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Our 11 9th Year, 25th Issue Published Weekly, Read Daily Three Sections
Thursday, June 19, 2014 Serving Wakulla County For More Than A Century 75 Cents


~Gssbyemurder trial

is underway

Andrew Wilson could face the

death penalty if convicted


Jury selection for the murder trial of Andrew Wilson got underway Monday and Tuesday with potential jurors being interviewed
individually by prosecutors and defense attorneys in the judge's chambers.
The schedule
called for the trial
to start on Wednesday with opening N
statements and tes- /-f
Library Director Scott Joyner, who has worked at the Wakulla Public Library since 2007, is tak- Wilson, who has
ing a job as director of Leon County Library's Fort Braden branch. conceded responsibility for a 2011

Wakulla County Library Director ScottJoyner is leaving douepe murder
was chained and
By NCOLEZEMAseated between his nzema~thewakullanews. netdeesatony AdrwWln

or mst pople ma-ing on some final jor lfe cange emotions to limit testimony cornering prejuspaced out over long dicial aspects of the case.
stretches of time. If convicted, Wilson could face the death
But Wakulla County Library penalty for the crimes.
Director Scott Joyner said he Wilson is charged in the stabbing death
will just get them all out of of John McKenzie, 62, and Patrick Pittman,
the way now. 24, in Wakulla Station on March 30, 2011.
Joyner has announced Wilson is also charged with the attempted
that he is moving on from Turn to Page 1 A
his directorship at the local
library to serve as director OBITUARIES
of the Leon County Library's Shelvey Raker Calhoun
Fort Braden branch out on Vorley Dean Show
Blountstown Highway in Tal- information and library science for the library going forward. lahassee. from FSU. "I'd like it to continue get- I
In addition to the new job, He credits his success in ting support from county ad- INDEX Joyner will marry his fiancee Wakulla County to Doug Jones, ministration and the board of Public Notices .............................................. Page 3A
Eliza Davis, a local teacher, in who directed the library for a commissioners, and down the TeOiinPg ............................. ae4
two weeks, become a stepfather quarter century. Joyner first road increase the support, so Sre et................................... ae5
to her son Odin, and welcome served as library services co- my successor can continue to StetBa..............Pge5
a new baby December. ordinator under Jones' leader- build on what the library can Church..................................................... Page 6A
"It's not a shotgun situa- ship for four years. do," Joyner said. Obituaries................................................. Page 7A
tion," Joyner joked. "He laid a great foundation," In addition to local govern- Community .............................................. Pages 8-9A
Joyner said the job will offer Joyner said. "He taught me the ment, Joyner said he hopes School .................................................... Page 1 OA
higher pay which will be essen- business and served me as a the legislature will continue Sports ..................................................... Page 11A
tial to supporting his growing mentor. He taught me every- to support libraries and all Outdoors ................................................ Page 1 2A
family. thing I know. I've tried to keep the good things they provide Water Ways ............................................... Page 13A
"There is also a little more it going in the direction that he to communities that often go Sheriff's Report ........................................... Page 14A
chance for advancement," made it. This big move, or any unnoticed. Readers Choice Ballot ....................................Page 15A
Joyner said. "I love working at success I've had in my career, "I am well aware the county Natural Wakulla ..........................................Page 16A
the library here, but this is a is tied directly to Doug Jones." is in a budget crunch," he said.WklaNwExr!............................Pge1
good opportunity to grow in my A new library director has "But without the library and WkulNesEta...........PgeB
career. This is the right move at not been selected yet. Joyner parks and rec, kids are going Week in Wakulla .......................................... Page 2B

Page 2A THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 www .thewakullanews.com

TCC proposal for Cherokee Sink draws support, concern

By NICOLE ZEMA ground." surface, all the runoff will end 'There is a capacity that any And I think alliance was connzema~l&thewakallanews.net According to a press release, up in the groundwater. That's park can tolerate before it starts cerned -why 2,000 acres?"
there will be no septic tanks on why people put aside parcels of degrading," Kessler said. "This Sufficient acreage, which While Wakulla Environmen- the 2,000 acres, and the county land for conservation and res- land was bought primarily to will be managed piece by piece, tal Institute is pursuing a 50- sewer system will be used. WEI toration. You cannot combine improve the water quality at is needed to lock up future year lease from the Florida Park will not build over the subter- exploitation with conservation. Wakulla Springs." programs, Piasecki said. As for Service for 2,000 acres adjacent ranean cave system that leads I'm not saying that the Environ- Kessler said ecotourism is concern over the 50-year lease, to Wakulla Springs State Park to Wakulla Springs. Equestrian mental Institute is exploiting, the driver of the county, but he Ballard told Piasecki that $3.5 to develop a campground at use will be prohibited on the but you never know once you is still concerned, million in financing for any less
Cherokee Sink, one commis- 2,000 acres. start activities." "We need to really learn more time would be difficult.
sioner, the Wakulla Springs Ballard, who formerly served DeHan said another concern about it," Kessler said. "The park service and the Alliance and Friends are saying, as deputy secretary for DEP, is that a similar plan was sub- Ron Piasecki, former chair- Friends of Wakulla Springs not so fast. said he sought advice from mitted by DEP several years man of the WSA, was an origi- don't have that money," PiasA public meeting organized WEI board members who are ago, and was rejected. nal member of the institute's ecki said.
by DEP to discuss the Cherokee also Friends of Wakulla Springs WEI requested DeHan's advisory committee. Piasecki Lastly, Piasecki said CheroSink lease proposal was Tues- State Park, about how to pro- input on an environmental cur- recently submitted his resigna- kee Sink is a major draw for day at the Woodville branch ceed correctly so they would riculum committee. tion to the alliance as he has people who appreciate the natlibrary (that occurred after be more interested in support- "We are all for training and been tapped as president-elect ural beauty of Wakulla County. press time). ing it. education," DeHan said. "But of Friends of Florida State "WEI will be opening a venue
"The public has a place we don't see reason for taking Parks, which will interfere where Wakulla citizens and othWEI'S PLANS to camp at one of the best parcels of land designated for with time he can devote to the ers have enjoyed swimming for
state parks in the country," he conservation and restoration conservation group, hence his decades," Piasecki said. "It proThe lease would mean the said. "And Cherokee Sink gets for recreation. We can strike resignation. Piasecki has a dif- vides an alternative to people if reopening of Cherokee Sink, opened up for swimming for the a balance generating jobs and ferent take on the plans. the main park is crowded, they and the addition of a camp- first time in 14 years." environmental protection." He said Jim Stevenson, a se- have a place to have a picnic or
ground designed in cooperation Ballard added that the Caus- nior state biologist also known go swimming."
with the Florida Park Service, seaux Family Cemetery, located OTHER OPINIONS as "Mr. Springs" around Flor- Piasecki said another public
containing 60 Tent/RV sites, at Cherokee Sink, will be re- ida, was most concerned that meeting is possible, along with
10 yurts, two bath houses, stored after it was desecrated Commissioners Ralph some of the roads would run modifications to the plans that
pavilions, two guest host sites, in the 1970s. Thomas, Richard Harden, Jer- over the cave system conduits. include diverse viewpoints.
maintenance area, playground ry Moore and Randy Merritt Ballard agreed, Piasecki said.
and a ranger station. The area WAKULLA SPRINGS pledged full support of the pro- A hydro geologist furnished a FRIENDS OF WAKULLA
near Cherokee Sink will have ALLIANCE OPPOSITION posal at the June 16 meeting cave map, and plans for roads SPRINGS WEIGHS IN
a restroom facility with flush of the Wakulla County Board of were planned to avoid the cave
toilets, parking for 30 vehicles, Rodney DeHan, Ph.D., is the Commissioners following Bal- system. According to a press release,
pavilion, picnic area, and a acting chairman of the Wakulla lard's outline of the proposal. 'That satisfied Jim's major the Friends cannot oppose or boardwalk around the sink (to Springs Alliance. DeHan said "This will be a huge asset to issue," Piasecki said. endorse TCC's Wakulla Enprevent further erosion). the group has major concerns our county," Harden said. "It At the BOCC meeting, Bal- vironmental Institute's apBob Ballard, executive direc- over the lease and plans. will additionally raise aware- lard said Stevenson requested plication to lease land from tor of Wakulla Environmental 'This land has been desig- ness to the importance of our restraint, with fewer campsites the Florida Park Service. As a Institute, said partnering with nated as a conservation and springs." and parking spaces; the com- citizens support organization
the park is a one-stop educa- restoration land," DeHan said. Thomas referred to Wakulla promises are reflected in the for the Wakulla Springs State tional cross-training opportu- "What the project would do, Springs as "the crown jewel" of proposal. Ballard said there is Park, they said there are nunity, which will also provide is turn it into intense recre- Wakulla County, even though one-mile distance between the merous questions, which were management for the land and ational area. We feel that what the lodge has struggled. campground and Cherokee addressed at the public meeting campground. Wakulla Environ- the Environmental Institute "This will be done in an envi- Sink. Tuesday.
mental Institute is an environ- is trying to do can be done in ronmentally-sensitive way that Piasecki said he sees WEI The Friends are behind remental education institution Wakulla Springs, (on land) that will supplement that, not take staffing the operations as an- opening the Cherokee Sink that exists under the umbrella is already being used. There is away from it," Thomas said. other plus, since commercial tract within the park. of Tallahassee Community no need to isolate other areas Moore said the board has concession contractors run the "In fact, with the assistance College. designated for conservation for an interest in the planning pro- lodge after major layoffs by the of park planning in Tallahassee,
"We want to have a place recreation." cess, and wants to be involved park service. our organization last year preto train the next generation of From a geological perspec- in decisions going forward. "WEI will be a nonprofit to pared a proposal to reopen and park rangers, forest rangers, tive, DeHan said the area is very Commissioner Howard Kes- take over management and connect to the available sewer fish and wildlife (employees) vulnerable -full of caves and sler said dialogue is good, but operations," Piasecki said. line," the press release said. state and national," he said. sinkholes, known by geologists expressed hesitance. He asked Land management is an- 'This proposal is waiting for the "So, not only do park rangers as karst, a landscape formed Ballard if a feasibility study has other asset from which the park Wakulla County administrahave to do land management from the dissolution of soluble been executed. Ballard said no, will benefit, which will be under tion's guidelines to apply for BP training, they also have to do rocks such as limestone full of but when he worked for DEP, the guidance and oversight of Restore funding. It is uncertain hospitality training. So, with caves and channels. similar "tweaks" to Florida the park service. how long this may take."
our AS degree in parks and 'There is direct interaction Parks made a positive impact 'They are going to be doing The press release said it is recreation, they would also between surface water and on attendance. reforestation and prescribed premature to reject or endorse
be trained in hospitality. That ground water," DeHan said. Kessler said the issue of burning to train students," Pi- Phase 3 or the Cherokee tract means we would have interns "Surface water is of lower qual- bringing more people into a asecki said. 'The park service of the yet-to-be constructed coming in to run the camp- ity, and with activities on the park has a dual edge. didn't have money to do that. Institute.

em uM

A T AT r ~ F A TYT"

Over 14x acfre ai hofuhopig 08UR/21E FORAA C

www.thewakullanews.com THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 Page 3A

CRC holds first public hearing on proposed revisions

By NICOLE ZEMA amendments that regu- all county commission- card, or leasing/ renting Support: Adjust- two-thirds of the 12
nzema~thewakullanews.net late the school board. ers. Concerns about in- statement. ments to the constitu- members are required
fighting between board Support: There is a tion need to be challeng- to vote affirmatively in Citizens had an op- PROPOSED members who want to lack of detail in the cur- ing, which ensures the proposing new charter
portunity to weigh-in AMENDMENTS put their district first. rent charter concerning electors overwhelmingly amendments, revisions,
at the first Charter Re- There is the possibility residency requirements. supported such initia- or a repeal of the charview Commission public A) All locally elected of a stronghold or "per- D) Add a new subsec- tives. ter; and the CRC shall
hearing on June 12. offices shall be nonparti- manent representative" tion regarding "Special Opposition: There be appointed no more
Eight citizens attend- san. Elections that have in a district seat. Elections/ Referendums" will be additional chal- than eight years apart. ed the meeting to hear more than two candi- Citizen Bob Myhre that reads all referen- lenge to the process. Debate was limited on and comment on the dates will take place in said it was the "old-tim- dums shall take place at Russell said, "You're this topic. amendments in what the primary with the er" in him coming out a general election. making it more chal- H) The BOCC shall
CRC Chairman Chris individual obtaining 50 when he said it feels Support: Will help lenging, because you're provide CRC a list of Russell described as a percent plus one vote be- like his voting practices with low voter turnout at going from 50 percent no less than three atliving, breathing docu- ing declared the winner, might be limited, special elections, while plus one, to 60 percent." torneys before the first ment. Should no candidates "Most people, I think, election costs remain Citizen Eugene Wat- CRC meeting to allow
The second public receive 50 percent plus are questioning why it is the same; lack of voter kins said the require- CRC to rank and provide hearing will be 6 p.m. one, the top two can- that instead of voting for awareness and involve- ment of petition sig- recommendation to the Monday, June 23 at didates shall go to the all five county commis- ment; and a need for natures for 30 percent BOCC for approval of county commission general election for final sioners, they will only passing a referendum of registered voters is the attorney assigned
chambers. A final vote decision. Should only be able to vote for one," less than 24 months higher than any other to the CRC. Committee will be taken at a fi- two candidates qualify Myhre said. "To help the apart seems unwar- county. He presented members were unhappy nal meeting on June 26 for an office, these can- politicians spend less, ranted. a proposal that the re- with attorneys hired to
at TCC Wakulla before didates will have their and work less, and give Opposition: Concern quirement be dropped to advise them amendments are sub- election held during the us your votes for the for tying the hands of 20 percent. Support: There is a
mitted for the ballot, general election. four county commission- elected officials should "It limits the citizens' need for vetting by the Thirteen of the 15 vol- Support: Unanimous, ers you're not allowed they need to propose ability to be governed CRC to ensure the atunteer CRC committee with the goal of getting to have, that would be something between by the people," Watkins torneys are familiar with members were in at- politics out of local of- good for us? That's a general elections; and said. "Reducing the re- Charter Law, as well as tendance at Thursday's fices. bad deal." changing the charter due quirement to 20 percent evaluating their procemeeting. Hugh Taylor said Hugh Taylor said the to voter apathy. Russell would be a good compro- dures relative to ensur"The CRC does not there are unintended most compelling reason was concerned that the mise for all citizens." ing that the legal costs
make changes to the consequences of non- for single member dis- amendment would cater Russell said the CRC are kept at a minimum. charter," Russell said. partisan elections. tricts has historically to people who do not would definitely consider Opposition: No op"The people make "Mainly, money," been racially motivated, participate in special the proposal at the next position to the proposal
amendments to the Taylor said. "Right now and is not necessary. elections. He said, "Are meeting. was noted, however, concharter. Amendments with partisan elections, "Wakulla, racially, we trying to change the Hugh Taylor said cern for adding such a are proposed and placed you have opportunity has had some of the best whole charter, because citizen-driven initiative measure to the charter, on the ballot, and it's for independent people voter participation, and voters are apathetic actions or reactions to in lieu of mandating this the citizens to vote on who are not funded or blacks have not been about coming out?" establish protocols is aspect through other whether to accept or re- supported through the squeezed out of voting," Karen Wells pointed made too difficult by the means was presented. ject them. It's really that party system to run for Taylor said. "I'm proud out language in the Flor- 30 percent requirement. 1) The BOCC shall easy. And if people vote office. It puts the little we're not that way." ida statute about millage F) All locally elected adopt, and adhere to, something in, and don't guys out." C) New residency re- elections. officers shall be subject a debt policy that regulike it, two years later it B) There shall be five quirements for candi- "It says such elec- to recall as prescribed in lates the acceptance, can be voted right back single member districts dates. At qualifying, a tions shall be held at any Florida law. The current issuance, and manageout." for county commission- candidate must provide time," Wells said. Charter only identifies ment of debt. The BOCC
Russell said because ers. The proposal in- a declaration/ oath stat- E) Add language that that members of the shall also adhere to the the group opted to have cludes keeping five dis- ing the candidate has reads 60 percent of the BOCC will be subject to fund balance policy. an attorney review the tricts, however, the vot- resided in the district electors' votes shall be recall by general law. Support: There is a amendments after the ers in each district will they are seeking election required to pass char- Support: There is need for the BOCC to proposal process instead vote for their own BOCC in for a minimum of the ter amendments and a need to ensure the look at how they will of paying for legal coun- representative verses the previous six months. ordinances initiated by charter addresses all manage debt each fissel along the way, it has positions being "at-large" The candidate must also petition. Russell said officials. cal year, to alleviate the saved the county more (voted on by the whole provide three out of the the petition signature Opposition: The possibility of allowing than $65,000 in legal county). following four other cat- requirements going forth amendment is redun- the county to become
fees. Support: Closer re- egories providing proof will be the same 30 dant, since Florida law financially unstable due
Karen Wells, chief lationship to county of residency: (1) vehicle percent for each district, already addresses this to debt.
human capital officer commissioner, which registration; (2) voter and 30 percent county issue. Opposition: There is
for the Wakulla County increases accountability, registration card; (3) wide. A requirement will G) Each county Coin- a lack of teeth associated School Board, appeared More people can run for Florida Driver's License be added saying that a missioner shall appoint with a "policy" verses a on behalf of Superinten- office since they will not and/or Florida identifi- petition be passed by three citizens to serve charter mandate. dent Bobby Pearce, and have to campaign county cation card; (4) a nota- 60 percent of those vot- on the Charter Review Hugh Taylor said if presented legal docu- wide. rized statement of resi- ing, instead of a simple Commission (totaling 15 there's "too much stuff'
ments that explained Opposition: Re- dency from home-owner, majority, before it can be members); 12 members on the ballot, it turns
the CRC cannot present duced ability to vote for or homestead exemption adopted. shall make a minimum people away.

Wakulla students in PULCNOIE

lop 10 in state on lse nteLglNtc eto ftenwppr

Assistant Superintendent APPLICATIONS
iir lryrrrc NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to Section 253.70, Florida StatWakulla County public school students ranked LI i/I'UCslEi utes, that the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has
top ten in the state on the last of the state required R1___________________________________ received applications from the following individuals: 1) Timothy R.
tests for the 2013-2014 school year. Released by 111I& OJordan (65-AO-1 263); 2) Walter B. Dickson (65-AO-1 264); 3) Robert
the Florida Department of Education on June 16 Seidler (65-AO- 1265), 4) Deborah Keller and Jack W. Todd/Company
werescoes or nd f Curseexas i Alebr 1,Name Oystermom, LLC (65-AO-1 266); 5) Sharon Fitzgerald (65were tcres fioo y E nd f S Cou s txa sin Al e ra 1 AO-1 267); 6) Megan Diepietiantonio (65-AO-1 268); 7) Darrell Taylor
Geome try, nt Bilgand u mb Hsory. ntee City of Sonchonnv (65-AO-1269); 8) John N. Taylor/Company Name Florida Native
Wakula tudntsrankd nmbe on in he e- I NJ Seafood LLC (65-AO-1 270); 9) Matthew Hodges (65-AO-1 271); 10)
gion consisting of Wakulla, Leon, Calhoun, Liberty, Socop ity~ Council Charles Painter (65-AO-1272); 11) Karen Putch (65-AO-1273); 12)
Taylor, Jefferson, Franklin, Gadsden, and Madison Deborah Logan/Company Name My-Way Seafood, Inc. (65-AOon the Geometry and Biology EOC exams. They Qualifying Information 1284); 13) Richard Tooke/Company Name St. Marks Seafood (65ca-me in seco-_nd on Algebra and third on U.S.- His- The City of Sopcopp hereby give notic that thQalfyn AO-1 340); (65-AO-1 341); 14) Philip G. Tooke/Company Name St.

