!rl~Ida.nait w sum 'th t 4 t1'a w e
blitbet1y35lferaB^^ kwwbi N~w -a. Il
-rer*451be vowf ftp %Omd
a"w *twa ac tww Ble.*"ow4 im&ww
fet SO,- lowe ti -'ee Wit*7- a *iin sad e<-
1R aiidl 31. F~uftHI Ni*,2 ?II14)5y afi0. fL U
oiatna'etl&m'.-Vha. ).t~ l- Ws. T. J AP

La L. rOUtt ad. )icttu (#A of Gwag
Ims W.w 4ira .'wi.ic. -SW __ -

=1w. ~ ~ A~w towm~
N*onheWose~ wv ae^gi

r.-x-^~ am (f f rmitn-
Leba. s *a o ^uIa. ass

it *4 l fi#nbeof_
iaf - A- V- S

~~~he~f a.amww~e i
fsL *lt.- '-wd *

At *5 'j 4 lol. - ,-caH y~mi tniir >

tt ~ C ~fwBi^ iesw *"B
l PesF..A $tni*. fi-gq~g f -

&.is~ss Hars 4ai'- _^ > A ^ B'-.

iS S '---^ S S S-- ---: .-- :X s 3- ---VS "- S --_TOCED


-- .. ^O W3eG O-- H- -- -P-E..OTPE..

^--J^-%-^:Y ':S^^ :--., -'Sfi< : ri ><.tA- ., Furm^3iP e &
PM 3- cure-- Bifions eaad

John S.- T o'e "ft"yestl.y. o
br nes tripto-Palatka.'-
-.Ship your Vegetables to Frmaa
PAO e,- New rk e
A Dr- Am.e.. postmaster.at
a'--- ... m -efg Waldo was in the city yesterday.
us JDG VeingU NiCe a5otent. of Florida Views for
A^*e AU4 JU -- *sae ly O.P. IKnis Thotographer.-adr.
S. im B 'rhim of f&e Red Tront
NioA 'a. St-re, wai 1erve today for

it o Pouad T amoa fiahaffeSa,
fiy eBfneerday elected the roal- o Waa .nd-w sn -f
--- p. : p ttswod, special freight agent
Zl ia-,ot a-B--slle-Grnd -of theS.F-ti W. ziway.i &Wis. i the-

NB IB i a .- -- - i
-Telaaa& ._elm-"-r_... rus
fI o- r.Ie.i A r For IrAt-clas turn-on '. saddle heor-
sa es,: tc.,.g to Pound Tison. *
-- a1 .... -.. E. Bairdia sold half of the Drake
Fp perty, whi-b lie bought so: e time
A d : -: . .. B --.---
S3 mr t rtees for \Tz S office is on--e s-ctb. side of
Wd Fe lHot at JacksohvHile. the-square, up stairs, opposite U. S.
1r iwr ft- appointed I-iad'?e.-
>4 thie~tthe*rnd in TheAlacaCon Alliance held
-; an important meeti in this city yes-1
osW w dn^iuslnPees teirtay. ^'
iPopmlarly'aneda te kin of medicine
C -; ~-H'ood's 2Satisparilla9 tlt conqaers
'T ua~et ^will lae laeeatDthe scrofula, salt rhem and aU other blood

& I Tw ii nell meet t year Mrs. X Goodeed, of Chicago, is
P. In eathe guest of thiE family Of Captf EL

t fthe uer of Odd FeL Xi r lady ishodsee the iew and
*^^^^.^^^_^^ ittibeutiftul line of Corsets and Perfection
l *o1 te~ Mrs. M K. Robinson's Mill-
*t Cveo- Rar- Store. foarlo
the Fugrishie oodlousyhasr medafom4
-___b cA lag amount of cabbage was shidp
e a-ha siennner -n Able point yesterday to Cincin-
-1 m wile Il ad Cleveland.--

S- 2- Lwni theryesterday. the
fllsaaI M-_Sm ardwAft Co.' f Lis

L-'^i apha -- erty at Hi5 Springs, has pmrehare A

her^^*^ Of h Grand Le e of OdFla n

L, J -v n eey beL* E. TAibupes Bhaf, om( Orepedo a position

'^ ^ B ^ l aKfc fy Tauur'P will giv a
-i p btald S rivl duintApBri, si avr e ake
'^ S 3&~~t LeW1erWte take ';r~miiSe S bsell tinm-to conme

--~i 5ido" and m-t es nt for a prim *
n *Ioa In onoe2r io the siuitatlhaof the Odd
Te|lelaios, thie natflmal l was dls
played yeday over H. F. Dutton a
-.:7- c b Ea End &wl sfaiter e
A O-a.pr iiT ll|^ !l 4W JltS^JI M AS* .--- ---! X'iv l Of'- ''' /-*': *
5T~i ~IK wly'sFaauxr.-Ho eiand; auu~r mre
tgr 7 -y lBfldjtwme cleared. Nw frame
S-t o i^ e. botsoo 4 -oon. God harn. Also nB-
-'jiiA lb Nr ma an4ar ood board fence. Enquire of A.
T I^ N jff Unday- Limon Hot S BqcH gp -,:- *-
a :md FrED. W; Cole*. Gof ae f- Haw-
|Mjaim. thorn. lwae~Ia. 0.0F.. one of the
1%taams Wtk ost cleve mn Ia te Land of I'bw-
N .wm era, wals sakino bansi with his Central
-sjailr~smlndSiA City frieim& yesterday.
SrII F. Williams, who has been teach-
a:rB^et AC. ad F. ltu the *ublic scool at Joneaville for
: we mdhf vie you tie ns oaiox mtAx w=t s in rtht itw rea

-- -_-;----, 1 - 1-
-": ii _

county, is read by nearly everybody;' never oreaks Dn wear- i can-
and no paper. ever p'illished in this city no-t be broken in wear.
hiasever sueeed din attaining even :No; that's going a little
one-third the number of bona fide b-ar There have t be
bers that are 'Row enrolled on our. s .. S. wilbra.
subscription bo-is. steels i t Stees if reak-
Th nueo er W e don't meanthe steels;
!%e numerous :strangers visitiii h,'" .- no, .. i
Gainesville expre-ssthemselves as bein:but they are not -the par
delighted with the hospitable manner iu .that troubles corset-breakers
which they have been entertained. What we mean -is- the
They also speak in la-ttering terms of "bones" don't break .- The
|tie attractive features of Gainesville reason is they are Kabo, not
and surrounding country. They 7willo s at all; and Kao
earry with them to their homespleasant :
recollections of th Central City don't break.
--. badge. The This corset that never
-wner can have same .ym appyinea a breaks is the Kabo, :myste-
t-is office and paying for this notice. us Kabo, wonderful Kab6
As nearly as we" can ascertain th Let t every corset-breaker
outlookfor the erection -of dwelling make the acquaintance of
anadbusiness houses inthis city during 'Kao.
the coming summer is very fattering<. i e '- -
Q-ite a number of ontraets have al- I c Oest s.it
ady been closed, and unless pending you, after wearing a week or
negotiation fail a number of splendid tWO or three, bring it bac to
busifs houses will: supplant a dilapi- us and get your money; and,
aerokery ona. certain side of heif the Kabo breaks- r kinks
Square. Let1-the goW -work proceed.
s e. "t the -od work -. .in a ear comeback for you r
; W. H. H. Folk, the old reliable ionev. -
butcher of Gainesville, has moved into ,, e -ha"--. a '
ew mand elegant aquirters -in thenew
Bunenet boel wler~he will be pleased -sets for you t tBe store.
to meetall his old patrons and as many y M JENDEL & BROS.

new ones as possible, assurin e liem
that they will always be accommodatedj
with the finest meats the market affords,
and honest- weights. Thanking the
public for the very liberal patronage ex-
tended in the past, he would respectful-
ly solicit a continuance of the same in
the future. dlw.
From .now until the municipal elec-
tiO occurs the interest- of the city and
the competency of candidates will be
pretty thoroughly discused. It is to be .
hoped that the contest will not become
so heated as to grow into personalities. |
Let the merits of the several candidates
be eoolUy and calmly discussed and let
oar cities generally support those
who will do the mont to advance the in-
terests of Gainesvlle.
Mesr.JLL Strickland, C A Butler
John Dlampier, Haoge; F B Atwater,
W C Bives, C B EasterHn, Gracy; E
Dupree,T M Kirby., Joel Holt, Elias
Sapp, Jone-ile;: W D.-Dickerson, 0
Thblgpeni Roebelle: T W 'Downing, J
SHendry, Hih Sprin gs; W M Blitch, f
'Dr WaFlake, J H R eb ck, LaCt:re;
M E Weeks, Melrose; D C McIntosh,
J. KMeCa roI, F F Paulling, Haw-



wlpTerins Spot Cash.


Slaienerj, : School: Sfuppilcs,
- + .- "~ ~:_ -.'. '.
BohI I~te

gov.$- d :





.^ ^.andi :*



Tiddleda Winiks and Tiddled,
Wink Tenis. 4

3 yo9 like a nice = itlin g Cieti, If
s^w AeTHOMP02a to
tth-ingd all exsty.l $175 per pair. lt Suwiner Cor-
setta worth 75ccunta, at Ofcentipo pr .
We are elling Srst-ea goods fr
% lems thanany howe1kb the tly, am
by favor,-but by merH *xoe, w- wil
maintain and increase oaw milo
Big pr win n-- do no t bUL
when eve the wealthy eaint 4 te-
waste their money and the ponre~ulre
double duty of every dour aaiy


1IWe invite an early awa eated- wItS
andifinspect.oa r n Our&0r i-be re-,
plenaished every few days wt ltet



": ^ Ore~~~~~ IVIAm H ok
4!at*-goe i~e. n RUaMei Tena' Xsv ZaltF 'n BaaeY
.... .... -- ,. u Te... -Palmer; J W To-kies Lo( oo a;
--- fm X.CUsh Xare MiL mvcan op, I Iand, many other .
t~rad eviritafirst-cha miller, -whto *'"_eu~f *cititeas _vhoni we did not -
*V^S^.^^^t' Jit Dsplt X.
^fl-ig ^ ^ wilfl *beeftv: te a few toy and taee glymp5 were in ahe capital of Dspyed
^^Si11. ^^*^ plesm b ztetvg ber trB~^departmen. Alachus county yerdar, and not a~ Thi ST^i
__-got 1;IW___z f S&- 10 1 A--" W I at "S
,: i--- L"?^ ---- -fi- --w aM A s eor I". - W
=- fr-e i m u... s -. - .. .. -l .. .. r---of--i- it a-t" t- p l t" ly ": '
h-m S- --: :S RS- .-4 H- l al " o r n th e n t h. -k d e -- i v

.. .." -il ... : d says- ---e - <- .- --- . -- . h ..e. . .
m rg CS t-e D*ay Trib ne tewbetr pN-at befit or base u s
OA.... .. e-l.e-I- a -illy o b iN o1e. rxs trip boall- lea ] "
-^AK^ *W ane txI,. .d Us-the .In, kA p"t.I sy p of rigs -as I a .- -. L' .- ..
A _ffii .&' .-I: -- _- > ...aif..Ktaa3.on' .- ..n"ys, M -
IsaSt_ W. uy.m at amh wa to d -

*a- wenn 000
___~a I- &Wo-i uy by an
-..-- di . -s- --_. -. m w. U-l ---. -oa f -eo-.-h e .ty-wB- -e- .. -

i^ Varter~^ .> -. -* *f^ W*w elpeiawu ii~TMatlaefdlSbttsy~e
"iWLjtipl I'dr trye 1We. 1_ksft the
-mom fw o MW_ .iibii OW h I. i i- --I

r- l^ w im r w- A-.-. -- .ll- !-i .- P.; -- -1.- .
