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FRIDAY AUGUST 23, 2013/18 PAGEs 2 SECIONS ffbnewsleadercom

2 ex-city

: Two former city officials have been
"asked to pay thousands of dollars to the
,Fernandina Beach Golf Club after they
.allegedly took employee discounts for
'no nths aiti they left city employment.
'Firmer city manager Michael
zn.tmbor wa.' aIked to pay $2,301 and
former fire- ciief Chuck Bogle owes
4,3.4ol, according to lenders snt to the
rnitn by the golf club. '
, "I think it's just abhorrent," Mayor
Sarah Pelican said Wednesday. She
was especially inceinsed because
:Cznrnbor received mirnre than $112,000
in his separation agreement- "golden
'arachute." in her words in January
2u 12.
I "'- clearly a aviation ofwhatwas

officials dunned thousands for golf

longer entitled to."
Czymbor and Bogle were the only
former employees sent such letters.
Czymbor could not be reached for
comment Thursday, but Bogle said a
former golf club manager, Damiarn.
Brink, authorized the discounted fees.
Brink confirmed that.
"He offered to keep me at the same
rate. I said, 'I appreciate that. That
would allow me to play more,'" Bogle
said. "He said he subsequently bought
a membership in- the club's player
development program that entitled him
to less expensive rates for playing later
in the day.
Brink confirmed that. "I saw the
opportunity of additional revenue. I
ended up talking him into a member-
Bogle, appointed to his job by

Czymbor and fired by the interim city
manager after Cyzmbor's departure,
asked, "Why was the letter sent to only
two people? ... It's small-town poli-
tics." Bogle retired as fire chief in his
hometown of Titusville after 25 years'
service there before coming to
Fernandina and is now assistant fire
chief in Melbourne.
Brink said he, agreed to give
Czymbor the employee rate ,.f$.'22 per
round while he was still receiving sev-
erance pay for the same reason. "They
always played with two or three other
people the additional revenue that
came in on food and beer, merchandise
and everything else was a revenue
windfall," he said.
He said the paii and their friends
GOLF Continued on 3A

in his contract," Pelican said. "He was
never entitled to golf privileges."
According to the golf club letter,
dated July.26, Czymbor played golf
163 times at the employee rate between
Jan. 22, 2012, after he resigned rather
than be fired, and July 7 of this year.
SBogle played the course at a dis-
counted rate 232 times between May 1,
2012. and May 31 of this year, accord-
ing to the letter sent to him. Bogle left


city employment April 30,2012.
"As you are aware, and have
. acknowledged in writing, employment
with the, city is a requirement of City
Employee Golf Membership at
Fernandina Beach Golf Club," states
the letter to the men signed by Josh
O'Brien, golf club general manager.
"Despite your employment termina-
tion ,. you continued to take advan-
tage of this benefit that you were no


No oie was injured when lightning apparently struck a window in this public housing apartment,
above, according to Fernandina Beach Police Capt. David Bishop, but several senior citizens had to
be relocated. Fernandina Beach Fire Rescue and police respond to the fire at the Sandridge
Apartments, 2012 Jasmine St., about 10 a.m. Thursday, below. According to Fire Chief Jason
Higginbotham, a direct lightning hit to the structure during a mid-morning thunderstorm was the
likely cause. Janice Ancrum, executive director of the Council on Aging, said city police called her to
coordinate relief efforts with other city agencies to provide care for the displaced senior citizens.

City nixes vote

on land sales

Two parcels of city recreational land
will not be considered for sale, due to
an unexpected 3-2 vote, by city com-
missioners Tuesday.
Mayor Sarah Pelican, Commission-
er Arlene Filkoff and Commissioner
Pat Gass voted against the land sales
Several dozen residents\- most of
them with properties adjoining the
recreational parcels titled City Hall to
voice their objections to the sale of the
two parcels.
, One parcel, at 6.64 acres, is south of
Canopy Drive and. borders Amelia
Island Parkway and several residen-
tial neighborhoods.
A larger parcel, about 28 acres and
bordering Simnmons Road tothe northl'
and two large residential areas, is an
undeveloped section of the Fernandina
.Beach Golf Club.
The Simmons Road property was
:originally meant for expansion of the
club, and revenues from its sale would
subsidize the golf course, an enter-
prise operation that has been losing
money in spite of being managed by a
private company
Because of their recreational des-
ignation, the sale of the mid-island
parcels would have required voter

approval if first approved by commis-
Commissioners had conceded ear-
lier in the month the parcels would be
suitable for future housing develop-
Pat Foster-Turley, a well-known
local zoologist and ecologist and News-
Leiader columnist, pleaded with com-
missioners to vote against the land
,iFoster-Turley, who owns a home
Adjacent to one parcel, said she moved
to Fernandina Beach partly because of
the lush wildlife corridor that runs
from Cumberland Island, Ga., to the
Talbot Islands south of Amelia. She
noted the parcels in question were part
of that corridor
"This is a different habitat froni th?
rest of the island," she said (-,f the
parcels in question. "Don't put us
through the stress of a referendum."
"What kind of houses are you going
to put in next to the airport?" she asked.
Vice Mayor Charles Corbett asked
Foster-Turley why she wouldn't want
city residents to vote for the land sale.
"It's everyone in the city's land," he
said. "You seem pretty confident every-
one would vote against it."
Commissioner Ed Boner, who ini-
LAND Continued on 4A

The first phase of the new Main
Beach boardwalk will finally go for-
ward, after city commissioner approval
Vice Mayor Charles, Corbett, who
argued against replacement of the
structure, voted against the project,
which was awarded to BNC Inc. of
Middleburg for $151,400. Project
design is by Gillette & Associates of
Fernandina Beach.
The project Was stalled for at least
a year because the Florida Department
of Environmental Protection said a pre-
vious construction plan was too close
to a dune growing over the present
It also was stalled for a time because
of citizen protest over a 2011 plan for a
new boardwalk 60 feet west of the orig-
According to Andre Desilet of

Gillette & Associates,
Sthe latest plan has
'the majority of the
new boardwalk
about 40 feet west of
the existing one, with
a height of about two
It feet over grade.
Phase I is 380 feet
Corbett long and Phase II is
390 feet long, he said.
A total of four new
sun shelters will be built, with two
being constructed during each phase.
Corbett complained at Tuesday's
meeting that the new boardwalk idea
came from "the sand dune Nazis in
Tallahassee," and that users would
have to "walk out on these little piers
to see the ocean."
City Recreation Director Nan Voit
said the city was "dealing with a struc-
ture that's constantly covered with sand
BOARDWALK Continued on 4A

Ptgw owyroy MI/IEu ITOTORSEar ws".p-r. aaYO
Batter Inverrloryo Lowwr Milwaa. Easy I~acni ---- --MnM ----.H *


I .23.13--3.2 .13 __
Register to win Sifts wuIo purchase *
6etai|s o)
25iS South St*' Street Remandina Beach 904261-56171

MAIN EVENT pro 29th frm 5p-apm
MAIN EVENT iea 29th frug, 75uuu-SpM

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The Net L0 0 1I 1 '< 0 d
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010l* liH ] alM 1
Prinmedon 0. | 9 I 0 I 6 1'
newsprint 0 j 3 g 4 }: ;, : : ; ;: ; ; : : ; ;

SCHOOL NEs _____ 4B
SPoRTs ________ 10A
SUDOKU ... .. .. 2B

2013 Nests: 187 Hatchlings: 4954
2012Nest 222 Hatchlhngs: 12600
Please am offorlrireckg&sshfzing
directy ondi the beach For a detaiedcoumnt
seewwr nela" dseau tldicom.

Think it's just

New boardwalk

for Main Beach

1 84264 0012013 3





FL 0 R I D A 'S

FRIDAY. AUGUST 23.2013 NEWS News-Leader


Donald Bradford
Mr. Donald Bradfoi'd Stone,
Professor. Eoieritus at the
University of Illinois, died at his
home on August 21, 2013 in
Fernandina Beach, FL
He is survived by his wife,
Marilyn "Sue" Stone, and two
sons, Bradford of Fernandina
Beach, FLand Brianf ofWichita,
Kansas and three grandehil-'
dren, Johnathan and Rachel of
Wichita, Kansas and Sarah of
Fernandina Beach, FL. He is
also survived by a brother,
Alexander Stone of Albuquer-
que, New Mexico. He is pre-
ceded .in death by a son, Bruce
Mr. Stone will be buried in
MiNlerton, New York at the fam-
ily's convenience.
Memorial donations may be
made to the American Cancer
Society or to the American Red
S. Cross. . ...
Please share his life story at'


John Francis Bennett 72,
Fernandina Beach, died-on
" Sunday, Aug. 11,2013. Funeral"
services will be held fhis morn-
ing in Jacksonville National
SEternity Funeral Homes &
Cremations Nassau
Jeffrey Nels Halford, 54,
Yulee, died on Tuesday, Aug.
20, 2013. A celebration of life
will be held on Saturday, Sept.
7 at 11 a.m. from Blackrock
Baptist Church.
Eternity Funeral Homes &
SCremations Nassau
Ms. Lynn Elizabeth'
Holland, 60,' Ferniandina ;.
* Beach, died on' Monday, July ;
29,2013. .;. .
N memorial services will be,
held at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Aug.
25 in the Burgess Chapel of
Oxley-Heard Funeral Home. ,
Oxley Heat d Funeral Directors

/ "- .*' ,, ***' . "


Community Hospice of
Northeast Florida offers an
open-ended grief support group
fOr adults who have experi-
enced the death of a loved one.
An open-ended support
group format allows new par-.
ticipants to join the group at
anytime, so that new grievers
have access to the group as'a
support resource. The support
group is led by a licensed and
trained Community Hospice,
bereavement professional.
SThe group meets every sec-
ond and fourth Thursday of the
month from 1-2:30 p.m. at the
SNassau County Council on
Aging, 1367 South .'18th St.,;
Fernandina Beach.., ,,
SComimunity' Hospice sup-:
port groups create a safe and
comfortable environment.'
where you can bond with oth-
ers who have experienced a'.,
similar loss. ,
For information or to learn
whether a Community Hospice
support group might .be right
for you, call Joanne Bernard, "
LCSW, at (904) 407-6811.

D 't LItte-i

ISpay orNeuter^

Wild Amelia has chosen the manatee, above, as the mascot of its 2014 festival, set
. for May. 16-18 in Fernandina Beach and surrounding areas.

Wild Amelia names manatee

itsnextCitter oft

Wild Amelia 2014 has announced that the
manatee is the mascot or."critter of the year"
for the eighth annual Wild Amelia Nature
Festival, scheduled for May 16-18
Each year the festival selects an animal as
mascot and provides educational programs
and a logo featuring that mascot. Previous
"critters" include the painted bunting, the
gopher tortoise, the North Atlantic right
whale, the great egret, the American alliga.
tor, the American bobcat, and the horseshoe
Scrab. The manatee was selected this year to
highlight the alarming number of manatee
deaths in 2013 fi-omn the red tide which
threatens the comeback ofthe manateein
.Florida waters and to celebrate the-"
" JacksonviIll Z.. aFind Gardefis"commitment.
to build:l rfli'iit;- 1 c ue center in 2014.
:.' ;W'e, Indiaii ,iiianatees in the United States
are concentrated in Florida in the winter, but
C are migratory; in the summer,'they have
been sported as far north as Massachusetts
and as far \estr as Texas Large, gentle and.
: slow-moving aquatic or marine mammals,.
Smanatees have torpedo-shaped bodies thai
taper to a paddle-like tail. They ha .'e two flip-
pers or foi elimbs and wrinkled faces and
:' snouts Theii- closest relatives are the ele-
phant and hyrax ,.
Found most commonly in shallow and
slow-moving rivers; bays, canals and coastal
areas, manatees feed on seagrass beds and
freshwater vegetation. Air-breathing, they
sur face every three to five minutes or more
'frequently, unless at rest. whlien they can
remrnain subnmergLd fui as long as 21 minutes
Though manatees can swim fast and play
energetically in the water, they are usually
very slow movers They are social and quite
curious; these traits can lead them to explore
'humans and human activity, often with disas-
tous results.
Though manatees can live up to 60 yeai-s
Sor" more and have no natural predator s, they),
are often injured or killed by boat strikes or
ingestion of fishing gear. and suffer from loss
of habitat due to coastal development They
also can perish from cold shock, prolonged

Open meetings are open
to'anyone, including non-
'alcoholics, families, etc., Who
may be interested in
AlcoholicsAnonymous. All
scheduled AA meetings are.
nor-srnoking and one hour in
duration. .
"' ,, : .' "' O* "
Alcoholics Anonymous
- meetings for people who
have, or think they may have,
a drinking problemare held
, Monday at noon and
Saturday at 10 a.m. at prince
of Peace Lutheran Church,
on Atlantic Avenue across
from Fort Clinch State Park.
Enter through the side door.
'>*" 0* 0.0
The Fernandina Beach
Group meets in the Amelia
Room, 906S. Seventh St.,
Monday at 6:30 p.m. (begin-
ners); Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m
(open discussion); Wednes-
days at 7 a.m. (open -12 &
12 study) and 11 am. (open-
step meeting); Thursdays at
7a.m. (open Big Book
''study), 11 a.m. (open dis-

511 Ash Street, Fernandina
(904)261-3696 Fa:
Website for email addresses
Officehours are 830 a. n.to5.0Op.rm

Though manatees can live up to
60years or more and have no' :,.
natural predators, they are often
injured or killed by boat-strikes or.,
ingestion offishing gear and suf-
ferfriom loss of habitat'due to

*'exposure to water, below 68 degrees is fatal
for manatees. Though the manatee popula-
tion in Florida has made a dramatic come-
back since-the Marine Mammal Protection
Act of 1972 and the Endangered Species Act
of 1973,2013 has been a disastrous year for "
Smanatees. More manatees have died in 2013.
than in the previous 10 years combined, due
to a red tide-algie bloom, particularly in
southwest Florida. This algae is a neurotoxin
for the manatee and causes seizures that can
lead to drowning. To date, more than 720
manatees have died in 2013.
This alarming statistic prompted Wild
Amelia to select the manatee for special
attention this year. as did the happier fact that
the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, long
involved with manatee rescue, has committed
to building a Manatee Rescue Center in 2014.
It is hoped that this Rescue Center will bring
injured and sick manatees in Florida's north-
eastern waters to medical attention'moe,,.j'jd
quickly'arid save rinure manatees
'Wild Amelia is an all-volunteer nonprofit
. organization whose mission if to protect
AmeliaIsland's wild places and wildlife ,
9 through education Educatiohal prograrps are.
Song6lng throughout the year with school and
community groups, the Wild Nites lecture
series, nature photography classes and more.
For information, visit ,wwwv wildamelia-com
and "Wild Amelia" on Facebook. For more
detailed and:current updates on manatees,
,visit .

cussion)-and 6;36 p.m (open holds AA meetings on '
.Big Book study); Fridays at Mondays at 7 p.m. and
11 a.m. (open Big Book Saturdays at 9:30 p.m. (can- '
study) and 7 p.m. (open delight) at 1014 South 10th
meditation, speaker); and St. The Fernandina Beach
Saturday at 7"arm. and 6:30. NA groupmpets at 8 p.m..
p.m. (open discussion)J arid Sundays, Tuesdays and
6:30 p.m. Call 261-8349.: Fridays (Step Speaker) and
**. ". .'.T7p.m.Thursdaysat 1014
The Downtown Group South 10th StL A covereddish
meets at the Alachua Club, cookout is held the lkst
corner of Third and Alachua Saturday of every month. :'
streets, Fernaroina, on ; .: .- Join for fun and fellowship. I,,
Monday at 8 p.m. (open,-'12 .
& 12 study); Tuedays'at'8 'The FtL George Group ,
p.m. (open speaker); Wed- '' meets at St. George '
nesdays at 8:15-p.m. (open- .-. Episcopal Church in St
men's discussion): Thurs- George on Fridays at 7:30
days at 8 p.m. (open discus- :" p.m. (open discussion).
sioni); Fridays at 8 p.m. (open .,,, ,., *
-discussion); and Saturdays : The Yulee Florida Group
at 8 a.m. (open discussion) 'ieets in the YMCA building
and 8 p.m, (open -relation- 'on Pages DairyRoad on
ships). Call 261-3580. Sundays at 8 p.m: (open- dis-
D G p cussidn); Tuesdays at 8 p.m.
"The Dune's Group, Peters (open Big Book);
Point in FernandinaBeach; Thursdays at 8 p.m. -(open -
meets Fridays at 7:30 am. discussion); and Saturdays at
(24-hour book meeting). 6:30 p.m. (open -Big Book).
0 00 # 0 0
The Freedom Group-. The Yulee Al-Anon Family
S Group meetings are
-eah.F -Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. at the
Beach, FL 32034' YMCA building on Pages
x 261-3698 Dairy Road in Yulee. Contact the-group by
email at YuleeAlanonFG@
SMonday through Friday hotmaiLcom.

2The NeWs-Leader is published every Wedkesday and Friday by.The Femandina
Beach News-Leader, 511 Ash Street. P.O. Box 16766, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034.
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publication In nwhote'or in part without written permission lrom the publisher are prohibited.
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the advertisement or any part thereof is contrary to the general standard of advertising acceptance.
Mail in Nassau County .................... $39.99 CN I
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Community News:
Monday, 5 p.m.
Letters to the editor:
Monday, 12p.m.



Church Notes: "... ."". *-.. ...... ...
Monday, 5 p.m.. Classified Ads: Monday, 5:00.p.m.* Wednesday, 5:00 p.m.
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Monday holidays the Classified deadline wil be Friday at 5 p.m.

Teddybear affair
The Jacksonville Zoo and
Gardens will partner with
Nemours Children's Hospi-
tal to hostTeddy Bear Affair
Aug. 24 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Children ages 3 to 12 who
bring their teddy bears or
other stuffed animal will
receive free admission to the
The event will be. located
on Shaba Terrace, the zoo's
covered pavilion. "Injured"
teddy bears will receive spe--
cial treatment by Nemours'
staff, including eye exams,
check-aps, casts and even
Theie will beanimal
encounters, prize drawings
and visits from Jazoo, the
zoo mascot TheJacksonville
Zoo is located at 370Zoo
Pkwy..Phone (904) 757-4463
orvisit www.jacksonville-
GaryW. Belson
Associates Inc. will hold a
concealed weapon license
course at 5:30 p.m. Aug. 26.
A basic with defensive tactics
course will be held at 7:45
a.m. Aug. 31. For details con-
Stact Belson at 491-8358,
(904) 476-2037.or'Visit
L amingseries
Family Support Services
of North Florida will focus
on Barnabas Center's expan-
sion plans at the Breakfast
Learning Series, Aug. 27 at 9
a.m. FSS offers the free edu-
cational program at its
Nassau CoUnty office; 87001
Profe'ssioal Way in Yulee.
Networking and continental
breakfast begin at 8:30 am.;
program from 9 to 10:30 a.m.
Reister to attendant
FSSJ3BLS.Nassau@fssnforg '
'or 225-5347. '
Guest speaker Wanda
SLanier, executive director,
.Barnabas Center, will dis-
cuss the center's future
plans in'distributing food in
Nassau County; future role
in delivering comprehensive
,ahd integrative health care;
and ongoing services, pro-
grams and satellite locations.
The Nassau County
S.HungerCoalitioh.and ,,.1-
Second Harvest will deliver.
free produce, dairy, bakery
goods, and meat starting at 1
p.m. until all the food is gond
on Aug,-?9,at theAtlan tic
Avenue Recrieation Center
auditorium, 2500 Atlantic
Ave., Fernandina Beach.
Libraries closed
The Nassau County .
Library System will be
closed on Monday, Sept. 2'
for the Labor Day holiday.
;Book drops will remain '
Beach cleanup
Beachkeepers Fernan-
dina Beach, in partnership
with Nassau County Sierra
Club and the city of
Fernandina Beach, will hold
a beach cleanup at Main
Beach on Sept. 3. This event
Sis open to the public. Bags
and gloves will be provided.
SMeet at the Dolphin Avenue
Sparking lot at Main Beach at
For more information
Contact Beachkeepersfernan
- Sea-levelrise
As part of the City
Resiliency Series,
Fernandina Beach is hosting
a presentation, "Sea-Level
Rise and Fernandina Beach,"
by Thomas Ruppert of
Florida Sea Grant Coastal
.Planning, on Sept. 5 at 7 p.m.
at the-Peck Center, 516
South 10th ,St. This lecture is
open free and open to the "
public. "
Wing night
The Northeast Chapter of
the Nam Knights will host a
Wing and'French Fry dinner
Sept. 7 at 5:30'for a $7
donation, at the VFW Post
4351. Come out early for
Meat Madness at 4 p.m. and






Latest figures from the Florida Development
Commission ranked Fernandina Beach 12th in
the state as a destination for autod tourists.
August 22, 1963
The opening of a new $6 million Yulee primary
school was postponed two weeks due to construc-
tion delays.
August 21, 1986
The Fernandina Beach Commission voted
unanimously to pursue a moratorium on develop-
ment until the city's planning codes could be
August 22, 2003

you could win steaks, ribs,
pork chops or chicken for $1
a chance. The VFW is locat-
ed at 96086 Wade's Place,
under the Shave Bridge.
Cedar Haven will host an "
Extravaganza Business Expo'*,
on Saturday, Sept. 14 from Iff'
a.m.-3 p.m. at the Atlantic
Avenue Recreation Center ':
auditorium, 2500 Atlantic
Ave. Join organizers for
entertainment, food and fun:
and more than 30 vendors,
as well as food by Ms. Pam r
from Christopher's Peir II '
and live entertainment
Admission is $3 per adult
and $1 per child.
All proceeds will benefit ';
Cedar Haven Transitional
House for homeless women.
The ServSafe Food
Protection Manager "
Certification Course will be >,
offered Sept. 17 and Nov. 19:,:
from 8;30 a~m.-5 p.m. in
Fernandina Beach. This ofie
day course using materials ,
from the National Restaurant
Association (NRA) is taught-',
by a University of Florida -
Extension agent who is a .
certified instructor with the
NRA Upon successful com-r'
pletion of the exam, particd -
pants earn a ServSafe certify,"',
cate from the NRA, valid for,
five years. Topics include:
Challenges to Food Safety,'-,'*
Microbiology, Contamina- ','
tion, Allergens,' Food Safety o,
Systems, The Flow of Food, ':.,
Maintaining Sanitary .
Facilities and Equipment, ..,.
Pest'Management and
Employee Training. ;
The course concludes with -:-
the ServSafe certification :
For information and to .:
register contact UF/Exten- ..
sion Agent Meg McAlpine at'.
Caregver workshop
Community Hospice df
Northeast Florida will pres- .
ent a "Caring for the
Veteran's Caregiver" family
care-giving workshop on ..,
Sept. 20 at the Charles M. ..
Neviaser Educational
Institute of Community -
Hospice, 4266 Sunbeam
Road, Building 100,
Jacksonville. Registration is :r..
at 8:30 am.,and tbe,proFO.m,-)
from9 a.m.-3 p.Bn, ,;,,
As more Northeast'
Florida veterans need full- ,;
time care, family caregivers
need to understand their ;,
special needs, and how,
when and where they can .
find help for themselves ::
and their loved ones.
National speakers wvilF
include Deborah Grassman,:
'ARNP, author of Peace at
Last and former nurse practiu
tioner ai Bay Pines VA -
Healthcare System; and ";
Nicole Johnson, national pro-
gram manager from the VA's.
Caregiver SupportPrbgram. !
A complimentary light '
breakfast and lunch will be
provided Ind attendees will .
have a chance to win door
prizes. Registration is free.
RSVP to (904) 407-6790 by
Sept. 13. Visjt ;
Archaeology group
S At noon on Sept 21 the
newly formed Archaeolo-
gical Institute of Amerca- -
,Jacksonville Society will hold
.its first meeting atthe
University of North Florida
,in Room 1205, Building 51':
(Social Sciences). Florida
archaeologist Dr. Keith
Ashley, who is in 'charge of :
the Archaeology Lab and
teaches at UN F, will present
a lecture about the discover-.\
ies resulting from excava- ;
tions in.the area-
,- The local chapter will '.
offerlnctures by top profes-
sionals on topics from the. *A
entire field of archaeology ';
and the chronological spec- i
trum.. ,.
Presenters wil include ':,
authors, expedition leaders;, !
; experts and operators of spe-
dalized technology. The :
national Archaeological :
Institute of America (AlA) is !
the largest and oldest : .
archaeological organization ;
in the country and produces :
Archaeology Magazine and :
The American Journal of :
Archaeology. It is dedicated !

