Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 30, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Bibliographic ID: UF00028298
Volume ID: VID02098
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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IF'C ~ t.

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'.U~T~'l 'I' -)'
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lv IIIbIIe b ltt d S t0P" I t114
NOW .00 RIbs q ty atr of oi g$10e' tI 3
fNeW ; i'up tI r tfl 1 to hae.
ti o 11$01414 i l i IJ>i *610

SlI mHa A re o
WjI'I1'MW, lb eeWqnt p1 (ib Iwuhr or nm1

Thepi m tli l 4 l il datellei
., lir.t t er. s, ias (hs,

P60160" Sui astloo e for Ibis

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t-bI Y 1. L.eI**, : MI*
4110 l ...111 "tW s" -bw limrte l toDOC.

", ,14 Sswth CflIi. $ 0"3, ; i l -
. .aii tW i|ili atoll! l, 1,9 'lt..
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09 c**@tomp *<
S. A.

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no loatuwre mitIlm fune
S I Mrl ildA .

OamiNfacy prepared to bstop I1
i byIh hmbaud'a piaoj in theu spper
jle ir I iab w ort>-, r

h fStt ukeI evet fllyt
Ci mceo ). 'rl1 teo lll-natn i
i iOM.iialr, to tftll i ala to

.,!illlM !iIid 10ok tLed and pr
sr.Ulif *fli lblre IIuhtf mlAhsftrl.tun
PH i lle v,.ei ry irt sillhl I t herye
Id Bl eLmgeney Imlparthl tha etep 1
tih t e t..IhIed's plale In the asppe
guie FAl i fiji. tallto l. event ot anythl,
"IW6 .kP iti@Ih ,klm rwbleh wll unitt lhi

OrS 1 11Yat "e Heart failure.
ilIA eo IAw). ll,--ltanh I motn,

"eW N Vetr M t. *t
," Nil r Vi, ot, oe.-'I $ o1,tnm
i market broke 34 to :i; wiolnti n.i the!
i eIlusl bitrean's' gtnn ,:'' reo.t-it, tInid
iata a cII rp itn eut. of the lnovrL ,
t mentHn e.tuiMat4. There ias very
P blly .trAtilig o0t tto i 'ine. f
I hbe IP'ars ontetTdeWl that tha iln.*
S. eI tleports prt)a 'ly ( fior'casted a
SeroP of leatly 13.,luilinl. bales.
I Vtlklowtl t.h report, prices whirh
I 'had rhowa Wtakness since the open.
h tag. bruke halrply will lliauary selling
arnoud 4.66, March ;,8l and Stay 6*; 11
0 *r a net dearlin of 22 to 25 point.
On erey hulge the bears wmlntd to
it withdraw their buying orders and ar.'l
S lor-e0t ton. The low nit ur reached'
IS the lump are the lowest that car
loa has rsiched In nearly three yearJ

New Orleans Market.
New Orleans, Dec. li.-W-ih thE
reililg of thie Iinners' rplirt on the'
o. emtonl exchange to iay iotlton Iumpned
., 47 to 64 potntl wilh l extraordinary ecx-
.l ektement about the rhig nide, Thel.
r. port that l tlS4.11:1 bahls had been
d. glaned with 82 countlims yet to hear
. from a te e as a aurlprist. Though a
LI burlsh report was. of course, expecttdl.
a and bte market wai hamInereld with
I Irt mn, ry. The re'lKort today showeat
a 184I,2l9 more' Imle s ginned this year
ta than the total crop of last year. At
Slot the firai excilenrrut the market
of fIW qtueter, though the d'irllne hail
e not ieen arrested. January cotton
a went to 6.40. a ldecllne of saboit 4 cent'
, In the last tlirte month. Many vlsi
I. tort were Ipremnnt In the gallerls and
l on the floor l 'n the report -was
n. poIted.


*ryIeold nby. whouo joy over rseelv.
lii hbl lonrelapeetle Cchristma* prmI.
Oits, Il. o areat that he was wiidIl"
wIth 0al attack of heart failure, Id dead.
When he awoke (hrlmtmam un oratsll
andil sw hi igt 0 onI the fl oor healids
hir. bd his dtllght kane nio hImonda.
hoIrtly afterward he wan smtricke
with am attack

Old Sthlbuiiter Dead.
Newr York. Ike P. -Jatiulra iC Ol years or lt. Illder of the* Mar'l Ih
land toavyjirdil in San Panlnco.e. Ith..

Confederate surgeon Dea
Palltlnine Ttex.. DeIr, f.--r. 0. S"
Wert il4ed t hlit homu helre. HI
wait 1 ~yHr.n f s ayr aII Ia wtll kqows
cotifelurate vietlern. havlng hb*o I
nirlgeonr fir s of the tixteoPnth Ala.
bania lulnutry. later at brliadler ear
geIni. anit ftfrrwairdm In hibarl of the
hosiplita4 at Ailanta Of late year
hb rarMan iof htis advanoie age. he had
l en inatitlve. l1e 4le4 of beart faU

Tom Watson starts Magasea. .

Alhnn N. Y.. I al. 2t29. TIbu
Wats'ni. .f Thfinmon. til. the em
dailte o t (he i'.opl' Part' for t p
,lent in thli art iIrrolon. hi tIn
wirate l w 'il h tlhe M'rety Ctali
i1l oe k int' .rl a illi.i T n \'.tl

UIY~ McrSN, 1W4I

S WIM ,P1P t0t41N lnt WANUANT,

,Itl itta, P iPeO ie te wd for Mt

a M

im+ I II.. ,m MY NTH

t t F ta Poo",
itEt -IT M'Slt

. Let fel lft
,i0 wI 194p' @Si t Sh t
a<*s W fh m~g LIWS Or t 'flr PwtPri t,

bit i # W: fh~ r F C et .a (a ksIug $1 6* 0

Russian Zeimtvo Adjourns Sine Die.
M iwtow. l '*9."-Tbet ?rm4livO 041
Jourlned l Ini'ffltnly yesterday aft'tr
Noun aller the Illopitlin of a rmeolution
as followss: 'ThI /inmnt (At I dtCe
Imove'l i i M i ii' l tfl il' no u)' in re
ard -ii th" p'i edit'it of ,.rig lv 1
mlleenlting. d Is un italle to cotnltinul
Iti bhtmeinel wtih the* itneceiry tailni
amid, thiemorer, ailjourn sina die." "1e (
r noliitaiq w p-- ii1lnId ely I. l d.relate .
'even d+.t",g

Dental Pedagogues In Session,
Loisnvilll, Kl).- e r f 2# 9I T %h' ,,inrh
stin a; eIS] tr' n1Isni of thn I t h init' o|
nTh t) rarr't' t hluar n, Ix r iill -l ii n l+r.. t +l !
D lent lI tieiLugr n hrglle gn Ia ia
Th, Ithenl>ihrhido is rein n iP l ior ti#
tea hl .rl s rl in a h*', var!ol lu in l .; li,,
t llioils tIifUl t hil '1 Iinl.,. Q I,.... .

4'LI "

TAn Cern A wai


'leime It Brert

Oh City'

troy UJurh Prop,.rl)'.


the hi -i.i riinlI, j iil lir I II V a kln e o
IdH 1,a |^)l thtv, wh;IotN s F- r e 1111d
.lIt t lIy IIh ,hlio T 'hr t \ .l ,f l -
fromnu ti m w ri't ra iilts'u anaL' i t o' '4

iritish Stemnmer Still Aground.
Ne Vl rk. Ti-) .: i T-h i litb
It aulru' I)ru uaifit .-. % thi !'- "
aIliore r on i h |" | tuil hiar l1t
islanil lant 1ia il t!j 1 1 wa ilt .1i1 r.
fodal%, Th,' ie iI f.i or




jLtebi JL4.

I I .

4 .174 .I 4P4 A'l

Ik '- 4 t ( Nt 1i
t't: s:f tt *td h ;'d a r nt 4''Pi 'ij h f

r 4I, J' .o .ni i" r' l..m l ,mh l V

ia Ulln t .Jo tli tlit i t t %ih r
0 r10i1et j14 lok t 1'm r W h1"teik '.
th1w., woe* ,tsrljs*ed Ito piwAl*i eIalI

utI. rgmlnltu naer It i I
NItlth t' lle Jlem tS, 'k ilmftaer 'i

Sthe a11vihilt u4 the ulumrirt aitleu If
1 SW ('w lyahosa rmty. rtilfyrtgl i
avlhkettrtty of th tl ll rtof th k Il
es I5r outilles thal etalm th si I

aige*4 gatt lhi ill s nit llgel to have
iati ( nmli ~ed. 1 l I
itl. ICo. r wh >^ wle Ii! *':~rkl t
| XlrLm &, i IIt!:. (hi kht t* *io

OIerk Joye raid that ht wIahed ts b
imWwyettestI wih tlnrvernur Odell beI
Me isaulue he ochi-rarm. Iic (1mrlmidI
b du so mI ionc and ti &iend theo Ma 7

om i5qearterl an unmn mi the Ikg0v
MlIt had gies his formal eataOL S


4N 0tvewfly between state Ind II
Rall4orm ALdjuted. 1
Monlatimery. Ala.., Drn. lS.-The
central Rallrmid and (Gieorgl tl in In
suit 4agin.l ihe itatmlof Alalimma. t
The city roiirt of MimgnGmery has do I
Ided that the road in not liable to tho t
Itle IIren*se of $1.200 place tl upon the
rleingl ear rnmpinleta operating over I
he IInie of the r mmonwelth. This'
cimlon is ian aljuiltnent ioa control
Iray xi xt1iin for nmme Iltm. The 1
central rof Georitlts loperi-al e. I s on
Leper. lnot lnwsl thoi e of the Pltll
isn or other cormpanie It waI COhtr I
ended, therefore. that the road 'was
able to notl otnlf the railroad lihcene.
tit that for hi ptiers ns well. Th
mourP Wai Iput .i the hbani-s of thli
reaslutli ulrl ar i r '4bIn ht itln friend
r way+ i- 'e-r it u'i wthe grontil
hai t1t, 11. ly) 11, in fr lthe r ,i lad i proper
nlvit,Il vi ':~inj ij iart i r ~: Thi e tn rl
In hold i!th tth ronial. Thie cap*
will It. tawIen ro tP tlirelimn ( cour
or a final dci.' iotn in order thl at therl
may be tno rn ioversn'iy r in ith fuiture..