-ii -B AT M __ -_ --- -. d o .Od ar. ..r th e, ww W 4.

... .....^ -Wf~ -a -bCir "tte -an 'rf "B^~g Brc - -- ';:- -- _i- IIIl _. ...= IIII ^.--:-.

A 1 M 'Y * ae . s- -- .. X : -.-- T- .. :I IIfI n :g -c *- .. d t . .: : I" .
.:--:-lta ll~i-. 'f^ ... --te . e a .., M . Lawrie, tIT .... -f -h_ r .....m_ .he. .t.....f-er-n -=_

:'_ :.<.aJil)8Bi J--o-esr-- : r -.w:ik, i a. -aiut : .fIroi.te e ---"-- *ir- r- ai easmi I wi-l
i:l- . .. --rl^ + j* .- .a -.- ;- .. -'-_ ^ "' '- -. & ^ .e 7 A *E < IB~ l _m 1, ; "* -- - ^ :- - ~ ~ ... "::' : '

'~ ~ ~ I __---- .--. + ^^''-: .-- u v ^ -. .Q :- :-.- _-. .- - ,. 1 .1.^ < '- -III -- -- ---I I I*..I;- ', .
..... +: '--^ -***Fa +^ ". -^^ "^^ ^ h --^ ^c f -- -^ ~ ~ f T -^ = .- --. -. .. - *. .* . ^^ ^- ^ -- ._ t ^ S ^ ^ "R -~ X ^ ^ B .. "

Ci o .. Jj +. ^ n _. .... I'YV11. RW h _

F-t^i^S Sr^}^ 'pts~wr ^ai he tooone ^Tte~tti sadi he w< teld l I~nT S fl~P Hf^ U fl
S- + . .--^-- -- - -_ W ... \ -- .- \:: ,-' Q ._-

.-: .. -- -*_ - .. ,.*-" .. 't^ It '- -I ^ ** "-W "M -I B --- ft . ... ..l~ te ...a - ._. __ -._MM --. A-__-__ k J.." j -~ f i .+ -f.l^__ ^_ i
*e^Kt~o 0^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ !n f 64 *c mim% valma

S a r<,.- -he to-*t v.e_^. -:ys -W -W o --m -- ,-.-II, --- .I- r ---- .- I _- --

92 e bmbi a".4se O aft.; m
IFwae 'h Ey WZSW O 0 zt aUiL 33 W<* < *aa;^ iftt
KA~tX~tgy trTL~~g.1C LST~i g^*AL
E BAtiK. T.J.HKWIUie. 1..B Eniss.




T'i and Grauitware, Romwe-
furniaiDg Good6 te.
I Pass

w .- us" S u p lie .
'We hav^ ia aQffB .t


|aod W ter Pp it~i
J Prompty' attedA awl.
WI -u :
| .' Z As

ICoIetOr Dromg oe informs us i
ithe people are paying teir taxes
log.- TIis _healthy "nd" -- ""
demonstrates clearly that there is

people supposed.
"i"ney in tbee -ommunity .than in a. --------
It has been suggested bya num of
citizens that the sign t Byer's
rant, which ornmamehn the pi a '

utarant in that -caity for -seva o'^ Bim" is r its reigi
bets tsni MaheAsl-worth Itfots ioighz in,
years-god MTg i!S MriBeld aoetntenminuve
ff m 1wte eith er of her other e idren than she
-e have been informed that parties 'A't- h~ei after -haviin
used four'bottl of, iuf Qeje fujir._ It
arowe now nthe eity investigating tfhe- is a bmesn to zxpetetoathe, says.
customer, "Ka aos DBir& Camr=iL
portunuite for the establishment of a o
Havinaguseadtwo bttles '4y Sixtuh sd
machine shop and foundry. Phap, I was born with no pain compmtiv-j
there. is no point n the State where a 0
w.. ef, -rfreie muchx suffering -o.-
maehne shop- and foundry would payi Mrs. 3. L Briery, A
btter tha in GaiCnesville. It woukl be b yt nu evesmea oc pie, t Wr bpftbL
.. -dfl J~t~- ggi ,, to o eCtba =&fled fr
successful from the start:. WJH BDuwca <) At-ta:" -
.W. M V0 -h f GM - -..
REMOVEjD--We have moved our liveryJ
stable from next to the St. XNicwlias Z I
W.W.Seott, wherewe will be pleased to
have our friends and ppatrons- cal on ai ori
when theyl want anything -i ourfi ll.1
First-class turn- ont. and saddle horses .S
at low prics. W Mules ad hor efor
sale at prices to suit aL. W., H. Drvi 1A

The advertiangpublic would do well
to remember that TAHSrx is.the official -
organ of the Farmers'Alliance of this! There is a corset tat
.~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ - . ' * l ".*.* _ **


. / ,-: -JAKL X AIIT.--^^ 4


Our January Mark Down Sales are eagerly looked for by
the ladies not only -in the city, but all over the country. The
overwhelming response to our advertisement is proof -of the

marvelous values weare giving. This extraordinary success
comes, first from giving manifest bargains in staple goods of
every day use; and second, from advertising those bargains

-exactly as they are. Prices that should bring thksuwsds of

S -Reductions in Every Departmen
Examination will demonstrate that no such values have
ever before -been given to the public. Youwill be soy if
you donotlookiatthe
i---Wonderfu IIrgainm-

In Dress G oods Trimmings, Hosiery, Gloves, Corseis
Notions, Fancy Goods Domestics, Shoes, and Gents' Fur-

- i



.. I

Title: Gainesville daily sun
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Title: Gainesville daily sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville daily sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title: Daily sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Gainesville Fla
Publication Date: 03 19, 1891
Frequency: daily (except saturday)[-1938]
daily (except monday)[ former <1903>-]
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Archived issues are available in digital format as part of the Library of Congress Chronicling America online collection.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -58th year (July 24, 1938).
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 48 (Apr. 5, 1903).
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Volume ID: VID02105
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Succeeded by: Alachua County news (Gainesville, Fla. : 1934)
Succeeded by: Gainesville daily sun and the Alachua County news

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;- -- | E_. A:___ .-

"i AL&CH: (8OUiTY.

4- -i.- -' .41-. _

- ;lg.-.' _.-. ^ ^- -:; .. ..^ _, i ,~ ." ', _.-. _. -^ __ . ', '. '' -- ' ' ^ - '-.- . - '"- .- _- '.. .
4-)- THE =i Iat it is Curious _FAXROS ALL Of TE .TA]Eg i 0-NGE HIGHT&S ho
find pth ple tly lamen-ting the-:to, FR
... 4' death of he Mai rv-ospirors at New . A ..vas of this district shows that "1-r e i 183. The people in all die ,
en- -Th-y were wretcg wh f majority are in favor of return- 4 counties Frida are eitherar
^^~~~ ______EG. etdwc^ teiouoat^^FIOI ing Senator Cafllto Washington as his allw tf3lbe Importanefe of imumErazioio
^^;^*J^^:;. -^^ eofsociety. w--- N-ei-s Or_ Tim^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^ Ti~e~ hc~nmd R~mTE^ H4N Bryan, accompaniedbyMs i Eey iIurfecoyawH
'&T-ii-A-.Lf-:-- : .- he grief ofth-tl aqumis di- -Rindin 41 -TSo za s-Ar.T co0X--w n-- | vs. ryn byomane '31m .i- er-eg atetom o nwi
f~d th ntnwho -were lynched" Lco-' nt ertwodl
-_s L -A2_EM ferWS NtWZen W i- were. lEnhed" OB-. TMP- M.E.xSS MaM AS ESTER- Lawt.er arid her two di fighter, Lillian be more prgres-ive than its prede-
i:-t.-_-e.: _--the-Times,."wilnl-tbe n, or PbIesE ..jerE .-gE OU OC- AL, and -OBlache, visited Gainesi.e last e -r.-Time -.on.
,-" --3""- of theirow nsF oRID-j- po"- b- A- -
74 ve.x fmnd If the Mafia had not .oNy ""-"" --..,., "
ue m _:_:. .i grated they woUld have received -an- _. .. l'h r C. E. Dog.r nd made <-igars the nhedar TeK s
Sexually hort -shrift from :the Sicilian George, who iave been with us for sei- City Journl sav^. "A San Faneisco
iyC received letter vigilantems." -. -R-.e .e.i5boomng 7' eral we leave next week for--h
.t tome... .from a emneittee of .o Roo Oe FE_ "-. Tapa, theiroieat Wilkesbarre,Pa. i made cigar a Prian. -e.. a I
tree tbud alia, -notifying him X6w YoK.,Ma. A17.-H. B. Cafin will ask the eis, for a Quite a large number from here at-per thousand r putting a Ke West
Dastona will A& the
t. r iWT.W e-o and ji .,Co.'sdryoihouse Wa damaged new city charter. tendl the military diDlay at Ocala label on them. The rnnue oi;ice
a a of the al re igto the amount tfhi last weekaa repordav a o l overedthe fraud oherwue
musidl,.t -h banil of e 00,00Q. Thereni tiscoveofr of fun, despite the disagreeable weather. i P connoirs wonl sti be
In ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ e fo th Te ir ws isovre jstI ;
-ate- attbeiefa-als aremmaot yet as the store was eing sed for the "-. M. B.-Sephw nfo enough by.ng two-for-a-nickl cigars at two!
!- CaB 7Cfiol P*ieec Gasteii thinks night, and was confined to part --of two A tannery will -be started InNew A- togetoneof his ankles: pretty badly fo a uarter -
uuc&^etag~ floors. guine aboutJune lst. mashed in the Wreck on the F. C. & P.I Wanton S Webb a-k- $!O0a dy for
Ths-7 Tw .UDE jPRSM outh oFfr~ onr Ianl< if harer
r-.& A--^y fet. T_ TWO R -0EI) PERI SHD. An effort is being made in Orlaido to R-.R soth of hRere lat WednesdayW h FW .f
a-aagreeel--d by _arkerson, GWTAR Marih 17._--Te Britih t -alitjirJf f-ri B- A hotel is badly needed here. More .a-pecialcarfor !eFloriaed:orialJ
-- i tht-ove m- steai ship U to pia, from A&l ian .- - - p r th d-of isps di a. .. .. I_ i _, w or I i
sad- se 4#V7o -rmbd p s tan fifty pe6rsonss desirous of sp -din vr et ua etradp.dfr
kelki feel uesy, *1- bound to ew Yowitb seen redThe Confederate monument I to be 1the Wnter here ^ad tgo eeteti cud monubeen istobeand
W h- -g -es b the
iy- --:Abe some fo'-dation emira"ts aboard, collkded today with unveiled i Pensacola iext mout, imy on this account, andthe uo-a betr m- thn Webb t o 'log
:i -0 -.-i a em igm -t "s ,- I ... .-. .. ]-nilsy on' is a' thend fl .:i vn~ -a ter t n eb to ... .-,
tait||^ M ssBtrset^ better ight- theBritiih inelad Rodney, anchored -e orange crop at Oviedo, Orange vemence experienced by our transient wih it d.s not stand i America o lay.
