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The Monticello news
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Monticello news (Monticello, Fla.)
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Monticello, FL
ECB Publishing, Inc., Emerald Greene - Publisher
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January 5, 2005
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Weekly[ FORMER <1925-1965>]
v.58 no.25 January 1, 1943


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Newspapers -- Monticello (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jefferson County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Jefferson -- Monticello
30.54543 x -83.870842


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Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
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Began in 1903.
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Description based on: Vol. 23, no. 22 (Nov. 20, 1925).
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The Monticello News, Monticello, Fla., Friday, January 1, 1943
On Heels of Gen. Rommel's Westbound Afrika Korps CLASSIFIED
Tastes, smells, looks like coffee-healthful
____________________________ and inexpensive. Sample 10c. .Formnula $1.
WALERED HARRIS, Box 4 l6, Los Angeles, Caii.
duty outside Continental U S. During his
absence, contributors will substitute. RAZOR BLADES
(B a U. S. *1ai Blade Vale.n
Marine slang is colorful:, You can
By LEMUEL F. PARTO ... SNOW the waiter in your favorite
consolidated Features.-WNU Release. COHUEy ordering JO AND
SIDE ARMS, coffee with cream and
EW YORK.-A corporation lIay sugar. And your favorite cook probget an "E" pennant now nd ably neverklard of dishing up COLthen, but, there's no Ebb'ets field LISION MATS, pancakes to 'you.
and no cheering mob for the incor Shop talk to Leathernecks is SCUTA Topnotcher but -oreal h nme .TLEBTT. GIZMO is a word to use 'Crn meal sprinkled onfelt or
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Lightly Touched ly -the 4an it's. a whatsit, a you-kno will leave hat or garment cleao b .
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By ti Sotlht r 1 amte a as 19 and freshented.
Bypoae 'Sotlight.crporatonGO-TO-.HELL CAPS to the soldiers***
may bat a steady, stream of s eel of the sea, and his HOUSEWIFE is Don' iron turkish towels or the
mngts al the way to Tunis and till his sewing kit. There's nothing to nap will lbe fattened tand much of
ingbts~~~~~~~~~~~~~ra -all the wayene tod Tuncs anoilf~ke paMr mrl ieateasretls
the bands aren't pla ing. A s eel keep up auMarine's morale like a th bsob ality
mill and its master on't fit ea ily SUGAR REPORT . nit a state- e o e q
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highy romw cce ma e.ue
but it may win a war-. I his dolly. Slow thinker is a avy bown h Sr
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'Witness the bulky and bald wEHEAD, and with him until d
Robert-W. Wolcott, president of Britain's eighth army has been hard on the heels of Gen. Erwin Rommel's much-vaunted Afrika Korps, thgs are seldom ING HAU, or
the Luken's Steel company, who, Dushiqg then westward towards Tripoli Photo at left shows local Arabs, friendly to the ohce again-invading K. SLOPCHUTE is. any pIf shredded cocoanut becomes
since ftie war started has re- British army, gathered around British armored cars when the British occupied a wrecked town in the Libyan that serves drinks. SEA DUST is
leased more steel and fess pub- desert. Degse smoke from a burning tank fills the background. Insets: Left, General Ronmel, leader of saltY, and 'tapioca is nae FSI e minutes. she in main fd
licityihan probably any man in Axis desert forces, and Lieut. Gln. Berhiard Montgomery, commander of Britain's eighth army fe Ainejica. His ingots and-armor Yaen
plate 6itput increased more You call them Leathernecks Wnbuyl ish towels o
than- 400 per cent1 in the last becus thyr and n .il
flscl 1 beausethe'retained:and toghmixed cotton, rayon and linen you
clear, while'his colu Anti-Aircraft Artillerymen'Keep Fallng' will do well to ask how much
inches in the newspapers have e stock as a collar in the days of John
sluped off, if anythiogi Paul Jones. Favorite Marine ex- rayon is in the mixture. Those
end on: "Some Joe never gets the with less than 45 per cent rayon
At its Cotasville, Pa., plant hiks.o tom wil last well if not laundered too
company rolls individual armor st. teRrvhrdo "he d rifte rooters f n t t t
plate weighing more than 100,000 en4s.i n the rign car veedMatnesesa r ef t a ning e nd t
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ent. Wen Upe Dae Georg ots t e and theriare" is byc e
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torry lept. Whheaf- Mams Firs:D irst dera w e
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gerl;, iel wte ndrstra- Comeando raid w-seaggd by May
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ouited States hirt 1lCongres pn Nor. ai Afringa 1i 1e0 ton F th of mame.-Eers.
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The Monticello News, Monticello, Fla., Friday, January 1, 1943
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R e m Tape j AH jI
fl~J Feature-d-Throtagh.special arrangement by Roger. B.Witmaln
with Aerican Magazine)
Re Roer B Witman-w features
every shred of it, we may yet lose broken hoshl ripmec Thas as isar iS War. .care of what you have well ais yon
BYIT144 44444
Men, and women sit smugly at possibly cans This :Column vb the hope
0me ind are shocked by newspaper owners rtins tells 7onhow t.
reports that red tape is delaying HARD WAER RT
deliveries of vital war material Bt IN KETTLES
in' their own homes, andin millions 'urTypifying the spirit of 4:.fighting
of similar homes, red tape is getting N SECTIONS of the e whete 1943, a symbol of ,the United -States'
iRnge Bts dastardly wor.ures.
e dasardly red t m b the water is hard there is contin- determination to wage a unifiedsw war ou a
her house r thps m S e u trou ble with th e cstingof ket- effort, thisyoung gentleman faces
enen h h which the water is oied. The
fmnds it impossiblel to alter lo iet Gtn b softenedby soa S tkneene mnus to fit food shortages, 'so phe for a few hdurs with a half-and-half, 4'-Su .SevItHtadaor!-44
becomes a hoarder. She must dust ixtre of cider vine gar and water, the guest room every Wednesday, and then bringing it"to a'boil. An. (See Recipes Below)
so aif the Red 'Cross meets on Vd- olere method is to mash two Saor
nesday she ca' t possibly g the raw potatoes in th kettle, to This Weeks Men
Habit binds her husband to 'golf add a little water, and'afer soaking
or poker dates, so"he continues to all night, to bring to boil. Nei Soup makes the meall It used to *Split Pea and alami Soup biny luxuries he thinks a. neces ther of these etho s however, can mean tha soup set t in to w t wa Celery Sla
sities a cah't spare money forwar be con oito re 'during Rye Bread and Btter e
bonds t : otrs b co not oto tlean r hcs but I'm Sandwiches spn drapr t ae
In iearlye store and i t h re SadtOu of the ket dee wa3 f or af to wnier -Saeers'
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'ing 'man hours. Many a business, oper'saucepan or some other vessel e malonnmany *Reoipes
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os thousragio sateras. v ae t er a scraping, ev you rn Io'e a ly G e utme aeroung s o haroo eg a le. o The cii slneron thepi
publice titsyI orso beoremal mt he cpuaie oth benziellb tips adel'op svn fonP (erver) Ringi th commo oeof goo ors/ ..t4q4k o
new u li es a o btar h ald ingb e wr o se intwhat is e ctu ho e pi h e s fo garn ish ). Si mmteo ru ne ead ae sons aidse mind,,
o rt e states a ind amve une tl of tatoni Ant and ahdiionae saltht sri -n scai ononh esled- Ring out l s ape t of agai
Fundespersonsti ar tangBed i thr ten reoe an ugh o boiln o s it f Sre1 blespoos utte Theerger ou he Nart h lt fr. dVA .
