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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: 07 10, 1903
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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10, 1.903

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Child Labor Bill Is Olscusedl In the
. Houae.
SAtlanta. July 9.-Dlscutslon of the
c hild Labqr bill -was beguu in t' -h
I house.yestMrdty shortly ifter the readM
ing of the Journal, and c4utinued
through tour hours of the sisosksoa
Following the reading of the bill,
the minority report w&a read. Printed
copies of It were also distributed on
. the desks' of the members. This re-
I port went Into brief argument against
I the passage of the measure and was
Ssig lned by the following members of
the comnmlUtee: Holder Qf Jackson,
SPeyton of Habersham, Hawos of CM.
i boit, RogerB of Hall, Womble ot ,Uw
I son, Hhxon of Carroll, Arnold of Ogle-
it thorpe, Booth of Walton, Yates of Ca
. toosa, Stewaut of Calhoun, Davis of
I Mertwother, Moses of Cowota and Wil.
i son of Clay.
SThe debate was in many respects
, an interesting one. The galleries were
j crowded during the greater iart of tttu
I niorning, many lad.oles ielng In attend
I dance. At times there was consider.
i able applause both in the gallery and
Son the floor of the house, for several
i of the speakers indulged In flights+ ot
I eloquence which called It forth. More
i than once the speaker had to cail
. attention to the house rule forbidding
I applause, and to threaten to exclude
i vialtorp who were indulging in it un-
I less it was stoppI)ed.
3 Previous to the (lobate on the bill,
I several Interesting amendments word
a offered and reLtd that the spei.*ers
I might have an o'ppertunlty to comment
t on them.
:i -.Mr. Ileigh, of Cow'ta, proposed to
r anieend the bill so we to make it appillc-
aI)Ie only to cotton factories In townil
1 of ,0)00 or more Inhabttants, and also
. that It 81houMl( ntot go Into effect until
vpased on by a vote ot the peoplO of
I such counties.
I Mr. Lane, of Sumrer, prop>osed to
i fnond the bill 80 as to ptit a I)nalty
i, j43)on parent and guardian violatlfs
the act as well as upon the foreman
I and managers of the far torleB Whore

i children night b)& worked.
9 Mr. Bower, of I)Dcatur, pronIlsed an
a anendmetnt to the effect ttat the bill
] .should I-not apply to any male child
ovtr 10 years of age, nr to anlly female
*1b chill Ov('r 14 yoars old.





Boon Cause Trouble


Russlan, Policy I Believed To Bet to
Hold Present Positions In Manohuria
Will Take No Steps to Avert Hot
tllitieos with Japan..

KingchautOpposlte.Non ChWnng, In
Maichuria, July 8.-All the promlutnl
Russant officials in Chlsia, Manchuttria
and Korea are attenduing tia confer.
ence at *Port Arthur. Amimong them
aeO Minister of War Kurtiopatkin, A-d1

luiral Alexleff. the Iiusssiat
st Pekin and Seoul, the p'l1
in Chlina and Korea. ,Li
Poko0tIluuf. recently Rutss-I
reiresontatlve at PekinCII, 0
salno, the military agiznt in
clvil- and. military officers
HarbiLn a ad Kirin, and tit
Officers of Now Chwann
Thbo procetsedinga Ot Al,
ars kept profoundly
goanerally supposed that t
offlclals are c-onsidering wvta
The roreigu O ftlaialp n
Chwaag and Port Arthri I
tho i)Oclibility of war i1
ste adily. The IRusilanii

%evod "i ti)t
tions III Man
Chwan g and
1 llomtlltlteb w
that Japan
' war fooling
' Norh! Cbina


n ministers
tical ageutm
vucludtng MI
t financial
-oneralt Des.
China, tho
at MukdCn,

ret. It la
.ie Rusi1An
r qgtuwtlon.
low at Now
believe that
iollcy Ii bo

to hold th, iprtiont p
ich riarl Int-1 uinglin N
to take no l)|, Itto 0 a

itik JapaiL, it It 1 i iusu
will fight tictidrl.'L
anflonI th, .lano
is interanlfaintg.



I Th Rums-lan civil itmlnltratora
wit the governor gnoral of Now
C'bwsLng have commnron ei tho erection
( f a government bulldig deostliinod to
bold! all Rutissiantt. office. lurcludinK tUi
Stelograph antd tlolimnen elopartmnuts
in the center' of tlit fornlftn aotltIe-
monti partly nn latil cud&id by thl
Chlnote according ti) th.e l.usan tx.
plaiation, and p)artl on- the i)pul11l'
sequaro, about which ihe foreign ;ou-
Hulat(u are Cnlrbg1gatM. "Tiho rout.
| dents of other nationii tlet aro iororpar.

. eA b &.4 r I -A .*aL.-ak- -.- -J .- - -- I

.-I- -- a *. -- - -C~d-~- "a*-

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Passenger Train Goes lnto An Opn
Swltch-Twenty-Four KillHd.
CQarlotteavll, Va., July g.-sO- ,
erO raailway paeua,vr %ialu 4oNo. 8&
: southbound, raka Kuito an open swttoh
at- Rockflsl depot, 20 mliet sou('(tk Of
This city, at 3 a'ekwk Tuekslay aiftor-
Inoo. vMuaahlng Into a lok)caL ruolght on
a tOdIng. Thu passenger engtno and
0 ox!r"e (onchS* woe. demolished and
tho bagaage coach telocopml Lhrough
I the socond-oia passenger car In the
Sarr, In the latter wtas a purty of
imltgraanti, all @L wtoXi wero llod
Ior Injured.
Tho dead number 24 anti the In,-
Sjured iunmbm 13. Traffitec was asin-
p lend(Itl for eight hourw. "
i Tht% dead that have been tdottflad
i Eizjnevtr James McCormick, of Char.
Slott1 ville.
I Hlnglncor Charles liavis. of Aloxan-
Sdria, Va,
Tho)naa s8h5)pard. of CharlotttoE-
vi vlti; bratktnian ion hight.
r (.harlo T. (1y, of Clharlcottoevtile.
L flnrtiifn o(n frilght.

J. a L, Lowo. ntiogro, of Baltimore.
ClOhiarlot T. L.ielthi, tigro, dining car
C,. 0. -Owen, PlIlaLulphta, 1)boiler Itin-
p pewt or.
Al1am Vltanavllovivh, Aiial in In x)y.
BHart 1n 11l Gugtlino, AusntrIan wo(mitU.
Twi tiink tiwi Auitrlan "wonium.
SAu u11It ROWn LMUlattO(01 wonMan.
STh,' trulght tralt wias Ii charge o of
SCondiicttor lirubvtk anl Edtnglnour iale
Sant i l t tho t'nt of titi arriltont was
* On tlit. ztstrii run frunif Iry11t1)ihlrg to
I CthantC)I*.\ VIlt1(4, If4)('I(I1Sk Mt-.ttoB ii
* IIS**i t bJkfjkbO t.a.*n n&^> -.a &t. 1_ ^i jk k^. J -__ A .>J

jI~untnJI IpI.-Lvt tuI tlI;MtU 5flh14RB ILIJ1
truck Cthe01 In a ntnKIlo o1ti. ICngi
ltt, liuad orit'rN to mot Junt ur tliu
of the fiMt Ipu l$iIKg(r train. but
I4HIII<* reiv;ni whlrli I('1tlIf)t yut lhO
plal 1 -,.1 l ) IvI'0 I to|I hAt fm I 10.Ililtk l4
fall!l to t&iko it rtILlikt Mso that
pLa ttmlgt)r I riltt i'tit tl paHm

1 IJ


Tho7 trulzus (:tic'lo togotlawr with a
toirrlbl)e ritash and a fearrul M71oQ of
itnlc ('n11ued when tho oectupnts of
thie ears rMl Mlzoti whit htid octurryd.
It is tht3IlItt l tLhat .thuro wurte It.
iall p)rolibhllity 121 0ianm'ngKrx on the
train Thlrhi'tc't of tti< Injiirot wisro
talu'ui to the iilvornlty Ii hnltai Wlbaro
tLier.vr wi1oaniim were 4rortel, 414t9 ot
a L I t .. IFh I w 0 4 a A ..he .& a.a i t a A

.p A,- **


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..-I.. J
.. A
- I. -^.
.5e I



44 0


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?I~ A.























