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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 28, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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notorious Condesse Man Dies
i. Penal Oipyr.


N40 Wee ServinoIa &* Setenee l
Pfreth Penal SmttIst fBor Mun
er Mn ,H ad an Attrative Pae
ee ity. I







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teW wetsob e Was.
SOhsmy.oat Mr. Sptag *m
im ltraA. tL oomU Lnd
.Rgeo B r, w g

.ls r.i I et et nty the vo l

Noetlw whing Wtodisappolat,
Spagler s..,ted that the ol

SAitey ftm o Mr. ms phar
%0606* he "A- Dasomm"Is aud
.No .: poe mla the twesot .

i, T$.. Dec t-Oarat sa
i... & .o t. o lO e to otly mthe
oimlti a they bad a="ved i
Not wabtuLn to dlisppoll
*,I. fra aler lalatsd that the

e f several k wmite .
I lvi! lot r iTtl"k

27 *'ftmb am

Iti0esl of1 Mr. ad Mrm. Iso
N a. ud ad I and S. aet





New York, Dee. IT-A report bas
acLed this city thay t omas (Brte.4
he motorluns coaedeget man sad al3
d lveator of the.- pd brick awls 4
lie l dead la thbe llW h peal ***'
age" at Cm s .where be bad
a servul a lit gle esae for to I
mder of his t d" Wddell
1 art la ne i. o Or w'ries'
iMlathi ttle elty aid to hia
We4aeW5 diresM.:m yesome*
hWl yearn age It g reported thIt I
YrgS had nseoeS Id tthe prt
asiwy ad was oela Wei to Ne i
oree. The In rt n wa o
a L, however eAd the authortlti
tw.r ot salst ao OtWN. |
OBrima's ewaeer waa a mrarkabl
e. H We wa bhe1 i years ageo i
DUeaO. mad sie b1 a a ttrattai
e aty. uaged o M ake an on.
m "are~r May bold swtndlos
rm ag lato the tbohe dsa wre red.o
I to bul g tala s. 18S e jumped
a bl SS of A iaS ed to rope,
ws ir ared a4 d gantenaed to ten

A isilrkable plot conducted by a
wnMU rM ltS fa Ibljcao hi fro a
hotel to Utie Iwhrere hbr s In charge
f a prison keeper. O'BeeB eauguht
i etoasmr bore for Iturop, reached
Parts safely sad remained there untl
he was arrested on the charge of kill
Ilt Waddell. bid partner,
Money was spent livishly In h;s do
fsen. but failed to .sav his life t1on


New York Youth Who Was Yeung
Lady' Esoort, Stabbed.
New York, Dec. 27.-While resent
Iac an Ilaslt to a younI woman with
WLhom he wa walking a OGlendale, a
mQburb of Brooklyn', Prderlok Pred.
lieks, was stabbed and ipobably fIa
tally wounded by an naknown mas
who escaped.
Witb the young womaw Prederickl
bad spemt the evenitn with frlendN,
and the couple were oa their way
hboe when a mn approached In a
latey street. Without provocatlos
he buat Into ofenstve language and
Frederleks attacked bim. In a me
meat the stranger drow a knife and
Prederieks fell mortally wounded.
The you n woman scruaed loudly
for help. but no person reached the
scenee for several minutes. Meanwhile
the stabber escaped In the drlvlng
snow. leaving no clew to his identity,
and oaly a meager desription of the
man the polled could make On search



board Air
noon crasl
C. a. Bau
Hood. who
chine. was

:" 'iW dowsing ha the bathtub ot aenouay i1
b'ii' lme, The mother h ad bathe The auto
.: Al ad wen t to werm t 0
i IEA- IMSoI~wu"she fetmd'MThe e*m
b "tlae wen
g" eW"t1 .to her and cameo
y th nat nightekafe Hood Wsay
g to her aaisttane etered the a'
t. l Iy t wla&ow id Sek the el Iraved I
e ff the tub. bet Ii. wa be. Sio.x C
Sioux C
h. ot Simon
M 1i_ '- "--De. dared plar
1M4 e Wee Cane M wss Tt,

1 new uora. Dee. n.--i*en oie1bal
heas g aun the dath of iwarmd NA
Sts 17 years ef ae. ra clerk livia la
te;l Yklyn. lie retained froh work
Ob i~ alma evetans Ia his muwa hak fl

an Iclina
saved a m
from deati
place him
rtevwed t

Dummy and Automeobli
Meet on Strent
a. Ga. re. 27.-The Sea-
Une dummy Sunday after-
bed Into the automobile of
ls. on Front street. Jim
) was In charge of the ma.
hurled Into space. but not
Swas damaged to the extent

tineer claims that the ma.
I on the track uaeapectedly
to a halt on the track. Mr.
the dummy was runnlan to

Death toe ave Passengers
'ity. pec. 27.-'r-Te courage
i Peter. a motorman. who
re htmself at the froat of a
rd street car rushing down
e tl.ward a freight train,
Core of women and children
h. The facttt t hat he ad t
self wherv he would have
th full feorre of the entoli.


rreeey Near o aer Arem s Idlt
nation o the Peple,.
Albany, Us.. D.e T W. olller,
a mo!mbrT of a prominent Terrell coOu.
ty family living e nor uasser, wa
p-lld In a oell ,t IDoulgerty ciynnt
)all unday morning. clitrgvutl with
Although the victim wa a negro,
Le oriRme has annrosel a treat d4al
of Indignation. The killing oct rre
Ia the exltrme estrna portion of the
Two women who had been In the
ity followed for several milts by a
buggy In which were rollerr and a me.

Tbe remarks and general onduot
tW Collier proved olensive to the we
*e. who were alarmed At oa fasla
carter which the two bumin pafed
nome negro boys were shootinag B r
Mhker,. but stopped when repeMted
to do so. the womea's horse having be
ameo frightened.
filler, however, declared that somae
body was golin to have to Iaewer for
havissl aaoyed the womes. He drew
I revolver, battered the crowd with
swrl shots and went Into one of the
bousee of the quarter, the only oeoa
pet oa which was Ben Mabry, a lers
Ia years old, who had beea blind from

Collier bhot Mabry throu l the head,
killing a Insmtantly. Collier wa


Negre Dangerously Wounds Laua le Re
bin at Cordele.
Cordele, Ga., De. 27.--Lst night at
the store of the arm of A. Roobin A.
Bro., John J. Roobin. the Junior menm
her of the frm, was serluaily shot by
a anero, who bad stolon a sult of
clothes from the store.
Roobln saw the netro conceal the
elathes under his coat and caught bold
of him. The negro drew his platol
and shot Rooblu through the right
am, severing an artery. The ball
waa located by physicians ai the should.
derblade and extracted.
The negro escaped after a long
chaeb although he was shot at ever
at times I y the police.
Mr. Roolin tl rating as well a.
could he e-vp.rctrle,


Arrested In Connection With the Death
of Young Colo.
Mlacon. Ga., Dec. 2.--Three women
were arrectft thi afternoon in conne
Uon with the dleath of W. C. Cole, the
young man killed In the houSe of An-
nette Carter on Cherry street, at a
late hour ]as tnlght.
The women were Dollie rlanders,
charged with keeping a disorderly
boute and disorderly conduct. rad
Alice Babbitt, charged wt.' disorderly
Young Cole was sbot In the abdomer
The vur&llct of lle coroner's Jury was
that be came to his death at the bands
of an unknown party.
Cole wau about 25 years old. The
remains were shipped to hin home.


SInsolvent First National Bank of Ma
eon Make Good Showing.
SMacn. Ga., Dec. 27.-Receivej W,
J. Butler, of the Insolvent FPlrt Nation
al bank-of Macon. will declare a 24
per cent divrdend this coing redlnes.
Sday. The depositors will then rcrelrt
Something like $1t,.ol0o.
SThis will make a total of 85 per cent
paid out to the depositors of the Firsl
National bank stnce It was declared
Soon after the bank went into hank
Spitcy Recelv@r Butller Was offered
$74.215 in tash for the 128.wo00 er
dorsed by the late R. t1. Plant. Thl
ofer was accepted by the recelvti
and he hla been able to reach a hilhei
total in dlvIdends than waa expected


Kidneapd by Detective.
Ban Franelco, DP~. -2T-(;(ore E,
Ietpher. of 8an Jno,. who li wanted
by the Obhio aulhotlet mn hi,' char" of
arson committed In thn htale 25
years ago, anlI whod ha. hfet,. relqia.
nla by legal expedient, extrailttton.




Southern Passenger Traitn sr
Together Near Louisville.


