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The Monticello news
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Monticello news (Monticello, Fla.)
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Monticello, FL
ECB Publishing, Inc., Emerald Greene - Publisher
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January 5, 2005
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Weekly[ FORMER <1925-1965>]
v.58 no.37 April 2, 1943


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Newspapers -- Monticello (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jefferson County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Jefferson -- Monticello
30.54543 x -83.870842


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Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
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Began in 1903.
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Description based on: Vol. 23, no. 22 (Nov. 20, 1925).
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University of Florida
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State Library of Florida
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ar Harr A. Paeassr Pato oftO ste Louis C.'ors ai rl l Of rd.N ui v< if
First ~E Baptis )Church Quincy,~p reit ourr- a reI1s fortg foo to be sen j)O and Il' I Cibe 'fo eher'
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In~ l ge t e pld- wil h the do -h dy, E .i I oy R m e er .4 at n ng r ul t oQ hd S d f i P i ons o i'25 -r c nt a ies'
ha e o-be de lt' ith i thcrd n e Ing- ~ -- ur n they~a tant la ge iurndepe-s oes'. st re anpdl. f a rm u s a
witat Fihe law.tGh rcl Ap-.-4 Lf Fis BRptiNS FR E N 8 5 ER S A i rh A pL osratoilais r 4o ai on';P~r Ia o. 4'rad i vigthn forat
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'p rT H E To T E h a t d p r m n h m t i d e e it p r'r ~ e R En Turkey TheyD A wereT e n e t t d t ease -or y6 urnp ad avtsoif i e d e t th t he co he 'local chapgu est o (ir Reedm Crohi s s
-Ap ~r~l~n ~l~ t b4 m~fo 83 4isIiisoer a The ur~ O ~nMLETES BA I hteWa's_1porka. o wsue nt n~4-a G~inIile e t >rnt
vesrdoo i e vig4 a'o lebda ssn f a.- eJT ~ o e sam te ri ~'rcd isaeo 1 no, h e eringex cly tr sam cel- an-alfilk
--he TRINN IN -AA wil haeigarsrie.oui
S stats it

The MotcloNews, Mo ticello, Fla., Friday, April 2, 1943
ItIH U. S. Pairatroops Simunlate At~tack, on Village Beautiful Quilt Made
31 E~!!Fromn Scraps of Silk
II f 'k'" MANY a" old-time art is beirg
:Eml reined~ today an~d the artof
14 Inking old-fashioned crazy patch
1A,1 quilts is one that fits lfltQ 6ur
f W U 51ce)6*3CE 10 times. All you need is scraps of
S By'VIRINIA VALE silk and odds and enids of ebod
Others Rirgt~ieleased by' Western Newspaperd Uion. e7red TaPkes'
Walt Disney's "Victory Through, '
Airpower" film, taken from Sever-.stanesky's book, is being blocked by brass ame sat to l riotadioA 4/i
hats in Washiungton ...Because it .,i tr osho t se
reveals what everyone cans savvy at to pose1 digging ini a 'Victory
a glance-that planes are the best Garden at a huge department
weapons today ...Bill Stout, who :N Y '1e
designed the first For, lanes, is stor inNw Yok shear
working on~ what they hope wil.b rie ih on~ time-though/
the flivver of the, air after th a.sedbe u aedig
A tiny ihunre h1~p. job as simple bnft lkdhe, coth~es she
to manipulate. as the Model ~T was t~o Ipose in, Icompliented
Mr,. Whiskers just collar~ aclwoman -h tr eas h antmbe 4
aget here whose operations were, right out of a sl3y film. Posed as a -for aqtograph "som h
I~T~y nus~ -ith~pllh& rpe~ m .we're traveling we hardly get a.
parel, etc. Worked the ijddtown J ~. chance to eat, because people want to a fouIndation of light weight cotbars, talking to servicemen, and to, talk~. ~ _. . t W,ser sad then aded, to aeilwt varety~ ofe
even.!marrtedf rte oirethm.for"Btht h adio pub- broidery stitches
ha' This~ colorful patchwork ma
lncidetlf, broadcastig still then ge used for a newcover for
Bob- Bur~ns, the ex-fairme r, has S arf s her becas he gts to think- a- comforter. Another~ idea is t
done series of recordings ~f '.h ingf Dep't of Ariculture, to, encouag are litein to her!
the growing of peanuts. They are NOnyoo 7y,'e t er sow oftherie available
christened: "Nuts -to you, Adolf!" D itr trgt'tp ie o~m~ee ii r~~appzs annysm Kay, the ofthe mostt grades oant nsaz oatc de.