to excavating important
sites, educating the public
and advocating for the
preservation of world her-
* itage.
Information about how
one can join AIA will be avail-
able at the meeting.
All presentations are
open to the public and
refreshments will be served
after the lecture. For infor-
mation contact Melva Price
at (904) 241-9411 or aia
A. "



FRIDAY AUGUST 23,2013 NEWS News-Leader

GOLF continued from IA
probably spent "six or seven
grand" at the course during
that time. "That's a 'lot of
income to the city That's why
I made that decision," he said.
Dan Zimmer, regional
director of operations for Billy
S Casper Golf, the private firm
that manages the golf course
for- .. the -city, declined
Wednesday to go into much
detail on the matter.
"We're working with the.
city to try and work through.
this situation;" he said.'
He did say the golf course
and city have a new process
for verifying employee dis-
counts. "We've adjusted that
process so there's not an
extended period of time to
when that's updated," Zimmer
S said. :.
.. City Manager Joe Gerriry
also declined: to 4o into detail.'
S'. "We ,have 'updated the,
(employee discount) list and
S established a system for updat-
Sing it on a monthly basis" as a
result, he said. Gerrity, said
there was no evidence that
other former employees took
advantage 6f the outdated list
"which included dead people. '
Activeicty employees are
entitled to an employee dis-
count 'at -the municipal -go'f
course as are retired city,
Employees With at least 25
years of, experience and; forf-.
mer city.commis.sioners. -".'
Pelican, who supported'
ousting Czynwbor after she was
Seeded in December 20f l, was
less reticent -' .
"I was vocal when he'left
that he felt a golden
parachute," she, -said. 'of
Ciymbor. He "lectured nie that
he wasn't taking anything he
wasn't entitled to." though she
disagreed at the time
"For the people who que-
tioned if we (commissioners
Charles Corbett, Jeffrey
Bunch. and Pelican), -were
doing the right thing" in seek-
ing to terminate Czymnibor's job
in January 2012. "lo and
behold, (what do) we find out
a year and a hall" later"
Noting that subsequently
there was a disputi:- among
conuissioini-ri4'lover hiring'a
rnew city n aylgiger.' Gei-'iry.'
who was not a member of the
International City Managers

Association, Pelican said of
Czymbor, "Look what you
have, an ICMA member who
steals from the city he used to
work for."
Pelican said the commis-
sion has not discussed the mat-.
ter, but she suspects the board
'will and may take action.
"Somebody needs to recover
the money that was in effect'
stolen from the taxpayers," she
"Him knowing the financial
situation at the golf course...
I think it's just abhorrent," she
said of Czymbor. Declining
golf course finances have been
a recurrent topic at city com-
mission meetings.
"You can tell a lot about the
character of a man when he
thinks no one is looking,"
Pelican added.
The settlement agreement
between the city and Czyfmbor
was dated Jan. 18, 2012, and
included this sentence: "The
parties agree that, apart from
this Agreement, Czymbor is
entitled, to no-payments 6or
other' consideration frodr the
Released Parties, with the
exception of the compensation
and benefits contained in Att-
achment 1, Benefits Schedule."
Attachment 1 granted
Czymbor accrued vacation,'
accrued sick time, accrued
personal time and six months'
severance pay. plus family
healtli dental and life insur-
ance for the next six months,
all paid'in a lump sum of
$105.593.75 The city also paid
a retirement plan contribution
for him to the ICMA for the
next six months af a cost of
S$60518.85. The total cost to the..
city for Czymbor's separation
outlined in Attachment 1 was
$112;li2,60. 6i|
.,. The: city :"managed the-
municipal golf course itself
when Czymbor became'ciry
manager in 2006, but subse-
quently, in 2010, the city com-.
mission voted to hire Billy
Casper Golf to manage it. That
camnie on the recommendation
.of a golf course evaluation
committee that Czymbor
appointed Czymbor frequent-
ed the golf course, often
accCmipanied by city commis-
Ai -nei b.iolhlIvitv depart
ncnler'-hdaiit',' dur~Tlgi-ls tii(?
as city nianager.

12 Ct.-Diamond Bracefet




-^" .?r ' -. ,,. -
Ladie 18K Pearimaster,

Shrimp Festival director to retire

The city commission voted to hire
Billy Casper Golf on the recommendation
of a golf course evaluation committee
that Czymbor appointed.


Isle of Eight. Flags Shrimp
Festival Executive Director
Sandy Price has retired from
the position. Her last day will
be Sept. 30.
"I've said fora long time that
the 50th (anniversary of the
Shrimp Festival) was going to be
my final year, and I made that
decision," Price said Wednesday.
Price, who held the position
for 13 years, announced her
retirement during a festival com-
mittee meeting Monday.
The 50th anniversary cele-
bration was contentious on sev-
eral fronts, including a decision
by the committee to allow a beer
tent and to move the plrade -
traditionally held Thursday
evening prior to the official start
of the festival Friday to the
Saturday before. Price took a
drubbing as residents voiced
their disapproval. '
"A lot of my shrimper friends
from Georgia, South Carolina
and North Carolina have called
and asked what is going on with
all the changes. It's bad enough
the festival is not really about
the shrimpers anymore butinow
the committee has decided to
change one of the best parts of
the weekend, the parade," Old
Town native, former shrimp
boat captain, and 2010'Pirate
Parade Grand Marshal Capt.
Bunny.Sterling wrote to the
News-Leade: ,*."" '-" "
In another departure from
tradition, the committeee con-,
tracted with sport fisherman,
artist and conservationist Guy
Harvey to design tle official T-
shirt,'an honor traditionally,
Reserved for local artists. The
moveannoyed many
"I was somewhat, taken
aback that a red drum totally
Sdomninates the T-shirt," Wrote
Bob Jones, executive.director
of .the Southeastern Fisheries
Association.".. It seems to me
it is more appropriate for a red
drum rodeo than a commemo-.
ration of a shrimp festiyalheld in
Sthe Shrimnp Capital of Florida"
Festival conrnninee memrnber:'
Beano Roberts,. a former city
.commissioner, and others were
critical of the addition of beer
sales to the event,.
SAnne MNlottayaw ofFernan-
dina Beach was one of a few to
offer kudos, writing, "Folks have
looked for a 'scapegoat' this .eai
becauseilhere. Wcie rmny
changes some of which we.-r
not popular and unfortunately
Sandy has received most of the

wanted to tell
Sandy, that
there are a lot
of people in
our beautiful
part of the
world who
Price are very
grateful for all
the years of
work she has devoted to the
Shrimp Festival!"
The city also has balked
recently at contributing $33,000
for trash removal after the fes-
tival, which festival committee
members have said threatens
the financial viability of the annu-
al spring-event.
Price said Wednesday that
she plans to look for other
opportunities using "all the
knowledge I've gained through
working for the Shrimp Festival
over the years. ... I'm going to
look at all my options."
Her job as executive director
has been a multifaceted one,
and, Price said the annual event.
takes a whole year of planning
by the executive committee and
many other volunteers. Her job
involved meeting and reviewing
sponsors, coordinating com-
mittees, promoting and publi-
cizing the festival, coordinating,
applications for artists and con-

tests, updating websites and cal-
endars and many other duties,
Price said.
"There's a lot that goes on
behind the scenes," Price said.
"Now there's also a lot of com-
petition for events. There's
something going on every
Shrimp Festival chairman
Mark Deaton said the festival
committee, which consists of
about 35 volunteers, will "have a
discussion on how we will move
forward" before Price leaves
Sept 30. For now, her duties will
be delegated to other committee
members while they consider
whether to create additional
positions, Deaton said.
Price's post as executive
director was "set up as a paid
position in the beginning,"
Deaton said, at about $100' a
"Afteir 'a period of time, she
decided she didn't'want to take
the salary any more," Deaton
said. "She did it for the majority
of time with no pay.... Itwas her
full-time job." Deaton said Price
also did "a tremendous amount
of volunteer work."
-* Deaton said the committee
hadrecently "been considering
a compensation package" for
"It's definitely a big change,"

ak laruay
t'k f4t4,

Jean Mim

Marn Ohagall

large Diamo
tare D~iamonlds

Rolex Watches

Anmed Security on Site. Free Registration/il Required. Items
pitured subject to prior sale and may not be available
at twisauction..

Salvador Dali

Tennis Brarngelet

Diamond Earrings

Norman Rockwell

Auioneer- AU2762 Dion Abadi, AB2955 AUCOR
Terms: Verified Check/All Credit Cards.
183% yearss Premium.

Deaton said of Price's retire-
ment. "'There's going to be shar-
ing and dividing and picking up
of many things Sandy did; It will
fall on me as chairman to dele-
gate responsibilities."
Sandy put in a lot more time
than anyone else," Deaton said.
"It's a year-round process to put
on an event like that."
Originally from Austin,
Texas, Pice has lived in
Fernandina Beach since 1988
with her husband,John, and two
daughters, who went through
the local school system and are
now grown.
Price is also a board member
of the Florida Festival and
Events Association and incom-
ing president of the Southeast
Festival Events Association. She
also owns Blue Sky Event
Consultants, LLC.
Price has been involved with
the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp
Festival in various capacities
since 1991 and has been execu-
'tive director since 2000.
SThe Isle of Eight Flags
Shrimp Festival evolved from a
small shrimp-boat racing event
in 1964 to the three-day citywide
festival it is today that attracts
over 100,000 visitors. It cele-
brated its 50th anniversary this

Property from seized and forfeited assets auction. Bankruptcies and liquidation
S of Rolxes, large diamonds, fine art, and jewelry together with general orde:.
merchandise which constitutes the majority to be liquidated piece by piece.


50% OFF Petite & Women's
50% OFF Capris -
S50% OFF Men's shorts % -
50% OFF Rugs & bath
30 **:accessories :,,
30% OFF Fashion idbags'-'-:
30o% OFF Mens short s've2'.-:i
S- knit-& woven shirts: i::-:
.30% OFF Men's nneth Coe ,
,: .. vatclh .

;.25%"OFF All summer hats
. .... & casual sandals : ,
(Sold in Accessortes Dept:).""'
-25-50% OFF Spring summerrr jewelry
:14.96 Designer minibags ,:,
5.96 Chubby bath towels I. .' o

SFriday & Saturday : : l Friday & Saturday

C". 0

2 0OFFg_2 SIOIFFtm
SAny One Sale Item : Any One Sale Item

-I M IM ,, ', -, .
-- : -" --' -.- .. : "- " - ,- T i- : : .: ^ H-., < ." .r -..] w i.
. - . -- . : .. . . ..: - . -. . . ,. .. .. , L .. .-'.- :. ,. . , : ... .
_ yo ne Stein -M artstore7 isit -c. a' -. ', -,.,; | -. .1 1. r ,I,,l
:. : i "* 1 ,, :- ,, '- ': *. I',, ',,. ,, ,,'.^ f ,-,,- ,, ,,, h'.

FRIDAY. AUGUST 23.2013 NEWS News-Leader

A dune has been steadily encroaching the wooden boardwalk at Main Beach Park from
the east. A new boardwalk is planned 40 feet west of the old boardwalk, at a cost of
$146,853. Phase I of the'project is slated to begin Sept. 3.

Continued from lA
and its walls have collapsed ..
the structure has become part
of the dule system." Voit saic
sand fences, similar to snow
fences in the north, will help
keep the dune from advancing
as quickly.
Commissioner Ed Boner
said he had observed dunes
growing rapidly along the
beachfront over the years.
"If we move the boardwalk
back, the- dune will follow it,'
he said. He also complained
the old boardwalk didn't
appear to be maintained on a

LAND Continued from 1A
dtially brought the sale of thi
parcels up for discussion, said
the city has "a very high per
centage of recreational or con
servation land." He added hi
also believed the decision
should be left up to voters.
Resident Dick Callahan said
he was surprised at the speed o
the land-sale proposal coming t

a commissioner vote. "It's diffi-
cult to get a committee togeth-
e er in three weeks," he said.
d "You are stewards for
- Fernandina Beach," Mary
- Pikula said. "I think of this
S(land) as partof our legacy ... for
i our children and grandchildren.
We don't need any more hous-
d ,ing, folks."
f "Say 'no more' to develop-
o ers of areasthat make this place
so special," Elizabeth Wilson
said. "Do you want to be
remembered for your short-
sightedness? Find other
resources for funds to cover
budget deficits."
Resident Mike Spicer said
the sale of the parcels was "not
a panacea for long-term budg-
etary needs.".
"We're going to seea bunch
of cheap tract homes instead of
a forest," resident Michael
Herkenhoff said. "Yofu're going
the cheap route and selling off
assets. My recommendation is,
Don't do that."
"You do not sell your assets
to support a losing enterprise,"
Ken Wilson said, referring to
the Fernandina Beach Golf
Club. "You: want to sell this

regular basis.
"We could have repaired the
gazebo tops and senior citizens
would be able to see the water,"
Corbett said. "I assume it will be
$100,000 in the second phase
to give 30 feet of the park away
...Next, well have a nice board-
walk by Egans Creek."
Resident Len Kreger said he
was out on the old boardwalk
every day, and that many others
used it besides senior citizens.
"Since 2004, the city has
been trying to replace (the
boardwalk)," he said. "We have
a boardwalk that's junk."
"We want the dunesto come,
to protect us," Kreger said. "Itfs

City budget hearing

scheduled Sept. 3 -

A public hearing will be held
Tuesday, Sept 3 at 5:05 p.m. at
City Hall, 204 Ash St., for first
reading of the proposed
increase in the city's millage
rate over Ihe rollback rate, for
city operating expenses and
voter-approved debt. A discus-
S10on th'013-14 city Bud.t
will follow the public hearing.
Commissioners approved a
tentative rollback rate of 6.400
mills for the upcoming fiscal

year, at a meeting Aug.
According to state law, the opera ,
eating mill rate can .be lowered^
after commissioner approvalft
but not raised.
Changes can still be made t-,j
the city budget before the final
budget hearing, The tfingLerni
sion of the city budget ,wif ,be
adopted at that hearing at 5:04,
p.m. Sept 17 in City Hall. The
new fiscal year begins Oct. 1.,

Temporary Closure of Tax Collector's
Downtown Office
The Tax Collector's: Office located ,inside the '.Historic
C. courthouse will be 'closed.the month of August for mandat-
ed equipment upgrades and renovations. The nearest
alternative location is the Main Office in Yulee located on
At A. Tax payments, vehicle registrations and most driver
license renewals can be made online at :, : .
www.nassautaxes corn. Phone: (904) 491-7400.
Thank You, John M. Drew, CFC

Yi y er prnssy

You've heard parents say,

"Nothing works with My kid!"

We will.

'.: Where Parents & Kids Learn to Survive

The Family Farm International
P.O. Bo:x 60722 Jacksonville, FL 32236
(904) 838-9689 tax: (904) 685-2187 ,,

' i' '


Hearing of the City Commission is scheduled
for Tuesday. September 3. 2013 at 6:00
p-.m. in the City Commission Chambers,
located at 204 Ash Street Femrandini Beach,
Florida to consider at 2nd reading the adop-
tion of an Economic Development Element
Comprehensive Plan Amendment and associ-
ated definitions. Please participate by review-
ing the amendments which are available at
City Hall or on the .City's website at

Interested parties may appear at said hearing
and be heard as to the advisability of any
action, which may be considered. Any per-
sons with disabilities requiring accommoda-
tions in order to participate in this program
or activity should contact 310-3115, TTY
711, (TTY number for all City offices) or
through the Florida Relay Service at 1-800-
955-8771 at least -24 hours in advance to
request such accommodation.

Interested parties may appear at said hearing and be heard as
to the advisability of any action, which may be considered Any
persons with disabilities requiring accommodations in order to
participate in this program or activity should contact 310-3115,
7TY 711, (TTY number for all City offices) or through the
Florida Relay Service at 1-800-955-8771 at least 24 hours in
advance to request such accommodation.

.-I j

a prime piece of property. Not to
fix it is criminal. You're going to
get lawsuits if you don't replace&
Voit said there is no estimate
for Phase 11i yet, but that it is
similar in scale to Phase I, witlI
two sun shelters and 'a dune
crossover. Tentative start of con-
struction is Sept 3, Voit said,
and the existing boardwalk will
remain in place until the new:'
one is completed.'
According to a city docu',
ment, the city's maintenance:
division will perform demoli-
tion for Phase I of the project-.
reducing the cost by $4,547 for-.
a final cost of $146,853.

(land) for a short-term fix."
"Every single one of you has,!
lived here too long," Gass told',
the audience, "and .you've-
become like us (native resi2
dents)." :
"Once upon a time there wasg,
a dirt road on First Avenue,"
Gass went on. "Just try to--
remember that ... where most of
-your houses are now, their<
used to be trees."
"What we're doing (with a
referendum) is the legal an4
correct way to go about it,"
Boner said. "We're having trou-
ble right now subsidizing their;
golf course. ... Ifthe people don't':
want to vote for this, it will hapg,
pen in November." :!
After hearing from residents .
Pelican said she had heard
comments that the -decision to-.
put the land up for sale had&'
already been made by commis;-
sioners. :-
"Nothing is further from thC
truth," she said, before voting
against sale of the city recre;-
ational land.
"I would like to stress that
this was not a done deal;,:.
Pelican said to the jubilant
crowd after the vote. &
S. -, Vg

FRIDAY. AUGUST 23.2013 NEWS News-Leader

Fear of crime? Take

Safe Streets Seminar

' Are you tired4 of hearing
about drive-by, shootings,
home invasions, muggings
and kidnapping but feeling
like you can't do anything
about it?
. You can do something. You
can learn the warning signs,
identify threats and focus on
reducing the opportunity for
crimes to happen to you, your
family and help your neigh-
Amelia Shotgun Sports will
host a free Safe Streets
Seminar on Thursday, Sept. 5,
from 7-9 p.m. Instructor Gary
Belson will inform participants
on how to ie better prepared
and recognize harmful situa-

tions arising.
Belsonf, former primary
instructor of the Joint Military
& Law Enforcement Hostage
Rescue Anti-terrorism School,
has trained law enforcement
and military personnel in spe-
cial operations.
Belson has provided Safe
Streets Seminars to FAA air
traffic controllers, Florida
Police Chiefs Association
wives, local-schools, hospitals,
homeowners' associations, mil-
itary bases and club organiza-
He continues to be a con-.
sultant to companies doing
business with the federal gov-
ernment, governments friend-

ly to the United States and pro-
vides home, business and
water plant threat analysis and
Belson will bring into focus
those areas of your life that
might be vulnerable to harm
and facilitate your awareness
of your surroundings, situa-
tions to avoid and provide you
with practical tactical guide-
Safe streets seminar is a
community service event and
is free to the public.
For more information,
contact Barbara Martin at
548-9818 or by email at info
@ ameliashotgunsports.

Sch -. i i b cautious
School is in be cautious.

..The Nassau County..'
Sheriff's Office .is urging,'.
motorists to use extra caution at ,.
Sthe start of the school, year.,.
'Parents are reminded to review;
safety tipIs with their children.
t .Anyone behind the wheel i
should drive, attentively, and',.
watch for children' on side-;,.
walks,.aloigroadways andat all
crosswalks and intersections..
Remember that texfing while:
driving is agaiiist the law in
Florida. :. :. ',
Motorists: .....
l., .Reduce speeds, in and
around school zones -.*.
You might consider-;
changing your route in order to.'
avoid school bus traffic I
-. Take extra-time to look
for kids at intersections, on
medians and curbs
Be prepared to stop for
Sthe school bus.
Enter and exit driveways;',?
parking lots and alleys slowly"'.
* and carefully; ;
D6 not engage indis-
tracted driving. 'Put down the,
,phone and focus on driving.:
Tfxting while driving is against
tWe law in Florida ..
: Watch for pedestrian vaf.
fif. and prepare to stop if a..
pLdestrian'is approaching the.
intersection' -a >,1,
"dlOgnte^L-ehwith sdoe>8tP'.

Never run oiut ito the
street.,'or cross in" between .
' ' ' ,

parked cars.
*., Create a morning sched-
ule that allows plenty of time to
arrive tothe bus stop at an
appropriate time. It's not safe'.
for childir en to run *into the
street because they are wor-
ried.aboutmissing the bus.,
Make sure children walk
'5-10 steps in front of the bus
where thedi ivercan seethem..
Wail for the driverto.sig-
nal that it* safe to cross.
Wait In a safe place -. not:
on the sti eetor curb.
*. Pa rents should renmi nd
children, about appropriate
behaviole on the order.



J : 1'2 "lG US ""'13,J "

to allow the bus driver to con-,
centrate on driving. .. '
Schoolchildren and safety
tips for walking to school;
S* Parents-should walk the
route to school with students
before the start of the year and
select a course with the least
Number of traffic crossings.
Cross only at intersec-
tions or crosswalks and obey all
traffic signs and signals
Do not enter a crosswalk
if a vehicle is too close or mov
ing too fast to stop
In general, children under
age 10 should cross the street
with an adult.

Sheriffgives warning:


From mid-August through -
Labor Day, the Nassau County 7fyou do chose to dri
Sheriffs Office will be out in chose d
force as part of the annual arrested. No war
nationwide "Drive&Sober or Get
Pulled OVer" crackdown on SHERIFF
drunk driving.
The crackdown, which will deaths involve one or more
include high-visibility enforce- drunk drivers or motorcycle
ment throughout Nassau operators," said Sherif Bill
County, will run through Sept. Leeper. "In 2011, 9,878 people
2. NCSO will be conducting spe- died in crashes involving drunk
cial DUI saturation patrols this drivers. That works out to
Thursday and Friday, Wednes- approximately one drunk driv-
day, Aug. 28, and Saturday, ing fatality every 53 minutes."
Aug. 31. During the Labor Day week-
Although it it illegal in all 50 end in 2011, a total of 138 people.
states, the District of Columbia were killed in motor vehicle traf-
and Puerto Rico to drive drunk fic crashes involving drivers of
(having a blood alcohol con- motorcycle riders with BACs of
centration of 0.08"or higher), 0.08 or higher. Of those fatali-
far too many people across the ties, 83 percent occurred during
nation get behind the wheel early evening and overnight,
after consuming too much alco- from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.
hol. The latest statistics from Drunk driving takes a par-
the 'National Highway Traffic ticularly heavy toll among
Safely Administration under- young drivers. Among 18- to 34-
-score the serious nature of the year-old drivers killed in motor
nation's continuing drunk driv- vehicle traffic crashes during
ing epidemic. the 2011 Labor Day weekend,
"Every year, about one third 42 percent were alcohol-
of all motor vehicle: traffic impaired.

ve impaired you will be
nings. No excuses.'

