milk, donated by
McArthur Daries, and dough- "--.J
,nuts, contributed by Velvet




,, hA
I. ,
:: : .
*.: '.."'i,:)>rf,.. '\1. .:/1IJJ '
', ; kfP"; "'" Jm _
'. ,',W '. Yrft iS *
( : wt;], ,\ ,\,
'". J
t' J. .
.. ,,11'
.. : ; : :;


,.,. ,,,'
,11,1, ,

I Tommie Murray and Bill Montgomery are two fine young men, currently enrolled MANAGEMENT AGENCY IN THE SOUTH OPERATINGIN
in the Dental Technicians course at the Lindsey Hopkins Education
Both of these students were interested in learning a croft that would

Henter. a sense of pride and security Ina field that is in great demand. The Community 'Recreation Center for teenagers and adultsA

" I y Hopkins Education Center offers many opportunities in numerous Public Relations! Department to assist you with your problems

trade areas to'those' interested in their future. Regardless of'your age, if you Tenants concern will stop vandalism and reduce the cost of housing

have a desire to learn a trade don't put it off any longer. Call the Lindsey.

Hopkins Education Center today 350-3511 or go visit the school at 110 NE


I Ghetto Kids To Luxury Beach Hotel Living!J MAIN OFFICE .

to an attempt to show that display,'and a variety of fun- ences; to begin to change attitudes
people'from all walks of life loving activities destined to of rebellious, disorderly '
are concerned about to- make their,,day ,on Miami and defiant students. 4150 NW 7th Avenue 759-8733

morrow's citizens, a recently .Beach an unforgettable one.
will be :
formed organization titled the When they have became weary The from youngsters several 14255 NW 22nd Avenue, Opa-locka MU 8-0617 ..
drawn commun-
South Florida Youth Association and worn, their eyes will be- "
Cutler CE 5.3553
ity 'school areas -Ada Merrit, 20848 South Dixie Hwy, Ridge--
with the assistance of the hold tables of appetizing and '
Four Freedoms,inc.will treat succulent food prepared for Primary "C", Henry Filer 605 NW 7th Terrace, Ft. Lauderdale JA 4.3357 '
over 100 underprivileged. and them to feast until they wantno and Booker T. Washington Jr. 3801 Grand Avenue, Grove HI 5-1381
culturally deprived children more. High. Assisted by Mr. John of 512 NW 1st Ave., Hallandale WA 7-2434 ': J

Saturday, August 16, from 11 Florida.McKinnon State, Job coordinator Employment 339 Hammondville Rd., Pompano Wl 3-2434 '
3 p.m. to a day of fun and Allen A. Dworkls,'chair man "
Service Mrs. Yvette,Morgan
; ,
royalty at the Miami Beach of the South Florida Youth As- ''' '
local schoolteacher M.r.Clif-
ocean-front hotelPresident sociation and Philip Said, ford Matthews,assistant to the HON. L. L. BROOKS, PreilJent'GEORGE ,
Madison. of the Four Free-, 1""
manager district superintendent of the I P. HARTH, Central Manager '
have set forth some.
doms Inc.
North Central district;Franklin CHARLES A. LOCKHART, Public Rtlptions Director
Every child present will literally of the following objectives of '
become king or queen this unique we care" effort: Clark, Peter Bucholtz, live better L. L. Brooks !
Henry Danle and Eddie If I am to enjoy a better lift, others must too. -
for a day. They will delight to encourage and inspire ,
themselves In swimming, youths the opportunity to dine' Pearson, community: school 1
dancing, shuffleboard,, talent out and broaden their experi directors.

-.---.,-- -

4 THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969


,I "
;\ ." '

I I ..,:,d "
," '
6530 NW 15lh Ave., Miami, Flo. 33147 Phon. 691-0421

H. E. SIGISMUND REEVES, Editor and Publisher

GARTH C. REEVES, Managing Editor O r

National Advertising Representative
Amalgamated Publisher, Inc.
310 Madison Av.nu., New York, N.; Y. 10017
M.mb.r of the National Newspaper Publishers Association
2400 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, III. 60616
\ \ '

ONE YEAR $5.00 SIX MONTHS $3.00 FOREIGN $6.00 '
Entered as Second Class Matter, August 8, 1927 at the Post Mlp
Office at Miami, Florida, under the act of March 8, 1876 ARK '

The NEGRO PRESS believes that America can' best lead
the world from racial and notional antagonism when It accords hi
to every nan'regardless of his race, creed or color his human
and legal rights. Hating no man, fearing no man-the Negro
Press strives to help every man In the firm b.lI.fthat all men
,are hurt as long as anyone Is held back.

Mini-Parks A Great IdeaCity

Commissioner Atballe Range really came up with a
great idea when she proposed that the unused space under our
expressways be used for parks and playgrounds for our

children. This startling new concept In play areas Is expectedto ',', '

sweep across the nation. We're proud that It was started In :', \1'' ',' Y
Miami, and moreso that the idea came from one of us. I

The City Commissioners, and especially City ManagerM. Great Idea, Commissioner Range
L. Reese, are to be congratulated for moving with dispatchIn
bringing the park about. Things looked dim a few weeks -- -
back when petty politics caused the Florida Legislature to .
refuse to adopt a resolution giving the City of Miami full

approval to utilize space under expressways for such play To Be Bayard
grounds. If the Legislature does pass such a resolution, Equalby .h
this would pave the way for Federal funds to finance future > 9

under-expressways playgrounds. The government would pay Whitney M. Young Jr. Rustin
90 per cent of the cost and the city the remaining 10 per cent.
Credit should also go to Mike CXNell, secretary of the Executive Director National Urban League x

