t.raverse lthe' Dirdnotlleii. 'In iSto
to a Ittslan iami)asyi agreeing to the
exit'of the stfamers.. the portre einpha-
Isizes the fact tBat its understanding
of the Rtuetlan statement It: "Thia
the vessel of the vi)lunteer shall nout
carry arma or manitionos of war, hti
they Shall fly ihr* commercial flag
throughout the voyage anhl shall tray.
1*n the straits separately. at stated
intervals." The Arst ves6et is ex.
peWted tomorrow.
I1leeal Vo tes Chnge RIUelt.
Oulethqrp*e. Ga., August l.--After
oasolldtilng the returns in (the prol
bitiOn sle.tLion held here those of
HlcRkn district were found Illegal r
were thrown out. making Macon coon.
ty dry by 2 majority, It Is rumored
the will be a oonteat. The county
'Wett wet on the force of the rpturatr
Si me joritry.
c -Nerve TensIon.
A foe to health is nd.rve tilson,
so d tetli0e due to horry and worry, but
,iine, Stnte out of ten lu, to poor. iadi-
Sicitiou. a bad stomach, a torpid liver
p, ponllpatiow. Theo!s conditions all
reset on the min4d and ill' keep your
aervee on edge If you do ntt reanove
them by using Green's Augulst Flower.
tere i no better tlomoach medicine inI
tie World than Aisagut Flower, and no
..rer reur for ind i!gestion or dyspepia.I
+ boetthlo 2k. Big bottle. *?
W. M. Johneon'.
S Fotist Fire Raging.
., L lander. \',', ,a' t I.i --A forest
,llre rain itig i.' ItVWhil rlver moin
atsik betwa sn li tat,' anil 'rhrrmsinp
afill d! an lroiray 1a re.ifortdl to 'have
aeitroy 11e Ia, workin,e 'a 's"rt'l ad;nd, auina"
iM a'of rtnche+. titl atilnnK tsi^rti5?i
a"4t1drectly i'n, ,|is pat ', i'he, isla.st
Olut ifi Uhe t range' t'e turned.
-uoIt h T o

!os.to Masd use that old an. well.
t3led hmedy, Mr. Wintlow'. Spoth-*
Nl t brIpo foo Ohildtfei teething. It
thud. softens. the guane,
tiut** wind rele', and Ic
WlIm lb*rod la'rhboeass Twen.


|?niel rinr ^t and
Ltceoed Einkminime
-~u)rro MIL~rl
Maefuseqso* Dalysiu
tet(wo. reM,1 MbbMr M4apa, Art
tMId, ;lhlhen ry. et~aa *e.
dabs, C'ebuegs sad Phe$ugvg*
-herV r le -s
^^w 'i^p ^^ -wiwn hweyd^

Nva ess Us to e er. I
The T hvetble rMok thalliIdrs are fosnt
It tbh ouse wulth covers the oInlrles
plants dwu ta up from the tb'otM ofst
mthe I. AS llltwn llIy Ihe'l lask t'i)y are aen w to wolstait of xidiss li ,llk
or bales, aaltaclsishl t ilselr coritarN.
Theso vreestable fonlts, so niatlltut no to
be lvisiblI| | list,' hlutnai oeyes. Illve
the power of eW.rat.illnl the eleniel"ts
w flint i slll4* ruils lt wilder IN
Whit'h Ithaey live. They atn very wP4ir.
onUly Iasprknl. anl there are atiny is.
rhtlles of th011ni. It will be ween that in
their strwutoae0 thie ineM of beutlly thave
not Ib e forgot li. The iety of HLIer
Isn we. hult ott a Ul liatiIIII4.d IN l of the
fIlilla or lliho iiillstl" v 1 ot uhle
ro-kmilaaa *f tihes. tainstiate vegetable
Iariwn. ndt heile unstable fnun4taUoun of
ithe ito i s-. t1lile I( 0 thi fMt. 'Tbhley
aroe ski enillli tli oate Sihe rrestniyi.ttlllotati part of a vlftki
T'lhey inlreas by emtlltatVhiotn, Oat be.
itg 1'iliabtle of tl.lervning.,to a 1ilJllou
lPy. this irsi' s in ttwesty.4ftur. iouNr
Their Iitohiftlt of htllllit It Issimply l1y
liVhag n11t tt'lwn 4l11%II unsleavinlg theIr
illpty Witc'lltoi l)o foran the s)ld roki.
t'itwy b1iwk up rivers. give sthe greer
lusage t t(h Att' MosWae, oron a aWhite
IilisIt whilh 1lts1 teefn foutndlt n mh eei
.rj tit'e latig inudl M) 4 feet thlek, and
th cloudis of dust which ar ,blown
ftrei tie desWert are mnalo up of ltteln.

S" Sn Acpa eni asla.
Tbs J|tpaies slahotkeopera use

te snst'e of the aslbInOt of aell m
Wiealatiott In the eiuplra. Int lidl
alnliwr n.atl pencIl atWJ y child: or.
will aot aone take up the smoobun w
gisln a i>rotllem n l uaUMlsuatcs.
rMttlo its tepxtdie. otut a4 tboauth
wOre aMn.slul 'llinIm'sf. The prile
of the littl'eh tistrnillet lt is hlisw i
of thi liv', Ite i(sld its time broad Io
di0tlason of the minM l reipsewnts
Q5Uitl. as1id r el olitalry hlad is ltthe a
,*tw .lpear Ihlvyilon I "pree sta
tttltt.s !lth vrtl'hal solunaan Ii t
worthl te iiatas, E4'Ch vertical coll
rtn'prPsapt thtittear tillth:i gramtor t
th. lIs n In lhti, tositul s l tmIeilIfatlely to
right of it. ea(tly as in our own I
tIt of t notation ly itelaspi of the .
biliI muneratls, Any sum i t arlthe
ren Ibw doge on the b croban even
the extzctiti of aquaroe ad et

lMCeS.. Music.
T" he note'. Cf ('hllmif tuichl read, lilk
the writla'at ch4uarnterr,. from right to
WJft, and the ladtirIuls of the wesle are
diflIrrat frwti thoswe of the scile adopt-
ed y t li nations of the west. The
music la not very liara~uonloa s, ad
sounds tteenlKnlessi IAti angling to
wasttrlt eas hut it had a pretty., mulue
ill cal ,,l4 that naksa it tltrtcUve
and Intresting I spite of It. frequentt
A Peirfectly Painlessil Pill
is the oe that, will ee0aes e the eyl.
easn, set hl liver to aetlon, reilov
the bile. oelsit the bomnplexion, aure
headeliaehanld Iae* lEMd ate In the
mouth. The amoinllitle pill for do*
nlg sueil work plesautiy a ind cTetuil.
yif, lAp DeWIt*' Little )ily, ItiRee14i
oh M)nore of 'Lafayelte, lzAd *iayk',
"All t;4ter plls I hav iesed grin> und
siekon. while l8 Witt' l 1itt le1 rly
It irre ar pply perfect 1old by
all drauctglls.

nH Mii
o ..l fLORIDA

Sirls-- Class-, PrOVISionl

MIND: Lho..u"!,.
n! fIt. d Our Motu
5599 V ,t49 MoUnd monr
he botls of 'osd4 ehstiatahip. ,
AdIsltm, ,TU PrRlISl'Ri te


ww tse t sawes "etv' ** ppresM
wtaouts who tsve al had
ua., at., -n, *Mth a ta i,,b!'"

"+, ih).. c l iltln v wi!t all

i^rfi4flouI'm tr)l0u1 v1t got h1r01
t'Or!t'le. i&Iml~-eof0 1 1t41 00iat tao
I lThI 'l'hlh' >***** lJd** ". K*
al.'itsa ii tituS i wet' y ay It h 4wata ef kafa asissltRI
Jut uaM you oa r pt plwou ether dbte.-
Smitled laphir' la tir.: "
S* A Swat Wreath
la S never falllnl sin of a belthy
totah. When li biet baid rth
tIIMiash Isott I. ok of"rr. Ther i4 ito
rmd in th M e world qal to aodl
pDloaopela COu for uirtag ildl rseifen,
dyspw'pl and an. astomnaib 4leowmre.
.. wt "I. hvee tN 4ip
ti for ysrs a tried all ki p West.
dies blut continued to ItaW Woorlse. i
tlio sisw of Kodul I begits to lmr I1
onev, atd alier tkl iar felw uWS'Wn
fully retorted in we ght, ha1t1T d
Ot'nAth tno d eln et Iwh tl, too
ndol dllot whet aols Oat !waCe.
the stotah *sweet. olid hbf alit ug
et ; a.m.. .



Up.to ate ..


' : .,f ; 1 .' ^ ii




'*i *.^ P1f


* 1 *m

.1 *A 1^ l


I-s 5, '^^^"'*^^ *F^ft4 t B


oSend Your ,,

s Order r

mare. umi .u


Orders sent to us
receive Irompt attenl-
tion and the class or
work we turn out is
bound to please.

SU1, ir.lllli

Send Us Your '

N ext Order t

--wT!6RANIO C -.

-w ;lM

Take The'

VN i


IdOpm O*.all

Dally :arth, 1 eM

De ;ailw dt*y*00 5o
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iatoiaAiitaC t lodbti b i

++ H, RASUi ..L...Q ,

1V:I IE ? r J ds;1 1 Ai ,I 1... U *Y:jour

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-"`rr~- -"---~i---;ii-i-;-YIi;-


~*M:I#S~~..va All ~r4 -

iMisk'.3 Y.'i spolli l
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y ,0 1*14e
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g s, Y,

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" '* A '. ipia inm
!tB* Y. *!lw York po ... d

Tl w. --- --

S.OI MB(<1. P teoleor. Via
nAW"l w,. ..Men .
atost bwIthits saideuPht. Dol'l
$U1 to -II a0 $> bh p Jn JJ.keowplile

g3 4P l IAh *l X BJAIVIS.
**:' M .

AL. SAL ,.
.PI.. r.. p.

1. .' n J ase vll, Florida
il S ..=-,.... q

g s Iaportedi and Domtie Liquow
SSadi Wa- l th it. 40,

ti l a s $r
1,e(te sadt sh mek wo t i t e .
,bsst1,b vote hat a A lossA0S

b4mea; lotopta g et a ime l U

A It s 0 eaploia h he beno.
ta I it, a

$4# t ." oi I'v
i T emmaa wes. Gta~rnatd d y sono a

shaveitt i. tl. Nmila
S t $a ss e tiotid '
my. 906 h"a e m u. o
ff*l^ '^,;i ae >iiiDr. ai ''s Nei l,

D1~et*PSSiet mabpsio.. uhe tlsen.
Oil W. ipt to be s1men#.
...'^fi'J~ ** - - ---------- Ilk"l*Xf d ^ 1 in lr'

I A4 0**1*- 1 Areal's Sale;s nd Ua

?S!Si~~~W WSfSS~Sffl^ *t1. lvt

lelurthA Antnul Eur.lon:

Seashore Resorts


.............. ,
1 I,' .AU U S T 1, 1 1 04

ni.. NC 13 0
dia 8 prr 00

Pt ia i!n,.T' ,... Te. t0 1 l.
n w* V i .". 1 0 oi

LookoutMountain.Tein .. 11i so
M iotele, T.nn ... 1. OBl
Old lif Ten ot, V t 6

sad6 1,0, ii
i l N C. 12 .I

heelli, TnX .. ... It
.rtrttbUl. 810. lti i l

w a n slb oh, c"',2290
*p rtn s.Oa ''. ".. ; 9 i t tii
t oO ., (IJ~larr Lhlha
W lleew!ic. O \ 1, 6 1
W4 tut,8niH. ) C. (Wilt on

the tv, Sate$ rte, for
W lon.., 1,1 .1 '
.2'r J atn* are for the round*,

1411 -

UO~VRR 1011
Sel 1Iwt~IphIy El TI 017313. lOWER 5J~
- DkumAlw. El
ematppr.~rtj ~s4 *~ D1~S~31Lm.

|1 W. I OWN. 1
jW4 eltsAve.sCbtlw0114 Il"

A li sal. O si a r, l


St. Louls Exposition.
Ip, emeiltlm with W.o A. RIR. Lamd
3., A 1t. i'. fhm Atlatla.
Lv. AtanlatiM, a.. A(. I*i. r.lu T.?(*e u.

.. ---FROM-

8lor;la, Florida 'ad

0UlrW tthe oil O" mWron mleeptiu oar trotn
A0tB Uo St. Lowuit-e TM ar ve!s Jackweo-
vUit doauy r0 pi. m., AisnSte.- ~c m., givLtr
you tie srPON4 diytb M1. itaint to#0s lsooteW
iAr Irat ftro your otli. Word's altr O*ut
"ois "pild wbhildule, ls.Aior oat resrvatiom,
oteO for bool ibhowlnW biose in hoqrdtni
hovMae, UOr "s their rates. wrist 4to

1 BrMwaB B14ta ATLANTA, N4A.

-18 THE-
Because it'. the
Shortest and Best

Very Low Round-Trip
Rates From Gainesville
A A a All ail, throhl
$80 a.lllW.hington .nd Sew
Via Washington, New
York and Savansah Line
il A~ Vla Savannah and steam
eIti otr via Norfolk and
Q T l0a4eipler; meals and berth
wille on board ioluded.
uati oIf aai-Autus t1J, 18 and 14,
Return imi-liAugist 20, 1904.
Iclt.nlon 'of Return Linmt--ep-
e m h e r -
top.Oyesr--IO d4ay at Ntw Yorkm on
reluernJourne. r ,
Throegh ooachese1 Jeol v ile to Bo1",
Son pIthhout ohatl,% Through Pull.
man srleepeorsi Ja1k uvilll to Bost6ti
with only one haunge'. ,
ProptMliona rate t, from er points.
(omplet.e information at4, I platIon
to OV Cobb, Ag*,noo ine.Bn, l. ;
8. O. lietn, Jr I. A.; A ). MIao-
Done A, (I. P.. A.. Jakso~tlle,' Fla.

The Florida

ist planoer ihi tril.ai eUmhe., st
os aerills and s Od most A4vl
wsw*mesMl otsisRlill otieloM, l .,
po*l.w o Obatait,

wsnt ea piano for a lftimtnis
srvlth bu ,he

Prtes oro sa lonli w eit'IS
O oer 0o s taerm, ami on l dll'a
for prioe TODAY.

Ludden & Bates
Soutlieron aic Bonse,
woLiD's rAIRR

Vi Lo. I N I o .

g Ixeurslon tickets now orW sale dal|I
from Olineaville tos. Louis and ,..
10. KXgtarn limIt l)ee. 1501, i
t-.W, -.. RtItr limit 6>i dar
.0 .. Return lhnilt Id|
Special ooach'elcurenlon 2 8&. R9.,
turn limit 10 day$ from dae of nal*,.
Tickets sold Tueadys In July.11,
orreepond4ing low rates from other
poInt.i The 1. & I N. i the beet lines o
St. Lfouli. "
For rates, schedules and lteesping ear
reervatibn. apply to
J. I. PLNBIN, Pl.Fl PassA-i.A
806 W. BAsj .4. Jeaskonwnile. Fla
0. L ATONE. I P.A.,touIevillp.


National, Stato eaind Congresson I
al Ticket 1904.
Presidential Electors a.
C F. Bulutm-Frankli.L c:inmay
'(ieo K lbhlntobish,-Mtlri, 1
Geo. Il. Ilolnits-Brevi'rd ,ruty l. 'i
G'. A. W. Wendel 'l-tlri 'oluntPtl
X. A ,. M ^ it l ht ti i- .M nl t.h a i ,l ,!, "'" *
lor I vrii or--lliur, 31, :)1 'Rr li'.f
lan II ;' i

lAttorn. ;,n rit--F .i '.'e '
ly. Levy
Coniptruopr- L Siir l'lK
;Trea s oii rtl-- I I. r i. :. l*Alfo. *

Frliut ran Tinri l> l.k ue|r ~."nt'tn -t of Poio i.kr-
.U a lrkowertion-W n o i .;-v R,.7 < .wt p -.
*L. BIUM .Editor ald Prop'r, owloy, ou f ulian.
*EL *A -i,". 'Uroil ad Cotiii i,.sii ,i '.
:, CA 1, W AU. FLA,- . [.hi ht .1uhuti1sZ
Oae '4a Justicuev Supreie nOmerl' fir t
CO W. Adamse hluval
^Ii *;. l Al p n Cof uv
A h'andsomely illi n ail ; Congressiosnal T t e '!
devoted espe. ill y to tihe int is; o, I mi. .i-' I oe, t t;|
the triitm ad v getat -b-po ,,- t F is onrgir r et-l
"Sec d oongressda tl 1i l
o.i be se on resps o t Thi nd on iret l C thl tt-
seats #tsape thena


- 7

. '''I ** '*i
' '",i",


THE. UN: TB,4 raLL; a'IDm' l A m

I .AILttMYa!eiTx' h! Ua C? D 'DA 1 sa ''

tiwre lll Itlle. al India T4" I
*t 1 4 els.Ja 1MIS o n e A `H, 6o h e at U S I 1 1
tel,, i, A Commodious, Home-Like Hotel. '
SOO ORIWO,'I iv )wr its.lwa
be.* fits sarit silt it titS place < ........................ -.. .....-..- ,:- ...... I...U.. . .. 1
-*d .a ,,',t ,'i',r. ,paket,. Table Unexcelled) Every Attentidnu to Guests
SPIeals"' of wilkh. weN1w to inail1
& i ',I? Ibttk O fks. Et H. VAXm O n, Owner Ind Prop., WHITE SPINOI, FLA rall ia
.eof the p aiiak VeA c Iupi ol t a i lm ....w.... ..ul .... .. nit ..- .., .:.. i ..pr" TH IDR Q I
* i t wIth atrrwl by i s T .
Scobrlahn stiiiPtted iSii4 leui4at". F:fina Pa a ( Di,' IMiphII martv po adprhiopi pid.l, or Cl
........,,,.,. ? "Fl,.,, Plorida East CoastR'
(iI' lcl it'n t ie is wrtlr mays:, "Tihy ter.
1 1,.W,.iSf I cnt e., *s, LOCALTIMECARDNoe.M. In Effeuot une 4,1904.
6It it atnult overt,. rn ,.t, e has,, c" tliii __-_
i' troigti of ithirtn oreot orf utilicllel WMII6 W OI -IM6 s M 1 i -Iag t P. Al i
not be e0torwious, ald it si in the I" kli.
r.t dirtIUWon would ,i soon )ver'om e l l *l
: pullat the 4vorVd. What wouki tben M-- --.--i maL AV 1w
, 7 peht ,Certati, dmil f4oMi.,'tet 1 I 4la .
l A ilnthe twtla of an arrow0af" l n i ,i.... i ........... I4iW U I
...... 1....14.1.......... ..s
0w 4 1011inw wound t long the .. ow i
of the here brute uaAsIt quitted Its hold ...
Ow look for thil .new foe, M i y .. I ... ....... .......
knw o tbe cortI, I now piiu m th --- A 1 1R61
nussle of liy KIg) Jui t tIrouIgh one of I: .. ...:..... .... :.... :
square en R In the l *t .. -........ .
ltilnu at the hei lii l bi th rr.Il I ... ..... .... :u u "* .
faction or wIn rlg t h rid brutie f ng .i ....................
Il t"114 IuiMy ioa tlnd tb loe ati. ...... ... .....
t .." .. . .....
.. . .. ........ .. ..'.T vu I 1 0 ........ .. . ..... ....m 4 1 I ln ,

