Point, N. C. from July 18 to 30. training program of the Naval .n

,t, .. v j Lt. Col. Freeman W. William, Air Cadets
." commanding oficer of the NAR- VMF 144 Rift and Pistol team
TU Marine Air Detachment, is captured the Southeastern Re-
to be officer in barge of the ad- serve gallery rifle championshipand
vanced and rear echelon for the tied for first In the pistol

ss maneuvers. Approximately 29 I league Congrats to the coach
v a a a. h, members of he detachment will\ Capt. Frank Richard and his boys."
also attend the maneuvers. I IA fine spread appeared in the

. Captain Ebr B Phillips has Jax Journal en Captain Rachard's
' just taken over Captain David daughter Audrey, who is just as
.;'! B King's old duties as Intelligence good a shot aj her dad (Lot B
; officer and Lt Byon M. prettier, too!)
r Morris hat moved up to squadron Results from the National
adjutant. Captain King, who championship h .ve not appeared
ent on inactive duty last month, t as yet, but we are all pulling for
will be missed by all. He was one the loca'i to win that title also
; 0i of the real old timers of VFM I .

144 Another change of assign
ment has placed Lt Joseph G

i Iennelly canlportatlon, Jr. nto officer.the billet of SUPPt Y

Herb Marsh, Charles Foert-
, meyer and "ill McLaren report SfLLIESWEDDING i iI
.,,',.' that Tallahassee: is a good placeto
,, /
; : go to school but they hate to ;

N make that long trip to drill, .

eYr rZ i < In :idently, McLaren has hopes of
; becoming a Naval Air Cadet A I BELLES: Geor-

: fine career, fou years with the &etta Montalt and Jewette Peacock -
fleet and then back to NARTUJax I became Mrs. Lawrence Jones

with the "V\eek-end War- ', and Mrs. Robert Ferris, respec-
rioi's'. NAVCADS are needed they last S .rday. Georgia wasmarrieo
7oat is the one hope of any at home and the reception -
Naval! Air Reserve in the future. which followed was well ti

The program must be fed new II attended by Tabulating. (They
blood to keep it going Requirements tell Lu-ille S'rothers she had a ;
'or NAVCAD pros wonderful time1)!) Jewettr cruised
pects are 18 to 27 years of age, over the State line for her exchange
_. 1
--- -
z of vows, but is already .t

.......... Wives' Club Mark back at work (This means over ;1
. : time work for the verifiers, report -
$ II T i I Second Anniversary her associates, for at least '
two weeks). ;
:.... .._., -' I A novelty tournament in which I
Y: I
I Christine Bishop advises that
members carried two dub and a'
.wad Ethel Herrington is on probation
. ;
featured Officers
putter Navy for 90 days before she'll say"Yes"
4\ I Golf Club play last Friday ,
I That means an August!
The class A had Boots'Ellison
group wedding if Ed passes the test .
winning low gross and Jim Turner esigns Friday week
Smith low net i I
Terry making May 20th, to take a few weeks
x Isobel Minter low winner I II
was gross -
off to visit his mother in Mary
in Class B, with Betty Cogh-I land, and then intends to enter
I Ian low net In Class C''
. the University of Florida in
competition Thelma Lee and Lois I
Gainesville in July. At present
Gingrich tied for low gross and I the nuptials for Jim and Sadie

low net I Murphy are scheduled for June
The mixed two ball
monthly 17th The wedding will be herein
it foursome has been set for Sun I
Jax and joull hear mOle
day May 22 I about it in this column later .
4 I ,
The J. R celebrated their
.... ..... Sharpes
J I'.IIIiIIi.. r_= 1.' '- 7th anniversary Tuesday a week
FLOATING AIK STATION To the Navy man an aircraft carrier is something with which he Wives Golf Play ago, Incidentally what is the 7th

has been familiar a long time but to the ordinary layman, whose only knowledge of the sea-going Scores AnnouncedNavy anniversary called Two alma
plane carrier is what he has picked up from periodicals and manuals, a flay aboard one of the Navy's nacs and a jeweler's handbookeach
huge flat tops is an experience not easily dismissed. Radio and press representatives who were guests \\Jves' Club will celebrate report a different title: woolen -
cf the Navy aboard the USS Midway, which conducted flight operations here for four days last I its second birthday Saturday brass and copper, and (of all
week, saw one phase of naval aviation in the form of carrier pilot training. They found out that May 14 with a dinner dance at things) a desk pen-and-pencil sett!
there is more to training a earner pilot than is generally known by the public and more to the operation the club house in Dewey Park at Long Journ-y: Macy Betty Lotz

# w of a carrier than meets the rye, 1900 returned from her flying trip to
''s Tilt VISITING group, boarding the vessel at Ma:>,port at five in the morning and disembarkingas Hostesses or the affair are I'-Jifax, Nova Scotia with the
late as midnight, put in a full day, taking in the huge ship from stem to stern and deck to the I Gladys Repice and Margaret devastating report that not only
lowest platform then witnessing numerous landings and takeoffs of qualifying pilots. During their Brennen, All club members are are the roads worse than Jackson-
4 tour of the vessel they got a close view of the extensive and multiple tasks of the 2500 personnel permitted to bring guests villes but also there are no nlte
{, aboard. From their day aboard the radio-press men deduced that it takes plenty of "team work' to clubs and you have to have a license -
conduct operations of a carrier Coach: 'Wbats his name?" I .to buy liquor! (Macy flew
PICTURED ABOVE are just a few of thescenes the visitors came upon In their tour taken dur- :Manager: "Duntaniov illnskl" both ways). George Davis is
ing a lull in the flight operations on deck, Commanding Officer of the Midway Marcel E. A. Gouin, Coach: "Good. Put him on the I' still looking for the stock number
7 photo No.1. watches proceedings of, the operations from his vantage point on the open bridge. A first team Boy, will I get 'even i of a propeller hub on a jet
fleet Air Jax pilot takes off in his qualifying flight in photo No 2, The crew on the open bridge, with the newspapers. I plane. George flggers if Wilcox

t photo No.3. keep.alert with eyes ahead under the watchful eye of the officer of the day. Men below I wanted it, he oughta know .
dee k also have their work cut out for them, as demonstrated by a member of the machine shop who The maidenly school teacner haa I Tom Forrest finished his "Izzardto

