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$12a.54 '.d ful e r I'by" rnl1alop' thp llrlItalh camp. ,
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'Average Conditon, of Cotton Crop.,, ttilttsl histtri l evet.: which ooli
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ret (ort o th' hil of ll ti bin' ,i Actoirdini to Prt4 flt or.Mtl y' pM .,Y
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roittlrit 0n4 An 1!': .t;li h(11v he 't4 .l Wich M tti tp Wr4 WIllaitr W f1rmio4 i ".t
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0I10 W1'h iat I l I ti Hungry owd. and tlfoqAdd r 1 .."Wx TJCZ p-
Ba o borl o.w, oi: .rl cka onvlle New dYtork
W|ii1! ., lljri lw bttl ,h, People. N t
of Ii diiMtit ii knnW 1 I allin l CHAK FT1I, E h .C., both way
04t01 111*4,' 16w-.ehe f e'+'' The Yl .31 8ta0 l V i ln the1 C0oItwiso service
I iag ito give '.itrtto t halyte New Enigliud nd oi lhi Line
U a d one o f tull, wrirm tI reepdiio Direct ervike lletween JACK N'I.l.l lIt. ON ,,,i
.d es enjolo ble timeliknowli i ti lhe PROVIDE.NCeR tad 11 fattern Pl'o e,t
'hilry of tihtplae, or any other piooe call> r at Cbarle@,toll loth ways'!
Be UIIMrinH ofr.Iisk twoolatio., for Ohlt mnetrr EB4I-9WEEIK:LY ;.A.I..IJTOB 1
Thie will le o Sebi I altn of tihi 4, 1. tlouthboiud ... ................. ... .... Fromln l vi' WhI rf, Ioton i
A ,h (f Rhih.niU m; ebilitntt of labtr Iay, whi.h I great Northhound...... ...... ..... From Foolt of Cathritie et., Jc.orvill
tAiWl# go O-o-uriljiglh an altck : hulid46 t roughoul thas entire unitedd
'Iffi0I iAm.u.1 *ltitit .- munB't'he lh ..rll l..li .,d Clyde St. Johna Rivet s16 .
Wlri cohd, Whnt "ever h', orgthei*d4 labor.. I, i#ad whteh hail lletweg(n JACKaeomvll.swa sil aSnANvouKI
tr oble ii W111r.Aol Oi 1te irve beln Oteia nittd4 by theu labor unioni; Stoppirig at Paltka, Ator, 01 Frani. lh'ri fori (lI.l.aitl .; littermedi
A, S WAy tie pt ahI onit ant aldwhloh has been recoglnised i nd l ae. 'Clie disea qitckly. apar-tie th g e United States gov. *tener "CITY OF JACKSONVI LE,"
4 Only Oue m lein erement; a day which banks and of01. Lt-.vres Jaieksoville i8 p. m, hundays, T'iuesdayl an iiT ur#l.dit ,.
I lZ Ps^ #M .,* l i vpp all Uo11110 o serve. Lvaels L ataiford P9l l I. lo nay., W1(iil u iayi alid riTlay.
CHue hs i l so i Ptighl 0l i ,*lloel ; nbtri o ly i W ork is MIGn ted to sa il as ho w ,
HkolSIt a hknsaiucoi lat. 1i I als IngmaCi' town,. where-hundreds uf RKeidm K( l"l.l: i.i,,
S i s h lung anul wards off can- skiled laborers ar miuployed in the Leave 180 .................Jacklorvilh ........ . Arriv :
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i ono i i a as a ai ,ter of course the people enm .:80 ... ..... ....... -t. Vralii.................. I W ,
w' do 1 tit ill lld tend the work of prfeprailon w th a .. .. ..............rford d ..... . 12l 0
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i oi 4Yoa$iulS Et, Tbt I l deal more enituslasun thati Artlve A0 alit ......... .......... nford.....................a a:aoB
B^BnBaaSISS. j~l~hl ^:(<*^ ^ would ordinaril, be expeatd: at any -- 10:04; aM.......... Enuerpr,..............
other wud oin rhere the laboringl el ss qNERAL PA AND TICKET OFFICE, 30 W. HAY I', JA- K'NVILL,t
-aitilost HMI"VIHoled prtul.en.t r' ....t IO. Ami t t.u il t' A t. At ve w t. tks 11 V u is

TQemlek r S ith WI.......I Op Orak o nd he ood people IO1r f thrt _heeMhTrot_ _ulll_ 10_ i _e _te _l. ew ri
rose'-"s"' "" The SMART SET

Tn i, I b o gra t i nltal A 0 114 KR T a ;l Fnpeak s ". as#I reomr N . | row rd, a)ern o
"" ISO dl*wll'be WoIW n l K"vernorl. THhon.e A)l U.k iGflI )JZ
II0 A Or 'n .h C. .a.konh Ho'. J" 31.MBarr. A Magazine of Clev rn ss s
s de;ed hitte litu. of; edroikery, whom are e rpedted to be p reent. Maga.zin,..a holdd lhve a well-deined ullrpoe. r .
elviBwl~ledtd llatl a iplae. bigd. t Heu strineng ~ fr ue, In Iunserainmstii enuiri nt and merptal N ereaio ne re, th. notvesd
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*til be tr@ WtioralU lhe olK htr# mta iroo ; blNew h..ov.d there- tittble dt t 'otit of'lThe onim'rt ant. the of da,1
l dl aB bt he gino'.O ilib epeoptl o, roW C*es lhat her people will ,)I hsee lip. Y
,g.s m.tbMP k.bwht din .i w.p'tie. a..... Most Successful of Magaziz e s
*p e o o e i wre- BOWild Rid For Lil ete in h u rre by he mo t h brilliant cin

*11l *%H ,Be .mlfolmedr lint a- flnt-ela-O l iles, n i o g.It lDr. K'g's ew lDiov.- ness-ia |,y the most popular (loets, i loul u .tu woen, of the day.
RH* r e ery fulriUntumptlot>n, oughs and coldq. Its joke, witiclanus, ket(ute.ete., tre adnuilUdly the ioust nmirtlh-pro. '
hded deth' agon.s from asthma 160 Pages Delightful Reading
wAll kaw i tl Mr. Mnlth bun this wonderful medloine gavu e int
ilkhsM bBo t beea for matsy years engaged il slta trilt and soon cured him. lie No pages are wasted on cliwap illustratiions editorial vaporings or weary. De
ihe jewelry Ml id erokery businhe he writes: "i now nleep soundly every ing ssas and idle diseeoions.
59 *h a Wl; p m wisth rensarkable s*aee*, and eoently nliht." h ike marveloi eires of roi. Every pag< will interest. char aud refresh you..
5fZPYU.I Te Dam ints a lnse ol flue shoes whleh he sumpthote, pneumonia, bronchitls riubscrhlue iw-$2 l, per year, Henmit in cnh> bee.adiing Io tl atchlesseit allthratn. N B.--ainl Coluies Sent Free on AliIicati,1.
tHiI to "*a.5159 tB MCOurmigk l mianlapt of the Western luon troubles. hiarantseed bottles ( 1. .-81p Oe re o Al licltt11l.
a .. Unhl s teleglraph ofile anid in addition and SI.. Trial bottles free at all druKg. .. .... ................... .................,... ,
S .. i the owoer oh the Coitineiat..al -e o-s,.. gist h '. 1 eA Nit EW
p h l abot olok Aupad the stationery nd eold Not of teachers' Emination;N WAX N
Va bla of eKaapabIa, who drinkstand rferred to. There il lit. An examination of applitets for I I,
riid wW4eepea Vledouab'ttthen ew hWr, whloh teaohe' certilestes will ble helu iu, Commodious, Home-Like Hotel,
a!ap ied sm ibn who so- wil be ready for b -siness about this eity telinoing Son Tuesday,. oe l -
plal WsdeleFoned rthlust,, will enjoy a line trade. tembber h. itl,. at n o'clock a. tm. ROOMS FOR 10tl (UEST
"whd i w lWhoI tadlasei hly left - Applicants will be required to suppl.ly
e l< p id Uipu aslviag i lt From 148 to 92 Pounds. th elves with legal i taper. pei .. ..

however, 00 n|ero found
l *teeoUld Idatify hbl and he
*n0. so*wb.e sa i4th guilty
i' issthr ma ho mset
46""tWl the 4dtripUmoo. This
so l ute tB e rae ilrobl
IIAl4. I be au-esmptod "shy,"
7 le ^ dhhbto tl~iev he was
^.il~iSe *e gele.w He use es* x
4!Mriptlo of the ladies, isl
tlit lftaer eil ,Ws OIm-
-U t going to

i:!O t1 p.t Him'
sldl~d5h5 slae, sad de. dlete
h lasltb iefwa tloqdlillste of an
*ag.Msd1ls: tilahq se : fJ, J.al..

lstM AtWh he ided Steam tr. B-is.
.elWn his feetl ashot
5 boi Im hf ai4 gel.n

.e .b Oust.

Xow Yorks, Sept. 1.-The body .e
Wittisas (I. Jqse. a wefll kadwa telW
p'i 5annt, at pied Blman was sIk f

*ral years 400-ote was asten
sit:o aser at P hiadelpai.i I*htes
0asoft 'to thity, wore he wt b e
$eRan*W of tf tbi'ted Prf. attee
ait i tnria p-i,,s witdh
*baelnteI bte itds Pl Melp1 aeet

One of the most remarkable eases of
a old, deep-seated on the lhnos, eaus-
isg pneumonia, is that of Mns. ter.
trude E. einnr., Marion, Ind., who
was entirely oured by the use of 6uo
Mliate CoughCure, the aps: "The
ioulhling and etraling so weakened
mse hat ran down in weighs from
14. to t lpoundi. 1 tried a numbernf
remddlto nlo aovall until I. uid One
Minute Co l h Cure. Four bottles of
IhlI wonder ul reimledy eured me en-
tirely of the couhb. strengtlhend mI
laaignd restored me to my normal
light,. health and strength." o614d by
all NiS "I. .
Sale of Collateral.
Noiotle is hereby given that w, will
ell at publle oatery on Mionday, iep-
tember I2th, l0Oi, at eleven o'clook a.
m. of that day, before the court house
door lta Galaesalle. Alachua county.
dhiara *iao excented b the apanulp
Liimaber Qompatp of ?ewnaa's JAkol,
Alasihs county, Florida. 14 bond*
having been pled ad coillaterl se-
ourlty. BF.Drriix Co..
Aug. 24th, 1904.
sBuklan's AmtIs Salve :
Has wetrld-idde fame f'r 'arveloul
eUrs. It surpasse any other slve,
lotion, oitameat or bal" for cute,
OanU, buris, bills sores, felol, iil1
e. tw r. it r"4 ur iuli fever oe.
ePoaped'handssiln0er 0ilon nfallJ '
p1a re nsrant On
Re atall drsgpetlss'.- -

and ink. A.Mn examinainitioi rw of one
dollar will -e charged, as heiretofore.
Mxalnieatoi nof whites will be held in
the aeadeo'ic hall of East Florida Sem.
inary., and that, of colored applleants
li 1, nlon Academy.
W.. II.H:o, uu v,
County Sitpt. 'Pub. Iistrui tioni.
Uatinevill.. Fla.. Aug. 15t, 1N4.
What is Lif6.
In the last aialyits nobody knows.
but we do know that it is under murldt
law. Atbue that law even slightly.
pain reMult(s.,' Irregular livinik ineano
diranrinenilit of the li organs. reuliting
in eonstilpation. headache orl iver trou-
ble. Dr. King's New Life Pills quilok
ly re-adjusts this. It' gfentle. yet
thorough. Only "20 at all druggistal.
-8t. Augustine Excu'sions.
QO aocounet of the Annutal Enesap-
Mens Florida State Ttoops at St.
Au-t.._u A.,, gut it to iptentber
,th.a rate of ote fare plus 25 celts )la
bn authorized from the entire State
of Florida. Tickets to ti Isold August
81st September 2nd, 4th and 4th, with
final limit te0.mberlth; 19.4.
S.. prains. "
a. A. Ritad, Ciio', Texas, writes,
Mareh 1ith. 190I : "MI' wrist was
prleand so badly by a fail that it wa.
usnles and aftrr using several! re~s-.
diwe that flt4id to gil- relief, used bla-
lard'i SaLIow LlUlmet an4d wail. eud,
:1 -arpotlyu,, monirantod it to anyone
Oit y .,bi W, Ohaoi. "NON,

tlue L ,xAcuea u. Every Attentionll to) (iteSW




The Atlantic Coast Line

Montgomery and 1. a N. or Dixie Flyer Through
Atlanta and Chattanooga.,

'. h lound Trip roma t aiiesvil : .

