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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 27, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02095
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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* I r' ii
,, T A,. D-,

Shtl,". ;' ".', ',,',..,', ,A ,any City. X o pip Ar T e. tr sen .twon to o u her tto Phrl, 'ru ."ion x ec. 2. it ar th 3
9:: S ::' t:'rn" o' f. . .. a t. .. f....pit.o r h. pint S... . Are.I. *--I-I o

'. to. L.u her ri,

BtWi tw t tUe blDA Y9las bl(s elfE E 2,e 1904 aI At wMMKH TEneNTl AIrbiV coaref the 4t

IVI. A easelagr a ign whic mI'ar It r tim Kiare of MIs IAomber Bpa met odfr tho fPisppine I

kllrr^m agS' h .tr apllag* one 1o. d cable lto h ae Olrlean frd r e ds the PhcKlilad sOute weUrIllerOr ::
gi0 l W Ml the Dty. t sitrera andmrt Worloans, e hN SG.- In a la l 4uil ethln! s
')a l2- lt. Ward, te t theoinion. Judes olrs. inas bu eet l d mun
gaIs d. Tw lMoved Jwseph A. Hincku. secretary oC
.rZ 1mray In h&0lt4 r, Over Two hulane univeral t board and poi ll General lorb Oblar Rrt e1 '
oommlnIIoor of New Orleans. as ca-
twUSVL Ni Xe alods Of Doa trs. er of the testateof Mhe iouloof i. oe Filipino Uprising. B r
.9*A$J Lambert, aaed and weak-mlnued. m
.J .iudmg King's pIa io n hai caused he
a bMh y hi f t tHundreds o ln Are i t aton the gle, te otareLd s itu atlon I Latremtly ritual oand tae

OhiMS Oate CopI tyelwOahend Blaklt s Om h andai i Inone of tholn botnd b Pknuhr a puble Tonl te
SW wI PI a ul iS oM t their Fremen Aceording to the evildeae., Hlnuck Thoun ed PulaJones--Twvir Philip.

g ), k krIUs Wtthe ee Wea ~ wa pr ovided fImate attendat fal or pnes acotl Are Mlar. MITs
u-i pe Id .ll1 o en Ip ow wh* sid to h.htook her to rasi he o -Thi o lwaarr juit "
at .e Clwe k e ailoy helis Chris as theli IBne ts charged, spb t on hI arthnent wanI oritItlrad Ot Od todat

..l ,eV I Fwo of the lb he bet tlos blolk a el if 'tb rc a mnth which h e wabes ora mndell rt e nti ",

A bash assi a b 0lded which mr a allOwd foa thn care ant Miss am b t he abtqtonr cmtman ing the .
IDggt eld llt Itruckt i wirh n d,. he ttloed t romeihtr hd I asn toeret stucernt offered the Philppin 1of
m Wsi inint t Ibk wa thw Shle be thaer ot 1t, hr twt te Aml er m l arll taar hie ith Amaer. lords r.

N h. mi&s O P 4I1a Of *MW Was tcasl e at Pari t p her ant nd at number od nltnt meur a
p i Sr Z UollS oU h olr uad cabled to bet Nw Orleans friends the PpIreoutR wre killed A.
b ei g I 8 10 o'clo ck
S,-bS 00 tul Is the b#nus t of t*e P0S UAID CANTRION AS nAUMER. tathe IPu tribe thr lbs wr1lam f
SM Wev mr Goods Meum.ift at fhi Ia BOMAer numer
i Isea mb aJ p rtsh of b t maooa S ltei aI tf We rata a et ho Jaudged! from thae *folowlnTl g=.I
S --f- ow t Ihe ityra. Tlnrah oIi Whi l Owned It. O Nov. 10 t ut h00 Pulajone4 i
Aegg pao nb rapisedly andtro ul bmees waeklilei Inherh bornettNo *en auttahek of at dhtacmmt oN.f ver s
el t ebWIokieI is the' entar of the 523 1i'ne street, by the Cxplosion of philippine suts at Or, Samar
be J the a I o u aterr" rapid flre ga Uten ca K lile: One hospital rorp mLani.
ms, I on the wrd N rt h stre tNeid. which, It upp:ouied, se w MW rn: Twaive Philippine ourm
St at adt on the1 e t ing forIhr a hammer In ere tinl Ing Misn flve, maid nt hae hei
~ Cristma trm for t her two miaby girls bhloend while n hthe river All gb otl is
'ia lbs teauto7 onl build, Now the exploion (o.otrrEt l is noS badly tIllalted Andc again on No ,
: 11 save vod wOre pntbs rt*hwteru djegltely known, as she tws alone In 16 Semd Ueulenanl Stephen i Ha,
sh .pl"a.s a.c.VsRh a.d .M .t.O et those huse whe thi ehttidren, but It isar. ele ea d 3T men. T co
MO e O. oa Pierce said by friends of Mrs. arno that tny, Philippine prout. kill y Pl
tri t ot~h. the Wet se pled usd pthe certrde for at ancre Hons at Doloras. lyinarr Pler ieth
Sl<. : ;, AtUsdek tad Pllm Ct AU ti DSmai *er at l tser times. The carter dge Ii tean tet (l rle Ir. Abbott req leont
.", .II nity"p, ine ,WtV.b said to have oveiw given to Mrs. help l)m th. military authoirttnv
w ,Mw--1O Th O ma Who Wa3 killed J04SP1@iI Barnes by her brother, W1lllam May. The town is thrtntd by a thOU
tb*..t p.oom fn the 1 fbrth a8tr *dow In Olh hew, a ga aner In the Unitod Statei sand Plaiones.
t i. plea Rlapi ksslO i te buildlng. Iere t ih e afry. The adluatlon Is crti al! in broth In"
f io # atsd ie Struck : w ire and T he wom an's right hand w a s t or n stan e e. 1 offered th e PI'iiill|I n" guY
.i the firmen. Nobutb baa ties mutilated, part of the cartridge pent- yet none has been accepted.
a0M able to idefttfy him. treated her breast and cut her heart.
tere Were so other-metjs, caual The children were not Infored.I T

W..v-'- i---k, o.eI--.s~...... ... | An AltlantaFlrnr Clilms Sig Damagest while the buildlingf manager, desired lad the little boy On 1 1.HT,:w tefoff

-fl- iaifeted by a U UMe r erman LAW a decrease. rplce. bh til n.
amI al t to thi city? Cluoaisatl. Dec. 2.-Eleoven rnbbct Both sides announced wIllinrnes to The were ul.a br ls that Ithe floo
ths, Wus was e Ur4 stIaufacttarng conerma compose pire in the dispute, fixed the pay of In the rnxm Ln.l caught andl wu pu
Is t t heads of the lat tihe o-alled rubber tire combine. the firemer. ranges under the present out with water
thLis ekIvt. flc aIttS l were made defendants In t he 'UnitI schedule from 155 to 170 per month. The affair i surrfo qhle with my*
.p York flowed ae Stats wourtny a suit Ilted by the Mun The arbitration tribunal has hee In .tery, I is siip i sr) thai
1 miet bittwly lough ford Rubber Tire company of Atlan season for two weeks. Mrs. I11ghr having pTa.I h.r thab
Ire oi. and was the Ga. on a pillow before hi fir" keep II
V nM It is aueles bThe sult sl for damages under the HAD AN AWFUL EXPERIENCE. warm. went out ofo lw ro n s
%;Nidd to be om of the Shlat a aaItlntrut law. the plaintit to her household dt'fles, nl upol re
ai ti e m atrolM claiming the defendat. tshrouglh there Shipwreckd They Rowed Two Hun. turning fotud her lai rap~t i
A somblantlia, have injure the compass drod Miles In Open Boat. flamep, andl thn In hoe afttipt to ret
S- -s ny' bulinel to the extent of S1Z.TrI san Francict, i)ke. 2.--A voyage cue tr net her ,Wn ctuarrtiI]tis 4n firE
SN ARUOW 35CAM. The is for *$9.1, thre tm ofr 200 mlln by oar. amost destitute and was hutrne to, d.ath helr. r.
L."..1, the amount of damages, in accordance f prulvsion, anl water anl Putlr;ul!
W q MeP th w.r Fp e i with the Sherman law. Another mull by a hnrde of giant sharks that threat Accepts Secretaryship.
I '" U O S *d by the Munford comlpny Is enid momentarily day and nilht to Nashville. tDec. 2.- ,1ev. .lamn e D.
1G.Si.l S-K l AIlPlhy Nalaaln the t bbber Tlre Wheel corn. capszi the craft and devour Its oc Reav, of afilas. Te. Ihas Hcrpte
---k._-. appi whle uidlagI pay. Svestytwto thousand dollar. pant., was the experience of the cap the oortdliniaf srretaryrshp ,,f the
S e 1rSl flte rdway. tsi askd for alleged voteon o tain,. Sam Harris and fOulr ,South Seo board off rforeign5 mlislros of theP anth
,. 0 the ear, whict lhe WSl lct, t rllmt4 the defendant. ilacnder hn o ol Pr rn crch. lIe ww0
It iicie e Islanders who eomrnxed the crew of rn PrI bytran church. I w
wfre uidie bIroke and entered a fielndanti mlhtu to reatomer the little trading schooner Victor. serve with Dr. S HI. ('hr~'r, r f Nash
*I" eal, but the klnl tt bad prvlm ly been &8ll0ne, U1, wreeked o Apatakl ,ln, Nov, 3, V ll, e *m-r tary.D. on RNovt-
e..u. "-tited. i the Munford company as a cubtoint Aatkt Inland Is 2u1) mles from
p ihi d thoabt has pano-aeseeptionally ob the twot o fo s a natIv cw Misou, an
U'.. Iiphs slas d eWo f m t orll e s. pete. the Port of Tahiti. neated at We-tminister c".:ir in that
l Sit, a i mo tn CURPW A OCATION MEN This Is a ,alc of the ser brought state and t the LouilsIL e Thaulogilc,;
SO t- UlMI tAand the ltsraOCI N h ere by the liner M.aripoa., Jnt ar sen: ina:y
I bad Lholl~to rlveit at I( POpete with CIp01141 Hrrhl
O t r bNug t11ripe laterest rn Towne and Cite Has n tarri
w is o a u. o Iu hn TwnB bautoud Crtr.. H is dhis men landing there, eiarelatedI teamship Reaches Port.
osoCabo d hp i lteuatll;.D orl e d. aid nearly crazed It stilt al~"e liverpooil, I.e. 2&-Thu t 'htfe
'4Rees* k0gaaamcod his intern lAlsnille. Dec 26.---Colofne Ale-S ie t
.Me O m "taSt etded motor C geir Hopland, president of the Na itar l-nl tamer Oceanic. erlr New
blent tromgh his domftlons, but th4e loal CLrfew assoelation, has returned Heavy Rain In CincinnatI. York. Dec. I ; which had been fol
qpla wta d-ipp dbenause 8enor tautt to Louisvrlle from a meeting of the Cinclnnatt. loe. *G --The raln whch bound off the uterste har Tforr ?
I1 Who tls Was pretifr, tbreltentid cutlive board o the assoreati(m mi broke the fourn mon th to mIlp, b8 he f heard ans amrchibl ladianapolls. Hle reports a larT y in tinted to tla.' ::l.di. rcnmli)( Iln lisy f ogxon. from tursn. w hi( !A '! i "
ibta. the Idtlsb hu had several erased Interert In cities and towin Ily during thr Iiorn:llllll. TLe rain ta' olmnd aor o dayr. ;nl tlr
.MWW faIW r l Uthroutghot the U'nited States In cur flported by Ih th down indl up iv*-r. Pulpenltrt thin morning Th,. \\at
f w for the yar all nt as far u as r n tamer Celrl, whtcI ha1
ll nt far up as ti .
vk Sig Stenamlships Beig Iullt. hPresident )IH land h'l a lIon con rportlnl g"4l ratns and better river b1'en fIK-boud sinr e 'e tnel.-,hi p
Victrlia, Ie. N.--The Canadian ference with ,J'i!t, StilhlT. of Indiar eunditton s',emR.Cnft1 S ,Is _. c.eeed' for New York today

