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The Monticello news
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Monticello news (Monticello, Fla.)
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Monticello, FL
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January 5, 2005
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Weekly[ FORMER <1925-1965>]
v.58 no.36 March 26, 1943


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Newspapers -- Monticello (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Jefferson -- Monticello
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Began in 1903.
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Description based on: Vol. 23, no. 22 (Nov. 20, 1925).
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Gateway 'to Florida H MN T CL0 LRD
.1ADAGUIA pete tovXv-Moiiel:t.s'ci
Sales of edibl~e fats1 and oils whih inarffl Arm Ai Fil .aiJc~ovleFa, ac 2 T
will be rationed 4e4' FTr & I NA end. 'l
have bee b~anned durin- the week Mr' or11n n lria iy
of marh e -28>in~ order to giv eA
lrir hanee to get in suplies.1, 'an aito medjii ti Is
During this weekbutter, lrdmar- EE A ED .... idsriuin'ofmle
~~~~~ ......o c -.m s a ap l e,~.. . i~ \~
not be sold, Sales' of cheese ain'd E t all1 in sjio ~ing -wilt their & re Scoo Band play at -Corlo redu sces h r ,i
t aps ini War. Rationi Bok Two ho MAR' 'keigA eiasFligFi-pdrt
when the ne pro-ram, g'oe into -AM SttW lae or o eea,
efec next Monday, Mr.~ LuisJ 4r UJAN In aditio to coi'Iein of ~ the peall'frth sevc men braos Picpa n stesal
is, hi1an,,f te Jefferson Cun- MEDNIA seOUZul of acdei an p aiei Vait ffos-Vv viala
tyRtionl B-oard, pinted out, TURTI-Na tiuin
Although rte ration list inchudesT N~I
-~~~h Amoue ofa~i good That~4 isa UerJ
an mi$any chess as well as short T ARRHIAE IPA o hscltaiigta a cn
f hngs an' salad oil, Abutt and,~
margerine canned fish and mny i 1isa,' l mrc.r'ode.t ildsrbto lfrm oiie
othe hoswf w des 4he shop- T~ Amria couns pessi," fradi Tu ia nd-edobeort elglei'iuingtws
colum ofrjl i ~~~~ t te Briis <8tii iAmy in th outh -heaten 'to either pincer TOMAS HANCOCQ -anoncd tsince althsfoods wlbe re--~ Rm eor cae'i upteoast On lot unosed erapica A O PL E te iysn oraadn
tioed-Vwith asingl1e set of sta ps contingent ha s se beon -as tak E i etar oi te roa oo h rgan it ad r h
~a tebusyf ho'ewv>e w'll v .-v Gbs rth nkey tothe vice,whl eodYn ouam at tocnsul only on taleo values $endad lerilneoSfx Rorm l aiiig en rleinhlsws f a noi Aito ae e-e ~ h'rben ftaso -.
-,,hr nede, and rob iri
an fthse foods willcostIn ii~n the Sd i' Zid aea. ek'pelgt tann orei
reitration c any kid as
e ~ ~ 1eii ceate ebut,
W en atoning beis h 'irns _PRAYER~ ME TI GS eh In week f6 flin wa rodtfn haenedce, n
Ily et andaij Deedto sch,
e~~s~qs e&4~iS '~riie ~ ~ o
poes ofiers hei~ ; already ten tha surlu~crdod eIs~t ~Cop oe othertl nrnce of te Na:ep ze
dcf a 'tann A"lf a'r as te fre
wilreini in ou~s t al ns Gr .E
ndc' All~ th e~a h_ irn, of~i M''ad Mgai'i yc
.ata of 80 cent upon i ci n n-a
Motgrey on~et Thusda night ph i es b i place
post~ ts, tro th Sa Antni Aviationu~
forApil II A ri 1 1i4,Lt ~o 'c~lock.~ Evry n Cdt Cente' r fof clasiiato -adeeieoeHatsllbeaueie
'bin) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i a invite qutntn attena thes p utwiea4ao, otir h p
Th. s e of~1~ tay red sand spe rmit oein an et ray Oh rci-re ttanng O D- O K
retailer -to makei "cangeS in biain h'ooss eod efii$ nepiiee blrn
Hacok A6chool. Flh"s -rawasp ami
ABtE AVIaETT thinou officer from FlnffdA feurl li R1Jcmodte
amt ost vai stmp -e atik orenw avilbe s o ut t
s~t t sihtan te.oeverryl b reai 'a on be of r U. le f re e f-ttfl
in] aleurchprsecutilon -pon e ,r bdobers at-~ n s-' e 0i~~-n1z
thet coutey" 'eusune, aser theye -dt d bas i thelun h gram, sai
stamp nof~ aseris ofurbestl val~rid ar fo cane gods' Pon e TRINN CETE Sra ia aPaciaii.n Not 'te' nen
mayd be mayd fe thsurp to'some 'Th ej~u cut ntm ii be- Id' ttei boubin fainsins (countt rthe,1 enro ba~a6 A dog wetmdo heM/~-o eaT-AttND 'd ePA
Darrih Path o~ re to 1w0t -eei Or ite brn tine~ decrTe alhv do7, not.;-I vtd'v Abe -vret -mandA~f aa' RATIONIN Regn ot.i atclr eDTSd
ma maye beriomes neesar to esta'brfosh ea mlar quratiefo te IRTPI7UEp F OMsDIAL /inoai. t s sbrsqedvi- nehdSn ertokeppaepi
Is,, Jr.,~ and asn~y, Fla.,d \ari~ cre asthererl o ti cut
the coity< rdr tonemin i Gena;, flow-Pase r, t esrshenro hes ues wil rbe h 'ste ou ntry ~ of the~e Wtal s hs evrsepttg) to d wasvi eray t ihel~ pors ~~ ~nia
th dngr o urpope ndto~l 1iorcopsofth~ ~rvizoFavr& aches through rns -,in n Cte n. tet nRverontirwy' eW vetie o 'o a rch' 22plants aues,
chane. Cusente ange camn;de diffret 'ad hswre rsrs l n oraf thni from ian pics oelding cits, argalmet n of ph'otso.r imn mthe~~rt.]os'o if ra
-riig in~5 -ia 4pl Mac A9 Fist dy o ~
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in ths conectin tht thy mus 1-nal r etwee difernt grde ti -r -cti, ,sopn o et n as e

The Moiticello News, Monticello, Fla., Friday, March 26, 1943
Eighty -hree Days'on a Raft in Atlantic Perfect WAAC Bird Embroidery Will
D y on a.... aLend a Cheerful Note
About New Yornk. Release dby Wster NwVppe Union.
