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Lisa Raye Floyd Are You Ready
for Americass

on Being -. Mayweather National

Fine and Fit Sr. Talks Hatcr
Plan to Begin on

Over 40 Fatherhood October 1st ?

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Targeting You J t;;I

LPage 2 "S~VA f1KS, COAST L AL IT Y B L A CK WkkKLY 50OCts

US Honors Ray Charles Volume 26 No. 48 Jacksonville, Florida September 26 October 2, 2013

With Limited-Edition StampTh
The U.S. Postal Service is planning to add soul singer Ray Charles to its T e B ge t Mt
"MscIcons Forever" stamp series. B g e t Mt .
Postal officials say the agency is releasing a stamp featuring the Albany, J
Ga., native along with one of the artist's previously unreleased songs. A b u b mc r
Charles was a singer and songwriter who pioneered the soul and rhythm- A b u a mc r
and-blues genres. He died in 2004.
Events are being planned in Atlanta and Los Angeles to celebrate Charles' by J. Young, HP who buy insurance on their own.
inclusion in the series. The biggest part of President Seven million people will purR&B singer Ashanti and the Morehouse College Glee Club are scheduled Barack Obama's health care over- chase private health insurance on I
to perform at the Atlanta school's Ray Charles Performing Arts Center. And haul is just days away from its the exchanges for 2014, the Chaka Khan is headlining an event at the Grammy Museum. debut, and the American public Congressional Budget Office projThe US. Postal Service honors music legends each year by featuring them remains confused. For many con- ects. An additional 9 million will on limited-edition stamps. summers, the most important ques- use the exchanges to enroll in ~
tion is personal: What do I have to Medicaid or the Children's Health
Bla k W manSue Blckdo? Insurance Program, two joint federIf you're one of the roughly 80 al-state health programs for low- 1Bos Ov r U e o N- ordpercent of Americans who already income people. The number of
NewYor- ABlak wmanwhofild uitaganstherBlak eploer or has health insurance through an uninsured will drop by 14 million
hi uN ue ork- Blac woan hos biedu aaine r Blac8emloye0fo employer or is enrolled in a govern- next year, the budget agency proj- Clockwise from left: Women of Distinction Honoree Nancy hisrqe usied ofith3 e-ord ha bee sn aaded $280,000. ss Ro ment program like Medicare, the ects. Soderburg, Girl Scouts of Gateway Council CEO Mary Anne Jacobs,
Ajuy sde wih 8 yaroldBrndiJohso agint eplyerbos, ob answer is: probably nothing. For nearly everyone else -- the Women of Distinction Co-chair Cheryl Riddick and Women of
Cannona, in a case that explored a word that is a degrading slur when spo- On Oct. 1, new health insurance 170.9 million people covered by Distinction Honorees Marsha Oliver and Pamela Chaily ken by whites but at times is used affectionately among Blacks. websites will debut in each state, employers and the 101.5 million G r c usU v i o o e s-TeGtwyGr
Johnson said she hopes the word now "won't be tolerated no matter what Some will be run by the state, and enrolled in government health pro- GilS o t Un elHor s-Teaewy il
your race is." She said, "~hopes the case teaches society something." others will be run by the federal grams -- the ballyhooed launch of Scout Council unveiled their 2014 Women of Distinction honorees at a Carrnona, a 61 year old black man of Puerto Rican descent tried to defend government. These sites, called the Obamacare exchanges will reception this week. The honorees, selected for their good works in the his use of the word, saying it had "mutltiple contexts" in the black and Latino health insurance exchanges or mar- mean little, according to health community and as a role model for young ladies, will partiicipate in a communities, sometimes indicating anger, sometimes love. ketplaces, are designed to serve care, consumer and business worldwind of festivities honoring their good deeds. The culminating event
Johnson had recorded his March 2012 tirade about inappropriate workplace those without insurance and those experts. Continued on page 5 is the annual luncheon held in March 2014 where the honorees will forattire and unprofessional behavior, and it was played for the jury mally be feted for their service to the northeast Florida community.
She said she cried for 45 minutes in the restroom. afterward.
"I was offended. Iwas hurt. Felt degraded. Ifelt disrespected. Iwas embar- EW C Aided in Effort -to Increase Black Male Educators
rassed," Johnson testified.
In a statement the organization Carmona founded, STRIVE East Harlem, -Mayor Alvin Brown today joined
said it was disappointed but was exploring options, including an appeal. Edward Waters College (EWC)
President Nat Glover and senior
'Ameica Ido' D scri inaionpolicy advisor Tony Hill in accept'A me ica Ido' D scri inaion LIing a check for $50,000 from SuitM ove For ardAT&T. The funds will used be for SuitMove For ardtraining and scholarships at EWC As "American Idol" begins its 13th season, the show's business practices ar to support the Call Me Mister
under scrutiny as a discrimination lawsuit filed by 10 black former contest- (Mentors Instructing Students
ants continues to wind its way to court. Toward Effective Role models)
The plaintiffs' all of whomn were disqualified from over six seasons for rea- program.
sons other than singing were recently issued notices of "right to sue" by Call Me Mister is a national
the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, allowing the 429-page teacher leadership program that
lawsuit they filed in July to move forward. prepares young men to teach in eleThe lawsuit argues that producers over the course of 10 years have pac mentary schools. The initiative is
ticed a pattern of racial discrimination that stems from using black male con- olasaddresses the critical shortage of
testants' arrest history against them. The suit points out that 31 percent of all African American male teachers.
"American Idol" semi-finalists who were black males were disqualified for Its mission is to increase the pool of
reasons "urlae to -l their singin Itl." Moeoer the 4 l awsui adstavialetahrsfo bodr

Page 2 -Ms. Perry's Free Press September 26 -October 2, 2013

PadyLasSilaDlbrt etTa Seniors Beware for Scam Alerts

Payday loans the small loans day lending's debt treadmill: sumer Financial Protection Bureau By Jason Alderman When in doubt, hang up and contact lug them for further information. A
that come with big fees and triple- Lack of underwriting for afford- (CFPB) recently issued a report that I look forward to the day when we the organization yourself. few tip-offs these offers whatever digit annual interest rates pose se- ability the lending model relies on reviewed more than 15 million ac- no longer need to warn senior citi- Other common telemarketing the channel might be bogus: rious threats to the financial borrowers' 'inability to afford loans; counts. CFPB is considering rules to zens about scams designed to sepa- scams include: The offer sounds too good to be
well-being of borrowers. That was High fees often at an APR of address its own finding that the typ- rate them from their hard-earned You've supposedly won a free true. the conclusion reached by the Cen- 400 percent or more; ical borrower is indebted for nearly money. I'm not holding my breath, prize but are asked to pay for han- High-pressure sales tactics they
ter for Responsible Lending (CRL). Short-term due dates usually a 200 days in a year. however. dling, postage or taxes. By law, you won't take no for an answer have sen"Whether they receive the loans borrower's next payday, generally Even so, today 29 states still have According to the FBI, senior citi- never have to pay for any legitimate sible-sounding answers for your online, in storefronts or through around two weeks; no substantive restriction on payday zens make attractive targets for con prize, every question or hesitation.
banks, the vast majority of borrow- Single, balloon payment the lending. artists for a variety of reasons: Get-rich-quick schemes, like those You must make a decision "right
ers cannot both repay the loan and entire principal and related fees are Payday lenders in just 10 states They're more likely to have a nest involving Nigerian princes trying to now" because the offer will expire cover all their basic living expenses due at the same time; and collect 83 percent of all fees. Na- egg, own their home and have good smuggle funds out of their country soon. until their next payday," states the Collateral in the form of a post- tionwide, there are 16,341 store Io- credit. using your bank account in exchange Claims that you are one of just a
report. "Payday loans create a debt dated check or access to a bank ac- cations; but only nine major Seniors are less likely to report for a cut of the amount. few people eligible for the offer. treadmill that makes struggling fain- count the lender is first in line to operators control nearly 50 percent fraud because they don't know where The "Grandparent Scam," where Your credit card number is reilies worse off than they were before be repaid, leaving many borrowers of these stores. Leading the list of to report it, don't realize they've been someone pretending to be your quested for verification. Never prothey received a payday loan." short of funds for living expenses. states with the most payday lending scammed, or are too ashamed at hay- grandchild calls in a panic, claiming vide credit card or other personal The newest chapters of CRL's re- After years of consumer-focused activity are Texas and California fol- ing been duped possibly fearing to have been arrested or injured information by phone, letter or email search series, The State of Lending reforms, 22 states, including the lowed by Alabama, Florida, they won't be trusted to manage their (often abroad) and asking you to wire unless you made the initial contact. in America, covering payday loans District of Columbia have enacted Louisiana, Mississippi, and Ten- own finances going forward. them money and not tell their par- You are urged to provide money find these products continue to cre- laws to curb or eliminate payday's nessee. When elderly victims do report ents because they're embarrassed. quickly and not given time to conate a cycle of debt in which borrow- debt trap. In recent years, states with In the area of bank payday lend- crimes, they often make poor wit- Soliciting funds for fake charities, sider the offer. ers take out a loan, ostensibly pay it varying locales and demographics ing, CRL found that: nesses because of faulty memory. especially after natural disasters. There is no risk. All investments
b ack, and then run out of money and have rejected payday lending's triple Bank payday borrowers are two Seniors are more susceptible to Companies offering seniors free have some risk, except for U. S. Govhave to take out numerous addi- digit rates and imposed rate caps: times more likely to incur overdraft products promising increased wealth, medical equipment or services. After erment obligations. tional. loans to afford their living ex- Arizona, Montana, and Ohio. fees than bank customers; cognitive function, virility, physical you provide your Medicare number, They refuse to provide detailed penses. In fact, even though payday In 2006, enactment of the Military More than one-quarter of bank conditioning, anti-cancer properties they forge a doctor's signature and written information. loans are marketed as a convenient Lending Act created a 36 percent payday borrowers are Social Secu- and so on. bill Medicare for unneeded goods or You are asked to trust the telemarway to handle unexpected emergen- rate limit and prohibited the holding rity recipients; and Here's a roundup of common tele- services you never actually receive. keter. Like your mother always said,
-cies, the vast majority of borrowers of a post-dated check from active- Bank payday loans carry an an- marketing scams targeting seniors Some particularly brazen thieves "Don't trust strangers." use the loans for everyday expenses. duty military and their families. nual percentage rate that averages and how you can avoid them: will even offer to help you recover The Federal Trade Commission Borrowers across the country pay Now, more payday-related devel- 225-300 percent. Be wary, even if callers appear le- money you've lost to other scamnmers ( has a Scam Alert Blog
more than $3.4 billion in fees. Fur- opments are occurring at the federal Clearly continued state and fed- gitimate. Caller ID "spoofers" pre- (who are often part of the same oper- that exposes the latest scams, as well ther, more than two-thirds of these level. Two regulators, the Federal eral reforms are needed. For a nation tending to represent your bank, credit ation). as a site where you can file a comfees are the direct result of payday Deposit Insurance Corporation and that prides itself on freedom, preda- card company or government agen- Although direct telephone contact plaint if a business doesn't make loan "churning" or rapid and succes- the Office of the Comptroller, are toiy debt is simply un-American. cies may try to trick you into reveal- is common, scammers also use mail- good on its promises or cheats you sive re-borrowing. developing guidance to crack down For more information on the new ing personal information under the ers, email, texts and advertisements out of your money.
Any of five factors can create bor- on payday lending by the banks they chapters, interested readers, CRL's pretext of fixing a security breach. to lure potential victims into contactrower problems and can lead to pay- supervise. Additionally, the Con- web at:
Emlymn Opporunit