. hjcgrrtoning for troops srre com th aatopr! itr a iht(o)gie or' yeve f.U., rypraroer msngmno tesaghsoe inan iesdrciasfrmoeta
Heecm h roes.20, stitches and cmiain fsice
at uadlcanl:Tw cigars-week-. floating dow fo caring planes during maneuvers in Alabaman~. -They're lani~dng in the ms dat- ported to the Saiue GoQldwyn stu to be used for this work. Book 2 of th
ly n Aric thy~ get four .. geous spot fromu which tey may start an attack on a village. Below: Now, Withi a blast ofmacl4 eg ii and dios for hsfirst pitr,"Up: i series gives, irections for 4 othersttfe
Altou h's ben in teArmy.a rfegfire, the trosavnetoward the "village" they're to occupy. They wthfor snpr' fire and~ booby '~Boto are 15acnts oehy
yer ao rc ed e a. rp. Having reace hel outskirts o the villae (upper~ left), each m3,n choo *hs onroute of approach 4 hudbesn irc o
ager 15~ f e ags as the unit advances fr~om house to house. Ai. IEE PJ1L
Thle. sets for the film, "A~ttack by C A d 1 -. &J Bedford Hills New~ 10r
Night, will, be replicas of actual Drawe Re1e0LjS f~e~ t lCcl ia t-ct
Norwegian toviyns-with OWI super- dEncle 1 etfo ahbo
~vision .- Hollywood's veteran deird
Scameramn, n ow inthe Army Sig-Nae......I..........7
nal. Corps, are taking six-Week re,- Adrs ..............
fresher courses. They mst "lea-rn-"_____________ho hold a camera "orrectly.".
And tdeelo negatives!
Mv]ary Pickford will adopt child en, M SOOTHES CHOED SKI
according to coast buzz .. The 0D1%I ~ i
Mills Brothers start a-trek back to
the Big Time witha choice ptinW4T 'PTOEM JELLY "Reveille with Beverly" .Geo.Lowther, -who does the "Superman"
-program, was the first page bo9y Hacking Too High
hired by NBC. DANNY KAYE ~nh
The Navy reminds :girls that a -Arms;he should be a riot~ on th ackn atte oot.-horea
WAVE or SPAR may request otherscenbtomieswa'fuy assignments besides paper or desk o h'saejstge ltbfr
work. The duties are varied. -Aero-tecmrs grapher, for- instance, or radio commiunications, stor'ekeeper, parachute A N IG HT~enei "TeHua
-rigger, and so on . .. Elton Britt, Comedy" takes place %etween Mick
a singing cowboy, recorded "~There's yRoeanfi-erlBtc
SStar-Spangledf Banner ;W vian, h lashs rte
Somewhere." Made him ighBthhdtwa ogngt OGS1
b iracket man. -To date:. 900,000. rec~ . .- gown-and flatly refused. Finally ,
words. M j __ r. ~~ duIickey, with Butch riding on his YORCIDScugiga-ih
-r,-Ehla Woduy(eft) is sholders, disappeared, to return. itionmouthbrahndet
The Wieless R. Hrkness I 'te a crefreemothe as se' perorms ith Btch in the 'unigtgwn.' "I acold -caftnbepevnedb.
Tahengtonreporter fo Hr WEs wa- her dril ig job at the Grumman told him thtBc oesand rubbing throat and chest with
puzzled by the to-doodle about Rus- avainpatreotogIs eea a~tu erlm l. Vi-Vao t etm,
notadvrtiingtheaidfro lad, ecase he now he ch]- ry igh,"Mickey explained. VAPO~RUB'S pouItice-and~ao
hesia s Hot a es theveald thoat- dren ar~e being cared for dTuring aton losensphlgrlee ri
herI aldits. taoss rhvase reua thakl
jPravda, -the Soviet nwpaper, pub-< workinng hours at the, plant's child) tI-~i4i~- e~l~wek ationi helps clear upper airpa
wished a fulfl report only recently ... cateentr. This plani has- cuit ab- radio aperance wihGu om- sags, 'thus tend to stop mouth
T he Hays office ruled t hat Fascists invit Trviesfaud
of kidie wetho ar$ne rteto
in films shouldn't~ have -Arican ac- Nsisclaotng on the script sle.TyiI Aou
cents. H e should listen to the Quis- during their parents' eight hour ab- of- a new musical, -- One Touch of
~ing~hotwaers whse ccets ~r ~sences at the plafit are also shown.~ Venus,", which wil star MaIrlene
as Amierican as hot-dogs . ou'll Dieich;~ he says that she's not just -Winner's, Secret
twirl your dials a long time before (' ~ Ih beautiful and movie-wise, butis also The winne eis ewogie ryou -catch anything imore HipHip- Yanks Stp eneral~ Ro m l' rive BidAsseml a vy creative woman wit decid- self to his workbd n su.