Itebbry ia supposed To Ie the MeI
live of the Murdeser.
Penuacola. Fla.. Dee. 29.- -Travils
lohnsmt, a well known eItiZen. was
Ioully nimtrdered Tu o'rlday morning in
the room of the Arlington Club. his
henl belin nearly nai'etrt d fr m his'
ibdy I)' eit hei.r kitfe or a hatchet.
John Irdimth,. marine engine, er,
war Irre etd alnmont immediately aftrt
the mas~sl!i!tlion and charged with theL
crl ime.,
The victim wan at breakfast whvim
be rereIivl a telephone menage 4i
return to Lth club rooms, uas sotine
wanted to <*tl w himl I
He wais nleelTNpanUI'd Into the rooms
by iriftlib, who wai sren a few mhi.'
utle thlreiaftier leaving the placr by
a real" ,lll raneo. a
.J selling aainlli t the m rlrioinr Is l, i
ten r., aaltI i i i(' tri tl d inniul erll
The motivro f tt li crime rohatd,
Was rubbery, as nearly .On) wan taKikr
rfttrn t ih ctil> ooni. aiirm*ok


ior stIrt@e i V % 'r Sh Pttrntermtt*

Ie In the Helias i u Ir'nitlt*tt*i &

id lltWs Irpsj< ,I hnl 0'Iea '1 oJf1, 1, b

Th4u (lut hrnia I aout *o *
WiThU arlopIe in alty a
lltr n r+is. \\iI l ;. ll^ -

lrh i t ks, li, t pharn lra l rk ail llei f,
I tlt 0lr I umlurll 1 Irmt hc. lit I eit) m. I
T hle ta ll l ptn il lit ell, , t h;;i ti
Or. & .Wlpov n.tlor i v, WWI.m

rKennsy'. T.e ctiman. nt 4

HkIenr's lratIn'. tore.nS2t1ur' a ',
.O tt l Inll ll'll Il' t l

pllle c i en i crr)al hin( I)iiiilan v&
oirr & Rot.rth. gr.,'iy, It, irannt $:l,rKan.

llaorl.r' the lr t ore. i1n tltO: oltt.
he tirdy Inrllrnd w ve bi' o
Mlller'm icaltl ig li ntih s $.,it0. Panp e .
Itorir tonftrcbmntry ,ti,'. *iT.h* ;
irtin inulilranlt..
JaleU Mulpts!. jsun latr In the Patlos
haNNlicy uit'liiNg. wfS iTO(MA
SYoungirl rt or anl wit.r Fravri hy tWe

pension laIddel r,
Thirty lrreks anti Aralenianrs srte
nt on the s a ni l frlhl* r f ith,' lt.'lalte
rIthui yranialt hai trl ItiA tr;reli it
Thie fire brned fr n,' rial howl 0
t orla tilateil in lich tkItcheiit f the it I
Tance s nlentioanwll


Youngest of Greek Letter FrasIrnittt
In Seamlon at New Orieansll
New Orieans. Irv. '".i Oi lltid4 Ill
1and Iwenty-flve delegctn r' lre, hnr.* tO
rilLind the annual co.,nv irt1olif Sc
Nit. the youtgA t if r he I; i,'K l*'ttel

The iaonvent ion will tie vily ia **
sial affair, lhe' l indIalMliisi. imittt ;,
two yrM ur o hit an I lti, ii (reat de'i ;
n in morkl' in revisnl tila I I ni' l ar t
lua nut rmucb h tut Ih,. (tu.itiol ta,
Kuihet tf iegent fIrer' Ce. r caltpled
the tcn hen Iot iro 'l* u i ltnl riil call

alit tI m atl dh .it1end1U1e .*
uHluwtd Imay oT of pRin UJ 10011CC 5I j
sutndance J
Tir e ftesI iltns ll ht ie c iiiis ,' iri t
nPa Nl war founded In tSi ha i the Vir,
rilea mll l arl liy tittlut,'. ti i wttofllhe
f unllders Joihni T. Hltpkiti hiad I;rl ti
1iit Qua irlN. arer dIei' luIdre toiMa to
atltnd the ronve'git ion. i e 'lonartal ;|
miori I pioro lraln lini lle 'pltio aIltn ball to ti, i ls in i thE
Palm gardenn of th,' St. Chal at i hrote.


Wounda Himself and Then Sets Firn
to House.
San Antonio. Tt1.. lIec. 9.1t tlok
and harredI llithi his own hn.- I 'l"**
by hi. o4n hanedl and cr<'eritlrt'i ib a
fire of hlis ii l ( e*ttli1g, w. t. fth' fatE
of Aug.ti Veagil, ian ngst hrnei tiv .
tug t 11i M r.,iil.t It inei'.- IrI m r +r .
Thie P ille o, r i hn' t,1 l i. hoiffr' f'l
Hol% utUllliit' lID i'? tii lit tini0h.e' and
thtineih ihi' 1arrpd a nltws sa Ithe
ftausel s llili up t!i. h lr tl.1 i ..i bid
an Illti Ith Il, ii|5 1 1i t( him nl ) fall
upon the reain-,
After tinl firs |imi oi f I ; chialrreti
hol) \vwai folufld will tLw' siiiiui A




' A. .

.- ,.
a &t.

4C .. akAS.b

4 -

rw rui 8w %W *

ibedU~hV aJ3 am '

:.r~LL..C- -YlYIW nY~~M.a1YJ1UiT CbtnYI a nS

t t, tN
a..Art I' -
-rc *4 Smt cr

a,=rcan m I-rL~IIILU aI.aa
hJIJ(1 ~ ~ fl InJanE fl,~ rwrr

hp wop un .

h ,* d ',i^i imI^^^
'" i

I jh J u^ ^ kkt ^^ ^^,- .,. "
iIC,+,,ii p ^.

kowt. b be' 01

* innmiWmUS o w u ei
fl- I- Y1

... i i r
a m


. .?. . ..* . . . .1' '. .. ..i . ..
t'''w p i '' .

', ' ;
...... . ..I.


aos a

: Ijrwljf

wme a *aI

-l -a

eao"e a she^
* ^aa Pm


.... '.. .t , .a a t asww &~'r a. -,-PI -m "
m1s .2te sI nn at abr a
.s ae, +. ."n~ wM nmn f lm
it %wo w i r -4 s

S WS. . N I. a-- 1L ---- -- b L
br IaW nu_& --- Ie WO

Jm; at oN '- tf o i*

* 4 .. . .l.. tr . .t me r a
a nMe .me as lmn

WAafNW ^~t f Ate w e art' hA G t e tdaMy

9 a em a flU fma wr.t sc ie haae is
MmaS a hr os& ta &"f ta ,lt a--- u
low.g 4r ~a e e arwv au a .mw to e.el

I looloom. coeqesw luvw.. 1-% 10 %* fewftv

af .) -t -- .-' ,,'
dcaIY '.s1ti. rirr-r< -.
T(, J tih o&F lJltrtd I t.. ,.
tlrtr UI. Secp yforu*4. ;r L;L
-. rr? 'r omanV.
.a a ma an

F br Sa by Jobpon Bro*, Gainesville
I.._... .Iii I I._.i i._. iI Nt o i-






It the mtar earr da lEtb ifrt bi a t ight easy matter in
M t she w I*im le, ewr, daughter or friend, we carn sel
sieew aw wil abe happ to tear.




We irik jleI t lW4 e C1heramN a gd time In rwnind you of
-ar et %e4l line e I Ti,-ods. Deve (ied,. Novelsie*. Lam
amd EPaeridere-irha over ing usually carried (or the
WiI e s as up-tc t Dry Gtoods stee. We're retvr had
se& a attlsiWtiv showi d it ad o it should iateret evrry lower
of he brautifl i thiW towa.

This' a Reason
IWy ye hu o 4 tLy Iehe hnM carried in our sto~k. Hurn-
dveie ed pmole--ea. wom+in sad ehildren-are wearing
sham. WIy kmoe e-?

re t m r bis Sh s.

II.. I I ia


'-_ _




Take The Atlantic Coast Line


Art. To n -

low00m M c .?SflAm. t aa s a een'4w jap -ofle rerasle whI'
*5 tom ~rLC 0ilr qn r*% rR rl~ 4tLn q%!M Cuid solh I:
00.iproW~W 1'. to NOW&' '
)3531 J~O.1 L 41 I L~. 1

fl n. is 1 '%rhsb' t t4 wri... tnnatto IThaw'quite
ow %*VA11CR ft flai'1 m~m rwutllo' ai4t r]wn40iM c b
etlf -hp w' 'k
ftlkn-a ll lm lw JIM I 13 13LOR u M
v S m U~*4b *'l af ~t*ot"OwmmTf=V

IWEtW.I"uSm4am .N4s*f 7'&a, Ot a- t aU4 pt.

WOWl O efooptys
Z 'teq. ~ ~ A-W* '. "-uam ?vsOtoo*%ut. paneu s he 'U.
41"4"m ..'. cw ci' VOW looma*nar
Oft*a~ A#WI" *9..f Irj ?' **% fL$V I hsrtwm m MU nfftrnamd
ftW4W $f thTU Inlastwal Conmmof 0%
"-two: Iha tawll
qult sIWS wow m w Vft"warhto 11 i0 t binesms. It
IN-Nappwa* Wlq* 4't-OTI pt* w s8whtu tmn
FiICsR iar utk r~ t*W' 'flute g" Eta' bUS hnbait@t*4U 331w, ii 1w~

an ~ .C*t~rw~ N't '~ r #00egyn' twob CSefl.T4,12 YCvftP q10*
wv. lt'Wv.1' t w04 4 LN W V.A. yrw
~ld aa I'~ t1Ll t Ckr1~' ~ .-twib ewmh SbwbtsRIY Crn~ugt9 RenA A

Sve via VT v'
1W1 fj* P--.o. ii ,, loon&o-
ert OorI an**skse JArk rtI vWM

Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
Time Tble Ia effect Sept. 1, 1904.
elpat For GAINESVILLE Arrive Fros

8 pm High Sprnag uad later- It- )ss rM

12-4 pm

2 lisp a

8:16p a

S :k ft it
S-boaax a
ex loys aM

mediate Polate
OIala, Lemburg and Tampa, and
Intermndiate Poilat

Palatska, tIytona Jacksomville.
North, East ad West
High Pprila W Waycres. SIWvnash. runswiek,
Albany. Atlant all Pointsl North, Eat Weat

Roehelle. Micanuply md Citra

High lSprings

8:40pm I
1 :50p m

3 80 p I

4 1. sandV
l ^A g"

Int rrnc ble Milege Tickets, good over 18,(00 miles of among the PrID
eirpl railways a t Sothernm atate, are on sale by the -rincipal arnIl.
Through PuUullmi .lper Potn Tampa to New Yor, via Atlant', tol-
Li e; also via Atlansle Cokt Line and toithern tRallwsy.
For emnpletM informallon, call on
J. A. OOODWIN. Ticket Aent, Oalnesvtll

tr r\ a r if f.....t l. Aft,4


. ; -

. '



1",. .

*' , l
S- I ,-1
'4 *.4



. ':

i^ Ali1;;


_~_ __-___

_ __





wA ~7.- r~C r r*T ~ I



Hur t the Boute Will


lar and Weat Who Hlave
Injoyed this Privilege
itave Mail Delered at
rsieM-4l Improvement.
I r free drel.vrry, slhill
.1.4.d in thiIq fi l at tlhe be-
he| prl enlt year, seemS I*o
a great enpveil'nee andt
ahoi it is anouate-d that the
glJ be extended on ith flrat of
month-les ithau a year
Suie Is wus inaugurated.
seIn began with ,joly two
bu* the system was so hreiy
p l iowber I an additisoisl ear-
l ssu.oled. iiner slhich limte
SWfis r have r n Lrel. c1n1 -
IIg eto meet ihe demand.

p. a - I

S tlt t rouhn rPunman iar Line IO1 be Upr-
SL i .: *led Port Tamps to Nt* York
; -' the c t if.'f L; L Effective with first ar S tUL11-htlinl
S. 1' i t 1- t 1 l Jrrsey CiOy Suinday. Niov m-
Ser t .'r Th, asid itr.t eAr V iirth-l-hoi.d
~it. \\c tLLT:.V iv- Irvi ia rs 1i a i uesdmy.v N ,um.
: i \ 1 "'CUrtr ;U ,V !II. I1-r *tI l. 11 ith. rr.,l I Jts-j1
S,, r'L ljt. ',t t l a.a t- II a uiiK
,r'iell bl~r-p.,ig -ar g,,a l' qntdj lj t
L -( It t il a (lf .l 111, 1;" %' 'i, t ..i r(i Ratina Iriir s No, ;i .l *l,* I

ig' I',rt lltliB III JIr-li lNot 3.':1li tn-vdi
I 'A grrxi It-f114 1 ,. : 'rd arid tncour a
) Lll hA 1141111 illi oy ( 11 i I lik t
)c It A ft 11 1 t iitId r % tri i n g t P n t igr 'ehr p r .-
1 *a.t th i i. li : iAv. r Il, At: liti t' ('a.t1 I I.ii t.
ilIu to r inary fix itd -1t .1St i* A OIL%' huot 1air I ai
r S id in 3nrr (:*.I i1 i ti's rmti.
nourih. andl this mi:" m t m. a rod io Jer-..y C(iLy.
it IS Usefull ill li.i '. This ill add ialteria!ly to the. l-
ti i s l il 11 ready mtaglileei nt tra mrrin rv Ie lt -
hiharc indiitat -dl -)),' tu..n I. lrnds aid thel. Krrt ,Ea.t miow
ing. operated by thera three great railroad
V. 'r e nnal .a'r"e e te ) lstrls.
tit-OTTrAr oWn%.wV. 4 strI l'ru., 1 l*,rr arriviing from llarans
.. ,,_ stand Kr-y V. st have but to transfer
riT Irnt liatl to *lerpinig car, which will
GOT HIS MAN. Isr. them Hn Wahiiigton. lIatinore,

Deputy Sheriff McCann Played Cards. 'ilpllhin ur New York witlm i
l, haitmg. Likes iits*, aas igris r u in
Well. Arrestirg Alleged Swindler. T-ampI am, local aftio ( on i thei.

