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POLL MAY 19, 2014Floridas Best Community Newspaper Serving Floridas Best CommunityVOL. 119 ISSUE 285 50 CITRUS COUNTYIndiana pulls ahead: Heat drop Game 1 107-96 /B1 INDEX Classifieds................B6 Comics....................B5 Crossword................B4 Editorial..................A10 Entertainment..........A4 Horoscope................A4 Lottery Numbers......B3 Lottery Payouts........B3 Movies......................B5 Obituaries................A6 TV Listings................B4 ONLINE POLL:Your choice?In a referendum, would you support a 0.25 increase in millage to fund public school programs lost due to budget cuts? A. Yes. That would help restore a previous level of funding and result in a better education for students. B. No. Theres no way Ill support a tax increase. C. Maybe. If given specifics of how the money would be spent, Id consider it. To vote, visit www. Click on the word Opinion in the menu to see the poll. Results will appear next Monday. Find last weeks online poll results./ Page A3 HIGH89LOW59Partly cloudy.PAGE A4TODAY& next morning MONDAY Duke Energy recently approved the construction of a natural gas plant in Citrus County. How do you think this will impact our countys economy? Short term? Long term? Enough to bring us back to where we were 10 years ago? QUESTION OF THE WEEK Rick Fein Short construction schedule and much smaller operating staff with respect to a comparable nuke. Expect short-term influx of construciton folks with long-term tax gains. Sue Hansen I believe this will have a positive impact on our community, providing jobs and improving our economy. Also, a positive outcome for small-business owners. Jackie Cason Will they pay their taxes on it? Vickie Lynn VanEpps-Sloan It will take more than Duke Energy to bring Citrus County back! We need more industry here in rural areas as well as tourist attractions near the water. Why not take advantage of the beauty here? Youd think wed have learned that lesson after the latest fiasco with Duke Energy! Bottom line: Dont depend on one company to make or break Citrus County. Contribute! Like us at citruscounty chronicle and respond to our Question of the Week. Tamara Baker Sounds nice. However, I agree with Rick just something else for them to charge us extra for that may not even happen or be utilized the way we are told it would be. Seafood key to Citrus MATTHEW BECK/ChronicleShrimp Landing manager Tim Edge pulls a box of freshly caught blue crabs into his fish market Tuesday afternoon to be prepared for sale. The seafood market sells seafood caught locally in the Gulf of Mexico. PATFAHERTY Staff writerCitrus Countys connection to Gulf of Mexico seafood is culinary, commercial and cultural. The demand for fresh seafood enhances the area as a dining destination, provides recreation and tourism opportunities and maintains a traditional industry. In 2012, the countys total commercial seafood harvest topped 1.75 million pounds. Tim Edge is responsible for some of that seafood. He runs Shrimp Landing, a wholesale seafood business in Crystal River with a small retail component. Shrimp Landing has been operating since 1988, but the business actually dates back further under a previous owner. Grouper, blue crabs, mullet, whatever we can sell, he said, describing their main product line. Shrimp boats originally dominated the company docks, but the product hasnt been a local staple since imports flooded the market and prices crashed. The company does some onsite processing and has its own trucks, delivering fresh seafood to markets across Central Florida. Since its spring, he said grouper and blue crabs should be picking up. Right now youve got things like mackerel, bluefish, jacks, that are moving north again for the summer. The business routine starts when the boats go out and bring in their catch. Edge and his crew weigh them, ice them and package them, then get on the phone and try to sell them. Shrimp Landing no longer handles stone crabs, but blue crabs are a mainstay. However, Edge said theyve been off for a couple of years. Last year was bad, this year theyre bad again, and they seem to be bad all over. Its not just here, he said. Prices are Industry depends on nature and demand Fresh blue crabs are a prime commodity along the Gulf coast. See SEAFOOD/ Page A9 SpaceX Dragon returns to Earth Associated PressCAPE CANAVERAL The commercial cargo ship Dragon returned to Earth from the International Space Station on Sunday, bringing back nearly 2 tons of science experiments and old equipment for NASA. SpaceXs Dragon splashed into the Pacific, just five hours after leaving the orbiting lab. Welcome home, Dragon! the Californiabased company said via Twitter. After a one-month visit, the SpaceX cargo ship was set loose Sunday morning. Astronaut Steven Swanson, the station commander, released it using the big robot arm as the craft zoomed more than 260 miles above the South Pacific. Very nice to have a vehicle that can take your science, equipment and maybe someday even humans back to Earth, Swanson told Mission Control. The SpaceX Dragon is the only supply ship capable of returning items to Earth. The others burn up See SPACE/ Page A2 Bryant: Children can do anything they want MIKEWRIGHT Staff writerGinger Bryant knows her way around Crystal River Middle School and calls everyone by their name. This school is meaningful for Bryant: She attended school here when CRMS was the K-12 Crystal River school, graduated from here, met the love of her life (Nick) at CRMS and taught here for 28 years. Several of the teachers and their parents were students in Bryants social studies classes. A 14-year member of the Citrus County School Board, Bryant doesnt have a lot to say during board meetings, but when she does, she speaks from years of experience in a Citrus County classroom. With graduations occurring this week, we thought itd be a good time to sit down with Bryant for a chat about education then and now.CHRONICLE: So Ginger, were here at Crystal River Middle School. You went to school here? BRYANT: I did. So did my mom and her brothers and sisters. CHRONICLE: What do you remember about that? BRYANT: I remember when this building was ready to be condemned. Right before then we used to hold elections, county elections, right here in the auditorium. I was over in the building behind us with my fifthor sixth-grade class. I would come here and vote, CHRISVANORMER Staff reporterINVERNESS The prospect of building a new boat ramp is exciting, while digging sewers and striping roads is mundane. But thats the gamut of the Capital Improvement Projects and Program list for 2014-15. Weve kind of combined the two, said County Administrator Brad Thorpe at Tuesdays meeting of the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). The CIP kind of gets a little bit long and dry. We tried to make it a little bit more relevant to the board in their upcoming projects for next year. The list was divided into different types of services county government provides. Thorpe advised that the information could be used in the development of next years budget. What follows are highlights of projects from each section with expected costs that are not always Board reviews spending wish list Monday CONVERSATION See BOARD/ Page A9 Capital improvement list includes new boat ramp, sewers MIKE WRIGHT /ChronicleSchool board member Ginger Bryant taught for 28 years at Crystal River Middle School. Many of the teachers there and their parents were Bryants students. See BRYANT/ Page A2


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BRYANT: I wanted to instill in children the importance of voting. CHRONICLE: What do you remember about going to school here? BRYANT: I had great teachers. Miss Ethel Winn, who lives across the street, is 102 years old and she taught me in the second grade. Delightful lady. CHRONICLE: Do you remember your graduation? BRYANT: We were in the gymnasium. There were 67 in 1965. When Nick graduated in there were 13 graduates. So you see how the place had grown in five years? CHRONICLE: Who was your commencement speaker? BRYANT: I dont really know. I know (former Superintendent of Schools) Roger Weaver was there. He was very influential in my life. He convinced me I needed to go to college and become a teacher. CHRONICLE: Did you know you wanted to come back home and teach? BRYANT: Yes, I did. I taught two years in Suwannee County and then came here to teach for 28 years. CHRONICLE: What did you teach? BRYANT: Monsters. Thats what we had here. (Laughs.) Language arts, sixth grade. CHRONICLE: What did you like about it? BRYANT: I just loved the children. I wanted to instill in children they could do anything their little heart desires if they get focused in and charges ahead. CHRONICLE: As a school board member, you go to all the graduation ceremonies. How are they different from the one you went to when you graduated? BRYANT: I remember this graduation in 1965, people lined up against the wall over there and one of them was my fourth-grade teacher, Miss Cattie Martin. Miss Cattie was there and she had a card for me with two dollars in it. I was so touched. CHRONICLE: We have some big schools now, graduating classes of 200 or 300 kids or more. Has that personal touch been lost because of the size of the high schools? BRYANT: I dont think so, and heres my hope and prayer: That somebody at the school knows whoever the child is, and reaches out to that child. Ive got a few that I know, that I reach out to. Hopefully every child has an adult at the school or in the community helping them walk across that stage. I want every child to have an encourager. CHRONICLE: Do you think thats the case, from what youve seen? BRYANT: I dont know, but Im doing my part. I want to encourage everybody else to do theirs. CHRONICLE: Whats the difference in the kids today as opposed to the kids you were around with when you were in high school or middle school? BRYANT: I dont know if theres a lot of difference. Kids are kids. I know we have all the technology that we didnt have back then, but children are children. CHRONICLE: But the influences are totally different. BRYANT: Kids are kids. They need structure, they need boundaries, they need somebody to say, This is where you need to stay. And if you step out of it, youre going to be in big trouble. CHRONICLE: Has all the standardized testing thats going on these days, has that watered down that connection between teachers and students? BRYANT: I hate it! I remember when we used to give the California Test of Basic Skills, and it was just one indicator. The child came in with a cold or flu or something and took that test and had a fever, wed mark that down because we knew that child probably didnt do real well. It was just one indicator. It didnt determine whether they passed or failed. CHRONICLE: Has it created this disconnect between teachers and students? BRYANT: I think it has. (School board member) Pat Deutschman did a tally and she figured out that by the time a child is in school until he graduates, he or she spends one whole school year testing. That is wrong! I want high standards. I want to raise the bar, to toughen up, keep going. But use some common sense. CHRONICLE: So, its commencement week and youre going to see a lot of kids walk across the stage and you dont know where they go after that. What advice do you give them? What do you want from those kids? BRYANT: I want them to either get a job or go to school. I dont want them sitting home on the couch. CHRONICLE: Would you want them to go to college and come back to work in the county? BRYANT: Absolutely. That would be my ultimate wish for them. Contact Chronicle reporter Mike Wright at 352-563-3228 or mwright@chronicleonline. com. BRYANTContinued from Page A1 on re-entry. This was the fourth Dragon to bring back space station goods, with 3,500 pounds aboard; it came down off Mexicos Baja California coast. NASA is paying SpaceX and Virginia-based Orbital Sciences Corp. to make station deliveries. Orbital is next up, next month. Russia, Europe and Japan also make occasional shipments. SpaceX also is competing for the right to ferry station astronauts, perhaps as early as 2017. The Dragon rocketed to the space station on April 18 with a full load and arrived at the orbiting lab two days later. Following Sundays splashdown, a ship is to carry the Dragon to a port near Los Angeles, and then it will go to a SpaceX factory in McGregor, Texas. Critical science samples will be hustled off at the port for quick return to NASA. SPACEContinued from Page A1 Associated PressSpaceX's Dragon spacecraft splashes down Sunday after it successfully completed the CRS 3 mission for NASA, landing safely in the Pacific Ocean with 3,500 pounds of ISS cargo.


Energy-Bill Filibuster: The Senate on May 12 failed, 55-36, to reach 60 votes needed to end a GOP filibuster of a bill to promote energy efficiency without mandates or deficits. Republicans objected to not being allowed to offer a pro-Keystone XL Pipeline amendment. A yes vote was to advance S 2262. Bill Nelson, Yes; Marco Rubio, No. Extension of Tax Breaks: The Senate on May 13 agreed, 96-3, to start debate on renewal through 2015 of dozens of targeted tax breaks for businesses and indi viduals that expired at the end of 2013. A yes vote was to advance HR 3474, which is projected to add $84 billion to national debt over 10 years. Nelson, Yes; Rubio, Yes. Judge Diane Humetewa: The Senate on May 14 confirmed, 96-0, Diane J. Humetewa as a federal judge for the District of Arizona, making her the first Native Americanto serve on the federal bench. A member of the Hopi Tribe, she was U.S. attorney for the Arizona district between 2007-2009. Nelson, Yes; Rubio, Yes. Key votes ahead: In the week of May 19, the Senate will resume debate on a bill to extend special-interest tax breaks for individuals and businesses. The House schedule was to be announced. 2014 Thomas Reports Inc. Call: 202-667-9760.HOW YOUR LAWMAKERS VOTEDKey votes for the week ending May 16. by Voterama in Congress. The House is in recess.Around theCOUNTY Program on living shorelines June 3At 6 p.m. Tuesday, June3, Sean King of the Southwest Florida Water Management District will present information to the Crystal River Waterfronts Board on living shorelines and floating wetlands. King is a staff engineer in the districts Natural Systems and Restoration, Springs and Environmental Flows section. The program takes place at Crystal River City Hall and is open to the public. S.W. Democrats meeting June 7The Southwest Citrus Democratic Club will meet at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, June 7, at Sugarmill Woods Country Club, 1 Douglas St., Homosassa. The guest speaker will be Jon Brainard, education chairfor the SSJ Sierra Club. He will give a presentation on seven environmental issues common to this area. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, please email swcdems@ or call 352-3820032.Church-state group meeting TuesdayAmericans United for Separation of Church and State, Nature Coast Chapter, will meet at 4p.m. Tuesday at Lakes Region Library, 1511 Druid Road, In verness. The public iswelcome to attend and discuss constitutional issues pertaining to the separation of church and state. For information, call 352344-9211 or email nature seeks interested volunteersCitrus County has a volunteer program and is looking for people who are interested in assisting in various departments throughout the county. Bright, enthusiastic and energetic adults who would like to assist the professional staff in enhancing services to the community are sought. Visit www.bocc.citrus.fl. us/volunteering.htm, call Deb Bloss at 352-341-6429 or email deborah.bloss for details on how to get started. From staff reports Page A3MONDAY, MAY 19, 2014 CITRUSCOUNTYCHRONICLE QUESTION: Gov. Rick Scotts campaign ads credit him with economic and employment improvements. ... Does he deserve the credit? Yes. His conservative, businessminded approach is largely behind the upswing. 47 percent (240 votes) Since the state has followed national trends, Gov. Scott and President Obama share the credit. 2 percent (11 votes) Private industry and the natural ebb and flow of the economy are primarily responsible. 11 percent (57 votes) No. Hes riding on the coattails of national trends and deserves little credit. 40 percent (205 votes) Total votes: 513. ONLINE POLL RESULTS NANCYKENNEDY Staff writerINVERNESS The biz is in his blood. After years of owning and operating multiple restaurants and a catering company in Decatur, Illinois, Kemper Willcut and his partner Lou Ann Jacobs sold everything, including Jacobs successful Dels Popcorn Shop, and moved to Inverness two years ago. We were tired of the weather and the politics, Willcut said. They are the owners of Pine Street Pub, formerly Dillons Irish Pub in downtown Inverness. Prior to buying the pub, the couple bought a house and spent time fixing it up, but theres only so much you can do to a house. At one point they moved temporarily to New Orleans, where Jacobs had a job with the Fresh Market grocery company, and Willcut bought a vintage 1929 Model A popcorn truck that was used on Main Street in Disney World, taking it to festivals and fairs. Then one Saturday Lou Ann called me and said, Kemp! Dillons is for sale. You have to get to Inverness right now. Within an hour, I was on the road back to Florida, he said. Willcut had had his eye on the Irish pub on Pine Street for quite some time, and once he reached Inverness, he made an offer on the business. He opened it at the end of 2013 and has been steadily working on making changes while serving customers. One of the biggest changes is the addition of a food menu to the pubs selection of beers, including local craft beers from Copp Brewery in Crystal River. Also, the pub is open for lunch. I spent the first six weeks just getting to know the feel of the place, the customers and the area, he said. Ive never owned anything this small, so its been a challenge. Ive spent years buying and selling restaurants, and usually close a store to remodel, but with this Im doing the work myself and taking my time. His plans include expanding the back deck area to seat 25 people, installing an antique back bar inside the pub, redoing the dcor, adding more draft beer selections and finetuning the kitchen menu. Early on he met with Inverness events director Sharon Skeele-Hogan and talked about the pubs future participation in city events. Kemper has brought a wealth of experience, a trove of fresh and innovative event ideas and great enthusiasm to the city of Inverness, SkeeleHogan said. Very can-do guy, and we are having a blast working with him on city events as a business partner, vendor and brain trust. Willcut said he has been impressed with the people of the community, especially as a relative outsider taking over an established business. They are absolutely the salt of the earth, he said. Everybody is kind and cooperative; customers want to help me do things. People want us to succeed, and we want other businesses here in the downtown to succeed, too. We want Inverness to be a place that draws people for food and entertainment. Contact Chronicle reporter Nancy Kennedy at 352-564-2927 or nkennedy@chronicle NANCY KENNEDY /ChronicleKemper Willcut and his partner Lou Ann Jacobs, both successful business owners from Decatur, Ill., with a history rich in food, are settling into downtown Inverness as owners of Pine Street Pub, formerly Dillons Irish Pub. Above, Jacobs, left, and Willcut st and behind the bar, and below, they pose outside the pub. Pine Street Pub gets new owners Publicans bring experience, local craft beer to Inverness Special to the ChronicleBROOKSVILLE The Florida Forest Services Fire Management Information Systems (FMIS) Internet Mapping Tool provides up-to-date information for the public about forest and brush fires. Using this tool, it is possible to see where all existing/active wildfires are in Florida, where all open burn authorizations are or are planned to be on any particular day, and other incidents that the Florida Forest Service has responsibility for resolving. The data is real-time. The map will update as incidents occur, so it is very likely that the map at 8 a.m. will be very different from the map at 10 a.m. Users are able to see the entire state or choose our district from a drop-down menu on the left. Users click, location, choose Withlacoochee Forestry Center, then choose district. Authorizations will show up as gray pushpins and wildfires will show up as a red fire symbol. For more information, choose the blue identification option at the top of the map and click on the authorization or wildfire. Visit the website at Online tool shows real-time fire information on map The data is real-time. The map will update as incidents occur.


Birthday Your insight is sharp, enabling you to zero in on valuable information. Your goal will be to use the knowledge you discover in such a way that it will bring positive influences and advancement. Taurus (April 20-May 20) You will be enticed by the latest gossip, but if you repeat it, you will lose credibility. Dont waste valuable time on stressful details. Stay focused on what is most important. Gemini (May 21-June 20) Embrace intellectual challenges. If you check out the latest technology, it could help generate some ideas. Cancer (June 21-July 22) You need to take control of your finances and get back on budget. Its time to clear up any debts and collect any money that is owed to you. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Physical and social activities are highlighted. Mix both by joining a gym or fitness club. You will meet new people and improve your health at the same time. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Pamper the ones you love. Be considerate and helpful to those in need. Your behavior toward others will strengthen your ties to them and ensure assistance when you need it. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) You can use your discipline and determination to overcome any recently acquired bad habits. By concentrating on a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will soon be back in fighting form. Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) There may be some mixed messages coming your way. You should delay making any important decisions. Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Sometimes it is easier to talk with friends than with family. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) You could use a vacation. Make room in your budget for a short getaway. Its the perfect time to relax and enjoy your own company or that of a loved one. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Dont keep your opinions bottled up. Your ideas are as important as anyone elses. Pisces (Feb. 20-March 20) You could be in for a rude awakening if you lend money to someone you dont know that well. Aries (March 21-April 19) Children or elderly relatives will provide a happy diversion from tedious problems. The most meaningful relationships involve common interests.TodaysHOROSCOPES Today is Monday, May 19, the 139th day of 2014. There are 226 days left in the year. Todays History: On May 19, 1864, American author Nathaniel Hawthorne, 59, died in Plymouth, New Hampshire. On this date: In 1536, Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Englands King Henry VIII, was beheaded after being convicted of adultery. Ten years ago: Army Reserve Spc. Jeremy C. Sivits wept and apologized after receiving a year in prison and a bad conduct discharge in the first court-martial stemming from abuse of Iraqis at the Abu Ghraib prison. Five years ago: President Barack Obama asked consumers to back his plan for higher efficiency standards for cars and trucks, saying drivers would make up the higher cost of cleaner vehicles at the gas pump. One year ago: President Barack Obama, in a soaring commencement address on work, sacrifice and opportunity, told graduates of historically black Morehouse College in Atlanta to seize the power of their example as black men graduating from college and use it to improve peoples lives. Todays Birthdays: PBS newscaster Jim Lehrer is 80. TV personality David Hartman is 79. Actor James Fox is 75. Actress Nancy Kwan is 75. Actor Peter Mayhew is 70. Rock singer-composer Pete Townshend (The Who) is 69. Concert pianist David Helfgott is 67. Rock singer-musician Dusty Hill (ZZ Top) is 65. Singer-actress Grace Jones is 62. Rock musician Phil Rudd (AC-DC) is 60. Actor Steven Ford is 58. Gospel singer Israel Houghton is 43. Rock singer Jenny Berggren (Ace of Base) is 42. Actor Drew Fuller is 34. Christian rock musician Tim McTague is 31. Thought for Today: How slowly I have made my way in life! How much is still to be done! Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864). Today inHISTORY CITRUSCOUNTY(FL) CHRONICLE Todays active pollen: Ragweed, grasses, oak Todays count: 5.7/12 Tuesdays count: 5.1 Wednesdays count: 4.5 To start your subscription:Call now for home delivery by our carriers:Citrus County: 352-563-5655 Marion County: 888-852-2340 13 weeks: $39.64* 6 months: $70.63* 1 year: $133.87**Subscription price includes a separate charge of .15.5 per day for transportation cost and applicable state and local sales tax. Call 352-563-5655 for details. There will be a $1 adjustment for the Thanksgiving edition. This will only slightly affect your expiration date. 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Please recycle your Published every Sunday through Saturday By Citrus Publishing Inc.1624 N. Meadowcrest Blvd., Crystal River, FL 34429Phone 352-563-6363POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Citrus County Chronicle1624 N. MEADOWCREST BLVD., CRYSTAL RIVER, FL 34429 PERIODICAL POSTAGE PAID AT INVERNESS, FL SECOND CLASS PERMIT #114280 CITRUSCOUNTY Florida' s BestCommunity Newspaper Serving Floridas Best Community ENTERTAINMENT Expendables 3 cast rolls into Cannes in tanksCANNES, France Who needs a red carpet? The megawatt cast of Expendables 3 made a spectacular debut at Cannes on Sunday, rolling down the famous Croisette in tanks as a throng of onlookers and media jostled for a better view of its cargo: Sly Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas and Jason Statham. And that was just part one of the entourage. Banderas was hardly exaggerating in the subsequent press conference when he called it the hall of fame of action heroes. The chance to work with all these guys is very very rare, said Stallone, the films original star and creator, sitting between Schwarzenegger and Gibson. Since the first Expendables in 2010, the cast has ballooned to seemingly include almost every star thats flexed a muscle on film: The third edition includes younger stars such as Kellan Lutz and Ronda Rousey (the only woman in the cast), as well as Wesley Snipes and Kelsey Grammer Ford called joining the cast a lot of fun, and that was clear from the camaraderie at the press conference (which needed two rows of seats to fit everyone). The cast cracked jokes at the expense of each other, and themselves: Age was a natural target, given the advanced age of most of its top-billed stars. I think Lincoln was in the White House when we first met, quipped Stallone, 67, about Ford, 71. Later, when asked when the stars when know when it was time to retire, Stallone said: When youre ass falls off, its time to retire, before adding: Were children with arthritis! Were young forever! Though much of the cast are senior citizens, Stallone, is hoping to reach a younger generation with the next film with a PG-13 rating instead of the R-rating of the others to expand its reach. Stallone also said the franchise would return to its action roots; the second one delved too far into the comic realm, he said. I realized we should get back into dramatic. When the action starts, I dont like to do joke action, Stallone said. I feel like we finally got it right on the third one kind of like a marriage.Racism claim dooms bid to honor Mark Twain in NVRENO, Nev. A state panel has effectively killed a bid to name a Lake Tahoe cove for Mark Twain, citing opposition from a tribe who claims he held racist views on Native Americans. The Nevada State Board on Geographic Names this week voted to indefinitely table the request after hearing opposition from the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California, whose ancestral homeland includes Tahoe. Tribal representative Darrel Cruz said Twain is undeserving of the honor because he made derogatory comments about the Washoe and other tribes in his literature. University of Nevada, Reno, history professor emeritus James Hulse said its irrelevant whether Twain did so because his writings were insulting to everyone, including governors and legislators. Twain assumed his pen name as a Nevada newspaper reporter in the 1860s and wrote adoringly of Tahoe. From wire reports Associated PressFrom left, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Ronda Rousey pose atop a tank Sunday during a photo call for The Expendables 3 at the 67th international film festival in Cannes, southern France. A4MONDAY, MAY19, 2014 000I2BT in Todays Citrus County Chronicle LEGAL NOTICESMeeting Notices.......................................B9 Miscellaneous Notices............................B9 Foreclosure Sale/Action Notices...........B9 Surplus Property...... ...............................B9


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Associated PressSIOUX FALLS, S.D. Don Meyer, one of the winningest coaches in college basketball who came back from a near-fatal car accident and liver cancer before closing out his career, died Sunday in South Dakota. He was 69. Meyer led his teams into the playoffs 19 times and compiled a 923-324 record during his 38-year career, most of which he spent at Lipscomb in Tennessee and Northern State in South Dakota. The former Northern State coach died Sunday morning of cancer at his home in Aberdeen, where he had recently gone into hospice care, family spokeswoman Brenda Dreyer said. He won his greatest victory and is now running again and gearing up to pitch nine innings, the Meyer family said in a statement. The family appreciates the outpouring of love, prayers and concern. Four months after a near-fatal car accident and a cancer diagnosis, Meyer passed Bob Knight as the NCAAs winningest coach in mens basketball history in 2009. The native of Wayne, Nebraska, retired following the 2010 season at Northern State and a 13-14 record only his fourth losing season. Some of the greatest names in college basketball were his biggest fans, including Dukes Mike Krzyzewski, who surpassed Meyers record in 2012 and once said Meyer did a wonderful job of giving back to our great game. Former Tennessee womens coach Pat Summitt, who holds the alltime win record for college basketball, has called Meyer truly one of the best teachers in the history of the game. Jerry Meyer played for his dad at Lipscomb from 1989-1992, and credits his dads success with a seamless, onand offcourt philosophy that lent itself to an exciting game. He was a tough coach to play for, very demanding physical and mentally. But thats what made him a great coach, and thats why all his players, he influenced their lives so much and produced so many coaches, Jerry Meyer said. Lipscomb athletic director Philip Hutcheson, who also played for Meyer there, said it wasnt hard to see the coachs legacy at the school thats well-established and its enormous. Whats difficult, Hutcheson said, is trying to determine where his impact ended. Praise also came from opponents, including Nebraska coach Tim Miles, who coached against Meyer at Northern State. It didnt matter if you were friend or foe, Miles once said. He would open up his playbook and show you his plays, and then he would turn around and beat you with that same play when your team played his. Krzyzewski on Sunday said Meyer shared his knowledge with coaches and helped the game become better at every level. His players benefited from his teachings both on and off the court, Krzyzewski said. His goal was for them to be successful as players and as men. Meyer kept coaching after being critically injured in traffic accident in September 2008. He was alone in a compact car, leading a caravan of vehicles heading to an annual team retreat, when he collided head-on with a grain truck. Multiple operations followed to remove Meyers spleen, repair cracked ribs and deal with a mangled left leg that had to be amputated below the knee. He would later call the accident a blessing, because doctors also found cancer in his liver and small intestines. Four months later while coaching from a wheelchair he became the winningest mens basketball coach on Jan. 10, 2009. Yet always the humble teacher, Meyer noted during the postgame huddle defensive lapses on some 3pointers. How selfish it would be if I was celebrating all this stuff and they were trying to be a better team, he said at the time. But a few minutes after the historic victory, Meyer finally smiled and thought of his wife. I havent had this much fun since Carmen and I were married, he told the crowd of 6,654, standing on his right leg and leaning against the scorers table as streamers and confetti drifted to the floor. He was honored in July 2009 with ESPNs Jimmy V Perseverance Award, named for former North Carolina State coach Jimmy Valvano, who died in 1993 from cancer. Meyer also was given the John W. Bunn Lifetime Achievement Award from the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in August 2010. Meyer was a standout baseball and basketball player at Northern Colorado. He graduated in 1967, then began his head coaching career with three seasons at Hamline in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1972. He later moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to coach 24 seasons at Lipscomb earning NAIA coach of the year twice and leading the Bison to the 1986 title. He took over at Northern State in 1999, and two years later started a run of seven straight 20-win seasons. Meyer compiled records of 37-41 at Hamline, 665-179 at Lipscomb, and 221-104 at Northern State.A6MONDAY, MAY19, 2014CITRUSCOUNTY(FL) CHRONICLE 000I5O0Serving all of Citrus County (352) 726-2271 Serving all your cremation needs. 000IAAO For Information and costs, call 726-8323 Burial Shipping Cremation Funeral Home With Crematory 000GSLM 000I8D4 Serving Our Community... Meeting Your Needs! Richard T. Brown Licensed Funeral Director Fax: 352-795-6694 5430 West Gulf to Lake Hwy. Lecanto, FL 34461 352-795-0111 / 302 N.E. 3rd St., Crystal River, FL Waverley Florist Serving all of Citrus County 352.795.1424 800.771.0057 Fresh & Silk Flower Arrangements for All Occasions 000I3JY Closing time for placing ad is 4 business days prior to run date. There are advanced deadlines for holidays. 000HSVS Contact Anne Farrior 564-2931 Darrell Watson 564-2197 To Place Your In Memory ad, Ronald Fox, 81INVERNESSRonald E. Fox, age 81, Inverness, died May 17, 2014, under the loving care of his wife and Hospice of Citrus County. Ronald was born on Oct. 25, 1932, in North Tonawanda, New York. He served our country in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. Ron was employed by Midland Machinery in Tonawanda as a mechanic. Left to cherish his memory is his wife of 57 years, June E. Fox; son Ronald E. Fox Jr., Brampton, Canada; daughter Joanne Tournade, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming; brother Richard G. Fox, North Tonawanda, New York; sisters Gladys Oddo, Hinsdale, Florida, Audrey Gouda, Newfame, New York, and Carol Schneider, Amherst, New York; three grandsons, Mason, Robert and John; and five greatgrandchildren. Chas. E. Davis Funeral Home with Crematory is assisting the family with arrangements.Sign the guest book at Gutierrez, 82FORMERLY OF BEVERLY HILLSAlba I. Tirado Gutierrez, 82, formerly of Beverly Hills, Florida, died in May 16 in Ocala. Fero Funeral Home.Ima May, 87HERNANDOIma B. May, 87, of Hernando, died on May 17. Fero Funeral Home.Virginia Pike, 81INVERNESSVirginia A. Pike, 81, of Inverness, Florida, died on May 16, 2014, at her home under the loving care of her family and Hospice of Citrus County. Virginia was born on May 29, 1932, in Wakefield, Rhode Island, the daughter of Roy and Lyla Greene. She was a Seventh-day Adventist schoolteacher. Virginia and her husband moved to Inverness in 2001 from Orlando, Florida. She was a member of the Eden Gardens Seventh-day Adventist Church in Inverness. She was preceded in death by her granddaughter, Pauline L. Samscott; brothers, James and David; and sister, Barbara. Survivors include her husband of 57 years, Richard L. Pike of Inverness; daughters, Elizabeth Hernley and her husband Donald of Gore, Virginia, and MaryAnn Formolo, of Inverness; brother, Everett Greene of Tennessee; grandchildren, Anthony and Michael Formolo and Christopher Hernley; and great-grandchildren Jasmine Samscott, Ellie Formolo and Lexie Hernley. Virginias family will receive friends at the Eden Gardens Seventh-day Adventist Church from 1 p.m. to the hour of service on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. Funeral services will begin at 2 p.m. Interment will be at Florida National Cemetery at a later date. Heinz Funeral Home & Cremation, Inverness.Sign the guest book at Theresa Meola, 101INVERNESSTheresa Meola, 101, of Inverness, died May 18 at Hospice of Citrus County, Inverness. Private arrangements by Chas. E. Davis Funeral Home with Crematory, Inverness.Clyde Snow, 86ANTHROPOLOGISTOKLAHOMA CITY Clyde Snow, a forensic anthropologist who worked on cases ranging from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to mass graves in Argentina, has died. He was 86. Snows wife, Jerry Snow, told The Associated Press her husband died Friday morning at Norman Regional Hospital in Norman, Oklahoma. Jerry Snow said her husband had lung cancer and emphysema. Snows subjects included Nazi fugitive Josef Mengele, and victims of the Oklahoma City bombing and serial killer John Wayne Gacy. He also examined mass grave sites in countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Croatia, and often helped build criminal cases against government leaders who carried out the killings. Bones dont forget, Snow once told the AP Theyre there and they have a story to tell. Born Jan. 7, 1928, in Texas, Snow became interested in the human body through his physician father. After joining the Federal Aviation Administration in Oklahoma City in 1960, Snow helped develop a computer program to investigate plane crashes. Snow investigated the deaths of many historical figures, including soldiers who died at the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876 and King Tutankhamun. Virginia Pike Obituaries SO YOU KNOW Deadline is 3 p.m. for obituaries to appear in the next days edition. OBITUARIES Phone 352-563-5660 for details. Death ELSEWHERE From wire reports Don Meyer, among coaches with most wins, has died Associated PressNorthern State University Men's Basketball coach Don Meyer shakes hands on Jan. 10, 2009, with a University of Mary player after he got his 903rd win, passing Bobby Knight as the NCAA's winningest coach in men's basketball history, in Aberdeen, S.D. Meyer, one of the winningest coaches in college basketball who came back from a near-fatal car accident and liver cancer before closing out his career, has died.