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l- I "

i: X' 4'A.r k V t'C. .. '

-Z ,-pI
il ,11'

, I, ~ ~ *
- 'I~q I
. J *1*1
I. *


; ; : -:++ + + ++iI l' r.Ii i ." [ 'el i v I1 '' '**i : : I "l li *'. i 'I ll I I. I'Il *m l : "'. '.. **. ..I
A nS r+:WfAK.oN T

.^|cT iI Whtt h o Unm.erciful[y-Ri
4l. i* L .$watllla Now in i
In R1.1
t~ .
BB, -* .) ^ ^ -,T"."..+ :" .7. ^ ., ' "* .
.,: -0I' 4" rainsivIIe 4 N w'In V1

:Xi:+! 5 ,Tpimesi-TnIoh' of the 9th fwm

n roYghou the St:te P
eL / ioutheatern Baibal 1 League
t 0I%~tM~vgre.oMnKci

S^ralte the Live *ak team wit'
SI;m the 1meagulo -thef life. of t]

SAM atiOn has been on the -war
b.. tlist evid ent from what Was hea
A k the president. yesterday fro
Eesville that the leagtle will, go
.6 In a 'hurry after the exhtbibtI
'i at the Drivring Prk yesterday.

SePoterday -Prldefit .Mc&r-th-u, wl
SIumanager for the Oainesvai
-i Wt rd. Mz naVger 0ove h e re
0e004it tlVat his tia 4m wat 0 ri ppb
vpuit .o he "pesd net piSy them the

IvrHk week. -Thlo mean postponeme
J-igla~r lea gamel., and thb
6 ,ukiOw anything about baseball a
|irsetof .he fa't that when ow
.9- gp t to h ogrwrong there isI
G bsitorit. DiThe thing !s ysmaahy
lI.-t; is the way it iniet ortdedhin Jar
..i le.4sH and the fano here accept t
a,;, ltlon J U-t It prevnt Itself
i'Ihat Is t0 be done Itn e these premh

y,+emili0tobeemen. There will be
:etng coldl here in,. the next tf
l^ i w8 knd effort ww to be made
4t we saa tlhsdu pg of gafneh arranged

4 1 d ,.J potthble. Zt th amore than pro

I lI#ySP ampr g aoing If the TaIi
^W(44 *to f* lIh hn.6sat

pI A J4 1$ age* iter regatled In .toSac
l ,t b e will be"
.AtlIR aldhre:,.th etf

I(JaSSm ia the near future, it is owi
1 to n; aUlt of his that the team h
eei dlsappolnting ita admirers di
Vp othe lait fetow days. He has ma
V f i team well. There we
lr4i noto with the orga

I 16al1tHwhich he ebuld not control, a
It WA. 'thits' that resulted in the tei

;f -I
*. Lj J

..'~r **,,rrmw

* a J

,I .I'*.'" ***'**** **


".; h rir w O f~* .r"-: '"'.+ .... : ;"lk Atte,- o- ".t-- -i,-- -- --,."-- '" ;. Vw lw1 w- ." ,- ,,*
H :t:*;!'**' 1: ,W u0 WO K ^ t^ fpta 1 II P ^"S ^ SS
*hrs b 4 _r d h! .l Afc Se. . ..
I4 1+' -ci c ,Wn! dat kynqtt l p Ih .aw: : +,.A t; I
.. !mJ4L~hwl~ /:., W1.. i W.T.IR4 ro+..vJ /wlr~ i w.,.I .U --b -.v.,v. .:... .. .'

am flvef lin from tji i --|
r of hfvin -e o. ht- pri..neit S I -
take froi l ad lyac4ed-a whit* I -- -

learisner -at Mtet*6 ~oriae.6 w Ofeb 8tM bI'
_I eaborn,, _More .Irrender- to th Qk tt; I I
It dhertiff eat Sunday morning reporUng lio IlMdl. BAny _
"' "tA4 90d" In a Qjrref l- Hf '.. fl fl. t ..
r. Ader t bri aPUi dnce the' plg befl5re5 :PtuI0 =
rB?-tir.l~ tlly ilh ,, Plrtqufr of the ktflifro canmt blMA MBadyueo4lw
N pbtainedr, but geems tbt the: taount W. M.C C .
,ill farmer were Jealous about it l I l l ; l "ii'll ll.l" *"l'
belle, Sandoras' friends mgd a hrorn g AI I
'I.,ttb'hdia quarrel, wooflt Hbr., fl fl n n '!II

We. demonstration and the ynuig man e| -ri f ll.- -
hurtled acroza the country to the Jail 11 Ii 1i1 /I IIII 12 i
S/for' ptecton. IILIIIVIJ .L!I H
MoUnday nigh-t- herft -Creech Wen't i "
h-I the country and lfeft h I daugohteWr AILROAUU

he in charge of hts house,. The jail lo Offers VeryLow Rates on Follow in gDates 4
ie, in the an me building and tht girl had toolonnst Tic.eb to Calfornia ah. J In
.r h farerfs. wereo]jealouss tabout na, Utah

rd the lteyS '* 'Nevada. fe W MexioO, Arizona, Colo- I ,
About- 1D O'dnofe there.wAsa-- -nt 0rado, Oregon, WLashingrtov, Montana, [ ,
imn. be-lle a no Womi. Bons f d mde a h
3I tihe yardt and opening the door, MIss ..a.ul
.go Creech wang met by a dozen maakebt St. Louis and Return -
men. They told her that they had NE PAR PLUS 25 E S. Onale i
. come. for Moore, demanded the Jail be1 June V .Aory to return uPtoIo June 26tc s
me, oftensadmetbuiding and th o his te ghow bo Sa to r U C In
I theme q Sn Francisco, Los Angeles and
Wyoming. on0 sal uniue I5
to thoarpn oeig hFooMsOL*

tC MrsS rePwash replied that ohe womulae S eturn
dn get te key trom her heraterys room h .en r ,
, ,. ^^1*vt*MNatonal Eacam'pment G. A. X. Tilok-
re and eturn hin a minute. She was ets On' sile Juiy O1N to AES ust 13. Goodsl
t back within the spc .fled time, bu to return until October 15.
eI poked a rifle.barrel through the door S nFranc Lo An Rtrnn
liway an. ordered the men to with- "enver, -., a netu
dra w ... ..r ..m.m f-h..- i.*.. .atio 0% sale June3D toyo Jul, Ot. Good tore- I-7
o Mraw wrtout a rmomed h staon, tur until AuRust ant. i
n/.They .were in the bright moonlight anda101 i
d, ge ht d the k drop" oh taher loaders N aro1utiounlman mleepintr cardl-ly between- 1f lo
r an There ian ao mtint She wastsonvae MJyon Atla8tA, Cuatta1nool...
01 back within the sp-i-ead tim e, NIsblut to rtnd St. Louto Free reciin6o cBUr ...... .
e Plyokera hurriedly departed. The door Detwene Caolv.e and St. Louts, adn | ]e p,
ire an Iouroed guate Uml tor wait Nashville and OhJoauol This .a the only double 2 5i
Ty reitnr. ti trmok line between onhlcho tnd the Ohio a 10 p
.,+. -- + ...... I RIver. Vor full p~trttcutarsi, tickets and Damph-! 4 14 p *
T. .+ leta dress 0 5 11 p I
no The Perfeot oiver Medcine.p ingr r. nnwu ,'nr n Ai 7 08 pll
d. Mr. M. A. Jolly, Nobleh n. u., rn. ,,A
to wrThere wI have uaed Herbnne for atJaokaon1; Mgc, Atlanta, p

as number of years, and can cheerfully[ ."^l"l ^~~-"l~- +-l__NO
,bo recommend itd as the most pherfatThhO Plmei a l t I+ 5.+,p
a,-| liter medicine, and the greatest blood r a" e- .tnd t.-o S 10

nd purifier. It iW a medicine oQ positive F,. 1 m,... / .Ar Pair
pa merit, and fully accomplisahes all that wnilt anXAc(LL k tIYrowerJ A D
er Io -claimed for it." Malaria cannot One Year m us 10Ar C a
I ~~~~~ ~ ~ n Y - -i" u ear., J "i. ""i" ".4...15 ,00 Ar R
fInd a lodgement in the system while C^i,.,. 4 1 [Ar WlA
_, Single copies, ., .... ,. 10 Ar OUtli
o the liver is in perfect Order, for one of Aralel
[ona IAr Prt
ng Its funotione is to prevent the abaorpa Ar Ri
I tion of fever-prodnclhg poison. Her- s
Sbine is a-most efficient liver regulator. A handsomely illustrated magazine Ar Baltl
S at Johnon. Bros. Devoted especially to the interests of Ar Phil
in5Cc at Johnson. Bros.deodes-i
'- .. te tI Ar New
ir- a. the fruit and vegetable growers of __ A.r N
Big Assignment at Boston. Florida.
i Boston, July 9.-The Shoe and A special trial subscription of six Satur
,. Leather Mercantile agency of this city months will be sent on receipt of 25 T1
.nd has announced the assIgnment of the cents, Stamps taken. +am a
large boot and shoe manufacturing _..... .. bule 4d
im AIm n rMTa fl nch1mrn &r -.,C /hnf lR^.tnn 4 : -%--4_;_

'a-.' h
I ________

, .. .: n

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.. V .i.. *.l
^ r '


Worthy of LI
Conflideratiofl ,pP

We cover -thiese Impor
Solicit a share

4" .