A'Hirray than Paul Robeson putting Stpyon n l edl individual ideas7 ofher 'on-hrles I uxtoa.
the -big baritone -to "Ballad for 'Wha isrlew e thnk of the humor,Americans" The,,crossfli'e act --,gis edn' nw
banged over by Crosby and Hope -- '#--~i- 'i ~~4:- r P I~
would have been good for a dozen M-~' ~~ -vost'actors *f damatic parts in~
straightweeks at the Palace oni ,-"-- '-- -i radio yearn for a good comedy spot Less- than
Broadway. which'~ ofa~,.u Aillan the on the road
-~t '--- but Alan Reed,' "Solomron
The Magazines:- The v wah5-' Levy" on' "Abie's Irish< Rose,' e
landed right in Vogue's l ap. That-- ----------------- Nosoedins hret ale ands te
mag tells i ts flabbergasted readers,- stooge thigs Fr aed asle an athe
-mostly e-motorists, one of the -- .- -i--comiedians. -After getting a good~
grimmtest truiths-that it's- hard: to~ ~-. ~-~ start that way, he branche~d outl ito
-read on, abus. Gad, sirs, is this s 1taiht character -acting both'i aads
Amrneica? .- .. Newv Republic's dio and the- theater.- sea-ietd
Maniny Farber tags Saroyan's ifickm
late "soda Hmae oteoy-"wards c Everybody'd like to, know how
lae "The madem ot y, af o cos Grace -George, the- c elebrated acNewsweek scrubs~ away al the--------------------------------------------- Con tress, was persuaded to m-ake her,
gressional hullaballoo about bureau- ---- motion- picture debut in ",McLeod's

/The Mornticello, News, Monticello, Fla., Fridav, Ampil 2, 193
V1 A h f #IIIA I Counters Capital Where NO ASPIRIN FALSTER
thn euieAAra t Joseph Aspirin. Bg1 uy's you the IGovernment Is Located Worl's1xetelr ato I.None safer.
iv I ~~~~~~As the capital ofany country is oeae~.S sphAprn
~ I of qite a- number of European
HAY ~~~dountries. are 'soehre in Eng-ehb iJso0
00 HA/J PO I_ __ __ l~ n'4 at-e moment, and will Our felow cefuei o u
thahye'rb.. ;. PatternNo. 82431I I i1zes 12, 14 16 8 cotne tobentil the war isu~hos~ih
0$~~~ene SINGL tOU u y11y ~ hinks every nation.DOUBLE OR 39-inch material, jacket13ayards. Niettzsche.e hee ay
Ihjie so7 orapidd ly thatit ishr A SERIE.SR OF uretwrcniinsihlmoeIte hearts of
SPECIAL ARTICLES 4-or* tieI eluirsn flln resfo e okepuwt t
BY THE LEAD IN 0 Mahufactured and guatapteed by of the mst popular patter number. a'LueFnc teapali
WA ORSODNSFEDERLAL RAZOR SLADE CO., NEW YORK1111 Send you oer to:' Pais, b enscy e rnment
S.S bGM O UCKRLE 3 ot Wels St Chiago B oeu was thVFch cai NEURITIS-LUMBAGO
Roo 1958 .S btal during the Fac-Prussia
in Jap Waters Patroo..... sz... .. gJi a h~ai f ngih
By Lieut. Slade Cutter, U.t~ $ LVE N. th Nae.... ...........
I;g pcalarneetUsed Eby thousands withsasatoy eio
(wit Th eAmue-hrihcia agane en suits or 40 years-six valuable inrei Thh colony
wih h Aeicn saz~e.) ents. Get Carboil at drug stares or write coloe last rem~inants o
Our United States submarine had SpurlockNeal Co. Nasvlc Ten.i rwh;Canlilns Large Bottlezww u1 3-SmallSize 6
been operating against the enemy iner Was Qikt uringth la thekn of ITALL GOOD DRUG STORES git I MAIL onreict o re
* th ciitypf apaesehl islgans se up1 h1is headqiiar- M~cNEIL DRUGCO, Inc.
intevciiyo Jpns-hl s Icgjnze an 0ld Frien 1, -~ h hll~ s 530OBrad Stre tain, Lieut. Parks, called me to SO ofg asamnetrdarsarn
hsCabin.C Dadstdwatatalthmn
thought his eyes gleamed with 666BEI,D
casually, "Good news, Slade," and "I6mf OUGTH DROPS. "PromeSihesd "
handed me a wireless he h~ad. just Tr "RhM4Gsm-a odefl iimn tikSeALJa otngt g.