Pr'l*lr tOver WoevIr.
I have IntVtir hill aliy illflculty in
making friends with. UWe gray wolves
j hippened to Im sketihlIng, says J. M.
,O.leesaoi n lMt, Nittholas. Immsirdlately
on uy sI spe|rauHm. nio matter what
they wire doing. tihy camio. at once to
the bare to tI crits'hsl and talked to,
and when their enlato were raustihln
Mid their skin sensiltlve they would
taliid there any niilih of tIm1 whIll I
polled away tht iooe tufts of hair,
their every actlonl exprPrlsiig a o'us-
what aulles frIendllntles. ltt with the
cot1es It Was difftreant. They seYver.
suiak friend' witllh or lose their fear of
man, tGenerally PIillklag. they nieemum
while the prairie wolf, but are much
ismallerI aid of a browner olor. Their
fur Is also lonowe and the tall iuornt
busy. They vary onsalderably In col-
or, changing with the easonla In wil-
totr their coat I lighter, In miunmer
darker and with more brown. Black
coyotes, while not colnmmon. are qonwe-
tInUl ise, but thboe are only freaks
of nature.
I. Wud M are' The<' Ow. sitIstag
It may well he doutlitd if hinds are
akshl .' uaiiuiusiieirs .r lisve alUlyiibng
tike. hluniatn iprclatilon of their own
or of ealh olthIr'si pingsp. MIy reason
for thinking so t Itlih: I liive hNiard a
bobolink witllh a tiefotlv.iv Intlrilueint
ao that Its silg was lbrokesi awl in-
artlrulate in parts. qsiu yet It uing will
as much apareniit Joy and nlilandon as
ny. of Its fllown, I have a liso5 mward
Ia hermit thluih wUIb a aluilnr deftt
or 1iii1llio941nt. I, si y*t It. too. mUieinr-
ed tsl1Mit eutlryly to Its ownl sititsfam-
lion. It would be very liil rltiMthi to
kWow If tlbeo ljmor iilni-am foui>ind initeo
as readily as thelr niore gIftedI liruvih-
ere. If the y did ,the Iarwinain thlorys
of "sexual selection" In uchli uatters,
according to whi'el the finer iOuigiteir
would carry off the foeiale, would fall
to the ground. Vet 'It is certain that It
le during that mating and ireefling sem.-
son that th .i "song otmbtiias" oecur.
and the favor of the fenasule won ul
ieen to be the matter In dispute.
Whether or uot It be qxpreallve of
actuinl Jealousay or rivalry, we have no
other words t ilapply to It. John Bur-
toughs I, I ta rper'sa 1iigaluine.
telr PrlemeIsem et( Pettlls Petlea.
I iiin iissaliII t Iu ay wlo Illritl iotlevtd
the sta'illsutlr eiilrhls of a atone or Oith
er hlit'y i-1"ly dirupiwtl rot thel op
of ii rl towIer. &t it i lii nevertheIeM
a curloiil faelh that much bjectsi tsnsrtIl-
silIy (i fll Ialihtly l tIlue 'qtist (if ttie "Itr
|Hislll'iil.ili.r lilt '. Irrsons of Isniulrinu
Otirsl ofliiiiml whli nrak why this Is aMi it
SAll rlilllsisi Is ilia 5.is tvivi 1irl l'siot'm loi a groitt (r or lealiser
extr.itii l T'l re ecl iey in 4 e itO rilinsim friromia the
top of h Ihisi tower her uller ensiuiltt'e
the eri'rt' nIm r sir.vr t i sri lini tii rrtit
It 111k 10t c.t il14hl. *ilS ltaIln ti thse i l4t.
Th. irriM, I. it t'It! .f ri St stiC htas
esirr!il it I'i ;io aoiivrwtI id1o. thors-
(fore i ti ..' it viirth lli t is ast ofi

I .......... . ... ......... .O .... .... ............. .
S.. ............ ...... .................. .
.. ...... ...... ....... ... ..,.,

.. . .. l ..... ....... ... .
..R j ti ...... ...... i ..... .

S. ........ ..... ..

hI t4 arsisa .


S "........... ....e .. No! J
SM f. .... .. I. .......... v i0 |

"Fill "ail w'Jl

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i4 ur l 'h i it tl wnri l .lll blil Mirvi w.r
The easiet, heapest and4best rsaned
for catiarr1i, cold.. asthma pad all dis.-
atis0of thie throat. ehiet and 1'4610 lt
4 oakarOir the inew diaov4ry,. .
0le/r0tl1 hartnile even to oildres.
and ill guarainteed to give perfeet sat
,sfaseion t every 0se or int will
e promptly p.turoed; I redert.
!rnpp itnipesibblt. juiekly dstroyl
dt&0U" erm. and s iiisures full, per.
bt.,. and nitsIral be*atliingthruuehh he
nostrils. For sale by It YisW.
Island Orove, Fla.


Oan Monday, July 2Mth. 180o. the Oity
Counell of ialesvlll., Florida. mnts e
rquiird by law, for the purpose of re
viwlag Sand 1quallaln0 t.! il-BB~t
Of taxe" for te year lXl, Sih h!
sesemotatesltii sthe followinai a1d
peasp were raised follow i
W' W. Avra .. ?o A100oo
J W.. Alderman -. ,.... M
Mrs. M. Brooks i00
lrawford D i ...... 100
Agnes illaton 0 0
lloE a .006.. :... ,i
., Oiiakin 6h/n00
M.Grahtam ,
JlW.4Ja oe y 76
W;. Bo ;M o'le. e ... . x
J.E MMa. 800.
Me K0. Pll ilip 200
ob Strtii d Luoi Perry 10'

W].i.thos .. ... 260(,
lTnf Williamn (.
Mrs. WIlsMn '10
ThW Counol will meet at the tehama
bers on Auif 10'lth. 19i0, i t 7;30 p t
to hear and ditermnine all oomiplaitnt,
after which atl ladcLS A R
Hiking~ Oifil twe mad" t
et eltroll. Jt. DELL,
'. * 1. 1 1 1 C lO e r i.'

l.6u-1ilt i. 1 i r rom Which Itti 'I : u.IMc rasti s i iA IIA f
Ti ........i. .-i .l. .1m pr11 1m\tn
WTuin' -i 1. 11,si r.! i.i' 11 i. alh aa
Awu,,l .I, W .t.r i i l ,i, i ,t h i, ;l.* ,aksonvillt,. Floridla,'., .
UPSt 8114 PI" i !

"iklo ? Ilyiht.'" )'oi'!i ;i hn i tlv ... . 1 .. / r s t
SWillwUe '>is.h! ,liti a sils.' I hu, li of ri n C.r Lou, old
Ik'a ,':n f oir ....-..ti...a si ,. JAS I iI. Ev rardi's Canada Malt Bog htn Lot: h.ld n p
turiuil hztti' . 'Itj .... "- il'r t, ,,,lss ie RED STAR. P q antit,'
lI'o t tiili5l4..l lt113 ii 1111it fi m I, velit .o'd. I,
'no dmilht 1 7s rtt.r iKIl |ittl ihe j s** --- 7 7e *s i s I'ii 11w
irat ..I r hist' t i g hitti tintsl ,ra. lin K. A ol go a# -Iy rind better than most t. tll Oo of Our I.'ta*al .P a
:itih m .it ,.a.i tu r 1 l4.:t ,I s< e u Piers .Made of Hop andI MiS .
",, i: I 4Aa.l: .tii, ti .1 ,11 it t. or IcE, Baird Hardw are Cow.
, I il wl hth' i .ut i i i ld that it .r ,

if. i i' li-i t i i. ID O W I % 0 i i e .A
0I i i 16 6i, ......04"... '.. +u .... +...' . <. '..,,.:,, .,-.,', ,.,,'J+l.,, + 2<<,f i'. '.. *7 +'7 4 .'d


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Se d your orders fr iobx r



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KIfeg and Suicide Dona aIs LiMiaviM
2LerSr Boardi ngHou4 ,
l. is--e. K1, Sept. .-W ia .
Neal ander indi-tment f.ir the. mur
i. gr Was T der of A- tant Com wealth At
Tk' Ub' --- ,+ "S So- tines the hair s n taey Jaame, K- Shr.-;r. set anJ d
Properly nourished. It suffers Iisd his we. Inie +atfin5 )a ,
Sfoo-d s-t-a-r*----.' .' .- .a "- it ad then ende4 is own Iffe. The
WPL BE ARRAIGNED TODAY starves. Then it ra-yd orre."d hn a ;rie h
als out, turns premalturely a it ad a wh re NeaI an
+i- i ~_L--taa mudl_.l SO- -gray. Aye-'s Hir tigor- Is o i v :. w' -in". x. I
Warr. Wn ssueg r Upon H Vifn M se .sn-

Siving venc Against Robert r ar, the la said
S Tue"a. -- "Te couple eame to my oune sun-
SFriday' ny aa. bir food. I-teeds, nourishes. day and paid for two days' board T-h-
mald gseftion was t*ed in la The hair stops falling, grOWS actd in a pecular manner
in T ay morin byo the arrest long ad heavy, and all dan- "Mrs. Neal bad been coopiain.ng
W. Gore, the painter, ppon charge driff disappears. ot being ill. She came down ftoda
S-it ,,inoMg whiskey o rt _oo_, the law l aookin hggad and worn. saying: hei
T- e arrest was made by Ansi"g Mar- 8). .. md.s hand wa- too &I* to -e -
abel owrelpna warranteit- mraNt L j lablt. Sn) van:ti t3ake him *
atfo o the alleged .light lunch My daogtr wa i.n tei
e .-.ai of e defendant while he Le forNow-S a..adjoininw room. when be heard theis
I ex sianwd as he star Witness f k ta lking jnwir A si: -nceene. ,
teo of thePoort hair i n .ou eant aie

SI wilb aer dA sort~ ASEMrReaUS LOSS. w as Nellie Roinso Ky.

uewI1e- to th effect that he Xave
:B s- sf..estyge e-nts, tor wii ky Fiu* Hor- Belongig to Dr. Lartgue The Stomach is the Man.
:- ---Wi i" Jbte, Md i&- Broke Leg and Was Sho. 1A we-ak totsaeL weaken the imar.
,tgsse IWma to give the money to Friends of Dr. La.-tgue are- sym- beai-- it ear.t tras sr'. 4
a-ri sa" d explain that he Juore pathizing with him i t i f hi a .*' .: t.r i- t. --.
a' ld taken froe a eerwa trook a bot- ne horse. whier. iroke it; le*- ef. e- *r!EuIt e.ats re.atr u > .
le. The wetnesU beae so tngld tually ne- sietark a sho. TAe '.' Vn ir a .. ; a -w t
.piilngitilw.ridene thathss-ted animal -Was Valutd at 4'-'. and was r'tr:m ha. ,,t. *I.tr-u-r t-. II
te inon ybe lve .Bro wa thepro- oe-o1- f tii-h fl1 t.i tr.- ey. romaeh. A we-a.i .',omare. ean*.
Another ipartywho had Xifen The ueeid rt cc. rerrd a a mTnt digrit enoun food tff.ed t 4 t *.--0
it to him to b~y twhiskey. peculiar ma -r. Tr ..- sw..i.al. whie and relive the r t a-id r?.-'
: TheA- it ws n.ot your amey you was a saeM-d toa buggy. wa, faOtee-d lmb.a .d organ* of t-he ody K--
--i B '!w asked the mayor s t the t a itchint h pof in tL*- vicinity of -Dyspepia Care dig.-.:. wh .t yuo "-:.s
Swl egs, Crawford & avis' table;, when an- *-l-ran.er. and itrenr;rhen, the zJ* 4.1
,s ir the' money belonged to.S"- other team passed. Eridently thea mMb an ta .
l-0 r party." orse- wanted to f'.Low t-hi team. and Ytoma h tro-be-.. .,4 by :. .r..
"YTo ad-it 0that you got the whis- in an ende.rr to reltase iMelf got its g4it. .
k, I you deliver the party who- leg entaIgled with one. f the shafts Arat e
160 k the amo S I w the s awer. withlading everything posible was Preparatory to transinirc-g
'- iteBpper 5to this o eurt tht done. to relieve the animal, the pain place into an up to-date erek-rj
se eyg he wrong man, for you was so inteise, and the probabilitis of store ad bazaar. carpenters were t
aikt at y ootk te other p ry's the animal ove aoming tbhe aeideat so to work Friday teaig away a haew,
Sgand delivered to him in x reat. that it was deemed wie and a.. ;-iitioos is th- re i.re

-:This s.a ns iof the witness waI --" --A-< eormie as a -tatrio' e ar a
warrant to W ROBBERY AT WALDO. and e,4i drink atad.
r- A. was meationd inThef 14 a Gar was arre^-d-ar4 w ii Tlwoe &to;rs Ertered at That PiLs M-r. MeC"rme and I

101e gae rd immediately ar Private i.&urmat.in frno Waido So-I as4 w'u. put it a t or d a td e -
S -.a- sum t e _of- $.. for .h D ar,. ,te- that on a hirday bnrgiart : of roeck ry giamw re. w*- ry g
g e" e at the -. ...n "+ -rs in ltat i. town a ;:t t the- an fa cy ged. rM-t.atI w0t4n U
A-a Ch to.-- li-d-a the d d iour of the. niht.. -T L-rgMar t;- i:rareldy carried by the frrr.n-r.
thief .: -._ _. e .- "a eattr@ it-- a-f r aW ;.or-. i- hare a :+.dre plat-. ;. es.vry
:I. S -iz -r and C j s a d st t- -t . t. are. + trw' -
t lPaiMe~~l*s"beraisi'a Coik, Cel-. drog .ter.- ed A. J.o;y, i- *r.se in#stae .pt,.*-. o-;aa-tte". sr 4 'l |
.- a a.d Dlirhoea j Rmy j -ig t eatas drawe-r aw d tas: .. : n4. a1 i+r.-at .int.- -.
A1o' mee --to ad, you s fe words wy T re - -- r-
essag r jaey." y nLA. -. I yara. .er, 'he-~ot, e
Jh "-s of e Pe, Texas toi e d a te Jr m t. s Fearf.s dos Agasi st 14--
s feedo e- .week ish or unrac- eg+ .-,. t .r.+.. r. L.- i,:-+ ,-.-:
i-, sad took i ki-,ds ,f fed i ,',. , .. + .. ',,+-'_.-r y. t h, '-t, ,f,, ,, ,ta-s

Sftiend, I, C. Johaon. a merianst' Roa4 Thr-a .-.*, ,'-:.-. '. f ,r r.f.ar WA|..
Sr. -advised m e to tae tsis remedy., y an,. aRa., Mare:. ;. -: cr. 'r, ... w-th kidr*-y di,,aw s+a ,.-,.- i:
After..akiuee d"ee I felt-greatly r- I tff s La. ae r: 'A hu- s rin'- gyve#:.; r.-
lie-ed sa when I had taken the third and I'adde -r tr _L .-af f --,*y-.t At Ausngh i.'- t'.r-.l ei ,e l +-- '
|te a Asirly I thekyot e 1 L,^ :wrw he- tevtif-s: 1'rn on
-r t+a bats h _.t m heartter I . e rend u. 't P L [ thj.-r roas toU cmpwte recovery '" lte
Sin:-this Wr remedy i taheth4of -.-- un artn, fr liier, sand kkidey tro--';
Ssaki-a-a Fo-r le by all dr .gist* A Texas Woojer. t ,es and all bor asf ,wnaeh and]

-der, Hall'e 'irest I .cv ry, er"-e alnteed by a druggsi. -
I -___ ._- ._: _-_ .__ __ -- ._

C"si of Trenton School, After Most kiday said tMadder trouble. remve-
Susessf- ---iTU. f grave-l "rs d abete seminal ei...
ioens. weak and lame bosek. raeuza--
-ewho tm at al irregularite of t.W kid-
# A-tberne m-ttngdown a- petition in, -e and b-loer o nth m n and
toe at ina- here- for a ~ wsmene regulate. baider trouble* m s i; r- -. .
children. If nt sold by your druggist, a h r .p.- -
he ur.v.- y- a '- ,will bWSean by mamil on reept of $I a +;'+-+: -'io.r ,-a +
The r-r-ee s.urveyore are eamped mul lbtle is two m oont ih s, ,-a,, -rr, -, ttr.a t-
he1. Th w-ten n th.y hat the -meatd seldom fail to perfect a were a to- TheIr headquar
-ila pretty eerTain to flw where pare. r.Fi W. Hall. sole a rs- tero were bured and the persona
scs mer, Po. be 2x t Co. propWty they had acquired sad Af
e c toeHorad r o th easemmil Sold by ll before sgong away for tn im'aer a
pod to a railroad _-rouh_ Trenato- "- N o
--tl^ Neleced Colds.

eddi.g Polk has- g to point, ia
Columbia county on business.
(te of the mInst sucesftwul term of
e- l Mever taught t TrPnton- closed
last Friday with regular exercise and
a debate a g aome of the alder pu.
pil the afternoon. Mis Agnes
Zeuouer prov herself to be a teach.
er whe-kaow what to do in & school

From 148 to 92 Pounds.
o(inof the most remarkable eases of
|e*, deep-seated on the eInags, eaus-
n paeaumia, ia.s that of 3rw. Ger-
-*ane E. FYeasr, e sMario. Ind.,who1
asuetimy cured by the use of One
aBre-Cough Care. She ,ays: "The
' ug and training o weaker
i at IiA M-down in we~it from
pound. I tried a umba-erof
no so avaia ntil I sed one
Cofe. Four bottles of
slorh.alBeredt m-tm
-: l'tI *I1 .RMa agth d y a
^^^^g '*gM^y by

- -T- Ca'z Ae-d Over a
'; + = '. I ; C
P . _. +- r.+ D r .;:. -r -
er| t o ....*l -. ; early
,to "1;. "* -. Th" cr ,t.,I.- of
a- curxe; aciu upun
her ir-'. rr face and neck
3 \11ct e or et. a a -ter-in-.&w of
Benjamin C. awford. pre itdent of
the Nationa a cuitr- company. and is
viaskti at h, home on Sheridan roaL
Miss MePhertoa will recover, but
slbe will be scarred for life.
SThe Mrgilam sectturd a quantity of
silverware ad jeweiry. and escaped.
S. A. Kead, Cisco, Texas writes,
Macbh 11thb. 191: "My wrist was
sprained so badly by a fall that it was
mles; and fter sinO several reme-
di that failed to giv' relief. ed a l-
lard'"ow rLiniment-and- was eqted.
I erai-v v-rommrAd. ii toi anyone
suffvrin-g from trai. s c. Fe-, 1.
sod I . wma Jphson.

Every part of the mucoup mem-
brane, the nose, throat, ears, head and
lungs. ete., are subjected to disease
and blight from rn-gltcted eo/do. Bl-
lard's inrehound -y nup ia lpeaistnt
and eff etive remedy. 25e, iOe. and $1.
W. Akendriec. Valley M3ills. Texas.
write#: "I have used B llard'I Hote-
hound syrup for eeoughs and threat
troubles; it is a plV"asn and mot t f.
fectivre remedy." Sold by W. M. John-
son. _

r hare esa meAni. t-^ a
A r.-'4. bld yjr lld.--'--'. '"
r rw. "19 Se4

SD. I.SF-i Y & CO.
.g ;\.|& llig 3y,-_,;#

F, ori by .J hi s Br-. - ,-

--- sssh ta f i G aib --- I" A-d -

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ohan Tfor Ty z 'a4 !.o v w s-
4 9- rw .ro A_ -+d r .*.4 -mef -O

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"--^Bt'^MH e~--- .-
W bi^M t -*-
^^^^^^^^L.^^ ^^^^^~^j|

.- -- -- x V IW .
-. "- ,++-+ -7+ ~'/+ MO m .
" */ -=-' +- +--,-' Y'

-'- L O

A~g's tncJ $ri A{ ier4 Mr
-^.y ,^ (N y'' pey.-.r..* *'

'311 ?f-.-

.- -, i right ,,r s-xprw- .harp t
" ;]. -,win^ h____ _______

L tMie tLi.

4 fMA8qiart?.....
l 41 fall quar .. .- 1

Sful ilairl~. .. -. 4 '
; full'I a........
C, thfu quartR .. ..-


full quarts
full qnarts
full quart.%

4 ^-5

4 futl quarts .... 40
1E fu-llqo ua .

