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Remember the Date.-
Monday. July 25,
lasting Seven Days.


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WSt .1mAk.. tw 'htutieOfialolp honor to 4dmtirl at th1 e World'p Fair ill Chicao forth twiiipmatld eVry t.i, mi.uiteu in ti. BUGGIL) ANU WAGONS.
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IB KM J' ..... The Inventor of the Great Catarrh Re m dy ru
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Cn Will b nTd n nr oafes I ha tr h h pluMorh lf T e, Inventor of the G ea Cati Wr **A my
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f rnrieod, Rev. _. .. W oeb atr of hhi ,. .oo u na .!o Inded a wonderrhl lsoae, -||eri teal l .o -I-M' .... ap l
v;ity oiarWtill. On lltrirs r t tiai aR NaWi PROM MEcLROSE. tht r >41h4 Lnd qols I kanw h Syt." M. T c will std Ira l man.e w.l othinr ta tr." . f,. Wf &- 4th ti. i. ., wu pljty, D.O.m .ying W a .

Nrti ltO atnwy wa n madd f Mewtint of School Ob ieneted-Change t ,s,.while %Ieit'Tmldrrosa sta tari Vid W V aII :,4 l. to te

honor o he bri. of Mait Schedla-~0the r Note. ,eneral Bef--eM, i the tieK-leg Ar Wri t > You Pario he ben used i. p do not e-- , ad t.l-
with of r. neaw firm ardi d mIting o hi ngs at Melros t n July gslidfamy anhd havs uamatonict a vd a uble tarrtbtrhok thihektbnetci r P o-N o r. lto m i i
k pasd frio* olf hwil enracin parti t 0t, t1atwsl n i tdln l p uarantinmre nt wh a s peaym the *ra bae flw.I a # nsenveojhaiy full naitfo I" y earngd the land cosr titllo1 o the 1i ugetIt f lr. Late in rheratt-ring i Ilt a eatarr h ** rhtrdy. af it W$ sy r a nda a ti .m eW by4u..UN r"sIpr y 0,"I

i ir s n hl t a r, 'r arrii .r. i , a m t., N. I.o. yalline S, he't r Wr. nl*.Sma S. Wllql m *t
Ney 4letou rttr, _or tht prphoe owu
stun wer lhll1a. eoittsiaie.vatler b tS t. y, mi n a' mk u rrll hopingl th wey sfl0ct,4)atuaavaned. l*arus, |s osss".se.guub o ,
lra hl. 3tcr oirF ( ickt s irt-tit OUIi ftd t ;rinr d n to have man y m mi. ~ m, ow e_. of ld. t a -rh0,ma&d..Sea l d. 'bl .. ,
m orie 11ttlove dlly tIr otv1Qr. Vin tlt &a iij rm|h eW. i.S ago mol. W. 4 Jmjk imM sfl.0'.
M WEDDING AT WINDSOR. nhre hapyy tlfthe mWrites: Iot ommend leruya IQ-"ug i Wn I i ns snII. 1
Two P l u P'lfUntedh .inrhlp t i.. .t . t hw who N troubled. with. cols sr It .Lammor -D
Iftirio, ded williu time uhium d comue, theyhim al ecll l. allt, X.W.WWhtntlon,flDC. .C. .yW7 P ----oo MI.O WS.US V.IIWI .q"U
Therewas"a'hat,1 Y wddig*atinsrweC r"Slow" lhturaks 'e, a"a"YWrItN ayS
116deor Wedr eoday, nightlnv iao/17 at .al ;,au r 0f i10 S, n hlmalls lnNo.s. 1_,ep ~1. ,tItl w 1 IS,9wo ,hqigs+L ,, ,iomf
.itdo Mrt ahiarpas.lKdI.pinrinltsromei .no mor. .I.trulyhope 'Many of my fried... havus" . -build up their syakm n." LPLemma$inm--4" ewindy,
arid- Mr twatMa "e' 0. IEdrylwe'ir :lthatFalher Stero ll veil tol ml" iet i a.runss a da4yspopui remedy wt iM- 1th I .nSt.* Wmhoasgi no 0. 0. sass J- m h a. m' I

o. -riccde, Her 1. I .r Webster of ship "Perunaltsr indeemd wonderful sokc _a n. Im onT im .ng soia taS M t:...Vup' o"::'
oily ofiinatrie. (o nthisn uc.astuuF 1 TNEWS PROM MIELROSE4-an. d .or --su-gh and ... ol. -. Iknow of syultem.""-Oen. l ugume a.t tmo.'.a
V.Trach a awd tw*it meanwhile ttothng biter."-7. W.fe001.Womb-s h .4t., V. W,, W s himgmDO.C.
Nit* Leoncra Conway was m-.aid.aliMeetingof.fSchool Offi!ers-Chanlge I,,tInn'D. ".C.e.,ww
honor to thebridetnI of Mail schedute-Othevr Notes. Oueral OWtf. S of time U Arm .o nWn it Yu4 rum h ify do t x|.$r mp s ,...,,:be.,"at

rising younfli'i thvig 4n*"Cssfuliy trstof the M)tlre rhoo). A. iA ( t
eownduet- a hrry "busint, b, rt hr tur l...,i .o h, I,. h,'ld N0y fPIFER WILL MOVE. i ....'...
thepast ttyan-. 1 Ke lley "ies I trui.r in -tead by the (H) .. .. .. se W I I B I
btau the loopulMr matrou of th*b ,a. b rid thf .he New York Racket Will Soon Oc* IAlA1VILLL 31
t;onal (kdd Fellows' sanitarium for ,fr mnintRisanc* and repairs can t cupy Elegant New Store. -' 'A
some time. and is loved ard a'tmir- ad 11 o1 no)w p,. wvd to ht. th. TI n r-pati -w ling1h.e whi-eh Pre ValP r 1 lr
1by all who boy her. It woo a match trustees transfer the property to the b'eit :r*re,.trd at the corn',r of Eaist' .
well made, and it ts needlem sIo add siI..:.i board of CaY Cn.tilj. Min anmii F sion i wre y Phi- ANEV ILL
that It will be. a happy union. r. W. N. If o T an and wo du h ftr r. ti o tf I Nw York I acke t i Wrrie 4t ptr. C6a a 1S bnetl
After a brief bridal trip to ha'. ,er of Kansas City, 31M o are fsiting
bre w. Mr and Mr.. Edwa.rd wi.ll u -1 : d o mpletion, and thre firm ---
aesl. to to 1. i f opih lifrk to inorv IIo .
tak. up their president h,.re, where Itarn 1 mt has secured avr twyheI hrtii d y.v MEETING EXM-'"NIN .OARD
they wiUl li at hI,. to ti|r f'rien.... utt. W.lii 40 1t, thirty day.. ME ETING EXAMINING BOA RD
theyi l 14 atr * hnnim*0 hpiur friend n a flrntvd iii !Ui r, a d rue ai i s t! iMaeit.

MR. WYNN IS MANAGER. .4 wlSh himt hOP
verysone is rejoicing at Ow sha.nge
GainesvIlle( Planing and Coffin Corn-! f rn i r*.joweig at hhe. change
pany'Selecisa Fine Young Man. Wof :tail scnhtdult' 1. really toep .*
'lin UaLtiVI Ia t ,e t. e nt to iih. I'owtolfl Ipart.-
The t|.rle lnt ad (ll m, the, tin me' vf leaving W.ald)o has
Company hasi selected ftir manager 4 toen put back to the old time, i
succeed Mauags.r I . Hiles, fnrie "after arrival of tains from Jackain
young nan ir the person of t. i, or ul later than 2f p. in."
Wyn,. who has already assumed This will ire a delivery at &
t i r o this etettE 'nlv, hupiness. i at Mle latest
SWhile 5Mr. Wnt .s a young marn, heI frie .d Mrs i C. w, ill
Sa man of reit rctsI ad bm- fgr to lern o* is iti ill with
s14 experience, and as destined to d.o regrt rn tllrI with
well in the management of the affair. ,i..__ ...... .
of the company an tosh a comm,.rctal A GContinual Strain. I
and praetiCa1 wiay 11ip is lilig at. an wme re
eli.esAt iatisfactim soe far, and the in.
startily subjected to, ihat ixt y coa.-
diestinn a#re that he will "pi'rse up"'" MInly term "a. Contnlat hUal Iriu". l.t"
in desirable shape. e h a you cmaly term "' eti t ara air he.
in desiblo#hp... m financial or family
man. full of ambition and energy. and of It w aneiag .r ii..
will o doubt .prov hightly sa siettury lltoble. It wears alid distre.sco them
to the management, bimt mentally aild physically. afflcct
S-- -. --. ;ing their nerves badly atid bringing ott
The Dill Bulding. l iver and kidney ailment., with the
The new Dell building, whih i I e. ftttiddantt evils of constipation. loss of
e.g erected on the Imurned int 01 Eaet aplpetite, sleepseaneua. low vitality
Main streCt fornuerly ierI|.i led t'y An. at"tnd 4 r91m)rldrley, they catinot, 8a a
.. ta iit (Chrisor ,nmi 4r i. to rapidly" i e, 't ri! ,of i its "c tintflar)sifaO,OR
,, **stmiiR pripot Pi:14, a5n' inl fe 'w t tlhey clali remedy iti hesls] islditroy*-
, eeks wtil b-r i-nt.hl ,'tI ready for It *flee by king ft u4t'l doies of
:. qeupaniy., r'tftir.' lower. It times up
' Whi e it is t.' rt* S trt that hi.' the liver. *tinieilate the kAinLay., in*
,'. ,, t Ut I r, y j will trr.e falthy tw 'y funtitons gives
build oig wil wlei t n1 one stiry. it will tl ns wh le being,
tr ther qhel. ' a d rn l'ial'de p, .ai e i rtually dmi .',. the phyi;ina l or

,, "R.I

Wi bet ISM. blt Md% bt Wi0,0 f
Iare s-en... t... ....... l et to IA '
- .- .- ...y. -.-. i
I I I II SIA.. hfl m y l . .ii I Ii "" I

lThi building iii. ofr the finest and -- Joe RobioDon, o!e of ile e ;
momt sntlrn ina thin se,.ton of Flor- Unied States Soard of Pension EIx. drivers in ,the, e p of thes. .,eN.
ida. It affOrds th firm alut on amines Come Together le CoMipany. is a ster toss., but be
i hundred and sixty f'e. mori space' Thiv rvrglar .emi-mnmthlv mnetr aw ea snakes all ish' amae Wedinaf '
than tih building in wliEch they h on' *f the Unitedtl ame-s .uflsnis.g berdrnl mnihrilng ThesreW the Iti* tI '
ie len local-d fr lths ui t livet years. of ptenis.'on., whe h miens in tlhi city tite, hAlwevftr i iM deasa ""i
but thke tasremstain luMiI", d-,itn.deId t ihe firt ai .t third VWed(.rsd ay of Tach when Joe gs down frOoD tA wa iI ,
aior+spase., a nd siLce' this 'wAM hi 'm.nli fhr hir tih sur' of eMni'"ni'tfa with a big stotk and tbeoman "i '. 1
eae it became n e'esary for. tor th-.n oSi aid f ti nventing a'.frit*aI fToil their airragnmesale" Whil .e.m e
purchase e rotprty and si tgrat ex. tnilu MS'ts rhayT'. u-V.ii..d at M echiai( strAt. betLween W.t Mal ,
pti er,'et 'a tluilding for lheir inrl. ihN e fIte.of Or. W % Ii; .It. %y,, orterl Eut Mein, Joe posited' .:,":
vdal n. .bl,. Wedneday afternoon t. in and kinhl snaken gage4 I mte"tM
In vi*tw of their ,rnemvrail hiier T-'h-r. ,- ma fuo l t)ian) prresenr. reiii* t.etered a stout rod and disMhd :I A
Shri, are (,ffrrinu oltit. of the btet pri.ig i.Pr.. W, H l*.1le'y of t*e' ,Ie>) them Iatoh in a few *00imds' after '
brgamnf o ver prc't'iitiltd to thie plti'l. J.I t0 atf Mtitg*a is41h1* which derelted teum In a w ,.'s
anywhere on eairtlh. .\ Alace at their Joln C Wil of *i t irkp. Aft. r th1 h1barrel anId went li- way v1otortth0 i 4
advertis.menr Am. t it$ i sui' < 'lb rg, far nro'ituo uf lbuiness. of which rT'jjiclng. The mtnuen ta ep'n t
Sth wilt dem-aoisstrate lihast they mean Ithre wa* tniooti 'itf ttie'ial iftterfot, fii, ten inches. Wi. nInhiwhile bla
buslinrs. and want, 0o clar the .old tthe tkinrftadiurned- to fnwet at lhe lt. somewhat seller, wasonly ,
t.,re' of all g d pe,.itle lt before at- i.'t 'r.'g'mlar iii.l. t. rst W edi day or' teal lw.i hdeh ,. ..... ,",.
temnipiafg to "get straighti in their ii ,J.l ,1- Off to Nw Verk.
feW Platet.f bu ikeso Tos lesiirg Ia
bt pu<.s' of blt., kin!l. 'rK r DEATH OF MRS. COULTER. Mr. and M". Sha. ,Smth ,A *b.11
barai, ofk whaterrr k d wi li ,J, 4hI ^II..
welt ,,e: dr, thit salee. a. ,stimabtelChritlian Lady of Rochell.e erday .,r N'ew York. Mel teO.
avn4 1 of f tI tiray.(t tto ee.naty* Patead Away Tuesday Night. tImith and family i* llismelt Is thas
i t t ll al Mr. I S. Coullter o f Jtoehel., one city, but1.C Smith ipet. o .
linet-al t ei or. haly h article the t1,' known' ,ea, ,i, paptlr turu to (ain.arille Ir a few wee,
you fnuy ca11 foraust i do not lKt, ladies f that 4N11,1 pa sed awayat afterr selecting him Jewltp, Jiek p-Ny
w h th er ,t is .ve rt lo 00.'r n-tev. +ot. _.... '. lvr on he rtel T.uayt evening, in the or-u -tc., for the eomin lo e .a .
'W? have. ,eTh a variety of god ty.s,-th y.r rio her ag'. I Cla. sHmith' is the taellag rep
and so -tiany thi"ig. to ffr that we t)rcaA hi t , i, i ,,, In- for sentat.ive u11 e *xtesIle Wholals
eanuot advertie tihein tal. f(r It would tvai yerB .ht we n tioble, Chrti- sloe' houIs lIsu Ni York who ejoy a
reaa; r. all tata Tla I ti'in ." a,, woma,,n,a il'vit .Me fhl.dis aud largo tfde, ia Cuba. Hi family wIN
re'mark 1.- ^- 11 .. ^1 *.. .^. ^,.lat^ -it. an i ^ 1%. Il Vi I *t o In th I* -. *,i' W k ho _. . .


lSwsat hw eti '.

1M.a ess^ok' sat i
^meit7or. t.he

*Sbe ertwlbe,

,- I I ',, ,")'. U S, S. if

m d'ue semi,


"- ug ebw
nis iipat*.
# the ffamtot
i a. t at the i w

ei i ,st. .. ei s
I bull tMeE i., the tt It
/. h*gi ha VtitiBer tO *i

te Wltl uni t e an. Will

II t olwneems a .

*Ii C' .la .S. is.e

W .*. at. n.,n .d:

*stsni., orswathW U be md
,I _______ i _. ftlro1 ,,,_,
!'illagn; .mear nth Vr


Ij y Light Ctuards of CdlumbsasGa.
th-W^BatM1- e* *Mauer ud. .Na
0. n. or.. :n i ....r a

Tth' ,pfft ieU ft :a. r liwr *ie
r "sm idl Nl ,*t(I tlk and th o dm
1 o will t n r s l

,bhatrl; al-nipany I'. S vieni N ir Q i : the, nv'(tiii ty o artlI alilnd
4t;aC. flit-impauy. itf. S'.ci r, ';

,:i ,ew York. nlitimal l gairl fir
^A .e l. t,,t, a tl p1"-lumetat.
I. ,., I Mbqls+ brigdie. o Afle, h.ny
,'S." ifl4 , w UI the above ESniCd, ur
c'. smbakplot. i the rematta
:;.! .il l $bwll iu sw

Noi. "Kto P*.
;,',,:M ad e MNew Welfl Rfletd.
.J WTork. July l5-John lanagan,,
t, tin Omeen t t.r Tork Iridh A:P,
S,;5 si : i tlow. the, Ameraos ChaoL.
"n ia. tkemwmef tht IHtHiand w.t.kt


P. w i

a b -." ,.-.. .

,1 3' '* '" ..*".''! .'

.t*69 1W hslrt Cqiml

lbyo t, embtul? Aed
flhhigP, No soe i
,i Vby dole's you wa
A*yr' Hlir. Vior nod


Ii. for H

in Hair


PrSident'Reoovelt at Work on Letter
of Acceptansi.

Oyuter lay. L, I., Jt Iy I. --I ('C.
Knox. of Pviansylvania lorerl .r tu r.
li7 iunerl arnd ony of (ie cltsnrsi
Irields and advisers of r IrhdeTtil
RUtenvelt;: was an arl t ulitor a'l :St
mor@e 1lll today.;
Mr. Ko's vtisi was male in Invit.
lion of the prhideltui. who deliretd 1,
eoiullt with him r!egardlng. somWe iu
por.rnt alters rel M itng I o the cami
pigtl amd the govermireqltal affair.
*The prnlide t rn, 'isider with hi.i
iOls phisb4 of the speeh which hi.
I* to dlitlver oup he instant. i n
f l.ff1 to hlms noditcathle of Ihe C1ii
WSin naUstkon aind of his letter of
ptceptnae to their oilnalmin which.
will be ialtedi somI time In August.
This wLs the prfih alat's on-ly oppor-
taNlty to lake lp this uujoert with %Mr
Ma.., as the letter will sall for iRu.
rMe Melt Saturday on the. ArMel-iiap
Ite#r tl. l ui., and. will 'Ie tab-n
about Are or six weekA.
[ t. tKa will take 4t. active part In'
the empalgn, and will elitver at lWa I
two tiportaat wm*chcRs. One of the e
ill be delivered I lhis own state at a
tite sad place w. t yet detrrmlnled
FIAr the nther ho will place himse
at the dltpnsal of the Rrepbilcaun sa-
tiobI commltte. It Is likely hoe w"i
driver otraer.speeahes, bust the two n r
fIned to will be made at the exprp !
-tei of the
The pteuldwpt Is working daily Oir
bot his l otlfetles ap*week and- hl,
tIter of cetpul4me. Se0vral Impor.
tet nbjeeta ilt be dsloussm4 at
Imlth. Is tthe letter whlch will ot Ihe
flitld to his spi0,,hil .l1 will
UllVer 0s politIcal spieches luring
so ampatg, icontentink himself with
S slatleontatof bi wMaillon and of ithi
neIlta athleved It hli aiminlMlntrailul|
e the Ilettr of acceptance.


lestrtall strm Created UmaineI
a Jue* Patter's Hoe.
6opu1, N. V., July l3.-After a
light of ta0ivy lectrl'alt *torms andd
nill, Esopijsi awoke tlmay to preet
the Armt rFlny day of sil weeks.
Tbe stinm broke about aldtalgtt and
tMbid Its bhlat is 1 o'clock. LAght,
tagl ashbes followed each oth4r at in
tevals of a few ieconda and thiadci
was almost cotintamou. In the vii
leg fera was expressed tbh* ItghtainRg
eight trtike the bullidltu at RON
McIL but ti rfor ws* nolt4 S rllIa
JSieg Parker ars -eatrly. John W
Kera, of lndlaospollm. who bhe bee
his guest l.t"w Batur4ay, left the
I Ju4a'm hois. early and ombarkeld ol
the steamer Mary Phiwell from King
Atok on which he travrl.s to New
York etty
OR account of the cmlerreancqf leafl
ers In New York today, nDo .visltnr
Wnr* expected to arrive here. Aftet
the New York confcreereo tunany pronm
1tcni .)emuocrmtus are 'wnpet.t tol cnst l
her;. tl*rmnrr sen 4i.r 'It'lri (I. ID
vwl. the 4 h'.is (Iiitteanlal otan.iftdawt, .
expected tai,:trnow.

lriup Votes for 'New Court HoumC'

LAlnuirit,. (a.. itly 19 Saturday
Wa* the .lay of tie .4lt'h,101i ftor bu1i4 with which to buiilJ lthe new court,
bou440' -IAQrsngo gavea ha g Liartli.
Cll'? ,tisl liiTiay elii lh from th..' riatly
WiPre pret.'r Latriral.-' pi ,,iI( l pi.'n
Yoet.. oIf *hlta'l. nflthi14tia' 11 iI)y 7 we-,i-
okinst %lm tsih. Whit alil of' t hi' ',tin-
ty pn'lr n rt him.n n"lal ieen nearti rnsr
101I iO fI fl fh 1Ar V 4 )U1 l i 611.. 1 / M....I-.. .



bue is Uag OirCulateid and
ROi,,l,,Rw-by Oltiun.



Physi stints More Than Aiyons 'Else
Rn*aia its Adwvintags, and Sick and
Afflicted Wail Roelisa ils Convenience
In Titie of Need.
lnlir sg, ISht agra**t ieaefiy Io,
starh aihuilasataliui, iitI propl, lI il
Ulsnsuillv art. dvlrmiu*d, ito e.tlt.-
lish and u shiuaIn a chariliy huapiial,
and limia l>twha working fur srveral
OwItb so thait end.
is will )lot rq.aa ipAlit.od !lthis il. ,aid
1k. m46i0li RAl lI)r.. J lilrrlii!
Hdie*s and J. c'Kiit ry. Jr rr.i,.
?rnUiglilg lIhw ;1dlilll f*iralriij il
GaltiVelile, appeared he.for i t'iC (it;
Counile l t Sa liisa arnil time iAmligig
and rlplaihnl tbhe abmolutl sirrlasoily
of eity hospital. Thel C enulicil thotaiihl
Weil of lhe tiiatter at the inse. aiid
promind she veIu Irr all the a* iace
Tih lihopiial qulietioni huwvr.
seemed u lihiave died away duriu tilir
pait i w. wietk., when it W*as a(ln r,1-
Vnlv y tlI he physicians uf ltie CitLV.
wh1i realize 12tiil Iappre-ilRit- iit tadvRt..
IRtfli L itoLtr publicly uore tha1i n4oiiytlv
.hse. lr: Jame@s l. h*ll11 .4* tellrn en
agerd foar Iti pstl Ilin or threat dayt
cIretulatising a peh01iil atnouisa tbe thu-i.
sieoe and linf*Iefilonal nil anlid cilIllei40
genarrally. iniviltngi thmll toi brouIlI
charter mfnIterimbwr Of tlhe i 'la4iimil,
with an iaititiiitn fete of only i$1 uiu
dues atI $1 per yer. A larle xnumbn r
of iSiiamu have been *etmsrid, the pub.
lie signingg lbh* petition readily.
A meeltiin will be held aud tIhe- li
mrwialioun orgtaissied at an early datiy.
IL will no doubt prove a big thing fsor
(Ulinettillr and a blessing to thi, sick
and altliiod, aund In the eiid thoiie who
signed iII petition and bteamn iniu-M.
tbre will feel happy that they lmaivl- *-i
eouraged aod helped to **tliablislh i
good thing.