oftape ofrevli therdilemma ent with ter slrasinb teve, tre t..c.m te just r cooed eggs, sal d an o
when their bestfricids tell them 'the proportion ofthree pounds to (1 pound.) onions Je lemons Rin out'th darkness of theland,
They4 protest "You've got -to do the gallon of fot water, ifAfter scrap- 3talesoonS "tt 1 thinl sliced
this way. We've got a systeri. W ihg off 'the Vafgish, rinse thorough 1 uat soup stock ans overniight 'Drai and rn "In eh mt is b. ed
4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ tbepo sawtllatv'6sie -rm"nMmrii"'bAlid i Pes
have to use it." -''''wth4cear ater. 6 i 4bg add water. Cook onion nig- T xt t e conscipusness of doTo such persons, I like to relatE after 'Pipel Drip ght-o3ktablson teeb itt ha1f the butter and addto g a'good action tht of doing a
an 'old story abodit, a map who' sol4 ,4- Question: 'Nearly every pipe:joint Cut onions ito#7/ clyslices. Cook :ens Add celir, simmer 3 or 4 4-c,ivil one is the most pleasmng.-' an elaborate system oftorms and of our hot-water heating system ow i in butter uimmtie tender ahd hours nt wil bean a re soft, add- Res_-,ti ns? ResoSOOTChesterfield. S
fils tAf in the warllart Iron sghtly- bowned tiring constant- ing more water as watirq boils away. r '4
Shoul to a manuactrer t drips cups col wate
few months thte salesman returned mant has been recommendedito stop Add soup at tp boiling Rub through sieve. Reheat to b'lh K ep hi emr n 43
and asked: '"How's the system the dripping. Do you. advise this? poiat,' boil' :2 'or 3 tninuted. 'Toast ing point. .Add leinon juice and well' Kep
working?" Answeir: Your ca use an iron bread44put toa ed cubes in each mixed seasonings. Bind 0with re Resolutions by ns
"Wonderful," said the. manufac- cement ,that' comes: already 4pre. soup 'plate, cae witly:2 tablespoods maining. butter and 'flour mixedo- Ae' made 'thrg~ ti the tlMATI~
"Hos b ? a 'pared in paste for or you can use cheese. Pour the hot soup over all ether. Garnish with mon and at on Friday o l ewREUM
"o's bengthotrusis" draske the ahi adae For Westresults, and seve 'wifdi additional cheese if eggs.e dNLUY salesman. take the pipe apatae and'bush one of desireg.tA piquant and tto diake vows.7
"BusinesS?" the' manufacturer re. these pastes on the pipe 'threads. Another soup that cad 'ake the > -colorful 4salad- to' ~epl everywhere 'will register
peated. "Oh,there isn't anyWe'v If the leaks are not bad,a wiping of .pla2e of at iain dish is a real Fish serve ouitta oup res ant themselves to
ally been busyel runin amtldtat,_2_pondslam______BlinImplse
e too the ss white lead paste may 'be sufficient; cmbmes Wnter reswear bad habits and acquire
itefi to bother with business." but this should be one when the vegetable with a good ones. The heavy smoker will i
Red tape generally is defined as pifies are cold, and you should allow '4 Iynn Says: ~ dsiga nd e red-leed tippr ill up oie eeo shen
customs, rules, and procedures that plenty of tinefor thorough drying. re
cause neees dela It se d w Ston a Spots and Stains: 'H lid"io u well with soup. the flowing bowl. juBgmpnredhinca dprads
are ashaere- it i ao stao du Question Could you tell me some bring faith them the inevitable *C fslry u Slaw dRii edu ing owt y pou eo- be* ronare DtRooteckoutin dc. Redtael Is mpihqof potnsir e way to whiten or restore the color stains on your linens. 'Since you 2 r (Serves 4) foreduxlo wi wto r e z eo- blind trUes or d
re ae stat podponil e of the stoe under the windows in a can't aioid stains, be' pe; prepared Be c elery, diced de plc will try to form habits of hard '
ciions, takbuiling, yo t ping home? Stone has become very dark to know what to- do about them. 1 cup cooked Ieets, work. Selfish people' will cultivate
safe, following -routine, stifling iit and stained. The. ,American Institute'' of 1/s cups cabbage,, shrede generosity. And so on. 4 4
maties, buuittings wharenthr anclanoththevr'whistlngtobolig 2ittablespoonssusttue er i oni tiunig mincedprdeinplcean
Blow, buing w hen t i Answer: Scrub thestone with a Lauindering releases the' infor- 2 cupee frenhe desinced Skepticism will meet the prozhises, g"rni" ofd blood
Tse wa isttalc, ari. hate ean nd phscrpnte or woashn soahin ay cRoe oucaner stein isrom hacobied ceggdlery. beets cabbage mensw a de adthe say,"wil e; ar FAS
picnics ad gol as usa o ,solution of about a cupful of trisodi- mation- that the best way to take Salt and pepper to taste -of many, self-reformers. 'fl hope 1e' II G~
'that~~th evrvuc f msl n ai h f w arm water inse with spadlhecotmvibw and ctismlcue-onin frenc dresng Salt. anRpp imny intnes loe o l thad situ UIep"
lain rqine ev l-dien an abd claIaa.I iclrto ssu-'pu o ae~n h ti rmI
womanc uty uos.itons beothbon, cbn wiath crat hecstrp a d egto soupcn t(sallow th fe r. Chl.Serves in) Ringc cus ib the cynomm entov o owe bus dinesc d ert hmingw tt pder' ma emve i ws gct bsy t e eat B ut however futile previous 30earts 4-
doesn't help win the war. Leaking CaIse11O eWindows ly. It na iteret you to know asok out of ahieat bone and vege- a~ reform have been, -the practice ADVRRISING
hav ony bjetiv, nd uesio. Wnd trngt Aofth lk 2nd pcnt *. th huld b' Rin
wemu t evad, gne s d Yt e en windows ino te h oo s s bi yda1g g h t dso e s represents l e leadership of
knock out all rules, restriction and even when they are locked. How aeake it 21.1 per -cent to one' soflthnonn a ed gon
habits that get in our way. can I mnake -them close tight? bofng water rvdbe n Wy n mkexp. tha p tet .