I Accident

. I %L

.. ... .---Agen

ietor Safe an

The "Victor" the best sal
ing the parohase of a si
from a box to at ban
by consulting u

U)rmatn cheerfully rnsh
)rmfatiofl cheerfully frdmish

h.. fl r ...ts ... ti S t- S....




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Si 55~ 1

9 54
a ma p0

7 46
4 42
1 20
1 30
6 46

2l 10 Pi
2 bo p
4 20 P
420 P
745 P

U *a a 4 y *

. at ahd. 9 +


toonvllle. .,...*...
Iandlna... ., .... .
fnab,, .,..,.,,,.,,...
r ax.. ... . a** I .*
Sark. ...,.b ,.......
imbian .. .. .....
taden.... ., .. ,a.,.a
Itet. .. a.. , .,.* .
hern Pinesa...*....
Igh. .. ,,.... ...
,mouthb, .,,*., *,, a,,
neond, Vab. .......*
nf1to411n. ,..,.,. a*m*..
more a ,,* ..... u,,q*..*
iadel pbla... b5
York ,...... ,..


d m I
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m 0
0 q O
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I t U
I Y 9 5
ii l
J m

66 1

t0s p
l1150 a


10 45 &
58 6p
11265 p
q 30.01


4p 4p



a 0

nnectioas for Palmetto, Mar
aye, from Gainesville.
Lin No. 84, Seaboard Express,
, Jacksonville and New York
lay coaches between Jacksoni
"ffl V-MdMa IN..S. T- M- V 1 U11

j"'i (

/, ., I
UI R, 4''4 II
-A I F I T r1
..... W,

|W 1 4Atlantic Coaat Oin e W '.. .._ ,. > ..-
IAtIp to N oIUpJ'J -- e ... .-
_^,,^Bj ^. .,,oolv ole K., wvasv're,.... m~~n m Jnn.n I n' i n.) rimk .. 'l i i*" " '

ml^i^B Ulll ind poits eon ;o Ia in bvtit;nr
^^^^"Jj^ Ot[ DtThe Atlantr o omphine aro ad .or .. -
^~ oth n hc ;M "'$"it Ton AUndort Oof, t lieof the'. a DODG &~ ...ULL .
/ t: : : r an O r it ~CopanY W1.1e partMemphte in one was y' | "'o T= b4 I river gateway [s--- ino ini t*o.* -ni
/ i 5/.i :.:.- : lfou"Is ilo; Ky,I, Evansville, Ind., 11a-.i"n
/ [ ::: ?:~ o '_- .. [ ueah, K.y.,.1 Cai ro, I I.., St.. Lto'i L, M4>.,
"i::--'- ,. ," .-- frontM lilnt)l~i'p, -Toinni. not to -t,,B .

i IpMorts And" W which. WH~ poiifts .oh dnd north, of ilh0 lof th'e DCOUe UL
i Ia'h-Goeirs an Opportunity Friks3o aystem- (Alemphis. to KanS~ssl
i -- t rse ity),. to t he Iollowing points ill Flro -I --r---'''--" "'" " ""
/|I_ ida, GeorgiU, No*th and 'South Carl- I ,
and oogregatons of the -oli and. Abama oot o thi
/ [toritn' Fi rat Baptist and. system, or to which thoecomnpany fomrnisl C f /. LL^
iMethdilt Episcopal part of an authorized tioketing route, ---f-ntit
/ live agreed on having a 1e- at following rates under eonditiona |s -
ing the moqths of July, Rate---iOnie-lhalflof tho standard one- yi,
.-September. T]he first of way fare., plus $2.0. I I0 |1I1
i" was* hold in the First Dates ofa t7, Li e Qii If arsB I Qn L
i ra.h last Sunday evening, April 7 and 21, 1903; May 5 and Ilr a ,if
Swill follow i the order 19c; June 2 said 10 19; tly 7 nitd *
.,he isehedule which fJlloTa. 21, 1903; Auguat 4 and 18., 19W; Sepe

I, I; o rI ,I,
f n people of the city are teipber I and 15, 1903; O0tober 6 and

,,,_______ o,,, Ny gl.b, Ean~dsv|lle ridts, I da

d.efinteret in theq and give Lipait-ro gtinuou, S passageu, M\, Fi,
TAragement to them in every Coiditions-Contract nnd each l4r ao u

give practical expression pon of tickets to be i aed tc se cond- to A D
of all true Christnian a, Whc W po not good in parlor or alt piineo the ,
spiritchqrs an Opprtunit Fieo eni (Memphis tor Kans C
M^^g deinistsrs.i Qity) toe a th er, iloigr points, inIForaii~i .- .i I g
.^^~frlg~~Qitrs anda G ieorgia, Iraoflhit wand.nioa $outhtl qarA (TR
a^^* nd fougrgains4 h Ocitru and. uo bair JoQitswedt, orn this i. ^ :Jl... p,1 jn .
t^^^apftian' Farst flpta and* 6,)8tOlI OFd tote wtrhinah thobcompn fotrons \^\* ^ TIl P
^^^Methotdisft Jhicopa par.thpl of anathoied Atlbketing rome, ioVwlwUBAA

y. is to foster all developmnlts aloug itsr THE FRUI"
Presbyterian chureh, Rev. 3. line.
It claims that it is tio greater
t,,aptiat church, Rev,. Those. truckiing road in America, atid it pro- ",
I videos every facility for getting farm ......... ._...., ....
:-Methodist church, Rev. J. garden and orchard products to the,.
northern markets ain ge best posstiblq tN. .
Presbyterian church, Rev. cuIdition, m shortest tiie, and at low- xIot Iy aUy.
i nter. oCt rates.ndy
Baptist curch, R v. II n11o )art of thile country is tlhere af
--. greater abundance of gasne id fish -l_ ----------. --
thai on ti lin r. ro i 0 t-6 lin.A X
1B -Methodist cKurch, Rev. Nortliern farmers invit *l tV 7 4 1
i writu for iiforination iii deal! tLou% ,' ..:..b .... s I
i Q resb t- e r n c hrc. tlie territory of the Atlantic C4oiNst ( .q* ...*
1 [:OuO-Presbytertan1 hturc, h ;' (K) "
oiley. 8 4 . 4 5 ..4.*
r 0-Baptist chLurchl, Rev. He Never Recovered from It. 1 1* t
iT.tltoigh, N. C., July 9.-Charles G. j ,3) .. .
ir IS-Methodist etlurcl, LItta, president of the Ralelglh cotton 8 8 ..... .a. ..
i o0lley, mills, died hero or paralysis, aged S0 H 45 ...A..... ....
ir20-Presyteriat church, yearn. Ho was last year struck by i t .... 8 .60
Carp ent atreot car in New York amd. wf par M a s ." '
carpenter. alyzed. tHe never recovered fromthat "tEm* "
r 27--Baptist church, Rev. Injury' Suit for $60.000 IanIgeo IN i .Ar ,16.'4 4 L
now eanding agatast be railway 1 DO(iv 680 Lv 3

ILJ & COeq
l ...... I... il a,-,- --.--'- M1.
-.-. j-, Lw. c~-'- *'* I. *y^^.~-^ kkA* -** -- l *, -I .f u -l u .- ra -t4 -1 i Lk LSh.. J 4*r| l Tc i*^A- ^ ^r

Gulf .Railway Coffioa







a1bl Ii eff~tW lL 1Tanuttry 4, 190..
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DftHlly. I1

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... .TloiU> I a I
p A* 9 2"Ir ftnttI^)I 4 S F *.
.i..U4.S 9 9.^t ? L J 1( i ,S
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.t r.k.. 4ly 41t . ..
. 4 I < ,Watlo .,. ...
- t, 41t *, t : ,
4. t*i4y *tlu ,I t .
9~ ~ i .( *4I()O6,1 y )b(tu t.9t

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Hun 1.
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JL''l. I I 'l r 77 ,'i'.. ..?l ...'T 1l ill 77 M11!!11 11l7l ;7!!V kI-ru111 VWl
T, .. F- IF0
4 *,b.,.U ., *L ,!.y. ;I/, ;!{.; .4.1. *.*1* J .. 21 : I L. ,:", ,I,<, .-" /'., . .. .'='; '':T
'b I..II,,.r,: x, .I,,.. ,, .I. r (..* *. .,;"t .. ... ', . .
4 9 n -': ~ ~ b ~ '* .'0A .i~d' '~ ",, "~t 1" , ,i,'c," w)t~ rA- J 1 '" ".. : '*' , ""
phI f I ,
l I m m or k pK'l- ;L .
., , "' a . .. ,' : Z *,. q . V t k. I- .,. '*t' e- y . ,- ,
R~lfl&i aM^b~e vryiori hI.;. K, <" rh *1*tgao piftI~eri Ibw I. Floenc ewde,
1p,4wI 01 *II T!,II 1t,
*IP!% .I9 L: .. *ili -1 .*9 11 rI h .Ir I
.r: 0r Tw-:',,

j^|lMj Stitii/ o- leav oe no doub, in~~e aone Intellent mind __.Ti ,_.i,.~ -_o.g _r
fi^H^^ ^'* k.^ 51. .hat1te I:eti ^ III.nlb~un I `, Il T % Vd4j r