.A .-,


M -Mh to I ty r a

a : U.,nS, f .i

t e. mJa eassinig the eye eoal
latw sat aI oit Improved athod d
ind imtruapusem are used.
Phyplel. #*pe tally are levited to
eill4ad iluerstl u our methods of
emrretling rror of rrirfaeoteo. Many
umes of hlndsehe, peurlila, uervoum-
peip, lrritabtlly, Irnomnia, vertigo.
mrMVenr pruetioan and the ereming
sIpidlty of children ar ofSee due to Take
defiseve viton aeeued by an tabor.
l orvture of the corner oor erystal-
lte lewe or to an lIrrgularity of the
frMn sltg media of th eye, and are
eillied It Ieoe Upons the applisltoa
of thew proper a" Ninet pe eo"t Nor|
O lo rhe ple over 40 I es ofr ne eed
IlwSe.n St 40 per *out of the l0 beed
tbom for dinaeme. Ja
Olaesanmmsetlwaa given to Im.
eYee~IyM lh bt to relieve undue
I t o teo t mature.
ThIeaidof eyes m re aind yearly.
Soves rlleW out o tle have eeithor
eas iuker, EMd one out of tI6lty As-.
ut a us lDm ehe ne0eelty otet- D rts For
leig enh Oy separatel. Spel1at -. .
nation is lven to an inequality that 8:46 pm
y leur busween the refrMleo of DPilyl
she e0e.
Upteal Mllenaee ha made rapid ad- 12:40 pm
nvMe within tLe lest few year; t he Daily
ereost Sdoeteo of spectacle ha be.
Mae dulant profreiion. The opti- I2:0 pm
cla who hboroughly understands blh Disl
blthor relies sfu ly that Io adjust.
gigli Iasee for hi eusltome, he I 12:18ba
SMellwisth a most dellnete iad pro. Daily
etoe prpanm, where the slightet error -
may reult seriously, while If he does
his workwell he not ibl) llive cons- 8:l6Ip
fort and ee to his patross, but in Daily
m lnOI Intaee4 retoreS the eight.
Special eare should be taken In s -
lelih the f nt pair of epecteslee, nor 8 -:W I t
el d a It be ttempted without the aid Dvil
of a mponelle optllcan. It i moe t es.Moda
Important 6hat the lenes should be o--
eurately ontenrd d of the bet qual- untreh
il aqd the frames miad that the lipal railn
wearer looks dlrotly through the en-a Throeui
ter. OlMws nicly fimted to the te Line; alsn
beoen an ornament as well as a ne- For oon
eoelniehlldro with *e ft .le
hitting children wish spetaeles aAddr
p eal do ty. AdNK
Parent. do cot select roar ehill. FRANK 0.

^yp^^ -a tord~ag to'
Stna Kl our.,n min

Skl to, ,vra I'I
,s ie Mtr r e t ,f
glod. eage wit t -

S00e of meo t
04oaYm* *.s to bea

Set a-m SMl*N L fmhb
S lo ab f somars,

rMeku r^al
^*Kj~fflfilftn *dt lMT

, .,* ,
ii IIf8 *

|B Ht'il^ we.. tabl .
a sum%

nit W. uia trmit.

** USm 1 1 imOtleee s Cl dres ...


o*m pnjewod wrk, utme p n SIt a st
an4 dkarted another, ie Ite dvew up
*a Piwr etes Ar a "pletiomary of Art.
*e4 .aenceC and obtatsl praenma
1C help Ifromu 1W rno d JohMint,
INWYnosd anml tHrke, bIt the bookftall.
.l4, wero too wary t forow aitl t li
Iash-iir fell through O e of hs Ilat
pi iposala ww the "tSurvery EsKperi.
S~MlL mnteal Pilosophy," wlhicbh bt with
ilte sS MtamI te.
The more prmeiJcl ir. Johnson eould
bhlanmet dprlew and ist andorltan. lo
flme bIhouft of writing a Ilfe of Olierr
C~VnowelI, |tut It is as well perbtage
t at be e alniwl ois mind, Hi eronsall
l tstlopul IndoleTke We ltoo ireat to ad.
I t of hi blu ldertaklng itS ay rerat Ill.
r ray enterprise, and, pulikel rCle
IoJ,. Ir was well aw'ar or the ful t.
1M dawdled over his edlttle of Slham.
pare for nine yearfr Mll(tllmh he han
A 1__Yl peoialse It In a yar, aid only flnlb.
0 0e It in emonr1e11u of the attack of
Iw' *~ ylrcblll, who armiel hIdt of cheat.
Mg IWl Obtwerliers:
006 tI r ftW ubsent ers MIMshis hool
SlAnd takes your cash, beut whern' per
No Maattr where; Wte star. you know,
P~mre the robMing of a toe.
1" #~Jr t w ht to serve our private en
Po tld he theftiln or e r trintm?
A | a d I --C ab..-' Joural.

4 ;m WSilllous OoHe Prewnted.
A ATaoe a double dow of O amblrlauin'
"I-97 0l. 0 l Obolo sad oia)rrne Remedy
i8o1 amu as Mie filns dadliatio of ihe
*NNW ppl esmadml a hWatened am
Sa my b warded of. l udreds of
aI see t ne reme ly his way
o 'M*~W~ fteseb"5. V04ele by aJl
19 I 9. dlMl,

For Bale by Johnson Bros., Gainesville
*^M -- i-- --- ^ M-- WWIWW Miita M WW W ---





To Please a


In the matler of a Chrisama l (lifts a r mlaht easy matter in
this store. He she wife, sister daughter or friend, we can .v11
you what she will be happy to hare.

New is th0 8 on.
New is the Season.

We think Just before Ohr'stmai a good time to remind you of
our illegall inae of I1Dr (oods. Dress oodg. Novelties, Laees
and Eambroiderles--n fse everything usually carried for the
Jldle in an up-to-date Dry Good. store. We've never had
such an attractive showing, and is should interest every lover
of the beautiful in this town.

There's a Reason
Why go. should buy the Shoes carried in our stock, Him.
dreds of eople--men. womtenu d elildren-are wearitig
them. Why not yo a?

It's a Pl sure for Our Clerks to Show Goods.





The Atlantic Coast Line


via Via via v
Dawes Dow*% Am a f Dloon k. o
or or W 1 II c v: .e sa-
otllnlJ ketlllll Ioa** u*oalomIr*
Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service '7;

Time Table ia loeet Sept. 1, 1904.

Arrive From

High Sprnogs and late* r: a-
Smediate Pointi Iaily
SOcal, a1mburg and Tampa, and :4o pm
Snermnediat Points Daily

Palatka, Daytona, Jacksonville,
onh,. East and West
High $priags, Wayerom, Savannah, Brounswik,
Albany. Atlta, all Pointsb horth, East West

Rosholle, Mieanupy and Oltr

1: 0pm


0:5 amt

High Sprins i 7:pm
ex. Sunday
-. - --
nrbl lesrae Tilket, good over io) moU$s of among the print.
rlla n Both o are n sale by the principal agent s.
h Pullimanlpe Porrt Tamip to New York, via Atlanti Coart
via Atlantie Coumt Line and Couthern Railway.
aplete Inforataton. ea ll Oy.
es: J. A. OOODWIN, Tcket Agent, GalIuavlle.
BOYLSTON, Com'In A.,,. W n a np r ... p ... At.

Arie turti .v lrlt! ots of conW fm of firfucrb
t .. i, rbra. :.s or ra. &A I Pveg Mn ut i i'
_,..' ,;ov .'.<' y,v :; th :'t ri ,k it. .nd r.L,vu aij,
L. ,I,, icr "1 : rl,-- .,<.a ur

has Wll their vifrluse*-oo of eir
deadly oaj EREDINE trktn
S' llrwlfo1restall lnda*chaijt
the)Ivc ourfsluA portIUttC UU
don, u off ilwtoMMw iWachks.j
S" uver Ul, ke yo good "L,
war-f lo v.
m a.mi sm

was N-
Nil.r I
C' 11.'&Aau

; ,
.T ,. ,

:P ",.*','A '

.7a", ..- ,-.. : -,

dC.. h


-~ 1 .^ ,

. Wb


T, al

u Methodist and Advent
Had a Bi Time.
ram arieatding the Sianday
Itbe Methodist ald Christian
nbunh", u well as many
mtdauts of these ohurrche, en*
e Iw Mtves to the bullet extent
pight at Vhritimas tree, Thi
both churches were Ilatdel
ith, presents and good itintgs
little oane, adli the eveiinl at
psslied off in a lmot tinjo)

pilrlbyterian Sunday school will
Sl0 ObrlmaSlM tr*Ie il the lptr
his blo eing. Elorate prelps-
tire being made, amid tih iocelsa
1pnll!o doubt pa l off ini a io ut
le manner.
i alptisl church will treat its
gqhool scholars and ot hers to a
l iOd *etertailmen toe the old
,o@Vr Endel's store, Wednwes.
esiag. and Thursday afternoon
i wuas tree will be given the
ran of the Epticopal church.


ted Optician to Remain Here a
Few Days Longer.
optician is now in our city. We
o gall thel attention of our read
*it Ais optical spelalistr, whose id-
i at has been running In tlis
for some time. The doctor is an
i optician, knows every detail
profIeulon, fits eyes cientifcal-
0ot overcharge. and keeps his
tlo the letter. He has on prel-
4iit# to Florida sold glasses to
of our mniot prominent people
*eryone admits his skill. He has
I tot of the best glasses nmade,
i01 1im an excellent line oif arti.-
lieb.,nd his work in that line i.
11ed. The advice he print in
pip0r i very valuable and should
4pM by everyone. Callers will find
oGeMe8in at the Brown Houre for
mo re day only. A visit and ad*
ioll him will never be regretted.
Meeting of Stockholders.
mestlng of the stockholders of the
PubliLhing and l'rinting Corn.
W1UW held In the otils of the
my Monday, at which officers
ell etad for the enreuin year as

Pepper, president; Clarence
Sytrouse, vice-president: W. 1:.
.secretary; .1. M. Iice of Sa-
Va., treasurer.
SRv. Rice, who was elected trreasurer,
for some time editor of The Soi th
id h SentirnelK-eporter. Orlando,
i regarded as one of the mnost hef1
I newspaper men in the State.
I brother-in-law of Dr. Clarenee
Sif useM, and on account of the ill
Sof his wire lhas dreided to locate
'it. They will be gladly welcomed
eStisenu of GaInesville.
ok A Mrapitulation of the affairs of the
pefr Company s showed the business
hi in excellent condition, with
?bigt prospecta for the coemigl year.

Revolution Imminent.
I M s;:r e ign of approaching revolt
"j~l I u trrouBl in your stern ii
S'iSfouYia sleeplessneli. Of stomach
St. Electric Bitters will quickly
iWIamber the troublesome causes. It
iri falls to tone the stomach, rega-
%..i the kidneys and bowels, stimu.
.II the liver, and clarify the blood.
ti'b down systems benefit par.
j*aNarly and all the usual attending
S"liW vanish under lts searching and
ti ulgh effeetlveness. Electric Bit.
S tl itonly il&e, and that is returned if
h" 'tmgrive perfect satisfaction. iuar.
'bleed by all druggists.
Attention, K. of P.
SThe regular weekly meeting of
iat Vernon Lodge No, .0. Knights
Sll: hiaes, will be held at the castle
I isth evening, beginning at :'M
, nt will be work i, the Rank of
' l ire. A full attendance It desired,
visiting brothers will receive a
i Iwlal welcome.
:J A. PliFrn.C. C..
SW. .McKINrsvY, K. of R. & S.