I ,

1' w 1 ll.. ii.6t1 1"- %aL.'.
The Gainesville ,, ,
aIlt L tilt'f 0 i0ik"' a- 'aIP t 'it.I.,It, ,) 3ip,
11 % I" l* I ). l t? II A
In jiiviuA lr m ( H A1 *3. 1 w 'i" e"''i. /'/,I +'A i ti : '0wt',al 'tw c
SUndertaking Col iti ii'la a llila .awlali. t,,iSi lW.ia, il
c airielt) ,Ao d Ieb N e 1U.111' 0 SI Ar" i a*
of-l -%iUKIiust 1. itni; lftvL !.. o' f o1 l ThI1
r'o'iul t if t li.. i'tt ll t I r I a.ieihli, h.-c
Corry Com|dete Line of hu" k lt 1 eC t M. U Ibm U21'1'U b 06 11lrla Ipo t'LA't
N # c-. fair ttit' lr*htLki. i, the t ilta'l ? 4'44 .
Sdn 1o in TiInl IhNfti"i t It t K lr I N
SCaskets anll(il Co0i j : .IIrid )n h( i ba tat
-. ljli u lear eli t 'a4l4w lii. l tiir| hii-r.. Jinsi m1 l t;-tiAi4li.4i'
a- a .s .. : ,' l-,,,, ., n,, h.,e.wr, a,,o ,a ,,
ilust to aest Prices to Salt. i : h *etlhlr., lI4
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w nKX P tT I' ihp u rl.DI iETOR%. I T tbW n'l i t"' 1 i; A.'i0 0*i t N IN "l' 'A iI.
EXF MT l KAI l TOK-. 'j L. lir,r f 'a 'LlrL;- Fit. J, it.
.--t'-" "Kli"a rt-* if I\'ti,.hcr, I-".J .
Mi 'Ainm nt Ml .ill 4;t4sIifi", l i (1., itii4 Ui> ts'Vr t, '
radeleut metikl tlwower de4 ir it. 'nit 111a1wevr*'. %t | a o 4bte*Fi< t l.arl t I ; p-Itari-ttil l > tile'
we n .ord er leN ites' ar l l4iimtI mLeil tl air thte oIknl l ti tilii la tr nitI r lll, iN I.fl Mi ts,
khitatn purtmnMo on aitr- Houstu rutoL- t It l ida) f %catetihal'ri, 16'l
elotlsim t fualeatei al aii iA feteupi t iE of hale vai'd 11. 1l4 it 111N9 IN Hegi %.Ifr
1towia ad e it lO1.ul-ata ,i -te-a.% rI. ..-.V.
BROWN HOIUijs COtHNElt U T IEtE. Neinl l1iia.'AICSno
1' K IHatdOln. tt t<.iti ni aiiI. r;1..E ..
.iist C S ,' 1* 1 ti m .. i.w en-at' th at il ml iitrua ihtr
WIll, I1we prlllitbri-f W Owth ,*ti ot 'tligris iof
i ,Iisa m l 1," .1 rilt'. i lltl -a i o ; t (.,Ir thir ll 1r of
Summer N ormal ttilH-i .i. l Ilhi ititf, 3%,-siof i.,l 4hi tir i;L,0i r-
igarn. N e i').w l 'awl W ;.0shingltrif t I''rrit aIrt.
*'tetem leItl i ill the I lI.ti a I tnl It-.. It NVaI
4i4 A iae-. 4 t .l!i Jotlii It I ltl tafill ,#T i',ri-hrr
ititntlt ail W fu'l 'ite '* ait ,1 atr ( ').>t ; ,t ol .
thi inde' aled i I i ,i- ,,iP 'ie, hi-. -a At Itn lit .I iaI I
The Orange Springs Normal and *-' *b*ain" i 'e t. .a'; 11.'
$TU ll Com m ercisl Institute ,,frill ,,re ai' tl Tt 1 1 taah l aa t 1'., t ai .,til, [ia
mgrl rali I'a.' I tIa, 'l-t P .Tii' lt') ,,t ,'- .1 i. 1 n. -* 11
W ill open on Jiun( 13 fur thu Hfi, h sil r- villei, ai, 1 M,,it. i., t', ; 'ai.. .'a. a, s% i' '
re stful summer term. Eleilletil Iad- tw'r um',
gill. roi Il i *4,1- t I it'll M <' 4 jii' k'ii' 1 i 'l1'i1l!,0'4iNof
wantages. Espenist l light and fre'e uset lia* t J,,*.,waI i t 1.. -,-i-.,I- :,, I , n1l "'.,. m, A.
of the .f.noIl *tlliptm r prin t, in, ti,, I i-l. :: 't -'- I l irt,,, .J. a .lm iiirlt
It didi"s .1- l tiv 114 .. l.a'i aI t S .1.4 all'-.,'. -aitca
Principal. lsiri v, lie, or IL L. M Iegg itoit.-,' ,. L i i .t"' rg" ,.' I 'a
Ornngt' Spriing. F ji.. -their,'Liilh ,I- -.. ,r ..... 'a,- ." ,,.1 :u it
6 alii '!if i iM.a--- 4 U.i

DUINNELLON, i ''FLA. ..,. .. ,..,.,.
i .Tt. S ,i,. t,, I -,.. ., ,,,-i a a .' a. .' ,,,, N.a'4. ,a ,,.

Fine Wines. L.qUors and Beer.a",'.' ;.... a. I"........

i je " '* Trada t '

M il''. k.
Pa''a- i'l', -4.'.* ,l i .' ,- ,-I r.i 'i *+ -)
* Jug tru l. a .ijlw l.). -i,, . .a,, ..a. ... ... ,- -,, _,,,--.,
*" I i- ''.t' . 'I A '- > I k i . . i a ... I-
,i h ,,,,'ai' " l t ,, I. *l, . . . '-'.. ).. k k.. , t '...
l5tt 1 3 h l. it - - a'!,i.-a,' .l atl i -
.t ati i ar i e': lt "I i , \... I. ,ma t ,ii tI.. , 4g, .' a' -'' ,I ,
I 'iil't at. 1 -" t T' i I t 1tt i il.>at a .1 tI-, \ i a
% \ I I |li i n 'a f l ..... . a; jl t i t"[ a' ts I i i--- i'
tl.l m-lir*te i'.)fiti ' a ,ati lh t.- t ^ i \1 it ai l| .> \ V '. :i t I - '

tlalll il'l t4 ils '
4 M 1 . > l'll 4,11 1 l
4 ki Ih" 'I.i, i -1.i l!{ ": .+ .
lk'k ."tmi lit a
I'ra' Ii iiail Hintr-r%
it f lo l yal liued
New i',ilia:,tI It ta
J iin '( llt'-t -.'iRIA 'i'i4;i. l 1! i i
t'. a l .It pile r ist t'
N~ )'41% '< If'1,.0 i|i
lPI dwt l,4 1I F u l let r lt l ar i..,
'"1 ktrit ILas.- 1i...


lum ber I- l- ittit1 .'tia t lif i'-il, l-t i' ,l
00% V. J V t. '1
NNotleit a i re l ,k A itt. tih t I ii, .'ralkii "':. 'Lr
w il Ill 1 t14 ',il6 1 i tht lisai t I A ti 'Mlthi lt4i rA *1 f I all"br es a.
l iiLjil". hl. i ih Ihr4 tairte< ,1 I .i lilte i uil-
$o.3 NutTaM4l. AlMl 1f'i-tiiinltaii I le ii .'
n dth ictI 4*' uIl "' h I* dt*,t~ l-l ta .%ltakr' ,t" it,'L
it( A'r ftlr I-'' ll*4 e likiathaftr i j tam 'N 1Iit ," *l.t
tkat Ailth et I 4 1t iiOf .V90 ulALt i O1 w nhpi. ki iiu: .
Ta i.un t' .aH* i1 I '.F* lt :u' 1 ir .E t if
h4Stt ali. uf ti andi M fiw .4 a)' .?w% r 0i Ior
nLC Nte l ( lll''*w iin'hf a ' t> *t i Itc r ,h
Uh40biV;J -tf1( '. nator- p *r .s i
l e4 aihla l '., th i t 4lu r l ia .r (1i. il
uM4 iat ti res.illaid i ll bat i i ie a lia ai)
1 *r401 e itis tLm t.t.t r e Mil lrin lt -i l '- i *il. etI ,-
I lI fla s*il 4 Auij i ) eiea 'i th'kili tai4. 1 ia |i
t1mietr. Itakm
ti'lril lite 11%s lwit *..- I j. li.ll 1 ,iv.a
kl' VI U 1 l V i ,' 1 -, t' ;,hrn r :14
1( N -ks r>It6 M.
ittMllii d s', rlthtel 4M(11-. ar' r-l*'U, tll't] I~t ll'
Itla ,. lie n |,dlca ,I ...l .i, ".

Nric Ii I'mmiti.t'ATI., ,
| . W i .k L.'i 4 i (fl .I iit .'iitili'.11 f It ii I'li
Naiil't', is lhartti% j*Ualb Ih i.a|t i "',,ti. r ,,a.

t .r14 eto IheI.t. ,ii m .. l f .. ,
Jl'itr .' 1i" N lltut "!N A Y n'"i P r t.l- -.i j a a
2tDII .' tu l.t >aMl 't F&" ltL It" Cr t 1 .1i
t f'5 i~ lllu.l I, .Ili 1 tar |, i ,ill'it Sitl4 :. ." ll,,t
ot a nw t No 1 I)Nr!L 1 '4f
lu '4 i.i- i* f 1 '. y itisuli i n I'h ". a 1
S"i% 11 .**1U1 iaI1 q% f lt .1 .i1k h* i tt'* : *
lu' ltU-til l' 1 J iti fl llP f ,iJM e.- a 'l ; .ti
lt#lll*, N ai 4 fir i gl I,,r'is ,Si- ,I j*I 9I& % 4
'w B64Ir f', i't K "l l '. 'iti o No. t. I. 14 i W TLI -
tiia Nuai, i'% I_ na, li I. ,ili) a 'i>i: ,,i;
*wlif t. S lu ll lh St l 1* ,.uUA 6m'. ) l A.t ilalfa"
I t' I (1 tIr %a lq.-i ,r ot, i -tid I l.ti I i .oi ri-

I ,
a ., Ir ir aei lpta4 lt.4a m a r te iq a1
i Ilnt-ii' o, ,i, 1i. t ,1,i,.., 1 ..,b .q li '.I ,II

S ". Is aa i Ite d f..akis.c I..s 1
ur I M lii j14 L a Kit,r l- I : t't', '>,'fI. ,i

i.1 i'1 3. It tk I tI All et fair
fa .h lN iiit atl t% 4's.I Iii. i s-t,0'i 1 ., ,
r It'I 44a11 4 Ir Is aVI-t.O I'.a 0 ;1 t t-' l f C !
' this tl4l tin)-in hi tills-, h.i, .t i' ,airga %l tt el i',ft
$ri l I li t IeIs I S ,!n, f h .i1 ',-a ,it' .,,t -. ,l,

Ia I IM a ;ha. tt. s, 1.ui 'ts

It hiat.eN ui l lI trl'l i t Ir *H I .Ail. t i 1I i 1. 1 I .jr
" r l m .4i ta ,t3 i 1ir a i. ii4f l - .r a,,f .- ,.
tf Ui le ha t a tla i u Ian sIl te tJille -l i.r i a 11

%ila)t h 4 relu inril) \i\' AIN %km r i t %'I'tra v i -a'
, li Mu .* 1 : 1 1it |l l'.a llglt' aub a ll "- i :,. tic ,,

a %, 1. t''t. i it4 l ,N t'I.. .,'q' ,
hlf nAmsi tll t.I N|A .' ii 1' t'r.%,%i, rl.l ,
rr t ui v i i ; 0hATti ,l %,, i;itt .ni,- ,
lkr tttl ilitl t In lh ~ttlwil- a. ljlip+ sii. rl I'a,,*
Ni11. li c). f64 ih1 r1l6 '. ,it t',or i, i,; r 'i
msf. IP -'< I,(.ll i t, S ,* '"n i 1 "'
lie h ou,%';.'1 i- .
al^ itka. ,!V h I.. 4 Ti,,- W 11 0.1 i ,,1., , s i
llIh l thi*" '..oil l 4.(ilhp i i l iltof v iiiin i iI ir |

ltlv dl cl.i" lllr ie i L'r1111 ,i4 t 101141s. i4nFt s i . ,

W t MI;. Il SONt ;h ",',,,,.

lly thMe gallul

0I iii ENlTi i l

ga01lls 4:1 It.

tluarsugtltd 4
gaflalum $24.

11 yatr nild ly ti,,,
4 f(.1 ai rrl, *R in.A
1:%;ItEN% lrita .1il

4 )fari old, l ttl27
ri .l lt l rill7 7,)i
EX I'lli: IPlI$iPll

; 2t5' 4 fihll quart.
EXPIMENN *acn,'uai
y ears ,I lit tM.,
4 full quartet s .3 2A
EXP' lIs I'It:I
'4 1 14" I.I
y'ars old. ly tti.
4 full quarta f2,14

We. handle all the' Baltting brands of
R ji anld Ititurboi1 \r h kin i s i *O t* miar-
Lk*t lmid will hav ulli ftrlli M piMtr '***r t
tat A) per t it t** I )ymour |i.srcr iwe . S- !
fuir prite lis ait id tithi Kt'u Alit *i. I
free sipon iaIp'|liIt-atii
Ae&.:.:i FlO.111 tm
M t 4O 0|t1 II E.l.

ML.11 % I' I 4t I1 itI .1
.M n ar i' >. i oi h I tIt.i
Ai t t ll liI I.-intt. l,, i. l l i *i ll' % .@l li ,:q ; ;1 ,
f'lipI,i W If 'i ( % o t ('il' ;)it)iern li i P i . i4 "tI ; |
tr!'Ltl N 'a l 4e.iot ii Ir lw l 4 1i p tillS i~' ff tl .t J't1, e J [h e 1 ,I IrLli i
th:It tIhn Kf% I tt lvit N N i 1.' t r l, rnrn l t
ril. C TIhi t Il.oo to e rlh qtr'.l S, Z I I,,, lt tlar j1i i i, -.agIflli .i- 10 ,ii .

"t 1 s, i',', I :.a
I. I. JeH\*iN>.
,i t v IA"'1

1 % lt41 4b lin i. Ii i ', ,14 .1jnir4ln toR-Oin '..i't
tl I!+p lc |k > ,' 11 ,' I'I ,q 0' ii.4, i. \ i TI' Ln i t ,< t
4i1 U-t i'sm ti, b' t v1 i b. I qtt" <'rI v 1 liiili +v li, ,>n

I'.ie3Thu- r, ~I.P1;a ,>i'.+ a&:aiiu sti II T. \' V:IIAa, N, 1

( i l' ,s

. .. ...oneL:I Ll.ll. MP ll.
-- IIII~ ~ ~ I_-4 -]--

The Holmes Company

tllv establilAhIsd rei'(*ouralm w pIutit At
tinhi vi eV ,liL siad art* oiiw rnt' t .
supply mI naufacrturer .4 i.Hd i
r i ot rled 't t ir l. a it t,
l;..i .a rii llarrFel

The Holmes Coa,

Gainesville, Florida.





." NI N- 'II ... I

1 t e'4 I 1".%I t \ P .s i t '1 14 i N1 i f I- I
ai t 9 I 11 it* .i. :.
!,ll!: il lt i -1 r,' ' -I l a i'.' I t S a s
i h.j, tit pi ,0 ;a11irl Ii' lii' 't -a : ip11 4kI\II,
i .. i .s T




lBuilding Material,

'II it Itm ON, N' I.

Weight s, Cord, Hardiar

wRI.t *amvib.lstop se taliesgP
N - ,^ Wmot boon #a grow.
N m ad dedruff wit dit

Ia ", .. In ap ., 9 m b r
iiL su ien P3! M B---.iy *iBC- A.ll
^TiE^ SFew low.^B5

-, --!sobm d l n I, -

The Oldest Whisky

House in Georgia

.(i lar til'd N-iyearl ol, d. y t' ;
g alloih 0 ). 4 ii all liifrtls 4l, ,.i,
P.. .&:*.l't..t. I tI l

., 1 ,-


I i.1i PTi lbt-4i-''
mail. lll -17 '

4lst irkhitt.*-el
laii ,. I $.;2 J"


r YI~UJr rl_ I ___l_r _~__ _~

iwr7~yI7y;~:Y.;!i;; Y;hTi1~ i~ 'I
I. 'I I
I' I

, -, ,, ,I -. ..

I it

3 ,1 I .


V i. 11Q4



VALUABLE TRANSFER is dy.roi w.. was
R N TSERE ii y ty "ro sid ho''t'*. w 1-n King
OF REAL ESTATE';.i 1,Z:;I:::dlI("1itei l-ili Kl41hrk
I t lfl,.dr I 1 ,, mi. ultmIuiel a I as ia e lrue-
I .i4 lw i 1ii 1t 0i0 < fil i II, ''tl et rllioned.
Handsome Miller Block Has Been i. !i,, t:4 tNl.rii ," * ,,Is ti," s ti,,
Sold to C. A. Colclough. ir4Iaw ,is ilt-. I 1 n
Sl*I. mir of '' int'ii h e ol i i t'i'hoiht .
,tc*IW #lj t,. iii itia gvaud fijihru'
IS A FINE. OLtSINESSL B.OCK iit',li oi a
Si',rir,'It iii tlatinll p h r II,I )l| i-arrel
Loc.itd on North Ride of Squaree, 'mI"uIrrv.. lit ,,i% t erij ter tr ito) h : tlp t ,d t, itniv tlile
Whert RMlen are. Valuable,. and Where iLptmlii, a hlil-h wal iw ii w 1 4 vert ,rud-r
5torest re Never Vacantl--Mr. Mi1rr wy, w itI t of MiOk, eliwii.ial, uillut ir
May Leave Ga inesvil'ot a hi iti) oif ln rtdl* hri, ii.iugt hi ri ,L ,
1 4titid .A till* plrt'h'-Ti 1 t ill' The i lw k
(b,.:e af ithe nii,. i ir Illprfi. t fl re !, r i, t ili, llt,4ti 4.MkiJti, itI .',,i h.
latl. d ali wlhih lb se tra ;ir'l d i i thi rgs. ui.% Itrf e.m,,r -.r.,t,.r.l Ir t, ti
tt walts, th tral .n'urdly, at i n thu ay ow .l I ,m tpty d' tr ...
riitV d %I1 M U.'T I .,IN, e tr ran.frrrt ,. futirr h ti I h ,f ,., i ifs. At,,,t ,,, L i.
to the ownershi of e'. L 'o~leih ib .t,in|.l t,,i.._ f f., f i r s i, ^ ,
hllitp MiIr i imr W ving d g l Ijtt a f t1 e ,#.11 10tiu ky !, (pl' t.I it w % I ,i
at ^i **i

The Miller bhvtk i, 1it.nmird ilo tir
porth tide i the itttsqure, sial i. OTIc tif
SIMe lnit slid :l'1t tlimodern in LU>e. tity.
il in t' e iil rie te'd itof bhr ., hite
telnl i f Ilt tiarliv t 'pr,'.rwd .l .a 11ity. It
cilitiilims I iror t)? i t gLr' ro oi ti i Ol, H
lt sy i 4t'' tlIlr iU't ioy li. ktde'lalti* i I t .
PtIrkhtili, J I t l Itl hen: it AR1i fi %lit h l
V'ida) ThEits to rs o tt Crplflt i altriN ar.
mu.l rlilt r lAdilly itl t h 1llait ,ir il' lgtire.
'F in isia'r siirb- i S it nil n. ily t'tij i it'tl,
b Ik l igtnil 1 tin111 i. 1 wit1 e-irly ,'.ii,
lialiiU a ioim the, elegatil will 'I ,i h our -. .v '-
sioiifg ncitr rely for sile p.) tilirt lt)r fi ll. r ..a ilry r itt, tl it
lhe llahllluenIh1 llijd feltr I .lyiilltn .
It te not knowi' 1' it wh't IMr. M1 4er
i tl l duatl'ii, l, ii ir i r ntui r>'d
that hae will intir the h' tleralte ili.s
litJ s ill JaHkelinvll'. lie it now f t .tt-
lautl;' ,aItch, R nil tl,,e4 lirlt *t IpT t Lu
Veturn for several diy ys Hie has al.
Sways been an iniporaiint fa,.tr In the
l h vinti bt i ii tisilincs elirt a
iumntr of ysaro. 11- wa. fisr nriny
, stei the. si'ni'ir mesnhebr of ib., Otrmu
or P'iliip Mill.r &< Co.. wi t ,'oinetitud
a* ucteelFful whttlepalel aid retail Kro.
c ,r) bittiuiit. for many year-. F'r ttoi,
riurt few yemrit he lits owitflt iti itjte-r-
eot in th limt ofrit Miller it Aera. uwhl
wverTe Ii ce*eird liy Mill-r ,t V\idal Atr.
Miler hal proved hlitunrilf a mn-t s. il.
thi!.- e'lI i,.tin, hiqtviijv se r v'rl i- A tli'i.
tel r of th'e ..itt 'il, mind tirts f r ir-iitmu t
Aftd VeoCte M sil MtosLtrti li" llat it LO
Iitoleie miStirre
Tt.0 frivnili oi Ah*r'.,i l4i( t' it.