operates the milling machine been tempted into taking her first I azzar'd" physical at Riverside
AI.W\\ ItLADY are the mechs and repairmen who overhaul all planes, such as the men in photo moonlight automobile ride, likewise : ITospital yesterday Ta 3 day
No, 5 who check oleo struts landing gear) of an F4-U Charting the course of the vessel is the she experienced her first I going: over which was to find out
a navigator and his assistant in the chart room depicted in scene No 6. Part of the visiting group kiss: i i: what made Ton tick.
which made the trip Thursday is shown aboard the LCI in picture No. 7 as it moved toward the' School teacher (wailing) : "Oh, I It's time to be making plans for
Midway On the spot in case of emergency, men of the shipfttters and blacksmith shop, overhaul a what have I cone: ? How will I ever I I the two Ion weeke-nds coming
fresh water heater in No 8. dear little children with ; 30th and
photo .. ,.. face those up shoitly May July
-- -- --- -
-- these two black marks againstme I i 4th Tomorrow is the day to
build the same house Ih 2 days take the 1055-that s generallyas *
? bring out favorite "stupid-
? late aS! of 'em"Then jour
what I
Do you understand any Young Man: 'What do you stWon'- Black Cat Day, as it is
I Jones, give me an example"Jones mean, two black marks*It I known in insurance circles .
there is the tale of the
that if
one I
"You mean
Teacher: "Well, al't'n't you going Spring brings out the golf enthu-
in six cannibal chieftain who wished fora
boat could cross the ocean "
to kiss me again? siasts: Ruth Linn, Norma Nix and
could it in few shipwrecked sailors to be
days, six boats cross Venice Taylor are taking be-
w "' washed ashore Said he neeued
one day! A backwoods mountaineer founda ginners' lessons, while J. R.
SALTY HUMOR FROM I a dose of salts
mirror which a tourist had left Sharpe has entered the Finklestein -
HERE AND THERE"What Dentist: "Open wider, please- "Well, if it aint my old pappy I Tounnamnt, carding a 00
,wider" Have you heard that tale abcut I never knowed he had his PIC. o.i his quailf; g round.
Patient: "A-A-A-Ah." the local guy who advertised for ture took." !i The chaise in working hours
do you mean" roared Dentist (inserting rubber gag, a wife and got hundreds of replies He took the mirror home and seems to have died a natural
the politician, "by publicly inputting towel and sponge): 'Hows your ? Every one of them said, sneaked it up into the attic to death due to several factors;
:f'\\: me in your old rag of a family 7"Passenger "You can have mine!" hide it. But his actions did not traffic, bus schedules, and the
: I will not stand for li and
, : J''pt'r7 ?
, escape his suspicious wife. That I absence of the powers that be.
, immediate
I demand apology.
:" an : "Why did they build Customer: "You said these pants : night while he slept she slippedup If we have moved up, 'or if we
"Just a moment," answered the this station so far out of town?" were all wool, and here I find a'' to the attic and found the mir do, Flora Funkenstein threatened -
editor 'Didnt the news item ap- Station Agent: "Well, I guess It ticket sewed inside on which is to report to work in night-
t pear exactly as you gave it to ut. was because they wanted to haveit printed, 'All cotton'." I ror."Bbb-," she exclaimed, look gown and kimo:.a and that Nix
namely, that you had resigned as near the railroad."' Clerk: 'Youre right, sir, but ing into It. "So that the old hag gal was going to have her
city treasurer?" that only to discourage the hes been chasing" tresses up in paper curlers .
'It did, but where did you prl i it A man spends most of his time moths. I Don't ask us v',here Sallies was
It? In the column under the bending locking for the ideal woman but "Ie the housing shortage bad last --FASRON pushed us
Z 'Public Improvements." in the meantime he gets married Teacher: 'How many make a near where 'you're station: ?" out Lt, Leo Webb is currentlyt
---- dozen T"Johnnie "Bad* The place I'm living : king leave while awaiting final
: 'Now remember, I City Man: 'I want to get back : "Twelve" now is so small that if I die, orders to school in Louisville.. lie
/ men, statistics tlon't lie. Now, for to New York on ns late a train Teacher "How many make a the)"'11 just rut handles on the relief is Lt, Comdr M. C. Sny-
1'Instructor I: en example, if 2 men could build as possible! million T"Johnnie sides and carry me to the graveyard der, who is coming from Kwajalein

.., n house in one day, one man could Ticket Agent "Why don't you : "Veiy few." ." (where Lt. Lewis relieved him),


-,.. .. --- _. -,- ..
.\ '- .' ''merle i;v. -" ...:.:,., 1. ,\ :.; ,","" -.r". a.!,,.,.. ....n.it>.,;.,.'" '. ",' ,,; ,, '
v. ,

'' ''' ''''''''''''':",",, '' .;,..... !" "
.. "JI'IF'
I- '
...I'r., 'f1\, 'J'I' : .' ( ; .


12 May. 1949
-- -- -- --

Tigers Beaten Locals Get Best

a By City Rivals 1pj

Chief Stokle Mo t's Tigers base- Of
ball team will be seeking: its first 4tw" College Nines
victory of the season this Satur-

day afternoon when they lock .
horns with a Florida Normal Industrial .

Fla.College tine at St. Augustine Gain Split With Tampa,

Last Sunday the combo lost
Win Over Florida
t'.eir initial game of the 1949 c FroshGetting
campaign to the Harlem Square

Giants of Jacksonville, 8.... : off to a rough start at the outset of the 1949
Although Brown!> Long hurled
i itstanding ball for the NAS campaign, the Jax-Navy'diamondeers showed signs of pick-

team, numerous errors and bad y ing up steam as they annexed two wins out of three starts
fielding judgment: proved to be the { ? on the local gardens last week.

downfall for Coach Mott's team, 2 q a g After taking- the measure of

The Harlem Giants earned but I.the University of Florida frosh, U e tying and winning run.

