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Our Home Citrus: Your guide to living locally /Inside

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72 Decreasing
LOW clouds and much
56 warmer. CHIkONICLE
JANUARY 31, 2014 Florida's Best Community V 6 Newspaper Serving Florida's Best Community 50* VOL. 119 ISSUE 177

PUS names new refuge chief

0 look forward to getting to understand Refuge in Georgia. Lusk's deputy,
Newposition oversees nine complexes the top issues," Burnett said. Boyd Blihovde, also departed to
He said the new setup became head a refuge in Texas. Both posiA.B. SIDIBE Monday as the project leader for necessary because of the squeeze tions have yet to be filled and AnStaff writer St. Marks, the Lower Suwannee and the service has been experiencing drew Gude, the manager at Lower
Crystal River national wildlife com- due to federal budget cuts. Suwannee refuge, has been overThe U.S. Fish and Wildlife Serv- plexes and nine refuges in total The creation of Burnett's new po- seeing the Crystal River complex. ice revamped its leadership struc- stretching from the Florida Pan- sition comes on the heels of the de- One of the things Burnett is ture and picked the man to be in handle to Egmont Key at the mouth parture last fall of Crystal River charged with in his new role is to James charge of three national wildlife of Tampa Bay Refuge manager Michael Lusk, who address personnel issues here and Burnett
complexes including Crystal River "If s a lot of miles to cover, but I am accepted a similar position at the began work
James Burnett began work on excited about the opportunity and Okefenokee National Wildlife See REFUGE/Page A6 on Monday.


Cold closes
Three Sisters Citrus, get moving.1
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Thursday implemented the third temporary closure of the season at Three Sisters Springs due to cold weather and high manatee resting activity inside the springs. Jurassic X ,
Springs remained closed. Both closures were expected to last until this afternoon. For questions pertaining to the closures, call Ivan Vicente at 352563-2088, ext. 211.
Senate 01(s flood
insurance bill 77
Hundreds of thousands of homeowners in coastal and flood-prone areas would win protection from sharply higher federal flood insurance premiums under legislation muscled through the Senate on Thursday after angry constituents inundated Capitol Hill with complaints. The 67-32 vote reflects widespread alarm about changes enacted two MATTHEW BECK/Chronicle
years ago to shore up the With the many bodies of water across Citrus County, kayaking is an activity many find to be a pleasurable and low-impact way to program's finances. In exercise.
many cases the changes produced unexpected, sky-high insurance rates Fitness in Citrus focuses on making strides in controffing heart disease
that are unaffordable for many homeowners in NIANcy KENNEDY Challenge. walk, jog, run, bike, swim, skate, kayak,
flood-prone areas whose Staff writer The goal is to make strides in controlling play soccer, tennis, exercise at the gym, do
insurance has historically heart disease, the number one killer in Cit- martial arts or Jazzercise in other
been subsidized by the On your mark, get set move! rus County. words, move their way to better health.
government and other Beginning Monday, Feb. 3, and running According to Florida Department of "Almost everyone makes a New Year's
policyholders. through Sunday, March 16, more than 350 Health statistics, only about 36 percent of resolution to get healthier, and even peoThe bill would delay for people throughout Citrus County will be adults in Citrus County get in at least 30 min- ple who go to the gym every day want to up to four years huge pre- moving their bodies in the 11th annual utes of moderate physical activity per day mium increases that are community-wide Fitness in Citrus This year, 48 teams are signed up to See Page A7
supposed to phase in next year and beyond under new and updated government flood maps.


Mother, daughter escape injury after wreck

Police say man driving stolen vehicle

at high speed caused accident

JEFF BRYAN thing I know we're flipping, it
Riverland News was happening so fast. I don't
think I had time to react. After
DUNNELLON Meghann landing, I remembered I had
Jerrels and her 15-month-old been on the phone with my mom daughter Raegann were driving and began screaming for help. It home from Don Pepe's restau- was like a daze." rant in Dunnellon As people came to her aid,
last Friday, travel- she said, her lone thought was
ing northbound on about freeing her daughter
U.S. 41 headed to- from her car seat and making
ward Rainbow sure she was not injured. "She
Lakes Estates _, was crying like crazy," Jerrels
shortly after 2 p.m. said. "I had people coming up
Meghann was and asking if I was all right
chatting with her and I just keep telling them to
mother, Janice Fi- Steven get my baby"
field, while Rae- Karger Jeanine Klimedinst of Ocala
gann quietly sat in charged with was driving southbound on the backseat of her grand theft. U.S. 41 when the wreck ocmother's Ford F-250 pickup. curred. She said she immediNeither of them realized their ately pulled to the shoulder as afternoon was about to abruptly other motorists slowed to a change. crawl after the incident to avoid
Several hundred feet behind causing another wreck. them, 23-year-old Steven T "There were several of us who Karger of Elizabethtown, Ky., raced to the truck first," she was rapidly approaching, driv- said, noting Karger had already ing at an estimated speed of exited the Viper shouting, "I 150 mph in a stolen 2003 Dodge passed out, I passed out I don't JEFF BRYAN/Riverland News
Viper, according to authorities know what happened." Meghann Jerrels, center, holds her 15-month-old daughter, Raegann, while personnel with Marion County
with the Dunnellon Police De- Klimedinst said helping Jer- Fire Rescue examine Raegann after both were in a wreck Friday along U.S. 41. partment, who said he stole the rels and her daughter get free of car from Hometown Auto Mart the wreckage was surreal. the Dodge Viper Ryan Balcomb, car dealership for the past six vestigation and was beginning a Karger was passing traffic "It was very emotional," she an employee with the used car years, said the incident was the DUI investigation. Robinson rewhen for an unknown reason he said. "Here's this mom asking lot, popped the hood and started "craziest' thing he's ever heard quested Karger participate in drifted into the northbound for everyone to help her daugh- the engine as both listened to of in his 25 years as a car sales- field sobriety exercises to which lane, driving underneath ter, seeing them both crying. the car from the passenger side. man. Despite the loss of what Karger agreed. Meghann Jerrels' truck, causing It was very emotional for That's when Karger took off for Schreff called "the nicest car According to the report, both drivers to lose control of everyone." the driver's seat, reportedly I've ever had on any lot," he was Karger failed in the horizontal
their vehicles. The impact Both Jerrels and her daughter jumping into the car and locking overwhelmed to hear no one gaze test and the walk-andknocked Jerrels off the road and were freed from the crumpled the door as Balcomb attempted had been badly injured, turn exercises. Robinson then her truck flipped multiple times F-250, and walked a short dis- to stop him. "I was crying when I heard no requested fire rescue personbefore landing on its wheels. tance to be examined by rescue The report stated Karger then one was seriously hurt or nel draw blood from Karger on Karger lost control of the personnel from Marion County sped out of the parking lot trav- worse," he said. scene.
Viper, driving off the road and Fire Rescue. Both were trans- eled southbound on U.S. 41 be- While being assessed by Karger was charged with one into the tree line south of the B- ported to Munroe Regional Med- fore making a U-turn at U.S. 41 emergency personnel, Karger count of grand theft of a motor Kwik gas station. ical Center in Ocala, examined and Brooks Street and headed told authorities he had vehicle; one count of aggraKarger abruptly turned back and released a few hours later north. "He nearly ran me over smoked marijuana, taken vated assault with intent to onto the road "like a missile and Jerrels said neither she nor her leaving the lot," Balcomb said, Prozac and "huffed an entire commit a felony; two counts of hit the truck and both cars ex- daughter were seriously injured, adding he immediately jumped can of dust off," referring to driving under the influence ploded," two witnesses told Jerrels has a mild case of in his truck and began following condensed air. causing great bodily harm; two
authorities, whiplash and a cracked rib Karger. The report stated Officer counts of driving under the inSeveral passers-by stopped while Reagann is sore. "I came upon the wreck, saw Adam Robinson read Karger his fluence causing property damafter seeing the incident unfold, As rescue personnel attended the truck and rushed to help Miranda rights and Karger said age; one count of operating an immediately rushing to Jerrels' to mom and daughter, law en- them first," said Balcomb, who's he understood his rights and unregistered motor vehicle; truck to assist the 27-year-old forcement officers were piecing been employed at Hometown wished to speak with law en- and one count of reckless drivand her daughter together evidence involving the Auto Mart for the past seven forcement officers. Karger told ing. All together, his bond was
"I remember talking to my theft of the Viper According to months. police "he was back" and he was set at more than $20,000. Karger
mom," she said Monday, three reports, Karger stopped at Richard Schreff, who has 'Jesus Christ." Robinson then remains in the Marion County days after the wreck. "The next Hometown Auto Mart to look at owned and operated the used completed his traffic crash in- Jail.

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Thursday, Jf.ebhrtuiry 4 th at 1:00 m.

SPage A 3 -FRIDAY, JANUAR Y3,2 1


ASrunTE Paraplegic man steals car from dealership

OCALA -Police said a para- 2009 Pontiac G6. Banner suspended license and is facing a
Citrus County plegic man stole a vehicle from an Police said the salesman helped The dealership notified police possible charge of grand theft auto.
Ocala dealership before leading of- the man into the car so he could and the Marion County Sheriff's It's not the first time the dealerBoys and Girls Clubs ficers on a brief chase. see how the car felt. But once in- Office. The deputies pursued the ship has been in the news. The
director named He was arrested a short time side, he locked the doors, turned car to the Alachua County line, newspaper reported that three
later Wednesday when Bradford on the vehicle and put the end of a Deputies in Alachua County years ago, six vehicles were deCindi Fein has been County Sheriff's deputies spotted folding cane on the gas pedal. He picked up the chase until they de- stroyed by fire when a Ford Esnamed executive him at a gas station. drove away from the lot. cided not to follow him any longer cape was brought in by an owner
director/chief professional of- According to police, the man "It was unbelievable, only in the Eventually, deputies in Bradford who'd received a recall notice reficer of the went to Ford of Ocala to purchase a movies," Anselmo "Chico" Barreto, County saw him putting gas in the lating to a fire hazard. And in NoBoys and vehicle. A salesman showed him who has worked at the dealership car vember, two new trucks were
Girls around and he decided on a white for 11 years, told Ocala Star- He's charged with driving with a stolen.
Clubs of
County. Family Literacy Night at Forest Ridge Elementary
Pope, ...Ig R11 t
vice president of Cindi Fein
operations, said: "Cindi brings ex-El LCq citement to the Boys and
Girls Clubs of Citrus County.
Her enthusiasm has already
been felt by our team. We
know 2014 will be a great
year for our operation."
Since moving to Citrus
County in 2010, Fein hasVserved as public relations
coordinator for the Citrus
County Chamber of Commerce and, most recently,
worked the same job for the
United Way of Citrus County.
She is a member of
Florida Public Relations
Association-Nature Coast
Chapter, serving Citrus and
Hernando County, and has
been a member of the advi-7 sory panel for Coastal
Healthy Living for the past
18 months.
Fein holds a bachelor of
science degree in journalism/public relations from
Northern Illinois University.
Democrats to host
school official STEPHEN E. LASKO/For the Chronicle
The Southwest Citrus Fourth-grade teachers Anna Beth Pace, left, and Kathy Kopp read an act from the book "Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind" by Steven
Democratic Club will meet Kellogg at Tuesday's Family Literacy Night at Forest Ridge Elementary School. The annual event is designed "as a way for
students and parents to learn that reading is fun," according to teacher Bertha Brooks. Preregistered students were given a ticket for at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, their choice of a free book from hundreds purchased by the school with federal Title I funds.
Feb. 1, at the Sugarmill
Woods Country Club, 1
Douglas St., Homosassa.
All registered Democrats
are welcome to attend. I eB I F
The guest speaker will be Hml s e p eSaeBIF
Thomas Kennedy, school oe e s p ol a up rm 1sowudda
board member District 1,M njm sfo sow udda
Citrus County School Dis- 1-95 overpass near Eastern Florida
trict. For information, con-otDa on BecSaeCleg
tact orDAYTONA BEACH -The PALM BAY- Ofcassi
352-382-0343. wnefo onFoiaHgayPatrol said a a man wasshtadcicly
N.C. Republicans thtpol r onighmls. man involved in a crash on wounded at the Palm Bay
meFe.8CHRIS VAN ORMER thtpol r onighmls. interstate 95 jumped to his Campus of Eastern Florida
meFe.8Staff writer Housing Services wanted to target the death from an overpass. State College.
The Nature Coast Re- Inverness area because we got the Her- The three-vehicle crash Palm Bay police reported
publican Club will meet at The Mid-Florida Homeless Coalition nando side covered by Ginger West. hapee hrdymrigta w e eebaigu
a.m. Saturday, Feb. 8, at conducted a point-in-time count of She'll be doing street counts there. The aned atachur Asda on n nthattw mn er daeatin-u the Hampton Inn, Crystal homeless people on Thursday, but it was Catholic Charities Outreach Center will trer Dridayton Beh see a eron. nThe man Thursda afRiver. Coffee social, with a cold day cover down that way" topravdtthe sceoe es n ekn taern.thean be ingat
breakfast available for $5 While counts went on throughout Cit- So Housing Services partnered with haw oeproyalig tce.etetdt i
beisat 8:30 am. rus County, not much happened for the the health department to be at Inverness away. KmMnetodhe vehicle, where he grabbed
be gst paeilb counters outside Walmart, where staff Walmart with its new mobile medical Sg.KmMne odte gun and shot one of his atTh ges seaerwil e members of the Citrus County Depart- unit, where staff was ready to count Daytona Beach News- tackers in the chest.
Bob Schweickert, who will ment of Health and Citrus County Hous- homeless people and give them supplies Journal the man jumped from Officials said the man with present GroundHog Re- ing Services spent a chilly morning and services. the top of an overpass after the gunshot wound and the
search. For information, call waiting to give supplies, services and "We put flyers out up and down this the trooper made contact shooter were both hospitalConnie at 352-746-7249. information, area in businesses and bathrooms to let with him. She said the man ized. Florida Today reported
"We have not had anybody today," said homeless people know we would be landed on the shoulder of that the third man asn being


Today'E TR AIMNsTdyi
Birthday It will be essential that you E N TER TA IN M ENT_______________________________ Toai"rdaJnn1,te3s
take better care of yourself this yearTdyi rdy a.31 h 1s
Devoting some time to creative en- day of 2014. There are 334 days
deavors will turn out to be in your best Jacso ,I d I Rokt left in the year. This is the Chinese
interest because they will stimulate ja~ om iC ONew Year of the Horse.
your mind and help to relieve any play at SeaWorld Today's Highlight in History:
stress you are feeling as a result of ORAD Teso sOn Jan. 31, 1944, during World
personal matters. gON n.esowi War 11, U.S. forces began a sucAquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Deal- Sean orl ranoo cessful invasion of Kwajalein Atoll
ing with an emotional partner will be a Wensa none e-and other parts of the Japanesechallenge for you today Try to take an Wensdyanonedpr held Marshall Islands.
impartial view of the situation. formers Alan Jackson and Kid On this date:
Pisces (Feb. 20-March 20) Experi- Rock will headline a concert se- I 66 u aks ovce
ences in or around hospitals may leave ries in which nine other perform- often for6 his awkes i ni edun
you feeling a bit dejected. Try not to ers dropped out following the owdterso Plo" agisat ithe Engls
take anything too personally at this release of a documentary criticalpodrPfagisthEnlh time. of the marine park. Parliament and King James 1, was
Aries (March 21 -April 19) Today is Jackson will perform this Sat- executed.
a good day to initiate professional urday at the Bands, Brew & BBQ In 1917, during World War 1, Gerchanges. Interviews or a good discus- concert series, followed by Kid many served notice it was beginsion with your boss could lead to ad- Rock on Sunday. Other perform- ning a policy of unrestricted
vancement if handled correctly. eshvntbnanocd.Associated Press submarine warfare.
neous outil turn into -A soa Nine recording artists had Actress Helen Mirren is kissed by drag actors Tony Oblen, left, In 1934, President Franklin D.
neent oun will ganint a oigtfoaacelu fprfrigah and Ethan Hardy, right, on Thursday as she is honored as Roosevelt signed the Gold Reserve
evet. ouwil gin lt o inigt fom bacedoutof erormngat he woman of the year by Harvard University's Hasty Pudding Act.
talking to peers or relatives today SeaWorld Orlando concert se- Theatricals in Cambridge, Mass. Ten years ago: Justine HeninGemini (May 21 -June 20) Making ries, including country singers Hardenne won her third Grand
a financial deal with someone will re- Trace Adkins, Martina with SodaStream was incompati- arriving amid a crush of media Slam title, defeating Kim Clijsters 6quire caution, as deception is likely McBride, Trisha Yearwood, as ble with her Oxfam position. The and screaming fans. He was 3, 4-6, 6-3 in the Australian Open.
You may also have personal difficulties well as rock performers Heart, caiyfrtvieunpies chgdwthoeontfa-Fveersg:Iaqsasd
with someone close to you. 38 Special and Barenaked caiyfrtvie napns hre ihoecuto s ieyasao rqspse
Cancer (June 21-July 22) Conver- Ladies. They made their deci- with her dual role last week. sault and is scheduled to appear through security checkpoints and
sations with your business partner or sion after fans launched cam- The international humanitarian in court in Toronto on March 10. razor-wire cordons to vote in provinlover may yield undesirable results. paigns on citing the organization said Thursday that Police allege Bieber was one cial elections considered a crucial
Now is not the time to make a play. documentary "Blackfish." it believes SodaStream and of six people who were picked up test of the nation's stability.
Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Awork situa- "Blackfish" explores what may other businesses operating in Is- by a limousine from a nightclub One year ago: Chuck Hagel
tion is likely to make you emotional.'hv asda rat ilvt raeli settlements in the West in the early morning hours of emerged from his grueling confirFemales may cause professional diffi- haecue noc okl e- Bank contribute to the "denial of Dec. 30, and there was an alter- mation hearing before the Senate
acartee fr chuAn willrbenbeneficial. Branceaul rin e 2010. rights of the Palestinian commu- cation while en route to a hotel. Armed Services Committee with
a crer hagewil e enfiia. rachauin200.nities that we work to support." Police said during the alterca- solid Democratic support for his
virtgo a. 23Spslty 22) -takeliad- Scarlett Johansson The charity said it opposes all tion one of the passengers hit nomination to be President Barack
voane of any possiblfta r avlig resigns from Oxfam trade from the Israeli settle- the limo driver in the back of the Obama's next defense secretary.
Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Deception gments, "which are illegal under head several times. Today's Birthdays: Actress
is present in your home environment. It LONDON -A growing move- international law." "The driver stopped the limou- Carol Channing is 93. Composer
would be best to deal with it head-on. ment to boycott goods produced Bieber charged with sine, exited the vehicle and Philip Glass is 77. Former Interior
Be clear and direct, and you will find a in Jewish settlements in Palestin- called police," a statement said. Secretary James Watt is 76. Basesolution to your problem. ian territories has costAmerican assault in Canada "The man who struck him left the ball Hall-of-Famer Nolan Ryan is
Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Evasive- actress Scarlett Johansson her TORONTO Justin Bieber scene before police arrived." 67. Rock singer Johnny Rotten is
ness in communications is likely to role as a global goodwill ambas- was charged with assault for al- Howard Weitzman, Bieber's 58. Actress Minnie Driver is 44. Acoccur In-laws may be meddlesome or sador for Oxfam International. legedly hitting a Toronto limou- attorney in California, said his tress Portia de Rossi is 41. Singer
may try to throw you off course. Avoid The star of "Her' and other sine driver several times in the client is innocent and declined to Justin Timberlake is 33. any life-changing decisions today major films riled Oxfam by pro- back of the head last month. The comment on the allegations Thought for Today: "The thirdSagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Get moting SodaStream, which oper- news broke just after the Cana- against Bieber or any potential rate mind is only happy when it is
out and socialize with friends. Do ates in a Jewish settlement in dian pop star's attorney entered defense, saying it was now a thinking with the majority The secsomething physical in nature, and you the West Bank. She will appear a separate not guilty plea in matter for the court to handle. ond-rate mind is only happy when it
may meet interesting new people.
Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -You in a high-profile ad for the coin- Florida to drunken-driving and Weitzman said he expects the is thinking with the minority. The
will have a hard time handling an emo- pany set to air during the Super other charges. case to be treated as a summary first-rate mind is only happy when it
tional partner today Try to face the Bowl Sunday. The baby-faced 19-year-old offense, the equivalent of a mis- is thinking." A.A. Milne, British
truth of the matter. Don't let other peo- Oxfam International said turned himself in to a Toronto po- demeanor in the United States. author (born in 1882, died this date pie crush your spirit or cause you grief. Thursday that Johansson's role lice station Wednesday evening, From wire reports in 1956).

H1i/ LO PR Ni LO PR HI LO PIR City H L F'cast City H L F'castA LEL NO IS
41/36 0.50" 45/37 1.00", 45/37 0.08" Daytona Bch. 70 63 od Miami 81 70 sh _________________RE -O E Fort Lauderdale 80 70 sh Ocala 70 53 pc I
Fort Myers 76 62 sh Orlando 71 63 pco 0 wi
41 E Gainesville 66 51 pc Pensacola 57 57 f Bid Notices.................................... C13
--R -1Homestead 81 69 sh Sarasota 73 60 sh
I-RUB H / LO PR Jacksonville 63 49 pc Tallahassee 62 49 pc Meeting Notices .............................. C13
4/7 10" Key West 78 71 r Tampa 71 50 sh Lien Notices................................... C13
LEC-0 46/37 1 ~Lakeland 74 60 sh Vero Beach 74 65 sh FoelsrSa/AtnNtis........C1
-HMelbourne 73 67 sh W. Palm Bch. 79 69 sh FrcoueSllcinNtcs...1
-00AS HOOAS Notice to Creditors/Administration ..... C13
MAIN OUTLOOK -o Self Storage Notices.......................... C13
F-LO P Today: Northeast winds around 10 Gulf water Surplus Property .............................. C13
47/38 1 .7" i knots then. Seas 2 feet or less. Bay temperature ____________________SS H-mu and inland waters a light chop.
jiTonight: East winds around 10knots.0
~III I HI LO PR Seas 2feet or less. Bay and inland 5 74-)C IT RUS cO0U NT Y
1 53 53 .0, waters a light chop. Taken at Aripeka
foeatby: Location THU WED Full Florida' Bes Conmmunity Newspaper Serving FoiasBs omnt

TODAY & TOMORROW MORNING Withlacoochee at Holder 28.69 28.61 35.52
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Decreasing clouds and much warmer. Tsala Apopka-Floral City 40.16 40.10 42.20 Call now for home delivery by our carriers:
___________________________________________________________ Levels reported in feet above sea level. Flood stage for lakes are based on 2.33-year flood, Ctu ony325355 SATUDAY SUNAYMRNIthe mean-annual flood which has a 43-precent chance of being equaled or exceeded in Matrion County: 8852-3405 High:78' Low:610 13 weeks: $39.64* 6 months: $70.63*
Partly sunny. A 20% chance of afteiFfi -1 year: $133.87*
showers. Subscription.. . . . .ice icudes a separate charge of .15.prdafotan ottincs
THE NATIONcabl state and local sales tax. Call 352-6-65frdtis
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W I 1High- 80' Low: 580 af-Os Osu expraio L0 0 Ssate. The Viewfinder TV guide is aalbet u usrbr o
Mostly sunny and warm. $30prya
_E For home delivery by ma il
ALMANAC In Florida: $59.00 for 13 weeks


I n e n s -- L e a t I IS II

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CtusCny Ticket1 Salvesries $16a to $3aeven esas wigoupf
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Our9 fanss age 2 tos 96f
SHOWIS FR AL AGE! ORIDA Sunday2-23-214/16OALA14 Suat. 3-9-24014 sun Invrns area Bttrthn0EAS0


For the RECORD

DUE arrest ground check indicated her li- structure. Bond was denied. 0 Michael McElroy, 35, of EA vehicle burglary was re- 0 A petit theft was reported
0 Ivy Stiles, 39, of South cense was suspended (five 0 Debra Singh, 40, Of West Tompkins Street, Inverness, at ported at 11:16 a.m. Jan. 29 in at 2:26 p.m. Jan. 29 in the 2300 Desoto Street, Beverly Hills at times), and her auto tag had Keller Street, Hernando, at 2:32 a.m. Jan. 30 on a misde- the 2200 block of S. Carnegie block of N. Brentwood Circle, 10:25 p.m. Jan. 29 on a misde- expired in 2012. Bond $500. 3:23 p.m. Jan. 29 on an active meanor charge of disorderly Drive, Inverness. Lecanto.
meanor charge of driving under Domestic warrant for felony violation of conduct. According to his arrest 0 A residential burglary was IIIA grand theft was reported
the influence. According to her battery arrest probation stemming from an affidavit, McElroy is accused of reported at 2:31 p.m. Jan. 29 in at 2:31 p.m. Jan. 29 in the 5100 arrest affidavit, Stiles was found 0 Lawrence Snipes, 42, Of original charge of obtaining a being intoxicated and causing the 100 block of W. Liberty St., block of W. Pitch Pine Court, passed out at the wheel in the Ivresat52pm.Jn29controlled substance by fraud. a verbal disturbance after mid- Hernando. Lecanto.
right merge lane at the inter- Invrs a t 5:2dpm.ean. 29rgo Bond was denied. night while in his home. Bond section of Northeast Fifth Street domestic battery. No bond. 0 Tyler Evans, 21, of North $250. Thefts IIIA grand theft was reported
and South Suncoast Boule- Caves Valley Path, Lecanto, at CirsCut0 A petit theft was reported at 8:54 p.m. Jan. 29 in the 2400
yard. She was asked to per- Other arrests 4 p.m. Jan. 29 on an active Sieriffs Cofntyce 7:55 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. block of E. Gulf-to-Lake Highform field sobriety tests and did 0 Mathew Hinton, 30, of warrant for felony possession Shrf' fie 29, in the 3800 block of W. Ed- way, Inverness. poorly. Tests of her breath Landis Street, Port Orange, at of a controlled substance. Ac- Burglaries ucational Path, Lecanto. Vandalism
showed her blood alcohol con- 2:05 p.m. Jan. 29 on an active cording to his arrest affidavit, 0MA vehicle burglary was re- 0 A petit theft was reported 0MA vandalism was reported centration was 0.096 percent warrant for felony violation of Evans was arrested during a ported at 9:50 a.m. Wednes- at 12:55 p.m. Jan. 29 in the 300 at 12:10 a.m. Thursday, Jan. and 0.098 percent. The legal probation stemming from an routine traffic stop. Bond day, Jan. 29, in the 400 block of block of W. Sugarmaple Lane, 30, in the 5500 block of N. limit is 0.08 percent. A back- original charge of burglary to a $10,000. Hiawatha Ave., Inverness. Beverly Hills. Lecanto Highway, Beverly Hills.

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No refills or special topSpecial to the Chrorncle with CenterState Bank "First Southern also pings caramel, whipped worries if that is the direction that of Florida NA. provides a natural further cream, etc. -would be w att o
On the heels of an- First Southern Bank, extension of our Gulf- permitted. w att o
nouncing the closing of its which is headquartered stream Business Bank ac- "Is this caffeinated or two Citrus County branch in Boca Raton, currently quisition into the decaffeinated is the first Thomas Kennedy
offices, Davenport-based operates 17 banking loca- attractive markets of both question that comes to school board member
CenterState Banks Inc. tions in the Orlando, Jack- Palm Beach and Broward mind," asked school board serving coffee to a ninth- (Deutschman) has about announced Wednesday sonville and West Palm counties." Chairman Thomas grader," she said. parents concerned with us
the signing of a definitive Beach/Fort Lauderdale Upon completion of the Kennedy "What I find is that they getting their kids hooked
merger agreement under areas. acquisition, the combined Pistone said the coffee are coming to school with on coffee. Have we polled
which CenterState will "First Southern Bank is company will have approx- would be caffeinated be- their power drinks and the parents at all?"
acquire First Southern a complementary fit into imately $4 billion in assets, cause "that is what they those who want to be Pistone said that no parBancorp Inc., the parent our company, as we have a $2.5 billion in loans and want." charged up are going to be ents had been polled; howcompany of First South- significant presence in $3.4 billion in deposits. School board member charged up," added board ever, he and his staff were
ern Bank. Jacksonville and Or- After the completion Of Linda Powers questioned member Sandy Balfour. happy to survey the princiUpon completion of lando," said Ernie Pinner, this transaction, Center- the thought of a hot liquid "But from a teacher's pals and parents for feedthe holding company chairman, president and State will be one of the being served and possibly standpoint, to have a back and would report merger, First Southern CEO of CenterState largest Florida-based being spilled on a student. classroom full of charged- back to the school board Bank will be merged Banks. community banks. "Currently, we are serv- up kids is going to be a with the results.
___________________________________________________ ing hot chocolate at Citrus management challenge. "That would allow us to
High School and we However, whether we know if we are just worryhaven't had any issues," offer them coffee or not, ing about it or not,"
Pistne sid.they are the ones that Kennedy said. "There is a REFUG E Two of my main priorities icofe Cairwma Pat want that type of kick in part of me that would love
Continued from Plap Al are the personnel issues and Deutschman questioned the morning. They are us to have a little caf6 at
how parents would going to get it whether the high school. But the
at the two other Three Sisters Springs. respond. we are offering it or not. other side of me worries if
complexes. "I'm not so sure that par- However, I do see the that is the direction that
"Two of my main priori- James Burnett ents would agree with perception that she we want to go."
ties are the personnel is- new refuge manager
sues and Three Sisters the protection of the man- Carolinas, the Smokies, "AMVV0fJP S IS Al
Spins" uret ai. atees," Burnett added. Mississippi and Arkansas. of Citus County, Inc.
He said he is aware Of He plans to attend a The North Carolina na- Os a
the agitation for public ac- workshop on overcrowd- tive has two bachelor'sga cess to the 57-acre property ing on the waters leading degrees in forestry and and is going to spend most into the property and a management from North ( G No Bullies Allow ed!
of the next three weeks in town hall meeting about Carolina State University dealonie fIouS e .. Stput

stand the sentiments and cel. The workshop and post has been as refuge Visit us at
issues around it town hall are slated for manager at St. Marks in ________
"But there is a manage- Feb. 7 and 21 respectively the Panhandle and said I mssa&Osa ie ment plan and we are Burnett has spent this new role is somewhat nomss&CytlRvr or Call 1-888-ANY-TIPS (1-888-269-8477)
going to do our best to nearly four decades in of a homecoming for him 352-564-1040 r Funded by the Offce of the Attorney General, Crime Stoppers Trust Fund
meet that plan and to do it forestry and wildlife man- and his wife, Brenda, who sooner rather than later agement. He joined is a native of Tallahassee. while not forgetting our USFWS in 1978 and has The couple has two grown primary mission, which is worked at refuges in the children.


Continued from Page Al ii

a statement of just two terse
and dispassionate sentences that instantly raised
the stakes in one of the
most wrenching criminal 9
cases Boston has ever seen.
Tsarnaev has pleaded
not guilty No trial date has l"'~ CON -W R
In anotice of intent filed o rSoy+Y u tr
in court, federal prosecu- O rSov--Y u tr
tors in Boston listed fac- Sunshine For Your Loved One 'L
tors they contend justify a Our compassionate staff is ready to help.
sentence of death against Assisted Living just got a whole lot better.
Tsaraevwhomove toCall us today! We want to share our story,

"zhrTsarnaev r e- o ceivedop aslu fomth


FITNESS challenge, said Rebecca l
Martin, challenge coordi-Densto r c ie v
Coninedfro PgeAlnator Her findings include:
push themselves further," 0 87 percent said they
said Ashleigh Simon, improved their overallof t eer so in
county health department health/fitness. o h a e ho mn
health educator "This is a 0 52 percent said they great opportunity" lost some weight (and oth- Associated Press
The health department ers said their weight has eight teams with stayed the same but their DADE CITY -Attornames like: "But, I'm Not clothes were looser). neys for a retired Tampa Dead Yet," "Citrus Centu- 0 27 percent said they police officer accused of rions," "Hot to Trot" "Lit- lowered their blood pres- fatally shooting a man textle Rascals," sure through ting in a movie theater will
"Salad Sis- exercise. be able to view surveilters," "Sole All these 0 37 per- lance video from that day,....
Trainers," ipoe et cent said they a judge ruled Thursday
"Team K-9" made new Footage is expected to
and "Walkin' are key to friends, up show Curtis Reeves, 71,
the Boss." from last entering the Wesley
"One team lowering heart time. Chapel theater Jan. 13 for
is doing two 0 40 per- a screening of "Lone Surchallenges," disease. cent said they vivor" and then the shootSimon said. were able to ing of Chad Oulson, 43,
"T h e y' r e Rebecca Martin sleep better authorities said.
walking to- challenge coordinator 0 42 per- Nicole Oulson, 33, sat
gether every cent said they just behind prosecutors on
day, plus they'll be doing had a lower stress level. Thursday as Circuit Judge something else as part of 0 44 percent reported Pat Siracusa in Pasco the challenge." improved moods. County ruled on several
Another team hopes to "All these improve- motions by Reeves' attordouble the recommended ments are key to lower- neys, including the request goal of 10,000 steps per ing risk for heart for access to the video. Ascae rs
The Pes'dSestem nmere, iller C ofy' without i bai har eld Nicole Oulson, center, and her attorney Stephen Leal listen Thursday during a court
from Inernes am nubot en and womlen, secitond-deageude Ait hearing and appeal in Dade City for Curtis Reeves, the man accused of fatally
fromInvrnes Aima bot me an woen, sbond-herng isrse fo shooting and killing her husband, Chad Oulson, in a movie theater on Jan. 13. Reeves, Hospital uses the chal- Martin said. "Plus, it bn hergisetfra retired Tampa police officer, is being held without bail, charged with second-degree lenge to not only improve helps stave off the start Feb. 5.mudrAbodhaigssefrFb.5 their fitness but the fit- of dementia." Richard Escobar, an at-mudrAbodhaigssefrFb.5
ness of pets. She added that even torney for Reeves, said he oulson to stop texting at struck him in the face with quickly. They also said
"We do the fitness chal- though registration for expects about 75 support- the theater in Wesley an unknown object, and they didn't have to share lenge in conjunction with this year's challenge has ers of the retired officer to Chapel, a suburb north of that's when he removed a the video until 15 days a program we started a closed, that's not a reason attend that hearing. Tampa. .380-caliber gun from his after discovery, the evicouple of years ago to get not to get physical activity "We have received an in- Sheriff's Detective Allen pants pocket, it said. The dence-gathering period. clients aware of the is- on your own. credible amount of sup- Proctor wrote that Reeves report added that Reeves But the judge exhorted
sues of obesity in pets," "People say, 'I don't port," Escobar added of spoke to Oulson during the fired the gun and struck them to muster up footage. said Karen Aultman. have 30 minutes,' but if the defendant, a retired previews, then got up and Oulson once in the chest "I expect that you can "We're trying to get own- you walk 10 minutes in captain with the Tampa informed management. and that he "was in fear of provide as much (video) as ers and their pets up and the morning, 10 during Police Department who When Reeves returned to being attacked." you reasonably can," the
out of their chairs and the day and 10 when you was instrumental in estab- his seat "additional words Prosecutors initially judge told prosecutors. walking." get home, that's 30, and lishing its first tactical re- were exchanged" and Oul- were unwilling to hand Asked about the imporLast year, in addition to anyone can do that." sponse team. son threw a bag of popcorn over the video. They said tance of the surveillance
having fun, most of the Contact Chronicle re- Pasco County Sheriff's at Reeves, the report said. there are several hours of video after the hearing, participants said they had porter Nancy Kennedy at officials had said soon After officers read him video footage and that Oulson's attorney TJ achieved several health 352-564-2927 or nkenn edy after the shooting that his rights, Reeves told the their office isn't equipped Grimaldi replied, "It supand well-being benefits @2chronicleonhine corn Reeves initially had asked detective that Oulson to turn around copies so ports what happened."



More Photos

I.Dr Vent' S




Marie gested to Hospice of Citrus
Rieley, 88 County, P0. Box 641270,
Beverly Hills, FL 34464 in
INVERNESS lieu of flowers.

William Marie A. Rieley, 88, In- Sign the guest book at
And rsn,82 verness, Fla., died Jan. 29,
Anders n, 82 2 0 1 4
DUNNELLON under the Theresa
William E. Anderson, 82, loving care Adams, 55
of Dunnellon, Fla., passed of her fam- OCALA
away Jan. ily and I
28, 014 atHospice of Theresa L. Adams, 55, of
28 even a C it r us Ocala, Fla., died Jan. 28,
Rier C oun ty. 2014. Private cremation
Hospital.s Marie was will take place under the
7Heoserved. born Feb. Marie direction of Brown FuiHe s.e 22, 1925, in Rieley neral Home & Crematory
r e t i r e d Brunswick, Canada, to the
from CIBA William late James and Alma William
G e i g Y Anderson (Berube) Levesque. She Gatz, 88
Associated Press Chemical was a wonderful home- HOMOSASSA
Lila Gunter is helped into a Georgia National Guard vehicle Thursday in Atlanta, Plant in Toms River, N.J. maker, cook and baker WlimJno az 8
before they take her to pick up her car after it was towed in the winter storm that and moved to Florida 26 who was devoted to her WlimJno az 8
swet crss hestte Th Gar ad te eogiaStteParolar ofeingriesto years ago. family and the Lord. She of Homosassa, Fla., died
moetriss h ha e in e abandn d cars.SaeParlarfernidst He was predeceased by enjoyed shopping, knit- Jan. 25, 2014. Private cremotoistswhohad n aando thir crs.his daughter, Dianne Hol- ting, crocheting, music and miation will take place
*royd. William is survived watching game shows. under the direction of
by his loving wife, Lynn; Left to cherish her mem- Brown Fuineral Home & G eorgia governo daughters, Tammy Ander- ory is her son, Robert Crematory in Lecanto.
son, Terni Callan, Holly (Crystal) Rieley of Shelton,
Lerner; stepsons, Charles Conn.; her daughters, James
Osborn, James Osborn, Marie Petzold, Prospect, Lively, 82
takes blam e for grandchildren; as well as verness and Linda (Louis)
three great-grandchildren. Nue, North Haven, James E. Lively, 82, of Private arrangements Conn.; six grandchildren, Lecanto, Fla., died Jan. 26, are under the direction of Dawn Kosakowski, Carrie 2014. Local arrangements
stor pre arat ons Brown Fuineral Home & (James) Mills, who was her are under the direction of
PYYYof ren erekilld erly hatoccus."Brown Fuineral Home & three years, Nicole Nunez, Crematory in Lecanto,
n o s n hrdya eprtrs Frhspr h ao Crematory, Lecanto, 352- Jennifer Rieley, Amy (Kyle) with private burial being
hovered below freezing. In earlier took the blame for 7501.PgBinRee;adhl tWlaeMmra
cars littered the Midwest, an 86-year- businesses, schools and Sign the guest book at step-granddaughter, Tracy Cemetery in Clintonville,
old woman died of hy- government letting out at Nunez; four great- Va.
phermia outside her the same time. grandchildren, Brandon
theintrsate sburanChicago home. The Atlanta area was Elly Case, 91 and Jesse Kosakowski, So- Jeffrey Bell
North Carolina still faced crippled by an ice storm in H0MOS A S SA phie Mills and Ella Page; Sr., 71
Associated Press icy conditions, with danger- 2011, and officials had EyWCae91ofH-beloved first cousin, 00CALA
ous oad inmuc of he owe no tobe cugh un Ely W ase 91 ofHo-Loretta Boucher She was ATLNTA Geogiaou rods n mchof he owe no t becauht n- mosassa, Fla., died Jan. 27, preceded in death by her Jeffrey Stephen Bell Sr, ATLANA Gorgiastate as bone-chilling tem- prepared again. But only 2014.Acebrtoofhr usadf53yrJhn71ofOlFa.dida.
Gov Nathan Deal took re- peratures overnight refroze hours after the storm hi t life AicelebrattFio t ofely her husandof53nea s, oh 67, of14 Local a.,didran.e
sposiblit Tursay or nysno tht hd eltd. as ler te cty asagain United Methodist Church Leo, Albert Allyre, Simone ments are under the directhe poor storm prepara- There was a lot of caught off guard. of Homosassa, 11 a.m. Sat- and Isabella; and a son-in- tion of Brown Fuineral
tions that led toan epictraf- cleanup to do inthe Atlanta Charley English, the urday, Feb. 8, 2014, with a law, William Petzold. Home & Crematory in fic jam in Atlanta and area. The Georgia State Pa- head of the Georgia Emer- reception to follow at the A funeral service and Lecanto, with services takforced drivers to abandon trol said more than 2,000 gencyManagementAgency, Church Hall. tribute to Marie's life will ing place at a later date in
their cars or sleep in them cars were abandoned along also took some of the b 13 ~.MnaFb lmuh as
overnight when a storm the freeways and they blame, saying he had be 1130 pam MondCa, FE.PlmuhMas
dumped a couple of inches would be towed Thursday "made a terrible mistake OBITUARIES 3,2,ati thneas. Hoe.
of snow night if people did not get and put the governor in an 0 Deadline is 3 p.m. for Dains areinie Homeoi SO YOU KNOW
Deal and Atlanta Mayor them. Officials said it was awful position." English obituaries to appear Friend farel in vitton ina il enlue Kasim Reed have found critical to get those cars off said he should have de- in the next day's from 10:30 a.m., until the for free for those who themselves on the defen- the highways so the emer- dlared the state emergency edition. time of service. Burial will served in the U.S. milisive ever since the snow gency shoulders were command center open ear- 0Ealoiscrn- follow at Florida National tary. (Please note this
started falling and com- available during normal lier and recommended Ceetr Emai ubit
muters rushed home at the traffic Friday much sooner that state em- cle on linecom or fax Cmtr nBsnl.M- sriewe umt
sam tme cholsle ou, It s bviuswe av a loeese enthoe.352-563-3280. morial donations in ting a free obituary.)
sametim scoolsletout "It s ovios w hav a loyes b set hme.Marie's memory are sugcausing gridlock across the large commute coming," "I made a terrible error metro Atlanta region. said Public Safety Commis- in judgment earlier, late on "We did not make prepa- sioner Col. Mark W McDo- Monday afternoon and rations early enough," Deal nough. "This is the time for early Tuesday," he said at said at a news conference, us to get the roads com- the news conference. He apologizing to drivers who pletely cleared of those also acknowledged making were stranded and to par- vehicles." "inaccurate and regretful"
sleep at their school or on made as to whether state response at an earlier press nue
school buses. government would be conference.
"I'm not going to look for closed for a third day on Earlier, Deal blamed feda scapegoat I am the gover- riday Atlanta Public eral forecasters, saying he a b o u t h e a rin g a id s?
nor The buck stops with Schools announced the dis- was led to believe it wouldme," he said. trict would be closed the n't be so bad.
Meanwhile, police and rest of the week However, the National eftu 11#0 fToA bv ig iooi
the National Guard helped Deal said his agencies Weather Service explicitlyYu reIiv t dT A S ec a Ev t
people retrieve their aban- would undergo internal cautioned on Monday thatohae yuaianwrd
doned cars two days after and external reviews and snow-covered roads "will Tohv all yorhearing adquestionsanwrd
the winter storm hit the make new plans, warning make travel difficult or im-hern Deep South. the public may be inconve- possible." The agency is- We'll clear up all the confusion about haigaids.
The cleanup could take nienced the next time se- sued a winter storm all day At the peak of the vere weather is in the warning for metro Atlanta If you or a loved one have experienced symptoms of
storm, thousands of cars lit- forecast early Tuesday and cautered the interstates in "We will be much more tioned against driving.hernlostend 'tm stispotuty
Georgia and in Alabama. cautious and much more Overall, the Georgia
Some people ran out of gas, aggressive in terms of tak- State Patrol responded to some were involved in ac- ing action," Deal said. 'And some 1,500 car crashes cidents and others simply there will be some situa- since the storm, with 184 in- 0 0 0 T XT 7


Awwcloickoflthe corns
Mon ey& Markets gets you more at Awwcloickeofltheco we Upbeat news helps
1,880 .................S&P 500 16,560!! Dow Jones industrials
182 ~ Close: 1794.19 161120;4 4 Close: 15,848.61
Chne9.99(1.1) Change: 109.82 (0.7%
1,760 ...10 DAYS .....15,680...10 DAYS

16,000 ,Associated Press
1,0 ......... ... ................... ....... 15,500 ....... N EW Y O R K It w as a
1160 ... ...15,000........... ...... stock market turnaround.
Stocks rose sharply
1,600.: ... .......... 14,500 A... .... 0..... N..... 6D.. .. Thursday with large parts
of the market erasing
StocksRecap HIGH LOW CLOSE CHG. %CHG. YTD losses from the previous
DOW 15907.53 15733.27 15848.61 +1 09.82 +0.70% -4.39% day as investors cheered a
NYSE NASD DOW Trans. 7326.90 7207.20 7302.00 +111.39 +1.55% -1.33% batch of strong earnings
DOW Util. 502.71 496.08 502.40 +7.75 +1.57% +2.41% and data that showed the
Vol. (in mil.) 3,465 2,053 NYSE Comp. 10071.23 9995.43 10048.68 +85.76 +0.86% -3.38% Pvs. Volume 3,832 2,121 NASDAQ 4135.84 4094.17 4123.13 +71.70 +1.77% -1.28% U.S. economy grew at a roAdvanced 2381 1953 S&P 500 1798.77 1777.17 1794.19 +1 9.99 +1.13% -2.93% bust annual rate in the
Declined 732 630 S&P 400 1321.37 1305.21 1318.92 +18.19 +1.40% -1.76% fourth quarter
New Highs 74 81 Wilshire 5000 19270.92 18981.64 19218.22 +236.58 +1.25% -2.48% Investors also got a welNew Lows 47 20 Russell 2000 1144.54 1130.35 1139.36 +16.91 +1.51% -2.09% coersief mth rcent turmoil in overseas
Stocks of Local Interest markets, particularly in Associated Press
52-WK RANGE *CLOSE YTD lYR Turkey and Argentina. Specialist Jorge Fernandez, left, and trader Patrick Casey
NAME TICKER LO HI CLOSE CHG %CHG WK MO QTR %CHG %RTN P/E DIV The Standard & Poor's work Thursday on the floor of the New York Stock
AK Steel Hold AKS 2.76 0b 8.47 7.01 +.12 +1.7 A V V -14.5 +71.0 dd 500 index rose 19.99 points, Exchange.
AT&T Inc T 32.01 -0--- 39.00 33.35 +.04 +0.1 V V V -5.1 +1.3 10 1.84f or 1.1 percent, to 1,794.19,
Ametek Inc AME 39.46 0~- 62.05 50.06 +32 +0.6 A V V -5.0 +21.0 24 0.24 with all ten sectors of the technology player also quarter profits, beating
Anheuser-Busch lnBev BUD 83.94 0~- 106.83 98.59 -.13 -0.1 V V V -9.3 +6.5 3.03e index closing higher That boosted the market. Face- expectations.
Bank of America BAG 10.98 0 17.42 18.93 +.25 +1.5 A A A +8.7 +45.4 17 0.04 more than made up the book jumped $7.55, or 14 Alexion PharmaceutiCapital City Bank CCBG 10.12 0 13.08 12.95 +.20 +1.6 A A A +10.0 +6.9 37 18.29 points the index lost percent, to $61.08. The so- cals was the biggest adCenturyL-ink Inc CTL 28.31 0 42.01 29.18 +.57 +2.0 V V -8.4 -24.5 dd 2.16 on Wednesday cial media company re- vancer in the S&P 500,
Citigroup C 40.28 0~- 55.28 48.30 +.23 +0.5 V V V -7.3 +14.1 11 0.04 .The Nasdaq composite ported results late rising $28.27, or 21 percent,
Commnwlth REIT CWH 15.78 0b 26.38 24.03 +.44 +1.9 A A A +3.1 +44.9 26 1.00 jumped 71.69 points, or 1.8 Wednesday that exceeded to $162 after the company
Disey IS 53.1 - 6.8 7322+1.9 2.6A 77 4.2+337 1 086 percent to 4,123.13 and the the expectations of finan- also beat analysts' expecDukesney DUK 6341 --- 75.4 89.89 +.9 +1.3 A A V +1.3 +63.0 2103.12f Dow Jones industrial aver- cial analysts. Facebook's tations and gave a strong
De Proertie EPR 4.36 754618 50.88 -.0 1.3 A A A +13 +4.7 20 3.12 age rose 109.82 points, or adjusted profit was 31 2014 outlook. Alexion is a
EPR roprtis ER 4.36 0 6.18 50.6 -.2 V A A +3. +1.7 0 342f0.7 percent, to 15,848.61. cents per share, four cents specialized drug maker foExxon Mobil Corp XOM 84.79 0~- 101.74 93.99 -1.12 -1.2 V V V -7.1 +6.3 10 2.52 Ivsos wloe etrta oeat ue n rr eei
Ford Motor F 12.10 --0- 18.02 15.25 -.01 -0.1 V V V -1.2 +19.4 12 0.5f news that U.S. economy It wasn't all good news diseases.
GenEletri GE 2111 2809 5.5 +21 0.8A V V -.0+159 1 0.8fgrew at a 3.2 percent an- out of the technology sec- The company helped lift
HCA Holdings Inc HCA 34.90 --- 51.76 49.49 +.19 +0.4 A A A +3.7 +34.5 16 nual rate in the final three tor sank in the stocks of other drugHome Depot HD 63.82 0~ 82.57 78.93 +.25 +0.3 V V V -6.6 +16.4 21 1.56 months of 2013, a positive after-hours trading after makers. Dow members
Intel Corp INTO 20.10 0 27.12 24.74 +.06 +0.2 V V V -4.7 +20.2 13 0.90 sign for the economy in releasing results that fell Merck and Pfizer each
IBM IBM 172.57 215.90 177.38 +.96 +0.5 V V V -5.4 -11.7 12 3.-80 2014. Consumer spending, short of what investors rose more than 2 percent.
LIKQ Corporation LKQ 20.09 34.32 27.32 +.80 +3.0 A V V -17.0 +14.0 28 a major driver of the U.S. were expecting. The stock Specialized drugmakers
Lowes Cos LOW 35.86 0~ 52.08 48.50 +.53 +1.2 V V V -6.2 +22.1 22 0.72 economy picked up in the of the online retailing pio- Gilead Sciences and BioMcDonalds Corp MCD 92.87 0- 103.70 93.80 +.65 +0.7 V V V -3.3 +1.4 17 3.24 quarter neer fell $13 or 3.2 percent, gen were up 2 percent and
Microsoft Corp MSFT 27.10 38.98 38.88 +.20 +0.5 A V V -1.5 +34.3 14 1.12 "It was a good, balanced to $403.01 about 90 minutes 4 percent, respectively
Motorola Solutions MSI 53.28 67.69 84.91 +.93 +1.5 A V V -3.8 +10.5 16 1.24 GDP report," said Sean after the market close. Even with Thursday's
NextEra Energy NEE 71.42 0 90.00 90.98 +2.19 +2.5 A A A +6.2 +25.9 21 2.64 Lynch, global investment In other earnings news, gains, it's been a difficult
Penney JC Co Inc JOP 6.24 0 23.10 5.77 -.52 -8.3 V V V -36.9 -70.1 dd strategist with Wells Fargo Visa rose $3.76, or 2 per- month for investors. The
Piedmont OfficeRFT PDM 14.62 -0-- 21.09 18.74 +.22 +1.3 A A A +1.3 -11.9 30 0.80 Private Bank, which man- cent, to $220.88 after the Dow is down 4.4 percent in
Regions Fncl REF 7.42 --- 11.08 10.43 +.12 +1.2 V A A +5.5 +35.0 13 0.12 ages $170 billion in assets. company reported a January, the worst start to
Sears Holdings Corp SHLD 34.21 67.50 38.50 +.14 +0.4 V V V -25.6 -23.3 dd .. Good news from a big 9 percent rise in first- a year since 2009.
Smucker, JIM SJM 88.21 -0-- 114.72 97.88 +.75 +0.8 V V V -5.6 +12.0 18 2.32
Texas lnstru TXN 32.19 --- 44.82 42.89 +.29 +0.7 A V V -2.8 +33.3 24 1.20 BusineSS B R I E FS____ B~sies
Time Warner TWX 49.50 -0- 70.77 83.40 +1.08 +1.7 A V V -9.1 +26.8 16 1.15 B I F
UniFirst Corp UNEF 79.96 113.06 107.88 +1.24 +1.2 V A A +0.6 +29.6 18 0.15
Verizon Comm VZ 42.46 -~- 54.31 47.83 -.06 -0.1 V V -3.1 +14.4 12 2.12 Google poised to execute another eight daily round trips that it currently
Vodlafone Group VOID 24.42 39.44 37.23 -.08 -0.2 V V V -5.3 +42.4 1.61e lo gd ly dso ks lt leases from American. JetBlue began operatWalMart Stirs WMT 68.13 0~- 81.37 74.75 +.65 +0.9 A V V -5.0 +8.7 14 1.88inatR gnin21adrus8dil
Walgreen Co WAG 39.58 0b 62.24 57.28 +.76 +1.3 A A V -0.3 +44.0 20 1.26 SAN FRANCISCO Google is finally departures.
Dividend Footnotes: a Extra dividends were paid, but are not included. b Annual rate plus stock. c Liquidating dividend. e Amount declared or paid in last ready to split its stock for the first time, more Both JetBlue and Southwest said that their 12 months f-Current annual rate, which was increased by most recent dividend announcement. j Sum of dividends paid after stock split, no regular rate. j t than three years after co-founders Larry Page winning bids need final approval from the U.S. Sum of dividends paid this year. Most recent dividend was omitted or defeared. k Declared or paid this year, a cumulative issue with dividends in arrears. m Current annual rate, which was decreased by most recent dividend announcement. p Initial dividend, annual rate not known, yield not shown. r Declared or and Sergey Brin began discussing a move en- Justice Department. Financial terms were not pai d in preceding 12 months plus stock dividend. t Paid in stock, approximate cash value on ex-distribution date.
PE FoFootnotes: toc is clStock d fnis na /closed-end. c -fundeceed no dc!-ELratiolas shown.s. cceee- tPenurexceedsman 99.onrdd f-dsLossd.Tin lasts a12
the Internet's most powerful company. nounce later which routes they'll serve with
Interestrates NET lYR ,Stocks The split is scheduled to occur April 2. It had the new rights.
TREASURIES VEST PVS CHG AGO Stronger-than-expected profit been delayed because of staunch resistance A spokesman for American declined to
month T-bill .01 0.04 -0.03 .06 reports helped stocks rebound from other Google Inc. shareholders, who comment, saying only that American was talk6-month T-bill .05 0.06 -0.01 .10 Thursday and the Standard & fae h aevrwudufil eei n osvrlcrir bu h egnsos
52wk T-bill .09 0.09 .3 Poor's 500 index jumped to its fae h aevrwudufil eei n osvrlcrir bu h egnsos
biggest gain in six weeks. The Page and Brin at the expense of just about Enough slots for five daily round trips reE m2-year T-note .34 0.32 +0.02 .27 index more than recovered its everyone else. main to be awarded. A spokeswoman for VirThe yield on the 5-year T-note 1.51 1.50 +0.01 .88 sharp loss from the prior day, Gogeppsdthunrooxpltotat inA rcwihwnsmemrcn
10O-year Treasury 1 0-year T-note 2.69 2.68 +0.01 1.99 and it trimmed its loss for the Pa ge nprioulsd prere prtooe sis th tgi Aieri who sltatNw o e LAmuaricanArpr
rose to 2.69 30-year T-bond 3.63 3.62 +0.01 3.18 year to date. Pg n rncudpeev oe nte Arie lt tNwYr' auri ipr
percent company they started in a rented garage more last month, said the airline was interested in
Thursday. Yields Under Armour UA than 15 years ago. It addresses concerns that Reagan too.
afetrae nNET lYR Close: $104.76A19.54 or 22.9% the founders would lose control of Google as JetBlue shares jumped 49 cents, or 5.8 permortgages and BONDS VEST PVS CHG AGO Thanks to strong sales of running the company creates more shares to compen- cent, to close at $8.99; they were also helped
other consumer shoes and winter products, the athloans. Barclays LongT-Bdldx 3.44 3.42 +0.02 2.79 letic gear maker's fourth-quarter net sate its employees and buy startups. when Deutsche Bank upgraded them to "buy'
Bond Buyer Muni Idx 4.91 4.89 +0.02 4.00 income rose 28 percent. To gain clearance for the split, Google settled from "hold," citing an improving outlook for
Barclays USAggregate 2.32 2.36 -0.04 1.91 $120 a shareholders lawsuit and agreed to pay up to earnings. Southwest shares gained 61 cents,
PRIME FED Barclays US High Yield 5.63 5.60 +0.03 5.69 100$75blinithspidon'paoutewy or3ecntolset$2..
RATE FUNDS odsAACr d 4.344 -00 3.1 8$75blinithspidos'paouthwa or3prettocoea$22.
VEST 3.25 .13 ModsA~rlx 44 .8-.539 0the Mountain View, Calif., company envisions. The federal government limits takeoff and
8 MO AGO 3.25 113 Barclays CompT-Bdldx 1.72 1.72 ..1.13 60 N D Google's split will create a new class of "C" landing slots at Reagan and New York-area
1 YR AGO 3.25 .13 Barclays US Corp 3.09 3.14 -0.05 2.82 $4.152-week range $0.5 stock that carries no voting power. One share airports because they are overcrowded.
Comoites FEL COS PS %HG% 4 o.391 m 8.x1v.) PE7.6 of C stock will be distributed for each share of Toyota tells dealers
Crude Oil (bbl) 98.23 97.36 +0.89 -0.2 M kt. Cap: $8.97 b Yield: ... voigClsAstcoweasfMrh27
Natural gas Ethanol (gal) 1.89 1.83 -1.1 Initially, the value of the current stock will be to stop selling six models
plunged a day Heating Oil (gal) 3.22 3.18 +1.111 +4.5 BlcsoeGopB iie qal ewe h w ye fDETROIT Toyota has told North Ameniafter hitting its Natural Gas (mm btu) 5.14 5.56 -5.88 +21.5 Close: $32.23 A1.30 or 4.2% shares. But they will then trade separately with can dealers to stop selling six popular models highest settle- Unleaded Gas (gal) 2.66 2.66 +0.06 -4.4 The private equity firm said that its ment price since fourth-quarter prof it jumped as the different ticker symbols. Class C shares will with heated seats because the fabric doesn't
2010 it' only METALS CLOSE PVS. %CHG %YTD market for initial public offerings im- get the company's existing "GOOG" ticker compl wI U.S saet codes -Apoetal