"We want to remind every-
one that getting behind the
wheel drunk is a terrible idea.
Unfortunately, not only does
drinking impair your ability to
operate a vehicle safely,' it also
impairs your judgment and
good sense about whether you
can, or should drive. If you
have any doubt about your
sobriety, do notget behind the
wheel. If you do chose to drive
impaired, you will be arrested.
No warnings. No excuses,"
Leeper said.
Drunk drivers face jail time,
toss of their driver licenses, and
steep financial consequences
such as higher insurance rates,
attorney fees, court costs, lost
time at work and the potential
loss of job. When family, friends
and co-workers find out, viola-
tors also often face tremendous
personal embarrassment



0 Jewelry'and'Fine Art SEIZED by police and federal agencies. Property from seized
'and forfeited assets auction. Bankruptcies and liquidation of Rolexes, large
= diamonds fine art, andjewelry together with general order merchandise which
Ii ^ constitutes the majority to be liquidatedpieceby piece.,

iAll Art and Jewelry Authenticakted and Certified. Over2IMillion Dollars!!

Ladies 1kPrlma ter,Diamnflds

: ,** *. , t. L .M :


'AU(TION-1*00 PM


Heading South on 1-95, Take Exit 373, Turn left
onto Al A, Cross Intercoastal Waterway, Turn right
onto Amelia Island Parkway, Veer left at the fork
Hotel will be on the left hand side
For information regarding the auction, call
(770) 454-9201 during normal business hours


Norman Rockwell

Armed Security on Site
Free Registration/ID Required

Items pictured subject to prior sale and may not be available at this auction.
Terms: Cash, Check, Charge. 18% Buyers Premium.

License #: AB 2955 Aucor
Auctioneer : AU 2762 Dion Abadi


18 1J 2nd St Fernandina Bch
Support Local Artists!
Paintings, photos, clay,
art glass, wood, jewelry
and other mediums.



FRIDAY.-AUGUST 23.2013 NEWS News-Leader


and dedicated

'I always tell the guests when they're checking in, 'Enjoy
yourselves and make yourselves at home,,' bell captain
Kris Appling says. "And same when they're departing,
you can't thank someone enough for staying here. When
they drive off, I want them to go off and tell their friends
and I wantthem to come-back.'

One of the first faces guests
see at the Omni Amelia Island
Plantation resort is that of the
car valets and bellhops at the
front door.
These busy, hardworking
folks are cordial, respectful and
diplomatic whela dealing With
incoming and outgoing visitors.
Supervising the group is bell
captain, Kris Appling.
"I love being on the front
drive. We are the first and last
impression people get when
they visit our amazing hotel and
As bell captain, Appling
doesn't just stand at the valet
podium. '
"I assist guests with numer-
ous tasks ranging from luggage
assistance to restaurant reser-
vations, driving directions and
providing up-to-date info regard-
ing our island's many activities
and all that ogr resort hasto

offer," he said.
On property since 2004,
Appling says the most reward-
ing part of his job is being able
to make guests' visits memo-
"Reading between the lines;
anticipating their needs and
going above and beyond is very
rewarding. You sleep well at
night knowing you made a pos-
itive impact on someone," he
The bell services team is the
heartbeat of the resort, says
"We kind of do it all. We are
.trained to find some way in
every situation to make it work.
Bellhops can jump in and park
cars if need be and car valets
can step upand haul luggage if
Car valets do a lot of run-
ning, says Appling, as in sever-
al miles per shift.
"We work in every weather
condition imaginable, we have.
driven nearly every make of
vehicle you can think of, and
always, as a reward for running
countless wind sprints for vehi-
cles, gratuities are always great-
ly appreciated." "-
All this exemplary service
does not go unnoticed byjared.
Prichard,director of front office
S"Kris' hard work and dedi-
cation set him apart from his
peers. He truly cafes about our
guests, our associates and the
service we offer as a brand. As
a supervisor, he'takes the big
picture into'account as he inter-
acts with each individual guest"
Prichard said the most
-important qualification for a
good car valet is a warm, wel-:
coming smile, as long as that
, smile can handle a, manual
transni'ission and doesnrTmind
I When he's not doing wind
sprints at workAppling enjoys
Spending time with friends,
goingto the beach,playinggolf
or making music with a guitar
or piano. ,
S "I justlove it here. I love the
island life. Omni has been real-
ly good to us. Everything.they ,
Promised us When they bought
the property,.they have followed
through and it really means the
world to Lus."

Veteran Buddy Thoinley works on his resume at

WorkSource for jobs


The centrally located
WorkSource office at Lofton
Square in Yulee offers a wealth
* of services for both business-
es and individuals.
Business consultant Sandra
A. Hayward said, "Nassau
County is on a growth trend
and we have helped a long list
of businesses get staffed in the
past year, including TJ Maxx,
Ross and JoAnn Fabrics, as
well as'just about every busi-
ness in the Yulee Titadeplex."
Hayward notes there is a
growing trend toward global
companies moving into the
area and these new or expand-
ing businesses may ,take
advantage of WorkSource's
expertise in labor market infor-
mation and the latest on busi-
ness incentives, statistics and
prevailing wages.
"'This type of information
can becritically important to
businesses considering relo-
cation to the area
WorkSource offers on-site
recruitment, which is'like'a
job fair for one company, and
Sprovides a nimyvTiad of business
services including posting job
vacancies and performing
assessment testing
"That's, one of the best ways
to get the most qualified appli-
cants," said Hayward
WorkSource partners ith,
all of the Economic Develop-
ment Boards in Northeast
".Florida as-well as ithliir
; 11 I !

Chambers of Commerce.
"We continuously assist
local businesses with their
ongoing employment needs,
whether they need to hire one
or 100 employees," said
Individuals will find a bank
of computers to search job
opportunities across the.coun-
ty. Browsers can click on links:
to college and university cen-r
ters as well as local and state-
WorkSource partners such as
Florida State College' at[
Jacksonville, which has career
centers at five of its six cam-
puses. .
There are eight Work-"k
Source centers serving six-
Northeast Florida counties.,
Job seekers will find a dedi-
cated team of people rehdy to.
help them succeed by provid-:
ing assistance with resume
writing, assisted job searches,-
assessments and more.
When grant funding is
available, various training and"
educational opportunities are
offered to the workforce.
Veterans have their own on-
site advocate and those with
special needs will find a dis-
ability specialist
WorkSource is located at
* 96042 Lofton Square Court in
Yulee. Business hours are 8,
a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.L
Phone 432-0009 or visit www.1 Contact
Hayward at ext; 2607 ori
District Director Verna:
Bennett at ext 2603.
S rypedfinewsleadercom'
.:"'< .'n1-: -u-i


2603 Osborne Road St.,Marys, GA


SCustomer Service I Patient Care Advocates

IYFull-Time Various Shifts

SStart rate of $10 per.hour Prescription drug benefits
Incentives after training Basic & supplemental life
Tuition assistance insurance!
SPaid training 401 (k) Biweekly bonuses available ,
Paid time off Holiday pay Employee stock purchase .
SRepresentatives available Employee assistance :
to interview on site program
* Health & dental insurance Computers on site
: tt ;S .,,,fessto apply
cti Professional dress required


* Bring resume for pre-screen interview


2603 Osborne Road St. Marys, GA



Tuesday ,

SAugust 27,2013|

8:00 AM-3:00 PM

Pregregister I.

online at*.


and be. ,


to interview!.

et Ski T'ours

Join s for a fun filled ride onk our jet
skis as we explore the waters of
,\ Amelia Islandc cookingg For our playful
dolphins and the .wild horses oF
Cuvmberlavd. These exciting adventures
are by appointment only, so call today,
to reserve your trip.

q04 -53-3420

www-fflygni rishfntco nM


FRIDAY, AUGUST 23,2013 OPINION News-Leader


The News-Leader is published with pride weekly
for the people of Nassau County by Community
Newspapers, Inc., Athens, Georgia. We believe
That strong newspapers build strong communi-
ties -"Newspapers get things done!" Our primary
goal is to publish distinguished and profitable
community-oriented newspapers. This mission
will be *accomplished through the teamwork of
professionss dedicated to the truth, integrity, qual-
iy d hardwork.
N Community
:*\ | Newspapers,
Incorporated '
The views expressedWby the columnists and.
leuerwritres on this page are their own
Sanddo notnecessarily reflect thevieaws of
the newspaper its ovjhers or employees

News-Leader columnist
Dave Scott is rehabilitating
from a minor stroke suffered
earlier this month. He plans
to resume his column as soon
"as he's able. '


Bright future for East Nassau'
I'm very disappointed that the News-Leader
allowed guest columnists Robert Weintraub and
Michele Kling to publish a column on Aug. 16
that'was riddled with so many inaccuracies.
Saying the article was "loose with the facts"
would be putting it lightly, when, in reality, the
authors avoided the facts altogether in an attempt
to sell your readers their own "pig in a poke."
The authors claim that mobility fees will leave
citizens on the hook for the cost of development,
but this assertion runs contrary to the proven
results this approach has shown in other com-
munities. Plain and simple, the mobility fee sys-
tem and the tax increment approved for the East
Nassau Community Planning Area (ENCPA)
were.created to ensure that development pays for
itself without a new burden on existing taxpay-
The authors'portrayal of Rayonier also runs
- contrary to common sense. We've been in busi-
ness herefor more than 75 years and we plan to
be here for the next 75 years and beyond. We
know that any project we pursue in Nassau
County must add value to the county if we expect
to achieve long-term value for our company. If
we were to permit anything short of smart devel-
qpmentto occur on our land, itwould devalue the
rest of our assets in the county. That's why our
proposed development is 100 percent compatible
with the vision that Nassau County and. its citi-
zens put forth for its future development throtigh
the Vision 2032 process. .-
The ENCPA isabout creating jobs. in Nassau
County so tlhatfuturegeneri-ations are no longer
commuting to other locations for high paying
jobs. This boldvision will create a sustainable tax
base -f6rthe county, which will benefit every
individual, family and business in Nassau Unlike
the patchwork development of the past, the
extensive planning that went Into the ENCPA
helps the county capitalize oh their i nique geog-
raphy and existing assets,. while, at the same
time, respecting and preserving the county's
existing environment and lifestyle. :
Don't buy a "pig in a poke" from those who
are not beholden to the facts. Working togeth-

er, we can build a bright future for East Nassau
that will benefit all of our citizens.
Mike Bell
Director of Public Affairs
Nassau County resident
The Viewpoint that appeared in (the Aug.
16) News-Leader can only be described as
demeaning, inaccurate and misleading. It was
written to instill fear in Nassau County taxpayers
by describing county commissioners as foolish
("they bought a pig in a poke"); describing
Rayonier and its subsidiary as money-hungry
developers "seeking to sell low value timber-
land 'at residential and commercial land pries";-
and describing Rayonier's legal counsel as noth-
ing short of a sorcerer with things "up his
sleeve," who sold the county commission the
pig in a poke with a "dream of county riches
The article is carefree with the facts in mak-
ing its arguments. First, Rayonier's real estate
subsidiary is TerraPointe, not "TerraPoint."
Second, the East Nassau Community.Planning ,
Area (ENCPA) is just that there is no such
geographic entity as "Yulee TerraPoint City."
Third,- therJ is no such program as the
"Community Development Grant" If the writers
.are referring to the Economic Development
Grant Incentive program recently adopted -by
the county commission, then they have errio-
neously described it (you can read the ordinance.,
for this incentive. in .Chapter-1, Article X Sec. 1-
181 of the County's Code of Ordinances).'Fourth,
-there is. no such term as "Tax Incentive
Financing.'" Again, if the writers were trying to
define the concept of Tax Increment Financing.
they would be better served usingthe Wikiedlia
definition of .the. term found at wiki/Tax_incre-
ment_financing. :
So we've properly characterized the intent
and tone ofthe article and corrected four factu-
al errors in it. Why, then, should the reader
believe the rest of the authors' "facts"? They
masterfully blend real facts "taxes on new
Developments never cover the full cost of coun-

ty services" (this is specifically true of residen-
tial developments, as the authors note in the
Duval County study)--with manufactured facts
- "How much of the (road) costs will be reim-
bursed by county taxpayers cannot be deter-
mined, but it will be substantial according to a
report given the commissioners last October by
the Economic Development Board" the
Economic Development Board does not recall
ever making a statement like that
The article also infers that all of the infra-
structure costs related to the ENCPAwillhappen
immediately. That is simply not the case. The
time horizon for ENCPA anticipates a 50-year
-build-out 6f. 24,000 acres. During the 50-year
build-out, the landowner has voluntarily com-
mitted half of the acreage into perpetual con-
servation. As key strategic areas are developed
(such as the Employment Area near 1-95) to cre-
ate jobs and attract capital investment, thewhole
array of new tools including tax increment financ-
ing 4nd mobility fees will be deployed to pay for
related infrastructure costs. They will not fall
"onto the backs of taxpayers."
The truth of the matter is that Rayonier has
been a good steward and an honest neighbor in
Nassau County for more than three quarters of
century. The company's employees and agents
(most of whom are also our neighbors) are work-
ing hard to secure a brighter and healthier eco-
nomic future for all of us. They deserve our sup-
Steve Riecki; Executive Director
Nassau County Economic
S" Development Board

Will the politicians include their own cam-
paigns when they decide to rid the area-of all of
the"tacky" signs and wavers on the side ofthe
road, or-will it be like most other laws arid not
apply to them? Besides that, at least the people
waving the signs are earning a paycheck. Guess
there will be: a few more in ine at the unem-
ployment office.
'.Ina.. lia cglis
,Fernandina Beach



Flonda DepartmentofHealth
.' TALLAHASSEE Healthiest
Weight Florida was launched in
J' anuary 2013 by the Florida
Department of Health in response to
.... Florida's number one threat to public
health the challenge of weight. The
initiative is gaining momentum and
Florida now has the 12th healthiest
weight in the nation, up from previ-,
ous rank of 19th
S: .With only 35 percent of
S Floridians at a healthy weight, we
recognize the continuing urgency of -
our weight challenge," said State
: Surgeon General and Secretary of
H. health Dr. John Ar'mstrong. "Florida
is making progress relative to other
: states, yet sustained effort is essen-
tial to. bend the weight cprve. The .
Healthiest Weight Florida initiative
S intends to secure a healthier future
S"br Florida's children, adults, fami- ,
lies, businesses; and communities."
-'-" i : The new ranking comes from the
report F as in Fat: How Obesity :
Threatens America's Future 2013,

r Fa t.
which was released by the Trust for
America's Health (TFAH) and the
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
(RWJ F). According to the report,
SFlorida's obesity rate for baby
b boomers is almost 31 percent while
the rate for seniors in Florida is just
under 23 percent The obesity rate
among young adults (18- to 25-year-
olds) in Florida is nearly 15 percent,
The Healthiest WeightI Florida inb-
tiative locuses on collaboration
across state agencies, local not-for-
profits, private organizations and oth-
ers to help people make more
informed choices about healthy
nutrition and physical activity.
Through partnerships, the initiative
promotes community-based strate-
gies to improve school, workplace.
Food and beverage, physical activity,
and messaging environments.
The F as in Fat report calls for the
expansion of policies at every level to
Support healthy choices and for
increased investment in prevention.
The report acknowledges that at ciur-
rent rates the estimated ongoing


costs to the healthcare system are
Unsustainable. On Florida's current .
trend, the costs of care for fotutr
Chronic diseases from obesity alone -
-diabetes, heart disease, high blood;'.

pressure, and arthritis are estimat-
ed t` be .34B overthe next ,17 years.
To learn more about this collabo-
rativestatewide effort, visit '
www.HealthiestWeightFLorg. Read

the full report at wvww.fasinfatorg.,',
. DOH protects, promotes and" .-
improvesthe health of all people in
Florida through integrated state, -'
county and community efforts.


GO crazy! \
ik ow that he has renounced his
S I ICanadian citizenship, U.S. Sen. Ted. ,
S Cruz of Texas must run for presi-
S dent,; but not to save our country
from falling deficits, 41 months straight of pn-
tate-sector job growth or forcing health insur-
ance companies to spend your premiums on
health care. No, our very junior senator
dbsolutely.must run for president so he can
l4elp me win an ongoing argument with my
Wife. -
i Don't get me wrong. Cruz hasa long list of
reasons why he should run for president, at
tIe top ofwhich is that he's got a great a ,
dance to win theRepublican nomination
Siefore getting walloped in a general election -by
j countrythat is no longer buying what -
Republicans are seeing.'
But my wife, who is otherwise right about
everything, still believes in a place called com-
mon ground that exists in a future in which
Shumanity is united by mutual agreement
around shared values. In other words, she
doesn't think there's anything funny about
peace, love and understanding., .
SCrazier still, she thinks we can reason with
Republicans. That's where Ted Cruz comes in.
He's like a bionic candidate, engineered to
unite all Reputiblican factions: anti-fluoride
cranks, tea partiers, flat Earthers who think
Jesus had a pet dinosaur and those other
.Republicans who are simply wrong. Cruz com-
bies Ron Paul's outsider status, Rick Perry's

T E X A S ,, .. ', : .: : . . ." ". ." y ..,

/ote Ted Cruz for el Presidente!z
f'e"'. TA-,e.-d i.C er

-:states' rights fetish, Rick Santorum's Leviticus
literalismi, Marco Rubio's Hispanic-but-not- I
Mexican tokenism, Newt Gingrich's presumed
intelligence and Mitt Romney's smug self-satis- ,-
faction and feigned, raised-eyebrow humility. -
Underneath this dream team of attributes,
behind his articulate, composed visage, howev-
,er, beats the heart of happy to call himself
crazy. By running for president, Cruz can
prove to my wife that Republicans have gone -
where reason fears to tread. If you still think '
Cruz is sane, then you haven't taken a.-dispas-
sionate look at his record. F6orget how comfort-
ingly educated he sounds, how measured he
Sounds, how normal he appears. Cruz rocks
the cfazypants. .
Here's what we knew before he got elected:
-He thinks George Soros is leading a United
Nations plot to take away our golfcourses,
ranches and paved roads. He called Social
Security a "Ponzi scheme." And even though
he should have known as a former University
of Texas law professor that Acts of Congress
"shall be the supreme law of the land," he said
that Texas and other states could circumvent
the president by nullifying Obamacare. If this
sounds a little nuts, you're right
And then you elected him to the United
States Senate where he really let it fly. He said
marriage equality will end religious free
speech, that the government might make radio
host Glenn Beck a political prisoner, called
Newtown families "props" while taking credit
for blocking background checks, said funding
birth control at Planned Parenthood clinics
was an "assault on our liberties," that extend-
Sing jobless benefits creates unemployment and
that Harvard Law employed 12 Marxist profes-
sors who advocated overthrow of the govern-
So dedicated is Sen. Cruz to protecting the
government against overthrow that he wants

Nassau County



to shut it down to block implementation of a
law passed by Congress, signed by the presi-
dent and upheld by the Supreme Court Cruz
says shutting down the government isn't any
big deal, really, because most government
offices are closed on the weekends.
You won't find a pony of logic by digging
through the piles of statements from this for-
eign-born birther, this anti-immigration immi-
grant.All you end up with is the conclusion
that Cruz is crazy, a badge he wears proudly.
"In the media there is a tendency to
describe conservatives as one of two things:
stupid or evil ... I suppose I feel mildly compli-
mented in that they have recently invented a

third category, which is crazy. It's the alterna-
tive to stupid or evil," Cruz told Time.
We cannot use reason to reach the unrea-
sonable. The Republican Party has reached
peak crazy, but until they nominate a pure ves-
sel of their insanity, my wife will labor under
the delusion that we can talk them outof their
tree. Cruz is the right kind of crazy. If I don't
start winning political arguments with my wife,
I'm going to have to demand to see her birth
Jason Stanford is a Democratic consultant
who utrites columns for the Austin American-
Statesman and MSNBC.

Danny Leeper, Diqtrict 1-Femandina Beach, 261-8029 (h), 430-3868 (cel), e-mail:
SteVe Kelley, District 2-Amelia Island, Nassauville, O'NeiL 277-3948 (h), 556-0241 (cell), email:
PatEdwards, District 3-Yulee, 335-0260 (cell), email:
Barry Holloway, District 4- Hilliard, Bryceville, Boulogne, 879-3230 (h), 753-1072 (cell), email:
WValter J. Boatright, District 5-Callahan, 879-2564 (h), 753-0141 (cell), email:

SLetters must include writer's name
i(printed and signature), address and
telephone number for verification.
,Writers are normally limited to one let-
ter in a 30-day period. No poems will be
published. Letters should be typed or
printed. Not all letters are published.
Send letters to: Letters to the Editor,
P.O. Box 16766, Fernandina Beach, FL.,
32035 -
E-mail: mparnell@fbnewsleader. com.
: visit us on-line atfbnewsleadercom




Another banner year for school supply drives

SOvre the past month, the members of Osprey Village
have been collecting school supplies and got quite the
loot! They ended up with more than 1,000 items fold-
ers, pencils, pens, markers, crayons the list goes on
nrid on, above left. The supplies were given to the
.Nassau County Volunteer Center for distribution to area
schools and students. ...- -;
Lois Sherrow sbQhows off some of the supplies, above'
right.- ,
Marguerite' Carroll and Nancy Jewell help fil bins
with supplies to deliver to the volunteer center, top.

V ri-r" oo"

Over '$10,000 worth of school supplies was donated to this year's GOKIDS school supply drive of the Corporate
Volunteer Council of Nassau County Volunteer Center, below. Council members, above from left, Shannon Brown
of VyStar Credit Union, Tom Keenan of RockTenn, Cherry Skarpalezzos of First Coast Community Bank, Tricia
-Harrell of Rayonier, Gail Shults of the Nassau County Volunteer Center, Carol Cason of CBC National Bank, and
Mary Bunk and Pain Austin of First Federal Bank of Florida.were on hand to celebrate another successful
GOKIDS campaign. CVC mniember Amy LaCroix of the Omni Amelia Island Plantation participated in organizing the
drive as well. ,'

GOKIDS collects ver$160000in goods

ST. h. e Corporate Volunteer
ICouncil of the Nassau County
Volunteer Center has,
announced that the 13th annu-
al G.O.KI.D.S school supplyy donation
campaign, held' in July, and August, was ,
once again very successful.
According to Gail Shults, executive'
Director of the Nassau CountyVolunteer
Center, 'G.O.KI.D.S raised over $,
.10,000 worth of actual school supplies-
all of which was distributed to the
Nassa6"County. schools for children and
families in need.: Once again, the people
of Nassau County have come-through
and responded to .the call to help their
neighbors, Over the last decade, the
G.O.K.I'D.S campaign has raised over
'140'000 worth of school supplies for
the children of Nassau County. :
Among the corporate, governmental,
nonprofit and small business entities
that helped collect the school supplies
and donations were the Omni Resort at
the Amielia Island Plantation; Bank of
America; Century 21. First Coast
Commniunity'Bank; First FederalBank of
Florida (Fernandina and Yulee branch-.
es); CBC National Bank. Animetia Dental
Group; the Golf Club of Anin-lia island; "
Ravoniei: R c1kTenn Corporation.