four of their eight tallies, the oth- .... .. 11-8, the locals played host to In last Wednesday's game the

er four runners having reached MOVE IT OVER-Tony Garcia, University Tampa backstop I Tampa University in a two-game University of Florida's: Baby Ga-
the initial. oack on faulty ball handling spins Bill Crane, Jax-Navy catcher, away from home plate to set, copping the first 8.7 Friday tors, chased John Goodens front
I score the game tying run in the 7th frame of Friday's contest at I and dropping the second Saturday themound in the 7th when they .'
Long allowed only eight safe- Mason Field. NAS won the game, 8-7 I 42. The Boernermen will be i ol lee ted- three runs to tie the
ties la nine Innings while the local i until 27 66.Goodens. t.
-- --- i away May when they return game,
lads were collecting eleven hits Marines to play Eglin Field gave way to Dan Bol- '
CPO's Rest
off Luke Murray, tne Giants' Atop Heap Tomorrow the Jaxmen tangle drlni in the th with two away,
hurler. Harvey Jackson, second :: with the Green: Cove Bullets, at at.d the firemen dampened the
sacker for JAS, collected two bin- Green Cove an1" to Florida and went
II In Intra-Mural Softball Race journey Eglin surge on to win
gles in four' trips to the plate to Field, Fla.. for a two game series I his first fAJ.. _

lead the iger batters. I Marines and Chief Petty Offl.cers '- '- ------ with the Air Force, nine Saturdayand I .-t
softballers are still waging a Monday to garner their second Sunday. : Skeet
Team Enters
CPO's Planning neck and neck battle for top position win of' the "e soit. |I Pitchers' hauls

in the American league In the two remaining tilts Monday i In Sunday' : fray with the Spar-
Links with five wins in six starts apiece, Ordnance nod Gunnery's Jesse tans, Bob Becker, NAS chucker, : Florida State Shoot .
TourneyPlans while FASRON SJx sets the paceIn Allen hurled an 8-0 shutout over and his opponent, Eddie '"
are in full swing for the the National circuit with an Com Fair, allowing three hits, { waged a bitter mound Gasque'l Jax Navy's shooting :
|; unblemished record of five vie- I while VF-45 eked out J the letter's teammates s .eet men will make their 1919 t
monthly CPO golf slated a victory I
for May 21 on the tourney local layout j j' tories as intra-mural competition I' over VF-42 in an error packed en- across, a pair of tallies in the 9th, debut against top-notch compe
closes' Its third week 'counter on a base hit and two Jax errors tition in the Florida Inter-state r
th prizes announced for win- '
j I to chalk up the 4.2 decision shoot at Tampa, next Sunday.
The CPO's pulled into the lead
ners in the competition. |' In the National circuit last
Competitors will post an entry last Wednesday when they toppedthe ( Thursday, undefeated FASRON i In the Sptrtans' half of the fInal Shooting for NAS in the meet ".
Marines behind the no-hit i stanza vo rousing Jax errors will be Nick GallUano, Bill Ar-
fee of $1.50. Prizes will be awarded S' : ran their sk for the following: |' hurling of Herschel Borden, but I five with a 6-3 win over Supply, and a base hit gave the visitors thurs and Bill Hartley, three returnees -
A trophy to three-time winnerof were defeated by VA-44 last Mon I handing the Supplyers their fifth needed marj-n! : of victory. from last year's powerful -,
low score honors: longest driveon day. The Marines came abreastby j loss In a row. VF-135 won their I'' "Ace" Woolbright, NAS first base- five-man combo, along with
No. 5 hole; least number of defeating the Photo Lab the first tilt of the season last week ,: man, started things off in the ft.I Herbert Pistole and Ed Varner,

putts; neatest pin on.No. 6: kicker same day. I ib-- downing the Police squad, 9-8, | nal heat when he went all the newcomers to the station squad.Hl'lbert .
winner's In the Marine-Photo 1 in way to third or an outfield error, Howell and Don Eddington -
prize-- score must be Lab tilt, a bitterly contested fray, while i
between 70 and 80 using' handicap Daryl Shaw went the full distancefor '':; -82 halted a four ame wino i I but the inability to" hit In the will accompany the NAS
: most 5's in a row; most 6's the winners allowing only tw streak of yF-133 by: defeating? the clutch by his teammates left him trigger-men on the Tampa jaunt

in a row; low score in each flight safeties and fanning twelve to latter, 14-7, in one of the most i j stranded at the finish. serving as extra gun hands.
using' handicap; most putts; long- register his third straight triumph & "prising upsets in the tourney. I Webb> \VinH Number Two Bill Arthurs, outstanding clay
e .t putt on No. 9 hole and nearest Hospital posted a close 7-6 trlI i i]i| Being thj .Irst Jax-Navy twirler l- blaster on last season's highly
drive to stake on No. 2. Stopping the CPO's 5-1, in allowing I umph over NARTU for their to win his second game this tr .ted team, has been hitting his .
only eight hits', Sam Vela- fourth win In another nJp and season, Webb, used his blazing fast usual mark in practice on the
tis, VA-44 hurler chalked up a tuck battle last Thursday. Billy I II )j'. or.a and the timely hitting of sec- local range for the past few-
Golfers Return fourth win for his team putting i Leroy tallied three safeties In four 'I ondibaseman DicV Clark, to polish weeks and is expected to make a
them right behind the leading times up, and drove in the winning' I off the Tampa nine in Fri- fine showing in the inter-stata
Here contenders in the American for day's 8-7 see-saw fray. shoot.
SaturdayAfter league run Hospital in the bottom II i
with a 4-1 slate. half of the sevent.. VF-41 edged i After Tampa tied it up with a I Also enteredin the Florida
posting their second Hard (Hitting I out VF-81, 8-5, in the remaining I pair of scores in the 6th and wentto tournament scheduled for Sunday I
"straight win over the Cherry The same afternoon, VA-85 put National league encounter, while I II the front by two runs in the are Tyndall Field and Pen-
oint Marines, 22', to lip last together three home runs and I a scheduled match between VF-43 7th, Jax-Navy evened up thingsIn sacola, two If Jax-Navy's bitter
week, the local NAS golf team j| eight more base knocks to trounce and O&R was postponed | the 8th with a brace of safeties est rivals in the skeet competition -
will journey to Tallahassee Friday VU, 113. I Herschel Borden chalked up the'' and Moore's two-bagger. Loadingth ,',
for a divot-matching fracas j I first no-hit performance of the bases with three consecutive J I
with Florida State i I Dispensary came from behindto bungles, NAS set the stage for :

linksmen and return University Saturday j,,I down VF-131 with a 5.2 count ;,I Chief 1919 intra-mural Petty Officers campaign drubbed as the the j slugger Clark, who came through i Netmen Prepping ,-
-- --------
for a match with LeI with his fourth hit to send home
Camp the Florida Seminole squad Jax1 Marines, 9-0, last Wednesday. The ; .
Jeune. i Navy's clubbers were soundly defeated CPOs collected eight hits in the I For All-Navy ''Play j
In an eat lier encounter with 207. encounter.The I ,
-- -- ------- -- -. -.n same afternoon, VF-131 Baseball Players With an ye on the '49 All-Navy t t

shut out ComFair, 5-0; VU was tennis championships which an :.1
Patterson Victim Of Jinx sunk by O&G. 5-0; V A.H blasted Still Needed Here being held at the Naval Academy, ,"

