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The Monticello news
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Monticello news (Monticello, Fla.)
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Monticello, FL
ECB Publishing, Inc., Emerald Greene - Publisher
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January 5, 2005
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Weekly[ FORMER <1925-1965>]
v.58 no.20 December 4, 1942


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Newspapers -- Monticello (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jefferson County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Jefferson -- Monticello
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Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
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Began in 1903.
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Description based on: Vol. 23, no. 22 (Nov. 20, 1925).
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MOTICELLO~ li-i M )IxI(~ i ~ 11(jED C:LAY HIL
i',he Great Middle SECTION OF
Gideway to Florida FLORIDA
A large percent of the Frmeagr t(
Seerit oliets will have hiogs to Mody'atron'OMk ln ut aeter'plct~s.frain~ ra og fmily fJf
sell at thk Victory Pig Sale on 1Yec-we atnn
einber -/. Since one of. their i oals E eyn sug ,vlnaiyt oa a~nm or y M naw e'iwsa
fr 1942 Was to Produce more F~ood oc r',acrig oana-rdwro1h xSPW
fo Fredm they feel that they ufgtn liscnat & u em'trcie rm Luses hsmv
j~' Urher", cip there oountry by~ met.Alpesn"oer1 m Madte r
br ingig a hog to the sale and buy- o g r se o i tercn c-n ~oe b.fe i a o -i
in JWa onids and' Stamips with th1e 'esl to onumrsw o.hv noi
eeds.uefe'olba Man 1N of iei were no, "planing n ,isi id~rmteemetJl h a;y o hi kfao h amr fJte-o
to sell hgs, ithis, year, but after s ,ody lns a ;O, ldas ayo lccl
leringk ofthie "Shar the Mea 111 '4scrdfoi uloldelr rzn
campaign they plan t killib'nae sPo~isprwead hoeudrfomBtoi-Ba
"da rdem~ 7o ,M n om l n uto 'f m m eso
61~a pount har fwke'% one thsthelo c_Acl hoien eat the h to
r -euse tod bn- the Ha famil intoF theT~A Tev I6,! e
tesale, orem e 7. Winning thei wa wil be hed-a
Their.o ofa os to havet 14 f ni ans
gut n eCe~~ no be n.L Y glit lb if
counted' TheseI may ee used ssey EINSATRaoean-ui~y
gs onee beans, soey-s
J~gSl o Jelfferson r Co ece a'i1 otn sb;doe g e r E RS FS R IEteHg colBnfIo 4b '
fire, att the eyeiu rv
AGIUTR THE~i been in~ chi- of;hkotofcb
LOCLlp DEFENSE P enft aft7fy th r -h ao 'i 0y I. T e5es a a e
euli Safetyc Commtte annonce 0h dahtl s40 i~ h il~o ,eoehrtm onSg
wh i nevhf Mr.i~ JoeP M.Cr searr1eiirma&famn neete"e ifre
disa ptl r orea deale ha bensi eet
,uon te fine da'i whc and o i s y' bot ab new paer an by riaecdt-atal
opg~e athed, ad eecal f6 9o~mentator& abou the cI$ a11 s atha rse allet gve of6 thent Mpte'lca oy pon'
ear'~~O eriou YANKEES'4 b' t1 apon r. ctp Ii their coun-4, 1~1AXM etbin tp
e~avnence cecd~ Tho ~ da. I conof praert bxidd"Dbsere Coqinin- A ta preceded ~h d e~ 1~
r~~ugte i 4ve ion thel amel d completeen 'Plr qa rede.. xoral er ce, os
board to f yee WMl Uo~n fs North Cee Lat Africa
keel),ows a s aridt~ evices Teln'wth ufretbleaet'riaDc e orivso o, try by brn Q at l es efton
tihh,6y~u$i aton, of~r as,. heea it.r n a~ 0Nhe Frs( toe th e ontic ello 'Stock Yard onti6 ,
n~wn~oI wont repealing gre-es sporte Gagtsr 0six A.e 'Brinkb p ~t te
lion'& of~ reaica boysh, "Tp~ andk at5 trh e Jate s aun Huns:d "Mt
'vicetmas neeedana wethe to e you bettrne ise-wo suneg- O ti6;. ocg h~e c feed Pit~
tsee hs -biet gopachd Thris >' tIu tefkin ingamnst yoab caryn oonuhttieFr pny ng a serious opera ion.our!c mony, i.-ie t oN rBns
>boy~a handed ora man orhig Temen, thticht h s pecmn Vee'tent b IO~~~mpt
tills srdven acondusion ant dat ot auve wasesm farm' olperaae Jns o e oThe Pucovrpse f t'hi ss tinehexy
dryn at seric es itee hareen tol'e o io beil po n -Iae h c u t Al'shle M s, o e
Brna l2a 'h~eaae castll 'th r*ee Tis pad ioos ite fned thae tobhe
'fact tha you, your friend, any hunt 'thof
Eddie~i Will Dais notlie thrugh 'p16 soe of actual rnijg II sta'ail
e~~~~~~~r,~~~~~~ Qn', d a, ty e d a o"g lai S l m nhasd.I ti iil N v ho o j s elsae noAeia etr m e r W~t~tn~t
time e~~this, Samueoklt a J pit~ t o x o e Goldw yn wro uctch. wIor,16un ~ei~ e e dth __ _ __ os fy stared.~ e
~h; 9fOuM > ''' 2 2 >1 trae dy.l 'antuaely apart from', th

Tfhe Monticello ;News, Monticello, Fa,, Friday, December 4, 1942 '
. ...... ..Frnc Fscst wspctTros Woanoi Yar IagIiF
NjvvsA G enercil Quiz
This Week NEWheQeain
h1. Where is the natural hee of
L FPReading the pengu n?
emel F.aron Ti is.J not the first time that 2. What is the binacle on a
Consolidated;Features.-WNU Release. ~Arrian battle flags have beensh?
carie to the Me~diterranean.~ They 3. What country was called
NEW YORK.-ust after he won wer~e there over a cen~tury~ azko-for "Seward's Folly"?