On ale ....d ( till sel.- 2t. sale daily, (io1d sixty d4yo.
.' ,-f^ ;-w- ....L a w

O(n ale daily. (odfllftepn dayi .

O s atle "pt. t, .1, i and
(ood for ten dals aRd In

or ~te drtiloth anid lltormititio n lappilY to agorts A. C, L. or write
I-A CK "R B(YLSTON,' $ On'l Ag i t la.., SAK t -- N A. 5 jp 4 A
.. i. EN sO4 a .W4.neqI elirallesFI
-I ,' ,J =" '0 -- S' 41 ri -- -, -' O 4 P ''

- :.n-y a, /- ...: a

ititig Zrxporience o a Wood
Contractor Weduesday. ,
wa a*lt~tI' I* th l eTa tter i is aitae sIto
IN DEAD HOURS' OF NIGHT htWLt t i1 rt-al, 'tchlsets, aIagea
- Iie.- -- -il lt a l it Ir tat 1 sl-It.i'
Animal COnfrOrited Hln, W N' 4 4 Al H f(til (i4
Weapon'With WhICh to oetiendl' Him- ttoblhe. t rdg1lt it w ta i4e ru Si-ra
lellf- lat Animal to Rotreat by Aid ieoul th*e mielivi.c was diliti a file
Of l Pine Skidder. *!o %,-sa tkiig it for IS.cztti, I ct
f Ii idIT' i t. ttilt it. Atl ,ia e. ilt Ihe u'tlptionI
]. rL. lwlin co(tdl it n ati t'u aip nl dixula.pear, Sad to-.
titlly s -Iots aat I+-l tr tha i elbow liald lih
Miles distant towards ,hSuiilpoin City i1ere oncr e the % hule bodv was affect
Qp the Gaineeiillv and udlt railroad, hvt every o'lliet.I,- ii thie nimetdwi
rtlates that l e had tihit anl e citinig Satd felt sue tlhait it *l lort tine lth
two remailpig n 4),00A %1ll :diooisp
lterePet witi t lairgi- taltliOU t,. it ctainl a great hhlau op
which is nothing more tshas i a small tier, anil ha |oN.e me Ia world otf o
speies uof tigller, wlille rou rtlu to jii I Ais' grateful for 'wlIts it has ac co
tcitlae f'romt thi city m a latae bouar tliae. 1, aa trll t"s thi t what I hltve a
Wa4nesday night, and al pei ll lexterhers who aire iilrly atll
rc- it) take the reiledty alild o0tawin I
whilh he Will not sooni forget i.ine go.m results that I have.
Mr. Landrles is a very inolthusiastle us oast Fifth Ave. Jonii F. IKI1A
mtllber of the Patriotic Order HoSn of ---
Atgerlos. and every WedIesday ;light i rrlo tsaleydonotralcht
"hulll it" to Uallle tle In order to be rel cauae of tile ilems. The blood ms
present at the Iodl~ meeting, It was In pauriftedt lcto the cure is peM11111
While on till returit hoe, about II S1AS,, coutails no, potash, arsnic or
o'clock, wheni about three mile from omlyert l v igtb
the oity and walking aloIag the railroad Men4l for oar bu
track, that he, was suddenly conifrniat- Onl the BkittAtn l
od by this O(tallount, thi eyes of diala, whlc
whihehi hone under the piall U, ght itof p ysild rt na
themoion like two ball of ti tru. Mr. U cheerfully aCd
Laandress, who is not accustoti-d to without char
goltigarnmed, hliUct Iiu hlado modo uf anv who write
protecting himself, Witht wmdirfh t a ca
prese.e t of tinid. Ihowevr. atid with T. SwIft pleellteo 01*lpany, Atlrata.
a ullivel etl so quik. that it etlar. "
raised his antlaguloist, Ihe lealped for a TOPICS FROM TRENTON.

i ""'-''"'"+ V ... "is'--W HYD

i trike L 4tarS Ait Ofla La Mlk "- '
war Afioe AggrtsoivMe
5 ; 3 -I. -." A'A Ia ti' fatltai n'
hi' t'l.i .'ltr ., ie hl. 1.A ltt *" t'Wi H Y D E

hi A t7t t wtit liIt ; i hr1
t i) II ,. h .>*it ,' I t<(lh ,t h. +.' ,' A" Iv1 .+i-.. '. S 'jL'( ) .*..,
0 4t' i ',]JG S .I ....

i ,ipb qIII! I10i kl"' .1'ii i Oji l Iii-f iiii1 Iit+I ] l. ...
t. i ai I I 0 C !toeit;.l. .%1t1.'.t
" "" '" ""'"'E" ldced Prices on Suir Go ds
lt a i n'i t n i u'o n tta- itaf l o.I
h Are mtilll n l t Th isStM1 1

S. tdlii o i hllt l li ''ii I etl We lity sold during Il I* W Soe two 6 hundfrtd' o. or
ill"' "i-tat< Mt tl !lr !h)llalella3 anal It is a. tusinimor Goeds, but noB.not d rllilo e a taai.+, ha ( t 11g itt to aItl Crtalts S hlliil f)lirA it r wenk our ti .t (ooa.Be ar of Humtamn r
ti-I. corl~~i~S od. Ors a ld t authl , to) l ri .,. ,,il ,,tat -ti h ,uT at t ,Ae 'the ?(Yarils Fi Lawns, r llzi11 p o
i F; :; : "igum I La wns, ar o
a ptrit'er,. F0 an 1 d , 5o, hct, only.. ...... ...
lt y ignoringg thaoa latest attempts r sm xa t10 G i' '
. at p (eace ant i y al duptirngS h ch a ,1n f ie to
trtalveo n. th. strike -adtt...r. dem. lar pri'e 150, 180 and 2o, only...
er" otintratndi their Intittlon to make I
,he a fight to the finish, 0o Yards Summer Dm GoOs, regu.
Slar pri.e c. c and 5c, only. . .

IS A/? S \ lar prite 50c, )c 'and 0, only..0...,

S" adl', luu'. Cl old.n .i ue 'sL
AM' "I'HHLOW-OUT, .. 0 11 O S t,r1'- ..
gc 2


.ened to be laying aloingidie tlI track. The Railroad Exteelsion Looked for. ;.
andti with this wcapoii alor. iaiiniaged Notes of Personal Character. dA m i" "
to beit the animnitl ol in> reltreiit. Treinton,, .sept. ;I,-Mr*. Lily lani. -
Mr. L.iadrelssstati thit lie hand fre- dTr. of Alaolhui, after ,pp.osling ver. Oh, It Makes Me Smile
quLelitly h14ard Stha th ll, W')1 ill thits tl at days with relttivel am d friow lIds .,, ;.... h r E h ... r '''
viritay We'r alive with wilder wt" a st I't."" w ". r "irt'dh l>.."ie Su PT i H ] STO il
autllertt l.ouittLu tl it.o(thio Ii-ui>- \V'hileh.-r, ithe ipurhapd a farm fron P. D IV IC K S 'TH: STO
til this startling pro'pottiniion" tared hS IklJt iinigi .i lak,u>n B I E AB''
ltu itt n t face.. II. iltitrclar hti will wlit si 1i wiIl ltulve1 iw..eE now a GIS AND W UAGONS.
i.evermakt, ti-(rip nv gaiu i; iwitho lt.Ie- ritm- l t 'r.itoi i.lini;ty.l i Mrs. A .. .
itg liroperly preptard fr a i asillar sal dih.rs' i old hote, anl tilt peoplI atI i4 h i., t ltll by
+,,i,- 4,,,i,,+. t,,,, .,' ,r ,,e..il ,, wri ,o.,lir > C, (3 P E D R I C K '"""" i "* o
,,,t,,,agitita,.,i H F D UT TO N
AT THE CHURCHES TODAY. 'Wit. l to a.nl d lt tai, ther i i1de Pa h-i [ F.
.Lis$ of V ......... i.Tit-il I Ii I ,,I el md,,y.CUrSED FrVEIt i \WHEFe UT T O N, O
List of V 'rious Places ol Worship, To- Prof.. A 1.\% raimt w wti thert.' visiting II\" ltlVIl)V.
gather Witlh Subjects. jl i AI.i --
i.rtvit+ wi; I,,, t,,lt,.rv.. l it tlht. it. ri dit frri> a triP tli .St. l.o iait lsi u l the F I', 1, Y 0 I' A H A N T l _D.
riui- t' l >i t lI..ly.fi.lllotli-: %V,.rlit ls tir sad lid hit ap Itiel aS C Q
tI'vanitib M thlu fl,!a. )i>. S 4 T.6' v ,i Tlii nI.ile. tiNcler was for IanI-I|IT
at..lJ. hri idut l:i;o,: the ,: I ns. IIignwd t l I. 'hh eh l .... ii dev fr g n
II+,,jt. ,. ,,-i ,.t ... ti,-,...t .,,,,,: .,.. ,, ,ht.tt..trt ,i|a- i tai,,,t fr wl l, r ,I .." .T if .t r V.L Loeather I3ame o ..or:ides
Larger View," Mivetio'i.ti.; L wtr ih I i u ito1 c|ar t-Iof that istAituL A l A IhA Do
LeAl t.g.ue at t in lotc N. i-vt u r- lur I i o ot y rit Th l d p.t. 11 II I IM llUt a tUit I ( the J eli w O .Do* ; $ tth
vie-, btut, it.v. r. CarQ.ctLr w i ih., ur,. ti, 1 .. gr,,, tatui>ii., i ,, .'i... eIt I U U Sea lslatid (ottonii 11i. anid Sipple for .4i .

lra t ii .v I.t lt. t'l .tr v t' la, '.... | 1h s -( -I "it ith o r ti'.-al l itt I L ... F .- aA,
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;. i. ., ,P, u n ro prietor Y
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*' v;','it,, ist Ir,,,. i..d l i1i. r1s MO1RAL otRtes $ 2.5 p day and up. Rooms with
" I"" "t"" it"f i:.""ish private bath r Mey 1st to No.
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I Itlur' wl I rt "'. REPUBLICAN T 1-'F F F1'Rlr;
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S.yteri:,, hurtiI. rv .. ithetirder of the
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W "' 0 hnFire, Lie, A Adeti a d lie' Wh I HOlr M
17^# bM The Sti hs n.oiympathy with the
I~~gg IR agl)$ i 5 e lr 91nht age i Pr rIroperHtan, lemo.rut.
to nom 1 6forprtlWJL i ftte *lsore i, *' -- Agent< for them-.-
.. .~ I ao: t: "aI:; h V +ie tor Sa fe and Lock Company
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iaweua., a r tl fle L tthery. There are pslaety viable woudU
'"t "oat Friday.' Therm r ..8AINESVILLE BOTTLING WOiRKS..
W bele nas o"Isneaod oby!othe w oonwilingly Wa ata to have them pro., s ITLUNk W 4)5
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10" 00 s S Osoerd,0ide the lawI the Indlosrltainate granting or per. AINESVILLE, FLORIDA.
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Bs B*oS 3,. V as hl.oineg, which 1 ah*atre ssign that dog
WB kia o tv t id he' W'a'so f nm ~ Savannah, Columbia, Camden, lSouther
S t- tha"t '' dalh"a've':" In -" Pines, Raleigh, Rich mond, Wabh- -
*$ WC h. .reasd al ngwh ,, ,i rde. in*g8ton, Baltimore, Phila-
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ia".aLp. .!o .e t '"'"h T eWhbe delphia, New York,.
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tt INO by ottme kntroo.l Wote' Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to New Orleans
T Wi.. II that the sale of cotton mow will
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write AU O. 3 rtN'ELL, >. C. ;O'L0STON, JR.,
As ,. (G-rmiral Paissenger Agent, Passenger Agent
Theeoimmittes appointed by Chair. ATlA Vme, 1 JACKsoNVILLE, FLORIDA.
7 P t oe lelhert a sub-eoommltte of the
e 111111against Mr.It Hollowsy, in our s t e.pos ttp..a.,M.n.t.D *u atEta1b i. ed. 1978
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I Attupta, (1h., Spit. 3. ;*-Stit haa
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Noble Or~de other World. 't,,, ,V AV ,i-,i A', nit+,,.>,ni tittitia iith n? t"e

