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FRIDAY. AUGUST330.2013/20 PAGES 2SECTIONS flbnewsleadercom

Czymbor: 'I paid

what 1 was asked

to pay k

S.. Palaka Daily News
"Palatka City Manager Michael
:Czymbor said he was "targeted" after
"his former employer asked for more
,than $2,300 to compensate for dis- .
countss he Iallegedly took after his
*employment was terminated.
: According to city'of Fernandina
SBeach officials, Czymbor and another
foriher city employee took employee
discounts at the city-owned
Fernandina Beach Golf Club for'
months after their
Swemploymentwas ter-
m'inated. Czymbor
srve i e ats the
Fernandina Beach
I city manager for six
"As you are
aware, and have
Bezambor acknowledged in.
--. writing, employment
.e with the city' is a
requirement of City Employee Golf
Membership at Fernandina Beach
Z oIf Club," states a letter sent to
. Czymbor arid former Fernandina
SBeach fired' seief Chuck Bogle in July.
"Des*eyour employment termina-
.ion. y.oucontinued to take advantage'
of this benefir thatyou wereno longer
'entitledto."' The letter was signed'by
theFernandina Beach Golf Club's cur-
rentgeneral manager, Josh O'Brien.
,"At no point was I ever fold that
lie riate I was given was inappropriate,"
Czwanborsaid "I paid what Irwas asked
to pay. I didn't set or influence thaI
ratQ 1ing to toic. lene', Cz-'nibor at aii euplhve yakt 163..
times between Jan. 22, 2012, and July
7, 2013.
'.Most of those visits, Czymbor said,
occurred during his time off after he
was "forced to resign" as city manag-
er in January of 2012. He said some of
the commissioners'made his "termi-

ir golf

nation their campaign platform."
"We had some professional dis-
agreements," he said. "But nothing
personal." .
Czymbor received morie than'
$112,000 from the city of Fernandina
Beach when he resigned, as detailed
in a separation agreement.
"Each of our charter employees
have a contract that is negotiated,"
said Fernandina Beach Mayor Sarah
Pelican. "So when the information was
passed to me, I went to the city attor-
ney and asked her to make sure that
golfing privileges was not a part of his.
separation agreement ... and it.was-
,.n't." ,, "
Czymbor appointed Bogle as fire
chief before he left his position in
Fernandina Beach. Bogle left employ-
ment April 30, 2012. He is accused of
owing the city $3,401 after taking dis-
counts at the golf club.
.A former golf club manager,
'Damrian Brink, confirmed that.he
allowed both former employees to golf
at a discounted rate following their
(Czymbor) was getting severance
pay from the city," Brink said. "He was
Still getting paid by the city, so I con-
Ssidered'him a. city employee and'
agreed to give'him that rate."
SBrink said he continued to charge
Czymbor the city employee rate of $22
for 18 holes, as opposed to the full
rate of $41 during the week and $46
.during the weekend. Continuing to
give Czymbor his employee discount
was good business decision, he said,
bi-caiJu Czynmbi-N hi otlighl people '%iih
hin; to gotl and paid for mnerchandisr.
food and be\tutagc:-s
-2-JJi--nrt lik'- "I 'oniped hifim any
rounds," Brink said. "He was my client
'before he resigned and I knew he
golfed a lot. If I would have made him
pay full price, we (the golf club) would
have lost money because he wouldn't,
CZYMBOR Continued on 6A

New Fernandina Beach resident Brenda Jackson, a writer of Harlequin Romance books, was the first
African American to make the New York Times best-seller list'with a romance book. She has penned
100 of'the novels.

Best-selling author

leads romantic
NM.\R'iP MAGUIRE make the New York "i
News-Leader romance book. She h
ing lists. Devoted fan
Wr hen it comes to romance, Shakespeare her meet-the-writer F
has the genre down cold. Consider his This fall she will publ
-story of Romeo and Juliet. The plot cen- "I have always beE
ters on tv. 1:Iil.di en from families in a love stories," said Jac
long-standing feud who fall in love, secretly marry and am \hairiv fun tot "
commit suicide when they realize they cannot be Psiiosjr ue% loe
together. lackgfri' irade She
" "Forbidder I, e I!-." ;a\. b,-.'i--, I;inu ,iance l ing and I wildly st
write Bi-fr n ; J'i;',I .-.n I).,.'-lr) boIt hr-a'ho.. ..,. in '.. lelt 't L[i that sLIucce-s
Feinandina Beach in May to get away from the key- "I -tairt'jd looking
board for a few days each month. "But I do like happy 1clIis,"Isaid lac-,', n
endings." ference with some fr
When it comes to modern-day love stories, it's.a as many writers, pub
good idea to follow Jackson's lead. She knows what For several years
readers like.
Jackson was the first African American writer to ROMAJ

Times best-seller list with u
ias also topped USA Today's read-
s flock to her book signing and
promotional trips, sell out in hours.
lish her 100th romance novel.
en passionate about.writing and.
cks6n. "I have worked hard, but I
and desire are all part of
writes -camnw page-tmin riersfor a
jcCr,-l;jI l. hiei ciafl But shewill
took a while to achieve
for a publisher back in the early.
"I went to a romance writers con-
iends and I made it a point to meet
lishers and agents as I could."
she attended writing workshops
NCE Continued on 6A

Dedicated to turtles

To loggerhead, green and'
leatherback turtles, Amelia Island is
a great place to lay their eggs, and.
'softhese amazing creatures have
staunch guardians in Amelia Island
Sea Turtle Watch, Inc.
The dedicated volunteers who
assist our flippered visitors are-all
dear to AISTW President Mary
". . ,"- .Duffy. -
.'-' ~ .~'." D"T'his organization.would not exist
Iif it weren't foi- our volunteers, regu-,
lar or permitted," said Duffy. '
a committed group of people!"
Permitted volunteers go through
one year of hands-on training,
receive special training throughout
the year and attend meetings con-:
ducted by the Florida Figh and
Wildlife Conservation Commission.
They are.on call 24/7 to respond to
anyl section of the island.
Each year from May through
August, permitted volunteers join
regulars who commit to one or two
days walking an assigned stretch of
beach, at sunrise to look for sea turtle
activity from the previous night such
as a'turtle crawl the imprint of a
mama turtle's tail and flippers head-
ing from the-ocean to the nest and
Charles 1he6ritage,' Ken Cain, Len Kreger, Sherri Hair, Paul Clark, When the nest is located, volun-,
Nancy Hickman, Pat Kreger, Loretta Clark, Eliza Holliday, Dotty teers cordon off th( area and mark it
Heritage and Mary Duffy are permitted Amelia Island Sea Turtle for a future hatching date, at which
Watch volunteers. Not shown are Doug Stuber, Janet Tharin and time they will return for excavation.
AMary Raines. The public may view excavations

/ love the happiness I feel when seeing seaturtle tracks,
releasing hatchlings into the ocean, walking the
beach during sunrise and knowing I am helping-
to preserve the sea turtle environment.'

during which permitted volunteers
detail the contents of a nest including
counting the number of unhatched
eggs, and taking inventory of the
number of egg shards, empty shells
and dead hatchlings.
If there are any live -hatchlings in
the nest, these are carefully released
under the supervision of the volun-
teers, who use the opportunity-to
educate onlookers. ,
The group has monitored as few
Sas 30 nests in a season, but so far this
year, 187 nests have been made.
During the off season, permitted
volunteers respond to dead or
injured turtles that wash up on the
beach or are picked up in the river.
This activity sometimes involves
transporting an injured sea turtle to
a rehabilitation facility.
Founded in 1985, the gr6up does
much more than patrol the beach
and watch over turtle nests. They
haic ucces46fuhly lobbied for lighting
restrictions on city and county
beaches during nesting season and
have been instrumental in develop-
ing the use of the Turtle Excluder

Device (FED) by commercial fishing
They are active in raising public
awareness-on the plight of sea turtles
and give presentationsto schools
and community groups all over
Nassau County.
For information on Amelia Island
SeaTurtle Watch and to learn dates
' of scheduled excavations, visit
com. To report an injured or nesting
turtle, call Mary Duffy at (904) 583-
1913. Please do not approach or
touch the turtle;

Howcanyou help?
If you live on'ri the beach, keep
your curtains pulled' and porch
lights out during turtle season.
plate, whidi funds groups like
Amelia Iskirld Sea Turtle Watch.
And leave only footprints on the





1 111Ildu ui III ews iiiJi' l ll iluilll OUTAND ABOUT .................2B SEA TUR NI7NESIG SEASON
I159 Ithyea EIM- l9 i ]Y,,WI.3ll3 i RELIGION .-.-...........-----. 3B i-- 2013Nests: 187 Hatchlings:6890
Copthyngi u iCLT F a rir SGHOOL NEWS ...-------------------4B Nesmrn Hatchlings:12600
TheNe ifi TAP Al0C1H yHjnij- nl0, C,,;t'JT-i SERVICE DIRECTORY-......5.. -p5B p ms bm du& tM
Fernanc 0'i N, 9 1T,., 0 T76.. ,--T 1 ,i-- SPOi's ....----------... lA dicayonthebear.Foradeaaledcount
Printedo, 0 -Z'ee SUDOKU ...................................... 2B deseei dm e d adea le corm.
1 4 2 61411(3 0 0 3 3 newsprint wln soy oasca inK. F (--*'"



F L 0 R I D A 'S

FRIDAY, AUGUST 30.,2013 NEWS News-Leader ,


Mitchell James Gaucher II

Mr. Mitchell James Gaucher
II, age 71, of Fernandina Beach,
passed away on Wednesday
afternoon, August 27, 2013 at
his home.
Born in Brockton, MA, he
was the son of the late Mitchell
J. Gaucher II and Helen Mottau
Gaucher. He was a graduate of
West Ridgewater High School,
Class of 1959.
Having been a
U.S. Navy
reservist since
the age of 17,
upon gradua-
tion he immedi-
ately joined
active duty, serving until 1963.
Mr. Gaucher joined the U.S.
Air Force in 1964, where he
remained until retiring in
1982. In 1987, Mitch moved
from Cocoa. Beach, FL to
Fernandina Beach and joined
Lockheed Martin and :the
Civilian Ranks at Kings Bay
Naval Base. He remained with
Lockheed Martin as a Senior
Missile Mechanic until retiring
in 1987.
SHe was a Life Member of the
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post
10733, Orange Lake, FL anda
Past-Commander of the VFW
Post in Cocoa Beach,.FL After
settling in Fernandina Beach,
he joined the American Legion
Post 54 and the Kraft Athletic
Club. In 1947, Mitch, became a

Jeffrey Nels Halford
Jeffrey Nels' Halford, 54, of
Yulee, FL passed away Tuesday,
August 20, 2013. He was born
March 30th, 1959 in Orange
Park, FL He was employed at
BAE shipyard, formerly Atlantic
Marine, as a crane operator in
Jacksonirille, FL
He is survived by his wife, i.
Joan Price-Halford; a brother,
SJames Halford Jr. (Ann); three
sisters, Joy (Daniel) Gof Judith
(Thomas) Hill, and Grace Nay;
two children, Michael Malnar
and Amy (David) Flanders; four
stepchildren, Terra, Bryan Jr.,
Drake and Noel Hughes; and

Elaine W Zentz
Mrs. Elaine W. Zentz, age
86, of Fernandina Beach, FL
!passed away Friday morning,
July 26,2013 at her residence.
Mrs. Zentz was born on April
27, 1927 in Baltimore, MD, the
B daughter of the
late Henry and
Elsie Schmidt.
'She was a grad-
uate of Eastern
High School,
Class of 1945.
After school,
Mrs'. Zentz .joined the,
Commercial Credit Company,
working within the conglomer-
ate of insurance subsidiaries fil-
Sing corporate taxes and annual
financial statements. Before
Retiring in 1987, she had
reached the position of
Operations Manager for the
Control Data Business Centers
Payroll Tax Filing Services,
located in Baltimore, MD.
Mrs. Zentz came to
Fernandina Beach along with.
her husband in 1989 to enjoy
their retirement. She was a
member of the Fernandina
Beach Ladies 9 Hole Golf
League and was a volunteer at
the Barnabas Center for 13
years. She was a faithful mem-
,ber of the Prince of Peace
Lutheran Church of Fernandina

member of the Pyrenees Lodge
No. 77, A.E & A M., Biarritz,
In addition to his parents, he.
is preceded in death by his wife
of 42 years, Louise Nickerson
Gaucher, a brother, Paul and a
step son, Patrick Nickerson.
Mitch leaves behind, his
wife, Liz, Fernandina Beach, FL,
his daughter, Liz Nickerson,
Easton, MA, two sons, Brian
Gaucher, Palm Bay, FL, Mitchell
Gaucher III, Hammond, LA, a'
sister, Michelle Madden (Bill);
Titusville, FL, two .grand-.
daughters, Amanda and
Breanna Gaucher, and his spe-
cial pets, Eddie, Bella and Baby.
Funeral services will be at
1:30 pm onTuesday, Septenber
3, 2013 from the graveside in
Jacksonville National Cemetery.
Full Military Honors will be
accorded by the United States
Air ForceHonors Detail
A Celebration of Life Service
will be held at the later date at
American Legion Post 54,
Fernandina Beach, FL
In lieu of flowers, memorial
contributions maybe made to
the Byrd-Wallace Post No.4351
of the Veterans of Foreign Wars,
96086 Wades Place, Fernandina.
Beach, FL' 32034; Building
Fund. : .
Please share his life story at

six grandchildren, Seth, Sierra,
Ethan, Joseph, Ashley and
Allie. ,
We welcome everyone to a
celebration of his life on
Saturday, Sept. 7th, 2013 at.
Blackrock Baptist -Church,
96362 Blackrock Rd., Yulee, FL
32097,, the Reverend Ken
Westbrook officiating.
In lieu of flowers memorials
may be made to Faith Christian
Academy, 96282 Brady Point
Rd., Fernandina Beach, FL
32034, (904) 321-2137. .
Eternity FuneralHomes and
Cremations Nassau

Mrs. Zentz married Mr.
James Zentz in the fall of 1947
and they spent the next 65 years
together before his passing in
April of this year. She wa-s also.
preceded in death by her sis-
ter, Elsie A Headley, in 2010.
She leaves behind her
nephews, John Zentz (ulie) of
St. Louis, MO and Mark S,
Headley'(Donna) of Baltimore,
MD and his niece Joyce Ann
Course (Marion) of Bethune,.
SC. Her cousin Virginia Lee
Hilbinger (Chuck). of
Williamsburg, VA, and her dear-
est friends, Shirley Ann and
Charles "Buster" Wickless of
Fernandina Beach, FL and all
their children and families.
Memorial Services will be
held, at 2:30 PM on Sunday,
September 1,201 at the Prince
of Peace Lutheran Church with
Pastor Ida Iverson officiating.
She will be laid to rest along
with her husband in Dulaney
Valley Memorial Gardens in
Baltimore, MD.
If so'desired, memorials may
be made to the Prince of Peace
Lutheran Church, 2600 Atlantic
Ave., Fernandina Beach, FL
Please share her life story
and leave words of comfort at
Oxley-Heard FuneralDirectors


Mr. Herbert M. Graham, 70, Yulee, died on Thursday, Aug.
Oxley-HeardFuneral Directors
Betty A. Johnston, 79, Yulee, died on Saturday, Aug. 24,
2013. Amernorial service will be held at 6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 1 at
Yulee Baptist Church.
Green Pine Funeral Home

The News-Leader business office will be closed on
Monday September2 in observance of Labor Day.
Have asafe and happy Labor Dayweekendl

l. TTVWr lC I


Guests of The Ritz-
Carlton Hotel Company
Association Advisory
Board recently assembled
500 bags of food to feed
area schoolchildren over
the upcoming weekends,
Ritz-Carlton, Amelia
Island employees unload a
truck filled with the bags ;
of food -at the Barnabas
Center, left. From left are
Glenn Wright, Cindy -
Heeler, Scott Berglund
and Mary Beth Brown.
Also assisting just inside
the door were Chuck *-
Naismith, Jim Van Winkle.
and Gary Virden. ,
/,' '

Tips for a s

TALLAHASSEE With the 2013-14
school year under way, the Florida Depart
ment of Education reminds motorists
throughout the state to practice safe driv-
ing around children and near school zones,
and to be extra aware around school buses.
The results of the 2013 National Stop
Arm Violation Count show that more than
85,000 vehicles nationwide illegally passed
stopped school buses on a single day.
Florida was among 29 states partici-
pating in the survey conducted by school
bus drivers recording how many limes
motorists passed their buses.- hilt- di-
playing hlie flahhir,_ red lights and stop
arms. In Florida, bus drivers ,observed
.nearly 12,000 illegal passes while loading
or unloading, students.
"School buses are one, of the safest
ways to transport students," said
Commissioner of Education Pamr Stewart
"Florida .motorists can do their part to
keep students safe by being aware of chil-


1-' ---1 1

re scnoo0 ye
dren and obeying traffic laws. The survey
results are an important reminder for driv-
ers to use caution in and'ar0und school
Special construction, passenger seat-
ing and crash protection keep children
safe while on the school bus. Federal reg- -
ulations (www.floridaschoolbussafety-
gov/Facts.pdf) require that each school
bus undergo astringent inspection of all
mechanical and safety systems at least
every 30 school days. Additionally. school
bus drivers must meel rigorou training
and qualificitions btfi& ur hey ,:ab uari 'pol i
School safety tips for motorists:
Be alert and watch for children at all
times, especially near schools, bus stops,
school buses and in school parking lots.
Obey traffic laws and speed limits.
Do not text oi' use a cell phone while
driving. *-'
Stop when a school bus displays stop

aittis and red lights are flashing ...
Watch lor and obey signals from the
schq6l crossing guards.
Observe lower speed limits in school
zones and at crosswalks.
Safety tip for parents and students: :
S* Discuss safe behavior while at school
the bus stop ahd when entering or exiting
the school bus. ,
Wait for the bus to make a complete
stop and for the driver to signal that it i,
safe to cross the road or board the bus. :;
fyou drop somen-hin. rell thie-bus
Do not t Ijy pick t tup irst as th.
di \n i 'a:iy ,ut b:. abk-., .-,- 5y u ;
Do not walk behind the school bus or
run after the bus.
To see the statewide results of thie sunr
vey and for more safety tips to help keeg
children safe, visit Floirida SchooR
Transportation at
portation or Stop on Red, Kids Ahead at


The Amelia Island
Museum of History will hold .
a garage sale on Sept. 14
from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. and needs
donations of sellable, desir-
able items. Donors should'
put price tags on their items,
marked with what they think
a reasonable garage sale
price should be. No clothing,
please. Donors will receive a
letter acknowledging contri-
butions for tax purposes.
Items not sold will be donat-
ed to a local charitable organ-
ization. All proceeds will go to
the museum.
Drop off items after noon
on Sept. 13 at 863 S. Fletcher
'Ave. (two houses south of
Jasmine Street). For informa-
tion call 261-7378.
Trash on schedule
Advanced Disposal trash
pickup for residential and
commercial customers will
be on their scheduled days
on Laboi Day
Libraries dosed
The Nassau County
Library System will be closed
on Monday, Sept. 2 for the.
Labor Day holiday. Book

511 Ash Street. Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
(904) 261-3696 Fax 261-3698

IN 1, W 3 Website for email addrmsses:
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The News-Leader is published every Wednesday amd Friday byTrhe .Fernandina
Beach News-Leader, 511 Ash Street, p.o.. Box 16766, Fernandina Beaph, FL 32034.
Periodicals postage paid at Femandina Beach, Fla. (USPS 189-900) ISSN#'O0163-40 1.-FReproductions of the contents of this -
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the advertisement or any part thereof is contrary to the general standard of advertising acceptance. .
Mail in Nassau County ...................$39.99 C MN I ws
Mail outof Nassau County .................$65.00 0'

Community News:
Monday, 5 p.m.
Letters to the editor:
Monday, 12 p.m.



Church Notes: ..- ."..... ..... ..- .. .... ..... -.. ..- ...
Monday, 5 p.m. Classified Ads: Monday, 5:00 p.m.* Wednesday, 5:00 p.m.
People and Places: Classified Display: Friday, 3p.m. Tuesday, 5 p.m.
Thursday, 3 p.m. Legal Notices: Friday, noon N/A
Retail Advertising: Friday, 3 p.m. Tuesday, 3 p.m.
Monday holidays the Classified deadline wil be Friday at 5 p.m.

drops will remain open.
Gun courses
Gary W. Belson .
Associates Inc. will hold.a
concealed weapon license
course at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 4
and 9 and 5 p.m. Sept. .13. A .
basic with defensive tactics
course will be held at 7:45
a.m. Aug. 31 and Sept i4 and
15. For details contact Belsori '
at 491-8358, (904) 476-2037 or. Visit'
The University of Florida
Extension Service and
Barnabas Center will present
Grocery Shopping on a
Budget from 10 a.m.-71 p.m.
Sept. 6 at the Peck Center :
reception room and Sept. 27
at the Callahan Fairgrounds
Multipurpose Room. Learn'.
how to .reduce your food
costs and eat nutritionally.
The workshops are free
and open to the public. Reser-
ve your spot. Contact Laura
Laroche at (904) 879-1019..
A car wash will'be held on
Sept. 7 from 8 a.m. to noon at
Bo & Mikes on South Eighth
Street, sponsored by the
Cheer Boosters to benefit the
Fernandina Beach High
School Cheerleaders.
The Cummer Museum of


; Cf ,:.Nassau County sc
3O doors for the 196364
V after Labor Day.

5r Supervisor of Elec
25 ed 35-40 percent of N
Slots in theupcoming
YEARS and county races.


The county's blue
Area-wide Developm
DRI was set to go tc

-Art & Gardehs, 829 Riverside
Aie., Jacksonville, will hold a
.sale-of "used" art history and
gardening books on Sept. 7
from 10 am.4 p.m. All funds
from the book sale will sup-
port the museum s ongoing
mission of engaging and
inspiring through the arts,
gardens and education
Admission is free. Contact
Susan Tudor at (904) 899-
6036 or

group for women who want -
to network their business and
help local charities..To RSVP.
or for directions, contactJulie
or 556-2543.
Come out for one of
Wilkin' Nassau's favorites
Sand its first wilk of the."fall"
season at Little Talbot Island,
12157 Heckscher Drive, on
QJepLI 1Vd A O CiOA n M,

SAC A en *i '"u-at o p.m.
'SAC meeting Meet in the parking lot of
The regular School Advi- the park. Entry fee is $5 per"
sory Council meeting at vehicle ($4 single occupant).
Southside Elementary With more than five miniles of
School, 1112 Jasmine St., will beautiful, white sandy beach-
be held in the library on Sept es, Little Talbot is 6ne ofthe
-:9:at 2:3Q p.m. Parents and the few remaining 'undevelpd
community are invited.., barrier islands in Nortdieast
W/IN ( Florida Everyone is welcome
WIN.. to walk for free, or for Ameri-
SWIN WIN (Women in can Volkssport Association
Nassau Helping Womein in credit For information and to
:Need) will meeoSept. 9 at RSVPcontact Jane Bailey at
6:30 p.m., hostedbyTracy
Lynch of The Travel Agency, or 261-9884.
1401 Park Ave.. ". '
Money collected at'the BlblsClaSs
door will benefit Cedar Haven On Sept, 11 at 10 a.m.,
Transitional'House, anon- ..Master Gardener Sue Ray
Profit organization that. willgive a presentation about
empowers women by filling ,-:, bulbs and their dramatic cobl-
the gap between homeless- orful addition to your garden.
ness and independent living. She will offet ideas of how
Bring a $10 check payable to and where to incorporate
"Women of Power," an appe- bulbs into your landscape,
tizer or dessert to share and care and feeding as well as
brochures and business those varieties of bulbs that,
cards to distribute, arewell suited for our locale.
WIN WIN is a local net- The class will be held at the
working and fundraising Yulee Extension office. For
-more information, see the
S* Extension website at:
matters.html; or call the
:hools were set to open their Extension office at (904) 879-
school year on the day 1019. Master Gardeners are duty Fridays, 10
August 29, 1963 a.m. until 2, p.m. at 491-7340.
:tions Shirley King predict- SID)S training
rassau voters would cast bal- The Nassau County
primary election for state Health Department will hold
SIDS (Sudden Infant Death
August 28, 1986 Syndrome) Reduction Train-
ing on Friday, Sept. 13 at 1:30
print for growth the Yulee p.m. at the FDOH Admini-
ent of. Regional Impact, or station Building, 30 S.
o the state for approval. Fourth St. For information
August 29, 2003 call 548-1810.


