searchlights and anti-aircraft cn eo i the c m o pretige, strl orered
guns they blasted the German 'cso tie usinam etee .' thtte iybeak .Hs"nuraiders from the skies, although t o B i 1 d th S4'4 tin told h t t h m to
I y e, 1 , .? : sa o n, ; 1 ,

the city suffered severely from iosrace itadwtde inte N? acl, ihut upis, gist n
thousands of bombs that were I I
dropped in spite of the valiant 1< s cnlt N a s- '; ; enemy wo
defenders. The RAF soon met Ncpirdtect in10 afrth Nc.? ng
the threat with a new plane de- '' 1. ' I., b t o Jena J uay 194a, s t he cilsigned for night fighting. Radar E las o t e besiegers.
locators were also employed Letnn eea mr NLetnn eea a~ lr aytosnswr ed h
So all through the winter of 1940-41 Amrcncm adricheofalere ascm adroth Fit" a onrofhe iy, igtg
the people of London held grimly on, gon ocsi h uoeni t eeyfrterlvs h ~s
keeping up their courage while ugly vain H warepnilonyt i ,n: < tac drlnlslyfm
death was always very close. G e E h 1 1 a sides. T b tn to
Several times in those cold dark A fo R i I A a t Ch re ,, 4, I a s At las t ,er
months invasion appeared immi- m re he
The winter fogs gave some res- Idivision byedivisioii. Theclastt n
pite, but by the middle of March the day and -night attacks were _____________ 'aw NFbur 2.TeG mnsltagain in full swing. In May the last ._ A i E J K m ta h a ln
atttw oa rai n Mroay 0 oan d 11 chetan in ate, ac Prsien Establ -, ",, .I ',, i en of; de orai gov,-, ,,,, _- H 1. t ae hadi fomrytasklld o nd ort cpu e. a

and agai on the1 an attac of t t p in the R s war.
lesser intensity.ChrhlmeatNadra maeil, nd isr -I
Soonrty arugftrerccsshoirad itfeetwDrig teoummrdndautmnof
Soo afe thi it wa note tha ary 14, 1943 for a ten-da cofr < N ment of agr, o nationsA to main Air, Forc esie of 194 th Re arm role

German planes were skirting the nce at w h pa were l f ChIef
city, aware of its increasingly foradd RAF weran s the cnee lk o e in t h frmny.
growing constantly, ad A C d
aid ''was beginning to be evident, t. the i o F t d Rosvl a Prm Ministe
While London has been bombed frequently since May of 1941, there o th m l i t r h h se of t N Amerhave been no more knockout at- coqetoth Mdiraen anos.
tempts. London survived the full ae n h usqetcm h rdtfrhvn aete I hi elrto fpicpe fura o the cadread Germa f a irfreplI h tla hae.Dp utaf nfetv uigltered, the two_' lead- ',,- ,- ," , 1 I 1 1 ers avwe thi coun ,s . . .I

through the bulldog courage of the loai sinfcne lysae oftewrhsbe gie tre'ditrstntrioilag i common people, and the valor of ,
the Royal Air force. adteuiiaino h re wo cm add te A eia okwt m'lrntosi h Frnc an Frnc Not Af heav bomr an fihe esot realito of hI r broad" ,". obtv es ,. '

Quebec Conferenceriafocs

Planned New Steps A nai~lo omnyS~.t{.
After Italy's Fall .5 - Y
,~~~~~~~~~44'' -'t .54, ,v ,z- _.

With U. S. and British armies I I I 5' "' AIe.having driven the enemy into the Mediterranean, and Italy shaking off, -' -", 5 -< Piesdet I rshal
Mussolini's grasp to step out of the I osep"Stlin eetat Theuan, ran
war, President RooseveltIand Prime "' _'. ,
Minister Churchill met again at Qu.e- a.aII.,tion.o
op tin i th air s trhe favor -n the war up a sim

fng side bysen i the eriden- his a a S"-Ie e
pilaced emphasirs uon the wos counI:- ", .: ',1- 1 WI- ,, ,, 1 1,', "

cessful o o wa a ims. of ai sa In M rh 1943 point oh
.4~ ~~~~ -' IN5N~5 1. -N.-- ,eetomndr HgliheSrtg
I'." 1.r+ .4es- -- , 5.1 _.1
I. -1 --. Meei at Teheran

tencer a with tPrem e Sta ln of r Ru sa, I ,, I,,eA .1,,, 4 o 'g v or rs oca u eS aln ad t

S a c f their Eur- -' t t an s res t
Ship in Pearl Harborsnking.fllowingDec ( ) A g al ve of th h

gien owrletshw th USS Arzoa n ir; t.igtth exlso of theooseeltShaw.Thisterwasrcthe
< N. . . a ,4N.- /5. N<, N, N' an Prm e Stli hed hirfis
The bi ho of th e in dicg eat thgen of n
Led "on Force pro of the nation -ve m Fifth9 Ar Chie f U. S.

clearea rua sala e The Piggly W if
gl m k in the Moniermied imers loe. f savae fa t.

.56"I"realtzefLthe immediaiefparamount
bc Auut14 foareiwer. .forf. a e r O n~ f oreb e 2 th e p u b lics s e r a n t a n d. f o t h e

oper he tee inheh end off the w a i ny the
approaching. I e ac hed the mting

Withn untilntherlasthshotcis fired-"-;" -V -E

tpced emphasupo isnothe tc- Ii m in h
t ,ory that alien troop hv marh e ds

raid wihi 24 hours. So it wet .ri~ Z."_ ,- 1I the ucpossiefoi aihli; ion d th small, wosed celeas.e
co q err in te city of Berl I 1. os- 1 -;

s e m ss fr ad gen tha SiruBernard armynte etrce

pa warsituatin. vn war and As trian - w r t e I Tail of de socai non

s c n l t N armies ,. -% %, ", ,
e'aed hem ic% ush ,,, 4 an al Smas Lu tw ff Amria trop ladd He la e su eodo tla rn a nry luhe a rgt ground forces "' in th Erp A in seve as co made of the FifthdI cag fte .S hr fl ihnite ieipaea cr
stepe u i Sptmbrthse Vion He,6, was ;x respnsib eonly to army in Italy. "l rm nF ace n tteCs i ie oudfnl

Caa lc Tak "' '- Fo 'B te World' 1 _,, ,

hunredandsixperonswer k Rooseve l% andl. Prime Minister.
Churhil met at Caalna Janu- 4 ',
ary 14 1943, for a1 tenda confer-_1Ai T ea e

tem er 1" I 5 1 ,,,,,,, ,1Although the confereesin in the stlookedate
of th m ee in la in th rapid., .9 -,,b u he 1 t ,i he n rh e t r

As ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ag ine theum Italia theter Dip-th ,

toll ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n thete unfiato ofuans the Free"1._,'1 ',, R i- ,, 1, onr
injured ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rec and Frenc Northnds Af- ,,. ,, I" ,41 ,, ed h emn ttehr
ly.~~~tae ofol thck war ha bee givenI %: ,,
raged ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h commanded th AmericanI i "" 1 ,,1,,: r.Mawhl obigpae
ernmn, prom tio of wol pros- ,",
peit thog free access t tradeywe evlngte ul
landm rks w nt do n in eaps f , U,',T,, e, ".,ment of ag rIo nations to main-sblseda testu
tain~. pe c1h s S. an British

rubble. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ idn Roosevelt andn Prime Minister .I eenes Alteciiin oua Chrcil eal in Auut 1941 on 1 .
the hihsaofteNot"mr

work1 wihsd1e ainsi h

from~~~~~~ th bech to-l' supply,. advancing Allie trops Invsio fleet incatd bakrun.DdaJne6r9emre h p beiin n ofar tHero f ki, hater o in Nazii m e tak (p e) eea iw of te a o I .
Women ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~omne 3rdcilre Army Holdinge.Lwe Stalwingradion nfre trghteexlso o h SSSa.Thswsth I -il- yi tect, n n

the~~~h mantry who alay demanded,,, ihot
Gerg S. Pato .I ,. after asucD~~~~~ert~lae int charg oft the h a i teA i. I. . S .T ir
Britain~~~~~~~~~am inrke France. O Nvmbr9th usin

Majo Genra Ja Doolittle
was trnsere to thencEighth AirPii ot o tln

,program~~~Opraio Chiefainfo ain % .