VyStar Credit Union; the city 9f Amelia Island Plantation donated
Fernandina Beach; Nassau Cqunty posters forlthe drive; and the
Volunteer Center; Hilliard Town Hall; Fernandina Beach News-Leader and
Hilliard Recreation Center; Hilliard Nassau County Record donated public
Pharmacy; Winn-Dixie in Hilliard; the service announcements.
Fernandina Beach Committee of the. "G.O.KJ.D.S is a great example of
Callahan Lions Club; Omni Amelia what can be accomplished by partnering
Island Plantation Owners Association; business, nonprofit organizations, and
Osprey Village; Florida State College at' 'government agencies," said Shults, "and
Jacksonville, Nassau Campus Student w are proud of tils campaign, and we
Association; and Post 54 ofthe American 'make sure all donations remain in
Legion. 'Nassau County"
VyStar Credit Unign donated theuse--., ..Fo information visit www
' of it- contei encc' i oo for the distribu- or the page on
tion of supplies. the Omni Resort at the Facebook


b rings to

community for KID
Ages 5 & UP

S a. Limited time. caffo. t.E Art cass
1(92)342-3677 t o
',Aiddle e yfiscrzool.StufentsIrt cfasses are aso
avaifat5e as an outreach program through Sfye (Designs. .
'Petite ',Picasso.,'n CfIassefsJor ge,5 eZ up are offered
'"lond t-7Thursdiy.
"IddeandaWf1jfiSchioolctasses ere oqfferrdon '
qifiursd~ay, 'Ffiieli, Saturdays.
*fome scihoolfclasses are offeredmin the mornings and
ear., afiernoons inquire within.
Inquire about our Interactive Course Schedule."'
C feckus out on ,Fa-ebook!
fA~ps)%uruiwfaeb~oo ornpages!
V. SY.-Dcszigns/178056655665046
awd e-maif usfor inquiries at sfiyedes'iqiis@21it'com'.
910 S 8d Street *F.ernada Oeac4f Ffoida 32034

SWelcome to

a Qods House

Classic Carpets
OE4 W .4 E & Interiors, Inc.
464054 SR 200, Yuleh 802 S. 8th Street (904) 261-0242
(904) 261-6821 Femandrina Beach, FL 32034 Fax (904)261-0291
Most Insurances Accepted H0 ME I T U R E
Call For Appointment
201 -002X6ore
Dr. Robert Friedman 904-261-6956
AIA at Bailey Rd. 542057 Us Hwy 1, Callahan, FL
FREEM AENI Steve Johnson Automotive
WELL DRILLERS, INC. 1505 S 14th Street
Ro -5Arte2a wes Fernandina Beach, FL
PpPInswalom& .i 904-277-9719
06s.a6mbe Fl32034 Proudly Supporting Our Community
gemardinaeach, FL 32034.

________________________________________________________________________ J

.1 h awo e
' at ak -iscrs

4, ,. ,

"'The Salvation Army Hope House sends a gigantic, heartfelt thank you to every per-
son who gave so generously to ensure 125 of our Nassau County children started
school with backpacks and," said MaryMoore, manager. "Whether
Iyou brought in one backpack or 50, dropped one binder in Publix's Stuff the Bus bar-
Tel or many; whether you donated ,funds to fill in last-minute shortfalls whatever you
did,-your donation counted. Maybe yop picked up donation barrels or hosted a bin in
your business; or perhaps you got others excited to participate. Maybe you sorted sup-
plies, filled bags or disseminated them out to the excited children. Whatever your part
was, we thank you. We absolutely could not have met this need without each and every
one of you!" said Moore. .
Coming alongside program sponsors Publix and First Coast News, churches, organ-
izations and businesses instrumental in Stuffing the Bus this summer included:
Amelia Dental Group, American Legion Post 54, Bank of Amnerica, Edward Jones
Investments, bottom, Everbank, First Presbyterian Church, above, Holy Trinity
Anglican Church; below, North 14th Baptist Church and SunTrust Bank.
,,1 F ,

Ou Atttue ow

- 9 .9

SEnouing hardships can often be
Soverth.m@-a. and mght even cause a
. -peson to wonder why such things happen
t them. Only Goda knows why baa tnmgs
happenn to s. and none of ui are immune
to such conditions. Some people seem to
pcqt hardships better than others. ana
Sone an only wonder if pemraps hey have
Been better conditioned owavrd nharships
O flhe sipy have a stronger fathin
.Goag.Our attude to ward diifcultes ana
ft way in wtch we conrornt them are
etsmely imp rortant, and we should realize
that we are never atone during these imnes
.F-ir fis throughout hardships thati we grow
n laith and become a benter person CtT
..d td us ma "He is with us alway aria
that. ie vold never leave us cs forsace
SusL' In the rmdst of double. our Lord wants
us to be midul of I-s love fous and thai
* ur beig prayerful and positive are
i.kaprianu. By acceiga our raoaes in this
.iw we are reacting -E
uswi-e erIGod and
,ciaff wanig thas =ts e
'ne mtwy for the 1i ateb
*goa"ofq% s saM3t on-





FRIDAY. ALGL sr 23.2013 NEWS News-Leader

Time costs money

Facts are a good basis for a discus-
sion- and where we will start this week.
The subject is the term of used car loans
in the first quarter of 2013 (see box).
This data surprised me and brings
about one of the frequent topics in this
column, financing vehicles, Eighty per-
.- cent of U.S. car buyers
Sget loans, possibly the
world's highest percent-
age. Our banks and
credit unions, beaten up
by mortgage defaults
and a high auto repos-
-. "session rate in the
downturn, are pushing
the envelope again. The
KEFFERS loan to value guidelines
CORNER and terms have been
S,- pushed to high limits
again. The more sane .
SRick Keff&r part of the equation
now. is'that credit wor-
thiness is needed. During the era of irra-
tidnal exuberance in lending, mortgages
and car loans went where they were not
merited. Now, one. needs to have a more
worthy credit file for aggressive terms.
Dealers are going to do what the


Term Market Share Change
From 2012
36mos......... 8/- ... ... .-6 o
48 mos........ 14% ........ -9%
60 mos ........ 28%. ......... -7% i
72 mos ........ 37% ....... +6%
84mos ........ 11% .... +23%
i ------------ ----- .i
lenders allow and customers choose, to
remain competitive. Let's look at a hypo-
thetical that a car shopper could choose
from. We will assume a $15,000 loan
amount and compare the payback of
* 48 months 3 percent -
$936 interest ($332 payment),
* 60 months, 4 percent-
$1,575 interest ($276),
* 72 months, 5 pei-cent -
S$2,393 interest ($241),
e 84 months, 6 percent -
$3,406 interest ($219).
Lenders reward lowterms and'charge
for longer terms, justlike 15-year versus
30-year mortgages. This auto.example is
self-explanatory and it is not hard to see

,.. 3


Tourism increases

on Amelia Island

that $219 a month sounds appealing. Is it
worth $1,831 in finance charges com-
pared to the 60-month payment of $276?
Do you compromise on the cost of a
vehicle or just decide to pay more for
what you like? There are'not blanket
answers to these questions. Just know
what it is costing if you commit to a long
term on acar loan, particularly a used
car Today's super low rates tend to cloud
the issue.
What can accomplish more to help
manage a payment th.n anything else?
Good old- fashioned downpayment
Banks used to require 20 percent down
on a house digest that a minute. How
could a young couple put $30,000 down
on a$150,000 house today? By saving
toward the objective. Saving to put
money down on a car is a piece of cake
compared to a house, yet few do it. The
objective is just to share a trend towards
longer length loans on used cars and
encourage weighing the costs. Have a
: good week.
SRick Keffer owns and operates Rick
Keffer Dodge Chrysler jeep in Yulee. He
invites questions or positive stories about
automobile use and ownership.

increase in occupancy in May
(14.3 percent) and June (4.3
percent). The ADR increased
13 percent in April, 7.8 percent
in May and 7.3 percent in June.
while RevPar increased by 8.5
percent in April, 23.2 percent
in May and 11.9 percent in
'The visitor profile indicat-
ed Atlanta, Jacksonville and
Orlando as the top markets for
the destination.
"An important indicator for
the future is the satisfaction
rating, with 98 percent of visi-
tors saying they were satisfied
or very satisfied with their
experience on island," said
Langley. "With those kinds of
.numbers, you can count on
repeat visitation and good
word-of-mouth fi-om happy vis-
For visitor information
and online planning, visit m.

*When it comes a

wto seniors,
..,,.we do it all.

*Companionship' '
* Incidental Transportation
'* Laundry : ..
* light Housekeeping
SGrocery Shopping .
* Meal Preparation & Planning.

* Medication Reminders
* .Shopping and Errands
* Crisis Managment "
* Bill Paying
--Total Home Management

*Licensed insuredd *Bonded
Affordable' Hourly Rates! '
"Call for a Free Home Assessment
S. 904.469.2273 ''
SBest Friends Companion Care
9North. 14 Street Fernandina Beach, Florida, ,
"" ro 9 r!c y t' "i-, *** l*" ^ *"l-' ,;:r '!

.Sl^ .. T' .Jl -,

w-ates fe t-

1; Janet Miller.. Kelly El, Heather.Marie, Randi Dopson.
I k.

i Men's Haircuts i Kids$ S Haircuts

*Cash Only 1 *Cash Only
I" ;

r I
I Janet Miller. .Kelly El Heather Mare, Randi Dopson.I
I *='- - I*---------------*
:Men's Haircuts i Kids's Haircuts
'11.Qo ,, $11-0 I

I COLOR OR $1300
I Must present coupon ut present coupon
L.,. --- L 7=. ===n-,-

Mon, Tues, Wed 9-6;30pm 1006 S. 14th St.' ,
SThurs, Fri 9-5. Sat 9-2pm Femandina Beach, FL
i.~ --- -_ __- __ __ _* mmm ..__j

0 Pediatric Smiles
'L m L 1 4 11
^'l'a S Lw, r-l ,n-,s. 1'3. To ;. '8. 'n .,r rill.

We believe that taking the time to learn
each of our clients individually;, their wants,
wishes and ways is what has made us so suc-
cessful. Jamie Deonas, founder and CEO of
Best Friends Companion Care is a true hands
on owner.

In addition to managing the day to day
operation Jamie also meets personally with
ever new client before we begin services. I
believe in spending quality time with not only
the client but also their families and friends
learning all aspects of the client, their great-
est needs and how we can make their situa-
tion better.

The main focus of Best Friends Companion
' Carejis to ,elp seniors and other, acdults.. ....
remain living independently and safely in the
comfort of their own home wherever that
may be. Services that we offer are light
house keeping, meal preparation, laundry,
medication minders, errands and much more.
' One popular service offered by Best Friends
Companion Care is our availability of trans- '

We transport our clients to doctor appoint-
ments, hair and nail salons and lunch outings
and in some cases just to get an ice cream.
In addition to working with seniors Best
Friends Companion Care also
provides services for
younger adults
who have
an injury,
from surgery .-
hor hospital stay
or undergoing , .
treatments for -

Our business model
- allows us to serve a wide .
range of clients regardless of
your situation.
To learn more about Best
Friends Companion Care or to
arrange for a free in home assess-
mpnt ni\ i it rll 4t qn4 4A9 227?

rhc c.'-rc'; cor Lirs~,c el'ciSi-g rc
Tpy 'Wiall Nunr-n ott' quz-.>l i
rof mrip -, -.:N Irr: -i.' adfi o I sca n t
r~ir irif'r lf '_!,, Filidrc 1, ]i Oli. sc>rit'; i
arndj oiujid i.tlls %nlh spo.,cI.alI neEd5'
i, a inhqU State:, Elil cart arl *.
'' r, r.q cr l,"''rr i ,a.

*....Offlce M-i- am-pm
mtnarmcc Plans Acceprteo

LM04 82).3413
't- ,' '/ *. .B ii''.'' .-li .'*.
.; ; N^ so)aisi

Des domestic g

Oesgns. SkoOfinig

"Proudly Servinng Nassau County
Since 2001"
Locally owned & operated


* Metal

As an Owens Coing Prfered Contractor,

we offer "Extended" and "Lifetime"


Please Call 321.0626
Licensed -'Insured CCC1325504 CBC059801

Orchid Open House

Sale & Seminar

Saturday, August 24th

h 10-2pm

Find out how to
beautiful -
Orchids -

6 .





The Amelia Island Tourist
Development Council
announced increased visitors
and economic impact in the
second quarter of 2013.
According to findings from
Research Data Services, Inc.,
more than 138,000 overnight
guests visited in April, May,
and June, a 12.8 percent
increase over the same peri-
od last year.
The visitor impact on the
local economy reached more
than W123 million, a 19.3 per-
cent increase from 2012.
"These are numbers our
entire industry and county
should be celebrating,"
said Gil Langley, managing
director of the AITDC. "Our
average daily rate and revenue
per available room also
increased significantly in the
second quarter. This-is great
The study indicates an

* f T



FRIDAY. ALGL'sr 23.2013


The Fernandina Beach Middle School football team,
practiced Tuesday, honing its skills in preparation for
the season opener Tuesday. The Pirates host Charlton
- County at 5 p.m. "'There is a lot of optimism in our lock-
er room about this season," Coach Cam Harrison said.
"We have a strong nucleus of players returning from last
year's county championship team, including fiVe start-
ers. Having six home games is great as well, as the kids
can play in front of their friends, family and the Fernan-
dina'Beach community. Hopefully we can give thefin
something to cheer about this season." Schedules, 11 A.,

".':'^ ".' '.; * .,'., .., *., .. s ^ ^ ^ i ..
: = "" ".-~ ,"-'
.. ...... i,......... .-.. ': ': -, ,Aim

.. -' "" "," '-,- ,lti:; .r ,
.. .: -' : .:." ' ... . ." :; ? -:: ; " ''' '" ..''i'''6'4. '
.....- '" "- : "" L : ,, -: ."...- '.. ,' '' "

~aiaon i~I ffClassics. The Femandma Beach High
ihood waYLAe's kmets host Eagle's View. Kickoff is
ra ersotextw*k. FBHS hosts Yulee Aug 30 KicRoff is
"- "-':'.: -' ", r' -. -, *
j F v 'd Motor CorPoratixand Paul Clark Fbrd of
.o y m .to support thesportsprogram.
s ie school program receives a donation
^Umust be at least 18 years old and
!gS wai a testdrive the car of their choice
,;',V3.,,= :. -.

FRIDAY. AUGUST 23.2013 SPORTS News-Leader Ii. "

S Recreational co-ed league
; July 29
Crawford Jewelers
Moon River/Current Running
; (forfeit)
:KraussCare Landscaping
San Jose Collision/AIM
.Yulee Chili's
LtRiver Rats

;-"River Rats 7
Moon River/Current Running 0
Control Freaks 21
Logic Mountain 7
Vulee Chili's 13
San Jose Collision/AIM 12
Final Regular Season Standlng9
Wulee Chlls 9-1
San Jose Collision/AIM South 8-2
River Rats 6-4
Control Freaks 5-5
KraussCare Landscaping 5-5
1Logic Mountain 5-5
Crawford Jewelers 2-8
Moon River/Current Running 0-10

* The Nassau County Men's
Doubles 7.5 (3.5 and 4.0 play-,'
er on each team) summer
tennis league had its 10th and
last season match Tuesday.
SThe league consists of six
teams Kraft, North Hamp-
ton, Amelia Island Plantation,
Amelia National and two
teams from Fernandina
Michelle Maharaj i's the
league administrator; for
,those who may be interested
:in playing in this league in the
:future this league has a win-
ter and summer season.
r Going into the last season
[match, Kr'aft and North
Hampton were tied for first
;place and had been sched-
uled to play each other in the
last season match. -
In avery competitive
:iatch, Kraft won all three
-lines. The line that had Phil
iScanlan and Ric Borum fur
Kraft playing Bailin Zhoqu and
Lance Jones for North 'Hamp-
:ton was won by Kraft 11-9 .in
the third set tiebreaker.
S The Nassau County 3.0-
i3.5 Women's League will
begin play in September;
.Team entries are now being
acceptedd. Each team consists:
iof 6-10 players tb field three :;.
'doubles lines in weekly <' '
league matches. Play will be'
-n Thursday at 1 p.m. Email, for -o
"information or to enter your
S*; Wold Team Tennis for-
Imatleaguewill begin in J .
:September. WTT matches are.
held Friday evenings begin-,
^'ning Sept. 20. Deadline for
team entries is Sept 6. Email'_
S "

Recreational co-ed league
Logic Mountain
River Rats-
Control Freaks
KraussCare Landscaping
Yulee Ghili's
Moon River/Current Running

22 San Jose Collision/AIM
12 | Crawford Jewelers

'Aug. 12
Yulee Chili's 19
Control Freaks 16
San Jose Collision/AIM 15
Logic Mountain 12
Championship game
Yulee Chil's 16
San Jobe Collision/AIM 15
Third-place game
Control Freaks 17
Logic Mountain 16
Games played at the YborAlvarez
softball fields, 3243 Bailey Rd. Visit .
www.leaguelineup.coml flbflsoflball
for statistics and schedules.



North Hampton captain Bailin ,Zhou, left, and.Kraft cap-
tain Phil Scanlan. .

*' City of Fernandiria :
Beach youth programs are .
under way at th'e Central Park
courts. Schedules are avail-
able at the city of Fernandina
Beach Parks and Recrea-tion
office or by emailing michele
*'For information on clin-
ics, lessons or equipment -'.
repairs, e-mail michelema- ''
ha@msn corn. .
Tennis classes are avaiIl-
able at the Yulee Sports ,
SComplex. Nassau County
Home Educators classes are

Wednesday from 11 "m.:to 1
p m. Private lessons and cus-
tom clinics are also available
More information can be
Found on the Yulee Tennis
- Foundation website:at www.
or by emailing michelema- :
SKraft TennisClub mem-
berships are available at the
Kraft Tennis Club off Bucca-
neer Trail. For information,
contact Bo McColum at 321-
2233 or visit ktp time- .. .


Varsity Football
'Aug, 23 LEE (kIck0ff'classic)
'Aug.30 YULEE,
,Sept. 6 NEASE '
_Sept 13 at Hilliard
-Sept. 20 at Episcopal
'Sept' 27 al Menendez
;:Oct 4 .FORT WHITE-
S"Oct.11 at West Nassau
.Oct 18 TAYLOR CO." (HC)
S Nov 1 at Madison County"
. ':Nov. 8 at Christ Church
.,' District
Varsity Football
?Aug. 23 EAGLE'S VIEW (KO)
SAug 30 at Fernandina Beach
; Sept 6 at Potler s House
S Sept. 20 FORREST-
'*Sept. 27 at Wolfson* "-
i Oct.-4 al Paan
OQct.24 at Bishop Kenny"



*"' Volleyball
.Aug. 29' at University Christian 6"30
SAug. 30 EPISCOPAL 6"30
Sept 3 HILLIARD 6.30
Sept 5 RIBAULT* 630
Sept. 10 atRaines' ' 630
:Sept 12 at Middlebuig 6:30
SSept. 13 STANTON 6.30
,-Sept.17 at West Nassau', : 6:30
'Sept, 26 at Camden County 6:00
:Oct 3 FERNANDINA", 6:30.'
"Oct 8 at Andrew Jackson" 6:30
.-Oct 9 CAMDEN COUNTY 6:30
:.Oct 10 WEST NASSAU 6:30
'.Ocl 12 Dig Pink at Fletcher TBA
'Oct. 15 at Trinity Christian 6:30
:Oct 17 1 HIlliard 6:30
.Oct. 21-22. 24 District at FBHS
; District JV matches at 5:30 p.m
Junior Varsity Football
-Aug. 29 at Camden County 5:30
.Sept 5 EPISCOPAL ', 6.00
-Sept. 12 HILLIARD, 6:00
!Sept. 19- YULEE,, 6:00
Oct. 3 at Bolles 77:00
.-Oct. 10 WEST ,NASSAU 6:00
:-Oct. 23 at Yulee 6:00
., Volleyball ,
-Aug. 24 Preseason at Bishop Kenny
,Aug.27 at Crekslde '5:30/6:30
.::Aug. 29' RIBAULT 5:30/6:30
-Sept..3 at Mlddleburg 5:30/6:30
'Sept. 5 WEST NASSAU* 5:30/6:30
'-Sept. 9' at Battram Trail '5:30/6:30
'Sept. 11 ORANGE'PARK 5:30/6:30
.Sept. 13-14 at OVAtoumey
;'Sept. 17. PONTEVEDRA 5:30/6:30
Sept. 19q at'Eplscopal 5:30/6:30
;Sept. 24 RAINES* 5:30/6:30
:-Sept. 26 at Bolles 5:30/6:30.
:;)ct. 1 MANDARIN 5:30/6:30,
:Dct. 3- at Yulee" 5:30/6:30
:,Oct. 8 FLETCHER 5:30/6:30
::Oct. 9 JACKSON" 5:30/6:30

Oct 11-12 al Boiles Invitatlonal
Oct 16 al Fleming island 5.306,30
Oct 18-19JV tourney'ai BK
Oct. 21-24 DISTRICT 4-4A ,

Gills Goll
Aug 28 EPISCOPAL 400,
Aug. 29 BISHOP KENNY 4.00
Sept. 5 HILLIARD 4:30
Sept 10 WEST NASSAU 430
Sept 12 al Yulee 430
Sept. 14 Fundralser at Amelia Rime
Sept. 16 HILLIARD 400
Sept. 24 al Bishog Kenny 400.
Sept. 25 al Wesi Nassau 4:30
Sept 26 at Yulee 4-30-,
Sept. 30 PROVIDENCE 400
Ocl 7 al Providence 4 00
Ocl 14 District'
Ocl 22 Reglonal
Sept. 7 at St Augusline/Flelch 9am
Sept I 10 al SL Johns Couniry 400
Sept. 14 at Bulldog Invitational. Bolles,
Sept 19 FLORIDA D&B 4.00
Oct. 8 al NE Flonrida Inv. Bolles
Oct. 10 at Florida D&B 400
Oct 24 District 2-2A
Nov. 1 Region 1-2A
Nov. 9 Stale 2Aal'Stuart '
Cross Country
Sept 7 at Katie Caples. BK
Sept. 21 at Alligator Lake Invile. LC
Sept. 28 al Ponte Vedra Invne
Oct. 1 County at Hilliard 4.30
Oct. 12 FSU InMle.,Tallahassee
Oct. 19 AMELIA INVITE 8anm
Oct 24 District 3-2A
Nov 2 Region 1-2A at Lake City
-Nov 9 Stale 2A at Tallahassee
'.'' ,' Football- "" '
Aug. 27 CHARLTONCO ; 5:00
;Sept.3 ST. MARYS ,5:00
'Sept. 10 CALLAHAN 6:00
Sept. 17. EPISCOPAL. ; 6:00
SSept: 24 al Duval Charier 6:00
Oct..8 CAMDEN :5:00
Oct.,'15 at Yule", 6:00
Aug: 27 at Callahan 6:00
Sept.:3 ST. MARYS 5:00
Sept. 10 at Bakeri County 6:00
'Sept. 24 at Camden. 5:00
Oct. 8 at Bolles 6:00
Oct.,15 FERNANDINA BEACH 6:00 .j
Oct.22 CALLAHAN :- -6:00
Aug. 29 CALLAHAN .530/7
Aug. 30 at Hillard Z46/30
Sept. 5. HILLIARD 5:30/7
SeptL6 FERNANDINA 2:15/3`30
Sept. 9 at Bolles 5/630
Sept. 13 at Femandina 5:30/6.30 .

Sept 16
Sept. 19
Sept 20
Sept. 23
Sept 26
Sept. 27

BAKER 530/7
at Callahan 516 30
BOLLES 5.30/7
at Baker 5/6:30
B learn champ ai CMS
Cbunty at Hllliard "


Kraft first in summer league

I heNwsLadrNNethrSituma

Partly Cloudy
b'7. '

Isolated T- tornim
!^. --,-"'

7 0 2 ."Lo1. 3-5: NMuder,-,e
"6-7:HiMgh. 8-t1O \ \ High
S11*+: E -reme E\poiure .

Does 'cold ai hold I
Ioic or Iess tmoin t ii E'
than inIwuiair? ur "

o .jfi ioWi s s.yS ,- J f.sI5

.So nday
Isolatmcl --vlonn
s7 -<.