"To know that one has a secret is to know
Page AlI0O FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 2014 half the secret itself "

OPINIONHenry Ward Beecher, 1887



CITRUECOUTYRCHRONICLE The paradox of secrecy

1 Gerry Mulligan........................... publisher somethingg happened to sessed (among them Ho Chi context -by this issue, torn by
Mike Arnold .................................. editor -~Barack Obama on the way Minh, then an unknown what he thinks is right and by
Charlie Brennan.................. managing editor S to the White House. He nationalist seeking freedom what he thinks about when he
Cur Ebtz.............itienmemer became the president. from France for colonial confronts the threats the counCut biz ..................... ctze mmbr Now that may seem like a Indochina). try faces by groups hostile to
Mac Harris........................ citizen member tautology, or a wise guy's aside. The actual language is illu- American interests and the
Rebecca Martin.................. citizen member But the remark is meant seri- minating: "Open covenants of American way of life.
Founded Brad Bautista ...........................copy chief ously Presidents peace, openly ar- In his secrecy speech, he deby Albert M.
Williamson Logan Mosby ................... features editor look at the world dif- rived at, after which plored East Germany's "vast,
ferently than sena- there shall be no pri- unchecked surveillance" and
"You may differ with my choice, but not my tight to choose." tors do. They look at vate international referred to U.S. government
David S. Arthurs publisher emeritus the world differently understandings of spying on civil-rights leaders
from any other soul any kind but diplo- and anti-war protesters as
on Earth. macy shall proceed "abuse of surveillance." He
NOD AND W INK All of which ex- always frankly and even cribbed a line from John F
plains the president's in the public view" Kennedy's Inaugural Address,
resolute belief in se- 1116-It's important to saying that "(i)n the long, twicrecy and the clan- remember that Wil- light struggle against commudestine arts, despite David Shribman son's Fourteen nism, we had been reminded his views as a sena- OTHER Points were in part a that the very liberties that we
tor, despite the disbe- VOICES capitalist counter- sought to preserve could not be
P r sdlief and disapproval _________point to the Russian sacrificed at the altar of nat ardent supporters. He believes had occurred only two months That is the crux of the tension.
in openness in the regulatory earlier and was accompanied The beginning of understandprocess and in much of the day- by the publication of secret ing the president's view is to to-day business of government, treaties and this statement by consider how he begins his day: b i l treSincluding the online publica- Leon Trotsky: with a security briefing that

He has released the George W sary tool for a propertied mi- "I was shocked by what I

m S ICBush administration memoran- nority which is compelled to heard in my briefings," Bush dums on torture policies, deceive the majority in order to administration attorney genBut a lot of the things that subject it to its interests. Impe- eral Michael B. Mukasey said pecially in the national-security conquest and its robber al- other day "You find out on a MC -S sphere, aren't quite so obvious liances and deals, developed comprehensive basis the
on the side of the Oval Office the system of secret diplomacy threats out there. When you see desk where the drawers are. to the highest level." what's been stopped, you realAll of this underlines two Among the documents the ize what would have happened of the modern presidency were the secret protocols of the -and you realize who would tate lawmakers Sen. which elected. The first is the struggle, dat- 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement, be blamed. There are people in
c k avl n e. Snc omsinr r ing to Woodrow Wilson, over the which proposed to divide much the world who, if they had 'toJac Lavaa ad Rp. Sine ommssines ae irtue or menace of secrecy. of the Middle East into British do' lists on their refrigerators,
S Ray Rodrigues recently elected at-large by county- The second is the inclination -and French spheres of influ- the list would consist of one filed identical bills in their wide vote, some contend that and here Obama and Richard ence, with Tsarist Russia to get entry: 'get the United States."' respective chambers for the the residency requirement is Nixon are the reigning champi- much of present-day Turkey. That clearly has affected the upcoming legislative session archaic and should be elimi- ons, though they are not alone This did not ennoble the cause president deeply which breathe new life into a nated. Nevertheless, Sen. -to feel this way: If you knew of the Triple Entente, but it sur- Obama's problem is that his decades-old discussion as to Latvala and Rep. Rodrigues what I knew, you would do what prised no one with even a pass- conviction that he has inforthe residency requirement believe voters want the I am doing. ing familiarity with the mation others don't -a fact
for county commissioners. county commissioner who First, the struggle of values. big-power realpolitik that pro- that is incontestable -makes
Although the represents them Woodrow Wilson won the duced it. for a president who seems reFlorida Constitu- to live in their world's hearts, and the revul- Thus secrecy has been a mat- mote and unaccountable. That
tion requires a THE ISSUE: district full time. sion of the world's diplomats, ter of white-hot controversy may be an inevitable characcounty commis- Residency The bill is a when, in the shorthand of 1918, throughout modern times. teristic of the modern presisioner be a resi- requirement needed step to he called for "open covenants Into this polarizing vortex we dency, but so, too, is distrust
dent of the for county uphold the openly arrived at" This notion now mix the "president knows and skepticism of the modern
was imbedded in the very first best" impulse, favored by some presidency district in which commissioners. statute from two ofWilson's Fourteen Points, the presidents (George W Bush) but
he orsh i mprtnt pe- utopian view of the post-World not employed by others
elected, residency OUR OPINION: spectives. First, War I world that was seized (Franklin Roosevelt, who also DavidM. Shribman is
is not defined, elected officials upon equally by idealists world- faced tremendous national- executive editor of the
Consequently, it's Define and closest to the peo- wide -and by the defeated security threats). Post-Gazette
not uncommon enforce statute or ple afford con- (Germany), the disillusioned Obama clearly is troubled -(,
across the state to rescind it. stituents the best (the Soviet rebels of the Russ- tortured, you might say, if that 412-263-1890). Follow him on
find some county representation. ian Revolution) and the dispos- were not a loaded word in this Twvitter at ShribmanPG.
commissioners who have two Second, it would end the domiciles. One that's a per- present nod and wink given manent residence outside the to it by some county commisdistrict to which elected, and sioners and elections one that's temporarily ac- officials.
quired merely to satisfy the In its present form, how- JS WTW EDFO 5 A
letter, but not the spirit, of the ever, the bill's absence of a-A P C91WAIVCTC)F
statute. penalty for those commis- DCVN ICM
With some county commis- sioners who disregard the N UAIYFO
sioners and elections officials residency requirement is a SMO EJS
giving the statutory require- significant shortfall. Lacking E PN (DI
ment a nod and a wink, the pro- an enforcement penalty, posed bill seeks to halt the prospects for the bill ending gamesmanship of "musical the "musical domiciles" are domiciles" by defining resi- doubtful.
dency as only one domicile at a Accordingly, state lawmaktime being maintained. ers are encouraged to pass a


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Can I help? Bright outlook for 2014

WR 44 kp held back by higher taxes I._t Economic growth figures encourage expet cnmcgot and federal spending cuts
1 1 1-Le t c n m c g o t
The U.S. economy grew at that kicked in early in 2013.
Associa ted Press economic growth in the percent annual rate last a 3.2 percent annual rate A budget deal Congress
final quarter of 2013. The quarter on the strength of in the fourth quarter, the approved earlier this WASHINGTON -Con- report lifted hopes that the the strongest consumer Department of Commerce month halted tens of bilsmers will spend more. economy will be able to spending in three years. said Wednesday. lions in additional spendV~f Government will cut less. withstand turmoil in "The economy showed 5 percent .................. ing cuts that were due to
Businesses will invest emerging economies, a real signs of momentum at 43.2% kick in this year With that
more. And more compa- pullback in the Fed's stim- the end of 2013," said drag diminished, many
nies will hire. ulus and mounting risks to Diane Swonk, chief econo- 3 .. .... ........ economists think growth
Add it all up, and you the U.S. stock market over mist at Mesirow Financial. 2 coul d top 3 percent in
can see why expectations the next 12 months. "We are better positioned 2014. That would be the
BRUCE BISPING/The Star Tribune are rising that 2014 will be Americans struggling for decent growth for 2014 best showing since the reAbby the black lab helps tebsyerfrheUS wihln-term unemploy- than we were a year ago." 0 cession ended in mid-09
owner Claire Ringwald economy since the reces- ment and stagnant pay Consumer spending _1 The strength in conclear the snow Thursday sion ended 4 1/2 years ago. might not get relief anytime surged in the October-De- I ................ Summer spending last quarat their home in That's why the Federal Re- soon. And areas such as cember quarter at an an- -21...... I .....r.......... i ......i ter was driven by
Minneapolis. serve is pressing ahead manufacturing, construc- nual rate of 3.3 percent 2010 2011 2012 2013 purchases of both durable
with a plan to scale back tion and home sales re- the best pace since 2010 SOURCE: Commerce Dept. AP goods -products such as
its economic stimulus. main far from full health. and a big jump from the 2 cars, computers and comCourt: Transgender The optimists got a boost Still, the outlook for the percent growth rate of the percent weaker than the munications equipment
stdn'snhs Thursday from a govern- economy as a whole bright- previous quarter 2.8 percent increase in 2012, and nondurable goods like
studet's rghts ment report that showed ened after the government For 2013 as a whole, the the Commerce Department clothing. Spending on
were violated consumers fueled solid said growth reached a 3.2 economy grew a tepid 1.9 said Thursday Growth was services also rose strongly
transgender fifth-grader 1
should have been allowed XWorid BRIEFS
to use the girls' bathroom, 1 1Eqh Lu1d
Maine's highest court ruled 1li
Thursday, concluding that Nin d a 'i~tin house fire~~ Rarrr!
school officials violated
state anti-discrimination
law. J
Nicole Maines' family andL
the Maine Human Rights
Commission sued in 200917
after school officials required him to use a staff,
not student, restroom.
The Maine Supreme Judicial Court concluded that
the Orono school district's
actions violated the Maine
Human Rights Act. Ascae rs
Schol aminitraorsAn eight-week-old lion across the country are cub shows its teeth
grappling with the issue. 1%Thursday at the private
Colorado officials said last Attica Zoological Park in
year that a suburban Col- Spata, Greece. The
orado Springs school dis- park's three lion cubs,
trict discriminated against a two males and a female,
6-year-old transgender boy have not yet been given
by preventing him from names.
using the girls' bathroom. -o
In the Maine case, Nicole
Maines was using the girls' Knox murder
bathroom in his elementarycov tinuhl
school until the grandfathercov tinuhl
of a fifth-grade boy com- on appeal
plained. The Orono school FLORENCE, Italy
district determined that he More than two years after
should use a staff bath- Amanda Knox returned
room, but his parents said Associated Press home to the U.S. a free
that was discrimination. Kentucky State Fire investigators work Thursday at the scene of early morning house fire in Depoy, Ky. Nine woman, an Italian court
Nicole's father said all he people were killed in the blaze. Two people were taken to a hospital for treatment, officials said. Eleven Thursday reinstated her had ever wanted was for his people lived in the home according to Greenville Assistant Fire Chief Roger Chandler. murder conviction in the
son to be treated just like stabbing of her roommate
his classmates. M a i ,,,,~J~~is rios~and increased her sentence
GOP debates M nand LI iIU4 I -year-old'daughte are oly~ suv1or oJfblze to 28 1/2 years in prison,
next move on Asoitdraising the specter of a
AsoitdPress Recke said the fact that all the cuers couldn't get into the house. long, drawn-out extradition
immigration victims were near each other A family member, Ricky Keith, fight.
CAMBRIDGE, Md. GREENVILLE, Ky. -Eight could be an indication that they who lives about a mile up a hill Knox, 26, received word
House Republicans wres- children and their mother were were trying to escape through a from the home, said the couple of the verdict in her hometled with the outlines of in- killed in an early morning house window, but investigators aren't struggled financially with Chad town of Seattle. The former migration legislation fire in western Kentucky on sure. Watson working construction and American exchange student
Thursday night, sharply di- Thursday, with only the injured Autopsies on the remains were handling a paper route while called it unjust and said she
vided over the contentious father and an 11-year-old girl es- started Thursday afternoon. Nikki Watson stayed home with was "frightened and
issue itself and the political caping, Kentucky State Police Recke said the father, 36-year- the children. saddened."
wisom f atin onit n a sid. old Chadr Watson ndr 11 -year-old] "T donn't know how they madep it "This has gote ouXo

0 NASCAR 0 College basketball/B2
announces 0 NBA, NHL/B3
big changes 0 Scoreboard/B4
Tto Chase Sports briefs/B4
format./B5 TV, lottery/B4
0 Auto racing/B5
0 High school sports/B6
S PO RTS 0 Super Bowl, golf/B36

Long time coming for Hurricanes

C u gr os l m sames in each of the three pre0 vious seasons, but had never
Citrls ir ho s cit i s i C managed to win a district title.

title in 20years with win over CR "We were always the bridesmaid, never the bride," Hamil- 4
C.J. R"SAK I called that timeout when ton said. "It's our first district A
Correspondent we were down 11-4, and after banner in 20 years."
that it was a different ball The Hurricanes, 23-3 for the LECANTO The first quar- game," Hamilton said. season, will now host a ITIRUS
ter wasn't even half over and The outcome, as far as Citrus See TIMEPage B4
Citrus girls basketball coach was concerned, was different Dave Hamilton could feel it too the 'Canes scored the last Shenelle Toxen of Citrus looks slipping away eight points of the opening for a teammate to pass to as
Crystal River, a team the Hur- quarter, then outpaced the Pi- Crystal River's Kiersten Croyle ricanes had beaten twice with rates 18-8 in the second, leading defends during the second half relative ease during the season, to a 68-50 victory in the District of Thursday night's District had just scored its sixth straight 5A-6 championship game 5A-6 championship game at point to take a seven-point lead. Thursday at Lecanto. Lecanto High School. Citrus
That's when Hamilton called It was a big win for Citrus, defeated the Pirates 68-50. timeout, which had won at least 20 MATT PFIFFNER/Chronicle

Alive and kickin


Defense lead

way for Gators

in 62-51 victory
.Associated Press

Prather scored 16 points, Patric
Young added 12 and No. 3
Florida beat Mississippi State
62-51 Thursday night for its 12th
straight win.
The Gators (18-2, 7-0 Southeastern Conference) had a slow
start on offense, but made up
for it with suffocating defense.
It was the 12th time this season
Florida held an opponent to 60
points or fewer
Florida's Michael Frazier II
had just nine points, but his
three 3-pointers helped the
Gators keep a comfortable lead
throughout most of the second
Mississippi State (13-7, 3-4)
lost for the first time at home
during conference play The
Bulldogs have lost four straight
to the Gators.
Colin Borchert scored 15 and
Craig Sword 12 for Mississippi
Both teams had a rough night
at the free throw line. Florida
was 8 of 19 (35.3 percent) and
Mississippi State 1 of 6 (42.1
Chris Walker, Florida's touted
6-foot-10 freshman forward, is
expected to make his college
debut on Tuesday against Missouri after being cleared by the
NCAA. His arrival will give the
aGators some much needed STEPHEN E. LASKO/For the Chronicle frontcourt depth. Citrus senior midfielder Josh Marsden keeps the ball from Land O'Lakes senior Tyler Sanders in a Class 3A regional quarterfinal match But Young was enough on
Thrsaynihtat Citrus High School in Inverness. The Hurricanes rallied behind two Marsden goals to take a 4-3 win over the Gators. Thursday. The powerful 6-footThurday ight9, 240-pound senior was a conCitrus scores tw i eI norals Thursday opportunity" Marsden said. "That was my sistent presence on both ends of
to After the Hurricanes gave up three only chance to win the game for my team." the court, providing timely basstraight goals after jumping out to a 2-0 "When we tied it up, I said, 'This is it, it's kets and post defense. kntock Off-ILand(0 ]Lke lead, Marsden sprung free of the Gators over,' because the momentum had swung," Prather went to the locker
JIdefense with 6:29 left in the game and head coach Steve Ekeli said. "This game room briefly in the first half
.1 r g# g"-12 1 frda shot past goalkeeper Kiran Sandi- here, for me personally as a coach, this with an apparent injury, but rereio alrd to tie the game. The largest crowd of was the best game that I've ever been a turned to shoot 7 of 8 from the
the season erupted in jubilation, only to part of." field. His baseline drive and
DAVID PIEKLIK continue the frenzy when Marsden found It was the first playoff win for the Hurr- dunk gave the Gators a 55-42
Correspondent himself alone on goal just over two min- canes (19-3-1) over the Gators; Land 0' lead with five minutes left that
utes later, sending a shot low left past San- Lakes won the only other meeting between helped put the game away. INVERNESS Josh Marsden took the diford for the eventual game winner the two teams 2-0 in the 2002 Class 2A Mississippi State had an 11-1
Citrus Hurricanes from the brink of a first- "WhenlIscored that first goal when we got regional semifinals. Citrus heads to the record at Humphrey Coliseum round exit to a thrilling 4-3 come-from- 3-3, and then I saw that one pass and I went regional semifinals Tuesday at home coming into Thursday's game behind win over Land O'Lakes, in the for it and hit it to the bottom corner, I just and was tough once again on its
Class 3A boys soccer regional quarterSi- knew at that time that was like the golden See E/VPage B4 home floor

'Canes pin district hopes on Belize-bomn grappler

Citrus senior Cabanas expected town in Belize borderingCht-cniud"Iyownoufe
mal City Quintana Roo, Mexico, By the numbers so good about yourself."
vi or1 5-o nd2 -5ttl s a seaside town popular as a Citrus' Tarique Cabanas Like most student-athletes in
to vi o 4 -o n A 5tteretirement destination. YEAR WGT w L .PCT PINS a new venue, he was roughed
Cabanas, 17, is the oldest of 2012-13 138 15 24 .385 11 up early TONY CASTRO behind a combined 92 wins in four children to Gloria Duran 201314 145 30 16 .652 11 "When I first started, I was
Correspondent 97 bouts (.948 percent). That dy- and his stepfather Robert Duran. TOAS 4 0.2 kinda scared," he recalled. "I
namic duo is responsible for 26 The family has resided in In- -Compiled by Tony Castro remember I got beat up a lot.
On paper, Saturday's District percent of CHS' total victories. verness for the past six years. When I got tired of getting beat
2A-5 wrestling tournament Wiesenauer (36-12) arrives at Cabanas was raised on the match of the season, he had the up, that's when I started fightcould serve as the final venue Springstead High as Citrus pitch, playing soccer from age 7 misfortune of landing awkwardly ing back. My partner has helped for five Citrus High seniors: County's leading home run hit- to sixth grade. and snapping his right wrist by pushing me in the practice."
Casey Bearden at 170, Brandon ter with 28 falls while Renaud During sixth grade, "I just On why he continued life on In his inaugural season on Taylor at 160, Austin Renaud at (19-13) has been solid all season wanted to try something else," the mats, "I like the hard work the mats, Cabanas captured 182, Bradley Wiesenauer at 195 with 10 pins, he recalled. ethic," Cabanas said. "I like the nearly 39 percent of his
and Tarique Cabanas at 145. But Cabanas might be the After matriculating to Citrus 1-on-i aspect There's no one you matches at 138 pounds
Taylor and Bearden the most compelling story. High School, he tried out for can blame if you lose. And I (15-of-39), featuring 11 pins.
two most credentialed grap- The 5-foot-li, 145-pounder wrestling, but was ruled aca- enjoy the physicality ofthe sport In last winter's District 2A-7 plers --have served as the Hur- was born in Corozal, Belize. demically ineligible. "There's nothing better than
ricanes' hammers all season Corozal, the northernmost As a sophomore in his first winning on the mats," Cabanas See CAAA/Page B4




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us10 10 12 10FUNTR A C
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Resevaton uggeted RE];t~ ol 911 2 1 10 Must present coupon at time of check-in. Expires January 31, 2014.
12 11 10 11 8 ____352"'795"'5797 7 8 9 9 8 \JJ t\Crystal River
www.PluntationOnCrystuIRiver..@. Ou r.~ 12 1 1 9 8 1 1
Plantutionon Crystal River, 9301 W. Fort Island Troll, Crystal River 13 1 3 112 12 14 327571


E sape act Bearcats edge

Williams its Louisvilie 69-66
Associated Press (17-4,6-2).
No. 3 Duke Jackson and Shaquille
LOUISVILLE, Ky. Thomas each added 11
women past Sean Kilpatrick scored 28 points for the Bearcats,
points, including six free who shot 49 percent (23 of
M iami 76-75 throws down the stretch 47).
5 that helped No. 13 Cincin- No. 10 Michigan
nati rally for a 69-66 vicAssociated Press tory over No. 12 75, Purdue 66
Louisville on Thursday ANN ARBOR, Mich.
CORAL GABLES night Cars LeVert had 14 points
Elizabeth Williams con- Unfazed despite blow- and a career-high 11 reverted one of two free ing a 17-point lead in the bounds for his first career
throws with 1.7 seconds to second half, the first- double-double, and No. 10
lift No. 3 Duke to a 76-75 place Bearcats (20-2, 9-0 Michigan beat Purdue 75-66,
victory over upset-minded American Athletic Con- extending its winning streak
Miami on Thursday night. ference) regrouped to to 10.
Tricia Liston scored 29 hold the Cardinals to just Nik Stauskas scored 16
points for the Blue Devils two points over the final 5 points and Derrick Walton
(21-1, 8-0 Atlantic Coast minutes to win the con- a d Drrick WaTon
Conference). Williams and ference showdown with a added 14 for the Big Ten
Alexis Jones added 18 big hand from Kilpatrick ders. The Wolverines
points apiece and Duke Down 64-61, Kilpatrick (16-4, 8-0) shot 61 percent
won its ninth straight made two from the line from the field against a PurSuriya McGuire scored before Justin Jackson's due team that had held its
23 points and Adrienne tip-in gave Cincinnati the previous five opponents
Motley finished with 15 for lead for good with 1:41 under42.
the Hurricanes (11-10, 3-5). left. After Russ Smith's The Boilermakers (13-8,
No. 2 Notre Dame missed layup and Mon- 3-5)were led byA.J. Ham74, Va. Tech 48 trezl Harrell's turnover, mons, who had 16 points
SKilpatrick closed with and eight rebounds.
SOUTH BEND, Ind. four more free throws in Michigan was coming off
Kayla McBride scored 18 the final 9 seconds to cap three straight wins over toppoints and Notre Dame (20-0, the Bearcats' 13th straight 10 teams, and there was no
7-0) held Virginia Tech to 27 win that put them 2 1/2 letdown at home against
percent shooting in a 74-48 games ahead of Louisville Purdue.
victory, the Fighting Irish's 22nd
straight home win.
Vanessa Panousis led the
Hokies (10-10, 0-7) with 12 Suns 102, Knicks 117,
points. Pacers 94 Cavaliers 86
Syracuse 78 Associated Press INDIANAPOLIS Goran NEW YORK Carmelo
No. 6 UNC 7 Miami guard Suriya McGuire goes to the basket Thursday as Duke forward Amber Dragic had 28 points and Anthony and rookie Tim
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. Bri- Henson (30) and forward Elizabeth Williams (1) defend in Coral Gables. seven assists and the Phoenix Hardaway Jr. each scored 29
anna Butler scored 22 points to son-high 20 points for the Terps with 7 assists for LSU (17-4, defense to smother Santa Clara Suns handed the Indiana Pac- points, J.R. Smith embarhelp Syracuse erase an ers just their second home rassed a couple of defenders
18-point deficit and beat No. 6 (16-4, 4-3). 6-2). 89-37. loss of the season with a 102- on his way to 19, and the
North Carolina 78-73. No. 10 Tennessee Katia May led the Bulldogs The Bulldogs (19-3, 9-1) won 94 victory Thursday night. New York Knicks beat the
Britney Sykes had 17 points 70, Arkansas 60 he nt aight me an Gerald Green and Marcus Cleveland Cavaliers 117-86
for the Orange (16-5, 5-3 At- KMissouri59 points in mor to 0 Morris scored 16 points for their fourth straight victory.
antic Coast Conference), wh KNOX(VILLE, Tenn. Misui5, hv-o-alwdmr hn5
tic Coast 18nmnes Cierra Burdick and Meighan No. 16 Vanderbilt 54 improving to 11-0 at apiece to help the Suns win The Knicks led nearly all
trailed 50-32 with 18 minutes McCarthey Athletic Center. their fourth straight game. the way and wrapped up a
remaining. Simmons each scored 16 COLUMBIA, Mo. Bri Santa Clark (7-14, 3-7) is the Roy Hibbert had 26 points 10-6 January after going just
Diamond DeShields scored points as No. 10 Tennessee Kulas scored 15 points and fourth team the Zags have held and David West added 18 for 9-21 through the end of 21 points to lead the Tar Heels (17-4, 6-2 SEC) shot 62.2 per- Missouri held off a rally from to less than 40 points, the Pacers (35-10). December. (17-4, 5-2). cent from the floor to beat No. 16 Vanderbilt for a 59-54 Keani Albanez had 13 points, The Suns scored 66 points Kyrie Irving scored 24
Arkansas 70-60 for its third victory. Jazmine Redmon 12 and in the first half- the most points for the Cavs on a day
No. 7 S. Carolina consecutive victory. Kayla McDowell added 13 Haiden Palmer 10 as all 12 given up by the Pacers in a in which his long-term com99, Mississippi 70 Jessica Jackson scored 16 points and Morgan Stock had players scored. half this season since the mitment to Cleveland was
points for Arkansas (15-6, 2-6 1 o isui(47 E)
COLUMBIA, S.C. Fresh- SEC). 11 for Missouri (14-7, 35 SEC). No player reached double Suns scored 62 on Indiana a again questioned.
man Alaina Coates tied her Christina Foggie led Vander- figures for the Broncos. week ago in a 124-100 win. -From wire reports
career high with 24 points and No. 12 Penn St. 759 bilt (16-5, 5-3) with 10 points. added 12 rebounds as the No. 19 Purdue 72 No. 17 Texas A&M
front line for No. 7 South Car- WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. 71, Auburn 54 olina (19-2, 7-1) wore down Maggie Lucas had 23 points
Mississippi (10-12, 1-7) in a and Ariel Edwards added 21 AUBURN, Ala. Courtney 99-70 victory, as No. 12 Penn State (164, Williams scored 17 points,
Valencia McFarland led Ole 7-1 Big Ten) avenged its lone Karla Gilbert had 16 and Tori C itrus S p rin g s
Miss with 24 points. Big Ten loss by beating No. 19 Scott 15 to lead No. 17 Texas i.-ut rin
No. 18 N.C. St. 729 Purdue 75-72. A&M to a 71-54 win over
KK Houser had 27 points for Auburn. COUNTRY CLUB
No. 8 Maryland 63 the Boilermakers (15-6, 54). The Aggies (17-5, 7-1
RALEIGH, N.C. Myisha Southeastern Conference) reGoodwin-Coleman scored all No. 14 LSU 65, bounded from a 76-55 loss to
16 of her points after halftime, Mississippi St. 56 No. 10 Tennessee. including the go-ahead BATON ROUGE, La. Tyrese Tanner led Auburn
3-pointer with 3:51 left, to help Shanece McKinney didn't (11-10, 2-6) with 15 points. Co m e and play the
No. 18 North Carolina State miss a shot en route to a ca- No. 22 Gonzaga 89, beat No. 8 Maryland 72-63. reer-high 19 points to lead Santa Clara 37
Markeisha Gatling added 15 No. 14 LSU to a 65-56 win areas Best G greens
points for the Wolfpack (19-3, over Mississippi State. SPOKANE, Wash. Shelby as 6-2 Atlantic Coast Conference). Raigyne Moncrief added 17 Cheslek led a balanced attack f ou
Lexie Brown scored a sea- points and Jeanne Kenney 13 and No. 22 Gonzaga used its or our
Internet Prices:
Power outage in Ottawa 18 holes before 1 pm
Senators top sl 360 tax ..

AoiahtediPge-3 18 holes after I pm
Asocatd ress27,00
OTTAWA, Ontario --+tax
Marc Methot, Erik Karlsson, Zack Smith, Kyle Thr-Saud y& un ySp c l
ris and Bobby Ryan scored
as the Ottawa Senators "1 oe o
jumped out to a four-goal
Bay Lightning 5-3 on ....
Thursday night. 2 900+ tax
Craig Anderson stopped *I rcsicuecr n re es
35 shots for Ottawa. b*l rcsicuecr n re es
Alex Killorn, Tyler John- Mention code CCR & receive extra *
son and Victor Hedman $2.00 OFF already low price.
scored for the Lightning, Associated Press
who have lost two straight. Ottawa's Kyle Turnis scores past Tampa Bay goaltender Anders Lindback faced 27 Anders Lindback during the second period Thursday in U U UU U9
shots after replacing Ben Ottawa, Ontario.
Blue Jackets 5, Boston's recent scoring binge hind 2-0 in the first.
2 with a 4-1 win over the Bruins. Nick Bjugstad and Sean *- --;
Capitals 2The Canadiens won their Bergenheim scored in the first
COLUMBUS, Ohio- Ryan second game in three nights for Florida and Dmitry Kulikov
Johansen scored twice and after losing four in a row and had a third-period goal. Citrus Springs
Derek MacKenzie, Brandon snapped a four-game winning Devils 3, tof IC/
Dubinsky and Cam Atkinson streak by the Bruins, who had ,t&t,
also had goals to lead the 21 goals in that stretch. Stars 2, OT
Columbus Blue Jackets to a Maple Leafs 6, DALLAS Patrik Elias
5-2 victory over the Wash ing-scrdapw-lygol4
ton Capitals, ending a three- Panthers 3 scored ant poerplay go 40e...
game losing skid. TORONTZO- Nazem K adri the, New Jersey Devils a3-2 Iin
Joel Ward had a short- had three assists, including victory over the Dallas Stars. handed goal and Eric Fehr his 100th career point, and the The Stars had tied the score also scored for the Capitals. Toronto Maple Leafs beat the on Tyler Seguin's goal with 52
Canadiens 4, Florida Panthers 6-3 for their seconds remaining in regulaBruis fifth consecutive home victory tion play.
Bruins I ~James van Riemsdyk set a Dainius Zubrus scored in the "et'.l,' ... 1'
BOSTON Peter Budaj career high with his 22nd goal first period and Travis Zajac /c siiii
stopped 34 shots and the for Toronto, which scored five added a goal in the second to U y B aver k Beverly H-ills
Montreal Canadiens ended straight goals after falling be- give New Jersey a 2-0 lead.


NBA standings R c e each Gold Glove atI hrt
EASTERN CONFERENCE--/-_O_-_ -'I/' Blazers, Rockets each get Gold Glove at shortstop.
Atlantic Division -iorit LO TTERY 2 NBA All-Star reserves In 12 seasons as a Rangers infielder
W L Pct GB and designated hitter, Young batted .301
Toronto 24 21 .533 NEW YORK The Portland Trail with 415 doubles and 55 triples in 1,823
Brooklyn 20 23 .465 3 iHere are the winning numbers selected Blazers and Houston Rockets each had games and 7,399 at-bats, all franchise
New York 19 27 .413 5 ~
Philadelphia 15 31 .326 g Thursday in the Florida Lottery. two players picked as reserves for the records. He also had 177 home runs and
Boston 15 33 .313 101/ NBAAII-Star game, while the Indiana 984 RBI.
Southeast Division CASH 3 (early) Pacers had to settle for just Roy Hibbert Young was traded to Philadelphia durw L Pct GB 2-3-0
Miami 32 L Pct G despite the league's best record. ing the 2012 season, and split last year
Atlanta 23 21 .523 81/ CASH 3 (late) LaMarcusAldridge and Damian Lillard with the Phillies and Dodgers. He hit.279
Washington 22 23 .489 10 6 0 made it from the Trail Blazers, who have with eight homers, 26 doubles and 45
Charlotte 20 27 .426 13 been among the Western Conference R H
Orlando 12 35 .255 21 PLAY 4 (early) BaIs. He is a ree agent.
Central Division leaders all season.
W L Pct GBDwight Howard, who was passed late RBIs.
Indiana 35 10 .778 PLAY 4 (late) in fan voting for a starting spot, was choChicago 23 22 .511 12 A 7-6-0-8 sen Thursday along with Houston team- Healthy Seahawks
Detroit 18 27 .400 17
Cleveland 16 30 .348 191/2 mate James Harden. conclude second practice
Milwaukee 8 37 .178 27 FANTASY 5 Old reliables Chris Paul, Tony Parker R ai
WESTERN CONFERENCE 11 14 20 24 29 and Dirk Nowitzki round out the West re- EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. MarSouthwest Division shawn Lynch returned to being a full parW L Pct GB serves for the Feb. 16 game in New
San Antonio 33 13 .717 Wednesday's winningnumbers andpayouts: Orleans. ticipant in practice on Thursday as the
Houston 31 17 .646 3 Seattle Seahawks had their second
Dallas 26 21 .553 71/2 Powerbalh: 11 23 28 32 47 Lotto: 6 13 20 27 29 51 The rest of the East reserves are:ee
Memphis 24 20 .545 8 Powerball: 20 6-of-6 No winner Miami's Chris Bosh, Washington's John workout of Super Bowl week.
New Orleans 19 26 .422 131/ 5-of-5 PB No winner 5-of-6 28 $3,553.00 Wall, Toronto's DeMar DeRozan, Brook- Lynch was given Wednesday off as
Northwest Division No Florida winner 4-of-6 1,339 $63.50 lyn's Joe Johnson, Chicago's Joakim has been his typical regimen for most of
W L Pct GB tesao.H a ulpriiato
Oklahoma City 37 10 787 5-of-5 5 winners $1,000,000 3-of-6 25,425 $5.00 Noah and Atlanta's Paul Millsap. the season. He was a full participant on
Portland 33 13 .717 31/ 1 Florida winner INF Michael Young to Thursday as the Seahawks were as
Minnesota 23 22 .511 13 Fantasy 5: 6-8- 12-24-29 healthy as they have been all season just
Denver 22 22 .500 131/ 5-of-5 3 winners $74,198.08 Players should verify retire as a Texas Ranger a few days before facing Denver.
Utah 16 29 .356 20
Pacific Division 4-of-5 404 $88.50 winning numbers by ARLINGTON, Texas Infielder Percy Harvin, Doug Baldwin and BranW L Pct GB 3-of-5 11,463 $8.50 calling 850-487-7777 Michael Young is retiring after a 13-year don Mebane were all full participants as
L.A. Clippers 33 15 .688 or at major league career, nearly all of it with well.
Phoenix 28 18 .609 t
Golden State 27 19 .587 5 the Texas Rangers. Seattle took the field around 4:30 p.m.
L.A. Lakers 16 30 .348 16 O the The Rangers have scheduled an after- and went for 90 minutes at the New York
Sacramento 15 30 .333 161/2 .n Ih A IR W AV ES noon news conference today where the Giants' indoor practice facility. The SeaThursday's Games 37-year-old Young is to formally an- hawks again opened the doors of the
Phoenix 102, Indiana 94
NewYork 117, Cleveland 86 TODAY'S SPORTS nounce his retirement. building to let cold air in and try and simL.A. Clippers at Golden State, late MEN'S COLLEGE BASKETBALL The seven-time All-Star retires with a ulate the expected temperatures on SunToday's Games
Milwaukee at Orlando, 7 p.m. 8 a.m. (ESPNU) Cincinnati at Louisville (Taped) .300 career average and as Texas' hits day night at MetLife Stadium.
Atlanta at Philadelphia, 7:30 p.m. 7 p.m. (ESPNU) Cleveland State at Detroit Mercy leader with 2,230. He was the 2008 AL From wire reports
Memphis at Minnesota, 8 p.m. 9 p.m. (ESPNU) Manhattan at Iona
Oklahoma City at Brooklyn, 8 p.m.
Sacramento at Dallas, 8:30 p.m. WOMEN'S COLLEGE BASKETBALL
Toronto at Denver, 9 p.m. 3 p.m. (SUN) Arkansas at Tennessee (Taped)
Charlotte at L.A. Lakers, 10:30 p.m. 5 p.m. (SUN) Syracuse at North Carolina (Taped) A IV E penetrable, before Gators forward
Golden State at Utah, 10:30 p.m. NBA A LIV E Glenn Johnson clanked a shot in off
Saturday's Games
Brooklyn at Indiana, 7 p.m. 7 p.m. (FSNFL) Milwaukee Bucks at Orlando Magic Pa 1 eft post to halve the lead with
Oklahoma City atWashington, 7 p.m. 8 p.m. (ESPN) Oklahoma City Thunder at Brooklyn Nets 11:33 remaining in the half Less than
Philadelphia at Detroit, 7:30 p.m. 10:30 p.m. (ESPN) Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz eight minutes into the second half,
Minnesota atAtlanta, 7:30 p.m. against Sunlake, after the Seahawks Johnson's second goal silenced the
Cleveland at Houston, 8 p.m. 4 a.m. (ESPN2) Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz (Same- won their first round match against crowd; that silence became groans
Milwaukee at Memphis, 8 p.m. day Tape)
Chicago at New Orleans, 8 p.m. BOXING Nature Coast 8-0. after Johnson's third goal with 10:20
Sacramento at San Antonio, 8:30 p.m. 9 p.m. (ESPN2) Friday Night Fights Despite a rain-slicked pitch and left in the game.
Miami at NewYork, 8:30 p.m. temperatures in the 40s Thursday, the The teams then settled into a backCharlotte at Phoenix, 9 p.m. GOLF Hurricanes caught fire quickly Mars- and-forth possession game before
Toronto at Portland, 10 p.m. 3 p.m. (GOLF) PGA Tour: Waste Management Phoenix den sent a crossing pass toward the Mondragon found Marsden open near
Utah at L.A. Clippers, 10:30 p.m. Open, Second Round goal that Mauro Mondragon headed in the right sideline, sending a perfect
4 a.m. (GOLF) European PGA Tour: Omega Dubai Desert net at the 31:20 mark of the first half. pass to set up the game-tying goal. On
Classic, Third Round Austin Wilcoxon's goal with 15:23 a similar route minutes later, the pair
Super Bowl HOCKEY left in the half gave the 'Canes a 2-0 connected on the game-winning goal
1 p.m. (NHL) Montreal Canadiens at Boston Bruins (Taped) lead. The Gators were thwarted on as fans jumped to their feet and playchampions 3 p.m. (NHL) Pittsburgh Penguins at Los Angeles Kings numerous scoring chances by 'Canes ers celebrated.
2014-Denver (AFC) vs. Seattle (NFC) (Taped) goal keeper Dakota Gruzdas and a "I knew we were going to come
2013-Baltimore (AFC) 34, San Francisco 7p.m. (NHL) New York Islanders at New York Rangers wall-like Citrus defense that got in back," defender Sean Flaherty said.
(NFC)31 "We were going to fight and we
2012-N.Y Giants (NFC) 21, New England 7:30 p.m. (NBCSPT) Boston University at Massachusetts front of shots.
(AFC) 17 SOCCER The 'Canes defense looked to be im- weren't going to stop."
2011-Green Bay (NFC) 31, Pittsburgh 9 p.m. (FS1) Women's Friendly: USA vs. Canada
2010-New Orleans (NFC) 31, Indianapolis
(AFC) 17 5:30 p.m. (TENNIS) T Davis Cup First Round: Great Britain C A B A N A S state finals."
2009-Pifttsburgh(AFC)27,Arizona(NFC)23 vs. USA- Rubber 2 C A B A N A S On whether this will be his last
2008-N.Y Giants (NFC) 17, New England 8 p.m. (TENNIS) Davis Cup First Round: France vs. weekend on the mats, "Districts is
(AFC) 14 Continued from Page B1 bg"Cbnssi." att aei
2007-Indianapolis (AFC) 29, Chicago Australia Rubber 1 (Taped) big," Cabanas said. "I want to make it
(NFC) 17 11 p.m. (TENNIS) Davis Cup First Round: Great Britain vs. into the finals. Hopefully, I wrestle
2006-Pittsburgh (AFC)21, Seattle (NFC) 10 USA- Rubber 1 (Taped) tournament at Springstead, Cabanas against (Springstead senior and de2005-New England (AFC) 24, Philadelphia dropped his opening match in a heart- fending state champion) Jordan
(NFC) 21 breaker to Nature Coast Technical Rivera. I don't want all the hard work
2004-New England (AFC) 32, Carolina Note: Times and channels are subject to change at the
(NFC) 29 discretion of the network. If you are unable to locate a game sophomore Jeramie Jazikoff, 1-0. I've put in go to waste.
2003-TampaBay(NFC)48, Oakland(AFC)21 on the listed channel please contact your cable provider Facing elimination, he bounced "I owe a lot to my practice partner
2002-New England (AFC) 20, St. Louis back to edge Land O'Lakes' Edwin (Justin Allan)," he remarked. "If I
(NFC) 17 Rodriguez, 4-3. don't push him, he'll crush me in prac2001-Baltimore Ravens (AFC) 34, N.Y Gi- In the consolation finals for third, tice. I've improved the most at deants (NFC) 7. P rep C A LEN D A R he fell at the hands of fourth-seeded fending against shots. I consider
2000-St. Louis (NFC) 23, Tennessee (AFC) 16 Bin *o i ali eesv 1 nta f
1999-Denver (AFC) 34, Atlanta (NFC) 19 Brian Scorria of Lecanto via fall in myself a defensive wrestler, not an of1998-Denver (AFC) 31, Green Bay (NFC) 24 1:48. fensive guy"
1997-Green Bay (NFC) 35, New England TODAY'S PREP SPORTS At the grueling Region 2A-2 meet at Regardless of this season, Cabanas
(AFC) 21 BOYS BASKETBALL th ruelngRn 2A e at Rgar les o thi s ea an
1996-Dallas (NFC) 27, Pittsburgh (AFC) 17 7 p.m. Lecanto at Forest St Cloud, Cabanas was ousted aftertwo carries a 2.5 grade point average, and
1995-San Francisco (NFC) 49, San Diego 7:30matches. He was pinned by Dunedis sees himself either in college next fall
(AFC) 26 Alex Lebhar (55 seconds) before being or possibly entering the U.S. Navy or
1994-Dallas (NFC) 30, Buffalo (AFC) 13 GIRLS BASKETBALL eliminated by Deltona's Anthony Coast Guard.
1993-Dallas (NFC) 52, Buffalo (AFC) 17 District 2A-3 tournament at Seven Rivers Christian School Ciadullo via a major decision (11-2). "To get to this point, I have to thank
1992-Washington(NFC)37, Buffalo (AFC) 24 7 p.m. No. 1 St. John Lutheran vs. No. 2 Seven Rivers This weekend, Cabanas enters as Coach (Jeff) Wood. He's taken me to
1991-N.Y Giants (NFC) 20, Buffalo (AFC) 19
1990-San Francisco (NFC) 55, Denver perhaps the Golden Hurricanes' most all kinds of off-season tournaments to
(AFC) 10 improved wrestler at 30-16, sporting improve my wrestling game. He's
1989-San Francisco (NFC) 20, Cincinnati Vancouver at Winnipeg, 8:30 p.m. 11 pins. been a big part of me being a better
(AFC) 16 Saturday's Games "The difference from last year is I person," Cabanas detailed. 'And I owe
1988--Washington (NFC) 42, Denver (AFC) 10 Edmonton at Boston, 1 p.m.
1987-N.Y.Giants(NFC)S9, Denver(AFC)20 NH4IL sa dn s Tampa Bay at Montreal, 1p.m. see myself in the district final," Ca- so much to my parents. They're the
1986-Chicago (NFC) 46, New England EASTERN CONFERENCE Buffalo at Colorado, 3 p.m. bans noted. "Last year I really didn't ones who have pushed me to improve
(AFC) 10 Atlantic Division Philadelphia at Los Angeles, 4 p.m. know as much as I know now. My goal my school work. They're the reason
1985-SanFrancisco(NFC)38, Miami (AFC)16 GP W L OT PtsGF GA OttawaatToronto, 7p.m. is to reach the district, regional and I'm still competing."
1984-L.A. Raiders (AFC) 38, Washington Boston 53 34 16 3 71160 119 Florida at Columbus, 7 p.m.
(NFC)9~ Tampa Bay 54 31 18 5 67160 136 Nashville at St. Louis, 8p.m. ____________________________________________1983-Washington(NFC)27, Miami (AFC)17 Toronto 56 2921 6 64164 173 Pittsburgh at Phoenix, 8p.m.
1982-San Francisco (NFC) 26, Cincinnati Montreal 54 2920 563135 135 Minnesota at Calgary, 10p.m. TIEa mand, 28-15.
(AFC) 21 Otawa 54 24 20 10 58155 170 Dallas atAnaheim, 10 p.m. IIV~It was 33-21 by halftime, and by the
1981-Oakland (AFC) 27, Philadelphia Detroit 53 23 19 11 57135 149 Chicago at San Jose, 10:30 p.m. midpoint of the third quarter, the Hur(NFC) 10 Florida 54 21 26 7 49132 170 Continued from Page Bl ricane lead had ballooned to 44-24.
1980-Pitsburgh (AFC) 31, L.A. Rams Buffalo 52 1430 8 36101 152 T A S C N
(NFC) 19 Metropolitan Division Shally Morales accounted for seven of
1979-Pitsburgh (AFC) 35, Dallas (NFC) 31 GP W L OT Pts GF GA BASEBALL first-round regional game against the Citrus' 11 points in that run, including
1978-Dallas (NFC) 27, Denver(AFC) 10 Pittsburgh 53 3714 2 76171 128 American League loser of the District 5A-5 champi- athree-pointerandathree-pointplay
1977-Oakland (AFC) 32, Minnesota (NFC) 14 N.y Rangers 55 2923 3 61141 139 BALTIMORE ORIOLES Purchased the 1976-Pitsburgh(AFC)21, Dallas(NFC) 17 Columbus 54 2723 4 58159 153 contractoflBCarlosDiazfromthe~exicoCity onship game between G-ainesville in a 40-second span. Morales led all 1975-Pittsburgh (AFC) 16, Minnesota Philadelphia 54 2622 6 58147 158 Reds. Signed 3B Jomar Reyes and assigned Eastside and North Marion. Crystal scorers with 17 points; she also had (NFC) 6 Carolina 53 2420 9 57134 150 him and Diazto the Gulf Coast League. River (20-6 overall) will travel to play six steals.
1974-Miami (AFC) 24, Minnesota(NFC)7 New Jersey 55 2321 11 57130 137 CLEVELAND INDIANS Extended the the winner ofthat contest Both games Shenelle Toxen had a solid all1973-Miami(AFC) 14, Washington(NFC)7 Washington 54 2422 8 56155 163 playerdevelopmentcontractwiththeMahoning wilbThrdyaon pefmnc frCtus ih
1972-Dallas (NFC) 24, Miami (AFC) 3 N.Y. Islanders 56 21 27 8 50158 187 Valley (NYP) for two seasons through 2016. wilbThrdyaon pef mncfrCtus ih
1971-Baltimore Colts (AFC) 16, Dallas WESTERN CONFERENCE MINNESOTA TWINS -Released LHP An- "These are the best kids I've 16 points, five assists, four rebounds
(NFC) 13 Central Division drew Albers. coached," Hamilton said. "They listen and three steals, while Micah Jenkins
1970-Kansas City (AFL) 23, Minnesota GP W L OT Pts GF GA NEW YORK YANKEES Added Kendall to what you tell them. And we played added 13 points, five rebounds, five
(NFL) 7 Chicago 56 33 10 13 79199 156 Carter, Brandon Duckworth, Joe Espada, Dan atuhCytlRvrta.Iko sit n orsel n rlah
1969-N.Y Jets (AFL) 16, Baltimore Colts St. Louis 52 36 11 5 77180 119 Giese and Dennis Twombley to the major toeh kidstall playr heard, pla no simos cnolectea1pns and asix (NFL) 7 Colorado 52 33 14 5 71153 137 league/professional scouting department, toekdhyalpay arp ySimncoetd11onsan sx
1968-GreenBay(NFL)33, Oakland(AFL) 14 Minnesota 55 29 20 6 64133 135 BASKETBALL tough." boards.
1967-Green Bay (NFL) 35, Kansas City Dallas 54 24 21 9 57156 160 National Basketball Association For the Pirates, going up against a Also worth noting was the contribu(AFL) 10 Nashville 55 24 23 8 56136 166 NBA Announced the board of governors formidable Citrus squad --a team tion of Kiersten Weaver, normally a
N FL playoff glance Winnipeg 55 25 25 5 55155 162 approved the appointment of Mark Tatum to
Pacific Division deputycommissionerandchiefoperatingofficer, they hadn't beaten in their last eight starter but who's been nursing an injury
Wild-card Playoffs GP W L OT Pts GE GA Promoted Bill Koenig to president, global media tries --was going to be difficult and started the game on the bench. DeSaturday, Jan.4 Anaheim 55 39 11 5 83184 134 distribution; Sal LaRocca to president, globalop- enough. But other problems made spite her limited minutes, Weaver had
Indianapolis 45, Kansas City 44 San Jose 54 34 14 6 74165 129 rations and merchandising; and Danny Meise- that task even more challenging eight points and three assists. New Orleans 26, Philadelphia 24 Los Angeles 55 30 19 6 66133 116 lesto president and executive producercontent. "Fouls," Crystal River coach Jason Crystal River got 16 points, three asSundy, an. Vacouvr 5 271 9 3139143 HOUSTON ROCKETS Recalled G Isaiah
un D ayg2 Cincinat Vanhoer 55 2719 90 63139 143 Canaan from Rio Grande Valley (NBADL). Rodgers said in summing up their de- sists and two steals from Wells; 12 San Driego 2, inciniy10 Phoenix 53 2182 10 6054 160 NEW YORK KNICKS Recalled C Cole featin asingle word. "You can'tplaya points, 11 rebounds, three assists and
Saianiso,Gna Playoff Calgaryn 53 192 7 45247 190 Aldrich, GToure'MurryandF JeremyTylerfrom game eight-on-five. How can you win three steals fromJasmyne Eason; and
Saturday, Jan. 11 NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for over- FOOTBALLDL).with three starters on the bench?" 10 points and three assists from KierSeattle 23, New Orleans 15 time loss. National Football League Before the second quarter was sten Croyle.
New England 43,.Indianapolis 22 Thursday's Games TENNESsEETITANS-NamedNickEason three minutes old, Crystal River "That was one of our five best
Sunday, Jan. 12 Montreal 4, Boston 1 assistant defensive line coach. starters Megan Wells, Katelyn Hanni- games of the year," Hamilton said.
San Francisco 23, Carolina 10 Toronto 6, Florida 3 HOCKEY
Denver 24, San Diego 17 Columbus 5, Washington 2 National Hockey League gan and Kaylan Simms each had three "We're getting more patience with our
conference Championships Otawa 5, Tampa Bay 3 CALGARY FLAMES Assigned C Blair fOUls, and a fourth starter --junior offense, and with patience comes
Sunday, Jan. 19 New Jersey 3, Dallas 2, OT Jones to Abbotsford (AHL). forward Cassidy Wardlow, who scored points.
Denver 26, New England 16 Minnesota at Colorado, late CAROLINA HURRICANES Activated G six first-quarter points- was out with "Blue (Weaver) sparked us again.
Seattle 23, San Francisco 17 San Jose at Calgary, late Cam Ward from injured reserve and assigned a knee injury We got some key minutes from her
Pro Bowl Buffalo at Phoenix, late him to Charlote (AHL) for conditioning.
Sunday, Jan. 26 Philadelphia at Anaheim, late DALLAS STARS-Recalled FDustin Jeffrey After that early first-quarter deficit, against Lecanto (Tuesday) and again
At Honolulu Pittsburgh at Los Angeles, late from Texas (AHL). Citrus outpointed the Pirates 11-2 to tonight. The difference tonight was
Team Rice 22, Team Sanders 21 Today's Games MONTREAL CANADIENS Recalled F take a 15-13 lead going into the sec- their heart to win."
Super Bowl N.Y Islanders at N.Y Rangers, 7 p.m. Christian Thomas from Hamilton (AHL). ond. Then after a Simms basket to Heart, offensive patience, and a deSunday, Feb. 2 St. Louis at Carolina, 7 p.m. NHL Players Association
At East Rutherford, N.J. Washington at Detroit, 7:30 p.m. NHLPA- Announced the retirement of LW start the period tied it, Citrus netted fense that forced 30 turnovers Denver vs. Seatle, 6:30 p.m. (FOX) New Jersey at Nashville, 8 p.m. Jay Pandolfo. 13 consecutive points to take com- sounds like a winning combination.