~wor~d heayyweight chani- ~ .~ ~ ~ ~the same purpose-the exteirmina- 4 p in gr~o h
tsV Rusmor mestorfor inu Southtm Doa-h".. ......
0pion.hp, Jack Sharkeywas dining .o....o.............A t time we sm r, n
at Tait's restaurant~ in,,San Fran- > fought for the fre oo the sa.kota? The- ~ Now we fight for the freedom of 5 What king of England signed
Priduds QF N4~rt ~ a r t e r ~ America If you said that 'a tlh an ara 25
Pro t brought litte while ago, youu were called a 6. What is called the root all
Africa Mount Daily hi- a l-warmonger,, an nterventionist or a
,ewith soadso,... But no one today doubts -7 "The Star SBanner"
oee claw missing. Jack wanted to rta America is safer because men -was inspired by the
knoV about that. The waiter ex- ..% from Montana and Georgia, Ver- what fort?
plained that -two lobsters had. been ~ ~ ~ ~mont and Nevada are, throwing pibrought together in a crate from rates out of Tunis and Algeria eheeswer
Manuez; that they had a fight T rhis AEF nis mre than a son in
and tis on~e lsitclwgerah.It is a milestone in 1. The Antarctic region.
.................. .......................: i
"Take this b.u away and bring..tonl2 cssteahps
ime the winner! eebellowed Jack.:. *g r ..o..e and Berlin now know that pass.
The quit human~,deort~: adeniree tree theS Triipolich ander Libya ar ouure ;eeeeri mtlno a, sj tcbn ext misi 3.' Alaska.O ;.: :; ;.;
string with a wn eor to ..n- objectives. Bgut thei chief 4. Four-Washington, Jeferson
esting itself isatin-American worry is that world freedom is our Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt
countries, and perhaps- else- war aim . .They know that while 5. John. That M Carta la
where Ofii,Mihe sActy ', .' s the U. .A one concentration camp exists- a foundation forE Elsh political
.... . .. . . j
NorAria.e Dispatches MrNerd fuctios-an& while one squad of 6. The love, o mon-ey.
.'AmerianMfoo Nelli el0teng whpo founded:
ses. countries tell of oseti- p o t m.nth Axis troops resists-our -arms will 7 Fort Mcenry (War o
: ::;'.~~~ieo-temet clubouce for apethmeteo U hatO Ih I.~ tc.aktf
meat shifting to the Allies, and Tis photo, published in a Ge~rma~n ;propaganda magazine, shows club in Milwaukee, is shown with remain in the field . merica f11)
away from the Axis. Monre Pierre Laval with Marshal Petain, aged chief of state of France, as they some of her pies Mrs. Mitee and has liberated -North Africa because
Aretn'heni~ npcedoe B ,dss Qtrlte Mis in"
specifically, Atrops at Vichy before the Nazis took orwhat was left of her aids produce pies at rate o 30 free America can le
gf wed weea their. Pars I' trnthq
S air-spittin ,gis France. Retain solemnly named Laval fascist dictator and retain's pre- a month. We nominate her for title free world.. Thefr ,o
i sumptiveheir to replace Admiral Darlan who "sold out" to Allies. of "woman of the yearr" America will continue to arch ...
caught' offdead-center for just Because the road to Berlin is the
abou the flrs timei his Chonaea-g .. %# b i 2 W....
rst ~i0nly way back to Mai St.
fores. amal nonommtta ca-ni:' ,: ;(
and on~lamitalCa- 1~~Chan "'TO REUEVE MISERIES OF
reer. As foreign minister of W C r Sl T t
Argentia ie cables to the against the Brtish is now being dia
U' S. A. his feeitations and erected against the Fr c
his expression of Argentina's May e is w to keep, DnewT on
"solidarity" behind our North . sounthe job, blutd Gen. Eitsenhower got Now get grand relief fronm col
African campaign. There is the tad f'bTh ignao~angte clamnr symptoms this home-proved
rumble of the band-wagon as clique, so why should he lsten to dIouble-ation way th~at
well as of ghuns throughout the them now? You can get a rap We tia ro
world. agans Giraud, too, if you turn your 2 VAYS AT ONC4.
During the Pan-tAcoerian confer a certain direction 4P 0M- ,efinu o
4~ene atRiode Jneir lat Jat~-Dedaulle has an enemy se tion / to upper bronchialmei za,ao .~'~
learned and land evasionis could F rench in rary 1medicionrlvorors.
not find so much as a 'straw, in a at sae cets and.Evneha str'the wind. Seven months earie lie he-, old line/you had been- elaboriately feed at Wash- *.- Wavell, Ri~tch~ie,. etc. You'll hear in~ poultice.
ington, with t te isnersad a big, it again if we happen to line up W 'Iitso
jovial s tg party by th President- with the Arabs or the Ho tentots,
a sid as timpagsed it- appeared thatim faccum" dt' eet a y (mt 0nly To get all the benefits of
...... .... in i t r ins R o ndt'ea s sie co ton. y sm)c m i e EN T A I GSTM LTN
we might yot even 'get our bait thing than to now something.