Benides Those Killed, Two Passensl
and Bight Imploylrs Were Injutlo
in Meadon Smash up-lames Add I
to Horror.
Ioultville, Ky. rc. 37.-The p
meager train which Ivft l31 Iuula i S
9 o'clock on the touthbrn railway el
llded headon with the train leftll
Loultsville about the same hour, ma.
blanda. Ills-, yAtterday. One pnam,
ger and isi employee wore killed a-'
two paamsener and eight employee I&1
The dead:
Charles Schmidt, Cednralia. Ills.
engineer B'Iwen. Prlnc-ton, Ind.
Fireman Charle t lutt, Prltce
Nail Clerk H. D. Hogan, Oeorp
town. Ind.
Section foreman IUnderwiod. Prits.
ton. Ind.
Employee Henry Ok-hl, Tenni0ae,

Employee John Hultldon.
The Injured:
Albert .cNelly. Prinreton. Ind.. wig
>ruined. Alert 0)4kln. Tentlr.ou, lad,
inklo sprained, .Eiploye Kuigene Car.'
un. I ale,. Ind Interurnly. xlprifl
Mef,.senger C. D. .Minite. broken leg.
Youzitoitor W. Hi. iJit'Ay. lialsvtil,4
houilder dislocated,, Mail Clrk M..
%itrhehll. St. UL)ul. hl[p injured BI E
>toyp t'yrus lltch'i,-n,. T'li'nnSa, ,
Ind., slight. Expro lPo MePluueniger J. A.
LlrWilliamrs. St. I.uuls. Kllght. Flar
nan JIopt)h IAvow. Section FoN)re~
Hoery Au itn.
The St. l.ou!~-l.'trl v and the 1.
lEuiM-Kinuzvlc i .ele*iprs were dtawl
by both trains,. itlr no ne of thit pa* In thl.ose. fi.:r eur- were t1-
)uredr. Ikith cnginfl' w erFa hadly da
aged and four comchlis destroyed.
'Tho ctllisloo occurred t ,,tweln Mt.
Cnrmnel. UIll a:nl I'rlncion,. Ind. sad
according to the goullhrn ruilway oS j
c-alta wa. cau'-edi Ly the faluhur of the
operator at truwn.-. Ill.,, in deliver t*
the ealthonnrl train n Ilril.r namial
I netlling point for the rraiTs.
All of the elrnlhiio witli l ih et eP
tlon of the' train nI'nn wi rv In the o o
binatlon hiaRiage iand ornutiltg car.
Engineer ttlrhianan and Irrelal
TalRart esca pewl liy J);ping K Not
Ing wras.o found orf Flirun;nn UllT's lIody
but rome charr 'l Ibone',. w!lteh wert
Ide'itineld by a M\at(ct and ring. Thl
bones were rlatherit] Into ii tkck- bY
the reestlr ra Only1 r ht runk of t fe
bltdy of It .nlinper IttO'wn .%% n- recor
*red, and it wint fotn' ul j;t1ort-'Il be#'*#j
ceath thie Ibrning t'iuiwr ind.l'r him
was a portlon of lif to l l,,x Th'
llmbn were lurn'l off a:;r the bHad
bail b een hburnledl from ti' 'To lvk. Thl
nxJly was Ifdenrit ed 1y nit;. I f O
watch and an E:ks"' InltI'.
1C. 1. MNl. MN tiv,, r ho' I hr n]injPred
was riding on thr1 ,'nl Ii i. a tr
DorPer for th .v Princmo, i I ln n ('lart'
on, anit was Roing to ipti.i ('r t:.t;nA
at his old hobme a: Fair-th 'r.t r: ll
wife was in a coach tb'htri
The CarT of fhe ea.rtl~p't.' trajI
were I(Ple1reoprel and c;,r1.': tire Tb
cars of tho we ,lvolltls trali) i%'rP ,unif
parrially trel gpr rmcapp4jT WIiIl ..'Irli -Try.
A precking cre'w a t: rT1'f vpart
left Prinretonl. Ind<., a, pner :anl 'i
rliaring Ihe track alnti r.mlllnvInfu t
dead and injured. Ths hinrlPt k
wa to P tlettnitsh tihe Itanltl'.
The wotundet% more nt'arIsdtil for up
til relIef arrived from Prnlrtr'n 1ad
Mount farmcl
RFveral ars w]rp lIw mlrl it r f',ir the
lire wax extinguished
One Kiss Coat Man $100.
('hil'ag ( I ch r I A I-tro n'1111)1 t
tempt ,+t stlI, a sis4- frem tAh" rulibf
Ups of I.;,, Io nI rellrn. 17 years a id-
Nmot Itfliclnrlt rx St0 I n a Jil'rie'"
Rou- i N1- ltron toMd th" "trt
that FP .. ', I. 2s iir., ,l',t. *I
S....- ..-. . 1n 5

V.., I'








,S*4 *Ir es. ew Ie it htfp W' i
aSsh tP.,,,hll Ite L I bt,,i "r kt t .1

.'MtW01 *rt- H t~l ,.-.,< 0 1h ( Mth@, a ,4p* i lhd .'* ** I t, 'l.
lilh i i tt, f' u i f e'O kt
Iii n s tihIhe t .I 4110 0a11 M$ 11 t I.w
lie twlke swiEedh 60e o%- .ehu rV
LL fl Vt *SWVUR that Jhem Ip M Vn itutethse

*el t1 .h wiAsat i Nos1t. Ia)tl ll he heIt 1h I

I S .t Intl t.mD I h h i,. rP 1 t, i i *M s' A
lH O1I P I t $sh esr te*., ct9r uInsalt' 'aiw i jhe H t htH^* rit Bees;,

0' "|I f !tI r1lfrre d ItIIIIcoltlo |. ,, t!r _
ilMftM W9tfW*^ )Hl* then

*W.. gshe leb id c reeg ue. i st i,' jstin hat wme sake I i 'r a ew
lImwer*, Atom llll,

1 *It.'fl*, I 1S At '" 'l. e IhSr q p's' % e* a- wil,, *nte 1, mi M',, I u,
S 6i n 90 .Bw{e 1"llPI hire. ,$ IUN4 IBI ml 0 I t m lk ll 1114111
'4 .e,4"rt,1pa e t ibIt l strw I

thr, 10oit,~U le the 1ath
tliphu ha tw*** 4' ehPtt' .n .flnfl
.m et d Initluos le toh
nits, we herey Ae "th e Sent ue
Rod Van Oluitbo Moove d md em ee wan .in=
a 1 4som elfrd tth mOtOato" 1Ait e rn i ** W m)t' e n *trtr'A V1
NO iseit, slieudSlf 1%1S1inn' 1 1

WIlbVW us ar t mhe Warfe oMndn 4-m -- In
'06Io In a mDen h f ltam*rnM l- sot

r0^ 91 A hen. sr a
llil mo. ms%
man -an Sts SSMAW
w T--m ,o.r Ofi: .

m ovr eat . .. r *

m m el,, ,,,,, . ."... ...
g an* -WWI (Mu E 4 101M

rlc:^ 1ICI 41i. r -I

A gtelas m Mu'.. M FLA I LV1 Im JI
JI. JP..ftehlabs t' s h o b U o I n

aI l. to D..j a wft" Only.

.I. . I. . . ". . ...T....
f he m e dmb of the

SPwh was pu
late s. aA io i mhp.

9mSje o noJ I s Uiso0 to I #bow

a "A om to&S ,,Is@ U41 *1 fIder umiithey m lov -he
91%r stratu porlit1ay; ttlas %be eye
a bi*slll aithd asl nm emrnlaaor thepereserving
.- -- I the pr. Is examlini( t" eye only
t in foth-. sitelasn e$ m4ot improved me*hodo
IP Ii. Itae PV, V ISthi ,_dS Phpiei. i. usMt'i:lsl) rc invited to
BthaS W ** oal lnd invdllrt re o far metwle d o

the mtefevu vision musrt
treat. Mnck gmal eoirvacunr of the emrfteaor crystal
se a# i. aIp S e leas or sanI rt rlry ft thie
areleved at lmce upon the appleatione
".OF Di Ut o. i.of she proper lno .s. Nnlrls per cent
I, thu .-. of the peoplet over 40 a ligo e d lr n il

lV..pIasa aadi y oi- Wr onrt of the t)d need
moil si-tliSt thI rvas for distance., o
f ,_ le U l avre not In irlways given to f*
| p rolve eyei ght. b"itot to ie tl nd

.ni Um". tVs. of tet prie- short S!io atsi t natu re.t
i g uyrs mm, mgu esv l MWr aIsto utwen t or the e )lo nerd