..e.. plyf..aI^ft i ofI bihed .G braltarbay ,and snk -to Afte eoantv, next season is now timed atstors equally de great a.d a.no-h- Jaslrr e dvert-
wag -- iew"-ard offga -ta- A southester_ -out 5 boxes. i.._ W e hop te the hotel man intended t an. without p, and
.... of-- Ita saai-as e wa tow.. Manywomen d, ... ..-, fo Usisalready born andwill so n -be itishigt timeheh.l a ile ,e;eit ot
T-ere.nkMthe ITnmtt A--y hi were. drowne- e.A .. rge U-u. SIxy fronI eet hemrainaa ho e to ent er upon his duties. 4 o thea-iness fiom Forida prople-
Sen-- .--,ree-_s +Tama. was sold to M. Loven. Mrs W. M. Stratto.and her 1dangh-. .me- o.. . r
'the=- thtoratton++m,,I~~tm moniit
k ^ ~ i e for - j ter, Ms Ada. wilI leave in a few days i In January last a negro left I. E.
besrs ci t 4a2e r et- iofte ttha& the eaw of the .Ut r.E.A.Xotehaspurced the o- p-on a visit to Louisville, Ky., the hKme i. ph*_tation m i.mg u. ito
: -_tlb aovIA"-oh n-_a.ge. grove of |.- B. Lee. of Lees- of parents and mauny relatives. Theyror ditac m thanit.eh
S_ di -. .. .. ...... u-- .-- -- -1-- i le r i "a a tVhim-X twied u i Ua
^ l dr' r prred l e-aiapbeing $,()OOO. i wai top a fewdaytAntaChat Itse hat easipdit
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^^l~aC~~terr~^^^ WDdiaff~ctgc wee riftd bodil aud Te-Florida Sbkti-eSuday School As-!^ ^^ ^^^ ^ .^ ----
wer Ufe boil and slrd tt udySho ereg in thie cWoiest -varieties of bedded!
^stan-e^ ^ ani I tr soeiaUtion will bold its tenth annual con-1_ u- d e h
Sntio aOea Tueday, Wednesday old. Many of them were full II l
""mS-" 5 i mweihe A,,ur two1M,, and Thursday, April 7th, 8th and -. bsei t wo antr-ee TIE OLD S
bpeh -i. when taken from the nursery.
Sthey were .badly in-.. Whileu-fora wak Mr. J.M.X. .ash, -'- J- A. Riehardson, of Yellow Ad how often it tol! S-f-
^"- -1- W "- I -" -- " who is an expert in gold antd silver mm- Bi- ig,OhI whose family .-as fetngor yeas-3 th bo od
-g'Ww.-id was confined toaDS nar-- sv k B Talaae -n te winter here, has just re-j poison and blood taits; ig
-- di-d- -no -- .- pr oved -to B rich in natural tunied from a trip through Georgiaard va"ous nostms i a; travel-
^a'*SlfN 1ce?^ f^ '.-;'- "'- .''' silver. A~bftina, -where he visited the; priucl- j^^^set~ rcdp^
^^i^NB^^^trlfr^.^^^^ e ^:^^ ::;^ TOIJXA ESTT. .. <, ,. .. \,, ,., pricitispaa'town ie heAndereswons in-- <4ne Interest 01 dol
,Ili,-A seial frW Te Klng-m and Bridgee anfac-Copany. C--- as spendinhds of do
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Alqifprea tNPlam i ripis legality as being by fLr Tthe ezpenetbFa.UlaoU.
woo -IT w ltocks -orp of K,600 each, with ten tlw oattn'iveainviting be bad jomfaaniawiyt~iamaea<>l~inS,
--the __.. .- ae.u. and the lt bil
-I!-^- ,i -:---: per cent from date of issu Ot t b drinji iv t to tOe fout; of a -- r j.S 'e w I"
*s reghajlese As a ig-Oee3.~. two .sa w M e te i hUe. AId
Itaia 1e ha e.s- tt. lItal-a -Ig ''mm n. bea Geri Lu br'mpn we must ~ a- that i is t be -m to_.. ....... .. .
4< 1 Ci t AUsTinZ, Fa., Ma 11- m~ Bills cf -he Talnaimssee, C now then, referring to holiniy a'1 a a. Be-write: 'Wo
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I16 monthM Ther misl the Tyin .os

........ .. .........-- ^- wAfia ce Dow3 Coombs & Co, lost at the same time 2,- bon, the memory of which -ae $.r R ewa
-Au.rn^r P.,Mac 17~.-h 000,01feet of lumber. B^^ ^ B50. Re ar .
l- a b-r_ .... __ ..t a. _t -_Oean .l -...t..i n e i. .. ItPe .-l Itu. c..p..t ii legintre toaos,
-MyI| thI-r a- aa w-- ----so"fi m" ...0. *semble at Tallaha--ee in April will ^if- -" ... "Aw ,, T8- -i+-tl W"
.i.- i. -h- a V ..... Ce.ta-.W i-w_ e10 r _a... .... L0 -na..i. te-ea-. ... A -- = of prgres .in which we _fat, vo- m st hav it, to -fully enjoy .wI.. ....."-- -S i
= Zw+ ..Io=iat ^Bhd anle .A of_- o . _le y ip oot from _esa t life. _.-tho metd ae a ims -for. it ... C uot a E41 ,
-1m reedv~d the tfrllwiug telegram: General Johnson is seriously ill at books the manay useless and effete laws daily, and mourning because ther if xjB c. wmt isre T~ascoo.fl^
^^ ': ^:'-.-.- ..:-< ~^ . ,- .-- .-- - .. ,,- . a . . .- -._ . do l r .r .p a -a l --. o- r ee .^ M,,' l -~ I A-
IW^ ...- = -- ... __- ardiii- u a-_ d nuteres W t_ 1 o o. d.. ---oeoa pir.t. pe. mAn dyct ob citaybe bat_ "by- a'rl
ad u., I bo,_ +_ ,db- -= th

1__g, e -1 at New Orbeas. ..W ...~ be at a loss to what u they can put if used -aeeordW -o dire_ ios a_- ind J gU_ i, L UJL. hE I
M-W-h v annhuai convention Io- fi *A*e, th eir-r e.xmpo im b lding.- Spei. ithe lio .m a. -u ins i
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b O.x- fro= W. ...... "O -t I - . iv-"-- "- =
presa fiuM One endan- Ccncl dYeterdY. we think that it wb~d make a betterl Jectric Biers ot DIyrsMATrlis$BEomAl.
-^^La- phsue Ae lTi~mh o ^-. ^ n n .^^ b~eer gsaden habn aey thing else.-Js- pepera and .1 deases of Liver, Stot-1 ieA iwXfuiti OARDt.p -AoTf
^^S^S^^^^^and Ki^^"?^ 18 ^ dnLeys Soldat ~(t. ad $lJD sHaDR$, NABT4ARRIAORII}
-k.-d t -- Ieeipaoi St. -Patrick's ay and a -Pr '. a "pr-f idBIIi" Wa e -- "- "U Ie --
ba-n m was heldin the evenifTg. Director DePas, of the Experiment I gists. -
..._. Abig m ae. ._--A w. n aianos- wa hl at St+Is fn a L e oty. assures Senat i | : b. Do..-m -8 aAA C, ia"Wr. n. -
:sif _wuv_ -- a-vm-- Tn. l -t- e i,, i-,o,, c-- m tshP of StS Augustine that the inatu- 8 u e Aatc I fIntKTAKINO A.) tLhALMa ..he
-- ^^ti >=a = --" : ->t> ii 'i "i aa a ax ,-,- --.mn -^a er B i qe pe -* -a -Bm IIIOM I_ IIOQ9I -
I wbomrdbim y l~t ~iw the ycw Orlesas afti ad dander, will analye the roots of the aaw -
M~~to^^ta~~l&-th Iv Ny n cew -Oreansa ~afairand&MD& L ^_. ^ -_^ -i i btor.in* ataca for~d MINNIM"I< MI"-E MT i
t-.h .S. *be _. lug rep.- palm .-s to- th-e val-ueof their mtannmig, c M1,TAWCAiE~~-~ ,p tfei tau ettg_.-
_.__faE ;propertie, and a.,ially au,.te _____,.____ IBer ir roa Brown ... .e -U
w.. h e > resqlaVickbeody Sr[-. P -15es89-u. .kn. .-M u I O - om
kthad t yeSterday. e received t.e i Japanese Remedi. Co.--Gcte :
his ales a^gh .iw.. ^ 2ta~ caped. his tdeth. The body wmiW ar t wsm he h&as a~ a bo
a .....i-.li. -- Ai. iIIlltatfehnd bloo a heir to2(a-medicalildw-ittior o Ti -I Ha7.-a Cent^p^I^ aI+ W ordIU :
-*i --t*Irr11M*11! hr.la,,y- T ,la e..xeed .ngly -ei s atcleh> of ltetr o lifeeh .aen .e,..-.f r .--e o.f..-. -- -
-Theldmn hn re a Itbt by T^ W fi ^ Ifb~c Al.., wa jevhien cee o.~ e ^f a sprc tionas dilwrs: Yw natbe oand deh iitx Iwat~ ret 4 'snest i tis olwma A
liw~~~ab~ en- ff tinfm

....h I-1 ---- -N- --w-n- 1 1 1 ~wU apteddZead5 AtJ4 at o a~ t.fcVern. arr~ci. {flwl It te be all thtIt is rlamC gd~i*o 1 was adwiseit to try your Japnee$T IOV 30 ifrI^fIIt5S iU q~s~*I~ he Ialimta Nw -~J~.acmse Eafoyd educng k t~be."Remeiesand m bapdr o sa theftfor the~t

-- t -- -- wr "i ae -u=sed Botanic .oodiIb e-, .tooemes,_.| u .. or b a ..-le
_- t IhMe! p -.Ir .f te - Jams U"e S- a IISt 4I ,l.,a1, io nI.. L ntirely,,4 ,.iai~ills t f hii -e i -kI,-ae-b'- t" m-de d WII
EW* P AST-t-teF -& heffr.LTsatoiieawr ve terf v lie~y Wt-d m~emmdfind t o alf.u vut~ OWnei ati
im:ci l -z"M swagr o- a.. y-h a bng timie pabsser -Af matS3." 1jm W.$.L-s.1*Lgthat, jO^ S __

_p'-nal** ..I _f iike A w-- i w-_- A, t---- at-a -e,- F. N- m.n, ed.... T. -Te" R ok wek <*.W; -fite Int

.. .---. .,_ -m m. te-e from t..I.- ndXo Y V. wr~ite l am~ II i I[ '- ._ -__- _I __ ... .... -- ..
.. .. ...... .... ... . ..rt r ti ..l _.im i~ r. . . .... *r 4 c f a* f B o r B *" ,.,fc t A KI : \ .. i tE- _; -.- 5 - - >. -- - !
:- ow ..- e-- "m." "r- itor" t- e tre-un by aun er I s haveu tmII Batilod Blood Bithe drayI. *e for s- P wr
W w~pe r 4a pelran uefrdliaepol
;ai-j*MW*-IMVffon ini Itobea mtol like Is Afharm 10 -y t" YOU1O psao. m

^-NO., j a,,-i e *I i"_.x wh a a a md aa dwm .th i n ,.o was _-e &0<,. .-
D.pufk C.~ Muma amle fewt

" .'... "* -I- 1 rf*a ^ & XK ^^ ^ *- .., . .- . **y -c ^M ,_ I .T M ^ m .-c ... ...* -- . ... -. -. -,- .- ._^ :
^b~r St91W,. Fi sd w it -n t-6e avtU Ie the gB aait -l -bl -e - a ie3

:---. ---win Wl m .-esre buke i~ '- -. .- + '1:. o .__ f ,. a ..-d -,i, r-______________ __,___,__
_- e t --I-. tib -eand ruhfI ... .. i :- r -ih tr t~ tiIi^y. W-he . .-.. o- bar i r4 B- l. Wt- fr ,ISS mi ai
met AMM y The wasd mrfl b av. v -r' W at tw ox* Ia A

^I M 'I g I I l __ I I M b bed It. i ug s .II *I-- T= I I w l m a k b
NNW -Md 79 -~om Balm In in &=Mye ant X.m i e tnte ie 1dWUawn

- --oo -blood pg aifiee, s t : praifer ci -aflgod r.e-, i t =d: wviw ?md tL so SU

--sr- ..a__l_ .. -Ji-m i 2 -py -L i p tii t. L I fd 1. 7*+ iV wA i-& ,W. A..