Wall Street begins with a graveN
yard, enids in a river and once was f rsay
a sheep pasture .. .Make your own 0 ing for '"Mrs.: MiniveV' wisecak One of the besi food Greer Gargon was lanocked
spots is the Telephone Company's down. in a street scene 1y a
on ore tor s boy on a bicycle. On the first
conveniece of phone workers, but
common folks:1ike the rest of us are day for "Midane Curiet" she
admitted . Fora whiff of Brit- was knocked, down by a camish atmosphere tak a walk along era peraiibtatort "Maybe it's a
Thames Street 1It is where ye olde good omen," said'she. 'But I hope
chop houses and taverns are locat- I never start a picture ina scene
ed, as well as architecture patternied with a locomotive! Nobody was
after Lonont's side streets. (And surprisedwhen "1is, Miniver" got
doi't forget to bring your monocle, the Acadery Award-for the best
IMr. Jessel) The gred door picture of 1942' it was especially
at the top of the githaid stairway /god ewto 1jo illiam Wyler,
on the mezzanine ihl Madison Square o direch- recently directed
Garden leads to the most exclusive, the fihning of the bombing of the
club in towri-for the Garden's own- German" ss at Wilhelms.
ers, stockholders and friends. haven.'
-It also has a library, a taproom and
a cocktail lounge . The large Introducing the perfect WAAO, Nnopular radio,
pew in St. Paul's Church on lo*er Jane A. Whitemaln, liretty blonde 21- night club a motion picture*
Broadway has the coat of arms of Redue to skin-and bon4e by hunger, thirst and eiposur.e, Cornellis year-old employee of the fuselage singer, has been placed under longthe T. S. because it once was occu- Van Der Slot, of Rotterdam, is helped by a II. S. sailor aboard a navy tail department of Consolidated Air- term contract by Columbia, and will
pied by general Washington and his patrol boat off the Brazilian coast. Van D)er Slot's two con anions, Nick craft corpolqationFprt Worth, Texas.
family. But you may sit in it Hoogendant Viaar Dinger, glolland, left, and Basil Izzi, South arry, Mass., She has just passed physical exgather up their meager belongings prepaiatory to being helped aboard aminat ion for the WAA9B with a Our town doesn't produce n the rescuing craft The men, surviors of five who reached the raft after score f 10 p r cent, and was deOunon oentpou e he f0
'thing to eed, clothe or arit us. their vessel had been torpedoed, were Adrift on the South Atlantic for 83 blared by examiling physicist the Ever Eg we 1se is shpedi. . ays. They existed on raw fish, owfand ralin water whicb they managed first to fit pefectly We WAAC ihysoncap get eest viewv of Lih to catch from time to time. (Official navy photo.) ical-specificatiois. 'eigt 14, bust,
rrajestic steel p oetry of the G Wash-- perfect 36.gton Bridg fo the Cloist s at OHit4 O
ington,~~~~ Maked Goods -or Battlefronrts, 0t ~rha 77~For Tonao ngt- Drivezs 'Leae it,-t 4S Calto Spring-in- charmyou breaess. (Y se it, Her105th rthday F bird o rm-rn your hbed
Cong. iHoffmarO Piman's,-a spread! The birds perch, fly, flut-,
pubonSouth Street, containsall the ter their wings and look real,
lutsty flavor .that you seemi Westerni 'enough to burst -into, song. Each
- movies.. A New Y9 ge4/hpnot- has a different flower background
travel dar to find ntra wonder- -a chance for color!
fle may enjoy themby sunply walk- tt: q :. < c sr p,
mg along the Hudson--more beau Pattern 7487 contains a transfer pattern
tiful, we are told,,than the Rhine of eight 55's by,51'2 mch motifs and eight
i le1 the smaller, motis; stitches; materials need*
or, Danub '~ T lentl ateteNAyWNoI
Hotel Taft is so codsmo1politan, many N NN& d. Send you r order to"
of the aids and, clr ther are get a star build-up. She's already Sewing circleNeedlecraft Dept.
reqi spe severe s been given the top role in the neW 82,,Eighth Ave. New York
h e falsn e as te foudi musical,, "Rhapsody iii A Flat,", ~ ~ ~ it~
*7 *: 1 9. muica, "Rhasodyin' Flt."Enclose 15 cents'(plus One cent to
Chmnatewn cellars, were pree ed to.. cover cost of maillmg) for Pattern<
mark> 4iyiding -inies between diferaT An actual attack by British Coast- No ...............
...3...1 ,; Ial Command planes ont Nazi raiders Nil
in northern waters -is -shown in
For sime unknown reason, wom "Coastal Command," 'the factual Address .............................
en are admitted tothe mei's bar at, film released by RkO.' It was made
the Paza o ethe Stockixk by the producers of "Target for Tochange os g .. Those caves in n e British navy co-operat- Foultall of Irculy
Central Park were once homes of ing.
lpirans. pt e of the moi in -The Mercury fountain, exhibited!
able proe rtym i towng is na Mr Anna Marie swaId Iber If y6u think you'ie busy, consider at the Paris Exposition in 1937,
herAbout to cut the cake she cele. Anna Lee, one of the many stars of spouted mercury, the liquid metal,
Morgan buys.scoffee on Maiden brates her 105ik birtliay at Harrl "Forever and- aDay.' While work- stead f water. ncidentallr, this
Siton card, of course, son, N. Y Irs Iuber was born ing in "Commandos Strike at Dawn" display had to be heavily guarded
.ein Switzerlid in 1838 and came toshe turned up at the RKO studios because the 34 gallons of mercury
'oel M' tisshiemny f th i .i.os and elatives ae in the armed foces, America in 1881 at 10 -everynight and worked till required to operate it cost $17,750.