Florida Department of Transportation, who gave city officials Speaks
I clearance to the space beneath the expressway and The Greater
\ Miami Police Athletic League who chipped in $3,000 to help Economic Security For AllA ..
------ -- - -- -
make'the park possible.
country that can land a man on the moon can't afford to
r We thought it a nice gesture at the park dedication when
tolerate poverty at home. Now that we've accomplished what The Challenge Of The
Vice Mayor, Dave Kennedy remarked that Mrs. Range had
seems to have been the nation's top priority for the decade
turned down a Cabinet position offered her by Governor
.. the space effort. It's time to turn our attention earth
Kirk so she could remain In Miami and develop programs ward. 1970 Senate Elections
such as this.If .
The new priority for the country should be the elimination
you haven't seen the 4.5 acre playground by and take
a look We bet you'll be pleased with what ,you go see. of poverty from the face of the land and economic equality for 1970 will not be an easy year for liberal Senators who have

all.The supported progressive legislation. 'those coming up for re-'
Urban League, at its annual conference in Washingtonthis election face a difficult challenge, and their success or
:Good Boy Floyd week, has come up with'an' economic security plan that failure will determine for years to come*the character of
would accomplish this. the Senate as well as the possibilities for further progress
State Education Commissioner won a great deal of respect It Includes a number of steps, each designed take groupsof toward social Justice.
from decent Floridians this week when he turned down an invitation I poor people out of the poverty that haunts them. The aged,
from Georgia Governor Lester Maddox to attend a for example, can escape the clutches of deprivation simply The problem is only In part the result of a strong conservative
meeting In Atlant to fight further school integration. j through expanded social security coverage and benefits. movement in the country which In the last three years

Christian's words are eloquent today. It's too bad he did Three out of four poor people live in families the head of, has produced numerous victories for right-wing and Republican -
not speak up this way years ago when black people were fighting 'which works all or part of the time. Higher minimum wages, candidates Including, of course, the most Important
tooth and nail for their children to get a fair shot at an 1 broader: coverage, and guaranteed public service Jobs and victory of all..the Presidency of the United States. It also
education. Although late, we still like what Christian had to j training can remove them from the ranks of the nearly 30 results from the tact that In 1970 more than half of the
say I million poor people. liberals In the Senate will be up for re-election. Today the

"Maddox has tolled or refused to recognize that the South But in many ways, the cornerstone of our program is the Democrats hold a 57.43 advantage In the upper chamber,
Is part of the nation If our voice is to be heard, It should be I proposal for family allowances that would give each child in but 25 of the 34 seats to be contested in 1970 are presently
heard through our representatives InCongresswhohelpto set America $40 per month as a matter of right. Democratic. They were won during the liberal surge of 1964
the national policy on whether we receive federal aid to education Nearly 15 million children live In poor families. More than when the political picture was quite different that it Is today.
with or without federal control." I half of all black, youngsters are growing up poor; But most The loss of Just a handful of these seats will enable conservatives
"It would certainly be a voice In the wilderness for us to set I poor kids are white. A family allowance program would take of both parties to organize a commanding and long-
ourselves up as the Southern group and make demands that 1 their families out of poverty. term majority in the Senate. A slightly larger loss will
are not consistent or related to other areas of the country and Since every child would get the allowance,there would be no enable the Republicans to control the Senate for the first time
the national policy of the country." degrading means test. And others, besides the poor, would since 1954. A major defeat would leave the Democrats
I also feel its benefits. A great impact would be made on families weaker than they have been at any time since the Conservative

] that aren't, statistically speaking,poor but do suffer some days of the 1920's.
Jack Orr Is Still A Fighter degree J of economic strain. That's the moderate income group
Among the liberals for re-election like
up are men
people who make under $8.000 a year for a family of four.
Jack Orr is still fighter. Listening him rip Into corrupt Many of the so-called white backlashers" are found in this Phillip Hart of Michigan, Harrison Williams of New Jersey,
public officials and shady dealing lawyers at the Tiger Bay I trOuPe They're bitter because they hear so much about poverty, and Ralph Yarbourough of Texas. These Senators and others
Political Club on Tuesday took us back 15 years ago. What ]yet they feel poor themselves and feel no one cares about their like them have made substantial contributions to the causes
't'' black man in this state can 'ever forget the Ions white man .r 1;>roblemS-A-famHy-ailowan"e plan that benefits this group" nf civil rfghts-civll-libertlesand-eeonomiHqUa11ty-WbUe--
r who stood In the Florida Legislature and had the courage to could raise living standards while at the same time reduce they stand for a Just society based upon legal process and
) vote for school integration? racial tensions caused by economic competition. social order, they have refused to exploit the wave of fear
The Assistant State Attorney said most public officials are Since the allowances would be taxable,higher Income groups that has been set In motion by left and right-wing extremists.For .
honest, but there are a few working hand in glove with would return most of the grants in taxes. this reason their re-election is both an imperative and

corrupt attorneys who sell their services to the highest It's a workable program, one that would have wide-ranging an uncertainty.The .
bidder In providing favors and other reward to busi effects More than sixty: countries around the world, including difficulties faced by these liberals of running during
nessmen. Orr, an attorney himself, criticized the Florida many that are usually considered"underdeveloped"and poor conservative period and without the benefit of the coattails of II
Bar for failing to police Its won ranks of attorneys who have some form of family allowance scheme. In this, as In the 1964 Johnson candidacyare exascerbatedbythe traditional
operate on the shady side of the law by fronting for graft other social developments, America lags. drop-off in voter turnout during an off-year election. It is

seeking officials. One objection sometimes heard Is that parents wouldn'tuse estimated that three-quarters of the 16% drop-off represent
,State Attorney Richard Gerstein has filed notice on corrupt the money to benefit their kids. The experience of other Democrat voters. It Is therefore essential that liberals, trade
I public officials with the announcement of a blue ribbon crop countries: doesn't support this Judgement. When Canada Inaugurated unionists, and Negroes begin to undertake massive voter
of trial lawyers who have volunteered to serve without pay : its plan, sales of children's shoes doubled in the first education and registration campaigns so that the turnout in
in prosecuting those who violate the public trust. year. 1970 is as large as possible.The .