To Cure a Cold In One Day
, Tl Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab-
: I*, All drug;Kists refund the money
, falls to eure. W. Grove's sig.
Sm fin is on each box. 25o.

Bids Wanted.
Al the li6lt regular meeting of the
sind. .#i n A -. A . .

~ Wnm

DO 709 GET tip

,ildty Trouble Makes You Mltrajb..
Almit everylnwIy ihor, rtilM tIle IW.
papller it sure to i knowI thi i wo, nlrtrfl
1 cnrt.s ml,,e l I)r.
VI 11114. 0ClT \ ll ijio..
It I tm "h r
S5 s v,. Ii' r a.ndl .I *.
4 rili t r- iii r ;
S i i' I t ili i' too

L f t %i'i c rm%.
I IIH Ht su11 )l t! s l
i i-k LIu ill t I 47.1t" N I t'l' ls i i l t.I n-1 ti l
1:rligi ' I1 )it ; C 1, l i .1 i is the ll I t'.
ir ,i tT l:i i lt Til-%.trc ilr.
I r. killnit, r', S amlp-Root ik It, r-it-
,itiiittmiilt ',1l I fr t 'rvnthitig hut t" N4, lihbav
kiiliey. liver lor Iliiil lvr ltrI >ltl I t uill t I
foiul l ju-t ltit rIU lt.i y 'Ii k rlt It In.I;.
lie n t te 'st*'a l illn ) ir.I1 \ I\~y ini l ,itil
provi-tl tI ) i t '1Cs 'ttl iin ievert y l 'i thlilt
hVt'al iiarrnigems. i'ti s his l n'tl ima ly
wlicih nil reaultrs r.f this jPtl;r, lio have
eint alrin rly tritelI it, iimt;yl hivc a n siim le
ImNttl i,'ilt nfrc tv !, nl-orn I.,1 k tell-
iltg 4lr l ilnnit S mut uiP-Riu t-1, antd l hiow< Lt
fin lI n tt if )ni l halt ku llity n lr liaikler trIn -
bit. When tR rinting iiiti loni rvadlingil thi*
gviiert sitllt rvr i llt is.IA I er uindiil lttl 'i
irIirtss tli ir. K iltih r i 'wr
& Col., Hinig huilton, u,
N. V. Thel regtilr r
fiftv-celt1t nd onlie-n.
dollar wiwz lottles are tc c "lso -MnL
Mild by 1i al gol druggists. tlon't suakc
uiy nmistaik, Ibt rmrnilal r the lmiic,
lSwaipal-Rt, itDr. rKilmier's Siwanmp-Koot,
and the address, Biighamton, N. Y., on
every imbttle.


shoit anl k'il't Obii niurniit b hortly
Dhdl Mal 1ad a Due~ 1 ithr ,oricyman
after I Ov tit k y1, Ptlc. Sergeant
Torn Murphy.
The nigrt) lihaii jil tI eailged In a
pistol dfilt with .MoiintJ I'titrolman
Bhlumber. and wan escaping over the
fence of the yard lof 1I. A. Whlte.
Four lshts were n red and tie negro
jumed to ile ltup o Ing to alight on the other side, when
Berian t .Murphy. hulrrying up. caught
sight of him. Serrpeant Murphy Jtumped
to the conelm.loni that lhis brother o-111
oer lay wounylitld In the yard.
(alling on th** negro t o stop and
settling no I'repone. he setii a shot at
him an he l'aupil, from the f-ncee.
There uwas nothing to show that the
shot had ltaikin .ff'et, as the negro
completed his (hap and started across
the stre',t.
Serg'ant Murphy wnas preparing to
flre again, when the ni;cro. as li-
reached the mtile, of thoe street. ,
doulili utip end 1,t'..

Monday Was Dull.
Not withstanding that a great many
people vi'iled the city. Monday wuas a
dull day commercially in liainesvlIe,
mu th, starese were closed in order to
give tihe lerki a holiday. A number
of the stores were closed during the
entire day, r.hile the remainder quit
biutines at noon. The afternoon pre-

toas the

for thi

as aoo001
even a
will p
For sa



ret 1
6 .-

Killed in Cambling osn.
Cleve:and, M{ii't.. De. e,. 't ISa
d4cv:liil that InI t.te IrasNely whicl
tocirtl il at M.erig!l.d, Alst,.. Robert
114P. A t, lle.111 (Iliy Marhlil Albert
T.immiikii, was hlitihll badly woundel
T1.ho .1 i h tw n !ite tv.o men o
ctlir.l' III n .i;t'.Inin holsl t Bevoral
I' i. th, L wt%:) --.l HIthe ahl u tilng
%oerr i.ii .iii !d ,, i iii g .M1aii ) r W%. A.
s I hi \ il.,i..rn will pruoba
tly It,. ''. lfil a l,t ai hl this as ,
t<'l'ti F".--
Wife Murderer Refus( s Ccunasl.
Il hri.ut, M-- oc Cfl.- -l'nry F.
1n .-, li.lte[sl for o 'ritrdl r af hltl wif
ond 11,l- t;!tP.nn .f -:l;h MrM%lrray at
llrn I.1n1e. (It, 17, wheln irralKned to
(da'. pleiA: dl i rlltly to I't ht Idlct
m 'r Hil, I' I i, ii liw 11d ll .l Iti< (i 'liuti
.ol ai ilN ti l the h ourl hie (lid inot cart,
whut ;ias d onr with him. The -courl
orids rth i : 1,er iof nrot ginllt)y nn( eretd in
th' irihrfnil it u for nmlntring NMcMtur
ray n il apoliilnled two lawyers to de

Women Go en Strike.
New York. Dec. 2l.--Women to the
Bnimber of 35ro, employed by the mem.
bers of lte Camp Mainufacuirerbi' t.-
sociation, have joined In the strike
against .thei c. n rhop declaration of
the aI1LoKIhiti. In all, about l,SOQ
ir 11,.9f0 wI)r ('r ~ are now on it rike an,
the finerrTr wtll remnlan Jidle until
nc:xi we 'l, when tLP cap makers will
be offC:'-d wi'ik !individIally on the
open 'hop plian.

Fight Will be Bitter.
Those who will persist in clostag
their ears agalnet theeonslnual reoomn
mendation of Dr. King's New Ditcov.
ery for Cunsumption, will have a loog
and bitter flght with their troubles, if
not end earlier byf atal termiatlon.
Read what T. It. Ball e of Beall. Miew.,
has to say: "Lalt fall my wife had
every lymptom of eonsuniption. She
look Dr. King'* New Discovery after
everything else had failed. Improve-
ment came at once and four bottles
entirely cured her." Guaranteed by
all drutgiste. Price 50o and $1 .0, Trl.
pl bottfle frre.

Connirracy Cr.Ce Cndt.
Onr ta. a 'y. 'ti. -Ji;dge M1lt:ner, in
t:cI 1 : ;.':"'.( court todlay dia-
ri l- thu ':' :It tf i!;e conspiracy caa*e
Inh O1t11 In tbh" t.nIl!vriet'nt brought in
connllect!-,u wIth th! trial of Senator
DIetrich. It wa. that of Elcott iawe,
a frr:-itr mte, ber of the !eg!ilature,
who wa' cl i wil'i arttug as intter
i.ldiAery in tiie arpolnntsint of Jerry
P. HillMnII a ,b ;itlm.str at Alrma, No
(ramL a.

Prominent Lawyer Killed.
Ulintilngton. W. Va.. Dec. 23.-1. .
Ch: I tian, a ld !ng lawyer and partner
of Juteph Ml. Sander. recently eleeT
ed bmiluprtme JtIldI. was d -It atuld a'
mrost Inmtantly killed ati Occoan today
by Ken Canterbury, who malde good
his escape to the mountatliS. A po.a t
is In pursuit. Canterlbllry operated a
"hlind tler" n< n hp b' en indicted
through Chrtilian's etortl. f

If the Baby is Cutting Teeth

a guluino holiday appearance, Be stire and use that old and well-
ernpliyes of stores either "took tried remedy, Mrs. Winslow'i Sooth-
w-ods" ot remained at home, ig Syrup, for children teething. It
, afternoon. soothes the child. soften the guns,
.. alllys all pain, oures wind iolle and Is
Be Quick. the beat remedy for diarrhoea. Tweo-
u :;.five eens a bottle.
a min ite should be lost when ai fve
shows symptoms of croupp. Toe *lpmmnr Wh*el m lrellt.t
Lrrlain's Cough Remedy given The plinnlng wheel and the flal
n as the child becomes hoarse, or wheel are still found In the Irish cot-
ifter the croupy cough appears, tagem. where many a girl bha her wed-
irepvant the attack. It never ding dowry uf llnen and honIespun
and is pleaslit and safe to take. mwade t Ihome. Although It e more
it0 by alil drulgiltl. the task of the older woien, tbhee are
b stlll girls who do their plinnntig sintl
and lay by n rerilin amonint for their
LG ACC~l'ATIN'G OFFICER. wedding outfit. A plh'aatiit alht It It
-- to aee the elderly wt lmie. outride their
s Man 3lctor He Wll Be Vaccin- cottage doors sl. lthii tilhe rtux or llie
nated. wool. As lopte n tihe iveatther Is warm
dI' vit ,1 (;a. I, .'- o It- s ( ;ir r ite sturdy rl; ri niim ti old or youug.
hot and killed Sipecla: omfcrr iworim a rwft 4'xv-rlit to lllt Under.
n M.latthew. while resl.tlIng ar. U 'e ree air and u l inahl r ae. ler
because of refusing to suLmbit chOl'. and tIlhe swett sky is the falr-
-.rh---.m1- est roof.

to compul-ory vacuirtluin.
The homicide occurred at 2:30 this
afternoon. Garrett escaped. btl a
strong posse of citizens was Immedi-
ately formed and started in pursuit.
The fleeing man we overtaken 1
mile north of town. He attempted
further flight and was shot through
the thigh by Di'puly Marshal Wilson,.
arres il and lodged In Jail.
G(rrttt also sumtalned a serious
wound in the right side, laflicted by
Special Officer Matthews. It is
.. will n1 t allrv

Plltllce msu H
In the world of polltlhr the man who
would obtain political preferment must
be serlos. No man who cultivates hu-
mor to the exclinion of his other gifts
can hope to attain to the highest places
In the political arena. The American
eitiusen reerver the Inalienable right to
vote for whom Ie wills, and the seorion
man who suppressed htis me. of bu-
mor rather than the man who iclti-
vette It ls honored with bl prefelenc.
I Benator Cbauncer II. Doeew.




l.ightest Shift! LgllthIW rBelnhlo i
(hamnplan tpeed Werhrn"' of ie ike
I'e the Fay.Sholos. .More Fay4,,wl
el hn t; lneville than b y other a
17 --" '.. ..- .. :

Fo r HI t, by....

""I'-.'"IID '"'" *' ^' *^!'T''*'>'**>*"'


L 4

.* :' '. ,.;.W 'E

JOS. ZAPF, Jaokaen
Wholesale Whitkie, ITporl iU
and OlIage Ale. Imported a 4t. '

3t mnl Ws$. ,3s*bi
Thx us r.Sm*lute,

Absolute ,sltsfaeliob u!arsateed.. .
WSriteI fw pl"frf .