tr) resells gemsA -ntain lo inmates of San Quentin, Calif., prison have turned to war work within past mdniht i
-the grim gray'walls of the very institution which keeps themrom joining
-inscriptions. Mementes of dead ro- T.:i
mances.. The Simese Consu i the fighting. Much of the goods now produced in.the shops and yards OF L family. The 'only stipulation she,W
latehas the softest nap. Nevrhas of the prison now go to use on the farflig battlefields of the world. made was.that, after finishing her
to take care of moe than a half These men are stripping insulation from o1d electric cables brought to day's workshe must have time oR
dozen S meser tiori nas -.the prison from civilian scrap piles and from the battlefields themsIelves. pt e o b s b i r0hiIS
HapsbugRetaurant onf5thStreet, 0-,. chit
gitl heo gae d a ha w h Nw Robert Hayme also got a Colum- Creomulsion relieves promptly behatrI og ibia break. With time for only one cause it goes right tothe seat of the
-Town>. .~ ch- -o t aalore film before be iaducted into oubllae lo, enn expe
lege is a nice place to st but the army, he was removed from the to soothe and heal raw, tender, innlgt iso a live plac. e But Te e epe*lead of "Doughboys in Irelayd"- flamed bronchial mucous nmemnot to live int. But- more people rplc~T1 ou rg1t osiy~
e e and replaced by Kenny Baker-and bra T your gist it se yu
whe e in the world. assigned to the romantic lead ,i derst a dng you must like the nay it
Two SenoritasFrom, Chicago, the quickly allays the cough or you are
two senoritas being those two very to have your money back.
ra 4 gh o dlooeny',ldis, Jin Falkenqburg and CRE M UL I N
raid on Tough Touhy anld "Basil Joanyl Davis~ ak ugn1 CREOt M ULSION
Ban art in Chicago John Edo for Couzhs. Chest Colds, Bronchitis
gar ovr, leading heraid in thThat Charles Boyer production, so
-pitch black night, gun in handi, acc- aly titled "lesh and Fanta~
ihas al'ew anc bete ttl F A l
r ...The G-Man's suirprise-yo canW Know." Rober Cumings and 'Id~~ hFER U a~ PAI
well inagine-was au staWling aso e n With a edice thawilProve Itself
the pussf'sl Betty Field have been .given the If you suffer from rheumatic pain
romantic leads in, the fourth and or muscular'aches, buy C-2223 today
But what we stated out to report final sequence. for real pain-relieving help. 60c, $1.
was a comment of Banghart, who Caution: Use only as directed. First
saidw hMr. Hoover,opase send me New Yorkers haveulearned that egiepurchase pi e refunded by
to Alcatraz.\ I hate where I was!" the place to ,be caught during : a
. .VMr. Hoover asked: "What's blackout. is a radio studio--instead
wrong with it? It has a nice, big, ofturning their guests lose to vait FOR UICK RE
stone Wall, to keep oujt the riff-raffl" in the borriders, the'stars turn to
. To which -Banaghart whined: and put on a show. Burnls and Allenl,
"I don't like it there. Too mapiy .A picture out of atn anciehit world, the "Di$T's Taverny folks andthe Asoothtiag
thieves. Thy re~ thie worst card- primitive tools,. Bullock carts a~ n mebrs of 'The Aldrich .Family" ANTitEPTICSAL E
~heat~af ail" -- -hand labbr, but all -s necessary tp can all pre a stierb extem~rane rasd by *Whousands with satisfactory fre
You've pro~ably read it hefore. the modern scheme .of things, pay. oins shoaw when thie sirgns Scre fm. ults 40i aYiS-lZali' iardt
Yht~ owepoal edi before. ticularly war, for -here is being con- -*-- Spr lock-Neal co., Na finge, Tenn.Thtshwwe -got it. But it b -og structed -an air field for Ambricain Astraniger. in -Culver Cijy might
her, w~e think. It's too good for the Helen Sh ek s th hldlhamint employee shown at the ma- fi ght er, b om nber an d tr antp or t tikthat Leo, the Lion has turnedopposition, anyhow~ t hine ~(left jliat gives th~e new one-cent piece its raised and. Protective planes. A yotung girl laborer prize fightpiomoter. Fiy bi ne 011UWOMEN WHO SUFFER FROMI
---- It's the one about. the cook on a edge.. li e con,\ composed -entirely of solid soft' steel, :with a zinc -rests -io e crude tool. Broken bo ers are working> thees. Freddydetoewowssoosaic.p~ng IC heldcpercin hchptand9prgntopr tnuetomkabefrteStei ecidl ei kgihsU TI
The Captain, -on the bridge, was 4 j#er cein sinc andl 1 per cent tin. Jack Kastrin is shown (right) at- the landing strip, is brought in by wom- been coachn Rihad Carlson for,
a cold and hiungry.- He sent a IA. -be- coin stamping machine. The- machine jpioduces the Lincoln head on/one, en 'who carry it in baskets uipoin their s"The IVMan Down Usder"; MVaxie I o uermhthsdzt low to .bring bak u ple an- .side anthem On cent, Inited States of America" oin the o verse side. heads. -Rsenbloonts working in Right nassu ltof ireultite res
an-eg awc. .o th ofn About Face, as ~ are L~ow Nova and wea] nervous irritable, biue at
a tabl un the copl ofhnaa-41I 6 S O Stomah'- Pitches Ho teelo~e i~~ut e o"oa efn; Sf- Lda Pta'syg(
-egg sandwiches -for -the Captain, 'eree, is technica ad-se. abe Copoid th-em ziw
pront.ol he barked. aec ns qcaL eday'stian
"Ohlhbh!" giroained the agonized. So lar Jean Galbin's Amercan pig. inccompound tuss helped
. coldzit lok a foo. Peasego rd -of -the French -on~es ihat ,made toms. 'ollow label dfrec inkniawad~ aaaatay!"- les g hign fainous. --But it -looks as'-if hehascmonisorttyng
-"Don't you know what will happen mgtme dy e' thate isato -reles
if you don't?" asked the Lt. sumrmer ~0h e's obtain d i ese"What can happen-what can hap.- -fstrm b 20; ery9-Fo an twlob
pen?" groaned the-cook. starred-- -- -- -- -- --by--- -- -RKO--- in a- picture tobe P
"The Captain wil come down heewritten and produced by Dudley -*
and shot you!" : Nichols, -and directed by J-ean Re- C
"Ohhhhh," was the -retort, '"I- noir, which -looks like a perfect cam- --{
WISH HE WOULD!" --# '--.--bination.- -The reason the National Press 4/-- -- .--ODDS ANDENDS-Kay Kser an~d his
Club again did not hold its annual band have startedl their third year of en-Service nixed it. Tradition demands Ithe. first two years they quire signing of a -waiver -to al job . .. Alec Templeton gives a half-houir minirights 60 days after the Armistice -~Bob Feller, one -of the finest base- -ature concert -prior to is broadcasts .. "
.. OPA men are visiting swank b.- -~all pitchers of the era, is now cap- -Pred Allen is the only man who has been
spots to inspect food stck andtain of a 40-mm. gun crew -aboard master of ceremonies on radio's two big.