Page 4A THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 www.thewakullanews.com

The Opinion Page readers speak out

No negative political letters READERS WRITE:
ton.desie t do hatVeterans want afull time service officer
In today's poli- they believe is best Editor, The News: could say was C.R.A.P This does not intics, it's no longer for Wakulla County (Carefully Rehearsed clude their dependents.
possible to disagree whether as county At the recent Me- Applied Politics). As there are 18,527
on anything without commissioners or morial Day Celebra- They can hire so registered voters in
callng ito ues- schol bard em- tion and the Wakulla many different direc- Wakulla. County, then, calingint qes- scholboad mm- County Courthouse, I tors, assistant direc- without their depention the morals and bers. heard several county tors, and assistants to dents, veterans corncharacter of the commissioners praise the assistants through- prise 17.8 percent of
people on the other BACKLOG OF our veterans, and de- out the county admin- registered voters in
side. LETTERS servedly so. istration. Wakulla County. If
All the negativ- They also announced But when it comes to they are all married,
ity only reinforces I have been inun- that present County the veterans in Wakulla. that amount doubles. the idea of group dated with Letters Veterans Service Of- County, they seem to The total annuWilliam Snowden against group, and to the Editor lately. ficer J. D. Johnson praise them when it is al VA monies coming editor@thewakullanewsnet citizen against citi- From the wet- would not be returning beneficial to them or into Wakulla County Poiiclsesn szen. lands issue to to work due to a severe their causes, otherwise to veterans has a comPoltialseso i Te de ofwok-th pan fr he accident. they can't afford to pro- bined economic imonce again here. igtoher ofiwork- the planonh At this time, I learned vide services for them. pact on Wakulla. CounAnd once again it ingmo tghrofndin Wenakla nvtiron-a that the county com- Well, commissioners,' ty of approximately will be the policy of common r poun mhren intt atd missioners were going let me put a few facts $53,043,606.00 per The Wakulla News workig oaenymr- Ctheroe Shink ande to replace Mr. John- down that just might year. not to print negative miesrr n- ohrtigs e son's position with a get your attention, as The veterans of
Letters to the Editor more. sides, people have limited part-time em- well as the attention of Wakulla. County want,
about candidates. I would rather fo- been sending lots of ployee at maybe 20 a few veterans and their need, and deserve a
If you want to cus on the positive letters. hours a week. dependents. FULL TIME Service Ofwrtea eterofsu-attributes of those I will make every When I asked a com- The 20 12-20 13 ficer. prte to lendors our- who are seeking of- effort to catch up missioner why they USDVA Data report faor toecndidaeu fice and the reasons and get your letters were cutting the posi- shows a Wakulla Coun- Douglas H. de Fend, byallit meansdased voters should sup- in print I'll add tion, all he could say ty veteran population of TSGT (USAF Ret.) it in. eas sn port them. an extra page next was "Budget." 3,296 Veterans, which Wakulla.CVSO (Retired)
it i. Al cndidtesde-weekif eedbe.Well, to this all I is growing each year. it aearsosoen serve to be treated And thanks to
tikit' pa sortcu with respect they all the writers who
thik t'sa horcu hve utthe- ubit eters- ouHelp during recent loss is appreciated
to tear a rival down halves put them- sumite ttrs agyoun
in order to build up selvoe ou thre tow ma tis gein- Editor, The News: place in our county in grandpa and I. their own candidate. bevtdu rdw eetn.time of need. I also thank the
Frankly, I'm tired based on their opin- I want to say thank My children, Ted neighbors on Lost
of all the nastiness ions on the issues. William Snowden you to everyone who (Sherry) Metzler, Creek Lane for all their
- locally, and all the All of them have is edito-r at The helped during the re- Dave (Nancy) Rich- thoughtful deeds. It way up to Washing- expressed a sincere Wakulla News. cent loss of my hus- ardson, Gary (Carol) was very much apband. We especially Peter, Tony (Bonnie) preciated and I know thank all the doc- Wilson and Bill (Ro- I can call on them tors and nurses in berta) Springsteen anytime.
Exhbiton orbs urcasecloesthe Emergency Room, were there by my side I also want to thank
Editor, The News: research. fourth and sixth floor throughout this whole Eddie Daniels for
Lastly, thanks to all of you who of the Capital Region- ordeal. I thank God grilling all that food, TheHisorial ocity ustvistedtheMusum urig tis al Medical Center in everyday for them. especially what was TheHitorca Soiey jstviste th Mseu drin tis Tallahassee. We have many fresh from his garden.
closed our Forbes Purchase/ Harf- exhibition. A big thank you to grandchildren and Words can't express
ield Survey exhibit at the Museum The Forbes Purchase is a fasci- all the employees at great- grandchildren all my thanks but God and I wish to thank The Wakulla nating subject and the bibliography Eden Springs. A spe- who went above and will bless each and News for your generous coverage is extensive. See, Coker, William cial thank you goes to beyond to help me out every one of ou. which brought it to the attention S.; John Forbes' Description of Jessica and Becky for in every way. I love you all, of your readers. We were honored the Spanish Floridas, 1804, ISBN their excellent care. I will forever be to display spectacular artifacts on 0933776020, Publisher: Perdido We are so fortunate grateful for their love Marcia Springsteen loan from Butch Calhoun, Mike Bay Press, 1979. This reference to have such a good and caring for their Crawfordville
Kinsey, Anna Lopez, P.G. Artifacts book can be found at the Wakulla LLC, and SYP Publishing. County Public Library.
Special thanks to Judge Mike Copies of the audio/visual por- M/ath shows wetlands issue raises taxes Carter, Judge James Joanos, Li- tion of the exhibit will soon be Editor, The News: give me a stern lecture square feet or 2.68 brarian Scott Joyner, and Clerk of available through the Museum which included the acres. So our local orCourt Brent Thurmond for telling Gift Shop. Last week, Ms. Dana statement that I need- dinance renders 2.68
the story in our very first multi- Remember, preserving our heni- Peck wrote a letter to ed to pay attention so acres unusable to promedia presentation. tage is important to the future. the editor chastising I would one day be an tect 1 acre of wetlands.
Also, thanks to Brent Thurmond her fellow citizens for intelligent adult and a What Ms. Peck
for a plethora of research and to Sandra Vidak failing "to correctly productive member of didn't tell us, when
Terni Johnson who contributed Crawfordville state the facts" ("Wet- society. Ms. Peck's let- this unusable land is
lands issue represents ter gave me the idea to taxed at a lower rate, freedom," Opinion do alittle math to see if less revenue is generPage, June 12). I could add a few more ated to the county. So
7han s~orhelp withcarShe was respond- facts to her statement. if you have 5 acres with Editor, The News: called my "go to guy" thy repairman is rare ing to a previous let- The wetlands debate no wetlands and your for help. indeed. Please join me ter from a citizen who that has occurred for neighbor has 5 acres
This is request to Even though the in showing Charlie our stated, "protecting wet- the past year is actu- with a 1 acre wetland,
supor a peialbui-prole wa nt sme apreiaionfo hi ly-lands would increase ally more about buf- we just determined ness owner and busi- thing he normally re- alty and service to our poet ae. h esta bu e-ta oeta afo
ness in our community. paired, he fixed it. community from Charlie invited readers to place lands, because state your neighbor's propMywife has a car I have counted on Grim, Lubexpert and a call to the Wakulla regulations will not erty is unusable and Myh2500mle.Calesne eoee rw County property ap- allow building in the according to Ms. Peck,
wih abu 2 50 miles Cndhae never fopend crew. agin praiser's office to con- wetlands. Our local is taxed at a lower rate. Shem tw aboute 0mie andyhae nveru founhakeaan firm that "wetlands are ordinance imposes a In other words, you
from~~~~~nQ Qr tow enX~ rot oayneItutmrevsesdatlwrmr 75- foot buiffer aviron ar py n moretaxe

www.thewakullanews.com THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 Page 5A
Random, man-on-the-street interviews with Wakulla Countians. This week's question: Asked at tle habitat for Hurnahity1oe Pu

iHow old were you~we "you go or is roocyI?


"9. I started ,out "1 r1.I a 22. It'WsaHdk "9 years old. -It "67 years old.It was
*with a Matchless \250 od B30 it wasn' vc 0 owsi as a mini bike a Honda. 125. MVy
new whe 4 bu it, it u nth ie
/Enduro single piston. 1as in'7 ogl '74. in haveryr
it~~' was anEgih-IndanL a a g- momn's neighbor~ who
'roun ninea or 10 b-eds in Albuquiherqlue, cart before that. I was aron 8 years .
"owned~M @xco I'ved'in orw0iPzesd
made bike. 'I',ve owned bikes sinqe and te last KNew haveco I've owneike old kept wanting to
o /nine bie ic hn"fi've have been Ha rleys.'14 three bikes since,.ine"h b~iy it from me."

we NOW

Owie y hale riiFREE OIL CWAOE
Locally OndbChriGim with the purchase of 4 tires
charliegrii~'s~ncomi Lube-Xpert co'" 1 IMon.-Fri.8am-6pm- Sat.8am-4pm
2219 CrawfordvilIle Hwy., Crawfordville, IFL 32327
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,ANY SEPTIC TANK( PUMPING, of the following: Free on wenesday
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Hlutton's Sandwich of your choice U84291 trn6 n f auto Talk 0' The Town Sandwich 6 a drink
Bankruptcy o 824 Acres Lindy's 3 Piece Tender Dinner
Tampa Bay Area -Seaied Bids Due June 20 Pirates Lounge Free fippetizer of your choise I
No Minimum Bid subject to bankruptcy court approval Ouzt's Too G rilled Shrimp w/ice dinner
Prelim. site plan allows 1,7191 res units and 150K df comm
Within 10 miles of new Amazon fulfillment center _________________________________________See website for details!I~~ ~
F' 2 mies -5FotgNo. 8:1 3-bk-1 6906-MGW Sed S e
Tranzon Dri-gr Waftpr. IDriggeII I Vc RE BrokerP IL id#AU0 &AB3145. Duyer Premium pursuant to cort border T H E R O D EO 9 5

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Church religious views and events


-Buckhorn Cemetery The church is located at 367 S alw n rd a ebte
cleanup is planned Whiddon Lake Road in Crawford- By JAMES L. SNYDER had no service is that the music and it was
yulle, (850) 421-0503. she does not have pa- not a song I enjoyed. I
A clean-up day is planned for Sunday School 10 am. Sun- I have noticed lately tience. She hates being picked up the envelope
the Buckhorn Community Cemn- day Worship 11 am. Evening that I have been get- put on hold. with the Comcast bill
etery on Saturday, June 21, from worship 6 p.m. Friday night ser- ting in trouble with the I did pay the bill. address on the front, vice 7 p~m.Gracious Mistress of In fact, I went to the took it over to mywife as Th meter is locate Friday night service will the Parsonage, at least checkbook and showed she was on the phone to
The emetry i loctedmore than normal. her the number of the the Comcast represenbehind the Mount Trial Primtivie change to Wednesday night be- I am at the stage of life check and the amount tatives, laid it on her lap Baptist Church on Sopchoppy ginning July 2. where this kind of thing of the check. "There," I and then walked away.
Highway. needs to be brought to a said most adamantly, "I "I know my husband
We're asking the Buckhorn and o Medart Assembly seeks bare minimum, paid the bill." paid the bill because
Sophopy ommnitesas ell doatins orAt the end of each After about 45 min- he pays this bill every
Sophopy omuntie a wel ontios oryouth trip month my wife will quiz utes of waiting rather month."
as curchmembrs fom Muntme as to if I have paid impatiently, my wife Then she noticed the
Trial, Macedonia, St. Nora, Zion During the week of July 28 all of the bills. In my finally connected with envelope I had placed Hill, and Skipper Temple who through Aug. 1, the Medart As- rhetorical answer is al- the service representa- in her lap, she turned have deceased church and/or sembly of God is taking 10 stu- ways, "I sure did, my tive who was able to around and stared at family members buried in these dents to compete in a National lady." Then I will bow help her. I did not hear me a stare I have not ground to be there to participate Fine Arts Competition in Colum- before her. For some the conversation, but I had from her in a very in a much-needed faceleft. bus, Ohio. reason she does not get knew it must have been long time.
For more information, contact We are competing in various the humor of that. quite serious because "Just a minute," I J. bernard Plummer at (850) 510- Categories such as Vocal Solos, My job is to pay the I could see in her face heard her say to the 2099 or 926-4091. Photography, 2D Art, Songwrit- bills and her job is to that she was getting other person on the
ing, Solo Drama presentations, make sure the end of angrier by the minute. phone, and then she and Group Drama presentations. the month I have paid "We paid our bill on looked at me. Then it Zion Hill PB. Church to The trip costs about $600 the bills. This has been time," she protested in a came. "Is this the bill
honor Elder Donaldson per person. Which puts us at a our relationship for lon- very stern manner. "My you were supposed to
$12,000 budget including adult ger than I can recall. husband has the check send out last month?" Zion Hill Primitive Baptist chaperones. We've raised about Every once in a while number to prove that She opened the enveChuchwil b hnoingth 1th $2,500 to this point and will be I get in a little tickle he wrote the check out." lope and there was the Chuchwil b hnoingth 1th doing various fundraising within mode and dramatically I was sitting in check dutifully written pastoral anniversary of Elder the community to earn funds. declare that I forgot my easy chair going out to Comcast. Ervin Donaldson Jr. on June 22 We are asking for donations to pay the bills for the through my briefcase She was able to pay with service at 11 am. with Elder from anyone willing to help sup- month. "Oh my, what enjoying the drama that the bill over the phone Herbert Donaldson Sr., pastor port us in this endeavor. will we do?" was unfolding before and then it would bemy
of Mount Moriah Primitive Bap- If anyone desires to help mone- The first time I did me. turn to pay.
tist Church in Midway, a 3 p.m. tarily, please send all offerings to: that, she threw a smile I love it when some- David who got in a lot service with Elder Matthew Falk, Medart Assembly NFAF Trip in my direction. I dra- body is in trouble and of trouble understood Popular Springs Missionary Bap- fund, d/o Matt Ray, Youth Pas- matically would catch it that somebody is not this when he wrote, "I tist Church in Wigham, Ga. tor, P.O. Box 190, Crawfordville and put it in my pocket. me. I must confess it acknowledged my sin Zion Hill is located at 942 Sop- FL 32326. I notice she has not does not happen that unto thee, and mine
choppy Highway in Sopchoppy. been throwing smiles at often, but when it does iniquity have I not hid.
Pastor is Elder Ervin Donaldson *Carrabelle UMC to meet me lately. Honestly, who happen, I take full ad- I said, I will confess my
can blame her? vantage of it. I was transgressions unto the
Jr. for Market Days It was towards the gloating just a little bit LORD; and thou formiddle of the month and feeling pretty good gayest the iniquity of
*Medart Assembly hosts Carrabelle United Methodist when the cable went about myself. my sin. Selah" (Psalms
TaigCloset ministry Church thanks everyone for par- dead. We had no tele- I had my briefcase 32:5).
Taigticipating in our mission to better phone, TV or Internet and was sorting out Swallowing pride or
Th lstSaurayofevry serve the needy in Carrabelle service. The first thing some papers and get- eating crow is not my Th lstSaurayofevry and Lanark Village. It is a true my wife said was, "You ting ready for the next idea of a delightful remonth at noon, Emily Sellmer blessing to all! did pay the Comcast day when I ran across past but it can be the
of the Medart Assembly of God Our June gathering for 2014 bill, didn't you?" a bunch of envelopes, beginning of something hosts a Trading Closet ministry MaktDy ilb nStra, I put on my regular I looked at them, then good.
where families can trade clothes Maret D8ays wilhe oSaurdese a, show and assured her looked over at my wife, children have outgrown for other Julin 28 althae C treet exta that I did. and then looked back at The Rev. James L. families' clothes that fit. vloonTlaseeSrtnxtWe had to call Coin- the pile of envelopes and Snyder is pastor of the The ministry is free. to the fire station. Summer hours cast, but as it stood, all of the color drained Family of God Fellowwill be 10 am. to 1 p.m. we had no telephone from my face. ship in Ocala. Call him
Pulled pork dinners are on service. Fortunately, my There in a neat bun- at (866) 552-2543 or
*Whiddon Lake P.B. the menu, along with our regular wife had her cell phone dle were all of the bills I e-mail jamessnyder2g
Church has new pastor baked goods, live music and craft and called Comcast to had written out for the att.net.
items for sale. Invite your family, see what the problem previous month. The Whiddon Lake Primitive Bap- friends and neighbors to join you was, maybe the service checks had been writtis Chrc inits yu o cme and experience the love and joy had gone out in our ten, signed and placed welcom Chur invieswyoustor Jcme Chitanflowhp neighborhood. in the proper envelope
welomeournewpasorJak o Chistan ellwshp.One thing about my with a postage stamp Lewis. wife getting on the tele- on it.
Staff reports phone for such a thing What will I do now?
as finding out why we I knew I had to face

Cra wfo rdv ille Area Co[I stal~ W~akfufl MedarI

Methdis Church Lutheran
6 ~ ~ 5,V"a ___- I IIIa sebv fGdIIA AT T:.A Tiivx

www.thewakullanews.com THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 Page 7A


Shelvey Raker Calhoun Shelvey Raker Calhoun Raker Jr.; her grandchil- son-in-law, Billy and Pam
Vorley Dean Show dren, Robert "Kyle" Allbrit- Raker Mills, and her daughShelvey Raker Calhoun, ton (Pam), Jessica Critten ter, Karen Shivers. VolyDean Show dren and many great- 77, passed away on June 10, (Kim), Elizabeth Miller (Kar- The funeral was held at
Volygrandchildren. 2014, at the Hospice House. en), Kelli and Natalie Connell 11 a.m. on Friday, June
Vorley Dean Show, 95, Memorial services will She was born in Fitzger- (Kenny), Crystal Woods and 13, 2014, at Bevis Funeral died quietly and peace- be held at Panacea First ald, Ga., on Jan. 15, 1937. Wil Raker (Billy); and five Home, Harvey-Young Chafully in her sleep at Eden Baptist Church at 38 Ot- Her parents were Della and great- grandchildren. pl rwodilFoia
SprngsRehb/Nrs-te Lae Rad n Pnaca, Rufus Griffin. She was mar- She was predeceased by The family received friends ing Center on Thursday, on June 24, 2014 at 7 nied to Ruel Willard Raker her parents, Della and Rufus one hour before the serJunel12, 2014. She died p.m. with Pastor David Sr. until his untimely death Griffin; her sister, Madeline vice. Following the service, of natural causes. Carraway presiding. She and then married Charles Whaley; and her husbands, burial was held at the White
She was born in Mis- donated her body to the "Bully" Calhoun. She lived Ruel Willard Raker Sr. and Church in Woodville. In lieu
soui, nd ive th lat ciece are/Hoe Po- in Woodville and Crawford- Charles "Bully" Calhoun. of flowers, memorials may be 17 years in Crawfordville. gram for research. Her ville most of her life. Special appreciation is given to Big Bend Hospice,
Survvor inlud he reain wil b buied Survivors include her given to her caregivers, Heidi 1723 Mahan Center Blvd., Swdurvivors, Ncldehr remins will beo brie brother Jim (Jeanne) Grif- Franklin, Lynn Vickers, Tallahassee FL 32308. Eileen Roell and Hazel We want to gather with fn; sisters, Susie (John) Patty Dixon, Ed Lyon and David Conn and AmDeane Sistrunk (Miner); her friends and family in Alday and Delores Robert- Regina Compton from the ber Miller at Bevis Funeral
and wo ons Thmasa tie t shre emoies son; her three daughters, Wakulla/ Franklin Team of Home, Harvey-Young Chapel Stepen how Dorthy)andenjo beng tgeter. Karen Shivers, Kim Critten Big Bend Hospice and all of in Crawfordville are assistSteRph la Show Drohy and en blein toethr and Pam Raker (Billy) Mills; her caregivers at the Hospice ing the family with their ar(C;and alp WillamShow anf yoicn, plasscm her sons, Kenny Connell House. A very special thank rangements (850-926-3333
(Ca);and12gradcil-an jon sand Ruel Willard (Jennifer) you to her daughter and or www.bevisfhi.com).