...' .la styib*! eBelyehum)el Sp0tl at-
won is giv ooalw asein tt an si n
V. SstminrlM shork to assist noturo.
y1' 600 byj ifuN orl TftfMl oa eyes ape ruined yearly.
IMI ww '^ZKS~% Y.OKL svhen persmon tlt of it*-t have neither
| *, ^ "- { Uo- ih s- eao n *l osotlrll of swehItll IAs

a I a lswirhl the est fioew ty o1 the
qk tug mob S y professoly. Theop at.
ni-orray lstii Aon ofn ft0tes onof

l. e, Vp rsa. bt~e hoes po mralises flly that rI padjust

Staes fo is Istoor dop of p mers he sbe
,h|* "-- = ". "--" who boyou him l updien It nde his
IL C kll PNV W lr b W W inl*r" nt ithrI uly tht lol alju t.
iJ.. ___I II so"m forr ( I n III rattoenr h oI
tretiling with a most dellote and pre.
Sf i set iRlo mh etou otrRan whern the slig htle error
t o M.. maiy eete seriously, while If h. does
his work Iwl h not u nly iT ,o coi .
l'U infitetort and m* to his patrons, but n
to sed y 1 r ola #ted many lastanes ratores th isthlt.
Special eare should be taken in *p.
letin lthe first pair of speetaeJs. nor
uA*ufL -MlLshould it be attempted without she aid
n sof a responsible optic*alt. It is mot
Mi important that U4e lenses should bo so-
curatcly cIntend sad of the eL&t qual.-
at 1 jIsp and the frames so toads that the
center looks div'csly through the @cni
asIUg Wet Uin Stre.Sir. Chasets' nicely Ilistst let sthe fa o,
A O u w I CLEN beonine an ornament a, well a. snr*
mIM 1B3 MRfl3J VlIt ng ciI drem with *peta le. a


NNW"* 4a

r'~ II
AS h

lEfk Nr

iI I
lIi. I



') 1. 11," 1 I I,! . .
1. I ? l. I '

lk .n Y I' ,1'lrum t' ] .,<

^ ^^^^*^9 ^me1R-


F r nllft by ,ohli t* l'ttI it lh vl -






In the matter of a Christmas e lift is a *mitghtr rea l rotter in
this sntor Ht she wife, slater daughter or friend, weo *s s tell
you what she. will be happy to have.

is the Assn.

We think Just Inforp Christmas a good tihnem t resiind you, o
our rleg'ant line of llr (lood., Dreem (OnMde. Noverl..t. l.are
and EmnbridqrleIe--n foat everthin g usually earrired for the
ladies ti an p*tio-datls P)ry (lale store We'rve Ievr had
suoh ani Ilractivol showing. and at should interest every lover
of tiet beautiful in this town.
im m- -- l

There's a Reason

Why you uhoud l hnmy the Shoes0 crrield in our to r'. Itiin
dr a of .p ptpir-mnOn.'.woitein and children--are w mring
Ithen. Why not y(n?

It's a Pasure for Our Clerks to Show needs.
- i Li "" n i Wi i in --- ^M B ---- -in i -




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rtb Easth L -ou S outi
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~~ Pu: 'in o
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Tim Table In elfeet S;pt1. I, ln.

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a A)



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eMil lS
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ArrieP From
lo 3 Il'
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I t4, m-

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_ __ _~__~~_ __



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hmisltprutnti P'iit All
asst f C1n'ttittrv

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At I'4AP I Al iIA

Wlill 'et ysv I'w. l
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h l it$ ,*** ,*.t

E ,I MtiAtr ol m'ti! l di I I'

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p.5e !9t itlieRl eI i i' t ,
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iSlll llt It A llt i Itpt ', ,I I il

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*elluritu l teh 'lnI g it, Il' I rs
iet with tmeeaes' h,- *e'I I' r


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*ite p it ii ,o t ..r I 'li .
i k lptrn itl l it'r in' H n
or. T1K AN 1 liff 5 i A 41 19
s(the ministtry aln I'ilm'h l' At h; e'' r A Itl.

"Ilo t time *r il ordI I d tl fl
I lllt miil.i'rs. work r 1 I el ., .
I. I t'li r il iied am sl- i '
I S a Eminent Talent. i ,- ',.
tIg of hlle FOntihig t 'li r. rac.- ,! ,i , .r. ,
O rlirele II. Ir Htl1r statlr
lWais have bpen spared in .o.- a '
Sbeetg I aleul the 0olIntry iL- ,, ., I,
ei 11 0 I who Will 3 ilt, iavt il i ,d.,,, ,, '. '
lN ofl N w 'York, whou dihllht. ,, ,. ,. r,,,, ., f,,i
llhtenrtd stei ihousiaa ls who |rr' 'itln l" | ,,e 1,,-ol, .1 -
AimN l lhe last ltierelel lr E!ie 'ai ht , thie fat in iatle troumim il'ti a llt i a I li i ll I,1 t i!
;l Prof. J. It c. lrown of Vi- r. li if' ti fob,1,,,t.t *. f II 4if, q an
M ol1 will deliver a new series of! nm rterit (ilmr.iI. II ingl) iitni( r I'tlll
bhMerll gIr I.en (l. Hroutihton b*r
m, ianIl many other. r -
alsoso ulauoemeedd in seeulrilig Revolution Imminent.
ll of hev. K l of the ullnt fiaoui and land sIrllll troulilet i lyouir sylstell is
llll vnlllll lin the South, eikervousnre., tl r ll'siini, or stomliach
Ipo to ipend sorlm l time here. upclts. Elvotrive litters will itpiekly
,Il II).Ie r pper, 1 1 II hi i rimi- dJlriiilierl the I riiutler miit Ie'ttiI It
Sble neder of I'hiladI'lphl. has inrver faill I toIier ili ,e sttillliah,. raI'l3
Witih hs familylatd will ri-. lllat Ihe kidlll ne il d bowsll. tilmnl.
:ihalblo asllasnoe aI both the late thu liver, and oltirify thlh blrt.
IOaflltlO sand Clhristian Work. RIen dols lu .ts ltoInme t.ifctlt part
ilUtiull., which Is Io imiiiediately tieuiarly iad lall thel usual attstedinl
I athes ivalnislh lituier i. ts i'fvhing and
bluM folrd of t'hiladelpIli, 4on10,e 'iorigli h r ftit 'aenie's. ll(rl'et liil-
luMstst gwosperl iIigers in the s l is 1 o1'1ly .', 1.t1 l ie1at is reti iriedl i
M States, will cIad th l il fclt ar, iI don't i v'I I' I-p r fee satisilett iiIi tisar-.
will comprise agbail onill*ju aintedi. Iy all tdrisgtist.

ibltW CoInferinc will cone itn I
lhbruary Ath it t Lt amli wai ll Ie
f tilttwlef l mlp ia Sas*il ouP


Through Pullman Car Line to be Oper-

al~ | ated PAIortl iTamp to New York
kmWiCd" ilan Worken'[ Institute tt on.l0 or
tO martch 5th h flCtiVr'e' a s1t tlht el r SOMth-l'ntMd
l'eavinlg .1J 'Y City Sutlptyq Novtuil
im Th Chautauqua. ai.r.7l, Js, rtr iroiia.Noll
her 2 ath w lu f irst ear sorth-bomust
S I 'la Fl orida CIhaitamiliia illlleavin) Port ramsna lesdiay, tovei-m
t l oii MarIh 6th. lad mill eilt 'lhr :'rhi l9. It he Prtsenlit Jlery'yr

K tV m tionsI room tol sleing imar sow hiandlltled ii
op to give h people who tthelrn ill Riway train Nio, n m itl
lthep'1retesth iutauqua!ln!riogranm ;iA. will be e xteondd and lecomie a
tll Ie isl"iorlda, and as Ood as PI rt Tampia and JIrsey Cily 1t ulllman
Slem anywhere." remarked lr drawlin room lrelpin ear line. oper.
'N.R "Dnr.l ,. luldaon, man* i, lltntover lthe Atlantlic Cast line to
:t! the lairlnvillle Chautaulua is .lackisonvlle. Southern Iallllway I
iS o th international Cthaui. \ashinlugto and Isl l) vania rail-
lt Alalllo, and Srlretary of the road to Jersey ilty.
!Universily at .Washllncton Thisl w mil l ad ndalerially lo ith a1l*
LT e1U1tly has at his comllial d the I rdy inagnillelitl Itrin Ovrr% e b iv-
best talent oif the country i, 1i wen t1 eAida ncil IhO Kgreat % l'ast now
that he lM10 ) 10t'S) to givei tlc. i',opIrttiId by these' three great railroad
-Ifttmaqua the best attraction. ietleicts.

