The Jacksonville free press ( February 21, 2008 )

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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20091224_AAAACM INGEST_TIME 2009-12-24T09:41:19Z PACKAGE UF00028305_00201
FILE SIZE 29628 DFID F20091224_AAAVDF ORIGIN DEPOSITOR PATH 28305_00201_00010thm.jpg GLOBAL FALSE PRESERVATION BIT MESSAGE_DIGEST ALGORITHM MD5 7eacfe48c0fb91ba68b9aa26a3ab1ff8SHA-1 76fa49d6a4bdf8b17356a34ba0ec52b4111e3c2b
1888057 F20091224_AAAVDG 28305_00201_00011.jp2 649eefc0cb322d516c8a2cc0454bdc2843a99b773c4ffb9cec2e74221b2fe4ae65e9f2e7
489635 F20091224_AAAVDH 28305_00201_00011.jpg 8f13df09ed1e46344a919631f6d3760ed97aa8232986d2ab7b8b6fd7c3ec98c1d3f49229
41792 F20091224_AAAVGD UF00028305_00201.xml FULL a1ddb8e2ff1b947c815d10077e06d661aff31ca8addf45eb5727d959090abde67e1f8ad2
3657714 F20091224_AAAVAM 28305_00201_00001.jp2 73537c7bc4ae67378eb024afe11ca812c064fbfa998248282eb7fc24b85eb66fe0bd767b
147361 F20091224_AAAVDI 28305_00201_00011.pro ab4b516f82b64ea120ca01b694a42e554711a83fc9fb8b520cbbb0d837629fb1bc603106WARNING CODE M_MIME_TYPE_MISMATCH conflict in mime type metadata
681467 F20091224_AAAVAN 28305_00201_00001.jpg 09a8ce03edaf5c75cd9664dc36e802da649398d224436041947c207b4f6d08b2e57b1139
69103 F20091224_AAAVDJ 28305_00201_00011.QC.jpg a9646d3a144eb6fd9e597a3cacdefeb095899fe59fc5e3c952909b444e71c4c62ea3bed3
315972 F20091224_AAAVAO 28305_00201_00001.pro dac97d3890772e04f9ccff6793633b3aec95a9daba0f7eacf2df28d225384f2b6cd2e1e8conflict in mime type metadata
15120508 F20091224_AAAVDK 28305_00201_00011.tif 4c2cc9a202974900c85426a4226c1d2cf984723dc47d66dfef1d3fc93b6c0770f79a88a3
97200 F20091224_AAAVAP 28305_00201_00001.QC.jpg 2f609b8aea3a05db6147e1796db7496eb37dae654db54b1085f1dd4bcc8745fc87d21111
5653 F20091224_AAAVDL 28305_00201_00011.txt f0958f1f293355d97292e82f2e1beb9aa9b2a0d1dd4660adf86c86081840947ce93f51dc
87798152 F20091224_AAAVAQ 28305_00201_00001.tif 2f81919447f79369a0e9f09b3417a375e846d21bbcb21656f8958fb03e977cfe0772cdae
29700 F20091224_AAAVDM 28305_00201_00011thm.jpg 222266b7a77b06c620502486858f735cacac769b976d36ca647ec77315daf16771fdb2ce
12515 F20091224_AAAVAR 28305_00201_00001.txt e49a0e784c9182e12385ba74b1604f77f62b99f0efeebcdb5effc4101ca2bb8044b62a55
1777745 F20091224_AAAVDN 28305_00201_00012.jp2 8ae101d0e3fac900993567457be46dc927e32c8477356db19fe7e1e27917ad08db46b7df
36281 F20091224_AAAVAS 28305_00201_00001thm.jpg 5f5ff699e1b9b827537d7e92867ccf97c228b94d0030f894c2d4bfcc8364582e8ccc88a2
460668 F20091224_AAAVDO 28305_00201_00012.jpg 99e3bf10694c47f298f9d55ff18225890bd42a93b80cbd4da9e117c59ca0a58d71c409ac
3720347 F20091224_AAAVAT 28305_00201_00002.jp2 9ea50e669d57180e2be34c88c44b7a014bdae7a9b5f264988e22d70b85ca0f845004cdab
165475 F20091224_AAAVDP 28305_00201_00012.pro 501c4f11493c7bf7c02fc45d72419e78136a58b49cfbbc56e72ac054a34f829084f3fff3conflict in mime type metadata
462153 F20091224_AAAVAU 28305_00201_00002.jpg 3c3a600da4232777a5e737c0cd7381a51535e1781e007b28b8b459858064632af9ed3f4a
66418 F20091224_AAAVDQ 28305_00201_00012.QC.jpg 679eff9d0a21e901af11a3b116d8ad38d785a2056c74499cbd386b3c73fb3b69c1494f2a
23153 F20091224_AAAVAV 28305_00201_00002.pro 197d940fae12924477fc4cad467d77f71d1adbf45b7afdd29da5050c409575a0779493c6conflict in mime type metadata
14237408 F20091224_AAAVDR 28305_00201_00012.tif 112fa3accea99ccf715119a2bbd9d06900336bf3dfd6a798cadf70d031ef615fa3357f9c
57843 F20091224_AAAVAW 28305_00201_00002.QC.jpg 9e0bea5a6f3d6e3c2a9fdec6f63111b64c384537e55b1784ca11d662c8750ca549c796a8
8027 F20091224_AAAVDS 28305_00201_00012.txt ee318fb1f8ef33845328e9cb3fb70ffc035f67341f5b2831d47ea794cac1cb087b3e0bec
29774668 F20091224_AAAVAX 28305_00201_00002.tif 153f2c8cb9fd55d774101c2135a566865cdc100dc5e4a0b2c0eb5774532ff131717fb9d3
28585 F20091224_AAAVDT 28305_00201_00012thm.jpg 68d49f40c41e8993f4b11f937f4a76cb2c567eaa3f816bfa09fcd693ee271aafb91877b8
934 F20091224_AAAVAY 28305_00201_00002.txt d6a0f251711020ae74e6eace6ae3ff03b4e16a36bea0fbb2d0c28fa2dc2e93ed068a49de
3672236 F20091224_AAAVDU 28305_00201_00013.jp2 517faaebb9939e193db04e9491d37bdfb5a0cdb52a10fe8619dd31ab5496868b3f72456f
89664 F20091224_AAAVCA 28305_00201_00006.QC.jpg 39bed4cf038fa60dafe5afa4ed4b1cf4e741b698cc3486be042ce51be5cd9196370c80ac
24145 F20091224_AAAVAZ 28305_00201_00002thm.jpg 1f43163ebc493bc88f020775e41d4de626c740800ff529abe0410b7ac1f7d716469cd7a5
498309 F20091224_AAAVDV 28305_00201_00013.jpg 19212132705ce4bb01293a99c66ffd9839c23949a623faae31e6e2a4c6ba6a8eca5c081f
30096840 F20091224_AAAVCB 28305_00201_00006.tif 9db8bcc6da13ff234a04e732212c80a4fdb313302464f8392c3237a04f20719e8483c159
3345 F20091224_AAAVDW 28305_00201_00013.pro e1196f8c8be49985483a0680aec92873b77ffd2e3dea4d335b1e7ae5ae41287cbf23a539conflict in mime type metadata
10124 F20091224_AAAVCC 28305_00201_00006.txt b946e627c9d9dc121dc4d9599585a6afdaa1fced887c7670860e05bb6c25ab65f6bf65b1
59599 F20091224_AAAVDX 28305_00201_00013.QC.jpg 80d0813ee4d731225c85497804500094ae3e42d447e0c76a9230076f43a24fecf4b2a6d0
32856 F20091224_AAAVCD 28305_00201_00006thm.jpg 00a2b4d5776221133b1834ff125e6f49b5995a5c7c2298712c4bbc57820224a16b079fb7
38978 F20091224_AAAVFA 28305_00201_00017.pro d9bb39ac7c7fee3863523d917a34154e98b08f7c4e1cc90e0d050b3cbbfc166dff7b5ec5conflict in mime type metadata
29390420 F20091224_AAAVDY 28305_00201_00013.tif 5f0c44c2f327e029e4ea866d2b0f5665f5b4d929425f5e6688f8024a30e0076229b381ef
3600882 F20091224_AAAVCE 28305_00201_00007.jp2 9564185b7a3d4ab174288aaf540ef63d7e33446b2f1e4e9a62def368c75fb91f3337b299
162 F20091224_AAAVDZ 28305_00201_00013.txt a5b355f0572e12a2a5d71a9596b2009162494f27135d93090cab301d48d7334eda57b75a
595371 F20091224_AAAVCF 28305_00201_00007.jpg 80df30f9c305db615eb81051f90713679fc24d0ce770e78b22292841f37129509d1d5674
66809 F20091224_AAAVFB 28305_00201_00017.QC.jpg d4aeefbaaa74b26ca3c2254ddef358f22ceebd5590d86d253baa0bb2c69d85eb036297e0
271236 F20091224_AAAVCG 28305_00201_00007.pro 35e27c849c6e03ac9f27a71f87393dddab1f24445b023dfcf2243b2f2df9b31c0459817dconflict in mime type metadata
29881280 F20091224_AAAVFC 28305_00201_00017.tif 4ada93b33572cbba7d065f116459270ef3b997fe4201c154ef08f6b3016fc9b432a2db25
85988 F20091224_AAAVCH 28305_00201_00007.QC.jpg 4d81e64a6c7e6a95f5540229e6c775d139043152b46faf3bda2c36173102d5686a60ae68
1846 F20091224_AAAVFD 28305_00201_00017.txt 6bd7b18d9e2de760b14d440549fd9087481d39e7b3b9176efab506b72747fc6453c8e823
28821376 F20091224_AAAVCI 28305_00201_00007.tif f1d5600a693c362a7df26ce9c21f576aea9000729b5e33e6e7b94252625533520de79bce
29126 F20091224_AAAVFE 28305_00201_00017thm.jpg 7ffa29d6350c1cfa295e62c836ff9d020c19ded4044e0020eb2ca77cf2f914ceb8db57d1
12086 F20091224_AAAVCJ 28305_00201_00007.txt 2cc8750d5e3c83411a4a31df2abec7a07a5a27daf5aa5956cdd07e5e5a2af8cda34c73e3
3642437 F20091224_AAAVFF 28305_00201_00018.jp2 f8f41b55bd797eaff932540efec84bff618787e5130fd11ec25995966efaa5248f5b1bef
33315 F20091224_AAAVCK 28305_00201_00007thm.jpg 80e4e942bf999e0255180601a4db46772239cf413f2ddf6d99a1ac1c6d98b8435f844fe2
643798 F20091224_AAAVFG 28305_00201_00018.jpg e2477a7579fafcba56b51379ba8468b2b0c070b3c6c55567e55969237bc52ef8a793094c
3631524 F20091224_AAAVCL 28305_00201_00008.jp2 4120589ebbaf79ddef16c1db16c1d0e385d8b5112eef0ac565d43c9a32a893afa75fbd8b
438464 F20091224_AAAVFH 28305_00201_00018.pro 5f2d702e77b3ef707390f4f2e117f074ea4f0d009cc929431dc4d3df0f0ddbf0353f3114conflict in mime type metadata
617711 F20091224_AAAVCM 28305_00201_00008.jpg d3e62d1119e99a2255eb2d7e7d17f0a578c133aceb093e4ba82787b9e4f6d84d91123fe8
87781 F20091224_AAAVFI 28305_00201_00018.QC.jpg 2cbc156ad1c32c8fcb3f4720e23c527c1cf998ae4e54042c6604040b493f31de439ec519
330467 F20091224_AAAVCN 28305_00201_00008.pro 3124eb6fbd742eef9f70a29d0f82190356012ff0049ad4cde8ea338719ccac2236848125conflict in mime type metadata
29152948 F20091224_AAAVFJ 28305_00201_00018.tif 9263965384a388d38e5827a799453d6720cd21efe33ba03984bd82a20a329dd8e35295a4
86693 F20091224_AAAVCO 28305_00201_00008.QC.jpg 1a68fb3b8b248e4aa0308d9550ad53d813d7c6116faf632c5a26f165e75bb02f412533c7
16549 F20091224_AAAVFK 28305_00201_00018.txt 7c5cb588eeebab0ef0326b09188cb6dc7d9aa974b75153d4b3b98ab9bd95e76a3b86c3b3
29065892 F20091224_AAAVCP 28305_00201_00008.tif 867e62d2b02906d3b7c8a08beb23b9f83ea10e5bc6a8780c1a4dd7927ace230675a70887
31482 F20091224_AAAVFL 28305_00201_00018thm.jpg dcbb318c7d23d9ba5ec0ce74229fffb13cdce238b63e0a40eef14bfb5b5ed7b0ae355cf9
12867 F20091224_AAAVCQ 28305_00201_00008.txt a83ab30198a5e70486103ed33a0aa28f5df665f35082ff4c4294c68e5d59dc71b0041ba8
3723270 F20091224_AAAVFM 28305_00201_00019.jp2 3829b5f76b36dc0a647baeb3774163b11684ae0396bb6aa3650eb97c4d1aa00218065bf7
31813 F20091224_AAAVCR 28305_00201_00008thm.jpg 05107e97ae2c31eb517c7bf2d8a165be76fae7c2afa3b8fd6d554873ece7e3ce49b4803e
544226 F20091224_AAAVFN 28305_00201_00019.jpg 345dd699293bb0bc20689a22b95e3c9b74e5dd3cbb4fbf10d0bd96efad1975eafd2f9e1d
1881247 F20091224_AAAVCS 28305_00201_00009.jp2 cf55dd8360730f39e47c3b972a2664c5a419d42479e2fb0c8830d500ddf789f3edb31eda
64972 F20091224_AAAVFO 28305_00201_00019.pro 8aa897eb1649fdda4ff1e563cdd17605ab18dfb94158669cc0a4f1a694e31f0c78f2eb1bconflict in mime type metadata
378035 F20091224_AAAVCT 28305_00201_00009.jpg a411183a538bee0b1560db773521479629db4cf7b953f97d49234208a464c4e28fed9ef5
86114 F20091224_AAAVFP 28305_00201_00019.QC.jpg dd945896d84f424538e88d8b063b9554f75696e93680ee84b6a6b120cdfabff1e662ab18