received. I held, it to the light and Afte au.YT~~ WondeeI glncioIfient 00Chic,
red:-"Proceed at oncpe to Ithe coast ______________tion, the other mn qoJ.k his head
of Japani-" neaiey BM ee'Iing 4Cutie
Sometimes it is difficult to re- DON'T LET"or, esi,"u o'
presan impulse to whoop with knwyo. CONGERVILJJ
delight, and this was one of CO S IA IN'"aybe not. n d n y7
those times. This was~ the mo- SLWYU UP"1 but I> recognized that umbel ILLNaI
mient every submariner dreams feel irritable, lies achy,- a ~s millions 12.20 Wedesay carAp~. Al LIN I 4
do-cewgisA- he mdemvo "That's impossible, SIT Ad t foApilt1
about. ch-ew-u laatve Simly chpew ERE'~S an ensemb~le that is night a I 9 dn.ubrella." 90 tried bulls red or sa vce- I 0fales-from the hrsof the leta
A Surface. Epgagement. 'F NAMN eoe"yu g o H yun ngy. 1Iin a, "~b"cmth uc rtrIli(i hrde-nusDedr"Asoiton ayto onaio4eae
We turned and cruise~d steadily dietin -see wihu behind yu and i.Tejmerwaty u Ihd h ,a s enus euto qf ,~r 943 Fo~rcatao.,v wrt"Bo K, foudation Il
westward. The Japanese coastal pa- tubed ext m ornn gete't g snugly fitt bodice and ~ eay97Mi istoW'.Tr ,AercnAede-nusAscain .S
trlsystem\ extends many miles to reieL eli elswl aan Tr ing skirttmksainldaln omdbe rnsmn adshcgIl"Ob;oliet ortanb
sea 'and is pajnstakingly thorough. FENA-nT ecnoial, e 9 outi worn ve ~iablouse o-wea The~ eradctin~g crimes
Te first time we, got very close cot ny er. orNRA ILIOS-BREE-NU mREEES wSSOCATIO
shore before w~ e sped. fitted rake overh th ur
Just before daylight, as wewere FN -AE5T 10 'Zohigcud esatr mt.
aus with its guans spitig W6
didn't want to waste torpedoes-wei
were a lon wa -ro-relaemnt
-so decided to fight i oui with our.4
dekguns. It was our firsttsurface ~ <
engagement and it proved almost aa~
disappoitingly brief. One of our first4
shells struck the~ enemy's magazine
andhe impy.disintegrated. We,
Aday later, 'nth~i'e p~ig
bor~hood,, we spotted a big tanker
abutsunri. 'After~ some mneuveringwe gave him three torpedoes.
All were4lhits. The third struck aft,
and'rnust have expl~oded ioies
T66rwva'sa'teri blastAI ththe
prsof his b)?idge clear over isaa/
mainmast, and he sank in three Lmini- a>, :
utes and four seconds. He went down
by the ster, hs bow sng high in the air, to give us an excellent viewA of the rising sun painted on- it. We/ surfaced nd cruised among the me
in~ the water, intending to give the A 4
emergency stvpplies, but a bomber ~ Va ~ 'a
came wingiit out fromt the land a 19 we had to dive. ercz e
Atthis tim~ewe herein the busy ~ '' At a
steamer lane between. Yo1kohana
anid Singapore where important tar- forA ro ducts, an sevssolAPd $1,865,951,692 $162,35,2
gets might be expected. So, wh~en ~~' ''4< '
Lieutenant Pleatman saw a heavy
smudge 'on th~e horizon, we hurried /'
be a troop transport of 1360y1ns heavily loaded with mien' and<~ su- h twe'dd w t
pisand, escorted by a 'lare de- M M
stroyer. It was headed 'for'Singa. '$628,275,135 cI uIt, ~dp ~s
Sink Transportanid Felghtqr~. j58
We had, a ticklish problems Th~e Iaj4
destroyer was weaving& zigzag Pr" ~ <> oducts an servcsbuh fro otes68,0m*, "
course which could not be predict- a~a ~rac
ed twas a long~ time before we
Cudmaneuver into" a poston off Wa n sg.o aiiis-:2816,3 .'8J501.
the transport's port~ beam. We gave 1 .. ...