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LifeSouth bloodmobile schedule for May. To find a donor center or a blood drive near you, call 352-527-3061. Donors must be at least 17, or 16 with parental permission, weigh a minimum of 110pounds and be in good health to be eligible to donate. A photo ID is also required. The Lecanto branch office is at 1241 S. Lecanto Highway (County Road 491), open from 8:30a.m. to 5p.m. weekdays (7p.m. Wednesdays), 8:30a.m. to 2p.m. Saturdays and closed Sundays. The Inverness branch is at 2629 E. Gulf-to-Lake Highway, open from 8a.m. to 4:30p.m. weekdays, (6:30p.m. Wednesdays and Fridays), 8a.m. to 5p.m. Saturdays and 10a.m. to 5p.m. Sundays. Visit for details. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, May19, Walmart Supercenter, 1936 N. Lecanto Highway, Lecanto. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday, May20, AAA Roofing, 1000 N.E. Fifth St., Crystal River. Publix gift card. 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday, May21, VFW Post 10087, Beverly Hills. 1 to 4 p.m. Wednesday, May21, Lecanto Government Building, 3600 W. Sovereign Path. 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday, May22, Arbor Trail Rehab & Skilled Nursing, 611 Turner Camp Road, Inverness. 10 a.m. to noon Thursday, May22, Walmart Supercenter, 2461 W. Gulf-to-Lake Highway, Inverness. 10 a.m. to 5p.m. Friday, May23, Head to Toe by Julie & Jo, 7733 Old Floral City Road, Floral City. Cookout and prizes. 8 a.m. to 1p.m. Saturday, May24, Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, 6 Roosevelt Blvd., Beverly Hills. Continental breakfast. 10 a.m. to 5p.m. Sunday, May25, Walmart Supercenter, 2461 W. Gulf-toLake Highway, Inverness. 11 a.m. to 4p.m. Monday, May26, VFW Post 7122, 8191 S. Florida Ave., Floral City. 8 to 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, May27, Stoneridge Landing Clubhouse, Inverness. 12:30 to 4 p.m. Tuesday, May27, Walmart Supercenter, 2461 W. Gulf-to-Lake Highway, Inverness. 11 a.m. to 4:55p.m. Wednesday, May28, Cypress Creek Academy, 2855 W. Woodland Ridge Drive, Lecanto. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday, May29, Big Lots, 146 S.E. U.S. 19, Crystal River. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday, May30, Walmart Supercenter, 1936 N. Lecanto Highway, Lecanto. Noon to 3 p.m. Saturday, May31, Inverness Elks Lodge No.2522, 3580 E. Lemmon Drive, Hernando. Free lunch. FOOD PANTRIESSt. Annes Anglican Church 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. daily in the administration building.Annie Johnson Senior & Family 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, 1991 W. Test Court, Dunnellon, is open to Citrus County residents. 352-489-8021.The Salvation Army 9 to 11 a.m. and 1 to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), 712 S. School Ave., Lecanto. 352513-4960.Daystar Life Center 9 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays), 6751 W. Gulf-toLake Highway, Crystal River. 352-795-8668.Citrus United Basket (CUB) 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 103 Mill Ave., Inverness, to assist Citrus County residents facing temporary hardship. Call CUB at 352-344-2242 or Baptist Church of Crystal River 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 700 N. Citrus Ave. 352-795-3367.Our Lady of Fatima 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, 604 U.S. 41 S., open to needy residents of Floral City, Hernando and Inverness. 352-726-1707.Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church 9 to 10 a.m. the third Tuesday monthly, 6 Roosevelt Blvd. 352-527-2381 or 352-7462144. St. Margarets Episcopal Church 9:30 to 11:45 a.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 352-726-3153.First Presbyterian Church of Crystal River 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. the second and fourth Tuesdays monthly, 1501 S.E. U.S. 19. 352-795-2259.Citrus County Veterans Coalition (CCVC) 9 a.m. to noon Tuesdays, 1039 N. Paul Drive, Inverness. Open to Citrus County veterans and their family members in need. Food Bank manager is Gary Williamson. Call 352-527-4537.Crystal River United Methodist Church 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. the second and fourth Thursdays monthly, 4801 N. Citrus Ave., Crystal River. 352-795-3148 or Nature Coast Ministries 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1590 Meadowcrest Blvd., Crystal River. 352-563-1860.First United Methodist Church of Homosassa Bread of Life Outreach Pantry 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursdays in fellowship hall. Bag of groceries with bread, meat and produce as available for Homosassa residents once a month. 352-628-4083.We Care Food Pantry must be a Homosassa or Homosassa Springs resident. 352-228-4921.Beverly Hills Community Church 11 a.m. to noon and 6 to 7 p.m. the last Tuesday monthly, 82 Civic Circle, open to Beverly Hills residents. 352-746-3620.Suncoast Baptist Church food pantry open for bread distribution from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Wednesdays, and the second Wednesday monthly is distribution of bagged canned goods, dry goods and meat from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at 5310 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa Springs. Open to Homosassa residents only. 352-621-3008.Floral City First Baptist Church 1 to 3 p.m. the third Wednesday monthly.Serving our Savior (SOS) 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Thursdays at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 439 E. Norvell Bryant Highway, Hernando.Calvary Church 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursdays, 2728 E. Harley St., Inverness, open to Citrus County residents. 352-637-5100 or Oak Baptist Church Food Pantry 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. the last Thursday monthly. Serving Citrus Springs, Dunnellon and Beverly Hills. Call 352-746-1500. Food is distributed at the Youth Building from Elkcam side.First Baptist Church of Beverly Hills Helping Hands Food Pantry 9 to 11 a.m. the third Saturday monthly, 4950 N. Lecanto Highway, Beverly Hills. Serving Beverly Hills, Lecanto and Citrus Springs. 352-746-2970. FREE MEALSFirst United Methodist Church of Inverness Gods Kitchen 11:30 a.m. to noon Mondays, 3896 S. Pleasant Grove Road. 352726-2522.Floral City United Methodist Church 7 to 9 a.m. Tuesdays in Hilton Hall, 8478 E. Marvin St. 352-344-1771.St. Margarets Episcopal Churchs Feed My Sheep outreach 11:30 a.m. Wednesdays. 352726-3153.Salvation Army Canteen 5 to 6 p.m. Wednesdays at the Homosassa Lions Club, one-half mile east of U.S. 19 on Homosassa Trail. 352-5134960.Calvary Chapel of Inverness Feed the Hungry, noon to 1 p.m. Thursdays, soup kitchen from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesdays, 960 S. U.S. 41. 352-726-1480.Feed the Hungry program from 11 am. to 1 p.m. the fourth Saturday monthly at Hernando Church of the Living God, 3441 E. Oleander Lane, Hernando (the church with the red door off Railroad Drive). Call 352726-3103.Our Fathers Table 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturdays at St. Annes Anglican Church, one mile west of the Plantation Inn on West Fort Island Trail. 352795-2176.Inverness Church of God Noon the first and third Sunday monthly, 416 U.S. 41 S., Inverness. 352726-4524.GIVEAWAYSThe New Church Without Walls gives food boxes away at 5 p.m. Mondays at the neighborhood park in Hernando off Railroad Drive where feeding the homeless takes place. Call 352-3442425.St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Citrus Springs serves those in need with free boxes of food. Call 352-465-6613 on the third Tuesday monthly to sign up; distribution now begins at 9 a.m. the following Saturday.El-Shaddai food ministries brown bag of food distribution is from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesdays at Crystal River Church of God, 2180 W. 12th Ave. Although food is distributed once a week, families are only eligible for food once a month. Call 352-628-9087 or 352302-9925.Hernando Seventh-day Adventist Church, 1880 N. Trucks Ave., Hernando, provides food distribution for needy families from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. the second Tuesday monthly. Call 352212-5159.A8MONDAY, MAY19, 2014CITRUSCOUNTY(FL) CHRONICLE Eyecare Express SAME DAY SERVICE Even Bifocals & Safety Glasses *CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS APPLY. THE PATIENT AND ANY OTHER PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT HAS A RIGHT TO REFUSE TO PAY, CANCEL PAYMENT, OR BE REIMBURSED FOR PAYMENT FOR ANY OTHER SERVICE, EXAMINATION OR TREATMENT, WHICH IS PERFORMED AS A RESULT OF AND WITHIN 72 HOURS OF RESPONDING TO THIS FREE, DISCOUNTED FEE, OR REDUCED FEE SERVICE, EXAMINATION OR TREATMENT. ORDERS CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH OTHER SPECIALS. Hwy. 486/Norvell Bryant Fore st Ridge Dr. Publix Heritage Hills Plaza Hwy. 491/N. L ecanto Hwy Hwy. 41 Dunnellon Crystal River Terra Vista State-of-the-art Computerized In-house Lens Lab The Only Lab In Citrus County To Offer One Day Service On Bifocals, Progressives And Trifocals. Eye exams by Dr. Allen Sobel, Optometrist 352-249-1086 MUST PRESENT COUPON AT TIME OF PURCHASE. See store for details. Expires 5/31/14 352-249-9252 Located in the Center of Citrus County 2400 N. Heritage Oaks Path (Hwy. 486 Citrus Hills) 10 min. from Inverness, Crystal River and Beverly Hills Mon.-Fri. 9:30am-6:00pm Sat. 10am-2pm 000I3JU 20/20 Eyecare N OW A CCEPTING Over 1,000 Frames In Stock with Purchase of Lenses AND Get a 2nd Pair of Glasses FREE ( $ 89.00 Value) FREE FREE Frames FREE Frames Frames 527-0012 72 HOUR BLIND FACTORY FAUX WOOD BLINDS, TOP TREATMENTS DRAPERY, SHADES, SHUTTERS VERTICALS B LIND S 1657 W. GULF TO LAKE HWY LECANTO 2012 2012 2012 2012 000HX6F 000I4JG 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 30th Year of Experience You Can Trust 4 Year Warranties Full Time Service 211 S. 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The regular APR will apply to certain fees such as a late payment fee or if you use the card for other transactions. If you use the card for cash advances, the cash advance fee is 5.0% of the amount of the cash advance, but not less than $10.00. Offer expires 05/31/2014.DANIELS HEATING & A/C, INC.352-400-4287License# CAC042673000HVZJ FoodPROGRAMS BloodDRIVES Associated PressWASHINGTON The U.S. government is stepping up efforts to help Central American farmers fight a devastating coffee disease and hold down the price of your morning cup. At issue is a fungus called coffee rust that has caused more than $1 billion in damage across Latin American region. The fungus is especially deadly to Arabica coffee, the bean that makes up most highend, specialty coffees. Already, it is affecting the price of some of those coffees in the United States. We are concerned because we know coffee rust is already causing massive amounts of devastation, said Raj Shah, head of the U.S. Agency for International Development. On Monday, he was expected to announce a $5 million partnership with Texas A&M Universitys World Coffee Research center to try to eliminate the fungus. But the government isnt doing this just to protect our $4 specialty coffees, as much as Americans love them. The chief concern is about the economic security of these small farms abroad. If farmers lose their jobs, it increases hunger and poverty in the region and contributes to violence and drug trafficking. Washington estimates that production could be down anywhere from 15 percent to 40 percent in coming years, and that those losses could mean as many as 500,000 people could lose their jobs. Though some countries have brought the fungus under control, many of the poorer coffee-producing countries in Latin America dont see the rust problem getting better anytime soon. Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama and Costa Rica have all been hard-hit. Much of the blander, mass-produced coffee in this country comes from Asia and other regions. Most of the richer, more expensive coffees are from small, high-altitude farms in Central America. Because the farms are smaller, farmers there often dont have enough money to buy the fungicides needed or lack the training to plant in ways that could avoid contamination. The rust, called royain Spanish, is a fungus that is highly contagious due to airborne fungal spores. It affects different varieties, but the Arabica beans are especially susceptible. We dont see an end in sight anytime soon, said Leonardo Lombardini of Texas A&Ms World Coffee Research. So far, major U.S. coffee companies have been able to find enough supply to avoid price increases. But some smaller outfits already have seen higher prices, said Ric Rhinehart of the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Rhinehart said the worst-case scenario is that consumers eventually will pay extraordinarily high prices for those coffees, if you can find them at all. Larger companies such as Starbucks and Keurig Green Mountain Inc. have multiple suppliers across the region and say they have so far been able to source enough coffee. USAID intends to work with Texas A&M to step up research on rust-resistant coffee varieties and help Latin America better monitor and respond to the fungus. The U.S. already collaborates with some of the coffee companies and other international organizations to finance replanting of different varieties of trees. Coffee fungus raising prices for high-end blends


LOCAL/STATECITRUSCOUNTY(FL) CHRONICLEMONDAY, MAY19, 2014 A9 000I7XW BEVERLY HILLS LIONS BINGO The Friendliest Bingo in Town! at 72 Civic Circle Beverly Hills Info 746-0922 Hours: Mon. 6:00 P M Thurs. 12:30 P M Doors Open 2 Hours Earlier Refreshments Served at a Nominal Cost FREE Coffee & Hot Tea Both Monday and Thursday $ 10 FOR 20 GAMES Win $ 50 to $ 250 $ 1 150 In Prizes Every Bingo Game Bring Ad in: Buy 1 Bonanza, Get 1 FREE 000I3LT OUR LADY OF FATIMA CHURCH550 U.S. HWY. 41 SOUTH, INVERNESS, FLTUESDAY AT NOON &THURSDAY AT 6:30PM $10 Package (Includes Jackpots) $5 Speed Package000GWXD New: STINGER JACKPOT SPECIALProgressive Bingo, increases weekly, with a maximum payout of $1199 8 speed games.........$50 payout 18 regular games. .... $50 payout 2 Jackpots.................$150 and $200 50/50 game Winner take all(If attendance is less than 100, prizes may be reduced) Concession available KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS 352/746-6921 Located County Rd. 486 & Pine Cone Lecanto, FL (1/2 Mile East of County Rd. 491) 000I3N1 PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY Doors Open 4:30 PM Games Start 6:00 PM ALL PAPER BINGO PRIZES $ 50 TO $ 250 WINNER T AKES ALL POT-O-GOLD Smoke-Free Environment FREE Coffee & Tea TV Monitors for Your Convenience ~ Sandwiches & Snacks ~ 000I3O0 SATURDAY BINGO VFW POST 4252 Hwy 200 HERNANDO, FL Doors open at 8:30 Game starts at 10:00 a.m. You do not have to be a Post Member to participate in Bingo. 352-726-3339 Buy 1 Bonanza Get 1 FREE w/a can good HOMOSASSA Monday Nights $ 10 Package Stinger up to $5,000 $50 Regular Games Jackpots $250 Based on Attendance 000I2VT Doors open at 4pm Starts at 6 PM Doors open at 4pm Doors open at 4pm Starts at 6 PM Starts at 6 PM NO CASH ON PREMISES LIONS BINGO Food Concession Free Coffee & Tea Smoke Free Bldg. HOMOSASSA LIONS CLUB HOUSE Rt. 490 628-2461 B 10 I 19 For a Day or Night of Fun and to Meet New Friends. Come and Play! To place your Bingo ads, call 563-5592 9203147 committed funds.ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTThe first item is the Meadowcrest building, Thorpe said. The government satellite office has $314,421 as costs from ad valorem taxes aside from whether the building will be purchased. The road at Inverness Airport Business Park would cost $660,000 from ad valorem and a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). A boat ramp on the barge canal at Port Citrus is slated to cost $3,717,000 from ad valorem, the Florida Boating Improvement Program (FBIP) and the Boating Improvement Fund. This is the potential of the development of a public boat ramp on the barge canal by the bridge, Thorpe said. Right now, we do not have the money to build it. The only thing we do have, I believe, is the money for permitting and design. The sum of $125,824 from tourist taxes is aimed at the Welcome Center on U.S. 19 in Crystal River. For the County Road 491 Medical Corridor, $34.7 million is the cost for the road, with funding from gas tax, impact fees, grants and loans. Utility relocations and upgrades are set to cost $4.8 million from utility revenue and connection fees. QUALITYOFLIFECentral Ridge Community Center needs upgrades in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) costing $50,000 from ad valorem. Pool renovations, if the BOCC agrees to them, would cost $116,090 from ad valorem. This is something thats going to have to be discussed by this board on May 27, Thorpe said. The board has to decide whether they want to go all in on this pool. The Crystal River Crosstown Trailhead is listed to cost $285,000 from park impact fees. The Dunnellon Trail connector would cost $600,000 from ad valorem and a grant. I think, if we are lucky, it might be fully funded by FDOT, Thorpe said. Hernando Beach is set for $160,835 from park impact fees to rebuild the floating dock and storage building to promote new public use through kayaking, crew rowing and special events. New buses for the transit system will cost $889,600, with 90 percent from FDOT grants and 10 percent from county funds.PUBLICSAFETYA new animal shelter is expected to cost $4 million funded by a loan or a possible public/private partnership. We are currently trying to figure out if this could be done or not, Thorpe said. Replacing the county radio system would cost $6.2 million from a loan. We have an analog system; were going to a digital system, Thorpe said. The equipment were currently using is no longer supported. Thorpe said the radio system is in the budget for next year. Other public safety projects include fire hydrant maintenance at $154,000 from utility revenue and Citrus Springs MSBU, a valve exercising pilot program at $30,000 from utility revenue, emergency generators at $120,000 from utility revenue and connection fees and Chassahowitzka channel markers at $346,000 from the Boating Improvement Fund.INFRASTRUCTUREThe CIP lists sewer and wastewater projects, improvements for both Crystal River and Inverness airports, road resurfacing and bridge repairs, with overall costs set at between $30 million to $40 million from utility revenue, grants, connection fees, ad valorem and gas tax.ENVIRONMENTAt the Central Landfill, $1.25 million is budgeted for modifications to the Citizen Service Area. It leads seven projects that will be funded by the Solid waste Enterprise Fund. The Kings Bay Lyngbya project is set to cost $221,928 from the Water Quality fund. Homosassa Southfork water quality improvements are projected to cost $1,537,900 from funding by Southwest Florida Water Management District and a Springs Initiative grant to curtail runoff into the river. Overall, environment projects stand at $5,664,360.INTERNALPERSPECTIVEFrom renovating the public meeting room at the Lecanto Government Building to upgrading the telephone system and information technology to looking at staff pay, training and classification to building maintenance projects, the estimated costs for this section of the CIP is $2,571,090, mostly from ad valorem funds. The CIP list is available at, or call 352-341-6560. BOARDContinued from Page A1 A boat ramp on the barge canal at Port Citrus is slated to cost $3,717,000 ... Brad Thorpecounty administrator. outgeous right now. Blue crabs have to be delivered alive, so they come off the boats and are kept wet in large boxes that are weighed, labeled and ready to ship. Its slowed down a lot, said crabber Marshall Lolley, who didnt seem too happy with last Tuesdays haul. Hes been at it for 36 years. The retail business also slows in summer, Edge said. And he keeps in email contact with regular local customers who prefer fresh-caught seafood to the farm-raised variety. Some customers are not so particular. Fresh caught mullet, for example, have been replaced in some markets by farm-raised fish. Seafood is a year-round business, heaviest in winter. With northern harbors iced over, demand points south. And the local catch is likely to end up in the Northeast United States. But even in summer, when everything appears slow, all it takes is a grouper boat and everyone hits the dock to get the fish unloaded and quickly on ice. Contact Chronicle reporter Pat Faherty at 352-564-2924 or pfaherty@ SEAFOODContinued from Page A1 In tiny Cortez, no mail delivery, no problem CHRISANDERSON Sarasota Herald-TribuneCORTEZ A few times a week, 88-year-old Mary Green hops in her 2005 Honda and drives three blocks to the post office. She has to. There is no mail delivery to her home. In fact, no one in the historic fishing village of Cortez population of roughly 4,000 receives home mail delivery or has a mail box. We like it that way, Green said. United States Post Office, Cortez, Florida, 34215, is usually a busy place most mornings. Residents walk or take their cars or ride their golf carts to pick up their mail. The mail is kept locked up in one of 1,318 small post office boxes residents can access with a key. Until the mid-1990s, the mailboxes had combination locks on them. It is not unusual for small towns in Florida not to receive home mail delivery, but it is not commonplace either. Residents say they like it this way for several reasons: It is a way to meet socially, get exercise, check the neighborhood message board on the side the building and retain part of the villages rich history. They also dont want home mailboxes for safety reasons. Ive heard lots of stories and seen people lose checks in mailboxes, resident Richard Culbreath said. When you raise that red flag, thats a telltale sign and people will come in. Weve never had any mailboxes. Whenever there is any talk about bringing them in we always say we dont want them. Culbreath is 80 and walks about a mile most days to the post office on Cortez Road. Its about all I can do, he said. Backs been kind of bothering me lately. The post office is in a small strip mall next to a barbershop, restaurant and laundry. Some residents, like former Postmaster Wyman Coarsey, walk up for coffee at the restaurant and then check their mail. Sometimes I see people here I wouldnt see otherwise, so its kind of a social thing, resident Atlas Kight said. She moved to Cortez in 1961 and believes the current post office has been at its present site since 1960. She worked at the Cortez post office for many years, retiring in 1989. Green who, at 88, is the oldest woman living in Cortez who was born there is well-known for her historical knowledge of the village. The original post office was built in 1895 and was part of what was called Bratton Store. That building has been preserved in the village. Green said a man named Henry Foreman used to carry mail back and forth between Cortez and Bradenton on a oneseat horse buggy. Green said the post office moved to a fishing dock, but was destroyed by a fierce hurricane in 1921. It then was moved to a grocery store owned by her uncle, Thomas Fulford, until it was given to an 18year-old woman named Elizabeth Guthrie, who became the postmaster. I think it was remarkable, Green said. She was probably the youngest postmaster in Florida, and she was a woman. Her parents, Bessie and Joe, ran the post office. They also owned the Albion Inn, which is where the post office was. It also moved to a house across the street from the hotel for a time before it landed at its current location. The post office was very important to us especially during the war, Green said. My aunt and uncle had five sons and all of them were in the service. Associated PressCortez, Florida resident Mary Fulford Green, 88, collects her mail at the Cortez Post Office. No one in the historic fishing village population of roughly 4,000 receives home mail delivery or has a mail box.