2866 F20091224_AAAVCU 28305_00201_00009.pro 48b692773776fa6c5a8e129ff2342dd1fb9de77d7c69a18de10ac03ef7c9ef3ca0615fc9conflict in mime type metadata
89372168 F20091224_AAAVFQ 28305_00201_00019.tif 36a560f0d917fa8e13c26d09eee618793e16d30356b67af60abe89c7c2e6d42c506780bc
2421 F20091224_AAAVFR 28305_00201_00019.txt c069cb76cb365aeed0fb063d785c38a908fb218d0263ca58012e83380ea9cad823ab1c18
3666110 F20091224_AAAVBA 28305_00201_00003.jp2 3a2e99ea5e5cf7381c4bb867ce900cfc6be820b9bb22669f4c39cbda63d3b81682171bc3
52219 F20091224_AAAVCV 28305_00201_00009.QC.jpg dc3dd8ca8628ae7b139bee907bcd1b28d14e767a2c2703b27e463f0d8c1c9437241ab2fc
35952 F20091224_AAAVFS 28305_00201_00019thm.jpg 9227a32be7432d3948c0520d36928feb91d6f0f9851e07e74b238b05176f16ae094780a2
530493 F20091224_AAAVBB 28305_00201_00003.jpg 3be5c5b588dbee8271b18c99fd44c9161a340cf3401456fef14b59b9c1184c0bea61dad7
15065840 F20091224_AAAVCW 28305_00201_00009.tif d5f6d491d46c35028c30f76dca41f29afdfdf670800a125694a99aa54cc9b5372a2a7528
258611 F20091224_AAAVBC 28305_00201_00003.pro 40fc6a7b62c28919a79ca93a9ab05341010c59c1ea845056ce1cb83fe9898ab10b43a7cdconflict in mime type metadata
149 F20091224_AAAVCX 28305_00201_00009.txt 639f71879031b712308ccf8ba7bdc2128408a0e19e6c49727f3a4feabfce8c1cd359569d
3734808 F20091224_AAAVFT 28305_00201_00020.jp2 3ac983457bc49514c42072432a3654af760e06917668bbbf4b7ec3e0c358246060d8511a
75584 F20091224_AAAVBD 28305_00201_00003.QC.jpg 1736dcdd3071fde247a8d54c52eef240142bac221535c891c46718867b7673eafae46ca1
24227 F20091224_AAAVCY 28305_00201_00009thm.jpg 01974ab823878d6d4f1ddb6f30f48838158218a0f0be6fe234abbcdc5313e5a34dea3eb1
412919 F20091224_AAAVFU 28305_00201_00020.jpg b08fc1197b407428bcb52da22d9dceb71a8844d729b15957cc173e31270da94d9a93214a
29342276 F20091224_AAAVBE 28305_00201_00003.tif 3513e08e8630bf159047cb8710f583467d33ac6da6021ccf1ced19abc565cd75a6abcf89
25409 F20091224_AAAVEA 28305_00201_00013thm.jpg fed50aa29feaef3889e2eb074b869868828892526f1b761dd4861d29d39e299a8512e35e
1899529 F20091224_AAAVCZ 28305_00201_00010.jp2 48483317f7f905856508f5ae66248df27b0b57a55e835c5e4f0303da3666aa1656605c84
21436 F20091224_AAAVFV 28305_00201_00020.pro 4512ec7a9a5cda81423ffc3be20bf5f3079266081bf7df363264cabe66b2869ee77589afconflict in mime type metadata
9803 F20091224_AAAVBF 28305_00201_00003.txt 8e0bc560131dee623748975d467d9f96ab04e64735476e03ccf74e3fdff57c279896609e
3708005 F20091224_AAAVEB 28305_00201_00014.jp2 e4e89c912af7851b2ee661284773a56eb5ccf8f2b1c3df1b9d8fce40fa57f808af2e22a3
54918 F20091224_AAAVFW 28305_00201_00020.QC.jpg ba2464ac22c15b6ec883c7714cb7d5811771c8acb623199dd4b87189f97ed8aa77198000
29723 F20091224_AAAVBG 28305_00201_00003thm.jpg 704f0ed4e0298a9b20403389eacb838b8149f7e82eee1a6e233da7f2497055c5487231ba
585002 F20091224_AAAVEC 28305_00201_00014.jpg cd450bd95284e69c20bce70e9954574f480cdfa62d3807819342966913a0ff60652c7850
29891260 F20091224_AAAVFX 28305_00201_00020.tif 90e7180d799c7f111a13186ca687fbe4645c35b7d26e6c6288fe8a781416eed829fa3cb1
3670354 F20091224_AAAVBH 28305_00201_00004.jp2 98b98ebdb543cbcac972f0b2ca0845904b133c5af29907669ddde765c0f4527b7d688ddd
306305 F20091224_AAAVED 28305_00201_00014.pro 8108f2647b252fe1a6067ee27c49d99a50c5a354d5da8bc326cc26432880f502bb0cd4ffconflict in mime type metadata
809 F20091224_AAAVFY 28305_00201_00020.txt caf75d2d8fd936c9541004d11581b9daae75eeb84a191eec0d4c250f97730411bc362f23
578882 F20091224_AAAVBI 28305_00201_00004.jpg b759f7725eb41bee5ecf5ae3a5437b130433e06edeb4ae30ef66c5caa3e62e45c01ac7ce
84807 F20091224_AAAVEE 28305_00201_00014.QC.jpg 31d239818d28544e9a87203b27df347507a8e3fb95eee97bd98df5af4c492a92932a0232
26007 F20091224_AAAVFZ 28305_00201_00020thm.jpg 3bcc13e2a67c794ed92d60b0dcd14131dc6f37ba9d9fc3c8bbbd15ebb3879d3994e7bd5a
356656 F20091224_AAAVBJ 28305_00201_00004.pro 04e621017288494ba5f072790d39a7933ddcc39cac927836c324bc20a6597a06ec0f527dconflict in mime type metadata
29677684 F20091224_AAAVEF 28305_00201_00014.tif ef0a3b1c924f718b8d45a822d1320b006f2e3a74fea1ae9169d04735091202ac0dc364c8
85259 F20091224_AAAVBK 28305_00201_00004.QC.jpg 0c2f03935dd1fbdc1d1a6ce27ae77088afa4a186b2f370b5304297a5148d40b6b13d2b7d
11872 F20091224_AAAVEG 28305_00201_00014.txt 7cb32231e66fa178e32d363b2dbe283ebd31a7deb470811551afa679b34cf9bf1e6c95f9
29376856 F20091224_AAAVBL 28305_00201_00004.tif 23d7e0682b8d64d6ba26f426dfb2e2343698b6819f6582ca4bd559cbab7a5cbc8f3413c4
31284 F20091224_AAAVEH 28305_00201_00014thm.jpg 6a1bea99d758e29fad158663ce21e8f99e508ab3d6b662d650cc2ee70f303849e1a9ab50
13525 F20091224_AAAVBM 28305_00201_00004.txt cb9c0b7ffd51a3514137394451ab47b2e2d11f8183d4b40ee1437e44c12d559fc5f40cd1
3756260 F20091224_AAAVEI 28305_00201_00015.jp2 f88b27d19b4a9ed5a765023b8e5db3bab4b48ac79302eb0942221921a12116d2cdac83c3
31771 F20091224_AAAVBN 28305_00201_00004thm.jpg 9cbe3079d3cc9b0c26c3ce7fb7208b7aa45cc30c31f1008d52d1b1dbeb8453eee27f15e9
436924 F20091224_AAAVEJ 28305_00201_00015.jpg b44185f6dd90f0903513ab577f74c422d9254886313988ebc2dd03893c19c3f432d1bd1e
29376688 F20091224_AAAVBO 28305_00201_00004_archive.tif 5f9017de422511b34dcb138686ea4de4fb20a347a5a17c09455af9097da8999cd68c0da1
276790 F20091224_AAAVEK 28305_00201_00015.pro c00aad25e4954eff4857b53033956dd069db8196189c45418a982a0c5772692d64b294c2conflict in mime type metadata
3674687 F20091224_AAAVBP 28305_00201_00005.jp2 f2d890e48e71581203fc9aff397ccd3656d0ced498a7ebb6b8879d16ec40f5aa0f087b63
73653 F20091224_AAAVEL 28305_00201_00015.QC.jpg 51e3acbe39765c5ee5a2dcef4920247180e44a3c05d63562ae460dc7c9fca7e8dd929714
445944 F20091224_AAAVBQ 28305_00201_00005.jpg a2bc798ebedc6c0614f903ea4b91bc011787f87aefecc09157cb9dc8ad254819a58fcb78
30063088 F20091224_AAAVEM 28305_00201_00015.tif 2902cee9196a785f660d6a2d22a5b43d88dfad79ed9c8f391a6990f4065250ae74494260
125978 F20091224_AAAVBR 28305_00201_00005.pro 1b6b926186ff55708d683c96533d1c7ee456944d92b29432977bbe264f673252a2e31a87conflict in mime type metadata
11281 F20091224_AAAVEN 28305_00201_00015.txt 7fd7c916f7d963bacaa3cbb0d901c62c4dec48551572074b1dfd215c63e8e42265ac5ee3
72493 F20091224_AAAVBS 28305_00201_00005.QC.jpg 8106ab44830a210ffbf5b2832cf4be1d52adcb7381d16462a762d17ec21cc3f3fb8b8485
28083 F20091224_AAAVEO 28305_00201_00015thm.jpg 944cf0b399c1aa91185344fa8234006463cc28d37d168a68fb842fbba41b34526fa969de
29411540 F20091224_AAAVBT 28305_00201_00005.tif cf723315db2cc3b349333537c69d96b6c6cf862167c3df469010a936281aabe01c848200
30063028 F20091224_AAAVEP 28305_00201_00015_archive.tif c045fc85b834e5175723023829b1f481ad6882528615b4625d460ebbf27836bc8026c709
5019 F20091224_AAAVBU 28305_00201_00005.txt 644883e1f5c4f992d6ad5b4b04c6cb34d7c3ba2f725a184fef1e3bcb45e5d9b0cc8f795e
3657072 F20091224_AAAVEQ 28305_00201_00016.jp2 3f0b721a32bf608eada8ae49247f00a9aea38ba7076b83e0aab6996e5e84ae9d4d60ce72
30912 F20091224_AAAVBV 28305_00201_00005thm.jpg 11995a226c9d6e9df487752e408cd18f4c4bf17573732664b2bff1f98da90d8b5ac17c49
433342 F20091224_AAAVER 28305_00201_00016.jpg 24a9912ecc2d0f9da6c5d7d5292492dd2cf4593b459a53c8bf905bce8a5cf87ddf0d39be
29411544 F20091224_AAAVBW 28305_00201_00005_archive.tif f2ce9903339e0c20997d5423b31343112d39cf6269c78a200cc00d1eb438b7c040f61fde
35049 F20091224_AAAVES 28305_00201_00016.pro 6590494dc42787687e3ecb73a063fdb4fe8be6338efed0a5a1bdc4273b8dbc4a21d0e25aconflict in mime type metadata
3760284 F20091224_AAAVBX 28305_00201_00006.jp2 5ec56469647d3d569c1315d6ff2b0c17bb6c04b5bddd428273d8637fe5cfa938ef30d06f
77180 F20091224_AAAVET 28305_00201_00016.QC.jpg 9b674ecef23fc22f4ef2b2a43365e421f9270fea01af70f1ed173b5e0b590fdd296efd39
596187 F20091224_AAAVBY 28305_00201_00006.jpg f6f75e77a126b557940c987d0fbc019953b73971482e6ab12fe4070399d605ba16206a76
29270532 F20091224_AAAVEU 28305_00201_00016.tif 049b00283f2a780ce228591945bb51d27c54d24585671fea3663bf160a2abedfc17723b8
519554 F20091224_AAAVDA 28305_00201_00010.jpg 60ce9d99cfb8d2cbb5d4114ccaedae8717da06ed465dfcd4e21fb42ff2ffa3524dd529e6
261987 F20091224_AAAVBZ 28305_00201_00006.pro 2d0ca5607a5accbf78af1fe37b428631f3b7556b1ef9ae57a30022d2a21dc97aad33cd5dconflict in mime type metadata
1321 F20091224_AAAVEV 28305_00201_00016.txt d6e7af09f3dabfcf19fa0909d16c4738e2913eda224ece1a08a673144238f749606f2b7d
158698 F20091224_AAAVDB 28305_00201_00010.pro 11ebee40ddfc888d517e6def445cda9b3cb48ce6fa0d273ef1953501716116a826e106e4conflict in mime type metadata
31703 F20091224_AAAVEW 28305_00201_00016thm.jpg b4fbbe99cfe49ff44e5c15f9303cf4308de2c4753209a1db258e9fe2632ba7753fc377e9
71593 F20091224_AAAVDC 28305_00201_00010.QC.jpg 0463f15970739caf92fd8b4da7c051c846635b0fa8b95d78b066d91052ace53dc30ff00a
29270484 F20091224_AAAVEX 28305_00201_00016_archive.tif 867460ed4495821aaa9b1a504a688fd85329d347906676ad01b61b2cb54b1df17e3126a3
15212296 F20091224_AAAVDD 28305_00201_00010.tif 672a9e726c06af95d406de5bcb075645ff03cc231692287257e3a6cb33e1405a848aa912
33222 F20091224_AAAVGA UF00028305_00201.mets ed5ae55991457b581078283d7ea7b3c87bf1040396d8cee2a5ceffcd12b3c1dac6cf2f1d
3733445 F20091224_AAAVEY 28305_00201_00017.jp2 7d6a122adad35c65d9b1386a8197c03d1438a5893ed4039e1704a32853f8bfd070c0e6eb
5667 F20091224_AAAVDE 28305_00201_00010.txt c5dc77e050337d586014ca18d1cb8a23411250840ef02f0066b8c208a3050bcba8f6fbe9
397324 F20091224_AAAVEZ 28305_00201_00017.jpg 6da96b1e803a714d021a97c16058d1fe2cc6ad6c7fc879facea554b369995ef2541068c4

