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-not safe

or secure'
New's Leader
Emergency dispatchers make rapid
over-t lie-telephone assessments about
the people who call for help and the
resources they need at the scene The
-decisions they make can save a life
In general the public doesn't often
need to think about 9-1-1 operators
The system has been around long
enough for them to know that assis-
lance is on the way once they make
the'call But in Nassau County there is
reason to stop and consider the peo-
ple'answering the public's call for help.
Sheriff Bill Leeper says the working
: conditions for staff at the county's 9-11
:center are poor and further, that public
:safety is dangerously close to being put
:at risk He is asking that a $2 2 million
:proposal for an overhaul of the Emer-
.gency Operations Center. including a
:new computer-aided dispatch system
(CAD), move forward immediately
"-It's not a safe and secure environ-
ment and no modern day law enforce-
-ment should work in these conditions,"
said Leeper during an interview at his
office last week "Let me show you "
After walking across a chilly and
crowded room housing the sheriff's
computer servers, Leeper punches a
keypad on a secure door leading to the
9-1-1 call center. Over his head is a
broad tangle of wires dangling a foot or
two from the ceiling. Several tiles are
missing a-d'hatever is keeping the
wires.,Jr6m falling'to the floor or hit-
ting" the sheriff in the head can't be
When Leeper opens the door, thelire.
iS loe expoed swirgI But tlvqas e.wir
are on the floor, specifically where dis-
patchers taking calls place their feet-
Supervisor Lisa Jones pulls a chair away
from a workstation and .points. "Yes,
sometimes we accidentally kick the
wires and they come loose or discon-
nect a computer entirely and the IT
guys have to crawl on their hands and
knees to fix it." said Jones, who has
been on the job for 10 years "While
they're doing that we grab a pen and
write the caller's information down on
Trundling the wires and covering
them with protective strips seems like
an obvious solution, but under this desk
there are so many wires that trundling
would make a mountain out of. well. a
Leeper says the entire system

911 Continued on 5A

Dispatchers sit in the dilapidated trailer that houses Nassau County's 9-1-1 center, top. Sheriff Bill
Leeper, above left, shows off a tangle of wires dangling from the ceiling of the current 9-1-1 center.
Stephen Minahan, above right, communications supervisor for the Fernandina Beach Police
Department, directs dispatch calls for the city and oversees five dispatchers. County dispatcher Jolene
Knight, below left, answers 9-1-1 calls while sitting under a leaky ceiling.

9-1-14calls in city

get 2 dispatchers

News Leader
Anyone in Nassau County who
calls 9-1-1 will be connected the to
sheriff's Emergency Operations
Center tEOC) in Yulee, and dis-
patchers will send you a deputy, fire
truck or ambulance if you need one.
But if calling for assistance within
the Fei nandira Beach city limits, your
call is going 1o be tra nsferred ironm
the county's 9-11 center to the city's
police department, so hold on
"It's like transferring a call within
an office," says Stephen Minahan,
communications supervisor for the
Fernandina- Beach Police
Department, in a phone interview
Monday. "It's a smooth transition."
Except if there is confusion.
Callers are going to be asked to

explain the reason for their call by a
county dispatcher, and then again by
a city dispatcher
"The biggest thing we get is not
that they've been asked to 'hold on
while transfer you.' but it's the caller,
saying' 'I just gave you that informa-
tion." said Fernandina Beach Deputy
Chief Mark Foxworth in an interview
at the station on Monda, afternoon.
They don't understand that they are
talking to two different places "
About the only clue callers receive
about the transfer of the call is an
audible one.
They'll hear one or two clicks as
the call is being switched from one
department Io the other. "Maybe it
takes a second," said Minahan, who
also joined the deputy chief for the
DISPATCH Continued on 4A

Lity sets

tax rate

- finally
After a discussion and three sepa-
rate votes, city commissioners at a
Tuesday budget meeting eventually
approved a tentative "rollback" mill-
age rate of 6.4000 for. the next fiscal
The original proposed mill rate of
6.4657 required four out of five com-
missioner votes because it exceeded
the maximum rollback rate allowed by
the state.
Because Commissioner Charles
Corbett was absent, and the rate
required four affirmative votes, the
vote turned into a power struggle
between Mayor Sarah Pelican and the
SPelican took advantage of the four-
fifths voting margin by voting "no"
twice before giving her bottom-line
tnillage rate of 6.4000. Her reason for
lowering the approved rate was
because she wanted to stick with the
operating millage rate of 6.2844, but
eventually made concessions for the
other commissioners.
SCommissioners also discussed how
,much to give to local nonprofit groups.
over the next fiscal year, if anything, but
in the end set the discussion aside for
a later date.
The "rollback" rate was originally
meant to keep the same amount of
property tax money coming in tb the
' city when properties were increasing
in value, and meant a savings for many
property. owners However, most prop-
erties have not increased in value-in
fact, they have been dropping since
CIT7Y Continued on 12A

City may

sell land

for new.


If city voters approve, two city-
owned parcels of recreational land
might go up for sale for possible resi-
dential development.
City commissioners gave their con-
sensus to sell the properties at a
Tuesday budget meeting.
One parcel,.at 6.64 acres, is south of
Canopy Drive and borders Amelia
Island Parkway and several residen-
tial neighborhoods.
A larger parcel, about 28 acres and
bordering Simmons Road to the north
and two residential areas, is an unde-
veloped section of the Fernandina
Beach Golf Club.
Both sites are zoned recreational,
which means by law the city would
need voter approval in November
before it can begin marketing them.
According to Deputy City Manager
Marshall McCrary, the parcels could
be zoned residential by the city.
The Canopy Drive property! would
most likely be zoned low-density single-
family residential, and the golf course
property could be zoned low- or medi-
um-density residential. McCrary said
he did not know the market value of
either parcel.
McCrary also noted revenues from
LAND Continued on 12A

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Copy.. '? SERVICE DIRECTORY ___ 6B 2012 Nests 222 HatchlingsB.449
159ih .M _' !-!-, ; RE.LGION----)\^* 2013Nests: 175H1-atchlings: 718
TheA4, ;? _____"_____'__
.A I X. : : -I." SCHOOLS __ 4B_
Fe ar 4264 0013 3 1 P!? .: : SUDOKL 2.. ... I, . ,f .md...anea eradia fetdaied Ou/ ,
., . . S P O RT S 10 A w d o ie e & a c a
Printed( 2B:, im o tebe c F r et ieda m
10e s r rntd ".: *:::':;; :> ; }:.:e:.;:I { } g:{ a:::::{ } : .:S D K .... ..... ... .2 m m m o n
_.._I 8 4 Z 6_ _. 11010 ..1 11111311 113L L _new'.'..' ... 2... .. I [' I I I'1!1 l! c




FRIDAY, AUGUST 2.2013 NEWS News-Leader


Ben Sessions Jr.
On Thursday, July 25,
2013, The Lord saw one of
his faithful servants, Ben
Sessions, Jr., 90, who had
fought on the Battlefield. He
spoke to him and said;
"Servant of God, well done.
The Battle has been fought,
the Victory has been
won, enter into the Master's
Joy." -
Ben received Christ and
was baptized at an early age
in Georkia. After moving to
S Fernandina
B.e a c h',
yFlorida and
Smoking this
home, he
becte 'a,
Sfaithful mem-
ber of New
Zion Missionary Baptist
Church, where he served as
Chairman of the Deacon
Board, Additionally, he faith-
fully attended Sunday School
and Bible Study.. -`
After serving in the
'United States, Army,, Ben
received 'an Honorable Dis.
charge.. Upon returning
home, he continued serving
his community as an Insur-
ance Agent with Afro-Ameri-
can life lnsur, nce for, over
15 years.
Being the pioneer that he
was, Ben started the first j
SBlack-owned residential
and. commercial cleaning
s Service in Nassau -County,
-Bed's Home' Cleanifgf
Service, which operated for
30 years. o' sr
SThenm whit was at first a
tragedy became a tribute
t o a slain law enforcement
friend. Ben began his Blaw.
enforcement career, not,
ony 1as a tribute, to, his
friend, but also as a expres-
Jsion of his dedication to the
Citizens of Nassau County.
S He served as Deputy Sheriff
Sand, later, as Captain for the
e Nassau. County Sheriff's
Department, retiring after,
49 years of dedicated serv-

Ja, son. ll, -FL; .os Lua
ice. :
4Ben 'was, pr'eded in,
death by, his parents, Ben -
Sessions, Sr. and Trudie
S'Jones Sessions Bennett, and
son, Don Sessions.
He leaves to cherish pre-
Scious memories his loving
S soulmateand wife, Christine
Leslie Sessions; daughters,
Violet Sessions Of Califorrna
gand. Miriahii Jenkins 1 ,of
SJacksonville, FL.sons, Lucas'd
'Jenkins (Joyce) of.,
SJacksbnville, FL, Ben ,D.
Sessionsof Atlanta, GA, and.
BrandDon. Sessions of
Tallahassee; FL; step-chil-.
dren, Jeff Woods (Kearl),
IKaaren Watson ofWiscorsin,
and Gregg .Wood.s (Wendy);
10. grandchildren; 16 step
,grandchildren; 11 'gr'eat-
,' grandchildren; 2 step great-
grandchildren; devoted
cousins, Milree. Williams
(Holli), Joann ..Brown-
Williams, Angelo Williaqts,
and Donald Williams, all. of
Washington, D.C.; spiritual
brothers, Deacon Narvea C.
Gardner, Deacon Charles
Gilbert, and ; a. hot of
sorrowing ,relatives and
1 Victory celebration will be
held oq. Saturday, August 03,
2013, at 11:00 AM at. New
Zion Missionary Baetirt
Church', the Rev. Jeremiah
Robinson, Jr. Pastor.
.Friends may view today,
:Friday, August 02, 2013,! at
the church from 5:00 PM
'until 8:00 PM ,and on
Saturday from 9:30 AM until.
the hour of services.
Interment will follow in the
family plot in Bosque Bello

Need a beach access?

Pocket Ranger can help

Florida Department of
Environmental PIotection's
Florida Park Service has
updated its Pocket Ranger app
for smartphones to include
every public beach access
point in Florida, in addition to
information about its 171 state
parks and trials.
Those who have down-
loaded Pocket Ranger for
state park information now
-have locations and
amenities about every public
, beach access Florida. .
More than:2,000 public. ',.
Coastal access sites are includ-
ed in the coastal section.-
Divided into three regions-
panhandle, Atlantic coast.and ,
'southwest Florida coast -the'
app provides useful infibrma- '
lion to help plan trips to the :
beach.- ,
: "More than 70,000 people
' have downloaded the Florida
Pocket Ranger mobile app for
their l-phone or Android
phones," said Florida Park
Service Director Donald
SForgione. "We are pleased to
-offer them additional informa-
tion about beaches where
They may enjoy Florida's
famous sunshine and natural
The app provides a com-
prehensive list of beach.
access points in each county,
and the amenities each access
point offers, including board-
walks, parking spaces, rest-
rooms, picnic p'avilions and
boatramps. Eachi section fea"'

A tures an
overview of
each of the
includes a
list of state parks, coastal
cities, rivers, paddling trails
and other points of interest
One of DEP Secretary
HerschelT Vinyard Jr-'s prior-
ities for the department is
increasing access to state
parks and trails for Floridians"
andvisitors. ,
The app allows visitors to
plan that perfect outdoor trip
by searching for a parkor
beach by GPS location or .
activity to find nearby loca-
tions to enjoy hiking, camp-
ing, boating, birding and
more. Once there, advanced
GPS and GIS mapping tech-
nology allows visitors to track
and record trails, mark way-
points and locate friends in
the area. There is even an
option to cache GPS maps in
advance to ensure that naviga-
tion remains possible in the
event of lost mobile reception.
The app also translates
SFlorida's beach flag colors and
provides a "Good to Know"
button that links to NOAA's -
surf zone forecast and rip cur-
rent info aid the department's
hurricane info page. The app
*also links, to ayeather, site. All
*good things to know if you're
headed to the bdach. The app
also provides information op

the department's coastal man-
agement program and
NOAA's marine debris pro-
The apps provide plenty of
other features to maximize
visitors' outdoor adventure:
Educational information,
amenities, maps & directions.
Real-time calendar of
events. .
S News, advisories, and
,feather alerts.
Sodial networking and
Photo sharing.- ':
S.. Potentially life-saving
Salertfeature. -
..- Advanced GPS mapping;
Recall, post orshatre ',
saved data.
Friend Finder. .
Built-in compass:
S The Florida State Parks
SPocket Ranger app is available
now on iTunesandAndroid
Market by searching."Offidcial
Florida State Parks" and is
identified under ParksBy
Nature Network. It is also
available on P6cketRanger.
corn and is formatted as ai
Mobile Website: http://fL
The Florida Park Service
partnered with
ParksByNature Network and to create
.this app free for the public.
For a'tutorial on how. to use
the app, visit www.pocke-
tranger.cbm. Itis recommend-
Sed to useWi-Fi or a.strong
wireless connection when
Downloading the app.
." i ,

Cootllow-cal summer drinks
:'* ... *':::.. "' :' :,? : 1.i : ", / . /1 '- '- ..:-" "

Watching your weight doesn't
have to sentence ypu to a life of
water and diet drinks. You can
still keep this summer sweet
Without a lot of extra sugar and
calories Quench your thirst
with these tasty suggestions
from TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off
Pounds Sensibly), the nonprof-
it weight-loss support organi-
1. Add orange, lemon, or
cucumber slices to' sparkling'
* water. ,- . "'
2. Cut your usual"glass of
Lemonade in half and add sugar-
free iced tea.
3. Freeze blueberries or
raspberries in ice trays with
.water, and add them to your
next summer drink.
.4. Chill out by mixing seed-
less watermelon; cranberry
juice and ice cubes in a blender.
,' Serve with a slice of lime. '
5. Steep a peach tea bag in
boiling water, chill, and serve
with sliced orange.

:..-. ,' ,.^ .!:. ,' ."'.*- .."
SChill out bymixing seedless watermelon.,-
cranberry juice and ice cubes in'a blender.
Serve with a slice of lime.

6. Add a splash of pineapple
juice to, sparkling water, and gar-
nish with pirneapple wedges and
fresh mint leaves. -
7 Make your own iced cof-
fee by adding black, coffee to
ice, then a splash:of skim milk
plus a shot of sugar-free vanilla
syrup or packet, of artificial
8. Mix one part cranberry
or .pomegranate juice with two
parts club soda, and garnish
with fresh raspberries.
9. Steep two green tea bags
in boiling water. Chill and serve
on ice with a tablespoon of
honey and a lemon wedge.
10. Make a tasty summer
"mocktail." Serve low-sodium
tomato juice on ice and mix with

a teaspoon of Worcestershire
sauce and a few dashes of hot
sauce (depending on how spicy
you want your drink). Add a cel-
ery stalk and a couple ofgreen
olives if you'd like.'- "I
TOPS Club Inc. (Take Ot'
Pounds Sensibly), founded
more than 65 years ago, is a
nonprofit, nonconummercial
weight-loss organization that'
. promotes a weight management
philosophy that combines sup-
port from others at weekly chap-
ter meetings, healthy eating,
regular exercise and wellness
information. Visitors are wel-
come to attend their first meet-
ing free of charge. To find a
local chapter, view www.tops.
org or call (800) 932-8677.
,, ." ,'-" -" -' .' - : -.. . :


Open meetings are open to
anyone, including non-alco-
holics, families, etc., who may
be interested in Alcoholics'
Anonymous. All scheduled AA
meetings are non-smoking.
and one hour in duration.

meetings for people who have,
or think they may have, a
drinking problem are held
Monday at noon and
Saturday at 10 am. at Prince
of Peace Lutheran Church, on
Atlantic Avenue across from
Fort Clinch State Park. Please
enter the meetings through
the side door.

The Fernandina Beach
Group meets in the Amelia
Room, 906 S. Seventh St.,
Monday at 6:30 p.m. (begin-
ners); Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m.
(open discussion);
Wednesday at 7 am. (open -
12 & 12 study) and 11 am.
(open step meeting);

Thursday at 7, (open-
Big Book study), 11 am. .
(open discussion) and 6;30
p.m. (open Big Book study);,
SFridays at 11. am. (open Big
Book study), and 7 p.m. (open
meditation, speaker); and
Saturday at 7 a.m. (open -
discussion) and 6:30 p.m.
(open -discussion). Call 261-
-8349 .'
The Downtown Group
meets at the Alachua Club,
corner of Third and Alachua
'streets, Fernandina,.on
Monday .at p.m. (open -12,,
& 12 study); Tuesdays at 8
p.m. (open speaker);
Wednesday at 8:15 p.m.
(open men's discussion);
Thursday at 8 p.m. (open -
discussion); Fridays at 8 p.m.
(open discussion); and
Saturday at8 am. (open -
discussion) and 8 p.m. (open -
relationships). Call 261-3580.

The Dune's Group, Peters

511 Ash Street. Fernandina Beach. FL 32034
(904)261-3696 Fax261-3698
Website for e-mail address&

I D Officehoawsare 830an. 51O p.,n. Mondayduzrogh Fridayt
I' The News-Leader is published every Wecdnesday and Friday by The Femandina
Beach News-Leader, 511 Ash Street P.O. Box 16766, Fernmandina Beach, FL- 32034.
Periodicals postage paid at Femandna Beach,;Fla. (USPS 189-000) ISSN# 0163-4011. Reproductions of the omens of this
publication In whole or in part without written permission from the publisher are prohbited.
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: News-Leader, P.O. Box 16766, Femandrea Beach, FL 32035. The News-
Leader may only be sold by person s or businesses authorizedl the publisher or circulation director.
NOTICE TO ADVER11SERS: The NewsrLeader assumes no financial responcsiy for typographical error in advertis-
ing. When notified promptly, the part of the advertisement in which the typogaphical error appears wil be reprinted. All adver-
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the advertisement or any part thereof Is contrary to the general standard of advertising acceptance.
Mail in Nassau County .................... $39.99 5S
Mail out of Nassau County ................ $65.00 '

Community News:
Monday, 5 p.m.
Letters to the editor:.
Monday, 12 p.m.

Point inFernandina Beach,
meets Fridays at 7:30 a.m. (24-
hour book meeting). Beach..
meetings are suspended dur-
ing winter months.

The Freedom Group holds
AA meetings on Mondays at 7
p.m. and Saturdays at 9:30
p.m. (candlelight) at 1014 ..
SSouth lOtrSt The Fernan-
dina Beach NA group meets
at 8 p.m. Sundays, Tuesdays
and Fridays (Step Speaker)
and at 7 p.m. Thursday at
1014 South 10th St. A
covered dish cookout is held
the last Saturday of every '
month. Join for fun and

The Ft George Group
meets at St George Episcopal
Church in St. George on -
Fridays at 7:30 p.m. (open -
*000 ,'
The Yulee Florida Group
meets in the YMCA building
on Pages Dairy Road on.
Sunday at 8 p.m. (open --dis-
cussion); Tuesdays at 8 p.m.
.(open Big Book); Thursdays
at 8 p.m. (open discussion);
and Saturdays at 6:30 p.m.
(open -Big Book).


Girl Scouts of Nassau
County will host a communi-
ty yard sale Aug. 3 from 8
a.m.-noon at the Girl Scout
Hut, 25 South 13th St.,
Fernandina Beach. Vendors
may rent table space for $20
indoors and $10 outdoors.
Vendors must bring their
own tables. All proceeds ben-d
efit repairs to the Girl Scout
Hut Contact 528-8726 for
more information.
"Proline for Paws," a car
wash benefiting the Nassau
Humane Society, will be held
..,-Aug. 3 from 9 am. to 2 p.m.
."at Proline Motors, 2588 S.
Eighth St in Fernandina
Beach. Car washeswill-be
$10 and proceeds will benefit
the'Humane Society's drive
to build a new animal shelter.

The next WIN WIN
(Women in Nassau Helping
Women in Need) networking
meeting will be-hosted at t
Cedar Haven Transitional
House, 900 Cedar St.,on"
SAug. 5 at 6:30 p.m. The
House recently underwent a
transformation that included
painting, landscaping, minor,
renovations and a new stor-
age shed. .., ..
S Join the~grou4or fllow-
ship, a tour ot the !pdated
space and an eveningii of net-
working. Bring a $10 check
payable to "Women of
Power," to berte.CedCar
l-Hraven, .and an a rpjetier or
snack to shard. Dri.h`wil1
be provided. To RSVP
and/or get directionp;con-
tact Julie at winwinnassau @ or 556-7543.
Join the Salvation Army ;-
SHope House on Aug. 6 at
*noon as Matthew Scussell, a .
young teenager from Hilliard
who faces one of life's great-
est challenges every day of
his life, will share how his
faith holds him up and gives
him joy. Hope House is locat-
ed at 410 S. Ninth St., at the I
corner of Ninth and Date
.'Brown Bag Lunch'
The Amelia Island
SMuseum of History invites '-
ybulo ayottbrdlts Bir:wn Bat-
Lunch on Wednesday, Aug. 7"
at noon. Join them for the
next presentation in the
Journey Stories Series, as
Guest speaker Gloria
Toomey discusses the
Mormon Migration. The
presentation is an overview
of the migration trails
Through theJMidwest to the
Rockies and beyond, along
with Toomey's personal fami-
ly stories of making the pio-
neer treks. This program is
free and open to the public,
and will be held at the Peck
Center, in the Willie Mae
Ashley Auditorium, 516
South 10thfi St. For more
information contact Gray at I
261-7378, ext. 102,or.:
"The NassauCounty ,"'-':
SHunger Coalition and
SecondHarvest will deliver !
free produce, dairy, bakery(
goods and meat starting at 1
p.m. until all the food is'gone
on Aug. 12 at First Baptist
Church, 45090 Green Ave.,'.
Callahan; Aug. 21 at Yule I
'United Methodist Church i
86003 Christian Way, Yulee;
and Aug. 29 at the Atlantic '
Avenue Recreation Center
auditorium, 2500 Atlantic' *.
./Ave., Fernandina Beach.'
Women meet
WOAMTEC will meet
Cafe Karibo. Cost is.$15and
,includes lunch. WOAMTEC
offers business-building
opportunities where, women -
;can focus on keeping their
'priorities in order of faith, :
faitily and finance without
feelingn guilty about it. For
information contact Lisa :,-
Presnell at 206-3115 or :"; : .
;..On Aug. 19 County Exten-


50 The Fernandina Beach little League All-
Stars were crowned the District 2 champions.
EARS August 1, 1963



Nassau General Hospital announced it was
cutting 25 jobs in a belt-tightening move.
July 31, 1986

.County commissioners made budget cuts to
adjust the tentative millage rate from 9.5 to 9,
and said they hoped to reduce it further.
August 1, 2003

sion Director/Horticulture ";
Agent Becky Jordi will con-
duct a Plant Clinic from 10 :
a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Yulee ?
Extension Office (A1A and ::
Pages Dairy Road). All coun-
ti residents are invited to .
bring plant samples showing
problems in their land-
scapes. Problems will be -:
identified and solutions.
offered for correction. There ,
is no fee for this service. For -
information call (904) 879- jg
1019. Master Gardeners are :
on office duty on Fridays at
Local artists Rhonda "
Bristol, Paul Massing, Jim
McKinney, Lamar Miles and
Gretchen Williams are dis- .
playing island inspired art at
The Courtyard Pub and
Eats, 316 Centre St., for the
next two months.
The all-volunteer Yulee "
Interfaith Dinner Network
needs the community's help ,-.
to continue to provide hot, ...
healthy meals to adults and .,
children experiencing ,
hunger in our community.. .
Just $25 provides enough
meat to serve hot mealto .,
50 people. To help, contact ',
the network at info@chnas-, 556-2496, or send ..
donations to The Coalition ,
for the Homeless, PO.-Box
16123, Fernandina Beaoh, ,
FL 32035. Please put .YIDN
in the memo line.

Montessori -
celebration -
Fall 2013 marks40 years ,:
since the opening of Amelia
Island Montessori School. "
Celebratio0nsare being ,,
planned including a special .
dedication to the late Jane"
Grieveson, who devoted
more than 30 years to the
school. Organizers want to ,.
find all former students, par-
ents, grandparents, faculty,
anrid' board members. Visit
sori.conm and click on "40
Year 'Celebration" to learn.
more; reconnect, submit pic 7.
'tures or memorabilia or get .
involved. Join the Facebook 'j
group "Amelia Island ,
Montessori Matters," email
soi i coin or call 261-6610. i
Old glasseswanted
The Nassau County .,
Volunteer Center, in partner-,'
ship with the Lions Club of
.Fernandina Beach, is collect-
ing used and about-to-be dis- ,
'carded eyeglasses, sunglass-
es and. heariiikgids for usejn
developing countries to .
improve thequality of life. '
Currently, there is an urgent "
need for these items. "
Drop off ydur old glasse "
or hring aids at the Nassau '
.County Volunteer Center,
1303 Jasmine St, Suite,,104A.
The center enlists volunteers
to support nonprofit agen-
cies and their work in -
Nassau County and conducts :.
projects of its own to'assist
those in need. For informa- .
t ion or to volunteer, stop in
Sthe office, call 261-2771, or .
email '
Free and open to thie pub-
lic, educational "Steelaway" ,
schooner tours are offered
the first Saturday of each '
month from noon until 5 p m.
'The vessel is located in
do wntown St. MarysGa. '-
For information visit .
www schoonersteelaway com 'n
or call (919),704-0630. .,
'The Byrd-Wallace Post !
No. 4351 Veterans of Foreign :^
Wars, the Men's Auxiliary; 1
and Ladies Axiliary month- -
ly meeting isthe'second
Monday of every month at; >?
the Post, located at 96086 ':
Wade's Place,.Fernandina .' ,
Beach, under the Shave ':
Bridge. The general meeting
begins at 6:30 p:m, Contact
YFW Post 4351 at (9(04) 432
8791for information
AvI alondub
The Friends of -
Fernandina Aviation (FoFA) i
is a 501(c)3 nponprofitorgani' .
nation that promotes an -^.
appreciation for the contribt--i
tions of aviation to the lcal .

community.-The FoFA helps'.-
introduce young people to
aviation career opportunities.
Membership is open to
both pilots and finon-pilots.
Meetings are held at 8:30
a.m. the first Saturday of
each month at the
Fernandina Beach Municipal *
For information call
Mickey Baity, membership
coordinator, at 277-8360.