OPINION Page A10MONDAY, MAY 19, 2014 Why not raise taxes on the wealthy?Ryan Gills letter to the editor about the effects of a growing national debt and income inequality (May 2, Being Led to Slaughter) was very depressing but probably true. On the same day, an article on Duke Energy revealed that president and CEO Lynn Good received $6.47 million in 2013, while the former president and CEO Jim Rodgers received $9.55 million last year. It was also reported that Duke Energy refused to identify their political donation recipients the very people who are responsible for this debt and inequality that leads Mr. Gill to a state of depression the same people who are responsible for the smear campaigns that confuse voters into voting for those who support and benefit from income inequality. If someone told me I could have $9.55 million a year if I would pay a 50 percent (or even 75 percent) tax rate on it, Id jump at the offer. I believe that I would be able to eke out a living at $2.39 million a year and feel proud that I was helping to reduce the national debt. What about you? So why are we so reluctant to raise taxes on wealthy individuals to help reduce income inequality in this country?Nancy Nehring Crystal RiverSalute your EMS professionalNature Coast EMS is a team of Emergency Medical Service professionals dedicated to improving the health and safety of our community through the provision of quality, innovative, timely and efficient clinical treatments. Our organization is recognized statewide and nationally for implementing and creating programs unheard of in a rural community like Citrus. The emergency medical field has expanded at an incredible pace over the past 20 years and skill levels necessary to keep the pace have progressed with it. The dedication of our team on the front line in emergency medicine continues to make us proud. This week, May 18 to 24, is National EMS week, with the theme EMS: Dedicated For Life. Our Nature Coast EMS team is an invaluable key of the most innovative and dedicated profession in the 21st century. Please join us in saluting our team and thank them for choosing to help save lives every day.Michael Hall CEO/president Nature Coast EMS (Rejected first draft of Gov. Rick Scotts position on climate change).My fellow Floridians, as youve all probably heard, a new National Climate Assessment report says that Florida is seriously threatened by rising sea levels, mass flooding, salt-contaminated water supplies and increasingly severe weather events all supposedly caused by climate change. Let me assure you theres absolutely no reason for worry. I still dont believe climate change is real, and you shouldnt, either. Dont be impressed just because 240 experts contributed to this melodramatic report. The tea party has experts, too, and they assure me its all hogwash. Even if the atmosphere is warming (and, whoa, Im not saying it is!), I still havent seen a speck of solid evidence that it has anything do with man spewing millions of tons of gaseous pollutants into the sky. Is the planet a hotter place than it was 200 years ago? Yes, but only by a couple of degrees. Did most of the temperature rise occur since 1970? Yes, but dont blame coal-burning plants or auto emissions. Maybe the sun is getting closer to the Earth. Ever think of that? Or the Earth is moving closer to the sun? Lets get some brainiacs to investigate that possibility! As long as Im the governor, Florida isnt going to punish any industries by imposing socalled clean air regulations that limit carbon emissions. In fact, soon after I took office we repealed the states Climate Protection Act and eliminated the Energy and Climate Commission that was created under my predecessor, the Obamahugging turncoat Charlie Crist. I also ordered the Department of Environmental Protection to halt all initiatives dealing with renewable energy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, no one at DEP is even allowed to whisper the phrase climate change any more. Yet the subject just wont go away. Thats because the liberal media keep trying to scare everybody. Say the polar ice caps really are melting, and sea levels really did rise 8 inches during the last 130 years. Who says there has to be a scientific explanation? Maybe Gods just messing around with us for a few centuries. I myself own a big home in Naples right on the Gulf of Mexico, which is supposedly rising along with the oceans. Do I look scared? Do you see a moving van in my driveway? Of course not (although Im grateful to the Koch brothers for offering to let me stay with them in Wichita during the next hurricane). And, please, enough griping already about Miami Beach going under water! While I sympathize with all the homeowners and businesses along Alton Road that are being swamped by flooding at high tides, theres not much I can do as governor except pretend it isnt happening. So lets pull together to remind the rest of America, and the whole world, that most of Florida is still dry, and it will be for many, many real-estate cycles to come. Newcomers who might be queasy about purchasing waterfront property in South Beach or Fort Lauderdale should instead consider some of our inland gems like Sebring (where the average elevation is 131 feet above sea level), Haines City (182 feet) or Eustis (67 feet). Lets get out the word that it could be hundreds of years before Ocala (104 feet) is submerged. So come on down now and get your homestead exemption before you need a snorkel to find your homestead. If you really want to play it safe, try beautiful Britton Hill, the highest point in Florida, at 345 feet above sea level. It is way up in Walton County near the Alabama border, but at least youll still be on the map if Key Biscayne turns into a coral reef. To concerned residents of greater Miami, Tampa Bay and Apalachicola three areas singled out by the federal report as imperiled by rising water heres what I would say: Open a paddleboard shop, people. Or an airboat taxi service. Why not turn a negative situation into a positive opportunity? One persons sinkhole is another persons cave-spelunking franchise. Come on, Florida, lets get to work.Carl Hiaasen is a columnist for the Miami Herald. Readers may write to him at: 1 Herald Plaza, Miami 33132. Heroes dont need to talk about what they did.W. P. Kinsella, Shoeless Joe, 1982 Gov. Scott takes deep dive into climate change CITRUS COUNTY CHRONICLE Founded by Albert M. Williamson You may differ with my choice, but not my right to choose. David S. Arthurs publisher emeritus EDITORIAL BOARDGerry Mulligan ....................................publisherMike Arnold ..............................................editorCharlie Brennan ........................managing editorCurt Ebitz ..................................citizen memberMac Harris ................................citizen memberRebecca Martin ........................citizen memberBrad Bautista ....................................copy chiefLogan Mosby ..............................features editor HONORING OUR HEROES Program honors generation that saved the world They were the countrys greatest generation; heroes who saved the world. Recently, Honor Flight West Central Florida transported more than 160 World War II veterans, five from Citrus County, to the nations capital to visit the World War II Memorial. The trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for these exemplary citizens. Since 2005, about 40 World War II veterans from Citrus County have been among the nearly 100,000 World War II vets to make the trip to Washington, D.C., to visit their World War II Memorial thanks to Honor Flight. The numbers of World War II veterans are dwindling, since most are in their 80s and 90s, but local Honor Flight organizers are determined to provide this unique opportunity to every World War II veteran, even as they start their focus on giving Korean War veterans the same opportunity. These members of the armed forces, driven by duty and fortified by honor, will tell you they were just doing their jobs. We know now the impact of the job they performed and what it has meant for the United States and the world. Life would be much different today had they not performed their duty so admirably and completely. The realization of their service changes you.Chroniclephoto editor Matthew Beck experienced the feeling first hand when he attended the latest trip to Washington, D.C. He grew up in the suburbs of the nations capital and had visited the sites before. Standing with men who fought and bled at the Battle of the Bulge, who searched the seas for German Uboats and who shot down enemy planes had a profound impact on him. He will tell you these men were heroes and we owe them our freedom. Honor Flight gives us all one more chance to show our gratitude and say thank you to the nations greatest generation. THE ISSUE:Honor Flight.OUR OPINION:A fete for heroes from the greatest generation. OPINIONS INVITED The opinions expressed in Chronicle editorials are the opinions of the newspapers editorial board.Viewpoints depicted in political cartoons, columns or letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the editorial board. All letters must be signed and include a phone number and hometown, including letters sent via email. Names and hometowns will be printed; phone numbers will not be published or given out.We reserve the right to edit letters for length, libel, fairness and good taste.Letters must be no longer than 600 words, and writers will be limited to four letters per month. SEND LETTERS TO: The Editor, 1624 N. Meadowcrest Blvd., Crystal River, FL 34429. Or, fax to 352-563-3280, or email to .LETTERSto the Editor Web has the factsGood article in Saturdays Sound Off (May 2) about the tax code driving the corporations away that gives jobs. Well, thats the design of it. You wouldnt know that if youre watching the lamestream media, that idiot box on TV. But other people who get their information off of these whistleblower websites from the Internet, we know whats going on.Dress for successNow theres somebody complaining that people dont know how to dress. Now theyre saying Gov. Scott doesnt know how to dress for the president. So, I suppose that this person who wrote that in would feel better if Gov. Scott was in a tuxedo, nice shiny shoes. That would make him a smarter person, make him articulate more, make him be able to deal with the president. That would be better, I guess, than being a person of knowledge and wisdom Heartfelt thanks, CMHHeartfelt thanks. In February of 2011, I was treated at Citrus Memorial hospital after a massive heart attack. In February of this year, after a stress test, I was made aware that I had more blockage. Rather than returning to my home state for the procedure, I chose to have this done here at Citrus Memorial hospital because of the wonderful treatment I received in 2011. A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Walker, Dr. Kannam at Citrus Cardiology, the nurses at the Heart and Vascular Center and Cardio-Pulmonary Rehab. I could not have asked for better care. Jerry.Not exactly a secretThe NRC is questioning where the additional funds will come from if the Duke trust fund does not cover the cost of complete decommissioning. We know where that will come from, dont we, Charlie Dean?Septic fine, if it worksSome uninformed people are quick to make uninformed statements. A properly installed septic system does not pollute the aquifer. Whether it is 100 feet or 100 miles from the shoreline makes no difference. The problem is when a septic system is installed where surface water is allowed to stand on it or run off into streams or lakes. There is nothing wrong with a correctly installed septic system. Learn how it works. I have used a septic system for more than 60 years. I know what Im talking about.Not loaded downIm calling in. I agree with the woman or whoever called in about real estate women overdressing and I believe them. I wear my casual shoes, casual slacks and tops; everythings clean, matches. The less jewelry I have on, the better. And Im good-old Florida comfortable and then I can really concentrate on real estate. No high heels, no stockings, no loaded down with jewelry, perfume and so forth. Youre in Florida enjoy it. THE CHRONICLEinvites you to call Sound Off with your opinions about local or statewide subjects. You do not need to leave your name, and have less than a minute to record. COMMENTSwill be edited for length, libel, personal or political attacks and good taste. Editors will cut libelous material. OPINIONS expressed are purely those of the callers. SOUND OFFCALL563-0579 CITRUSCOUNTYCHRONICLE Carl HiaasenOTHER VOICES HONOR FLIGHT For information, call Barbara Mills at 352-422-6236 or the Honor Flight of West Central Florida at 727498-6079. Visit online at Honor


Lyons omissions troublingRe: How we devalued the r word by Gene Lyons, in the April 25Citrus CountyChronicle. I see that Gene Lyons has again missed the mark in his neverending quest to divide this country into his view of what is right or wrong, black or white, red or blue or any number of politically charge opposites. He states that Rep. Paul Ryan (R. Wis.) made remarks about the shiftlessness of African Americans. Do your homework Gene. I listened carefully to Mr. Ryans comments and read and reread them several times and never was the word shiftlessness used. Mr. Ryan did, however, use the word culture, and I paraphrase: The culture of inner-city men not working, generations of men not working, or the culture of not even thinking about working or the value of working. Mr. Ryan was not chiding these people; he was simply saying that something must be done to change this dynamic. History and statistics prove him correct. Just look at the unemployment rate in the inner cities. Look at the outof-wedlock birthrate. Look at the crime and violence. All of these things are heightened and expanded when people are idle, i.e. not working. The dissolvement of a cohesive family, however, seems to be the No. 1 culprit. My. Ryan cites Johnathon Chait as having omitted a second comment by Barack Obama about people liking him, Barack Obama, because of his race. This sin of omission is Mr. Lyons trademark. He seems to believe Barack Obamas race is why white people are shocked. No, white and every other color of people are shocked by Barack Obamas lawlessness and his Constitutional defying policies and practices. The r in America is not race, but responsibility. Responsibility for your words, deeds and actions. Responsibility by all people, regardless of color or ethnicity, even Irishmen like Mr. Lyons. Incidentally, as I write this, Congressman Ryan is meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus to discuss what might be done about this detrimental culture.G. Terry Coats Crystal RiverTeen pregnancy rate needs to be addressedWhile browsing through charts and graphs about teenage pregnancy rates across Florida (search Florida Charts data viewer), I found that while teenage birthrate for the entire state of Florida has been showing a steady decrease during the past 10 years, the birthrate in Citrus has been rising. The Citrus rate has been rising so fast that it is above the state birthrate, and while the state rate is trending down, the Citrus rate is trending up. Well, thats a rude shock. Having gone to a presentation at the Lakes Library a few weeks ago, I heard a representative of a group called Citizens for Informed Teens say 70 percent of these mothers are on Medicaid and other assistance programs. Well, it would be nice to save a little tax dollars there. In the audience at the meeting was the teacher and a representative from a religious group that is allowed to go into the Citrus public schools and present an Abstinence Only program to the students. When the teacher was asked whether information about condoms was presented, she said the students were told that condoms were not a guaranteed protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease. Well, nothing in life is sure, but adults sure have found that the use of condoms prevent a lot of whoops moments for adults. Perhaps she should reconsider her lesson plans, because as the state statistics show, the Citrus program is increasingly failing to prevent teen pregnancy, and whatever the rest of the state is doing, on the average, it works better than the Citrus program. Interested folks might also look at Florida counties with low teen birthrates, such as Glades County, which appears to have no sexual education program in the school and has a rate about half that of Citrus. Lets all get the school superintendent in the discussion. I think Sam Himmel needs to address this issue publicly and within her planning committees. Something is clearly wrong, here in Citrus, that needs to be addressed. The states with the lowest teen pregnancy rates are the New England states, and they do have comprehensive family and sex education. I spent 30 years teaching science in a New Jersey high school that had comprehensive sex and family health education. I honestly cant remember any students in my chemistry and physics classes ever having to visit Aunt Jane all of a sudden. Neither were there rumors of this happening. There were a handful of postgraduation marriages, but just a handful in the entire time I lived there.John Logsdon Floral CityOPINIONCITRUSCOUNTY(FL) CHRONICLEMONDAY, MAY19, 2014 A11 If you are not completely satisfied, the aids may be returned for a full refund within 45 days of the completion of fitting, i n satisfactory condition. Fitting fees may apply. See store for details. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG. Limited Time Discount. No other offers or discounts apply. Discount does not apply to prior sales. 000I3CI ALSO IN OCALA9570 SW Hwy. 200 (Corner of Hwy. 484 & 200)(352) 291-1467Paddock Mall(352) 237-1665 Inside Inside Must present coupon. Any make or model. In office only. One week only.FREEHEARING TEST BATTERY REPLACEMENT HEARING AID REPAIRSBATTERIESPREMIUM ZINC BATTERIESLimit 1 Coupon Per Visit. Limit 2 Packs Per Visit. Must present coupon. One week only.0%FINANCINGONE WEEK ONLY!12 MONTHS SAME AS CASH99 Call for a FREE demo today! CHECK QUALIFICATION CALL352-795-1484 WALK-INS WELCOME!Factory pricing for non-qualifiers.FREE HEARING AIDSTHATS RIGHT YOU PAY ZERO $$Federal Insurance pays total cost of 2 Miracle Ear Digital Hearing AidsFederal Government Insurance code #104, #105, #111, or #112. Empire State Insurance Planpays for total cost of 2 Miracle Ear Digital Hearing Aids Owner Rickey RichardsonLicensed Hearing Aid SpecialistBrian LazioLicensed Hearing Aid Specialist Crystal River Mall (Next to K-Mart) 352-795-1484 OPEN: Mon.-Fri. 10AM-5PM22 YEARS IN CITRUS COUNTY! Travel With Confidence . Miracle Ear Will Be There. Blue Cross Blue ShieldFREE Service in Over 1,300 Miracle Ear Locations! 000IAGA Vote now for your favorite Burger. Voting ends May 23 @ 5pm 2494 N Heritage Oaks Path, Hernando 352-513-4860 The Place To Eat (In Heritage Hills Plaza) Mon-Thurs 7am-8pm Fri-Sat 7am-9pm Sunday 7am-2pm Come see why our Gyro Burger is the Best! Vote For Us! 5/5/14 5/23/14 The Place To Eat Try Our Daily Specials! Breakfast Served 7am-12pm NOW SERVING BEER & WINE Anastasias License #DN 17606 Next to ACE in Homosassa ( 352 ) 628-3443 We Cater to Cowards! HONEST PROFESSIONAL COMPASSIONATE HONEST PROFESSIONAL COMPASSIONATE HONEST PROFESSIONAL COMPASSIONATE If you have been to If you have been to another dentist and another dentist and would like a second would like a second opinion about your opinion about your treatment, bring your treatment, bring your xrays and I will do a xrays and I will do a complete evaluation complete evaluation and develop a and develop a treatment plan treatment plan with you that fits with you that fits you and your needs. you and your needs. Unsure About Dental Work? Unsure About Unsure About Dental Work? Dental Work? 000I3I8 Experience The Difference Se Habla Espaol Free Second Opinion 2013 2013 2013 2013 776 N. Enterprise Pt., Lecanto 746-7830 000HZR2 Visit our Showroom Next to Stokes Flea Market on Hwy. 44 Visit Our New Website For Great Specials Wood Laminate Tile Carpet Vinyl Area Rugs LETTERSto the Editor


NATION& WORLD Page A12MONDAY, MAY 19, 2014 CITRUSCOUNTYCHRONICLE Tea party losing races, tugging GOP rightward Associated PressWASHINGTON Tuesdays high-profile primary elections may extend a streak of sorts for tea party Republicans: losing individual races but winning the larger ideological war by tugging the GOP rightward. Several tea party-endorsed candidates are struggling in Tuesdays Republican congressional primaries in Georgia, Kentucky and Idaho. In each state, however, the establishment Republican candidates have emphasized their conservative credentials, which narrows the partys philosophical differences. Citing similar dynamics in other states, Democrats say the GOP candidates who are trying to give Republicans control of the Senate will prove too far right for centrist voters in November. Republicans need to gain six Senate seats to control the chamber. Holding Kentucky and Georgia against well-funded Democrats, both women, is crucial to their hopes. Six states hold primaries Tuesday. Georgia, Kentucky and Oregon have closely watched Republican contests for Senate. Pennsylvania and Arkansas have feisty gubernatorial primaries. In Idaho, tea party-backed lawyer Bryan Smith is trying to oust Republican Rep. Mike Simpson, whos seeking a ninth House term. In Kentucky, tea partyers would love to knock off Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a 30-year senator they see as too accommodating to Democrats. But challenger Matt Bevin has struggled under a barrage of attacks from McConnell and his allies. McConnell, caught off guard by the tea party movement in 2010, has scrambled to win support from conservatives who dislike compromise. He quickly allied himself with Sen. Rand Paul, who defeated McConnells hand-picked candidate in the 2010 primary. And in February, McConnell voted against raising the debt ceiling, a never-pleasant vote that past party leaders often swallowed to avert a government default. In Georgia, the Republican primary to succeed retiring Sen. Saxby Chambliss drew a crowded field, including three U.S. House members. All are battling for the top two spots, with a July 22 runoff virtually certain. Polls suggest Reps. Paul Broun and Phil Gingrey, who espouse tea party principles, may have faded in recent weeks. Georgias former Secretary of State Karen Handel won endorsements from Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express. Rep. Jack Kingston and businessman David Perdue have walked a careful line: showing more openness to establishment support while still catering to hard-core conservatives who dominate Republican primaries. When the U.S. Chamber of Commerce endorsed Kingston, Broun called him the king of pork. In a sign of the narrowing differences between tea party activists and traditional Republican groups, Kingston was endorsed by Brent Bozell, an outspoken critic of Republican moderation. Bozell, who founded the conservative Media Research Center, said of the Republican primaries: With virtually no exception, everyone is running as a conservative. No one is running as a moderate, no one is running as an anti-teapartyer. Rescued from flooding Associated PressBosnians are rescued from their flooded houses by boat Sunday in the village of Vidovice near Orasje, about 125 miles north of Sarajevo. On Sunday, a landslide swept away eight houses near Kalesija, Bosnia, about 90 miles north of Sarajevo. Packed into buses, boats and helicopters, carrying nothing but a handful of belongings, tens of thousands fled their homes in Bosnia and Serbia, seeking to escape the worst flooding in a century. NationBRIEFS WorldBRIEFS Schools work to help transgender students fit inSAN FRANCISCO Public schools across the U.S. are working to accommodate transgender students even if their school districts do not have anti-discrimination policies or laws that cover gender identity. With children rejecting the gender of their births at younger ages and the transgender rights movement gaining momentum, schools in districts large and small, conservative and liberal, are allowing transitioning youth to use the restrooms and changing areas that match their expressed genders. The move has prompted complaints from some parents in places like Tucson, Arizona, and Louisville, Kentucky. But the trend is likely to accelerate with help from the federal government.9 public college presidents pay tops $1 millionBALTIMORE A new survey says the number of public college presidents earning over $1 million more than doubled from the year before. The study by The Chronicle of Higher Education showed nine college presidents earned more than $1 million in total compensation in the 20122013 fiscal year, compared to just four in the previous year. Public college presidents first exceeded the $1 million total compensation mark in 2006-2007. Gordon Gee, who resigned last year, topped the list, earning $6.1 million at the helm of Ohio State University.From wire reports Building collapse leaves many casualtiesSEOUL, South Korea North Korean officials offered a rare public apology for the collapse of an apartment building under construction in Pyongyang, which a South Korean official said was believed to have caused considerable casualties that could mean hundreds might have died. The word of the collapse in the secretive nations capital was reported Sunday morning by the Norths official Korean Central News Agency, which gave no death toll but said that the accident was serious and upset North Koreas leader, Kim Jong Un. The report said it occurred in the capitals Phyongchon district on Tuesday as the construction of an apartment house was not done properly and officials supervised and controlled it in an irresponsible manner. In Seoul, a South Korean government official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information, said the 23-story apartment building that collapsed was presumed to have housed 92 families.Head of Syrian air defense killed as rebels attackDAMASCUS A Syrian official said the head of the countrys air defenses has been killed in clashes near the capital, Damascus. The official said Sunday that Lt. Gen. Hussein Ishaq was killed as rebels attacked a Syrian air defense base near the town of Mleiha. The official said the incident occurred Saturday. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasnt authorized to brief journalists about Ishaqs death. Ishaq is one of a few highranking military officers to be killed in the countrys 3-yearold civil war. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also confirmed Ishaqs death.Egypts next president gets salary hikeCAIRO Egypts interim president has decreed that his successor will get a monthly salary of $2,957 and a similar sum in a monthly allowance for entertainment. The decree by Adly Mansour comes less than two weeks before presidential elections in which former military chief Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who ousted the elected president and installed Mansour in his place last July, is widely expected to win. Mansour does not receive a presidents salary, collecting instead his salary as a career judge.From wire reports Associated PressSecretary of State John Kerry delivers the Class Day address Sunday at Yale University in New Haven, Conn. Associated PressDarrell Uhls, left, shakes hans with Kentucky Republican senatorial candidate Mitch McConnell on Saturday during a campaign stop at the Tanglewood Farms Restaurant in Franklin, Ky.


Baseball/ B2 Scoreboard/B3 Puzzles/ B4 Comics/ B5 Golf/B6 Brendon Todd victorious in Irving, getting his first PGA Tour win./B6 Section BMONDAY, MAY 19, 2014 CITRUSCOUNTYCHRONICLE SEANARNOLD CorrespondentINVERNESS L.J. Grimm and Richard Kuhn picked up their second wins at Citrus on the year in a pair of 50-lap events, and Tim Wilson rode to his sixth feature win on Armed Services Night at the Citrus County Speedway on Saturday. After then-leaders Brandon Morris and Aaron Williamson locked up for the second race in a row, Daniel Webster made the most of the opportunity to prevail in the 50-lap Sportsman feature. After posting the fastest qualifying time to take the pole, Grimm maintained his advantage from the green flag in the 50-lap Open Wheel Modified feature. After six restarts in the opening 14 laps, Bronsons Robbie Cooper stood at second, while Richie Smith, in his 2014 debut, held the third spot. Travis Roland, who started in the fourth row with Gator Hise, swarmed past Smith and Cooper over the ensuing six laps, en route to finishing second, and Smith regained the third spot for good on lap 21.Hise came in behind Smith. Travis Roland is faster everywhere, said Grimm, whose team had to repair a broken transmission from practice. Hes just one of the best in Modifieds right now, and probably will be for a long time. L.J. knows what he has to do, Roland said. He works hard and deserved to win. He had the better car. Morris and Williamson surged to the front two positions in the outside lane following a restart on lap 10, and were side by side heading into the third turn on 22, when Morris, of See SPEEDWAY/ Page B3 ChronicleSeven Rivers Christian School kicked off its 2014 football campaign Saturday night, and in their spring game the Warriors looked anything but green. Seven Rivers beat Citrus Park Christian School 59-13 at Oscar Cooler Park in Lutz, rushing for more than 400 yards while holding the Eagles to just 95 yards of offense. Warriors Nate Winstead and Josh Iwaniec led the ground attack, with Winstead accountingfor 204 yards on 23 carries and four touchdowns and Iwaniec picking up 129 yards and two touchdowns on 13 carries. Supplementing them was Will Ellis, who had six carries for 69 yards. Through the air, Warriors quarterback Sterling Gardner was 3 for 7, passing for 43 yards, but he was more dangerous on the other side of the pass Gardner intercepted two Eagles passes, while Winstead stole another. Iwaniec, Logan Fulford and Michael Steve each had three sacks. Seven Rivers 59 points were 21 more than the teams combined scoring in nine games last season. It was nice to be able to look at our kids afterward and tell them this is what four weeks of hard work gets them, coach Rayburn Greene said. We went through a six-game stretch last year where we didnt score a point, so it was huge to put 59 points on the board. We needed that to springboard us into the summer and hopefully make a run at the conference next year. Warriors clean up in spring game Grimm, Kuhn pick up wins on Armed Services Night Associated PressCHICAGO Corey Crawford made 25 saves, Jonathan Toews had a big goal in the third period and the Chicago Blackhawks beat the Los Angeles Kings 3-1 in Game 1 of the Western Conference final Sunday. Brandon Saad added a goal and an assist for defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago, which remained perfect in seven home playoff games this year. Duncan Keith had a tiebreaking score in the third period. Playing just two days after a Game 7 victory over Anaheim, the Kings got a secondperiod score from Tyler Toffoli and outshot the Blackhawks 26-20 in the opener of a rematch from last years Western Conference final. But Crawford made a couple of solid stops in another terrific performance. Game 2 of the best-of-seven series is Wednesday night. With the Blackhawks clinging to a 2-1 lead in the third, Toews got loose on a 3on-1 break and one-timed Johnny Oduyas pass right by Jonathan Quick for his sixth playoff goal at 16:10. Quick made 17 saves after he played a key role in Los Chicago tops L.A. in Game 1 Blackhawks 3, Kings 1 See GAME 1/ Page B6 Associated PressIndiana Pacers forward David West tries to stop a shot by Miami Heat forward LeBron James during the first half of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals Sunday in Indianapolis. PACERS FIRE FIRST Associated PressINDIANAPOLISPaul George scored 24 points, David West had 19, and the Indiana Pacers protected their home court with a 107-96 victory over the Miami Heat on Sunday to take a 1-0 lead in the Eastern Conference finals. Indiana led wire-to-wire and never even gave the Heat a chance to tie the score after starting the game with a 5-0 lead. Game 2 is Tuesday in Indiana. The home team has won all five meetings this season. Dwyane Wade scored 27 points and LeBron James had 25 for the two-time defending NBA champions, who lost for only the second time in 10 playoff games. Indiana had a 30-point first quarter for the first time since Feb. 27, extended the lead to 19 in the third and Miami couldnt get closer than nine the rest of the way. For months, people wondered what happened to the Indiana team that dominated the first half of the season. On Sunday, those Pacers suddenly reappeared. Indiana swarmed the glass, exploited its size advantage, knocked down early 3-pointers with regularity and defended well enough to force the Heat to play catch-up the entire game. The fans that occasionally serenaded them with boos during the first two rounds of the playoffs spent most of the first half on their feet and finished the game with repeated chants of Beat the Heat! Beat the Heat! All five of Indianas starters and backup C.J. Watson reached double figures as the Pacers produced their highest point total of the postseason. Indiana has lost Game 1 at home in its first two playoff series, but it was obvious right from the start that this game would be different. George Hill scored the first five points to give the Pacers the lead, which they extended to 20-10. They spent the rest of the game either pulling away or fending off Miami challenges. When the Heat trimmed the deficit to 30-24 after one and eventually to 41-37 midway through the second quarter, Lance Stephenson scored four points in a 5-0 run to make it 46-37. When James again cut the deficit to 50-45 with back-to-back baskets late in the second, the Pacers closed the half with five straight points to make it 55-45. Then the Pacers poured it on. Roy Hibbert and West scored eight of Indianas first 14 points to open the second half, making it 69-52. James and Wade again rallied the Heat, getting Miami within 81-70 late in the third and 83-74 early in the fourth. The Pacers used a 7-0 spurt to rebuild a 102-84 lead and closed it out at the free throw line. INDIANA PULLS AWAY 107-96 Rays slump deepens as L.A. wins 6-2 Associated PressANAHEIM, Calif. Albert Pujols hit a pair of solo homers against David Price, and Matt Shoemaker took a shutout into the seventh inning to lead the Los Angeles Angels over the Tampa Bay Rays 6-2 Sunday. Pujols drove an 0-2 pitch over the center-field fence in the first inning. The three-time NL MVP increased the Angels advantage to 6-2 in the seventh with his 12th homer this season and the 504th of his career, tying Eddie Murray for 25th place. Shoemaker (2-1) was charged with a run and two hits in six-plus innings. He struck out six. The 27-year-old right-hander was lifted after issuing his third walk, to James Loney leading off the seventh. Michael Morin relieved Shoemaker with a 5-0 lead and retired his first batter before Kevin Kiermaier hit his first big league homer a drive to left that kept carrying until it disappeared in the lower seats in the left-field corner. Price (4-4) gave up six runs five earned and 11 hits in 6 2-3 innings with seven strikeouts and no walks. He beat the Mariners 2-1 last Tuesday at Seattle with a complete game. Howie Kendrick gave the Angels a 2-0 lead with a two-out RBI single in the third, and they increased the margin to 5-0 with three runs in the fourth after Price gave up three straight singles with none out. The third one was a drive by Grant Green over the head of left fielder Matt Joyce, scoring Erick Aybar. Associated PressLos Angeles Angels shortstop Erick Aybar slides safely home off Sunday of a single by Grant Green during the fourth inning in Anaheim, Calif.