I-_.' : + ,(- -: --MW St *ft $10f &.Mf 10zl -f M"- WrAo.C~d

?im8^toanar!Ci'fl.NIp Nhm^ fe^ g^ a ft yp~im iweh ^tw. lt.tin&^4L rste: for^ner fe~wa Ritor.t? -^S lW^s^y'aylz. --
-A^tAeU -toeA^ Ae bea^8

-^-^^S^dAA^^r~i~i~l^^^f__________0 ^^my youth! snled- Qefrom inromuRagha S^s~r. tIr ta Iwaufer- -7 S (Y ^ wIbkerj tain5?i5Sit IMn tbood fBy fde, an b*e'
&ed. _at t.utt Ofe .: aFfted t .- t i - as as
Iad t-e itied I** intemayI a vh&M Inf my-i~I cl

^' mT M~ w*,M~ehIT -A egrf -j T~he boT salu- *imn rf ithew rld- cut. UW. j'a If Be a nwr ti ver of u ifhr 'tc$ i4 *- -- -- ~~ .id -i e^V1Un^& -^ n i E. Vt.A ~
aLi ar a_ d__jgUL at lpji a ifli amlill iiiiiirineap ieis aw po i t QSe Aruib Kieati nee Bosb Blood ilb nniri h _k5I .rw m ^ B 'F A'M ^.^ Z- .A WI j
M"atc w "da- _B Mmyyouft-
^*(tit i ftK Rk"^ 1' *-..n''* --- 120 MaMya lim e zbvSa.etrt ^ a0 e^- jcrT i^r VA-^-AW
is^^^^^^^' thbre^r 'nW,.a" efaegm Overwh mwets, sa u d my^ -bi rnJ Wsp I~ fTui^i 8 w^^iI.Mt^

^^^P^SS^^^~fttS ^^l^^^tfg^.tI~g^ e^11 lifttfe &WWXow& Atffk^bw ni*i a^^ e*w~s ~t? eteri^^^ &,Tr&^
^ |11>~t^ ^^^aW"rql^ gBiun tmootcttT^w~et~~x^ ha
^ ^tl.Asdwd AMM-" 9%wwt~j1 i~~rrtwf i,* rmt*r dtt.^8$ ae ^ b Ia^ aw a yO~l^H^ - r -
.-~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~Jr Ffjil <<~ ^ fmo ~5r rut--Pf3^adkii. Jonsn l ffwd*P 0,^^ SJtiaaRaif .w rS^iS 6*^ As ? ' saaa n re a i Q M ? ^ it~ r b-a Sxpd apSewdfe W w riglei at b e&^ *0& *v --T N '- r r ^ ^ ^ i s i ^ > ** s s ^ -? ^ : .l w ^
7'l^ ^lat l~ t^ ^ XIM~^ai~l^ 9Qf-d^ |Its~a lBhek,- t*Me"5eA


Both the method ay d results Met_
Syrup ofFigs is taken; it i3s pleadn
and refreshing to the taste, ant- acsa
etl-y et py on the KidinyK-
ver and JBow eansies t
ter ect.=u1r, -&.pels c-lle hexO-
aches _ad frvers sad eutvs IhzbatU M
co" ns.ti-ti. IS!rP C, f S
onIy remedy of its kin d'evere 11E0
duced, please _3 e taste antd i-
ceptible to the stoma<4 pmompt i
its action and truly befi&al in -its
efieeta, prepared oai firm the most
healthy and a^re a"Ibe substaneesa its
.man excleenit qualities evimmend it-
to ^1 and have made it the iao
popular remedy known.
Syrp of Figs for sale in 5%
and $1 bottles by all leai ig drr-
g AnyJ reiable drnggit ibo
ray not have it oan hand if3pro-
cure it pMPtly fcr any one who
wishes to try it. Do Lot coept ay
substitute. _
SAW nRAscoW. CAt.
LS7m,!Ur, x n 050,Vt_ Mat Pi-.?.

Attoney -S --wit IZMw -
WUAlpt rtiee in the -PUMi JB h rtt,
awd elseAwbev by 49SCUIODUMcut I am
and geM Flbwwtee and Tunber
Iman 6t larg tra etIn any purtof thefte
ation sbaf*wtif llr loeaftey -
giV*4- COaT MirOde.f t MdAWI

-^fi m j^ & -." '- .

Practi cal T ailor,

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Full Un" of Sampleso m RSmmno

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Gas^M Company'"^

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t L XeBEAY Pprietor.

TUEDAIL SUl~- jubsle everymr-
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tedt~,.rmaled td any part of- theUie2
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THk tEKY -Su; the ed Iftion of ITn
S04 every ThridY, an eotain all
tnews oft soe we*tiea, st. a and Gen-
e B sthe, best nekly paper published
hiwlloMt an" wfll be mshkled4 poflage free,
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^^ '" ^ ^ ^ C -^ ~ a'L ..' -- tC i2' E* .
^ -- I -- :- Siywsthetiie for ther (tizens of u ing dangerously ill wotb pn-nsonia
.1r toput fwt every. effort to tWasiaron. He caught a hea of
415 s^lrant. .Modern improve- -I Nadthe dy ongress-adj' uruiel. fli
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for-thecty. Thet

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..mneedsois thisr cityrosi r-qir ____

- wet ot its business shouldbeplacedt Preiden Uarrun & sgried the agree
upei^a c^ahbasis In oner -to -reach ^^ a- yjR England and France-
thivnde end it till be necessary tounerake tosubmit matters in dilute
ju^titio theletlaturetft psiS an fe- id connecton with Snew 1'oundan-t, to

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t^fl~ii~ltes -E3 v ery well iaftitrme i __-_-_-----
S- citeizen rewgnize.&Te t that withoutj The whole naumbe of presidential
oct-zim improvementscitwnllle post offics is 2,89, at 290 of wht-h no
-zet ottlfr ues9tin for Gsinesvll to Jchangeof psttnasrshas been made-

k-askd e !untbis #orBs3- Wter the- -co n-=___
- we9vSat-tas iveArt -uad ,eieetplc The UAited Smntes 3enaate i new a?-
Jib ^lot.StK e^ imigaion ln-4ne~st- I most evenly dlisled between the two.
-- cBtcs]tat- Nate .these improe- ~l~intg parties-republicasBasn the
T~ets nilime S boreiwillfolios, rs eras have the advan tage when it wnes
Stbit ead It the ninbme of 7l -I

a~e wm rapiy apeie ad t After thinking zh& matter over Mr.
Pe if the av freevry S Boozer i-a deie to breed Mand S. to
- paintrif be prBamtets. me a, Arise. kneel b a Nfy horse 16 tmands
^^~^ Be a^ )IOSPete h~ih.foaled a Menlo Park,Cal.,i 18SS(1,
^^T^^<^^-, -,n im.. subsequently sold to Robert Bonuetirarid
- ueeny lae Ganes stands now at Boonefa stock farm on
- the uso rivr -eneary Tarytown,
W be.|etweIti& a sin- Tbe 2:s- --.

it Wii1e public '- Of-iel i. a so2 atf Electioneer, first

t&I~iytt*ai HwyI u e Assetiwsaea~eo ouinto Hubert. One
-' *^ feadaX Jtf^ r^^f~c^ i fltgomy aundrecently purcinsed by
TT~ ~~~ ^ tbyttf jh ~ a~n euc^-^S ise~rLO Ruben's da w
^JilBhlAflii lTribHeetadHelmet by Lcrtagton.-
I#~r xa it. ewpu,. rut-t Awlfbeing a ono Ele~e~ozser mnd-
ElrcUfftrseer by Uaibletonian 10, and
m%--for-f-lnti satm. Mao&& being1* daugher of Harold
an a---

-.i^^^j-~t1 and^^^^ ^Haroldw by SIHumbonimn 10. knsel
"^^llffl'?~iif^l^^d;tnt^ n M^^.tss:uwr.fo are firt cou~ns.
^: ^ fl-urnt^^wgn& Pnbll- 1tex^ eftkm it 'a-il doublfess be
-mlfii~iiiti Lmto coinsidred owitngn to- the relationship of
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ S ahyal au eCae
!L"!4t| |~o^S^ a *R~rvslt mo4~ t eTek -': -i LW 00 VAe th two* ^.

-w bry -e applnatons they caninoth
smaTlhmmB e jmcb the diseased portion of the -ear-
BUC~m i> flhfrtef t atvot < There iirowly one way to Cure d~ftnessI
ma- as thehatt ise b dy t -. remedies.
flo 1*A be <

etuir el*r6prtn* sIll i t=% &- ami aety haeto brmen sound to

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S^^fl wn 'Bruwnflh be ipkgard:d --' A snagmeTs..ll^'
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...... "bdme -env-. van a. pn i i
M .n.wmex-ebsgud. 4wa _h, tin' A -S.-
*w We.ar-- &m le i I- t Is nrpf g that o -wl
tentinr pill Phea titer iaet
e jhospr *nrT- a Mr. MorsoU, who same memy. Dr. Attn's ltil
-beo ten p.otiti ^ a { 1 t aat a*r k ea
cu~t hi nt oI tb. withdrawal ofdt fierS flnuhie. me acSan

_it-.ry: es ..adBmtr. Sold hr
-f.M kn.-.-. G-._n:n-l- -_a. _
ph-. w -. i, t-Tt'r'-nid -p-i "ft %->M
Sitess* is a& U (n & -p r;P'rfSiJtley^
Z -

z^ilrf E ravi- :-L t"h Ihe fdl ftwit. tn -?

JU~Lo the Lbh Lib Ra S. awning huarritd or 4SlvrUh
-5^ft Q X Ur Sboomzhin isg pr6sn ticlttn ianl
-. : q^__^.,. th^le-het. qukkcm* d puie|tU .-hflnn^ ia
1- -s '
fii s na e ah i>) Tanyo f *-sMBk arm: the ..l I
Aekcf -Ieli4.
-11AW U Art--]t _4^^ asl 2 ttur^ jrl |
I-.SH ::' :.. .-'^ aarasxnee In- rST Mtr liliin. i





There Is much significance ia the rot-
flowing- which we coi-y r the Cecil t
OfeO Demoerat: "Our once-enorumIOS
puI edomaijr that wa 'to be reserved
[fr actual settlers' : disappeared. A.ll
ftat part of-itithatiLs-itable for human
habiltation hans been grabbed up ty capi-
Itists, syndlcates and- corporations.
[NX-arlv two uhamnred miiions of acres
'has been given by our governmebt to
railroad corporations; Enornouis tracts
are owned by .oreigners; twenty-seven
foreigners own anart-a larger than the
Whole of relamnd One svn(!iate got
- dihr millions of acres from the state off
ITexas as the price of building its state
capitol. An exctbange tells of a young
man who recently wtent West looking
for free landupon which to settle, but
who gave it up and returned home after
discove-ring .the following ins-riptimi
posted up on an .albandoned sbh-nty:
IFore mile from a naybor. Sixteen tlle
from a post-ofis. Twenty-five mile from
a raieroad. -A hundred and atey frO-o
timber. Twro hundred -and- fifty -t
fromn water,- Theres o place like home.
We've Cone-- East tospend the summer
with my wife's folks." From nwhieh it
appears that Horace Greely's advice
'Go West 'oung man, go West,' n eds.
.... ftnw Mad,-_go.We-.