f With this sort of talent available to Gerstein, we doubt Even if the isn't all used
money specifically for shoes or '
if our officials will take too may liberties in the future. dentist's bills kids will consequence of 1968 has been the Democratic loss of
.. benefit. If a family could now afford a i the Executive branch of the Federal Government and becauseof
better,house or a more varied diet, or even if family worries i the President's ,
Hotel Jobs Are Good Jobs about, money are eased, the children will benefit. i also losing control power of over court the appointments Democratsare
Judicial branch It Is
Others fear It will
encourage people to have children. That's
We think that black people are missing the boat when they another myth. No one has children Just to collect a $40 month" i necessary, therefore, that the Democrats retain control over
don't take advantage of the hotel training program at Lindsey ly check kids will cost i Congress Is the conservative trend in the country is to be
; always more than that. It's been 1
proved halted and its
Hopkins Education Center. minimized. It is significant In this
that the higher a family's Income, the fewer children ,
We're not Just talking about the porter and maid Jobs to have. Some countries like France started theY'rept i regard, that the great progress made by Negroes and working
either. There are training classes every four weeks for ]people In the 1960's coincided with the Democratic controlof
program hoping would raise
the birth rate. But
,waiters, waitresses, auditors, switchboard operators, they've been disappointed; the rate actually fell < Congress. If Republicans are permitted to gain ascendancy

j cashiers, front desk personnel, housemen and linen room At a time when the nation Is trying to patch the holes in a i:social there-as Justice.well, we Such can expect a halt in any progress towards
attendants. leaky and an unhappy situation can only Increase
degrading welfare system It ought to be
replacing I the
S Many people might be surprised to learn how much In steps: should be taken to launch the economic frustration and rage of the poor and intensify the fear of
tips a, waitress in a coffee shop or a waiter In a dining room gram: that would end poverty and boost everyone's security living stani proI I those only a few steps removed from poverty. This polarization -
might pick up In a week. Miami and Miami Beach thrive on dard. And a family allowance plan Is a i would be disastrous for all who desire a more demo-
cornerstone for
j a tourist economy and we should become more Involved in ft.I a system. selves now to prevent it.


THE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969 5

The Curse. Flight Of Capital From Black Communities

ProfilesOf '
: ,

By Lou LuTour


Clyde Williams Internationally acclaimed singer and actor ..: ::
believes "where there Is a will, there is a way"as long as one J I
is prepared and has the courage to do and to dare for his highest 1 _.
good as well as for the highest good of others. This has
been his belief since a childandbecamea more vital realiza- ,,
tion when he became the first black male to enter and grad- 'r' ; P
uate from the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati,
Ohio It surely took determination and courage for him, a
black ghetto boy to enroll in a school that cost $1.000 a year '
with only $20.00 of his own in his pocket;and only vague means 41/
and promises of more. His being informed that unless he produced
a certain amount of money within the next two days be HCa
would be refused admission _
When Clyde returned home 1: r' Y1+
depressed and frustrated, his t
mother as always encouraged
him and gave him hope when _
she remarked "Clyde, I know
that some way you will go to i
school. I don't have the money
and I don't see the way now.
But remember "where there t
is a will, there is a way."This h- _
expression he had heard in

church over and over again; J
I but It took on a real meaning -5..

l F3( for him that day. After listen :r __ :
ing to his mother the name of LV' I
S'' -
\ a certain elderly widow flash- _
it ed in his mind:"Following my 11 '. ;

intuitive mind,-- said uiyue, /
: / 'II
I\'l:: "I picked up the telephone and CLYDE WILLIAMS -
called her, and mustered up I _
r courage to tell her about my plight." She immediately informed '
\. I, him that she would lend him the money needed to meet
the deadline.

The incident presented in the foregoing paragraph, marked
1 the beginning of a new day for Clyde Williams as he was given
A money from many sources and even from people who became RANDOM THOUGHTSby
Ii interested in his education. He also received thousands of dol-

lars in scholarships during his years of study; and graduatedwith I GLORIA MILLER

honors. After graduation, he taught and encouraged By Booker T. Hayes
thousands of young people, mostly those who were talented in .
r the field of music since that was my area of specialization. "T The CRB-Our Communities
Later, he studied acting and dancing.The Why The Moon?
Interesting thing about Clyde William's life is that he Tool Farr ProgressNoted
I moved to New York where his career became two-fold- I was one of the millions of spectators estimated to have
teaching and starring in theatre productions. His training has traveled from far and near to personally view the launch of columnist Sidney Harris observed recently that the
. enabled him to travel from Broadway to the great Capitals Apollo 11. 1 considered the launch important because tt repre- only apparent answer to disunity was a world emergency. His
r I and Theatres of the world, with great acclaim. However, his sented man's first attempt to humanly invade the surface of specific example was an invasion or threatened attack by little
I successes as a teacher-actor have only given him more cour- the moon. My purpose for making the trip was two-fold. I had little green men from Mars or thereabouts. His theory was
age to use with his intelligence,along with his wisdom and un- seen the launch of Apollo 10, and the excitement and holiday that all nations, no matter at what stage of diplomatic relations
derstanding he gained as a youth from a dear mother who infiltrated spirit that prevailed during that successful launching somehow with the other, would band together to fight a common
his life andhlssub-coDSciousmlndthat"wbere there defies an accurate dlscription. The feeling generated enemy.
.i is a will, there is a way during the final ten minutes of countdown and the initial periodof His theory, clearly, has merit because It is, in actuality, nota
The following press comments verify that he is a continuous blast-off creates a mixture of emotions only the most af- theory at all but has been practical plan in the United Statesin
t success -- "Clyde Williams as Paul in 'Kiss Me Kate' -- fluent writers can describe. I cannot speak for the millions of past years. Witness World War and n etc. During those
1 IB Clyde Williams as Paul, brilliant unbridled, temperament." people present, but once the rockets leave the launch pad and tragic times Americans of all ethnic or racial groups banded
3 m (Wiener Zeitung-Austria) from "Porgy and Bess" reviews I disappear into the atmosphere I personally felt a feeling of together in a concerted do or die effort rid themselves of a
3 ''I<, : Clyde Williams who with striking ability gives us the :achievement., terrible blight. Even in dlscussionof Vietnam, no matter what