k action, just rub throat, chest,
< back. Our later Wcultural phalanxes et and bakwith Vcks VamoRsdbeat
moving on Argentina, seemed equta Nobody has lined up more eagerly 'bedtime. hestaentnyvVaponubygoea
ly ineffective. Argentina remained,,A Preident Roosevelt buys 'the first' for, the war causes 'than the Holly oe-oi relieve onuaghong
Ourhrdest nut to 'crack. Perhps sheet of stams to on 36th wd works .-. a con sasms, ele ucroin
G.eneralh Esenhower has cracked it. annual Christmas seal campaign of 4btd theirr t an their -talents s.or tightness and Invite restfcho
Representing -Argentina at ~ r.Nli ao\os ietrothe t.Smichs ths.the National Tuberculosis associa-~ to -amusig the service m ~en and comforting sleep. Often-by on
Mras. Neli Taylon Ross dianyo of th U. S.mnt htswt Snng most of the misery isgoe
Seaguez of Ntinsforimany years Robert Wagner .of New Y~ork, chairman of-the senate banking and cur- t'01 from Lidut. Col. E. R. Long of -building up bond sales Th spri Ge reie frmhstcodditrs
SroRuiz eunau wra ank emin en~ ont~,'hn-Ms o perd eoeta omte the medical corps. ,Colonel Long 'out there is right, too ,- Then tonight wth double-action, timerency~~~~~szlr comtte whe Mr.Rsfoeaeleoethtcmie
persnag in the Theat g cgeen e o bstitu e is chief .f the tbrusis section, they tipover-the works b making tested icks VapoRub.
~~hih '~plA ~iitother materials for the strategic mnetals now usedl in mino -coinage. ofc fsreng ~a
-rn t.He ons preside jug -the -________ that -'s still 1928 in California. The _____________-gr9 at He ly pbieto-te atest to get -the hmer s "Once4
-League of Nations council -in 1935, Upon Mae Honeymoon." Severev al of the --Moth~er of- Misery
and in that year voted with the op F~ighting French H~eroes Honored -Mineleer wercto -tckha~t -Emloymnent, which Galen ealls
-position -when it -was proposed to a ,,', picture could take ruined Warsaw "nature's physicians," is so essenetow swthon Mussolini, a etrn :- : ". as the setting for a piece of low tial to human happiness-that indo8 rout t-o Etipa He is a veteran.N comedy. This is the third licker lence is justly considered .the
of Aretila -ttsahp pro IN- that has carned rebukes. for the' mother of misery.-Robert Burton.
foundly learned in International law, rn~i maes They,~ wil soon~ have~and -poltical theory; for several ~ .-~- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -' -~-- to tart rain g thes NI e w~ sYork veyears -ambassador to Switzerland. M$-s~ viw wi-h/oke glsss The .---e<-, GET'"<' -,,#$
- C;Autious and -cryptic although al V. 5 ,.. ---XT~~4- ~ ih9r~kdgass~~y EDR IIII'PI
-~vy~ racou an smlig eis ~ -~~:: /A~/~~~--- --- -- ---'* ~ -~'-to-o blinding for the naked eye. 'RHE ~flUMICAI N
waylst- grcorad foring the is., ~ <',. '~~ Wilh a Medicine that wilit Prove Itself
' - . guarding and. "security of the -Amner-a or muscular aches, buy C-.2223 -today
as e- ca~e "~- -A ,~- k"as show, people. ,They fear. mre for real paui,-relieving help. 60,_c$
icas," as hecbe ecretary Hull. r ~ jinxs hia--'odotb ... C-2223 at druggists. Caution: Use
- .- ~One of their pet su erstitions is tht ol as directed. >F'irst bottle p~ur*-.....,neary tw y~as.'gotat ~- happen diein e pfrice refunded if not satisfied.
~Robert D. 'Murphy, then counsel- *-'- & threes. It1's jlisthped again,,
lor for our embassy at Vichy, started '-- -- "' itMaRosnEd acOve < Needed Solitude
on a 'little publicized tour of North -'andl L.aura Hope Crews,- pass 9 Solitude is as needful to the im
e ~vij~da Africa ,'in-~ '"-'4 away. Earlier -in the- year a 0Ph'aiaina oit s'hlsj
WeH v Ha a specting ~'"~> ~~' <<~- -~Awood trio~ died within a- short time frte character r.-Jamnes Russell
Lawrence of North X Lo~IC0i- ~ > '" --- ac e-onBry~~ai well.
Afia~- ~ -sulates," as.-.-- two producers, J. little newspaper hando ut o~-------------------------------- ---o av ah tel r U WOMEN WHOD SUFFER FRO
time wol have it. ---4-- --,3--:-Brooks Ati on -ae tne
There were subsequent trips -columpn to George, M. Cohan. Best A EIU t
which made it clear that Mfr. Mur ~ ~-'~-of all was his- discussion of "Over Ilj ACRES'f
phy's interests were -not- confined to There," w hich -was the. TYtem yowuffrfo htfahed
honsulr supplie-y addteneal E in song of th I~ Atkin-e tms-ie- oth uctoa
pro nlain tegetstsa < ~<-~--wr r paig~ mpr hr'hs h tags adms es distress of "Irregularities-, are
- .. -: :. ... the pq best h b t a th leebd-o' of tl_ -1- e

"/, "The Monticello News, Monticello, Fla.. Fid Decembe 4, 1942
.l; ... ... U.. ..
s~a d te n aaou tf'........