Citrs Co Spedweq rev up I214 Citrus County
Citrus~~06 C.Sed a resu tonight Speedway schedule
SEANA NOLDJanuary plant aid. I taled to ome div- hd planed exctly one ho direstr RcPure-Stockst Streetock StocksSto Pure/Streetee
SoeAN ndn ARNOL plant sad tledyt som rivt hadn' paned eact sdn ho" ircobRcuritl Stock F-8, Flag Pole Race, Boat & Trailer Race
Corespndet es hre nd heysai i han'twe antd,"Lapantsai, "ut "We're testing the waters a lit- February
beentrid hre bfor. Iwantd Im stisfed ithwha we ot le it,"Lapantsaid "W pu a st Pro-Truck 50, Non-Wing Sprints, Sportsbeen tried ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~a hrbeoeIwatdImstsidwtwhtw go lbi, nsad"W pua mnMod Mini-Stock, Mini-stock, Hornet Pro, The Citrus County Speedway to mix things up this year and do done. We've revamped the rules truck series together that actu- Hornet Rookie
celebrates its grand reopening, something different. I think it -took some gray area out -ally grew into the Joey Coulter 8th Super Late Model 50, Mod Mini-stock,
under new owner Gary Laplant, will do pretty well." and freshened up the track, series. It will also race at Desoto Street Stock, Pure Stock, Mini-stock, Pure/Street
with two days of racing action Saturday's lineup, which kicks made it look good for the fans Speedway (of Bradenton), Stock F-8, Fan Participation Racing
this weekend. It all starts tonight off with heat races at 6 p.m. -and the drivers in both the Auburndale Speedway (of Win- Legths a Srta 6SPack PrSocF,
with a trio of season-opening features regular-season points grandstands and the pits. Hope- ter Haven) and Three Palms Mini-stock
points races for Pure Stocks, events for Mini Stocks (25 laps), fully, when we come back from Speedway (of Punta Gorda)." 22nd Race #1 Modified 6 Pack 50, Street
Street Stocks and Figure 8s, as Modified Mini Stocks (25 laps), the fair (on April 5), everything Practice starts at 5 p.m. today, Stock, Mod Mini-stock, Pure Stock, Mini-stock,
well as a 15-lap Flag Pole Race Non-Winged Sprints (30 laps), will be painted and be in tip-top and 3 p.m. Saturday Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie
and Boat & Trailer Race. Sportsman (25), and Hornets, shape. Nightly passes are $13 for 1 st Non-Winged Sprint Cars, Champ Karts,
Tonight' s events, scheduled to both Pros (25 laps) and Rookies "We're looking forward to a adults, $9 for students (age 12- Street Stock, Pure Stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet
begin at 7:30 p.m. with heat races, (15 laps). great grand reopening this 17), seniors and military person- Rookie
are te firt fourth tack snce ridays feaure rces ae ex weeknd." el wih IDand-5SforchildenntProSprtsmn, Pr F-8,Modifedsrtree are he irs fo th trck snce Friay' fetur raes ae e- weked."nelwithIDand$5 or hilren Stock, Mod Mini-stock, Pure Stock, Hornet Pro,
November, and will introduce pected to run 25 laps. Heats will In addition to the regular age 11 and under with a paying Hornet Rookie
fans and drivers to an ongoing go eight laps. points classes, several new se- adult. Children shorter than 42 15-29th CLOSED FOR FAIR
facelift for the Speedway, ac- Laplant said the refurbish- ries will make regular appear- inches get in free. April
cording to Laplant, who took over ments, which include a new ances at Citrus this year, Pits admissions are $30 for 5th Race #1 Modified Mini Fab 4 Series 50,
Non-winged Sprint Cars, Street Stock, Pure the speedway from Mike Reed paint job as well as revamped including a Modified and Sports- adults, $20 for children age 6-12 Stock, Mini-stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie,
last September He said the idea bathrooms, grandstands and man 6-Pack Series, a Modified and free for children under Cars of Yesteryear
for a two-day opener came from concessions, aren't done, but Mini Fab 4 Series 50 and the 5 years old. 12th "Joey Coulter Florida Pro-Truck Series
his prior experience as a speed- he's pleased with the progress. Joey Coulter Florida Pro-Truck Annual and family passes are 50", Pure Stock 50, Sportsman, Pro F-8, MiniStock
way director and sponsor He's also made clarifications to Series 50, which was spear- also available. See www, 19th Legends, Bandoleros, Modifieds, Street
"I've tried it at other tracks rules for classes, headed by Coulter, a 23-year-old citruscountyspeedwaycom for Stock, Pure Stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie,
and it's worked fairly well," La- "We didn't get everything we NASCAR driver, and CCS racing more details. Pure/Street Stock F-8 -Easter Egg Hunt for the
26th Race #2 Sportsman 6 Pack Series 50, Super Late Model 50, Street Stock, Mini-stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie
3rd Race #2 Modified 6 Pack Series 50, NonWinged Sprints Cars, Street Stock, Pure Stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie, Pure/Street Stock F-8.
4 eis5,Street Stock 50, Pro F-8, DAARA AtqeMni-stock, Pure Stock
1t-AcieMilitary FREE with ID Mini-stock 50 oiidLegends, Bando's, Sportsman, HrePrHornet Rookie, Fan Racing
voffVC0 110* 4th- Suer ateModel 50, Street Stock, Pure
,a lk Stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie, Pure/Street Stock F-8
31st Race #3 Sportsman 6 Pack Series 50, 6 Modifieds, Street Stock, Mod Mini-stock, Pure
Stock, Mini-stock 7th Fathers Just $8 Non CU/' ~ Winged Sprint Cars, Sportsman, Street Stock,
Pure Stock, Mini-stock, Pure/Street Stock F-8, I I Cars of Yesteryear
14th Super Late Model 100, Pro F-8, Champ ~ p Karts, Mod M ini-stock, Street Stock, Pure Stock,
CHi Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie
21st Race #3 Modified 6 Pack Series 50, Sportsman, Legends, Bando's, Street Stock, Mini-stock, Pure Stock, POWDER PUFF 28th "Joey Coulter Florida Pro-Truck Series 50", Street Stock, Mod Mini-stock, M ini-stock, O.A i 1 FHornet Pro, Hornet Rookie July
5th Non Winged Sprint Cars, Pure stock 50, Street Stock, Mini-stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet

12th Race #4 Sportman 6 Pack Series 50, Pro F-8, Modifieds, Mod Mini-stock, Mini-stock, Hor-~ net Pro, Hornet Rookie
19th Super Late Model 50, Legends, Bandoleros, Street Stock, Pure Stock, Mini-stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie
26th Summer Meltdown Night! TBA -, Sportsman, Street Stock, Mod Mini-stock, Pure Stock, Mini-stock, Pure/Street Stock F-8
2nd Race #4 Modified 6 Pack Series 50, Nonwinged Sprint cars, Street Stock, Pure Stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie, Pure/Street Stock F-8 9th Super Late Model 50, Pro F-8, DAARA Antiques, Sportsman, Street Stock, Mod M ini-stock, Mini-stock
16th Mini-stock 50, Modifieds, Legends, Bando's, Pure Stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie 23rd Race #5 Sportsman 6 Pack Series 50, Modifieds, Street Stock, Pure Stock, Mini-stock, f Pure/Street Stock F-8, POWDER PUFF
Associated Press 30th Super Late Model 50, Race # 3 Mod Mini NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers Brian Vickers, left, and Clint Bowyer laugh following a comment by driver and team owner Michael Fab 4 Series 50, Street Stock, Pure Stock, Ministock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie
Waltrip during a news conference Thursday in Charlotte, N.C. September
Back to School Special Weekend
promote compelling competition selowski settled for second, and a spot in the next round. Points 5th -StreetStock, Pure Stock, Mini-stock, POWShort creates for wins all season long." in failing to win a regular- will be reset among the four re- DER PUFF, Flag Pole Race, Boat & Trailer Race,
0 It's the fourth and most radical season race, he missed the maining drivers prior to the sea- Pure/Street Stock F-8, Suit Case Race
winner-take-all change to either the points or Chase and was ineligible to son finale; no bonus points will be 6th Race #5 Modified 6 Pack Series 50, NonWinged Sprints, (Sportsman, Mod Mini-stock championship format since defend his title. awarded in that race, and the first Double Points ) (Hornet Pro Double Points),
championship France created the Chase for the Under the new format, a win- one across the finish line wins. Hornet Rookie
Sprint Cup championship sys- less Keselowski would have no The move was lauded by Julie 13th "Joey Coulter Florida Pro-Truck Series
tem in 2004. For 28 years prior to choice in that same situation but Sobieski, vice president of 50", Street Stock, Pro F-8, Champ Karts, Pure
fendrs ith usc andleaue port prgram ingfor Stock, Hornet Pro, Hornet Rookie fo m tthe Chase, the champion was the to bang fedr ihBshadlau prsporm igfr 20th Race # 6 Sportsman 6 Pack Currys
driver with the most points at the go after the win. ESPN, which will broadcast all Roofing 100 Series, Modifieds, Legends,
Associated Press end of the season. That's exactly what France 10 Chase races this year Bando's, Street Stock, Pure
It was changed a year after wants to see on the track each "We have long felt that there Stock, Mini-stock
CHARLOTTE, N.C. Matt Kenseth won the 2003 title week. was a greater opportunity within 27th Super Late Model 50, Race #3 Mod Mini
Fab 4 Series 50, Pure Stock, Mini-stock, Hornet NASCAR overhauled its chai- with one victory, and France "This is pretty clear: You have the Chase and are in favor of an Pro, Hornet Rookie
pionship format Thursday, cre- began his pursuit of creating to win, you have to compete at a elimination format, which has October
ating a winner-take-all "Game 7 moments" for NASCAR. higher level, you have to take been most effective in American 4th Race #6 Modified 6 Pack Series, Nonelimination system designed to Along the way, he has made it more chances," France said, sports," she said. Winged Sprints, Street Stock, Mini-stock, Horreward "theP m ost worthy b- attleP- clear he wants a greater empha- adding that NASCAR has not wa- Teams and drivers were Pue/tre Stock F-


m Phoenix Open
Mc~loy bgeyfreeat D baiThursday
At TPC Scottsdale, Stadium Course,
Scottsdale, Ariz.
Associated Press opened his title defense with an Purse: $6.2 million
even-par 71 at TPC Scottsdale. That Yardage: 7,152, Par: 71 (35-36)
Partial First Round,
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates left him seven strokes behind leaders (a-amateur)
Rory McIlroy took another "k Bubba Watson and Y.E. Yang. Note: 10 golfers did not finish the round.
ste twad eginnghi frmMickelson first felt soreness in his YE.Yang 34-30-64 -7
BubbaWatson 31-33-64 -7
Thursday with his lowest score back two weeks ago in Abu Dhabi, Pat Perez 34-31 -65 -6
in more than three years, a 9- and pulled out of his hometown Kevin Stadler 30-35-65 -6
under 63 while playing with event in San Diego after making the William McGirt 33-32-65 -6
Tiger Woods to take a two-shot Ge36-hole cut. He flew to Georgia to GChalmers 33-32-65 -6
lead in the Dubai Desert Classic. see back specialist Tom Boers and Harris English 31-34-65 -6
McIlroy played bogey-free in was told his facet joints locked up. Chris Kirk 32-33-65 -6
facet scornts lockn up tHunter Mahan 33-33-66 -5
Maglis course at Emirates Golf Mickelson had a double bogey on Keegan Bradley 32-34-66 -5
the par-3 12th his third hole of the Ryan Moore 32-34-66 -5
Club, picking up six birdies and morning round after hitting into the T Gainey 32-34-66 -5
an eagle during a 10-hole stretch left-side water. He made 20-foot Jason Kokrak 34-32-66 -5
ithe middle of his round. He letsd ae.H ae2-otBrendon de Jonge 35-31 -66 -5
in t agd os ro He birdie putts on the next two holes, but Brendan Steele 34-32-66 -5
Hideki Matsuyama 32-34-66 -5
five shots behind after a 68. three-putted for par on the par-5 15th Bryce Molder 33-34-67 -4
after hitting a hybrid pin-high from James Driscoll 34-33-67 -4
Edoardo Molinari made an Associated Press 245 yards. Sang-Moon Bae 35-32-67 -4
eagle on the par-4 second hole on Rory Mcllroy follows his ball on the 14th hole during the first round of y. Martin Laird 35-32-67 -4
his way to a 65. The group at 66 the Dubai Desert Classic golf tournament Thursday in Dubai, United Watson bdd four ot 64a six Spe vn 33-34-67 -4
incudd SepenGalacer th AabEmiats.Watson birdied four of the final six Spencer Levin 33-34-67 -4
included Stephen Gallacher, the Arab Emirates. Michael Putnam 31-36-67 -4
hoes he212Mstr capin John Mallinger 33-34-67 -4
defending champion who also taking only 25 putts helped him. PGA Tour had eight birdies and a bogey in the Graham DeEaer 33-34-67 -4
played in the feature group with The world's No. 1 player also
Woods and McIlroy SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. Phil Mick- afternoon session. Lee Westwood 34-33-67 -4
made his first birdie of the year ,Patrick Reed 35-32-67 -4
McIlroy had his best score on a par 5, his opening hole at elson's back was better than his Yang birdied the final two holes. Gary Woodland 33-34-67 -4
since a 63 in the Hong Kong Open No. 10. Woods did not birdie any game in the Phoenix Open. The 2009 PGA winner also had eight Scott Piercy 34-33-67 -4 in November 2010. of the 12 par 5s he played last Returning to play after withdrawing birdies and a bogey, playing the back Russel Henley 34-34-68 -3
Woods managed to hit just half week at Torrey Pines, where he from Torrey Pines last Friday night nine in 6-under 30 in his morning Jonathan Byrd 35-33-68 -3 of the fairways in regulation, but missed the 54-hole cut. because of back pain, Mickelson round. John Peterson 33-35-68 -3
Aaron Baddeley 34-34-68 -3
David Hearn 32-36-68 -3
Jonas Blixt 33-35-68 -3
Ben Curtis 34-34-68 -3
Nicolas Colsaerts 31-38-69 -2
Morgan Hoffmann 35-34-69 -2
Martin Kaymer 33-36-69 -2
Ian Poulter 34-35-69 -2
Bill Haas 35-34-69 -2
Ben Crane 36-33-69 -2
Fred Funk 31-38-69 -2
NickWatney 34-35-69 -2
iBrian Gay 32-37-69 -2
RobertGarrigus 36-34-70 -1
Frnkinglesacy Siang 35-34-60Charles Howell III 33-37-70 -1
Scott Stallings 35-35-70 -1
boot otD.A. Points 33-37-70 -1
boost to hot Daniel Summerhays 35-35-70 -1
Chris Stroud 35-35-70 -1
Jason Bohn 34-36-70 -1
Citus squad BrandtSnedeker 33-37-70 -1
John Huh 32-38-70 -1
Kevin Na 35-35-70 -1
SEAN ARNOLD ScoftVerplank 34-36-70 -1
Correspondent Ken Duke 34-36-70 -1
Mark Calcavecchia 36-34-70 -1
In order to better un- Chris Smith 33-37-70 -1
Inodrt etru-Ricky Barnes 33-38-71 E
understand Sam Franklin's Nicholas Thompson 35-36-71 E
overall contribution since Ryo Ishikawa 34-37-71 E
becoming a starter for the Scott Langley 35-36-71 E
Rickie Fowler 36-35-71 E
Citrus boys basketball Billy Horschel 35-36-71 E
team, you only have to JhonattanVegas 35-36-71 E
look at the increase in Phil Mickelson 36-35-71 E
points per game the Hur- Steven Bowditch 33-38 71 E
Joe Ogilvie 35-36-71 E
ricanes are enjoying in Richard H. Lee 35-36-71 E
his presence. Luke Guthrie 34-37-71 E
In the five games prior to Kris Blanks 34-37-71 E
his arrival in the lineup, the Cameron Tringale 38-33-71 E
squad averaged 55 points a Geoff Ogilvy 36-35-71 E
night In the next five con- K.J. Choi 33-38-71 E
tests, with Franklin, and Kevin Chappell 34-38-72 +1
against formidable oppo- David Lingmerth 36-36-72 +1
nens lke usts, ........ .. ....... ...Marc Leishman 37-35-72 +1
nets like Eustis Angel Cabrera 34-38-72 +1
Brooksville Nature Coast, George McNeill 36-36-72 +1
Wildwood and Dunnellon, Carl Pettersson 36-36 72 +1
Michael Thompson 36-36-72 +1
it averaged 72 points. Paul Goydos 36-36-72 +1
The 17-point difference Martin Flores 35-37-72 +1
is especially notable be- Maft Every 36-36-72 +1
John Rollins 37-35-72 +1
cause it represents the net Rollins 37-35-72 +1
Roberto Castro 36-36-72 +1
increase the team is getting Retief Goosen 34-38 72 +1
despite receiving less than Justin Leonard 38-34-72 +1
that from Franklin. Rory Sabbatini 36-36 72 +1
Derek Ernst 35-37-72 +1
The junior actually av- Brian Davis 34-38-72 +1
eraged 11.4 points in David Lynn 36-36-72 +1
those first five games. And Andres Romero 38-35-73 +2
this says something about J.B. Holmes 37-36-73 +2
the junior forward's com- Woody Austin 36-37-73 +2
plete production, as a de- Josh Teater 38-35-73 +2
fender, rebounder and MATT PFIFFNERJChronicle Padraig Harrington 37-36-73 +2
Charlie Beljan 34-39-73 +2
catalyst. Sam Franklin of Citrus drives to the basket and scores Jan. 10 against Dunnellon at Citrus High School. Ted Potter, J 38-35-73 +2
"I still don't see myself a-Ki Taek Lee 33-40-73 +2
as a real scorer," ranklin blocked a minimum of first two prep years, and more and get back in bas- ing guys make big plays." Dubai Desert
said. "I just contribute eight shots in the game. served out a suspension ketball shape." ranklin said his role as
how I can off of rebounds. One of those shots nearly from football for the first Franklin said he's a catalyst is mutual be- Classic
I try to turn my defense classified as a steal, ac- six weeks of this basket- solely focused on basket- tween him and his team. Thursday
into offense, and let my cording to Densmore, ball season. But his com- ball right now, but he's at- "My coaches usually tell At Majlis Course at Dubai Golf Club, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
defense motivate me." since franklin basically fort level with his new tracing big interest as a me to get the energy going, Purse: $2.5 million
CHS (22-2) has reeled off "caught" the ball out of teammates -Franklin is wide receiver and defen- get these guys going and Yardage: 7,316, Par: 72
12 wins in a row with the shooter's hand. The cousins with fellow Citrus sive back on the football flowing," he explained. "It First Round
Franklin as a starter, and game was also an exam- standouts Devin Pryor field. South Carolina, helps that I feed off their Rory Mcllroy a-theurd313-6 is having its best season ple of Franklin's effect on and Desmond Franklin, Kentucky, Florida State energy as much as they Edoardo Molinari, Italy 32-33-65
since 2002-03, when the --and assimilation with and he attended Inver- and Cincinnati are among feed off me. When we Matthew Baldwin England 35-31 -66
team finished 23-2 in the -the 'Canes' high-tempo, ness Middle School- and the schools contacting make a 10-0 run, that just Stephen Gallacher Scotland 33-33-66 Damien McGrane, Ireland 32-34 66
regular season. Franklin's aggressive style that tends the work he put in while him for his football play, gets me going, and I know Julien Quesne, France 36-30 -66 grabbing 11 boards a to wear down opponents not playing have made for which played a big part in if I'm going then we're Richard Sterne, South Africa 33-33-66
game, and, in his team's and spark rallies, a smooth transition. It also helping Citrus to its best going, and we're all just Soren Hansen Denmark 33-34-67
18-point drubbing of the "He certainly fits our helped having a history football season since 1987, out there having fun." Robert Rock, England 32-35-67
Jorge Campillo, Spain 34-34 -68
Tigers, one of only two style of 'get out and go,"' with the style of play Cit- considering its 9-2 record With Citrus set to face ThongchaidJaidee Thailand 34-34-68 teams to defeat Citrus this Densmore said. "He's gotto rus currently thrives on. and tough schedule. Lecanto in the district Soren Kjeldsen Denmark 35-33-68 season, blocked 10 shots in be one of the shortest post "It wasn't all that hard "If I had a chance, I semifinals Tuesday, Paul Lawrie, Scotland 35-33-68 wolietly akt rnlngestecac o Hennie Otto, South Africa 33-35 68
notching a triple-double, a players around at 6-foot-2, adjusting," Franklin said, wol iet lybse-Faki estecac o Romain Wattel, France 33-35 -68
personal goal of his since yet he can rebound with "because the team I ball in college," Franklin play against a team he has TigerWoods. United States 35-33-68 playing in high school. anybody and he likes to get played on in AAU (travel said. "But if I don't get a history against, but one Also
Against River Ridge on up and down the floor" ball) with my cousin Dez that chance, football has he's yet to face as a 'Cane. John Daly United States 35-35-70 Fred Couples, United States 34-36 70
Monday, he may have reg- Franklin, intensely pas- (Franklin) played a fast- always been my main "I'm really excited to Colin Montgomerie Scotland 35-35-70
istered another triple- sionate between the lines paced, up-in-your-face sport. Basketball has al- face Lecanto," he said, MarkO'Meara United States 33-37-70 double, as CHS head but playfully jovial when system. It was bad that I ways been right there, "and getting to show Henrik Stenson, Sweden 35-35-70
Ernie Els, South Africa 40-34 -74
coach Tom Densmore es- not suited up, played var- missed a lot of games, but though. I like the energy, I everybody there's more Jose Maria Olazabal Spain 39-35-74 timates the junior sity for Crystal River his I was able to practice a lot like dunks and I like see- talent in this county' a-davierBallesteros. Spain 3539-74

Thomas' momn, grandma have to root from prison

Associated Press two previous drug convictions, grandmother were arrested. He
received two life sentences with went to live with an aunt and
JERSEY CITY, N.J.- De- the possibility for parole after uncle, Shirley and James Brown, maryius Thomas' mother and 40 years, a Baptist minister who lived six
grandmother will cheer for the Smith may have received a miles away
Broncos receiver around the lighter sentence by testifying Thomas, called By- By' by
prison TV Sunday, both wearing against her momn, but she refused, his family, started working as an No. 88 jerseys they crafted with They'11 watch Thomas play in usher at the church and attendstrips of tape. his first Super Bowl Sunday, when ing Bible study after track and
The two women have never he will be matched against Sea- basketball practices. seen Thomas play in person. He hawks star cornerback Richard "Once I moved in with him, I
was 11 when police burst Sherman for much of the game. told him I wanted to do somethrough the door of their home "I think that drives me more to thing to stay off the streets and in Montrose, Ga., and arrested know that they're there and stay out of trouble, so I tried footboth in 1999. Police allowed they're watching me," Thomas ball," Thomas said. 'And it Katina Smith to walk her son said. "I try to go out there and worked out for me." and his two younger sisters to play my best because they're Thomas played at Georgia Tech
the school bus one last time. going to talk about it to the peo- and was a first-round pick by DenNow she's at a minimum- ple in the jailhouse." ver in 2010. Injuries slowed him Associated Press
security prison in Florida, sen- Thomas' father was serving in down until his 80-yard catch from Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas talks with reporters tenced to 20 years. Her mother, the Army and stationed in Tim Tebow in overtime beat Pitts- during a news conference Thursday in Jersey City, N.J. The Broncos Minnie Pearl Thomas, who had Kuwait when his mother and burgh in the playoffs play the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Section C- FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 2014

Arts & Entertainment Inside:

Thanks to the Citrus Hills Women's Club, Citrus County is a little warmer


Book review 'In the

Blood' an



Associated Press

Lisa Unger's novels all explore the theme of family and how it shapes people's lives. Her latest, "In the Blood,' examines the life of Lana Granger, a person with many secrets. Granger appears to be running away from a traumatic event in her past. She's found college life to be rewarding, and is about to graduate. She needs extra money, and learns of an opportunity to babysit a young boy named Luke (who has secrets of his own). The two of them hit it off, and Granger looks forward to spending her afternoons with him. When her best friend, Beck, disappears, the police suspect Granger T since she was the last one to see him
alive. As the authorities dig deeper, Awl Athey discover Granger lied about her MAN alibi, and that she has connections to
'L.1 *etca dead body found a year earlier
What the police don't understand is is that Granger cannot tell the truth
NM IE about what happened on either of jo --I- ---those occasions. The lies have been TO flowing so constantly they have become truth.
I And then Luke begins to show signs
of hostility.
Nothing is what it seems as Unger pulls off some beautiful surprises in this intriguing thriller Once the final
4 41L page of "In the Blood" is turned,
readers will flip through the novel to ME4 see if they can uncover how Unger
masterfully told the tale.


Specfame cas of Crnil
NPRs "res Ai;" Iresitibe,"accrdig o Orahs mgazne ; ubbd "earperect b Entrtinen Wekl. henovl ad te Nw or TmesBok evew' "00Noabl Bok o


Continued from Page C1 OO

Lawhon brings fresh
intrigue to this tale,
making the final outcome a guessing game
for the reader as events
Her version is built
colorfully around many
of the actual places and
people who were key
figures in the case, including Crater's wife,
Stella, and his presumed mistress, the
showgirl Sally Lou Ritz,
known as Ritzi. She testified that she had dinner with Crater at a
Manhattan chophouse
before he possibly got
in a cab for an uncertain destination.
Sections of the novel
open with quotes from
"Vanishing Point" a
probe of the Crater
case published in 2004
by Richard Tofel, who
is now the general manager of ProPublica, and
"The Empty Robe," a
memoir by Stella written with "The Untouchables" author Oscar Associated Press
Fraley and published in Gattlin Griffith, left, Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet are pictured in a scene from "Labor Day."
Lawhon uses creative
license to help bring to
life many of the charac- R ve ol brD uh sw r i
ters, including the
known woman who is JOCELYN NOVECK played food worshipfully, but Day weekend that will change actions.
named Maria Simon in Associated Press this scene more aptly recalls all of them. Not much comedy None of this takes away from
the novel. Stella, Maria that moist clay on the potter's there. the very appealing performand Ritzi are central to If you've seen the trailer for wheel in "Ghost," where ce- But the lack of edge or irony ances of Winslet and Brolin,
Lawhon's tale and give "Labor Day," Jason Reitman's ramics were quite beside the is more serious. Reitman is so not to mention the sensitive
it a depth of emotion film based on the novel by point, sincere in his presentation of Griffith. At times, you don't
that is often missing Joyce Maynard, then you've Alas, both that clay and this this tale that we feel rather even care that you don't quite
from crime thrillers, caught a glimpse of a new pie hold together better than smothered by it. It doesn't help believe what they're doing.
There are quirks in breakout star, who threatens to "Labor Day" does. that the narration -by Tobey You're just enjoying watching
the timeline that can be upstage even the estimable Reitman is a talented film- Maguire, as the grown-up son them do it.
troublesome, but gener- Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin. maker, as you'll know if you've looking back -is often unnec- It's hard not to feel that this
ally the story moves for- No, we're not talking about seen "Juno" or "Up in the Air," essary, pounding in a point we movie could have been so
ward with momentum, young newcomer Gattlin to name just two. But those already got. much better than it turned out
thanks to well-crafted Griffith, though he gives a movies had key elements that The prominent flashbacks, -something we won't say for
scenes and fluid dia- lovely performance. "Labor Day" does not: Humor, while occasionally useful, are that pie. That pie is perfect.
logue. Also, despite the We're talking about the and edge. also downright confusing at "Labor Day," a Paramount
many decades since peach pie. It's understandable why times. They make you want to Pictures release, is rated PGJudge Crater went Seldom has a baked good as- there's no humor here; it's the go home and read the book, 13 by the Motion Picture Assomissing, the mystery of sumed so prominent an on- story of a seriously depressed, because it becomes clear that ciation of America for
his disappearance is screen role as in this film, divorced mother and her pre- a book would do so much "thematic material, brief viostill a powerful magnet where it serves both as cata- teen son, and how their lives better a job of fleshing out lence and sexuality." Running
for its fictional lyst and as metaphor, for, um, intersect one summer with an these characters -and more time: 111 minutes. Two and a

retelling sex. Plenty of movies have dis- escaped convict, for a Labor importantly, explaining their half stars out of four


ibc c 7 n LntirtaiG~nt

Restaurant u N LS I .Ctu pig ld

& Lounge BEIO
Feel at home as you sit NIL- 4N
down to the wide range of .0,CYTLF..iy
homemade meals at Our IE
Pub Restaurant & Lounge. CR49
Located in the heart of InglisLe~d you can enjoy some of the best home-style meals in the area.


Review: Lecanto's Teller steller, but 'Awkward'just average
JESSICA HERNDON Ellie's dream Gramercy Park
Associated Press apartment.
Set against lofty talents like
As Zac Efron tears up and Jordan and Teller (fresh off the
professes his love to a pert top Sundance award for his
blonde who gave it up on the "Whiplash"), Efron comes off as
first night, ifs clear the story little more than a pretty face.
line of romantic comedy "That Luckily, his comedic timing is
Awkward Moment' has gone on target, though most of the
too far jokes here are unnecessarily
This is not because Efron's crass and forced.
leading lady isn't captivating or Each emerging actress posthat a fella can't fall in love sesses a refreshing charm and
swiftly But this revelatory mo- on-screen easiness. But Davis'
ment required a compelling grace and lure, though she wasbuildup and an actor who n't completely believable as a
could carry it out believably romantic match for Teller's
For his first film, writer-di- Associated Prss Daniel, make her the one to
rector Tom Gormican attempts Miles Teller and Mackenzie Davis talk in bed in a scene from "That Awkward Moment." watch. a chick flick from a male point With much of the soundtrack
of view But unlike successful Miles Teller plays Jason's and romantic. But when he (Imogen Pouts); Daniel realizes consisting of 1980s new wave films of this kind, such as "High quirky best friend, co-worker finds out wife Vera (Jessica he wants to be more than that would make John Hughes Fidelity," 'Awkward Moment' and fellow lothario Daniel. Lucas) is cheating on him, he friends with Chelsea; and proud, the tunes are the only unfolds like a college thesis Though he's not as handsome can't understand where his per- Mikey begins sleeping with his potential cult classic trait here. with a big budget. as Jason, he has no problem fect life plan went wrong. wife again. Well, that and tying everything
Jason (Efron) is a Manhattan hooking ladies with his wit and Determined to lift their pal's Though 'Awkward Moment" up with a neat "love conquers pretty boy who designs book with the help of wing-woman spirits, Jason and Daniel take is predictable, it's not a com- all" bow covers. He believes in having a Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis). Mikey to a bar and encourage plete disappointment. It's satis- "That Awkward Moment," a "roster" of women and picks The third link in the guys' him to become their lady- fying for a lover of formulaic Focus Features release, is rated them up at bars and takes them crew is Mikey (Michael B. Jor- killing cohort as they all make a rom-coms. R by the Motion Picture Associhome that night. Though he oc- dan, "Fruitvale Station"), a doc- pact to stay relationship-free. There are amusing moments ation of America for "sexual casionally calls for Round 2, he tor who married his college Unfortunately, they all end of absurdity involving Viagra content and language throughkeeps women at a safe, commit- sweetheart at 23. He's the voice up breaking the pact: Jason and urination. And sweet bits, out." Running time: 94 minutes. ment-free distance. of reason level-headed, loyal falls for sassy publisher Ellie like Jason's surprise tour of Two stars out of four

toad. 'rtavnrtmnt

Everything Framily Mad to Order Lifll=! $A,' A,o F".t lrr
UJ U A Ny Feaut Ily Dance Performmnce by SHAZADI
BIAKE A DRestaurant Salads, Homemade Soups, Chowders & Chili, Pasta Dishes, pjDeBfl $wd*! RSVP: 352-563-0075
BREAKFAST NC I Steaks & Seafood, Hand-Pressed Hamburgers Cooked Your Way
$529 (After 4pm): Hand Tossed Pizza, Calzones & Oven-Baked Subs LS
M-F 11-3pm Includes Soup & Potato LARGElVAIT OW ING FLAVORS
DINNER 2 FOR s139 Saturday (after 4pm) Prime Rib

_ _ _ _Ask About Our
Includes 2 Sides & Dessert O Unique Daily Special

Restaurant onMondays
FISH FRY EVERYDAY! $14 213Hw.OvergisCole Slaw and French Fries 253 Hwy. 40W., Inglis
Open 7Days AWek:Mon -Sat m 7a-pm, SIn -2pm 1/4milewestofHwy.19
3066 S. Florida Ave. Inverness, FL 3445O34 UU00 0H 3 4 0
00H94M Open M, W, Th 11 am-1 2mid., F-S til l am Closed Tues.

-- -- Sl t 111 B$1 Po9a9oes Game Day All Day *$25 OR MORE
0 0$ OF O I 0ai11 ..Prds ice rsa ie
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OF Dan's Famous
Clam Strip New England
i Basket iiClam Chowder LakeSide
Dine In Coupon Required. Dine In Only. Coupon Required. B a r & G il
C M5 / Expres 2/15/14 <
Z% 7364 Grover Cleveland Blvd. Homosassa O
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MNDAY 352-795-9081 :~ODitu n 50C WINGS

Ad pustbe in hand upon a i ite UKO
couponper table. Not valid for Sunday Brunch. $ 0 MES B
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MONDAY 2 + 2+2 or $4199 Country Fried $C 99
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WEDN ESDAY$ Chop Sirloin or RoastTurkey 0
STUFFED PEPPERS .........6 Liver&0Onions, Meatloaf, Eggplant Parmigiana, 1 ALDAaUSAaaa' '" xta"~ee~z," 880 CHICKENTH RA& RIBS... or Con Frpghtietal Rosteak Pr 2 FOR a I =r~ 16"
SATRDAY $ s w/rncFries eSte awk 1 Lag 6 heese Pizza I I and One 2Ltr, Bottleof Soda I
FISH FRY....................... 6 Fish Fry -69s O N y l
SAUDYCHICKEN WINGS w, re*chrie*Co**aw*NLY**
Mon.-Sat. 7am-8pm EahBREAKFASITINr E M bd ohrofr 1miewihteofr
Su.7m-p nerma inlue2sde items; Myntb.. ie ihohofr L a yntb.. ie ihohro~e
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Buy 2XLl18" Cheese Pizzas ]- 3 Large 16 OR CALAMARI SHRIMP
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All served with coleslaw, sweet corn fritters and potato.
i2 BAJ(ED Pize~ & ]is ra e TAKE OUT ONLY! Other Foods
iz eiilr ne Large ]loppnt])zza LAMB SHANKS with orzo
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iviO .n4705 W. Gulf to Lake Hwy., Lecanto, Florida MutPrsntCupni(352) 527-0766
E xstpres2 4Mu p en t oriqnal oupon .
-xpr- -//1 WeLool orwzard o Notvalidw/otheroffers Expires 2/6/4 One complimentary glass of wine with each eat-in meal.

g01*3.'1 m Leave Name, Phone Number and a Brief Message
,637-1355 rat.. .. ..., ..


Celebration Dinner Theater launching Valentine's Day

Special to the Chronicle ner Lauren Chapin in her first the American Academy of Dra- Her daughter, the late Diana run at the Golden Palms buildstage role since she won fame matic Arts in New York City, Brookins, appeared in a a stage ing off U.S. 27 near Interstate The all new Celebration as "Kitten" in the television se- founder of the Hillsboro Actors production of "Little Shop of 75. For ticket information and Dinner Theater will launch on ries "Father Knows Best." Reperatory Theater (HART) in Horrors" at Playhouse 19 in reservations, email: Valentine's Day, Feb. 14 at the Chapin, now a resident of Hillsboro, Oregon, and starred Crystal River or call
Golden Palms Hotel in Ocala Vero Beach, joins a cast of area for several years in a one-woman Sandstrom is producer and 352-875-0646. A full catered featuring Neil Simon's actors, some of whom have per- show "Shirley Valentine." director of Celebration Dinner dinner will precede the show
"Barefoot in the Park." formed in plays directed by She is also on the national Theater and her assistant is The new theater will soon
A gala opening night is Sandstrom in Ocala at Shalom board of Mothers Against Laila Fakhoury, daughter of offer a schedule of plays for the planned by theater founder Park and St. John's Lutheran Medical Error (VIAME) and is a Riadh and Manal Fakhoury rest of the year In March, there Kim Lynette Sandstrom and School "Saints on Stage" nationwide motivational of Ocala. will be auditions for an accomwill offer patrons the chance to productions. speaker as an advocate for "Barefoot in the Park" will panying Children's Diner Thesee multiple Emmy award win- Sandstrom is a graduate of patient safety. open Feb. 14 for an eight-show ater with matinee shows.

Broadway show hopes to rock Super Bowl

Associated Press live sit-down interview side MetLife Stadium in
with President Barack East Rutherford, N.J.
NEW YORK- On Obama. Millions of people "Rock of Ages," which
Super Bowl Sunday, there will be tuned in. was made into a film starwill be a group of people At a recent rehearsal in ring Tom Cruise and Alec
sweating out in the cold midtown, DiCarlo watched Baldwin, tells the story of
in front of millions, doing as cast members ran small-town girl and an aswhat they do best. And through their crowded piring rocker who share
that group is, of course, set, which includes songs the dream of fame and
the Broadway cast of such as "I Wanna Rock," whose paths cross at a
"Rock of Ages." "Here I Go Again," "I Can't legendary rock club.
Fourteen singers and Fight This Feeling" and Their glittery romance
dancers from the Tony- "Don't Stop Believin'." is set to a rock 'n' roll
nominated show will be They've had to adjust to soundtrack that includes
performing two hair- a smaller space mask- "Every Rose Has Its
band-centric 30-minute ing tape on the floor Thorn," "Cum on Feel
sets live outside MetLife marked off a new 12-by- The Noize" and "I Wanna
Stadium in the hours be- 32-foot stage and sing Know What Love Is."
fore kickoff, braving the into wooden sticks to help Dannheisser, who grew
elements but also giving them get familiar with up outside Philadelphia
incredible attention to the using microphones, which and has been with "Rock
5-year-old show they don't use on Broadway Associated Press of Ages" since it opened
"Everyone keeps saying They've also learned Kate Rockwell, left, and Joey Calveri rehearse a scene from "Rock of Ages" Tuesday in 2009, says the show is a it's a once-in-a-lifetime new choreography in- at a dance studio in New York. The cast of the Broadway show will be part of the perfect match for fistthing that the Super Bowl cluding some nods to the televised pregame entertainment from outside MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. pumping football fans is in New York, so to have game itself, including "It's almost become sec- or Alive:" "It's always the and converted into a rol- who already know the 'Rock of Ages' perform on mimicking an extra-point ond nature, in a way," said same, only the names licking theme park. The soundtrack. Super Bowl Sunday is kick and a new set list, Blimline, who plays the have changed." cast of "Rock of Ages" will "There's nothing preamazing," said Matthew since the songs in the narrator and, for the record, The high exposure for do a 30-minute set there on tentious about our show DiCarlo, the show's pro- show are in a different is a Jets fan. "The venue "Rock of Ages" is part of a Thursday afternoon, too. It makes fun of itself," duction stage manager order Thermal under- around you may change, push by Broadway pro- Other shows including said Dannheisser, who
The second show will wear may also be needed. but essentially the mate- ducers to grab the attention "Pippin," "Newsies," shares a hysterical duet close out the Fox live pre- The cast, which includes rial is always the same." of football fans crowding "Motown the Musical," with Blimline of"I Can't game show from 5:10 to Kate Rockwell, Aaron C. Dannheisser, who plays the New York-New Jersey "Rocky," "Mamma Mia!" Fight This Feeling" in the 5:40 p.m., a coveted slot. Finley, Joey Calveri, Gen- the owner of a rock club area. A 13-block stretch of and "Chicago" will be ap- mini-show while both Other musical acts in- son Blimline and Adam in the show, can't let a ref- Broadway encompassing pearing at nearby Bryant wear the NFL jerseys of clude Phillip Phillips and Dannheisser, says it will erence like that pass. He Times Square has been Park. 'Jersey Boys" will the opposing quarterThe Band Perry, and Bill be ready After all, they're jokingly jumps in with the closed to traffic, renamed join "Rock of Ages" on backs. "It knows what it is O'Reilly will conduct a Broadway pros. Bon Jovi lyric from "Dead Super Bowl Boulevard Super Bowl Sunday out- and it's of the people."

~VTARTIN6 AT4:00 p)m

NITNGT:Op H L FE T R SP"sFrsSefood s Hand Cut Steak EEAIR Dine In Only,0doHndutSe

ONDAY PeBaby Backs Ribs. Wings. Burger

All You Can Eat Raw Oyster Bar* Full Liquor Bar
Snow Crabs $24.99!

'All You Can Eat
Riblets $14.99
Kids 12 & Under Eat Free
with purchase f adult dinner entree. Dine in only.
IFree Meal per adult entr6e. Special Features not included. /

All You Can Eat
WinMr. Wang's0PEN7DAYAWEE19
FRI A Coteringond Prit vo etRoomko ai

CHNS ESARN 1601 SE81 4/

EARLYRIRDSPECIALS 3:00.5:30PM ;~- rm RSbafoodStaks Chicken. Schnitzel. Weekends: Salmon Specialty Dishes Golden ]Fork
tO / [sh B rm~i'~sDuck *Parm & More 'Ossobuco (Pork Shank) Vea hicenAward

n-lSun ,oAM-OPM CaU "at 3OWd4EI D AMf

Swr lFax (rehn r2') I ToalPrc s e II3 14_ Closed Monday & Tuesday
Spg P..aza. (Behins i Ti orta e u has isllnu 830 S" Florida Ave. (US HwY 41), Floral City' FL "rs TeI.: ( ,Z) 62-6 6 Drink specials exclded, Tyarshp..yogai 3---34 44I W"Home of the Large Portions"


Benefittngthe I Vld wih copo onrmlRbDnerEeyyrdyuni.p Inveness Lions Club Ep omie2/2yohe8ffr
U 6 Next to
IS I I I ABeCLiquor. .I

C Page C5 FRIDAY, JANUARY 31, 214



Ladies pian real African-American Shriners to host eh
Military Card Party .Tpicnic in Inverness
Unit 776, Ladies Auxiliary The Citrus Shrine Club will
Military Order of the Purple host the third annual picnic for
Heart will host a real Military friends, family and members of
Card Party at 11 a.m. Saturday, Annual celebration coming up at college Feb. 9 the Melha Temple of MassachuFeb. 22, at the Point 0' Woods setts at 2p.m. Saturday at Citrus
Clubhouse, 9228 E. Gospel Island Shrine Club, 468 Woodlake Ave.,
Road, Inverness. Special to the Chronicle bration of African-American guests to hear poetry, short Inverness.
Lunch will be served at noon artistic and literary stories, songs and see drama, Hot, fresh-off-the-grill barbeand cards will follow The seventh annual achievements, all from great African-Ameni- cued chicken with all the trimMen are also invited to join in African-American Read-In Highlights to be included can artists and influential mings will be served. Shriners, for the fun and prizes. "Elvis" will will be staged from 2:30 to are readings of work by figures. Masons and friends are welcome.
be on hand, straight from his duty 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 9, at Maya Angelou, Martin After the event, guests will Donation is $12 per person. station in Friedberg, Germany the Learning and Confer- Luther King, Jr and tradi- be treated to refreshments For more information, call If you were in the military, ence Center of the College of tional gospel music such as and receive swag bags with Marcy or Cliff at 352-419-7088 or wear your uniform or military Central Florida Citrus "He's got the Whole World in special gifts. Malcolm at 413-775-2555.
service organization uniform. Campus in Lecanto. The His Hands." For more information,
Those who weren't in the military public is invited. In past years, the event visit www.facebookcom Historical novel club
are asked to wear red, white and The Read-In will be a cele- has attracted more than 230 /citrusaari. Stra
blue in honor of our military per -______________ _________________ to meet Stra
sonnel and veterans.
Cost is $12, which includes The First Florida Chapter of
lunch, coffee and dessert, plus the Historical Novel Society
door prizes. Make your own table meets the first Saturday of each
of four or the ladies will pair you. month in the Community Room at
For reservations, call Tee at 352- O e a io K ep C tr sW mthe Central Ridge Library, 425 W
@yahoo. com, or Linda at 352-344- The business meeting begins at
8196 or 1v~ 1~1p.m. and programs begin at
Reservations must be received by Woflifl I.luL/ 1:30 p.m.
5 p.m. Sunday Feb. 16. .1On Feb. 1, the group will criA portion of the proceeds will provides coats to tique the pros. Attendees should
help support the Honor Flight P bring copies of the first three
Network, a nonprofit organization ma yrsd nspages of a professionally pubto honor America's veterans,.a yIX144~ lished historical fiction novel,
They transport veterans to Wash- plus the book itself Participants
ington, D.C., at no cost to visit and Special to the Chronicle will break up into small groups to
reflct a thir mmorals.Topanalyze the pages via specific cripriority is given to World War 11 Citrus Hills Women's Club ,~teria for good writing. and terminally ill veterans from has provided many county Everyone interested in reading
all wars. Honor Flight Network residents this season withanwrtginheisoclnvl has expanded to include Korean warm coats for cold days and Special to the Chronicle genre is welcome to attend meetWar and Vietnam War veterans, nights. Operation Keep Ileen Zavoda and Nancy Kellow show many of the coats min of l FHSar moe inor
Citrus Warm collected more collected by the Citrus Hills Women's Club during its mation,106 caleaahenn arvt 1o cuspa than 1,000 coats and donated Operation Keep Citrus Warm effort. 727-45-164n(veigs)oii
them to three local charitieswwfhsog
annual dinner, auction for distribution. The coats were a boon for even a number of CHWC
BoyScutTrop 62wil hld When member Ileen Za- many homeless and at-risk members who purchased Fishing Club plans
Boy Scut Trpa 462tiille hold voda proposed the project families during the recent new coats for the children Cits AuSagetio Dinne and pm the women of CHWC re- freezing temperatures. Citrus Hills Women's Club annual Casino Night
Chinesey autio rom 4vtog7lpcm. sponded. Zavoda co-chaired "I wake up each morning President Nancy Kellow The Beverly Hills Fishing Club
Saturay atuch Hope EvNelials the effort with Sheri Tigner thinking about those fami- credits the success of Opera- will have its sixth annual Casino Lutrn Churh,95N Citrus ns During a two-month span at lies" Zavoda said. "I am so tion Keep Citrus Warm to Night at 5 p.m. Saturday at Springs d. Cits Sprgs. regular luncheon meetings proud to be a part of an or- one thoughtful idea and the the VFW, 10087 Vet Lane in oaton$ isn$ atvathe; doo for and a special collection at ganization that will go to many members who opened Beverly Hills. ahidlts ou5nge advane $3. fonr the Citrus Hills Activities great lengths to make good their closets and hearts to Dinner will be served at 6 p.m. iclden younsgett 11winne Center, they were over- things happen in the com- help those in need. and games will follow dinner
sauce (meat or plain), drink and whelmed with the response. munity" "What a great success for Tickets are $12 and include a dinhomemade dessert. Coats piled in by the dozens. While it took a lot of organ- a first-time effort," Kellow ner of pasta, sauce with meatFor more information, call Charities receiving the do- ization, Zavoda said, the out- said. "The Citrus Hills balls, bread, salad, beverage and
Steven Jenks, scoutmaster, at 352- nated coats were the Family pouring of wonderful warm Women's Club plans to con- dessert. 422-4741. Resource Center, Daystar coats in all sizes was almost tinue this charitable project This event is open to the public.
and the Key Training Center overwhelming. There were to keep Citrus warm." For more information, call 352Famiily Fun Night 527-3738 or 352-527-8409.
to be held Saturday Helping with Annual sale benefits
The Spot Family Jam will hosts upkeep SOS Food Mnsr
its monthly Family Fun Night at Mhianul igsetryenfi
5:30 p.m. Saturday at The Spot, Teana a aet eei
405 S.E. Seventh Ave., Crystal Nobles' Ladies President Marcie the SOS Food Ministry will take
River, adjacent to Legrone Park. Valle McPhee recently presented place from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. SaturThe free event offers fun for the Citrus Shrine Club President Cliff day at Good Shepherd Lutheran
whole family with no cost to par- McPhee with a check for $500 Church, 439 E. Norvell Bryant
ticipate. toward the purchase of a new lawn Highway, Hernando (across from
There will be free clothing, a mower for use on the clubhouse Citrus Hills Boulevard and
hot eal beeraespriesgrounds. The Nobles' Ladies help Quality Inn & Suites).
boeho ume s, eares fatrie, freraise money for the club by having There will be a wide selection
groceries, music and an encour- yadsls pnoigmnhyof household goods, Christmas
aging message. Registration socials and other functions at the items, tools, electronics, books,
closs a 7 ~m.Shrine Club, 468 N. Woodlake Ave., collectibles, jewelry, wall art, bedForlo re inomain to voun Inverness. All Masons, Shriners and ding, craft items and furniture.
For ore nfomatin, o voun-their families and friends are teer or to donate to The Spot, call welcome at activities held there.
352-794-3070 or visit online at Join the group at the next social a aiyFrH m rt
wwwTheSpotFamilyCenter org 5; pm. Tlhuirday Feb. 13. For anity for Humanity___


yardsaleotuda Divine dulcimer

Homosassa Lions to do
yard sale on Saturday m r

The Homosassa Lions Club will
host a yard sale starting at 8 a.m. Annual retreat offers workshops, more at Homosassa resort
Saturday at its clubhouse on Hoorsa atil, cos on Special to the Cbronicle Instruments, will cater to all skill levels nationally touring acts.
Fire Station Park._______________Proceeds help fund the club's from folks who have never played an in- Registration is $129 for all four days
charitable work with homeless The second annual Florida Gulf Coast strument before to expert performers. (includes concert admission) with a daily
and residents in need. The club Dulcimer Retreat takes place Thursday What these workshops have in common rate of $40 for those who can only attend gladly accepts books, clothes, through Sunday at the Homosassa are that the instruments are easy to play part of the retreat.
shoes, coats, blankets and eye- Riverside Resort. and there will be a number of loaners Non-participating spouses/friends can
glasses that are no longer needed. Performers Bing Futch, Guy and available, as well as instruments to enjoy boating, fishing or lounging during
Sharrie George and Richard Ash will be purchase. the day and pay $10 for the concert. Both
Learn understand teaching 30 musical instrument work- One of the new classes this year is the the workshops and concert will take
shops, which include instruction in Manatee Orchestra, which will invite reg- place at the Homosassa Riverside Resort. grief following suicide mountain dulcimer, hammered dulcimer, istered guests to perform a few songs be- For more information or to register,
ukulele, Native American flute, penny fore the Saturday night concert, where all visit http://floridagulfcoastdulcimer Hospice of Citrus and the Na- whistle, steel drums and more. the instructors will entertain and demon-, or call 407-342-1447
ture Coast Wings Community Ed- The event, sponsored by Folkcraft strate the skills that have made them or email
ucation will present "Making
Sense of Suicide Grief" at 2 p.m.
Monday at the Wings Education
Center, 8471 W Periwinkle Lane,
Suite A, Homosassa. ...........ewe m osassa area
"Making Sense of Suicide
Grief" is an educational workshop about working through grief
The program can assist people
who are coping with the shock, excruciating grief and complex ..........
emotions that accompany the loss
of a loved one to suicide. Paddy
O'Connor, Ph.D., will moderate
the presentation.
"Making Sense of Suicide
Grief" is offered at no charge, is
open to the public and reservations are suggested. For more in- Red
formation, call Lynn Miller at
352-621-1500. Visit Hospice of Hatters
Citrus and the Nature Coast on
Facebook or at www.hospice Recently, the Walden Woods of Homosassa Red
Hatters had its Christmas
Ridge Masons change luncheon at Silverthorne
Country Club. Prior to the
home base to FCity luncheon, the Red Hatters
contributed an overflowing
Ridge Masonic Lodge No.398 box of toys to Toys For
has moved from Homosassa to Tots in Citrus County.
Floral City and shares the build- Pictured, in back, from
ing with Floral City Lodge No. 133, left, are Nan Ferreira,
8350 E. Orange Ave. queen mom; Barbara Paul,
Ridge Masonic Lodge No.398 secretary; Marilyn Potte;
meets the second Monday of the Joan Hoffman, treasurer;
month at 10:30 a.m. For more in- and Edna Nadonly. Seated
formation, visit www. citrus in the middle are Rose Gordon, Kathleen
Geismann and Pat Becker.
Rummnage sale set at Seated in front are Arlene
Clark, Nurul Beshara and
Stonebrook community Barbara Hixenbaugh.
SNot pictured is Linda The Stonebrook community Liebentritt, vice queen.
will host its annual rummage sale
from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Special to the Chronicle
Feb. 8, at the clubhouse.
In addition to bargains, there
will be handcrafted items in the
Chinese auction, a bake shop featuring lots of homemade baked
goods and a light lunch will be
StonebrookisinHomosassa Swearing-in ceremonies at Flotilla 15-4

Springs off U.S. 19. Follow the
signs to the clubhouse.
For more information, call 330327-6174 or 330-494-9208.

Reiki circle gathers at
Homosassa Library
Reiki Gentle Touch Circle will
meet at the Homosassa Library
from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Tuesday,
Feb. 11 and 25.
Everyone is welcome. For more
information, call Kristie at 352628-5537. .WILBUR B. SCOTT/Special to the Chronicle

Cards, casino Danielle Walker was sworn in Jan. 7 as a new member
of Flotilla 15-4 of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.
will help Lions' causes Walker has the distinction of being the first new
WILBUR B. SCOTT/Special to the Chronicle member of 2014. As part of her processing, Walker Everyone is invited to a Texas Robert Currie was sworn in Jan. 7 as Vice Flotilla Commander of successfully completed the required Team Coordination Hold'ema and Casino Night to ben- Homosassa Flotilla 15-4 of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Vice Training program (TCT). She will now be given the efit the Homosassa Lions Club at Commander Currie brings several years of experience to his new position. opportunity to choose what activities she wishes to 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 15, at the Together with Flotilla Commander David "Rusty" Hays, Currie plans to be become active in and receive additional specialized Lions Clubhouse, 3705 5. Indiana instrumental in achieving the goals Flotilla 15-4 during 2014. These goals training in such areas as crew member aboard one of Ave., across from Fire Station include more time on the water and in the air patrolling the Homosassa the flotilla patrol vessels, member of an air crew, vessel Park in Homosassa. River and Gulf of Mexico by Flotilla 15-4 surface vessels and patrol examiner, communications specialist, public education
The cost to enter the Texas aircraft. In addition, increased public education courses for the boating instructor, marine program visitor and more. For Hold'em Tournament is a $50 public, as well as increased training for Flotilla 15-4 members, is desired. information about becoming a member of Flotilla 15-4,
donation. Reserve seat tickets are Recruitment of new members for the flotilla is also high on the list of contact Ned Barry at 352-249-1042 or nedbarryll5 available. Prizes will be awarded priorities. Pictured, Flotilla 15-4 Commander David "Rusty" Hays Pictured, Flotilla 15-4 Commander Rusty to the top five finishers, administers the oath of office to Vice Commander Robert Currie. Hays swears in new member Danielle Walker.
Cost is a $20 donation. Games
will include blackjack, roulette,
bingo and others. Prizes will be
awarded and there will be a
Chinese auction.
Refreshments and beverages
will be available. Proceeds go to
the Lions Charitable Foundation. Nereids
For more information and tick- d n to
ets, email HomosassaLions@ d n to or call 352-257-138&. to help

Elks Ladies schedule children
annual flea market Nancy Kielmann, president
The West Citrus Ladies of the of the Nereids, presents
Elks will present its annual flea Melissa Bowermaster,
market from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. director of Jessie's Place,
Saturday, Feb. 22, at the lodge, with a donation for the
7890 W Grover Cleveland Blvd. nonprofit organization that
Proceeds benefit charities helps children suffering
support bythe lksLades.from abuse. Jessie's Place To donate items, call Bonnie -isntfdebyheCru Lee at 352-382-0211. County Sheriff's Office or
~Department of Children ing and Families and depends
on donations to serve
Sugamil Choalechildren. The donation is
-- from proceeds of the
Sugarmill Chorale is rehears- i" club's annual card party
ing for its spring concert from ._held in November.
6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursdays at First United Methodist Church of ROCHELLE KAiSERIChronicle
Homosassa, 8831 W Bradshaw St.
All voices are needed. Member- '
ship is open to all singers. For in-formation, call 352-634-2688.