* s I

y S-PU~ BE5 Pspifef

wnaxz -C
Lm^^^ 3 ^^^^^- SwM SML a w


Na Chemicals-
ae used in .ts prepmjratio It has
o.a koAM S"a -the esgMtk 40
_cUn smhxd with St Anwmt
o Sugar, a" is therefore far mre
ecoomcaka, coring less tOAns rst c{
-.r It i deickms, t i,
trrngthening, wArL 'mnrST,
and admirably adaptd for 4mvalbk
as weIl a for pewms in haMuK

s by Crooes onyw
tuac~a tL, Dt0


That the people may know -how khey
!have been fleeced, we pre-ent the! fol-
lowing summary of the immense pro-
prlathin bills ofOf!it? Flfty-llrstconb
Aricu ..ural ..... 4.8 .253
Army.........-. .... 48.81 .000
Diplo. and Consular.. 3,3 .74
liisrrtk of Columbia- ..... .ia69
Fnrt hestionsc i...., _:.s... - 8.X ,7,
Imilan. 23.& 014i
Lejsilarir .;............. -43 27$ -
Military Academy ...-....-. 's 0
Na val. .45 .689
Pen m s................... 2 .6 46
Post Office ... .......... l5,L1'.9Z 0
Rivers- and -Harbors...... 25.lU2F95
Sunirv Civil.... .......... 67.2-C.645
Deficiency................. 76.67,44S
-Miseellaneou..... .. ... 27.717,905
Inrdef. appropriation... .. :2,'6, qW
Total annual..... K..... .$782,5510
Permanent....... ... ... .7 J2,51
Grand total ...-... L,091O.471

The latgr.ret etoni plaaermn sheworld
is James S. Rihar.'b6noft Nr-w UOleans,
who -own_ 49.000- acre of -otron J ar.d
andl emiys 9.t09 neg.oe s. He kas re-
fased an Egish sy;dieate- offt of
12IAOdOftr.h.s pl-ntations

nr'iK nIAK LI

nr^'1 IV O -9-_-

bCIN- JIN, I1 -UA -. l.A,
-A rFA-C'rrnflts or |

Carriages, Wagons Carts,

STerry PI



New and Second Hand Carriage-s and Wagons ways on hand

flepairing a Specialty.
SThe best work at the lowest prk-es. Facory at corner Masonic
S-treets. near county iail. .

and Bv


- -Manager for--- . '




Be Sure
i3 you have made up your mind to buy
HoodMs Sarsaparila. do not be induced to t;ke
any other. A Boston. laIT', whose example is
worthy imitation, tells .ber experience below:
In one store where I wentto buy Hooids
Sarsaparlla the elerk- tried to induce me buy
theirown instead of Hood's; he told me their's
weld last longeImf, tatI might take it on ten
To- Cet
days' trial; that if I di ot like itI need not
-ay anything, etc. But he eould not prevail
on me to- change. I told hfla I had taken
Hoo's Sarsaparila, knew what it fwas, was'
satisfied with it, and did not want any other.
When- I began taking Hood's Sarnaparifla
I was feeling real miserable with dyspepsa,
and. so we that at times I could hardly

sand. I looked ikMe a person in consmp-
_tion. Hood's Sarsaparia did me so much
god that I wonder at myself sometime%
andmy fedsfrequedyspeak ofit.f Ens.
.ELA. A-Gory, 61 Terrae Street, Boston.

Sarsapari I a
8SodtyafldxJIdgsn. 5-; 8ixforI. Prepared only
T0. L HOODACO. A pothenaries, oIwaell, 3ama.
100 Doses One Dollar

J Rea BaSeat boug anatsol: h nto-c rew ed: tas p for o n44- ,Cand
the Ib o oii* in c m ectit4 -with an5 b :rurhIw CC ; aII p-" a i r-
ffulttlra ded to. Alt pn EOW hreinw projwrrt for aeor reit au1 a old to
,pl~wethesame in our hands.

-Staple and Fancy Groceries,
'-a ro ris

Inware, Wood and Willor-7we, roefy,

r. BB. Good delivered free .o any part of the city-Good Goods.
I I low prices. and prompt delivery.
S |a iusrrrs YEW BLOCK. G^AIcnDrifELE. FLA.


C- Ohidreu tr- fr Pitb';-I ICn tsrlm.

w' A WrONDEariULxrwnzi. n
Sickt leaaohe, Wea Stmach, Im
(Jona~ipation, Diamlood Uver, Ot&
A~InM AlIAMon the vital organs efthe
muscular ystemN, anL arousing with the rosebud of health
TheWholePhvsical-EnerzyofteflmanFrame. IF
Takes directed those famaos pills will pre" anelleue
resteratives to all nf eehd by eq of the a. a, w kiadred o

\L &P. A ES"CO, NOT,04,7-mfor TFS2, SftmftM 3W? M 37 Cknat St-v New
Yw (' iaft Vqfeo re9

- Byvtueof anorder" aiftS the (boW fWN
Judge' s.Court in and orlbe cunty of A '
thua on the[ lih day of February, M i
to uin-as ?contisfsioaer direoctad. I wilt aiufis-
.the hithstst and test 1de for tI -i/p
beforf- the court bohom door in 'a-id
oin Monday, thIe th day of April. Ut ST
tame being leral sal e day.tbe lfflowiw b*v-
scrriitrt properly, to-wit: CoM ll
twenty feet imth of -the Florida r'
railroad- track m the eema i olary I.
ol lands owDed by Alexander -ouile CO l
west hnif of section twety-e teunaoutho ofraaeatv-one eaisrt. i
thencee auth eight -'s-vrnaana c03 batw -
grees west p r=1i with Fkrida SoSe-
railroad thirteenehainsand sirxty-tnfl
to the initial point rning ss9then W &
thirty-three and one half degrees* e fl
chains -and fifty linkato a stake- 4V
wood tun>P, thbe south _gLsty-flWl
Fone half degrres t three- chain Cd 1t -
teen abd one half I"n tOr WLke.tWtc l S
thirty three aadi one- third degree wes -~'^
and onme aifebhats to within tw9at atE-
PFlor-ida Sth-ern rslraftd sc -t --a
Florida -oitern railroad to itheit
bernning contaitni by j Mtli4atitj ^M&'lea
acre& mnmif or less- Cefwf ieCU I Iat
on the wtiern boftda y UIwe ft
twt-iOy-eight townsip ten, sas &f
trent- the enter of t "the lOrft d aftema a
and runnicthe notL eigbtytwA '
Iea prarilel with noWArkia s nallv i-al E MiOSf
I bxirdd and fty-cix and one halfftU
Inktialpointr nernthe saint -on ** Fame
hauidyrd *d twentyT-oneen &ee4" W tflI
a gtake at tlartwerwtion of fEwfr .
era &"d arti4 c onty r ute mf,
I Black Creek nroad. thnce want t7W
Idecrrr. w-st. nae hundred ande& Atfl CF
staka.1 thence sixty-t~na fefeft' 100* Se^H
Fbeginainz t*ed Iii the above mcastlwe* secias,- -W'^
Fhip and rAMU in t Arrendoma a
tiU town of CNiterrile aad jatjtig
twn -AA RArbele.t xtinia 8a4d pro beeny to be soid a theFPiWUrfl
the ests arfthe ts.? atjesI_%ye#
to pay tOe debts due, ad owatl^SL
estati,. PLr.rlIg
An pVTon wbh ome indebted to lbr-
Jati istak an beieby matead toflhl
ettle as at QuEm an& a llrami -
toprsteat thae kwm f ra paywut burs
moOfcU after-lte lit -kVK O
mJoant. Wa-, M R -
ml-atins tl~t dn t *dT * ti


Wholesale and Reta l-




^v i "-O F-- j-1 -^

City E-lection.
-_ '. .- '

I ?,otice is hereby ginrc that undw and 1w
virte of an ordtr or reagtgio Mmadate by -tte-
City Coundieof the citY of ainOesv-ile. Fls I
an election is hergeby called and will the' &
I in the said city on -
i D. APRIL ne .: -... --
to eeetthofolloinOff[Cers for said city Inc
One Mayor, .ine MarshaL One -C-lerk a
Tre;rasuret. one Collector of Taxe FOne As-
sess-or 0- TMixss, for the term- of-sa yea
each. atd Four Counciimen -for tie 1 tr t : i
.two yer-e:.ach. -<
mThefollowing tamed persers ame bfaftlb
I ^poitedihpentors of said eleeT$iot via.5r
L P. 1vl, I* J. Burkuiva, 0. 1- Nhile, g^,
J.NL M el Clerk- __ l^1
I Gaines-ille, Fla March t IL- :-
Sorderto naeat-said city eeati oa Apeon
=he, the capit-tion or poll- tax of nmi dollar .
must be paid atpeasi tirt_ y diays criora
April 13th. as required bthe law f l .
omestearOdaw. o ; .
FeKyth.*L. 4
Notice is berebygiven tbar the "olLowing- ..
nared settler has filed notice ofi-inteta --
to amake fial proof in spport of hs claim, .
an that said proof will be tadebefre e--
listeranReceiver -at Gaiesville, Fa... -.s
April l3th,.189, vl= ___ zn
LotS IL. ABERCE.R.RE o i htfa. YU.
Homestead l672 fMM the south half, noxth:-
eas quarter and south half of nortn i
quarter of section 1,- tovtnsi 13. s oh
range I" east., --
He namhes the following witne rs ie -.---s.
his continuous reidence upon and cuhifva-_ ^3
J tion o. said land viz;
JohnSJ. H. ARoaco. IL, A. bode-A. H. l
Baitman and Mack Colins, afl of Wilis'tet, *
Ed4Urtns fee paid. tiHnrstoaeBt. I
In Circuit Court, Fifth Judicial Circait of
Florida-Alaclnua (barmny. |
H.I E. BeSIon.A. C-ush

I-I t --8
maaNX- $- BF -s!W--.-d A4

] ot, 8part er. aac'!Dgt!te s :_
bnstnessm iD G~aiiie-v~ite, ^->'
JMawhua county. Florida,-I
under tbe firm name and'-- Bill Tor Fare-
s tyle-of Beasim,ioux t closure- t
Georfe HRI A. i I
Yotie to appea plet. answr or demrw,
SI To CGJrg ic.B reefl w hate
defrndaat.Oeorge H. ilch.is' a nau-wrsheus
of the Statenof fl-idaad tflthe reslieaee -
.of said defendant Is unknown and that MaWt ^
defendant i osver the age of twenty-en
years. .. . :.
it 6s tbevefiwe or< rdpe, esSreaA--
Iadjdged that the said defendant, Geor
SRich, do appear, plead, sawer or de r "e a
Ithe tomplai~ast's bill of "twtptsit-net~
1on or before tIm 6 day of Apri, A .- D, a,
in default whereof .decree rI e -ill be entered -mthe inr H. e
it is further ordered thet this tg Wfatle
Malished in THKfr:r ScTa aesaper vuhnirl- ^i
da, once -esa reek kr her cAinsectfflj4
Inawriness wcereof. I hate grtmatot &U
my hand and affixed the Se orf w Cns-
C(ourt-ton thisi, the-Ilf day ot Fehnryk, .&' ".
Clerk Circuit Catt~ j|
[REALI -Pier E. c. wuiB~ny, BaC. '^
ft-cre Copy. L. A. CARLISLL, Clerkc-*
| Per Lc C.. wiaatbly,jt, a t ^
|Spy. L. Carter.. Coapl'is. Sort. thurfrhfl^

iieCllzas iv


Keeps. Constantly -on- Hand Full Line of -
taple and- c G roceresi- :
-. : . ' . -- . *_ . *. .,-- '
JlntterandCheese _on co

Dry Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes

I- AI _goods delivered free of charge to any part o
the city.