FRIDAY. AUGUST 30, 2013 NEWS News-Leader

for beach
: The Nassau County Corn-
.mission signed off Monday
:night on this year's bond pay-
mient for an ongoing beach
.restoration project on the south
.end of Amelia Island.
S The payment total' is
.$1,801,440.27 and is a capital
assessmentt paid through the
*South Amelia Island Shore
"Stabilization Association (SAIS-
Bill Moore, who serves as
project coordinator for SAISSA,
says it is money well spent
"The beach is looking good,".
said Moore in a phone inter-
view Monday afternoon.
SAISSA is a group of prop-
erty owners, including the
Amelia Island Plantation and
several nearby homeowner
associations located on the
island's south end. It is charged
with maintaining the ecological
and biological health of the local
The county issued an. $11
million bond in 2011 to pay for
the latest beach "renoutrish-
ment" project, and it is due in
Moore said most of the bond
money has already been spent,
including approximately $9 mil-
lion to haul two million cubic
tons of sand onto the beach.
"You wouldn't see much if
you went'out there now because
we used 'the sand to build a
berm about a year or two ago,
and then let nature take its
course," said Moore.
At present, cofisultants are
monitoring the beach and
Wildlife, and so far MWore says
they like what they see.- '
". Last year we lost very little

sand, about 85,000 cubic yards,
so that's really good," said
Moore. "We also have people
sifting through sand for micro-
organisms and counting birds."
Individual homeowners con-
tribute to the SAISSA assess-
ment, and how much they pay
is based on the location and size
of their property, says Moore.
Property owners with an
oceanfront locale pay an aver-
age of $795 annually, says
Moore, while those who own
property east of AlA but who
don't have oceanfront property
pay an average of $635. The
price for property owners west
of ALA averages $579.
The state has previously
helped with payment, but offi-
cials in Tallahassee did not con-
tribute any money last year. ,
Locally, officials say they
don't know what the state will
do this year, but theysplan to
again ask for some financial
SAISSA was created in the
early 1990s to help pay for
beach restoration after, several
bad storms. The county created
a Municipal Benefits Services
Unit (MSBU) to facilitate pay-
The group has previously
tackled two' multimillion-dollar
beach re-nourishment projects.
Moore says various depart-
,ments are monitoring the cur-
rent project, including U.S.
Marine Fisheries Service, the
Department of Environmental
Protection and the Florida
Wildlife Commission. ,
"We are .scheduled to. be
: monitored for another three
yearsbut we may be able to get
that down to two because our
recovery rate is so good," said

County signs off

on bond payment

Bus ro

Would you commute to
work in Jacksonville by bus if
one stopped on Amelia Island
or in Yulee to give you a lift?
Nassau County Commis-
sioner Pat Edwards said trans-
portation officials are consid-
ering the feasibility of a "Park
and Ride" bus route with two
stops, including one at the for-
mer Food Lion shopping center
on Sadler Road in Fernandina
Beach and the other at the
Publix parking lot along AlA in
The bus, he said, could
leave between 6:30-7:30 a.m.
and return between 4:30-5:30
Where the bus would stop
to let people olf in Jacksonville, -
or how much money such a
ride would cost, has not been
"It's just an idea at this point,

ute to Jacksonville
S but it is a Jacksonville as well: "I think Boatright asked about
good one it's something to look into," sources.
:. that is wor- said Leeper. "I don't have a prc
'' thy of fur- Edwards said a West Side I don't want to subsi
'Vrr i other discus- bus was briefly discussed at bus service," said B<
sion," said the transportation meeting He appeared to ha
E d w a r d s held last Thursday, and that ment on this point
During a nothing official has been decid- four other member
Edwards break in the ed. "We will meet again in a board.
c o u n t y few weeks to talk more and Edwards said he
board meet- plan the next step," said the transportation gr
ing Monday evening. Edwards, after the board's that they had BOC(
Edwards was part of a open-meeting discussion, for a commuter bus
group of local officials invited to The Jacksonville Transpor- contact the ,chami
discuss a possible Monday station Authority coordinated them know we're in
through Friday commuter bus the discussion through the said Edwards to his f<
program from eastern Nassau Amelia Island/Fernandina missioners, adding
County to Jacksonville. Beach/Yulee Chamber of would make it clea
Edwards brought the issue to Commerce. board would not offer
the attention of his colleagues City. officials, including support. "We're not
at the county commission Fernandina Beach-: Mayor write the check thorn
meeting Monday evening. Sarah Pelican, participated in This comment dr
"I like the idea," said the talks, as did a representa- les frorh board men
Commission Chair Danny tive from the Council on Aging all appeared compel
Leeper. and Nassau County's Planning. ous that they would
Leeper suggested that comrn- Director Peter King. vide financial support
muters on the West Side might At the board meeting, and ride commuter
benefit from a bus route into Commissioner Walter "'Jr." mmaguire@fbnewt

FSS leads Florida in adoptions again
Family Support Services.of : FSS was successful in plac- 'Thanks-to our case manage- lies. The love and devotion they
North Florida ik ranked irsi-t in ing 307 local foster children in ment organization partners, the demonstrate is a credit to this
the state-for the second con- permanent homes through FSS adoption team, and Judge community that shouldmake
secutive year in the number adoption in fiscalyearJuly 2012 David Gooding's leadership, all of us proud."
of children adopted fromfoster to June 2013. Throughout the more. than 80 percent of the For information about
care. ,, state, 3,356 foster children were local adoptions last year were adopting a child from foster
The lead agency for foster adopted last fiscal year. finalized within 24 months of care, call the FSS Adoption.
care, adoption and family I "FSS continues to aggres- when the children came into. Hotline at (904) 421-5839 or
reservation. in Duval and sivelv recr-uit'adoptive'parents foster care." go to www.heartgalleryjax.o

Nassau counties is one of 17
Scommunity-based care agen-
cies contracted by the Florida
Department of.:Children and
Families to provide child wel-
fare services, including the
adoption of foster children.


18 N. 2nd St .Fernndina Bch.
Support Local Artists!
Paintings, photos, clay,
art glass, wood, jewelry
and other mediums.

for foster'children who are
available for adoption; the
majority of whom are
teenagers or are in a sibling
group of two or more brothers
and sisters," said Lee Kaywork,
chief executive director, FSS.

Since 2006, FSS has found
adoptive families for more than
2,300 local foster children.
Kaywork said, "I am always
amazed at the willingness of so
many caring people to bring
these children into their fami-

FSS continues to hold the
state record for the highest
number of foster children
adopted in year having placed
546 foster children in adoptive
homes in fiscal year 2007-8.



As of September 9th, we will be moving
into q more customer-friendly location:
780Amelia Island Parkway
in Fernandina Beach.

Look for us -west of l4th Street at-the roundabout
on Amelia Island Parkway and Airport Road..






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it funding
oblem, but
Mdize their
ave agree-
from the
rs on the
would let
group know
C support
route. "I'll
>er to let
fllow com-
g that he
r that the
&r financial
t going to
ew chuck-
nbers, but
etely seri-
Id not pro-
t for a park

Temporary Closure of Tax Collector's
Downtown Office
The Tax Collector's Office located inside the Historic
Courthouse will be closed the rrmonth of August for mandat-
ed equipment upgrades and renovations. The nriearest
alternative location'is the Main Office in Yulee located on
'AAMA. Tax payments, vehiehcereqg'ir.ations and r'st drivel
license renewals can-be made online at Phone: (904) 491-7400.
Thank You, John M. Drew, CFC

The Greater Nassau County

Chamber of Commerce

Will hold our Regular .Meeting September 12th
Luncheon at Noon at Murray's Grille in Yulee
S Upstairs Buffet $1500

Special Guest,
Mr' MikeM'BrAn h-Of Rcl 'Te'ii Wo odl.6 idsDiis iohc

Please Join. Us

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The synthetics are coming
Chrysler tells us in 2015 Can counter at a grocer, gle with the concept of 10,000-
that all our products will be you switch What is the difference mile oil changes. For now, the
manufactured with synthetic back and between high-mileage oil and majority of owners can stay
oil as the standard. Most of forth from synthetic? High-mileage oil is with conventional oil. Going
the European nameplates are synthetic? for high-mileage cars that ran forward, we are being fun-
already synthetic oil situa- Yes, with no on conventional oil and are neled to synthetic. Let's view
tions. There are a percentage ill effects. showing signs of age, oil-con- it as an "advance" in the auto-
of consumers who have cho- Will it sumption or leaks. Synthetic motive world.
sen to go with synthetic oil in causeengine oil is for, high-performance Smaller displacement
their vehicles ahead of the-'S leaks? No, vehicles or people who want motors are going to be asked
curve. Service customers will KEFFEI bad seals, high levels of engine protec- to work harder and last
increasingly be offered the CORNER cracks and tion. longer than ever. It might be
choice of this oil and it seems ... __ holes cause Why is viscosity impor- that the time has arrived for
a good time to discuss it. engine tant? If oil is too thin, wear oil technology to move in tan-
Freely admitting to limited RickKeffer leaks, occurs. If oil is too thick, per- dem with engine technology.
mechanical knowledge, I met What formance can drop. Just know itis coming, and
with my service manager and causes sludge? Dirt and con- I would give these answers soon. Thanks for the com-
: have some materials from a taminants during the engine's credence because the oil com- ments on the Boston column.
; major oil brand. One data fuel combustion cycle. A pany sells the conventional oil This week's column title may
Sheet is titled "Fundamentals breaking point is reached alternative to synthetic in exhibit that the trip is still
SOf Quality Motor Oil".and caused by oil quality, engine much bigger volumes. My fresh in my mind. Have a
lists 10 common questions, maintenance, fuel quality, and take on the economics are good week.
SSeven of the questions will driving conditions. Synthetics that synthetic is about twice Rick Keffex owns and oper-
Sgive us enough content for can positively affect sludge the cost ($55 to 60-plus versus ates Rick KefferDodge
the topic: buildup. $25-29). The offset is the ChryslerJeep in Yulee. He
Will synthetic oil void Is offering synthetic just interval is twice as long invites questions or positive sto-
: my warranty? No, with the a way to make more money. (10,000 miles versus 5,000 ries about automobile use and
Exception of the Mazda rotary My answer it's a judgment miles). People with more ownership.
; engine, call. Not unlike the meat birthdays, like me, will strug-

Starting business?
"Thinking of starting
your own business? This
workshop will give you an
overview of the seven basic
requirements for business S-
T-A-R-T-U-P: Selecting an
idea, Testing the market,
Acquiring capital, wRiting a
plan, Turning for help,
Understanding legal require-
ments and Projecting cash
flow," according to a flyer
issued by the Nassau
County Economic
Development Board.
The workshop is noon to
1:30 p.m. today and 5-6:30
p.m. Sept. 23 at the Small
Business Development
Center, James S. Page Gov-
ernmental Complex, 96135
Nassau Place, Yulee.
There is no charge, pr-
registration is required. Call
491-7347 to register.
A public hearing will be

held Tuesday at 5:05 p.m. at
City Hall, 204 Ash St, for
first reading of the proposed
increase in the city's millage
rate over the rollback rate,
for city operating expenses
and voter-approved debt. A
discussion on the 2013-14
city budget will follow the
public hearing.
The final version of
the city budget will be
adopted at that hearing at
5:05 p.m: Sept. 17 in City
Hall. The new fiscal year
begins Oct. 1.
A public hearing is sched-
uled at 6 p.m. Sept. 12 at the
James S. Page Governmen-
tal Complex, 96135 Nassau
Place, Yulee for first reading
of the 2013-14 budget by
Nassau County Commis-
The new fiscal year
begins Oct. 1.


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to our New

Location at
1006 S, 14th Street

Hours are Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday

Thursday, Friday
9am-5pm and
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Helping Seniors with i
Whatever Their Needs May Be

Best Friends Companion Care provides the kind of
trusted in home care for adults of all ages that helps
them maintain full and independent lives, right .'
in the comfort of their own home. .
*Companionship Grocery Shopping
* incidental Transportarion Meal Preparation & Planning
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Vystar Cred:t Union is
building a new branch in
Callahan, and groundbreak-
ing is planned for Sept. 27. The
bank will be located on Kings
Road, just south of First
Construction is expected
to last several rnonths and
when doors open in the spring,
11 people will have new jobs as
tellers and customer service
representatives. There will
likely be a manager or two,
says a bank executive, but
most of the positions will'fall
well below Nassau County's
average annual wage of
Vystar's construction plans
come with a unique tax grant,
courtesy of Nassau County
commissioners. At their meet-
ing Monday night, commis-
Ssioners agreed to give Vystar
< more than $46,000 in tax
Breaks over a five-year term.
SThe bank is the first com-
pany to benefit from the coun-
ty's economic development
Grant program, started last
; October...
We've-always planned to
Sput a branch in Callahan, and
With the economic develop-
ment grant,'it seemed like the
" right timeto move'ahead," said
SlRichard Alfirevic, the bank's
Chief operations officer, in a
Phone interview Tuesday mor-
ning..Vystar has owned, the
SCallahan property for five.
In return for the tax break,
Vystar has agreed to invest $1
million in construction, equip-
ment and furnishings for the
new building and complete
work by the end of 2014.
That sounds like a lot of
money for the planned 4,500-
square-foot brick building,
Complete with four drive-
through lanes and two auto-
matic teller machines.
S "It's really no(," said
Alfirevic. "With all of the elec-
tronicswewill put in, the total.
will be in excess of $1 million."
V star's county tax grant
Swill be delivered in incre-
ments, and stepped doWn over
five years. The biggest onm'es
in the first year -When tie' corn' .
pany will noqt pay any taxes. In
subsequent yeais, the bank
Swill receive breaks at 80 per-
Scent, 60 percent, ,40 percent.

and in the final year, 20 per-
"The county will still
receive about $35,d000 in taxes
over those five years," said
Steve Riecke, executive direc-
tor of the Nassau County
Economic Developmerlnt
The tax grant does not set
parameters on minimum
salary. requirements as simi-
lar giveaways at the state and
federal levels often do.
"They knew they couldn't
qualify (for an incentive) for
high-paying jobs, but they
could qualify for tax relief with
the construction," said Riecke
on Monday.
Riecke's groups a non-
, profit organization that relies
on a combination of private
funds and taxpayer dollars to jobs to Nassau
SLast fall, Riecke convinced
Nassau County Commission-
ers to pass an ordinance to
promote economic develop-
ment using financial incen-
tives. Tax breaks may be the
best option at present because
the county doesn't have 'any
money to give away outright to.
lure businesses.
SCommissioners are bal-
ancing the proposed fiscal year
2013-14 budget with a proper-,
ty tax hike; including a possi-
ble rise to the millage rate,'
money from savings and deep
cuts to 'capital projects,:such as
.Commissioners are also
leaning hard on department'
heads, asking them for deep
budgets and have publicly dis-
couraged them from asking
for additional funding for new
A lightning strike blew an
old transformer at the judicial
Sannex in Yulee last month, and
maintenance officials say it is
limping along on replacement
parts because there's no
money to replace the unit.
"We make due with what
we have because there's- no
moneytodo it any other way,"
says Bob Knott, director of the
county's facilities maintenance
department, in an interview at
his office in Callahan earlier
thik.* month
applications lor the 11 new,
Vystar jobs will be accepted
online starting at the end of
the year


Tax break aids

Vystar in Callahan

ner pessimism

in August and inflation overall "It is unlikely that housing
has not been a significant bur- prices will continue rising a lot
den on consumers, higher, particularly when inter-
Construction jobs are increas- est rates have jumped 1.2 per-
ing again, although they are half cent since February," McCarty
what they were at the peak of said.
the housing boom in 2006. September could bring two
Housing prices continued to negative economic factors into
rise in July, with the median play.
price for an existing single-fam- First, the Federal Reserve
ily home in Florida increasing might stop purchasing billions
by $4,500 to $179,500. of dollars of mortgage securities
However, Floriaians should every month to keep interest
not expect a return tothe 2006 rates low and stimulate eco-'
level anytime soon. nomic growth. ,

"While Floridians have
recovered some of their losses
in equity since the trough in
prices. in February- 2011,"
McCarty said, "they should not
expect prices to go a lot higher
if the Federal Reserve carries
through with its exif strategy."
Also next month, Congress
is expected to have another con-
tentious debate over whether
to raise the debt ceiling again if
the federal government runs
out of funds as the Treasury
"Department expects.

University of Florida
consumer confidence level was
unchanged irY August, match-
ing July's revised reading,
according to a University of
Florida survey. July's level was
the first time confidence had
declined after four months of
Three of the five categories
in the August survey declined,
while two increased.
The overall pessimism was
driven primarily by concerns
over personal finances and buy-
ing conditions, said Chris
McCarty, director of UF's
Survey Research Center in the
Bureau of Economic and
Business Research.
S "While thp big drop in con-
fidence for July was mainly from
low-income and younger
Floridians, a group that remains
more pessimistic, there was
slightly growing .pessimism
amongolder and higher-income
Floridians as well in August,"
he said.-
The fall in Florida's July con-
. fidence level surprised econo-
. mists because it contrasted with
a rise in confidence for the
nation. However, a new prelim-
inary August index from the,
University of Michigan, meas-
uring consumer sentiment at
'the national level, fellfve points,
indicating ithat a gloomier pub-
lic outlook, is now emerging
across the country
Nonetheless, Florida's drop
in confidence is occurring as
other state economic indicator-.
are showing positive signs
Unemployment in Florida, foi
instance, was unchanged in July
at 7.1 percent, lower than the
national 7.4 percent level-.
Gas prices dropped slightly


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SU ". Failed Back Surgery Cancer Pain
Pelvic Pain w Reflex Srrnpathetic Dystrophy

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*mMuscle Spasms a Nerve Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome v Sports Injuries '

'ast' pin "b"I "a

southeast Rpine Rehabilitation

Two Locations! Call Today for an Immediate Appointment!-e
Kinigslaid 88-B Lindsey Lane
U Yulee 463688 SR 200 A1 A, Suite 7

U Board Certihed Phvsiciianis No Referral Peqired .
M Most Insurances and Worker's Comp Accepted

Ju sfEasy FinancingAvailable



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FRIDAY. AUGUST'30,2013 NEWS News-Leader

Continued from 1A
and seminars on how to get a
book published. She joined
the trade group, Romance
Writers of America, and met
some of the biggest names in
the business, including Linda
Howard and Nora Roberts.
She was the first African
American to win the Ngra
Roberts Award, the industry's
highest honor.
Jackson said she received
positive feedback on her sto-
ries, but there was one prob-
'lem. "Publishers didn't know
what to do with characters of
color, and they asked me to
change them to people with
fair skin," said Jackson.
She refused.
"I wanted to read a
romance novel where the
hero is a man who looked like
my husband, with dark curly
' hair and dark skin," said
Jackson. "But they said the
hero had to be blond with
blue eyes and'fair skin to sell'."
They were wrong. -
Jackson says the success
of the book and film, "Waiting
to Exhale" by Terry
McMillan, who is also an
African American writer, made
industry dealmakers give her
a contract.
"They decided to give me a
chance, and the market was
there, just like I thought it

7 wanted to read a romance novel where the
hero is a man with dark curly hair and dark
skin. But they said the hero had to be blond
with blue eyes and fair skin.'

wouldbe," said Jackson.
As she crafts her charac-
ters and their actions, does'
she try out her, uh, plot twists,
on her husband, and does he
worry that insider secrets
may be revealed?
Jackson say's her steamy
.scenes are the product of her
imagination, but her books
have embarrassed her sons.
"They weren't allowed to
read my books until they were
old enough for such things,"
said Jackson, leaning into the
leather sofa in the spacious
family room of her mid-island
home. "But their friends
would get hold of my book
and tell them, 'Do-you know
what your mother wrote?" .
"And I remind them that
they already know how they
came into this life," said
Jackson is a passionate
, womafi, and whetherishe is
talking about heir' stories or
her'family her face lights up.
But here is a surprising twist
in the writert"'s life. Jackson

spent 37 years in management
with State Farm in
Jacksonville. And when she
talks about corporate -life, her
face still lights up. It is surpris-
ing to heal- her,; or anyone for
that matter, talk passionately
about insurance when they're
not selling a policy, but
Jackson said she loved every
aspect of the business and
every minute on the job.
"Maybe it wasn't a tradi-
tional path for a writer, but it
worked for me," said Jackson.
"They taught me everything,
from marketing and'budget to
negotiating a contract." .
She joined State Parm after
high sch ioul and she says they
Spaid'for her to attend
Jacksonville University. She
wrote 67 books wtiile holding
down a full-time job and used
money from book sales to
send her two sons to Ivy
League schools. Her youngest
son studied foreign languages
and now works in Africa for
the State D,-partment. Her
Oldest child lives in -
Jacksonville, teaching and "
2:9 ;

directing films, including a
feature film based on
Jackson's book, Truly
She says an exclusive offer
from Harlequin convinced her
to quit the firm and write full-
time. "It was more money
than I ever had before, and I
could not say no," said
Jackson, who would not spill
.the contract's details.
But money, she says, is not
her motivation.
"I love thinking about rela-
tionships, how people meet,
how they fall in love, the peo-
ple who come between them,
and how far they will go to
find true love," said Jackson.
Is that the winning formula
for a romance novel?
"Many people think
romance writers follow a for-
mula, and I get asked that
question a lot," says Jackson,
who maintains that there',is no
secret to her saucy stories.
"Let's say you give a bunch
of writers a theme, like forbid-
Sden love, the key is how they
make up a story and tell the
tale," she said. "They'll.all be
different" r
Before-she writes the first
word of a book, Jackson says'
she creates detailed back-
grounds for each character,'
including the kind of food,
they eat, television shows they
watch and what they would
wear to the movies (should
thev have time away from the
"I have work to do before, I
. can start rypingthe story,"
said Jackson
SJackson has her own real-
life'luve story. She met her
*husband when she was 14 and
hlie was 16. They married five
years later and she still wears
the sweetheart ring he gave
her on her right hand. "We :,
didn't have children until I
was 26 because I wanted to go,,
to college and establish a.
career," said Jackson. .

I love thinking about relationships, how
people meet, how they fall in love, the
people who come between them and
how far they will go to findtrue love.'

"Everyone thought we were Beach alone. She has a girl
crazy to marry so young but night planned, and her hus
we knew it was the real band is at their farm in..
thing." .'Jacksonville. She says it's
The couple celebrated big place with swimming
their 41st wedding anniver- pool in the living room. "If
sary in July. "He is still my -inside because I don't like
best friend," said Jackson.. swimming With bugs," she
What's the secret to along-. said.
Lasting marriage? Jackson, celebrated hei
"Sex," says Jackson. 60th birthday in February
"What? Don't look so with a big bash at The Ritz
shocked." 'Carlton, Amelia Island, and
She laughed and bought a house onthe isla
explained. in May. "I really like it here'
"What I mean is that cou- and after the party, we star
pies need to make time for 'house hunting," said Jacks
each other and take care of who was born in Jacksonvi
their appearance," said "At this stage of my life, I
Jackson, who looks tar w... ,anted a place to relax."
: yourgerthan her 60 Nears and .' Still. a pen and her plhi
Son a hot morning in mid-July are always nearby. "Iam c
wears a cheery top, crop pants stantly recording conversa
and her hair in tight curls that dions that I think my chara
Sshe dyes blond. Her nails are ters should have, and ifyo
" perfectly polished in red, ; heam d me you would think
Sl ackson's favorite color She is.', was crazy."' said Jackson, v
.wearing a little make-up, but then positions her hand lil
her face is naturally pretty, she's holding the phone at
"'W. -hen our children,'wert '.'.whispers, 'Yes my darling
young Iwould pack an true."
overnight bag for my husband In the brief limeil le:
and myself and even it we Jackson to say these live
'could only gb across town to a words, her eyes focus and
SHoliday Inn, I would make sparkle. "I knuw, it just cor
sure we always had-time with- over me," she.said. "I'm'co
,out the kids,' said Jackson.". stantly grablflingthe phon
Was her husband always because I am always i -cor
-..on-board? '" ,. .1 .. ", ing conversations myN char
"Not all the time." admits . terms, should, have.", .
' Jackson. "He also worked u- .. i, Her passion for'story-.
.time and on Fridays he would telling may be stronger lhN
tell mebhe was tired andiust the chiseled muscles of on
wanted t6 stay home, but I her staj heroes. Zane
didn'twv.ant a marriage in front Westmnoreland "1 know'.l'r
oftheTiV.'. .... '.,. never going -o et away fr(
,. On this day,however,. it," said Jackson, with pass
SJackson is inFernandina ":,. mmaiuire"ibne-iadei

tnVURE'ID f 1i A : "with the cit ,to work through the situation. Hfi,
MU Continued from1A also said the golf: course and city have .
have golfed as much or would have got a mem- new process for verify lying employee discounrfs,.
bership somewhere else" updating the list of employment more frq1n
As the general manager at the time, Brink quently.. ,I
said he had the authority to give Czyinbor a dis- Czymbor said he bought membership, .ati
counted rate. regular price after he was informed that he could
,"IShouldn't have talled i a etnoye r.. ... .e
S"I shouldn't have ad if an employee rate in no longer golf at a discounted rate
the computer, but that's just what I put it in underr., Active ity employees, retired city employees
he said. ..: .. with at least 25 years of seji vic, ahd former cohn-,
.Brink saidohr was.;lptp.fyth))1.goWlG ij A i' ers are allowed {o gi,[li -etti
.in Fegu4--tu- s yeatatrb ,hi-yf'B,:o a\4j59,,ir.,te. .,an,. m.
nothing to do withgiving the formeremployees ,.. "If you retie with 25 years, or more or are: ii
discountedrates. office, that's one thing." Pelican said. "Anyf6rmeqr
Brink said hebelieves the allegations are the commissioner can also take advantage 'of gokl-
result of a poorly executed audit. by the city. rates. I've questioned that as well" ".' )
Bogle's discount, he said, was a resultofbuying Czymbor said he has requested adetaile,
a regular membership and joining gdlf club. ,accounting of the costs he was asked to pay. biq ,
Player'Development Program. has not received one. Pelican said the city attbr; o
"It's totally political," Brink said. "They should ney was handling the situation for the cityat thih
have called (mer) and asked before they went time t
public."."-. Czymbor has served as the Palatka city marl-
Czymbor said he responded to the letter by ager since July 2012 He said he was ,unable tq,
contacting Dan Zimmer, regional director of oper- respond to articles published Aug. 23 in the
nations for Billy Casper Golf, the private firm that News-Lead&r and in the Palalka Dailv Nt,'s oi-
manages the golf club. He directed Zimmer to Saturday because he was recoveraingom aed-:
Brink regarding the discount ical procedure .,;)
Zimrner has waid that the irm was working, aok.. .- A ar,'s,-'.plaorad or aly7euconi,

.. : .. 1 . . ::* "'.:* , ^ *, . : ".. .' "- _,-A ;

Post office warns businessesi

not to uSe mailboxes for free
The po-st office has notified a couple of ei-al la%' to intentionally ci rcumvenr paying Hg
dozen local businesses that they could be in postage in order to realize personal gain." "I .
violation of federal law by using mailbox- The certified letters sent to violator$
es for advertising without paying from thie Fernandina Beach pot, ,t ,
postage. A -'. office note the. fine could be in -
Federal law states, "Whoever 00. excess of S5,Y
knowingly and willfully deposits any fa"- The post office charge-s mail "
Smailable master such as statements |i ,j I adverdser-s.'i200 fOr'an application '"
:;. of accounts, circulars, sale bills, or l' f tee, S200 for a permit fee'ahd'27-.l.
other like matter, on which no cents per piece ofmail delivere;d,.-i
postage has been paid, in any letter Fernandina Beach has 17.052 possi- ,,
box established, approved, or accepted ., ble deliveries including post office.
by the Postal Service for the receipt or boxes and mailboxes
Delivery of mail master on any mail route The'certified letter was senttossever-
S.with the intent to avoid payment of lawful a] local restaurants, lawn cate and pest control'l
postage thereon, shall for each offencebe fined services and other businesses that were sus- io
under this title." pected of putting advertising circulars in mail-
Postal inspectors say "it's a violationh-of fed--.. boxe .withoutpaying postage for.them...-..
, '.1 ". . .. .'. ..*' ... 2, *. .'"'*
0 2 04- *

" -" t "."',- "'
, .....p-~~ ..^-,, ,,*'.
-yot br your loved one live better with

adv .'"am t :
-, .' ,", ''H.- 1' to
As-fbrCbmmunity Hospice today.