For Sale
2 Green Pine Cemetery Lots
Usually sell for $1200 each,
will sell both for $1600
904-277-9628 904-571-1177

Church Notes:
Monday, 5 p.m.
People and Places:
Thursday, 3 p.m.

Classifled Ads: Monday, 5:00 p.m." Wednesday, 5:00 p.m.
Classified Display: Friddy, 3 p.m. Tuesday, 5 p.m.
Legal Notice: Friday, noon N/A
Retail Advertising: Friday, 3 p.m. Tuesday, 3 p.m.
'Monday holidays the Classified deadline wil be Friday at 5 p.m.


FRIDAY. AUGU s-T 2.2013 NEWS News-Leader


Freshman Emily Aldkins, 14, daughter of State Rep. Janet Adkins, tries out the lock on
her locker at Fernandina Beach High School. School starts Aug. 8 in Nassau County.

Small versus mid-sized?

Stick a fork in full-sized
Scars they are history The
only exception is the fraction
of 1 percent that buys S-Class
Mercedes, seven series
BMW's or Audi S's. The
Lincoln Town Car, Cadilac
SSedan deVille and Grand
Marquis are gone. I wonder
if Elvis would have splurged
on modern-day mid-sized
Cadillacs?,. :' ,
:Those buying cars, a'n.
increasing percentage of the
market, have three choices- -
Ssubcompact, compact and
S mid-sized. A mid-size car has
-.' been the numbeir-one seller
as long as I have been in the
S business From the Cutlass
to the Taurus to the Caniry, it
has been the dominant
model, and still is. EPA
S mileage criteria ensure us
seeing a bigger number of
smaller vehicles on the road.
During our fi-equent 433-mile
S drives to North Carolina, I
pay attention to vhicles no
surprise. Smaller cars mingle
with the Kenworths in
increasing frequency. More
people are going little fori a
basket of reasons
S Say you are one of those
saying. "I want a low-cost,
high-mileage, easy to di ive
car at this point in my life"
(any age) You can go sub-
compact, npt bpd t-r n -irFalI,
I" 'l i1" it" ,l'1- *i ,,t i,,'
or cou41lec with oq Nhildren
"Nfl-.' "No '"K
Honda Fit,'Nissan'eisa.Kia
Sol,Toyota Scion or Fiat 500 '
may do the trick. Be careful
Sto get enough vehicle Rent
Sone and go on a trip to test it.
SThey can be awesome, but
more mistakes are made
here than elsewhere
There are a bunch of
great mid-size cars on today's
market. To be fair, I will give
Sthe year to datesales of the
S ones mentioned, and little
commentary. You can see

. Bill ICromer
Vice President
:. NMLS#464397


.. what the
; ~.(135K), .
D Altima
KEFFER'S (16sK),
.... (120K),
RickKeffer (103K).
Malibu (111k), and Passat
(56K) are all out there, plus
other high-line choices
These are bread and butter
choices that pose little down-
side in expectations.
Compacts are my favorite
small cars They are stingy
on fuel and big enough tor a
fanrily of over xvo in some
cases Corolla (159K). Civic
(158K).Cruze (1341K). Elan-
tra (126K) and Jetta (t8lK)
make up some leaders in this
category Some have a seven
t4 10 mpg advantage on the
big brother in their own prod-.

uct linie. ;f you are going
-smaller, why not get good'
gas mileage as payback '
I[f going small is inr your
plans, check out small SUVs,
crossovers and even vans
There may exist a more effi-
cient, roomier alternative
than a mid-size, which often
get just lair mileage So many
good vehicles exist tromni
domestic and foreign maniu-
facturers that iris like a' buf-
fet out there. Bul you only
get one plate Make the
choice count.
Your local dealers are anx-
ious to show thew- best thie '
Detroit Three have to offer
The dealer does rnaki:- a dif-
ference to long-term satislac-
tion and we invite the oppor-
tunity to work with our
neighbors Have a good
week *
Rick KAffer owns and ,'per.-,
ales Rick Kefti" Ddge '
Chr,'lerjleep in )i-e He ,
uiiles qiieti.ohs or pfsll're
stones abou't atnm,,ith' tlse
and ,.itenesIship
'. : / .)' J 1 '* '' l CO. .

Say it ain't so,

Iqth be BIG 6-0?1111

Happy Birthda9

Love, Matt, Katie
anW Chuck

to our Pernandina Beach
lIrqtinn "Rill hmc nr\r-.r IS \/p9r

Sof lending experience and

VZV looks forward to serving the

2 \ -residents of Nassau

"a, County with all their

Small Business Loans SBA

Renovation/Construction Refinance

.715 Centre St, Iic B

^ 904-261-8233* www.csbbbanks.c -
:. -. 1 ... .-" .. .


Education Summit Tuesday
State Rep. Janet H. Adkins will host a 2013
Education Leadership Summit on Tuesday
with special guest Florida Education
Commissioner Tony Bennett.
The 2013 Education Leadership Summit will
beheld as two separate meetings, one in
Nassau County and one in Jacksonville.
The first meeting will take place from 12:15
p.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Red Bean Technical Career
Center at the Betty P. Cook Nassau Center of
Florida State College, 76346 William Burgess
Blvd. Yulee. The second meeting will take
place from 5:30-7 p.m. at Fletcher High School,
700 Seagate AVe, Neptune Beach.
The 2013 Education Leadership Summit will
focus on current education issues, higher edu-
cation (connecting the skills of students with
the needs of employers), common core state
standards' and middle school reform.
Seating is limited, so call 491-3664 or email to reserve a
Adkins aide departs
State-Rep. Janet H. Adkins announces the
departure of Communications Director Alexis
Zink, whose last day is today.
Zink will be moving to Washington, D.C., .
with her husband, wh6 will be stationed there
with the U.S. Navy in the fall.
"Alexis will be'greatly missed," said Adkins.
"Hier positive aind energetic approach to the
challenges that face the constituents of the
11th district has been a huge help in the suc

cess of our work for the people we serve."
Alexis is married to Lt. Kyle Zink, who is
currently stationed in Kings Bay, Ga. They
reside in Fernandina Beach.
LowCountry Bol
Stop by Democratic Party Headquarters
this Saturday to buy tickets to the Low-Country
Boil to be held on Saturday, Aug. 10. The office
will be open and staffed from 10 a.m. to noon.,
Democratic Party Headquarters is located on
the corner of Date and Eighth streets. For
more information contact Carla Voisard at
(904) 849-7076 or
The 16th Annual Low Country Boil
fundraiser begins at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 10 at the
Fernandina Beach Golf Club, 2800 Bill Melton
Road. Speakers this year include U.S. Sen. Bill
Nelson, former Florida senator and current
gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich and Florida
Democratic Party Vice Chair Alan Clendenin.
Tickets are $50 per person and can be pur-
chased from any precinct captain or at
Democratic Party headquarters, at 401 South
Eighth St in Fernandina; or by sending an
email to
Blue Bag Lunches
All Democrats are welcome to bring lunch
and share time together at noon Wednesdays
at Democratic Party headquarters located at
Sthe corner of Date and Eighth streets.'
Headquarters hours are reduced for the
summer. Summer hours are Tuesday,
Wednesday and Friday from 11-4 and Saturday
lfrom'10r i-1-2.

ScSR^Y ':: ft ,


Please come to one of our Open Houses to see what we're all about!
MEET our staff... VIEW our facility... EXPLORE our programs!
Monday, August 5th 3:00 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday. August 6t[h 3:00 7:00 p.m.
,:: ,, Saturday. August 10th 1:00- 3:0,0 p.m. :" ,

P Private Lessons .
Voice Guitar Piano Strings
Brass Woodwinds

Group Classes
Guitar Strings Musical Theatre
Acting ~ Film and TV Preschool Music

Competition Teams By Audition On y ..,
.Rhapsody Show Chi- i Ages 17 and up, Fanfare Show Choir tAges ,8-16) .Y-..
S-'.. 'Encore- Masical Theatre. Acting and Dance ':
Pt-Qiad Home efthe Camden Community Band Open to all Musicians High School
''. "'". through Adult) '.:"

SThe Frie e tudio of Music, Ic.
'. '. 204 A o ,M. vs. Georgia 3155kA.."
^ S,, Wtu^^ ,*,, ,..." @ll ....I,. "- t^--.' ..^ ^ -'o **


Notice is hereby given that the Board of County Commissioners of Nassau County, Flonrida will con-
duct a public heanng to consider reimposition of special assessments in the South Amelia Island
Shore Stabilization Municipal Service Benefit Unit, as shown above, to fund the capital costs of,
Beach renourishment local improvements within the SAISSA MSBU. The hearing will be held at ,
7:00 P.M. or as soon thereafter as the matter can be heard, on August 26, 2013; in the Nassau
SCounty Commission Chambers, at the James S. Page Governmental Complex located at 96135'..
Nassau Place, 'Yulee:, FlOrida, for the purpose of receiving public comment on the imposition anid '
collection of the assessments on the ad valorem tax bill. 'All affected real property owners have a
Right to appear at the hearing and to file written objections with the County Clerk anytime prior to .
the public hearing. If a person decides to appeal any decision made by the Board with respect-to
Sany matter considered at the hearing, such person will need a record of the proceedings and may
need to ensure that a verbatim record is made, including the testimony and evidence upon which
the appeal is to be made. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons need-
ing a special accommodation or an interpreter to participate in this proceeding.should contact the
Clerk of Court's office at (904) 548-4660, at least seven day; prior to the date of the hearing.

'The assessment for each parcel of real property is calculated based on acombinatifn of factors,
including the property use, the just value of property attributable to the parcel and proximity to the
Sbeich, A more specific description of the project costs and the method of computing the assess-
ment for each parcel of real property are set forth in the Initial Assessment.Resolution adopted by.
the Board on January, 10, 2011. Copies of the Master Capital PrOject and Service Assessment'
Ordinance, the Initial Assessment Resolution, the Final Assessment Resolutiorr.n and the updated
Assessment Roll are available for inspection at the office of the Nassau County Clerk of Court;
located at 76347 Veterans Way, Yulee, Florida.

... i ,

A -

The assessments will be collected on the ad bill mailed in November 2013, as author-
ized by Section 197.3632, Florida Statutes. Failure to pay the assessments will cause a tax cer-
tificate to. be issued against the real property which may result in a loss of title. The County
Commission intends to collect the assessments in eight annual assessments, the first of which was
included on the ad valorem tax bill mailed in November 2011 and the last of which will be in
November of 2018.

If you have any questions, 'please contact the Clerk of Court at (904) 548-4660,
Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.


_/s/ Daniel B; Leeper
Daniel B. Leeper
Its: Chairman

Its: Ex-Officio Clerk







FRIDAY. AUGUST 2.2013 NEWS News-Leader

Continuedfrom 1A
S The transfer may last as long.
as it takes to swat a fly, but still
Sit is a delay And consider that
this second on the clock bnly
accounts for the phone's equip-
ment transfer. The county's 9-1-
1 dispatcher will still need time
to,collect who, what and where
details. And capturing the cor-
rect information could range
from a few seconds to a few min-
utes, depending upon the
caller's emotional and physical
state and how quickly he is able
to provide information.
But once the Nassau County
dispatch understands that the
caller is within city limits, pro-
tocol calls for an immediate
transfer. And no matter how
much information is collected
by the county dispatcher, they
may or may not provide brief
Detail about the call to their city
Counterpart, such as identify-
ing it as domestic situation or
traffic situation. "It's the dis-
patchr's 6all," said Minahan.
Does this-whole process of
gathering facts and transferring
emergency calls impact the pub-
lic safety? ...

"It's hard to say," said
Foxworth. "Seconds can mean
everything when it comes to
Public safety is a big reason
why Fernandina Beach Police
and the Nassau County Sheriffs
Office are working to consoli-
date communications into one
central system with operations
headquartered within the sher-
iff's department. Should the
plan go forward, the city's police
dispatch would go away, and
with it the need to transfer an
emergency call for help.
Of course people have the
power within their fingertips to
call the Fernandina Beach
police directly at 277-7342. The
recorded voice will ask you to
listen carefully as options have
changed, but the number to
press is 1.
As effective as that number
may be, it's not as easy to
remember as 9-1-1. So a central
system seems important
The benefits are widespread,
including improved efficiency,
costsavings and record shar-
ing across both the county sher-
Jffand FBPD through the instal-
lationof a new computer aided.
dispatch (CAD).
"Right now we can't share

records and there's a lot of
paperwork going back and
forth by hand," said Foxworth.
'The new CAD system will get
everyone up and running as a
team, rather than operating as
individual units."
Additionally, the system will
track the location of patrols.
"So let's say we have a report
that someone just knocked
down 20 mailboxes and is run-
ning down the street, we can
see at a glance what patrol is
nearby, even if it's a county offi-
"cer," explained Foxworth. "The
* same holds true for fire trucks
and ambulances."*
The FBPD maintains a staff
of five civilian dispatchers and
one supervisor. Dispatchers
work in teams of one or two
depending on the workload.
The workspace is spacious and
comfortable. There's an interior
window to the lobby, and visi-
tors entering the station can see.
Iit to the right of the front door:
Minahan said that all but one
of the dispatchers has been on
the job for years, and that the
newest hire has been serving
for three years. Dispatchers
must train under a state pro-
gram and complete several hun-
dred hours of on-the-job train-

ing. The starting salary is
almost $26,000.
What happens to the jobs
should the city's dispatch
department close? Officials say
there are talks to combine per-
sonnel, and both Sheriff Bill
Leeper and Fernandina Beach
Police Chief Jim Hurley have
both said in interviews that no
decisions have been made
about staffing, logistics or tim-
In fact, just when consolida-
tion will happen is still to be
determined. The two sides have
been talking about the plan for
almost a decade. Executive deci-
sions, personnel changes, fund-
ing and logistics have all got-
ten in the way.
At onetime, the FBPD con-
sidered establishing its own
Public Safety Answering Point
(PSAP), or 9-1-1 operations, but
an estimated cost of $350,000
stopped that. "The biggest cost
is not equipment, it is getting
T-4 lines across the river," said
Foxworth. "That was years ago
and I'm sure it's much more
The city invited the county to
move the 911 center to its Lime
Street headquarters where facil-
ity conditions are better and the

equipment is newer, but the
police department is vulnerable
to flooding and hurricanes.
Officials also wanted a more

central locale. "Arid we're about-
as far away from the western.,
part of the county as you can ,
get," explained Foxworth.

2 moms cited for

kids in hot cars

Two mothers were cited in
the past week for leaving their
young children inside hot cars
parked outside stores in a
Yulee shopping center, accord-
ing to Nassau County Sheriffs
SOne mother received a
ticket Monday for leaving two
toddlers inside a car.that was
not running with the windows
down while she went inside
the Publix Supermarket in
Yulee. Police determined from
store video that she was
inside the store for about 12
The children were
The second mother was
ticketed Sunday for child neg-
lect for leaving'her children

unattended in a car for more,
than 15 minutes while she was,
inside Ross Dress for Less..
shopping for jeans in the same.,
shopping center in Yulee.
She wis inside the store
for 18 minutes while her"
three children were inside a
parked car with the motor run-.
ning and the air conditioning
Her children were also
Leaving children under six
years of age unattended in a,
motor vehicle in excess of 15
minutes, is a criminal traffic.
In both instances, police
were alerted by other shop-.
pers concerned about the chil-
dren's welfare.

Big Gireen Egg

World's Best Smoker & Grill!

The Big Green Egg is created from
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Since 2001'
Locally owned & operated

As an Owens Coming PrferedContractor,

we offer "Extended" and "Lifetime"


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Turner Ace Hardware place.
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_..__ ,-.. "

"LI= "

- 5.

w 5"



911 Continued from 1A
crashed in February for about
two hours when the back-up
generator failed to kick in, and
that the county's 9:1-1 calls were
routed to the Jacksonville
Sheriff's Office. "Jacksontille
had to call uson the cell phone
and then we called our patrols
on their, cell phones," said
Leeper, in atone expressed with-
out emotion or alarm. He did
not say how many calls were
missed, but offered recent num-
bers for consideration. He said
that in June dispatchers answer-
6d 3,429 calls for 9-1-1 and
responded to 9,928 incidents.
In. 2012, ,the department
totaled 142,991 calls for service.
"We're using an old system,
Agnd as of next year we won't
even be able to.get spare parts
because the manufacturer is
going, to stop production,"
Leeper explained.
That the-system is decrepit
to the point of obsolescence is
not new information. "It's a long-
standing problem," says Leeper.
"The whole building is also a'*
County officials approved
funding for a new Emergency
Operations Center to house the
emergency management divi-
sion for hurricanes and the like,
and plans call for an addition to
house the 9-1-1 call center as
well. But the addition to the new
EOC at the county jail complex
fias been deferred for lack of
funding as well as plans for a.,:
new building to house the entire
sheriff's administration coimf'
plex, a motley collection of trail:.
ers on SR200just east of 1-95 It's
a confusing site, and visitors o10
the area can be forgiven f6r mis-
taking the trailers for anauxil-*-
iary outpost rather than center al
command. .,
The big question is how to
pay for the new addition Tlie
county's proposed fiscal 2013-
14 budget, starting Oct 1. bal-
ances at 858 million but uny
with a tax hike and using money
. :from savings and funds from the
1-cent sales tax. which was orig-
inally put in place to pay for cap-
ital improvements, such a- new
roads and construction proje.ts.
like buildings for the sheriff%-
Take away the tax increase;
hold onto rainy day sa,,ings and.
cut capital improvement proj-
ects. such as updating the EOC,
Sand the budget is $11.6 l million
short of covering expenses.
As the.proposal stands now,
tfiere is $10 miillionri bQdg,-t.d'
fr a new shei'V's.aIdnri-,a-'.
tibn building to be located near
the Nassau County Judicial
Annex., and' S2 2 million to
upgrade the EOC

But there is no guarantee room is about three feet from money
that these capital improvement Knight's workstation, and pai- Police
projects will move forward soon. vacy, like windows, is non-exis- spent 1
Commissioners on the county tent. It is difficult to believe that manage
board are looking to cut costs, callers in distress can't hear the munic
and eliminating capital improve- commode flush or the door top co
ments or moving them into swing shut "Tm going to shut "A cot
some vague date in the future, is this now because there's no nicatio
up for discussion Aug. 7 at a spe- need for a guest to look at our to go."
cial county commission meet- toilet," said-supervisor Jones. Huf
ing. quietly pulling the door closed, work c
The sheriff expects money In a cluttered back room file manage
collected through the 9-1-1 cabinets filled with arrest war- number
phone tax and grant money to rants surround one side of a in prog
pay for the new EOC and CAD table used both for meetings excite'
system, but the funds have yet to and meals. A training console thegrc
be secured. fills.the other, No one gets dibs Th<
Whether the funds are avail- on the space because there's has nc
able does not affect the urgent just the one room available for the pnr
need for remodeling and training, filing and eating. If lybetw
expanding the EOC. there is a bright spot, it is the terms
The ceiling at the current 9- presence of a window. Hurley
1-1 center leaks and deep brown Back in his office; the sheriff been
stains on the tiles suggest thatit shows off new plans for the Foi
is a steady problem. "Water has expanded 5,064-square-foot constit
never hit me on the head, but ifs Emergency Operations Center, bling t
come close,"'said dispatcher and with it a new computer- skinni
Jolene Knight, who has been aided dispatch (CAD) system ty corm
answering emergency calls for that quickly juggles data and to find
the department for fours years. analyzes information in an effort Im
Knight is one of three dis- to improve service and response Leepe
patchers on this day's 8 am. to times, CAD will also allow all On
8 p.m. shift. There is also a call emergency responders in the Comn
taker, a supervisor! and two IT city and county todirectly com- Leepe
workers installing Internet serv- municate with each other. At saying
ice in the room. It will be the present, there is a lot of manual review
first time the net has been avail- distribution of data and reports.
Sable.for dispatchers and they .The sheriff also has plans for
will use it to search databases for the new administration build-
a variety of information, includ- ing, but his focus today is the
ing outstanding'warrants and EOC. ...: ..
address details. This is infor- 'Architect drawings call for-
mati'on ihat dispatchers have in dramatic change to the space,
large part been relying on the including spacious workstations
,Jacksonville sheriff to supply.: known as dispatch pods that will
(Sheriff deputies on patrol: be raised off the tfloorto hide
: received Internet serVice dn` wiring and offer tech support
. squad car laptops for the first. easy access, and a break room
time in January) ,. A training facility and meeting
Dispatchers work it a rec- space and separate bathrooms
angular room, about 30 feet. for men and women are also
long by 20 feet wide It is dim;, envisioned. The mapping and
warmn and stu'fy When one per- addressing center would also
Sson gets a cold, the othersknow be housed in the new facility
Sit's time to stock up on cough In addition to the overhaul, .
medicine the county and the city of
Gray carpet covers the'floor Fernandina Beach are in talks to ,
and all four walls in an ad hoc : consolidate emergency
soundproofing effort, but it response commiunicationswith-
doesn't do much to dampen.the in the new building. .
charter coming from the dis-: "There's an economy of scale .
Snatchers. to consider and we always warit .
The staff's single-bowlbath- to look at saving taxpayers-.'.

' when we can," says city
Chief Jim Hurley, who
17 years in Ft. Lauderdale
ring its emergency com-
ations before becoming
p in Fernandina Beach.
nbined call and co'mmu-
n s center is the right way

rley says officials need to
ut details, such as how to
ge staff and divide the
ers. "This is still a work
gress and I'm not getting
d until I see a shovel in
found he said.
e exact cost of the project
at been finalized, or how
ogra.-i rolls out logistical-
ween the county and cityin
of staffing and cost, says
v. "No final decisions have
- his part, Leeper, like all
iutional officers, is scram-
o provide services with a
er budget- And the coun-
imission has directed him
Deeper cuts.
possible, answered
SJuly 11, Leeper sent
mission. Chair Danny
r (his brother), a letter
She did a "top-to-bottom"
w of the agency and that

conditions are so bad now that
further cuts could compromise
Public safety.
"What I have found during
this review is an organization
that is working with outdated
technology and equipment, is
working out of inadequate
unsafe facilities, has limited per-
sonnel who are doing more with
less and who are in desperate
need of more training and
resources," wrote Bill Leeper.
"Businesses and families are not
going to move to a community
where public safety is not a jri-
Leeper operates the sheriffs
office with a $16.1 million budg-
et, including $5.2 million for the
county's mapping center and
addressing center. Both of these
areas, Writes Leeper, are the
responsibility of the county
board, implying that if cuts are
required here they'll be the ones
wielding the-scissors.
SSubtracting the mapping and
addressing center numbers puts
the sheriffs budget at $10.9 mil-
lion. In his letter, Leeper com-
pares this number to the coun-
ty's $12.3 proposed Fire Rescue
budget; $4.7 million for the
Fernandina Beach Police
Department; and $4.1 million

for the city's Fire Rescue.
"All three of these agencies
operate with fewer people than
we do," wriies Ieeper. "The
Sheriff's Office also handles,
(four) times more calls for serv-
ice than these agencies do com-
To underscore the state of
affairs, the sheriff earlier this
.month gave each of the five
members of the county com-
mission a personal tour of the
"I'm providing for safety of
the community. If the library or
the park isn't open seven days a
'week, it's an inconvenience not
a crisis," said Leeper. If we don't
have the resources, it's a crisis
and we need to fix it"
Danny Leeper, former
Fernandina Beach fire chief,
said in an interview that he sup-
ports the project, calling it
critical for continued public
"It's got to happen, but
whether it will be fully con-
structed by the end of this year,
I don't know," said Commis-sion-
er Leeper, who calls the existing
conditions deplorable. "If any-
one wavers on this, shame on
them." -


:"'.'*" i" Join us Friday, August 2 from' 5 to 8 pm .
The Shops of Amelia Island Plantation for the All. American Carnival & Bashl
'6800 First Coast Highway AmeliaIlsland, FL 32034 .

Carnivril Gomes & Food Hayrides Bounce House Face Painting Live Music
Raffle Prizes Complimentary Outdoor Movie-* Visits with Tanner the Turtle

'< -: PRIC ES. ' .
'Indiidual icket's may be purchased at ticket booths. Wrist bands available for $20;'
offering unlimited hayrides, use of bounce house, corri;hole, archery,.duck pond,
face painting, hula hoops, knock down game and botllomle.s popcorn.


