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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: 07 17, 1903
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02137
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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A * *'7%~** *-Sr*-~ ~rq U
*~ *1 r* *%*I' .1,1. I U rt '* -4 '-4 I'~~ r.L~Arni%5.~cI J.~uc t
iy:4"3;r' ~ ~"2~' ~ 1~l~ Ph 'V 'Cl C y .i : i ~L~*
..%i i ,'... .4 . .-. I 'I ~'** f*~* ~* , ..~i h'I ~4I~ ~ 'Igg
4 ,
ri .,~. )~J
.. L \t ~ "I%4' I ~* * ** *1'~ ~. .
,~r* '
I. t ~f* I -S J I *
I '. PS
L ~1U
. r' r
~ %
I * I ~ ~ ~.a 5't~ ~
I a ~ ~n ~

'. V ^t / ;. .*': *^ J-i. ^ '. ;. '* 7' .' '
*'" r" '". r I ." 1"' *'

'I I l

"I **"


I..- *.~ ~I~"~- ~ .- t--~"~-*'-* .--U- *.It~-..'=.-.-.$*~. .



*U~-*ftI, U- ~ 'U~=* U~I U~U. U IU~~ .qI.~ 4

- . PW--




him ti
I Xle m:

In 6sto

"_-- -_. -.__- i,----

FOIdwod N*egro Rapist Thr
Seven Countiou., 0., July t16S-.-Et C


I ago,
part o
Of 50


I Itt35F0
was v
ed po'
do no
life, b
doaf e?

01)1a fis

who assaulted M)Ia John-
l)arden Junctlat, several
WHa y1r3hod In, 1eK *-so'ith-
f the county Tutestlay by a
men who had followeld- litti

iyB thrtugli the ewmtups of the
alta and the Otmutlpee, chtalu81
Rough soven eotnties. I
negro was captured after his
rhasa early Tlnoadty minornlng,
Lob cRaB uie u kitim while salnep
watIL). Ho wats toll of the rato
ro for him afnl given only a
time to prepare for tidoth4. Their
declared his j1k 11ii0COSo. but he
voll knownI to iumboinhers of tho
a(id to MIss Joltinson. ho (Istt-
irlvely that tho was the erli-nial.

h1 iIw. thRIt his
good .1he boftgan 1
%it bim prtyers for
arab *
wam swu fro
Wils Swtltl frOnli

to beg

SWou Ild
for his
fell on

treeo by. t ropl whih a lt lmober Of
the pose had )en21 currying every slimet
the search for (lttun hoIgan last Fri
day, Aftor he. was Mtiapklt.IIdoJ IeuIII-
berm of the mob OIpt9oi3 firi with pin.-
tols and winchosttra. and thk litmgro'4
a.body wasa riddltl with bulll.t.,


W. 0. Steele Disappears From Home.
Foul Play Suspected.
AtithiltJL,- July 16i.-R-W4 GW S.ltool, a
pr4 1tul11'nt l i0. 1t rnIt f U caEiAur, taT ,
hasn bIeelnn nxiituig ine yo PVtotr(1y at
nfou, and li faridly (ofars tliat ho iian
mot wtilhi foul llny.
Mr. Stoclo ruul a lri. storetw In ltD.
catiir. :irt (j (,fliQ$ t) 'A tlaltiia ovory
day to nmilto a tjt.posit within tho Third
nati t :t;al alfl (Ilt I( torday Inrnrihlg with $215. Th[it ) bi

depotsted In tl
lat 12 o'clock,
Od Ills montiy I
H(hC Mr. Steulo
to Ilsl boimo d
he dd tnot re
wal thought
FmlObt ailing of
ai a AUj

lio ThlI.rd lttohifl Ibatik
Thef toillor who rc'ely.
I Lho ulat maii to lihave

wajin to havo rotut'ned
It o'c lock, h ut whon
Ii lrm prumlitly nothing
of It. ns ho had sald
$tal)JIJnIM to ma&kO Aonip

aJ L .-


p ==I

1 ~ ( WI -L'* ~
... .1,*
~ ,I;. I . I *
I** I L.. I I *~'~
~ ~

14 .-v. -

hi 1 Jd4 drriI~ 1**
p~~~fl~IJI 'B iv

1 o- - -

&~ t


ra~~ ~
1* F *,***~


.- .i* 1 ,

,A ;.A.L, i,'J .. : .
J 4'
Silk 3iInfltotsr of Wine

i ,',' -- .' . J, i
... I P
w. *'0 40'. .q 46 46. R

Noin, 154cko.
0%; Igt Inpl1*rS*^
I# Reqfusd tot ,Halt Rt

04..i.. from ..rin
.I'rotbt to Ianehv L Iv weIt

9-Mwapha Bat 6 at Iaw
I r, on'Jt40W hur T ai.d as morn0
Wn a ae w0 .0tee, OF.l

d-.d ', f te house,
Jrt h 'by liberall qtaneIty efd
if-:41wine wwhIeh he ooairns to
*I*.l jShis^4 from a,- niker In
M Itri' 0o0ty i, N-oahoe ields. wast

.O of Mr.
ft*. noou#1 T0ursdsy mornhad he
'|lthe" absenthe or B te, orpheu

""' "" "''' w"" i si ,t m''e a
i-;' 'a everybodyy :t of 4e houba sea,

|||^ Orof he" home oawe
.i *t hloh ede Hibo atdel undresied
p P ~~i W it.toasbed .

r'ng up"on tbe good fapr' d of Mr.
I tohpwegro, 'ithor no seoone had mell

0~g aP crow'. got, a whitto h
ditleddown In .the armsof Morph eus

^fcder,^ ond wade Ia bold dash o ut the
lt1ott1v hir^b at ~as Wt a
n snooehi ht, woulhm and after a
"i$ ,tSi."or .btouk IsW tke bato hkseat,
the OwDer pf the bowne came
Iqpo the sco' rende, Ze had aeen pprtaked
>ot wheee intrusl 4aind prouredp a shoL
1i ;t5i' The negro, with a sense of smelt!
W11 rtotfbt04 t* aS Oow, gOt a whiff of, tihe
V o6yWet, and made. a boi&dash outhe u
^. '.'- .' '. # ".* 'r '
.;&.! itft toot forliberty,. Mr..Bates was s
;" .'yards, behind-him, and after, a
y2* t~tleffort to bsdw~eehim to halt,
diik'i,4',thQ load otsmall shot striking
"i,"Jjp nthe back. This-w'as a Buffiolent
'rity yobemeat that site Owner whose

',h W a the :negro Invaded meant bus-l
F' L' *. ** **
#4 1 At~Us' He surrendered, and was taken
:j<; i tp th. olf~o. of JfutS~00 Strin~gfellow.
K ii whore ho was arraigned upon' c harge
%:''i .ot, trespass and sent enced to pay a fine
,i:" of $78 and oosts or spend six months in
the,: ge'ang._ I
"ui'4i !u .Te" -prisoner was brought tn thIsn
ohi',;. ".'ty, yesterday by peo01A! C ons table
.1:,."-i w Its' an4 pli~ced In prison He will

tbeatken to .th mines today.
: .A defense of his actions Field sta-
%, rted that at times he became 'not of
.' his own mind,-and this WaBS one of
S thtithtlmes., fHe admitted also that lihe
't44en probably too freely of
Z*: :. . _k. r .
:! ... ome0 Putnam county opp-skull wine
" which had a tendenoy to throw him
if' Into a state of temonporpry denontation,
Im m m *.__________Ma_ RM_________aa__d M

:I; *.-; ,.r. ,' ,;.. .. * >
h; .. ,'' ""l '*4 *:,":"' *.*' ;,~ .'e,.
,.,.. ,.3 ,, I '' .. .I *.., ", ~ : ,:,

!,* 41H

tI U Jj
J -'4 'r .I. *'I. F r r ."
..r 2y'' '4.'- . er
LIn Cn / .."1i I j l p l .

a "4" -
r \I"'wh n M*I,-.J ni,* "
J- TI ,' 1' -- ., ." -nr Y .. .-- .. "I,, *
'F ...' ORIPAt
,: T VGA
. ,_ .. I ....,, . -, ., ;. ,. : ,,.' ." .... ,
I :, .,.J .. J .. .. U. u J i ,.. 1" ." ".- m.- ,


. ~ ~ .1: t

1 I

I ) ,I I '* '
fi4dent bthat your team .Isa goIng to do.
the thing t.o the Quoee',ai* 0.t that.
timep" ;milungly oonlihd$d the Si.
atoras he sifted ,,his ciar and weit
on dimcupmlbganother toqie. .