The army's Servie of Supply this Answer: You can get Iodtal per w 3ent. d ruit4 bo ing waspou cmvenfif thte exeiec d me0y tho
of ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~cfe tosnsosodesmvditreoeafescaigevrtrc'I's taine coco, serv jut Yor qulky oups c ies om Rin souto the 'Unt ware faold, PuW ew erly f o-ol. to
year will spend approximately 32 watherstrips for that purpose from juc sta sh ou e cloth Qur frite canned soup like Roi k Why not try to i e. ne hei his of comfort of
tiloe das. h u s an f t le m a er o owed to stand in a solution on, wid gr a, mushoom ad / a convenience, of happiness.'
to me wubeeo oarines, e te te es.Iou ko he rain. e r ry oi o with a dah of Highris ers in rsoibreadof the re* As timsegoes on advertisred tape'rhas bound us so tigh that the manufacturers of the windows ther with o an application of warm paprika, chopped parsley, porn, mote areas of the Hebrides d Or- Ing is used more and more, we've found ourselves running as ask them for suggestions. solution of sodium hydrosulfite grated cheese, toasted bread cubes, kany and Shetland islands still celthough we were in a three-legged Stained Tile Floor. Milk, cream and ice cream and swirls of whipped cream. ebrate New Year's day on January and as it is used more we
race. But we're doing a job. We're Question: How can I clean a bad- 'stains are best treated by being Lynn Chis,'abers -can tell you how to 12. This 'odd custom is regarded by al rft oe ts h a delivering machinery, 'food and ly stained tiled bathroom floor, soaked in cool -suds before wash- dress up your table for family, dinner or archeologists as a suryival ofc prthere tsth a weapons in ever-mounting quantities. Answer: T o find out whether or- ing in hot water. For candle festivities, give you menus for your parties Julian calendar, promulgated by J- ave g thes othe ingoveronment d part- not the staininguis actual threa s tns t succ or idlsgyco a ow' t bi nee y me in Hus Caesa. In some disr icta, obotingh Aprio
labor, management and industry. wol and an abrasive scouring pow- it on with a small pad of cotton Write to her. explaining your probemr at as holidays, but the tendency is to everybody concerned, But all of us have more red tape der. If the stain remains, add a on the cloth under which a blot estewspae Ucrnilin0ou Plees. fall in line with th od rn calea t le Ce i
to ct. Whand inoog b the speediofn- o pt do bn plent l enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelopethe.monh. Theder md e tr is t
fie ptio z ~ mauacuer inc rp aeri h elr ro e gtyreased. strrn fostnt ore aera ae ol wY
war mothsthesalsmaereeasedmnt by eewesterndedtoNewspaperd sop Uockont twardin o bil-. T 'K T e4', 4
an ase:tedipn.D o dietipitbi 2o 3 iue.TatlgPit d eo uc n el

FR 7
ivthe Southern border ef WashingtonINTECRUT-ORTFTH TE' 1MONTICELLO NEWS Street 81 feet to the point of begin- SECOND JUI(IA CIRCUIT OF
__________________________ e Ei Ea~ y lands fo rel obwned rfeiH S ih
MONTICELLO ADVERTISER ~ /bv Mrs. ?Francis A. Mills and Wil- ~Compainant,
Estb sed186 1amn M. Dawkins, on :the South by VS. D)IVORCE.
MNTICELLO COSITUTION lands now o formryo1. 'i )UI!IL Pearl Smiith,~
Established 1873 kins, an~d on the Wes (Defendant
Changed to /~l eryowned~ by~ Jjuis Turnbiul 'A .rS 2ToiPearl Smith whose residence is
Said lot of land constiuing-a. part .F.D. No. .4Thomasville. Ga.
of th Eaten par You arie eey reurdto perAndrew De i 'adition to se- n illy appear before the above enTono ot t1o o ia accord- tl ed Lourt in the Court Housxe a
Nooaim platWA aidSadditg Ffo i ~~xtMnticell, Florida, on Mondayth
record in, toi ClOk~ 0ic oh nEs1n.)~e.3. tltdy fFburA .1943,t
Jefferson ony Florida. in Deed answer the Bill of 'Complint /
~Book "C"~1 pae545. Amunt, of taxe SAEdiocexbtdagns yout~ ~ I? ~ULQC> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------d70ildeg.l In and teh Motcel Newi s a onews~WILL BULOCH Tat cetain'lot ae p~ibh e in onicell o, e -,
lEditor and rr ieWtor ladstat ytg ni eigi heeo ou t Flrd spa eeb
DORTH BULLOH tyeb'h cacele or r cancel- wh~ th'sore shall bepublished
-ofu erl once each week for fou
4 he sai TonQ Motclo acr- NKA, 1 Fis S.Nrh St. coscie y -eeks. Witness the
TdOfficil Paper of Jeafferson 71w PtrbgFa HnablesE.C Lov 'and W.
~~~id~~t a niap or~eQ plat of sai todwnor andth
Cu ty n thU(eiJ ow of on iceo.Q ~ ~ ntc
the oClee Wakr juge as8 ell j as
recorded in~re the offce f lydS H
Stac aad 2AV N.n Carason
0FFIC ond OFr PULCTO Waukeeinais Sfetio road 0nth GLD e.S
SsBdn DrWo Set SOt by Wahngo Stree and onCeko1ici or oefr
Amount ofn taxes ------- $14,o car keyso incseiwer mya .Shmn
Alld~ tha cerai parcel be lan npyt hav same by,~ pain fors, thsavr OW o o ,Ctp. 115
Six, Monh --------- felio wand or
rtWicuaQl decrbe asu canows IIIn~1 copi U UnABNS
TheEV of Ul/4U, of' Lo numbe 54 nijoythei e Housein Bill
Lions Plaza Cafe,'e~ Paul Plins
GOOD DECRTCAIN owner andt opror.h 1248n-5
~~oiieen 'at~ a pon 64d toththeaii
Sout sid ofDogoo
es, o~fy~ Wn (a 'We a Ioasth ofM theor ineseto 2fsi, Moder~I
NOTICE cihnl toa serve or7~ oe yei Dogwoo Stiaree i thteE ieaarspcngrv., ncn
4 (9htise byl Florida'~b~ Nenw Serice Ing p acodac. -wt resoltion
of-t~o thed~ ,. TonCoDl pase UP 74
xt~~~~hl erw2 ta eiln for clyonduct byi elctn. Fr ~s. fh i'ouley Addition thro; and
One FloridaI grower, wie meJ dm. Boe Aid e al oward Mcstlbylans runn theneat160 f-- um TesYr.
I4e e- ho lo cal h the Muic ifpa e blei n t rwir etne an~t U.iu Tur 5.60edPUI
esedar, "a urhat's cliliU e o-te 'Tw ficr o~t er 03C L. Joes t ors an Joh thely An
ie 'of ots ules -4ihere'ut 'ae I hereb ald ht l tdat9 a4 itto asrCleeiradk loe Goc -----~- %lrtwIL~ad
ees wfic Fcand in I)e Boo IC page 545 I Vg' "-~ W/o WHT 1 r P'HOR
em er the 1cll an tand, ont~ t haie of January thA.c~ino Iji~et Wel)--- ~ ~ rrn~ ie r &
Mayor Town'v~en oe~e fare> iit actslo 12-1125 niptan logte othsd
deotcae'h rami an IR4 de,~ie pth oam beit th second -ofin sai (ahngo Street ,' .2 160rea fee NEW ep 4 i PSy R.