We are dealers i eryth in tb
uor ine Whiski.
mand WIeiw f y
1I( t


- I: -

---~ -* I----~ *- CIIII I _~Ze '-------Zli~----Pi---

_0 terThm. : c wo e-W
JtWIur (la year; ix

Fm' Pede t
.-.-yN ~e PAKE
SdeenteFor sl.- -.

.....- H Egg ] sR _DAVI-S. ..1 8
-tate .- ne r.1

-Sa ..... -.0.111.. 0 4 ,o

.-:-L "S-a -
GoveA Wor,.

: -
T'nite^ State Sre ature
I2nd Dtshe


'B ,---A.-. ..N EWTOA : .TR -
SF. ST.OMEog .

-t ountf y oStagt e
-.. CLAY CRCnO. M*ao *
Aredete kra-enral,

lek Cru CO urt

EaeMAS. H WK&E ,
:Icpreseftative .

^ --^l tn *=C -r ..^cEdt u

;^.;-.-^";^--. "^Tatx Assessor :'." *

Tax coil.ector.
')?i.^- -W .. x DICKIzNSON.
Soerwinte dent of Public lstruction,

County Treamrer,
-y :- :os :ty 8,rveyr. : "

^ ;-:-i -- -- a- -, a "im
;-,- :-. : F TOWNSEND, .
^ . O/. P S++ .-

V: r Membpers of School Board,
. 3. AOIE.'
g6^^'-^:'-^ m ^A ig j, -

Rvsuy minrt of the "BIre B.ay
SW er' it eowaty, the Bcro ma*t-
h 'sk sirg ngdsI hll
&7LW.V.XM ses ha fintsei, Ia
agg~lgtWandeer as the eue whoe
agtMA~g tll ishot sam th less


Sotii e of wthe tison erp of 1 4
exio toit rop to hae been the moe t
yalae of $44f,710000, wio c tedi tha
wih rile ieevW o-: rf s08a b u *#in-

t caN- so wthi l hd as fte nop n
oe.er itoepo dcale aar so euch ing
exesi o abesrop oth the previo e

a-t- Oez em,, Of -pqes

yem e alot ast ialted-asthatedo withat
We stbpe h3t of uwital btshe eso

pridil t he s htoraopn alway pbe ade
d o iwernie or Wth g d o prodit ers
tiette rFrieee ab yer. I this indus-
wrys wea voentlatled a not a in any
te yearto produce la crop exceeding
tenmas io the pesent priewill bethat while
deme almot a sable as that of twgold.
We aappoee however, that the effort
to arrive at this end is futile and not

the ltest susptible to the busin wessll
' do -iTe atttber that during* the days
of printeipl tofora ization for mutual
wa benefits and wtilated andsupp agitated, with wll

than ever be before. IYet stone of tposi-he
enigmas of the presenfully bt ae that while
the tillerof the soil it he who pro-
dines all the wealth of the world he i
the least asuceptible to the busined
principles ua organization for mutual
benefit, and we suppose that it will
ever be as it now is. Yet the proposi.
t is so. forcefully before them that!
we-eannot.refrain fromwagain present-
ing t: Iftthe farmers of the South

must ban Soflid t supply of

in order toAvepinto a crop.
No amount of Phosphoric
Acid or Nitrogen can compen-
sate for a lack of potash in
Sfertilizers [for
grain and all
other crops i.

Weo uba e ctsd
to send free to any
whichcoaOiDM' vau-
able informatva
abom sod aaul
I ig a I ... a I

while eoiiutmes app'icationa for her
release bare hemr v-toed by as many
different heads and sub-head. of the
British, departm-nnt of justice, pre-um-
ably for sane r-reasons Tho declara-
tion ha4 often been made that in Dno
country save England could she have
been convicted on the evidence ad-
dueed, while the B'riti.h officials have
retorted that her sympathizers have

itrsts. White gradially oetmiar o o
ant d and a. s is ae not to be ene-
sideni with the Repobhuan' as caP'
erraaor of their eiest. Theyhe'
i wil be a i alamity to e t
Democratic Boome or Represensative*.
for althouath te Senate is Repiblican
for four years, they think bus-'ow.s
would bt disturbed by tbhe coninual
nagging of a Demmrati Hta"se at a
Ieputblicaa e ate.
Sow, is it not rather rid.it.t;o.'a to
hear about Roosevelt's "-ati-trust
eamipaigns' and -his demonstrations
sLRnist eapitai?" The plain truth is
that he and his party halt been are
ntw and will e ntinue to be the firm
aud uUswerving -support of the system
which aloaws the Amteriesa peopPe :,
.b preyed upon by the eormoraat.. It
is time that the mask of deeit and
fraud -hould he dropped. Rosrelt
iA o ha&rve in this eampaig.i- th.s aid ,l
t mo.t baneoul and perfmie,- ina-.
e U e a -l ow3 it ad erer-y o-/ne ee
knows it. Behind hi4 opponrat. how-
ev-r i th*e onscie-.'-* .-f the A--r can +
I eop1'. and Judg- i'art r m-a' 'er-.
tainiy win.

e di p the inXt. r ;.
t.e p<-oqDpl, 0f ;A.an"vLies are indrdAr
t.) A. J. MeA.rthIr is.or pr-*,ant -rt
-ficient dr d partamenl, which i;.-*

u;- a eond-elan rati-rg with th-e :-
stuirate- companies. wh-rea our f-r-
:--hr ra-ing was fourt :-m.ia'. Fe-w t- -

For qucTk s=ea i9 f io
Sek Hieaihe&, T^ 4 l

g fto= ana Icta cr S Ti
w in'us L. EL4 ar -

Trey Az t and x

to kis otlam Ctha tiar aga
mii dlxatihw: tp cr f I

are purey wegtal* fand
hasexm. Th

z.*^ c s.gw

Sold by All DrUugA


App ica-s '*r satS't! W E-s
Where They S 'j Fe ,m
:' 0 ^|
t ^ I I-:-- - ^ *


'~2 ~ :.

[immM preknrfm Sock aas mindf as t rfrf '1umf Sb. massfa sh p wiewpwtrwl^1^^*
eea vTW=4m o por X ag e
Lord Rosse, laser chief jqthe of BR em^ nag i5
Zmelsss. VMseiO ear sw asat, eampaide..mi aM UW4owii^M I
--tone"I-a--the -m

~i~ Ir -III-;- --

_ _

would, without any organization, con- studied eoitsieutiously only one side pi,, unle* they aave reee-ity :t: -.d *. -*:
duet their affairs opo the simple busi- of the ease-the defense. Every re- 41: fire insurane- p.iie~. r-a! :. '-_--_ a 4 fo'-
nes proposition of farming, with source known to legal jurisprudence in what this means- to the property ow -.- -..-' --- i
the object of advancing their inter- the English-speaking world has been ersn of ainesvil.. It meant a r*-eh- -- .z:-- -
ests,at no time in the future will invoked to secure her release or a tion of from ',to 4+ per e--t fro r a-- -. .^ir
the cry of hard times be heard. mitigation of her sentence, the Amer. former rates, and an annual savii, .b .- ;.-w
This proposition is being more and ican government even going so far as t., he property owners of -'rfl .- i. .-
more demonstrated each year by the to make diplomatic representations in thousand dollars, besides a feeling of Th. grad Lg em~t eswgia
many examples in Alaehua and other her behalf. The myriad memorials, security against asuchdisastrs from maie its r-pr: Wt ./* w
counties, which go to show -that no signed by a multitude of prominent fire as we have witnessed in the past.T ord of r'u:l etim ii_
one can, by the exclusive eultiva- American citizens, the efforts of the Along this line it may be added that to ronvene on Thrday f- a_
tion of cotton, ever rrive at that de- shrewdest attorneys of both nations Mr. MeArthur, who is soon to leave a pe 3 r-eeiurs:.g :-tb report., a
gree of prosperity that belongs and the insisteuee of a clamorous press for Svannah, Ga.. is one o, the few :- transa:: ay -'h*r ba--.~
to the vocation of farming; and the have been met with uniform courtesy men in thi eity who is ever ready to might s- >. q *s .ta
reasons for thi- are so patent that it but firmness by the British govern- lend a helping hand in any pabiicen- -
is hardly necessary to name one of ment. Mrs. Maybriek served out her terprise and does well everytv-hih-g that THE NEWS FRO# UELN
them, for no one will deny that the alloted sentenee, receiving only the he undertakes. -
extensive cultivation of cotton re- leniency shown to the ordinary, well- Pcack-g c< ouse De.troye"s b
quires theneglect of the many other behaved prisoner. I r. EarlKnox of Atlanta reer
articles of value which should be pro- Thus her defenders and her aszusers in the city having ust returned roz Mr -
duced on all farms, sudh as corn. wll forever remain aunonvered from Mieanopy, where he went to atte.-d as returned trozn larpa ittdi
oAts, potatoes, pindatr, velvet beans, their original views .hould she take the funeral of his father, Mr. WilliamI ths adLtdiiozi -f J. A,--N|
Skichben garden, sugar, sirup, etc., al- the public rostrum to plead her ause, Knox. The deceased was at one tim- lyn .. se
ways produeed by our most cessful she would be forced to the reital of a residentofthis ity, butoflate yearo T1' a rai. f.. f-r A4 -4
adprosperous farmers. The failure incidents both delicate and harrowing, ha been livingat Lymona iu H ils- e. .
or neglect to grow these necessary pro- which would not affect the pblie vr- boro county. He was ricken -it- Th, p jaeii e ieoDg
ducts brings in its train the failure to diet in the slightest degree. only pan- paralysis one day :he early part of la-t ,' Y;- it*eh -P;s-
raise a suffiefent amount of pork, beef, dering to those morbid tastes which week and only iird a f-w da5y. was .-.-rpy d by .. m Mesadiq
butter and milk, ehiekens and eggs, are ever too near the surface in hu- -__)rla Banner. in:, ea- ing froma bran Sva
which all not only go to the comfort man nature. Guilty or innocent, the Th-e ir*ir4 tmt- ~ bas 4eed
and well being of the farmer and his popular mind is made up and she could ran-ements to .-ga hearing api
family, but in addition to the loss of onlydetract from the brave dignity The Chicago drtory or tha year -d in the tow-
these good things at home. A heavy with which she has met the slingss contains only 3 0 more na th anthe mot -
outlay consequently becomes nece- and arrows" of her unhappy fate, and tit t'L s.. :n ; A mo t terre -- rt destorm *
eary fora failure to raise all these on lay herself open to disparaging criti- inrlt from "x in n- over Metrr-.. *d-:eyafiwa
the farm and brings bout the absolute eism by attempting an extra-judicial married ladies not in i This aot e4 ii ti
necessity of buying them at rice far vindication. is doubtless correct. Unmarried Is- mint or.
above that at whieh they could have Her resolution, therefore, to remain e buiess" a to. _
been produced. And furthermore, as in the sheltered background will gain make any ensus tmall.-Excang. I M.
the___irtono ChangehosaUel ; na a .a
time is said to be ,money, there is no the admiration of those who have
present authority who can say what taken either side of the controversy. The Tampa Tribune of last Sunday Lie p Kaufman_'iea a
I. n corer of East -Xan and-Ego
the low of-time amoaiitsto in going to She is not a young woman by any published an eight-page ie utrated w -a -
and fro to purchase these things. We means, and it is sensible to assume supplement showing the rapid growth --b ee: sow .c e ..s."r e .
venture to say, though, that enough that the events of the past years are of the eigar industry in that eityn yare- no se l
time iswasted inthis manner, which not, uch as she would care to recall, Tampa is the greatest ,igar masufa- b.-. -- .
if applied to raising these artiele, save with somewhat bitter reflection. turing town in the United Statet and management as m d
would result in the production of a sif- She has demonstrated by her latest an- The Tribune is sbuth Florida's great- T tW.a n tan. ta fe
fleney of them at home without any nouneement the wholesome desire to est n-ewspa er. Talr. I TwaIe w s
eask outlay. retire entirely from public scrutiny, to ..- .. : as er wo
Wedo ntdesire to appearas being eoduet a fair fight for the property The registrationbooks are nw open Wa. e, ad i -e the led
disposed to carp at thefarmer and find- of which she alleges she has been de- in the various districts of Alsea wea i and ferworau known
fault with him. Suet is not our object. prived, and to enjoy undiluted what- eounty, and those who desire can qual- g ge. without %syi-n t -m thxp-
but we desireto aid him to make his ever savor lifemay yet hold for one of ito vote. Pll taxes must bepaidmake a i e of the
lot easier and happier, to enable him her pathetic experiences. on or before October 8th. i aurman ed fmaiily
to arrive at the point in his affairs Her course is the sane, well-bred one I th. Kart^ a
where he shall be independent outside and the good wishes of all sympatheti eator Brown f Marion has sain : a hehr.s d i- t re^ hIe.l
of his farm andwhen we shall have people will fol her into her lf oitd h eeme. Hewi their futu ho
done so we shall be well satisfied that exile. into buinte. i Miami, but will re t u
we have not-only aided him,-but that into business in Miami. but will retain .. _
we have eotonlyr ai duty to ouroun- THE GAME OF SHAM. hi-eitizeaship in (*ala Intil the- e E. F. S. Matron Arrai
we have-performed adoutytopour eoun- piration of his term. Mrs B. .Thomas, te
The Republican campaign of sham is -__ _- pointed matron of .ss Pl
MRa. MAYBRICK'S COMMON being rapidly revealed. Mr. Roose- Mrs. Felton ofGeorgias endeavoring, Wy, fared in the city
SENSE. velt's managers-and that means to end the Jalpaaee-Rsia warwit her home in Coluobia. 4 .
Whetherthe believe in her giltor largely Roosevelt himself-for a year her pen. It is not at ai probable that drives i* i aediately to tse
innocence, the clea-minded people of or more have tried to make it appear the pen will prove mightier than the orae. whse -
the United tate, says The Atlanta$ thoat Le was opposed by the trusts. 'swO in this ease. -at family arewsm
owasall ituff and -nonsene and could :- --- lady-comes h ly
oassotsn-, *will approve the sio-
.lute seislon into which Mrs.. Flor- fool-no sensible peumon.- One or two tdoubwill o dto give the
-lute seasion into which Mrs..F-lor. Hamilton county remains dry, the
e ae Maybriek has withdrawn herself things will show how hollow and bypo- amlton cunety freeing r t xeel
s0i0e her liberation from a British crti fthe li t election sro t Tuhe yidey vn aoresulte b-
pri ant eise t with the obli t iElh Root who recently left his iy. The coty has beendry for the Pees ae erhi
aoheriee am t a rIepasii four years. that day. t
that of the "s'ileMt sisters," she h eabine to become counsel for the in-. _____". -- ---"

bod of offers made her by vaudevile Company. ow, Root is to be noaal- nds the pedatrieas o the oi a tie valalt late e

"e a-nbandthe other thrifty of e Yk and, the p -.- I- ___ _g
-ogmogal .'who tenet people in her tireO of spel intat-rts, i" Ib put l ad e e taEc o .a areSrn '^_
poitio to make capital out of their Te-saonia for the o'..

It will probably never be settled by In the metime the Mo and

-o aethe lt The New Yorh WorM


a -A..wn -


Ees ThatFortunes Can
^ ain Prdactio of This
Aifrtidt of Food-Other

ripome i the near futre vpne
ag.legesetatio growing sections
Ss ta rhe ick; and f-ertile

|Mamg--e together with the
tll i{ea.t the well ealt.vated

l utflyoageue attracted the at-
me of esas and caper-
g ggU dUIl. Tie S Wil-
a b e... Carolina and A L.f
z Texas nave recently se-
body of land here. They
peantlag fee hundred
Uop will be composed
i pooes. Another
9 k sitaB for lands htee
- ir of planting potatoes,

thwaer us eoversation with a
glgifeg rfsatroei man recently on
tapal towag subject in this vi-
d that e had never in
B ta l iB Florida seen a-y bet.
ir b 0t6 .eal than there is in this

ith k m -and mixad landsI
I, t fet t e debated dHas-

-_Fe i ata-edo" the Newber-
tlia the A. : O. L., threeiflea
*askt Wor hington Springs, in the
:aeof m-. oa f the best farming see-
Je a Florid. Its inhabitants arej
Msad fraal. We an boast of
a- the fiest conut-ry school
gagC to the county, which in itself

L J. Batled and children, who
- bee s seleg. -evera' l weeks
I- htomed Bee to the Central
y tay~. s.Bafrd has been quite
ri t -e pb week, bus hier many
las wi be gladito know that ashe

-as. I. N. Bistch visited relatives
SLke Botlier yesterday. She was
Ieai-a-ed by her grandson. Master

mwerPrimitive Baptist Association
Nig ehTiv!ed with New Hope
a Sm uriday and Bnday was
ely asaded.: Th1e erowd was es-
0at"d to be teen huadred. It is
t-irasatem for each church in the
fagend ote amaeistion so send dele-
e attleteir of greetinDg. On Sun-
itfe take eommnuton and wash
euother's fees before their depar-

. B. an John -Holder of (aines -
is5, mmpanaed by Mrs. James
Bablersan Mrs. Lou Markey of oko-
gialle, were in attendance at New

.e famere -asare busy harvesting
Aideape. The dronth is s till on,
fet r ease and potatoes being the
gg-t estjees. Fall gardens can-
- gbe plaster owing to the lsek of
j ott is opening fast, pickenr
mitee.ee, and the erophas been con-
-uwably en off by the rwt and
wormas. The .ormp way never bet.

Wehope that the next Legislature
ll eame t o or relief by passing a
-tnO striagent vagrant law. There is
SoMaes leaBg and idleness among a
nasa eles0. Some work two or three'
days in a week a*d loiter around the
est of te tie. It is rippling to all
hraeLhes of business. We need relief.
The t ee of the Santa Fe- pub-
lie sheeol met lass week, and decided
at wiag to the searity of cotton
killers li if he viIaity -of the school.
it weekal bees for the school's aver-

e not to open the school until the
IThlday of Oc-oberso as to teach two
maths before the holidays and three
aggBth after. .--;.-:' ;* :

agency Medicines.
asteoneaieaee to have at
Sremedies for use in ease-
and forssight injuries and
Soed liniment and one
benogiag a favorite if not
eiv Chamsberlain
A -a m i t A -
Ms iary tto heal in
t lhe aite usually re-
di daoT-i mptiet it
aw r na. -
Ba In kep h at hand a
TNd una aquick
.....-.... ...