"hoarding, if any" -.. Averell a new battlewagon. -Bob joined the gest quiz programs- 'Take It or Leave It'
- E arriman may inherit Winant's They're a hungry bunch, those fighting sons of freedom on the steam- navy as physical instructor but later and "Iformation Please" ... Ginny Simhms Get into Action~
London post if. Winaut enters the ing island of Guadalcanal. Photo shows Cooks making flapjacks to be applied for gunnery school. Here he has been- named "the girl with whom a F ul ic
Cabinet. sent in hot containers to the troops at the front. -- is, j)in and all, beside his gun. paratooper' would most love to be strand. OFuNVcOryI
* ed iapaachue."- -

TIhe Monticello News, Monticello,. Fla., Friday., March 26, 1943
+FRS.. +D Here's Easy Wayto NN
to the Make Draw Curtains sv L IA
AILING HOUSEIT IS easy -o make draw curtains {
1+ By ROGER B. WHITMAN +wihtextrsiZ1epus
Boge B hitan-NU eatresa~ pair o~f large screw-eyes,' some
you may not be able o Irepace woh r Oilo'Aoivebyar s ng cord.
~rki~hushldeu pmet.This is war. The~ screw-eye e~ placed jutst ve,.
government Priorities come first. So tk care of what you have as well as YOU ro~ds;enu the s: cr a thog
osibie cn;tdJhio ou by the~ homaeown A6r thruP L..xA2.
C o o Is S #e n s y U o A L A R T I L E t e s c r e w e y e t h r i~ g t ; t h e n
PLACING A GUTTER crisphroughathe rings, enotting iteto
SHE-EA gutter along Yeetl,i Platter: mt AR CORRESPONDE through things -an he scrw
A hedeoaroof should dbe set Bi S in 61o e t -og
frenough out from .thie Udge to B r.n .....~ thearns ntig th the right
catch' the water that runs down M" 'Tl-ut ring at center.
fromr the roof; if it is too close to the, Cole Sl~ ,Potto Salad ii
edge, water will run over. it, and if Hot Bicut '-,Hne InW rswrig adth rih 0" we n
iis, not far enough out, thie water al~ oe
mnay go between, the edge of theBv>ae nm e as g
roof and the gutter. At the same 5.RU o THOG ...
'time, the outer. edge of the gut- uianI UIe~Itur-Thog Speia aIIan n SCREWU~ EYE
ter 'should not' be higher than thie twp~t~?a4etrekigjcl
slope of the' roof. If it is higher, it 0T'Bare f ~oe los. P~
'will act as a dam't catchO UOW and for~~ i~L'ol'pe~n ~ta o~
i~ce. When correctly placed snow ar4 n hO~iWh e ~pdfo ~ h .,sloxw~?, TOOf
ice will Slide over it; when not cor- slaw. SC4100YEtathne1o(
rect, water will back against the 'If hot saw is you favorite edish, ing set of, circusacsb hc d%&OX~ PtiVow dam and ~flood: upward.' The pool here is~ the ideal dring for it: C eecp '
that-then forms miay. work its wayHoSlwai' under the roofzig and leak~through 9egg yolks, slightly beaten ed s
tothe inside. The sizes of the ..cpvngr. q hswo e toure anod ofdepede pie ara....o / cup cold wate can say little, This is the thr i-A T
.ofthe roof: that is to be drined. Ur~e a lemon juice dressing for and1~o~u~r e Ahow a willv psrie I cough, s
Chimney Sweats these orange slices, salad 'greens- I talepon'sgar e~W ia y~t#e &M
Question: The chimney in m~y old and toinatoes, thus saving oil for Y2 teaspo(T aW nobw of th 600,000 tha were one tekos Sew'safet pist the.
house swat'i the stairs part other househoI uses.1)~ii~d a g ther~e. backofthe curtains saoae that~v ouey
sweas up a~ji~te present constipated conditin. Meet
of the 'hall, rining, the paper and Ou o' Combine egg 'yls wae an I, who lived- w ih thetruh mybfaendqikyote hs pblm ir hrugyb
tractor advised~ gypsum wallboar green grass ad4 tedrSoots onl Cook on low hat ni hceefthml er ins oterFrihsDul-u s r
mak ring striwpll wnih an air the trees that let yo 1iow s'p HichSc' cdhstantly: ?.nthvend xthutb liis stv i
over fIrnstrpwt a i ~ stirring cnttl.Add cabbage matyrdom. Anythig I may sa OTE-- The cran honhrr
space between. What do you sug- on the ing., but indoor ou can do andeheat. wie about it is i n~ r frf BOOKs Ie a f 15h'e seri avaleo 0odra netia oi aa
gest? bl*lts n'rspsld oyu With thie absence of pneapple of- who died, a' tribt to- the courage contain 'dircin fo main cutis orghyp bt tonlazebwe
Ifbd~ o~~ a ~~ ten tse0a, we, like soethnoaddriain of thosewh are for various rooms1; alo cutin an mCaQkl
appear on the surface' of ,the walueto'ietrns.tosld.I.sillvn.-Ijol''ihthmina drcin.o;besras rsigD,.thoirsLxtv, Pw r
techimney may' be too large for Salad d vegetable plates areh folowinig recipe you~ can. us prae fo anwwrdiiwhel "t ad lpcv'T'I3u the furnace youa are using, causing trlth.fs. habngr ofspring aop send tam good advants diettetmcGs edce 'ta
adowndraft of cold air that chils whn i~t comes tof huma bens ferdt(biiiuns, hncue
the wall. Check the furnace manux aking XR8 AUHWEH 'ER bynu-paimUeonya
fa~nn -rr' reomndto -Loctio Aheh Ghetes,
size of the flue. If yours is tooplarge, yo'vebiee seav a _H t het psysi
reduce the sizedo the opening. on top saw incude thead oldes anIi
of the chimney. If there is an ac vgtals i ngh 1/ cu rpfutjiedeeirtdscin of thcta ie...... ....i..
cumulation of- creosote that seeps spinger yout with 14 CUP vnegr ditit'talabe'nysr
thogh the -yc~ol our onlyM U C L R
emedy is to bufld a ne chuan~ey cup z-an ~io
r over if th-e trouble is only wit icio1xs ndEfUhM pc p bbQ om11e
condensation, the contractor's ide color from whc ticoose. Add cu chopeom g thfruou
aymine withoutc~ry Aeea habitabl buld ohe~iatd ofp of Deh e Sornes an Stifnss
Covering a Steam Boiler' vegetables on a single. 'latte r foreight t oneprpagon
Question: Our steam boiler is 'saladscntd yu over mny Aed ndcrrt,- rpfruit fj bi adnwsicue4eid h ryneiowsrikn- huai ce n an.Bte
bare to the iron, anid we should like me~atlesas. Ten too than an ol-ahoe mustar plasther~A o
to cover it' with' asbestos. '.How brin ieqikni iais-n enr-ihe ihcl'a~."ICi11 oacs otervrbns h hhg~rhprta a'-ef
should' we go about- it'? milneral to.,you die to help get moe ewshoptlteLiea
Answer: 'Mix 'asbestos cement ,rid of waeifter 'scbesJws yao an h'l.Po,-teog;iy:s
thoroughly in a tub, or similar can- you may yae accumulated inyorPes m welftusi.