wis .:*' lin e 0 t l o l 1 a tin A te a a l 4 i f A t iit' ,it a,
WAS ORGANIZE D IN 1694 tie Mrn Iiw. Uv i.Oi
Fit__1- -**1 imi l o'w o ii ti .i 'ti u t ; a. t^ lO t o) f th, i Jr'a e -'
86,890, a'd ia Iteadily. Growing a, Vot, ,1 e, itt -&Jlt,-l ,ma
tcvary Year--ome History Worth lf rlur, r ,, h hlr 'anp t A tn '' ,a i < i i tr'i,
the Reding Plctr 'r pt, mri phwlil tms Arl .,l ua 1, n.,v, t.f ... *.. g,<
hiil iia i aipl, r -I a I t. l ta ,i~ ta(, 1 i.., .'>tl .,ti> tin. at
his very itti.g time for th. his. ill i r, tsinera Mild 'h>tOrs* thti, o.i;
tory of the rnitatt ip htiKht ers. o)f ha liri Mirpplha. T"ht. .ph ,i tt ,Z)!iimr t:,t Wii t a u ,fai
'jnMfederscy to be baoiiuht befure ti,, A -- \'Y. :a a ;n iGralite v!. l li.me Ip/
pulhllniii.l, pie it was in Sashvillh, hdr ha" Tel'a r lrnI or TelE|phtplie tan 4' ..'".. At' a .'l u::'a,
Teno,, the city which hac i(,ual 114,l the ti. ree tl a a aiihii. taia lh' 1 ( ita pt ,I v 14il!, .,
hoos of thie Co that this grand body was orCain, iiid iUn --- al' I Kh*, ., p ,( itia l )it hil
jf ti Ithne month of Setlitemblr. <'' oliaptta'r tivra rapoirted t Thil great h'fllJ rations of wonmeo, ai,.'.,d,. .l>r P 'aolvef tiiar 'Wio slii N slI. rIti,- l,,t th t a t'x"i n a't- l, ti.t'riaiam
W:ithltlnilutiu ars r -,$b menil orir, has ville, a. in tl A lnta, otiisnw i ritdhnh oild, aet farthi li e Rha conliitltiii the fil. Va., ianai in Ifoit .iritpi,', Ark., eas in N irh'llk. ia'tta at ai l .r .xeu'ilv?- l'r{
lowilg obje livte poilit,. linewily, hls. New lOrlauns, atad the tlavtntlh one i, ai fr ir l iaa ne l' ,iiItihia ar' whirt'
terimal, educational, m mitaoi rial, be. wib l ae hehil in l. L.ouii, (l Kto5 br .-. b tt o itO ,i'al t i '",Oi h al ,l wa 'i lvn' ,
ine-vwla it Inid social, if tha tIaraseaint | ar. tihal il l .;1 trha t wMea .a ive'a, Inal iI
An ideal of tha ot ldiiing of thls In recent history of that urani. "" ll"*'*'y i' Ar t. i Iit '(1
great ftedratioi ofwniewn anlle t hb lion by Mrm. John P. HIckman. the ",'l in t'h', r" lhlt ra't, ti ,1ti9 th.
gained from the following 0 account f they objects oaf tlh or4 maiiatioi are aA 'i I I.
tht Pir*t convtiiion anid thae Ii'uts fsolIow: .a4 7i-r at t e 1 itrl 11, h ,Itia1
that led 6 p I, it, written byAnd .re I is s ial in bringilg toigather t thle li- t ha rn a l w a
t, ioodletlt .who oritinatud tha idea woil oif lthe South, who have a o oml- i,. lir .alait the ldl South ('e
)f at iit d orlro( a Southern wtombn lioi hieritage ild who are bound lUIn a11 t, suiplant the ra cll, haias workIng together hy a bi)td of |lot and rbep)ect tlttl an,l (I 'tarlvtltone s another cai ia
n.dJep 'luth istl.. of thae i0ties. laeu.d that IiilI road vwa thought If dl.
OmIn the 2$Sth of c March. l0, the "It Is educational, as It ia teaohiRg pct o let< with lthvi conllltitllon il
Bavidson Countty .Mtonomeantal Asso- the present generation, to be handled Sotlh tI'arilltia. Th. aull ftor the re
iltloito wa charterd als an auxiliary down to orr docenldalite, the priiioli aov'ry tf pM d a exeaslve charges. If
soeiation. of the Confederate Sol- plte on which the South went to war-- allow.ed h1y the' ;'inind1lnlon. wvotl.
ierst' Home of Tegindessee. The Moa-o. not for conataieit or booty, but that we .ean that ilteh< tla4Ie rtihatlon oonI
eiation was vested with the right to might live as free men, a guarante-d paoln' woutll have toi rtttrn to ths
*'Itablish branch aioeciations la any in the 1illt of fights and the Constitu. mill. of thi terrlltoy a half tillioln
,A ie. a i on tht at mi this al t

tions of the objects of the association.
the branch sootlations being govrqrned
by the charter, constitution and by-
sws of ithls association as far as expe.
divnt. A copy of the charter was re.
wordedd in Corporation Record Book 0,
pauge 11, in, lthe secretary of State's'
oftf'., Nashville, Tenn. The charter
rntihmers of this association were:
,iuv. Peter TArney, Blon. S. F. Wilson,
(,llIptain Childress. Major lun)tAn
C'.oper, Major llolhrock, Col. John
Ovart'on. Mesda h0i M. C. G(oodlott,
.iG.ore Guild, John P. Hiekman, W.
:; Clarke, .. A. ltidley, U. II. 11s-.
k"tt,' .d .oCabe, Hugh Craighead,
Thomas Hluhbard and It. II. Hill. I
was made president otf thea association
said for two years we worked under
the name of Ildiai' Auxiliary to the
C.nufederlate Soldiers' lHolne. At. my
re.,uest thlie ialnt of our association
was h,.iaiga'd to IaMughteor of tile Con,
fel-rary. IlDring that time we raised
a great deal of money, also securing
clothing, stock, farm inplemenlits, e'te..
betsildes hoisting old aoildierf not in
thte lnome."
In IMD-l, the spring and summer of
that year, Mrs. toodhltt spent Imost of
her ti!ie in writing pl'eriunal letters to
la Southern women, in which she
jrged their attendance at a na't- tiag
tou be held in Nashville in September,
I*4. TShis meeting was to organize
the U. D. C. It was she who suggest.
ed that all Southern elutis should the
unitedd to form one strong organization
to do good int the South.
Iler fforte were responhtded ti byhy
representatives of only three States-
Tennestee, .eurgia and Texas. Theie
enthusiastic women, however, formed
an association called "The National
Dau hters of the Confederacy A
aeosttitution ahyaidwb.las were drawn
tsp asd adopted and MrN. M. '. Q tool-.
lett was elected president, with Mrs.
John P. l.lektitan, seeretanry. Thee
next meeting was held in Nashvillo on
lMarch 3k), i whin' reprMeentatives from
the thlf tt original States wera' )supple-
S ienated by delegates from North amid
SSbuth Carolina, This second ineetliig
aii T ry i an .A -during -i
s essioni anaddreas to Itoutlhrni wotnita
wts framned andt eti every State in
the $outh, earnestly urging that they
join with t.lsi general opranization.
The perasistnt endeavor t4f the .wo-
amen already in the. asisociatioil to in.-
terent others met with giret stlucless.
as was manifested at the third meet-
Sinlg of the order, whIch was held in At
lants in Novelliber. l-WS., Virginia,
XKetocky, Florida and Maryland 'sent.
ep entatives to tlis Oitventlon, in1
addition 10 tte States already repre.-
selated, and the eobstitution was
amended and the name changed froMn
"The Natlonal I)aughteMe of the Coni.
f.edirsey" 'o the Presenti oe iof "The.
Onird Dalughters of the 4.'nfed4
er*sy." *
W In ,hai time l mnual eotire;t i6ni
:L,'a5vo beenbt hed ib.4 the tetili. te?)d
49,^., ... ,. ,0 1 -C i. i ,, .. t4
I ':'I I"-4-: .... 4

'"It is memorial in building monpu
ments to perpetuate the memory of
the men and women of the fouthl who
gave op their property, and many of
them their lives, to maintain their lib-
erlies aaid freedom. The sacred mem-
ories Inmst be preserved, and how bet-.
tor 'can we du it than in marble and
bronze? .\ people who do not revere
antd hold acred the memorlea of their
progenitors will have a posterity who
will eare little for themselves.
"It is benevolent in oaring for the
mainiaed and indigent soldiers of the
('omfederacy, their widows and chil-.
dren: in buryingN our indigent dead
afd annually strewiKg their graves
with luowiora in recOKgtition of their
herismts and self-devotion to priuci-
ple: in assisting in maintain the Con-
federatal homes, ard in providing the
delicacies for their hospitals in order
that otr decrepit soldiers may answer
to the last roll-call surrounded by the
comforts of life.
"It is historical in preserving the
history of the old South, ai people with
conditions and environments, however
worthy, that will never again exist. It
is said by iomnt that we are living in
th1" past, but how can the present and
the future advance without a knowl-
edge of the past, in its traditions and
BaupiratlontS?"--itesie Shaw, in Atlanta
Neglected Cold.
Every part of the mincous semi-
brane, the nose, throat, ears, head and
lungs. etc., are subjected to disease
ald blight from tnegle(ite'd eold., Ital.
lard's Hlnrehotind Myrtp is a pleasant
anld elteetive remealy, 2be,W)e, and $1.
V. Akeodrick, Valley Mills. Texas.
writes-. "I have uaed Halard'ts iore-
houn d lyrup for coughs and throat
trAiubltil*, it is as pleasant and m:iat A f
festive remedy Sold ly W. M. ,Johan.
onI. *

Nerve Tension.
A foe to health I nerve tension,
somlietimes dute to hurry and worry,.hNt
nine tines out of ten dfta to poor lndi-
geltipon, a bad stomsoh, a torpid liver
or coisatipatiOn. These coodiLtloi all
react on the mind and will keep your
nerves 11i e4ge If you do not removee
them by Uaing t(reoin's Auguet Flower.
There il no better atomaoh medicine fi
she world than Auigust Flower, and p o
surer cure for lidigelota or dypespssa.
TIrial bottle, atce. BIR bottle. 'IV. at
W. M.JJohnion's. ..


Situation of A' ,it .t tec Coal Creek
Coal MWnc3.
I K ,(X\ im,:. T ,m. ;i-pt. 2 -. V Swpe
clont ta r a-,itiita I rom't'':al Cr'i k

Aloni a t'io w I" aton a atrlke ill
th.. t',,,al ('ra',a. ,l trict, lh ulurni ng,
ai ;i a !nt *t l i ,' at n iiatr 1.2">. K r.-m i l fu this clV'uelt witl th*li xv itjtlon the late.
stone miinea of theli' Kixville ara.n coin-
paI y Thie a I'ia t >,,i s )rLsa,.aant, t lthi
new wafil scal lh t i ,' litira, mohkinn l
a relwicolcitjn atf i',uit .-M tper cemnt. 'Thl
i iitan a 'll;, ii t, ti pt''i t hilei redit tion
andl failt-l to catt:ii to i wiork tidlay
Tan ttll tt ot l !i t'tit '' l twn mlneA ol
fa;:tl :Cr'r'O l C'ia.iu'l tmina ny., whi'th itI
l*-Ai'al n. l t-r') ay i art' now Idlev In thli
l, t rlr .'t. o)f tia 'litlt er. four are non

ifTi)rt s are '" '!a Im nahi to orgianle
the inlinaipti mliir'r. .m l It lit report,
edt that th. Afairt hai pra.ctlially suc
em-ded at. Mttlntrsvilla.
What's in a Name?
*Everything I ill the name whe4 n it
comes to VWitchl flMisel ilve. a.
ieWilt Co. ot (Ctlllag discovered
somt eite a'go how to make a salve,

Why Not Learn to Speak Spanish? from Wit~h llaxel that s.a spelit llo or
S cre a coy pilel. For tlitnd, lleedin, itching
'YOUcll secure. a copy of. hle, IleWm and ,..|..' t uiB, cuts',
edition of tooklet antitle.-. "What to bu lrun s n pia esn as
Say in Spanish and Ilowo Sa It. y .urn, bruisesa.nd all kin disease. lu.
0s4-dingl two .Otnit ili postakga to W. i, W.tt'A -alv" has 11 ea6t)t. This has
I.eahy. division passenger aggit. At.- given rise to numertio Worthle sti .lou
lIastie 'o4t Line railroad, H$,vannah, .terfeits. Auk far I WVitt's--tha.getn.
U orgia ine. Sold by anl draggists.