, 8o

Staple and F

Hifhot market prl- pm4 or Ohleew. Kii l

A Complete Uoekof Nay 0m,
mawd o 'iM r Mas
oal~Io~ tWrCo
n c I l'lo~ii~e,aU6A lliWl

Air Line Railwa


Savannah, Columbia, Camdin,
Pines, Raleigh, Richmond,
ington, Baltimore, .Phi l
delphia, New York,

Two Elegant Trains Daily. '

Seaboard Expresis

Seaboard Mail


Only Line Operating
Daily Through Pullman $l0epe frwsi Jcksuvlle I
For full Iaformation and sIleeper rmetvat i5ullymla
write A. O. MAcDONELL, S*,
Aat. OGneral PS aeger Ageat,

JA. M. GEaAA,, PeiMeit

asr. V.l irn. lb.r

o., fl A r ,,l. i '' Ft.lTll.i

'' I~~'""

....... A ,.__, '

."' ,' t


lA. vtomwA.

f re sad

-Ritft rienr te
Sl'am AS
I l-un 9
Jpatn-^ "*m %..*^-
HMI1 h~~-Bt


yryjr i

., YehrbssI-Ga

M t iSi the
fUh t a
-r ewmfl

Rwsu .rmb eb.
B B~t'aww*n
y a .-tA'k LIM
^^r^^^y in^^y^^ ^^" t^

fla g

- r ..;:>*
., ..] / .'


;. II,4

u- bow as

S '... v ..g

S A ; .',' '
'f? >.*,/.,,.l '. ,

W Anti-Pain Pills
tr fail to relieve these
b7 inaothlug the s larger
Ind restoring their
A' Anti-Pain Pills
bad after-effects, and
liable remedy for every
'pln, stch as headache,
ht, sto-nachache, aiat*
huaismn and neuralgia.
talo relieve Dizuinass
9BSma. lnd Distress at-

I bae"
we se

iSt aeIa ma sei

D a 1 * .

f0leee* Maea itdeTs Az wort per

IIilr Ii rendr G.

a Ina$M= rfr a soal
Im promptly
go.' o918 I- our to Dun
mrt OAaytinAN, FLORIA.

uiLL.S, F OatIDA.


Oa im uoar dtew proper. (Isa
4 Msd lllMoeWmed), palMphal
ft Am j om emiU I1tmo



OAs* la fatal Bloak.
Ote Is hi".I isk.
DVgrN .*

Wrobu mmle-dflv& Adorn

L9 IleA. eCn .N t.

Qaedf e

=s amle wwest
rM5-jM-H Of- -4eY Br4-vok
^Hlf ^HT

a. a S burW
Sa sa n
em* la

am l ,aW, ZW h a ooia
, .Itwk.lmtm, ,. yD.,,
*meis tmwui n
4 1 h ,"S.. -----.. .- -...



We Oaftmr. PmI'r,


S -. Florida

Iest lWptedO and Dotestle Liqaons
and Wis. la the elsr.
a"Wtal... iAt*y.
w -----: -r-- ,
'mwltm of she Et Menm.
Na r Abetstwirth. on the west coa
at Wals. where the Mok ri ir ifow
tihegh a IMack. yawtnlig ahym there
It ai maine brthl of uankowu
amtulty. The popular tlqsed may
tht It was built Iry tlh devil, and far
ad lahr It is known R "tbh Rrktg
at Dlir or "the Bridge or the Evil
Maa." Rrttlb atltiquarisa. arer m tta
a the belief that It was built by t
arly tmnoa but that tet does not
alet tbhe popular kegsn"t the lest,
*'O WgryV" art In Its setoVa beadg
aeflt qustlnetl by the Itabitaatst o
(Ctadinganshre. rurw mys that "th
l:$rlto han rbed that
tt wb tat han4 be ltewn'

Uf8tma In amqges.
S, Lir.'. CkaimIl
The gr t novel, the geat boa ot
SaY mrt, Is no lions r being written for
aadly thm asom reason that the otbh.
IV eathedirl Is no lounIge in built,
Set btcaise men hare become laspai.
btl of it nor because Its poselblitlt
an exhastedl, but tbeam amoraeen
cnry ge In social ani economleeccodl.
tibs hare remidet It Improslble.-H.
0. Welnt
el**sed Ior.
S*e-Stnpl Youm hadn't klt me to-
isght--at lest, not woreo bare biad
anm a9tnaMtlon. I ihend toayr that
Iye had bs eO scld tio slate ditf.
fent girls. l1o-But tbst wusbefoe
I had Msea yor asgel ftee, my Iov
Sb-4o It was, to tbo su I ane
thought of tat
A Frightened Horse,
Rnnntal like mad down the street
dumping the oeoupante or a hundred
iakai m m it iami an wf-Amma A-- -----


- Montezuma


On the A. L. end S. A. L. R1.. V. 1. SHIP
None Better in the State at $* a Day.
Meet all Trains.

- Ho

'MAN, Pro
Porter '

GalnesTllle Gulf Railway Coimp
Time Table in offet Jul i, 19,.
9r- -- -~


8 0
e 55

1ia 0

9r PAr
Ill s5
Mit 00

cc 49
w ii

No. I.


LV PM Ls AM ...JAr. MAr 4A
...9 ... ....9 .*** ** **9****** 9*******9*** .. me Ie,
S.. ...... ..... ,,. ..,., ,,,..... rt i me. ......,, .. . ........
I.. * .. .. ...... .*** ** .,Du u ... ....... .. .
... .. ... ....... ...... do s de ..... *.. ....... .. .....
...o. ..... .S.... H lo lan .*......... ..
........ .......... ......... L ke m o toon...... ...... ... ... ....
........ ..9...... .. ... MI rl opy .. ..... ..... .... .........
... ...... ....... .. ...... Tk wom .... .. ..... ... .... ...
.... .,....... ,....... EI[ rkwood..,..... .... I .......
S *.*.... .. '.. ..... ..... OI st .......... ....... .........
.......... ..... .. ......W oa bootn .... .. .... ...
.... .... .... .. .....Hooky Polat..... . ... ........
S IlLv L O Y *"****'-'- '**" I 9 S A *40Ar
S40 7 08 ..........BellUM..,....... 8 M 9
4 M 7 ..............O ........... 840 00
7 0 7 7 ......O.......Graham..... .... 8 82 N8 s
I lAr 70 ......mpeoe City .... 80 640
T ~ 8 1s ...LaMe Bljaf, A I r7 a
...1...... 100 .Jacksomville,J. J W. 00 p ........
5 40 '5 ..Lake Otty, ..& 1... 1l4 v 7 3
........ Is p ....Nofllalwiew .A. L.... 1 48 p 1 8I
S10 11 10 .....Vatiti a .. S F.. 4 45 p 61I
8 40 4 10 p ......MrwnO. M. .... 11 2 t
a s ? 4 .....A ntt, O.or Ga....... 70 o s O
I& M A rP Lv AM LTv P





L BARBKE, General Buperintdndnt
J F. HILL. Agnt. JAa M, GRAPAM. PresiMd





Reveals the News and Facts governing
Studies underlying causes of Market
Reviews, analyzes and criticises Railroad
and Industrial reports.
Has complete tables of Earnings of
Quotes active and inactive Stocks and
Records the last sale of Bonds and the
yield on Investments at the price.
Answers, without charge, inquiries con-
cerning Investments
OM who dally raesualla THE WALL STREET
JOURNAL Is better qoalS to lamt mes y
saFly i preltably aM t o dsee shl t InAst-
mnit tham who did mt.

44 Bred St e, ow VTerb
lt a TVar, $1 a ineth.


I msiD

ood ahells in your gun mean a gocd bog
in the Beld or a good score at the trap.
Winchester "Leader" and ",Repe.:tcr"
SSmokeles Powder Shells arc gocd bcl; .
Always sure-fire, always iv;:il .;":
spread of shot and good penitri. ;:. ..r
wraIatb asn..n a.4ft1a. 2Ia 4---


I -

Wit I -.

h4.I :


I ~
I I-


. I


. - ..- w


I wa

_______ acn
A,.l~ r 'vs -~L

i. abkI V

I I9 "


otei Of" si Gaimuvilue. M..
pe*M lIatter.
BY. altMr and Put lJtri
I A. CA uRt.L1 AM ,tterA I'ultt,,r
I i UMT., Clir ,ii it.

Io, ptibli shdevert mtaorAn *a.
delieri by carrier In tbhe ity.
SlsesM t of she UItteed istate .p'
IwPr aear;r:.o sixl months; Itl
pli r M6T *itS for ave weeks-

ssrtlIesiW oal 4uKs to 10 sonu sa
lakLerio id A semu afor eachb a.
~r+a advertlitels made known

Sl l Bek Sun Ir n ta elgbt-psye,
paper publlsbed every Mon-
wl wry. and contalrm all bhe
A'N Ie wesk. local. state sad ie-
b l mailed. Pomitn free*. 1to y
e UVlsld mla es or Camtd. lor11.00

~JCl MUbt nome due after finr,
i lat adverttmenlt. alessotaerwise
Il .olS.O Partile nos ikown to
H a rliMred to Hpe for advertidin In ad-
SOAiMGImv ILLI. fu..
l 19^ ^ - -- ; .
masngerT of one of the great horse
/ holds that "a farmer can ralse
is to be 8 years old anvid make
1.0aoy on him at $7f."
.*M.two oent wool Is what the
iWt"rn are looking for next eap-
SIIm of them are of the belief
)enm better than this will be paid.

i~ty of feeding stuffI In Europe
bSA but one result-our hog pro-
)W11ll be wanted provided always
the Imea efater across the water
pay # 9

be. A, W. GOlehriet of lunta ;ords
,tl. Peoer O. Knight of Tampa
iA s contributed one thousand
t0 the orphans' home to be es-
M bsy the Orand Lodge of Flor-
jF Mad A. 1.

WO 'an all look buck now that the

A\s to the I'anaa.nvm lmnal nothit ng
seemIls to remain to le d~otne xceZit to
build it. MA,. je,. there'l (ilr other
thlgR--i deeidrc w l.stl kiind oft a eatrs l
shall )be cot.structted. Ever Fsiat the
President and his atlniiuisitration and
party laballdoned th NicarIagua lh i-
tion they have talked *if nllhing butlt a
lock and danm tanal over tihe Cul -ra.
'uzpdently the l'anamia Cori tiIssion an.
itn aceei itself in favor of a isa-levelt
eanal as tihe only tl ing that will an.
swer at all. They think it will take
only eighteen or twenty year and two
huwidred millions to build it. Chief
'tigineer 'allace seemll to hare die-
covered that a lock-and-darn canal
cannot lie constructed.

"A detlcit of 8etJxU. .00)!" exclaims
Speaker Cannon. The public is now
interested in knowing whether the
cheese-paring which the Presidenrt calls
for will cut off those appropriations
which the people really need. or wheth-
er it will reduce the grand army and
nary scheme. The President knows
perfectly well that uobwdy demands
"complete disrtrmameAt." But the
Imperialist enthusiasts might be con-
tent with a mor m modest program than
the Iaunhling if a new battleship
every week aud a new cruiser Oh Cerly
working day in the year.