tainer, using onlIy enough water to systemn! 1aiy,'Slad with load of cuchil h aswr eo u (r es'ee~guo h ni
mke ~a workable mixture. At least eakin Wih "cl Ogl ci-a ~ofviw hna d
two~ coats should be applied Put on prib1lem of dressings, and with that fashionedlnac atac f esI-s.
aone-inch first coat and* a half- the scarcity of44ft o na oils., LtueSialSlad. ignadeqatehuig an RIAIN F
inh second. 'coat. Apply the~ frt Tere of 'everl-lteonai:s th f~hea )~fue e ~ the 'dco IlllyL'tJ t
coat wih our'lad o~r aplasterer's frt ofwih, bsemo juice ethe e a tnad ol~aete e r ogigt,~ cepnpls uf~ baked) n
trowel, leaving a rough surface. A Y2ne pon spithc a'ltrul anbituntlo of- mea J4PWk sp ohi, Nul'boe-~~ .,Mlin eiv
towel iwouild be handy for sratch dresig for fut sald. I teaspoon~ salt ed to msscre'half aml- Pivat Je s o en Direc actioe aids
ing 'the srae When~ the first -yu lp likesiml 3/ teaspoon pepperlinpoe'utgh.hig0
clti ary~ dry, stetch ancl fase vinegar desing-t-j4 st atouch 2 hard-cooz.ed eggs "Not~i1at~ gong eye a ie! cewie..ce.1c 5,50 ie.2 er ucs.
oslanpeprThsprsu, Icusur ciee.oo Moeybak h'aanee ghff Via in d
c hicken ire netting' o er t h e s s ''p p r. T perkcil ar it e6 cloaii versh d octor Irs o si th ought I w as iea s g i goo sop. E j o f nou '
faetot hod e trcowt. Te doe flaors in veeals inxesiey a season viegr ovrtersosblt sbs y Ta a h nything that kept Black an White Skoap daily.
fon cothoulde trcoat.ele down too! ~ ~ eii~y could. The president' wasaMr meli."
hardand 'smoothed as it dries. -Ci.and chop sinacha~nd let- Czeniakow, a fine mn. iI say 11was"?
'4 ~ ~r fr c r~s 0t{C C ei f Adsat ,pepper Vlea d advisedly, because' a few'weeks ago diatfie v p'rc~
- po seg'emd tJ nea01cbiapped ha~rd-cooked eggs to % cuip we learned that he cornitted sui- onie tobacco as 'an aid to osgof
Qjiestion:. What, is the best spot since of other oils. Long used in of the source Juti tbefoe serv. ~ee~rnn ietd '~nog~ra~e ore
~rmvrfrmns anns,~,p- reductio its, mineral oil4 makes a cid when the German dietetuc aogou rmdfocs.CL
remove spot m 's arme 4ntsla 'nce of- ~ ,o,~ih spring sd ou spch, tue ad, re him to draw up a list of 10000O 'peo- Surnveys among the men them-66
wnt to have the entire garment It isnot' absorb~ed by~ the body, so if s ~l od rain elves hav shown that tobacc isSAVE
clecaned merely' for 'a' single bad you're trying to gain weight, b~e sure thei fa11O~id o~vorite gift. If you have a q6ouG DROPt.
spot. Albsns ihteotiewrl ,eqo eaiei h ry Try "uI-M smT a Wndrfl Lnien
'to include other fats for body use. ha t6 b handled through the Com- YAnswer: The kn ofremov*er Ifv Matnes oron Coastu Guaarod'I
would depend on 'the nature of th' 'a recipe which r~ quires only a half mksapp
stain; egg, coffee 'or ink for in cup of 'oil an~d a single egg' yolk. awn notfo egaonulityb mor >a ha
stance, would require different treatmnt than grease' spots. You 'can Cooked Ml~ayonnaise. .ow fi deeply across od lies. A vcir e tobac.Pric Abrt h
get~ excellent preparaitions, even for IJ tablespoon buttrwrd' ags*sligsmkn o
taking 'out lipstick stains at and goodia -wre oi esppos
drugstore. Many tailors an1d d4ry / CU War Meddb oadae sa AHIeETHR. OMC ATE
cleaners can "spot" clean a suit; las time ,e5p seealtrmht&6d.O PED N OS
thiati's, take 'ut 'a sp~t'without teas[po pepper -v,
cleaning the enti'e garment. 1/ teaspoonh mustard
Poplar Roots 1/4 teaspoon paprika ftes n
~ Question I" have 'three 12 year- o14 eah~ten mor FrtheNu
poplar trees in" my yard. Their 12cu taladon eio
roots 'have 'grow a'boutAQ30feet to-. Poad.,admrigs"ewe
ward the housee4 tandIam afraid Mvelt butter, blend in flour. Add 'A MELtSp sd they soon will' cause damage to the water slowly and cook~ until thick- eihfla i ok ndadelnt ovd
house. "I Dlan' to cut off these 4bdng cried. Col hnadd~ saltmsad -f ligt( liar fn, vdo rfhpquf- t nln i~tiiv n ail......------A ETERA

Jeff erson Count ty, Floria, is hereby 'N IC O 1IDT6 -Judge of Jeffersoni Cuity, Florida, which thisCl order shall b publine (1933 Pr~bate Act, Se,119,10 sai Cont at Mon o~tIico, Fl oa
PUBLISHED EVEHRY FRIDAY reulrl oNITe eachweek Sor four 1, the Co'r it~ t within eight calena months from
cosctv weks 'eferonCunty, Flor~ida, In P~ro- the time of the first publicationo
MONTICELLO AD1VERTISR Wiftness: TWhe 11onoraF4es, E. C. bate. this ntice. Each claim or demand
Esalshd16 Love and W. iMay Walker, JTudge as In r' -sat of Gehorb i writing, and shall state
MONTICELLO~ COSTTUIO well, as Clyd H.L SaiiI& Clerk~ o~f said teplaoe of resideeian pos ofic
M~Etalised187 Cur ndth Sa of said Court -at .Dced address, of th1e claifnanft, and sil
Moniiello, Florida, this 2nd ay fr~ Aorl t(rdr p ~r~sq'gb o by thIe clainiit,hs
CCle t ~ainms' D emads kginst Sa 'gent, o attorney, and an such
(SEAL)LJ~ CE~198(LYDEH SAUL Jte,: claim or demand not so filed shale
C~T'4.~4 ~lerk Circuit Court JefroCu-Yu and each o~f you, ar beb void
ty, Florida. noffied andreqire to present an ii- V IHP
lerkL yuay hav agans the GeogT Bishop, deceased.