*lhlQsea'rl t, 'I 1e,? : t't(lttl
Fit 1',itH+, "lhal ti* iit't,. ttiv
*tyi orf r'mukets. 'o ll tiull u l tl0 iti>|Ide
lfit 'aluitti 'ltia 1 :i f hii rrli 'i 1 tl i4 I'Ih
t.* ttL 441 like., (o that htn uldrrt:tlicetr liow, imilst
' i',nri alm itI lill ,, ir 1o. exip,:Ist i m'Ctret
ii.< lre f idtshitesi lt Thre art sar' luis!
nit uol i* it iiS? ldevte ,to t .1 t r it ''s(.-
S'sill f thI* nlif ld rtiker a didl ,istaltier,
K i. froml ii eih st ilt|1ii i t's nrr im. t 'i)., theI
9 1aIneI l A fromin r graii.ndie. cl t .-w.
\iW hil olii this sibhjeti it aI ftl 1.i
, y 'i iht a & l nreili'e IO dl-f, li t. I 'tI
I ri'iil l iil iin thi. lirnwit lilidu iniritr
' l tit'l,, lh' i)( Ihli* ii&ium- 'ii ll t (.isi. ns*f

, 'tr wtiWh irhItg t mt tH'ftrefl itnite i-
Ln nan l iitptio-ditte sto'k tijf t',mkts.
tcollls and fulneralis iuliiies, mil itoll
co nduct such fantral as may tw vis-
.lrtiuiited tl Llit 01 iii Li tho almost getle.
Siranuly. fstui uILnalb anld apprii1riAtea
* ii HitiiiFr.
SThe timainae, lr, F. i'recti tt 1ul.
,k., ia i a export x ir funerall dirocator,
I 'vingtl tlchitrue for yearo of impit o
tile largest undertakinii eltatbliIh-
meilts in Ih;iPorgis, anal, we' fe 'l miur.l
S1hLti M ariy asiin all h t itap i'e f ith i l li
tlirp iiv'n ii0 Itr. Itl III k',i 4 ri'r will
It him uiol tiitali'tiry iattenlue' tun.
The lirin will mhist keep on hiat
Sflid'less tinelal i1Iw'r dtl-igni ftr timt
'ip.i 'otlin or in tli. .tni't'ry and ilais
i, full isu6111 ly tof diim ,tf.'lle anti s Milt
d .,'d Irtji r-, fair %aniititry litirpol n .,
tile prntli'ti4 of tli.t Atnlrieiani oil land
SChem'nuca l 'liipnliiy of1 ih4 ,ity
i 'Fllity will t ib |ilf. aul 'd tI i ,v.. yei
.%l liidl i." tterS iti-ir githl-i

gr itturlsis hiin tupon iI.'* u"'U a tI. i. wiech will Ip y t' u ii'oRIlkaiuel) No Pity Shown.
po lontg it to d i'.rc ti. lt ;1, -r..- ,
fu r years fate wa a rftier nit con.
STOtS WILL CLOSE, I 1 5nuously" wrt-s F. A., tisthl.-. Vetr-
TOR S WILL CLOSE it. Ala. "I had a trrriblh em*us of
W011 Give Clerks Half-Holiday on tler cauAirg 24 ttimiirF W\hcn all
Each Thursday Afturnoon u fl.' t tlik'l .fArmia uSalve aired
al,,. l+q,,lly. i gZ"i'? for li rnl and all
a l.rE lho th ir sa r.nil for' ache~ a d i 'pi. *., tinly 24e' ail lrugl
l it'i (tvii ,ir hi,, tl itr f i 111 1 i)L! -<< '
agr>--4 t't t to. (it(ore i o'eL irten Thur y BftirnNn, in ErSer t. A V
ri,' their rnrylye,* a i ai hulm-hei diJ ay.
'ih$ ei'tomi" vi1 eit cig inrteitl u until a the most healing latte In
or110or I, wlhn'i regular hours .;4n! .' i the world. It cures Sores, Cuts,
'rmnind. Burns and, all Skia Diseasms
This ni)veuteint was inttifet'! R It positively
cI9' l!- .if wIrke agii> bly ii- i W I Hy'1i e
son.i M' ft WiIFoin, to whom the : *C'e rs
clertk feel d!(epl< y grate'fi.
1 8S. lagsbakn. so Nut Ok1 8
CHANGE OF PROPERTY. Ctica, wrttW t 1 had4 a 1ad oeM
I 23 ,T_ __M .. a I 3 eBAN n SALTV

Taxi Asseasor Colson Purj chase Fine
Lot in East Gaines ie.|.
Ta A si-.. 'W, VW <) 1 Cl nde.ireti4l
of,Vg awfy witli the rjint proI '.l.
tUi,1 I f iia r'hidtl from Dr. 1T. F.
Tltm,. ii t 1 hanr l sl.i n ( ot II F..t' I
Gaiii:--ivil!', tiiof will -lr *t 1t ni emc rly
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Thr.-it: O n in t. ',upon i is ,. |p .

Surpris'e l, Mr. C,lrpenter.
A ojtiher 'if ?r r1du e f }1 1 l til
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. Met ;.L*t C('i r. "o, i ', "i l .r '
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ut1.-y tad r'i, i r 'NrIi VI liat tiEa roui-
Was Wstting Away.
T f.,' winlf !tit t fro,,n ,iatl rt I
W tt! f 6f s:.~i- i i. o i. t.
. I v h 00 ti'en troPibleld with ktih. .t* i,..

rise fw *w tfli ujuar l. MA in w
curdm4 quickly uad pemaiamUy LtU
swut Gtens adl remedlee h"d UMM
to rliene me."

I \%old hy J. WI. MeIellum & 4


Chicago Improved Property
1I1 Iin1 of 1 yive to Eighty
Sh1 liS% orIl. li.llart. forfila.
S chiui reiil) liromprty andd
m'th*. Abnms prnlpwrly i%
rpeainug frino t. II jr

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, Sale Stable,

.I i. 4 *. IIIltO1f l'rapr,-e r,
\ ..L' ri e I Fr. F. ;,,,.r


Nic Arend's Saloon and

Mi'lr'ht:; I ( iu'ih from 12 tIi ?1 i
Ilarlhahlomai ltewhestm'r, atl.o ia.
pirle4 l Wal.rbrgerr l-r iu filrm





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(yor 1 rders for ,Job Printing to





UP ,

.ntAI ,oIFor Men
; ;.* in+. .0i FO f 06 f
Allry. Iti W %llvT 't
''1".? 'c nn t(f I' ,I 1, I m t 'o thL

C(lIA IS SI Yity \lwheln i l 1 .efe) of
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l ,1 a !:t'ty loft iilini ;iat yor

4 .;I IAL i. 'M LIST. ll1,T i t,1 ,. ie a' y 1' It l.
iiunter Ity. xxx .i ks of (,0diiw,
i old ,d -3 1.,w Fl ni, sliilng a it (nd
ld Baker.... .3 f, L'%. rwli# r, ll Tn 1 1jut-
i .,. i fli ;4 ,. i(4i.t. .yo r -iz Iy ,
1orl W hi k,' I i M i I d I'
Gin . I t, 404' it, tim ('C ., t; t I v, i'i.ult r'r..'t. F }, x i n
fhargr for ji.ag1 n jt1 1i -: U l -t Ik
iu "-gat .' W\*' w" W1"'w pri.- ve Can Fit You
chlnrgetd for ju rf.tiritedu tu. i i.
(;nIfwri1 tot11 ;rf d v ira 4 ____- __- -- ,.l I: AfiF;1' Order Yoir MANHATTAN SHIRTS,
Whiskies PrIr'n i

S I. i ..... '. ... ..i-. ._ 1 -;

*' 4;r J




FOLErS KIDNEY CURB will posItiey -n way c
of Kidney or Bladder disease that bey t

of mediclnae. No medicine can do mora

If you notice yany Irregularities, comann taki.

FOLEVS KIDNEY CURB at once and avoda fatal mab'y.


A. H. Thurness, Mgr. Wills Creek Coal Co., Buffalo, 0. writes: 1ban bee aflUtd
with kidney and bladder trouble for yearn, passing gravel or stooet with exreaule
ting pains. Other.medicines only gave relief. After taking P8' Sat AM
the result was surprising. A few doses tarted the brick dust like lae stones, t.,
and now I have no pain across my kidneys ad I feel like am a. ew m
Kidney Camn has done me $1000 worth of good."

Two Sizes 50c & $10. Refuse Substituta

An kemUnsln Booet, "All About The Kl "y Ch tfrO aiig
Adras, FOLEY & CO., Chicago, IL

* .4


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* I". '4
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-. .L '" .. . A D*...;.,


For Ladleo ." .
v ho do not, find it con
vj*eIltt tA COMUetO to he 1
Yity, we make buying an
easy task by ending to
your honors two or three
stylc' of gart.'ents to S"
l,*ct from VWe carry .

In Our Boys' Depirtment
,can be had everything
ready-to wear for boys,
except shoes.

" 'i


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Sn iwm s W e A M w P~mqs ohwu ie 5 m.: I TiorSohe ha hobsso 0M oldi.
^Ieusip4S of tp vsi.h 1 a J. It. RmsnoaN f Kirkmoiodf ws on bae4 hiAw will be *Wgsi lI
OIW s th qqr41 p1. 1 the oily oa buslnsV yO0 ordtej. tIots of t10 or moFe St f1 per Ire).
,01 11, %i1. ,% f r 1nsiwtleU. Uudertakiri. C'ompeoa J. M. P, pattern of Mo0hille Wa J. D Pdget0 and family sspnat
j1Hln L -rn 62ed .i Pr fl po er, torSoe. spnog i-e vltse to tide oiiy yoter mik*e their departure today for
muh qwsh.lme MU -anly heof 4L1h 14k Wri ws day. fault, wher thiy will speed f
dt... 7% plt d 0 a"1. s i e b0s11 emlme vishere *o this city Thee. L. fHladg o Witw isnoe was weeks at the. World's Fair. F'r'sa
gj pspn. shows 9s wh Hor sub- ynw y' am Slhop the viion to (mtlestvllle I, wish them a plematsl trip. .
U..", *4~l .ll if y m see I.K. err X1as rh emoved from High tormy.. b !* 1..0 Le s H, of l. Ptf'*It
l sf s *I; sws4 pehs wt. Sprig to is-l..i Ami willW make this VOersaO Uhily of Mi nopy is ilk the Catholie hureh hta 'unis NothnI
pnhis Iuw ihtecit ato hey, h1 47 o a vit to his siestr. MNo. J. whee he experts to rmain for b
.ip..... i. 4 o .. A' Pke. of ManM. J v. roPir, a. progre.Five pla,.e r ofFloteher Hill. er II* will vis New 0ori
nm -6r 0':l 4a t he b 0ol xtNW t .e oRhille w#tioue. was monal th iot W. O riffi of N esso woas amNe t d0onb bed raler paint. ad whll rp,'
""S SIV&* dilMism.*4 oto tde on 0 vdli4o00 0o 1 01 e i)le iierdal. tIhe who favored l Galasville with ; ddubt! bhe i retly sel by h trip,"
.e..W *ivats i fl .ht... t .r H s0.6J A. J I *rikland ofHag v .il yesterday. i Le h uis one omf ihe i pop.
r, h m*Pl e! eti a a we i S, thit RUS dc ih 1.!omin. wieolnr s to For your *s the now il Cwhob l minise rs in Vjorhdi, o
0.,tJtMp na lqnatd. Galinvillisfrum that atlion peter. (ainevillh UInderakaiag Compamy 1. we. b- mied during his veltiho,
Su P. i e of eRinto, *fter a da. fore makin x t rranmece. *n h&d several ohuhroee I
S,,r i' to r sloiher s M. I. A{, jt IT" paty iret of tie Atlantsi Cont J. M. Shaw, onle of h leading reqi charge.
*itfbee1e sp,4 rtn4psrdspa L eLi erived on t mse e (.4ay. i. deads, of Alachus, was eh Ithe li Edward O'Neill has reiurd to his
f ff p, lpw-h-e *-..i will apad tributed several hundred dollars., seAnd eIsday and paid The Mon an agree. home t his Oity Ifrom Cedar KNy,
a '0. day.ewith1 e s. U v X 4). .BMAa. a4 she emplu yi happy. able eall. where et lisp rn for l ke pIat w
V h n.e u.yfi. Gas...e i ,, J e o. fPuteih of Alahe.s, mnembr of J M. Tiwn,. formerly of this cipy doay. eeupperatist Mr'. (Neidl.ltts
with o.' are atns g d W selwome the Arm of the J. bI. Futcb ompanp, i w1 a of (kals. mte a brief viit to that the fishing arn id 0Cdatr Key i
ext'nslve merehants, was a business relative in ish eity Tue4y. retur-. fine at presit, and that lare qua.
i.. w 0. MailW N oV Ni ha was a visortOo this eif yliteMtay. lng Wedunday. statofthlS)lBany trtiber boeing "hooked
i y M .M KU and ild of Wind ife for Hin" at that poles every day% Mr.
NISWj l 4 T hnSun OM"'*or.mfra bribples v iift Velvi- hing fumigatedf of oonsagieu t. Neill ste that a great msany peo,
.. f.--r I.lnewlag h9a llleratription to 'ebhi bta s : ab gers by iainIll Uildll riak. pie from every section of the State are
Poa gsper, Mr. Voi reports e t urned so their hom o y, aerdr. sn tore. 11 oer spl.dini their vsti
7,l 11at tl h /lioni i Mr1oas.S J. D. WWatkins and twoehitdrca Juie, IP. ,. Harvard sand John 0(. TROUSIE WILL HAVE CMARGE.
SttM n IU IY 4.r., of Ml oeanopy were in the city yest r- opt ilie, two rrpreeenttlive cilisens of -----
Sdaiy. Thy. were n ruste Wo Atllata, Arrdoundo,. wpr tranaeting business Wilt Conduct the Meetings of the Y,
s 1 mf nn m~mm lw;r, wrth s te. wk l snd Cad." wI*enr shey will *sisi rvlativre for In this city yesterday, M. C. A. at St. Loui Fair.
af a m t a flw wet L M The* S. Lf)uiw ('hrs101 t
M oIl Wei. w!ee 0 e pe led a Walser 'Wakiis departed last night mostly widely kionwn naol stores op.r. on-deniominationaI aBr publihed
"h 4m, s JbvIle Ib ri. L y -h, for Asl Ise and otsh r point he North stars in this section, was among those in the WrIsnerh di. hns the, following
She' at 'lap w fe bTy Me Ldayo, Geiorgis, where hr will spend hi. tact wvo paid (iisincstille a visit pyvterday. which will prove, of intterln to the
qs ee tios k il yI peletday sloieos. Mr. Walkine lIs one o f lthe most W. T Chesut ind n of Arredondo people of 4ai eVillle said I rands u
of. ir . o.lo. T. C h e u t nd o f A rr et.d o . i
W'tIse d S. wish rs. eIn sanen in he t u MtI were among tlhos who arrived i th, general:
*nEe .dol.*"T I.. Y u' aung iM men's C iraulma u u.
ha LapssS. tsetily sueEde.'htis d da C ibita]rd. slr, Cha uC UiO Il ufoerm .
S. i, V Dh l is afilty, laser P. Whetstone, formerly of hbant of that plae, and cas on hls-t i rlal
Iimlb -'-L0.ts-the.y SaA q 'a, elity but now residinlg at Mike ville, ineps. lie lseenjoyilnga very tine trade t. rn. Faro.a. aiti n
,iSI ir, m imt ek p l t*hi ens syl awM l" the. visi sto mr too Q a e ew ivlles at that potht ri.holt to I rect aticiuditri n nd
"i MSa thi thetita halt Q yesterday. Mr. Wbh4eone Is the eCaptain S. 11. IGitekiIl of Mcintosh, hold.s g, ss. s. erves .. .f
YAwl:hW 4Wl 4. $ethes F ash a owner,of the. :ueess lee plant, b it 0W uofthe leading elllavns of shaspro and the building od
"lliM ~ilUs1Ma 5 vl^. hot fllMh ,. o,"rih ilna lel nof hitpro o ad h, O build .mld
Ib -.0 s Ea sad eapboe.s a sA ae that lat Will ut uperlte sanI grssive village, was amo-g the tih eon as posib.a We ndertam that
m. -- elf1illu odU1111 e hoia .summer los to G .tevelli. yesterday. (.ipitan lal rrants have been made
;i1 iMr W. L. Jack nn of Areher wa is itskill it a trucker, but report.sthat for xcellent rmsie. The service's will
".. Am-: 'e she pvemleiai" Flt orldla irts mong xthoe who favored Uain.mvillIe hap. ninde little money shis year. be undi.innaiun-il slthngal lr.
', 1 ip lgm Ibimlui tur yeluutaTd wenr HOMes. Frank wil. a visIt elteorday. 34r. Jackson 'Counduaor J, H. Carter of airfield. r trouse. ie luss.lf a taithi.rn Msi.-
.'w li ;W. ltltfllie.rsnaltah*4 Jtas W, upet s *i m ake lier departure r .in one if she efie>nt comnduotor on> the dieis Thfre weill l.< tTnr Lthr ..... . fIt.A.4 theformei h fe days for St. ous, wherobe will (ineevillo amnd Uulf, ccominpaniet b *spcilt ing during the. ly, lst.
SI JW *a. 4* sle >praed q .t tBUe m, nPa tot ,e "i. she W-,orld's Fair. Fri tds hi. wi.fe. were In the city ycirdiy. lng ,Fnot ar.- tha ,rtw or ,.i hy ,I :.I
* *,,*. ,,*y whi.s the latter ll her a pllasnl rs. They were en route to New York and pis, each. We . itiik it ici %ly tt
"B +;,"1.:',",::" '"',',~''^ "1o' !wersy0- ThXy ve- E. Halle, for many years a rs.i oahr point, whete thl ill wprned 0 tinw thlt tih Y. M t,. A. thottih haI
Ss 'it .'**O to dentof this county but how engaged plesan vo uetion.. undrrtiaki thi rk mud we ceht
t--o. in. the tneraMStile business in live W C. ives and Chas W. V *. nt metm their wsi1,nt i.i r el-; t .$
S, T. att Of Uf t r,. of ... It Oak, ison a brief visit to hii relatives of Alsahus were moang the visitors to Dr. Strouse, wh, s, rT.eputAt l. af Iii
*ll :t 'i l g l w.p0t.l Pta,& Rfat. wasut fieas s f@ luse ,and frir-lds i are. )tr, r Haile .atet tliain.t vil r y terdaiy' They ar'- ar ongK rvi eliimL is I( ws'. l V ,ttatillild to
b'v i i94 iis 1n41 a th lb. bti* that he is enjoying a giod trade ia i the the unost progressive' eiitins, orf tlit rftadrr tilae tiest*lioi if lc-css in y
e.,s .toe .1 : ,sW l Jle 4s ts di West Florida town, butl niset llte old seetioai. Mesri, Rives and Stevens meVasu mduaifoiral. WYe a t"asltld ty ,t-
SW u iae its the i he t r 1665$le and 1equainti ano. wero Pin route to' SAb" i', wherU ti iplat gHOKA ra' ults."
ih i tam -rhIs p illoobtgayi.r Hr rlowlr lovr ,oft Judon mwas in the they expert to spee.d a few d-ay-s. .--
il'ea. .I S HINow t!o4 aot mo- 9 eip nwternl ad made. The Sun a cupemating.

ii +,'lt"t 18 i M! t P hpp IWn ,,bai ln a '. l| t ,lfor t eM'aI 'rv elw a thin lgl m. hin,. T woom e w>re in (he sity ye ,t*.rd d ,
WUAeiroeiPg isUhitlo al
y. .. returned .0 dIele A. i esnjoylug tl M.m- dind wiih Mr. and Mr!. J aM. (Gra. .
ni B mmalo. whe e wet; se. ,. Uel sa hustler In all the wordb. ham Thy wre n rou. to V W Th. I Und ritKi I
t, -m). 4l sdil p 50' lIsMa i al t rltferls iIes, sad If anybody man make e ingo,, Newm York City and Albany,
se- k asV-rm't ,,Ji, s..ll hJ .Marahit.a hisa l Mr. Loy. where tht' will spend few weeks re. "--: .... ,. li. '
of 5eh 1 l gyisep itre fron a Iqke, a quarter of The friends of Mr. and Mrs. JIlcrsy euperating. Friends wish them a I'arry Cmite Lane of
abstiid~,'yaiigi. '* mihl ,las. k thiny tees It l levs. iHlel of Vsit Qaina'vilhe art iHdbtCd ph la*nt trip.
fa ,aesNlantl 119, whlh wll atoid .l.MuIrr to them for a delightful >ary a nIgIII J. Fletcher Hturuti. for th pas. pSkets a1d CotlltS
...o fllliorlhet fSirp M .Ny.opbiug of .dr twoao0. The PvTening was pased few months connected with the imw
-"" .Mrs.1 u. h~ palyw In aOr protetoa. 11* 4 manner tpptupriniao tho te occa- mufer, of layton & rtar, her has.p PlainSt 0to Finest at Pices t Stil
batIh,: e ,t,* h l<^ Isabel DiLeMal of Daries, tIe., Iion, and diR late hour the untse- red position in the store o.f I.. J It rk *..
p llg.e* U others" bridt vlai to thIslltdepsrted pired to their homeb with beIat wiaies hinm as salesman Mr Itlurnett "in a ZEXPRT lt'NE:IAL IIRK1'TOR4.
*r I t er s'l Ihoris yesterday, 8Re is a IlterI for the clever hoot aind htseis. popular young man who has many
iL i $s n wI e ofI NM n. V. W. Kng, ind ue as m .- Henry Lewis and Philip sanpler of friends, l and will no doubt p rove a Varie ^r,,..-,e,,,'-*r w "",:-,,,';.,
h ir s t w ,M' a. StU' wO oe d ernt n a eM ount o i *,t la.y N orth laline qvill a are spending a few d raw in card at M r. Burkhim 's stol re., a .W rAF pin grs .t IIin I .I..r > I eN i ,, Id
:: ,,. lile. The patient having impred days at SprinK Pl'ark Farm. Benning. For Sale or lent-llou. a.nd lot a :le rnaiiw. W t N"' """