fietia Ihrae lon, ofh, crticismo ifr~ foi~lp~t't4 INecna TH e IRUI coUrTer ofE ad to lnd fomery owe by~E~oe rwe ,G
orFORD IN~eh AN orR process. 1n4ell strtn oit.-. Th' 61.0 er,
a~we dano machines whichi~ wille df Clerkuch in eer 3.60c on th 30t Odday(l s.,~
Dapipf ~~ ~ eb B.d yJ Je
)eon Any ngoo ahms a addk opte unil theeA 9tdof roduceshrt FLOIDA of LIVE STOCK,4 CourtON SALE 1
Il -iin saieeet Ifhe -on ruidial copoa Simkin k VirIsy B-SelecTwo
te a tr.~iht, esl A.' PD. tino th-tt of Flria taxe ------- ------- C9 Ha ltcsEah M n da~y
Thefocllowrng 0ftes ae ro- be BRIN YOURy HaOGaS~u~nFr
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cmliat Thei fbe followinnddg ame op anldnescribed', leeand, sit-~ ~~ei~t &i ms~ r
$u f quostion d~tesegue an~ pacs- voef or: Mhc aore Tonaua Cler & E~~ aen ru-i .11 1~ a ~s olr rbne Trsd y .
ally ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n beall if the bawk ofd Ioo Iiby 0 et ar rBS~a .5~Mte' ou
an aL t pe4ne Tere re -onMahs no Th vshar borde oIlyshngon AN CATTLE TO5~t u rosz4Y.I]Emyo~ oi~yMA
fhc CtRT.I tLANDSe rUN WICt al notice in S the~j 60nt o .7 Jte;Aiiutui Y. L PrfeeieFrre '-2
C611ectpr ~~~~~~L L Tax or,,,ah Ftoi~n ,. 1ev TA EYR D L N U N o di Sae o ~oi a -i
Iis soyeth n est t hel~ sci e t ftor plqea ethetle Cnoanufci uers to uu -Q- ,P 0.Bx16; iW E] Na iv ock P igeer i red
In .e Defenantd -taoes sumbered tht 2,~ is th 4motn thng fpr MOTIEiteC YR decdtctigafeld fiber, isc in k pe ve our ro inrs and fibe poduccq1ndimtes, eaot inue athe all ao depnd onl wersher ord notoaton you' C.ser Adito ofBRRHRRSLKFRMR
T oen gh I heard ole da~isc a sel, at hfMnielorr& ,c uto vr Mna, n e
ofal us'~ enwoliaecr~ anyn n loanriais ramiet m root eSles n or rvice an fUi0OMES Towkugzua ei, a nds ihop
appor the deotfain Aaid Ii selves. make, Complese Stc Parts
0 iavWei~ heard toeilefns bhave now,, Next, expedicusstwell oflli eav Acesori arri ted iand \ee'b Stockhema a
and ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ e woreen woole aser rectto~ that to you Itt wilDepepnthtlas.oi nwwil at
declar th rmed- redr ask on an on questiono ofrt_ 509 N.. Cf Motrielt Stoc _______bha -ie r0 rawn orni fie 4
cort ed isyeawhtte an.~aie rwn r. der ica, Tonsil er
Yourhq~ ar heill notfie that~i and thee orfl said nouwt of Jefrsn Ahrr LaeFlrd
ye Yad. J. M. Hakis M'gr.
tKbe ejiggg produced in th next~ u .In'the~~<' raiKil hr r'e-n loFoia mi do aeFv-

CLARX-DEKLE Mr~l. and.fvMrs. J. D, M~iaynard had.................
/Aas their g16es du4ring the holidaysH
[S~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So il /-4 ite n1derl.E.Cak~llO~C9qmr's ister, : Bowen, Phonie 8-R. niot. later than~ Tudaj of ah week Qa rtermaster Corps, Ari of th~e saioe~Ln-e~ r~~
jJ_______________________________________________United States. The wedding will ~. takentn4 Place in the near future. 'Tuesday andwsacmaidb
Staff Segen an rs.~ William Mru. and Mfrs. Moseley HIenry wit 1-s lrva aie 13. S11h0 returned to Tainpa, Suin- their smalfl son~ ere'ill guests for Colorado, was graduated from Sara-tn Wort' Busines 6eg hassee spn Christas daywt (lay a~fternooni after spending thre the Christmas holidays of ~r. Hen- >ota~, Florida, High School andl is at ,ys widh die lorimer's parents Mr irl moter, Mr. D. A. Mall)oy re- Prsnt miplpy 4,n the lw ofyQcj *Ar, Cteie Trbl n 7
andlVMrs. Theo. ,Smit~h. cSergeanit touring to Plant City on Sund1ay of Ke~n and Alen. ini ,Tallaffas~ e.~ yong duhers, Mar Mr.Aieo n, r.F W. Crrlan
Sihwo was -pffom6 d to Staff night. ~Lt.iy-ele, son of Mrs. M.L.. De Talahasee spent Sudy, herey ,W., J o MonicelloMs, ut
Segeant on December'15,~ is"4sta-an the late M.L 14,J.,-f-ihterue,,M. H-W eoy aead agtr n r ot
tined aI Niae _Dlill Field, Florida. Miss Evelyn Kilpat~ick spn n~s enxd~ hadks Chisma dine
Hig -v Dr. Frank Palik and M~rs. PalkI Jaconille. degree, from Stetson UYniversit i~n j~ll dagt rrh-L ?sp t
o St. Petersburg, were. -nests dur- MraenCareSjM.rn Nr.
ig the holiday of D)r. Palik's r..i' W. Path ~ foe witehh1 hedah of MsHar'parents, 1 ~ n
mother, Mrys. -~aiary Palik-, tr th~e isses Josphine an m Ileno Tlas e e. LtOye sMs'R alr fTlqasecle n M.1 n
uia1l Pate, retured 'M na nigh 1).hss~ t. C1ea re Sud I
Mrs NWimer W. BPassett, Jr.., as from~ Eufal, Ala, v re tey, ha a esnt ttin t i
arried from in,SprngA; Caif. bee visting wit MrsPae
to vi rtapt. Ba~ssetts parents, Mr mo ther, Mrs. Rusl avsr and- Mrs. W. Wy. Bassett. WO0LYSK-BLANDadchlrnoStAusiespnt
CaetRaiy S. Bassett has retunedrF B. Matews, ofTalaasse e r and Mrs. P. H. Bolan an Mr.-ne rmi
to arin Mxilitary Insftitte Alario1 spn ,Crista' D a inM niel bl~ arriae of their duh
A.,ater sening hrist~ma aihhre they weet usts ofr- ter France Susan,~ to SeI1ggeaDU
is/prenits, Mr. and'Ms W. tvsand called -o ubr of Frakli VincentW Wlnski,U.S.A.,,i rnli ly spn, at
,asttfins.of Calae, Pennsylvaia, Iadtra-bt
B o l i n F i l d W a s h i g t o n d ) C :~. ~
perfrine on aro~lo AOujqpe-i on Chrb'tn Day,
week He tokhsof prn ~ reN .gat_ an &'Wolynsi ar fis ad at a el dressn sttin
stationed in aerial~ tambuanc sevc't wl
Panrde, Md. Mr.-ad-Mr.,e B. eshm of into, .Cquipped bahpiandlloRe.ndM.I iW.TrMr.
dinner on UeCria Day Lt. a-F rn fui n h hi Jos~yleti ek
so.B .R t, atr eys'nae
Doi M ig Mrs. Mile Wals n,1,4q e~r'heTi asll.6$tI h superintendents.