Admir l Er et J se h K n
lent~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~H hada forerl served asipe com-sqoa n14 isinsaltw I1."
a superior fighting plane, the~~~~~~~~~~~ ~maderofth Atlanti an ofV, ",r n urlslae h igyWi- -1-l the secre oehi utn'fl
I~~~~~~~U S. fleet. "I '" 1
By Setme1,192,h m
"s -,, outet or slvaed at. ," I : .1,,,I man amy whdfoce the Ru. swran
On the 13th beante igeofSaln
grad Rusi' grea steelproducing
ers.~~~~~~ciy Here theniv Russians determinedI'. I % ,::: ,I
,, :firmapn s thew N as e cidoed rom k
"~~~~h ciy alho g sounde m ilitaryII ; %

W,~~on the cit beam a sy bo an a i,0

m a rsh a lsdi ingpl a c e rath ere th a n yi el a n :C.

_t "- ,--, ji !TS 1. : h teratt ckl e ld the fui hting to theldi
ouskrt day, fea. Sometime
Lufwafe culd not susain suc -;, I I W N 1 I !mth Naztes w old clai a m ladlosses~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~nuc tha the had replee theg nte o tr ubi evnadfo h .%- 1 .
1,~~~~fl with nete side apaenl car-ferscesulri nJaao
", ,,, 1 -M' Iin wh ate the cost iive wou.l inlStee Fihtn Begns
memorable ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ bu theda 17thmbr15 in the, northwestern,- o-lehi ftot fori11%1,. Mjr eerlJae H ooitl ", , 1, I ., I.,orne. B N 1 cdp i tte haundd-tb ad sru11, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~e hol th Geran at, th bor-,vhnlesests n fte ar R V wstaserdt h
-",, ," 11 1 ', ders e n e

1,io had lon sinc evacuated There. ,,
,~~~~~~~~O Noeme 9 the Russians h ls so i 11 .
afterthe G rmanstapeed of thei ,, 1 il I I ;ft ,, the city. Graduaellyo t theea prongssla of
11,~~~~~~Nz suppl lines NeverthelessesF Bins.1 -, I
daylghtrais ad trne to igh ; Nfihin ofr unpeceeni ted feroctye
11. I I I V-E -- I1: 1: ,i cot inuh Te with in h e ity. Ever

,,,I .', Th ., s n t t e frst tine i hi- 1, :11 i vsu ed fran omn ing t o ie e ildaing,
For~~~~~ot after monthr The dead layI, ." %
"I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ hr 1 ,1- ?" ,' oyta le roshv.mri iatey felAlf Ther wa sl
searchlights ~~~~~~~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ j beyniarrft 1 ,-,., 5 mnflond dresction.llo~ae
,,, ,, ", he le, 1, ,, Bya the endy of then erti soae
guns~~Nai were beginning toe feela theI 'i
vie abnonn the sige fearing.," he ld B rli in 176 1 ".I I tion" told him to tell his men to
raides fro the kiesalthogh % , ", -irak" 1holdI on, to 0.continue, o foghtingigh in hitterte
;, I1 : ", ''ll I cold, without supplies, against an
thouand ofbom s tat ere "I II .I -. 1 V -'qg~h" - . -, I" I 111I .enemy who had no thought of yield, %~~~~~~Jnay 1943,, sa the col-nfit aplo's ame
dropped~~~~~~lps of thet Gema besiegers. i, ,, 'e -W.
1, , Many thousand were ded The I
defe ders The RAF oon et P ', ,f ,, 11 -, P",,.,-, il ,, z % l, aptied he cty i 18remainder R became 'pem: ed up ing

-i ":f f -_ ; ".a slaughter."At last the Ger- iees
signed~~~~~~~~~~~~~mn reaize theh futility. ofda their-_- ,_I o VE ----- I
diiso by diiin Th last

successfully ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ mr tha half af million men, e h icoiu ak s e ertmsin oArc eoe ,-,"
American ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ kild wounded-n-cie or captured.ffeA ercntooslndd l ltr $
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h h ,, : olng of Stalingradfi marks
So~~~~~~~~~h turin pointg ine thete Rusia war. heFfh 1 0.- _1
ground~~~~~~~~urn thce su me and autumna of-evda cm adro ,,,
the eope o Lodonhel grmlyonI~ "'.1. % ,. II ,fesiesy for93 the Ried. army rolle
ar y i Itay. "e" I- .the, a is btack rne ly 00 m.I

keeping~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~uto of airi strategy inil they warn l a eposbeol o,-11"1.% ,
nld following1hi aponm n as. 1.
chie of air st, I,,93

General~~~plce Generaler Sir 1 r ,," f,, Benr MontI
death~~~~~omr ass anay outtanin All., ',S Ied
co mne. He wa eal placede.Atlatth er
pean, warnti situation., sa
Sevel~~~P esi en toos vel and th sarshalk& 1 I
ussiaJosep Stalin meet at1- Teh ran Iran, I11
, , , wherelans weli e rte fli y fo opening
nent.~~u ne fronts. -in,

11, n .1,, Meestin a t e hera
At Teern Pesa President
pite,~~~~~Rosvet Prim Miise ChurchillarhI 1 f ., i :
Casablanca~~~~~~~~an Premie, or' ete oldsub r Sodotlinahel thir firs
the~~~~~~~~~on disc-igtatcs ee Fb ussio a T hle urns lot No
vember, 19I atI whc teU.S
,. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n B ,,-,,A mrl ret Jsp ig m ri tisnhav a ion fFrnend

Roosevelt ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ usto was them piitr , ;", r ,prmto fwrdpo-Tehligo tlaningrofth m il-s lesser~~~~~~~~~~fre agreement, trcil cooperalncJn- 1a otad usate inr
1~pec shde then meeting.lsan
Soon ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .fe .hi We shal seekht ay1,19 o e-a one- iam- .S le.Drn the cumraduunocity, aware of ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~to ofs icesnlfo-oeain nisthAxsi u aDpae eU.SadBrihteNall bc nation 60laes and

growing~~~~~~~~~~~~o tyrannyly and slaveryn . ."iial exrsethee itrc 1 ,
-1t re lea er declared. loW ee will
to ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ecm them asaso the maye h ,, Alni hrerd ,,, ''," ,I
aid~~~~~~~~~~cos toa comenin int the world w u yPes ,''x
Whil strategy famil ofe democrat nations."idn Roeel ndPim inser"


Panzer Divisions 1941 Saw America IiVsia's'43 Stand Victory Ends

March Into Poland 'Plunged Into War Congress Declares War on Axis Was Major Factor Long Rule by