1 4rf

.M I-'11, Sunny
,. -_ ..9 5

NMotlN Surin
S_"S 72.,
*. -

Wednesday Thw-sday
Sunn) Ntostl Sunny
89 1 71 91 75

Peak ishi,**ning imesThi

tn t

Peak flmes
1239-2.39 1:09-3.09
.1 29-3-29' l159-3'.59
2-17-4: 17 2:-17-4 47
3 06-:i06 3:36-5-36

Peak Time
Day AM -PM ',.
Tue .,,.3:,54-.5:54 4:24-6:24.
..\Ved 4-43-6:43 5:1327:13
Thu 5.31-7:31 6-01-8:01
wwv WWhatsOurWeaLher.conm

. ... ..... ci m .r .. -,I ,

Last En
8228 Satt
SSun ,
New Tue
-9/ Wed
.. ^ Thu

Sunrise ,
6:57 a.m..
6 5S. n,
-6:58 a.m,.
6 59 a m
.7 0a.m
'.'(x) a m.
7 01 a nim.

Sudset Moonris Moonset
7- 58 p m. 9:35 p.m.: 9:36"am.
7:57ip.rm. 10;14 p.m. '10:37 am.,4
S7:56 p.m. 10:53 p.m. :-1145: a.m
7:55p m. 11.34 pm 12;32 p.m.'
,7:54p.m, .'No Rise 1:27 p m.
7:52 p.m. 12:,7 r., 2.1-9 pm.
,7:51.p.m. 1:03a.m. 3:08 p m




Aug. 23. 1933 I he Date High Lo Normals Prec.ip Farmer's GrowingDegree Days
Chesapeake-Potomac huiicane- 8/13 93 77 89/73 000" Date Degree Days Date Degree Days
moved over Noifoltk Va. and 8/14- 91. 73 '. 89/75 0 00". '8/13 35 .'& 817 30'"
\ashington DC A tide.'seven 8/15 90 73 88/75- 0.00" 8/14 32 8/18 32,
feel .above normal flooded 8/16. 90 73' '88/75 000"'. 8/15. 32 8/19 1 4
businesses in Norfolk Damage "17 84 77 88/75 000". 8,1.6 32
in Maryland was estimated at 818 818 75 88'75 000" 11 rowkgweJ'cu1*c-b ia ,thr .5
C?",, t r- C ,-T -daya nd r ',.g te L r nu, 'ne .1eg,'re.ep i
17 million dollars. 8 19 S8 7') 3875 0.00" 7_.rX w ,Lmr... Uacrgc,,,{-a, sa,&d%....d

FernandinaBeach .St. Mary's Entrance.
Day High Loigl Law Day High L gh Low
Fri ll:18'am 4:45am .11:42 pm 5:09pm Fri 10:42am' 4:42am 11:06pm 5:06pm
Sat 12:07 pm i 5:31 am None 5:59pm Sat 'i1:31 am., 5:28ah" 11:52 pm 5:56pm
Siri 12:28am 6:17am-" i2:55 pm 6:51 pm Sun 12:19pm- 6:14am None 6:48pmi
Mon. l:14am, 7:05 am 1:,42pm -7:45pm Mon 12:38am 7:02am 1:06pm 7:42pm


1:59 am
, 2:45am
S3:35 'am

- 7:56 am
9:41 am

2:29 pm
4:11 pm

8:41 pm
. 9:36 pm
10:29 pm


",-{ 2:a9 an
2:59 am

9:38 am

1:53 pm
S2:43 pm
3:35 pm

8:38 pm
9;33 pm
10:26 pm

** On the outbound trip to Hanksville. Utalt and the Mars Desert Research Station, one of our travelers, Sarabeth Btockdey,
;r *^ purchased an extraordinary book titled, All Over the Map by David Jouris,.Ten Speed Press. 1994. Aceording'to its subtitle, it
*" ^1" .is an 'extraordinary atlas, of the United Slates featuring towns that actually exist!" There are artistic, natural, divine,:historical,
-J eccentric, everyday, personal, and miscellaneous maps with real town names that defy description. Under the subheading .of
*" ," **. "Natural ther'is a heavenly map of the United States whicl"h'ype'towns likeNova, Comet. Neptune. Aurora, Sunshine:, Saturn,
'Seven Sisters, and dozens of othernames which are astronomically slanted. We've all heard of Satellite Beach, Florida, near the Kennedy Space
Center, but did you, know that Florida also contains communities known as Jupiter, Venus, Sunrise, and Tropic? There is Half Moon, New York
and Montana; and New Moon, Alabama, Moon. Oklahoma and Wisconsin; Luna and Los Luna, Npw Mexico; and Crescent, Oregon. And let's not
forget abouthe sun either! There is Sunset.' California: Sun City. Arizona and Kansas; Rising Sun, Illinois; Sunshine, Arkansas and Maine; and Ray,
Minnesota: Theie is also Sunrise. Florida. a retirement community, according to Jouris, which was originally named Sunset, but no retirees came to
retire to it. Once the name was changed..the community began to sell. For more exotic astronomical town nomenclature, try Ozone, Tennessee: Pluto.
West Virginia; Draco, North Carolina: Milky Way. Tennessee: Orion. Illinois; North Star Acres, North Dakota; and Polaris, Montana. There is also
Terra, Utah; andtEaith, Texas among many many others. It is a wild and.wacky world of town names in All'Over the Map, and the astronomically
identified cities and towns of the US are just the beginning*.


Want to learn more about
protecting yourself and home?
We offer personalized Training Classes!

a n AGo online or stop by our facility
UF2ND AMENDMNT for more information.

* Indoor Rifle and Pistol
Range Gun Shop

85076 Commercial Park Drive
Yulee, FL 32097

ued amSpecial
Volunteers are needed for the Special
Olympics aquatics meet, which will be held
from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Aug.-24 at the McArthur
Family YMCA, 1915 Citrona Drive, Feman-
dina Beach. Contact MoRonica R. Ravenell at
(904) 557-8309 or moronicaravenell

Professional wrestling returns to the
Atlantic Avenue Recreation Center in Feman-
dina Beach Aug. 31 with a bell time of 7 p.m.
The Future, Johnathan Wells defends his,.
CCW championship title against-'Flash and
Cash' Hayden Price, Also scheduled are,-
CCW tag team champions The Marcs Bro-
themrs taking onthe Army of Darkness and'a
srx-man tag match featuring Tea "Rock and
Roll" against Team 'Outlaw.-" Kevin Toole will -
Sbe defending his Southern States c .ampi-
onship against Maddogg Miller. Zero Gravity
will make his debut.- ...:.
"tickets'are $W t.e doer Pdrtions of the.
proceeds to berietlt.Shiney Badges. Visit
wwviocwtestling biz. .

Wa erm hi'1de^
Enjoy a bike6ide on Amelia Island through
Fort Clitch Statr Park and points along
coastal roads Sept. 8 during, the Endless
Summer Watermelon Ride. Checkout the
League of American Bicyclists 2013 Bronze
Level award winner, Femandina' Beach. Pre-'
ride snacks, rest stops, a post-ride lunph,
mechanical support, motorcycle escorts and,
roving SAGs will be provided.. This is a great
training ridefor MS and CF -
Start and finish are at the Atlantic Avenue
Recreation Center,' 2600 Atlantic Ave. There
are five'routes; 20, 34,"58, 80 and 100.
miles; Early pickup of ride.packet, including
wristband ID, map and T-shirt, and ih-person
registration are from 1:30-4 p m. Sept. 7 at,.
: the AtlanticAvenue Recreation Center." '
Doors open at 6:30 a.m. Sept. 8 for ride
packet pickup, including wristband ID, map.
and T-shirt, and day-of-ride. registration.
At 7:30 a.m. the 100-mile route departs; at
7:40 a.m. ,80-mile route departs, at 7 50 a.m.
the 58-mile route departs, and'at 8 am. the
20- arid 34-mile routes depart. Riders may be
Released in controlled groups at the start to
prevent congestion at the Fort Clinch gate
Lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 4p.m. All
services end at 4 p m. Register on-line at
www.NFBC us NFBC members pay $30;

k 9




, .,

=9:-21kIMIA Ririiik 141r[4I ~ii~



non-members pay $45. In-person fee is $55
for all. Late and in-person registrants may
purchaseT-shirts at ride headquarters as a
special order.
Headphones are prohibited by Florida
state law FS 316.304. Each bicycle must be
equipped with at least one brake that meets
the requirement of FS 316.2065(14). Do not
ride more than two abreast, per FS
316.2065(6). The event will take place, rain or
Contact Mike Pikula at 556-1098 or Don
pert at 261-5160 or email ESWRridedir.

The open registration period for Feman-
dina Beach Babe Ruth fall baseball runs
through Sept. 15. The fall ball season runs
untilihe Week.before Thanksgiving with a cost
,of $65 per player. Sign up at Fall
ball is a less-intense season focused more on
instruction arid Jess ort, competition. Tearrms
" will play in Ferafidin' and Jacksonville.

Registration has begqn for the McArthur
Family YMCA's fall youth sports. Cost is $65
for members and $120 for non-members.
Seasons begin the.weiek of Sept. 2 and
extend through October.
Participants receive a jersey and coni-
Smemorative trophy. Soccer for ages 5-12 runs:
at bbith the Femandina Beach'and Yulee
sites. Tues-days will be practice days with .
games on Friday evenings. Volleyball is for.
ages 8-15 years; Monday practices, games,
Thursday. Call Nicole Brown at 261-1080.,

The Basketball Club of Florida AAU organ-.
ization based in Femandina is holding tryouts
for several age groups, of players who live
,witlhiri Nassau County BCF will holdtryouts
: on the following dates, so contact the coach'
of the team to RSVP. Also, visit the BCF web-,
site at www.bcfhoops org -
11U goys (fourth and fifth grade) Sept. 7
from 9 -11 a.m. at First Baptist Church, Coach
Schweizer., '
11 U girls (fourth and fifth grade) Oct. 19
from 9-11 a.m. at First Baptist Church in.
Fernandina Beach, Coach Millar, mil-
larhome@bellsouth net .
STo submit an item forthis column, contact.
Beth Jones at 261-3696 or mail to

FRIDAY. AUGUST 23.2013 NEWS News-Leader

Brian Butler. portrays a Confederate soldier during Community Day at the Amelia Island Museum of History, above
left. The Civil War re-enactor portrays a Union'soldier during the monthly garrison at Fort Clinch, above right and



Happy Hour!

.Daily Ilam-7pm

Come Visit Our

Sunset Bar


undaoy. pedoial
CoM Water

Twin Lobster Tails

ONLY $1 9? Plus a Side

(A $39.99 VALUE) -

Union soldier gar-
risons at Fort Clinch
are always on the first
full weekend of every
month. Confederate
garrisons are held in
March and October.

"What I like best about being a Civil War
reenactor is it gives me a better understanding
of history, more so than I could ever read
in a book, and it allows me to transfer
that knowledge to the public.'

He brings

history to life


I ) 'ian Butler has been
Interested in the Civil
War since he was five
years old. '
As a little boy, his dad would
take him and his friend Randy to
visit Civil War battlefields in his
home state of North Carolina
so they could go metal detecting
for artifacts.
"This sparked my interest in
the war and history," said
Butler, who has. been doing
reenacting and living histories
now for 18 years, starting when
he was 13.
Being a good re-enactor is a
matter Of research, he notes.
"A lot of us like myself are
Very dedicated to the history
and not just out there to do
themed camping and shoot
guns. Many of us are what we
call Campaigners, who research
not just the battles and statis- "
tics of war, but get into the mate-
rial culture of war as well."
Presenting an authentic por-
trayal is important to Butler,
who dug into CivilWar journals
and letters to learn about what
types of food the soldiers ate,
how they talked and what man-
nerisms they used so he could
employ what he learned out in
the field and in camp at different
"In doing this, we hope to
get as close as possible to learn-
ing how people lived and fouh1tL
in mid 19th centuryAmerica."
Although he had 10 ances-
tors who fought for the
Confederate Army, Butler por-
trays both sides and has visited
many historic locations in pur-
suit of his avocation
"I've been to Gettysburg a
couple times, many large reen-
actments in Virginia, North and
S.urlth Carolia ad maniiiy"iin
Georgia such as the battles of

Chickamauga and Resaca."
The history buff also partic-
ipates in events all over Florida
including a large battle reen-
actment in Olustee every year
along with his wife, Casey, who
is also a re-enactor so theirs is
a perfect match.
"We met at a reenactment.
Turns out she started out vol-
unteering when she was just 13,
too, so she also grew up doing
The couple will join 10,000
other re-enactors to recreate
the 150th anniversary of the
Battle of Chickamauga in
Over 2,300 Confederate sol-
diers perished in that battle and
an additional 14,674 were
wounded. The Union Army lost
1,657 troops and 9,756 of their
troops were wounded during
the Confederate victory.
Many Florida troops, includ-:
Sing men from Nassau County,
fought and died in that battle,
notes Butler, who also reenacts
other time periods such as:
Florida's Seminole War of the
1830s and also helps out at Fort.
Clinch doing the 1898 Spanish
American War.
His reenactor nickname:
started out as Biscuit and:
evolved into Sergeant Biscuit'
after he portrayed a sergeant
for a number of years.
"Soldiers have always been,
big on nicknames and it is true'
in reenacting as well."
In his real-world life, Butler
is employed at Target in Yulee.
A Florida resident since age 10,-
Butler moved from Orlando to
Nassau County in 2011 to be
with his bride. He and his wife
share their Yulee home with
their Corgi-Chihuahua -mix,
Boo. :
"Iovelivingin this area, itis
so beautiful here and with so
much history, it is a unique 'a'rea
for sure." -

31 N. 2ND STREET : HISTORIC DOWNTOWN (904) 261-4749

___ 90000R

JE oFE Easy Financing Available


2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2002 Mercedes Benz CLK-Class 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 2004 Chrysler Crossfire 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Clean, Great Baclk-tq school Car CLK 430 Very Clean, Fully Loaded Fully Loaded, Clean Low Miles, Fully Loaded Clean Truck, Must See .
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(^ AT 0YT ItJeep Yf loD


__ .-,"isure




Help Y, have a

Nassau County's YMCA branch -
continues its 2013 Give to the YMCA
A oiCampaign, it is pleased to partner with
Omni Hotels & Resorts Amelia Island
Plantation on avery special event
On Friday, Aug. 30 from 5-8 p.m. the Omni
will host one of its famous and fun-filled
Boardwalk Bashes to benefit the McArthur
Family Y. The event will take place at The
Shops of Amelia Island Plantation, 6800 First
Coast Hwy., on Amelia Island, and is open to
the public.
The evening promises fun for the whole
family with a host of games and entertainment,
including a bounce house, face painting,
S.A.F.E, archery competitions, live music, raffle
prizes, carnival games, corn hole, a hula hoop
contest and:a complimentary outdoor movie..A
variety of refreshments will also be available,
from popcorn to Sno cones and more.
S. All of the proceeds from this Boardwalk'
Bash will benefit the McArthur Family Ys cam-
paign to raise money for scholarships that allow
children and families access" to the manywon- :

i blast at Boardwalk Bash

.Childrenfi enrolled in one of the McArthur Family YMCA's summer camps learn while
they enjoy a fun game together by the beach.

'derful programs the Y offers locally.
... "Tithout the generous support of our many
partners like the Omni Amelia Island
Plantation, so many kids and families in our

community couldn't take advantage of our Y's
excellent programs such as Summer Day
BASH Continued on page 2B



iThe ifew jurfied NouveauArt Show, The World Through My Eyes, is on display atthe
Island-Art Association Gallery, 18 N. Second St., until Oct. 5. The juror was Nofa DLxon,
associate art professor at UNF. Best of Show went to Fez, Morocco, a collage by Lucy
Holmes, above left. First Place went to The Canal Custodian, a watercolor by Barbara
Fuller, above far right. Second Place was Self P1rtrait, mixed media, by Chuck
Podmostko, bottom right. Third Place went to Nature Lives, an acrylic by Karen
Trowbridge, above middle. Visit for more information.


kicks off

at beach
Kick off football season with a barbe-
cue competition at the beach with the 4th
Annual Great Southern Tailgate Cook-off
that starts today and continues Saturday
at Main Beach.
Sanctioned by the Kansas City
Barbeque Society, more than 50 profes-
sional and backyard barbecue competi-
tion teams will compete for over $20,000
in cash and prizes in the two-day event.
Gates open at 3 p.m. today and 10 a.m.
Bring your family, friends and appetite
to Main Beach and enjoy great entertain-
ment, including live
music from national,

loale buhans, lae maeadua
regional and
local bands,.
while.experi- f-
encing the thrillU
0of the competition.
SVisiors will have
the opportunity to
:purchase food and
drink from various vendors and kids of all
'ages can enjoy the Kid's Zone with fun
games such as laser maze and human
hamster ball races. Attendees also can
enjoy the VIP Pig Pub with shaded tables
andL bar seating, fans, cold beverages and
a great view of the stage. There is a $5
per day cover charge and guestsmust be
21 years of age or older to enter the pub.
- The live musical entertainment kicks
off at 5:30 p.m. today with Jimmy Parrish
& The Ocean Waves Band, followed by
Orlando-based 'i0s and '90s rock cover
band Rockit Fly, back by popular ,
demand. On Saturday, the live music
begins at 1 p.m. with Island Vibe and
local favorites Face fo0r Radio and the
Beech Street Blues Band. At 7p.m.,
Boston former lead singer Fran Cosmo
will'take the stage to perform many of the
band's greatest'hits, as well as newer hits
from the 2006 album_-.Alien."'
Cheer on your favorite backya,rd team
as they battle against other local teams in
ihe Backyard Competition. The 2013
event also features the Turner Ace
Hardware People's Choice Contest, in
which teams will compete for the public's
vote. From noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday,
guests can purchase a $10 wristband
BARBECUE Continued on page 2B

Potter to showcase work at Wine Festival

Amelia Island Wine Festival is
pleased to announce that Karen
Persons of Person's Pottery will be
at the festival. set for 0%. 12 at the
Shops of Omni Amelia' Island
Persons first signed up for a class
to escape the.chaos and confusion
resulting from .I' igs;she lived just
outside of Washigton:' D.C. After
just a couple d(if Itiis. she soon
realized she had, found her medium
- one that challeiges, relaxes and

teases her to this day! Persons
works in stoneware, porcelain and
mica clays to create both functional
and decorative pieces
"There is something very special
/ about taking'a mound of clay and
.coaxing it into a vessel that will be
part of someone's life either as a
coffee cup. casserole dish or even
that piece that sits on a table that
makes you smile when you 'see it."
Persons will have wine glasses;
cheese trays, 'bowls, vases, plates,

andn more at the festival
Additionally, she will exhibitwith
, Edurna Richards and her pottery
work as well.'
Tickets are now on sale for the
'"Taste the Southern Hemisphere,"
showcasing award-winning wines
from Argentina, Chile, Australia,
New Zealand and South Africa on
Oct. 12 among the moss-draped
oaks and reflective lagoon at the
WINE Continued on page 2B

Potter Karen Persons will showcase her work at the Amelia Island
Wine Festival Oct. 12 at the Shops of Omni Amelia Island Plantation.


"Bee A Winner" Wednesday atAmelia;
Community Theatre's musical comedy. "The 25th
Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee." All ticket
holders for the 8 p.m. Aug. 28 performance are
invited to a special pre-show party from 7-8 p.m.
in the main stage lobby.
207 Cedar St. There will be SPELLING B-I
complimentary specialty
beverages, delicious
desserts and prizedraw-
ings throughout the hour
for gift baskets and show
tickets, including tickets to the Northeast Florida
premiere of"Spamalot" at St. Augustine's,
Limelight Theatre this fall.
Adult tickets are $20: student tickets through
high school are $10 (this show is PG-13). Purchase
at or call the
box office at 261-6749.
SThe award-winning movie."The Help." will be
featured Aug. 29 at Friends of the Library's
Dinner and a Movie program to wrap up the
library's summer reading program.
S"The Help." based on the bestselling 2009 book

by Kathryn Stockett.takes -the
place in Mississippi during r' id
the Civil Rights era. Over -
100 adults who registered i -
for the program have
already submitted 200-plus P 1-4 ,N
book reviews. Each book reviewer earns one
chance to win a grand prize. Winners will be
announced at the Aug. 29 event but need not be
present to win. Door prizes will also be awarded.
The evening begins at 6 p.m. at Cafe Karibo on
North Third Street with a Southern-style meal of
fi-ed chicken, mashed potatoes, succotash and
dessert. Tickets are $25 and available at the
library on North Fourth Street until Aug. 26.
Joe Landry" s"The39 Steps:A A-
Live Radio Play." based .on Alfred
Hitch'cock's classic tale and per-
formed as a 1940s-era radio play. :
opens at the Fernandina Little u
Theatre. 1014 Beech St- on Aug. 31
for four performances.
This fast-paced thriller through the signature
world of the Master of Suspense features Karen
Antworth. Jeff Goldberg. Amelia Hart. Jack
Mulligan. Frank O'Donnell. Joe Parker. Annette

Rawls and Steve Rawls.-
Performances'are Aug. 31 and Sept. 6 and 7 at
730 p.m. and Sept. 1 at 430 p.m. Tickets are $8
and available in advance at The UPS Store in the
island Publix'shopping center. FLT is a small, inti-
mate space and patrons are encouraged to pur-
chase tickets in advance to ensure seating avail-
ability. For FLT information or directions, check
The Amelia Island Museum of G:! .....
History. 233 S. Third St.. invites you '.."....
to attend a special program on Aug. J... -
30 at 6 p.m. Author Dr.Joe Knestch h' ':'-
will deliver a presentation on "The ly
Depression Era in Florida."
In the early 1930s much of the
world plunged into an economic recession that
would have a major impact on the socio-political
atmosphere of the United States until WWII.
Knestch's presentation will be based on the book
Florida in the Great Depression: Desperation and
Defiance. coauthored with Nick Wynn.
This program at the museum is free for mem-
bers and a suggested donation of $5 for non-mem-
bers. For information contact Gray at 261-7378.
ext. 102. or


FRIDAY, AUGUST 23.2013 LEISURE News-Leader



Stay 'N Country Ranch,
96125 Blackrock Road,
Yulee, will host a free event
to showcase; its facility on
Aug. 24 from noon to 3 p.m
Enjoy the various activities
that take place at the ranch as
well as a bounce house,
wagon rides, face painting
and a petting zoo. Call 322-
9739 to.RSVP.