Many Bills Paid at the Septemberl
Meeting of That Body.

ea-a-child- 1 bhad a very severe at*
t oathfDiphtheria which camenearprov-
ingfatal. pourecoverytIeglands of the THE CITY GETS OVER $1,000
66ck were very much enlarged. and after
thefreeuse oiodine, the rightone wa As ts Appropriation of Road Tax, as
red to its normal sIe, but the left
o- continued to gnow very lowly at Per Assessment Rotl of 1903Per-
i, tilitwas about the sizeof a goose mits Granted to Carry Weapons.
w c. w htc bei to press on the wind-.
n diIwt breathing, and be- Other Business Before the Board.
m vwrp iiaiful. An incision wa* made
sand a tityof pa ditatrgeo Tuesday, Sept. 6 -The Board of
The gland was removed, or as much as County Coinminsioiers z::et this day
onld witsafety be taken out. For ten in regular se sion. Present, T. F.
l n nek to keethe Thomas, chairman; P. G. U amiey, T.
open. Dr this time I to have it Bryant, E. L. Johnson and John G.
cut open bytdotorevery time I took Dampier.
dor t1opentigdogged. In theSpring The meeting wa called to order. The
rfearly Sunmerof 4I wastwa uades minutes last meeting were approved
bylzer -wifeto-use 5.S.S., which.I did
tcy n accodnce with directions. I without reading.
took twen ix large bottles, aniwasen- The following bills were examined,
e for I have ot sffered since found correct and ordered paid:
tattime. B.S.RAoLAN'. H o aut L.
Royal BagMfg. Co., Charleston S. C. H. C Denton, auditor, W$; L. W.
F -ennell, sheriff, guard for August,
SOnly acoastitutioalemedy can reach $25; Moses Sherman, janitor, $,20; J.
.aaereditarydiase .aekeScrofula. Wten IH. Jarvis, sanitary work, $8: Bell Tel-
thebloodis estored tanormal condition ephone Company, $7; H. (3. Denton,
to. recording tax advertisements, 1903,
Is well knownasa $12; one-half county part for record-
blood~purfier and ing tax sales, 1904, -5.30; H. 0. Den-
tonic. It is the ton,stamps, etc., $5.85: M. $ Cheves,
nrctly vegetable supervisor registration, help in copy-
remedysod. Ifyou ing new registration, $50; H. & W. B.
have any signs of Drew Co., books, blanks, etc., #50; W.
Scrofula, write us H. Robertson, treasurer, commissions,
andourhya $18.87; H. H 'leCreary, publishing
1 wft C pasy, AtlataA. collector's report, #2; DrM. MeKinstry
& MeKinstry, professional services at
-', poor farm, $7; Dr. R. B. Ayer, profes-
FIRE AT JELLICO, KY. sional services, $7.50; J. Douglass,
sundries at poor farm, $755; Gaines-
Fourteen Bulidings Destroyed With a ville Ga' i& Electrie Light Co., $6;
Loss of $18.000. Thums liarid are and Seed Co.. lamp
lKnoxville, Tenn.. Sept. $.--A specia- for-jail, 50 cents: Hill Printing Co.,
from Jelleo says: a record for collector's office, $9; P. S.
Fire in ths north end of Jllieo. Ky., Fortson, service, as coroner inquest
early this morTing, destroyed 14 build.iBrady Robertson arid mileage, $5; P.
engs. entallinga loss of about $18.0, I S. Fortson, jury and witness fees, in-
All the bumiings were frame strue. quest Robertson,.$16; Arch Avriett,
-tureas the majority being saloons ani constable, services inquest Robertson,
restaurants. The cold storage house J$3..0; T. F. Thomwa, road hands for
Sthe New South Brewing company september, 2 97; T. C. Bryant, road
the city jaIl and the city courthouse hands for Sptember, $20i; E. L.
were included in the burned district. hands, road hands for ,epteber.
The fire is believed to have been o $175; J. M. Brown, services on road
Ineediary origin. : and team, July and August, ~97.50;
ti 187 2 building were burned I G. Dapier, services on road, $4.50;
ts c sa sctn. Gity of Gaineeville, proportionate
Sour Stomach. !share of road tax as per aees"iment roll

Where the quantity of fdod taken is of 19-3, $l,224-9.t; J. 3H. Martin, road
too large or the quality too rich. sour! work, E. '-. Mathis, road work,
stomach is likely t- follow, and espe-' $L; Charley Wilkerson, road
eially so if the digestion has been work, $3.50; T. C. Bryant, services
weakened bye onstipation. Eat slow- on road. $12; H. R,. Stokes, lumber
ly and not too freely digested food. Ifor roads, $11 75; J. Grinstead,
Masticate the food thoroughly. Let -work on road, 2; L. E. Means, work on
fivehour* elapse between meals, and road, $24; W. J. T. Edwards, work on
when you feel a fulines.- and weight bridge. 35 W: G C Snow-
in the region of the stomach after eat-. road and bridge, *5 : C. Snow
ing, take Chamberiain's Stomach and den, work on road and bridge, $8;
Liver Tablets and thle sour stomach Thomas Hardware and Seed Company,.
may be avoided. For sale by all drug- sundries for roads, $5.4,; J. Thom-
gists. as, sundries for roads. *37 41; E. J.
-- Baird, lumber for road, -2.35; Benson
SUo, suandrieL for road,44 75, G. M.
{Dell, mule for road team, i165: A. A.
McRae, sundries for road, $2.77; G. S.
Merchant &c Co.. sundries for roads,
$12232: C L. Thigpin, services on)
road, ,t.15; B. A. Thrasher, damage
by road in full settlement for all
claimm, $25; Mrn. J. T. Brown, services
-and cook at poor farm,A$53; T. R.
I Waits, services as road overseer, $46.50;
S M. S. Cheves, supervisor registration,
services for quarter ending August 31,
$50. Fees for county commissioners,
and mileage, as follows: T. F. Thornm-
j as,l1,: J.G.Damrnpier,$24; T. C. Bt-ry
ibte-v -.n" e ant, 44: P. G. Ramsey, $25 0; E. L.
a Jiohnson. 14:; L. W. Fennell. feeding
0, It Makes Me Smile prisoners for August. ,I .6J; F. v ..
.._.T t .-S Curi, arrest-of Thos. Wade atid milie-
P E Di I C K 'S age, -6.2*'; Thomas Hardware Com-)
jyaly. burying paupers Keiley Flynn,
BU ESANt WAGONS. Tom J e and Joseph Johson,
'.2 i.n". Fees in criminal cases as fol-
-Made in -aim~laeilie b) lows: U. M. Colman, J. P., $2 84;
S_. W W Smith, J. P., $25; M. A. Bex-
C C. P E D R I C K ley,.. P., *11.5: P. S. Fortson, J. P,
S$7.04; L. W. Fennell, sheriff, $3.~5-
IE. T. Beckham, D. S.. $2.70; R. B.
.SED EVER Y W H KR E Bush. D. .). *S.35; J. L. Stokes, D). S.,



.69: Geo. W. Livingston, D. S.. 3.O ;
Arch Avriett. constable ,$13.
Order r'd ;
That W. ij. Brigge, an old Confed-
erate ,oldier, be granted a permit te
peddle in AlacLua county.

___________ That the bond of E. T. Finkk-a as
Sinsieetorof marks and brand' of Dis-
S trict Nlo. 15, with Jas. Holder and J.-
The Orang ringsK. Feaster as sreties, be approved.
Commertia Institute That the resignation of W,. H.
Guthrie as inspector of marks and
Wil pe on June 13 forthe fifth sue- brandsfor DistrieL No. 16 be accept-
efus.l summer term. Excellent ad- ed.
a Expe s ght and free u That D.G.Edwards e awarded eon-
of the famou sulphur spring. oI trat to finish hard road to eity limits,
ofted addresj-. .- BR-ON. m o nmb bor har led by board.hml
PrIcpal, Gainesville. or L. Meggs, per pceionsas ed by bad.
Or Spring, F. That Whereas, F. F. PaullinA, W-

Ammnum AM ML iA ASA

SSTOMAaM hU u E-, R U -

ASa e fr.wormed6se 0tor os.
SLfor mO. L s.Ue to

S ,aekson, R. P, LunrpkinJ. A. Nip-
per and James Holt, each having com-
plied with the requirements of the
law, that they each be granted a per-
nit to own and carry a Winchester
rille according to law for a period of
two years, and that whereas J. M. Syl-
ester. J. H. MeKirby, Arthur Farrell.
H. G. McDowell and J. T. Harris, each
having complied with the require-.
ments of the law, that they each be
granted a permit to own and carry a
pistol according to law for a period of
two years.
The board adjourned.

Has Sold a Pile of Chamberlain's
S Cough Remey.
I hare sold Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy for more that twenty years
and it has given entiresatisfaeiion. I
have sold a pile of it and can recom-
mend it highly.-JotErH McEI.HI.NEY,
Linton, lowa. You will fiSad this rem-
edy a good friend when troubled with
a cough orcold. It always affords
quick relief and is pleasant to take.
For sale by alldruggists.


Uodea uingCo C



Personal attention t all matters in
this lin. Mail and teleraph orders
promptly attended to.

Gainesvile, . Florida

Established n 88i.

!le OldestIkiky

Ho sein Georga

Guaranteed 8 years old. By the
gallon $3.00. 4 full quarts $3.50.
Guaranteed 8 years old. By the
gallon $2.75. 4 full quarts $3.00.
Guaranteed 4 years bid, By the
gallon $2.5(0. 4 full quarts $2.75.
By the gallon $2.25. 4 full quarts
Guaranteed 8 years old. By the
galHon 43 00. 4 full quarts 8.25.
Guaranteed 4 years old. By the
gallon $2.0. 4 full quarts $2.74.
We handle all th. leading brands of
Rye and Bourbon Whiskies in the mar-
ket and will save you from 25 per cent
to 50per cent on your purehme. Se
Sprice list and catalogue. Mailed
free upon appliUeation.
win& rn
agg.ata. 8.519 SW 8 $288

-i : M. -_ /-% ::;-!? P--" i,/ : '-+ ._. !. '

I-' I --- ---- -r_ i

tothe county judre or Alachua county. ,or-"
da. at the court house in the town of Gni.me%-
viUle on the first day of October. I0. and as
to be dieharied from further adminitrat p-Y
of the affair of said estate.
SS 1M. KING. Adminastrav7,x
TVie irrt of ,0'onald &kSauRader. eom;i._ed
of Ediard ('onaid. M. BEL Saunder .and J. H,
Warue. i'. this day diw-,olved by mutual con-eat.
Ed ward t 'Lknmald rettritg- from said Orm=. The
busine.- wi -:e 1contimued by Sunader A,
Frle. who -anne all i'debtedneai ar 'tc
whom a.l binIs due the firm mut be paid
M., B ,ATNtEa'.
Aux.A.!.-.. J H. E.ARLE
Natit e .- l.-'-liy aiven. \\ha ;' "-; -'_itce
h a N ,r : ;, ; h e d ve D : ':-L .. -, "r
[m onthn I a !'!i 'tbUTS t ; a -'t,-L * . -i
i. Mason. ;:;:i Utae: .t A kaL' :;i coat'J .
Florida. and a- tumt mty cco.intsoe approved
and ask for Mir., dflicharire.
A- Adnitnls.trator E-tatw of eorge rGsh-..
-dee.ea-e, 3deb .

Palatka, Fla.

HBanter Rye XXX... .... ..... iI
XXXX........................+. 2 00
Gold MedaL........ ... ....... 8
Old Baker ....... ... .... .i0
Royl Seal.. ............... 4 i
Lewis ................... S
CornWhiskey. ..1.....l50 So0
Cae Good at lowet .
ehah e for jugs: -1- ., -1e 71
M; 2-aL, We will ow
.ed jaa ed1 toma. -

LAavet:s In Th

~I~':;_1-~--i -~;~'~: ~r_-----:- _r--:_ ;:: J~ -; Q~ '-.~ ~`- I-l,-:-:;;i~ -~ I I ~

in tbe Cireult Court. Eihth iJidic!- C-1rcait
Aiachi.a CountY F orida Ir Ckit *r
Mar. El-en Martin .. Jae- EB. Ma.- --
Bi- for lvorce.
It apoezai.w by a.fbdia t 3,t-ended 10 ".oe e "
fikd in the aboe tatel cause ths. Jamt-s B
Martin. the defendant tberetn nsaied. a re.:-
dent of the State of Frmda. anJ ha-. be ..
n1et from hi,. race of residence f-or nwe
si.ty day. preceditn th.i Olrder o: u A -iea
and i- eoneeusig huw ef -4 t-bterTice rai.-
aiwt -te made u'ocelmu. andi trie: tze f
twetunv-oue year'.: i i_ there:ore ,tre -
aI~u re-ident defendant he ;t r gl le tie!
-reqired to at'eaTr to_ tlhe I o; II tvt
iled in -aid cause i #r. r t refor Montda. ae -3j
da of Octiet'.-. A D1. i14.othrv '.e *. -
t40a o a hid will W e-1 auex pon' hv
said derer~dntt.
It i% further ordered tat thi4 o.ier >e :.-
ii.hed orwe a Ueek for oorioi;r ,ne<'-.* e.n
fb The ;uaine% ille .sun,. :,new.a-.er e
in ,,aid county atkd .t:ate.
This Auau'-t 5lth, 1- C4.
H. C. DENIO N. C.erC':c:uCoa-r
Iei IBy S .. H. Wienlrt-. ) C.
A trie colY o' oritina..
H. CD ENTON- Cerkr
Per S. H. Wien.e_. U --
EVANS HAILF-Sodr. 'orcai' : -

I t ue Circuit Caurt. EigLtb J -,a2. C.:eCIL.
SAiachua Courtly. FIorAa. -In C'-1,,.
John ;. Rawl vTiv. Sarah C. CtaW.%B. for
It apIpe'aring b aflt dait api'ended to t!e th !
filed In the :arlove stated eauae tha -aran C-
Mawil. the defendant therein named. s a ar-
resident of the state of Florida. ia reade- :
of Clinton. South Carodia.and ia- over te ae
of -twent-one yeark: it I therefore rwdered
:thataid n^non dent defendiarle sad sd5ei-
hereby rem!ifred to amearw to Ite- I f of Co.-
aDt nled aid ea*ise on or before MoMda;.
the Ird day of October. A. D. 1W-4. ouerw-te
the amlewatiou o!f -aid bi2 will be taien a
conem.ed by ald defendant.
It is further ordered that thi. order be at--
Uihed once a -week 'or foiureouNeeutire w-eek
in the Otine-vil.e u4n. a newspape-r pab.Nted
in sad county and State.
This An t a:0th,JaW4.
H. C. DENTON. Clerk CDreu: C(-
ea* _By S. H- W'er D -0
A :t-e- co., oi riinol.
H. C LDEXTlX, N;0.k.
Per S I. Wie-nes. D. C
EVAN HALE S:r r.for CoaZ

Land -o4ice 4akT e .vi.e.
Seeptca!r 1LA. --
No'iec P hereby .tver .ha the o
nale4l .etter ha' Bled ntit'e h! her Wet ,-
to nak, final prof in sapport of her;l:. a41
thatkaid lpr4oof wlll lie a*ua4e hewforo- Hezi.yr
and iReteiver at (aine,,vL.e. f'... ir. --.r
12/ I~. vjiz:
LSAvEL.IA TAYI.-. widow o t! Geo;e AW'. Tar-
.or. de iHt. _-li'.4 for the S L, t 4.Seet- I'. Ti .
s oh r!aie', the f,).r-ew uT wio.ne.e C tio ro7'VC
her c-oai/u.,,u- reddenc-e UTlal jta ciltfvadae-
o' * -3. B. r:,antof Fairbanik.-..Fr-a.: AntbhovyPw-
tt-r of Ati. F.J Riu. Robet-'on f Ata.
F-a,N A!-en A.-i, e or Hauie.F a.

Land OR.ce :t atGainesrFLe.i7..,
A uWaGt-e. e .4
Nulel, herehbv iivet. tbut thb fo2owz .g-
naaed vet'.er ba fl.Ted n.tiee o hi. ls.:eter.cr
to rAiie litaR> prot>; ina irupor: tW Cs
Ic.:m and tf s'aid pro-)f w it.e wa2e ie-
fore Rei~-ter and Receiver u: Gan a =eaie. Fa.:
on eepteun;i'er 3-. l A4. viz: -
NATHAS H. TH v.-, of Wann.e. F-.
Hd.. ,- for -he W- of .Sw1i See:,. w.
I Town-sali. 4 s<. im;14e 4-'
be e nin-me'tie foiowwir witjucNes to .prove
his cor:inuoujr' re-dence utwn and cae"ivx-atlr
of "aid land. v"W.:
tW. I. a.acaster. T. 6. Lanie.. M. H iaH
t er. T. A- Che mn..nub. of tWatnne. Fria
I0d \W. G. ROBNSON. wi.Ker.

Nolice be hereby give that an eieetio. Ku:
be he:.i lan lctaon L-tlniet No. 1). AI-hmn
county. Florida. on Saturday. Sein eue.- 1th.
t5). f,r thae larno'.e of determaitu whether
|i.*d ol-t-ict hal2 become a Speciai Tax Rod
Di'.triet. who 'had ie the road trustee o sofA-
diffrict aad the number o of ils o di-.it ta
to t*e levied and colieettcd annually _or taetao
-sueeeedlia year..
Thre 'ollowiw iwp-er'iw are hereby a;';.cntef
infiectora ani clerk of . Fea--er. J. 1. Merry. Thom,, MeCTetde. Sr.,
D. A. Miller elerat.
Thi'. the 51 day of Aaruxt-. A. D. l.4
tl" T. F. homa'.. --..a-ur,'
1W the Hoard Alteat:
H. C. DKNToN. Clerk.

NotAPe i'. ierebv given that I. Ellza M. Kir.g.
admindi'tratrix of tne estate of i*abela lenr.-
deceas.ed, will present my fttal accn an5
voucther' of Bay administration of saild et,.tae






: -:i : -.. .- "


Thel Defendant Was Satisfied to Make
a Statement Only, After which Courtt
i;-ound .im Guldty-Gore Says The
iSn Misrepwss Him.
Wm.L Gore was arraigned in the may-
A ors court Friday morning upon a
iha- gebof isel nglFqor in violation of
U-the law, following his arrest o Thurs-
day, mention of which appeared in
The court refid;was tolerably well
I1lIedtas is usual in- seh cases, when
So aor To as called the court to or-
tr -few minutes past 9 o*eloek.
S Thedefendt was arraigned, when
the charge was read and the-- usual
Squery ,Are you guilty or not guilty?"
S- made, to which the defendant, in
a clear tone, replied. "Sot guilty."
$ Sevevl witauees were sworn, among
whom was G. W. Marble, in the place
of whom the alleged violation was said
'-to have oearred. The defendant in-
trodaeed no witnesses, but merely
made a statement in line with the tes-
timony he had given in the ease
against Robert Brown. He did not
t-ny securing the liquor, but stated
that the money he paid was the prop-
etty of another party, and that he se.-
S red tle beverage merely as a mat-
ter of _eammodation to this party.
H e deied that the liquor delivered
tL.rpugh him :to this party was his
.-. : .. .
At the conclusion of this statement
M--3_ or Thomas stated that, notwith-
S-_ -- tadig thl t he was in no position to
ro ve whether the liquor in questions
was his own, -he did taxe the
moMney ad "deliver the goods," hence
U thea trwould adjudge him guilty,
a d a Aeo f $25 and costs was im.-

n Speakingof the testimony which
appeared in The0 ni the Brown case
Mr_ Mr. -stetha thee report misrep-
r esentshim. "1 did not get- cnfused in
S delivring my testimony," he said. "I
said from the beginning that the
o: ey which I gave Brown belonged
-t-amai0 by theiname ofJohnson, and
that the whiskey which I delivered to
Johnson was not my own.
S"This is what a fellow gets by try-
tIg b e accommodating," Gore con-
tinued, "I got the whiskey for him
S beau se he looked as though e need-
ed it. Now I am aught in a trap and
J ohnson leaves me with the bag to
hold. HeIas jumped the whple busi-
|- ss, but if I could find him tuere
S would be se thing to develop which
would throw a different light on the
|-: m ater.-" :"-" -

-.Abscess .* -
S W. H. Hatrison, Cleveland, Miss.,
Writes, Aug. 15.-102; "I want to say
a woArd of praise for Ballrd's Snow
SLiniment. I stepped on a mail, which
caused the cords in my legs tocontract
and an absess to rise in my knee, and
Sthedoeor told ae that I would have
a siffleg80o4o day I weattoJ. F.
Lord's drug store (whois nowin Den-
er, Col). He recommended a bottle
- enow Liaiment; I got a 0e size,
aaa di cured my leg. It is the best
liniment in the world. Abeesses, with
S few exceptions, are indicative of con-

S patio or debility. They may how-
ever. result frovi blows of foreign
bodies, introduced into the skin or
esh, such as splinters, thorns, etc.
Sold by W. M. Johnson.

Dea th of William Knox
Wlliam Knox, about forty-eight
Iye_ of age and the only Survivor Of
a once prospere s and prominent tam-
i yof Micanop, but for the past ten
year a resident of South Florida,
- where he had an orange grove, died
some time daring Friday of the pat
S ek, a dl his remain s were brought
to M4660pM, where the funeral was
-held Snday afternoon. Revs. Gordon
a aX of the Presbyterian and Iey
f the Methodist eharehes omait a
th_ fuaeral, which was largely at-
i headed y sorrowing friends and ac

is survived by a wife and
bone saME ary, to who0n the sympathy
lf the community is extended

What is Li fe
lathe las analysis nobody knows,
ut we do know that it is under strict
h A busthat law etve slightly y

Sor liver te
laite .fm ti

S S b(Mle A(***& e. *..