)..$I iB ,' l : .,iQ mstau 0.won; 1'70J "ei* :. O1mil, p m bc e f .ag ea r to
p t '^ '? ^4 *I v'"ft <>0 kt4 ^e fogww~vs*. ~t^ V ^^t^
inM^1^ **lf rfiktgi ~egafigi cipe-e akn.aga

eI. a- f r..:aY- mr#.e.. n of e tTlr I
L 04 vau4 ti ao!lI

HR X' fmn in' "tA to-ubl"" !_i hed ever nln ,' 0 0' 1 ci n -""nI:. '.. Be mo nueB on', n n h st. a n '".' llp th da am Y'
aate 6 the txiR of he case :4
'* L1 *Ir,. I /.^ hm .e table ..t o..indimordrtt ofo1n o.frthgrttlet bayodew. that the ropemi nder o
.0"0 4 .4" m us twb---.e noId no tee gi ve nl-. Aou4t O 1e oPrqpoe.y
tint.,~~~h I6 li itgttb prI~4 t~rra 4l ;i
..l. It'..t IpnestigaUIrn ,.paotle ab ia n- MISS Florence Whtvide1" 0 le,
tbWtta St.t f.lp.,orwte.op Q! ,nt dou Ohio aI tIea Inda Ilaind vie eQ.) ory am ongr rher
10 1. IF
I 11 -4 1-- t i i
I ~54OflStrve weska* tiw~at e woneremsnu ItpehI~n4 re in cp an ided toef 72h
iP i^^^ *aD5~ .IN; The greedy Mvg5 of orurl ptilt hav e, o&1eW chureh Wiom Sonpurs
^^O'w^ _. I W. eo tost4n., a;. iee.t. o( rae4 tiemseolve upotal very bnaneh ed for ate *ew rag b In :
"i~i~l^^ '^ ** ."" ,. """ nati"a eeionu, the au I ti ondue Infueaee stwas elerte
Lf$..;QpOW ,..., t:OW, @8. ..4t 4o.o t%). pt MNv 108 M$tlorotc tepe trogc
d d y peBoy ill. e a TrV Ce
IPqft e ioqton 14 -n<"8h tWhoteide, herong

J .b j..o. t.r sv etthv madetL tnow rn P report. oS l sbstsntaI proot of shtme- Sienc.tat ".... I a i
wi$u onl60,O) rne zninteuoned ow. I"l ,lo-e ree:bac t-p-' i.II I i te Pan By I : u th ovriir or a a
l0ess traM!oklg il offices, grating rver a-a' we
*t1 ; .--ee .at ahnbs. t. .h no i ,
B *t*IF. *one-Ie Sunt Isnei g.reed e arfeau go bold a b- ra-an of t xeuos wotn the
.rIle every zen defianc of all v erve res, the staende all the day a1
:WhentwS0.i 4nd ote alLte tb06s thte d nly pernlctou In.- re 0nsaton wecl he SaId 1

SWie e4, putge tree, to ca ladmia ntion of one ot the greatest and that e hoped the wll
'thtfted iSz tcsor Cacala. tor@ eO, den artwenW oftbe igcve tlment. broken, o G .
#-,, ...... ....O e of the ep uU1 'C j thl investiga- an t k
F. I.~ orAgdHvrPlt
b-Al be.,-ohle4 du alefis i~ ~ the -discovery thttetu3s.lvl.Juy9c4at

A A..tM1* #4l idv#.ttsement~uvlosaotblerwise iStatep. of Qhio', Ilndiana, IlItnois! tnd rwornaon, 4 retired river
J ~lk'j. Ita~t psrLe.o 7n w 1

4L.~ 4M....btraut. -. par..esno known to, Iowha~hve boeep Iespeoilaly. favored in captain, is d#ead, agvd 72 y
1. Wflg. Ulej4 to pRu fp d dver&nw I"t In ade
;m m" r 'X Tmi U HIDMINy SUN." Zbhedistribution ,of rural mnail-T routes. otme here trorn Sulphur S
;I# pta re (NNVLtoL. Amsdmthree tor thes neaepvtlSae nV. 1~?b a onI
naI~RL eleies th thasd arlt thi on-tersrstaeshr

.mmmmm ofthe s;ngiimmmwm 'miii Ketcky favoroitisOm is perfectly obvious. LI Mr. wasted out of respect to hi:

,Itobe tn.the esses of hung juafies Py, is r heonno.nbame dtELEGNAPHIC D:REV
V&e no knwnt
h4:NashfIn Am. ca
I~~~~~dt pa fo i-vr~f ford; It.Antoa cna ftika ao 1~ spea

I fllw III1* mer..ean questions Is enough to make anybody "sick." In meeting ot the League Of
orftqofte olaimithtthr Is ptureey moral speot i-t bears astrik ties that netes jn-that city n
'I 0j 1 nyOQO0 tnein lplthe.Confedor[ l. aloe sm n to th Pe fy tth .wert.zulngn or a U
-If" 4tht b 0, then the ea .affair in. France, whiob, in. fts bile river tout men were d
. ". j i"tai the' re W OR m'ny "l WO_ course, besmirched the~rep~utatlons, ofi North Carolina' rtg e terun
iett .m balmdet every, Iadng polldcayn. Thel ventlon Is In lesson at Ra!
J hunos*nuqeeepaguas jh tbat Ab-mub
: $A4d.'or Cthnot he that on e-fftho D bo Ariitcander has won the.
4 (k )*enti-re s-rmy warn from the State m olutely rvttea., Every blranoh of- the stake, valuedI at $18,43.5,
t. rnie~seee. Ten.nessno undoubt;edly, services needse reform. aiid i]Ota of .iL. the. world's record ror thM d
tloll V1t1e toward sanelliii thel Is tio the President's' duty to Ieave A wmit of Iinacy rias b
*Ate"qftbe..' boys;'"" In ra ,. but sedi& otitinig undone to bring every, clprit out Tor General Cassius.M.

O F." . . . : . , . .-, .- u p -F a n oo e r.'a e r e
i i.' ur;ieIm mainvU ag one ine five or to justice. The scandal is no longer.a general has barricaded his ith matter of lurking suspicloni. WI,- haa there will be danger in s
hi Ontlwp, I force ':'/ "i tbb 101d* -advanced into the Indestructible realm writ.
,j.SaYvnnah Cotton Troide Journal, of faats.. This being the case, every It is reported at Pekin
khas bqpn '.tvlng ItH exolusive at- political grafter, blood.sucker and Britain, Japan and the Unt
^gj O t cotton Sea Itsatd cotton briber should be hunted down and held will 'esst Russian agIressk
]ap-l Il e -I out0 'aothis wok with a up for public condemnatdon. The na-chur
Lrtin whc inuRtreIXpet tSvna r
Vl "torM department, In which tional adminlstattion, which happens experts at savannah are
rtS of turpentne 'and resin are t be republican, ha reached the tho books of Screven and
L iO ted. Ulln.tastlcal resuwen ap- point where retreat is no longer in. who negotiated false rice re
4 -Th I the nna, The Rice M
at oorrretry givon, possible. It must, iolens volens, go de n know ow heav
% :Thplournal announoos ,that thiis de-o. alad, honestly and fearlessly, or take evolved by the hypothecatio
tx. wtient wlll be ocithinued and con- the consequences. Does the latest false '
tdt:."oia d upon the samp.. high plane:, au *step Jook as though it were going to do -
I I button departm, enwt,.eWtnh hma met this thing? Does it look aa tho4igh the i 4
tlrwl* 0 ; ph"uo OM 10ncno na1 suecess. The people'of the country are goingto get J
iJv"ya'I Stores Ind.utry ia 'an. important the faots of this matter when the "gag h na aa*.. er. a
"Ohsi bl tho -tatei 0 .or(a. Florida, rule"Ai appliedto the officers of the -."- V
.;IIJ., -I a.,.pw an Miss p i and Inter. ,- _. -S
S:. Al baima and MeiRlcsippit and inter, |department and no action taken in the "
4. "Ia u ev afaitnf baa A a Aaf m Mcil A1 d dA A rk^ ci -MI 40 I4.A J f 1 jL 3 I a I a a A .6 S % -

f lr -*:i
rT hrh i'L j'k .' ^ *u A'.; J .. ,,.-J
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-r t C U' ;' ,1

will prob&
r the week. a
W as left to

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S8i, ,i tht i!