, elegant and narcotics spreading zoot-suiter and pimp. .'. Since the launch,and the successful moon walk,the responseof your position, there is no argument against doing what must
I (Dagbladet, Oslo-Berre Qvamme) be done for our fighting men.
has varied
the general public: greatly. Many people are
t""m when ,it comes to courage Clyde Williams has shown the still unable to accept the fact that man has actually landed and Is A blight if
Well there a common enemy upon us. you
r. ,
world what It can do for one who has the desire to make a real
. walked on the moon. This feat, has appeared impossible to so will. It's been a common enemy that In the past four or five
of himself matter what the odds
man no are .
many for so long, they openly feel they have seen another years has emerged as a formidable adversary. tt is, in my
science fiction presentation conducted in the deserts of Nevada.
opinion, the blight of singular and institutionalized discrimi-
: II I'' I can only say that these people have failed to realize the proficiency nation. The complete disregard of decency toward our fellow
PHIL OSSOFER of How could consider this a farce
man. anyone per- man has degenerated into a total and complete abandonmentof
. about' petrated by the American people on the entire world is beyond values and standards that were set out for us In the consti
in a recent article in The they didn't even mow this writer, but it offers proof of the backwardness still preva- tution. There have been words enough written about this intol-
Miami Times, Mr.ClarkAshe flushing the toilets. lent within this highly specialized society.
erable situation by whites and blacks, bjronereliglous group
Some of fellow sailors
wrote that "new housing isn't my
e the whole answer." He gave made fun of these people, not The success of the American dream in putting the first and then another And through no fault of any oDe group or Individual -
'. two reasons for pessimism in realizing that, but for the :I and con concerning this venture. The advocates of social as much as through the lack of social and intellec-

s the area of public housing: ((1) grace of God, they might have 'C changes are quick to point out the ability of thlscountrxiO-AC-JuajjiQjo ogytJhefans...are flamedagalnandprotests-evolve,
s f e-need-for-such-boos fagisbeenamongthoseimedcatesouls. -eomp11sh-those mingr1d whIcljThey' are earnestly dedicated. and marches begin and hate Is proclaimed the victor: almost,

d running far ahead of the programs I They see In the moon-walk the results of a total commitmentby paradoxically by mutual consent.
1 the U. S, Government and they have a legitimate argumentthat
to provide it, and (2) We talk about "hard core"and ,
else than
r that so public housingd "cultural shock." Would I if this same prior itywas placed on the national and social The times suggests. something\ Just words. And,
) units are being filled with"un- that we could understand that i!problems facing the country the results would be equally re in our time and our place Dade County the Community)
Relations Board has heeded the suggestion and Is providingthe
desirable tenants." (Quotations our economic inequities have warding.
mine.) The emphasis off produced those whom we classify Like most of the Individuals making this charge, I also feel basics: needed for constructive talk that leads to affirma-
,Ig j the not made tive action. A banding together of all groups to inform all
Ashe's article as "hard core. Would necessary requirements are being by our government
Mr. was on reason -
) to the it grops, to Involve all groups, to listen to all groups, in the
number two. that we could realize that the I people represents. Nothing seems more un-
II Since Mr. Ashe did not discuss "establishment", to which we :realistic than the fact that we have spent billions of dollarsto interest of fighting, and winning, the encroaching blight of Ignorance -

cS lt why we have so many acquiesce (either by enforcIng 'j explore the moon while Americans are starving. The general ant fear of man against man.

Ie '"undesirable tenants" rd like economic poverty or by (C consensus of opinion is that a re-evaluation of our commitments 'We have the added advantage of banding together in other
ir to remind my readers that although closing our eyes to It) keeps 'I should be made.While we cannot in sincerity discredit abominable situations, and having won. We know it can work.
there are a few of such the "hard core" in its low 'C : our moon probe accomplishments, neither can we fail
ill types in all economic: levels, economic state. Would that we (:0: supply the basic necessities to the under-developed segment The fear of a common enemy, through this community relations
the majority in this category could understand! that our actions .I' of our society, This accounts for the varied expressions board plan for 1969, can be turned about and used as
f is in the lowest level,because (or inactions)which per- we have heard by more than half our citizens. Some are the epoxy to strengthen resolves and purposes and relinquishto
petuate this situation, reveal 3 of social and economic practices the past, the pains disunity. ,
that in the of the heart 'to: see any advantage in Americans walking on te moon.
i ; in other words, prejudice language ________ ........................... .
) and greed. we who have attained to some .,................,...............u................--......-.---. e' the I :
r This is not Just black slum economic success are the real ( ) 1 YEAR -$5.00

3 area problem. It happens to "hard core." j Mall to 6740 NW ,15* A*.".., Miami, Fla. 33147 /4ollfamTImQs,
) whatever ethnic group is"low By continually harden I
; man on the totem pole" wherever ing our hearts (remember I Fill jn, By I

1 such a group lives. I recall pharoah?) we have maintained NAME
I during my 'Navy days in unfair economic practicesin i and
; World War 2 in Utah when a force for so long that our I
3 labor force of Mexicans was efforts to change them now
f brought to the Clearfield base cause cultural shock, not onlyto 1 Mail .
for some construction work. the impoverished but also
They were placed in govern to ourselves. What else bringson '
ment housing, and they madea the stubborn resistance to I UDAytt. : CITY STATE .ZIP CODE.Black "- 't
mess of it. It was said that school integration?