Temporary Closure of Tax Collector's
h IDowntown Office

The Tax Collector's Office located inside the Historic
'Courthouse will be closed the month of August for mandal-
ed equipment upgrades and renovations. The nearest
.alternative locations is the Main Office in Yulee located on
AlA Tax payments, vehicle registrations and most driver
4iicense'r'enewals can be maoie online-at " Phone: (904) 491-7400

Thank You, John M. Drew, CFC


If Easy. Financing Available


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'Hey look!
Musings, opinions, observa-
tions, questions, and random
thoughts on island life,
Fernangina Beach and more:
Randy Goldberg, vice pres-
ident for marketing at I -
Doherty Enterprises, Inc. out
of Avondale, NJ., tells me that
employees of the local
Applebee's on Sadler and A ,
South Eighth Street need not DAVES
Sorry about losing theirjobs WQO ,LD
as his company has purchased --
the local eatery and will incor-
Sporate it into its chain, which- DavidN
is the 10th largest franchisee Scott
in the United States, operating
Five restaurant concepts that also inclu,
Including: Applebee's that's eight ou
Neighborhood Grill & Bar, further that stic
Panera Bread, Chevys Fresh ends of the ho
Mex, and two of their own served on, an(
concepts, The Shannon Rose with sauerkrai
Irish Pub and Spuntino Wine tard, etc. Cool
SBar and Italian Tapas, most of chili topping is
which are located in the. well worth it..J
Northeast U.S. Goldberg said handful ofTuin
that'"renovations are planned o
'and that the restaurant will be Talented Ic
open for the long haul" and Raszkindh, 28-ye
that-the firm plans'on retain Sieve Raszkin
S, ing the staff if theywantto Steve, has join
stay. Yamilka Mert
- "-,:* 0- ing up the eve
T.-I'm not sure if this is accu- cooking duties
rate or not but if it isn't some- e Gourmet, the
one please lerme know as I ;. Street and Fir

I just
think the Highw;
largest hot tomers
dog current- work o
ly being experie
served on ing kitc
the island high-pr
can be had at eatery
.South Eighth resort(
Street's Sicily. 1
Halftime with th
Sports Bar & Clubai
Grill, where times N
SJon Walker special
offers a one- private
half-pound sary pa
all-beef wee- Call G
nie for $9.50 261-897
des fries. Folks,
nces of frank- We
:ks out of both final B9
oagie roll it is. in dow
l it can be had recenfl
it, onions, mus-. a couple
k Joe Kelley's First,
ia tad extrabut es', cha
lJust bring a politics
Mns. togeth,
S pose,:e
local Chef Zach things
ear-old son of Cher w
, of Wines by downto
ned Bill and- pathetic
ens'staff head- -strugg
ning meal's after b]
s at Gourmet:, storefr
corner of Lewis vagran
st Coast -. design

ay. Bill and GG's cus-
Swill be treated to the
f a young man who has
ence in some interest-
:hens ranging from the
profile Grotto Italian
in Houston to a
on the Italian island of
Most recently he was
e Sawgrass Country
nd has helped many
vith dad Steve's
Swine meals as-well as
birthday and anniver-
irties, among others.
)urmet Gourmet at
attended the 35th and
ele Cher Music Festival
town Asheville, N.C.,
ly and came home with
le of observations.
when a town's business-
mber, bureaucrats,'
ans and citizens pull
er with common pur-
xdciting and positive
happen. When Belle
was conceived in 1978
.wn Asheville was a
c sight, consisting of
ling.businesses, block.
lofk of boarded up ,
onis, high crime and
cy. Bele Cher was
ed to revitalize the city

a 2-year-old
and it has been so successful in and maneuver a
that the city decided to pull pick up and win a sti
the plug on future funding mal or other colorfi
saying the annual event has Beef O'Brady's rec(
accomplished its goal Startled parents and
Asheville today is a thriving, rant staffers quickly
bustling city with prosperous the restaurant inside
local merchants, including -until someone yelle
restaurant and bar owners he's in the machine
saying Bele Cher has served appears the enterpr
its purpose and is now more somehow managed
of a deterrent to business than into the door that le
a benefit Our second Bele toys he craved and
Cher observation is that while covered perusing ti
there is no law in North treasures inside the
Carolina that says women oblivious to the con
have to wear tops when wan- around him. Folks,
during around in public, what good and attentive ]
we saw during Bele Cher and it only took sec
made us question that legisla- the acrobatic tyke t
tion, as the females we saw ver his way into the
topless appeared as though tion to snatch his re
they may have been'deployed keep a close eye on
as part of First Lady Michelle when you are out o
Obama's War on Obesity,; may end up being p
their nudity making it vividly a bag and carted of
clear the dreadful toll that too cent prize.
"many Big Macs, fried chicken *-*
,and fries can have on the Here's somethir
human body. We will miss get Liberals include
Bele Cher though. '- activists, loony mus
..e arrogant actors, so-
Levin Miller, 24-month-old preachers, etc., say
son of rmom Emily and dad are goingto boycott
Zach disappeared from the- because they are ul
front of one of those vending. the George Zimtme
machines that you drop a coin Trayvon Martin tri.


claw to
uffed ani-
il toy at
i restau-
y scoured
e and out
d, "Hey,
I to crawl
rads to-the
was dis-
ihe colorful
e device
these are
"onds for
o maneu-
eward, so
r else he
plopped in
ffas a 50-

ig I don't
isicians and
ing they
t Florida
pset about
al verdict. I

don't understand how these
Folks think that boycotting our
state is a bad thing. A bad
thing would be members of
this motley crew saying
they are headed in our direc-
The Sunday Bloody Mary
battle is heating up with The
Green Tuitle, Dog Star,
Palace, Salty Pelican and oth-
ers coming up with fascinat-
ing variations of the iconic
drink, and so far the most
unusual and tasty one Ive
tried is Johnny Miller's ver-
sion at the Turtle with a
sausage, a hunk of cheese and
the clincher half of a hard-
boiled egg- all stuck on a
swizzle stick in the glass. Dog
Star is closing in with hottie
bar maid Crystal Foster's
okra, olive, cheese, peppers,
-shrimp, etc., climbing up a
huge toothpick, and a spicy
version at the Courtyard Pub -
featuring only olives and a
lime slice, providing a crisp
clean beverage and the
Salty Pelican letting you build,
your own. So, tell me your
favorites and why and I1l try
them then report back in this
space. Hid!



!,NEW. LEADER' &srriis

t,' .fi ;": : uftake ar-moment and fill out our Reacqers Survey of your favorite places and become eligible for a
S$250 cash drawing on, August 9, 2013. All survey forms must be received at the News-Leader no later than
August 9,02013 and be 75% completed. All entries must include name,/address, and phone number.
Mall Entries to: The News-Leader, 511 Ash Street, FemQndina Beach. FL 32034. NO PHOTO COPIES!
' AU survey fonms must be mailed (only one per envelope), and noenies wii be accepted over tie counter.

U m


Bait & Tackle
Rod and Reel Repair
Fresh Local Shrimp
Offshore Baits
Live Bait

1520-N. 14" St.
(Egan's Creek Boat Ramp)

261-6751 or 321-2800



I Complete Foreign & Domestic Repainrs

, 1.


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Best All-Around Restaurant________Best Hotel/Motel/Resort ________
Best Antique Shop .Best Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt_______
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Best Auto Service Center ________Best Jewelry Store .,I
Best Bait & Tackle Shop _______Best Lawn Service I
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Floor Covering Store______
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Best Pharmacist_________
Best Pizza
Best Plumber________
Best Real Estate Agent
Best Real Estate Office____ _____
Best Restaurant With a View_____
Best Salad Bar ________
Best Sandwich Shop
Best Seafood Restaurant___
Best Steak in Town_______

1852 Sadler Road
(across from Post Office)
Fernandina Beach, FL

Best Deli _
SBest Dentist _____
SBest Department Store
SBest Dessert in Town
i Best Doctor

Best Storage Unit _
Best Tanning Salon __
Best Tire Store
Best Travel Agency

Best Upholstery Shop

SINCE 1982
*Antique ('harts & Maps
U, S. Coins &OrienWlRugs
*Audobon Prints
I Antique Maps

l 1546 South 8th Street
(904) 261-9763
a' mellaframer'

SBest Dog Groomer _______Best Veterinarian ,
Best Dry Cleaners Nam ___ __me________
SBest Electrician AddressI
SBest Florist __Ci___ _
I Best Heating & Air Conditioning Stat _ _ _ _ _Zip _
Best Golf Course Phone .ip
SBest Hair Salon ,-_______Phone
I1 Best Hardware One Entry Per Person Per Week, Please!
Q Store/Location _________Must Complete 75% of Categories To Be Counted.

A DRAWI I N 0R$0 N RD 141 F -A

~--~I ~-* F-~ *~'*
- -. r. ~-. -

Friday & 56Farday tam-Mklnlgb
Sunday 2pmrlpm
2112S. S .2.1-3640
O.e Mae.a"'n.coas.I :
Bdgeq n the t".. -.
Locally Owned Opeatd,

"Fast, tMe ly ad
Always with the
Kefer Confort
u anee in Sales
Service and Part



TAB "p

Open Daily 1 AM til 9PM
2742 South 8th Street
Femandina Beach, FL
(904) 261-6632


l 1


V & 'T 2Nll

World's Largest Manufaturer
of Residential Water
Treatment Systems.
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Eletrical Needs
_0B South aft St. Sta. 7
F9imna Bemadh FL Z3W134
4 Il0011145
go4-4g1-14 Offic'






*-" :" ,ESTABLISHED IN 1854
The News-Leader is published with pride weekly
for the people of Nassau County by Community
Newspapers, Inc., Athens, Georgia. We believe
that strong newspapers build strong communi-
ties -'Newspapers get things done!" Our primary
goal is to publish distinguished and profitable
community-oriented newspapers. This mission
will be accomplished through the teamwork of
professionals dedicated to the truth, integrity, qual-
ity and hard work
"- ',.\ .'* ","T'ILTT Conm~itnuy "'
1 p,. I meprate,' .
"*v^' 11- Icorporated ,

Snips, snails, puppy dog tails

D = earest Little Joe, welcome to the fami-
ly who's been eagerly anticipating
Your arrival for nine long months,
although I'm sure there were days
when.your mommy thought it was longer. You
did hang in there till the end, sweet boy. But
now you're here with us and we are smitten
with you.
When your first cousin, Dean Michael, was
born three Julys ago, I started a family custom
of writing a welcome column to all my, new-
born grandchildren. A little keepsake to look at
when you're an adult and going through family
photo albums while listening to old stories
about what a character your Papa is or was. I
continued the custom with the birth of your
. sister Lora Leigh two Julys ago and now, with
you just a few days arrived, it's your turn. Yep,
you're another July baby, boyo, and we contin-
ue our tradition of fireworks and birthday par-
I got to hold you for awhile yesterday
evening as your mommy and daddy ran some
quick errands. It was like cuddling a brand
.new life for the first time all over again. You
laid there in my arms and studied myr face with
your blue eyes and pale blond hair and made
this bum ticker of mine skip a beat. I could've.
sworn-you even me. And just when. 1.-
was getting used to the soft, warmfeel of you,
your Oma came and stole'you away from me.
" Ah, well. It's a grandmother's prerogative.
' You are the fourth in line to bear your first

name. It began with your
Sgreat-grandfather, who's still
alive at almost 87 years old.
He passed it along to-me,
your Papa and I proudly
bestowed it upon your daddy.
I don't think there was ever a
questionthat he'd been
named anything else. And
now, he and your mommy
CUPJ OF have decided that it will be
JOE your name,'as well. So, as it
*- ,- -stands today, there are four
Generations of Joseph Palmer
Joe Palmer present and accounted for.
Right now, your mama,
daddy and sis are calling you baby Joe and
Little Joe. Sooner or later, you'll grow into the
version without the descriptive in front of it Or.
maybe not Who knows? Namns can be funny
things, especially nicknames. As some point,
you can be called by whatever version you like
best, whether it's your proper name or a varia-
tion thereof. When I was a kid, everybody
called me Joey. Talk about -a name that was
hard to shake. It followed me almost until I was
an adult and I still have a couple of older .
.cousins who insist on calling me that
But whatever version you elect, it's a good,
name, an old name. A solid name. It&comes. .
from Old Hebrew and means, "God will
increase." It'sbeen a steady favorite name for
boys down through time. So, whateverversion.

of it you end up choosing as your particular
handle, my boy, wear it proudly. Who knows,
you may one day decide to pass it along to a
son of your own.
You're lucky to be born into a family who
really loves babies i lot. By the time you're old'
enough to go outside and play, you're likely to
have plenty of company. Not that Papa is trying
to put any pressure on your parents or your
aunt and uncle, mind you. But the really cool
thing is that you and your sister and your first
cousin are all pretty close together in age.
The proximity in age makes for great relations
over the years, although you'll have to keep in
mind that Lora Leigh is your big sister if only
by two years but, like most big sisters, she'll no
--doubt give you frequent reminders of it for the
rest of your life. Get used to it, my precious, its
just the way things are. Right now, you're as
much her baby as your mom's. And you will be
for a long time to come. But that's a good
There's an old saying that little boys are
made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails.
But underneath all the giggles, hijinks and
wild-eyed adventure of boyhood, there grows
the oak solid framework that.will one day be a
man.-Il-the meantime, Little Joe, enjoy your
.'childhood. Be a little boy for as long as you
can. Don' too anxious to group,
Manhood can wait It's a wonder to be a boy.
Love, Papa.


ifeguards andtexting,-.
After going to Peters Point Beac
several times last week, it seems
me that driving and testing Tsn't tl
only danger to people. Each day whi
wewere there, some of the lifeguards
(male and female) on duty on tl
stands had their cell phones with the
and spent way too much time wi
their heads down testing instead
scanning the people in the water. 0
'Friday I approached a lifeguard super
visor and asked the policy on textin
wh.le on duty. He staled that somr
times they are used to communica
Between guards.. Anyone that has bee
to the beach knows that cell'phon
. don't always work on the beach ai
should not be relied on as a sow-urce
communications Each stand has
radio, or should have, and should I
Used to communicate. lifeguards ha
plenty of time to "catch up" on text'
while on their break.
Cell phonfies should be kept in tl
lifeguard's personal gear-pack whi
on duty Other beaches in .Flori
have outlawed cell phones on liIt
tuards,;iR ds,_.cau s e(_)( the di~t,:(
hon. Ii t" s'a'.spli. 6ecoqd 4
someone to disappear under the water
', If a lifeguard has his/her head lookii
down at the screen of a cell phone
life could -be lost needlessly
SI urge the leaders of the lIifeguar
ofFernandina Beach to take this iss
S' as a serious problem. .
S D. Warren Harris(
.. Yul

I'm an Adopt-A-Soldier sponsor as
ing for help for the troops. They are
Afghanistan serving our country R
you. Requests are 'coming in on a da
basis for support Some soldiers a
living on MRE's due to chow ha.
closing. This is ridiculous arid so ha
to comprehend. It's always about the
and not us.. .
Jo-Ann M. Pimeni
S.Fernandina Beac

In 'I regards to the Fair Tax, y
need to see ,the whole picture. T
winners.are.those Who pay incor
tax. 'Under, .the .Fair- Tax" there ts'
income tax, no 'FICA, no Soc
Secui-ty tax, no spending hours a
hours figuring out the 70,000-pag
of regulations and no IRS collect
data. .' .

Second, all earnings are tax-free, all .-
S winnings are tax-free, all gifts are tax-
:h free, and no tax on inheritance. I'VE PECIGP TO
to Third, it is a voluntary tax You
he only pay thle tax when you spend RUN FOR
ile money. And with the pi e-bate taxes- O FF tiB
ds are covered up to the poverty level UlI r :
3he The losers are politicians who can't ,..
m buy votes manipulating the tax codes. "
th lobbyists who can't get taxes changed Il- v.'
of for large businesses, anyone who gets -
)n. paid under the counter and tourists.,
e r- Ifa sales tax isso'bad let's change .
ing Florida to a state incbmyietax and see
e-, where that gets you.. .""..
ate ,':". .u ". o. R n.'Steve Bea :.
Fer'nandina Beach .....
les .,' > ,. .: ,

-o" tll'V island do ,:ot al -hn n a ^ ^ tt .'t.^* ^"^ ''. ."i- '''~lefw~tg
t01. g ... .. ~ ...
da o.ThIs past Satui y I received my my-I
be latest issue of It gue. I was surprised to
we read an article written by Julie W
g. Baunigold, with Amelia Island as the aa
.backdr op. It was an introspective piece i
he of'sef-discovery: the kind that hap-
ie pens in our lives when it is disrupted .. ,
or c'iallged., interpreted her esSay of -
re- wha t Amelia has tloofra' up to er "
c- soul, a soit ofmnystical appreciation '.. "

Us n ili tc t~ i ........-. E rin P,"a.y curnt".axes ".sed.'"*"" T.' p d"-,, .
A, lol LI 11 UP lii-iaiii--
r. However, therc. were some blan-
eng ket assumptions that I would like to
a cla-ifv about my neighbors. Residents ,. .. tecyo
on lhis island do not all think one way
ds, or share universal beliefs. GA on my
ue. shirt will never stand for Llniversity
of.Georgia (unless I Jose the bet again
on this year). And most importantly, there was presented with a plan that would tax increase.
ee. are tho'seof us who wearblackto'. not raise taxes This is the second time Then call Steve Kelley and tell him
But I digress. I appreciate Ms. they have ignored it At this point, one "thank you" for looking out for "We the
SBaumgold'sarticle arnd, myhopes are has to wonder just why four members .. People." -_- .l.
S that she may .lind others that came of the'boardnseem so determined to. If you call them, they will listen. If.
sk- ,here forthstr oWn unique reasons. raise taxes!- when it is clearly not nec-a you don't, taxes will beuraised.
ge Y. -.... I 11. ta es ilbeck6.Whised .r I
in Universally, change is hard. Especially essarbre'.. r .. h 2.1. .ee.. W k
for when we chanig& from the things that. The Kelleylanmeets the et follow-ado Fedrnandina Beach .
ily. we felt defined us'.i .ook forward to' ingscriteri m eeioa: 12 a r q c
ire 'reading.the companion piece.- a : No' new taxes willsbe levied nor hekn t "m '
ils -i o a. few Ehein Pozzetta anyc urrenttaxes raised.P ." ae .... vn o a t .
rd Amelia Island No services will be cu. pa. I recently visited the city of
:m at No jobshwill be lost. 2 Fernandina' Beach for the first time-
St"e K ll"in The CIP (Capital Improvement and:the experience Was very pleas-"
tel ..ey p. nl e Plan, which llike to callTheCookie ,anLeWhile here Ieread your paper and.
ch iFor weeks now, the Board ofjar) will still be fully funded, including, read the long-winded rant by Coleman
County .Commissioners has been the SlO million for the new sheriff's Langshaw (uly 26) about how free
wringing handsand saying, "Woe is: administration building. parking in your' city is unfai' to resi-. mustfraisetaxes!"However, on The proposed millage rate increase dents and kowtows to business. I beg`
ou0. July l1SteveKelleyo'ffered a plan to the can be removed from the 2013-14. to differ.
'he board thatwould balancethe,2013-14 budget at the next Board of..., 'JIenjoyed being free of the hassle of
ne budgetwithout 1.aisingtaxesiHow did' Commissioners-meeting on Aug. 12.' keeping a roll of quarters in my car
no. the.boardreact?,Well,they discussed Call the county commissioners and and'constantly checking the time.
tial-' itffr a few minutes then they ignored tell them that "We the People" areask-- Even worse are the cities that have
nd r it., Then they actually voted to-raise ,-ngthem'to adopt Steve Kelleys plan.' timen imits and youm..itust move'your
*es the-millage rate instead of adopting 'B~tter yet, show up at theAug. 12 '_car .very two hours and feed the
ng the Relley plan..Unbelievablei meeting. Tell them that "We the metoeragain..
This is-thesecond time the boayrd- -People id' not want an'unnecessw.y ',,- Ifparking is free peoplewill likely

- .* 4^^*. ,~ '' ''.4


come more often and stay longer This
means people will most likely spend
more money, which increases the local
economy, creates job and boosts the
tax base. ..:
SVenice Beach and Anna 'Maria
.Island have free parking and .good
public beach access. St. Pete Beach
has a mix of free the shop-
ping district and metered parking at
the beach. :
SMy first visit to your city will not be
my last. Keep up the. g od work,.
Fernandina Beach, and somfiebody get'
Mr. Langshaw some cheese to go with
that whine.' a rdan
Sam Jordan
: SL Petersburg

SSend letters by e-mail to:'
mparnell@fbnews leader.comrn or
mail letters to: Letters to the Editor,
P.O. Box.766. Fernandina Beach,
FL 32035 : "
On lineat


Popular d

Nassau County Commissioners'face major
challenges as they try to address and cover a
multimillion-dollar budget shortfall for next
year's budget. It is not an easy task, and as any-
one who has ever been an elected official
knows, the easy answers are usually 'the wrong
By their recent actions it seemed clear that
ht least four of them had figured out that the
only long-term solution to addressing future
budget shortfalls is the creation of jobs. If we
follow the past model of building single-family
developments, the result ends up costing the
county more money than the homes generate .
M ad valorem taxes. These new costs are
passed on to taxpayers, and the.cycle contin-
- ues.
SWhen four of the commissioners showed
teal leadership by supporting the Crawford
Diamond Project, and the East Nassau County
Planning Area, they set the stage for aggres-
sive recruiting of major companies who will
Sultimately employ hundreds of Nassau citizens..
They've also provided Steve Reick, and the
Nassau County Economic Development Board,
with a wonderful tool with which to grab the
attention of prospective employers.
S But what happens when these potential
investors pay a site visit to our county and dis-
cover pur infrastructure is failing, roads and
bridges are neglected, swales'and rights-of-way
are not being maintained and our financial

ecisions not best for

reserves have been deci-",
Sniated? How competitive
will we be with other states
-' or counties who are chas-.
ingthe -ame target?
"13WiScari;fit-board did
not createthe current
e t financial problems, but it is
expected to resolve them.
At the .same time there is a
Boyle vocal group whose only
_______ contributions to-address-
.ing the shortfall are catchy
slogans like, "We don't have a revenue prob-
lem, we have a spending problem," and
"Government just needs to stop overspending."
Rarely is credit given for the efforts that have
cut the number of BOCC employees by nearly
20 percent.
Yet these same people have watched their
own fuel bills, utility bills, grocery bills, insur-
ance bills and household bills-alUl increase
because of the recession, and they take it-in
stride. Somehow that seems to make sense.
But at the same time, they expect county gov-
ernment to provide them with the same level of
county services, at the same tax rate, in spite of
Drastic cuts in tax revenue. If they actually
believed such an approach was viable, why
don't they use it against Publix, Winn-Dixie,
Chevron, FP&L and State Farm?
Experienced elected officials know full well

there's nothing magical about the budget
process: revenues (by law) must cover expen-
ditures. The.shortfall was $2 million in FY
2010, $5 million in FY 2012, and now $11.6 mil-
lion for FY 2013. This is a disturbing trend that
cant continue. Raiding the reservesyear after
year, dismantling the Capital Improvement .
Plan (CIP) and pulling money from the 1-cent
fund are nothing more than "quick fixes" that
cannot continue indefinitely.'Suchactions
could jeopardize our bond rating and leave us
Vulnerable to other financial challenges in com-
ing years. To use these limited resources to
annually cover the recurring shortfalls is sim-
ply kicking the can-down the road. Ask your-
self, "How did that policy work out for
The BOCC has two respected financial
authorities in County Manager Ted Selby and
Director of Management and Budget Shanea
Jones. Both of these trusted professionals have
master's degrees and manyyears in govern-
ment operations and budgeting. In addition,
Jones is certified as a government finance offi-
cer, and both are Nassau County residents who
pay local taxes like the rest of us.
What Nassau taxpayers need to know is
these two professionals have never been so
firm or so clear in their advice and counsel to
Sthe BOCC. They have told them in no uncer-
tain terms that to continue to follow the same
course they have followed for the last few years

Doun ty .
is simplynot sustainable:. 'They can'tkeep.
doing it! But much likes the overweight man
who already knows what he needs to do, and is
Stold by his doctor to diet and exercise, our
BOCC also knows what they should do, but
Stheycontinue to look for a "second opinion"
that would be more palatable.
And in Nassau County there is no shortage
of pundits who are eager to tell everyone,
IThere is no shortage of available funds, there
is no crisis." None of us like higher taxes, and
Most forget there hasn't been a millage-"
Sincrease in fiveyears (a record envied by many
counties). In fact, the reality is most Nassau
County residents are paying less in real estate
taxes today than they were four or five years
ago. And yes, there is a crisis looming in the, "
not too distant future. Are we going to wait
until the crash before we take corrective :
action? Remember, Detroit didn't happen
Please remember, we elected our BOCC to
not just make the easy decisions, or the popu-
lar decisions, but the right decisions to ensure
a financially healthy county. A year from now
the deficits we will be facing are likely to be
even greater than they are today. What is the
plan to meet those obligations next year? The
day is fast approaching when we will have to
pay the piper, and I'm increasingly concerned
there is no plan to do so.
Mike Boyle is a former county commissioner



Have the faith to overcome mountains

We have been taught that if we
believe those things that we say, then
they shall come to pass. We'll be able to
speak to our mountain of difficulty, no
matter what it is, and command it to
remove itself, to be cast into the sea.
Those are scriptures spoken by
Jesus. If we have faith as a grain of mus-
tard seed, we can slpeak to our mountain,
which is to our needs, to our problems,
no matter what it isthings which we say
shall come,to pass; then those moun-
tains will begin to disappear from our
There are many bumps and problems
and struggles along the way. Even Jesus,
after being baptized in the water by John
the Baptist, was led into the wilderness .
where he was tempted by the devil.
SWherever we may go, wt'll find that-

A Satan will be there.
"For I know the
thoughts and plans I
have for you," the
Lord says. They are
: thoughts of peace, not
Kfor our finaloutcome.
No matter what we
NOWAND are going through,
S t od is still directing
THRiEN ours.ife.weare
--- e --- called according to His
Mayhbelle purpose, then He will
l work all things togeth-
"Kirkland er for our good: Our
lives will fit into: His plan. We should
,want God's way, His plan and His way for
-our lives.
Closed doors are not always missed

opportunities. Sometimes man closes
the door, but God will open another, so
don't be discouraged. Don't give up on
your dreams. Lfts not turn loose our
vision; it's not over yet
Sometimes we may slip off track and
have to get back up, dust ourselves off,
but thank God, we're covered by the
blood of Jesus. He knows who we are,
where we live and whatwe're going
through as well as the path we're on. He
has our backs.
Birthday wishes to Clarice Williams,:
Carlesa Kirkland Glover, Rebecca
Washington, Darlene Albertie, Michelle
Willniams, Jeanette Johnson, Randy
Daniels, MelikaAkbar, Deondra Starks,
Carmonique Blue, John H. Williams, the
Rev. Stanley Palmer, Sis. Virginia
Mealing and Mother Blanche Williams.