Associated PressNEW YORK Josh Harrison homered in the seventh inning to make up for a baserunning blunder and made a diving catch in left field to help preserve the Pittsburgh Pirates first win in the Bronx in 54 years, 5-3 over the New York Yankees on Sunday for a doubleheader split. Mark Teixeira had a two-run single and Brett Gardner added an RBI double as New York beat Pittsburgh 4-3 in the opener of the first single-admission twinbill at Yankee Stadium since 2004. Starling Marte hit a two-run homer off Vidal Nuno in the sixth inning of the second game after striking out four times in the opener. Marte, though, left with left hamstring tightness in the seventh inning. Neil Walker and Tony Sanchez homered for Pittsburgh in the opener. Harrison, who ran into the third out of the fifth inning before a run could cross the plate, switched from third base to left field to start the eighth. With pinch-hitter Derek Jeter on first following a single, Yangervis Solarte hit a sharp liner to left. Harrison raced to his right and caught it with a fully extended dive toward the line. The Pirates had lost all eight games at Yankee Stadium in interleague play. They last beat New York on the road in Game 5 of the 1960 World Series.AMERICAN LEAGUE Athletics 13, Indians 3CLEVELAND Yoenis Cespedes drove in a career-high five runs, Brandon Moss had three RBIs, and the Oakland Athletics completed a threegame sweep with a 13-3 win over the slumping Cleveland Indians. The Athletics outscored the Indians 30-6 in the series. Oakland saved its best for the final game, pounding out 12 hits and drawing nine walks. Cespedes two-run double was the key hit in Oaklands four-run fifth. He also drove in two runs with another double in the eighth.Mariners 6, Twins 2MINNEAPOLIS Felix Hernandez pitched eight strong innings and Robinson Cano had four hits and the Seattle Mariners defeated the Minnesota Twins 6-2. Hernandez (5-1) continued his recent domination of the Twins, giving up two runs and seven hits while striking out five and walking one. Seattle snapped a four-game losing streak and avoided being swept, while the Twins have won three straight series and six of nine overall.Royals 8, Orioles 6KANSAS CITY, Mo. Alex Gordon went 4 for 4 with a pair of three-run homers and a career-high six RBIs as the Kansas City Royals beat the Baltimore Orioles 8-6 on Sunday. Gordon drove a 1-1 pitch from Ubaldo Jimenez out to right with two outs in the fifth with Nori Aoki and Billy Butler aboard. Gordon, who led the Royals with 20 home runs last year, had gone 134 at-bats without a home run. Gordon homered in his next at-bat, a three-run shot off left-hander Troy Patton in the seventh after Eric Hosmer walked and Butler doubled.Astros 8, White Sox 2HOUSTON Matt Dominguez homered twice and had four RBIs to lead the Houston Astros to an 8-2 win over the Chicago White Sox. Dominguez hit his sixth and seventh homers of the season off White Sox lefty John Danks (3-4) in the third and fifth innings. Backed by early run support, Astros right-hander Brad Peacock (1-4) earned his first win of the season.Rangers 6, Blue Jays 2ARLINGTON, Texas Mitch Moreland hit a tiebreaking homer in the seventh inning, Alex Rios had a tworun triple and the Texas Rangers avoided a three-game sweep with a 62 victory against the Toronto Blue Jays. Making his second straight start at first base with Prince Fielder sidelined by a neck strain, Moreland hit a line drive just over the wall in right field off R.A. Dickey (4-4) to break a 2-all tie. The Rangers had gone 23 innings without an extra-base hit when Rios drove one off the right-center wall in the fourth.NATIONAL LEAGUE Nationals 6, Mets 3WASHINGTON Wilson Ramos drove in four runs and Ian Desmond homered to help Jordan Zimmermann and the Washington Nationals beat the New York Mets 6-3. Desmonds solo shot tied the score in the second inning and Ramos tworun double in the third put the Nationals ahead for good. The catcher drove in two more with a bases-loaded single in the fifth off starter Zack Wheeler (1-4) for a 5-1 lead.Phillies 8, Reds 3PHILADELPHIA Cody Asche, Jimmy Rollins, Wil Nieves and Marlon Byrd all homered, and the Phillies beat the Cincinnati Reds 8-3. Cliff Lee (4-4) struck out three in 6 2-3 innings for his first home victory of the season. Cincinnatis Devin Mesoraco had a career-high four hits, including two doubles and an RBI. The Reds again played without the injured Joey Votto.Braves 6, Cardinals 5ST. LOUIS Ryan Doumit scored on a wild pitch and the Atlanta Braves got two runs in the ninth inning to rally past the St. Louis Cardinals. Freddie Freeman started a ninthinning rally with a leadoff single off St. Louis closer Trevor Rosenthal (0-2). Dan Carpenter (3-0) pitched 1 1-3 innings of scoreless relief for the win. Craig Kimbrel pitched a scoreless bottom of the ninth for his 11th save.Cubs 4, Brewers 2CHICAGO Travis Wood pitched two-hit ball for seven innings and the Chicago Cubs got home runs from Welington Castillo and Mike Olt in a 4-2 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers. Wood (4-4) allowed two runs and struck out seven for the Cubs, who took two of three from the NL Central leaders to win a series for the second time this season.Giants 4, Marlins 1SAN FRANCISCO Pablo Sandoval homered for the first time in more than a month, Ryan Vogelsong won for just the second time in nine starts, and the San Francisco Giants beat the Miami Marlins 4-1 to salvage a split of their four-game series. Turner (0-2) is still searching for his first road win, falling to 0-11 in 18 career road starts.Diamondbacks 5, Dodgers 3PHOENIX Cody Ross hit his first home run of the year, Eric Chavez went deep for the second consecutive day and the Arizona Diamondbacks won a home series for the first time this season with a 5-3 victory over the Los Angeles Dodgers. After setting a team record for runs Saturday night in an 18-5 rout, the Diamondbacks broke a 3-all tie with Chavezs soaring, two-run shot to center off Dan Haren (5-2) in the fifth inning.Rockies 8, Padres 6 (10 innings)DENVER Justin Morneau hit a two-run homer in the 10th inning and the Colorado Rockies turned just the third triple play in team history as they beat the San Diego Padres 8-6. After Carlos Gonzalez singled earlier in the inning, Morneau lined a 3-2 fastball from Dale Thayer (2-2) to straightaway center. The first baseman rounded the bases and flipped his helmet off after passing third. It was the second walkoff homer for Colorado this season. Nick Masset (1-0) pitched a perfect 10th for his first win with Colorado. LaTroy Hawkins blew his first save in the ninth as he surrendered a game-tying two-run homer to Everth Cabrera. The triple play in the third was Colorados first since Tulowitzki turned an unassisted one April 29, 2007, against Atlanta. AL Associated PressPittsburgh Pirates outfielder Starling Marte, right, celebrates with outfielder Andrew McCutchen after Marte hit a two-run home run Sunday during the sixth inning of the second game of a double-header against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium in New York. After 54 years, Pirates win in the Bronx AMERICAN LEAGUESaturdays Games N.Y. Yankees 7, Pittsburgh 1 Houston 6, Chicago White Sox 5 Oakland 6, Cleveland 2 Kansas City 1, Baltimore 0 Detroit 6, Boston 1 Minnesota 4, Seattle 3 Toronto 4, Texas 2 L.A. Angels 6, Tampa Bay 0 Sundays Games Oakland 13, Cleveland 3 N.Y. Yankees 4, Pittsburgh 3, 1st game Kansas City 8, Baltimore 6 Houston 8, Chicago White Sox 2 Seattle 6, Minnesota 2 Texas 6, Toronto 2 L.A. Angels 6, Tampa Bay 2 Pittsburgh 5, N.Y. Yankees 3, 2nd game Detroit at Boston, lateMondays Games Detroit (Smyly 2-2) at Cleveland (Kluber 4-3), 7:05 p.m. White Sox (Carroll 1-3) at Kansas City (Vargas 4-1), 8:10 p.m. Houston (Keuchel 4-2) at Angels (Richards 4-0), 10:05 p.m.NATIONAL LEAGUESaturdays Games St. Louis 4, Atlanta 1 Chicago Cubs 3, Milwaukee 0 N.Y. Mets 5, Washington 2 N.Y. Yankees 7, Pittsburgh 1 Philadelphia 12, Cincinnati 1 Arizona 18, L.A. Dodgers 7 San Diego 8, Colorado 5 Miami 5, San Francisco 0 Sundays Games N.Y. Yankees 4, Pittsburgh 3, 1st game Philadelphia 8, Cincinnati 3 Washington 6, N.Y. Mets 3 Atlanta 6, St. Louis 5 Chicago Cubs 4, Milwaukee 2 San Francisco 4, Miami 1 Arizona 5, L.A. Dodgers 3 Colorado 8, San Diego 6, 10 innings Pittsburgh 5, N.Y. Yankees 3, 2nd game Mondays GamesCincinnati (Leake 2-3) at Washington (Strasburg 3-3), 7:05 p.m. Milwaukee (W.Peralta 4-2) at Atlanta (Minor 1-2), 7:10 p.m. Athletics 13, Indians 3Oakland Cleveland abrhbi abrhbi Crisp cf2100Bourn cf3111 Gentry ph-cf1000Aviles ss4000 Lowrie ss1000Brantly lf3122 Punto ss5220Raburn dh3000 Dnldsn 3b2411DvMrp rf5030 Moss lf3433Swisher 1b5000 Cespds dh5025CSantn c4000 Jaso c5112Chsnhll 3b3020 Reddck rf4022JRmrz 2b4100 Callasp 1b-2b5000 Sogard 2b4110 Blanks 1b1000 Totals38131213Totals34383 Oakland01024213013 Cleveland1000110003 ESwisher (6), Chisenhall (4). DPOakland 1, Cleveland 3. LOBOakland 7, Cleveland 12. 2BPunto (4), Moss 2 (10), Cespedes 2 (13), Jaso (5), Reddick (2), Chisenhall (10). 3BMoss (2). HRBourn (1), Brantley (8). SBDav.Murphy (2). IPHRERBBSO Oakland J.Chavez W,4-1562236 Ji.Johnson2-301130 Abad 11-300001 Savery 220010 Cleveland Masterson L,2-341-377751 Outman 11-322122 Atchison 11-311000 Allen 023320 Crockett 11-300001 Axford 2-300002 Allen pitched to 4 batters in the 8th. HBPby Ji.Johnson (Chisenhall). PBC.Santana. T:21. A,872 (42,487).Mariners 6, Twins 2Seattle Minnesota abrhbi abrhbi J.Jones cf4110Dozier 2b4010 MSndrs rf4122Mauer 1b4000 Cano 2b5241Plouffe dh4022 Hart dh1000Parmel rf4000 Romer pr-dh2100KSuzuk c4000 Smoak 1b4011Kubel lf4020 Seager 3b5011EEscor 3b4010 Ackley lf4110A.Hicks cf2110 Zunino c3010DSantn ss3110 BMiller ss2000 Totals346115Totals33282 Seattle0001211016 Minnesota0020000002 DPSeattle 2, Minnesota 1. LOBSeattle 9, Minnesota 5. 2BM.Saunders (4), Cano (10), Smoak (11). 3BM.Saunders (2). SBJ.Jones (2), Hart (2). SRomero, B.Miller. SFM.Saunders. IPHRERBBSO Seattle F.Hernandez W,5-1872215 Rodney 110001 Minnesota Nolasco L,2-4563333 Swarzak 1-311120 Thielbar 12-321102 Tonkin 110001 Guerrier 111100 WPF.Hernandez 2, Nolasco, Guerrier. T:02. A,511 (39,021).Royals 8, Orioles 6Baltimore Kansas City abrhbi abrhbi Markks rf4012Aoki rf2210 Machd 3b4131Dyson cf1000 A.Jones cf5123AEscor ss5010 C.Davis 1b4000Hosmer 1b4100 N.Cruz dh5000BButler dh4231 Clevngr c4010AGordn lf4346 Hardy ss4130S.Perez c4010 Lough lf3110L.Cain cf-rf3011 Schoop 2b3210Mostks 3b4000 Ciriaco 2b4000 Totals366126Totals358118 Baltimore0030000036 Kansas City10013030x8 DPKansas City 1. LOBBaltimore 8, Kansas City 7. 2BHardy (8), B.Butler (7). HRA.Jones (6), A.Gordon 2 (3). SBCiriaco (2). SLough. SFMachado. IPHRERBBSO Baltimore U.Jimenez L,2-5585517 Brach 100020 Patton 123310 R.Webb 110001 Kansas City Shields W,6-3793313 K.Herrera 110000 Crow 1-323310 G.Holland S,12-132-300000 HBPby Shields (C.Davis). T:58. A,692 (37,903).Astros 8, White Sox 2Chicago Houston abrhbi abrhbi Eaton cf4010Altuve 2b5010 GBckh 2b3000Springr rf3010 Semien 2b1000Fowler cf3210 Gillaspi 3b4010MDmn 3b4224 Viciedo rf4000Carter dh4111 A.Dunn dh4000Guzmn 1b2110 Konerk 1b4000Hoes lf4110 AlRmrz ss1200Corprn c3000 LeGarc ss1010Villar ss2122 De Aza lf2000MGnzlz ph-ss2000 Nieto c3032 Totals31262Totals328107 Chicago0010001002 Houston04202000x8 EDe Aza (2), Nieto (1). DPChicago 2, Houston 2. LOBChicago 6, Houston 5. 2BNieto (3), Fowler (6), Hoes (3). HRM.Dominguez 2 (7), Carter (6). SBAltuve (15), Villar (11). IPHRERBBSO Chicago Joh.Danks L,3-442-3108737 D.Webb 11-300011 S.Downs100000 Lindstrom 100001 Houston Peacock W,1-462-352245 Fields 11-300003 Williams 110002 HBPby Joh.Danks (Corporan). WPD.Webb, Lindstrom. T:46. A,532 (42,060).Rangers 6, Blue Jays 2Toronto Texas abrhbi abrhbi Reyes ss5020Choice lf4000 MeCarr lf4010Andrus ss4110 Bautist rf3000Choo dh3221 Lind 1b4010ABeltre 3b3111 Encrnc dh3111Rios rf4112 JFrncs 3b4121Morlnd 1b4122 Lawrie 2b4000Chirins c3000 Thole c4010LMartn cf4000 Gose cf1000Sardins 2b3000 Pillar ph-cf1000 DNavrr ph1000 Totals34282Totals32676 Toronto0001010002 Texas 00020022x6 EReyes (3), J.Francisco 2 (4), Lawrie (2). DPToronto 2. LOBToronto 8, Texas 6. 2B Reyes (11), Lind (7), Choo (8), Moreland (7). 3BRios (4). HREncarnacion (9), J.Francisco (8), Moreland (2). CSGose (1). SSardinas. IPHRERBBSO Toronto Dickey L,4-461-334333 McGowan 2-300000 Redmond 1-332200 Cecil 2-310001 Texas N.Martinez 541133 Poreda W,2-0 BS,1-1221102 Sh.Tolleson H,2100000 Soria 120001 T:52. A,671 (48,114). NL Nationals 6, Mets 3New York Washington abrhbi abrhbi EYong lf4000Span cf4110 Famili p0000Rendon 3b1110 Matszk p0000Werth rf4100 DnMrp 2b4010WRams c3124 DWrght 3b3120Dsmnd ss4121 Grndrs rf3110TMoore 1b4000 Duda 1b4110Frndsn 2b4001 Lagars cf4011McLoth lf4000 Tejada ss3000Zmrmn p2110 BAreu ph1000Storen p0000 Centen c4022Walters ph1000 ZWhelr p2000Clipprd p0000 CYoung ph-lf1000RSorin p0000 Totals33383Totals31676 New York0100020003 Washington01202001x6 ECenteno (1), Tejada (3). DPNew York 1, Washington 1. LOBNew York 5, Washington 5. 2BDuda (5), Span (8), W.Ramos (2). HR Desmond (7). SBRendon (2). IPHRERBBSO New York Z.Wheeler L,1-4665325 Familia 100010 Matsuzaka 111011 Washington Zimmermann W,3-1683321 Storen H,7 100000 Clippard H,11100001 R.Soriano S,10-11100001 PBCenteno. T:45. A,965 (41,408).Phillies 8, Reds 3Cincinnati Philadelphia abrhbi abrhbi BHmltn cf5120Rollins ss3211 Heisey rf3100Nieves c3121 MParr p0000Utley 2b4001 Broxtn p0000Howard 1b2100 B.Pena ph1000Byrd rf4222 Phillips 2b4011Asche 3b4123 Frazier 3b5000DBrwn lf4000 Mesorc c4041Mayrry cf3010 Ludwck lf4110Cl.Lee p3110 Cozart ss4010MAdms p0000 N.Soto 1b4000CHrndz ph1000 Cingrn p1000Bastrd p0000 Berndn ph-rf2010 Totals373102Totals31898 Cincinnati2000000103 Philadelphia20001140x8 EUtley (3). DPCincinnati 1. LOBCincinnati 10, Philadelphia 5. 2BMesoraco 2 (8), Mayberry (3). HRRollins (5), Nieves (1), Byrd (5), Asche (4). SBB.Hamilton (15), Heisey (5). CSAsche (1). SCingrani, Nieves. IPHRERBBSO Cincinnati Cingrani L,2-3674437 M.Parra 124422 Broxton 100000 Philadelphia Cl.Lee W,4-462-392213 Mi.Adams H,411-311001 Bastardo100012 BalkCingrani. T:03. A,096 (43,651).Braves 6, Cardinals 5Atlanta St. Louis abrhbi abrhbi Heywrd rf5110MCrpnt 3b2120 J.Upton lf4221Wong 2b3013 FFrmn 1b3233CMrtnz p0000 CJhnsn 3b4000Hollidy lf4010 Smmns ss4000Craig rf5100 Uggla 2b3000YMolin c5120 DCrpnt p0000MAdms 1b4021 Doumit ph1110JhPerlt ss5011 Kimrel p0000Bourjos cf4110 Laird c3000JGarci p2110 Gattis ph-c0000JButler ph0000 JSchafr cf2001Jay ph1000 Floyd p2000Siegrist p0000 A.Wood p0000Neshek p0000 R.Pena 2b0000Rosnthl p0000 M.Ellis 2b0000 Totals31675Totals355115 Atlanta1001020026 St. Louis0300101005 DPAtlanta 3, St. Louis 2. LOBAtlanta 4, St. Louis 12. 2BJ.Upton (7), Doumit (2), Wong (2), Jh.Peralta (9). HRJ.Upton (10), F.Freeman (8). SR.Pena. SFMa.Adams. IPHRERBBSO Atlanta Floyd 51-374134 A.Wood 11-321121 D.Carpenter W,3-011-310000 Kimbrel S,11-13110001 St. Louis J.Garcia 754405 Siegrist H,122-300011 Neshek H,51-300000 Rosenthal L,0-2 BS,2-152-32222 1 C.Martinez1-300010 HBPby Floyd (Holliday, J.Garcia), by D.Carpenter (Wong), by J.Garcia (F.Freeman). WP Kimbrel, C.Martinez. PBLaird. T:20. A,278 (45,399).Cubs 4, Brewers 2MilwaukeeChicago abrhbi abrhbi RWeks 2b4112Bonifac cf4010 Segura ss3000Lake lf4020 Braun rf4010Rizzo 1b3000 Lucroy c3000SCastro ss4120 MrRynl 1b3000Valuen 2b-3b3111 KDavis lf4000Castillo c4112 Bianchi 3b3000Olt 3b4111 LSchfr cf3110HRndn p0000 Estrad p2000Kalish rf2000 Kintzlr p0000T.Wood p3000 Thrnrg p0000Schlittr p0000 Gennett ph1000Barney 2b0000 Wooten p0000 Totals30232Totals31484 Milwaukee0000200002 Chicago02110000x4 LOBMilwaukee 4, Chicago 6. 2BBraun (5), L.Schafer (7), Bonifacio (10), Lake (7), S.Castro 2 (12), Valbuena (8). HRR.Weeks (2), Castillo (5), Olt (9). SBKalish (3). CSLake (1). IPHRERBBSO Milwaukee Estrada L,3-2574424 Kintzler 100000 Thornburg 110011 Wooten 100001 Chicago T.Wood W,4-4722237 Schlitter H,5100002 H.Rondon S,5-5110002 WPThornburg. T:47. A,631 (41,072). West Division WLPctGBWCL10StrHomeAway Oakland2816.6369-1W-312-1016-6 Los Angeles2419.55838-2W-211-1113-8 Seattle2122.488614-6W-18-1013-12 Texas2123.477724-6W-112-129-11 Houston1628.3641276-4W-210-156-13 East Division WLPctGBWCL10StrHomeAway New York2320.5355-5L-111-1112-9 Baltimore2220.5244-6L-29-1013-10 Toronto2322.51115-5L-110-1113-11 Boston2022.476225-5L-310-1310-9 Tampa Bay1926.422544-6L-28-1211-14 East Division WLPctGBWCL10StrHomeAway Atlanta2319.5485-5W-113-810-11 Washington2320.5355-5W-113-1010-10 Miami2322.511113-7L-117-56-17 New York2023.465334-6L-19-1211-11 Philadelphia1922.463334-6W-28-1211-10 Central Division WLPctGBWCL10StrHomeAway Milwaukee2717.6145-5L-214-1013-7 St. Louis2321.52346-4L-111-712-14 Cincinnati1923.452734-6L-211-108-13 Pittsburgh1825.419855-5W-112-116-14 Chicago1527.3571174-6W-29-126-15 West Division WLPctGBWCL10StrHomeAway San Fran.2817.6226-4W-114-814-9 Colorado2520.55634-6W-115-610-14 Los Angeles2322.511514-6L-29-1314-9 San Diego2124.467736-4L-112-119-13 Arizona1828.3911066-4W-26-1812-10 Central Division WLPctGBWCL10StrHomeAway Detroit2612.6847-3W-513-813-4 Kansas City2221.51266-4W-212-910-12 Minnesota2121.500716-4L-112-119-10 Chicago2124.467823-7L-211-1010-14 Cleveland1925.4321044-6L-412-117-14 AMERICAN LEAGUE NATIONAL LEAGUE CITRUSCOUNTY(FL) CHRONICLEBASEBALL B2MONDAY, MAY19, 2014