A Speeding Ticket Can Ruin More Than Your Day Drivers: $1,000
sonal data, it Investigate whether attending traf- any mistakes. If you know that your
will tell you fic school will erase the ticket from credit rating has unproved, ask your
how many your record. Rules vary widely by insurance company to recheck it at
points or other state (e g., how often you can attend), renewal time.S g n Bu s
-penalties will and certain serious infractions, like With collision and comprehensive
be added to excessive speeding, are ineligible in coverage, insurers pay only up to the Great Pay! Consistent Freight!
your driving some places. vehicle's actual cash value, minus de- R go a
record per in- Whien your policy is up for re- ductibles. Thus, some people with Great Miles on this Rein lAccount.
fraction (based newal, get rate quotes from at least older cars drop this coverage, sinceWe n rE t p is :
on state law), three carriers. Talk to an insurance repairs often cost more than the car'sWen rE t p is :
ki ,as well as in- agent or use an online comparison worth. But remember: If you drop 111f
We all know that sinking feeling formation on the state's rules for site such as, InsWeb this coverage and later rent a car, pur- 1-88i~8-5 67-3110i
when you get pulled over for a traffic when driving privileges can be sus- or NetQuote-just be aware that not chase the rental agency's coverage to violation. If you're lucky, you might pended or revoked, every carrier participates in these be fully protected.
just get a "fix-it" ticket for a broken Another company, called sites and make sure you're compartaill,ight: ,But-.what.ifit was a more --DM -org, features a Ticket.Fines and -inapltoppe..
serious offense, like speeding-. or, Penialties tqpl that provides aneven Anohrra~ comparisonT,12 reckless driving? Depending on your more detailed state-by-stat anal1ysis 'shi each insurance company calcudriving record, you could get slapped of what various infr-actions can cost, lates risk differently, so particular with a sizable penalty or even a jail procedures for paying-or challeng- traffic infractions might trigger varysentence -and your insurance rates ing-your ticket, how points are cal- ing increases, depending on the carwill almost certainly go up. culated (in those states that use a rier.
Let's say you absentmindedly ran point system), how long it takes to Increasing your deductible from '
through a stop sign or made an illegal clear infractions from your record, $250 to $ 1,000 might lower your preleft-hand turn. You'll probably know links to local traffic schools (where miumn by 15 to 30%.
right away how much the ticket will offered), and much more. Ask about premium discounts for.
cost, but it could take months before One caution when using any of low annual mileage; clean drivingA your insurance company receives no- these types of sites: Because traffic records; defensive driving courses; tice of the infraction and adjusts your laws are complex and change often, being over a certain age; good stu-premium, always double-check with the state's dent grades; vehicle safety features
If the suspense is killing you, In- DMV itself for the latest and most like alarns, anti-lock brakes or has a handy tool called accurate information. pro- cle tracking systems; parking in a sethe Uh-Oh! Calculator that estimates vides a DMV Office Finder tool by cure lot; working in specific the average rate increases for the 14 Zip code. industries; or buying your home- 1
most common traffic violations. And, So, assuming you're not going to owner's or renter's insurance from if you enter your age, Zip code, resi- challenge the ticket in court, the damn- the same company. p
dence type, marital status, length of age has been done and your insur- Most insurance companies use AL.

September 26-October 2, 2013 Ms. Perry's Free Press Page 3



12h Annual Fine Arts

&cholarhip neftConcert

Featuring the Classical Lzgendary Sounds

ofsix-ge Gramy-nominee

Natural Craze Hits Beauty M arket- Reginald and Sylvia Walker owners of
Natural As I Wanna Be (N.A.I.W.BE), have opened a new nail, pedicure and massage salon in the Jacksonville Landing. In March of 2000, Sylvia's concept of making hair and skin products for friends and family eventually led to a natural decision to create organic skin care products that represent responsible healthy lifestyle. After ten T E years of product research N.A.I.W.B.E, officially began product development and test marketing of its signature organic products with safe ingredients, no animal testing, fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic, and no mineral oil. A o product line consists of a creams, raw unrefined shea butter with a unique balance of organic essential oils; moisturizing sugar scrubs, and organic shower gel. Pictured is owner Sylvia Walker performing their signature hot rock J ---r----y_ sta pedicure on customer Danielle Ansley. KFPphoto

Hidden Dangers of Sagging Pants
actually have harmful side effects. sexual performance issues and A two-year study by the national impaired urine flow. This situation American Medical Association, led can also lead to problems with the by Dr. Mark Oliver Mansbach, con- bladder, kidneys and prostate. it cluded that the continuous wearing could even eventually have the of sagging pants severely impacts effect of shriveling of the organs. sexual performance. For diabetics, this could mean gan"In our study we discovered that gene and necessary amputation. sagging pants wearers are 70% And that's not all..
more likely to prematurely ejacu- Sagging jeans can compress the late during intercourse," says lateral femoral cutaneous (LFC) Mansbach. "75-82% of the men nerve, which runs down your right who wear saggy pants have some thigh. The constant pressure on the sort of sexual dysfunction which LFC nerve might cause it to go into can be traced back to the constant overdrive and start registering pain Robert E Jacoby Symphony Hal
"Pant's on the ground, Pants on mis-aligning of their hips and lower prematurely, a medical condition R r JcS p y k
the ground.. .Looking like a fool torso from the gait that's sympto- ,called meralgia paresthetica. This SYM Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts
with your pants on the ground." matic of sagging pants." serious neurological disorder can 300 \(CSt Waltr Strect Jacksonvill, VL 32202
Those lyrics went viral across As with any body part, a lack of cause numbness of the leg, stinging
America in 2011 after one man blood flow means little to no oxy- pain, oversensitivity to heat and $125 VIPf $75 Reserved $55 General Admission $25 Student slulDrquird)
wrote a song about his disgust for gen from blood, no nutrients, and even atrophied leg tissue, in some $125 VIP 1 $75 Reserved 1 $55ben heral Adisi 14 3 5 S '. stmphnIDo r d
younger men wearing their pants no cleansing of toxins. Long-term cases. A ....
low. His urging is valid, citing a reduced blood circulation can result Moral of this story: Pull. Your. Proceeds to benefit Pduwad \Woirs Colcqc Shlarship Pund
recent study that sagging pants can in bodily harm. For men, this means Pants. Up.


1 t -

Page 4 Ms. Perry's Free Press September 26 October 2, 2013

Pooling Resources is

Key to Blacks' Wealth
s n le in te A a D by William Reed
Peter Bailey is a man of note and distinction. The
Black writer contends that: "Despite strong evidence
October 1,2013 signifies a criti- O 1 the D for Health to the contrary, many Blacks believe with all our
cal date for President Barack October 1 Sr t he D fr dH alt hearts and souls that the path to equal rights, equal
Obama. It's the date that we offi- justice and equal opportunity lies in electing people to political offices." If
cially roll outhealth care expan- Care Expansion to Begin Are you Ready? you don't see the truth in Bailey's statement, it's for sure you won't be
sion, the Affordable Healthcare inviting him to speak to your church or organization
Act, orObamacare whatever you Others who wanting to engage in store thtepwrdadelgtnd
at obcare at conservative research groups, associated with the medically tance of October 1, 2013. The date ries that empowered and enlightened
want to call it. toeA rias the Black masses, are booking the self-described Garveyite to tell AfricanPolitically, the stakes are high for including the well-respected needy program. This would pro- is finally here for those Americans ercaudienes at the eeb ed"rinto belevi at Democrats and Republicans. Heritage Foundation and the vide $430 million in savings every who don't have health insurance to American audiences that they have "been bamboozled into believing that Democrats and the President actu- American Enterprise Institute. year. start signing up for coverage plans voting and politics will change their lot in life.
ally think that health care expan- If you look back at the 1993 That would be an additional through new insurance market- As a speaker, Bailey urges Blacks to be clear and uncompromising in
sion will work and point to pro- Republican Healthcare Plan it $430 million that could be used for places. their lives and goals. He provides a needed dose of reality with an abungrams like Medicare, which is mirrors President Obama's plan. education, infrastructure, etc. President Obama has been clear dance of history and direction. Bailey encourages Blacks' wealth and comwidely considered one of the most The individual mandate, as it is Yes I know, you are thinking the goal is to make healthcare more munity-building. "Black people have a powerful weapon we don't effecsuccessful federal programs ever known, was seen then as a conser- what most of my Democratic col- affordable while extending cover- tively use. That weapon is our individual and group economic resources.
vative alternative to some of the leagues and I have been thinking age to millions of people who don't We spend too much time focusing on electoral politics and not nearly implemented. enough on wisely using the trillion dollars that we turnover annually.",
Dems also point out that when health care approaches favored by it's a no brainer to do the expan- have it. Bailey brings stories and insights on Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr. to his
Medicare was first proposed there Democrats -like creating a sion. Not only would we be able to With the President's goal in Mdrwas ajorost tropo thercet national health service or requiring provide healthcare for over 1 mil- mind, on Oct. 1st at 6 pm, State presentations. Marcus Garvey represents Black self-reliance in America. of universal health care for seniors. employers to provide health cover- lion people, but save the state $430 Representative Mia Jones and I Garvey is quite a story. He was a staunch proponent of Black nationalism, President Reagan called Medicare age. million annually and create will partner with Enroll America, to which end, he founded and forged the Universal Negro Improvement
"Social Medicine," which again we The 2013 Legislative Session 120,000 jobs. Hester Group, and other healthcare Association (UNIA). Through public speeches and his newspaper The
know now works extremely well. ended in May of this year without What's there to even talk about? organizations to host an informa- Negro World, Garvey became one of the most significant Black leaders of Republicans have done their best the state embracing or accepting Well, we know the traditional tional and enrollment town hall at the 20th century. He advanced a philosophy known as Garveyism to inspire to discredit the Presidentand billions in federal dollars for party line rhetoric about the "fail- Bob Hayes Complex Legends economic empowerment among African Americans. Garveyism would helth cre epan sinand the healthcare expansion. ing" federal government. We hear Center. eventually inspire others, ranging from the Nation of Islam to the Rastafari
hnensitof their efforts has not Republicans in the Florida about federal debt and how we Federally trained Healthcare movement that proclaims Garvey "a prophet."
decreased. Some say hat House of Representativesbasically shouldn't take this money because Navigators, health professionals, Bailey's presentations are inspired by the vision'and accomplishments of depublicas Soe a say that ensured that 1.2 million Floridians we don't know if the feds will keep and local non-profit agencies will Garvey, one of the greatest Black leaders in history. Garvey was a role that healthcare expansion may will continue to go without access their promise over time. be on hand to help answer any basedel ton Fathers Divine Elijah toward Blacks nprideand self-determination.s
actually work. to affordable healthcare, and A weak argument, when you questions regarding enrollment in
Remember, this wasn't some Florida's families will not benefit consider the fact that every single the Affordable Care Act Health aselfreliance,d thrBookerthe UNIAT Washington's edappracthe largestmassinmovement
new Democratic idea. We know from the 120,000 permanent jobs year the state budget is made of Insurance Marketplace. selfrian er i Aan hi recte thIa movement
that as governor of Massachusetts, that would have been created. some $26 billion dollars in federal Despite the efforts of among African Americans in history. Garvey's UNIA movement and vision Mitt Romneysuccessfully imple- Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the funds. Yes, that's right between Republicans in the state legislature, italism ventures. mented statewide universal health- whole job creation factor. If we federal funding of education, trans- the federal government is moving In his presentations, Bailey makes positive Black history unfold. In the care. expand healthcare, we could poten- portation, housing and other needs forward with health care expanAgain, it's nothing new. The tially create up to 120,000 new we are already getting a ton of sion. For those who are uninsured 1920s, it was eye-opening for Blacks across America when Garvey purAg that people should be jobs in the state. federal dollars each year. this is an opportunity to get infor- chased an auditorium in Harlem and proclaimed it "Liberty Hall." From
require tobhealt opl e rag e And one more nugget of infor- The federal government has mation that could essentially save required to buy health coverage mation if we would haveexpand- never defaulted on their priorities your life. Now is the time to act. Garvey's economic impact in America included hundreds of profit-gener was fleshed out more than 20 years ed healthcare, the feds would've to the states. Signing off from Duval County, ating UNIA businesses across the country; and his never again duplicated
agobya a mbrcampaignaive coethat0 prcpersuadedss ut etBlackk t tinvestorsge FllootoapapnuhachasededBlstockstos inprcanestcintenma-ena
economists, embraced by scholars covered 100 percent of the costs But getting back to the impor- Reggie FuArwoodationalshipping line to carrypassengers andfrceightsbetween America, Africa and the West Indies. The Black Star (BSL), incorporated in 1919,
was capitalized exclusively by African Americans. The BSL acquired three
'steam ships, but by 1922, they were lost and the corporation collapsed.
Keynote speakers are integral to any gathering looking to further themselves with knowledge and networking. Black schools, forums and con-;
ventions need Bailey and his important motivations toward Black growth.
Football to M ake a Buck More public attention needs to be directed toward the how and why of
Blacks building, owning and controlling our own income producing assets.
wanted to play in the South, they Druid High School in Tuscaloosa, won 34-28. Bailey can inspire and unify an audience with acom, mon purpose. Brother
..a........ at Attend HBCUs.It' Wasnever Ala., was quarterback and co-cap- Unfortunately, most of our Black flal"y's ............. ... b"1W ....g.. d sneed .
a question of talent. More than tain of my football team at youth don't know about the glory hear nowadays. Bailey says the election of Barack Obama has "proved 1,200 players from Black colleges Knoxville College in Tenn., landed days of Black college football. I nothing." A former Ebony magazine editor, Bailey points audiences to the have played in the NFL, including my first job in journalism at Sports tried to help fill the gap in 1977 fact that, "We spend $600 billion a year and should be serious about know150 who have made it to the Super Illustrated and wrote my first book when I wrote, Jake Gaither: ing and understanding that with economic power, political power is autoBowl. NFL stars from HBCUs about Jake Gaither, the legendary America's Most Famous Black matic."
b y include: Jerry Rice (Mississippi football coach at Florida A&M who Coach. Recently, Vein Smith, a He brings a sense of history to his tales. Bailey served as a pallbearer for George Curry Valley), Michael Strayhan (Texas won 85 percent of his games over screenwriter and former Atlanta Malcolm in 1965. Nowadays, he says "blind devotion" to Obama and local
I cringed as the scores came in Southern), Walter Payton (Jackson 25 years and never had a losing bureau chief for Newsweek, wrote politics prevents African Americans from participating in activity toward over the weekend. Ohio State 76, State), Art Snell (University of season. a screenplay based on my book. the collectivity we need to flex our financial and political muscle effecFlorida A&M 0. Florida State 54, Maryland Eastern Shore), Ed "Too I still love the game and have We're in the process of shopping tively. Bethune-Cookman 6. Miami 77, Tall" Jones and Richard Dent deep respect for Gaither, Robinson the script, hoping to present the real William Reed is head of the Business Exchange Network and available
Savannah State 7. Our HBCUs (Tennessee State), Bob Hayes and and John Merritt at Tennessee story about Black college football. for speaking/seminar projects through the Bailey
have traded their proud, rich foot- Willie Galimore (Florida A&M), State, the giants of a bygone era. The best known movie about ball heritage for money. And I don't Donald Driver and Steve McNair To fully appreciate the depth of Black college football is "White think it's worth it. (Alcorn State), Deacon Jones and athletic talent at Black colleges in Tiger," a made-for-TV movie starThere's only one reason our Harry Carson (South Carolina those days, imagine all of the Black ring Bruce Jenner as the first White HBCUs schedule games against State), John Stallworth (Alabama football players at the University of quarterback at previously all-Black
schools whose head coaches make A&M), Mel Blount (Southern), Florida, Florida State and the Grambling College, now
more than their entire athletic Larry Little (Bethune-Cookman), University of Miami on the same Grambling State University. In the budgets: they earn a big payday, Rayfield Wright (Fort Valley State), team. That's exactly what Florida movie, Harry Belafonte plays the )M YA N OW.P..TIEN 5 rcl T
-- -- AT f TT; 4 --F AR XI A +, ; WIJR W M.{O P "lEPA~ NOW ..IME TO To %
even if that means being publicly and L.C. Greenwood (University of A&M had in the segregation era. role of Coach Eddie Robinson. The Tm'/ ,T POJrIVAL I-tAIRN' s-T T i I
humiliated along the way. Arkansas at Pine Bluff). When Bob Hayes, FAMU's dou- fact that a White actor was the star y tl>j F1ROM APLDI'AC.K f LtU'.
The irony is that the SEC would- Grambling's Paul "Tank" ble-gold medal winner at the 1964 in a movie about Black college n't continue to have a lock on Younger went to the L.A. Rams and U.S. Olympics and future Dallas football is proof that Hollywood )-l
national football championships became the first HBCU player to Cowboys wide receiver, joined the was never serious about our story. were it not for their Black players. make it in the NFL. Grambling has team, the only time he got off the According to the Census Bureau, .And it wasn't all that long ago that four players in the NFL Hall of bench was when they played the 53 percent of the Black population Blacks were as unwelcomed in the Fame: Willie Davis, Junious national anthem. is under the age of 35. That means
SEC as they were at KKK rallies. "Buck" Buchanan, Willie Brown Gaither said that because of seg- that more than half of African But when Sam Cunningham ran for and Charlie Joiner. Eddie Robinson regation, the only way he was able Americans were born after 1978. 135 yards and two touchdowns on coached Jim Harris, the first Black to prove the quality of his players They don't know anything about 12 carries in 1970 when the quarterback to start in the NFL and was when they turned pro. That Jake Gaither, Eddie Robinson or University of Southern California be named MVP of the Pro Bowl, was true until Nov. 29, 1969 when John Merritt. All they see are theteknwhaitast i i ;5 .o