xml version 1.0 encoding UTF-8
REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E20110405_AAAABB INGEST_TIME 2011-04-05T06:06:06Z PACKAGE UF00028305_00201
7102 F20110405_AAAEAQ UF00028305_00201_00008.txt
92246352 F20110405_AAADYK UF00028305_00201_00001.tif
35 F20110405_AAAEAR UF00028305_00201_00009.txt
3741305 F20110405_AAADYL UF00028305_00201_00003.jp2
316 F20110405_AAAEAS UF00028305_00201_00010.txt
87195 F20110405_AAADYM UF00028305_00201_00007.pro
184 F20110405_AAAEAT UF00028305_00201_00011.txt
5637 F20110405_AAADYN UF00028305_00201_00003.txt
11455 F20110405_AAAEAU UF00028305_00201_00014.txt
30242760 F20110405_AAADYO UF00028305_00201_00005.tif
10596 F20110405_AAAEAV UF00028305_00201_00015.txt
25743 F20110405_AAADYP UF00028305_00201_00007thm.jpg
1239 F20110405_AAAEAW UF00028305_00201_00016.txt
31105620 F20110405_AAADYQ UF00028305_00201_00016_archive.tif
2162 F20110405_AAAEAX UF00028305_00201_00017.txt
24358 F20110405_AAADYR UF00028305_00201_00011thm.jpg
583859 F20110405_AAAECA UF00028305_00201_00010.jp2
7529 F20110405_AAAEAY UF00028305_00201_00018.txt
29685292 F20110405_AAADYS UF00028305_00201_00007.tif
535406 F20110405_AAAECB UF00028305_00201_00011.jp2
2357 F20110405_AAAEAZ UF00028305_00201_00019.txt
3886423 F20110405_AAADYT UF00028305_00201_00016.jp2
674646 F20110405_AAAECC UF00028305_00201_00012.jp2
3674555 F20110405_AAAECD UF00028305_00201_00013.jp2
247810 F20110405_AAADYU UF00028305_00201_00009.jpg
3742848 F20110405_AAAECE UF00028305_00201_00014.jp2
29332 F20110405_AAADYV UF00028305_00201_00001thm.jpg
3815882 F20110405_AAAECF UF00028305_00201_00015.jp2
3687 F20110405_AAADYW UF00028305_00201_00011.pro
3761252 F20110405_AAAECG UF00028305_00201_00018.jp2
30591336 F20110405_AAADYX UF00028305_00201_00004.tif
3817247 F20110405_AAAECH UF00028305_00201_00019.jp2
3770509 F20110405_AAADYY UF00028305_00201_00006.jp2
3832225 F20110405_AAAECI UF00028305_00201_00020.jp2
59077 F20110405_AAADYZ UF00028305_00201_00003.QC.jpg
68462 F20110405_AAAECJ UF00028305_00201_00001.QC.jpg
26045 F20110405_AAAECK UF00028305_00201_00008thm.jpg
58841 F20110405_AAAECL UF00028305_00201_00007.QC.jpg
41004 F20110405_AAAECM UF00028305_00201_00009.QC.jpg
16445104 F20110405_AAAECN UF00028305_00201_00012_archive.tif
21317 F20110405_AAAECO UF00028305_00201_00009thm.jpg
30243060 F20110405_AAAECP UF00028305_00201_00005_archive.tif
29664156 F20110405_AAAECQ UF00028305_00201_00008_archive.tif
142409 F20110405_AAADXN UF00028305_00201_00011.jpg
29943892 F20110405_AAAECR UF00028305_00201_00003_archive.tif
142264 F20110405_AAADXO UF00028305_00201_00005.pro
41966 F20110405_AAAECS UF00028305_00201_00011.QC.jpg
10005 F20110405_AAADXP UF00028305_00201_00006.txt
25334 F20110405_AAAECT UF00028305_00201_00003thm.jpg
25270 F20110405_AAADXQ UF00028305_00201_00016thm.jpg
84630 F20110405_AAAEBA UF00028305_00201_00001.pro
24683 F20110405_AAAECU UF00028305_00201_00017thm.jpg
29943812 F20110405_AAADXR UF00028305_00201_00003.tif
36753 F20110405_AAAEBB UF00028305_00201_00002.pro
68131 F20110405_AAAECV UF00028305_00201_00019.QC.jpg
381566 F20110405_AAADXS UF00028305_00201_00008.jpg
144507 F20110405_AAAEBC UF00028305_00201_00003.pro
30591616 F20110405_AAAECW UF00028305_00201_00004_archive.tif
92246728 F20110405_AAADXT UF00028305_00201_00001_archive.tif
23169 F20110405_AAAECX UF00028305_00201_00015thm.jpg
450527 F20110405_AAADXU UF00028305_00201_00014.jpg
209741 F20110405_AAAEBD UF00028305_00201_00004.pro
64194 F20110405_AAAECY UF00028305_00201_00008.QC.jpg
47791 F20110405_AAADXV UF00028305_00201_00002.QC.jpg
258342 F20110405_AAAEBE UF00028305_00201_00006.pro
25153 F20110405_AAAECZ UF00028305_00201_00004thm.jpg
27895 F20110405_AAADXW UF00028305_00201_00006thm.jpg
410 F20110405_AAAEBF UF00028305_00201_00009.pro
31105288 F20110405_AAADXX UF00028305_00201_00016.tif
4725 F20110405_AAAEBG UF00028305_00201_00013.pro
2018 F20110405_AAADZA UF00028305_00201_00002.txt
40313 F20110405_AAADXY UF00028305_00201_00012.QC.jpg
295178 F20110405_AAAEBH UF00028305_00201_00014.pro
29685688 F20110405_AAADZB UF00028305_00201_00007_archive.tif
1446 F20110405_AAADXZ UF00028305_00201_00020.txt
30122 F20110405_AAAEBI UF00028305_00201_00016.pro
3455 F20110405_AAADZC UF00028305_00201_00007.txt
194122 F20110405_AAAEBJ UF00028305_00201_00018.pro
22702 F20110405_AAADZD UF00028305_00201_00002thm.jpg
350187 F20110405_AAAEBK UF00028305_00201_00001.jpg
3706324 F20110405_AAADZE UF00028305_00201_00008.jp2
308462 F20110405_AAAEBL UF00028305_00201_00002.jpg
30103648 F20110405_AAADZF UF00028305_00201_00018_archive.tif
371987 F20110405_AAAEBM UF00028305_00201_00004.jpg
167 F20110405_AAADZG UF00028305_00201_00012.txt
310796 F20110405_AAAEBN UF00028305_00201_00005.jpg
466040 F20110405_AAAEBO UF00028305_00201_00006.jpg
7111 F20110405_AAADZH UF00028305_00201_00010.pro
131794 F20110405_AAAEBP UF00028305_00201_00010.jpg
21267 F20110405_AAADZI UF00028305_00201_00010thm.jpg
338066 F20110405_AAAEBQ UF00028305_00201_00013.jpg
91984984 F20110405_AAADZJ UF00028305_00201_00020.tif
342177 F20110405_AAAEBR UF00028305_00201_00015.jpg
3715 F20110405_AAADZK UF00028305_00201_00012.pro
317973 F20110405_AAAEBS UF00028305_00201_00016.jpg
183991 F20110405_AAADZL UF00028305_00201_00008.pro
294334 F20110405_AAAEBT UF00028305_00201_00017.jpg
142566 F20110405_AAADZM UF00028305_00201_00012.jpg
380996 F20110405_AAAEBU UF00028305_00201_00019.jpg
326409 F20110405_AAADZN UF00028305_00201_00007.jpg
288254 F20110405_AAAEBV UF00028305_00201_00020.jpg
55050 F20110405_AAADZO UF00028305_00201_00005.QC.jpg
92653920 F20110405_AAAEAC UF00028305_00201_00002.tif
3843056 F20110405_AAAEBW UF00028305_00201_00001.jp2
49068 F20110405_AAADZP UF00028305_00201_00020.QC.jpg
30178088 F20110405_AAAEAD UF00028305_00201_00006.tif
3860131 F20110405_AAAEBX UF00028305_00201_00002.jp2
63069 F20110405_AAADZQ UF00028305_00201_00019.pro
29663960 F20110405_AAAEAE UF00028305_00201_00008.tif
64576 F20110405_AAAEDA UF00028305_00201_00018.QC.jpg
3778686 F20110405_AAAEBY UF00028305_00201_00005.jp2
372329 F20110405_AAADZR UF00028305_00201_00018.jpg
16672232 F20110405_AAAEAF UF00028305_00201_00010.tif
38256 F20110405_AAAEDB UF00028305_00201_00010.QC.jpg
3709012 F20110405_AAAEBZ UF00028305_00201_00007.jp2
26302 F20110405_AAADZS UF00028305_00201_00018thm.jpg
15945172 F20110405_AAAEAG UF00028305_00201_00011.tif
24784 F20110405_AAAEDC UF00028305_00201_00005thm.jpg
54859 F20110405_AAADZT UF00028305_00201_00017.pro
16444476 F20110405_AAAEAH UF00028305_00201_00012.tif
57110 F20110405_AAAEDD UF00028305_00201_00015.QC.jpg
3822283 F20110405_AAADYA UF00028305_00201_00004.jp2
1962690 F20110405_AAADZU UF00028305_00201_00009.jp2
29409468 F20110405_AAAEAI UF00028305_00201_00013.tif
16672772 F20110405_AAAEDE UF00028305_00201_00010_archive.tif
15945856 F20110405_AAADYB UF00028305_00201_00011_archive.tif
45318 F20110405_AAADZV UF00028305_00201_00013.QC.jpg
29955968 F20110405_AAAEAJ UF00028305_00201_00014.tif
26230 F20110405_AAAEDF UF00028305_00201_00014thm.jpg
67593 F20110405_AAADYC UF00028305_00201_00014.QC.jpg
15714896 F20110405_AAADZW UF00028305_00201_00009.tif
53214 F20110405_AAAEDG UF00028305_00201_00017.QC.jpg
27190 F20110405_AAADZX UF00028305_00201_00020.pro
30539256 F20110405_AAAEAK UF00028305_00201_00015.tif
59956 F20110405_AAAEDH UF00028305_00201_00016.QC.jpg
30459 F20110405_AAADYD UF00028305_00201_00019thm.jpg
267262 F20110405_AAADZY UF00028305_00201_00015.pro
30996852 F20110405_AAAEAL UF00028305_00201_00017.tif
30539548 F20110405_AAAEDI UF00028305_00201_00015_archive.tif
21480 F20110405_AAADYE UF00028305_00201_00013thm.jpg
32075 F20110405_AAADZZ UF00028305_00201.mets FULL
30103556 F20110405_AAAEAM UF00028305_00201_00018.tif
63806 F20110405_AAAEDJ UF00028305_00201_00004.QC.jpg
71575 F20110405_AAADYF UF00028305_00201_00006.QC.jpg
4013 F20110405_AAAEAN UF00028305_00201_00001.txt
24494 F20110405_AAAEDK UF00028305_00201_00020thm.jpg
349123 F20110405_AAADYG UF00028305_00201_00003.jpg
8139 F20110405_AAAEAO UF00028305_00201_00004.txt
44471 F20110405_AAAEDL UF00028305_00201.xml
384 F20110405_AAADYH UF00028305_00201_00013.txt
22965 F20110405_AAAEDM UF00028305_00201_00012thm.jpg
91627516 F20110405_AAADYI UF00028305_00201_00019.tif
6414 F20110405_AAAEAP UF00028305_00201_00005.txt


Material Information

The Jacksonville free press
Running title:
Mrs. Perry's free press
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Jacksonville free press
Rita Luffborough
Rita Luffborough Perry
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States of America -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Additional Physical Form:
Also available on optical disc from Ethnic newswatch.
Additional Physical Form:
Also available by subscription via the World Wide Web.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 4, no. 36 (June 28, 1990)-
General Note:
"Florida's First Coast only quality Black weekly."