FRIDAY EVENING JANUARY 31,2014 C: Comcast, Citrus B: Bright House D/I:. Comcast, Dunnellon & Inglis F: Oak Forest H: Holiday Heights North 01-31-14
C B D/I F H 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 I 8:30 9:00 I 9:30 110:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 4 K 7 4
O [~W NBC 19 19 News News Ent Access GameNight Dateline NBC (N) (In Stereo) 'PG' News Jay Leno VW A 10 3 2
PWorld Nightly PBS NewsHour (N) (In Washington Florida Great Performances Film adapta- Great Hawking (In Stereo) 2
N WIE PBS 3 3 14 6 News Business Stereo) Week tion of William Luce's play.'14 Romances *PG' 2
O (WiJFT) PBS 5 5 5 41 Journal Business PBS NewsHour (N) Wash Charlie Great Performances (N) '14' Architect World T Smiley A 10 9 6 4
N NBC 8 8 8 8 8 ews Nightly NewsChannel Entertainment Hollywood Game Dateline NBC (N) (In Stereo) 'PG' c News Jay Leno West East
NBC 8 8 8 8 8 News 8 Ton. Night 4 Q 8 5 4 J 10 9 6 2
] WFVABC 20 20 20 News World Jeopardy! Wheel of Last Man Neighbors Shark Tank (N) (In 20/20 (In Stereo) Eyewit. Jimmy y J 9 8 5 y -News (N) G' Fortune Standing Stereo)'PG'm 'PG', News Kimmel K Q J 10 9 7 6 4
10 News, Evening Wheel of Jeopardy! Undercover Boss (N) Hawaii Five-0 (N) (In Blue Bloods "Manhattan 10 News, Letterman K Q 1 0 7 6 4
( P6)CBS 10 10 10 10 10 pm(N) News Fortune (N) G' (In Stereo)'PG' Stereo)'14'c Queens"'14' 11pm(N) 7 3 & 8 5 2
FOX13 6:00 News (N) TMZ (N) The Insider Bones "The Heiress in Raisin Enlisted FOX13 10:00 News (N) News Access South
E) CW FOX 13 13 13 13 (In Stereo) N 'PG' (N) the Hill" (N) '14' Hope '4' (N) PG (In Stereo) N Hollyw'd 4 A 3
D WCJBABC 11 11 4 News ABC Ent Inside Ed. Last Man Neigh SharkTank (N)'PG' 20/20 'PG' c News J. Kimmel V K Q 7 6 4
Christian Today- The Word The Harbinger Truth The Good Life Good Life Today Fruit of the Great
F ( IND 2 2 2 22 22 Fitness Marilyn Decoded News Spirit Awaken + A 8 5
NABC 11 ews World The List Let's Ask Last Man Neighbors SharkTank (N) (In 20/20 (In Stereo) News Jimmy 4 K Q J
SWFTS) ABC 11 11 11 News (N)'PG' America Standing Stereo)'PG'm 'PG' Kimmel
Modern Modern Big Bang Big Bang Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special The Office The Office Family Guy Family Guy Dealer: South F(i IND 12 12 16 Family Family Theory Theory Victims Unit'14 Victims Unit '14 'PG' 'PG' 'PG' '14' Vulnerable: Both
M(IWTTAMNT 6 6 6 9 9 Raymond Seinfeld FamFeud FamFeud Monk'PG'm Monk'PG'm CopsRel. CopsRel. Seinfeld Commun South West North East
m (WA TBN 21 21 Healing The 700 Club (N)'G' Live With Connect Jump Paid IPaid Moore Franklin Paid Prince
King of King of Two and Two and The Carrie Diaries Supernatural "Sharp Engagement Engagement The Arsenio Hall Show 1 V Pass ?
M (WT CW 4 4 4 12 12 Queens Queens Half Men Half Men "Run to You" '14' Teeth"'14' c '14' ,
FAnimal Citrus County Florida Zorro'PG' Beverly Livin' La Treasure I Married I Married Flash Buck Opening lead: K
S KiE) FAM 16 16 16 15 Court Today Court Naturally Hillbillies Vida Hunters Joan Joan Gordon Rogers
E (WON FOX 13 7 7 Simpsons Simpsons Big Bang Big Bang Bones (N) 14' Raising Enlisted FOX 35 News at 10 TMZ'PG' Access
ScWVE1 UNI 15 15 15 15 14 Noticias Notic. Mentir Para Vivir '14' Por Siempre Lo Que la Vida Que Pobres Noticias Noticiero _Bridgoe
M (WXPX) ION 17 Leverage 'PG' c Leverage '14' c Leverage 'PG' c Burn Notice 'PG' Burn Notice 'PG' Burn Notice 'PG'
S 54 48 54 25 27 The First 48'14' e The First4814' The First 48 "Brutal The First 48'14' m The First 48'14' m The First 48'14' m PHILLIP ALDER
48 54 25 27 Business"'14' In
"Batman Begins"(2005, Action) Christian **** "Braveheart"(1995, Historical Drama) Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Patrick McGoohan. NewspaperEnterpriseAssn. 55 64 55 Bale, Michael Caine. PG-13' m A Scottish rebel rallies his countrymen against England.'R' c
-Finding Bi foot: Further To Be Announced Treehouse Masters: Treehouse Masters (In Treehouse Masters (N) Treehouse Masters (In Daisy Donovan, an American-born English I) 52 35 52 19 2 Evidence G' Out on a Limb 'PG' Stereo) 'PG' (In Stereo)'PG' Stereo) 'PG' television presenter, actress and writer, said,
106 & Park: BET's Top "The Last Fall"(2012, Drama) Lance Gross, Nicole Beharie. An NFL Being Mary Jane Being Mary Jane N "All Bridget Jones did was give us a word for it 96 19 96 10 Live (N) PG player struggles with life after his career is over. 'NR' N 'Mixed Messages"
BRiAV) 254 51 254 Housewives/Atl. Housewives/Atl. *Y "Gone in Sixty Seconds" (2000) Nicolas Cage. *th "Gone in Sixty Seconds" (living alone) singleton which was the
South Park Tosh.0 Colbert Daily Show Futurama Futurama Tosh.0 Tosh.0 Key & Key & *** "Scott Pilgrim worst possible thing."
(C) 27 61 27 33 14' '14' Report '14' '14' '14' '14' Peele'14' Peele 14' vs. theWorld" In bridge, though, being able to show a sini 98 45 98 28 37 Reba 'PG' Reba 'PG' Reba 'PG' Reba 'PG' The Dukes of Hazzard **Y "Major League"(1989) Tom Berenger. A ragtag team Dukes- gleton is sometimes the best possible thing a 98 45 98 28 37 'PG tries to turn its poor performance around. R' Hazzard player can do. Look at today's North hand.
(l 43 42 43 Mad Money (N The Kudlow Report American Greed American Greed American Greed Mad Money After South opens one heart, what should
(ii 40 29 40 41 46 Situation Crossfire Erin Burnett OutFront Anderson Cooper Piers Morgan Live Crossfire Unguard Anthony Bourd.
Jessie I Austin & A.N.T Jessie "Cloud9"(2014, Drama) Dove Liv & Good- IAustin & Good- Austin & North respond? c46 40 46 6 5 G' Ally 'G' Farm 'G' G' c Cameron. (In Stereo) c Maddie Charlie Ally 'G' Charlie Ally 'G' The North hand is strong enough to force to
( P) 33 27 33 21 17 SportsCenter (N) (Live) c NBA NBA Basketball:Thunder at Nets NBA Basketball game. It contains 14 support points (11 highESil2 34 28 34 43 49 A round Pardon Profile: 60 SportCtr SportsNation (N) Boxing Friday Night Fights. (N) (Live) SportsCenter (N) card and three for the singleton, given the
(WT 95 70 95 48 A Miracle Loves Olam Daily Mass'G' Life on the Rock'G' Campus IRosary ICrossing Evange Parables Women known nine-card or better fit) and only seven
S** "Holes"(2003) Sigourney Weaver. A woman forces *** "Dolphin Tale" (2011, Drama) Harry ConnickJr. The 700 Club (In S 29 52 29 20 28 boys at a detention camp to dig holes. 'PG' People band together to save a dolphin's life.'PG' Stereo) 'G' c losers (the number for a raise to game). If you
*1'u "Outside Providence"(1999) Shawn "Junior" (1994, Comedy) Arnold * "The Three Musketeers"(1993) Charlie use the Jacoby Forcing Raise, you could reFE) 118 170 Hatosy. (In Stereo)'R' c Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito.'PG-13' Sheen. (In Stereo)'PG' c spond two no-trump, but it is much better to
(Fi 44 37 44 32 Special Report Greta Van Susteren The O'Reilly Factor The Kelly File (N) Hannity (N) The O'Reilly Factor jump to four diamonds, a splinter bid announcI 26 56 26 Eat Street IEatStreet Diners Diners Diners |Diners Diners |Diners Diners, Drive Diners |Diners ing at least game-going values, four or more
( ) 732 112 732 Super Bowl Fox 1 on Fox 1 on Fox Sports 1 on 1 Women's Soccer Friendly: USA vs. Canada. FOX Sports Live (N) ing at least game-going values, four or more
(iE 35 39 35 Driven Magic NBA Basketball Milwaukee Bucks at Orlando Magic. IMagic IMagic Classics From Nov. 6, 1989. hearts and a singleton (or void) in diamonds.
H30 60 30 51 ow I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met Y' "What Happens in Ve as" (2008, Romance-Comedy) *Y "What Happens in Vegas" That reduces South's losers to three: one
) 30 60 30 51 Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kulcher. PG-13' (2008) Cameron Diaz. spade, one heart and one club. He now knows
IF 727 67 727 PGA Tour Golf Central PGA Tour Golf Waste Management Phoenix Open, Second Round. PGA Golf that, if necessary,
iL 59 68 59 45 Little House on the Little House on the The Waltons "he The Waltons "The Frasier'PG' Frasier PG' Fraser PG Fraser he can ruff his low diamonds on the board.
59 68 59 45 54 Prairie 'G'mc Prairie 'PG' c Wager" 'G' cc Spirit" 'G'N he can ruff his low diamonds on the board.
*' "Mission: Impossible"(1996, Action) Tom True Detective "Seeing True Detective "The Real Time With Bill Real Time With Bill South then uses some form of Blackwood to flI) 302 201 302 2 2 Cruise. (In Stereo)'PG-13' m Things"'MA' Locked Room"'MA' Maher (N)'MA' c Maher'MA' find out that his partner has the missing aces
* 2' "Meet the *' "Warm Bodies"(2013) Nicholas Hoult. (In ** "The Incredible Burt REAL Sports With "The and spade king (never splinter with a singleton 303 202 303 Fockers" (2004) c Stereo) 'PG-13' c Wonderstone"(2013) Steve Carell. Bryant Gumbel'PG' Apparition' king) and bids seven hearts.
(IIII 23 57 23 42 52 Hunt Intl tl HHunt Intl Hunt Intl Ren. Ren. Ren. Ren. Hunters Hunt Intl Hunt Intl Hunt Intl After West leads the diamond king, how
The Crumbling of Pawn Stars Pawn Stars Counting Counting Counting Counting Counting Countin Counting Counting 51 54 51 32 42 America'PG' 'PG' 'PG' Cars'PG' Cars PG Cars 'PG' Cars PG Cars'PG' Cars'PG' Cars'PG' Cars should South plan the play?
FWife Swap "Finley/ Wife Swap Stockdale/ "Murder on the 13th Floor"(2012, Suspense) "Abducted: The Carlina White Story"(2012, The only danger is a 4-0 trump split. If East 24 38 24 31 Stonerock"'14' Tonkovic"'PG' Sean PatrickThomas. 'NR' c Docudrama) Aunjanue Ellis. c has all four hearts, declarer is down. But if
*50 119 "Mistaken Identity" (1999, Drama) **Y "The Brooke Ellison Story"(2004) Mary "Bringing Ashley Home" (2011, Docudrama) West has them, South is safe as long as he
M50 119 elissa Gilbert. (In Stereo)'NR' c Elizabeth Mastrantonio.'PG' c A.J. Cook. (In Stereo) 'NR' s
3 "Wrath of the **' "The Hobbit:An UnexpectedJourney"(2012) lan McKellen. Bilbo Banshee "Bloodlines" Banshee "Bloodlines" starts with his trump king (or queen), keeping
320 221 320 3 3 Titans"(2012) Baggins joins the quest to reclaim a lost kingdom. c 'MA'A A' c dummy's ace and 10 over West's jack. When
ol42 41 42 oiticsNation (N) Hardball witn unnrs All in WIt Unns Hayes ne Hachel Maddow LocKup (' LocKup East shows out, declarer finesses in hearts
42 41 42 Matthews (N) c (N) Show (N) through West and claims all the tricks via two
S 109 65 109 44 53 ultimate Survival Alaska State Troopers Alaska State Troopers Alaska State Troopers Ultimate Survival Alaska State Troopers spades, five hearts, one diamond and five
10 5194 3Alaska'PG' 14' 14' 14' Alaska'PG' 14'spd ,fiehatoe im nd ndiv
(liiif) 28 36 28 35 25 Sponge. Sponge. Sam& Sam& Thunder IThunder Full H'se Full H'se Full H'se Full H'se Friends IFriends clubs.
Wi 103 62 103 Oprah: Where Now? Oprah:Where Now? Oprah:Where Now? Oprah:Where Now? Diamond Diamond Oprah:Where Now? THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME
(x 44 123 ** "Love Don't Cost a Thing" (2003) ** "Next Friday" (2000) Ice Cube.'R' ** "Next Friday" (2000) Ice Cube.'R' by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
A*' "Sinister" (2012, Horror) Ethan Hawke, House of Episodes Billy Joel: A Matter of Trust- The Billy Joel: A Matter of Trust The_
340 241 340 4 James Ransone. (In Stereo) 'R' Lies 'MA MA' Bridge to Russia (N) 14, L Bridge to Russia 14, 1 Unscramble these four Jumbles,
Cops Cops 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Cops'PG' ps toe o each square
(~XD 37 43 37 27 36 14c 14"cc Bounty'PG Bounty'PG Bounty'PG Bounty N PG [form four ordinary words.
(STHI 370 271 370 (2004) PG-13' C. Reilly. (In Stereo) PG' c Smith.'PG-13' c faces a mutiny.'MA' GA E
I' "Th Noeok 1('Wrek-f)alh"(02 Voce of Johnly (I SAteereho)13Jae Blckal'Prtea
ii 36 31 36 aomen's College Future C-USA Tampa Bay Rays Encore The New College Clash at Clairemont w I
36 31 36 Basketball Phenoms Show. Football Show wat for
@2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC the
3 5 "2012" (2009) Helix "Single Strand" WWE Friday Night SmackDown! (N) (In Stereo) Helix "The White Bitten "Trespass" (In A Rights the Super game.
( F ) 31 59 31 26 29 JohnCusack. '14' 'PG'a Room" (N) '14' Stereo) '14 'G gTgaIU Yowmcon ra c ve \
( ) 49 23 49 16 19 Seinfeld ISeinfeld Seinfeld Fam.Guy **"HotTubTimeMachine" (2010) "American Wedding" (2003)'NR' TINUY us record pro itsur
1 5 3 "An Fonda on Fonda'G' **Y' "First Men in the Moon" (1964, Science ***y "The Time Machine" (1960, Science quarters. )
169 53 169 30 35 Wednesday"(1966) Fiction) Edward Judd. 'NR' c Fiction) Rod Taylor.'G' m (DVS) I,(A
Gold Rush "Death of a Gold Rush Todd faces Gold Rush: Pay Dirt Gold Rush "Medevac" Bering Sea Gold (N) (In Gold Rush "Medevac"I (Il 53 34 53 24 26 Dream"'PG' c eviction.'PG' "Fantasy Land (N) (N)'PG' c Stereo)'14' c 'PG' c BLOONG
(110 50 46 50 29 30 SayYes ISay Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes ISay Yes Say Yes ISay Yes Borrowed Borrowed SayYes Say Yes
3 "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" (2012) Y2 "Kinky Boots" (2005) Joel Edgerton. A "Breakin pwards"(2009) Conceplon T
(ii) 350 261 350 Riz Ahmed. (In Stereo) 'R' N man tries to save his father's factory Daryl Wein.' 'NR
Castle "Pandora"'PG' Castle "Linchpin"'PG' Cold Justice (N) '14' c APB With Troy Dunn Cold Justice '14' c APB With Troy Dunn H PNNANT COMPANY
48 33 48 31 34 (DVS) c (DVS) (N) c MORRAY j HYIN^ A --~(li) 38 58 38 33 OpenSn ISteven Adven Teen NinaGo INinaGo King/Hill Cleveland American |American Fam. .y Guy Now arrange the circled letters
(iI 9 106 9 44 The Dead Files: Q&A Ghost Adventures Ghost Adventures Ghost Adventures The Dead Files'PG' The Dead Files'PG' J]to form the surprise answer, as
(EiijV 25 55 25 98 55 World's Dumbest... Most Shocking Most Shocking Most Shocking World's Dumbest... World's Dumbest... suggested bytheabovecartoon.
1) 32 49 32 34 24 Griffith IGriffith Gilligan Gilligan Gilligan Gilligan Everybody-Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Raymond Ans.
Law& Order: Special Characters Unite: NFL Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern here: A A
A 47 32 47 17 18 Victims Unit'14 Stars(N) c Family Family Family Family Family Family Family Family (Answers tomorrow)
Law & Order Law & Order "Pro Se" Marriage Boot Camp: Marriage Boot Camp: Marriage Boot Camp: Marriage Boot Camp: Jumbles: ADMIT ARENA ITALIC NEPHEW
117 69 117 "Girlfriends"'PG' a '14' e Bridez las'14' m Bridez t las Reunion Where Where Yesterday's Answer: When she wasn't working her 9-to-5 job, she
W 18 18 18 18 20 Funny Home Videos Funny Home Videos ** "The Net" (1995) Sandra Bullock.'PG-13' Mother other Rules studied acting- PART-TIME

ACROSS for words Answer to Previous Puzzle earAnnie: I have a weren't trying to hurt me. But friends and anyone I know
1 Cruise ship 37 Fish-to-be question regarding the I recently saw pictures of that marriage is the hardest
6 Tied up the 38 Meshed IX M B appropriateness of a them celebrating on New "job" they would ever have. It
utensil IBH
12 phoneMu al 39 Braun A BE A R EA BL C grandfather sleeping with a 5- Year's Eve. The same friend takes a lot of effort and com12 Musical
instruments of rockets FEN TBAR RAN K year-old granddaughter dur- told me it was a spur-of-the- mitment from both sides to
14 Be a pilot 4 C ring EXACT IN ND Y ing visits to her family home. moment thing, that they had make it work, but anything
15 Nod or wink agent PET A KA In this case, the grandmother no plans to celebrate, but cir- worth having is worth work16 Call again 42 Matched batch and grandfather take turns cumstances allowed it when ing as hard as you can to
17 Ms,Thurman 43 Mom's girl UT IL A sleeping in the their shifts ended. achieve it. The benefits far
Fiction" 44 pAfte same bed with the When I asked the outweigh the bad parts.
18 JAMA readers 46 ok splitely O UNC E A IM UR granddaughter other friend, she I could have cheated nu19 "Thrilla in 48 Lodge REARS O BO E I feel this is most gave a flippant re- merous times, but when I
21 Mr a boxer 51 hallenging R EEDS S inappropriate and mark as if it didn't pledged my vows, I meant
21 Trukers'riddle
radios 55 Juice source R EN E S PUR IOU S sends very mixed matter every word. Obviously, "Mass23 "- -Tiki" 56 Ceremony O V A L E L IA M R I messages to the Am I being over- achusetts" and "Harry" were
26 Shepherd's 57 Asked for S ECS T ENT AD child. I have read sensitive? Is it too not quite so sincere. Those
place alms
27 Barely 58 Makes a loan A LT A G E RUM some research that much to think they two have not only betrayed
scrape by 5 Gallivant 11 Md. neighbor suggests it could have called their spouses, but also their
28 Chops fine DOWN 6 Lawns 13 Trousers shouldn't be done or texted me to children.
30 Financial mag 1 CD preceders 7 Say decidedly 19 Epic by Virgil after the age of 8, join them? I sat at You want to mess around?
31 Cigar residue 2 Sundial 8 Soft leather 20 Footman or at reaching pu- home, ringing in Get a divorce first. I have no
33 Lap dogs 3 mehrse h 2 id cousins berty. What is your ANNIE'S the New Year idea what either of your
35 loss 4 Indifference 10 Depot info 25 The jitters take? Concerned M AILBOX alone. My gut tells spouses has done to deserve
Want more puzzles? 26 Cosmetic Cousin me to move along, the blatant disrespect you
Check out the "Just Right Crossword Puzzles" books target Dear Cousin: Unless one of What do you think? two have shown, but I hope
at 3 4 7u8l9 10 1.I 28 oot head the grandparents is molesting -Afterthought they can find happiness with
29 Char a steak the child, this is nothing to be Dear Afterthought: Your someone else after your
23 14 34 Dusk alarmed about. The grand- gut is right. These friends are divorce.
36 Walk shakily parents don't live with the no longer interested in mak- What absolutely floors me
4 t at family and don't sleep with ing the effort to include you. is that you would write to
45 Move little by the girl on a regular basis. We Please search for friendships Annie's column, which is
2) 21 22 a 24 as little suspect this arrangement has elsewhere. There's no reason published across the country,
47 Indigo plant more to do with the lack of to sit home alone because asking her for suggestions to
48 Director
Reiner beds during a visit and the others don't call. Make your help you cheat. The only feel49 Prior to desire to spend extra time own plans. Get involved in ac- ing I have for you is absolute
50 Hang loOsely with a young grandchild. If tivities that will allow you to contempt You Disgust Me
52 Desperado's the girl objects (and if she meet others and become
piece doesn't now, she will later), more interesting in the Annie's Mailbox is written
53 Off one's
rocker other arrangements should process. by Kathy Mitchell and Marcy
43 54 Unser and be made such as a sleeping DearAnnie: This is in re- Sugar longtime editors of the
Gore bag or an air mattress. sponse to the letter from Ann Landers column. Please
DearAnnie: I have two girl- "Massachusetts," who is hav- email your questions to friends I've been very close to ing an affair with "Harry,",
for several years. We are all her childhood sweetheart, or write to: Annie's Mailbox,
in our 40s. Recently, we have even though both of them are Creators Syndicate, 737 Third
grown apart. I've seen Face- married to others. Street, Hermosa Beach, CA
book postings of things they I have been married to the 90254. To find out more about
1-1 @ 2014 UFS. Dist. by Universal Uclick for UFS are doing and pictures of ac- same woman for 35 years, Annie's Mailbox and read
tivities they've done together, and it has not always been a features by other Creators
and I haven't been invited to bed of roses. My job placed a Syndicate writers and carany of them. lot of stress on our marriage. toonists, visit the Creators
U Look for Sudoku and Wordy Gurdy puzzles in the Classified pages. I mentioned this to one of But we persevered. I have al- Syndicate Web page at
them, who assured me they ways told my kids, their ww


Peanuts Garfield

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IF TI-C WEREl A M RVEA1 Grr!50 WIYJLD P WOR BUTIEL LIFER 36 LCON'TO- _______________________________HIM,
EFFORT ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 4~K MAKING SURE MAO CLTRUG NRHIJX NTEHL FTRC-S. rasCEAE R TOAPE1~

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Kit 'N' Carlyle Rubes Dennis the Menace The Family Circus

kitnarilefcomastfleE wCo~n~is~cn ILL,TLLEE. VEw
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-1. Q "How 'but we cook up some
-P 214 FS, nc.American toast this morning 'stead
0 itr ibu tea by Vn iversal IJcit Ikafo U FS --o rn hta t ky o m ?
'PO A LOT OF iWaOS MAKEF YOU NERVOUS, o rnhtat ky om? NW.WILSON1 OR is rrJta6r M~qP
Doonesbu ry
I PtonfCI FRZOM LAYE GRf5? CANCtE? ID R~Nt AN Ir W F~Q 1 OUR Ot(LINS 016110 0


To place an ad, call 563=5966

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The Time

Diabetic Test Strips Lots at Fero Memorial HOMOSASSA Ones in My Home tortoise shell cat 8 2 9 594 7 3
a diabetic needs Selling Separately or LIONS CLUB Clean, caring exp n vcnty f 4884 7 3
unopenedunexpired together 352-746-5019 INDOOR YARD exc. ref. 352-476"7159 Dunnellon Rd 1/24 C> -7 8 1 5 9S -3 4
boxes, we pick-up, call 4POSTER FULL SZ SALE. Washer and Dryer (352) 563-2987 liI .
Mike 386-266-7748 BEDROOM SET 7PC SAT. Feb 1st, Fridgidaire Heavy 0111 2 314 6 7 5 81
$$WE PAY CASH$$ light pine, no mattress, 8am -1pm Duty, white, exc. cond B
boxspring,great cond. SR 490 $125. ea. :L 1 5 2 3 8 7 9 6
$700. (352) 301-1219 For more info (570) 240-1707 3
BEVERLY HILLS call 428-7679 I -2 7
1/31 & 2/1 9A-3P HOMOSASSA Bring Bowe Home! 2 5'351 9
Sectional, Sm DR Tbl, Padala Medical 7 & 6 4
bakers rack, 3 TV's w/ Sat 2/1, 8a-2p
stands, washing 7340 W Vineyard Dr BUYING JUNK CARS Afahanistan POW Center 4 5
mach, and M Fr. Longfellow fol. signs Running or Not for over 4 years Located in Lecanto
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(352) 771-6191 YORKIE, Male, 5 Ibs, Army Sgt Bowe Accepting new
BEVERLY HILLS CRAFTS & MORE Blue & Gold w/ long Bergdahl has been Patients all ages.
1/31 & 2/1 9am-2pm Thurs. 30th through Diabetic Test Strips legs. Lost on Duval a POW in Afghani- Open M-F until 8 pm
Fenton, Hallmark, Sat. Feb. 1st. 8a-3p a diabetic needs Island 11/23. stan for over 4-1/2 Call for appt
Barbies, Just to name 3104 S. Buckley Pt. unopened, unexpired $300 Reward years. Bowe is an 352-436-4428
a few of Grandma's bu for safe return, Idaho resident but Walk-ins Welcome/
Collection. INVERNESS Mike 386-266-7748 pictures avail, on Citrus County con- Urgent Care
3156 N Starflower Ter Fri. & Sat. 8a-3p Lake $$WE PAY CASH$$ facebook siders him one of Precious Paws
BE HL Tsala Gardens Club FREE REMOVAL @helpfindjack-jack ours and is doing it's Rescue, Inc.
BEVERLY HILLS House Yard Sale Off Appliances, AC Units (352) 398-6774 best to show our www.preciouspaws
Fri & Sat 8am-3pm Hwy 44 E. Pink Signs Riding Mowers, Scrap support and bring O E 5Otb
Tellthat98 S. Columbus St. INVERNESS Metals, 352-270.4087 the awareness to Crysta Riye Ma
Tell that special Chain Saw everyone that we Thursday-Sunday
14" electric with 2 new Melody Mobile Home 12pm4pm
person chains Park Rummage Sale need to Bring Bowe F l 2 p tion
Ha Brthd Ha $50; In Clubhouse CHIHUAHUA MIX Home. If you are an Flora City Adoption
with aH claduty ecr SAT. Feb. 1. 9AM-3PM bown, white & black individual or a busi- Cente 7358S
a siiie r 913 Hoffmann Lane found 1/27 at Royal ness that would likeW ida Ave Sa 0-2pm
ad under Happy (352) 794-6761 o a Pet Supermarket-Inv
Notes. Off old Floral City Rd. Metal Oaks Dog Park to be involved with
Only $28.50 please call this project by dis- 'RIEscu. (Cats & Kiens only)
inlde a2.5 pht imf KAYAK Recycling Best Prices Low CostTeltaspcl
includes a photo Hobie Mirage for your cars or trucks (352) 341-0611 playing theBOWe Low Cot Tell that special
CRYSTAL RIVER Outback, like new. also biggest U-Pull-It RECEIPE BOOK d genTAOTN p a/ von
Call our Classified 4715 North Sandy Path Peddles, sail, & pad- with thousands of vehi- Left in a shopping cart petitions signed/ Saturday,9a-p ers are avail. peers
Dept for details FRI 7-1 AND SAT 8-2. die. Depth finder. les offering owes pce a he Crytal River fundraising for a INVERNESS 726-4700 for Info. Happy Birthday
cl.Det fnerAUDofeigIoesTOie atteIrstlRie with a classified
352-563-5966 4 rod holders & 3 for parts 352-637-2100 Publixs'. Call to identify billboard/ donating, ADTad under Happy
352.267.8026 storage comp. $800 (352) 563-0756 etc please contact (352) 527-9050 to CAT Notes.
(352)25.27826cm.01 ___ Susan at: rehome small dogs ADOPTIONS Only $28.50
Crystal River (352) 228-4018 352-637-6206 www.ahumanesocie includes a photo
Fri, Sat 8am to 2pm LECANTO or cvn2719@vahoo.
turn, hshld,much more Fri & Sat 8a-2p Collection of Lecanm More detailsCall our Classified
YOU'LL 0 THIS! 9579 W Laurel Oak Ln Too Much to List C o m Gles. as well as the peti- 7J Dept for details
2608 W Express Lane High Prom Glasses. tion can be found at 352-563-5966
CRYSTAL RIVER LECANTO (352) 560-6108 1dvoaeIvIImI
Remember Sat 2/1, 8am Sat, Febist 8a-lp FreeA1988 Mto Iramwo Adopta 111111.1
Remeber Boy Scout Troop 415 Preiu Momets e Flea Market Items _',______ TOZ6scUd Pet,,,
BoylScoutnroop 415 recious Moments & books, dishes, silverValentine's Day Annual Yard Sale Beanie Baby Collecti- ware & household S
is Friday, Methodist Church bles; Christmas Light we & house _U_11__,, ,,,,,
February 14th. Hwy 495 up's & blow-ups. Other (315) 466-228 Ta
DESK Hoiday decorations. (315) 466-2268
LDDRK 1941 portable Singer Free Horse Manureget COME SEE
SOLID DARK WOOD Sewing Machine in a truck or bucket full. Remember our adorable cats SWING BAND LOOKw/hutch and 7 drawers. case,_pristine. Oil weekends. Band kittens that are ING FOR MUSICIANS
Great for home case, 3risti. BRING BOWE HOME! Valentine's Day T available for The Premier Big Band
Gr office. Ex Cond painting, jewelry & 352-344-2321 is Friday, is looking for anyone
$265. Exc2C-n12 much more! Free oak firewood, Afahanistan POW February 14th. cage free home swho plays, Sax,
Let your significant 4958 W Crystal Oaks 352-344-2321 for over 4 years 'oW,dc-,r environment. Trombone and
much you love DUNNELLON Tennessee Walker View our adoptable WE ARE OPEN Trumpets and bass.
them with a Fri & Sat 9a to 4p Magic Chef Hound, Male, Army Sgt Bowe dogs @ www. 10:00 AM. till 1:00 Contact us at
special message Furniture, hshld. items Chest Freezer Neutered, 1 yr old Bergdahl has been adoptarescuednet PM. thenremierbiafrom you in the antiques, jewlrey, AC, 7.2 cubic ft. (352) 586-7581 a POW in Afghani- .com or call & 200 PM 4PM
Chronicle 5398 W Grovepark $150. obo stan for over 4-1/2 352-795-9550 Monday-Saturday. or Call
Classifieds. Rd, off Rt 488, (352) 464-0100 years. Bowe is an Let your significant ADOPTIONS All Cats and Kittens (352)344-8122
follow signs Men's 26" 3spd Idaho resident but other know how are held every are micro-chipped,
$14.95 Free Spirit Bicycle Citrus County con- much you love Saturday, 10a 12p altered, & tested for
Includes 20 lines of FLORAL CITY exc. condo. $60. FRESH CITRUS siders him one of them with a PetSupermarket Feline Luk and Aids. C m e
$14.5c old s 2 FRESH CITRUS ours and is doing it's special message (exceptions below) Upkto date
copy or 10 lines of UNITED METHODIST Golf Bag Rack, holds 2 @BELLAMY GROVE best to show our from you in the **************** on vaccines for age
copy or a photo. CHURCH bags, has 3 shelves Located 1.5 mi. E. on support and bring Chronicle Sat. 2/1 appropriate.
copy and a photo. Used Treasure Sale $100. (352) 527-7919 Eden Dr from hwy 41Chaole 9poe
Feb. 1, 8:30 till Noon E4 the awareness to Classifieds. Sam 3p Phone 352-613-1629 4 Choice Cemetery
Call 563-5966 8478 E. Marvin St. MINI FARMS STRAWBERRIES everyone that we $14.95 Best Friends Fest Visit us at Lots at Fero Memorial
Deadline is GE Range, white Saturday Ist, 8am-12N COLLARD GREENS need to Bring Bowe Includes 20 lines of Citrus Cnty Aud. www.hofsnha.ora. Selling Separately or
Thursday self-cleaning electric 7969 N. Fairport Ave. GIFT SHIPPING Home. If you are an copy or 10 lines of ** or stop by our of- together 352-746-5019
February 13th at exc. cond. $150. NordicTrack EXP1000X 8:30a-5p Closed Sun. individual or a busi- copy and a photo. We are in NEED fices at 1149 N Co1:00pr. GE Microwave, white TREADMILL 352-726-6378 ness that would like Call 563-5966 of Fosters to save nant Ave. Corner of
over the range $75. Works/Great Condition to be involved with more dogs. To 44 andC
(570) 240-1707 Asking $400. OBO. Call this project by dis- Deadline is foster or volunteer Conant.
GE Refrigerator, white 352-257-3547 Can playing the Bowe Thursday please contact us Look for the big
side by side, water, Email Pictures decal/ getting February 13th at or visit PetSuper- white building with
ice on the door $400. OLD HOMOSASSA Lost Black Cat petitions signed/ 1:00pm. market, Inverness the bright paw prints. SECRETARY
GE Dishwasher, white Saturday 2/1 8am-? Nm Mma udasn o
$100. (570) 240-1707 5712 S. Boulevard Dr Last seen Paradise Pt. billboard/ donating, For a fast paced office!
Golf Clubs & Bag, PINE RIDGE Road. by Ale House etc. please contact MUST have the ability to
REWARD Susan at: g*multi task, communicate
Wilson Pro Full Set, Saturday. 1st, 8am (727) 481-3010 352-637-6206 professionally and have
excel, cond. $75 MOVING, or cvn2719@vahoo. profecelln cof
ILPing Pone Table, Various Items Lost #1E po~e tsuc s Ofexcellent Microsoft
Ping Png Table Vaiu STUItm DRGold/Diamond com More details Office skills. To Apply:
brand new, paddle 2769 STURIP DRIVE Bracelet as well as the peti- construction resume
balls instruction book Riding Mower Crystal River Area tion can be found at Cck(amailsife
pd. $250. asking $125 2012 Troy Bilt, Auto, Will Identify advocate4victims. (Y )w im om
(352) 584-5976 42", 20 HP, $825 (352)422-6030 a/w, www.chronicleonline.comDF
GRAY TILE, 10 boxes Gas Weed eater
+ 1 broken box, Troy Bilt $65
3 PIECE LIVING ROOM 13"x13", 14.3 sq. ft. (352) 794-6761
SET 3 PIECE LIV- must take all $100. Rocking Chair,
INGROOM SET Dual (352) 527-7919 Couch Bench &
reclining fabric sofa, HERNANDO Entrance Table $100 Hair Stylist
Ioveseat and rocker re- Fri. & Sat., 8a to 5p Home made Quilt ..
liner. Very good condi- Frit, offie Home 5 for J Clientele preferred,
tion. ose desk, Kg. Bed Frame, (352) 795-7254 not necessary. Salon
smokers in house. dMuch More. Schwinn Airdyne Bev Hills 352-527-9933
$500.00. 352-400-4924. 6446 N Golden Rain Stationary Bike,
Cir. RiverLake Manor electronic computer,
1993 Yamaha Golf HERNANDO excel, cond. Pd. $600.=_ :-..
Cart, blue, full side & Sat 2/1 8:00 am Asking $ :
rear curtains, comes BIG MOVING SALE (352) 584-5976
with battery charger Living Room Furn, Ken- Walk Boards PERSONAL
& 2 extra tires, new more Sewing Mach- 2 @ 16 ft each
batteries 2 months ing, Some Antiques $650 eaT 12 ft Walk ASSISTANT
old. exc. condition and Much More Board $500
$1500. (352) 513-4287 4085 E Woodduck Ln (352) 795-6160 LIVE IN ONLY
Elderlycouple needs
QQQGWROo assist housekeeper/manager
S udoku *****% Dutes include care
-giver assistance.
~board in lovely home
on Homosassa River.
~Generous wages and
4 5 1 .............. ............................... time off.
4 5 1 _ 2Send Resume ~with easily verifiable references to:
~Blind Box 1853
1624 N Meadowcrest

5 ...4. delivering The Citrus the following areas oefrotEaltom

9__4 7 8County Chronicle. We are

..... people loigto deliver the deedbnews Citrus tlSprings

3 7 on routes that are already Leat
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5....., arriers must be 18 years Homosassa fiedadunder
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5 old, have reliableBe e l Hisinuda

3-by-3box cntainthe numbers thrugh 9 transportation, a valid Cl u
drve s ic nsfa dApply in parson Citrus County Chroniclefodeal
automobile insurance.rsa1624 N.RerMeadowcrest 2Blvd ___CrytalRierFL3449I

PadWeekly mH uobkboLEm ar tmeorFul im

I Enineeing ees !For High Quality
Oral Surgery Office.
Up t $20 vale |Springhill/Lecanto % 1 O00H04 Experience a must.
Siding 'Soffit 'Fascia 'Skirting' Roofovers,' Carports, Screen Rooms' Decks 'Windows' Doors 'Additions GE mail Resu me To: www.advancedalu min vahoocon



EXP MEDICAL Parttime Servers, Pest Control Security for a we MOV electric, white
CODING/BILLING Bartenders and Inspectors/Sales Shelter **352-634-3935** clean, works good.
FIT Wanted Dishwashers. $125. Homosassa
for office based Wanted 0 Ciu Parttime Evenings (678)617-55600
medical practice in Sumter Co. Salary, Fax or e-mail resume 352-513-5580
Inverness. Skyview Restaurant Plus Commissions. 352-489-8505 VAC. ACCESSORIES
Fax Resume to:Hills Company vehicle. sipperd@ Filter Queen hose
(352) 726581 aol inero APPLY IN PERSON
(352) 726-5818 N iE.GLe 16 ONE QUART OLD excellent condition.
2100 N Terra Vista 3447 E. Gulf to Lake --J OIL CANS MUST TAKE $50 call 527-6425
Blvd., Mon-Sun Hwy. ALL. ONLY 75.00
8:00-1 0:00am AL.OL 50 VACUUM Accessories
Part-time or 3:00-5:00p 352 464 0316 Filter Queen Power
Licensed Basic Tlrde/ head & wand
SExcellent condition
X-Ray Tech: Skil MEDICAL $50 each. 527-6425
OFFICE Washer & Dryer
petitive salary, par- PAINTERS, Exp. white, Good Cond.
tial benefits. Two of- 3 40 1NEE $100 ea
352-400-0501_ DUDLEY SCall Homosassa
rce locations in Cit- 35-0-51NEE!DUDLEY'S (678) 617-5560
rus County. Mini- Too Jay's Gourmet
mum of 2 years exp. Deli is currently Train to become a or 352-628-3258
in a medical office Medical Office e Thursday 1-30-14 Washer and Dryer
ina edca ofie hiring year round Hel a-itat Thrsa FrigidireHea
within the state of positions in both oAssistant. NO Walk About Fridgidaire Heavy
Florida. Must pass our restaurants EXPERIENCE Auction.. 3:00 pm Duty, white, exc. cond 7
national back- ocated n AWESOME NEEDED! Online full sale outside w/ $125. ea.
ground check. Dig- The Villages. We are training gets you Job furniture and quality (570) 240-1707
ital x-ray exp prerrd. interested in sup- JOBS! ready ASAP. HS ned nsd Treasures WASHER OR DRYER
Mail Resume, porting you achieve Diploma/GED & to tools $145.00 Each. Reliable,
No Faxes Accepted: your New Year plans Now hiring 18-25 PC/Internet needed! to tools $145.00 E celle,
Citrus Podiatry by encouraging you guys and gals. Travel (888)528-5547 eSundav 2-2 14 Clean, Like New, Excel- HERMAN
y gAntique & Collecti- lent Working Cond, 60 13 LaghingStock IntrainI it by nvra UCikfrU 2014
Center, PA, P.O. Box to bring your talents entire USA w unique ble Auction 1:00 pm day Guar.Free Del/Set
1120, Lecanto, FL to us for a new business group.
34460-1120 career. $500 sign-on bonus. Prmtives to Country up. 352-263-7398
French- Henredon to "Hope you sent Jay LenD the bill
We are currently Call 877-853-7654 I u Oriental, Bronzes,
RCA AID FT & P/l back-of-the-house www.sunshine
people who desire subscritioncom rnHummels, ladro DESK
exp. in ALF to produce our 500 + lots SOLID DARK WOOD
call 352-726-2555 high-quality food in ...................... w/ hutch and 7 drawers.
a casual environ- CITRUS MAIDS call for info 637-9588 Great for home g
ment surrounded by CLEANING PERSON Dudleysauction office. Exc Cond owI or 16 fears o
dedicated team MASSAGE com 4000 S Florida $265.00 352-249-7212
members and a Needed. Must have Ab67___pDS _SLDDrkILsupportive and flex. schedule, THERAPY (US41S) Inverness OFFICE / COMPUTER
ic/ehile.Exp a lasesAb1 667 10% bp DESK SOLID Dark
hands on manage- lic./vehicle. Exp. a Classes Start, cash/ck. WOOD W/-utchRE
NET Developer ment team. These plus. Leave message A 8V DWers,
are year round, not (352) 257-0925 $250.00,352-2awers,
With C # and NET seasonal positions. Srin $250.00 352-249-7212
Starting wages DRIVERS DAY & NIGHT A Office Desk
experience, range from $10.00 to SCHOOL Large, Dark wood r.
Dsg&deeo-$150. t.I
Design & develop- $13.00. We are also For Floral Holiday de- AMANA UPRIGHT (352) 1 5
meant of NET based looking for BOH liveries must have Van BENE'S Deep Freeze, 15.2
compnent andDee Freze, 5.2 Rainbow Springs
compnent and leads or shift super- or SUV (352) 726-9666 International cu.ft. 60.5x30x28.3 adj. Dunlo
features for our visr triga unlo
industrial SCADA isos5tarin0a School of Beauty temp control, free
and HMI software We offer great Housekeeping frost, 3 shelf, high effiproducts. benefits including /Locker Room ciency compressor,
experience If this sounds like to Part-time or Full-time / APPLIANCES, like new
Web Services, perfect way to start washers/dryers, stoves,
ASP.NET, HTMLS, your new career, Fitness Desk/ fridges 30 day warranty --
Javascript, XML,SVG send your resumetrd-n,320200
Other domain today or apply in Personal Trainer trade-ins, 352-302-3030 KAROKE MACHINE 4POSTER FULL SZ Craftmatic twin size
expeC ise person at TooJay's in Part-Time Freezer WITH CD PLAYER & BEDROOM SET 7PC Electric Bed. Great
SCADA, HMI, IMES Lake Sumter, 1129 1975. DUDLEYeS 5.5" SCREEN WITH light pine, no mattress, Condition $100
EAM OR CMMS Canal Street or For Upscale Golf $75. DUDLEY'S
ana& Country Club, (352) 400-0312 AUL731T GRAPHICS $100 boxspring,great cond. 222 S Monroe, BH
3repprfre. TooJay's in Spanish &Cutylb,352-341-6920 $700. (352) 301-1219 802-782-7185
3 yrs exp. preferred. Springs, 990 Del Mar Male or Female (727) 848-8415 324160$7.(5)31-129827278
prigs, 990aDl Ma Al or Female (52) 88-84 FRIGIDAIRE UPRIGHT w- Thursday 1-30-14 SHARP SPEAKERS 2 BAR STOOLS 3 uphol- Desk Chair & Ottoman
ResumesDrive. Email to Aoolv in Person (352) 263-2744 FREEZER 20.3 CUFT Walk About 10" 150 WATTS $25 stered bar stools 32" both brown leather
e-mailed to: or 1 (866) 724-2363 Frost Free Excellent Auction.. 3:00 pm 352-613-0529 high with armrests and and in excel. condikokeefe@ Crossing, Hernando TOLL FREE condition full sale outside w/ SYLVANIA TV Good backs. Wood Construc- tion. Desk chair is high STATE APPROVED $100. 352-564-0788 furniture and quality condition, black coi- tion Like new 300.00 back w/ arms & adLikNEED MONEY? FOR VA TRAINING lined insid Treasures ored, 27 inches, re- phone 352-382-3933 justable height.
Like to Talk on Phone? GE Range, white to tools mote included, $5 off, eOttoman measures
CLSIG GET als ep eecri mteinlde, 5 ff BD N GETRS 4Otx2Dxoan d heas
self-cleaning electric Sunday 2-2-14 $25 (352)465-1616 E MATTRESS 40Wx24Dx18H and has
CLOSING AGENT Appt. Setters exc. cond. $150. Antique & Collecti- Guest Q mattress and hinged top for storNeeded GE Microwave, white ble Auction 1:00 pm YAMAHA SPEAKERS 5 boxsprg, drk headbrd, age. $50 for chair and
Express Title Services BATTERIES ETC. Daily/Weekly Bonuses over the range $75. Primitives to Country 2 16" 140 WATTS 2 9" adj metal frame, K $40 for ottoman.
Needs,experienced 352-628-0254 KETTLE CORN BUSINESS (570) 240-1707 French- Henredon to 60 WATTS 1 5" 80 spread, sham and shirt. Will email photos.
Closing agent ASAP Inverness, F/T Sales FOR SALE $5,900. Oriental, Bronzes, WATTS 352-613-0529 $350 352.419.7376 352-746-1644.
end Resume to H.R. Positions. Electronic PARK MANAGER Money Maker See ad GE Refrigerator, white Ar.nCins J Bero.e D
Dept, 730 N. Suncoast background, DC & pics. / Ocala Craigs side by side, water, Art, Coins, Jewelry, lBedroom Set Dining Room Table
Blvd. Crystal River, FI skills & mechanically Hosts to manage 26 List (352) 344-0025 ice on the door $400. Trains, Clocks,f Qn white wicker head Glass Top, Med.
34429 All inquires kept inclined. E-mail lot RV Park on Stein- GE Dishwasher, white Hummels, Lladro board w/ mattress. brown rattan. 4 cush3429Anqudenetinael a otR ako Sen EDshahr ht 500 + lots Beautiful wicker & rat- ioned chairs with casconfidential resume to: resume hatchee River. Free RV $100. (570) 240-1707 ...... ............... SANDED GROUT (15) tan entertainment ctr. tors. PalmTree Design site, utilities & modest GE WASHER call for info 637-9588 light gray 251b mapei Room for 28" TV $225 $200 352- 249-7168

CSR's salary in exchange for king size cap, Whirl- Dudleysauction brand new 5.00 ea (352) 249-7168
Professionals grounds upkeep & mi- kin 400 S Fleys a 32571 D49-7.6o
nor maint. Also house- ALL STEEL pool Dryer, Lg Cap. .com 4000 S Florida 352 302 7451 Dining table. Oblong
keepNng fortwo rental BWhite, Both like new. (US41S)Inverness SHUTTERS Bedroom Set 56x38 w/4 brown,
keepingforancre BUILDINGS $300 for both Ab1667 10% bp 2 Pair of Indoor & Out- solid wood, twin size caned back, cush
Insurance profes- cottages.To Apply: (352) 613-0823 cash/ck. door Wooden Shutters bed w/ box spring, chairs. $150
a large growing (229)263-8364 or $80.00 352-746-5421 headboard, 5 dresser 222 S Monroe/ BH
agency. Please send Full Time email: Kenmore Dishwasher drawer, 2 end table 802-782-7185
ru white, works great w/ 2 drawers, 2 yrs. old
resume to: Advertising Sales PERSONAL $100. Asking $350. Dresser & Night Stand
Blind Box 1852 Representative 1 (352) 746-9539 Antique, Pine, $100
106 W Main St. ASSISTANT (352) BRAKE obo, China Cabinet,
Inverness, FI 34450 For the it oo, w/ cabinets
South Marion LIVE IN ONLY Magic Chef 12 fg 6 inches COMPUTER GAMES 7 BEVERLY HILLS 01 doors, w/cabinets
Chest Freezer $850 games, most multi-pack, 1/31 & 2/1 9A-3P $75 (352) 226-3883
Citizen Elderly couple needs 1 with 500,000 games, Sectional Sm DR Tbl,
Li c M a ss a g em ature lady, non-sm k 130 M PH 7.2 c u b ic ft. (352) 795-6 160 S c i n l S m D Tb ,Fo ld A w a y Be d
Lic. Massage great- shape, ($25) bakers rack, 3 TV's w/ Plus Mattress $75.
Therapist Must have minimum to assist house- 25 x 30 x 9 (3:12 pitch) $150. obo BRAKE 352-613-7493 stands, washing (352) 527-7919
of 2 years sales keeper/ manager. Roof w/Overhang, (352) 464-0100 12 ft 6 inches COMPUTER Gateway mach, and Misc
in Neuromuscular, experience with Duties include care 2-9 x 7 Garage Doors, R $850 835GM Desktop Win- 307 S Washington St Glass Lamps
and Sports Massage proven sales results. giver assistance. 1 Entry door, 2 G-vents (352) 795-6160 2 porcelain with
taSpors Msalge Must be able to Private room and 4" Concrete Slab. 1.7 cu. ft. dorm size ds $0 wLcxp78China Cabinet
therapy. currentog bo rSnl vey h m 13 995 INSTALLED excellent condition ROCKW ELL BELT desk. $100. 44 8 ,b o flow er design$10; 2 c r
thray Kneiloy maintain current board in lovely home ia~~~i ~ ecletcniinSANDER $90 324-10wahdodw/2 glass w /blue shades
background helpful account base as on Homosassa River. 30 x 30 x 9 (3:12 pitch) $45.00 352 746-9250 HANDHELD HEAVY $10. 22s Monoe h
but not mandatory. Generous wages and 2-9 x 7 Garage Doors drawers & 2 doors 802-782-7185
downto in for new clients. Fast time off. 1 Entry Door, 2 G-vents Refrigerator Freezer DUTY METAL INVER Outdoor $150; 222 S Monroe BH
downtown Inverness paced environment Send Resume 4" Concrete Slab GE, gd Cond $100 NESS 419-5981 Furniture 802-782-7185 LEATHER SOFA,
studio. Rental rate that requires ability with easily verifiable $15,995 INSTALLED Oak Table $65 Walk Boards brown, exc. cond.,
negotiable. to multi task with references to: 40x40x12 (3:12 pitch) (352) 226-3883 2 @ 16 ft each PATIO SET 5 PIECE COUCH $200. Brown leather
iei $650 ea; 12 ft Walk 48" OCTAGON TABLE Lazy boy sofa, 81 in. recliner, fair cond.,
352-476-4352 ease. Computer Blind Box 1853 Roof w/Overhang' REFRIGERATOR GE Board $500 & 4 CHAIRS WITH exc cond. Banana $75. (740) 339-3433
proficiency a must. 1624 N Meadowcrest 2-10 x 10 Roll-up Doors side by side (great for (352) 795-6160 CUSHIONS WHITE colo Non smoking
Excellent organiza- Blvd, Crystal River 1 Entry Door, 2 G-vents garage) 19.6cu ft $100 352-613-0529 envirtanmt $2m5 RECLINERS
tional and customer FL 34429 4" Concrete Slab gag 3 19 f-2) $100 1 -6ine tan material with
R u service skills. or EMail to $27.995 Installed $75 call 352-697-2195 (352) 5866377 ivory leatr trim $25; 1
Lounge Base Salary plus A local Fl. Manufact. REFRIGERATOR Furniture COMFORTS OF HOME blue cloth $25.
com f* We custom build- LG, 28 CF, 4USED FURNITURE 222 S Monroe St/BH
commission, full We ae fcu to ry sdld LG, 28C ,sid, 4 Speakers comfortsofhomeused 802-782-7185
beeisWe are the factory side by side, 2 soundtech 12" 3 PIECE LVING ROOM cofrshmeed827-15
benefits package ReStore Manaaer Meets & exceeds /t in door, $600 52 3 PECE V furniture com.
I Aicewaer in door 60 speakers, 520 peak SET 3 PIECE LIV- 352-795-0121 SLEEPER SOFA
MAOKEIRE Truck Driver 2010 Fl1. wind codes. (3257-6
PIZZA Email Resume to: Florida 'Stamped" wafts, 2 Samson 15" INGROOM SET Dual Queen mattress. Off
djkamlot@ Habitat for Humanity engineered drawings SAMSUNG 3.7 2011 225 RMS Watts, 8 ohms reclining fabric sofa, Couch white floral. Nice condiCall (352) 628-7827 is filling 2 positions All major credit WASHING MACHINE 2 poles & hook up loveseat and rocker re- 12/2 ft, can split in tion. 78 x 36 x 32 tall.
or Apply in Person in Citrus County cards accepted call for details. cables, included. & liner. Very good condi- center, neutral color $75 !! 527-1239
1624 N. E-mail request for METAL StructuresLLC $75 352-344-2321 808S Stereo Mackie, tion. No kids, pets or 222 S Monroe, BH SOFA/FOYER TABLE
EXP. LINE COOK Meadowcrest Blvd. detailed job descrip- 866-624-9160 1200 Watt smokers in house. 802-782-7185 BEAUTIFUL DARK
Crystal River Fl. tion & instructions for Lic # CBC1256991 SMITTYS APPLIANCE All for $1,300 Cash $500.00. 352-400-4924. COUCH CHERRY Solid Wood
submitting resume to: State Certified REPAIR. Also Wanted 352 503-2472 6 DRAWER DRESSER Sleeper sofa. Full size table L-NEW, beveled
AoolvinPerson Final applicant must H4Hrestore@ Building Contractor Dead or Alive Washers CD COLLECTION 25 W/ MIRROR Good Con- Neutral colors $10 glass/top, B/shelf,
a racer s undergo a drug ww.mel & Dryers. FREE PICK CD's for $25 Call dition, Asking $35 222 S Monroe St/BH $185 (Cost$450)
Bar & Grill screening. EOE No calls or walk-ins UP! 352-564-8179 726-0040 352-422-6323 802-782-7185 (352)249-7212