The ,, o .
TVIe Traveler I* Forest' to UAMe
Manyr to Sqrve lpsI.,
Ifl you Were living in Ecuador and
wihe4W4 to hire a wervaivt you could
,hardly get one by binself or iherself.
but would ,he conimpelled to take uip wiAhi
a drove ofat Ileni, probably far otutntuiii-
berling your own family. Fooi" &carnl1ph!c
with a cook you would havA o recive
ber nitba1nId and children, nnd per'hlaips
also her fattier ajnd nother,- htto your
lhouUeR to bed and board,1 ad 1brinfg long all his pr lieroportable lpropr
erty, consisting nnainly oC doetnctic
petst, such its pig.s, chIckcmn, rabbits
dogs and other "live stoek."' The IuIQ-
band mity have some tra-de which he
follows during tlie day, but at meal-
times and when night comes he returns
to the bosom orf hi famrnlly and yours.?
It would be Confl(1.rePFt downright In-
hulmanity to reftUsO tlthem food anid shel-
ter, and not a 'aerVant in Ecuador
woulfi work for so iotin a master or
mistress. The children of your cook
tmay )e utilized for lghtt services, sucli
as runnizig errands, weeding the gar-
don and tending tiMo baby, but. thei nu-
merous brood Is npt to be "light finger-
ecd" annd certiiIn to he lousy. dirty and
probably (ltMPlod qi. Thero is no help
for It, however, J)eenHo "&el costuimbre"'
has decreed t liut for every servant you
btt'e you must ce:poct at least a dozen
.extra monitlhs to feed,.
Nor Is thfsftlie worst of ft. Occasion-
ally the cook's relatives from another
villlngeo eolno to pay ter a visit of a fort-
night or two-lasting as long as you
will tolernte It-men, womeul and chil-
dren. bringing more dogs, pigs, chick-
ens, etc., to be housed and fed. Fortu-
nntely 1 they are not accustomed to
*"downy beds of naso" or sumptuous
living, but consider themselves In
clover If plentifully supplied with
babonss, corn incn! and potato soup, and
will sleep contentedly on the stonat of
the pntio or the straw of the stable.
The dnnger Is that some of the etrander
hungcen on nmay not. be as hbneet as
the cook herself 14 supposed to be. and
canes tre known where thieves and
i even munlerers thuis gained admission

I to the inside of the casa with disas-
trous results.-Philadelphia Record.

The Green Fiend.
SWhile a number of workmen'wwere
sBitting in a wine shop in the Rue de
Cbarenton In Paris one day one of


them, a man of forty, named Negocier,
made a wager that he would drink a
dozen glasses of absintb while 11


I *1 rr
lb the hait beating savte
i oVI. It, curfl S.r COtO,
Sand aP ~SkiM Dieat)!
It positively

carI- Piles

S. flbako, 30. 3r 6hti tme,
c~~n wa tE113441fa

0I me eN" n mY _=m
*mtw*" nt Sol

to nT r
euA.AETEEs PFk55M! @p"
told by J. W. McColluzn. A Co.

1111 Ii. (th 0 CE


SOffers YVeryLow Rates on FollowingI)ates
Oolonlet. Tickets to Culifornia, Utah,
Nevada, New Mexicoo, Arizona. Colo-
rado, Oregon, Wasblnwton. Montana.
SIdaho, -WyoWi'g. on ssle until June 15.
St. Louis and Return
June I6-17.ffuod toronurnuntil June 25th
San Francisco, Los Angeles and

National ErncmpmentG 0. A. R.
ets on sfutle July 31 to August 13.
to return until October 15.


flit ~ a tr~ F~


Worthy of


) ,f,.
W\V cover these imr
Solicit a sh

Life, Accidei



N victor Safe a
let~Q S

[ Thei "Victor" is the best
ing the purchase of a
f romt a box to a b
by consulting

Information cheerfully furni

nfAWlfh W46A LfAlS~ N





Denver, Col., and Return
On sale June 30 to July oth. Good tore-
turn-until Auguit 318t.
Through Pullman sleeping car daily between
Jacksonville, Maooun, Atlanta, Chattanooga,
Nasfhville and St. Loutis. Free reclintn -ohair
oar between Nashvltie aftd St, Luils. and
through Puallman sleeping oar dally between
NushviUle nd OChicaro. This is the only double
track line between Chtoago and the Ohio
River. Vor full particulars, tickets and pamph-
lots address
No. 1 Brown Bldg., Atlanta, j.

,,. i[ 1 r

yj T n


U- .

SituatedI on the Jacksonville and
Southwestern railroad, eleven miles
north of the town of Alachua. Strong-
eat sulphur in Florida.- Cures Rheu-
rfatiain, Kidney and Stomnaeh trouble.
Fine fishing und hunting. First-class
table fare. Rates $5 per week. Free


27 I P1 I 5_J_, sou

3t a

26 p
58 P
55 1)
10 p
11 4p
O8 l '
28 pi
(* P

S 00
s M
10 45

2 .0
7 20
4 l
11 20
64 so
61 45

3 00 P L V

340 1
503 t
5 36

7' 5 |
9 r* 1 *
'a p *
i '.hV. i .
* * 4 p
' i 4 P
4 ^ t

I 4 p -P 4 % I *4 f

' i i
* 4h*

0 4



Lv Jaokmonville.. .. ....
tA r Fernandina .. ..t... *i
Ar Brunwlck..........
Ar tavannab...........
Ar Vairfax, ..4.*.....4
Ar Denmark.. ...E...C...1PC
Ar Columbtha..,. .,..*.
A r Canmden. . .a .b ....... bI
Ar Httmlet. .a .....W. ... ....
Ar I lwiotntn......
Ar Southern piet........
A r Ralelgh.. -., .*.,..,,..
I Ar Portfmouth..b,..,-..0 .
Ar tIch1moud, Va.......W-
Ar W ashlustto .... ...,&Pt..CC...
Ar Baltimore .. M-a., 4.M.....
Ar PhiladelL]hla..........
Ar New Vor......

1i 05
12 01'
1 10
11 18
11 53
10 10
1 30
4 15


St I

9 q. w
% q b q


d d
b d

h S
b *k



a 7
1 0
p 1
p 8
p S
p 8
., 12
p 1)
p 10
J 8
a~ It
p 2
p 6

o p
00 p
'5 p
51,) ak
44 a
r a
M a
fl p
130 a

Connections for Palmetto, Al
Saturday, from Gainetsville.
TrainuNo, 84, Seaboard Expre
Tam pa, Jacksonville and New Y<
buled day coaches between Jacksi








- -- Orft

I __


I od I

; F

I 0 !

. I



1' A
, . ~. .
~. r* *'~
. 1..

p Igniverty of Florida.
.I ; **'
I dA 10

~s-Elected for Ensuing Year.
-Department Will be Added to
tution Next Term-Business of
Ir .

rtance Transacted.

board of Trustees of East Flor-
5inx E oletd for Ensue i tng nYheart

pe were present Hion. C. M.
Sof Ocala, Hon. E. H.- Baker uf
e Home, RHon. J. D Watkis of'

opy. and Hon. Geo. W. Ilyde of
ty, together with Supetrinlenld-
Withtanding the absence of
ST. V. Porter of Jacksonville and
Watkins of Kissiinmee, also
>ers of the board, a groatL inany
irs of vital interest to te college
discussed, all bills approved for
ent, and prelminhiary arrainge-
I for the coming terin, wllichl
in September, were made..
ong themost important work of
'ustees was the establishment of
r department for the college.
istruotor in this department hlas
et been named. Several names
under consideration, and the pa-
of the'institution may feel] Sure
;he appointee will be up to theo
ard of excellence nainitaitned by
B a gratifying fact, as wvelI as a
compliment to Coii. (iiliamb ,
the attendance lait tcrin W~as by
ie largest in Lho hiistury or' t111
l-in fact thu largest uf aniy
1 irI the State, nt~ariy

.ii '-/^ ... .::'., : .,, '. */, ; \.-, ', !,.. ... .: h L^"; ;r'" ^ .' 1/ ^ ^ .: . ^ J 'X ^S
,p . . .....