6 THE. MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969
a i

a tfrt! 12 QQi l{ r *

Miami Times Society Editor _

The Rev. Canon Theodore R. Gibson: ,rector of Christ Epis- 4 YI Jk f1A00
copal Church, Coconut Grove will dedicate a portable altar to +At
William Baggs, the late editor of The MiamiNews on Sunday, Sw

Aug. 10 at 5 p.m.Beauticians' h.fr
Sorority held its annual meeting in Philadelphia -

during July 26 Aug. 2. Theta Nu Sigma, National Sor- ; +
ority, composed of beauticians connected with the National
Beauty Culturists' League, Mrs. Ruth J. Ferguson, Philadelphia -

is supreme basileus of the organization., --..............
Alpha Gamma Chapter,Eta Phi Beta Sorority,Inc wW stageits
first Biennial Regional Ball on Saturday, August 16, at the Mary SingletonWed
Hilton Plaza Hotel. To
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Martin and daughterBrenda motored
down from Jacksonville to visit Mrs. Nick(Mamie) Mont- Eugene Kemp
gomery, the Henry Daniels, the Fred Martins and Alex Martin A
Carrying a prayer book with
Houseguestlng with the Herbert Williams (Evelyn) are nephews white carnations, Mary B.
Reggie Wright and Daniel Goodwin of Tampa. Singleton became the bride of _. '

Seven girl guides and three leaders (June Cuffley, Polly Mr. Eugene (Smiley) Kemp,
Bowers, and Daphnene Cole) will arrive from Kingston, Ja- Sunday at the home of Mr.and
macia today (Thursday) for a two week stay in Miami. They Mrs. Herman(Inell) Thomas.
will be guests of Troop 409 who visited in Kingston last year. The Rev. Owens Taylor officiated -
Elizabeth Jones is the advisor to 409. at the double-ring

On Saturday, Rodney and Gary Ward jetted to New York City ceremony.The .
for two weeks of fun and relaxation. bride was given in mar- :
Whether for relaxation or in search for more strenuous activities riage by her brother-in-law, _r __
there is never a dull moment for visitors to the Ba- Lews Mercado. She wore a
vacation with a gown of blue silk and appli
hamas. Some recent visitors who enjoyed a
foreign flavor are: Beatrice Eve, Myrtle Hepburn and Lisa ques of rhinestones with Y <
Howard, Larry and Barbara Brown, the Novelty Williams and matching accessories. Mrs.
Elouise Mercado her sister
their three children, Gloria Mazon, Freeport.Mrs. ,
Ida Randolph, Dupree Estate has returned from Chat- was matron of honor.She worea
tahochee where she attended the funeral of her brother, William gown of blue linen with white i t x T -'.-' .
accessories, and carried a ;
McNealey.. Jr l
: rJ.
After two enjoyable weeks in Miami ashouseguestsof Mrs. bouquet of pink carnations.
Inez Welch, 6331 NW 12th Avenue, Mrs. Jessie Shanks and Paul Isaacs of Nassau served -
Mrs. Flora M. Bussey have returned to their home in Decatur, as best man. 'SESAME STREET' is both the title and thelocale for a new television
Georgia. Music was provided by Mr. program for preschool children which begins Nov. 10 on more than 160 educational

Bessie Forbes and daughters, Yvette and Renee,Elry Sands Baldwin Hepburn. The recep- stations across the country. Loretta Long above, is one of several adult
tion followed the
and a nephew, ,Dwight are vacationing in Los Angeles. They the lawn. ceremony on hosts on the series which is designed to ,help prepare 3,4and 5-year-old

are Here the houseguests for the funeral of their of Rev.niece Alexander, Marie Taylor.Allen are Rev. and Out of town guests included children for school by teaching them letters, numbers, new words, problem-

Mrs. H. A. (Clarice) ughes and daughter Janyce. Jackson- Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Mercado, solving and other skills through cartoons and live action film.. The hour-long

ville; Rev. and Mrs. Daniel(Monica) Smith and children, Dan Palatka; Van Bethel, Paul show will be broadcast each week-day and many stations twice each day, in

Jr. J. Harvey, Allen, Dannica, Adeesha and Kevin, Daytona Isaacs, Millicent Thompson, the morning and again in the afternoon.
Beach; Rev. George Allen, and sons, Phillip and Emmerson, Oswald Isaacs and son, Oswals
Key West; Mrs. Annie McCartney, Eric Allen, Nassau. Jr. of Nassau.
Billle and Naomi Davis are still talking about their cruiseto After a wedding trip to Nassau -
Jamaica. the couple will live in fI aftftIlRAYEL "

Discovering the beauty of Florida as they motored to Miamito Carol City. 4ua"V SUPREME WIG & BEAUTY SALON
: visit Mrs. Fred Hicks were Mr.and Mrs. Novelty Williams "Your
and their three children, Peggy,Chevette and Carmen of Inks- Neighborhood Travel SPECIALSCOLOR 8
ter, Michigan. DIVERSIFIED Agents"As .

Houseguesting with the George (Winnlfred) Kllpatricks are PUBLIC SERVICE near to you as your RELAXER How $l7'25
her sister and brother-in-law the Doctors Charles and Florin- ANDNOTARY telephone., Give us a call. Regularly $25 \'
da (Cambridge) Domon and their four,Wynette,Wendell, Mau- PUBLIC Ave.We deliver.FR 1104 NW 3rd WIGS CLEANED \
Only $4.50
9-8451. Chas. C.
rice and
Glenn. North, Manager. & STYLED
Get well wishes to Ann Smith,South MiamiHospital; Mrs. *
Ada Rolle, Westchester General; Lenora Johnson, Jackson; STANLEY SWEETING These specials. are good at our Salon any Monday thruThursday.
Dorothy Taylor, at home; Ethel Gates Primus, at home; and Public Relations Call now or come In.
B. Owner
Eugene Jones and Samuel Wilson at Christian. Consultant 1 Ct Hlggs
Here from Inkster, Michigan were the members of the Har- Wig Specialist
I Theatrical Editor 9110 NW 11th AVE. 691-9392
vey (Earlene) Taylor clan Motoring to Florida with mom and
The Miami Times
dad were Barbara, Harvey,Jackie, Ferri,Ronald and Kimber-
lYe NA 1.7203