SMITTYS APPLIANCE Take Care of Loved #1 A+TECHNOLOGIES Affordable Handyman Residential Cleaning GOT LEAVES Any Surface, Stylists wanted! MVP A TREE SURGEON
REPAIR. Also Wanted Ones in My Home All Home Repairs. V' FAST 100% Guar. wkly/biwkly/monthly DR POWER VAC roof cleaning, int/ext Clips is hiring lic. stylists Lic. & Ins. Lowest
Dead or Alive Washers Clean, caring, exp., All TV's Installed V/AFFORDABLE references available Call John 607-760-3919 panig utrcenn, for a sports theme bar- Rates Free est.
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UP! 352-564-8179 DUN-RITE ELECTRIC 5-5-58* THE KLEEN TEAM Friendly Family Restoration Asst Manager positions
Since '78/ Free Est. Affordable Handyman Residential/Comm. Services for over 21 352-382-5172 avail. 302-9779 or All Tractor & Tree Work
lic EC 13002699 V FAST 100% Guar. Lic., Bonded, Insured yrs. 352-726-9570 mvp Land Cleared, Hauling
352- 726-2907 V AFFORDABLE (352) 419-6557 THE KLEEN TEAM CALL STELLAR BLUE 1 time Cleanup, Drivet~fodaleMoil~SHADY VIEW RELIABLE. Free Est Residential/Comm All Int./ Ext. Painting ways (352) 302-6955
Afral oie* CANVAS 352-257-9508 f Lic., Bonded, Insured Needs. Lic. & Ins. FREE
all type marine repairs ~Awnings*Carports~ 711 NE 6th Av. Cry Riv IBoat Tops &Coversl Affordable Handyman(324965ES(5)8-96
352-398-5903 upos 526321 ROCKY'S FENCING V'FAST 100% Guar. Ka' rterKr Lawncare N More Attention
All Rivers Trailers FREE Est., Lic. & Insured AFFORDABLE Ktsritrae& Friendly Family Consumers
Repacks per axel $50 ** 352-422-7279 ** V RELIABLE. Fre Et Kastle Kleaner, Pet Sit- Services for over 21 Please make sure you
Scialieinbaes, FENCE PRO, all types 325790k tn&HosClaig A-I Hauling, Cleanups, yrs. 352-726-9570 are using a licensed
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Brush Removal Lic. yrs. 352-726-9570 JEF'S5ic. Bonded, 7 Inurd ae requirelde btae
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YMaeCegy 3558534Anything, Inside/Out Brush Removal number n all adverAvailabefor Cooking, No job too big or small Lic. 352-584-5374 S tisements. If you CLAYPOOL'S Tree Serv.
Cleaning, Errands and .fiLf.dS TREE SERVICE .,don't see a i cense Now Proudly Serving
Hands on. 8 yrs. exp. Dry Oak Firewood, 4x8 Quality Work, Lawncare N More number in the ad, you Citrus Co. Lic/Ins. Free
Resume & Ref. Cal BIANCHI CONCRETE Delivered & Stacked 746-2347or 422-3334 Friendly Family IAloae of Tl shudnurabtit Est. Competitive Rates
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Light house work CURB APPEAL t" 4X8 STACK I 422-2019 Lic. #2713 I be contacting an un- DOUBLE J
Respite Care. Male Yardscape, Curbing, delivered & stacked licensed business. Tree Service
CNA (352) 875-9793 Flocrete. River Rock{ $80. (352) 201-0912 Comfort Works, Inc. The Citrus County Stump Grinding, bulk
Transportation and/or Reseals & Repa'rs i odtoign Exp Tutor/Certified FL g ASAP PAINTINGC ene at to mucacind0285
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errands, appt., & air- ROB'S MASONRY & Coin (35)C401814 meet ohe eqie- Lwnaew. -Mr
port runs. Lic/Ins. w/ __________ K-6, lang. arts K-12 & Insured 352-464-1397 Beware of any service Services for over 21
refs. (352) 613-0078 CONCRETE Driveways Install restretch, repair college lev. & French CALL STELLAR BLUEadetsrhtcnno ys.322690
tear outs, tractor work, Clean, Sales, Vinyl-I call/text 352-287-2756 Floors/walls. Tubs to
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#45 c 0 25Needs. Lic. & Ins. FREE shower conv No job p WoIdeT pEooSethat
___________CLEANING BY PENNY i EST (352) 586-2996 00o bigor small Ph: he esdt RTre RSevice&
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Residential Only ___INTERIOR/EXTERIOR __________ For questions about Trimming. Ins. & Lic. #
go~ \Vorld AFFORDABLE Wkly., Biwkly., Mnthly. _All Tractor & Tree Work &J OB.3ys Hupchick Lic./Ins. pleases lcnigcall your city RON795-4162
o rTop Soil, Mulch, Stone #1 A+TECHNOLOGIES 503-9671 or 364-1773 Land Cleared, Hauling (352) 726-9998 flor county nNROBBINS Tree
~Hauling & Tractor Work All Home Repairs. HOUSEKEEPING, relia- 1 time Cleanup, Drive- Lawncare N More government offices. Service Trim, Shape &
I (352) 341-2019 All TV's Installed bie, exp. for home or ways (352) 302-6955 Friendly Family ELITE ROOFING ReeLic/-ns8-Free
Oj9.49 44 AIIAROUND TRACTOR lic#5863 352-746-3777 office. Affordable, ref. AIIAROUND TRACTOR Services for over 21 Excellence in Roofing! et326822
Land clearing, Hauling ttABOVE ALLtt Maggie(71]6) 378-4657 Landclearing, Hauling yrs. 352-726-9570 EliteRoofina-
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(approx 8 yds), dirtf& Southern prices! 344-2556, Richard
rock hauling. Tractor (352) 537-4144 j jjjjjWater Pump Service
.................................... Work. 352-302-5794 ANDREW JOEHL & Repairs- all makes &
HANDYMAN. CURB APPEAL il models. Call anytime
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needs! Ceiling & Wall V/AFFoRDABLE Plant*Sod*Mulch Florida Gem, Diamond RV service oarts sales Trim/Tree Removal, Residential/Comm.
Repairs. Pop Corn V" RELIABLE. Free Est "Weed*Trim*Clean Brite Marcite, FREE EST. Mobile Repair/Maint. 55ft. Bucket Truck Lic., Bonded, Insured
Removal 352-302-6838 *I 352-257-9508 *k (352) 270-4672 lic/ins 352-465-3086 746-5200 Lic.#C2636 352-795-7820, Lic/Ins. 352-344-2696 Lic/ins. (352) 419-6557


ve~x U7 rdR7I DEN ON STEREO TOASTER OVEN, 1999 Mobile Home L K l a XQQW
$100. turn, hshld,much more PRECISION AUDIO ELECTRIC MIXER $20 Puppies, all female Repo, Great Shape Every answers a rhyming
(352) 513-4621 9579 W Laurel Oak Ln RECEIVER. FIRST 352-613-0529 w/papers, pls call Financing Available. 1. Apply a paint layer to a ferry (1)
STAND ALONE 100.00. 464-0316 VACUUM CLEANER Sylvia (727) 235-2265 Call 352-795-1272 pair ofwords (like FAT CAT
door with 2 drawers in RAFTS&MORE $50 352-465-7981 sor compact pet [und b t eywillfitintheletter
35-204~ TFebrst.8a -3houg DO RT ae ienwbg 2. Boozehound became really tiny (1) tewl i ntelte
the bottom. $99 obo Thurs. through care, like new,bagless squares. The number after the
352-621-.0248 Sat. Feb. I st. 8a-3p
3104 S. Buckley Pt. Folding, 16w, 22L,17h $150
TABLES $25; Kennel Cab 13w, (352) 465-9395 definition tells you how many
2 end tables & coffee INVERNESS 21 L, 14H $15 INVERNESS 3. Gorillas wander aimlessly (1) syllables in each word.
table. Lt color wood Fri. & Sat. 8a-3p Lake (352) 465-9395_ pr4 ivsr
with gold trim $25/set. Tsala Gardens Club DOUBLEWIDE Eqnjoyn 55e viewk 4.14S Diste-withcigartte-fmes jil (2
222 S Monroe St/BH House Yard Sale Off CAR PORT, 18 SPEED WOMEN'S Enjoy the view!,
802-782-7185 Hwy 44 E. Pink Signs good canvas' HUFFY MOUNTAIN B- car port, water, grss
TABLES INVERNESS $100. CYCLE Needs new cutting incluras
Coffee table & 2 Melody Mobile Home (765) 748-7187 seat,and some TLC. Cai 800-747-4283
matching end tables. Park Rummage Sale ELECTRIC HEATERS $15 some ASHER C all 5. Vaulter's car parts bearing stickers (2)
Heavy glass w/ beau- In Clubhouse Laska and Longhi $15TRI 352-22D3 Ashe 6xo. Border fd
tiful stucco like bases. SAT. Feb, 1.9AM-3PM "Incredible Heat Ma- ELECTRIC TREADM Coe mi neutered,
$75 (5)249-7168 91 ofanLn hn"bt okwl. SPACE SAVER FOLDS HW-negative,
(352)913 Hoffmann Lane chins"UP FOR EASY STOR- housebrk. 6. Prepares cuddly toy bears (2)
TWIN BED Barely used Off old Floral City Rd. $5 ea. 222 S Monroe/ AGE ALL ELECTRON- lbs. Gentle, v r
& clean. LECANTO BH 802-782-7185 ICS ONLY 185.00 friendly, gets along
$60 obo Fri & Sat 8a-2p Exercise Bike 352 464 0316 w/other dogs. Plays 7677 West
628-0139 Too Much to List Life Style D 1000 Arm & Chassahowitzka St. 7. Leaning in support of being on the fence (3)
TWIN MATTRESS AND 2608W Express Lane Leg with Monitor $60 MACHINE GET FIT!! IT doesn't care about 2BD, 2BA, Mobile
BOX SPRING EXCEL- King Size memory ALSO WORKS THE cats. Fee $30, found Detached Garage
LENT CONDITION LECANTO foam 2" mattress pad ARMS ONLY 200.00 as stray. Beautiful Scm. porch, lease
$100 634-2004 Sat, FebIst 8a-1 p w/ cover. Exc cond. Pd 3524640316 markings. or Sale, call for ONII]IAYM ONIJOAVd 'L SHlff(RiG S311V2[1 9 SliHdflf SHIIJf1P s
Peiu Moments $135 asking $70 details 877-499-8065 A3IIOd XOIS T, 3SdIVl S2dV '9 XNfIIHS INfIt( VOU LVOJ 'I
and Beanie Baby (352) 794-3907 MANUAL TREADMILL Cal e @ 1-31-14 S STV
Collectibles; Christ- DIGITAL READOUT, 352-697-2682. DOUBLEWIDE TRAILER
mas Light up's & GENERATOR FOLDS UP FOR EASY 3BR, 3Bath, includes
AFFORDABLE blow-ups. Other B&S, 5550 Watts, Port. STORAGE, ONLY mother-in-law apt. *
Top Soil, Mulch, Stone Hoiday decorations. test started only $425; $95 464-0316 roof over, sheet rock,
Hauling & Tractor Work 1941 portable Singer DOG CRATE 48x30x32, on 3 lots, 2 sheds,
(352) 341-2019 Sewing Machine in like new, $65 NordicTrack EXP1000X waterfront $38,000
case,( Oil (352) 628-6001 TREADMILL (217) $38,000
Chain Saw Drostone Oil (352) 628-6001 Works/Great Condition. ( 474-7727
14" electric with 2 new painting, jewelry & Glass Top for Desk Asking $400. OBO. Call FLORAL CITY
chains $50; much more! 72" x 42" 352-257-3547 Can 2BR/1 1/2BA
Heavy duty electric 4958 W Crystal Oaks believed edges, Email Pictures 12x56 MH on 80x152 ft
edger$45 Dr. Crystal Oaks $75., lot.$21,000. Furnished. TnstUsTugultRIGI11We'FUmLYgINSUHElor
J 352-503-7930 Proform Treadmill Needs a little work.
(352) 794-6761 MINI FARMS GRAY TILE, 10 boxes cooling fan, electron- BO (352) 726-8873kll Renrmi LiabiitvANO Worker' Cop!
CRAFTSMAN 7 a rprt -12N .b n box, ics, heart rate control, Bo is a 2 1/2 y.o. HERNANDO
CGRFTSIMANR S969 Fatu ordt A2 certified training pro- hsbrkn, friendly lab
Gas/4HP $100 Call OLD H oOSASSA 13"x13", 14.3 sq. ft. 16x70 MH 2/2 Split Plan
726-0040 ODHM S SA must take all$ 0i0. gram $325360 6 lmos mix wh r oves.o Nice Porch, on 1 1/4M S
Saturday 2/1 8am-? (352) 527-7919 New (352) 7953086 pie & other dogs. acres, must see inside,
Riding Mower 5712 S. Boulevard Dr HARLEY STOCK Schwinn Airdyne He's a happy dog, nice & Clean $42,000 A
2012 Troy Bilt, Auto, Stationary Bike, leash trained & fam- (will consider reasona42", 20 HP, $825 PINE RIDGE EXHAUST PIPES NEW electronic computer, ily friendly. He is neuGas Weed eater 1/31 & 2/1 8A-3P FITS 1350-1450 SLIDE ele cash offers)
y ON ONLY $75 excel $ condo. Pd. $600. tered and UTD on 352-465-7606
Troy Bilt $65 Furn, Collectibles, Axcel g cond. d.ntin.Hi 3
Asking $7. vaccinations. His $30
(352) 794-6761 Something for every 352-464-0316 (352) 584-5976 adoption fee in- Homosassa 2br/2ba
one! Early Birds HARMAN KARDEN Treadmill Image 15.R eludes microchip on approx 1 acre. e l Re
Welcome. 746-5019 DIGITAL SYNTHE- Space saver, ste & HW test. New bathrooms, Ig
4775 W Horseshoe Dr SIZED QUARTZ AM/FM S avl Wandaep screened porch,
4 7 7 5 W H o o Dc o u n t e r, w o r k o u t f a n C a ll W a n d a @
RECEIVER FIRST 325-71.dead end rd. Homosassa
PINE RIDGE 100.00 464 0316 10 programs, like new, 3 $49,900. 352-302-1383 2bd/1 /2ba, nice yard
BEVERLY HILLS 5600 N Rosedale Cr Fri Home Water Distiller $150. (3) 4 no gar, $700. mo. +
1/31 & 2/1 9A-4P 1/31 9-3. Lots of items. $50. Home Wesco Electric Tread- BUNNIES & RABBITS Large 3BR/2BA DW,on $700. dep + credit ck Specializing in
Misc Exercise Eq, PINE RIDGE De-humidifier $50. obo mill and Cardio Glide FOR SALE large lot. New carpet RENTAL MANAGEMENT (513) 349-1675 Acreage,Farms
yard & garden tools, Stationairy Excercise All Colors $15 ea. Freshly painted insde' REALY,INC INVERNESS Ranches &
lawn tractor,& more' Saturday. 1st, 8am (352) 726-7367 Bike, and Manual 352-697-9187 $3500 to move in 352-795-7368 2/1 Caged Pool Fl. Rm. Commercial
311 N Chickasaw MOVING, Lawn Mower, Walker.$200 for all RENT To OWN & mi from Wal -Mart
Various Items Neutron, battery (352) 344-0424 3402 S Aberdeen Ter $875 $0 UNDE mi 2 344-141
BEVERLY HILLS 2769 STURIP DRIVE operated $75; Tony Tubolina Brk 8410 N. Ekcam Blvd.
Fri & Sat 8am-3pm Sugarmill Woods PS3 Games $10 ea Owne (73-0/1,0 qf. 3/ INVERNESS
m' i foreveroneOwner (727) 385-6330 3/2/1,1250 oq. ft.3/2I RD
98 S. Columbus St. 91 Sycamore Cir Ratings for everyone. 32I RD
BEVERLY HILLS -furniture, Antiques, (352) 205-7973 0 LECANTO $42,500 272 N. Big Oaks Pt. FRG,DWW/D,shed
Friday 9am 3pm Tools, Mobility chair LRG METAL DOG 1993 Yamaha Golf 3bd/2ba, % acre n/n/n ff $ 410-829-9976
YARD SALE*R Fri Jan31 Sat Febi CAGE W/PAN Cart, blue, full side & new c/h/a & carpet // 2 i 0isqit
5484W. Corral Place 9am to 5pm 628-0288 36x24x27 Good rear curtains, comes handi-cap ramp, nicely 6441 W. Rosedale Dr. INVERNESS
Cr al RIVe CondPd Good rwith battery charger furn, move -in cond. 2/2/1, 1140 sq. ft. 3/2/2, Highlands,
CRYSTAL RIVER C(352) 621-3929 Close to Downtown
1/31 & 2/1 9am-2pm i Sales 352-422-6323 & 2 extra tires, new (600 & UNDER Immaculate, No Pets, Richard (Rick)
MOVING SALE MICHELIN TIRE batteries 2 months Mobile Home on 8S. Fillmore St. (352) 400-5723 Couch, Broker
old exc. condition Large Lot Fixer Upper 2
47" HD Console TV, 8 BVRYHLS 205/65R1 5 very good odex.cnionEMMA BR A apr,2/1, 8750sq. ft INVERNESS Couch Realty &
pcente o BEVERLY HILLS condition $1500. (352) 513-4287 Emma,R, BA, Carport, Hgad 3IV
47"iH Cns ol-eo, 8 & 2/1 9am-2pm GolfLaun. Rm. Fl. Rm. 1872 Freeman Pl. Highlands, 3/2/2 Investments, Inc.
pc enter ctr, stereo 1/31 & 2/1 9am-2pm $15 352-344-2321 Adams Seniors Golf Lab/Pointer mix, Asking $15,000 2/1 mR + dep.
sys, CD's, old records, Fenton, Hallmark, $700 mo,5 y 21+2 q f.(52 1235
tools, hardware, fish- Barbies, Just to name Multiple AQUARIUM Clubs, 3,4,5, 6, Hy- very calm & gentle. Drive by then call 2 (352) 422-6978
ing, fish fryer, smoker, a few of Grandma's RELATED ITEMS 4 brids, 7, 8, 9, PW, SW- Weight 48 lbs, 115 N. West Ave. 2332 W. Silver Hill Ln. INVERNESS ROU com
and much more Collection. saleMoving-need to sell Irons, 1,3, 5-woods heartworm-negative, Inverness 352-621-0559 2/1, ground floorapt Lake Tsala Gardens
526 NW 9th Ave 3156 N Starflower Ter coolstuff4salenow2013@ Professional grade vaccinated & MUST SEE! adens arthritic grips, Bagboy microchipped. ID # MUST SEE! 2334W. Silver Hill Ln. comp. renovated 3/2/1
INVERNESS Bag, excel cond. 12506886. Fee $60, Homosassa/Ready To 2/1, upstairs apt. scn porch, fenced yard,
ESTATEV SALESPlay Station 2, $300. Floral City covers cost of spay Move In! 2006, 32x80, city water $850.
ESTATE SALE game cube, Wii con- Cell (804) 714-6319 available @ Citrus 4/2, Owner Financing. For More Listngs Go To 352-726-7212
CRYSTAL RIVER ENTIRE HOUSE Small tris C9ims$50 Cu a ol atu t ru Anml$-,0ob w.rs0n)'~n~msrr UNIQUE & HISTORIC
4715 North Sandy Path Barn & All contents Weight Distribution Club Car Golf Ca County AnimalCommercial
FRI 7-1 AND SAT 8-2. Thur 1/30 thru Sat 211 Hitch, 25/16, torsion 1991, Family owned Shelter. Appears 352-795-2377 Wat er a 8:00am to 3pm bars, sway control Excellent condition. housebrkn. Owner Financing Chassahowitzka "allon
352.267.8026 AMERICAN TRADING $100 (352) 613-0823 Lights, Battery 1 yr. Call 352-573-7821. Available for Mobile 2/2/1, OSPECITY
CRYSTAL RIVER POST Has been hired old, Must Sell, $1,500. Homes! $600. month HERNANDO Country Lifestyle
Rummage Sale to liquidate the entire PROPANE HEATER (352) 527-3125 Call for Details Agent (352) 382-1000 Affordable Rentals SPECIALTY
Sat 9-12 property and contents small tent heater, Ameri- Weapons 352-795-2377 Watson's Fish Camp SINCE 1989"
St Anne Church located at 8265 352-212-15 Permit Course Quiet area in (352) 726-2225
9870 W Fort Island Trail E.TurneriLafiWLdGUN ROOM A4 Lake Panasoffkee OLD HOMOSASSA
Lunch Avail for Purch ALL ITEMS MUST RAMP 4'x 8' Presure (352) 726-5238 3/2 Doublewide Very Nice 1/1 unfurn,
GO! lots of tools, treated wood, (2x1 2) for on corner lot 1/4 acre no pets/smoking
CRYSTAL RIVER antiques, glassware, sheds, or platform. G mol, nice storage $550/mo, LT lease
Sat 2/1, 8am linens, furn, toys, cane $75.00 obo inch with helmet shed big oak tree LAKEFRONT 1 Bedrm.
Boy Scout Troop 415 collection, costume 352-249-7212 $20 352-422-6310 off CR 429 LACF T C n Net 941-730-2359icd
Annual Yard Sale jewelry, hshld, utility Rocking Chair, Golf Clubs & Bag, LakefPanasoffkee (352) 344-1025
Methodist Church trailer, front loader & Couch Bench & Wilson Pro Full Set, Reduced to $54,995. fl "LET US FIND
Hwy 495 dump truck trailer, Entrance Table $100 excel. cond. $75 HUNTER SELLER FINANCING o m YOU
prototype motorcycle, Home made Quilt Ping Pong Table, Hunter, handsome Call 352-726-4009 A VIEW TO
or DONATIONS House sits on 1.25 Tops 5 for $100 brand new, paddle 1-year-old Black- Ready To Move In CRYSTAL RIVER LOVE"
NEEDEDI acres and backs up (352) 795-7254 balls instruction book mouth Cur mix. 3/2 with large back CRYSTAL RIVER Rooms in house, Full
FOR CHARITY to a stream! pd. $250. asking $125 He sits & lies down deck on 1.5 acres. 2 bedroom. 1 bath du- kitchen, Near Publix,
YARD SALE CASH DLE $70 SOLID OAK especially for treats, Close to town plex Large yard, garage, furn., one price pays (352) 726-6644
Sale Date of HANDCRAFTED Men's 26" 3spd eager to please & call 352-795-2377 washer/dryer hook up,& all,+WIFI $120wk./440. Crossland Realty Inc.
Feb. I & 8 E-MAIL PHOTO Free Spirit Bicycle will be easy to train. SW 2Br/2Ba in Crystal private patio. $600 mo. mo. sm. $140wkl$490
PIFkiW 419-5981 exc. cond. $60. Appears housebrkn. River with screened $1,200 move in Stewart mo. Irg. 352-563-6428
Available Golf Bag Rack, holds 2 Very loveable & patio on more then % 813-927-4647 or Kelly
Call MENS CLOTHING 3 Shed, 8 x 10 bags, has 3 shelves likes to snuggle. ac land. Quite area 813-927-0525 t rage
352-201-4369 CASUAL PANTS New, Assembled $100. (352) 527-7919 Energetic boy best near town. $22,500
36X30 & 2 CASUAL $350. Ping Golf Bag w/fenced yard. Owner Finance possi- INVERNESS
DUNNELLON SHIRTS LARGE $20 (352) 419-7332 Like New Call Wanda @ ble 727-480-5512 1st floor 2/1 with patio in CRYSTAL RIVER
Fri & Sat 9a to 4p 352-613-0529 SHUTTERS $65. 352-573-7821. quiet area. $525/mo + Warehouse 3900 SqFt
Furniture, hshld. items MENS JACKET London Indoor & Outdoor (352) 637-5389 4 h $525 Sec; 2/2 large with 550 SqFt office.
antiques, jewlrey, AC, Fog Size 40/42 Excel- Wooden Shutters fl screened patio. Beauti- Gulf Storage,1424 N
5398 W Grovepark lent Condition $25 Call $95.00 352-746-5421l LOST DOG Near Vil- ful Ig apt completely tiled Gulf AveOne mile East
Rd, off Rt 488, 726-0040 SPEAKERS Pair of 5" -lage Pines in Inglis. *55+ Park in Lecanto* on cul-de-sac. $600/mo of Rt 484 & Rt 44 inter- ATTN Homebuyers
Rdloff Rtgs 8 7 4 S R Pa of -Tan, sheppard mix, 60 2bd/2ba Furnished + sec. 352-344-0238 section, beside Gulf to 100% financing avail.
follow signs ,, 2 Way 70 Watt 2b/2aFunshd +sc.32-4-03
Speakers $35.00 MASTER TOW pounds. Wearing red Fireplace, Includes Lake Church. $4 sqft for Government ProFloral City -H 352-746-5421 2012 Tow Dolly harness. Named Washer/Dryer, 2 year lease, shorter gram. You do not
Starving Arsts Sale Ten Gallons 3500 GVW, serge hyd. Rebel. May not come $6,900. obo available. 352 302 1935 Call or e-mail to get
Original Fine BROTHER FAX COP- Concete Scone brakes, new spare to you. Call Sonny Ar- 352-634-3984 ualimie
Art tire, $975. Inverness nold at 352-447-5124 if R E t qualified.
NothingAcyc Seae 1989 Palm Habo DWPh: (813) 470-8313
ve MANUAL ONLY 35.00 -Smokey Topaz (352) 860-1106 spotted. Offering re- CRYSTAL RIVER Fockabfha(1) l7c81
On the lawns of the 464y Topazwad. in 55+ Park, 60 units in C*rickab
Florida Artists 4640316 org. $30 a gallon '911 ward. park, incl. most turn. NCE Rick Kedzierski lic. loan
Gallery Sell for $150. Baby Itms Rent $408/mo incl Secret Harbour Apts. originatoNLMS
8219 Orange Ave? (352) 746-6072 f Shin Po Puppies, water, sewer, trash, Newly remodeled #267854,FL#9096
Floral Cit y X AYHSwt 2 males, females pool and clubhouse 2/ $575 Unfurn. NLMS ID 76856
Floral City Utility Trailer. 4X8, 2' BABY CHEST white Schnauzer Pups 8 wks $18,500 (352) 344-5172 Inc Water lawn,
Sat. February 1st !!!! P265/70 R17 Sides. Special Built. with 4 drawers. ShhTZu Pups Born 55+ MH Gated Cohookup
S a t 352 257t 227 ShihTu upsBorn _55+M atedCom
ta to 3p, West of Nice tread! Only asking Good Cond. Good Tires $30 obo 352-422-6310 Jan. 21, 352-795-5896 unity. Large 32 352-257-2276
the traffic light $70 for the pair!! Well Built. $450. mu628 20ani Tpge3
344-9300 for info (352) 857-9232 (678)6175560 208 Evenings We000 sq f
FLORAL CITY -5T225/ 90 D 16 SeH Hr TZUp PUPSed to00 move nt Business_UNITED METHODIST Beautiful tread! Only SHIH-TZU PUPS Ready to move in.
CHUCH skig $00 or heAvailable Registered .$68K. Serious inquirCHURCH asking $100 for the E Lots of Colors ies only. Owner will fi- FOR RENT 3200 Sq. Ft.
Used Treasure Sale pair!! (352) 857-9232 BEDSIDE COMMODE L Males Starting @ s550. nance with $20K COMMERCIAL BLDG DEB
Feb. 1 8:30 till Noon ~~P265/65 R18 ~ & ALUMINUM WALKER 1) Beverly Hills, FL. down. Large Paved Parking THOMPSON FRRN30 q t
8478 E. Marvin St. Nice tread! Only asking both have adjustable (352) 270-8827 727-967-4.230 Lot, Cent. Heat/AirFORET30SqFt
HERNANDO $70 for the pair!! (352) legs only 20.00 each Florl Cty, W, penFloo Pln __Onecal awa fo COMERCAL LDG
__________* YONSPYDF- 2bd/1 ba, Ig deck, Ig 1305 Hwy 486 ** t~ecl wyfr Large Paved Parking
ToFrnitu, toffc AO FOLDING9B3 CHILD'S031 MANUALAEDFE Family Rm, Ig Shed, 352-584-9496/464-2514 your buying and Lot, Cent. Heat/Air
deos, K.dfu ramtu e, c YCLE DHNFLI ewco- CHLDSMAUA MALE TORTOISE lot rent $183, Furniture seli need.lpntlor Planu a 30 w 46*
dsK.BdFae CYLSLkneco- WHEELCHAIR, GOOD .SHELL CAT Loving, sit Neoibe,$50 reltr tha ou a 35Hy46
Much More... dition. Great for RV or SHAPE, YELLOW W/ in your lap and cuddle 352-726-3726
Cir. Riverlken Mananor ru352-5088c FOOT RESTS. ONLY *kind of cat. One eye, family and friends.
CrRveakMao 35-6-78 $85 352-464-0316 but she doesn't know gY0il a Service with a smile
HERNANDO 3 DOUBLE ROLLS Poe itthat. I can't keep her. rFr Sale CITRUS HILLS seven days
Sat 2/1 l0a-4p FLORAL WALLPAPER Power Lift o3u-4eeo30a wek
No Early Birds $25 PREPASTED VI- Chair Recliner 111135-9730End Unit, unfurn., 2/2awek
Christmas items, furni- NYL 165 SQ FT E-MAIL $275. Tell that special Hernando 55+ Comm with carport. Memture, tools and morel PHOTO 419-5981 (352) 513-4621 person YOUNG SPAYED FE- 02BR/2BA. DW, 24X48, bership Parsley Real Estate
4571 E Harvard Dr 4 WOOD BOXES $30 THREE WHEEL ED "Happ Brha" MAETROS own lot, new carport included $650 mo. Deb Thompson
Parsons Point GOOD FOR WORK- WALKER LARGE wit h a classified SHELL CAT Loving, sit New AC, new stove & 352-302-3705 352-6b34-2656o
HERNANDO SHOP/2 SIZES INVER- WHEELS FOR MORE ad under Happy in your lap and cuddle riisiew houand
Sat 2/1 8:00 am NESS 419-5981 MANEUVERABILITY. Notes. kind of cat. One eye, ewdebthomosonco
BIG MOVING SALE 8 ft. Pool Slide ONLY 60.00 464 0316 Only $28.50 but she doesn't know screedorcsh,
Living Room Furn, Ken- $50. ,includes a photo that. I can't keep her. $5moAscitnPULSE'
more Sewing Mach- (352)400-0312 Call our Classified 35-1-70fee, heated pool & CRYSTAL RIVER NOTICE:
ing, Some Antiques 15 WOOD HEART Dept for details clubhouse, Cute! 2/1, Duplex water, trash All real estate
andMuh or! ORM $0 NFN- "BON IPIE B 35-53-96 Must see! Must sell! lawn, $475. mo.+ $300 advertising in this
405Endduck Lnre SHDFOR ATE OR UFN "BEDLO R AVPPEL BY 32-56-596 $65,000 813-464-9858 sec. 352-212-9205, or newspaper is subject Newly Updated 2/2/2
H05 ooSAucA PINTE VAETIES STUBDENT GTRL (352) 212-7922 to Fair Housing Act w/ family rm, screen
Sae* IVERESS419581 w/GGA NEW!/I$75whichmakesilega poolheaernewer
Estate Sae 29 GALLON FISH 352-601-6625 BRNGYUR to advertise "any roof & AC. located
Fri 1/31 -Sun 2/2 TNgodfs&ac ACUTCGFXin BR GYORpreference, limitation near Central Ridge
8:30am 2:00pmo, cessories. Moving LEAD SERIES AMP Model Rail Road FISINePOE!o ratico, libar inBeer areas
7627 W. inn Lane cannot take. $20 OVRRVEDLY NSaeCRYSTAL RIVER baedgon rae, color, of2 BevniersHill REVERB NEW! $100 (352) 564-8605 Stonebrook 2Br/2Ba Flyurihdcap, familial status or $11 4,900 352-249-7892
/SmoothSaleing 1TON PORTABLE 12v 352-601-6625 WANT TO BUY HOUSE 1400 sq ft. Enclosed Steuipe Efiincylinna tiona rgn, orapuntuecanase
__________ winch with battery. $7 DIGITECH VOCAL or MOBILE Any Area, screened room with w/utippbe kIt.rnAllnteni, purchaseder
HOMOSASSA 513.614 HARMONIZEREASY Condition or Situation A/C, overlooks pond i. clen eniet, & nto mia o h rr
*EttSae* 225/75R -16 TO USE NO GUITAR Fred, 352-726-9369 Pantry, full equipped cleanng.ovide.2e-elimiatino
Fri 1/31-eSne 2/2 Goodyear light truck NEEDED! $75 Kitchen, wood burn- $59m 5-8-83 discrimination. "FaFi13-Sn22 tire GREAT SHAPE 352-601-6625 INENSFL ing FP in living room. mENNO cilialn saus nldes g
8:0a 20prONLY $50 GRETSCH 125 ANNI- Den & DR furniture. L Aff l chldenunerheag
7627 W. Inn Lane 352-464-0316 VERARYELETRy Afforableental of 18 living with Real Estate is MY
34446, Photos at: VRAYEETO 5 ako aew5Wto' ihCm aet rlglcs 7- 5 GALLON METAL MATIC VINTAGE SUN-prk clbos lake w/hLaud roomsin & W/D3Wtsn' Fih2 am6pret2o2lga25s Businessl
/SmoothSaleing OLD FUEL CANS WITH BURST NICE! $100 much more! Rent freezer. Partially fur- (32 2-25todians, pregnant 15+ Years Exp
___________ SPOUTS ALL FOR 352-601-6625 mLJ icI. grass cutting nished. Too many women and people
HM SSA I $80.00 464-0316 POWERED MONITORS and your water extra's to list. $25,000 securing custody of Teri Paduano
FrStm u8A JAPINElkne WOKGETAD 1 bedroom, I bath 8323 W Charmaine Dr. children under 18.
APPLI SLE aCesyr, likevew, WMORK8GREA T Y@ $395 Homasassa, Fl This newspaper will Broker/Owner
I*HUGEA E*i wahrsdyers sywrtovs PM2TA OW ATT$ Pets considered and must see to HERNANADO not knowingly accept
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trade-ins, 352-302-303 352-601-6625 615-692- ccptd aprcit 4045Vsa D Vla real estate which is in
trd-is 3230-03 ____________Call 800-7474283 615-692- 4045____ furn. seasonal/longer violation of the law.
HOMOSASSA BIRD CAGE LG 32 W X TOCA PLAYERS For Details! WESTwlND VILLAGE lncd's ext. Maint. &Ouredsae
LINSCLBLB SERIES CONGAS 10" Judith Lewis 55+ Rent or Buy club memb. 302-7559 Ouredsae
IDORS YARD Lid$4463B & 11" red fiberglass w/ Celestial Spa $8,000 & Up allrdwelingsme adr
SNOOA D BUTTRFL LAMP16 stand. Like new. $199. Welcomes Veterans HOMOSASSA Dble. Wd. Needs worktse al wins newpaSAe.s UTicolor gLAs, 352-860-2701 Announcing: 2/1, $560 mo. Near $4,500. tieinhsnwpa
SAT Fb 1t, muticlo glss Curbside service for Walmart & 2/1 $515. Mon-Fri. 8:30-11 am per are available on
8am -1pm Tiffany-like, 2 light the disabled and an equal opportunity
SR 490 levels, BEUTIFALL, iJLLkL.LAL handicapped mo. 352-464-3159 Call for Appointmentbai.Tcopinf
For more info ($30) 352-613-7493 Therapeutic mas- (352) 628-2090 Beverly Hills discrimination cpaallo
call 428-7679 CAMCoRDER GAS LOG FIREPLACE sages, hot stones, 2 bdrm, plus FlIRm, new HUD toll-free at
Panasonic Camcorder Set, Complete with eve- salt scrubs, detox aplacs oei 1 -800-669-9777. Rat
.Y r au with case Excellent rything needed, to be treatments and j$1350, 442-7794 The toll-free telephone Rat
Condition $95.00 used with propane gas, more. Visit us online MOBILE HOME LOTS. BEVERLY HILLS number for the Connect
iNGLIS 352-746-5421 Cash + Carry. at celestial-soacom, Palm Harbor Homes Owner Financina. Has 2/1, Fl. Rm. Scrn por. hearing impaired is
78 Hw 40 West Conure Parrot $200 352-586-7820 call us at 2014 Models are here! Well, Septic, Impact $600. 352-464-2514 111W-27925.Maiine tr 1
Fri/Sat 9am-3pm Cage & all $100. KING-SIZE MEMORY (352)527-0077, Or $8,500 Pre- Fees already pd. WMi t 3
Kitchen, books, grill, 30 gal. tank w/stand FOAM MATTRESS visit us at 9 Regina Construction Savings Simply move your MH CRYSTAL RIVER Inverness, FL
mower, toys, kayaks, light, fish and all live PAD W/COVER.Exclnt Blvd. Beverly Hills fl. John Lyons d on! $0 Down Payment 3/2/1/'A, Screen Room L 322214
etc. Some clothes & plants. $100. Cond Pd $135, Askg 34465 800-622-2832 ext 210 $135 per month. Call $ Fist/last/Sec. o o (5)2 -14
furn. No early birds (352) 726-7106 $70. Cell 352-422-6323 mm28221, ma60820 for details (352) 746-7990 (352) 302-6025S o~ur


2 BED/2 BATH/ 1 GAR. Have horses or want w, I Buy Houses LAKE ROUSSEAU All Rivers Trailers CAMPER WE BUY ANY VEHICLE DODGE
REMODELED them? 4/3 Triplewide ANY CONDITION 2/1BA, Two Lots, Pool Repacks per axel $50 2003 Starcraft Aruba In Any Condition, 2001 Intrepid Very
MOVE-IN READY with family room and CASH 352-503-3245* Boatslips, Shop, $169K Specialized in brakes, pull behind. 28 ft., 1 Title, No Title, Bank good condition;
$59k. fireplace den off mas- "FREE contract considered cross-members, bunks slide $7000 obo Lien, No Problem, 85,300 miles
352-527-1239 ter bed room would Foreclosure and 5311 W Riverbend Rd Call 352-464-2770 (352) 628-1126 Don't Trade it in. We Dark green with
make for great office Sorclue List (815) 980-8642 KAYAK (352) 628-1126__ Will Pay up to $25K charcoal interior.
on 9 plus acres mol Short Sale Lists Hobie Mirage MAC'S MOBILE RV Any Make, Any Model $3,400 or Best offer;
with horse corals Outback, like new. REPAIR & MAINT. 813-335-3794 call 352-249-4491
west side of US 19 Ra Peddles, sail, & pad- RVTC Certified Tech. 813-458-0584 Call AJ
4/2 Doublewide Homosassa, Fl. Wanted die. Depth finder. 352-613-0113, Lic/Ins. 2 MFORD
4/ on 1 lAcesMO $229,995. 4 rod holders & 3 2004, Mustang,
on 1 Plus Acres, MOL SELLER FINANCING WE BUY HOMES storage comp. $800 MONTANA ?Looking for a spors
Fireplace Glamour Call 352-726-4009 Any Condition (352) 228-4018 2003, 32 FT. 5th wheel, car? Here it is,
offh USrg 200-i LaadQWtauek CosiHoms EVNRD45HP eceycod,.npakappitmtinl
closets all bedrooms, quick Closings OUTBOARD MOTOR 2 slides, non smoking, Buy Here/Pay Here 6pcyintautomatic
cloet alHedroms Natur Coast 5 Ho-4e7 EVENRUDE 4.5 HP excel. cond., In park Call 352-628-4600
i roff Fl 200 L Watt (352) 513-427115 in shaft, fresh on Hwy 19$16,000 obo '03 Dodge Stratus
$89,995 THE SNOWBIRDS water motor (989) 560-8900 $795 Down HONDA
SELLER FINANCING ARE COMING! ** V $475 call or (989) 775-6011 2013 Civic LX,
Call 352-726-4009 For ale'NOs Desperately (352) 613-8453 '02 Ford Taurus Priced to sell,
NOW IS A GREAT NATURE COAST RV $750 Down Serious callers only
f l HOMOSASSA TIME TO LIST Need Rentals POLAR RV service, parts, sales 352-628-9444
4/2 BLOCK HOME, YOUR HOME FLORAL CITY 2005, 19 Ft., center Mobile Repair/Maint. '00 Chrysler 300
1.33 survey & console, 115 HP, 352-795-7820, Lic/Ins. $875 Down
MOTHER IN LAW APT. Office Open clear title.assessed at Yamaha, excel. cond. Hyundai
3/2 Doublewide decking, 1/4 ac, fenced CALL LAWANDA 7 Das a Week $23,800.power and Everything for fishing. Azera 2007on 1/3 mol acre has lots of privacy $65000 FOR A FREE, homes in area. ASKING $12,900 352-270-2015 STARCRAFT '99 Ford Escort loaded-power
glamour bath and (305) 619-0282, Cell NO OBLIGATION homes0. 813-7921355_ '07, Pop up Camper $595 Down windowsheated
MARKET ANALYSIS! LISA $8,500. 813-792-1355 WE HAVE BOATS excel. cond., $3,950. power seats-rear
walk-in closets off 352-212-1989 VANDEBOE GULF TO LK MARINE 352-795-0787 '98 Chev Cavalier poe serear
Turner Camp Rd S lawanda.watt Broker (R) Owner We Pay CASH For or 352-208-7651 $695 Down sun screen
Inverness, F. Ltior S Used Clean Boats mileage. Asking
$64,995. Century 21 Plantation Realty Pontoon, Deck & CALL 352-563-1902 $10,000. Available
SELLER FINANCING 4BR/2BA, 2400 Sq ft. J.W Morton 352-634-0129 Fishin Boats AutohParBats1675 S Suncoast afterJan.22nd.
Call 352-726-4009 pool home, add'I heat www.plantation W5(352)527-0555" Blvd. Homosassa, Fa an. 22nd.
3/2 pump. Well maintained Real Estate, Inc. GOLF COURSE LOT in 35 75 8Bv.H1moasF
/2 Pine St. Fully Furnished Terra Vista on Red
1/4 Acre MOL $225,000 Sox Path. $47,500. Call GM AR H DELINCOLN
on River Oak Lane (352) 382-5298 Ray 352-638-0905 R 2007 Aux Inflator Kit for 2008, Cobalt, 2 DR,
Inverness __,____,,_air-suspension truck automatic, power '99, Town Car,
Glamour bath models. new. $23 windows, power locks, white, 100,370.5 miles
Eat-n Ktchn 25 Ace Pne idg ALLEGRO BUS 860-2701. cold A/C, Call for$320
$69,995. Homesite-S30k 2011, 36ft, 7inches Appointment (352) 503-9290 Patrick
SELLER FINANCING Your "High-Tech" broker/owner Priced 8,900 mi, loaded w/ 4 3526284600 Liquidation Sale
Call 352-726-4009 Citrus County below tax assessment slides exel. cond. ext. He Liusain Biz
Realtor Convenient location warr. Asking $205,000 -a-HeN Us Stay in Biz.
INVERNESS Horses allowed Retail $237,900 RBEEST PRICE- CAR RUCK BOAT
ESTATE SALE Call 352-527-2711 (828) 553-0134 For Junk & Unwanted CONSIGNMENT USA
ENTIRE HOUSE Small Keystone Everest Cars- CALL NOW US 19 & US 44, CR
Barn & All contents '03 5th wheel. 3 sliders, **352-426-4267** 461-4518 & 795-4440
Thur 1/30 thru Sat 2/1 a xtra storage under
8:00am to 3pm MICHELE MUST SEL, goose nk, New: gen, Auto's, Truck's, SUV's
AMERICAN TRADING Buying or Selling eptic/H20 hoses, & Van's-Cash PA CHRYSLER SOLD
POST Has been hired REAL ESTATE, ROSE deck. Must Sell, $15k Larry's Auto Sales 1999 Concorde LX, V6 NISSAN
to liquidate the entire Realtor obo 352-795-1272 352-564-8333 2.7 LTR, Automatic, It
property and contents Let Me Work HERNANDO 2004 Altima
located at 8265 For You! Simply put (Arbor Lakes 55+) WE BUY RV'S, has aJU the Extras G aCa5, Mil
E Turner Camo Rd I '11 work harder Lot for sale $15,000 TRAVEL TRAILERS, BUYING JUNK CARS 23000 mies Runs Great Car!115kMiles.
ALL ITEMS MUST BETTY HUNT OBO. 781-864-1906 5TH WHEELS, Running or Not gea Very Good Cond
GO! lots of tools, BETTY2-2T2-5097 352- 7MOTOR HOMES CASH PAID-$300 & UP tion, $2,500
antiques, glassware, REALTOR 352-2125097352c726 Call US 352-201-6945 (352) 771-6191 352-586-7820
linens, furn, toys, cane ROD KENNER CHRYSLER
collection, costume ERA KEY 1 Craven Realty, Inc. 352-436-3531 WatFCiI, Liquidation Sale 2000, Sebring
Heir) Us Stay in Biz. Convertible, low miles
jewelry, hshld, utility Realty, Inc. 352-726-1515 ERA RENT- BUY- SELL $5,488.
trailer, front loader & 352 586-0139 BUY-SELL$5, 8
dump truck trailer, 352 860139 Suncoast Realty SATURN CASITA CAR TRUCK BOAT 352-341-0018
prototype motorcycle, @yahoosco68 2013 4 KBoa nfat- 2003 17' Freedom De- CONSIGNMENT USA CHRYSLER
House sits on 1.25 w yh unm ble, 55 lb e-motor & luxe Aerodynamic, fi- US 19 & US 44, CR 2001 Sebring LX Conv. 11111111
acres and backs up www.bettyhunts batt, bimini, auto-inflator, berglass travel trailer. 461-4518 & 795-4440 Leather Interior, Full
to a stream! dolly $500. 860-2701 Loaded. Tell that special
CASH ONLY' Easy to tow with small power, Exc condo.
_ _ vehicle. $3200 person
Nice Double Lot Microwave, 3 way I (352) 795-8986 "Happy Birthday"
3/4 Acres MOL fridge-freezer, wit a classified
under-shelf Taurus COROLLA LE ad under Happy
with Lake View TV,CD,DVD,radio. 2006 Corolla LE Notes.
4/2 Doublewide SANDI HART SCAN OR GO ** BUY, SELL* RoofAC Gas heater Metal 4doorlow mileage Only $28.50
with Family Room, & TRADE CLEAN etc.etc. Recycling Best Prices 25525' LOADED. includes a photo
large bed rooms off Realtor TO WWW. USED BOATS $11,000 OBO Tele- for your cars or trucks Original owner
Turner Camp Rd. BestNal-re-oast THREE RIVERS pKELLYVALUES Call our Classified
Listingphone 352 527-1022 also biggest U-Pull-It
Inverness Fl. in a eges.comM 9K-10K. YOURS FOR Dept for details
$89,995. Real Estate "To view US 19 Crystal River e ma o n oei $8500 PHONE 352-563-5966
SELLER FINANCING Is my Business my properties" **352-563-5510* mmlesser~tampabay.rr. des offering lowest price 325-746-8621 OE3265 6
Call 352-726-4009 I put my heart into it! com for parts 352-637-2100 325 6862 1 1 1
r &lego l 352-476-9649
OIv 04 Phyllis Strickland sandra.har@
Point of Woods, Realtor
Inverness 3/2, era.cor
new roof, encl. porch, THE MARKET
(352) 726-7367 IS GOOD ERA American
-911 Realty
Thinking of 352-726-5855
Now is the time
4/2 to get listed
In Floral City
Has Family Room Still great valGlamour Bath Fenced
backyard $89,995. uesout
Call 352-726-4009
Beautiful Floral City buyers!!
3/2 doublewide
on 14acre mol Phyllis Strickland
glamour bath nice TROPIC SHORES
eat in kitchen, REALTY.
Floral City off us 41 352-613-3503-Cell Tony
$69,995. 352-419-6880- Office
Call 352-726-4009 Realtor
For Sale By Owner 352-303-0619
55+ Gated Comm.
2/2/2 w/ den. Many I'LL TAKE
upgrades. $92,000 NEW LISTINGS U
Must call for appt. BUYING OR
859-274-5242 SELLING

-m TOP
on approx 1 ac. land BETMY J. Real estate
Owner Financed Consultant
$80,000, w/$5,000 POWELL
down. No qualifying tpauelsen@
(305) 891-2323 Realtorhotmailcom
e "Your Success is my
goal.. Making
H m sFriends along the
3/2 way is my reward !"
with family room BUYING OR ee ee e
fireplace, glamour friends antbath quiet neighbor SELLING Here's Your
hood in Homosassa. TO OWN
89,995. CALL ME Mini Farms Silver
Call 352-726-4009 352-422-6417 Leaf Rd, Dunnellon
b$9owell@ 10 acres Total
4/3 Triplewide nesa~~o$59,000
on 2-1/2 acres in ER meia 5 Acre Tracks
green acres in Realty & Investments $39,000
Homosassa beautiful Owner Financing m lo a u (Ut
wooded lot Call: JackLeiu

Call 352-726-4009 H M S47950
~68 million adult males also read a printed newspaper
For e~ow in the past week.

,nvernessV Vlage 55+ AC m llo adult w m nin t eUS
Some furn, new Lanait ebg am .5 milo ad t me

Exit Realty Leaders DEB INFANTINE Consider 352 564-4100 ... .
352-257-2276 Realtor l (352) 302-8046 Inverness Vilage Condo

Real Estate'.. 2/2 ground 00oo 0ver
looks pool mature tees
When it comes to it's what I do. 55 plus community
Realestate .. 035 lvng area *156 million adults either read a printed newspaper
I'm there for you ERA American 634-3976 !
The fishing is great! Realty Whspeng Pnes Via or visited a newsoaer website in the patweek.
Call me for your new Phone: 352-726-5855 INVERN ESS p s
Waterfront Home Cell: 352-302-8046 2/2/1, NEW Carpet Tie,
Fax: 352-726-7386 Paint, Al appliances ..
LOOKING TO SELL9? Emaihdebinfantine@ including washer/dryer.
CALL ME TODAY yahoo.comn $69,900. 352-726-8712

3rc ..........,

Well maintained, ovrized 2/2Villa with Situated onooed prewlofcrsviewfrom

enlarged screened room. Solar tubes, rear of property, this 312.512 updated home offers ..........a .great viwvrasizegatoom1810759 & itany comp.22eely58en3/7064 110 million aau its in the U.S. vvaicnea the h g a~m e last year.
mor eta.$0,01533/097IBut 156 million adults either read a nevvpaper in print or online....