Soicto fori Complinant to yh 2-19-4t
Flx WIL -------- ---4 4 X,
County~or andao the' TonofMniclo
Entered a Monicels Ps Oierh ~ t( c l ~~94F ~
as aiUmtter~ of thea Secon Clasb
~~~~f CuKs1i ~nt o Q 1OJ~r# J
NewBuilinge Dowe ,Sdt eo
Sixson ths ----------- on eLOW
Edior :fromThe 1Mantia ord
kHerad Mcialy peop 1943. e U1,~
Titn iner isprio ait other fee' o
7, i haraw the~ the 1yer.Vsln he goesy
waiA g 141 ceftiic ffi delinie nquaI.
rtions~r pro erte ofronee Whot isP raiv z reu~~t- ~~f~~Y 11f
oneetdi prtesig hiss invest- ikeet
poerey 'tis onuymer a-under'pr1o- Met shoul mae w ime 41iQs~
vims of the14 lxpNr yrui la ll x
inad h ve1 ulee potte C ca
lvy'nud tat the a is invt ed seqi hitakemns0 his ial_0Ar
yoteli' laftdu yourt-a heue lawyer
'yoTh t is 'o ie al It'st crn~s es
pered~~~~~an tothruiuck'st~sevc? in ise -hnd facte losud nit clr nhsArpryrgt.VCoknrtt ie
DON'Tdln rivs il ur a~*y h Teiqui iIr fir U AIIhTA Chevrole dea chFR ET3roapqthad
MI Choc RLLcaio ur IYIhII1R 11111aes
-,be~~~~~M A C 28 29hne o a nnVpstecs.-Tepo e Pc~lMs .Amsn

1i-1v1a e 0r 0ik Ms 1~.-Ewid CELEBRATES BIRiTHDAY' SEEK RECRUITS /~RHHfEJ\
So ia Actviie Llyd Floida anonetema-MslnnMlenertaineld at Womn~ of Jeffer~ou County who VHE1 LW
*>Matter or copy for the Social, Column to be sent to Miss Hkeen M2. riage oft their daughter, Edna Earle; a children's party in lJwnor of (heir volnteer fr the WAVES, r PR Bjl4owen, Phone 9-11. not later than Tuegday of each week to Adiatn Cadet Franc~is M. Sher- daui-tur, Ml'ia Roa On] hbr sv -will probaibly reeive Itheir basic ____________________________________________________________ man, 'U. S. Army Ai Forces, son f t enth birthday, Solurday afternoon, tt'ni I at. oe of several colleges,~tEA rI E .
ar. Nilhola F.eti Nh. Shema Ofe inrs heran4. Ioore, on. Muber stret h ~ ~ I~au d t 'was pointed ou by; Miss, Mary FIA zSTRA
Mr.~Masa Nihoa Slhem whe v-it Outdoor games -were ejoe dir 'Clis peilNv ecutrfr
o- ee 7Plantation, entertained~ with a dinws.~lxit b-~ale J oon and~ colored a-, Mici el-r ui~f&~AtkA his'parents, 'Mr. and 'Mrs. A S SEEN -lL
cumY, -recentlywa s rnferred to ineoft lat Saturi' Tihe guests E. 'Bre at 7: i the evening, loon 'ere given asfvr. ae, '~ Uialy,T fiv wek ae required S V IE Z~d~V t tFROM ALCARAZ PI-diadelphia, Pa., upon retuninig Jfrom IMonticedlo- w~r Mrvis. J. >13, at.1 Q y o ~~~~ g li~b itt e~l i~ ii .ri,~ toi Chicago. 'He is nowv receiving Brinson, Mr~s. T. B. BirdA is. S. D- Lady ofvii Perpetua Hop Cadn'Spiigro hrrigthis
a daviieed ragio training at Philco's Clarke and Trs. L., R. Raie. C.i iol vy Ile WiEST#orTHEiLAW ~
-Airbornje School in Plilaelphiai Th brd wasaired in a. smar n or"bd an uc onsoTmMco,
-/ Among the students~ atoa th onesd T, P~
MisEey Klarc pent last State Colege fox iWomen spending t Iac eoDN CAMEand
week enid in Live Oaas the ge4 ast~we inhi homesis eere we~ Ejoying this -eihflprytheir room- "the dc," th wall
buds youngd frens andes~r th wiasw g iitexs'
Patterso an ofhln Turnbull. Edwarrds4 sister ( AUDY1 .M
was the ,guest, recenly, of-M~iss Ella P~rofesoKent Wilis of TALE OF MANHATTAN, iis ~ jgj'ony~~
GTIRSTDeD Cri Stves asiye Emerson' ~
grJe~..een 'it blac accesories, be, sen toschoos fr tdy i teei
~Miss MartlhaWilson of Pescl r rJ lli .Mr ad rsad'wore a rae ofTism~an Ih 'oye ,~gf w In- ate aet
ink Wil Im Thre yer agoP~I those- tw e c
--eu;~~~~w ,dThe bridegroo 'id~ as his bont formots
g~r I~t uet tMsAilas nSna.Rqieersfrelse~es
and~ Soterr for2~ a~ seepa t' a woul cu h iIEgo AHTA
go Asal ofic itsd Be Of3~ year of 11i sell 01o
CA* Luh LIN Ptce mebes of thrdesimeit
theipu tablou fa s of its drmtco 9 ons
24th enivrsr )xseii
Sale~dh end Satrd
Thursday afotnoo owr Sanford toeiW o ihpi _C. osn
just of 57s prodrsrs Originally isn- hi tuswcktid~ b>t et '
aC~-1htbg~ tten twhe ey Club 4 ovnin ftebde OKCU'(oba
somge it. The'film ha bee hailedn~
s Muc diffe Offed" on Suda- at -rsn 21MlsSreCm
tradejel as4 "on'~ off the greatest
rol niea4h heb-~cr prize,~$ Mr'coRC 31 APRI a1,ou
-~~e~t wejir 10,v,~ anq the Coating'lefr 'C~
Rtobokofaldcaepe- SEILNTCo-wodr aifgi all.~ uof thesei DEPRT ORE
prizeI A.h to rs.Rl Ziae av
ry Fo Her/MssBoni~Cahi, esi nf clle int thei~ armhedsa foce y
Just ae tuen mo et to-g ,-~a with iceto 11oeal
Coinol putsn tuto.r theger loaa insil tckrdn VELN AL
maq.T~fohe oal Slctvaise i hefr of ul copn stirin trbue It's as exW AY, g as tuneral diretor iig aftCstMIies
Air. Mrs.e' J. C.s XokI Oihig
BOTTLD UNDR AUHO~iTY ~OfT~W CC4.COA COMANY have as ue~s' t s o te forme r's brothe I'
- 1i law cl 4~an sis e M r andt rs
DON'Tk Pheps P EA T I NII DIL E Y ia WPa&.4 M ~
1).~4ATIEt E, TIrgletEATRray

~ <~The Moticello News, Mon~ticello, Fla., F~riday, March 26, 1943;
New Scientific Discovery. Removes corns,
causes, buions, permanetly. 4 years
Wh I F I O'c' has 'never failed. Costs 50C Don't
isenrd stamps. Testimonials by request. The
o r ~Wright System, Box 520, Des Moines, Ioa
Iffotue avrsyou do not be
/ ~ elated; if she frowns do not despond .-Ausonius.