904.407.6500 -866.. 368tolfe, "

Us 1011d Dc Ubr&iu'#
j Hundreds of people rely on'our Ubrary every
day. They research colleges, scholarships',
careers, businesses; do homework, learn
A- "new skills, trace their'ancestors, enrich their
lives. But this vital resource greatly needs A,
. more space, updating,-renovations and your
help. Now.. ."' w

The Friends'of the Library is working with '
Fernandina Beach 'and Nassau County to
W make our Library bigger and better. We're
raising funds for construction. furnishings,
equipment and more. By contributing to our .,
campaign, you will be keeping our community
a vibrant,-desirable place to live, work and do .'
business. Please join us today

Camijilmnto Improve "
IheFermandina Beac -h
To learn more or contribute,
call 904-321-6529, visil
frrienJ5 the Library, '25 N. 4'"'SI.
Lihfar~g Fernandina Beach. FL or
www.fernandinalol org, or -"
: .. i love to read and bring. iy daughters often in the
The Friends of the Library thanksStemLor1Drg I:.,r priolos of summer There's something for everyone "Andrea
Library patrons and the NeWs-Larer hr prclucmg 1nti ad Morris, Femand.ina Beach, mrom of Devin. pictured.

t ~ '" ... : ;,.. .













tc- '
4.0 .
. it'N-"

e.. oi:
d- to
rac- /1"
a.: f-t

an :
ne ofb

m ,t1
'Ii a
. -*t JI



FRIDAY, AUGUST 30,2013 OPINION News-Leader



The News-Leader is published with pride weekly
for the people of Nassau County by Community
Newspapers, Inc., Athens, Georgia. We believe
that strong newspapers build strong communi-
lies-"Newspapers get things done!" Our primary
goal is to publish distinguished and profitable
community-oriented newspapers. This mission
will be accomplished through the teamwork of
professionals dedicated to the ruth, integrity, qual-
ity and hard work.
,..,* ^^T. TTCommunity
S CNI Newspapers,

There's a Moose on the loose

Help! I've got a moose running amok in my
I'm not exaggerating. I swear. The moose is
a two-and-a-half-year-old male Great Dane. He's
almost as big as I am and that's no joke. And
his name is Moose, so I really do have a moose
running loose.
My wife and I adopted Moose from
Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue in
January after our Great Dane Samson suc-
cumbed to cancer. Great Danes do better in
the company of other Great Danes (I'll get to
that part later) and our female Great Dane,
Paige, was mourning for her old buddy. We
went online and looked at the available Danes
Sand saw Moose. We got Paige from them, too,
so we called them and inquiredtfurther. A few
days later, we were op our way to Pensacola,
with Paige in tow to make sure they'd get
along, to'bring him home.
Moose was immediately very friendly to us,
and to Paige. While the two of them got "
acqutfainted in the backyard, accessed by a dog-
gie. door a baby elephant could walk through,
-we sat on.the sofa and talked with Mloose's to-
ter parent about. him. It was asad story. He'd
been through three homes in two months
when the rescue society rescued him from an ,
ad on Craig's List They were concerned he'd
be sold to someone who wouldn't properly care
for him: He'd'just had'his second birthday at
Sthe'time he'was rescued. .
SHis first owner had him for almost the'
Entire two years. She bred him at least twice

anA then sold or gave him to
a police officer. The cop kept
him only briefly before pass-
inghim along to a young
Navy family. They were los-
ing their home and going
away and couldn't keep him,
so they put him up for sale on
Craig's List. He still hadn't
been neutered at this point.
CUP OF The folks from NWFGDR
JOE were afraid that a known
----.,.-unscrupulous breeder out in
their area would get him and
Joe Palmer so they made arrangements
to take him in. They immedi-
ately got him neutered and he had his second
birthday right afterward.
Because he's been bounced around so
much, Moose has some separation and bore-
dom issues. We've been through basic obedi-
ence trainingwith him and he did well but it
didn't help his separation anxiety. Imagine a
boisterous 140-pound'dog that can stand on his
hind legs and look a six-foot-three man in the
*eyes; running loose in your house while you're
out. Uh-huh. So now-we're working with an ani-
mal trainer to help Moose learn to cope with
his behavior and anxiety., .
And now a bit about play behavior. When
Great Danes' play, it looks like two lions fight-
ing. People who don't know them can't believe
their eve- and ears. There's growling and
snarling and knocking each other all over the

place. Of course, Paige is the boss since she's
been here the longest and is the oldest and she
puts Moose in'his place when he steps out of
line. But try as she may, she cannot save him
from himself.
Underwear: Don't leave the laundry ham-
per where he can get to it. He can chomp up a
pailr of drawers before you can reach him.
Food items, or even things that smell like food
items: The only place they're safe is in a locked
cupboard, on top of the fridge or in the oven.
He's stolen everything from pot roasts to cakes
and he's so fast at it you wouldn't believe it.
Ditto for pillows and cushions. Iwas on the
back deck the other night and looked up and
he came charging around the house with a big
deck chair cushion in his mouth giving it the
business. I managed to re-cie i lie cushion .
before he damaged it, which could've resulted
in both of us sleeping in the spare room.
His biggest temptations though are any-
thing made out of cardboard and paper towels.,
Last week, he broke into a pantry and swiped
'an entire roll of Bounty What hedidn't shred ,
all over the living room, he ate.'The next day,.
he was able to, poop and wipe himself at the
same time. .. '
And everywhere.he goes, he gallops. All
over the house. It sounds like a stampede of
large animals. Like a stairipde of roos,: Ii
This case. with a capital M.,
Oh1, they:don't start, sen dowr till,
:.they're three. We'i e waiting Anxiously. "'.


Stormn dbri tracts with strip malls out front Aclose
debri ,m look at the ENCPA reveals a robust;H,
Driving around doing a few chores mix of home sites, condos, light com-
today I noticed a lot of debris in, front mercial and non-consumer commer-
of, or 'on, grated storm water drains." cial buildings, devel-l
Most of what I saw is right in front of opment will create thousands of job
or very close to private residences. Ift opportunities for Nassau residents and,
occurred to me that it is a good idea to hopefully, will reverse the norm of
clear them a little after a heavy rain. I 'Nassau 'residents traveling to K .
do realize.that typically it's someone Jacksonville for work. "'
else that should do it, or itmay'not be It should be noted that theadvan- ,'.. .
my responsibility; however, when it is. stage of having a planned development, '
close,I figure it may help so, why not. of this size being done by a wealthy cor- ' .,
'I think it is good to take ownership poration-like Rayonieris that the coun-,i" .\,,% .'
,of myarea, maybe the World. That's up ty can work with them in planning the, '-",..) /
-'to us individually, but at least we can infrastructure needed to support the
Start here. I do know that "any" city planned increase in residential popu-,
.may4 not have the resources now, or lation (over 50,000 people by tIhe time
aybe never idid,, to. keep up like we 'it is complete). Land for roads, schools,
pan inour our baykyards.. It's-probably police and fire stations. .etc., will be
less expensive for us all as a commu- donated by Rayonier thus saving tax-
nity and it's a good preventive measure, payers the expense of buying these
I don't know, just kind of thinking out' properties later and at market prices..
: loud Fernandina is a Leader! One of the 'unique features of the
"~'." Agostino Buttinelli 'ENCPA is that it pre-designed and will "
Fernandina Beach cede land for the building of a major ;,
S... road through it to 1-95, north of the
~' Oartl--> ,, present intersection of 1-95 and SR 200,
Po ne,. i'. ,ih; .R i ," 'thus providing for a n4liol ailtrnaih'e
Recent responses to th0W htKAifr/i'I"'to.'-the aired oe' r'buVddhed'eh ;.. (>0OMI tClXFW
S Kling article (Aug. 16) regarding route (SR 200) for residents avoiding
TerraPointe Development's East getting in the path of hurricanes.
S Nassau Community Planning Arei.a Finally, the ENCPA must be con-
(ENCPA) by Mike Bell and Steve sidered asa companion to Ravonier's and ownership
SRieck(Aug. 23) are excellent at point- 'development of the Crawford Diamond standing during
; ihg out the factual errors. and mis- property on US 301 south of Callahan. accept our apo
., leading'conclusions of the authors. Because this site abuts the intersec- venience during
S However, there is a larger, more eco- tion oftwomajor freight rail beds (CSX see you soon.
nomically strategic point to be made, and Florida East Coast Railway) the
one that paints Weintraub and Kling as. opportunity to bring in major indus- The
obstructionists to economic progress trial operations such as an auto man'- -
and, essentially, anti-capitalist in their facturer, machine assembly plant, Lovernrnim
arguments. 'chemical processor, etc.,; is humanity
A brief history of Rayonier's greatbecause. this site provides. rail
(TerraPointe is Rayohier's real estate shipping to major cities and ports attendedth
development arm) economic impact both north and south of Jacksonville meeting where
on Nassau County is instructive, as well as to the west. Planned mission turn
Rayonier's buyingup offorestlandin rail construction to the port of 'approximately
the county started in the 1920's, cul-. Jacksonville will provide manufacturers go to some no
minating in the building of a paper mill with easy access to world markets. such as Barnab
in the 1930's, in the midst of the Great More importantly, the'development of Micah's Place
Depression, thus making them the highrpaying industrial jobs at. the Behavioral Se
largest private employer in the county, Crawford Diamond will; as does the S25,000) each It
a ranking they still maintain. Theycur- ENCPA, provide employment.oppor- .split among the
Srently py approximately $25,000/year tunities for Nassau residents. More It seems thai'
, for their forestland in. Nassau County., significantly, both projects will diversify .something call
Full build-out of 'the ENCPA will otur economy away from dependence .from other gove
S generate approximately $66 million in on tourism, city provides s
Stoday's'dollars for the:county. A full George deTarnowsky done at a i ate r
economic impact of the project, bne Amelia Island" city could easily
that includes sales,and gas taxes, will .. ''end. That's betti
no doubt be higher and by as much as Marina .Ljpoaily ,egas.
afactorof10. Thepointhereisthfiatthe It is argued
orderly development of the 23,000-acre "'u 'tyis a substanti
ENCPA planned byTerraPointe easi- To our valued' customers: Th[e organizations a
Slyoutperformsth'e economicimpact of Marina Restaurant will be temporarily the city. add in e
the usual way in which acreage has. 'closing Sept 2 for mandated electri- of our county dc
been developed in the past- housing 'cal and plumbing upgrades. The staff : given to then


Iask for your unrider-
g this project. Please
logies for any incon-
this time God blessall],
Patricia Toundas
_Marina Restaurant

rnt vs. :

e last-city commission'
I witnessed our corn-,,
down requests for
$25,000 which was to,
profit organizations
bas. Council on Aging,.
and Starting Point
rvices. That wasn't.
was a sum total to be,
m "*: .'" ". :
t thesenonprofits gain
ed "matching bucks"
'rnmnent agencies if the
omne funding. This is
where .,5.000 from the
turn into .50,000 in the
ter than, you coutd do in
and true that the coun-
al contributor to these:
nd why should we, as
even more since some.
dollars are al-eady being
The answer iis simple.

,The agencies that giv' the grants look.
at the direct involvement and interest
that the local government (the city)
takes towards these organizations.
Should d it be perceived' that the city
has reason to turni their backs, it makes.
it a lot easier for these grants to not be
funded in some
I have talked with the 'commis-
sioners concerning this, as well as ,
some of the organizations seeking this :
;.money. Here are some conmmission-
ers whose point of view is the gov-
ernment (the city) shouldn't be respon-.6
sible for helping these nonprofits. This;
should be the job of the public to prit-
vately support them and that the goy-,
&ernment should not be spending ta-
dollars on this '.'
This is all well and good in theory,.
but in fact, itwon'twork. Government I
has always supported' nonprofits .
through our history. Think about the
support it gives tothe arts, to various
educatiofial and health programs, to;,
help the young and the old. If every
nonprofitwas cut 'loose from govern-
ment funding this would be a very dif-"
ferent country. It would probably look
alot like the ones we watch each night
bon the news,;you know, the ones with
complete'unrest andr'a government-
that cares little about the poor and the
sick. .. ': .
SWhat I am asking y6u to do isto.'

think about this- Do you know of any
old person who gets rides to the doc- \
tor or meals from the Council on
Aging" Do you know of anyone who
has used Barnabas in time of need?
Do you know of a wife who has been
abused, or mentally ill or dependent
child that needs help? In fact, when
emergencies happen in our city. it is
various city departments such as police
and fire that have called on these agen-
cies to help relocate or house those in
We are talking $25,000 here, folks
That probably would not cover the cost "
of the paper generated by recent law-
suits the city is involved in. Please
think about this. It's the right thing to
Call the commissioners who are in
doubt, tell them your thoughts, either
'-way We are the public. We hired them
and they owe it to us to listen and make
the decisions that we want and not
what their personal views are con-.'
cerning government involvement If
.you wait till after, the budget is passed.
it is too late The next budget meeting
is Sept' 3. Please remember, as voters,
we have the power to hire and the
power to, fire but if we do not make
. our voices heard, we have no right to
comniplain. .; ".
." Tony Crawford
Fernandina Beach

bama blunder war in Syria
Obama bluY

I don't know who's more confused about
Syria, President Obama or me.
, With his alleged use of poison gas against
lis own people, including women and chil- '..
djen, Bashar alAssad of Syria has crossed-our
Resident's famous red line-7- again..
. But unlike thelast time Assad crossed the
president's ied.line this time President
(qbama means business.
: No, seriously. He does: Really. He's not just
talking you-know-what
In the words of The New York Times, the
var hawk-in-chief is going to "hold the Syrian
governmentt accountable for a 'moral obsceni-
t that has shocked the world's conscience."
H An attack on Syria's military assets looks
SThe administration is turning up the rheto-
ri and lining up our allies to support us. The
cruise missiles are parked and taking aim off-
sfiore. The news media are on fMll alert.
SIt could happen this weekend. But whoever
i truly responsible for the use' of poison gas in
the suburbs of Damascus is still an important
question without a credible answer.
The U.S. Department of State, our intelli-
gence agencies and the corrupt charlatans at
the United Nations all assure us that it was
4ssad's side.
SThey're still collecting the evidence but,
"Trust us," they say, "it was the rebels. Well

M" have the proof for you in just
a few months."
Is it just me, or do you feel
a "Gulf of Tonkin", moment
coming on?,.
A lot of wise people who
don't work for Obama are
wondering how Assad would
be so stupid.
SHe's beating the rebels.
IEAJ=G He's already murdered
SENSE 100,000 of his unfortunate cit-
izens with bombs and bullets.
"-- (Was that OK as long as he
Michael didn't use poison gas?)
Reagan Why would Assad want to
guarantee the military Wrath
of the United States by using the o6nfty weapon
short of tactical nukes that could get three ex-
peaceniks like Obama, Joe Biden and John
Kerry calling for military intervention against
Even Hillary Clinton could tell you it's the
Syrian rebels who stand to gain the most from
Assad's use of chemical weapons.
And the Russians are not the only ones to
suspect that the rebels, in their desperation to
get outside help, might-have sacrificed a few
hundred innocent lives'to get it.
It wouldn't be the first time that cold-heart-
ed calculus was used in that bloody part of the

World. .
President Obama insists he's not after
regime change in Syria, Which is another thing
that makes no sense. Is he trying to send
Assad some sort of subtle hint?-
He'd be better, off sending U.S. warplanes
on a midnight bombing run to Assad's favorite
palace. That's what my father did in 1986 to
signal Mr. Gaddafi that we were serious about
wanting him to cut the terrorist crap and it
worked for the next 20 years.
Obama's too smooth for that blunt kind of
message-sending. And now he's clearly being
Suckered into throwing our military weight
behind the rebel side in another ugly civil war
in the Middle East
Obama's overall lack of leadership, his
dithering and delaying during'the revolutions
in Libya and Egypt, his empty blustering, his
kowtowing to the United Nations -7they don't
inspire confidence for success in Syria.
No one least of all the White House -
knows what will happenrafter the missiles hit.
Will Russia, Syria's longtime friend and body-
guard, use our intervention as an excuse to
reheat the Cold War?
Will Assad say "uncle" and split for wherev-
_ er island the world's worst despots retire to?
Will the democracy-loving Syrian rebels -p
whoever they really are take over?
Will Syrians just choose up new sides for a

new and bloodier sectarian civil war between..
Muslims or between Muslims and Christians?
Will U.S. military aid or ground troops'be
Don't ask Obama, He's as confused as the
rest of us' .
We'll probably never know who was-respon-
sible for using poison gas in Syria. But we'll
always know whose blundering incompetence
got us into an unnecessary war there.
Michael Reagan is the son of President
Ronald Reagan, a political consultant and the
author of' "The New Reagan Revolution" (St.
. Martin's Press). His column is distributed exclu-
sively by Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate.

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To be used of God

f a man therefore purge himself
from these, he shall be a vessel
unto honor, sanctified and meet for
the Master's use and prepared unto
every good work.
It is now time for the body of Christ
to wake up to the reality that the work
God wants to accomplish is already com-
pleted in Christ We choose to work on
ourselves externally because most often
that is where the challenge lies.
Godly fruit manifested in our lives is
partially the work of patience. Without it
in practice, our hearts will start to doubt
and a doubting heart is dishonest
Choose to trust God and become that
vessel unto honor, sanctified and meet
for the Master's use.
We must consistently make a con-
scious effort to cleanse thoroughly from
us those bad habits, undisciplined atti-
tudes and behaviors that are displeasing
to the heart of God.

come fri
When w
and cho
the teach
be ashai
Work. TI
NOW-AND us before
cosly of our h
hTHEN use use
---i "--- dposestai
Maybelle ordinary:
Kirkland nary ves
cheaply but special purpose
costly. Purging ourselves
a high premium; to be use
brings dignity and esteem
An expression, "to thin
true," sounds goodbut its

LE .,f "m -

________ _______ ____ -

- .i e Welcome to

SQWd's House

'Classic Carpets
& Interiors, Inc.
-GMC *CHEVROLET y Carpet President
464054 SR,200, Yulee 802 8.th8 Street (904) 261-0242
(904) 261-6821 Femanina Beach, FL 32034' Fax (904) 261-0291
Most Insurances Accepted T M R E^
Call For Appointment -ino
zAlkg -61111411 nMo e
Dr. Robert FrIeflIman 904-261-6956
A1 A at Bailey Rd. 542057 Us Hwy I, Callahan, FL
: FR EIVIAN Steve Johnson Automotive.
WELL DRILLERS, INC. 1505 S 14th Street
261-5216 | 15 S 1 tret
SRock&Ai6anWeis Femandina Beach, FL
Pump Installations & Repair 90 2 79 1
606S. 6th Skeet
Femandna Beach, FL32034 Proudly Supyorting Our Community
Ui 5
-'" *^B^ ^^ / INwS ^P /
^lw 2i~ f ^u M r^ w ^ rc w ^
M Lw ^ -

brings dignity
approval must ed. Our allegiance is not to us but to our
om God: Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We have
re hear, study been bought with a price, the shed
ose to model blood of Jesus. Therefore, our vow is to
hing we our Father. We should be true to Him
we will never always.
med of our We thank Him that the fruit of
he pride of patience is ours through our new birth.
hip will bring We elect to hear His word and keep it,
re the Master causing our hearts to be honest.
house; He will Birthday wishes to Jerome-Way, Kim
ior special pur- Baker, Shirley Lee, Tradona Coleman,
id.not just for Engrid Jones, Dorothy Albertie, Ervin
jobs. Jones, Arie Kirkland, Wayne Richo, .
age and ordi- Teresa King, Ashanti McNeil, Kenneth
ssels come Steeples, Nikita Geter,; Arzell Bostick,
se vessels are David Johns, Sierra Henry, Curtis
carries with it Collins,-Reggiriald Alexander, Keani
ed of God Rainey, Palar Jones, Florence Jones,.
i of the highest Sincere Jones; and lots of love to Sis.
Geneva and Bro. John Terry as they cel-
e own self be ebrate 52 years of continuous marriage.
logic is limit- Blessings from pn high.,

Chamber Music Fest installs new board

Plans for the Amelia Island Chamber
Music Festival's 2014 season are already
taking shape, under the direction of an all-.
volunteer board of directors and' General &
Artistic Director Christopher Rex, who is
also the principal cellist of the Atlanta
The slate of officers installed on July 31
includes new President Sue Braddock,
Vice-President (and past President)
Marsha Joyner, Treasurer Chuck
Glasheen, and Secretary Allen Lennon.
Committee chairs include the following:
Dr. Neal Coleman, Development;, Emma
Mills Bledsboe, Education; VickiHarnage
Whittemore, Volunteers; Stan Kavan,
Production; and Mark Kaufman,
Marketing. Otherb'oard members are Sally
Buck, Anne Coonrod, Barbara Alleva Gant,
Rebecca Joyce, and Beverly Keigwin.
One of the board's-first priorities will, be,
to recruit a new festival, coordinator, and to
confirm artist appearances for the pre-festi-
val "WinterFest" planned for. February, as
well as the main festival in May. The ,
Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival..
now entering its 13th season, features
world-class artistic, performing a variety of
music styles in a variety of intimate set- ,
tings. For more.information, contact the ..
festival office at 261-1779 or visit. : '

... SObMn '-lbLi
Planning the Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival's 13th season are,
from left, Dr; Neal Coleman, past president, Marsha Joyner, VP,
acclaimed pianist Julie Coucheron, General & Artistic Director
Christopher Rex, Sue Braddock, president, and Allen Lennon, secretary.

:' j ogrAmid laughter and remi
A, niscing the Federatedn
Republican Women of
: Nassau spent Aug.-5 fill-
Seing backpacks woith
e school. supplies. Thanks
to the kinidness and gen-
i,, I erosidof so many,
FRWN was ableto com-
plete its mission and.
donate 112 backpacks.
Sto Homeless Liaison
Angela McClellan,,
Nassau County School'
Helping fill backpacks,
,'nfrom left, are Mary."
.Tanner, Sharon Lennon,
Amanda Young and
,daughter Arrington
Young, Gloria Toomey,
MargieGandy, Dolores
'Higginbotham and:Gail

l/44jen-asked where we come from
"-ft of us thik of our Parents or 3
geographicphit loct~ae rather than tnie ,
'UllImate source of cur being. which
Is Spirit. We come from God and
the only reason that most of LIs
dont recognize this is mat our
,qdies delude us into Ihinking that
VW are separate from everyinig
'eke. UIltrriately, we are all
.connected through this connecion
wi4th the one Spint Out oflen our
Individual egos may nor alloI us i1.
'see this. Our bodies convinced LIs
that we are unique. separate
beings. As physical beings, 've are
indeed uniqUe and separate from
-'al else. bul as spintuai beings. we
arepart of a greater whole As
,PhIol beings, we undergo
corslant change, and will
eventually die, but as spiritual
brings, we are eternal We SOruld
remember then. that
kwe are connected to .
.od, and are indeed
l.pd4 of God, a
ertahatbon from a
h* source. :;i t

.a'" '.W

Mobley '
SOtis and Jeanette Mobley
of Yulee are celebrating their
50th wedding anniversary.
They were married Aug. 31,
1963, in Boston, Mass.
The Mobleys' children are
Otis C. Mobley Jr., Tonya.
Mobley and Anton Mobley
(Dakiti). They have .seven ,

Mr. and Mrs. Mobley


Navy Midshipman arts, basic rock climbing,
Michael A. Koppel, son of obstacle, endurance and'
Maria C. and Christian L. . confidence courses designed
.Koppel of Fernandina Beach, to develop physical, mental
Recently completed "Plebe" and team-building skills as
Summer at the U.S. Navy well as 40 training hours
Academy., .devoted to the instruction (f
Plebe Summer began.pon' infantry drilLand formal '.
Induction Day, June 27, and parades.
concluded after seven chal- Throughout the summer,
lenging weeks of basic mid- new midshipmen rapidly gain
shipman training. general knowledge of sea- .:'
The pressure and rigor of manship, navigation, damage
FI:1:,,: Smiiio.: is carefully control, sailing and handling
designed to, help "1l '-b. i .- yard patroltraft. Plebes also
pare for their first academic learn how to use 9mm pistols
year at the Naval Academy and M-16 rifles.
and tl.: f.,,i years of chal- Approximately 1,200 candi-
lenges leading to graduation dates are selected each year
and commisioning as a Navy for the academy's plebe or
or Marine Corps Officer.. freshman class, and each stu-
Plebe Summer is run by' dentis required to participate
upper-class midshipmen who in Plebe Summer.
are ,specially trained in their This year the Naval
leadership roles to effectively Academy received more than
develop plebes into success- 17,500 applications for the
ful midshipmen. .Class-of 2017.
Plebe Summer activities Koppel isa 2013 graduate
include swimming, martial' of Episcopal School. i ..


Adocates needed grades 712.
Mentors provide guidance"
Fldrida's, Long-Term Care and support during weekly
SOmbudsman Program needs meetings with theliir students'
volunteers tojoin its corps of at school that last about anl
advocates who protect the hour and. are sometimes held
rights of elders residing in during lunch. The meetings
nursing homes, assisted liv- also remind the students of
ing facilities and adul family .,their commitment of good J
care homes.The program's grades, :,neridancr and
local c Cu.'i'l -. i, -, kiiLr addi- behavior asTake Stock'par-
-tional volitot xe's ioidtrtti -ia*-iants. 'T14i b. lMrjful-
investigate aid:res(,lvomsi- filling that coimitisnehis-a
dents' concerns. Training and college tuition scholarship
certification is provided. upon graduation. .
If you are interested in Mentors"'complete an
Protecting the health, safety, application, are'jntelyviewed
welfare and.rights of long- : and r<-.' i',- trainrg.Take
term care facility residents Stock mentor training will be
whosoften have n6 one else to held Sept.) 9 fri, :3 0-C. 30
advocate for them call toll- p.m. at the FSCj Betty P.
: free (888) 831-0404. Visit the : Coqk Nassau Centei-,'76346
program's website at :William Burgess Blvd. in
http://ombudsmian.myflori- Yulee... .' For'information,.go to
Bea x uW t:, k,-tick'na3.ssau org,
Bea l^ ,afld ick ,:,n nirvnlo 0-r con-;,
Joinf Big Brothers Big tact Jody Mackle at 548-4464
Sisters of Northeast Florida or
in an informal setting on Sept,
5 from 6-8 p.m.,at Caf .DayDrop Center
.Karibo, 28 N. ThiirdSt., lo. The Day Dirop-infi Center is
find out howv ydu can make a f 'kinr fiir ,:,hinters on
difference, in the life of d Tuesdays, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. (or
child. Visit with other Bigs .' ., \ tWo-hour portion of those
Already mentoring a child in hours).
the program and find out' The center serves people
what a difference you can 'experiencing homelessness
make with youth in your .own andlthose at high risk of
community. Being a Big homelessness. People come
Brother or Big Sistei doesn't to the center to take showers,
mean being a perfect role ii-. i h.,- laundry, pickup their
model, it means being your- rmail, use the phone and cornm-
self with a new friend. puter, get.hdlp obtaining
Complimentary appetizers .needed documents and get
and beverages will be served. referred to other local agen-
RSVP to Rainey Crawford at, ciesi
261-9500 or by email rcraw- The center is located at the Fernandina Beach.
Menor nee Church of Christ at the cor-
MentOrS needed nerof Jasmine and S, 14th
Take Stock in Children is streets and is open on ,
*looking for female volunteers, Tuesdays and Thursdays, .10
especially in the Yulee area, a.m.-2 p.m. To volunteer or
to serve as men ors for ".---51. mote information, contact'
deserving childr-en in '..---.._Ellen Miller, 556-2810.