hrtwo torpedoes. Both t, Be- Estimatedaition co s causdb C2500 41W_ 500,0
fore we could turn, the destroyer L
aJs coming for us full speed, fol- 'neis on inden es 6,033,39844"

... .............EWS........................ F T R FA M S
~ ~1~ ~iDY ____ ~V ww~ Members of th Monticello ChapMONTIELLQADVERTISER Mr and Mkrs. NV Jiapr CbnnelI of ter of the Future Farmers of AmersNtablshd,86 PaO*ST an As Bertha Andrew of :iheld their anrnual banquet in the nowl 'ledMAK
V MONTICLLO CONSITUTION Du4ndee spent last wveek 'end here high school building, Friday nitglt, NWI A wit relatives. taid fiexs. Marc 26D TH N I
Changed to D
~9Nfl~iT4. 'Ma-19O3 Ax Jenig returnedC e ABOUT THU,~
I ho~i~ic~~r ft~w~re e rftmnt, v.Tearing bliu aprns with
NA oeFia fe pnigamnfth F.,.A, emberfi -evdAi uue
inNe Odrleans -with ]Aernothes andi tir gust nubrn FO RET o apatmnt
and sistei-}-aw Capt. an~d Mr.LNlb erson fro Motcel eeo calMr.C A. ampartn
*4 .and Tallahassee. MenTE for found *
AlsSr rnln fLk A Ree~entiv Ri~ad H. work. TH ge pa. Burnett's
~ WILL H. BULT.OCH, Boiler>a Works,1 ThomasvillTe, Ga. 4t
sp-' entSunda' w th1 her mohe,#Mrs. so, a the main s ee on the ~ b pl r A .d
Proi~1 Y nir'~au -am1i 'wich inelfided a Welom~e LO T 1bl caf re bide;r
DOROTHYV BUILOCH adress by Ik Andron, W he r ~ ~ ~ U1t
dayr ah Monday:I Pys O ~~ SutRt ,Bo 0 Motn.lor
wasate fin on~ glO(!s and -al hosseir~d lock. e EI N. Wilpo gav te soupt E QicJU.ON A
The Ofiil Pae of Jefferson rdi~g
cello invoc4IQNatin Tipp Shumanx, Hen
re wit hisy~ paets ndi
whatA Fuur Famr -ardin
Stare wth hs wfe. ndinfat sn, B ING YOUR HOG
V lep oup ------- ------- 1 8-Bto ad w r pr 'du ti~ and pro ose
oir Saurday
that ~~~~ ~ 4U~ thybya$ WaBn.'
Mrs.~ RrU aih~wr -,odyAn
Isin -~PT W ------Iudeso cicesaebigr ak
In ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ eera tehns Circui thet~o theys inon ilifor -Mrs.l -Biheatehsa ag ute h tteArclu'33
Judipialor't bandu of. Florida jus and their aaile awittthlanut
flI'TT1WIUU s. *arir-wmI o ohrahoe rdio.
'IUIIEU Aaggi AHuUUaii IUIss, JanTeE Theaet byler is'Of.te~b rby
E~gt F.ose AnightA Owae returned~Q&~QL
Deeidwt Ja ks nvll spef <2id wit her<> 2LC L7T C A R r
"T 17 U, -nv k-A2~7 W ~
g g e u 4 r W os o C a np re k ur dg. en u c y
resi -p Uec is

IFifty thousandhplanxes will rodil off Montcell GaFe ClubinICPin
- ~ A~1 ~ Americain asembly lies. this year; GUERILLAi 4ARJY1j ont seioGt h MCoia' Club
Cell Woman' Wluman'Sl behl nAsorCfvoecIadfli d
Bowen, PhoneW &-R no-lterthaw P bgfy okh~ eahwe ; Whlo's to, fly thm Tat's te storye~ Ai ~h rs. Richard imsneid in~
________I ofe at0thT Century-Fox's Technicolr C~iiy te bsenee pf th preidient, Mrs.
at4ocok h peie t, ntryFndfl s wi g edy 1 th
House, Thne 'Birds," So4~iiers of ~he '
Air,,ow n~I.,, With, ever p romise of b o or acin an supne An Committee chairan reorts er
Mrs. Harr of thl s film of. th year, et should prvide aluda le .
~enJudgisda trom the nature ofthe tae AOj
th Navy, stationed at Ran- ahrn har el h tr f-r de rdad,,1VAnt rie, xlie e okad ,
Md n Deocay' flying avengers, how~ a1isk5~ fo oprt fte clu in
~Mis Josephine Pate v,, I!h isa-bnG. pntte at ek ini ovleadwthhrbohri a smtmsp-tr- ls atlo ffereW V SadSAS
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for Women, spe:xt~ last ,week end ?o 4 T 1aasead ihhrI Gn ire, eo olwo' r.A .
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menigh Cpe pk en ,w ereferto wihtusdyTrToO rV1X TeCrl r.ffA.eutM P -wln s,11 hve so n,, l 1Jn ,er To13,E ii'y III A uihnteCrl,'1 h~ bro
jp Pouso'ad r. Basett H,.ya a short visit
4ns, Mr.&I D.h~ dat yht s, Fu'1 Gamstere Mass.,e forg on Monday,~~a Apeid. 15An,1ef. oNngN
It'sr Guter ofa~~i ofdik alsoun a- will visi her ) onIl anda daughtert LC lo$ht Ipfl6J s a ~ircle
stuenea yoe propewly -an Mrs U. H keut'i"Cips aiartu~~u apliceb
ogo to Fortr Braggu~e N. C.e',, efiele i ben 44fgt Ii siam n. r4 & ih rE .11
Chritie Texas. at 4 'lok
tianfrA( there from fot Sl,_rRT ATITCHR
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Lo s'o L w ad'r.,.. ~euth h Buyer J. Btn thi Revtival e~rvice w~a yill be,
onJ. w ols, en e,:r~tjie 4r Lv'et n i o. ( eswt M rs. J. d c.1- a n fidlt atie
ed. theRUreT COREPA1,Rcebr;-hre li ti t 'cok
is now staoiied.Dat 'Wilianic -n~ Snd ay, ( April 4, Owter p e
Point ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o meat, gt4Toias ine Ciaty Linuts. oe o" l nkthi oe,..( 1 N.wt ~r.,r
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Th~e MYonticllo ANews'9 Motcll, GaF ay, Apr~il ,14
THE~~ SUNY SID OF LIF _____T H SU N N Y, _S1D E,,0 IMail ordlers accepted for FllFahoe
improved tan n Stockings, T* od
shades o t Afl l s11 izes, $1.00 pair.