Bitter Apple Bitters.
The 2tth Centdry wonder proprietary medieiue' i ts trongaiite- .
donrement at home, where it is bet, known ind has been most tried.
A Liver iand Kidney .e 'litle
without a rival upon the American eontilent altd he e tal of any in
the world, It is manufactured o herb, many of them iudgeatous to
the *pil, and Is therefore atritly vegetable. leIt and eat wht you
as it ever failed to give almost littant relief and every ease where di.
rewionw have beten to lowmd it ham effected permanent ai re. Saosn' ofM
tho it ha cured sani who were looked un as hopeless in the begin
ning end ewie loth to try It e are today singing its praises. declaring that
there never wa aedoit 1!0 good. For ie by al drigglit.
,-.-Mnufttured by d the --, -

BITTER APPLE BITTER S C0 0 attiesburtl I, ..

"' "' "" I W

liiteretaniesble Mileage TIoki., good ev y law
cipal railways In the Hotherm StatWM.40 e llg
*Through Pullthnn ealet Port Tp M Yo
Line, s a1o a 1Atlantle logeS LIue sand othem lIush
For costiplete infoeaon,.etll .
S" AddreW ,.'
FRANK 0,. 1IOYlTON, Cotmn'l Ast,~ .,
1. W. fy I at. Ast6b5ilM
H AM. EMJRWON?. Tnm, :. ip.,

Wblel i. L 99eet p OLp "



f-nlltaa I!nnA


AwD 33ND Pd..



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.a 09W9~04A 51

4 M1 au af.. h*
Iy A t e ll aii.tla I

t ltIseeap i. Thellre

esp!5 r t#a Sq alre atl'

iiA -o t)hlu tsA adin on t.
^ad0hssOtg a favorite it not

A Stialtt iwsTIp iW Otlhll a i l'

#ea ia. i fhois' t o n almeL
M ble Col bea mat ch b .
19 towfto h. f1s.ma64 froli
Ia (oo battery or I ep
0 lai a epotw at ban!o a'
r m wtie saubl res a qi

T r. o Ia.t the io4h
4 a w t he i aing to he ore la
1,lt, l t!. troopI. b a, r .or asp.

m a. a, main
M~teinmattabhteD eail oh

saM M '-dthe r thrN ace
y .That am rItt o.'anc. y

iisio.1 rotw tro, Without rfeet

S, CHCAG 1 ( .
a mdpeuesnt Pskars Will Probablj
Join Pelisrs In Pight., ;
Im Oi 'o icpt. 3 n-ldltions' are<
I 1* | vt the lvr Ind4ependent, packer
h irthin the, ;thWviyirNI einelour,. will
Ihs, Joln.-jhe hl ple-kc'rA In Ihelr'flt>hl
t h* wil ti ( ct. the' nuAide will ond la
Oa at t. eaOtitag B pl ratlonn.. with the
4Ialon e'row Two of their nutmlie
O fleeoitvrl tfnaltttlt!lts of cattle at au
v olnthli~tl rllnodi yard' tiay ind 'wit
ht#ve thorn Iti live to tie yara* throimm
,tie streets. Within tho yards th14
tindtperett are ohbvlktly ;ieipasitn
l 1to1e war, wao 1haIdsi of cots. belnj
ask#n ti one plant.
hl,* "'te,.lgit iI0t!ioI rallrmld In hall
r ':' 11 . st S'c*taammti u 4I to th packers 'today tto
iogo a plmn s of soettrlementi. tho detalli
vp .51 wilOh intnot kn S A ww fPow r Good. 004.
^ Th pl~luhkt Mapotep'iai their *e.
S#lO 44m god ploa0 let n ,It.sO are fDe.
W itWt.WOLisO, 'Al R isers. W. 8 Phil.
t~ tlb"nf.OH., mpII *During a
1111111 1 r took One-. tall s Ita i
& Ill mae 4 orf good thn cali-
14 l6itd tashe o timr he effe1 t
n lM plaLtt. LIttlet Ely lisom are
Sia Idl P" o11 by ,
tag 4tiy g~tst.s *' '*; 11'" : 'au ,

One Cent a Word,
AvettMnust(of ,te wordsor more wa.d
Mal00*atdn f oroneaet a Woer. oMa
i MV"w. Oah ltvst i.
Pleae amwer 'adverUameuns as adr sed
a the asea teat.
, e eoaUldpiB o ll p ipno u laserttlcj n<
iqee *p4 With lalalii wW b i ew4wef.o
'grn ma tlm L wiot ie siten to Inualrere.
Mitr WAllrKP.
WAti*2)- Mei t1ot leurn brtut'tr wade. SUlort
1*0' eOiahloetew by iur 'nethtx. iamu nearly
wrti Olpeuwse'l hefr<* 0hn1 Pfvili 's|ool n,
to tlt .frim 'dla.
yi rutmuatii. WrIte lo ur at"-
05tie. 514L.M HOARKI" Vd..I. Ni.

rI('R fI.V- A -I*CAT(? 1R 'TAX

bOt t. 'he.ry l 've n hau ltuy Ulmir,
t>lr i %of,1r r 'l.iax ('rtcllafte Nb., 41, dna1 l
be 41U 16 Ye of July, A. 1. I.tM. ht'. 4114 A l1
>10NU0l Te It] 1n (14.t fti(l. jUtn for .Ildeedt ti, htsi Iin -swracrlhnt with
tW. '.sld oks tII4n letviQ' Ini .i'414.% ell* .4Ilow ini
lesrt.1 *r.4rt't wltaeot in AIihiU. uOun'
g of of Nh 4) of r'.t. .I.e. 14. 'rl, l. In,
Thel li lomil beIw aoew.fi 1to tlhe 'lut< ifo
0411~10*1m m of4CO i li' Itni ttlit aOpi (of
10,, ,.' *r l 1 4 '
4lvIr 41 i la omlaoat i.utllt i, it rmiii ti (..-
M an <) ltif', tttUXtltil tWil i--:i" IhP 0 f th lfth dit o 4 ( .nrtof itO wr, A; i. \10.
It.w 'a amoltat idiftmultre alI Mcli jhl"
Sl Per I thv it Ai o A tA 0 1
.. DE. N ,N3.%
OVA,11 cltgacy w, woto m1*4b it (*. i

The lorida
Fruitaind Truck Grower
L*. HOMB, ltor and l'rop r,
O* me *, ^0('AU, A .e .

IgI eopk i .............. l

A hatdstmely illustrated ,asgasin,
devoted epeoilly to the' interests of
she fruit ld vmRetible grownrs of
Florid.* ,4
A spell) trials iib.a'iptloiu o:' 'ix
months *il ba sent oin r reipt of 36
5ent. tAmaps taken.

U,,. u. vnnuvJ

J atU vivle, MFlorida.,

J. Everard's Canada Malt
As good as- mi ll better than moslt
Boor. l de of HIop* and l Miti
anid,NOT RICE.

Per Barrel ...... $105
p er Doe....00 .. 1 25



* *

rii iig





to ius

receive prompt attetn-
tion. and the class or
work we turnl out is
,ou1nd to please.

Send Us Your

Next Or d e r


S ., E ''H
: lj. .on r u i.V .ii;.. .o i t' 'i

iU -A.,. A MO .TEWY,
(ri ivu telN E 0tur. A; 4'r wtw'. 3r,
Oliive; Magnllt ll tihel, G ito ,atlle.

00' ligs L, f wa Wo asM 4. fo u I m o v

(MiniEiLnLE, u. VLAoi;.

OB r sell yqur city ruperty;, (it.
pIruvd and .ixl*itiniroved), phlosphate,
trucking ind farming lando. $end him
a list of what you offer for *at,. -14: i
w E. AKEK,
(MINESVIL LE. Alashlua Co., FLA
Office in Enldel Block.
ISucceeor oSe. iera Alderma)l

qOve Dortton Ca'Is uHt '

UtneerIt t

;R)'!sl ttiettoitl tu Crown a adtridle waok

D R(O1UU2 I. 11, *.V D.

(Uraduaite lUaitinLre Ci e.e per.lit&l Suri'ery
inve years' experlero'e i .1'ew York city.
Crow. t1i idse wor anild 'ond ..'nA Speieolties.
At#, W-',itU1AIllANT.Ti4,
ue In A Mi;-..% e, i 'tl :s .


JUPHN MYXNZIt:.. Projorit-toi
1i 1 V\. 1 s N t-. J.au k.on. -,:li .V. a1.
f aust lper, bottle aid draugtht. lDon't
fadi to call uIi ill when in Jacksonville
3)I;. HA1I|HY IL. JAi4VIs.
I \Vl4% '.h r It T -'
;' l', V'%l l -i W ort: I d i .1 Mllcbrul ll t t ot

l''.i i tt '< an, d ilo,' trt. l >; lur

Ph.>t itnlporteiad D i)omnestic Liquors
and Wines in tlhe iity.
S- j



Best Line to St. Louis

Superb Dining Car Service
Mtop-ouv.ri, goigI? aund returnlinig, at
Atlanta, Knoxvill,. [ niiirill,. .%IlShe.
ville and principal N6rlh ('Carulina
io lti lai nr resortl.
SSee ig th Itridge (highetlt railroad
iridlge Il' the world), Famouts ilue
a(r R'gionll. Loxingtoil lAndl Iotli.
Free.' rliniteg holair citrf anitd high
tel4is (day coaeh l Thir.oughl Pullmina,
si elpi tner .anueksontivilh, to St. l,umis.
Folderi, ret. i .to cl t.rfiUlly fr-
ni shi ifil 11111 all( liittol ltt> 0 o .J. (*.l.Lo k,
Dttricet Passenger Agia. I(K \V e it

ty s. Jalklonvilhm, p'a ft.

Baird" Hardware Co0.

s 4'IIsv .rS. 1

J*ackgoivi I.,


Mathusbek ria

IlLI' III 1,1II,

aeta~lptal 14 for (H t"l',! c ..! I .
t trn? mt Ct s
worKBeimis-'l od'. *>, v
d odet'. p t'l. -

Sold by 4 t. 4 t i t l
without a tinghl failure I. f I
waut j piano for a lift 'se.a
serve& buy ll he

,ro,.O a low 6 Ib oo.1t.,en.I. t ; 4 ik i
Ca or on *&y term. shen o' ti
tr.al We oar freight Wr j
for priees TOIAV.

Ludden & Bates
Southern Music Honse,
GAITHER & BRYAN, State Ag'ts,
TAMPA, ril.OlI%,


Via L. & N, R. R

Excursion tick(-t il.'w ,r.., .:a daily
from t aiueavilio tol St. l i, re.

f2 Ob

S.etturn Ln11 l111i t1he.
It4'urzi 1h:.111Lt d!as
Rc}t uirnlm l'wii ,r, ayp

(' urroej lldii% p low rlttes tr( o'' ,-r
10ititl Til L. ot N. is th' l t'. Iz!e ti.
St. I.ou i.
For ratek,tilhedul.e alnd t i ii I'
?r.'arailt>ohe apply to
J. 1. FLERIN(, Fla. Pass. Agt.
:)94 W. Bay St.. JxekAuonvil;*. FI
C. L. S oL. .N (. P. A., l.oui vil 1.

Illinois Central
DIRE(T lthITE '1 II!

Ste Louis Exposition,
TWO Ttn.imS IiAlI,.
li '1111Ute ll"u will W. A A. It. I, 1
N., A- A St. L, IV"Yo fnnAlu .t.
1. '" '** *li 4 I -


Georgia, Florida and

Io)1.T F TH'il; F.\31,: -

::." Ot k I ,I; e- r I A' ..
'rrt. linhrg llsa.' l. r Ar.mtl,

Nic Arend's Saloon and Cate

i1eitshazitu lunc tr 12 t it.
Brtheolieay Kocktlvie r4, 0roP'. 4 a
Orlted WutTrghcr Ilier on li'rAnlt

Stellaku, ih. Cho,' 0a.e it fe '
to orer. Pool. 1 lmis Bt o a",
4 0 All S t urW 4 ua y; t ,


Send Your
OI'.le t, the,

Ju Wo Vi '

Orders sent

.. .-. . .- .- .