I d
O N.E F B ^ '^.... ..i i
,, " .-- E' 'r .. '

.) ? *

-.- I


- a S x a fjIZ aaa I!a -- a m m a a

0 11 .e r lm.W
--, .', '. f .. '--i ~ 4 f. + .

1 ii:it t.r t fIe, Il IvII Vt ily I or Vlurida ait.
1ml:e. k (i y, 1"it enroltIimmi tt tr11$ 215>(6.
[ ,l I hi i't)I1('IlIsit3I1 t'r I I i" itIt'{ i^
I hi' i'm ioIt n r )ofittle rs t(hl rit ilirtig
3 fitr v'ns tt iIdl with t th r fcldlow\iijig rt
Fi ,nll .
*I l1 r,, :ltt t ill, |lil, I). \V iil.kit1N of ^
I Lki titp(v ; v)irF Iu -trt i dt III#I. ;trhcvl'y It.
\ I.IkI (thf (I Or NIg. H ulim $ ; crv.t y IIk

e a Maidb'li1v+to; (,xc0t' otiv i ,0o.lnit 11 1 ilte I
/ ~~~ 13-I i{th ., C. |)AVtk ,1,-.!.1,,kt r (wt,

-""h i l b l ardl +ilm tknirv tL I itg a- r v t1 in+
tli '~ t ill 11111 14chtool, wlhic. It 0 to~y :tto-
|^rOm to miiakl the Iuledig luntutftltn if ^H
I tllf L Z1...40 '1k1 I fifV|eaftv. laLTll Iras ilirll' tmc I. I

a a a ~ a


:.:. ~~~~~~~~~ ~-~ ::.. .,-.. ,:_ ... ; ..., ,


uld remember toas
B ra nd'"' o f"; "- C- "' .. . '" ..
V e n..* I1." '. ,. J r -il."' I "ii
p. .

n !IF A LI Ilw .k v I

- l= A

"w T F, 19M

r #~-~ "* **-** ~


i. .'4, *. .. .1.. -. z. l ,o', i _. : :' "' ...r .o ,r -" I o:"'.2 :. : ... .. .
r ::: o :AL:Ld+..:- I 7 1 "- -
q,.i ri ~. % | t
,: :Nl- I_:' I'L' t on o of..Oa
.,5,: 7 P= m "' ,. ________ _-___....__ .= _LI .. _.
I I 'l I '" I ,. .. 1 r I-" - " --
.^pr ,W p~.^ .*- -ww ~grn. ^*~c^
.fItO iatOti tla I ofo~nn. Ir
^i.MO^~^^ \j~ .^ *1*^ m^.

P.W....^ *e Oannstatses ths i'ast aI gm iMn
.- -.I ?owRko scountry Wh Ahem&I ba$ i,, ,tiylIou

' Ia1 M I, V
r1 .ti r ; true., but there are evidence that
.|) ^Al$4...;W...4. eiwofla Ms the-r the Redne are r Ane wdin
.L AL 4tU r ri
.t: (i .I r et4 #t .aorcwor zing ie somte respes o or that o the

.^lc3 sba.: eLM Rie, are already taking the lad in
~or9 I flve weefl- local affairs.
._ h b z Ir. As arn illustrtion of tHis fact We
'.:*; -,*/i*O."U I e k IdftQ. ^fWt .ind Men- ig..... Th _ettior _arge with;_._ _
w-*.1' I', w n L..,= i th inega pore t Ln. o w anu
M 1 ..3*r a** me by the competceiption of the pauper labor
N4;:' con ktbS Congress from thexico Pnd owner nath ons.
;; I :; Z*IUV __S-- 'h.. .. ..
-U^^atpt, tw'o Llfrttmit .oef oteri *:*- '.t fitn*ocuin oape
s;V.=? "" .t ..lrttea nt knownS the io of chantver complete protection ar-t
1yi 7 4l 7F.,H *I* M t calling for the impo sition.. of, ask n i..
,;' S-. ;AaawS^!" THL DALL.Y SUN. g ._-en- 11 he em--a ...!..... "i""%"-.
: : '' :,'; OAJKWT~UJI, rLA. In a ki ig, then, whxt be !elieve to
r* -'.. 111 -- -__ ._ be our right, that is, protection for a
:''.*":. '-, .* ,,,#..".:.. : .. -=u nuine aomieetic product, we are la-
S. e' W quite a roar w e this dutyoring for thffee t best interest of the
S gf ent pfd 7, ,000 forAlaka. nation ; expreed by the on.
dihea at that. In le tan iarlea H. Dtch senator from we-

^ iii^ ; 4&M braska, in the brlliant speech delavt
j t;I'#* .is pota themuph force'' that Porto Rico isl now an
I. ~ of**':he flk3na~ sat-and gen-9
L, -e
Cl .r!ilyK* le ots ftee tosntgl part of the United tate, *it certai, anly
4l .: QIt R a cd ia caa r. toountr r with t u ifair, fnbfiuestrylike and unpartruinedi

tS'^ .rlrif triel products wntjn eould be grown
^^T..iou' or an." a_ ___. ort antfactured in our posessions, for|
'. ; =^ ,:_-.......** they are our own people.'
,__F_"_._ loomotiv bulde hae Certainly the logict of the paper labori-
e4* :;1 lA bflrU thdue after first on Brazil, Mexico end other nAcctiord-n

K;., -'?-....... ;-.... .... .. "" laa ig to t!hi. memoriali the Porto Rica-
lil?. /,- c. ofee, product amounts co 27,000,000
t alun oterw A nutea ftng conlWuist on to a presftexltaa

l^,^ t1 were tetlt it is possib10 to put it .port. to a l95.,2. bu.t i,=t .clim.d ,that
t ton- o entc ow with t eotectr on t e rod cti r-
Eh $ mq an hour, Cantu in s n he memorial says.Jt thk
nfl. -Anr B o t o DAILYaSUN N
pIGnxrz1VL&u.VFLAN. in aski ig, then', whet be .believe tjo
I.*~hrfi~i ou r rig IA, that is, rotection for a
*-~~nan ,;* .*ftll omeetic prod!% we are la-
h.Ale uite a 'roar witeut this goruing for 'the beni intereopt of the
W~vpneutt POid $T,030OEO0 for Alaski nation ;fort as ezpreard by 'the li on.
*4 ~ *Q dwlbeap at tbat.. In less than *Charles H.- Dietrich. senator from No-
q~t\ 0 s:;ratt of the products, of britska; Ir the brilliant speech deliver
4., liti -10,92,45 sqerect February 13 last beroire, the Senate
~rc fuda ake.71d olta ot the United States, aot is certainly
illMtry ne*s rlcaoountry1 with its uT ralF, nnbumipesisllk0 and unpatriotic
r:'~;~iqctveoaaotjpacic)J undo- tW admit without d uty fromnoth er count -
trilee products whlsb could be grown~
..~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~A -2 LP*o auatue aorpse os o