S0',, 011to 14P pooil1he see i1 now eoniidr toll, wber' they are engaged in l1i4ll. known it the Jackwnt h lal noi i nt{ intiis coNd ol
a "i1 6fouwer, the felt lae to retour inK an irrigatl4i plant. When the nine rooms, ituated earer Arredu.
41N-UP"ITSO. 4O, do siud MeohniQ Sts. Alo 4)*1 acres oft-
0ome. She was siaompenled by Fred, improvemits. in this direction are land Iwo miles t it. of (lain. H STU
IV% Ite Ma ". Kathtria sand Julia intg, who completed, thaiv fairt will be otne of vitle, Fia n ere. ltvtd 1ia J of
l,',EWiiO iS , 4 Iiw. tltpe lad *le period ast aD the baet equipped in the tstae, act re astur.. plenty fwttr-r Ituif re ,,PULS..,
1 1 1 * oi C th n A i- f X. : Voylr t O ineril.e, or Iiea
llu. g" d fo l h h n hLter, tovv ,d 136 South Third street. Orals. t
p IkfzaWi ged i ""ft e turned frlm Mim'e tulah, formerly ti this c ti but *ia" dawtf a.
-t .... no fto:' idipi in Tnlmp ..hae on oroe nders, f,,r ikuy y year Vn.-
arveyglaWnaIi,, teoll 6Ir vils tto the fori er's dsuRlhter, Mrs. pioped iv the Iruekiig, hi..l (D sv Cor
iL. Mrq B". 'ar' a. O memq er f prtn lng, North iIsiu ille. for oe ky lPot, butirho h, lbo located iwrk, Flrid
.... Ma, tr atI taar Oti. n hM ato of lithe mtoi rt ste h ew* (o hal re- nar Ialatkft, was il lhe ,city ey .trerday. *a- k--- --.-- --l.
h lna ad Pro lil silon hehi one' of the I turned to her h', b r Mr. Landers is esid at hr ue a- the
... Al'hsasatg, sadl ,pro~lycr~ops he has e~ver seten, The *xpeertsuerarotero rLcmaimn in GainautaLte for snout prugrcs,.t r. i ih- State i
'i aik am aees ayd mrop aompries etere staple product slie, tie m pr.reei,. truckais e,.e stat
H1ttstln. known in thil srblout, among which 4.1. ye, L I"He ha ti ad. a retarkali M ofh s
SolHt a Mae i. l two hdr ti of e tton J i or Mcanopy, .e .ry etur i Palatka. whlrr hle
tiaNraflelat ,M .Wa ho a nd s e rtlt hundred acr.. of e con rptpr asenat"ivp oi f the t tti r tesriralst has bProIn r.Ipt.dl av a arge grwer.
6l6. We eg ;, w" among whit.h .will j eld prolIlely,. ArnuuI cHa'iny ad ain $e oi ytltm*d Inm hi iy prin rint v.idyor. w0 It
i asevil getada. other hings.asR Reveral hundred urs ll TI ru un ut ti ity yy w.' r ,
4l W ittatelrem for L. of velvet besp.ow peof Ond peatp, Ien. h wulthiion. Mir. ,Ouris art 'lrai1*' .i hn I
her pt, whenk he will which wilRtbe ud to fattean she rattleh :;ts the jnt1re b1imi0!. a liM e 1n hwb. ,>r 1.rke. 'I ',1e. f,.r 1.' N'
atb ns daj, a d hos. prig, Park Eo no *ll pro .; w' ; ". ' l ur.. U r .,prt if 1 itt ri" "1I114 n iw i.[.4nie' l of
duo .bansompI;rthisJor.And, wil .i Iis i)e e t rd ,I1r p. .)10 a r10 aih er1 a t 'i'iMerritt
Ii sU ba t aues AM Amn g th. visitor this 1ity 7*"- iy. t ui fair. ar. l.aris i hoI tnmty a tfi physician,
tlm Walls defat le Mrs. A. B. Oliver tand her Maiin agr Jo'. A. :.ll o1 f thl' Irciwn bit aiLn i tHters. ,ia.nidera l ite ,r. ...The Celbrated..
Wt i Ia e d e Inter ing li tt le daughter, Basi efor. lIou .desltl of ktping th er .- :.' rI I ltre. a i pwf
we l y of. baine ilIe but now teid6dig 1 rism ?f .thalt thohtry' i ap. tist. T lie fiwest ro ii the tat tt iraiti g.' Ni
Itol asi boIlq lad is ti0and. Mrs. Olier was .n onMe shape hAre, teily Sd'. w..I hed f. i TUoLiiF,
5 csp C4nte only Z towtiil ,.i r llaesn Hu i. HR1gue and Live e atof t ii y. f o I rw vr b.I w t i ('dr Ktey ins4 ,.. 1 T O I, bha h d the time to call on her ,;re "1 t t Ith 'e (it. d i, x.i k hro I h n0city y i' ieS rJ IT r 2ti a d 2
' eb." pepOic hotel la noU 'trie ds..a ,hmeavIr, .ho love istv.nt. Tgi,,, fist.,.'t ,' ,,ir-il ,le. .a et, r,,rK. i. JUL'*i t h 'ed 29th
th t' Je tilM the sfrfl s. a.d appn4 -d-e her fot her kindl- dis-, -- A lgf. t hed v i ti t errot ro nk.krlo ly a re , T,, .
e, U as O d0t0ey pusi. Athgaeshe ill be ie e'r srrt ig ln t, s ie t 'Iof k' rw, utis fig i ti I Ias n. o P r
10110 an si*nl *p st of her undleJ. AJ. ttleklpod, tlnm.. They vr'n10 to ble ;ermvotly as: 'Cedir k6 steamer line-. rO'I..n."' 13r
gsfp^ ^ass~ s.^'^^AIW' B.;.

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ILK. &ah
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1 :1,TH .Hfl .i^ ff

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Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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 Material Information
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: July 21, 1907
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID02100
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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r -~ -~ -
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-v--'-k AT; -^ ... -i": *" ._,""

..... __. n! XL Ink. aS i t !

o-] -- W w.m flf ined.Er. ia

JR^* c e^ Up a Ceaintb Jay-uA tegyjcrt
-- l^ ^-ix' ~'"/ :"^'?^'"*'-. --- -- ~- 1* --- -- "**^^^*^F W9 ^V '*W ~ ~ K l ^tW ~ t f ^- I^
^^ Ps ; -4.-. : t .T p
; ~-ow "dC;"- : cu-".--ke

US.-_:: ---uly- :" t ShamJuy -A MSd 6t

6-. : .... --!-NO W_ a a lasts b f sr 1
r *a- a" ft" be L Mu 0.1zt* i& Sutek A& ffl

-Ae thA pekrs that H ep iy

,.l HId b
S fin t rn made today by- poat-
,tat Dedl Of thpe buthe 0.

^^^Ml irilr itir_.t_::': '--:':':_ Im lMT ist Th. they -irll t>e able_ teo
0U: f Wa t Ogle Armour.
n. a--c-P -l.iPr -,ds foler h-r ei-i that If
Jr'^^ie^^f f ^^i t AF flikic Ubrto us"l

2.z- I --& ..
4 at t. f leiw tan s im at the yards will 6 taoled..
S: who M bav-e b a Thep a k er eto more toor hinew

^--- ^-^ Af,- .**--. ...-'_ ..': i' -" "--". ^ a th u~t D ~ k B n an ~
a* ata .aV e to take the pladef the ma-si-
-:: m s a- .... tS~ -o m tOW e

W- M S w btbd at- Thmaey say they -Will be 'ablm e to
g "As u-g--- u, oo-At the" eir plants evens U the eve
th m g g .fl pt srike_ In oneI ll d. j

-y .*^ :__- ,. -i. _,:.L __,= ... I- the nmto er h>4 farue tatt -
e...... a at s h a Ot a hr have o---d- .. .reach-

.."---" a-a at lr --l 3 flat of the normae bUSuoeSS
wbd es ta b; aa~~uMint wrU nd t e..e fat thomut
"mat wlbmt Sa"u -pu aSal- _stats .in- be In-

A WlF I b e e tr got j a -- .- to P-r- sden t Donnelly,' and Inform" j

:H tltoa,, of esam. s anxous thy lae hir since thea strike be-I
Settly to have the Ur&S Ig gun of the 5' D l? of molt Importanc than,
e A sa- n t-ao pe.
I 96M 4ve Cdwmnam n.ryanto as tetame will beae to all
einam kehift Qalesmn eat a ployed at the yard.,

oeOf mm. aing deuudts' Te strikeleader wlllremain at the
*a that sweet -i"ca be" m ... d do w e un til a rep I snt reIey -
or Judge PaKW absoutely rer aR AiWW the packers Io the event it
to Seemes any of his plans ubesquevit Isnuarral the firemen and oust-
*o bhlawttifcatla DWS St the yado, ltm Me aid. tri be
ft* *th f~mMMM taift-ww:first appealed to for g sympathetic
oe ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~w Cmpoaa thatiotontil aco*,-- .

oeren ith Ecabt hl at nIseif scmstriWke. These nation the strike lead-
.e en expect, wil be followed Uy thos
*..2M arka I~the a^per of the coope stteam fitter. another

Mia, for two or three weekth ab-appeal
en~c to make spesks ne la rge cluea,. WfAYYL.AID AND A053L5.
beanh Chicago. Philadelphia and j AYAPANORBee

.~ V St cha odle.X, VW7 WO ? flyt~ wsl*< Rnhdenc..t B
att how.. ft. iwH bq Atnta tof h
't ofItI the, river, as usual that la bee walad stabe an knck
Ste ~themomrnin newupapers^ he too S don when almost In front of him
W" We beoeda bey

up- uIs volSumin5omus M1
W h ew-M Ikvts ace. t. a 284 E at Hunter street last
-vma Mr- D^I cones to -robped i^^ ^ ^m
nig.t, -. l- ,. and robbed of $45, Ci
tomorrwepotb #W SC cwt Ispa. a stone cutter. Is is a me-
peale by etr (Aoma 'i was rl mdm, the serve of a
mnmoedr- at_ Baeuu t" toda t_ p beig eeary to sew up
Judge Parker bad seat the sen the wounds Iflcted.
-b.i-e. .e t o c o- w i M r -
therorto CmIt e ufa tr. Dsvii Tthowpiew was almost at the gato
.W9 ote or- no the Ses we Th will: :-, j-- W ..
o _t -^.tOeaSCe. Vh a unkiaown
.- a any baig up=man the stco ehka n. aai .a- en .n. .,k,-

A, THURSDAY, JULY 1, 3 __ T- 0CM

Va -77'L 5

S- :. - -- -- r r S it
r m m m L m i': A m AIm m M WI I imi mimm -- mm m m mm

a :* aa ,a S9**tt : a.

I --_ m atWis ie $b ta t_ t .a s : -_-

I -_ I .... .-^^U ^^^^P^^F WW ^^^^^ fW^--'r =- --:-' .*^*^ ^.^ .k ft '^ _-i .&
9^aS -eb e... Ya 31o-* BX a iia Tau-u

I t t .hg ,g. sat| a. pick stu t a.,
aid, o t.aHEh O & ad h Vm IE W i nmu

srTLht OPMAOTr PAM. yl ___l___ w
mlwioo.)-Mas aWYaIa7g 054o ve~eMmt utha StferIUC di halie o( Brt paw M f M
us W h n.--s Cmp Is* a m

o e ced la yeate a atoe of the petbt ad *a a i "e f-t -

nomperfbl Ther we~ltr, prhal, doohK_' < atie a a o of -1theth!wIr oQrded * mwy Wr~ l;.-:~
he n r ontitive e they topt-i, ualed oith ore sad tee m rope e
Ca hert at Hqtjeafltrera w4S eith a. e a a. ustch salar ,a-a- m ate-
minion. )-ortea Rere ols roswehShy to a4he powerd --*- its theilat Pete~ aft e n

an a on e fery saaltn o te th U t fae i the SUema fl aS a m m w
Ties. eathe uin -wu e flbfol Oat abt in pthe Crowd whi as her wa .to ri-_ a
matse at w0. The prrbl. o Sbe teSr Stie 57WL 3 ea there r :y pav f l
the que r onvved the whi spach oopert 3rd whed twmtryes ben &f Sre a thraoun the "m me C o ai
nather a atl-rejYleg while -it e ick the Ditcho arakrmeas e s-O
werTe of bhe ytheunt Sa eertaubul LUn ar|t .or
Kaume city Julyjt- tefac the pf e n d ,e e
a" a eh a m no-, _61," n. ,' o I -x :

ando-mp aab he b e m L of t d w--A-bIo the Jato SW IW 68 t a--
wmtatedh am t2s,.Te thmde oota th ad inWtltrtS5 eted She e ae a dm l me uS m

Tohp add othoenate there Ja-anes ow fireUS todayS in-ofl @ of t he twony .s umg mtmg -the-
naitis onggre atYSOmentlat5eathed ltocalo packr Hagteedea d fMa

tof teJpaerte faet re proved entd their outwe. A enaj aS etaT or poein g i e

Ath morePeInititers J at threy t- pa"ki g boPst in hefy In t Satin Sn C e
fough andOF'AOTgennle PAU* R. MAYC. e Ld7 tileSP~lsatu AftetoDla

eans ton depver pithe Japlfle-otlTRIN6 A Re~EdVIECbW. -nflgth 5 a aS Vf ar: ::__-' a
.. this event It ,i believe, 6 seeiill l. ~6o e a p :
dtPeterb g.ulfytatofth 8baitut 3D o04 the peking house bias chey o r to S"
discussing in any way the fdternato. U'7 Me te tied UP flmpleily at least thine etwaflb Wat fl
al quese ns Ionolved the newspapers :o a wh te. Ther ebk been a l tIgh the" I-life i
tw AreSatlestid 2 ONNMON amp4A M .

-hbre are all rejoicing over the ax. advance In the price of fresh meats subsequeutj uransrmato ta. st-l
voite of the volunteer feet steamers ea yfst Uday. @ o war.
n the Red sea. The Rein Wears 4 l_ official eflta ima t Sa
Lays the work they tre dolhgindicates Oah, Nebt. July 20.-The prek- .le f IN tegaod t@ Rfl5 WI_ M.
th.e wiwr H o ei he fleet Ws hae preen oral noce to the th o matter. It i"s a rma *
^^hisubserlie stact exchange that the-y are pro- hble that the a
im I whIn the country was too Impor- pred to slaughter 1.500 cattle andn by t P~iebag eel
erfrhed to build the veOsels after the s)o bogs daily. Packing house man- at POow, aUd the ofleab *iMr
Torsto&Ruslan war. It was the ploe w y t with police protection js aflaofliked t Sthe r eavT| 6-
neer subsidized line of auxiliary crkis'm W oan secure and place at work aa lbtiSe to the pane Oea-
ers which moit countries bave since the men they need. Edward A. Cud i e sin g tW hay
imis"toatheed.u a~f b eta o

ihy has made wmplalnt to the board P f" it Ias*acUo to the twg uw
Tbe psTes adds tbat there is ple- re and police -of failure of patrol- e Wats The enat a& ad o -.
ty of scope for the fleet in European, w w do their duty. ehC o Wda 5 was a"- la 111a kM1y
Atlzcntic anu Pacific waters. &y threat- Mfala cn s oaad tthea reit S
ening to deprIve the Japanese ot TRIENNIAL REVIEW. ll o es

-and mnitions, it can compel thej -* pllcatiosa. The dangers Madflk
detachment of part of the Japanese Ladles of the Maccabees As.emenle at nd n a
fleet This is why the appearance ea Mtird. ented upon te the aewqwsoa which
of the volunteer fleet in the Red sea m are phactic fll uawiflKHM S Aflfta-st
di hacued with so much satisfaction Detryoith mickd. July 20 -e-Smety .at leg the dsbin sad Inigdar
---oteltrr delegates, representing 150,0* women b wc f f

BRYAN TALK&. in all parts of the country, were tIn "-f th tfl ae f it w- v
-- Attendance today when the tri-eunial believe to be th lb e of vSr
Plan of Cont ing Fight for Econom review of the supreme hitve, Laes termk" says the St. t rg m
SRefo rm. of& the Maccabees of the Woald, wa *they must be yea-e by Rus r'
Chicago July M-Wllliam J. Bry caned to order. the. skull at erae bwsn m he
an passed Chicago today for Readjustment of the ates of the run ap mad they wmil be id ue
Central IllLuis. order Its the most Important businie yhbeeverr siglhtSd
He said tha: iin this wees issue of that will me before them during Another ent S---i to the w-

* .A-'--

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--1t-.. : _'-

a...-_"- :
-7 %1

=- . _._: .. -.
*^ -^ *-
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4 W- -
.:.- -.. - '--- A -
I I I : -i I I'I P i:" II I :4 : IP i 4,
__ :::i .:- .. gLm

:2 .=c.. : . Z; -_ -

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..- *^:

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U- *

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;- YE--... tUw. L i. --l -

7B a ao
WS.M fl7-


,U . .W .

f M v- --,ild oinO -an
-I l
^ a xit y ~ it- --l haems ewe

irith~W ofAMW l
w flbn fmo.. fte for

/- ga S.. v u 5 b-o t- u-et-ia
dia _-..w

# ,Wbt Me r,1 ="I.
-:i; : "- t ..i'' ^ ^ .._-^ -'* ^ __ j . ^^ o

.i a .'- . a ,.a p-itp wi

A^40 wt ek dAWu twfl0W
| *~r-toda cumi pmwty bot o nmr
p|^sO- &C Gulf steS I n buWtte tf fte

1^biW~lb, vIMU enail a large *

trY -r mdtt a fOto ^~

S...l o. a work__... . uy o-f o
:?_"- -b. ends. i .. md n m of Nt
-:- Iflhtvs b ems@ t, leer tha
- .' -:

,.-+.--.... .-' "' 'I :&A I|B fl f iA^ -1 ;--y_ ,,;- |^k;u i ^ w~ l; begia sU for
,;_ ib-. gs... Is i. 0 mants Opft

d1 .w-o .' b ainh um to,
.- .ale, sd l fad and rotosa
ti .-hsmr. hr IeWw asuet
tItew,-b.shqpy usia..
~Astsr budf bridal Nip to Saab
: U to a"r m sa us. wi

|^ LWUmb >bCOw thettir fuiend.

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at'.! ta

benL Xa.d

.m m s t-d 1.
a -ISE

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l*efiag a
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- =n am- .o

Imhill SI+. JO 0lm Il
a aM."1rem q&abo
"S WE, t b 2 4t" S

SeW4 by All Drgistst.

McClan Undertak ing Company Will
Have Fine Establlshmont.
The MeClellan' Undertaking Corw-
pan,. a now firm jut organized which
will -ooeee d Bos. MecielIan, under-
taker, hasM removed into its elegat
new qoanrs in the Eodel block, Waet
Lienty stiret, aS4 in a day or two wi l
be _RGtI down to bais- The
mm, wHO wad for many ye- n eos
p-td by the SBMW Foanikig Ooom
sy~hasmbeentt horoughly a ed
:-e-t, ete md otherwise
ipov.d 4"d equpped for tohe nder.
Sbsin-aeaw, aM will make eo of
066M met sSkin d- nd mlet mden
psiof im kISd En she State..
The Sm wiUl We mpoSed of itt
OMails. ud W| ft. ofloma The
foesr, who ks a Beaeod embabler,
wiU have th e m of do
wteoe ad will eOCIidoe in .00 eetioB
wish the undert~aiD ta pinto frame
w-*i- Tirey will alam deal ia
pia.t re, rubber !nMaa to o order- ad
other good& wk[ Mr. iMeCellam was
suummd to badle in has former
tore. _-__--
Cured of Ihg Pe.
We U. FInt, a uiercant of Orchard,
ft., wnika: "1 lbd been greatly two-
bled wisk iiehis -i for aterSi
yean Wd tied -aany oMnied pie
-w wisbost relief. bus w"a omple9e-
I_ rned by B hMor ilve. It is the
but ile s re." Sold by J. W.Me Ool-
loa Co.

DaoJh flenye Camu
.onatgomery, Ma., July S0t-Tb

an ~:ISVcEan*
S .l S . l. ..

fe dr o *fto tLoft.
a a. e. aa0m,. .---e4

rno n 2ma u~odMlt

*of h ot: WO. West a fbp
A-wyef ar~id inwSe
own a Linng wit bbg.m -. m d

S_. e a at t. e-

T~. .epe .a-- r tfrm(h'a
Me-as22 ar o mi_.- .the as

E toe lin flaw.. raN -l

Imin ib ay lo -d todal ami *Oed
Asd well."mq ped Jd W h pel
gs"om ha"so
bower until YandFolOleyBepMWma
hAfr--I wa Is epd ihtfrom AtsueSn
sd O ppe Sb. SfPIISIU0#blood s-
Poin I-&.=myloonsmud1" qiam *mod
,a IL ol y .W oole
.~ __ _

A 'reft Nose*
nothing in more rare than a really
rufeet Dose-that aI. one which unites
harmony of form, correctnm of pro-
portio an d proper affinity with the
otlr fentlrw.
The follow1 ; are, according to the
rules of art, the conditions requisite to
the beauty of this organ:
The nome should have the same leugtb
as the forehead and have a slight de-
reioM at its root From its root to
its estremlty it shoud follow a per-
fectly strrniht line, and come exactly
over the center of the upper Up. The
bridge .f the we, paralleli on both
sides, ashoukld be a little wider In the
renter. The tip should be neither too
thin nor too fleshy, and 4ts lower out-
line either narrow nor too wide. TIh
lobe. mat be gracefully defined by a
slight depresslon. Seen sdeways, the
lowest part of the ome will have but a
third of Its total lenkgth

Was Wasing Away.
The tollowIuthter from Robert f.]
lWeiss of Stale m o.. M b8 uat9ms,:
"t baV bees doubled with kid u di
am forte b O fia Tyf I k"
-e* ud mw felr r welL Doesord
wishhflgde phyateia and tried aD
wIhot relief. A-
In am I am m -ow@o WlI."
Sl by W. W. MROd m &O.
?nmmmn WoeS erh
LoJdon plqoers ofeu nwaNs tI
the me ipsW of ape., am mas afI
for as much aaspence, that c -
twe the psrammea of miot of *e
theabters In the great city; but, from Uis
theatrial apclator's point f riew
tbes m imePnted ats form a ao"
raltable et. It ia etU thd at
tJMOA0 worth of Wirerttbeeat lMoaes
appear evey year on tbese priqa
and that a groin pmt of quits no
a year is made out of the aaraPtel Iot
of progMammBe. In mwaq cma m
of from 51,0 to i3.000 are ipald for
the rigbt to farm at te m
eId& GlMob

One Ld y'. R -e-mwaemdon Sold
Fifty Sexed ob a1mbeft bn's
StongS. and Liver Tablet .
I have, I believe, sold Pipt lazes of
a. a- L aS I

.4 r ~ ~ ~ : ~ ~J~TZrI~4S S-~r-~ -~
4- A- :~ ;j;~ ~ -~ c~ -.4.714- A -'w; - -'.4 -41
.4 -, .4 t*~~ P-I1;~ --
'.4 -.4 0 I- :~L
41 m -.4- .4
A- -3', .L ~'i- -- -



- . . -- - -:~~%
.- .- - - .r.~ .2-: '- ~.-. -

Mo- baa 4:ll
A an.u



Fm Bte aby Jo

B&* uilsawD






Jacksonville and New Yorkic,
Lbfagn CHARLESTON, S. CI bosh

Clyde New gland and .outn
I ilawrioBl BBBJACmnKJtf DbNO Sa na-Sa O I mo
fOIBC _nq__,o .h .B :
W *&j 0,040007 98_ ^^^^ L O W_ O^^ --.O

-l _O, S0_S-- J0.000 ..Pam 1:.| 4
0 *oa. Fngasd
snMJ umU abo jmcad Sawron

-- *^^,-K--- ^ O JIK OH-H I ,T B' : -. "
bsmgS afAss. Bq7hOflfl4$W MSdI
Jammimp a0U9_LsJhm oNF RW
Unr OFJ O *

late- ^^4bSVj 0 a 0.^^^ a. Na 1 ':y
is Wn

a M e m
Je p ..............,S.,,Jh*SYI .e ...*....... ...ahdiR?5
S OyM e...s.... ..*........ .._._. e......... .., .*.. 50 0S
S fl.m..... ... .... ..S.* e g F ......w.aes a..... 35li.
I-rn 1,0 egCo- O.* SS0- e o**ss IM I. -0000000 *s50
055. -.-----------euiled (NI-) *.. -. .......-... US3

Aurito NOMM SSSISWS A00 @S&L S@0*5S8510 W-o*.esom D.S#
3a "n *tSfe @- .* *~ ".0 Sew S . .* f b."'
e is an wonT oman. a w. j a, --
in. W AanSirm. am.-at -s..a .
-b CS?+ ., . ---
Pa- .A.... .l. a _
A. "FwAf"eyk




I $J tie
R l, l 8

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- ... *, ...q-
"' : - "- . : ': : ". '"" ?-

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i- l A N ,i i-

i lomwfttamloftam~izcw-
S. -. m. a . a

i" l bnd i? ; d. "tto fa.e D.t
i I '-Jb^- Tfc P *-; : ^Mt ,^J ^*cA.. w, n.
m wll biiii t-; f-, .. aa

^.*Bl~eC flflyy wtD 8.;M
:--'. *oW f.; no .; a .

il m b S h, h.; L.

i J{!!! Bti p<,; J, Se l. Ib.; .
kam ;wila at ,
I A.--< <-. -. A. N: l ME b. J. P-

willing ofw ko-e

Wr K.eio Ov heMe eroenJl
a nt.-. _swe. anm b. .
p a. Sb.;t Harryi, ouon, b Kor.lD.