SSB(;i;'cigc^.^I^^ iM w l^y rQ


This Attraction Will be one of the Fi-
nest the South Ever Saw.
The Jaeksonviiie's earnival program
is by no means complete, but enough
has already been done to give to the
public some idea of what the visitors
may find.
The. general plan of the carnival will
be the same as last year. with a greater
variety of attractions. The same high
class conditions wi! prevail, and it
will be a carnival free from freaks.
fakes and imnmorality.
In the Stadium there will be daily
exhibitions of rough riditm by the
United States cavalry; firework dis-
play at night, the largest and best ever
seen in the 'South; specially feats of
daring by some of the highest salaried
men and women in America: a horse'
show during two performances: band
concerts twice daily, etc.
On the "Prke" there will be twenty
or more of the choicest individual at-
traetions that can be secured. These
will include the celebrated Streets of
India, an Atheneum circus, a Wild
West show, the Volcano, the Galves-
ton Flood, Dog and Pony Circus, a
Japanese Village, and a number of
other carnival features, such as Mystic
Maze, Cave of winds. Laughing Par-
lor. Carousal, Ferris Wheel, ete. These
attractions are being engaged from the
leading resorts in the country, includ-
ing the World's Fair, Luna Park and
Dreamland at Coney Island, the Chi-
eago Carnival and so on,
Prof. Ewald G. Abel, who is well
known throughout the South in his
profession, has been engaged as diree-
tor of music, and Professor Abel will
arrive in Jacksonville on the 15th of
September to assume his duties in such
a position. The band of thirty pieces
will be selected from the leading con-
cert bands in the United States. There
will be a band also in the Grand
Professor Walberti of Des Moines has
been engaged as manager of the Horse
Show, and he will also Airive a number
of professional trotting, jumping and


WHEREA-, T7Se Leeisittre .i -'. -.er
the Constitution of 15, of tv State jo Fltrida,
did pa's sevcfl Joint KesoS:ti.ns epri-
A4r.esd-met s to the Consthation of 'te t
.4 ilrida, and the -amc were : red to by a
vere of three-fourths of all t";e m-tmiLr- t e- c'le
to teach Houe; that the tv:c n *i
Joins e UTiens a-Vtre n*te-Cred at their
respective Journals, with yeas aad na. d- te-.
<;n. and they ,id determine and direct that -"C
said J'oint Restotions be si6net'edi t.o .
electors of the Stat he -eneral .Fetin
in Nover?.Ler. 1H4.
iNow. therefrI, I CIay t C-"rd' rI. S e.-
vir oi State of aee Sft te i- da. ^ h.rt.
give neiee that a -
,MI e htd in each Co-.':tr iin F Prida ;-n
Tuesday vnex -*accet-dirt- :- fir -t Mia.rv in
_ven'.-ber, A. D. t-i :e sAi ue'.ay i.
or. the ra '1C4 .. .r rejecti.- cif 1*e -I5 t;i*
Reso~uticn-i v--o .ia--g Ament.ment' to the
C i.n-~tai --n 'i tie tate F uri.,a. v'-z:
That the fc't;'wing amend:rient to t Cva-
stitution of the Stae fr i'.krda be. and the
same i', hereby agreed to. and -.all be tzh-
mitted to the electric f thSe Sta .- at the gen:.
eral election in November, ,44 for ranificatin
or rejection.
Section Six of Article Eight. of the-7m-.titu-
tion of the State of Florida, is hereby amended
s. as to read a-s ollo.s:
Section ., The Legislature .shall provide ,ir
the election by the qualified elctors oi each
county of the following county officers:
A clerk of the Circuit court, a sheriff, c.n-
stable,-a county assessor of taxes, a count r 7:x
collector, a county treasurer, a superintendent
of public instruction and a county surveyor.
The term of office of all county officers men-
tioned in this section shall be four years. ex-
cept. that the term of office of the county r-
-e- of taxes, county tax collector and count:
treasurer, shall be for two years, until tne
general election in November, 1906, at which
etectiott they also shall be elected for terms of
year each, and tienerKth tl ,-rini'
officers named in this ,ectio'n shalnl l et.-'er-d
i-_r term iA fo-ur year-. Their t.u --.

ha ,t he iio ing -,end:nrnt to he l...n-
-"tui,-n of the State _Pf V.!jrila ir. iand th-
ramre is, hercty agreed to, and shall 1w sub-
nnitted :o the clcciors ,tA the .rtie at the ken-
Cral election in ll 14, for ratification or rejec-
etction S fi Article 12 o the Con--titution
hereLby amended -; a- to read a3- i,[ilow..:
SectiOn VIII. ELch count' m ha. l Le reqnir.
ed to asc-" ;ard cui'tcnt annually fr tl'a F'
.crt of publc free -c-ch.oi' thcrian, a taxi.t ;i,:
ltv-s than ,T-ree ,:. )mill, nor '-.r.reC than u emer
(f) Mrills on :'.e d.,-!ar, oi fi1 t-ataL': i'oirty
in the same.


trick horse- on this occasion. These Th.- the f-:owing amendment to the Con-
horse4, however, will be used to add u-tluti:.n o thc State oi -l-rida e. and the.
-. w e .a -m ie,. hereby agreed a,.. and -h!all ii'm -aii-
novelty to the horse show feature, and miu--el to t'ie e'ector- oi :he State at thc l en-
will not be entered for any of the c ;n ovemer ca
classes. -c:ir.n im 'if Ar'icl V, f. teh C 1on-ituji ni
-a I 1-e and is hereby anmenied -F as :o rcadl
Beautiful Women. a u :iti,-. -
.ccf .t~n I'. :e c:! L-'Lttrc may -.;'-ati
Plump cheeks, flushed with the soft a sc'h countie -a- it l.ay b-hink l:op r c-U nit
n c -.-ur e n I- t l iv. -ri:,, o- n -f all ca'e
glow of health and a pure complexion, at a in v.hici:n. ;, ni.C n4 ,'r ic( ot the
make all women beautiful. Take a j prt:'-T inv,-lc-i shan iut exceed -ive hun
,. ;,, dt -ar; li-,ccidini., rating 1o :he
small dose of Herbine after -each i,.rcib:t entry or unxawtl .tention laitl.
meal; it will prevent constipation and Ian te"emenst- and -:t "nitd-nica ior.s ar.l :inal
I appeliatc juri-iliction in c6it cas.'. an-jig in-
helpdigest what you have eaten. oc. the courts oi the juticesi l the pe acc.
Mrs. Win. M. Stroud, Midlothian, The trial of such a-r>eais may be de n.-V at
I the op:ion ol the apipci Texas. writes, May 31, 1901: "We have -hall be the judge of the county court, aud
used Herbine in our family for eight shall be an atrney-at-law. -
S. There :hall be elected by the qualifier rlcc-
years, and found it.the best medicine tirs of said county ;,t the tin.e ;e-x the -aid1
we ever used for constipation, bilious judge is electeda pr,,jecuting attorney itior i
county. wh shall lid office for i.,ur v<(-r-.
fever and malaria." Sold by W. M. 1If. i duties and co.mpen.ation shall bepre-Crinel:
ohnson. aw. eh court-s nma be. alt>lihetl at t'-
JOnSO. pl______________ eaure Af The Legisla- re. -
l G to Provided that all county judges hold'ra,4 aid
Will Go tO Jacksonville. office at theratification i this amenihe-nbe!t" -11t
T. 0. Rouse, for the past three years coninue in thei exrcete of the duties there
according to ttcir respectie te',mi-.ii,,w aIt
one of the effiient salesmen in the tattii thtir ice-<.r. r' a. i qyua;aii-eld..and'I
pr,,videdreuater. lhatxiihen a u' c,- 'tnyi im
employ of O'Donald & Saunders, and pruided furter, ethat i ein any ounty
later with Saunders & Earle, has ac- -.iSate, the county judve tf !ati county -hall
ho'd hi, office ar.d! ierim .t he duties ot u '-e-
eepted a position as eity salesman with the co uny .- urt t::-i :i' term x unee
the Miller & Mallard Grocery ComI- shaUl expire

any, Jacksonville, and will assume
his new duties on the 1st prox.
During Mr. Rouse's residence here he
and his estimable family have made
many friends, who will regret td see
them leave. but will wish them much
success and happiness in their new
home. Mr. Rouse will be socially
missed in Center Lodge, I. 0. 0. F.. of
which he is an active member and
manifests a great interest in the work.
He is one of the most thoroughly,
posted young Odd Fellows in the State.

What's in a Name?
Everything is in the name when it
comes to Witch Hazel Salve. E. C.
DeWitt & Co. of Chicago discovered
some years ago how to make a salve
from Witch Hazel that is a specifle for
piles. For blind, bleeding, itching
and protruding piles, eczema, eats,
burns, bruises and all skin d iseases, De-
Witt's Salve has no equal. This has
given rise to numerous worthless eoun.
terfeits. Ask for DeWitt's-the gen,
uine. Sold by all druggists.






S . -

That the fo'tonving amendment to the Con-
stitution of the State ,i Fl-.irida he. and the
same i hereby .grctc ta'. anl shall e -,uii-
mitted to the electl.r ui the State at the ,en-
cral election' in 1.t4 for ratf-cati',n -r reii-rii.on.-
That Section I.' ,f Artice ~ i .e tC o a
lion oi t:e Stvte of Floridla i- hereby a-r-e-ule-I
so as to read as. iH-lows:
Section Io. The credit of rih tZate -a'l nt
ibe pledged or loaned to any individual cown-
pany, corporation --r a' ,,ciatiin n"r h0=H
the State become a joint ',nc or to in any company. a-,sciati on ,r corporatii-.
"i-e Legislature shall nut authorize anyt coun-
ty. city borotah, township or inc.'o,--)ratid di-
tric to become a stockehoiter in A ciwipiny,
as-ociation or corporation or T obtain -r
appropriate money for or to 1,-an is .credit inO
any corporation, a--ociation, in-titat*on or it-
dividual except that the Isrg-lature r-ay'
authorize municipal corporations to relies
frc-rt municipal taxation for such period of
years as to the municipal authorities may -.eer
proper any manufacturing enterprise that mavy
locate within thie -aid municipality. Iut n,,- 'tuc
exempition -hall 1e for a lonz'er peri,-I -an
fifteen years.

That the foollowincg amendment to the Co n-
etitution of the State of Florida e. and the
same is, hereby agreed to, and hall be sub-
mitrted to the electors of the .tate at the ien-
eral election in November, 19%I_, for ratification
or rejection:
Section 4 of Article XVI shall be amended
so as to read as follows:
Section 6. The Legislature shall provide fow
the speedy imblication and distribution of all
laws it may enact. A.411 decisions of the Su-1
preme Court and all laws and juicial d -ecWion*
shall be free for publicatioa by any person,
But no judgment of the Sepreme Court Ishall
take effect -mtil the opinion of the court ta
such case shall be filed with the clerk of
said court.

Section 1, of Akicle V, of the Constituion
of the State of Florida is hereby amended so.
as to read as follow:
Section 1. The Judicial power of the State
YEAR shal be vested in a Sprene Court, Cia
CunrtsCourt of Rtcord, Cosmty Covs,
r -le CoutryJudgs and jJui of thei Peace.
l9 W 00 Section k of Ardcle V, ithe Constietuon oft
Stbe Sate of lerida-i hereby useuded sei- c
-.& .;^-"-.-;."-.:, .s ream uitow :*.:*- ., ~^ ...:'^i ?^

-'aay cngir-s'.Tr in c:-=-: c -:Ce-. .:- .-- "- 1 -
t-e ny ur :..--- ---; Article ItI. o the --(utaiti
C- te e y gerrby an -an
:-.7-r rl'-' 'r-n :C 'c:---. >.et. "- K. _il the aSte .st rin ca, is .brebrh amK d -c -
_. ici i cf i i .- 'n 2. The Laegi-are shalt as'
Si er la ecial or i v.eal law i any o he Sliaosiri -
S- ca-'. Th ,: -T -..: i d case: that- is ~ a-,' re satig -:
e .-. -.he rietion and duties iay ai- uf a.-
, :e-. o t-r ibr the pnin-.ltitt of ~me- o io--
7-* .1 wr c--i ntcar,, -. .: denteanor: e-ept:i~ir toWe eiorcms-at'- se .-:
ex- c a' local a-w rre4i-kaaTting pe practicefW vo t
S 1 have --a -- .- of jutic; riding mor ca. ag it venue --.:
rrpr-. ? ;-y r .-and riminina a: granti-g dio; rc :
a. f .i any - ':-. cang irg the aes ot pcr-soan: -cati-read:.
-c1-I c-p ;-*-!tng an d .- xa g1tand asd and
*-e :n i k.--:re :; -?- .. a.n"_"- .... ..'-. i r a;.- m d utrovidir' i. tacitr- m campeasason.
for a mei-t*t2 and ci cc Ion-of taxes fcr Siae
-<. ;, -'-rr, -, t'c '-e-.e d ctntyv,. and munic- -al Iurposes; for Oipe'
S*-'. : .^ t-; :;.- -". ..... ..- .;.;-- ig ang e oM uc yae'- ctr i asn-sn- : State a -t .
SInty anrid municipal cfcer. and for des4 -
-.; A. -'' : -':ti- i ting the -'cts of .in y: for the sale. of rise
V e -.. ; -.-"e:i d state bekl .ring to tminw-rs tates l dc .
So tad i-: 'dents, and of pe-sons laborisng .ader legal d-
_on The Circuit Ca-rt u .rt iave a.ltitite: regv tin1 the fees of a .- a ^the -
-<'--;-ve c ,;ui-.-.c.n -i: ca Sta:e ra county r mar.niipalities: giving earec
ha *^***' A?-, 3 :,-, -:t va n. :jto informal or inwA d tcdid .orT il: 1-.: td,--
S-- .. '- r'. -. .' n 1 ; povui.. for t _hee.4 t -w %
:;e- -lvdng O n "; cnr: relieing r t-r from legal di.al i-
z---'_-rtnt '-" f-r--c .c2 1 : ties; and for the e .-Eim of terie
t t 'd < a; Artion ticle i. of the (,,s111.mti o,
aof t Stae of -Fle ida i.s -he- amended. *-
'-:; e ri,. as to read as flloi-:
-. :- ir -.-..n .-n Sectio t. The r iatur then e-tsah
f- e tn' r an ';, 'a d a aunifora system 'i county go retrn-nt-
h .mer ier a- r pr- .,all divide nichapaH i3m cia-.- 'e-- .to
v.-i-e. T!;ey 'nll s: f?', sre,,-".- :--e more than feur. a the ;asi stt p n la*.ion;
n : : c ard ci' -- :, i it shall e-tablish for each class a n .tarw-" -
the c.3runt.y tort. ,- l"re '.I-- f'-"t;udge, tea of go-vernwet; it- hall provide for the e-
andl f mi r-' .'-- ir irc riatin of eacah no exinag iaicipality
in the e.i. f record, o.r u'c- r -en- and for the nMorpora tin ofi vach ereafter ta
tence'- ,-f -ny !mn ic.. :. ca-r- he' icorpurated municipalty into oute f. sch
arising before ju-ttic. i' Tr *- irce in ,,:mti-c clses and no law relating to the creation.
in which there is no c,.untsiy u,.t, r ,-.r't .-i governmentt or powers< of any 'masii ;i
rcrord .nLd sutperv;'.i nt an, .! ppa- .ofrisdic- number of maicipalihies less the% t whde -
ti-n of mTatters arisir.g hu.;r Ct-n'ty j-:dgc-- of a class, shill e valid.
pertai'nn t their pr te -ri- ic.: -r i- eti AR i VI, of the
w h ohcr Tmater as ihe Ts- re r.- pr. of the State of Florida is hereby reeaed
vid. The circit co w ur an#* e,- -J, i0hall have The voles cast in co ipiauce wrth said p.
powe0o is"ue wrt. !.4 rralnt"am r-. ir ctium 1 Amsendmlnt., and the canvas. declar-
qu,, 'r-arsmi. ct'r.'o'r.-. ;,rl -- '.---al ma- rtions and returns therof. jN-a be abce:t -
c-rpus and al w rts. rr,.onert-r < t-,a-2. t ti t"-e same regulations and resictions Ms at
c .pet exercise of i.e:r in'Trovided by law for General Elections i the
Section -2., Aricte V. f 'he t! ,,.-':,in I,; State of Florida.
ihe St.ate of Florida is ht-reby armes-'d -o a- "
to read as follows: In testimony whereof, I ha hTe t a i
"ectin 24. Upon t'he t.-'tic.**n -s- hand ad affixed the Cirea Sal f the St Ae
j-rity of the registered vocer- ,'i in" n-.',,- of Florida, at TEllahass -e. the Caphil.- t s
: hi- '. '* l.i-v :I *.h the first day"of IAu t. CA P.a A.
-uc'. c,.Tv t. .,-',t;r, ol : ,' -fll (Seal) V,. CTAY CRAWVFOtR_).
... r i Secrary of Sta. "
i-fe a practiciant at.-....v ::. --. *. w To LT W. Fenell, Sherif AlacBU Coumnty
lall be aFllrinted Iyv t: ...Florida.
i' t E v the .-,a- I. -. -- .., ., __ -_
-,*ce fr iu'r y ar'-. "} .- : -" he .- .
by the -cun'ty v.etre --h eu,- i- c '--;' l
i'd ,n _.ea i-;..--- .. f .-n 0UU ,U -
u'an f tieen t ,s..and pi.,u '?ti : .. ,-- ---- '. .- .
4', -!ar-; in c u -a.i-> '- f .m : t'-n "-e .l !t -
thirty tl-asoand poriot ,i .n -'t ,reu
,.iarG;-: in ct-unit-- M ot t-,.m 'r '- ;,,-.-!.I to Tn the Sherif of AlacIEat C oatj. a o tf _
isrtytateof Florida
dnHar-. a--d in c, n rtse ,.i m ,r "1t-' . ,.r',rt"-
fite thuu-and .p'!,pu.t.i,. t .r T .uired Be it Known. That t. H. Clay..rarwtfOd.eS
dI lar-; and ill crim:t.l cr.-'i' rc.-' -r'vw retary of State oif tIe StateO t Forsi, 4s
e "al. i'hed is thi. S::te.Y ,Ir -,*-1I t'. alop- hereby sgve no: ieetxat-a
-; ,n ,tIh s amendment, I e. I e dl .Vve' u ,- art
,, record a,. herein hprvvide'. an 4 -a1! t -,:r ':t o0 i o
-'ch criminal court- .if record .,A he C;f.Cet' 6 1 | E I
,if -uch cotrts, and discha- ; e -nh :!"e- and
.t-ceive the emol-uments oi -,ch -.ti :- expi- will be hed in AAlch sa cotaty. StAeeof lri-
rfitin of their present term ,-i n -cC. da. o Tue-ary n ext s1eseoaf bes MB-
- .'ctin 25 of Article V. ,f t-e ',e':oni'iitioii day in -November. A.I wL a. th a Tseaay
e.i*the State f F!ori5la is h'.,r--, l',de o bn k'the -
a, ,o rea as.hhlk
"'Section 5.. The court rec! e Eighth Day of b
exclusive juri-diction if ":C r'ii _i C
.Fw F-i ve)Pr"i ..tW..l.eem ...
capital. -hich hal anr.e e .il -..do ,_'
.,t ca-es sa, law, in.--;C`- Ct. : h. Flve 4 I {.e) tia EI. e .
value o ;ie pr-,'-crty n' t i ne one :etreseutlfte of tIbe Sal2 S --
tr.-us-tid d<-tar-. '-d c, n-0-t- re ''. cir- local Dlistret of Floa. In tbe O Iftrala
cuit c.urt. hall ha!-e eexr-i-ive :uri-d .'-.n Cf 'air l o f tbe Iustu s l - -
roree-din- telar, *i,, i:-dCile f-ntrv '-m! en.- For Goverteor the State o ftk S.
lawful detaineri tf la iar-i inerin:i-. Seeretarrsy of sate of the Sat of -
Sectn 2,i. cf Article V. he '.--r. 'wio rild.
Sii e tate vi .rida iVs Vrry -. n.cl "o For Atuomesrenera ieonS tal teofr i.
*a t, rtad as f-:l'o--: -co~-optroUer or the Stte orf tr -.
KSec it I T ere -hall TIc iX T--. f the Treasurer oftbeSateCof Vlorit.
omurt of record in e.ch.c y"er.* .. "" terintB--t.0 P B iBws "-
.n-ction. .. oi Article \. ,f -e -t-tion the State of FlorMa.
ui the State ,'i Io..la is le ut '-:r Com Aoe T of Agyoultage -b --
a- to rea a.- .,4 i.-r State of lori. -
"Stctin 27. There -:a:i r oirtFur or (ihe J t Se of te Supr&ee ol
-f record a propenting at.-rne:., named te state of Florida foralr ,ears.
; the c -' Lri-itr, ao -'l be a, .; ,-, b
and -h,. '-c ol d oice f.,r fr r: -. i;, the State Ro- Flhoerio -..
Section o0 Article V. of "
as to read as iallow'; For.2 county Jo e.
Section !. All ofen-se- "- l.:'e "i t:e Ci'~. ts F Jd.
of record shall be pr'-ceed upon in- in'.,m:ion h .-
urinder ;ath, nnd may be :he-It ;:t mn timse. Clerkol teciOrcmiscorrt.
wh-ther the court is in res-'ion ,r n. .- the cantB Amemlofr of Taxes.
county solicitor but the grand j-ur t'-e cir- TaxColiector
cu te court for the county in which -aid court ot -
tecord is held. may indict for ,Ten-e- t-ialle ( 'Fty. a e.
in the court of record. Upon the finding of County Saperitel lent Of PJatal e b
such indictment, the circuit judge shall emntnmit st-u-uB
or bail 0the accu-sed for trial i the c,,rt ,i rec- For CotS nur te or. .
ord, and the county solkitor -4 iaid ,court "" l 2onstr C omm ot e -s
shall immediately file therdn, and inform-ation Mebr ofth 4r ..lu-uatg- "f
based upon sach indictment, up-.n which intior. Pu1 -s "s "
mtaion the accused ..all be tried. -
Section of ArtieleV' of tie Con of the State of Florida, is herel: a-en'led so IOW)UtJut feD a ''L !l.I.o l. .1
as to read a- foiows: .e 12.11, I4.lI It 1l'.. .
'Section 29. There shall be no -:n'v coar: For ab fo e the IOig -
in any county where a court ou recr-d i5 i c i. D12 ic.a 13 1 a. is 1., I- 21
tahlithed." 11. 12 IS 1., -, t 1. l -