-1 I m

oGarlvtei Included. i .t an holfier Deputy Sheriff J. \\ lnt Coast I.itne tltwrni l'orL Taii
e slolon as pi.osd will i- .\le'ann ulf l.a'rt.she has on several I)- i aid Jacksutville, c eHn aktr upasage in
I tiae# ille, aind the Itr. Icasuon drmaitistratre, hi. ability. Tlisa this ihrotigh Palltman car for points
a a td wil al sI.o e-.I was particularly drmonutrated a rfew Eai gtoill a ('dolutble. lCharlo te
IS Is hoped to c ulude .North dayi ar,, whtri he followed Hlenry Washii gltoi.
within the nxt fe BHe nniirnaim. alleged to LaTe scured $7- -- ----a- --
un der faIle pretenst from L. Crewsi PRE8ENTMENT NOT RECEIVED.
Ohe free delivery system was at LaCrosse, detected him before the1
& #d here it created consid- money was spent, placed him under Board of Inquiry In Bihop Talbottl
aI, a few sullgrtinlg the Iarat and brought him back to the Cas Havvl Not Gotts-i Papers
4 'rbdity, declaring that it s*ene of the alleged actio, where lie 1t.t 9.. l. 1 -m Rev. Dr W.
p of no benefit. The ma- wll nl bI compelled to stand trial. Itlri. cln ll l:"e.n 4f it ga rdi t
Ith improvement, how- It was a clever pice of work on the. lr i 1
chargi- brou0ht toy (l.e )er Ingram
IWe people as I rule sanction part of IIllceer \IeCann. and he is to w N.I. beIhile. i, aiaiith l.Ivbop Ethel
I.pelm ments and pablie batw- congratulated. bert Tall-cit. said today:
"I have not received the present.
'i Whom Credit Belongs. Punch and Judy for the Children. ment and do not know when I shall re
gIrwinal Gainevrille has, One of the most enjoyable occasions Celve the |aperr. I du not believe I
i e--da etey milder e Odmanven-I of the Christmas festivities was that f shall look a* ihem before laying them
'j before the board. I shall not have
wItropolltan advantlae that the Episcopal Sunday schooll tree.i b Iore l bord I shall not hav
mound, and to Hone. Walter which was irren he children on; anything to ay for publication con
m- and Henry 8. Uhubb of Thursday rafernona at the opera huuse. c~mrlng tLe easte.
lStes land offee, and Post. The tre. in addition t he usual or- be. did nt knid he belItve, thblit
iram, the people are indebted ne.enl s, wages covered with miniature a srtract of the presetenment publi-he
b I e for this modern accomo- electric lighLt from top to lowest in the newsplapers trdsty l correct it
RlIlingl that aineviille was branches. the little tire Ily glowing pombbly came from ,onime person whAb
IItthis privilege they exercise among the bright green leaves, and in- wa- tn a |Kt Itun to tlve the fact., lie
Ia In endeavor to s cure it. numerable presents showing off admir- ia id.
eoeeeaful. They are to be ably. For these the school was In-
for their energy in this debted t'o Manager Uoig of the electric Coughing Spell Caused Death.
which ha. benetlited the light eampany. '"Hrry Duckwell. ragd 26 years
poe. Dr. IHuuck. as superiltendenlt, wai ctod to deth rarly yesterday morn-
th. extension of the free mail ably assisted in the distribution of the ine at his home. in the present mor
igr at his homll, ill the jresenefit
the numerous transfers of raifs by Medames Thomas and War.' hi wife and child. lie contracted a
the rapid building of busi. nr,. Misses Mary Strobhar and Nors lgiRht co!d a fw days ang and paid
*and fineresidences and the Nrton,. Rev. F. 11. Craixhtll and Capt. I,st little attention to it Yesterday
healthy commercial condition t[laon. h i was srized with a fit of rntuhinul
dly, It stands to reason that the Not the leat of the evning's enjoy- wusitll elentlmild for some time. nll
a0of Gol inetville should be; mett wal the excellent IPunch nd a hi ,lCt for a jhyicin but before he
S atee reas d within the coming Judy txhibitiun twven by Prof. Louuw ,coid arrive, another couKhitIIg pell
111 'of New York. who was secured upon cae, o, ,Omld I) ckwelldied from siffo-
his arrival in the city for this occasion ebil i.ts (lIuh imnecrat.
BAPTIST XMAS PARTY. Before even his pretetice here had been ii.. I 1l] l.. iasHrt' lrrehi uad

Meof That Church Enterlained kuown to other. co ee f i ld*i. Sai v y him'. 4. o n
s Pond Thursday EveninK. rat erelit is due nll conrer:ed for and 1 I d bty W' M ,hns
h Pd T theirefforts to please the children of
SFlat r Baptiit Church tendered their iSunday school. Peacemaker Was Killed.
be Pl. I i ho PeacerIaker Wa Kilted.
emIId sIhooml o.f lhat

lmig ht at the old armory, En.
nlt-. an enjoyable evening In the
O fish pond.
Iasetion, which differed con-
flrom the old-time Christmas
Wt largely attended by both the
mad their parents and friends.
lmany presents were distrib-
Ma eans of "fishing" behind a
the presents being attached to
beskl. The question of what the
I would be created a great deal
but everyone who attended re.
a present, and everybody was
ad satislled.

A DOeerved Compliment.
.i F4uteh, who is attei.ding the
II Normal College at howlingt
KgI ., one of the arrestt and
rI nIormal schools of the Unitid
i, tlh an attendance of from 7ti
Ilafti has been honored by Ihe elhc-.
YbI preqsdent of the debating lub

1b Is ladeed a deserved colmplli-
JfI to the ability and eflcilency of
t o nl man. especially when it is
td ebshat he it only in his first year
'Wl That he will fill the poli-
lthll credit to hinmeli there is no
*-*ad hiis friends in this section
i te Country extend cunglratulations.

Attention. Odd Fellows.
I r oglar weekly meeting of Cen-

1~ the lodge room this evenillg.
1l0 at halfrpast 7 o'clock. There

Fight Will be Bitter.
Those who will persist ill cloingl
their tars against the continual recom-
mendatiun of Dr. KinRg' New Diseu- '
cry for Consumption, will have a luung
and bitter fight with their troubles, if
not ended earlier by fatal termination.
Read what T. II. Beall of Beall. .Mis., I
has to say: "Last fall my wife had '
every symptom of consumption. She i
took Dr. Kiu 's New iseouvery after
everithingl else had failed. Improve-
ment came at once and four bottles
entirely cared ihr." Guaranteed by I
all druggist. Price &)i and $1.0). Tri-
al Lolttle, free.

Democratic Candidate In Colorado
Asks an Investigation.
Ih .-,. N C ,9 .t' rrn.y ('lhar,
Tha LIn' ,Sai Im '. 'lrP t Tlfit

*" *'i ' ; I ; ,', i l 'tI H fl'f
S' '' 8 i, I I' t' i ,t I l'h "

a .
SI ,. a ,, I : I 1 11
: I i ; i 1 r

1 r i '. ,,i 11of n el I)fon
ti -niirit'fnti nM the t jirii tvrly rnltMrl''l
on the lAce of the returns." said G(;v-
eror Allants. I want this i vest 1-
gation made. I want It to extend from
the head to tho foot and I want the
truth knows."

g1oIii.e Al a ..-, : News reached
t; a f -,.- .tnc-ktWO:. a, Iadwin couDN
I A. .n a. f a ItIng (here, Satur
lay ,'i-' r;:io t'. I Tn Taylor. aged 17,
git .I. < Oi a lri itwii t with RIurn Hill
a nw,'tibor. an l probably fatally] el
hlm during thti llght. W. B. CatrLt,
an old and highly rempcted oltiea,
who was Il4iagtl near by. went up w4
separate the rcomiatantm, whoe TayTot
turned on him. r'tting his throat fro
ear to ea r. C aTro fell to the ground
and expIrel In a few mlnutle. He was
?.5 years of a. air'nd tves a family.
Tayloir wllr anrr .-t'el. given a prelttw
t:;.ry miani r",tna.ldel to Jail with
out 'uall.

Captain French Commits Sulicde.
I hattarNua T4 nin. t1e. 29(.-Cap
tnl :, Hlowanr i F'roncn ru"instructlnj
qil;arrt'rmatl'r I; rf tl1 new army jpmtl,
Chirkam auai l':irk. ila hasl roiaenlted
:, ir,', lhy s.h.: :i.g hlmself through
the 1 .irt. The body naa found this
morning in n almandoned quarry neal
the pors It t i not known what time
tht-* silcide oucoiried or what causes
let iup to it. (Calain French is a
C(hattanoogan. a son of Dr. W.
Prench. secretary 4f the Merchants'
Exchange of this city.

A Cotlly Mistake.
Ilttundets are *onetimtns very expien-
sire. (Mceasionally life itself is the price
of a mistake. but you'll tiever be wrong
if you take lr. King's New Life Pills
frr dyspepsia. dizzinepr, headache. liv-
er oir towe') trouiles. They are trentle
y vt i through. 2to at a ll dru storee.

Ofer for lb remnlag Fall S Wirt a AeGis l t
rPIAm TRIEn e tfLhe eauta rla, J a fl
bled themw. Aloe Frid Oramta.t i ak, e. CaW
wemarsl I'Wu Caltarr e.. g a a


turplum and UndivAdld P"Iat .,
. . . . .. . .. '.

U U'

, '


____ __ ___

____ _ WA


81.aan_ ,Th to.a D JitEMSE1A



''"'DR ''<::: *"!' .... l it",'' '*. ir'"* ' .... " .* .. 0 i
, 't
P IDER 0 1904 ..... j.
4,- Is-. .'. -.

Vm, OiRS, 81,& 6.GOLDSTEIN
sad tweb
&L .1 .. aaa ..a fa r "L, .<
w b iB Rave t btme to th City and
.WJl Rm=&ai ntil Saturday.

Offi: Room 9, brown House




.*N O -1 0I

'., ,,,.- ..:ai. 1,.