PRIVATEEskimo Marriages~
~ CROSSmarriage is compulsory. K Clyde Lewis ~ 6~o E P IY
RolanCOLDe From Developingsniffle or, sign of nasal irrftation, puxt a
few drops of Vicks Va-tro-nol u each
1 r~~iostril Its uick acton
adsnaure's defnes a"
11PA directons t~ifoer. VA-TRO-NOL
Gather Your Srap;
"This~ air certainly m ikes a fellow drowsy! Bet [ sleep like ~a "Y'ou can see the time have mintaiinga 35-mile-ank-hour speed~ tatIi1 log tonight!"-seawydos1upad3frad!
Ck -4- NrWiTYO M.5v 5 O
rYErIC, JU3L__E___vET 6 WAND
A~~~~e10A1_!;~~~~~~~~bi THSSRIA 11 ATE9-ALIWNsA = h'g v s
INVNTE Ab~ =W- GRYE B C~ VfiamiTWE -Anbtaf ea
Corn IT ON~n -'y
MAN quait.Ui oruntyou tee
by makers ofhe famou B omoQiie
19TATI MAKMa sz-usturenty anin cnt. b
mont's spp nly oneya
dola.etb:)E'S, BcO sU
Cmpmtrle Vitmdcin thesein eli
co'or II
Isrg 3otle"ut OFFuas~-S'I STz 6 ST014EScNEI DRUGTE RUFUS Inc.NTH
ITS&qEL,, E ~ LT Sr)~L OD*~9~~ .
iltltalo atexjrnI~yc~shariper ese
thus hastning he hi rd todiy I
~~34DOBL OR34 ~ 24
~~~nc3.:~~~~~~~ SINLE EDGE~~ ~-, *l$*'>3 4
3 333 -CTOR
BUY 9 0S
ONLY ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ EEA RAUSR BLADEQ~ THE, TRICK IY O ER.ALTOEGO EIP N pnsPE.Jnryse OR
A! ~~~IA NrW qUCKo'. acis nd o th at mtensor fomth
'% OTVC RAVT IN ''i /.~v% ,/. heumnatic ains- edches dizetseinessa
M IG TVRHFI PAN/ e,. Neto~ hs lati e a ins sei l motin a
othor sign that methn iac won g urfbttl
Npn' u is. Itc a drg is t tesore.o
ALTnLATID hese r and tested RHn Ears.AraTdrgSoe.
Fo yurfr cpyoffl. 3 M ~ 4OagflIrA nnso'
_etepsfr ,roli Mse brei 14rEite 4

The Monticello News, Monticello, Fla., Friday, March 26, 1943
- --.- ZM wwwr VI -- -0
Of The Moody Bible Institute of IChicago.
THE STORY 80 FAR: Ann Lee and The Judge got a good clear view there was no spark of hope in those Reeased~ by' Western Newspaper Umion.) BraaBl atr o 72Bi e
Cole cody, benefietariesuander two44denti. of him,. and, steadying his hand and dulling eyes. 4n Size 3, with 3= sleee reqie
c lagosoe wh re ue which ng time for it, drove two bullets "So yourdoefrsieo, .sonorIach2yrs39nhmtral caused his death. Suspicion centered it.Tonm Gough's lbody. 'Tom?" said'Waicdron. edintex. Sendon orurarorder t:.
around Rance waidron, who, posing as The Judge had but half a, dozen actly tatmnt, didn't exactly smile, 'but Lesson subjects and Scriptire texts -se-' ordeBil's nephew, had taken up residence paces to go, to come to ,hsbig there was the stamp of infinite cru.. lee ,and I ohyrihed by Iioternationa SEWING CIRLE PATTERNCDEPT. at'the ranch. Trailed try codg one night pine, but never made tlie shot dis- elty, clos.idunfeeling, iphs emission. a' R oom ass~
to a deserted cabin, Rance was discoa' tance. Lance shot him through the look. .He said 'quietly, no *emotion. Enclose 20 -cents in coins for eac
Gougha oueg th manoros" Theyha upper body, and ath$ old fellow wvhatever 'tinginig his tone, H"fere,' THE APPE gANCES AFTER THE b.~pattern desired. pulled oaer the m jobs Radh ey hd srweo his face. aird foray a mo. F11'l lend yoi a hand." ESURRECil'ION Patro No....... sze...
ranch, apprntyto 3d Oog t'p nient lay thereplawig. at the :dust. Heavy. tman thoh o fih LSO TX-- 01-1 am ..1........L...
deserted cabin. Cody delvered his copy' ,oc Jode couldn't sp;are time Of was, Rac al n itdhn ea : OLE N TXT-Ioh amayefr vrddes ................