2 Clean. Comics: Thatf Will1 Amuse Bpth 0l4 and YoungJHNWs
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The MonticellIo News, Monticello, Fla.~, Vrdy April 2, 143
U. S. Steel Reports 1942 Production V1r%"~IPOEw----DcatvId sfo
28 Per Cent Greater Than World OMEhIE E INT'~O ERNDcoTIONAeaLfo
e O~IFORMINT'AccessorieHos
naReotfor: itaA
irnent of a steel ingot tonnage prod.ution%28 per cent greater theilij e ek
year of World War ,. has just sen @ PG
fancial story-of a grea t waefot" TESOVS FA:AnLeIndO Th Mod BilIsiueofCcg.
P'rodution. by U. S. Steel inft 1942 of ~i Roundtree and discuss the' new set- "Who wat t onw Waldron (eeased by Weatern Newspapr no.
more than 30,000,000 net tons~ of ingot Co'le Cody, beneficiaries under two 4dentias well as the manufcture of a steady up wit him coke up hiss brows.
nowe of tprdues enterin into t i cal wil4fOdBl oe eeatmt
sad it i wee sed~ irectin te ngt discover who had frdthe bule oel isone inft fote "eni on l a ado?
wa wredscibdby Irving S.Ols ~ whh caused hils death. Suspc c en- hoe tied hi h~ose aot th icig Rneluhe.Teewr~ cP
hi rew of te year cotined in the tered aroun Lesnaneet adSritretxtWe
C., oration's forty-first annual report.~ ng as Old, Bils ,ephew disappeared as others were moving seeking some ha his choice. Rathe~r thn reco 1, se o bj ad coyiedb Irnaioa Thie victory parade of steel ingots was afehehdbespeupnbCoya sinoCa o dte.H wa co-nz th bra imlcto rosy cuclofRigusE cto;ued y listed as only one of~ several principal, St eremadIsen id n.
ctributions of U,. S. Steel to the war 'aC~)t~ 'h 'ebce to gree it asb~ funy 7 ~24ii ~e
eInrt 0 otibto were annd th ugcmmsindb Od ti hou ea us e h ta-igDICPE FJSS
'ae f steel. and othe materialsneeded gam Mr Cd h sid sun
not only for the fabrication of essential Bllt car~y out hs1 l s iheswerebcue t se m n.tadl 'war products but also for the~ creation rtnighome fromte ac (ahnwlkea mnwoment
ofne acliisnewae suhwa wtaawllinhs oce freaekepn)tohein nwam esweeditsu'chn atet swar a hecolreESONTXTJon1,9-2 Mrk11g r2 ducts has been produced. Second, furl af wtanell 0
the technical ability representn mn when they were hel u p 1by ,a mse u hs ainewsfs unn ODN TX -n eu adut
d~ecades of accumulated research and4 bandit. In th hrihthe recogniz e Ca Roundte wa f n int a ot. "No, en' beni onal temIoeyIfe esi -il
ofteGvenet Rance Waldron a him slped. 1aon w red flanking him day. ode inp bu-w ocock."., yo o becm fsher o me-Vak1
h4d, the construction an oprto o otnewt h tr.,,Cd er a onte' nr.
of vast 'new facilities for the Governf- ________________ o i ~ h h lr sit
en nconcio ih h arefrtt iscmanoswhiettnhnt, "ow hed,. wdRacan esoa aih n hit i h
hav ben udetaken. Fourth, milons teSra aladtre akyu hato-hita xeine ic
~f dollars o~f U.. Steel's fundshave toCody peagles dr tuone bychrpr si
been expended for various facilities t e u fhr.
contributory to thje war effort." -'fwsT m Guh l ih,"wsvtl m otittateLr
oe-page condensation of, th Ce Cod an n w e aiheJug anddl Doo
faanvtl record of the Corporatio for toehreTe.hdporse sfra h chos theriht dsles~a te ver
the yea~r describe ismpelanguage e ooe don po oq4 UPOg itu ihho lk h' regrpag of teCu~. us
what dispostion was made of thie sof lovlns of her cryhir as ii emne lobby wh6'asap eua a 3l,6j,951,692 reeived by the Cor'pra- ko 'hywut ga og h wledsi swr
ti 11 from sales of its productsa ndt ser- e1 thre d1e ad u hees a e i fld
'vices during'1IM. Employment costs of loe seeking dwn~ at thdeYo, hre oidte!Ca .....