Two types o description

cards at Volunteer Center

The Nassau County Voluh-
teer Center announces that two
types of free prescription dis-
count cards are now available atv --
the center's offices at 1303
Jasmine St., Suite 104D in
Fernandina Beach. -,.
One type of card is provided.L
through ajoint effort of Nassau .
County government anrid li,-
National Association ofk. oni inie.
(NACo): the other is provided'
by United States Prescription
Discounts. These prescription
cards can be used at most p)har-.-
macies in Nassap County and"
can save an average of 25 per-'

ceot on'prescfiptions. NY enroll-
nm ni form is required.
f he Nassau County Volun-
teer Center enlists volunteers
to support nonprofit agencies
and their work in Nassau
Ciuni'i and conducts projects
ri ii? own to assist those in
' .For information about the
center or to volunteer, stop in
the office at, 1303 Jasmine St,
Suite 104D, call 261-27.71, or
Vo.ihnteer, applicat.ns are
available online at ww=.volun-




U APublic Service Announcement y The

FRIDAY. AUGUST 30.2013 NEWS News-Leader

.New pastor at

1Methodist church

Eager to get to know the
; people, the groups and lead-
S ers at Memorial United
SMethodist, Beth Fogle-
: Miller is enjoying her role-as
; new pastor of the historic
,_ church.
S "I like the variety, the
-7 preaching and the strategic
oversight of a group commit-
ted to growing in faith and .
Effectivenesss" she said.
SWhile the unpredictabili-
ty of the schedule (deaths
"" and other crises) and trying
to'manage the multiple com-
peting demands on her time
Scan be a bit challenging,
Fogle-.iller is looking for-
ward to building relation-
ships with her congregation.
She wants to work with lead-
ers on implementing the
strategic plan the church has
Been working on for about
two years.
Fogle-Miller grew up in
Sthe Methodist Church. The
SDeland native was active in
youth leadership and
received her calling to the
ministrywhile a student at
;i Stetson University where
she was on her wayto
becoming a lawyer.
Involved with the Wesley
Foundation at Stetson, she
began to feel "a gradual
sense that (ministry) would
S, use my gifts well, and that it
was what God wanted."
Taking a year off to make
Usher decision, she chose sem-
inary over law.
"Other people saw it in
me before I saw it in myself,",
she said.
Ministerial studies were
taken at Candler School of
Theology, Emory University
in Atlanta and it was here
she met her husband, Jim,
also enrolled in divinity stud-
After pastoring at various
congregations in Florida and
S Tennessee, some as co-pas-
tor with her husband, who
was also'a chaplain with the
National Guard, Fogle-Miller
" ; took a few years off for per- '
sopal renewal.
Following this respite,
she was appointed director
of Connectidnal Ministries

Pastor Beth Fogle-Miller
describes Memorial ,
United Methodist Church
as being "ready to work
on being a place that very
intentionally grows disci-"
ples who really do want to
put God's love in action."

for the Florida Conference
before being tapped by
Bishop Ken Carter as new
pastor for MUMC.
The amiable pastor and
her husband have one
daughter, Carlene, a law stu-
dent at the University, of
Mississippi.Their furry
companions are two cats,
Tabby and Gopher.
"Jim's keeping life steady
at home so I can do this.
He's retired from the
National Guard now and
looking for something 'pur-
poseful' to do," said Fogle-'
Miller. .
. Leisure activities for the
busy pastor .include reading
- "I got a library card before
my new driver's license!" -
and baking the family's'
bread, three loaves a week
of wholewheat sourdough
for over .22 years.
She also enjoys working
in the yard and joining her
family for an annual skiing
trip. .
Memorial United
Methodist Church is located
at 601 Centre St. Phone
261-5769 or visit www.mumc

Do whatyou can whileyou can


Earnestine Richo Watson
has seen a lot of changes in her
nearly 100 years in Nassau
County. Born in Chester,
Watson says the area .is much
different now.
"If you go down Chester
Road, there was once a settle-
ment down there near the
river," said Watson's niece,
Helen Britt, who helped fill in
the spaces in her aunt's memo-
ry along with her cousin, James.
The daughter of Birdie and
Laura Richo, Watson remem-
bers there very few paved
streets, and mostly dirt roads in
the area she called home.
Growing up on a farm with
four sisters and two brothers,
life was busy. She sewed her
own dresses and there were'
many quilts made...
Upon completing her edu-
cation at the little school, in
Mount Zion Baptist Church,
Watson went to work as a crab
picker and oyster shucker, car-
rying a sandwich from home
and working a full day.
After work there were
chores to do on the farm.
"At the end of the day, we'
were tired," she recalled.
The five sisters used to sing
together at church but Watson's
two brothers drowned at a
young age during a fishing trip.
The family lived a simple life,
filling leisure time with picnics
and fish fries and making their
own fun *yhile working hard and
being enterprising. Britt re-
members her grandfather mak-
ing coal from the big'oak trees
in Chester.
"He'd cut do*wnthe limbs
and build a big bank of sand
and leave a hole in there and a
hole at the top and burn that
branch slowly overnight until
itowas coal and ihen he ;sold itto

butcher a hog and smoke hams.
They planted their own vegeta-
bles as well.
"So we had just about every-
thing we needed to eat, and did-
n't really need to go to the store
for much except to get rice or
grits," noted Britt.
"That's my niece, but she's
older than I am!" quipped
Watson as Britt helped her
recall life on the family farm.
"It's a shame that some chil-
dren don't get that experience
because a farm is interesting
living. You learn the value of
hard work," said Britt. '
"It was a different time. If
you needed help, the neighbors
would be iight there to help
you. We helped one another,"
recalled Watson.
The secret 'o living to 100
is "the help of (God," said the
centenarian. She advises today's
youth to "be born again and
believe in God,"
Watson's father was a Richo.
Her mother was a Hooper.
"To our knowledge, she has
.lived longer than anyone in

people." .
In the back of the family
home was creek.
"And you could go 'down
there and get cool water any- .
time," said Britt. .W e
Her aunt's father aind mniothli-
er had a grape arbor and pear
' trees. .
"And there were pigs and
- coWs and she made her own
butte" CAC058303So
Once a year the familywould V

A 100th birthday celebration will be held for Eamrnestine
Watson at 4 p.m. Sept 7 at Third Mount Zion Baptist
Church. Refreshments follow in the fellowship hall. The
public is invited.

either of these families. There
are still plenty of Richos and
Hoopers in this area but they
are younger," said her'niece:
She married Frank Watson
later in life. The couple had 12
years together before he passed
To be nearly 100 and still liv-

ing in the home she has lived in
since 1975 is a blessing, said
"Some people don't know it
but it is a'blessing. You got it
keep your mind going. Don't
just stop down and die. Dp what
you can while you can." *

a would like to extend a IGTHANK YOU
to the Fer'aidina Peach CowmunitYt

for voting us PEST OF THI PlE8!!T

4 Elizabeth's Trading Company
Harris Teeter Shopping Center

Labor Day SALE
50% to 75% off all 2013 Swimisuits and Cover-ups
30%/ off Resort-wear
20% off New Arrivals

*. , .[ *

William L. Ross, Ph.D. (dba Amelia Psychological
Services 1405 Park Ave Suite 202 FB FL 32034)
has officially closed his practice as Qf 8/23/13.
While Dr. Ross is no longer providing clinical
services, he remains in possession of past
,records and can address professional requests
for some form of documentation if appropriate.

Written requests can be sent to: William L. Ross,
Ph.D. at 784 Patterson Drive, Metter, GA 30439.
All other practitioners working under Amelia
Psychological Services remain in the service area
and can be reached at their new addresses.


FRIDAY, AUGUST 30, 2013 News-Leader

Porcupine Ridge

tojoin WineFest

The Amelia Island Wine
Festival is pleased to
announce that Porcupine
Ridge Winery will be at the
festival on Oct. 12 at the
Shops ,of Omni Amelia Island
Located in the furthest
cornerof the beautiful
Franschhoek Valley in South
Africa, the farm was estab-
lished in 1776. In 1993 it was-
jurchased and restored,
including a new vineyard
planting program that now
includes Syrah, Cabernet
3auvignon, Cabernet Franc,
Grenache, Semillon and
Viognier. Porcupine Ridge
Winery offers a range of deli-
cious, everyday wines offer-
ing great value and superb
. Drinking.
The winery is proudly
named after the Crested

I" arabas

A private, non-profit agency that assists
Nassau County families who need food,
shelter and basic necessities.
Fdr information, call: .904.261.7000

Porcupine, a most unique and
fascinating inhabitant of the
farm. It was here that the
winemakers couldn't help but
notice that they regularly
received visitors to their
farm in the dead of night.
Known for being somewhat
left of conventional, the wine-
makers decided to honor
these creatures and not only
did they name a heavenly
wine brand after them, but
they decided to found The
Porcupine Quest too, which
aims to understand more
about this animal and its role
in promoting biodiversity in
the Cape,
At the festival will be pure
Sauvignon Blanc,.a well
weighted mid-palate wine
with balanced natural acidity
That is perfect to enjoy while
still young, Viognier
Granache Blanc, which is full
bodied and elegantly oaked, :
and the Porcupine Ridge .
Merlot, a well-balanced wine
with integrated fruit and oak.
Also available will be the
medium body Cabernet
Sauvignon and the rich and
powerful dark fruit flavors .
with loads of pepper and vio-

lets in their Syrah and Syrah
Tickets are now on sale for
the "Taste the Southern
.Hemisphere," showcasing
award-winning wines from
Argentina, Chile, Australia,
New Zealand and South Africa
on Oct. 12 among the moss-
draped oaks and reflective
lagoon at the Shops of Omrii
Amelia Island Plantation.

SStroll along the Wine
Walk, sample wines from over
20 wineries and talk with
industry representatives, all
without passport or jetlag.
Purchase a bottle or a case at
the Wine Tent to prolong the'
pleasure-long after you return'
Wine Ticket holders also
will enjoy food tasting from
local restaurants in the ,

Porcupine Ridge Winery of South Africa is nmned
after the Crested Porcupine, above, a unique
inhabitant of the farm. The ow-ners also founded
The Porcupine Quest, which aims understand
more about this animal and its role in promoting
biodiversity in the Cape.,

Restaurant Court.
The Wine Walk is opento
everyone to shop for artisan-
crafted treasures, from table
art to pottery, handmade
glass votives and vases, hand-
turned rare wood vases and
pepper mills, unique bottle
stoppers and wine acces-
sories, hand-painted : .
stemware and sterling silver'
and copper jewelry niri oring

the organic flow of-fabric.
Wander down the Wine Wall
Sto tilie award-winning Amelia
Farmers Market. which will
be open normal hours Oct. 12
from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Visit
m. ;
For festival details and
ticker information visit
wwxw' aneliawine coni or call

-Tackle invaders"

at park Sep t, 28


,.: .H rtrc
.. ... , J-sr-2-:L ',, -

-:- "-..753dAe1-R. o
.oo+-2,A",,a osto


Se Q

2965 14th Street
4BR. 3B.3. 2595 sq. I. MNasiter on firfl floor. 5 acre lol.
Cenlral Iocarion
4339.000 MLS# 58441

Paul Barnes, GRI

608 S. 81h Street
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Florida Park Service is work-
' ing hard to remove invasive
exotic plants. These outsiders
overtake natural areas within
local parks and displace native
and endangered vegetation,
which leads to a loss of natural
habitat utilized by wildlife
including the gopher tortoise,
bobcat and white-tailed deer.
In honor of National'Public
Lands Day on Sept 28.'come
to10 the Ribault ClubhoUsUar'Forc
(,eoig Island CIhuli'al Siati-
Park, 11241 Fort George.Road,
Jacksonville, for- a "Go Native"
day and learn about the impact
these plantsare having, what is
beingdone to combat them and
what you can do at home to

Beach cleanup
Beachkeepers Fernandina
Beach, in partnership with
Nassau County Sierra.Club
and the city of Fernandina
Beach, will hold a beach'
cleanup at Main Beach on ri
Sept. 3, open to the public. :
Bags and gloves.provided.
Meet at the Dolphin Avenue
parking lot at Main Beach at 9
a.m. Contact Beachkeepers.
fernandinabeach@rocket- -
Sea-level rise
As part of theCity"
Resiliency Series, Fernandina
Beach is hosting a presenta-
tion, "Sea-Level Rise and
Fernandina-Beach," by

h e l p .;. -. _, : : : :
Join ArneriCorps members. "
and park staff at 10a.m. for an. .
informative talk,' followed by a:
nature walk at 10:45 a.m. high-i*
lighting some amazing native.,
species and an opportunity to
help remove some invaders.
Afterwards, stick around' for
: kidfriendly, invasive plant
games starting at 1145 and
bring your own picnic lunch,
"The event is free and open to
all'ages Wear comfortable, stur-
dy ,lict:. and bring -unicieegl, ,
bug spray, a water bottle and a
snack or lunch. Cameras, binoc-
ulars and field guides are rec-
,,ommended'also. Visit www flori-
cdastate parks org/,fortgeorge
island or call (904) 251-2320.

Thomas Ruppert of Florida
,Sea Grant Coastal Planning,i
onSept.5at.7p.m. at the
Peck Center, 516 South 10th
St. .This lecture is free and
.open to the public.. Call 277- V
aburke_@fbflorg. :
Fort Clinch State Park will
host a Union Garrison on .
Sept. 7 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and
Sept. 8 from 9 a-m.-noon.
Interact with living historians
to experience life in the fort '
as it was in 1864. Fees include
the $6 per vehicle park
entrance fee plus $2 per per-
son fort admission. Contact
the park at 277-7274 or visit


608 S. 8th Street
Fernandina Beach. Fl 32034
(904) 261-2770

Phil Griffin
(904) 556-9140


. j Re-sdentral
SlJe Direct
Cell 904-753-0256
464.barues l''gmail.cum


N-1, Von, FRIDAY, AUGUST 30.2013



~~ .: hostn

jV. ,7T Hornets

Both teams will be coming
'" off a preseason victory to-
night when the Feirnandina
Beach High School football
team hosts Yulee's Hoi nets
Kickoff is at7p.m'tatPeate
A4. -Field.
Yulee's varsity squad
", PHOTO SY rny JONaS/Nws-LEDR .blanked Eagle's View 30-0 in-
--Y The Fernandina Beach Middle School football team the first half at 7:
kicked off the 2013"season-Tuesday at home. The home last "This week.
FBMS Pirates fell 26-0 to Charlton County, Ga. "It Friday night., we have
wasn't the-way we had wanted to start this season, but The final Was Vulee
we will learn from this game,'and be.better because of 38-6." Derncri.
it,"-FBMS Coach Cam Harrison. aid. Lantz Morris, .'" thought Henry or
left, and Carlos Parker, above, carry-the ball fqrthe. we played wel not. they re
Pirates. Logan HIardy was FBMS's leading rusher with overall," Yulec a good a.
25 yards. The.Pirates host St. Marys, Ga., Tuesday. Coach Bobby football
Kickoff is at 5 p.m. Ramsay said. te1rn Mat
"Kicking gam, plays with
was.dead so, confidence
that's a major They dontI
concern head look to me
ing into week like they.
'-'" one.
'"We have have
yVery new missed a
group this ubeat wHth
year, a lot of .out Henry,
new starters, so we'lI
T, -so we aren't a; have oui
~ ~far along as w,- hands lull"
have been TiIS
0,before. The Hde
"T.. ..i .e "p la y e rs a re H o d g ,,
M- "-.,;i 5- -] w working hard FB H S
I'....W .. -. .to improve so obil
sign." coach
heading~into a Jralh dui Lilt
. opener on theroad ag:,n,.
+ ... '* ... 5 4 '+': Fernandina Beach. Fhi,-% are.;
,;. < ,. ,; :.++'..:..'.. well Coached and Muth' .
improved, very good on
defensezand they have some
real good backs. ,It will be a
great challenge for this new
-group.Going-to be difficult
.." .. . peiigon theroad in a rival
Damonte-Bai-field scored a
7' 77.. 7.1- .7 trio of touchdowns for Yulce
-.". .in the Kickoff Classic..Chad
74.. Kern scored one.
"N" Spencer Acosta was cl edit,
:.ed with a safety. Brycen
.''Gagnon intercepted a pass.
Nick Parkeit had a pair of
"tackles for a loss. Thomas
Stolte sacked the'Eagles
y View quart terback.
I. The Fernandina Beach
Pirates are also coming off a
".".win in their preseason
Kickoff Classic. The host
J Pirates topped RobertE.
Lee's Generals 16-13.
Lee led halftime.
". ."evnIEIIdeijf Iedrecovered
t '...:. ::: !' :" "i'" Pa Lee fumble' 6n the 18-yard ;
... = ':' "line that set up Tony.
41';' ..A 'Frankland on a four-yard 'v
:...touchdown run for the :
-i.' ", .Pirates' first scorch ...
," "" ... ,p.the second half.Dylan .2
Jausel recovered afumble ~.
: w :: i fl ,,, "- that led to a field goal by
k + ":;" 1] --" '' "" :" Andre Giavanni. Lee led 1.3--' '
II +--." + +++ ..".' ."Later in the third cuairter.....t,,.
.... ;i : /Hector Vanlennep scored on -
:! ?' ''"'"'"'""' ''''''' a 45-yard run for the final. "1'I/
.. ,, ,i .o ,:.,_. .+ ofthegame... ,.
,*,1. "' .;:"z '-., ) : "''I n the second half both r:
'!" I, -. ,. ,.. ,+. .... teams played back-ups and J
o .'. ., :". :.,'j + '."'?:, players, so Iwas extremely ".A
": : .. proud of the. ay we played i
... +..-c, the second half," FB[-tS -
'+" m .... Coach Travis Heodge said. :
, ... .- -. , ,."Our run defense was .+.
. ... -+-- ... .. . pretty solid. We have to stop :
_________________ giving up the deep ball .'
........though. Both Lee TI~s came"
I -~ *off of deep passes. "=
"I_..... ....... ... "Offensively w d idn't pla

Mr., very well in the first half, but,
*." ,.we did pick it up in the sec- :-
Orr'-ond. I'm proud -of the win, bui
*.we have to play better than
we did if we want to continue:,,,
to have success.
S."This week we have Yuke&
Derrick Henry or not, they're;
a good football team that
plays with confidence. They
don't look to me like they
have missed a beat without 'F
Henry, so we'll have our
hands full."
Game time is 7 p.m.
6L" tonight.
Next week the Pirates are':
home again, hosting Nease at,
7 p.m. Yulee travels to Pot-
b- ter's House. Schedules .
appear on 13A.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 30,2013 SPORTS News-Leader

Second annual Runway Rally 5K Sept. 14 at ai

For the News-Leader

After their 20-year-old son
lost his life last year, Ken and'
Laurie Byrns vowed that
something good must come
from the tragedy. Since then,
they have raised thousands of
dollars for two local nonprof-
its and set up an all-volunteer
charitable foundation.
Now the Ben Byrns 5K
Runway Rally is returning for
its second year, again benefit-
ing the Boys and Girls Clubs
of Nassau County and the
Nassau Humane Society. The
event starts at 8 a.m. Sept. 14
at the Fernandina Beach air-
port on Airport Road just off
the Amelia Island Parkway.
"We were overwhelmed
with the tremendous turnout
for last year's race. We are
planning for an even larger
crowd this year, and we are
working on including any
teen or child from the Boys
and Girls Clubs of Nassau
County whd would like to par-
ticipate in therally," said
The runway rally is a non-
competitive event, and both
runners and walkers are wel-
come. The venue was chosen
because of Ben's love of flying
-his father is a veteran pilot
for American Airlines. The
Nassau Humane Society-is a
beneficiary; because Ben vol-
unteered there and was a life-
long friend to animals.
S And the Boys and Girls
SClubs of-Nassau County bene-
fit because of their mission to
Guide young people toward
self-conifidence, self-esteem
Sand making better decisions..
Ben's parents know the pain
Sof losing their son to an acci-
, dental drug overdose, and are
-determined to help other
Young people avoid that fate.
"It's our goal to help edu-
cate and guide young adults
Sto make good decisions in'


4:28 am -
5:24 am
'.. 6:17 am
7:08 am,-
7:55 am
8:39 am
9:22 am

their lives," Laurie says.
Although the cause is seri-
ous, the Runway Rally is a joy-
ous event More than 350 peo-
ble took part in last year's .
rally, including -many of Ben's
friends and former Fernan-
dina Beach High School
classmates. Pilot friends of
Ken conducted fly-overs, air-
planes were'stationed along
the start/finish area, and run-
ners were enthusiastic about
the unique course. The eveift
raised more than $8,000 each
for the Boys and Girls Clubs
"We've added a 1 mile
kids' fun run/walk to the
event this year," Ken says.
Also new this year; partici-
pants can add $20 to their 5K
registration and sponsor an
entry for a child or teen from
the Boys and Girls Clubs.
Theresa Duncan, the clubs'
new teen director, has begun
a running program to train for
this event.
The.entire course is on air-
port runways and taxiways,
while one full runway re-
mains open to air-traffic.
While the fun run and walk
will not be timed, a, race clock
will be at the fipish-line and
the first,male and female fin-
ishers will receive ,a certifi- '
cate for a sightseeing flight
around Amelia Island. Partici-.
pants will also receive dry-fit
T-shirts and the first 500 fin-
ishers will receive metal
pilot's wings.
In conjunction with the
'Runway Rally, youngpeople
age 8-17 can sign up totake a
free flight over Amelia Island.
The Experimental Aircraft,
Association's Chapter 943 will
be taking applications for the
flights under its "Young
Eagles" program, offered by
SEAA volunteer pilots.
Registration for the 5K and
one-mile kids run is $20
through Sept. 1 and $25'
thereafter. Registration forms


First f"

Low High
10:33,amn, 5:06pm
11:24 am 5:58pm'
12:07 am 6:48pm:
12:53 am 7:34 pm
1: 37 am 8:18pm i
2:18"am 8:59pm
2:57 am 9:40 pm


11:19 pm,
1:03 'pm
1:49 pm
2:33 pm,
.3:16 pm

are available at Current
Running, 815 S. Eighth St.,'
and Red Otter Outfitters,. 1012'
Atlantic Ave. Register online
at www.' by enter-

7: 01 a.m.
7:QW a.m.
7:02 a,m.
7:03 a.m,
7:04 a.m.
7:04 a.m.
7:05 a.m.


ing "Ben Byrnhs Runway,
Rally" in t he,-event search
area. -
The runwalk slartsand
- finishes at the airport galef.

.. I r..


Isolated T-stonrms,

i'Loca UV Ine x

F0 I 31A 1 |45 16 17 181% 1+
0-2: Low, 3-5: Moderate,
,. 6-7: High, 8-10: YVery High,.
li+: Extreme Exposure

^ WIeaher Trivia

Are, all weather
stations iitli c .naleit d


I *sstnSpolojioalidu Xq |
Spaumutu niJa stjaqio pun paietLuoln|
|aje atos H 'ON r:yt:UV

Au g.3, 1982 A tropical
depression brought toirential
rains to portions of southern
Texas. Up to 12 inches fell south
of .Hoiston and as much as ''18
inches fell southeast of Austin.
The tropical depression spawned
14 tornadoes in.three days.


-' v^ '

Saturday .
Scat'd T-stormns

Scat'd Tl-storms

Scat'd T-storms
- 90/77


90Q76 -

Mostly Sunny
<2 75S

s. ? *

Partly ClohidN
; 90..74

PekFsangHni Imo.hsW e


. Sun
i .Mon

7 .

Peak Times
6:19-8:19 6:49-8,49
S7:06-9:061 7:36-9:36
7i53-9:53 8:23-10:23
- 8:39-10:39 9:09-.11;09

.Sunset MoOnrise

7:50 pm.
7:49 p m.
7:48. p.m.,
"46 p.m.
7:44 p.m.'
7:43 p:m.

1:51 a.m.
2:41 a.m..'
3:33 a.m.
5:20 a.m.
6:1. a.m.'
7:11 a.m.;

SPeak lies
Day AM -PM
Tue 9:24-11:24 9:54-11:54
Wed 10:09-12:09 10:39-12:39
Thu 10:54-12:54' 1.1:24-1:24

3:54 p..
4; 37 p.m-,
" l.p.m.
5:56 p.m.
' 6:32 p.m.
7:41 p.m.'