SCOREBOARDCITRUSCOUNTY(FL) CHRONICLEMONDAY, MAY19, 2014 B3 Mulberry, went into the wall off contact from his Lakeland rival. The incident recalled their contentious mixup at Citrus on April 26, which saw Williamson spinning into the infield after the two collided on the back stretch. This time, Webster took advantage, and Orlandos Andy Nicholls, who turned 52 on Saturday, soon moved into second on an inside move against Eagle Lakes Bobby Mobley. Jay Witfoth, of Beverly Hills, got by Mobley on lap 45 to take third. I was definitely on careful mode when I saw (Morris and Williamson together), Webster said. I dont know if I had the car to beat those guys. It worked out for us, for sure, in the end. Belleviews Jason Terry looked like a sure winner in the 50-lap Mini Stocks special until his car broke on the back stretch of lap 39, allowing Bill Ryan and Kuhn to slide into first and second, respectively. Kuhn went low on the first couple of turns on lap 42 to secure the winning lead, leaving Ryan to take second. Meanwhile, Kevin Stone placed third for the third time in a row in Minis. Afterward, Terry was given a push around the track for a would-be victory lap, amid enthusiastic applause from his large fan base. I didnt have nothing for Jason, Kuhn said. Weve got a couple issues with the motor it wasnt where it needed to be. I wasnt sure I was going to get around Bill, but I got lucky and got underneath him. Wilson beat out Dora Thorne, of Floral City, and Camron Ray, of Homosassa, in the Street Stocks feature. Nicholas Malverty, a regular at the Auburndale Speedway in Winter Haven, enjoyed an early lead on Wilson before experiencing car trouble. Michael Hart (Pro Hornets) and Joe Marsicek (Beginner Hornets) each won a Hornet race in the same No. 99 car. Super Late Models, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, Hornets and Figure-Eight Pure and Street Stocks are on the racing card this Saturday. Practice is Friday from 6 to 10 p.m. Admission is $10. SPEEDWAYContinued from Page B1 On the AIRWAVES TODAYS SPORTS MLB BASEBALL 7 p.m. (ESPN) Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians COLLEGE BASEBALL 9 p.m. (ESPNU) SWAC Tournament, Final: Teams TBA (taped) NBA PLAYOFFS 9 p.m. (TNT) Oklahoma City Thunder at San Antonio Spurs. Western Conference Final, Game 1 NHL STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS 3 p.m. (NHL) NHL hockey (taped) 8 p.m. (NBCSPT) NHL Eastern Conference Final: New York Rangers at Montreal Canadiens, Game 2 TENNIS 4 p.m. (TENNIS) PowerShares Series: Houston (taped) 7 p.m. (FSNFL) PowerShares Series: Portland (taped) 7 p.m. (TENNIS) ATP Power Horse Cup (same-day tape) Note: Times and channels are subject to change at the discretion of the network. If you are unable to locate a game on the listed channel, please contact your cable provider. Citrus County SpeedwayRace finishes for May 17 Open Wheeled Modifieds No. Driver Hometown 982 L. J. Grimm Seffner 10 Travis Roland Lake Alfred 42 Richie Smith Hernando 43 Gator Hise Inverness 98 Robbie Cooper Bronson 19 Keith Brendel Leesburg, Ga. 98x Kyle Cooper Mulberry 1 Jamie Castleberry Bartow 59 John Inman Tampa 99 Cody Stickler Pinellas Park 2 Steven Hise Inverness 9 Camron Ray Homosassa Sportsman No. Driver Hometown 21 Daniel Webster Brooksville 66 Andy Nicholls Orlando 4 Jay Witfoth Beverly Hills 29 Bobby Mobley Eagle Lake 25 Robbie Storer Zephyrhills 37 Kenner Brown Jacksonville 29x Nicholas Malverty Spring Hill 71 Roger Blevins Eagle Lake 01 Tom Posavec Dunnellon 00 Billy Smith Wildwood 55 Mike Bresnahan Lecanto 199 Brett Jenkins Lakeland 8 Mark Davis Alachua 56 Brandon Morris Mulberry 13 Aaron Williamson Lakeland Mini Stocks No. Driver Hometown 47 Richard Kuhn Ocala 33 Bill Ryan Bushnell 98 Kevin Stone Dade City 24 Tim Scalise Lutz 26 Shawn Jenkins Lakeland 11 Jerry Daniels Weirsdale 50 Jesse Mallory Summerfield 21 Kevin Edwards Crystal River 55 Erik Lowery Clermont 73 Jason Terry Bellview Street Stocks No. Driver Hometown 8 Tim Wilson Floral City 48 Dora Thorne Floral City 9 Camron Ray Homosassa 43 Shawn Jenkins Lakeland 75 Mike Gilkerson (son)Bushnell 29 Nicholas Malverty Spring Hill 16 J.D. Goff Brooksville 6 Phillip Robinson Webster Pro Hornet Division No. Driver Hometown 99 Micheal Hart 3 Jim Brown St. Petersburg 97 Billy Smith Wildwood 98 Marvin Armstrong Wildwood 54 Ryan Thompson Jr. Palm Harbor Beginner Hornet Division No. Driver Hometown 99 Joe Marsicek Zephyrhills 97 Tammy Armstrong WildwoodNASCAR Nationwide Get to Know Newton 250 ResultsSunday at Iowa Speedway, Newton, Iowa Lap length: .875 miles (Start position in parentheses)1. (2) Sam Hornish Jr., Toyota, 250 laps, 148 rating, 48 points, $80,700. 2. (1) Ryan Blaney, Ford, 250, 132, 0, $64,200. 3. (4) Regan Smith, Chevrolet, 250, 109.4, 41, $49,800. 4. (6) Chase Elliott, Chevrolet, 250, 116.3, 40, $38,475. 5. (8) Elliott Sadler, Toyota, 250, 107.9, 39, $32,975. 6. (7) Brian Scott, Chevrolet, 250, 109.6, 38, $29,275. 7. (3) Michael McDowell, Toyota, 250, 109.7, 0, $27,935. 8. (13) Ty Dillon, Chevrolet, 250, 93.7, 36, $26,895. 9. (16) Trevor Bayne, Ford, 250, 96.9, 35, $27,875. 10. (9) Landon Cassill, Chevrolet, 250, 89.4, 34, $26,150. 11. (5) Dylan Kwasniewski, Chevrolet, 250, 96.9, 33, $24,300. 12. (10) Brendan Gaughan, Chevrolet, 250, 83.9, 32, $23,750. 13. (11) Chris Buescher, Ford, 250, 87.3, 31, $23,225. 14. (12) Chase Pistone, Chevrolet, 250, 76.4, 0, $22,700. 15. (17) Austin Theriault, Chevrolet, 250, 83.8, 29, $22,825. 16. (15) Ryan Reed, Ford, 250, 73.9, 28, $22,225. 17. (18) Ryan Sieg, Chevrolet, 250, 72.4, 27, $21,800. 18. (24) J.J. Yeley, Dodge, 250, 69.4, 26, $21,550. 19. (14) James Buescher, Toyota, 249, 74, 25, $21,325. 20. (23) Ryan Gifford, Ford, 248, 62.6, 24, $15,800. 21. (22) Dakoda Armstrong, Ford, 248, 63.6, 23, $20,975. 22. (28) Jeremy Clements, Chevrolet, 246, 61.6, 22, $20,845. 23. (25) Jeffrey Earnhardt, Chevrolet, 245, 56.4, 21, $20,695. 24. (32) Eric McClure, Toyota, 245, 42.1, 20, $20,545. 25. (30) Matt DiBenedetto, Chevrolet, 245, 51.1, 19, $20,570. 26. (27) Hal Martin, Toyota, 243, 42.7, 18, $20,645. 27. (29) Joey Gase, Chevrolet, 242, 46.3, 17, $20,170. 28. (35) Carl Long, Dodge, brakes, 235, 41.8, 16, $20,020. 29. (20) Chad Boat, Chevrolet, transmission, 227, 57.9, 15, $13,895. 30. (21) Cale Conley, Chevrolet, 224, 47.1, 0, $14,070. 31. (19) Mike Bliss, Toyota, accident, 220, 68.2, 13, $19,615. 32. (38) Caleb Roark, Chevrolet, vibration, 175, 30.9, 0, $19,505. 33. (37) Carlos Contreras, Chevrolet, engine, 138, 34.5, 11, $13,390. 34. (36) Tim Schendel, Chevrolet, vibration, 131, 33.7, 10, $19,280. 35. (31) Tanner Berryhill, Dodge, clutch, 80, 49.3, 9, $13,167. 36. (34) Tommy Joe Martins, Ford, ignition, 63, 39.7, 8, $12,125. 37. (33) Derrike Cope, Chevrolet, brakes, 44, 32.6, 7, $12,015. 38. (40) Mike Harmon, Dodge, electrical, 8, 33, 6, $11,936. 39. (26) Jeff Green, Toyota, vibration, 3, 32.4, 5, $11,745. 40. (39) Ryan Ellis, Chevrolet, ignition, 3, 30.8, 4, $11,630.Race Statistics Average Speed of Race Winner: 105.450 mph. Time of Race: 2 hours, 4 minutes, 28 seconds. Margin of Victory: 0.796 seconds. Caution Flags: 5 for 31 laps. Lead Changes: 9 among 3 drivers. Lap Leaders: S.Hornish Jr. 1-45; R.Blaney 46; S.Hornish Jr. 47-89; R.Blaney 90-149; S.Hornish Jr. 150-206; R.Blaney 207-215; M.McDowell 216218; R.Blaney 219-228; S.Hornish Jr. 229-250. Leaders Summary (Driver, Times Led, Laps Led): S.Hornish Jr., 4 times for 167 laps; R.Blaney, 4 times for 80 laps; M.McDowell, 1 time for 3 laps. Top 10 in Points: 1. C.Elliott, 379; 2. E.Sadler, 377; 3. R.Smith, 377; 4. T.Dillon, 344; 5. T.Bayne, 343; 6. B.Scott, 315; 7. B.Gaughan, 282; 8. J.Buescher, 269; 9. C.Buescher, 260; 10. L.Cassill, 258.NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race ResultsSaturday at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, N.C. Lap length: 1.5 miles (Start position in parentheses)1. (11) Jamie McMurray, Chevrolet, 90 laps, 120.3 rating, 0 points. 2. (3) Kevin Harvick, Chevrolet, 90, 123.9, 0. 3. (8) Matt Kenseth, Toyota, 90, 88.3, 0. 4. (6) Dale Earnhardt Jr., Chevrolet, 90, 92.4, 0. 5. (1) Carl Edwards, Ford, 90, 99.1, 0. 6. (5) Jimmie Johnson, Chevrolet, 90, 85.1, 0. 7. (9) Clint Bowyer, Toyota, 90, 67.8, 0. 8. (16) Brian Vickers, Toyota, 90, 71.6, 0. 9. (22) Denny Hamlin, Toyota, 90, 54.1, 0. 10. (13) Brad Keselowski, Ford, 90, 73.3, 0. 11. (18) Kurt Busch, Chevrolet, 90, 57.8, 0. 12. (15) Tony Stewart, Chevrolet, 90, 41, 0. 13. (20) David Ragan, Ford, 90, 36.4, 0. 14. (7) Kasey Kahne, Chevrolet, 90, 95.3, 0. 15. (19) Josh Wise, Chevrolet, 90, 32.4, 0. 16. (21) Ryan Newman, Chevrolet, accident, 77, 44, 0. 17. (4) Jeff Gordon, Chevrolet, accident, 60, 87.1, 0. 18. (12) Martin Truex Jr., Chevrolet, accident, 60, 37.6, 0. 19. (14) Greg Biffle, Ford, accident, 60, 36.4, 0. 20. (17) A J Allmendinger, Chevrolet, accident, 30, 41.5, 0. 21. (2) Kyle Busch, Toyota, accident, 25, 90.6, 0. 22. (10) Joey Logano, Ford, accident, 25, 50.7, 0.Race Statistics Average Speed of Race Winner: 100.517 mph. Time of Race: 1 hour, 20 minutes, 35 seconds. Margin of Victory: 0.696 seconds. Caution Flags: 7 for 12 laps. Lead Changes: 9 among 6 drivers. Lap Leaders: C.Edwards 1-9; Ky.Busch 10-20; D.Hamlin 21-25; C.Edwards 26-34; K.Kahne 3540; J.McMurray 41-46; K.Kahne 47-60; J.McMurray 61-75; K.Harvick 76-80; J.McMurray 81-90. Leaders Summary (Driver, Times Led, Laps Led): J.McMurray, 3 times for 31 laps; K.Kahne, 2 times for 20 laps; C.Edwards, 2 times for 18 laps; Ky.Busch, 1 time for 11 laps; K.Harvick, 1 time for 5 laps; D.Hamlin, 1 time for 5 laps. Wins: K.Harvick, 2; J.Logano, 2; Ku.Busch, 1; Ky.Busch, 1; D.Earnhardt Jr., 1; C.Edwards, 1; J.Gordon, 1; D.Hamlin, 1; Bra.Keselowski, 1. Top 12 in Points: 1. J.Gordon, 394; 2. M.Kenseth, 379; 3. Ky.Busch, 373; 4. D.Earnhardt Jr., 368; 5. C.Edwards, 367; 6. J.Logano, 346; 7. J.Johnson, 340; 8. R.Newman, 332; 9. G.Biffle, 328; 10. B.Vickers, 327; 11. Bra.Keselowski, 326; 12. D.Hamlin, 318. Rockies 8, Padres 6 (10 innings)San Diego Colorado abrhbi abrhbi ECarer ss5122Blckmn rf3122 S.Smith rf-lf3111Dickrsn cf2112 Quentin lf2010Stubbs ph-cf2010 Stauffr p1010Tlwtzk ss5211 Headly ph-3b1000CGnzlz lf4121 Alonso 1b5000Arenad 3b5000 Gyorko 2b5010Mornea 1b5122 Maybin cf5110Rosario c4110 Rivera c4222LeMahi 2b4130 Roach p1000Nicasio p1000 Venale ph-rf3121Barnes ph1000 Amarst 3b2000Brothrs p0000 Denorfi ph1000Ottavin p0000 ATorrs p0000Hwkns p0000 Hundly ph1000Culersn ph1000 Benoit p0000Masset p0000 Thayer p0000 Totals396116Totals378138 San Diego10020100206 Colorado00401010028 Two outs when winning run scored. DPSan Diego 1. TPColorado 1. LOB San Diego 6, Colorado 5. 2BGyorko (3), Rivera (4), Venable (6). HRE.Cabrera (2), S.Smith (5), Rivera (3), Dickerson (5), Tulowitzki (13), Morneau (9). SBE.Cabrera (9). CSBlackmon (3), Dickerson (2), LeMahieu (3). SNicasio. IPHRERBBSO San Diego Roach 344420 Stauffer 341114 A.Torres 231100 Benoit 100002 Thayer L,2-22-322201 Colorado Nicasio 694412 Brothers H,8100021 Ottavino H,9100000 Hawkins BS,1-11122200 Masset W,1-0100000 HBPby Roach (C.Gonzalez). T:34. A,092 (50,480).Yankees 4, Pirates 3 (Game 1)PittsburghNew York abrhbi abrhbi Snider rf3000Gardnr dh-lf3111 Tabata ph-rf1000Jeter ss4110 NWalkr 2b4122Ellsury cf3100 AMcCt cf3010Teixeir 1b3012 PAlvrz 3b4010McCnn c3011 SMarte lf4000ASorin rf3000 I.Davis 1b3000Solarte 2b3000 GSnchz dh4000KJhnsn 3b3110 TSnchz c4111ZAlmnt lf3010 Barmes ss3110DvRrts p0000 Totals33363Totals28464 Pittsburgh1000200003 New York31000000x4 ET.Sanchez (5). DPPittsburgh 1. LOB Pittsburgh 5, New York 2. 2BBarmes (2), Gardner (5). HRN.Walker (9), T.Sanchez (2). SBKe.Johnson (2). IPHRERBBSO Pittsburgh Morton L,0-6764416 Ju.Wilson 100001 New York Kuroda W,3-3653327 Daley H,1 2-300000 Thornton H,81-300001 Warren H,72-310000 Dav.Robertson S,8-811-300003 HBPby Morton (Ellsbury). WPMorton. PB McCann. T:52. A (49,642).Pirates 5, Yankees 3 (Game 2)PittsburghNew York abrhbi abrhbi JHrrsn 3b-lf5121Gardnr cf4020 NWalkr 2b4000BRorts 2b4020 AMcCt cf3110Teixeir dh3000 GSnchz 1b4000KJhnsn 1b3000 SMarte lf3212Jeter ph-ss1010 PAlvrz 3b1000Solarte 3b4221 Mercer ss4120ZAlmnt lf3000 Tabata rf1000ASorin ph-rf1000 Snider rf2010ISuzuki rf-lf4010 TSnchz dh3000JMrphy c3110 I.Davis ph-dh0000Ellsury ph1000 CStwrt c3012Ryan ss-1b3011 McCnn ph1000 Totals33585Totals353102 Pittsburgh0100021015 New York0200010003 ESnider (1), Cole (2), B.Roberts (4), Solarte (4). DPPittsburgh 1. LOBPittsburgh 5, New York 7. 2BJ.Harrison (4), Mercer (7), B.Roberts (5). 3BGardner (2). HRJ.Harrison (2), S.Marte (4), Solarte (5). SSnider. SFC.Stewart. IPHRERBBSO Pittsburgh Cole W,4-3 673328 Morris H,3 2-300000 Watson H,911-330002 Melancon S,6-8100000 New York Nuno 663215 Aceves L,0-212-311101 Thornton 2-311100 Claiborne 2-300010 BalkCole. T:04. A,858 (49,642). Florida LOTTERY Here are the winning numbers selected Sunday in the Florida Lottery: CASH 3 (early) 5 6 0 CASH 3 (late) 7 2 1 PLAY 4 (early) 2 4 7 2 PLAY 4 (late) 8 5 4 3 FANTASY 5 7 10 13 14 31 Players should verify winning numbers by calling 850-487-7777 or at Saturdays winning numbers and payouts: Powerball: 23 32 39 47 49 Powerball: 22 5-of-5 PBNo winner No Florida winner 5-of-54 winners$1 million No Florida winner Lotto: 3 11 13 15 33 50 6-of-6No winner 5-of-645$3,617 4-of-62,396$54.50 3-of-643,235$5 Fantasy 5: 7 17 21 27 32 5-of-54 winners$64,558.12 4-of-5630$66 3-of-513,576$8.50 Byron Nelson par scoresSunday at TPC Four Seasons Resort, Irving, Texas Purse: $6.9 million, Yardage: 7,166, Par: 70, (a-amateur) Final: Brendon Todd (500), $1,242,00068-64-68-66 266-14 Mike Weir (300), $745,20068-66-67-67 268-12 Charles Howell III (163), $400,20068-66-69-67 270-10 Marc Leishman (163), $400,20066-68-68-68 270-10 James Hahn (105), $262,20071-65-65-70 271-9 Boo Weekley (105), $262,20067-68-68-68 271-9 Graham DeLaet (83), $207,86368-66-68-70 272-8 Dustin Johnson (83), $207,86369-69-68-66 272-8 Matt Kuchar (83), $207,86369-67-68-68 272-8 Gary Woodland (83), $207,86368-67-66-71 272-8 Charlie Beljan (62), $146,28072-65-70-67 274-6 Louis Oosthuizen (62), $146,28068-68-64-74 274-6 Charl Schwartzel (62), $146,28073-67-67-67 274-6 John Senden (62), $146,28070-70-68-66 274-6 Shawn Stefani (62), $146,28074-66-67-67 274-6 Paul Casey (53), $100,05071-63-73-68 275-5 Morgan Hoffmann (53), $100,05068-66-68-73 275-5 John Huh (53), $100,05067-71-66-71 275 -5 Billy Hurley III (53), $100,05070-69-68-68 275-5 Kevin Kisner (53), $100,05069-70-70-66 275-5 Tyrone Van Aswegen (53), $100,05067-68-72-68 275-5 Greg Chalmers (46), $64,05571-67-65-73 276-4 Padraig Harrington (46), $64,05568-68-66-74 276-4 Tim Herron (46), $64,05568-66-74-68 276 -4 Ryan Palmer (46), $64,05567-68-71-70 276-4 Andres Romero (46), $64,05571-66-69-70 276-4 Tim Wilkinson (46), $64,05566-71-71-68 276-4 a-Scottie Scheffler, $071-68-69-68 276 -4 Brendon de Jonge (39), $43,94473-68-67-69 277-3 Brice Garnett (39), $43,94469-70-68-70 277-3 Brian Harman (39), $43,94472-69-71-65 277-3 Charlie Wi (39), $43,94473-67-66-71 277 -3 Aaron Baddeley (39), $43,94468-70-67-72 277-3 Keegan Bradley (39), $43,94470-68-68-71 277-3 Robert Garrigus (39), $43,94474-64-68-71 277-3 Martin Kaymer (39), $43,94467-67-71-72 277-3 Robert Allenby (31), $30,40372-69-70-67 278-2 Ben Crane (31), $30,40368-70-73-67 278 -2 Peter Hanson (31), $30,40365-73-69-71 278-2 Jordan Spieth (31), $30,40370-67-73-68 278-2 Scott Gardiner (31), $30,40370-69-67-72 278-2 Retief Goosen (31), $30,40370-65-71-72 278-2 Vijay Singh (31), $30,40369-68-68-73 278 -2 Jimmy Walker (31), $30,40371-68-68-71 278-2 Carl Pettersson (25), $22,77069-71-67-72 279-1 Michael Putnam (25), $22,77070-70-71-68 279-1 Rory Sabbatini (25), $22,77070-68-71-70 279-1 Kris Blanks (19), $17,32770-69-70-71 280 E Chad Campbell (19), $17,32769-72-70-69 280E Jason Dufner (19), $17,32770-70-69-71 280E Bryce Molder (19), $17,32771-70-71-68 280E Sean OHair (19), $17,32769-72-71-68 280E David Toms (19), $17,32771-68-72-69 280 E Jason Allred, $17,32768-70-70-72 280 E Ricky Barnes (19), $17,32772-68-68-72 280E Lee Williams (19), $17,32767-71-68-74 280E Ken Duke (14), $15,66370-69-72-70 281 +1 Brian Gay (14), $15,66371-67-72-71 281 +1 Angel Cabrera (10), $15,18073-67-68-74 282+2 Brian Davis (10), $15,18070-71-70-71 282 +2 Martin Flores (10), $15,18070-71-69-72 282+2 Brad Fritsch (10), $15,18072-69-71-70 282+2 J.J. Henry (10), $15,18070-71-68-73 282 +2 James Driscoll (6), $14,55970-71-66-76 283+3 Jamie Lovemark (6), $14,55973-67-71-72 283+3 Rod Pampling (6), $14,55968-72-71-72 283+3 Chris Thompson, $14,55969-69-72-73 283+3 Jim Renner (3), $14,14569-71-71-73 284 +4 Josh Teater (3), $14,14571-69-68-76 284 +4 Luke Guthrie (1), $13,93869-72-71-73 285 +5 Patrick Cantlay (1), $13,73170-69-71-76 286+6 Alex Prugh (1), $13,73167-71-72-76 286 +6 Jim Herman (1), $13,52470-68-74-76 288 +8 Steve Marino (1), $13,38670-69-71-79 289+9 Made cut; did not finish Daniel Chopra (1), $13,11070-68-75 213 +3 Kevin Foley (1), $13,11070-71-72 213 +3 Ryo Ishikawa (1), $13,11073-68-72 213 +3 Alex Cejka (1), $12,69667-70-77 214 +4 Jhonattan Vegas (1), $12,69670-71-73 214+4 Will Wilcox (1), $12,69672-68-74 214 +4 Mark Anderson (1), $12,28273-68-74 215 +5 Eric Axley (1), $12,28268-73-74 215 +5 Johnson Wagner (1), $12,28273-68-74 215+5 Kyle Stanley (1), $12,00674-66-76 216 +6 BASEBALL American League BALTIMORE ORIOLES Optioned RHP Evan Meek to Norfolk (IL). Agreed to terms with RHP Heath Bell on a minor league contract. CHICAGO WHITE SOX Placed 1B Jose Abreu on the 15day DL. Reinstated OF Adam Eaton from Charlotte (IL). LOS ANGELES ANGELS Sent 3B David Freese to Salt Lake (PCL) for a rehab assignment. MINNESOTA TWINS Optioned RHP Michael Tonkin to Rochester (IL). NEW YORK YANKEES Recalled RHP Jose Ramirez from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (IL) as 26th Man. OAKLAND ATHLETICS Sent 1B Daric Barton outright to Sacramento (PCL). Optioned LHP Joe Savery to Sacramento. Claimed LHP Jeff Francis off waivers from Cincinnati. Transferred INF Jake Elmore to the 60-day DL. TAMPA BAY RAYS Placed OF Desmond Jennings on the bereavement list. Recalled OF Kevin Kiermaier from Durham (IL). Agreed to terms with INF Jayson Nix on a minor league contract. TEXAS RANGERS Optioned RHP Miles Mikolas to Round Rock (PCL). Recalled OF Daniel Robertson to Round Rock. TORONTO BLUE JAYS Optioned RHP Neil Wagner to Buffalo (IL). Reinstated C Dioner Navarro from the bereavement list. National League CINCINNATI REDS Optioned C Tucker Barnhart to Louisville (IL). Reinstated LHP Tony Cingrani from the 15-day DL. COLORADO ROCKIES Optioned C Michael McKenry to Colorado Springs (PCL). Reinstated C Wilin Rosario from the 15-day DL. Sent OF Michael Cuddyer to Colorado Springs (PCL) for a rehab assignment. MIAMI MARLINS Assigned RHP Henry Rodriguez to New Orleans (PCL). PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES Optioned RHP Ethan Martin to Lehigh Valley (IL). PITTSBURGH PIRATES Recalled RHP Brandon Cumpton from Indianapolis (IL) as 26th Man. ST. LOUIS CARDINALS Optioned RHP Jorge Rondon to Memphis (PCL). Reinstated LHP Jaime Garcia from the 15-day DL. WASHINGTON NATIONALS Placed LHP Gio Gonzalez on the 15-day DL. Recalled RHP Ryan Mattheus from Syracuse (IL). Sent RHP Ross Ohlendorf to Syracuse (IL) for a rehab assignment. FOOTBALL National Football League ATLANTA FALCONS Signed CB Ricardo Allen and LBs Prince Shembo, Marquis Spruill, Yawin Smallwood and Tyler Starr. CLEVELAND BROWNS Named Aaron Glenn assistant defensive backs coach. GREEN BAY PACKERS Signed CB Demetri Goodson. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS Signed WR Brandin Cooks. Angels 6, Rays 2Tampa BayLos Angeles abrhbiabrhbi DeJess dh4020Cowgill rf4001 Myers rf3000Trout cf4110 Joyce lf3010Pujols dh4232 Longori 3b4000HKndrc 2b4011 Loney 1b3110Cron 1b3000 YEscor ss4000ENavrr 1b1010 Kiermr cf4112Aybar ss4110 CFigur 2b3000Iannett c4120 Guyer ph1000Green lf4131 JMolin c3000LJimnz 3b3000 Totals32252Totals356125 Tampa Bay0000002002 Los Angeles10130010x6 ELongoria (3). LOBTampa Bay 6, Los Angeles 6. 2BDeJesus (9), E.Navarro (4). HR Kiermaier (1), Pujols 2 (12). CSGreen (2). SL.Jimenez. IPHRERBBSO Tampa Bay Price L,4-462-3116507 Boxberger11-310001 Los Angeles Shoemaker W,2-1621136 Morin111100 J.Smith110002 Frieri110002 Shoemaker pitched to 1 batter in the 7th. T:59. A,655 (45,483).Giants 4, Marlins 1Miami San Francisco abrhbi abrhbi Hchvrr ss5120Blanco cf2100 Dietrch 2b3010Pence rf4010 Yelich lf4001Posey c3001 McGeh 3b4020Sandovl 3b4221 GJones 1b3000Arias 3b0000 Lucas rf3010Morse 1b4110 Stanton ph-rf1000Colvin lf3011 Ozuna cf4010B.Hicks 2b4011 Mathis c4020BCrwfr ss3000 JaTrnr p0000Vglsng p2010 Solano ph1000Adrianz ph1000 Capps p0000Affeldt p0000 Hand p0000Casilla p0000 RJhnsn ph1000Romo p0000 Totals33191Totals30474 Miami 0000000101 San Francisco30001000x4 EB.Crawford (4). DPSan Francisco 1. LOBMiami 9, San Francisco 6. 2BDietrich (4). HRSandoval (3). SBBlanco (5). CS Hechavarria (4). SJa.Turner 2. SFPosey. IPHRERBBSO Miami Ja.Turner L,0-2664417 Capps 110002 Hand 100011 San Francisco Vogelsong W,2-2750016 Affeldt 1-321100 Casilla H,72-310001 Romo S,15-16110001 HBPby Ja.Turner (Blanco), by Vogelsong (Dietrich). T:04. A,551 (41,915).Diamondbacks 5, Dodgers 3Los AngelesArizona abrhbiabrhbi DGordn 2b5000GParra rf4110 Puig rf3000Owings ss4131 HRmrz ss3211Gldsch 1b4000 AdGnzl 1b4132MMntr c4010 Ethier cf-lf3010Prado 3b2000 Crwfrd lf2010EChavz 3b2112 Kemp ph-cf2000C.Ross lf3221 Uribe 3b4000Inciart lf1000 Butera c3000Pollock cf4030 Haren p2000Pnngtn 2b4000 JuTrnr ph1000Cllmntr p2000 League p0000OPerez p0000 VnSlyk ph1010AMarte ph1000 EMrshl p0000 Ziegler p0000 A.Reed p0000 Totals33373Totals355114 Los Angeles1020000003 Arizona01112000x5 EH.Ramirez (7), Goldschmidt (4). DPArizona 1. LOBLos Angeles 7, Arizona 6. 2B C.Ross (2), Pollock (9). HRH.Ramirez (6), Ad.Gonzalez (10), E.Chavez (3), C.Ross (1). SBC.Crawford (6), Owings 2 (6). IPHRERBBSO Los Angeles Haren L,5-26105403 League210001 Arizona Collmenter W,2-251-343323 O.Perez H,32-300010 E.Marshall H,3100001 Ziegler H,11120000 A.Reed S,12-14110002 HBPby Ziegler (Puig). WPHaren. T:50. A,406 (48,633). NBA daily playoff glanceAll Times EDT CONFERENCE SEMIFINALS (Best-of-7; x-if necessary) Monday, May 5 Washington 102, Indiana 96 L.A. Clippers 122, Oklahoma City 105 Tuesday, May 6 Miami 107, Brooklyn 86 San Antonio 116, Portland 92 Wednesday, May 7 Indiana 86, Washington 82 Oklahoma City 112, L.A. Clippers 101 Thursday, May 8 Miami 94, Brooklyn 82 San Antonio 114, Portland 97 Friday, May 9 Indiana 85, Washington 63 Oklahoma City 118, L.A. Clippers 112 Saturday, May 10 Brooklyn 104, Miami 90 San Antonio 118, Portland 103 Sunday, May 11 L.A. Clippers 101, Oklahoma City 99 Indiana 95, Washington 92 Monday, May 12 Miami 102, Brooklyn 96 Portland 103, San Antonio 92 Tuesday, May 13 Washington 102, Indiana 79 Oklahoma City 105, L.A. Clippers 104 Wednesday, May 14 Miami 96, Brooklyn 94, Miami wins series 4-1 San Antonio 104, Portland 82, San Antonio wins series 4-1 Thursday, May 15 Indiana 93, Washington 80, Indiana wins series 4-2 Oklahoma City 104, L.A. Clippers 98, Oklahoma City wins series 4-2 CONFERENCE FINALS (Best-of-7; x-if necessary) Sunday, May 18 Indiana 107, Miami 96, Indiana leads series 1-0 Monday, May 19 Oklahoma City at San Antonio, 9 p.m. Tuesday, May 20 Miami at Indiana, 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 21 Oklahoma City at San Antonio, 9 p.m. Saturday, May 24 Indiana at Miami, 8:30 p.m. Sunday, May 25 San Antonio at Oklahoma City, 8:30 p.m. Monday, May 26 Indiana at Miami, 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 27 San Antonio at Oklahoma City, 9 p.m. Wednesday, May 28 x-Miami at Indiana, 8:30 p.m. Thursday, May 29 x-Oklahoma City at San Antonio, 9 p.m. Friday, May 30 x-Indiana at Miami, 8:30 p.m. Saturday, May 31 x-San Antonio at Oklahoma City, 8:30 p.m. Sunday, June 1 x-Miami at Indiana, 8:30 p.m. Monday, June 2 x-Oklahoma City at San Antonio, 9 p.m.NHL daily playoff glanceAll Times EDT SECOND ROUND (Best-of-7; x-if necessary) Thursday, May 1 Montreal 4, Boston 3, 2OT Friday, May 2 N.Y. Rangers 3, Pittsburgh 2, OT Chicago 5, Minnesota 2 Saturday, May 3 Boston 5, Montreal 3 Los Angeles 3, Anaheim 2, OT Sunday, May 4 Chicago 4, Minnesota 1 Pittsburgh 3, N.Y. Rangers 0 Monday, May 5 Pittsburgh 2, N.Y. Rangers 0 Los Angeles 3, Anaheim 1 Tuesday, May 6 Montreal 4, Boston 2 Minnesota 4, Chicago 0 Wednesday, May 7 Pittsburgh 4, N.Y. Rangers 2 Thursday, May 8 Boston 1, Montreal 0, OT Anaheim 3, Los Angeles 2 Friday, May 9 N.Y. Rangers 5, Pittsburgh 1 Minnesota 4, Chicago 2 Saturday, May 10 Boston 4, Montreal 2 Anaheim 2, Los Angeles 0 Sunday, May 11 N.Y. Rangers 3, Pittsburgh 1 Chicago 2, Minnesota 1 Monday, May 12 Montreal 4, Boston 0 Anaheim 4, Los Angeles 3 Tuesday, May 13 N.Y. Rangers 2, Pittsburgh 1, N.Y. Rangers wins series 4-3 Chicago 2, Minnesota 1, OT, Chicago wins series 4-2 Wednesday, May 14 Montreal 3, Boston 1, Montreal wins series 4-3 Los Angeles 2, Anaheim 1 Friday, May 16 Los Angeles 6, Anaheim 2, Los Angeles wins series 4-3 CONFERENCE FINALS (Best-of-7; x-if necessary) Saturday, May 17 N.Y. Rangers 7, Montreal 2, N.Y. Rangers leads series 1-0 Sunday, May 18 Chicago 3, Los Angeles 1, Chicago leads sereis 1-0 Monday, May 19 NY Rangers at Montreal, 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 21 Los Angeles at Chicago, 8 p.m. Thursday, May 22 Montreal at NY Rangers, 8 p.m. Saturday, May 24 Chicago at Los Angeles, 8 p.m. Sunday, May 25 Montreal at NY Rangers, 8 p.m. Monday, May 26 Chicago at Los Angeles, 9 p.m. Tuesday, May 27 x-NY Rangers at Montreal, 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 28 x-Los Angeles at Chicago, 8 p.m. Thursday, May 29 x-Montreal at NY Rangers, 8 p.m. Friday, May 30 x-Chicago at Los Angeles, 9 p.m. Saturday, May 31 x-NY Rangers at Montreal, 8 p.m. Sunday, June 1 x-Los Angeles at Chicago, 8 p.m.