$783,'millonin1942 were 257 geater' letter we -sud dutriong t I
~than for the previous year; 14tae grud nd h e kild Gog uttveenfrdthe ots.
of $204 minllion were 21% mor tan 'i0
sto~ckholders remained unchanoged. "e tsstriln m icpe sulitrsamount carried forward, for ftr X vocquvrnadhsa ho Jug:bhteol bywssot wa a yonihmni ihlp
needs of9 the~e~ Copoato wa 7b lesihotuciea el.W ilo
Among t acheemets citad i'thede
ofe tir ahi wax-t,.th imst th ista yltl lck m sahcals, m c'nes m a n h Ptr
7ahek seiou s te of r h a tm n~pa aneors u w a. T e
itandingonhatl ev b ult eair ds ea
ethes, eit evo'awf.'ote Eomranies> has have_9 pase onf nte n te o rwn, ar r s ihlre
soled eit et ertme ineato ay tame 'oHiofayo aar eg e rlin uis t e opr aton a ght awfue h oasn't' ey? .i c Y air I" 'd r an st i i gyan elg nt e e ., ,T sim n h y He r b u
scti ns It wa pronunce the out-fla
emeh d e e evolved ot er companies Kd oe aii
ehr t fulrnufa6crs gre no
tieyt ehow4o to~Gp, bla e, fool~x~ eoref Eal Bil Ros docto '" e a s re tha
4mn~un~epne, cmkingd a ma~of atisI g
desroer for0 thed'Na Dtme n orain 6 l,'erfihee by his sAnd e ased rI o rod ,ihm. iha ioosmsag, u er for in e up odhueod
'yese eha his on fore makering oe
hrer' lgrmiaedM "st ci Ian
a~~ hurry fores wad wasilt to 'jn hit. ns,
avy Deptmnu ba ef them got a yeHne tewy'rlln owi
mr~ou spbs-fc gn A a 5 h kn A ''htmksyo~aklk ta?.11
ful qip- o eh erdc glevs to' th stairwas ledn hp u nyAh mgtleathm Adheerean ter~ ativ
thShalt adt ee rqer w ba"hek g,'e and tw fro vir fthe lobbC an sml artile too. Dition 493y costioc of i the L ve l ri adin gokepl t Cao' lay eet. 2.O le a
craft was co nstutda n is~ ben toe heJ u s
hii yes waci~ e he otl& ft e a himfE h-t shul tain deaie entuc~n a for 18 ,~ a a us:
eeae o h Nav Dpreun~~C byas~ eis wrffbe tho wohndehg.I h C ra wokwe Sen Blojk ande hto: z
sidar' I~n Iol I esii n talheaat l
A n, in~~ teresin him-thre ofthe use' as col wan wio hi.afwy
f ofU.Stel'hs owresre s andt~ of cutin acrssherruh o weds op h sticaeh calddwro orfl o 8 ihhA
Grneymenfns ,"Arni epansi of' himles Wea tos be da 'o a tYll
arid mqil' s' sent in care eom serocy~oh 'eh'~ o!iws a hrites 1 > ~ n y g by. Ai~ ti abf 'ii~~ 'o.r Eniclnose nis s *ts e c
whS.ere t o June, 1940,de t the ~end tongoe' oet io> ke' for' You red I ta4 to.w tyA h~ "e
maneuver sbosetht thera toai of U.d~- S. Cod n"S~wio~<' tikou a rund C oy, and eai fo s ar our cue low chrhsoe ot fmiig o atr
tel' oiett t tahqeih oeseas. Gov- gae- me Iwi won'ha~i ad ~ woetvd it be long ten w'll> ride oeter eag rsh o Jes byhis ol eny
~lp< ern o t o' h lh l al~ d ...e..n...
Y go every dolla tf rangemen she aasan' put bo.e rach togethr"' -brother Atew expew a a~ Jqu1-~I e
mre und s W a s be ofoud o wny "Race Wado l 'Nam .t ........t. .........f......... ~et 1 oGR
fudhed t hichmpthes wnihs a .~ rati So, ColeJf Cod waiteged. He stoo eth modest two Ofe s Tm wd do" not
t ~eads~r~t ad ~>'~11t~~ d~Q1i1~tlei>~~ae~ e, r eaninto agoist aeost sro singwliWufUw a~6lede ..e.h..........e...e .