PoItmaster-G;eneral Wynne, like
his predecessor. Is opposed to making
an effort to establish a pareelis po)t ini
connection with the mail service,


Wle-d I'p the s Two Webeltel .
I Jilrij I tIanil' \*-lnier's visit to W
Eutn1.ilid a li W; il 4'11n i tliy to see
I.ord Itroiughiia. 'Tlit tiijinent jurist.
lhiiwi(-'r. rCelv lt him with liuth cool- 0 H .F D
i it. lit M', W ,ielt'tr wias glad to get
uw lnv iti I t Il lil l:ave At the first op-
vriminy. Ti* frietl Nsw min to hbls _
r4oni4 mnid returned to Lord
Br nalhnii mulal iIIn s lte' t niir aid; Ho:
"l3y lordi, Iw rouhl you llhave will h Isltnr Ctton S
Iurl,. I1, rldenfs An, dls- an IslanI catt4n
courtley tu o g rea. t a Inwyer nd it tI
staitslmuan? It waon Ilnsulln to him
and has, nlvli Ime with uorltllleaton." Manufacturers of tl
"Whv. IllAt ,on earth lhave I dolse
and wviui luWve I teen rude toP' asked S, Island Oott
his lorqdlnlp GAI.,EGTNTTrLT
"T"o Dltatkl Webster of the senate of "_
the Vil"ted State"." AI --I
"CGreat IJulitor. want n underr!* x.
clainmldl l.otrdl roughamn. realizing the
mistake he had nade. "I thoungt It
wan that yellow Welbter who Ma4 aWAB IR C
dl llsh Ihnnpif." *
Then, it l ,ell. the great eancllor .
sotrlht out Mr. Wehbter. explained and
excused his rconduct, which the latter AbtmetIe of Title a4tlli
generonuly arepted. *oanty. Oar
Wedrltyr of Ersin's Dhlir.
rTi-ll*i1 Tr.ady to Irl-'h .trlt--fInw l, 2
II thit i nrevrr spent of hblonging to
the Iri.h rau, <-my older? Irish Girl- FIrRI AOCIDeNT. BUN
It i i* It lat iltfnl te) itost. muadnam.- dtl a ni shm a

r nIw U -' Sw


.le. a-d,- ,

ie Jamso
on Gn'a '



l IT


l a work Is nearly completed, and which would enable the American pwo- .t ,,itn (- ,,,,.),I1il TilnItln.
Ilhe mistakes that we have made. pie to send millions of packages a year _._ __
a'meolda't we wouldn't be human, which are now sent by express. He AO WONDE O SIE
ir company would be shunned declares that his inaction Is pot caused
m we went. by any desire, to keep the express L A T' "
Companies in a job, but by fear that aisiw ha Peeved iket Dia||s aS
Li. Heair t announces that he will the experiment would not pay. losen't caue i by a G m.
Ifblm alll ofleo at the close of his It occur to him that it might be worth Seience is donlg wonders these day In
Inal term in March. This, trying, In view of the enormous bene.ti medicine a well as in mechant.l. Il1ce "U r i
M he does In order to be per- which its sueeess would confer. Adam lived, the human race has been ,
f4 em In his newspaper and to trouble wit dandruf, for whih no har Title i8 what you P y for wh M
-eao in his newspapers ad to preparation has hreetotore proved aso. 7=WW-t "
blg understood, Senator l'tatt and Ktepresentatives cnssru cure until Newbro's lerplclde was knOW What 7
S- Morrell and Crumpacker all agree that put on the market. It to a sclentiirc prep*
Iaunderstlood that there hit been the cherished plan to reduce the rep- r'atton that kllls the germ that makes
resentat of Southern Sttes n Con- o t th Titln ordiirSlllg iinlr e*m l pr ana
.mhb of dimayed offile-hoiderin to reenatiti,, of Southern States In Con- ~id o letrat the root of the hair, where Title Srfn il
i lIgton sine the President ex- gres will not be taken up this session. It saps the vitality: ,causnl Itching elIp. Th A l hc n
Ia his sermon at the Dutch The President seems languid .om the falling hair, and Inally baldness. With
Swnt subeht It likely now tht the ou t ndrufr hair must grmw lururiantly.
dChurch: "I want a man I Ulject. seems now he t I. the nnly destroyer of dnndruff.
0I 1 M enough to take are of him. whole matter will go over till the time Ga.l by lending drurists,. oaed 1e.- =
klf." not distant when it will be necessary In stamps for sample to The H er*
-. to materially reduce the number of aide Co., Detroit, Mith.
A pule prevails in Japan, owing to members of the House so that order J. N. lBdifrud e Co. Nperial Aipnts
Stfrrible expense of the war. The cat be preserved and business trans.
01te4d treasury ha lent to the great acted. Then there may be new deal. MINAND W' OMtN
ranment O ikaL. bank 3,000,000 to ......- --- for s ut" J O I
'il I"t fiom bankruptcy, "which would How's This? Jesr a"n. c ,:r e 0. ...
Sade atl jjurious impression at We offer one hundred dollar rar reward H .I1. -0. mind 2..t i it Oh. efl is*B dC 9O
M, "10 rP~ena tim*.eI [UI"YWO orera ctr plierode.54.
e tl." for any ease of catarrh that cannot be by~ r Ire B e .e
t cured by Hall's Catarrh Core. a r. pter was t in pl aiI Ir.
A ll of that splendid pageantry at St. F. J. C N EY. & Co., Toledo, O. It'r.; T E .%N
Ralt is now 'one with Nineveh and We. the undersigned, have known F. 4' rrUl set "- r.ssar
Stn" but Just notice the other grand J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be-
R"pWitions pop up, offering to swap lieve him p ,; babarsz and midway rl.isances business transactions. and financially 5 Bay it, JI orO Vlnae
,:r' cle mI i m'ri Ippipriti.on. Four le to carry out any obligations made T H E 11 IV
I by his firm, U

.I*::111 an mr I. N A MARV I, .Cream Vern ug 235 w Bay ste, J. ""
S,-. .- ... -W \ 'holefAlee Itru gists, Toledo, 0. i-i ,.m
fA timely word of warning which l5ll' Catarrh Cure is taken in- iI-E EalluEE catrally lemted, thefmlstyIW aiw S t
SeYld e heeded, omfs wronin Edwhri ternally, acting d rectly pon the blood gaeo igw gNw,
iIttkld be heeded, eomes from Edward aId nLous surfaee t the s stem. .
0003.ole, vice and deputy consul- Testimonialssent free. Price, 7k r W H M AerT ,
SSMral at Mexico City. lq points out lottl.. S1mld by all drutgisip.
." t I folly of attempts at tropical agri- 'rTake I ll's family Plily for consti- .g ... by persons who have no know- nation.
of tropeial conditions or the The Statehood bil will be taken up RE
i"l,, ln of tIropial erop. In UCongresl itmmedIItely after the hol. TNE CHI iRM'S FAVOaIRIT OM .
S..-- days and will probably be pushed to w0 n '* eu ivrnsvm. Olrr for the Oemiag Fall aid Winter a ets let1 Li
SThe steady advance in poultry leads a vote. notwithstanding the clamor of wr' lns CO IPAR OL IOl wAN TKE 1fEr the stada ariak, snk a. BeS
SIOmse astonishing figures. The the Territories to be made into four al 0rSnow nmet hd tWm. AlI FrUit., OrM l e. t
,,kft fo hens now produce one and States instead of two. New Mexicoo r Llo, uS. i PM COaire fIrt.
PoIthirds billions of dozens of eggs, and Arizona will make another tre- For Gale .. Janmuui L
r.,ed At the high average price of the mendous State to rank with Texas and
the hens during their busy season California. The enabling act now be- .t.tU a f S
:ir 0eio utah 0e in A *Intll month to fore Congres provides that the two
.N the ^ i Wateret on the national new States may decide for themselves
': L whether they will or will not have n
_woman suff rage-EM ND Iad X4.
.: 31. I'riggers, who killed Tax Col- l- ll- to ~*4i4 L i. LIf _..h -____l,,
a to o_ 6^ _dwII AM_ _ ._i.____'__', r

~rTl~rP:I~Y: s~~~p;' r: ~~~p


Mlhaie has nu rauon to be proud of
the recent conduct of her nialor
Hlile,. He is oti of (thn ariIltoorat of
Congress, l hing married a million-
airs wife, Ilir overfed s id high-spirit.
.!d team of hbay whird drawing him to
ihe Capitol shird at n little dinky en-
giue that was1 Lraslirerring an sure of(
earth south of tli tCapitol to till In ihIr
mite of th.e greatly cetral itatl In. tF,
HIlrii atr,j urtlIbd ulI. Nobody Was inl-
Jured, moial I' har n w4a done, bat he
wriathfilly drovto io the I il riet crnil.
miitlouiekl's i ffl aid had the rail*
road torn tp Hliin carried Iaway. IJfort
were subltituted I~aI tho pinor a n :als
havo Ii'.-n einKge.!l Jiiht and day sinee
tht-i Irs doi n 4lhe? er'rut Worrs FhliCh tt;.
i1mitor .of 1iifit I le *atte l t nl |. p rfo ir,-.
rd itl i iut fatiHAi' .

I' r - i ----' r "' .6. .
Another *beh lmg paval a scandal, S
'OfCrs 0augh6 smulllnggling ap
goods into Npwpovt News. As i 'Pl,
they plead iignranr e And igilloele arI VPU1NTa CORE LYe Rl
aInd tlher plea Is blinl as favorably LSRMALITY OL
Loi.<;>rtd ti !^crfrr~l Srl*r ,,,,, hW,. ,,r L BIgR ALITY orr POIOTI
corisdered by Se.retary Shaw as the ( PRTtAYo POMPTPAYT
e'ICames of the. naval olers at 'ortO POM P
Wh., wnerw by Seeretary 4 'age. who( dr. W'e '.vvr the. inuiortlan poitsa sad NeW pflt L
aided that they coultl viulate th~ law b or t Ilt a slrt O t your biate .
wiltho paid a di,,iale tariff wlen dettr |ted,
i FIsme - Fitre Lire, Accident ad Hlith b
N'Lhen lthre arev o many enll out (,f _____
work ii the I'nireld State, malny of .'.(4i;
th.rIn hai fn rogen iti the C411 -- JAgerunts for th, I'A
(If t(hr North. santi ous ti work, and.
Syglad of tim .haeicr e i to a wart and Vlinl r and IC
it, aiari. clinate it ali Victor Safe and LookC
utoiirnrors on the par of tcrer tary O -r' c. 1 4 n ^t O bio '
'Trft fur him ttog to K ingstonr. Jamaii. The "Victor' fs the best usafe adt, and
ca. ti engtlge 3,I Icolor-d ,men to work Inl the purbaus of afe, or auing t
on t i canal in Panama. y from ult a ot Oa n.'

Wheln a manr make. up his mild to I"
make a fool of uhimielf. he it seldom Informationa heerfully f ulahetd. O
satitfied without working uver time at
the Job. L r AP41.I lk i A&qk i

: .- 11

r;I JaockavBei, Forida.
"* wig

N' UN0 GRAM jickionmvie and Nd
4,O lllnl at OHARLESTON 8 0., b
4."1P Iiure a Qd Old The fMt Itemhip to tIo 0
a aryland Rye Wliskey Clyde New England and S<
Direot Sefrco. Retwea JACKSONVILL
S .746.... T Colling at Charleston both
Ss go les. ...... ..... ... o 2 BLEMI- WE8,lLY B.A
l. i a s k,,, 13 the leading S othbo und.. ...................... . ,Fr
.: .. b ..r..le lis. Northbound............. From Foot of C0 s
AS ii m Cle St. Johns Rve i
r, i in IfABeitwen JAC KooNVyLLsLC anr
lIL NI it Steoppln as Palaste, k iot. Francis, Iesford (
___. ,b-v MF WICI Landings on St. JohM Riv
ow e inmeneirng Tuesday, NoveMber
l L r aplted sl as follows: ieave Jacksonvilll
88lMP I8pm. turning leaves aslfird daily eizoe
'iRa M r0nEDULB
SWr. mst S i Legoe o pm ...... ............J konville......
$ 46 pm ...................... Palaka.......
100 am ................ ...... A r ...*A.
ipgj AtI Ie mS ............ .. ....8 Franels......
~. A ........,....Bertford (DcLnd).