The construction of a casket

By TRACY RENEE LEE share the same basic A wood casket, how- be strong and can last have fallen or sunken Although optional, a purpose encasing hu- ever, is almost certain for quite some time. by eight or nine inches. vault is a good investA casket is a vital man remains, to collapse onto the In certain areas of These sunken graves ment if you want to
component of every Caskets are con- decedent as the earth is the country, green cas- most likely did not uti- preserve the integrity of
funeral service. It ex- structed of rigid mate- returned into the grave. kets are gaining in pop- lize the stabilizing fea- your loved one's casket. presses dignity, respect rials. Rigidity is a vital A third building ma- ularity. Green caskets tures of a grave liner or and integrity, yet serves component of a casket. terial commonly used are made from a reed vault. Tracy Renee Lee is a
a more practical pur- If the bottom and sides in casket manufactur- type of material, rather The fact remains, re- funeral director author pose as well. of caskets were not rig- ing is cardboard. Some like a willow basket. gardless of the amount and freelance writer. It
There are often mis- id, one would be unable companies may call this Of course, one knows of money paid for a cas- is my life's work to c ornconceptions regarding to move the decedent material pasteboard or that baskets crumple ket, without the stabi- fort the bereaved and caskets. In an attempt from one place to an- corrugated fiberboard easily; therefore, one lizing strength of a vault help them live on. to clarify these miscon- other proficiently and or any other combina- may deduce that these to fortify the grave, your ceptions, this article with dignity. tion of those words, but caskets will readily col- casket will eventually Please follow my
will address the outer Caskets made of in reality, these caskets lapse onto the deceased collapse onto the de- blog at http: / /pushinor main construction steel, stainless steel, are made of cardboard. as the earth is returned ceased. up-daisies.blogspot.
materials that make up copper or bronze, are It goes without saying, to the grave. Green cas- Vaults are not re- com/ and Twitter aca casket, and the pur- very strong. without a vault, this kets are often more ex- quired by law; how- count @PushnUpDaiposes thereof. Another building type of casket is going pensive than cardboard ever, some cemeteries sies, visit my website
Caskets are simply material used in the collapsing onto the de- caskets, yet function may mandate their use. www.QueenCityFunerboxes that hold hu- manufacturing of cas- ceased as the earth is within the same param- If you have forgone a alHome.com or read man remains. While it kets is wood. Wood is returned to the grave. eters. vault, be aware and my book "Pushin' Up
is true that different beautiful, dignified and A newer composition Perhaps you have mentally prepare for Daisies" for additional caskets have varying warm. Caskets made material used in casket walked through a cem- your loved one's grave encouragement and options and levels of from wood are the most manufacturing is fiber- etery and noticed cer- to collapse in on them, information. functionality, they all beautiful of all caskets. glass. This material can tain graves seem to at some point in time.

Goodbye, Scott: Library Director Joyner leaving

From Front Page of the library," Joyner said. "And with Joyner throughout his
I want to thank the patrons for tenure, said she felt conflicted
The resources a library pro- coming in here. The patrons about Joyner leaving the Wakulvides is also an investment for keep us going." la Library.KAE
the future, Joyner said, even if Joyner recalled a few years "I think it's an excellent move the results are not immediate. ago when all local government for him," Mor said. "I'm just con"If little Jimmy comes here employees were forced to take cerned if we can get someone re- KAE and starts reading, and 15 years unpaid furloughs, ally good in here to replace him,
down the road is working to ben- "I was told by multiple com- because he has been very good efit the community because he missioners at the time that for the library. He's given me had a place to go, that benefits they got more complaints from more responsibility for orderingeverybody," he said. "A little citizens about us being closed the books, and we have ordered more investment into the library than any other county service," a lot more books! We've gotten can go a long way." Joyner said. "You see how much a very good response from the
Joyner said summer library the community does love the li- public. He has a good sense of programs for local youth have brary. I know they will welcome humor and he really interacts been the highlight of his career my successor with open arms." with the public." in Wakulla County. Joyner said his tenure at Pam Mueller, a library assis"I hate that I'm leaving at the the library has been punctu- tant, said "We will miss him, but
beginning of summer," Joyner ated with good times and funny he will do well up there. We're= said. "We have a blast with the moments. Like the elderly lady looking forward to working with kids up here." who donated a copy of the somebody new. We wish him all
Kids are not the only patrons steamy and controversial best the luck!"
who bring the fun, Joyner said. seller "Fifty Shades of Grey." While county commissioners In the past seven years he has He said lot of libraries took heat lamented Joyner's departure, gotten to know adult patrons on for having it in their collection, they lauded his professional NY Times best-selling author a personal level. so Joyner came up with a com- advancement. Commissioner I Karen Kingsbury LIVE
"Some people are in here dai- promise. Howard Kessler made a point to
1-y7" Joy),ne-r sagid. "Youi ge(t tore "I didn't waT7,nt the taxyePrs- prase oyn r'swrk at the June M-F 3 to 5 p-m. on 94.1 FM

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Community happenings in our community

fTailwagger News...


feline leukemia/AIDS
testing, and a microchip
for permanent identification. Nonetheless, any
pet is a responsibility and
there's a cost associated
with that. Speak to a local veterinarian prior to
f adopting to get an idea of
estimated cost of annual
visits and vaccines.
JTo make your new feline friend feel more at
home right away be preB T HU pared with a litter box,
Ccat litter, food and water qCHAT Vice President
PHOTO BY KODIELYNN PHOTOGRAPHY bowls, food, scratching
Providing you are not posts, safe and stimulati Allergic, please consider ing toys, a cushy bed, a Adding a cat or two to brush for grooming, and
The 2014 Boatwright Family Reunion was held at the St. Marks Yacht Club on Saturday June 7. your family. Cats are easy nail clippers. These are the descendants of the late Ellis and Maggie Boatwright who raised their nine children to take care of, and with Cats and kittens are (five boys and four girls) in Monticello, Fla. Family members traveled from all over Florida, as proper care and annual like babies, so cat proof well as Atlanta, South Carolina, Virginia and Arizona. After lunch there was a good old fashioned exams, will bring you your home and make
bluegrass concert given by various family members who brought their drums and guitars. years of joy and compan- sure they don't chew on ionship. Did you know electrical cords and pick that cat owners are 30 up random items like percent less likely to die paper clips and other of a heart attack or stroke small articles that can Engagem ent than non-cat owners? be swallowed. Go slowly
After the recent "kitten when introducing your season", shelters and res- cat to new friends and cues are overloaded with family as it can take sevkittens and adult cats, eral weeks for a cat to and many offer reduced relax in a new environadoption fees or wave ment. Keeping the new fees altogether for already addition secluded to a
altered cats. Petfinder. single room (with a litter com or similar websites box, food and water, and can make it easier to toys) until the cat is used find available kittens and to the new surroundings cats and you can simul- is a good idea, and par't taneously search differ- ticularly important if you
ent shelters your area, have other pets. If you've most noting tests that adopted a kitten, socializhave been performed, ing is very important. But and whether the animal remember take it slow. is already altered or not. If you're considering Adoption counselors at giving a cat as a gift, local shelters may be able make sure the recipient to help match the kitty's is active in choosing. A Rick and Sue Tooke are pleased personality with your surprise kitty gift is rarely to announce the engagement of own. Some shelters have a good idea. Remember, their daughter, Lindsey Cooke Paf- "visiting rooms" where adopting a cat isn't like ford to Andrew Travis Perez. He is you can sit and interact purchasing a household the son of Clay and Melanie Perez with several cats at one appliance; it is a living, and Bob and Roberta Peregrin all time. In this kind of set- breathing, and emotional Thom as 50th Anniversary of Crawfordville. Both graduated ting, chances are the being.
from Wakulla High School in 2006. right cat will choose you. So now, visit those Marvis and Louise Thomas of Sopchoppy will celebrate The bride graduated from Florida Adopting from a shel- websites or shelters, their 50th wedding anniversary June 22, 2014. They were State University and is employed ter is usually a bargain and save a precious life! married in Buckhorn, Fla. They have two children: Greg as a teacher at Medart Elementary. considering most facili- Wakulla's animal shelter Thomas and wife Kristi of Panacea and Amy Carraway and The groom graduated from Keiser husband Rick also of Panacea. They also have five grand- University and is employed by Cull- ties will have already pro- is located at 1 Oak Street. sons. They will celebrate their anniversary with second pepper Construction. A September vided spaying or neuter- Remember to spay and honeymoon to Charleston, South Carolina. 2015 wedding is planned. ing, initial vaccines and neuter your pets!

Student artwork on display locally until October

CRAWFORDVILLE .Taki Randle (Crawfordville Elem.) Caitlynn Linville, Kayla Ingram, Makenna
Savannah Bishop, Saydie Locatelli (COAST Michael Fulford (Shadeville Elem.) Roddenberry, Rekenya Williams, Jazmin Dean
Charter School) .Jada Roberts and Kameron Zanco (Riversprings (Riversprings Middle)
-Jade McElroy (Crawfordville Elem) Middle) .Bryson Hackney Chesnea Dyke CoryTillman
Cassie Bentley, Shelby Alsup, Samantha Car- -Jessica Kelly (COAST) (Crawfordville Elem)
penter (Wakulla High)
Kameron Zanco (Riversprings Middle) Dominic Vargas, Wakulla Middle Jaliere McWhite (CES)
Chelsey Simpson, Wakulla High Lauren Smith and CJ Griner (RMS)
Trista Barwick, (CES) WAKULLA COUNTY COURTHOUSE Michael Wilson (WMS)
Olivia Gill, (COAST) Joshua Gauge Ouzta and Drew Olah (Pre K)
Mia Jester, (Wakulla Middle) .Veronica Willis Neveah Lovsey, Kaci Levings- Mr. Pearce's Office
Angel Thompson and Dakota Leverett, (River- ton, Saydie Locatelli, Savannah Bishop (COAST) Zoe Nix (RMS)
s prings Middle) Anna Peacock, Karlee Lawrence, Meredith Julian Padgett And Phoenix Jalbert (WMS)
SCassie Bentley, Keely Mathers, Tiffany Noland Weeks, Devin Leon, Whitney Sharp, Sadie Cal- .Juven Yu And Brittany Mchone (WHS) (WHS) laghan, Andi Hoskins, Sara Chambers, Antonio Wayne Morfield (DES)
SGarrett Paugh, Sydney Revels (SES) Eglton, Jackie Mullins, Emory Metcalf, Sara Melody White (CES)
Wallace, Scott Parramore (Shadeville Elem) Neveah Butler (COAST)
WAKULLA SENIOR CENTER Mariana Fields, Asia Seaman, Autumn Pearson, Zoe Rodgers And Kiley Lafferty (PRE K)
Jacob Rardin (Wakulla Middle) Gavin Kaufman, Merrick Mitchell, Aleyah Rober____________________ son (Wakulla Middle) Wakulla County art teachers are Jennifer
ED G RD E I O. .Alex Taylor, Jamie Wheeler, Allen Clinton Brooks, Elena Myhre, Carol Belancsik, Mina Sut(Wakulla High) ton, Krystal Sheppard and Cassie Tucker.

g W&: nklin 3nis

I ...... .. ...

I .3232 Craw ie 11w Crawfordville
* ** ** -** *Owned &Operated byGary Limbaugc'e #CA 4

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Community happenings in our community


J'Sopchoppy Fourth'

details announced

Special to The News
July is swiftly approaching, and it is time to
start thinking about supporting our Independence
Day, The 4th of July, which has traditionally been
celebrated in Sopchoppy with a parade and live
music, vendors, and a spectacular 4th of July
Fireworks display.
On Friday, July 4, there will be a parade in
Sopchoppy, at 10 a.m., and a ceremony celebration at the City Park beginning at 11 a.m., to honor
the birth of our Nation. Anyone who would like to
participate in the parade, or set up as a vendor
at the City Park, needs to fill out the applications
forms to participate. Applications can be found
at www.sopchoppy.org and can also be accessed
by emailing sopchoppy4thofjulyparadegyahoo.
com. If you do not have internet access, you may
NICOLE ZEMA contact Debbie Dix Bishop at (850) 528-5838. ApRay Greene paints advertising on his taxi van parked on US 319 Friday. The cab service, called plications can be mailed to you. Applications can Town & Country Taxi Serving Wakulla and Franklin Counties, will service local residents day also be picked up at Sopchoppy City Hall or The or night. Call Greene directly at 727-512-5373 or the Tallahassee office at 850-562-1944. Free Wakulla News.
rides home from local bars are offered free the first Friday of each month. John Dunning is in charge of vending booths
a sat the park. If you are interested in being an arts and crafts, food, political, or organization vendor,
please contact John Dunning at jdunn57883@
L ocal taxiE ss cFor the second year Pollie Lawhon has revived
By NICOLE ZEMA "People become bulletproof I'm just supplementing my in- the Mr. Leggs contest in honor of Bill Stephens,
nzema(thewakullanews.net when they drink," Greene said. come. But we may go under. The Mr. Leggs himself. Pollie Lawhon coordinates this

For almost six months a local "This way I can serve and meet first year is always the toughest." event and can be contacted by emailing pollielataxi service is making rides within people, and share with them a Greene started selling advertis- won@hotmail.com. So, for you men, you don't have the region more convenient, with kind word, or a scripture." ing space that he hand paints on to have great legs, but you must be confident and low fees and no extra charges, un- Greene said the sheriffs de- the side of the van to keep busi- proud, of course! like taxis driving from Tallahas- partment has done a good job ness afloat. Mr. Leggs Contest will be held at 4:30 pm and is
see. Cab driver Ray Greene, who cracking down on DUIs, but bar At a rate of $2 a mile, Greene open to any man 18 years or older. The audience is stationed at Alligator Point, said owners say people are nervous to said it is the lowest fare around. puts money in the contestants' tip jars and the he serves people with rides and come out. He wants the public to Greene said he needs about 15 to jar with the most money determines the winner. errands day or night- especially know that his cab is a resource for 20 calls a day to stay afloat. Right The total tips collected by the contestants is split the bar crowd. business owners and bar patrons. now he's averaging about one to between the winner and the 4th of July volunteer
Greene said he used to drink As a local business, the service three calls a day. committee and helps support future festivals.
and party, but since becoming a could be doing better, though "I sit here on hot days, pass the Please show your support for a community-wide born-again Christian in 1997, he Greene does not complain. While time and get bitten byyellowflies," event that offers family friendly fun, and the opuses his taxi as an opportunity there is a need for a cab service Greene said. portunity for you to demonstrate your appreciation
to keep folks from getting DUIs, in Wakulla-Franklin, it is not yet To order a ride, call Greene for the United States of America. causing wrecks, and sees the cost effective, directly at 727-512-5373 or the Everyone is invited to participate in and celservice as a way to minister to "It's not all about the money," Tallahassee City Taxi office at ebrate this special event. Sopchoppy extends a people. he said. "I'm not in this to get rich. 850-562-1944. warm welcome to all!

Ongoing NAMI public program is June 23

Come out and hear personal stories, triumphs
and tragedies, from individuals living day to day
announcem ents. with a mental illness at the NAMI June public
program, 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Wakulla One
THE WHS EAGLE ers from across Wakulla Stop Community Center, 318 Shadeville Highway,
SCOUT BRICK CAM- County for the first ever Crawfordville. Individuals will share their stories
PAIGN deadline has been Open Pinochle Classic. on living day to day with Bi- Polar Disorder and Post
extended through Sun- You may have been play- Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. This program
day, July 13. For $30 a ing forever or for only a as all NAMI programs are FREE and open to the
brick, donors can order week but you are invited public. Light Refreshments will be provided.
etched text of three lines to come and be a part of For any questions regarding this program or any
with 18 characters in this great event. For ad- of NAMI Wakulla services or programs, contact the
each line, including spac- ditional information, call NAMI office at 850-926-1033.
es. To purchase bricks, Edgar at 926-8748 or
visit the website: www. Cyndi at 926-9254.
jacenseagle or call Jacen Persons interested N E E D A
or Daniela Jones at 745- in seeking a seat on
8484. the SOPCHOPPY CITY Gabriel C W illiam s
COUNCIL may obtain an GHOME ROAD CONSTRUC- information packet re- Birst irthda t yW^11
TION ON US 319 in front garding filing to run from Fis o esee ifyou
of the new Dollar General the City Clerk's office Gabriel Chanton Williams, born June 16, qualify for a no (south of Bevis Funeral located at 105 Municipal 2013, just celebrated his first birthday. H ome) will continue to Ave. in Sopchoppy. Quali- Gabriel's parents are Reggie and Amesha interest home slow traffic as a turning fying begins at Noon, July Williams of Crawfordville. His maternal mortgage through lane is being installed. 15 and ends at Noon, grandparents are Eddie and Ethel Brannen ofHaiafo Construction should July25. Two seats on the Sopchoppy. Gabriel's maternal great grand-Haitfo
wra wthi to wek. ounilwil b opn or parent is Eva Mae Johnson, and paternal Humanity's Housing Program!
wrapwitin to weks Coucilwil be penfor grandparents are Evelyn and Phillip. Gathe 2014 election which briel's paternal great grandmother is Gloria PINOCHLE PLAY- will be held Nov. 4. Butler. Happy first birthday, baby Gabriel! YOui must be a Wakulla County Resident
r_::R wrwh~r, wfor at least the last year. this date as we are going
to have fun. On Sunday,
Oct. 12, we would like you Where: Extention Office
to join with pinochle play- 84 Cedar Ave.
I I Crawfordville

When: Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I 11 1'Time: 6:00P.M..

] ] Bring paperwork to verify your income,

dependents, savings and expenses,
85O0224.40-'llU driver licenses for all drivers and social
.......... ......security cards for everyone who will live
__________in your home.
~If you have any questions please call: TOTAL i Linda Boles 508-3165

VISION PLAN Peggy Mackin 926-5037.
$15.74 MONTHLY



Page 10A THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 www.thewakullanews.com

6 co:) co:) /education news from local schools


Special to The News state level until this year. quest of the students, in honor of his band programs and the leadership
The WHS Wind Ensemble and leaving to take other duties within and example they see on a daily basis
If you haven't taken the opportu- Concert Band are conducted by the school system.) from Mr. Watson. He is respected not
nity to attend a Wakulla High School Wayne Watson. A graduate of the Other achievements for the band only by the students, but has put Band performance in a while, you Florida State University College of in the 2013-2014 school year in- the Wakulla County music program may be in for a pleasant surprise. In Music, Mr. Watson puts in long hours dlude: a 5th consecutive Superior on the map in the state of Florida. the words of former WHS band direc- with rehearsals for the separate rating at MPA Marching Festival, Guest clinicians from all over the tor Charles Perego, "This is not the bands as well as sectionals for per- Superior rating at Jazz band MPA, state have agreed to come and work little country band that I conducted." cussion with Michael Panzarino. The Superior rating for the Winter Guard with the band at his request. ExpoMr. Perego made his comment after hours of hard work have paid off this performance, and the Superior rat- sure to this high level of instruction, hearing the WHS Wind Ensemble year in many ways. WHS Principal ing at District MPA that allowed the experience and excellent music is perform at the Florida Bandmaster's Mike Crouch (a former WHS Band Wind Ensemble to attend the state truly changing the face of music eduAssociation State Music Performance Director) commended Mr. Watson assessment. cation in Wakulla County. Look for
Assessment. The band made history and the band for their musical ma- Parents of the students involved opportunities next year to hear this by achieving a Superior rating for turity and dedication at their spring in the band programs credit the group of fine young musicians and their performance. No WHS band has concert. (Mr. Crouch conducted a success of the ensemble to the high congratulate them and Mr. Watson ever received a Superior rating at the piece during the concert at the re- standards set by the middle school on a very successful year.

Locals graduate, earn degrees

SHAYLA HOANG MY DANG, DENTAL MEDICINE Shayla Hoang My Dang, D.M.D., of Crawford fig. ville, has completed the Doctor of Dental Medicine
(D.M.D.) degree at the College of Dental MedicineArizona (CDMA) of Midwestern University. An official graduation ceremony and conferring of degrees at the Midwestern University campus in Glendale, Ariz., was May 30.
Dr. Shayla Dang is the daughter of Wakulla residents Anson Dang and Kimberly Ly. Their family has owned and operated Evolution Day Spa in Crawfordville for over 12 years.
She graduated from Florida State University, magna cum laude with honors, with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Business.
While at Midwestern, she received the prestigious Golden Hands Award for Manual Dexterity and Commitment to Excellence. Her class nominated her for, . ..."Most Likely to be Financially Sucessful." After graduation from Midwestern, she plans to pursue higher post-graduate education in the field of Prosthodontics in Augusta, Ga.