Ca l nutr o~ 27c of priat funt Addes ...~ W ~ oey~e o~pl ol- n'-u'
toaie stlrety o fGorcment furngs so fa aes t cltc hn ar tight in i kiteng~ R~el hea tha~a t et em poreae a s......
Ithse ans o ea gr, am Un 'h.l Ste' -togtu cigrete gazin .t aig n But he' didk dopesna wr
private invsten wtte $2e2,0the00 as bot erds
compaied owth $43mok,00 pal GhovIen "oi~'If abatgudoed'right, nou knowtheralobby ag ehtebrightening, glitteri(teelJohn 6:3-se'9; $7o,00nding pede inithe progtra- a '>V to AC~1 b u~i 'ad "If Walro stee ri mn o the your e Mayd .' tribe d bncouie'a e ed
'Gtth0isnf~son afr, iotn
ouglms th e e itute 'Oleareth'W a the Ju odem nWakn insei.ivhis sleep :Hisat hr m ut eth -nietstetei- ayluchd19fgtn h
veiiyi t otime etnti ofy hand re twWiS ng witah eysweewidopn the .-sIryiphaf personalreethin ih, fu t iresis nnatsh c
an>hiiareenryrecivd issoti J" hden V tod- fond Sin orihda lack doa expresion rather,~ tHe dxeitc-hy wJss 'r ole's mn
si.Nneareethania~ yerst ke' eap i all hopeliof yousvaujdee~yak of d Cal oatr. ohes new vesels were three bat,~ni ~o4 eue ves'se systontei 'minan tobid comige~ h oe ihamn~ xde thr~ n jh> "ele o,~d t Cody," ~ ~ ig d. essig y cal ie hexarrf ae ds no 4oze
net waoaluche eind 16e08. Kitery ",Darns the outefitptp~ and al tha goes~l~ frappe the removedd ands hat~i nnd 'cuses 0d~o '
up ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ xlamdpasoaey red: copucls anhai ea ~r e4Rc l~s 9~r~>d pn 'a ieoitero,'ih tir. ld i ScipturButat oander cheth marinte, vn otletiae wherer' to Raget, aompin ed by whre an! sh an hofni~ r~lepgws fin as rough whus' h wi lln ton0n ase or 558,00ter
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Otherisa, her nsh~is ortoayl. 1obk. as just ths .w da old ~ kidhi3,op malcye out ahr onc ied a uer ' stad catan the 'ahoreiscl. Thee hnot 11n slps.i~.~asgoig'"elWirp"si ohreheo6 hdbndsd P Jesus.CY :The brogh Jhn andlo
ahis sold 'an ial hadot-d eoes Ltspl u fhro talkis ree l o fsmc ms~< bal the datsow seknwi e-hadsl h teta ome" I "I,- g "aIV It~ v'h w 'e to t e rd John said, ABh withi hisihI~lJg totq be ThetwIsrod ao
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es o str sth Cpti''u the te ir saddles v ary ii headie 42) The reso. is e givn te -i-Yuca heptpovd
< to ~Hen don hsnd onhe basdtmot a Hll, oy"hesi."ha''nd nfa's ha ooe peece Tegor>ela ttlensre pmpes up s orebad) andgitigfoc
'Armyio Sahaessih ofw th road. Bysoe starigh wnt tabl tup. brn brkn-u esin. ailin ephh
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hoed a 'v b as tesr ofites wuitd Hlnet wan -trn i r somven she what wate hear Murder folk threht call He A iileoo i t I, thlei~~r, ey ahe Maone-baak pays you bac T;7)*fo every utilizee islernin fao aatg puriset Learn $leatsn the en d of 10 years.o
Sheates aroy and retrne tode' thiosislta, a i far no hi ol n i hmalta
wcuntfor wrthefr use inethrnwag ofe' pokod, on a sagin shell. That inn itI gadot lodotalki Cal, thei" ing its on srakes ani mraeknort It as planne that Ihr mnow wait betr 'MI hado't abot Ronee s'm ple a es anW~r oatio AryAeit, savl He weI nt i horsef rod manrr~ hiensver taas beoe sadtopee thin but~r oft thdew'dst- Pbihdh o~easu15h:
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SPOJRjSMANS CORNER----- --5-,- --/'v"
A column devoted tothe
ineetof Jefferson County
~Wildlife and its preservation ~Edited by F.W Carroll. /
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iclerror, apooy for sae s ue
We, offer fr'orconsideration.
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saw nd ead jew htolearticle Uite 1,i okr etfed 'be ore*~ te 4 rna Committee on war production Senao Haq S. Trl(so ni poo) lsbee for -dt ihr- rn lc lr li b ~ lance rh ah ttettackotenem poition'ot of l a mmwt h
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afnfis made rig-h
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