Las Week's AlaaalrwigDge a ys


High Low
88. 75
88, 79
82 73
86 73
86 73
86 73
86' 77,

S. 88/75;
88/75 -
88/75'- ,

Sy Full
.'..r 9/19

r Last

Precip Farmer's Growing Degree Days -
0'00" DPate Degee Dayv Iute 1Dcr. 1ba
0.00" 8/20 32, S 2-4 30
0.00" 8/21 34 8/25 30
.0.00" 8/22 28 8/26 '- .32 "
0.00" 8/23 30 : '
'0.00 ,1e. m irl,,..:- *, i i- ' mu L]7 l~ jr,"I-~ l~l . : ,r, iJ. x% I, l" j,r. v I_-I c,. _''i

St. Mary's Entrance

3:52 am
4:48. am
5:41 am
6:32 am
7:19 am
8:03 am
8:46 am

S10:30 am
11:21 am
12:04 am
12:50 am
.1:34 am
2:15 am
2:54 am

4:30 pm
5:22 pm
6:12 pm
6:58 pm
7:42 p'm
8:23 pm:

1f1:16 pm
. None
S12:11 pm
1:46 pm
2:30 pm
3:13 pm

Str a yG ryBce o a rk reyo r alods
*" Clouds can tellUyou a lot about your observing location, whether it's pristine, salvageable, or downrighturban. One of ny favorite
-,'" stories regarding clouds occurred on-the morning.of JTuly 11, 1991. It was barely dawin. and I was off the coast of Hawaii's Big
T ~Island on the Independence, a cruise ship positioned on the centerline of a solar eclipse that was to take place some thiee hours
i4 "* ~later. I was out scouting a location on deck where the group I was hosting would be able to view the event as.a.unit and not be
'* scattered all around the vessel When I emerged on deck, the sky appeared nearly clear with a few slightlybrighter insignificant
patches where clouds were located. I was ecstatic because the forecast that I had seen the previous evening was grim with mostly cloudy conditions
predicted for the Big Island. I was judging the sky like a "city slicker"--city lights cause clouds to appear brighter! 'That lasted about live minutes,
until my eyes adjusted to the dimness, and features became more plainly visible. To my dismay, those few brighter patches that I had conjectured were
flimsy cirrus, were actually little patches of clear sky against an almost overcast firmament We saw the eclipse because the ship had a certain amount
of maneuverability, and we were able to steer away from our nemesis; but over 50.(X)00 eclipse chases, stuck on the Big Island with no place to go.
saw nothing except the clouds get even darker when the moon covered the sun completely around 7:30 am. The sky has a natural florescence, bright
enough to allow clouds to appear darker against it from rural settings. In urban and suburban locales, this effect is unobservable because light pollution
is reflected back from the clouds, causing them to appear brighter than the backdrop of the glowing sky. It is an easy enough observation to make to
allow anyone to measure qualitatively the darkness of the mnighttime sky

Want to learn more about
protecting yourself and home?
We offer personalized Training Classes!

ENMENT. Go online or stop by our facility
2D TforR more information.

85076 Commercial Park Drive
Yulee, FL 32097

near the Airport Administra-
tion.Office east li the main
Terminal on Airport 'Road.
,'. Spo:n-.rshipsfrom busi- ",,.
nesses or individuals are
being offered as well. Join the
Jacksonville Jaguars and Rick
and Hollir Keffer at the chief
pilot k v,: I fr S 1,X)000 Captain
level is '-500. co-pilot le-el is
$250 and flight engineer level
is $100. .- .
Ken and Laurie hav,- also
li',rmnird the Bc n Bvyrns Foun-

. dation, inc., an all-volunteer
nonprofit group recognized.
1 .by the IRS a- a 50(c) (3) ,
charitable ,iganlzation. F,,'jr ,
information on sponsorships,.
the run/walk or the tounda-
ti,:n, pleas,- call 261-8y985 or
s nd an ,rniail lo BenByrns ;
"Ben w.:,uld be in awe of
the support his friends and
community have given us in-
holding this event," his father
said. '. : "


FBHS grdiron classic
The Fernandina Beach
High School College. Gridiron
Golf Classic will be held Sept.
27 at the Onini Amelia Island
Plantation's Oak Marsh "-
Scourse. -'
All proceeds benefit the
: Fernandina Beach High
School Foundation.
Register a college team.
SPregame registration is at 11
a.m. with a 12 p.m. kickoff. j
The tailgate party is from
5:30-9:30 p.m. It is open. to
everyone. Cost is $40'per per-
S Golf fee is $150 per person
Sand includes boxed lunch and
tailgate party. Format for the
.tournament is a captain's
choice. "
Wear favorite team gear.

Prizes and ralfle item-s will be .
up for gra6s.' ''.'
. L For information, contact
Katie Combs at.557-6083- or
. katiec-,mb', 'aliuo, corn or.
Jd, _I ka, ..!, ,
Jay M.kat .7..3,-200 \

Ladsopening day
The Fernandina Beach
Women's Golf Association's
opening day'for the 2013-14
season is Sept. 3. Thegroiup
encourages all members to
join in the fun; new members
are welcome. '
Play begins-with a '9 a.m.
shotgun start. The sign-up
sheet is in the ladies"locket
room" sign up by .poon Sept.
2. There will be a general
meeting following golf.
Call the pro shop5 at 277-
7370 or 310-3175. ; .
/ ,'''

^^'- -- --Ssi~~, J- ^~i'l o -t'
... -..- ,t ..- ./ ,
'..,:.' :'18-Holes" ]
'. ,' .. ,wth cart rental '
Score a Mon. 2

Great Day F $

on the Green\S25 'nL

C %yu 4 (912)573-8475
From Charlie Smith Hwy., take right into Jackson Gate
(Open to Public) and follow signs to golf course.
101 USS Poteu Bv -KnsaG

Iu/ o Ch'a rThsWe

Fernandina Beach

"S.~n-vice is our~Sp~tid~y"

904-261-3641 "
117 South 3rd Street
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

* Indoor Rifle and Pistol
Range Gun Shop


,., ;. ,



. I I

FRIPAY, AUGUST 30.2013 SPORTS News-Leader


: Registration has begun for the McArthur
=-Family YMCA's fall youth sports. Cost is $65
:for members and $120 for non-members.
:-Seasons begin the week of Sept. 2 and extend
=through October.
F Participants receive a jersey and commem-
=-orative trophy. Soccer for ages 5-12 runs at
--both the Fernandina Beach and Yulee sites.
-:-Tuesdays will be practice days with games on
=-Friday evenings. Volleyball is for ages 8-15
: years; Monday practices, games Thursdays.
-Call Nicole Brown at 261-1080.

rest stops, a p
port, motorcyc
be provided.
MS and CF S
Avenue Recre
There are five
Early pick
band ID, map
tration are fror
Atlantic Avenu.
Doors opei
packet pickup
T-shirt, and da

g ay -AI :0u a.n
i^ B skeball touts 7:40 a.m. 80-r
SThe Basketball Club of Florida AAU organi- the 58-mile ro
Station based in Femandina is holding tryouts and 34-milerc
Sfor several age groups of players who live with- released in co
".in Nassau County. BCF will hold tryouts on the prevent conge
',"following dates, so contact the coach of the Lunch is s<
Steam to RSVP. Also, visit the BCF website at services end Register or
': 11U goys (fourth and fifth grade) Sept. 7 members pay
f rom 9 -11 a.m. at First Baptist Church, Coach person fee is,
Schweizer registrants ma
":: 11 U girls (fourth and fifth grace) Oct. 19 quarters as a,
from 9-11 a.m. at First Baptist Church in HeadphonE
-Fernandina Beach, Coach Millar, mil- FS 316.304. E with at least oi
ment of FS 31
aYVn ,than two abre4
Watermelon ride event will take
Enjoy a bike ride on Amelia Island through Contact Mi
Fort Clinch State Park and points along coastal Eipert at.261 -
..-roads Sept. 8 during the Endless Summer
Watermelon Ride. Check out the League of Nw ebac
-American Bicyclists 2013 Bronze Level award The Amelia
winner, Fernandina Beach. Pre-ride snacks, website, www


'.. SCHOOL' 'Girls Golf
Varsity Football Sept. 5 BISHOP SNYDER 4:00
S--Aug 30 YULEE 7:00 Sept 9 HILLIARD 4:00
':SSept. 6 NEASE 7:00 Sept. 12 FERNANDINA 4:00
,Sept 13 atHilliard .7:30 Sepf 23 at Bishop Snyder 4:00
bS.ept 20 at Episcopal 7:00 Sept. 26' FERNANDINA 4:00
;:' Sept 27 at Menendez 7:00 Sept 30 HILLIARD 4:00
:OCt.4 FORTWHITE* 7:00 Oct. 7 WEST NASSAU 4:00
1Oct. 11 at West Nassau 7:30 Od.'14 or 15 District
"_Oct 18 TAYLOR CO." (HC) 7:00 .
ic.' 1 at Madison County* 7:30- FEhNANDINA BEACH HIGH
,-Nov.8 at Christ Church 7:00 SCHOOL
"". District Boys Golf

Varsity Football
Aug. 30 at Femrnandina Beach 7:30
Sept.'6 at Potter's House 7:00
Sept. 20 FORREST" 7:00
Sept. 27 at Wolfson* 7:00
-Oct. 4 atPaxon" 7:00
'Oct. 11 RIBAULT" 7:30
Oct. 18 BAKER COUNTY* 7:00
Oct. 24 at Bishop Kenny*: 7:00
Nov. 1 STANTON (HC) 7:00
Nov. 8 WEST NASSAU 7:30
,Aug. 30 EPISCOPAL 6:30
,Sept 3 HILLIARD 6:30
"'sept. 5 RIBAULT* 6:30
Sept. 10 at Raines* 6:30
Sept. 12 at Middleburg 6:30
.9egJ~.J, .STANTO'A... ..-,.6,3;-
Sept. 26 at Camden County 6:00
-Oct. 3 FERNANDINA* 6:30
Oct. 8 at Andrew Jackson* 6:30
"Oct. 9 CAMDEN COUNTY 6:30
Oct. 10 WEST NASSAU 6:30
Oct. 12 Dig Pink at Fletcher TBA
Oct. 15 at Trinity Christian 6:30
Oct. 17 atHilliard 6:30
Oct. 21-22, 24 District at FBHS
District Junior varsity matches at 5:30
Junior Varsity Football
Sept 5 EPISCOPAL 6:00
Sept. 12 HILLIARD 6:00
Sept 19 YULEE 6:00
Oct. 3 atBolles 7:00'
.O-t. 10 WEST NASSAU 6:00
Oct. 23 at Yulee 6:00
-,Sept. 3 at Middleburg 5:30/6:30
Sept. 5 WEST NASSAU" 5:30/6:30
Sept. 9 at Bartram Trail 5:30/6:30
-Sept. 1 ORANGE PARK 5:30/6:30
Sept. 13-14 at OVA tourney
Sept. 17 PONTE VEDRA 5:30/6:30
Sept. 19 at Episcopal 5:30/6:30
Sept. 24 RAINES" 5:23/6:30
Sept 26 at Bolles 5:30/6:30
Oct. 1 MANDARIN 5:30/6:30
Oct. 3 at Yulee* 5:30/6:30
_Oct. 8 FLETCHER 5:30/6:30
SOct 9 JACKSON" 5:30/6:30
Oct. 11-12 at Bolles Invitational
Oct. 16 at Fleming Island 5:30/6:30
Oct. 18-19 JV tourney at BK
Oct. 21-24 DISTRICT 4-4A
Sept. 3 BAKER 5:00
Sept. 10 atBaldwin 4:15
Sept.' 19 FLORIDA D&B 5:00
Sept 24 at St Johns Co. Day 4:30
Sept 27-28 Florida SPA
Oct. 10 at Florida D&B 4:30
Oct. 15 STANTON 5:00

Girls Golf
.10 WEST NASSAU 4:30
.12 atYulee 4:30
L 14 Fundraiser at Amelia River
t. 16 HILLIARD 4:00
. 24, at Bishop Kenny 4:00
2- at West Nassau 4:30.
iF at Yulee. 4:30
. 30 PROVIDENCE 4:00
7 at Providence 4:00
14 District
22 Regional


t-3 atBolles 4:00
.10. WEST NASSAU 4:00
S12 atYulee 4:00-'.
.14 Fundraiser at Amelia River
16 HILLIARD '4:00
S17 at Bishop Kenny 4:00 .
S18 EPISCOPAL 4:00 .
. 19' PROVIDENCE. 4:00
25 at West Nassau. 4:00
.26 atYulee 4:00
1 at Episcopal/UC 4:00
3 TRINITY 4:00
8 at Providence 4:00
10 BISHOP KENNY 4:00'-

Oct. 14 or 15 District
Oct. 22 Region'
SOct. 28-30 State .
Boys Golf I
Sept. 9 HILLIARD 4:00
-ept.pfEE6aNAN BlA-t A-00
,,apt16 EAGLE'S VIEW 4:00
Sept. 26 'FERNANDINA 4:00
Sept. 30, HILLIARD 4:00
Oct. 7. WEST NASSAU 4:00
Oct. 14or.15 District '
Bowling, .
Sept 11 .WESTNASSAU ,4:30
Sept 16 HILLIARD 4 30
Sept 25 FERNANDINA 4 30


. Swimming
t3' BAKER COUNTY 4:00-1'
7 at St Augustine/Fletch. '9am
,10 at St. Johns Country 4:00
14 at Bulldog Invitational, Bolles '
.19 FLORIDAD&B 4:00
8 atNE Florida Inv., Bolles
10 at Florida D&B 4;00
24 District 2-2A
1 Region 1-2A
9 State 2A at Stuart

Cross Country
Sept. 7 at Katie Caples, BK
Sept. 21 at.Alligator Lake Invite, LC
Sept. 28 at Ponte aVedra Invite.
Oct. 1 County at Hilliard 4:30
Oct. 12 FSU Inivite, Tallahassee, .
Oct. 24 District 3-2A
Nov. 2 Region 1-2A at Lake City
Nov. 9 State 2A at Tallahassee
Sept. 3 ST. MARYS 5:00
Sept 10 CALLAHAN 6:00
Sept. 17 EPISCOPAL 6:00
Sept 24 at Duval Charter 6:00
Oct. 8 CAMDEN 5:00
Oct. 15 atYulee 6:00
Sept. 3 ST MARYS 5:00
Sept 10 at Baker County 6:00
Sept. 24 at Camden 5:00
Oct. 8 at Bolles 6:00
Oct. 22 CALLAHAN 6:00
Aug. 30 at Hilliard 5/6:30.
Sept. 5 HILLIARD 5:30/7
Sept. 6 FERNANDINA -2:15/3:30
Sept 9 at Bolles 5/6:30
Sept. 13 atFemrnandina* 5:30/6:30
Sept 16 BAKER 5:30/7
Sept 19 atCallahan 5/6:30
Sept 20 BOLLES 5:30/7
Sept 23 at Baker 5/6:30
Sept 26 B team champ at CMS
Sept 27 County at Hilliard
* at FBHS


S The Nassau County 3.0-
S3.5 Women's League will be-
gin play in September. Team
entries are now being accept-
j ed. Each team consists of 6-10
players to field three doubles
Lines in weekly league match-
; es. Play will be on Tiursdays
at 1 p.m. Email michelema-
i' for information
or to enter your team.
World Team Tennis for-
mat league will begin in Sep-
tember. WTT matches are
held Friday evenings begin-
ning Sept. 20. Team entries
.must be. received by Sept. 6.
:Email michelemaha@
City of Fernandina
L_,Beach youth programs are
-,under way at the Central Park

courts. Schedules are avail-
able at the city of Fernandina
Beach Parks and Recreation
office or by mailing
*. For information on clin-
ics, lessons or equipment
repairs, email michelema-
Tennis classes are avail-
-able at the Yulee Sports
Complex. Nassau County'
Home Educators classes are
Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 1
p.m. Private lessons and cus-
tom clinics are also available.
More information can be
found on the Yulee.Tennis
Foundation website at www.
or by emailing.michelema-

iost-ride lunch, mechanical sup-
cle escorts and roving SAGs will
This is a great training ride for
tart and finish are at the Atlantic
nation Center, 2600 Atlantic Ave.
Routes 20, 34,58, 80 and 100

up of ride packet, including wrist-
and T-shirt, and in-person regis-
mn 1:30-4 p.m. Sept. 7 at the
ie Recreation Center.
n at 6:30 a.m. Sept. 8 for ride
, including wristband ID, map and
ay-of-ride registration.
n. the 100-mile route departs; at
nile route departs; at 7:50 a.m.
ute departs; and at 8 a.m. the 20-
'utes depart. Riders may be
strolled groups at the start to
estion at the Fort Clinch gate
served from 11 a.m. to 4p.m. All
at 4 p.m.
line at NFBC
$30; non-members pay $45. In-
$55 for all. Late and in-person
ay purchase T-shirts at ride head-
special order.
es are prohibited by Florida law
Each bicycle must be equipped '
ne brake that meets the require-
6.2065(14). Do not ride more.
4st, per FS 316.2065(6). The .
9 place, rain or shine.
ke Pikula at 556-1098 or Don
5160 or email ESWRridedir.
a Island Runners club has.a new
. Another

entity has taken over the old address, and AIR
is urging people not to visit that address since *
the club cannot vouch for its accuracy or safe-
ty. If you have Amelia Island Runners stored in
your web browser, reset the address to

Professional wrestling returns to the Atlantic
Avenue Recreation Center in Femandina
Beach Aug. 31 with a bell time of 7 p.m.
"The Future" Johnathan Wells defends hi.s
CCW championship title against "Flash and
Cash" Hayden Price. Also scheduled are CCW
tag team champions The Marcs Brothers tak-
ing on the Army of Darkness and a six-man tag
match featuring Team "Rock and Roll" against
Team "Outlaw." Kevin Toole will be defending
his Southern States championship against
Maddogg Miller. Zero Gravity makes his debut.
Tickets are $8 at the door. Portions of the
proceeds to benefit Shiney Badges. Visit

Fall ball sign-ups
The open registration period for Fernandina,'
Beach Babe Ruth fall baseball runs through
Sept. 15. The fall ball'season runs until the
week before Thanksgiving'with a cost of $65
per player. Sign up at Fall base-
ball is a less-intense season focused more on
instruction and less on 'competition. Teams will
play in Fernandina and Jacksonville.

Boules" ub
SAmelia Island Boules Club holds petanque
pickup games Saturdays at 9:30 a.m., Wed'

AC, Power Windows & Locks, SYNC Voice Activated System, Cruise,
Tilt. Aluminum Wheek Automatic Hendlanmi. Kevless FInr & More!

nesdays at 4:30 p.m. and Thursdays at 3:30
p.m. at the Central Park courts at the corner of
Atlantic Avenue and South 11th Street. Pe-
tanque (pay-tonk) is a cousin of both horse-
shoes and bocce, the Italian bowling game.
The public is welcome to join.. Call 491-1190 for

Amelia Island Youth Soccer will hold open-
ing day festivities starting at 9 a.m. Sept. 7 at
the fields on Bailey Road. There will be music
during the day. Games start at 9 a.m.

Organized bite rides
There are organized bicycle rides
Thursday starting at 9 a.m. and Saturdays
starting at 8:30 a.m. All rides start from Main
Beach. Park near the miniature golf course.
Cyclists of all abilitiesare welcome. Riders
of A(18-21), B (14-17), C (upto 14mph)andS
(social ride, speed of the slowest rider in the
group) all participate. The ride will be around
30 miles with rest stops along the way and -
Sloops back to the starting point at around 10
miles before continuing on the remaining 20
miles of the route. Anyone who joins the group
will not be left behind. Lunch is optional.; There
is also a regular ride Mondays for experienced
road cyclists, starting at 9 a.m. at various loca-
tions on Amelia Island and in Nassau County.
The starting points and distances for these
rides will be announced.
Helmets and a bicycle in good working con-
dition are mandatory. Call 261-5160 or visit, www.sports. or




V8,6-Speed Automati, AC, Power Windows & Locks, SYNC Voice
Adtivated Sygtem. Cmise. Aluminum Wheels. KevIess Entrv & Much Morel



We Want YOUR Carl YouNeOlHave To TradleItHlN We Will Ow

ra (i I I[W1 Uii JA[i'nIIj Y I'I IjI H

2005 Ford Focus D3
Must See, Good Starter Carl
2005 Volkswagen Beetle
Convertible, 69K Miles!
2006 HondaAccordli
Coupe, Only 64K Miles!
2009 Ford Focu SES
Sedan, Autol
2007TOVOa ICamvrYL
Sunroof, Nice Carl
'2006 Jeep Commander
Leather, Sunroof, Rear DVD!
2011 Toyota Corola LE
Only 5000 Miles!
2011 Ford Mustang9
Coupe Premium, Auto, 39K Milesl










201 M,,rces-Bnz0E350%pon s3 9 i
Navigation, Panorama Roof, 24K MilesI Ul II



DIT PoerStokiese

Oeil and Filtr Chage

Regularly -39.95 _' -.- 9 ''
-Oil Change -Tire Rotation & Pressure ,
Check -Broke Inspection -Multi-Point I ii
Inspection -Fluid Top-Off -Battery Test I Includes a QualityCare
-Filter Check -Belts & Hoses Check Multi-Point Inspection Report
I AfthlOma]-iMrbdae. Rushliunhasesni UptoBl ucfloMoorcrtaSynIaltcB olendoll
I Mormcrf filter. Taxi, dieselaailcul & disposal feas xtr. Hybrid battery lest iadudad. *ODIoaul fee iay be eixra. Up to 16 Ginits ol Motowf
See sae iadvlsorlorvailcle uanclginoan & ditl. Offaralld tinbugnoh 0/313. PlaS tln. .-. all. DOar valrd N olpos & opod Btrg 0l/0313. Talua extra.

2008 UncolnMKZ
Leather, Loaded, 21 K Milesl
-2007 Ford Edge SEL
Leather, 44KMilesl
2008 Saab 9-3 Aero
Convertible, 27K MilesI
2008 Ford Mustang GT
CERTIFIED, Block/Black, 49K MilesI
2011 FOrd EscanPO Umlted
Loaded, 38K Milesl
2011 NIssan PatSflnder
3rd Seat, 38K Miles!
2012Acura TSX
Special Edition, 16K Milesl

" ept
=s- ZZpi

20 13



i,,. L

,.ir -,,




FRIDAY. AUGUST 30.2013 NEWS News-Leader

Slta EuroTop Mattress

America 5-Piece Counter Reg S1499
Benjamin Leather t AY
S Re 03 Height Dining SeR
Sofa Oa I AnBck nowiI W ll o I
'* Reg S4 W? now21,10B 3 .^J I------------------- Sof 01 ___R"g si.1 now699W

Waycross, GA
401- 406 Mary Street

More For'Your Money

Femanclina Beach, Florida
1112-South 14th Street
Eight Flags Shopping Center

Visit our web site:,

IUSunday Spedal
Cod Water

]A Twin Lob&ster Tals

I "J ONLY$1 9.9-9 Plus a Side

NEW (A $39.' VALUE)

Happy Hour!
Daily 11am-7pm

Come Visit Our

Sunset Bar AI



mUPH SB I IAKI % M' l.'It
The fourth annual Great
Southern Tailgate Cook-off
was held Friday and
Saturday at Main Beach,
sanctioned by the Kansas
City Barbeque Society.
More than 50 professional
and backyard teams com-
peted for over $20,000 in,
cash and prizes at the
event that also included
entertainment, food and
drinks, a kid's zone with
games such as laser maze
Witt human hamster all
races and the VIP Pig Pub
for the adults. Proceeds
from the event benefit the
Gator Bowl Association
and its charitable organiza-
Top left, John and
Penny Bonvouloir of
Fernandina Beach sample
some barbecue at the
cookoff Saturday. "I think
it's awesome, better than it;
has'ever been," says John
Bonvouloir. ,
Top center, Stephen ,
Wheeles, 29, of
Middleburg: "Tqhis ridicu-
lously g66d," he said.
Top right, Pat, 55, and'"
David Arnold, 65, of.,
Jupiter came to the festival
to celebrate David's birth-
day. "The food is great and
beer is cold," he said.The
couple said they voted for
Chow'n Down the Q, last
year's People's Choice
Above left, Jeanie Lucas
mans the fryer for
Hendra's Funnel Cake,
which is based in Hilliard.
Above, Adrionna :
Ferrara, 8, of Orlando gets
in the piggy spirit of the


Sexoffender laws
State Rep. Janet H. Adkins.'
will host a legislative hearing
Wednesday in Jacksonville to
discuss laws related to sxual,
offenders. Adkins will accept
public testimony atthis hear-
ing. She has gathered an
expertpanel from the fields,
of criminal justice system,
community controls, supervi-.
sion of released offenders :
and mental health counseling
to provide further testimony
to current laws and systems
in place today.
"It is my goal to listen and
gather information regarding
the current laws and circum-
stances regarding registered
sex offenders in Florida. I
plan to file legislation in the
2014 session to improve and
strengthen laws of Florida as
it relates to these crimes
against children," Adkins
The hearing will be from
2-4:30 p.m. at Jacksonville
City Hall, Lynwood Roberts
Room, 117 W. Duval St. The
hearing is open to the public,
with limited seating.

aLL4 ,re


A versatile cast of eight portrays 28"charac-
ters in Fernandina Little Theatre's production
of Joe Landry's '"The 39 Steps: A live Radio
Play," based on the classic Hitchcock tale per-
formed as a 1940s-era radio play.
Opening at FLT, 1014 Beech St., on
Saturday for only four performances, this fast-
paced thriller through the signature world of
the Master of Suspense features Karen
Antworth, Jeff Goldberg, Amelia Hart, Jack
Mulligan, Frank O'Donnell, Joe Parker,
Annette Rawls and Steve Rawls. -
Performances are Saturday and Sept. 6 and
7 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 4:30 p.m.
Tickets are $8 and available in advance at The .
UPS Store in the island Publix shopping cen-
ter. FLT is a small, intimate space, and patrons
are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance
to ensure seating availability.
For FLT information or directions, check out ..D

Amelia: a bird migration crossroads

Popular Wild Nites nature series kicks off Sept.10

Wild Amelia 2014 has announced
that the nine-month sui ies of
nature lorunims known as "Wild
Nites" will begin on Tuesday, Sept
10, at 7 p m at the Peck Center Auditorium, 516
South 10th St. in Fernandina Beach Patrick
Leary, a native of Fernandina Beach. will dis-
cus "Amelia Island: a Bird Migration
'Crossroads." The program is free and open to

rdge of birds in regional state parks, aquatic
preserves and national parks while supporting
efforts of the United States Fish and Wildlife
Service, the Florida Wildlife Conservation
Commission, and [he Florida Natural ArJ,-as
They are members of the American
Oystercatcher Working Group, the Red Knot
Working Group and are associated with all

the public, researchers involved in the study and conserva-.'.
SSemi-retired, Leary is a life-long naturalist tion of lThreatened and Endangered Piping,
and conservationist and professional birding plovers .
guide and lecturer. As skilled birders. Patrick Their annual fieldwork takes them from .
,and hiswife Doris have, for manrty years, been coastal South Carolina and Georgia to
collecting and reporting bird population and Northeast Florida and the upper Gulf Coast. PHOTO B', PATRJCK LE.RIY FOR'[THE NEW,-LEADER
'banding data as volunteers and contracted field Leary also provides guide service for annual The Red Knot has one of the longest
technicians. Spring and Fall Road's Scholar Birding tours migrations of any bird; one type breeds in
The couple's reporting has been a significant Siberia and northwestern .Alaska and win-
contribution to science and expanded knowl- U7LD Continued on page 2B ters in Florida;;, nama.and Venezuela.