VF-42. 9-2; and VF-45 received a All portion or this Jtu'kaonllf nnapoli, Md., in mid-JuIy Navy ,if''

fo-feit from Dispensary.In \ \ Naval Air Station baseball and Marine urtmen began prepping t:
In Group the only tilt played last week this week for the 6th Naval '
; Ring Tourney team are still open for .*- :1
. Tuesday, John Armbruester pitched p'rant' wishing. to try out for District matches, which opens '..
a four-hitter to FASRONSix May 29, at i undetermined '.
give the activity +.t'I
team. The local nine hold
Maybe lightning never strikes twice in the same spot, but Phil a 2-1 triumph over Hospital. I which will be announced "
practice sessions aU.r.noon
8th Naval District middleweight The every at a later date .
repeated his hex over game n a first )loss for I -
local at 1600 at Mason Field ..
mittman Pat
in winning another hair-line decision Henry White, Hospital's mounds- I The ..faval!
Training Center.
when not the road
over the NAS on or playing .
leather-pusher to cop the South Central "I amore, who also .
crown at Group ring gave up four safeti.s at home. : Great Lakes III., has been slated
Charleston, S. C., last week. in the tilt. j 1'sa the site for the South-Central
In the 1948 area finals at Chi-I '
group tourne; during the \ eek of L;
cago, Patterson had his adversary June 19th. .
1 ;
on the floor twice but the All members of the teams sent \
official nod .re: t to Goerish. In to compete in the Annapolis af-
their last' tussle Patterson had Jr will be eligible for the tennis
Coerish' reeling from left and team which will represent the
lights to the head but couldn't Ifr'avy In the Leach Trophy match-

finish his opponent. c in Washington, D. C., July 29
and 30th
r 3y far the outstanding' boxer in Courtmen who were members: .",
the tournament, Patterson scaled | of the inter-service team last year
his way to the top by scoring will bit eligible to compete in the '
a pair of kn't kouts and a TKO All-Navy ft-::.18 without entering .
i before reachJng Georish. the eliminations These will be
: considered a. tended contestantsi -'.
In annexing the 6th N D. ____
.. in the
All-Navy playoffs.j .
crown several nights before the I t j'Jax ;
Georish fracas ',
Patterson had to ':
r el'minate Green Cove's. top mid t
Tars Return
dleweight contender, George Mills j
r Patterson thundered his right to Monday For Week
t.; Mill's jaw half-way through the
i( second to send him to the can t On the road this week* the" .
. vas 5 f Sally League Jacksonville Tars .

: Patterson en sed leatherneck, ir return home Monday night for I
I a full one week home-stand.
The Tars entertain the Colum- I I
heat KO and wasted no time on bus Cardinals Monday in the '.
;". Frank Jackson, Camp LeJeune first' of a four gan'.e series, then tJt:!
. sljgger, with a speedy, smashing I take on Greenville in'a four {7 ,
c ne round T. K. O. | game set be inninr" next Friday
night, toppe off by a !
r? JHK Navy Jloxer Miami Round"Chips" gram
Sunday doubl } ader May 22.
.1-. Chipparonl, NAS boxing "
.. : coac' will lead five Navy .
boxers to Miam' Monday to en. Cag 17 BusoballcrsI
t r the Amerlc n Legion sponsored !
t .- A. A. U tourney, with a I I Seeking Opponents
trip to Havana awarded the winners '
of the meet. Carrier Air Group 17, 191* bise.!
-: v. ball champions of the Atlantic ..
Two NAS C"olc'lboarers, feather-
., '" I Fleet Air Free
I are desiring
weight Eddy Martin and heavyweight t.>u' >""'h... ,,' _.. .
m-- ---- ---- -ith teams in
games the Jacksonville I,
I' John McKay, plus GreenCove's LINKS CHAMPIONS: -Downing FASRON Sit in the final match, the combined ( area Interested tea: lu .;
..: light eight, Dick Riley, pensary golf squad, pictured above, captured the intra-inural links crown. Champion: team-----1 cpn contact Lcdr. S. L. Stanczyk
r: and welter Ray Perkins make up''I'! bers are, front row, left to right. Doc Holland, Dave Henderson and Bill Tippet. Hack row at VA.11AAS: Cecil Field ,r '. .
< th'Jax quintet. right, John Kent/, Robert Lucky and Carl UutnbJuld. Missing from the picture In Felix phone 2.7793, extension 01.r. .


f .

[ ,

n ;.. ., "t. ,.I'jJti. tiiil s \o......... ...,:....:.,, :..:.. __.;i: -....,{wty'i:' +flLrt":!! -. ...."... .._..- '.. .. ,j ......iPaste

Jax air news
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.... .. '..
'V. ,
,, .
;" :. \ .

.: Navy Relief Donators Get Chance At New Car f f'Q


: t-BX 4& --I c !

vmm lJ--- .

: '., VOL. 7-No 6. 12 May, 1949

I ra; t '" Headquarters of the Commander Fleet Air Jacksonville And Commander Naval Air Bases Sixth Naval District : I


,- ... "'a'C: \ ) .
I :, $ t" :W' Q '

'.. ,v ># Jf at,1 '3ft?' >_>: Admiral Durgin

I ;.tfl'f' : ; -i

i _; 7, To Leave BaseTo

fF, I ',, "
!?-W: *

t,,! : Assume New Duties .;'
\,' t

4..; Lru. As Deputy CNO Of Air ;

..I Rear Adm. Calvin T. Durgin, Commander, Fleet Air a

'0{__ Jacksonville, has been named Deputy Chief of Naval Opera.