routed Alabama 42-21 in and Doug Williams, the first Black Florida A&M played Tampa lopsided scores on Saturdays. Veinm RW1N~
Birmingham, the conference got quarterback to start in, win and University in the first game in the Smith and I hope to get our movie the message that they couldn't win become MVP of a Super Bowl. Deep South between a Black col- made if for no other reason than to without Black talent. Football has always been a part lege and a predominantly White let thmko hti antalways

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The Jacksonville Free Press has its
view, but others may differ.~
~Therefore, the Free Press ownership
reserves the right to publish views ~
....and opinions by syndicated and ~-~ .~-,..
F LORIDA S FIRST COAST QUALITY BLACK WEEKLY local columnist, professional writers
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Jcksonville Latimer, Phyllis Mack, TnaAsiCrotaGyoBed uwlRod ivr
,(:omber et Vickie Brown, Rahman Auhsoin, CeashotsWram Jayson naBrelRod vr FL 32203. (No CALLS PLEASE)

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Who Will Use Obama's Health Insurance Exchanges?
The opening of the Obamacare health insurance exchanges The Biggest M yth About Obainacare
on Oct. 1 is the most significant change to health coverage market in decades. But they mainly will be used by a small
sliver of Americans: the uninsured and people who buy pu
health insurance directly. blic to be confused, anxious and workers, compared to I percent that existing conditions and limiting enrollees and discovered many misBuy their own insurance: 3.6% misinformed about what health care definitely won't or are very likely how much more older people can be perceptions -- including 17 percent
Uninsured: I S.4% reform does and how it will affect not to, according to a report the charged than younger consumers-. who think they have to buy coverthem. International Federation of Health Medicare beneficiaries have even age on the exchanges. In reality, it's
Fewer than hall' or Americans Benefit Plans, a London-based less cause for concern, Quincy said, illegal for a health insurer to sell a Where do Americans get health coverage? think they know enough about the trade group, issued in May. even though a Kaiser Family plan through the exchange to someThe main sources of health coverage are employer-provided plans and public programs law to understand how it affects Employers provide health bene- Foundation poll found that older one on Medicare.
like Medicare. People who have these types of coverage most likely will keep them. them, according to poll findings the fits both as a means of attracting Americans disapprove of the People on Medicare don't need to Buy their own I I insurance: 3.6% Kaiser Family Foundation pub- and retaining employees and Affordable Care Act at higher rates do anything different this yeat than At wo& 44,3% N Government plari: 20.7% listed last month. More, than a third because they aren't taxed like wages than younger people. they have in the past, Quincy said.
believe they'll be worse off, 23 per- (so they're cheaper than raises). "No Express Scripts, which manages "The main message is: Nothing has cent think they'll be better off and one is going to say, 'Whoops, we prescription drug benefits for health changed for you. You're good, to Who are the uninsured? 37 percent say it won't make much just decided that we're not going to insurance plans, surveyed Medicare go."
The uninsured rate varies by many factors. Hispanics, young adults, Southerners, and difference. give you health benefits because we the poor disproportionately lack health insurance. When Congress wrote the law don't think they're that important' It
RACE & FTHNICrrY AGE REGION HOUSEHOLD known as the Affordable Care Act, just isn't going to happen," Darling _14
29.1% ..27.2% their idea was to maintain said. And experts don't expect large
24.9% Americans' current health coverage employers to make more changes or
as much as possible, to boost con- raise premiums much more than if
19.0% 17.8% 18.6%
17Z% Sumer protections in the health the health law hadn't been enacted,
14.7 1SA 15.0%
11.9 insurance market for individuals, she said.
9.2% T9% and to cover the uninsured. But anecdotes about individual
That doesn't mean all workers companies are causing some worry Q1*
will keep what they have. The among workers -- worry fomented Congressional Budget Office pre- by Obamacare opponents and the Z diets that 7 million fewer people media, Darling said.
will get their health insurance "It's more the press that is drumthrough work by 2023, although ming up attention in a negative way, "If you have employer coverage the co-executive director of the
jobs will remain the most common much of it being driven by people now, do not worry," said Lynn Program for the Study of Health source of health coverage for who want to make it a negative Quincy, a senior policy analyst at Reform and Private Insurance at the Consumers Union in Washington Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Americans. People who work part- experience," Darling said. who specializes in health care in Menlo Park, Calif. time, have low-wage jobs or are Likewise, the debate over
issues. "If you're on Medicare now, The open enrollment period for employed by smaller companies are whether Obamacare will cause most likely to lose their job-based health insurance premiums to soar please don't worry," she said. 2014 health plans bought on the benefits and to use the exchanges on the exchanges -- so-called rate Still, a lot of people are worried exchanges begins Oct. I and runs
over the introduction of a new way through the end of March. People instead. shock -- needlessly confuses people
There's already been a steady who have coverage from work, to buy health insurance and the will use the exchanges in their drumbeat of news stories about Levitt said. health care law's "individual man- home states to compare the price date" that nearly every legal U.S. and benefits of various insurance companies changing health bene In fact, a survey of employers the fits, like Trader Joe's and Home Kaiser Family Foundation and the resident obtain health coverage or plans. The exchanges also are the Depot dropping part-time workers Health Research and Educational face a tax penalty. only way to get the financial assisPeople who don't get health insur- tance available to those who earn from their health plans. Trust published last month showed ance will have to pay $95 dollars or less than four times the federal While this phenomenon is real job-based health insurance prices and disruptive to those workers, the rose an average of just 5 percent for
1 percent of their annual income -- poverty level, which amounts to whichever is higher. That amount $45,960 for a single person. outliers shouldn't be cause for con- single people this year. "There's no
will rise each year until it hits $695 Those shopping on the market- cem for most people who have job- reason to think that s going to or 2.5 percent by 2016. The man- places will see changes. People who based health benefits, said Helen change dramaticallyy' Levi said.
tt Home and Patio Showcases City's Best
date has numerous exemptions, currently buy their own insurance Darling, the president and CEO of On the individual market for including for financial hardship. will find that some cheap, skimpy the National Business Group on health insurance, some people, Home Talent Thousands of Jacksonville homeowners trekked Most company health plans already plans sold to individuals today Health, a Washington-based associ- especially those who are younger to the Home & Patio Show at the Prime Osborn Convention Center last meet the health care reform law's won't be available, and some ation of large employers. and healthier, may see higher pre weekend to gather helpful home improvement tips, innovative products
"Nothing has to change for you if miums, not counting the available standards for benefits and afford- younger, healthier people may see and fantastic deals. Vendors presented many fresh home ideas and
ability, as do government health higher sticker prices -- especially if you have employer-sponsored cov- tax credits. Others will pay less than inspirational instructions. Over at the main stage kitchen, the Clara programs like Medicare, Medicaid they don't qualify for tax credit sub- erage," Darling said. today. That's largely due to new White Mission held a cooking demonstration with Chef Amadeus. "We
and military benefits. sides. Others will gain access to A survey of U.S. employers rules, such as requiring better bene- are always excited to participate in the Home & Patio Show to show"For the vast majority of the pop- coverage they didn't have and get found that 93.5 percent of compa- fits than commonly available on the case the mission's students and recipes for sitting on the patio," said elation, the individual mandate will help paying for it. nies definitely or very likely will individual market today, guarantee- Clara White Mission Culinary Director, Matt Blinkhorn. Pictured is
be a non-event," said. Larry Levitt, Survey after survey shows the continue to offer health benefits to ing coverage to people with pre-. CWM student Elonda Thomas showcasing their talent.