:R. i bi EvEra.tlle, roIt or IBse ftreI. Jck.wonti

", 'e..Iloilo
-'+j Ibreath. B,",ake. Im L lt sr +e.


IA. & nanir.s iw Evsncr Nov. 0,
I Veswitaiue Traits Eas No. 34 No. 1 Nonrh a
Lv Jaol.vile.. 8 y7 p LT JMkaot
..,i: Lv Jea p ........ 11 :.s. 1to 4.p l.- Jn.u p, U
Lv Savananqh ....o Ry 1 (Vip 1? ix Ar Maco, (

: .. IH HArilrloo, .. BoRy SOp E a* 4. a ome.(i
r~i~c~i n Am m + o., 12 a 1 I~ft Ar alt4 rn
i Ar ln li.e..... So Ry 11 p1.l Ar hat"an
Li thmond o Ry I ta 6 4M& Ar LMulngt
b1" w a.^Ar Lrn ebbirg.' .c ky N Iom' -(l Ar t inolana
Oe m r rhArlWomw'Ie Bo R I 6 0 1p Lv A'icaana
gg AAr Washiangton .io Ry 4 f0p9 At Chit ro,
Sn opeortsl o lt home. O Ar ?'hw Yolrk P KI 4 p Ar OhLaLo,
f -- Ar r Chicag

Rftg l istahlram tmM hol~alaml he v ieninna
*t .at issle OMe Line will sell ieke o No. 84--"New York andl Florida Ex. Ar Chicago,
*0 5' laD fait, of ii* MIssIsippi and impress Daily Pullman I)rawi.g Room L. Unmoiani
.iue. Sa0 se. a oi q Ohio ad PoNomurinr,u leepngl. Oar between P'rt Tampa, Ar Toledo,
**e:ml ,m Iaeladiwg OS. Loul!. MO1, at Oce ald Jeeaonville and New York. Ar Detrolt,
a:s, vs 4kthit o Ipse rfo.rhu wond I Nd. )-"Wsungon and Florida ,. .in.ina
eilmtbwl 'tIs. sI sale e.ember 2Sr,-h, LimlidY." Dally Pullman l)rawing ,lr Pillanr
SIia & ', lesad 1004. and t anray Lst, Rioom 81eevtig Cur Jacksonville Ar .In bur
m ._; 11 al lipisl of asmsi January 4, New York. r kI noCln.a
iess sack 90rlkl;SI, oeC., see asI s of. Atla. Lt Jalksonrllen. Fli a.. .R.o Ji 7 Tmp Ar Loulsvill
ai tw. *e oaia or eomm salate with Lv avannah, 1(i .........o lay 12 Il Ar aS. Lnloo
*nMt m rash .a Distrl. Passenger Ar OolubiaS,. ....... ty C 0 o.
Li asis vilSW, ma.' Ar Hol Sprlngs, N. O ..C o R0 2l $p a.y 9a lido

T At Knoxellie, Tenn.... .o a 6 olp uday cooa
a r A uliviller .......... So Hy 8 00 JlCaksoill
SOn li- nO n ArL t, uls ........... .o k . n
---- u. Fruit and Truck Grower ArlopIn.I. -.1.0", Lv ko
**U9WSr.sjtee 'No. D-Daily Pftlmnan drawtpg eom Lv Jostp, (
w4 l wwits' LWt&r and bullet sleplurn ear between Jak Ar Maeon,
fW ii rnarg sloavill. and St. Louis. Ar Atlanta,
~i~irr~iY Wi the Ar Annon
m* e tiW e f iTs r........... .....w.....01.s Ar BirmingI
ii/ r ^Iv lots...........,.... 1T Two Trains Daily Ar Mmphiq

SU to the latrmes of Ar Hot Spri
Se b ,i 5i& op awbl n or of
t:..h. m**t.* bea> *" Washington and No. 18-
%A Wanus so im the ly. 'ulxma
itetw tw te A tspeetl trt brtio of si* New York. can olmes
A...r e .mld At Ot t u" wiIIl be. ** on rwlpl Isof ham, Mempl
Iapt. fike Ia anew 1** S Whew.
101. hawk was s pp -- CELLENT DINING CR N
Shh* II IAIuR llle From New York, Wuhlangton, et .-No 29, W
'9 1 d t IteU" 9*00 d. l ed":0am., ,
thi Ash Wnly it 0,00 acre ID From Chiao. Cineionnatl Chattanoor, Atlani
v1Ht te nte qo to Is are mls rlrod0 Lmitd," 9:8f a. n: .
ilbA.. i m.lle m0 posio .M, p0st Vm Kansas (l ), Memphi,, Birmingham, et
*F O. D COOt s06746hools. V b phosa.o ed." 9:80 a. m.
g csiaipsak boy, reav saw, 10w mlls, $T780W ourt FPom Coelaunati, Asheville, etc.-No. 2, "Wah
oe ABq, v news paper. S pmo 631 o Ited. O 0 tao. m.
m b n a m ed ds m-Y -'ra etrom WV fl f, rM w Yo shington, et-No. 83. Ne
,. li.., 'in CiA d oat, o w potutqns. plr ppi, or ," 7:40 p. ,
P'I ln. "The a.,- ad All id at tp.b.. J. LUSK, District PSsner Aent. 10 W. Ba
,a- ,0tr--aas sa a n, C. H. Akerhs, G. i; W. H. Ta yloe, .. P. A
SwVMMS r Id Simw i k- I h m U, ak1 MorI-ga, A. G. P. A.
tI wale.. a the wim le___ __ __ _-_.
lS ay City, Ealt u mt daasl 3a5 leerto r IW blk
U a1l li tin4 aIr ** 1les, tIww bh FloSM bse
wan ftalid twetyor tor hbools thareoeat t.

**--_ ** .++a" WA h **I* *aler .' it r,.ii.. to -- gle INS UR
mt meb eeriar liwto b aei r two tor htller, An a. n C
so 4W, 0ny alirlwa objt,. mab is a th r falln 6two IrtilllNer ain



Dw Y
oth ways.


stlwis Bservic
southern Lines
E. BO1 TON aid
Lewis' Wharf, lioatoo
heroine at.. Jacksourille

SLt e
IeLand).X and Intermedl
1C. 191$, '
o daily eXjept Sttturdayss
pt sitldaysl at 9:3Oi. n, i.
Nunr tb.,'
...... . Arriv
....... ... Leave 8
........ .... a O
............. as l
............. p B
............. I0 g
t Iay at, JskmonvUw. s.
C. I, uI VAoI. s~liuv isesl
41E. .,IT 10.rg
T2. Pt.+ &YI 001 .3+.
General Agents,
New Yorl
-- ii I' II I




rflle, FVa su ity 7 i
C so. "
In ........ s r y 10
SSo. Ry 3
i.. ...... So Ry SjI
opg, Trtan Ho Ry 9 4'
n, Ky .. (.. & q A 5 p'.
ti.0 C 77L
. o. tt tour 8 u "0
III.... Hig Four 7 q
ti, ).... Pa LinesBi 8p
I O Pa Lines 7 --
,II .... ...,pa l: s, 7 < _
tt, O. 6 C n1 Vl 81p
III C II & 1) 72
h. CH D S Op
( .C .. MA 1) W, oa
Miuh ..... t T M
t.1, ( Pa Lines 8 5
I. ja Pa Il.res 5 a
ti, 0 ... H Four Fo i9
d, O. ._ B Four 8 4lS
n,Ky. Bo ljy 5 SF 4
I, Ky Soay 8 1to
I. Mn inRy 7B
ObThe Florida Limited.
vetlibule train, through
and Pollman sleeping ea
Sto Cloaainliali, .
Mwet No. .
ail A So Ryt7 O .,
la .... ...... so Hy lo ,sN
S.... .o RIt 8 S
I, ...... Bo.. ty 6 ,
, Ala......... So ly 9421
ham* Ala...... So Ry l1 l
i. Tenn .... Frisno 8 0
lit, Mo. Fripeo 09 4;
, an ....... rn
mw., Ark
Th. Florida limited II.
in drawing rrom sleepi,4
n Jacksonville. lirmI. ,
hi and Kanese City.

LI. .

ahinAtotu and Florida Lime
ta, et -No. 14, "Florld
-No. 14. "Florida JimiRi
ington and Florida Lim*
W York and Florida Es*

St., Jaoksonvi. Florda
Hi. Hardwiak, P. T. M.



^^ 9 POWm Pal4.
pee D. M.-4NeeoMv
I i lylng usGOe
Si4dewslk II front of hI
Al 1Tredmwell, wife of C
I IS MAtcO street, did
k rldey ltght from in.
skull, supposed to have
isn a aecldental fall
mteps. Iix months
tlspdwel well and broke
A 4 nevr OWentirely rM
LIthe *IOct of the accl-
,r rre urnilg home from
Sar' dOsk Prldy evening
the little trl of Ia elgbh
*i her In climbing the steep
I the ierrac beraor thl re.
Te child states that she left
IWJll saftled upon the top



Ce"nlreham Miudylnge Ro
"mIns State's Debt.
r Ala., Dec. 3B.-Aeting
uani nlham said today :
Isit to New York wasn n refer
.te public debt. My purpoi
flIan l t flrst-hand the condl
medrly as pd slblle as a uldd
should be done. the plan ta
te., In the fundlng of the
P:l IIiead a Irot deal of vale
tlo, not the let of
-I that the credit of Alabama
1 MIe the irs of stata. &ad
i ters emsr to be *o que
vw. I have made mo udeb
il. s, nor ar here peot
itwmtative prepouit lot. The
'Vll be taken up formally I
i sur ftem "Cug

w ietn t o Jalmni cau live the
thrillliul torlw of courage
of clever strataUgej as well.
tb- powerful nobles of the
Swas forget to A e from bh
ihute. lie hid lf a barrel and
awa y b servants, who,
tim oeuIey, 4ecliiredl that the
lmitaiuned food
het.r. i anuythinig liviulg l It
be blood on my swonrd" said
u's ea naUy Uand thrust hL
Into tihe barrel. It went
the hktena maou' legs and
I terrible wound. But re, with I
thought. wiped the blade on the
bhis gnlrtnlut na It was drawn
that It went out clean, and he
t discovrenrl.
SflgWll l NlrSer*" of Jnpml.
"'dl gi- mialrror" tif .ltp:i if a
.'it broiite, uMtiillty friiin i Wl to
ell b Illili iiitler. It tN 4illvrraI il
frout, wililtl ii a lillle hiLnmvx.
Is a mrai,*l plititti'rln on the
'w* b la ratllher lcoinve. The
pattern is alelmrally a landl-
Sowers, utmnimin or ('ltIo'ne
It li ltntA vilisler in tli1
it the inirrr, lint wl'in nstrioag
Slllefilet'll frmn tile front ,of
to a wull or s -'Nre le t iheIt-
,. the buitck In ilel,' S ll n the
IN lIbright lier.s i 11o I alnrk
Profetmor \. 'E. Ay.rtnmi, F.
With Prrofesmsr Johan Perry. F.
Wa tlhei ltrt to give the i r Ir
plniatton of thin mnaglal
It antsee that the design on
alter's the convexlty of thei
making It tflt--In fact, ilr0ng
of time patten. Conlnseqently
t refltAl frlI Ilthe fritit Ik
ril at tliwsei IIiinl of the
and llnty nhmlwamr lirighter on the
-Londo, (l> ii,'.
bllet lrm the imeuviablh.
all gre'o t sitlet lildi Nwer-
lwe lnr ati minstedlil nait ilunldr-
I te lly tl1. iitellLiziiit. Even
kea' NSipl'r tihriely oppiRONil tihe
. lfonu o b avy and one daly exziilmnd iln
*IBI of cintllnomlM:
I ipFnker, whenli wuc enter her
l naval t*rvi*e nntd frme the
B et of war we Ko pr'pa'rle t) lie
WIll in piewen tiy rnllmsawc., to ine
I With buillds or to IH' ithlown (o
bty shot and lshetl; hilt. sMr. Hpeak-
We do not ig prepanrd ItI 1o Ial1-
la st iorls hlie brought onit with
adous enlpllHnnl. Ktt':smt pIower in
l -'War, with iwtllr.n which at alny
iR l eight be Ihaltvrcl by nal ene-
Shot gihs wan a prmNpe't he
kDOt fare.

tI a few years hle fouid himn.
la command oflI the IlrKogt steam
0the World hal ever sstin.