,'. tions (Air) relieving ViceAdmiralJohn D. Price who was:
ill 3 nominated to become vice chief of Naval Operations.

Commander of Fleet Air Jack
r ----- ,.
>r sonville since last November, Ad- ,
\ miral Durgin will leave here
0, Friday to assume his new job in Boy SwimmersIn
f" Washington!' Monday.. I
Capt. Charles L Lee Fleet Air'
&> Jax Chief of Staff has temporarily 4th SessionFurther 'j
taken over command unfii( I II
rSsj. I I I June when Rear Adm John H. I
drills in sculling I-
Cassaday is expected to arrive'
L. here to take over the post vacat- i treading water and under
swimming will highlight
ed by Admiral Durgin. Admiral i
..,.. _. "i'>'*,o"" Cassady is presently assistant t'o fourth !ssion of the J8II-;
\'. w.' '" >:-- ""<**>" "i" 'nantniii QiL.i-ll. ''''' I
Chief of Naval Navy Boys' dvanced Swimming
;aF' AIR SHOW ATTRACTION portion of the crowd on hand at the air show staged here last I tions Deputy(Air). Opera School Saturday morning at the
1 "' Sunday in observance of the 30th anniversary of the trans-Atlantic flight of the Navy seaplane, Given Party indoor pool.Individual. ..
i jNC-4 give a close once over to the "Phantom" jet, one of the feature attractions of the two-hour Officers of the Naval Air Station I Instruction's to im-

""t' show. will honor the Admiral at a ; prove newly acquired styles of w
farewell party this afternoon. j swimming will also be on Satur-
--- ---
f', Volunteers Growing [ The departing leader of the day's program the fourth of i
" Symposium Set new command set up here last 'series of six sessions under the
; : 3rd Volunteer Unit Commissioned November came here from San supervision o Red Cross instruc.tois. .
; :: For Personnel Diego, Calif. where he commanded .
the Naval Air Bases Eleventh
j :, By Local NARTU in Ceremony May 24 And 26' ''I Naval A native District.of Palmyra. N. J. and diving,J An exhibition by three of Florida of members form swimming-and of stunt theniversity

: a 1916 graduate of the Naval
1;:',. Jacksonville's Naval Air Reserve Training Unit commissioned Civilian employees, Navy per- Academy, Admiral Durgin servedas team featured the third session '
}f ,- its new Associated Volunteer: Unit Aviation No. I' sonnel and their dependents commanding officer of the aircraft last week. Displaying their abilities -
will be afforded an opportunity carrier Ranger during the for the loc boys were Sum
-. 3 in a colorful ceremony! last Sunday at the NARTU administration Rideout Bill Bracken and Ted
in the invasion
building here at the Naval Air Station. to sit in on two afternoon ses. war participating '
!c. : of western Morocco in No- Ciom Ctom was the comedian
J. Choosing the 30th anniversary I --- -- -- sions of the "Know Your vember 1942. After being promoted of the show, who combined coiu-
;'t of the famous Atlantic crossing ,, Leer Units in as many cities, as Navy" symposium to be held to the rank of Rear Admiral edy with aquatic skill.
well 1,000 members of the '
as t I 1
he took over as Comman- The selected of boys from
corn- "Weekend Warriors" of the Or- May 24 and ?6 at NATTC auditorium I group
(('onllnllt'd on Page 2)) 'I (Continued on Page 22)
1" boasts of three Associated Volun- ganized Reserve who train here I 1 1I I ____ __ -- t
regularly.Lcdr The afternoon sessions slated -
--- -- ---
: -
'y Frederic B. Mohle, USNR, I for 1500, will include the | j Birthday Of Ocean Flight
Cancer Fund will command the new associatedunit
,- with Lcdr. Clyde D Hudnall same speakers and the same f
\ as executive officer program: aa scheduled for the Observed By Open HouseOpen
ContributionsTotal OftKr Speak evening sessions on each day :

Speakers at the commissioningwere which will be attended by members I house featuring an air .
Rear Adm. Calvin T. Durgin, of all Duval couoty civic I show with static exhibitions and station during which visitors had
$1134A Commander, Fleet Air Jacksonville flight maneuvers, plus conducted the oppor tunih' to see station ...,
and their families.
; Capt. Alvin I, Malstrom, tours of the station heralded the facilities The air show began I
total of $1,13409 was contributed NAS commanding officer, Capt. Eminently qualified speakers! Naval Air Station's observance promptly at 1500 with the "Week-
/I". by Navy and civilian personnel Frederic W. Prlestman. NARTU including four admirals, will last Sunday of the 30th anniv end Warriors" demonstrating field
during the cancer fund commanding officer and Jackson- highlight the program being i rsary of the first trans-At- carrier landings. and staging aimi-
drive at the Naval Air Station ville City Commissioner Harold staged hereto acquaint the ordinary I lantic flight by the Navy sea- lated strafing runs Formation
Which terminated May 6. N. Chancey.In citizens on current plane NC-4. I flying and demonstrations were
The local collections which were congratulating the men for I Navy topics relative to national The first portion of the two- II also performed by the Marine
turned over to the Duval Countyc. i their loyalty in banding together defense. 'j hour open house program was Aviation squadron VMF-144. .

.,ncer drive authorities, represents (Continued on Page _2)__ 1 de -oted. to conducted tours _of ..the I A static display of all types ,>f
one./ifth of all the money '-- -- -------- --- planes in uset the Naval Air
raised to date in the Duval count m q-- Station afforded visitors an 1 op
) drive :: : portunity clo: inspection of J
Chairman of the station drive, t; 'such aircraft as the FlU
Capt. J, L. Holland, commanding I Corsair AM-1 Mauler, the Phantom -
officer of the NAS Hospital, jet PBY sea-air rescue
termed the drive here a success I| plane, and many others, A cutaway
especially praised the efforts I model of the jet plane drewa
.Qd Julius DeR Quina who headed large share of spectators.

the civilian portion I of the drive. ; I II II II II II II II ing Observance flight of the the NC-4 history-mak.which