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...................~~r : = '
THE cost of a handsome pair of Roger B. Whitman--wNU features. By .A0cio L. LiNDQUIST D. D
cushions will be Of The Moody Bie Institute o Chicago.
shop around for remnants of satin STORING GARDEN FURNITURE .. Itelea by s s
or brocade; and for harmonizing
crepe or taffeta to make a fold ARDEN furniture tay be more Lsfremr
G~,47 Lesson for> December 6
edge as shown here in the sketch. greatly damaged hen stored
A yard' will make two 18-inbh. during the winter than when in use :::'...:es n s.b.o te5
cushion tops and the same ainount during the summer. This is especial- elected and copyrighted by International
Council ofl! Reiiu Edcaio;ese b
ly l lto be the case -with rustic pe iso e ous a
Ion oF cusSoN TOP+ 4. furniture. For best protection this 4
CUT4TO MAI(E THE should be stored in an unheated build- THE MEIlNG OF CHURCH.
sE ing; a garage or shed, that protects MEMBERSHP
+ 4it fron the weather and moisture,.L5.
>4but not from low :temperatures. If LiassON 7 r 610 teing a:-7
*iarm and damp, insect attack is GOh E mmT-ow sN r'he oy9
likely to go on, especially from vari- his ei
' 2" tiess of insects that \work their way
reSDS Sunder the bark. If no building is Churh h..sip m ns
available, it is better to pile up the great deal; c which has been
furniture and to cover it with a tar- obscured b e pre alent idea that T
STITCH pauin or building. paper, so tightly joining the Juup ijut like joinSIDS OPENING tied that wind cannot blow it out of ing any other organization We need
O... ONE place, thn to store it in a cellar. to be inded aga and gain tht
Space under an open porch is. ex- *the local or denaoinationalo gaiti
or bottoms. Fivebeihths yard of excellent for storage. Painted furni- zation has real meaing onlas it cepe o r taffeta will make the fold ture, either metal or wood, can be represents n te world at owshi
crep orl' tafet wills mak thee fold tm l$,!
' arosun bothcuhios stored in any place where it is kept .of tre belie..ers...y hl by the new.
If-you want to change feathers dry. A dust-proof wrapping of paper birth, have beie art of the livig
f- o old ~euhion, leave a three- is advisable. and true chtir Wich is the bo4y
inch opening in the old ticking;. Sinking asters. f 1 ih G rea [
sew the larger opening ovr the Question: Soine years ago It is likewise essential that besmaller one and then work the put rubber casters under bed lievers know what their neibershill
fathers into the new ticking. Rip and furniture. These are now stuck 'inhh i' church means, s that i;heiy apart carefully and sew he new to the ioleu I suppose by se Fi the Christas ookie Jar! may fully appreciateWit at proper
ticking wi close stitches. tion and we can't get them off, t (See Recipes Below.) pe sentitoth vrl
*. *without tearing the linoleum. The 1 New Life v I '-).
NrOTE: Smart cushions also may be company making the casters says Cookie Treats The church member is (or should
Whei~ n te fnse oo hto 7r~ mdr T i ov e nu( 0degee a)10 "hout~ .at n w
made by combining smaller pieces of silk they eo know what aba Christian, that is, one b has
b~~~ehand ~ ~ ~ he don't knowegefwa wha to mmtdoemv abtu it.o at 7,an hten
fla crdngan ohe f0inisheing ao co4i Whetait spata suget pase frHom-dt h to if th roghy n
IMr. S ear 'series of homea iyou get Festivit i in the home w here Broiled Liver and Onions at t ife
< I aoubt io s uoe ro.fA i tt 40 a he rookie ja irly pops with Sn- Five-Minute Cabbage Chris 3 7) us e be
grand ideas fr cuionl s of buir- from suctioa. ich more likelyl it i ~ra~dD'~ oc
Iold silk stockings and gay cottons. s e e en i r i in a Creamed Potatos come' new creature; old things orati 'Of the rbbr. thing Graefruit-Orange Salad have passedaway; behold all things A
MRS. RUTH WYETH SPEARS ,yto iden b e to cookies dusted c Pudding *Oat mmeal Dos D ar e the new bride-these and many
Thsmember i iways ondg hasnen-by
Bedford lls i New York razor alon the o to separate ith im ing *Recipe Given i e other delightful gifts are yours to
a Draweer 1...... .... ce ol rodl me the linole o a n and prel t6rh ime onthtIi ng s flies.
adress.~~~~cloe .u ar. I........... dma leaig w r a t is n g p n wuho eo na a t eittl cos an o e us o dn s a
ot cent fr ea*book de o not y any kind o ah solved ta eo 6n ahigs e e 'rl hih h e
Obid. Have o ae liti s Oatea D e e seeks thth oatsern eels
T Tee te osolfroi~ rtCela For. beps3miut otstinlshih rvaov* ewniCrcegeelerftDet
on te 1a qutio Mya 4 th rb ucea Ia dir h yru HAhgdLfh e. Ntoew
\znge~~~~~~~~n aoe co0, 00,ues 000 eamel Thi o e hitik.1s isolved in abexutins cErletl 5 etsoowcn
Kablt m e of..... hich...a.. e.. by snu its o da ane Ihet rdnol ns pak n box e p o r 4ourableoo ns bolin~o wa ktateru changed.-- -Thwl e ang putihe........
rech cua heiht oa 50ec feef re- hem? t o n t hilsfohd a ft mp, p lavo teaspoon aruter ofni i fn ote thngestofnearle and ai (It Patter ...............................