Secti" 30. of Article V. of the (,n-tit*ation IS Tes-iuSO -YW.- it l ru a _--
of the Sta'e of -c Iorida iOs :acrc- rn-nied so my bnd ad aXfed te; -re Sua ._o -
as:to reada 34, .'State of Florida.at Tanlabm pe e $.
as to read as foll-:, I t ot day rof SStat. A.- M .--
"ection -- .rl t-f tIe eomnrt of record i .1 CLAY RA i .
.*all be ekct<- - -Tector. oi the coumy.in I .
...... .. ... . ... .,: i..., ;._O .d. ,.I

-i-cc for for : ...
be fi ed 1cv "--
shal ien th e'. .
duties and fe-- ..'. .'?

I hi- co(ni-en-atiin -hall
: .seriff oA :he ciiunty
micer of said co.ur; his
4e fixed by lw

Section 33, .i .s -Ile V, of the Con-titu-
ti(on of the *:.: rida i hereiby amended
Sas to real :
Section 31L A n .ite* of practice goverinW
the circuit c-- rt. h e applicable t.- the-
court; of re -rt. an'd 1 -awa< reative to criml-
nal cot-r:-- : r.cu'd -; apply to) c.-,aris of:
record., i'an-e- o' ven-sc ray oe ha'd roni a-
eutirt of. r--e-rd t-i 2an.oi' '-r o:urt record, or
to the circuit court ,i an 'iter ce.unty for the
same cane-s, and ,untder t:e laws providing firf
changing the iteieu inr-m 'he -circuit court o'
'ione- cority "o the circuit court of another
county. The Governor mnay. in hi. discretion.
order the cir eit judge h- irJg jurisdiction of
rte circuit court or any- city, to hold a
special tcrm oi a ctur, of record of such
.county. fr the prpyse of trying cases in
which the jndge vi the c entM of record ,bat
be disqualifiied. Partiw .* any cause at law
in a court of record. shall have the same right
to trial by judges ad T'v-n, cr by referee as
may exist under this Const.itudeio or the laws
in reference to caZse in ci-cuit courts, or may.
if the jtind-e of the caurt, record be difuqauaI-
fied, t-an-ftr r t'W cause to the circuit court of
the county in which such court of record xnar
Section 2 of Article V, of the Constitu-
tion of the State of Florida is be eby amended
so as to read as follows:
"Section 2. Courts of record shall be abol-
tzed by 'the Lekisbture. oniy upon a petition,
of a ajffty aof the registered voters of the
coty, ere sc cot is estlised.

That tb e following aaendment to Sectage
II e and Section .e e
a fSeem os t i lofo
lbt S' of--



- .- _
..- ~-

To L . Fenaet. Shemrif r s mr.

C-. a . .

\~=r'- U
-I- -

t .-- -- ------



Sfthe a,- Watkin- of M-on p-

R SithWaiit yeFtelay. Sithe

ta"sand falatives.
ilk E. ylor of the Flist NItional
Ik-Ias nlet the contract for a hand-
i new residenee on East Seminary
treet,East Gaioell.e,to R. W. Hall,
and work on the building hasbegan.
SWhen eompleed it will be one of the
hutParr hands-omet and most modern resi-
anss -vR ead deaees in the city. and an ornament to

i ? :- :. -: .-. .._ . S

..... _- y&ery.
Ihi PBe4--E4 uB

t -- lity yesterday.
tlhiisI l t- -+- .a- .-

.amthe oChokman of Aer

setloe, wse trading lathe

WIU*s, promieat phtsi

wr fril~n this ty with a

- to th c.ity, returned

yatlt a oeessful- m erhant
ntooa was registered at these

meIaw-e speeding a short time

M _IA l."sF-.eotilee. left yesterday
ed 9wb5r!y. where she will spend a
bw ga with her sister, Mrs. T.

w. B.Medlin of WWillto was
aeg ya visitoerato this city yester-
l. eSame for trhe purpose of emn-

.. 0. andDr.SP. G. Tion and
Ahil eg e to ake Sante Fe,
benhey will visit the family of A.
$foI. sday few days.s
-Ahera pleasant visit of several days
10 Dericra4areals. Mr. and Mrs. 3J.
SSp Sooth (ainvie, Miss
15ge-PhPt baas returned to her home

OCwfd&t Davis have a large force
if ftaatos engaged in the erection
ar enanWaOS born os West Liberty
e 1 is h 0_vieaity of vtthe Gainifes-
SA.ilt lf. depot. _*: -
P JOeasuf Taeoma, who has been
.pmgaae time with relatives in
Ia eity,4Aeatnyesterday for Wade.
sr. and Mrs. Jones and children ex-
peat to take p- their home at that
ina ort-M .: .. t
J. A. Parlh of Hague, Wade Thom-
w Of Meetoesoha and John Phillips of
py wereon among tho whopaid
a Mv-ie a visit yesterday. The lat
heriseage~sll in famiag at Fairfield,

I. JE. ama the naval stores oper-
ie-of JAeblooms, was a business
rhitear t O eeity yesterday. He de-
arted 0n the- noon train for South
iM46, whe he expect to close a
aea rabine4dy of timber.

spp a business visitors to: the
BaI aa- a yeserdaa. Theiformer

g B e eporta maters "disn
- quiet" at Nimnopy joust

Mll-AXMe(laty,a charming]
_IWJof UW ey, -

h ~rc


e-io -eeu oas to De na in any quantity at
a G. S. MerchantsCo's.
Ms. 0. C. Reddiek of Reddick r. T l
penta few hourstin :this city yester- Mrs. T.J. Cone of Ralei paid a
Sahe eof her sister Mrs T. brief visit to Judge and .-Mrs. A. J.
B Elli. he was en route home from one in this city yesterday.
edfr Key, where for the past two Mrs. A. M. Pournell has returned
e she has been visiting relatives, from a delightful outing of several
:Ti _esimablelady has may friends in days at Worthington Springs.
Gainesville who are always delighted John P. Eatenza. the cigar manu-
a. an opportunity of seeing her. facturer of Waido, was in the city yes-
-M".Mand ra, C. W. Stalls of Monte- terday in the interest of his line.
eb-a were in the eity yesterday, hav- Mrs. F. B. Hester and son, Ramie, of
iag oime for the purpose of consulting Evinston were among those who favor.
Dr. Aldermao in regard to some den- ed Gainesville with a visit yesterday.
tl work. Mr. Stalls states that there J. D. Merry of Micanopy and Alex
are no aterpillarsin his section, but Reed of Montbrook were among the
that the cotton is dying from rust. arrivals at the Brown House yester.,
The corn and potato crops are good, day.
however, and the planters expect to Fraser MeCook, who for the past few
eap a bontiflharvest. months has been in the employ of W.
E. 0. FUteh and family, who have R. Thomas' stables, has accepted a po-
been residing in Jacksonville, have de- sision with S. J. Thomas, hardware.
eided to make their future home here. N. C. Pettit of Waldo, one of the
Mr. Fatech who is the traveling repre- mqst~ ly known residents of the
seatative for the J. H. MeLaurin Comn- East Ed, was in the eity yesterday
paoy, wholesale grocers, Jacksonville, and made The Sun an agreeable call.
is in the eity at present looking fora Mrs. L. J. Clyata and children have
desirable one, and as soon as this is returned from Balsam and other
secured the other members of his fam- points in North Carolina, where they
ilyill arrive. inesville welcomeshave spent the last few days delight-
them and trusts they will be well fully
pleased here. fl
A telegram received in this city by Mis Hassie Smith, a charming young
Lady of Waeahoota, who has been in
Rev. W. J. Carpenter yesterday,
Rev. this city as the guest of Miss Georgie
dated Tallahassee, bears the informs- Mixson for the past fewdays, returned
tion that in she wet and dry election to her home yesterday
held in Gadsden county Wednesday, to
the "drys" were victorious by a ma- H M. D.Bryant of Hague, T. J. McRae
jority of twenty-two. Quiney is theof Hawthorn, J. G6 Beville of Arredon-
eounty seat of Gadaden, which has al- do and E. K. Anderson of High
ways been a wet county. The fight SpringS were among the business vis-
was a hard and bitter one, and the itors to Gainesville yesterday.
temperance people feel that they have Miss Bettie Goss expects to make
won a great victory, notwithstanding her departure today fo~ Worthington
the majority was small. Springs, wb.ere the will sojourn for the
SMisaMaey, an expert stenographi next few days. Friends of this young
sintructor~lio as aepted tl a oition lady wish her a pleasant sojourn.
in that department of East Florida -Mrs. A. R. Jones of St. Augustine
Seminary, has arrived in the city from has arrived in the city and will be the
North Carolina, where she has been guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. IS.
spending a vacation. The young lady J. Burnett, for a few days. The friends
is not oaly a personal acquaintance of of this lady are glad to welcome her to
Superintendent Pound, who highly her old home.
recommends her, but comes with the After delightful visit covering a
endorsement of some of the most di@- period of about two months to rela-
-inguished educator in Georgia as tires and friends in Washington and
well. It is to be hoped she will be Baltimore. Mrs. J. W. Alsop has re-
pleased with the eity and her new po- turned to her home in this eitl.
*iton. Friends are glad to welcome her again.
D. C. Warner and J. H. Manners of Rev. and Mrs. T. P. Hay and son are
the International Harvesting Company at home again, after a delightful visit
of Chicago, demonstrated the praeti- of five weeks to Saluda, Bessemer City
eability of the corn shredding machine and Swannanos. N. C., and Clover, S.
they are representing on the farm of C. Mr. Hay states that the family
T. P. Maynard near Alachua yesterday were greatly benefited by the trip, but
afternoon. This machine is something are glad to return home.
entirely newr to the planters of this Miss Ssie Honser left yesterday
section, but the manufacturers claim for Fort Pierce, where she has been
that-it is grea saver, since the corn appointed to teach school during the
-talk,.which has hitherto been allowed the
so go to waste, may be utilized as feed coming term. Miss Hunter is one of
for stock. The machine is an automatic the best teachers in the country, and
arrangement, spring the fodder, bar- will no doubt make an encouraging
vesting and shecking the corn and sueeess of that institution. 1
shreddming the stalks at the same time.
"n-r-Mrs. Edith Hunter and family de.-
The Gainesville Furniture Company, parted yesterday for Jensen, Indian
recently organized with a capital stock rted sterday for Jense n
of o5,00rgh anizdwt ann cem ik River, where they will make their
of $60,o00, has an announcement in home during the winter. Mrs. Hunter,
this issoe to which the attend ion of our who is one of the most e ient te ach-
readers is invited. This firm, which in the w ssueeihe
proposes toeonduct one of the largest ers in the ounty, will assoume charge
instalment houses in the State, will of the Jensen schooldring theom-
open for business between October 1 ng term.
and 10, and it will pay those who are Hattie 4inmous.an elderW colored
needing furniture who ecan afford to woman well known in this city, where
wait to do so. The stock will be new, she has resided for many years, died
clean and up-to-date in every way, and a; her home Thursday night. The
Isoldonltheinstalment plan at a cash .y was embalmed by the MeClellan
price. Xhe firm is composed of anum- Undertaking Company and sent to

her of most -reliable business men, Gordon, where the interment was heldM
which is an asurauce that the eustom- yesterday afternoon.
ers will be treated fairly. The many friends of Dr. Lucretia
Attention is called to the advertise. Robb will be glad to know that she has
met of W. R. Thomas, which appears returned from a thee months' vaea-

m~~he~~ii ths.-
esewhereri hispaper. Major Them- tion. during which time she visited
as has for many e been conducting Wiensin and Ohio, and asi~attended
ne of the largest ad most mod- lecure and clinics ian Chiao. She
liveries in the State, and has en- reports delightful summer and is
joyed a remarkabi but well deserved greatly benefited by the change.
sesets. He has decideedto .o into A letter from ro Pro H. Fulks to
bosines on an extensive scale, and in The Sun states that himself and family
sder that he who cannot afford to are delightfully stated in St. LoIat
pay ass, bas arranged to sell baggies, 3824k Windsor Place. Havnsenred a
wJ eae., on the a4talme6t plan large and comfortable beOilding for the
and on easy ter.,. There wil be no remainderof he Words Fair period,
d ase in prices, but the value may Prof. Failks steas that he will b
bs e ,s-y eea s abyye nwho know. pleased to take e his -ori"
atgd M- k .s. t Uajor'Thons. friends at ae hi- p-rate. He a-.


y- .W JR V .1 3IUUI, rece tv e0
the United States land office, has re-
turned to his duties here, after a brief
but pleasant visit to his family at
Winter Park. Col. Ohubb states that
the Orange county country is on a
boom, the orange groves are looking
fine and promise an abundant yield,
the crops are good. and both hortieul-
turists and farmers are happy. 4 big
rush of Northern travel is expected in
that section, which has been thor-
oughly advertised, during their coming
Mrs. A. P. Morrow and son, Hugh,
arrived in the city yesterday from
Philadelphia, much to the delight of
their numerous friends here. The for-
mer has been on a delightful visit to
her daughter, Mrs. AI Morrow. for
the past few weeks, while Mr. Mor--
row has been employed for the past
two years by one of thelarge steel con-
cerns of the Quaker City. He was for-
merly one of Gainesville's leading and
most energetic young men. holding a
responsible position in the baLk of
Duttou & Co.
Among the visitors to this city yes-
terday was Prof. W. E. Bell, last term
principal of the Stroble school, but ap-
pointed this term to preside over the
destinies of the Alachus High School.
This school will begin the fall term on
Monday, the 12th inst. Prof. Bell will
be assisted at the beginning by Misses
Lucy Newsome of Williston and Ibosa
May of Arno, both teachers of ability.
Superintendent Holloway anticipates
a large enrollment of the Alachua
school the coming term, and it may
become necessary to install a third as-
From Sunday's Daily Sun:
Florida grown seed rye for sale by
G. S. Merchant A Co.
Miss Parish of Hague was shopping
in the eity yesterday.
W. G. Videon of Archer was trans-
acting business in this city yesterday.
J. L. Shaw of Alaehua was among
the visitors to the county capital yes-
George P. Morris of Waldo was
transacting business in this city yes-
W. L. Davis was among the Rocky
Point folks.who paid Gainesville a vis-
it yesterday.
J. A. Rosborough. Jr., and little
brothers, Fritz and Dalton, were in
the city from Windsor yesterday.
O. D. Huff of Evinston was trading
in the eity yesterday. He is one of
the leading citizens of that com-
Jacob Ponds of Hatchet Creek, one
of the progresive fathers and stock-
men of that section, was trading in
the city yesterday.
Miss Nellie Corpew of Melrose, one
of Alachna county's efficient teachers,i
was in the city yesterday on business
connected with the school board.
FriendsofC. E. Whitney will regret
to learn that he is very low at his
home in Northeast Gainesvile, but it
is to be hopdhis coditon will soon
improve. -. .
Mrs. W. M. Holloway ha. turned
from High Springs aud Worthhguon,
where she has been oa plessaat vhiit
to relatives ad fried. She repot

Dr Wen. e. Rfuaseds, me, B. P.,
r.,an daughter, Xism Clinrsiae, satd

and stoekman of Windsor.r. Mr. Ad
eame to take into possesiou two !ae
thoroughbred milceh cows which he re.
eently purchased from LawTrnee D
vis. the colored baker.





Out-of-town peoupt pleas. make en-
gagem-ents before coming to har& woft
done to avoid delay. -S34

Tue Can n ve Maey oean...


Novehties -
Mu.-cil Instra--

Clocks, Etc..
By Bayig of..