Invitations will be in the mail real soon for the Elite Social 16351 NW 18th Place

Club's Ball. "Shades of Black" to be held at the Browns- Bunche Park
ville Community Building on August 30. Opa-locka, Florida ,
Thrilled with her first trip to Miami was Harriet Simmonsof NO
TUBES to heat burn
Abbeville, S.C. who v 1 sit e d her cousin and her husband, up, out, replace
the Livingston (Margaret) Adderlys last week.Archie Lettman LADY LEE SAYS
also of Abbeville was a recent visitor to Miami. ONE MORE TIME
Judy Ann Cambridge and Tellis Ingraham were married Get lourself Togetherwith
Sunday in Christ Episcopal Church. The bride Is the daughterof Specials one of these Super Soul

Mrs. Arthur M. Long and Mr. J. R. Cambridge, Coconut
Grove. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Ingraham, Nassau. After a wedding trip to Miami Beach, the
couple will live In Nassau.Belaiedbirthdaygreeting&4oMrsrRosa. -

- __ (auntRosa)sawyer
who celebrated her 87th birthday recently. .
IS h.qMy mo l'ic L : '* .: '
hpn giowrti aire1
; : :
Frederick Simmons jetted to Miami to attend the funeral of FINAL WEEK ,iw... you i-ftjst MUaf> of p.onfuiff
his brother. \ ifd\y *colp' and-foil
"jt.lfc f6t it at
Roland and Margaree Raiford have Joined the parents' group your
They have a darling little girl Traci Rasquel. Congratulations NOW ONLY $20.00 ti wont i'tffi guty. salon orHi
Permanent Curly Wigs ( mi stOf'eV'i .. MODEL 37526i
NOW ONLY $20.00
Rev. and Mrs. J. E. (Ella K.) Wright and son, James n en- 100% Human Hair $Chortle A; Tim*' M 'tlv' Supply' On I y.
Joyed a two week vacation in Sylvania, Ga. and Hastings, Fla. NOW ONLY $20.00
in Georgia, they visited Ella's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Call Howl temple Add
Kelsey and In Hastings they visited Rev. Wright parents, Mr.. 6855541LADY
+ and Mrs. Frank Thompson. LEE WIGS THE NEW SOLID STATE
Congratulations to Raymond Aranha, who is being featuredin 773 Fisherman St., TEMPLE
national advertising(television).Raymond is the son of Mrs.: Opa-locka' ALl.TRANSISTOR-HIOH flOKUTV
We Deliver Instant
Thelma McGrady and Charles Aranha. He is the nephew of
Pauline Johnson. ,'- ....
Attending the funeral of Rev. J. B. Lang In Tampa Saturdaywere ;.\ '::1 Clouts

Mary Lane, Percy Brown, Percival Brown and Marie .:, : Now Open: r w wlyEAST
4 Raphu and Clara Williams have Just returned from a five- : 1e FINISHING & MODELING .1
day cruise on the Jamaica Queen visiting Port Antonio and : i ACADEMY I DtP# 7995

Freeport. They report ann able and exciting trip. 11i1. ......, ,
Cathryn Williams and children, Ronald, Reginald and Cathy P 35 NE ,17th. Street, Rn) 233 TERMS
returned home after a three week vacation in Damascur, .' TEL: 379-3531
Georgia with her family. Self Improvement Classes OUR BEAUTIFUL SHOWROOMS
Houseguesting with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nelson were Mrs. for men and women began FVISIT l AAESENTATION xoc 4J16
Annie Johnson and Michael -
grandson, ; Brenda Calhoun and ;; June 16th
daughter, Lisa, all from Canton, Ohio. Mrs. Calhoun left for j fl ; '.J DOMESTIC: 16174 NW 27th AVENUE
home Monday and Mrs. Johnson plans another week. _____



CHE MIAMI TIMES, Friday, August 8, 1969_._ 7rf

: Ip I--------: : ----'





THINGS I NEVER KNEW: A month's absence away from

your typewriter while on vacation can bring about untold numbers .
of inquiries. Like some of those hurled i :

at us upon our return: "Are you writing < ,: )jj

anymore?" "I didn't see your columnin '::1't.
I the paper, what happened?" .."Boy, doI '

miss your column! "Why didn't you .; t'
write last week?" "I sure do miss that

I gossip of yours!" "That was the first 4+$>4t
thing we looked for!" "Are you writing

next week?" And many,many more .
Well, yes, here we are back at the keyboard
after a glorious week spent in Nassau at the

Prince George Hotel and a hectic week-end lolling around the

shady lanes of Key West at the bottom of the Florida Key:. ,

DURING OUR ABSENCE we found that:Winifred Deleveaux Samuel-Williams NuptialsOn : #= yt

the Charles S. Drew High schoolmarm and 20-year veteran -

Roosevelt Oates of Panama City (Fla) were sealed July 3. Saturday afternoon July Long and Reginald Burton.