I took oft from Far Rockaway,
Stetson SingersIn Long Island May 8, 1919 and
landed in Plymouth, England
s( me 19 day later was featuredat
Two ConcertsTwo all U. S. Naval air establish _
ments ashore and by carriers in '!
90-minut3 concerts by the port.In.
"'. Stetson University Glee club, one commemoration of the flight, s
* to be given for the general pub the Navy's Truculent Turtle :'
lic and the other for patients at iP2V-2): ) retraced the flight of ,-
.... the Hospital here, will be presented the NC-4 and completed the
oIfIi. at the Naval Air Station Sat ,Y.t 3,100 mile trip In 16 hours and '
'1', urday, May 14. I '"
r 50 minutes, a far cry form the" }
Now on nine day tour of the first trip.Enlisted, s
'::';; a a between Pcnsacola and Jack S. S .11,
;:. sonville, the Stetson Glee clubs I .
"ff' \ :111 present e'" fi/st program at Dance
1430 in the Recreation hall at
::0" I '
' ; the Naval Hospital for the benefitof 1I Carded Friday "
\ the patients. I
f '. The first in of monthly
.. a series
The conceit v 111 be repeated at
: A 2000 the same day In the Main s dances sponsored by the enlisted
( rccational council will be held ,
\t..t side auditorium with an Invitation
-I( : ;, extended to all alumni of ,i Friday at 2000 at the Anchorage, '
'' the university, anti to the general S. located on' the point area opposite ,

r:" public I barracks O. Si
----' ,- --- -'-- -- '-------- I Plenty of. girls from Jackson
'i' Harold Milne Griffin, professorof .. ,...
voice at the university, Is director CLOSE SCRUTINY-CurIous and interested onlookers( at last Sunday's air show held at NAS ville for dancing partners and free
. .' of the Glue clubs. Miss I find out what makes a Navy PHY tick as they take advantage of ramps which provide a closeupview : sort drinks will be available at '
':;-4;. P Georglana :>'eel, St. Petersburg I of the aiicruft. Spectators showed a kern! Interest In the |>llay during the afternoon : Fridiy night's affair with music
. r"nrano, will be featured soloist. !I show. > I by the station bans _,


.4 I .... ..l'...

M .

... ..

!.4. b.fJ "" ....:t....... h ...d....N .d .;;; 1IIt .J.. 'ti .. ",,,' ,l ,_ ., .,. "" !. Ii. ..... ..... t------ ...-.;,....__. ..f' "',.:- .....,.......... iIi


Page Two SAX AIR NEWS 12 May, 1949 '

Jax Air News I[ Classified u11eIin I .

Editorial OfficeSouth until Is filled. Call ext. 8230.
Wing, Lower Deck Bulletins will be accepted only space
--' ---
Blilg. 830Telephone Three room furnished FOR SALE ; ;;-Coghlan-; ,

Extension-4184Aidrtw radio combination ta "OB RENT
II. Planejr, KdlUf A 'M Vi vacuum cleaner. :\ corner room with private en"

Chtt PaN-*. AA. 3 Piece maple llvlna f Near bus Reasonable Mere
::0. .aal. ADI nf extension* .
Staff Writer c Skinner, 1619 Seminole Rd.
'47 ".nick super home for summer months
The JAX AIR NEWS U publUhet lent condition New a attract e, every com.lenc'ea.
weekly at the U. S. Nava) Air SU $2000 or beat offer. for two couplea. Call 9.
ton Jacksonville, Florida, and print FASRON 6, BOQ 711 Ford.
t'd commercially with non-appropriatoc w I ; + alt' Thayer baby buggy. 1 apartment. Bedroom both
funds at no expense to the govr-rnmeni ached three monthi. all electric Vtlchen. Large
and In compliance with SecNav Circular f cash almost half (>t vnd pantry Call Mr. Pike ;.
Letter 15-1913 dated 12 December 1943; a ? 3620-B Irwin St. I ..
Copier are distributed free of charge 4 WurcTobe trunk. Good corner room. Electric kitchen j
at the Naval Air Station the Naval Ellison extension and utilities\ furnished. R..a'I
Air Reserve Training Unit. Naval Aux "'41 Plj nouth 5-Pa'" Mr. L. B. Rhodes 4620 '
fury Air Station, Cecil Field and th<
Need paint Rd. Phone 2-3245. .
U. S. Naval Hospital. re-built. BUkemeyer. Apt with prlavte bath. 2
Dewey Park or ext. 'Apt with shared bath. Both
JAX AIR NEWS U a member ot t
39 Ford DeLuxe 1018 Barn St. Mri. Rogeia.
the Ships' Editorial Association and jullt engine. Price furnished 2 Bedroom house
the Armed Forces Press Sen'lce. Re after 1630 dally.
seen : Hancock Rd. Mri. Kildlecamp.
production of material from dolph St. NAS. Apt. for couple Large
sources must bear a credit line. Republlcatlon "33 Model "ST": Buick
private bath, kitchenette. r
matter, except bj .
of other
Motor body good
service Furnished. Mlai HOIIIM
service publications: Is 1 prohibited JAX without All Shackelford. ext. 662 1650 Goodwin St, Phone 8-
permission of Editor A Barr, Dewy Park.BreaUfait .
N :\\ s. : sot In pry garage apartment. Best }
1213 A Hancock St. location. Strictly private.
wtable washing stops by door. Jonei. 7-6608.
VolunteersContinued 2 r t Simmons Hollywood room furnished Apartment

_<<_ __y.v_ ___,yV'_ ___' ___, _v '''__'V_'_ ___ Good condltlno. $.35. \ 432 Hiawatha. Phone 2-
from Page 1)) A Hancock St. NAS.A \ ).
( NEW UNIT COI\UIISSIONED-Lcdr. Frederic B. Motile, new 3-plece living room .. space Beautiful river front.
to form the nl'W'oluntt'er I j commanding officer of NARTU's new Associated Volunteer Unit kln, 1214A Hancock per month 12 miles! South on