Brandy Carvalho,
NHS executive
director;, Mayor
Sarah Pelican;
Dave Smith, The
Foundation; John
Landregan, NHS
Board of
Directors presi-
dent; and Pat
Smith, The
Foundation are
introduced to
four puppies res-
cued by NHS.
Pelican repre-
sents the city of
Beach, which has
also committed
$500,000 to the
capital campaign.

Foundation issues challenge grant

NHS plans to breakground on modern new shelter this fall
T lihe Chardonnay Foundati.n entire project the longer is delayed that we can break ground this fall on the
has announced a S2"00.X)0 Cnritracts need to be signed and interest newly designated Chardonnay
SChallenge Giant in support of rates locked down as soon as possible Foundation Animal Rescue Center"
the Nassau Humane Society's We sincerely encourage the community The new Nassau Humane Society
Capital Campaign to build a new 11.O00- to. participate in this matching incentive shelter will increase capacity for care of
isquare-foot animal shelter and ado,:ptin program. Fernandina Beach and Amelia animals, meeting modern animal rescue
center. "island will have a modern and profes- standards and best practices. The home-
The Challenge, Grant will run,. 4i, .. glv managed shelteit-iat will be a less animals will be in a safe;.warnrair t
Through Oct. J. 1.rnarhine d,"..."''n'd,.: .,th,'rs Evr.'pi'e'will enjoyrh-' comfortable environmentt wileby.
'made to the campaign This gilt is a con- benefits and importantly so will waiting on their forever home. Last fis-
tinuation of the Chardunnay the thousands and thousands of animals cal year. Nassau Humane Society, a no-
Foundation's ,long and generous history that will be saved and helped to find kill animal shelter, celebrated more than
:of supporting the Nassau Human, their forever homes with loving and car- 500 adoptions.
Society ing owners" So far $1,200,000 has been raised for
S'As longtime supp,-rt;rs Of the "This is a fantastic opportunity for the S2 million capital campaign. The
Nassau Humane Society since we Humane Society to raise signifi- funds raised through .the Chardonnay
moved here in 2005. we flIt a genuine cant funds fur our new shelter," said Foundation Challenge Grant will pro-
"need to put the Capital Campaign in a ', Nassau Humane S,.ciet' Executive vide the resources needed to break
position to start the actually construction Director Brandy'Carvalho "For anyone- ground on the new shelter. Fundraising
of the rescue center," said Pat and David' who has not contributed yet, or is able will continue throughout the construc-
Smith on behalf of th1- Chardo'nnay to contribute again, now is the time. tion process.
Foundation ' Your contribution will make double the Donations and inquiries can be made
They continued, "With i he economy .- impact S1l turns into 2 and n1,000 turns at via
slowly improving, which is a good thing. into 2.000)O. Support friom our communi- phone904-491-151 1: or by mail to PO.
that factalso brings rising cnstructirn -'ty. combined with the generosity -of The Box 16090. Fernandina Beach, FL
costs and higher interest iat-s tothe Chardonnay Foundation, will ensure :32035.




Deadline for wedding information and
photos is 3 p.m. Tuesday prior to publication on
Friday. A brief announcement ofthe wedding.
engagement or ceremony will be published free of
charge. Additional Information may run atafee of
$6.34 per column Inch. A photograph ofthe brildeor
couple may be submitted and will run free at one i
column by 2 1/2 inches. Larger photos wtiB be
charged a fee of $6.34 per colutm Inck, ". ,
Call 261-3696 for information.


A Pubk S vic Ann ourcement by The

Welcome, to ,


464054 SR 2oo,00. Yule
(904) 261-6821

G Classic Carpets
& Interiors, Inc.
S. President-
802S. 8th Street (904)261-0242
Femandna Beach, FL32034 Fax (904) 261-0291

Most Insurances Accepted N o M L UF RE
Call For Appointment
26'"1 -6826 & m re
Dr. Robert Friedman 904-261-6956
AlA at Bailey Rd. 542057 Us Hwy 1,Callahan, FL

Rock & Artesian Wells
Pump Instalations & Repar
606 S. 6th Street '
Femandciha Beach, FL32034

Steve Johnson Automotive
1505 S 14th Street
Fernandina Beach, FL
Proudly Supportng Our Community


Knute and Rosemary
Douglas of Yulee celebrated
their 50th wedding anniver-
sary. They weremarried July
30,1963, in North Carolina.
Their children are Mark
and Andrea Douglas and Matt
and Julie Douglas, all of
The Douglases have three
grandchildren and one on the

Johnny and Jo-Ann
Pimentel.of Fernandina
Beach celebrated their 50th
wedding anniversary July 6,
20J.13;at the American Legion
in Jacksonville. The
Pimentels were married July
4,1963, at St. Ann's Catholic

Their children are John J17i
Pimentel Jr. and James W. -
Pimentel, both ofFlorida, and.
William M. Pimentel of Mas-
SThe Pimentels have seven
grandchildren and three ",3


U Air Force Airman Bran- military discipline and stud- .
don J. Eibach ies, Air Force core values,
graduated from physical fitness and basic war-
basic military fare principles and skills. .
training at Joint Airmen who complete
Base San basic training earn four cred-
Antonio-Lack- its toward an associate in ap-
land, Sab An- plied science degree through:
tonio, Texas the Community College of the
The airman f ir Force.
completed an Eibach Eibach, the son of Janet
intensive, ______ Myers of Fernandina Beach,
eight-week pro- is a'2011 graduate of Creek-
gram that included training in side High School, St. Johns.


Salvation Army
The Salvation Army Stuff
the Bus school supply drive is
in full swing, with the'
Salvation Army Hope House
taking applications and
accepting donations. Half of'
the 83 students they-served
last year were in elementary
school and the other hall
were in middle or ffigh'
school, needing higher-level
supplies. Especially needed
this year are backpacks, 3-
Sring binders, spiral note-
books, comkGsitiotny'b okslr;/1
tab dividers',graph igaper andi
computer paper. Donations
can be dropped Publix,
Bank of America, SunTrust or
at the Hope House, located on
the corner of Ninth and Date
streets in Fernandina Beach.
The Coalition for the
Reduction/Elimination of
Ethnic Disparities. in Health
(CREED) is asking the cornm-
munity to assist in helping to
provide school supplies for
this year's back to school
event which'will be held at
"the Peck Center 516 South
10th St. on Aug. 3 from 9 a mi.-
2 p.m.
During this event CREED.
will provide free school physi-
cals to students in kinder-
garten through 12th grade
who are making their initial
entry into a Florida school
For students transferring to a
Florida school from another
state, a physical completed
within 1 year is acceptable if
completed on a form compa-
rable to Florida's standard-
ized School Exam form
(DH3040). They vill also pro-
vide sports physical
What they need.from you-
SWide rule notebook paper
and compositions books; col-
lege rule notebook paper and
compositions books; pens and
pencils; crayons; glue sticks:
hand sanitizer; folders; and
backpacks (as many as you
can provide).
Public support last year,
along with other community.
members, helped to ensure a
successful event CREED was
able to provide physical and
vision screeiiings to over 100
students and school supplies?'
to over 250 children. Supplies
may be taken to the Martin
Luther King Center. The con-
tact person is John CoverdelL
Volunteers are also needed
to help at the event For '

details call (904) 556-3363.'
Jennett Wilson Baker, RN,.;
BSN, is the head of CREED..,
John D'Agnese is board chair :
man. ,
The.Nassau County
Volunteer Center's Corporate-.
Volunteer Council (CVC)
through its 13th annual
G.O.KI.D.S. (Giving Our Kidj.
Important Daily Supplies) .:
project is collecting school .
-supplies and donations for .
local students who need them,
the most Monetary do$ationt
plies and will be distributed
among all area public schools'
by principals. Over the last 12:.
years, through the G.O
K.I D.S projects, over :
S130,000 worth of donations ,
and supplies has reached '
Nassau County's public
Sschbols and teachers.
The project will run :
through Aug. 12. Distribution.. the schools will take place,
,on Aug 15 The most needed,;
supplies include pencils, pens,
pocket folders, wide-ruled i
notebook paper or spiral note;
books, crayons, glue sticks,
clear or mesh backpacks (no l
wheels), dry-erase markers, b
white or color copy paper, '.
Kleenex, paper towels and '
wipe-ups. Gift cards are wel-'o
..come. : '
S Drop off donations at: -'
Omni' Amelia Island '
Plantation (Associate ,
Services); Century 21/John Td
SFerreira Insurance, 500
Centre St; Fernandina Beach.
City Hall 'on Ash Street;
Nassau County Volunteer ; 'i
Center, 1303 Jasmine SL,
Suite D; Amelia Dental Group,
on Citrona Drive; First Coast
Community Bank on 14th. A
SStreet and the Target shop-: S
ping center in Yulee; First .
Federal Bank of Florida on -
Sadler Road and Chester Roa!
and AlA in Yulee; VyStar
SCredit, Union and CBC
National Bank on 14th Street;:-
Hilliard Town Hall, 15859 4
West CR 108; Hilliard
Recreation Center,37516 *r
Oxford St; Hilliardlibrary,.
15821 West CR 108; Hilliard ,'
Pharmacy, 551770 US 1; aind
Hilliard Winn-Dixie, 541494
-' US 1. Rayonier, RockTenn-
"and The Lions Club are also
supporting the drive.
For more information call
the Volunteer Center at 261-
2771 or email

Old eyeglasses recycled

by VolunteerCenter

The Nassau County
Volunteer Center, in.partner-
ship with the Lions Club of
. Fernandina Beach, is collect-
ing used and about-to-be dis-
carded eyeglasses, sunglass-
es and hearing aids for use in
developing countries to
improve the quality of life.
Currently, there is an urgent
need for these items.
Drop off your old glasses

or hearing aids at the Nassau
SCounty Volunteer Center,
1303 JasmineSt, Suite 104A.
'The center enlists volunteers
to support nonprofit agencies
and their work in Nassau''
County and conducts'project
of its own to assist those in
need. For information or to
volunteer, stop in the office,
call 261-2771, or ema'il
n' :


^ T ...*-.;:. fe..
18 N. 2nd St .Femandina Bch
Support Local Artists!
Paintings, photos, clay,
art glass, wobd, jewelry
and other mediums.
SFor all ,ages



To not be
God is not muked.
for whatever
a man SOO,
that he will also
fe2p. "


VRIDAY, AUGUST 2.2013/News-Leader


Sward-winningBodega Norton coming to Amelia
/SAmelia sl8nd Wine sensing that Argentina had ".
_estival- ispWsed to great potential to influence
niounce that Argentina's the world scene, Austrian. .'
Nortoega Nrton-Winery will businessman Gernot Langes-
at the festival with their Swarovski bought Bodega 1 .
Mne that ischaracdterized by Norton in 1989. And his sense i l b ,. a al i t s
lgance and complexity ofthe fu ture was right as the .. iarr

Frnc, wit th cos.ucio Shpd miAei sad.prhs"abneoaact raue ,fomtbeato lw fbrc
hieved through carefully .winery ac hieved international f. .
electing grapes from vine- recognition with the Wine
wards more than 30 years old Spectator, including Norton
.md. aging the wine in French 2010 Reserve Malbec in the
"oak barrels. a Top 100wbest wines in the
L From the Reserva,.which world," the vintage 2007 of
includes malbec, cabernet this wife obtaining important
sauvignon,.merlot,'syrah and international awards and in
chardonnay to the Norton 2012, Norton's winemaker,
Barrel Select, which also Jorge Riccitelli, being award-
includes pinot noir and sauvi- ed "WineMaker of the Year
Anon.blanc, these are wines 2012" by the prestigious mag-
that come from the grapes of azine Wine Enthusiast, the
five vineyards spread over the first for an Argentine
main terroirs of the province Winemaker..-
of Mend0o.a, all'of them with- Tickets are now on sale for.
in a privileged zone known as this yea's 'Taste the-'
the First Zone for the quality Southern Hemisphere," show-
isgrae ..... caing award-winning wines
Started in" ,: mfroi the premier growing. -
.:dpund James.Palitier 4-region fA.gentina, Chile, wineries and talk with'indus- to enjoylfood tastings from stoppers and wine acces-
Norton, Bodega Norton was Australia, New Zealand and try representatives, allwith- 'several local restaurants in. sories,'hand-painted
founded south of the South Africa'on OcL 12 out a passport 6r jetlag All the Restaurant Court. The stemware and one'of-a-kind
MendozaRiver with a planta-'. amosg.the'dioss-draped oaks wines will be stocked at the Wine Walk is open to every- sterling silver and copper jew, x
tion of vines imported from and rpflctive lagoon at the .. .Wine Teat where you can one to shop for artisan-crafted' elr' mirroring the organic
France, with the construction Sh6oslf'.Omni Amelia Island purchasea bottleo'a ca.Cetci 'treasures, from table artto flow of fabric.,
of the current.,winery started Plantation. 'prolong the pleasure long", functional pottery, hanid iade Visitors anlalSo wander
in 1919. Struck by the beauty Visitors will be able to after you return home., glass votives and vases, hand- down the Wine Walk to the
of'the area, the optimal condi- stroll along the WineWalk, V. fVisitors %6ho puft~hasl t turned rarewood vases and awardMinniing Amelia
tinS for growing grapes, and- sample wines from over 20 1'WVineTicket'willaak obe able :- pepper mills, unique bottle Farmrs Marketwith its,

Wine Fest
Bodega Norton wines
come, from the grapes of
five vineyards spread over
the main terroirs of the
province of Mendoza in
Argentina, all of them
within a privileged zone
known as the First Zone
for the quality of its

selection of farm-direct fruits
and vegetables harvested just
before market day and spe-
cialty tropical and landscaping
plants and garden flowers.
The market will be open its
normal hours Saturday, Oct.
12. from 9 am.-l p.m. -
Visit www.ameliafarmers
The Amelia Island Wine
Festival would like to thank
its sponsors, the Amelia :
Island Convention & Visitors
Bureau, Jo-Ann Fabric and
Craft Stores, Fernandina
Beach News-Leader, "
BeachviewRentals and
Amelia Hotel at the Beach for
Their important role in bring-
ing this festival to the commu-:
nity. For details and ticket
information visit www-ameli- or call 491-4872.

JBeach walk

JoiA,.a park ranger for a
walk on the beach as they
explain the importance of
undeveloped beach habitat,t'
including many interesting
facts about sea creatures and
Common shells found in the.
area. Bring sunscreen and.
water. The program will take
-place at the multi-use trail '
pavilion :located at the south
beach area on Little Talbot
Island on Aug. 3: at 2 p.m. The
Program is free with regular
park admission For informa-
tion contact'the Talbot Islands
'Ranger Station at (904) 251-
2320. Visit wwwfloridastate
fnuilb 0) -wino' .,.olm fi)ll'.
Landscapemat tes
On Aug. 14 at 10 am., Mas
ter Gardener Joseph Smith
Will conduct a Landscape
Matters on' vegetable garden-
ing. The session will be held
at the Extension office in
Yulee and will review seasonal
* gardening for vegetables, .
including seeds'and "starter.
plants, container gardening of
vegetables, as well as what
'vegetables to grow during dif-
Sferent seasons, The session is
free and opento the public.
For more information,.access
the Extension website at, '
http://nassau.ifas.ufl. edti/.
Sdmatters.html or'call.the
Extension,6ffice at (904) 879-
1019. Master Gardeners are
on duty Fridays at 491-7340;
Join-a park ranger and
learn about the lifecycle of the
ge turtle and the importance
of these creatures, on Aug. 10
at 2 p.m. at the Ribault Club
on Fort George Island Cultu-
ral State Park. No reserva-
tions are necessary and the
program is free. For informa-
tion contact the Talbot Islands
Ranger Station at (904) 251-
2320. Visitwww.floridastate,
The Nassau County
Convenience Center accepts..
, all items that plug in or are,.
battery operated, with the
exception of TVWs with
"tubes," free of charge from
county residents. In addition
to e-scrap recyclables the cen-

ter also accepts appliances,
c scrap metal, tires (four per
S' household), batteries, alu-
minum, glass, newspaper/ -
magazines and plastics.
The Convenience Center is
open Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday and Friday from 8 -
a.m. to 5 p.m. andSaturday '
from 8:30 a m. to noon. For
information call 548-4972 or 1-'
877-362-5035 or go to
Click on Departments/Solid'
Waste Department. .
Junior Namralitss
s ,Wild Amelia's'new Junior
Naturalist Program is based
on the model of the Junior
'Ranger program used in the .
H. NatoaaiPaluagiaodiinvolvjieat
P rftinl-miricalumTrotfacthiies'r'I
- for children ages 7-15 to com-
plete by exploring "The
S This first component of the
program isavailableat various
locations, including the
I Atlantic Avenue Recreation
Center and Kayak Amelia, for
..just the $2 wostof printing.
If, It includes self-directed,
activities td explorethe beach-
es of Amelia Island and learn
about seashells, how the tides
work and crabs, birds and sea
turtles. Other opportunities,.:
include service learning, such
as beach cleanup, online
research and writing, drawing
and photography.
S' To review the Junior
,: Naturalist curriculum, stop by
the Atlantic Avenue Recrea-
tion Center or KayakAmelia.
To learn more about Wild
Amelia, visit www.wildamelia.
e corn and Wild Amelia on
Gardeners help
Need a horticulture ques-
tion answered and can't wait.
s uritiLthe next Plant Clinic?
The Extension's website has
many questions and answers "
from Rebecca Jordi's "Garden
Talk" column, at http://nas-
Master Gardeners are on...
office duty on Fridays, 10, am.
* until 2 p.m. Call 491-7340, or-
stop by-theYulee Extension
office for helpwith your land-
scape questions. This is afree
service to the public. "..'


County Extension Director/Horticulture Agent Rebecca Jor4i, and Master Gardener volunteers Libby Wilkes, Jane
Brown and Vicki Martin conducted a presentation at the Council on Aging in July.,All of the seniors reallyoenjoyed
-the presentation and hands-on planting project Several of them requested that Jordi and her Master Gardeners
revisit with another topic. ,

Paul Bar
Sales Dire

Cell 904-753-0256

608 S. 8th Street
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
"Exceeding Expeclations"

-. SEA

'i-Agi a n d, Harb-r+

a r-F120o-Oa/

Convenience Store at 1987 S. 8th Street
Conmenience sore for sale in high traffic location. Ideal for
owner/operator as a C-Store or convert to bakery, office or other
specialty retail. Great visibility next to the highest traffic corner
on Amelia Island. Plenty of parking and potential to put in a
drne-lhru for fast food or pharmacy Great opponiunil}.



608 S 81h Sireel Phil Griffin
Fernandina Beach, F1 32034 S Broker
Cell: (904) 556-9140
Office (904) 261-2770


rl Cecil R. Holloway. It.
General Contractor, Inc.0
-Custom Homes
+ Garages



39 Years Experience

Cecil Hollowayl

Dustin Holloway ^H
CC C 13329-166


Play continues in men's summer league

Youth back

to school'


gearingup i j-


SThe Nassau County men's
.,tennis league continue's its
summer season with Kraft in
first place;, followed by the
Salty Pelicans and Omni .
Amelia Island Plantation tied
forsecond place.. ,,' .
SNorth Hatnipton is in
fourth, Amelia National in
fifth and Stine's Lost Boys int
sixth. ..
*The Nassau County 3.0-
3.5 women's league will begin
play in September Team
entries are nowbeing accept-
ed. .
Each team consists of 6-10
players, which will field three
doubles lines in weekly -
league matches.. .
*Play will be Thursdays at 1
p.m. Email michelemaha@ ' for information or
to enter a team.. ,
: World Team Tennis for-
mat league will begin in
September. WTT matches are
held Friday evenings begin-
n i ng Sept. 20.
Team entries must be
received by Sept. 6 Email .
" for
information. .:
*. City of Fernandina"' .
Beach "Back to School" pro-.
gramming begins Aug. 5Sat
the Central Park Courts. "
Schedules are available at
the city of Fernandina Beach
Parks and Recreation office
or by emailing michelema-
ha,-msn corn. Registration :
for fall classes is now being
The city of Fernandina
Beach Mixed Doubles
Championships will be held
" Aug. 9-11 at the Central Park'
Divisions include 6.0,7.0,


~. ~. ~ . . ... . .. . .. . . . t, u

The Omni Amelia Island Plantation Tuesday night men's league team includes, top left, Bob Spaeth, Mark Olbina, Lee Kaiufinan, Carl Bazarian, '",
Chris Peters; top right. Salty Pelicans Mike Foley and Paul Drayton paired up to win the Amelia Island clay court doubles championships men's ,"
open division July 13 at the Omni; left, Stine's Lost Boys Mike Morando and-Bob Stine playing Kraft's Randy Ferndon and Don Clark; and, right,
STeam Salty Pelicans includes John Robinson, Paul Drayton, Paul Grifin, ,Doug Haynam, John Bray and team cap9in tIike ,Foley. ,,

8.0 and 9.0 mixed comnibina.
tions. Cost to enter is $20 per
Entries being accepted at
mnichelemaha' iii, al
the Parks and Recreation

The entry deadlin.- is Aug
5 at 6 p m
For iniiirmatin'n .:n clin-
ics. leisonor rquirlni -nt
rr.'pai s.-mail michelcma-
haimsn cim.
Tennis clakiss-s arr avail-

able at the Yulee Sports Corn-
pl,'x Nassau County Home
Educat,:rs .'asses are Wed-
ri-;days fi'-ni 11 a.m to 1
Private lessons and cus-
trnm clinics are also available.

More information can be
found on the Yulee Tennis
Foundati:'n website at www.
Yul -TenT nisFoundation.cim
,r by ernaling nilchelmia.
Kraft Tennis Club

btriships are available at the _
Kraft Tennis Club off Bucca-
n.-r" rail
Fr infi'rmatiun .n mem- -n -
berihips, contact Bo McCol-
lum a l321-2-2.,or visit -
klp.tinic-slits o.,m **

" : *-', "" : * ' -,^ "'' ,% . . ' '* -,

Former Jacksonville Jaguar Donovin Darius, top left and right, held a youth football
camp at the Yulee Sports Camp July 15-18. The camp included skills assessment,
technique and tactics, position-specific drills and one-on-one competitions through
Darius' Next Level Training.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 2.2013 SPORTS News-Leader


Representing Nassau County are Thltider members, front row from left, Alicia Lovell,
Elizabeth Ferguson, Alley eay, John Nunn, Dustin Lovell; back row, Coach J.D.,
Coach Dennis, Buddy Newman, Jessika DWdelis, Justin Newman and Coach Lawrence.