Se perl. Tho aegfg you sold
Wa istale. anl I asnkel you for fresh
igs. Ileuler-TImos. eggs am*
uadinnl, not iilteml, anid lthI
iG ea, ma. dan4, Ilott mlannuac-
i"-liild you deflred gRgs recently
frlro thit nlsit you shonil have

-________ .













ZhfT IM*

Vm Ir ee.wm V









El|ignce and Economy in

Christmas Furni



hMst Ut




If there is ever a time when one wants the right kind of goins for all-
lropriato Christmas setlectioIn, and at the riwht pries. it is at this season.
We are offering a complete stock of desirable n: tnities. At the prices we
(lnote you can afford to give yourself a prewnt and save money in the pur-
c:ha.s of Christmas gifts.

A Si




aehlosu ros. I.IandTal
Srl uit, latest style. b
quality ............ ...

G o


Christmas Suggestions.

or; $12 tO $20 Boys' Suits, a fineselection of 7
.. materials, $1.50 to

od Cashmere $ to $4f1
heavy weight $tov $10

Over $10 to $18
. . ... .

splendid Overcoat, 52inch
ine quality, $750 to.......


ys' Overcoats..... $3.50 to $7.50

Men's Sweaters, Boys' Sweaters, all
A Howard Hat $3. All the latest
styles and shapes.
Florsheim Shoes, Heywood Shoes,
Monarch Hhirts, Fine Ties, Stick
Pins, Men's Jewelry, Etc.

ur patronage requested and appreciated.


tfitter to Particular People.


A DlnlteellnetIral Pmae.
IHere Is n at .nir;ne Illlt' 1puxlio. which
has t11& l4nm e ni alwer, Imlnpendent of
the fstrt Iop two INeple solving thb
jptiZYTt 1 ,0Vr hliorn theiac tine year and
ron hrInltiivt ly tIse io mi ime figures
WrIte worte Ilu'lrn :a11nI froml Is j tkn aUwny
four. Add your nge at next lilrth-
d.iy if It ct;ne4 lireforve January. olther-
wise yior n ro nt your last Ihirtlidiy.
Multiply the re I iilt lioy I,1.4h ruid frnni
thiE d fniures torr mspondlling letters of the al-
ph'lw't. ani A for 1. It for 2. etc. Thl
reitilt is n 4 litlnt tale ileliencry
whilrll I uset In thil country for eltr.
tlonerring pu rpl' Strike out the
first Ictler ianrt trntlispe e te ll that rv-
nain to rforn in world.
Thl wonrdl ant:it;tria is of niolernm orl-
Rlin. It wvi a irnt iictlinf)nedl Iy Albert
Mhiel I n17:'2 In na tllin entitled "'Ie
Aunrtitlb." Hlowevert if lra' nosiienivlt-
turn i n ew. tle tmprlrh4 coitlltion Indl-
ctrIbl Ivy tle. wonl Vwas at all times
well kriown. Iliippi'rn'It d noted nt ev-
eral pa,:ge 1toa de"'rlip(lon of this ianr-
titula'tr tn m;dulillic, 11t Ilallu wu~s the
tinrt to apply th. tlerm to a analady
which was. prev-lent in It2 aniong the
utiners of Anlin, in the north of
Frnn e. anid of with li he irave a detail-
ed desc'riptlion..
A ('mndlid Crlle.
('andidl 'ritle Awfully good song
thut YVou ought to be with i'nrl
Rtos. Jones feelings1 rather flattered)
--Really. do you think so? Awfully
kind of you to-er -but Cart Rosa to
dead, Candid 'rttle-Yea. I said you
ought to be with him.-London Tatler.
Ashburnham, Ontario. Testifies to the
Good Qualities of Chamber-
lain's Cough Remedy.
Ashburnham, Ont., April IB, 1903.--1
think it is only right that I should tell
you what a wonderful effect Chamber-
lain's Cuugh Remedy has produced.
The day before Easter I was so dis-
tretsed with a cold and cough that I
did not think to be able to take any
duties the net day. an my voice was
almost choked by the sough. The
same day i received an order from you
for a bottle of your Cough Remedy. 1
at once procured a sample bottle, and
took about three doses of the medicine.
To my great relief the cough and cold
has completely disappeared and I am
stile to preach three times on Easter
..-- . -_ ... aIl. --a..l al-



Through Pullman Car Line to be Oper-
ated Port Tampa to New York.
Elfective with firt ear south-bound
leaving Jersey Oty Sunday. Novem-
ber 27th, and first car north-bound
leaving Port Tamua .Tueeday, Novem-
ber 29th, 1904, the present Jeey
City-Jacksonvllle Pullman drawing
room sleeping car now handled on
Southern Railway trails oe. 88 and
31. will be extended and become a
Port Tampa and Jersey City Pullman
drawing room sleeping ear line, oper-
ating over the Atlantic Coast Line to
.acksonville, Southern Railway to
Washinagon and Pennsylvania rail
road to Jerey City.
This will add materially to thea l-
ready magnlleent train service be-
tween Florida and the great East now
operated by these three great railroad
Passengere arriving from Havana
and Key West have but to transfer
from boat to sleeping ear, which will
land them in WaLhington, Batimore,
Philadelphia or New York without
change. Likewise, passenger front
Tampa and local stations on the At.
lantie Oast Line between Port Tampa
and Jacksonville, can take passage ii
this through Pullmarn ear for points
Eut going via Columbia, Charlotte,
;reenaboro. lIanville, Lynahburg and
Very Low Rates Via Southern Railway
Account Holiday Season.
The Southern Railway will sell tick.
esi to all points at rate of one and one.
third first-class fare for round trip.
Tickets on sale Deember 23d. 24th
25th and 31sit 190., and January let,
1906. with final limit January 4th.
To teachers and students holding
certificates fiomi superintendents,
tickets at above rates' will be sold
daily Ucemrbcr 17th.24th, 1904, with
final limit January Lth, 1906
For further detailed Information.
rates, etc., apply to J. C. Lusk, dis.
trict passenger agent, Southern Rail-
way. Jaeksonville, Fla.
Cured Paralysis.

W. S. Balley. '. 0. True. Tenas.

I Ln. IIEWfl JL-71 I

In These Days
While unserupoloau muaaaftetr-
ern and agents ar flooding the eoautry
with worthles. sewing maeblis, ad
issulag eirculars and making etate-
ments wherein they have eopld the
legitimate laslm of reputable snmp
nies, many purehaers become bell.
dered and pOurled, and Elnda i diaeell
to make a elsetloa. The popularity of


which has been maintain l throughout
the world, iy evideba of other m trler
st; and a the New Home fr w latg Ma
o ina Company has always enjoyed t he
enviable reputation of manufesiurlag
frtheelr or ewing maehlale, blers aed
be no hesltatlon In buying a K13W
I te ot be imposed upon blly agea
telling you t some other emalt a
rie uato the ud; ask tnhee wiho avl
aed thea re sul for a ie wit r
of a center s and be gided b y wat
they may. For Light riage, terms
roiuty and Durabiilty the New lome
as no eqal.
II the agent in your 1loal9y Inaltls
on selling you some other weh lie
write to the underignemed soahewill
see that you are supplied with tshe
New Home at a reassoable price.
Reliable agents wanted In every lo-
cality in Florida. For price, term,
etc.. adduree




His Doeom Coast.
Drtier--My wife and I always pan
Upon and decide our household qoue
tlons quite an sriously as though we
were votiiS uponl the natlounl Isse.
IIenpeck -Well. whenever my wife and
I pull off an election like that she al*
ways wit1. ly one vot.--Phllladelphul

bhillfr *of Pur'mp .
Ou lefort not mrn with trembling,
but knL w well that all ve'nttn are In-
different andl nothinit to thle, for what-
ever It imay Ite It s lfil lit' with thee to
Mue it iiOtil3 tl.:i i l innn can prevent.
-- Kptctetiu.
AS i .a. ta 6 m.aM l .M._



I . ,



Svar ied wlstletil
Plated ad *olid Pilvpli

Largdt Inh |


TIe 0mrr Wtin*SO
K. ,

bmm i

D -- --O---A-l"- _' -m
W^rPWff* aB-r~l^


.. i

. -^ ---- H^ |^
^^-^ w^^^^^^P

J. SeIaN,

wOIus Ms

Pb i~I1

- -'

I .

be ---A f. a we!

wafl .4
eW -..\l ,
i. i ,

wiss a pas M
doo, soft

c''C adreaa e rrn eS

dsa lleW e a Ia Mt
sI aIr mI in
aNtwe RB InMb

Tul VWM*r I
Chrlistmas sd Nelw Year Hdp
a. ..L... .t.. a.e. .a '

-- -- -. -- ---

--- -- -r

- ---.- .---


- -- ------


~c- -- -- -,


V4 it, ~ lif L

n "- i i


r.p" u.,'

THK iAILY Kt'N: (AINSVIKII.K, FlinltitA, I)K'EIKNIER 17. lt04


Bnirr- LI --- **

A ad . fI 00..
k nd What It Ohing.
i T in shert Pareagraph
iree Whe lue May vRead"

,Oise Mills.
went yesterday i I 'w-

W lfor Palo in lt lat illes.
at'L Womderfuil Salve for isale
lllium A ('.,
,i. Oson has rle urnled from
Itrp t o West Florida.
d roune. liiht housekeepl
). Omalg. Mrs. Stark. su
IEarrObll of Jackeonvillle i
ga few il s with his family

Iiag bas g one to Darien. (is..
b expease to reside in future

M Tilleaa of Campville
these who paid tiaineeville

iy In daughter of Orange
I nW aaong the visitors to
li Lerey Denham have ri-
A Me artia, where they spent
with relatives.
W, MeDonald has gone to
where she will spend a few
Se goest of'friends.
are Richardson went jester-
VWaehula. where for a few days
be the guest of friends.
to Mr. and Mrs. I I.. Cush->
, Madsay morning a tlie girl.
el xtend congratulations
4 ad Mrs. Joseph A. Ettel spelit
j with Mr, and li John iW.
,iSthe Hamilton. White Springs.
!i.Towasend ad family of hex
t On llity yesterday on a brief
ItlMrs. Townsend's sister. Mrs.



I' a il I ik I I II Ir :,$ 1- IJ
lIk tl i .
P rl',! t> t )l i. *1 i 1K lt

fainI l 1l *11 I'
Mlr illS I e ('iit *,i2 i, I ( t iiA

It lulel I1 l ,sueltnhrfil l ) 'ri i le wIl
!lr Am tf iiy l i. II t ,,ir'v i, llm iiry
1 Iit t n 6: % Iit1 I W vi i

Visit rf ilativ%. r a 1%a% ls 1
Johll Wl l.. l Io f 1 Illite rirIg .
Illraniy I r I I te Il lantiin, wasI allnf
I limse wlI l * -ib ycuterrI y 1 i tim City.