':*.i *-- ---.u --.' United States imported last year 1,091,-
i' A During the fiscal year which closed 54,21 pounds of coffee, valued at
2WMpud fcfe, valued_ a
75terday 12,829 claims were allowed 970,982155. If a tax of one cent
SIby Ithe Pension Bwreau and 113,720 re-I pound should be placed on this it would
30 6eted. The number of allowances .oo 0o United States $10,0M,000 a
,' *xeseded those of last year to. the ex- year It would be much cheaper to
tentl of 18,006. The number of rejec- buy up the Port Wan coffee planta-
h tjonu in 102 was 118.404. This was the lons and make a national park of
first year under the administration of tho.
II Oommluioner Ware. ~-- .,
~~~ a_ 0 aILaa *

.T. The commnitsoner, of the General
, Land Office at Washinston lis4 with
"UPllCr entry forty-four and one-
4* %bVf.1ownships In the Susanville (Cali-
.t4 &I.&'ia) land district, and ,K000 acres
.TOAft, dlotininr land in Oremno. the wholo

One or the most UmtsuI korns 01 pfll-
anthropic woik, and one that is grow-
hig in favor all over the UTniited States,
is the enrouragenienL of esmail savings.
There is a common tendency to squan-
der the pennies until one learn. by
experience. that they make dollars.


. ,*1 i a* *T ';' t * -

At Top GSpaW Dcwin md| 4rakf
Failed to Reqpond.
SOoIlumba, S. C., Jaly IL-A freight
lth k6n fpofed of an engine and 17
tnra wal wree ced Monday near SaluW-
Sa, o tlhe AshevIlle and Spartanburg
d lvlaioa- of thbe-uS&thernr. rtIty.ay-
As the englncer proceeded down the
. teep Melrose grade he endeavored
to show up, before reaching Saluda, for
ordore.-' airbrakes would
not work, t'Ce engineer and cre* jppmp-
edC from tQ Lr-ain just In time to stve
their IIves.'-
AJG ungvernab!e rain. composed
of coal carS. swept down the track at
# fearful rate iof speed, and a short
distance br!ore reaching the trestle
ovev the Pr.selot tTiver, at a sharp
curvn In the track, the locomrnotive
jumped off at a right angJle, carrying
with it 13 cars, all of which were
-com)pletely demltisheod.


One Man Killed and About Twitnty In-
Des Alaone-, Iowa, July 16.-A head-
on coalislon betweerX a southbound
passenger train and a northbound
freight on the Great Western railroad,
near Savannah, Mo., resulted In the
death of one person and the Injury of
several others.
The dead:
Fireman 9tewart. Des Moines.
SSeriously injured:
Engineer irownfleld, Des Moines;
Fireman Thomas Howard, Des Molnes.
The natmes of the other t.njured have
not been obtained. The Injured train-
men will recover. Twenty passengers
were injured, some of them seriously,
but they will recover.
The wreck was due to an accident,
wntch 'delayed the passenger train
and prevented It from reaching Sa
vanaah. where the two trained were to
pass on time. q
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re-
ward for any case of Catarrh that capn-
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. EurxEgY A Co., Toledo, 0.
We, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and
believe him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by their firm,
WST& TrR.kx, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O.
sale Druggists, lIoledo, 0.
Hill's Catarrh Cure is taken inter-
nail, acting direelly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.

olnl t


bowels, but regular action cannot .t
secretes enough bile to make Ut
eXecute thefr- natural functions.
rural agitatio, caused by cathartics,
continual and Increasing doses tO
atta.a -* the results .



-trouble. wo



Costs Oiy 5
^s~ijto^^Or man 26 tesets t
DR. C. I. M@FFflrVear Do
Iewderw) to our UttLe grand ehfi
Wrent abaeS suavgicl, atand ertati
WOe ever nMd. Yornawe
(3ro Sj~n Reucher MetksiUAt

Florida iiz



i- -aj
P.S S 4a a 4

690 P

*s10 i6 9p
s11 8'@p
slik 16 a
sit 24 a
S1 00 A
f 1 egg
S9 48la
Io 2 49&
r a (Ba

Sf 0tO
4 to W&

o 8 48a
96 La
a 5 0*a
l06 a
6 22 a6

i a T 0 0oIL
S f91a
sT9 1l

I -

i9 485


* lP
S*I Osp
SS 6Sp

*S4S p
t 'lp
fl i05p

a UP
., e ip
* 0 up

a p
a S tIP

*9 Up
Is 47p
s** P

L ? -. *. .0 a 0 *0aa
. *swS*4,.,*iat4IUS

AT I i t *h *e*tU C U Ib *SI-
A r .......-.... ^.-..
LV ..... ,-.,, .
A r ..... .. U .- *..
LTV. ...o- v... u ...g

s.. um .. _-...i me
aa0a60m U* w 0 0&d4ef iP F Vw6 '

. _. Pa a*.o *.I ..* ..4 a
nI S i *g9 4a *U .pg 4wOO
.t * 4 0 *&di e

0 0 0 4 0 0 m= q 0 4 4 m 4D1p W q

. aeem.cewew.q*OSS
0 0 IpS4Ap4w I PCit S*
9 4w U0 0 4 *0 9 aeaso

.09 U m a.a-..u. m 1b*'

* -~ *eetq tineqewS*
- .4 p b q q * w U 9
& w I1 4 q. a IsI.b i I lb 0!b.*Ii
p me *S a l* me 0*ec USm
aq amewa* UU0E 4w*U
A M a aU0 w sSp e O 0

if *S iib 4h a *te UUv w 0 i :'DO
a U a a mam *e*4Fi 4p *D 0 i*

.a paAa S*m u pFw0e4UaSw*0 a u
.-&a0a P50 wFRh b a 0I9.0P 0 hSa*0



U I __ JL ..........


n .Iq'



by J olt i

i .
tp.rJ~in~atnmw~a~nnJa 'p i K:THE LUESITOSL^ ^^^
I4 .1 ,
/ n[lPmirAIaU why,,. +oo-. c<* t~n., hl / / ~T
Jf *. ,,- I*I I. .....c1 *i .'. .-
L . I:., ,. ., IT ke 11 gotxl lump oC fresh butter . I I t
: : ...... .um.:,.-- .. -mu --P-=-- +"U .,x ...t..Lq ui.y ,--* .way t ie sameo way, till it Iweinfl to".. ^ M^ ^ki** *'*^ ^^ ^ *
^ ;-a- - **- I lu uHr. * '* or'e y J
msCAPED NT>NEC tY .YAR AGO. T CHl E r tSUo PETtg ,O meNtS ... : *
H :--:--.-. huttter ls quot-,d from an oldl f,'thilone,. d I" '.....
/as, Cony!te in'Le.y County for CoP- J/ 9 bo. or^{ t,- .btt ,,! : ..-- ..__ .. --_,
FT t-s + -. Licm~ 0 8i "l aR tt at J
*V rying-OonceTle. Weapons and Sentwhy'" is Cbsorokl as lymi Stjlr their { ".
mB t o M CalI's oamp, Where Three i is tt \'wi tllie. )liul pn, bnb lv will +i. foV I +m ir i, -m^ ^ ,

SAfter having enjoyed almost a ye r' lt],, 111 w: -. i~lnt ;ls,, frt'i n I,+s ,o .111 J IN i11 Ii I I/
-. Y .i t t t i .
Iurn, 'ii qv1 y^0or, an escaped convict. Iti(^' +,x!::i ~l; t' ,.i tt siin, w,,^rsiils^-. i ] A AAAA ,Jl ,V J
Puas captured by Mar1al 11)ao. Ioresko- b utt r n
ion and h* brother, Herbert, ift rolit- tn:".' floun lizieeIlt In.a lin ed
I Prom. Prs. sl 1 ieepa', wi'th a ht pi nt +I;c'li of g xl x, + fobll .. -,,....,, ________________..+______ ,___
Ir c tr. ream stir^ it gen^tl over aM- l^ow tire ^ al-"- '