Since 2004, Fifth Third Bank has taught financial education to thousands of grade school students. Empowered with financial wisdom, the students are aoina on to create bright futures. For more

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Faith Life Evangelistic Ministries Little Rock Baptist Church Is Yo rDoor

1st Anniversary Church Celebration Moments Ministry Health Fair Y u
With great joy and praises Pastor Daniel S. Cohen III and Lady The Women's Ministry of Little Rock Baptist Church, Pastor Randy L.
Jacqueline Cohen and the Faith Life Evangelistic Ministries, family request Sewell will host a community health and awareness fair, Saturday,0 the honor of your presence to come and celebrate with them the blessings September 28th, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the church parking lot located at 1418 O p e n o r C lo se d ?.
of God as they celebrate their 1 st Anniversary Church Celebration. Sunday, Van Buren St. Health awareness, vision screenings and many vendors will 4
September 29th. The theme is: "Perfecting Worship" John 4:24. Celebrate be onsite to provide valuable information. If you have questions call the with two services: 11:30 a.m. morning worship service with guest speaker: church at 356-2525 or after 5 call 885-3018. Pastor Paula Outlaw, Brunswick GA, and at 4 p.m. enjoy evening worship
service with guest speaker: Bishop Marvin Cohen, Jacksonville, FL. The Greater Refuge Temple Presents4
anniversary service will be held at the Oceanway Center Park facility,
12215 Sago Avenue. For any questions call the church office at 487-5521aSe tm rtoR e b r
or contact Sister Robin Wright at 716-5256. Dinner will be served after the
11:30 am service. The church is located at 1511 Cesery Blvd., Make this a September to Remember! Join the Greater Refuge Temple as
they celebrate their 50th anniversary and Apostle Gentle Groovers 80th
birthday celebration, September 26 27 for worship service at 7:30 p.m.
Greaer G ant eleb atesnightly. We will say thank you to psalmist Lisa Page-Brooks, give God our
United Effort Day total praise with Richard Smallwood, ask the lord to do it for us with
Kervey Brown and bless the Harvest for showing up when we need him By John C. Richards, Jr. purpose of door closure is to give
Pastor F.D. Richardson, Jr. and the Greater Grant Memorial AME with John P. Kee. But that's not all!! There will a grand parade on Saturday, "And ifyou do not do well, sin lies occupants of a space privacy and Church family invites everyone to come out and share in their annual September 28th at 10 a.m. at 1317 Rowe Avenue. For more information at the door. And its desire is for you, security by regulating access. "United Effort Day," Sunday, September 29th at 10:30 a.m. for a unique, contact 768-4009 or visit but you should rule over it" Closing doors when it comes to
spirit-filled and exciting worship experience. The church is located at 5533 (Genesis 4:7) relationships allows us to have two
Gilchrist Rd. Transportation is available. For more information call the Holy Tabernacle Celebrates Doors. They open. They close, things: privacy and security.
church office at 764-5992 or email They revolve. They slide. They With that said, I want to give you
60th Church Anniversary lock. They latch. You've probably a universal caveat when it comes to
walked through several doors today relationships:
T.B.I.C. 4th Annual M arriag Retreat 'The Holy Tabernacle church located at 6416 Miriam St. is celebrating its as you've navigated your day. I Be careful who you give your
Pastor Michael C. Edwards and First Lady Faydra Ed wards of Tabernacle 60th church anniversary and will continue the celebration Friday, thought about this very simple key! Baptist Institutional Church, 903 E. Union St. are inviting couples to join September 27th with Bishop James Stewart and a family cookout Saturday, invention the other day while at Growing up, when my mother got this year's "Marriage retreat," September 27 29th at Epworth by the Sea September 28th, at 11 a.m. and the series will conclude Sunday, September work. a new door on our home she took us
in St. Simons, Georgia. Pastor Edwards and Lady Faydra are asking all 29th with Bishop and overseer, Bishop R.L. Jones. The theme is "We come I work as an attorney and am all to Wal-Mart and had keys made Christian marriage couples who love having a great marriage and the desire this far by faith". For additional information call Sister R. Renthope at 764- amazed by one thing that is uniform for the, door. Each of us had an allto further enrich their marriage or just enjoy having a great time and lots of 5885. at any law firm. Doors. Most big access pass to the home. We each
fun with other married couples to enjoy the retreat in a beautiful and spiri- firms take up about three floors in had access to everything on the
tually uplifting environment. For more information email michaelced- St. Stephen AM E Elder Jimmie large, high-rise buildings. Needless inside. Who have you given an or call 356-3362. to say, there are a countless number access key to? Look at your present
Keel Retirement Celebration of doors at these firms. There are condition in relationships. How
Church news is published free of charge. Information must be received The South District of the East Annual Conference cordially invite you to doors to get into the reception area, many people can say they have your in the Free Press offices no later than Monday, at 5 p.m. of the week share in the retirement celebration of Presiding Elder and Mrs. Jimmie B. doors to get back to attorney's key on their key chain? Single peoyou want it to run. Information received prior to the event date will be Keel, Sunday, September 29th at St. Stephen AME Church, 913 W. 5th St. offices, doors to get into conference ple, please carry yourself in such a printed on a space available basis until the date. Fax e-mail to 765-3803 The committee's worship service is at 4 p.m. where Bishop Adam J. rooms, and doors to get into case way that there aren't any duplicate or e-mail to Richardson, Bishop of the 11th file rooms. It is very easy to get lost or spare keys out there on someEpiscopal District of the AME around these places. Despite the fact one's relationship key chain.
Chuch illbe he ues prachr. that all of these doors provide~sever- Often tirnes when .businesses A bfitingrecptin wll e hld al potential accesspoints, one could have something to guard they m~e 'G re terM ace onimm eitelyafterpthen worship celd not traverse through any of the one key that states: "Do Not
imm ebratn. Elder Kee orseas tel doors without an access card. Doors Duplicate." It lets others know that
Souh Dstrct hih cver abut regulate access. That's how things there is only one key, which cannot 27 hurhes in he work at my law firm. Only those be re-manufactured. I encourage
188 W stEdewod veueJacksonville/Orange Park/iPalatka wihkeys to the doors are allowed you to have that same "do not dupliarea. For more information call the access to a space. No card, no cate" spirit. This will let that man or church at 358-2399 or visit access. woman know that your key is Have you ever heard the cliche able and cannot be taken for grantSeekng he lstf r Ch istabout opportunity knocking at your ed. It will help to guard your heart
door? Doors are and save you from experiencing
Mate 81 0Rem em being a metaphorically regret and remorse. The Bible
used in this way declares that "sin lies at the door"
""One in a. M illion M an to explain oppor- (Genesis 4:7). The only reason that
8:00 A.M Early M orning W orship Remembering a "One Iin a tunities coming sin lies at the door is because it does
MilionMan" Wlli Thmas and going in our not have access unless you give it
9:30 a.m. Sunday School Allen, February 15, 1939 lives. The same access. Rejoice in the fact that sin
October 1, 1979. Willie can be said of does not have a key, but also recog11:00 a.m. M orning W orship 'Thomas Allen father of Mrs. entering and leav- nize that you have the ability to dis~ Knyo (Wlnia Tniqe- ing relationships. tribute that access.
Tu~deday vnnw pm ryrSrieAln edw n Opportunities- and Doors, are necessary in life. They

September 26 October 2, 2013 Ms. Perry's Free Press Page '7

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Headache Locations:

Black Men are at High Risk for Devastating Disease
coverage for prostate cancer tests. W hat Do They M ean
Pro!ONOW Coo Risk F;Rwll~telrs Insurance companies may offer According to the National .Coital (intercourse) headache
Prostate Blopsy fow PIN or PIA Wrong Increa.sed prostate cancer screening in the Headache Foundation, over 45 One Side
(Abnormal Cells but not Canc) Diet Decreased % Free PSA remaining states, but are not million Americans suffer from .Migraines
(FFDly History ecreese Blood Levl required to do so. headaches and of these, 28 million *Cluster headaches
F Hof 1. 25 OH Vit. D The bottom line? Having an suffer from migraines. Cervicogenic headaches, one of
o annual prostate exam, including a What Does Your Headache the most common headache causes
ITcrese ... AC00 30 Dalcum litsal PSA test, just might save your life. Really Mean? in the back of head, stems from the
Levels of lgP I No matter what age you are, that There are several types of joints at the top of the neck.
Eosm._ to Anaolic4 s n Wifi.n Vftlght annual PSA test creates a bench- headaches; in fact, according to Cluster headaches, which affect
-t0s,4 Adult mark against which to judge future WebMD, there are 150 different more men than women, are recurO Unhealthy tests, types of headaches. You can gener- ring headaches that occur in
Coon When you receive your PSA test ally determine what type of groups or cycles. They appear sudArH stry oisefra 1"W BDoe results, ask your health care headache you have depending on denly and are characterized by
,suretele-qm Glad provider what your PSA number is, where exactly the pain is: severe, debilitating pain on one
Increase Heg (' 2 ")Decreased write it down, and compare it Front of your Head side of the head, and are often
z against future testes. If the number .Tension headache accompanied by a watery eye and
GommUc RMuttosu nteftuetss akt
vit. Do &ouem. goes up in the future tests, talk to a -Migraine nasal congestion or a runny nose
.e rmDothla( ueTet /T hO doctor. mEye strain on the same side of the face.
SWood & Ucrieo ) T Asorml2 megH 3 pha OHf ) September is Prostate Cancer .Sinus headache Coital headaches, also known as
Wood Cutter.? Svalust Exposure) t (Ome ga 3(m Dfciency) Awareness Month. It's the perfect *Dehydration headache "sexual headaches," occur at the
Farmfl ? *1 Iflo Insulssac
Temher C (2001own)oh,,d mv.. ,. time to call your health care
Tar ou ) "n (icreasd Fting . .R rd ,M t M,itc,,alyu e al Cr Temples (side of your head) base of the skull before orgasm
exposure Insulin Level) ,dnd .... 6.941o I provider, schedule an appointment, *Tension headaches during sexual activity. These
By James Morning, Men's Health cases has risen, their husbands to ask their health and get your prostate cancer test mIce-pick headache headaches usually have an immeNetwork Advisor During September Prostate care provider about a prostate done. Then, talk to your health care ,Cervicogenic headache diate onset, with some gradually
Prostate cancer is the most com- Cancer Awareness Month, Men's screening, including a PSA test. provider and determine what Back of your Head worsening during sexual intermon form of cancer in men, striking Health Network is urging men to If you are on Medicare, prostate screening and treatment options are ,Cervicogenic headache course. They typically last for a
over 200,000 men each year. talk to their health care providers cancer screening is a part of your best for you and your family. -Tension headache few minutes to a few hours.
African-American men are at the about prostate cancer, and to con- Welcome to Medicare physical, the To learn more about the prostate and ,Dehydration headache Dehydration headaches may
highest risk. side screening at age 50, and at age free comprehensive physical exam prostate cancer go to www.pcaaware- Middle/Top occur at the front or back or just on
Yearly, about 30,000 men die of 40 for African Americans and men you receive in your first year eligi- Morning, a prostate cancer survivor is -Tension-type headache one side of the head, or it may be this disease, making it the second with a family history of prostate bility. For younger men, 36 states a retiredAir Force master sergeant who mice pick headache felt throughout the entire head.
deadliest cancer in men. Caught cancer. The group also encourages require that insurance companies was exposed to Agent Orange. He is a -Cough headache Bending the head down or moving
early, prostate cancer can be treat- women to get involved and urge offering health insurance provide state coordinator for the Men Health I.Exertion headache Continued on page 8
ed, usually successfully. But Network.
because many men experience no A
symptoms, it is often identified actress Lisa Raye on Bein Fit and Fine Over 40
only by an abnormal result on a
basic prostate cancer screening. LisaRaye has never been one to weight loss process, the more I On Working Out:
For the last 20 years, doctors shy away from a challenge. After leam that I figure out works for me. "I work out three days a week for 71 have had a powerful weapon in all, she went from model to actress Which means staying at a size that an hour. I do lunges for my butt,
their arsenal for detecting prostate to producer to business owner. But works for TV and for me." you know? I like my thighs to look
cancer. In addition to the DRE (a now, LisaRaye, 46, has embarked LisaRaye also added that while nice, too."
physical exam allowing the doctor on a new challenge: her body. she's on the set of Single Ladies, On Her Abs:
to feel the prostate), patients can LisaRaye decided to pursue liv- she has "absolutely no time to work LisaRaye goes light on the also have a simple blood test called ing a healthier lifestyle by undergo- out." crunches. "I don't like that hard six ,
a PSA, which will detect a majority ing a very drastic body transforma- "I've lost muscle mass just sitting pack look." She prefers a softer of prostate problems early. In the tion. around filming and having my look.
two decades that the PSA has been "I tend to go up and down [in whole life revolve around the "If you want to see a change in
used, prostate cancer deaths have weight], but that's not good for my show." you, you have to put in the hard
declined, and the number of suc- body, LisaRaye explains. "The This is how LisaRaye found her work. And it is work," she advises. money to pay for a trainer doesn't start forming an appreciation for it
cessfully treated prostate cancer more I educate myself about the solution: "Just because you may not have any mean you can't do it. After that, you in a way that excites you."

The Jacksonville Free Press North Florida Obstetrical &

would love to share your Gynecological Associates, PA.

event with our readers.


1. All unsolicited photos require a $10 photo
charge for each picture. Photos can be paid by Complete Obstetrical & Gynecological Care
check, money order or credit card,
2. Pictures must be brought into our office to be Personal Family Planning
examined for quality or emailed in a digital Pero a F
format of .jpg or .bmp. Individualized Vaginal Surgery
3. Everyone in the picture must be named. Care Osteoporosis
4. All photos MUST be received within 5 days of Comprehensive Menopausal
the event. NO EXCEPTIONS. Pregnancy Care Disorders
5. Event photos must be acconpanied by a
story/event synopsis including the 5W's of media: Board Certified Laparoscopy
who, what, when, where and why. in addition to a Robotic Surgery R. Veeren Chithriki, M.D.
phone number for more information. Laser Surgery William L. Cody, M.D.
Call 634-1993 for more information! S.Vincent's.- Division iV 1820 Bars Street, Suite 521

Jacksonville, Florida 32204 (904) 387-9577

!Dr. Cbester Aikeos FLORIDA

: ... IHDOWlTOWH fl ~CIsonivlllt
.Good Nutrition for

, ... .., Women, Infants and Children

WIC offers families:
: Ceckthes guielies t seeif Personalized nutrition
F o r A ll .."WIC might be right for your family:coslain
Checks for free, healthy food

Y our D en tal,.... 1' $409 $1,772 "$21,257: e Tips for eating well to

N eeds j'.i,.::i Referrals for healthcare

3 58-3 82 7 5 m;$981 $4,251ss i2.s To apply call
:- (904) 253-1500

Monday -Friday ,,,,,,0,,, ?