B4MONDAY, MAY19, 2014CITRUSCOUNTY(FL) CHRONICLEENTERTAINMENT PHILLIPALDER Newspaper Enterprise Assn.Joyce Brothers, a psychologist and newspaper columnist, was the only woman to win the top prize in The $64,000 Question. She said, A philosopher is a person who doesnt care which side his bread is buttered on; he knows he eats both sides anyway. A bridge player, though, should treat every deal with care. In this one, after West leads the heart queen against four spades, how would a careless declarer play, and what would a careful declarer do differently? Norths response was the Jacoby Forcing Raise, promising four or more spades and the values for at least game. South rebid four spades because he had a minimum opening bid with no side-suit singleton or void. North had no reason to bid higher. The opening lead marks East with the heart ace. So declarer should play low from the board at tricks one and two. However, it is to no avail. The defenders take three heart tricks, then East shifts to the diamond king. South wins the trick with dummys ace and draws trumps, noting the unfriendly 4-0 break. Now he must take four club tricks so that he can discard his diamond loser. The careless declarer cashes his club king and plays low to dummys ace, going down with this line of play. The more thoughtful declarer plays low to dummys ace, then returns a club to his king. When he sees East discard, South knows to finesse dummys 10 on the third round. Then perhaps East and West will discuss how they might have entered the auction, because five diamonds, if North and South play trumps quickly, is down only one, making it an excellent sacrifice. (MSNBC) 42 41 42 P o liti cs N a ti on (N)H ar db a ll With Ch r i s Matthews (N) All I n With Ch r i s H ayes (N) Th e R ac h e l M a dd ow Show (N) Th e L as t W or d With Lawrence ODonnell All I n With Ch r i s H ayes (NGC) 109 65 109 44 53None of the None of the Grand Canyon Skywalk PG Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey PG Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey PG None of the None of the Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey PG (NICK) 28 36 28 35 25Sponge.Sponge.Sponge.Sam & AwesomeFull HseFull HseFull HseFull HseFull HseFriendsFriends (OWN) 103 62 103 Dr. Phil PG Dr. Phil Dateline on OWNDateline on OWNDateline on OWNDateline on OWN (OXY) 44 123 Selena (1997, Biography) Jennifer Lopez. PG The Bad Girls ClubThe Bad Girls ClubSnapped PG (SHOW) 340 241 340 4 Man on a Ledge (2012, Suspense) Sam Worthington. (In Stereo) PG-13 Years of Living Dangerously (N) PG Penny Dreadful Seance MA Nurse JackieCalifornicationPenny Dreadful Seance MA (SPIKE) 37 43 37 27 36Cops PG Cops Cops Cops Cops Sting. Cops PG Cops Cops Cops PG Cops PG Cops Cops (STARZ) 370 271 370 The Company You Keep R After Earth (2013, Science Fiction) Jaden Smith. (In Stereo) PG-13 Grown Ups 2 (2013) Adam Sandler. (In Stereo) PG-13 Guess Who (2005) Bernie Mac. PG-13 (SUN) 36 31 36 Into the Blue G Saltwater Exp. Sport Fishing Ship Shape TV SportsmanReel TimeFishing the Flats Addictive Fishing Professional Tarpon Tournament Series Reel Animals G Destination Pol. (SYFY) 31 59 31 26 29Warehouse 13 (In Stereo) Warehouse 13 Savage Seduction Warehouse 13 Cangku Shisi Warehouse 13 Warehouse 13 news. Metal Hurlant Metal HurlantWarehouse 13 Warehouse 13 news. (TBS) 49 23 49 16 19SeinfeldSeinfeldSeinfeldFam. GuyFam. GuyFam. GuyFam. GuyBig BangBig BangBamConan (N) (TCM) 169 53 169 30 35The Little Hut The Extraordinary Seaman (1969) David Niven. G Fatso (1980, Comedy) Dom DeLuise, Anne Bancroft. Premiere. PG 84 Charing Cross Road (1987, Drama) Anne Bancroft. PG (TDC) 53 34 53 24 26Fast N Loud Mustang Mania Fast N Loud (In Stereo) Fast N Loud: Revved Up (N) BikerLive Tarheel State (N) Vegas Rat Rods Salt Flat Rod PG BikerLive Tarheel State (TLC) 50 46 50 29 30Gypsy WeddingUntold Stories of EROMG! EMT! Sex Sent Me to the Best FuBest FuSex Sent Me to the (TMC) 350 261 350 People Like Us (2012, Drama) Chris Pine. (In Stereo) PG-13 Byzantium (2012, Horror) Gemma Arterton, Saoirse Ronan. (In Stereo) R The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011) Kristen Stewart. PG-13 (TNT) 48 33 48 31 34Castle Pandora PG (DVS) Castle Linchpin PG (DVS) Castle Once Upon a Crime PG Castle A Dance With Death PG Major Crimes Final Cut Law & Order Missing football player. (TOON) 38 58 38 33 AdvenRegularClarenceUncle King/HillKing/HillClevelandClevelandFam. GuyBoonAmericanFam. Guy (TRAV) 9 106 9 44Bizarre FoodsFoodFoodBizarre FoodsBizarre FoodsHotel Impossible (N)Bizarre Foods (truTV) 25 55 25 98 55LizardLizardLizardLizardLizardLizardLizardLizardLizardLizardContainerContainer (TVL) 32 49 32 34 24NannyNannyNannyNannyNannyNannyBradyBradyRaymondRaymondRaymondKing (USA) 47 32 47 17 18NCIS: Los Angeles Patriot Acts PG NCIS: Los Angeles (DVS) WWE Monday Night RAW (N) (In Stereo Live) PG, V NCIS: Los Angeles The Watchers PG (WE) 117 69 117 CSI: Miami Paint It Black CSI: Miami G.O. (In Stereo) CSI: Miami Mayday CSI: Miami Countermeasures CSI: Miami Stiff (In Stereo) CSI: Miami Blown Away PG (WGN-A) 18 18 18 18 20Funny Home VideosFunny Home VideosFunny Home VideosFunny Home VideosSalem MA Salem MA Dear Annie: I am in my second marriage. My two adult children were pre-teens when I married Lenny 15 years ago. The problem is, Lenny has a bad temper and little patience. He flies off the handle and gets upset easily. It makes life difficult. He doesnt frighten me, and I can easily tell him to stop when these episodes begin, but they upset the whole family. Now that my kids are grown, they have told me that they always resented my putting them in this position by marrying Lenny. They are respectful to him, but have no interest in sitting down and having a conversation with him. When the kids are in the house, I often run around trying to keep everyone calm. It makes me nervous. Lenny tried counseling, but not for very long. He said it wasnt helping. How do I keep a relationship with my kids? I dont want to be divorced a second time. While I am sure that Lenny would never harm me, Im not certain how he would react if I asked him to leave. He does have some good qualities, but its hard to remember them when he has these outbursts. Please help me keep my kids in my life. What can I do? Helpless Dear Helpless: You can call the Domestic Violence Hotline ( at 1-800799-SAFE and ask about protected ways to leave your environment. You also can ask for help in discussing ways to get Lenny to return for counseling in anger management. If you decide to stay with Lenny, you can arrange to see your children outside of your home, having a relationship that doesnt include Lenny. Do not push them to be with him. Dear Annie: Nude Bodies Are OK says nude art is not porn, but you cannot always control what happens when viewing nudity. I have counseled people who were addicted to pornography, and it robs men of their confidence and self-respect. Some people become addicted after a single viewing. I have seen couples divorce and children separated from parents because one of them couldnt stop using porn. Suggesting that porn is OK for any length of time and in any form encourages people to try doing what their own good sense warns them is dangerous. Women should not be encouraged to think that a husband who uses porn is safe from affairs and that it will somehow strengthen the marriage in the bedroom. This is ludicrous. If he is looking at pornography, he is bonding with the pornography. Brain chemistry is potent, and it is both difficult and unlikely that people will overcome the addiction permanently once it grabs them. Be a Man Dear Man: There is a difference between nudity and pornography. No normal person would become addicted to porn after viewing Michelangelos David. But anything that debases women, airbrushes body flaws, shows sex acts, etc., is indeed porn and can be surprisingly addictive. Even a little can destroy marriages and lives. Dear Annie: Last Christmas, my well-to-do in-laws told us they were going to donate to a charity in honor of us instead of gift giving. While this was fine at first, we didnt get to choose our charity, and after giving it more thought, we told them to forget about it for us. Giving to a charity is one thing, but giving to a charity while taking the write-off for themselves left us feeling like the only ones who benefited were my in-laws (for their tax deduction) and the charity they held dear. Grinch in Arizona must be related to the Frugal McDougals of New York. Not Taking It with UsAnnies Mailbox is written by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar, longtime editors of the Ann Landers column. Please email your questions to, or write to: Annies Mailbox, Creators Syndicate, 737 Third Street, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254. To find out more about Annies Mailbox and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at ANNIES MAILBOX Bridge (Answers tomorrow) DAISYALIAS UNTOLD EFFORT Saturdays Jumbles: Answer: When she had trouble solving the Jumble, asking her father for help was the SOLUTION Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon.THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAMEby David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. HEANY CCOLK GENNIE KECPIT Tribune Content Agency, LLC All Rights Reserved. Check out the new, free JUSTJUMBLE app A: MONDAY EVENING MAY 19, 2014 C: Comcast, Citrus B: Bright House D/I: Comcast, Dunnellon & Inglis F: Oak Forest H: Holiday Heights C B D/I F H6:006:307:007:308:008:309:009:3010:0010:3011:0011:30 ^ (WESH) NBC 19 19 NewsNewsEntAccessThe Voice Live Final Performances PGMaya RudolphNewsJ. Fallon # (WEDU) PBS 3 3 14 6World News Nightly Business PBS NewsHour (N) (In Stereo) Antiques Roadshow Richmond (N) G Antiques Roadshow Greatest Gifts G Independent Lens Ugandan and American pastors in Africa. MA Last Battleship % (WUFT) PBS 5 5 5 41News at 6BusinessPBS NewsHour (N)Antiques RoadshowAntiques RoadshowIndependent Lens (N) MAT. Smiley ( (WFLA) NBC 8 8 8 8 8NewsNightly NewsNewsChannel 8 Entertainment Ton.The Voice Live Final Performances The artists perform for the judges. (N) PG The Maya Rudolph Show (N) D,L NewsTonight Show ) (WFTV) ABC 20 20 20 NewsWorld News Jeopardy! (N) G Wheel of Fortune Dancing With the Stars (N) (In Stereo Live) PG The Bachelorette Andi meets the bachelors. Eyewit. News Jimmy Kimmel (WTSP) CBS 10 10 10 10 1010 News, 6pm (N) Evening News Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! (N) G 2 Broke Girls FriendsLives Mike & Molly Mom Criminal Minds To Bear Witness 10 News, 11pm (N) Letterman ` (WTVT) FOX 13 13 13 13FOX13 6:00 News (N) (In Stereo) TMZ (N) PG The Insider (N) Bones The Recluse in the Recliner 24: Live Another Day (N) (DVS) FOX13 10:00 News (N) (In Stereo) NewsAccess Hollywd 4 (WCJB) ABC 11 11 4 NewsABC EntInside Ed.Dancing With the Stars (N) PGThe Bachelorette NewsJ. Kimmel 6 (WCLF) IND 2 2 2 22 22Christian Fitness TodayZ. Levitt Presents Great AwakeningLove a Child G Place for Miracles A. Wommack Jewish Jewels James Robison Jentzen Franklin Great Awaken < (WFTS) ABC 11 11 11NewsWorld News The List (N) PG Lets Ask America Dancing With the Stars (N) (In Stereo Live) PG The Bachelorette Andi meets the bachelors. 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COMICSCITRUSCOUNTY(FL) CHRONICLEMONDAY, MAY19, 2014 B5 Pickles Crystal River Mall 9; 564-6864 Amazing Spider-Man 2 (PG-13) 1 p.m., 7:10 p.m. Amazing Spider-Man 2 (PG-13) In 3D. 4:15 p.m. No passes. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (PG-13) 1:10 p.m., 4:10 p.m., 7:20 p.m. Gods Not Dead (PG) 1:15 p.m., 4 p.m., 7 p.m. Godzilla (PG) 1:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m. No passes. Godzilla (PG) In 3D. 4:30 p.m. No passes. Heaven Is For Real (PG) 1:45 p.m., 4:45 p.m., 7:40 p.m. Legends of Oz (PG) 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. Million Dollar Arm (PG) 1:20 p.m., 4:20 p.m., 7:15 p.m. Neighbors (R) 1:35 p.m., 4:35 p.m., 7:45 p.m. No passes. The Other Woman (PG-13) 1:50 p.m., 4:50 p.m., 7:50 p.m. Citrus Cinemas 6 Inverness; 637-3377 Amazing Spider-Man 2 (PG-13) 12 p.m., 6:50 p.m. Amazing Spider-Man 2 (PG-13) In 3D. 3:30 p.m. No passes. Godzilla (PG) 12:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m. No passes. Godzilla (PG) In 3D. 4 p.m. No passes. Heaven Is For Real (PG) 1:15 p.m., 4:20 p.m., 7:20 p.m. Million Dollar Arm (PG) 12:15 p.m., 3:45 p.m., 7 p.m. Neighbors (R) 1 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7:45 p.m. No passes. The Other Woman (PG-13) 12:45 p.m., 4:10 p.m., 7:05 p.m. Visit for area movie listings and entertainment information. Peanuts Garfield For Better or For Worse Sally Forth Beetle Bailey Dilbert The Grizzwells The Born Loser Blondie Doonesbury Classic Kit N Carlyle Rubes Dennis the Menace The Family Circus Betty Big Nate Arlo and Janis Frank & Ernest Times provided by Regal Cinemas and are subject to change; call ahead. TodaysMOVIES WJUF-FM 90.1 National Public WHGN-FM 91.9 Religious WXCV-FM 95.3 Adult Mix. WXOF-FM 96.7 Classic Hits WEKJ FM 96.3, 103.9 Religious WSKY 97.3 FM News Talk WXJB 99.9 FM News Talk WRGO-FM 102.7 Oldies WYKE-FM 104.3 Sports Talk WDUV 105.5 FM Hudson WJQB-FM 106.3 Oldies WFJV-FM 103.3 s to s WRZN-AM 720 News Talk LocalRADIO UFB CV CA D VSOGOCVZ AJ LCXN AFDA GZJGWZ JAFZO AFDX JSOVZWYZV DOZ DRWZ AJ AZWW WCZV? TDXDNCDX UOCAZO DWCTZ HSXOJPrevious Solution: A good battle plan that you act on today can be better than a perfect one tomorrow. Gen. George S. Patton (c) 2014 by NEA, Inc., dist. by Universal Uclick 5-19


Angeles rally from a 3-2 deficit in the series against the Ducks. The Kings also battled back from a 3-0 deficit against San Jose in the first round. Toews 26th career playoff goal came after he had one waved off in a confusing stretch in the second period. It looked as if Chicago had a 2-0 lead when Toews rush to the net resulted in the puck going off the skate of Kings defenseman Slava Voynov and into the goal. But it was waved off after a conference by the officials, prompting a round of boos from the crowd of 21,832 and a waving, yelling display from Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville. According to the NHL, the original call of good goal was changed because the officials decided Toews made incidental contact with Quick before the puck crossed the goal line. The league said the ruling was not reviewable, so the call on the ice remained in place. The sequence seemed to wake up the Kings while deflating the Blackhawks. Los Angeles got its first goal about a minute later, with Tanner Pearson making a terrific pass to the middle to Toffoli for his fourth of the playoffs at 4:35. The Kings then had a couple of chances to take the lead, but Crawford stepped up each time. He denied Kyle Clifford on a 2-on-1 break with 13:42 remaining, and stopped Marian Gaborik and Dustin Brown in rapid succession midway through the period. Crawfords solid play bought Chicago some time to shake off the disallowed goal, and it paid off when Keiths slap shot went off the stick of Kings forward Trevor Lewis and bounced past Quick for a 2-1 lead at 11:54.B6MONDAY, MAY19, 2014CITRUSCOUNTY(FL) CHRONICLESPORTS Fax: (352) 563-5665 l Toll Free: (888) 852-2340 l Email: l website: To place an ad, call563-5966 Chronicle ClassifiedsClassifieds In Print and Online All The Time699184 000I2BK 000I2BQ SEEKING SALES REPRESENTATIVESFull-Time with Great BenefitsDo you have an outgoing personality? Do you work well with others? Are your people skills outstanding?Seeking dynamic individuals with strong communication and computer skills. Must be organized and detailed-oriented and thrive in a fast-paced environment. Base salary plus commission. Reliable vehicle and valid drivers license required. If you light up a room when you enter, apply today! Send resume to Drug screen required for final applicant. EOE000I36R 000IA5KLOVE HONDA HELP WANTED APPLY IN PERSONSee Mike Slagle 2219 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa352-628-4600SALES REPSNew & Used VehiclesAPPOINTMENT SETTERS Training Provided EOE / DRUG FREE WORKPLACEBENEFITS PACKAGE Tell that special person Happy Birthday with a classified ad under Happy Notes. Only $28.50 includes a photo Call our Classified Dept for details352-563-5966 CAREGIVERS NEEDEDAT HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE FOR ALL SHIFTS Apply Online: home CNAs/HHAsExperienced, Caring & Dependable Hourly & Live-in, flexible schedule.LOVING CARE (352) 860-0885 DENTAL RECEPTIONISTPart time or Full time For High Quality Oral Surgery Office. Springhill/Lecanto Experience a must. Email Resume To: maryamoli@ CONSTRUCTION SECRETARYMust be proficient w/ word, excel, & adobe acrobat; organized, personable and able to multi task.Full time position, DFWP Send resume to applicant s@t amp a bay .rr .com F/T SECRETARYFor Beverly Hills, FL Busy office seeks a dedicated individual with secretarial experience. The candidate must have the ability to work independently and as a team player, and have excellent computer skills. Knowledge of community associations is helpful. Smoke free work place. Send Resume T o: PO Box 5315 Spring Hill, FL 34611-5315 Exp FT SylistFor full service, busy barber shop.Must be cust serv. orinented and professional. Call:(352) 220-7260 citruschronicleFollow the I I I I I I I I Tell that special person Happy Birthday with a classified ad under Happy Notes. Only $28.50 includes a photo Call our Classified Dept for details352-563-5966 I I I I I I I I citruschronicleFollow the LOST YOUR PET? Dont forget to call us!! Citrus County Animal Shelter 4060 S. Airport Rd Inverness, FL (352) 746-8400 CONSIGNMENTS W ANTED!!! cars, trucks, RVs, vans, boats, trailers, tractors, etc. for INVERNESS MOTORS & SHEDS @ NEW LOCA TIO N! Rt 44 accross from Times Square-call Bob@ 352-341-0090 SEE AL for CARS & SHEDS @ Hernando location corner of 486 and 41 U-PICK BLUEBERRIES Misty Meadows Blueberry Farm Open Thursday through Sunday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm $3.50 per pound (352) 726-7907 Lost cat. By VFW area in Floral City. Great Mancoon. Recently trimmed. Has collar & chipped. Called Sammy. If found call Debbie. (352)201-9521 Missing All Black/Long Haired Cat. Beloved family pet. Female. REWARD. Last seen in Wakulla, May 9. Call/Text Teddy (850)459-1300. Adult male cat found in Green Acres Estates Homosassa on 5/12. Unique beige color, declawed (352) 621-6884 FOUND MOMS RING Citrus Memorial Hospital Emergency Room Parking Lot Call to describe 352-637-7152 BUYING JUNK CARS Running or Not CASH PAID-$300 & UP (352) 771-6191 Taurus MetalRecycling Best Prices for your cars or trucks also biggest U-Pull-It with thousands of vehicles offering lowest price for parts 352-637-2100 2 Parakeets Male is Turquoise and the female is mostly white. 1 large cage. Free to good home (352) 344-8753 FREE KITTENS 6 weeks old, litter trained 352-212-4061 U-pick Blueberries $3.00 per lb. 7am-6pm Tues & Thurs, Sat, & Sun. Pesticide Free 4752 W Abeline Dr Citrus Springs, (352)746-2511 Todays New Ads Free to Good Home 2 Huskys Male & Female pure bred, fully vetted Call Joe 352-246-3000 Your world first.Every Dayvautomotive Classifieds Need a JOB? #1 Employment source Classifieds GAME 1Continued from Page B1 Associated PressIRVING, Texas Brendon Todd was shocked when he saw his ball settled at the base of a tree by the 13th green in the final round of the Byron Nelson Championship. As good as he is with his short game, it wasnt natural for the slender 6-foot-3 Todd to set up left-handed and hit the ball with the back side of a 4-iron. Definitely, without a doubt, Todd said when asked if it was his most unique shot in a competitive round. And it came in his first PGA Tour victory, a two-stroke win Sunday over Mike Weir. Todd saved par at the 185-yard 13th hole after knocking the ball to 7 feet, part of a bogey-free 4-under 66. He finished at 14-under 266. It was the 77th career PGA Tour event for Todd, who twice in the past five years had to go back to the Tour to regain full playing privileges. He earned $1,242,000, a PGA Tour exemption through the 2015-16 season and a spot next year in the Masters. Im excited about the relief, like I finally have a chance to play the PGA Tour for multiple years, Todd said. No. 1, going to Augusta for the Masters is a dream come true. Todd, who took the lead for good with birdies at Nos. 9 and 10, is the fifth former University of Georgia player to win on the PGA Tour this season. He joined Masters champion Bubba Watson, Harris English, Russell Henley and Chris Kirk. Todd also is the eighth firsttime winner this season. After Todd hit his tee shot at the 195-yard second into a greenside bunker, his shot from the sand landed on the green and rolled in for a birdie. When he knocked in a 14-foot birdie putt at the 181-yard fifth, he tied Weir who made a bogey on No. 6 for the lead at 12 under. Weir had his best tournament since finishing behind Dustin Johnson at Pebble Beach in 2009. The 44-year-old Canadian hadnt had a top-25 finish since 2010.Salas best by four strokes for first LPGA winWILLIAMSBURG, Va. Lizette Salas won the Kingsmill Championship for her first LPGA Tour title, finishing with even-par 71 for a four-stroke victory. The 24-year-old former Southern California player was never really challenged in the final round on the River Course. She started the day with a three-shot lead and doubled it with birdies on the par-5 third and par-3 fifth. A bogey 5 on No. 8 was her only hiccup and only her third bogey in four rounds until she three-putted the par-3 17th. She finished at 13-under 271 and earned $195,000. Yani Tseng, seeking her first victory since 2012, got within three with three birdies in a four-hole stretch on the back nine, but she finished with two pars and a double bogey for a 69.Perry edges Calcavecchia to take Regions TraditionBIRMINGHAM, Ala. Kenny Perry won his third Champions Tour major in the past year with a onestroke victory over Mark Calcavecchia in the Regions Tradition. Perry closed with an even-par 72 at Shoal Creek to finish at 7-under 281, while other contenders had upand-down days and John Cook lost the lead with a double hit. Calcavecchia finished with a 70. Two-time winner Tom Lehman closed with a 67 to tie Jay Haas at 5 under. Haas closed with a 71. Perry got his sixth victory and became the second player to win in three consecutive Champions Tour major starts, joining Gary Player, who did it in 198788. Perry won the Senior Players Championship and U.S. Senior Open in consecutive tour starts last year, then skipped the Senior British Open.Jimenez overcomes Pieters to extend recordGIRONA, Spain Miguel Angel Jimenez won the Spanish Open to extend his record as the oldest European Tour champion, winning with a par on the third hole of a playoff. Jimenez won at 50 years, 133 days. He closed with a 1-over 73 to match Belgiums Thomas Pieters and Australias Richard Green at 4-under 284. Green had a 72, and Pieters shot 75.Homa wins by a stroke at BMW Charity Pro-AmGREER, S.C. Max Homa won the BMW Charity Pro-Am for his first Web.Com Tour title, closing with an 8-under 63 at Thornblade Club for a one-stroke victory over Jonathan Randolph. Homa finished at 20-under 266 in the three-course event and earned $117,000 to jump from 64th to ninth on the money list with $142,155. Associated PressBrendon Todd and his wife Rachel reach out to embrace on the 18th green Sunday after Todd won the Byron Nelson Championship in Irving, Texas. Todd wins Nelson for first PGA Tour title