Bl.lSt its

iL, -ith -I0

I lis our speliaty to tl glasses in
Isuh a manner that they relAtie thu
yl e*train perlptilflt fting ihe eye
wrih *u anld eomforn, thus preserving!
the eye. In examlnnlg the eye only
Ihe lamit and most lmrovvd methods
and lnstruments arn n.d
Phptiloni espsellly are invlied to
sll mad investlpS or methods of
eorrOnin error of ftllftio. llMany
eqse of bhedahe, nanl0lal, aervoue-
stee, Irrtabilitly, lIewmot vrtillo.
nrvqom pri trailos Sd The seemm n
sltpitdiy of oblkdrl Ia oftte dl to
t*lry*T vi*o.m a=. .by asn abor.
Mial eSarmtor of tihe irea or eryesal*
limse *e or to as irrilarity of ithe

SBi: *Li...-t Wu Mlhl fIlngse mllr ol fUS *lasI, aoa n i
lgas "sO Naes appihadom
me peope.rlmw. Ison per"n
rIMr. Awr sat f wollil rie peo op 4p, r of elw n ,w
o, E ..i te 1bws " onihS sloWges to ol < IM1.
** .'we tIru ato 'fo" lilow undue

r"l-ll have ll l she
JWft* 0Wise. *Nt Rwto a bs 0o esepto. Spalal at.
iuullr?', Jia sveat., who wel die ltlesn Is iln ro t lneqgill a thai
i ir,.wr CQllstat,,Ml tetilssj- nn it ir .srsues ew rnlon of
*t iit War of Mga Uth*
sew" ." a ss i ulpdeal mele l*s-e has Mdod. rapid ad-
she,*Two r, u.s, _o_,. as Me l **k*don 1 erction, 4 h o,
spo bewi rotr V Wi Wr, ied YSS W*1f t.he 1 IA lowoars; ther
V Waervent ad doe otepleusalnbaabe*
I, .ooi W* wedwey moraIa sm die a e1 pfsrlon, Thq opti-
1 .luisl @ielomSMie. Ha l bo wholM shorllhllM der.srds his
: Ww, 4s: 1M ** ri0 fre(*u I of einA reanlu hilly hna i-n tldJusrr
wmi.ts ll b AiI yrl blW upolg ii esil e for big oillaopiere he is
tipi o to have b bons d ali.S sM i La ioln dJeltnstiandi pre.
'a r,..' *' ". .i O lt-.llnl, w Il if. h re doea
Je ftork* w be not only *k soww em.
t" ^LI m. Un fo-. tanrtd a to his patrons. but in
.. . .. !. 1 117 i nsli inesse.o hetorB the sight.
. ll lo''Ng Spetsil avleshould e take In in sc
t:" .":i.. lwelm--." it t.h w l- Inl the h fist pilr of speOtaeln, nor
m, a, .Sh. a.. **i, tlbi bilatwmpted wtlbout hlh aid
',:I ,tr, !attit of tomAeh oif a apolsible optilian. Ii Is mnioi
SS&t< tw Iogal.ed anse of minportiant hat Ihe lenses tbuuld h aso.
ib.iue' sirebl, ka *uIll- oraly s enrsmd sad of thebest quil-
I lm.bmmaluom "f It y and o the frames o made that the
ts. Ueabheesrr. ? weaverr looks dlrctlIy thmunh the cen.
oeslg.lbeadl .6heM.dls'L tr. QOlsen nicely itted to the fae"
ji- ppdslad Ieh aIed thewnatim. become ao ornament a well as a ne.
0t % ApMpa ferowr gen right ait. ** Oly.
*1 iiasmsoa l mieeno sad .quFitting shillren with speetales a
" 'es t~ l Of. lte I tmilal t' Paenrtsn,donot nngllot your chil-
I oriX ar l of ihe all, se a e ye.
S. T botltl o,0. Iaut asess,-oliited.
tlWe. At W. JohMeoa's. noeilons in regard to the eyes
S. .- il)vAnwered.

C..ies Ol th Still Mystery. QOp l l a id uiM tino
rewma. Os.. Dee. 2.-,The murder ol
Ypuag Woe In the houae of Ann~ste bi e ho. fro mI. am. to s p. m.
h.Oli, on (Therry street. Saturday l
a.It. la still a matter of mystery, The
ilwef. ljulry met for the third time
thIs terwoon. bolicltor Bruon n
* ... the elalaormlll, aod lLthI
a wee artuIly quwelosd KALOLA
iA. ~Oe. a telephone llsoma, ibtK.
1 faris t agr. was hot and kl11e4 **wfrcl ';.. Utn m.
Intay malht by a mln who bhr baeein NWO *m# Wl Irg,
Maeibed by several witneser.
A MOPN if KAi10i I a mtLAS orF
warlDoes TsesS WoRN.
ow I nlt tabol ows Vl i
A PWaghtned Hor*se. *l tm. seews "-telam I sIi
tualautIlik mad down th. testt hl.. .4 I 11"th Is aw.-
dimplrig the ar pasts, or a hundred M ature's Remdiy for
otUr. emleau lar every day oeour. INONDISTION, COWSTIPATtO4.
mois. It bhoovee everybody to hi ie STOMACH LIV r. I.a EY
lls .ll lui nd rbe'ons sad BLADDOOER TROULES.
a elble salvbandyand shore's mane SICK tIEADACE.
ndel s Nukes' Anie aie. AT1s B ir' f T.:tG R
bllISO.. oee ema p a lies! siBIlV I Vir& N ,.
disppeer qulekI u odor its soothing -- __-, r' _.
s.eet -. aie a. l .dr orI aI.l si..- ... .

IR. MeCLELLAN 3i&ew 9.

Undertaking oTHE PASrVIL
----* 117 West Union street.
Fineral Directors and

Licensed Embalmers. ILmu, nN, mu ,
suitt fm u IPjSl C
MauIeturter of and llealersl in .... For .ldles, temulnen- and Clildren ,


. a ...

s:S I-t ol It'l OI.TH I lIY M.1lIlI


- Largest Mail- Order House
For Men's, Women's and Clhildren's
Ik.AlY.'II-WEAR (0 A II 1 N Ti


'OH MEi.
Cljthiung, IHtai, inlderwrear and Furnillings.
fltll WOnE N.
Tailured Suits, Skirip, Jackets, Furs, Waiss.,
Clothlling, llat, Uldetwrear and FurnIhisiig.
I1 Gl (IRI, amd (I'IIIHIIEN.
DreMes, tuelers. Cloakl. 'Underwear, Eto.

O We send goods by xpres (C. O. D. with priviliqgeI to
examine before aeceptini.
AP"We eheerfrtlly *snd two or three styles of anly &tar-
menl for smel
Write for our complete Fall and Winter Catalogue.
. . . ., -_





Reveals the News and Facts governing
Studies underlying causes of Market
* [Movements.
Reviews, analyzes and criticises Railroad
and Industrial reports.
Has complete tables of Earnings of
Quotes active and inactive Sttock? and
Records the last sale of Bonds und the
yield on Investments at the price.

Answers, without charge,
cerning Investments.


On whho dally rtenltt THE WALL NTRE:Fi
JOURNAL Is better quallAe to invet mlonel
nsally anpreItably sad to advise abet inlnt
nemin thal .0e who do" met.


1)OW, JONES & CO.,
44 Hlmd street. Sew York.
$it a rear, $1a iulth.







to. -








con- I




. _,, ,.. '/.,

Si t lrle d ld ppy Smtlk

This is on every

fae who

U8%S a

man s


rick Buggy or Wagon.

The holidays are TIow here-a BIr ao wheII ,verlbody rxpfrl!
to buy for iimsel or l omiebwodyl els Ih.p... I ala.i. ltI'

F' ritish-




-- - ----- .. __


,---- .) ---

" '

IT, DA ILY Bi : IN'I I I FLORID, rwECEMBER rr.r 1."i0

St4riIiur AI.'I t[n 4l i in. geii.
fitTlitHll) Miriei li 4 '1t6 w i) (What th.*
ilre utialil iii ptihl'ilJ(l li iri th* tariff
4'hiisratevr(rt iic, a his iitai,'ils iiottioi--
i seita-ival. nliirs ealik so It llat- h|1
tilts Il ( Ti l'tit a drliijir ,0u iItiltia i|ll
s I lih itoer ih titrilT .i01blit t lt-* re-.

ij a* iU l i. (1 It Ait or. IL OII r iO 114l, liil tli ,'( < l o. I er l ti lilt
-. -". -.. -.-. - -- 11 s IIm tit' r lii i. ,t lrnI i ,b re iWiill ii 11
' e'CL : IOMTERH 11Ll 'K. lit'. II 14 11 a muriirli thlir le ir.''t f gr tlyry
Si,.ift. r. TS lPnIwEl* l ll.,.iltull clir m l aie rrhlvr si (Islw., nliipt
u ll p .lubliH id et ery mornir, l* ens-li' t y l t "in ny
i s l.vered h arrier In the city. 'Iails K lIi'ta riukst If i
y l r tofL iheUrt el Scltates o- iintllI I l rprrt (|I I i,! the r i nirn l. ii
Ifor av'6 *ar: .S hi *N i s;i$1 .ll Itill ftlir il .iay titii Ithr .iat. r I
rc W; oTw b et ta fur pee w k& tKl. nlit \(.e. niy r'Vvli rinn. ih et'IIIk

In iet edi*ulrmi 1 cent. l
rtMtartIlo an.Ld h cent. for each ad
p Ai'i r adertlii mainde knoown

W rrl: Sun In rlhtifbit-.
iaL-wW erttIscan -Air,
Vlule r. u, tiuilslcrd rciyl MtOl-
iliurlftayt. and conitinl all the
TGlIbe i atled. I atlgef Iree to iany
gy Valued Siates or Canada. for $I OI
of o l sInee"
ltU bill mbeome due after firfn
fle of dvyerttaement. ualeta otherwise
Bileratrasi. P'artes not known to
SaIled r to pay for advertisiurn In ad

piirlhave anything to do with aIl-
"i"lI. They arl riYky.

iL don't take half the interest in
*Irq that It naturally *seems to
p oight to.

tlforri home In which ihe wife
shle loaf and the husband dwoe
H be loaf

P doubt a girl'. word when she
L* 6sar Ming. It's ten to one he
Wsg the troth.

S*hllit *pots on a varmished sur-
ilt*Ul dippear If t hot fait Iron is
eer them for a second.

F. Dowl thinks he is r eelving
h siympathy and many converts
g fhe Smnoot inveTtlgation by theI

Fear not hers to get all we can,"
fag Mr. Iockefreller to hIl Ill
4ass. ireat heaven! i What
M they have got if they had really

lAR employes who are not total ab-
will be discharged at the
postMible moment." is the an-
S iat of the general puplerin.
lof the railway system of Ger-
o moderate drinkers will be.
ln any position of trust. Tern-
men with clen'r brain anid
hIade are tlle only ornel who
..ll retained and who should apply

S ay plausible recent advertise.
pill people 'how to make mon-
Mrly growing Inushrooms," Noth.
If esary except to buy spawn
WW ll advertiser, who then agIrees
6ltrhase all mushrooms .grown by
i huyer. "It requires buti small
lashbed or cellar to make $12 per
l4,1" read* a circular; "anybody
Ioib the work. Only an hour or so
R, ae dedd. Why be poor when we
you how to make mon)e?" Aod
"*"e" All very pretty., lut-its easier
1i0h1 the spawn than to grow the
l )'---_- -

1Itpment has breni made by the Hald-
SLoomotive Works of Philladl-
Sof the smallest serrice locoino-
itrllt by this Hrmn, to be tued along
Jlpalnese coast as a sutiliititte for
labor. The engine weights fi&N.
s and was bought Liy the A amil
Railway. It has a tank of Tl gal*
aci ty and hiurnIs soft col. Tlihe
ter of the drivers is tWlielty ill
atis d the cylinder has a diameler
ffi r and one-half ilnches with a Itln.
stroke. The track upon which it
7 rfU is two feet wrid., and I he rails
Weih fronim ightl to teliit piunl to