To Start Real War As Japan Struck ,,/, In Final Victory

Early in the morning of SeptemIn direct contrast to the Axis Vicber 1, 1939, Nazi panzer divisions t d n of t w I : - te an
crossed the border into Poland and Jr '- f the opening of 1943 saw the Germans
En stared imp W II. asked t ,.
"officially" started World War Il. United States when we were coming 1' ,'' , ,, 1 :I', O Ik' Hitler had already negotiated the W 71 f; e at T a B a a sleepcontroversial neutrality pact with ihe we wnt out of our way n I ing giant of American industrial Nations Drives Naziism
Russia and had that protection mind our own business. ; power
against interference with his plans I the s o 1941, the Gm .1 o his s an rsntofl
in the east. In the west, the French I ,Ifro
were entrenched behind the "im invaded Jugoslavia and drove the m--. . .routofrwr
' ',, Through most of '42 the Russians Victory for the Allies in
pregnable" Maginot line and thought British out of Greece, after Musso- : I h f b bfr t Germ, u t
they were safe no matter what hap- l'i' to wr r r b t ,", dv Bu t S o hi rwie e modrnispened.poorly equipped Greeks. m to sa before Moscow and in
Poland, weak and isolated, with a Tn h rc ss' a brilliant trap caught and exterrilarge army that was composed that Rudolph Hess, the "dep .,. : -, 1) nt w Gema ai a continent which has been under
mostly of cavalry regiments and f fe to E a n r the broken remainder reeling
foot soldiers, was no match for the chuted to safety with what Is reli- i bre sincthe Grman it
lightning-like thrusts of the mech- ably reported to have been peace . I ,, % -I, Stalingrad, whose downfall had o
anized divisions that Hitler sent into p for a b battle. The Poles, cut off from any IGra aaroesto h 11 1 1 enpoie nueal ie 99
battle.~~~~~~1 The1 Poes cut of&rmay Gra aaroesto h ~~7 by Hitler, refused to fall. And suld. Starting with Hitler's bloodpossible aid from Great Britain and strategic island of Crete and it "' 11 d th R cm a g l
France, were doomed. Less than a looked as though nothing could stop I" pince Run the bs gi army
month of fighting was all that the the all-powerful sweep of Axis arms, A. a t Ger mn d the loss bors, the threat which has hung
Germans needed to capture the Hte un nR si. I,', ,"1 , ,
country. n t c the H T n Russia.-11, / of another arm y corps and felt the over the w world has finally been
conr.But Hitler, i'balked in the west by *; ,~ ~ -I 1, wrful sweep of the Red army. dissipated by an overwhelming
The "blitzkrieg" had won the first ', ,, I-I.
The~~~~~~, "bizkig had won th fis Enln' subrnes eiddt Russians Smash Ahead. superiority of the Allies in men,
of its m any battles. ':. v,1,, 1, I_, 15Zo .1I I*1, -ofismn ate.attack Russia. :1 1,I From th hig wate mar of::, Ger- 1 ,,f f, materials, air power, sea power
By October, the Germans could 1 -;,". -, Fo h ihwtrmr fGr
Byw tbr, the ermontoancul On June 22, 1941, again without a - ''-' ,,--I manl conquest in the fall of 1942, the and the overwhelming desire of
nowprevious declaration of war, Hitler On December 8 191, Presidet Roosevelt addiessed a joint session of Russians quickly reformed and won free peoples to rid the world of
crouched behind its walls of fortifi- sent his troops storming into Russia congress, asking foi a declaration of war against the Japanese Declara- victory after smashing victory dur- the tyranny which has "blacked cations and oblivious to the threat in the old familiar pattern of the tion of war on Geimany followed swiftly ing 1943.
of conquest from around the ends of blitz. The the lied or dect
the Maginot line. In the early days of that campaign colossalsmanower along a 2,000- vtnfGm y a one more rOccupation of Norway. clsa apwraoga200
Ocu ato of N rw y in the east, everything followed the Imile front and counterattacked tore ofGrdman to s Euopce. Vor y e
But before he could deal with neat pattern drawn for it by the cold whenever they found a German swet fer t Ero ofdsos
France, Hitler had to attend to the military scientists Allies Bomb Germany weakness. The Germans had ic has peid bt aspin9
possible threats from the north, gnrlsafteIwihhspealdbt si 98 where Great r om h n ienerl ista e r planned to fight a war of their own the world must appreciate that vib een eat a n i g a v N t w ar l in tge, a th e ru tless choosin g to p ick a sp ot an d b last to ry is one of a rm s alon e so far
been ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ J abl toln rosi owyNzswh u nopatc ht away at it until they broke throughanmutbfolwdyapec
or Sweden and sweep down on an Poland, I an th
unprotected flank. Therefore, the and Bel % P familiar blitzkrieg pattern.
't.Bu no it was thef,,.-' Rusin who'f anthn like, the rise of National
Germans occupied Denmark and gium. d pc s Sis again.
then Norway, beating downRussia was supposed the fl in t st n f
"~~~~ocnrtn on one place,1/ -,", "" A 'III.In theo June Invasion Started it.
feeble resistance that those peace three weeks, or at the most, three Toa t Ale h bae -I.loving countries were able to mar-months. It was popularly supposed Wehrrnach now had to wac d may the knes sometn that
shal. It was all so ridiculously easy. to be an awkward giant, big but e o r fo th S
By May, 1940, the battle plans of clumsy on its feet and unable to a to choose the m uk most o the world l les tn
the Germans were set. and the stand up against the repeated body pc f an a an onc it
striking ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~a lauNehelanhedBe. Gnothingacin. the Germans ,, .I .yearll ago. la The invasionGrmas tate iofnJueEuropedth
"blitzkrieg" could do could stop it. The victim
striking the Netherlands and Bel- G wa mci I ;1 quick success in France and the
gium in quick succession, moving a Si U S of blitzkrieg had learned his
on to France, and just missing the While the Germans swept into cli and the teacher wasnow get,, blastedthedtheoryaofraw"European
British army of occupation at Dun- Rs a cs in o shu . 5hA t a d o ltrtes tha tler a wasrimkirk. Hitler's divisions attacked Japan was readying a sneak attack K>" f ff nique-and with some added innofr o m a ll d ire c tio n s h is ta n k s a n d o f h e r o w n A t th e e a w h o s p R i E g y pt,
pa a the af Germady pre- th Gemapahafter the Luftwaffe had pre- tacked the U. S. military and naval ' A. i ame frmteRsan rntIheukyongYksnterspared the way by blasting the en- bases at Pearl Ilrbor and knocked an
emys irroes nddeenes us, with one foul blow, into the mid- I~ I seme mor liel toscedta perb equipment, Frenchmen fightemy's airdromes and defenses. tf ,
Heavy and medium bombers de of the world war. N" a Ing to win back their homeland, the
ranged behind the front lines, where Thus 1941 drew to a close, with the
dive bombers "pin-pointed" their Germans winning in the battle Allied bombers drop explosives on Nazi war installations in Germany. western front was still to be heard they tried to fight the Wehrmacht targets into destruction. Tanks against Russia, and the confident Large wai plants were put out of commission and the German air force from. roared through the holes cut in the Jap military machine moving stead reduced to ineifectile stature. By keeping Nazi air defense busy in Ger- Hitler's armies had suffered their responsible for the downfall of what enemy lines and then fanned out be- ily and remorselessly to its objec many, Allied landing operations were made considerably safer. greatest defeats on the Russian was supposed to be an "invincible" hind the front lines, cutting commu- tive-the complete subjugation of An h away othte
nications, and blasting strong points the western Pacific and a Japanese * Asd ofmGern wre the usas
that were only meant to stop in- domination of Asia. At ok tebest the GeRans
fantry and which couldn't stand up The United States was in the war, of strik the with andthn came
against cannon-bearing mechanical but it was in a defensive role and I Start I back, t dith atd hun oumo
monsters. was not supposed to be able to do Rusia ad beat Him b util
Firs Phse Edsanything offensive before everything I r,' W "> An End.,,, I.,." ,. ofN zsIhr a ortetadteefns
First Phase Ends. ,, 1, f ,,,.
wol beoe nErp n e "-,;' % off G .,,z ,_ -terany reas an ltr power.
Then the infantry followed the w be over in Eo a w Thervcoy in Eurpis wobu
tanks, but it was motorized infantry would be alone against Germany,
tacoee50t60mlsadyItaly and Japan. I 7 "1 .I" II. % '" 11f1.I1 . ' While the Russians were blocking what Years of suffering that contithat covered 50 to 60 miles a day ns on the steppes and tunand csit the tank' g b o I dra and before their great cities, the Adolf Hitler first became chancellor
fore the disorganized foot troops "" ,,,
foetedsraie ottop Beginning of nd' %- ,I--11 1 ,l." 1.1:,II, Allies had invaded Italy following of Germany in January, 1933.
facing them could be rallied. Fresh thei vitoie i Nr A I *
waves of infantry followed and an- C m With A i I I t v we ere bilof
nihilated all resistance and set up a I e f w A u naVictory in Afrcaveriowsl harda wrk, Ant only Nazi government in the conquered ,, f men to d the a l As
territory. In less time than it took 1 Victory in Was FiWI
to conquer Poland, the Germans had i T ft b as to uil
swept everything in northern Europe Hitler committed his second stra- t h4 d O L strugge
before them The first phase of I tegic blunder in 1942 when e failed
wrwsoeto conquer Egypt and seize control 1 'p _ft "" ,i :',,,,;1_ "I" ', ammniio tha wol ar
war was over. AIl t", , ol r
**of the Mediterranean. 91 I .' : A- -- them and equip them in a man- Hilrmdhsfrtmoente
Th Aisknw hevalue of the I., V '_4 rK> %77 ", ner which never before had ln hi feet htwst
After been thought possible. FantasticFalls

troe jfbthenwestern endethroug
Bith ou of the ghetet nd tthauti kp K>. 4_ 11 f fro f w i a an had rearmd th el ou nrtar
th Brts from usin itont as aqimn supply he. a serel buil atac on PealrHrbo