W holsal-e and -Retail Dealer in -

Tinware, Mi Supplies, I


n;. ir nuTrro" -& tO.,
B~z fl ki.fllAEIRtS.
Gajevvole l iycIPO I |: ri
"ainesville- F lorida

Do a Cwneral Banking, Bwnsie-s,% bury-and izo1 forvjor anit Domaezs@<* Eehange-
The.aceomtsif]Bank.Bner.orpoi,Farmers, -Merant and
others relied on favorable wm s. Special faeilities for making
Colecdonson all ateseia^le paontsinithe U nied States.

j- srAntu"I*mIT H*e. 0 dm6
Sea liand Cotton. EVyptian Sea- bLland Cofroa, Amercan and Enaish $ea ,janc
<:4.tton Baggimg and Ready-s~ne BaS. Bagiing Thine, Cruahed Cot-
mton-SeedFertilizer. 'Ginnemwrs' Supplie*s, Sealand Cotoa -
.- Gim2-Eniisr nd Amerieza make.
SSecond-hand Gins- of all Kinds in StDock. Cotton Seed
S Bought in Large or Small Quantities..
Agenrlecthroh g tit thee Statec of -outh den, U. S..LLiver-ol and Manchestr Englad, an
Aleanria, Egypt. I .
TFu OEn U& by I"tr T 'in a -Cf & Sad- wltFmr
B CFOR -1liFO~ff A- A 1OTC'grIEn

B. P.. JRDAN. 4. A.. AMxoss.


Genera I- eal state g nt,


-4 -

- .1---

.-0 -

,--H7--.-_-:-^^ ^^ ^^ ^~ l ^I HI ^B ^ ...:.. ...-7 : -- i- .:"i. i aios^ as a ....ooed.H b. -- = .... .. Wlr .far fti _,! afii le "lr 3&}

ieafra --- -s -w.-- -- En--iTaS -. ------.---- ----'
fiM3av Gan ffaSxe*,OflrM. : ^_adJg, __~ u*^

*^ te : ... _- --a spo i ---a n W ide Sh -- i .... .- i .-""

I ^ ^ S ^ S ^ ~ i aI .-- -am..nt-e.. _iopd_ _ I i P.a Horatee.. Wae nv lt Sg3-1a^ ( = --D in. :: o
-- -2slEe at. mniht -by fottestheding- thej

.s-? I .fk zi l.......~ lL. --'^.r __m, (.----.-- i^Sta i .gt.eim_.te ftt e-ardws;^ ..- -... :- p*wn m !' -*- -- .- --- --*"m, _-,._

?- s7---. =. .II.: ::-T :"-"..wa~tw ,--afaiiv rfi= at-ee^aiofa i ealadttem .Cl a.n- d.-. :v""gS -n sptm-. J,.p. .--A A RO. It..
ha a-l l-auS-. d ag-ewaoI.-a -tjl-. _- ...-.- 01-f.. -- .. "t *-O. uS o t _- : e, h j B d a d t .j A. R
"We arehini aid an fAS-

.laugh of the demoniacal., _hair .a s I -.. . -a. ..--.3s mi^ ^
---.t_ _... .: _.- . S r - -

-._.._^ "" ^ ^ -__ic .: _!_ .s-rud- -i r yas ---_e ... -.se -. !.. .. mp. o_, .+ _n^i.. o -P en m ..T -^ _. ser,,l ..f< ._ic fafe ..^- .
*^ 'W'^'j^^^^^,.^^^ &WBREBMML&, ~ dem toar th s m ~an biowltti nred mQe up t b gSy ~ eia may^ w i opr f
v ft1un g wt ariety. AR m these 4: t W arme re aW Olve iu, a 6 5 '. 3
h e.inm.es--. -p ....^ -: -: - .. .. o- --o.. .a._Is eoo Te as, to wg.ere wea .B ae. or.a. ,
-o t--Lus s -eEo ssubject to lvou~Ni(1k

-- :"'- ... +" : = s - -- -- - - .- -^- ^ a fi- -a- "e -t: .. "
of.-- some c-i.an-oof d-- I11- tiCelds and -- I
Slid h~"dSU~~and very M.tl attento a paid to them;, S*Ys:
______________________-age._ -othee -the herebym gientatIwi15!Pe
7 . - u i aLaut a w ek a e i - .e one of - h v. - -
u,_-- w- 1 -dizt German Syrup for smyemt ex eso.A b.ll ops~a c o
men, uado1 h cocka t ma t | a aF .elief the care a ndsnpp to ore I
-. ........ a... .........d a..out of doomd W at he sa wtr i.,sIlvfrlr t ..u .- W s m . J.P jw TE L -ihe ,a 1)u..
____ f~~aliar legre t tOf a hrer lVard was- Chest d Lun s, Pandsitingu i LIO
... ... ..... ..i .-ete ... -a Uin } an the .e .. .. theune u .ar o .. ... .-
VUC CCMlestE wid FI-AIPROOF SR^^ ^^- ^^^

:--Mt of h grave. du-- -..- .i & oi of tough Sy ps n M,
_211j^ijjjjj^^%^" I cevtf ight s-etmed to he enitted- frontthen tx but letm tme- o0 an n a-J ti th tfOOT d
Wsrue fiurwhose 'back was tn. nei .C
^om -I-'bebv-- V.-PA M IL .r ... -towar "h a g sc i rankyrn ioto a ke .aB l prrafnl tae" lthnr &a 1
L( r 49f~ kd qv h and K and, with arms extended, its staring I t bISt h th
*-... -- lewYak 4 ..-2 f shinig with a dull luiter, it commenced.einece. If you uY Ot- once, you- r- tsti, vi:
movement.toward the man, who toaooc U aX go back to it whenever youLmm rx .ta a fla5
-- .bo-.- ," i-. .--.iv tSl.un( For a .ewnd ony ns e Ad1it. It give tot al.le n sIouWieadNo.- i 'or thi ei o. |
stand tasie, then with a yel! okf terror' -' |

H~ese~ilor he rtl^ ^nrt.e~eroo^the ^ tarte icdd ju My advic to1! e

_=_ ee.- e. .-..-..-. .... e l:- tret -ice .see-tioa- 3. tow- nshm i 0 o t ,,.as is 1-5-a e^ I seig te-peteos a pesedagant -- '" B '-- w '-&- -- B"'' "- '-- . ^ j u -r* mit "ra
e-:Bi. --- -- --_h s He told hi.,-- story- to - -the crowd. one Wifv with Lung Twu -bless h i _o "J.n scyrevden e iiisat" d
___________________________________________ aa rush was made fo h adt i-Try iL You wiU on -tpOfSdladiz
.... 3......e,.. E- --ne"e-fo.p the -.a.or-
_________________________________________________vesigate, but -the specter- had fie(L That iwd In al~h fami w h a 1MainOte.alo ihSrns

.- .. .. .. i B e ...... ...- _.- .- F ....A. -RO .- -' night- -th e-. oo..t e an nes a d throughout u er a Sy u . B A-- --) L -- xc,
FINA __. the h._"br-.ouse were moriLe freuent and d-. I t1:45 :y--- ~ - ..
eyso h o is uWed we have: no John t0'f PAL
---I^nbantiftah^ -inx slees from the e of the n-w i- l a n -

_0"C AT G&" frg!e inat

---8 .. .. .....f ... -al LA"_ -- -- -- .-.. . The nex j t "ro b I e with -the "i i j m & -

e. .nder l -Ro "iL C Gardacer Fe: -.. 1 aighints n . -ath "iwa "af'or he; ILuno #iftI Fpraain. Pol n: ,
!C "aty nadt HXotfe ksw Ierebe -g l. -it away, ad cooking kept them toramoment For titr Uopv ad a-. ai

... . -h 2 M: ... .. -N- fe: ... 0A 1. ll ,
Th. _y f _. ~., nan~aeu~e --il4: i iin l .r 2_nf-led -notice- of hisnili itor. I. ca t.
of ^^^^g-FQw^u^y^1 /l~weo~~ffi~set ith tst caarioLg eyhs medicine~p^ forMMBBRB tI^^n~~epsts l-~
ili- h64U27y beore the eto -quake final p.af in S. The n night followed, and --- en ; I tem ci fo ths---- U

A3 X A> 10 t el tS -- ronso FIR, on Aprils, N VI... v : al hope of its reappearance, whe bondest dr G. G. CREE, F. Sl Man l .- f l-
_SS&1_ the AS~bSSs^a^^^i^ W__ oes pepl olxmte ah dlc-Cambrkf |\3*r^ aBjeB~aepitjjP~

.djeC4 L towiift:- ThOrW lots, tracts or pfr- section I l seeing the specter's face pressed against n e- Fa.
^slsT -~bnga~n eu He n m-es te - lowin wit'cr.yehe.wi. ndow pane. Each m-an seized hi T PIi .r -ilgbine" .-. S a -a. -
igiIdew sa f l--hiscontnuous reside U po and -cultiv- an a -l

i he tn-VI W11J -]Le-s I.-. Joo res. G arge Lyn. mWhen the cleared awa anddra "t rilea Mo for the Moi te 1
ia Bil-upanie tiUd&t F4- Imen's courage had in am measre returned w -al

a.t. K_.in- _. B t.-
-$ow-y it -defai w u t tu - -y --t- ... -f. wey veenIr o n71sd e xpaere Theo -nd VAW a go Ir Tam v TT
u__tEditor's tee paid -- thur.fw w I- ;
3 flS Oil aeha iuty,_ Flor~i. crpse lying. teeath the window'. efculyer- Sfd~~it!H~~~ ar~a 'u~j

- - . ... ,i---- "
.=driaig.-eice& tb;_ed nftwe .B iN aiPROOF. Theydid not b-ut in-" -- s fcaw .sta.i.lfd s e-.a e
lfetlit tbt o ie-hnd reda -:"d io____oi..p ofabhout t-oirty pae as Wfrom ther e be lt f Dy F B -_I S ort (ioal. P.. t- .. Ta ,

.-l t se aee _. ._) t e Bnse-st e t re . .. . I m d ... .. .. d .e p . . .
J ^ and Ofl^ee at"GGS ffiec e ;' are wooa n look at themt Trepn-cmf rea'da'ch Si i

ftwew^ U^r (Mirftrr, le WAoatl one_ bbw
--a-. ... .uee I th we,- deem:ni to hatw e m i sa ef l wthAud a __I -__-l___ir_ _t._ ___ ... __. __ __

--il se-tlor -.. tship ..A ---B *----------------i- -, Fr- Ntcstypc Lecd-'
._-. ce iI hereb gie th ot the-For.a monien, the -Te A nd .. -:4 i bur rising Jak.p- a-

............to k ...r. witp f js leOkn cart t e oats Ii HLnera n D Au^-- f
- S S^^ ^ S S^ ,^ ~li~aen~tae sat d poU ofiwi t bessae b I-whe cHive. ofK^ thep~b lilet isdhi U -Cs atrlrsutivii.'., and all p1noc N ^th -

e UII"- E --"et -- -_._ Wh.te. +_ iwssil-w trw- the smoked cleared -SR -.-i V| a_ r.t.. Lou ...... LS^.
d ^ ^^ s^ -^ ^ ^ ^ a3^ C-^ ^"s^;

'- [ -I.._____-_____.______,,_____,____^____,__A, -a fo : e .- ... ., o -9 .: ..
iiit.tt -n*- l " "O4~ "w4' -- ia a a.. d lokn at.. the o -am..ent TL in -- Fo "us. M c p ad' "m"
.Ij-na{f lr- ** -H -. ni-tn" e to" I with i. t T"r..g.ey adeas - pAt .... Ctte -..r. l 9. i It
n--fl--o J^ i w e K I- Ydi S- o-.i
i sxx f _ro t e Franc n ot event the b d r
all Hatch'B prw Fla.. 3.r 1. biW wi o Bremain and eo p83B. faaeTfe-Exve~adiale an in wm.