Master of Architecture from the Georgia Institute basic military training at Joint Base San AntonioDAREN JAMES EVANS, WESTPOINT
:of Technology in Atlanta. Bolin was among ap- Lackland, San Antonio, Texas. Cadet Daren James Evans, son of Duane and proximately 2,700 undergraduate and graduate The airman completed an intensive, eight-week Lesa Evans of Crawfordville, Florida, graduated students who received degrees during Georgia program that included training in military discifrom the Academy on May 28. Tech's 247th commencement exercises. pline and studies, Air Force core values, physical
Evans graduated from North Florida Christian fitness, and basic warfare principles and skills.

www.thewakullanews.com THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 Page I A

Sports sports news and team views

Riversprings Middle earns sportsmanship award

Special to The News pating in the FHSAA for try to instill good sports- County Schools. "It will be a great event
the 2013-14 school year. manship in our students He was elected to the when this trophy and Riversprings Mid- The Fred Rozelle at every opportunity and FHSAA Board of Directors check are presented to
dle School recently was Sportsmanship Award is it is very rewarding to be in 1974 and appointed to RMS in August at one of awarded the Fred Rozelle an honor that goes to a recognized for that." the Executive Committee our home games," said Sportsmanship Award school that went all year The award is named af- in 1977. In 1978, he was Superintendent Bobby
from the Florida High with no ejections and has ter Fred Rozelle, a native elected vice president and Pearce. "What an honor School Athletic Associa- a school-wide program of Lake City, who served in 1979 elected president to be recognized for good tion. exhibiting a high degree as a teacher and coach of the FHSAA. sportsmanship.
RMS stood out from of sportsmanship. before being appointed The sportsmanship "It is so important that
all the middle schools in RMS Principal Michele Supervisor of Physical award was named in our coaches and all of our
its classification, and on Baggett said, "I am proud Education and Athletics his honor because he is educators are positive role top of that was the over- of all of our coaches and for Pinellas County. He known as an outstanding models for our students all winner for all middle student- athletes. This is was later named Area II educator who is fair and whether they win or lose," schools in Florida partici- their award. Our coaches Superintendent of Pinellas impartial. Pearce said.


Local athletes named to All Big Bend Track & Field team

By PAUL HOOVER nior Corion Knight lete of the Year. meter relay team. Se- Gavin, long jump, orable Mention recogWHS Track Coach who was named to The Track girls also niors Margaret Wi- and freshman Ha- nition.
the First Team All garnered recognition edeman and Kayla leigh Martin, 1600 The outstanding
The 2014 All Big Big Bend in the high on the First Team All Webbe, junior Lydia meters, were named performances of these Bend Track & Field jump and to the Sec- Big Bend Team. Wiedeman and fresh- to the Second Team athletes throughout
Teams were recently ond Team in the long Senior Madison man Haleigh Martin All Big Bend for their the season made this announced and our jump. Because of Harris was named to were also named to performances. year the best showlocal track athletes these accomplish- the First Team in the the First Team as Bryce Cole, Marga- ing ever for the WHS were well represented ments, he was also 800 meters and as members of the 4x800 ret Wiedeman, Lydia athletes being named on the lists. Lead- named as the Big a member of the Big meter relay team. Wiedeman and Kayla to the All Big Bend
ing the way was se- Bend Male Field Ath- Bend leading 4x800 Sophomore Keith Webbe garnered Hon- squads.

Andrew Wilson double murder trial is underway

From Front Page the jury during the "There is no way to premeditation aspect," The defense said the degree murder, the

murder of his former penalty phase. remove the child from Fuchs said. "The pri- kidnapping charge is penalty phase would
gilfied Gbrele State prosecutors the situation." mary focus of all of disingenuous. If some- get underway starting
girlfried Gitabril opposed the motion to Defense attorney this is that he was so one dies in process of June 23.

who was staying at the exclude the child. The Steve Allan Been said distraught... that he committing a felony, The trial will be
hous, ws Gbrillestate said the child can even if part of Wilson's went over and did this then by law it becomes filmed so McKenzie houseziwas Gboyriende be heard screaming in motive was to take the act. It was revenge for felony murder. Judge can see it while sequ esMchenie'Wiso bofahriend. 911 calls, one made by child, he didn't. cheating, and it was Dodson said prosecu- tered. Judge Dodson
by abieleMcKenzie Pittman before he died, "Whether the child revenge for taking his tors cannot utilize kid- said the camera must bys Gabriesete and a call placed by was or wasn't there is child. He told the law napping as a way to be placed in an inconwasgt ofthe scensth Wilson himself asking not necessary to prove enforcement officers prove felony murder. spicuous location, and nigt wao tcmudrs someone to come take why he went there," that he was concerned The question of bur- not show jurors' faces.
At the pre-trial hear care of his child. Been said. if he would get his child glary was also invoked While Wilson's paring Wisons atoreys Law enforcement Assistant State At- back. You take that by the defense. Been ents are both potential inge Wiso'sattoereys- encountered the baby torney Eddie Evans away, you take away a said entry without con- mitigation witnesses, arguedf that thel pren at the scene, which is said Wilson could have major, major motiva- sent is burglary, and they will not be sequesthehom atthetime part of that testimony. planned to take the tion for premeditation." burglary does not nec- tered during the guilt ofthe hoeatc theno The child is also child, but because his Wakulla Circuit essarily continue while phase of the trial. ofth arttack wascno connected with the hand was severely cut Judge Charles Dodson, the person is inside Mitigation specialanr agraing facom- domestic violence in- during the attack, he who is presiding over the house. The state ists will be present in

thing that could be junction that Gabrielle could not safely take the trial, denied the opposed that, and said the courtroom during
conidredbythe jury filed before the attack. the child with him motion to exclude the burglary constitutes the trial to assist the conswiidere byehe The state agreed the when he fled to Geor- child, but asked the entering or remain- defense. The specialor not to recommend presence of the child gia. prosecutors to avoid ing in a home when ists interviewed witthe death penalty to is prejudicial, but the Fuchs said the state making the child's permission is revoked. nesses who are not the judge. Defense at- jury must look at the must prove that Wilson presence a major com- Judge Dodson denied able to testify because
tone'sarue fr hecase a whole. was angry about not ponent in the guilt the defense's motion of unwillingness or imtreyso aruf thel "Those things are in- being able to see his phase of the trial, to limit the burglary to prisonment, and could exclusion pofctedcilds extricably intertwined," child. Wilson also faces of entry only. possibly testify to those
intrialiproceedings said Assistant State "If you take the child burglary and kidnap- Presuming Wilson interviews. produce prejudice by Attorney Jon Fuchs. out, you take away the ping charges. is found guilty of firstWAKULLA COUNTY Wau(a :7~ fgiScfo( Cross Country (Boosters

RECREATION DEPARTMENT ~ fteedom 5v(and 1 WVeI 4Rjn/Wafft


Entry fee is $300 per team Wakuffa Spings State Park
WC.R.D. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h wil besosrnInAutdae ue2,21

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Outdoors outdoor sports and fishing reports

Remembering a rough night on the water

I hope all you dads ers. We were on Geri's hit a pinfish. and two nice Spanish.
had a nice relaxing Fa- 36 foot Topaz and had I talked with Capt. We caught everything
ther's Day. The weath- gone out to about 200 Randy Peart and he on live shrimp in 3 to
er couldn't have been feet and anchored for is over at St. George 4 feet of water.
any better for the Big the night. We cooked F n heIsland running two On Wednesday I
Bend Saltwater Clas- steaks on the grill, had Fr m T eDock charters a day. He said fished with the Wall
sic which is held every a couple of drinks and ...... YCP.JD APEL fishing will be good family from Griffin
year over Father's Day retired for the night, BYCPZOYC~IBL one day and not so and we had our limit
weekend. I believe the looking forward to Sat- good the next. of trout and several
only exception was a urday. a few maydays being were in 20 foot seas. He did say they Spanish. We fished the
couple of years ago About 10 p.m. the heard and one boat I have been out were catching some same area in about 3
when they changed wind started blowing said their bilge pump when it was rough but big trout and reds to 4 feet of water and it due to the weather and got stronger as had quit and they were nothing like this. We were hard to come by. used live shrimp. I had forecast. the night went on. taking on water pretty put on life jackets and The last time he fished five people on the boat
The last classic I Definitely not what fast. A shrimp boat in headed to Carrabelle. around the Econfina and I made one cast all fished was when the was predicted but it the vicinity heard their I was never so happy he said the trout were day when two of them local stations and the wasn't the first time call and was on their to see land and vowed in 12 feet of water. sat down to eat lunch. Weather Channel were a forecast had been way to assist. not to spend the night Capt. David Fife It won't be long unpredicting a beautiful wrong and not the After bailing water out there again unless took some folks from til there won't be any weekend. last. for a couple of hours it was on a cruise sh-ip. Fort Valley on Friday live shrimp available
I had gone out with It was all you could and swapping the When we got in the and came in with sev- so it will be back to Geri Eaton, Dennett do to stay in the bunk. aerator pump for the captain of the boat that eral flounder, six reds the Gulp. Jackson, David Boyd We left the radio on bilge pump they were was sinking was still and 56 trout includ- Scallop season and a couple of oth- and there were quite able to get most of the there and still shak- ing a 25-inch fish. opens June 28 and water out of the bilge ing. I haven't spent a They caught every- runs through Sept. 28. and they headed to night out there except thing around the oys- I still haven't heard of SAMS& SEVICECarrabelle with the on a cruise ship but ter bars out around anyone down that way
shrimp boat following even fishing inshore Smith Island and used fishing that had seen to make sure they got have been caught in mud minnows, any so it may be like
-Iin safely. some nasty weather. I took the same party last year.
When it finally got Tom Riddle from on Saturday and told Remember to know light enough to see, it Tifton went out a cou- them right up front your limits and be SPCA FTEWE was overcast, windy ple of weeks ago and we would be lucky to careful out there.
48" MOWER with whitecaps every- got some nice grouper catch any reds. We Good luck and good
TmALL COMMERCIAL where. According to and snapper and had did catch our limits of fishing!

$ 4,89900 our depth recorder we a 45 pound king which trout, one pompano
221 6rwodil Hw IIodile9630


.4YAM A HA E wm -18. n
G1a~x SS-U)y

www. mi kesmarinef loridacom

Marine Supplies & Accessories

Trained Mechanics

(850) 984-5637 (850) 984-5693
Fax: (850) 984-5698 Mike Falk owner


FRER The launch of 'Fishaholic' on Saturday at Rock Landing Marina.

Sae evc Boat building course is offered in Panacea

Blne assFrom Front Page who is now retired.
A IM In addition to the
Unwilling to take food provided by lono for an answer, cal buiess hr

www.thewakullanewu.oom THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 Page 13A

I4',tWti. 14~54 a peek into life on and under the water
_____________________________Local writers share their experiences

Coast Guard Auxiliary Reports r
By Carolyn Brown Treadon )44 By Joerg Hess 'Y takHId l

Many thanks to *, ing a life jacket while Living History
Tim Ashley for the fol- Boatn Emrgnie Ws out on or near the Wehdanmrofitntoalvsos
lowing story and Jack aLgE egece I' water. Weo hadop anme Sof interninal visitor
West for the pictures. Coast Guard Station If you are inter- from Europeas nd Sout Ameralasto eek.
Saturday, June 14, Panama City ....................................... (850) 234-4228 ested in becoming this gise away ao reaet optuvnityitor pla
Flotilla 12 was invited CatGrdStininvolved in the Aux- tour guidendg opeetteliighsoyo
to be a presenter in CatGrdStiniliary, check out our cv iig
the R.A. Gray Muse- Yankeetown........................................ (352) 447-6900 website at wwwusc- As we collaborate with many other dive facilium 's event "The Lure Coast Guard Auxiliary gaux. net then contact ties on the cave diving trail that leads all over
of Florida Fishing." Apalachee Bay (Flotilla 12)........................ (850) 942-7500 our Flotilla Staff Of- Florida, we also visited Cave Excursions, an
The exhibit runs or.................................................... (850) 284-1166 ficer for Human Re- early cave diving center in North Florida.
from March 14 soreRy rw, The center is situated a few miles from Wes
through sourcesa RyeuCrews, Skiles Peacock State Spring Park, about an
showcasing the his- together. becket. net or Flotilla Coin- hour-and-a-half east of us.
tory of fishing within Today the produc- Everyone left with mander Duane Tre- During the 1990s the park embraced the
our state of Florida. tion of line/rope is new skills and ideas adon at Duanetgusc- rowdy cave divers rather than chasing them
The U.S. C oast from natural or organ- for their next fishing gaux.net. oft, and has since enjoyed both financial supGuard Auxiliary was ic as well as synthetic and boating date. If you're interested port and the volunteering work associated with asked to partake in space-age materials. Our members Dave in a free vessel ex- the group. their lecturer series, All attendees we Rabon, Jack West, amination, send an Teclaoainrsle nbadwlst
"All About Knots," were able to inter- Norma and Phil Hill, email to our Flotilla protect nature, as well as gazebos, interpretive which included a act with one of our and Tim Ashley en- Staff Officer for Vessel signs, benches, etc.
hands-on presenta- members in practic- couraged everyone to Examinations, Steve Bill Renacker, owner of the Cave Excursions tion with guests. ing some of the ba- practice their knots Hults, at Steveh@us- dive center and an avid cave diver, was instruA brief history of sic line tying knots and become proficient cgaux.net. mental in this good collaboration.
line and/or rope and we use in our boat- "knotters." As Sherrie says, .As he personally gave us the tour of his facilits varied materials ing operations such In addition to knot Safe Boating is no ity, and discussed its development and history, make-up date back to as bowline, square tying we advertised Accident Being pre- he reminded me of the many little steps he uncave men in the use Of knot, half-hitch, and the practice of wear- pared is your best dertook into the unknown at the time. traps or binding items defense! Most profoundly, he managed to derive a
system that allowed him to offer nitrox, an airoxygen gas mixture.
Although nitrox was already well-known, only
when Renacker had it "on tap," meaning readily
available at no wait time, and even at low cost,
did the sleepy little village become a destination
for nature lovers.
Not only did Cave Excursions provide such an
outstanding service, but Renacker was always
happy to share the "secret" to his success with
anyone who asked.
We have since worked very well together, and
have included many of the concepts into our own
facility. Many a diver is very surprised to hear
our gas price policy, derived from Renacker's
Auxiliarists show knot-tying skills model: Almost all dive shops charge fiat fees to
fill a scuba tank.
as part of exhibit at the R.A. Gray For example, a standard aluminum 80, containing 80 cubic feet of breathable gas, will cost
Museum in Tallahassee. $7 to fill.
The Renacker model however only charges for
the amount of gas filled into the tank, just like
Clockwise from above: Dave Ra- when filling up your car.
bon and Norma Hill; Tim Ashley If the tank is completely empty, it will cost
demonstrating a knot; Phil Hill the full fee, but if the tank is half-full, only half
demonstrates some knot-tying; of the charge is applied.
and Norma Hill and Phil Hill show This may seem like a minor detail, but history
some youngsters how to tie knots. shows that if you treat people fairly, they will
respond in kind.
PHOTOS SPECIAL TO THE NEWS In the case of the state park to our east, it made the difference between constantly having
to beg for money and donations, and having an
active interest group provide support before it
is needed.
Having such a good collaborator to share
experiences with, and thus avoid repeating
mistakes, is priceless.
The synergistic effect, that is the benefit to
all involved, goes beyond what we imagined in
the beginning.
We now see similar centers established all
over the world.
Y et w e still find that North Florida is uniqu e.

Page 14A THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 www .thewakullanews.com

Law Enforcement and Courts reports

Sheriff's Report

On June 11, Depu- a traffic stop in Med- gated. with trespassing on the conducted and Deputy her 12-year-old daughty Jeff Yarbrough in- art and discovered that Andrew Moody of victim's property as they Simmons was granted ter a photograph of his vestigated a report of Brian Keith Alday, 29, Coral Springs reported a gained access to a Riv- consent to search the genitals through Snapa possible intoxicated of Crawfordville did not grand theft in Crawford- ersink swimming hole vehicle. A baggie of mani- chat. A suspect has been driver driving a golf cart possess a valid driver ville. A boat motor was using the victim's prop- juana was observed on identified. Deputy Matt through the McDonald's license. The license was taken off the victim's erty as access. Andrew the floor of the vehicle. Helms investigated. drive through lane. The suspended indefinitely boat. The motor is val- Tanner Galluzzo, 20, Zachary Brandon Gillis, Matthew Vearil of golf cart did not have a in 2009. ued at $1,000and asus- of Tallahassee, Molly 25, of Tallahassee alleg- Crawfordville reporttag displayed or proper Alday was charged pect has been identified. Clare Macek 2 1, of Talla- edly admitted the mani- ed a fraud. The victim lighting for operating with driving while li- The motor was entered hassee, Daniel Stephen juana belonged to him. observed fraudulent on the roadway. Deputy cense suspended or re- into the NCJC/FCJC data Owens, 22, of Tallahas- The marijuana weighed charges on his bank Yarbrough conducted a yoked with knowledge. base as stolen. Deputy see and Jessica Lauren 3.5 grams and Gillis was card. Several unauthortraffic stop. Deputy Ste- His vehicle was turned Jeff Yarbrough investi- Vella, 2 1, of Tallahassee issued a notice to appear ized transactions were phen Simmons joined over to a relative when gated. were all issued notices in court for possession observed for a total of
the investigation and he was transported to Gerald Dicks of to appear in court for of less than 20 grams $1,400. Deputy Ashley observed a marijuana the Wakulla County Jail. Crawfordville reported trespassing. The victim's of marijuana. A verbal McAlister investigated. joint inside the golf cart. Deputy Anthony Paul the loss of a vehicle tag. property is marked with warning was given for Cheryl Homne Hardes- also investigated. The tag was removed no trespassing signs. failing to stop at a stop TUESDAY, JUNE 10 ty, 46, of Crawfordville Deputy Will Hudson from his trailer. The tag Deputy Gibby Gibson sign. was issued a notice to investigated a criminal was entered into the investigated. David King of Pana- *On June 11, Donald
appear for possession mischief to the pub- NCJC/ FCJC data base as Sgt. Ryan Muse con- cea reported a grand Edwards of Sopchoppy of marijuana less than lic bathrooms at Shell stolen. Deputy Stephen ducted a traffic stop of theft. He was in the pro- reported recovering a 20 grams and a verbal Point Beach. A toilet, Simmons investigated, a vehicle that displayed cess of changing busi- bicycle at Pullback Road warning for operating a two sinks, a towel holder Wal-Mart Asset Pro- the wrong tag. Richard ness locations when he and Railroad Avenue. motor vehicle on pub- and two urinals in the tection staff reported a Clayton O'Connor, 3 1, of discovered the theft of The bike had not been lic roadways without men's restroom were retail theft. A subject Crawfordville was issued ladders, vacuum, push reported missing. It is proper registration and damaged. Damage was was observed at the self two notices to appear mower, marquee sign, valued at $ 100. The biequipment. estimated at $1,250 as check-out placing un- in court for unassigned and tools, valued at cycle was placed in the
In other activity re- broken pieces were ob- scanned items in bags tag attached and driv- $1,134. A suspect has Property and Evidence ported by the Wakulla served throughout the with scanned items. ing while license sus- been identified. Deputy Division. Deputy Adam County Sheriff's Office: restroom. Multiple bro- Kristina Lynn Harris, pended or revoked with Will Hudson investi- Pendris and Sgt. Danny ken beer bottles were 29, of Crawfordville took knowledge two or more gated. Harrell investigated.
THURSDAY, JUNE 5 also discovered, the items past the last convictions. The tag was Sheila Griner of Wal-Mart Asset Pro-Bonnie Brinson of point of sale where she seized as evidence. Crawfordville reported a tection staff reported a
*Christopher Lane of the Wakulla County Ani- was approached by store Lt. Jimmy Sessor, credit card offense. The retail theft. A subject Crawfordville reported mal Control Unit report- staff. The value of the Sgt. Lorne Whaley and victim reported the theft was allegedly observed a fraud. Someone at- ed the theft of a kitten. stolen items was $56. Deputy Alan Middle- of $950 from a bank taking items from the tempted to use the vic- A subject was interest- Harris was issued a no- brooks were assigned account. A person of store and concealing tim's personal informa- ed in adopting a kitten tice to appear in court to the northbound lane interest was identified. them in her purse. Sara tion to file an unemploy- but failed to fill out the for retail theft. Deputy of U.S. Highway 319 in Deputy Gibby Gibson Tillman Tyler, 36, of ment claim. The victim proper paperwork and Roy Gunnarsson inves- a DUI checkpoint. The investigated. St. Marks was detained
is employed and did not pay the fee. A laborer at tigated. three law enforcement Staff at Eden Springs after she passed the
make the claim. Deputy the shelter did not real- Sgt. Ryan Muse con- officers observed a ye- Nursing Home reported last point of sale. The Vicki Mitchell and De- ize the paperwork had ducted a traffic stop on hidle approaching the a physical altercation subject removed $145 tective Randy Phillips not been filled out and Lance Gregory Snyder, checkpoint at a high rate between patients. The worth of merchandise investigated, turned over the kitten. 24, of Tallahassee for of speed with high beams elderly men got into a from the store. Tyler
Sgt. Danny Har- Deputy Adam Pendris an inoperable tail light, illuminated. The motor- dispute over cigarettes was arrested for retail rell received informa- investigated. When Sgt. Muse ap- ist stopped 15 yards and money. Staff mem- theft and transported
tion about three mani- o A structure fire proached the car, he past the deputies after bers separated the two to the Wakulla County juana plants that were was reported at 8 18 reportedly smelled can- braking and swerving men and no charges Jail. Deputy Mike Zimba growing near a wooded Shadeville Highway in nabis. Snyder turned toward the WCSO staff. were filed. Lt. Jimmy investigated. area and a Crawfordville Crawfordville. A Florida over a baggie of man- Law enforcement officers Sessor investigated. Benjamin William residence. The WCSO Forest Service helicop- juana to Deputy Ste- smelled a strong odor of 0 A Crawfordville Powell, 23, of CrawfordNarcotics Unit and De- ter spotted the fire from phen Simmons. Snyder alcohol and asked Ken- woman reported a crimi- ville was given a notice tectives Cole Wells and the air. A mobile home was issued a notice to neth Darin Sullivan, 46, nal mischief to her ye- to appear in court for Clint Beam went to the owned by Harvest Fel- appear in court for pos- of Tampa to step out hidle. The victim was possession of drug pararesidential location and lowship Church was session of less than 20 of his vehicle. Sullivan discussing an issue with phernalia. Sgt. Ryan observed healthy mani- fully engulfed. Wakulla grams of marijuana. The did not possess a valid a male juvenile when Muse was investigatjuana plants that were County Fire Rescue put marijuana weighed 1.5 driver license. He took he struck and damaged ing another case when approximately 12 inches out the blaze. There grams. part in and failed field the vehicle door. Dam- he conducted a traffic
tall. The plants were was nobody at the mo- e Sgt. Charles Porter sobriety exercises. Law age to the vehicle is stop involving Powell. seized for destruction. bile home at the time of and Sgt. Lorne Whaley enforcement discovered estimated at $145. The Sgt. Muse and Deputy No criminal charges the fire. The state Fire were working a Party that his license was sus- juvenile was issued a Stephen Simmons were were filed. Marshall was called to Patrol detail and were pended and he had two notice to appear in court granted permission to
Jennifer Allen of the scene along with De- running a security previous driving while for criminal mischief. search the vehicle and Crawfordville reported tective Randy Phillips, check at Mashes Sands license suspended or re- Deputy David Pienta discovered drug parathe theft of cellular tele- Sgt. Danny Harrell, and Beach. They observed yoked arrests. Sullivan investigated. phernalia in a box in the phones from her home. deputies Mike Zimba four subjects who iden- was charged with DUI, Sgt. Ryan Muse con- vehicle. Two juveniles left their and Will Hudson. tified themselves as be- DWLSR and failure to ducted a traffic stop on a Lt. Mike Kemp and phones at the home and Wal-M art Asset ing under 21-years-old. provide a lawful sample vehicle going the wrong Sgt. Ryan Muse rethey were missing when Protection staff turned Beer and alcohol was of his breath. Sgt. Mike direction on the one-way sponded to a medical call they returned to the over found property to observed in their cooler Helms and Deputy Vicki Bream Fountain Road involving four juveniles. home. Persons of inter- Deputy Adam Pendris along with soda. Tamera Mitchell assisted at the in Crawfordville. Anto- Wakulla EMS adminisest were identified in the per store policy. Some Marie Nichols, 20, of scene. nio Detron Green, 30, tered assistance to four
theft. The phones are of the items recovered Crawfordville and Jo- 0 Karen Peters of of Crawfordville did not juveniles who reported valued at $700 each. in the store and turned seph Dewayne Story, Crawfordville reported possess a valid driver being sick after takDeputy Ashley McAlister over to Deputy Pendris 18, of Monticello were the theft of her purse license. Green was ar- ing narcotics. Parents investigated, included 24 sets of keys, issued notices to ap- from her home. The rested for driving while of the juveniles were
Tasandra Barwick jewelry, checkbooks, 30 pear in court for posses- purse and contents are license suspended or contacted and WCSO of Panacea reported the credit cards, glasses, sion of alcohol under 21 valued at $147 and sus- revoked third or subse- deputies recommended theft of medications from telephones, driver li- years of age. The alcohol pects have been identi- quent arrest or convic- the parents have the