1M Mftor IDaniss Will Speak.
"IUa the mnost protiiniiet l Ie-
.e *zpecteid., cunlntcvinuid r.
"Will be Sen tor Jolhn i
1lslb.of VirinIa. tho greatest oti
,'l5h. Unield tSttaes Saialao. Sieia-
:lDWiills hs prominld mlil that hel
1" lltalu his present* for a short
An A lln efft also bingl minad to
)Jtm H. \n11. Jeimnnllt IBryan for
irlI,. Ilev. team 1. Jones will fa-
.S WlWith another visit, and possilIly
~,~Ia Richaird 'Parson Ilobqllo will
iS Low leauehamp, the fanionis
b"r, Drilr. H. R. inilllton of t
ib is uother wilt makt up Ih*
Progiraim,. whih is an assiur.
it i hlIh. IreAedllnl ntertain-

STh Horis Show.
t., Vi a_ 4 del rabll feature of ith

iA4 Key WesIa*t h tivt tuto transfer
fro ii lot to wI leesi ig ear, whitich wil
IAtild Ihii in a I I llishi llt l nIatinilno ,
I'liila'iIldlti okr New v'*trk hlmiit
htlaniF l a k iik wt e, plSPI I g n rto firotil
Tami;pa an ld l al ointlsmu on Ihr ll At-
iit t1 114% l'ms it 1 it ii tewtt w 1rImrrt Taicmpa
iild .1iAt'k stvlil' ti C0 ll lake Isk iaserni Is

i ir,'E'5i(hto. uli ill., lyirnth burt anil
%VAlhi t g I to .
Annual Meeting Southern Educational
Association. Jacksonville. Fla
December 29-31. e904.
tilln aleiel t of tlile a m ne Otaiotl
thI AIlantlle tasti liin will tell ro ind
t trllik Itr to .Il ackonvill" at rale oli
hlrst-i'las lart ll t w e nty-tive I.I l
peits.l 'likets o i le l DsolaDiilnrnber
?%*'.i. g.. i t it aritlrnto andi meluditsl


I- pfh WIl e t ttter
I 'a'* '1 1 rsas it c'wI lottae g
Pt ,iP 9 g nle A ,ilr t *I 4'I.5i* hl1 i -*liM it-i
in.'n n" '*i i. i|r K elin 's 1*'w tii, r1
'ry ( 'r t'l'str i w silt hf a I |i
er)e I r rlil ,~ hP II r~I rII thtll i I ri
iulti li.tivr itI ',i tithi le ie r tn'uli 'l-l. ie
IiIt. vi,niItHac otll
Itr ld hl l -1 I: hlieal! it ilt all,. les.,
hltL tI y l.ast fall lIy flletl hlad
Il T'1r ) 4) 11111i'l t of etilis iitiit inSli $iieS
iik Ptr. Kl .itip's \N'w l iesllli ry after
\I nii at ,anni' t 'tnirc anild four lt itlel
entirelyy trilred I r taranilctd by
all itdrllgints. l.Pri v II anid $1 t Tfrj.
a1 l i tt l s ifree.

LAwson P.ot Pir *lee ryan.
I I' r
It Ili* Babyis u a i Ceeks trh
S Iit '1 I'I ,i t A t irea i
', t ->'.,t 111 hd n'j i| iri
S\V .. i n eh r < lI hat ll I
%I t *-. 1 I l ; i ,)" 'i4 l Isi

t " *,e '4 I .. ig tf lti ti l,', .i l

,! ", i, i ,t i

*l I *, 1 1 1 % i 0 i0 !- l : .tri T i *
A lla ,11 i, l,' l. ,, Ile" h l, ; tt
S '. I I li i i- ,,i t 11ti r

I the Baby is Cutting Tfith
!1h irte ludl l i. that cwll ant we'l.l-
tre I, ."es'I y, lri< H ssslih'w 's o h.
an1 t rnur. Fri &eld teemln ftntlimst It
solit ee the' tmi. nsettene t h smtin,
allay's all p in. tsrie wind enlit stait it
ther eit ro i eiliil- fr rilhaot la. kwv'rt.
i tillive te nt ii ta it IVf.


Very Low Rates ViA 8outlhrn Railway
Account Holiday IIeaon,
The' Souitle'rn iHtallay will iIll tick-
Itcl t a ll | I t mi l at railt i ole land one"
third l lt-clal falr fhtr rltiltit trip.
'Ti'krts oin sale ll'tmbnr matd. 4ith

liu with tlnal limt Januarl y 4th,

MI01 1ae1he's acea1,stdents hnidVi6 g
t'itbi'tte'* i ttit *t'llp ttIr lt ltS

'tiketl at allii o\Il Iatr ll hle sind
dtilty lI'tee'n t r 1ih .'lth, lat A l with
lltisl l imit .liliui r *th, 19t4l.
I- r further d

Bl t Wanltd.
\1 ile inest r y',ilmr ?Ict'litig sf Iihe
1141ril ,if i' si inil held oin Tuedilay, .January 3r!, ll!,
bestl will Ife re'el-iv'l fo hairt' ctf i tilty
rcontiite for enm*itu year .ll htids
sholihut ti c sraltd ildl addiessed to II.
I. I l*ntln, i 'otian;y t'h'uk, frov m whomin
III desrir iifirllanltleln an I e cilbi-
ltaml The riahli il rejr e any anil
all tilsl is* rever.rl
r tr Tet. C'hii 1I. It, olimi.
.%tlties 9 '_ Ii n, I'Clerk

Shipmate of Do*ey *
Worrht'enlr MatS I.w 2?
\ Wallas,. n if*' 'nt fripe t
mtitr of AAiltral ilwcy andv i
1i i.. o esvl tw i ialaid atl i

* l.
and ald
hi k hala


OI)pr Ir r tkie rwemiler I't aand Wlmlr te r l M l dUh : "..
I'tAN 1' TlIEEM:' I the taMimard ailertlkiS tc e s" kI 14 ",
hind tham. Ale R'tulP OnumeUmtds, r aW l K%%i bRW *1*
HarsreVftl Peram lnire" thewI I i I S I S

allwlan sld Jobtrn

Stple and Fancy



II 11

,qww --

4,,.,, ,,,: ,

..... ...
'i ,,

,*I ,


' ,,
I rl ;.' .


Good Luck


,t+rtl r t1 *ou I bi; .t t 1' Al '"
!. ih i \e l suit tay p 't
T:. T Hlt'- ltr'aUtt U l, 1ire 'p rt n' L "' ( '1
ght gifts throtigk it1 r>"ttsti l uie.








piasO es Runread leavening qualities. It ;
itty makes results certain --ake4 vynir T c hn.t
Kpp longer and belter.
Superlor~t q Y has made "(God Luck" the idr!,"$t
lterin the wodt Carloads and traitloads rreachl li r T
iction of the entry.
This tretsO us sale makes possible the moderate
, price of toe. pr pond can.
To still frtfler increase the consumption oif t(Go
Luck B&lduI Powder we are offering

S Vuluable Premiums

On the l*abl of every can there is a conim, lwear-
i g thepkictue jfa '(tooi Luck" car, sinrit:lr to
that atth tor tup of hlore slho. Cut tl ee out t
an4 Mnv tleti. The little gift to)k il c'h
can illr.ltnle the llv n tiyarticls a;nd tells,
S. how -n ,1%t them free. Insist oi' In-ig
Good T.Lnk tkii g Powdier t nd1 igll get a
S mupriorn article at a moderate lt ice miul anll
op l rtuity to Cgt vailtualc gifts free.

' '

I 1'


" iMon 0.'

.. .'' Tr" MeCLELLAN

i?.IU indertaing Co.

w fl, i ea fal l. a nd--- b
rfl ~ 1 Fu nefl Directors and
WAm SI f I liaeld Enbalmlerm
aiaWi. aWls ate a se mo U leMi

i tt b, eme p. rt

W0sr111hi st11 so d amis.te op to t a i wo.d m toh (lt
MidBP o4 po k i10 M.more, te9o sod udlf l M p.
66 Ab N 1.i "Ilk %k 010011 40Of MW nrof %be olumbl r rll Uk aph
V Ir -s Methe C mnevl*

SWt iM. ti e l etul en pe Mr. hu has en the
SN a v das egd od pad s le ro t i ll pleated with

6W ti tA to It. Y0T 0 ap 411 me etb t id &l Itsprlop h ty forx.
.*wm l hWll. aIsd t enhs, h past tw y Jhn iteve al p er tIn lhe
|fef Ut rwlp atenday Iw.* mort, thr elevr and suooru)l epro

tIwlhe h I thI m e "I Hl tie n the silorl of lbia h oderarul
aMt 4. H" loutM 0lt* o 1 1. haw vMr it. d u l a ithe,
B *lotthit s tels and lpo li1 plasn without
%be fidbiaid
t t! tis Yf t hl S(Oahl t etea, itb4 l pnopll. Hv xi l
itia. ole, f l 1s e fk r siott p less v t loie t in ttl
Stowns. ,i ot le l ilt thoe l everht of elw i we derfulp ,
I~ft ^t Wt buto ftk (metini, arter whleh heai 11 RO to

________ evr E_ havest vi t ed Having Al eis tims
l aig 'n oaf II U40M Ish I pounllled thabouut
lots 17 OVa A*0t eahmsulote
baCLs mSlme s StaSd a lom y ih te 6lrhfk t:tpler I
hW er e IW vlettd. thie Ia t sk om
tlPete INut I ItAeMa hool P" the eonteSw t t 00W obt seol
ltokwwiU k t*lesftl ^he ite ^ bees06aw*It h we"ddbe a Is 10
IS L 0 the et1 s w las *0hotlr, whteh sl the bho n b ate. olr
aNd Thr u ity i thas I the lass Lt e a The ) l
Ss tne t tiad a.h iu tllitImam tn mi all AmnelSl a l s ham me I

Jam. M. GQAHAM PruOidU


080. Wv. 11lVon. Vwo- 'veio


Capital ........ .. .. .. ....m..,two o)
Surplus and Undivided Profits... 2s,w20o 00

oea t l ltdaln ll a maesUl bS tle, with rIIPlUn i el6Wl O s bawtk tr the 1a %r t so
S Motat of Nrwermu Morkhaue.a Corpowmliro, *to. Intrirv t kl
Sy bw apal smramgeteat All tIbwea lrmASI ItruWl"Ub
Hl. S TAY LO A) Usensir.