'had, Pruayertrcti Meeting Wednesday 'ee Mrs Wote s e e- y ofer
Mr.L le mnt$~ s returned, Mr. dand Mrs.f 13 J. Ha rik dren 1c o a rga4f:hita
inSa annhGa, s cgth -o holitys, Mr Wid Mrs., Joh -Fine C ity- w's !H theta stwnt:S'o'to
th Mz e0 gudest )itaemr Bap0 1 0d a'tl flyy night.s
Massuco~ evest-Sun da ie t~ en Monti das fAhTeheeCC
NpSewsacmpaie hoez y ~ 14 Ga. an isss Edit kamrilqk froA
sit-----.~ Q4Ilo Ctoi 1kw. h'a 11 eaqo Laker' anaval,,"';:B
Mrs L.,PL H.~ Muele forU a4 vi 'c .D., Als'M pCle Floy is~uc at Pr'p hhs returse t6, re
-wafR tie ., fro hnIll
FRO for rhe hooday mh 1.S.j st t an, Ill-~e mm~r~~ap kt ~
MEr Cas r m inooj icudn g v
ChrhShol 0A A .ae at 'n560( ded.0 for the2 u 80
4~~-Flo 4,I1U A HLP eVR rpens were paid farm'~. folks
Yot ini 7:00w P. M.ef ok 1~b0____________________ning at :0,0 clock. 1930.
-TO~ THE OF Tipac is l 406 higtlelof et in'OBE ETR
'~~Choi Rehersal Tbr4a- e *itd gebcpclzrs
nin a 8:0 o'cock fETAL iWdncm ion historyee a ai FRDY&STRA-.JNAYI&2
~~trtpt~~~An 'at~ ihay ena,.
YourCLL P Ol1,CaIN'rE ASSCIAsO scrme t'i e tie hatdn~l more ouishu ofthe1A~ A~T 1
farmer wasa jchajrful ovra vr
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Twic9 a wek It'be cosletin OD:st go arhtom
gasNUL ETN Rv rn firedn and'o 0i bqrn froter OLD IJEANOW TRAZLPNIO
o 'e soiain l egn- 03 CLIL A!M.Tesrvcsa ti~hScn- at p, wage will-o by 6 mnfcue n.Mextvi T Bte
titGuc always e chmw, ar olf'use i'frin war hqiising
atlbela now' arein Serece-1:0 the M. SNIGHT MOy a ralr Q~NalSTER1.MMse
ductste bys 85ALE percent.-t Pou~~ENI~ W.UR
Cal U-Wll uyYor Sra Tomsvill Tad i~~y 'ggy 1Shre waur. aut. Thaeel be alVER ITRvE
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State of~Q~A& Flria theirVA cars. $TP>4/LRT
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You an eac of youar isdntcedieswhcayBU
hoiie an reuie to prset-n ayn paA seges Bu fi' -n
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clin n dmodswihyu rA

The Monticela News, Monticello,, Fla., Friday, January 1, 1943
'I 71B SU N N Y SID E OFE LIE IL /RG in ned of repair should
be emoedand new webbing
Clean -.C misT at W ilAmuse B5oth.Ol and' o ncariet h springs are then
'..~iOT11S .v li. u~ 9 replaced and'the bottoms sewn to
L :4 I 1 ~ ~ i l ~y the webbing. ~ t e ot m fh
Next comes the' tying.; Cut a
I generous length of cord. and tack
.it to the back of the seat frame.
SPARKY WATTS',- By BOODY ROGERS Using the knot sketched, tie to
NVESR//IL the back and then the front 'of the:
MAN ON EARTH-' fi'tspring. Continue across 'the
row, finishing in the front, 'as
shown. In the 'best furniture,
springs are tied in this manner
from back to front; side to side
LALA PALO ZA repa hig for a~tl. UBEand diagonally across rows. About'
LAAPLOZ PrprngfrBateBy RUBE GLDBkERG four ounces of the sewing twine,
and 'eight of tying twine will do.
MUSTA BEEtF WE GOTTA THINK SPOOK BOTH AL'AHOED ~ BT T BRINGS BACK TN' OLD be siure' to clip, andvsave this article as'
MADE FRO M P S ME AY D BAR~EL HA P'I-W~R~ IGHIN( SPRITit is not in any of the homemaking book-:
OLD ROLLED UP NBTHTGI HOTlets which Mrs. Spears has prepared forj
VEST -z HOT #~-HUNTIM 110.. our readers. Booklets are numbered from;j
'I "*'~~~ to eight and No. 5 and 6 contain direc-'
(COUG WH&T1~ ., .... tions for remodeling old rockers and other 2
~ '. -out-of-date chairs. Copies are 10 cents
- each'postpaid. Order direct from
.j Edfor Hils 'New York
/T efr HilDrawer 10
/ ,' Enclose 10 cents for each book de57t*.Name...................
Address .................
/ REG'LAR FELLERS-Just-Hard Luck ~ By GENE BYRNES,''~a
S TW'ARMY' SYIN'WRNE D ME DOWN' _____* &I~IJ9 /Early Band Saw
'TM MARINE! The introduction of the band sawl
in American sawmills dates fromi
*the Philadelphia Centennial exhi-i
bition in 1876, when Hienry Disston,
.'created a sensation by exhibiting~
his perfected band saw in actual
'I ~< <'.~ ',~ H ow lo Reiieve
.A v.- POP-Pop Wiggles Out By B. MILLARWATT' Bronchitis
+IENWE UDG Th R~4G~~ ICreomnulslon relieves promptly beWE~~~~~~~~~1I I4V OALWFR. WA -YL AOhY WOLOLN cause it goes right to the seat of the
WE trouble TO ALOhelWRTIF 0a rze_ loosen andepl
ATIA~O PFIRING3 AVI?(J-S .germ laden phegm, and aid ntr
THE AI~r-5 ATEI ~S DEG,/'.t soothe pand heal raw, tender, in-,
fi' N0 c lJr. tufae bronchial mucous mem',i A~g~'branes. Tell your.drugglst to sell, you
. ,,.,L~k ..j$' 4" 'a bottle of jCreomulson with the uanNAVY1 ~ ~ de~dn ou must llke'the way it
j ~ ~.k~. 'N~ to have your money back.
*. '''~~ I A~. for Couths, hest Colds. Bronchitis
- .3..*.. .Youth andOld Age~' 4:~' '~::.~.)~ c* .'Youth lives in the future. Oldi
A .'~age in the past. What old age has
-~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~ .. . . -- *' -' is something real.