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
ltuf - AKN0341
oclc - 19095970
alephbibnum - 002042477
lccn - sn 95007355
issn - 1081-3349
System ID:

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Jacksonville advocate-free press


Material Information

The Jacksonville free press
Running title:
Mrs. Perry's free press
Physical Description:
v. : ill. ; 58 cm.
Jacksonville free press
Rita Luffborough
Rita Luffborough Perry
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville, Fla
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
African Americans -- Newspapers -- Florida   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States of America -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Additional Physical Form:
Also available on optical disc from Ethnic newswatch.
Additional Physical Form:
Also available by subscription via the World Wide Web.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 4, no. 36 (June 28, 1990)-
General Note:
"Florida's First Coast only quality Black weekly."

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier:
ltuf - AKN0341
oclc - 19095970
alephbibnum - 002042477
lccn - sn 95007355
issn - 1081-3349
System ID:

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Full Text

...; ~ra.. ..dnn~:\~yC.cir~jm~YB~LWPa~~V~~ ~-~~-~-

Special Pull
out section
~FT The History
of the African-

a Kitchen
Page 9

TI~yrone Townsend
Celebrates 60th
Birthday with
Ant Eventing in
6a Paris and a few
Hundred of His
Closest Friends
Page 17

( 4 1ep &ee 8Ame*Bn

.. 6 ~ ~ C

Volume 21 No. 43 Jacksonville, Florida February 21-27, 2008

His Approval
Rate Ilay be
Way Down in
Amierica but
Africans ar~e
Lov~ing Pres. Bush
Page 5

( Lf ~~rr 1 1*1 i i;j I~(cyw)il~L ~I1)I(1~I

I"rlcrr I clr.-.r~-uJ ~


Surprise Tribute
Rahman, was brought up with a
firm appreciation for the culture. In
the 1980's she joined with Manson-
continued on page 3

Living Legend in
Thirty year veteran of the educa-
~tional school system, Ida Ross-
Johnson was honored last weekend
1 at a surprise Living Legend
Banquet in her honor at the Masjid-
Al Salaam.
For years, Ross- Johnson was
known to many as Ida Ross, an
entertainment news reporter on
WZAZ Radio. During her tenure
there she had interviewed and
befriended such entertainment
powerhouses as Barry White, Dick
Gregory, Della Reese and the ever
elusive Prince. She is said to have
*one of very few recorded inter-
views with Prince.
Although a successful broadcast-
er, the graduate of William Raines
High School and the University of
Miami knew that her passion rested
in educating the youth of the com-
munity. For more than thirty years
~"she has been a Speech-
Pathologist/Audiologist with the
Duval County Public School sys-
"I had an uncle that stuttered all
illig of his life. I knew that his stuttermng
caused him some problems
although this was something that he
was able to move beyond. I wanted
to help others to speak better to
give them equal footing in life",
Johnson said of her career choice.
Besides working with children
she also had a passion and pride for
African-American heritage. She
made it a passion that her only son,

rgMI gg Yr (g
*r ~ ~ h

i0 4 ( 4l~ i GR II~agRlh

Shown talking to Big Boom following his lecture are (L-R) Sheila Thomas, author Big Boom, Lauren
Freeman (Mrs. Boom), Adina Monroe and Kim Blackshear at the Ritz Theater. KFPPhoto
Whether you have daughters, friends or are single yourself, best-selling author "Big Boom" is on a national tour
to teach women, "Ho~w to Duck a Suckah". In addition to, "If You Want Closure, Start With Your Legs", the self-
proclaimed pimp turned preacher made a stop in Jacksonville on his crusade for a lecture and book signing at the
Ritz Theater. For more on Big Boom's motivation and other secrets for single women, see page 16.

Jame I4r )(ne ( asl ti Mahl toast.te t6

--Copyrighted Material

S yndicate d[C te ntr ;;;

A iiilable from Commercial News Providers

..**r '- '** *' '-~




Taking a Look at
Primaries, Caucuses
and Superdelegates
rage i

Preachear Turned Pimp Author on a Orusade to Educate Wanton


February 21-27, 2008

s Free Press

Page 2 Ms. Per

r: C ? "~
... .;. 1;

':r! : C: L*;'


r:t. ~~':rC"
c,; -~~~:
I*- il ~-~..

.. I,.;,;+'l:~n .I; 1?

Y. .?;-rt.l': cr.
'" i
-~; '~?s~1

to: 6: e lebratfi o n s...


~ --

IL"L~ d

I I_


A i~C

; :,.;
.~ ~I
:... ,1
8' ;i:i"'

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money there fast.

Get: th

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Money~rang ~
International Money Transfer

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Speak Up Speak Out

All Class Reunion
for Technical H.S.
An all-class reunion is set for
March 2009 for alumni of Technical
High School. The school was
opened from 1947-1977. The
reunion is for anyone who ever
attended the school, whether it was
d rtt fmc 1 ll K rfri dbethey stu-
Come have fun, laugh, cry, and
enjoy. Tour the old school and
dance the night away. For more
information, contact Nina Dodd at
904-424-1873 or via Email: techre-


I ---- ., -- ~ ..umr.u~L-ats~.~.~r~i~m~;l--ra~-ru411 -
I I': ~. "~l~,~na?rr.l~*U~n~P ~~

Ms. Perry's Free Press Page 3

February 21-27 2008

commitment whether or not he
wins the vote of North Florida
voters. The following is excerpt s
of her interview.
Other colleagues, said Cong.
Brown, "want to support Obama
because he's Afriican American.
But as Martin Luther King Ir. said,
'Judge me by the content of my
character, not the color of my
skin.' Brown said she is not con
cerned about the possibility th~at
her constituents might seek to
punish her for the decision.
"People know I'm going to do
what think i riglt, tsh uld.

Cong. Brownr vote thre voice of'
hrer conrstiturents or hrer opinion?'
Enrrail yourr response to
JFreepressraol.cons or far\ to

Southern Traditions Stay True As the rest of the world evolves for the better and
the worse, it's often the little things that make the difference in our community that which keeps us grounded
and reminds us of better times. Most recently the Nation of Islam held an old fashioned fish fry to raise money
for their signature projects that benefit the community. Held last weekend at their new mosque located at the cor-
ner of McDuff Ave. & Beaver Street, the corner was buzzing with people anxious to partake in the wholesome
delicacies the Muslims are noted for. Shown above is Bro. Mark X purchasing hot fish from Johnella Abdullah.
For mor~e information on the Nation Of Islam ,or to find out the date of their next event call 904-318-1684.

Rep. Corrine Brown
In a recent Washington Post
I silvew rittenc ta aepneto
American Congressmnan not to
officially stay with the Clinton
campaign, local representative
C ng. Corrine Brown has said she
will stay true to her super delegate

^r th

Copyrighted Material --

Syd*ae Co *

son walked mn. I had just spoken to
him earlier and thought he was
halfway around the world. I still
can't believe it!", said Ross-
Johnson who thanked those who
attended and recited a poem by Gil

The event ended with a feast for
all wh~o attended and some good
natured ribbing about Ross-
Johnson. Her cousin ArthurT
Johnson, an event promoter jabbed,
"Ida can get anything from anyone.
I worked for Prince for ten years
and never got a conversation and
here she was getting an interview!
Shle is truly remarkable!"

for the community. From just giv-
ing to those in need to making sure
that our children receive not just an
education but an education about
themselves. She truly is a living
lhe evndo anchaded tributes front
friends, relatives and a special sur-
prise from her son Rahman Johnson
who came into the city to surprise
her for the event.
nI cannot believe that everyone
went through so much trouble fo~r
this event. I am not one for the big
parties and honors, I believe that if

bers of the Masjid Al-Salaam felt .you can do a thing to help some-
compelled to honor Ross- Johnson he, the~n do if! But they got .I 1
"Sister Ida quietly does so mactr- think I was most surprised when my

c~Vagnet crograr

LfppliCO Oon CO a

ISR L ruarTY 2 9!

agnet schools give students a head start in life with programs
like business, computer science, the arts and many others.
But to be eligible, you've got to apply by the February 29) deadline.
Ii your ap-plication formn did not arrive by mail, call the number
below or v isi t magncep rograms.com~. And do n't miss the deadline!

Magnet Application D~eadline: February 29).

La~st day to visit mangnet schools and receive principals' signatures
on aPplications: February 29).

For more information, call 390-2082
or vis it www. magnetp rograms.com.

Florida Lottery retailers are vital to our support of education.
Thanks to them, we've helped build, renovate and maintain 780
public schools; sent more than 350,000 high school students to
Florida colleges on Bright Futures Scholarships; and provided more
than $18 Billion to education statewide. We couldn't do it without you,
our players. When you play, we all win.

Visit flalottery.com to learn how we're supporting education in your county

@ 2008 Florida Lottery

Continued from page 1
Kulubally, Adewole Omawole Kulu
Mele and Shadidi Amma as Some
Pstiv "i:ple o to": hedmou h
entation. The group was instrumen-
tal in introducing the practice of
Kwanzaa to the city and helped to
create the Kuumba African Arts and
Heritage Festival.
For all of her hard work and self-
less contributions to the community
Imam Umar Sharif and the mem-

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m s


Florida Lottery.

age s. e y

Elections 101: Primaries, Caucuses, Super Delegates

903 W. Edgewood Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32208
Email: JfreePress@aol.com

February 21-27, 2008

P 4 M P rr
s Free Pre s


Barack Obama has done much
better in caucuses than Hilary
Clinton because his supporters
seem to be more fired up. His sup-
porters feel as if they are not only
supporting a candidate, but a move-
ment as well.
It's been hard for Clinton to com-
pete in this caucus setting, especial-
ly considering the number of new
voters and young adults that
Obama is attracting.
The primary process is much
more simple. It's really like a gen-
eral election. It is open to all regis-
tered voters within the party and
like caucuses some states allow
independent voters to cast ballots
Again, like a general election,
voters simply show up at polling
stations and cast their vote by
secret ballot for their candidate of
choice. After the votes are tallied
then according on state guidelines,
the state's delegates or a portion are
assigned to the winning candidate.
The confusing part comes into
play when you try to figure out
how or why each state allocates
their delegates. Some states have a
winner take all system and others
allocated delegates based on the
percentage of votes won by each
All of this activity culminates
into each party's national conven-
tion and then the eventual show-
down between the Republican and
Democratic nominee in the general
election in November,
I think that I understand a little
better now notice I used the word,
Signing off from an irrelevant
primary process state,
Reggie Fullwood

1952 it was Adlai Stevenson who
became the Democratic Party nom-
inee through this process.
Another popular question I hear
is so why do some states have a
caucus to determine their presiden-
tial candidate of choice and other
states have primaries?
Both are used to select delegates
for the national conventions, but
primaries and caucuses are very
different. Caucuses used to be the
most commonly used of the two,
but primaries have taken over as
the preferred method in the last
several decades,
Let's start with the caucus
process this election process is
definitely the most fun. Caucuses
are basically meetings that are held
statewide in high schools and com-
munity centers. They are normally
open to all registered voters of the
Each state sets its own caucus
rules and in states like Iowa inde-
pendent voters are allowed to cast
ballots as well.
I have personally never been to a
caucus, but here's what happens.
Voters divide themselves up into
groups according to the candidate
they support, and even those who
are undecided gather in a group.
Each candidate group's goal is to
increase their numbers by persuad-
ing those undecided voters to join
their group.
So a representative from each
candidate group gives speeches
hoping to boost their numbers. At
the end of the process, the number
of voters in each group is counted.
The whole process takes several
hours, so that's why most states
have moved away from caucuses -
the time commitment limits the
number of voters who participate.

Just when I though that I was "In
the know" about politics comes the
entire Democratic Super Delegate
process. And I must say that I am
still trying to figure it out. I obvi-
ously am not alone. This week, I
am going to share a bit of the infor-
mation I have known regarding the
Some states have primaries and
some states have caucuses which
seem more like a party than a vot-
ing process. Some states like
Florida and Michigan didn't have
any delegates on the Democratic
side and reduced delegates on the
Republican side of the fence.
Most people think that elections
are won based upon the popular
vote. Just like running for City
Council, Mayor or Governor, once
you reach the general election it is
the person with the most votes who
wins. That process is pretty simple.
However, when you get on the
national level it is a whole different
ball game. The 2000 Presidential
election between Al Gore and
George W. Bush is probably the
most controversial race in our
country's history. I will not rehash
the details, but one interesting fact
is that Al Gore won the popular
vote, but didn't win the Electoral
College hence Bush became El
Recently, with the popularity of
the Hilary Clinton and Barack
Obama face off in the Democratic
Primary a lot of attention has been
paid to the election process. What's
a super delegate and why do they
have so much power? Why didn't
Florida's Democratic delegates
count? What's a brokered conven-
These are all legitimate questions
for even those of us who think that

we are in the political know. Let's
start with this "superdelegate"
issue. Superdelegates are not based
on the primaries or caucuses you
have been watching on TV.
It's actually quite simple. Most
superdelegates are elected officials
or former elected officials or party
leaders from each state. The power
of a superdelegate resides in the
fact that he or she can basically
support for any candidate regard-
less of how the state they came
from voted.
This year's Democratic National
Convention will definitely be one
to watch. The perfect storm seems
to be brewing and it's going to be a
gigantic one. The scenario that
Democrats are facing is that if nei-
ther Clinton nor Obam~a reach the
2025 pledged delegates needed to
be the nominee then the superdlele-
gates would be empowered to
make the decision.
Never before has a race for a
party's presidential nominee been
so close so late in the process.
Talk about being king makers -
these delegates will have unprece-
dented electoral power.
Democratic superdelegates make
up approximately one-fifth of the
total number of regular delegates.
If this scenario plays itself out then
the Democratic National
Convention in Denver would
become the first brokered conven-
tion since 1952.
When brokered conventions
occur all bets are off and things
really get political. That's when
superdelegates will have to. go
through multiple rounds of voting
to decide the party's nominee.
A lot of back room deals are
made and eventually one of the
candidates comes out a winner. In


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IBUTORS: Charles Griggs, Camilla Thompson, Reginald Fullwood,
Icinson, William Reed, Bruce Burwell, Phyllis Mack, Carlottra Guyton,
unrwell, Rhonda Silver,Vickie Brown, Rahman Johnson, Headshots

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tunities for free expression of ideas.
The Jacksonville Free Press has its
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Therefore, the Free Press ownership
reserves the right to publish views
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Sylvia Perry

Managing Editor

P.O. Box 43580
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Rita Perry


J~F~~ :~oh

February 21-2 ,

Literacy and Art Family

Day at The Cummer
The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is hosting a Literacy and Art
Family Day on Saturday, March Ist from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
The free event allows the entire family to enjoy a day at the museum
filled with live music, storytelling and literary art projects. Kids cam
also re-invigorate your joy of reading through Mayor Peyton's 2008
Rally Jax preschool literacy program and Jacksonville Museum Hop.
The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens is located at 829 Riverside
Ave. in Jacksonville's Riversid~e area. Family Day events will be held
throughout the museum, gardens and Art Connections.
For more information, call (904) 355-0630. ~ -

Ms. Perry's Free Press Page 5

7 2008

' ~9

- J
u O



exemplary character,; superior lead-
ership, academic achievement and
outstanding service to their clubs
and communities.
The winner of the local Youth of

sae nwpeiton. Fe rgo a
winners selected from among the
state winners will compete for the
national honor in Washington,
D.C., where President Bush will
announce the National Youth of the
Year at a White House ceremony in
September. In addition, the national
winner receives a $10,000 scholar-
ship from the Reader's Digest
Foundation, sponsor of the program
since its inception in 1947.