Buta tha atl was nor pe B an toaresornins
and theshortcheapwar In had 1 Hl o the
Bconvoyseare the Ital ian fleet and first of his be legions
But It al wad become out of t w into the Ru

prime mheemothinteitesnvsinrf fffrm ereatentllesannst
Gdtermanrt, cheain th a spis went tog an ad h te ap on armvnd sp paorth tor
of" Itl thrug th famou "stab%,, "3,A,, 1- "1 ihta dd yt veg h a
in the co ging the rts aa. b w the Itaian de-raich he kerane
cA re wr nF ra n ce ju s in. ti m e" 1 I'l
tove get in E R t t hk. Wi th an h tk atr
inl th soth an the fact that aodieageso ain
BtinsHtlercll hd bec lmed G c i N A ad T TIin ct, 1936, Hitler nd
form tinis Bain. dad two oatert nd T I'll Awn
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ofn Itl truh tefm s sa b roAxi suorc es had ealmotlben sue-a chl in the1 Red ciy will" alas e cnsdre sa lssc o t he th blst of two-to bomb deiv age met the nedd obih

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for hin in g E n gl n d o ul ask for fin l A x s o fen iv e g ai st1gy p I lo n -r n g b o m b ers so o to be a u g In M ac, 1938 H itl r gr b b e

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Churchill. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Here was ao" lede who. bushe an los almost al it r o . nain Ars hne.soai, w eeteol eltra

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Enlad' stubbornnes, decided"t
to~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~O June 22,m 1941 againent witou a l%", ,-_. gwt h hu!Dld tMnc-hr ra
previos de nation a, Hitler's f iu e t , 2' ,
s e n t h is t r o p s s t o m in in d uto y R u san d ,f ,~ P -% ,e ", 0% I I s n s o a d n r f invt the ol faila pater of the n aa es rti n rac gedt h
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too of ro dzes f ieds in ethe a ern e in Spin Poland,
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Frane ad Geniay ad thndee Rssiac htR e was supose to all in 1 .- -I
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Ja s p an tries U e e S.-, 1 I . 1 . I.
Japa wa redyn a, snea attack rne Prsfl ndtegetstfgtn bte ii wrta a
"that~ ~ ~ ~ O Decembe 7, 1941,eers th Japs at- 4
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Itwa tlesure e for. utit f ,d ,e1. of "onythefy o worldm o heth war.ig a
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mostth westernc Pacifi and a, Japanese,,,
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ammunition, ~ ~~ Th Unte States, was inbs the-ou h war, ee ntef- tl eie yIay
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Italy1 and apan


List of Jefferson County Men and Women Who Served in the Armed Forces of the United States