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Cb Cr~itan
not provde
prove tht

deblid an4.
estate, was
I created aJm
at he be0,
.been use'dS
[ would te
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in 1dWard
pilot and .12
ears, HeWei
Iprengs, WW. e
1829. Fla ig
were half !'T
s memory, I

wag for the
exlt month

erance hal t
etgh. i

Realization FC

and broke IE
lUsttwice, tt
een sworn I"
Clay. The !1

house andi
serving the

that Great
Cited States
)ns In Man^

examining 0
Silvorberg, t'Q
celpts with I
!1 company 6
y. it Is in- (
in of these

------; A-

I. ,_... .. .r. [ ..*-. I,*,... .. .-

- I **~ ~ L * ~ p *5- ~tT4r-~t- ~ .~
.7.* ***y.*I*j I ~ ~ I
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r t-l

owes, but regular action cannot Ibi
"mretes Cenoug-h bIlb to make .,th'.
iecute their naaW;al functia i
rtl agitation, caused by cathb !.m
ntual" zndJ'jnfcreaStng dosps |m
the results.
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,trb'R mitt En
"trouble, wo4

For -ale by Jo
For ,Sale by. J~oh~n

- . .. I= .- ,, : % -* *-" =- "

Costs Oly a c
Sorw Aan 6 Saeta to
'II. C J. rOrrETr1-D-ear Det
1vder*) to our tftle gqipnd child
le ahlnowt magical, an eert.abs
evemrue4. ,. _olStte
paw BIShop S.Uthm tethlal t

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p r ___ -- -- _--
40a LTG,.,...b .., 0....J.]l
a 9 4 a -.. .,..s........., S oJ
a1 *25 A 1., ,, ...,,....tme
I f l! Al : ... :..,........, .,E S b
a A I q .aca tsa c *t e S 11
,L r ......l q.... ..
.., .. ,,At. A ,^...... ......Bat
S a 10 a Ltv-. ..,.......,,aeBi
l* P 4a4 L i. ; pa4.... ; e--,...e .
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p .& b~ph1 b a e S. eta 6tS1 -i
3 1124D m6* w hU I S S SC p p Sm* JR SeP 4 Sb
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I 1 jt .s,. c.u,..0.,,*,,,t
,s 8 G1p ...:... ^...... ....8.
Pu 80p -..,. ...4.S ..,.,.. -, *
C i m ,. a.e. i..mpg,.. u...-l.
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1 7 I I. *w- ,. a* ..,,p0 ,aa.u.rn ,es1
il j IB p) .m-- S...... m..,., ,.m
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07 9 5p ..).r.........,.h.teCe ]t.H
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F7 Ar,
.rK U II *** JUU A1 the y.i ,' th euiu n y ^ y^ w^
zp- i% 6 I .+. -.'. C'-A o f. Lo r e,...-.,

It't, P N, w p. i
*.. -. . ,.' -I. : : ,. .
rI* th. C em-~tar~ Utatrv ;tcM :jeLC t*N StS fat; & tae i : i/.
ti' 6 In the ynr 1794 the tautifut and
ki iaijg ,,ebll ofr mi n"e hl'or' p'tl 1 for tA
mi pot t t T bir. u ebes Calt I-G ott r
"..." ".. 48 e g hz t f dir rs.aI flu a ,
ca"' '- h de drlan htb In 'r" by gt.
F. -^ Ic~thr- a *l !$y "ch recrutt -a dnea In'. o and aL) .
A l.mHl.. "kli tVro heir own tlips.-'it Is notorious. I II
I A For ta k J a -.
:',,,; ,..,, ,, 81 ,,+1", ., -L,-I,,.,,. xvtt e ,mn t ar |e iIr. a^ili ot' '---- .... -'' -" -I I I- .....
in.. &EA0JEu. OFFICE o(rwf hI e!-lt..'qucker than AX otsr A' .
-.. -, I' rcgtl.5nt In Uwe -Hrfltlsh service. But
BaseLball' Siort of ralhe Well for their
P t~l IL I
.pAppointed to Succeed lkss, Tthay I ,jpfeL sLnt Itume(lttthlIy to
AfelythurTownige i the i r b tih 1 in their first on-
&l: I, 1 tlUiIlLh iinpl i in tl npied
A Iii' ithet't 3rrit. ttastrnv I0ss n rae the I -l I
,0,9 ptesing business nwl1ic4 "IIr ")h 'f Lt In IX(13 and
3. MeArthur,. president of ox.'i~tri, i'ult'e n,,ltb,,. o l
Bti: Ii N,, U. ['fI i\P t2 iiIt nehzltbnhre
tarn League ald m ai ab ea o< t is a n agei t ttt t' I o1 t I I c 1%)y
all b seb11 team, has re- [a Io c.l, th)., t Itoe I .t lesy ,
tier. He will retain his "tonu* sik.z1i 0 t" I. I Th tn vino'
; president of the league, M %N',. 61.L(I i,, i. i"r lif,. Ile
Atr Is% d r "I"
4 hopes to bring that" or- l ,tl l.,,"-" ,i II 11r- .'.t
safety through tbe dark p'sialy 4 .. ~~)SV~~ ~
have been overhaJging h1r rz, :- "1
..for the past few daye.. tMe rcf yI Ikv., S, I p or
cArthur stated that it is knew\ ntot, n,*11i j r T, o ldJW 1 w 1i t s t%
usinesa reasons that he was w t11 otein n 1lincO txt"i k ;: "1 1:1 tr I I II
tender his resignation as t rotlioti ':i A iii :x 1 J .9e
eatizing that the position Whl ~1i1~. I"iA
re time than Ile was en- followed. &lul vu; ,I
)OV~~ rv w I f1
At, And having the liter ,-crl L I ,'T
I Omatlc relatl()nf IiL't,,eei i v !J t
$l fl at heArt, he deemed it I --1,.,,, sus.iivuiiv. :,ll i L',i",4 I
fta nan in the posititen who0 blocx!' wa.4jr- ensu~ed, t!,-I tx te'a:OU:
the ttirne to tIe work. 'igis vitlch w,,s piIi f,, t,,o,,4t ,Lrly it,
Aeaent o( a -h t- Iem Is no blood and treA 1u u* c- A L 4 IIII

lwaijie, youteg mlan who baigtesrag oe tdtrcli

ave a wining teaiu or curiou d n it wait discovered that a I It
immediately Wei-t work pit cc of tFon whic l ulat d tb4I f rubb t i,
r of -securing a tow rew with the todestuTe nequired the mnmel
wi wlbe here in thime for. povser of kttractIkg Wron. I n otherI
i^^E SEwords. the IloVet of trn tieenone a hug-f
Me [a It Was : it ,,l'rwvard fond that sr rh I
IKidneys for Rheumatism. an Iron or artbfcinl uiigInett could I be ir
iare suffering from rhe..- used like the lodestone Itself to conrert' I
kidneys must b. Otleti.i.d other pleaen orr* Iron Into mongeti so by
-that. Seyr_ will. _iut' rubbing. Still Iioroec reently a iiod de
_ari t..... tFeileiat of making inagnlets by neininno elofi cc-,
fromn thbloodt tricity wns diseovered-tlat Is, by
istho most effective, wrppn a~tVR pic'o nsltdw
his purpose, R. 'r; Hop- many times anrouLd the bar and then t
,twigt., says: 0.After ut%- etusirng a current of electricity to pRss
4d00ctoring three years for throiigki the wire. The fniuthlnr small
Vi tlh the best doctors, 1.!--
.ViV.i the best doctors, ''toy magntets are siluply steel bj~ans FbMEikL SUIT
B Kidney (Yore and itnwhich have been rubbed a tew thawes F `.' I E:
cannot speak too Iigh gis oeflnaut.S ihe
medialne. Sold by J 7 a ntowerfu iis.t.-t$ Nh I t
Co,.7 olas. 4,I l, "" ,'+,. ' .,, ,
Public tIii~tui.,tRI r
ANATEIE SECTION. Sm0ecns ot the Solemn. Aa. ANNE
Look about you, gentlu reader, and I
ottlers' and RoundaTr consider the Ioluunt ass in every -walk I Y.'rdt'L far
a Seekers' Rates. of life. Who so respected, so admired, ,
lard Air Linea railway have an Infiotintian? lipf nnvrn tnfkrn mIaul .