Nassau Thunder's making noise


Seay, Jessi

Nassau Thunder Coach Nunnjust
,.. ._Newman,I
'Nassau Countymay not be DustinLol
knrownm forhaving mhjor thingtopr
leigue.pprts teams or enor- to showyc
mous arenas whfiere world theunder
wide artists'come to perform,- :' did just thz
hbft one niche it has always could not]
ha in the community is a sented by
youth sports programs. and talent,
:Our residents have always sters.
taRen pride in and supported All the
a variety of sports such as .,. strong she
fotbarl, baseball'and soccer --i "standings
just to name a few Yulee High John Nunn is the 2013 standingji
Sdfhobl recently made the state champion boys divi- of Allie, El
national headlines with the -sion 5 in the singles event Dustin fin
accomplishments and and overall event, place in th
achievements earned by high ____________their dviMs
school running back Derrick : John ai
Henrv. and promote teamwork, en- fifth in dot
SWell folks, there's anew -ourageniment, and sportsman- Jessika
.kid ... or should I say. kids on ship. overall in block They are making a This year we had a very Nassat
namnie for Nassau County ijn successful season thanks to champion
youth bowling statewide, the volunteer efforts of our in first pla
Z In baseball, you're given coaches, the support of the gles and b
thTee strikes and you're out Nassau Bowling Center, our Each tI,
Iri our world thi ee strikes is a league president Mary Bragg above was
turkey. The more strikes the and her husband Ron and ship momn
better, sonime tremendously talented ments.
'The Nassau Bowling young bowlers. The No
Center, located at 650822 The Thunder recently tray- season is
Highway 17 in Yulee, is the eled to Lakeland and Winter be station,
home of the Nassau Thunder. Haven to participate in the We encou
which is the local LI.S. 48th annual Florida USBC who would
Bowling Congress Yoiuth 'Youth Scholarship Tourna- or imnprov
bowling program ment. Central and South join us.
SThe purpose ..f the Nassau Fl.'ida can almost be consid- For inl
Thunder is n.r -,nly t,. intro.j- ered the nieccd ol bowling in Nassau T
duce a n.w generating to th' the sTiae Nassau B
sloYTTuf. bowling, but to t'e-acli-- EtI--lh-arFT-rgusi Afl'--2ti-07-7

ka Didelis, John
fin Newmanri, Buddy
Alicia Lovell and
vell all had some-
o0ye, They wanted,
'u can never count-
ldogout and they .
at.,Our community
have been repre-"
a more dedicated
ed group of young-

bowlers had a
)wirg in the state
and'did an out-
ob. The youth team.
lizabeth, Alicia and
ished in fourth
he team event for
ind Jessika finished
uibles competition.
SDidelis placed 15th
the girls division.
u County hasa state
SJohn Nunn came
ce in both boys sin-
ioys overall events..
eam mentioned
s awarded scholar-
ey for their achieve-

assau Thunder's I
over for now but will
g again in August.
rage any youngsters
d like to learn about
e their bowling to

formation, on the
under, contact the
:owling CrntFir at


The city of Fernandina
Beach Recireation Depart-
ment (www.fbfl us) offers.
S Fall adult softball registra-
tion is through Aug 19 for re-
creational co-ed (ASA rules,
6/4 male-to-female ratio.
men's aluminum bat rule, '
7' gpmes Mondays), open co-ed
(ASA rules. 6/4 male-to-fe-
n.rle ratio, games Wednes-
days) and men's ti.USSSA
rules, games Thursdays).
Team fees are $275 and due
AMg 19. Two-game forfeit fee
of.$72 due Sept 6 Pay at
tlantic Center Mandatory
captains meeting at 6.30 p m.
Aug. 22 at 'the Atlantic Center
C-ntact Jason at 277-7256 or
jbIrown@fbfl org or visit www
leaguelineup com/lbflsoftball
Mini-tournament one-
ptch adult softball tourna-.
nrents on two Wednesdays "
plr month in August. Touma-
rtient dates ate Aug. 7 (men)
ahd Aug. 21 (co-ed). ASA
nruiles, 35-minute time limit, six-
tiam maximum; $125 cash
*n try tournament nights. Visit
fotball or contact Jason at
a2T7-7256 or'jbrown@fbfl. org,
SIndoor soccer'Wednes-

Recreational co-ed league

July 22
Rained out
.- Standings
8an Jose Collision/AIM 8-0
AIblee Chili's 7-1
Fiyer Rats 5-3
L.gic Mountain 54
lraussCare Landscaping 4-5
Control Freaks 4-5
CBawford Jewelers 1-8
Moon River/Current Running -8
S? Men's league
Z July 25
Kabuki 19
.ftilme Sports Bar 4
tlncle John's Pine Straw 15
IHalftime Sports Bar No. 1 9
Championship game
l?buki 20
lUncle John's Pine Straw 19
Games played at the Ybor
,Qvarez softball fields, 3243 Bailey
Rd. Visit www.leaguelineup.coml
Jkiflsoffball for statistics and

days from 6-8 p m at Peck
Gym. Fee is $2 for city resi-
dents, $5 non-city
Yogapod flow classes are
the Peck Center, Tuesdays.
Wednesday and Thursdays
from-12.30-1 30 p.m. Yoga-
pods and round yoga pads
are provided Sunrise beach
yoga- classes are from 7:30-
8 30 a.m Tuesdays at beach
access No 9 Cost is $7 per
class or $30 for five for city
residents, $8 per class or $35
for five for non-city. Contact
Brenda Kayne at 548-3224 or
bckayne@yogapod net.
Atlantic Center fitness
room offers Precor treadmills
and elliptical machines, Star
Trac bikes.'Hammer Strength
.plate loaded fitness machines
and Magnum Fitness Bian-
gular Series machines. Open
Monday through Friday from
730 a m. to 7p.m. for ages
13 and up (13-15 with adult.
supervision, ages 16-17 unsu-
pervised with waiver). Fee is '-
$3 a day for city residenfs,'$5
non-city; $25/31 per month,
$120/150 for'six months, or
$180/225 for a year -
Open basketball is, Mon-
days, Wednesdays and ,

Thursday from 11 a.m to 7
p m, Tuesdays and Fridays
from 11 -a m' to 5 p m and
Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4
p.m. at Peck Gym, based 6n
court availability.
Adult volleyball is from 7-
.9 p m Tuesdays and Fridays
at Peck Gym Cost is $2 per
Sday for city residents ($5 non'
Youth volleyball is from ,3-5
p.m. Tuesday and Friday. Fee
is $2 (city), $5 (non-city)
Peck Gym weight room is
open from 11 a.m. to 7 p m.
Monday through Friday Cost
is $3 a day, $25 a month for
city residents ($31.25 non-
city), $120 for sixth months
k$150 non-city) or $180 for 12
months ($225 non-city). Per-
sonal training is available, $30
per session,-$75 per week
(three sessions) or $200 a
.month (two sessions a week)
SDietary analysis and food pro-
gram. Call Jay at 277-7364.
Private swimming les-
sons for children ages two
and up and adults in 30-mi-
nute sessions cost $20 for city
residents, $25 for non-city;
four-pack $60 for city and $75
non-city; eight-back $100 for
city and $125 non-city.

FshngRodeothisweekend t
The annual Femrnandina Beach Fishing i
Rodeo will be held this weekend at the s
Femandina Harbor Marina. Tonight there .will F
be barbecue and beer for purchase from 5-8 0
p.m. during the tournament registration and n
Sounds on Centre.
Festivities get under way Saturday with the
weigh-in from 2-5 p.m. and Flashback, a clas-
sic rock band, playing at 5 p.m. There will also ]
be a silent auction during the tournament with .
more than $20,000 in merchandise and mini-
trips, including several works from local
artists. The awards ceremony starts at 7:30
p.m. Saturday and will feature a live auction of
one of Milt Shirley's artworks.

SpeialOlymplcsswim meet
Special Olympics Nassau County will be
hosting the county swim meet Aug. 2 at 6
p.m. at the McArthur Family YMCA in -
Femandina Beach: The team is comprised of
more than 30 swimmers.
Nassau County will also be hosting the
area swim meet, which is usually held at the
University of North Florida. Five counties will
compete Aug. 24 at the YMCA. Warm-ups
and opening ceremonies start at 8 a.m. with t
events beginning at 9 a.m. Volunteers for tim-
ing, concessions, recording results and plac-,
ing swimmers are needed. Contact MoRonica
SRavenell at MoronicaRavenell@yahoo. corn
-or 557-8309. .

.- Elm Street Little League will hold its ban- '
Squet for players annd parents at 4 pim. Aug. 4'
at the MLK Center. Call 753-1663 for inriforma-
tion. ,

FBHSyouthcheer programs
Fernandina Beach High School cheerlead-
ing will be offering the following the Little
Pirates mascot program for ages 3-11 to..
cheer at home football games Cost is $100,
plus the cost of a uniform Registration is Aug.,
13 from 5 30-6 30 p m
The FBHS cheerleaders will also offer
competition cheer, a program designed to.
introduce ages 11 and under to competition
(two teams) Registration and informational
meeting is Aug 15 at 5.30 p m Programs and,.
registrations will be held at FBHS Building 22
(behind FBMS)

Soccervolunteers sought"
Amnelia Island Youth Soccer isa'lo00o per- :
cent volunteer-run club always looking to fill
vacant board member positions The club is
currently looking to fill the positions of regis-
trar treasurer secretary and referee assignor.
Emailboard@ aiysoccer corn .

SignupforPopWamer ,
S Registration for the 2013 Fernandina' .
Beach Pop Warner football season is open for
all players and cheerleaders Cost to register
is $150. Fracices sian Aug. 1. the jamboree --
is slated for Aug. 17. Board members, coach-
es and volunteers are needed Contacl.
President Spurgeon Richardson at 583-2598
or spurge@libertvndevelopment corn or visit
www leaguelineup cornm/fbpwa -

Fall ballsIgn-ups -
The open registration period for
Fernandina Beach Babe Ruth fall baseball,
Runs through Sept 15 The tall ball season
runs until the week before Thanksgiving with
a cost of $65 per player Sign up at
FBBRL corn. Fall baseball is a less-intense
season focused more on instruction and less
on competition Teams will play in both '
Fernandina and Jacksonville against some
l6cal teams

R qeglstratioh has begun for the McArthur
Family YMCA's fall youth sports Cost is $65
for members and $120 for non-members.
Seasons begin the week of Sept 2 and
extend through October All participants
.receive a jersey and commemorative trophy.,.
Soccer for ages 5-12 runs at both the
Fernmndina Beach and Yulee sites. Tuesday
will be practice days with games on Friday
evenings. Volleyball is for ages 8-15 years;
SMonday practices with games Thursdays. Call.
SNicole Brown at 261 -1080 for information. '

Femandina Beach High School is now "
accepting nominees for its 2013 Hall of Farme
class. Criteria is foralumni and former staff .-
and includes excellence in athletics, one's /

trade or profession or as a member of society
n the form of community service or leader-
ship. This year's class will be inducted at the
FBHS homecoming on Oct. 18.
More criteria and applications are available
)nline under the alumni section at www.fer- or at the school. Contact
Rob Hicks at

The inaugural Amelia Island Bait and
Tackle Red Snapper Fishing Tournament will
be held Aug. 24-25, with Saturday the main
day and Sunday the weather day. The red
snapper season will open for only four days in
August. The t6umament is open to all fisher-
mnen, large and small boats, with 100 percent
of'proceeds going to payouts. For information,
call Capt. Jim Johnsorn, at 277-0775. "

Afr theHeatGames
Continuing weekly on Thursdays through
Aug. 22, Amelia Shotgun Sports is hosting
After the Heat Games. Games begin at 5:50
p.m. and end at 8 p.m. and will include .
Annies, Buddys and Miss-n-Out. Cost is $3.
per person per game, $1 to the club and $2 to'
the pot. Twelve or less, winnertakes all; 13- '
18 is a 60/40 split; and 18 plus is 40/30=20/10
split; $2 buy backs (just one per game per
shooter). Shell size 7 1/2-9 shot only.
Amelia Shotgun Sports is located at 86300
Hot Shot Trail in Yulee. Call 548-9818 or visit .,

Amelia Island Boules Club holds petanque
pickup games Saturdays at 9:30 a.m., Wed- ''
nesdays at 4W30 p.m. and Thursdays at 3:30 '
p.m. at the -Cehtral Park courts at th6 comer .
of Atlantic Avenue and South 11th Street. :
Petanque (pay-tonk) is a cousin of both
horseshoes and bocce, the'Italian bowling" "
game. The public is always welcome to join: ..
Call 491-1190 for information.,

Qrganlzedblkerldes ;
There are organized bicycle rides Thurs-
days starting at 9 a m and Saturdays'starting .
at 8 30 a m All ndes start from -Main Beach.
Park near the miniature golf course
Cyclists:of all abilities are welcome. Riders
of A (18-21), B (14-17), C (up to 14 mph) and
S (social ridespeed of the slowest rider in the
group) all participate The ride will be around
30 miles with rest stops along the way and i
loops,back to the starting point at around 10'
miles'before continuing on the remaining 20.
miles of the route Anyone who joins the
group will not be left behind. Lunch is option- ;
al There is also a regular ride Mondays for
experienced road cyclists starting at 9 a.m. at ',
various locations on Amelia Island and in :
Nassau County The'starting points and dis- ,
dances for these rides will be announced'
Helmets and a bicycle in goodworking ;
condition are mandatory Call 261-5160 or
visit www ameliaislandcycling corn,
_www-sports. groups yahoeo' coirWgroup/srindeers-
orwww.nfbcus ,

The Amelia Island Light Sport Flying Club '
is looking or a few more members'
Membership is initially limited to 12 full part-' .'
ners The group has identified an aircraft
i(Paradise P-1 ) for purchase and is ready to.',, -'
begin flight operations once the purchase is .
finalized If flying for less than $100 per hour,
low monthly dues and no FAA medical certifi-
cate requirement interests you, call Sam Lane
at (904i 624-0650 or Mickey Baityat 556-. ..
6136 ; ; '

Bowling g'/
Nassau Challenger Bowling League for the
physically and mentally challenged meets the
second Saturday each monrith from 3-5 p m. at
the Nassau Bowling Center in Yulee Call
Mehlinda Willaford at 261-3136.

Saflngalub meets-. ^_,,-
The Amelia Island Sailing Club meets the',.
first Tuesday at the Kraft Athletic Club at Ten
Acres. Social 6:30 p.m., meeting at
7:30 p.m. Contact Commodore Kent McKee
at (770) 287-5606 or commdore-@ameliais-\ Visit www.ameliaislandsail-

Jeff Ga~oway ninwalk
A local group meets Saturday mornings for
runs/walks using the Jeff Galloway training
method Train fora marathon, half-marathon
,. or 15K. Call Mike. Hagel at 4.15-6039. ,



y Humaties OFHISTORY

Smithsonian ConOillll O-^S-
Institution uncil






FRIDAY. AUGUST 2,2013 NEWS News-Leader

CITY Continued from 1A.
the housing crisis hit in 2008.
The "rollback" rate is now used
to cover budget shortfalls.
According to state law, the
operating mill rate can be low-
ered after tentative commis-
sioner approval, but not raised.
The commission was required
.to set the tentative rate by July
31, but will not approve the final
rate and budget until after
two public hearings in Septem-
ber. The new fiscal year begins
Oct. 1.
City Manager Joe Gerrity
argued from the beginning of
the meeting that commission-
ers should go with the higher
rite, at least for now, to give
the budget some "breathing
room." He also noted the city
has had two tropical storms and
a tornado since he took the job,
and that with such events city
staff is "pushed to the max."
Gerrity noted he .was con-
cerned about an increase in
.health insurance rates for city
employees that could affect the
budget. City Hall. he said, has
cut over 20 employees over the
last four years, and no employ
-ees are getting raises in the
next fiscal year. Gerrity said in
a later email that two employees
were receiving "job reclassifi-
cations" that may result in .
salary increases but those have
not been finalized. He also
noted the city two unions are
still negotiating their contracts
"We're already as lean as we'
can get, or maybe a little too
lean," Gerrity said atthe meet-v
Commissioner Arlene
Filkoff voted in favor of the
higher mill rare, but argued that
"the system can't be sustained
this way," and that commnis-
sioners should be looking for
new sources of revenue.
"How many times can you
say (to city staff). woik harder
and not get an increase?" Filkoff
said "'his is the last year this
city can be cutting services1
and raising the village rate "-
"It we can't burden the tax-
payer. we have to find other
ways (to raise revenues),"
Filkoff said. "J don't feel we've
'done the work to be prepared
forit" '
SAfter Pelican's fii St vote ,f
"no" to a village rate of 6.4657.
Commissioner Pal Ga ss made
:a motion for an even higher rate
of 6.4538 because the same rate
could not be voted on Pelican

was again the lone vote of "no."
Gerrity reminded cdmmis-
sioners that a rate had to be
approved at the meeting
because it had to be presented
to the property appraiser's
office by the end of the week.
After being asked what her
bottom line was, Pelican said
she would be willing to go as
high as 6.4000, which was
* approved by all four commis-
sioners present.
According to City Controller
Patti Clifford, Pelican's bomom-
line rate would save taxpayers
about $100,000. She noted, how-
ever, that Gerrity's budget is
still based on the 6.2844 mill
In a separate discussion,
both Gass and Pelican said they
were not in fdvor of the city giv-
ing money to nonprofit organi-
zations that the city has sup-
ported since the mid-1970s.
Those non-profitsinclude serv-
ices for children, the aged and
citizens struggling to pay bills,
as well as arts organizations.
"- I say don't give any money
to nonprofits." Gass said. "I say
lower taxes, and expenses, and
ask (citizens) foi a donation."
Gass also said tax dollars
should be spent on riods,
streets, the sewer/water sys-
tern and other,"ugly 'stuff"
S"1 tend to agrre with you but
for. different reasons," Pelican
said. She asked how city dona-
tions to nonpi fits could bejus-
tifed when the nonprofits are
already receiving money from
the county
I "1 just don't think the gov-
ernment should be in the busi-
ness of bailing people out,"
Pelican said. "'When did the
government dEcide that they
knew better? The county has
already decided on our behalf
that they will donate The peo-
ple of Fernandina Beach are
paving not once, but twice."
"We, need to wait until
SConmmissioner Corben comes-
back because wr'r at logger.
heads," (.lerrily said
Commissioners con<.,_d.d to
continue the discussion-when
Corbem I etturns.
The city's fir st budget hear-
ing will be held Sept. 3and
the final b dgt>--t is t-o > 'adopt[.-
ed Sept. 13. Commnissionei s
may schedule several work-
shops during the month of
Augustto fine-tune the budger
or make adjustments to the
mnillage i ate
oadauqhrr y.hobne' au si/c. cOn'

Georgia man dies

in crash on US 1

Conummunity Newspapers

A Georgia man died in
Callahan after crashing his car
into a free Saturday morning.
Ryan Mizell, 33, of
Folkston, Ga., was driving a
2006 Nissan in the north-
bound lanes of US 1 near
Musselwhite Road just before
1 a~m. As Mizell was driving
north, the Nissan drifted ontb
the east.shoulder of U.S. 1.
Mizell overcorrected the
vehicle, causing it to cross the
median and southbound lanes
of ULIS 1, according to a Florida
Highway Patrol media release.
The car continued toward

Con finned from 1A
the sale of the larger parcel
would go into the city's golf
course fund. City staff is also
determining whether the
property off Canopy Drive is

I I i' I

the west shoulder of US 1,
striking a tree and overturn-
ing. Emergency responders
pronounced Mizell dead at the
The report said he was not
wearing a seat belt
Toxicology reports are
pending. No one else was
injured in the single-vehicle
crash. The car sustained
around $8,000 in damages.
Mizell was a graduate of
Charlton County (Ga.) High
School. He is survived by his
parents, a brother and extend-
ed family. He was buried
Wednesday in the cemetery
at Camp Pinckney Baptist

also part of the golf course,
McCrary said.
According to City Attorney
Tammi Bach, deadline to put
the question about selling dcity
land on November's ballot is
Aug. 20.
adaughtrtyfbrenmsleddtr com

,i 4 ^

,.;~ jr~

Members ufthe Fernandina
Beach Local #2836 wel e out iln
the community to till theii fire
boots with donations for their
Annual Fill the Boot Campaign
to benefit the Muscular Dystro-
phy Association. Firefighters
collected donations from pas-'
sersby at the intersection of
* Sadleir and 14th Street on May
31. june 7 and June 14. '
The Fernandina Beach Local
#2836 Fire Department Fill the
Boot drive brought in $5,187 for
Funds raised by the fire-

fill boots
fighters give- MDA. a olurtary
health agency, lt Ie i Ians lo con.
tinue providing direct services,
research and professional and
public health education to chil-
d rien and adults with neuro-
i-iusculas diseases in Noi thleast
Florida and Southeaqst Georgia.
MDA nmedi,:al ser vice- are
available in Jack.sonvilh- :at
Nemours Children's Clinic and
Mayo Clinic for those who are
diagnosed with any (If the 43
neuromuscular diseases cov-
ered by. MDA
Visit www

wv' T BRY I

ail!"t coin
/ ri ~. . . .p . .


12 Nissan MaximaL ^1 T^^E

_ isure




Enjoy 'Touch of

and wife duo
Caughman or
and April &
Amnick will ed
peform pr
Sunday at B
the next
Evening of w
Story an4 B
Song at St. of
Peter's gr
Episcopal a
Church's. w
,,Burns Hall. w

he weather on Ai
April is often idyl
days of summer i
the perfect time f
p i 11" o perform their refri
m Sunday, at the next "Eve
* Song," the popular conce
id by Mark and.Donna Paz
-esented by First Coast Co
"Touch of April" is the h
ife music duo of South Ca
elton Caughman and Apri
whom embraced music e
rew up in a musical family
1 over the Southeast as "T
ith her mother, father arind
as nine years old on a roa
parents, already singing in

on a hot August night
melia Island in -. .
lic, so the dog ..
seemed like "g6 aII $dy at.An Evening of Sto,& Sog," the popu-
for "Touch of drmon oy-qt. k 'tor y M a
Lshing m i^ient^61dbyFIrst-G6a Coavnunity 8emk and hosted by Mark and
eshing of Str..h.i 'l acetltpa in ts Hms at St. Peter's
-ning of Story 6ipn .4:1Sp.m;shidwstkarts 1t.5 p.m. A $15donation to.
rt series host- M-:r cMfom loI c11415-138.
Kaufm an and '. .-, ., . I
ny with Emmy Lou Harris on the radio, many guitars do I need? Just one more!"
husband and The Amics opened for acts like Tanya In addition to performing as "Touch of
rolina natives Tucker, Vince Gill and Ronnie Milsap, April," the Caughmans tour with the pop-
il Amick, both dazzling audiences with their harmonies. ular variety band "Second Nature"
arly on. April Belton has been playing guitar since (www.secondnature-sccom). April also
, performing he was 14 years old, and is now able to finds time to don her crown and perform
he Amicks". expertly play a variety of styles, including with Ellen Britton, BethAnne Clayton and
I brothers She blues, jazz, country, progressive rock, Helen Lewis Moore as Queen of Hearts,
d trip with her contemporary/pop and acoustic finger-
perfect harmo-: style guitar. His favorite saying is, "How SONG, Continued on page 2B

WildAmelia photography

exhibit now at Fort Clinch

Entries now being accepted for 2014 contest

For the Neu's Leoder

Wild Amelia has announced that the win-
ning photographs from the fifth annual Wild
Amelia Nature Photography Contest are now
on Display in the Visitor Center of Fort Clinch
State Park
,.These images will remain in the Visitor
Center for the next year
S The annual photography contest seeks pho-
tos of the wildlife and wild places of Amelia
Island; many of the winning images are includ-
ed in the one and only nature photography cal-
endar produced on Amelia Island The calen-
dar for 2014 will be available in a few weeks at
various locations on and near Amelia Island
Because the Fort Clinch photo exhibit
sparks a great deal of interest in the photogra-
phy contest throughout the year for residents
of and visitors to Amelia Island, entry forms
for the 2014 contest are now available at the
Fort Clinch Visitor Center and at the Atlantic

Avenue Recreation Center and entries may be
submitted at any time b-lore the deadline of
April 4, 2014
The contest groIps enti ies into tour cate-
gories. Adult Professional,,'Advanced, Adult
Beginner. Children under 10. and Children
from 10-17 years of age- Wild Amelia is urate-
ful for the support of partners. th- cityv o
Fernandina Beach Parks and Recreation
Department and Fort Clinch State Pari k. in this
and other programs
Wild Amnelia ik an all-volunteer nnpri ofit
organization whose min.ion is to celebrate the
wildlife and wild places- of Amelia HlIand
through education, a variety of programs are
held year-round. culminating in the thret-day
nature festival during the_" third w.eekenrid of
The eighth annual Wild Amelia Nature
Festival will be held May 16-. 8.2014 For
more information visii.t wxvw wildamelia con-
and look fori Wild Amelia -n Facebook.

The winning pho-
tographs from the
fifth annual Wild
Amelia Nature
Contest includ-
ing "Who Goes
There?" at left, by
Mike Pennington,
who won second
place in the Adult
Beginner category
- are now on dis-
play at the Fort
Clinch Visitor
Center and will
remain there
throughout the
coming year.

Summer reportsprogress on

JACKSONVILLE -The Cummer Museum
of Art & Gardens announces progress of the
SRiverside Avenue Landscape Enhancement
, Project and the Delores Barr Weaver and J
Wayne Weaver Public Sculpture Garden.
During this phase of the project, the entire
campus will be unified by sustainable land-
scape design, the addition of outdoor cafe seat-
ing and the integration of a public sculpture
garden into the museum's front lawn
"By providing a unique landscape that inre-
grates gardens', art objects and the erirgy of
people. The Cummer campus will become an
important bridge between Riverside and down-
town and more relevant for the entire commu-
nity," said Museum Director Hope McMath
SIn April, The Cummer completed the first
t~o phases of the Landscape Enhancement.
Project by refurbishing the parking lots using,
"green designs" to be a careful steward of its
natural resources and restoring the historic
Olmsted Garden to the designs provided by

By providing a unique landscape
That integrates gardens, art
Subjects and the energy ofpeople.
The Cummer campus will become
San important bridge between
Riverside and downtown and
more relevant for the entire

the Olmsted Brothers firm (,i the Cunmm-ier
family in 193(0 The renovation of this historic
garden, which hadnever been open to the
public, nearly doubles Tite Cumnriet' s current
Riverfront footage, and provides thie museum

with ye
tion, al
Main r
.door s
lawn o
the pu
ture fo

newsculpture garden-
et another platform to discuss art. Cummer's collection William Zorach's Spirit
i, history and environmental conserva-: of the Dance. Sir Jacob Epstein's Seventh
11 through the use of its landscape. The Portrait of Kathleen, Archie Held's Lovers and
ler Gardens. including the Olmsted Takashi Soga's Sea of the Ear Rings. The .
n, were listed in the National Register of opening of the Sculpture Garden will mark the
ic Places in 2010. completion of the Landscape Enhancement'
instructions of the Riverside Avenue Project, which began in September 2012. By
cements and the Sculpture Garden unifying the entire campus through landscape.
in May. As part of this work, The adding cafe seating under the oak trees, inte-
ier has improved the crosswalk and grating more sculpture and opening up the
museum entrance and will widen the front lawn, the eye-catching Riverside Avenue
g sidewalk into a 10-foot wide "prome- Landscape will serve as a beacon for the mis-
expand the museum cafe with an out- sion of TheCummer.
eating area, and enhance the campus The Cummer is providing an opportunity
ape program. for the community to support the restoration
SSculpture Garden, located in the front and renovation project. The Dedicate a Brick
f the Art Connections building, opens to Campaign offers hundreds of individuals a
blic on Saturday, Sept 21 at 10 a m tea- chance to have an engraved brick in the gath-
an exhibition by St. Augustine-based ering plaza of the green lot across from the
or Enzo Torcoletti In addition to these museum's entrance. Behind each name is a
on loan, the Sculpture Garden will fea.
)ur permanent installations from The CUIMMER, Continued on page 2B

O/F&AVH ILT A 7.I/-f t!I
AV *. '* L j -z x 4 ^

The AmeliaIsland Museum of History invites
you to'a special presentation at the Hampton Inn
and Suites at 6 p.m. today as Dr. Rachel Wen tz
debuts her brand new lecture. "The Arche6logy of
Howwe treat the dead is
directly tied to culture, Burial
practices are expressions of our
belief systems and social struc-
ture and go back'tens of thou-
sands of years. Archaeologists
reconstruct these practices through the analysis
of graves. How the body is prepared. its position
within the ground and the items that accompany
the deceased provide valuable information about
ancient practices, as do the skeletons themselves.
The program will explore the archaeology of
death and burialand examine how funerary cus-
toms illuminate the past.'It is free and open to the
public. Contact Gray at 261-7378. ext. 102, or

Fort Clinch State Park will host a Union
Garrison event from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Aug. 3 and 9
a.m.-noon Aug. 4. Visitors will interact with living

historians to experience
life~in the fort as it was in
1864. The grounds will be
bustling with soldiers in
period costumes involved
in firing demonstrations,
marching drills, cooking
and daily activities. Ladies

in their dresses..sutlers displaying their wares and
drummer boys bring every part of the Civil War
era to life..
Fees include the $6 per vehicle park entrance
fee plus $2 per person fort admission. Call 277-
7274 or visit

k-. i The Florida Folklife
h Program will present a
tFolk Forum at the Peck
SCommunity Center on
Aug. 6 from 10"30 a.m.-
-530 p.m. The daylong
program is designed'to

help attendees learn how to identify and utilize
traditional folk cultural resources in their commu-
nities and regions. Demonstrators include:
African American hymnists Deacon Lawrence
Williams (O'Neil) and Laura Rhodes (Nassauville)

net-maker Billy Burbank I lI (Fernandina'Beach):
hip-hop artists Mal Jones and Paten Locke
(Jacksonville): eco heritage and eco-shrimping
tour guide Kevin McCarthy (Fernandina Beach):
and stare folklorist Blaine Waide with methods
for documenting lolklife.
The forum is free and open to the public. Call
(850)245-6427 for more information. Visit flher-,, .