The VFW Ladies I
Auxiliary will host Taste of
the Orient Night on Aug. 30
at 5:30 p.m. Dinner will
include lumpia, sweet and
sour pork, pancit and garlic
rice for an $8 donation.
Karaoke with Big Doug will
follow. The VFW is located at
96086 Wade's Place, under
the Shave Bridge. All mem-
bers and guests are welcome
Proceeds will go to cancer aic
and research .. , ..
O** ,'O -' ". ",
The 31st Annual Labor
Day Weekend Kingslandb
Catfish Festival will be held
Aug. 31 from 7 a.m.-6 p.m.;,:
Sept. 1 from noon to 6 p.m.;
and Sept. 2 from 7 a.m.-6,
p.m. in downto-n Kingslarid's
Historic Royal District along
US 17 and Highway 40,
Georgia. Forinformation con-
tact the Kingsland Welcome
Center at (912) 729-5999 or
.! : ' O. '
',.The VFW Ladles
Auxiliary will serve Italian
sausage and,pepper sand-
wiches 'for Labor Day, Sept.
2 at 4 p.m. for a $6 dona- .
tion.Also, they will be raffing
a basket of cheer for $1 a'
chance. Come early.and, get
your tickets. All proceeds will.
go to the VFW Veterans
Village in Fort McCoy. The
VFW is located at, 96086'
Wade's Place, under the,
Shave Bridge. '... '
*,; "" : . *t.+. ':,''
Join Big Brothers Big
Sisters of Northeast Florida
In an Informal setting on
Sept. 5 from 6-8 p.m. at
Caft Karlbo, 28 N. Third 't.
to find out how you can make
a difference in the life of, a_
-- child. Visit with other Bigs ,
already mentoring a child in .
the program and find out wha
a difference you,can make ,
with youth in your own com-
Smunity. Being a Big Brother o
SBig Sister doesn't mean being
a perfect role model, it means
being yourself with a new
friend.' ..
Complimenrtary appetizers
and'beverages will be served
RSVP to Rainey Crawford at
261-9500 or by email rcraw-
The Newcomers Club of
Amelia Island will host its
monthly coffee on Sept. 12
at 10:30 a.m. Women inter-
Sested injoining the club and'
who reside in Nassau County
..(no matter how long they "
have lived here).are welcome
to attend. For information cor
tact Lulu Elliottat luluellfott@
' pr 548-9807 (or
other contact on the' coffee
committee), or visit
The Fernandina Beach
High School Class of 1967
reunion will be held Sept.
21,5:30-10:30 p.m., at the
SOyster Bay Yacht Club Bay
House. Low country boil,
s BYOB, set-up provided.
Tickets are $25 per person.
RSVP and mail check or
money order to Dale Deonas,
9 North 14th St., Femrnandina
Beach, FL 32034. For infor-
mation call Dorothy at (904)
631-5151, Dale at (904) 753-
S4077, Frank at (904) 206-
3943or Emma at 415-2036.

Cats Angels, IncSPCA
presents a "Walk on the *
Wild SideSafari" at the
Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife.
Sanctuary in Jaclksonville
from 6-8:30 p.m..Sept.21.
Enjoy a guided tour anid expe-.
Srience-the night feeding of
Siberian tigers, lions, cougars,
,leopards and bobcats.
Tickets are $23 for adults
iand $13 for children.under 11.
S.Complimentary dessert and
beverage Will be served,
Tickets' can be purchased at
Cats Angels Thrift Store, 709
S. Eighth St., Monday- :
Saturday from 11 a.m.-5 p.m.,
or call Janat 583-2870. This
fundraiser istaxdeductible
and benefits Cats Angels and"
.:Catty Shack. Visit
," I :.
'Cats Angels, Inc. SPCA'is
a 501 (c)3 nonprofit that
receives no government ,+
Smonies and relies solely on
donations, grants and
fundraising t6 support Rs "
work. Visit
www.catsangeis.c6m.- .
'. ''' ',e *. ' ." '*
On Sept. 28 at 6 p.m. at
the Ocean Club of Amrlelia,
2080 South Fletcher Ave.,
Enjoy up to 24 outstanding
wines, including Caymus, *
Duckhorn, Rodney Strong
and Stag's Leap available for
tasting with 5-6 load stations
during a Food and Wine
Tasting with beautiful ocean
views, presented by A Taste of
Wine by Steve. Tickets are
$50 per person. Make reser-
vations and payment to Steve
Sat the Wine Store, 5174 First
Coast Hwy., Amelia Island.
:lt +, i . ,', :,, i +.
. .,The,Local Authpr's ;
Market Place will be held
r Sept. 28 and 29 from 10
g a.m.-4 p.m. at St. Peter's
s Episcopal Church, '801
Atlantic Ave., Fernandina
Beach, featuring more than
S30 authors, (including ANew
. York 7T7mesauthors Wendy
'Wax and Ken Burger), five
workshops, children'sactivi-
ties, Sonny's BBQ and more.
An-author's luncheon is'
.scheduled for Sept. 29 from
Srioon to 2 p.m. at Joe's 2nd
Street Bistro (limited seating).
Tickets are now available.
SVisit www.localauthorsmarket- for information or
call 321-6180.

Join the Nassau County
S". Council on Aging for "A
S.: Sentimental Journey," an
Art Deco themrned gala
fundralser from 7-10 p.m.

IrHat.SAVE! & Ask About SAME DAY
PLUS 30 PmnLium vie Clihannels
F REE fnr3Umnthhl
CALL 1-888-903-814 A dslh

8 -.7,1
6 4 9

1 5 57
357 '826

3 9
6 9
_ J- _L1 69


2'5 6
statc~it Media

Fill in the squares so
that each row, column
and 3-by-3 box
contain the numbers
1 through 9. Solution
will appear in the
Wednesday, August 21

_3 6 _7_ 8 _5__2__9_j4 1
1 .2 .9. 4 -7 -6. 8 .3 .5-
2465831 97


8 34 71695219


The Femandina Beach
Arts Market will be open on
Aug. 25 from 10 a.m.-3
p.m. atthe comer of 14th
and Lime streets.
This new market offers
arts and crafts as well as
fresh produce, baked
breads, jams and sweet
desserts. More vendors are
needed. Fill out an applica-
tion at www.Femandina,
Local musicians are want-
ed too. Find the market on
Facebook or call 557-8229.
YouthAit classes
The Island Art .- .
Association offersifree.
classes for kids andtheir".
.families, including:. .
S Preschool art, ages 3- i
5 with" an adult, Aug. 26
"from 10-11 a.m.
Children's Art, ages 6-
9, Aug. 31 from 10-11 a.m.
and 11:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m.;
ages 10-13 years.from 1-
2:15 p.m.
Susan Dahl leads the
classes. Pre-register at the
gallery, 18 N. Second St.,
Local artists Rhonda
Bristol, Paul Massing, Jim
McKinney, Lamar M lies and
Gretchen Williams are dis-,
playing island inspired art
at The Courtyard Pub and
Eats, 316 Centre St.,
.'through September. ':
Fun outdoor sketching
S..classes with Bill Maurerare.
held Thursdays from 10
a.m.-12:30 p.m. downtown.
All you need is a pencil and
campstool. Learn how to
draw perspective and .
improve your paintings. Call
Maurer at 261 -8276 for "
information. .
Watercolor classes will
be held 1:30-4 p.m. begin-
S-ning Sept. 6. Learn to paint
in watercolors with clear
presentation, problem solv-
S ing tips and one on one
instruction. Call Maurer at

Oct. 4 at the Omni Amelia
Island P.lan1taon featuring,
music, live and silent auctions
and more. Tickets are $75.
SFor information call 261-0701,
email info@coanassau corn
. or visit

The Florida Theatre, 128
E. Forsyth St., downtown
Jacksonville, hosts Sum-
mer Movie Classics every
Sunday at 2p.m. through.'
Sept. 1. Tickets are $7.50.
The feature Aug. 25 is "It
Happened Qne Night" (1934),
starring Clark Gable and.
Claudette Colbert. Call (904)'
355-2787 or visit floridathe- +
"The Dixie Swim Club" is
Sat Alhambra Theatre and
Dining, 12000 Beach Blvd.,
through Sept. 15, at 8 p.m..
Tuesday through Sunday.
Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and.
dinner is served until 7:30
p.m. Matinees on Saturday
;are at 1:15 p.m. Sunday mati-
ne6 is at 2 p.m. Tickets start
at $46 for adults, including .
dinner, show and parking. Call
(904) 641-1212 or visit

BASH Continuedfrom lB
Camp, swimming lessons,
team sports and social activi-
ties for seniors as well," said
volunteer and board member
Laura Healan Coggin. 'The
money we raise at the
Boardwalk Bash will help us
offer even more scholarships

Continued from 1B
allowing them to sample bar-
becue from all participating

teams and then vote for their
favorite. A limited number of
wristbands will be sold and
will be available at the infor-
mation tent
The winner in the cook-
off's bacon category will
receive a travel stipend, quali-
fication and free entry into

WINE Continued from 1B
Shops of Omni Amelia Island
Stroll along the Wine
Walk, sample wines from over
20 wineries and talk with
industry representatives, all
without a passport or jetlag.
Purchase a bottle or a case at

When was the last time you played your
FRenci horn, tipirbone, or darinet? The'
Nassau Communtmy Band is recruiting new '
members and they want you. This ensemble
is made up of amateur musicians, retired
and current music educators, even folis that.
have not-played since high school or college,
The Nassau Community Band is welcoming
a interested persons to join them ftor their
first rehearsl of the new seasori6o Sept. 5
at 6pm inthe Yuee Middle School band
.roo0 ,.85439 Mir Road.- They will discuss
upcoming events fqr the taki aiswer ques-
tions and rehease.For ifoiat email '
: jro~iaaskauoan. unabarsl^ ,;-cal.baixd
PI6dent-ChL$ B.4i at k 77,2157 or'

"NT~essaucbvnnriJM,'&rcj *-*

4 ^rit fo20Th.featf Baig Fa: ( -.
"-atu:d...,. L- fo'... :,," 4-7'p.l;-..'Bp... .+'"

Park at hsioi American Beach, Fodciiwt..
be available for purchase by Ms. Dee's
Catering. Bring your'lawn chairs. The event
is free, but donations will be accepted for
future jazz series concerts. To learn more
about Uwanda, visit

SAug. 24.
Every Tuesday is Workg Class Stiff,
where music Is played strictly fromrn viy and
1000's of Vinyl records are available to
browse and purchase. Visit Dog Star on
Facebook and CaN 277-
HF lda Ho Irm
"Open Mke NigMh" each Thursday fromrn
7:30-10:30 p.m. in the Mermaid Bar hosted
by local musician Terry Smith. Musicians per-
form a couple'of songs and the audience
gets to hear new talent Appropriate for the
whole family. No cover charge. Call Smith at
(904) 412-7665.

The Green Turtle, 14 S. Third St., live
music. Call 321-2324.
Hammeihead Beach Bar
Hammerhead Beach Bar, 2045 S'.
Fletcher Ave. Live music. VIstHl-mmeead
on Facebook. Contact Bill Childers at
Instant Groove
The Instant Groove, featuring Lawrence
Holmes, Johnny Robinson, Scott Giddons
and Sam Hamilton, plays each Thursday
night at The Ritz-Carton, Amelia Island.
'Dress is casual. For information call Holmes
at 556-6772.

The third annual Amelia Island Blues
Festival is set for Sept. 13 and 14 in down- oKaes
town Fernandina Beach, with music that O'Kane's Irish Pub and Eatery, 318
showcases blpes Centre St., Dan Voll Tuesdays at 7 p.m,;
in a family friend- Davis Turner Band Thursday-Saturday at
ly atmosphere 8:30 p.m.; and karaoke Sundays at 7:30 p.m.
while assisting Call261-1000. Visit
local charities '
and school music'
programs. .. Pablos, 12 N. Second St., Fernandina .
S The festival Beach, hosts a.jazz jam from 7-10 p.m. the ''
" kicks off with a first Wecdesday of each month. Musilans
free Sounds on f.. may sit in for one songor the waple 6lght.
Centre Coricert'from 6-8 p.n. Fray fdeai .r- Join'th~imailing listby hma .Jn eechfly-
ing Albert Castiglia andthe "Blues in Soho er@beB.outhet. .' .
Band. Please bring a cannedgopdfor the'. o. -.1 : ...'' "
local Barnabas Food BanL. An after-party. Pc Sai ,;-. ,;
be held at The Palace Saoon onCentre The Pal:ac Sa P 'Cn +
s street. .'.I.' ,. SchnockeredS -- o:W1. .
Saturday is I at t 4 .-, Buck Smith Pro c
.Fernandina Harbor. Nar".tafr 1&.3-ai Charlie's Frida d'aS
p.m. Tickets ateo_ In at:-.., "'.X 49"1 J ^.
www.arnealandb1.esfe!0L. r 4'e:sala on
-the gate. Sheffield'sat the Pajac 1.w IPt -
an after-party starting at 9:30 p.m.- Visit S *"4f4 for The.
details and tickets. Aisopurchase tickets in St., liv' m' c' Urs
advance at many area businesses. Call 2777-3ai t...... 01
F,, " and Grill on 1F1 cp--.
TheAmelia Island Jazz Festival will run Sa+ dyB t i .:. .
Oct. 6-13 with headliner concerts by noted Sandy Bottori0,t ..i4' 291,df,' .
swing masters the Royal Crown Revue, Oct. Atlantic Ave., The M : ..
11, and smooth saxophonist Mindi Abair, Oct. line'dancing Thursdt 'l. l'
12, at the OmniAmelia lsland.Plpnittion ton '- ''. .. -..
Resort Concert Pavilion, as well as other ...,.... '
exciting events, including jazz and blues a.. ..e.
nights. For the complete schedule of shows, Seabreeze Sports Bar, In Ihe Days.inn on
jam sessions and venues or to purchase Sadler Road, live music.
tickets go to www.ameliaisiandjazzfesti- effl For more information call (904) 504- Sheniei's
4772 or email info@ameliaislandjazzfesti- Sheffleld's at The Palace, 117 Centre St., Speak Easy Saturdays with DJ 007 and late
A not for profit 501(c)(3) corporation, the night danceamlxes, doors open at 3:30 p.m.;'
Les DeMerle A"ela island Jazz Festival dis- Ms. Katie Fair on piano Tuesdays 6-10 p.m.;
tributes proceeds toward a college scholar- Gary Ross Wednesdays 6-10 p.m.; The
ship-program for aspiring jazz musicians. Decades Band Thursdays 6-10 p.m. Call Bill
lk Childers at 491-3332 or email bill@thep-
o tyar
"T.he Courtyard Pub & Eats, 316 Centre ."rl
St., John Spring on the piano inside and Sllder Sgeaseie urll-
Gabriel Arnold outside (weather permitting) Sliders Seaside Grill, 1998 S, Fletcher
Sunday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.; Dan Minlerd Ave., livemuslc In the ti bar from 6-10 p.m.
Monday from 6-10 p.m.; Dave Bacarro nightly'and 1-5 p.m. SJrdays and Sundays,
Wednesday from 6-10 p.m.; and John reggae Wednesdays with Pil'Plli; The
Springer Thursday-Saturday from 6:30-10:30 Macy's in the lounge Friday ancrd Saturdays
p.m. Call 432-7086. Join them on Facebook 6-10 p.m'; shag dancing Sundays from 4-7
at cdburtyardpubandeats. p.m.;'music nightly from 9 p.m,-1 a.m. in 6he

David's Restaurant and Lounge, 802 Ash
St., presents John Springer in the lounge
6:30 p.m.-dlose Tuesdays and Wednesdays;
Aaron Bing Friday and Saturday nights. Call
Dog StarTavem
Dog Star Tavern, 10 N. Second St.; pres-
ents Freddy's Finest, 9 p.m. tonight; and Kim
Reteguiz and the Black Cat Bones, 9:30 p.m.

to localresidents so that no
one is turned away because
they lack the financial
resources," she added.
Tickets for the Boardwalk
Bash on Aug. 30 can be pur-
chased at the event for $1
each or $5 for a wristband
that offers unlimited use of
the bounce house. Advance

the World Food Champion-
ships' Bacon World Champ-
ionships Nov. 7-10 in Las
Vegas, Nev. The winning
team will be crowned at 5
p.m. Saturday.
Local professional teams
competing at the event
include Omni Amelia Island
Plantation and Pig In A Pokey
BBQ of Callahan. Local back-
yard teams include Beach
Dawg, Smoke N Da Cockpit,
Smokin & Jokin, Son of A Pig

the Wine Tent to prolong the
pleasure long after you return
Wine Ticket holders also
will enjoy food tasting from
local restaurants in the
Restaurant Court. The Wine
Walk is open to everyone to
shop for artisan-crafted treas-
ures, from table art to pot-

Breakers Lounge. Call-277-6652. Visit Join Sliders on
FacebooR and Twitter.
The Suf
The Surf Restaurant and Bar, 3199 South
Fletcher Ave., live entertainment all day
weekends and 5-9 p.m. on the deck. Call
S261-5711 andvisit their Facebook page.
Submit items and updates for this calen-.
dar to Assistant Editor Sian Perry at sperry@

tickets will also be available at
the McArthur Family Y or by'
calling Nicole Brown at 26L1
1080, ext 109.
More information about
the event can also been found
in the Calendar of Events at
The McArthur Family Y
' -" " *: .+ '*;

BBQ Team and Southern
Heritage BBQ, all of Fernan-
dina Beach; Southern ,
Marinades, Up In Smoke and
Whiskey Buzz, of Yulee; and
Cuzz's Bar-B-Q of'Hilliard.
Free general parking and
an event shuttle will be avail-
able at the former Atlantic
Elementary School Field,
1201 Atlantic Ave., both days.
VIP parking and shuttle is
available at the Atlantic
Recreation Center for $5 per

tery, handmade, glass votives
and vases, hand-turned rare
wood vases and pepper mills,
unique bottle stoppers and
wine accessories, hand-paint-
ed stemware and sterling sil-
ver and copper jewelry mir-
roring the organic flow of
fabric. Wander down the
Wine Walk to the award-win-

serves all of Nassau.County
and is dedicated to strength-
ening the foundations of the
local community through'
youth development, healthy
living and social responsibili-
ty. For information about the
Y and its many outstanding
programs, visit www.first-

vehicle. The shuttle will loop
every 15 minutes between
Main Beach and the parking
locations. Shuttles will oper-
ate from 3-10:30 p.m. today
and 9 am.-10 p.m. Saturday.
For more information
about cook-off, contact the
Amelia Island Convention &
.Visitors Bureau at 277-4369 or
visit www.gstailgatecookoff
com. Proceeds benefit the
Gator Bowl Association and
its charitable organizations.

ning Amelia Farmers Market,
which will be open normal
hours Oct. 12 from 9 am.-1
p.m. Visit www.ameliafarm-
For details and ticket infor-
mation about the Amelia
Island Wine Festival, visit or call


FRIDAY, AUGUST 23.2013/News-Leader



"What's this for?" I a
not to look ignorant Th
string and small blue-ha
sors.seemed strange; es
event like this. "You use
any shot you've made,"
said. "Even into the hok
asked. "Yep," she said.'
hole. All you have to do
out a piece of string the
that you want to move t
Suse the scissors to cut t
then place the string in
as if you never came up
"That's a good deal," nm
tonmei."How much can
asked. "You're allowed
team," she said. Knowii
Small the help I could get,
station, I blurted out, "H
it?" 'A dollar, a foot," she

g nd Gods grace

sked, trying quickly pulled out a string and scissors provision and reminder.
ie pile of $20 bill and how they were planning to let us use I find t
mndled scis, grabbed up all I it, my strategic mind went to work. of the mos
specially at an could have. With two of the other guys on my Bible. Son
e it to extend For me, last- team being exceptional golfers and by this aac
the woman Saturday was a real me with a pocket full of string, it Christ's E
[e?" my friend privilege. My dear dawned on me; we might actually string at tl
"Evein into the friend, Pastor Sam win something at the end of the day., that In th(
is measure ' Greene, hosted a Now, I have to tell you, though I help for us
same length golf tournament to wasn't able to contribute much to our life's bloot
he golf ball, PULPTr raise funds for their team by way of my golf game, every Those.
he string and NOTES church planting time we came up short of the hole, it blood be
the hole. It's a.. and mission work was to me they looked. Never in all story of R
Short" in Bolivia. Thbug my days have I walked around with short, she
y friend said Pastor I'm not much of a such grace in my pocket In the end, theconqu
Ibuy?"I RobGoyete golfer two or there's: no doubt, it was thatgrace Israelites'
20feetper three times a year that helped us win the tournament intothe P
ng I could use maybe- the idea of supporting a That's right, we won; and while rI'm spies hid
without hesi- good cause and getting to hang out not sure what the other guys did 'that Godv
ow much is with. some friends was enough to pull with their trophies, mine has a piece God was g
e said. I me in. When I learned aboutthe of leftover string hangingon it as a was wise

for us all

ie topic of God's grace one
st important ones in the
ue remember its meaning
-ostic; God's Resource At
Kpense. In the case of the
ie golf course, I paid for
ie case of God's grace and
s, Jesus paid with His very
same ideas string and
beautifully emerge in the
ahab found ii the Bible. In
Swas a prostitute. During
est of Jericho, when the
were making their way
promise Land, two Israelite
in her house. She, knowing
vas with them and.that
going to give them the city,
enough to make an appeal

for grace and mercy. In exchange for
keeping them hidden, they pledged
to spare her and her family's lives.
Her job was simple to gather her
family together and to hang a red
string out her window. By it, during
the time of the city's destruction, she
and her family would be identified
and saved.
Interestingly, such is the case
with all of us. Though, like her, we
are not worthy of such a salvation,
Jesus, with his own blood, has made
a way for all who believe.
"Behold when we come into the
land, you shall bind this line of scar-
let thread in the window..." (Joshua
Robert L Goyette is pastor of
Living Waters World outreach Center

Sunday School ..............................9:30 am
Sunday Worship..............................10:45 am
Wednesday AWANA....................6:15 pm
Wednesday Bible Study ................6:30 pm
Postor:Bud Long
941017 Old osamlve lt Road Conly Rd-107 South
Fernandina Beach,. FL32034


Tiadmlni FialyWanhlp ....... B 11 am
(wely ecummuunion tt 8 .m)
Cotemplworar, Worihlp .. .9:30 an In mll HallU
Sunday Siod fordlsnil Alges .....9:3 i &11m
Wednesday Dinm (ia-ly))..........4:45 rm

601 Cnr Sre 21 57


Packthe Schoofl
Through the month of'"
August, First BaptistI
Fernandina Beach is taking
donations-of school supplies I
to Pack the School. This year,
the effort is to help Southside
Elementary supply its teach-
ers and students with pencils, I
pens, pocket folders,wide- I
ruled notebook paper, spiral
notebooks, crayons, glue
sticks, dry-erase markers,
white or color copy paper, I
Kleenex, paper towels, wipe- I
ups and backpacks.
Drop off your donations at
First Baptist Church, 1600 S.
Eighth St. during regular .
business hours, 8-30 am.-4 30
p.m., Monday through
Thursday (drive to the back
and enter the Administrative
Offices), or the Children's
Desk onSunday. ,
Celebration picnic
Trinity United Methodist
Church will host its annual I
Celebrate Jesus Picnic at 11
a m. on Aug. 24 at the church
on the corner of South Eighth
and Ash streets. The commu-
nity is invited to attend, partic-
ipate in praise and worship as
well as enjoy food and fun.
Women's Day .
Prince Chapel AME
Church, 95189 Hendricks
Road in Nassauville, will hold
its annual Women's Day on
Aug. 25. Morning service,
starts'at 11 a.m. and evening
service at 4 p.m. All are wel-
come. Sis Fredericka Taylor,
chairman. The Rev. Godfrey.
Taylor, pastor.