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ieon 3dj hoe asteo on eafs DFarms tOher
bestioftwo worlds. Like living on afarm w/0 the Unique elegant home on wooded acre in
chores & the sparling waters of Floral Ciuy Lake Hampton Hills. Portico covers circular drive to
off the backyar w/a deep water dok. this brick-faced home. Storm shutters, payers on
Home has huge rutcbac porh w/separaie pool deck, double pan winldows.. Extras galore.. .C-t CI .. .C.. . --UN'W
a 23 9058 17699Soia mmerhi.$479,000 15831331708156I w w w n( aia or


Lqiain Sale 1999,Bu Expdition 0, Ton &$Country **See the Americans with Disabilities Act ROSE CONLEY, DECEASED, ET AL.
Heir Us Stay in Biz. EdeaurEiin Toig,$88. If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to par- Defendants.
RENT BUY- SELL leather $3,999 352-341-0018 ticipate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of cer- NOTICE OF ACTION
CAR TRUCK BOAT 352-341-0018 CHYLR tamn assistance. Please contact the ADA Coordinator at the Office of the Trial Court
CONIGNEN US 202Hown&SCuRy Administrator, Citrus County Courthouse, 110 N. Apopka Avenue, Inverness, Fl. 34450, TO: CREDITORS OF BETTY ROSE CONLEY, DECEASED, AND ALL CLAIMANTS, PERSONS
UOSIG19E& US A 2012 CRHNDohelharn withun10" (352) 641-67000, at least seven (7) days before your scheduled court appearance, or OR PARTIES, NATURAL OR CORPORATE, AND WHOSE EXACT LEGAL STATUS IS UNUS 1 & S 44 CRHONA Whelcairvan ith10" immediately upon receiving this notification if the time before the scheduled appear- KNOWN, CLAIMING BY, THROUGH, UNDER OR AGAINST BETTY ROSE CONLEY, DE461-4518 & 795-4440 2007, Element, lowered floor, ramp and ance is less than seven days; if you are hearing or voice impaired, call 711. To file CEASED, OR ANY OF THE HEREIN NAMED OR DESCRIBED DEFENDANTS OR PARTIES
Hard to find, tie downs Call Tom for response please contact Citrus County Clerk of Court, 110 N. Apopka Ave, Inverness, CLAIMING TO HAVE ANY RIGHT, TITLE OR INTEREST IN AND TO THE PROPERTY HEREIN
______________ cold A/C, runs great, more info 352-325-1306 Fl. 34450, Tel: (352) 341-6400; Fax: (352) 341-6413. DESCRIBED
Must See, January 31 & February 7, 2014 016985FOI
.4 Call (352) 628-4600 ___________________________________ Current residence unknown, but whose last known address was: 119 W FRISCO IN.,
S orlutilityCITRUS SPRINGS, Fl. 34434 % hices TYOTA886-0131 FCRN 1999, Ray, -4 power Lofton, Alice Marie 2073-CA-00 7060 NOA YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action to foreclose a mortgage on the follovwng
wnoslokat- MnBiePUBLIC NOTICE property in Citrus County, Florida, to-wit:
$8,999. ___________ (352) 726-0839 Plaintiff, SPRINGS UNIT 5, ACCORDING TO THE PLAT THEREOF, AS RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 6, AT
Mooryce Defedans.NOICEOF ATIO has been filed against you and you are required to serve a copy of your written deFODTO: fenses, if any, to it on DOUGLAS C. ZAHM, P.A., Plaintiff's attorney, whose address is
FORDDAVI JAMS MEHAM12425 28th Street North, Suite 200, St. Petersburg, FL 33716, on or before March 3, 05EcpXTNn HV rup-96941 N DAWSON DRIVE, HERNANDO, FL 34442 2014 or within thirty (30) days after the first publication of this Notice of Action, and
smoker, low mi. Mint 2003 Venture Van, 750 Bonnieville. 10K OR file the original with the Clerk of this Court at 110 North Apopka Avenue, Inverness, FL
Cond ,All pwr, serv 7 pass. and priced to orig doc mi. True clas- 2600 E HAYES ST, INVERNESS, FL 34453 34450, either before service on Plaintiff's attorney or immediately thereafter; otherrecs avail $6800. sell. Call 352-628-4600 sic, Like new cond.First wise, a default will be entered against you for the relief demanded in the complaint
352-563-5217 For appointment $4,500. 352-513-4257 LAST KNOWN ADDRESS STATED, CURRENT RESIDENCE UNKNOWN petition. WTESm adadsa fteCuto hs1t a fJnay

-N YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that an action to foreclose Mortgage covering the 2014.
S rlsS rls following real and personal property described as follows, to-wit: ANGELA VICK, Clerk of the Circuit Court

PULCThEeetvate nenta Citrus County Chronicle fom an #F3210G 4. SERIAL #FLHML3F996Y-27743A AND #FLHML3F996Y-27743B (352) 341-6400, 110 N. APOPKA AVENUE, INVERNESS, Fl34450 WITHIN TWO WORKING
Thed o Ciutu Counis uoar sco from Jan nlFer- 1-23-14 THRU 2-28-14 DAYS OF YOUR RECEIPT OF THIS NOTICE. IF YOU ARE HEARING OR VOICE IMPAIRED,
Boad o ContyComis- uar 14 204 utilFebu-has been filed against you and you are required to serve a copy of your written de- CALL 1-800-955-8771.
fenses, if any, to it on Sujata J. Patel, Butler & Hosch, P.A., 3185 South Conway Road, January 31 & February 7, 2014. 485130513
SelfStorge Slf Sorag Suite E, Orlando, Florida 32812 and file the original with the Clerk of the above-styled
Noie -oie Court on or before 30 days from the first publication, otherwise a Judgment may be
entered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. 891-0207 FCRN
WITNESS my hand and seal of said Court on the 30th day of December, Curley, Kenneth J. 09-201 3-CA-001 285 NOA
894-0207 FCRN 2013. PUBLIC NOTICE
2-20Sal DiaondSelfStoageIN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE FIFTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR 2-20 I SaeDaOdISEStrg AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT. If you are a person with a disability who needs CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA CASE NO. :09-2013-CA-001285
Notie o Pubic aleany accommodation in order to participate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the ADA Coordi- REGIONS BANK D/B/A REGIONS MORTGAGE Diamond Self Storage wishing to avail itself of the provisions of applicable laws of thi s nator at the Office of the Trial Court Administrator, Citrus County Courthouse, 110 Plaintiff, state, Civil Code Section 83.801 83.809, Hereby gives notice of sale under said law, North Apopka Avenue, Inverness, Florida 34450, Telephone (352) 341-6700, at least 7 v. to wit: days before your scheduled court appearance, or immediately upon receiving this KENNETH J. CURLEY, El AL.
notification if the time before the scheduled appearance is less than 7 days; if you Defendants. OnFebruay 20,2014, Diamond Self Storage located at 4239 N Modelwood Dr, Bev- are hearing or voice imp aired, call 711. CLR FTECRUTCUTNOTICE OF ACTION erly Hills, FL 34465, phone 352-746-6997, at 10:00 am of that day, Diamond Self Stor- B://SnaPyea euyCek(OR EL
agsies wilronductya pubcsoale tropethe hnist. biders, forcaso oseodgos Published in the CITRUS COUNTY CHRONICLE, January 24 & 31, 2014 B&H#290209 TO: KENNETH J. CURLEY, and all unknown parties claiming by, through, under or busnes prpery, ersnalproert an mic. tem, ec.against the above named Defendant, who is not known to be dead or alive,

Tenant Name Unit# Contents (as listed by tenant) whether said unknown parties claim as heirs, devisees, grantees, assignees, lienors,
Brian Murray 519 Household Goods 887-0207 FCRN creditors, trustees, spouses, or other claimants
James L. Jones, Jr. 720 Household Goods Anderson, John 2013-CA-001222 NOA CretRsdneUkon u hs atkonadesws 90WEIO
Amanda Hatle 562 Household Goods PUBLIC NOTICE CretRsdneUkon u hs atkonadesws 90WEIO
Neali-Ana Gustafson 299 Household Goods CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA CIVIL ACTION 5980 W CROYDEN CIR., CRYSTAL RIVER, Fl. 34429
Jon Pucillo 459 Household Goods NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE LLC, CASE NO.: 2013 CA 001222 A YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action to foreclose a mortgage on the followng

The sale is being made to satisfy an owner's lien. Plaintiff property in Citrus County, Florida, to-wit:
The public is invited to attend. vs.LO BLC CIRSSRNSUIT9A ODNGOTHMPORLT
Units will be open for visual inspection at time of sale. JOHN ANDERSEN, et. al., LT14, BOK632, CTU PIGUI ,ACRIGT H A RPA
Owner reserves the right to bid and to refuse and reject any and all bids. Defendant(s) THEREOF AS RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 6, PAGES 61 THROUGH 66, INCLUSIVE, OF THE
A $100 (cash) refundable cleaning deposit is required to bid. PUBLIC RECORDS OF CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA.
Published in the CITRUS COUNTY CHRONICLE, January 31 & February 7, 2014. T: NOTICE OF ACTION FORECLOSURE PROCEEDINGS-PROPERTY has been filed against you and you are required to serve a copy of your written deAPRIL L. HOFF fenses, if any, to it on DOUGLAS C. ZAHM, P.A., Plaintiff's attorney, whose address is
ADDRESS UNKNOWN LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: 1917 SOUTH WHITEHURST AVENUE, 12425 28th Street North, Suite 200, St. Petersburg, FL 33716, on or before March 3,
Noie to Creditors HO MOSASSA, Fl34448 2014 or within thirty (30) days after the first publication of this Notice of Action, and
Admiistrtianfile the original with the Clerk of this Court at 110 North Apopka Avenue, Inverness, FL Residence unknown and if living, including any unknown spouse of the Defendant, if 34450, either before service on Plaintiff's attorney or immediately thereafter; otherremarried and if said Defendant is dead, his/her respective unknown heirs, devisees, wise, a default will be entered against you for the relief demanded in the complaint 895-0207 FCRN grantees, assignees, creditors, lienors, and trustees, and all other persons claiming petition.
Johns, Mary Hoddock 2014-CP-24 NTC-SA by, through, under or against the named Defendant; and the aforementioned WITNESS my hand and seal of the Court on this 9th day of January,
PUBLIC NOTICE named Defendant and such of the aforementioned unknown Defendant and such 2014.
IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR THE FIFTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR of the unknown name Defendant as may be infants, incompetents or otherwise not ANGELA VICK, Clerk of the Circuit Court
File No.: 2014-CP-24 By: VIVIAN CANCEL, Deputy Clerk
You are hereby notified that an Order of Summary Administration has been en- January 31 & February 7, 2014. 425130171
tered in the estate of MARY HODDOCK JOHNS, deceased, File Number 2014-CP-24 more commonly known as: 1917 SOUTH WHITEHURST AVENUE, HOMOSASSA, Fl. 34448 by the Circuit Court for CITRUS County, Florida, Probate Division, the address of which __________ ________is I ION. Apopka Ave., Inverness, Fl 34450); that the decedent's date of death was This action has been filed against you, and you are required to serve a copy of your October 27, 2007 and that the names and addresses of those to whom it has been written defense, if any, to it on the Plaintiff's attorney, FLORIDA FORECLOSURE ATTOR- *J J. JL a ~ a
assigned by such order is: NEYS, PLLC, whose address is 601 Cleveland Street, Suite 690, Clearwater, FL 33755,
on or before 30 days after date of first publication, response due by March 3, 2014,
Name Address and file the original with the Clerk of the Circuit Court either before service on
PHYLLIS MAUGHAN 44 Cypress Blvd., Homosassa, FL 34446 Plaintiff's attorney or immediately thereafter; otherwise a default will be entered 892-0207 FCRN
against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. 2/14 Lien Sale-Delgrego
All creditors of the estate of the decedent and persons having claims or demands WITNESS my hand and seal of this Court on the 23 day of December, 2013. NTCIHRBGV~hthflonprcappryfcadoe
against the estate of the decedent other than those for whom provision for full pay- DeOgreg on Friday, Februa N 14204at 11:0 aolm.,n prat o et of8 inohe ald Wosp
ment was m ad e in the Ord er of Summ aryAd mi nistra tion m ust fi le their claims wi th thi s (SEAL) Clerk of the Court, CITRUS County, Florida Mole Home Commniy, 7ray193 W04a 10 ~. tLt#8 nteWalden Woods Die ooasFoia346 court WITHIN THE TIME PERIODS SET FORTH IN SECTION 733.702 OF THE FLORIDA PRO- By:/s/ VIVIAN CANCEL, Deputy ClerkMoieHmCmunt,79WWadnodsDv, mssa Frda346
BATE CODE. ALL CLAIMS AND DEMANDS NOT SO FILED WILL BE FOREVER BARRED. NOT- Published in the Citrus County Chronicle, Jan. 31 & Feb. 7,2014. CA13-04784 be sold for cash to satisfy storage fees pursuant to Florida Statute 715.109. The WITHSTANDING ANY OTHER APPLICABLE TIME PERIOD, ANY CLAIM FILED TWO (2) YEARS landlord will offer for sale 'AS IS", 'WHERE IS" the aforesaid property, and will sell the
OR MORE AFTER THE DECEDENT'S DATE OF DEATH IS BARRED. same, subject to ownership rights, liens, and security interests which have priority by
The date of first publication of this Notice is January 31, 2014. law, if any, to the highest and best bidder or bidders for CASH.
Personal Representative: 888-0207 FCRN
IS/PHYLLIS MAUGHAN Pla, Joe 2013-CA-000656 NOA 1989 Chan House Trailer (Mobile Home)
44 Cypress Blvd., Homosassa, FL 34446 INTECRUTPUBLIC NOTICE VIN #CH1O441A, Title #48740557
Attorney for the estate: INTECRUTCOURT OF THE 5TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR VIN #CH 10441 B, Tite #48740555
.O.Box 415, Homosassa Springs, FL 34447, Telephone: 352-382-7934 BAKO MRCNAPREPARED BY:
Fax: 352-382-7936, E-Mail: PlKFAEICNtiff, American Land Lease
Published in the Citrus County Chronicle, January 31, & February 7, 2014. vs.ntff 380 Park Place Blvd. Suite 200, Clearwater, FL 33759, 727-726-8868
vs. Published in the CITRUS COUNTY CHRONICLE, JANUARY 31 & FEBRUARY 7, 2014.
JOE PLA, et al, ______________________________Forecloure Sal Forecosure Sle, -1Defendant(s).89027FR AtoNoie AcinNtcs =rt5T U =NOTICE OF ACTION -CONSTRUCTIVE SERVICE 893020 FCR al-Jne

885-0131 FCRN whose residence is unknown if he/she/they be living; and if he/she/they be dead, NOTICE 6 HEREBY GVENthat thefolloingpersnalpperty ofNancyC. Jones
Bello, Rafecil 2073-CA- 17 73 NOA the unknown defendants who may be spouses, heirs, devisees, grantees, assignees, (Dcae)oFrdyFbury1,24at1:0amtLt#2,inheWln
PUBLIC NOTICE lienors, creditors, trustees, and all parties claiming an interest by, through, under or (odsed MoFiday Foebromury1, 214 at 11al m., atod Lotive, intheWlrdn
IN THE CIRCUIT COURT IN AND FOR CITRUS COUNTY, FLORIDA against the Defendants, who are not known to be dead or alive, and all parties hay- Woods, be om community, 7193Wg Waesprnt o Dlrie, HSassa, Florida9 CASE NO: 2013-CA-i 1113 Ing or claiming to have any right, title or interest in the property described in the 3446h e od wlfr ahfo satf oae fees puWH RSant tflorida Srpeta wllsell JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION mortgage being foreclosed herein the same, subject to ownership rights, liens, and security interests which have priority
vs. YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that an action to foreclose a mortgage on the follow- byaw0f0ny2oh hige andubes bridder (orbider formCSH
RAFAEL BELLO, ET AL., ing property in CITRUS County, Florida: 2002 Reg HouseA Tile (Mobil0Home
90 SOUTH JEFFERSON ST, BEVERLY HILLS, FL 34465 380 Park Place Blvd. Suite 200, Clearwater, FL 33759, 727-726-8868
OR has been filed against you and you are required to serve a copy of your written Published in the CITRUS COUNTY CHRONICLE, JANUARY 31 & FEBRUARY 7, 2014.
72 BRAINARD AVE APT REAR, PORT MONMOUTH, NJ 07758 defenses, if any, to it on TRIPP SCOTT, P.A., the Plaintiff's attorney, whose address is
110 S.E. 6th Street, 15th Floor, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, on or before March 3, 2014,
UNKNOWN SPOUSE OF RAFAEL BELLO (no later than 30 days from the date of the first publication of this Notice of Action) tn etn
90 SOUTH JEFFERSON ST, BEVERLY HILLS, FL 34465 and file this original with the Clerk of this Court either before service on Plaintiff's MeeMetingT
OR attorney or immediately thereafter; otherwise a default will be entered against you Noie Noie oie
72 RANAD AE PTREA, OR MOMOTH NJ0758for the relief demanded in the complaint or petition filed 72 BAINRD VE PT EAR POR MOMOUH, J 0758WITNESS my hand and the seal of this Court at CITRUS County, Florida, this 5th LAST KNOWN ADDRESS STATED, CURRENT RESIDENCE UNKNOWN day of DECEMBER, 2013. 897-0131 FCRN
YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that an action to foreclose Mortgage covering the (SEAL) BY:/s/ Vivian Cancel PUBLIC NOTICE
following real and personal property described as follows, to-wit:


'a Jeep

2014300 2014 !0URNEY 201CHEROKEE

s27,588 $18,988 *22,688
39 Mot Lese 39 Mont Lese
Fo up t36Mnh299De at Sinn $269 Due atSgnn

214TOWN & 2014 G R A N D 2014 GRAND
C 0 U N T R Y C A R A V A N C H E R 0 K E E

s27,488 s18,968 $349


800-584,-8 755 ext 10 I

ARM W U 0,0' --C 0 U N T T



Page H2 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014


S.......... ....


1 CouponrPer Household on Reroofing Onlyo o* SI
Exie Julyl 2014&Oprae
(86 1-2 U rL INC

Page H4 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

A State-Of-The-Art
17,000 Sq. Ft. Medical Facility

@9 0

Convenient Care for Entire Family Scheduled Podiatry care can detect most
Appropriate, comprehensive and timely treatment foot and ankle problems, and early intervention
for our patients all in one lace is the sole purpose and prevention keeps you and your feet healthy.
of Christ Medical1or Cetr 1"is mutti-spcay Regular foot care is essential for proper health,
group offers trusted medical care where multiple especially if you are managing the effects of
physicians and practitioners work together to speed diabetes on your feet.
recovery and keep costs down for the patient.
Effective Management of Acute or
,9 1 Citrus Diabetes Treatment Center Chronic Pain requires the coordinated
and Physicians Medical Weight Loss. efforts of a team of doctors and Christ Medical
See how we have helped people confidently handle Center has one of the best teams in Citrus and
a diabetes diagnosis and successfully shown others surrounding counties. We have successfully helped
the secret to weight loss safely and helped them patients suffering with pain from trauma, surgery,
keep it off. sports injuries and diabetes. Our goal is to help
you regain function, reduce your pain, and restore
your quality of life.
A picture is worth a thousand words
f 101and can mean all the difference diagnosingC M a n o
B ur medical condition. We staff a full Christ Medical Center offers
diagnostic Imaging Transportation todoctor's
"M Dep~artment. %L appointments as a courtesy service.

a LL
756 WCtGcaOLkeH~ywa


Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H5

Welcome to Our Home Citrus

Here's your personal how-to, where- ear the listing that you know you'll be recreation, activities and more logical to guide to just about everything you needing soon and take advantage of and easy. need to feel right at home in Citrus those new sources of information that The guide also contains the most County. might tempt you to open new doors comprehensive listing of all the
So whether you just moved here, right in your own neighborhood. hundreds of organizations in the
have lived here your entire life or are So no matter if this community is community from veterans groups just visiting Citrus County for the first your newly adopted lifestyle, has been to hobby and civic alliances. time, using Our Home should help you your home for generations or is a Featuring a mix of small-town feel right at home. positive business venture, we think charm and big city convenience,
Our Home Citrus is intended to you'll find Out Home Citrus to be a Citrus County has cultivated a rich serve as your best single directory for valuable resource all year long, character that is rarely if ever phone numbers, addresses and other The directory features an easy-to- duplicated. essential information about much of use format to make searching for The county's relaxed lifestyle Citrus County. information about churches, schools, enjoyed among the lush forests and
So keep it on your desk, by the health care, licenses, taxes and utilities sparkling waterways, those who call it computer or next to the phone. Mark -not to mention local entertainment, home are tempted to say, "You've the pages you frequently refer to, dog- never seen anything like it."
So here is Our Home Citrus your
personal guide created to get some
of you started and help others
CiMu TO cows keep going.
It's our hope that this
guide serves you well and
PMFOXEthat it tempts you to
explore, meet others

CRYSMinvolved in your

Page H6 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

What's Inside

Bus iness/Profess io nal Organizations ............ H20 Civic ...................................................... H55
Cham ber of Com m erce .................................... H21 Com puters ............................................ H56
Citrus County Government ............................ H27 Cultural and Heritage ............................ H56
Clerk of Courts ................................................ H14 Education and Youth .............................. H58
College of Central Florida .............................. H38 Food Programs ...................................... H60
Com m unity Centers ........................................ H17 Fraternal ................................................ H61
Crystal River Governm ent .............................. H29 Gardening .............................................. H62
Dem ographics .................................................. H 25 Hobbies .................................................. H 63
E lectio ns .......................................................... H 12 P olitical .................................................. H 63
Em ergency ........................................................ H34 Recreation G roups ................................ H64
Extension Services .......................................... H24 Seniors .................................................. H65
Fire Stations .................................................... H31 Service C lubs ........................................ H65
Florida Department of Health ............................ H9 Special Interest ...................................... H66
G olf Courses .................................................... H48 Support G roups .................................... H67
Groups, Clubs and Organizations .................. H54 Vehicles ................................................ H68
A nim als .................................................. H 54 W eight C ontrol ...................................... H 69
Arts and Crafts ...................................... H54 W om en's C lubs ...................................... H70

moss P0 21+

open 7 Day
i All Year Lon Hour


-Sightseeing -Birdwatching
-Weddings -Sunrise & Sunset Cruises
-Moonlight Cruises -Custom Cruises

Captain M ike's Located On the Withlacoochee
at Stumpknockers
Hwy. 200 Citrus & Marion County Line
Lazy River Cruises



Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H7

What's Inside

Hospitals and C linics ...................................... H 10 Bow ling .................................................. H47
Houses of W orship .......................................... H71 Cam ping ................................................ H46
B everly H ills ............................................ H 7 1 Local P arks ............................................ H 44
C itrus S prings ........................................ H 71 S tate Parks ............................................ H 45
C rystal R iver .......................................... H71 Sw im m ing Pools .................................... H47
Floral C ity ................................................ H 72 Tennis C ourts .......................................... H 47
Hernando ................................................ H72 Points of Interest .............................................. H40
Hom osassa ............................................ H72 Post O ffices ...................................................... H 16
Inverness ................................................ H 74
Lecanto .................................................. H75 Property A ppraiser .......................................... H 13
Inverness Government .................................... H30 Public Safety .................................................... H35
Law Enforcem ent ............................................ H32 Schools ............................................................ H36
Libraries ............................................................ H15 State/Federal Government .............................. H26
Music and Performing Arts ............................ H43 Taxes ................................................................ H11
Parks and Recreation ...................................... H44 United Way Agencies ...................................... H18
B birding Trails .......................................... H 45 U tilities .............................................................. H 39
Boat Ram ps ............................................ H46 Veterans ............................................................ H 50

a Ar
Q& Orrus
,-wQ ca 111PUS
A*"% 4A IV 044 flAf>
Urt L'I&LS.,


In the heart of our community.

Offering state-of-the-art facilities in a variety of versatile settings.

E Seat up to 400 E 4,990 square feet of flexible space

0 Classrooms available


3800 S. Lecanto Highway Lecanto

Page HS Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

2014 Our Home Citrus
I G erry M ulligan ................................................ Publisher
Ken Melton .............................. Community Affairs Editor
Cindy Connolly ............ Community Affairs Graphic Artist
Sarah Gatling ...................................... Com m unity Editor
Trista Stokes ........................ Advertising Sales Manager

Citrus Publishing

1624 N. Meadowcrest Blvd. Crystal River, FL 34429 352-563-6363

About the cover: This year's Our Home Citrus cover photograph was taken by Jill Lyles of Crystal River.

Lyles took this photo of her children, Alexandra and Colton aboard the red caboose on the Withlacoochee Trail in Inverness.



Jim & Julie Green A u i l g

Jim Green Jewelers

56-0633 BEST 3- -5

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H9

Florida Department of Health

George A. Dame Community Crystal River Clinic Schedule dental appointment
Health Center 117 N.W. U.S. 19 352-249-9258, ext. 249
Lecanto Main Clinic Crystal River, FL 34428 Main number 352-249-9258
3700W. Sovereign Path Urgent Care Unit Fax 352-249-9262
Lecanto, FL 34461 7 am. -5:30 pm.
wwwi citruscountyhealth org WIC Mon. Wed. and Thurs. Environmental Health Office
Mon. Fri. 7am. -5:30 pm. 8 -11 am. 1 -4 pm. 3600W. Sove re ig n Pat h
Main number 352-527-0068 Also WIC opens every second Lecanto, FL 34461
WIC 352-527-8498 and fourth Friday Mon. Fri. 8 a.m. 5 p.m.
Appointments 352-527-0247 Main number 352-527-5283
Inverness Clinic Main number 352-795-6233 Fax 352-527-5316
120 N. Montgomery Ave. WIC 352-795-2261
Inverness, FL 34450 Fax 352-795-0167 Vital Statistics
Clinic hours/Urgent Care Unit 3650 W. Sove re ig n Pat h
Mon. Fri. 7 a.m. 12:30 p.m., Lecanto North Dental Mon. Fri. 7:30 a.m. 4p.m.
1 5:30 p.m. 2804 W. Marc Knighton Court Appointments 352-527-0247
Appointments 352-527-0247 Lecanto, FL 34461 Main number 352-527-0068
Main number 352-726-1731 Dental WIC 352-527-8490
WIC 352-726-5222 Mon. Fri. 7 a.m. 5 p.m. Clinic fax 352-527-0629
Fax 352-637-5397 Appointments 352-527-0247


It Healt Care 9Family Planning/Women'Helh

rthandDeah Certificates Health Education

*Children's Care Healthy Start/Mom Care.

ental Care Illness Investigation

Disaster Preparedness Tobacco Prevention

Disease Prevention Walk in Clinics

Environmental Health WlClNutrition

To make a medical appointment 352-527-0247 for Dental 352-249-9258

Page H10 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Hospitals and Clinics

Hospitals Oak Hill Hospital The Centers
Hospitals 11375 Cortez Blvd. 3238 S. Lecanto Hwy.
Brooksville, FL 34613 Lecanto, FL 34461
Brooksville Regional Hospital 352-628-6441 352-628-5020
17240 Cortez Blvd.
Brooksville, FL 34601
352-796-5111 Ocala Regional George A. Dame Medical Center Community Health Clinic
1431 S.W. 1st Ave. 2804 W. Marc Knighton Ct.
Children's Emergency Ocala, FL 34471 Lecanto, FL 34461
Department 352-401-1000 352-249-9258
1500 S.W. 1st Ave.
Ocala, FL 34471
352-402-5331 Seven Rivers Sugarmill Woods
Regional Medical Center Family Care Center
Citrus Memorial 6201 N. Suncoast Blvd. 7945 S. Suncoast Blvd.
Health System Crystal River, FL 34428 Homosassa, FL 34446
502W. Highland Blvd. 352-795-6560 352-382-6111
Inverness, FL 34452
352-726-1551 Veterans Affairs
Emergency Center Clinics Outpatient Clinic
2804 W. Marc Knighton Ct.
at TimberRidge Suite A
9521 SW. State Road 200 Allen Ridge Family Lecanto, FL 34461
Ocala, FL Care Center 352-746-8000
352-351-7500 540 N. Lecanto, Hwy.
Lecanto, FL 34461
Munroe Regional 352-746-2700
Medical Center
1500 SW. 1st Ave.
Ocala, FL 34471

To receive your FREE pack of premium hearing aid batteries, go to Please consider donating your useable Supporingda Sheriffs Youth fRanches
and enter in the Promo Code seen below: items to Sheriffs Ranches Enterprises

BATTS I Visit our Thrift Stores located in: Live Oak,
Crystal River, Dunedin, New Port Richey, Leesburg
One pack per household C Crus County residents only For more information or to schedule a pickup, call us today at 800-338-0377

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page Hl


Citrus CountyTax Collector 1540 N. Meadowcrest Blvd. School Board Rec Local Effort 8\ Janice A. Warren Crystal River 5.0650
Office hours: Monday-Friday Tax Department 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. School Board Discretionary
352-341-6509 0.7480 e'S
Taxing millage rates Tags, title and drivers license for Citrus County (2013) School Board Captial d ex)
352-341-6500 Improvement 1.5000 ;
General Fund County 7.0271 Business tax, hunting Hosptial Board (CMH) 0.2450
and fishing license Transportation Trust 0.7069 st ,
352-341-6512 Mosquito Control 0.3452 4K, e
Public Health 0. 1011 Office Locations: SWFWMD General 0.3818
Citrus County Courthouse Annex Library 0.3333 210 N. Apopka Ave. Homosassa Special
Inverness Fire District 0.7315 Water District 0.9162
Office hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Stormwater 0.1000 City of Crystal River- 3.8000

City of Inverness 6.4955 .., ,

We offer a safe medical appoa
to cosmetic issues!.
Skin Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Skin Repairs
MOHS Micrographic Surgery
Age Management Medicine
Growth Removal Chemical Peeling
Esthetics Laser Surgery
Botox Therapy
Laser Hair Removal
Photofacial Rejuvenation
Juvederm Obagi
sunCORsT DERAM.....
Board Certified American Board of Dermatology,
American Society for Dermatology Surgery,
Member American Association of Facial Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgery,
Fellow American Society for MOHS Surgery

IN DWc. i H a, A Ri MI
Part~iam wth. Mecarc, BCBS, Ciga ffnaa Acmr,,.

Page H12 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014


Susan Gill, When to register to vote Requesting a
Supervisor of Elections You may apply to register to vote Vote by Mail Ballot
10 N. Apopka Ave. at any time. However, the A voter making the request
Inverness, FL 34450 registration books close 29 days must disclose the following
Phone: 352-341-6740 before each election. Therefore, information:
Fax: 352-341-6749 to vote in an election, you must Voter's Name
Toll Free: 800-655-6645 be registered at least 29 days Voter's Address
TOO: 352-341-6752 prior to that election. Voter's Signature
Email: (written requests only)
Website: Update your voter registration record If the voter has designated an
To be eligible to register It is the voter's responsibility to immediate family member or to vote you must: notify the elections office if you: legal guardian to request a vote
Be a U.S. citizen Change your address by mail ballot, the requester must
Be a resident of (moved within the county) provide the above information
Citrus County Change your name and the following information:
Be 18 years or older Change your party Requester's Name
(you may pre-register Change your signature Requester's Address
) ifyou are 16) Requester's Driver's
Not now be adjudicated Call the elections office at License Number
mentally incapacitated 352-341-6740 for information (if available) with respect to voting on how to update your record. Requester's Relationship to
Not have been convicted of There is no charge for your the Voter a felony without your civil voter information card. Requester's Signature
rights having been restored (written requests only)
Not claim the right to vote Early Voting S in another county or state Early voting begins 10 days prior Voters may request a vote
to each election. Show your by mail ballot for a specific U How to register to vote photo and signature ID and you election or for all elections in
U U U You must fill out a voter will be given a ballot. Lack of the current calendar year.
S registration application form. photo and signature ID will Vote by mail ballots are available are available at: provisional ballot. (F.S. prior to each election. Vote by
Supervisor of 101.043(2)) mail ballots are mailed
Elections office non-forwardable,
Driver's License office Vote by Mail return-if-undeliverable mail
Public assistance office Any qualified registered voter in to those voters who have
Public libraries Citrus County is entitled to a vote requested a vote by mail ballot.
County governmental offices by mail ballot. The ballot may be Vote by mail ballots cannot
requested in person, by mail, be forwarded. Go online to download a form: e-mail, fax or by phone. An immediate family member or
legal guardian may request a
vote by mail ballot for a voter.
Immediate family member means
the voter's spouse, parent, child,
grandparent or sibling.

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H13


g Appraiser

Citrus County Inverness office Exemptions:
Property Appraiser Tangible Department Homestead Exemption
Les Cook 210 N. Apopka Ave. WidowMidower
210 N. Apopka Ave. Inverness, FL 34450 Disability
Suite 200 352-341-6610 Blind
Inverness 352-341-6647 Service Connected
352-341-6600 Office Hours: (10% or more disability) 8:30 a.m. 5 p.m. Service connected Total and Permanent Disability
Civilian Total and
THE MISSION of the Citrus Permanent Disability
County Property Appraiser's Veterans age 65 or older
Office is to provide fair and with Combat Disability
equitable valuation of property Discount
and tax assessments every year
based upon the market in
accordance with the Florida
Constitution, law and S T
requirements, while delivering efficient and courteous service to the citizens of Citrus County.

Office Locations: W
East Side
Citrus County Annex 210 N. Apopka Ave.
Fax 352-341-6660
Office Hours:
8:30 a.m. 5 p.m. K

West Side ANWa1540 N. Meadowcrest Blvd.
Crystal River 352-564-7130
Fax 352-564-7131 7 3 ( w
Office Hours:
8:30 a.m. 5 p.m. New Patients Welcome!
Medicare and *
HanMst Insurance Acceptedn

Page H Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Clerk of


Angela Vick Important Customer Service Counters
Clerk of the Circuit Court Phone Numbers: Available at Both
and Comptroller Office Locations
Administration Perform Marriage Ceremonies
Keith Heisner 352-341-6481 Issue Marriage Licenses
Chief Deputy Passport Photos
Information Services Injunctions Process Passport Applications
(Protection Orders and Pay Court Fees and Fines
Kathy Davis Restraining Orders) Payment Plans
Chief Deputy Court Services 352-341-6417 Driving Record History
-Search Official Records
Angie Snodgrass Jury Duty File New Court Cases
Chief Deputy (Jury Duty Procedures Copies of Documents
Financial Services and Excusals) Forms and Brochures
352-341-6405 Plat Maps
Laura Frederick
Budget Officer Customer Service Clerk of Court Website
Call Center (www. clerk. citrus.fl. us)
Office Hours: 352-341-6424
8 a.m. 5 p.m. Marriage Licenses Online Services
Monday thru Friday Passport Applications and Pay Traffic Citations
(closed Holidays) Information Pay Child Support
Traffic and Boating Citations Court Records Search Office Locations: *Animal Control Citations Official Records Search
Inverness Courthouse *Circuit Civil Passport Information and
Main Office *County Civil Application
110 N. Apopka Ave. *Domestic Relations Marriage License Information
Inverness, FL 34450 *Child Support BOCC Meeting Minutes
352-341-6424 *Misdemeanor BOCC Agenda
Felony BOCC Meetings (Archived
West Citrus Government Center Juvenile Dependency Videos and Live Streaming)
1540 N. Meadowcrest Blvd. Juvenile Delinquency GovPayNet Make Payment
S Crystal River, FL 34429 Official Records Plan Payments
352-341-6424 Order Copies
View Fee Schedule
Tax Deed Sales RealAuction
-Mortgage Foreclosure Sales
*Career Opportunities

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H15

Citrus County


Locations Lakes Region Library Support the library by joining a
1511 Druid Rd. Friends of the Library group.
Central Ridge Library Inverness Visit or your
425 W. Roosevelt Blvd. 352-726-2357 local branch for more information.
Beverly Hills Mon. Thurs. 10 a.m.- 7 p.m.
352-746-6622 Fri. Sat. 10 a.m. 5 p.m. *Citrus Springs Memorial Library
Mon. Thurs. 10 a.m.- 7 p.m. is not part of the Citrus County
Fri. Sat. 10 a.m. 5 p.m. Visit the Citrus County Library System. Visit their
Library System online at: website for more information at:
Citrus Springs
Memorial Library*
1826 W. Country Club Blvd.
Citrus Springs
Mon., Wed. and Fri.
10 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Sat. 10 a.m.- 1 p.m.

Coastal Region Library "Your Trusted Family-Owned
8619 W. Crystal St. Ff
Crystal River Funeral Home for 50 Years
Mon. Thurs. 10 a.m.- 7 p.m.
Fri.- Sat. 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.

Floral City Public Library
8360 E. Orange Ave.
Floral City I e Home and6Crmator
Tues., Thurs. lOa.m.-7 p.m. Burial Cremation Preplanning
..... W ed., Fri. 10 a.m. 5 p.m.iWed.,ai. 10a.m. -5p.m. Funeral Directors -3ST
Sat. 10a.m. -4 p.m. C. Lyman Strickland & Tom L. Pace i S