,im teio --' Ae d r
S' '. : :. "' ': .* - - ; a .'-----------, ' .,, ''*'.' .'., ,','. ,7

WildAmelia announces limited edtiocn
The Wild Amelia Nature "Egret
Festival has announced that'the Drinking" by
limited edition 2014 Nature[, Steve
Photography calendars are now .-eimberg won
available at several locations on, first place in
and offisland.,. the Advanced
These'calendars, containing Adult
gorgeous images from the fifth Photography
annual.Wild Anirelia Nature Photo category of the
ContesL, may be obtained at First fifth annual
Federal Savings Bank of Florida, Wild Amelia
1500 Sadler Road and Chester Photography
Road and AlA in Yulee; the Contest and
AtlanticAvenue Recreation graces the
Center office in Fernandina cover of the
Beach; Kayak Amelia, which is. 2014 Wild
four miles south of the island on Amelia Nature
'AlA; Y.B. Green. on Second Street Photography
in downtown Fernandina Beach; Calendar, now
and the Visitor Center of Fort available at
Clinch State Park. The calendars, venues around
may also be purchased online. at Amelia' Iland.
wuivukildamelia conP PHOTOCOLR ESY



- ,,Former PM


Florida Forum

speaker series.
SThe 2013-14 Florida Forum speaker
series, produced by The Women's Board
.of Wolfson Children's Hospital to benefit
thePediatric Surgery Center of
Distinction and additional vital needs,
.will host an all-star lineup at the Times- -
Union Center for the Performing Arts in
Jacksonville.,- .
The series opens Oct. 16 with Tony
Blair, who served as prime minister of
Great Britain and Northern Ireland from
May 1997 to June 2007,
was the leader of
Britain's Labor Party
*and member of parlia-
ment for Sedgefield,
England Blair has
always been a strong
advocate of a values-
based, activist and mul-
tilateralist foreign poli- Blai-
cy an agenda that
combined tackling ter-
rorism and intervention ',
with action on issues like climate change.
global poverty, Africa and the Middle
East peace process. Blair is also widely
credited for his contribution towards
Assisting the Northern Ireland peace
On Nov. 12, The Women's Board wel-
comes renowned best-selling author
Michael Lewis. A shrewd observer of
politics, finance and the American scene,
Lewis combines keen insight with his
signature wit, making him one of today's
: leading social commentators
He first made a name for himself with
Sthe chart-topping Liar's Poker: Rising
Through the Wreckage of Wall Street. and
since then has penned many best-selling
books, including MAloneyball: The Art u.f
Winning an Un'fair Game and, The Blind
Side: Evolution of a Game. both of which
became eponymous major motion pic-
tures. Lewis is also a regular-contributor
to The New York Times, Ianit' Fair, Slate
and Bloomberg
The Florida-Forum season concluded
'on .lan. IB-vith formeLr'lorida Gov. Jeb
Bush. In his two terms as governor, he
played a central role in reforming educa-
tion and consumer health care in Florida.
During his tenure, Florida led the nation
in job growth and narrowed the student
achievement gap.
Bush is currently chairman of
Foundation for Excellence in Education,
a national foundation focused on educa-
tion reform and co-chairman of the
Barbara Bush Family Literacy
SOne of two major benefits produced
.annually by the all-volunteer Women's
Board, the 2013-2014 Florida Forum will
contribute vital funds for program and
clinical equipment needs in addition to a
five-year, $4-million pledge towards the
Pediatric Surgery Center of Distinction
at Wolfson Children's Hospital.
Lecture tickets are now available in
various subscription packages, which
may be purchased online through the
Florida Forum website at www.theflorida or by calling (904) 202-2886.

F 'OP E.I^
Set 2fo 7am-6* IND.

From 5-8 p.m. today, Omni Amelia Island
Plantation will host a Boardwalk Bash to benefit
the McArthur Family YMCA. at The Shops of
Amelia Island Plantation, 6800 First Coast Hwy
Enjoy games and entertainment, including a:';
bounce house, face painting. SA.E. archer com-
petitions, live music, raffle :
prizes, carnival "ganies, corn
hole.a hula hoop contest
*and a complimentary ou i
door movie. Refreshmen ts
will be available from pop
corn to Sno cones and
All proceeds will benefit the McArthur Family
Ys campaign to raise money for scholarshipsso
children and families may access its many pro--
grams. Tickets are $1 each or $5 for a wristband' :
with unlimited bounce house. For advance tickets
visit the Y on Citrona Drive or call Nicole Brown
at 261-1080, ext. 109. Visit the Calendar of Events
at for
The 31st Annual Labor Day Weekend
Kingsland Catfish Festival will be held Aug. 31 -
from 7 a.m.-6 p.m.: Sept. 1 from noon to 6 p.m.: and

Sept.2from 7 a.m.-6-
p.m. in downtown
Kingsland, Ga., along Mm
US 17 and Hwy. 40. ai h s
The festival kicks
off Saturdaywith a 5K run at7 a.m. Enjoy ca
dinners, handmade arts and crafts displays,
antiques and collectibles, a family am usemi
classic car, truck and tractor exhibition and
entertainment. The parade is Monday at 10
Contact the Kingsland Welcome Ce n te r at
729-5999 or Fc
more on the run, visit www.camdenmiracle
The American Beach Property Owners
Association Inc. is sponsoring its second ja;
series, for2013 featuring Akia Uwanda on Si
from 4-7 Burney Park at historic Am<
Beach. Food will be available i
for purchase by Ms. Dee's I
Catering. Bring your lawn
chairs. The event is free, but
donations will be accepted for
future jazz series concerts. To
learn more about Uwanda. r ..* .
Trained in jazz. smooth jazz. soul/neosou

Sand gospel, model and actress Uwanda has
starred in musicals including "Majigeen." -
"Crowns" and "Dreamgirls" at the Alhambra
Dinner Theatre. In New York, she performed with
NOIZ an inspirational musical group, and with
fish the Great Day Chorale, a world reriowned Negro
Spiritual Chorale. as a lead soprano soloist in coni
en L. a certs at Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center. To
live,. ; learn more
(am2 9/11 TRIBUTE SHOW
).'r As part of its Alhambra After
PDark series, the Alhambra
-Theatre & Dining. 12000 Beach
S Blvd., Jacksonville. will host a
one-nightionly performance of
Th 9/11shWe Wi Never Forget." a
one-man show based on the.
r 7 7c:- events ofSeptember ll, written -
c*n vsand perFOrmed by actor and'Alhambra Stage
Manager Jason Nettle. Nettle plays 17 New
Yorkers who were affected by the day's events in
drastically different ways.
The show is Sept. 9 at 7-30 p.m. There will be
no dinner service but the bar will be open. Doors
open at 7 p.m. Tickets are on sale now at the box
office and online for'$25. Call (904) 641H212'or
visit The show contains
0. R&B strong language and graphic details.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 30,2013 LEISURE News-Leader

The Amelia Island
Museum of History, 233 S.
Third St., will host a special
program at 6 p.m. tonight
as author Dr. Joe Knestch
delivers a presentation on
"The Depression Era in
Knestch's presentation will
Sbe based on the book Florida
in the Great Depression: .
Desperation and Defiance,
coauthored with Nick Wynn.
The program is free for
members and a suggested
donation.of $5 for non-mem-
bers. Contact Gray at 261-
7378, ext. 102, or

The VFW Ladies
Auxiliary will serve Italian
sausage and pepper sand-
wiches for Labor Day, Sept.
2 at 4 p.m. for a $6 dona-
tion. They will be raffling a
basket of cheer for $1 a
chance. Come early and get
your tickets. All proceeds will
go to the VFW Veterans
Village in Fort McCoy. The
VFW is located at 96086
Wade's Place, under the
Shave Bridge.
.' -
'The Northeast Chapter of
the Nam Knights will host a
Wing and French Fries din-
ner Sept. 7 at 5:30 p.m. for a
$7 donation, at the VFW
Post 4351. Come'out early for
Meat Madness at 4 p.m. and
you could win steaks, ribs,
pork chops or chicken for $1 a
chance. The VFW is located.
at 96086 Wade's Place, under
the Shave Bridge.

Join Big Brothers Big
Sisters of Northeast Florida
in an informal setting on
Sept. 5 from 6-8 p.m. at
Caf6 Karibo, 28 N. Third St.,
to find out how you can
make a difference in the life
of a child. Visit with other
Bigs already mentoring a child
in the program and find out
what a difference you ban
make with youth in your own
community. Being a Big.does-
n't mean being a perfect role
model, it meqns being your-
self with a new friend.
Complimentary appetizers
and beverages will be served.
RSVP to Rainey Crawford at ,
261-9500 or rcrawford@bbb-

The Amelia Island
Museum of History will host
a book signing Sept. 12
from 5-7 p.m. for its new pub-
lication, Meet me on Amelia
Island, timeless images and
flavorful recipes from the-
island, at The Book Loft, 214
Centre St. Taste the recipes
included in the book, prepared
by local restaurants, wine '
pairings by Amelia Liquors
and music by Laid Back..
RSVP to 261-7378, ext. 101
or Phyjlis@amella
museum .org.

The Newcomers Club of
Amelia Island will host its
monthly coffee on Sept.: 12
at 10:30 a.m. Women inter-
ested in joining the club and

SSttoPoint Media
Fill in the squares so
that each row, column
and 3-by-3 box
contain the numbers
1 through 9. Solution
will appear in the

Wednesday, August 28

who reside in Nassau County
(no matter how long they
have lived here) are welcome
to attend. For information con-
tact Lulu Elliott at luluelliott@ or 548-9807 (or
other contact on the coffee
committee), or visit
& .
The Fernandina Beach
High School Class of 1967
reunion will be held Sept.
21, 5:30-10:30 p.m., at the
Oyster Bay Yacht Club Bay
House. Low country boil,
BYOB, set-up provided.
Tickets are $25_per.15erson.,
RSVP and mail check or
money order to Dale Deonas,
9 North .14th St., Femandina
Beach, FL 32034. For infor-
mation call Dorothy at (904)
631-5151, Dale at (904) 753-
4077; Frank at (90.4)'206-
3943 or Emma at 41,5-2036.

Cats Angels, Inc. SPCA
presents a "Walk on the
Wild Side Safari".,at the
Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife
Sanctuary in Jacksonville
from 6-8:30 p.m. Sept. 21.
Enjoy a guided tour and expe-
rience the night feeding of
Siberian tigers, lions, cougars,
leopards and bobcats.
STickets are $23 for adults
and $13 for children under. 11.
Complimentary dessert and
beverage will be served.
Tickets can be purchased at
.Cats Angels Thrift Store, 709.
S. Eighth St., Monday-
Saturday from 11 a.m.-5 p.m.,
or call Jan at 583-2870. This
fundraiser is tax deductible'
and benefits Cats Angels and
Catty Shack. Visit www.catty, Visit www.catsan-

On Sept. 28 at 6p.m. at
the Ocean Club of Amelia,
2080 South Fletcher Ave.,
enjoy up to 24 outstanding
Wines, available for tasting
with 5-6 food stations during a
Food and'Wine Tasting with
beautiful ocean views, pre-
sented by A Taste of Wine by
Steve. Tickets are $50 per
person. Make reservations
and payment to Steve at the
Wine Store, 5174 First Coast'
Hwy., Amelia Island.
The Local Author's ,
Market Placewil( beheld ,,,,
Sept. 28 and 29 from 10
a.m.-4 p.m. at St. Peter's
-Episcopal Church, 801
Atlantic Ave., Fernandina.
Beach, featuring more than
30 authors, (including New
York Times authors Wendy
Wax and Ken .Burger), five
workshops, children's activi-
ties, Sonny'sBBQ and more.
An author's luncheon is Sept.
29 from noon to 2 p.m. at
Joe's 2nd Street Bistro (limit-
ed seating) .Visit www.local for .
information or call 321-6180.
* *
Join the Nassau County
Council on Aging for "A
Sentimental Journey," an
Art Deco themed gala
fundraiser from 7-10 p.m.
Oct. 4 at the Omni Amelia
Island Plantation featuring
music, live and.silent auctions

1 3 9 5_ 4 2 6J7 8
-7 5 216 9 8' 1 4
-- ~l- - -1
4 9 318725 711 6
5 6 114 7 3 2 8 9
3 1 8 7 15 6 41972
i24 51 i3 9 8 6 7


Amelia Community
Theatre presents "The 25th
Annual Putnam County
Spelling Bee" tonight and
Aug. 31 at 8 p.m., a Tony
Award-winning musical come-
dy where six young people,
played by adults, compete in
a spelling bee and learn that
winning isn't everything and
losing doesn't make you a
loser. (Note, this play contains
adult subject matter.)



Free kids' classes
The Island Art
Association offers free
classes for kids and their
families, including
Children's Art, ages 6-9,
Aug. 31 from 10-11 a.m.
and 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.;
ages 10-13 years from 1-
2:15 p.m. .
Susan Dahl of the Island
Art Association leads the'
classes. Pre-register at the
gallery, 18 N. Second St.,
Femrnandina Beach, 261-
Local artists Rhonda
Bristol, Paul Massing, Jim
McKinney, Lamar Miles and
Gretchen Williams are dis-
playing island inspiredart
at The Courtyard Pub and
Eats, 316 Centre St.,
through September.
Sketch classes
Fun outdoor sketching
classes with Bill Maurer are
Held Thursdays from 10
a.m.-12:30 p.m. downtown.
All you need is a pencil and
campstool. Learn how to
draw perspective and
improve your paintings. Call
Maurer at 261-8276 for
information. .
Watercolor classes will
be held 1:30-4 p.m. begin-
ning Sept. 6. Learn topaint
in watercolors with clear
presentation, problem solv-
ing tips and one on one
instruction. Call Maurer at
The Plantation Artists'
Guild and Galrery, 94
Amelia Village. Circle at the
Spa and Shops of the Omni
Amelia Island Plantation,
will host a free demonstra-
tion by Jacksonville gallery
owner Eileen Corse on
Sept. 9 at 2 p.m. Corse
paints in oils using brushes
and palette knives and has
received several awards
and been recognized as
one of 12 of Jacksonville's
emerging artists to watch.
She recently sponsored
the Women Painters of the
Southeast members'show
with $6,000 in prize money
from leading art, maga-,
zines&. She has held major
Shows, representing artists
from across the country.
She also presents a full '
schedule of workshops ,
throughout the year. RSVP
Ito the gallery at 432-1750
:,'to attend the demonstra-
tion. '

and more. Tickets are $75.
For information call 261-0701,
email info@coanassau com*
or visit coanassau com

Amelia Island
Montessori will celebrate its
40th anniversary with a'
Ruby Jubilee Gala at the
Omni Amelia Island Planta-
tion Resort on Dec. 7,
including custom dinner
menu, open bar, dancing with
a live-band and over 200 live
and silentauction items. In -,
years past, AIMS has raised -
upwards of $40,0p00 at its
galas that draw hundreds of
local residents. Tables of 10
are $1,000 and individual tick-
ets $125 at www.ameliais-
landmontessori .corn or by
calling 261-6610. Discounted
.room reservations are avail-
'able by calling 261-6161 and
referencing the Amelia Island
Montessori Gala Room Block.


Tickets are $20 adults and
$10 students. Call 261-6749
or go online at www.amelia- Amelia
Community Theatre is located
at 207 Cedar Street.

The Florida Theatre, 128
E. Forsyth St., downtown
SJacksonville, concludes its
Summer Movie Classics
Sept. 1 at 2 p.m. Tickets are
$7.50. The feature Sunday is
"Singin'in the Rain" (1952)

Band recruiting
When was the last time you played your
French horn, trombone, or clarinet" The
Nassau Community Band is recruiting new
members and they want you. This ensemble
is made up of amateur musicians, retired
and current music educators, even folks that
have not played since high school or college
The Nassau Community Band is welcoming
all interested persons to join them for their
first rehearsal of the new season on Sept 5
at 6prm in the Yulee Middle School band
room, 85439 Miner Road. They will discuss
upcoming events for the fall, answer ques-
tions and rehearse. For Information email call band
President Chuck Bellnski at 277-1257 or
check out their Facebook page, search
"Nassau Community Band.".
Blues Fest
The third annual Amelia Island Blues
Festival is set for Sept. 13 and 14 In down-
town Femrnandina Beach, with music that
showcases blues in a family friendly atmos-
phere while assisting local charities and
school music programs. A
The festival kicks off with a free Sounds-
on Centre Concert from 6-8 p.m. 'Friday fea-
turing Albert Castiglia and the.'Blues.ln
School" Band. Please bring a canned good
for the local Barnabas Food Bank. An after-
party will be held at The Palace Saloon on
Centre Street.
Saturday Is a ticketed event at the
Fernandina Harbor Marina from 10:30 a.m.-8
p m. Tickets are $20 in advance at, or $25 at
the gate. Sheffield's at the Palace will host
an after-party, starting at 10:30 p.m. Visit the
festival website for details Also purchase
tickets in advance at many area businesses.
Revival Fest
The inaugural Revival Fest will take place
Sept. 14 at the old Paint Shops at the
Georgia Stare Railroad Museum in
Savannah, Ga., featuring two stages, 12
bands, a pig roast and oyster roast.
Additional plans include a craft bourbon-tast-
ing tent, craft beers and local farm-to-table
food. A portion of the proceeds will benefit
the Savannah Children's Museum, also
located on the site
.Music will focus on blues, Southern rock,
Americana, bluegrass, gospel, folk and soul
with a combination of local, reglonal'and
national acts. Visit or call
(478) 254-0888.
Jazz Fest
The Amelia Island Jazz Festival will run
Oct. 6-13 with headliner concerts by noted
swing masters the Royal Crown Revue, Oct.
11, and smooth saxophonist Mindi Abalr, Oct.
12. at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation
Resort Concert Pavilion, as well as other
exciting events, including jazz and blues
nights. For the complete schedule of shows.
jam sessions and venues or to purchase
tickets go to For more
information call (904) 504-4772 or e-mail
A not for profit 501 (c)(3) corporation,, the
SLes DeMerle Amelia Island Jazz Festival dis-
tributes proceeds toward a college scholar-
ship program for aspiring jazz musicians.
Amefia River Cruises' Adult "BYOB"
Twilight Tours are held Friday and Saturday.
Tickets are $29 per person at 1 North Front
St., Fernandina Beach, or call 261-9972 dr
book online at www.ameliarlvercruises,corrm.
The Coutyard
The Courtyard Pub & Eats, 316 Centre
St., John Spring on the piano inside arid .
Gabriel Arnold outside (weather permitting)
Sunday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.; Dan Minlard
Monday from 6-10 p.m.;, Dave Bacarro
Wednesday from 6-10 p.m.; and John
Springer Thursday-Saturday from 6:30-1030..
p.m. Call 432-7088. Join them on Facebobk
at courtyardpubandeats.
David's Restaurant and Lounge, 802 Ash
St., presents John Springer In the lounge
6:30 p m.-close Tuesdays and Wednesdays;
Aaron Bing Friday and Saturday nights Call
Dog Star Tavern, 10 N. Second St., pres-

with Gene Kelly, Donald
O'Connor and Debbie Rey-
nolds. Call (904) 355-2787 or
visit floridatheatre:com.
St. Marys Little Theatre
presents "You're a Good
Man, Charlie Brown" Sept.
13,14,20 and 21 at 7 p.m.
and on Sept. 22 at 2 p.m. at
Theatre by the Trax, 1000
Osborne Road, St. Marys,
Ga. Tickets are $12 for adults
and $8 for.children 12 and

under and available at Once .
Upon a Bookseller in down-
'town St. Marys, On the Green
Salon and Day Spa at the
entrance to Osprey Cove, :
Friese Studio of Music at the
entrance to Shadowlawn, or
at the Kingsland Depot, 200
East King Ave. in Kingsland,
Ga. Groups of 10 or more can
get a group rate of $10 per
ticket. Visit www.stmaryslit-' or cal) (912)

~WID tn u o 1B Jand Greenland across North leading up to the eighth annu- Educational programs are
Wll) Continued from 1B America and south to Tierra al Wild Amelia Nature Festival ongoing throughout the year
here on Amelia and makes del Fuego and will discuss from May 16-18,2014. Wild 'with school and community.
.weekly presentations for their today's state-of-the-art bird Amelia is an all-volunteer non- groups, the Wild Nites lecture
general fall through spring, migration technology profit organization whose mis- series, nature photography
SIn his Sept.'10 presenta- Wild Nites will be held on sion is to protect Amelia classes, and more! Visit
tidon, Leary will trace migrate- the second Tuesday evening Island's wild places and www.wildamelia. corn and
ry paths of birds from Siberia. of each month through May, wildlife through education. "Wild Amelia" on Facebook.

Continued from 1B
The calendars make won-
derful gifts and are easy to
ship to friends and family;
they are the only calendars
which highlight the beauty of
the nature of this island.
The 2014 Wild Amelia

Natpre Photography Contest
will be under way early this
winter; potential entrants
should check the website at for rules
and entry forms, which are
now available online and at
the Fort Clinch Visitor
Center.' Nature photogra-
phers, beginners and
advanced alike, should get

out there now to photograph
the wild places and wild
spaces of Amelia Island under
clear late summer and early
autumn skies.
The eighth annual Wild
Amelia Nature Festival will be
held from May 16-18,2014
with ecotours, photography
classes, exhibits, sea turtle
release, music and children's

In the intervening
months, "Wild Nite" nature
forums will be held on the
second Tuesday of each
month at Peck Center
Auditorium at p.m. For
more festival updates, go to and the
Wild Amelia page on

cents Dad Horse Experience. 9 p m Sept 4,
free; Spade McOuade, 9 p m Sept. 5. free,
The 3, 9:30 p m. Sept 6, free, and Vagabond
Swing, 9:30 p.m. Sept. 7. free
Every Tuesday is Working Class Stiff,
where music is played strictly from vinyl and
1000's of vinyl records are available to
browse and purchase. Visit Dog Star on
Facebook and Reverbnation com. Call 277-
Florida House Inn
"Open Mike Night" each Thursday from
7:30-10:30 pm. iq the Mermaid Bar hosted
by local musician Terry Smith Musicians per-
form a couple of songs and the audience
gets to hear new talent. Appropriate for the
whole family. No cover charge Call Smith at
(904) 412-7665.
Green Turtle
The Green Turtle. 14 S. Third St, live
music. Call 321-2324.
Hammerhead Beach Bar
Hammerhead Beach Bar, 2045 S.
FletcherAve Live music Visit Hammerhead
on Facebook Contact Bill Childers at
bill@thepalacesaloon corn

Instant Groove
The Instant Groove, featuring Lawrence
Holmes, Johnny Robinson, Scott Giddons
and Sam Hamilton, plays each Thursday
night at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island.
Dress is casual For information call Holmes
at 556-6772.
O'Kane's Irish Pub and Eatery, 318
Centre St., Dan Voll Tuesdays at 7 p.m.:
Davis Turner Band Thursday-Saturday at
830 p.m.; and karaoke Sundays at 7:30 p.m.
Call 261-1000. Visit
Pablos, 12 N. Second SI., Femrnandina
Beach, hosts a jazz iam from 7-10 p.m the
first Wednesday ol each month. Musicians
may sit in for one song or the whole night
Join the mailing list by mailing beechfly-
er@bellsouth net
Palace Saloon
The Palace Saloon, 117 Centre St.,
Schnockered Sunday; Ace Winn Monday;
Buck Smith Project Tuesday. DJ in Uncle
Charlie's Fridays and Saturdays. Call Bill
Childers at 491-3332 or email bill@thep-
Salty Pelican
The Salty Pelican Bar &.Grill, 12 N. Front
St., live music Thursday through Sunday
Call 277-3811, or visit The Salty Pelican Bar
and Grill on Facebook.
Sandy Botoms
Sandy Bottoms at Main Beach, 2910
Atlantic Ave. The MacyT Wednesdays. and
line dancing Thursdays. Visit www sandybot-
Seabreeze Sports Bar, in the Days Inn on
Sadler Road, live music.
Sheffield's at The Palace, 117 Centre St.,
Speak Easy Saturdays with DJ 007 and late
night dance mixes; doors open at 3:30 p.m.;
Ms. Katie Fair on piano Tuesdays 6-10 p.m.:
Gary Ross Wednesdays 6-10 p.m.; The
Decades Band Thursdays 6-10 p.m. Call Bill
Chiilders at 491-3332 or email bill@thep-
Sliderm Seaside Grill
Sliders Seaside Grill, 1998 S. Fletcher
Ave., live music In the tiki bar from 6-10 p.m.
nightly and1 -5 p.m. Saturday and Sundays,
reggae Wednesdays with Pill Pili; The
Macy's in the lounge Friday and Saturcdays
6-10 p.ri.; shag dancing Sundays from 4,7
p.m.; music nightly from 9 p.m.-1 a m in the
Breakers Lounge. Call 277-6652. Visit Join Sliders on
Facebook and Twrtter
The Surf ReStaurant and Bar, 3199 South
FletcherAve., live entertainment all day
weekends and 5-9 p.m. every day on the
deck. Call 261-571. Visit the Facebook page.
Submit information to Sidan Perry at
sperrycfbnews/eader. com


Starting at _SAVE! & Ask AlOUt SAME DAY
^Sa^ ^ IBSlallatioul '
SPLUS 30 Premium Movie Cliannels
SFREE fAL 1or 3 Menthsl!
CALL 1-888-903-6814 .a A

7 2

6 1 1_

___ I 6 4 5
1 5 8 7

- -_ -2 m -
3 7 9
8- 6

6 1 2

7 6 4 5

3 4

FRIDAY. AUGUST 30,2013/News-Leader


Water skiing, pride and understanding our real condition

A couple o01 months ago, I went
water skiing. I still haven't recov-
ered. No joke I must have pulled or
torn something. Regardless, it was a
church outing and I was determined
to revisit my youth with those'who
were still enjoying theirs. In hind-
sight, on my part,' there was proba-
bly a little pride that needed squash-
ing. OK, not probably, there was.
The fact that I'm still feeling it has
me wondering just how much.
If I hadn't mentioned my ability to
water-ski from the pulpit, hoping to
get some more people to attend the
. church outing, it wouldn't have been
so bad. Lesson learned. I'm sure,
when God heard me mention my
ability to slalom ski, He went to work
oh setting the stage for my heart
adjustment Looking back, even
though things that day weht a lot dif-

ferently than I had
envisioned, I'm
grateful for God's
love for me and His
willingness to help
me find some truth.
It began when I
responded a little
too quickly to the
LT ~invitation .forwho
PULPIT wanted to go first
NOTES Lesson learned
.... again. If I had
known that the col-
Pastor lege student driv-
Rob Goyette ing the boat had
never pulled a
water skier before, I would have
hung back and let him learn on
someone else. By the time he
dragged me through the water at
half throttle until the rope finally

broke, my already out of shape legs
were beginning to protest.
Unfortunately, giving the driver a
few instructions on how to drive the
boat and a new rope didn't help.
When he finally figured things out, I
was spent and God seemed OKwith
it My self-confidence had reached a
speedy end.
Looking back, I have to laugh. I
knew about the planned church out-
ing months-in advance. I also knew
That my pastoral legs were in no
Shape to slalom water ski. The fact.
that I decided to start doing some
exercises two weeks before the big
day seems more ridiculous now than
ever. Without question, my poor esti-
Smation of my real condition, and,
whatit was going to take for me to
succeed, now serve as a wakeup call
in other areas of my life as well.