Inquiry cass
St Michael Catholic
Church is sponsoring an
inquiry class for those, that
wish to know more about the
SRoman Catholic faith and
what Cath0lics believe. The:
program.caUed RC.GIA (Rite
of Christian Initiation for
Adults).will start on Sept, 3

and continue each week
through Easter 2014. The first
few sessions are devoted to
basics of the faith. At the end
of the "Inquiry" phase, partici-
pants can decide if they want -
to contiriue on and become
regular members of the
Catholic Church, culminating
in a special ceremony at
Easter time.
The sessions are open to, -
those that have never been ".
baptized, or have been bap-
tized in another faith or to )
Catholics that have not
received the Sacraments of '''
First Eucharist or
Confirmation.,There is no cost
and an open house informa-
tion session will meet at the
Parish Office, 505 Broome St.,
on Aug. 27 at 7 ppm. For more
information call 261-3472.
Gospel event
One of gospel music's
most popular quartetS, The
Dixie Melody Boys, will be
featured at Epworth ByThe
Sea in St Simmons Island, Ga.,
Aug 31 arid Sept. 1 at 7 p.m.
Since organizing over five
decades ago, The Dixie
Melody Boys have enjoyed
much success, including a
Grammy nomination and
numerous Fan Award nomina-
-kions-'Forinformation, cat" ''
(912) 280-9521 or visit
Holydays ,
The Jewish Community of
Amelia Island/Nassau will
observe Rosh Hashanah on
Sept. 5 and Yom Kippur on
Sept 14 Rabbi Robert
Goodman will conduct servic-
,es at the Ocean Clubhouse at
the Omni Amelia Island
Plantation The group will,
gather at 9:30 a.m. both days,
with services at 10 am. sharp.
A luncheon buffet will follow-
the Rosh Hashanah .service.
and a "break-fast" potluck on,:
Yom Kippur at the Amenity :
Center at North Hampton.
The cost is $20 per person


f~',~atwefl4 .nj@. ens stanlt

.UIlulUULyULurIaL .. .
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church was honored to pres-
ent a check for $3,000 from this year's Shrimp Festival
booth proceeds to the Council On Aging to go towards
the "Meals On Wheels" program in Nassau County.
Pastor Ida Iverson presented the check on Sunday, Aug.
11 to the Council on Aging Executive Director Janice
Ancrum, above. Also attending was Council President
Bill Hansberry, who was just one of the many members
who worked in the booth for outreach in the community.

per service;.add an extra $16
per person for the brunch.;
For details contact Debbie
Price at 310-6060 or7 : ..
Sister's Always
S-' The-Sister's Always '
Ministry, Inc. of Fernandina
Beach will host its 2013
"Intimacy with God Confer-
ence & Retreat" Sept 19-21 at
the Saratoga Resort Villas in
SKissimmee. Speakers include
First Lady Cynthia Robinson,
SNew Zion M.B. Church,
Fernandina Beach; Sis. Carrie
Moore, National Area Field
SDirector, St. John M.B.
Church, Kansas City, Kan.;
: the Rev Brian K Brown
Pastor,'St. Mark M.B. Church,
St Petersbug, and conference
.founder and hostess, Sis
Victoria Roberts. New Mount
Zion M.B. Church, Haines" .
.-City.. .:
Registration is S55 and.
Includes access to all work-

shops, PJ Party, luncheon .
(Saturday only), conference
bags and more. The Saturday
only session is $25. For infor-
mation on registration and .
resort reservations contact
Sis: lVickie Rdburtsat 335-,
7357 or Sis Kathie Carswell at
556-5099 or visit www.sister-
-alwaysministryorg. There
, 'will be a charter bus from
Fernandina Beach for those
who do not wish to drive.
-Tq sign up, contact Earline
Hart at (904) 768-6020 or 207-
,. 3757...: ,:
Unity services
Isle:of Light Unity hold. -
morning worship services at;
10 a.'M on the second and
fourth Sunday of each month
at the American Beach
Community Center and
Museum, .1600 Julia St. in
American Beach. Childcare
provided For information call
Marcia at 415-0822 or Chris at

'* Inre Heart or Fernandinro
9 N. 6h Street
Dr. WainWesberry
Senior Pastor
S Dr.Doug Ganyo
Associate Pastdi
S Worship 8:30 & 11,am
.Sunday School 9:50 am
Q Nursery *Children
Youth Adults

"Discover the Difference" at
Amelia Baptist
Pastor Dr. H. Neil Helton
Sunday Worship Service -- 10:30Am
Bible Study- 9am
Nursery provided for all services
Small group ftudies-Adults 6pm
Wednesday Prayer Service 6:30p(m
Preschool and Children Activities
C-ter slBuccaermT. & Gting Rod,. Pm-dea Bd
For More ofonatio ca: 261-9527

1(904)277-4414 .==aeia=eu

Sjto l i 1,1gil MM! 4 pan & pin
Sdim WqpVIMats 7ni-Sptish BMs
S 4 p-ay -m-aiSlYieldoUniMbldMdisatuh
Sunday Masss
l:M1am-1g:wiiat1 --12iOpim (am)
DailyMass- I8:3m Ie, WedTWuos SFri.
6pi- Tnas
IHly Day Massm Vl -6 r on: Holy Day-8:30 am,6 pm
Canllisas. Siayl 3 pmo 3:45 pm or by atpl
Partl Ol 304-251-3472; Fax 904-321-1M01
EC grmcy kata o S914-2774566

NewVision r
SChurc, uy
WorShi tuii^Py
^at 1L:ya

Please oin us for '
Adult Sunday School 9:30AM
Worship 11 AM
Children's Church 11:00AM
Al A & Christian Way, Yulee
225-5381 Pastor CharfleSward

20 Southltiak Street 2614907
Rev. Darmen BoldenSr., Pastor
The Church
n the Hart rof the C ty
With the Desire to be in the
Heart of Al People
Sunday New Mimes Class 9 n.m
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Mornmg Worsp 11 a m.
Pedsesdfa Nox-day Pawyer
Weatnsdayfld-wuek cme 7-9p.A
Ministries: Bus & Va, Couples Sngles,


Sunday Service ... .10:30 am
Bible Study ........9:30 am
Wednesday Service... 7:00 pm
85031 Landover Drive
Yulee, Fl


The Men's Community Bible Study group is planning its
annual Fall Kickoff on Aug. 26 at 6 p-m. with a ribs and bar-
becue dinner at the Chem Cell Club off Amelia Island
Parkway (just follow the signs).
Norm Purdue, the teaching director for the men's study,
is also the chief chef for the group. CBS will delve into the
Books of Isaiah and Amos this year. The study itself will com-
mence at 7 p.m. on Monday, Sept 9 at Amelia Baptist
Church, 961167 Buccaneer Trail.
The mission of Community Bible Study is "to make disci-
ples of the Lord Jesus Christ in our communities through
caring, in-depth Bible study, available to all." Men who are
notalready enrolled, who would like to attend the cookout on
.Aug. 26 and find out more about CBS, should contact Purdue
zat, or call 206-0588. No tickets are
required, but there will be a "kitty" to offset the cost of the

Amelia Island Community Bible Study classes are open
for registration. The 30-week class begins ih September and
ends in May. Adult classes will studyAmos and Isaiah. This
is an inter-denominational, in-depth Bible-study.'
The philosophy of CommunityBible Study is to be an
every person's Bible study, meaning all women, men and
children will be so loved and cared for that they will feel com-
fortable in CBS classes regardless of their background, edu-
cation, church involvement, ethnicity oreconomic status;
For more information call the appropriate class coordina-
.Ladies Day Class meets from 9:30-11:30 am:
Wednesday at Amelia Baptist Church. Children's programs
for newborn-high school. Call Kathleen Minor at 225-8125.
Begins Sept 11.
,Ladies Evening Class meets from 7-8:30.p.m. Monday at
Amelia Baptist Church. Call Barbara Tucker at 261-9969.
Begins Sept. 9.'-
1 Men's Class: meets from 7-8:30 p.m. Monday at Amelia
Baptist Church. Call Tony Taylor at 321-0785: Begins Sept 9.
:"for information on.the Eteen or Teen class,.call Bobbie
Burch at 261-2533
'* *" '' O
-' L
The annual kick-off dinner for the Monday Evening
Women's CommunityBible Study will be held from 6-7:30
p.m. Aug. 26 in the Education Building of Amelia Baptist
Church at 961167 Buccaneer Trail.
Regular weekly classes will begiA Monday, Sept. 9 at 7
p.m. This year's interdenominational, in-depth Bible study
will be Amos and Isaiah and will run through early May. Call
Barbara Tucker at 261-9969 or Nancie Waldron at 261-8507
with questions about the dinner, the class or registration. ,

S St Peter's Episcopal
Church, 801 Atlantic Ave, is
on its summer schedule, with
Sunday services at 8:30 and 10
* a.m. and breakfast at 9:15 a.m.

Wednesday Eucharist remains
at 12:10 p.m., and Taizk and
Celtic services continue at
their regular 6 p.m. times on
the second and fourth
Sunday, respectively. All are


Doug Sides, Senior Pastor
Morning Sevices 8:15 end 11:00 am
Sunday S=ool 9:45 am
Sunday Evening 6:00 pm
Wednesday Prayer Meeting 6:30 pm
Wednesday Children 6:30 pm
Wednesday 'Overflow' Youth 6:30 pm
Nursery Provided For All Services
85971 Harts Rd. 904225.5128
Yulee, Ft 32097

St. Peter's Episco a Church
Welcomes You!' ....
Located at the corner
of 8th &Atlantic .
Summer Service l j
Schedule \
8:30 Holy Eucharist. Rite II
9:15 Breakfast
10:00 Holy Eucharist. Rite 11
6 pm C-eltic Worship 4th Sunday
6 pm TAIZE 2nd Sunday


A Cogregsation of he
Prsabyteri C urch In Amerca
Dteeed to Chbin to Me FPloewalp &
to the frat Cmnd ato
Wordip on Suonda" at 10.45 am
Nursery ad d lldrmsa Churdc provided
Grae Grnoups mat on Wednesday entegsa In
Fenmdilna Ba, ti. ngil d &YVlee.
S.Me's,. Wuemse' and Youth ministr es
96038 Loflon Square Court. dMo. PFL 32097
aot I WinnoDOed
wwwjgrnaemas .oonm

A Where the Bible i our only authoriyfl
\Romans 1616
Worship Service Sunday 11:00 a.m.
Wednesday Bible Study 7.00 p.m.

Fernandina Beach, PL 32034
In the Lofton Pointe Plaza
2/10miles south of SR200IAIA

Innovjthe Sty/e, Cotomporay Music
Pastor Mike Kwlatkowsid
85520 Miner Rd. Yulee, FL 32097
SSunday Worship 9:00amand 10:30arm
Nursery Provided
KIdKradlble Children Ministries
Meeting @ 10:30am Sunday
Youth Program Wed. @ 6:30pm
C mding M, clyt..
Connec& WiO thPeopte.

'Come Eerience mthe Joy of
Worship & Service- Psalm 100
Sunday Shool ............. 4-4Bus
Worshblp Sevie ............ 11:00am
esingn Worship ............ 6:00pm
Wedlusdae light Supp ....... :00pm.
Eacooater otaa Ouep .S:30pl-S:00pm
Wednesday Pryw ers"tt.s..... 7:00pm
738 onlnievlew Rod
Numsry proldedi
F ld us non Faehok
Finn oti bt lBapist enouetr Youth

96362 Blackrock Rd., Yulee
Van Power
Sunday Morning Worship Service 10:30 am
Sunday School 9:15 am
Sunday Evening Worship Service 6:00 pm
AWANA Wednesday 6:30 8:30 pm
Wednesday Service 7:00 pmr
Nursery Provided


-" .Worship this week

at the place of your, choice,..

First Baptist
Fernandina Beach
9:00 Life Groups
10:15 AM & 6:00 PM
Wednesday 6:30 PM


1 .1


FRIDAY. AUGUST 23.2013 News-Leader

The 2013 winners of the
Island Art Association High
School Senior Portfolio
Scholarship are, first place
($1,500), Michael Lynch
from Hilliard Middle Senior
High, attending the
University of Minnesota; sec-
ond place ($1,000), Gina
RodriguezIrom Yulee High,
attending the University of
North Florida; and third
place ($500), Maya
Washington from Yulee
High, attending the
University of North Florida.
The purpose of the Island
-Art Association scholarship
.is to help creative high -
-school seniors with the cost
: of college tuition. These stu-
;dents have and are making a
contributionn to the fine arts
"establishment The Island
-Art Association attempts to
-recognize and cultivate pur-
'pose-driven young adults to
help create a better place in
6 ur community, home life
:_and work environments.
.Visit www.islandartorg.
SThe Nassau Youth
'Writers Program meets the
".third Tuesday of each month
at Books Plus, 107 Centre St
-For more. information con-
1 Leadership class
Youth Leadership Nassau
',is seeking qualified 10th and
.;llth grade applicants for the
'-2013-14 school year.
"Eligibility requirements
include proven leadership
.ability in school and/or com-
munity activities, an interest
in addressing' the issues con-
fronting Nassau Courfty and
an average of B or better.'
Students will meet month-
ly September through March
where they willgain an
increased awareness of com-
munity needs, opportunities
and resources, develop effec-
tive leadership styles and'
meet other students from
Nassau County. For an appli-
cation see your school guid-
ance office or teacher.
Florida State College at
Jacksonville Betty P Cook
Nassau Center in Yulee
invites new students and fam-
ily members to the center on
Aug. 24 from 10 a.m.-noon.
Familiarize yourself with the
center and find your class-
rooms. The fall term begins
on Monday Students can also
pick utip class schedules and
student ID cards. Light .
snacks will be available. Call
5484432 for directions.
Culinary dass
Florida State College at
Jacksonville Betty P Cook
Nassau Center, 76346
SWilliam Burgess Blvd.,
Yulee, is offering a workforce
certificate program in
'Commercial Food and
Culinary Arts to prepare
individuals for employment
in the culinary and hospitali-
ty fields, with 600 hours of
Food Preparation, the
first 300-hour class,'begins

Aug. 26 and meets Monday
through Friday from 1-5 p.m.
until Dec. 13. The cost is
$942 plus uniform.
The textbook and knives
will be provided for use in
the class. Restaurant Cook,
the second 300-hour class for
the certificate, will be offered
in the spring term, which
starts in January. Instructor
is Chef Bill Castleberry, a
certified executive chf with
.the American Culinary
Applicants must complete
an application, the Test of
Adult Basic Education and
the federal financial aid appli-
A high school diploma is
not required. Call Tina'
Elmore at 548-4435.
Speech contest
Do you have a home-edu-
cated student in fourth-sixth
grade that would like to com-
pete in the 4-H Tropicana
Public Speaking Contest this
year? If so, attend a work-
shop explaining contest
details on Sept. 5 from 10
am.-noon at the Nassau
County Extension Office in
Callahan. Call for more
details and to RSVP at (904)
879-1019. ,
Mentors needed
Take Stock in Children is
looking for female volun-
teers, especially in the Yulee
area, to serve as mentors for
deserving children in grades
7-12. .
Mentprs provide guid-
ance and support during
Weekly meetings with their
students at school that last
about an hour and are some-
times held during lunch. The
Meetings also remind the
students of their commit-
ment of good grades, atten-
dance and behavior as Take.
Stock participants. Their
reward for fulfillifig that con-
* mitment is a college tuition
scholarship upon graduation.
Mentors complete an
, application, are interviewed
and receive training. Take
Stock mentor training will,be
held Sept 9 from 3:30-6:30
Sp.m. at the'FSCJBetty Pw- -
- Cook'N assatut6nter, 76346 '
William Burgess Blvd. in
For information, go to
and click on mentor or con-
tact Jody Mackle at 548-4464
4H openhouse'
Parents and kids are invit-:
ed to a Nassau County 4-H
Open House to find out what,
opportunities 4-H ,offers.
Enroll or re-enroll from 4-7
p.m. Sept 9 at the Nassau
County Extension Service
(Northeast Florida
Fairgrounds), 543350 US 1,
Callahan. For information
call (904) 879-1019.
Science academy
River Otter Science
Academy offers home school
classes for ages 8-14, starting
Sept 9, including Physics for
Kids, EcQlogy of a Barrier
Island, Junior Lifeguard
Class, Homeschool PE and
Gardening. Visit www.river Contact
Angela Ray at 415-5223.



'Change for Change'
'The Y'MCA Yulee Kids Camp recently pitched in to help the Nassau.Humane Society
raise money for a new animal shelter. The campers made' "change for change" buck-
ets, one for third and fourth graders and one for fifth graders and middle school stu-',
dents. Each day they would add their spare change, or choose to donate their money
instead of buying candy or drinks. The$ 130 in' donations will go to the NHS Capital
Campaign to build a'new shelter. More information on the.campaign is available at '

Fernandina Beach Christian Academy hosted a welcome back staff luncheon. The
academy has added third grade for the upcoming school year, which began Aug. 8.
Seated, from left, are Janelle Gelston, Debbie Johnson, Shannon Hogue and Gwen
Milam. Standing are Kaila Umbarger, Michele Lee, Jennifer Blankenship, Frank
Vacirca and Jenn Torres.

Fernandina Beach Christian Academy

students give up drinks for clean water
The Fernandina Beach The Water Project (www.the- ing up with every site.
Christian Academy, 1600 S. waterprojectorg). The prem- A few weeks after
Eighth St., is taking part in a ise is simple; participants FBCA submits their funds to
different kind of fundraiser, drink tap or filtered water The Water Project, they will
Instead of raising money for instead of spending money at be assigned to a specific proj-
themselves, they are raising coffee shops or soda ect that their funds will sup-
money for people they will machines, and donate what port. The students will then
likely never meet, who live in they would have spent be able to follow that com-
places they will likely never In other words, no money munity through photos, GPS
visit, and whose life chal- has to be pulled from savings coordinates, and field
lenges they will likely never or contributed by other peo- reports as they progress
experience. pie; money is simply repur- through mobilization, train-
For two weeks the group posed, ing, and building of their
of 35 students is taking part The Water Project will project
in a program known as The use the donations to fund the For more information on
Water Challenge. They start-' building and repair of wells, the Fernandina Beach
ed the program on Aug. 16. sand dams and other water Christian Academyfundrais-
This fundraiser benefits peo- technologies in sub-Saharan er or to male donations con-
ple in Africa who don't have countries of Africa where tact school Principal Frank S.
access'to a sustainable water clean and safe water is often Vacirca at 491-5664.
supply, scarce. You can also make donations
The Water Challenge The Water Project goes directly at
asks participants to forgo all beyond technology and xLdEr.
non-water beverages for two financial assistance by Also visit www.thewater-
weeks and divert that money including sanitation and projectorg, call 1-800-460-
from personal consumption hygiene education, commu- 8974 or email info@thewater-
to a donation to the work of .nity mobilization and follow- projectorg.

-I .
*1 '.




Power & Light Company has
announced its education initia-
tives for supporting STEM (sci-
ence, technology, engineering
and mathematics) learning'in
Florida schools for the 2013-14
academic year.
Specifically, teachers can
now begin applying for the 2013-
14 FPLTeacher Grant Program
by visiting
education. It aims to reduce
out-of-pocket expenses for
teachers by providing funding
support for energy-related edu-
"STEM education is key to
developing our country's next
generation of scientists, engi-
neers and energy experts," said
Pam Rauch, vice president of
development and external
affairs for FPL "Our commit-
ment is to support and ease the
burden on teachers by funding
and developing inspiring pro-
grams that spark student cre-
ativity, interest and involve-
All public, private and char-
ter school teachers in FPL's
service territory, which in-
cludes parts of Nassau County,
are eligible to apply for: grants to
create aind to cover costs
associated with classroom proj-
ects focused on any form of
energy and engineering educa-
Grants are awarded in incre-.
ments of $500 up to $2,500 and
the application deadline is'Nov.
15. Winners will be announced
by the end. of this year.
For more information and to .
apply, visit
FPL also offers the Energy
Conservation Assembly Show, a
25-minute live theater show for
kindergarten through fifth
grade students.
To schedule 'a' show,. visit
ing/show.shtml. :
For the second year, FPL has
announced plans to sponsor the
' South" Florida'"FIRST (For
SInlpiration and Recbghition'of
Science and Technology)
Robotics'regional competition
slated for the spring.
In addition to using their
math, science and engineering
skills, students have the oppor-
tunity to use their creativity,
work in teams, utilize critical
thinking and problem solving
skills, manage projects, market
'themselves and their robots,
trouble shoot issues and man-
age their time in a real-world
type setting: Visit FPL's
YouTube site for videos on the
2013 competition.
Teachers at schools with a
photovoltaic system, or at
schools scheduled to receive a
system from FPL, are invited to
attend full-day workshops to
learn how to incorporate energy
technology into their teaching
FPL will provide a $125
Stipend to fund their travel and
meals for the day.. :
SAdditional workshops are
open to all teachers in FPL's
S'service territory and will be
announced Oct. 1 at www.



STo Place An Ad, Call (904) 261-3696. The Classified Ad Deadline for Wednesdays is 5:00 p.m. Monday and forFridays is 5:00 p.m. Wednesday
'Friays is 5:00 p~.Wednesday

190 ANNOUNCEMENTS 204 Work Wanted 403 FinanoaI-Hrome/Propety 606 Photo Equipments & Sales 619 Business Equipment 800 REAL ESTATE 813 Investment -Property 858 Condos-Unfurnished
101 Card of Thanks 205 Live-in Help 404 Money To Loan 607 Anhiques-Collectibles 620 Coal-Wood-Fuel 801 Wanted to Buy or Rent 814 West Nassau County 859 Homes-Fum,shed
102 Lost & Found 206 Child Cate 500 FARM & ANIMAL 608 Produce 621 Garden/Lawn Equipmrent 802 Mobile Homes 815 lingsiand/St. Marys 860 Homes-Unfurnished
103 In Memoriam 207 Business Opportunity 501 Equipment 609 Appliances 622 Plants/Seeds/Fertlizer 803 Mobile Home Lots 816 Camden CoUnty 861 Vacation Rentals
104 Personals 300 EDUCATION 502 Livestock & Supplies 610 Air Conditioners/Heaters 623 Swap/Trade 804 Amelia Island Homes 817. Other Areas 862 Bed & Breakfast
105 Public Notice 301 Schools & Instruction 503 Pets/Supplies 611 Home Furnmshings 624 Wanted to Buy 805 Beaches 850 RENTALS 863 Office
106 Happy Card 302 Diet/Exercise 504 Services 612 Musoal Instruments 625 Free [Items 806 Waterfront 851 Roommate Wanred 864 CommercialV/Retail
107 Special Occasion 303 Hobbies/Crafts. BOO MERCHANDISE 613 Television-Radio-Stereo 700 RECREATION 807 Condominimus 852 Mobile Homes 865 Warehouse
108 Gilt Shops 305 Tutonng 601 'Garage Sales 614 ]ewelry/Watcies 701 Boars & Trailers 808 Off Isiand/Yulee 853 Mobile Home-Lots 901 TRANSPORTATION
200 EMPLOYMENT.. 306 Lessons/Classes 602 Articles For Sale 615 Bulding Materials 702 Boat Supplies/Dockage 809 LOtS 854 Room 901 Automobiles
201 Help Wanted 400 FINANCIAL 603 Miscellaneous 616 Storage/Warehouses 703 Sports Equipment Sales 810 Farms & Acreage 855 ApFu 0 Trucks
201 elpWaned 00 FNANIAL855Apatliets-unuhed903Vans
202. Sales-Business '401 Mortgage Bought/Sold 604 Bicycles 617 Hachainery-Tools-Equip. 704 RecFeation Vehidcles 811 Commercial/Retail 856 Apartmients-Unfurn. 904 Hotorcydes
203 Hotel/Restaurant -402 Stocks & Bonds 605 Computers-Supplies 618 Auctions 705 Computers& Supplies 812 Property Exchange 857 Condos-Furnished 905 Commerdcial


FOUND Adult female gray & white
S, tabby cat In Amelia Park. Friendly,
sweet personality, significant weight
loss. Call (904)251-4700.'
If You Have Lost Your Pet please
check the Nassau Humane Society
facility located at 671 Airport Rd. next
to the airport (904)321-1647 & the
Nassau' County Animal Shelter, 86078
Ucenfise Rd. In Yulee next to the'drivers
license building (904)491-7440.