... I . _-T" &, % .-F ,,.L c'.- 1 j. ...",,- *"' ."'l
lkth "A ~rJ~

T* * i ^ - ^ -r^~ q b I ' "- =r~ ~" 4- is _
-^ L '% J IM '.' 'I "

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nnwil h- ,."qAiL[
a-m-f!Ed-w-I s--o -o ",,
v*.^^~~~~~W IT CRBAML^C ~k h fi^6IB* *' i*. 11

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Irl1col Fl.)r&da i

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pm :j.
d *~ . j4 ,ALI

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. .-. ,fl"* *".. **

r tz%1 -rr srh*_' 1. L L l . . - . 'I. " --IV--
L.4. p IIw a:a ._ ,.. A. I IIT .

"t .l.^" : .+ .. :y. -, -- . ., .. .. ,. N o i., .a'n F.-.a..-. 1 ,.9 .. .
*rrw 'J^'^*IM ",w h-Jiro .. i. 1."..
SrriFu tout
f~ 'orstnp.Errors'

.. ^ ***ka- o0rscE ESTAPI4HED A telegram frpw WAdoeta to The
-I0 r M .- .A
..,'i *...... ...-. ... .., .. ., Tlm eaUnrion upter date oi ,,ulp 8.
l',fo:rMonr th-,,of Juno-WereMre g the, fk.. WnD aSount of the
I $itR0QeD'upthA.' Citizen.- GlIiesvIe.al4l&a pime:*...

$4i44ptto rop: Poor--Othe RB with .White,.-the tar pitcher
L.4.Lt i ,%4' %,lifort Gainetvlle, ointbe box, OainMevi)1
.,]cot hi. lotthe game o Valb dtascoreof
--M4tl S ilj.-O AThe reason you' have 7 to 0. . '
V asb@,td ,omfA0 Arao tor several It wua clean shut-ont so far as
f"f '^-b ttOse .oar orrespond-eat Gie -lll>,wa* eOrioer. .t ouffh
t 1 g.ngotath ing pesaheb he to have been 0 kto'r e; eand would have
Jjlctbhavetl -to Write beep that wayai& the end of the ninth
4. te!Mt..wss.,hippedfrdi this stating but for some of the9 costly errors
4 NAhi4Year -tbouta 260, orates of peaches, 3 sineoisvle made. White pitched a
^i.hifatp express oftoe now atd the igo game, but. 'his sauppoi was ma
4 t pres*buuiress for the month of June terlally lacking. The' outfield was
J. th;lWUH19,269.80. Quite a good.. showing poor, and the infield xnmiserable.,
fAjrf tthO first month. Up to the fatal fJf iM war a pretty
dI-.,pThe peaeh orchards, here are lookl'ng gme. -There was utnedy, f4 and
t' voery, well indeed. orno and cotton clean ball played; and tbp g8ud4'qsnd
1%' are looking rather poor--oon- was witnessing a. miagnjfioent exbibi-
140erably. below the average. The na- tion. White was hit nmW and then, but
atfve or'peedlIng peach crop fis almost a he did hia work when there wal a man
thisnyear. I.
|t(Lrefhl year. lon bases. Mathis tossed tjiem for the
lil "IForest Grove Sunday school home tea' and hld4:tbe viuitorp down
'4r b#ated OChildren'sa Day the last well.- In the fifth Qalnesville went to
1h.a i Jtune. ThlbIs the flrtst time pieces, a$d whe6. the clouds cleared
Sr a A nRAwRY and the luit map was down Val-
Sschoolev -celebrated hild ren dosta had piled uptqx thee rupa on the
t.tflbat the comm.Ittee who had the ore card.
kl tfl*rOiSes in charge, a- well as the I n the seventh Ib wa wo rse. More
0wlldran-r Ia;tnly dwe crtdt !r)errors and more runs for Valdoata. The
,i,..-- : ,. ... home team got our men across the
uat tolmst fy or Loue 'aeltoi., be- could osl a ha&t1
V, illU 41 1:'rt_0"' '. "'" ft Y 6 ft 'I"' ','- I. ,-". '-.
&r-'tri (7*44. which wFis forwarded to th.e Valdosta played a nIce game from
raPtlptH BoArd of Publieation. beginning to end. Their playing was
.i*,.;..n ir K'ntht nn..~ ..... I steady and swift at every positions. The
Yt,, .I.'uer. Kniht, Rf lold gentemann a or by innings was &a follows:
:v.bpeobekr, who has made i| home with04 Valdo7ta 0 0 6 0 4 0 0-7
,L4rr4Qfln persona in this commoi.nwi Gaineovile.. ..... .0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
?:\1-qeipt Tuesday night of congestlon. I-]n ; D&Coosa ; Valdoeta, Mathis and Robin-
*,^was about fifty years of age, was a Eon. ..
t jtrn~bor 0f the Fonsst Grove ch~urcli, 4 ...... .
Lj .':. JT i ..... l |, . ," -"-. .. ; ^ . ^^ ^ ^ ^
- n^ind- wasa good man and citizen. I. " *
s a;'"" i- .e -- 11t n u..- a. ,L. ..1-f ... *~-- .. .. ... , -.- _'. ... . I
; ;!.,. ,Mrs,. .T.. Pr/ee anld three youngest '^ ~mH ^HH~
, !eih|)dren ate in.:O t~h.. orida *il,.n ...,; :::": *

.I rfttthtlveS. ,. 4 .
.-, o MISAnnie and John Price have Juust
retunrnied from a visit to relatives in iiI"
t :'Lyy Qoo oity.
;;Miss.P earl Oltoen lofr t Saturdlgy wnd n ;
:-^ Ropa May left Sunday for Bell,.1
urei thbeyonch) hnv as nnimtnr school I'.
*4:W el May ihes just Irecovered.

t I *'' I 11; of several days'
4< i%4

.!, I

b~ : IL

n7r~. 1=
34 **
I I ~ ~ *

. 1
-Lr -

. -- 1

' A 'J

%t.& *
.~. ,.I.. I
p *


p-U ~
. lit.


. I.; ~ *


V. .* '
* mPI

The Smoc

r :



,, Al



.i ,



I. ~1



* I


-The Largest Selling Brand of Cig

in the World

Thi Naiaf t e SmepsR'e P wftection

. 1. **~ ~ ~ *1 -**~~~'

., .,.
-r-- I 4
p L -




m a -

o ;



n' ~~ ~










n'~ i '' t .4.r ',. t! I, I. ..4 kA$I:,.,.. 'V "LS"" "&4..
^Pl^j~g..' ., ... ; +.,-pBjD
lI XLtai
... tI ,., 1 '. 'f l % " i .'. n o* . .%
"Ul' 7 1"s, d '" I ' q "

R-, S i s r .. .
,,.,,.. ". 1. .. o 1 I 'I 1 *.. --* ru*o ..orr l. .. ..y., ,

0 9 is hs - 1- t, **
9PT A..0+ wf larO. t fl 1 FENIiItR'S ' =A,_ ,_ _
`0 6 United -- -- -r .--- 1.4.D- -- - .--
a d "
aho r Sntertolned, fl.R. 3. H, ALOSEVI., IIr

.mt ,Wi a It Bguckhig- 1 jlB I I "h r ; ', l
-' An *a.r '.. . . .9. ._ .W lim i k i i L_.. ,
Kflv 0f King a tod wart, -l.Mi_.] TO^Uai!. a 1Q4 ----

;nrterm at various hotels tW' K sj Gaduate falht~ore Ooflen 0
doY. n. T oubita, Surervy yenr expert'uG
= +.-" ;-.- t* IJive years' ezprneuoo Itfew+ Thrk City.
ytI~e u~toa1~ Subse~rnent~Crown U ibrtlework Pmu4ffn pLate
$forw. they paid a round Do become discouraged. There o aI
f, cu"Ioreyou. IT nnces-ary ivrlto )r, Feoi vtr. QVnNALRtWOKLVXNIL ..
-. -H lie has spot a Jito time curing Just suhL8' O zCfrvntp6gl&L BLOCKL ()M3WV1LUt, FI.A i
.nemrlcan officers and men coses eyouurs Ail woiutttolia s te. .. -- - _k____--:-:--u_-=-+--
it: P6rtemouth are being en- *Foryears I bad baekach~, severe pains PT
k~5nWeu-P A TION
evri ludln acrv kl(IteyS and scaldjpag urhwe. I otiuld I ,
,Ztarout Way's Inluding .. -
,_ *H various waya I t nOttoutit of utd without help. Thq use uit1 iY .p.._ --, .n-
at the Volunteer Rifle hall, n o..euriet' Khney and faekt~ho curr rc CXVILRfNXEII AND SURVEYOR
toayot presided. In toast I stored im,e. G WAGONER., IKnobtvlklk, Pa. UA1RVt WW.IA.
eidward the mayor &aid he Druggiists, .... 61, Ask for Conk Book--Fre, FjroakilI reattr s T-m-
It w4J" Tt- T..rt t p -.-. e.nn r b"" .1 w q ith every sictlon of lah d In ALI to.j T--orl to po+ i ITii ure uu.rctllr_. Corrrespondenoe t,
'hiind goori will hS. [l' TU.- UO UMIIUC Fenner, 'P doncaN. I_ .
.114 and good. will between ....
in aud other countries wwas J. .MPSY,
Sby the U'nlted States. IrnL /m PIRIur IP HrMS V FUImTPV\REPAII