The Council on Aging and
Baptist Health will hold a
Senior Expo and Health Fair
from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Aug. 9 with
more than 50 companies and


organizations at the Atlantic '
Recreation Center. Enjoy breakout sessions and
seminars on a number of topics. Caregivers are
also invited to attend this free event. Rides will be
provided by COAs transportation system.
Baptist Health will offer free cholesterol,
blood pressure, prostate, bone density and glu-
cose tests and other organizations will have in for-
mation about hospice, assisted living, elder law.
Medicare and Social Security. Visit www.coanas- for details. For transportation call 261-
- 0701 or845-3331.



The Nassau County
LUbrary System'has a sum-
mer reading program,
Ground Breaking Reads,
that invites adults 19 and
older to read,write short:
reviews and enter weekly
drawings. Submit up to three
reviews per week through
Aug. 12 and be entered for
drawings at the grand finale
dinner and movie celebration
onAug. 29at Caf6 Karibo.
Donated prizes include an
AppleiPad, a Kindle Fireand
Paper-White, movie tickets,
dining at local restaurants,
and more.
Just consult the list of nov-
els andworks of non-fiction
on the -library's website at Each
participant also receives one
entry for the f inal grand prize
drawing. To register visit

An "All American
Carnival & Bash" benefiting
the American Heart Associ-
atlon will be held today
from 5-8 p.m. atthe Shops
: of Amelia island Plantation,
6800 First Coast Hwy. Enjby
fun for the whole family,
S including carnival games and
Food, hayrides, bounce hous-
e s, face painting, live music,,
raffle prizes, a complimentary
Outdoor movie and visits with
Tanner the Turtle.
individual tickets may be
S purchased at the ticket
Booths. Wristbands are $20,
Suffering unlimited hayrides,
S use of the bounce house,
Scorn hole, archery, duck pond,
face painting, hula hoops,
Knock down game and bet-
Tomless popcorn. For details
Scall 261-6161. Visit Omni
: Amelia

The Northeast Florida
Chapter of the Nam Knights
will host a Steak Dinner,
Today at 5:30 p.m. for a $12
donation at the VFW Post
,4351, 96086 Wade's Place,
under the Shave Bridge.
* Dinner will include steak,
baked potato, corn and salad
Karaoke will follow with Eddie
Carter. All members and their
guests are welcome.
The Fernandlna High
'School 60th Year Class
*. Reunion will be held on
Saturday, Aug. 3 at Fernan-
dina Shores Clubhouse,
631 Tarpon Ave., at 5:30 p.m.
For information call Faye
SCason Freeman at 261-3310.
S'" :; ,* o* "*' '
The Sons of the Ameri-
can Legion Squadron 54
will serve local caught fish,
your choice ofgrilled or.
fried, on Aug. 3 beginning
S at 11 a.m. Dinners include
hushpuppies, coleslaw and
baked beans for a $10 dona-
Stion. Meals will be served at
the Legion Post located at
626 S: Third St. Proceeds ,
from the meal will go Into pro-
S grams sponsored by'the
S.A.L. that benefit veterans,
children and the community.

-'. The Newcomers Club of

Amelia Island Is hosting it's
monthly coffee on Aug. 8 at
10;30 a.m, Women interested
in joining the club and who
reside in Nassau County (no
matter how long they have
lived here) are welcome to
attend. For further informa-
tion, contact Lulu Elliott at
luluelliott@ or
548-9807 (or other contact on
the coffee committee), or visit
Www.newcomersofameliais-, .

The Relay for Life fourth
annual Pancake Breakfast
will'be held Aug. 10 from 7-
9 a.m, at Murray's Grille In
Tickets .are $8 each. Cele-
brity staff waiters Dr. Robert
Joyce, Dr. Allen MillerRick
Lee, executive director at the
Journey Church, and'County
Commission Chair Danny'
Leeper will serve brealdkfast.
The celebrity waiter that earns
the most tips will be honored
as "Super Waiter." Lee will
attempt to retain his title.
Come out and enjoy
breakfast while supporting the
fight against cancer. Tickets
Scan be purchased from any
celebrity waiter or by calling
Joni Reid at 556-6767,.
Belinda Wagnstrom at 556-
9568 or at the door the day of
the event.

The VFW Post 4351
Men's Auxiliary will host a
barbecue night Aug. 10 at
5:30 p.m. George Perryman
will cook his famous chicken
and ribs. Chicken dinners are
$7, rib dinners are $9 and
combo dinners are $12.
Karaoke will follow with Eddie
Carter. The VFW Post is
located at 96086 Wade's
Place, under the Shave
Bridge. All members and their
guests are welcome

Savannah Grand
Assisted Living, 1900
Amelia Trace Court,
Fernandina Beach, will host
a Hawaiian Luau on Aug. 17
at noon with a Hawaiian
inspired menu and music by
Gary Tomlinson at 1 p.m. The
dress code is island gear.
Hawaiian printed shirts, board
shorts or a grass skirt -, any-
thing that ,ays, ':^g,j9osq.',.
RSVP to Tonisha ai 321 -0898
by Aug. 9 if you plan to attend
the lunch. Seating is limited.

The fourth annual
Great Southern Tailgate
SCook-Off will fire up again
on Aug. 23 and 24 on
Amelia Island. Barbecue
cooking teams from across .
the country will compete for
cash, prizes and bragging -.
rights. The event is held at ,:
:Main Beach,- where the beach
meats the brisket. Visit-
.for more information.

S Stay 'N Country Ranch,
96125 Blackrock Road,,
Yulee, will host a free event
-to showcase its facility on
Aug.24 from noon to 3 p.m.
Enjoy the various activities.
that takeplace at the ranch as
well as a bounce house,

you could saVe 28%*
Call 1-866-929-9071 to see how much
you could save on car insurance.
Notiosolaveoogonualo gs bosedon dc!o
efsourncstomemorpartedl sat:gs by switch to ce'
S k44 e,-d -. L- -C" on Ailstate'compony

m- 1 ----_-- -6
/ V, ." 6 1.

- i- 83 1' -^


--- --- .----
8 3 9 7_4

. . -

_6 _ _ _

__1 _5 3_ _6_

_8_ _3_ _9_ _7_

SFill in the squares so
that each row, column
: and3-by-3 box
contain thenumbers
i 1 through 9. Solution,
: will appear in the
S B-section.

, Wednesday, July 31

6121415-9181317 1
8131716121 915i4
51613191117 2 4'8,

7 89 9 2 416 51 31


4 1J2186 9 713 5
911l341 182

... e Imm '-



The Island Art
Association will receive art
for the August Art Nouveau
show at the gallery at 18
N. Second St. on Aug. 5
from 9 a.m. to noon. The
Theme is "The World
Through My Eyes."
Participants must be 21
years and older. Artwork
size should not exceed 144
square inches (the outside
Measurements of the four
sides of the frame are not
to be greater that 36 by36
by36 by 36 inches); No
"saw tooth" hangers, no
string, the two-dimensional
work must have wire
attached to the back by
screws or, hooks, not sta-
pies. No mpre than two
entriess per artist will be
accepted. Call the gallery at
Plantation show
"Celebrate The .South"
Sat the Plantation Artist's
Guild and Gallery at its new
show startingAug. 10 and
running through October
Special guest will be Nicole
Rosseland, a native of
Florida growing up in
Jacksonville and now resid-
Sing in St. Marys, Ga.,
vhere her gallery is also
located. Rosseland was
fascinated with her father's
medical books and dia-
grams, instruments and
models that gave her a
keen sense of the human
body. She dedicated herself
to figurative painting while
-honing her talent and
developing a somewhat
classical yet surreal style
that would become her
trademark. Rosseland
describes her recent work
as realism mixedwith a bit
of obscurity. Her unique
original oils are very differ-
ent and controversial in
nature. She will display her
work at the gallery Aug 10
through Sept. 14. An open-
'ing reception of her Work
will be held Aug. 16 from
5:30-8 p.m. The evening
refreshments will again be
hosted by Osprey Village.
The public is invited. The
gallery is located at the
Omni Amelia Island
Plantation Spa and Shops.
6800 First Coast Hwy
The Island An
Association offers free
classes for kids and their
families, including:
SPreschool art, ages 3-
5 with an adult, Aug. 26
,-from 10-11 a.m... ':
*" Children's Art, ages 6-
9, Aug. 31 from 10-11 a.m.
"and 11:15a.m.-12:15 p.m.;
ages 1:0-13 years from 1-
2:15 p.m.
Susan Dahl of the Island
SArt Association leads the
classes. Pre-register at the
gallery, 18 N. Second St.,
t,261-7020:. .

'wagon rides, face painting
and a petting zoo. Call 322-,
9739 to RSVP.


The Florida Theatre, 128
E. Forsyth St." downtown
Jacksonville, hosts
Summer Movie Classics
every Sunday through Sept.:
1. Tickets are"$7.50 for a sin-
gle admission and $45 for a
movie card good for up to 10
admissions. Movie time is 2
p.m. each Sunday. -
The feature Aug. 4 is "The
Great Escape" (1963) star-
ring Steve McQueen, James
Garner, Richard Attenborough"
and Charles Btonson. Call.
(904) 355-2787 or visit tiori-
'/ *.
"The Dixle Swim Club"
will run at the Alhambra -
Theatre and Dining,
12000 Beach Blvd., Aug. 7
through Sept. 15. Show
times are 8 p.m. Tuesday
through Sunday, Doors open
at 5:30 p.m. and dinner, will be
served until 7:30 p.m.
Matinees on Saturday are at

1:15 p.m. Doors open at 11
a.m. and brunch starts at ,
S11:15 a.m. Sunday matinee is
O 2p.m. Doors open at noon
and the meal start at 12:15 -
p.m Group sales are avail-.
able. Regular pricing starts at
$46 for, adults, including din-
ner and show. Call the box
office at,(904) 641-1212 or

Amelia Community
Theatre presents "The 25th
Annual Putnam County
Spelling Bee" Aug. 15-17,
22-24,28-31 at 8 p.m. and
Aug. 25 at 2 p.m., a Tony
Award-winning musical come-
dywhere six young people,
played by adults, compete-in
a spelling bee and learn that
winning isn't everything and
losing doesn't make you a
loser. (Note, this play contains
adult subject matter.)
Tickets are $20 adults and
$10 students. To purchase -
call 261-6749 or go online at

I nn njuiction with the Femandina Beach
Fistin9 Rodeo, a free dassic rock concert
w- betneldtoday from 5-8 p.m. atthe'
Femrnandina Harbor Marina parking lot. The
classic rock band Flashback" of Jacksonville
wll play all your favorite Rolling Stones,
Motown, Eagles, EMis, Buddy Holly and
'ore. Barbeaue and beer will be available
fotJipurchase. The awards for the Fishing
. Rodeowill be given out during the concert.
Sounds onCentre
Sounds on Centre, presented by the
Historic Femandina Business Association,
will feature Bouke Groove tonight, playing ,
New Orleans funk, soul and jam music.
Concerts are held March through October on
the first Friday of each month from 6-8 p.m.
on Centre Street between Second and Front
streets. Don't forget your chair and sun-.
screen. Sounds on Centre is a community
event, all ages welcome. For information .
contact the HFBA at downtownfernandl- or visit www.dowintownfer-
Stay Nights
Starry Nights, a free concert series pre-
sented by the city of St Mays, Ga., and its
Convention and Visitors Bureau, is held 7-9
p.m. dne Saturday a month at the waterfront
park in downtown St. Marys,.Pack a picnic
and bring blanket or chairs to settle In for an
enchanting evening. Aug. 10 brings the "Dee
Bee's" with everything from Sinatra to
Santana and the Beatles to Jimmy Buffet.
For information call the St. Marys Convention
& Visitors Bureau at (912)882-4000 or email
The third annualAmelia Island Blues
Festival is set for Sept. 13 and 14 in down-
town Fernandina Beach, with music that
showcases blues, in a family friendly atmos-
phere while assisting local charities and
school music programs.
The festival kicks off with a free Sounds
on Centre Concert from 6-8 p.m. Friday fea-
turing Albert Castiglia'and the "Blues In
School" Band. Please bring a canned good
for the local Barnabas Food Bank. An after-
party will be held at The Palace Saloon on
Centre Street.
Saturday is a ticketed event at the
Femrnandina Harbor Marina from 10:30 a.m.-
8 p.m. Tickets are $20 in advance at, or $25 at
the gate. Sheffield's at the Palace will host
an after-party starting at 9:30 p.m. Visit for
details and tickets.
Pablos, 12 N. Second St.,,Fernandina
Beach, hosts a jazz jam from 7-10 p.m. the
first Wednesday of each month. Musicians
may sit in for one song or the whol, eight
Join the mailing list by mailing beechfly-,
The Courtyard Pub & Eats, 316 Centre
St., John Spring on the piano inside and
GabrielAmrnold outside (weather permitting)
Sunday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.; Dan Minlard
Monday from 6-10 p.m.; Dave Bacarro
Wednesday from 6-10 p.m.; and John
Springer Thursday-Saturday from 6:30-10.30
p.m Call 432-7086. Join them on Facebook
at courtyardpubandeats,
David's Restaurant and Lounge, 802 Ash
St., presents John Springer in the lounge
6:30 p.m.-close Tuesdays and Wednesdays,
Aaron Bing Friday.and Saturday nights. Call
Dog Star Tavern, 10 N. Second St., pres-
ents Dead Jerry's, 9:30 p.m. Aug. 2, Papa
Million, 9:30 p.m. Aug. 3; Donna Hopkins, 9

Swww.ameliacommunitythe-, The theatre is locat-
ed at207 Cedar Street. '
/":, .
The Cummer Museum of
Art & Gardens, 829,'River-
side Ave., Jacksonville,
continues movie nights in
the Gardens this summer
featuring classic car movies
to compliment the current
exhibition, Future Retro:
The Great Age of the'
American Automobile.
The series continues with
"American Graffiti" on Aug. 16.
Bring, a blanket or lawn chairs.
TreeCup Cafe will have treats
along with beer and wine for
purchase, 6r pack a picnic.
SAdmission, is $6 for members
and $10 for non-members.
Registration is required. Call
(904) 899-6038. Visit
night-cummer. .. <

Jeanie Linders' new
show, "The D* Word A

Musical" (*Ditched, Dump-
ed, Divorced and Dating),
comes to Jacksohville's .
Times-Unionfi Center Oct. 4-
Nov. 24. Visit www.artist-,


One ticket, four pubs, a ,
wealth of historical informa-
tion about downtown
Femandina. Joipthe Amelia
Island Museum of History,
Thursday at 5:30 p.m. to tour .
four of the town's most popu-
lar, notorious or otherwise his-
*toric pubs and bars. One tick- -
et will get you one drink at
each establishment and an
earful'of colorful tales Tickets
are $25 per person (must be -
21, must show ID): tour
begins at the historic train
depot in downtown Feman-
dina Beach. Reservations
required. Contact Thea at
261-7378, ext.105b TheA'

O Cosntinuedfijm B guitar and captivating vocals repertoire ranges from Patsy heartfelt songs byApriL.:
S tuerom to create refreshing and Cline to James Taylor, The It is April and Belton's joy
as well as with her mom and interesting blend of music, Captain & Tennille to Maroon to share with their audience
dad in the group "Amick since music is-what formed a 5, Alison Krauss to Sheryl the cool sounds that connect
Junction." deep and lasting bond Crow, as well as a collection and entertain on a hot August
They combine outstanding betweentthem. Their diverse of original down-home and night.

Continuedfrom 1B
story of a milestone, a person-
al relationship, or the celebra-
tion of life. Cost for one brick
is $500 and individuals are
able to purchase an unlimited
number of bricks. Funds from

this project suppert-our ongo-
ing mission of engaging and
inspiring through the arts,
gardens and education. For
more information, please con-
tact Director of Development
Kenyon Merritt at (904) 899-
6025, or visit

For the past 50 years, the
Cummer Museum of Art &
Gardens, 829 Riverside Ave.,
Jacksonville, has been com-
mitted to engaging and inspir-
ing through the arts, gardens
and education. A permanent
collection of nearly 5,000
objects and historic gardens

on a riverfront campus offers
more than 130,000 annual visi-
tors a truly unique experience
on the First Coast Nationally
recognized education pro-
grams serve adults and chil-
dren of all abilities..For more
information, including hours,

p.m. Aug. 8, Jax Jam with Sentropolis,
Chroma and kLoB. 9:30 p.m. Aug. 9; and
Parker Urban Band 9:30 p.m. Aug. 10.
Every Tuesday is Working Class Stiff,
where music is played strictly from vinyl and
1000's of vinyl records are available to
browse and purchase. Visit Dog Star on
-Facebook and Call 277-
Florida House Inn
"Open Mike Night" each Thursday from
7:30-10:30 p.m. in the Mermaid Bar hosted
bylocal musician Terry Smith. Musicians per-
form a couple of songs andthe audience
gets to hear new talent. Appropriate for the
whole family. No cover charge. Call Smith at
(904)412-765. ..
The Green Turtle, 14 S. Thid St., live
music. Call 321-2324. .
'Hanmeihead Beach Bar..msS,
*Harnrperiead. Beach 8ai 2045 &
Flbtcher Ave: Live music. Vtsf Hammerhead
on Facebook. Contact Bill Chlders at :
SThe Instant Groove, featuring Lawrence
Holmes, Johnny Robinson, Scott Giddons
and Sam Hamilton, plays each Thursday
hight at The RItz-Cartton, Amelia Island.
Dress is casual. For information call Holmes
at 556-6772.
O'Kane's Irish Pub and Eatery, 318
Centre St., Dan Voll Tuesdays at 7 p.m.;
Davis Turner Band Thursday-Saturday at
8-30 p.m.: and karaoke Sundays at 7:30 p.m.
Call 261-1000 Visit
Palace Saloon
The Palace Saloon, 117 Centre St.,
Schnockered Sunday; Ace Winn Monday;
Buck Smith Project Tuesday; DJ in Uncle
Charlie's Fridays and Saturdays. Call Bill
Childers at 491-3332 bill@thep-
Salty Pelican
The Salty Pelican Bar & Grill, 12 N. Front
,St., live music Thursday through Sunday.
Call 277-3811, or visit The Salty Pelican Bar
and Grill on Facebook.
Sandy Bottoms
SSandy. Bottoms at Main Beach, 2910
Atlantic Ave., The Macys Wednesdays; and
line dancing Thursdays. Visit www sandybot-
Sheffield's at The Palace, 117 Centre St,
Speak Easy Saturdays with DJ 007 and late
night dance mixes; doors open at 3:30 p.m.;
Ms. Katie Fair on piano,Tpesdays.6-10,p.m,;..
SGary Rose Wednesdays 6-10 p mn.; The
Decades Band Thursdays 6-10 p.m. Call Bill
Childers aT 491 -3332 or-emall bill@thep-
SlidersSeaside CGrill
Sliders Seaside Grill, 1998 S. Fletcher
Ave., live music in the tiki bar from 6-10 p.m.
nightly and 1-5 p.m. Saturday and Sundays,
reggae Wednesdays with Pill Pill; The
Macy's in the lounge Friday and Saturdays
6-10 p.m.; shag dancing Sundays trom 4-7
p.m.; music nightly from 9 p.m.-1 a.m in the
Breakers Lounge; Call 277-6652. Visit Join Sliders on
Facebook and Twitter.
The Surf Restaurant and Bar, 3199 SAouth
Fletcher Ave., live entertainment all day
weekends and 5-9 p.m. every day on the
deck. Call 261-5711 and visit their Facebook
Submit items and updates for this calen-
dar to Assistant Editor Sian Perry at .


FFIDAY. AuGusT 2.2013/News-Leader


Guitar strings, broken things and giving to God what we have

The sound was one I've heard .
many times. The response was not. I.
don't know why, but when a guitar
- string breaks, the initial twang
Always startles me. For those I was
standing in front of, they didn't even
flinch. Even while I continued play-
ing the guitar, now seriously out of
tune, they weren't fazed. For me, to
stop playing would, have been sinful.
S Especially because of who they were.
Recently, I had the privilege of
leading worship for a very special
group of people. While most of them
were severely handicapped, their -
responsiveness in worship was amaz-
.. ing. When one of my guitar strings
Broke, and the other strings began
sounding terrible, their intense focus
oft worshiping God didn't waver. The
more I thought about it, it made per-
fect sense. Tlise were they who had

learned to press on
anyway even
'wheI things were
O As is often the
dase, when God
calls on me to min-
ister to someone in
Seed, I'm the one
hPopres who ends up being
ministered to
NOT instead. That was
no doubt how it was
the day I watched
Pastor this amazing group
Rob Goyette of people use what
I little ability they
had to express their love to God. For
me, if I had stopped playing the gui-
tar because I broke a string, -it would
have seemed a terrible dishonor to
their profound example of love for

God and perseverance. I have to tell
you, observing them brought my
world back into focus. little did they
know, that though I was leading the
songs we were singing, they were
'leading our time of worship. Later,
while thinking about them, these
' thoughts came to mind.
How often have I heard people
debate such things like, is it appro-
priate to clap or lift your hands dur-
ing times of worship, kneel at an
atar in prayer, or whether or not
they should even get out of bed and
make the effort to assemble with
other believers. Somehow, I can't
imagine those thoughts being any-
where near the hearts and minds of
.those I beheld worshiping that day.
To watch them use every bit of
strength they had just to lift a hand
to the Lord was humbling to say the

Please hear my heart; I'm not try-
ing to promote a particular style of
worship, just the purpose of it. This
precious group of physically chal-
lenged people was clearly not about
to let their limitations keep them
from giving thanks to God. Their
example inspired and convicted me.
How many times have I felt too tired
or stretched to express my whole-
hearted devotion to the Lord? I have
no doubt, they'd give anything to
have the mobility and freedom 6f.
expression most of us have.
Ultimately, rI'm convinced that one
day they are going to have it. The
fact that they worshiped God even.
without it is no doubt a prize they
will cherish for all eternity.
As I continued to strum my terri-
bly out of tune guitar that day, I knew

heaven was listening not to me, bitt
to them. Their broken voices and
bound bodies were a symphony
beyond this world. For their exam-
ple, I am forever grateful.
"Though the fig tree should not
blossom, nor fruit be on the vines,
the produce of the olive fail and the
fields yield no food, the flock be cut
off from the fold and there be no
herd in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in
the Lord; I-will take joy in the God of
my salvation. God, the Lord, is my
strength; He -makes my feet like the
deer's: He makes me tread on my
high places. To the choirmaster: with
stringed instruments." (Habakkuk
Robert L-Goyette is pastor of
Living Waters World Outach
Center. '

America's Youth Inc., 90.7 South:
11 lth St., Fernandina Beach, will host
"Unity Day 2013" on Aug. 3 from 11
a.m.-4 p.m. featuring gospel music,
free jumpers for children0 games,
food, prizes and live entertainment,
Including the Prince of Peace Band,
Sthbe Callahan Men's Choir arid Jeanie
and'Joey. Sponsor Doo Wop's Best
50s Diner will provide a DJ with
dance music fr6m 2:30-3:30 p.m. The
events free to the public. Donations
Sof paper goods anid cleaning supplies
'forthe Interfaitfi Dinner Network
are appreciated. Vendor booths aie
available. Call 335-7496 br 624-5383.
Taizt service 1
St. Peter's Episcopal Chu-ch, 801
Atlantic Ave., will hold a Taize' serv-
iceon Aug 11 at 6 p m. This isa,
... short prayer service with simple
musical chants and moments of
..silence. Because, as Brother Roger,
Sounder of Taize, said, "Often God's
voice comes on a whisper, in a
"' breath of silence." For additional.
S'-. information call 261-4293
First Assembly of God, 302 South
' 14th SL, Fernandina Beach, will hqsi
sidewalk sale on Aug. 16 and 17,
From 7 a.m -3 p.m. The public is invit
edto, come and browse though the,
treasures and discover fantastic
buys. Thel-e .Wil be clothing, .' *
machineA, elect-ronic s afid'tools"o '
Galore. For information call 261-6448
Bible study dinner
Thie annual kick-off dinner foi the
Monday Evening Women's
SCommunity Bible Study will be 6-
7:30 p.m Monday, Aug 26 in the
Educitiop Building of Amelia Baptis
Church at 961167 Buccaneer Trail
Regular weekly classeswillbegir
SMonday. Sept. 9 at 7 p.m. This year's
' interdenominational, in-depth Bible'
study will be Amos and Isaiah and
will run through early May. Since
1975, Community Bible Study has
been helping people grow in their
knowledge and love of Jesus Christ
Call Barbara Tucker at 261-9969
or Nancie Waldron at 261-8507 with
questions about the dinner, ihe class

or registration. .
Isle of Light Unity holds morning
Worship services at 10 a.m. on the
secondd and fourth Sunday of each' -
i month at the American Beach Com-
munity Centerand Museum, 1600.
Julia St in American Beah. Child-
Scare provided. CallMarcia at 415- ..
0822-or Chris at 310-6502 '
Summer schedule .
St Peter's Episcopal Church, 801
SAtlantic Ave, is on its summer
Schedule, with Sunday services at
.. 8:30 and 10 a.m.,and breakfast at 9:15
a.m. Wednesday Eucharist remains .
at 12:10ip.m., and Taiz a6nd Celtic. '
services continue at their regular 6
p.m. times on the second and fourth
Sunday. respectively All are-wel-
come. . ; . :
Help needed
a The all-volinteer Yulee Interfaith
Dinner Network needs the commu-
Snity's'help to continue to provide hot,
healthy meals to adults and children
experiencing hunger in.our commu-
nity Just $25 provides enough meat
to serve a hot meal to 50 people. To
I help, contact the network at info@ch
t 556-2496, or send dona-
tions to The Coalition for the Home-
Sless, PO.. Box 16123,,,Fernandina
Beach, FL32035. Please put YIDN in
the mnemo line.
SEnglish classes -....
First Assembly of God, 302 South
14th St.,FFrnandina Beach, hosts
free Eniglish classes for Spanish
e 'speaking people on Tuesdays at 6:30
pm. For information contact Anna
:. Sahlmanh at -103-1982 or call 261-6448.