U0"4t Chl "N Plorlda East Coast Ry.e,
,o.. ,, "LOCALTIME CARD Noo 5. InEft Juno 4,1904 U
iffdlr i, l I n UP. 1 i 1, I ld A 4
fytnll, 4` l. rI r l -,.' ,i v A N V I L'i. R isI 1) A:hI : -- ,"ut
,,,.'.',,..lt ____ __...... ...._,_ _ _ _. -., o *ni8

!.tb. *0 1, |r ii J l ilr l ., JAI uihpit itit.d, kilo w'it, Ise pr iv it. o r tis -al 0 so
,tlm 4 l f.nal h kiiaslst it nvostiflia'tti of titles WD oeprsn t ..w
J. e i, I..i.", ,,.,1 ,,i* *l .1 3 t. .ei ) &l i. .... ..... ......... ,. .. l f i ,< l i> to e a or ssv i ts and u na't tlrteail c Iu'ils
.....n ,t .. 1 i' l . S N.A r i ............ i ........ a. . .l itlit)ll ile, ;l3al of l write tit. ,ta r)p'ubl i lio lt I t i lll
v,, .... 'l i ,, .................. _. 'Au.i.4.. ..t.n I.. .. .Iful. I 1 m t'O t.talldtl o h l t(l.l t _pa __ p 0 45I

I .. ... R. COLO00
i,,',I if 'h ) ', l, 'i l i". I i. iltISIIV .. .... ... .. ,.. .... .5 M t . .. A... I lt

...... ....... ..... .N. .
.. ..............- ... . u' .. ....' ....... I "
T'61 i I .., )'L I, 1 ,'h l ,.1 i I ' ... .., l a ... ;t:i: . . 1 U T F R Al B
Jil .......... ..:. TirO6Y HT, .... ..... ,, ,......... T M *1, :t O,

',1 .. it " .r I. .:.. ....... ... ....... 4
T! ......'<*',....... THE ONLY CHARTERED BANK O 0
i , I a t .; ,, ..... .. ,. ,.. .... ... . .n n N C ... ... .. ... 10 a
T, ..l .. ,, 'u ,,,. ,i ".l 1 i .. 1 AT ll ....... .... ...... .. .... . ........... .. .......' :
So'ij t i 1i, . ....................... W lIm ..'F . ... I ..6 "

eto .i.. .t. livi i r! Il.. ........ ... .. t.. p........
Si p .l i .. . .. .... i rs . . . .. .. .. , ,. '

TT l8 D ...A....446
p,,,ri.I,) i..,, ,-l*. :. ) r .,... "': .... .....::.:... :1:0 11401 .:: *.... $:, ,it0::::u:; ... l i t lrl 00i l tB /.*/W N)011^ ',^ ,'
In Phtise, 4 C ha in'd < olic, 4,hoi ?l V . . . ...i v'rlloiC Nl0e d4 4teTIiit Ad M.... .

ra n i r o Remedy..-; - - ^;:. ..--.: I es -arke ip: e. A t. r i i It Lv
Oir anise lo Ch Imila n Ill' lolitn Cisol H NeA 1IAND KR Y WE tO ,, io.
i. ........ ...... ... !f .... I III M I lN A ML:N l a kl

ll. i I ,I, h l,,I. r Itt, t. tat.. t hiu .t !U i } ...i ....... .......*. .'. ... .O 1t ... . _L n 'shiei 600

r.I.t.; A ....... ......... i,,i, i ,,*. n-, ,i i, .L rM llli .A t. 0 ". 0, ." I. a :.t X 6 1 J'A. : '
g4.in 'if'll With' .hstrt l alih t' t W l'i r In 9 1. ? I t ...I&& .. 4r, ....... ........... At, 1111
)glnot'ng I '"1y 10i o ilal f DI'ly'.Ili p i. it ,N(rOKDIC I IOW t: IIty A l i ___t P_.4 g
| f, p( ill) w!f"' file, 11t w, l l .l.r.r .L, n 'r il ',' 431- . *i'll*f '"I I'. Il) 0 ". If u p, 11 4N A r tl

r Al. ir i i. i* it t 1.1 Ii i P I

Inpryi.seof Chamberlain'sCollr.,(hol. PENINSULAR A D OCCIDENTAL STEAMSHIP BONNECTICG$ AT Alhll. Hhrh..s mark*I p#i e paid fo O
era and Oiarrhoea Remedy. . I s.... '-iF .. m. .rk i p a Ohlk
i4 iow me t) give you at fw wo rd. LOlG OOmiOlBON MADE AT MIAMI WITH 31 TIAIWIP OP TMK P, a 9. S. I. Ptfr m. P .;
in praise ,f t, hnmbe'rhlin', t'tio, Chiol- HAVANA AND KEY WIST A_ oomplt e o.l at !llfa^ Gonl.Ow1_^ w
era an4 ilhrrhoett I t t1,y, *An MI. D.. ... .. _ _ __Dailyhad RI). w4 l t o Dail~lTy

Veir | :: ;6 10r Alfltl I fll tI Is: Ill p1110arlt d.
iter*. %,ift Its ipk,.w il i W lw M..tri< i l a i l ito tr aiy dliy or i .*, q

I all itil tl) a fI t l mlt fia l0lalls
vithout getting any relief, wlitnl nl
friend, Mr. C. Joh0111i.tin, a it thllant.
htrt., advised me to take th ei tr'dy.
After taking one dose 1 felt greatli tat.
li6vad, Iaid whe I hatd taken the tilrd
Joie was entirely orued. I thank you
from the bottom ('f iny heart fot put.
tlMnaiil$ great remedy intl the hand of
mankind." For sIle by all dr'iggists.

Much 'Woi'k.

i ;(i il;, i .( ', 11.il A : .1;-, 1 ) ] ; .'1 !:'1 Y

Ti W I r ,',il';;( n y n t i, >:,! I t !

ifar I'Tf.'ryi ". "''!*'l # f tt:, t ri ," i ;
m .*"'. itii \ery ;in :; f!( a; l r:.w (- f;..'
at!. O* a tli It l 1i.,s !'.t .t >; ,l r t. l)
D raftt. of a rrtial Ift l"! i f 44 i, i(!c,
ipartml,nt lf clil t;s I.t 't 1 v n toi ( ri at h
th (' ir ilcnt, il t it .t to e lar:.y !<,f
the iei;,rts at thl hio .ds cf (It p! |ii .
aiants un which to st lBocaun hs (A 1 10 lln' .i1O e0-1i C ci I1 n. IrA.
Ibese reports i,.ay Ie ltat.r (tL pior
C. nli twif18t.
Sour Storriach.
'a'Vh(*t n tthne 1 ritittty of fod t 'au iet it.
t o largo or the quality Pfo) rich, 1.),ir
.tornach is likely to follow. n1td *'fie.
4ially so if the digeiltilti ait. t.enl
wreaketied by constiption. Eat v'ow*
iy aId inot tooI freely tigvtted food.
Mastieate the, food tl hrou.ghly. Let
fire hours elapse tia.twrnet) leail'. and
when you feel a fi.llneps and weiig.ot
__ inthe-t reion Qf the ftoita i after eat.-
iu,. take Chamberiait" i'a* Stomati AiSdi
Liver Ta'lletls and the, siimr stomsth
uay,'be avoided. Foar tsle by ai. dr it,
A. H.. Long Wini Race.
( N sim er, ,, 8.(t' .94 .-- p A. It
Losg dtfeatsl E. PF. martin for ordll.
ory to flit the utiXplrt.id term "of Ithm.
J N. s I, deteaseid, lby 250 mapo"
Ity. lIlM Il aiothe nominee for the

Beautiful Women.
I'iuni)p cheeks, flushed with the soft
lw ut health anid a pure comnplexion,
a, ,ke all women betaottifui. Takae a
small do6e tif Herbkie' after ,ash
meal; it will prevent constipltiolt and
help digest what you itavt eaten. &l,.
", Mr.. WC". WM trouid, Midlothisti,
; 01 l wi lio, M i.. ;Ia ., li%', -*W chave
4 4itd Hibline lrh our fauiily for, ei ht
St. ai, d touatd it the beit medeiie
w,. 01iv0i41 for eonltltiSon, bilioul

bte0gwp dbO LOAA TIMS CARD evOther Q aftrmniie
s. D. AeNmi, Ats. o*m. Prm. An.qt. ST, AuW0UrmU LA.



Reveals the News and Facts governing
Studies underlying causes of Market

Reviews, analyzes and criticisef. ,t railroad
and Industrial reportS.
Has complete table of Earning-, of

(iuote,- active and inativeive st(wck-i 1 ld
Records the last .ale of Boiilds and tbo
yield on In vestmIIents tht l'rieo.
An.swel", without charge, infuirits con-
cerning Investments.
Un wll itdally riuitilkl THE WALL TRTIt.ET
.11 RNAl i U. IN Iwltrr quali l ed to intel( unii.yn ,
4Apely aniid prultialaly and to advl* l About 1iw .
e tithanl l oi Inlhod ilnoes t.

-rItll.JIi) IA IAILY iBy---
I)( W, ) JO ,E () C .,
44 Urnad .SlrMt, Npw York.
THE 01II ) tT if W!N A(ENCY I LWt:|. Ittm.. ... ...- .
(1i a Yar, $1 a ontb.


Alachua Pool Parlors,
C. Bur Prlprleor,.

-" 1
Ititatild iui the porter Bilpk, south
side- sq tre. Three first-clo ts bte.
04oAd llihtsf. and ,romlt snd 00Uttofl
oel -e. The pu4iitt it codioIii tisttIito,
sotad SIWSIA lo.
,, w .i li "1 "1 'i" 1 ; *' T :1 ', ' .'' : '. 1, 1


ST. T IIHAI'E11, rilp.
Corsfr (wrve ad tr tel treats,

PIouzs lal.

P.O. loiIlIt

v MttI. IA ,t"A,.i t WL. LA tS

* ' I Fr lt lt K :ill #a'' "*

..Worid's Fair ...
t 1 U UU1111' *,,. Tr|,, ,,I 1

$33.i90 ou Trip. $ O
$.6 ty days. 'wo


.;t.'r ti.r.,jwh A tca in uta ibDO gUl a or Vow i t a aCi Atih.yll t4.3h9 t.

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Swr.i IV e. ,i r ial Kite ial wd voMaOB sla 1l *otote*im wh lm ul w l '.sa ,
i .ti~i Sl mai whit.,e tlt ry, Lai..l.S x aw. T Mu. *w. ollyh, flielt .Isme
.i> tui e d ,,:.> ii, .,le Ii o a'g, a ape. m 'i. ol e i .'i,*i.!We llJ, t m .'" .
Ifl trit PIa w le(t4 r Ae*g .ao t Welt'WO v Vs.J m ttiikt .
Now".- ,

Gainesville & Gulf Rlailway
Time Taltle in ialeol J1ly 0, Sl .

Noil. 6 No. N .
Dac t Dily Dilly. TATION Sy..
0 .

. ML:' [I.M .M A. L- -A M A-.AM
7 45 ........... ............ Ftilr d .... ... ...
7... .,.... ., . .. ..." tIlamn.i .......................i .

... ...... ... i P ......... .....a .
St. ........ . ... l..... .......... .....'... ......
Sll ..... ..... ... ... t i0lla...... ..- .. ... ......
5 1 ,;...... .. .............. I w5 Pi .... ***,; .. a i.
a 1 ... .. .. ..... R. 4... .... .. ...........4

: a.,4..'.a .... -. ,j ih h e. g I!
. .. .. . .7 ... .s ..k... 0.... 11 o
10~ I, 1 8rL ...14@ a 41
. . ....., . . . . . . .... ..l 815 '. ; AL,.i...i .