Ste life appear
l try boy Hti
I.I1 IltowIn job
i !lbt belong t
sit business co
PSlsUit or enter
W'l6 but few of
6.h. a. I

i i i lil"'-* tlol"' |ii 'I*( .tI i| ni !,na hI tr-
ll1,",li '1 I Iii lrl t (!,I ltn. 1.l t *l;iig '
Ira' t i ii)r llrl llni4li 'il I I iI o y ii r l
iarill t r ,n*i sit) t eh 1li ii h iilrd
iy ;i rvei-rml r ('iiit iiirin ir. w l, Il, vs, I'iv 4
t ,i r t r!i f i. i lrs Iri. I -, l.r' ulltt riy liin-
itth l i t ii. rt' % n %i i II h ItII P ,iti ;l *t ..
Iot Mli tt 1i l*- -, in .M11i4i )1ii,. 11
W iV t<*'ir mili aiI otlhl r ia'te IOlhr sist:1 a .
ftrntr Irueti jrai-v l. t ratLiehr r tlid
prreltl l o .-fl sr r 1le't', i i. 'ItL. v tult ri
will holl l ld il I l t L ilr.l tl'-
itallit if ilhe taridll Lb rita ts arR llielatA
io con iteine zrtx sriiiig higlih ir:t'*s' P ls.
nu arly r e 'Fveryl iir tlhi pielo ui4-, 1 uIt
thle Ierilbtl. In nar not ajid i ver
will hbe inl a ilate of '"alil lutt* h r.
mifin" on I*ih .ihllject. Probably a
majority ar ii favor of letting we I
enough alone, like Senator HleveriJge.
who believes thnt the tariffs t too ma-
cred a thing to be r evsedt, unless it is
revised higher. The rlng organs say
they want reform, but from their t .
terances it Is impossible to determine
where they really stand, if they know
No reform that will injure protected
beneflolaries, or monopoly interest.,
will ever bt called for with "absolute
harmony" in the ranks of the partly
who receives part of the plunder for
preserving the system. As long as the
sleIt trust can iet two prices for barh.
ed wire and nearly double for other
products alid the sugar trust is pro-
tected in its enormous profitI on sugar
and these and other combines are will.
ing to donate lo the campaign fund
of the party that stands pat on Isuch a
system. there can te no "absolute liar-
mony The politicians' intrerti are
combined with tile truit ioteret s and
those people, who have taken time to
investigate, are very natuarlly on the
other side. So Seniator 411lion', "ah-
solute harmony" program is so nmuuh
silly twaddle and should deceiv" no
one. It isa weak sublerfuge to tpre-
vent anl exlrs session ind to scare tl*.
PrIeident from rallitig one. (Ine might
as well expect harnmony In hades lbe-
tween thi, tiremnntn and the roasted 1
to exr eer it bet ween them trupt-ravored
Itepu liclte politiciaiis and the It epub-
lican intinlle when tht'ir inter'sle art'
so at vari:ince.


Let's see; iI'. preLty nearly a year
ago that Congress ordered the Depart-
ment ofl Commeree and Labor to inver .
tigate the Beer Trust, the report to tie
made at the opening ol onigrlless
report has yet been made and it is tia-
ted that the experts of the Itureai of
Corporations can find nothing dam-
aling against the trust. The samte
thing was said about the Tobseeo Trust.
though the evidence to convict that
corporation was submitted to the
attorney-general about three years
agon ly there lawyers (if tobacco man-
ufcturersi not in the tlust,. With tilte
Coal Trust it was Ihe same, the evi-
denIle was overwhelming that a con-
apiracy (.iierel be ween the coal
operators aid tlihe railroads to advance
piries., 114t iL was not uniiil a private
e'*lizein weiat into court and prodlir'etd
(th e ,Vid r'iile' nal iist thle Itrust that Itl.
l el~ipoire of iit int thodi wwere i1ald'
SpuJliie. f thep Rteptiilich n arIlry wiwait
to pjoll4 n1* trruilt liupte'r it ilnm tl s! oi
SillinP 0in.- if ll 'eom pli-hlim g ta n e-

I\ IXI< tIut-iuin milaii mIH p 4 nit I -i
;hli anl d follows tl'> s iitly So
11) fl ie't',tse f il famners.

How's This?

i Attractive to the \,,, oTfr one hun dred dollars reward!
doesn't *top to think for any case of eatarrli that telnnit be
so many hours of nnred by i Iall'-C'atarrh ('eurv.
o his employer and it'. J ('ir\c\ & I"' 'ohilo, .
lmes ahead of any ,. Il- iinldersigll'l. haver' kima I,
rtainnient lie cani .1 ('ll, ey fr tIh lanat 1i ,'Te r-, .xil ti",.-
the city attractions. li ive Ii tim prrlftriy i on itra ti t' .. it :
.. .... ... ...t ...... .


aIr3Past 007o ait @ i4f ,ilpe. 'a .
wandIo mat wter.
i Y. idlt- l lnd It'ul i.trr
S I, A ( C'A lI.I'i E A 'rmb-blIr 'ilteu;

, I ,
i *

'. ' ,
I 1'. l~
I "
T.. L

I i r -n .

Si (Ii '' 1 ir i nt ~r
, I I i' l IIII

-1 i .. .. i' t | r. I i~;il ap
t. ... .lt i .j I Ii pI i" l t I
S" I ; I '., [' ,*' ll.'O i lp u
,,, t
I, I I ct ticlm

.,". ,.7'4^1
S I r n

S %S % SflS


0eorgia Man Defendanl In Big Suit
I In Texas,
| he i- .. T I)|.ir 29 In !h*. o arf.
ditr i C411rlr .,li II. Kirliy orf Iloes I
toill, r iit r il it ,-iju.i i, 'i t ('l.

I h lir h i,,i, ii l' i,- ; i, II' 1 i '. I K

li I 5. l r i '' 1 i ( 1 i1 'l i t ill,

J4t1.1, '1 "4 0 .' : i, i ,.f '.

S1 P* ,v , in r. -
t: : ',
f r i

r4 ' .3,, I .(l.i nf i i ;;s ;.r J-lan.
.-" i J ', ; ,. , 1

---Agents for tbhe

Victor Safe and Loek Coml
SCil:o-i r l'nn ti OhtA io 10
iThe "Victor" isr th best saf* made, an prti 4
itig the parthu of a sale, o rftUl tmLuL OW
from a Ix to a bank vault. w Illli e s q
by eonsultllin us. OCll om or ddcfu. ,

SInfrms's.6ion eorfullny furnluhed. GAINUSYILJL,

Lnn s t etc d q

r:. u1:er P er HU lI

Advancement S.'entists Meet.
I.'.,, ti, i '.-> 1111 annual E .
rclii VI iti, a ,1 1,f I. \lu i. ii a As .orial Abstrets of Title aId
Cton Ior lh All ,,n!tii11 o4f $iclence oonItly. Our Ma
wair l)ii.,i he:- riltlday II the I'ni- k Uh l
%v*r-,Liy of I' ..II l v iv i ita. lion was railoIle i Lordr by Carroll D. E
Wright. After a hri.*f addlre Mr.
Wriglit Ittri Irncrr, thei r'-l ldent-lecti, FP Ei, ACCIDENT, BC
I)r W : F-:-lasw. ho aw1> mpoki sting n noum
briefly IItptiis were read by thie ._,L
gene'rl eri.i'r n ,l ail local :in tcreto a-.
rtl s. iflt r li0 ichr l the aniral h .sti ...on
adjuiirij 1, i. )iil it' uiii ii, bectluni

Bakor Kifllt ty a Train. H FD
MN e,.Lt ',ry. A'a, i h 9. i -John
Flui) i, i. % 't l t.i i-. 1 ;i.i' ( It r ir Mln i t.
I()) '. 1. 3'It1:'. lt'"d 1'141y 1 41. | ae aI
.trf-:le lr i n ) 1 I *:1r-( ;a, ti Sunday
ftallI 11i;, i[lv \io i,!ly Is manlc. lgl, land Cotto
t4.' ; f We' i;diTli (rhlet iatloii ma Rdh i a COttl
%lll 6l c(:1 thill over the uman. The iI
rCl-H o all he earni on that lile deny
any liuow ltxge if the act. floyd was Manufacturers o
a baker by traiim. Se Island
Sea Island C

-"Uftbll betsbtrr Iw aentr tmm rlets leSIte
Ur h Vr jr sad n to4 ietuadr TIT
l1en1 autil L e tolk"il rour Canmeaur. linen 2 5 W. Ba-
e h bega taIs o CaIeaws he hias msenr hisevr i
Is hed*iebs. There hrve entirely sured bin.
CmeaUee do vhaUo roieromid tlea lkn L I 'Cetrally l oa te
iltl gie l o the % lerie1r of tin lr siui .Uy r
15.. Ulchmos. tt11 irrIV .. W.Islsmat 1tad& .

i ^ .... ,, -.


full olazsteu arse th *ra
ger bas ted iato i f
whlip annual -

ES. "YrO y'.

-.- ,
of ;lim s Au


n afd ano o
atber in *or

f the Jame
cotton Gin, and

j ,


a L



ereghtuys e .w-vlre mwn

S30on, rtoxv0A
B O .e..
, ,9 0 1 . .| 'I|11] .... "-;J

Air Line Railway


nm .P atIJ b hs. Tam e (lPl4 a.. ^ W . *
.. . "I ft f d
else O lot ,ea c A L
--1"ND r"" '"" Savannah, Columbia, Camden, So

mi 4 TiuMM Pines. Raleigh, Richmond, We

I AND'OWMEU. ington, Baltimore, 'Phila-
rl r. t delphia, New York.
r. ..i trslAltan or uloei o a rati S

i' *. i.t," *-1 kli ) l tlat* tral t.
r,-,.....,li.l Prlli-,,,, slnd nit s itrr -
K llV.atio. rt ole. d b ll r ll.ts
tt. b. atr ent in plain wralppr
<\JiP~ilta pvI.'t proaid, for
v-vniHl i irrl letl'< Be


Cream Vermifuge




L m L U I
THer unNiE* ePlwaIID ONLV *V
Ballard-Snow Liniment Ci
or. LOUI. lMO.
For Hale Iby W. ]3. Johus.ll


* -.4'


Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.


Only Line Operating
Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonvlle to N w


full information and pteeper reservations eall o
A. O. IMAc(ONELL. f. O. 1
A~st. General Passiengr Agent,

ietoltalbilanl 1878


'Sl mr .. --"'w.


B -A v >2

Do a general hsaktIar blem. bu ar S admil r re as
The asseeewn o b ks. bwmker. eorlr ii
reeelved on faevorble terms BSpeetalfi tl fre O


1:10t1. l.1 hE:RALITY or OLIQY COtimTUOi
S 1' ,OJPT PAYMENT o LOhh. ,
A% i_ f ,'r illir 101I triant point and resismtf ull 4
*ilLLi a sl.tar- tft your budaoe .

ite, Lil, Accident and Heiltli.

S I*


L m

- ------ -- ----

S ..