Supplies needed
: The Fernandina Beach Interfaith
i' Dinner Network is in need of dona-
i tions of paper goods and cleaning
supplies. Items miay be dropped off
at .St, Peter's.Episcopal Cburch
Parish office, 801 Atlantic Ave., : ,
S Monday through Thursday from 9
a.m.-4p.m., '
First Assembly of God, 302 South
s,. 14th St., Fernandina Beach, invites



Allegiance is a choir for area students in grades 6-12 that meets Sundays from 6:15-7:45 p.m. at
Amelia Baptist Church to rehearse and to study the Word of God. They sing for the worship service on
the first Sunday of every month at ABC:and in June 2014 will go on a performance touri and mission
trip. In the past, the group has traveled to Washington, D.C., Colorado, New York, Indiana, Ohio,
Tennessee, West Virginia, Georgia, and South Carolina, among others., -. .
If you are interested in learning more about this group please contact either Pam Helton or Amy.
Thrift at 261-9527 or come on outto Amelia Baptist, 961167 Buccaneer Trail, on Aug. 18 for the
first rehearsal. '

you to bring your teens ages 13-20 to church in the Nassauville communi- ed people keeptrack of when and
Shift Youth Ministries on Saturdays ty. Legacy Baptist Church is meet-. where services are being held, there:-'
at 6 30 p.m Youth Pasfor-Aviiew'' ing at'its temporary Ideation at'the,', is now
Harper is an anointed young mn"-' Nasftidville Volui te-r Fire'Stftibri at qPlase visit fi-sMit60'.&com~lete ,
with a passion for the souls of the 941328 Old Nassauville Road, schedule of Taiz6 services, and infpr-
teens in the community. Call 261- Fernandina Beach.Services on mation:about this community. Ifyou
6448 for more information. Sunday are Sunday.School at,9:.30 click on "Follow Amelia IslandTaiz6
S : a.m. (coffee and dohuts served at 9 viaemail" and giveyourwemail
EveigServices a.m.) with morning worship at 10:30 ,. address, you will be notified of any
Miracle Faith Church of God, a.m. Midweek service is Tuesday at schedule changes or announcements
87688 Roses Bluff Road in Yulee, 6-30 pm..with a light meal served at of special events. You can always
offers evening services at 8 p.mi the 5:30 p.m. All are invited for good unsubscribeatthe bottom of any of
first and third Sunday pf each month.' preaching, singing and wonderful these emails if you wish. Your corn-
SOther service times are Sunday Chiristian fellowship. Forinformati6n ments are Welcome.
School at 10 a m., morning worship call (904) 753-0731. .' o l
at 11:15 and Tuesday Bible study at p v e d T.Youthmn ister An rw r
7-30 p.m. Everyone is invited to .lzeS cs Youth Minister Andrew Harper of .
come and worship. Bishop WJ. TheTaiz community onAmelia First Assembly Of God, 302 South
Franklin, pastor. Island is growing. There arenow 14th St., holds meetings on ,
T ; three churches offering services: Wednesdays at 7p.m. If you are
INewchxUr Memorial United Methodist, St between 13'and 20 years old and
Legacy Baptist Church with Michael's Catholic, and St. Petr's need .direction and purpose :to, your
Pastor Jeff Whitaker invites youto Episcopal. The Taiz community is life, come and enjoy music, prayer
come be a part of d new and growing ecumenical. In order to help interest- and ministry by youth for youth.


Sunday School ..................................9:30 am
Sunday Worship..................0.....:.0:45 am
Wednesday AWANA.........6:15 pm
Wednesday Bible Study ............6:30 pm
Postor:Bud Long
941017 Old Nattetrolle Road ( Cunty Rd-107 South
Fernandino Beach. FL32034
www.springhillbaptigtfb ora

Ij Memorial

Trstilonal 'imalyWeIOniNp .......m8 i
(We*tsMy lmusi. man)
CoiunporwyWentlp . .9.1 n is NMawell HalI
Wansdaiy clinne (hag 1m a.... :30 Im i11
W~lebshy glavrnig (taty).... ...... 4:45 pm
0awntown Fernandina Beach
Cente Steet j9N 261576

In the Heart of Fernandina
,.. 9 N. 61 Street
Dr. Wain Wesberry
ySenior Pastor
Dr. Doug Ganyo
Associate Pastor
SWorshtp 8:30 & 11 :am
..Sunday School 9:50 am
r Nursery -Children
SYouth Adults
4 Ib .261-3837

"Discover the Difference" at
Amelia Baptist
Pastor DL H. Neil Helton
Sunday Worship Service 10:30am .
Bible Study 9am
Nursery provided for all services
Small group studies-Adults 6pm
Wednesday Prayer Service&630pm
Preschool and Children Activities
Cone, otBwc'Re, & GCbing Road., Frandina Bd
For More lnfnatic Cml 261-9527

Sarlelmy Vll Mss -4 F n &4 530 pm
SatriyVilll Masi 7 Irm- Spanish Mass
Saloviiy4PM, Massl an~ll YOIBledMndi Cbdlnn
I8II a 11111PR-12:M 0 (1MB)
Do llMass- 1:31am IMan .W,.4s&Ffi.
Hoy Uri ktesM AM~ 6 inn: H1oly-t WLim, 6 pm
Coallossim: SabiTa 3 pm 3:45 pnor by MIl
EmorgeBO Nmiber S904-27656

New Vision K
,,. Chutrc'h, o
orshi ly0sag

S : Please oin us for.
Adult Sunday School 9:30AM
Worship 11 AM:
Children's Church 11:00AM
AlA & Christian Way, Yulee
225-5381 Pastor Charlie Sward

20 South Noith Street 261-4907
Rev. ffarien K. Bolde Sr., Pastor
The Church
in the Heart of the City
With the Desire to be in the
Heart of Al People
Samnlay New Mebes Class 9am.
Sunday School 9:30 a..
Morang Worship 11 aL..
We wdesda--dayPraqer
WPdnuend id-wee Service
Miaisuies:. Bas & Vt, Coiqples, Siages,


Sunday Service ... 10:30 am
Bible Study ........9:30 am
Wednesday Service... 7:00 pm
85031 Landover Drive
Yulee, Fl

Inovaftive Sle, Contempora Mus
Casual Aospher.
Pastor Mike Kwlatkowski
85520 Miner Rd. Yulee, FL 32097
Sunday Worship 9:00am and 10:30am
Nursery Provided
KldKredlble Children Ministries
Meeting @ 10:.30am Sunday
Youth Program Wed. 0 6:30pm
Connec 'ihioL
|. Connectngvwih.Psop&a

*Coms tpmnce Use .Joy of
Worthp & Srvf" PaImf 100 -
Sundq Scho e............. .a9:4so
Worsip sm rI ........... l:00M
inning Wonrthip. ........... I:O0p.
Wfednaudajy Ntgt lpper ...... AJOOp
KIcouDt Tal Yo rou e. .OSO3pn4-OOpi
Wednesday P a Smrice ..... 7:00pe
738 B6losllw w Rold
Nuorery provled
i n1 pi0Facbook,:
Plys P03lt Dapt"at stoUe Toan Yot

96362 Blackrock Rd., Yulee
Van Power
Sunday Morning Worship Service 10:30 am
Sunday School 9:15 am
Sunday Evening Worship Service 6:00 pm
AWANA Wednesday 6:30 8:30 pm
Wednesday Service 7:00 pm
Nursery Provided'

=U E ,,,A

Doug Bldes Senior Pastor
MojrningSevces 8.15 and 11:00 am
Sunday School 9:45 am
Sunday Evening 6:00 pmr
Wednesday Prayer Meeting. 6:30 pm
Wednesday Children 6:30 pm
Wednesday 'Overflow Youth 6:30 pm
Nursery Provided For All Services
85971 Harts Rd. 904.225-6128
Yulee, FL 32097

St. Peter's Episcopal Church,
* Welcomes You! r
Located at,the corner
of8th AtIantUc.
Summer Service
.Schedule i
8:30 Hoply Eucharist,- Rite 11
. 9:15 Breakfast
10-.00 Holy Eucharist, Rite II
6 pm Celtic Worship 4th Sunday
6 pm TAIZE 2nd Sunday

^ isss "' ;j1 f *
Pntyra Cwd, In America
Dseotil to Oifblt. 1tmHe Fellewshtp &
totow Ouet Conumtssino
W 1aSp on Sdnays at 10:4S am
Nurery and Cbfldr is Chrdn provided
Gram Groups most oa Wedesdai evenings In
Fernaedlna Bwach. Kingand &YMis.
Mas..Wjamine amnd YVb mi nllnila
96038 alton Squire Court. Yodle. FL 32007
Nit to lnn Dixie
Nertesw Win,0e t

-.aamlv Mts H e-rI

Welcomes You
"Where the Bible tIs our only authority
Roman. 16-16
Worship Service Sunday 11:00 a.m.
Wednesday Bible Study 7:00 p.m.

Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
In the Lofton Pointe Plaza
2/10 miles south ofSR200/AIA


Worship this week

at the place of your choice.,

First Baptist
Fernandina Beach
9:00 Life Groups
10:15 AM & 6:00 PM
Wednesday 6:30 PM

^^^I ^WMKOM....





FRIDAi. AUGUST 2.2013 News-Leader

Girl Scouts of Nassau
County will host a community
yard sale Aug. 3 from 8 am.-
noon at the Girl Scout Hut, 25
SSouth 13th St, Fernandina
Beach. Vendors may rent
table space for $20 indoors
and $10 outdoors. Vendors
must bring their own tables.
All proceeds from space
rentals will benefit repairs to
the !3irl Scout Hut Contact
528-8726 for information.
Band yardsale
The Fernandina Beach
High School Band's afinual
yard sale will be held Aug. 3
from 8 a~m.-2 p.m. in front of
the band room at FBHS on
Citrona Drive. All proceeds
will go to support the band
S recruitment '
Girl Scouts of Nassau
County is seeking girls in
grades K-12 to join Girl
SScouts They will host recruit
... ments at the Girl Scout Hut,
..... 25 South 13th St., Fernandina
Beach, on Monday. Aug 12,
S Wednesday. Aug. 14 and
S, Thursday, Aug. 15 from 5-8
S p.m each night. Come out
and find our what a girl can d
S in Girl Scouts The group als(
is looking for adults to lead
: troops. Contact 528-8726 for
more information.
S The McArthu Family
YMCA is now offering a free
VPK program with daily active
Sties like familiarization with
rhe alphabet, numbers and
Colors through arts and craft
and learning games
The progi am will run fror
S9 a.nit.-noon Monday through
Friday. Aug 12-May 22, with
an extended care option The
program i. offered at the
YMCA Atlantic Kids Campus
off Atlantic Avenue and Nort
13th Street in Fernandina
Beach and the Yulee Kids
Campus off Pages Dairy Roa
S and US 17. For information
contact Sheila at 583-1608 or
SAC meeting
S The Schocol Advisory '
Council of Fernandina Beach
High School will hold its organ
:: nizational meeting for the ,
S2013-14 school year on
.'Thursdayv, Aug. '22 at 3.3) p n
,in the main office conference
room For any questions or
concerns, contact Spencer G
Lodree at 261-5713.
Resource guide
The Nassau Alcohol Crinm
and'Drug Abatement .
SCoalition (NACDAC)
announces the release of a
free Resotirtce Guide for sub-
stance abuse arid mental
health for Nassau and sur-
rounding courities. The guid
provides information on loca
agencies and providers, con-
tact information, types of ser
i ces and payment types
S accepted. The guides will be
available at area health care
providers, schools, law enfor
S cement sites-and the NAC-
DAC office at 516 South 10th
St., Suite 211..
For additional inriformatiot
..and a copy of the Resource:
Guide online visit www.nac-'or call 277-3699. :
Step by Step
Step by Step Learning
Centers are registering for tl
new school year, including
free VPK. Morning and after
noon classes and wrap-arour
care are offered, featuring ax
advanced curriculum, Spani,
classes, music and dance."
French and Russian are
* brought in for special celebrn

The before and after
school program includes
transportation by Step by Step
'or the Nassau County School
system, breakfast in the morn-
3 ing program, after school
tutoring, snacks, games,
music and dance, outside
time,.a reading program, arts
and crafts and soccer shots
with certified coaches. Stop
by for a tour. Call 277-8700.
Miss Kates
Miss Kate's Pre K, 1303
SJasmine St, is now enrolling
Southside students for the
.. school Year after-care pro-
.gram, offering small class
size,;good teacher/student
'ratios, supervised homework,
Daily special activities, from 2-
5:30 p.m. Maximum fee is
$65/week. For more informa-
tion, contact Kate atmisskate- ...
Tree House.
The Tree House Academy.
S2120 Will Hardee Road, Fel-
t-' nandina Beach, is enrolling
for the 2013-14 school year for
a infants age six weeks through
12 years old The academy
"- provides before and after
School care and holiday pro-
grams, with transportation
o provided to Southside and
o Emma Love schools, free VPK
and VPK Wrap, state approved
Beyond Centers and Circle
Time/Cribs to Rattles pro-
grams as well as an Early
Learning Bible Series for each
age group. Children from
state approved funding agen-
i- cies accepted Contact direc-
tor Bobbie Matthews al 432-
7078 Visit www thacadienmy
s corn. The academy uses pb&ji
TV technology., so parents c:atn
n wAtch their children via their
" cell phones and tablets. The
servi ce go-es- live Atg 5
Coop preschool
The Amelia Island Parent
h- Co-Operative Preschool is
now registering students for
the 2013-14 school'year
d AIPCP is a nonprofit pre-
Sschool that offers a quality
: education for 2 and 3 year
olds. The 2-vear-old class is on
fTuesoav,.ac ^'l^~a^ -ii
9-15 a m -12 15 pm and the3-
year-old class is on Monday,
S Wednesday and Fridays front
a- 9:15a.m.-12:15p.m The
school is located at 5040 First
SCoast Hwy., next to the Dome
n. Healing Center For more
Information call 261-1161
SMontessori enrolling
Amelia Island Mlontessori
School, 1423Julia St., is enrol-
Sling for the 2013-14 school:.
1e1 year. AIMS also par'icipats in
the state VPK program or
Those who will turn 4 on or-
before Sept 1 and accepts
McKay and Step Up for Stu-
-dents,Scholarships. -
SFor information or to
e schedule a tour, visit www.-
1 ameliaislandnimontessooncom
or call 261-6610.
SScience academy
River. Otter Science Aca-
demy offers home school
classes for ages 8-14, starting
Sept 9, including Physics for'
a Kids, Ecology of a Barrier
Island, Junior Li feguard C lass,
n' Homeschool PE arid Garden-
ing. Visit wwwriverotteracad- Contact Angela Ray
at 415-5223.
Boy Scout Troop 89 meets
he each Monday, 6:30-8:00 p.m.,
at the Adam Kelley Scout Hut,
South 13th Street Troop .39,
id sponsored by Fernandina
n Beach Rotary Club.
sh' For more information, con-
,tact Scoutmaster Dan Matricia
at 277-9611 or come to the
a- Scout Hut during meeting
',times.',-,-,- .

Take Stock grads garner awards

Take Stock in Children Nassau's high
school graduates will be attending college
this fall with more than just their program
scholarship. Each of the high schools in the
county has Take Stock scholars who have
been given as many as four other scholar-
ships or awards to attend the college or
vocational program of their choosing.
From Fernandiia Beach High School,
Wendall McGahee was awarded the $1,000
Rychard-Lottie Annie Cook scholarship
and the Southern Housing scholarship at
FAMU valued at $40,000. He also received
.the Principal's Award and 2013 Class
Leadership Award. Ivey Wallace earned a
Bright Futures scholarship and was rec-
ognized for scoring 3 or higher on an
Advanced Placement exam. Katie Davis
received a $64,000 Dean's Award from
Stetson Univei'sity. Katie and Deonna
Clinton also received Band Awards.
SFrom Hilliaid Middle-Senior High

School, Cody Beaver, Sarah Miller, Melanie
Mulls and Melissa Mulls earned Bright
Futures scholarships.
From West Nassau' High School,
Heather Bennett received a $500 Falcon,
Health award and a French Honor Society
award. Georgia Lavender received the
Eddie Reynolds Vocational Scholarship, a
$2,500 Fernandina Beach Rotary Club
Scholarship and the Principal's Leadership
Award. Stevie Carter received a Senior
Academic Award and a Future Business
Leaders of America awar-d. All three were
awarded their Nursing Assistant
Certification (CNA) and earned Bright
Futures scholarships. Zana Humphries
received awards from the Future Business
Leaders of America, French Honor Society
-and the U.S. A. my along with the I.S.
'Science Scholarship Award and a
Leadership Award from Alabama State
'University.. Dalton Rapoza received a

WNHS Band Award.
From Yulee High School, Amber'..
Standridge received the $1,000 Daughters.'
of the American Revolution (DAIR) schol-
arship,-a $250 award from the YHS
Foundation and a Microsoft Office.
Specialist award. Frances Rivera-Pacheco -
was given a University of Tampa Spartan :
Scholarship valued at $5,000, as well as an "
Excellence in Newspaper Journalism and
Top 10YHS Hornets awards. Both ladies,
along with Michael Pietrusiak, were all_.
given National Honor Society recognition.
Destini Williams and Chloe Cooper each-
received HOSA/CNA awards. Gina.-:
Rodrifguez received a $1,000 scholar ship -
from thlt Amelia Island Art Assocition, a :
Microso()ft 01lice Specialist award,-a YHS
Outstanding Artist award, a Top 10 YHS .
Hornei- award and The United States'
President's Award for 'Educational


Members of .American's Youth, located at 907 South 11th St., Fernandina Beach, are learning to weave shawls 4
and "throws" during summer camp. Under the direction of John Gilbert,.they made several pink shawls and
do1natedthem to Gerri's Corner, a local free cancer resource center for women, in July. "
On Saturday, America's Youth will host "Unity Day 2013" from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. featuring gospel music, free
jumpers for children, games, food, prizes and live entertainment, including the Prince of Peace Band, the ,r
Callahan Men's Choir and Jeanie andJoev. Sponsor DD6'-'op's Best' ie Will rovide a DJ with dance music
from 2:30-3:30 p.m. The event is free to the public. Donations of paper goods and cleaning"supplies for the i:.
Interfaith Dinner Network are appreciated. Vendor booths are available. Call 335-7496 or 624-5383. -


American Legion Post Fernandina Beach selected five young men from Fernandina'Beach High Joseph
Monahan, Clay Hewett, Connor McLean, Wyatt Roach and Josh Mazur to attend the American Legion Boys State
program, held each year at Florida State University in Tallahassee. The program mirrors the operation, and struc-
ture of the state government. Merit and ability are the top factors considered in the selection process. The
American Legion pays the tuition and the Vietnam Veterans. of Nassau County paid for transportation this year.
The-students run for all positions in government, from sheriff to city manager to senator arid governor. They
debate, give speeches and write laws. Special speakers were CFO of Florida Jeff Atwater and Sen. Aaron Bean'of
Fernandina, a.past "Boys Stator.'" -




To Place An Ad, Call (904) 261-3696. The Classified Ad Deadline for Wednesdays is 5:00 p.m. Monday and for Fridays is 5:00 p.m. Wednesday

100 ANNOUNCEMENTS 204 Work Wanted 403 Ftnanaal-HrfiProperty 606 Photo Equipment& Sales 619 Business Equpmen 800 REAL ESTATE 813 Investment Property 858 Condos-Unfurnmished
101 Card of Thanks 1205 Lve-In Help 404 Money To Loan 607 Anlques-Collectubles 620 Coal-Wood-Fuel 801 Wanted to Buy or Rent 814 West Nassau County 859 Hornes-Furnshed
102 Lost & Found 206 Childa Care 500 FARM & ANIMAL 608 Produce 621 Gar{en/Lawti Equipment 802 MoDie Homes 815 Kingsland/St. Marys 860 Homes-Unfurnished
103 In Memornam 207 Business Opportunity 501 Equipment 609 Appliances 622 Plants/SeedsiFetilizer 803 Mobile Home Lots 816 Camden County 861 Vacation Rentals
104 Personals 300 EDUCATION 502 Livestock & Supplies 610 Air Cooditioners/Heaters. 623 Swap/Tfrade 804 Amelia Island Homes 817 Other Areas 862 Bed & Breakfast
105 Public Notice 301 Schools & Instruction 503 Pecs/Supplies 611 Home Furnishings 624 Wanted to Buy 805 Beaches 850 RENTALS 863 Ofice
106 Happy Card 302 ODie/Exercise 504 Services .61, Mutscial Instruments 625 Free tenss 806 Waterfront 851 Roommate Wanted 864 Commeraal/Retail
107 Special Occasion 303 Hobb-es/CraftLs 600 M4ERCHANDISE 613 Teevil Radio-Stereo 700 RECREATION 807 Condominimus 852 Mobile Homes 865 Warehouse
108 Gift Snops 305 Tutoring 601 Garage Sales '6i4 Jewelryj/Wrches 701 Boats & Trailers 80C Off [sland/fYulee 853 Mobile Home Lots 901 TRANSPORTATION
200 EMPLOYMENT 306 Lessons/Classes 602 Artides for Sale .615 Bu;lding Matenrials 702 Boat Supplies/ 809 Lorts 854 Room 902 Trucks
201 Help Wanted 400 FINANCIAL 603 Miscellaneous 616 Storage/Warehouses-. 703 Sports Eqoapment Sales 810 Farms & Acreage 855 Apartmnents-Furnmished 903 'ans
202 Sales-Business 401 mortgage Bougnt/Sold 604 Bicydes 617 Machinery-Tools-Equip. 704 Recreation Vehcles 811 Commercial/Retail 856 AparTmenrs-Unfumrn. 904 Motorcycles
203 Hotel/Restaurant 402 Stocks & Bonds 605 Computers-Supplies 618 Auctions 705 Computers & Supplies -812 Property Exchange 857 Condos-Furnished 905 Commercial


I p026lost&'Found |
If Ypu Have Lost Your Pet please
check the .Nassau 'Humane Society
facility located at 671 Airport Rd. next
to the airport (904)321-1647 & the
Nassau County Animal Shelter, 86078
Ucense Rd. In Yulee next to the drivers
license building (904)491-7440.
' 1O4'Pergnafe --s-'

single' womanwll provide stable home/
support of large, extended family. Let's
help .each other. Financial security.
Expenses paid. Deborah, toll-free (855),
779-3699 Sklar Law Firn, LLC FL'Bar
#0150789. ANF '

S :."05 Public Notic:
THERE IS A LIEN On The Following
Vehicles For Towing &.Storage -
and will be auctioned off on the listed
dates below:' on 8/12/* 3 a 2009 Hon-'
daAccord VIN# JHMCP26879C003246
and on 8/6/13 a .1995 Ford Escort
VIN# 1FASP14JOSW280179 at 12 noon
at 1683B S. 8th St., Femandina Beach,'
FL 32034. (904) 321-3422

SHerein Is subject to the Federal
Fair Housing Act, which makes it
Illegal 'to advertise any prefer-
ence, limitation, or discrimination
Based on race, color,, religion, sex,
Handicap, familial status or
national origin, or the intention to
make anriy such preference,
limitation or discrimination.
The News-Leader will not
knowingly accept any advertising
for real estate which is in violation
of the law. All persons are hereby
informed that all dwellings
advertised are avallabl'e on an
equal opportunity basis,
If you believe that you .may have
been discriminated against ,In
connection with the sale, rental or
S financing of housing, call the.
United States Department- of
Housing and Urban Development
-" HUD -.1(800)669-9777, or for
the hearing impaired n"(90C,')97-
S9275.. I0,

S 201 Help Wanted
TIDY NOOK needs handyman/land-
scaper/cleaner to. service, properties :i.
area. Travel required. Will train. Must
have' access to Internet. & own tools.
(888)389-8237. ANF -I':
DRIVERS: $5,000 Sign-On. Bonus!
S Great Payl Consistent Freight, Great,
Miles on this Regional Account. Werner
Enterprises:' 1,-888-56713110
Fifl's Is hiring For details:
http: //fifisamellalsland.coml/?o=715
Earn' $$$ Helping MDs! Process
medical, claims from home. "Call6 :he
Federal 'Trade. Commission to find *out
how to spot medical, billing scams.
1(877)FTC-HELR A message from the
News-Leader and the FTC.