SADOPT A childless couple seeks tb
adopt. Loving home with tenderness,
warmth, happiness. Financial security.
Expense paid Redi 8 & David
(888)986.1520 or text (3471406-J924;
Sww Adam
B Sklar FLa0150789 AUF

ALL .REAL ESTATE' Advertised
S Herein Is subject to the Federal
Fair Housing Act, which makes it
Illegal t "advertise any prefer-
ence, lImitation, obi discrimination
based on race, color, religion, sex,
S handicap, familial status or
national origin, or the intention to
make any such preference,
limitation or discrimination, :'
The 'News-Leader:. will' not
knowIngly accept; any .advertising
Sfor'real estate,which Is In-violation
,of the law. All persons arehereby
Informed that ,all dwellings
advertised are available on an
equal. opportunity basis. . I
If you believe that you may have
been discriminateda against in
connection with the -ale, rental or
financing of nousing, call the
United States Department of
Housing and Urban Development
HUD-. 1(800)669-9777,. or for
the hearing Impaired l(800i927?-
i : + '- L ,* ',' -' . .. ,i

The Fernacjina Beach Golf
Club is looking for part-time
Servers & grill cooks. ";
:';' Experience a plus. :
Please send resumes to:

I or apply in person.

THERE IS A LIEN On'The Following
Vehicles For Towing & Storage -
and will be auctioned off on the listed
dates below: on 9/9/13 a 1995 ford
Explorer VIN# 1FMDU32XSSZB86114
and on -9/16/13 a Range-,:Rover
Discovery .VIN# SAL]Y1240WA776921
at 12 noon at 1683B. S. 8th St.,
Femandlna Beach, FL 32034. (904)

|. ,1q8ji^shops:t
474384 E 'State Road 200,
.*.. FBch FL
Lhlnf ilRobin @.904-226-2237 ,


[4i -0 Wanited 1
Clean & load rental equipment for
deliveries St. tMarys, GA Clean t-VR,
Drug, & Background Check. Resume,
912- 576-1903 or net
POSITION, Must be experienced,
able to multi-task, 'able to work in a
busy envlrornmant. F/T with benefits
Fax resurne to (904)491-3173
COUNCIL ON AGING has two part
time dispatch positions in the transpor
station department Ilust be able Io
,work in ea fast paced ;environment
Telephone computer," anrd customer skills a must Send resumes to'
mmassin,,'coanas-" For more
Irnformaticnr please see our website at

hiring for car salesman position. Com-
,munication & customer service skills
required. Sales experience and
familiarity with auto financing pre-
ferred. Please send resumes to
donnetta.a,prolinemotors con

- on Sunday morning. Please conta
John at (904) 504-7926

*(tIuni *^H'Mrmi

S2,1 Help Wanted 1201 Help Wanted !

CLASS A CDL DRIVER construction
equipment delivery for rental company
St. Marys, GA. Clean MVR, Drug,&
Background check. Resume: .912-576-
1903 or trilaneadmindltds net.
CLASS A CDL DRIVER'- construction
equipment delivery for rental company
'St.. Marys, GA. Clean MVR, Drug,&
Background check. Resume: 912-576-
1903 or
Expandinig national homebuilder/devel-
toper has. new sales office in Jackson-
.ville/Amelia Island area. We need goal
oriented, success driven individuals w/
proven work history for new home
sales careers. We provide all lepds &
offer salary plus commissions, benefits
including 40114 extensive training &
opportunity to grow. Full time Must
be' able to obtain RE license & work
weekends. Take your career to the next
level! Email resum e to:
hmer:adc.Jrnip',iomail conr, an EOE
Equipment Experience, (Gas-Dlesel-
Hydraulics) & small engine repair for
St Mrarys GA Own iuols Clean drug.
MVR, Background Resume to' 912-
576-1903 or inlaneadminmtas net
RESIDENCE INN housekeepers arnd
Food Beverage needed. No phone
calls please. Accepting applications at
2301 Sadler Rd. EEOC
ERS Earn 50 up to 55 cpm loaded
$1000 sign on to Qualfied dnver".
Home most weekends. 1843)266-3731
/ viww bulldoghlway comn EOE AIjF

Earn .$$$ Helping IlDs,,' Process
medical claims from home Call the'
Federal Traae Commission to find, out
how to spot medical billing scams.
1(877,")FTC-hELP. A message from the
News Leader and thle FTC

DRIVERS: $5,000 Sign-On Bonus!
Great Pay! Consistent Freight, Great
Miles on this Regional Account. Wemer'
Enterprises: 1-888-567-3110

TECHNICIAN .'Experience preferred.
Driver's license required. Clean back-
grdund & drug free. Send resume to Por cali(904)
277,6700 ,
- needed immediately, for project in
Femandina Beach. Please, call (904)
349-5338 for more information. .
THE GOLF CLUB at North Hampton
- is looking for qualified staff for Golf
SCourse Equipment Operator, Cart &
Bag Attendant, Server and Executive
Chef/Manager. Send resumes only to:
ameliagolfnr',imail corn '
hours per week Retail experience and
computer skills a must. Apply In person
only The UPS Store, 1417 Sadler Rd.



The post office has notified
dozen local businesses that they c4
violation of federal law by using ma
es for advertising without pay
postage, .
SFederal law states, "Whoev
knowingly and willfuily deposits an
mailable matter such as statement
of accounts, circulars, sale bills. (
other like matter, on which r
postage has been paid, in any let
box established, approved, or acce
,.by the Postal Service for the reci
delivery of mail matter on any n

postage- thereon, shall-for eachoffe
under thistitle." ,:
Postal inspectors say "it' a vibo


Learn to drive -for US Xpress. Earn
$700/wk. No exp needed. Local CDL
training. Job ready in 15 days.
(888)368-1964. ANF
benefits, weekends required. Call 277-
0905 or In person at 5456 First Coast
CAN YOU DIG IT? Heavy equipment
operator training. 3 weeks hand dn
program. Bulldozers,' backhoes' exca-
vators. Ufetime job.placement assist-
ance. National certifications. VA bene-
fits eligible. 1-866-362-6497. ANF
ED Apply at Holiday Inn Express,
76071 Sidney Place, .Yulee or call
Local bank accepting applications for
self motivated sales professional with
excellent communication skills and
proven sales experience. Must be able
to maximize' new and existing relation-
ships while providing' an exceptional
customer service expenence. Qualified
candidates call (904)564 -8280.

Business For Sale $30K. Details at

204 Wa.
rJo )ob to small. All work guaranteed.
Call Russell Tomnasini (904)415-1686.

LIQUOR LICENSE for sale. (408)
841-7311. Serious inquiries only.

FAA approved. Aviation Maintenance
Technician training. Housing & financial
aid for qualified students. Job place-
ment assistance. Call AIM (866)3134-
3769. ANF.-
P/T Physical 'Education Teacher. If
interested, email resume/ credentials
to or call (904)
ED Become a Medical Office Assist-
ant! No- experience needed. Online
training at SC gets you job ready. HS
.Dilpoma/GED & PC/Intemet needed. 1-
888-374-7294. ANF '

SAT i-ACT Test Prep Classes;- at
Yulee' High Schooli Your, SAT/ACT
scores are one of the most important
factors for college admission Be sure
you re prepared Scholarships available
for students on free-or-reduce lunch
Register online al wyy schebell- Individual
tutoring &. college consulting also

mailboxes for free

a couple of eral law to intentionally circumvent paying
would be in pstage in .order to realize personal gain." :
ilbox- pta"eire --The certified letters sent to violators
ing : *,. from the Fernandina Beach-post
er ... office note the fine could be in
/,',' ,excess of 85,000. -
lr (- iS The post office chargeS mail
ts advertisers 8200 for anapplication"
r1 fee, 8200 for a permit fee and 27
10\ i', cents per piece of mail delivered.
ler WE ^ Fernandina Beach has 17,052 possi-
.pted ', .e hie ble deliveries including post office
eipt or "T: ,/ boxes and mailboxes.
nail route p' The certified letter was sent to sever-
nt of latful al local restaurants, lawn care and pest control:
3nce be fined services and other businesses that were sus-
.' of e- 'pected of putting advertising circulars inmail-
lafionoffed- boxes without paying potage for them.





Call a News-Leader AD-Visor at 261-3696 and let them help you put the service

directory to work for you. Two sizes available to meet you company's needs.



Please Call Us
At 753-3067


Licensed Bonded Insured
Member AIFB Chamber
904491-1971 Cell: 904-742-8430,

Your Local Island Cleaner
Now Accepting New Clients


Patios Sidewalks & 5
Driveway Add-ons, starting at 599
We will met or beat any reasonable quotes.
SHighestQuality .Lowest Prices
License & Bo d Office: (904) 491-4383
Licensed & Bonded cell: (904) 237-7742

State Reg.u, oulully d i.tIUIta
40 Years Experience
Licensed Insured
SState Licensed RBOO559S9

S16,495 !I
2-Car Garagesi l

AMiliMCA t 7

clu inew Guosr


When It Rains
Be Prepared.
Aluminum Gutters



Lowaly Owned 904-491-4383
& Ol~peraed


Steven Hair Maintenance, Inc 1--
*"The loa'gy" since 194 g'.e
Quit Paying Too Much!
*O p orat C oir n, r f zwi T Turatr eretiae |
* rckni Strics -S~lppgelm '
*Caies *Swe lf ta ats& mod*w


a a, aC

Removal &
$300 per Pallet
Sod & Labor Included

No Fees Up-Front
Call Anytime!
Available Weekends

(904) 868-7602

Bob's Irrigation
& Landscapinglac.
Full Service Lawn Maintenance
Landscape Design & Installation
Irrigation Installation & Repair
Outdoor Lighting Solutions
Seasonal Lighting Projects
Sod Installation& Repair
Concrete Pavers & FTire Pits
Deck Installation'& Repair -
RetainingWaIls & Ponds
Grading Services & Drainage
ES12000919 '

Mow, trim, ;""
edge, .hedges, n
beds, etc. ', ,k
Free quote, best price possible.


Lawn Maintenance'
* Mowing, trimminng,edglng&blowting
* Pruning and weeding
Organk Fertilization
* All Natural Fertilization
'- Soil Replenishment with Microbes
* Corn Gluten Lawn Treatments
* Flower Beds and Plantings
* Florida Friendly Design .
* Hydroseeding & Sod
Sprinkler System Experts
* Installations
- Tune-ups and maintenance plans
* Repairs and valve locating
(04)753-1537 ---
Likensed & Ismured ,i' -

Qualm-t-o Viokt "
Reasonabl Prices ....
'Vio)ab ToSmi tr Tolagd^v*
*L.znsed-BirpJ Insured -

FeE ESfIMATES 9 !(~ i
i AVAILABLE "*J ^l^l

Houses Trailers Patios
Driveways etc.
Exterior Windows
Wood Decks Cleaned & Reseaed

S..,_,.,ROOFI.G, -,


SRRong Is Or Specialtf
S-eS n Crrs Nassau County's Largest Roofing &
Soles C/onrimn s Swe Siding Contractor Serving Satisfied
Serving Nassau County Homebullders & Homeowners
for over 20 years with Since 1993
r *~ Re-Roofing New Roofing
i ASiding. Soffit & Fascia
I3M ~ 261-2233
*^aB~ ^'^~rtMC" Free Estlmates
A Coastal Bullding Systems Co.
464054 SR 200 Yulee CCC-057020

(904) 261-6821 |


Post Office warns, -usnesses

Erectile Dysfuncti.OR

Drugs May Be Dangerous To Your Health
FREE book by doqtor reveal what the
drug companies don't want you to know!"
Dr, Kevin Hornsby, MD will mail the pay the postage and handling. It
first 37 men that respond to this ad the popu ar pills don't work for you
a free copy of his new thirty dollar regardless of your age or medial
book "A Doctor's Guide to Erectile history (including diabetes and
Dysfunction." He's so sure this book prostate cancer) you owe it to your-
Swill change your life he will even, self and your lady to read this book.
Call Toll Free (800) 960-4255
*e. ..e. .... .. *.. .. .

Place an Ad!

Call 261-3696


:, '.t ',

IlrIVY 37ilP-1--UP-lX r UD-L


& Sun., 8am-2pm. Furniture, glass-
ware, antiques, books, jewelry, and
Much, much morel 96420 Blackrock
YARD SALE Sat 8/24 & Sun. 8/25,
8am-lpm. Corner AlA & Bailey Rd.,
behind Amelia Professional Center.
Tools, electronics, appliances, Harley
stuff. Deals galore.
HUGE SALE Tropical men's shirts,
furniture, decorator items, home
goods, planters, & much more. Dealers
welcome. Fri. 8/23 & Sat. 8/24, 8am.
513 Dade St. (904)210-6191
SAT., 8AM-12 NOON 2106 Jekyll
Ct., across from the YMCA. Household,
Skid's, kitchen, Little Tykes outdoor play
cube, & more.
GARAGE SALE 2513 Via del Rey.
Sat. 8/24, 8am-12 *noon. Golf clubs,
chain saw (electric & .gas), gas
trimmers, shop tools, socket set,
electronics, & much more.
lies. $1 clothing (unless marked differ-
ent), 3 mios-12 mos girls, 2T-6X girls,
men's 46X30 slacks & shorts, .2X shirts,.
ladles sz 24-32 tops & slacks, CD
audio tapes $2, Princess & Tinkerbell
items, handmade jewelry, paintings,
many more Items 254-$1. 97002
Diamond St., 3 miles off Chester. Sat.
8/24, 8am-4pm. (904)849-1178


Cell 904-753-0256.

HUGE YARD SALE Sat. 8/24, 8am-
12pm. Comer of N. 8th St & Broorpe
St. Brand new slightly used clothes,
shoes, teen/adult sizes, Polo, Aber-
cromble, Ed Hardy and much more.
MOVING SALE 965 Chad Street,
Sat. 8/24/13, 8am-2pm. Furniture,
household goods, women's dothing,
ESTATE SALE 85062 Tinya Rd.,
Yulee, FL 32097. Fri. 8/23 & Sat. 8/24,
*MOVING SALE!!! Downsizing. Please
give all this great stuff a new home!!
Furniture, electronics, kitchen, house-
hold, name brand clothes, Christmas,
grills, patio furniture, lots of great
stuff. Rain or Shine. 86047 Melissa
Road In Yulee off of Pages Dairy Road.
Fri. 8/23 & Sat. 8/24, 7am-3pm.
YARD SALE Sat. 8/24, 8am-lpm.
1127 N. Fletcher Ave.
MOVING SALE! Sat. 8/24 & Sun.
8/25. 86159 Augustus Ave. in Yulee
near FSC] College & Courthouse.

MOVING '70s Italian Provincial
Dining Room Set:,. china cabinet,
credenza, server, table, 6 chairs.
Wrought Iron Patio Set: table &
chairs, 2 rockers,: chair, settee. Make
offer. Call (404)403-0786.

608 S. 8th Street
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

,I "Exceeding Expectations'"
-- "* -*. . ,, : i

I 602 Articies
-J'4F rSale

GUN SHOW Aug. 24 & 25. Prime
Osbom Convention Center, 1000 Water
St., Jax. CWP classes 10:00 & 1:00.
Admission $8.00. Free Parking. Info
Cliff Hangers (386)325-6114.
4 TIRES & RIMS for Chevrolet SO10
pick-up truck. Very good condition.
$100. (904)477-4696

I. 612 Musical

FOR SALE Vase & Sons mahogany
finish 5 ft. BABY GRAND PIANO
with bench. Restrung & refinished
in 1995. Beautiful sound. Sacrifice
at $5,000. To play, call (904)753-

PUBLIC "AUCTION Online & onsite.
8/27, 10am/ Preview -8/26, 10am-4pm.
7575 NW 70 St., Miami, FL 33166.
Cigarette & tobacco manufacturing/ pack-
aging equip., forklifts, unprinted paper &
foil, tools, racking, servers, electronics &
accessories. 151Y%-18%BP. Bankruptcy
'Vehicles: 2007 Nissan Altima 2.5 S &
2005 Dodge Grand Caravan SE 10%-
13%BP (Case #13-12543 / Case #13-
199780). Visit
for details, photos & catalog. Moecker
Auctions (800)840-BIDS. $100 ref. cash
dep. Subj to confirm. AB-1098 ALU-3219,
Eric Rubin. ANF..


1802 Mobile Homes
MOBILE HOMES with land. Ready to
move in. Owner financing w/approved
credit. 3BR/2BA. No renters. (850)308.
6473. ANF

S806 Waterfront '
OCEANFRONT LOT in Jacksonville
Beach. Zoned & ready to build on.,
Reduced to $589,900. (904)868-2150
Waterfront Homes & Lots Call
(904) 261-4066 for information. C.H.
Lasserre, Realtor.

FOR SALE BY OWNER 1.5 acre lot,
Lofton Creek area. $60,000. Owner
will finance. Call (717) 507-7866.
4BR/3BA/GARAGE Flora Parke,
water side, split floor plan + bonus
room. Upgrades. $235,000. Call


eer Wak 2 Units Available

19042n-3942 1 250 sq.ft.
BARBER Each unit different floor
BARBER |Joe's FREH plan starting at $1000
SHOP Produce & Deli month with year lease.

204-277-3942 ,

L _474390 E I s S a e Road
,474390 Eas

608 S. 8th Street
Femandlnd Beach, Fl 32034
(904) 261-2770

Phil Griffin
(904) 556-9140

We pay garbage, sewer
& water, and outside
Call for more information


1456 Robin Hood Drive
Bi.uilutl ranch ti h.1 ,-. in rr.i lnI..,i_'ji. n i.In,u id a i l.anl priLtd f.r qwck
dl,'. H fr.u i '.ea ,upi ,p ip II .ln p,.il tlr l,.i i, pla -r.i,31 1 ,ll tn ill, nmaple
lblint" and i.,f rid ar L..rrc m l. ii lr i..1 Lardcn tub. larke
-alk-in dlr.eL Lal .ig, ls ihd l3rd i.tilrfii .' ja.k & jill ban ijroom Larg.
tenctid [ir ),a r a 1111i ,:&.ir ._1 pjl.j Pr i I aic 'n )JUtL 3iblif roum Publit.
;..hbuit & '.l & mis sJ i h,. i', i h, ii ,ir i .il & .i piic \ili ; '. on lito& *.CL:
Slltir i op.n i *a L-., i CipiiLn .ir .6r1eirnsri I, dc..n r.on-,Iandanle. and
SUM 1llmoofll up io ,*'ne tar I. Call nLI iil. l ani appiilimrni irI ..( lrln.M.
-,lilr i. Ihi er.d real t.lIi anul
I lls* ;,i$4S 4 $225 ll:Hi


608 S 8th Street Phil Griffin
Fernandlna Beach. Fl 32034 S Brokwr
Cell: (904) 556-9140
Ollice (904) 261-2770

3BR/2BA off of Harts Rd. $900/mo.
+ $900 deposit. Available 9/1/13. Palm
IrI Rentals (904)321-0457.
campground. Weekly or monthly. All
utilities & WiF Included. (904)225-
3BR/2BA Fenced yard, on Harts Rd.
$850/mo. Call (904)225-2587.
YULEE Nice 2BR SW $650 rental
available. Water Inc. Small dog or
service animals only. Call (904)501-
5999. Possible rent to own.
3BR/2BA FOR RENT $750/mo. Pets
welcomed. 4 acres, 3BR/2BA in Yulee.
Rent to own. (904)624-5840
3/2 SWMH 75641 Johnson Lake Rd.,
Yulee.. $775/mo + $775 dep & utils.
Call (904)360-9136 or (478)363-1066.
Yulee $1S0/wk + $600 sec. dep.
Includes, electricity. Call Keith (904)
ON ISLAND 3/2 SWMH in park
starting $185 wk/$750 mo,+ dep. Utils
avail. Off Island N'ville 3/2 SWMH,
CH&A, $750 mo + dep. 261-5034
RV to live on a campground for $425/
mo. All utilities included. Ask about
senior citizen special. (904)225-5577.

AT BEACH Effic. $145 wk/$S75 mo.
1BR apts $225wk/$895 mo. + dep, ind
all utils, long term. Also 3/2 SWMH on
& off Island. Details 261-5034.

AMERICAN BEACH across from the
beach. 2BR,',downstairs, 1300 sq. ft.,
remodeled. $1350/mo. + electric.
Utilities included. $500/mo. + $500
security deposit. Service animals only.
No smoking. Call (904)583-3811.

*2BR/2.5BA beach townhouse in a quiet
neighborhood- setting. All major
appliances-furnished Including an Inside
private laundry. Located close enough
to hear the surf; but not have the
spray. -Unit must be seen to be
appreciated. Call 261-6227 for an

now accepting applications (904)
277-7817. Affordable living located
at 996 Citrona Dr., Femrnandina
Beach; FL. Rent starts at $572'per
month.. Central A/C. 1 & 2 bedroom
apts' avail. TDD- Hearing Impaired
number #711 "This institution Is an
equal opportunity provider and em-
ployer. "Equal Housing Opportunlty"
.\ .

Real Estate, Inc.

*3BR/2BA home on Lorton Creek.
2.600 sq f. Dock. garage/workshop.
Large lort. gourmet kitchen, many other
bonus's S1,9501mo Plus unities
*Ocean Park. 3BR/2BA Furnished w;ilh
I-cir garage, available monthly or long
term $2.200 with utuies included

2BR/ I BA Ocean-view. 487S. Fletcher,
Across the street from the beach. All
util. ,,-f,.TV & phone
*3BR/3BA townhome n Sandpiper
Loop$1850/wk plus taxes&leaning fee.

*Five Points'Village, 1,200 sq. ftA. A/S.
8th St. exposure Great tfr retail,
services, orollce$ 1200/mo.+sles tax.
*850688 US HWY 17, 1,210 sq.f :build-
ing with 3.8 acres of fenced property,
formerly a Nursery with some' out-
building and a' green house .still on
*Two 800sf Office/Retail spaces,.can be
joined for one, 1,600 sq ft space, AIA
next to Peacock Flectric $12/sq. ft +
CAM &Tax
*Amelia-Park Unit B small office (2
rooms) with bath, 576 sq. ft. $ 1050/mo.
+ sales tax.
1839 S. 8th St. adjacent to Huddle
House, 1,800 sq.ft. $1700/mo. lease +
tax. Sale also considered.


I -,56 Apartments
SUfnfurnished I
High ceilings, wood floors, water &
trash Included. Avail. 9/01. 510 B S.
6th St. $695. 753-3629 or 753-2067

F -S57 c~onclos-
I~rnjjh~d I
MADDOX RENTALS (904)261-9129
Long Tenrm Rentals Available
Amelia Island Plantation Club Villas
2BR/2BA. Furnished.
Starting ar $1400/mo.

2BR/2BA CONDO on the beach.
$1250/mo. Background check required.
Call Mon-Fri, 9am-Spm (904)261-

2BR/1BA fenced backyard, back
patio with brick BBQ pit, large work
shop. (904)491-5282
corn for the most recent information'
on-Long Term Rentals. Updated Daily.
Chaplin Williams Rentals, The Area's
Premier Rental Company
MADDOX RENTALS (904)261-9129
Long Term Rentals Available
Spanish Oaks Circle
3BR/2BA, unfurnished, $1500/mo.
Arrigo Blvd.
3BRI/2BA w/office, unf., $1500/mo.

Call (904)261-4066, C.H. Lasserre,
Realtor, for special rates.
Mountains. River overlook, cozy, well
furnished, majestic views. Peaceful.
$550 a week. Call (904)757-5416.

Office Space All utilities, CAM, & tax
included. -2 rooms, 370sf. $695. Call
space from 100 sq. ft. to 2,000,sq. ft.
Includes utilities, Internet, common
area receptionist, conference room,
break room, & security. For Info call

1999 SATURN SL2 SEDAN 60,0o00
miles, great condition: Sunroof, power
everything. $2,500/OBO. Call (904)

* Furnished or

Internet service


Conference room

*,Mail box service

Break room

Virtual Offices

Pricing from:
baily $39
Weekly $99
Monthly $275
,Virtual office $49

Contact: Phil Griffin
T: 904.556.9140

/ -

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