The Jeweler,
High Springs - Florida

Fine Repoiring a Specialtj

Catr Complete Line of

Caskets and -

Pliist to r wI P9is to C M


k-idele, Meutal wower 4eg "
on order. fewoa n.inr and f
anwttary pur Moes onaie. Houe.go :
clobikw fumlbated and diaecO E
dousaIt anumoaioum disease gerie.-


SDr. ettG

; ... : .: ... -- :as ^.. _-::: ':.y -
sessmet"*/i" ^_a *r *e aMea iicjfff
.a riag~g
kv' *^er l^~k _' '-^
: ~ U ; otoyT~D ry

w A fla.L.m &~

..i.--.:-i----- .- - ----

t ut'Udsjd' De wJy &S
South Georgia seed rye to. be found
at G08. Merchant A Co'
J.R. Feasterof R-ehlel was trad-
ing in the city yesterday.
Ribert Erins of Erinston was among
the visitors to this city yet.terday.
Mrs. Dr. M. H. DePas and children
of Aerher favored Gainesville with a
visit yesterday.
Miss Belle Citty,. a charming yom g
lady o Mieaaopy, io in the city on a
visit -to relativesr
12i0bushels genute Texas rust proof

IWJ Capei er of KasnsageI Are oea eeasdering plaqn
list Church d*iveted an inter-- < eapeesaly atesm i fr
i ti r s W
sermon to tia people of Fort mis faee an3win3er Mae naoweriead,
Tille in the North Ganesille inesvile, FlLa. Vl .-
at night. Thisthe second er- When troubled with eOutipation try
delivered by Mr. Carpenter to Chamberlaia's Stomea "Id -Lve
Gainesville congregation with. Tablet. Tohey ae e to ltake a
few days, and they appre-
s preeBe. .
A. C. McCall of New -myrnals- MI Lar Ayeoek, eha ri
the effeiivni young teachers, ofU. n ft rtm, afte a I
v it rn to friend, here. has -eturv -"
iL-conty, was in the eity yester- od
t was prine ofher home. She was. also popping,
hw Smyrna High School for the p toryt taking a trip 1to "
. whief position he fled World's Fair. -
redit and effiiency. He has Among the visitors to this eity ye .
ndered the principalhip of the terday were eorge H. -Gi -boss jt
rn sch-ool for the eomiig te ; soa. George Ir., of Archer. Mr.
ie may accept. b1os is secretary of -the CounctyD .-
d Mrs. T. J. Swearingen ad eratie Exetive mitee, s i
ioneof the most infential re#WAif
rn will make their departure this of the flentl
g for Hot Springs, where the of his
Ioes with the hope that the ". o H. Fa ks a indanees that hi
rii relieve him, of rheumatism, is located at SM --AWindsor
eih he haaffe red for several the Florida people who vis-t ai-S
From Hot Springs they expect World's Fair with elegant roome s as
o St. Louis. where they will per day, all convenient to the fi
the sights of the great World onds. dtwlt
rhey will be absent six weeks. Among the visitor to this eity yt.7
H.. nrw ".h bb r ... terday was W. M. Adams, the farer




Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: 09 12, 1904
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Volume ID: VID02262
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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Other version: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1903)
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Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

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: ', 1 *'


T. rPETERSBURG IS LARGE, lo llAnsoaO< ertra$

VERY APPREMF"VF MirE JU0E oniif toor -oii#S h"ism
yoh 0a.a AAt. st I .-Georglaide nato M Adit$ar isd -0a ag4
a 1.000o a year added to their l ai.' mpoa n y (b R (
Ssi t th :ot 'sates yeetordoy by this' wm ofi the *AM. Hall a0 4rWs to o0a".p
Sitia io & tE O 0tl s ofFront rceiretentaive.e, but they wearo Notifhd Of MHiS solimaon ZTr ear b"id h,1 bIo ; of iow
T~Unean> . Forbidden to aecepl or ride on froe l*pator HnN1 P1p J3ule !NsUi
psasos or to re otvr. title pine tele t Mr 1fllit eetary i r tiht
-AR P-5 PRT T graph tor Vxpres franksa und penal. "". '1 t tht I b1 "btI Wld *lt4a A
PIAR FOR PORT -ARTHUR, ty of tmpuachmtnt. DAY WAS QUITS 1NIS1MXNT eo tile l nO0 hee stS wore O
The houen pai-ted by a vote of I~i -tAge. the p eWlr of JudMe
Japanine Osoupatlon of the Welt Hill, to 3" the hltl aby senator C'omal. which Many Promtnent mnOer1ts Wet the l1ateh. til 14o, to mo 1
Before Port Arthur, MHe Increased pisaed4 the +uato by t twoihirds nma- Guests of OcQuielttnln All mtoewmr j4 (t.
ho, Uneasiness at Russian depital ortty )a t yqlal anti w ic irovidet The, arliest 0114 i o wo
SRardlng Safety of FortreM. In the ollary of supreme toort llyet Suag el pv hil. dugt*el. Mlis Mle O'
68i, Peteraurs, Aoguvt 10.-1 p. m. and aq Inceiae, frint $13,'t,91 iti) l. o Nw York. August Il.'-'Wlthl Uags,
-4-Srvousnue -over the sltuatlon *a In tlo ..i ur of owriaIr ,,ill att flying And baods plarnp th ( r attOm t^letloa..
The~ bill bdn p n In. thee hhe rI.nttllty, or 0111 10
the front sets' to be lncromeni tilo The h(fi thtl hore 0tiVfdIn tle I twolie 5pasmore lift the Twotl4eotd: ,00 I1
the oncupanton by the Ja.panes of fti'r vot" motr' ittal the t htrie street pier today. ICrrylas* 14 t p Iolo S als
.the Whit. hilll, efore Port Arthur, maj 'r ty ne 'str iry to tak0y at a .45w
Ia Is admitted thit the besieger e Alton 8, Parker Uait, he iag Ce a srt rm e AIt i
lve 81 el*vatei(d yposiiloa whrce v yes y y er t e rel l nted for praldest by the Demoorat14 s i io 00,00
cuff fht in ibi th I pprOcipents ao .o .lalilug es h I
eWpipeqed sun can command the for r P ra t alopl conVtei. A dilh, t a e to 4
tree, O s id whilo tIln prfe n r, gare laiton, W. P raklin, of w i was, falling a *n e gaiety of thite o* sad hV tm t i
idnce that Genral 1tosss will be th rkeeor Alert Map t on was soewht red y the*
orkeoeror MInlement wAete. ..als t b
able to hold out with his compara- father, lion 1. iplee, of Mitchell. 1.e. ntlwatl1 edimitte, the bIh
lvely small garrison against the sor- parties of the seconS part n ti
moos number of attakr, and thet As the result of the frages hr. m mers otfther stOSiO trl ret. y ~l,
erident disre1atrd ladlfeated by the h'onklin's nose bled coploutsly, while eat any other prtslaewt Poeoera, pl m
diSles e d idlncted by the reeklesa the other bellgerents cams out of it Iwere lt pmlatelfl Iodhei I I. eat
manner in which they termed the pantl without a mark bat it every pt red. eio t i0 as
eutr poittlans, the ,sta.s o affairs ITO rt was livlte ld.'lsa e eWa
eriatts iore appreohelion ahu hl thr 4t1 did l not dfall (stu o the Md11t, bi t on 011F, le
beqo^ r th bonh bail not na t Aoabtsr atlo the house pf lkb af g,
war office or admlrait l care to a"- iatrfered and toppea d tche ot ea sies wt mes bf (tla thn t r ohe
knowledge a of tollium. as y -wn ntl 11,1144 4 t a.
Snomilar mivint he I ht way of to'lina g 6ar, to spend G so Mich tip" On tht a
Similar ivnmt et regalidtg The trouble came about In this way: river. pg t,*A t a e tl 5 r
Genrrao Kuropatkln's posItion. th The ai.. wa In th t of a voter t to a s
Vntasex of the new Japanese basit oU the bill tto inaitrasIe thleJulge.' sol of a e o I :It
at New Chwang In greatly almplt- aries. anams It- We* a", a pigi
lying the problem of provlio olng their iesur o ilkt M, hat PACKRBt #IItMA
army being fully reallfed, .Ilt it is st the oorkeep ora nat t lt any
the report that the Jipanese are work- member to leave thm hill until the e
ta up' westward of the mlin R ualsot votie )iea been etplted. T O roll t o .
army, which oceelotait the greatest on.- al l got Iown to Mr. rato who l Nel Ynrk. Auepwt -'*
eatllne a.. Tg rtwor Irtlat they are was t-plainlll his vote, when the mi.t twohe llthaitt iv til e pa
workita upward toward nfinttn, ro tap to th* ight of the speker'rs hair the AoifAnittf ee dtrot t
hoert d i nre beivt of ukl Waenal fro t hted, siad voting was ttwpgonded Butcher Worlume oa gAit
er (lO.iralg.nI cordon eIv tihteatrlpl for the time belo , terday that a gnyera gttt. w
Tote aldpaaaest crdon Is tlghtet tlp stal liMr.. Irankltn went to the Ieto es fet Fatoda tne ,it aite
ou th lnd elas lnd a ecolmuta thtit dor on the right and started to jg operative at tIe tigu set thI
laing the Russian line eommtnlen t lAon out Into the roam adjoinring Th speak- Ing. The L -slat aRe ted a
pearaI the e ar toslrd tukdean the oth er's r~m, where enmbers trequent affiliated by tle uocalleI ep
sdrane of the Jn.ir e o.n thL ethel ly congr.ate to smoke. Doorkeeper trust,
eeral Kuropatkin. wfli a mort octketd All ert iaples. refutaead to iet hi. go A Odlferestee of iolla eil
ner Kuroptakln. If eh his resolve out. ThIc was a dit. tAputt rout ite ready as' W the attamlhtrof
to i btle wIth htts whole army matter, which led to blowsA aotl A tn strike. theUsOt oapialoa bel ngt
at Les Yanre treelw doubtful whether fight hid gained epni lderabrle htadway strike is com pet. Whil e b
or Gntral Kir4patldn d outat now with- when Mr Maplses. of MitellotL father state thet only aboUt 55 gi q 4M
d taw eten if h o ir.h o f 1 the yoving doorkepter, rntlhod ut. the metn hav left; had t i'
Atnotlher alaig attre tl. a ttt end rrud 'Mr. Franklilt ila bey blow OM of thoae who weut to eop at pvlee will 14 q111tll4y b, Oji
s il ar i tan th e fa e. wl ich bri'a ht tbodl frujcl today wore Champ ieark. Cord M yeo T, United P*reid i eeil 11
notion In 'u ,jnpetiou ub thhe r i Its bl no-. ue homhta Ta gtart, Willism P, Shehoba @llllis to halo about Ig.,llkt'
tie t u s l atiot n Ishe a r iaellpa r ht to l trike i Charles r. 1Murphy. Senator Joseph of beef I Ath refrl itst 1,
tral it th ten many Chinese, who bit 'by that thime some 20 or mo W. Sally. of Texas: Patrick II l e this supply, Is about hpU te
are ,aIs-r .Uoit jkl e rao Inm the itnsdbtlt a 1Y tllla t1.11 eon4 00e. hO er mtr C aarron Jobhno(, CArlisle. MAre o s
of r rof whose influence t o n the tig nelar by, r1tusht6l into the briea A. Smith, of Arisonas: PoaIan' ir t m a rle iain price t. ces
local ti Tt and the tidt ftrs of en ard beire: Miack. ('bht leh bI. l Welsh, Mof tIowa: Pe1r t re. wrbid P lturgr
eTr0 tg and i>eroy' Ytallt hikal Isa speaks s .orraiaa was th hi r n, Dae f was s was stt l
Vfer)ed. ,p. orr as all tha .:Was rap
ping for order, btit it was asame min. MlIchitan: Hlo ar uamingl, of Coan- 'busiae ls (abe t e hl et t
Ate% oieorfe it was retired. neeto'utt; G(olern atter Peabody. of av quit wot.
KILLED HER HUSSANO. tht natlrhal exeepitie toimtttee:
atd 'the Tt M.ers htad rescued their Tho. Ryan. Timothy .. R aof Wr W. ORWT ORl pM R.Y,
daughter Handed Mother Gun To SIa tri SSpeutk aer Wlorctstit pa tn comnsi. RepresoentatiMve TiBlthy HI. 1),. a
l ir datheri, die luigt part in thei letter suspenrt < .tll'nand a lar4e conuta"'att of o16 Ll''40 t0 l
Golden. (Yoh. AuItist 11 --Mors. Ida ed orkeeper Maples until the mlat Cal bemrs*{ leaders. '' 'e' .
itabbi.as, of Pueblo. .has sh t aid r I *btit, A tO nA.a' Gri 188. Ga., 4 .il ..l it
ed her hatiisital, Ail'et.tttbina. Mr. byan., of Washtnuton. ittatse .t.a dpy, the greats dayiw Ith rs ttost was ee hel hi tIle i
They had ween separated for two that his colleague'. tl i the event It wais o tel r dh ltl1. oh rtstIW 1 t' l Wf d e .
years and the husband sought an it1 eon'dderodi h h4i vIolated the dAllni. modern history of fter l eape sae of a a eteetheet
teryliew with thh, woman at the ranb ty of the hOut,. tated, hbe was ready ad with a potelltit rta wElth e t o PIaper of a l'tltsor o *iti.te 5h
near her#. where she was emplOyed to take puhlIe apology y. Just after daylIght' and eonfountded l n this, couty on the ol
On being roef,(t.d aiidmlttahce to her i ater a t .ecohtin was adopted the propheriets of those Who hbd kith be. *o eMtrle r11 t I qlv 1
Iroo; th thrtnteied to break down vlidtig for tls appo ntmnat of spwe. fully promised Itadge ,Pake ide t we itldlia will hbeWM.
te' 4B Tha wA' nan thereupon r 1t It itot -of fih' r ltt ld weather eoditt wh whas t o the. xt fatfr yeast. lx er
thrilugh thit dtior. the hull-t lo- igK eetst" m nr~a tIo nnvesjtatd fla e.t .trn l inform atit of his ce- 0't St
-'In -Stahbl@ _N- itts,. A youtk datsh fair ait, reopmr -TaT netot g M Ahuorar itn iontl whtet waq lwtsgnted In bit
tsr of ti couple handf" the another itbui; Va' in bete V1atter couavenlannae It oalne forpreeldp ad li Sho0t 44 01 the WO re
* tho, gup with which suh ail the shoot. 'ut flhe ooinitl a .atea -
'A .O' TRS T, GO N ISTRIKt. At. mianilth g n' lt was w nt sign The fact' that s nh a l tie
The woman was h ear'tedm anytthIng hot t'w.atl ki'iml 01f a day I. moop'teespi.' a w dtia m
...m... 0trd t wh" n. J :, ,, Parker. artie, at his ago, butt it Was, latp denp4 b i
S A.... Prom, 6, 00 to 7;60Q Will B Orded "ittlu thtr,. theh faIn w.alsa*k dowtl at:otb prtobl.itInlalt4i Aid' tihe
.......... Out. in a sta.st y nItir fis i a.. Isa le uy.. 'W wa t httalt dr bpped.
'Attempt Agoint Life of the Presidet Chii. ,tia it --the st'r'ttive' t- .e 'li sit ,,t)ous weathlati .tud 'th" Sidg has bet wet for
Attem. Against Life oftheboard ,f the (ratentr Workers' uttuatit eonstmuntsaof his famIly and a ts sen fear years end thwe are uine
of Uruguay. has agred"i t' ndotiye thd atrikh' of th' the taitilect were rertil bYthe judge i. (W tfIt. AtM the last seutl
New York. Attiust II lK, nterouts etittrs s cunall outfall tnhe uo m ,himself with it anutih. and he 'went I ntis, wtn by onJy at sal i ml

U tu ua in tetl avu'rtilt t, thl the ,. Tait ua :'n rn e ann tlhat I; ; "t. t tof l. etal c ary spirits. wtty 0 nttld li tIe c ts
ploliti atus d '.r. hIt th' na-Rtai' tailors will ihe made ile,' When the At l4'r1 ther 'was otemts ipdleutint Anally decided in fvor Of tie t
author of thea afrair' lvtu. to. ti dlee .- d a ehitetta q01t out a teohateae-aL dies raSi of a' break 'i' the storni, though the e', i t ttelverinyty,
oetored ', sa a fioraltd ditp-ateih trutm nentt Oal er haort of labor sind wage rfin e.utlnu# 4 utntbats a itWIT. wus mm Rw York. Atagityt iI1-A
lhtb' ra aimattln ,.t- Co mst|, 0C 1t pltaycrs, for it wat 'the 1ukl seataun ana ed, the nittiauit ihn rtnr b oll W f lble'ty' whodled tU New O
ittietuos L1 t .,b p |I,'i ia* a sanift.ur few large '-r'teet were o1n hand .' te la C I ui th e tpabbtt w1ul of.,,. 190this a b'owho tdtIe nhe 14
'to declarIng that th" 2aat n-:i'party the al'herg owt of all it srmesnt eattrs' i, uhatnd th test tlMa'ttn ht l y ti, 7.rt $'ib4tl2,a tw eliti e ul
*551I5t 'Ihe illf of t14. I auata 7i, the atfur, and It nowsam s akely that bed hien antaqwd Op atunt of rttaie* I'odet the peoyi

4' ng oea tted' rtue wttir el ti e Sb etg th *t)a the4ut# ag 5 ~ .

:*lri ; A,,'"i,?

trst( pe$
ste dl ipslt1'

math. IId ao .|ierf

051I$ tbeheI

s s pett)g*
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lyT 50 pta

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ri. nt, Ri ^ jlt^ '

att ue Utf~ t MW' s
tal W1$ 51~l *fwl
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thos, Ai
Sxa r.ft yWHI
15Ma WF v 1

i,'t t be ofimd
##h-'.''* b.(i ,^ l ..tI. A.....

WO10a"i94 st s lobight s rr the md,
ll i o otIeonk Is ohe
19INe g WsOi g Si la BoIsoa. A io

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sow- dial
lots bib wh o ai p stoep

oillbtH 4 more t of 1e m
m the Pe v U.*M.l oat
|9, *; o $1 )Ms -o
*Riw. ih0 0reosppndiW a
UMwesI me t nliO only ois al
dr twh 'Oer sab w ho delsr
kiltil tos itmeM atl t of ihe

tig geA impi bm orol* o tI
MiI .wll Iobvll orv r I <
gSM' a id ee ltto ao $an
b15 ehirubqWtmMta4, bo .
mtlho be, or tqld HBoe Tie
,atflb~lpAglm, 13* sod
a alidldms igltb t of Amoepos
Srbe s alng Is s n of $ow Yi
ltoi *111 tol bs s to retar to le
steV s a srlw th(rn August 26 ,
lssor tho. August HoUevsr,
dopus(lnsg Shmee llke befor Aug'
*0, I. Balwish ti)l joisteoBsat s
*bs |pNsys of ats f o0 seams. tIb
stlees w*Il bo est4ex d for over
moeath-sh5 Is, until S*pteabsr 0.
.* Aieomialtioe S. "s phbi dl I
per la gtipwlag a *top(ovr (a N
Yorkt, provided the tlolee are dspos
ad la New York with the loinls a
# Ithe depot snd a parabeat of 1.
A Summer 0o1l.

1 1si e10 ..l 1ss eat ba$-. A suOi 4,etOld 1 o only aine
s bm 5ftwS is father haul log but If BO rellved pneumonia
S t e. eri Cogh sOursoleas the phleg
tS' Ib 3 *r s P t ri w qaUj the lonflammsMaI on. hio
Jau sote ad eireugtisas the u _oo$a
tS pemU et t* d4 brxeeehlls .be. OBe Misuts ou
'oe* sa Ideal reemedy for st he eb
sea. aslpl-esatto the Mmute a
A .p harsnle A certain ei
ha a r uihdh od ld. old
Wil lcontm.4A41o: .
c opa lI i-prLeble i ourgu tod. he a1n
,I v d *h~d v g the Stlwart f, tl

ofmt$es p tnsllnC p toe of the o 1
eet tateu' Tii e.i t on a- e o lc 1

i *eom tt"Bfempat ,le u est ikel
2 ,, g ,* 1to o,,* Wp 0t.A I S dl ot iai, t
Pitsels E I r's i t IMPh.",n tt te strut o

d o n s h edabt. r 5v0 a e e up r Ife Pfo r a
0541ghs At s gst i t.-a t o t Sept P ^ A he Olto itlMt. t
1ii fore Maae sa0l, o la, A th uI l lt o he tomtis f
t akse lhow Ait saisui Nosroit> At _.04__.*,_
00% 5A1 testut tofso 44 e Duef.e
bo1B eiB vea lllfo ao rs( ,

00'' S ap qe:.. ,.i i t6tethI)49OA
IB"Visi k.tS *in h od oriuc baity. ud

urhOt1,St 5 eu o owss oftb i
o,^ f*aarspi. today le t gr oitae ^ Iau pftitles nottes as.
Aposqba sbi Al e (Wk lsofupswmatt pah *-1 fron''fro
J twu 0 ta utt Als.. t a e 0 M k d Ot hgits,$lut,- ; b u.Il
4Sfn 19 05r.. i 1c Seft thormar 4 ,.s4lon 0101d, Is btall; n, Te Oki
06, P r. g 4 th ie P

ktec~ ~ ~ ~~~N fordot Ourro ltet ft*B~t?i^^ '.
l.;'.fiy^^^~jr,1^-. *^~ u.1 M" ** "^"~l" '."! *-f'o' it Ai -, /*Tf Ay .