Homosassa Public Library 1901 SE HwY. 19
4100 S. Grandmarch Ave.
~~~~352-628-5626 3 2 7 5 2 7
Mon.-Thurs. 10a.m.-7p.m.
Fri. Sat. 10 a.m. 5 p.m. 352-795-2678

Page H16 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Post Offices

Beverly Hills Homnosassa Lecanto
3971 N. Lecanto Hwy 10780W. Yulee Dr. 320 S. Lecanto Hwy.
Beverly Hills, FL 34465-9998 Homosassa, FL 34487-9998 Lecanto, FL 34461- 9998
-352-746-3076 352-628-2396 352-726-2424
Mon. Fri. Mon. Fri. Mon. Fri.
8:30 am. -4:30 pm. 9 am. -noon 8:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.
Saturday 9 am. noon 1 pm. 4pm. Saturday 9a.m. -noon
Saturday 10 a.m. noon
Crystal River Yan keetown
18 N.E. 4th Ave. Homnosassa Springs 17 56th St.
Crystal River, FL 34429-9998 4610 S. Suncoast Blvd. Yankeetown, FL 34498-9998
352-795-2030 Homosassa, FL 34446-1700 352-447-2969
Mon. Fri. 352-628-3240 Mon. Fri.
8:30 a.m. -5 p.m. Mon. -Fri. 8:30 a.m. -noon
Saturday 9 a.m. noon 9 a.m. 4:15 p.m. 1 p.m. 4p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. noon
Dunnellon Igi
11432 N. Williams St. 7.Inglis Av.Wbie
Dunnellon, FL 34432-9998 Inlis FL 34449-9998
Mon. Fri.352-447-2888
Mon. Fri.Mon. Fri.
8:30 a.m. 5 p.m. 9:30 a.m. 1 p.m. Changing addresses?
Saturday 9 a.m. noon 2 -4 p.m. Make the change of address
Saturday 9 a.m. noon process faster and easier by
Floral City notifying everyone who sends
7667 S. Florida Ave. Inverness you mail of your new address
Floral City, FL 34436-9998 1400 U.S. 41 North and the date of your move two
352-726-3813 Inverness, FL 34450-9998 weeks before you move. Many
Mon. Fri. 352-726-2757 bills and statements have an
8:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m. Mon. Fri. area for making an address
Saturday 9 a.m. noon 9 a.m. 5 p.m. change notification. Also make
Saturay 9~m.-noonsure that you use a complete Hernando Saudy9am address when completing your
3795 E. Parsons Point Rd. Inverness B &W Rexall change of address form.
Hernando, FL 34442-9998 214 U.S. 41 S. A complete address is defined
352-726-4345 Inverness, FL 34450-4997 as an address that contains all
Mon. Fri. 352-726-1021 necessary address elements:
8:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m. Mon. Fri. house number (and any
Saturday 9 a.m. noon 7 a.m. 4 p.m. applicable apartment, suite or
Saturday room numbers), street name,
Holder 7:30 a.m. to noon. directionals (N, E, 5, or W), city,
6906 N. Florida Ave. state, and ZIP Code. As an
Holder, FL 34445-0195 Istachatta example, if you live on West Main
352-489-5351 28199 Magnon Dr. Street you should make sure you
Mon. Fri. Istachatta, FL 34636-9801 include the "W" for West.
9 a.m. noon 352-796-6840
1p.m. -4 p.m. Mon. Fri.
jSaturday 9 -11 a.m. 8:30 a.m. noon
1 p.m. -4 p.m.

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H17



The Community Centers of Citrus East Citrus Community Center West Citrus
County are focused on providing 9907 E. Gulf to Lake Hwy. Community Center a friendly atmosphere where Inverness 8940 W. Veterans Drive
county residents can participate 352-344-9666 Homosassa
in various activities that capture Monday Friday 352-795-3831
their interests, stimulate growth, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday Friday
and bring fun, laughter and 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
companionship into the lives Inverness Community Center of our senior citizens while 1082 N. Paul Drive encouraging them to be an Inverness
active member of their 352-726-1009
community. Monday Friday
9 1 p.m.
Below are examples of some
of the activities offered at the
Art Classes
Ballroom Dancing
Bingo Irs Time to
Catered Lunch
ope Classes Plev the Best
*Computer Classes
Y, -*Day Trips
Exercise Programs
Line Dancing
Musical e-Z h._6
t Table Tennis
*Tai Chi 2014 Daily
Tap Dancing Golf Rates
S* Wii Games/Fitness I [hJI U $ D I $48EBefore2:00pm
[ S 0 P R P RSO [ $28 Ater 2:00pm
Centra Citrus n MUST PRESENT COUPON EXPIRES 12/31/14 O

Community Center 0..)
2804 W. Marc Knighton Court fji s2%T....
Lecanto KI N__ ''I
I Afterl:00pm I k D elN
352-527-5993 1 MUST PRESENT COUPON EXPIRES 12/31/14 I ....... "
Monday Friday L j
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Juliette (352) 522-0309
N 6933 SW 179th Ave. Rd., Dunnellon
s 15 miles West of 1-75 on SR 40 in Dunnellon

Page H18 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

United Way


I United Way of Citrus County Boys Scouts of America Citrus Abuse Shelter 1205 N.E. 5th Street, Suite A Gulf Ridge Council Serves Association (CASA) Crystal River, FL 34429 others by helping to instill values A domestic violence center that 352-795-5483 in young people and prepare provides outreach and shelter them to make ethical choices services. Services include: The United Way of Citrus County during their lifetime. individual counseling, advocacy, serves as an umbrella for the empowerment groups, 24-hour following local charitable 813-872-2691 hotline, community and
agencies: professional education. A shelter
Boys and Girls Clubs is available for victims of
American Red Cross of Citrus County domestic violence and their
Maintains emergency prepared- A youth development dependents. ness, helps disaster victims, and organization serving children provides health, safety, CPR, first age 5 to 18 years at three clubs 352-344-8111 aid and HIV/AIDS education. in Beverly Hills, Inverness, and American Red Cross helps with Homosassa. The Clubs offer Citrus Hearing Impaired Natural Disasters, such as house programs in education and Program Services (CHIPS) fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. career development, technology, character and leadership Provides services to the deaf, hard or hearing and speech
352-564-8455 development, health and life impaired individuals of Citrus
skills, arts, sports and County. Advocacy information Annie W. Johnson Senior recreation. and referral, continuing
& Family Service Center education, interpreting services
Provides food, rent/mortgage, 352-621-9225 for the deaf, training and
utility assistance for clients with distribution of telecommunication
unexpected expenses or down Catholic Charities equipment.
turns. Additional assistance is Confidential individual, marriage, offered with prescriptions, family and child therapy on a 352-795-5000 newborn, project homeless, sliding-fee scale. Center-based fire/flood victims and numerous respite care for those with Daystar Life Center toy and basket programs. memory loss illnesses and their Provides food, clothing, financial www.anniejohnsonseniorfamily caregivers. assistance (rent, utility or prescription) and referrals to
352-489-8021 800-242-9012 county residents in an
Children's Home Society emergency situation. Big Brothers Big Sisters, Inc.
Provides pregnancy counseling,
Serves children with identifiable adoption and foster care 352-795-8668 needs. These children are services, counseling for child mentored by a caring adult either abuse prevention and services through the one-to-one program to families with developmentally continued on Page 19 or the school volunteer program delayed children. Florida
352-344-0400 352-860-5149

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page HIS


continued from Page 18 Youth & Family Alternatives new industries develop and
New Beginnings Youth Shelter businesses evolve, our CTE Provides counseling for truant or programs modify the curriculum Early Learning Coalition out of control children, and and programs to adapt to the
of the Nature Coast residential and nonresidential changing needs of today's world.
Prepares at-risk children for shelter services for runaway or According to the Office of Y1T
kindergarten and assists homeless youths. Vocational and Adult Education, NOT
low-income parents in achieving nearly 75 percent of all job 1t)II
self sufficiency. The Coalition 352-540-6015 openings through 2016 will
contracts with private child care require work-related training.
centers and the school system Community Partners: It pays to receive formal training
to offer the Voluntary Citrus County Education in a post-secondary setting and
Pre-Kindergarten Program. Foundation supporting Dolly earn an industry certificate to Parton's Imagination Library demonstrate your knowledge
352-563-9939 and abilities.
352-726-1931, ext. 2232
Isaiah Foundation 352-726-2430
Provides respite care to families Born Learning of the developmentally delayed Program helps parents realize and teaches Pivotal Response that they can turn simple Therapy to autistic children and everyday moments, such as their families, doing laundry or running errands, 2 / / 6 into fun and engaging teaching
352-447-1775 activities for their child. The BonLanngcmagM ER GlEN CYI SERV IC E

KeyTraining Center communicates to parents and Recommended
Provides housing, counseling, caregivers that learning starts hytnsufanc.
training to allow people with enough to go to school and, as aa developmental disabilities the result, a child's success depends opportunity to lead meaningful, on small learning lessons each productive lives in an and every day.
atmosphere of kindness, love, 1
dignity and respect. i/
w'w.keytrainingcenterorg WTI Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning BETr
352-795-5541 Career and Technical Education Wood Floor Cleaning W
plays a critical role in improving Pet Odor Removal Carpet and
YMCA of the Suncoast and growing the U.S. economy. Tile Cleaning Oriental Rugs Rug Cieaner
Citrus County Branch Through secondary andFie&W trDm g RsoainSpclss
To put Christian principles into post-secondary instructionalFie&W trDm g RsoainSpclss
practice through programs that programs and continuing build healthy spirit, mind and workforce training programs body for all. students prepare for high-skill, SerVICCM ASTER high-demand and high-wage
352-637-0132 employment. WTI plays a 321401
significant role in training adults 352-194-0210ridatcom to re-enter the workforce. As CR-C057844

Page H20 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Bus inesslProfess ional


Ag Alliance Citrus Business Network Florida Public Relations
8 a.m. second Monday 7:30 a.m. Fridays Association
Citrus County Extension Office Twisted Oaks Nature Coast Chapter
3650 W. Sovereign Path, Suite 1 4801 N. Forest Blvd., 11:30 a.m. first Friday Lecanto Beverly Hills (Sept. June)
352-527-5700 Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club, Garden Room
Citrus County Bar Association 509 E. Hartford St., Hernando Business Leaders of Tomorrow 1 Courthouse Square, Inverness Katie Mehl, president
Citrus County
Chamber of Commerce
5:30 p.m. Citrus County
first and third Wednesdays Builders Association FPRANatureCoast
Crystal River 1196 S. Lecanto Hwy., Lecanto
Chamber of Commerce 352-746-9028 Radiant Ridge
28 N.W. U.S. 19, Crystal River Toastmasters Club Keith Pullias 6:30 p.m. second and fourth
352-795-3149 Wednesdays Citrus County First Baptist Church Cattlemen's Association 700 N. Citrus Ave.
P.O. Box 2742, Inverness Crystal River Business Women's Alliance 352-726-1878 352-563-2661
Jan. 29 general membership
meeting, Feb. 26 general Citrus County membership meeting, March 26, Chamber of Commerce Realtors Association
Business to Business Networking 28 N.W. U.S. 19, Crystal River of Citrus County Luncheon, April 30 general 352-726-3149 714 Scarboro Ave., Lecanto
membership meeting, May28 106W. Main St., Inverness 352-746-3223 general membership meeting, June 18 Business to Business
Networking Luncheon, July 30
general membership meeting, Citrus County Economic S.C.O.R.E.
Agneralmemersh meeting, Development Council College of Central Florida
Aug. 27 general membership 106W. Main St., Inverness 3810 S. Lecanto Hwy. meeting, Sept. 27 Women's
elthind Fptn es s pOc2 352-795-2000 Bldg. Cl-101 W, Lecanto
H ealth and Fitness Expo, O ct. 29 w w ct u e c c m3 2 2 9 1 3 geea mmeshpmetn, 352-249-1236
Nov. 19 general membership

meeting officer elections and
Dec. 3 Business to Business Citrus County Networking Luncheon. Executives Association Suncoast Business Masters
Realtors Association Noon Wednesdays
of Citrus County Black Diamond Country Club
714 Scarboro Ave., Lecanto Floral City Merchants Black Diamond Circle, Lecanto
352-697-2655 P.O. Box 909 Galen Spinka, president Floral City 352-726-9145 352-637-3880

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H21

Chamber of

Commerce -j wwwi citruscountychamber corn
wwwi citruscountychamber corn!
Chamber Offices
Crystal River Office
Crystal River, FL 34429-3900
Inverness OfficeU L.1
Chronicle Building Courthouse Square
Inverness, FL 34450g g g g g g
Ambassadors It's time to ge those home
Business Women's Allianceim o e en a d g re ig
Business Leaders of Tomorrow im rv en a dg re ig
Membership Committee needs completed!
(tabled until further notice)
Leadership Citrus WE CARRY ... # Propane#* Rope # Chain
Special Events *Full line of small engine V-Belts 0 Electrical
Manatee Festival *Gardening Tools # Plumbing
Jan. 18-19, 2014 # Paint and supplies
Strawberry Festival Flg [ awn & Garden Seeds,
March 1-2, 2014 adFertilizer & Insecticides
Leiltv asDecorative # sOrganization for
March 19-20, 2014 Itm o oe&garage
Garden # Irrigation parts,
BWA Health & Fitness Expo & oetimers and more
Sept. 28, 2014
We Can ...
Crystal River eKyLocks (ut Keys
Christmas Parade R-e u
*Dec. 6, 2014 Chip Keys Cut Glass
Inverness Christmas Parade*RecenYuSres

continued on Page 22 E465 E. Highland Blvd., Inverness
2585 N. Florida Ave., Hernando Hardware 352-726-1481

Page H22 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Chamber of commerce

continued from Page 21 John Murphy, Immediate Carl Flanagan
Past Chair Nature Coast Bank
Chamber Mission Statement Citrus County Chronicle Theressa Foster
C The Citrus County Chamber of Bill Winkel, Secretary West Central Solutions
Commerce is an organization of Winkel Construction Ken Frink
businesses unified in efforts to Gerry Mulligan, Treasurer Southwest Florida Water advance the economic growth of Citrus County Chronicle Management District
the region, promote the interests Jim Harvey
of the business community, Board Members: College of Central Florida (Ret.)
provide key leadership on key George Bendtsen John Hodgkins 11
commerce issues and preserve Insurance by George Regions Bank
the county's quality of life. Joyce Brancato Carol Kimbrough
Seven Rivers Regional Specialty Gems
Board of Directors Medical Center Leon McClellan M&B Dairy
Rob Wardlow, Chair Mike Buchanan Excel Printing Dorothy Pernu
Williams, McCranie, Dudley Calfee Ferris Groves Seven Rivers Regional
Wardlow & Cash, PA. Charles E. Davis Medical Center
Rebecca Bays, Chair Elect Charles E. Davis Funeral Home
Insurance Resources! Jim Ferrara
Risk Management Inc. Insight Credit Union continued on Page 23



wrte Pot
rasot 25 Years Odo0rsV
&a00%1 in Business o!

Carpet Cleaning ....... Per Room $38.... $18
(3 room minimum)
Dry Cleaning or Steam
Gutter Cleaning Special ............ $50
Entire Houseg h
Furniture Cleaning. Sofa/Lovesea ...S60
I Chair Cleaned FREE


(1liI~i~jj ~Sunday, March 30 2-7p.m.

"Prevent Fires" Main Gate Entrance. No Gate Admission 2 r b n
All Kinds of Pressure LvsokSos*CmeiieEhbt
Cleaning Outside of Homes LS LvsokSos*CmeiieEhbt
THANK YOU Pageants Shoebox Floats Rides Games Entertainment
CALL (352) 489-4844 Citrus County Fair Association 3600 S. Florida Ave., Inverness, FL 34450
Owner Does The Work 0H2 (352) 726-2993 Fax: (352) 726-3121 w.citruscountyfair.comn

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H23

Chamber of Commerce

continued from Page 22 Century Link (retired) Ambassadors
Rocky Hensley Lillian Smith
Dan Pushee Center State Bank Mary Kay Cosmetics
MW Design & Publishing Jim Neal
Gailen Spinka James A. Neal, Jr., PA. Business Leaders
Comfort Keepers Jack Reynolds of Tomorrow (BLT) K>
Don Taylor Brannen Bank Dean Durel
Citrus County Economic Janice Warren Home Instead N
Development Council Citrus County Tax Collector .......
Rob Wolf Chet White Business Women's
College of Central Florida Stanley Steemer Alliance (BWA)
Pete Burrell Janet Yant Jennifer Duca
Citrus County Chronicle (retired) Nature Coast Charters Comfort Keepers Kevin Cunningham
RE/MAX Realty One Honorary Directors Leadership Citrus
Dick Dolbow Mike Moberly Tonya Caldwell
Citrus County School District Tropical Window, Inc. Citrus County
Mike Fitzpatrick Property Appraisers

full b

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Are you ready to worry
less and enjoy life more?
Sunflower Springs is a resort-style q
senior community that offers
unique, active, independent, A T
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8733 West Yulee Drive
Homosassa, FL 34448 Contact4 f
Contuctjiyfor Your Tour

3529621801 ta. Place Your Priority Reservation Now
Assisted Living Facility License # 11566 Like us on Facebook 352.621.8017

Page H24 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014



UF/IFAS Extension University's expertise is available Family and Consumer Sciences
Citrus County Office to homeowners, consumers, Sarah Ellis
3650 W. Sovereign Path, Suite 1 youth, home builders, agricultural 352-527-5713 Lecanto, FL 34461 producers, gardeners and the
352-527-5700 general public through a wide variety of educational programs. It's Florida-Friendly Landscaping Citrus County Extension is a divi- like having a "mini UF" in your sion of the University of Florida's back yard. Natural Resources
Institute of Food and Agricultural
Sciences (IFAS) in conjunction Citrus County Extension Urban/Commercial with the Citrus County Board of Program Areas: Horticulture/Agriculture
County Commissioners.
UF/IFAS Citrus County Extension 4-H and Youth Development has access to the latest research Dr. Marnie Ward and technology on more than 352-527-5712 2,000 subjects of interest. The

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P Nail Trims
,',, I rOnly $4 ,

Daycare .0
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i Cleaning

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Grooming Services o Boarding & Daycare o Pet Supplies
Training Programs o VIP Club (Very Important Pet)

Bo Wow over the age of 70 suffer
rpet is #1 from memory loss. TO HELP.
352-795-1684 SUPERIOR
Mon., Tues., Thus. & Fri. 8 am-5 RESIDENCES
Wed. & Sat. 8 am Noon, reopen 5 pm of Lecanto
Pet Grooming Sun. & Holidays 8 am- 5 pm (Pick up and drop off only) Pet Shop l l M UI tARI

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H25


Geography Female persons: Other Services:
County seat: 72,049 (51.7 percent) 8.7 percent
Inverness White persons:
130,440 (93.6 percent) Average Annual
Largest cities: Black persons: Wage (2012)
Inverness and Crystal River 4,180 (3.0 percent) All Industries:
American Indian and $335,354
Land area (2010): Alaska Native persons: Natural Resources
581.70 square miles 557 (.04 percent) and mining:
Asian persons: $27,742
Persons per square mile 2,229 (1.6 percent) Construction:
(2012): Persons reporting $32,885
238.7 two or more races: Education and
1951 (1.4 percent) Health Services:
Farm land (2002): Persons of Hispanic or $38,740
47,209 acres Latino origin: Financial Activities:
6,828 (4.9 percent) $36,525
Climate Information:
Average temperature Labor force (2012) $37,224
January 69 (high); 44 (low) 66,474 (47.7 percent of Leisure and Hospitality. July 92 (high); 72 (low) county population) $14,909
Population Employment by $31,664
1980: 54,703 industry (2012) Other Services:
1990: 93,513 Natural Resources $22,816
1998:112,424 and Mining: Professional and V low
2000:119,707 1.0 percent Business Services:
2004:130,000 Construction: $45,589
2008:141,416 14 percent Government.
2009:140,357 Manufacturing: $36,161
2010:141,236 2.1 percent Trade, Transportation
2011:140,031 Trade, Transportation and Utilities:
2012:139,360 and Utilities: $40,029
22.1 percent
Projections Information: Per capital personal income
2020:162,400 1.1 percent 2004 $25,128
2030: 202,400 Financial Activities: 2005 $26,806
10.3 percent 2006 $28,436
Population Age Professional and 2007 $28,883
Breakdown (2012) Business Services: 2010 $31,224
Persons under 5 years old. 17.6 percent 2012 $34,164
5,435 (3.8 percent) Education and
Persons under 18 years old. Health Services:
21,322 (15.3 percent) 12.5 percent
Persons 65 years old and over. Leisure and Hospitality.
47,103 (33.8 percent) 10.3 percent

Page H26 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014



State Officials Agriculture and Consumer Federal Officials
Governor Rick Scott Services Commissioner U.S. Senate
The Capitol Adam Putnam Bill Nelson
400 S. Monroe St. The Capitol 716 Senate Hart
Tallahassee, FL 32399 Tallahassee, FL 32399-0800 Office Building 850-488-3022 Washington, DC 20510
850-488-7146 202-224-5274
Sam Gibbons
Attorney General State Senate Federal Courthouse
Pam Bondi Charlie Dean 801 N. Florida Ave., 4th Floor
Office of Attorney General District 5 Tampa, FL 33602
The Capitol PL-01 405 Thompkins St. 813-225-7040
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050 Inverness, FL 34450 Landmark Two
850-414-3300 352-860-5175 225 East Robinson St. 866-538-2831 Suite 410
315 S.E. 25th Ave. Orlando, FL 32801
Chief Financial Officer Ocala, FL 34471-2689 407-872-7161
Jeff Atwater 352-873-6513 Toll free in Florida
200 E. Gaines St. 1-888-671-4091
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0301
1-877-693-5236 Florida House of Marco Rubio Representatives United States Senate
Jimmie T. Smith 284 Russell Senate
Insurance Regulation District 34 Office Building
Commissioner 591 E. Gulf to Lake Hwy. Washington DC, 20510
Kevin M. McCarty Lecanto 202224-3041
200 E. Gaines St. 352-560-6020 3802 Spectrum Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0308 319 The Capitol Suite 10 402 S. Monroe St. Tampa, FL 33612 Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300 813-977-6450
850-413-3140 850-717-5034 201 5O
MyflridaousegovSuite 350
Education Commissioner Orlando, FL 32801
Pam Stewart 407-254-2573
Turlington Building, Suite 1514 1-866-630-7106
325 W. Gaines St. U.S. House of
Tallahassee, FL 32399 Representatives Richard Nugent 212 W. Main St., Inverness
850-245-0505 Suite 204
Inverness, FL 34450
1727 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H27

Citrus County A

Government a

Administration W
County Administrator Brad Thorpe

Public Information Officer Tobey Phillips 352-527-5484
Tobey. Phillips@bocc. citrus.fl. us

County Attorney Kerry Parsons 352-341-6560
Kerry. Parsons@bocc.citrus.fl. us i g & i

Citrus County Jail Corrections Corp. of America 7

Community Support Services TM
Nature Coast Volunteer Center Senior Care Service
Transportation Veterans Services
*Canning V nalntine's
Court Alternatives Day is

Amy Engelken Coming
Amy. Soon!I

Extension Services 4-H and Youth Development Family and Consumer Sciences 255 E Highland Blvd
Florida-Friendly 1 Inverness, FL 34452
Landscaping iA K 352.726.4709
Natural Resources Urban/Commercial A B a Trdn
Horticulture/Agriculture G i a E II,
UF/IFAS Extension Citrus County Office 3650 W. Sovereign Path, Suite 1 Lecanto, FL 34461 352-527-5700

continued on Page 28

Page H28 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Citrus County Government

Continued from Page 27 Transportation Supervisor Water Resources
Lon Frye Ken Cheek
Library Services 352-527-7630 352-527-7646
Eric Head Lon.
352-746-9077 Human Resources Citrus County
Sherry Anderson Board of Count
Parks and Recreation 352-527-5370
Bicentennial Pool Commissioners
Chassahowitzka Campground
Community Buildings Land Development Citrus County Courthouse
Parks Jenette Collins 110 Apopka Ave.
Beaches 352-527-5239 Inverness 34450
Jeffrey Gordon 352-341-6560 Management and Budget CathyTaylor
Visitors and 352-527-5207
Convention Bureau Cathy.Taylor@bocc.citrus.fl. us District 1
Adam Thomas Dennis Damato
352-628-9305 Geographic Resources and Dennis. Damato@bocc.citrus.fl. us Community Planning
Jim Faulkner
Animal Services 352-527-5544
Pattie Amon District 2
352-726-8400 John "JJ" PublicWorks Kenney
Jeffrey Rogers
Aquatic Services 352-527-5477
Mark Edwards Jeffrey. Rogers@bocc.citrus. If us
Mark. Edwards@bocc.citrus.fl us Maintenance Operations Charles Gatto District 3
Building Division 352-527-6700 Joe Meek
.... Carl Jones
352-527-5310 Road Maintenance i David Whitelaw
Code Compliance 352-527-7610
Kimberly Corbin District 4
352-527-5350 Rbc
Rebecca Bays Solid Waste Management Rebecca s
Casey Stephens
Emergency Medical Services 352-527-7670 Nature Coast EMS
Systems Management
Engineering Darryl Clouse District 5
Jeffrey Rogers 352-527-5230 Scott Adams

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H29

Crystal River Government

Administration Building Zoning
City Manager Tom Rogers, building official
Andy Houston 407-230-3400
352-795-4216, ext. 302 (Tuesday and Thursday only) Mayor Jim Farley Code J 352-794-7455
Code Enforcement
City Clerk Zeke Mathena,
Carol Harrington, CMC code enforcement officer
352-795-4216, ext. 303 352-795-4216, ext. 315 Council members:

Executive Administrative Eleanor Copeland, AssistantlDeputy Clerk community services specialist
Elizabeth McBride 352-795-4216, ext. 315 Paula Wheeler
352-795-4216, ext. 301 Seat 1 352-422-0374
City Attorney David Burnell, director
George Angeliadis 352-795-4216, ext. 313
352-795-4216 Vice Mayor
352-799-8423 MikeGudis
\ Mike Gudis Theresa Krim, I Seat 2
executive 352-795-2044
Finance administrative assistant
Michelle Russell, director 352-795-4216, ext 314
352-795-4216, ext. 309
Louis Kneip,
Angela Fay, payroll clerk capital project manager Ken Brown
352-795-4216, ext. 311 352-795-4216, ext. 316 Seat 3 352-945-0713
Ann Pease, Jack Dumas, fire chief
accounts payable clerk
352-795-4216, ext. 312 City Council Robert Holmes
City Hall Robert Holmes
Joelyn Gaffney, 123 NW U.S. 19 Seat 5
utility billing clerk Crystal River, FL 34428 352-795-7652
352-795-4216, ext. 310 352-795-4216 Mon. Fri. 8 a.m. 5 p.m.

Planning and
Community Development
Jackie Gorman, director
352-795-4216, ext. 308

Page H30 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

'Inverness Government

Administration Community Events
212 W. Main St. Development Services Farmers Market, Saturday
Inverness, FL 34450 Dale Maim, Director St. Patrick's Day Parade,
352-726-2611 212 W. Main St. March 16
352-726-3401 Taste of Inverness, April 13
Frank DiGiovanni dmalm@lnverness-FL.Gov Flag Day, June 14
City Manager Patriotic Evening, July 3
352-726-2611 Parks & Recreation Freedom Walk,
citymanager@lnverness-FL.Gov Fhaun Miracle September 11
F Great American Cooter
Eric Williams Whispering Pines Park Festival, October
City Manager in Training/ 1700 Forest Dr. Festival of the Arts,
352-726-3913, ext. 1311
Assistant City Manager smiracle'lnverness-FLGov November
352-726-2611, ext. 1011
ewilliams@lnverness-FL. Gov Special Events Sharon Skeele-Hogan, Director City Council
Tom Dick 212 W. Main St. Mayor Bob
Assistant City Manager 352-726-2611, ext. 1304 Plaisted
352-726-2611 Sskeele-hogan@lnverness-FL. Gov 352-344-4182
Main Services Council
Debbie Davis Vision, planning and budget members:
City Clerk Building permits David Ryan
352-726-2611, ext. 1004 Contractor registration Seat I
cityclerk@l nverness-FL. Gov and licensing 352-341-5620
Zoning, variances
Joey Johnston and code enforcement
IT Director *Yard sale permits, guidelines 0
352-726-2611, ext. 1005 and advertising Jacquie Hepfer
jjohnston@lnverness-FL.Gov Water access, quality Seat 2
and payment 352-726-9172
Sheila Densmore Sewer and wastewater
Human Resources/Deputy Clerk management 352-726-2611, ext. 1001 Solid waste collection,
administration@lnverness-FL.Gov including yard waste Ken Hinkle
Street, tree and sidewalk Seat 3

Finance management 352-344-2397
Shei D* Programs, classes, leagues
Sheri Chiodo, Director and clubs
212W. Main St.
352-726-5016 Signature Parks Cabot McBride
finance@lnverness-FL.Gov Whispering Pines Park, Seat 4
including pool and water 352-726-3735
Public Works park, ball fields, jogging
Katie Cottrell, Director and bike trails, etc.
212 W. Main St. Liberty Park Linda Bega
352-726-2321 Wallace Brooks Park Seat 5
publicworks@lnverness-FL. Gov Cooter Pond Park 352-726-5263

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H31

Fire Services

ire Chief Station #3 Station #5i
Jim Goodworth 8408 W. Homosassa Tr. 3673 E. Orange Dr.
352-726-4488 Homosassa Hernando
Station #7 Station #8
Deputy Chief 800 N. Rock Crusher Rd. 4333 S. Little Al Pt.
Craig Stevens Crystal River Inverness
Station #9 Station #13
Battalion Chiefs 10165 N. Citrus Ave. 4 Regina Blvd.
awrence White Crystal River Beverly Hills
Keith Long Station #18 Station #14
( 5000 W. Oak Park Dr. 9515 N. Citrus Springs Blvd.
Tom Bosley Homosassa Citrus Springs
352-341-2169 Station #20 Station #21
352-586-3226 4785 N. Elkcam Blvd. 4400 S. Lecanto Hwy.
Beverly Hills Lecanto
ire Stations
If assistance is needed or an Station #23 emergency arises, citizens must 285 S. Kensington Ave. f l iliaiT i T DA'
remember to dial 9-1-1, not the Lecanto u J R ..@u aw'aJ
ndividual fire stations. Station #24U P
Station #24V
The following stations are full 7880 E. Spanish Tr. staffed 24/7: Floral City

Station #2
105 South Apopka Ave. The following stations are staffed
Inverness on an on-call basis: .
Twisted 4801 N. Forest Ridge Blvd.
- - - Oaks Beverly Hills, FL 34465
k (352) 746-6257
fkctric Beaci Sao Golf Course.

Chemical i
'F0..1.. -O---OO HairService $500 OFF
Be i With This Ad
For 465-6505 A
appointment call (352) 465-6505 I A ROUND OF GOLF
Coupon Not valid with any other offers or coupons 19140 E. Pennsylvania Avenue (AKA Hwy.484)' Dunnellon Not valid for league or tournament play Expires 5/31/4 4.

Page H32 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Law Enforcement

Citrus County Sheriff's Office Emergency Operations Center/ East Side: Sheriff Jeffrey J. Dawsy Emergency Management: Hernando, Beverly Hills: 3549 Saunders Way Det. Shelley Clark
Lecanto, Florida 34461 352-341-7407
Providing full law enforcement 352-249-2700 Det. Jeremy Laughlin
services for all citizens of Citrus 352-341-7419
County and the incorporated Community Resource Offices: Highlands, 581 area, cities of Crystal River and Crystal River Community Stage Coach, Gospel Island, Inverness. Resource Office 44 East and Floral City:
For more detailed information, 123 N.W. U.S. 19 Det. Craig Callahan
including more phone numbers Crystal River, Florida 34428 352-341-7421 and programs, please visit 352-795-4241 Det. Jim McIntyre 352-560-6028
Ridge Area Community Inverness City Limits,
EMERGENCY Resource Office Citrus Hills, Lecanto:
(Sheriff, Fire, Emergency 4095 N. Lecanto Hwy Det. Bob Greatrex
Medical Services): Beverly Hills, Florida 34465 352-560-6026
9-1-1 352-746-3484 Det. Steven Casada
(Landline or cell) 352-560-6025
NON-EMERGENCY: Community Crimes Pine Ridge, Citrus Springs,
352-726-1121 Detectives/Community South Dunnellon, C-39 area:
(Both operated 24 hours a day, Resource Officers Det. Ed Blair
7 days a week) (Community Policing 352-527-4925
Deputies): City of Inverness,
Administration/Main Office West Side: Community Resource Officer:
1 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave. South of Crystal River Deputy Michelle Tewell Inverness, Florida 34450 to Homosassa: 352-560-6024
352-726-4488 Det. Sam Ruby
352-795-4241 Seniors vs. Crime
General Agency Det. Dale Strickland Project Storefront
Information/Switchboard 352-795-4241 (Joint Project of the Sheriff's
352-726-4488 Crystal River, Lecanto, and Office and Florida Attorney
(Monday thru Friday Dunnellon: General's Office):
8 a.m. 5 p.m.) Det. Ed Serocki 4093 N. Lecanto Hwy.
352-795-4241 Beverly Hills, FL 34465
Citrus Sheriff Det. Mark Dera 352-249-9139
Fire Rescue 352-795-4241
General Information Crystal River City Limits: Open: Tuesday, Wednesday
352-726-4488 Det. Corey Sharpe and Thursday
Volunteer Coordinator 352-795-4241 8:30 a.m. 1:30 p.m.,
352-527-7658 City of Crystal River, no appt. necessary
Training Coordinator Community Resource Officer:
352-527-7612 Deputy Brian Coleman
Fire Inspector 352-795-4241 continued on Page 33

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H33

Law Enforcement

continued from Page 32 352-726-4488 Jessie's Place/
Records Section Child Advocacy Center
352-726-4488 352-270-8814
Sheriff's Office Programs School Resource Officers/ and Services: F.O.C.U.S. Program Other Important
- Animal Control Sgt. Ron Frink Phone Numbers:
(Operated by the Sheriff's Office) 352-726-1931, ext. 2207 Florida Abuse Hotline 9-1-1 Senior Affairs Coordinator 1-800-96-ABUSE (2287)
- Animal Services 352-527-4260
(Shelter) Sex Offender Information Citrus County Jail
(Operated by Citrus County Heather Silver (Operated by Corrections Corp.
Government) 352-249-2739 of America)
352-746-8400 352-527-3332
- Child Protective (sex offender information tab)
Investigations -Teen Driver Challenge Important
800-96-ABUSE Contact the School Resource State Websites:
citizens' Academy Officer at the following: State of Florida
Information and Signup Citrus High School Official Homepage
352-341-3457 352-726-2241
Citizen Information Lines Crystal River High School (During an Emergency) 352-795-4641 Florida Department of
352-746-5470 and Lecanto High School Law Enforcement
352-527-2106 352-746-2334
Community Emergency -Vacation Security Watch
Response Team (CERT) (Free Service) Florida Highway Patrol
352-249-2708 352-746-3484
- Crime Prevention
352-527-3703 (click on crime prevention tab) Florida Division of Emergency Victim Advocates Management
- Emergency Management 352-726-4488
Special Needs -Volunteer Unit
352-249-2707 352-746-3484
- Explorer Program
Deputy Mike Barry
352-795-4641, ext. 4822 Crime Stoppers of
Fingerprinting Services Citrus County, Inc. Information Line (Cash Rewards for .,CRYSTAL_ RIVER
352-249-2789 Anonymous Tips) 1Frestone I website: 79. I2
(programs and services tab) Neighborhood Watch/ toll free: 1-888-ANY-TIPS SET'Y 6 808 US HWY. 19 S. BST
Crime Watch text: "Citrus + your tip" to 274637 BLEAIKLEY ACROSS FROM
l52-527-3701 (CRIMES) Io tn feeS t e
- Public Information Officer =91U--ESl"OnE* L lil rl ]ij[.[l-l[,:l .]~l

Page H34 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014


Citrus County Community Inverness Primary School No reptiles
Emergency Management Team 206 S. Line Ave., Inverness All animals must be up to (CERT) Lecanto High School date on their vaccinations
352-249-2708 3810 W. Educational Path and current county license Lecanto Pet owners must stay Lecanto Middle School at the shelter
NE Quadrant 3800 W. Educational Path Pet owners should bring
(Beverly Hills & environs) Lecanto food/medication for their Pleasant Grove Elementary pets (at least a week's supply)
NW Quadrant 630 Pleasant Grove Rd. For further information and to
(Crystal River & environs) Inverness register your pet for the pet Renaissance Center ter, visit: http://www.citruscritters
SE Quadrant (Special Needs Shelter) .com/pfs.htm
(Inverness & environs) 3630 W. Educational Path Lecanto Important Phone Numbers
SW Quadrant Call 352-249-2707 to register for in the Case of Emergency
(Sugarmill Woods & environs) the Special Needs Program Police, Fire, EMS Emergencies 911 Rock Crusher Elementary Citrus County Sheriff's Office
814 S. Rock Crusher Rd. (CCSO) 352-726-4488
Crime Watch and Homosassa CCSO, Emergency Management
Surveillance Units Withlacoochee 352-249-2700
Beverly Hills Surveillance Unit Technical Institute Citrus County Health Department
1 Civic Circle, Beverly Hills 1201 W. Main St., Inverness 352-527-0068 352-746-3000 Citrus County Public Works
Re-entry Passes 352-527-5477

Hurricane Shelter Locations Re-entry passes will be used Citrus County School Board Central Ridge Elementary when an area in the county has 352-726-1931
CrSrgBd been evacuated for any reason. Citrus County Flood Management
~185 W. Citrus Springs Blvd.
Citrus Springs These hangers are available at: Coordinator 352-527-5341
Cr S Sheriff's Office Emergency Florida Highway Patrol
Citrus High School
600W.s Highla Bl, IOperations Center in Lecanto 1-866-369-4613
6 H Sheriff's offices in Inverness, American Red Cross 352-564-8455
Citrus Springs Elementary Crystal River and all Salvation Army 352-621-5532
3570W. Century Blvd. resource offices Citizen Information Lines
Citrus Springs Tax Collector's office in 352-746-5470 and 352-527-2106
-Citrus Springs Middle School
C S M SInverness and Crystal River To Report Outages: Duke Energy
150 W. Citrus Springs Blvd. 1-800-228-8485
Citrus Springs Pet Friendly Shelter Sumter Electric 1-800-732-6141
CREST School Lecanto Primary School is the Withlacoochee Electric
... 2600 S. Panther Pride Dr. only pet friendly shelter in Citrus 352-795-4382
Lecanto County. The school is located at
Floral City Elementary 3790 W. Educational Path, Emergency Alert Stations
8457 E. Marvin St., Floral City Lecanto. This is the criteria for WXVC 95.3 FM, WXOF 96.7 FM,
Forest Ridge the shelter: WSKY 97.3 FM, WKTK- 98.5 FM,
Elementary School Dogs over 80 pounds will need WRUF 103.7 FM, WRZN- 720 AM
2927 N. Forest Ridge Blvd. to provide their own caging Hernando No aggressive or TV Stations
Hernando Elementary unpredictable behaviors WUFT-TV Channel 5, WFLA-TV2353 N. Croft Rd., Hernando Domestic breed cats Channel 8, w-rSP-TV- Channel 10,
Inverness Middle School No feral or wild trapped cats WTVT-TV Channel 13,
1000 Middle School Dr. Birds in their own cages W1-OG-TV Channell 44
Inverness No exotic animals Brighthouse and Comcast Cable -All Channels

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H35

Public Safety

Citrus County 7705 S. Florida Ave., U.S. Coast Guard
Community Emergency Floral City Auxiliary 15-01
Management Team 9515 N. Citrus Springs Blvd. 6:30 p.m. first Monday
(CERT) Citrus Springs 148 N.E. 5th St.
352-249-2708 (shared with fire station) Crystal River 8110 S. Suncoast Blvd. 352-503-6199 Homosassa
(across from Sugarmill Woods) http://a0701501 NE Quadrant 3673 E. Orange Ave.
(Beverly Hills and environs) Hernando U.S. Coast Guard 3876 W. Country Hill Drive Auxiliary Flotilla 15-01
Lecanto Naval Sea Cadets
NW Quadrant (administration and EMS station) 352-564-0267
(Crystal River and environs) Community Outreach: U.S. Coast Guard
EMT and Paramedic School Auxiliary 15-02 SE Quadrant Explorer Post 605 352-447-4626
(Inverness and environs) Citizens Academy CPR and First Aid Classes U.S. Coast Guard
Flu Shots Auxiliary 15-04
SW Quadrant 352-249-4700 Homosassa Flotilla
(Sugarmill Woods First Tuesday
and environs) West Citrus Sugarmill Woods Community Center
Crime Watch 8940 Veterans Dr.
Crime Watch and 352-382-5388 Homosassa
Surveillance Units 352-232-1516
Beverly Hills
Surveillance Unit U.S. Civil Air Patrol
1 Civic Circle Citrus County Squadron U.S. Coast Guard
Beverly Hills U.S. Civil Air Patrol Auxiliary 15-10
352-746-3000 352-527-0868 352-726-3427 A
U.S. Civil Air Patrol,
Nature Coast EMS West Citrus
EMS Station Locations: Cadet Squadron
- 105 S. Apopka Ave. 352-257-9423
(shared with fire station) Power Squadrons Instato bB
11 W. Lemon St. Crystal River Installations by Brian CBC1253853
Beverly Hills Power Squadron wihstand
650 N.W. 3rd Ave. Second Tuesday 2"m- winds
Crystal River 845 N.E. 3rd Ave.
(shared with fire station) Crystal River Engineering Fe
8404 W. Homosassa Trail U E p to $200 valFee
Homosassa 352-746-4969
(shared with fire station) 157-7285 1
352-62,9-7519 4w* Siding Soffit Fascia Skirting Roofovers Carports
Screen Rooms Decks Windows Doors Additions

Page H36 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014


Public Forest Ridge Renaissance Center
Central Ridge Elementary Elementary School 3630 W. Educational Path
185 W. Citrus Springs Blvd. 2927 N. Forest Ridge Blvd. Lecanto Cit rus Springs Hernando 352-527-4567
352-344-3833 352-527-1808
-352-465-5709 Rock Crusher
Hernando Elementary School
Citrus High School Elementary School 814 S. Rock Crusher Rd.
600W. Highland Blvd. 2975 E. Trailblazer Lane Homosassa
Inverness Hernando 352-795-2010
352-726-2241 352-726-1833
Citrus Springs Elementary Homosassa Inverness
3570 W. Ce nt ury B lvd. Elementary School Christian Academy
Citrus Springs 10935 W. Yulee Dr. 4222 S. Florida Ave.
352-344-4079 Homosassa Inverness
352-489-8144 352-628-2953 352-726-3759

Citrus Springs Middle School Inverness Middle School Pope John Paul 11 150 W. Citrus Springs Blvd. 1950 U.S. 41 North Catholic School
Citrus Springs Inverness 4341 W. Homosassa Trail
352-344-2244 352-726-1471 Lecanto
352-489-6622 352-746-2020
Inverness Primary School
ACREST 206 S. Line Ave. Seven Rivers
2600 S. Panther Pride Dr. Inverness Christian School
Lecanto 352-726-2632 4221 W. Gulf to Lake Hwy.
..... 352-527-0303 Lecanto
Lecanto High School 352-746-5696
Crystal River High School 3810 W. Educational Path 1205 N. E. 8t h Ave. Lecanto Solid Rock
Crystal River 352-746-2334 Christian Academy
352-795-4641 972 Christy Way
Lecanto Middle School Inverness
Crystal River Middle School 3800 W. Educational Path 352-726-9788 344 N.E. Crystal St. Lecanto
Crystal River 352-746-2050 St. PaulI's
352-795-2116 Lutheran School
Lecanto Primary School 6150 N. Lecanto Hwy.
Crystal River Primary School 3790 W. Educational Path Beverly Hills 8624 W. Crystal St. Lecanto 352-489-3027
Crystal River 352-746-2220
352-795-2211 West Coast
Pleasant Grove Christian School
Floral City Elementary School 718 N.W. 1 st Ave.
Elementary School 630 Pleasant Grove Road Crystal River
8457 E. Marvin St. Inverness 352-795-2079
Floral City 352-637-4400

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H37


Academies Technology and Citrus County School Board
Academy of Information Services
Environmental Science 3741 W. Educational Path
12695 W. Fort Island Trail Lecanto Crystal River 352-746-3437
352-795-8793 District I

Marine Science Station Citrus County Schools... Thomas Kennedy
12646 W. Fort Island Trail Where learning is the expectation Crystal River and caring is a commitment!
352-795-4393 Visit the website for the following
Technical Institute
Withlacoochee Administration District 2
Technical Institute Departments Ginger Bryant
1201 W. Main St. School Board
Inverness Employment
352-726-2430 Calendar
Administration For Parents
Citrus County School Board For Staff District 3
(District Services Center) Personnel Directory Pat Deutschman

1007 W. Main St. CCSB Auction Website
Inverness Meeting Announcements
352-726-1931 Citrus County School Board f

Exceptional The Citrus County School
Student Education Board is responsible for the District 5
1007 W. Main St. organization and control of the Linda Powers
Inverness public schools of the district and
352-726-1931, ext 2331 is empowered to determine the
policies necessary for the
Horizon Educational Center effective operation and general 1201 W. Main St. improvement of the school
Inverness system. The Citrus County
352-726-2430 School Board meets at 4 p.m.
the second Tuesday of every CRYSTAL RIVER MARINE '
Student Services Center month and additional special (352) 795-2597 (352) 795-2598
2575 S. Panther Pride Dr. workshops as needed.
L eca nto u-ue in e d nI I T T

Superintendent cMCN~CHnt_of Schools Of D iS
Sand ra "Sam" WS -EST
CONSIGNMENT (352) 563-5510 (352) 563-5512

Page H38 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

College of Central Florida

Campuses and Centers CF Levy Campus Bookstore/Barnes & Noble
7631 N.W. 151 st Lane 352-249-1238
Marion County Trenton, FL 32693-7369
CFOaaCampus 352-493-9533 Counseling/Advising
3001 S.W. College Rd. 352-249-1202
Ocala, FL 34474-4415 Citrus County
.. .. .. .. 5287-500CF Citrus Campus Educational
3800 S. Lecanto Hwy. Opportunity Center
CF Hampton Center Lecanto, FL 34461-9026 352-746-6721, ext. 6147
C3, 1501 W. Silver Springs Blvd. 352-746-6721
Ocala, FL 34475-6456 Citrus Campus Enrollment Services
352-873-5881 Vice President 352-249-1203
rnrn~ ~Dr. Vernon Lawter
Appleton Museum of Art, 352-746-6721, ext. 6107 Faculty Office
College of Central Florida 352-249-1208
4333 E. Silver Springs Blvd.
Ocala, FL 34470-5001 Citrus Campus Citrus Learning and
352-291-4455 Contact Information Conference Center
352-746-6721, ext. 6140
Levy County Assessment/Testing Center
CF Levy Center 352-249-1213
114 Rodgers Blvd.
Chiefland, FL 32626-1 420

Blackshears 11~ Southern

Alumtnmr vLawn &HOtS

Rescreen Seamless Gutters Garage Screens Specializing in your horticultural needs. We take care of your
New Screen Room Glass Room Conversions Lawins Plants -Trees
H1WY. 44 Liene &R028 IailnOneurOprae
CRYSTAL RIVER7 59 2 L R00288Faiyened&sprae
"136 Years As Your Hometown Dealer" 352-5006-0777
FreeEstmate ww

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H39


Electric City of Crystal River Floral CityWater Association
Duke Energy Department of PublicWorks 8189 S. Florida Ave, Floral City
800-700-8744 123 N.W U.S. 19, Crystal River 352-726-3366
Sumter Electric Cooperative Inc. Homosassa Special Water District
610 U.S. 41 South, Inverness City of Inverness 7922 W Grover Cleveland Blvd.
352-726-3944 Department of Public Works Homosassa
212W. Main St., Inverness 352-628-3740
Withlacoochee River 352-726-2321
Electric Cooperative Inc. Inverness water
5330 W Gulf to Lake Hwy. Constate Utilities and sewer service
Lecanto 7406W Miss Maggie Dr. 352-726-5016
352-795-4382 Homosassa
352-382-0090 OzelloWater Association Inc.
Water 14289 W Ozello Trail, Crystal River
Citrus County Utility Department Crystal River water 352-795-5331
1330 Lecanto Hwy., Lecanto and sewer services
352-527-7653 352-795-4216 Rolling Oaks Utilities, Inc.
31 S. Melbourne St., Beverly Hills

Let Us Help With The Driving, Cooking & Cleaning

T -Hot Meal Daily
Light Housekeeping
Transportation for Doctors Visits )& Shopping Trips
Library with Computer & Internet Access
G reat Social Activities I d
Beauty Salon ,

qP518 Ella Ave.,Inverness, FL 34450
l ENO .N EE(S ( 344-8477 TDD# 800-955-8771
www.I nvernessClu bApa

Page H40 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Points of "We Cater

Interest to Cowards!"

Crystal River Experience The Difference
National Wildlife Refuge 1502 S.E. Kings Bay Dr. HONEST PROFESSIONAL
Crystal River
352-563-2088 COMPASSIONATE

Citrus County Speedway 3600 S. Florida Ave., Inverness 352-726-9339

Coastal Heritage Museum 532 Citrus Avenue, Crystal River 352-795-1755
Crystal Riversm lwih u
Archaeological State Park

3400 N. Museum Point Crystal River s

Crystal River UcCcOMcI'S
i Preserve State Park 3266 N. Sailboat Ave. Crystal River

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park 4150 S. Suncoast Blvd. F S O I

Fallen Heroes Memorial Ledger Dentistry
Bicentennial Park Jeremy A. Ledger, D.M.D., P.A.
501 N. Baseball Point Crystal River L e d g e r d e n ti stry. c o m
888-738-7381, ext. 34 Events are held periodically as ap- 3644 S. Suncoast Blvd.
propriate. Annually, each November HF
(Sgt. Dennis Flanagan Foundation hosts a 5K Never Forget Run/Walk) and December (Fallen Heroes Monument) Board hosts a solemn (352) 628-3443
reading of all names on Monument Insurance Accepted
on anniversary of Dedication of License #DN 17606
Monument 12/12/2003)

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H41

that will inspire Your home or office setting that comfortably represent OUR HOME CITRUS.
We are a small locally owned business and appreciate Your support.

POTAD 352-563-1425 OE
1801 NW HWY 19 Suite 525A
Crystal River, FL 34428


.] 4 3OPS


YSTAL RIVER .*M AL L1801 NW U.S. 19 CRYSTAL RIVER FL 34428 PH (352) 795-2585

come on Ansi de & explode today


Page H42 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Points of Interest

Florida Artist's Gallery Fort Island Gulf Beach Old Courthouse
8219 Orange Ave, Floral City 16000 W Fort Island Trail Heritage Museum 352-344-9300 Crystal River One Courthouse Square
352-527-5484 Inverness
Floral City Heritage Museum 352-341-6428
and Country Store Homosassa Butterfly
8394 E. Orange Ave. 6991 W. Cardinal Ln. Olde Mill Gallery
Floral City Museum Homosassa and Printing Museum
352-860-0101 352-628-6362 10466 W. Yulee Dr.
Country store Homosassa
352-726-7740 352-628-9411 Marine Science Station 12646 W. Fort Island Trail Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins
Crystal River Historic State Park
Fort Cooper State Park 352-795-4393 West Yulee Drive
3100 S. Old Floral City Rd. Homosassa
Inverness 352-795-3817

co Life is

about being


Owned & 4581 S. Florida Ave.
Operated Inverness, FL 34450
(352) 726-5845

Available Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-5



Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H43

Music and Peforming Arts r 4

On Stage Citrus Community Nature Coast
Concert Choir, Inc. Dulcimer Players
Art Center Theater 7 p.m. Tuesday 3 to 5 p.m. first and third Monday
of Citrus County (except April, August, December) (generally)
2644 N. Annapolis Ave. Faith Lutheran Church Central Ridge Library
Hernando Fellowship Hall 425 W. Roosevelt Blvd.
352-746-7606 935 S. Crystal Glen Dr., Lecanto Beverly Hills 352-212-1746 352-341-6206
Light Shine Cultural Series Shepherd of the Hills Nature Coast Friends of Blues
Episcopal Church Citrus County Museum Cafe
2540 W. Norvell Bryant Hwy. Acoustic Guitar Club 10466 W. Yulee Dr.
Lecanto 10:30 a.m. first Saturday Homosassa
352-527-0052 Central Ridge 352-628-9411 Community Center
Music Sugarmill Chorale
6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday
Accordion Adventure Concerts at the First United Methodist
5 to 9 p.m. third Wednesday Old Courthouse Church of Homosassa
208 E. Fort Dade Ave. Second floor courtroom 8831 W. Bradshaw St.
Brooksville Old Courthouse Homosassa
352-422-5574 Heritage Museum Rose Keasey
Inverness 352-634-2688
Barbershoppers, 352-341-6427
Chorus of the Highlands Facebook Sugarmill Chorale
6:30 p.m. Tuesday Florida Steel Guitar Club Suncoast Harmony
First United Methodist 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Church of Inverness second Wednesday Chorus of Sweet Adelines
3896 S. Pleasant Grove Rd. Catfish Johnnie's Restaurant 7 p.m. Tuesday Inverness County Road 470 Gulf High School
352-382-0336 Lake Panasoffkee 5355 School Rd.
352-726-1657 New Port Richie
Chorus of Beverly Hills
3:15 to 4:30 p.m. Monday
Beverly Hills Community Church Music in the Park Sunset Drum Circle
82 Civic Circle City Hall Gazebo Sunset, second Sunday
Beverly Hills Crystal River Fort Island Gulf Beach
352-746-5680 352-601-3506 352-344-8009

Chorus of Citrus Hills Nature Coast Woodview Coffee House
1 p.m. Tuesday Community Band 2628 Woodview Lane
Citrus Hills Activity Center 352-601-7394 Lecanto
Auditorium 352-726-9814

Page H44 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Parks and Recreation

Beverly Hills pavilion, picnic area with grills, Hernando
Beverly Hills Community Park: pier, kayak launch and beach Hernando Beach: 997 W. Roosevelt Blvd., Beverly King's Bay Park: 3699 E. Orange Dr., Hernando
Hills softball, basketball, skate 268 N.W. 3rd St., Crystal River beach, picnic tables, grills, park, walking trail and picnic two pavillions, picnic shelter, volleyball, shuffleboard and tables playground, fishing dock playground
Central Ridge District Park: LeGrone Park: Hernando Park:
)6905 N. Lecanto Hwy., 425 S.E. 8th Ave., Crystal River 2552 N. Railroad Way, Hernando
Beverly Hills three baseball playground, tennis court, playground and basketball fields and softball field racquetball court Eagleton Park: New York Blvd, Little Springs Park: Homnosassa
Beverly Hills park benches 634 NAW. 2nd Ave., Crystal River Bluebird Springs: Water Tower Park: (behind City Hall) -Creative 8950 W. Bluebird Springs Lane,
4 Laurenshire St., Beverly Hills Playground, gazebo, picnic tables Homosassa picnic tables, grills jogging trail, picnic tables and Ozello Community Park: and playground playground 410 N. Pirate Point, Crystal River Fire Station Park:
picnic tables and boat ramp 8350 W. Homosassa Trail, Citrus Springs Ozello Park: Homosassa picnic tables, grills
Citrus Springs Tennis Courts: 2045r S. Jon tbonDreCrsa and playground 9940 N. Citrus Springs Blvd., Rvr-pcitalsHomosassa Springs Citrus Springs tennis courts Recreation Park:
Wesley Jones Park: Dunnellon 4210 S. Grandmarch Ave.,
2510 W. Castina Dr., Citrus Eugene Martin Park: Homosassa baseball field,
Springs basketball court, picnic W. Gene Martin Lane, South basketball court, two tables, playground, softball field Dunnellon picnic tables, grills, multi-purpose fields, two jogging and volleyball softball, basketball and trails, picnic tables, playground,
playground six soccer fields and tennis court
Crystal River South Dunnellon Tot Lot:
SBicentennial Park: 1930 W. Test Court, Dunnellon Inverness
501 N. Baseball Point, Crystal playground Bryant Park:
River picnic tables, tennis FoaCiy1611 Tuttle St., Inverness courts, racquetball, baseball, FoaCiyplayground, picnic tables basketball, playground Floral Park: Cooter Pond Park:
equipment and pool 9530 S. Parkside Ave., Floral City 181 Hwy 41 South, Inverness
Copeland Park: picnic tables, tennis courts, board walk with interpretive
850 N.E. 3rd St., Crystal River racquetball, softball, basketball, signage, picnic areas, a pavilion, pavilion, playground, picnic area, shuffleboard, horseshoes, walking paths and a nature trail basketball court and fishing pond volleyball, soccer, picnic tables Eden Park: Fort Island Gulf Beach: and playground equipment. 614 Park Lake, Inverness
16000 W. Fort Island Trail, Keating Park: fishing pier, boat ramp, grills,
Crystal River beach, volleyball, 8820 E. Metcalf Lane, Floral City picnic tables and playground grillsand picnic tables volleyball Highland Park:
Frt Island Trail Park: TilsEdPr:3755 E. Kirk St., Inverness- 12073 W. Fort Island Trail, 7594 S. Old Oaks Dr., Floral City playground and basketball
7L_*.e Crystal River boat ramps and fishing pier and playground
V~ dcks fihin pie an pinic Withlapopka Park: dofa ihiti ran ici 11104 E. Flounder Dr., Floral City continued on Page 45
Hunters Spring Park: -pagon
104 N. E. 1ist Ave., Crystal River -

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H45

Parks and Recreation

continued from Page 44 State Parks Chassahowitzka River Trail
Crystal River Begins at the boat landing at the
Hillcrest Park: Archaeological State Park Chassahowitzka River
301 Hunting Lodge Dr., 3400 N. Museum Point Campground and follows the river
Inverness lakefront picnic Crystal River to the National Wildlife Refuge at
tables, grills and bank fishing 352-795-3817 the end of Miss Maggie Drive
Holden Community Park: Citrus Tract Part of the
4229 S. Rainbow Dr., Inverness Crystal River Withlacoochee State Forest
five soccer fields, basketball, Preserve State Park bounded on the north by Gulf to
walking trail, picnic tables and 3266 North Sailboat Avenue Lake Highway, State Road 44 playground Crystal River and on the south by County
Liberty Park: 352-563-0450 Road 480
286 N. Apopka Ave., Inverness Crystal Cove Trail, Crystal
pavilions and sand courts Ellie Schiller Homosassa River Preserve State Park
Mossy Oak Park: Springs Wildlife State Park Starts at the Mullet Hole parking
1056 Mossy Oak Dr., Inverness 4150 S. Suncoast Blvd. lot on the north side of Sailboat
lakefront picnic tables and grills Homosassa Avenue
Sportsman's Park: 352-628-5343 Crystal River Archeological
95 N. Twin Lake Dr., Inverness State Park 3400 N. Museum
picnic tables and playground Fort Cooper State Park Rd, Crystal River
Wayside Park: 3100 South Old Floral City Rd. Eagle Snag Trail Citrus County
1010 State Road 44 E., Inverness Landfill off State Road 44
Inverness picnic tables and 352-726-0315 Eco-Walk Trail, Crystal River
grills Preserve State Park The
Wallace Brooks Park: Rainbow Springs State Park trailhead is off U.S. 19, one mile
399 E. Dampier St., Inverness 19158 S.W. 94th St., Dunnellon south of Progress Energy on playground, shuffleboard courts, 352-465-8555 Curtis Tool Road
fishing pier, picnic tables and WtlcoheGfPrsve Fort Cooper State Park 3100
grills With ldcoce GPRes. v S. Old Floral City Rd., Inverness
Whispering Pines: 1001 Old ockRd Fort Island Trail 12073 W. Fort
1700 Forest Dr., Inverness Yankeetown51 Island Trail, Crystal River
tennis, racquetball, basketball, 35-4-51Inglis Island Trail -A walking athletic fields, nature trails, pool, Withlacohe State Trail trail at the Inglis Dam on Lake pavilions, picnic tables, PrlesUS41touhRousseau off of Riverwood Road,
playground and water playground PrlesUS41touhone and half miles east of U.S. 19 White Lake Park: 602 White Citrus County Johnson Pond Trail Two Mile
Bv.Inens-Y2cut 352-726-2251 Prairie is located on County Road
basketball pad, benches, picnic Yue ua ilRis39 between State Road 20an table Historic State Park U.S. 41
Administrative Office King's BayTrail, Crystal Rive
Lecanto 3400 N. Museum Pointe Wildlife Refuge -Winds through
Lecanto Community Park: Crystal River King's Bay around refuge islands
3505 W. Educational Path, 352-795-3817 north to Hunters Spring to the
Lecanto baseball field, two mouth of the Crystal River, only
basketball courts, two Birding Trails accessible by boat
multi-purpose fields, two Bluebird Springs One mile
horseshoe pits, two racquetball west of U.S. 19 at Yulee Drive courts, two tennis courts and and West Bradshaw Street in jogging trail Homosassa continued on Page 46-

Page H46 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Parks and Recreation

continued from Page 45 Chassahowitzka River Ozello Community Park
Campground 410 N. Pirate Point
Loop Road Trail-Flying Eagle 8600 W. Maggie Dr. Crystal River
Preserve Take U.S. 41 to Eden Homosassa Access to Gulf of Mexico
Drive which turns into Moccasin Access to the Chassahowitzka Pete's Pier Slough Road, Inverness River and the Gulf of Mexico S.W. 1st Place
Mason Creek Trail Only Duval Island Crystal River
accessible by boat at the end 7790 S. Duval Island Dr. Access to Crystal River, Salt of Mason Creek Road in old Floral City River and Gulf of Mexico
Homosassa Access to Floral City Lake Plantation on Crystal River
Nature Coast Canoe Trail East Riverside Drive Adventure Center
A 20-mile coastal marsh trail 3997 E. Riverside Dr. 9301 W. Fort Island Trail
through the coastal planes of the Dunnellon Crystal River
St. Martins Aquatic Preserve and Access to the Withlacoochee 352-795-5797 the Chassahowitzka National River Trails End
Wildlife Refuge, it runs from Fort Eden Park 12300 E. Trail's End Rd.
Island Trail park off U.S. 19 to 614 Park Lake Terrace Floral City Chassahowitkz Trail on Miss Inverness Access to Withlacoochee River
Maggie Drive Access to Lake Spivey, Little Turner Camp
OystercatcherTrail,Withla- Lake Spivey and Lake Davis 9460 E. Turner Camp Rd. coochee Bay Spoil Islands Fort Island Gulf Beach Inverness
An open-water trail around the 16000 W. Fort Island Trail Access to Withlacoochee River islands created by the building Crystal River Withlapopka Community
of the barge canal Access to Crystal River, Salt 10851 Gobbler Dr.
Pepper Creek Ellie Schiller River and the Gulf of Mexico Floral City Homosassa Springs Wildlife Fort Island Trail Park Access to Withlacoochee River
State Park, 4150 S. Suncoast 12703W. Fort Island Trail Blvd. Crystal River Camping
Potts Preserve Trail Five miles Access to Crystal River, Salt Camp N' Water Outdoor Resort north of Inverness at the end of River and the Gulf of Mexico 11465 W. Priest Ln.
Turner Camp Road Hernando Beach Homosassa
Rook's Trail- The Homosassa 3650 E. Lake Place 352-628-2000
Tract of the Withlacoochee State Hernando Chassahowitzka River
Forest begins two miles west of Access to Lake Hernando Campground U.S. 19 on Burnt Bridge Road Homosassa Public Boat Ramp 8600 W. Miss Maggie Dr. Withlacoochee BayTrail and South Cherokee Way Homosassa
Felburn Park Follows the Homosassa 352-382-2200
southside of the Florida Barge Access to Homosassa River Covered Wagon Campground Canal to Withlacoochee Bay on Mason Creek Boat Ramp 6049 S. Suncoast Blvd.
the Gulf of Mexico 6891 S. Mason Creek Rd. Homosassa
Homosassa 352-628-4669
Boat Ramps Access to Mason Creek and Crystal Isles Resort
44 E. Boat Ramp Homosassa River 1419 W. Fort Island TrI.
1025 State Road 44 N. Apopka Boat Ramp Crystal River
Inverness 420 N. Apopka Ave. 352-795-3772
Access to Lake Henderson Inverness 1-888-783-6763
Barge Canal Boat Ramp Access to Lake Henderson
U.S. 19 continued on Page 41
Crystal River
Access to Gulf of Mexico