www.thewakullanews.com THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 Page 15A

T u& Yaur Cfic

the Readers' Choice Contest

is underway!

1aWakulla Uttu

is asking you... our readers

to participate in identifying

Wakulla County's MOST POPULAR

local businesses for 2014!

Tell us your favorites by filling out the official

ENTRY BALLOT below. Your name will then be

registered in a random drawing for $100 in Cash.*

begister, Thday

0yr' ca ice to

foryomr chancto. W N 2=00

Submit your completed entry form and be entered .
.. in the drawing to win $100 in Cash*

Readers' Choice Categories:

Use the area beside each category to list your favorite business. Please complete 15 or more choices, write clearly and legibly,
to make your nominations count.
Animal Care: Miscellaneous: Mail your official entry form and completed ballot to:
Pet Care/Sitting Childcare ____a__alPet Grooming Clothing and Gifts b,____Pet SuppliesStrg Ce es
Pet Suppliesnarian Storage Centers C/O Readers' Choice Contest
Veterinarian Dance Studio 0 FL 3
Automotive: Photographer P.O. Box 307, Crawfordville, FL 32326
Auto Engine Repair Hotel OR drop it off at <13 :a~lita Itu d office:
Auto Body Shops______ Hardware________do UrI-#~jm~
Used Car Dealer Local News Source 3119-A Crawfordville Hwy., Crawfordville.

Financial Services: Personal Services: Name Address
Bank Barber Shop
Credit Union Hair Salon City State Zip
Mortgage Company Nail CareFood and Beverage Phone Email Age__
Liquor Store Professional Services: P_Grocery Accountant
Ice Cream/Snacks Attorney
Bakery Doctor Are you a current subscriber to W3a]il[a f!ttUM? ___Yes ___No
Dentist Official Rules
Health and Fitness Insurance Provider *Entries must be handwritten on official entry ballot from We Wakllaeb.
Gym Sorry, no computer generated ballots, mechanical reproductions, photocopies, carbon copies,
Massage Therapist illegible entries or ballots with answers that are not true and/or relevant will be accepted.
Chiropractor *At least 15 of the choices must be filled out. *Only one entry per person.
Fitness Instructor/Trainer Recreation: *Ballots not meeting these requirements wil be voided and will not be eligible for the $100 prize.
Marina *All ballots must be received by We Wakulla~ eas by 4:00 p.m. on July 3, 2014. Send entire
Homes and Land Fishing Charter ballot to je Wakullah ta "Readers' Choice Contest", P. O. Box 307, Crawfordville, FL 32326
Builder Bait & Tackle or bring it to our office at 3119-A Crawfordville Hwy., Crawfordville. (No purchase required.)
Real Estate Company Boat & *Winning entry will be drawn by a representative of e Wakulla ebsu.
Title Company Motor Repair *All entrants agree to publication of their name, home town, and photograph without additional
Surveyor Canoe/Kayak Rental compensation. Announcement of the winner will appear in the "Readers' Choice"
LawurverLandscag ca ak Rspecial section to be published in the August 7, 2014 edition of El~e WaLullait~e.
Lawn Care/Landscaping __ Scuba *Employees of iJe Wakullaeuasi and their families are not eligible to win. Not intended for
Nursery/Garden Center residents of states where prohibited by law. Winner must be 18 years of age or older.
Flooring Restaurant: *All ballots that do not meet this criteria will not be counted.
Plumbing Atmosphere
A/C-Heating Breakfast
Painter Lunch & ENTRY FORM.
Tree Service Dinner
Pool Care Service Please complete and return to
Home Cleaning Service___ Entertainment ________ '1alkula lltttu by 4:00 p.m. July 3, 2014.

Page 16A THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 www.thewakullanews.com

Local wild fruit includes plums and sparkleberries

peach or plum trees is to
follow the same protocol.
Nctv ro This disease can also
be transmitted from wild
Plums to the peach trees VYVIUsL',L'V by leafhoppers. It results
in tree dwarfing, distortBy Les Harrison ed small fruit, and poor
fruit production.
Being refined can be vorites. Self-reliance and The leafhoppers are
a desirable quality. It limited resources dictat- strong flyers and imreflects a process in ed the use of these sea- possible to control with
which the best possible sonally available treats. insecticides. The only
features have been dis- Children on summer
tilled and are on display. vacation would search the disease is to remove
With this refining the forest and field edges the native wild plums.
process there are traits for these natural taste So for those in comwhich are suppressed delights. It was always mercial fruit production
and sometimes lost for- more fun to seek out and home orchards,
ever. a source of sweet fruit PHOTO BY LES HARRISON/SPECIAL TO THE NEWS it comes down to one
While these lost char- than to stick with the Native plums are ripening to red and yellow. Some are sweet and question. Is it best to be acteristics are rarely required chores. some are tart, but all can be used. refined, or to go wild?
missed in today's ho- Sparkleberries have To learn more about
mogenized existence, had some success tran- and is an important pests which encourages leaf scald in non-native native fruit in Wakulla
their absence lends a sitioning to contempo- source of nectar and pol- the removal of this na- plums. This bacterium ntyvsit tn ull consistent repetitive- rary landscapes. The len for bees, wasps and tive from a variety of sit- is found in Florida's wild Couny, vt e / ness to the environment erect structure of the other insects. uations. Plum curculio, plum trees, but causes ty Wakula Counwhich removes the po- plant and the showy It is an excellent plant a destructive insect, is no observable damage to ty website at http://
tential for some pleasant white blooms make it to attract a variety of the most serious peach the native plums. call (850) 926-331. surprises. an attractive specimen smaller butterflies to a pest in north Florida and The recommendation -3931.
Still Wakulla County which contrasts well to landscape, and specifi- flourishes where wild for commercial produc- Les Harrison is the has many natural sur- other foliage. cally hairstreak butter- plums are common. tion of peaches or plums Wakulla County Extenprises for anyone ad- Additionally it has a flies. It is also a source Wild plums may also is to remove any na- sin Director. He can be venturous enough to low allergenic rating, an of nutrition for a variety harbor Xylella fastidi- tive plums within 400 reached by e-mail at harseek out and try some important feature for of wildlife and birds. osa, the causal agent yards of the orchard. risogufl.edu or at (850) of the native fruit va- those who suffer from Unfortunately, it of phony peach disease The suggestion for hob- 926-3931. rieties. Sparkleberries hay fever and are seek- serves as a host to some in peaches and plum by orchards or dooryard 926-3931. and wild plums are cur- ing an early blooming
rently fruiting and will addition. The March
be ripening in the com- blooming period is also
ing weeks. a favorite of honeybees. R E D
Both species are na- The Chickasaw Plum, OAW
tive to the area and once Cherokee plum, Florida 3026 Coastal
provided earlier resi- sand plum, or hog plum, 7 aaz& Cai _-o wz, l-tlow_1J A ngie's 3 Highway,
dents with the basis for are some of the names -- Medart
many pints of home- used to identify the na- Lil, Satw z, S oi, q'? Shrimp Marine (850) 926-3114
made jelly and other tive plum. Like the spar- *o &.ffOxtm, f 9 Crickets (800 726 Sho0
S Bait Shop
family-based recipe fa- kieberry, it blooms early Estate Planning, Probate Worms supply W (850) 926-1162

Your Entire Business Planning & Incorporations IN-SHORE FISHING Is HOT
0 O Purchase Real Estate Transactions So Is T WEAE

When you OPEN a New Badcock Account Title Insurance HOOK UP YOUR BOAT
B adcock & SEE STORE FORoALL DETAIS 850-926-8245 See usfor Allyour boating supplies!

HOMiE FURNITU E Crawfordville Tallahassee iI
OPEN: MON. Fi. 10 7PM SAT. 9 4PM 3042 Crawfordville Highway 1983 Centre Pointe Blvd Ste. 200 2591 Crawfordville Hwy., Crawfordville FL Crawfordville, FL 32327 Tallahassee, FL 32308
59d C ok vcom H 8 92 28or aoiwaj F cfi2t t oaL id alimual -OPEN- Main Store: Mon. Sat. 8-6
Badcock.com _850926-2281_ __ it Shop: Mon. -Sat. 6-6 Sun. 6-12

Specializing in:

e Routine physical exams

e Treatment of high blood pressure

and diabetes

e Treatment of colds and sore throats

e Treatment of minor injuries

* Flu and pneumonia vaccination

* Annual pap smears

* Specialist referrals available



~(850) 926-6363

Office Hours: Monday Friday, 8 a.m. 5 p.m.

Capital Regional Medical Group accepts Capital Health Plan
~and most all other insurance carriers.

iCrafiii i lleii FL 32308 i iiiii

Section B THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014

__ r.N Time to hit resetWekiWkua
AlWeekly Roundup WekIn akll
Page 8B Page 3B Page 2B dupe 12- 2

On June 10, a concerned citizen the decision was made to close U.S. fire was extinguished and the road "All members responding worked reported that the old Pigott's Cash Highway 98 at 6:53 p.m. Traffic was reopened to traffic. The building hard under very difficult circumand Carry building was on fire in was diverted to Floyd Gray Road was a total loss. One VFD member stances," Morgan said. "WCSO and Medart. Wakulla County Sheriffs and Lawhon Miller Road due to the sustained minor burns on his hands FHP assisted by shutting down US Department Lt. Jimmy Sessor re- number of emergency vehicles on as he relocated the first engine. 98 very quickly. WCSO Communicasponded to the scene and observed scene and downed power lines. Fire Chief Mike Morgan said as tions did great handling all the radio the building fully engulfed in flames. The state Fire Marshal was called soon as firefighters pulled a line and traffic and requests for resources."
Wakulla County Firefighters and to the scene to investigate. The actually entered the structure the A tanker shuttle was used to several volunteer fire departments building was empty and had not entire building flashed and became supply a master stream and hand were on scene fighting the fire. The been used for hardware purposes fully involved before other compa- lines.



Page 2B THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 thewakullanews.com

kids from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Get tickets from Waterfront members, repellent wipes, socks and paper. for call Billy Bishop at 321-4522 for tickets and information.
Saturday, June 28
Monday, June 23
NAMI WAKULLA invites the public to hear personal stories, a "JUNK-TIQUE" YARD SALE from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. at 138 H. triumphs and tragedies, from individuals living day to day with a T. Adams Ave, Crawfordville. (about 1/2 mile south on SIR 365 mental illness. We are very fortunate to have individuals who are from Shadeville). If you would like to join us, please give Carolyn willing to share their stories on what its like living day to day with Harvey 524-5334, Helen Strickland 933-6888 or Tanya Lynn 508Bi-Polar Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. 0881 a call and let us know. Bring your junk-tiques, a table and a NAMI Wakulla invites everyone to their June Public Program, chair and enjoy the day with us. Don't forget to mark your calen6:30 P.M., AT THE WAKULLA ONE STOP COMMUNITY CEN- dar, and if you can't come sell, please come buy.
TER, 318 Shadeville Highway, Crawfordville. Please come out
and support mental health in Wakulla County. This program as all SOPCHOPPY OPRY will present CHERRY CREEK BAND NAMI programs are FREE and open to the public. Light Refresh- at 7 p.m. at Historical Sopchoppy High School Auditorium. Tickments will be provided. For any questions regarding this program ets are $12 and can be purchased in advanced by calling 962or any of NAMI Wakulla services or programs, please contact the 3711. Enjoy and evening of classic country, bluegrass and gosNAMI office at 850-926-1033. pel. Come early and dine at the Opry Cafe. Disability accessible.
Dress is casual. For more information visit sopchoppyopry.com.
Tuesday, June 24
Upcom ing Events t KEEP WAKULLA COUNTY BEAUTIFUL invites the public railroad show and sale will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. atthe North
to the free quarterly "Green Drinks" event at 6:30 p.m. at Wakulla Florida Fairgrounds buildings no. 2 and 4. Parking is free. AdFriday, June 20 Springs Lodge. The topic of discussion will be: WHAT'S THE mission is $6 for ages 13 and up. For more information visit the
BUZZ ABOUT BEES? Enjoy a honey tasting. For more informa- website: www.bbmra.org, or call John Sullenberger at 544-1870. BUSINESS WOMEN OF WAKULLA will be hosting a tion e-mail helpkwcb@gmail.com.
BLOOD DRIVE from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Community Center. Friday, July 4
Friday, June 27
Saturday, June 21 SOPCHOPPY FOURTH OF JULY will begin with a 10 a.m.
Root 319 Cuts & Color is collecting CARE PACKAGES to parade downtown, followed by a celebration at City Park at 11
ST. MARKS OUTDOOR MARINE MARKET, art show and send to troops overseas. The DEADLINE is June 27. Items in a.m. Enjoy a day of food, vendors, music, friends, the Mr. Leggs
grouper fish fry will be from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Downtown St. care packages can include toiletries and travel-size personal Contest and fireworks! Parade participants should e-mail sopMarks. Buy/swap/sell boats, part, fishing equipment, nautical grooming products for men and women, non-perishable food choppy4thofjulyparade@yahoo.com or call Debbie Dix Bishop at items and art work. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be sold to the items, games and miscellaneous items like batteries, pens, insect 528-5838.