Aligood, Hiram G. Davis, Little G. Kinsey, J. D. M. Peters, William S. Timmons, R. E. Jr. Denmark, R. L.
Allen, Herman J. Davis, George T. Jr. Kinsey, Walton S. Philmon, Lee Brinson Tindell, Eddie M. Denmark, Robert
Allen, Jim T. Davis, Wm. M. Kinsey, Weston T. Shuman, Eleanor Tripp, Wm. H. Dennis, Isaac
Allen, Lamar S. Daws, Daniel W. Kinsey, William H. Piper, Ellis G. Turnbull, S. J. Dennis, Izell
Allen, Samuel L. Daws, Cecil 0. Kirkland, Carl W. Plant, Clarence G. Turnbull, T. T. Jr. Dixon, Paul
Allman, Cecil H. Devane, George T. Knight, Dorsey Plymill, Mallie C. Ussery, Leonard V. Dixon, Virgon
Allman, John R. Devane, James H. Knight John W. Poppell, Burl J. Wadsworth, H. H. Duval, Jackson
Anderson, Bill Dice, Hunter G. Kuder, DeWitt, Jr. Poppell, Willie Walker, Charles H. Edwards, Johnnie Lee
Anderson, C. C. Jr. Dice,, Leon T. Lacy, Dan B. Puleston, John Walker, George R. Ellis, Ernest R.
Anderson, George H. Dice, Randall P. Lacy, Thomas B. Radney, Royce G. Walker, Glenn Ellis, James M.
Anderson, H. S. Doke, Charles Langston, Ollie A. Ran, o Walker, Hugh R. Evans, McKinley
Anderson, Isham L. Dominick, Henry B. Lawrence, Leon S. Ragan, Noah M. Jr. Walker, John Gr. Farmer, Allen
Anderson, J. L. Jr. Rayson, George T. Walker, Loren Feacher, Stephen
Anderson, James N. Dutton, Harry Lee, Huie Reams, Albert J. Walker, Leon H. Ferrell, Junior
Anderson, Morgan C. Edwards, Henry R. Lee, J. C. Walker, Robert Finlayson, James Jr.
Anderson, Wm. T. Ellis, William Lee, Thurman T. Reams, Frank Henry Walker, Thomas Butler Finlayson, Samuel
Andrews, Ernest P. Evans, Johnnie C. Leggett, Lavon Rector, Kenneth L. Walker, Wm. E. Fleming, David L.
Andrews, George F. Evans, John S. Jr. Letchworth, William V. Rector, Richard C. 1 Walker, Wi. H. Flemings, Jack
Andrews, John D. Everett, Andrew Lewis, Isaac W. Reed, Charles K. Wallace, Neil A. Ford, Frank, Jr.
Arndt, Herman G. Faircloth, E. L. Linton, Samuel, Jr. Reed, George W. Ward, Ernest G. Ford, George
Arrants, Ernest Folsom, Francis E. Linton, Thomas B. Reed, Franklin Warren, Wm. F. Ford, Isaac
Bailey, E. B. Jr. Franklin,W L. Loeb, Maurice III Reichert, David L. Weatherly, Elizabeth Ford, Ivory
Bailey, John D. Frasier, Gary Long, Wallace W. Reichert, C. W. Wheeler, Johnnie F. Ford, James
Bailey, William Fraser, Roma T. Lovett, Reid Richardson, E. O. Whiddon, A. W. Ford, Willie James
Barrett,- George A. Fraser, Thomas E. Lott, Jesse H. Rogers, George Whidden, Richard P. Frazier, Alonzo
Barrett, Howard B. Fraser Willie N. Lott, Paul E. White, William A. Frazier, Cleveland
R FBdarAJrLoett, Jessed B.Fae Wli. Rogers, RobertA
Barrett, Wilson Monroe Fulford, C. A. Jr. Lovett, Jesse Rooks, Fred T. Whittle, William N. Gamble, Theodore
Bassett, Henry B. Fulford, Walter F. Maige, W. L. Jr. Rooks, James A. Wilford, David Gallon, Dennis
Bassett, Ray Fuquay, John Malloy, Gilbert R. Rouse, Luther Wilder, Arthur D. Gaines, Manuel T.
Bassett, W. W. Jr. Gandy, Albert H. Malloy, Robert P. Rowell, John T. Wilder, W. D. Gallon, Peter Jr.
Battern, Delmar E. Gay, Rufus A. Maloy, Claude H. Rudd, W. W. Jr. Wilkins, Robert C. Gallon, Theodore
Beaty, Harry D. Gibson, Ralph M. Maloy, Noah Ryan, William M. Williams, Julius Garmon, Joe
Beckwith, O'Neal Gibson, Ralph W. Maloy, Talmadge Scarbarry, James M. Williams, P. L. Jr. Geathers, James H.
Benson, Dudley W. Gill, Burke Maloy, Woodrow W. Scarbury, L. E. Willis, Leonard I. General, Bert
Bilinski, Leo M. Glass, Dan B. Marsh, John R. Schmitt, Louis L. Willie, James E. Gibbs, James Y.
Bishop, Desmond Glover, J. H. Mash, Hamilton M. Scruggs, Forrest M. Willis, Norwood C. Gibson, William A.
Bishop, George W. Goff, James F. Maxwell, Henry I. Scruggs, George S. Wimberly, W. A. Gilley, Bennie
Bishop, Grinnelle E. Goldberg, David Mays, D. H. III Scruggs, Marguerite Wmans, David M. Gilley, D. S.
Bishop, Hubert Goldberg, Paul Mays, George G. Scruggs, W. M. Jr. Windham, Belton Y. Gilley, Edward
Bishop, Hunter M. Gramling, Thomas W. Mayfield, Robert B. Sellers, Johnnie Wirick, George J. Gilley, George
Bishop, Isham L. Gramling, W. T. Middleton, A. F. Selph, W. B. Wood, Julius E. Gilley, Glover
Bishop, Marion L. Granger, Carl E. Miller, Fred Sexton, Donald W. Woods, Ernest Gilley, Joseph
Bishop, Marion L. Granger, Robert L. 'Wood, Wesley G. Glenn, Dallas Jr.
Bishop, Ralph Granger, Sidney Wright, William L. Glenn, Edgar
Bishop, R. C. Grant, Arthur J. TNoWuerffel, Frederic F. Glenn, Ozell
Bishop, Thomas G. Grant, Bascom 'Greater Love Hath Man Yates, John E. Glenn, Wayon
Bishop, William M. i Grant, Harry Yates, Robert B. Craham, Matthew
Boatwright, W. L. Grantham, Alba M. Youngblood, N. H. Green, James
Boland, Allmon Grantham, Roy 0. Colored Roll Green, Malachi
Boland, Charles A. Granthem, S. P. Jr. Green, William
* Boland, Elmer G. 1Griffis, S. B. Ackerman, Jimmie Griffin, Jasper J.
Boland, Lester Griffis, R. L. Jr. Allen, James Griffin, Lonnie
Boland, R. L. Groom, Rubin P. Allen, Joe Jr. Griffin, Oscar
Boland, Robert L. Hamilton, A. D. Bradshaw i Allen, Johnnie Groover, Daniel W.
Bowen, William H. Sr. Hamilton, Curtis L. a i Allen, Robert L. Guarden, Quinten B.
Boykin, Alfred G. Hamilton, Dennis E. Byrd, Homer Allen, Willie Guardman, Charles
Bradshaw, James A. Hamilton, H. C. Alexander, F. J. Hagan, Foster
Bramlett, Lester W. Hamilton, Hilton Chn Jm D Amons, George Hagins, Berthel R.
Bramblett, W. M. Hamilton, Howard B. e Amons, Leon Hall, Albert
Bramlett, W. T. Hamilton, John W. Cooksey Earl Amons, Oscar Hampton, Willie J.
Branch, Jack L. Hamilton, Royce H. :Anderson, Jeffrey Hankins, W. L.
Braswell, Tom M. Hamilton, U. D. C Olin D Andrews, Joe Hendon, James
Brinson, John B. Jr. Hamlin, P. R. Jr. O Argrett, George Howard, Bosie
Brittle, A. L. Hampton, George M. Connell, Harrison Awls, Jimmie D. Jackson, Charlie
Brittle, Park T. Hamrick, David J. o eBailey, Frank Jackson, Fred S.
Brooks, Albert Hamrick, 0. R. Jr. Jenkins Sa T Jackson, Lucius B.
Brooks, Reuben Hancock, Thomas E. Barnhart, R. Jackson, Samuel
Granger Willd E Barrngto, 0.JcsnSme
Brown, Eldred E. Hancock, Wm. R. Granger, Will Barrington, James James, Charlie
A Brown, Harry E. Handley, James B. Barrington, Leo Johnson, Abraham
Brown, James A. Handley, J. C. Lloyd, William R. Barrington, Louie Johnson, Cleveland
Barrington, Sidney Jhsn ae
Brown, Sam C. Handley, Leroy Johnson, James
Brumbly, Fred H. Harrell, Edwin T. McLeod, Maynard M. Barrington, Wilbert Jones, Gillis
Bullock, William W. Harrell, C. L. Jr. Bassa, Charles W. Jones, Henry
Butler, Bill L. Harrell, H. B. Platt, Russell I. Bassa, David M. Jones, Richard, Jr.
Byrd, James M. Herring, George L. Bassa, Paul Kemp, Roscoe A
Cadwell, Hiram J. Harrington, W. L. Thomas, E. I. Bassa, Robert Kilpatrick, Herbert i
Casey, John H. Harris, Beverly V. Bell, Johnnie King, Chesky
Carrin, Joseph J. Harris, Curtis W. Whitehouse, George Bellamy, Friday King, Marsh
Carrin, Napoleon B. Hartsfield, Norman Bellamy, James Kuyler, Walter
Carroll, Joseph B. Hatchett, Charles S. Bellamy, John D. Leonard, John T. G. A
Chancy, Clarence D. Hatchett, W. J. Jr. Green, Joseph Reams, Zeke Benamy, Sylvester Leonard, Tom
Chancy. Henry Floyd Hay, William H. Beverly, Virgie L Maddox, John M.
A Chancy, John W. Jr. Hill, Samuel 0. Blake, TroyFrank
Chaney, Thomas H. Holland, tharlie Bmgham, Elmo Mritt, Eddie L.
Chick, William J. Holland, Lee A. Miller, Grace Shealey, D. W. Jr. Bolden, James L. Monroe Tom
Chick, Archie L. Holland, R. E. Miller, Hampton Shealey, Joseph R. Bozeman, John M. Morall, Perry
Chick, Robert Holland, Thomas R. Miller, Hazel Shealey, Lonnie L. Bradley, Richard H. Morris, L. J.
Clark, Ernest A. Horne, Basil M. Miller, Preston W. Shepherd, Wilson L. Branham, Charles W. Mosley, Charlie F.
Clark, Gordon K. Horne, Eunice A. Miller, William G. Sheldon, Craig T. Branham, Edward Murray, James
Clark, James L. Horne, Francis Mills, Benjamin W. Shiver, Wade H. Brantley, Joseph Nathan, Chester
Clark, Robert E. Horne, Frank C. Mills, Robert I-. Shuman, Carson Brinson, Jacob Parish, Robert
Clark, William A. Horne, Maurice E. Milton, Edward V. Shuman, C. C. Jr. Brinson, Pearlmon Parker, John
Clayton, Beroth G. Horne, Weyman S. Milton, 0. N. Shuman, Joseph R. Brooks, Daniel Peck, Stephen M.
Clayton, E. G. Jr. Horner, Lee L. Mitchell, Harvey H. Simpson, John Brooks, Lee R. Powell, James
Clayton, Muriel Horner, Luther H. Montgomery, A. E. Simpson, John Brooks, DanLeroy
Cochran, Louie V. Howell, D. B. Montgomery, J. F. Simpson, Julius C. Brooks, Gibbs ride, Amoy
Collins, Hubert W. Howell, Eddie N. Murdock, J. R. Jr. Skinner, Marion L. Brown, Willie E. Reed, Walter
Collins, Wm. B. Howell, Hugh Murphy, Thomas F. Sledge, James S. Brown, Fred D. Rivers, Enoch
Colson, James Howell, Russell Myers, William Sledge, Theodore, J. Brown, Freddie FRobinson, J. F.
Colson, R. J. Jr. Hughes, Hill G. McClellan, C. M. Jr. Slocumb, C. N. Brown, John A. M
Colson, Roland Hughes, Joseph H. Jr. McClellan, Doris Smith, Joe C. Broxie, Paul Sr. Seabrooks, W. L.
Conklin, Frank J. Jr. Hughes, Margaret McClellan, E. R. Smith, Ondry M. Buggs, Isaac Scurry, Adam B.
Connell, Artis Hunter, Virgil H. McClellan, Marjorie Smith, William B. Bush, Perk Scurry, David, Jr.
Connell, Ivey W. Hurst, George. I McClung, James D. Sparks, Adolphus Cambric, Robert Simpkins, Eddie L.
Connell, Noah J. Jr. Hurst, Norman L. McConnell, Shellie R. Sparks, Goldie B. Campbell, David Simpkins, Paul
Conner, Robert L. Ingram, James W. McDaniels, G. W. Jr. Sparks, John C. Campbell, Henry Smith, Emmett
Cook, Matthew Ingram, Luther E. Jr. McDonald, T. B. Jr. Sparks, Wilson Campbell, Waddy, Jr. Smith, John
Cooksey, John C. Jarrell Edward McKown, Carroll Spratt, William P. Chase, Woodrow W. Tillman, Ephriam
V Cooksey, John Calvin Jarvis, L. V. Jr. McLeod, Wallace L. 'Stanley, Forrest Clemons, Ernest C. Toby, William F.
Cooksey. G. C. Jenkins, Andrew McLeod, J. D. Standley, Francis Clinton, Gilbert Turner, William
Cooksey, R. B. Tsn upe
Cooksey, K. Jenkins, Stevie H. I McLeod, N. W. Jr. Stafford, J. B. Clinton, Jos M. Tyson, Sumpter
Cooksey, K. E. Jones, L. W. Jr. McQueen, Henry R. Stewart, James S. Cooley, Waddie Wallace, Elmer
Cooksey, M. G. Jones, Roy Thomas Neece, William H. Story, Willie I. Connor, Spencer Webster. Walis
Cooksey. Douglas L. Keen, Lemuel M. NeSmith, H. A. Strickland, E. V. Cooper, Asberry Wells, Major
Cooksey, Clifford A. Keen, John B. Odum, Mitchell Summitt, Jack W. Crowell, Sammie Williams, Frank
Cooksey, Benjamin J. Kelley, Frank S. Jr. Odum, Samuel W. Tarplee, Cornelious C. Crumity, Dock Williams, Joe
Cooper, Tharen Kemp, Charles T. Oglesby, Lettie Taylor, John Cummings, Herbert Williams, Johnny, Jr.
Corrie, Arthur T. Kindred, Ralph B. O'Neal, Mastin Teate, Walter C. Cummings, Lucius Williams, Manuel T
Curtis, Arthur W. King. Clarence F. O'Steen, William R. Thomas, John L. Cunningham, Johnnie Williams, Samuel
Curtis, Robert M. Kmsey, Carl M. Afford, Hoyt Thompson, Adirel B. Cuthbert, John M. Wilson, Nathaniel
Curtis, W. W. Kinsey, Clarence E. Palik, Frank S. Thompson, Paul E. Cuyler, Beatrice Woodson, Herman
Daniel, James P. Kinsey, Harold T. Palmer, Grover F. Thompson, R. F. Daniels, Jeff Woodson, Leon
Daniels, Jasper M. Kinsey, Hazel L. Palmer, Grover E. Thompson, S. F. Davis, Harold B. Wynn, Travis H.
Daniels, John T. Kinsey, Henry E. Jr. Thomson, Wm. H. Jr. Davis, Johnnie B. Young, Alfred D
Darby, John A. Kinsey, Horace R. Timmons, A. W. Davis, Leroy Young, James
Dassinger, Wade H. Kinsey, Isom H. Parrish, L. L. Timmons, C. R. Dean, Joseph Young, Henry James
Davies, Clyde T. Kinsey, James T. Parrish, Ralph D. Timmons, James W. Demps, Major, Jr. Ziggler, Will