President Roos(evelt, the
1: *"He Ia held here in tho

eem and
'8 most
^eltare o]

regard. The press.
aLesidttouscly- to pro-
f the United States,

is actuated

i and

;of the
R comon

1i o rd

& alnc ere



uniting the

We, t-n this side of
'ing with you, repre.
great nation across
ion heritage and

mie language,
for the grald w


[.i engagod,
led Is not
t interest



B rital
of cti







of the United
n, but must ad-
vlllzatlon, freo-

the world over."

was to the

L In
Domed the vis
iWuropean 1a
tth I s proor
hI t-j i a. 'O


the mayor cor-

of the Unit-

qiuadron 's


5L. I run = nC

It yo haven't a r tttlDa, n ie&hy iflotiunt Of Eo0
bowcii vvrydAyk y 11 uut IJII atill btIt Keep yotiI
bows O to0o atii ho Wob. FWoeI I. bo uhiiohtaot Via
length PIhso ox pill pol'n, II wentros, Tieo r otlh
@st4 Ceak o*t. 1W"st pir(eeS wayp or kteeping iho bweig
cleAr airtd claeut tls take d
*JK. .i~rbW%^L OU ^^Vk 11W& 020% ^Kf^B

_Plcaunat, PaaItahl %, 1%1)to. 'Ttmfo Ooint. DoOD DO
fNov3 .t IVb %Vef n nl. Orl)t, 10, \.. lu Id Dl0 eoutu
ier box Vrite for ifruD fl uoalth. Addrcm' o


.5. ~75~~ i-

of the frIendly



We buy or sell Vui
with you on the conim
ticlleted anI sittbafotJ
**-v -.-- -,*


-A itcs r1. R.VHED.


^ **l;A1T ^ ^I4Ltp'*55II 4 \k *~tI *I~9 ~*iI ?4* i* S
i -' ,. *. ... . *' . . ..... :, '.l. S. .k :. :
i,^i,. - * ,..,. .. ~, _;. -4 '

SU71. \ -.!-
,,I I L

% 1157y
. .o.. *,
-i. .. ... .,
$- .r I. "0
r r= I i. "
tft 190 .-. I *A
.. .. 14 l ..... t.


--- -- -- -- -- --


.i arontoe





. 4 ~ .

AgonL for PSCOIRTOflS'
COMPANY, Now ji[ k,



Wv .t il



AT INUEYS-ATe1 -..A \,


e i*

ne A rPa

U1 Blaot for unnnturaI 132 W
discharg ,Linflmnammatlonae
irritatlotu or uIeratioms
t- in a?*?oCu mem brands.
m i li *-iL Lmon'm A % J M_ &-^ Mki I %

- - - "-

. "-fr 4*5 ~nrwPI.-


XV M SC i I .LKIt. Pro i, I -td,

Forpyth et., Jacksiville, Fnla
Oilpo!i t

J t or t ie United States1 .-ThEEVAMSCHEM K..i5t t or pulonoum. Best din llae in y. Fine
IMnt Comrnsnder Albert X. iao CIN bIHI ATWO," Si br OrmntM# I Best d~ie4r j)Jl *Ilt'N
e San F-ranclaco. respond-,,,nt-6.pla inw.rntriudo nt t n" wr (piier. n .
I +. ...m u L1Im +"t;U, [++ J~j I ..J or V Lete I.s s;.tk ..
ast of "Tbe United States -00. _._,__e _.. AH 1 ]Jb0i _D,
V ..... ..H...... ..N
--- .- --- -'-= .... U-- --= ------- s m-- -u-s-- jwI4INIam 1: [ T U ) S ,'- (+! ;
800 Amoilcans were .....' . FINE... W 1M idQ JO.$..(....iAIS
l Imnchean. r 1 1Tl T .,Ii N MfNZ.iIS. 1Jr'it-t, i.
Ion to Anid from the hal l T O Jrd t PUI I C-*k/. ,lIBflI w. Bay at,. JR0sW,,.,S,. .
iby the band of the Kerir- We, the undersioghed, hereby agree
he Amer qan, were wel to pny $1,000 to .in5y nm.n.utaoturerJ,- Eau u t'l.erl, 'hot.Itf1.I I ,'t.i
rail to enii on11 1W4 hfb APt1t131iIt
I: 4mmonse enthusiasm by paint who can sibw, by 4Imilar teats, r___ ". : ..'h .. .......
Id crowds. any pain standing upon any metal .' -N N JA'N"3EX( ) '!!Ik
iI. surfaceae lperrctly maid for Po Jonig a vy IN JA(;KM9N, ;L
VISITS WINDSOR. te as o=- V" thi- -I
Irelcomed by Mayor and1W -V, (,- -. -,- A",PI.:. .,
Corporation. gae irantee GRAPHITE ELAS- Te, i 11 eity1 rt*tr
I or... aifo. T .. o The bept, Ll oit [It ,l tt li er-[
ri'+-' p TIO paint to contain no tar, rosin, as- talnment e'try night at tutf Garden
ly 9.-Although President pbaltum or aiiy of the )rodtIuots orf Theatre.vr "

- -~~~--4*~* .4%. -, ~. -.-.-- fl h *' ~ a ~ S.pSpaa~ -I a ~L~~sir. ..-p~ ..~ SrSt.I I.M *... S *.sS4t4.p&jbsqs.MShJJA .
a -a -~








' q

'Fresient mtOoseveOtV. "L.
tes Consul Swalm. of [
, responded tolthe toast of
A -. j lb 0. A .s ^^^^^^T




. I-P 40"



h r j r4rst
I 5'.' J;I:Ir~: L'~ '~*~*
P ~ .4
~jIp~ I' *t ~ ~
hi. F~9L( k~

rfJj h''~c
l-r^iAi'' ''
..t"* t**1$ .'