pojltsnoldum C i .e aU e ont tr d hap ifheissit ooea;. asc op aisins thing l of rt e den-tia ticegs Addi
p Jerts te bet ift the i.' ld a fr e o ie s w 1 t in a ree o e
unA each caster and to replace itcoi: o.4:1) o bji~e h ete 'hr needed > T obti this pattern
Sineoe dry'idweern s"":4,stms "a ig Ing ere aIoC- tnh n y oa a l to:uguthehr ,ee ro
' s2 tmst~ehihto hetes so otl cha 1h ac itel oord e Iapd h in, eco e hd a r wlchtm O D I:tE
oovernd with0a0la0r of heaataaddsoda.Mixginhmdnow tstdrawa him back tohthe oo keep the lo sed fqr sh 2 ces a in things, shith o Sein Cil, Npd ect la
els o~owiha~~r~ybys sI~wcIh ~ t40t r a eion a 0 aed
aeheshaeihedno5n ha, b-lte. s 1~ ,oa yaieo h hea geah a
make Colie'r Accupin cor es- yAnsuer H. A.airge 4iof (vd p2 ] hAve
S sL, thes e dr gglstonelltou ai n t Wy ellse a n is- rt htomeal obll- tv 5-1. Oe lo r
mon uand 0 0the unfl coQu.eelory ing f ys i ur a gre m s a cup fted se meing ibhear Al sumothe h cep iop2os er6 ped tof
youmisilie te wy s soer wals nd ~ilng ere faitaodeCrta Iif5 q teaspoon soda (1sovei sboexul imee n an d thtl i mmfe al- teel 0(pud ffo,250 to eo* o or7, ouare mter ed with el is pn Ti o a os 3 i theenpw c aeupoo st it ( a d () whis h on d p
..s h a doe au d r ailn he rep t ae t o p1 ti tesesn inget (No .e.. poui
for omhe hesof t old thvte s fll shs h ey a ei id oeel? the rsty obi e w d cn I te ri o tablespoons boe ater C.hriati e trs ing et o s d l ihet ch d t e h
Anahe aeconit h0 tet, ren dhm dap cero ch Sitdrigedsoo nI~tmg dc of s eitis ofend lie oft EXm TI.... RNAL....CAU....E
of i hvee ni th a pay, a heao s oope But taeins o eof d n
n Cr n A r i ex should taet does forte onCoo o l war Ad ro ba Chro s fou t Cddsi .n ea..r.t. t ..
pertsthese ittwithouth harm:l Chicreteflutilnotfoly tRoelp otilougloured thot niecoeimendedBingheogracel iofaGodceann aswoloin idu n ver the lewr Althoesen~ uss the Chitau sare
wh nals Wit o ine oo V j moved i thear V in e hica nd crt uk it a oieatuse i Cs t u leas
at many more acil. The 2irGteah
geoo heavy packs ail lld the irot a deogdr neeu)list oetre) othen 1 mue m t ewchie our hs tiL EES o
germre laden ph egme ofd heavy tar'>he add sapsi nhmd it da i akt.t
poteadaeprw tner ni u e; are cnri- i s pourab ed on j onea Buteb 'U oats, dlu.n ol y -an lsl hns f
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bestosed? th a % teespoon oi' 1Q iiScru o te ea h sa te a oa feeont0 n Aos.
-~ Answer: Zn brickhouse tl~e'~~s~jour~ delicat Qokie ~the sift~ embert~~~ should owi eanantig~
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U)~~LIotceE, hVR IUL ~ereby given~ that tDixie Notic eis heeb given that John
MONTICELLO ADVERTISER I I ofodk holder of~ Tax\Cettifi'acs '~No. Mrrelli hoddIr of Tax Certiicae
~Established 1869 Cis mite 220 & _9211 issued the. 5th da~y of No. 138, issued the 7th, day of AugMONTICELLO CONSTI~TUTION ~t A. D). 1940, has fifd'sameT i st, A. D. 19)39, has filed same in m
~Established 1873 my off ice; ha s made application for Off i(c;, has ri4ad application for a
Cagdtoa Tax D~eed tio be issued threon. Tax Deedt b issued thiereoni. Said
Sa efflat Ceftjificat~eenbraces the following
MONTICEL~LO NEWS-103 -,FA 00Fe H ,in
WI~ described~ property in, tJh~dsr 4rpr nt~~uyo
Cuty of Jeffrsoni, State of Flor- Jeffrson, Statc 6f Florida, to-wit
Jdato-,it:AstoCeriate No 220 LJot 9QSprindal aISubh n Section 18~
FOIAPRES ASOl CCIAIQN 'NorndwPThs4 th, Rlae 5 East, 3
WR 'on Waikenai 1 Sreet Apl U17
11bC Mre~WJ 0 opi~ $ a'r~ sid,,e icafeissue was
Unl J~ess i ertificate shall b~e reWIL H. MLOCoSwnshiRang 5 EatQlWacres
~Edtorand ~Proprieto scrne aheei shal bem sol .0aw~~
underal sai so1til SI
UMA ltA GES- 6 he higb.5t iddr attheCoiuthos
SAT wf i red. h nm f rntAdesn
Conyad teTown of Moniclo I fqte cr
Entered ~ ~ ~ ~ a~ atb Monticelloo Post Oi eot ofDcme,14,wih s(ICI OR EL
i,,s Malmtero h Seond }C11 WATE FORp 545H. Olbeiam gh 7h daa off Deceber 1942:of CLYDEa.CS