Now I realize these thoughts may
sting a little, but trust me, they're for
me before they belong to any of you,
SI find the ability to understand my
true condition and then to take
Action in a way that shows I care
about it is one of the most critical
areas of my life.
So here's what I've re-learned.
According to the prophet Jeremiah,
our hearts deceive us and without
God's help, we can't even really
understand them (Jeremiah 17:9). As
for me, if I had been living in the
truth that day, it would have been
evident by both. my attitude and my
conditioning. The fact that fput off
exercising until just two weeks prior
to the event speaks for,itself Sadly,,
itfs the same attitude I've seen some
take when it comes to their relation- -
ship with God. Assuming that just

prior to their life's end they will start
putting things in order, to me says
that somehow we've not understood
our true condition and our need to
use our time wisely now.
However it is, my take-away is
this, I need help understanding and
maintaininga proper estimation of
where I'm really at. Knowing that
God is so willing to help me with that
and'to provide all that I need to make
the necessary changes is what keeps
me looking to Him. '
"Search me, 0 God, and know my
heart! Try me and know my
thoughts! And see if there be any
grievous way in me, and lead me in
the way everlasting!" (Psalm 139:23-
Robert L Goyette is pastor of
Living Waters World Outreach Center


Supplies needed
Again the month comes to a cl
and The Salvation Army Hope
House's Emergency Food Pantry
cupboards are almost bare. If you
can help, they are'in immediate ne
of the following items, listed by pr
ity: 1) Peanut butter and jelly 2)
Canned vegetables and beans 3)
Ready-to-eat non-condensed soup
Canned fruit 5) Rice, pasta, stuffir
ramen noodles, instant potatoes 6)
Insect repellent, toothbrushes an:
toothpaste,-deodorant and shampi
7) Men's clothing.
Please bring your donations to
410 S. Ninth St. or call 321-0435.
?Packthe School'
Through the month of August,
First Baptist Fernandina Beach is
taking donations of school supplies
to Pack the School. This year, the
effort is to help Southside
Elementary supply its teachers an
students with pencils, pens, pocke
folders, wide-ruled notebook pape
spiral notebooks, crayons, glue
sticks, dry-erase markers, white o.
color copy paper, Kleenex, paper
Towels, wipe-ups and backpacks.
Drop off your donations at Firs
Baptist Church, 1600 S, Fighth St
during regular business hours, 8.3
a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday through
Thursday (drive to the backhand
enter the Administrative Offices),
the Children's Desk on Sunday.
Join'Impact Your World Churcl
7p.m. tonight for its August Pray<
Rally. Pray over. local students,
administrators and faculty. Come i
be encouraged. This event will tak
place in the Best Western Plus hot
meeting room, 462577 SR 200 in .
Yulee, behind Burger King near I-
Gospel event
One obf gospel music's most pOP
lar quartets, The Dixie Melody Bo
Swill be featuredd at Epworth By Th
Sea in St Simmons Island, Ga.*Aui
. Since organizing over five
decades ago, The Dixie Melody B.
have enjoyed much success, include
ing a Grammy nomination and
numerous Fan Award nominations

from The Singing News. Magazine.
Group leader Ed O'Neal is a 50-year
ose gospel music veteran who was
inducted into the Southern Gospel
Music Association Hall of Fame in,
S 2004. Call (912) 280-9521 or visit
ior- One God service

One God, One People, One Song
4) is a program, initiated by America's
ig, Youth Inc., to help churches do two
) % things: 1. Come together regardless
d of denomination, color or race to -,
o worship and praise God in unity. 2.
S Help raise funds for the church host-
I -ing.the program.
'The program is held quarterly on
the first Sunday of the month at 4
p.m. New Zion Missionary Baptist
V Church, 10 Soutfi 10th St, Fernan-
dina Beach, will host the program on
s Sept. 1. All are welcome to attend or
to participate.and worship together
in unity.

A MUMCTaiz worship
f;, Memorial United Methodist
SChurch hosts a commuiinitv'Taiz.
r worship service at Trinity United
Methodist Church. 715 Ash St, the
'first Sunday evening of each' month
t at 6. p.m. Taize; features soft music;
quiet worship and prayer, anda com-
10 .' monion table where all are welcome.
SThe nexi Taiz- service is Sept, 1.

or Tuesday-- orsh. p
,Read li ih,: criptiire-. .irlih a heart
-.iand irid)i oper6L3) akiRLngquiet,)n. -
on Sept.' 3-at noon at the Salvation
h at Ar my Hope House's-Weekly Tuesday
er worship service. They will pick up
their jouilney in Chapter 11 of the.
and Gospelof Luke. .
ei ", Fo Fr-ior inc)itbnmtio(in, call 321-
tel 0435 or stop by the Hope House,
located at 410 S. Ninth St.
95 'Holydays
The Jewish Community of Amelia
p.u- Island/Nassau will observe Rosh
'ys, Hashanah on Sept. 5 and Yom
e Kippur on Sept. 14. Rabbi Robert
g. Goodman will conduct services at
the Ocean Clubhouse at the Omni
Amelia Island Plantation. The group
oys will gather at 9:30 a.m. both days,
d- with services at 10 am. sharp. A
luncheon buffet will follow the Rosh
s Hashanah service, .and a "break-fast"


Anelia Island Community Bible Study classes are open for re.gistra-
tion. The 30-week class begins in September and ends in May Adult class-
us will study Amos and Isaiah This is an inter-denominational, in-depth
Bible study
The philosophy of Community Bible Study is to be an every person's
Bible study, meaning all women, men and children will be so loved and
cared lor that they will feel comfortable in CBS classes regardless of their
background, education, church involvement, ethnicity or economic status.
For more information call the appropriate class coordinator.
Ladies Day Class meets from 9:30-11:30 am. Wednesday at Amelia
Baptist Church. Children's programs for newborn-high school. Call
Kathleen Minor at 221-8125. Begins Sept. 11.
Ladies Evening Class meets froni 7-8:30 p.m. Monday at Amelia
SBaptist Church Call Barbara Tucker at 2(61-9969. Begins SepL 9.
Men's Class: meets from 7-S.-30) p.m. Monday at Amelia Baptist
Chuich. Call Tomny Taylor at 321-0785 Begins Sept. 9.
For information on the Eteen or Tcen class, call Bobbie Burch at
Beth Moore study
The Beth Moore Study. Believing God, will begin on Tuesday. Sept. 17
from 10 am.-nuon in Jim Thomas Hall of First Presbyterian Church at 9
N. Sixth St All wome-i of the community are invited to participate.
WVorkbtooks are available in the church office for S20 Call 261-3837 or stop
by to regis-ter for this exciting 10-week study with delightful women of all
denominations. Comr. learn and grow together with new friends.

potluck on Yom Kippur at the ence bags and more; The Saturday
Amenity Center at North Hampton. only session is $25. For information
'The cost is $20 pei person pe i on reg istration and resort reserva-
service. add an extra .s16 per person tions contact Sis. Vickie Roberts at.
for the brunch. Your check is your,, 335-7357 or Sis. Kathle Carswell at
reservation For details contact 556-5099 or visit www.sistersal-
Debbie Price at 310-6060 or . There will be a,.
deb2iW.-iioauI com fromii y~i'ehaoxtev bu firomgevanaadinaaBeaehi
'" SL l y A for those who do not wish to drive.
SierSA.w.ayS" To sign up, contact Earline Hart at
SThe Sister's Always Ministry, Inc. .(904) 768-6020 or 207-3757
'of Fernandina Beach will host its ,-, ,
; 2013 "Intimacy with. God Conference reatlreiVIVa
& Retreat" Sept 19-21 at the Saratoga The "Great Commission Revival"
Resort Villas in Kissimmee. is coming to Legacy Baptist Church
Speakers include First Lady Cynthia .in Nassauville Sept.: 23-25. Services
Robinson, New Zion M.B..Church, will be held at 7 p.m. nightly. The
Fernandina Beach; Sis: ,Carrie. "Great Commission" theme is taken
Moore, National Area Field Director, from Matthew 28:19-20. There will be
St John M.B. Church, Kansas City; old-fashioned preaching, praying and
Kan.; the Rev Brian K Brown Pastor, singing each night Guest.speakers ;
St. Mark M.B. Church, St will be lhe Rev. Bill Crews on :
. Petersburg; and conferencelfounder Monday, Donnie Fussell on Tuesday
and hostess, Sis. Victoria Roberts, and the Rev. David Broughton on
SNew Mount Zion M.B. Church,. Wednesday. ,
Haines City. The community and neighbors
Registration is $55 and includes are invited to come out and enjoy an
Access to all workshops, PJ Party, :'old-fAshioned revival from years
luncheon (Saturday only), confer- g gone by. Legacy Baptist Church is

located in its temporary home at the
volhinteer fire station on Old
Nassauville Road, Fernandina Beach.
For information call Pastor Jeff
Whitaker at 753-0731.
Isle of Light Unity holds morning
worship services at 10 am. on the
second and fourth Sunday of each,
month at the American Beach
SCommunity Center and Museum,
1600 Julia'St. in American Beach.
Childcare provided. For information
call Marcia at 415-0822 or Chris at
3106502... :
The all-volunteer Yulee Inierfaith
Dinner Network needs the communi-
ty's help to continue to provide hot,
healthy meals to6 adults and children,
experiencing hunger in our commu-
nity Just $25 provides enough meat
to serve a hot meal to 50 people. To
help, contact the network at
infio@' 556-2496, or ..
send donations to The Coalition for
the Homeless, RO. Box 16123,
Fernandina Beach: FL 32035.'Please
put )IDN in the memo line.

English c asses
: First Assembly of God, 302 South
14th St., Fernandina Beach, hosts
free English classes for Spanish
'speaking people on Tuesdays at 6:30
p.m. For information contact Anna
Sahlman at 403-1982 or call 261-6448.
Supplies needed
The Fernandina Beach Interfaith
Dinner.Network is in need of dona-
tiohs of paper goods and cleaning
supplies. Items may be dropped off
at St Peter's Episcopal Church
,parish office, 801 Atlantic Ave.,
Monday through Thursday from 9.
a-m.-4 p.m.: :,'
I First Assembly of God, 302 South
14th St., Fernandina Beach, invites
. you to bring your teens ages 13-20 to
Shift Youth Ministries'on Saturdays.
at 6:30 p.m.
Youth Pastor Andrew Harper is.
an anointed.young man with a pas-
sion for the souls of the teens in the,
community. Call 261-6448 for more
information.' *

Sunday School ...............................9:30 am
Sunday Worship.........................1..0:45 am
Wednesday AWANA.........:........6:15 pm
Wednesday Bible'Study ................6:30 pm
Pastor:Bud Long
941017 OldNasuvuille Road County Rd-107 South
Fernandina Beach, FL32034

4 Memorial

Tradllonall Family Worship ....... 8 am & 11nam
(weeldy smasunian da8 am)
Conteampotrariy Womtip ...9:30 am In Maxwell iail
Snday Sciel for Aill Aies.....9:30 iam S &11 am
Wednesday Dinner (Ai|-May)..........4 45 pm
Downtown Fernandina Beach
601 Centre Sree -(90) 61-76

in the Heart of Fernandina
9 N. 61 Street
Dr. Wain Wesberry
Senior Pastor ,'
SDr. Dotig Ganyo
SAssociate Pastor
Worship 8:30 & 11 am
.Sunday School 9:50 am
Q Nursery *Children
S Youth Adults
S 261-3837

"Discover the Difference" at
Amelia Baptist
Pastor Dr. H. Neil Helton
Sunday Worship Service 10:30am
Bible Study 9am
Nursery provided for all services
Small group studies-Adults 6pm
Wednesday Prayer Service 6:30pm
Preschool and Children Activities
Commr ofBuccanerTr. & Gbing Rad, F-andinsma Bet
For More Ifor.ation Call: 261-9527

Sunday services i:15 o 11:1 i.
Amelia Plantation/ Omni Resort
36 Bowman Road In

Saturday Vigil Mass-4 pm & 5:30 .pm
SaturdNay Vigil Mass 7 pm-Spanish Mass
Sathrday 4 p rm Mass al Yulee Unted Methodist Cuh
Sunday Masses
8:00 am- 10:00 pm -12:00 pm (noon)
Daily Mass- 8:30am Mon, WedThuars & Fri.
I pm Tugs "
Holy Day Masses Vigil 6 pm; Holy Day- 8:30 am, 6 pr
Confessions: Saturday 3 pm f:45 pm or hy appt
---- elepeone nluters: ---
Parish Office: 904-261-3472; Fax 904-321-1901
Emegnirllcy Numlber 91144277-6556

New Vision
^ Church, uoC

Worship Sundays
at 10:00 am
960f4 Cheter fto ad in \'ulee
Nj w \'i _|o rt~l ngrjgatlonllal Ch ur .ill .Dr

?MaIIM4 Owegiaa

S Please loin us for
Adult Sunday School 9:30AM
Worship 11 AM
Children's Church 11:00 AM
AlA & Christian Way, Yulee
225-5381 Pastor Charlie Sward

20 South Ninth Street 2614907
Rev. Darien K Bolden Sr., Pastor
The Church
in the Heart of the City
With the Desire to be in the
Heart of All People
Sunday New Members Class 9 a.m.
Sunday School 9:30 a.r.
Morning Worship 11 am.
Wednesday Noon-day Prayer
Wednesday Mid-week Service 7-9 p.m.
Ministries: Bus & Van, Couples, Singles,

I -t= thebridge

Sunday Service ... 10:30 am
Bible Study ........9:30 am
Wednesday Service... 7:00 pm
85031 Landover Drive
Yulee, FI,

Innovai va S"yle, Contemporaly Music,
Pastor Mike Kwiatkowski
85520 Miner Rd. Yulee, FL 32097
Sunday Worship 9:00am and 10:30am
Nursery Provided
KIdKredlble Children Ministries
Meeting @ 10:30am Sunday
Youth Program Wed. @ 6:30pm
SConnagV Wtr c/ist..
Comaetg hM PeOpO

"Come Experdence ithe Joy of
Worship & Service" Psalm 100
Sunday School ...............89:4;4
Warhip Serrvie ;...........11l:00am
E )Eing Wonrhip ............6:00pm
Wednueday might Sapper .......6:00pm
encounter Youth Group .80pnm-8:00pm
Wednesday Prayer Srvlce .......7:00pm
736 Bonnisvlew Road
Nursery provided
Find usa on Facoahok:o
Fiva Points Baptlt Ecounter Youth

96362 Blackrock Rd., Yulee
Van Power
Sunday Morning Worship Service 10:30 amn
Sunday School 9:15 am
Sunday Evening Worship Service 6:00 pm
AWANA Wednesday 6:30 8:30 pm
Wednesday Service 7:00 pm
Nursery Provided


Doug Sides, Senior Pastor
Morning Senvees 8 :15 and 11:00 am :
SSunday School 9:45 am
Sunday Evening '6:00 pm
Wednesday Prayer Meeting, 6:30 pm
Wednesday Children 6:30 pm
Wednesday 'Overflow' .Youth 6:30 pm
SNursery Provided For All Services
86971 Harts Rd. 904-26128
Yulee, FL 32097

St. Peter's Episcopal Church
Welcomes You! ,e
Located at thie corner
of 8th &Atlanticl
Summer Service \I j
Schedule | ij
8:30 Holy Eucharist, Rite 11
9:15 Breakfast
.10:00 Holy Eucharist. Rite II
6 pm Celtic Worship -.4th Sunday
6"pmTAIZE-2nd Sunday

A Cogrsgsdini of the
Devoat to Christ wo the FdOtap
toMthe 0wt Cammission
Woruip on Sunday at 1 0AS am
Nuiwry and 3,drnr' Chuirch provided
Gm. Grops metnon WedsidayovtnBg In
Ferandina Bead,. KIngelnd YudeM.
Mmn's. Womef's and Ibuth mnoblel
96038 Lofton Squar Court VuMe, PFL 32007
Net to WiMn d.

Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
In the Lofton Polnte Plaza
2/10 miles south of SR200/A1A

Worship this week

at the place of your choice...

First Baptist
Fernandina Beach
9:00 Life Groups
10:15 AM & 6:00 PM
Wednesday 6:30 PM

. . 1 -- ,


FRIDAY, AUGUST 30, 2013 News-Leader

The Fernandina Beach
High School homecoming
parade will be held downtown
on Oct. 18 at 4 p.m. The com-
munity is invited to partici-
pate. If you or your group
would like to be included, con-
tact Rob Hicks at Fernandina
Beach High School at 261-
5714.or robert.hicks@nas-
The Nassau Youth Writers
Program meets the third
Tuesday of each month at
Books Plus, 107 Centre St.,
Fernandina Beach. For more
information contact nassauy-
* Leadership class
Youth Leadership Nassau
is seeking qualified 10th and
11th grade applicants for the
2013-14 school year. Eligibility
requirements include proven
leadership ability in school
and/or community activities,
an interest in addressing the
issues confronting Nassau
County and an average of B or
Students will meet monthly
September through March
where they will gain an
increased awareness of cornm
munity needs, opportunities
and resources, develop effec-
tive leadership styles and '
meet other students from
Nassau.County. For an appli-
cation see your school guid-
ance office or teacher.
The Nassau County Health
Department will hold its 4 me
Teen Health Classes on
Thursday in September from
3:30-5 p.m. (Sept. 5, 12, 19 and
26). Teens should contact
Erin Cutshaw at 548-1810;
ext 5272 for information or to
Speech contest
Parents of home-educated
students in fourth-sixth grade
that would like to compete in
the 4-H Tropicana Public
Speaking Contest this year
may attend a workshop
explaining contest details on
.Sept 5 from 10 a.m.-noon at
the Nassau County Extension
Office in Callahan. For infor-
mation and to RSVP call (904)

Callahan Community
Theatre will hold auditions for
"Babes in Toyland" Sept 5 at
6 p.m. and Sept 7 at 10 a.m. at
First United Methodist
Church of Callahan. Everyone
is invited to attend. Call 751-
2330 for information.
4-H open house
Parents and kids are invit-
ed to a Nassau County 4-H
Open House to find out what
opportunities 4-H offers.
Enroll or re-enroll from 4-7
p.m. Sept 9 at the Nassau
County Extension Service
(Northeast Florida
Fairgrounds), 543350 US 1,
Callahan. Call (904) 879-1019.
Homeschool classes
River Otter Academy is
offering Odyssey of the Mind
and Junior Lifeguard, classes,
for homeschoolers and for
students after school, starting
Sept 9.
Check out times and prices
at riverotteracademy. org.
SStep by Step Learning
Centers are registering for the
new school year, including
free VPK Morning and after-
noon classes and wrap-around
care are offered, featuring an
advanced curriculum, Splanish
classes, music and dance.
French and Russian are
brought in for special celebra-
The before and after
school program includes
transportation by Step
by Step or the Nassau County
School system, breakfast in
the morning program, after
school tutoring, snacks,
games, music and dance, out-
side,time, a reading program,
arts.and crafts and soccer
shots with certified coaches.
Stop by for a tour. Call 277-
8700. ,
Miss Kates
Miss Kate's PreK, 1303
Jasmine St, is enrolling
Southside students for the
school year after-care Oro-
gram, offering small class
size, good teacher/student
Sratios; supervised-homework,
daily special activities, from 2-
5:30 p.m. Maximum fee is
$65/week. ,
Contact Kate at misskates

Cardiology class at FSCJ
The FSCJ Betty P. Cook required pre-requisite courses,
Nassau Center announces the which include ENC1101 i
first class of the Cardiovascular (English Composition I),
Technology Program. Students MACl105 or higher (College
began the program in May and Algebra), BSC2085C (Human
will graduate in fall 2014. They Anatomy and Physiology I),
will be trained in both invasive Humanities (refer to A.S.
and non-invasive cardiology spe- General Education Require-
cialties. Eight students in the ments) and a social science elec-
inaugural class are Nassau tive (refer to A.S. General
County residents. Education Requirement). Atthis
Heart disease is the number time the program is new and is
one killer of both men and applying for accreditation.
women in the United States. A new class will begin sum-
The need for trained personnel mer term 2014. The application
in the field of cardiovascular deadline is April 15, 2014.
technology continues to grow Applications and information
because of these statistics, are available at
This selective access pro- Students interested in the pro-
gram accepts 24 students each gram should contact Christie
academic year. It is a five semes- Jordan' by phone at 548-1709
ter Associate in Science degree or by email at chjordan@
program, not including the

Take Stock seeks mentors

STake Stock in Children is
looking for female volunteers,
especially in the Yulee area, to
serve as mentors for deserv-
ing children in grades 7-12.
Mentor training will be held
Sept. 9 from 3:30-6:30 p.m. at
the FSCJ Betty P Cook Nassau
Center, 76346 William Burgess
Blvd. in Yulee.
Mentors provide guidance
and support during weekly
meetings with their students at
school that last about an
hour and are sometimes held

during lunch. The meetings
also remind students of
their commitment, to good
grades, attendance and behaV-
ior as Take Stock participants.
Their reward is a college
tuition, scholarship upon grad-
Mentors complete an appli-
cation, are interviewed and
receive training. For informa-
tion, go to www.takestocknas- and click on "mentor"
or contact Jody Mackle at 548-
4464 or



one hour- one pint

3 lives

IITHE BLOOD (800) 447-1479


You've heard parents say, il
"Nothing works with My kid!".| H

BWe will. S

Where Parents & Kids Learn to Survive

The Family Farm International
P.O. Box 60722 Jacksonville, FL 32236
(904) 838-9689 fax: (904) 685-2187


---7. ,.

O'Neal Memorial
Baptist Church, 474257
SR 200 East, presented
"Save the Children Day"
last month. The annual
observance, sponsored by
the church's youth depart-
ment and Black Male :
Mentors, highlights the
need to nurture children
and celebrates the contri-
butions of adults who have
set a positive example
through their work and' -
leadership. Paul R. Aaron
of Fredericksburg, Va., a .-;
1994 charter mentor, '
native of Fernandina ,-
Beach-amid 1g65 graduate
of Peck High .School,
spoke about the benefits of .
mentoring youth. Aaron,
who holds a Master of
Science in Information
Systems Technology from '
George Washington
University, retired after a
career of more than twvo
decades with the U.S.
Department of Energy and
the .U.S. Department of .
Defense. This year's wor-
ship featured a salute to '.
healthcare aides;- '
The St. James Baptist
Church Praise Team wor-
ships through dance, top
Community role models
who have assisted in the :
care of the ill, elderly and :
disabled, pose after receiv-
ing recognition pins :
acknowledging their contri-:
butions, middle left.
Mentor Anthony Russell
presents a plaque to Min.
Sydell Mason of St. James '
Baptist Church in
Sandhill, below. Mason
delivered the sermon for
the service. Paul R. .Aaron :
is pictured, inset.
S.i s f'TED PHI)4"

,--i.R " """
;-,p .......... ...... .....
..-., : -


Ready forlift-off

New third-grade students at Fernandina Beach Christian Academy, 1600 S. Eighth St., Fernandina Beach, lift off
the new school year with a science experiment, above.

Blood Donors Needed
S'1 aOaC

Please Give.

.,,.. -,.. \



To Place An Ad, Call (904)261-3696. The Classified Ad Deadline for Wednesdays is 5:00 p.m. Monday and for Fridays is 5:00 p.m. Wednesday

100 ANNOUNCEMENTS 20.4 Work Wanted 403 Finanaal-Home/Property 606 Photo Equlpirenc & Sales 619 Business Equipment 800 REAL ESTATE 813 Investment Property 858 Condos-Unfurnlshed
101 Card of Thanks 205 Live-in Help 404 Money To Loan 607 AnctiqLles-Collectibles 620 Coal-Wood-Fuel 801 WVanted to Buy or Rent 814 West Nassau County 859 Homes-Furnished
102 Lost & Found 206 Cnild Care o500 FARM & ANIMAL 608 Produce 621 Garoen.'Lawn Equipment 802 Moble Homes 815 Klngsland/St. Marys 860 Homes-Unfurnished
103 In Memoriam 207 Business Opportunity 501 Equipment 609 Appliances 622 Plants/Seed./Ferbl'zer 803 Mooile Home LOtS 816 Camden County 861 Vacation Rentals
104 Personals. 300 EDUCATION 502 Livestock & Supplies 610 Air Conditioners/heaters 623 Swap/Trade 804 Amelia Island Homes 817 Otier Areas 862 Beda & Breakfast
105 Public Notice 301 Scioois & instructon 503 Petls/Supplies 611 Home Furn-shings 624 Wanted to Buy 805 Beaches 850 RENTALS I '863 Office
106 Happy Card 302 Dieh/Exercse 504 Services 612 Muscial Instruments 625 Free Items 806 Watcrfront 851 Roommate Wanted 864 Commercial/Retail
107 Special Occason 303 Hobbies/Crafts 600 MERCHANDISE 613 Televlslon-Radilo-Stereo 700 RECREATION 807 Cond,,Tinimus 852 Mobile Homes 865 Warehouse
108 Gift Shops. 305 Tutoring 601 Garage Sales 614 Jewelry/Watches 701 Boats & Trailers 808 Off lsland.Yulee 853 Mobile Home Lots 901 TRANSPORTATION
200 EMPLOYMENT 306 Lessons/Classes 602 Artcles for Sale 615 Building Materials 702 Boat Supplie'Dockage 809 LOts 854 Room 901 Automobiles
.201 Help Wanted 400 FINANCIAL 603 Miscellaneous 616 Storage/Warehouses 703 Sports Equipment Sales 810 Farrrms & Acreage 855 Apartments-Furnished 902 Trunks
202 Saies-Bus-ness 401 Mortgage Bought/Sold 604 Bicycles. 617 Machinery-Tools-Equip. 704 Recreation Vehicles 811 Commercial/Retal 856 Apartments-Unfurn. 904 Motorcycles
203 Horel/Restaurani 402 Stocks & Bonds 605 Computers-SupplieS 618 Auctions 705 Computer-, & SuppliE. 812 ProperTy Exchange 857 Condos-Furnished 905 Commercial


102 Lost & F~dun
SFOUND 2 LADDERS., dropped by
white 'utility truck in Flora Parke. Call
904-753-5519 to claim.

If You Have Lost Your Pet please
check the Nassau Humane Society
Facility located at 671 Airport Rd. next
to the airport. (904)321-1647 & the
Nassau County Animal Shelter, 86078
License Rd. in Yulee next to the drivers
license building (904)491-7440.