Wil a. et; M&. o!Maoa, if.pmu
~s a Jane-, Soe the pferp, o L
:A 3gfeg o.A 1omA Oll Sb 3d 1e

-' Urntem of tilh Melrkme aboo, i it
: etnd the eho hoo io .,,i by

b noo;aftroe no appr oo-
f Lyor hnofin.;ee a.-odeiLn I
Smade. It Mo prpomd to sae the

tmaftee srsmfer the: property to the
eho bwsd of Bay eontts-hng
-of Me SceueOthe Nam
NJom Sxy S O-An Inforwmal
meig- we held:4 a is Mttos oun Ju;ly-

Gigw. f. Clay ,ad Hro dR-.h

F. 0.0.-O, a- Ham Hd.o-.".
., iW. C. Ba.-ett has Necurd a very
Wee.b 0o a .wthrag *repes ntng-
a Sill forave here onpurpose ofda.
agi o sme plan o advance the
(twinsts of the Nebo'. sebooli. As it
stuand the school housek bIohld by
the' trussee Ins wad by the. school

Everyone ht rejoicing at the change
of nil sebed ules. L reply to the
.petition it to the PotoffieOe Depart-
meet, the time of leaving Waldo bas
been put back to the old time. vis
after arrival of triins from Jackson*
Tvte, or not later than 2:80 p. m."
This will give Melrose a delivery at 5
p. m, at the laten.
The rrie.ds of Mrs,. H. 0. Hiekls will
ueget to leam she. quite ill with
nervous prostration.

With iomndIcation, h ba,
With (Sq comxpanIons, heartburn,I

'^ --,- ;,-fa -'tl *ift ,^K_-;. ?-" --.-'=Zb '- -." _k_:--

fl 'ltg p tf a he Ske

ap.O tax. n d ax
lba a a ths ap m o ea 1m

t the vt of the a to m
tfta ilr a eveM~Y whfch would
.be a1e6 am a the' of not
be iWpu ot acofld be aapt-

eda Ml tollowsag the pamage
.of the. al o tax at the few
de an measure that o with
t thet wiu ll come up coiaeratlon.-
.f the hmse. first beom the aonmait
e*e oi the whole, theob b y Mr. Car-
rImmedialof follow ing for t p a
exthoe ge.of the Watem ad A t-
4eut e atams to the at th'
"a a n a former article, wat er
.roeosly attributed by Mr. Knight.
of 9Dren. Mr. Carrlngtoa Is the
author of the measure* and he has
eofaitently. and urgeuUntly pressed It
for conuld.ratfn during the 1at two
By a vote of 8 to 6 he general ju-
diclary commIttee of the house re-
ported favorably on the bJ U providing
for the appropriation of $14.200 to pay
the principal and infiterist on 22 $500
.bonds now held by the estate of the
late Geurge Mattingly, of Washington,
D. C. These bonds were Issued in
Irebruary, 18C1. to pay for armsn pur-
chased frr t S trrCnp$ nnder a con-
tract dated Nov. 14. 1840.
As soon aO it can be reached along
with the other special orders now
pending, the bill protidling for the
rotation -of superior coutirt Judges from
one circuit to another, by Mr. Pey-
tO~h of Habersham. wi3l be taken up
for 0omuideration by the house.
The chan-es are It will be taken up
-R Thursday or Frrday.

Working Night and Day.
The busiest and mightiest little
thing that ever was made is Dr. King's
New Life Pills. These pills change
weaknew into strength, listlesnes
into energy, brain-fag into mental
power. They're wonderful in build-
ing up the health. Only 25e per box.
Sold. by aldruggists.
Estimable Christian Lady of Rochellte
Pased Away Tuesday Night.
Mrs. 8. Coulter of Rochelle, one
oft the best known and moat popular
ladie. of that election, paed away -at
her home T.esday evening, in the for.
ty-41ixth year o he.r age.
Deceased has resided in Hoehelle for
several years. She was a noble, Chris-
tian woman, a devout Methbodist, and
a favorite -among all who knew her.
She is -orvived by husband, five.
daughters and one son, to all of whom
The Son exteads sympathy.
The funeral services were conducted
Wednesday afternoon, Rev. Mr. Bell
offiliating. The interment was in the
ftI nAM A%&as M 0bAM 9"

a \ .'-i l d :" '4 *i A UG:.i i a i "a i -' --.
. . . _.'_ ai: .. . ,r . -

. 2!, ; .: ^ : .- 'S-^- "*' '-*.:- *-. '..' :-. -.
!; ,-:. : i-" c ,,,

. v ;. ". 2 .- *"



l--i? :.. ^ t .-


..-... 4:. ..






Jacksonville, Florida.





ovrn t. a tn a ------ae i* a- -^. w _
wUW to u fl .lW hmi bu .bSVv twr iyr u
At---7 -7 in rvc vAnac,{- V -ev ---
ill WJ. i.e .' I- cause ._ .-~~- h Sih -Tsew
is'mnowsof the snerm nut ts Cm lli

TWh.isAb r p J-" m--1E I too acid codtion of the -body, but t u-p-o
7n thra a flu t I,~~~. rears ak.Z0.WkZ
Sid fan.And Vis ad

-ftb__ n.ft-M-t n .'L, I "Itch _L. I _.

--* IT^W *M f^ *V^ .f* _--,,-- ------KD r-- --> --- 't^.-----ft ---^^ ^
an whet ek hc omt~MNrigypoae yocwoWr~ f~~t~|l&
WIed htooPes idnatR 1:n 4Ct :sc o waeIraaFSe0
_.. -A l o R OD a Ua [fe f po B wi -a.d WIN
OWtr By. p Jmuw e wly eee ti t.d cow as n snn. t&&- ia .
aitwteo ld q aeen the Sommw tdWa. UThe tcnfying- titch- to thelood tam lt* Ua t toWa
as o the isk eoawtiee whie.W Is btiog ae produceo but S. S. S. dor. adpn a d, a nr
Piesdtat ainevt At 2 :30*CO by'tbek 7 LSt., 9LLaubSe

rtiad oater a a left er o today in r i ad vitegtsemi the tSi od .toe

without previous sppointmeut witah thT-i gaen a y when the skin cleas off and.Edema and all-nte
p-oyster Bay. A was ul to aycpt saawi ,aa hoo oi the b au at diser t. Xfl qe
ternal afllat ions. asuch -as washe sM sin

-- from the Prearou Yseray. o r and powdersI wsi eIT AI thy
SFa comiDtamt. Um :"towkester into the blooi i or to mh t-he y- -m
Tb e ,Is the -same committee whichM .d the disease, but S. S. S. & s.............kb_
reached Oyster. ay a week agt woa 8"a4strengthens theti iu ad bao A. e .--..

bsba-iiL fel own on a rock, trkikl X "IJ Alll~ "L U XliAAAVJNiUJ -m. fl
Ing his temple and died four hou-h io- .&l
without previous anointment witb h;t- f ilea] tC, Whetthe akn cer ftadRsAadeiStufq
presdent-and which flu unable to ~QP~.DOCk oSthe SkinE aml 1t8 damm-hm. ee
am him.a a erm a

l ater. O1 c; F r. 7
Lexingr:n. (;Ara. J ly . .i ..I -T *I, -

San Fracico. July 20-HaatIUb has4w 01 .
aded the government through the apiai.........................000
San FranDcsto board of health, for pluA U v P t 2000 00
funds needed In the work of caring and Undivided Profits...
for a large settlement of lepers. The Poa mC ai S o. WtSjtfle eSkW aa b 1ftS go ii "
settlement contains ?P7' native Ha- b aSekonnaawd._Y_ a eniaM
waitLns., .34 -Chinese. 10 _Portugu,,e. a. a LTAfT ta
in En sirh and Germans, five Amer. - __ ___ _" ... __ ___ ___ _u -
cans .ntt frur nl.-,roep and Malays. .
Itr D' -au e a
Sums la bmiElmklachua 13.M&4

eMnl a Ibap beead mi |rn I
both. Tra have been dao avlinG N TV Weomrw Gl aAIE 1STILLe, FLORIDA
to 511m t- that simm hadiovwS a
.BMH OK! l--- i ,_--- __--:h "^* "- .w .- ".- <
I I3 W dt"_L le_ i Seearn' o Blntri Raa
and Bosch haues. Its iale ha been is- *Our business I SiMvrUJ minfd to the Tnfl debtb~S Sea~n~c.
maarImbke and it snet fmk If you nano enbIp of iand, andwe have noppnvat or penis)'xfnpnilnqia
St the Paste o your dealer. writ direct a with that lminess. W ke. a .peeity of they u qs- tZ k- ea
the 8teas' niEectrkc Paste Co. Tdbane make exhauitive inmeniipcation of title. We repmeat fy_ iaIn>
BDuldiin. Chicago. IXl. and it wil be aatl all mitten vctriainiasK so the nlleinaent and pneosr. s I hia
10o yon eiprei p .epaid onL ncapdo.|demptikn of oqtflandiug tax sale. Whoaw yen.- nn- --Nl-
It f e.s to ue, and rids the h of i vice in our linF call on or writelb. Notary pa s In Se.
S _ee ccckaecbes. etc. Small msae, ;. -- COL--E Iu w .-
Hotel= eighbttiaM. te qontity,$La itsR"UL y-W1

i -


-1;.- -

I. * -
~4* .
i -
I 4
S '
4 A


tIl c xorxo ._tqL( "
LI=pCrQXJ 4ft9000 *-

E. E. VOlE. MGL i
Abstracts of Title Shd full Ibtormatlon famlm.hed 1 b I
county. Our manager has lived in thias eomtl um esa nd
is thoroughly converant with I Z '"" -

santing a number of prominent A-merican aS Emglali waal..
Jas. Everard's Canada Malt S i.e_,-tie flsijd = '
RED STAR ---.....-- "--
U u Atnrim ____II as tAMi-' u.An


-- 4 -
. .1

-. .-fl

. -. j. ..' ^

* I

* V

I-* ,
' 4 "








I- ~ -

~ -
~rp ~
C~ ~

r, -- -
r -



* :0!


-7: '

I l~tr a ma i-S
Wflee a eam ef

a n.o

nhnwaa twas-
:-lm--ii ellim Iss -lift
'-! ._ --amm-,i ra n
e mau-v a .a -u a

4aJim-as l

SMe fl w to VumabM1

of NeowTYL


orVfWa .IvaM

Usecdttt sese Seis
as. A P. ?AIUA.

a mob1 a Mi

tA. saKWint.
L P.,

s. a nwa'J.
J ft 8TQfMlAN.

; owIL


-- or state.

t3/._ ... A C

+L : -.- V^ i^J- y.
- Atato ruqeM'aL


-a- Aff__ _
E'i;- a.L.

' _. -- .- -.-M V
SJa es 8 of Cof P 8tx flml.
^I atfsrwi TAaLOR

4w s-am siV __nm__ -t.

J. A. W10S.-WLD.
0. K, T!L .

Caittj Judge.

1I -


The difference between rising every
aorningat6 and 8 in the eoune of
toty years amounts to 29.200 hours, or
8 yean, 121 days and 16 hours, which
are equal to eight hours a day for ex-
actly ton yea. So that rising t 6
wiu be the ame as if tn years of life
(a weighty consideration) were added,
wherein we may command eight hours
every day for the cultivation of our
minds and the despatho of business.

The New York Tribune declare that
l -,-OMA naaJr Ba a" -


i :AOL:.
^^~~~~~o --t .VWW
-_ e -
S.m at fl wl'bW i-:

Sat jeer w eat a Im in ing a tf
fl b *thb p mw~ tj

Is Iqaerohs fluin'hgb~s
the ope air asd ar ia 0wSe

timu is te urflnt eouine .1 beauM
k exmmato bea d thefl
mth gdfl 1 Ml lthI worMl b"t
the thinking a=O It so.

The atteduan at

she -st.

o WWW Is d will haes bs
a Uo os0 t e -e of -M
p r has -0 copper eS d
anod aktM, tebofit mti he .pv-
hawbg beesPrn taO A m rd o
F.per eating hpon kinwt R
fla embe aimed Ito 144 6p
at a pound of 316kel. 60113gJ4
pem ment .40se ons a ho be esof
into 4 worth of nemnties. P-m.
mise maclu eIn, mawral uoseni,
amas to o arO; a few .years o te
-Im prudtlally unknowsn ni u"

The oly ft allow d to o"t above
the Stm ad Stripes on he oesh of
ow Dih i t s he ehn h k ag, a bred.
white t mer witb a blec ros. It.
pruee marste one of he mossi t=-
praive ights on shipboaTd-4be-
and venie every Soanday moraiJ
ade-bded fl fli sorm and mel. Near
Jy all demosimnasIoms In their namicau!
wwembllss have lately protected
1' the ffgowing seslarIsatflo of
the Ltords Day. In at wt one bram he
of the effrerm ent anlos., the navy,
Sunday has gained rather than lois
with the years In token of respect -
Youth's Compienho.

Pawind shie newet drepublie in the
s sterhood of nation, sets a good ex*
ample to the west. Is has determined
to dbad its army and sell its three
small war veles. tRhasesmse to the
6oead8a that an army and navy are
a needlme expense and tempt the
oeswy to go to war. Ifb all other na
uom eou lee their way to dosawdn
lag their armies aud dGiWaiWing their
aswls, this would be a moch better
world to lie I and a decitdedoly cheap-
er one. Let all bands stop fighting
for a entry and see if they are not
much rieher and happier as she result.

Much alarm and mewspsper d inva-
sion has vaulted from she fact that
lommlgont un sow emos the Atl-es
t1c for $10. Is has been given out that
most of the poor people of lbs old
world ouMd at once embark for Amer-
ioa,sthe land of pmosperisy and high
wage. As a matter of feet the jamS.*
grotlon up to date Is a little len than
that of last year, when she passage
cosetmore. It is estimated that the
total of 1904 will exceed 700.000,

STwo hundred pounds of candy are
being made every sen minute In the
Palae of Agriulture as the World's
Drinking to drown orrow islike bor-
rowing at 10 per cens to pay off a debt
that mals for no intent.

If the calendar is to be revised, it
wold be a good thing to have pay day
eome twice a often.

Within a year diamod worth
800,0G have come through the
York custom hoe. -

When man and wife are truly
it is mually the story of th lion
th lamb. _



This country's tmi make me of
W,000 ( -pae--ger ears and 1E)0,000 for
freight _____

Reward Offered for Nb.
Dawson. Ga, July 20.--eue Nix, the
supposed slayer of W. 0. Caababl!u
who was shot In front of lb store
July 16. has -not yet be captu.t
and Sheriff D. K. CXhristie ha at out
clrculars announcng a reward -of $00
fM hs delivery In s rrel meaty.

Your Uv
SWill be roused to It natural 4Dtkt
aSm ypour beousne da, wfdae aM'
asUpsom be cared If yea tak

uooa'. PM.
Sold by alif^afl se
ftM^^ by^ al--- 14"l^^^^ ISOM ^^^ft




-4 .-* -~

a..- Pr ."p. +



-., *- j -
- .- i

- ia



Resod -TuOP. -O
ale daily. Good
ti bdLe. IL
RoumdTrip. Om
sile daily.. 0G
*-ixty Gags.




- ma G"I e!mn
geei a beome.--=



MUM tbimf Atata and CbatsUomS oar m -o r s aaai
sk e"y" n
OeO(eInarm npla wit ts own raftns loSt. Lo. Two d tMfm ol
Vsek T" AWs or.

afeMtbS a sd at atetoina BSBN *l W Su Oljmbea m"
kw noh ;her So fr. Lake Toas -lflt
.S. 'eC .. IS
DIniet maI Arme 1 WeORO 6.. b l. lb





A Uisazofe d- Osnrus

Masgasi sbould have a weflldeaed pusrpoe._ .
Genine entertainment, moment ad men iereati ane the =au I
of The Smart Set, the

Most Successful of Magazizes C
its nove. (a complete one in each number) an by the most brilliant a-
-hoo both hembpbem. .
Its short Soietm are matcblee-elesa and full of human ieWent.
It poetry ewvering the entire field of w-ve- _-, le, IO mor, tend .
nea-i by she most popular poets, men and w van, 1 the day.
Is jokes, wittlisms, sketebes,eot., an adi-tadly aethe US mirh pis..
16o Pages Delightful Reading
No pegsc are wasted -a cheap illuassatloma, editorWa "wpnii or weary-
ing -ny aa idles d iscnarn wd
IS~7SS4MM dbe0.msat
Dvrmrag will Intern, charm and refresh ye.
S. enow-4t letter to TEE AMfl 4U, fif Las, eM e
N. B.--Sample Copies Sent Free on Applicatiou
---___~~~~~ ~ ~~~ "_





Oe the A. C. L and S. A. L Ry. V. J. SHIP

None Better in the Steat$ a Day.
Meet all Trains.


t*AU, Prturd

a U m





Mte~~rt(4 hwinProplnM. ljrietnt
r- ^LA~thin- ^oE b


' 1





~- -






Wordi Fair the U maM of Apri,
Nay and June ao up ,-M being
unerig 2AOOAO sKhort of the an~deass
as the WOrM'S Fair n- cirno or the
aMe period.
Look out all you wie gyS for the
woman who blaa- to at feptbg
edibe o eater to your appetite. Yo
only Safety is in putting your bean t in
cold storage.

You may ties tie and time again
if you are obserng, that is te a
married man to remind Saingle m
that be' on "Eay street ad withl
both feet.
UIf a man uld ae his leg opor-
tonately a fat a an ant be wold
travel somewhere about SO) ailes am


- -, -;* --
-. - ---
-aCIaCILt* ~

"7 4%.;

C- -
'lit C
- r~-~'~ ~

-ni-SL ---'-- "' --- ---*- "'' - " : - '

| _shi.i. ''M trunk-
sue ha& ar aM. i

I" -- s -i ala -
^'"f- ^ wusrntttM iabso tuack

.4 L -w o

I-Us. IN. toibid-haw
at.:-f-- w _Th. -" a-.
.M, ..0-. a-. T. f yw
--.... eri u,. .. o flb m

be.nm d go ""-et
y^6.0- *"a._.. a .- --o.-...w-

_-.- . ...d h .-dly wi- r ai ft -a ,
|-.t.y.t..t... N.-M ,,, o&,e. h .KM.t
o. aow- a--6
n W._. -.4 .-
-..- to. TaM. b.w-. line
f... a-.-_.s i a id t ao wf'-

-7-. .. .oa_ u,-.- ., dl.
-*_N -wfaeb gh .a_.- Loo_ I
:fltofr hiaiae ma thI ^MDe-t
~ ~ MScBfhBdehln oebe

Tt otet ,,, ..,o : a.o ,im ,i
thiC 4$ nrm, aj)eeiaf tm

- a aase- w 'a .- r - -. 3 3
W:; *lid.btsaSBe ikwn ilrnh/
-kor_ eM -S eo-r"-a/
-* a
i..- O zn..l.w- .tur I
*...t..- uo, -~ q ,-

d a a..I. 0. -: 60m depar,, -I
I. ..-*! t _:. .-_-...w Y et Nm, -___. ....e _

a" -.. t Ses Iq. am.. np

Dmiarhes Daedr' ap Ms. Usatle
BMr. o nr iavi Va. 0 ,,I saf
-.feed ius skucab dlawhoea for te
-- ar ad tutg saut sin tried Tariil-
- medisisa without obtalaaig say

I : : : At S m Mm .n S
I id a tea iflW, .

I i-: 4j :,.-,-i- 1- '--- ."l""/--^^ w :.-- ,-" _*:-: l" tte ..... :bI f-:

_I: : ': II "-- ," -',-nt ... ... _.. do- aa ....
teg~~f IlfotnC~ P t hymahtewEaJW tbe

*W~~~l~fisa -- tfK' -- hwg fl~l *---^--
" -a ,,- -"

-a_ civ -s wm-- wh-sm A.

imilhlIi in **1 Wlllir &t clD Sht d^ptheo Sifteof
l J _Snls s;fll. t.whbtlO,,.a gir, at Ap..