Captain Priestn.an commented Aviation No. 3, addresses his men during the commissioning cere- 830*. r.ra.oul. 17. Bail Green Cot.
her Speedboat
"America is proud 4621.
that of these monies of the new unit here last Sunday. Capt. Frederic W. Priest- > freedom and I i proud man, commanding officer of the Naval Air Resreve Training Unit, bra screws and 5 rooms and bath downstair
men for their initiative to heldpreserve is on the right. ename finish entrance 4 rooms and bath
!it." He then read congratulatory -.- .- Allegheny Rd. NAS. aundeck upstairs. Private cn-
letters from Reat ..- -... Kitchen bedroom, and ... Ten miles from NAS Phone
----1 furniture to furnli: W. E. Whlttlngton. .
Adm. R. W. Hayler, commandant, houie. Available May '
your reservations for a low
Sixth Na\al Di'rict; Mayor C.I I Not New NuggetsHELP ilton 311313 Hoi Axe vacation on beautiful" lake San- .
i'rank Whitehead: Wally Schanz, I Park. Fe, 50 miles south on Highway ;
WANTEDTo enjoy W 46 Mercury nedun. Excellent fishing and swimming.
Aviation supervisor' ind !
state !
$1200 Mm. Morgan !
Riviere ext. 325.
the bargains we have on
Governor Fuller Warren. I many .MJ Phone 25724.
Admiral Durgin in his talk eulo- sale this week. We are fortun- I C4 Phllco radio and IrELi
and the ate in being able to keep up 65 record. $45.1o 1'ltler'arol. Dod!on, 1013
:;fed the Reserves demand for Infant Phone 661 o call at 'In St.. NAS. Ext. 8345.
with the
thy played in the past war. He great L. 7-Room house. One and :-Iltttr-or: practical nursing I
pointed out that 95: per cent oi clothing and nursery fur- .. > ; Completely Innulated. .. May Glendon. Phone 2-97M. i
in the niture. Come in and prove to ed poi-chfi. 4922 Wanted-To Pennsylvania on or
total naval personnel
the 2-2353.: : 16th of May Will share Orhlnu
Shore. Phone
that have the low-
remark yourself we Heat tho I buns and get thecharcoal
conflict were Reservists, up 3-Bedroom house and expenses. Phone 2-7793 or Est "
ing "Thank God we have men like est prices. ready. We are about Rlvenlde Manor $ at Cecil Field. Rowe. "
in our country. You ale our THE NOT-NEW SHOP In leady to have a good old weiner ment. $2000. Balance : Small furnished apt. for

you real secret weapon." the Hobby Shop building open t >ast tonight May 12 at 1930 out S ed.Room Phone house 20812.In W. and. Hanger 8 mo. 114.babY, R. E. L'llilch.

Captain Malstrom who also every Tuesday and Thursdayfrom in the grove, which is located $2000 my equity and Wanted: From 35th: and Main
spoke brie. welcomed the revs 1200 until 1400. over by the corpsmen'a barracks Phone 94933. supply 0745 to 1630. Riley, Call
unit aboard and extended the an" across from the bastball dia- 48 Chevrolet Club 8193 or call 6-2229
Naval Air Sta mond. This with the Radio, heater and Wanted: Several riders from
courtesies of the we say mileage. Excellent
)' tf Kdgewood and Park to
tion. usual plea to the weather man Thomplon.! 0800 to 16.10. Styron 2-'j810!
Schedule Set Up with all fingers crossed. So New Mahogany Ext. 766.
The 30 men who form the nucleus come and cook 'em to suit your- chine.'iii cell : Rler; Driving' to Michigan
Randolph St. Hart ley 1'lnl 16 May, Desire one paa-
of the new organization are 8e" 1947 Studebaker to share driving. Phone 650
all Jacksonville business men who A good old Bonanza Party is on In excellent 737. Lt. Rfld.
from attending regular er and over-drive. Trade: 3 Bedroom house, 2 yean
ate prevented tap in the Recreation Hall on
Call Lt. (jg)
equity for late model car,
week-end drills with an Organized Monday night, May 16 at 1930. Reasonably priced car A: cash. 36MB: IrwIn, Dewey
Squadron of the Nava It's fun and it's easy,--you should room bedroom .

Air Reserve. The new program get in on the deal. The lent 428, Simmons or will Holy trade -. a Si
will allow the unit members to fly; I Ir I Mother's Day entertainment made
week ', hours convenient On the social side of life we "
during: the a possible by the Navy. Mother's
to them.A wish to report that Eleanor Wo.meldurf Club was greatly appreciated.

drill schedule has volunteer bel'l8et of Housing is taking the Occupational TherapyIf you [CPO J JAll i
that -will have the
ui' 1 14 at are having trouble with your
the second and final vows Saturday May
pilots flying on clothes hangers rusting and suppu.t.'t t i.
fourth Wednesdays and Thursday 1600. AW friends of the couple ale
staining your clothes, the O. T. CEO's and b
of each Associated nont\ Volunteer train cordially invited to attend the affair department has the answer to dially invited to j jI
ing has been initiated by the Chief at the Franklin Street Baptist your problem. In one hour's time of our pool facilities

of Naavl Air Reserve Training, I Church. Eleanor says she has you can cover the hangers with days. Colorful hairs

-a Adm. RI hard F. Whitehead, I known her fiance, Johnny Walker yarn which will protect your I beach umbrellas '- \

to better spread the efficiency ol fn. (ino kiddin', 'hot's his name) fora clothes. vided for the I '"" '" 1>1\.1,1011. ..

...: 27 units throughout the (com I long time, two weeks to be ex- Patients who might be wonder- Bath house lockers than one person has that
mand. The other two volunteer act. Eleanor's leave slip reads ing who that fellow is with the We suggest in his eye nowadays.
units supported by NARTU-Jax "Personal Business." red hair and his left arm in a or checking your ,' Gensinger started the

are at Charleston, S. C. and Orlan.do Chief Clerk Pete Capps returned cast, it's James Casey, VAB. club bar. with a trip to Cuba last

Fla. Pilots from NARTU fly to work Monday after a week Casey, the silent type is weavIng The pool deck and now several other

aircraft to these cities for the on jury duty. Pete says he likes a rug now, but has com. will be open in the instrument shop are

Veterans to keep up their proficiency those hours and is going to try pleted belts wallets, table mats days Enjoy the to do the name.' There
in service type aircraft. to proposition Commander Peltier, and is always lending a helping mosphere of the like travel to awaken

a-. -- PW officer, Into changing the hand when there are odd jobs to pleasant interest in life, so they ray,
hours so that he will come to be done. BINGO-Friday if BOems to be the rea-

Boy work at 0900 knd leave at 1500. Canavan, SN, la completing a Two big jackpots for so many travel folders
We understand Lcdr. Rait, assistant plastic bowl and six small individual more the merrier! around these days.