--QC T A4 13086 _A ~ y RN 'S I EXTERNAL CAUSE
Icne im I ~s b-&ps 1baked) SK

The Monticelo Newis, Monicello, Fla., Friday, January 1, 1943
IMPROVED*,l l~l/~lA f
ACE"M~. 0rE S
THE STORY SO FAR: Old Early Bill you all my life, the sort of things a He had ridden late last and O exasedy Biblern N fsppr Uion.)
e aman wh ea rith He sobered. "Me, I did t show uP commotion out in.the yard attendstAggered .home and sent his -Mexican very well that night, did I? Guess ant upon theestag preparingfor de- Ao hand, Gaucho Ortega, for his friends I st h halfway drunk parture. He hadn't thought any- lected and coprighted by Int national .loe an the Judge, who arrived without an ur style of playing drov thing about a stagelaving a good peiaion. delay at the King Cole Ranch. Early me crazy-and to top it off I ldst saddle horse, and had ridden by e Bill, needed the doctor to attend' his pretty nearly ever cenit I 'hWad in wao Top Noth simply because it TEGOYO"H O T wound, and the Judge to make lisa vwll. the world. Just youi wait until I can lay" no fi lie travel. Now, be-,O 10 ndwever, Old Bill' thought It would be get into another gamne with y>oul" in.aake,' he, ywned cpogofortably~; se b fun a make two identical wills. One "Sure Say, Call W ee'shlya e ctomfortabl beueathbig his ranch and money to Ann nd and e he name close to doz ES TE :1
Lee, daughter tof his old friend-i sty u in off agaiti' Then, through th Oe Word a de
flsh and dwlta on.u..n.w.ehl
C APT'ER II ta1 1r
m e nd the other leaving the ine to Ick o f mev hri said otoer,, c alser drss an r b n us a h e wear- Awe glr asoft.. .beote
Cole Croy, o of i nr tepa old friend, Rance Wa l f r a i o thg ar a he Y do ed Agn l It rse e raked i chas o n os ud srwe
chiw continue with the store h h l an Ely Bill l h 01 in l e ad anpr ofni, aCdo loe. w a f
"Sure andhi la bckinhicai
CoAPeTstc e u r atrB s of r dreamfully that iut firttedur ifn d
wollaiktythhi oeroa n d fuwiced neis ad ofrare soweet H e gart ou as nt do o o eg Peterl nA tNiw Yer!o rni g s onth l
haCno.H isTE onlIaten ant lonhserep. from hsll higki: seto .h bega y, Qy-n etil
theonlyApersonhewouldtolerate daigt hoar. .Lkttle n Lee gor" thi 0 heat-, r lyn in this year lso fr the girl"seyerswidte and dingahp far Pio ,esntup into the.:was f our Lome 4 me cuma ok fot ah ae s the eaaly i mer eve- srthefile withi some stri te hott mos e ga s e t t o a s siwa, so loudeig and ifelin. wto 16wr em laucsg oing hewysddrte eallygoodtih extnter to the'
bhi~ a da ld o d e itand a flick th
making the rocks blazing hot in the' n H l as t u ten, dres ed and n l, essig upo i e bShoptur that
a-flic of devilishness,~t too, betrtig r aed e ed
ving room fireplace at ihe King' n d s l t his inr throg a wild thch t thi~ ar he' t we
"ill h.he losi v .u s rH otd a tonse f snesshan we
Coue your Drawn up before the' arskt u ied this hat th ati sp~l n oJn
rights t a mst0 retu, c rI caalize "that o thr world is so far
hearth in is m ost commodious big bac u l aud ite e m 20:0 as t a de teeig
chair sat old Earl nBill with hi old eman 'was aslep. She has. fl a rova of itg li n e
yourelneatsid along Pete his wi ip as f pon f os enet5
long legs tucked yer 'a heavy red Early Beill Colk, fll of years an t L in I i ning- oth wool rlandet, with his overcast on fwickeness and a rare sweetpslie -t octsid o Log Pter; I o ( .
an~d bttoned to his chin, withi his ness,'Wstkn i es nhsls th-tg rvr a~alrgdw hr col ae no betera y to
beat Ion, to His only attendant, lon we l site hi sethv-it bi aalt odre eaJi ibs elitter y -o envids ut topeg artitlyas e clm t];rher No g borinths wor isthen eyth;ies tumag of heardn person he would tolerate side thaoioard, fols Hferewe go."tl y 6a
ihsouse, his fori the CalRound- 'It wa hardd ttta gapsy o s Cthen a Coe s ord. Th hd bivie don
tree, stood as ar as he eold from the girl's eyes, sow and droopg Ann ee stepping it tstages it andinthe ephsm Gdi, brutE.
hd Rance hWaldron lstee is st 'mhgoder fni a k intt l the
eat r g wit h was the brim of fp ae did cah t e rbon sltic a may we bugt thatmh tslwsa is as eelreo
sta. spd long and iglinedto l et m fance ri lerey s i nder the gb th e f g te n mohe t ht
glac popped his forehead with o elses 'baftinly Sere her lashes. lhng; demure l6she and noted how ea of yduT local SundrsS
iblue handoana already sopping, and Her cheeks, too, were k an the pink of her kchkek ka l etea Soow an st had his say, not Colr the first ti? e, bs wa s d a le t o ipple- y t o- c r i to man t hrpe rp.a
sid. "Ybuothres; M Wlimw Cole? laugeg drip11 ecin one a est g w o s tenig* *a e
e ill,the oan d eals i e t en. e scarcely lpteo theh or h eastee -s -sgdoes03
cei s,"et ad lily b I tel wuffh skills an inth wrn e l oe r ieted" phot e e h 3l 38 a di 0 Shiaz
youi you're. crazy! You'd~ ought by onu gh'' e a t Gsel acorin to is
e~~~~~~~~~~tpe speak ofe atge thoker face, well, bud bheie dgowtsmsano aktreur yrs 5o 9ic
rights to have s'oe kind of aThe iurpnse -if te threghlfor th mtraeiac
Itance Waldron closed sthe door, He alessaiki soft nt htotenes
nurse here with you; me, I couldn't 0e g ged le n d wogh i 20o31 as being "thtyei might
pulled his'hat off and came closer;t a n it ehtih hihetfcuihrok
use a sick colt. A woman anat believe heat sdotehesas is the C hrist, tyu tole
u bt h sad E l Bril t k I cm Soof Go ; vaet ts f hlievingi .ye.
'Yuiee awm eoe" sai pe hlma n etin her eye s driu~ f i de ace y... ue gaeulcre atti on, utnse bs 0 ulespl
how. Somebody to-"' bc,and( jrked th etg rdgoor~nin.
"Dry up, -Cal," snap ed the lli and theght lave the dickey fil it n k e t
yan. "G o get o e a d rink. G et yu' comi a ong, p er, e n ge ast ess of s e en l hi e ath
tursel ane, Wtoo. F mAnd qOil bellerE- Ped w k eter, whip ros da f r ss
ag like a bull calf.m" h ready efas in h la l' ae L iu he odhot c iv
Cal Roundtree, growing llashldintikrt O e ao l, Word (H! i n).
lash esuso pin aist-nkes src haestn
ar with a sore paw, oafte hritce wld ta cam c it s p reve Him o m. ,
enwa;ds but stopped abao irptly as he jcst bt and s l mor a oe hoom is tso thy Natons rage Genoufz
heard the lively i is o a haForse'l r td toahoug, n ei ti ht onre
ofs ming.on to th' house. The Cole Cody didn't ake t r renseC ttheLiv Word, is B t P '90 Is de.