~5S~tei~( *al ad dw-b i~-FrtWit, Ia, .3.1h,~ boriueoth lesl lhookut the sLtraz.,-Cham r p -______________
Conur Shw mbow. Win- t k toe -mk ' -proor in 4 1g4t ::snh
said unty..1e w ba Ginadesb I -whe n on e of -e boldestI t_____ Lis ckaa toine -tur. re"It S&ts.
isit~e - IFIaL -ROOF.er jae were tob ett ono's and, "I f l e.sihl
T iemte (Sldtiod. b-Ln 4mc at_ i&n-iile s de~ri too e ritera.,e ilroad UIUd manI&iiu ii
Wo~ ietf nthec teof -3A -7t virso 1 w.ma e dth e trponproer. -The iguars eE LNE
-.1m-W ek thenc wM XAS two-hun- -W~ Fl.-a ~l-hr hn-tesoedae

AU 93iesi 'w d hae bee ovru a -withe viior s ha momentIO
8.~~~~~~~~~ awaay, MAY 14h lI vz I_ -,Jia ninn

~Wl fre t&~ i~t He- na the folknowmnwitnesseo-to I- Withitfew tit eyeest h tt fs~on.tlg oad
tWyier ia an taut h L4Sh nameds quistive ,ckffncel ponu~ -and Cilitft' at rNg. Matn thr ne .a
W h mte w rae n To dut avnte dia boldntin tdo-rT- a~s fethc.1.MI
-west Mm -~~j~g~gyof FodAar~nFowle-.all J. F D.t-kiand, the riebelsoier, and U as wea mig le ih--I"lh alaa..
St m tliwefby Edto' feefl F-0-d -- hurmanuw
7_,47~~~44 Ara Hawthorne. Lvd -C- t.Paaloe
-j LYNCHcea G nesvhe tvrlane.Te-Iists f h es r_ w 5
~~I. ~ -~ Xarch 7th, l~L noudrsth an Prsont, ere onThens xel& a jJ ~ .Si rSbe nlg w54--

tt~~toIb~IP tgit (). FI NM A L PROOFt~. i: We' wTere wto one quenttion tohatson' couldHrdtr.$O)&o 'e~$.0 j~ ~ r Qino-L-~o

bendu basket by fiv oat -peado-
l-.' mti inhnr rtrtt is.R. iV., | safely wa.?r would beasked by five out of Ient by mail epaida teeiptOtp o. 457pL&v...Wiiawi'o --..Lv ii i
^I---- -. --1 .... ,- t"Ld that wa, "Do you honestly think We tee to re aycSe of m S ia p.r .D Ci.y.L, -.
..W'iW^- ?4,, sec. you are right" Thisconad m was o.- ant ad i .-. 8 ... Tamo pa. Lv A 7 d-
fered to me soa-cften that wkere tine Al- N
ir.rIn u- entame e uo n r- ienaesthefoloin w s itne..e-to-- -
.- -:--. sgthslof,_,{- 1. T.-a t inaa -esd -:. ,hupon and CitIe owd be~tin in prsdn t r Be'I r d II %1 h.N I IALLAEitill Drg--- ------- ,Wa~sldo Lv 1 a1 1, l
. .7.t t 'io .raci -nl setio is e--.n- isui ia '!l' ... .~ .. y [2i anw ri in president Uincol ns l~t-. _. -~hesil ... .. S-p t free.-- --------~-- :.i -txestiile-" Lv1. 2 ,.l
mouh9 -W-a .e-ten (iS, tion said -. .-d,_via: tfIansee _er ti -._______=0-"- ---4ii *pAr ..cdar Key as-Le Ote..
....-: : -;S-:.- tbC-eot to p" % R bJD.T-omks. S. J.--ms,- T-- J -e by say "ing that it "reminded me" c o* Ktos.7andSda!y i :ad -Ii.
-" psy-h. d-i of Sid ^ er ms ALE ApPR rci.A ndtldbERem--of-t-- e--oul.-e ahd t .ote _.. I AwiiAIA._CxBFIA.NDR T. t
.- ^- .- --NVE Eitoes ree 1i. -thurmrly ridal trip on an ocean ,tawmer with the I ....1 ,w B "ail
^^-^uMii~ia, eNOTICE.- u-nsual resulxit As the husband would re- *- w^*' -I o hvh would -5ep
.....- ... tur n fro ft sandry trips to the rail of - the _I I. -.Fr L -7 .
-.?. -. n tbClOk (Florid. Fifth c vee h young wife would nq e ,- ^- r Trains .a.t.. t day. iaily ste
- Cr t In aia for Al.ua county. "Reinald. darling, a re you sack?' To er eeu Fernni and Brunswi- -
f -.^ Couu.-t., ir^.^t7 J*~is Ym rt,. CharlesJW whic he at last- replied. "Good beavenis!-f o etg al trlwc-s repliee -Good hni -
--_- . .. .. uLtY A ^.e d .i. R eb eeea, d y o u th in k a m .doin g t- ...r. t t .f. . -th s. .
the nkaftaw 0, te "W u; of 1. -I funr"-CEntyJv
-o f Ckrsi^ l eadan4 and all others 1 _______ o.9Nl wtzuu-nvs. N'L2Yo ,
W-- sesa t1. na.mei h . ... .. ---.- -- .-.- .S .. ... p -* L-, -.jark vi,,,, A. r l.r, ..L.a
Inerstd of J. Ar.urLu&&SIr
-- lte5 eSnot~~i.ce ^, Tel that I havei Isituted sitIn l. tie- Lan.. Sre..- .. .. .. wl- .W. _. .
mtachument alnst yo for the sumn ol Li ghtinig the street&- of a-lrge .0ty in A"it -r4S lpA T ?7
... . #ItwW cam e-he#I A bftet i n d th sai deb ..ai .j - . D. .. Q . -. .
of04 4ide 9nd to~r atahdyortrliry W-W I'~ ,1p~ -any L 5f
.... 4 times -- ..... was -a Ur diff-rent th0ng m .r guarateed for- l Dr-.
g ^ggii 1 ^ or ^ -I^ S e the r ?%ore reB3e t ro a ~'lghtitg the streets at the present time. Bd Coir ^ ^ uvuTI 4ligphArtngr Jtueaat 61h pUp
ande^ heteu to tm dveeiarutn fieI hiisi In -161 the streets of London were dimrced tbea1
4A-carow vit-lil threet vwmthnrh fto th' fs-c tob igtdwth- candles or lanteru3 by ~ o r,,tnnoth si-'
~i~wmvmto pbleato ligfe this thtie Brr a,0 deful aud -_ no
ttW5t ^ff64s !ib A5 in&wiieta nagaint yt.u. March 4th erery householder fronting the main road. -snuiy and lesdini o y -r Montgomey Ar 7
1i.. (M RLESP. WtIII). plaintiff. bi 'Itn nihtall to Vto'clock, the lmo-ar of re-!ve- tn OULp.aresbi of POW 7WA uw-OlasL
Ilm.. _-And_,.y1_- n a -_ ._ ._.al of _:n l-.. - t.iri.g to beL ca- d.;y0T r *iAAr of . Lv ad&
-~.-Ja m- IA .1 boar._.- or si _. I .nKa Ch. r. it -w -(4 & a.bo A --am'._. L- 7p -
______________________________ one Fmwq^rd Honing obtuaied the l thii tres^ iU^OL. lH o the
iant by mai
^ ^^ ^S~^^lfeljL^''-''' ~~dfte~teritv9.Fl^ ri -t to Ugbt the streets with-lnea V~t~AMI^SaX-XB iriIELxrKJ
-placed ever every tenth door; from 6 o'clock I t r
itleeS" r W hbeereBy Biven tba th e tohowint- Mic aelT O ,4e W ma d0 s b 1 7 \ lv 3ca'iVm .r a1 by a
.--- -. = --..--- .S t -'-"-h "e" "- d yo 'i" bem n--c of "is I eau Api. i-d hepsc er-e-trwr t aeu g wl t O -, '' r s. I- ~ '~ Ar T nu" "t' v L i eo 4-
-^.n to fmaie inal 7n2
to~~ ~~iM.Mrxe Cto an educe Itbua a x boxes, 00a~iatiinSUOe V 1SW ". Bruncan i
kigaslmswt i ,s-a fte 0" LLARD' & WALW -.. Ug9005,Sleo toiz re.aii-k

Ori tN3 t s -of o th r nge -- -l .V c7to bw-aad CAprah d 11e bb o-_er
-0001 1=nal e il-- I - tle 1o _i .h ._ s we-ar- t l -k an11 st ex llo I -ofF his ... -.. ?e |
thesveut niho "Af nachment.m
arrin theeb iiotile otfa Qurit ofne itn
--. gmt- -. -- -x %-- .... : -, .. .
to:__ -.I IrrW l- f '* M r. -i ei to uce _d_ -o. A ii... .I

^ ". .-^ -.:, ;.^ -. < irI^ ^ ..^ ^ 1* i I I - p a p O f Ix ^au og ye-ar1 It I --n" S .. at b M -B- t U-wa- |* te p e i'i- -tit ".( t __ _

.. -.. ..g_ __ _.. . .. .A..... or.. i - t *
jrtw atliv4 Lolr ari -Hthe' bunesftts f h

1PfW0.o :I he thew-_ kti,_ ..iifN r .kt-vi_,nrets-rute -Ia Jt t- i ts __i--i-r'---i,---l l i" : i . .......... -r--S t i-"- .t r lat _. "B ay uetA- IW rt a
tT AL;- -atT C BA" FI TL of aiw _im"e .U 1-m j- .16 n --ft a . e . .

lti t.il- si lin in M qti~ a tlrs ftlihs iet-I siirtuaA4.
9'atgid~ beb -a VI Pfrtesriw -' fgnig'te ren try OS.SW e olofh s
v if .HWI IuiMa N.. -oiuow^u.^ it 4 : tb. A & t IN&L *-t aisv wbz

.Li --.l, _- _ant_.l.+_, oi,. _~ te wu a in ,,,-uekbV . -a~i,,-' A P Z . ....... ........ .. ,. ..

16uS5W i i in ter.- Sea m. t .11.111 of 1 T- - _r_ - ~ l---
...- -- .. .. - -n t a Ut "a idao- - .. .... e u to furn s.h .a -.. be o hnisd oo*

Si i: ~ jwr pr fa general -m w L ^T fifth o S f flf ftf 3^^tTI ^S S hestt
-,- ... .. oA l iwt eat. h w. leat~ -- ~ li fe t I co ... - tit 1 le A. Ii .t
hism Cotnuu residtent*ms pplais n~ -~~ ape tavd '1a- ofs Fjiwow;umuum
_it:!_ I_ ______ ._____-_. ...... -, ----' - oi. . ..- ,o i d_ ...
.- -- v u:i -. - i .K.* a-. ,-i-- .-i _. ag .. V -
ar~c -IA t moounI and.-~e' thbekm thir afte it -ede h o-t ;roog
t.. .. . ..B i -- - -------sx ta -- .t ,a I. -%-.a-- R. ... tw.o _- -t r
3, IL tbe1-e tall;n i .4 s
4fal6: .to ... _a.-_ a: a -- -- ..- _-- _d a -r .l. he. f au. J yo i .. f A A

-fm- .t 'o -- - .--_^ .IU Ii ol P Sie. -.I -- > -t SI@ ri-t I at A |r- t-..t@ i ,
--7. ^ '-: ;;^--^: :.-I i i:-- I -- ':- ." *'ii "-*: *I i,.. ._ I _,l ,,-___ ^ :-* i:. *, ***--. fxi a. toS' p r h i i '- .tw r d-- deC @ -. .- .' ri^ ^ 3,.iu t^ _*-^* -* e I.-

iili _!!;._~i - .I o-_ _i _ 4'UI0.* h win.. 1 .d'm lO o f ina ,. ...w-e a o sIt e -- --_mt- --a-- .. . .._ P i -_lah.- A i. t. ..._.. i~~ ~r ,t .i
O WLI lt -t lather -ewm =kP beu& b4te ar # t at
''emu!- ou

AiSba' -Clwhaw kotat,5ke -hopawu poor- I ^ ^
-_ i ^ ^ j liriiiB = 0: =^ _^ : ^i ., p .*- ."" _f _- w v. w f -s A. -s a ,1 MB -e _a ^- .... "w^r li w 'i "- _?w .