co4 -~ais Datede tirough Ih da ot Noebr ClerkkCh
Ilecion of~le ori Coucty nl
oysKA ar57 Firs St.,tin Noth Sthe Spjlo-TCORTSB
OFFICE~ieteMasw~ OF, PULCTO Pefeesburg. Fl. CLYDE 11 SAUL7 S
.,r, News~ Building Dogoo aSre BUYU.S'WABND
I w~[$TL4~i SCIENCE I?4flN)Jr maii~. Th~res k~Clerk Circut, !~1Cout-of. Jeffersa ~fr 'cc-~k
~~~Ai~~~~tES Cony Florv i~~ isa.~f~ oe~tin~
LIVE~~~~~~~~OI NOTICEICIQ OFp* APPLwICATIONzp $~ttw Mic -One I~ Year ------- E.TOa 'CREeDITORS~s ~ j~ .cn~n f~m in
IuCcuctr Ifer nt Iofe 2eferon Caeeolenfs. eriiat,
Au~tion eyry 'Mor~dy, an~t gt ~ 71 e,W 0eeb 40N issuo eJH~T 5thECA QAOR.)YV
Youes andke peach# Sfanledfa ,,a f etm
notifie an p.uret preen anyic~l Stock SA.L~ D.P 1432 REQaS /ie-sm inmaT>.Crii~-u mTse
cards. and Memnd whichiis Mgr, or office;._ has___ mae ppiatonf
C4~ tekSt, Cirui Cor f'Ve-Cut ug ferro on-,jJf r ,Sae fFoia 0Wt 4~~~S of 4'Y of '

Soia A tii~esMiss Nacissa-Vrginia Lam~b died, We wishT>~ toI. express ou sinere:_,
Friday, November~ 27, at the home I h*~W ~~B iA9RI~~ ~ f )de
~hte ~~ oY~rtl Sea o~u~-f' e4 t (~ ~luM of her iece, Mrs.~$ J. J. Lipsey, 0f The brarndhes of swing. vocl, Winter IH'.ven,, Nov 23-( B~owen, Phone 8-11, not later than Tesday of each-week Bran~ford.~n ti~ rb ~ ~ i~ ~.)-~~s c ~ 1 a ve t And of th beauiu
fley~~~M.'an Mrs.~ &A.or RoMorris ~9itc~ F. a ABrik sp~et Tedyn at Mr. an J. Jrs. Dyum ntr l, Satrday Noembr 28, $ 4h radMs4J .'ors
1ivitheate ruriedm "dv Out Fornt 'DesY~i Moiei vfrlAn will~dMI ~ Io, I. iai
ofe Ma~era and~ Child Heal th -lie tsxocokdneTak-Rv B. A. Both pat r hrge Sters) coin Wensat n ev aura.Ms .Mri
R ev annd M rs.. B .. A .Bt ev _T er o ti e l .'y.u i
o -a '~~csn Cam" h madn.wo ece o i a'
Mildr'ed inea andSdesff aoung Mise fC Mt. Wriend ewip dr an 4AIRN HAR
jinel and C. Wformr Pum 1.ok E. ML.s Ham C7 1ua I I'
ofn Tllaasee s pen Sunda wit~a h li r iep a
Eni s Ail~~e Ros A 1.mlnhryans of whe eh celerate Anrw Siser unde dic-to eo r G O RA N
Naa At i r ato at Jacson Cap 'hlyMissettep t r Tn -S s-E A
ofbe orf pieces an rphws
Mrs'.~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~A R.4 H.GligSna.Eninsstosqenerfthfl.Thyfrb Ourw he gieede andive l Iip~ er tha thea~ acopnss Ail 'snyear's'
yoen -Rappyr totrfrmryo helpi also, apea wasI ghtlo faoits produc keeps the undrwrl in~ -awi.
Gigbwhm~ sh ohad not seen in dauter Maor in op en t W.the Thanks cello wh li be n dtaione atiproaig teisle-i te .i as'hsbe cieinteS&, it
fiftee yehrs. a ivin f, o lid forsnato ofS.ea WIupla songce wor of the~ Bait
suts Tmetetwith roe create ati disuri 'church thea higea
over~~~C 48bohe yea.s tbere ,s; 1niiaIglxs:VCTfY Q
PURA uria auiatoi~P~uehits.~1l Nlomaii' Ci.i leagu andJ .~ a(Asite TUltT R1
ceiows~~ers bus ohl o~ a wr~a~ ~rince'i S e istment, Octbe a. eee~ Rang gu94ler
Mrisei. B C e, Featured inS the,,te cast ofvce83 youthful asTCE L acomanst o. -oIe
do,142 aa reeetve pror-ugtion toWn' b.C RT
He wil gldly nspec you stok an and willan offe Sncry MOu a, u da
orgaizablej -nomto tegen Rssist win prouca he MIDNIGH posiblWa
/a~wt the mostts eMt.nia anenmet Mrs.D! act inth ca~iyo osrcinasCire'utrotiadWle A .U'A .51 .M
CaFlet ar decl, .taB Bi~u S. h
Re. ~. T Taylo r EDaso Te- S.I FRhr atC theird!1-o Loiwf ingl Eatre oghveapp "rsa
.JeiiersonFoema Store h'',oipn whc I. KILLE THA MANt4VaiJe!4e j~ldd g~iir5
bee spndn wvr

The Monticello News, Monticello, Fla., Friday, December 4, 1942
U n ,e KENT BLADES Blade Value
Patriotic? Invest!! 50c brings two patriotic
WATTS. By OODMusiR Wrier, Box 1281, Montgomery, Ala.
Po= AN 50 1_1' I-X&tE55 1'M N 16&I004- MISTAKEN--Ir ARE~ YOU NUT5J)~? 11
SFAK' 5T1A1:IC ? r-4U(r LIVES? 7 TH~'15I TOWN! NEW YORK!
POCTOQLinoleum is something new in wall coverings. It- is durable and
OF-r- Aeasily cleaned.
PACE~ ~ '\~ ~4 4Candied grapefruit and orange ? A.R\' peels are always tasty additions 4
15PRNTEPto liquid sauces to be used ovet C) 2 baked or steamed puddings.