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Gen. Robt. H. Mills Rerman Chiefs Sign Surrender Papers
IsHihetRakigAmerican RdCosAfter Nation Is Beaten to Its Knees IsHome Service Section Mayor's Proclamation

Officer In Service And Armies Collapse on all Fronts
Th highes ranking Jeffersonrogt stoar morat lc
The highest -ranking Jefferson 1 Information on benefits and Vnory HintoEyrope. has bmeught use uto y aniprotanfthae From Allied Headquarters at Rheims, France, a flash over
county member of the armed forces services. irl history e in Aica areujustly proudvoftthe the radio at 9:39 Monday morning announced the final uncondiis Major General Robert H. Mills, 2 Consultation and guidance on part we hv Glayen in bin about this gret ictry
a member of the Surgeon General's personal and family problems. Our fighting men have distinguished themselves on the bat- ti
staff, U. S. Army Medical Corps. 3 Assistance in preparation of ap- tiefields of Europe and have invaded and conquered, with the Jusa. The surrender was effective at 8:41 P. M. Eastern War
General Mills is the son of the icain frGvrnment benefits, help of our Allies, the militant aggressor country of Germany Time Sunday, May 6th. This was 2 :41 A. M. Monday, French
late Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mills. After 4 Assistance in securing official with her European alliesW M
spending his boyhood in Georgia, dcmns
where the family resided at the time, 5cAs This would be a cause for world wide celebration if it is serving as General Fisenhowers headquarters, and was signed
wher came faith hi e mothe t Mtie fo cAsisac nscrigeiec were not for the fact that we still have a big job to do in iby Lt. Col. Gustav HotI, and Admiral Friebturg new chiefs of
he c e with his mother th He 6Faia s f the suppression of Japanese tyranny in the Pacific and in M tGerman army and navy