MONDAY,MAY19,2014 7 CITRUS COUNTY (FL) CHRONICLE CLASSIFIEDS Bonbon Cleaning, Lawn, & Prop Main. Comm, Res, & Industrial; Lic/Ins, Ref avail 476-4202; 697-1625 Bruce Onoday & Son Free Estimates Trim & Removal 352-637-6641 Lic/Ins Budd Excavating & T r ee W ork clearing hauling, rock drives, demo, bushhogging Lamar 352-400-1442 D & R TREE SERVICE Lawn & Landscape Specialist. Lic. & Ins. Free Est. 352-302-5641 DOUBLE JTree Service Stump Grinding, bulk mulch, lic/ins 302-8852 R WRIGHT TREE Service Tree Removal & Trimming. Ins. & Lic. # 0256879 352-341-6827 REALTREE SERVICE (352) 220-7418 RIVENBARK LAWN & LANDSCAPE. 15% off Tree Trimming w/ Ad.(352) 464-3566 RON ROBBINS Tree Service Trim, Shape & Remve, Lic/Ins. Free est. 352-628-2825 StumpGrinding cheap avg cost $25-18stump volume disc. over 5 call Rich 352-586-7178 344-2556, Richard Water Pump Service & Repairs-all makes & models. Call anytime! COUNTYWIDE DRY-WALL25 yrs exp. lic.2875, all your drywall needs! Ceiling & Wall Repairs. Pop Corn Removal 352-302-6838 TILE INSTALLATIONquotes too high? call 352-400-8226 Complete T r ee Serv TREE REMOVAL & STUMP GRINDING 55ft. Bucket Truck 352-344-2696 Lic/ins. ATREE SURGEON Lic. & Ins. Lowest Rates Free est. (352)860-1452 All Tractor & Tree Work Land Cleared, Hauling 1 time Cleanup, Driveways (352) 302-6955 Your world firstemployment Classifieds Need a job or a qualified employee? This areas #1 employment source! All phases of T ile Handicap Showers, Safety Bars, Flrs. 422-2019 Lic. #2713 Floors /walls. Tubs to shower conv. No job too big or small. Ph: 352-613-TILE /lic# 2441 NA TURE COAST R V R V service, parts, sales Mobile Repair/Maint. 352-795-7820, Lic/Ins. Attention Consumers!Please make sure you are using a licensed and insured service professional. Many service advertisers are required by state law to include their state license number in all advertisements. 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River Rock Reseals & Repairs. Lic. (352) 364-2120 D & R TREE SERVICE Lawn & Landscape Specialist. Lic. & Ins. Free Est. 352-302-5641 Design & Install Plant*Sod*Mulch Weed*Trim*Clean lic/ins 352-465-3086 AFFORDABLE LAWN CARE Cuts $10 & Up Res./Comm., Lic/Ins. 563-9824, 228-7320 Your world first.Every Dayvautomotive Classifieds #1 A+TECHNOLOGIES All Home Repairs. All TVs Installed lic#5863 352-746-3777 Af for dable Handyman FAST 100% Guar. AFFORDABLE RELIABLE Free Est 352-257-9508 Af for dable Handyman FAST 100% Guar. AFFORDABLE RELIABLE Free Est 352-257-9508 Bonbon Cleaning, Lawn, & Prop Main. Comm, Res, & Industrial; Lic/Ins, Ref avail 476-4202; 697-1625 Joels Handyman Serv. Free Estimates Eff. & Exp. Company Lic/Ins 352-476-4919 Lawncare -N -More Spring Clean-Up, press. wash, bushes, beds, mulch, mow, handyman service 352-726-9570 Pressure Washing, Roof Coating, Drive ways & any Handyman Repair Lic# 39477 (352) 464-3748 Bonbon Cleaning, Lawn, & Prop Main. Comm, Res, & Industial; Lic/Ins, Ref avail 476-4202; 697-1625 Kats Kritter Kare & Kastle Kleaner, Pet Sitting & House Cleaning (352) 270-4672 COUNTYWIDE DRY-W ALL25 yrs exp. lic.2875, all your drywall needs! Ceiling & Wall Repairs. Pop Corn Removal 352-302-6838 #1 A+TECHNOLOGIES All Home Repairs. All TVs Installed lic#5863 352-746-3777 DUN-RITE ELECTRIC Since / Free Est. lic EC 13002699 352-726-2907 ROCKYS FENCINGFREE Est., Lic. & Insured 352-422-7279 FENCE PRO all types painting, repairs, gates, free estimates **veteran owned** lic/ins (352) 563-8020 OWENS QUALITY FENCING, ALL TYPES. Free Est. Comm/Res. 352-628-4002 Install, restretch, repair Clean, Sales, Vinyl Carpet, Laminent, Lic. #4857 Mitch, 201-2245 **ABOVE ALL** M & W INTERIORS Handyman services Northern Quality Southern prices! (352) 537-4144 ANDREW JOEHL HANDYMAN. Gen. Maint/Repairs Pressure Cleaning. 0256271 352-465-9201 Af for dable Handyman FAST 100% Guar. AFFORDABLE RELIABLE Free Est 352-257-9508 SMITTYS APPLIANCE REPAIR. Also W anted Dead or Alive W ashers & Dryers. FREE PICK UP! 352-564-8179 Caregiver avail for inhome service Lic/Ins Ref avail. Hourly or live in; 352-697-1625 JEFFS CLEANUP/HAULING Clean outs/ Dump Runs Brush Removal. Lic. 352-584-5374 ROBS MASONRY & CONCRETE Driveways tear outs, tractor work, Lic. #1476, 726-6554 AFFORDABLE Top Soil, Rock, Driveways Hauling & Tractor Work 352-341-2019, 201-5147 AllAROUND TRACT OR Land clearing, Hauling Site Prep, Driveways Lic/Ins 352-795-5755 A-1 CompleteRepairs Pres. Wash, Painting (Int/Ext) 25 yrs, Ref, Lic # 39765, 352-513-5746 citruschronicleFollow the 000I2BN Restaurant dinnerware New. Oneida. 10 boxes of 12 pcs. ea. $100. (352)503-2373 SAFEWAZE CLIMBING HARNESS & 6LANYARD-excellent condition, $75. (352)628-0033 SHUTTERS 3 Pairs of wooden Shutters. Excellent Condition $95.00 Indoor or Outdoors 352-746-5421 SPEAKERS Two 5 inch 70 Watt Speakers $35.00. Very Good Condition 352-746-5421 Water Conditioner 5624 Econominder $400. Chassahowitzka Ruth (352) 382-1000 WEED EATER GASOLINE PUSH MOWER, 4.75 horsepower, excellent condition, $90, (352) 465-1813 MANICURE TABLE 4 drawers, lamp and stool. Like new.$100. 203-509-7638 STONE CRAB BUSINESS for sale-Includes 30 ft. Morgan diesel commercial boat with side hydraulic puller,478 traps with tags,550 gal diesel tank,Bait Freezer $74,999 contact HEARING HELPER WILLIAM SOUND AMPLIFIER Brand New Retails $700 Sell for $100 (352)257-8752 1955 Juke BoxRokola, 300+ records, needs some TLC $575. Crystal River (812) 360-3834 CEILING FAN with lights. Ready to put up. Works great. Text for pics. $35. (203)509-7638 GENERAL MERCHANDISE SPECIALS!!! -6 lines -10 daysup to 2 items $1 -$200.. $11.50 $201-$400.. $16.50 $401-$800.. $21.50 $801-$1500.. $26.50 GEORGE FOREMAN GRILLwhite 12 x 14 x 4 good cond $10 352-270-3527 GRAPPLER REEF BOATANCHOR-5 tines, 60ft of 1/2 line, Ex+, $70. (352)628-0033 HOT DOG STEAMER Electric Boars Head COUNTER TOP For Catering or Restaurant $260. (352) 287-9073 METAL8 GUN SAFE WITH LOCK/KEY$100 352-302-5468 METALGUN SAFE, $100 352-302-5468 MOEN KITCHEN FAUCETGoose Neck w/Sprayer & soap dispenser like new $65 Call 726-0040 ORECK XLSIGNATURE VACUUM UPRIGHTBAG Excel Cond Works Great $90 352-270-3527 RIGID DIG EZ POST HOLE DIGGER-professional grade, fiberglass handles, Ex. $30. 628-0033 DESIGNER EVAN PICONE SUITDBL BRESTED White Linen size 12-14 good cond $20 OBO 352-270-3527 2 Clothes Racks Chrome, Steel $35. each (352) 621-0778 2 CRAB TRAPs-coated metal trap, 24 x 24 x 18 tall, Ex., $20 each. (352)628-0033 2 Eye Wood Burning Stove, late 20s early 30s excellent shape $450. All org. pieces (352) 621-0778 2 FLYRODS WITH REELS-8 ft. fiberglass 2 pc. rods, $25 ea., (352)628-0033 4 Chevy 6 lug Wheels/tires/skins Wrangler LT 255/70/16R $400 obo (352) 746-9212 8 FT. RADIUS CASTING NET16 ft. diameter, 1/2 mesh, Ex., $40. (352)628-0033 APPLIANCES like new washers/dryers, stoves, fridges 30 day warranty trade-ins, 352-302-3030 Bissell Carpet Cleaner. Used once. Cost $135, $70 OBO. Adj. 2-tier rolling garment rack, $10. (352)341-1941 BOATOARS-pair, Feather Brand, 60 inches long, new, $40. (352)628-0033 CAMCORDER Panasonic Camcorder with Case.Excellent Condition $95.00 352-746-5421 CDS Top artist holiday classics 25 for $25 will separate call 726-0040 Convertible chair bed for child $20. (352) 860-0736 FIRE PROOF SAFE WITH COMBINATION $75 obo 302-5468 SOFAAND LOVE SEATcamel back striped matching set Broyhill very good condition $300. 352-637-2499 TABLES Four 48 round tables used in school cafeteria. Metal legs, heavy & sturdy. $25 each. (352)419-4482 TABLES, set of 4 glass top, 2 end, one sofa, one coffee. all stone bases. $150 obo (352) 726-9394 TRADE IN MATTRESS SETS FOR SALE Starting at $50. King, Queen, Full, Twin Very good condition 352-621-4500 TWO CORNER CABINETS Light Brown/good shape. Asking $25.00 each. 352-419-4482 VINTAGE MAKE-UP TABLE W/MIRROR & CHAIR Metal frame $30 (352)257-8752 AFFORDABLE Top Soil, Rock, Driveways Hauling & Tractor Work 352-341-2019, 201-5147 CRAFTSMAN 10HP rear mtr 30 cut. $350 obo WEEDEATER push mower, 4.5HP 20 cut, $60 obo 352-726-6461 352-201-7882 John Deer, L110 MOWER Automatic, very nice mower Hardly used Always in Garage $850 (352) 382-5773 JOHN DEERE LT 155 15.5 Kohler motor 38 cut, $650 obo (352) 726-6461 352-201-7882 JOHN DEERE LX 178 734 CC Kawasaki water cooled motor 38 cut. $950 obo (352) 726-6461 352-201-7882 Riding Lawn Mower Toro XL 420 Twin Cam 42 in cut. Only 97 hrs, incld 36x48 wagon. Ex. cond, both $750; Power wheeled walk behind $125 352-382-1481 or 352-220-3009 SEARS CRAFTSMAN 42 cut, 1 yr old, bag system, used twice, $750. (352) 637-4718 Sears Riding Mower 19HP, V-Twin Eng., 46 Cut $400. Sears Push Mower 4.5HP 22 cut $60 (352) 507-1490 ADVERTISE YOUR GARAGE SALEIN THECLASSIFIEDS Call your Classified Representative for details and dont forget to ask about rain insurance! 352-563-5966 HIGH END FURNITURE SALE 2ND TIME AROUND RESALES270-8803, 2165 Hy 491 DESIGN EVAN PICONE SUITdouble breasted navy linen 12-14 good cond $20 OBO 352-270-3527 SANYO TV, 27 TUBE TV Good working condition, $50. (352)382-0069 2 DELTABATH FAUCETS $10 each 513-4614 OUTDOOR RUG NYLON WASHABLE 5circular geometric design Tan/Brown $30 OBO 352-270-3527 PATIO DINING TABLE IRON FRAME 4 legs 3circular glass top $40 OBO 352-270-3527 PATIO TABLE PORTABLE FOLDING METAL BASE 3 circular glass top $25 OBO 352-270-3527 6 pc Living Room set Rattan, 3 seat couch, love seat, chair, 3 tables, green palms pattern Very good Cond $1100 (352) 746-5052 80-100 year old Chest with mirror, & 3 long & 2 short drawers $100 Solid wood Table, 23 H, 50 L, 32 W $65. (352) 621-0778 CAROUSELCOFFEE TABLE glass top rotates in good condition $99. 3526372499 CHINA CABINET, cherry wood, will hold service for 12, original wedding furn., exc. cond., $650. (352) 419-6474 COUCH & LOVESEAT La-Z-Boy, exc. cond., $200 obo (352) 726-9394 DINETTE SET, Maple, 40 round table 4 captain chairs $75. (352)382-0069 DINING ROOM SET, 4 hi back chairs, glass table top, beautiful stone base, $175 obo (352) 726-9394 DINING TABLE IRON FRAME 4 legs 3circular glass top $40 OBO 352-270-3527 END TABLE Blonde Glass Top End Table. $25.00 Excellent Condition 352-746-5421 END TABLE solid oak end table 13x24x23 $50. 3526372499 Furniture chest of Drawers & Items $100 No calls before 11am (352) 628-4766 Gently used King Bedspread Polar Fleece King Sheet set Down Blanket $75.00 for all Inv. (352) 423-4423 GLASS TOPASIAN STYLE TABLE Excellent Shape Red & Gold (352)257-8752 HIGH END FURNITURE SALE 2ND TIME AROUND RESALES270-8803, 2165 Hy 491 LIVING ROOM SECTIONALtwo piece Moss grey/green. Excellent condition $89 (352) 564-1017 OTTOMAN Retails for $499.00 at Havertys. Asking $50.00. 352-419-4482 PAIR OF MATCHING LOVE SEATS unique in style $100.00/pr OBO 352-527-1399 Queen Size Futon seldom used, navy blue, light wood frame, upgaded mattress $100. (352) 746-0260 Sealy Posture Premier Plush Pillow Top. King size bed & headboard. $400, Ex. Cond. (352)563-5386 ANTIQUE IRON SKILLET1800S CHILDS TOYHorse n Buggy inside $40 OBO 352-2370-3527 ANTIQUE WOODEN DOOR Good Condition (352)257-8752 PINE WOOD SIDE TABLE W/DRAWER great condition $60 (352)257-8752 VINTAGE SHIRTFORM Great condition $40 (352)257-8752 Charles Frace print RARE 3-pc. Print, statute and plate. Double Trouble Bob cat kittens signed & numbered, $6,600 (352) 419-6474 Double Bedroom Set mattress, box spring, headboard, & 6 drawer dresser $125. 352-382-0069 LLADRO Retired piece (Unexpected Visit) Beautiful, in box Call for details,will text pic if interested. $185 OBO. 352-586-3380 Norman Rockwell Collector Plates, by Knowles. Cert. & Boxed. 60 Plates, $175. (352)726-7543 VINTAGE PAIR FOO DOGS Excellent Condition $90 (352)257-8752 WEDGEWOOD 14 oval platter + 9 oval veg dish lavender grapes on cream $100 OBO 352-270-3527 WEDGEWOOD CHINA LABENDER ON CREAM dinner plate and salad plate $40 OBO 352-270-3527 APPLIANCES like new washers/dryers, stoves, fridges 30 day warranty trade-ins, 352-302-3030 Electric Range Whirlpool 30 Self Cleaning 1st $100 Takes it. Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow $40 (352) 795-5519 HARVESTMAID DEHYDRATOR New in plastic. Expands to 30 trays. 2 books/extras. $100 (203)509-7638 Kenmore Refrigerator side by side white, clean, like new $450 (352) 637-0765 or (352) 257-5779 SMITTYS APPLIANCE REPAIR. Also W anted Dead or Alive W ashers & Dryers. FREE PICK UP! 352-564-8179 Stove, GE,white, good condition $125. (678) 617-5560 Cell Washer & Dryer General Electric Working cond $125/both (812) 360-3834 Crystal River WASHER OR DRYER $145 ea. Reliable, Clean, Like New, Excel Working Cond, 60 day Guar.Free Del/Set up. (352)263-7398 ANTIQUE OAK CHAIR W/LEATHER INSERT excellent shape $75 (352)257-8752 SALON CHAIR Black and chrome. Used for shampooing and cutting. $100 (203)509-7638 WERNER LADDER 8 ft. heavy-duty $95 Call 726-0040 Woodworking shop w/ elect. & hand tools, cabinets, cherry planks & misc. contents. MAKE CASH OFFER FOR ALL. (352)489-1962. 3 Yr PainterCall (352) 860-0187 TOWER HANDStarting at $10.00/Hr Building Communication Towers. Travel, Good Pay & Benefits. OT, 352-694-8017, M-F HOUSEKEEPERSUpscale Country Club Restaurant now accepting applications for P/T housekeepers. Apply in person at 505 E Hartford St Mon-Sat from 2-5pm parttime general maintenanceMust be able to work second shift & have own vehicle. Apply T ues Friday @ 505 E Hartford St, Hernando AIRLINE CAREERSbegin here -Get FAA approved Aviation Maintenance Technician training. Housing and Financial aid for qualified students. Job placement assistance. Call AIM 877-741-9260 www .fixjet MEDICAL OFFICE TRAINEES NEEDED!Train to become a Medical Office Assistant. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Online training gets you Job ready ASAP. HS Diploma/GED & PC/Internet needed! (888)528-5547 NOW ENROLLING CosmetologyDay & Night SchoolBarberNight SchoolMassageDay & Night SchoolNail & Skin CareDay School Starts Weekly Night School Mon-Tues-Wed 5:00PM-9:00PM Campus Locations: NEW PORT RICHEY SPRING HILL BROOKSVILLE(727) 848-8415 START A CAREER IN A YEAR AUTO DEALERwith 2 Locations wants Parterner or investor CONSIGNMENT USA 352-461-4518 ANTIQUE FLATIRON WITH HOTPLATE 1800 CHILDS TOP 3.5x2x2 $40 352-270-3527 Exp. Bucket Truck Operator Exp. Tree climber and doing tree work.CDLLicense a plus call 352-344-2696 Exp. Grant WriterFor Non Profit organization. All inquiries Phone (352) 628-3663 Ask for Tom Chancey or Mail Resume to Community Food Bank of Citrus Co. 5259 W. Cardinal St. Bld. B Homosassa Fl. 34446 EXPERIENCED GM TECHNICIANNEEDED FOR BUSY SHOP/ TOP DOLLAR PAID BENEFITS/ PAID VACATION EOE/DFW CONTACT SERVICE MANAGER 352-795-1515, 1050 fsegreti@ Fuel & Lubrication TechnicianBusy construction company. Has immediate opening for qualified fuel lubrication person. Must have a clean Class ACDL with Hazmat & Airbreak Endorsements. Must be willing to work overtime as required DFW Contact Tom at (352)266-3325. MASON TENDERSMust be experienced reliable and have transportation to and from work in Citrus & surrounding counties (352) 302-2395 NEWSPAPER CARRIER WANTEDNewspaper carrier wanted for early morning delivery of the Citrus County Chronicle and other newspapers for home delivery customers.Must have insured and reliable vehicleApply in Person 1624 N Meadowcrest Blvd, Crystal River Monday to Friday 8am -5pm Newspaper carriers are independent contractors, not employees of the Citrus County Chronicle Local Homosassa Lawn ServiceNeeds experienced Lawn Helper w/valid Drivers Lic. vehicle 352-628-9848 or 352-634-0861 SUMMER WORK GREA T P A Y Immediate FT/PT openings, customer sales/serv, will train, conditions apply, all ages 17+, Call ASAP! **352-503-4930** Exp Medical AsstistantComputer experience a must! email resume to: ifamilypractice F/T RECEPTIONISTExp. reqd for very busy medical office. Computer skills a must. Includes benefits. Fax Resume to: (352) 563-2512 MEDICAL ASSTNeeded for busy family practice Medical Office in Citrus County. Please Fax Resume 352-746-3838 RNs, LPNs and CNAs Must be a licensed nurse by the state of Florida or a Certified CNA Long-Term Care exp. preferred Hiring full-time and part-time employees, with opening in all shifts. HEAL TH CENTER A T BRENTWOOD via fax or email payroll@health Ph. (352) 746-6600 Fax. (352) 746-8696 2333 N Brentwood Cr. Lecanto, Fl 34461EOE/SF/DF SUNSHINE GARDENS Assisted Living Facility, Seeking Applications For Part-time Office Assistant Part-Time Weekend Dietary And Certified CNA Must Have excellent organizational skills Be a Team Player Experience with Alzheimers and Dementia population preferred Please Apply at: SUSHINE GARDENS Crystal River 311 NE 4th Ave. WE ARE GROWING COME JOIN OUR TEAM!RN, PT, OT, MSW LPN, HHAPer Diem Positions: Must have home health experience For more information contact Mikesha at: 352-861-8806 or email resume to: mbeam@cwshome Exp Bartender wantedapply in person: T-Backs Bar 4591 N Carl G Rose Hwy, Hernando ask for Tammy Commercial, Residential and Serv. Plumbers Needed.Call 352-726-5601 or submit resume to modernplumbing@ DFWP B


MONDAY,MAY19,2014 CLASSIFIEDS CITRUSCOUNTY( FL ) CHRONICLE 000I2BE 000IALX MICHELE ROSERealtorSimply put I ll work harder 352-212-5097 isellcitruscounty@ Craven Realty, Inc. 352-726-1515 SANDI HARTRealtorListing and Selling Real Estate Is my Business I put my heart into it!352-476-9649sandra.hart@ ERA American Realty 352-726-5855 Tony PauelsenRealtor352-303-0619ILL TAKE NEW LISTINGS BUYING OR SELLING TOP PERFORMANCEReal estate Consultant tpauelsen@ Phyllis StricklandRealtorTHE MARKETIS GOODThinking of selling? Now is the time to get listed. Still great values out there. Call for foreclosure lists Phyllis Strickland TROPIC SHORES REALTY. 352-613-3503-Cell 352-419-6880-Office Buying or Selling, its time to make your move!Coleen Fatone-Anderson Realtor Cell:(352) 476-8579email: Cfatone@t amp abay .rr com ERAAmerican Realty & Investments LaWanda WattNOW IS A GREA T TIME T O LIST YOUR HOME CALLLAWANDA FOR AFREE, NO OBLIGATION MARKET ANALYSIS! 352 212 1989 lawanda.watt@ Century 21 J.W. Morton Real Estate, Inc. 3/2/2 Sugarmill Woods $119.900.1 Fig Court W. OWNER FINANCING Agent (352) 382-1000 Its a SELLERS Market #1 Company + Experienced Agent = SOLD! Sold! Sold!DEB INFANTINERealtor(352) 302-8046Real Estate!... its what I do. ERA American Realty Phone: 352-726-5855 Cell: 352-302-8046 Fax: 352-726-7386 Email:debinfantine@ Adopt a Shelter Pet www. BETTY J. POWELLRealtorYour Success is my goal.. Making Friends along the way is my reward !BUYING OR SELLING CALL ME 352-422-6417bjpowell@ ERA American Realty & Investments Your Worldof garage sales Classifieds PINE RIDGE GOLF COURSE 1 AC LOT HIGH, WOODED. BLOSSOM DRIVE MIDDLE OF FAIRWAY. $55,000. WILL FINANCE PART. JIM RICH 941-223-6870 2 Bed 1 Bath CP. Tile throughout. Updated bath, roof New paint in/out. $45K. 527-1239 Comm.1 William Tell + Storage Bldg. close 491 79K, 352-795-6282 2/2/2 on 1 acre Family Room, updated items, patio, 12x20 shed, etc. $138,500. (352) 419-6327 2/2/2 Open, lanai, stucco, lg screend pool, tiki bar, 1 ac. SS appls, low assumable rate, $199,000 (352) 220-4060 or 352-220-4084 3/2/2 + Den On acre, Move in Condition! Built in 2008 Selena Hills $165,000. 352-341-0118 Realty ConnectBuying or Selling? Waterfront, Acreage, Golf Homes & More! FREE List of Available Homes! TheFLDr Contact the Premier Real Estate GroupRealty Connect (352) 341-2588 or (352) 212-1446T. Paduano, Broker Nice private 1200sqft home w/scrd patio, carport & scurity lights. Close to fishing, boating & gulf, $42,000 obo As is. (786) 301-3805 Sugarmill Woods 2900 sq. ft 3bd/2 ba pool, tile roof, 2 lots, $234k (352) 382-8957 TAMI SCOTTExit Realty Leaders 352-257-2276 When it comes to Real Estate ... Im there for you The fishing is great Call me for your new Waterfront HomeLOOKING TO SELL ? CALL ME TODAY !!! 4/2, CEMENTHOME, 1/4 ACRE, 1,200 sq. ft. Good Location Easy to own. $65,000. Cell (305) 619-0282 Buying or Selling REALESTATE, Let Me Work For You!BETTYHUNTREALTORERA KEY 1 Realty, Inc. 352 586-0139hunt4houses68 @yahoo.comwww.bettyhunts Your world firstemployment Classifieds Need a job or a qualified employee? This areas #1 employment source! PUBLISHERS NOTICE:All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention, to make such preference, limitation or discrimination. Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll-free at 1-800-669-9777. The toll-free telephone number for the hearing impaired is 1-800-927-9275. SELL YOUR HOMEIN THECLASSIFIEDS SPECIAL 30 Days $58.50Its Easy Call Today (352) 563-5966 Specializing in Acreage,Farms Ranches & Commercial Richard (Rick) Couch, Broker Couch Realty & Investments, Inc. (352) 212-3559 UNIQUE & HISTORIC Homes, Commercial Waterfront & Land Small Town Country Lifestyle OUR SPECIALTY SINCE 1989LET US FIND YOUAVIEW TO LOVEwww. 726-6644Crossland Realty Inc. FOR RENT 3200 Sq. Ft. COMMERCIAL BLDG Large Paved Parking Lot, Cent. Heat/Air Open Floor Plan 1305 Hwy 486 ** 352-584-9496/464-2514 Open floor plan built in 2005 on 1+ Acres. 3 beige rugged BRs 2 tiled baths, 2 car garage with ladder to attic. Eat in Kitchen, LR, DR, & inside laundry. Eight appliances installed new in 2012; elec glass top range, micro, refrig (bottom freezer) dishwasher (never used) washer & dryer. Each bath has new low flow high, elongated toilets. Three ceiling fans with globed lights, newly painted interior/ext., Guest BRs have sliding mirror closet doors. MBR has separate his/her walk-in closets with closet made shelving, duel sinks, glass enclosed tile area with waterfall shower head & bench seat, jetted spa tub, & private toilet. Plantation shutters in LR, DR w/ wood planked vinyl; tiled kitchen and entry way. 10 x 30 rocked area next to garage for boat or other vehicle space. $2500 cash allowance at closing for outside planting Must sell Relocating $173,000 Furniture for sale too 352-513-5202 HOMOSASSA 3/2 singlewideon acre 5192 S. Amanda P. $15,000 212-2051 WESTWOOD ACRES 3 bedroom. 2 bath. $68000. 1768 SQ FT..-PICS AT ZILLOW.COM-9515 W MIDLAND LN C.R. No owner finance Call Terry-(352)697-1218 2 Bedroom, 1Bath, furn, Carport, scrn rm good value, In quiet 55+Park $5,500. 386-234-0254 (352) 748-5325 2br/2ba, 55+ Thun derbird Park. Lot 45 crpt, furnished, washer dryer, freezr. Porch w/ sliding windows. For Sale 352-794-3441 Nice Older Singlewide in Singing Forest Adult Park, has addition and partially furn. $18,300 obo, Possible owner finan. $365. Includes lot r ent 352-726-9369 CRYSTAL RIVER2/1 on land, remodeled, rent $600. long or short Sell $42K OBO (352) 427-2640 FLORAL CITYLAKEFRONT 1 Bedrm. AC, Clean, No Pets (352) 344-1025 FLORAL OAKS APARTMENTS NOW RENTING 352-860-082962+ Elderly/Disabled With or Without Children. Central AC Heat Water & Sewer Included Laundry Facilites On-Site Managemnt1 & 2 BD. APTS8092 S. Floral Oaks CIR., Floral City, Fl 34436, TDD #771 EOE/Provider FOR RENT 3200 Sq. Ft. COMMERCIAL BLDG Large Paved Parking Lot, Cent. Heat/Air Open Floor Plan 1305 Hw 486 Hernando 352-584-9496/464-2514 US 19 Office -$550. office/warehouse 1/b-1ba $1200. util. incl. 352-634-0129 CITRUS HILLS2/2, Furnished, 352-527-8002 or 352-476-4242 INVERNESS2/2, immac. in town $725. mo.+ $500. Sec., 223 Trout Ave. (352) 895-6549 HERNANDOWatsons Fish Camp 55+ Rental Community (352) 726-2225 HOMOSASSA1/1, Duplex $435. mo. C. Riv. 3/2 House $650 1st.& Sec. 212-4981 CRYSTALRIVER3/B $850., sec. $450. Fenced Yd.563-9857 Beverly Hills2 BR,1 BA;$675/mo, 1st month free. (352)422-7794 INVERNESS2/2 Waterfront, $800 mo., 1st, last sec. 352-364-2120 INVERNESS3/2/1, sunroom, fenced yard, appd pet with addl fee, $795/mo sec & 1st. 352-697-2195 HERNANDOWatsons Fish Camp 55+ Rental Community (352) 726-2225 INVERNESS Lake Front Home spectacular views spacious 3/2/2, $750 (908) 322-6529 DEBTHOMPSON One call away for your buying and selling needs. Realtor that you can refer to your family and friends. Service with a smile seven days a week. Parsley Real Estate Deb Thompson 352-634-2656 and debthomp Free Horses Pasofino Mare Quarter Horse Mare Both good riders. Free to good home (727) 470-5374 cell BRING YOUR FISHING POLE! INVERNESS, FL55+ park on lake w/5 piers, clubhouse and much more! Rent incl. grass cutting and your water 1 bedroom, 1 bath @$425 Pets considered and section 8 is accepted. Call 800-747-4283 For Details! $12,000 In Homosassa 2Br/1Ba 1982 SW NO HIDDEN FEES! Includes Delivery 1-727-967-4230 MOVE IN NOWNice Home on AC fenced yard, 1500 sf 3/2 Home in new cond., Drywall with 2 x 6 construction. New appliances, carpet, paint, decks, & ceramic tile flooring. Financing available only $69,900. ($450/mo.) W.A.C. Call (352) 621-9183 NEW NEW NEW 1460 Sq ft 3/2 No Hidden Fees Incls: Delv, Set-up, A/C Heat, Skirt, Steps, Furn & Decor $60k 352-795-2377 NEW NEW NEW MUST SEE 2036 Sq ft 4/2 No Hidden Fees Incls: Delv, Set-up, A/C Heat, Skirt, Steps, Furn & Decor $70k 352-795-2377 Palm Harbor Homes Plant City!! $5k Home replacement. Over 22 models to view-Free factory tours! New Velocity homes $67,903 includes delivery, set and A/C. plantcity p almharbor .com or 800-622-2832 Se habla espanol SA VE SA VE SA VE $3,000-$11,000 on our huge lot model sale going on now. Only 3 left! Call Taylor Made Homes Call (352) 621-9181 New Homes from $40.00 per sq. ft. **FLORALCITY3/2** 1+ACRE treed lot, DOCK, garage, very nice, $89,900 716-434-6527 3/2 WATERFRONT, DOUBLEWIDE $75.900. 10480 S. McClung Lp. OWNER FINANCING Agent (352) 382-1000 OWNER FINANCING!Home for Sale 4/3 on 1.25 acres, paved rd. fenced yard, work shop & utility shed, Florida room, deck on back & front concrete driveway with carport. Only $79,900. $14,000 down only $648.92/mo W.A.C. Call to View 352-621-3807 Perfectly Charming 2004 3/2 M.H. on 1+ acres; 18 x 31 Shed Port. Wood flr scr porch; light & bright 12x24 sun porch, pri patio W/retrac. awning. Absolute move in condition. $79,900 Call Louise Lubranecki 305-491-1051 w/ Parsley Real Estate 352-726-2628 Robin LongUrban Suburban Hair Studio 352-637-0777 From Cutting Edge to Care Free Seeking new Color and Foil Clients looking for a change. Come give me a try. Wed-Sat appointments available. Redken Educator and trained 20+ years experience. 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MIN PIN PUPPIES 2 Blue, 2 Fawn, 1 Chocolate 15 inch 10-15 lbs, Health Certs CKC $1,200-$1,400. (352) 503-7919 Schnauzer Pups 2 male, Born Nov. 14 Shih-Tzu Pup 1 male Born Jan. 21, 352-795-5896 Day Recumbent Bike, stationary, Golds Gym, Like brand new. $125 obo (352) 527-1100 SITUPBENCH 6x16 Commercial size. Black. Great shape. $40 Beverly Hills (203)509-7638 Concealed Weapons Permit Course DANS GUN ROOM (352) 726-5238 GOLF DRIVER 2013 RocketBallz Clone mrh Grafalloy Reg EXC $85. Dunnellon 465-8495 GOLF IRONS Adams Idea mrh 7&8 graphite new grips $15ea $25pair Dunnellon 465-8495 GOLF WOODS MRH #7 #9 Graphite Good Grips and Head Covers $15ea $25pair Dunnellon 465-8495 MENS SCHWINN DELMAR BIKE-26, 1 spd, comfort ride, black, like new, $80. (352)628-0033 WATER SKI Taperflex like new (352)257-8752 Yamaha GolfCart Canvas Enclosure New Batteries $2288. Love Motorsports 352-621-3678 Haulmark 6x12 Enclosed Trailer Ramp Door Brand New with Factory Warranty $2388. Love Motorsports 352-621-3678 BOYS CLOTHING SIZES 12MTHS-5 TODDLER Priced .25-$1 each like new condition 50 items (352)257-8752 EDDIE BAUER HIGH BACK CAR SEATfor child over 1yr expires 2018 $50 (352)257-8752 NEVER USED...EXCELLENT COND Crib matress $30 302-5468 I I I I I I I I Tell that special person Happy Birthday with a classified ad under Happy Notes. Only $28.50 includes a photo Call our Classified Dept for details352-563-5966 I I I I I I I I WANT TO BUY HOUSE or MOBILE Any Area, Condition or Situation Fred, 352-726-9369 WANTED CLASS A or C with Slide, New Cond. Under $15,000. Private w/ cash. 352-400-2066 Tweet Tweet Tweet Follow the Chronicle on citruschroniclenews as it happens right at your finger tips 8B