S 104 Personals
ADOPT A childless couple seeks to
adopt. Loving home with tenderness,
warmth, happiness. Financial security.
Expenses paid. Regis & David
(888)986-1520 or text (347)406-1924; Adam
B. Sklar FL#0150789. ANF

105 Public Notice

Herein Is subject to the Federal
Fair Housing Act, which makes It
illegal to advertise any prefer-
ence, limitation, or discrimination
based on race, color, religion, sex,
handicap, familial status or
national origin, or the intention to
make any such preference,
limitation or discrimination.
The News-Leader will not
knowingly accept any advertising
for real estate which Is in violation
of the law. All persons are hereby
S informed that all dwellings
advertised are available on an
equal opportunity basis.
If you believe that '/ou may have
been discriminated against 'in
connection with:the sale, rental or
financing of housing, call the
United States Department of
Housing and Urban Development
HUD 1(800)669-9777, or for.
the hearing impaired 1(800)927-

_, '. -i' '..
[7 108 Gift Shops

474384 E State Road 200,
Info: Robin @ 904-226-223'7

201 Help Wanted-]
The Na.zau icoi-riol Crimrre ar- Drug
Abatement Coalirir, ijarCCi in
collaboration -.,irh in C'ffc of
Veteran's Affairs is% looking. .for. a
VetCorp Prevention Coordinator. This
Position will 'proVide prevention and
outreach referral services to military,
members and their families and'build
capacity in the community to support
these members. This Is a full-time
Positionn. For inquires please contact
Kerrie Albert at (904) 277-3699 or visit
www.americorps.goy .and search for
VetCorp Prevention Coordinator.

Experience preferred. Must pass
background screening. No phone calls.
Apply within, Days Inn & Suites, 2707
Sadler Rd. .

- Directs all aspects of A/P Fixed Asset
Acctg for a Community Bank. Assists
*/fin reg reptg, G/L recons, mo. end
acctg close. Min 3 yrs A/P Acctg Exp,
preferably In a banking environment.
AA Degree prefd. Must be accurate,
organized analytical. Salary in $30's,,
Email resume to:

hl %11 I,' *l~~i

Equipment Experience o (Gas-liesel-
Hydraulics) & small engine repair for
St. Marys GA. Own tools. Clean drug,
MVR, Background. Resume to: 912-
576,1903 or

seeking F/T Office Assistant. 3-5 yrs.
Adrriin. Exp. Preferred. Strong
customer service, organizational skills
& attentIon to detail' required. Please
send resurrmes to
donnetta lnrollnemoto'

CLASS A CDL DRIVER construction'
equipment delivery for rental company
St. Marys, GA.. Clean MVR, Drug,&
Background check. Resume: 912-576-
1903 or

LAND SURVEYING ,- Field Crew Chief
opening available for career oriented
'individual. Experience required. Full
time position with excellent 'benefits
&package. Manzle & Drake .Land
Surveying, (904)'491-5700. *

THE GoLF CLUB at North Hampton
is looking for Qualitied staff for Golr
.Course =qulprlment Operator, Cart &
'Bag Attendant, Server and Eecutiec
.Chef/Manager. Send' resumes only to:,.

AGING is Iookirij icr a prt firr.,
I 2, hrs'i rutrnIon Aide i,,r the
Fernanoina Beach location Responai.
bllities include meal" preparati.rp
aStirs,ii. Inventory, purchasing, and
computer data entry. Food service
experience, Is necessary. Please send
resumes to

LOTTa'S FURNITURE is looking for
qualified individuals for Part-time Office
Assistant & Full-time Delisery Associate
positions. E-mail resumes to
irir',,,'lottrfurniture corn ., .. 10 phone
callh please .a,

,TION Must be experienced, able to
multi-task, able' to work In a busy
environment. F/T with benefits. Fax
resume to (904)491-3173.

hours per week. Retail experience and.
computer skills a must. Apply ir, person
dnly The UPS Store, 1417 Saoler Rd

Northeast Florida Community
Action Agency, ;'Inc. (NFCAA)
Organized, in 1965, Northeast Florida
community Action Agency, Inc.
(NFCAA) was Incorporated to reduce
poverty among Northeast- Florida
Individuals and families by prodding
employment, education, housing repair,
youth- programs and -emergency,
assistance and. other; 'anti'-poverty
programs, leading to self-sufficiency.
Services are provided outreach offices
In Baker, Clay, Duval, Flagler, Nassau,
Putnam' and St. Johns counties.
Central offices are located In the'City of
Jacksonville, Florida.
The ',executive director position has
strategic, tactical and' operational
responsibilities for sustalnabilty and
execution of the Agency's mission. The,
Ideal candidate must have knowledge,
skills and; abilities In leadership,
management, strategic planning,
organization, execution, financial and
human resources, public relations and
problem solving techniques, to name a
ew. The executive director reports' to
a 64 member board of directors.
Qualifications: Bachelors Degree
required, masters degree preferred, in,
one of the behavioral sciences or
related fields least six (6) years
of proven executive level or'
management level of progressive
experience In nonprofit or for profit
organizations or business.
Starting Salary Range: $70,000 -
$90,000 ., .. .
Application? :.Process: Submit
applications and/or resumes via mail
to:., abrownlnfcaa.oro eor by mail to:.
NFCAA Human Resources, attention
Ms. Antoinette Brown, P.O. Box 52025,
Jacksonville, Florida 32201, by August
31,2013. ,
For further information, please visit:

benefits, weekends required. Call 277--
0905 or in person at' 5456 First Coast
Highway.. .

DRIVERS: $5,000 Sign-On Bonus!
Great Pay Consistent Freight, Great"
Miles on this Regional Account Wemer
Enterprises" 1-888-567-3110,

ED Apply at Holiday Inn Express,
'6071 idre, Place, Yulee or call
] ~i.. 8' .-0200

ERS Earn 50 up to 55 .cpm loaded.
$1000 sign on to Qualified drivers.
Home most weekends. (843)266-3731

Learn to drive for US Xpress. Earn
$?OO/wk NO exp needed.. Local CDL
training job ready in 15 days.
k888)368-1964 ArF

hiring for ,car salesman 'position.
Communication. & customer service
skills required.,. Sales experience and
familiarity : with 'auto financing
preferred. Please send resumes to.

Cleaning' Condominiums and Homes.
Apply in person at Elizabeth Point '
Lodge, 98 S. Fletcher Avenue.

rmV~e jpanT
Clean .& load rental equipment for
deliveries St. Marys, GA.. Clean MVR,
Drug, & Background'Check. Resume:
Send resume to: '
YMCA seeking energetic child care
employees for part time group leader
positions in quality after school
program. Applications available at the
Earn $$$ Helping MDs! Process
medical claims from home. Call the
Federal Trade. Commission to find out
how to spot medical billing' scams.
1(877)FTC-HELP. A message from the
News-Leader and the FTC.
DRIVERS 'Hiring, experienced/inex-
perienced tanker drivers; Earn up to
$.51/mile. New fleet Volvo tractors. 1
year OTR exp. req'd. Tanker training
available. Call today (877)882-6537, 'ANF

204 Work Wanted
No Job to small. All work guaranteed.
Call Russell Tomasini (904)415-1686.

20 years experience. Low rates.
Supplies provided. References avail-
able. Call (904)206-1477.

Private Golf
& Country Club
looking for
part-time servers
Duties include serving/
bartending and food/beverage
Seventh set-up. Fine dining,
experience a plus. bul not
required. Applicants must be
available to work nighls.
weekends and holidays Must,
be able. to'-pass .jiackground
check and drug screen. .,
Compensation; hourly.,
Resume can be sent to



301 Schools &
-Instruction .'.-
FAA approved Aviation, Maintenance
Technician training. Housing & financial
aid for qualified students. 3ob place-
ment assistance. Call AIM (866)314-
3769. ANF
P/T Physical Education Teacher. If
Interested,, email resume/ credenlials
to or call (904)
3212137. ..
ED Become .a Medical Office.,
AssistantI .No experience needed:
Online training at SC gets you job.
rcady HS Dilpoma/GED & PC/Internet
needed.1-888-374-7294. 'ANF

SAT & ACT Test Prep Classes 'at
Yulee High School,' Your SAT/ACT'
zcorez are one of tre most important
factors for college .admission. 'ge sure
ygu re preparedI Scholarships available
for students:on free-or-reduced lunch. '
Register onllne at wwa.scnebell-
educatiorailconsultinrg.comn. Inaivciual
tutoring & colleace consulting al3;o
available. . '.
WORK HELP all ages b, teacher with
36 years experience' Call (860i463-
0563 or e 0mal Sue2015'raol corr

eds olunleer o help N-Bu Coun.
lmlh-ei uho need -ood. shelled
and basl nebe1, llles
C allg 4.7b 1000 ?eei'- more inlo

*OO .. ,e.g ... 6 ,'

:Erectile Dysfunction:

: Drugs May Be Dangerous To Your Health
FREE book by doctor reveals what the
drug companies don't want you to know! I
Dr Kevin Hornsby'MD will mail the pay the postage and handling. II
* first 37 men that respond to this ad the PCpular pills don't work for you,
* a free copy of his new thirty dollar regardless of your age or medical
* book "A Doctors Guide to Erectile history (including diabetes and
Dysfunction He's so sure this book prostate cancer) you owe it to youi-
will change your lite he will even self and your lady to read this book.
Call Toll Free (800) 960-4255

We Are Looking For: 2' -2
Experienced Service Technicians rl r "
-'Auto' Body Technicians -,_

We Offer:



Call a News-Leader AD-Visor at 261-3696 and let them help yOu put the service

directory to work for you. Two sizes ;available to meet you company's heeds:



Please Call Us '
At 753-30671



Your Local Island Cleaner
Now Accepting New Clients
1 : ......... : .... :':.c' s:; ...... ... :..:: .........


S Patios Sidewalks &
DrivewayAdd-ons, startling at 599
We will meet or beat any reasonable quotes.
S Highest Quality o Lowest Prices
lOfficese (onded 1 04) 491-4383
:i~cnsed & Bonded Cell: 1904) 237-7742

GEOO~5!: 7. ,'..

Stve r .~nrIn ow, trim,COSA:RFIG

State Reg Building Contractor "The .e ;' T, .io 1 Muchedge, e "' CI
Licensed insuredQuitPaying ToeNMuch! bdsAhdgs-
"r40 Years Experiencebeds,etc
,UcensedolInsured, .;....I .... ....:. MTranhmitter replacermet' . :R o i l~ u~ ~ i~ l
States censed RB055959 : ::., ... : "::'''": . 'l is "548,8470 O' y
GfRfES ROOM fDDITIONS 904277- 8 Feco es r c oatsLson Chris Lowe Nassau County's Largest Roofing &
GEW ROOHfDITIOMES 1904-27.7-2086 Free quote, best price possible. I talesConO. sultalwt nSing ContrsuortServnng Satisfied t
NEW___HOMES'____SIdIng ContractorServIng SatlisfIed
"EWOE" 1 : ServingS Nassau County Homiaebullders & Homeowners
SQUALITY'GUAlRRINTEED LA W .NEANjCE __,k-_'__._,_ r over 20 years with Since 1993 .

2.Car Garages -



-W-Whe It Rains
Be Prepared.
Aluminum Gutters


(904) 261-1940

Lo.3& Owned
5L,0c.. Oed 904-4914383


Removal &
$300 per Pallet
Sod & Labor Included

No Fees Up-Front
Call Anytime!
Available Weekends

(904) 868-7602

Bob's Irrigation
& Landscapinglnc.
Full Service Lawn Maintenance
Landscape Design & Installation
Irrigation Installation & Repair
Outdoor ULighting Solutions
Seasonal Lighting Projects
Sod Installation &Repair
Concrete Pavers & Fire Pits
Deck Installation & Repair
RetainingWalls & Ponds
Grading Services & Drainage


Jmlrl0idG a

Lawn Maintenance
* Mowing, trimmlng,edging & blowing
* Pruning and weeding
Organic Fertilization
* All Natural. Fertilization
* Soil Replenishment with Microbes
*Comn Gluten Lawn Treatments
* Flower Beds and Plantings
* Florida Friendly Design
* Hydrqseeding & Sod
Sprinkler System Experts
* Installations
- Tune-ups and maintenance plans
* Repairs and valve locating
(904) 753-1537
Lirnsrad & Insured


464054 SR"'200 -Yulee

(904) 261-6821


Quilirv. %tork ai %.'
Reaj-:nable' Prices .k '
70)lvb Too SlSnovoo Too
LKensnd'Bondei ns.rd lineare

Houses Trailers Patios
Driveways etc.
Exterior Windows
Wood Decks C/eaned & Reseaed

I Place an Ad! I

Call 261-3696

Re-Roofing New Roofing
/ Siding-* Sofflt'& Fascia .

S Free Est/mates '
A Costal Building Systems Co.
ccc-omo ,

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|Real Estate, Inc.

*2 BR/1 I'.BA mobile home, on Island,
$800/mo + utilities.
3BR/2BA home on Lofton: Creek
2,600 sq.ft., Dock, garage/wAvirkshop,
Large. lot, gourmet kitchen, many
other bonus's $1,950/mo. Plus utilities.
SOcean Park, 3BR/2BA Furnished with
I-car garage, available monthly or long
term $2,200 with utdities included.
2BRJ I BA Ocean-view. 487 S. Fletcher.
Across the street from the beach.Al
util,wi-fi,TV & phone. "
3BR/3BA townhome in Sandpiper
Loop $1850/wk plus taxes&cleaning
*5 Point Plaza 1,200 sq. ft.,$13 sq. ft. +
$1350 c3nm & tax
SF..-. Po..-,t v.iii&,. 1.200 sq. ft.AIA/S. 8th
St. exposure Great for-retail, services,
r -office $'1200/mo.+ sales tax.
850688 US HWY 17,. 1,210 sq.ft. building
,wVith 3.8'acres of fenced property, for-'
merly a Nursery with some outbuilding
and a g'eei house still on property .
STwo 800sf Office/Retail. spaces, can be
joined for one. 1,600 sq- ft space, AIA
next to Peacock Electric $12/sq. ft +
CAM &Tax '
-'Amelia Park Unit B -,,small otce 12
rooms) with bath, 576 sq. ft. $1050/mo.
+sales tax.
S1839 S. 8th St. adjacent to Huddle
SHouse, 1,800 sq.ft. $1700/mo. lease +
tax. Sale also considered.


S601 Garage Sales 11602 Articles for Sale 11808 Off Island/YuleeI

601 Garage Sales

ESTATE SALE Broyhill china cab.,
dinette w/6 chairs, sofa bed,
recliners, lamp tables, many lamps,
TV stands, TVs, mirrors, many
pictures, china, glassware, milk
glass, costume jewelry, silk floral,
floor lamps, ant. end table, ant.
plank chair, comer wall shelf,
drapes, religious items, suitcases,
queen bed frame, matching chest,
dresser, nite stands, hand carved
hat rack, ant. blanket chest, Hooyer
steam vac, vanity stool, bath items,
linens, wheeled walkers, Sharp
microwave, many kitchen items,
cleaning, refrigerator, washer, dryer,
air purifiers, 2 full size beds, 1940s
chest, matching end tables, Singer,
small glass top tables, Christmas,
books, movies, folding metal chairs,
yard tools, tool chest, old kitchen
table, Gorilla ladder, grass hog,
Craftsman blower. Troy Bilt 5550
watt generator, Craftsman electric
saw, large tarp, yard cart for riding
mower, comer cabinet. Aug. 29, 30,
& 31, Thurs., Fri. & Sat., 8am-3pm.
87521 Haven Rd., Yulee, FL. Take
Chester to Roses Bluff to Haven,
follow the red & white signs.

MOVING SALE- Pictures, clothes,
furniture, dishes, camping equipment,
picture frames, Roman Urns, plants,
house decor, mirror. Sat. 8/31, 9am.
94083 ULimpkin Ln., Piney Island Subd.

SALE Lamps, art, furniture, consoles,
side tables & more. 30%-70% off. Also
sale at store In front of Bretts Water-
way. Fri. 8/30 Mon. 9/2, 10am-5pm
316 Ash St. Downtown. 277-2660.

Bee2 Units Available

0.,,7-3942 1250 sq.ft.
Each unit different floor
BARBERplan starting at $1000
SHOP Pritee& Deh month with year lease.
FOR LUE E MIE-A30OLIC We pay garbage, sewer
904-2T.3942 ...' & water, and outside
",' Call for more information

t !_tStatRoaNO_ 277-3942

0 06 Fgh AaistCace NT0ALY 6r

A non-profit organization providing
the pubhc with FREE itliTIdtUlon,
SAmazodi'n anti-La.dncer bools iand i6,




Adopt A Companion Todag.

, I ad- see. b,
jmT ,.+

Broome St. Fri. & Sat., 7am-2pm.
Lots of furniture, misc., decorative,
lamps, exercise, tools, construction
Baptist Church, across from Ron
Anderson Chevrolet, at the corner of
Blackrock Rd. & SR200. Sat. 8/31
from 8am-4pm.

3 Homes: 93042, 93035, & 93028
Harbor Ct. Small kitchen appl's, waffle
iron, toaster oven, cookbooks, glass &
brass tea cart, S-pc white wicker porch
fum., frame prints, CD's, very nice
heavy silver plate from 50's, & so much
more. FRI. 8/30 & SAT. 8/31, 8AM-

MOVING SALE Yulee. Fri. 8/30 &
Sat. 8/31, 9am-'? Across from Yulee
Post Office. Lots of stuff

FS10 $375. BassPro Ascend FS128T
$575. Watersnake 24 inch composite
shaft 34 Ib thrust saltwater trolling
motor $125. Phone (904)225-5259.

TV ARMOIRE Charleston Style,
white 60" comer cabinet. Beautiful, but
moved to a smaller place. Paid $600.
Will take $225. Call (803)341-2456

609 App.iances- .
WASHER/DRYER Very good condi-
tion, $150. Nassau Lakes Subd. (904)

611 Home Furnishings
with 6 chairs. China cabinet with glass
top and wine storage in bottom
cabinet. Make offer. (904)707-1315

l2Muia I m j !J--1 851 Roommate Wanted
612 Musical Instruments] t ---- ---

FOR SALE Vose & Sons mahogany
finish 5' ft. BABY GRAND PIANO
with bench. Restrung & refinished
in 1995. Beautiful sound. Sacrifice
at $5,000. To play, call (904)753-

WANITu Ham radio equipment
(vintage or modern), tubes, tube audio
amplifiers, test equipment. Call Ethan
at (775)313-2823.

625 Free Items
SET used rarely In guest room. Not
fancy but In good condition. FREE. Call


701 Boats & Trailers

TRAILER 6' x 12'. Solid unit in very
good condition. $3,800/OBO.' (904)


|-802 Mobile Homes
MOBILE HOMES with acreage.
Ready to move in. Seller financing
w/approved credit. Lots of room for the
price, 3BR/2BA. No renters. (850)308-
6473. ANF

806 Waterfront
BY OWNERS Beautiful 3/2.5 on fresh
water lake in Marsh Lakes subdivision,
very private.. Two decks overlooking
lake and Intracoastal. Short distance to
community pool, tennis courts, and
playground. Call 277-0661 for

OCEANFRONT LOT In Jacksonville
Beach. Zoned & ready to build on.
Reduced to $589,900. (904)868-2150

Waterfront Homes & Lots Call
(904) 261-4066 for information. C.H.
Lasserre, Realtor. ,

LOOKING FOR professional adult to
share 2BR duplex on 1st 'Ave. $600/
mo. + $200 deposit. (304)647-8337

MATURE FEMALE TO share house in
Holly 'Point, "Nassauvllle. Cable TV. and
everything furnished. $300.00 mo.

RV to live on a campground for $425/
mo. All utilities included. Ask. about
senior citizen special. (904)225-5577.

YULEE Nice 3BR/2BA $725. Nice 2BR
SW $650 rental available. Water inc.
Small dog or service animals only. Call
(9'04)501-5999. Possible rent to own.

857 Condos-Furnished

MADDOX RENTALS (904)261-9129
Long Term Rentals Available
Amelia Island Plantation Club Villas
2BR/2BA. Furnished.
Starting at $1400/mo.

FOR SALE BY OWNER 1.5 acre lot,
Lofton Creek area. $60,000. Owner
will finance. Call (717) 507-7866.

810 Farms & Acreage
200 acres In prime location only 20
minutes from downtown Jacksonville.
Loaded with TIMBER, this property Is
priced to sell at only $499,900. Call
Brian at (904)583-9922.

[- 17Otr...Areas.
$3375/acre. 45 minutes from Nash-
ville. Tracts from 41- to 560 acres w/
timber, food plots, & views. Call (931)
629-0595. ANF


3BR/2BA-off of Harts Rd. $900/mo.
+ $900 deposit. Available 9/1/13. Palm 1 ,861 Vacatio n
III Rentals (904)321-0457. 6 Vacation R ntals

3/2 SWMH 75641 Johnson Lake Rd.,
Yulee. $725/mo. + $725 dep. Call
S(478)363-1066 or (904)360-9136.

ON ISLAND 3/2 SWMH in park
starting $185 wk/$750 mo + dep. Utils
avail. Off Island N'ville 3/2 SWMH,
CH&A, $750 mo + dep: '261-5034

SMALL 2BR/1BA MH' Remodeled,
w/fishing pond. $650/mo. rent +'$650
dep. Service pets only. Call 491-8768

campground. Weekly or monthly. All
utilities & WIFi Included; (904)225-

855 Apartments
AT BEACH 1BR apts $225wk/$895
mo. + dep, Inci all utils, long term'. -
Also 3/2 SWMH on & off island.
Weekly or monthly. Call for Details
261-5034. .

3856 Apartments
Utilities included. $500/mo. + $500
security deposit. Service animals only.
No smoking. Call (904)583-3811.

LOVELY 1BR APT. Lg, 800 sq ft.,
modern & secure', W/D, 1 bik to beach.
$725/mo., long term. No smoking.
2946 First Ave. (904)556-6858

Clsife .. *. n dalieis500Q M na ya.

Clsi fidA vetsngd alnei :0-. ens ay.

Call (904)261-40'66, C.H. Lasserre,
Realtor, for special rates.
Mountains. River overlook, cozy, -well
furnished, majestic. views. Peaceful.
$550 a week. Call (904)757-5416.

S 863 Office
space from 100 sq. ft. to 2,000 sq. ft.
Includes utilities,' Internet, common
area receptionist, conference room,
break room, & security. For info call
Office Space All utilities, CAM, & tax -
included. 2 rooms; 370sf. $695. Call

" ..... 0

I 901 Automobiles
miles, good condition, 5.0 V8, new
A/C, fully automatic. $250'0/OBO.
'02 DODGE DURANGO Bought new,
Well kept. Good tires, cold A/C.
$3,000. Serious caller only (904)412-


edeadin l a[


Continued Care Forum

'Wednesday, September 11th 2:00-4:00pm

In the Wellness Center

Join us for our Continued Care 'Forum in the Wellness Center
at Osprey Village! We'll be explaining all of the services that

we offer, the different levels of care, along with presentations
from Genesis Rehab Services, Live Long Well Care, and our
Healthcare Administrator. Refreshments will be served.

Call 904-277-8222 to RSVP.

48 OspreyVillage Drive

.Al'9_1 97


W W/D Connections
Large Closets.
Private Patios
Sparkling Pool
Tennis Courts
Exercise Room

Close to schools and shopping.
20 minutes to Jacksonville or Fernandina.


37149 Cody Circle
Hilliard, Florida
Mon.-Fri. 8:30-5:30
Sat. /Sun. by Appt.

City Apartments
with Country

Call Today
(904) 845-2922





* Furnished or

* Internet service

* Telephone

* Conference room

* Mail box service

* Break room

* Virtual Offices

Pricing from:.
Virtual office


Contact: Phil Griffin
T: 904.556.9140
E: phil@acrfl.comn

858 Condos-Unfurnished
3BR/2.5BA CONDO $1250/mo.
Stoney Creek. Deposit/references and
credit check. Available September 1st.

1860 Homes-Unfurnished
2 RENTALS.- Townhome 3BR/2.5BA
ready now, show like new, $1195.
Home in Heron Isles. 3BR/2BA, ready
in Sept., $1175. Call The Real Estate
Centre, Inc. (904)206-1370.

BRICK 3BR/2BA Totally renovated,
1800sf, lac. and fenced on Haddock
Rd. in Yulee. $1200/mo. + $1'000
deposit. Call (904)225-5635.

1860 Homes-Unfurnished
MADDOX RENTALS (904)261-9129
Long Term Rentals Available
Spanish Oaks Circle
3BR/2BA, unfurnished, $1500/mo.
t Arrigo Blvd.
3BR/2BA w/office, unf., $1500/mo.
corn for the most recent information
on Long Term Rentals. Updated Dally.
Chaplin Williams Rentals, The Area's
Premier Rental Company
2BR/1BA fenced backyard, back
patio with brick BBQ pit,' large work
shop. (904)491-5282
3BR/2BA DW Newly remodeled.
Miner Rd. $800/mo. + $800 dep.
ON ISIAND near Ritz, 3BR/2.5BA
w/bonus room, 2-car gar. Approx'
3600sf, fenced yard, pool, on 3/4 acre.
Newly renovated kitchen, bathrooms.
Granite countertops and new stainless
appliances. Pool service and lawn
.maint. incl. in rent. Pets considered.
Rent $1,895. (904)491-5058