enrolled in the dental department ab Fidawhil ai for s Asia. Japan must be completely conquered and brought The actual surrender of the Ge M st. German radios announced
eo ld the ni erst l ofeMarylnand,d pnsoni to her knees just as Geimaqny has been. So let as reserve man official followed the field sur- Ithat he died at his post defending,
of the University of Maryland, pnig
graduating in the class of 1909. 7 Assistance in securing hospital our celebration for the tine w xhen the entire job) will have Irenders of praicticaxlly all tile dil- Beln Admiral Karl Doenlt was
g gsions of the German aimy. Climaxing announced as the new Fuehaer, and
Returning to Monticello he re-the most momentous week in the his he called on Germans to rally for a mained at his home here for a Short, The Home Service Office now 1o- In the meantime, let us thank God that He hais brought t orly of the world the fall of Berlin last-ditch stand.
time before enlisting in the U. S. late in the court house is open all
Army, a career which he has follow- dyTedy rdyadStra.U itr nEi
edrmy ctruusyero tchhe ay lof- Miss ubsdy, Rechris reay and dda.(ie in the European theatre of wxar, andl then let us aisk the various military units led up to weary anid discouraged to rally, and
edd continuously from the day ofMisRbRecetiSertranaculsgngosredr'urnes hisGod for Divine Guidan in our effort against the aggressor papers. of Germans in the field
hsfirst enrld a istment. sDrige weqestarechnln frmee ntothrt nation of Japan. And finally let us ask God to guide this IThe end came to Germany after went on at such a rate that Allied
first World War he saw service inreussacwek
Fac.Sic.tatiehe has b Those that contribute to the Red great nation and the othei nations of the world -in the estab-five years, eight months and 6 days armies were hard put to take care
France. Since that time he ha een
stationed twice in the Phillipine Cross call are invited to come to lishment of a lasting peace, So that in the future, our fine o fhting. A few weeks ago. Allied Of them. German generals stood in
Islands, and was for a time on the the off ice and see the kind of work young men and women will not have to suffer and die in armies on the West and Russians onl line with Glerman privates, all waitsa ,the North began closing in on Ger- g their turn to surrender. Troops
staff of Walter Reed hospital ininto a in Austria and in Germany gave
Washington. He was given the rank HOME SERVICE COMMITTEE,
of brigidier general, and placed in W. M. Scruggs, Chrm. God has been good to us let us try to be worthy of triumphal march toward the German themselves up. The British entered
of hedeta o te is RbyRechrtHis continued guidance, capital. Denmark without a struggle and libcharge of the dental branch of theMisRb RecrtI
cArgymdclis e bra siceceay RICHARD H. SIMPSON, Both forces approached the heart rated that country. Finally, even
Army medical corps. He has since Aecretaaya of the Nazi kingdom, and the Amer- Norway, the last hope of the Gerbeen promoted to major general. Mr. Em ABrn Mayor Town of Monticello. means stopped their advance and wait- mans, was lost, and Grand Admiral
Generated while the Russians stormed Berlin. Karl Doenitz issued an order to all Mrs. J. C. Braswell, has a brother 'Wle
to whom the army has also been . Waler After eleven days of fierce resistance Germans to stop fighting; he ordered
career. Colonel B. W. Mills, now. ce and fighting from street tostreet and all U-boats to Stop fighting and all
carer Cloel . ilsRowA.B.Pe Hihoe house to house, Berlin fll. sailors and merchant marines to suron inactive status, resides in Wash-B Then began the disintegration of render and not to scuttle their yesington. Col. Mills is a graduate of C. J. Reams U . 3o aff W ar the arie in the field and important ses.
West Point and was stationed in Mrs. George Scruggs, events followed fast. Mussolini and The German officials signed the
Washington in the War Department E 17 Fc leaders i Ital w e'e- s p w were als
offce unila sorPtieCgoAhe V-E DAY SERVICES It. Z.~>. 1 aesi edrsi tlywr xe aerwr
offices ui uted by Italian patriots in northern signed
illness caused his being placed on S Italy. The German divisions in Italy Allied nations military staffs. Lt.
the inactive list. Col. Mills is theh surrendered unconditionally. General Walter Bedell Smith, Eisenfather of two sons, both West Point and congregations in '.Jefferson county join with A~~bgnngta tf i"e o
graduates. 1st Lt. B. W. Mills, Jr., I tions for peace by offering surrender chief; generals of Russia and Of
was killed in action September 7th, ilin io the British and Americans, but not France also accepted the surrender
1944 in th uoen Teteowrd iigtak o h itr i ~.:'~~ IA 2 to Russia. Himtmier said he was in and signed the documents.
194mthe European Theatre o
war. Robert H. Mills is A lieutenant i uoeai ryn o h e
war.Robrt Mllsis liuteantin uroe an pryin fo th me :1 ~ . ~charge because Hitler was desperate- After the official Signing was col
who aro still fighting i the Pacific .g.
now serving with a paratroop di-' ly ill and not expected to live longer pleted, General Eisenhower received
vison n Erop. zne.--V-E--~ v&i; ~< than another couple of days. On the German officials wvho had .exevision in Europe.
V-E- cuted the papers, and asked them

Americ n R d from March 4, 1933 to April Ga terms of the surrender and if Ger
S~ ~ .~:~Y~vi.A ~ '' C915 Commnander-In-Chief of tire U. many was able and willing to carry
.:iKa Y' S. Are ocs lsdah ut them out. The officials rel in

as t Allied Nations prepared It was the end of Ger sany-the
S.~:.4A>/~.'''' .~. ,i.if/ Perfect plans or world security, the end of the bloody and costly war
.' ., '~AA~.~ A sufhif(I heAnd Armo es Collarpe o l F o t

V t iniEuropenhas brough Europt us toianimportante.
1 nr t oer George Catlett Marshall
se rV enrce as chief of staff during thei
2 Consult tion and uidance n ti u war. D ring W world W ar i u e t m o f W alk e r of A m e ric A
pli atsssanhepeprtne served as aide-de-camp to Gen a e cn o r ysd L g ond
4i Aia Post scrnPlanning of weturni ng Veterans

Brci ul d to aAs we know V-e Day mien only ig returning Veterans who wish towers are to some extent aware of the
'turns the cessation of organized hostility engage in new busine s Ho to re-mproblems Florida will have to face
6F l ad. tin the European theatre of an ar, and establish business interfered with once the final peace is written.
sia apase b e our boys are still fighting and giving because of their service. believe without exception, that all
ablapaed whiler cliIo enini

to hr knes jstaGeranytheir lives in the service of their The over-all post war planning governmental agencies, and political
p sec country in the Pacific area. There for returning veterans, their em-and civic Organizations in te State
Prime Minister Winston Church will be as much or more hard fight- ployment and general welfare, is of Florida are planning vst post
'a il caledon ritns o rstrin n g there. as there wvas in Europe, and one so huge that when it is com-lvar programs and are setting aside the moste moenou weekon in therai his. he caldoIemnst al o
The ~ ~ ~ ~~ w Home Sevcnfienwl-I hematmltu hn o th k He r hsboughnte pietor of terdg tfao Be rin liat-itch rstand. cry i, n

Joseph Stalin, as head of the USSR Winston Churchill, as war prime celebration of a Victory Over Gerw that e no nke r oe minutefpild t is sarebeueng to heiuagin- fiTha resgers, towvr erye to o an
government, brought the might of minister, developed an unprepared any in favor of "a new leap forproduce the money ad materials see that there will not be a single that w he Japan is defeated and full
the Red nation to bear in aiding British people into an effective war ward" to bring the war against needed to finish the job. eteran peding pender p peacenis h er an in the and
machine. Japan "to a conclusion free from The armed forces no doubt have or what have you on the streets, girls come home to stay, I believe

Newsane y doubt" their plans made for the war on and that they shall all be popelys Jefferson County wrill have a job
ow cl are ievrated t m "We have the fapanese to finish, Japan and will move as fast as employed in positions that they are on its hands keeping those young
transportation and production will able to fill, a d to this eul the folks of ours here at home. Many 27 Years A go of World W~ar I Armistice he said, "and we stand absolutely permit; some of our forces will be American Legion has secured the iof them went into seric direct
with our great American ally pay Sent home to be re-equipped, ahile unqualified pledge of all the largest from school, some from jobs in grorayer was offered by Rev. F. Ray een oo to some may go direct from Europe corporations of America, including emry and drug stores and some from
P e a c e C e l e b r a t e d I n l a g o f f ItM B o h ef e e d o ta p p r o a c h edht heeh e a rtne r a t edFt h atoc o u n t r y.yF i n a l l yMe
middle. This wa followed by "Stand wof om n m the farm. While in service a good
'Up For Jesus." inflicted On s.y experience its worst Shortage of rail ors, Standard Oil, and so forth, and percentage of them have learned
MontiDr.I "We may pause for a moment transport after V-E Day, and also I venture to say that as a result of d some new trade ori vocation anrd n
minute speeches and Rev. George M. We may rejoice, but it may only be probably its wost consumer goods continual planning by the Americanless the civic leader's, business and LL SINES A EOOS Tolson led off, followed by Re. P for t of regaining strength and food shortage because much of Legion from the day war xas de- governing bodies get busy and induce
T. Taylor and Rev. C. W. inman, all There may be dangers that people Europe must beB fed from here for armed right through to final victory, some industries to come to MontiBennie ~ ~~ fel Highowe ,hi Then begangl th diinegato ofrneradnomosutlehervs

A General Jolifation-Shootig making ringing talks that touched Will e o st consequently rtioning that not one veteran physically able cello a d Jefferson County. so as
Msand this great and undisputed vie might even tighten up. to work will be without a job. to utilize the service acquired talents
Anis us akn os h hert Vf-l prset Thesis singi-taywreee uredr aes wihweeas