-~C;--`. -. .- ,.- J.-- %

Good shells in your mgun i a. 1 -,i
In the field or a gool sorr :
Winchester Lc&adcr o ;t k
Smokeless Puwdecr 'Shells r;, r' r 1
Always nurt-fire, al.ay e.. :
spread of Rhoti audi g(0 plit r1.; .. ,
great superiority in tutifc '. .
men who urc Winchester I'.icto'v i
Shells in preference to any' c'utr n;m |




THEM leer

na. DtTTTOION& C 00.

-n a itam -ma


' I,





31-'s.._ -- ...

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' ~.'.i~'l' ...... .~(~ I






N, ,''r a, Illt

.^ ,1;^ '.V .' ,'i ,/'i*** *.,**.l. ^ K ii N


a I

I **7: '77

'I I4

4 W

U l-I lpA* ifI~a atra 9 + *

'F I* I

* ,g- *f
e di t

lot i ',

IUI I- I ''

.1 1 q


*, 419

r It 4 *jl

's, a 1 .

live tgl I 6Ti

%I f it hAt?


* W h' it I"' m i n ii
km in. vtOIF,61LI;to A m
p. fnli t Owo (n1i i i Il

. tho IIIIIdo It IIV Vl rt Il I sip''

m lptia ofit f ,'rI i rt tm 'm wriU

I l for a t nriht of nl4rt ina on
l aasrn inwe for aatiimr.
ilWMI 8i I 9! ?tl efitlory io .ir,,,,
,pli Ni IIarIk r hlrl wlo prfr

3NI3Mo mrn always like for \'wI
WIt. Is gve- C 111nt 111 all i-

and to- l. iirti wQuild seIl let
:01t10 *$M lne until 1'2l lh 'vlo k l "
tails, b 1 l 1 la 'Nt w dlvr. t

lm t lheok.| d I


b e *feet,) rtebu?'>% ill i.1 <) t III
t pltl -.l C nR111 i i hi e 1l iht, tllllt i
bet. hot t'ori, Ir, , ,i i,'v, (1

fTlotfl mny Chr arre'i u .LI ti.
A "dot gh "l

ahbftl purllarn h1av t1t11 v1iry ltnI
1l lln*6 t l !t Iittl', loist l 11 r'
to oI lo wlP t 1n ai.It o their '

St hat F ti t t111 1I r bii- L
*."ltop-dll i$"' oner0 'l l

+liltgo Iy
Ilarntd pThe lhaWiivk school i 1hle
Ah" l ietLo it1n 1 Iok pilImo n tI o |pitai
*Ssthr *ln l*,aw bm he'a ue' sl' ihi' Ise t' a

ltoimlle* i Lm nt If thy Arl I,.
O riherlnslswe 'eet he'l,, hne l(tlo.

lt hml4 1iv f to hi. r eIn I rr,
'i'bli .t14 hut lili. whe si,' in
61M0 ttowheri ti ir ,nir tio theln

offp--.-U r, .... l ,
ist 1N9w Y ar's g 111ift who hin1,
fS t SHa for '*rt thr e psars, we
.lnlMt tlht yoke gliv Ilih im "shake."

...A mst s titanl is arreate til imy o Ih'.
e l itthie wfe' for eti1 irg drunk
+Rluei d lrlucigall/ on hlr ltestl-
ti *ht e hE Cim, heit, s', witlt his

*S.'& Il. a .o < lill eIiti h ith the'

lllitk the, hle ain t.
etrUp hit dm itu aktl defter.
*and pnd'ably eneio hiet tat
'I:l tll fw^lt he' moIe eheiw or olhrtie
S l att.(

' m, rt ler fan11Otr. farenwil *|1 n
":l rrf ormfttll ii. i m ll'ei t tliuri fur
-1 Is ei t of ul 'p Bu'tt (Ur n.., a, s If r
his* N~terhur5 hid nte h!.ett pit.
,li-n oiKh.

*l1ih tuprl.een ('ngri of the I'ltllgd

I'f tilW ) Nhtii vo rlr nilghl Wake
i iue motnjol and fi di ieinrif a
Sibtol ltuouri.

'I '

.' ~' a

I a t .
1 ,

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; I .
r.' ' a I ; :t 1 a i
' I ;

S I I i. I 1* 1. I

I a it a. I ''I t ri l
ait *1t t 4 i t I IIa V I 1' '

SI artIe" ' i 'i t i i '

i Ittitnr Yi t p I i r *
Ht erd I i jtl 0 'I ii i l< mii 't .nin 'i |i .
Wnli'r It fali4 t o n nte) *t( i m
r nI l 1 I, l ,111) 111, ', Ir It- m fl Ir it rtl II i I
ih111 t "l Itni TV r i lljilmt prit'lioi',r r
rati. I hr et t'ietllPin m 'i Io rl t iake' altl s*a
I'flt neId r1, r C, ith I'' ii ti'it' i l hi.
illi t | llin t1, I
l l w l illn t inli, tl tll y mll t (,i thl(
Sialahihl ,'tilt'Is IIl ot ihlt init ta l lihi
3 ' ; sid,. citi I t is tanir"atlsti I e'. lien r
hari Ali ti() nnii n. i s1inigly a rain tlrr er
I , i i llity tir It rl up I ,i1y 1r i ,II

IlCHe Nit-u fII ll) , !1p I m tIIll U I'll ) IM Ioit
rlent rplrir of u iily *u',stitide'ratlt) initb r.
11i11fi lin ohliq nI te'rinr.
I nti s pr111 l e n % r *111 eheilke. wa Inn
ti nite'r l Ir r l r 1 hei liit'lhe t rtt rr li, wii

t r11 t 1 '1 i't 1111n1, tit fo llow the st lvie if
l' iau trofl" i s pull 11| stakes r niel
lii'tt e' *ia<(*a dt h ar .',te* etsier
M Apiir % 1

Iniiitl tla iili tii hi n to |i 1Cy 1a llueldr I,
itIe i ir i r r I It
It I, I mI to ai thati t lie rmilri ld. nre'

t 114 ) t r t l i i ( thil ( tir 1t 1 tir iil t,
w It o t Inii tlit' pl t ell r h n the' rlat-

rii' l 1a t nI l tl 11i1 i grer t r i'ir in miir
lnit. rhor IS thrtir' Srf oCI liii Os'* caise,

an lth i rlItit ll il l Sint l all their i reI
t Ii is iistI I iti h.

plrIa'ry iglton ttll s f t (*luIllllM fl

tI rt IIt lt, likle fer til t e r r1 m itr # r
Wry111M iii, o vihl' Iveryoiniru t the tInti JR
that ant c n lay its hai tds ti ptintl it
wiitI t I sin o'er ralilthd eiiunimis.

1111St0 t11Akelat t he feinuirlst f1n(11ip
Ili i'tri4.lilit1 tIn n It I xliiIt om e 4 it
ioirt l th in he te citre'1f "s? i

tl1i' w int tltalle poitintie' ucrt ory
I.l tr o.I, lke, afI ftrill e.*tui m I o ,11. I. is

1I.Jh tp sliparl ti rIto ltain tra idy jtil
tht. n it tan lay ts hausim upon,. hit It
* dee' t tii'. q Akt1 t11 liii' (fuet trhtn a

SluigK ti ltete 'an |io llt eIn i1 rnditi itepsp

illn send il t at TIIal plthentlrytl l 'hm'y
pf cnola Ii ttiisitirse tfo lint |ltimr~ioS.

wien*ok' tuht ti tthuaOit trust. Its o'er
piiat. Ot wnine iat the tdia' truwst

Inlirk') itoi ehi ha Re datel ththe'

CL.i) hep to' *te|I.a lvlt1ir lfangego. &

Now's This?
\We' offer one huired doullar rwamlt
for any ease,, io paarrli. t hl htlintlli Ie'
Aurerl Iby Itall' Catlarrh t Irt.
F, .I. Ct'wCsCw A C('I Tludo, l .l,
\'. lthe uielrsiprm'n, flav h eit"kown V'.
.1. he'iiy for the lfIast l NyePrt, sadI 1w.
litete' m lelti pIarfeelr tly llthlttriF li,, i1n SIB'
uthlSeIsm Irlta"aiaiaoin, mlilt ItllutIlalll

. k t If

I' I i I I

wI., It

-1 , t ,. IM | H t!
a' I. i i tkidh t
:,I t Ii!,' ..ltt l t i

I, ,! i ,

wi! Iluttullls eIam'll r llne nte Ise 1mS
nI I . m \t It r ttlop e ho 1o1 .
twi.I t 11 If ( 4% i%,% A t it<1 1 l ht And
tmol pmur omotith op 4 uet It o is lo16 d
1t K ites Im i'lty tinlatl.