' "1


Pu~yii- 1

, ,i 'L

p i


M Il sll ----9

B.e DArI Nt -
1wI. . U015

6..11 be a us aa
s ,,,.. ....

sqho fw.t low$et .W11

M N 0 GRAM Jacknville and New York,
l rms. Iftl, Calling at CLHARLKETONtI, C., both way.
Ik Pu Phre and Old the laset Steaum p in thie oastwir e Servico

Maryland Rye Whiskey Clyde New England uad Southern Lilnes
Di)rest service Between JACKSONVILLE. OIST4,N aid
Pe r o l stM.. .............. eO PROVIDENOs and All Eastrn Pointa.
1 -P4er 1o0tb 1 ale............. 75 calling at Charleston both ways.
NPerlJIo ................ 801 s-w 'aw-w -p r'Tr-Y BsS TTT .r-s
1 7Weld la sleek. All lthe leading outhboond.... ................... .... From Lu is' Wliar Ito ,,n
beIlmA. el S hl ri e List Northboond...... ........ From Foot of Cltheriute st.. Jak,'ktvil
.' 'Clyde St. Johns River Line
ma, A BetweesS JAcKCtIONVI3LLw and t*4ANi N)HLI
S.I5 s.D IIStJ opplng mt Platka, Astor, t Fmrnes B, iereford D) land). tri Intrmed ifti
L cfr NSeow Sa Landings on Li. Johns Rawer
w 1111 Commeneig Tuesday, Novembrr 15.
r wa 'y StoUSam "CIT OF JACISOltiLLE" aud "FED'k DetBBAIRrY
St IkR are appoilnted ts Pall as follow: I,.aT .1Jteknviill daily "Ktept sLrrdIy,
S8:80 p. u.. lt.Iturning leayu Snror, t daily eI'Cit Stnidas) at 1::4) n In
someones. 8H MEDU LI as
F.f l Tim end Fbnest Service ................. L u
.Bi5 TI- iMerc A i t v I .................Jacksnville.............. Arrvi im ^
t o All P ti .. ........ Palsk ..............
8 0 am .... ..........., ......Astor ...... ........ .
od W M.. ............. eresford (DeLand) ... ... ..
lArrive SlO am ...... ...... .. no ..................
1O i a .... ....... .. ..... Enterprise ............ .... lO (M.
Yhy.1oub Pell. Dr~Wl I om r. .Lmo. wuoms JAR. (oe. Ia*ua. A-, ,S West y 'a.. Jmm,:nvjIe. .a
S. d4il hlnm Jauv will* O. JOI r., Pr.kLt Au. 3. .. ,VI sv .L. suSrrm.t '
lllilellh411, to in-lt, M E vvirvllle, .ot of KIeW's *r.-. Jackeo.nie..
t.Ai9W Tfl~flaM 'mPwaAstA..Ne~a York CLYUKMIRSE Oet. rrt.A rt.Nowl'

s lf MeaIl ;S s ie reinn. hiNew S ( oera1l Agents.8

IMmiii Iul Se sure your
omoui .oslping ear
10a. 38. R15 iSOUT. PH. AgL.L
r!.,qr wf,.* m W, kl ai., PMa FlAl., h Simni.a n x Evvcr Nov. e. 190N.
7., Vnssebulres nameu4 n No.<' IN 8i North a4~ West. _N.. u
0...-'* Klv JekonvIule. ,o Rl w S 7 T5Ip1. Jacko's --ie FIt i 7
(HICTNACL Jesup. . o 11 214 10 40p L' Jn p.M ty 10v 30
L Lv vmanah .. do Ry I )p 12 1O 5 Ar on. &i uRly 3(
LJArColuolumbi .. .oRy 6 Sip I8 Ar Allxant.ia oy 6
Ar ObCharlotie tL So y 9Ip 40p Ar oms, (h i er y
At Orensboro. Ry 12 Mis 12 15ip Ar )Mon, a .. S y
E EV lIA F Ar Ll~nville S oRy I 4 ia 2 Ar Chattano Ty
AmrmR I hmond rm IF akv a *a 6 42, Ar Ixinglton Ky tl & Ca Up
MMg 2m Ar Ljnobbarg '.tbo Ry 4 04,%f -_ 'ip Ar (minlanai, 4) q C 7
mom- -" -Ar Charier''in toRy 5 5 0 Iqp Lv Ciuiinuaia. ( Ivtlit Vour $ M"
V Atllrtt in Ar Washington n Ry 9 44 0 U L p Ar Chicaro, Ill Hig Four 7 l
3 So4*S. .*. Atlant-i Coast Line. Ar Palm P l, 1 1 pi Lv Oiultnnati, 0.... ,.' 8k
L't! 4K": ^ ^Ar W. PhIladel'Ia Py l ?y 1 4 2 Ar Ohiclao, III i' l'es 7_
A $er it to vilt hnme. On Ar New York .. Pt Ry 4 I 6p 0 i C,-inaii; 0 (0 7 1 A x
seIas.le Mfat oa lm Okrsa m- holiday the iL- Cloinn..ti II 1I a o.
2l LTAW. AIW.tlae Coams Line will eil tickets to No. 84--"New York and Florida Ex. Ar, Il! II fD 7 I
I:all .pelam bM o5 cie Misulislppi nd press." Daily Pllman I)rawing Room Lv Ci.uotir.s, U 1' II & i) 0 p
V? a I!mIDa. mlthl of tle Ohio and Potomao river, Ileeping Car between Port Tampa. Ar Toledo. O II & I) 1 1
el lodlaln t. Louis, Mo at one and Jacksonville and New York. Ar DeIroit, Mel M. 7 S!
.at hirt Ifrin for the round trip. No. 8--"Wamshington and Florida
(L* i TisIer on 1) leDembrIld, 9 l4th,Limited." Daily Pullman DrawivnriR r noinnrti. Pa l's l
) hil ebi.*, ah1 a .;, lels, s.n,190.d Jouaury sl. Room Car Jacksonvlle to r itbUr. Pa -. n
h.ns. Sl IhM; Ilonl Imls orl am. January 4, N York. L Cin(uinnati. 0I) t Four 3E0
Xralte 1SN@ lak Ar Clei.lany,0 K Four O af
gor foll laformatlon, rate, Pullman Through "The La nd of the Sky." No. o Li sTington- Ry Sko [l Ty
i es rvmailoas, te., see aent.s of Allan- Lv Jaclksonvill. Fla. So Ry 7 -i5p Ar Iouisville, Ky So Hy N 10)J
tke C ioasti WH' or eommnaiieate with Lv avalnnah, i .. ...o Ity 12 I1a Ar HI. I|nis. Mbli Ry 7 Si
g: v':a CI.ARS rsaL 0. y leton, Disirle Psesenger Ar Cotounbia. 0 .... 8 R 6 -- -... -
Agepa. lUM ci lay Street, Jasksoaa Ar Auheville. N. C S...o ly I 80p No. 13-"The Florida Limited."
iii alll*, Fla. Ar 11i Springs, N. .o Ky 2 7p Daily solid vestihule train, through
.eifit g Ar Eooxrlei, Tena So Ry OOp dy eneOhe, Iad Pullmil. Ilee .piiefs..
,r~i-in~n.n--,-_. -..... A :__ r .oJ sluo r!e, teo i..y A Wa Jac.&.ip

,r Lo'li.dl.le *-' 'l'.i. A r Laoo,,. o .. ...... .. .o Ky i' tiinn i.
MIMtSi Tlht le iF8 mida Ar St. Louis. .. 8. i 4
hsi etlUe Ar C. ina nnrti. k v M Nurthwrs Na .)
,. - FPruint and Truck Grower Lv Jockmenillv, Fiel s nF U
u w... ... rusrwe'1r No. -Dly Pllman dreaming nroom Lv Jsup. (I ;y 10
iuta L* JARVISIIIi, L f ti I od bu .llaepi-d eadr between vatk- Ar caaoU, j oI 8t aa
L. ,:e. a .Staml. OC9IA, InLI oville nd l.oul. Ar Atlanta. OG Slo Ify 1
.aL $URdOM), F -LA- Ar Atlieso, Ala H. y 9 .I
m Two............ ........... 1* Ar Birmnlglhm, Ala. S y 11 I
S.. 1 Two T rairs Daily Ar MemphiS. Tnn. Fri co s
Ar Kasses O~ti Mi r
*Wi 4v sh... asrty illuetssed agsia in To Lv Memphil, Ten,,
e-p9aalV, -. tlrs A t plly to the laterel ol Ar Hot kpr in, Ark 9
S i' *.' %et A M t fimm able gromwe of Wasti~igton and 1-he Flrida ed. .
As'ew York.lyPlmandrawring rot.
AK SAJkONP, A ptel tl trl subseriptioa of o i New York. arn bran fackponvillo Ioir mi
.. oap takes. p -

.. mom- Lqoom AACHUA COUNTY d From New Yor, ARRIVAL S A.T J.KS, NVI IE o al.o i:aI
Iin[edl." 9.e00m. m.tzt
A cWbus mou snty is SO400Sare in From Chleago. Oineinasi, Chattanooga. Alaa.el, ete -No. I "Florid
:" hfh mi-AT*ew, p w od pashl, rom Kasn Cityo, MeYmphis, Blrmingham, ete.-No. 1-1. 'Florida Litml
A2SY-ATLAW,2 public 2? phosphate ed" p9:5 a. a.
...... .' plan, 20 saw mills, 7 A00W ourt From Ciei nnati, Asheville, etc.-No. 2, "Washinptoo and Florida Lil
^^^^^^:l^*KfT '..':,';" (ftll wla D0 rtvaftboK.t... flromri, fi pro- I URd li,1. m.,
4As. I,. r, tio oa *w.p. 1r ie. wSP re w. a nd lied." 9a 00ni. F r

-- ,,n-0. r 1, Aekr n, Ii. N.; WP A H. Tayl s, (I. P. A.; II. Hlardwiok. I N.I:
J-m 1m~-. Br KANN ,,,,, loo ks ,. a. G. P. A.
CIIariln the Cou I Seat.-,
lDE TI Has fourteen churches, tpwo blie
.-....".-- a.m s boo-.,ls., e. -,- a ,.... ,. .. . B. F. J ORDAN,
p Ics wheels three mews P1115m, 1F e3
00" 9"M 0 ON. !lrnd State land o 1its eo
SWter, ire alurm system, *elelril
rem.wr YOn ai t~, tr o llee twtorl,., lee 013*.
___ __ ne.stops, three wood fato.
-!,.. ... ,- ,..+ I wameos nINSURANCE
rife, soat gin. two morN fatorles, 3 INS3CE
D&L etWDON ll We* thine railroads, two fenrtliser man.
,mm,-- ator"inl eompoania. one aber

LI ,pt* n r .
'l '. '' '




opJ O With Christ-
sgay Night.

Mas rd Er,
LAmmel Made GladD the" MPU S
SMondrod Children. A f-
hTio Wre Thanked by i
n--Pubh Insll ion. Elegance
. lu mtber 2R--The Mt-l- 4 .
c ,.-.. l .. wn. o l /Pr
o:::.bristniss I1 as 00lS
I~q M Ciin> i he gen s Christ
, verFF ifrettily decora.
ald other evvrgreens and p
,m was tw. wre re of ITf there is ever a tilhn whien
o low' t r vie ti lthri.,ttas. Election a
iepreenso were arranged. W tt* aILl offering a comrllete st ,)l
o remarks by uerv. Jultiain ilot'(, you "'an afford t,) give you
iby ite Ch*oirk. icer l ale 'l ( llit of C ,ri,,4tma. gifts.
r rril approprixt e - --- o
*Claus'u d, ad MMted by Miss Sadil Mu-l Christm
lr agmudin rairies Nora
A I* L appear fIrom A .ShloIS lrt, Iland-Tailor-f .>
Lr Imat, the very pleas.-l
rimg wilt bthe lWIudil-c A Goo d Cashmere $t
Shuh w s Suit, heavy weight t $ o
$ jbby e daudien 8

, omoelo MeIe wre Cravenette 0 ve re 4 t
~Lulltmaehareh, Hew. J u. coats $ 10', i
s f *ry able sermo#. I4-"
H Mous celebrated the A splendid Overcoat, 54.inch 4
4la i. unI.r to the alo- fine quality. $7.)0 to.......
if:l Ostercoup. roMt utU- f
w .: ote. ...r Pm, e Boys' Overcoats..... .3.50 to $
aw. erfsamSd onion. eel-
la sad enoanut pie. an-
N se, eandy. coffee; all i Your patronage reliuested and a
AS besl of style. 'ifty-
om were lseirved. r-A
e.6 vwWting friends and 11
AtA Slt holiday: s ae- C M A I
bMld A. Corbe., Live Oak, I
I, Huah Robinson. Amer. Outfitter to Particular People.
$Mr. isd Mrs. iUglow and iia
hark; Lou ie, Lola atd M~~~nd P