Augustine Boys & Girls Club:
Imari Bratcher from the Laurence F.
Lee Boys &e Girls Club; Luis CruLz
from the Victory Pointe Boys &
Girls Club; Rakita Dozier from
SA MHul'DBey ee etrl I o u
Fernandina Beach Boys &e Girls
Club; Ashlee Hester from the
Beaches Boys &r Girls Club;
Keshawn Lenton from the
Woodland Acres Boys &P Girls Club
and Krysten Watson from the
Miller Boys & Girls Club
Youth of the Year is a national
program administered by Boys &
Girls Clubs of America; it recosg-
nizes individual club members'

Boys & Girls Clubs of Northeast
Florida will present the 2008 Youth
of the Year event on Thursday,
February 28, 2008 at the San Jose
Country Club. The event will rec-

meb hs hoB &aecele sin uhe
community, Club and family.
The guest speaker for this year's
event will be the Boys &e Girls
Clubs of America's 2007-2008
National Youth of the Year,
Demetrice Tuttle. A six-year mem-
ber of the West Georgia Boys &
Girls Club, Tuttle has become a
young leader for the members and
has headed various community ral-
lies. Tuttle will talk to approximate-
ly 200 guests that night about the

mapd on hiB sd his f milylb as
Guest emcee for the event will be
Emmy Award-winning television,
radio and newspaper journalist
Bruce Hamilton. Hamilton is a
member of the anchor team for
WJXT Channel 4's The Morning
The local Youth of the Year com-
petition awards a $1,000 scholar-
ship to each nominee.
This year's eight nominees for
the 2008 Youth of the Year event
tare: Duane Brady from the St.

r c..

I. ~TJ

.~~ ..:
~=~ l.;t' L:L
'i: yl:: ~: j;ltrd~MlsBs~BF~:'
i : r
!ife-/Sla c~~;vr.Z~ I.h'eep~s getting bette~ WclComee to.the next chapter,
"' ~'~:(`: ~qQg ~ce'~~lla,~,A:~whispe~-suiet cabin.
.. ~. .; ..I. ~l~a~zlpabili;lli~s.,And gtyle that can't
';~'.Sdtelljte rea~y.~i~erl~t~ "!
r ...I,''
~b~~cenied. Yd~i rid t~nil r
r,' i ~:~.;, ;~'~~i ~Y ~Il:: ;:t;
'?"t. r '' 'r
; ~, i. '. i~"~'i ~ _;~ :;~ i; ROLL
IIt~lp .~if~Li
'- :i'l r
'~ !;''':: IPlt
l~~gi ~ 9BTOYOTA
,L :'~ ~ Tbb' :; Fs.a;r ~ 'i
moviri~ far.wardt:
;I 1 5' 1.V I~C v'1 II
P~ LI~C)n'~.
1'; L'4 ::
Cll.rl )* r'l I
r;n'nodrtprii~ 'S4YTll(l,~in'hBYI fpi t~n\be~lblll\y.li~~ m~il vehlrlsrt i
q~abpn 6?s~! ~i ~,:~;i; I~i~!~i~u .CII.)-PMH.I *dn111.6 11 IIIlr mmuylrunn ~
~j '
:~ '' an ,I'
C; i~i~b'Sti5S~ ;)uL-~
~.Z~ j!; ~*L~.II.
I; I'~i'.

1.800.regions I regions.com


nrC ~L~J r ~Cr~~ I~~r~ c 1~ L

cr I \ _~ ~~t

(E ~ ~


BACK (L~-R): Keshawn Lenton; Imari Bratcher; Luis Cruz; Duane Brady. FRONT (L-R): Rakita Dozier;
Desiree Felton; Krysten Watson and Ashlee Hester.

Eight Local Students to Compete for Youth of the Year

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Expect me to make history.

Black History Month doesn't just celebrate the past. It celebrates the future, and those who will play
a starring role in it. Regions is proud to encourage and support future black history makers who will
make a positive difference. We're also committed to providing more opportunities for kids and their
families in the communities we serve. To that end, we're providing billions of dollars in development
loans for affordable housing and job creation, sponsoring financial literacy programs for students
and providing paid time off for our associates who volunteer their time. By working together, we are
making a positive difference in our communities. And the only thing that makes us prouder than the
results we're seeing today are the ones we'll see tomorrow.

Regions celebrates Black History Month. AL REGI ON S
It's time to expect miore



Bethel Baptist Institutional Church
215 Bethel Baptist street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 (904) 354-1464

Early Worship 8:00 a.m.
Sunday School 9:15 a.m.
Morning Worship 10:45 a.m.
1st Sunday 3:45 p.m.

Lord's Supper & Baptism
3 rd Sun day 7 0 0 p.m.

Bible Study 7:00 p.rnl.
Noon Day Worship

Youth Church 7:00 p.m.

Sunday Morning Worship
7:40 a.m. and 10:45 a.m.
Church school
9:30 a.m.
The Word from the Sons
and Daughters of Bethel
3rd Sunday 3:30 p.m.

Seekinzg the lost for Christ
Matthew 28:19 20

111 8:OO A.M. Early Morning WTorship
9:30 a~m. Sunday iSchool

go.... u s o, a 5, .. .

5863 Moncrief Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32209 (904) 768-8800 FAX 764-3800

1 I Join Us for One of Our Services


Central Cam us

(1-10 & Lane Avenue) L* j
Sunday Februcary 24th2

Pocket Full of Rocks

Pastor Garry &r Kim Wiggins at 6:00 p.mn. in Concert Pastor Ceil &r Pauline Wiggins

5755 Ramona Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32205 904-781-9393
Website: www.evangeltempleag.org Email: evangeltempleC~evan~geltempleag.org
101:45 anm. Service Interprete~d for Defaf@ Centrarl Campus

February 21-27, 2008

Page 6 Ms Perry's Free s

rllli~~li rlrllliC.~rlllll?~'~[llt~'~i~~~

West Union 108th Anniversary
sTehe Wes Uneo rMiessionary Baptist C urchlocated at 1605 West Beave
Anniversary of the Pastor Leroy C. Kelly. The final services commemorat-
ing the anniversary will be held Sunday February 24th at 4:00 p.m. The
Theme for the Anniversary is "This Victory is Jesus" with the theme song
"Victory in Jesus". The Church Anniversary Banquet will will be hosted at
the Phillipian Multipurpose Center 7540 New Kings Road on Saturday
February 23,2008, at 5:00 p.m. Dea. Cornelious Williams and Sis. Delaney
Williams are the Chair Persons for the Anniversary Celebration.

Greater Grant A.MI.E. Church

Celebrates Scout Sunday
In commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of Boy Scouts of America,
Greater Grant A.M.E. Church will celebrate Scout Sunday. This special
event will be held on Sunday, February 24, 2008, at 11:00 a.m.
The speaker for this memorable occasion will be the Honorable Betty
Burney, Chairwoman of the Duval County School Board. She is the author
of "If These Chains Could Talk" and is dynamic speaker to convey a posi-
tive and uplifting message for the young and the old.
The location of the church is 5533 Gilchrist Road.

Unitarian Universalist Church CelebrateS
Black History Month with Special Services
The Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville, 7405 Arlington
Expressway, where Rev. Dr. John L. Young is Pastor, and Mimister Henson
Markham is music director; invites the community to join them for special
services at 10:45 a.m. each Sunday as they celebrate and honor Black
History Month. The significant accomplishments African Americans have
made will be celebrated. All are welcome.
Rev. Richard Curry and Rev. Chester Brown are Revival Speakers at New
Bethleh em.

Life Church International First

Annual Empowerment Breakfast
On Saturday, February 23, 2008 at 9 a.m., Life Church International is
hosting its first Annual Empowerment Breakfast. This year's theme is "The
Power Is In You". Guest speakers include Rev. Marvin McQueen, Jr.,
Pastor of Philadelphia Missionary Baptist Church and Wanda Baldwin
Davis, FHUD, NFHC, NTI, and FDIC Money Smart Trainer. The commu-
nity is one to tend.foed tebe empom red by theamessag~e, where not

For information, contact Life Church at 356-2109 or Joy Alexander at
294-2602 to get your tickets. They can also be purchased at the door.
Tickets are $10 per person.

Wayman Chapel AME Church, 8855 Sanchez Road; is celebrating the;
126th Anniversary of the Church, Friday, February 22 thru Sunday,
February 24, 2008. The theme: "Making A Difference: From Legacy to
Destiny!" The Opening Worship Service will be at 7 p.m. on Friday
evening. Pastor Leofric Thomas of Open Arms Christian Fellowship, will'
be the guest speaker.
On Saturday, February 23rd the "Making A Difference Day Community
Fair" will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Wayman Academy of the'
Arts, 1 176 Labelle Street (near Cassat Ave. & Plymouth Street). There will
be a Health Fair that includes Health Screenings; Kids Zone with games
and food; a Talent Showcase, "3 on 3" Basketball Tournament, give-a-
ways, education and employment information booths, and much more!
Rev. David B. Rhone, Presiding African Methodist Episcopal Elder, of:
the North Atlanta, Georgia District, will be the guest speaker at the 10 a.m.
Service, Sunday, February 24th. The community is invited.

Bishop,Lorenzo Hall Sr. Celebration
The community is invited to the El-Beth-El Divine Holiness Church at
6 p.m., Saturday, February 23, 2008; at 725 West 4th Street, for the cele-
bration of the 53rd Birthday of Bishop Dr. Lorenzo Hall Sr. Information:
Sis. Emily Kennedy (904) 791-9063; Sis. Felecia James (904) 859-9718, or
Bro. Ricky Willis (904) 444-7077.

WOodlawn Prebyterian to Celebrate
WOman's Day, Sunday, March 9th
Woodlawn Presbyterian Church, Woodlawn at Cleveland Road, will wel-
come back former member Ms. Juana Jordan on Women's 'Day, March 9,
2008. Ms. Jordan, now a resident of Tallahassee, is a journalist and also is
employed at Florida A&M University. The community is invited to share in
this occasion. Portions of God's Trombone will be presented at 6 p.m., in
the Sanctuary, on Friday evening, February 23, 2008. The community is
invited to come out and enjoy this presentation.

NOTICE: Church news is published free of
charge. Information must be received in the Free
PreSS Offices no later than Monday, at 5 p.m. of the
week you want it to run. Information received:
prior to the event date will be printed on a space
RVailable basis until the date. Fax e-mail to 765~-
3803 or e-mail to JFreePress@aol.com.

IYV~~~~~~~ 2l1~11 1UL
Historical St. Nicholas Bethel Baptist Church, 2606 San Diego Rd., Rev.
Dr. Richard W. Jackson, Pastor; will hold Anniversary Services to celebrate
the 128th year of the Church, and the Pastor's 1 5th Anniversary, beginning at
4 p.m. on Sunday, February 24, 2008..
Anniversary Services will continue at 7 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday evenings, February 25, 27 & 29th. The closing service will be at 4
p.m. on Sunday, March 2, 2008. The community is invited to all services.
Youth Workshop on College/Career

Preparation at Greater Macedonia
There will be an informational session regarding vocational planning for
students wishing to attend college, university or to enter the workforce.
Information regarding the application process for scholarships and grants
will be discussed as well as community service hour requirements. The ses-
sion will be held at Greater Macedonia Baptist Church of the Northside,
1880 West Edgewood Avenue. The workshop is for students in grades 8th
through 12th and their parents. It will be held on Tuesday February 26th at
6:30 PM. For more information, contact Alzic Upton at 764-9257.
Grace Commuinty Church of
Nassau Holding Youth Church
Grace Community Church hosts young-adult, small-group worship service
Tuesday at 7 p.m. The group welcomes young adults, ages 20-30, for faith
and fellowship regardless of their church affiliation. The church, which had
a handful of young adult members last year, now has more than 40 regular
aThe e oung adult group will meet at the Northeast Florida Baptist
Association building, 921 S Us Highway 17, Yulee. Contact Pastor Jerry
Klemm to register to attend at (904) 422-1523. Information is also available
on the church Web site at www.gracenassau.com .
Palm Coast AME Celebrating 15th
Anniversary, Elephant Sale
Palm Coast First A.M.E. Church will celebrate their 15th anniversary
kick-off on Sunday, February 24, 4 p.m. with preaching by Dr. Rudolph
McKissick, Jr., pastor at Bethel Baptist Institutional Church.
The church is also holding a White Elephant Sale, sponsored by The
Inspirational Choir of the First A.M.E. Church, on Saturday, March 8, 8 a.m.
tors 3pmA.M.E. Church is the pastorate of the Rev. Gillard S. Glover, 91 Old
Kings Road North.
For tilrther details or table reservations, call Gwendolyn Howard at (386)

Midweek Services
Wednesday Noon Service
"Miracle at Midday"
12 noon-1i p.m.