1 nd altohp e th rlBntild o he; -twhhdthkeyeasherh... e. .i......e of God (see Heb. Ench ng t.0
brit h o ulled l W adNow he litedhi 'tthe .An Le m nier ters m thm, ingi asng eECtH t w to be igh te oit.s Cls >, 15, 17
t the re was aan s luhove hiSck ang. by h iun Jnere fAnrt h bci agms 3b e
l Coim e you foll" nsanye ld 1 il smlnd u0e h erabe- eot a tu inil skic of u n i h ag (1 hakv o" e ac a
nto. H saw nothing but the gr oke of in c
"But-but---Rstepped in, just sirsoa se ttemn oiTpg onigdn+ h knes . t he. ht tne '-hs the rspnh rsotoenoy oms o
anctas5 thS raised threshold, and m te ale n 'dopa o ch, a o the oe iiero
use n ememenr The was a she nhe rn an tat ed of ad E eO te ah Ge dy it e, r at v 4 W er The stopped there looking about him, a basrAnd fhe ye inseip
together-But I didn't know who~~in youm hous opeatemb aHiea aelerost seadee God.weve, tte L4sn rehe b cod- 5. hApdto s thearge s itteds o~si 94 oae 0
Were! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~t'.n Iia didn'ttio kno Gyurnad Big Belle Anahr they spent, eh Folksl tha liveN aIound hereERN OrgDE p h erso eivr o h Vissip iegsa1o PT. taking in everythi g at f sleeping ira bhef a t h f oth ir W th ic
nceou Then his look centered prob- 'owf Pte ot u, ruipagr oudesmlet w ts c niamle? wiat. r / no Wel, S t b
ingly upon the man in th'r th suns to inodt he oelneita hlo IAl God ee peownlasu 'e beron in oe des in ig r
"Thi the King al olead Rand th e aiugen C latlc urrieh, st her crip cane hrisngomte n one rysaced i wt h p. G l v.o.... smt e c.aln b deid. "You're Mr. William Cole?" to a wit th e iftg uta a srt o f 'ld a ta e
But Calpanion RoTmdtree didn bu ; t e e ..oatga a c G ahead thaeeis,; ofa family r edr w h part of t b de- N amq ......... ..... .
4ySheut e door, tance," sa i nt secot d e s imnationtly ole Cod ik' profe nw dofth f that ---ne- f, 2rqure 25.000.ongtonsof.rude
ntBill, an all of esudde his clime e othe tnoma Mr a etnw m eietheg ared i y rnra at ofr deeow -TmesAnswber 2,nuer94 ce was quiet and all but toneless. t mwhiru e n y dt r s ls le a nd a they weer. t is a leyinhe divin sar 1.k F4, t O o a truc r lz per-ceni e spe ks of a poker face; well, tfao caus out tis n ots wm" of 2.era achs '0bb stn o
s voice now was a poker oicte. elo b h T d a de die, too She aed o kc e h i 3.ariosh me o0IprI
Orws tjstte ieloCl o, ihit ug umo ohybTche labot saem. oty iom this pgET Ae.-"n e ms
Rance W aldron closed the door t'an oe d in t t r and ona ie ndhp
++++:re ~~~~ ~aat' ear,+ "D:ehailot, +id yo see-iii Aun un' i++ I+ :+++ I,+ I+ Soft, Sut Frock
membin!his hat off and came closer JeAanynain'tddiI I s ea h to ofe ive truthe ife candy, a
sta ding at the side ofthe chair he pps enth he t phil d o d be b hes s 'k A edppis t
pu out' his hand.', Early Bill took meol at ta queer mc aran aniciete e 8. an o t h 00 ly
bt slowly, let it go with a dehad receikedf veir sini, MissiAg ie T y c m. fInr the Worl -the Tnd i t ying sI i b a'lacirity. eso her clean pik ut
halfway~~~~~~ 'ipe to knowg wha hee wass do-cll letter Heonideedthethng one sperlire-wa dwitygrde tatdnewpa r al d no a
"You never saw me bfubee," said and letting heroes drift sidweays. s-hBo turnfu to Cht ad avour Hve han e Waldron, puzzled. "Ho did She spoke nord her thrilled n'n H oth the a the dickey fills in tbeeenne wup y
or knwley '' 'quite h hs eand dashing and lgtthat shined (yes, and whtill shares genWtty.
"1 I'saw you gnce, tw-three e asea dougha... te wsaw y ;ino se se Then I fat ses inele r nthesen e agon W ryn g mnhst ,e rol n a s t"hat. 'To sour. And l nu i shines) in tvl w darkness of his ws lw.ahthdiel, tton moth aoW ldon Fu mnts l Erl Bl CleWastain hs tic, d something else world, revealing Gd's love._____________ago, maybe. "You mightn't' scoh egle in hre last long sleep.s (W f r? ye g Cd se a g. he rA ie the' e' Al ka a le bhr. Me, I don't forget sver at e
e hH ell then He eaedgntg.hors oownwarl 11ing im nolarm rkt
Bntn Springs'it was. a l te td d r aa r i t oEsPI Yn d
ho tlheant foot, al he merest suspiion of a ink Cle Codo. Igenevrally asefrthis e mt ta e t beve
knewwhoane Wl w stoakinged ankle, and bout her a as 1 flying srrw going ds d W the art be wse Ts n wad onl makeomuch of his ase, what's nan with t e effect of the' ficke of the wsp of fragrance s though she hd incned to a certain circuity this people reeiv thusi l re- At ei yu And it is so today. Nations r
dre, an aoaof light and shadow o st bathed and sprinkled herself morning. le Coemaded oso thehorsib and prvlg w bothiEaly Bil and his Rud h a ith Fl drida Water. s g ist of a e not being in the leat i se His' ligatn pon orld problem R hem pulledg lao ho he ingtd h Little Miss n LeeH accompanied theyse s iho them, ye.sigling ou needo. try to fight the out. Class by, Aunt spfer ande and tremu ho mmare and intred urend c Gpitao against or flo p sib mw ly head and shoved his hat back and off~r ledrfrreak n i eun1.i Uo nv, hc or f
looked up into his kinsman's eyes. lo t moving under are n a tobn- sketch of sien ann glomn wild e v ment i not"; grs e m tet, ad taken tkoe at te me freom mals car character ann y bi t ingtbetwe
mat twasdon r nd anta v hSpeanr aoarrivng at the nerHe spoke o Top Notch; of a p e 9 rstab n tChall of eea --Bu-but-" Rance stuttered. "At spaIcoso~ etcn~ fTphigh mountain town he knew they 3.h$~ Whb 'was, hasony wmn,
Bantam Springs, course I rememberer. Thr ~ he and 'her aunt tarried. overnight of Bald Eagle. Of' what a fine day it ntbe ermteaopenerate very 4. everyr isle the' body ocuffingt" card~ game-we had a'e drinks at the, very respectable boarding- was. And fizially-of the inside pas-PalJnsbuid iteoo
together-But I didn't know who you ho use operated' 'by a'local celebrity, senes. Houn ~ Or wever, i~t has reached, by God's 1. ha is the largest stae east' .' moils Ing 1941 to urd 61bl were! AId'tko I your I-..- Bigt Belle. And there they sppnt the +- 1;-lk --At live9 h r vgrae, i thi p rar a f bePiever~, oflihenisassengerriver. It ahput 2