, .. ... ..:... *0 U,
12 29....l 7 (0 ",..0 7 (i o. i ;
S *' 1 ... IA** U

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lD.1v., ..tio A4 l tla.. [ ,mL Of Wl[J J ^Ag

5W I;

lged *u4 ts. P., Tombled ypa*

|, :, '.':, ''

t i :, l '':
Swl pd a oop) of da. wil.
w lnast orme the or
~ea sclatle ords.b
| I Adf g i e

l I, 1. b luwCeesful t reveling
AI4MU f 0. *,. )grgravea
D-at Tf ,hlllrea .e pnlngi h
Siin.s ti uel 0 0 Ki
.t i fu s aolt rltora smene day.
;., Cald L.I toebarger
>( KVrwso S. b radley and P. Me
hlitley lat W iSISi forined a trio of
*tl)or Sto thettstyar spinal yeter-
iChal orlilsn of Teonma was
t$aI WitaiC so this ity ycqter'

", ap l 7dlete S b id mr
S t l I'efor epa fawold do
0. Z l0 wilu hold its re nalTr
hplasid eesetire ts the isads
Ait fm Baldr, Pilndelnr t 4
lkM6. 'A Ullt*raadbame is deslred,
Iltsnr of torl laIhtarne is to be

WeltiU'ts have been
4w pitn &*s Ahgw, groo'ers,

54 p r GoodwiB of the
Qesmpany t'he beginning
lis direeted to the change
ot Of rhtfer Bros., whiCh
(~~*-W*whwe Il t.le lIase. This
*t1k h5d fuIalltre, and it would
5y those in mood of sueb goods to
As it t asu by notice elsewhere

ive in^( lelaure walk of the
sqiure,wf Ih ow paylg a mental of
S per months and can be made more

MereauEndel hais returned to this
Ity front )llaitinre, rhiladelphia and
Mew Yorkwhere he has been for the
tliwt* weelk parehaiag his fall line?
ofelothig and gsnt' furnishings. He
tatM that a great deal of care was

brought here.

Attpentlol Is directed to the change
of idVertMnment of Oeorge W. Hyde,
h*el5 Big htore," wlteh appears else.
where In this isuea, Mr. Hyde is dr.-
ir.iata of lpliig hiis I elpgnt line of
stI-,r goods, n,, will oontinue at.
ridieiol pulsU until 'th line lsa
1ben eii u.sd. HeIs e xpecting his
fatllad winetertook in a short tipe.
and naePAd the room.
i HllaHttle fleolni and Alis Me.-
iataroeh,, employed as salelady and
miilltlnerh rlpxtitely, at the store of
leorge W. Hyde, departed yesterday
for New York, where they go to piur-
has fall and Winiter gourds for Mr.
Iyde. They expect to go via Clyde
Line froi Jaoksunville, and will be
S-hent--rii.t -hro.e weeka. iunda -4

', "^^ ^ ......... || - B >'" .. .... ik i" "t *

&, iw i<. prio.*,
o ~
O A. W. oapml, for manir years a
pwidin of thsfd (y, hit now nahk,
hisl h~i hapIqliArter4 t M i/ekstmiivle.
lapDndlni adAy or swo with hie farn
Mijor Shd l$re. W. L, F.loyd have
restaerd to thilr homue u th| oilty,
(ftlr svers| wankl *nt* ldlihtfhilf
|$ d*rbri ., 'T'he.y ejoyi' t he lbah.
Ing sn4 lhihng ery muhl, od wetr
,i tMl u'snteit bry he atrip.
ehool wdil1 ,pn In two week 'and
okil hdrien, il nod school t hoe..
We, hao jwui rewlved a complete tine'
of hool ,sehoes, ad invit 1oiU to viilt
our shoe dearaient ad exaliite
thin. We n, lis o i you ,god
vlune h low ha. 'l. 0. Splth,
C lr) isLf tu White Hptini and
l:u~l TI *1. 0./Kiilway. + ]lly|
limit' lfldays,8. Week .ud. golng
St lerd ysand a unday. returning
Meud1r folowlagn. $2.5., I eave
niaileli06.6. im..9 tll. d.ia"
i p i*eullion onul one dollr. ienvt
0 I'slle Silmp,. Nine houri t
atnd beo k me day.1 J. F,
H)LR i). 1 .
J.T.Prelval,whbol s now in Jack.
eonvelle, espetoe 1o make his depar.
(ure today for New York and Balti-
iOt In the lnterets of the Worthi'ng.
lon Hprina sanitarium and hotel,
snetion of which w mniade in The
BSn of Friday. He experts to be ab.
tetabout t*e dayts, and believe he
will earry the project sucqesfully
Mts. ldw*qrds of Louisvillle Ky.,
wbhoeac* t Mienap|yiiy c time ego
(o be trusted by Dr. Montgomery for
tbronai ovarian trouble, returned
home list Monday in a state of full re.
sovery She wee fn old patient of Dr.
donlgoinery'a some years ugre, and
when her health beegn to fall tli.lstitae
she mnd her huisbnd talked the inattsr
over end decided that it would save hI
olering, tit *nd s expense by eom-
lng to Mioanopy Instead of placing
herself under a specialist in i.outlville.



Matting and


We will move to our new
building, Southeast Corner
Of square, aLbo)ut Sept. 15th,
and rather than move our
Furniture and Matting we
have ticided to give a hpe.
cial ,sale for tin next two
daiys-Monday and Tue.-
day. We offer a tlu p(tr Cent
reduction on all Furniture
tnd itlttting. T'hi IltlOahis
a big saving to 1iyt t'r

itac Matting tfor ....... 27c
ht. Mat~tag .t' ilr. ",;t
-f * . I'
.r2stfi _i ': Ior. .. ... l- u

UI *u. Tle thI e ladie wish thesi a pleasant trip.
up-todats..,l Anid Otn down
at I" 0*snon.lad Thisa
Tam Woori-a Alato.Ari c h 3., |.--l .oer- *- Chair.
5wojqqra of a faw ityf that lihae beie cured uo kidney
iB Cad' In Ala na. ad bladder troubles by H rall' Oroat B
igdtiltbthn. Disoer2(et. LouSt ndI un a olly $20 Bed Room Su
l a of o mwt n dit. Ratt. L. B. Pir<,-. -1,, .. ** "o : 0 1 ,
;*'.. +' ^'/l~iiB o~nor 1' i'u11 i t '* *- i-)- n '. 1 1 'at* '""''' !
l4as eparsed yss. *' A Thia Wonder. L
f w,. h, will 91. emall botSe of the Texa Wan line Eethz ,r
.o4i. r o ti o. kidney and bladder trouhi remove. Od in plain fitu
N iIn y' 1ab *emilaJ *in.o./. 1.' 1- -
4 ti 5ad l Ilrreg lrltl ie" of the h .id 'n lea wi-h it
4 sayp^ ancid bladder tI oth men eastneed asyualanin In thel I
SWssbydr troubles ln ts lun e. We ha.' ,
45a*weteta i a*b 1 op reesi t., o 5
) 11# m ll i s le stoatils' threat

-. aum .mI'll 1

i the line.
<... ,.. 91e

its... $18.00

v edin a ove
ing is mark,

he, creed if yet
larrittw i It yw
big teck.


vi as, ud MiltL. A, Padgets tad ahil.
oIBh 0ri'nilsn, where they haYv been
reioperating for the past few weki.
Th also visited the World's Fair,
and report a molt delightful trip and
outing all round.
., (I Roth, the l popular North
(iripsvrllle painter, lhas' r turned from
SvTsi to bhis old home at Mumantseburg.
1 a., yhaer he speist aehit tin pleas
anuy with rhlNtivw and old. k iuitualit.
ane, lie repourtk the people of thai
5etion oonaeldrall inttreitod in'
Free to Mthi:rs--A ls x itt Dr,
Moffet' "T hin" n'li'etiRig 1'ow.
derri wi14 be sent with out charge to
any mother wrltinr Dr. 0. J. Aloffett,
Hit. '4ouis, Mo., g9iti7i tiu nStin@ of her
druggls unbt keej ug "Teetshina"
Aid dietlon regulates the bowels,
ovrcoonmers ani eounteraetsthe efects
f summtr'a heal Rnd makes teethinir
Poctor for First Time,
The friends of Mrs. J. 0. Toiwn*end
of Eat Gaine.ville will be pleased to
learn that she hs ahnoe~ recovered
fro nas attack of fever whioh eon.
lined her to her room fur sovuralday.
Mhe has bten constantly attended by
her ldy friends during thil ordeal.,
which ihe appreeiate.
There. l something remarkable re-
gardlin this lady's illness, in that,
notwithstanding hie is now in her
seventy-ll(th year, not until this timq
did she evor common a physioian.
She has enjoyed eucetllunt health dur-
ing aIll her life, and ias never before
confined to her bed loInger than a day,
and tlhen only with Iuome mild indispo-
Mre. Townsend is a native of Kain
sac, but has resided in the South vir-
tually all her life. Hhe has been for
many years a resident of tiainesTille.
alsn4d iight uasily be classed as one of
thllis oitly's oldest iahbitanti.
Accident to Good Lady.
The friends of Mr.. J. 1. MleKinstry,
Jr., were surprised as well as pained to
learn Saturday morning that on Fri.
day evening she was thrown from a
buggy, resulting in the breakiug of
her rikht lower limb Just below the
It appears that while Mrs., IeK ien.
stry was attempting to turn the ve.
hicle the horse made a sudden luine.,
throwing her out. .Shi was take, to
other home, I(M East Main street, N,,
wl.ere I)r. MoKinstry set the wounded
No serious results are anticipated
front thii misfortune, and the friends
of thiis lady frust that lhi will socic be
fl|bi St. Augustine Mission.
'Ihe schpol of St. Aigiistihee's l;pis-
copal Mission in this eity will be
opened by Rev. J. SneiKht. the teach-
e'r, :30 o'cluek |Monday liiurning. It
is kindly asked tha! thoLse who expect
te.attend lthe school at this sesion,
will be present at the opening exer-
eles, ,as it is desired tt orKganze the
school the ii rt day upon th hbest
system to accomplish go.d and- rie.
eeseful work.
Monday Will be Holiday.
Tomorrow will be a National Imli.
day; bltfug l.nabor Daty, whin the I nitd
4tlate lacid ufltie, |,ostitlh)|e. asid benks
will lie uteled. lThe poetullice,. however,

K :;:TI::F.:TMEARI ......2 1

U ndertaling C0,1



l'r6i I it 4'l Otia1 | lI t o l i ate.' in
lhi line. Mall and tel rale, ordelre
promptly attended to.


* honida

,,,. +MOUMTS
ITDU~ Asi liato. Ef'

and the Latest Stvles


Fine Fadeless Foto0grafs
From Locket to Life Sie,.
Hifhfh (irtdl Copies a 8p.


Di) r.Ol.Tl'gItN Oi., i 'O-l'AI. T.Vtil'N t i'
Th) v lld iJ It>l 1iti rii ttl',rll t J, |l + ]'ii ht h. ilil i)iy ,1
Sio, ,'il. Iii rinrPo r honn. t '. wII tlil,' )n' o l; .
11,uh Csiidl llrul. Tin, tI' i,is l e wli l l i'r'.i]-, i
+:, .I A.f~r~ l l .i i 1. I~t )I~i [ nl'R il.r ,
I""'; ,Vh!,Ii~, At M oI,' KI..
' li~ vif I I~. Id.'ii;l(


Opens September 19. 1904

wi:l obtervt the sintul tiuilHday hours, 1 .
and the public will br verinu( ag.ovr -
cord gly. EDU I
Board of Trade Meeting.
A renular mneloting of thlat Board of
Trade will he- held at the counl *I
ahaeinbr on Monday, the 1th inst., at ..
i pi. it. I. Fl v e.'
For Sale. I I
T'lwti whole blm'k Wk th. iii) h i ih il.i in.
Itesr Iitire walk to thne.ijiart, coie
thiniig two buildings, mninthly rental i v i n g
S$, mnd six building hiots iCiti. The 1
tnotL vhluabh piroperly now onl the- 1i,,t it
a.rke ,t. A r.at4.d iep .oriu.ity fuo 'r i ] t l *."
teeth 't, Aiply to ths oill ft r itrife -
marn>loe if y;ou eean lieusiais. dawiw ht

Tihe Gainlesville

Undertaking Co.
Carry Co.nplete it.ln of
JCaskets- atnd Collins
Plant to0 Flust it Prices to Suit.
.P'-hftt uetal tloyer t~ent~rK Citffloiwem'
Oin iorlwi.wr. ~~. rins (it aiiint. *t'o
*HtrtraruMe-eew Os mte.B HOUses. rein. andl
hiilmt0al tcr UO>f t4.t d nt i tes rmse *




Thomas Hard-. p'-.; i
wars and Seed .= J- *
Company, we. JJ
will ftorl the I. ;J
next Thirty
Pay- se ISt
Any Goods in the Store at Cost.