Anna began singing Music for Little People. of Wakulla County as checked out as eBLibrary News... and performing pro- Come see this great they learn and have ooks from our website.
fessionally while in talent in this free show hopefully have a blast We are doing things

Public Library. The high school. She sang open to the public. (no pun intended) this a little different this
multi award winning original songs in coffee summer. For more in- year with allowing only
storyteller/musician houses and clubs in SUMMER PROGRAM formation please call two of the Summer
brings her program Florida, California and STARTS THIS WEEK us, swing by for a bro- Reading Books to be
to Wakulla County. New York City. After chure, or ask for one checked out per card
Anna Moo grew up on almost a half a decade Our annual sum- to be emailed to you. at a time and only for
a sheep ranch outside living in New York City, mer program kicks off two weeks. This hopeof Sacramento, Calif. she returned to the this week. As always SUMMER READING fully will allow us to
In the early 70's she quiet countryside near we have enrichment BOOKS AT WCPL work our way through
moved with her family Gainesville. She mar- programs for infants the hold lists quicker
to Chile and later Ven- ried the 'music man' through 8th grades as With the end of the than in the past and
ezuela. With four sis- Terry Moo and they well as great perform- school year, we are allow more students
By SCOTT JOYINIER terms, an artistic mom, currently live on four ers all summer long. beginning to stock up access to these mateLibrary Director and a world renowned acres of farm land in Fizz, Boom, Read is on copies of the sum- rials. Don't wait until
veterinarian for a dad Newberry, Fla. Anna the theme this year mer reading books re- school is about to start
Svetmdern i for a dador l Moo was inspired to as we have tons of quested by Wakulla in August, please alANNA MOO COMES and adventurous ul write music for chil- scientific fun. We ask County Schools for low your child to read
TO WCPL aniadvenurusup- dren after having two that our morning pa- all of the great stu- the Summer Books
bringing! Anna learned children of her own. trons on Tuesday and dents in the county. they want early so
This Thursday at 7 to play the guitar at the Moo's first release; Wednesday mornings Some are already on they don't miss out on
p.m. our first summer Chile. Upon returning Making Moosic, was bear with us as we hand with more com- this year's great titles.
performer comes to Chile Untetates, picked up by Warner happily are swarmed ing in daily. Many are Please contact us with
the Wakulla County to the United States, Brothers Records and with the great youth also available to be any questions.
Email your community events to nzema@thewakullanews.net

Outdoor Marine Market Keep Wakulla County
W eek Art Show & Fish Fry Beautiful Green Drinks

St. Marks Downtown Wakulla Springs Ldg
10 a.m. 5 p.m. 6:30 p.m. (Free)

Saturday Tuesday

Govern ent Meetings PICKIN' 'N' GRINNIN' JAM SESSION will be held at the senior Ashley for more information at 984-5277.
center from 10 a.m. to noon. (Also on Tuesdays)
Monday, June 23 WAKULLA COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM will be Tuesday, June 24
The WAKULLA COUNTY HISTORIC PRESERVATION open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The museum is located at 24 High Drive, C.O.R.E. "Challenging Obstacles Require Effort" FREE Fitness
COMMITTEE is holding a public meeting at 4 p.m. in the Crawfordville. for the whole family. Tuesday 5-6 p.m. at the Wakulla One Stop ComWakulla County Board of County Commissioners Adminis- QUILTERS GUILD OF WAKULLA COUNTY will meet at 9:30 munity Center Contact 850-745-6045 or CORE at 850-224-1177.
ration Conference Room. a.m. at the library. Join them for the fun of quilting. Quilters of all skill Ty's US TAI KARATE SCHOOL for mixed martial arts, self-de* The final CHARTER REVIEW COMMISSION PUBLIC levels are invited. Call 926-1437 with any questions. fense, tactics and techniques. Free two introduction classes, $40 per
HEARING will be at 6 p.m. at County Commission Cham- Wakulla One Stop Baby Basics Cycle classes will be held for two month, and family rates. For more information please contact the Combers. Citizens will have an opportunity to weigh in on county classes March 17 and March 24 from 6:30 p.m. 8:30 p.m. by The munity Center at 850-745-6042 or Sensei Ray Tyree at 706-993-7140.
charter amendments. Wakulla County One Stop Community Center, 318 Shadeville High- -VFWLADIESAUXILIARY BINGOwill be held atthe VFWPost on
way. Register for classes at 745-6042. Arran Road from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Tuesday, June 24 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS will meet at 6 p.m. at the Station
The Wakulla County TOURIST DEVELOPMENT COUN- Saturday, June 21 House, 3106 Shadeville Highway. Call 544-0719 for more information.
CIL will hold a public meeting at 8:30 a.m. at the Wakulla LUPUS SUPPORT NETWORK meets every second Saturday -ALCOHOLICSANONYMOUS holdsopen discussion at6:30 p.m.
Welcome Center, 1493 Coastal Highway, Panacea. from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the B.L. Perry Library located at 2817 at 54 Ochlockonee Street in Crawfordville. For more information, call
South Adams in Tallahassee. This group provides information, educa- 545-1853.
Monday, June 30 tion and mutual support for people with lupus and related autoimmune BOOK BUNCH meets in the children's room at the public library
The next meeting of the Wakulla County Board of Coin- diseases. at 10:30 a.m.
missioners will be at 6 p.m. at commission chambers. There ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meets at 5:30 p.m.p.m. at Mission NAMI CONNECTION, a support group for people diagnosed with will be only one BOCC meeting next month, scheduled for by the Sea Church on Alligator Drive in Alligator Point. Call 545-1853 a mental illness, meets from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the NAMI Wakulla July 14 at 6 p.m. for more information. office.
ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS will meet at 8 p.m. at the Station CRAWFORDVlLLE LION'S CLUB will meet at 6 p.m. at Myra House, 3106 Shadeville Highway. Call 544-0719 for more information. Jean's Restaurant.
SOPCHOPPY GROWERS MARKET features fresh local organic CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP will be held at 9 a.m. at Myra Club Grups Reg larMeetngs and sustainably-grown produce. Saturdays 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Downtown Jean's Restaurant in Crawfordville. Call Pat Ashley for more informaSopchoppy under the giant oak. tion at 984-5277.
Thursday, June 19 WAKULLA COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM AND NAMI CONNECTION, a support group for people diagnosed with
ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meets at 6 p.m. at the 26 Walker ARCHIVES will be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The museum is located a mental illness, will meet at 10:30 a.m. at the library as well as in the Street, Panacea. For more information call 524-9103. at 24 High Drive, Crawfordville. evening at 7 p.m. at the NAMI Wakulla office.
ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS will meet at 8 p.m. at the Station
House, 3106 Shadeville Highway. Call 544-0719 for more information. Sunday, June 22 Wednesday, June 25
COASTAL OPTIMIST CLUB will meet at noon at Posey's Steam One Stop CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION classes will be held for CRAFT DAYAT VFW POST 4538, 475 Arran Rd at 9:30 a.m. Room in Panacea. five classes July 1, July 8, July 15, July 22 & July 29 from 6:30 every Wednesday through July. All items made on craft day with
ROTARY CLUB meets at the senior center at noon. p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at The Wakulla County One Stop Community the materials provided will be sold atthe Veterans Day Celebration
WAKULLA COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM will be Center, 318 Shadeville Highway. Register for classes at 745-6042. with proceeds used to support the f-oops and veterans.
open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The museum is located at 24 High Drive, ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS holds open discussion at 6 p.m. at ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS welcomes newcomers at 6:30 Crawfordville. 54 Ochlockonee Street in Crawfordville. p.m. at 54 Ochlockonee Street in Crawfordville. For more information,
NAMI FAMILY TO FAMILY SUPPORT GROUP will meet each ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS will meet at 6 p.m. at the Station call 545-1853.
second Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the NAMI Wakulla office, House, 3106 Shadeville Highway. Call 544-0719 for more information. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS holds open discussion at 8 p.m. 2140-C Crawfordville Highway. This group is for family members and *VWakulla One Stop Childbirth Education classes will be held for five at 54 Ochlockonee Street in Crawfordville. For more information, call friends of people diagnosed with mental illnesses and is free of charge. classes March 18, March 25, April 1, April 8, April 15 from 6:30 p.m. 545-1853.
Wakulla One Stop CPR/AED Choking Assistance class will be 8:30 p.m. by The Wakulla County One Stop Community Center, 318 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meets at Ochlockonee Bay UMC held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. (1 session class) by The Wakulla County Shadeville Highway. Register for classes at 745-6042. on Surf Road at noon. one Stop Community Center, 318 Shadeville Highway. Register for .ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS will meet at 8 p.m. at the Station
class at 745-6042. Monday, June 23 House, 3106 Shadeville Highway. Call 544-0719 for more information.
WAKULLA CONNECTION CAFE is at the Wakulla Senior Center VFW POST 4538 monthly meeting at the post the SECOND BRAIN GYM CLASS will be held at the senior center at 10:30 from 2to 4p.m. MONDAY of each month. Dinner at 6 p.m., meeting at 7 p.m. for post a.m.
Friday, June 20 and auxiliary members only. KNITTING GROUP meets at the public library from 4 p.m. to 6
Ty's US TAI KARATE SCHOOL for mixed martial arts, self-de- ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meets at 6 p.m. at the 26 Walker p.m. For information, call 491-1684.
fense, tactics and techniques. Free two introduction classes, $40 per Street, Panacea. LINE DANCING will be held at the senior center at 2 p.m.
month, and family rates. For more information please contact the Camn- ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS will meet at 6 p.m. at the Station BEADING CLASSES with Tamara will be held at 12:45 p.m. at munity Center at 850-745-6042 or Sensei Ray Tyree at 706-993-7140. House, 3106 Shadeville Highway. Call 544-0719 for more information, the Senior Citizens Center. Choose from glass and stone beads to
ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS meets at 8 p.m. at 54 Ochlock- LINE DANCING will be held at the senior center at 1:30 p.m. create your masterpiece. There is a $3 to $5 fee for the materials.
onee Street in Crawfordville. Call 545-1853 for more information. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS FOR WOMEN will meet at 6 p.m. KNITTING CLUB will meet at 4 p.m. at the public library. Any. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS holds open discussion at noon at at 54 Ochlockonee Street in Crawfordville. For more information call one interested in the art of knitting are encouraged to attend.
54 Ochlockonee Street in Crawfordville. Call 545-1853 for more infor- 545-1853. MAH JONGG CLUB meets every Wednesday from 1 p.m.
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BOOK CLUB meets at the public library from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Lake Ellen Baptist Church from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Fellowship until noon. Join in learning safety with handguns and enjoy coin. GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS meets at St. Teresa's Episcopal Hall. Bring a loved one to be cared for. Lunch will be provided. There is panionship of women of all ages at the Wakulla County Sheriff's Church in Medart from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. no cost. The church is located at 4495 Crawfordville Highway. Call Pat Office Range located on 319 to Sopchoppy.

www.thewakullanews.com THE WAKULIA NEWS, Thursday, June 19,2014 Page 3B
WEEKLY ROUNDUP (Recap and analysis of the week in state government)

Time to hit reset

By BRANDON LARRABEE H B 85 1. The bill dealt with the longstanding priorities was longer make the kind of con- years or more, lawmakers
THE NEWS SERVICE OF'FLORIDA immigrant tuition issue and approved. tribution to the search that in 2013 touted the proposed
also rolled back a law signed "But this governor has just the university deserves," Burr changes as helping more TALLAHASSEE, June 13 by former Gov. Charlie Crist signed into law something said in the release. quickly carry out justice.
- It was a week of resets that allowed state universi- that he has been adamantly Funk's action came less After Scott signed the bill, in Florida, whether in Gov. ties to get tuition increases opposed to," Tant said. "This than a week after Burr re- for example, House Criminal Rick Scott's relationship with from the system's Board of time last year, he vetoed the versed the committee's May Justice Chairman Matt Gaetz, Hispanic voters or in Florida Governors instead of from the rights for Dreamers to get a 21 decision to pause the R-Fort Walton Beach, posted State University's beleaguered Legislature. driver's license so they could process so the panel could a Twitter message that said,
and increasingly contentious Scott zeroed in on the lat- actually go to a community first interview Thrasher, R- St. "Several on death row need presidential search. ter, in no small part because college or a university, go to Augustine, for the job. Funk to start picking out their last
Just a day before U.S. Crist has now become a Dem- a job so that they could get had advised the committee meals."
House Republican Leader Eric ocrat and is the incumbent's ahead and suddenly, death- that Thrasher's aspiration for A fewjustices, though, said Cantor lost a Virginia congres- most likely challenger in the bed conversion, he's woken the job was keeping other de- the ruling wouldn't prevent sional seat after seeming too November election. up and decided that, well, sired candidates from wanting them from stepping in and
open to a deal on immigration "I know what it's like maybe we ought to allow to apply. safeguarding a defendant's
reform, Scott touched the to work your way through for in-state tuition for these Burr, who is also an FSU rights if necessary. third rail of GOP politics by school, but for many kids Dreamers anyway." trustee, noted he came to his "(This) court is still constisigning a bill that would allow today, the rising cost of col- Scott also highlighted a decision to reopen the search tutionally entrusted with the some undocumented immi- lege tuition is making it hard portion of the bill that could process because additional duty to issue a stay of execugrants to pay in-state tuition to afford college," Scott said save parents money on pre- applications for president had tion if there is a meritorious rates at Florida colleges and in the campaign statement. paid tuition contracts that are been submitted. post-conviction claim pending
universities. Scott focused "That's why it was so impor- meant to lock in the costs of On Wednesday, the com- or, if at the time the warrant is on other parts of the "afford- tant to reverse Charlie Crist's a higher education for their mittee agreed to have Burr signed, the defendant brings ability" law in an apparent 15 percent tuition hike and children. negotiate a contract with a successive post-conviction
effort to shield himself from give every student who grows "This is a great victory for Monterey Park, Calif.-based challenge that casts doubt on conservative criticism. up in Florida the chance to families who want to ensure Storbeck/ Pimentel &, Associ- his or her guilt, the integrity
Meanwhile, FSU completed pursue an affordable college their students can get a great ates. of the judicial process, or the
a slow-motion reboot of its education." education, start a successful Thrasher, however, is still validity of the death sentence
hunt for a new leader, after an Under the legislation, stu- career, and live the American widely considered the front- imposed. ... In my view, that effort to start the process with dents who attend secondary dream right here in Florida," runner for the job. remains the essential failan exclusive interview of in- school in Florida for at least Scott said in a statement Committee member Eric safe mechanism this court fluential Sen. John Thrasher, three years prior to gradua- issued Wednesday by his Walker, chairman of the FSU may utilize when necessary R-St. Augustine, turned into a tion will qualify for in-state campaign. English Department, said to ensure that the ultimate
public relations debacle. But tuition, regardless of their bringing in a new search firm punishment of the death pensegments of the university immigration status. FINDING A PROCESS FOR and reopening the process alty is inflicted in a manner
community still regarded the And the bill changes the FINDING A PRESIDENT should improve the public that fully comports with the
process warily. so-called "differential tuition" perception of the search. How- constitution," wrote Justice
And a bill meant to reset law signed by Crist. Only While the tuition to go to ever, he indicated Thrasher's Barbara Pariente, who was
the timeline for Death Row the University of Florida and Florida State might not be desire for the job will continue joined in a concurring opinion inmates to be executed was Florida State University now rising quite as quickly any- to make potential applicants byjustices Jorge Labarga and upheld by the Florida Su- will qualify for such increases, more, there's another kind of pause. James E.C. Perry.
preme Court. which are capped at 6 percent uncertainty hanging over the
a year, and only if they meet Tallahassee campus: what's TIME TO PICK THOSE STORY OF THE WEEK:
SEE YOU AT BEEF'S certain conditions. going to become of a muddled FINAL MEALS Gov. Rick Scott signs a bill
On Monday, Democrats process meant to find the uni- that would allow some unIn some ways, a Beef '0' tried to use the signing of the versity's next president. There's been plenty of po- documented immigrants to Brady's makes sense as a set- bill to remind Latinos that After the search became litical controversy over a 2013 pay in-state tuition rates ting for a campaign event to Scott had opposed similar in- bogged down in negative law meant to reduce delays in and roll back the state's "diftout the governor's efforts to state tuition legislation in the publicity over the arrange- carrying out the death pen- ferential tuition" law, then hold down college tuition. The past and that his rise to the ment with Thrasher, and the alty, but there was little judi- embarks on a campaign tour eating establishment might be GOP nomination in 20 10 was Faculty Senate issued a vote cial disagreement: The Florida to underscore his support for one of the few places where fueled partly by his promises of no confidence in the search Supreme Court on Thursday higher education affordability college students can afford to to crack down on illegal im- process, William'Bill" Funk, upheld the constitutionality of grab a sit-down meal. migration. Scott also vetoed a a Dallas-based consultant the so-called "Timely Justice QUOTE OF THE WEEK:
Some of Scott's later measure last year that would brought in to help find FSU Act" in a unanimous decision. "We are literally looking at stops didn't make quite as have allowed some young a new president, abruptly Challengers had argued an unleashing of a Wild, Wild
much sense, few financially- undocumented Floridians, resigned from the job Monday. the law would be an uncon- West of potent marijuana strapped undergraduates are known as "Dreamers," to re- Committee Chairman Ed stitutional infringement on products."- -Calvina Faye, exstaying at The Biltmore Hotel ceive driver's licenses. Burr, in a release posted on the court system's author- ecutive director of Drug Free in Coral Gables. Florida Democratic Party the Presidential Search Ad- ity and separation of powers America and part of a new
But the Monday visit to a Chairwoman Allison Tant visory Committee's website, and violate due-process and campaign to oppose a mediBeef 'O'Brady's in Southwest told The News Service of expressed disappointment equal- protection rights. cal pot amendment set to be
Florida was where Scott went Florida that Democrats were about Funk's resignation. With some convicted mur- voted on in November. first to boast about signing happy that one of the party's "Mr. Funk felt he could no derers on Death Row for 30

=4 V__41h

P040" Embracing the Rhone Rangers
By DAVID WHITE changing, fast. houses, especially, nothConsider the surging ing pleases more patrons
"Raise your hand if popularity of serious ros6. than a dark, spicy red,
customers regularly come While consumers once without a strong tannic
Sharing Hometown Recipes, Cooking s and Coupons in and ask for a good associated domestic ros6 structure. This came up
Tip Cabernet." with cheap, sweet "blush" while attendees tasted a
By Janet Tharpe I recently issued this wines like Sutter Home's Grenache from William
Travel to the Islands with Grilled Tahitian FnAt Foster directive to a group of White Zinfandel, more Allen, the vintner behind
40 sommeliers, retailers, and more domestic ros6 Two Shepherds.
and other wine indus- is dry and refreshing. One sommelier attend"You'll think try insiders from across Many of America's top ing the panel discussion
you're at a Washington, D.C. Unsur- pink wines are produced jumped in to argue that
barbecue prisingly, just about every from red Rh6ne varieties, steakhouse patrons have
hand shot up. mimicking the storied always been asking for
on a tropical I quickly spoke again. ros6s of Provence. Grenache, Syrah, and
beach!" -Raise your hand again Jason Haas, the gen- red Rhone blends -- just
if customers frequent- eral manager of Tablas not by their names. Now
hT rnrnp in qnrl qqlz- fnr Crppl in P Qn PnWPQ fll f QnMrnpliprQ ]MnQf

Page 4B THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 thewakullanewslo

Accident Desks ideals Scrape

Among Drawer illness Senior LAWNSACC I DENT LS

Apron Dress intelligence Smelt I I A LM S C R A PE L Y DW

Array Flood Ireland Solar M A SMA T CH I D EA LS H

Brooms Gains Label Stays B PO0TO0 B ROO M S P TVO0

Choking Heading Lands Steel SC LZ EN EL SK ER QH E

Comma Heats Lawns Steep T E AS I NG L UN 1 O NS V

Crime Holding Leave still A R RA YOHOL DI N GY E

Death Hollow Limbs Teasing R H I F YU D W OR LD GE R

Dental Humor Listen Tells RU L ED N HOLS L HGL L

a 0N 3 01 1 INI 3 I,
ZS 51~ Nosey UnionsUT L FA SNR


23 1 0 1 Round World D R E S S L V G D E S K S Z W
0A V 3
3s Rled Yellow I T P IN T E L L IG E N C E
0 1
&a Iq
S I CN9, I 3NP N M 1VI

DI~eI*,A II~hby Helene
Puzles idsHovanec Even Exchange by Donna eta
RIDDLE SEARCH CONSTRUCTION SITES Each numbered row contains two clues and two 6-letter answers. The two answers differ from each other
Look up, down, and diagonally, both forward and backward to find every word on the list.
Circle each one as you find it. When all the words are circled, take the UNUSED letters by only one letter, which has already been inserted. For example, if you exchange the A from MASTER
and write them on the blanks below. Go from left to right and top to bottom to find the
answer to this riddle: What bird works at a construction site? for an 1, you get MISTER. Do not change the order of the letters.
BEAM 1TrafoBusBny CTalking bidP -_ -_
BRICK T R A N S 0 M R 0 A 1Teto~g~nyC_ _br
CEMENT 2 Ea raeosy- - -R Pos- - - T
CONCRETE N N N A M E R 0 F H 2Etaeosy_ iu
FLOOR 3WacloainRFour-player cadgame HFOREMAN E R E D D A L 0 V D 3.Wthlcto _Rcr
LADDER M A L M C B 0 L E R 4. Latin-American dance _--_ 0 Pungent ----Y
MIXER E RU LE RREFH A 5. Soapy fizz __B Mutter M M
PANEL S R B L A C NIlI H 6. Memorial Day blossom _0 ._ Young dog _U -ROOF
RULER A ET E RC NOC E 7. Boxer's blow _U _NipI
TRANSOM BAWLATHELK8. Walking stick T -_ -T The sound of cereal N _-
VHCER AT R 0 M I XER 9TwgTSlippery _LRiddle answer: __ _10. Ladle P -_-_ Feel lightheaded __W -_-For more puzzle fun, go to www www.brainzzles.com 2014 King Features Synd., Inc.


bylHallKaufman- 6~ 6
BAND BOX! You are asked to conduct a hunt for names of six musical 0 N instruments that appear in consecutive order in the diagram at rigt. T 4IN EI Namesake tobe speed by U MJB B U 7
moving letter by letter up, down,
across or diagonally. L T A
Theseare the instruments (n
trumpet, oboe, flute. Al 32 lettersare tobe used, E B0MT
each just once.
,-See if you can comply. 0TEPUR i 11 ABOUT 9! Only one number grae thn9rymswt 45 1 numberless than 9. What are the two numbers? Answer if you ~t
K>can within 30 se conds.