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H47

Parks and Recreation

continued from Page 46 Beverly Hills Central Ridge Pool
352-465-7233 West Lake Beverly Dr.
Elite Resorts Southwest Florida Beverly Hills
Rock Crusher Canyon Water Management 352-746-4882
275 S. Rock Crusher Rd. "Save Our Rivers" Projects Whispering Pines Park Pool
Crystal River Primitive camping 1700 Forest Drive
1-800-356-2460 1-800-423-1476 Inverness
352-685-1900 Turtle Creek RV Resort 352-726-1995
Encore SuperPark 10200 W. Fishbowl Dr. 352-726-3913
11419 W. Fort Island Trail Homosassa Crystal River 352-628-2928 Tennis Courts
352-795-3774 Withlacoochee State Forest Bicentennial Park
Fort Cooper State Park Primitive camping 501 N. Baseball Point
3100 Old Floral City Rd. 352-754-6896 Crystal River
Inverness Citrus Springs Tennis Courts
352-726-0315 Bowling 9940 N. Citrus Springs Blvd.
Lake Rousseau Beverly Hills Bowl Citrus Springs
RV Park Resort 3330 N. Lecanto Hwy. Floral Park
10811 N. Coveview Terr. Beverly Hills 9530 S. Parkside Ave.
Crystal River 352-527-1200 Floral City
352-795-6336 Manatee Lanes Homosassa Springs
1-800-561-CAMP 7715 W. Gulf to Lake Hwy. Recreation Park
Lecanto Hills Crystal River 4210 S. Grandmarch Ave.
Mobile Home & RV Park 352-795-4546 Homosassa
4400 W. Gulf to Lake Hwy. Parkview Lanes Lecanto Community Park
Lecanto U.S. 41. 3505 W. Educational Path
352-746-4648 Holder Lecanto
Nature Coast Landings 352-489-6933 LeGrone Park
RV Resort Sportsmen's Bowl 425 S.E. 8th Ave.
10173 N. Suncoast Blvd. 100 N. Florida Ave. Crystal River
Crystal River Inverness Whispering Pines Park
352-447-5820 352-726-2873 1700 Forest Dr.
Nature Resort Inverness
Campground and Marina Shuffleboard Courts
10359 W. Halls River Rd. Beverly Hills
Homosassa Shuffleboard Club
352-628-9544 352-746-0657
Quail Roost Floral City Mobil []
V Campground Shuffleboard Club Lube Express 18 point visual inspection & vacuuming
9835 N. Citrus Ave. 352-726-0670 complimentary with every oil change.
Crystal River Inverness Call or stop in today.
352-563-0404 Shuffleboard Club (352) 795-2333
Riverside Lodge 352-637-5488 1050 SE Hwy. 19 Crystal River
RV Resort and Cabins Filter Replacement RainX Treatment
12561 E. Gulf to Lake Hwy. Tune-Ups Differential Service
Inverness Swimming Pools Brakes Tire Rotation
352-726-2002 Bicentennial Pool Transmission Flush Mobil 1 Synthetic
Sandy Oaks RV Resort 8145 W. Bicentennial Park Dr. Computer Diagnostics CVrAxles
6760 N. Lecanto Hwy. Crystal River Headlight Restoration Much More
352-795-1478 H Rs r M Mor
.rc11biil S S c~

Page H48 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Golf courses

Black Diamond Ranch Inverness Golf & Country Club Lakeside Country Club
45 holes 18 holes Par 72 18 holes Par 72
Private Private Semi-private
3125 W. Black Diamond Circle 3150 S. Country Club Dr. 4555 E. Windmill Dr.
Lecanto Inverness Inverness
352-746-3446 352-726-2583 352-726-1461

Brentwood Farms Golf Club
Regulation 9 holes Par 36 continued on Page 49
1720 W. Nicole Court

Citrus Hills Golf &County Club4 2 courses 18 holes Par 70
Semi-private509 E. Hartford St.
Hernando The Plantation on Crystal River can be your
352-746-4425 resource for all outdoor recreation needs...
Play golf, rent a pontoon boat, kayak oriJon boat, swim with the Citrus Springs Golf manatees, or go fishing ... visit the web site or
& Country Club call for more details.
18 holes Par 72 Social and golf memberships are also available
Public Golf 795-2211 Dive Shop 795-5797
8690 N. Golfview Dr. ThePlantationOffers
Citrus Springs ThePlnion of erS:
El Diablo Golf &Country Club
18 holes Par 72 ______Public_.... ... ~10405 N. Sherman Dr. LA T T N

Citrus Springs

9301 W. Fort Island Trail
BEST,, Crystal River, FL
BET 352-795-4211
www.PlantationOnCrystalRiver corn

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H49

Golf Courses

continued from Page 48 Point O'Woods Golf Club Southern Woods
9 holes Par 30 Golf & Country Club
Executive 18 holes
Pine Ridge Golf Club 95 S. Golf Harbor Path Private
18 hole Par 72 Inverness 1501 Corkwood Blvd.
9 holes Par 27 352-726-3113 Homosassa
Public 352-382-1200
5600 Elkcam Blvd. Seven Rivers
Beverly Hills Golf & Country Club Sugarmill Woods
352-746-6177 18 holes Par 72 Golf & Country Club
Private 18 holes Par 72
Plantation on Crystal River 7395 W. Pinebrook St. Private
Golf Course Crystal River 9 hole Par 36
18 hole championship 9 hole 352-795-2100 Private
Lagoon 1 Douglas St.
Public Skyview at Terra Vista Homosassa
9301 W. Fort Island Trail 18 holes Par 72 352-382-2663
Crystal River Semi-private
352-795-7211 2100 N. Terra Vista Blvd. Twisted Oaks Golf Course
Hernando 18 holes Par 72
352-746-3664 Public
4801 Forest Ridge Blvd.
Beverly Hills

HOMOSASSA LIONS BINGO Precious Paws Rescue, Inc.

1st Monday All Volunteer Charity Organization
$10 Package Every Month at 6 PM Rescuing Pets...
I Stinger up to $10,000 $20 Package Four Paws at a lime!
$50 Payout Per Game (5) $250 Jackpots
No Cash On Premises Free Coffee & Tea Smoke Free Bldg. Adoptions
HOMOSASSA LIONS CLUB HOUSE, Rt. 490 AI Becker 794-3184 Low Cost

Spay/neuter vout.wr omrv vu omnt n omuiisaon h ol .... 352.-726.-4700

Page H50 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014


Citrus County American Legion Post 155 American Legion Post 77
Veterans Services Auxiliary Auxiliary
2804 W. Marc Knighton Court P. 0. Box 908 President: Alice Brumett
Lecanto, FL 34461 Crystal River, Florida 34423 PO. Box 952
352-527-5915 352-795-6526 Inverness, Florida 34451
President Sandy White 352-860-2981
40 & 8 Cabane 1219
7:30 p.m. second Thursday American Legion Post 166 American Legion Riders American Legion Post 155 Commander Robert Scott c/o The American Legion
6585 W. Gulf to Lake Hwy. PO. Box 767 Post 155
Crystal River, Florida 34429 Homosassa Springs PO. Box 908
Carol Kaiserian 352-746-1959 Florida 34447 Crystal River, Florida 34423 352-860-2090 352-795-6526 Director George Gasparini
American Legion Post 225
40 & 8Voiture 1219 First Vice Commander: American Legion
7:30 p.m. second Thursday Tom Gallagher 4t' District Commander
American Legion Post 155 7 p.m. third Thursday Chuck Ferguson
6585 W. Gulf to Lake Hwy. 6535 S. Withlapopka Dr. 6609 S. E. 85th Ave.
Crystal River, Florida 34429 Floral City, Florida 34436 Newberry, Florida 32669 352-746-1959 352-860-1629 352-341-2276 tgallagl
American Legion Post 225 Blind Veterans Association 82nd Airborne Division Auxiliary 622 E. Forest Hill Place
Steve Leonard President Marcia Gallagher Hernando, Florida 34442
3848 Wilma St. 7 p.m. third Thursday Bill Geden 352-341-6875
Inverness, Florida 34453 6536 S. Withlapopka Dr.
352-726-3693 Floral City, Florida 34436
Marcia Gallagher, president Citrus County Fallen Heroes Aaron A. Weaver Chapter 776 352-860-1629 4:30 p.m. fourth Thursday
Military Order of the Crystal River Mall
Purple Heart American Legion Post 237 West end at
c/o Cdr Richard "Bud" Allen 4077 N. Lecanto Hwy. 1801 N.W. U.S. 19, Crystal River
O P. 0. Box 1345 Beverly Hills, Florida 34461 1-888-738-7381, ext. 34
Lecanto, Florida 34460-1345 352-746-5018 352-270-8436 Commander: Ray Roby continued on Page 51
American Legion Post 77
American Legion Post 155 Commander: Norman Brumett Commander John Foster PO. Box 1196
PO. Box 908 Inverness, Florida 34451-1196
Crystal River, Florida 34429 352-476-2134 352-795-6526
Service Officer:
Gabriella Danielson

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H51


continued from Page 50 Fleet Reserve Association La Societe De Femme
Branch 186 Auxiliary Cabane 1219
Citrus County P. 0. Box 811 c/o American Legion Post 155
Veterans Coalition, Inc. Hernando, Florida 34442-0811 P 0. Box 908 PO. Box 851 352-344-0727 Crystal River, Florida 34423
Inverness, Florida 34451 352-795-6526 Florida 24th Infantry Division La Presidente Shawn Mikulas Association Group 352-503-5325
Chairperson: Ray Michael 352-408-6612 352-637-3265 Marine Corps League,
Public Relations Chairperson: Citrus Detachment 819
Barbara Corcoran Commandant: Morgan Patterson
352-246-8736 Fraternal Order of Eagles 352-746-1135
8733 E. Gulf to Lake Hwy. PO. Box 640383 Disabled American Veterans Inverness, Florida 34450 Beverly Hills, Florida 34465 (DAV) 352-344-5337
Gerald A. Shonk, Chapter 70 Secretary: Mike Warnock Marine Corps League Ladies Commander Kenneth Stewart Auxiliary Citrus Unit 498
1039 N. Paul Dr. Fraternal Order of Eagles 6:30 p.m. third Tuesday
Inverness, Florida 34450 5340 W. Grover Cleveland Blvd. VFW Post 4252 352-344-3464 Homosassa, Florida 3190 N. Carl G. Rose Hwy
Service Officer: Joe McClister 352-628-0914 Hernando
President: Steve McColgan Susan McQuiston, president 5
Disabled American Veterans 352-666-0084
(DAV) Chuck Ferguson Joan Cecil, treasurer
Chapter 70 Auxiliary 4th District Commandeer 352-726-0834
Commander Lucy Godfrey 5/10 The American Legion 1039 N. Paul Dr. 4061 N. Longvalley Rd. Marine Corps League:
Inverness, Florida 34450 Hernando, Florida 34442 Samuel R. Wall
352-344-3464 352-341-2276 Detachment 1139 7 p.m. third Wednesday Disabled American Veterans VFW Post 4252
(DAV) Korean War Vets of America 3190 N. Carl G. Rose Hwy.
Chapter 158 Chapter 192 Hernando
6 p.m. third Saturday P. 0. Box 248 Jerry Cecil, commandant
Crystal River Mall Crystal River 352-726-0834
1801 N.W. U.S. 19, Crystal River Florida 34423-0248 352-476-6151 Commander Hank Butler Wallace Turner, Sr. vice
352-228-0337 352-563-2496 352-637-6206
Merchant Marine Veterans
Fleet Reserve Association 8055 N. Daca Terr.
Branch 186 Dunnellon, Florida 34433
President Tim Donovan 6/10 National President:
P. 0. Box 811 Morris Harvey
Hernando, Florida 34442-0811 352-564-0267 or 352-397-1540
Contact: Executive Secretary
Bob Huscher
352-344-0727 continued on Page 52

Page H52 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014


continued from Page 51 Sharkhunters/Eaglehunters VFW Post 10087 Auxiliary
President: Harry Cooper PO. Box 640148
The Military Officers P. 0. Box 1539 Beverly Hills, Florida 34464
Association of Citrus Co. Hernando, Florida 34442 352-746-0440
President: Norm Cooney 352-637-2917 President: John Garvey
P.O. Box 995
Inverness, Florida 34451-1196 Veterans of Foreign Wars
POC: Sons of the American Legion Post 4252
Chapter Secretary James Echlin c/o the American Legion Commander Dan Danecker 352-746-0806 Post 155 P.O. Box 858 P. 0. Box 908 Hernando, Florida 34442
Crystal River, Florida 34423 352-726-3339 NSVA Island X-23 352-795-6526
Vice Commander John Lowe Commander Henry Legros VFW Post 4252 Auxiliary
6796 E. Hayden Lane P.O. Box 858
Inverness, Florida 34452 United States Hernando, Florida 34442
352-344-4702 Submarine Veterans, Inc. 352-726-3339
Sturgeon Base President BethWear
PFC Samuel R. Wall Marine Crystal River, Florida Corps League Det 1139 Base Commander: VFW Post 4337
P.O. Box 2773 Reggie Thurlo 01-11 Commander Victor Houston
Inverness, Florida 34451 1584 N. Meadowcrest Blvd. 906 State Road 44 East 352-726-0834 Crystal River, Florida 34429 Inverness, Florida 34450
Commandant Jerry Cecil 352-563-1101 352-344-3495
Redhorse Association Service Officer: Steve Leonard
10610 Gobbler Dr. USN Armed Guard/
Floral City, Florida 34436 U.S. Merchant Marine Assoc. VFW Post 4337 Auxiliary 352-860-1629 Contact: Hal Conn President: Neil Huyler
Contact: Tom Gallagher 6625 W. 7 Rivers Rd. Dr. 906 State Road 44 West
Crystal River, Florida 34429 Inverness, Florida 34450 Rolling Thunder, FL-7 352-795-6257 352-344-3495
P.O. Box 23
Holder, Florida 34445-0088 VA Outpatient Clinc VFW Post 4864
President: Archie Gooding 2804 W. Marc Knighton Court Commander Steve Tatlock 352-564-0863 Lecanto, Florida 34461-6301 10199 N. Citrus Springs Blvd.
Vice President: 352-746-8000 Citrus Springs, Florida 34434
Sammy Williams Director Thomas Wisnieski 352-465-4864
Secretary: Bob Bruno 352-374-6027 VFW Post 4864 Auxiliary
Veterans of Foreign Wars President Jenny Parks Second Marine Division Post 10087 10199 N. Citrus Springs Blvd.
Association Florida Chapter Commander Vincent George Citrus Springs, Florida 34434 Nevil Anderson, Chaplin P.O. Box 640148 352-465-4864
515 N. Cherry Pop Dr. Beverly Hills, Florida 34464
Inverness, Florida 34453 352-746-0440 352-344-2529 continued on Page 53

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H53


:ontinued from Page 52 VFW Post 7991 Auxiliary Voiture 1219, 40 & 8
3107 W. Dunnellon Rd. Chef De Gare John Kaiserian
Dunnellon, Florida 34433 365 W. Olympia St.
VFW Post 7122 352-489-1772 Hernando, FL 34442
Commander Mike Winslow Vfwpost7991
8191 S. Florida Ave. West Citrus
Floral City, Florida 34436 VFW Post 8189 Elks Lodge 2693
352-637-0100 Men's Auxiliary 8189 7890 W. Grover Cleveland Blvd.
'ost Fax: 352-637-2869 7 p.m. first Tuesday Homosassa, Florida 34446 VFW Post 8189 352-628-1221
8856 Veterans Dr., Homosassa Exalted Ruler: VFW Post 7122 Auxiliary 352-621-3310 Tom Hamburg
'resident: Sharon O'Brien 3191 S. Florida Ave. Wings of Freedom
Floral City, Florida 34436-0811 VFW Post 8189 Auxiliary Aviation Museum, Inc. 352-637-0100 President: Jan McGough 9375 S.W. 298 Circle P.O. Box 1092 Dunnellon, Florida 34431
Crystal River, Florida 34423 President: Russell Shay VFW Post 7991 352-795-5012 352-620-4222
3107 W. Dunnellon Rd.
Dunnellon, Florida 34433 VFW Riders Group Women of MOAA
352-489-1772 10 a.m. Saturday President: Different weeks each month Louise Hogberg Meeting place varies 715 Balmoral Ct.
Different VFW Posts Inverness, Florida 34453
Gene Perrino, 352-637-5898
VFWRG District 7 Director

o*. Give Your I "
a 0 Out-Of-Town Guest
A Memory
S ,Of A Lifetime!
_.~~~~I Poip a
Manatee Snorkeling Tours
Sightseeing Tours
SDive Classes Porcelain Fiberglass
,*Boat Rentals Tile Custom Colors
SFamily Discounts Acrylic Bath Systems
525 NW 7th Ave. (Located at NW Hwy 19 Best Western) Chip Repairs & More
Crystal River 795-6798

Page H54 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Groups, Clubs and Organizations

Animals Humane Society of Inverness Room For One More Pet Rescue
6 p.m. third Tuesday Pawsitively Pets
Adopt A Rescued Pet Coastal Region Library 751 S. Smith Ave., Inverness
5-7 p.m., location and date varies Crystal Street, Crystal River 352-341-2222 352-795-9550 Angela McMurray 352-795-1684 Wildlife Club
Humanitarians of Florida, Inc. 7 p.m. last Thursday Citrus County Audubon Society 1 p.m. first Saturday Main Auditorium Room at
7 p.m. third Wednesday Manchester House Clinic Pine Ridge Community Center
October through April 1149 Conant Ave., Crystal River 5690 W. Pine Ridge Blvd.
Lakes Region Library 352-563-2370 Beverly Hills
1511 Druid Rd., Inverness 352-746-2384

Friends of Citrus County Inverness Florida Arts & Crafts
Animal Services (FOCCAS) Kennel Club, Inc.
Citrus County Animal Services 8 p.m. second Tuesday All Day Art Club
352-201-8664 (except December) 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. Tuesday Citrus County Builders Association Homosassa Civic Club 1196S. Lecanto Hwy., Lecanto Tommie 352-795-8774
352-249-0843 George Harbin 352-503-6101
Friends of Homosassa
Springs Wildlife Park Art Center of Citrus County
6 p.m. first Wednesday Joshua's House for Art Center Complex
Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Golden Retriever Rescue 2644 N. Annapolis Ave.
Wildlife State Park 595 S. West Bend Pt., Lecanto Hernando
4150 U.S. 19, Homosassa 352-746-6292 352-746-0924
Cathy Williams, president
512-589-7586 Mac Harris, president Miniature Horses Offer
Real Expression, Inc.
Home at Last Pet Adoptions, Inc. Paradise Swamp Farm Beverly Hills Art Group
11 a.m. 2:30 p.m. 2121 S. Mohican Tr., Inverness 9:30 11:30 a.m. Thursday
Petco cat adoptions North Oak Baptist
7223 Coastal Blvd., Brooksville 352-726-7375 Church Youth Center
352-476-6832 9324 Elkcam Blvd., Citrus Springs Particia Russak 352-527-3430
Nature World Wildlife Rescue
HOPE Wildlife Rehabilitation 7 p.m. third Tuesday (not in October) Calligraphy Club P0. Box 234, Crystal River Ellie Schiller Homosassa 2 p.m. second Thursday
352-628-WING (9464) Springs Wildlife State Park Citrus Springs Memorial Library Visitors Center June Towner 352-489-9717
Humane Society of Central 352-621-7757 Citrus County Cracker
Florida Pet Rescue Inc. Quilters Guild Inc.
352-746-6949 11 a.m. 3 p.m. first Wednesday
Paws-itively Pets Pine Ridge Community Center
Humane Society of Citrus County 751 S. Smith Ave., Inverness Pine Ridge residents and Pawsitively Pets 352-341-2222 their guests only
751 S. Smith Ave., Inverness Carole 352-527-3034
352-341-2222 Precious Paws Rescue, Inc. Crystal River Mall Adoption Center continued on Page 55

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H55

Groups,Clubsand Organizations

continued from Page 54 Creative Quilters of Citrus County Manatee Haven Decorative Artists Citrus 20/20 Inc.
9:30 a.m. second Wednesday Second Saturday 4:30 p.m. third Monday
Citrus County Craft Council St. Ann's Episcopal Church North Oak Baptist Church Lecanto Government Building
1 p.m. second Monday 9870 W Fort Island Trail 9324 N. Elkcam Blvd., Citrus Springs 3600 Sovereign Path, Lecanto
Except April, May, June, July Crystal River 352-270-3256
and December dynamite7 352-382-3847
Coastal Region Library 352-382-7673
8619 W Crystal St., Crystal River jnovak@creativequiltersofcitrus Ed Orrell 352-563-6365 county.comn
Ed Orrell@tampabay 352-563-6365 Nature Coast Bead Society Citrus County Civic Association
Embroiderers' Guild, 10 a.m.- noon Wednesday 7 p.m. second Tuesday
Citrus County Crafters Club Sandhill Crane Chapter Coastal Region Library September through May
5:30 p.m. last Wednesday 10 a.m. first Wednesday 8619 W Crystal St., Crystal River Homosassa Lions Club
Hobby Haven & Gifts Faith Evangelical 352-503-6165 County Road 490
1239 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa Presbyterian Church Homosassa Springs
352-794-6032 200 Mount Fair Ave., Brooksville Nature Coast Carving Club J. Dingwall 352-628-2844
352-621-6680 10:30 a.m. first Friday
Citrus Friendship Quilters Guild Lakes Region Library, Inverness Citrus County Council
1:30 pR.m. first and third Thursdays Crafters Carving sessions 8:30 a.m. second Wednesday
a k e R e g io n s L ib r a r y F lo r a l C it y C r a ft e r sN o n M d aB e rl H i s L o s C u b u e
1511 Druid Rd., Inverness 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. Tuesday Noon Monday Beverly Hills Lions Clubhouse
352-726-7805 or 352-344-5858 Floral City Community Hall Crystal River Moose Club 72 Civic Circle, Beverly Hills Orange Avenue, beside the library Noon Tuesday
352-476-3483 East Citrus Community Center 352-746-3006
Citrus Watercolor Club Dave Melton 352-527-4561
Noon second Friday
Except July Florida Sewing Sew-Siety Rainbow Quilters Citrus Hills Civic Association
First United Methodist Church 9 a.m. second Monday 10 a.m. Thursday
Pleasant Grove Rd., Inverness Citrus County Cannery Citrus Springs Community Center 3405W Southern St., Lecanto 1570 W Citrus Springs Blvd. Citrus Springs Civic Association
rfburgeraol.com352-382-2657 www.floridasewingsewcietyorg Citrus Springs 7 p.m. third Thursday 352-527-8229 Roxanne 352-465-5170 Citrus Springs Community Center

Citrus Squares 1570 W Citrus Springs Blvd.
7 p.m. Thursday Snippits of the Citrus Springs
Fellowship Hall of the Hands-On Woodturners American Sewing Guild
First United Methodist 7 p.m. third Thursday 10 a.m. first Thursday 352-465-9007
Church of Dunnellon VFW Post 10087 A-White Sew-Fan-Vac
21501 W State Road 40 County Road 491, Beverly Hills U.S. 19 in Airport Plaza Crystal Oaks Civic Association
Dunnellon Randy 352-860-0786 Crystal River 4958 W Crystal Oaks Dr., Lecanto
352-489-1785 Jean 352-746-2621 352-746-1333
3 52-465-2142
352-465-2142 Heart In Hand Chapter of
The Apliq SoietyFriends of the
Community Needleworks Crafters The Appliqu6 Society nt Library System
10 a.m. first Wednesday 9 a.m. fourth Monday Civic Citrus County Library System
Terri 352-746-1973 First Presbyterian Church 11 a.m. fourth Tuesday
1501 S.E. U.S. 19, Crystal River Beverly Hills Civic Association Central Ridge Library Creative Calligraphers Mabel Toth 352-746-9861 7 p.m. last Thursday 425W Roosevelt Blvd., Beverly Hills
12:30 p.m. second Thursday Except June, July and August
Citrus Springs Memorial Library Homosassa Knit Wits Central Ridge Community Center Sue Haderer 352-746-1334
352-489-9717 1 p.m. Friday 352-746-2657
Homosassa Library
4100 Grandmarch Ave., Homosassa
352-628-5626 continued on Page 56

Page H56 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Groups, Clubs and Organizations

continued from Page 55 Inverness Highlands Save the Homosassa Cultural and Heritage
Civic Association River Alliance
Friends Crystal River 4375 S. Little Al Point, Inverness 7 p.m. second Thursday Afro-American Club
State Parks Inc. 352-726-0444 Except July and August of Citrus County
352-422-3929 Homosassa Civic Club 5:30 p.m. first Monday Keep Citrus County Beautiful, Inc. 5530 S. Mason Creek Rd. October through May PO. Box 94 Homosassa 5:30 p.m. first Thursday (Sept.)
Lecanto, FL 34460 352-628-1563 Beverly Hills Civic Building
Friends of Floral City Library 1 Civic Circle, Beverly Hills
6 p.m. second Tuesday 352-746-9393 voicemail only
Floral City Library South Dunnellon
8360 E. Orange Ave., Floral City keepcitruscountybeautiful@ Civic Association, Inc. American Irish Club
352-726-3671 4:30 p.m. second Monday of West Citrus County 1962 W Test Court, Dunnellon Noon third Tuesday
The League of Women Voters Randy Campbell 352-465-7135 September through May
Friends of Homosassa of Citrus County 4342 Homosassa Trail, Lecanto
Springs Wildlife Park 10 a.m. second Tuesday 352-527-4890
6p rst Wdieak January, and May through December SugarmillWoods Bob Bianculli 352-746-3947
- p.m. first Wednesday Central Ridge Library Civic Association
Ellie Schiller Homosassa Roosevelt Blvd., Beverly Hills 108 Cypress Blvd. W., Homosassa British American Club
Springs Wildlife State Park 10 a.m. second Tuesday 352-634-5333 of Citrus County
4150 U.S. 19, Homosassa February, March and April 7 p.m. fourth Monday
Cathy Williams, president Coastal Region Library Holiday Inn Express Hotel
512-589-7586 8619 W Crystal St., Crystal River 903 E. Gulf to Lake Hwy., Lecanto Computers Judi Matthews, president
352-601-6857 352-527-2581
Friends of the Withlacoochee Citrus County Computer Club
Gulf Preserve, Inc. 7 p.m. first and third Friday Citrus American and
PO. Box 482, Yankeetown Ozello Civic Association Shepherd of the Hills Church Italian Social Club
f.O. Bow482, ankeown 9:30 a.m. second Saturday County Road 486, Lecanto 7 p.m. first and third Wednesday
iendsw gp mail .com October through May Clubhouse 14095 W Ozello Trail Lee Boszak 352-344-1810 4325 Little Al Point, Inverness
Barbara Elvers 352-795-7517 352-637-9501
Gulf to Lakes Pilot Club Citrus Macintosh Users Group 352-637-5203
6 p.m. first Tuesday Philippine-American Generally meets the fourth Friday
Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club Corporation of Florida Thursday in May, June and July Citrus County Historical Society
Maryland Peterson 352-527-7850 352-637-5462 CF Citrus campus Board of Directors meeting
Building L-4; Room 103 5:30 p.m. second Monday
Hernando Civic Center Pilot Club of Crystal River Second floor courtroom
6 p.m. third Tuesday Historical Courthouse
848 E. Parsons Point Rd. 7 Rivers Country Club 1 Courthouse Square, Inverness
Hernando 7395 W Pinebrook St., Crystal River Crystal River Users Group CRUG 352-341-6427 or 352-341-6436
352-344-9833 352-382-3975 6 p.m. second Wednesday

Homosassa Civic Club, Inc. Except July, August
7 p.m. first Monday Pine Ridge Civic Association Crystal Oaks Clubhouse Citrus County
Except July and August 7 p.m. second Monday 4958 Crystal Oaks Blvd., Lecanto Genealogical Society
Homosassa Civic Club Pine Ridge Community Center 10 a.m. second Tuesday
5530 S. Mason Creek Rd. 5690 W Pine Ridge Blvd. 352-382-3650 Except December and February
Homosassa Beverly Hills The Church of Jesus Christ
352-527-7443 of Latter-day Saints 3474 W Southern St., Lecanto
Ms. Eleanor Macias Mary Ann Machonkin
352-628-6446 352-382-5515
continued on Page 57

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H57

Groups, Clubs and Organizations

continued from Page 56 Fort Cooper Daughters Irish-American Social Club NewYork Club of Citrus County
of the American Revolution 1 p.m. first Friday 5 p.m. second Thursday
Citrus Springs Genealogy Club 11 a.m. first Tuesday Central Citrus Community Center October through May
10 a.m. first Tuesday Citrus Hills Country Club W. Marc Knighton Court, Lecanto Tuscany on the Meadow
Citrus Springs Memorial Library Except November, February Art McDermott 352-746-9519 Quality Inn
John Eisenmann
352-489-4359 and May C. Taylor 352-746-5584 350 E. Norvell Bryant Hwy.
Sue Bass 352-726-3956 Hernando
Crystal River Boat Builders Nature Coast Civil War 352-445-1997
9 a.m. noon Hernando Heritage Council Reenactment Committee Inc.
Wednesday and Saturday 2415 N. Florida Ave., Hernando 352-220-3013
Crystal River Preserve State Park 352-419-4857 Spanish American Club
3266 N. Sailboat Ave., Crystal River of Citrus County
352-419-4970 or 203-610-2350 New Jersey and Friends Club of 7 p.m. third Thursday, except July
Citrus County Knights of Columbus 6168
Floral City Heritage Council Heritage Hall Museum 1 p.m. first Monday 2389 W Norvell Bryant Hwy.
7 9 p.m. last Tuesday 10 a.m. 2 p.m. Friday/Saturday Except holidays Lecanto
January, April, August and October Heritage Hall in the Town Center VFW 4252 352-746-3599
Floral City Community House 8394 E. Orange Ave., Floral City State Road 200, Hernando
Floral City Town Center Mary Anne Collier 352-746-3386
8370 E. Orange Ave., Floral City Frank Peters, Museum Director Frank Peters 352-860-0101 352-860-0101 continued on Page 58

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Page H58 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Groups, Clubs and Organizations

continued from Page 57 Boy Scout Troop 2693 Boy Scout Troop 415 Boy Scouts
6 p.m. Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Monday 1-888-533-2775
Withlacoochee Chapter of the West Citrus Elks Lodge Crystal River United
Sons of the American Revolution Grover Cleveland Blvd. Methodist Church Scout Hut
11 a.m. second Saturday Homosassa 4801 N. Citrus Ave., Crystal River Boys & Girls Clubs
Excepts June, July, August Phil Reiner, scoutmaster Robbie Lovestrand 352-344-2785 of Citrus County
Crystal River Moose Lodge 352-628-1221 8 a.m. second Wednesday
1855 S. Suncoast Blvd. Boy Scout Troop 452 Board of Directors meeting
Between Crystal River and Boy Scout Troop 302 7 8:30 p.m. Monday Tuscany on the Meadows at Quality
Homosassa 7 p.m. Monday Beverly Hills Community Church Inn Conference Center
Ed Gingrich 352-341-1557 First Presbyterian Church of Inverness 82 Civic Circle, Beverly Hills Norvell Bryant Hwy., Citrus Hills
206 Washington Ave., Inverness 352-621-6225
Steve Epple 352-212-1895 Scoutmaster: Pete Kimbrell

Education and Youth Bill Ferguson 352-344-1823 352-678-8652 8 a.m. second Friday
Boy Scout Troop 370 Development/Fundraising
Adult Literacy Education Program 7 p.m. Monday Boy Scout Troop 457 committee meeting
of the Citrus County Library System Homosassa Scout Hut 7 8:30 p.m. Wednesday Holiday Inn Express Grandmarch Ave., Homosassa 186 S. Pine Ave., Inverness 903 E. Gulf to Lake Hwy., Lecanto
352-212-5930 The corner of Pine and Grace Street
Big Brothers Big Sisters behind Walgreen's 352-422-3953
352-0400 in downtown Inverness 352-634-0860 continued on Page 58

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Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H59

Groups, Clubs and Organizations

continued from Page 58 Citrus County Citrus Youth Educational Floral City Heritage Council
Genealogical Society Symphonic Orchestra Inc. 7 9 p.m. last Tuesday
Central Ridge 10 a.m. second Tuesday Meeting time and date varies January, April, August and October
Boys & Girls Club Except December and February Cornerstone Baptist Church Floral City Community House
901 W Roosevelt Blvd. The Church of Jesus Christ 1100 W Highland Blvd., Inverness Floral City Town Center
Beverly Hills of Latter-day Saints Harold Seckinger, president 8370 E. Orange Ave., Floral City
352-270-8841 3474W Southern St., Lecanto 352-628-6878 Frank Peters 352-860-0101
Mary Ann Machonkin hseckingerl
Citrus County 352-382-5515
Education Foundation Cub Scout Pack 415
P.O. Box 2004 Citrus County Retired Educators Crystal River Boat Builders 6:30 p.m. Wednesday
Inverness, FL 34451 12:30 p.m. second Monday 9 a.m. noon Crystal River United Methodist
352-726-1931, ext. 2240 Mama's Kuntry Kafe Wednesday and Saturday Church Scout Hut 1787 W Main St., Inverness Crystal River Preserve State Park County Road 495, Crystal River Margaret Williams, president 3266 N. Sailboat Ave. Josheau Fairchild
352-795-6367 Crystal River
Citrus County 352-419-4970 or 203-610-2350
Foster Parent Association, Inc.
5369 S. Stoneridge Dr. Citrus Springs Genealogy Club continued on Page 60
Inverness 10 a.m. first Tuesday
352-860-0376 Citrus Springs Memorial Library
John Eisenmann 352-489-4359

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Page H60 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Groups,Clubsand Organizations

continued from Page 59 Fort Cooper Daughters Jr. Achievement of Citrus County Young Marines
of the American Revolution Part of Jr. Achievement 9 a.m.- 3 p.m.
Early Learning Coalition 11 a.m. first Tuesday of West Central Florida first and third Saturday
of the Nature Coast Citrus Hills Country Club 352-335-4559 Boys and Girls Club, Homosassa
1564 N. Meadowcrest Blvd. Except November, February and May Lisa Gonzales 352-422-0481
Crystal River Sue Bass, chapter regent Shawn Harrison 352-400-1001
352-563-9939 352-726-3956 Robert Halleen Boys & Girls Club Jerry Cecil 352-726-0834 8535 Goodman Lane, Homosassa
Girl Scouts 352-795-8624 Food Programs
Evelyn Waters 1-800-881-4475
Boys & Girls Club The Spot Family Center Annie Johnson Senior
401 N. Apopka Ave., Inverness 405 S.E. 7th Ave., Crystal River & Family's Food Pantry
352-341-2507 Hernando Heritage Council 352-794-3870 1991 W Test Court, Dunnellon
2415 N. Florida Ave., Hernando Monday- Friday 8 a.m.-3 p.m.
Food Generation 352-419-4857 352-489-8021
811 Lanark Court, Inverness Take Stock in Children Beverly Hills Community 352-422-2348 Church's Food Pantry
352-476-6225 82 Civic Circle, Beverly Hills Inverness Little League Last Tuesday
Ed Lloyd 352-344-8366 YMCA 11 a.m.- noon and 6 -7 p.m. 3909 N. Lecanto Hwy., Beverly Hills 352-746-3620 352-637-0132 continued on Page 61

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Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H61

Groups, Clubs and Organizations

continued from Page 60 First Baptist Church Nature Coast Ministries Serving Our Savior (SOS)
of Beverly Hills 999 State Road 44 East Food Pantry
Calvary Chapel of Inverness 4950 N. Lecanto Hwy. Crystal River Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
"Feed the Hungry" Beverly Hills Tuesday and Thursday 439 E. Norvell Bryant Hwy.
960 S. U.S. 41, Inverness Helping Hands 10 a.m. 2 p.m. Hrad
Thrdyno ~.9 -11 a.m. third Saturday 352-563-1860 Thursday 8:30 11:30 a.m.
Thursa Kthnn-1pm Serving Beverly Hills, Lecanto and ~
SoupKithenCitrus Springs St. Anne's Anglican Church
Tuesday -l 1:30 a.m. 1 p. m. 352-746-2970 New Church Without Walls Food Pantry
352-726-1480 3962 N. Roscoe Rd., Hernando Admistration building
First Baptist Church Free food box giveaway Daily 9:30 10:30 a.m.
Calvary Church of Crystal River Monday 5 p.m.
278E Hre S. nvres700 N. Citrus Ave., Crystal River Hernando neighborhood park St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
2728da E. Haey St2. IernesssayanTurda Off Railroad Drive Catholic Church
Thursday10 10 a.m. p.m. M naW dedyadT usa 352-344-2425 1401 W. Country Club Blvd.
352637510 105- 1p3m. Citrus Springs
~www.invernesscalvarycom 352-795-3367tc~or North Oak Baptist Church Free food box giveaway
~w~~fistbptitcrorgFood Ministry Third Saturday 9 a.m.
Citrus County Veterans Coalition Fis rsyein11:30 a.m. 1:30 p.m. last Thursday Call on Tuesday to sign-up
103 N.Pau DrIveressChrch ofeCytalnie North Oak Baptist Church 352-465-6613
1039N. aulDr.,Invrnes Chrchof rystl Rver9324 N. Elkcam Blvd., Citrus Springs
Tuesday 9 a.m. 1 p.m. 1501 S.E. U.S. 19, Crystal River ~ St. Margaret's Episcopal Church's
Richard 352-400-8952 Second and fourth Tuesday 352-746-1500 Feed My Sheep Outreach
Gary 352-527-4537 10 a.m. 2 p.m. Wednesday 11:30 a.m.
(except first Tuesday of month) Tuesday Wednesday
Citrus United Basket (CUB) 352-795-2259 Our Father's Table 9:30 11:45 a.m.
Food Pantry St. Anne's Anglican Church 352-726-3153
103 Mill Ave., Inverness First United Methodist 9870W. Fort Island Trail
Monday Friday 9 a.m. 2:30 p.m. Church of Inverness Crystal River Suncoast Baptist Church
352-344-2242 3896 S. Pleasant Grove Rd. Saturday 11:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m. 5310 S. Suncoast Blvd. Inverness 352-795-2176 Homosassa Springs
Monday 11:30 a.m. noon Ou ayo aiasFo aty Canned,' dry, meat distribution
Crystal River United 352-726-2522 Our Lady of FaIma'rnssFo Pnr Second Wednesday 9 10:30 a.m.
Methodist Church Food Pantry 604da U.S 4ry1 0 a5., Inverness Bread distribution
4801 N. Citrus Ave., Crystal River Floral City United Methodist Monday6-1Fidy707 am 2pm Wednesday 9 10:30 a.m.
Second and fourth Thursdays Church Hilton Hall 35-2-77352-621 -3008 or 352-586-0341
9 a.m. 1:30 p.m. 8478 E. Marvin St., Floral City Our Lady of GraceWeCrFodPny
352-795-3148 Tuesday 7 9 a.m. Catholic Church Tuesdaye and Thury
~wwcrumc com 352-344-1771 6 Roosevelt Blvd., Beverly Hills Muesdbe an hmosasyo
Third Tuesday 9 10 a.m.Muta Homosassa pinsrdn
Daystar Life Center's Food Pantry Food Pantry of Floral City 352-527-2381 or 352-746-2144 352-228-4921 s esien
6751 W Gulf to Lake Hwy. First Baptist Church 322842
Crystal River 8545 E. Magnolia St., Floral City The Salvation Army Canteen
Monday Friday 9 a.m. 1:15 p.m. Third Wednesday 1 3 p.m. Homosassa Lions ClubFrtna
352-795-8668 352-726-4296 Homosassa TrailFrtna (one-half mile east of U.S. 19)
Hernando Seventh-day Wednesday 5 6 p.m. Eagles
EI-Shaddai food ministries Adventist Church 352-513-4960
Crystal River Church of God 1880 Trucks Ave., Hernando Citrus Eagles 3992
2180W. 12th Ave., Crystal River Second and fourth Tuesday The Salvation Army's Food Pantry 7 p.m. first and third Tuesdays
Tuesday 10 a.m. 1 p.m. 10 a.m. noon 712 S. School Ave., Lecanto Eagles Lodge
352-628-9087 or 352-302-9925 352-212-5159 Monday Friday (excluding holidays) 8733 E. Gulf to Lake Hwy., Inverness
9 -11 a.m. and 1 4p.m. 352-341-1182
Inverness Church of God 352-513-4960 ~wwfoecom
416 U.S. 41 5., Inverness
First and third Sundays noon cniudo ae6
352-726-4524 cniudo ae6

Page H62 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Groups, Clubs and Organizations

continued from Page 61 St. Scholastica Springs Masonic Lodge 378 Citrus Native Plant Society
Knights of Columbus 7:30 p.m. first and third Tuesday 7 p.m. first Tuesday
Fraternal Order of the Council 14485 Masonic Lodge Beverly Hills Lions Club
Eagles Aerie 4272 7 p.m. first Thursday 5030 S. Memorial Dr., Homosassa 72 Civic Circle, Beverly Hills
7 p.m. second and fourth Thursdays St. Scholastica Parish Hall Richard Hermann 352-382-2229 Steve Farnsworth, president 5340 W Grover Cleveland Blvd. 4301 W Homosassa Blvd. 352-746-4431
Homosassa Homosassa
352-628-0914 P.O. Box 267 Military Order of the Purple Heart Lecanto, FL 34461 Fantasy African Violet Club
Ron Kornatowski 352-563-5994 Chapter 776 Military Order 12:30 p.m. second Saturday
Elks of the Purple Heart Partner's Club
1 p.m. third Tuesday Behind Oak Hill Hospital
Inverness Does bi-monthly starting in January State Road 50, Spring Hill
1 p.m. second and fourth Wednesday Citrus Lodge 118 F&AM Citrus County Builders Association 352-489-9688
Inverness Elks Lodge No. 2522 7:30 p.m. second and fourth Monday 1196S. Lecanto Hwy., Lecanto P.O. Box 840, Hernando Masonic Temple www. learto y., Lecanto
352-746-1547 Zephyr Street and Hendrix Ave. Floral City Garden Club Inverness 352-382-3847 9:30 a.m. second Friday
352-634-5454 September through May
Inverness Elks Lodge No. 2522 Floral City Community Building
7 p.m. second and fourth Tuesday Citrus Shrine Club Moose 8370 E. Orange Ave., Floral City
Walt Mabie, secretary 9 a.m. second Friday Lona Bassett, president
352-726-2027 Clubhouse Crystal River Moose Lodge 2013 352-560-3879
468 N. Woodlake Ave., Inverness 7:30 p.m. first and third Wednesday West Citrus Elks Lodge Clifford Hammer 352-527-8787 1855 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa The Garden Club of Beverly Hills
No. 2693 352-795-7030 1 p.m. second Tuesday
7:30 a.m. first and third Mondays September to May
7890 W Grover Cleveland Blvd. Floral City Masonic Lodge Beverly Hills Community Center
Homosassa 133 F&AM Inverness Moose Lodge 2112 1 Civic Circle, Beverly Hills
Exalted Ruler Thomas R. Hamburg 7:30 p.m. first and third Thursday 6 p.m. second and fourth Thursday 352-270-8060 352-270-3819 8370 East Orange Ave., Floral City Inverness Moose Lodge Cliff McPhee 352-419-7088 South Haid Terrace, Inverness The Garden Club of Crystal River 1 3 p.m. second Monday
Knights of Columbus Women of the Moose September through May
Inglis Masonic Lodge 324 Inverness Moose Lodge 2112 Crystal River Preserve State Park
Abbot Francis Sadlier 6:30 p.m. second and fourth Monday 7 p.m. first and third Thursday 3266 N. Sailboat Ave., Crystal River
Council 6168 State Road 40 West, Inglis Inverness Moose Lodge 352-795-0844
2389 W Norvell Bryant Hwy. David Howell 352-447-3734 South Haid Terrace, Inverness
352-746-6921 Ladies Oriental Homosassa River Garden Club Nefertiti 84 Gardening 9:30 a.m. noon third Monday
10:30 a.m. third Saturday October through May
Francis Cardinal Spellman 10:30 SahimerthirdsaSaturdayg
Fasembly 1547- Pearl of West Masonic Lodge Buttonwood Bonsai Club Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs
Dee 6319 Louisiana Ave. 9:30 a.m. second Saturday Wildlife State Park
t Degree Knights of Columbus New Port Richey Key Training Center Visitors Center Florida Room
2389 W Norvell Bryant Hwy. G. Sharon Fairheart 130 Heights Ave., Inverness 4150 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa
Lecanto 352-270-8287 Bob Eskeitz 352-566-4999 Homosassarivergardenclub.word Al Harnage 352-527-3263
St. Scholastic Knights of Ridge Lodge 398 Citrus Garden Club
Columbus Council 14485 10:30 a.m. second Monday 9 a.m. first Thursday
7 p.m. first Thursday Floral City Lodge 133 September through May Horticulture with Peter Dobbs
Fr. James Hoge Parish Center 8350 East Orange Ave., Floral City Whispering Pines Park 1 p.m. third Wednesday
4301 W Homosassa Trail, Lecanto Pete Raymond Recreation building, Inverness Citrus Springs Memorial Library Mary Lundberg 352-746-9502 352-489-9148
352-563-5994 352-860-2385 continued on Page 63

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H63

Groups, Clubs and Organizations

continued from Page 62 Citrus Area Stamp Club Crystal River Boat Builders Sky High Amateur Radio Club
1 p.m. first and third Tuesday 9 a.m. noon 11 a.m. fourth Saturday
Inverness Garden Club VFW Post 4252 Wednesday and Saturday September through May
11 a.m. second Thursday 3190 N. Carl G. Rose Hwy. Crystal River Preserve State Park Whispering Pines Park
September through May Hernando 3266 N. Sailboat Ave., Crystal River recreation building, Inverness
Whispering Pines Park 727-364-6897 352-419-4970 or 203-610-2350 Hilda Weaver 352-489-6465
Recreation building
Gert Taber 352-726-8714
Citrus County Amateur Radio Club Manatee Button Club Political
The Orchid Lovers Club 7 p.m. third Monday 9:30 a.m. noon second Saturday
1 p.m. third Saturday EOC Marion Oaks Clubhouse Central Citrus Democratic Club
The Enrichment Center Saunders Way, Lecanto Laura or Dwight 352-787-5945 11 a.m. second Saturday
Behind Oak Hill Hospital Central Ridge Library
11375 Cortez Blvd., Spring Hill National Association of Watch and Beverly Hills
Judy 352-563-2288 Citrus Fishing Club Clock Collectors Inc., Chapter 156 Johann Lee 352-270-8055
7 p.m. first Monday 8 a.m. fourth Sunday
Riverhaven Garden Club American Legion Post 155 VFW Post 4781 Citrus County Democratic
352-621-3004 6585 W Gulf to Lake Hwy. 9401 S.E. 110 St., Ocala Executive Committee
Crystal River 352-795-5853 7 p.m. third Wednesday
Sugarmill Woods Garden Club 1 Civic Circle, Beverly Hills
7 p.m. second Tuesday 352-445-6743 Nature Coast Radio Control
Sugarmill Woods Country Club Model Airplane Club Citrus County Republican Club
1 Douglas Street, Homosassa 9 a.m. second Saturday 7 p.m. first Monday
Dennis Wassell, president Citrus Model Railroad Club Inglis Lock Park Citrus County Realtors
352-382-2553 6:30 p.m. first Tuesday 20791 S.E. 90th Ave., Inglis Association Building Citrus County Fairgrounds 714 S. Scarboro Ave., Lecanto
Horticulture Building, Inverness Rainbow Quilters 352-410-6125 10 a.m. first Thursday
Hobbies 9:30 a.m. every other Thursday
Country Quilters of Dunnellon Citrus Springs Community Center Downtown Democratic Club Art Center of Citrus 12:30 p.m. every Monday 1570 W Citrus Springs Blvd., 6 p.m. second Tuesday
County Camera Club First United Methodist Church Citrus Springs B&W Rexall Restaurant
6:30 9:30 p.m. first Monday Friendship Hall 352-465-5170 214 U.S. 41 South, Inverness
Art Center Education Building 21501 W State Road 40, Dunnellon Roger Sewell 352-726-4676
2644 N. Annapolis Ave., Hernando 352-270-8220
Dale Massey 352-527-3958 Seven Rivers Miniaturists
12:30 3 p.m. Thursday
St. Timothy Lutheran Church continued on Page 64
U.S. 19 South, Crystal River
Kathy Geer 352-628-2688

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Page H64 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Groups, Clubs and Organizations

continued from Page 63 Beverly Hills Horseshoe Club Citrus United Soccer Nature Coast Ramblers, Inc.
Ron Fair Club meets twice a year at various
East Citrus Republican Club 352-746-3924 locations for business meetings
10 a.m. fourth Saturday Crystal River Little League Club meets three times a month
Inverness Woman's Club Beverly Hills Shuffleboard Club for kayaking, hiking and bicycling
Georgeagl Val Pierce, president league at various locations
The League of Women Voters Sharon Pineda, vice president Crystal River Sharks Joey Barkhouse, secretary
of Citrus County 352-527-8488 P.O. Box 1921, Lecanto
10 a.m. second Tuesday
January, and May through December Central Citrus Little League Floral City Shuffleboard Club Central Ridge Library Dana Bause, vice president Nature Coast Soccer Club
Roosevelt Blvd., Beverly Hills littleleague 352-726-0670
10 a.m. second Tuesday ?urlnaturecoastsoccer
February, March and April Clroras
Coastal Region Library Citrus County Paddleball Hills Gang Bowling League
8619 W Crystal St., Crystal River 9 a.m. 1 p.m. every Saturday 1 p.m. Thursday PLAY Programs Jim Legrone Memorial Park Beverly Hills Bowling Lanes Citrus County Parks & Recreation
352-601-6857 405 S.E. 7th Ave., Crystal River Marian 352-637-0009 352-746-3599 srec/sports/play.htm Inverness Little League
Nature Coast Republican Club Rails to Trails of the Withlacoochee
9 a.m. second Saturday Citrus County Shooting Club 5:30 p.m. third Thursday
Hampton Inn 10 a.m. first and third Thursday Inverness Shuffleboard Club September, November, February
1103 N. Suncoast Blvd. Shooting range in Leesburg 1:30 p.m. third Monday and April
Crystal River 10 a.m. second and fourth Thursday Lakes Region Library Lakes Region Library
352-746-7249 Shooting range in Brooksville 1511 Druid Rd., Inverness 1511 Druid Rd., Inverness Bud High 352-746-5217 We play at the courts at Wallace Dennis Reiland 352-637-6191 Brooks Park on Monday, Wednesday Spirit of Citrus Dancers
NIorth Suncoast Republican Club and Friday 9 a.m. in the summer Sii fCtu acr
9 1 am. tirdSatrdayandFriay -9 am. n th sumer 7 p.m. second and fourth Saturdays
11 a.m. third Saturday Citrus Cycling Center and 3 p.m. in the winter Kellner Auditorium
Except July Ke.lBoner08Auditorium16
Sugarmill Country Club P.O. Box 640833 440-983-9169 102 Civic Circle, Beverly Hills
Homosassa Beverly Hills, FL 34464
Bill Connery, president 727-492-0116 Inverness Storm 352-344-1383
Bruce Bryn, director storm
352-503-7375 Citrus Hoops Suncoast Swim Team Melody Park Country Music Jams
5:30 8:30 p.m. every Tuesday
Southwest Citrus Democratic Club Citrus Road Runners Club Melody Park Clubhouse Withlacoochee Muzzleloaders Inc.
10:30 a.m. first Saturday P.O. Box 94 913 Hoffmann Lane, Inverness 8:30 a.m. third Sunday
Except July and August Inverness, FL 34451-0094 352-201-7519 Phoenix Gun Range, Brooksville
Sugarmill Woods Country Club Roger Dobronyi 352-726-7473
1 Douglas St., Homosassa
352-382-0343 352-637-2475 Nature Coast Dragon Boat Racing Team Women's Hike Club
Citrus Springs Horseshoe Club 9 a.m. Monday and Saturday 10 a.m. first Wednesday 4:30 p.m. Wednesday St. Martin's Preserve, trail head
Recreation Groups Riverside Resort Curtis Tool Road off U.S. 19 North
Citrus Squares Crystal River
Beverly Hills Fishing Club 7 p.m. Thursday Dragon-Boat-Club/ Sharol Lambert 352-621-8020
1:30 p.m. third Wednesday Fellowship Hall First United Terry Johnson
September through May Methodist Church of Dunnellon YMCA
Lions Den 21501 W State Road 40, Dunnellon 406-570-4809
72 Civic Circle, Beverly Hills 352-489-1785 352-637-0132
Ann Panasik 352-465-2142 Nature Coast Flag Football
352-527-3226 continued on Page 65

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H6

Groups, Clubs and Organizations

continued from Page 64 Service Clubs Lions Clubs Homosassa Lions
6:30 p.m. first and third Thursday
Seniors DAR Beverly Hills Lions Homosassa Lions Clubhouse
7 p.m. second and fourth Tuesday 8393 W Homosassa Trail
Beverly Hills Skillbank Inc. Fort Cooper Daughters of Beverly Hills Lions Den Homosassa
1 Civic Circle, Beverly Hills the American Revolution 72 Civic Circle, Beverly Hills 352-628-2461
352-746-5001 11 a.m. first Tuesday or first Saturday 352-527-1556
January through May
Citrus Builders Care 10:30 a.m. Crystal River Kings Bay Lions Club Homosassa Lions Auxiliary
352-746-9028 first Tuesday or first Saturday 6 p.m. first and third Monday 6:30 p.m. second Tuesday Beginning September 2014 Oysters Restaurant Homosassa Lions Club building
Citrus Hills Country Club 600 N.E. U.S. 19, Crystal River 8393 W Homosassa Trail
CSEA Retirees of NewYork 505 East Hartford St., Hernando Lion Audrey Jones-Strutt, president Homosassa
Local 952 352-212-2363 352-795-4467 Lauren Blum 352-688-4881
Donald Meyer, president Lions Club of Inverness
352-464-2717 Crystal River Lions 6 p.m. first and third Monday

National Association of Retired Kiwanis 7 p.m. first and third Tuesday Mama's Kuntry Kafe
Law Enforcement Officers Historic Train Station 1787 W Main St., Inverness
7:30 p.m. fourth Thursday Kiwanis Club of Central 109 N.E. Crystal St., Unit A Bob Emerson 352-422-2224
Except July, August and holidays Ridge/Crystal River Crystal River
American Legion Post 155 Noon Thursday 352-795-6639 Miscellaneous Clubs
State Road 44, Crystal River Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club's Rose & Crown room Beverly Hills Irish
Nature Coast Volunteers 505 E. Hartfort St., Hernando Floral City Lions Club American Social Club
352-249-1275 Brenda Chiasson 352-422-2807 7:30 second and fourth Monday 1 p.m. first Friday Floral City Community Building Except in June, July and August Kiwanis Club of Homosassa Springs East Orange Ave., Floral City Senior Center Pool House Noon Wednesday Herb Keesling 352-726-5107 2804 W Marc Knighton Court
Senior Foundation of Citrus County Neon Leons Zydeco Steakhouse Lecanto
4 p.m. third Thursday 10350 W Yulee Dr., Homosassa Hernando Lions Club Janet Barek 352-897-4369
Citrus County Resource Center 352-628-5281 3 p.m. first Tuesday Paul Atherton 352-746-2320
2804 Marc Knighton Court, Lecanto 6 p.m. third Tuesday
352-527-5907 Kiwanis Club of Inverness VFW Post 4252 Beverly Hills Woman's Club
6 p.m. Tuesday 3190 N. Carl G. Rose Hwy., Hernando 1:30 p.m. third Tuesday
Senior Happy Timers Club Stumpknockers on the Square Community Building
11 a.m.- 3 p.m. Thursday 110 W Main St., Inverness 352-794-1650 1 Civic Circle, Beverly Hills
Hickory Hills Clubhouse Brian Fitzpatrick, president 352-697-1030
State Road 44 East, Inverness
Donna 352-637-3156 Thomas Fitzpatrick, president-elect
Lou 352-726-0348 352-726-3966 continued on Page 66

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Page H66 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Groups, Clubs and Organizations

continued from Page 65 Rotary Club of Inverness Special Interest Friends of Fort Cooper
Noon Tuesday 1:30 p.m. first Tuesday
NARFE Lakeside Bar & Grille American United for Fort Cooper State Park
National Active and Retired (formerly Vandervalk) Separation of Church and State Recreation Hall
Federal Employees Association, 4543 E. Windmill Dr., Inverness Nature Coast Chapter 3100 S. Old Floral City Rd.,
Chapter 776: Inverness-Citrus 352-302-0469 or 352-726-7517 4 p.m. third Tuesday Inverness
12:30 p.m. second Tuesday Except July, August and September Dianne Drye 352-726-0315
January, February, March and April 1511 Druid Rd., Inverness
Mama's Kuntry Caf6 352-726-9112
1787 W Main St., Inverness Rotary Club of Kings Bay Citrus Clowns 1 p.m. first Monday
default.aspx Crystal River P.O. Box 500, Homosassa Citrus Springs Memorial Library
352-522-1923 Noon Wednesday 352-628-3414 Virginia 352-489-9148 Seminole Club
135 N.E. Third St., Crystal River Keep Citrus County Beautiful
Pilot Clubs Hugh McElvey 352-613-8552 Citrus County Fair Association 12:30 p.m. third Monday
7 p.m. third Monday P.O. Box 94
Gulf to Lakes Pilot Club Rotary Club of Sugarmill Woods 3600 S. Florida Ave., Inverness Lecanto, FL 34460
6 p.m. first Tuesday 4:45 p.m. Tuesday 352-726-2993
Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club Sugarmill Woods Country Club 352-746-9393 voicemail only
Maryland Peterson 352-527-7850 1 Douglas St., Homosassa
George Meadows, president Citrus County Newcomers Club
Pilot Club of Crystal River 352-503-6173 Third Thursday
6:30 p.m. third Tuesday September through May Mid Florida Homeless Coalition
Seven Rivers Golf and Country Club except for December 8:30 10 a.m. third Thursday
600 N. Afterglow Circle, Crystal River Carolyn Moss 352-746-6445 Student Service Center
Gail Granger Sertoma B.J. Schueneman 352-400-4799 2575 S. Panther Pride Drive, Lecanto
352-795-7742 www.citrusnewcomersclub.
Citrus Sertoma NARLEO
Rotary Clubs 7:30 a.m. Tuesday National Association of Retired
Except last Tuesday CCUP Law Enforcement Officers
Rotary Club of Central Citrus Oysters Restaurant, Crystal River Citrus County Unit 7:30 p.m. fourth Thursday
7:30 a.m. Wednesday Rainer Jakob 352-726-7903 of Parliamentarians Except July, August and holiday time
Black Diamond Country Club 9:30 a.m. first Friday American Legion Post 155
John Clardy Inverness Sertoma Connie 352-527-2599 State Road 44, Crystal River
352-795-2946 6:30 p.m. first and third Wednesday Herb 352-795-7159 Nature Coast
7 a.m. second Wednesday NaueCatBeekeepers
7 a ~ s e o nd ed n e d ay1 0 a .m th ird S a tu rd a y
Rotary Club of Crystal River B&W Rexall Restaurant Community Book Club Victory Baptist Church
12:15 p.m. Monday 214 S. U.S. 41, Inverness 11 a.m. third Friday 5040 Shady Acres Dr., Inverness
Plantation on Crystal River Area restaurants 352-344-9418
9301 W Fort Island Trail 352-726-7805 or 352-726-7903 Terri 352-513-4331
Crystal River New Age Thinkers
P.O. Box 1207 Florida Chapter, 2 p.m. second Saturday
Crystal River, FL 34423 Wahoo Sertoma Club Historical Novel Society Unity of Citrus 6:30 p.m. third Tuesday 1:30 3:30 p.m. first Saturday 2628 W Woodview Lane, Lecanto
352-417-1160 All Childrens Sertoma Central Ridge Library Therapy Center 425 W Roosevelt Blvd., Beverly Hills 352-628-3253
Beverly Hills
Rotary Club of Doris Brownell 352-489-9929
Homosassa Springs Singles of Sugarmill Woods
7 a.m. Thursday 5 p.m. second Thursday
Luigi's Restaurant Sugarmill Woods Country Club
4538 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa 352-382-3838, ext. 12

continued on Page 67

Friday, January 31, 2014 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Page H67

Groups, Clubs and Organizations

continued from Page 66 Nature Coast AFG 6:30 p.m. Caregivers Support Group Citrus County
Nature Coast Community Church 1 p.m. fourth Tuesday HIV/Aids Support Group
Sugarmill Chorale 4680 S. Suncoast Blvd., Homosassa St. Timothy Lutheran Church 3 p.m. second Tuesday
6:30 p.m. every Thursday Attitude of Gratitude AFG 8 p.m. 1070 N. Suncoast Blvd., Crystal River The Florida Department
First United Methodist Church Our Lady of Fatima Church Gail Sirak 352-634-2021 of Health Citrus County
of Homosassa 550 S. U.S. 41, Inverness Charlotte Downing 352-422-7044 Lecanto Main Office
8831 W Bradshaw St., Homosassa (Building behind Church St. Timothy 352-795-5325 3700 W Sovereign Path, Lecanto
352-634-2688 TUESDAY: 352-527-0068, ext. 232 Tuesday Morning Serentiy 10 a.m. Celebrate Recovery
Unity Church of Citrus County Celebran Recovery Citrus County Ostomy
Sunshine Poets of Citrus County 2628 W Woodview Lane, Lecanto Christian Recovery Support Group
Fellowship Church 352-726-2800 SuprGop
10 a.m.- 2 p.m. first Tuesday THURSDAY: Gulf to Lake Church 352-795-0649 2 p.m. third Sunday
West Citrus Community Center Thursday Morning AFG 11:30 a.m. Seven Rivers Presbyterian Church Citrus Memorial Health System 8940 W Veterans Dr., Homosassa 147 7th St., Crystal River 352-746-6200 Office building (the old schoolhouse)
Bridge to Serenity AFG 7 p.m. 131 S. Citrus Ave., Inverness
Sunshine State Sunny Side to Recovery Alateen Celiac Support Group 352-341-0005
Romance Authors, Inc. 7 p.m. 10 a.m. noon fourth Saturday 352-489-6166
10 a.m.- 2 p.m. fourth Saturday St. Margaret's Episcopal Church Coastal Region Library Except for holidays 114 N. Osceola Ave., Inverness 8619 W Crystal St., Crystal River Citrus Hearing Impaired
Homosassa Library Community room Lecanto AFG 8 p.m. Ken Kral 352-684-4064 Program Services
4100 Grandmarch Ave., Homosassa Unity Church of Citrus County Marcia Treber 352-794-3217 352-795-5000 wv.sunshinestateromanceauthors 2628 Woodview Lane, Lecanto TDD 352-795-7243
.com FRIDAY:
352-527-1304 Awareness Lunch Bunch AFG Center for Independent Living Citrus Memorial Health System 12:30 p.m. Independent Living Skills Mended Hearts Support Group
St. Margaret's Episcopal Church Peer Support Literacy Workshops Citrus Cancer Support Tobacco Free Partnership 114 N. Osceola Ave., Inverness 352-527-8399 Ostomy Support
of Citrus County SATURDAY: Citrus Abuse Shelter Association Diabetes Support
352-527-0068, ext. 342 Stepping Stones AFG 10 a.m. (CASA) 352-726-1551, ext. 6596 or 3329
147 7th St., Crystal River 10:30 a.m. second Tuesday
Voices for Children CASA's outreach center Depression and
10 a.m. first Thursday Alzheimer's Association Florida 1100 Turner Camp Rd., Inverness Bipolar Support Alliance
Various meeting places Gulf Coast Chapter Linda Fernandez 352-344-8111 352-503-3262 11 a.m. first Tuesday
352-400-9325 Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church Citrus Birth Network Dream Society 550 U.S. 41 South, Inverness 6:30 p.m. second Wednesday 352-400-4967
Ann Black 352-527-4600 Call or email for location
Support Groups
American Cancer Society network
Adult Literacy Education Program Look Good, Feel Good 727-667-8039 continued on Page 68
of the Citrus County Man to Man
Library System Women's Breast Cancer Support Road to Recovery
352-637-5577 j HUA ULEAN INC
Al-Anon and
Alateen Family Groups Bereaved Parent of the USA Carpet I Upholstery Cleaning Services
Sharon Nalepa 352-637-2916 7 p.m. second Wednesday Toll Free 866-443-1766 Local 352-503-2091 Til Grout Water Extction First Presbyterian Church MCarpet Stretching Air Duct
Citrus County Hotline 1501 S.E. U.S. 19, Crystal River :ptery lehing
352-697-0497 Bernadette Pasalacqua 0 CARPET 352-746-4664 0FF OFF & HALLWAY I STRETCHING I
Monday Night Recovery AFG -6 p.m. I EING LEANIG 1 On'yO$ A25% 0FF
Club Recovery Blind Americans -1 expiress 2/28/14 1 Expires 2/28/14 [xpires 2/28/14 1 expiress 2/28/14
County Road 486 & Anvil Terrace 352-637-1739 Minioun charge apple Mininun charge applies Mininun charge apple. Mininun charge apple.
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Page H68 Citrus County (FL) Chronicle Friday, January 31, 2014

Groups, Clubs and Organizations

continued from Page 67 11:30 am. last Wednesday Mended Hearts of Citrus PFLAG
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church 10 a.m. noon second Friday Parents, Families and Friends Emotions Anonymous Beverly Hills Citrus High School Historic Bldg. of Lesbians and Gays
12-Step Support Group (respite care available) Gulf Room, Line Ave., Inverness 7 p.m. second Tuesday
Noon second and fourth Thursday e Children Bereavement Unity Church
Except September and October e Suicide Support Group 352-637-5525 2628 W Woodview Lane, Lecanto
Central Ridge Library Linda 352-419-2738
Community room, Beverly Hills 352-527-4600
Meg 352-527-2443 Mid Florida Homeless
Coalition Inc.
Families Against MS Hospice of Citrus County 10:30 a.m. noon third Thursday Post-Polio Support Group
(Multiple Sclerosis) e Caregiver Support Group Citrus County Extension Services 352-489-1731
11 a.m. 1 p.m. first Saturday Christian Based Support 3650 W Sovereign Path, Lecanto First Baptist Church of Hernando e Christian Based Spouse Support Pregnancy and Family Life Center Fellowship Hall e Grie d Support Barbara Wheeler 352-860-2308 of Citrus County
3790 E. Parsons Point, Hernando Grief Support Group 317 W Tompkins St., Inverness
Shana Lamphere 352-637-2030 e LIFT (for widows and widowers) 352-344-3030 e Newly Bereaved Workshop NAMI Citrus
e Social Support Group National Alliance on Mental Illness
Families and Friends Reaching 352-527-2020 6:30 p.m. second Monday Salvation Army Service Center
for the Abilities FFRA Good Shepherd Lutheran Church P.O. Box 1630
9 a.m. third Friday Hunger and Homeless Coalition 439 E. Norvell Bryant Hwy., Hernando Lecanto, FL 34460
Key Training Center of Citrus County 352-464-4495 352-621-5532
130 Heights Ave., Inverness 352-628-4357
Ron Phillips 352-382-7819 Seven Rivers Regional
Institute for Healing Racism National Osteoporosis Foundation Medical Center Friends of the Blind 2:30 4:30 p.m. second Saturday Citrus County Support Group "Different Strokes, Different Folks"
Butch 352-419-7501 Central Ridge Library 1 p.m. third Tuesday Stroke Support Group
Diane 352-726-0293 425 W Roosevelt Blvd., Beverly Hills Training room at Citrus County 6201 N. Suncoast Blvd., Crystal River
Resource Center 352-795-1234
Head and Neck Cancer Issiah Foundation 2804 W Marc Knighton, Lecanto
Support Group 352-447-1775 352-249-7874 Seven Rivers Regional Stroke
9:30 a.m. fourth Tuesday Support Group
Allen Ridge Medical Center, Lecanto Key Center Foundation 10:30 a.m. third Thursday
352-527-0106 Neale Brennan, Ostomy Support Group Seven Rivers Regional
community relations manager of Citrus County Inpatient Rehab
Hepatitis C Support Group 352-795-5541, ext. 313 2 p.m. third Sunday 6201 N. Suncoast Blvd., Crystal River
352-527-0068, ext. 253 Except December 352-795-8344
Citrus Memorial Health System
HPH Hospice L.I.F.T. Cyprus room (the old schoolhouse)
Adult Bereavement Living Information ForToday 131 S. Citrus Ave., Inverness
2:30 p.m. Thursday Social support for widows 352-229-4202
St. Timothy's Evangelical and widowers Vehicles
Lutheran Church 11:30 a.m. third Tuesday
1071 S. Suncoast Blvd., Crystal River Luncheon meeting Citrus A's Model A Car Club
eCaregiver Support groups Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club Partners for a 7:30 p.m. first Tuesday
11 a.m. first Tuesday Hampton Room Substance Free Citrus Except July
Our Lady of Fatima Church, Inverness 509 East Hartford St., Hernando 212 W Main St., Inverness Floral City Lions Club Second Monday 352-601-6620 East Orange Ave., Floral City
First United Methodist Church 352-621-1500, ext. 1728 Denise Brimmage 352-848-0810
of Homosassa
(respite care available)
5 p.m. fourth Tuesday
Emeritus at Barrington Place continued on Page 69
(respite care available)