8:30OAM- 5PM ....,...+2 $2 $,3
Saturday Appointments i -... Flrida
Dental Insurance and Medicaid Accepted WIC: is an equal opportunity provider. a~LT"H
Duvl ounty

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What to do from social, volunteer, political and sports activities to self enrichment and the civic scene

Chris Tucker is Back! Couture Fashion Show, Saturday, in Jacksonville, Florida. The at the Times Union Center for JWJ Branch of ASALH the Hyatt Regency, 225 E.
Stand up performer Chris Tucker September 28th at Trio Event Association for the Study of African Performing Arts, 300 W. Water Coastline Dr. Featuring celebrity
is omng o heFloid ThatrCenter, 9726 Touchton Rd. For American Life and History Street. The "America's Got Talent Cruise and SoireekentsparAglaRbso
Friday, September 27th at 7:30 more information call 642.7780 or (ASALH) will be October 2-6th at Live" stage show will feature many You're invited to celebrate the from "The Haves & Have Not's"
p~m a te FordaThete. orvisit the Hyatt Regency Riverfront. of the performers from the televi- 98th Annual Association for the Tyler Perry show, singer Akia
ticetsormor iforaton 28Attend workshops, tours, plenary sion show. For more details call Study of African Life and History Uwanda and comedian Terry
East Forsyth Street or call the box Old School Party sessions, and banquets galore. For 633-6110. Conference, Thursday, October 3rd, Harris. For more details call 469office at 355.2787 or visit TLP Enterprises presents an Old more information go to9:0130pmfoaRiebt436 School Grown Folks Dance, Also enjoy a 2013 Jacksonville Cruise and Soiree aboard the Foxy
SatrdySeteber28h t he "Riverboat Cruise & Party on the SeirG m sLady Scenic Cruise Line. Enjoy National College Fair
StraSpebr2tatte YachtThrdyOcoe3dSn rGa s music, refreshments and a meet and
9t JckonileFleet Reserve, 5391 Collins Rd. Get 9:30n 11 husdyOcobr rd
9t Jckonile9-0 1:30 p .m. aboard the Foxy The City of Jacksonville Senior greet. For more information call Atedifraion sessions on
Tattoo Convention your groove on from 8 p.m. to 12 Lady Riverboat. For more informna- Services Division will host its 2013 635-3813 or email Bright Futures scholarship proa.m. Enjoy old school style dancing .io cal6531.Sno ae.n ody uitryhocm gram, federal financial aid, college
Got ink? Come participate in the without the drama! For more infoi- tocal6531.Seniomr Games o Monuday, kitryaocm.planning, college planning with
9th annual Jacksonville Tattoo nation call Toi Potts at 554-9765 or Seteber 0th tasor Satrday,, writing the college
Festival September 27-29, 1 p.m. -visit Spoken Word Ocoeah re ecu a enio r i tinsn Americas Got admissions essay, HBCUs, college
12 a.m. at the Wyndham at the Ritz caareraed Tojthe fune ndr Talent in Jax! campus services for student with
aming atoo a55 rutist y En-y Ivory Gaa Soe oda h izwl ae ages healthy and active lifestyles Talent from summer's hottest TV disabilities, scholarship tips and
dorszcntets netatoari.n o entaci- The Women of Color Cultural place Thursday, October 3rd, 7-9 for men and women 50 years of age show coming on stage Friday, using the web. Exhibition hall
idoes, antpcigests Foretai m ev Foundation will present their annu- p.m., at the Ritz Theater located at and over. For more information or October 4th at 8 p.m. Fans of the opens Saturday, October 12th at 9 inomti n vpeiausits wwc onve- al "Ebony & Ivory Gala', Saturday, 829 N. Davis St. For more informa- to register to compete call 630-7392 summer's top-rated show will expe- a.m. Register a pnfrmatcior callt 615-429-2200.n September 28th at 7 p.m. at the tion call 632-5555 or visit rec hi aoiesao cs ww9tmnfcm
prscr rcll654920. Hyatt Regency Riverfront. The edu- Rock Shrimp for one performance only at the
cation promotes education of Times-Union Center's Moran The Spinners
Food and Wine Festival heathylfsyesueteua 03BakEp Festival & Parade Theater, 300 Water St. For more t eei W
Globaljax will present the Wines htion lsyeonmic devlpent euad03 lckE p The 41st Annual .Rock Shrimp information call 442-B WAY or visit t eei W
of the World: Food and Wine rineso cs.vFor pm e n fraind Taste of Jacksonville Festival continues its long-standing Edward Waters College presents
Festival, Friday, September 27th, call Mary Wards at 635-5191. The 2013 Florida Black Expo will tradition of family fun Saturday, Scholarship concert featuring the
6:30 7:30 p.m. Enjoy heavy hors kick off Friday October 4th, 6:30 October 5th, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. NBA Basketball Sinr nSnaOtbr1t
d'Oeuvres, 40 wines and cuisine at Northside L.O.V.E. 10:30 p.m. at Everbank Field in historic St. Marys, Georgia. All Returns To Jax! Stp .inn n Sunay ober thob
the Jacksonville Public Library, 303 Touchdown Club -East, by shining day events include 5K and 10Kat8pminheRbrE.Jcy
North Laura Street. For more is Back! the spotlight on some of the area's races, 1 -mile Kids Fun Run, themned The NBA's Orlando Magic and Symphony Hall, 300 Water St. For
details visit www.winesofthe- Show some love at the Northside best chefs, caterers and restaurants parade, entertainment, arts and New Orleans Pelicans will kick off more informton call 470-8000 or
world2Ol3 or call 346-3942. Lifting Our Various Enterprises New this year, attendees will vote crafts, vendors and shrimp and their 20 13-14 season wi th a presea- visit
Arts and Vendors market, Sunday, on the best dishes. Enjoy this fes- more shrimp! For more details visit son game on Wednesday, October Eddie Griffin Live September 29th at Lonnie Miller tive occasion which will feature or call 9th. An interactive fan venue will Indie Arie at the
Comedian Eddie Griffin and Park, 5054 Soutel Dr. The love musical performances by regional 912-200-5235. be located outside the Jacksonville Florida Theatre
friends Michael Blackson and starts at 2 p.m. and will feature food and national talent. Chefs, caterers Veterans Memorial Arena on game olidpentasngrain
Luenell will be on stage Friday, trucks, entertainment, fresh fruit and restaurants interested in partici- Fun on the Riverfront! day. The event will include a salute wioulbniard p hres ay ong ero
September 27th at 8 p.m. The and vegetables, children activities, pating in the Taste should call The inaugural Jaxtoberfest family orte iinfrmatind eall63-39. Fr17th, at 8 p.m. Indie.Arie is coinlaughter takes place at the Time arts and crafts, Zuinba and more! Expo/Black Pages at 727-745. fall celebration at the downtown mrino atncll6039. ing off a spiritual awakening, clearUnion for the Performing Arts, 300 For details call 755-5281. shipyards October 11th 12th, BesCacring out the old and starting anew.
Water St. For more information call America Got Talent featuring local breweries, restau- BesCacrThe concert takes place at the
633-6110. 98th Annual ASALH Live in Jax! rants, children's activities. 5K Beer Awareness Tea Party Florida Theater, 128 E. Forsyth St.
Conference in JAx! The popular television show, run, music and games. For more A cup of inspiration presents a For more information visit
CouureFasionSho Ge redy or he 8thAm~al merca' Go Taent wil b on information call 232-300lor visit breast cancer awareness tea party or call the
The Tailor Shop will present a JWJ Branch of ASALH-Ccinterenc-- -stage Friday October 4th, at 8 p.m. wwcldint.Saturday, October 12th at 5,p.m. at box 35373251-.WiniDmiie