Iakler. Jasper; Harry and
mJmkJkoevl; Wi P nileu.
l 1Min Pet Wells, 1Worth.
htigh of Anaoria. Conn is
Sa tbhe Hu~I man Houoe.
anrivatl for the seaon are
|an. Tolle. Ansorta. Conn..
iMa Johoon. fiddle Had-
hasl gone tn Hawthorn
Ihls favored Melrose with a
I t Mokodsy morning when,
0Msao(fMr. and Mrs J. A
|labt a hundred ch dren int
tMerowm assmbled at the
*1 ho be made happy once more
tiibutson of toy. booIk and
Inl, aoi to forget a bag of
It 0h ad everyone. At the
kl verY plea :t occasion the
thel town, Hon. C. W\. Ha:d-
fed in ,a short speech Lte
tall present to Mr and Mrs.
I Mi the pre*oen of a frte au-
IMlsn1aatsonf the rely
re of the Masonic I.odge
place at the town hall on
lChIt. Judge E Ht akeli,
W the Florida ;Grand Lodte,
P1.iMltali rffier wilh -I P
IlarsMal. The new oficen ar'*
be W 3" ;N :. C. Husband
i. Mana, J. :C P liMff-
mwftr. aand J M. rie*. r, e.
SAfter the intalalltior.n eremo-
j .- '. Malphurn of Starke aad
I l 1ade very interenitumn
** Mfaorary. and before elo-
G ,Gqo. M. I.h wae ca!ed oa
=It. to wh bleN manner I'rof Keill~m
Hir. U. Alderman from tlir.*-'-
Slulseg deetloaton from IAt.
wJnepre rsn A t1in .- ;.
he Vitollinsg KRe1r and. -
l twlrenlry-wc-r* s*errd at

Sids Wated.
te Ult regular rmtr;.L t.,e
* Cetlt Comarslstc.er4 t. tL
SS Jatnury Sd.i
ltl f" ed for L re of~ eojni
Iser fMing gIar AiL .'

l rVed
r W* *.anrm 8 ysr *t'ol
e,,h ,,tI rI t*C~: :IJ ~-a
~~rC~4> *~P




Pocket ud Ta

and. S i






and Economy in

mas Furni


.i., U.

ishings. .


i one wants the rizht kind of goxls for ul,-
inl at the right pri n. it is at this Aeao,
c rof desirable n .c- itle.. At the prices we
ir.Aelf a pr,.senit and save money in the pur.
__ .. - - -- .... ...: .

as Suggestions.

o20 Boy' Suits, a fi
up-to-date mat



ne selection
trials, $1.50



A varied saleU ur Id

k aim** IM
( --t---
me m o" "'^1


Men's Sweaters, Boys' Sweaters, all
A Howard Hat $3. All the latest
styles and shape.
Florshelm Shoes, Heywood Shos,
Monarch hbirts, Fine Ties, Stick
Pins. Men's Jewelry, Etc.





Oman Sm a

pVhm e

I .irt

UAIjnrAT. V 1l jLORIS) -

.. .... 4 W-mw

Boodlers Start for the Pen.
St LInt4-i [)c' i- Tt flAA I
rec. firn:m-i' ) f .h S' l je rfj
of apa .& Jo!r. 1' 1>'an. fyf
chbairtman of, ti,- i)ern;orral c: C:.V C
Ira; romimtl~t-. anI1 Po o:.comn FrI
P raids. who-... ten day, of grace
plrewl Tuerday. stur;ecn-r4I to Uni
States MarL:a Morrnisey and4
been tak.n t) !h? sita*- '. on:'vern
at Jrfferron (. :!y to hS:n (he:r i

Cured Paralysis.
W S. Rtaley. P. 4. True. Texas,
Sritue: "My wrfe has beet ,iffler~ n
1tve y-rs wawith jrs al lis in her arm,
when I wi s ersuaded to uks Iallar's
Snow Iininent. which cured her all
right I Lave also ued it for old
or,,r frust bitiso an! #kin n rupti,,no
I; 4 a the wrk S I W .:. $t '.
.old by V\ M, .cnson.-n.


In These Days
J.,e utc cruutlou *nanufuctur.
.re aud agentsU are : i:ASr.ta the coiry (J
sat. mortrs*- srewnc r;ractho. and c&rejaar* and mrak-g state-
rnonts whrr-in thry have coy .ed the
legitimti cl;mlaS of ryti'atM.;e comlr-
l.eC. mrary purchusTrs tNcorm two...-
dor'I ard ruzrt'edJ. and frd it dc f ult .
to b:;- a 'ke pr4;lar:tt ,



St ,.::. hL. !Lre:r m lar.t as. :.r4t tnr.. t.
ttI- rw )r',,. si e ;d.,r?- r*4 .t* ,'ger1ot ..
y and a. the New H,mn- **-w.ntg \Is-
S.-o n*- Comptny hta& tiwy' er..ory'4 the
r riTt-lo t:; ut L alo r a-..fitar uTZu
1.4.r i C i ;t i.nlto laa .- fa xr ,
I r' t E ** 5 at- v
t' r..- L. '1 r. i. 3'r tg I 'c

;1 a frat -. :deW c rflt *6t
r' 7 r 4 i' r; r n e *SH
4e1 %9 gv19l O!AP*Mt IIC ..SvT

.' -, &S Ia .: ra I.rg t. L t."?.. L t
. tr. .:
*" -.,,:)(y *And R < s i !l* '-d. <' ty

.e . ..


'* TrA qjion riaf Ti dn fvra nwm erafras for W lAfee aor."
-- i--- -
Title is what yoa pay for when you buy land; therefore
know what you are buying.

Titles ordinarily invisible correctly reveled to e by..

The Macbha C Abstract- Colpu ,
GaiLnxes rifle, .flordAa.
,i .. i .. .". .:,.lr. -..--_. .... ... _~ *^y- ^ ~- .- *<" ^ -i --




In the A. C. and S. A. L Rys. V. SHIP
None Be-tter in the State at $ a Day.
Meet all Trains.

S : '

w a
i !,OIWIA |,
"" MAXII xjti
*r r ""'" i,;"11!!!


^^^^9 ^V^V^I^^^^W^ ~`l i':


ANU, Prepriter


II1 --1 .J I I l II I

ainesville & Gulf Railvway ompanj
tie Tafible i ~eflt IfJ.

so. a.
.kO. 8.

No0. 4.


. P M Lv P M LT A M
T J-

1;~ 2
* 5

V 4 . r .
4, U 6
..... "

-r -- '

~9T AT*&(0.%-

...---...TFari.. ......

- -- Hfls aa..
..... .. I.*' ..I t..-......

La... ke Sttrrst n.....
*- Masnopy .

.. .. ello ..
. ... E t r lky ....

.. . ~l y Ps .. yi o.
.. ne Batter, l, W. t P

Noa. 1.


* 4,
" 3.


Ar A

. ..

4* A


-- -- ssa-I-- ,rss
. .. . '. i '

a n."I" fidw-I
u 1 '* %

eIIlmh& Mh k- I

,mtfiV.-- -

wihest s diaghis M a wa
*eLo. e stW M fl
t e vi d
me. Mathusb@
.. Pi _n m ri. ,e w inbf
ipofs as as sW W*fc. -'
c ArPl awe Cw SrlS 3o" ISS
44 4or n" a,*1 Vo

4 1S sysja Iu i hu, ;'

: JNNmuD.IP. ulemrv,
* IB t '' am

It flM _tl


1 I . . '
Cew-'^-a- aed* New. YerN-- J^iI|_ |Sl

.1 ''' ~ f' .iT'4*l II :y;lllr 2 'I :I: '' ~ 'I.: y. '.I. ... *11 *'rir'~~ r"r mrYI...






.__ ..____..
--r~ ~

_~~~__ ~_~___


7----7- - '. -

r -- -- -....

- __._~


- _.~

~' -' '


-7 '11


milk lwmlh






- rriIj p.rI

- r

'.!l~A", ,- ;* .'-- r' ,:7v'~a.rtr,'~ r '- T;q,', r.... .v...7 .> ; .;
t,4u* ,V'eIlf P,



ta-I' Interest Oath-
olj y Oar BRosort.


lmappenedaond What Is Going
I Toid in Short Paragraphs
It a Who Runa May Read"

w(flh Cmiuanm Hill.
71. made a brief

visit to

afor iale in East t aines-
I, artigue.
Wonderful Halve for sale
tlum & Co.
GHlOrh of Higih SprinRs wasi t
IHouae yesterday
lampier of LaCrosse was
il She eity yesterday.
iW. Hampton ha. returned
opefio'naml vtisi to Starke.
ZOsiliers of Ellaey was trant-
a ia lhils ity yesterday.
l mparkman of Waldo is in
the guet of Miss Dora Ellis
sM- oap for rent, WIest
u 3. Apply to W. t. Thomas.
Pi llIps, a auoeeMsfl trueker
M wau trading In the city

a ood sndond.hand range.
tlue*, ete. W. I Mosley,
IHodree has returned from
Ther e open Christmas

I Ln Peek. J of the lead.
of Stark., was a visitor to
lWorthliiton of Itook, Levy
S tae Iransaeting business in
to Cub early in January.
? Write J. it Andrew.,
daw w.
F-Thre or four furnished
Ilr light housekeeping Ad-
.0. Box s2. eity ;3
Klls has gone to old Town. iii
l of which place e expects
a couple of weeks hunting.
ed. ne and daughter. Sallie.
b bthe ity from Alaclhua A ester-
S ade The iSu an agreeable

SJOEll Bodiford hais gone to
,where she will be the guest of
J. 8. and t. C Shaw. for a

Jh. A. J. Strickland of lRiague
L fWllliams oJ Alehltua were
thOsl who favored iainariville
viesls yesterday,
'libr contact n ravcet N pfi5sible losl
Sllatees to employee; fifty or
ilthree eents each; -2 per hun-
n! wllth order. tl.
jOkis-New Wheeler ,& Wilson
mbahiM, If. I factory or
11C. Apply at this oltlef or :'3
l street, dwtf
iMMson yelerday istuedl mar-
aa-e to Aleix Foremanii and
iFelton. Henry Phi:lips aind
Williams, all colored.
i.V Littlefield. for many years
With the cotton department
".Dutton & Co.. hut niow of
ft.r Ga., was at the IBrownf
_i*Morrow. hor ai Ittendinn a
*lilek e in Atlanta1. spending
rnay with ii* parent. C('ol. iad
4, P. Morrow. hIis numerous
EIll friends are glad to wet.
is tain. !

lamser with (a:au Mill.
C. I.. Thilpln of Waldo was tra.act-
iiiN buiness ii this city ystnlrday.
fly tL u,.] known iriitur
of .lackionville, ientI )te terday in kt lism
cityii mlusinrr .
l \ l tlnes andd jl.ll Sr ihtll., if
lMotentiH 'ritre monhig the visitors to

lasurr wlth ('lshmaa & Hill.
rse .J1. II Alrl ena ,slldd is 'etliai
IJoolilinij rij i sldIilui a f#^w l te., iiI
Ali'll0oi thIr uj.t rt if fr l. 9 Ij l.
M i.~. .llr lr neil ,\1t'i ll I t .* '
r l i rie-l il rr, ''n I ,iirk.ils i', i
Ih y t, bl'u*' t ,n ri~ a Lr.rf t it i .li -,ii
1suit Io ith ir ialt'r, MIAr.ter.' I.t

lthl city ) rv.erday Ti' I r.
tR v. M r Ililshohui 'r,. ti', lIt ptist o 1Mi.. 1 f $%1rii 'kLJi.-' ii I t irji ,.1 '
in iiiilter iof tIl ii'ar ipy, Was 6 v itor to yY 'iii !4 ily ,f I'rnst ei. J, t ;t lin lb ii
liineietvllel y i.'t rday, yi It (ltIy 4 Ilir Kl, i.-L f \rI. ,1 I. ;
W\nu IParce Ilou iiie Lxcllent mealst,eleo. I.e-nrdiay for ,Pr.Iarktrunl. a0ter.- r tir
tri lightis. Ne'w iaiia nagUmnlt. 6t. will attleil the snli r iar~ .1 th1 ,O"tlih.-
Thos. Itirve, formerly of LaCrt1ore, rnr Il.d3icat ,rsl rd mi ir Flrid41a