! to_. D. Tf" pie-m rain thee, do at ,is 0S

*i-. -BEBK H^H9 *^Bi--._oB ,^.U. ^w. .!.r -. ,.:^BI^ - -i^ ^
I...r1 bea .t tie. .d whichi
.~~~~ ~~ Y I A,-0 .i

Iaedrb the ds, e oi-toed Ite G a4 ammO

Mn IWScxi~kitf Sflbh~l whnw acthey muth roaS spa ties
ub*..thT. tO. t.N alt Ml_. to empleM -t o-te1 -M
q e .mtem_ --o i w""-.w--_ ---"p Be: ."-a a ts s-

waM nib^Ll. ymamlrm, "*0 ..* o_ ..___. __e _. htr
N" S--"m whine -s tb s- ma lrt Viop .. a Fr, wrtte.ltb

snagSbi> hn isiraiu tttif t~a ftU efablms CometS a
1 ,, eWs). Wnos,:- aly ;m. !tie '/tai ha ,d a t ,,'
Ir -M ,"" .--- ,-* ,- --" i tae the great. S Be wf ha
____ ____- Lm rtlu It is cgoves pe
,jr. we= agaRlast-the uncut o a*panih

MEET tor EM N SOpo r ADr. tat fraomasB ths 3e ariS Cek
I b t NaM1"poleoneue atthtrl ate t
aws Cane tqsr. ofy Cttle whew mlewlug thebtaps
W--, -a,... .It
I :.-. . ._ -, :U - .'loC cla- ,u tM

bto.i--fco, Wc.-ia afwoo fI-- e ,, t,, Jp ,,et ,d,,Inei
rft flS W Oisk -ih 1 thiS SMJ -v W t Wh taMt

rJIB1.34thlt Wsdr-e eisgkt .1d .mak IBIS tb~edr blr, StOr~ S -
usee ssfi

h. Or-.t Wof in. i of/A.r tbe be v1 o

et. Wrasia j Sf blOt ann wha thee U.tndapmr trade mben1
fle aeasbodpse earns the umfler townsof N^Ipn bare. a
puslq D W.H. SI ots cu, flonds wayd aoit iu e g wther bu,

5.3. CoWS ci Orange' atOe their rihta torn r1 to e
1*. 0. Wills ofe Slrkt After hee pdtytatt he tb. obm mnke a shVe.
... l, .d &,,i are aty I~,~,JImeIn bbm1 work

'"" -* 1 ;^saintly aSt ehin'yr AmM M amt at
a ~ XMNN uqs2W. h a Wdoa .thew 111o- C of
Imkqflcteni Stfla teyastoParnkb

theit~l WS ~flflos -at heco

V an WA l' d-i. w- -- X.-
I~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a :: , nn,,ei f to ob f allls trod".e

lThe ese tidal w- sometie Tak, se t- n is m Wb. mn

s-a. o -f two waves, paidtwsd by the b. i d a. a. Isi. sAb. ems
!C.- s. Bo x Ii boo. tier *^Re o tpm---h-, sf oemsk er M iou.

m, d a o- the hm ome. btb-ad ,,m o5" fl ,,.Swimci
W -, -up"0a...s d.- a ons

I m". -Thisl wave In .tmost darn- -f-lem* USs
gn farm s-, oweimes "weep. over os_ c a. a from..ka a
skips I. 4tbe o at I its cr4& tia m&
at - --,&- stop a -fvg & vrb
i~ ~~~~~~t pei Owtw b." so n,. _,. "W_ ____

heSni _ _--_e . -_w
duo eofrpeucot.aea ftlkw Wei dkfroomS
bkA* Wats"" Bom vt ke pmnw u)theso n
I4F 3P Cinits sto niw a Haigh;@ iso =II, On.'t.eir. ri,,b. foeams_ b

!fty e t produce t~amIB pr lb imatw- utei an x.r oMf teooirS

Where the outline of the land. as Ins5slhb er re6o'kok, taa
the bay of Fundy aSd the Bristo chan- for 40' Mo gl. boob
De, omrcmthe Awrc of Its w flode&MBmobSS-40" WW^L am
--u ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ i uu-ed ow,.av Im0 --o-_ -.IiWE giv
wth ~arrow estOar6eu m it ao gives rt-- t L h A, --L__",
to tidal waTre which ae termed de- be o'. t .T uc m
ratie and are also known coMoqulal Su11inmMtVI
Iy as "bors" or agreed.
Earthquake are alao a eanu of tidal
waves of two Sorts. One I. due to
A which occur on land and cau .
A, retrat -and -u of the oa witin ,
the usual tidjil Imle but when an ^ ^ ~
eatbquake shakos the ea bed a dom I H
daped amount of water rea ever the l
"em- of the dhtr.ance and draws -.O .
tbe m1mc -water Into the Toru i T
beiiath It, As thiW dome -uabddefIt ------
li df an Imaen e rolni mn8 w I 11 o wing
lc acrws the ocean, which d create r an I e rn U
maot formidable, tidal wave.


Z- 1 4"60

- A-.- --


We pay frght or epm chug
fo ow, fiqun

LEfl nsWi. Away Ab Evaytik, b 1o I
4 fnul qaarW .................... (SE
s fulljarW ..................3..la1

BL_. s MMi MA. 0 Tom owe
4 full quart...........,
12 fall quarb ........*....

4 fuI quatW. .........0..
6 fu quartB.......*.......
1, fll qart .... .. ... ..*U

4 futi quarts
6 full quarts
1s full quarts



-3c -- .. \-. ._ .s-^
-";- r .. ..>^^-_ '._.. ._ .-, ;, .' L
--- ;. .








bOSS ass.
I U S S 0 0 o a

.* S
* *

is iw

... SIC
... 451
... 9 94K

*O 06 OS * 5 @ew* 00@
* U C U C 0 5*4*SS @* *0S


"t* -





Reveals the News and Facts governing
Studies- underlying cam of Markst
Xf wwlt faa maa 441.t


S -2

Pe -Isw w :. -


--l:- -

.-. " *' -. -"

We handle everything in the OIkpw tee a
agmits for PNt Milwaukee ad Jngb B .
Whiskis. (Bizn Rm from 140 toLO0 pw .ilo
hi.nia Wine from 1.000 to 3%50 p-__ IS.
p Wine of al dfea1At*oaM
PS" reof %lIw MML.ot





K z-P


A-! IT

I .

4 -_
. ..... .. ~ ~ ~~ . . .. -. :.:,- _...
" "" "- " "' "' ... e -- L i


* *..~ t
~ -L -

* ': -: --



-^ --~ -mi toy ipstKmsein
-t^gtl^ -* otte hi ela Mad

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Work Tied Up on Many Large New
York Buildings.
New York, July 20.-All. carpeners
employed by. the Master Carpenters*
asoclation have been locked out by
fl aht th hni.rd ,if rrrnjrm, ,tt ^f ht I


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Alletnadria6. IadovJ"aw eODOM hfdiy
e an ay lep. I Ibad consumption so
bd$t1at if X walkWd a block I .would
oopgah fritfullyw. and spit blood, bat,
wben allother medieinesft faiJed, three
bottle of Dr. King' NOew DiOOv.
eywholly ca"~ "fa and I- gained 58
poand. _Its abliolutely garanted-
to are eomeh, ewetth oalappe bromat
ebla and aU th at ad long troo bleet.
Pad S aed Ins. Trial wbotles free
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Victor Safe and Look Company

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Take The Atlantic Coast Line


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JOHN tl uuP, Up.t

WHY IC STAYS N TOP Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Soervice *
uwrter- son. toa. .Oth" Time Table in effet Jute 5,- m5. ITAM. inEWL
ItO^^tIMe U I De**o GALNESVUILL An*,.~sFrom------ :-
enwke Uvnw il, Jaw nnve. .. v. S-. .. K....
It Is one of th i0mosextraordlnar Depator .a aasamap tarn
tdings in thi extraordinary world-- ---. --- .A-. i
writs Henrry Martyn Hart in the Out- 7)O p m High S n aSa3d aer- 1040am EI [ 9 raw IATISf
look, that water should be the sole aex Daily median Point Daily t mJ U
ception to tie Otherwise universal law 12...p a Oats Lemb-ig --d Tamp-, s-d 3 p r
that. all- ailing bodies wntraet aS
therefore lncOmsein density. Da lotMMu --iI .-p Dly .
Water contracts as Its temperature 2:10m Flaka Dto, JaaonvBilh, 1:50 p m
talls and therefore becomes heavier nn Nonh, East a" Won DSI|y
and sinks until It reaches 39 degrees. H gh Vpi Wym B Bruawiek,
At this temperature water is the beay- 12:15am Hi LR WayeroMa f aannah, BrMwi, Ws 8:16 pm -
leMt. This Is the point of Its unyimn n Daily Mbay, Atla all Poin North, at We Daily -- -
density. From tal point it begins to, -" -- ...- .. ...
expand. Therefore in winter, although 8:16pm a 1 oM11 M.. ca 9aw Ulteri-rGaiaii'cv:OlhB-JodSa r
the surface wmay .e freeing at a tern- rn, _Nehee, MkM opy ad C itra m G ie !8. Mi -
perature of 32 degrees, the water at -ai" t ; .- .
the bottom of the pool Is six or seven -'--w- n-- .. -... .0........,e.r De l
degrees warmer. IW soam t " "& 7-.J .........J. Rtur- _imit *s.
Suppose that water, like herrythlng Dail High- Sprinp ,p.1 $S*......... Ren liit 16 dfl
else. had gone on. contracting as It e '.Mondau..y Iturn. _-.. peial amolach excurna ZS. Re
oled anUl I t ,eacbed the frein -- tr i_ mi td -a-- ys 1naO, da. c.
pout The lewaitp water would havo Ii hnpiMle MSiSap tgkOU, good oo 130X)0 mte of 03 the prm Ticka mid Truady io Jluo. _
sunk to the low.t plhce and there bhie- Pal IIYWS ittabmh.Stspef c as by the P$U SUtai go. U(WfX1,31 lov raiV icesk eL-
come Ice. Altgh It Is true that T u JIS ep w2N Y ati On-^ L .m i Wnaen
e~gt ~nS f atr n'om nnelitsLine; also tviaASSMIG (Liaeasd SuthernRilway.Din. -
eiUbt pints of water r omie iune pints ,o-cm ple c tnfo- m, al OB --a_ A ila_ "
of ice. and tbcreforu leetwrp, &moat. o napleute l_ -rt mil:uH_ SBS ee.4g
J. A. OOOWDWNTkS loMut, Oa _suih ss-m--ms--appl-
showing above toe surface an eighth Addss .
of their bulk. sWt had the water when FRANK 0. BOYL8TON, Coal Agt.s W. D. STARKE TI" p.b Ap J, M aUNO. Jim. Pan. At.
at the bottom turned into Ice the is w, Bay W.-. nto SUt. oingj aasmvws, t. W. ,Bay St.. Jeat.I-l.f
tones would hare locked It in their ] 31. EMERSON, T1f. ig., W. J AO., e. Pa. flL.,. ""- -" -
Interstices and hed It there, and before WWUminiom, N. C.nai t WcJa, t.. 00 L. L TONE, O. A., L_.ile. .
the winter was over the whole pool d S . ... . |- .- _I _- I ..
would become wold ice. and all the po - -
Afsb would be e mntwbed in.clear, bns.swa-szawam l3.l -i
MtuI crystaL
Ck"MH F I "IIq "i" II IIIalandiDII
Chambeans0Choleraand D U TTO N &CO. -I
.I.s d..Wy is .-rtt-n to be neeOded EDZAJM,!SIINa..mmm
in almost -every home before the vom- s,-,Se ., Esl1" pn -, ,,_ llllI lI
or ta over. I ...can always -be de- 3 I I I
peuded upon evvsa in the' Most severe
and dange so es. Itis espeially Island Cotton Seed, Baging and Twine.
valuable for sun~er disorders in ehilftS. ln otnS d T
drin. It is pleasant to take and never Leather in Stps or Sides .IIII lm IH
talsu to give pmnnpt relief. Why nat A
buy it now?.1 t'im a, iSlife. For .






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th f lL_-. f-
I :'-ir rln !** n-----".i .L: ". -M -"y---T -.t ,ip~j (--
I^ ^ "? _Ibi: .:-_-:T -V-.---' ."---.: --.'-- ;. .-
I flWSY. ia -wa 7,,[ gnu,; -
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.b-- aS-. G wm' Ds ,l e_ -. t-g -' _:.-- .-
I a .ma.. by' Orami MS a- ssxn.- "". v

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the C. of Db., toi; T. fiO to ill oo mbei in nmek.oiTe,

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for the odgeft t'hravng theTA 8TJGE

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rt*f haggrgat opailleg aa rnd for the C^AwtT8gW. wet a OMe.DA
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tIS mePs and Foet Ramrl o- Ro.
L"abJ. Krs, n.ob-m-so o- jt-We, la Florida
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di a. a food vaeor of G a .- .
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Send Your
Order to the

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Orders sent to us
receive prompt atten-
tion and the class or
work we turn out is
bound to please.,




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at- A

_e_ -_ .. -.. -- soveniently located premises in this
Old newspaper for ale t The Sun ston.
a1. ttP :- ,..... .
S._ P..teso has returned from a W. T. Cheanut .and sn of Arredondo
brief visit to Jceou.ile. were amoag tbose who arrived in the
s_ .. .. eity yesterday. Mr. Cbeenut is a mer-
Sinnsos'eo womerful-alve for sle .ta of that p ace, and came on bwo
..yW. Wi oluamkCo. -
..... U der-a k_ i.m ,. ma eis. H. s enjoying a very fluie trade
a -Wio le Undrsoertaking omp at that _-t.
a ft-Bown How eomer store. -t "a "POI
J. a o er of KrkOOd w". An Captain 8. H. Gaiskillof McIntoSh,
-_" *y a -- -"-"Wa- --one of the lead"in citizens of that pro-
-,. _._a. y_. .gr_ ive village, was among the is-
J. N Patter of R oebell. W toN ato GCinesville yesterday. Captain
_r, She wvtists to this eity yeser Guitkill is a tracker, but report. that
day. he ha made little money thisyear.
Tha. L. Hodguon of Wilhisto wa Renmmber the excoursion to Fernan-
thm le visitors to Gamin"lle yes..
Sison"ille ydina July 27. via Seaboard Air Line.
"y. Special rate of $1 for the round trip,
B. k. Jordan has returned. from a with special train leaving Gainesville
.brief b.ei u-s trip to Cedar Key and a o'clock, .and .returning leave Fer'
other poal. nanudina at 6 o'clock, arriving at home
Vo-luXom hity of Micanopy is in the in plenty of time for bed. See Cobb.
city a .--viIt to his siter, M1..J.. For Sale or RHDt-Hoose and lot
FMV ber Iill. known Ua the Jaekton home; contains
W ,Gffln of Misop.y was .amo nine room, situated corner Arredon-o
B. W. Griffin Of My wa among ae 8f. Also 0 eres of
*"*M tog do and Mechanic is. Also OS Ices of
thbe who favored Gainesville with a land two miles from city of Gaines-i
vTii yeoierday. .ville, Fla..; 50 acres cultivated ; .16
-. .. large i. well furnished refm o tre. plenty water. Inaire
M-,-, b-- -, ,.*---.- Apply- -,t E r Voyide, Ga--inesville, or M-i
n" i ORI, W o next...qar. -. ,p-"da-% --"we"- "n So--'
F. s i.- S n 13A South Third street, Ocala.
Fl. Ft dawtf
Foe' le-From August st store The Continental Cafe hu installed
mm Cmo o. Apply Tfnhe.
V. P~ ,IPtoo.Iire tweo lgeeletric, fans ad s now lit
M11is. JRoger, representing Swift b electricity In place of gas, making
a Co., J-ksov.lle,. was am g the it o of the coolest and most strae-
y y toIthqelt4-,aI. tve dinilgroomas in the city. The man-.
F-. .. undertaking e m e gement y they ezpet to give
flawaaf.ttf loaaa -s fl-aseaanew Gainesvillea strictly flrst-elaMs er-

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but fly or.1 caak. mmdca brief visitso
.rtm" s Ihsptd. reWmae

J. L. Medli ol f NeMrith one of the
as wdy m s wn naval tOer oper-
a" I" tin. aso"e, v AS mug Wm
Wos ged Qatiuesuite a visit yestrday.
Obales Hems aY_
fbagr ask eo flu

.o.U.. mt~M. i,,d ,o, eo.tuoe d
me *ewMm by MRinilt
agompany_,. Brown Howe eomer

Ms. K. N.W oa departed yfer-
day for Ash,,Mfe, 5 ., 0 where she
pIopose3 to spend the remainder of the
amer. Friends wish her a pleat

Tlades salUng eadn gsntlemeams
Mres, buo sea auds, and any other
kisd of eae printed in the late"
Oinoat this Se-sad abe price-it
INreaoble. too.
M1. S. MN Walton departed yester-
day for Asheville, N. C., whe thsbe ex-
pem to spend the remainder of the
heated term. Friends wish her a pleow
ant aad healthful trip.
Mr. aO Mrs. J H. Earle have re-
moved to the haodgme MeCormick
residence, C West Main street, S.
akL -%sAw oSut em S MmI&an;s uSut uS in ern

pleasant vimit to Mr. and Mrs. H. A.
Ford in this city, returned to ker
home yesterday. Miss Youngs is a'
charming young lady, and made. many
friends during her stay here, who will
be always honored to welcome her,
again. Sbe took passage in Mr .ford's9
private car.
Among the prominent victor to
this ity yesterday -were Dr. J. B.
Curtis of Orange Heights and John C.
Wills of Starke. whb6 came for the
purpose of attending the meeting of
the board of pension examiner, which
is held semi.monzhly In Gai cwievile.
Dr. Curtis is not only a fine physician,
but also manifesto c-muiderable inter-
est in pecan culture, and ha posibly
the finest grove in the State at Orange
Edward O'Neill has returned to his
home in this eit from Cedar Key. I

.............., .. .. ..
--.-m --p

I : .9.S11i am

ibflfld gn- -
Sitd-- !m i -0-4p B St 8"
-i. .ua. ..,.,. i V .r ,,

dI-es h.Se -- the.. i m wfll
57 t-,M .-.._. S.-na .
grefly ured S ( aft

CwdaorJ. R. oter of Fai.ueld
-i of the .US.S PainS d hoe
ae-le mud Gulf, e pied by
hi wife, m e i the city y. Ida_.-
Ibey veo oeote to New Ywek d
Oher point, where thy will spewm a
W. C ie sad chm V. er
of AL moa were smug tf 4 o.v-n to
Gaiaei-Ief yTawdag They a, smug
the m=t prgreve SibAer op that
ea. Mesm. Ri. NAd t w.a
wem. em reoe to Sabh am. wben
th erxpat to spend a few dayn re
69pewi atg.
Mr. md Mn . ChmbeLlim of
hda were is M bwsits yeteuday ad
dined w th Mr. amd AM. J M. Qa.
baa They were -va o nto W-.h,
ifbos, fNew York City amd Aibsal,
where they wi quPed a sew weebs re-
eUaertig. Forie wMh she a
piM .Mt trip.
Among tshe clever travelIong mo who
paid Gaies wille a viit yotprdoy wa
JohIn W. Nicbols, who is aprsUSIg
the Americann Ga Company, Aants,
oGa.. maDUfacturef of tiwmm of all
kinds. Mr. NICms. enjoys a fine trade
through this etio, aond hbis friends
are always glad to see him.
Ji Fleteher Bornett, for the pamt
few months Omnectod with the r law
offices of Layton & Carter, be. asept.
ed a position in the store of L.MJ.T Burk-
himn as alesman. Mr. Bufett is a,
popular young moa who han many
friends. and will so doubt prove a
drawing card at Mr. Burthimt's store.
Th. residence of H. C. Deusom ha.
just been beautified on she interior by
a liberal application of haidwod finish
and wall paper of the latest and mon
modern designs. The work was per.
formed by A. S. Taylor, and isseredit
to his ability as S3L*AISL Mr. Taylor1
*zpeeta stoon to begin work upon the
interior of the home of Mrs. Truee
Mius Eva Youngs, a charming 7OUDg
lady of Lakelantd who has been on a

Caskets and

e CofinsI



FSde~msewt flower Mtpdn. Cut4irows
Oa Order. mix ad Dt afeesabf far
aMWIPMOpureOR ad'e. NHa treacts
d0bssf f wsmS and dt&mtetStfcd of intee-
don a omflahon dTaOnm



ASd UrI-


and the Iatst Styles




Fine Fadeless Fotografs
From LocIket to Life Size
High Grade Copies a Spe-


- -- Y~- ~'Ml



_,. -- . .

I. t t wii.b !N

A. f',is ie p dq S

b a Us U Wh iem
Pwam b" ws a Sno
tWritt Ernstt -f mM flf
a ... is -,W a,,wn. U

asw l ain hrwciny 1e .ma

~*By hiss, bs aO b -- heed
aer Nlseks,i enIsse daty pesndq.
Ir. atie s. m.a t.o be am- ta
U" pq.mie" .ntern i tian "A".
aHe...s.. a rmrkwabe smeemof
Olery "alts is r Pak. we. be
has beea employed in a large groewe.
BDe. P. J. Lyah of St. Patriok's
Osbolie CMrenh hs hm Nkorth,
whert be expafW to tfois ta* the
Mumr. He will vIt Nwv Yo.k.
Boi a ols- pIatt. a"ad will ,-
doubt be gndg buehu by ihthet.
FhIaer LyAci sh a mol m pep-
I alr C(btJdic siaimsn ia F erids d
will be -led durdig h veU
,ime be eeveral ehtcebe k
I j

Thel Gainlesriflo

Undorlattig Go,

It *. US bW win,


. Florikla

Inniim I


toop (tif hjN.*. eoi

Sought t. (B Loss, Sold uil
q*stf Qtd@ ~A

Baird Hardware Cs.


I lL m ai aai




NEW 000D8.

. 0


Carry Complete Line of

', l"l'v

'' ~ 11

, i ,. .i, ''";.' ,: "

i .

4 4 .~ 4 .4 - i 4 '1' i i. .


'Published Twice a Week-aMonday and Thursday

4@ % *..P -w ..,ruArpn Pb~w' "' r

VOL. XXIII. NO, tol2



The .Cairtpai I Opening Up
Inb aroet.