The etek iMmfI Iw reduit. Neow is the
tilm to hIy PriIHrei. Ioes .
I'aiatlL, or aoythlhg in ouns'
liar, 'heap.'


'''I ,,' .

~i -
~ estursed
~a*t ~ee~a,
~ wI~l ipead linac.
~*'she will re.
*5 of Oe~ge
5*50511* Legiw.

Cad tqw.~t 4w
~sM&s where
ICIPEiS ~5wd5y5.

~! Q~bb4~ted yei~
~a#a4 a day ec two With

~ fghl, aI~Irs of Howard


Title: Gainesville daily sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: 09 5, 1904
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID02255
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 32994415
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lccn - sn 95026977
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Preceded by: Daily sun (Gainesville, Fla.)
Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

Full Text

"' ::..~1.*. 4 '<4'~~'~ '~~* 444~ ,>~44*44

:-:' ~ -:;I) :-~( ::i::~:: :~ I::. :'1i~:; i:'r rl' ""!z-;-

^' ^ **.. ....^ :.^ 1...' ; l*.l:* 1i 1! *^ i t '* .. ..'^ *'
L* .v ^ '- .. 4 ;.: *'*' I ,' \ + 4n. '**r 1- .. *" *^ 1 n C t1' '
4'. 4 44 ,4. ...44,.




terrific Engag
Nearly '


owttls Was Cou
Nilhtfall and
play Was Des<
n"utIful and A
St, Pt' orsltUr 4,
****A delayed iitst
Meos.'lilg1r Iroll I
of Au& 31, al ',.
thwee ilsays' iltiil
Thbe 414 1s1x.'.L

a llriv il li, flithU

i troli t lilil 01iC
rtld 1tft(4' ll4' t'1i

0 th rallr (r id Tli
whenll I ( li .lil sitL
S Fi'r:ng W

fi M 'l h 1'. '" dn ,
S .al l

W". 4l i t i' .'i
r. | U (I r

*41'/ '.i'( :I 'i I 4 *i.'
of <- t';V i ,i ,

ILW', wi
uf l.' .. .- :.
* f u th ^ **. ,; .

N(.) 173



ineont Lasted F
r4ree Day;s.


ntinued Even Afll
the Pyrotechnic
cribed as Somethl
Spl. i ,-.8'o0 a.
iclhI toI Tili Offic
,i4.o VangK nder di
. 'iiit' de al1ls tf I
1i 1A umi1 Als 249

4:.vt 44n 4144 44

,6 1 T4 t Nh* iI'-1oba
l4lli 144.41'444, luu i \ < l U
4Il il i 44 l4,4 ltoi l l u4 1
l~i':.i'l ,i sl l lll

!. ; t \'4 Idbn i'M ( ;it
.:',:; i nl4i4f h li' 1 W

as. T eri ic.

4. 4i f Ii i 1

* . h, i ri2'

*r 4 ,, .I n ."
4 . I ,. |

tl '4 . ,, .i 4. 4,4; N

t rl !y i i 'n. V!:' 4 .
1i244 r llt,4!i 1 4 i'i'' . ,. ,
t +a" tt ,1 4, 44 .\ t*,. ",. I 4 4

411ni (l .'; lni4 ; ,,' 4,4; 4",4 ., r.. l

Li r '' 1'- ( ,4 (r r4"4 '4 4. .. .. ,, 1 :.
i I i a\' 44 | 1 444 ; ? i.1ii;';,

S il t11 i (

Grand Sp.4c I
.,^ +' 'T tt, lll~i t )* : ;

44 .i 44 r''

'8141i4l,;i.4l 4.y hl'. l ir4 . 444 .-
b' ilk il l; '44 ,44 4,* t ... .. ;| '.
"t li 4 4 4.4.' .i ;r "; . 1 '4i ..i

iiZ lhLU 1 4 .1 ,- ,.i,.. :i 4',
S, ,

ofif alr'i,, t' i ,", '
14p 4 ,,) iIL.4"4 ..:,.' '" *" 4

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i 1l 414' A rt e i, 1tt.i' T, 4 l 4 i],
4l btli'r"4 4;.h i4 -' 4 .' 4 4 .] ,i, .,'
Ita l (li ', 4 4 i4 4 ..

Sq rti': : :and ,\ i ;" 'i

141 i 's ui go *
i b ,

4242. ...4 1....4 .,.. ...t;. i if rill; |M IWATSON:- FIM FIRSTS O-

s"x"""'""'... '1 'PERSONS AIE "'""." """ IN TRINl ,,WflS
44,444 9444 i t4I'. l o'1r I..l4 s'li4n "" Pt plWe's Party Candidate. for Pr ident
LE Mr" 4 : "": 811"tf ATH 'e T.-- FIVE UrEO
44 44...,
Thi1,, .i 1atrt' W lpi .tr~ 4 thllnit vlir. _....d g WoSd i o4 llthrlr4 ied thuf t hb ll of tla 't he
.4n1sly x..ll I I u !t '.l (.iiin.in, whi.'l'i oi t repreomentativei last nliht to t '
01or io'y i-'f.+i 44 ll4i 4'ti j.(, Yangll r4an.' Oil Explosion Caused Holocaust bear the liuntil eamoinmi *I ofin 5pWoh el W09* S 0v U4 Ar
,,'i ,l i,,, o4 1 4 I Town Iu O'bi T)m W. Waton, .p1pp ,' O ras finto it

it iiarliy. ,e. r, f loir s illss in h ae Th* iPpiera h wall regarded i a m sL.O
IL f!i01 1' it fI1h i1211111. i n urt. LIST OF THI DEAD AND INJURED. terpie.e of polit'.ael Oratory, and at N PLRYO I `I7
( t t t f o lf !i .l> V ln at 11 o<.'llk Thurs. Ir~" n frequ ent lntervalr the .peam kr was la.i t ls i, *'
itr ay4 i4 lefi l5444n ar dawn today Sudden explosion Gets Fire to Houte terriiptel 1by cheri a that all butl
ils. 'ritig ti, lt"i'.1i4.1 towards Toi- and the Inmatas Were Unable to, itk the thick wail of Utl capitol Train Cow that Hadl drt 4 t ,:
t'. hilt, I 1l ligt t' will evere. Make Their E Ipe, Being Caught ,' l4 t a uos TranTmiNtS .

Th l'JaSpanw c4a4alt In the l.li,4 Like Rate in a Trap. p"' shi ia ls to t; <.
54 hlaai 44 41n ,,ii4n( i1,v'e not4 yet heen Yallow ('rtek, O., tept.$.'3.--81 Wl3lidpg, MW., Selpt, l'S l
hl e.hrt4.,'tai f' rtCi44al4y h Ii aniltlunced pertonll u re Ilrt' icid' to deltlh t l al Pl wo re killed oil n t Ibe Win I
iAtu Ihitl thly will i44W t I'e'l 10,04)40. four htrrl4'4, Ijni'1'iJ Iby a lire aa10. Ihllilted4 t St Talul i lat lsg111
hI -...- -- oil 4,.xlho1 .,iih4 h.lt. ,' a'rly tuoly, Thi. 'rh! (3l17 i'rdetaIU ll adoly Isd l .
No Confirmation, dsat: "10e )tt4, Mof l e1 1 :
Pirl4 t :h p. 7.:i .Thbl foreign office lrs 14f1ry iI tliim l iand two thilldren The Injurted .i rs, S ,J
Itii hi 4. no 'cnftri: n 4 o4 f ti1he reports of Thit,-r o i'llo .'wn M .a. (14old.g, wh wiereo ta t0s 1
It ), t I 1.i) ti I,,, lnl.othln of I aoU Y n,1. TI he Injuir : to Ma itt'Nis Mt r.IIrt' .o t
te !,.r i ai d'lv l, .1 1 oltt ial R et v. .1i th : o.. ha that l 's Bm s, bo

;it 1 );on to, r on 1sakdon t1 bl l et + U t
S 4r ) lt I 4l 44 !,' il4 4ft. 4 'ndadwo w tmp eretl TlllJ or 4 ofi'r w s :l O'r tOn, dby' T i PW(144.oa p'.l
444,, 4., 444;44 '(t..(.l,|,! I 4, ('4i4' r 4u44 hli li llK.,, 11W E'S. 41 I'J4r .M
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144 in ;4t4 li.4i t is e.44edf, Wm temporar(, ThK4 hlU.i,' ,4 r 4 h4 41 warn fir. l by the Tsinwopll t1 llntill'." tlp '
!ly ly ab. al%' n ld4, a%' Kli'r'laillin believed' etret, i.inp .t l t4it4 it li'.,i i h a'gt iel 1t1 Upon t4Ilgtll. t14 w
fill, tli,' ih.lftiiu I 4 1.41 4.la 4 N-a14s. would poer, fir' to l4i, t' o' f a l4 1 i t ll, 'Ur the t i. m fet t bt u i P dtA we' l
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,.f co:i'itimand r will Ki'nlpi t revert v i ichl w\441 full ifr oilr learn th e 45 ( ia *tti tilhe g
a 1Y his 1ir.i' plmil, itiIa,444 ,f ff"cli4ing a com.' ll 4'1or 4 thl ...'i44i.4.til of the house Thio' tV op,. hlo'i1 *4lM
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4.144 lit o4 illi4ddl (i t t 4i h44 4 l e ea.- Frne Loss of $120,900. Ciurlns ai t l, I'o''hl'h harp, '',
;4i' 4,4..' 4 444. 4 n 4h,. 4'i i, g Yniii ...nv 24, I 4 '. Fire tJ. 11 t ;y .U 7: '(1cl k t4i44 hall of thiet Ie an id NialihVI e Jh t,
t',:4 i: ,mi ', '... + .os..o i,, :,.,1,.. t l <24? i 4 ,4n4 h.i4 ,l:' ...l',4 the ,n"1 il4( O f r4 ,,tf. allv . 1Vi4. f4ll4 i .1 bo4" KboxvI ll, .Tpii t'Be t*;:i.
4'. t4i-. .\'i i ,'.ui atlt lal '. I.' 41. n pl nti of th" s trui.lh 4 Irilan el' con.th 11' .lrl*4k ofthI in Ita1l l t a44 t> gaele l r *tlt to T i) e 'l'in i4.4'i
oii. ii*.* t i .*..: 10l 4 !rtli l.had t.ilwe,,, ,t 'I* i il\r'. nheilil. oSpr kl.t tf Th l i tkld thrii h tho mas (if pt pl or Ky., nW' in ., on Sanl M i Ii.t ii t $1 t ts i t t >,'t-i, ,vtlMh .>i oil t 1 t*,i1t' Wer' U 1(t.o 1'ns) delegate A freigllht train U ll tl 'lM V A
44 4I. ( r ;., i.- ,4,44 4 ,,., 11,. f -. ii4'i4 4 tit 'h'4 '4I.< ii4li4 5 i'4'on c iit .n C t ntion, Ma Ih4e ri llo d. 'tain t a t Me ll
i.i ..,44,, .. n'i;i.i'.o i ; i Ih 4. 4ffi a:, ..,.....-........I... 411q. hit lf w4s4 i >l, h4m t i S 4ai 4le imll" Ct, In Otighl, rp o. V a.L B as t ige
4.44o 4.41'' 4or 4 4444m.4l II
4 .,; 1 .,'1' r ';:. 'i i. I li a u MONEY PFiENTIFUL IN BANKS. the afllf"'1rtl IiI, in.ghlt., ran into w hiboUt' (&
W' ', .\<,:' t i>, i>W;:'.. - T'hi.r'rf w' re W "l4 < for 1nt 4 fl 4 s ilabo tsthialf l ri t Sptring VY.. I... i ;
44; ....... .. l -14eo'fgi Banks Are More Than A4ls Utho-2 ,' 44 rilin''l4-. 14' 1l-.l'11H l *r 14 ,4,14 t 1 (11 I trIl, was wwrec,,kl P r4i ir.ima :
LIAO YANG IN FLAMES. to ,.eet.At, D1 mandan. h. ,i4, 4pr4.444s r t ..... .... \ ,~~l. I r, from is !) r) flw iiKg throlil i44 ,Iorwny' The "IPlagman OWeus ere dsaag.ein".
444 Ci sy Is &icid To Be at the Mercy of !)'14 4 t. I.. t T. t *'fl t h1t '1 liiJ'orty 4'>( 11.4 ',>4, l ii4 l tA.i.. ut but 'hurt.
SJ a Ge G.o.4 Cl.on!4aigration. i! 4 lhi.- 11 4 44-; t ti 4 i4 w<4r4 tr.lt' 414 .4 t4. iil 41e at 44itiil4t i ,1' of W0U11 i4 ''
4 ''.I, I 11. ,; ,> 4 i. i, t! h4444 I, I t (> i'A m,4 .4 4 I '. .4' i' i 4i4i4 4o I2 4 'l4. p4 1 't2 lt .. .. - .-

V. r.' **. l4.4 a 1 :44 4 ,I c**.4 v .14 ;,ra I'.*(*'; .l,'ii .* d1 4.1 or a 11' thiil "- '~ -- -"
, n .1 :i n .;i. Y :. iK ih 4 (>r.. . :, i; i' n h' i.4 ih WOMAN'S ARRP E8T.
.4 C. *-'.*.4 .n.U ;l' Ia .I, .l 4! ] 1 4444 4.i';''' 4!,4(.'*' 4'* 4. .l' 4*l'.4''':4r4' 4*.4444 4144444 B*4- .l. D..l.4. r-, -g Ia>.. 44..lt


8aid tha1 Gir 'a Refus;al to Accomparn)
Hiin Ca.iu.d the Act.