The Town of Hillliard is seeking a
qualified candidate to fill-the part time
position of-- Parks and Recreation
successful candidate will 'develop and
conduct classes within the Parks and
Recreation Department of the Town of
Hilliard. The position. requires the
following certifications, a Certified
Gymnastics Instructor and will require
that the instructor be CPR certified
within 90 days of employment.'
The Town of Hilliard is an Equal
Opportunity Employer and a Drug Free
Workplace. Post-offer physical
required. Applications may be, picked
up at Town Hall located at 15859 West
County Road 108, Hilliard, Florida from
9am until 5pm Monday through Friday,
or' printed from our web page.
www townofhilliardrom. Applications
will be accepted until position is filled.

fours per week. Retail experience .and.
computer skills a ur.ut Apply in person
only The UPS Store, 1417 Sadler Rd.
OFFICES .- hiring for multiple part-
time and full- time positions. Hours are
20,28.50 per'week. Days worked will
vary Monday thru Saturday. Hours of
operation are -8:30 to 6:30 dally.
Wages $9-$11/hr depending on
qualifications and experience. Please
email your, resume to or fax to
(904)261-4971. No phone calls please.
POSITION ; available full' time. in
Femrnandlna. The ideal candidate must
-be an organized self-starter, willing to
learn & ha.e abu.e average customer
service skills Position require;
attention to detail Must possess
accurate tpng sklulls, the ability to
follow ..procedures, handle multiple'
tasks & work as part of a team A/R &
A P experience a plus Email resume,
'mth salar, requirement & dates of
- 'rmployrrment in c.:,ninoence to
ra .;;
AUDITOR E)penence preferred
Appi, at Holiuav inn Express. 76071
Sidrne Place, 'Yulee or call i9C,4)849

.Learn' to drive for US Xpressl Earn
$700/wk. No exp heeded. Local CDL
training J.ob ready in' 15i daysl'(888)
368-1964. ANF ( ,,
DRIVERS -; Hiring experienced/inexp-
erienced tanker drivers. Earn up to
$.51/mlle. New feet Volyo tractors: 1-
year OTR e.p. reiq'd 'Tarnker trirrodij
available;, Call' today (877)882-6537,
ww Oakli, 'ANF
FLA; 'INFO CENTER'- Asst. Manager
position available. Hourly + commis-
'sion, benefits, vacation. Nationwide
company located in Yulee. Call Ed
Newman (904)540-2314 or email at:
publication. 5-25%o.. Must be experi-
enced. Call Tony (904)261-0740.
experienced cook. Passionate about
preparing fresh, organli5 food. Send
resume to:

AVAILABLE Specialist position work-
ing w/youth ages 12-18 with SWAT -
Students Working Against Tobacco.
Professional skills required. Education -
Associates degree minimum. Must be a
non-smoker. Must be energetic, able to
educate, train and motivate youth.
Travel required/driver's license. Part-
time work. Submit resume to Florida
Department of Health, Nassau 'County,
attn: Mary von Mohr fax 277-7286.
Address: PO Box 517, 30 South 4th
St., Fnda Bch, FL. Position closes
August 2nd at 5:00pm.
miles +. fuel surcharge! Blackhawk
provides plates No start up costs!.
$2,000 Sign-On Bonus! 2500 mi/wk
runs. Home weekly, Must have 2 years
T/T exp. Jan: 608-364-9716, or Gil:
CDL-A DRIVERS .39/round trip mile.
Bonus Potenitial! Great Medlcal, Dental,'
Vision,. Life, 401kl 2500 ml/wk, runs.
Home weekends Must have 2 'years
T/IT exp Jan '608-364-9716 or Gil:,
S08-364-9719 -: . .
Prince, a two attorney law firm located
in downtown Fernandina Beach,
Flonda, seeks a legal assistant/office
manager vith outstanding communica.
tion, adminlstrative ana organizational
skills. Proficiency with illcrouioft Office
and computer skills are required
Responsibilities include assisting two
attorneys with preparation of docu-
ments, including legal briefs, court
subpoenas and other office-related
letters, organizing and maintaining all
legal files and' electronic-filing data-
bases, and electronically filing court
related' documents. Other duties
include scheduling ldient appointments
and answering calls. Minimum of three
years of- progressively responsible
administrative experience, wiln exer!.
ence in legal field required. Great
office downtown, salary depends on
experience. Health care and retirement
plan provided. Send resume to 406 Ash
Street, Fernandina "Beach,. Florida
32034 or Ac-
cepting 'resumes until. August 7, 2013.
Interviews will begin Immediately as
resume' are received.

SMALL COMPANY In Yulee, FL seek-
ing a self-motivated office administra-
tor, Candidate will have thorough
knowledge of QuickBooks through GL
reconciliation. Must also, know
MicroSoft 08, Excel, & Word.' Ne offer
competitive salary & benefits. Email
resume to:
____ t, _
has the following positions available:
Front Desk, Auditors, Housekeeping
days/oights, and, Tempbrary Security
poitior, :'Apply within' 2707-Sadler Rd.
No phone calls.
- needs part-time experienced Medical
Assistant. Fax resume to 277-0725 or
call 261-5605. '
AMELIA' RENTALS Part-Time Office
Position available. Hospitality industry
experience desired. Email resume to:

Jacksonville / Fernandina area. Call
Jeff Henderson at (770)317-6201.

Erectile Dysfunction:
: DrugsMay Be Dangerous To Your Health:

FREE book bydoctorreveals what the
* drug Companies don't want you to know! -
* Dr. Kevin Hornsby, MD will mail the pay the postage and handling. If.
* first 37 men that respond to thisad the popular pills don't work'for you,
* a free copy of his new thirty dollar .regardless of your age or medical'
* book "A Doctor's Guide'to Erectile history (including diabetes and a
* Dysfknction." He's so sure this book prostate cancer) you owe it to your-
* will change your life he will even self and your lady to read this book.
* Call Toll Free (800) 960-4255
. '6 . . 0 . . . 0 . 0 .0 S 0 . 0 S .

DOWNTOWN Popular and Unique
downtown retail store. 30K +
Inventory. (904)624 4783.

204 Work Wanted "1
Small jobs welcomed. (904)583-1465

office work. Excellent phone, organi-
zation & computer skills. My schedule
& salary are negotiable. (904)206-
2270 or

residential, move-outs, rentals. Free
estimates. Reasonable prices. Lic./Ins.
Jeannie 904-572-6023/904-624-5210

Helping Seniors with their independ-
ence and giving, family members a
helping hand. Many services available,
rates vary andt references available'
upon request. Call Sandy 631-7917.

*-Payroll .'Bookkeeping
STax Preparation Advice
S 1016 S. 14th St.,
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
904-261-6942 or 1-866-472-6290

20 years experience. Low rates. Sup-
plies provided. References available.
Call (904)261-348.3.. '.,.

CERT & 'LIC CNA I am .well,
experienced in Home Care I nsve
excellent ref's and I also Jo Uje in's
Dependable & Honest. (904.,261-.7208

Locations included in your local area.
$8,95 minimum investment. Guaran-
tee cash flow. 10 year warrantee. 1-
800-367-6709 ext. 99. ANF
LIQUOR LICENSE' for sale. (408)
841-7311. Serious Inqiuiries Only.

I Anm d n
301 Schools &
FAP approved Aviation Maintenance
Technician training. Housing & financial
aid for qualified students. Job place-
ment assistance. Call AIM (866)314-
.3769. ANF

,NEEDED -. Become a Certified Micro-
soft Office Professional! No'experience
heeded.-SC TRAIN can'get you job,
ready ASAP! HS Diploma/GED'& PC/
'Internet needed. (888)212-5888. ANF

Amos anId Andy

TV Show DVD Set
Vatch the 1950's classic TV show "Amos and Andy"
Dn DVD! ou willget all 71 Episodes! The Amos and
,ndy.TV Show DVDSet cost only $79.00! To Order
By Phone, Call: 1-800-323-9741.
To Order By Mail, Send $79.00 To: DWCM Direct,
P0 Box 8344, Dept 71 ,Gumee, IL 60031
'lease include your telephone number. -

Take the H&R Block Income Tax Course
beginning Tuesday, AuguSt 20th. Call
904-261-6942 or 1-800-472-5625 for
SUMMER CLASSES going on at Bean
School of Dance. Zumba classes for
adults morning & afternoon. Ballet,
jazz, tap for kids month of July. Call
2614'DANC for info.

MOVING SALE Sat. 8/3 8. Sun. 8/4,
8am-lpm. Tools, furniture, treadmill,-
etc. 96316 Ridgewood.Cir.; off Amelia
Concourse (across from North
Hampton Golf Course).
'YARD SALE r. 1605 Highland St. Sat.
8/3 & Sun. 8/4. RPemote game chair,
hamster cage, .electronics, clothes,
book, toys, housewares, doctor office
Scale, linens, misc. items._
tools, housewares, slide-in stove,
sinks, glassware, sewing ,machine
w/cabinet. Sat. 8/3, 8am-lpm. Comer
of Ash & 20th..
LIKE NEW GUITARS with cases,
'acoustic & electric Also sound
equipment & stnnais Guitars priced
$675-$125 fifm. ALSO, 1 motorcycle,
2 scooter. One $600, two $4500. 601
S. 15th St. Phone 261-4792.
'2747 OCEAN OAKS DR. S. Sat. 8/3.,
7am-noon. Youth full' size handmade
loft bed w/mattress, computer, flat
screen TV, DVD player, plus more.
Please do not park on grass.
GARAGE SALE. Sat. 8/3. 86201
Vegas Blvd., The Hideaway, Yulee. ':
SAT. 8/3,- 8am-12pmr. 96035 Dolphin
Wa,, 'i'ulee A'lot of great junior
clothes size small and medium for back
to school Also' some nice young
erntlemen clothes., Household goods,
weight machine, etc.

SAT. 8/3 8:30am-? HMaytag washer
& dryer $200; furniture, & misc. 925
S. 18th Street. .
1535 COVENTRY' LN. Sat. 8/3,
7:30am-lpm. Women's & men's
clothes, kid's toys, & household items.
STUFF I Know You Need Furniture,
smail refrigerator, LOTS OF TOOLS, just
an odd assortment. 2539 First Ave.
Sat. 8/3, 8am-2pm.'
GARAGE SALE Fri. 8/2 & Sat. 8/3,
8am-12pm. Ocean Reach Subd., 1923;
Sea Oats Ave., Fernandina. Surfboard,
office chair, stationary bike, weights,
clothes, electronics, & much more.

601 Garage Sales
YARD SALE 8/2 & 8/3, 7am-lpm.
4941 Spanish Oaks Cir., Amelia Pkwy
south past Ritz, right on Scott, left into
Ocean Walk. Furniture, jewelry, yard
tools & equipment, Sutech 33"
commercial lawn mower, decorative
home items, table saws, Lennox,
pewter/ brass, Helen' Kaminski hats,
tools, & so many more items.
GARAGE SALE 1126 N. Fletcher Ave.
Sat. 8/3, 8:30am. Chairs, tables, odds
& ends.
YARD SALE Sat. 8/3, 8am-lpm.
86250 Callaway Dr., Yulee. Entertain-
ment center, riding mower, small
kitchen appliances, DVD player, VHS
player, books, DVD's, & other house-
hold items
1410 NECTARINE ST. Household
items, electronics, sports cards,
fishing, & more. Sat. 8/3, 8am-4pm,
SALESITI! Multiple Units: School ....
supplies, new cosmetics, art, furniture;
sporting goods, crystal, nautlcals,
antiques...Too much to listill AAA"
STAPLES Femandina Friday the 2nd
1pm to 5pm, Saturday the 3rd 9am-
GARAGE SALE Fri. 8/2 & Sat. 8/3,
8am-2pm at 96843 Blackrock Rd.,
weather permitting.
SAT. 8/3, 8AM-? Tools, fishing
equipment, furniture, boat, & more.
96256 Nassau Lakes Circle.
Fletcher Ave.. Moving and everything .
must go from beach cottage on Amelia
Island multi fagrnlly sale,- awesome
furniture, decor 'items, 'kitchen and
:bath,.,jtems, linens, rugs, etc. Don't
want to miss this! Sat. 8/3, 8am-4pm.

Kw~naii 'i I~y
We are lookingor
nwineet managei

to joinorastemI

Cal Mcheltoday!

Nicely wooded lot in prime

-recreational area. Crystal clear

mountain Jake, ski area and

brand new golf course.

All within 1 mile of property.


Adjoining lot sold for 249,900

Bank will finance!

cal ow 1188-58 e6
Brokrag sr ice poide y L ely L fice 0-8-10 oetOr I C



- Please Call Us
At 753-3067


Licensed Bonded Insured
Member AIFB Chamber
904491-1971. Cell 904-742-8430
SE-mail: just foryouserv\iaol.eom

Advertise In
The News-Leader
Service Directoryl
Call 261-3696 and find
out how to put your
advertising dollars
to wori< for you!


Your Lbcal Island Cleaner
Now Accepting New Clients


Patios Sidewalks &
Driveway Add-ons, starting at 599
We will meet or beat any reasonable quotes.
Highest Quality -Lowest Prices
Offe: (984) 491-4183
Licesed & Bonded Cell: (94) 237-7742


I t,,sllsl -"-~~- I



When It Rains
tU iBe Prepared.
Aluminum Gutters




0WOwnei d 8I
I & Opesalad I-

Steven Hair Maintenance, Inc.
"The local guy" since 1984
Quit Paying Too Much!
*.eqlr or door reftma ts : Tr-,s.tter ipa'rt
SBre springs Strd w e m
'I 4-es O8t



Removal &
$300 per Pallet
Sod & Labor Included

No Fees Up-Front
Call Anytime!
Available Weekends

(904) 868-7602

Bob's Irrigation
& Landscapimglnc.
* Full Service Lawn Maintenance
* Landscape Design & Installation
* Irrigation Installation &Repair
* Outdoor Lighting Solutions
4 Seasonal LightingProjects
* Sod Installation & Repair
e* Concrete Pavers & Fire Pits
* Deck Installation & Repair
* Retaining Walls & Ponds
* Grading Services & Drainage


Place an Ad!

Call 261-3696


' Pruning and weeding
Organic Fedtilization
* All tural Fertilization
Soil Replenishment with Microbes
*Corn Gluten Lawn Treatments
Flower Beds and Plantings
Florida Friendly Design

Sprinkler System Experts
Tune-ups and maintenance plans
Repairs and valve locating,
94) 753-1 37 '
i w. ol r ric.0
Licensed k hwat:-d '



Houses Trailers Patios
Driveways etc.
Exterior Windows
Wood Decks Cleaned & Resealed

h ^ RQQFhIQG -
R--,,-Q ,,,,--



' e.Roofing Is Our Specialty
Nassau County's Largest Roofing &
Siding Contractor Serving Satisfied
Homebullders & Homeowners
Since 1993
S Re-Roofing New Roofing
Siding 'Soffit & Fascia "
t 261-2233
Free Est/mates
A Coe$sati Bulding Systems Co. '
S CCC-05720r

, rr/

I 201 Help .Wamit .. ....02 .Sales-Business I




^"T Bi-* Ihr

Now Servicing Amelia Island
Webslte: httpl/
Reservations (677) 410-5703
(800) 282-8315

Call a News-Leader AD-Visor at 261-3696 and let them help you put the service
directory to work for you. Two sizes available to meet you company's needs.


Oujlir^ Workai ,-"
RVcj;.'njble F'rc:es ;
DMor ~iroo Ls:".
" m g Too iallirroorLToo .'" '-. '
Li orod1Bondo'Pli n -,J [*'*"*

NAMALBE- 225 w


- lI
SU/ Of e Chris, Lowe
Sales Canadtan Sales CnsudlantI
Serving Nassau County
r over 20 years with

? W^MC
464054 SR 200 Yulee

(904) 261-6821





CURTISS H. 1602 Articles for Sale
eal Etat, In $345. Oak File cabinets $50 each. 24"
ea tate, Inc. GE Double Oven, 30' lennair stove top. (904)3214191

* 551B S. Fletcher Ave, 2BR/IBA home
Available Sept I st. $90/mo including water.
sewer and garbage.
* 3B.R2BA home on Lofton Creek 2.600 sq.fc.
Dock. garage/workshop, Large lot, gourmet
kitchen, many other bonus's $1,9SO/mo. Plus
SOcean Park. 3BR/2BA Furnished with I-car
garage, available monthly or long term $2,200
wit utfities included.
2BPR/I BA Ocean-view. 487 S.Fletcher. Across
the street from the beach.AJI until, wi-fiTV &
S3BR/3BA townhome in Sandpiper Loop
$1850/wk plus taxes & cleaning fee,
*Five Points Village, 1,200 sq. ft.AIA/S. 8th St.
exposure Great for retail, services, or office
* $ 1200/mo. + sales tax.
S850688 US HWY 17,1,21 0 sq.ft building with
3.8 acres of fenced property, formerly a
Nursery with some outbuilding and a green
house still on property
STwo 800sf Office/Retail spaces, can be joined
for one, 1.600 sq ft space, AIA next to
Peacock Electric $12J/sq. ft + CAM &Tax
*Amelia Park Unit B small office (2 rooms)
with bath. 576 sq. ft $ 1050/mo. + sales tax.
SFive iPoints"yillage 1,200 sq. ft AIA/S 8th St.
exposure Great for retail, services,or office.
$1,200/mo +sales tax.
* 1839 S. 8th St. adjacent to Huddle Home.
.1,800 sq. $1700/mo. lease tax. Sale also

ROLLTOP DESK Deluxe Winner's
Only, oak, 62"W x 33'D x 51"H, $1000.
17', state inspected, ready to cook &
serve. $12,00.0. (904) 206-1539.

S611 Home Furnishings 111813 Investment Propertyl

mattress set $150, Sofa/Love $399,
BEDROOM SETS starting at $399,
Houselcondo package $1799. Call 904

701 Boats & Trailers

S MUST SELL Best offer. 17 ft. Sea
603 Miscellaneous I Pro, motor like new, many extras. Call
I (904)321-1641.

1992 JOHNSON 120 Custom Craft
Center Console Ready to fish.
$3500 firm. (904)206-0005

facturer direct. 8 metal roof profiles in
40+ colors! Superior customer serv-
ice, same day pick-up, fast delivery!
Visit or call
1-888-779-4270. ANF

1611 Home Furnishings
chest, dresser w/mirror, queen 4-
poster bed, $500. Hickory Chair sofa,
$175. Coffee table w/glass top, $85.
Lg antique mirror, $150. 206-2001


|804 Amelia Island Homes IF

PARKWAY SOUTH 4BR split plan,
formal DR, 2.5BA, Ig granite/tile
kitchen, FP, crown molding, near
beach. $369,650. Owner (516)983-

806 Waterfront
Waterfront Homes & Lots Call
(904) 261-4066 for information. C.H.
Lasserrn-e, Realtor.

eer W k 4 Units Available
94-2-3942 1250 sq.ft.
ARBER JEach unit different floor
ARBER plan starting at $1000
SHOP Produce & Deli month with year lease.
OR LEASE" "MEA LIC We pay garbage, sewer
904-2T7-3942, ,& water, and outside
e i R ,5 Call for m ore inform ation

474390 East State Roa 20 277-i3942

! ,.** .'llta,
: "'r4

Offering a close connection

everything that's possible in

to .


Diana Twiggs, MD and Francis DeCandis, MD

We're pleased to offer you an ongoing: relationship as. your .

personal physician. Someone you can talk to and trust in

sickness and in health. Who will see you the same day f tl-,ere'" an

urgent need. And coordinate your care, with an electronic medical

record thatfollows you across Baptist Health's comprehensive

system of care. Convenient. Caring, Connected. That's charir,-Ii

health care for good. '

Baptist Primary Care Fernandina Beach
1888 Sooth 14li Street.,'--i ,.irirri., h,-.i.,'-i FL -.t ',4

L^ Primary Care

"Health Care
for Good,

Deal-150,000. Rent ana or live in.
Already has great renter in it. Excellent
Location on Amelia island. Call 531-
1 817 Other Areas
- Own your own mountain retreat w/
National Forest access in the beautiful
Blue Ridge Mtns. -1+ acre mtn viev.
homesite in gated mtn community,
bargain priced at only $14,900 way
below cost! Paved road, municipal
water, underground power. Financing.
Call now 1-866-952-5303 x32. ANF

852 Mobile Homes

campground. Weekly or monthly. All
utilities & WiF included. (904)225-
FOR RENT Nassauville. Very cute
DWMH on acre lot. 3BR/2BA. $9Z5/mo.
+ $925 deposit. Palm III Rentals (904)
RV to live on a campground' for $425/
mo. 'All utilities included. Ask about
senior citizen special. (904)225-5577.

855 Apartments
ON ISLAND Effic. $145/wk, $575/
mo. 1BR apts $225/wk, $895/mo. 3/1
$275/wk + dep, inci all utils. Also 3/2
SWMH in park. For details 261-5034.
3BR/2BA W/D, dishwasher. 150 feet
from beach. All utilities paid except
electric. No smoking. Svc animals only.
References. $1,500/mo. Also, a small
1BR. apartment. Please email your
phone # to:
Will respond by both email and phone.

* Furnished or
* Internet service

* Telephone

* Conference robm
* Mail box service

* Break room

* Virtual Offices

Pricing from:


Virtual office $49

Contact: Phil Griffin
T: 904.556.9140

Nicely furnished, with 2-car garage,
pool, tennis courts. $1275/mo., utilities
incl. Call (904)261-0816 or 557-1682.

1BR/1BA, W/D, next to Ritz Carlton.
$1,199-$1,399/mo- including 'utilities.
Call (904)261-0816 or q57-1682.

1858 Condos-Unfurnished|

- large condos overlooking Intercoastal
Waterway, 3BR/3.5BA, fireplace, wet
bar, gated community, pool and park-
ing garage. Rent starts at $2750/mo.
Call (904)753-4147.or (904)321-3444

1860 Homes-Unfurnis
corn for the most recent Information
on Long Term Rentals. Updated Daily.
Chaplin Williams Rentals, The Area's
Premier Rental Company

Amelia Island, & St. Marys. 3BR/2BA,
2-car garage, ceiling fans in all rooms
$1050/mo. Call (904)206-2841.

Office Space All utilities, CAM, & tax
Included. 2 rooms, 370sf. $695. Call

space from 100 sq. ft. to 2,000 sq. ft.
Includes utilities, Internet, common
area receptionist, conference room,
break room, & security. For Info calt

White. 141,000 miles. $4,100/060.
Leather, power, good condition. 54,000
miles: Must sell. $3,500/OBO. (609)

97 FORD RANGER XLT reg ca8, V6,
AT, 133k ml. $4,500. (904)556-4814

Back to School Special

Starting at


i .W/D Connections
Large Closets

Private Patios
o Sparkling Pool
Tennis Courts
Exercise Room

Close to schools and shopping.,
20 minutes to Jacksonville or Fernandina.


37149 Cody Circle
Hilliard, Florida
Mon.-Fri. 8:30-5:30
Sat./Sun. by Appt.

City 4p/rtmtpts

Call Today
(904) 845-2922


A% I1 W

Ralo an ulcOe os
-, C C;C *:.- 6

Deep Water Home
96152 Glenwood Road, Yulee, FL
Saturday, August 3rd
I pm -4pm
4BR/38A 3,260 sq. ft $879,000

Martyn Reece 904-778-6-807
Manormor Sotheby's International Realty
5548 First Coast Hwy #101
Amelia Island, Florida, 32034

SBetter than neb% large 4BR home with
office, living room and family, room.
',]I ,i Twith all appliances and low
pic p.-,r r. taxes. Country'home on 3+ acres
with wooded creek, year-round privacy
hedges and large pond. Greatly ocation
minutes to Amelia Island and within 113
mile to park and boat ramp.
$195,000 MIS#58688

Gorv2 ffean 5Table
(904) 75-o0807
5=, ye Offl. 0s, e-to. ee.-.~


SLarge home on 1+ acre. 3-car garage.
3BR/2.5BA. 2,376 sq ft, could be four
bedrooms. Large bonus room upstairs
with closet Concrete block for energy
efficient heating and cooling and
T quiet. Great Room, living room plus
dining room. Nice workable kitchen.
Lot staked to show boundaries.
$172,000 MLS#57863

5ean able
(904) 763-0807
s~h ons,.uaew^a-newln-do,-

$1250/mo. Call Mon-Fri, 9am-Spm. TOWN Call PDQ Property Mgmt
(904)261-7433' (904)432-7120 Regina Sluder/Broker.

Sunday eyal


Twin Lobster Tails

ON[Y$l9*0 a

K (Plus a Side)


Hap py. Hour!

Daily 11am-7pm

Come Visit Our
Sunset Bar!'

31 N. 2ND STREET -HISTORIC DOWNTOWN (904)1261-4749

856 Apartments
S Unfurnished

POST OAK APTS (904)277-7817
Affordable living located at 996
Citrona Dr. Femrnandina Beach, FL.
Rent starts at $572 per month.
Central a/c. 1 & 2 bedroom apts
avail. TDD Hearing Impaired number
=711'This institution is an equal
opportunity provider and employer.'
"Equal Housing Opportunity'"

2BR/1BA Gum St. $600/mo. +
deposit & utilities. Service animals
only. 1 year lease. (904)261-6047 or
(904) 556-4500

FOR RENT 2BR/1.5BA TH apt.
CH&A, stove, refrig., D/W, carpet.
Service 3nimals only. $795/mo. 828
Nottingham Dr. Call (904)261-3035.

857 Condos-Furnish

YULEE 3BR/2BA, 2 car garage, with
fenced In rear backyard. Great loca-
tion. Close to 1-95, beaches, and
Amelia Island. $1,250. Powell Manage-
ment Group. Cal 904-329-9070.

Call (904)261-4066, C.H. Lasserre,
Realtor, for special rates.
Mountains. River overlook, cozy, well
furnished, majestic views. Peaceful.
$550 a week. Call (904)757-5416.

[o"fiT FtKior & So'i.lnc-
5X? C-n-j? Sa-t
FCTnanoma B-aA. FL 32034