j e1 -*
~~~~~I.~~~~~~ E;. 'j iF:1c 2.k.*J -~

'"Y ""N 1;1 AP "-",
II I -l-"...I.* ,.. .a 1 0. : .,r L.iI:
%'1.*I 'If U ir ., '. -. 4o h.Et d n~~
I .,, d '. f d'. ~ '...,-i .". "._C fl. '"
HI. iII. -0 a C ru
=w...,..,~I** ,pa,, ~ ,*:...: .. , .--.-., ,..-'. :,... . .. ...VP% L ..c b o r o t.. ,I .
Hfi ^~ fiS~ KsR U .. -I I .
.dg^^l *a to L9thgrig r~i t: %~~***~* ~3
I h "i..& ...- flnmm.,-' k w th ds"" - ... " /t lpr other and sistet
i , r i ". r II" I ' 1 -' I i=
.',A s t0 go, -,._ .. .... A 0 ..,, ,is T o ,.*,. .. ..
it t9pU$ Serift Keinard of Waldo Williann Thoia Bell.
-e 4? IV
y tieln 0V was In the elty on official bueiness yes- bv sd eCi`e8 or l.the ee
-I ...B .. r terday.. .. radligin th ty ye rd
J16 teAs. r I
:14.MA;. AND" SOCIAL- ITEMS Frauler Whetstone retnrged yester- Mn. Sinh o rlando,
-' tlt' '--" I dsyfran a, brief, business visit to High an vsn .it to ier son, L C
o' I V*'" I V " '
ys ye e ". -..
#pew Td IdnShort 1 Para-a .i Mlater Attie Ltraont orf High prnpgs IN14-. rt d
%I I ".'. -t '
:%^ 'iiab~'at 'tie Who *Runs May React" srwlve4 in the city yesterday on a brief Vrctdr W ooten of Lake-C
_4IJj4.. ..visitto friends. perienced dispenser)ofBoth
Sun,.' AL.
I ii W.. M WHoltuid 3.1 D. Guthrie of a91evc3d a position witt
V It ~ ~ubrns-t~u.~ ~I Weberr wer a IAvera
Fl'U"t shmn Hl' Newberr ere ai ong the visitor"to vera .
j11"," r. ,. -..,,o ti iy etrS.-. "ISound, kidmnyeys are sa
-t Wa.rd Mknpy ide this t yeterda li.
V.$ W 10vimtt yesterday. l ack Oarnp passed throQgh the city Foley.' So,,]
te "E0older-, the inerbhant of Ro-. yesterday from the Camp minis in the M1Oollun A& Co
WBi.4.Visitor to tLbq Iy yester- Wesbt End to his home. Trainmater 0. W. Par
SS1iiy3. S ... S.roNbl of the Clyde Iteamship Atlanlic V0st Line left yJ
; H''Ad. TAtgue of Lady Lake. Atterer a Company, with headquarters in Sack- Dunni-lln ad .Qhor point
;Mn'r "tInutipoBtsity tra- sonville, is at the Brown House. official business.
H o -tled -his home yesterday, .Pleasant, neatly furnished rooms for A zent sign has ben pai
~g tlreA hts hon yet1y Ok and
I a )a l hu.. nbmon :depare singl yog mde of tin, JewewlLaundry
Y zi.t..e.ay fr a brif0 offloal trip to U~ '_of bat h 1 re. Apply Brown Wilam
-t*00a was exerte byi William
zM, R. Moabe of 11gh Sprilngs Was ,. .
KipS He epeets to return today.. March of High Spring was a fair sample of his artistic
;,S.$3" .ft-. He erets" to eu t oday_. Among the prominent visitors to this . D h Rk
It. 4 ..0Sale-Lot -100 feet square, fl e,*tyat..,. . .,. I Ar.y.Heaushtreyooroak
ala,._.SA-n- .* ,.. A.? lr* ty, yeattoday. lie was. for many f ...-
'i?.t;: tr-t.awoiing, fruit trees and powers, of. . -. O ohe 'riost successful true
rk-'.",gF.inirl-pVrIty. rBarain, easv terms. yeara rshal of that thriving town. o _o t .w ..
'I.,'rai .s.- ., eay trms. "a co ty, Wam a il
II-- Mie iae.Oarlisale departed yesterday and made The Sun an agre
.ISi.1t .A. -o .rfg of Melroseo,. after a for Newberry, S. 0., where she will ,
64rYsaeantvWgtVto Dr. andMr3 .H.H At visit relatives for a few weeks Folo Kidey Cur
to .weeks..blooby staziag )uirnii
ri.,.4!derfan WI thfs olty, returned to her Friends wish hera pleasant sojourn. tones up the whoie syi
.*Chii-eeerday. h Ellithorpe, one of the efficient kidney ad bladdertroubl
AD:' y team Dell, th clever representative engineere on the Oainesville & Gulf W MoolmSC
.of Stringfeliow Broa., Jaokeonville, railway, expects to make his departure The ainevlle Kids, J
Y" went yesterday to Hstgue and other for Jacksonville today, .where he will namescrose4batsattheI
k'" in- lbthe nilervst or i fi(Inn,. sojourn on a vacationfor a few days. yesterday, which resulted
p,:" W.E.Bryant, a clever young man A. B. Bass of Morgsntown, Ind,, had fi/ t eleven i favor o
^ r. '' i.'!0:M!anO'pyv arrived in Ilia oity yea- Itoget often or twelve tim~e, in[ the" ,Te x. K.. jrs. pounaea C

,I O!t*rday en route to Alaha whuri ye niahtand hada severe backache and their opponents put in the
,:". ...,l y en u to -Al otu ," ,r lnse n the kidneys. Was cured by al.l alkIad a regular eak
II-' Was be. snone On busies. le oley'. Kikdne Oure, Sold by 3. W. e l
'"'. x. I Ih u e" r the Notuiiames. The infiled
made The 8uri aagreeable clal. MoOollumI do, th _he .,e,-
_,"--- -. .... ,...-.-.- .... ........................ .......... .. .. ..... re a ry a n d S m ith o t th e 0
Mro. r. Uuftman of Meirose haB CasperKing, the successful travel- fine, ink! the battery wbs a
r,: arrived inlthe vity rftr the purpose br ing 'representative for Ludden &
..oonesuitlng Dr. Alderman in regard to Bates' Southern Muilo House of Sa- OAK HALLS ARE !

30;:-"i oe denal work, While here sheik vannah, departed yesterday for Ocala. r .e.. ---;_.-_
:'" .Will bo the guest of Capt. and Mrs. after several days spent in this vicinity .. Disfig. e C.
Serge M. Lynoh. n thinterest of his
",.,., ,T he Oak HIall baseball ~t
n4 Mrs. 0. 0 aws f t Loin Wao ad i acoplid home from Valdoeta yestl
.*-. brook passed through the city yester- young daughter, Miss Daisy, were in -
day en route to Ocala, where they will the city from their homeuatWacahoota I what'night be term
I be the iest of friends. Mr. Rawls is yesterday. Mr. Walton enthusi ured condion, ev.
one oaf tle leading Mnerchants of his astic advocate of good roads, which is being indisposed from
thriving village, the best evidence that he is a pro- oher aue After _L
V'r vr tr Chaml "night, they were natu rally
r ...-"i,,. .;19cr u'. ItZ. lver try C,1hal~l~rlthu lngn S gressivo citizen.[ -"I rdl I Y
Rz 1 .1 A-n
.StoriMh and Tiivor- Tnabletas ,, azdthe majority ()f then
1 .Y .83 .lfay I1... .an1 oto'alu their roornimJ for restI tou
n I ..heVtoraLQ teo .lerl. aid the dges tion, can easily learn b sendinA two cents thei
P tllie owIe y'ols and prevuint bile postage to W,.J raig, general passen- their arrival
iius tt!i.... For ale byall drugislt er agent, lVilmningtoni, N. C., or \V. Notwithstanding that th
,. and medicine dealers. Lahy, division passenger agen'tAt- four games of th lat
S. Bggagemaeter Livingston of the I.nitic Coast Line Railroad Savaniab, tey werengaged, they
bee (Ga., and secure copy of bookiLo of
... ..-Afant O t, Line, who has been |vl t o heartened as the state
.r iL b J w h Xat to Bay ii SpaiMsh and How to neadnnr da dn
- running between Jacksonville and 8t. fitnU nIt'! t

dwelling on
rp. -
sterday to
e'in' fuxtbre

one .*of the
It Ed, was
after a pleas-
,. Smith, in
0ome yester-
- 1 6

5ity, an er-
d water, has
i Miller &
feguards of
esalthy with
[d by J. Wi

ham of the
yesterday for
te south 0n
nrted on the
. The wdrk
sore, and is
yPoint, one
kers in Ala-
Ly yesterday
Liable call.
purifies tite
ptiritiesi and
Lern. ures
es. So1d by

r,, and No-
)aseba1 park
in a score or
ithc former.
very pitcher
box, five in
e-walk with
work of Mo-
P. K. Jrs, was
Io good.

& G. in a
earn arrived
erdr.y morn-
ed a slightly
eral of the
i fatigue and
traveling all
r worn out,
L retired to
liately upon

eOak Halls
five in which
ire not dia-
" they have
rig att. tuar


Very Remarkable Cure of Diarrh(
About six years ago for the I
.time in my life I had a sudden
severe attack o( diarrhoea,"' says I
Alice Miller, of Morgan, Texas.
Aot temporary relief, but it came I
again and again, and for six long yp
I have suffered more misery and ag
than I can tell. IL was worse t
death. My husband spent hundred
dollars 'for physicians' preecripti
aid treatment without avail. Fin
we moved to Bosque county, our p
exit home, and one day I happen
eee 4n advertisement of Ohamberla
Colic, Cholera and Irrhoea Renm
wiLth a testiozonial ofI man who
been cured by it. The case was
similar to mny own that I concluded
try the remedy. The result was v
derful. I could hardly realize 0li
was well again, or believe it (ouil
so after having suffered so0 long,
that one bottle of inmedicine, cosl
but a few. cents, cured me.' F.or
by nil l r nndr nod ^11ii4 fe

? Ir~lJ d I| rl I d I Ir I


i . ,


.A E -*' *. .-'*. ** .,

Shot jCondnct* SiIletgpy &t
cher Saturday Night


Warrant Was Served by Deputy Sh4
Kerinard-rMaltair, Accompanied
Wifeand Ohild, Came to Gainns
and Gave-.Bond for, $50C.
Engineer Mattair of the Beal<
Air Line, who on Sa'turday shot
seriously wourded Conduetor Sin
tary of the some system at Arc
afterwards shooting himself in the
arm, was arrested yesterday at Wm
by Deputy Sheriff J. B. Kennard, u
jan order from Sheriff Fennell,
brought to this city..
Mattair'S arm is still in a sling t
Sthe effects of the wound he inflii
upon himself. He was aecompai
Sby his wife and little daughter,
looked after his wants.
Mattair was arraigned before
Honor Judge Mason, and after
submission of the facts in the case
placed uude a bond of $500 for his
pearance at the next session of
circuit court.
Conductor Singletary has suffe
intensely from the wound receiN
and is yet considered in a danger
condition. There is consider
doubt as to his recovery.
Mattair gave bond without difficu
George W. Hyde and M. B. Sauiu
going as sureties.

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