Among all firivis of )ist)takn p pjo
"Y Is ti* ment grtuionw Kllot.

tr t I v f i.ei a. wi th.
r ki k ** u O*fMt i S" *I g I Ro plebr Isr Tt
1s19al q eL tsu h I.' Si flw t S
II Otta MlO at rLIm. M

uiR' n i*** pr
^inmbee embel w h sglp 1r *fl, fT
. *** ** r ,trr ls.e
lNzUMMMA00 -- C---. Pow 'T

II 1U'N IIaM Iftgig

CreamWVeri fu e
i lingi ^iliiehs ngse Ii m -
tAS m um tq tlm tks*

I'm ', ve W h in $si wes
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intailrs rene i tn o

Cream Vermifuge




mII mIIells o Lneasm emI t
Ballrdagnow Liniment Co.
S*T LouIr, ie.
her Iftle by W. M. JolmaNes

rwwWqWIf 'F W

i am nna rl'tf m

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3L I AF 9 *s Iy y i

lig li. di I f.
Pr% N vI j S n t 3 .4.t
Si o i !! 1a sl m, nd i e ali

S, .. I. t I l 1 i I,. I.

Sii HMAN tim
I V tor Sahrue and Lock Cori
9 C't1 cl 1 .nt. Olbi4, "

) I -,T | tti.latp*:iI ,t ,mr n ftft kfAtlift Iflin
$ lyv anw..rsln~p , Iltm atK a(

rv i.r t'iz Iies iDi .

----KAK IIK. R l "'

8ea INlani C(Itton Seed

SManulfacturers of the
Sea Iland Cotton

- *-| i n .. 1. II-ll ..
~ ~ ~ ~ : w f

ina Mitlripr~1 ot~.r Uwi ;

Jam-e DSg
Gin, and hlui

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Amsinrat n TTilO and full thfnrmeltan ftabht. Nsi
(1oun1ty. Onte manager has lived a i this
to a himlrk sl *aw *aaaft ks k&

mu .u..wnu.flnsg wsvwmnuu wrin muw pyl f "

E 3B. ""O M MO
sIt ;ltig mrumbter of prunmlnet Am.
GatnlO-ifte #aIrl


235 W. Bay St., JACKSONVILL, FLioin

Cn. t.ah"--*MA t. "l a'- OIL=

3L. M:A.8O1, Proprgcr

SE A. E3 ( DA.
Air Line Railway

t.. FORt *,.

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, South
Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wasih

ington, Baltimore, Philia
delphia, Now York.

Two Elegant Train. Dally.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.


Only Line Operating
Dally Through rPuilln SlIepr sfromn IJekasnei to INo

For full Informatlion mad si)pr n mila ll!SOII
w-als A J9l tK .l.ul6 k l 2 i f



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|t ^tH~tip i*,~
*^ 9 h<*Ir Am
a I $iwyttr
BL S U^*^fc,.,

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Jlashvmltthi, ilistli

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I !*ei P I't I tti i '- I I .
tlb Utlnt Sttnma a the tsstiwtiu i,
0'i N hp En in i i tll !i 11

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%I 1 4 10.

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civA St Johns Dl r n
tlpt i t ,I it' Iit t i v II I lttt ,.
hrI.,i9.94 l f etiq t e t I i*t ., l tb>, *#hj t r ..
( Irr(Ir t' rII )g ~)~I III I r I .

MSi n CVit OF C I, 4 4 i 1 I, I- qi . t. I t I 1 i i
t~ I t e ,oa 41 4ti t

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Ate4-1,% A"sww
91~ ~'w R$9 It~yV1t 1
A~~~~~~~~ ~I I~ itI~ Nrw %4h9i~9~ IU'9r.
1W '~k:~:r 4 ) ~rICl ~ l~~~r~l ~ ,I~

A \,t'Lr ,I e1s tht\ Ti "u \ \ I t ) l I,
III-it, 44 A 1 1 t 4 s Ul 1
40"Ofl VIA% - e i$t 't
pr"WIMIWU 1%0%4 IrI I f 1l ilat too% N 4110

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i'/ '." i.. i .. .. .

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r~ M

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Wflrew S.e aim-
,,,,l. w ews a bIIeIesbI

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loomme anksisaw boom

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ONSiw l& aw"

^Is nlawMr, ttwulas ierint!

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V's I IAI f noll,
..E aL "N")'.

ONfe I MlIUi Law uflWa.




JM iloru.vItts ity K 1 10 1i''
InYl l msl V 1ln m smhw elp" ,N iI 'Ia
i FIV i\lmlhttils An lH 1,t I" I iNot
At 1t a ~ tillo 141 111t 1 1 '4 1,4,
Ar Chath Ike H1 It *f It i k14%' 1

At 1111 RAIlS 4 *ly '4 4 I A
9l W I 199 A. il' ttt,t , y p iq ti
Vi AUSSU OustLAt U |h lstut I A 4 f M 1t it k l,
""" -Ar_ Phinatrt' P t A flr 1;;* 1 ttN<

lU VIw 11 1ee l lttokit sNIwi lit -No w tN h Iwr km GI OII

Igflttis,. *l ot me o adti JIshme ttvils0 t N14 iNomh
*l s ft?11 N r41n4 It It. t Niet l t "Washei lt I k A I 'othlds
S Iate t ititwt tw VSI, h 1titS'i lltdi!y M" k ,Ihitmt aI tv Iit i
S im l I AM, nut Jt0t4 y h4 t I, $ I: I tw hl t I'A ta theVIvt illt
( M.ti of tR st i Jaumry Now Y\v h

t uL f llki l to rlna i, t fak PultmI i
44 topl6i10 o 1m44it of A wit ,
NW @5It 6* a Nh.
Arilil, IN ,;y m^ H .

The Florida
Fruit ud Truck Qrower
L& RRN VrRf Mu r sa rVnp'v

% t WrW. lkt .Wo onI st

A ) *l PItt sutltrivlt.a tf elt
W. iMtWheIa. "

Alltnhua county Is mIWa.1l* It
atma hafs VSM *ttt o tlhp1ad m

i tS l, to a illiU W B(iCh111 A
d eIs, oui M tiolln, T ii l hrt.

oilkr, i llt k iots %%I, veglla e-r
Jm~in, rl Irir~ kltd Pl ll:lll

Bw IllIi the y L...

*l fatll shooa hu ew i t,,,
wa*. read srtI *et *hosrie
a*a4 illl th eto tIh li_4w
_A AS & _L___ -_ ._. .. -

Thniph "' l lthe I %,uOf
i soheuttthil V tI
Siawsiuinsh ,I hI
At \ithetlll, r I1
At 4 t i t lvtNio
Ar I tlN, ,otl
ArI i iw ritill

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htn~ II

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L1 zu1~
II r'L
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No A! w1a0 ll !11itllm ilmwitim wm t ..
Nll kt C lt allg 'll huist *llrw l nt*ltk.
Asit i Vl t1 (4 A t RI, mltll.

'wn I'l'rls IDotlly

N t'wH |\'1k

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\N t h antl \d l s 1 1
, km tittilo t'1 4l o ; &

, ihe t ttil t t (i t A 'l

t It *t,'(ta 1 Kt' % ^
r ( thiel n, i I I I ** I t
St tlii I I t' II t" r tA
S .itminwn t, I' t' i ,t 'I ,:p &
T l tt olit i I' I It ) t A t
i tIck1ttt'> n '. I' Ct t s4
P %'tsstltintw i' p 1 tin* rs N Mu
P I'hll llvr i t, ii 'i It t i' ; 41'
S. l'ttiiitn, Iy M tnHt A
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N t, iLe i, I Inils Itil i 4u i
e A)trll ll ts tll t i r '
t !li,,l, n H i A I*
Nt.< I' r "l, \l^ I* u 1
l~ t~m n, n <, <'>i 4ft
1.4 0Ht li i A

Ially stlHil wltiI t tanl. it
d4,la6 hni h tiM It Iti n I tll .,vI
~l r~r~r ~ %%% k I ir( llolmlllli

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Mnr Hy
Mnr fly

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,.'t W.t,

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HI I i I - -


SIn "l'h t e'h lr's I u ted '" tIt
ty, 'telniftu iltm*ritt "it *t i'ttt
i t. iftpi Pt! li'akhnut 'vil ltnt c K'l
hait. Mtrihlis endt h ktit t'l li