W p

September 26 October 2, 2013 Ms. Perry's Free Press Page 9

On Fatherhood: Floyd Mayweather Sr. Speaks

Fatherhood is an interesting gift, fom a hustle to a mosey. And for such a sight was surreal; the
because it is just as much a gift to that reason, Senior seemed over- intrigue and respect on behalf of the
the giver as it is to the recipient. The come with an air of comfort. boxers made their relationship with
father showers love unto his son, Dislodging himself from against the him more a resemblance of a parand in return, he is rewarded with a I stairwell's concrete banister, Senior ent-children relationship than a
pupil, the most loyal of friends, and made his way to a nearby coffee trainer-athlete relationship. In india sed t be mpated ponandshop, mini-entourage in tow; vidual clinics, Senior stripped each
carry on the father's legacy. The son behind him, a duo of representa- boxer down to foundational level
casts love up to his father, and in tives and the owner of the boxing and attempted to rebuild them,
return,he is rewarded with a mentor, gym, a cousin of mnie. As I pulled equipped with the defensive techa fortress of affection and security, into the parking lot, I spotted a niques he'd mastered in his own
and an indelible sense of pride in slight man, dawning red athletic boxing days. Senior's attention to
his roots. It is true, however, that wear from head-to-toe and a gold detail carried with it a degree of
fatherhood has almost nothing to do necklace, and I knew this to be intimacy. Much like a father with
with genetics and almost everything Floyd Mayweather Sr. I leaped his child, Senior evaluated each
to do with upbringing. That a man from the vehicle to intercept Senior, boxer, noting any flaws. Much like
fathered a child is of little impor- and while shaking his hand gener- a father with his child, Senior
tance to whether that child regards I ously and pelting him with praise, I underwent the rigor of teaching
the man as his father. Instead, there -- hp managed to explain that I would be specific technique to each boxer.
are prerequisites a man must meet the journalist shadowing him for Much like a father with his child,
in order to truly assume a fatherly the day. I expressed my gratitude, Senior disciplined each boxer; he
role. A man wishing to be a father and his response was marked with critiqued until the skill was to his
must endure the stressors of his 'brevity and a profundity that would liking. And much like a father,
son's adolescence; a man wishing both foreshadow the day and Senior imparted a bit of himself-a
to be a father must embed knowl- eikxplain Senior's past: "Oh, no prob- bit of his own boxing acumenedge within his son; a man wishing Floyd Mayweather Sr. (L) jokes around with his son, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., as he works out. lem, man. I'm a people person. As which will forever be present in to be a father must love, and teach, ly, that while the two men may Floyd Mayweather Sr.'s approach shimmering lights aligning the Las soon as you turn on people, it each of his pupils. and discipline his son. voice their differences, the root of to fatherhood is what makes him, Vegas strip were no longer. The comes back to you." In conversation, Floyd
Whenth wthe iesworldtherviewsct iFloyddd i Aftererapfollowinget oxigSenior tol's acthe chncof-ad Mayweatherin Sr.o totheconceywettoldr ocmeol "TheTh
Mayweather Sr. through the televi- theilrcoict Is eegaddi t hi p erh ofaps te getst baloxingatriner ma w opc had hangiaied, andsea fee shop, his group-myself now Lord made me to make champision screen, it will likely see a man similatrity. In re r ok arntgof ahim e yeto ocaitna displso wh bris mwih had Ctfamiiazedhisel included-entered the gym. A hush ons." With a divine directive of that often at odds with his own seed-a and fathehod a"eepr loo inoe i to cain al diptewtrhs wihte"Cy fSn" wasinowmenta swept through the room the second nature, it is no wonder why Senior man facing the tumult of a strained ten pschled ofve"Senor" as mnw Othe isrin son metmectarkedl d irn, enironment. Senior's sneaker touched the floor, has pursued training with such ferfather-son relationship. Time spent ftealled iprv meal otaomn whos On12 thenmorningoof Seteber 1st cotbtse Aothriomi were and the sight of single boxing vency-with such passion. It is the in close quarters with the man, faldt mathmefuo i 02 eirsoda h aeo eerte ot iefo eerty gloves tossed to the ground was belief of Floyd Mayweather Sr. that
however, reveals a much more corn- son, but rather a man who imparted stairwell leading up to a second- It is Hollywood, New York, and Las telling of the boxing world's adora- he was placed on this Earth to plicated dynamic. It seems, actual- almost all of himself upon his son. floor boxing gym in Scottsdale. The Vegas, scaled down and slowed tion and reverence for the man. In tramn-to build-to father boxers.
an instant, Senior was surrounded The inarguable evidence of his sucM~Ji amni Trying to Limnit Rights of Htomiiel1es s by outstretched arms-requests to cess is the laundry list of top-notch
shake the hand of the legend who talent he has trained. Yet, perhaps,
According to the U.S. Census Now, Miami-Dade County Civil Liberties Union [ACLU] sued bled to 65,000 and about 200 new trained the likes of Ricky Hatton, his most clear product of fatherBureau, about 46.2M U.S. citizens Mayor Carlos Gimenez has thrown the City, positing that the practice restaurants and stores have opened Layla Ali, B.J. Penn, and of course, hood is evident in his son, Floyd had slipped into poverty the his weight behind the efforts of the of clearing the streets of the home- in the area in the past five years. his son, The World Champion. Mayweather Jr.; not only Floyd largest number in the Bureau's 52 City and the DDA. Together, they less and throwing away their Book says the City wants to Senior mingled with the boxers in Mayweather Jr. the boxer, but Floyd
years of publishing statistics. Then, are asking the Miami-Dade belongings because of loitering, "sweep people off the street" but the gym for a bit before deciding to Mayweather Jr. the man. If we subas now, Blacks, senior citizens and Homeless Trust to spend up to sleeping on sidewalks, etc., was they can't unless the law is step in the ring. He needn't say a scribe to the belief that the duty of a children were disproportionately $13M on hundreds of new beds. unconstitutional. The case was set- changed. And because the beds word to bring the boxers to atten- father is to equip his son with tools represented and were the most in But what is the real motivation? tled with a consent decree, stating aren't available, he says the DDA is tion. Word traveled quickly that the necessary for survival, we must need. Blacks seeking food from Who truly benefits, the homeless that the police could no longer hoping to force his agency into pur- trainer was, perhaps, ready to begin credit Floyd Mayweather Sr. with
Feeding South Florida [FSF] or big business? arrest the homeless for "involun- chasing 350 new ones. The Trust training, and soon enough, an audi- fatherhood. And if we subscribe to
accounted for 61.2 percent of FSF's Gimenez says the effort is about tary, harmless acts" without first added 85 more beds last July after ence buoying against the ring ropes the belief that the duty of a father is clients twice as much as more than just sprucing up a now- offering them a bed in a shelter. the being awarded $2 60K from the surrounded Floyd Mayweather Sr. to impart himself upon his son, the Hispanics (30.4 percent) With revitalized Biscayne Boulevard and That led to the County forming the City. It was this image which gave cre- fact that Senior has given the world
whites only making up 6.6 percent. Flagler Street area, thus making it Homeless Trust. In the last 10 A legal representative from the dence to my belief that Senior's a man similar to him in almost The situation grew more grave, more appealing for the increased years, the Trust has lowered M- ACLU said their position has not approaches to fatherhood and box- every way-from his swagger to with SFS seeing a 30 percent jump number of tourists that are coming DC's homeless population from a changed and that they intend to ing training are similar. his physical skill to his combativein the number of clients it served in to Miami. record-high 8,000 to 800, spending counter the arguments of the DDA, An entire room of athletes now ness-is a testament to his fatherthe four-county South Florida "It's actually a moral issue an estimated $55M annually in the City and their supporters. hung on Senior's every word, and hood, not a denial of it. region, totaling -over -one. -million, nobody should be sleeping in the housing and services.._____________________________________________according to agency's director of streets of Miami," he said. DDA says homeless
advancement, Lisa Stoch. But Ron Book, Homeless Trust hurting business P U BLIC WORKS HO P SIHEAR IN G NOT IC E
But these troubling statistics, chairman, says otherwise, and There is an estimated 800 homewhere hunger is often directly relat- remains unwilling to try to force the less in downtown Miami twice as
ed to homelessness, have not chronically homeless to use much as it was four years ago. Law
stopped the recent move by the City overnight shelter beds. He opposes enforcement say they are sleeping J A tr n i ro es ae b ng c sd rd f rch g .
of Miami to remove 500 chronical- the proposal to add more beds. in doorways and sidewalks, frightly-homeless people who "live" in "Shelter beds are warehousing," ening tourists and area workers, R ue en ic s e n ld u r o i ie o 7
the City's downtown corridor. he said. "It just allows people to harassing locals and aggressively F1 .8 P4 CT, X ,a dteO ke fC m u iyS ute
In an act that was first initiated come in at night and shower and panhandling.
last April, City leaders and mem- sleep then they leave." The case, filed in federal court Th r is a po sil ne ro t inrdu to fo Oa le f/
bers of Miami's Downtown Much of today's discussion can notes that times have significantly
Development Authority [DDA] are be traced back to the 1988 Pottinger changed in Miami. Unlike in 1988,
asking a federal court to modify a v. Miami case in which 5,000 today the number of people living PUBLIC W ORKSHOP LOCATIONS
long-standing ruling that gives the homeless people and the American in the downtown corridor has dou.homeless the right to conduct "life- M naSpe br3
sustaining" acts including light- 6 pm
ing cooking fires in public parks,
sleeping on sidewalks and urinating Thrasher-Horne Conference Center
in public without getting arrested. 283 College Drive

September 26 October 2, 2013 Ms. Perry's Free Press Page 10

Bowle State 0 0 2 1
Virginia State 0 0 2 1 Bethune-Cookman 0 0 3 1 Fort Valley State 1 0 1 2 Alcorn State 2 0 3 1 Lincoln (Mo,) 1 2
Lincoln 0 0 1 1 NC A&T State 0 0 2 0 Benedict 1 0 2 1 Jackson State 2 0 2 2 Concordia 0 1
Chowan 0 0 1 2 N. Carolina Central 0 0 2 2 Albany State 0 0 1 2 Alabama State 2 1 2 2 Cheyney 0 3
Virginia Union 0 0 0 3 SC State 0 0 2 2 Morehouse 0 0 0 2 AlabamaA&M 1 1 1 3 W, Va. State 0 3
Elizabeth City State 0 0 0 3 Howard 0 0 1 2 ClarkAtlanta 0 2 0 3 Miss, Valley St, 0 2 0 4 Langston 0 3
SOUTH DIVISION Florida A&M 0 0 1 3 WEST DIVISION WBTDIVIDION Va, Unlv, of Lynchburg 0 3
Johnson C. Smith 1 0 3 0 Savannah State 0 0 1 3 Kentucky State 1 0 2 1 St 2IVISIONTVas Uolng 0 3
Shaw 0 0 2 1 Norfolk State 0 0 0 3 StIllman 1 0 2 1 Southern 2 0 2 2 TexaeCollege 0 3
Winston-Salem State 0 0 2 1 Delaware State 0 0 0 3 Lane 0 0 2 1 Prairie View A&M 2 1 2 2 Edward Waters 0 4
SaintAugustine's 0 0 1 2 Morgan State 0 0 0 4 Tuskegee 0 0 2 1 Texas Southern 0 2 0 3
Livilngsatone 0 1 1 2 Miles 0 0 0 2 Ark, Pine Bluff 0 2 0 4 PLAYERS OF THE WEEK
#Notelgiblefortitle Central State 0 2 0 2 Grambllng State 0 2 0 4 OFFENSE
NC A&T Sports Photo OFFENSE Adrian Alexsndar, Jr., RB, ALBANY STATE 127 LoOss,RSr,,WR, SOUTHERN- 10catches, Michael Gsrman, Jr., QB, TENN. STATE
Caleb Davis, R-Sr., WR, SCSU 5 catches, 76 yards, 10 carries, I TO In win over ECSU. 184 yards, I TO in wn over Miss. Valley State. Completed 8 of 14 passes for 96 yards AGGIES TEST: Lewis yards with 2 TDs vs. Benedict. DEFENSE DEFENSE and 3 TDs vs. Tenn. Tech.
AND THEN Kindle (7) gets the nod at DEFENSE Deron Furr, Sr., LB, FVSU -17 tackles, I breakup, Deorlus Washington, So., LB, ALABAMA DEFENSE
Tazman Foster, Sr., LB, NCCU 17 tackles, 8 In win over Clark Atlanta, STATE.Had8tackles,,Sforlosses, I1nterceplon Samquan Evans, Jr., DT, TENN. STATE quarterback as NC A&T solo, 1 forced fumble vs. Towson, NEWCOMER returned 1gyardsforTo. Eight tackles, 2.5 tackles for losses of
tnes to get to 3-0 at home ROOKIE MonquavlousJohnson, Fr.,QB, MOREHOUSE.10 NEWCOMER 18 yards 1.5 sacks and forced fumble vs.
Shaquan Brock, Fr., 0, SCSU -2 tackles, of8 for 181 yard,2TDsn win overCsntral Stte, Jeremah Young, Fr., R, UAPB. Rushed for Tenn. Teh. W ERE TW O Saturday vs. Howard. 50-yard interception return for T F. OFFENSIVE LINEMAN 139 yardson21 carries Including 46-yard To. SPECIAL TEAMS
SPECIAL TEAMS Colby Blanton, Fr. P, AJeneRoblnson,So.,OL,MOREHOUSE-Noacks SPECIALIST Jamn Godfrey, Jr., PK, TENN. STATE FAMU Recorded 402 yards on 9 punts for In win over Central State, Travis Jatzlau, Jr., P, PRAIRIE VIEW A&M Scored 10 polntson field goals of 39 and 22 ONLYTWO UNBEATENS TO BE TESTED; INTRA- 44.7 yard average Includng a long of 78 yards SPECIAL TEAMS Averaged 43,6 yards per punt with a long of 53 yards and was 4-of-4 on PATs vs. Tenn.Tech.
vs. Ohio State. ThomasMllllams, Sr., KR, MOREHOUSE-Retumed yards, three downed Inside the 20.
CONFERENCE PLAY GETS INTO FULL SWING OFFENSIVELINEMAN DomtncoWttson, r-So., a kickoff 96 yards for a touchdown vs. Central Stte, y d
eL, SCSU 5 pancakes, 89% grade

.co,..Unbeatens to have mettle tested

SEPTEMBER 19 Morehouse 42, Central State 20
Jackson State 35, Texas Southern 7 Nicholls State 42, Langston 22
SEPTEMBER 21 North Dakota State 51, Delaware State 0
Alabama State 52, Grambling State 21 Ohio State 76, Florida A&M 0 LUT WILLIAMS
Albany State 34, Elizabeth City State 13 Prairie View A&M 28, Alabama A&M 26 BCSP Editor E S THIS WEEK
Alcom State 21, Arkansas-Pine Bluff 16 SC State 59, Benedict 6 Only two undefeated teams are left in 2013 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28
Bowie State 16, Concord 10 Sacred Heart 78, Chowan 35 West Alabama vs. Concordia-Selma in Demopolis, AL 7p
Charleston Southern 20, Norfolk State 12 Saint Augustine's 35, Stillman 7 black college football North Carolina A&T TVBroadcast ESPNU I Intemet Webcast HSRN
Coastal Carolina 50, Hampton 17 Saint Francis (PA) 38, Lincoln (Pa) 7 out of the MEAC and Johnson C. Smith of the NC A&T vs. Howard in Greensboro, NC 7:30p
Fayetteville State 21, Virginia Union 7 Southern 17, Miss Valley State 7 CIAA and both have key tests this week. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30
Florida State 54, Bethune-Cookman 6 S. Virginia 33, Virginia-Lynchburg 30 BCSP No. 2 North Carolina A&T (2-0), Bowie State vs. Saint Augustine's in Bowie, MD lp
Fort Valley St. 12, Clark Atlanta 9 2OT Taylor 27, Lane 21
Hardin-Simmons 66, Texas College 34 Tennessee State 41, Tennessee Tech 21 under third-year head coach Rod Broadway, Cheyney vs. East Stroudsburg in Cheyney, PA lp
Johnson C. Smith 35, Davidson 22 Towson 35, NC Central 17 has opened with wins over FCS opponents Ap- Fairmont State vs. West Virginia State in Fairmont, WV lp
Livingstone 23, Edward Waters 20 UNC Pembroke 41, Shaw 20 palachian State (24-21) and Elon (23-10) and is Morgan State vs. Norfolk State in Baltimore, MD lp
Lock Haven 12, Cheyney 10 Virginia State 41, Kentucky State 0 getting some consideration in FCS national polls. Virginia Union vs. Winston-Salem State in Richmond, VA lp
Miami 77, Savannah State 7 West Liberty 9, West Virginia State 0 TeAgsfaeBS No9Hwrd(-)Alderson-Broaddlus vs. Virginia-Lynchburg in Philippi, WV 12n
Miles 0, Concordia-Selma 0 (Cancelled) Western Kentucky 58, Morgan State 17 The Aggies face BCSP No. 9 Howard (12) Lane vs. Tuskegee in Jackson, TN 2p