(Cntnud rou PgeFor) gni. ei b.ded atd anuiyhid yng~m~e1 ey ~o't~ fferson County, Flor~ida ini Deedi of thie NW. corner 1f said Ifot No. 6 tion of the NE%4 ofthe SEY, of sa
State of Florida, in deed book "I~" 4th 1907 and recorded in the Clerk's and con~tiguous to Lot 11alid Book "U" page 240 and 241, "an*d4 and running thence Soth 3231/_ S section 30, TVownshfip 2 'Nort of~
ae66O; said lots hereby convyed Office of said Counity in Deed, Book downi on thle plat of the Twof running then~ce East 100 feet thence feet mo r esadt hNot-ange~ 5 East, andi -which is mr being bounded on th orth by Do "EE" .page 2. Amount of tae __Mnticello recorded in the ',Cerk's South~ j clia~ns and 31 inks, thence, ern boundary of Palmer Mill' Road ,particularly described in that ce4 Qd~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and~t tn h.atb e- i tJiedn~t 'De et1) hence North to Str mtunina East 40~ feet tan deed from~ D. B. Mills and wife,
Mouticellu Branch of they Seabo4@ Al thtpotono Town -Lot Boo k -G"' page 1 ad said lot being the start pon. 'Wnd bounded anid tthSW corner/ of Lot 7 of -to Frink L. Simion, dated May 25th, ArLine~ Rail~way, on, the South by Nmbred 51 o~f the Town of Al.on- eottained within and boundJed by also onl the -North by lands n~ow or sudAddition,; thence run 4ng'North A. D. 1945;, and of .record in s a Washingt~on Street, andi on the Wet tielo1Forida,~ according to~ the tlle extension an!the continuation formnerl~y ofWilliamn P. Grantham~, 1111,,, 1 fel, more~ or less, and to the Clerk's office inl deed bookA.", by Railroad. Street; the lots of land~ oiinal plan of said Town as shown North> of the East and West lines of I-s by lan~d now or formerly of 1S ithr ouiryinQfas ge90 dtowhcreenc hereby conveyed being~ie same lots >rj~f~twefa pre ai o 16t e f1ar Mary A. Perkins, South by land ing'toi Street~ and thence .running hereby' iaefn..moepa~c
0anit H.ap ion th ffice of thle C~lerk of the m~eauring I cr Norh and South, frineriy of Thomias L. Clrke' and %Vest along tile Southern boundary derscrijption of said 8 acre tract; but
Mys, aend Emala P.Myhi ici Cutoefferson Couty, ain 20 etEsanit'West. Amount. West by the Northe~rn extensions of ine of Washington Street 40 feet sayin, and exjepting from~ sad8 wftH ey T.Foso n dJme FU 'ida,'i Deed Book G",pg 1,otae ----$98 Hikr ,o th -i&point fe>,1Cl epiyTe orls par-, Aman of *e ---- L tt$12.6~4 t rvo~l o e
1.Flom nd Th~omas L. Folisom b adt which r~eferen e is. hereby Al of the landli S thof~ 'a Also llt that cert4 ie 0 4 lot preiosl covydbsi deed dated iNovemiber 28th, 19o hae whh s en~closed withn the line hereiafe dsr belthrougil eel of Jlsnd ihe town of Monti Th folwn dsrbd ad i- F.L imon and wife, to folldwing and ofArecor'd in said Clerk's4 Ofice f~l~gbundary> lines, t-it h- io~ ng decrb pope~ry cello, whichi s boundd b fy a ine uate, lyin, and~t being"n nt pairtie viz:oCariaGfihby in~ Ded Book page 523,and to Beiningaft teE corne of said t-it Tht crain- pie or p~arcel commnnig at a point 39,0 Jet of4de1-n State of Foia an deed recorded in dteedbook. "CC" whichi reference is hereby. made.Tw Ltnumbered51 andrunngo lad oude~b a4 lin coimejie '.D.rdl oxf'V N crnert ofTwn know Ad described as s iuted'I page 381; to.S. D. Clarke deed reAmount o taxes ------- $11 ceNorthot fet thnen _jigrux at orthI0 et te~ To~v of, Montiello, Florida, corde deed book, "F" page 370;
All n of taes part of Blj $15' ofr Ws 5 fet, thenc~unn rc flndcnee t DailB lec as10 fet thne 'u an moepriularly. ;,nw n to Jula Parker deed> recorded in' Wyrik's Adito tol ~Lthe town fSotl 5 feat, and thence runing BirbJonH Peris ad'ie1>30 feet, ad heice.West 100n fee d'd eso 4fde book "C" pag 93. ndt
0otcdo Jeferson County-Fl- Eas,2 feetad ont o ei-an ant H. Ny an i, by otl starigpit n boi Tw Lo No. 6 fsidTw Ele Thookon an" husban ded
atte SEcrner of said Block 15 Th foloin decie os ro eod l adCer' fieil o rfrmryo'Mr A., Per thereof,'a record de d o 39 cqae fsl'o en 0 -fe
U11 oath4 ptresifln itae yn n ee ok",ie"" ae f h ubi rcrssur and situated on the ot
,,side ~ o Dow dStreet, 65 feet tobii-i b Ton fl M~ontielo h ic eeee'7i eey md -beingIn the extnin o r -o f a Cont :o Jefrsn sai side tof sai8are tath borer
art~ '~iii know nd an to thee. ol Road leain from feet wide, bing aprionofthe lar decrbe ng et ere~nceo saideeds being hereby
road Avnue, thnce So th aog'ecidas folos a t o-t n Lots Moti ell 7 to Auila, Flria same land ',aonve d to Wlliamn P. th Ecorner of sai Lo 3 tte nd o particular desedition'
he West boundri4 Rira~e mibee id3o lc ubr-tec unn ln a d roa Gerai by Edar 13 alyb- nicct fDgodadOiefsadecpdlosAmutf
ne 90 feet t the Pointof bei- edv 3 of" icksE ten Ad Nrh8'4 dere at 5.8fet le atdAgs 2, 188and re- Sre hnernigW s ln ae --I-------- _$47
ntdas Lt or6 Block nubrd18 Adiinaeo'rde inOfc of Wcs ahnc ra re ~ Boii>~i, 4 fohel nte~u
Of zWrick's Eastern Addition toCek ici ourto sai nfnn- ing-poin, an-ou d on th North of taxe -----7 ------ e29.6 a~nd to tradOiv tett fersonand State of Ford decr
r loandcenofheiEi ofreEc/1V. ofisection Street 100 feet and to the starting4Subdivision' oA" to the Toon of
by mp or pat ofsai4d ito 6f pag 66, and, ref Ve'1 theret is~ Aueta -Ford publicci Road, Sot 0f a4d
I~.~ 2othnhp2 ot fRne 4 oinadn~c~ h n tr otclo:Foi codn
reco rd inoffise ofer k f-ici erb ae adloshrb o-byPalSre 0 etwd ,n maep or6 oplto of ie subiviio "A":
-woebigth fWstb aSret3 letwd aond -Ls whih r Isbunebyth Frs. me Dwllig House, aituate Court~ of.0 said Count ofr Jefro vee as' a4i -, e appear in th 'Pbb orecordse
in deed 4 boo "Iae adrfrsadBokanemacgtier w as ylais bnin g now ori~ B~n~r~ie- thef Amutoftxs
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