Dinner and Bible Study
at 5:00 p.m. 6:30 p.m.

Pastor Rudolph
eenior Pat r

Pastor Rudolph
een ssik tr

Radio Ministry
WCGL 1360 AM Thursday 8:15 -8:45 a.m.
AM 1400 Thursday 7:00 8:00 p.m.
TV Ministry
WTLV Channel 12 Sunday's at 6:30 a.m.

Pastor Ernie Murray
Welcomes you!

II:OO at~m. Morning W~orship
Tuesday Evening 7 p.m. Prayer Service
Wednmesday Bible Study 6:30 7 p.m.
Mid-~Week Worship 7 p.m1.
Radio Weekly Broadcast WCGL IBOO AIM


Pastor Landon Williams

St. Nicholas Bethel Baptist to Celebrate "Making a Difference Day" Celebrates
21 8th Anniversar and Pastor's 15th Wayman Chapel's 126th Year

Join us 0fo 08[ Weekly SefVICES

00tne share /II Holy 00tmnintnln on Ist Sunday st tf0 Am n

Grace antd Peace

y ,

Friends andlc Familyt Ceklebrate 70th Birthday of Joe Collins The Valentine's weekend was extra
special fo~r the family of.lCL J `oellils aIs they planned a special celebration in honor of the family patriarch's 70th birthday. Onhand for the Green Cove
Spr'ings, F;L, festivities shown above atre: Michael Powell, Lillie Bennet, Yete Williams, Andrew Williams, Omari Cambell, Terrell Cowser, Jamie Riddle,
Ebony; Williams, Ciani Williams, Gwe~n Collins, Clifton Collins, Susan Epino, Essence Williams, Salea Riddle, Tory Taylor, Jr., Dale Washington, Linda
MoIrris, Lillian Cowser, TIory Tayllor, Sr., John C'owser, Gail Lattimore, Sheri Dowe, Angie and Harmony Taylor Clifton Collins, Sr.,(70) Tanya Kelley,
Willie Lee, Sharon Camnbell, Dev~in Tay~~lor, Ann Collins, Tral~vis Kelley, Elaina Kelley, Elliot Jackson Kelley, Pastor Eric Forson, Ida Harris, Ed Kuhrt,
Debra Kuhrt, P'astor A~lvan llarris a~nd Rion R~iddle Ilet Iowllwc Photo1

Largest Black Memorabilia &
Collectible Show, April 12th in MD
The 24th Annual Black Memorabilia & Collectible Show will be
Saturday, April 12, 2008, at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, 16
Chestnut Street, in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Show hours are 10 a.m.
to 7p.m.
There will be many vendors from across
the United States with black memorabilia
and collectibles for sale including historical -

brifcs an oc ns,a bo es strnuch moeEuatoa
exhibtits, a its the sowinlues saveorys atifacs,JiCrwm oabla
thels Bfalo Soieertsan phthe, Back, Pantherarty Aloteewilb
Are.Tiistelretbakmemorabilia, andhe collectibles show in
thve ountry, anditatrats major vendorsain dolecoslie
Pucae fbakmemorabilia, areads considered ad auc gooe d cainvsmnt
snethe vufalue Sof schtes a h Bave contined Patylo apeiaeoe there i b

years. It is expected that many attendees will travel from across the
country to be a participant in this unique educational event.
For more information or vendor space reservations, call (301)649-
1915 or e-mail Ljohlnsonshows@aol.com


Disciples of Christ

Christian Fellowship
*k *; A Full Gospel Baptist Church *k *
Sunday School
9 a.m. *
Morning Worship
10 a.m.
Lord's Supper
Second Sunday
3:00 p.m.
Evening Worship
Every 3rd & 4th
4 :00 p.m.
Pastor Robcr~t L~ccounl, Ir
A church that's on thte move in
worship with prayer, praise and power!

School of Ministry Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.
Thursday High Praise Worship 7:00 p.m.
2061 Edgewood Avenue West
Jacksonville, Florida 32208
(904) 765-5683 Email:dccfmbc@yahoo.com

Ms. Perry's Free Press Page 7

F 2127 2008

Prices Effective: February P1st through February P6th, 2008 wrm WeGhlyA cceptvl VISA
ThurIsday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday YtVA =;(;l: 18 II
21 22: 23 24 25 26 (b..,3dur frwea
JACKSONVILLE LOCATIONS: 1012 N. Edgewood Ave., Tel. 904-786-2421
S5134 Fire~stone Road, Tel. 904-771-0426 20t W. 48th St., Tel. 904-76 -6178

I1L ~.

k r ~L

P~ 9Y hdM It t f 9 9 8 I

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g 6 ~U I1 IVIru

Asle Dg YvLAdc

el Hata My New Halrstyle

Report Shows Asthma Nearing Epidemic Status in Duval County

Dr. C~hester Athens

305 E. Union St. Jacksonville, FL

For All Your Dental Needs


MoInday Fridcay
8:30 AM. 5 PMu
Saturday Appointments Avilab~ile

De~ntal~ Isurance

Complete Obstetrical

SGyleclCOTg'kal 0878
COmprehensive Pregnancy Care
Board Certified Laser Surgery
Family Planning Vaginal Surgery
Osteoporosis Menopausal Disorder
Laparoscopy Menstrual Disorder

St. Vincent's Division IV

1820 Barrs Street, Suite 521

Jacksonville, FL 32204

(904) 387-9577

W W W. n (Obg y n. com

1 ~3I 1



I have friends and loved ones suffering from Maya A2ngebu
Alzheimer's. But I can imagine... and hope
for... a world without this terrible disea~se.
56u can help mrakena dfIerence. A major bdn imaging study led1 by
ile National Institurtes of Hen hll may help u~s lean hwole stp tie

Ple~asecoruider joining9 1e stdy if yo se between 66 and 90 wid:
* are in good general hed~th writi no memory problems, OR
* are in good general health but have memory problems
or concerns, OR
* hea~u a dagious ofserly P1 hei mer disease.
For m ore i nfo rm ati on, c all 1 -800- 438- 4380
or visit www alzh eim erso rq/im aqi ne,

February 21-28, 2008

Pa e 8 Ms Perr
s Free s


by Dyrinda Sapp
Okay here's a tough one, and I
hope none of you have had to go
through this one yet. What if you
get a style and it's not exactly
what you had in mind. Or worse,
what if you hate it! If you've
been there before than you know
this situation can get ugly. After
all we all work hard for our
money, and I know you don't
want to throw good money away.
If you're visiting a new stylist or
if you're trying something out of
the ordinary you need to know
what the salon's policy is regard-
ing refunds or perhaps re-do's.
All of my stylist stand by their
wok., So iyur o ap e
Trust me Jacksonville is small
and the last thing anyone wants is
for someone to drag their name or
their salon's name through the
Now here is some advice on
things you should consider,
before you even sit in the chair.
Make sure to communicate with
your stylist so they are clear
about exactly what you're expect-
ing. If you're planning to try a
new color then bring in a photo or
a color swatch. Listen, I've even
had clients bring in weave or
wigs so that I would know exact-
ly what they wanted. And let me
tell you, I wasn't offended. I
appreciated it because it made my
job just that much easier. Also at
the time _10u're: discussing your
vibrant new~ color mlake sure to
make your srolst aware of any

other hair issues you might be
So let's say you do all of this
and you're still not happy w~ith the
end result. Guess what? If you
let the person doing your ~hair
know it can probably be easily
corrected with a rinse,
Now absolute worst case sce-
nario, and again I hope this does--
n't happen to any of you, but let's
say you go home and your hair
starts falling out. Dors't wait;
call the stylist and if they can't
take your call right away, stress
the importance of your situation.
Chances are you will be back in
the chair immediately to try and
So aft llof tbat if the rela-
tionship just isn't working
between you and your stylist or
maybe you're just ready for a
change there is a diplomatic way
to end the relationship. Seriously.
the best thing you can do is be
honest. For many ofus we've had
the same customers for years and
we've bonded. It's not just about a
paycheck. Sti list have feelings
too, but if it's time for you to
move on we'll understand. I
would suggest having a discus-;
sion in private. Remember be
mature and hopefully things can
end between the two of you on a
good note.
By the wray if you are looking
for new hairdresser remember I'm
here, and I'd love to have you.
DS Spuand Salonis located at
9810 BarmeadowsSd Suite#42.
Reads her at 0S-904.

- -

* *



--- r

r C

-c c *

* -

all asthma related ER visits, com-
pared with whites of the same age
accounting for 5.1% of all visits.
"Our surveillance for asthma
must become proactive if we hope
to have any impact on decreasing
the social and economic conse-
quences of asthma," said Dana
Fields-Johnson, Director, Healthy
Jacksonville 2010.

Currently surveillance is reactive,
limited to acute episodes that
require ER or hospital visits. A
proactive approach addressing asth-
ma is inclusive of greater aware-
ness, practical programs and health
policies that reduce exposure to
asthma triggers and increase acces-
sibility to primary care. It has also
been suggested that obesity and low

birth weight are associated with
asthma. Furthermore, information
and education about "triggers" are
equally important. Common asth-
ma triggers are: tobacco smoke, pet
dander and household dust.
To view the report visit
www.dchd.net. For questions about
the report contact Rebecca
Filipowicz at 253-2051.

The Duval County Health
Department recently released a
report of its research on asthma,
categorizing it as a major public
health problem in Duval County.
The report provides overall data
about community cost burden, gen-
der, racial and age disparities, death
rates and prevention efforts.
Already one of the most common
chronic illnesses and leading cause
of school absenteeism and hospital-
ization in children nationally, asth-
ma ie q ickl becoming map cowing
for Duval County.
The asthma related death rate for
females is 227% higher than for
males. Combining races and gen-

erb igherathane lxitacfemaaege
groups. Black children between the
ages of 5-14 accounted for 18% of
Ebony Magazine
Looking for

Local Eligibles
Calling all Bachelors and
Bachelorettes! Want to be featured in
the most popular magazine for
African-Americans in the world?
Well, here's your chance. EBON
Magazine is looking for intriguing
singles ages 21 and older to apply. If
selected, a short and photo will
appear in a future issue of the maga-
zine for its 12 million readers to see!
Go to to http://www.ebonyjet.com/shopjpc/pro-
motions/index.aspx to download the appli-
cation. The deadline is 3/15/08.

William L. Cody, M.D.
B. Vereen Chithriki, M.D.


4frkm- m-keen \* Ur sorrt ** IS<*** IM***

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H-isto v~


( r~r

*****, r

&*** --- ** enewa *

-- ~- 'L --1


L --



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f ~c.



yV ,U I

February 21-27 2008

'; '
~* C

I .



~',"" -~I~

Ms. Perry's Free Press Page 11

~-I~- ---I I---------

ii. I~ ~

~j~ ~I~~~~~ Wlrat to dnfrom social, volunteer, political amdsporis activities to self enrichment aadthe civic scene

The Jacksonville Free Press is please to print your pub-
lic service announcements and coming events free of
charge. news deadline is Monday at 6 p.m. by the week you
, a uld like yourn m~rm ikon tob'e giate'd.~i d ation
can be sent via email, fax, brought into our office or mailed
in. Please be sure to include the 5W's who, what, when,
where, why and you must include a contact number.
Email JFreePress@aol.com Fax (904) 765-3803
Mail: Coming Events Jacksonville Free Press
903 W. Edgewood Ave. Jacksonvile, FL 32203




.Please send gift card

Mail this fr~m x:S~u~b~scipJin s/o viack~sonrvill~e3Free Press

February 21-27, 2008

Pa e 12 Ms. Perry's Fre s


Commerce at its Annual Heritage
Breakfast with local professionals
on Friday, February 29th at 8 a.m.
The Florida Black Science and
Inventors Exhibit will be on dis-
play. The theme for the event is
Partnering for a better community
and the guest speaker is Joyce
Morgan DanfordFor details, please
call 652-1502, or www.fenacc.org.

Homebuyers Seminar
There will be a free Homebuyers
Seminar on Saturday, March 1st at
the Southside COGIC 2179
Emerson St. The semmnar will kick
off` at 10.a.m. It will include: First
time home buyers programs; Down
Payment Assistance; Pre-
Qualification; Free Credit Reports.
Refreshments will be served. For
more information on attending, call

poets and poetry lovers of all ages.
Show off your own talent for verse,
or just come, listen and soak up the
creative atmosphere. The next open
session featuring free admission
will be held on March 6th. Call
632-5555 for more information.