Missouri Southern 59, Lincoln (MO) 10 Winston-Salem State 35, Tuskegee 13 Thursday night in Greensboro, N.C. the first con- Lincoln (MO) vs. Pittsburg State in Jefferson City, MO 2p
ference game for both teams as they both come Lincoln (Pa) vs. Livingstone in Lincoln University, PA 2p
off bye weeks. The game will be carried live on Virginia State vs. Johnson C. Smith in Ettrick, VA 3p
S ESPNU at 7:30 p.m. Alabama State vs. Alcorn State in Montgomery, AL 5p
Broadway says despite the unblemished re- Alabama A&M vs. Texas Southern in Huntsville, AL 6p
1. BETHUNE-COOKMAN (3-1) Walloped by Florida State, 54- cord, his team has a lot to work on. Grambling State vs. Lamar in Grambling, LA 6p
Miles vs. Albany State in Fairfield, AL 6p
6. NEXT: Idle. "Sometimes you win a game and things are Northwestern (LA) State vs. Langston in Natchitoches, LA 6p
2. NORTH CAROLINA A&T (2-0) Idle. NEXT: Thursday at blown completely out of proportion and you Southern vs. Jackson State in Baton Rouge, LA HSRN 6p
home vs. Howard. don't pay attention to detail," said Broadway Stephen F. Austin vs. Prairie View A&M in Nacogdoches, TX 6p
3. TENNESSEE STATE (3-1) Beat Tennessee Tech, 41-21. Tuesday on the MEAC coaches' teleconference. Chowan vs. Shaw in Murfreesboro, NC 6p
NEXT: Central State in St. Louis. "But we're a long ways from being the type of JCSU sports Photo Savannah State vs. Delaware State in Savannah, GA 6p
4. WINSTON-SALEM STATE (2-1) Beat No. 2 Tuskegee, 35- team we're capable of becoming. You get a win PROLIFIC ARM: Johnson C. Smith junior quar- Kentucky State vs. Stillman in Frankfort, KY 7p
13. NEXT: At Virginia Union. against App (State) and people think you're a lot terback Keahn Wallace (1) has thrown for over Morehouse vs. Edward Waters in Atlanta, GA 7p
5. JACKSON STATE (2-2) Beat Texas Southern, 35-7. NEXT: better than you are. And then you beat Elon and 1, 000 yards, 10 TDs and just one pick as the CLASSICS
Golden Bulls have gotten off to a 3-0 start. JCSU St. Louis Gateway Classic
At Southern. of course they think you're a lot better than you looks to go 4-0 at Virginia State Saturday at 3 Tennessee State vs. Central State in St. Louis, MO
6. SOUTH CAROLINA STATE (2-2) Crushed Benedict, 59-6. are. But when you go in and see the tape and see p.m. Augusta City Classic
NEXT: Hosting Hampton. where you are fundamentally, technique-wise and Benedict vs. Fort Valley State in Augusta, GA 2p
7. TUSKEGEE (2-1) Handled by No. 5 Winston-Salem State, scheme-wise, there's a lot of room for improve- Desmond Lawrence tops the league's receivers 16th Down East Viking Classic HSRN
35-13. NEXT: At Lane ment." with 15 catches (7.5 pg.) and is second with 191 Elizabeth City State vs. Fayetteville State in Rocky Mount, NC 4p
8. ALABAMA STATE (2-2) Throttled Grambling, 52-21. NEXT: Howard, under head coach Ray Petty, receiving yards (95.5 ypg.). TV GAMES
Hosts Alcon State. played tough at Eastern Michigan in its opener Johnson C. Smith (3-0, 1-0 CIAA South), SC State vs. Hampton in TrangeburD SC 2p
9. HOWARD (1-2) Idle. NEXT: At NC A&T Thursday. "before falling 34-24. They defeated Morehouse under head coach Steven Aycock, has opened ....___............_-_.....
(TIE) ALCORN STATE (3-1) Downed Arkansas-Pine Bluff, 21- 27-16 before a 76-19 drubbing at the hands of Old with big wins over Livingstone (34-17), Bowie ,,
16. NEXT: At Alabama State. Dominion two weeks ago. State (58-41) and Davidson (35-22) and faces South Carolina State (2-2), at No. 6, opens
Miss. Valley State, 17-7. NEXT: The Bison are led by junior quarterback CIAA non-divisional foe Virgnia State (2-1) MEAC play at home (2 p.m.) vs. winless Hamp10. SOUTHERN (2-2) Beat, Greg McGhee, a former MEAC freshman of the Saturday in Ettrick, Va. at 3 p.m. The Trojans, ton (0-4). No. 7 Tuskegee (2-1), trying to bounce
year who is completing 69.4% of his passes and under new coach Latrell Scott, have posted wins back from its first loss, is on the road (2 pam.) for averaging 213 passing yards per game with four over Fayetteville State (29-28) and last week a SIAC West contest at Lane (2-1).
TDs. McGhee also leads the league in total of- over Kentucky State (41-0) that sandwich a This week's SWAC schedule features all four
fense (267.3 ypg.). Wide receiver Brandon Fla- loss to Benedict (30-14) at the New York Urban teams in the BCSP Top Ten. U N DER TH E BA N N ER nagan (15 receptions) and sophomore William League Classic. No. 5 Jackson State (2-2, 2-0 SWAC E) travWHATS GOING ON IN AND AROUND BLACK COLLEGE SPORTS Parker (227 yards, 1 TD) have been the Bison's Junior quarterback Keahn Wallace has been els to Baton Rouge, La. for a 6 pm. date vs. No.
other most productive offensive weapons. the catalyst for JCSU but he's had plenty of help. 10 Southern (2-2, 2-0 W). No. 8 Alabama State
JACOBY JONES HURT, AGAIN: Petty said the Bison worked on cutting down Wallace is completing 62.6% of his passes (121 (2-2,2-1) hosts No. 9 Alcorn State (3-1,2-0) in a
on mental mistakes, one thing they must do if they of 193) for 1,161 yards (387 ypg.) with 10 TDs key East Division tussle (5 p.m.). OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Baltimore Ravens head are to beat the Aggies. and just one interception. Junior running back BCSP No. 1 Bethune-Cookman is off this
coach John Harbaugh confirmed a TMZ report that wide "The problems in our last game (vs. ODU) Leander Barney is averaging 108 yards per week while others in the MEAC begin conference
receiver and Pro Bowl kick were above the shoulders," he said Tuesday. game and has scored three TDs. Fred Scott (21 play. Norfolk State (0-3) is at Morgan State (0returner Jacoby Jones, the "They weren't physically better than us. We made receptions, 4 TDs) and Chris Patterson (15 rec., 4) in a I p.m. start and Delaware State (0-3) visformer Lane and SIAC star mistakes turning the ball over and blown assign- 2 TDs) have been Wallace's chief targets. Javon- its Savannah State (1-3) at 6 p.m.
who was instrumental in the ments so we focused on taking care of those re- tay Williams leads the Golden Bulls and tops the In CIAA games, Elizabeth City State (0-3)
sponsibilities. league with 7.5 sacks in three games (2.5 pg.). looks for its first win vs. Fayetteville State (1Ravens' Suer Bowl win a ear "Coach Broadway and his staff are doing a VSU running back Joseph Blanks has run 2) at 4 p.m. in Rocky Mount, N.C.'s Down East
ago, was involved in a brawl great job, turning that program around within two for 277 yards in three games (92.3 ypg.) while Classic. Chowan (1-2) hosts Shaw (2-1) in Muron a party bus early Monday years. They're sound in all phases of the game. scoring four rushing TDs. Quarterback Justim freesboro (6 p.m.), Lincoln (1-1) hosts Livingmorning and was hurt when They're not doing anything to beat themselves. Thorpe led the Trojans to victory over KSU last stone (1-2) and Bowie State (2-1) hosts Saint
he was hit over the head by a They're taking the ball away from people and week, throwing for 133 yards and one score and Augustiners (1-2).
Jacoby Jones stripper wielding a champagne they're great on special teams. They have one of rushing for 99 yards and two TDs. Jordan An- In the SIAC, Kentucky State (2-1, 1-0 W)
botl.the best returners in the country. They do an out- derson ran 13 times for 123 yards and two TDs. hosts Stillman (2-1, 1-0) in an early battle for the
botte, sandng jb."BCSP No. 3 Tennessee State (3-1) is in St. West Division lead (7 pam.) and Benedict (2-1,
Harbughchaacteize Joes a "fne"and ndiat-Lewis Kindle went all the way at quarter- Louis this week (2 p.m.) to take on winless Cen- 1-0 E) meets Fort Valley State (1-2, 1-0 E) in
ed that the Pro Bowl kick retumner attended meetings on back for A&T in its win over Elon after Kawa- tral State (0-2). the Augusta City Classic in Augusta, Ga. with the
Monday. haun Quick was under center in the victory over No. 4 Winston-Salem State (2-1), up to winner taking over the lead in the East Division.
A Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson App State. Broadway said Kindle will start Satur- 17th in the AFCA Div. II Coaches Poll coming Also, Miles (1-2) hosts Albany State (1-2) in a
told The Baltimore Sun that police responded to the inci- day. A&T running back Dominique Drake cur- off a big win over then BCSP No. 2 Tuskegee non-divisional game.
dent shortly after 3 a.m. ET and that Jones refused medi- rently leads the MEAC with 177 rushing yards (35-13), travels to Richmond (1 p.m.) for a CIAA
cal treatment and opted not to go to the hospital. in two games (88.5 ypg.). Aggie wide receiver non-divisional tilt at Virginia Union (0-3)
"I'm not very impressed personally with the report,"
Harbaugh said. "It's not something we want to be knownCN
for. We'd like to think it's not something those guys would B
want to be known for. It's nothing to be proud of, so I'm pL Y S O V
kind of disappointed in that sense."PL Y R OFT EWK1

Jones was reportedly attending a birthday party for a DEFENSE
Ravens' lineman when the incident occurred. Robert Mathis, DE, Indianapolis (10th year, Alabama A&M) -Two solo i
Jones was one of the heroes in last season's playoffs tackles, one assist, 1.5 sacks in win over San Francisco.
for the Ravens, catching a last-minute touchdown in the OFFENSE Robert Tavaris
ACdvsoaplyfgaeiDevradrtriga Tavaris Jackson, QB, Seattle (7th season, Alabama State) Completed Mathis Jackson
AFC iviionl plyof gae inDener nd rturinga 7of 8 passes for 129 yards including a 35-yard TD pass to Doug Baldwin. kickoff for a touchdown in the Super Bowl and catching a Also rushed three times for 2 yards including a 5-yard TD run in win over
touchdown pass. Jacksonville. one a sack, and one assist in loss to Dallas.
Jone wa inure in he easn oenerandhas't THER ONOFFNSERafael Bush, DB, New Orleans (3rd season, South Carolina State) One solo
Jone wa inure in he easn oenerandhas't THER ONOFFNSEtackle, one assist in win over Arizona.
practiced for the past two weeks. Harbaugh spoke to Larry Donnell, TE, NY Giants (1st season, Grambling) One fumble recovery Junior Galotte, DE, New Orleans (4th year, Stillman) One solo tackle, a sack,
Joemn h lyr nove ntestainadidi- in loss to Carolina. and two assists in win over Arizona.
Jons ndth plyes nvlve i te itutin ndJoeAnderson, WR, Chicago (lstseason, TexasSouthern)-Two kickoffrturns Antoine Bethea, 5, Indianapolis (8th season, Howard) Five solo tackles in win
cated that he wasn't happy with his players partying into for 16-yard average in win over Pittsburgh. over San Francisco.
theeary-ornnghous.Eric Weems, WR/KR, Chicago (5th season, Bethune-Cookman) One kickoff Greg Toler, DB, Indianapolis (5th year, St. Paul's) Three solo tackles in win over
"'Whea t t-ondogyours watt ekonfr" abuh return for 15 yards in win over Pittsburgh. San Francisco.
"'htt o o att b nw o?' abuhOTHERS ON DEFENSE Rashean Mathis, DB, Detroit (10th year, Bethune-Cookman) Led Lions with
said he told the players. "'Do you want to be known as a Justin Durant, LB, Dallas (7th year, Hampton) Led Cowboys with six solo seven solo tackles in win over Washington..
tackles and one forced fumble in win over Saint Louis. Marquette King, P, Oakland (2nd season, Fort Valley State) Six punts for 43.5football player or do you want to be known for that?' I Jason Hatcher, DE, Dallas (8th year, Grambling) Two solo tackles, one sack, yard average in loss to Denver.
don't think it's anything to be proud of." in win over Saint Louis. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartle, CB, Denver (6th season, Tennessee State)
Kendall Langford, DE, Saint Louis (6th season, Hampton) Two solo tackles, Three solo tackles, one assist in win over Oakland. BAZEEZ Communications, Inc. Vol. XX, No. 8