EDIIt 4114M' t'tMIte t

Ii\ 1 1 4L 1, .i s \ 1 t .h 4 1 I1.V II
Ft^i. it't ,t % .%k W 1h1 t lt1 e 1i0t1 No ," Ms"l thiti o i o II t r lk I tit.
1 itd,," I, tia a il.
1 tilt tsass j'tt y t M 'hts, hII9I9ItiNI rtIi N, t( I r t I un' ii
1- itt 1 4 '4 rb
t 'tetg Iti iittt 4sheie' vt*, v \n :. 1 nhteItoi eti lIFr tS I liii'
ie tll i, 0.6 t. i t

'roti \ N w k. WesMhttum'ill. i, N1t t,:1 'Fpe l, Irk mn I,rlt l. '
prei" T 0111 St1.

t I' M.K,, iWs" g(etr A w I, I l
Ilt kehs ttimsu, A i -, ,, 5. S 1'

V3lt3r iA

&wIm II MU
Yal L in3
anM amrn Rau


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>-11 '

- -. --- . .. __ _,a




INRt ma rturr


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;, ,*'; '+ r f *'



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Mi 0 N O GR A M

* i ibo Marynil iyl Ry WIdikeil
Srr W Mir,' l tt ,,
ri PBT .^ *^ ^ hI

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hIII.lK tel m(aaln

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$Itr~t to I- w 14 V -W.h r N4,v 0,il, li


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L~ill-ir yL~L~~-i:




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4,i- j I I

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4", ItwrIr 44
ra m* VU 1 4 9

3~I It ~l~~l IH

**eU. iI~l 99 ~9I i
lie. t 't.1*r1 ItnmmII(
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mge n 0t1t %%I li 4ht, R ops
h thw ll 1 thr i iti tm it 1
Ill tl ^l llh,< (rt l | ,*ftd,
l IVl it a I jt0 l I paill
4! 9b tt C I CI, t~m.,,I aIp
lt 1I 1t0il 1 litke' a til
I ell it* *1 % a'p1 rS,,i
0V nl ins i-1td14 frfl i 1 ansil
(tII UIt *uta't <^ig f reaula in
ab"'llh it ,IW 1II lit
,, ,t '.
A iAtltte Ia gen itI-n ft I gI

be S ptith'Iemt ml it'ti as say.
1tr I tt itip m411n1i t ii
kt lut a tht Itit leit & 4 .
ll% tlett hH'itg1 1' h nd atmly
thaIt hi 6 10 *111 y 1 I IotoFI to .
i i vI rIt tl o I*x1 r i i1
hIsseA P r. a III 51!q ;Iitt11t IY

tb tttanala'r u)! his Iai; ihrr
k4 t ih r O t ll n Avt.lo l i

elloN 0VIf ( O i O nT

S aInl I at fl< irtt, rPied On
Lielaa Ci nftwhinrtoni 4

I 4tvs ,al i l,,' I, gi ,' ,i
7.Cli 9t.'iu 4l 'i it. ..'lat'
in" 994 u j

SiW h it 't -.. i e i* a'
l ll t t it u *. .i ~l , u t hl
IV I$I o I$ i k: l% oi'l: i

I I I ^I A i% 1 11q Naowt a las
Sil lb' %. ,'d il .i ths',St9
It ti 'll w 1 l iA Illi 'a t lr I th

5 iitt <9t ait .*r t1i, t i i*i li,
: til ib lt atl l

th. iti Ih, 11 Ih i
IB t li,',li( I :t I'i t \ h rii l
rrlrllit I III iI II i
L C tyl r j. i it' ib'. ilt

MI A Ihk, ale0, ,,, I lll
SfIll tt! t "' A. 110 %l 1t h,
|H .VW ho .t iitl 't 0 @A
it lf ( h r itnt Ii !,, !ir. I, I IIIitIiI
I ltl h' ,,
n ti i|l ,i'

*4 Higllr blere Mnothrp.

L 'ti mt I tI
, tllan ~i
IIn tht ll
I et 4,t1 h .
l t a0 l bt

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4It5 11 4ktII III'Iim aIm
III-sW11a 111twiol
I l 11 it '111 i 1411 m Fl

1614-111,1 1101liIrrll O ld
It '.4 it % nl14 lg

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th t wi, i .

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k in l 's 410 1, oil

Shiti. teats. eta4 Clsttlr
Mk Nat(I, tat it ad i .''u,' Iltt'at a'g
e tlht a ish nit t ia' a eitla' rt( it
9l1a V9ii* tt ,ta t \l' M",'t tt ) rlti
St 1, l. ,414% 1t 1 h l 1164* W'l.III
M 4titt l i l \ ih ki k thi I "sI Irt I '

I i\'d i5 I t' ,i t t, ia' I ,it'in mttiu n
hal lII Vt |m l i .t, l t
Sm mt N .iaa ( I t i eu i. tt attum as ht
l 4 th a s) LN I% ait II atIl I
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S I ,,- .',' ti. .o 4 k P4, *I ..wio,*6rwo -w"

l:I lit

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Ilenieo and lioomy In

Cllrisllnas Furilll

1I 1


_ --__.-_.- 1 maur~l. ,-



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i4' b t i t
'IFlllt~ke~I14 '1 ?1i :9IlhaIg I

VFUWu.I. sam

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1ilg s.



ii< t iri (* I to I I
A< f Ifp **^(
Iictnpvini t1l(if |

I 1 1 I ,': ,
-aft fleee6 Am1

n a a ,_

I ,< I I I,
* I 7" ,,I ,
, l 9t

Ohristmas Suggestions.

, 12ia $ to $20 i i ll t. It
III IV IqillIV jim Ii h.l i atli l tl

$ t10 $10

I ltut,, t v i t A 9t

M ltI ,4t 350 toV
L i,,y i!|,t i ni !1 .|!0 0

I kI lsln 'ltp ilt r ,t Itl It I i

() tltllt,1 n Pn ti .-l=t !t r ld


vi114,'"41 to10" 11111 ,or
'1I-1140, $ IAAlto

I ta l tel u d il ikj tISi

&mSf Wn* W


M,,l'- Mwiaut*ert, Il,' fl $WCtrt all
A It winrlt Ilist I, All th li hIatt
1yle9 int ill Rhapm.
lorllielirtni Mtl 1lP)'qWm n Mitnl ,
M.lmnarth Mhrt., Fini Tim, tick
PIim., Men's *lowpIry, t,,.

iprep it d,.



eat sw rw


SO BTimm 'mI IB fm IN,

' ~ I .'


VwSe IW^'

.Swli Ii

Polcreman Charged with Murder.
N tt % T1,t,. 1: The rr nt Jury
a 1', *t'! 4 1 l .V i r' p. 2'i, '. t i t" ,,r

I If I ? i'

* 'I ,i 11 '' |

I 7 e, i
i,, 1 ki, I

p'. f lt w Ith ,i ', : r. I ,a

l' II 'i 9 I t f
|'ai tre'1. S- qj

Cured| ParalirtCt,
1110rm) 1' 0 rI1, 11-100.
1 rflie %l y wift lqi. lmcr'gl im ftvroin
' vi tr ll t rll rr o,. o i l,, 'r arim,
It li it lit l I e ro ii I'tl 'l t tiel i | tltl rd 'a
tit I FI 1 1I tn e, frl IIsol4 tI h lr| 1i
a'Sn 1 Iiclal '. UIrl r114'Im vil her All
ftitI I li it i lIftI l rat ) it fur r llbl
0.f p po's il t Iiii a atii ski a t 'ora)tl|ie
It u ni1 t 'o 't k .' ''i,', i i
'-,,hI Ir \I \t. (,h t, o i.