PRIDE March Book
Club Meetin
T'he March book club meeting will
be held on Saturday, March 8, 2008
at 5:30 pm at Oakleaf Plantation,
Oakleaf Village Clubhouse, 370
Oakleaf Village Parkway, Orange
Park, Fl. 32065. The book for dis-
cussion will be Blond Faith by
Walter Mosley. For more informa-
tion, call 389-8417.

African and
Jacksonville Children's
Choruses Join Forces
The African Children's Choir and
the Jacksonville Children's Chorus
will be in concert together Saturday,
March 8, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. The
one time performance will be at the
Times Union Center for the
Performing Arts, Jacoby Hall.

People of Color Science
& Invention Expo 2008
The 2008 Annual People of Color
Science and Invention Expo will be
at the Prime Osborn Convention
Center, March 14 -23, 2008. The
ntia nee bi,s foundednbveMis
Jacksonville, is quite remarkable
and maintains it's innovative; with
indigenous artifacts more than
3,000 years old. For details, please
call 904-358-0945.

Ritz Amateur

Night Auditions
bAre you ready to take your skills
to the next level? The Ritz Theater
will hold their next Amateur Night
auditions on Thursday, March 13,
5:00-6:15 p.m. This is your chance

to show your skills to all of
Jacksonville--right on the Ritz
stage! Please bring accompaniment
music. All ages and talents wel-
come! Your piece must be no longer
than 3 1/2 minutes. Auditions are
closed to the viewing public. For
more information call 632-5555.

Girl Scouts Women of
Distinction Luncheon
The Gateway Girls Scouts
Council will have their 2008
Women of Distinction Luncheon on
Friday, March 14, 2008. The
luncheon and awards program will
be held at the Omni Hotel at noon,
This year's honorees include
Roslyn Phillips, Pam Paul, Mary
Terry, Nina Waters and Kristi
Bageant-Epperson. For tickets or
more information, call 421.3486.

Audition for

Stage Aurora Theatrical Company
will hold auditions for their upcom-
ing production "Dreamgirls
singers and dancers are needed.
Auditions will be held on
Saturday, March 15, 2008 from
3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and
Sunday, March 16, 2008 from 1:00
p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the
Jacksonville Center of the Arts,
2049 N. Pearl Street. Male and
Females performers must be at least

18 years of age. Please prepare a
song from the play that shows off
your vocal range and character. For
more information please call Stage
Aurora at (904) 765 7372.
Dreamgirls will perform at the
Florida Theatre May 10-11, 2008.

Florida Forum Lecture
with Tiki Barber
The Florida Forum Lecture series
will continue on April 8, 2008 with
broadcaster, former NFL pro and
author Tiki Barber.
Tiki Barber retired in 2007 holding
every NY Giants rushing record and
tied with two other NFL players for
yards rushing and receiving. The
three-time Pro Bowl player was
both a scholar and an athlete at the
University of Virginia. Tiki joined
NBC in 2007 and will split his time
as a correspondent between the
Today show and NBC's Football
Night. Barber is also an award-win-
ning children's book co-author. For
ticket information call 202-2886.

Bill Cosby in Concert
Veteran comedic entertainer Bill
Cosby will be returning to
Jacksonville for two performances
at the Times Union Center for
Performing Arts. The shows will be
on Saturday, April 12, 2008 at 5
p.m. and 8 p.m. For tickets or for
more information call 353-3309.

St. Augustine Art
& Craft Festival
There will be an art & craft festi-
val including fmne art and crafts on
Feb. 23 -24 from 9 a.m. 5 p.m. on
Saturday and 10 a.m. 4 p.m. on
Sunday. The festival will take place
at the St. Augustine Apmhitheater,
1340-C A1A South of the
Lightouse. For more information
call 352-344-0657.

NABJ Meeting
The Jacksonville chapter of the
National Association of Black
Journalists will meet on Saturday,
February 23rd in the auditorium
of the Florida Times Union. The
meeting will begin at 10 a.m. and
the election of officers will be held.
For more information, contact Tia
Mitchell at (904) 359-4425.

Student College
Career Workshop
There will be an informational ses-
sion regarding planning for students
wishing to attend college, universi-
ty or to enter the workforce.
Information regarding the applica-
tion process for scholarships and
grants will be discussed as well as
community service hour reqluire-
ments. The session will be held at
Greater Macedonia Baptist Church
of the Northside, 1880 West
Edgewood Avenue. The workshop
is for students in grades 8th through
12th and their parents. It will be
held on Tuesday February 26th at
6:30 PM. For more information,
contact Alzic Upton at 764-9257.

Keb'Mo to Perform
at the Florida Theater
Artist Keb'Mo will be in per-

Yhi elt Kapa Jlak formance t the Florida Theater on Women's History
History Celebration February 27th at 8 p.m. Month Breakfast
The National Sorority of Phi Delta Snesogrtraduirst Three local women will be hon-
Kappa, Inc. Delta Delta Chapter KbMosmicsalvngikto ored at the 22nd Annual Women's
invites the community to hear teemnlDtabusHids-Histor Month Breakfast s onsored
Afrca Amriantinctive sound embraces multiple ryp
Afrca Amrian History by the Mayor's Commission on the
Commission on Civil Rights speak- eaangnrsicldgpoStatus of Women. The event will be
rock, folk and jazz. Tickets and
er Sen. Anthony "Tony" Hill. The held on Tuesday, March 4, at the
them wa "PepaingLeaersforcomplete performance information
thee ws Prearig eadrs rare available at 904-355-2787. The Hyatt Regency Hotel. Carol
Tomorrow It will be held on Flrd har slctda 2 .Brady, Joann Manning, and
Saturday, February 23rd at the Karen Brune Mathis will be fea-
Forsyth Street Downtown.
Holiday Inn Commonwealth at 6:30 tured on a specially designed poster
P.M. For more information, contact to be displayed at the breakfast. The
Rebecca Highsmith at (904) 355- Reflections and theme for the breakfast is Women
3353. Conversations of Our Take Flight. Mayor John Peyton
AKA Founder's City Past and Future. to'pro namh nrhk ns Wmnwn
Join the Ritz Theater on February asrnu ienCliswl ev
Day CelebratiOR 28th from 5:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. for as trokenaute Eileen Colnswllin sere
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority a reception featuring conversations the first woman to pilot and com-
Incorporated Centennial Founders' and reflections about Jacksonville's madnUS.scerf.Cl65-
Day Luncheon, hosted by -the -- historical-and- political issues with RSVP to .mal;; reservations or get
Alphajax Foundation, Gammri'RfityalIeader's~iadditt~ithuiy advocates and'amank age a sweague n ''~' !r
Omega, Pi Eta Omega, Mu Theta, youth. Music of the struggle per- mr mto.
Nu lota, and Omicron Delta formed by Ritz Voices and guest
Chapters, will hold festivities on and book signing with local TJh r fSoe
Saturday, February 23rd from 11 African American authors. It is all Word at the Ritz
a.m. 2 p.m. The guest speaker is presented free. For more informa- The First Thursday of every
Supreme Basileus Barbara tion, call 632-5555. month at 7:00 p.m., the lobby of the
McKinzie, the Centennial Ritz is transformed into a stage for
International President. It will be Great Jacksonville
held at the Hyatt Regency
Book Sale
Jacksonville on February 23, 2008 f :
at 11:00 a.m. 2:00 p.m. For more The Great Jacksonville Book Sale
information call 904-355-6101. will be held Feb. 29 -- March 2nd

at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds.
You'll find tens of thousands of
books, generally priced from 50-
cents to $2.00, in Exhibit Hall B at
the fairgrounds. Parking is free.
Hours of the sale are 10 a.m. to 8
p.m. on Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on
Saturday, and 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on
For more information, contact
Harry Reagan at 630-2304
or 633-7726.

FCAACC Heritage
Breakfast @ the Hyatt
Join the local Black Chamber of

Kingsley Plantation
Descendants Reunion
As part of its ongoing annual her-
itage celebration, the Kingsley
Plantation will continue this week
with a descendant reunion. Th
February 23rd festivities will
include story telling, a genealogy
fair, lectures, choir presentation,
dance tributes and more. From 12 -
5 p.m. descendants will introduce
each presentation and tell about
their family history in their own
words. For more information, call



Email address


for $35.50 17Please give me a call to pay with a credit card

Enclosed is my check~ money order

*k *k *J *k *SUBSCRIBE TODAY FOR ONLY $35.50 *k *k *J *k *

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February 21-2 ,
"" '


The Stormwater Advisory Committee (SWAC) invites you to learn
about the proposed plan for the billing, collection and use of the new
stormwater fee and to provide feedback.

All meetings start at 6:30 p.m.

District 8 Tuesday, February 19, 2008, 6:30 p.m.
Stanton Prep, 1149 W. 13th Street, 32209

District 14 Thursday, February 21, 2008, 6:30 p.m.
FCCJ Kent, D-120, 3939 Roosevelt Blvd., 32205

District 13 Monday, February 25, 2008, 6:30 p.m.
Twin Lakes Middle, 8050 Point Meadows Dr., 32256

"At-Large" Thursday, February 28, 2008, 6:00 p.m.
City Hall Renaissance Room, 117 W. Duval St., 32202

Meetings are being held in other districts throughout February.
Visit www~jaxswac.com or call 630-CITY (2489) for details.






The Engle Class Action was filed in 1994 and went to trial against the tobacco industry in July 1998. Howard A. Engle, M.D., et al., (Plaintiffs) v. R.J.
Reynolds Tobacco Company, Philip Morris, Inc., Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp., individually and as successor to American Tobacco Co., Lorillard
Tobacco Co., Lorillard, Inc., Liggett Group, Inc., Brooke Group Holdings, Inc. f/k/a Brooke Group, Ltd., Inc., Council for Tobacco Research U.S.A. and
Tobacco Institute (Defendants), Case No. 94-08273 CA (22) Dade County Circuit Court. This Notice addresses a distinct, unprecedented monetary fund
of over $700 million (the "Engle Trust Fund") created for the class by Susan and Stanley Rosenblatt, counsel for the class. The Engle Trust Fund is
approaching $800 million.
You may be qualified to receive a monetary distribution from the Engle Trust Fund if: 1) you (or your decedent) smoked cigarettes
and 2) developed one or more of the diseases and/or medical conditions mentioned below, and 3) that disease or medical condition
was first diagnosed or first manifested itself(first appeared) on or before November 21, 1996, which is the class cut-off date established by the Florida
Supreme Court.


Qualified Engle class members are eligible to receive money from the Engle Trust Fund without giving up existing or future individual claims against any
defendants. The Engle Trust Fund distributions are separate from your rights in any individual lawsuit for damages for personal injury or death from
smoking except for the possibility of a set off depending on the payment plan adopted by the Court. Class members who choose not to bring their own
lawsuits are still eligible to receive money from the Engle Trust Fund.
A. Allocation Plans Considered
A hearing will be held before the Honorable David C. Miller in Courtroom 4-3 of the Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in and for Dade County,
Florida at 73 West Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33130 on April 15, 2008 at 9:00 a.m. The Court will consider comments that have been timely submitted
regarding the allocation and distribution of money from the Engle Trust Fund.
B. Attorneve Fees Considered
The Court will also consider whether to grant Class Counsel's application for attorneys' fees of $218,000,000 and reimbursement of costs not to exceed
$5,000,000. This application is for the substantial work performed by Class Counsel over a period of approximately fifteen years (1993-2008) in handling
all aspects of the Engle class action including the two-year class action trial; multiple appeals in state and federal courts; the creation of the Trust Fund of
approximately $800 million and the establishment of multiple findings to be given res judicata (binding) effect in class members' lawsuits. The entire Court
file in this case, including Class Counsel's fee application, with accompanying affidavits of experts, is available for review at the Office of the Clerk at the
Dade County Courthouse.
C. Motions to Intervene will be Considered
The Court will consider timely submitted motions to intervene, written comments and/or objections of qualified class members concerning the allocation
of the Engle Trust Fund and/or the attorneys' fees and reimbursement of costs for Class Counsel. To be considered, the plans, objections, and/or Motions
to Intervene must be timely filed with the Court with a copy to Judge Miller at: 73 West Flagler Street, Room 414, Miami, FL 33130 and Stanley and Susan
Rosenblatt at: Engle Trust Fund, P.O. Box 013241, Miami, FL 33101 and postmarked on or before March 31, 2008.
Your submission must include information as to Engle class membership, including

(1) your and/or the decedent's name, address and date of birth;
(2) the dates/time frame you (or the decedent) lived in Florida;
(3) .the date (or approximate date) you (or the decedent) was diagnosed with one or more of the diseases or medical conditions listed
above or when that disease or medical condition first manifested (appeared); and
(4) the decedent's date of death and your relationship to the decedent.
Your submission must be signed and dated by the class member, even where the comments or objections are filed by your counsel.
The Court's final determination regarding a plan of distribution of the Engle Trust Fund along with any deadlines and other applicable information will be
provided in further communications to the Class through a supplemental Notice. You may also obtain copies of this Notice and all future Notices by
calling 1-888-420-1666.