Page 11 Mrs. Perry's Free Press September 26 October 2, 2013

'Preachers of LA'Dispels the

Myth that Preachers are Perfect
by Ed Rice, III The cast of "Preachers of LA"
Special to the NNPA from the LA recently got up close, candid and
Watts Times personal with a press event hosted
Like a familiar friend that stayed i by their network Oxygen. The ri,
away too long, Arsenio Hall's event included a panel discussion,
return to late night was welcomed clips and a red carpet for invited
with open arms. America and the guests like The Game, Lil Mama,
rest of the entertainment world Goo Goo and many more! Destiny
showed up for the late-night home- Child's member Michelle Williams
coming almost 20 year in the mak- hosted the conference and performed along with Deitrick Haddon
ing. Ironically, not much has f
changed during that time as Arsenio backed by his riveting choir!
still remains the only African- The pastors spoke candidly about
American host in the late night the slander and outrage about the
genre much like he was in the 90s. upcoming docu-series. Bishop Noel
Plenty have come and gone during Jones stated they made it their Ji L
his absence, but none have been responsibility to keep each other 'in AK-4
able to duplicate the success of the line. And with people like executive Bishop Noel Jones
man responsible for taking urban producers Dr. Holly Carter and world." When asked, what they
America mainstream. Many of the Lemuel Plummer invested in the
stars, who got their initial exposure vision, it is sure to bring about a want the audience to take away
to Middle America via the original healthy view of preachers. Bishop from the show, Pastor Ron Gibson
Arsenio Hall show, appeared on the Arsenio Hall poses for a shot on set of his revived television show, The Arsenio Han Show. McClendon stated, "It's very stated, "That we learn to love our
2013 version to help kick things off. out there and I think he'll give infamous interview on his previous dispersed when I left," said Hall important to use medians such as neighbors as we love ourselves and Chris Tucker, Ice Cube, Snoop Lion this to make the Gospel relevant. If not be so quick to judge because
(formerly known as Snoop Dogg), everybody a chance." show with the Honorable Minister emphatically. you actually look at the Gospels: you really don't know our stories
Magic Johnson, Paula Abdul, Breaking new acts and providing Louis Farrakhan. Regardless of the reason, it's safe Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, until you give us an opportunity to
Angela Bassett and many others up-and-coming artists a platform "First of all, my letter of resigna- to say that audiences around the they actually are a reality show." share." Skateboarder Pastor Jay stopped by to give Arsenio some was a part of the recipe that origi- tion was written to a studio execu- country are genuinely excited for Pastor Wayne Chaney made it Heizlip, urges the audience to, love. As a result, for its premiere, nally made his iconic show, well tive at that time who ran the return of one of Cleveland's very clear that the show is not an "Give Preachers of LA an honest the Arsenio Hall show was the #1 iconic. As the old adage goes, "if it Paramount, his name is (Carey favorite sons and so is he. "When opportunity."
ain't broke don't fix it," so you can McCluggage). The letter went to you make that decision [to return] evangelic crusade, if you are As you can imagine, when speaktalk show in the key 18 to 49 demo- expect that strategy to be included Carey before Farrakhan ever you look back on your life and you expecting it to be that, you are to preachers, many statements graphic. Even with the show's going to be very disappointed and lng
strong beginning, Hall doesn't have this time around. appeared," Hall insisted. "I had a realize, you know what, I'm a overly critical. Haddon exclaimed, can be made, but Bishop Noel
any delusions about his return. "One of the big differences is I'm good relationship with Paramount standup comic and a talk show host "It's a myth that preachers are per- Jones goal sounded loudly! At the
"So I've got a new show. Nobody not in it so much alone as I used to so even after I resigned, I continued and that's when I'm happiest. fect and that all preachers are after end of the day, He is "...looking for knows if it's going to be good or be back in the day ... now we're in to do shows while they checked Basically, when I walk out there at all of the church's money. It's a lot God to be God, not God's man. We not. Nobody, you know?" said Hall an era where you can turn on with Bill Bellamy and Jon Stewart night imagine seeing a woman that that has distracted the people from have become so iconoclastic in our frankly. "I don't blame the people Jimmy Kimmel and hear him say- and different people under the you loved, the one that got away, the house of God, the Kingdom and disposition towards preachers when there are people who are watching ing ladies and gentlemen, Rick Viacom Paramount MTV banner to the only woman you've ever loved ', God. I think this is the perfect way the truth is: there is only one medi9 Ross and, you know, ladies and decide who would take over for me that's who I'll see when I walk out.' ator between man and God and that
me and my return with apprehen- gentlemen Kobe Bryant. There was and take the show. I continued to do to reintroduce the Kingdom to the is Jesus."
sion agents, publicists, and man- a time when Johnny didn't care the show and during that period agers. I've got to go out there and about sitting with Danny Ainge there was the Farrakhan booking." I've got to turn it out. And it was the and, you know, the present mayor Hall went on to say, "there was an same way the first time around." He of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson," article written that said the show Jay-Z, Beyonce' Top C elebrity
added: You've got to turn it out Hall stated. "I think what happened was cancelled. That confused a lot because a lot of people are just with my show is it showed the via- of people. And because the article C ouples Earning List w ith $95M
waiting to see how you do. Sure my bility of certain African American came out around the time of the friends Magic is coming, sure acts. There was a time in this town Farrakhan interview, the black pub- couples and that Jay Z and Watch The Throne tour with
Eddie is coming. You know, people where we'd throw maina from the lic didn't get a chance to know the Beyonce have once again come out Kanye West who also makes an
I put in the mix the first time train if you could make money. And truth about the ending. The bottom at the top of the heap. appearance on the top earning
around, Trisha Yearwood is coming once they found out that you can line is when I left, there was really Between June 2012 and June celeb couples list..
and Mariah is coming. But there are 2013 (the time frame established NFL star Tom Brady and his
put African Americans on TV of no drama. I left to seek some bala lot of people who just want to every element of entertainment and ance in my life as a man. I didn't for the rankings), the hip-hop supermodel wife, Gisele
watch and see what is going to hap- people will watch, people noticed." know what that was at that time. I power-couple took in a combined Bundchen, came in at No. 2 on the
pen. And I know in that sense 1 $95 Million. The couple also list with $80 million in earnings.
don't get to come in, 'Well you Hall continued, "So maybe my didn't know whether I wanted to do Z topped Forbes' celebrity couples Brady's three-year extension deal
responsibility because I under- more acting, I didn't know whether
know Arsenio Hall is back!' That list last year. with.the New England Patriots
don't mean sh- to nobody." stand that I don't come back into I wanted to go on the road and do Beyonce is said to have earned included a $3 0 mil I l I on signing
While many Hollywood insiders the game being the Arsenio of the standup, I didn't know whether it $11 million more than her husband bonus. Bundchen is the world's
appear skeptical of Hall's return, 90s; I come back into the game as meant that I just needed a break. did this year, thanks in large part to highest paid supermodel, with $42
fans seem excited about the possi- the new small guy and I'll probably But I did what I did for personal her Mrs. Carter Show world tour, million in yearly earnings.
bilities. "I used to always watch his have to earn my way back in again reasons." with average grosses of $2 million Brad Pitt and Angelina rounded
show when I was younger," said by maybe being the person who In the end it turned out to be the per night. out the top 3, taking in an estimatSherie Baylock of Los Angeles. "I looks for the new or tries to get personal pursuit of a man to change Jay Z also had success on the ed $50 million.Kanye West and
don't really watch much late night ahead of the curve." his family life, his love life and to Jay Z and Beyonce concert stage. Much of his earn- Kim Kardashian came in at numanymore, so it'll be good to have Once again, Arsenio is poised to have a child. "I was soul searching. Forbes has released its list of this ings came from his profitable ber five with $35 million. him back maybe I'll stay up now." fill a niche and provide for the It had nothing to do with business. I year's highest-earning celebrity "I think with Arsenio, we'll start to masses what has for the most part left because I had done it and I just see more of the acts we know," been absent from late night televi- wanted to find some balance in my claimed David Nichols of Los sion. Of course, this time around life. And I've done some things, Angeles. "I mean you always see let's hope it doesn't cost him his done a lot of things in my life, and I the big stars, the Oprahs, the Jay- show. For years in the African miss my show and I'm coming back American community it has been a to it. And I apologize to the black
Zs, the Beyonces on the other widely held belief that Hall's depar- community for the journalistic misshows but they're not the only ones ture from late night came due to an understandings and lies that were O k e s u s

$1 CXf with this Ad-*

Page 12 -Ms. Perry's Free Press September 26 October 2, 2013

President Obama Blasts Republicans at

Congressional Black Caucus Awards Dinner

President Obama blasted too far, we've overcome far darker of the civil rights
Republicans this weekend for risk- threats than those. We will not movement, echoing ing a government shutdown in their negotiate whether or not America the main themes of effort to defund Obamnacare saying, should keep its word and meet its the evening. "It is time for these folks to stop obligations. We're not going to The Phoenix governing by crisis." allow anyone to inflict economic Awards Dinner is
President Barack Obama was pain on millions of our own people part of the
speaking at the 43rd Annual just to make an ideological point." Congressional Black Congressional Black Caucus Another theme of the night was Caucus' annual conSFoundation Phoenix, Awards gun violence, with the president cit- ference. This year's
Dinner. His speech focused on an ing recent mass shootings in dinner honored Rep. array of topics, including health Chicago and Washington's Navy Elijah Cummings care, gun violence and creating eco- Yard. He also spoke of others (D-Maryland); fornomic opportunity. "whose loved ones were torn from mer president and
Hitting at Congressional them without headlines sometimes, director-counsel of Republicans, Obama said, "You'd or public outcry." the NAACP Legal
be willing to shut down the govern- "We can't rest until all of our Defense and ~ ment and potentially default for the children can go to school or walk Educational Fund 7 first time in United States history down the street free from the fear Elaine Jones; and because it bothers you so much that that they will be struck down by a former President Bill16
we're actually going to make sure stray bullet." Clinton, who was
that everybody has affordable The president also returned fre- unable to attend the President Barack Obama was the keynote speakhealth care. Let me say as clearly as quently in his remarks to income event but addressed er at the Congressional Black Caucus Statue of former South African President Nelson Mandela after the I can: It is not going to happen." inequality, economic opportunity the attendees in a Foundation's annual Phoenix Awards Dinner this unveiling at the South African Embassy, Washington, D.C. Obamna added, "We have come and the need to build on the legacy video, weekend with the First Lady at his side.

Mandela Statue Unveiled in DCWo a WisB utPgen
A statue of former South African president Nelson Mandela was unveiled Nigerian W oaW i s But P ge n
last weekend outside the South African Embassy in Washington, D.C., the
site where four protestors were arrested in 1984 -an event credited with IKto AII.
spurring anti-apartheid sanctions against South Africa. B *illea as Islam 's Answer tvo Miss Wvorild
The ten foot statue, a replica of the sculpture outside the gates of
Drakenstein Correctional Centre in South Africa where Mandela was by Kate Hodal Indonesia and Nigeria, compete in a
released after 27 years in apartheid-era jails, is the work of South African A Nigerian beauty contestant contest that has been billed as a
artist Jean Doyle, who modeled the sculpture from photographs of wearing a headscarf and stilettos non-violent answer to the Miss
Mandela leaving the prison in 1990, his fist is raised triumphantly over his has won a Muslim-only beauty pag- World pageant railed against by
head. eant mn Jakarta, where participants Islamic hardliners.
Ebrabim Rasool, South Africa's ambassador to the United States, noted were judged not just on their looks Thousands have protested in
the statue stands across the street from a statue of British Prime Minister but their ability to recite verses recent weeks against Indonesia
Winston Churchill, who is also depicted with his hand over his head but from the Qur'an and their philoso- hosting this year's Miss World pagwith two fingers raised, flashing the V for victory sign. Suggesting the two phy on modern-day Islam. eant, originally set in Jakarta for 28
statues are engaged in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, Rasool noted that Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola, 21, 4September, but which has since
"rock beats scissors." dropped to her knees and thanked been moved to the resort island of
A plaque at the base of the statue quotes from Mandela's address to a joint "almighty Allah" before collecting Bali, a Hindu enclave, amid public
session of Congress months after his release in 1990. a cash prize and trips to Mecca and security concerns. Miss World con"The stand you took established... .that here we have friends... .fighters India. testants have also been banned from
against racism who feel hurt because we are hurt, who seek our success "We're just trying to show the wearing bikinis and will instead
because they too seek the victory of democracy over tyranny. I speak ... of world that Islam is beautiful," she Ohabiyi Aishah Ajibola of Nigeria is crowned World Muslinah 2013 wear sarongs in accordance with the millions of people throughout this great land who stood up and said. tions about, among other things, ment for the beauty pageant. "what the public wanted",
engaged the apartheid system in struggle. Let us keep our arms locked The 500-plus contestants who their relationship with Islam, "Muslimah World" saw 20 final- Indonesia's co-ordinating minister together so that we form a solid phalanx against racism... .Let us ensure that originally competed for the crown including when they first began ists from six countries, including for people's welfare, Angung justice triumphs without delay." answered a round of online ques- wearing the headscarf a require- Bangladesh, Brunei, Iran, Malaysia, Laksono, said.