r'1 quarte W est _anevit_ ....__ ,. ,, .. . + "
mr'._ __ '_" .1 ', Si]u.j rt^ ii,: t<, stir tilt' ('heist-_ ..--

*la -, I or.L is (ov e ted fNlx:l oi Cts n in *1 stL < .41
as iCnvicted oLe vy Cf ount forcarri direito. stir aiwnys td sa me
IrypigtofleaI84wa Wneapns ad Sen p ay Is*011 )bservttinls reig~nii to MQORII'S Camp, Wher TrS it $'1, rl t1]ed ikixuiutnl will hi'_o r

Drdays waftr Ho tMadepHtis Etsc 1 Ik i, ,f , , .iti srr .. r

*Taylor went to So)uth l Flori.Ira, arnd 1,,t^i mnth l--.! (l.|i i, \visf, nnllo", wiithl ^tTO l
lnootwithfltanding. notice. of liis Sa)'. l.cIp^ zl'i,,l I ]) I) on) it. Km-li, ] nf Hli, ,oal nnpnny) ^f I ^,^B IB
togethor with. a. d~esriptioni, was 8t+nl!t h?^'1. !-,, +)t tiff, :imll. ()thrnwvln^ It Ix(lilnd- ^ n iHBKSW

Aft er, h a i vge en joyed alstan ygrs' H i(T i1tot1 wlnvx. w Isi ortial] 'ast to-
I-i +%t. ...,__ .,S,i ll :k ur%' *1 i itt ,r t l ull~l [ t Itail\ C t llt~ T)I': V
reecdton eludin the officersat evteoryInf ^t lysr'~ -ninj^t< np ^~fj
mexure, Wil T~aylranescaped wi~i Co1~icu to, ,. lU .i %-1IIk Sl nL)ll' ;m

all camp, wherd hb will bs Pinko.ld h I1.l + iigi d 01 81 Jri twI I s ton : ii j | l^H
onari i rteHret i 'r t!;I .hi ,,is I''glNLI l,,;, ,,, IiqkIStn .t+ 91 IGli neli

riIure .i V s 4 an s r, 1 (jL m~m mmw-j P '. ,, j f, I I 'rs ,_. m- w
5 12ery otaor of Jad etear unfrcrrng r[}.\\ a ,:i i vIl int fzuii-

"About esx yeare agor fC)r ts1t fvriet ,I a tlnl hIm1 m1.ti cnlliS 1 f t llJH H

Ix*tim in my life I had ai slsdc]\InI 1Ip upo to 1qp4s Ilii Shruov TesrdIaMlt punli- |f^f lBI
severe attack or dtarrhoean, s r. ,';,k,. t'-,jt, \',. mAlice M iler, of imorgan, r1t "xaa I.ll't t4iIt 4'o1ttM Ii t1 1 p nt fte ItLd ilrt)U.l(1ir I t hll r I
mgot temporary relief, but it caflJC aL'ek w :\.J3 tri t,,i,' fIoor. 'v ,(.i' !i u (I..' d;o-, a t ElR it
gauamn and again, and for six ulog yenrs 1 l i It ItO &'{II1k m]i I hav<, suffered mort niLsery ar1 agony ^<, II't ^ jm n'':il, k's 1, t,():84r (fl'oCI the i mr/M
mthaix I can tell. It was w-orse tl:atl ] :'"tari1IIJ!ihi rflr. 'Illq' wl11t) se I- Bl
Hdeth. ?4yihusband slunt hizidrtd1 of Lt-i,, t r,., H .. ,.. kutiui ^i.
od0llars for physmicians' p1r i tJiti oni *)i- nii r f lip IP oI M1ot crors
/UL t l jm 1 j ..I I' 1 a ]l mi'l ill < l li' it "" p'l. o. -f ^#^k I- I
and treatment ivithIioiit ava. ila Ily IIt l < 1+ 1]I. '! ,r, ie i il #Ij1Lts .IitI
we( moved to Bosque county, otir i~rts- t " = -7- IS
lent home, and one day I Iiilipi(. llec atii adverfcisem entl of C( nul -xx)r]atti a Inl"l, ,)tt* -Ili,)it .- rif(i(,^ ilildto lun^i l!M- I[L ;m ;m'm tm J1',/-*.
1Bolic, Cholera and Diarrhoe, Rhulthdy Fni'e [lx t'It iit i. A t (billic It t/,'
imLI&i testimonial of a iau w'ti) l d "J w i, tiev! tlit t 1 t n ,ttl ,!.mkl +I Oil o l-o; lI ;
lIbeen cured by it. rjlTj(t Ci %v 11$ s Si*t l'iv wo iiii i)rr ';J [1ol1*1) l II
mliUir to tity own that 1 cuticlile, d to t i~le tmie remedy. The reiILt was woQ1- i., i(11SC. 114inl .11ili).'i.,l to ). n MI)Yr- l cAlm t (T
oerfil I eovuid hatrdly ralli.iz.c that I. a 1 : P lU "orl U m I i If m rf mIUN LTYSUI T
...................... ...r fi'i.....i'|*]6A. tli loll <| 1(( (It
mIB well again, or believe it cotld b mCo after having Bstffered so ]glt, IutL 11 ( \i11lIt,4l) It IsJ o n- i <
mthat o11 bottle on- f nw dic i. ,, .tit ii a j'a" S (r .,i>lit t is (o' l'ln)-uI i li ,. h, t r IIIt r
b'll a few cents, ctird 1i1." H "lr Ba I si(I.r_ i'r a nil .- pi- to ] i': )j) I I
rby all druggists, aid inedicizii', COi-- giiri 'st. It tLlst 1'nxkod ror-Bostoh l
,pi __ -,l?. "oir !it 1i. I1

I>^ .U i- .: ** -.2-7As4 q'* ^ ^ ~*" % *** u_ ^r
l~ll'' iil ;&IiiiIIii .1 j5: 4r7 + 'lI*6s iK*V I I :' I*1 II." iI

*t, -' J ,.,---t-., I!

, l1S! I Vmi FUC B-
J1 *( Iui

4l Borv 'Gk^ i invI>(

ohnaon~~~~~ 9 '>.^iievlI

[d U~fhUI.
Ib h~lDL0
i r"'i i ft 0
sville,~~ l^da

S L I. t*I A i1V I II II I I

'r NIAl('IS l:NNI):14 v I Tniit w 1
Ul *1 a lt i'l' F.

in .


t'r' "N


PS .taM d;at-

rp. an ppflor-
~4ito I ;
SMp01 vtiittpd
vrf this weelt.
ih : 1 "i

.Ob:.t' GOi~vi~
,-ie l, jhn '.A n. rm i ' '' 'n n' "'/' 'n h11 : m ** n ': ' m i *' n n m n n i .

W n i
,. .f,. t .r pa14 Gatnes.ille
a g m mm-. '.^. '.^' l ." '1',: i'" ',1.''" .." '. I'" '

1 ~~a'B ^$4 roto Katzm
r t!' to U-. flqsown'd by Mra. 0.F .
gt ,B SIteet corn-
;1 .t, trees trimmed
p4d<4Isld**&Iks repaired and
"se J'I, being looked
t vtflp ,. )toOredle, whleh Insures

.. uOf,. o ratdroe Ohkty
Lr;, hetr name as a candidate
Sr't ioommniftasloner from this
#r^ R WdWould be thankful for all
g ,% nB get for her. She is
1plbI"hd daughter of qur
wnsOmlktbh, IC. 0. Ohitty,
Our.enterprIIn0 citizens ate
S*&':MO induoe Uhe B.11 Telephone
4* '0 t4Q b Hildw n tIo' our town, a n d
a petosare brlgbht for 'their do-
,,f ., ,. ', .'. _
!~,*'a oe S eUOOS Cro.wns their efforts
W&t t d wti ;. our friends in
I|'Wo. jn aCy we tr KIt m i 6sr-o r
tiKwii hel.p In this undertaking,
: t"m!I eat oinvenielnce to be ableo
")k.tpt .a nmi in other cities on
man6: It .wil als[o be a great help
qertilolugour town-to ti0 outside
h %, J n m n4W n t m N n *F
? : -The &Q# Worm Medicine.
itP, Iup- druggist, Leighton,
1L.,i write t Onae of my cus tomere
4WtchIld whieh was flek, and tithrow
I .1 food, eeould retain nothing on its
Om ,oPi He .dOugIt' one bottle otf
hitjeiP, Oream Vernmifuge, and it!
inlght uprlI9 worznr'froni Ite child.
$ _tle bos worxm indq4tne itn jio
ld4." q W.Wte's Cream Vermifuge
al2o the children's. tonic. It im-
loves their digestion and abtsmula-
)9? of food, *trengthene their ner-,
Pu.stystem and reatowrs them to the'
I~t1 t;r .rnd elasttlity of spirits
ttuta! to childhood. 2.o at JSoblSon

*1 2vo 1

.:ttfloiit b1td o bef.ree. thb p ide4nt ye7
t btty o B = B'4rtb, coxwlttee
=^1lrn*flive ilWe' efdlh*tary
b 7 o M communlcatml by cable wipt
1 r. 11iddle; lth American charge d' f4
taireoe at St. PeteribaUr rqapftcnxg the
inewtia to be employed at brinstxu It
to the attoxtton of the nat. '*
It 'isA efA4 Mr Riddle's $Rftrwctions
Share to notfy thbe RI-B#laa -ovornment
a6 the exiiene of the petIltion .nd
ascertain WIth It 't willing to reO
: YVet,. The Jewh.lsb' oRwMitte*e,t It