(Continued from Page 1) PW officer, is in full accord salad plates which are Let's make of the men around here

the junior and senior high schools with the proposed change. shaped like a maple leaf. note of the day. checking their tackle boxes

competed against time in nonstop Alyce Taylor seems to have best things in life repairs and replacements.

swim the entire length oi the fishing bug and she is really I'm just a li'l\ seaman smile, a handshake new kickers will soon be
165-foot 'ool. Bob Oliver, stu down to hello! We
the ; outdoing the men on her fishing Sitting cry.I hope on fishing trips and I hear
dent of John Gone, still holds tales. You should hear the tall ones didn't see that ensign stay a pleasant one Is a run en the bream pole

the speed record for the distance, she tells Monday morning. Poor Who just came walking by. members that have ket. In case you don't know

:::1 Hecondw. Mr. Murphey We'll miss Flor- i Report. Jy- _. e. bream pole la, that's ft
to better the record ---- -- -------- -
In an effort ence Brown of the Personnel Unitin fishing pol with a fan.

Jimmy ." >lian of Klrb.Smithilwam the Administration building Always At Your fitted end wrapped handle
the cours in 40 seconds to
1'lorence has moved her office almost a:' much flexibility as

tate' Saturday's honors second, with Joel o"er to Maintenance. (NOTE: This is the sixth and final in a series of flyod.. Long a favorite
.iI4er of dul'ont in place Item_
News from the Fire Box-Why lining the aims and purposes of the Navy Relief I a few people this little

wIth 42.6 seconds., a I do the boys at No. 1 station 'in gan its annual appeal for funds last week. This last ming into its OWI

sist on B. A', Pickett carrying a dealing with the operations of the Society, will also I name doesn't mean you can't
Holds C02 extinguisher around with Navy personnel more aware of the services rendered anything else with it.
Navy CYO him If .the reason is what we Relief Society. are .:ome mighty happy

hear it is, the boys overestimatethe "Quotes" on Navy Relief in Production control
Officers ElectionThe powers of this: extinguisher The following excerpt on assistance from Navy Ralph Henderson came

C. G. Edwards want to know to Navy Personnel and their dependents is taken H had' been out ill. .
Navy Catholic Youth Organization why C. C. Anders doenn't wear Department Bulletin of 15 December 1948, Circular II Brewer has decided that he

recently formed here, his cap to and from work these 325-48. a fatal 'ascinatlon over cats.
held its first election of officers days. Could be a scarcity of bu "(b) Assistance to dependents of deceased he ent home to find that

v at its May meeting In the small gles. The boys at No 3 invited I officer or man (active or retired) loses his life, the I one l.ad adopted him. Be-

('ha pal. G. Geemlng to a spaghetti '[' formed by the Bureau of Naval Personnel. If there he and Ralph Aaron, all .
Elected p-eslderit was Miss dinner last Friday. C. P. Carpenter minor children, or parents who were dependent upon kids in town can well be eup-
Nora Hayes while Mills Kathleen makes JeVcious! spaghetti. Youon't 'i Immediately written to or visited and the assistance of I with pets. C. C, Riddle has
was chosen vice-, needed is offered. The aid which the is
O'Doherty have to worry about it I if Society helper. What, no more fe
president, Mrs. Grace Copeland,, stringing out-he serves it in one in these circumstances includes the following; I helpers ? .Hydraulic shop
and John Crotty, treas Financial assistance for basic needs
lit'cr'i.ary so'id ball! (If any of the girlsin (1) living Just enough chairs and stools
urer.Plans. :Public Works have an old cook awaiting Government benefits such as 6-month around but someone is al-
were made for the orgaa'zation's book laying around, it could be pension and insurance. having to stand. We wonder
first social event a Assistance with transportation to family
utilized to good advantage at No. (2) what S. R. Kent has! to bay
picnic to be held at Gold Head 3 station). places of permanent abode for purposes of that

.branch state park' Sunday May fly under the new situation. Arias has a new Cul-
]v. Transportation! will be pro. "(3)) Assistance to widows in completing a it will
Rule book. Maybe
sided from the chapel and the AdmiralContinued if they would otherwise have insufficient funds nooh'.lme
commltte, under J. Madden, are and the training itself would contribute to their \ his bridge
At least it's out.
completing all arrangements. ( from Page! 1) ing self-supporting. called "fire .
Assistance after the receipt of Government A. D. Sylvia is
Point ((4)
der, Fleet] Quonset which cannot be (" is because he is from the
turned emergency, non-recurring expenses
lad Brooklyn up
A from R. I.He.
state that owns
invasion mal income. Typical situations are sickness, !: city in the
in a mess hall in a Texas camp also participated in the -
bolding the rattles from a rattle- of southern France in 1944as and equivalent emergencies which are urgent and fire truck.. .
h. enak commander of a task group attention. "z,
"Where'd e. get 'em" a K. P. and later became commander of "(5) Except in rare instances, the aid granted in me for slapping your :
you the Escort Carrier force in drives uations is invariably a gift, to the end that no but I thought you were "try-

,askul."Oft a big woim!" in the Pacific.ifl&frk.'V. placed on those who have been bereft; of their normal to steal my lIol'ol'ltlpin..


':,\ ./.'_, 'ii:t.aiattaLA.'uftgA hfifciM ., ik-Ufii .... ,
'''''' t. ..... .j r J. : Jj-S '} "- -i} A .7, ._".", ..; .r

,"m;, 'r"lY'I ","':"'!f """ "''\I'' '' '''i'1'C'' .... "
' .

<' 12 May, 1949 JAX Am NEWS rage Inrem ;


,,"',__ ..._ .......,_ ._.._. ..__ ....__ .__........_.._. m_._ __ .. .._. "-,.. tuee -encl
_1Ir"! n on. f-: )I'c; j :: < ;.. ,,', ,.':.1


y a ;?rh'2a Notes r

r" i 1rK r 1kD fromNARTU

-r a
'Ye o q ,

; Plans are being made for the two years of college, single, good .G
11. ti annual maneuvers to be held at physical condition. See NARTU
Marine Corps >