That Clara Knight and Little DeweyDI were waiting for Dewey ,26 1969 at half past five o'. 'Candle lighters were Deborahand
Jr to return home from Washington Dee Cee for that added Andrea Holland.
I clock Greater New MacedoniaM.
vacation hop to Nassau,August 6 That George (Homer) B. Church,was the settingfor Bridal attendants wore Li1A
Thompson of North Dade Jr High had undergone heart surgeryat the marriage ceremony of Identical gowns of apple green ? t
Miami Heart Institute andplacedUDder'inteDSivecare' with an empire waistline and
Miss Andrea R. Williams
That Ruthlee Jones had surgery Jackson Memorial That detachable back panel trim-
I daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .
Betty Alexander had passed in her sleep from a heart attack med with lace and lace appli- '
Willie B. Williams and John. "
and her body could have been a 'first for Lithgow in Opa- ques of roses, matching veils;
Samuel of Mrs.
H. Jr., son :$
locka. Mary Young and the late Mr. and carrying a single long '
stemmed rose. Flower girls
John H. Samuel, Sr.
THAT JAMES SMITH had his second stroke. That Phyllisand wore yellow empire waiste- '
Rev. Roscoe Jackson per-
Mann Patterson had celebrated their Second Anniversary line dresses,carrying baskets
formed the double ring ceremony -
July 1which Incidentally, was also the Second Anniversaryof .Organist was Mrs.Pearlp. of white daises.The ringbearer Jacqueline Nichols'I
James Duncan's daughter That white suit
Episcopal Bishop L. wore a tropical
Williams of the
guardian Weds James
Clara Rose Hall-King and the James B.Moultrie Sr's were requesting and carried a white satin heart
bride and Miss Patricia Smith,
your presence at the marriage of their daughter and shaped pillow lined with rib Patricia
soloist. The bride given in Miss i Jacqueline bridesmaid. They were
son Bernadette Christine and James Bertrand respectivelyon bons babywhite roses and the
marriage by her father wore a Nichols, daughter of Mr. and sed in pink and green gowns,
Saturday, Aug 2 at St Agnes' Anglican on Baillou Hill Road long A-line styled gown of rings. Mrs. Herman Nichols of Newport accented with pink and green
That Eddie's Dive-Ion owner Eddie Pittman and his wife The mother of the bride was became the
white peaudisore with a lace News, Va. porn poms.
Emily had ended their vacation hop to Kingston Jamaica. beautiful in a chantllly lace of
bodice and standing collar with bride of James A. Crawford, Edward Crawford brother of
lace, from the hemline to a yellow and white over yellow son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold the groom was best man.
THAT ACCORDING TO Bahamian knowledge,Dr Rogers,the point in front of the gown,long peaudisore long gown with Crawford of 16010 NW 20th Charles Gardner Williams-
celebrated black historian revealed in his research data that matching accessor ies.
pointed sleeves. Her veil of Avenue. burg served as groomsman.The .
the late President D.W. Eisenhower's mother was a mulatto Charming was the mother of
white nylon tulle was attachedto The Rev. T. L. Hardman bride and groom are
woman That Jesse McCray was scheduled to merge to a a pillbox of peaudisore flowIng the groom in a blue silk em- performed the double ring June graduates of Hampton

popular,shapely ...That James Reese,long-time lager sales- Into a full length train,ap- broied organza,long gown with ceremony at 3 p.m.at the homeof institute and after a wedding

man for the 6.2 stuff, and rated high among the industry's fin- pliqued with lace and pearls.She matching accessories. the brides' aunt and uncle, trip to the Bahamas, will re-
est, now displaying his talent as liquor speller for Southern 4 and Butler. side in where
carried a bouquet of white The reception wa s held at Mr. Mrs. Henry Philadelphia,
Wines That McKeitha Smith, tho divorced, had come carnations with streamers of the home of the brides parents.. Given 'in marriage by her the groom is employed as an
down from NYC on July 31 to attend the funeral of his ex- the bride floor- associate for Westinghouse
white ribbons and tiny white The wedding was directed by father, wore a engineer -
frau Adrana. wedding bells attached to the Mesdames' Mytrlce Murrayand length white silk organza em- .

streamers. Janie Reeves. pire bodice, Jewel neck long ,
THAT FR ELEHA S. CLARKE Jr of Transfiguration(
maid of sleeves with lace ruffles
Linda White was the out of town ,
the guests
locka) did 'double duty' during the entire month of July while Among
an skirt
to "A-line"
honor. Other attendants were Wilder of Sa- coming
filling the pulpit at St Agnes (Miami) at 8:00 a.m. (during the Renee Cave, Miriam Grahamand were Mrs. Lillie of with an attached chapel train. WATCH OUT
absence of FR Lambert Sands)then scurrying out to Opa-locka vannah, Ga., grandmother Miss Arlene Nichols sisterof
Claretha Brownlee.Flower ,
to fill his obligation at 10:45 a.m. mass to the flock he leads girls were Carmen Tillmanand the brideMrs. Martha Burke, the bride served as maid of FOR DUKE TASK
ThomasvilleJ; Ga. grandmother -
That Antoinette Mingo had ber'2nd-- a daughter -- on ,
honor. Miss Ardra Crawford
Gwendolyn Merin;Stephen of the groom. Miss'Pau- (Page 26)
July 4 when her patriotism was displayed at Jackson Memorialwith Williams brother of the bride lette Tempro, JacqulineJohn- sister of the groom served as

the arrival of Baby April', That Tom Raysor had to was ring bearer.
have extra surgery at North Shore General. James King was best man, 'son, Loretta Peyton,New York
ushers were Anthony Williams City and Mr. and Mrs.Freddy

THAT MARY KEMP WAS among others taking a'refresher' brother of the bride. Harold Major, Nassau.

course in nursing at Jackson Memorial. ,,That Portia Ban-
? ...,_.. .. ..... ....
-- -"'!'- -- -
sister several of avoir
had lost pounds dupols and is as trimas

a teenager while looking like a size 12 That Ruth Wright
putting it into effect That Thomas (Slim) Bannister had I
special in cardiac nursing at Cedars of
was taking a course
experienced several seizures of heart attacks that landed him:
Lebanon and will complete the ''drudgery' sometime this
; a date with Cedars of Lebanon for July 12 That Phyllis
month -- even if her brother Robert King and daughter Jackie
Wheatley attendance secretary Margaret Thompson's daugh- ,
ARE coming down to visit her from Newark Sunday .. That "-- .
ter Paulette had a date for a July 12 welding -- which date,
Emanuel M. Luckie's vacation might extend as far west as
incidentally, was Shirley Newbold-Funches' birthdate ,'
Calif. ,That's it-brotherrtrom-yOUl4>D8-ma ewspa-per-wtKHnews-

everybody and everybody's racket, but who Is always giving
THAT 16-YEAR-OLD Patricia Washington, felled by a hit- some poor sucker a break!
and-run whte youth during which time her male companionPaul