1t sit ted, sl entirely'satsafled with the
p*4, by ..the present and
Socretwry .H&y for -the prefset.atlon of
'ha matter to the RUlislan go'brnament.
NO' further announcement will be made
here until Mr. Riddle has been heard
~i- r-
-Commissioned by the Qovr'nor.
Atlanta, JulI? 16-Commissjon habre
been Issued by the governor to J. A4
Ambrose, to be county commlaloner
Sof Gwlnnuett.county, and 0. M. Thorpe,
to hold the same polton, In MWtr.
Stosh. Mr. Ambrose takes the place
made vacant by the dejth of William
E. Brown; the vacancy In Mclntosh
Swas caused, by the removal from tbe
county of Oommlslouer 0. CH. 'NvtIS.
- m m
Wonderful Nerve
Is dis played by.many at man enduring
aing of accildental .outs, wound
brui se, burns, pcalds, sore feet or stiff
joints,. But there's no need for. it.
Buoklen's Arnica Salve will kill the
pain and oure the trouble. It's the
beat salve on earth for plles, too. 25c.
at aU druggists.
Wi^ q ^ ^ ^B i^ ^yi ,- W lap.. ..

I I,

r.? 1. I'
UnderneaLh- tho Aragon Hotel, Forsyth st., between
/ Julin and Hlogan, Jacksonville, Fla.






Headquarters for 66, Echo Springs, Wilson,
SCanadian C1 bh, gguaranteed 6-ycar-old whii
66. .... . ..... . .. . *. .$1.50 per quart or $3
Echo Springs... ..... I 50 ( 5
W ilson .......p.... .... 4 quarts for t.
Mail orders a specialty. Write for prki
other goods and call on me when in the city.
SJOHN A. LYONS, Jacksonville


[)0 per
(.')() per
0() C4


Ae list oi)

' Fla.

i.m "'-... .-.


Fr' TI

~ 'C w*1

~ J'K-


#s4ortary S,*t Sagamore Hillt.
Oysterf Bay, L. I.,,-JUly 15.-$Secretary
of the Treasury S$haw was 'the, guest
o( PrprlIdeOnt Wcosevelt today at. Saga-
moreC Hil 4. came here to discuss
with Mr. Rbosevelt some matters of
importancee. in his department. Fe
hasjust returned from the middle west.
where he went ,to conduct some in-
vestil ations relating to the treasury'-
departmewn. Concerning these he de-
saired to talk with the president.
t in addlton to the secretary, Cbarles
J. Bonaparte, of Baltimore, James
Walker, the magazine writer, and H.
f. .Koeblpaat, of Chlcag%, were guests
of tPe president and Mrs. .Rooievelt at
luncheon. Mrs. Bonaparte is one of
the special counsel of the government
appointed recently by. the president to
"iasst In the prosecution of. the sases
against the indicted postofflc ofciala.

Cholera Infantum..
This lias long been regarded asaone
of the most dangerous and fatal dis-
eases to Which infarits are subject. It
can be cured, however, when properly
treated All that is necessary is to
Sgitve Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
I Darrhoea Remedy and castor oil, as
directed withbeach bottle, and a cure
is certain,. or sale by all druggists
Sand medicine dealers.
JPowtofflce Dynamlted.
SMuscatine, Iowa, July 16.-The safe
of the Monto*ima postofflee was )lown
opell todAy nad $600 and tamper takt
1* 1*
I When Othfr Medicines Have Failed
Take Foley's Kidney Cure. It has
cured when everything ele has disapr
[Spnted. Bold by J. W. Mc~ollum
_--. m '. f l -

Rapid Trar

visit and

Time Table in

Depart For GAIN

8:40pin ., High Spri
Daily media
12:87 p m Ocala, Leesbu
Daily Interim

11:40 a im

Palatka, PDay
High Springs, Waycri
Albany. Atlanta, All

Rochelle, M

.~----. -

8:50 at m I Hi,
Daily Hg
ex. Sunday

Interchangeable Mileage Tickets
cipal railways in tihe SouLthern Statesa
Through P'ullmaii slti er VPort I
Line ; also via Atltntic Coast Line ai
For complete ilforn mation, call 01
Add rers :
FRANK C. BOYLS'i'ON, Com'l Agt.,
188 W. Bay st.. Astor
H. M. EMERSON, Traf. Mgr,
Wilmington. N. 0.

OfAS n :Bid

- ..._ ._ . .. ,. a. m a -- m m fl a m mi S a amm ia m m m m

'4 Ii
IX1% '.
I' :rV~ ..
~. ',. *1


I wv 's," P. -4 rk "M's 1 111 m ,.Ll" .'l'lFi'.Mqllirln


North wnOvl Easi
J sll.'nvllle

. .. ... . -- A .

I Y ,; L,






1 l-J14.CI
I L4
I r I

__________ -Jr T~
. - ..b II


tantic Ooast Uine Offers One Way
4 Rate tO Homes ekers.I
The.i Atl$nti Coast Line Railroad
pOmnpany W* participate in one way
settlers' p teS from Ohio and Missis-
ippi river gatewayp-Oincinnati, 0.,
oaisille, Ky.y-, Evansville, Ind., Pa-
fleab, Ky., Cairo, ll., St. Louis, Mo.,
rnd points beyond ; also in basing rates
|rr0 Mewnphi.o, Tenn. (tickets not to
e sold from Memphis proper), for
points on and north of the line of the
Eriseo system (Memphis to Kansas
City), to the following points in Flor-
ida, Georgia, North and South Car-
olinl and Alabama located on this
system, or to which the company fIrms
part of an authorized ticketing. route,
at following rates under conditions
SRate-One-halflof the standard onte-

way fare, plus $2.00.
Dates of sale-Marc
April 7 and 21, 1903;
1903; June 2 and 16,
21, 1903; August 4 an
tember I and 15, 1903
20, 1908; Ndvember 3

hI 3 and 17, !903;
May 5 and 1W
1903; July 7 and
d 18, 1903; Sep-
; October 6 and
and 17, 1903.

Limnit-Oontinuous passage.
Condlitions-'Contract anti each coLu-
pon of tickets to be faced "secondl-
class, not good in parlor or sle)piing
Here are some of the staple crops of,
the different sections of this territory:
All vegetables and small fruits,
peaches, pears, grapes, figs, oraiwges,
pineapples, grapefruit, watermelionls,
citrus and other fruits, whleat, corn,
oats and other grains, tobacco, cotton,
peanuts, hay, rice.
The policy of the Atlantic Coast Line
is to foster all devolopnziLa along its
It claims that it is the greatest
trucking road in America, and it pro-
Ivides every facility for getting fiaril,
garden and orchard products to the
northern markets in the best possible
condition, in shortest tinie, and at low-
est rates.
In no part of kthe country is t lierR a
greater abundance of game and fish
lthaii on this line.
Northern farmers are inivitotl to
Twitefor information in detail about
Whe Varritory of the Atlantic Coast


-One-Way Settlers' and Round-Trip
Home Seekers' Rates.
i The Seaboard Air Line railway have
arranged the following attractive rates
to Manatee, Braidtitown, Elleultozi and
Sarasota, Fla:
FrnAm Ohin RivAr Gnatwavs.

.*.4 1 *"** I*~* .* *E*1* Fl
I I I rr- *
.'I,'( .1 -
I.- I~' *