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Page 6B THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 thewakullanews.com

The above individual(s) is/are notified to show cause why his/her name should not
be removed from the voter registration rolls. Failure to respond within 30 days of this TO: UNKNOWN HEIRS, DEVISEES, GRANTEES, ASSIGNEES, CREDITORS, LIENORS, has been filed against you and you are required to serve a copy of your written depublished notice will result in a determination of ineligibility by the Supervisor of Elec- TRUSTEES OF THE ESTATE OF KIMBERLY CACCIATORE, DECEASED fenses, if any, to it on Kathleen Pierrilus, Esquire, Brock & Scott, PLLC., the Plaintiff's attions and removal of your name from the statewide voter registration system. For fur- torney, whose address is 1501 N.W. 49th Street, Suite 200, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309, on
ther information and instructions, contact the Supervisor of Elections at (850) Whose current residence(s) is/are unknown, or before July 19, 2014, and file the original with the Clerk of this Court either before
926-7575. service on the Plaintiff's attorney or immediately thereafter; otherwise a default will
Henry F. Wells, Wakulla County Supervisor of Elections YOU ARE HEREBY required to file your answer or written defenses, if any, in the be entered against you for the relief demanded in the complaint or petition.
P. 0. Box 305 Crawfordville, Florida, 32326 above proceeding with the Clerk of this Court, and to serve a copy thereof upon Published June 19, 2014. the plaintiff's attorney, Law Offices of Daniel C. Consuegra, 9204 King Palm Drive, DATED on June 11, 2014.
Tampa, FL 33619-1328, telephone (813) 915-8660, facsimile (813) 915-0559, within Brent Thurmond, As Clerk of the Court
thirty days of the first publication of this Notice, the nature of this proceeding being a (SEAL)
suit for foreclosure of mortgage against the following described property to wit: By:/s/ Chris Helms, As Deputy Clerk
Lien__Notices_ Lot_31, CYPRESS COVE, according to the plat thereof, as recorded in Plat Book 2, Published June 19 & 26, 2014. 1 3-FO551 0
Page 73, of the Public Records of Wakulla County, Florida.
6099-0619 TWIN Statutes section 731.78. C 1. Date of sale. 6/24/2014 If you fail to file your response or answer, if any, in the above proceeding with the 69-69TI
6/24, 6/27 & 7/29 sales & P Towing reserves the 1998 TOYOTA Vin# Clr o0f-61 TWNCut n osev oyteef pntepanif' tony a f
PUBLIC NOTICE right to accept or reject 4T1 8G22K8WU269522 flek of thil Coanserva copy thereo upon the Tapliaf' attorney, tLO- vs. Clifton, Carla M. 65-201 2-CA-000322-CAAX-MX Notice of Sale
NOTICE OF SALE any and/or all bids. To be 2. Date of sale: 6/27/2014 phn 83 1-60 asml 83 1-59 ihntit aso h is ulc-PUBLIC NOTICE
Public Notice is hereby held at: 3325 Craw- 1997 Toyota Vin# pone (813)915-8tic dfasimille 813915-559 wgintin o thirt daysiof h ne d frtpbia IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE SECOND JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA,
given that the C & P Tow- fordville Hwy., at 9:00 JT3HN87R5V0099790 tooftiNoieadfulwllbenrdagnsyufrthrlefem ddinIN AND FOR WAKULLA COUNTY. CIVIL DIVISION
ing will sell at Public Auc- a m .3. Date of sale: 7/29/2014 th opan rptto.CASE NO. 65-2012-CA-000322-CAAX-MX Division: Civil Division
tion, for towing and stor- on the following 2010 KIA Vin# DATED at WAKULLA County this 6day of June,2014. RNO RPRISAQIIINCR l
age, pursuant to Florida vehicle(s): KNDJT2A2XA7O66O54 ClerkM ofPRTE theIITO Circui Cort Paitif
Pub.: June 19, 2014. (SEAL) Clr fteCrutCut vs. Panif

I IIf you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to par- SPUSLOA RA M. CLIFTON /A CA/KACNAM A/K/A CFARS MARIE CLIFTON
AcinNtcs Ato oies Tl[A*11 ,5 f ticipate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of cer- CLARA ME DONHAM; A/K NSUEO CLARA M DONHAM A/K/A CLARA FRSDNA //
tamn assistance. Please contact Director of Courts, 3056 Crawfordville Highway, Craw- DONHAM A/K/A CLARA FARIS DONHAM A/K/A CLARA MAE DONHAM; UNKNOWN 5106-0626 TWIN fordville, Florida 32327 at 850-926-0315 at least 7 days before your scheduled court TENANT #1; UNKNOWN TENANT #2;
vs. Metcalf, Elizabeth 2013CA000022 Notice of Sale appearance, or immediately upon receiving this notification if the time before the Defendant(s)
PUBLIC NOTICE scheduled appearance is less than 7 days; if you are hearing or voice impaired, call NOTICE OF SALE
COUNTY, FLORIDA CIVIL DIVISION Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to a Final Summary Judgment of Foreclosure
CASE NO. 2013CA000022 Division No. Published June 19 & 26, 2014. 167753 entered in the above-styled cause, in the Circuit Court of Wakulla County, Florida, I
SFR ENTUE 201 -1 REOwill sell the property situate in Wakulla County, Florida, described as: Plaintiff, 5103-0626 TWIN ALL THAT CERTAIN PARCEL OF LAND SITUATED IN THE COUNTY OF WAKULLA, STATE OF
vs. vs. Allen, Robert 14 CA 1 10 Notice of Action FLORIDA, BEING KNOWN AND DESIGNATED AS LOT 3, BLOCK "ID", RIVER SHORE
NOTIE I HEEBY IVE pusuat toan rde or ina Jugmet ofForcloureCASE NO. 14 CA 110 at public sale, to the highest and best bidder, for cash, on July 10, 2014.
dated June 5, 2014, and entered in Case No. 2013CA000022 of the Circuit Court of EDWARD E. BRIMNER and KATRINA W. BRIMNER, Any person claiming an interest in the surplus from the sale, if any, other than the
the SECOND Judicial Circuit in and for Wakulla County, Florida, wherein SFR Venture vPlaintiff, property owner as of the date of the lis pendlens, must file a claim within 60 days
2011-1, REO is the Plaintiff and Elizabeth Metcalf, State of Florida, Department of Rev- v.after the sale. enue, the Defendants. I will sell to the highest and best bidder for cash in the front ROBERT ALLEN, et al.
lobby of the Wakulla County Courthouse, 3056 Crawfordville Highway, Crawfordville, Defendants. Witness, my hand and seal of this court on the 3rd day of June, 2014.
FL, 32327 at 11:00 a.m. on the 10Oth day of July, 2014, the following described prop- NOTICE OF ACTION CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT
erty asset foth in sid Ordr of Fnal Judment, o wit:TO: ROBERT ALLEN, if alive, and if dead, unknown spouse, heirs, devisees, grantees, (SEAL)By/sChiHemDptClr
LOT 27, BLOCK L, REPLAT OF "AGUA DE VIDA", ACCORDING TO THE MAP OF PLAT creditors, assigns, and all other parties claiming by through, under or against
WAKULLA COUNTY, FLORIDA; BEGIN AT A 4 INCH BY 4 INCH CONCRETE MONUMENT Law Offices of Daniel C. Consuegra 9204 King Palm Drive, Tampa, FL 33619-1328
(MARKED #2919) MARKING THE NORTHEAST CORNER OF LOT 27, BLOCK"L"OF REPLAT YOU ARE NOTIFIED that a complaint for Foreclosure on the following property in Phone: 913-915-8660 Attorneys for Plaintiff OF "AGUA DE VIDA", ACCORDING TO THE MAP OR PLAT THEREOF, AS RECORDED IN Wakulla County, Florida: PLAT BOOK 1, PAGE(S) 12, OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF WAKULLA COUNTY, FLORIDA; If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to parSAID POINT LYING ON THE WESTERLY RIGHT-OF-WAY BOUNDARY OF ALAPAHA AVE- COMMENCING AT NORTHEAST CORNER OF LOT 101 HARTSFIELD SURVEY, ON SOUTH ticipate in this proceeding, you are entitled, at nocost to you, to the provision of cerNUE. FROM SAID POINT OF BEGINNING RUN NORTH 07 DEGREES 14 MINUTES 33 SEC- BOUNDARY LINE OF LOT 92 HARTSFIELD SURVEY, THEN RUNNING WESTWARD ALONG tain assistance. Please contact Director of Courts, 3066 Crawfordville Highway, CrawONDS WEST ALONG SAID RIGHT-OF-WAY BOUNDARY 64.97 FEET TO A CONCRETE SOUTH BOUNDARY LINE OF LOT 92, 30 CHAINS AND 8 LINKS AS POINT OF BEGINNING, fordville, Florida 32327 at 850-926-03 15 at least 7 days before your scheduled court
MONUMENT (MARKED #2919); THENCE LEAVING SAID RIGHT-OF-WAY BOUNDARY RUN THEN RUNNING NORTHWARDS6 CHAINS, WESTWARDS6 CHAINS, SOUTHWARDS6 CHAINS, appearance, or immediately upon receiving this notification if the time before the SOUTH 88 DEGREES 23 MINUTES 33 SECONDS WEST 149.85 FEET TO A CONCRETE MONU- EASTWARD ALONG SOUTH BOUNDARY LINE OF LOT 92,56 CHAINS TO POINT OF BEGINN- scheduled appearance is less than 7 days; if you are hearing or voice impaired, call MENT (MARKED #2919); THENCE RUN SOUTH 07 DEGRESS 13 MINUTES 00 SECONDS EAST ING. 711.
65.29 FEET TO A CONCRETE MONUMENT (MARKED #2919); THENCE RUN NORTH 88 DEGREES 14 MINUTES I1I SECONDS EAST 22.46 FEET TO A NAIL AND CAP (MARKED #426 1); has been filed against you and others, and you are required to serve a copy of your Published June 12 & 19, 2014. 1 28804-T THENCE RUN SOUTH 10 DEGREES 21 MINUTES 42 SECONDS EAST 90.81 FEET TO A CON- written defenses, if any, to it on ANDREW J. POWER, ESQUIRE, SMITH, THOMPSON, CRETE MONUMENT MARKED (#2919); THENCE RUN NORTH 87 DEGREES 20 MINUTES 00 SHAW, MINACCI & COLON, P.A., Plaintiff's attorneys, 3520 Thomasville Road, 4th Floor, SECONDS EAST 124.45 FEET TO A CONCRETE MONUMENT (MARKED #2919) LYING ON Tallahassee, Florida 32309-3469, no more than thirty (30) days from the first publica- 69-69TI
THE WESTERLY RIGHT-OF-WAY BOUNDARY OF ALAPAHA AVENUE; THENCE RUN NORTH tion date of this notice of action, and file the original with the Clerk of this Court ei- vs. Tyus, James W.209-0 3 Notc fSl 08 DEGREES 40 MINUTES 00 SECONDS WEST ALONGTHE WESTERLY RIGHT-OF-WAY ther before service on Plaintiff's attorneys or immediately thereafter; otherwise, a de- PUBLIC NOTICE
BOUNDARY 88.38 FEET TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING. fault will be entered against you for the relief demanded in the complaint or peti- IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE SECOND JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR WAKULLA
Property address: 92 ALAPAHA ST, PANACEA, FIL 32346 DATED this 10Oth day June, 2014. CASE NO: 2009-CA-000337

PENDENS MAY CLAIM THE SURPLUS. Published June 19 & 26, 2014. JAMES W. TYUS, et al,
DATED at Wakulla County, Florida this 5th day of June, 2014. NOTICE OF SALE
Brent X. Thurmond, Clerk, Wakulla County, Florida 6102-0626 TWIN
(SEAL) vs. Steels, Gail Estate 1 4000022CAAAXMX Notice of Action NOTICE is hereby given that pursuant to the Final Judgment of Foreclosure enBy: /s/ Chris Helms, Deputy Clerk PUBLIC NOTICE tered in the cause pending in the Circuit Court of the Second Judicial Circuit, in and
IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE 2ND JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, IN AND FOR WAKULLA COUNTY, for Wakulla County, Florida, Case No. 2009-CA-000337, in which U.S. BANK NATIONAL "in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, persons in need of a special FLORIDA CIVIL DIVISION ASSOCIATION, NOT IN ITS INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY BUT SOLELY AS TRUSTEE OF OWS
accommodation to participate in this proceeding shall, within seven (7) days prior to CASE NO. 14000022CAAXMX REMIC TRUST 2013-1 WITHOUT RECOURSE, is Plaintiff, James W. Tyus, Angela D. Tyus,
any proceeding, contact the Administrative Office of the Court, Wakulla County, Countrywide Home Loans, and Hidden Meadows on Lower Bridge Homeowner As3056 Crawfordville Highway, Crawfordville, FIL 32327, Telephone (850) 926-0905, via U.S. BANK NA, SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE TO BANK OF AMERICA, NA, SUCCESSOR TO soiation, Inc., are Defendants, the undersigned Clerk will sell the following deFlorida Relay Service." LASALLE BANK NA, AS TRUSTEE, FOR THE WASHINGTON MUTUAL MORTGAGE scie rprystae nWkaCutFoia
Published June 19 & 26, 2014. 111 102.11316/ic v.Plaintiff, Lot 1, Block D, Hidden Meadows, according to the map or plat thereof, as recorded
2O1CAOO28CAAMX THE SUBJECT PROPERTY the 3rd day of July, 2014, the sales are held in Front Lobby at the Wakulla County
BANK OF AMERICA, N.A., Dfnat.NOTICE OF ACTION Courthouse, 3056, Crawfordville Highway, Crawfordville, FL 32327.

vs. PLITFTo the following Defendant(s): Any person claiming interest in the surplus from the sale, if any, other than the
GEORGE SMITH A/K/A GEORGE M. SMITH, ET AL. AL NNW ERCEIOS EIES EEIIREGATEproperty owner as of the date of the lis pendlens must file a claim within 60 days after
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to the Final Judgment of Foreclosure dated (RESIDENCE UNKNOWN) CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT
November 21, 2013, in the above action, I will sell to the highest bidder for cash at As Clerk of the Court
Wakulla, Florida, on July 10, 2014, at 11:00 a.m. at Front lobby of courthouse 3056 SHERI L. STEELS
Crawfordville Highway, Crawfordville, FL 32327 for the following described property: (RESIDENCE UNKNOWN) (Court Seal)BY/sChiHemDptClr

LOT 20, THE MOORINGS, PHASE 2, OF LIVE OAK ISLAND, A SUBDIVISION AS PER MAP OR YOU ARE NOTIFIED that an action for Foreclosure of Mortgage on the following If you are a person with a disability who needs an accommodation in order to parPLAT THEROF RECORDED IN PLAT BOOK 2, PAGE 79 OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS OF described property:tipaenaprcdngyoaeettlatocstoyuhervsonfcran WAKULLA COUNTY, FLORIDA, BEING ALSO DESCRIBED AS FOLLOWS. COMMENCE AT atne. naploeaedicontactthe Admnitratve Secs Manag, whoseo officertisno
AN OLD CONCRETE MONUMENT MARKING THE NORTHWEST CORNER OF LIVE OAK IS- LOT 7 AND 7-D, BLOCK "ID", OYSTER BAY ESTATES UNIT 2, A SUBDIVISION AS PER MAP aitaed at331eamiam cotail, Buildiniraple Flrvidas 341andr whose tfielephoe LAND PROPERTIES AS RECORDED IN DEED BOOK 11, PAGE 329, OF THE PUBLIC RECORDS ORPATEEFREODDItLT OKPG 0,OTEPBI RECRD OF0 numberi Ts(239) Bu-8,ithing wwrk das, of your2 recip wo ts(escribee
OF WAKULLA COUNTY, FLORIDA, SAID CONCRETE MONUMENT BEING LOCATED 5737.80 WAKULLA COUNTY, FLORIDA. notie; if you9 are 800 hearing or o impaie dal 711. rrcipfths(esrb
FEET SOUTH 7206.20 FEET EAST OF ETHE SOUTHWEST CORNER OF LOT 117 OF THE ntc) fyuaehaigo oc mard al71
OF LIVE OAK ISLAND 327.80 FEIET TO THE INTERSECTION WITH THE APPROXIMATE CENTER has been filed against you and you are required to serve a copy of your written deOF A CANAL, THENCE RUN ALONG THE APPROXIMATE CENTER OF SAID CANAL AS FOL- fenses, if any, to it on Kahane & Associates, P.A, Attorney for Plaintiff, whose ad- 6093-06 19 TWIN
LOWS: SOUTH 75 DEGREES 08 MINUTES EAST 131.18 FEET, THENCE SOUTH 61 DEGREES 36 dress is 8201 Peters Road, Ste. 3000, Plantation, FLORIDA 33324 on or before July 20, vs. Coastal Blue Waters Properties 13-25-CA Notice of Sale MINUTES EAST 115.27 FEET; THENCE SOUTH 22 DEGREES 54 MINUTES EAST 239.60 FEET. 2014, a date which is within thirty (30) days after the first publication of this Notice in PUBLIC NOTICE THENCE NORTH 83 DEGREES 26 MINUTES EAST 20.15 FEET TO THE POINT OF BEGINNING THE WAKULLA NEWS and file the original with the Clerk of this Court either before IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR WAKULLA COUNTY, FLORIDA FROM SAID POINT OF BEGINNING CONTINUE ALONG SAID APPROXIMATE CANAL CEN- service on Plaintiff's attorney or immediately thereafter; otherwise a default will be CASE NO. 13-25-CA
SAID CANAL RUN 19 DEGREES 13 MINUTES 1S SECONDS EAST 134.48 FEET TO THE AP- This notice is provided pursuant to Administrative Order No. 2.066. Plaintiff, PROXIMATE MEAN HIGH WATER LINE OF APALACHEE BAY; THENCE RUN SOUTH 68 DE- In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you are a person with a dis- v. GREES 32 MINUTES 34 SECONDS WEST ALONG SAID MEAN HIGH WATER LINE 80.16 FEET, ability who needs any accommodation in order to participate in this proceeding, you COASTAL BLUE WATERS PROPERTIES, et. al., THENCE RUN NORTH 19 DEGREES 13 MINUTES 1S SECONDS WEST 166.88 FEET TO THE are entitled, at no cost to you, to provisions of certain assistance. Please contact the Defendants. POINT OF BEGINNING. Court Administrator at 30S6 Crawfordville Highway, Crawfordville, Fl 32327, Phone No. NOTICE OF SALE PURSUANT TO CHAPTER 45
(860)926-1201 within 2 working days of your receipt of this notice or pleading; if you
Any person claiming an interest in the surplus from the sale, if any, other than the are hearing impaired, call 1-800-966-8771 (TDD); if you are voice impaired, call NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to the Final Judgment of Foreclosure dated property owner as of the date of the lis pendens must file a claim within sixty (60) 1-800-996-8770 (V) (Via Florida Relay Services). June 2, 2014 and entered in Case No. 13-25-CA of the Circuit Court of the Second
days after the sale. The Court, in its discretion, may enlarge the time of the sale. Judicial Circuit in and for Wakulla County, Florida, wherein CADC/RADC Venture
Notice of the changed time of sale shall be published as provided herein. WITNESS my hand and the seal of this Court this 9th day of June, 2014. 2011 -1, LLC is Plaintiff, and COASTAL BLUE WATERS PROPERTIES, et. al. are Defendants, BRENT X. THURMOND, As Clerk of said Court the Clerk of Court will sell to the highest and best bidder for cash at the courthouse DATED: June 9, 2014 (CIRCUIT COURT SEAL) located at the Lobby of the Wakulla County Courthouse, 3056 Crawfordville HighBy: /s/ Chris Helms, As Deputy Clerk way, Crawfordville, Florida at 11:00 am on the 10Oth day of July, 2014, the following (COURT SEAL) described property as set forth in said Final Judgment of Foreclosure dated June 2,
By. /s/ Chris Helms, Deputy Clerk of the Court Published June 19 &26, 2014 13-05741 2014, to wit:

Gladstone Law Group, P.A., Attorney for Plaintiff Lots 6, 11, & 12, Block 30; Lots 9 & 11, Block 36; Lots 9, 10, 11 & 12, Block 37; Lots 4 &S,
1499 W. Palmetto Park Road, Suite 300, Boca Raton, FL 33486 6100-0626 TWIN Block 39; Lots 4,S6, 11, 12, & 13, Block 40; Lots 1, 2,3, 4,6, 6, 7,8, 9 & 10, Block 41; Lots
vs. Trsk Pau D.-000CAM Ntc fAto 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 6, 7 & 8, Block 42; Lots 1 & 2, Block 43; of PANACEA MINERAL SPRINGS,

www.thewakullanews.com THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 Page 7B

5092-0619 TWN A PERSON CLAIMING AN INTEREST IN THE SURPLUS FROM THE SALE, IF ANY, OTHER The administration of the estate of DOROTHY RUTH CLARKE, deceased, whose
vs. Coastal Blue Waters Properties 13-9-CA Notice of Sale THAN THE PROPERTY OWNER AS OF THE DATE OF THE LIS PENDENS MUST FILE A CLAIM date of death was April 16, 2014; File Number 14-CP-52, is pending in the Circuit PUBLIC NOTICE WITHIN SIXTY (60) DAYS AFTER THE SALE. Court for Wakulla County, Florida, Probate Division, the address of which is 3056
IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR WAKULLA COUNTY, FLORIDA Crawfordville Highway, Crawfordville, FL 32327. The names and addresses of the perCASE NO. 13-9-CA BECKER & POLIAKOFF, P.A., Attorneys for Plaintiff sonal representative and the personal representative's attorney are set forth below.
Alhambra Towers, 121 Alhambra Plaza, 10th Floor, Coral Gables, Florida 33134 All creditors of the decedent and other persons having claims or demands CADC/RADC VENTURE 2011-1, LLC, Phone: (305) 262-4433; Fax: (305) 442-2232 against decedent's estate, on whom a copy of this notice is required to be served
Plaintiff, By: /s/ Adam Cervera, Esq. Florida Bar #81679 must file their claims with this court WITHIN THE LATER OF 3 MONTHS AFTER THE TIME OF
Defendants. (COURT SEAL) All other creditors of the decedent and other persons having claims or demands
NOTICE OF SALE PURSUANT TO CHAPTER 45 /s/ Chris Helms, Deputy Clerk against the decedent's estate must file their claims with this court WITHIN 3 MONTHS
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to the Final Judgment of Foreclosure dated Published June 12 & 19, 2014. AFTER THE DATE OF THE FIRST PUBLICATION OF THIS NOTICE.
dicial Circuit in and for Wakulla County, Florida, wherein CADC/RADC Venture NOTWITHSTANDING THE TIME PERIOD SET FORTH ABOVE, ANY CLAIM FILED TWO (2)
the Clerk of Court will sell to the highest and best bidder for cash at the courthouse i I The date of first publication of this Notice is June 12, 2014.
located at the Lobby of the Wakulla County Courthouse, 3056 Crawfordville High- Personal Representative:
way, Crawfordville, Florida at 11:00 am on the 10th day of July, 2014, the following DONNA L. SAVARY
described property as set forth in said Final Judgment of Foreclosure dated June 2, 6096-0619 TWN 31 Sarah Court, Crawfordville, FL 32327
2014, to wit: Clarke, Dorothy Ruth 14-CP-52 Notice to Creditors Attorney for Personal Representative:
PUBLIC NOTICE Derek B. Alvarez, Esq. FBN: 114278 dba~gendersalvarez.com
OF WAKULLA COUNTY, FLORIDA IN RE: ESTATE OF DOROTHY RUTH CLARKE, Telephone: (813) 254-4744 Facsimile: (813) 254-5222
Deceased, Published June 12 & 19, 2014.