Black was killedhad, to have one of her broken legs

amputated at North Miami Geneal to save her life That ;,
Iris Cole rooke was headed home from a Chicago vacation, COMING' AUG. 15 &' 16

,but her stopover in Atlanta enroute will cause'her to miss '
hubby David, who's due In South Miami General for a hernia

operation That Joshua Grant would be buried from St Pigment Markham

Peter's American Catholic 'Aug 2..That Harold Murray had J.D. ,& HIS BROTHER BOB SAYS

entered Jackson Memorial for surgery. ,

THAT ESSIE CROWDER's sister AdlineCousins-Smileyhad :

passed July 21 at Jackson Memorial from a double tragedy THE BURGERLOO"

__ stroke and heart attack...That Chicagoan Connie Farm-
er-Benjamin had to leave the Windy City pronto and returnto
Miami and her mother Ada (Doll) Farmer for an indefinite What You Need ... We Got!

stay __ health reasons That Mrs Hayward (Eartharine)

Williams, the RN, bad undergone surgery at Christian Me- 'BURGER-LOO oCHEESE BURGER

morial That Gertrude Perkins the lark had decided to FISH nLK SHAKE
of Mt Cal-
Try K Again. Her second is Deacon Henry Brown

vary Baptist; her first was deceased about four years ago. A -BIG MAC 'FRENCH FRIES'CHICKEN


THAT VERNE 0. WILLIAMS Sr bad passed at87. Long before TEENAGE MATINEE SAT 4-1 P.M.
5321 NW 21th AVENUE
Verne got associated with the Miami News staff, he was
rated Miami's leading photographer. It was his genius that Inspired THE CONTINENTAL CLUB OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK

this reporter to consult him during World War n and 100', AIR 'CONDITIONED 1166 N.','. 95TH STREET
Mass Head In
hired him to sketch The Miami Times' present '
Old English type with a Miami skyline Editor Reeves was 6000 N. W. 7th Ave ACROSS FROM CENTRAL HIGH ,SCHOOLBY

pleased with our contribution and with Williams' artistry In .


,. -


...-8 ..._THE MIAMI TIMES Friday, August 8, 1969
III fli1i
iG o JOF + I _






I He crowded

a lifetime
into 37


I !

r PY .:

Night In

$ -

Nassau At

Island Club

__ Nassau Clyde Killens will
present his always popular
"Night In Nassau", Sunday,
August 24th at the Island Club.
Enjoy the sounds of three
a bands; Bruce Beneby and his
Miami Junkanooes,Frank Williams
and his Rocketeers,
t Fish Ray's Calypso Band plusPbn
Harris and his big show.A .
YOUTHFUL BAHAMIAN Tyrone Stuart, 13, rehearses his lines with $25 cash prize will be
ducer-director Alan Landsburg, at upper left for his role in "Deep Water pro- awarded for the best costume.
Gold." Cook at home and bring your
The ABC-TV "Movie of the Week" feature, being produced by Metro Bahamian baskets with you.

media Producers Corporation, will be aired early in the 1969-70 season. At Admission: advance $2.50, at c
upper right, Tyrone studies lines with veteran performer KierDullea door $3.00. Call the Island

of the location set-ups in Nassau. Lower left, Landsburg puts Tyrone through on one Club.and make your reservations. JOANNA SBIMKUS ALFREEMANJR.

his paces at Clifton Pier, on New ProviJence Island. Lower right, Scuba in I'
structor Noah Meeks shows Tyrone the JONES/FWOf KICK IAUK NCE GREEN ,
proper way to handle diving equipment
for a scene off Paradise Beach. .THY HE BATTLED AN EMPIRE,
1968 Sing r Consol IF wirnu AND BULLETS!
. "Shades Of Black" I INTERNATIONAL Slightly used zigzag In sty
DanceThe list ,walnut cabinet. Blind
Elites dries Club HEALTH STUDIOCompUt K.m dr..*.., makes butter'
"Shades of Black" presents For tickets yon may come or Exrclt hol., sews on buttons, *
labor dance and pre- call: Coopers, Little SuperMarket Equipment overcast and fancy stitches dlt lI
day feshion I without attachments. Und.rgvor..t.
show, featuring die African 1 I 4611 NW 22nd'Ave. Svp.nrU.4 by ...full price$56.70
look mod and odd accenting 63-9472. Z.ok P.ltl., or moke 10 payments of A UNIVERSAL PICTURE.TECHNICOLOR'
; Prince's Pit "Mr. Miami"WEIDER $5.67 a month.
Barbecue,4530 Tax down,
the .
African mood In the mask, NW 27th Ave.Phone 633915.Jactsoo's no Interest. For free home .r a
attire and Music will be 1 demonstration, call
Natural Capital
GrOC'. 5830 NW Organic Food
rendered by Richard Stra than 1 12th SuppUmcntt Sewing, credit mgr. till 9
and his orchestra.Tickets are 1 Ave., 758-3151. Sold insid.T.t.plhon.t p.m. Hollywood 9223528. Miami Ads Don't
Place Mlomli Cost
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i The University of Florida at
Gainesville has announced a

.i' program aimed at helping This is the blazing ,
college graduates earn .
master's degrees: in agriculture black and white truth!
and related sciences.
The tamings.-
Thirteen black
students will
begin attending classes at the H The desires... .
university this t.illG1J'ee..reu. -
financed with the help of a of the Old South her He bought "
special grant from the Rockefeller $650.
fOUDd:1tfa1olNewyort: Th as you have But she
'F' owned him!
The 13 will be the first oi never seen it! .
some 45 students who will be (
recruited by the college of
i.. agriculture betweennowand

1972. They are all graduates
of predominantly black institutions v
in the South.'Jbree are
graduates of Florida AA M

University ia Tallahassee. r 19Tb0Ifar :20

V 79th ST. ART
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