A *
U. 4 I I I
I ,, I ~ I)
I *
p .5- I*~I~*~' I.
I., I
*I .5 -

. I ~ ~ ~: I L~t I * r
*c*Pf~%:,tL y1qr~ Lii ~ ?
- I ~ ~j4 i a~u,. ~ 'S. .* *
*~JF I.
a * ~:.. ~ ~1?.~: ;-*tIK- F~~EtA.*
....I I ~* *
. .iI. I
t ~ I
I * *
I. III I *11*1

Ii *I : * *
. "
;' 4 "

C._ . . 't- .. .I.._. ....... .._ \



I A dtueasea of Xidneys,
Bladder, Urinary Orsanm.
Also RheumtAsum ac ||
ache EeartDiseasebr avel, ||
Dropsyre M 0 al Trou ble s. C/ U R E.S

Don't become discouraged. There Is a
CUrc for you.-- if i*essiLry Nrt-t I)r, Lelkxtt) r.
Ito tits KLt'Itt a life i lio euriinig iist tiuck
I nStw4US yflLsrs. All choJIulsFiurItua trQin
.flnir FIN(tney and lacckaclo Citrh bas
eurt(I t j v.'ry lNOI r s atuimung our custOe
nit'r5 iia1jp)tISt 3: r i Iuliu I tOedc)rs had
gIuvin np). J. L. ST I LL & '0., W.('iX IILtLC,1 IA."
Driaizir~s^ '.td .. ^"i. A I for Cool t~t B k- Free.
v u DTInANCE F Clmi r""Oe. Circular. PI
0 NIIUOJANluC sFltlirntneiminer, rtidonta N

tIN lave hoclu upilnitg CA-SCAMETS for
1I8tI irila, WILb II [h I t L hU VOrebeen iftUcted for
over twonty ysar. anId I cairn say that C&LscureLn
Ii[vo given inneJniorO relief thlitrnB3aIy otfier renih-
dy I ltievq 'vvr xrim~I. I -lii)1 ecrialaily r^cunin-
meCil inisiu to y rrHmtuIs KH bonitig all they wro
rvpresen Led.' Tuus. CILIAV1I1, I'lgin, 11L

Pleaant. Prlatalble. Potent. Taste Gool.d.o
GOotl. Nover Sie koien. IVekn. or (ripr. l Ue,. .ao50 .
BSIri# I lurmedy C4meiwy, Chfra, Nominatrol. Nre Verbf. 315
0-TO-BG Mk1 aul rnd iAraiLteed bly all druir-
Nu *U-DmOgI U afts to <410ita Tobigco Iabit.

We\ tihe unide(rsigned, thereby agree
to paoy $1,000 to any nIutitfactirertr of
pailit whlio tai slihow, by similar tetsi
any painit taldinig upon any Inietal
surface as perfectly and for so long a
tinwit 18 our
\e guarantee GRAPHITE EI4AS-
TIC paint to contains no tar, rosili, as-
jiltutimn or any of the products of
I)etrolu.lYn, andl when applied to any
surface according to ouir directions to
wear perfctly for a period of five
years, and we agree to furnish, free of
(.)iarge, all paintnecessary to repaint

aity surface
fcct ive.
The Nation

where it has proved dt
al Paint and Varnish Co.,



i i

flR. SD H. AIUtER$AM. I.
ISuoeom toto W S er A A4ldermanl .
Over Duttot a O& B na. OQalnvmets
Speo8a1 itteatinon worwn and Bridse work.
Phone 70-


G Graduate Baltimore ColUe Dentl Sut eory
Five years'* eoprlepoe In Now York Ofty.
Crown, trI4ge work aiad FtUui Splsialtea



and Miale Nowv
We buy or Bell ?urntture. ic ocan contruot
with you on the commission l;.-. PiaLtrontuite
solicited and sntisfacoUn alwa ys.






,. \\,

I- lorida


WM. SCHTlILIt. ioprIrtor.
132 WV. Forsyth At., JAi1lstliville, Fai.
IOppoixsit ILPostoitlee',

Best dining 1iaceO in city.
Wines, Lrquors aijd Cigars.


901i N MENZIES. It' 'v rletor,
310-221 v. Iiiy nt.. Jaflisoiivlle,.

Faust bier, hottletrald ( raiitlit. Don't
fail to call u11 niu" when iii Jktesonville





T HE :.

-- Vilit the-
b(v- r itrt*rn in lil 1,t1 y. Rnfter-
en? :.ry ii ightli t t)oof (Garden

ICIFPIt A I i !.F:

'IkNISsE ET Mr;T'AIl, AN!)


G. A 1iItii .TT.,

-w 0 fLewe anil Mariaoior

(;lILiie 11 ile I'lrtllfm.
n, _*._ -"N-

b a *ava*bm.* tin dd S *ulitfl v -t %f





g LOws,




roe a-

- 11111 EUm




and the EAST.
The NORTH and WEST...

Wwimt DaIl(iu
Pullman an!
On AIl TfmVrains

o08 W. sa, Strni
W. A. TVu., IP. T. M., Wahtngtlon, 0. C.
WWM. H.TIvtom, A

a- iurr


J'l ^'( r"" 1 ...^ l ../ / ' "
.1 1 -
*::. .', .t-, T. .... -: :: F. h
[' "'l I ' "
I .


IULY 17, 1903
gu- m



.I -'- -.- -,





'1. i 'N a~ .3
S^y : I* *..-..* ''.*' .^ : '^ ** ,' :


,i" .*o'.. -..,-.** ..* *:I. *L.-. M*.*:. !
5-a~l ,X 1I -".. 1 i* .11 ,.
1 - i. ; ". : IA 1. *l * *l 1 ". .
4.w... I4 Ihwbpi 4 *14a W|1at I 1 II ngI


tiiIPI .4I -4I*M'P! :.n4 I. G o

?*>: :** ''i: : O :,~ ;O r 4 r w n wi l i i IIi I' IJ ..: i;* IIII I' l "' I I I I" .* I, I I I "i* *'
do $rno busii Pnegp.h.

+ ii aT ia via ieboird_ July 29. 0i2.2
S' nd trip, gd there days. M .
7.4 Mr.Sanah M, Ou er ..of. helle
vs. 1nijiaoppi M-6 Rh 'boils'eray
Vthur An Adp *ft$- 1oot
1 p; bref vwsit to 'VllAsin thiE 6i..
ll1I. Vi* J 13

K c*ii.B4tr oae on e abus 6i
tond t"mriphtaoy qu e y. lOt.
T" .9 t .aV;. Porter of Jaflonvillle
| ashopInty looking tter hicy inter

|....^ .., *' ,. .**- .

: 'I" :I;.^]n| IiT' W Pitta' mad ,daughter have]
6,*i.Urx..from- a deliahtfoul tojorn nm

1 |i P II .' ".I ".'.', .. "-
:t~ .~r# f l Wtanwrqight and daughter,t

NJ fnul.f left yetP erdty to aopond al
~~0tdaye at Worthington Springs.
v ;It C

l a I :I i. yI.i :. "ial o 10f e i -q ~ e ...-
p:P4*&rzbWelo4 gr fruit drees ahd floworurs,
g| a,,!0'ftry. WnBargain, easy term.

F-lMbe* .e wto .|-
+' i k'a||' i of Pal' was In the
.P 1t8 tot t yeerd.eas en route

Stp 4" a Springs, wher- he will visit
.II!;l Iti'Vfll a day or two a
i.';"r Mabel, after a brief but pleasant
yI 7+': Ii S m I:ll, "1I t I.
l^ l~o~sJ He wilams e haoue to-

4:iwbSprned:to their home at wWaldi
iI | fWe Pirhettaewdrth of Evinston, one
S;h tt exten.lve melon dgrtwer,
" r.aite-Btate, wrs in thef bty yepterdays

t t" o made The Se n an agreeable call

L':xc hMs, iAt Oar[se expects to make

h departure today for Starke, where
bhe Will argle before His Honor Judge
Wills the case of Phifer vs. Urissom,
to oreclostre.f
bIa', Kid,.y Ours purifies the
S.blood by satraiunsg outlpuritiesii and
SItoneso up the 0hole syfi A P 04,ZU rell
\ kidney and-bladder troubles. 8Ot4 ty
J. W. McOolluniA & CO
SMiss Eliza .Dell departed over the

FPlICOn& e9et. Sue Moyer.
o, ot 3. 4Cmpn m e a brief pro-
faiopM v$ itto Sta 7s 7eserdaJ.
Mr. ro ei by depArted yepte-t
day; for 6 Babreene, where she will
spend th Eummer. .
Dr. J. F& WoKinBtry was suTmmoned
*trwrday to Bennington on profes-
4o!bal business. .6.,
Plessztt,' neatly fpurnuicd rooMs for
.mngle yoongmen $1 per week and up.
Umeofbath free0. App)jy Brown House.
A Allan oolsby and slster-"4wlaw, Mrs.
Hettie Gqo1pby, of Monteoeha were
namoCAg the y!sltorW to this oity yester-
SAfter n t'Illness covering a period of
sverat weeks the numerous friends of
u.s L, PhIfer are glad -to see him upon