MONDAY,MAY19,2014 B9 CITRUS COUNTY (FL) CHRONICLE CLASSIFIEDS 419-0519 MCRN 5/22 Meeting/Hearing PUBLIC NOTICE The Citrus County School Board will hold a Special Meeting; 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 22, 2014 in the Board Room of the District Services Center located at 1007 West Main Street, Inverness, Florida. The purpose of the Special Meeting is to discuss and act upon approval of instructional and support recommendations, an approval for a one-year contract with Silver River Mentoring Institute for alternative educational services at the Renaissance Center and to seek approval to move forward with drafting a Resolution of Holding a Referendum Election on the November 2014 ballot. If any person decides to appeal a decision made by the Board, with respect to any matter considered at this meeting, he may need a record of the proceedings and may need to insure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record should include testimony and evidence upon which his appeal is to be based. /S/Sandra Himmel, Superintendent, Citrus County School Board Published one time in the Citrus County Chronicle, Monday, May 19, 2014. 908-0520 MIXCRN Town of Inglis PUBLIC NOTICE The Town of Inglis is accepting sealed bids for two new work trucks. Years 2013, 2014 or 2015 truck. 2500 HD,V8 diesel, single cab, 8ft Reading service body with 4 corner strobe lights, LED mini light bar on cab roof, vise plate, DOT lights & reflectors, vinyl seats 40/20/40 vinyl floor, power steering, ABS brakes, power windows & locks, A/C, am / FM radio, automatic transmission. 3,000 watt power inverter (optional), tow package, electric trailer brake control, white in color, 12 volt outlet. The Town may reject any or all bids. Bids must be in by Friday May 23rd, at 3:00pm. Please send to P.O. Drawer 429 Inglis, Florida 34449 or drop off at the Inglis Town Hall 135 Hwy 40 W. Any questions please call Lance 352-221-5399 Published one (1) time in the Citrus County Chronicle, May 18, 19 & 20, 2014. 412-0519 MCRN Stevens, Bryan Leonard 2014-CA-443 NOF PUBLIC NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIFTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA CASE NO. 2014-CA-443 IN RE: THE FORFEITURE OF A 1999 CHEVROLET CORVETTE, VIN NO. 1G1YY22G4X5105678, TAG No. Z1GRJ, BY JEFFREY J. DAWSY, AS SHERIFF OF CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA, Petitioner, v. BRYAN LEONARD STEVENS, Claimants. NOTICE OF FORFEITURE THE CITRUS COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE has seized and intends to have forfeited a 1999 CHEVROLET CORVETTE, VIN No. 1G1YY22G4X5105678, TAG No. Z1GRJ (the Vehi413-0519 MCRN Greet, William E. 2013 CA 000971 A NOA PUBLIC NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 5TH JUDICAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA. CASE No. 2013 CA 000971 A NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE, LLC D/B/A CHAMPION MORTGAGE COMPANY, Plaintiff vs. THE UNKNOWN SPOUSE, HEIRS, DEVISEES, GRANTEES, ASSIGNEES, LIENORS, CREDITORS, TRUSTEES AND ALL OTHER PARTIES CLAIMING AN INTEREST BY, THROUGH, UNDER OR AGAINST THE ESTATE OF WILLIAM E. GREET A/K/A WILLIAM EUGENE GREET, DECEASED, et al., Defendants NOTICE OF ACTION TO: THE UNKNOWN SPOUSE, HEIRS, DEVISEES, GRANTEES, ASSIGNEES, LIENORS, CREDITORS, TRUSTEES AND ALL OTHER PARTIES CLAIMING AN INTEREST BY, THROUGH, UNDER OR AGAINST THE ESTATE OF WILLIAM E. GREET A/K/A WILLIAM EUGENE GREET, DECEASED 5244 SOUTH MANATEE TERRACE HOMOSASSA, FL 34446 AND TO: All persons claiming an interest by, through, under, or against the aforesaid Defendant(s). YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that an action to foreclose a mortgage on the following described property located in Citrus County, Florida: LOT 6, BLOCK A, GULF HIGHWAY LAND -UNIT NO. 6, ACCORDING TO THE MAP OR PLAT THEREOF AS RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 4, PAGE 106, PUBLIC RECORDS OF CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA. has been filed against you, and you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any, to this action, on Greenspoon Marder, P.A., Default Department, Attorneys for Plaintiff, whose address is Trade Centre South, Suite 700, 100 West Cypress Creek Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, and the file original with the Clerk within 30 days after the first publication of this notice, in the CITRUS COUNTY CHRONICLE on or before June 13, 2014 ; otherwise a default and a judgment may be entered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL OF SAID COURT on this 2nd day of December, 2013. ANGELA VICK, As Clerk of said Court (COURT SEAL) By:/s/ Dawn Nampel, As Deputy Clerk IMPOR T ANT In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing a reasonable accommodation to participate in this proceeding should, no later than seven (7) days prior, contact the Clerk of the Courts disability coordinator at COURT ADMINISTRATOR, 110 N APOPKA AVENUE, ROOM 1-337, INVERNESS, FL 34450, 352-341-6700. If hearing or voice impaired, contact (TDD) (800)955-8771 via Florida Relay System. Published in the CITRUS COUNTY CHRONICLE May 12 & 19, 2014 33585.0089 414-0602 MCRN Case, Leo 2013-SC-480 NOA PUBLIC NOTICE IN THE COUNTY COURT OF THE FIFTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR CITRUS COUNTY IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA Case No: 2013-SC-480 CITRUS COUNTY CLERK OF COURT AND COMPTROLLER Plaintiff, V. ESTATE OF LEO CASE and LAWSON HOLVERSTOTT and JEWEL HOLVERSTOTT and JACK CASE and EVELYN CASE. Defendants. NOTICE OF ACTION TO: LAWSON HOLVERSTOTT and JEWEL HOLVERSTOTT YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action for Interpleader has been filed against you and that you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any, to it on CITRUS COUNTY CLERK OF COURT AND COMPTROLLER, whose address is Law of fice of Keith T aylor P .A. P .O. Box 2016, Lecanto FL 34460 on or before June 11, 2014 and file the original with the clerk of this Court at Clerk of Court, 110 N. Apopka Ave, Inverness, FL., 34450, before service on Plaintiff or immediately thereafter. If you fail to do so, a default may be entered against you for the relief demanded in the petition. The action is asking the court to decide how the following real or personal property should be divided: The Overbid funds in the amount of $2,709.96 resulting from the tax deed sale that occurred on March 27, 2013, and referenced as 2013-310. Copies of all court documents in this case, including orders, are available at the Clerk of the Circuit Courts office. You may review these documents upon request. WITNESS my hand and seal of the Court on the 21st day of April, 2014. CLERK OF COURT {COURT SEAL} By: /S/ VIVIAN CANCEL, Deputy Clerk Published in the CitrusCounty Chronicle on May 12, 19, 26 & June 2, 2014. 415-0519 MCRN Laird, Chris 2013-CA-001341 NOA PUBLIC NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIFTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA CASE NO: 2013-CA-001341 WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A.; Plaintiff, vs. CHRIS LAIRD AKA CHRISTOPHER L. LAIRD AKA CHRISTOPHER LAIRD AKA CHRISTOPHER LEON LAIRD; UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF CHRIS LAIRD AKA CHRISTOPHER L. LAIRD AKA CHRISTOPHER LAIRD AKA CHRISTOPHER LEON LAIRD; ANY AND ALL UNKNOWN PARTIES CLAIMING BY, THROUGH, UNDER AND AGAINST THE HEREIN NAMED INDIVIDUAL DEFENDANT(S) WHO ARE NOT KNOWN TO BE DEAD OR ALIVE, WHETHER SAID UNKNOWN PARTIES MAY CLAIM AN INTEREST AS SPOUSES, HEIRS, DEVISEES, GRANTEES, OR OTHER CLAIMANTS; UNKNOWN TENANT #1 IN POSSESSION OF THE PROPERTY; UNKNOWN TENANT #2 IN POSSESSION OF THE PROPERTY; Defendants NOTICE OF ACTION To the following Defendant(s): CHRIS LAIRD AKA CHRISTOPHER L. LAIRD AKA CHRISTOPHER LAIRD AKA CHRISTOPHER LEON LAIRD Last Known Address 6860 CAPRI LOOP N HERNANDO, FL 34428 UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF CHRIS LAIRD AKA CHRISTOPHER L. LAIRD AKA CHRISTOPHER LAIRD AKA CHRISTOPHER LEON LAIRD Last known Address 6860 CAPRI LOOP N HERNANDO, FL 34428 YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action for Foreclosure of Mortgage on the following described property: LOT 1, BLOCK F, ROYAL COACH VILLAGE, AN UNRECORDED SUBDIVISION IN SECTION 35, TOWNSHP 17 SOUTH, RANGE 19 EAST, CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA. COMMENCE AT THE SE CORNER OF SECTION 35, TOWNSHIP 17 SOUTH, RANGE 19 EAST, THENCE WEST ALONG THE SOUTH LINE OF SAID SECTION 35 A DISTANCE OF 165 FEET, THENCE N 0 03` 50`` W 200 FEET TO A POINT ON THE SOUTH RIGHT-OF-WAY LINE OF A 50 FOOT WIDE ROAD, THENCE WEST ALONG SAID RIGHT-OF-WAY LINE A DISTANCE OF 25 FEET, THENCE N 0 03` 50 W ALONG SAID WEST RIGHT-OF-WAY LINE OF A 50 FOOT WIDE ROAD A DISTANCE OF 580 FEET TO A POINT ON THE SOUTH RIGHT-OF-WAY LINE OF A 50 FOOT WIDE ROAD, THENCE WEST ALONG SAID RIGHT-OF-WAY LINE OF A 50 FOOT WIDE ROAD A DISTANCE OF 270 FEET TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING, THENCE CONTINUE WEST ALONG SAID RIGHT-OF-WAY LINE A DISTANCE OF 70.03 FEET TO THE PC OF A CURVE, CONCAVED SOUTHEASTERLY, HAVING A CENTRAL ANGLE OF 90 03` 50 AND A RADIUS OF 19.95 FEET, THENCE SOUTHWESTERLY ALONG THE ARC OF SAID CURVE A DISTANCE OF 31.36 FEET TO THE PT OF SAID CURVE, SAID POINT BEING ON THE EAST RIGHT-OF-WAY LINE OF A 50 FOOT WIDE ROAD, THENCE S 0 03` 50 E ALONG SAID EAST RIGHT-OF-WAY LINE A DISTANCE OF 100.03 FEET, THENCE EAST 90 FEET, THENCE N 0 03` 50 W 120 FEET TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING, BEING LOT 1, BLOCK F, UNRECORDED ROYAL COACH VILLAGE a/k/a 6860 CAPRI LOOP N, HERNANDO, FLORIDA 34428 has been filed against you and you are required to serve a copy of you written defenses, if any, to it, on Marinosci Law Group, P.C., Attorney for Plaintiff, whose address is 100 W. Cypress Creek Road, Suite 1045, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 within thirty (30) days after the first publication of this Notice in the CITRUS COUNTY CHRONICLE, file the original with the Clerk of this Court either before service on Plaintiffs attorney or immediately thereafter; otherwise a default will be entered against you for the relief demand in the complaint. This notice is provided pursuant to Administrative Order No. 2.065. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT If you are a person with a disability who needs an accommodation in order to participate in a proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the ADA Coordinator for the Courts within 2 working days of your receipt of your notice to appear in Court at: Citrus County John Sullivan (352) 341-6700 WITNESS my hand and the seal of this Court this 1st day of April, 2014. ANGELA VICK, As Clerk of the Court {COURT SEAL} By: /S/ CHELSEA SPAULDING, As Deputy Clerk Published in the CITRUS COUNTY CHRONICLE May 12 & 19, 2014. 11-01334 416-0526 MCRN Grenman, Ernest 09-2013-CA-000641 NOA PUBLIC NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIFTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA CASE NO: 09-2013-CA-000641 BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. Plaintiff, vs. UNKNOWN HEIRS, BENEFICIARIES, DEVISEES, ASSIGNEES, LIENORS, CREDITORS, TRUSTEES AND ALL OTHERS WHO MAY CLAIM AN INTEREST IN THE ESTATE OF ERNEST W. GRENMAN A/K/A ERNEST W. GRENMAN, JR. (DECEASED); ANY AND ALL UNKNOWN PARTIES CLAIMING BY, THROUGH, UNDER AND AGAINST THE HEREIN NAMED INDIVIDUAL DEFENDANT(S) WHO ARE NOT KNOWN TO BE DEAD OR ALIVE, WHETHER SAID UNKNOWN PARTIES MAY CLAIM AN INTEREST AS SPOUSES, HEIRS, DEVISEES, GRANTEES, OR OTHER CLAIMANTS; NANCY TUCKER; Defendants NOTICE OF ACTION 417-0526 MCRN Maguire, Raymond 092013CA000942XXXXXX NOA PUBLIC NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIFTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA. CIVIL DIVISION CASE NO. 092013CA000942XXXXXX FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION, Plaintiff, vs. THE UNKNOWN SPOUSES, HEIRS, DEVISEES, GRANTEES, CREDITORS, AND ALL OTHER PARTIES CLAIMING BY, THROUGH, UNDER OR AGAINST RAYMOND P. MAGUIRE, DECEASED; et al., Defendants NOTICE OF ACTION TO: THE UNKNOWN SPOUSES, HEIRS, DEVISEES, GRANTEES, CREDITORS, AND ALL OTHER PARTIES CLAIMING BY, THROUGH, UNDER OR AGAINST THE UNKNOWN SPOUSES, HEIRS, DEVISEES, GRANTEES, CREDITORS, AND ALL OTHER PARTIES CLAIMING BY, THROUGH, UNDER OR AGAINST RAYMOND P. MAGUIRE, DECEASED, RESIDENCES UNKNOWN YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action to foreclose a mortgage on the following described property in Citrus County, Florida THAT CERTAIN CONDOMINIUM PARCEL COMPOSED OF UNIT 6 A, BUILDING 33, PHASE XII, AND AN UNDIVIDED SHARE IN THE COMMON ELEMENTS APPURTENANT THERETO, SUBJECT TO AND IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE COVENANTS, CONDITIONS, RESTRICTIONS, TERMS AND OTHER PROVISIONS OF THE DECLARATION OF CONDOMINIUM OF GREENBRIAR TWO, (A CONDOMINIUM), WITH THE SCHEDULES AND/OR EXHIBITS ANNEXED THERETO AS RECORDED IN OFFICIAL RECORDS BOOK 687, PAGES 1199 THROUGH 1261, INCLUSIVE, AND SUPPLEMENT OF DECLARATION OF CONDOMINIUM OF GREENBRIAR TWO, AS RECORDED IN OFFICIAL RECORDS BOOK 695, PAGE 1014 THROUGH 1024 INCLUSIVE, AND SUPPLEMENT AS RECORDED IN OFFICIAL RECORDS BOOK 705, PAGES 699 THROUGH 707 INCLUSIVE, AND SUPPLEMENT IN OFFICIAL RECORDS BOOK 716, PAGE 1810, AND SUPPLEMENT IN OFFICIAL RECORDS BOOK 719, PAGE 1273, AND SUPPLEMENT IN OFFICIAL RECORDS BOOK 737, PAGE 699, AND SUPPLEMENT IN OFFICIAL RECORDS BOOK 748, PAGES 910 THROUGH 918 INCLUSIVE, AND SUPPLEMENT IN OFFICIAL RECORDS BOOK 762, PAGE 1861, PUBLIC RECORDS OF CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA. has been filed against you and you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any, to it on SHD LEGAL GROUP P.A., Plaintiffs attorneys, whose address is 2691 East Oakland Park Blvd., Suite 303, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33306, within 30 days fr om first date of publication and file the original with the Clerk of this Court either before service on Plaintiffs attorneys or immediately thereafter; otherwise a default will be entered against you for the relief demanded in the complaint or petition. DATED on April 28, 2014. ANGELA VICK, Clerk of Court and Comptroller {COURT SEAL} By:/s/ VIVIAN CANCEL, As Deputy Clerk In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, persons needing special accommodation to participate in this proceeding should contact the Clerk of the Court not later than five business days prior to the proceeding at the Citrus County Courthouse. Telephone 352 637 9400 or 1 800 955 8770 via Florida Relay Service. Published in the Citrus County Chronicle, May 19 & 26, 2014. 1440-138072 418-0526 MCRN Silverstein, Eileen B. 2014-CA-000061 A NOA PUBLIC NOTICE IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIFTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA CASE NO. 2014-CA-000061 A U.S. BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, AS TRUSTEE FOR THE CERTIFICATEHOLDERS OF BANC OF AMERICA FUNDING CORPORATION 2009-FT1 TRUST, MORTGAGE PASS-THROUGH CERTIFICATES, SERIES 2009-FT1, Plaintiff, vs. EILEEN B. SILVERSTEIN, ET AL. Defendants AMENDED NOTICE OF ACTION To the following Defendant(s): EILEEN B. SILVERSTEIN (CURRENT RESIDENCE UNKNOWN) Last Known Address: 663 S TERRI PT, INVERNESS, FL 34450 Additional Address: 604 S US HIGHWAY 41, INVERNESS, FL 34450 6030 YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that an action for Foreclosure of Mortgage on the following described property: COMMENCE AT THE SW CORNER OF GOVERNMENT LOT 14, SECTION 9, TOWNSHIP 19 SOUTH, RANGE 20 EAST, CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA, THENCE S. 89 19 37 E. ALONG THE SOUTH LINE OF SAID GOVERNMENT LOT 14, A DISTANCE OF 332.37 FEET TO THE SE CORNER OF SAID GOVERNMENT LOT 14, THENCE N. 0 09 50 W. ALONG THE EAST LINE OF SAID GOVERNMENT LOT 14, A DISTANCE OF 640.23 FEET TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING, THENCE CONTINUE N. 0 09 50 W. ALONG SAID EAST LINE A DISTANCE OF 19.46 FEET TO THE NE CORNER OF SAID GOVERNMENT LOT 14, SAID POINT BEING THE SE CORNER OF GOVERNMENT LOT 9, SECTION 9, TOWNSHIP 19 SOUTH, RANGE 20 EAST, THENCE N. 0 09 05 W. ALONG THE EAST LINE OF SAID GOVERNMENT LOT 9, A DISTANCE OF 83.91 FEET; THENCE N. 89 19 37 W. PARALLEL TO SAID SOUTH LINE A DISTANCE OF 140.48 FEET TO A POINT ON THE EAST RIGHT-OF-WAY LINE OF A 50 FOOT WIDE ROAD, THENCE S. 0 06 27 E. ALONG SAID EAST RIGHT-OF-WAY LINE A DISTANCE OF 103.37 FEET, THENCE S. 89 19 37 E. PARALLEL TO SAID SOUTH LINE A DISTANCE OF 140.56 FEET TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING, BEING LOT 13, OF GOSPEL ISLAND ESTATES, AN UNRECORDED SUBDIVISION; SUBJECT TO A 7.5 FOOT WIDE DRAINAGE AND UTILITY EASEMENT ALONG THE NORTH, SOUTH AND EAST BOUNDARIES THEREOF. TOGETHER WITH AN EASEMENT FOR INGRESS AND EGRESS AS CONTAINED IN THAT CERTAIN WARRANTY DEED, FILED JANUARY 13, 1987, AND RECORDED IN OFFICIAL RECORD BOOK 725, PAGE 1779; SAID EASEMENT ALSO CONTAINED IN WARRANTY DEED FILED DECEMBER 20, 1990 IN OFFICIAL RECORD BOOK 879, PAGE 1921, ALL IN THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA. A/K/A 663 S TERRI PT, INVERNESS FL 34450 has been filed against you and you are required to serve a copy of your written defenses, if any, to Vladimir R. St. Louis, Esq. at VAN NESS LAW FIRM, PLC, Attorney for the Plaintiff, whose address is 1239 E. NEWPORT CENTER DRIVE, SUITE #110, DEERFIELD BEACH, FL 33442 on or before June 18, 2014 a date which is within thirty (30) days after the first publication of this Notice in the CITRUS COUNTY CHRONICLE and file the original with the Clerk of this Court either before service on Plaintiffs attorney or immediately thereafter; otherwise a default will be entered against you for the relief demanded in the complaint. This notice is provided to Administrative Order No. 2065 If you are a person with a disability who needs an accommodation in order to participate in a proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the ADA Coordinator for the Courts within 2 working days of your receipt of your notice to appear in Court at: Citrus County, John Sullivan, (352) 341-6700 WITNESS my hand and the seal of this Court this 22nd day of April, 2014. ANGELA VICK, CLERK OF COURT (SEAL) By:/s/ Vivian Cancel, As Deputy Clerk Published in the Citrus County Chronicle, May 19 & 26, 2014. NS4713-13 To the following Defendant(s): UNKNOWN HEIRS, BENEFICIARIES, DEVISEES, ASSIGNEES, LIENORS, CREDITORS, TRUSTEES AND ALL OTHERS WHO MAY CLAIM AN INTEREST IN THE ESTATE OF ERNEST W. GRENMAN A/K/A ERNEST W. GRENMAN, JR. (DECEASED) Last Known Address UNKNOWN YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action for Foreclosure of Mortgage on the following described property: LOT 167, TANGLEWOOD, A SUBDIVISION ACCORDING TO THE PLAT OR MAP THEREOF DESCRIBED IN PLAT BOOK 7, AT PAGES 111 AND 112, PUBLIC RECORDS OF CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA. a/k/a 4970 N REDWOOD AVE HERNANDO, FLORIDA 34442 has been filed against you and you are required to serve a copy of you written defenses, if any, to it, on Marinosci Law Group, P.C., Attorney for Plaintiff, whose address is 100 W. Cypress Creek Road, Suite 1045, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 within thirty (30) days after the first publication of this Notice in the CITRUS COUNTY CHRONICLE, file the original with the Clerk of this Court either before service on Plaintiffs attorney or immediately thereafter; otherwise a default will be entered against you for the relief demand in the complaint. This notice is provided pursuant to Administrative Order No. 2.065. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT If you are a person with a disability who needs an accommodation in order to participate in a proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the ADA Coordinator for the Courts within 2 working days of your receipt of your notice to appear in Court at: Citrus County John Sullivan (352) 341-6700 WITNESS my hand and the seal of this Court this 17th day of April, 2014. ANGELA VICK, As Clerk of the Court {COURT SEAL} By: /S/ Vivian Cancel, As Deputy Clerk Published in the CITRUS COUNTY CHRONICLE May 19 & 26, 2014. 12-18182 cle).pursuant to the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act, Chapter 932, Florida Stat utes The aforementioned Vehicle was seized by the CITRUS COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE on April 3, 2014, in the vicinity just South of Roosevelt Blvd Citrus County, Florida. The CITRUS COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE has filed, or will immediately hereafter file, a Forfeiture Complaint/Verified Petition for Forfeiture with the Clerk of Circuit Court, Citrus County Courthouse, 110 North Apopka Avenue, Inverness, Florida 34450. Any person, or persons, claiming an interest in the aforementioned Vehicle sought to be forfeited should notify the below mentioned attorney for the CITRUS COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE so as to protect any legal or equitable rights said claimant may have in said Vehicle. Any person who has an interest in said Vehicle has the right to request an adversarial preliminary hearing to determine whether the CITRUS COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE had probable cause to believe that the aforementioned Vehicle was used in violation of Section 932.701(2)(a), Florida Statutes, and was used in violation of Chapter 893 and Chapter 932 Florida Statutes. DATED: April 30, 2014 /s/R. WESLEY BRADSHA W Florida Bar No. 0977845, Attorney for Petitioner BRADSHAW & MOUNTJOY, P.A. 209 Courthouse Square, Inverness, Florida 34450 352-726-1211-Telephone 352-726-3180-Facsimile For Service of Process Only: service , Published two (2) times in the Citrus County Chronicle,May 12 & 19, 2014. 907-0530 DAILY CRN Surplus Property Sale PUBLIC NOTICE The Citrus County Board of County Commissioners will be selling surplus property and equipment via the internet at from April 25, 2014 May 30, 2014 Published in the Citrus County Chronicle April 25, May 30, 2014 I I I I I I I I Tell that special person Happy Birthday with a classified ad under Happy Notes. Only $28.50 includes a photo Call our Classified Dept for details352-563-5966 I I I I I I I I GMC02, 1500 Sierra/Denali AWD, exc. condition 82k mi. $12,900. (352) 637-0765 Larrys Auto Sales 1955 S. Suncoast Blvd. (352) 564-8333 BUY HERE, PAY HERE 2001 Suzuki Intruder 1300 CC $800 down 2007 Suzuki Forenza low mi., $895 down 91 F150 Short Bed, Auto,A/C,6 cyl $995 Down Chevy Hi Top Conv. Van, 5.7, V-8, Auto, $995 down TOYOTA. Tacoma, club cab 4cyl, auto, PW, PL, CD, cruise, tow pkg. toolbx looks like 2014, 59k mi $12,800, 352-860-1106 CHEVROLET1996, Blazer, 4 door, 89K miles $2,900. 352-341-0018 CHEVROLET2005,Equinox LS power windows, locks, AC, $3,990. 352-341-0018 DODGE, Nitro, low miles one owner, garage kept, driven by little old lady, Call Joan (352) 697-2595 FORD1997 Explorer, 6 cyl., auto., Class II hitch installed, $2,100 (352) 233-3837 CHRYSLER2012 Town & Country Wheelchair van with 10 lowered floor, ramp and tie downs Call Tom for more info 352-325-1306 GMC1996, Safari passenger Van 1 owner $3,450 352-341-0018 Harley DAVIDSON2012 FXDWG Dyn Wide Glide Windshield,6,000 miles, 7 year extended warranty, 2.5% assumable loan $11,295.00 (352)302-6055 HONDA Shadow Spirit Trike Recent Tow-Pac Kit 750cc Clean Bike $4,488. Love Motorsports 352-621-3678 HONDA, HELIX 250cc. Easy to ride. Low Seat Height $2,488. Love Motorsports 352-621-3678 HONDA2006 VTX1300C 7,400 miles w/ accessories $4,900,(352) 341-1187 HONDA2008 Shadow Spirit VT750C2, 3,775 mi. w/ accessories $4,500 (352) 341-1187 HONDARed 2012 CBR 250 Exc cond, transferable warr. 4700 miles, $2700 (352) 220-6032 KAWASAKI2003 1600 Vulcan classic. Full dress, senior owner, X-clean, 4980 mi, $5800 obo (352) 860-1106 Suzuki, S40 Old-school Single Cylinder Low Mileage. Low Seat Height $4488. Love Motorsports 352-621-3678 SuzukiModel GZ250. Street Bike. Black. Less than 400 mi. $1995. (352)527-0115 Yamaha V-star 1100, dressed out, real low mi, eye candy $4900 obo (352) 746-9212 SCOUT 17 C.C.90HP Yamaha (low hours) Alum trlr, New Garmin,GPS, Cplotter very clean, gar kept $9200 (352) 795-5519 WE HA VE BOA TS GULF TO LK MARINE We Pay CASH For Used Clean Boats Pontoon, Deck & Fishing Boats **(352)527-0555** HONDA, CRV, Equipped with Blue Ox Towing Package details (352) 746-0524 WE BUYRVS, TRUCKS, TRAILERS, 5TH WHEELS, & MOTOR HOMES Call US 352-201-6945 Starcraft Pop-Up Camper Stove, Refrigerator, & Furnace. New tires. $1850. Mike (352)447-4411 AVION1976 26FTTravel Trailer, fully equipped excel. cond. $6,800 (352) 795-1958 CITATION, 22 ft, New awning, 3 new tires, Ready to travel $3,900. (352) 628-0173 FLAGSTAFF2006, 27 ft, Super Light series, used 2 times, due to illness must sell excel. cond., 30 door opening for wheelchair access. one slide out $11,400. 352-489-8637 NA TURE COAST R V R V service, parts, sales Mobile Repair/Maint. 352-795-7820, Lic/Ins. Chevy Chrome Tailgate Handle $30. (352) 628-0173 Autos, Trucks, SUVs & Vans-Cash Pd LarrysAuto Sales 352-564-8333 BUYING JUNK CARS Running or Not CASH PAID-$300 & UP (352) 771-6191 CONSIGNMENTS W ANTED!!! cars, trucks, RVs, vans, boats, trailers, tractors, etc. for INVERNESS MOTORS & SHEDS @NEW LOCA TION Rt 44 accross from Times Square-call Bob@ 352-341-0090 SEE AL for CARS & SHEDS @ Hernando location corner of 486 and 41 KIA2003, Rio, Ice cold AC $4,390. 352-341-0018 Taurus MetalRecycling Best Prices for your cars or trucks also biggest U-Pull-It with thousands of vehicles offering lowest price for parts 352-637-2100 WE BUY ANY VEHICLE In Any Condition, Title, No Title, Bank Lien, No Problem, Dont Trade it in. We Will Pay up to $25K Any Make, Any Model 813-335-3794, Call AJ 813-458-0584 WE DO IT ALLBUY-SELL-TRADE VEHICLES, M H & RVs Financing & Rentals CONSIGNMENT USA US 19 & US 44, CR 461-4518 & 795-4440 CHEVROLET2001, Impala $4,495. 352-341-0018 CHEVY2010 Equinox LT excellent cond. 51k miles $17,000. (352) 860-0736 SELL YOUR VEHICLE IN THECLASSIFIEDS**3 SPECIALS ** 7 days $26.50 14 days $38.50 30 Days $58.50 Call your Classified representative for details. 352-563-5966 WE DO IT ALLLBUY-SELL-TRADE VEHICLES, M H & RVs Financing & Rentals CONSIGNMENT USA US 19 & US 44, CR 461-4518 & 795-4440 Your Citrus County Residential Sales Specialist!Michael J. Rutkowski(U.S. Army Retired) Realtor (352) 422-4362 Michael.Rutkowski Integrity First in all Aspects of Life!ERA American Realty & Investments $100,000. + Closing Cost will get you this 2,100 Sq. Ft., 3BR, 3BA, Fully Furn. Condo in Citrus Hills Call 352-419-5268 FREE Foreclosure and Short Sale Lists Desperately Need Rentals Office Open 7 Days a WeekLISA VANDEBOE Broker (R) Owner Plantation Realty 352-634-0129 www.plantation Floral CityWaterfront. 6 adj. Lots, 3/4 acre on chain of lakes. Huge oaks, good fishing. $110,000 OBO. (352)596-2921 Your High-Tech Citrus County RealtorROD KENNER352-436-3531 ERA Suncoast Realty SCAN OR GO TOwww. BestNatur eCoast Pr To view my properties Oak Forest, Floral City 1 acre corner lot off S Fern Pt. High & Dry. City Water, Home site only. Price Reduced $14,500 352-678-7145 ** BUY, SELL** & TRADE CLEAN USED BOATS THREE RIVERS MARINE US 19 Crystal River **352-563-5510** ACHILLESInflatable boat 12, 25 HP Yamaha, aluminum fl, on trlr, garaged, used little fresh water only. All accessories $4300 obo (352) 697-5677 BOAT TRAILERAluminum, NEW 2014 18-20 FT, w/ tortion axle, folding tonque, LED lights, and disc brakes all below cost @ $2,195. Open Mon. Wednesday & Friday Only(352) 527-3555 CANOE 16 X 4 Like brand new $500 (352) 746-7357 FISHING BOAT17; wide beam,Exc Cond, 5 HP 4 stroke Honda; low hrs, $1200 must sell 352-726-9647