Gnelly-Gunsa Mee n At A ioi the aal pangle B story over a formidable opponent In vie of the above, we sinceely Florida is so geographically eoat- of these returning men ana women,
Specially V-Et Day servicesu will be Italy Thea Germane diiiosanIay Alid nainemltry safs"t

followed. Short speeches were then that we ca relax. We shall have hope and pray that there siur ee no ed with its almost continual sun-what is going to happen ? Why Monday morning as soon as themade by Honorable Theo T. Turn-to ask you for a new leap forward such celebration on V-B Day as that shine and flowers, and its scarcity naturally they will leave fer other Signing of the Armistice could be bull, Gen. B. W. Partridge, Rex. Fn. for a new lifting of the soul and body which followed tfe Armistice in 1918. of industrial manufacturing organi- communities where they will he able verified them town began to take o a Ray Riddle, Rev. Jones, a colored so that this second xar shall also be Membership il the American nations that it will be hard put for to apply those talents and thereby
r, brought to a conclusion altogether Legion is now at an all time high a while after this war to take care make a better living than if they
in oen aifree from any doubt." in the nation as well as in Florida, of Veterans from other states te t the cal si am
ou yrotoftebsnwsPsel hae still igi the Pacific llannoexctdolie loner plenbkted Genecl senower freceve

and all seemed to feel the spirit of we should hear from the ladies also, tad while our local post has had Union, who trained in Florida, goth Jefferson County needs those
the day. All business was suspended an Mrs~ F. A. Mills xvhose son is M'any Are Closer to a higher membership) at one time Florida sand in their shoes, and have :folk, lets try arid keep them here. at noon and a general jollification a lieutenant-colonel in the service than it does now, it is still ne'er- no thought of ie-establishing them- The new veneer ad crate mi is
started which lasted to well into the spoke feelingly and well, followed by W hearing This Emblem theless leading thet entire state in selves after the Wan, but to return a good start, thanks to M G Louie
night. Anvils and guns were fired percentage of increase in member- to Florida. As an example, Mia i Morris, who by the wxay, also
S. Armed Forces. Ilise death, juttemothTeofcileepidi

all the afternoon and in fact almost were followed in turn by Mayor J. M. V-B Day brings closer the caring ship in 1945 over' 1944. Jefferson and Dade county have furnished started our stockyards. Loks like anything xwas done that would make 'Johnson, W. H. Bulloch and Presidentof the Honoirable Discharge Emblem county is like that in most every- 4500 men to the Armed Services, we are letting Louie do it instead of
a noise,.fteCt oniW .Smos.t huad fAeia oso thing- TOPS. and already, with the xvar still in George. Let's not leave it to one
for the Sano Francisc in to ln-tcpe en ofe Fs m andernn t
ADixiet wr tbenl sung and the the fighting fronts. The American Legion is sponsor- progress, there are mor'e than 15000 person to do it all, suppose we all
citizens generally, as well as many raebae wsdsmse ih ig a vast re-emnploymnrt progiam discharged World War II Veteransiput our shoulders to the whel,
people from the country, met at the, pasembagev. was dismisd w for every manl in the Armed Service, in Miami an d Dade County. Can you work together for the good of Je
auditorium for a fitting celebrations and the National Commander has imagine what it will be vhen theferson County, and for r returnMayor J. M. Johnson acted as master 'hThis was an enthusiastic and en- been before the Federal Congress twelve million men and xomen inaiag service men ad women. It can
of ceremonies. joyable meeting from beginning to x wth a bill requiring the War Pro- service are discharged? be done if we exor'k hard at it.
"Praise God from Whom All Bless- end and all entered thoroughly istot auction Paid to absolutely dhot axay I understand that most of or DR. F. J. CONKLtN,
ings Flow" was sung after which a the spirit of the occasion. with ill priority regulations regaird- State, County and Municipal Offgi- c, a l


Bombing Blitz This Put America Into Global Warfare Commanded 3rd Army Holding Stalingrad

Fails to Level - Turning P:i"t

'London Town

If the people of London had not ma aryhdfceteRuirn
been tough enough to endure the bc ,0 ie rmterbres
terrible bombing raids that scourged ~O h 3hbgnteseeo tln
the metropolis almost nightly from gaRsi' ra te-rdcn
August, 1940, until May, 1941, the Battle of Britain probably would
have been lost in that black period.
Had the capital city faltered, the .~ h iy lhuhsudrmltr
rest of Britain would have been V.udmn wolhae ittdby
tempted to weaken, and a demand , pth
for peace arisen. But the sternwilled Londoners took the worst that .gvorestcaueSainadt the. German Luftwaffe could hurl at -".-4 them. They picked up their wound- .~.s'' n ot tlntl i rost
ed and dead, put out the fires, --_ __, I
cleared the streets and "carried ~ .~Sol h emn lae h
o." suurs Then-.' th batl for the 3 ;-"_,M

raid Septhine 24 hus Sormanswent
700 planes over the city in an at- ~.ct tefoee.Atc n on
tempt to knock out resistance quick- ~Temnwoawy eadd trtakhl h ihigt h
ly. On September 6 there were seven i omn- otkrsdyatrdy oeie
theiipsssilthfrm theNaoiswouldclaimt smalnad
day after day. During August 1,075 ~. r n o t iueatGnrl vne hnteRsin ol n
civilians were killed in London, and '' i George S. P r, at a nonc t t had r
1,261 injured. When the blitz was ~ ~ s<';al ,csflrcr nIainfotws eey h luhe a rgt
stepped up in September, these *,,,A.7X 'pae incag ofteU S.Tid flwih eterseapanty ar
August losses seemed small. Three . -am inFacinwhtheosinlvs oudfahundred and six persons were killed 7'< -$ lbe
on September 7 and 528 on Sep- .'N -AiThaeStetiginBgns
tember 8. ,.gj .~Fgtig i h tet tre
As the autumn went on, the death ,
toll mounted to thousands, and the ~ -<.- ,'. x$ i cre. Bte adt-adsrg
injured to many thousands. Fires '4 eshlteGrmn athebraged continually. Whole blocks of < 'cer. eawiebm ngpns
buildings were destroyed. Ancient- a a w lvin the -" Iildlandmarks went down in heaps of 'ig steNzsbatda h tu
rubble. Londoners spent every night eedr.Altecvla oua
in uncomfortable air raid shelters.
WomeLwenlf sow heUandion nchratrihlheeplsinofth SwereThs a temaoavameidteciyadon
the country.oetacthtptUS.itth waonheAs
Britain Strikes Back.
Meanwhile, however, Britain was ,
striking back. The small but exc1- L Iits 1 qut in 194 ie in ml-ev a". "" these' curl B e t gether19,cutting th

lent Royal Air force, equipped with a superior fighting plane, the Spitfire, was knocking out many lightly: an r s T P i N s l
armored German'bombers and fight- gymre nMniel stelcl. fgtn fupeeetd frct
ers. RAF -defensive tactics proved ol fo salvaged fat. 1 c w the city. ,very
so successful that the German air.V .V wepnkonwsmlydfm
marshals began to realize that the. j LOtiisdfiutfr 5.4trsTII4 iee atiry o ba ne. Mn
Luftwaffe could not sustain such -'~~ccfrteiauatii '~5srgldfo uligt ilig
losses as it had been taking. On the memorable Sunday of September 15, m t i h u o e M G Jae H De
British Spitfires shot down 185 Nazi h h s t e of t w kac
wa trnfre to th Eiht A, heed pai to wounded. It was,, say- ,, N
If ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~oc coman inpl Grea Britain and age beyond, description.,,: .,.1 -,, ,l" -' il

planes out of a swarm of 400. That
victory .turned the tide. Soon there- poahn. Hoeen wa s. rmoeitrak fleunntg-NzsFelPc.
after the Germans tapered off their TmsF yteedo h erteioae
daylight raids aid turned to night 4 , V-E. O i o N wr beinn t f the
1 ,; Chief pin 1-. -. '%" ,b ch. The0 gienas ino the iel aqd -s

For this terror too the Lon- T i n t f t in h v a t se, fearing
don defenders were ready. With