keeping amnd Ann gav ther nope f sahe toloka ihleodonY yell; fly and. bore..him the short distance nem9e.-sevelatona 1:18' kepnan n aehrcp fte"Get ,up, Juldge! .You'iie all .right, to. t1he roadsxtie. heree lie 'pt 'him.'a cr f'*h:ms Imotn da .al'h other identical wm togDoc Joe. 'you old 'fool."'Btl~odnthl np nt hn&soe h othtotn a nalhs
. Nw dntia ith hestoy. ui eeoic little pulffs of'dust ar ose' pacesfo where the stilIl 'bodies tory was 'the .first day ofL the wek
____________________from m teclawsi Which I'id old th ~'d.IidDo Joe "lay; following the" c'iucifixion of Christ./~E EE ULE
--CHAPT',R XV croly'sdhicbeom ld."'sto ar dead, Torn," said Then He apearedto His disciples gmE aEU~
the lean tal figure writed, geekily 'Ranoe' thmtmr'sthi ie od.Altehp o' Mgny'users say "firat use is COLDS
Yongath. u~vi~ as 't asto' roll' over,, .to get bck' it6 r:~ ''114~ you, too. They'll 'a11 mankind for 'all.eternity depend- ,a revelation." Has a base of COU~il
ziy nuii 'da y tafo*an figbs Astrength' failing ,him. 'a yon rtcin p;ad yo three 'ed on His victory over death, Grn a faort Gner-gMFL
both the judge and Doh Joe were' i- "We got one dowrit?" .parite ..,o h)t~ of < By evntd ne4.v h1ad come to the 'ousiar25f doubles 3p cACH~.
611i1ed to 'a 'sort of dre~nmfill 'ease, Joe. "We'll get ,,that Ranc6 ar-c acu0 '" disciples of ,His 'resurrection, and Demaiid stainless ejer
the horses had expenided their"first, mint 'in 'a ininute," a ,d tkhe hac~ th half in hope and hqlf in ulicertainty ,4 early thorninig zest, and the home- Bui somnehow hip eyes weren't as b od. t] olnt doo aire allhyhdgahrdt ak vrteeCosatEfr 'ward journey lacked ,the speed and clear as they used ,to be; he had' to M shot' ohugh the 'head! rmatters. Fearful of the~ Jews, they Every goodsyound Effret dash 'marking its fist phase, from blihk them once. And there was a me mte h oces'fbt ne behm clastede- do:or. .Hiimor
.Bald Eagle to the King 'Cole Ranch.' treitior inf-his hand, stimatter how 'h Jdei ,ack~e nedsoibt sne Jhe was there-ther Him ,bought by daily efot aNow the sun was higher .and warm-, steady arid', trm his will. 'Rance, at uge awnwl oend pthem lntd oerf them as ~ wodrcae; Hime if er, now the two old cronies werd afraidd it would: appear, a~nd con- ats poce t. willh 'u the into kowner them as hey, aen Himsel adroewsy 'and pleasurably. senttnd- ,temi ituoils,'laughedwathinm tid'fied.o aiepeet. He up mone est know From thear 'Toe w~det~j '~TYALBA tal, their eyes heavy-liddeY" fromn aind sang out all together, earp not 1is ., Fro ar to' Glanes (vy. last knight's indulgence-and ,in 'a "'That for you, yoti m1ddling od. 't Tomped' J'outiuxghnThen.-9, '20).u~ 'hirata "$RANBDURCERS
spot where thft narrow road wound fooW"'' '''pl wn o m'Guh os n Th freyes had beeO SuponCtheir
Ol.d Do ~e ptsbkathirdewa int the thicesh te een e hey we~e'afraid. NowTOSR CH EA
gladhtoroadighnngfeventhough h not dea yet, but dying slowly, to th Lord We need to earne tha. 'a Yoti wan to'inakep tbf~eltob
ncissued his drders. ,The man risen. D e hdta et up kis ieou.' '.ashamed' 'and -discoutraged:.-If we ~' asrv it as tastily as 'possible.We
woe :mask irisd from a to hisfee Joe hiase tiniup --" ''~ look. arptind us we are oifsed, anid here'sii g granud way to stretch hans-,
b~dna handkerchef nd hisvoice hi eta at u yi ie It 'a a sweet la, ,av rred .ug e rfu If vielo qChrieflye /'burgers'and1at the same tiume'give
as s oe to drop again, hi eapon f11- .Gaucho' Ortega, idling 'hormeward feafu. If-elo s~-a/ themuneivtaste-interestI Mvake "bran
asa strange muffe in vao isd sefrmBad l, leb) rs re gl~ad apd strong*- '' a burgrs"-with KELLOGG S ALI.-BRfA
bnwh en ah r f ell edyn cod ly ofaheoi a ev' entce wa thernedbef po h~ed..e T '
edonig ys rehk n a rna tte ldd Snare etoa whenlwe. ealyq onon 'epartley, ,eabcydatesup -lta
ahe twoc oyoiie ' sod onwhereo a gv.2-3) hr r goigfrdr fal t tn
"o 'oindurilnhg !to esesdeto e hb m b-6Dsaing (122ancburang
notlongside theeath re as orifllw s tr.n T ,'w h e a n yo deb And e onbelief rnd discurae mentAi hdd so sgkirt' .1 ~
gunseroed they carnger, ruha-witnmia'rgt1e drdin uJbd th vale o 'te ther rim weakvene the thatrtey efr thin -"a a4tapc'i'pe u lo
iesas, I trante, borythding sm p~isemleo Whe h Baditsl' unto hitnlf h ing Hi th col nepadtmaaaj~ ~2aeps A,-ka ,a
"doyou therfmhinkd-r, h ac ao odsoed insthoghe traigttthe oinaytea. Itr:va a Now the risnad vtoriou a'Oneaa~' e~o .a"-'e' 'ao
where ee'whichrsakeeforlthegswiftioghled thl ho ewita swiengc sn them forthh~ ,rit sl'the a a Fathr's aodps'a
morl Judge rth"ing-1swhr su'youe'veo got.ngrs"eglnc,, aglJe mord the-. twice thad. bliO;n.ocn Tgi nhey'wi epwee a, y" R' L BE
"Tha's -ll \e gtut roaed he.a atothonionh,,h pod theHolSpiit,,ndcivengrea au
toge head i'd ithn 'o rcloaighsaeswrbar n ack ta rdaay El lk Bad toisty (v 3.Not ha-,. ,it wa-y 'S sfl swla satl AIBa~e-okut~~oto og
efsor the sad, gltd1I ant itn quick. eal thog th :aferoo suner give not to~ wnewhen wet teil'ed- nlpesal -'~~4'h~ ad atpp
out fowtaneytin inya yueac-i rih an piu but sred hieZ. i ersbut t all; th'isile:.was 'Th iny~ "celsieye glttn"afrnsses~stknup d ef jd
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