In These Days'

w Ik Il % t hl itis mI t la t itltth 11i ,tr
1t646 1 A'0110tlu itNto emil l is ki11 slal1'. 1
4ittl nrt1 1 it V It t I it i trtr i tie t (r t 1
ate. ti tmi r ati htes'r e ltedi^>amt thei i.
whit at mitt titi f. a t Rai) tti'd i) l uttlI'aI
I I tIIV t W i r*ll'tl l I'1rr l 1 t It lkt If. iat.I
9I4 lik1 641at l w 0 4111' i that Is sik 11 l mtait sit


i l Il 'li )ith (i t'0'l Irlnit i' t i t l) i h<))it il
tia,' i, lt I al n anlia ta, l l,* l hiii t rlith s tsa1a1i ta11 i \ v% 1 1 its uiijapt i h i.%
It A limal He theli \it Il limt, ki'Wilt lll-
>ia1u. t'att it iill y hla alet*i )'it ~ ) d ith'
I lil% ifllv vil l Ill ti1i i I.l l tl illill 141uill
i t1 l it,' rt' l UiIAti- tl i I tlll l iti 1 l itirllig

Jrm tll!. i
1i1t t l e llt u .i ti' ll t h tt'l

I )t i ity i t ha k*iti a kt' 1 i, I itl ia
,1 jilt l'it li tIs MI t lst oli l lva haiv' i
1iot it 1 I46 ,111 tv P ) ,II I il l Viilu ht kil

S ilia il i l I 1 lill t i' ,1 11 1 4ll ll i '
...It I i N Ilisa ilt 1i(4 i. I l liLt lllil itt 111W 1
Uk P9 I a.o II.-; ik 1 4 Iti I ti l %9V. VI t I11


" 'A, '' tiuf,pn 'tf t'll. e il r,,nalenrrl'in' Mlr hA fT' tair.11






* -.T-~`.. : .. 4 JI iu .uMN



- Montezuma -


MAN, Proepreter

Galnesvlle & Gulf Railway Company
Time Table In *rst J0uly ISi,
----,- &O .....- M





Wit. 4.







i 4 7 134
f lSr ? If
I ,T N 72 7
I 7 i' Ar 7 t
I, 41 I 1
11 i61

.......... V Ilr r d. .. ...
' i.. '.,,, .,Ds It| .r .......' .
.H .... III. Du*irvii ......
... ...... I. .......

.... ... ll ir, Hon ... ..
..... tr1 Itno i .......
... .. . a. Id, .. .'.... ..
.... W.... ,9bi lt ... ..

. .......... .ll .. .. . .
....... ... . Ir.(i hr il ..... ..
Mantimon (Cty .....
.like Hutlt., H, 1ft,. P
*a.iLa.....nb911 I A a tA

4 4..
. I I t
t 1 4



9. 44. u9 t.

9 .. ,

I In
I no

I .'

A rl

4 :t-)

I 940



W WSL 6 Ii

gW ANg
us.....n m ensiN
^~~; -j^^j|





mu mimtMrl

I i TT. r

PM aslowmto"oem".'
u.a we wth a -

Lu- enna
iDItiwnL g

U TNe pi' io-n "A
Suktbetm liMl I


Ohrlgtmw ag d NWA yOVep 41t
A-a*aas ul bnao akL a& ha I..

I a
r %!

'k F'


I .


It i wlih yoni py for when you buy land;
Snow what you are buying.

., Titles ordinarily invisible oorretly iwvllod to ye by, .

e Alacha Connty AbstncrIc Compl:


On the A. C. .. and S. A. L i, V J. SHIP
None. Ilttter In tlie State at I a It)y.
Itht all Tralim,

--- -- --- ----


- --- -


;-- 1-r= -r. ..

I .


Milirl livoy weight.l~l




r I'


But ~ t. a
4 1* *



I 59r'W laW a k

I .
* I P.

I! iiItI) IC


mil yOur Rep
InNn . (4 n t M

AlNU lt.Ill

tHppe T et IrR lr

$4t e Who Sru


n tI

imI_*____ '____ '" '--

ILi it tltPw I" t skweems n A L tV t*o
A llnfll tIIh ItI, )i* i t.r It I
LEDM ::::I I VA s1,1wi
,, N 4Igbel.4'a 1 I'o* ol
k11 1 fi t o il 11,r 1 1tp
I I t II t v i '
l* %9. *Mew' .ob h i l ,1 ilo4 9,tn4sl> S i t'
1 e rc i" I i i' 0i htY ii r. i 4 t p e
1I \ 1 .rt. 4'' I < r ^ty 1. \. m I i ut i ,t
v ,l l u t (,.. , ,,,.... i "

I s' ito' &i ist

e 1 '1i 'l Voo i I h'ld, ftht )s* ml rk.
11.,, ih' K~ f y il i i I '"r if his intrnll,

W, hjjlqm rqmmn ait Il,1
M V A t liin i Ii 4

I^ll ki tll ll ,r.irIl i.
A 110 11116011 N Or w 11 ;41f 1 1 161`111
t ,* llr if ntie ir

I ;itit** mti ,i'I71UI Ir, ltmidi ml

I hilpTe wet1 I ils rr, tty l fi"(li tl

d Ani' (<'l"1 to11 th1 1 II t4 tit
wein rtl willty l Y rlitiiril
i pllllyl ,ayo %
i%% ri i' |J ii *ne s orsut Mas
Mpl yl 1e i O 1' in l, iin ritrlln t' .

wllhtlll, or *l i l it1il n
%t1* 10 Wrif i 1 1 Andre 00
VZOl. d44W 1w

L S. imrnria n ofIs

Wel mbt 'lli. i
01~bc ~l~ mP ll ~

thiiLkWIoIII Wai iII
hI IIila' Tihe,' .ui
rlllwintlo IIl 0 1i1.

iN, O Wi1 ia llvs i tl ttiyL taII t1 h0i liy "r
s t ithrse mont 1 iih; (J *1'r 1nWit *S
aIll wit llh lordsr. II
t I, 1. II. 1' .i, lr mitt a mi lv ha 'v
gtwie l tfhM l P ilu lho hitil us, mid will r*.
h!.np ii t ., the esn )lri. ini a are I
tI' O *Wtltsta I'^^.A ho 't a rh U
^ biH 'litnOw i tii. IvatekmI t 'Ir
i, to W om> th.n tUin

ll !t 9 tly fn A fi,. di.s a. ii" a
kJ.hli stm h i hei r 1441r t 6ul 4l1 r Mrsl
l i. T stll T t i Arl1 \I rP '11v 1. 1 lryd

tU II t h i.,i t r 'll l li' will et 'i ut
IIta IArtah VI ItP11tls n Imos' tltwh

ll i lll i uilli'n t ti i 1 lltI te lrvo
6 t",lttt44 e1 l It rtitday f II It ro' n it'st
Vgl Al tr Wo ill lit akH i'r fa1tite lnti
't. thher Itttnu it s leri "et> wSill >n'

I M Mlsl In eI Ir'l'tt '1 llent ih
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MIr. W %. %1,thti gtihl mliil dauglhlter.
Mli I,. h 11\t'hiv. s(l'l4 rsi l M iulNday
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_____ Florid.l 'ftaTtMt Asatttt.t
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N.Holiday Sl. Sarlleli.t K!AIBlllX 0(Il IZ",l:"..
001 0ou 19ern' l. K41l1h 0 l 1 Irr pl
Vgslm oeeg wiith, uinabated estiemnl Laed wotl ait S alleP 0t SVaSaSSf
Tht earowte tontioln to thuniti4 tlure f lI Ii ie 1 eay ti itg ill ls1 and uthr plate fi tho *euwm of the
ti night, taking Adwatag. of the ntsti
brit htrfltie 141 are fo r mound s"te to a5i It
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iThe peoiipl know go ol sthin rned from Wiltir Park, whenfi tor l
'.rloe speak r r)eumal, h: fe lh ll bIn wth h g L(m Li
N v i tfailioty. 1ur1 Ctr. ltls, hheoni tC d lt I
.NOVt*r 114f141) Wah t( 10 1 1 his trip Wti llerfulty Itillg ilt IIirt
mH Ith i )jm i |tEttUntitV (tir i sl unw i n the mlo id t of a w itwr. p r.....
Mhopii'4M I 0l i r4em li ir ot NOUt n mini.1e this r, OnIe ne -rep
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ext i w l t\ t t- lrtsl t Ii ltltI hlultry lot (h oeuntpi
IIXt WI3K W'tW UXKil Po esn before thoi p10tt ftws. Tiu estl
|i lll i t i Ki ). Iifront shi lll n tIloh r it(il (o ithat
NO NOWI N 6 0i ti6ii, with she m uittl that 114 1y 11 oe
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Its) vk, g tif l whItu Il' i >Ils II1t Ihol pt:kl IIt: 7
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peir 1tik Tiurkoe Rlut viteVIpitne ImI th e ISt91 6 IW Ie
'i' -0 Is light )' g i. vi9it64 istl h t h tl y 1 are falr frot It r poIo
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t,ilill ll I ( i ll Y( itor 1i
IM.1i II' 1itI S,,i't, Ind Iy | Iash Gro
,9It' (, Illly Is tM Hgoodl ti
Ilio oist,

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ttith'P Ilh, if ittt1i11d.
tmi's ''gTrgink, lagw uanld
KItM1 4lliMs-u Ilit iltI't f1or

iu incite'r what yih' 9 1111. just
tnl iiP thi < New ,lik ilimiciet aHd
w, ulcll *ni it i. i', soII for Ott h
t liaket.i p rh ,l ,

ltamkurtiiuif lam, t'iifilll tc iars l


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We Sell the ISam Way.

(fi ll lavo you liimt.y oil
A I li )'io r p 'i.i t"sis. ..
wilither l tw' irgs o iltill.


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tl.h.d h W fIul,
Kirff* n^ 4 tl~ltt. lki.. ..
Itnk eth HMg l WF KllAlH *(

!I", ", L' I.'


~l~wr 5

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