You may hire counsel, at your own expense, to represent your interests in connection with the allocation and distribution of the Engle Trust Fund money
or the Court will determine how your interests will be represented.
Do not call or write the Court or the Clerk of the Court for further information. Any inquiries or questions concerning this Notice should be directed to the
Engle information hotline at 1-888-420-1666 or by writing Class Counsel:
Engle Trust Fund
=>.O ox 13

Pilgrim's Pride Corporation, a Fortune 500 company and one of
Fortune's "Most Admired Companies in America" has job openings at
our Lufkin processing food plant. The company provides an excellent
benefit package that includes medical, dental, vision, life, 401(k), stock
purchase plan, as well as paid holidays and vacations.
Apply directly Monday thru Friday 8 AM to 4 PM, at the Human
Resources Office 1710 Frank Street Lufkin, Texas
Starting pay for hourly production jobs is $8/hour with a 90-day
increase for those successfully completing the probationary period.
Pay rates for other positions are based on skills required and qualifi-
cations and shift premiums. Medical, dental and vision benefits are
available at the beginning of the month following 60 days of employ-
Our current job openings are:
"Production Laborers-Day and Night Shifts (to include)
OLive Hangers
o Sanitation
o De-bone
oCut up
o Labeling & Shipping Dock
o Part-time Positions (Ideal for Students and Job seekers who
need a second income)
Pilgrim's Pride is a World Class Food Company...Better than the Best.
Come join one of the fastest-growing food companies in America.
Pilgrim's Pride is an equal opportunity employer.

Ne ed an At tor ney?


Workers CompensatleH

Pers0H81 Inlurl




Contact Law Office of

Reese Mars a16, 1 AP

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Jacksonville, FL 32202

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and courteous service to our clients

Ms. Perry's Free Press Page 13

7 2008

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- C

. ..

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. --


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C 't

carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma)
complications of pregnancy (miscarriage)
oral cavity/tongue cancer
pancreatic cancer
peripheral vascular disease
(including.Buerger's disease)
pharyngeal cancer
stomach cancer

atherosclerosis, coronary artery
disease and arteriosclerosis, angina,
abnormal blood clotting, blood vessel
damage, myocardial infarction (heart
esophageal (throat) cancer
kidney cancer
laryngeal (throat or voice box) cancer
lung cancer (including adenocarcinoma,
large cell carcinoma, small cell

aortic aneurysm
bladder cancer
cerebrovascular disease
(including stroke)
cervical cancer
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease -
COPD (including emphysema)
coronary heart disease
(including cardiovascular disease,
hardening of the arteries,

David C. Miller
Circuit Court Jud ge

DONE and ORDERED this 11'" day of February, 2008

~~lort~~~ Pol ( llr

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Call for Particip~ation

2.1st Annual Kuumba Afnican-
American Cultural Arts reStival
The 21st Annual Kuumba African, African American Cultural Arts and and Music
Festival will take place on Friday and Saturday, May 23 and 24th-Memorial Day
Weekend. This year in addition to its local and regional artists displays, national
artist will be represented as well as a major National performer.
Want to get involved in a worthwhile event and support a worthy cause? Volunteer
with Kuumba. Volunteers are needed for this year's event. Volunteers will assist with
stage management, crowd control, parking, set up and take down of seating and
hosting of the workshops.
Kuumba Festival is a project of the Carter G. Woodson Committee for Positive
Education in Jacksonville, Inc. a non profit organization.
For more information on how you can get involved visit
the website at kuum bafestivalfl.org or call (904)327-1 261 .

February 21-28, 2008

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PtUUty ,I- I~L

United in song, and in

pu rsuit of new choir ro bes.

For every member of your group who opens a checking account with SunTrust, we'll
donate $100 to the qualified non-profit organization of your choice.
Simply open your SunTrust checking account, accept and make any purchase with your
new SunTrust Visa" Check Card, and submit a completed redemption form. SunTrust
will then donate $100 in your name to the cause of your choice, which means you and
Likeminded friends can make something very special happen. If your cause is a little more
personal, you can get a $50 SunTrust Visa" Gift Card instead.
SunTrust also offers SunPoints for Charity,' an ongoing rewards program that lets you
keep supporting your favorite cause by turning everyday banking into everyday giving.
Seize the opportunity to do something great. Visit your Local SunTrust branch,
call 800.485.8982, or visit suntrust.com/mycause for complete details.

Sunf lhU S
Seeing beyond money

Open a new SunTrust personal or business checking account from January 22 through March 29, 2008, accept and make a purchase with your SunTrust Visa Check Card by Mayl5, 2008 and submit a redemption form by May15, 2008, to be eligible to either donate
$100 to the charity of your choice or receive a $50 Visa G~ift Card. Charity must be an IRS recognized 501(c)(3). Charity listing provided at suntrust.com/mycause. Account must be in good standing at the time incentive is paid. All incentives will be mailed by June
30, 2008. Offer subject to withdrawal at any time.
The Visa Gift Card is accepted everywhere in the United States the Visa Debit Card is accepted.
Sun.Trust Bank. Member FDIC. 02008, SunTrust Banks, Inc. SunTrust and Seeing beyondmoney are federally registered service marks of SunTrust Banks, Inc. SunPoints for Charity is a service mark of SunTrust Banks, Inc.

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12 27 2008


With National Percentages of Unmarried Black Women (and never will) Nearing

45%, One Author Aims to Atone for Womanizing Past with New Releases

During Valentline's Day, weekend, best selling author Big Boomr stopped at Thre Ritz Theatre and La Villa Museum on his
book signing tour, promoting hris new book, "How to Duck a Suckah: A Guide to Living a Drama-Free Life. The text is
a humorous yet serious, complex yet straightforward mrap to success inz living and loving. While targeted at women who have
expeeee~~~_erienrced bad relationships, "Suckahr" offers bothr males and females great self-help advice and teaches them to find pas-
sion, positivenress and purpose. Of particular note is thre appendix, which contains a series of questions designed to help
readers face thre trutht about themselves and their relationships. Thre author is a reformed pimp who, with the help of God,
became a successful body guard, counselor, mentor, motivational speaker and writer. His personal experiences are evident
in every word he composes. The following are excerpts of Maretta Latimer 's interview with Big Boom.

Page 16 Ms. Perry's Free Press

February 21-27, 2008

Marretta: Big Boom, you were a
womanizer for a long time? What
made you decide to care?
Big Boom: My grandmother
always said, "Ain't no fool like an
old fool." I will be 53 years old in
April, and I started feeling like that
old fool Grandma talked about. I
looked at the "retirement plan" for
pimps, players and crack heads. I
realized they didn't live long.
Marretta: Big Boom, I have to
ask, how did you meet your wife?
What makes your relationship
Big Boom: I met her as a friend.
That's how all relationships should
begin. We were friends for about
four years. I was afraid of a rela-
tionship with my wife because she
was too "corporate-like," too strait-
laced. I married someone else, and
that relationship ended after seven
months. I asked God for help to
change, to send me someone I
couldn't live without, and He did.
It's perfect for me. A lot of men
want just one woman, but are
Marretta: Big Boom, are
women responsive to your mes-

Big Boom: Some are. My
advice is only going to work for so
many people. It's funny I find that
a lot of women argue with people
who try to help them, but love those
who try to hurt them. There is
something about "bad boys" that
attracts lots of women maybe the
excitement or danger 1 don't know.
But I continue to tell women to
focus on doing something positive
for themselves take classes, join a
gym, join Jenny Craig. Everything
falls in place when you start to take
care of yourself.
Marretta: Do you have any
"tried and true" respondents who
can validate your message, women
who have followed your advice and
now live happier lives?
Big Boom: Of course, I do! Yes,
I receive plenty of emails and let-
ters. Sometimes it makes me want
to cry because so many women
write and say, "thank you for saving
my life." It is difficult for a man
who tried to "take the lives" [con-
trol] so many women to hear words
of gratitude from others. I try to
speak to people about finding their
passion, their purpose. I've been
counseling women all my life and

didn't know it. I realize now that is
my passion, my purpose.
Marretta: Do men think you're a
"traitor to the game?"
Big Boom: You know it! The
ones that think I'm a traitor to play-
ers simply don't understand that
there is a special someone for each
of us. Men need to wake up -
women are changing.
Marretta: How is it different for
women?! How have women
Big Boom: Men used to put
women on pedestals. Men assumed
that women knew they would cheat
and that women would accept
infidelity. Men also assume
that women would never
cheat. Now, women are cheat-
ing too, and that makes things
dangerous. Men's egos get hurt,
and that can lead to violence.
Men don't want to look bad, but
we often don't care how our
actions make women look.
Marretta: I almost forgot to
ask, why are you called Big
Big Boom: I've been called Big
Boom since the seventh grade. I
saw a circus performer describe

himself as a boomerang that you
could throw, but he would always
return. I liked that. I went to school
telling everyone to call me
"Boomerang." In the 1990s, Eddie
Murphy starred in the movie,
Boomerang, and I didn't want any-
one to think 1 copied my nickname
from his movie. So, I shortened
"Boomerang" to "Big Boom."
Marretta: You've written two
interesting, informative books.
What's next?
Big Boom: Previously, I focused
on telling women about

Shown above is Boom signing a book for Linda Mack

vide business attire. I tell
women to give men their hearts,
but not the "beat." Quit giving
men all of you because we
don't give all of ourselves.

carry their mothers' pain and
heartache. Also, invite me to come
and talk to your communities. I
want to help everyone I possibly

Marretta: What's the Marretta: You're writing a third
"beat?" book, do you have any other imme-
i Big Boom: The "beat" is a diate plans?
*person's soul, her spirit. Big Boom: I'm trying to estab-
Give your love, not your lish my foundation, "Your Heart
soul. Your soul belongs to Still Beats," to help broken women.
) God. Many women have been hurt by
3 men. The foundation to designed to
Marretta: If you had a assist women with counseling,
specific message you'd training, career placement, and pro-
like to leave with your vide business attire. I tell women to
readers and the communi- give men their hearts, but not the
ty-at-large, what would it "beat." Quit giving men all of you
be? because we don't give all of our-
,\G Big Boom: I'd like selves.

mee t n an

bi wthedab
their children and
young people that
look up to them,
tlit~s~ee thetPsr as
r Fmg~nodels/ e~'
have so many things
we need to teach our A litlt. go i
youth, why do we )(andII~ -
always manage to
show them the wrong
things?, I really want G
women to realize their I
daughters watch them. O1
Daughters want to wear B OnrJ
their mothers' clothes area:I~ (''::,
and makeup. We don't i, N~ii~Ew .u'Ir t
want them [daughters] to

Now it's time for me eo nell
women about themselves. Women
need to understand what's wrong
with them. Women can't use rela-
-tionships to fix themselves. They '
can't blame all their problems on
men. Women need to look inside,
at the heart of their problems.
Marretta: You're writing a third
book, do you have any other imme-
diate plans?
Big Boom: I'm trying to estab-
lish my foundation, "Your Heart
Still Beats," to help broken women.
many women have been hurt by
men. The foundation to designed to
assist women with counseling,
training, career placement, and pro-





The loneliest number: Declining marriage rates among African Americans hit women the hardest.

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1'(117l\r11J U 1' ICI~IILUU-IUEj~L)


13;1P i. -



Sonia and Eric Waye

Mark Little & Morris King Jr

Lynn Jones, Leon Smith & Jackie Lawson

Corey & R. Bean

Kim Mitchell, Lisa Brooks & Andria Simmons

Eddie & Lorraine Baggs

The honoree with a few of his table load of gifts.

Freddi Chappel and Pat Lockett-Felder

Ken Johnson and Joy Price Sherry Hayes, Iris Butler and Greg Miller

Brenda Roundtree w/ Tyrone Vic
Photos and story by Lynn Jones
Well known Jacksonville Realtor Tyrone P.
Townsend celebrated his 60th birthday with the theme
"An Evening in Paris". The celebration was held at the
Jewish Community Alliance Center on San Jose Blvd.
Throughout the night over 300 well-wishers gathered
to host, roast and toast their husband, father, brother,
uncip and friend to the end.

cki Scott, William Jones & Tyrone Townsend Mr. Tony &r Ms. Bridget Lamerica Poole, Josephine Butler and and Pat Love

The theme centered on Tyrone's passion of growing
up and being fascinated with the Eiffel Tower and the
amazement of such a magnificent structure. So on
Tyrone's 40th Birthday, Tyrone made the trip across the
water and had a grand old time in gay Paris! While
there, he climbed the Eiffel tower and gleamed in all its
lights and history.
TIyrone has since visited the Eiffel Tower 4 times!!!

Via video Tyrone paid tribute to his mother and pre-
viously had the lyrics of the hit song "D~ance with my
Father" penned by the late Lulther VanDross changed
to lyrics to celebrate "Danlcing with my Mother",
showing his Love for the woman who gave him life.
Tyrone also gave tribute to his life long friends of
many years: Edwin Wrigh~t (54 years), Curtis Brackett
(48 years), Lawrence Jordan (37 years) and Bob

Gibbs (32 Years).
Tyrone and his lovely wife Arvella danced thle night
away to an atmosphere that was filled with great food,
friends, family, and lots of dancing. With everything
from entering the room through the Arche de' Triumph
to the delicious chocolate cake almost as tall as th~e
Eifell Tower, each corner of the room had the feel of a
trip around the world.

" 9~

Pae18 Ms. Perr's Free Press February 21-27, 2008_


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~ .
~"' ~r.
rdi 1. 1.

IMI: .
~Z~z"::. 1





;~':~~';~:i :'-'""'
~':~. "p
"'* i


Dinner at my house 2 mw~one= when my best

friends come over. We all love the same things-like

my Dad's nine-bean soup! Noreen's favorites are

the cranberry beans. I told her people in Africa

have enjoyed that funny-named bean for almost

500 years! Haleema loves the lentils. Me, I love

them all because apart they're good but together

they are amazing! Just like us. It's nice to have

someone who appreciates my African American

history the way I do.





XU~hnk or

" ~r~:~~K*.:i4
.: ..
'' 4r 1: .~!: BTaa