? ~ .@ .. y^ mU. ta yo iafodbl:*-l f -L ''W I?" W*r ")"- i<|Mn,
mu1mpupu am m I us^ *"u to IH A *: **.

Er 91r4'SI
iaa see weoI
am aut oli







S Jiacksonvklle and New York,
0sag t OEARBO C. .0., both ways.

* Olyde New EnglU.d and Southern Lines
b4. DiNsf1erstw.esJAOMVIL, BOSTON and
to soa dt
17o P7 O r Aicn boweaPobf wte
ph. :* B W LT T.T LQIBgS
v SootblB ... ........ ....... ..... ~wist Wharf Boston
or Nothbe ... ............. I Mas Foot of Otlhlhato st., Jaksonuvlle
id eotwoen JACKoIOOVt .L and Sd SANroRD
- Stopping atP BlaUl. Astor, S et. mes Resnford (DeLaOD d), sand Inatermedlika
* Ladi g a O s. Jobs. River
>0. LnveevI uuomlv hl:K) p.m B, ad, Tsdy and Thursdays.
bli eaM Smaford 0:3 a. MoodyisWedBesliys ad Fridays.
iW Is appotlted to sail 0 foows:
it- gSoggoi SVMMLK Ng Ob
>u B, v idp .. ... .... ..... ... .. ... a ve ea..
pmp .......a.. ......... t P ..................... l- ave 8.00 pm
00 am .......... .. ... ...A o ... ........ .... 2:0 pim
4l lOMAr..eo .... ......... ... t. ...... ... .... ... l. a
I .. ...... .. Bm foid ]Dolu4) ..... ......... U.WB'B

D- Arrioe8 .Al .. .s............meuw
Wi lla.

, G lrl M u Iur l A ent.,


ke.. .-11 :-- v ---

T Atlantie oast Line





Atllnta and Chttno.

. -v I- . '

(;i sale daily. o till bee. S.
i1 **, . * --

O() sale daily hIood sixty da..

$29.65 $22.35
O tn sle Uo ( ori tr lten days and i
.. ..1 B O 1 D Soao ch K, u Tsa -s Al .
'1IA... 0 ... ....5.. I W.' D, STARtK Troa l's..*' AtJ
~ ~ iteW Ps

pWU Muu a rst a

--19heeg) Iaebisn gi

RhimpStt iiarWas**
-i *1MilM ttt of lthe yo

. It*ra'e* as. Rfteoth,
rs qi ago. was a-sh sam.
nag1f his behb Teans

subs Ia


I:,::: .:

E4Ap e#VIO peopifTf Gsaletyils, n.,
alhls Sl*t Informislson of the 44eth
o Vis Ma1d*., tho youngest dalgh.
Sw ar _'d um.; 1**uel V. .pkhe,
Esfwpmr Ibtis, life about 4 ,'sloek
mfdws y Porlig, oame t a shook.
,ioll Was In her alneteonth yearn
iliVll bWen lbor and roared hemr,
,' r elM larded hlersrelfb hera eto .
01. bit n4e ,Re oloih dt slloetl, to a
000'p 10ele1 of friend whoi leaired to
*: y h~!e r for ir ooldnes.
S* Atbpiut alx weei ego de ed00 oo0u.
0 .p04d H. P. t4nly, a lti.lotni
'1sl61 of the' family. to' his summer
borne lu Moredish, N. H., wihoe Ihe
nieind44 to emaitn until Autumn.
At thi titt of bher departut* h r
ahleei woeN ilowing with a happy..
healthy ruimeon, and a t 1e sojoyible
ummaor outinl was itlhlpiPAt 4; but
eib' had boen absent only a little
wbitl whei (he parents reo*Woed a tel-
egia1 uaiopnUoing her serious ill.tm,
ead immediately proceeded to the Iln-
$tl New HMbishret town. They were
gratifed, however, to find the oOtadi4
,sop of the patllst somewhat improved i
ead as oona as they eoneluded it was
*ae to travel, the joung lady i0om- I
pliedt her parents home. For a few
days #ft tarrlng here her conditiod
p*emed favorable. but unfortunately a
relapse eaine, and the situation grad.
ally beaesae (ore oritleol, with the
SrNalt that death elme to relleve her
Sber atfferTina Thursday. lbe died
oft hrt diseM lew1ihetadlnng
everything possible that loving hands
t64 skilled physielas oould do for her
relet, they were without mvll, end the
patient *WOetly Ad pWationtly Ae.*
euobed to thd Inevitable. At she hoor
of her death sLe was jurroL.ded lyi
members of the family. relatvies and
a few friends.
Deeeased ls survived by her parents
and one sister, irs. J. II. Truby. and a
number of near relatives, to all of
whom The Bun, with other friends, er-
tead silnoern myimpathy
The funeral will be hlpd ftom the
residence at S p'elook this afteroon,
the interment being in Everreen eesM-
tetry, Rev, F. EH. Oraighill of Holy
Trinity Epleeopsl Chureih oflelating.
Friends of the family are Invited,
The following gentlemen friend of
deceased, are requested to act as pall?
bearers: Sandle Graham, Drayrton
Avera, J. R. Merchant. Harry Pearce,
J. Fletcher Burnett and Truehart ltud-
Dr. T. F. Thomas will have charge
of the funeral.
Funeral of Lee Jolhnon.
As was announced in The oun of ye-
teorday. the fOneral of Lee Juhpeo.
will be held frpm the residence of Mrs.
0. B. Bailey, sister of, the deeased dat
9 o'clock this morning, Her. W. J.
Carpenter of the Methodist church of.
fliiatini, Friends of the deceased and
of the family are reqt rested to be press.
We. Hughes Gave Bond for His Ap-
pearance Before Circuit Court.
William Hughes, the colored haek.
man who was rested by Rheriff Fett.
nell Wednesday night upoo a charge
of eellipg liquor in a dry county, was
Thursday arraigned before Justioe
Ooluami., *hea he waived nxaminnttiop
end av bo md for his appearance at
Sthe fal term of the circuit court. The
rlso ii r Wl then released.
The father of the defendants to.
tther wIth another colored miiatu, are
bamidstoan for Hughes.
S,, Willt Erect New House.
W' Hurich, tme contractor uf T,-
oUina wlo aha recently completed the
handsore iums of i. M. Chamberr1

'nOm Whivo heb lV toi at

obai 0*,o 0- ,rtk .. 111Atm <
tbtt ihe itrm In Ie 5 ppemt' INa
'ti (ketii Iot. a to w b i ls ofl d
plthuiOmtit he kIysml i 1i.pl hl, 6 "Wal, dI
'g thne' at iNth" iam ; thehurisgutst. mawl
the old islger .il4 his eastno uctaly. Up
fet, htw at< mn,,itio ill) tw or thi
ortlimary min.a, akntNut 110 outlyr hlutt
opemnmtml I wore. itlwe Ie.pml NW Iper
tiirthisMl)tpmoi l to a l|Naaka It reed.
*Whnatawr p iI, hanit flleth t do. do
It dih tall"hy mlht,* '1

I' MAitI. a yrer tfter ter war with
JiAim. o liiamstrouas for (i'llna. p hit
('lil ocleil. who baise d Itevwr seeo a
absot Uirel.,, 'iin!ld a Nmenorila to the

BASEBALU. TODAY. tbruo to prove that plaiea'b dfeates
SW re. d-e son itm to Ui"r bhavlin a.
Waldo andl Galntville Taam Will 'chalumfei l the' metbid .a t6 w4 rf0i.re
Oroee Bata en Lmsl Diaennd. tallht fly thle eaps fit e tafmlsedd
There will be st Inhtelelting as well. l'i4e11rn Me*a aS00B.urWopael wim a
as eielttlggname of baseball at the ,Iendation frowM the tbrlek ssald ikl
par this afternoon, wheat o sluesvillte alf waw rth ees m rIt$ aid1W 14tl 1i
and Waldo team will *11ar bats for outside the walls of ( 85 Withlb bows
the ohaniplonshlp. Both teams are tnd st arrows -.Valentlie Ch Il i No*
good praetile, and aomeatoin bolrdo r tonal Review.
lg I onl antI aUe- exin.. o Is..'M Is -
paMd., nmoTI
Te pagie will be ealtld at as .840 NMos ii ere riea .it tia the W
ioeleok. The admelelos will, beiS and m ."Astad pI, p f te smel a
16 ena. and the proegde will be de -.
voted to the proposed, hospital to be* er I
*rtd In Gainevilla. Gonevit
Pollow.ing o sthe na.up 1 o i Cmn 1
waldo.Savle *e e as

o or .. ....... .....A....P- retI s LAW O W t tA.

D no n o ga f s g ....... or fA B
o nla. ..... .. W.li m ... .... W ol y on e *art a
B ll OA ...... ]t W......... ilWIlaoa V Assl os T I, v

PeOr Fifteen Years Mether anmid on
Lived NHrmlt LIfe.
Now York. AUgust '1.-M-rs. The.
ress norn. 84 years old. and her aon
Paul. 4) years old. havw ben removed
to a Itospital from a back root la a
Bleecker street house where they had
Xisteld IS years, without having aet
foot in the t reets,
Tho on saw a trollyr oar for thb
*rat tin'e on hbi. way to the hospital
and became greatly excited when be
was carried to a room there in an el*
Pitteon years ago Paul tell slck. if,
was atte ltid by hi mother and when
their nurans failed they were suitalan
ed by agents of' arlous charitable ain
Stflil!on sand by nelghborm. Rocetlj1
the mtot her was stlric sIa. amd her Codiltloot rapidly 'glew
worst, Nelghhors notifled the author
Iti wh,) remnived the invalids to the

Edworde Defeata Hunter.
t. lVlltei Ky.,. Ayt, s t l 1--DIih.
patches Id I|h' evening Post 'ip to I1
o'clock t'tl-'v" iidltcate lhu nomination
of I). .ildw'ardl for congress oer(
iDr. oitdfrtfy tllntpr; by thef Republic.
an prinmary In thf elev'teth district.
Mr., ldwards' majority ilittiured at ..
with two countless In a.remote part
of the dilstriel misingl. 'he e two
countl.i' are eall to be strongly fort
1dwardtl Mr. diswards claims hli
eletoiotl 'by 1 000. The eleventh di p
trier lit R'pniblian and Ime nonmlBtiaU
there Is equltvtust to election.
Ralhroads Having Sad time, '
sIt Paso, Tx .. Autuat t11 .-9,'T!rall.
roaTs iIn tlhe southweat aret 'l.a l+ a
fr-rPttq;' Ilnmme wth waiehollt. 40pbir*
are fa1t bening ImadI. but rsllB are
washing iout the cribling in nmisty of
the lace's as fast as It Is putIn.: Trl.,
Is. tl wprsf. ,llaltitn 1 t1w railroaoV
bavo fa'.. (.lir u lonKg tin in t! iaa''
tion. antiJ' *'! t 111is are rnlinit lat|

lain, states that 4he1 will sooni begin the Dewitt is the Name
erection of a home for Joseph W 1 1i4-- lm- '
C i anl erTa. s he alve look fo'. the 'l ie Wit o
S dimt.ion ores. aNd will .outa eigt. rouI s h lieever t bo T rusd unadi u keng l
It wilI be a.molemi rna st'vctire in every .+it., Iit ha l at'e. whicm i"
sansefl the wurd. andztd &crtdtl to that t 0elA.tae lve.n lthe world ..r .1 1,
t ,, l .. .... ..i.. burns, bU,,!, boUil, oma,. atid
Stop That Cough! pili's. The popularity 'f DeWit't
When a co gh atiklink or an irr- Witch 1Hasel Salve, due'to its tiany
tatlioi inl the throat rak6is you flt oure. hascau .d mne' rthle
Uncon.ortable,. take Ballard's iiH 'etite>t.'ftit beo placed on the In i-,
- ubn d r a "D o n't' d w a t ti ib ket. T hieme- m tll i tfe r th e nam e of
hound. Syrup. Don I wait.n0H "., '/ '- *u t t .
d eim's hmasgonIe bliHyoid control. r i C eWittA o( Ch icago Sold b
and. l. r. J Andrsouii. 864 West, llT- a t '
St.", alt 'Lak City, Utaih. write: Why Not Learn to Speak Spa.niah?
"We thitk Ialard'i hlorehomund Syr. a set lro a t opy of the new
Up Ue pthbeet nedicie for cughhs n coldC. We hav 4d4 it for er'l 'iSay in saunish and How to ay. I, ..' by
peatre it alwaijates 'liaued iate- sending two cont in postage to W. 1.
11ef. l very plcaainit anUi give pltrfeot l,, eahy, divitaon paseager alen,, At.
2 attiofal un 2 t" 2 Lt< m, s,1.",. 0old by lAntit Cioast Ilte railroad, Saaannah.
W: .. t. ob,, *: 1 i';e<,,ta h ."1 1 ; +
A :air,

F074 mr o i a ra= =WIWN&t

<^rkuc( euitOreAl WIaa9

3Klc iYNOM -7" IORk cw orCUIAI s
4su. iAWN Or riA000A

Woert- ,. r tla- tt
the Slmt daIr Q ( tr A. U. I t .
letok C roult ourt AAot C...
Po 8 ft.W1=4S, A U.
Hou00 ii' *dy rok~tvoq thiat 4.. fV. yirman.
imrah'6.Tr tIr. Tsx Cari dlfitees .dm th. date4

.d trl bed qrotolet iiedl ltoi Aasobua ooma-
ty blordis tol
The Sd I s lrw iawd atthe dat of
g4A iss"Goece of s"o JdtWd4as ie tW "Wnmof
Vanoraild certaste 1hall be rnmesIl tso-
cordtil to l[s. toa deed sil smUe thoebo nI
the "t dskyof A rAe ut. A'1. -. I
witn Bm pa lmlap n dgat asiNSd ga
IL *etta of I :A,'


O All i rl tiptlftB.

Sol Agents forMOARCH a"dlTQVEI.
RION Q1iALit. Shoes. Ivry
* 1. '. plr wS p ntP d. -d :


, o.ne lt, P... o R T.,

IosWc t* h CAKEI 5t5 PBilU
rreh Avery o h
el tIser toA 1 A Panrs of CII.1

$*, A iA'i., '

; .: .' r ?Wi,: l CP
-- A

* N,


What ls* &rtoR Io o rqw an, sIm 1(

eli i''te A i

00 51 p 1i iiu i S

The MOrte t
SC .A..... V .. t....

Oan the A. C; C i8,.A, Li V
None Better in the t

I ,


S' E, E.
A ibstra te of Title and full Ihforfuiatl
iul:mty, Out Miat hgr s i ve4th
i: t thorounghy eowniretatti



. ar kB quei u
:WIo': .." .


m'vp or .1''t:h ,

Veatrally Icrate4 U




to ttmnarscwdwtl cause ot
........ ..

w lv 4iqedltressing kidacy diaeas.,

~w~'IA YS sUsH

11$.hORU wbo ewtP.pM..
WOW L0 n 10 .
4pn *i wbow dnwoestramvbb0~Mtad
RI1 AW a" MY A W F
0 4 W 0 0 I a p w h o a0 r i qr *I
+'.." +' l i,'" W* i* ik 7w,.
-- w+ tls t. ei sts, tosW..,at., .+ae, a+

4:1.:e~~~ :0 : A
pw,-+,'S.+ .+-+. .....ew o .

Pe teUShA tbgt,-
Air Line Railway
S... FOR.]..
Savannah, Columbia, Camrden, Southern
Pines Raleigh, Richmond, Waph-
ington, Baltimore, Phila-
de lphia,r New York.

M Two Elegtnt Trains Daily.
7 Seaboard Express.
Seaboard Mail.

Only Line Operating
S,.,n** Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jackionville to Now Orleans
O 7ra full luan0"tda o "d per reservatlonsa ail on an iget Seabxord or
NW A, 0. MAcDJO1" ,, 8. C. BOY LTON, Js,
AOnt.+ Glenel Piea r Afot, Pasege Age
Vsrmlfu s ..'N
io. ..Wsrld's Fair Rates..

J,<+ ..... $ 88.... : e s: $ 00 d a
.... W .UU tilal No Ix 9+c $2'. ;;I s ,)daii;. (bai+
$33 +m + m + Rriw T +rp tJS AAW IOIIII r ''fl ipt 4)el o 1" I
1)"1 LPs a m . ... 1 # IN*I $2 a F 1 1 Tbuv.... .. i lure
JM~ ~ ~ ~~~~8 1.t ras n orevna

p -P"?(+e+p-at" WORLD'S FAIR ROUTE. ST. LOU...
We 61) t e 8e4, Ppliase Rep at thltthr tb vh (rtnta tri. l attauoodor, h 4 +' ,
M s aa y i : u I' .,ino.L ... " "N
'li k nvIl .,u t o na. In,.s'm wo ots ..0-r..

Mtos oive (omins, sud Returning at prlt h lin u itl ti nt atimer or t,. l it
amL 5 j East tena+n ............A) extra coat4 At O toflmunlt 40 vilt NO Kflf..ttvt
of WorjVal" OW n I nies aa llo4 Ikemonls whre w4c Ite tll un be ste, awe
Iboei the1 I sg re f l~ ~'oebpv4n ++ La To.6 Ut.'rl~ll Hfli eS,,1'll ate.r '' .
+ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Al #11,od1o. 00llll afrnil ... . .
owi eai, e ad valuable nflort atlon. W fol*e" eteo cbhert.r lb fUr Isb U t I
n4MA:t4 IkNus Pleiattter Abl tmat Weat wooy ist., JJaokweltle V0i

ii S i1I
1*0 11XA1 &V 1

"Or++ IWW:-M- Im -+ +++: +``;+++++ +++++++++++++++ ++]++++ :++

4. )j13v11- yW^aptew of 'w

__ lltw hlkiams, Who wasi
gplSjr *t hi Juetiee Fortatng's
O- sm.altted the eo4tsY
tot hbe siton of thlo gsoad
j s t ftrail eroI *iir (the elrtull
w^llb remeOmbered that Brown
hipll ae boionla" to AK. Brevard
IMt.0 M0n,0 nd AI Ety 6*d hir.
Oop .orty of Jew. Uri la.
#010io0 firmer of the Juotnall i
f, O i whih bhe was arrfssed.
''whtn Uhe hore of Mr.,
0", *lo:ln at Archer and liroaw
"0011 he aVdtai4ss ,0hia nlO!r
lly Serb i t . 'Choeite Otabes
a*s wtrrat will also be ,isl4d for.
-wi upon the ehbrge or setting
lIbsh'l bore. when he will htave na.
*or leg It onto end with.
Wes6t Main Street f.. between Meehan-
I* ando range, In lad Condition,
P edtrlans have been eomuplainingl
,ortlb fearful and sloppy euandition of
4Ves Main street N., between Meeohan-
I Salad Oraoge streets, In wet weather.
Tih thoroligthfare is one or the most
Iivgeily s edin the lity. Beldli a the
iipiltsy of the Atlauntie Ooa LIla pHs.
Cer tatlo, sad one of the male
I6e1" of le olty. It is iat eonastAnt as.
'o ,'huadred of pedeirlani, a*#d for
0t4 pDMl few dayt it 'ha. been impose.
blteol tulke progta without walk.
rI6 In taset pis s ankle deep ia Naity
'meiid lath. and iu h
Aboveall others ths street should
be vejl id it Is to be hope that
i wi I5OOn r0s 1et, the attention of
te actress nomalle.e

aIpatan P ar'of Long Overdue Steamer
Vannotuver, B. C.. Aug let I i-A cap
ltan bar with the name IAMoita
buried It It, and thi Identity of which
eantot be questioned, was I)roulht
here by the teaserr Danube.
The LMornah" was 4 Britlah ship,
the dlsappearsaee of which. in M.at
last, tcited general initerent.
Ihe is now a little over live months
out from Tacoma for LToerppol.
Porte Accepts Asiuraneos.
CoonstantTorpsle, Ag porte has d !l:;at.'y cci pti4l the assir-.
anco of RUtihla as to thte flaracler or
the Voliant
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