Ar asoCuso

N. Y

~let Will 00 Made To Get Judge
Patker te kglin His Active Camr
pain In the Middle West Skon Af.
ter NotifIcetion Cerenmotlee
iea)pus, N Y., July 2--iU Lopus touk
ao U erw atwmospheru to&ay with thu
airial rdl Ule fnrst train brialgli New
York nir% tiprs. The ounflertuc
of New York DeVIucrats hbes lut
night at the Hotffniau house was tbe
subject of bhe keaInnL lateriet tU t)he
VIiagors, 'who iUlherlo have been
oulhteut li thL kuowilede of Judgea
Parker's uominatioln, without bothor-
tag about any of the detalls or gesilp
aietanctud with hili campaign. The
judge himbnit shubo an itertu t be-
fad his iseta calm sad tL brrekfast
rekd the Sewspapr sccounut of the
emtfreinso with elea attention, but,
a usual, without any comment which
ou14 rMaoh the niewsPalLpr men-
A report is curretS that there will
be an liort to get Judge Parker to
bein his active campaign in the mid,
4l t Ot with a speech at Ch'icaak
"eon afttr the notificallon rceremninit,.
It la iinderstooi tlhmt,.ayor Ctarter -H.
Harrlscon, only to havr the first Itl Kguin of the
ilmpal4ltil AUed In ("'icago. but to have
atdlge Parker and William J. Bryan
ea tl platform tougthr liupn ihat ot. I
C3t11. Of liurlH nothing detfltili'
o that subject caLn hbe leirni1d lherOs
for Jufge l'arker ahsolltely rtfuieC
to 4lirf tll any tf hit plan isutb)Nuent
to hit notflcation.
e fagr 0I .rtit tIlfirmtIln ttsotI Ip aJn
crreond, It will he held at Itumenolit.
JUtlri Parker tipiands to rintlan bt rre
thI.vihnUt the Crlnapaglh sav. per- i
haWp, for two or threo welfr Iat
uitre akel *Pi <', ,ts in. ar atli,. T
.iwch a Chicago. Phib:adephIa andl
New Vorlk, nd filposibly lnltollt
It a a1 onuiltldu, wory warn day
It H'il r &rm day)
at n 1-.' IJil, *t Juig r tingan Itill
par! ,. 41 in thIl rl, r, ai lols al. thl.,
atI I !sit, ti iI u I) Tn Sithapl-'r he twif k
tip 'ri* u Vtlinii s tall. il,
**\ri,.i .;| i % snntre In h .'imasia, L
I.,.:. ,r;.it,, ife p-,.lo ally will bt a v'mtr o '
S.- ' ..natir (,rl aimi n It was
aI,. at I. t tiount tolay thl t
,1 .... iiI rJ hrad 3rii it xII Mi tor an
t:ld'll i,.,n to rtuii w..Ti Mr. )avils ,
\ '' i,- t r tit ist -.t at or al vi it A 1t 1l
hl Hi eat' i':< 4 1ipn thi W s .C Wil l
ot 1 i ... r laa of thp tilt l.iial ron iitn i
llpe ri. n hi1 ur!., I #lntow tq .
It i. ,Sid hat. th i qw~ "-t'Tin ouf tist liun
chiirn t :afl i ti .l n n.,l will ntIt ihe
flnally acs;t;,' s fsr oct> dayi.
f ',o' .tne inys.%
Ti.KtO's Inforniatl.ii sr"ll1 to g ive
a'd" fiorc Tr rin tiprctssion that
ttia PI ari. *r wijl not r igli hiL In iJu.a
tion in the e t. T f ,r pinai. uttill t A
t Ti'.(.o : ;l nei l itt i n o jt ll -il i
tnat ,n This w.,v ,, ,i a the t -,
+ ,,'n ini art-er \-! K. anl< thiu .
p t't i .'ca S A ,lh u lt r
.ll .* in No tmbeh I.. thtat
*Vt-; t;tnu uJ.r ,l4 )I ; m l d ha t ,. I '
"*'C aalorl l of a .il. ',, lit thu vi '
can ', plr,. Dr, *,.hi -rtc r + ,, [: ^i+ e

4F' f.'' I t, . i ;', ,t ,itf l.I i! ; ,. .'.ii I) ,
', , ; '), l; . ', ,' ', I l, ii :A 1

-'r'; lil'

'" ." ti ..1 tt : ..fl,~, f, 4* N ,,. Yur "

r i.. h,,; ,,. r, m.., r ', th,
' tPI, lh l o rt+ to
. hl :.c-i t~iinv+_+ i'Ict+) t!fll ;' ,
.r IArtr. r i,
Ch ., ,


6f1lrNa. PSi 10, b.ut we ehrnged
Olf Ste whIt we f!mud It would .
4W bfatre Mr. Parklr aid Mr. Dlvi.
flld VelvOd tbhir offlelal nUtlfnatloa a.
We htv *lrmdy Invitlll Air Bryli,
-lametonr Towns, amd Champ (lark* .
Tn have:prartUe4lly soeeopte and we
A ealutis n om .udite Parker.

ni,"-., -, I4
itehlers' Strike A0ginst Pekerke New
Threatens to isItfl.
Chficr AM'll', li-1 -A nhil eturt ti
socu1r ias u llas for arhitrallon in
the lock ardt rtrlke In aireeirnt
froib he Ia!( k'lr iiSi talt 'niplo}es oni
strike hall to reli,,inratiil wilthn a sgp,
;tfifd ilinu A A li ji;., today ub Prti.
lent )t ie '.1 a)I lit itci hers uilonI !
in a it'lit r i .1 Og )de Ar lmorr,
Pretdtlent Litmuelly It'tarid ltint 1:
thim conceslion hI nost mad a typllip
thul'i ltrikv or ulaiut 14.wiit their
w'orkuii nat thlu yards wUI lhe caldl.
T'hi parkeCirs rintnile toI hirei new
nle io ily k, Ithe plifesm f t Ihe itrlk.
ers They ba) tlhey Will be shile to
operalk Lbeir planiis evwA If It ) c ync-I
palhetic m llike* I cllld.
OIerallon i at th.' ,',rdi have rrarth-
ed l0 pI r arnt of thei normal ruim'tine
Is Ui largr ili kllng the
Snll)ltiremlont was malde trial thv o it
pill In all department will be In

The lieittr of Mr. rmour s %it ignldd
by PIrisl, int Lknnelly. ant Informnti
the nmpliryers in isutistancce that the
biltricr ihive yncldedl everything
powslll anid that if the pack',ts cOn"
sidetr tie wllfaro of the nm.n thomn
they havl hired since tbe strike 1ie.
O*n. lo b, of lior linmpt)rtanl(e thitn
that 4b ihoe slrleris, tuti mt app
for anlsMptance will I e trurdu tl al1
Uinrl ti 'i enFino'yi lml t the yartis.
Ttno' trrlo t.adsii* 1 ill rt-lllin at the
Sherrian houoe until a rppl1y 1- rCeltiiv
Pd f.lrip tlhe plaeker%. In the nvewr It
Is. unfanvor rIle the ltrewnii lrtd enigt
t rs at l 1 t .i. ardls, it It n ntid, will h,
fr:t Atpp itle 4 to for a iympattlii
strike Thesr unan.; thin fctrikr hett
en r expect will bt fbolSloi,'df Fty tlti I*i
of thei.. oof.rt, it atullntictr an other"
trades. .


Atlintan Knocked Down In Front of
His Reiidence.
Attanta. Jily *.0. A a reliant ot ha|-
lnut t 11 wi lait. l. a ttahlo aindl ltkn ',1 1
ed liti n whao'n allnist in front io his
rtrsidu 'tei- ,%t iI':w IIlllior ~ ir 'tr t ai. a
night, and rlbhbd tf 15$. Cceror
Thniitnoni. 1ia stone cutter. IS in 'a so
rimuly rounlltiin, thi1 aervievc of a
iphiltr'ian being tictwas'ary to sew up
the tf ti lnds iliTictvd.
Thliiompson w*s atltiwt at tthe ilrt'
of hlk rneiilnce, wheln rh uonkirown
whlt, nitan approachlet and itrurk hitti



Japanese and Russiwus Inaga
lu Bloody Couteta



Rumian s In Fight ulein Ls Sel
2.000. While the Jipane i0 CaOal,
tie Are Estimated at Only 30-lRf
ficiency of the Japaneee Infantry.
('ot t .ils Kr.sai'ma lihl FPsa.l Jli,i L tD(llayslt in Treas.
Utmiiml \I 1it tiltu troops wer
vitirMnu in %e.,tv-rday's battle at Ma
T'i~n IIL.- thaIiin previous ellage
inml nt TLbtr wtere probably double
thll*. nurlict r i'of thosa which took pat
il thr- ittiht at theiI Yal river, wfle
p|l) l 1it oh ln Wmore' only one brigade
anid no hinitai3un of the Japaeeso
frct.'4. P Th1' Iti rlan luba II *stl0
maht at The burial of the
dead re'lliinw.l, The JapaInel e .a
ul01aira fi warQa.lled 3t)aQ.
lth 't- :uaKgirmeiiliest a i rmileiort ly
demolintlraied thel wonderful efticiencay
Ocf thw Jaklaii.. iftuatry. They iprioveL
uIcmubparalI4y the better asarknasnei
I I-- i t.lti;l l, I il ; b *i'l tl lineite uits
I tiif P ii t l ll *-r* ii Dr rk itl
.iufR (I'i t "''; ) |P)nlltl

,:u n ..l-,'mq II a A 3 lt51 tt.' ^ 6iteruasitn.
itl q- i,";ll i "'d .vl ved tL.,' h tn iptrl
hir r.', 1 MUi i'.-tle inut over tho .
;to, li4 tgli vsiliatitslr tlioet tle Inlat
in :h I4t A. The. l RoVli Vr~lny
ryI3) Ill'r 1 i' a!ty artr ti afnt itndlcatI~i
ll'f. to 1;. < w'.i I v v o: tl ltg* ili flpeti(,
I: t- '',. *' the'. l'iv I V riil; ,flii#l 'ih Cortip-
I '( *i ,t 'i, t ,..: <' .i I r- : t i ii p 1tr .
i- .r,, ) .t i" !A t* \'r. s'n: t li ttr tie
T 'rr.'. I, a, i ,. If 'fl e theI phn
r;.,.' .-ill|)'l l1 @ ti tl|1 fiix i; 'fertut -

er a s'1 r,, hto( itCt1 I .IIA* l or eI
h ; .il ; p ,
r .r, i l !dri! th tii''I'u ;'r ist pl,'n-
(7 et'r n *4 Iih i' \I r rhl I. *i ( l i F tr i e Il .

er^ Sil h, Ii" .t ,t '; a 7iiopiel the
detachaII n o uf part of he JaiiPan'es
fl,'L. This i w'liy t, Wpp'urane
of thel v lunti-., r' .I!,,i i theo tid u eai


with A) l al' l Ka& fctioin.


Plan of Continuing PFiht for EIconom
Ic Reform'.
Che-.: 20-- liiam J. IDryP
o ti, ;; l iugh e Ajl toll) t f r
'nI IAe II. .. i .
1. A1 .A1 n this wek'e lis1ue 1 )
fir- i ). .. -if 1 fl l i it -- .-.

nP the hr' A.k i tst. ) el hi iand- kniock- I.I w0 in tj in r ii
i'ui him to th 1.. .. 'wall-. H-ilh Thouin p 1 <.*lk in "h.01;g t ,trls
. -t in a atilu unIt ouf 'sthn the lii ot tor -
went tlrol ith i.1. in-hti of his vi(e pMt
tine Ai d t .cured $4, ) leavIg 100 1l a Jf l .' Parkerr I n
tin hill that were in *a coat i!ket In Th il t .l' ort Jitl wil lther nr-
a wallet i ll d of Hut'Jrn wit thsti r-e
I r t I r co. t his ftirlml i i. Il (t1t he w'ay for a success
work T i o rmlp r.e'ov r,! ldii ck tlhi )W fe i l "ts hy ri,.,ftri the (otlintry of li
w )w k "I1,intill. j r i,.,Volro u c .tl vI i., Y
to put up a flr'll and the unhinwn 1 rruli m ) ru.'u ; L co .I
tiu n iir n ra do n lMoore lree to hl at ot1 l t.1- -!' )l 'iti I. pirit .t
ra iri.h 14 li. whelri e u.s lo t rhe '' 1 : ,It.. s fo. ll ilir) at.
pin war a r q y tile lit
Sri . '.l. s. it .' ' (1 .I, tY e t
; ,, n s covlh ) 1 I1,71t t 1 Ir i,,

T lit w trl l it
A i : 'on h 'l Ti- n. Ii I,
t.' : n' .,l .. ,it Is ;i',i(el '.4
. r .., '. ., it nL i ( I ti t i *, rm' i aii '
'j ,I 'I I"
i r .. ,: ; r' |i !,it rl tr i ) h '. ; ..

'1 "' WY .I.LEWITtDRKWlrW.
Trrig.dy I inRiIffiarii County.." MY LS A
a4t ,, I. .. i, .. r p. Note f r Fjfrier Commar ndcrln i
, *D '* fnit ^f f t '" AR1 y.
'., . . i ,. '. n ,,.L. I lt, C .n, ,r Ary ,

in 1' .t li" t t t i r ..r "' , . i ? i itr i ,
e ;u. r!r, .ji ',a t i h, a n r' Lr, <.'ii i :,,.. A v in. W i n( ii ..'

. 1' 1 l ; < I l '- "1. 1* n ; l 0 .rI
. .has. r l e.tto n H te B o.. 'l,., br '>, n l ni
P )~; ' :t1 )
Charleston Hotel Sold. .
i 1 1i t I ' .. \ ^ . . .. .

.. '


. j -

L.aer Tro.. Aesmm. MS t. '.,s
a..'Z2,"i......-- -:
L Paul, MUlnt July 3 "-Alujai SAftE' :
P treselt W\iBI.. '4 aie butchaes A
tmaNm, proiwised Uoneraar Van "a M Of
ta" the tuiokest about tAe eutrw *l i 3 m
to the Uwift packila hoes would i .
removed itr paint was etlvely
blkladed today wh omU olM c le
arrivd for work. There wwee as MA L T 'ft
many picket in froml Ot he i*tr as
a* prisvlulUly, aSdI I lr l n s IrS @U iS Cu Sre
seemed to prevail to keep everybody l Mde I$aI U tg ll'fl
mit ofi the plant but the leadi o Ie e4lim lNin I me wi ;
ItOi. of W Ut, Vnrnm&y Dd the w N a n tion __._ ^.-F110
s*esographe. v mv eg rie w
Charltes Mtch, a commaito sIO l 'Laoa lt, a m s
remonsrated with. Mayor Lyttle loie els. IL g
his failure to xert his Sower la die n aulultg of UrIlM" liM
perusing the picets iad an argument by ki % Ielan iims Nig 3
oll0ownd. On. man It t h erwd Wivom a ii lpNKk 4: t
hs strikera say was not oan of theirlr 06a11P | a pe5
nuaumber, aled for three, fet of ropa e. Thaap < one
with wlich Lto af PltchL. Io r: und Orltla ,u* ,i
-. -, bptbeS Leu p F w sSMW
Kanam C.i(ty, July 210.-I. the tee i .g j t l'
of a probable ifupathettUo' strike of Ol her w h t Way to
their onglne.r, .eletrieliu and otlr ihe aI I liaiwiil
killhot employees. mimbairs of tir ail today, i U M. i rl.
Uled trade' unlonop, the local psakeT n .
today plalcedt qddtllohaltfl fotros t wlork g" ol. *U MW '
and In each lntiance thiy auatICed, g $ *l* tNt1 'l
increased their dttput. A tal t| and t!L .*it
strlko of all traldos llied with *he iIh ame l oAM
butchers and killers is *xpolted It4 ithl ta.kthe i
labor ctreles tIoay. anlesu a P eS Mlte of ith tli
agreenlmet i rrPtebd at ChicP te. I1 i1mg the Re Il, I*
tbitl event It l t isillevl, MOsos' will wl ormi es P I.I.
o oqt andl thel packlai liouse iadai* i oy llr l
try hbre le t t tied up omplately t l-t ti Ltes e

advance in the price ofl frel meats. lblQt .ULOliUi ".;.
fr a ,whi. T horll rbabe tiEa othit .

OPtha. -b., Jnuly 3.--T he kI. mad lA r egard
era ha ', .Hi .'iil ferwmal nur'tvt. to is tRh l' m tUr, .t "' '
livt t eqfk xchanX, that rtnoy arf pr. siblle tt tl* Onsa4sudsr ,
pirdi 141 hillHi.hItt r 1,904I leatti alld ir I 'so*fli 4
(,"0 htugs daily. Packii houing m hll rO atn, the. ool0eb1
ui.,- ,.. >' thit with itjyJ irolrrtoht irI lscllnM i6 Ethe 6P
tbh.y can secure anil plalnct at work Ia.l rtL bll," to to e l. i
the nm'n tliry need. ldward A. udld 6 tllt heI1 vUelawl0 gen ltnti
. Inhas i. m o4l rmnplaint io the \ bhrd pl4let laWO iet tO tl. MIpq,
orf ir, and police of fllur i f ltro. de. iie t a,. C1", W"..
.ii . to do Il.rt:.h..r.. r ..... .... I lU ..,....o o. R .'...a
..h..i late meo'iY ad tri
TRIENNIAL RlCVt W. ,. rIti ,a f
S.... ... ,: pllc tl0ton TI .Oia a 'I .
Ladies of the Maccbeel Aes iMble 4. tl tbh :ituatf liomn o u : ;a
Detroit, Mi ch. n e iI tle ii se e
DeItrJilt, Mich.. July 20O-4*iven i!tye lig the "btotls *a4 idr:uilno i
delgeKat-s, )r in all parts of the country, were In "It the loU0o i ar pron4 4"a";
attrnllan.i today when the tri-laWal believe to be the' e valitgr ":
review of the suptrme hIve. Ladles dtr" rthe thb* PeW.,hu OSSi hl^
of tbe Miaemrhten of the Wotld w "they moult be recallsb by Mi
called toorder. the kill sihat tre, b "lie ii

thai will come bIfore kthem daurlm Anothler ctaet d414 is ttheI, i'
their three itys.' shelOl After ges of thJe Ituatiltil. s the aUIttt
welomning addrtaiii mid* rtlmkeso.e Jtpan miy spu e. The PARII I:'
Mrs. lintllan M, Holllstlr, of Detroit, GOlastte p otl olt that if, iM a."tI'.,'!
the -uprvme ommarnpder. made ker re. Is di 4lulteb froL Cqaet sallnhe pI,: 1h
PIor "arlng In mnnelusleO: 'Rusila g,'adtf'kp Cb MesMI'
"We have at the pre t tl tim ver.d tr* trSitt frlty rmd,
our emerlency hfnd $iilU71,. blind would li ateo iustify jiLesl t ;
the cel llrates of .or memberslwhlet, gardlna Tuark al allly tii "Kenl ,i
would Ibi rpproxilmately $7 per mien tatl lIn4 voki the tlmM of the Asl >
ber Our comminn lirn n ou rates wll Jianme.) treaty"
iIshow the exact amount to be.eolilSet. '
ed. if the miorlftty. delresr to fturnlish OLD.ST CITY IN W7LDA. i
fill life protectIon." O E CT N W Q 'L -"'
tMM. reported that the per' Unlwriy of Chiide Maiie* .11 .'
coplta Ct .f x.'r:n. f UnIYtnitsmeeetf in s til u 1
af. t.hi' mrdTr at thile IQwtt inl 'l Ithr

history of the order durltu h Ie past Chlca July I20-UdiUt trin lent Adah. perh.iape t ote ate al,
M<,K nisa .i t ,est, Ihe rsuprem roe in the wotrl. a lnd. has beten ooil
oril Lk ,r i i .n l r r i rt, .ai ; t hl* ("'tniverilty 0 tChl*!l sp*s 4'. 'V
"iFit" in ln Ig (he rN w.ehich en ided 4l X eX tt's it!"1 A l .1 .. 1 0.,,
It( ro',m i, r'I i ft'l, wiltt 7 S.i, leint l 'lti 'Ms ity bam for sitM larm '~t: '1"
er., w. A- a'l1d rl; tnlg'itly ibrefe years the o ij)ctt ofi earth by Il talti .. . llc,. nrw iu.n, u',hers it ti mt ins/i c d in ith e oote of m':.
'or i r,.j'.(n'tnd. fun h m grmwtn tig o mtrsat..i l early kig .'of BftbyItot. i
l5 .7 I.. nIr (Itail oif ;'r!liflklte tIn wFilcbhdoeucilnllnt ,l:tlt l Mta I6d.t* "
.f',.r. 1 I!itfi'b:.4't.1, T,,1,rnif. l tl v..' ; ly by Prf(easor Robirt rV. Harper.pdi. ,,V
rl, fth ri ai r i.'. il, wo ri s or rictr of tiqho erextixpedtlOa4 '
lt I.L' ttl O. riulrrthmi l, r 1 I .i
I qltli i'Tin t li wii tlr 11 tte l-rm t i Pruechlng Was DOgeintri.. .
l 'I i.nt p. w o t i ) r vll.. .tly .Ait '.
t an n,^ tidstr .orik rr ofMjMr Miae, Chi'Lte ,.,f.:e.
. -. ." (.t Polcit lAack Iell tilled i oHo nea .i


l' '"

I... . I

.I '
'I I'''
i ~"~
I '

, i' .i ..I 'Ti
. , r ,

n -. ,



I .!.L...FL .4. ...t. ...

V ,... ". g N TW

,FYa T% WON"h b *
6d @ws S.
ro~m^^^^tlftf *tflj" tffA..$RoomAt^ft

^USSWb iqub f Jab.
9.0lllt el .y Joh

B'lis''hoe Rn Ahi UW5 ye

X0 ii.i H ,Hi

ai. h.M. h,
osi o51m.1 e rP.OO,
y ......- .,e pl..

BBS" i to A.Si8'^*1

9t*WV, Me..
*tr Is. 4 of the
""AewSl be

t.hri ll-h, p.p e IIH
W 5ik50t* 61 "f'*

-,:.. *e ,ll tS
SmS"iSt.. With I

VIM... W---'Rm Shlet.

b"0wa6. mpIs ,het,
tpu. a wi*t w
no.e -Is, h. im
',S1f. w en tq
taa bnoa bef pper.

,..l tteYr ep aw- ie .

B.Im .

3Min %au$m Ws"fehohad

. il p asm eso sa
sels. hshesb4 sstte amle was

i. ead.i j tl la twas o 1 W Fridal y.
i IH. Tasker w wihel ino
e sI .night n 'Vi t k
".,." $l H Wl^le bna'' oet. aill the

.'. MitlS V tS ilYl p laUS, deastt.

'Itl..l jep hi Dhe eaMaeroLf owu, on
ywetr iwe, usa wRiq u Ye.,hetowe
eag.liii',i,: ,ii eG iine wil n uWehani bo^ b

t ,<.-'. ,ld ta. Vple r lio ftot A da li age t

S#b v"." "W L eib,? lle. .
s."L'". s!h. aiuelld!P, s r of eha e p ee on

abates l department of ,the Gaines.
10IOoffin and Planing Mill sinee its,
" *. iWO.Ne, hasu rimngU his position
"i ad ierlnd his' conneesion with this
| .",'".*. f n ., .
i ,Mr. Ill. itea pracilual man and .a
ape" d mager. It is with regret that
. Oewflrs of the plans toepted hbil
I; mlgeati.., bpt lnMasmuh as he had a
i R; i eratmive position offered hils
S*leqh.ere, be thought it bes to matke
Mri !Il A hind bl inaterestln family
will be greatlyml d in Gaimaiville.
Oe.. d of tl hling Pil. ..
. I .i Flint, mer.htI otefOrebard,
.w~~ a 6- -A A_ *

. .. M qwo

%V A'

9 J. Haset Paseld Awvy
WIpilew JUne 30

lai. MtO4, MN J. liamel, uif, of M.r

A ftRltn of w*curity ani fr*.
(p1m fn4B aisllo pM4vidw thse
.btMo hI* 1 h hi n lh mius Wir.
ant 0il, rmt r nsianitly opn
homl. Prevnti know that ls
tiw" of a*u IJdes eckhiiess or ae.
cideut it

A losh of RiheumiatIm; a
twitfpe t Neurn gii;: lin ialisck
of h'ldachc. r'uis. A1, wlahiq*
arhftr a wtu. It MenUN, a stub*
Irmil rd-I. Whi t v. r i trihei
*#uin lof i O\i,(t )1s drives
aw oly thi IL i i, 14 ,al ne ad
cure tlih dtia. r quickly.
Osly Ore GUnPOf .
grNMmf~l rg," iS W.NppW.
IOw b i iottile P Isot.
.iatqalas C.etlh TI.t anm ltts
lilk. lmaic 41 .m rolt. It heals
the lungs and warts off co".
ft"ptim. f titfis Z
Hamns. BIlanl o n iLiver ll
do awwy with the ill. aoit dit-
nimforl o(f olip(stioi. Thly
sct plennsty sad UePtiIvkly.I
*Pc $k

Hw. The&. Neewo nbWy iei gnft
Metig io That Town oon.
Weo e tqeaild td anslmooe tihat
SRev. Tlies, J. Noteworthy, a emiDnt
amlM t oti hba bees workilt Flow-
Mlsh ome l time, will besa a seolne
e m tasi as his bft ig t as
Miises S the ourth ftuds y to the
pMloat meth, whih will be ,she M2th

Mr. waomswvo h heonIs a Florida
0lmle Jausry of the pirmes ear, dqr-
Im whih time u b ha. been very ene-
MsplRtl In hi owak, brinXing aiacp
*oiatioOtrtlt. Ho is t lima preuah.
or. isd th Iord I with him ilI the
work. Hi atm his remarks dirisolg
alt nl, with a endeavor to break up
thb ieN evil of thi. worml and ixake
a peter ad bllter generaioin.
The SeolD|ti will be free, and every.
bdjl t* ordially Invited so be proents
and Joio In,
sne. Noveuworthy will btea'isted by
Rev. R. J. Wells, priding elder of the
Mlleanopyr eire'uls.