Illb now residnIg at .1llr as trarirs
action business l l. t.t eCy yaLterday.
ti. UC. aUlnn agqe,a t ciniuie iiUn nima
of liad'- City, was among those regia-
tLred at Ih I;irown House y terday.
F. M. Itariniy of Wi rahol ril, one of
the leading I irmlner of that Vietion of
the rlcolnt l iid (ialiniville a brief
busileiit'w 'vo yesterday,
Alexi ead of Mlontlrook, thf tll-
cililt lul iri tlliuiileit r(( the I. At. 'Ty.
er lilin tier ('om t ii Wsv a business

visitor itI (inlll ti s i. i.l- t~ erday
Mrs. Arthur lioriii of laJdo is in
lth city on a visit to Dr. and lMr r il
Oolson The many frieds of this esti-
mable lady here are glad to welcome
After several days spent with his
family in this eity, J. 8. Goode return-
ed yesterday to Tampa, in the violanl
of which place le recently purchased
valuable orange property.
We want l(O.OU pounds of scrap
iron. 6.000 pounds of scrap bras. Will
pay the highest price. hiring us your
perap iron and brase (lainesrille
Foundry and Machine Works, Gaines.
ville. Fla. dim
Mr. and iMr Nimrod Wells of North
tiineaville Wednesday evening enter.
hlined a number of friends at an in-
formal party. There were a great
lanyI present. aid the evening war
paused in a manner becoming the oe-I
3. H. Saunders hlrs leased the Proud
place, North lilineiville, to J. I. Pre-
astt for another year. Mr. Prevatt
has made a great sulcess in vegetable
growing and the rating of hogs. and
expects to sell about $6Ml worth of
pork next fall,
Mr. and Mrs.. C A. Meeker of New
York. after some time spent in this
city, departed yesterday for .ackson.
ville. They were well pleased with
4tinesville and its hospitable people,
and hope to return at a later date.
While here they were guests at the
hornet of Mrs Mcllrvine.
I will tbe in Gainesville Thursday
alud Friday, and will take orders for
fruit trr's and Ihrubbery. Special JI.w
prices on budded pecan tree,. choicest
variety. (Cll at office of Cushman A
iiill. Miller Law xelhange, or drop
me a ioplal and I will call to see you
V. I* Hendersun. 2t
W I:. Pow. district deputy grand
chancellor of the Knights of Pythiss.
departed yesterday for Waldo. where
last night he made an official vilit to
the Waldo lodge of that order. Mr.
[)ow is one uf the most splpular
Knights in Florida. as well Na one of
the inoot puereI ful officers of his k,
\lit Marion Fiutch has gone to Ala-
chin, whier she. will attend a house
party to be givnii by Mr. Powell in
honor of her daughter, Mies Starke. a
student of Sutherland Ccllege, who is
aI hor r fIor the holidays. It ii need-
less to add that the function, which
will be one of the. soriety eveotl ot!
that prafressiv e town fur the satoii, I
will he highly enjoyed.


,. iHeadersoa, thi horticulturist Mobile. Ala l),ee. .24. 1l.
I. arrived in the city yesterday lr. 1:. .Hall. t. l.ouil, 10o.- ar
is here for tle purpose. ofirar llaving tried different doctor
iotderl for fruit trees and ihril- anl their remedit-e for several years
SWill be noted from his adrtr- for back and kidney trouble~,. I found
lt lasewher,. nothing il *tCessfu unlniil taking The'
l of i,'(tX texas Wondter. 11all's great t l)iscoy-
6l6 ofMuonteuoch a waS in tlt ery. anr being rapidly cured, the oild
.lVfrday. He has recently rold i1 aiiit with railroad imen is, 4odl
ltoThos. Sparkmian, aind was l llt i the man who invellted the Pultl.
bs to Lakeland on a pro s ecting i .an ih"le i ing o:ar/,bl l tI sa 'rt.-
. e may ldecid to locate in t l\,lidlr Yitlour truly.
Slkortdi permarnel ly. \. h.I tiAii.
1 ,i. Mr\ I 1;. Co Molbile., .Ala.
i i. Brinmon. principal of the
idIaldepartmnrt of Eat H lur- A T'EXAS WONDER.
lry departed yesterday for Orotle of the T
ile. where e igo as to ttiend ie smll bottle of the TeIaL "ou
*etssion of tlhe Southern Edi- der. Hal's tOrat Discovery. cures all.
Hoard aniid Vi rda a tle kidlny and bladder troubles. removes
Alociat, i ravl ravl. c iures diahetesI. seminal emis -
sioni weak and lame backs, rheuma-
Le%'Oe l fr ,.Atiar. .w;..i..-,!.p Liarri nd all irregularities of the kid-

tutt1*e' 'I 'lcierm' A ,ssdiriitaNr
r'l OrIIga iiter ('ri/.t*-r of itii .ld.
.rI| WIorkmen of Ihr ,VoriJd ha. re*.
tiinitel tn i e cisty fr iin AlaClirus till
flag .(e lie inista:lrd tlthe- ,fli 'v**r if i li
Alachliu Imrige Turdlmy f,'rhnrit. aidt
\Vednelday night inituiiitrid i lsin hfiof
a menibrship of fife itn at hI Isauti. 1 h'
order is growl g in thie *evi-ii
"I was much afflicto-d wiith eiaihe.s."
write-s Id ('. Nud, lowaville, M-J-
wick Co Kan., g tiitiii.r 011o
rruiche ani *sufferinIl a deal of prii.
I was induced to try Iallarrd's now
l.iniinlit. which rfIeved ii,. I iused
thr.e I:- bottles. It the greatest
liniment I tevtr used; have recun*
mended it to a number of persons; all
express themselves as iniKn benefited
by it. I now walk wltholt crutches:
able to perform a great deal of light
labor on the farm." 2Me. OJk. St.0oo
Sold by W. M. Johnson.
I Ladiaes of Glineville.
I am iatrodueing la your pretty city
the famous Hollem Shoulder Bralc
and Combination kiirt Supporter, a
twentieth century eubstituse for she
eiorst. It not only gives a lithe and
!raceful tlaore, but forces deep breath-
ing, which Is so oonducive to bright
eyes, a elear oomplexion and a longi
life. It gives men the training of a
military school. It prevents the
smothering of thI lunir lin rowlin
boys and girl. .rs. E. L. Tvi, City.
Agent weated. d3t.





SHliday Sale.
Continuing with unabated interest.
The erowd* euntuinu to throng our
sture from eatly morning sill late
at night, taking advantage uof the
grela bargains that are to tn found
from one end of our niammoth store
to the other.
The people know a good thing
when they see it and our giodsc and
prices speak for themselves

Never before was. there
such aln ,opportunity for
shoppers to secture their
holiday godIS. Fur the
next week we expect to
paint tie town RED.

lfo sacks. li.o poundss
to sack, good white Rice,
a little broken, at $2 7.
per sark. Turkev and
rice is mighty good.

2,0 .I poiundls of the
btest 1 i and .', ( 'andrl in
th** VUnittd S states. he
t i (Cantdy ims as good .s
the best. re.'eivt1 an ima.
1lnensi line of Rtund.
trte's Trunks. litgs and
Suit 'as.s-suitab! for
holiday gifts.

:io matter whtm1 vou intend, pjrt
oome to the Newr Yarkh arid
we, will atil you \We ill for cash
at Racket pri' rs

I'tnr'mt m-r tour t lrn iltr, il- part-
mentn The t'r(fiPoLn t1inq sand tlhe


- .




Minister and His Intersting Family
i Now Occupy MethodIt Parsonage.
Mrs. T. J. Nixon. wile of ihe qelpll
appointed pastor of Kavrnaolh Mesh-b
odist Church. arrived with her ohill
dren In this city from Live Oak Thura-
day night, and Ihe family is now eoe.
fortably domiciled ia the paruoaip.
The family was met at thea tatloL
by a committee, who escorted them to
the parsonage. There the ladies of the
Home Mlilsion Sociely were in reiadl
aew to receive them, and a nice. bot
supper was served.
Is isto be hoped that Mr. Nixon and
family will be well pleased with
(;ainesville and the people, as will no
doubt be the case.
My New Year Resolution.
Itesolved. That on and after Jan.
usry 2, 1"5. all patrons holding bread
cheeks or tickets will be required to
use *same on purchasing bread or rolls.
All bread charged on book will be fivel
cents a losf straight, and there will'
positively be no deviation from thi
resolution. This'does not affect mer-
chants, restaurants and hotels. It. T.
.S of Ia 3t .S

Heart Fluttering.
Undigested food and gas in the
stomach, located just below the heart,
presets against it and caum heart
palptat ion. When your heart trouble
you in that way take Ilerbine for a few
da s You will a2ol tbe atright. Mri
Skoldlby W.. ,. Johnson.
To the Public. he llannond lee
Co. having just twen incorporated
will. on JLniuary Ist. l]it, suceedd to
the uhl fartntruli, (of Strinlfellow
B row. A L.ivingston, taking on the as-
u'itl aid operatingJl theI fertery for the
ienelt of the istl.kholders. All ac-
coun l must Ir* settled on or before
that time. a n entirflt I nrw set of
books will b r opeurd. .nd a ll patrons
;of the old otmplsny are reiesllted to
rail at once and settle their Raeounrti
,No new eeoints wiill btw opened with
person who have failed to settle their
old aco-rsult. 'Yours truly.
ST. It $rsuisL;.4.''i,
It. H. i.tvriPiWt ..
(;aiye vfill,. Ha., lee ?i. Il .


Alachua Pool Parlors,


.* :."



this lla. lw il aid n
prampItly atlld4 ti

i I 1:I s'" "niL "

\ -- a i tir 1i. or

Holiday Goods
of very dIlerwrltlou.

Jackets! Jackets!
'or i adlet lM.l land I children

Rugs -W
The bigafnt and best line of It us
in East Florida. dtomne Iwauiir
juet suited for a Christmas gift
or fuor jour own bome.


Mrn. )I. H McClmroeh and daughl
ter Hope departed yesterday for Lake.
land, where they will in future tulide.
Friends retp l rery mueh to lo
them, but irust thel will n happy sad
contented in their uew home. Mr,
MeClamrncl is irainmaser of the At,
lantle Coast Lne with headquarters i
Lakeland, which neesiated she i.
Dr. I. Mellrayer of Asheville, N.
0 ha arrived In the eity and is eoon.
rortably loasteir at th Odd Fellow'
Sanitarium. The IJoetor ei Pat 0ead
Master of the North Carollia JorrteIld
tion and wasu;rand Reptrennative to
the last meeting of the order. He is
secompanied by Mr. and Mm. R. M.
lever, who will remain here during
the winter.

-'. A'

, ' ,,



isl N auI 0t
A *vrn do--a, J

&Mheot ObmU

wr i ZLael w t

;. 8 *---
ir rs J..L
,; jA~

IaI. imr

Full Li le Li


* III4


-w r

,lyh as d nlw sth

Brown HousO *C
Oalnumvlleot -

.7 7,

irr, :

3krr*f wpfrd4 *a" kMl |.'
trlal fhrtlfl Ihr thll
rit Igkta, 14 a6 SMll
..... .... ... .. :

Cash Grocery

Buy for Cash With OiD i sM ;4

We SMl the s8me Was..

Can save' you monq
A LL youtr purch!
whether large or small.
,': .'*

- i a mkbS




I*-111~6111Y~Y ICITllli(llm ~III ~L~n~l I.I II~YYC~ ~CIII -


, \ ,. '" "




I! I'l "*' "" *ir :,;



%0% aI,

To Fe 1

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