____\\.4,.' Add half acup ofboiled rice to ,'
'o" your regular waffle recipe, if you
want to serve waffles with~
-',4 'When your ,feet are 'hot and
tird, arethernand stand in the
AILAPALOOZA ,-AStrage Lghtbathtub without the stopper being LAL PAOOZ -AStrnge'LiI~t 4 -By RUBE GOLDBERG in 'the outlet. Let cold water strike
the feet with force for a short
I DNT ASY 00-I'E NVERAN'THT'S Me THRTYtim, ten~ubthem briskly with'"' BEIUIVE IN SEEN A HUNTED ON TOn rub -YAR olv4ol
ID~~~~~~~Q If4T TOyouE4 GVSM4TE do not have game scissors
VAE T OnE HOUSE 4 ~ CREEPS4''_'~'~ to help with the caring use a regIUST T AE' ular heavy kitchen shears to cut ''
S SAME~ skin,, "'" flesh' and for disconnecting
444 "~ /'~ the joints. '' 4
4 '4 When rollin- out the last of the
.4) 1>~- doughnut 'mixture roll in a few'
,,IT PRSINCE ~ 'currants, cut dough in small fancy
ODTI40RNt~A 4-'~4- shapes and fry in the usual manaVIE 4 4 ner. These willpes h hl
- "'i ~~~ dren and the esthci1, grw
4. ., thegrow-ups 'too.
'A tip for pumpkin pie: When
o' 4i1 W 4 'making a pumpkin pie and the pie
ay zirkey syndicate, Inc. is' nearly done, carefully draw it
6 to the edge of the oven'and then 4
~ RE LA ~ 4' 'y GEE BRNES- sprinkle lightly with grated yeiiow
EGLA FLLRS Heviy utumerdByGEE YREScheese mixed with shredded- nut
KIN'. I EYS"BEAT IT MN W 4T''SPOE. 4-:0).)I COJJNT 0 when the pie is done it will have a
BELIEVE.VE GOT A''R OUTUMB.RE 7--~S~~ delic5____ately flavored crusty top.,
CORP'RIL PUFFY A TO AN- DOZEN SFfl5 THEM HORFIX _________-4__'2 RUNNIN4G'AWAY!, TO-ON! 50 WWi-aF o 00 444r M
444 DIKtLtSH. YOU ( ET T44AT LETTER! 4v r'
" ~~ Sporting Chance 44
"This new 35-nmile speed mit '
7%will mean a great saving." 4
"Yes, ul4-r' more ways than one.
Pedestrian now has an even444
chance of outrunning a car." > 44
F_. 4.C 3,. L .L tM. 5,. All F'IM,.,E 9Jtsa r~ 1 4 4
POP' That's Differenit i-. K' -4 4' yJ ILR AT ~Relieve fiery itching and
alayfrte iri ati with
'44 44444444-. 44~4- *- sai tAI- active, specially medicated
j4 ~ -.44 '.'.:i*.~.Mankind's Concern.444
'44 4.~In faith and hope, the world~wll
4 ..c~...... ....~x+disagree, but all mankind's~ con4 .........4... 444~ ~: cern is charity.-Pope.
4 X.
4" ''.'.~4.4.'. ~ '.~ ~'ci'4:%
-(Relea.5 d y The Den Zynd Cate Inc. L "
'4 RAISING KNE-AIya~ eii~ By FRANK WEBB.......
We-il-. AV2 0 IET' MOMT, ;&'4O DOWe O 9 (-AG kEe TE' O .
wK CTf'L4.F0 AND ASKPGG,:W -F1~9. SAVE &?-64l ; I M1 1 CNr 4

The Monticello News, Monticello, Fla., Friday, December 4, 1942
BR '32,000 Foot Mountain
Mauna Kea, an extmect volcano,
?yGRANVILLE CHlU RCHI S WEW/N6 CIRCLE no the HawianisnIds,sdarts
low sea level and is built up 'from
TIE STORY SO FAR: Jeff Curtis and feet, his legs. He soaked these carry off the torrential rains of the that as a single mountain, rising
his wife, Lee, are already on thefr way strips in water so they couldn't post wet seaon as they flooded dowi to almost 14,)00 feet above the'surto Tierra Libre when he receives a note sibly be worked loose. He fashioned the mountainsides. A wooden bridge face of the ocean, says Collier's.
.rom Zora Mitcelel warninth ott Hnegti frequently called the
from When Mthe Harwivin gTeran Lbr a gag, priediopen the teeth, secured carried the tracks.across this chan- .il
they find both Zora and her husband it in place. Then he picked up the nel. The three men quickly, pushed .4 highest mountain in the world bedead. It is Mitchell's job as chief engi. inert form and tossed it on the bed. the car through the airfield spur cause it surpasses all others in
neer for a fruit company that Jef has Before snappping off the bathrobn and mainline connecting tracks un- distance between the true base
been called to f11l Later Jeff's friend light a glance at his wrist showed til it was headed for the river again, and summit.