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Out on a Li by Gary Kopervas 16 Needlefish 32 34
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l UM, AINJTTA A 4 3 6 sound travel in water than in air?
1 4 6 4. MATH: What is the origin of the
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5. ENTERTAINERS: Which famous
1 4 6 comedian/actor had a brief boxing
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6. ANATOMY: Where is the macula in
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-1 7. LANGUAGE: What is a "beau
Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way
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Moderate ** Challenging 10. AD SLOGANS: Which company
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-%, 2014 King Features Synd., Inc.
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Page 8B THE WAKULLA NEWS, Thursday, June 19, 2014 thewakullanews.com


Charilie W ilkinson Alligator Point teacher, musician,
writer composes an original musical

By JENNY ODOM nie Humble's class, the general store on one
Special to the News So, he and Humble side, and the crash site
joined forces and start- of the space ship on the
Alligator Point resi- ed the after school Dra- -other side."
dent and teacher, Char- ma Club. It was built by W.K.
lie Wilkinson has an During their first Sanders who runs the
array of creative talents. meetings with the stu- carpentry program at
He uses most of them dents, they began talk- the high school.
as he crafts an original ing about putting to- In addition, when
musical with an origi- gether a play and stu- local artist Joan Matey
nal score, Swamp Gas: dents had some strong found out about the
Attack of the Zombie ideas about what they'd play with zombies, she
Killer Space Aliens: The like the play to have connected her friend,
Musical, for his Drama in it. Donnie Denig, a local
Club students. "The kids made it actor. with Hollywood
Wilkinson is a writer, clear there were certain experience.
musician and teacher. elements they wanted Dnghseprec
He plays guitar, bass, in the play a zom- playing a zombie on
and mandolin at festi- bie, aliens, fairies, a "The Walking Dead," an
vals and bars in Wakulla dog, men in black, and AMC television series
County and elsewhere of course, sign, based on the comic book
with his Alligator Point Wilkinson says. series of the same name.
friends. "So, I thought, 'What "Denig visited the
A writer of mostly the heck,"' and he be- kids and did two zomshort story fiction, he gan writing the play bie classes," he smiles,
also has a memoir in the early in the morning PHOTO BY JENNY ODOM expressing the overworks about his person- before work, and during Saturday night dance transferred to Alligator perform in the play to- wh elming outpouring al experience dealing his hour-long commute to investigate." And, the Point years ago from gether simply titled The of help. "He taught the with his father's decline, between Alligator Point storyline evolves from Camp Gordon John- Dance. kids to walk and move
as he slowly succumbed and East Point. there. son. It is sparsely and She owned and oper- like zombies."
to Alzheimer's Disease "Zombie Killer Aliens Wilkinson, who was elegantly decorated, ated the Loudon School On a musical note, more than a decade ago. who crash-land in raised in Virginia, says and the warm scent of of Ballet in Virginia Wilkinson and Dean
When he showed in- Tate's Hell," the plot he is mostly influenced boudin sausage cook- before they relocated Newman, a friend and terest in starting a Dra- reads. "Townspeople by two things Bull- ing on the stove pours permanently to Alliga- musician, have worked ma Club at the Franklin all hear the crash and winkle and the Marx through the open win- tor Point. She has an on the score together County K-12 School, see light and smoke Brothers. He received dows. extensive knowledge for months. Wilkinson
his undergrad in Eng- He is giddy, as he dis- of large scale produc- wrote it and Newman lish from Virginia Tech cusses the play he has tion and this is also helped him hone it and L1and he has a graduate written for the budding where Wilkinson gets plays on the recording
Artists of vvakuiia degree in Linguistics actors, and he says they his understanding of the actors will use for
Artists of Wakulla is a monthly feature from University of North feel the same as he does. production, and how accompaniment.
that highlights an individual artist living Carolina at Chapel Hill. "They are totally to put something like a As well, Sopchopan Lwrkng in Wakulla County. If you are He sits in a large jazzed. They are total- musical together. py musicians, Frank an artist or -kow an artist, who is interest- stuffed chair in the liv- ly enthusiastic," says Wilkinson describes Lindaood nvd Rick ed in being featured, please contact Jenny ing area of the bayside Wilkinson. "I wrote this how many people it took tgthegothenvoledn Odom at jenny@iggyart.com. home on Alligator Point silly little play, and I to gather all the parts tinoghe they elped
he shares with his wife, can't tell you how ex- that make up the play, Wilion and Newmian whrehetaceshghinte isace BtSheila Robertson. cited these kids are. It's its score, the set, and rodciteorgia
wchere heteache higd i the rbdistance.t Butf The home is filled just plain fun to work the costumes. reorItsafng. ltlevl sco l Sei al Ed th ed everybwod excpte Wolf with natural light, trea- with kids." "The set is very sim- "'sage fu nn liat tleha vitonyp i w hr ao shdowed Star (an odxpie) aind sures from the sea and Robertson, choreo- ple," he says. "It is a tages.u ht' hti upft wrer abot a ozen Jimobus aweid alie old wood furniture. It graphed and taught revolving structure with tae.
fifh gades fom ela ar to buy wth heis one of the barracks the actors a dance they two pieces on rollersSt .Pda # .4 Y DI

Boats Kayaks

Fishing Equipment

Motors Parts Trailers

All Things Nautical

Paintings and Art work

Tusay Jun 19 201


.t .. . ...

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., . ....r ....
Aurcn rakn a
Hurcn Evcato Map

pprian pipp IySotNlo

Inomto ro eoeAte h tr

A~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~- WiriTC'rfkn rnmaiae(.di rri-aih hpI)~daPpn

Page 2H-THE WAKULIA NEWS Hurricane Guide Thursday, June 19, 2014

w w h

Hurricane season is ere

Use this guide to help you prepare

The Wakulla County Sheriff's Office Division of Emer- The county and state have very robust response gency Management, in coordination with The Wakulla capabilities to meet your needs immediately following News, is providing you with Hurricane Tips located disasters; however, the only way we can protect you from throughout this edition. life threatening situations is to remove you from harm's
NOAA's Climate Prediction Center outlook calls for way prior to the event. Every major disaster is chaotic a 50 percent chance of a below-normal season, a 40 as power, communications, and access to resources are percent chance of a near-normal season, and only a 10 strained and in many cases unavailable. percent chance of an above-normal season. For the six- It is important for every citizen to understand that month hurricane season, which began June 1, NOAA landfalling hurricanes in our community will be devaspredicts a 70 percent likelihood of 8 to 13 named storms stating, regardless of our response capabilities. (winds of 39 mph or higher), of which 3 to 6 could become Every citizen must take steps to prepare for and recovhurricanes (winds of 74 mph or higher), including 1 to er from the impacts of hurricanes. Homes and property 2 major hurricanes (Category 3, 4 or 5; winds of 111 are replaceable; we cannot replace lives. The Wakulla mph or higher). County Sheriff's Office along with our partner response
The Wakulla County Sheriff's Office Emergency Man- agencies will do everything possible to assure we meet agreement team works closely with community members your needs. However, every citizen has a responsibility year-round to stress the importance of being ready to to follow evacuation orders and to assure that they are protect their family, home and business from severe prepared to recover from disasters. weather and other hazards. If you or a family member has a special medical need
Maintaining not only a well-stocked disaster kit, but (electricity dependent, oxygen dependent, etc.) they a well-rehearsed family (and/ or business) disaster plan should contact the Emergency Management Office for is only one key to survival. When faced with a major information on our special needs registry at (850) 745disaster, citizens should know it could be as long as 72 7200. hours before any kind of public assistance is available. Please take a few minutes to think about your curWe urge every resident to be prepared. It is important rent plan and the actions you will take in response to that each citizen take steps to protect their property disasters in your community. and assure their safety during disasters. The first step For more information about family preparedness to protecting your family is to develop your specific plans go to www.Floridadisaster.org. If you have any plan, which includes a process for evacuation. questions you can contact the Sheriffs Office, Division It is important for every resident to know their of Emergency Management at (850) 745-7200 or visit evacuation zone. To find your evacuation zone, simply our website at www.wcso.org. go to www.wcso.org and click on the Know your Zone Hopefully this hurricane season will end without imScott Nelson button. Enter your address and city in the search bar pacts to our nation, state, or community. We all know
to find your evacuation zone. that it is not if a storm will impact our county but when
As evacuations are required, the level of evacuation it will occur. Wakulla County will be referred to by Zone A, B, or C. It is important to Please utilize the information in this guide to develop
Director of Emergency Management know which zone you reside in to determine if an evacu- your plan and to make decisions to protect your life and
ation is required. property.

feet and can span hundreds of miles
Know the Terms of coastline.

Familiarize yourself with these terms Storm Tide: The actual level of sea to help identify a hurricane hazard: water resulting from the astronomic tide combined with the storm surge.
Tropical Cyclone: A warm-core
non-frontal synoptic-scale cyclone, Hurricane Warning: An announce
originating over tropical or subtropical ment that hurricane conditions (suswaters, with organized deep convection tained winds of 74 mph or higher) are and a closed surface wind circulation expected somewhere within the speciabout a well-defined center. Once fled area. Because hurricane preparedformed, a tropical cyclone is main- ness activities become difficult once 3 tainted by the extraction of heat energy winds reach tropical storm force, the
from the ocean at high temperature hurricane warning is issued 36 hours and heat export at the low tempera- in advance of the anticipated onset of tures of the upper troposphere. tropical-storm- force winds.

Tropical Depression: A tropical Hurricane Watch: An announceN AA cyclone in which the maximum sus- ment that hurricane conditions (sustained surface wind speed (using the tainted winds of 74 mph or higher) are U.S. 1-minute average) is 38 mph (33 possible within the specified area. Beknot) or less. cause hurricane preparedness activiAbout hurricanes ties become difficult once winds reach
Tropical Storm: A tropical cyclone tropical storm force, the hurricane in which the maximum sustained sur- watch is issued 48 hours in advance of A hurricane is a type of tropical cyclone or severe tropical storm that forms in the face wind speed (using the U.S. 1 min- the anticipated onset of tropical-stormsouthern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and in the eastern Pacific Ocean. ute average) ranges from 39 mph (34 force winds. A typical cyclone is accompanied by thunderstorms, and in the Northern Hemisphere, a knots) to 73 mph (63 knots). counterclockwise circulation of winds near the Earth's surface. Tropical Storm Warning: An anAll Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coastal areas are subject to hurricanes. Parts of the Hurricane: A tropical cyclone in nouncement that tropical storm condiSouthwest United States and the Pacific Coast also experience heavy rains and floods which the maximum sustained surface tions (sustained winds of 39 to 73 mph) each year from hurricanes spawned off Mexico. The Atlantic hurricane season lasts from wind (using the U.S. 1 -minute average) are expected somewhere within the June to November, with the peak season from mid-August to late October. The Eastern is 74 mph (64 knots) or more. specified area within 36 hours. Pacific hurricane season begins May 15 and ends November 30.
Hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage to coastlines and several hundred miles Storm Surge: An abnormal rise in Tropical Storm Watch: An aninland. Hurricane can produce winds exceeding 155 miles per hour as well as tornadoes sea level accompanying a hurricane nouncement that tropical storm condiand microbursts. Additionally, hurricanes can create storm surges along the coast and or other intense storm, and whose tions (sustained winds of 39 to 73 mph) cause extensive damage from heavy rainfall. Floods and flying debris from the excessive height is the difference between the are possible within the specified area winds are often the deadly and destructive results of these weather events. Slow moving observed level of the sea surface and within 48 hours. hurricanes traveling into mountainous regions tend to produce especially heavy rain. the level that would have occurred in Excessive rain can trigger landslides or mud slides. Flash flooding can occur due to the absence of the cyclone. Storm surge Short Term Watches and Warnintense rainfall. is usually estimated by subtracting ings: These watches/ warnings provide
Between 1970 and 1999 more people lost their lives from freshwater inland flooding the normal or astronomic high tide detailed information about specific associated with tropical cyclones than from any other weather hazard related to such from the observed storm tide. Storm hurricane threats, such as flash floods

Thursday, June 19, 2014 Hurricane Guide THE WAKULIA NEWS-Page 3H

A good disaster preparedness plan provides a margin of safety protecting you, your family and
You need to have a plan your neighbors.
Having a disaster plan improves your communiLocal officials and relief workers will be on the and by working with your neighbors and local ties' ability to recover.
scene after a disaster, but they can't reach every- government agencies as a team. Emergency management is not one individual
one right away. Understanding your responsibili- Create a disaster plan for your family. or government office, it is all members of the comties and using the information provided by your If you live alone talk to your neighbors and munity working together to prepare, respond and local Emergency Management Office will help you friends about developing a neighborhood response recover from the effects of disaster. better prepare for hurricane season and other plan. If you have specific questions related to creating
emergencies. Being prepared is your best protection and your your disaster plan, call Emergency Management
To better cope with disaster, prepare in advance responsibility. at (850) 745-7200.
Let's work together and be prepared.

Being ready for an emergency is as easy as...

In an emergency you need to be ready to make Duct tape
it on your own. Heavy garbage bags or tarps
What should you have in your disaster supply Important documents
kit? Waterproof container
Fire extinguisher
One gallon of water for each person per day. Whistle or airhorn
You should have enough waterfor at least three Tools
days. If you have four people in your family, you Pet supplies
should store one gallon of water-4 people x 3 days Games
12 gallons of water.
Canned and dried food food that is easy to Special needs:
prepare and doesn't need refrigeration. Baby formula, diapers, bottles and other
Manual can opener infant supplies
Sleeping bags or cots Extra eyeglasses
Flashlight or lantern with batteries Hearing aid batteries
First-Aid kit Special equipment for physically challenged
Bathroom supplies diabetic supplies
Medicines Serial numbers of medical devices such as
Prescription drugs pacemakers
Emergency contact list Pet supplies such as a cage, leash, food and
Soap and hand sanitized vaccination papers
Face masks
NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio or battery- Have two kits:
powered radio 1. A large kit with three days of supplies.
Credit cards and cash 2. A smaller kit if you must evacuate.

Preparedness plans come

in all sizes, as dictated by Think ahead and create a family emergency Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors

individual and collective plan. monthly.

needs. Do you know the Plan how you will get together in different Learn how to turn off gas, electric, water

basic safety rules? Would situations. and heater systems at main breaker switches.

your children know what Discuss what to do if you must evacuate. Learn First-Aid and CPR.

to do if they were home Practice your plans with your family. Discuss basic safety rules.

alone? Do you have plans Have a contact list. Make sure children know what to do if they

in place to move elders or are home alone.

people with disabilities If phones are down, pick two meeting
places: Plan for elders or disabled family members
to shelter quickly? 1. Near your home and neighbors.
2. Somewhere outside the neighborhood Include pets in yourfamily emergency plan.


Learn about the different threats: Stay calm, have plans ready and listen for
Severe Weather instructions from local officials.
Hazardous Materials If you have questions, call your county emer(biological, chemical, explosive or gency management office.
Nuclear Visit www.FloridaDisaster.org.

Discuss the different hazards with yourfam- For kid friendly information and activities,
ily. visit www.KidsGetAPlan.com.

Monitor TV, radio ortrusted internet sites for

Page 4H-THE WAKULIA NEWS Hurricane Guide Thursday, June 19,2014

SURGE POWER: The old Angelo's at
Ochlockonee Bay is lashed by floodwaters of Hurricane Dennis in 2005. The
restaurant would later rebuild.



.. ml

e aware o storm sur e

... ... ......
........................................ .... .........
....... .... ... .. ....

Breaking waves only add to the water level!

Storm surge is defined as the abnormal water level rise you are using, storm surge or storm tide. directly related to the increased winds and lower pressures Another important term is inundation, or height above associated with a storm. Other factors like the size of the ground level. These two terms are another way the Nastorm, the direction and speed of motion, and shape of the tional Weather Service explains the potential impact from coastline can affect the eventual size of the storm surge. storm surge. Inundation involves examining the overall As shown in the image above, the combination of storm storm tide compared to the elevation of the surrounding surge and the normal astronomical tide is known as storm land area. The SLOSH model can now take into account tide. Should a hurricane make landfall at high tide, the the average elevation of each grid point used in the model resultant storm tide could be as much as five feet higher to produce an inundation forecast for your county. It is than the storm surge, especially in our part of the Gulf of important to note that this resultant forecast is based enMexico. Thus, it is important to know when you are making tirely on the storm surge, which again is highly dependent evacuation decisions, what particular piece of information on the eventual track of a hurricane.

Thursday, June 19, 2014 Hurricane Guide THE WAKULIA NEWS-Page 5H

Apalachee Bay is one of the most surge-prone

areas in the United States

(funneling in)



The shallow sheff waters extendmany miles offshore. A shallower slope to the coast tends to make an area more prone to the effects of storm surge.

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Reconstruction services provided I8nternationa
No Board-ups
No Personal content protection and W
peace of mind
0- Debris removal if
O Rapid structural drying
N Guaranteed quick turnaround time
No Mold remediation services
N Personal content inventory ..
0 Salvageable and non-salvageable
contents detailed
No Off-site content deodorization available 850-926-3647
lo All work performed by certified, professional
and courteous technicians I R rainbowintl.com/big bendarea

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*WWW.1uucu.0rg *224-400


SCredit Union
Membership open to individuals who live or work in
Wakulla, Leon, Taylor or Gadsden County

Mini-Warehouses Boats RVs
519-5128 508-5177
2 Miles South of Courthouse, Crawfordville

850-926-4827 Officeoroswww.brgappraisal.com
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(ANT Me a generators Tarps I YOUNEED IT...

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(850 926-800)726-3104W-St:3-u 1 Generators Tarps IF YOU NEED IT..
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3026 Coastal Hwy. Fahits9Lamp OilWEHVI fi
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