the street again.
Sound kidneys are pafegard. of
life. Make the kidneys healthy with
Foley s Kidne Oizre. Sold by 3. W.
MoOoflanm. & o.
U. S. Bradley of Waeahoota was in
the city yesterday, and among other
bhsinaps was the renewal of his sub-
-scrlption to The Sun.
A. S. Turner of High Springs, one of
the vathid emplbyes of the Atlantlo
Ooast Line, passed through the city
yesterday en route to St. Petersburg,
Remember the excursion to Tampa
over the Seaboard Air Line Wednes-
;ay, July 2.- Fare, round trip, only
a2a 25sTcets limited to, three days.
r. w. Wynn of Joneaville, who holds
a lucrative position at Meredith, was
In the cityyesterday. He waS an route
to him home, where he will spend a
sIhort time with his family.
II As will be observed by notice In
another column there will be a special
meeting of Kirby Smith Chapter, U.
D. 0., at the-home of the president
this morning at 9 o'clock.
A. R. Bass of Morgantown, Ind., mad
to get up ten or twelve times in the
niht, ahd had a soevee backache and
ppaimusin tho kidneys. WVe cured by

F(oley's Kidney Cure. Sold by J. W.
McOol0ui & ao,
The cottage of Mrs. Frankie Dell,
East Court street, is being repaired,
repainted anid otherwise improved.
When completed it will be one of the
most modern and handsomeat homes in
that section famous for pretty houBes.
Miss*e Nina and Alberta and Master
Louis Jernigan departed yesterday for
$."-,breeze, where they will join their
parenftfhC Vhe family have rented a cot-
tnafra fr tha aummAr acnd will annnd


*ESV~L l! fl~fl h4- JLuLYI 17, 1903
rl/s ii il I w

0fL 0 OOWW7 Tampa Fans Have Little Confider
TJh ACRA S Te acksonville Pro'ises.
P~rl) 4i Th e Tamnpeiacorrespondent 6fr
-- :..-.. Times-Xnioni baothe following to
3oVS From South Florida Defeat- relative to that $1,000. baseball put
edl" Te i & o o- ^ 10 3 The local enthusiasLs never tall
ed Them in Sore of 10 t oS. baseball more excitedly or conti
......- L B ERO ousFy than during the past few da
3AME WAS LOST BY ERRORS uel has been added tLo the fire by
----4 $l.,X00Oserics. proposition made by
Aoses Pitched Fine Game but Made Jacksonville baseball: team, and-
Many .Errors-uhlin and DaOcvsta *'diamond" is an interesting subj
Also Played Poor-Will Play In Bar- these aunmmer days. and in stores
tow Today--Jays Defeat Fair Boys. offices and on the streets people
S, continually found discussing the s
The game' between Tampa and ation.
3ainesville at Tampa yesterday re- Before Tampa enters into any n
iulted in a -qcote of taton three in Bfr ap net noay
ued n a ore of ten to three I stations as to the proposed series, Ji
favor of Tatmpa. sonvilie must make good the mo
The gameo was very poorly attended,n that carries with it an impltca
which Lad & tendency to discourage of doubt as to whether the great $1
Lhe players. purse has any actual existence.
Thue game was lost on account of cent Tampa visitors to Jackaonv
errors by Moses, DaCosta and Ruhlin. are to a great extent responsible
Moses pitched a nmagnitflcen~t game, 4
oses pitched a niagnifliceat game, this feeling, as one or two lhave gi
however, allowing only four hits, allt t at while they were there 1
of which were singles and well scat,-
tered.cTfieles and well scat- learned from reliable sources that
tered. The outfielders had only Cne had not yet been garnered
chance, 'which was accepted by White. ioe a o e engree
Chance, which was accepted by White. IManager MeFarlane has already ta
Both Freeman and Anderson played Ma-
aud Anderson played p the matter and written Mans
fast, snappy ball, and had the other Dozier informing him that the $1
members of the team done as well the wager would bIe covered as soon
result would have been, different.-
SW been different, ls.tisfactory agreetnegit as to the se
The Gainesville and Tampa teams atisa iorgreeent as to Lhs
Te and Tampt teams should be signed. Tampa is read
will play in Bartow this afternoon, the situation, and the money will
whot Kennedy will pitch the game for- subscribed in great big chunks, an<
the'Oak Halls. such a number of willing enthusi
The batteries in Tampa were as fol- a wl easily make up a $2,ObOpun
lows : For Tampa, Childs and Bronson ; O r fe m
for Gainesville, Moses and DaCosta. a .
The Jacksonville Jays defeated the When the stomach is overload
Valdosta boys at Jacksonville by a when food is taken into it that
score of eleven to three. This is to digest, it decays and inflames
s U .









rather a bad situation, taking intocon- mucous membrane, exposing
idration thft that the Georgia nerves, and causes the glands tc
sideration the"+faqt t-hat -the Georgia '0 l
boys have played seventy-one consecu- create muncin, instead of th!e nat
tive liningu without permitting the Juices of digestion. This is ea
tve inng without permittg the catarrh of the stomach. For yea
Opposing teams to score. suffered with catarrh of the atom
Gainesville will play Tampa at Bar- caused by indigestion. Doctors
tow today and tomorrow again at medicines failed to benefline i un-
Tmpa, after whieh.. it.. ik used Kodol )yspepsia Cure.-J.
":, after Wh It 8s likely tohe lha, oppell, Tex. Sold by J
htk Halls will disband. Bodiford & C o.
The Foundation of Health. A PROSPEROUS SECTION
Nourishment is the foundation of
healt)i-life-strength. Kodol Dys- People of East Gainesville Keeping
pepsia Cure is the one great medicine With the Times.
thof enables the stomach and digest- The people of East GaincsviLle a
ive organs to digest, assimilate and progressive, hardworking set, whi
transform all foods into the kind of becig demonstrated by the progret
blood that pourishes the nerves and thaL section of the city. Several
feeds the tissues. Kodol Jays the and legant buildings have rec&
foundation for health. Nature does been co leted while mny ol
the rest. Indigestion, dyspepsia. and nCle ed len t
alldisorders of the stomach and di- are buillig arnd altogether tle
gestive organs are cured by the use of an air of general prosperity.
Trcn;lr 9Irnb hI M I.Undiford A& flit Miqfann0nv Atrefet. frnnm Ain(

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