4' iun.,.4 a t$
14. i '4 I I,4 4 4.'i1

4 1 '4'' t 24 r
' U (I 4 4,. 4 .ii, l 4

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4, 4" ii 4hl .4,. 444

i ii f t 4 4 i s44 4i

: t 4 h "li y

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V.' :. 1. ... I ,i .: 4 i fir'''i 'h . . 4 ..
fro il + l'h h i'. i : i 'rit vuil

Injured by Tcrrnado,
l. ir(4',...-.. \ .; 44 ', tb hr pa er.

4,i4 ', 4 i, 4 '. 44 4 ; ''44 4r4 r. i4444 t]'r '
!4 '. ; tf4i' l, ,; '' i '.'"r, 441 |icr4tll4 4,
44 "4 4,,4444 .... ,*. 4 4 .4 t5!44i4444
( 1 ' ''.'l, 44'4,'4 i'i't '; 4i \ 4 ,V',2

T44l4e. StOt Down by Marshal.
'444. .4'. 4,4i ..4., 4 ;' \
A > ia .44i'4;;,,: I'Ii ll', ' ' 4 t ' I r ,1 T ucl i' r i.

4. 4'-4it4M.. 4 54 4i, n II.. 4lII4'I 41a
t,'<1 ,i,'r 't> 4 ', ti,4' 4 '''4' 4li 4l 4,4il 'li4''

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I:; ;, :' i ,oriv .., ,! 4n r 4I tilir
li.. 1 t o j 4 It 1 11 (!o;li4 < ,f4 'ir4.1 'I f.
I'. l l' i i ll .il, 411 1 ti llu!

(,I m44I h 14, 444 it it l i'of Icoir e'. re.
.44 4144 li N'. 0 1. 4 4144' 1 4 <. .. I ;ll u.hnts
4444< 4.4 : 4 1;4i 4 ';;, t 4Im I l 1in il4maiiinA
A;4 22444 d I.11 1. A t1tI a 14 I NNerw
T,, A:Fs'iairshl ii ,l t fr*o l
')4 ; 0 i 4i4 4 4iiuni 'i t r l ill'-t I' late l1
N. .'. V'4';t l4 !l: '4 .ir i'4, ", 44.1l :',14 pl (
r r a .,i 1 I Peian
t', ; .; ti'',.i" hi 'ti v;.as, >' If Oi;i' ('l? ia iIn.rl'li' '. >r, l igr. at i., (i of tn ont'1
.t:htq' Ii 4' i 4i4, r 4i nitn it I 4 gri at d( 4fo
.4 i t.< -4," f'; i'v.r I i4t' n tllw ith-
'4i. .4:,: tihl tl r + ': r:i 4.+' 11 rlAO 't. lth
4'.144 1 a. 44. a. "i ,i;4 $,;4 l4t n I th4 l>4 o ll
r.,. .o.' 2*' rn'4r4,h tv4 n,v fri4 ,i, rl 4.e t

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+4,4 I'4'41.1);f1.4 IT nT in't.l t-,'4"i444'm'fi,+ "'-4-
,,i ths. 4 4,4i 44n 4 ',IM llris'. >i .*'juirt1
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N n :,; ; &' t, ii l',, ih8h ,) d il t I '..7i.N, I> A4
4. 4 4 4hi 4 4;'','.4 4444'424ll 4i44.. itn linn, rp .

44.44.4 4.. . ,4 ... l'ho ... y. A4,,4,1,
44 I ,J Ih, 44 $: 4 4 lll r. I. 4 44" ar 144' (414' 4 4i 4,4 4 44 <, 2'1".1 i (ii >
U, 4'' 4r4445 4,4, Ih al-, *. 44. 41 4" 4w1. 41 1 1 14 t> .' .i 4 1
Fl n ta:' i r ;' ii *t ," a.t l

. .' '(;< ... . .. i 14. '4 4' ' .
Cal4h rland ,nI .
,, .i n t Ins (ofl n hO si llll l t iN h red, -ntly In

>', 4 Tin' 44 4<44i.44 t, h Itth Strikers Attack Union Man.
I,', f 4 i V '1rk, ,pt, 4- f4 wi4ar Arme*
S*... I 4 11444414. n in 1 r a t'h' , ih 4 i Qo f a
,4psm Qi ttl 'to Soutt America., 4a4. 1i44acik 4n 4h404'.' .rikr 4 ympti
'"' ", ", 4'* ,o ', 4Th oiwitt4i4 *.
4t4i : *' ,'' '" 4. 4 L .4,44 'L 4 4riinit4,fl4l a 1i 2 4 4.4al 1,4h, t 4'., il 1'4,t 4 i4,4 '4mi~ tl. ln ('t,,,
S. ;. ". .. ' 4 ",' .4. 4'.l 544 .4t14 '41 ',tll4'414 '4l4t4l4ier k*nif44 111 144'. (,i$tl 1t(1
., ;i 4 T4 1444, f ri.ii 4 ffr Q v;.4 11 ?fi :l4 44 4-'r.l w 1.!
0 ,1 4 4 . t.' 4f 4 4hi4a4 14il 111' '1 l .'45. are ,I'
,.' .. .';, ,. i ip'4 4 h4 l tlI ..t*l, w il ,r tv.'r. 1M4 a6,el ln',
Ou rv l win ae t


Rapidly Settllng Judgmenta Reder 444
Against Her. ,:. "';

nvvwa,3 recuid, se., o, ues u .
In New York. V'ahliil(Kton. 4iipt. 3.-Velseellh ;
N, l' t: ; .. .The a rrm ,t dolg hbetictl r Ithiln was ex).po*ted t 1,
1l1lrn4c4i. ltnr4 4 44i 4 ni a;l 41s 44. tit. l u:. of h1 j4'lllr snta i 0.04t 0m ..t,;.'.1 t r4
,.** \ ,,!, <1 ut I>'" .,l, ,, .. .. '" ,, I 44! Vo4 T, he ti 4wi im4t4 ,., ; ars. old 4 a 1i fii "'t'til l tBkinig 'ten ye'l 4ltl'
a 'i4 4444 4 44p4er44, ih ii: 4 ,4 hrlr Fpl''iit4 4 '-4i ;, lt 4l 441' 4 tlis of tlhe.' l1(Mi 1 poZ legtPlli, "m
''--;t.,. 1.T 'll .o T',,' 4,,f )4'i \ k\ -41. 4)4+ Iirltalln., (erma4 ny RM ;,lad u h -.

!l. 4 i .... ii...,' 4 i : 44, i,4,4. ,.'44i h-!, I e. d <1 i>fuIl i(i allt.lwn al Htu !r"w. ..ai +. U ; |
24 2r4.i.44. ihr'o\41; 444% 444 lliy 1, lr4li''ii '4'r .i 4 ll 1 4tm" lt 4i rtn r'e ire2 l '..' "I''
!a' rW l irii, i I, \.;i ai( i, :iti uand sitic lile u l i to af r t, ill ftqt il billllie o .
11 i v e l l i l ah ed. ul l w ii, a l t t W i t p' 'L
VA ihs m.t 4n 4t4 4, 44.. 'i444 Il .i uaml th l'4 rl .a'hnutint a4r4v.i4e,
l 44 r in it h4 .u4 l (X Ilkr l C r r It Or''li Il t4l' clatof1 ll( 1h t.f (l, at,, 5 4 :p p '

,111 : I ar ,- I-,:i! ,' 4 24ri, 4o re r ers will h be d4 cl li4 i, i .thib ftp
a )0.. i 44.' ,.4 1i w%'4,.4,, :'ivat:ly 44tlil 5n44 utslf i-h*lt yeart.s a5tor t tht* l l d y .all t:l;i !
Avvli4 mo'lw 1 .i t ile h, 'r i po l N i L' .. :' :'id : ",4
*l4. 'to 4 ir4.. r? iin4 lir UT'r t it4i re1. M(Blins(er Bowet l>tf inaite thisi, m *
f'w4 i'/.,1: i4r4 4 i4 t.' ulit tl ncliiy fl ' t t 1 1 t5 t 1 i. C!l t lh t ti* p .:.

'l,'<<, N ro i <'i, io 1 h+4.41. 't~ M l '" 4ill ot 1 !1r.,f r 11 it of Afi g t.stA t l iltlibe prse ld ti '.
( ti'.1i+ b wa red|l' K>>~s, i t l I (l i .Ce tral "th dilt d rttaterneht of t i .& ^' .:+;
parll ain li ri.; was rdrm I'tI by int- n4 1 ,t1 h i I 1450 vi4 i ltat m tUt bl tht;4. 4
K44 \.4 ' ii .; 4 I44 ,4'44,4 444414 21 l .ii '1l4lx4l" 4 '4. m l4.)hnM. .. .45, .41 0'... 1
2 i44 4 I4 t ;!. 4.. Dfhi-.4h1 i < lh 44 t !4I4 I0 JIi l .10 ;., Ia.t4 h e h1I4 l t b ;1 4: 4
5 .4442 2 44 )..-4i. 4 4 .4 4 t444 4 ii2 mr, t 444 l +a) '. p 124 l t arrs 1. I~ l0 are stil l. (0 -
,it 4 .4., 4 l.l44; lln .' i .nilig 44, .1iy 1ii441 l+4 i, :llvi4erf, 4 t'i.,a d h e. ir5 .l4(dlll i 0 W ;/l i ',.4;..
ahitl ni.'ii.l hi,.- ,o' tihl ii t inJ 0l! fi'1t ni rT4. 'l 4' 1 :,' ,i14414tlto( it. I I t r hir t 1 hiI 1 44illl251 re'wll, ive Al "21.ii': 4
I 4 n i 144 oi i n-a iiii! t1 il %:114 f t 4 4' W t A r I .
iTO i t "it
t,,r4 ;,.4 l 4i,)'i4 .i ,. ili,l cani 4s44r44 I1i h"' b4'44.44 4li 44li44' a.2l4l%'sn> i 0On' San ilJuan island They Will I *
ri4n I -n4m asmnolate NiptoewI t ti evili
_frreii,,J. i*ftiii<:i nvl |Vi r;';l, ,, Se m,.,ct'pt. '" "

Lumber Plant Burned. : I iA le hy. .of the I.t-R alO,'
A. hh ir ,til ( 1I $ (.,' :!.- A. tldai 4 orf1i4 A I'..t W nii4 i n. 14h51atll 1 ,' W siah. I i,'beu "
firs ai i4.h,' 411rii',! .i '4. l 4 ,'i (t' o, colnfi rr1isl with thbe Britlib Coltatb a
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