Fifteen New Membersl nlisted at
MeAting Monday Night.


Tha thUe Oainesville Guiards are
prospering there. cau tb no doubt,
sIap eovey meeting bring new en#
Iltlmeneu to tshe company. As ithe
meeting Mouday night fftefet iaw
itembers werem added to the muster
and great enthusiasm and interest
was mlaatfloted. The company par.
lelpated Im an interesting drill under
command of Captain Layton.

Osptlan Layton and L. ieutenalnts
Blandltan nd Seagle are among the
most eomnpetent offers in the Florida
8tate Tsnop. as haq been dcmon-.
iralIed by the elenel y of their men
la both maneuvers and the imannal of
arms. Uainesivilo hausa right Io feel
prond pr the Ouarde. and is willing
to do everythi ng reasonable towards
the encouragement and support of the
Off for Europe.
It is notWl fronts a recent isue of
The New York Herald thit sMr. pnd
Mrs. W. H. ,Lamar of Tlplahassee were
among thoes who sailed on the White
dtar Line steamer Ialtie, on the 18th
ilst., for Europe. Th Ialtic is the
largest eMild one of thf tlinet .piaenger.
steamen atiloat, having four deck. and
eoliiktodlo *siaalroomos and saloons.
the friends of Col. mand Mrs. Lamar in
thln s1ltion wish them a IpaaseS So. o-
jeurn abroad.

NiShi Was Her Terror.
1 Would ,eugh nearly all night
long, writes Mrs. Chso. Applegate of
AlexandrieA, had., "'and couid hardly
met any sleep. I had eonsumptiou so
btd that if I walked. a block 1 would
cough frightfully and epiC blood, but,
wPhn illlniai rAiLstblom. akil.r4 il..m...

T I M..,.


Mt tinsel 0wo loti ai ti:atWtll,
adlison eounuy.,IkrlidB on the Ito I'
dty tof Just, IKTU4, and was marvisd (t,
J. J. Hatiat Ias M1diso., Aprilt i1.' (ti
tir parents were Mr and sMr .1, N
dnpg.)| u lh )ndmnthiti of Miadis,.
touty, atiid t tid the-aubl)ct if thi
9leb we pre tr-prWuls I.l ,rve.rt. tlu-

Mrs. Itastl wPM a coins tn tl 4'hr,
tlan. having joiedl l he 'l|list chturti>
as it) nipville is 14. mal uevrmnie-.
haI* berni an honorary taisl' ittr, NI-
sendilonta~ll) imes whertn the i lr
1IU"ty w soas **: o allow her. $.IeI I
mineld fhim among oour cirvler hre ton
she noun'cId all her friends whi.nm t1.
ever met. and they tnow, with h.r ihu.
band. mourn her departure.
dhe leave one little child, a daugh-
ter, sweet ai a rusebud. and ito lIn
wbo doeth all thsini wwly, we co in.
mend the keeping of her through lif,.'l
A F i' s ,k.,V i

W, P. Sheottworth of Evinston
Shipped Thirly Cars.

Among the pronmliont larmers and
melon growers who visited tiaeues--
villt Tuelday was W. P. Shetlevworth ;
of Uvireson.
Mr. Shettleworth has been riste-.
slvely engaged is the growing of ,
watermelous sd eitasetloupes, *epee-
Ially the former, for many years and
is regarded as one of the mwol suocel ss.
ful in i he bIineos. lie iatise that I'
the grawver* as a rule receive td a*tiI-I
foatory returns. He shipped thirty
earloads from his farm, noe greate-r, '
part of 'which we01nt to the Eastern ll
markets and bruaghtbl gud rice.
Red This.

Motbill, Alat. lFb. 16, LhW.
Dr. E. W. tall. St. Louis, Ml.o.-larr
Sir: During the patn year we have
sold over tventy-four dozen "HaiIll
Great Disovery" for kidney and blad.i
der tnrblei, and during that timnt
have retired U ti e omplant.
You r tripfl fully.
G. Vax AArs'rui 'A $n.41.
A Texas Wonder.
Ot)e 1emall hotle of the Texas lV Wo
der. H11ll' Oreat Diicovery, cures sl
kadiey and bladder troubles, removes
travel, ourse diabute seminal emis-
mons. weak and laniem bakdl, rheumna.
SimanDd all Irrgulatltile of the kid.
avy.t and bladder in to th men anid
wumenu, w tUains bladder troubles in
children f *Ot io td by jour drUgghst,
will beiant by mail on rfeeipt of $1.
Oune small bottle t two aioustis' i tet.
meon and setdom ftl .. W o perfeNt -.
i'... Dri." Eei"W, aJall.ainle meant.
fiwturvr. P. 0. box tz, Si. ouiis. Mo.
Se'Bd for tesiroituiiint. Sl;d by a lr
drugiwli. ,.
In the, Mayor's Co.urt.
Janimr CIark. a copper-colored buot-
tllack w'ho has -erto in the emlory of
Grata I'layer at the barber shop under
Ihe' Sun offie. hteaiine very aniri r
l4hen Player duis'harged hi mn for ihift.
lcIltenps ad iti(e't'ni Siaturd'a
nirnting aind tlnrdatelred to. Iuit Oi'.
barber '*out of buinem-l' wait a go od.
sizxt brickbat it t1. waild only tomnie
out oif lthe siho. i1i' wiat" arrested akd
gave hond fur Liw alipperauce at th11
niasor'e cuirt M.l nay ''tiorinlig. Wiltn-
arriMiitet no ieI'md guilty, inltwitli.
standing the vt ntht tQ taturdly bhi.
detlare.d PIlaer wai tl t',binn., anid wal
aslfeued a tht1 of $1 lmd cotls. iThin igs
w*-re lively atl thit 'la)yr Ihop ?atisr-.
diry anhritig. 'liark ninad. theinm n o
but heli paid dearlj) for hid tlrealts.

I "- a -


Three Times the

Value of Any .t

One-Third' Easier. One-Third Fagl

S.,4 Ail p It all) '' o 'r
' ',( f'i hil ~il I 9.I fin ji*r a
If. ,' ily lot 14a lp~.4
",-l 'l ill. l llh(-,.( fin, ,.i, ) l^
S ., w norl i

oary -ntld for evivn-ular il WOt* :

Wheeler &Wilson fgg
Atlanta. iiorfi

I~- .7.,?

Clas.B ImCo.

.4I, N. :,KIa i -;iIs NT




W J ,iy fttil~i ,ht lor
Aldlowi ii litaiio



LEWIS 1866, Away Above Everything
4 full qitml atA . . . . . .
12 fll P ilaIrts .... .. .... ...




in the Whisky Line:
. . .. . *5
....... 1"-_ 7:>

BLUM'S MONOGRAM, (0 Years Old:
4 fill quart . ... . . . . .
1" t t11 11. 1 t . . . . . . . . ..

4 full (iartis
full ( t . . . . . . .
1 2 full (11arts . . .

4 f ll 4 t1 rt . . .
*, full fil$"t'* ... .........
I 2 fuli ll li r-. .............

We lhanlle t*verytlhing in thle li
agents for PIt.t Milwaink l an t .
Whiskies, ins-, Ruitn from 1.5'i to
CalifornWii Wine frotitu 1.a t to 2.',l
iort &" W\ lI of .leeI ptioun.

. 4 -N'
'. i t

. . .

.4.... I.


i,.llo lunll, ail

. i 4LIl.


Nos. 517-519

tif th ,i N n't S it.

Rye Whiskey:

Colpper )i-iil,",..
Quwn Cit y .. .
Suninly iSut,.ll
(lilt ., ...
I ledi r ... .. .
, t)vhola . .

It' \l.
&I ",:5

* ~I I

Corn Whiskey:

Ni. ~

>;.. lit

'.. Ii I

ir tierl'i ^i' .

DIOA t....P[ uA[LOn $4


I *m


a -.-

S-...I.*. -

~" ... -.1

...... --~-


n~ '' I




l ' l L .... ', A I* VJL sN I 194
! k -1 ,, *.' .
..... tr-" + "" .. "" '' '' 'hI' J . ,..I..,,..."i4+,.+ ,,
~O vi .1 1 1. ,1. ,''.P+l. '1lJ-~~ h.



130 Carlod! of Melon S whipped
TA flaSs alkt.



We are the Origlittors of the "Special Sle DNy" l T

Ve Loeact --eotbesr olow .

f' 1. mu na1*.tile lbuine. ae hat "tl'ni,-
sinen' which time he li sias xpriqii,'di
nuo ,end of tfnalucial trouble anid oth'r
dIflfticLtiet. lie is rep re sentetd ty y
L.vansH laile, whod1tlrela e le will hUve '
no t rMiible iln cleRrliig hin client.

Brutally Tortured.
A'S e si can.m' to light that for
si Lt sand taluniorcifIil tortutre

New Life Prl.. Thes-' pitts' e-i"i'.
weakness into strwngti(h. INe lasnesso
into energy, brain-fmg inlo mental
Iiouer. Thki 're i otfnderful i i ) I.ilt-i
ig. I)0p the h11-4l0h Ii 'ly f.'h* i per box.
otld It alil ldrglrtgi si4t.

er- The Central City Boys Appear
has I Struong for Ocala's Team.


,, ".rver uru rj.unvu. .a.wr TlTe Young Lagu ,f thi* itIy aui)
.tiolohict.k of (olua,. aIl.. write% 1'4)r ''k o n eg I'r
1b y Irs l endur.'d ut u rale, ticia te d ( l une',te';'r,, o H. a lo.r e .
trunm rhltanatiim aimnd- sitIim, ro. j t-iClti d in T iItt hr'gfat r'.onlth, h .: a
hi.<'l me though I tried eve-rytg' "keigoI Tr',,, U;,,,edm viit,)ri eft,'r a tLelih I
twaa. I caine acros Elet.tric I.g- 'IH ,(.S I trh. .I ,te ir, te i, tir$ .ie t I i fai-
tem, and it' .h t t it'sititici 'n s r o itiimi,,.. .,ih.
eallrh or'ha'trmnubli. A few hot.lsf Tis opA iy i rT bil t
of it 'omiieltely 'relieved mAul u.ined Thiso'vd hS a larme ti, obll 0
vr.'." Ju nam giod fur Iir l ,d kve. was a'iiiuss'd h s ti larg,' nu'pbvr .4 4
i uy trotbhlie' and ge n al dl tgii !did nut ,veln l a OLr-nit an thlir' op-

Will Give Alachu a .Paper of Which
Citizens Will be Proud.
dtItoi'r C. 1', $et Ear of' Tiht h 1 iiha
'"tiriniig Iutti't Was ~~a tli ity y+s**,i r-
ay". lie was a'comtaitatitd Ity Ikr i.-n
I tiew, lioniJU e. *i t/f 11, 1. SetI t-r, a
t." ,'(iitract ,ir taf Hlih Spr'.ZI )i .
M r. tEf,,r >infiorraii I't1' ?illi :ian l I |
.' Jalst aii rlltr l I~O( 'Ws*aizwtl lt "I'l(t
-' liust,,r. a id will taki ilt'?
il.MgInt m ti f thtat .%-aprir e'rrl'y 11 1
KA .iu tj. ti' i ba nt'0'1pal as ii.. 11a0t
,rAiu l uni i w p'likat'-r nllan ill t'he t i 1 e,
au kt rirt 116r'eoi to yisv io,r t pu.tlI', f f
A.Ihn ,ma a j'la..r Fa originalsl a, '1.r.i'
'Iir 't, wlu h J 1i e hIas It 'rI9 fully (uin i 1
do i ii lgigyh Spriiagm t H1 j4itmutje'r Orf
' arti .
.tl a11aiir %ut'i/-.r i. I '.mA 1 t1 i r>. .iIhr
J aitat is t ra it ly hI 't 'n tl til ,Iit'..

The Itch Fiend
T i li- 1 .1 or 44; o f of
1: I ) -. ".i.' ,' ',, i l[ .' ,, ,
,, p ,
A f, 1 I ",- I
S- I I

Hood'sSarsaparil a
It ( - i'iiur.-thwN I '(tsk 1 1 1 iiq, I \ \

I i I.'1I' .'6 ii !- -'i *' 1 4 t ''' 4I.'1 v. 't
Art i.ii *'i f *!' 4'' I ;ill -, r i q 4 ,

(l .i .... ,| ri.. V 'e.g 4 ( :d ,i l '. I < .p ,. ,4 4 4'


Great Rem oval

PftlCOS8 HAV-E IEN GOOD. i .Uil,1 1i4.aIta ,,- .,4 11'
Oro* r t Are V.rv Mui ttih o.trl gttnd L, d l, *i A L',,,d ', < ,,t
And Maiy Plant HeNvi ly INftx1 t. i it h t- i, *, ,.r .,ii in.,i'I, ,
I o i -Canl s grCo n evip pt M 1 'd bl y J r. I ',i,,,' i ,.i m ,''ii, j ,It '. '1 .dl 'i !..
D S tri ngfe llo w '; r. 1 1 ,i t r L I, r.
Ia llti II,, M 9 ll 41. ,, '. ;. i1, tk, 1.' i 'i (
t"'ti & i'ea u"l i e kt4l 'Ll % ,'iillIWsl' M i1 41 t 1,4 ;I,1 ',4.1 "'l4 '-i>l k101 i i i 'i .W' i'ri
*0.01lA10 11im I101 IS1d its tll.l Ato4r 1i)'.1 1 1. .. tl ,,Idt1-
Galal; tami f*r the q. I 'lh l' I rh tei I. i' i[. v. a t rrI l; 'ii
T -i. I4ftr wit m ithil)1-rd by J I I rririI I '; I, N,) l I :,,,im4 I,.,
fs*lloiw, was 1 4oad,( l 1. itin falllfi e t t- It l rller, n,, h -it','i l ,,iaili luo t r.
patIiy with ltoidt truit ,ai, d ai .inutd itit iV. 1 I I," 41,. abt>,. lin ii i f I i
tO thit Eastern Imarktl' e. hereee is 1u0 pj,4 nsaI w.' I ,',.,,m.iiU il ',.si'i' itil
do it li t 1t!at the l (r it t l> rratl i- wi ,1t h t Le,.1 it, 'Lr* ra, g ir pi.*tur, a ui.
tand n rle.,l arl ti.'ii I i vy w'.t 0 s AI ml.n iill
Tht' tNinesvilltt seClti .l, whilh i p% I,,(I. r t i is.r nimlpI t )i oPrder 11111.
cit( rI led1 itni I hrrniuitt y by the varaia ,.laimr ii(tal l ti Lh Mr MA'It'I,''i ws.
gamw .r if the a vi ni liilIr im. irw stor 1 hi
rs, Assiooiation, hIas nijiyi i vrry
en' e a i ai I r It Itiu l vr Co Isum t.Ilios Needl Not tspdtir
pIroFtIprouis sesottit his yijar. It( Inoikei
as though in the weginnitng ll t eroi Au many etS*W, rul%',tto,.ted hiopt'l**
would he out oonside'rably hornt by 1hwa l y lyteian li hav'ei, ifei ,uril hy h-u.
drouth, isnt Inature was kind, aiud iin :iy'i iftney and Tnr. .. 1. tuituo*i. o
mpitl ite T o 4 urvTiv ftunli thl Itn Ht ul.u icr, low't, %irta,.: ''the' d .lr
thruat.rued drawback aloutidant cihew- said I ltiLd t'IliAilluIltioll etl1 I It 1Lli
r4 emt'tlsS alid t>he growth I evmed to lbettr ,utill 1 u&'d Fole-I)'s I inotey uanl
*start aKaip within vigor. The restulit l'tirI. It h'Wlpetd fit, right ifrtnlhe sstart
W lt that hl aisti~veille seetlo s tlnd stlu d thive slittiUg of 1to11ut aId
ethipp d duringfi tlhe *,ea s l bout l;I paIII1 ii* aly ItUl >ntl U( iIjPI) I tIll s0t0n d
solid carload. of cantailopes, all of lor an si.old by .J. W.eAjollil
whitih liave itrughiKIt genil returns*. u s. '' o i
The growers of thlei (tiaevillJ di.. WILL,. HAVE STORE ROOM,
trct (feel greatly venourasged ovor thi -
yield for the elavson just eluosed, and C. C Pedrick WiO Show His Vehiles
will lit doubt plant heavily lelxt year. o Very Best Advan.ta.
S .. ... l 1'm rulidly iii ereasiit g fa lliiis it::
JUDGE MASON'S COURT. P. ILdrsk, 1tt1 tauIy a4id watgua
...- u7timalufacturr, flWr ItirnitgK ott v .
Two Cases Were Brought to Tril, h.aelerI, ha, t ock4d ht. coaituotmdious
But Defendants Gave Bond. W. SwSreIous npltairs to anl u ncoliJnfrt.
Theret wetre two cases liroighlt for able it d'tfl, bicllr tif i e itialt helrl in
trial in Judges Mas )si' court Mo;day, }positfi1nt lut1how ili primls ot AUff to Ili t
bitt the defendenot in each case waived bet advantage
ea, i.ilation anid gave bond lor their % tih this knowledge, lid witli the
appttaraxic at their' next tlrtii of tihe determlnatlimts lto give the putiblt very
eirt' it iteourt,. advantage in the matter of inspe(ct'tg
These cates were State iof Floril his work, lie stranusforna>d the three
vY. ('larlik 'Frater. selling liquor in a Mtores uns hw lower floor into an mn-
dry county. The dIfenfmidat waived inmei stlorte room, whlre the tletrm
ezanmination and gave t hunsin tlife m buggies will Ii on disp ly.
tIf $1ft for him appet'ranTiie lefre Ihe', Thai. rb6on has been favored wihl
circuit court. nnumerouns windows, d dours, which'
I" the ase fr the It.te tit. a4 I. .will afford armise light and ventilation,
Vaulahn. wliho waos arrested on a war. The floor beia cetmeit, the room will
ratlt *worn out by IC. Striingfelow make an admirable one for Lit pilr-
tchargifii hirWm with perjury, the d-i poe,o and Mr. Peilrick propose. to
fenidant waived exanmtx tion and gave atitriltve disIply.
bond in tlhea ua f. idIO for hli Hippt4'r-
anc: tbeflurr ,fe no,%L grand jiry. Working Night and Day.
authn a from Newhetwrry. It will be' Thet l)miestt .nd nmigltiel little
rtenieittre'd lihat he recently (wiledl iti thing that ever was made is Dr. King's

I Ai 'ri

JULY 25'


swt i evh 111$ I6"
k A I.. L

. ,

n ," *

4& f

|a ,'

, ', :I i
". i


cOleapest Store on art2'.

Wo will remove to our n.w store now being 1
Southeast corner of East side of Square in about
and id o*'4rder to decrease our stock and save expense
we are offering a line of specials which are at pAr
less 0of C8os Our stock must, be moved, and n oi
we arc giving largains tliat cannot help appeal:
pl)uIre and 8souse of economy. Impossiblee to men
great bargains, but below mention a few that git
dex to tle who10e.

Best Granulated Suga

For a general orowd catcher w. start lioind 'u
mianetio h ibarxin h aJ*
7-8 Wsale of BAN yards ths AAA A
yard-wIlte shroethni. For a
great drive Iestar1t off ti's great sale-utninmlshihls .Ai< hlo a m
and on'leom raltle harigaiib-we say .tinyat ,Iti.

89c Ladies' Walking Skirts 89c
A.s lung as they last. just a mall lot uf a
hltf dozen skirts, leetly mmdea wld a grmsl skirlt for
the (pri*l. Just a few of thite', so dC int delty. hbut
Cemie early Monday it ynu wuih to gelt .me Of Ithei.
at th, price,

built on t,"
thirty day

tion alf
e you ain
e-y-,:.. '.^I.

*1 '~~'

uP;us*udat', uue wreitei u
to nTffr in mrnmy days ft 1
H" andl

wilde hnan L1tdin will

.. Lace Curtains. kt Combs nd Cwi '.. .". +3flf
.Tlese are i ansthlis bhargains4. you ever go to th9e seashore *. shMta*bout
the kiwd fair which yt'o usually ,runtini I, need sasuhia ri
Pay k!l to. $1 (). The 't or a:tor ntainer f"W a Ttooshing rdea
trpay ble sot sIt i.we havn'l iftill emb r and 0ase. We r* 'W faull else Lay
enough of li Ithon, bit t while they offering Oimt'0 e gro, special for old yoqu hav Ihis
l1tt they artn your am iechelotr, ponrually. T
49c. 40. .

CoIllars, Short l gths lI Perale.
(i.isT e.r,-.;'.s Lirsn (nCollars,. 2OtJ)yardon unr iidd Ieoup. a p o
t.or .ldw, >:ad statidinr. i great tei, worth l2o. ".Th yf allt goat 12l d I .i
ss46riiI,-4i -It^. d'siltffr'd. I

p ' L " : 'f': ;ir',
'l'. *fl ysw.
lKa qsts)Il
3Q. "n" "'
,O ",/, ,(,',,,',

'Al as



I e doem.n pair M,'" Patent l-eaiher Viei Oxftrds Another 1- t MeIn's Viel (ditfo6x i edal.t s .i6
the viry b.tL. 3 Ti O xlnrd or l isthe arkot. 0f1- >2.60, but for this sie, Wt1o oo .e o
Wv etxpcit to hlos ths.e out. All new the lot,. the go

Ladies'. Oxfords and Low Cuts.
\V1 .hit, jqumt ,irct'ased $ %t) worth
I I.14 rl alow calt *a I IWtR, 11 v gll 1w Ntoek,
Iat l i uL iA ai', aoll dl'r" gi lIi l ') '
St ert e w 92 :i tend $2 i,. oil
A l itH 1 -i 01Otl *
.F l *1 s :rs.., 1' 1L.,
,\ l 1 ,'.1 > "1 tN ()Iltrd ,n p
Boys' Shoei,
'I',o mal l',:. 1 'V.' h~lopy W'' W i.Jlti,'"i '
r.-'tj r 'pT .- s i n It'*4' l' i f41tt
$ t .'II o Iiy. I-IS # l 71 I. 7' r . 01 $1 tll
*1 j if, AA., F ,t S .!aqrl 1 $'1 dli

%VW, tpurchrtN'd the1 cltiniK ,(>st 'ale' ofr
0bug t IK.Iliaig .' Z' at hair iroae of
Ctil Iw1- ir' s P I, aa{t I hv t i- lr y. fto
adlt' r .'the'a 1ti n fdor |I I1 ta1s ulr Ti,*T ular
"let I tig tI ", ,.! 't- y Fr uhl0 it. rI, atfr,
the if ,kt l, ,'a ir- 'i these pri fi
I nt'm I., lA.. n ,u K &* jl w iltl 1 1Ab ej mai a .

Half Hose
Mhi,'e I blnack laeii
1 alf fho"-. Is'al es t
at I k. W,
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