14- t sixi suNal s sa & a a* at tr asrtui H1t a
"-.-" = ... "-= "'^ -; -- =wbn~ v w .. .. ....tw. 'nta w i _-" "- -XL __ -----_'L _ ." -| -..- .. -* -*'tl r*;lt j- _*_ _. "^i K ^ te A ec <. T ^

.- .. .-' -M .t. . h "," .. .. " - 's - b e- -o i-w- ". w "j A -'4 |
~~mq~Uf~il5Cl~ttUI!IUUE' 7W pIM-'L 4~ Wtrk ine the~m fo7-"09si. hattakan willuea a teakil
-. --l ._ -MV-it q ---T_ - -. u j ti.V[ .oi .- -and .- . .. .

tt i;:~TMfi"i^ i "*^^^^^ II I -- -- ^ i- ..... t I, i -*Mfa iat^-s I i a l 1"Itl ... I~ I^*< I i"^ ,pt I ^ tI fe Ip S I = I "i
I~~~~I 1W- suc a st-lsociie ath om tth .
"L aNA 4111Ir .1 nat -Inis- e-...."- "I~ tII . : -- " "I Pa AV "eb .m-j ". I I "_}- r -

iis ft& A asM 4034. 9'it'tk of iN, i o

.-.: .M .U. k* 2T_-- -AI...lith5- :.- I - .-: . . -. t -u. "~s a je .-' ._. .,--e.-I_-.-a- P-". 1 = d.._ n _- I
tie ta ak act--. tot- -o~ vMi-N 1bi a-p-mbw-a Ce~y. At 't 1'Fb W
. .. . ... . a -- . .. -... .. I- - At- F r n A d F is a Ja n- ata & In - t o


. d ... ... k the changes' is --& i.if LA S- -s
oill. =.- *Rat ,T U Tli. at Voom --. ... --. ..u",-- ,

-7 rim ta abxnz btg^ ^^ ~ 's ^c^ ^ ^ ^ ^;
<_ ~ ~ ~ ~ -i 41ow AMM i.:_, Ew s c -R . -T tvs-'r -i I, I be -a ftv .= -.- ..
.!_ .: :-_ .. .. i .. : -- -,. -. - .. . - ._ -- ,-Of. ..
=--z- -:" . . q Xbe- 114W. --Ike.da . .- _- -or b1Witt
-..-_ :-_~~4 _U irv 4"'W 2... ;:- - --" & f _- - :-W:- _- ._.: -
':ti~t it t- IH" .. i ..._ ---- -l ti I __ I I ...- - - t >!_ !-Ia Orr. a-m-.. .iW 'i iv I---w 1 m-1 . At "k-- _' ":" ,
- ., m. ...... .: : ... .. ,-- A C n om._ .-. .. ._ . -. ._. _,- . _. .. ,, .. .
.--: M ii I --- A~m =r .. 22__, --: ... =t a-= .. x a_. .x.,_ :v,: !4.r
-. : --- i .' { ... _. ... .--._ -... . .. :. .- .,- .. -: -b = : -. .. j .. .r---.. ... .... N -

" ".--"-\% al-areh'Sf^ I^ :-! .. ::--
- lI~ALRi- :i -- -

totkc !s iib'rvb? gmthfasi the IojuaBrIg-.
lafra', -Id e t r itto cc- a ----
.in to l smke ins! ft In yse-dt T 1I
I am and i t saM pgw!t A-i ae be-- .-.-
-ire Riceiste-r anti Ie.-eive. at i 'sa., o. MAY l- .b, -t." vix: -" -". -
o,.En oY IB t. 'L -" .
irnewstead -So. WI& tor th SK 2& feeU.Ef T, -
I$. L 1 -. t "- -1. -
IHe nsul-s' the A vowiin vWtesues Wiftoee
i's continuous reside~itupo *m si ^tene
ofi. -,-a-n a-vi: -
. J. Cnnon-. A- &1 T- b s. n .*.a jamer-
on, B. C- Th3ia.s. ilt of Y ar Ei. "
V-LE-XABF7DR LYNAiM1. Rcai ff.
'drtw-w .fee paid. imrirlw i- .
nCIr.it Couart, Fit" J4*eia ICirUit o -
flord-Alacbua csont.
aoislievil*l l
vs. ^ Bill to Remaove (d-o
S. Elsworth- V frmwTilife.
notice to appear plead a or nwro demwr.
TPinFSTATN OFF- I Xi*t TA- - -
_io E.. E-saEo "_., _irecnng
Il hAy u:becn sit~iwnty aflttavit tftheU
ef"enJAt, E. EelLwor- is a- ...-r.m-- -
f the state ofJ tFhuida wae~tbstbe residcm i
f said detfemant is at IJw-a Fa~t-I tshe
-ate of Itwaar d -thasAid deti-dant i"over
,e age of-twenty-one _ears. -
It ir. tberefo-re- m I-eolesrier -a ad-
idged that the said -defodaat, E. & .& 'E-
ro -b, do appear, ptead. answer or demer to .
tie coMplaiun&Dtl bill Of a la hjif
a or before tae~ti1 dss of Aprl :. 4.B. Wi.r
defeat whereof a decree pro coe- wii
i Ube en ered agai m ah sid S tM--
tis fsrther ordered "Waitthisnot"ee be-
shed iA the (iaitejswiie r Y -. i -e
iihbished atGainesville. in AiackUa couat,
'rhiola. once each week -Lt _,mP c .sk- -

[vewefes. p_. to L ..' I" _, -
inwi*hesswereof. I hve bhereunto
iy hand anaM-ixcd the -eal-of omr CfieU
A-urt, OU this!, the Sth day of Febrary. A.
R t1L1 t-t,'i. 'IrnI l.m

J. A-et:.: LSLE. -
lerk i ireaitort. o t
yd. -. -Cart, ..pr
-tl .rsm ara -t- -
Tid e r and by 'virttwt- f a dwere of Of -.e-
_ "" -re ofoIrtUexre l-=ae mdt .retaSe"A I
he Ia by H .-
-rzib e J _J. Fialy. -Jde' of the ..c-
*'.uai. YStf Judicial Circui: oVf Feoda. i -wad
i4r~ .a~ha~a I a C'e-rtoin ealm$ P-re wnh o t,-l-
khalleery 54lewe Ofsaid court, wBrh'-rrim J40Hn C- 7
iowlamid es corplaivaut,. ?nd Nthalunt F.-
Iaccksoa,. defendant. L 4 p- tpeial Ma*rr,,
n ichaicrv. will seli before th -our I. _hm --
tor in (5iainsv20e. Aiachna cou~ty. Fleet-
is- atpub ieoaicry to the Jighet2 xAd be-at
i -leri tberekor.-oin )vlay. the B 2ay -.
Lprti. A- P.. 1*^1. betw,-t-nxi e lee-I bours -of
aleb Oingtl sale day.* ;l the followlng
pIlewes-, barrels or ttalS yiir and being iU $tw e lbe state ofFloridwa. *P desia!bed as-loitowi,
o-wit: Thesoithee^t yprftkenot-
W-4 quarter for -eet'i i ^b ecu, ti tow- -
-iii e~gb'.soaUthof rsngE~teast, ex^on
.id ont? lit acres. s<4 to Albert S't-
*e nortbwesticorer-of iad trtat and can-
aPlllng about Wi. stirs.ofmib woe or -ei.
UJ-so the wrst haft of we rsirthfa*At 4%rtU r
i ithe f sauibet qoariir 44 seca XIU ta .
oa-sfap suthofrange'l psst. exiftp i~x
wrK-on thePOWUthc"td of sa- tract, kits. Batrlksoo and eoat-aining: genai es -
wrv* ofliand, more l- Togthrir with -
Ril and iaglar, the teements, -bIla-
aet: and. apportevmntee to tb -same to-
Odint, ffor In anywise pp"rtrafin. StM
Prope_ ty to be _NIM W- the prof MV e4 sWA
letendant to satisfy -a d kvtlTe. f hee- and
v*oAis IerosewA C &P.,H AMPMAN.
As special Mastder ft Chancfry.
thwsimartaraw : -ET -
Lu Circit Fionlda-AIachua CaanIJ.
Charges Yoaugieve. I -- '-
P-ity of 0isneivie,I *
Fla-ida, under the ^ DII fat Pore
7.. C, Oitst? Not-icto apiNar.plea^anserOr deMur.
Itbi a~lronhe~rt I^yfc&avlttb lbs
~Sdffeant,~ S. b^Crotte. tna jfat f
. (.fil~w Jtersy. sad that M ieds~ii

ludged that tacsAJid 4trndat, 3. $.t'lrbisti
daappesr~rplemlaof ri^^i^^mr~iw^tibetmsa orb- -
?.w~i**6AdTof~int, HI I2t. in he-

ftut b ndagaA fsti 14. Ju-J.I.IWCr.ist ..
hI I futherrw4rdT .l tht thtb nw u e-.
poblished in tt e -O. i n.._ e tt t efa1 -
papecrpubiialMe-dat 4*a Aoutyfda. MCf eck -wek tar o-w
c ..ecutie weeks.-- -. . . .
In wites wherf I have hgeumto -et
ray hand
-EAL -. Clerk Vaelte_.
[A truee!'WY>
Ca~rk Canrtltpa -
K. C. TV oar eeA .oaJ'Ost pr."t -
fnimart dttw_ 'I .dtw

wOT *Q C . ia-I -iS-nvCIY.i
STATE ) V'LowwiiA. ttC'eeinyJu~~sa,<",
ArMaclau s~ty. Alsehas'0.-ina.
or of tm. ewst* -ofS C. fitew. ate -O r -*-*
rwmuty.d eretft i- lbl si 443 -A'l- n r.

Tr thi l-atie l. if~ ite bB4^ -_ip
uMem awrittn tu us -v
ufsa~tdsarte: tbcea~r art- tijerelerai to aot*t?

Dr twd .*"al to -c- bpoo It ow

witb i~li -41 abo __
dl parwuns Wvtaai 5fittj Said
ltate to fise the^ sam with thei'w~*rt~yjo^l
FltbiD flths rCmi i =_Aim ariIe-
.f iMat u-tiee, w v "wMd e-ial ofa*" 6.
tuty antirUbCOU4-tiff -TWOr tnta4t0rSilm-
t, ioat mwh"_into aettlewiua wi toel hi
^ifm1~ttats- an theaiu*laihi~tor tsbcau^-

.d ro.--- f -ti.eTd te Wi ti. ay
-a .- as C .at, J'Ig. and -.edf-- t_
-epei. ^ik.- ._ GA R7 ;. .
. sel r- .... .13 m. .

N,4ii. s hiu~ 5t~cI*; Vp,4 r aw*"
?vie:;, a-, thewi*rcm fotio *d lawse fs%.
,ate* w Frid*. welAPbe ltvtatl- d Wig
ply to tW ijj lar' 1.- iEct 7l
ta inApri ewat t au~tit-c ow abolis?*-^l.
w Z-* 1 %hawt
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