Bill Henderson, is killed, and Jeff sus- t was tel-forty. He'd better get and pushed it back across the bridge pects his employer, Senor Montaya, Of the crew'together. Jerry should be so it was clear for the-rirn to Tetmurdering him and the Mitchells because oMonad ~they had found a clue -to the strange onti ieb ow," tfo meghts Mo a 4lPufdI'fJn wO1 d things going on at the, plantation. Othe r hanX upriveraa fro liht. A utadM~nswr b sinister figures are the company chemist, On Sunday nights Tempujo set- em-s4e a ie tw'r Dr. Toenjes, and the flyers, Ryden and tled down earlier than on SaturLiiestock. A-man named Collins ar* days. Alredy most of the resi pN rives from the Canal Zone to, see Mitch- d liht, wr out aonly oew ee of poseto ESTSELLER AT
Aence lights were. out, 'and only one ~ wr'ak l h~
en, and Jeff hires him without arousing end the showed acvi- brea bplantig this last
Montaya's suspicions. A talk with Jerry Set that bridge:behind
McInnis discloses that twontaya is par ty. is eyes now adussaydtot the dh ie h
German and is dealing with the Nazis. dark Curt cotld see hough the "Gooe
collins reveals his identity as a o s. screen door what Ipoked like two o 0u fa, s For a modest gift-and one that naval inteligence officer. When he and trunks to the painm tree in the ard k te ret f h an please any smoker, there
Jeff discover hidden Germna bom~bers, Jobin too thheto h ~l n sntiglk atno ia
it a cos hi pdyin~a b ollins?"" he called softly. with McItnnis got under wayfor the ... sntig2k atno ia
he realizes that there will b~e trouble.; He" ''o h d has just persuaded Montaya to let Lee k a eand fsh e g. Greaftfar sor past
and the children leave "for a few dayss" Curt i1ckedup4 caera~ and~ flash~ -they reached the fence and' Curt hltaeocurhvebn
NOW CONTINUE WITH THE STORY bulb hed set apart ear ler, thn led thpifray cautiously to the spot Ce
'et himself out and down the short vhere' h'd broken through last Camel cigarettes and Prince Al-( ph h~~~~~~~ight. 'He played his flash along the )br mkn oac.Rmm
CHAPTER XVIII For several minifpty neither ground. Good. The leaves and de- ber the nen in the service, too.
u a spoke, then as Curt was grumbling, bris scattered over the soft fill of Camels and-Prince Albert are big
"3uen, bueno," IVontaya finally "Wish they'd hurry, I'd' like th favorites in all the services. Dealsaid, more smoothly. "There is no smoka Collins touched his arn ttrbed. ers are featuring Camels fh the,
need of this heat. It will be only for a and pointed in the dimness. "h, but Idn' like this, Crt. (gift-wrapped Christmas CartonIF
day -or two. But understand, this .Curt grunted. "Yeh that's them." Looks too easy. I gan't believethey 'the handsome j"Holiday House"'
visit must notbe used as aniopen- giboxoffour"flatfifties" (200cigaing wedge for regular contact with toward the alow,,taling You would, I would, -they're: not rettes)K..i Also Prince Albert m the
the Associated people. That a o v watch of h d ere e Yo coul aepound caster, a wrapped and
not have during our construction pe- d e The Eu mn joined got through last nght by cheer ready to give.-Adv.
rHis dignity recovered, e ne Lee tur" eCurts s be iii my ,
yourself"Le and: the kids? ou're visit- dJ knmw It' aee dn >y ming0doddeibla!
to Eilliliowho had been standing by,0be string incriously int the distpncei o'ith' Mchnn' i the fec /' a ro keep ecatoml
tHelp wto gt aSenora sCurtil andtn ev6di.o n
' h children across to csiverbeol t e's sa--ni ot cnnis' aort ule roplecyl t y
you asm cmlty t thaulinp mt he to elovtc con oi
"Si, Senor hoel oa crrifgated heawlhin -a
CurtAn ountedi the s ges iAt mae ny Doc0orsaand
ispatcb' s office se pnd in t car toiy a ita pe rson, a the h a nec
for you now. Can you be read~~~~iheturng romte bSodn andr wase coaremteilee d a il 4ie. -o a esr tsjs bu h
for hs house at San Alejo patrl itated! he etwoen dca
"fliya,' Lee. Suirprise. Pack for
I thnk s, dar, ut-/jimpand th yfr e thee wll an thel e paaareael fbi ad 5o3-nhmtra.IN3iEGH:Cilden' Mild,
Yourself and the kid 'You re visit flipn tAe ir ir da T fora
ing Jefry and Marta fo p a ay or. blyayeafdte Dtonnn Quide ullee
ne. They're having an anniersai guzi (nd the que bare snL
r dinner tonight-" s s 1l tl aed ga ss a vd h mr th neckline rn fitep k b l s a e D .hc o '
r L the ~anay iked guar stht wol l that soce t prere's gmamou gapeore in this Enls 2 et i on frec
ee the urg ency bfthettpation di eci h e ed il t- hisv- ,c tg a flash tiad,,p slee gaui .ateriesre .g,
"I'm sorry' I can't go.. As I told '"smD(l. u o od;-tatal
without vmg the opqratof- -un- ~ ~ ~ ~ "Wa Q ist dg A~dnisolltd apine *atr"b ...... z....
yb tin complete tied U upiuto hp saty ut litie sedi his t in
chwo.The blak sa tfo the fece ashenoud to eup r levs e d Te lonad becnoes adhtwhioais.
t new shovels are i t operaton. ge ba is phsitin T ard, Tr ss.erly boffe.-ovd.
exiey, you havei a gooC time foth becaau thei wht ga soy held
tusdthmoertemiitoeh his f nroBthi bvemeip t shficetlwtedn a3 Impe FIaIn size 12,4 6 Nrealamdr one-riat
he' both of us. I'm sending the car' i a Ue gan ar u e
a d y o u n o w C a n y o u e e r etd y i n r i t o h a g d p t i o f t h I c e oa t s b e aSi e u n er t e r A 7
TheuhneldLe close whsher ruiachn it!plye onge lteriati, thenis ysstancs he water 2yrea54ichs -,3(, n c ;r t3js bu h
forty' minutes?"' to ss / Th nedrmdh rlfyng fr e all ui m e ing pi it ceseutycn
Don't~~~h lolio niuwegepb t here can e sote rbtwyon chrm Tlingeirntbetitonngmakes asodthing'lmshr sully do, n1n-SARE%
a'e think so, deare i u r fin- the oth side Alli n Auf itag
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