V ', \. ( \ )1$e. iarinagi r f Stlie A h-
sirael mlit tI:"ilty (.I',.l-m i ny. went yee-
IrialS)' t>n I,) l a I r .'s eionsl laiifi-
Mii (Carrie nitnlh and lMis Armi.
stead were in thi city for a few hours
yesterday. They were en route from
their home at Iigh Springs to Palatka.
where they will visit relatives.
J, I. l. ike of Waeahoota was In the
olty yesterday en route to Cadilla,
where he will spend a few days as the
guest of his father. lie war aseotm
panied by Master Jlunls 1'Prry Ram-
Whti yous want a pleasant puIrgative
try Chamberlaiin's tiomach and Liver
Tablets. They are easy to take and
produce no nollUile, rrilpiIg or other
disagreeable e' ft'el. 'For sale by all
%Iw wnt 1.eUAI pounds of *arp
iron. pounds of scrap liras. Vil
pay Ithe htlihst Iri, inki u your
tC rail iron lIid brals. (iainrsville,
Founidry ati!d Mlalhlne \ orks, tiiane-s
ville. Fin. dm l
.1. T1. 'lllma anii Cha.. Ili kham of
Windsor. Pi. I It rnmiey and son, Jamns
Perry, of IM ceahoota. S. C. Dell of
Altichu mi nd li T. iEglish of Tacoma
were aiiIon) their viilttors l to tLe Lullty
capital tyeil.'neray

ib.fsan. Mleseiiger Joephb Lynn of the South-
Ieekham of Windsor was In the ''erln 'xprrs 'Comlpany arrived in the
piteday. He was en route home city s unday on a visit to MIr. land Mrs
eMth Florida, wher e hehas Burto., North t;inresille. Mr. l.ynn
br the past few days. wasl ftrtnef employed in the ofieor
S. V. Duke has returned from hre.ind ls many fried who were
lad to aren To hIm>. ain
,adeed trip to W\ashington, D. toreetain.
Somaerouefriends aIr pleased Prafiesor . G. Kellm of the
her improved health. Iatini ille I raided anl lHih School
ikJ. W.Carter, oft iicnopy. lauthorizes The Suu to announce that
.l-sand son o Hitgh pringr and tIhe' s511id will b* loerated for eight
SItokes of lMicasmopy were visi- iaollth' the plreetit tilrn, in lead of
1 4 (alseiville yesterday. ilve nionths as was originally planned.
S. This will lie Kratifying news It patroilI
Odirkleda nd.avis.. a charmpeding young of this institution., as the- work will
St Kirkland, Us.. is spending ro
d hel e the guei o her uint. l"provIe of sti i h more alvantageI to
Naw her, as the guest of te r aunit i.
P. H. Baker. East Gainesville. the ipuiliil
ee oand. Julia Bunch are at I wai much at!licted with sciatica."
lBernie and Julia Bunch are a writes d C. Nud, lowaville, Sedg-
.White, where they spent an en- wi- '. N.. o a o
pW Christmas with their graiid- Uick to. Kall.. "oing al t on
, Captain ad Mrs. T. i rn he aniid suffering a deal of pain.
i lCaptain adl mr.r. I\ it- .. ......i.... i ... t. I lln i'. ,w

I wai i I1MucV41l l to ry aia llar n w
iinin~tnt. which reilhueed rIv I used
ipvl Miller. formerly a successful three. :- otlsil. it is tile greatest
M ean of this city but now of linimentilr 1 up'dr ;e have recorm-
Ville. was in the city yester- iindJ i ilo a Uliilr of pfroIr; all
Bi Rh old friends were glad to wel. pr tln~ iv a numbr of personsit bvitllrd
Sold w by itl. I niow wtalk without crutches:I
A. Snow A Cto., patent lawyers of abke to peril it Kreat teal of light
Iegton. D. C.. will ceni to any- la1or on thi- ffar ." 2%'. <', Si a).
Itri.e a pocket inemoralnduim book S.old bl \\ .1 Jihoni
dlary for 1'5 f on receipt of actual _. __
Il a two-eent Ataimp. \e have l T I
SIt is worth several tilmei ie REA THIS.
Mob le. .Ml< i, c. 21. I i.
iraud Mrs 1. I\. l.imbaugh slid \. ilAl,". L. iiL, Mo -lDear
,Louire,of Jacksonmville are il th lSr IHaving trid dit lnt dIotreI
F oru a fewdaysl th iie guets of %l r. 't lirtre taiim ed foitTr eivral ItIYar
lMr. 8. M. Miion. They are ae- or back aidJ k.Jiu) trubit.s I fund
fI led by Mise Rlachal Mliznon. llohi~n ucL'sful lunltil taking Thre
or ofe Mr. maid Mrs. Mlixmin. who '.txas Womir, H all' I rat l liacov.-
W riding in Jaiksonrill&. .ry. and. being ralidly oured, the old
After a brief visit to his sister. lMrs. naig with railroad turn i. "ti od
1I. In this city. .lotln W% oarns blessl thee mniin wlio :'ri vetedi the Pull.
rd yesterday to his hom in ii .ilnlt'hlilng ear "ht 1 ri "(Is ni
Slls old friel nds lhere e Wh l' lr ir truly
\i %% l, l "Yiilre truly.r
toee him again. Mr. Owens is \\. tl. 0 AIK,
*IIployed In the shous of the At. t- t A 1;., Co Mobile. ,la.
lCoast Liln itr Savannah.
L. Denhm. who has bren i,-e A TEXAS WONDER.
j S olicitor for The' Sun for thpe One small bottle of the Texas Won-:
P MvTveral moaAUths. is no longer ol- delr, i. lll's Oreat Discovery, eures all
WMd ith this olHee in any capacity kidney and bladder troubles, removes
t friends and custunicer will please graitl. cures diabetes. *seninal emir-1
ilr hi ini minjid whei hie solicitl linoie weak and lame backs, rheuma-
It orders for printing if any tiind. Itieni and all. irregularities of the kid-

A,' Apoielgy tiit Ir e tl
I I., '9 Eic Ru ,' l C r 1l *q
ls II I .I t 9 I l , 1, 0
h .I I
" I'I' A t 1 4 I ' ( '

lasrr wit I o bsul Ia MNl
.I r I Il 1, !lsleh8 ll*lnlr i .| '|(|d>t ti
9 *tO ipt Utitl' i i- <
I l \ t l, I I 11 04 L , I "
% 'I t4 %n i

S4lll, I t. Ii 'I it l,)i t r
I~t Il 1

I l i'tll .) 'I ,t ( tI 4t %C f1i t
I ir n.i e i I t s rl 'I I "
Sui 'I lr t i 4. li ..i r t '


I. '.

~~ r ito

Wr.i Iter tlur taen *Pmg IWluit'ed i7 I

iamonds Watches, Jewelry CIlocik.t (t I,

ware, ic, HOLIDAY OiELTIS,

Im Pitcher Sa. I
tinw Itomlirah $2
.. ..





Alm a Ris 1Ira, of

O.f 6M a I
flliday Suds
1 every dnrlpllee.

Jackets I Jackets I
For Ladi, Mises Mal (tlAiM.M

Rugs --
The bitest and best line of RegH
in Kal Florida Some bwraust
Just suited for a ChriLssau gift
or for your own home.
.. .. .. ... _--1.~.. .-
Christmas Tree Tonight.
The membersof the Sabbath hebool
of the First Prwbyterian Church will
be tendered a ChristmLa tieL at the
opera house this (Tueday) evealag.
KEah member will be presented with a
parent. and the oeasio s a looked
forward to with interest by the mem-
berl of the Sundeay shool. All iem -
bert of the church and Sunday school,
together with their friends, are ln-
vited to be present. The exreiewi at.
tending the occasion will begis
promptly at 7 o'clock, and Uthe who
attend are requested to be parents at
that hour.
Attention. Confederate Veterans.
I am happy to announee tour Camp
of Confederate Veterans that (emeral
K. M. Law has consented to addrm
the Camp on the 11th of January, 1906.
It I*s vry probable that generall Rob-
Ort HullIok will alsodeliver n address
On that ooeasion
JOiHN W, Tsxrc,
Chairman ln.viation Committee.
Uaineeville, Ie Ite. 24, 1K04.
The Farewell Social.
T'he rarr well oil il to Rev. and Mrs.
W\. J. Carpgweter and family, which will
be held at the parsompae this eveamlg,
pronises to he a funetliln of unusual
interest. The social will lit held front!
8 to oIIo'clock, and all members of the
church and eangrgmatlon are eordial-
ly invited to be present.

Cash Grocery Co-

I,, Mrayo 's Cort I
No. li4 Crea
atilr i ll sit i lat mat mv Nll iO411t), 'Vi*-
s oIIt,,t te o e ol*i. eIf.ty % ),.4 "'11 .I1
\\it l ii tui, 1 e ll~, eaitPl,. t,1 . ', 1

and e .Its 'iiin 'ivitslimn. tiglhnllm D polls,
$.'i T i la costs (oCha. Ps rr ish 1i.l,
Maili e (ipar, oruti y if ii ,I I'.,V
antid 'iietrmih; : Ilwardfl Itawle. l-4isDi Di
drunk ,toiiianid cost Juhnii Thaiiiinoii, .
for I.1in drunk, forfeited a ctash 1)on1d
of A i)
(leo. Tiliver was arrested ul(i I.n
charge of selling whiskey, but thI case
was postponed until thim inorning at li
o'loek.W IL

Mcrap at Rochelle.
Information reached this elty on.
day morning of a outing afray whieh
eourred at loioell*e as a la hour
Saturday iaght. The ltereatioa was
between Robert Turaer atd Areh Zet.
rouer, two white men who fell out over
a trivial matter, and resulted In *t-.
rour being slashed la several places
about the throat. The wounds were
not serious, as was determined by an
investigation, and no arits were
made. It was a little "Christmas
ireetint" between the men, probably*
laimre with 'abhmusi HilL





. Holiday Sale.
Continues with unabated interest.
The crowds continue to throng our
storv from early morning sill late
as night, taking advantage of he
great bargains that are to be found
from one end of our mammoth store
to the other.
The people know a good thing
when they see it and our Ruod sand
prices speak for thenmelve.s

Nevor before wam there
such an opportunity for
shoppers to secure their
holiday goC ds. For the
next week we expect to
paint the town RED.

1 f4 sacks,, loo pounds
to sack, g.(Hx white Rice,
a littlI token, at $2 7.5
per tsa-k. Turkey and
rice ii mighty good.

2,0I00 11 pouns of ithe
best Ioaul 24k' ( andyin
the Unitd States. The
2!, 4' Candy is as good as
the l*st. reI'ivedl an ini-
inuelst line of Round.
tree's Trunks. Bags and
Suit Cass-siitab1, for
holiday gifts.

No matter what you need, Just
come to the New York Iacket and
we will suit rou. We sell for oash
at Ilacket prices.

itomemlwr our Furniture Dle art*
ma.iij t it*LI. a Iii miiSiS fdtl o a

Buy for Cash With Discount.

We Sell the Same Way.


save you money on
your urwhiv':s-

whether large or small.

Beryile rl red m ad all d l l d :
trial anicht d l r Nlelr,6 i4 s.
1fir IIllL Ulli maoadls l a- L .'maN

1 i i i t I C I I *

Il g i r t il l r
* it .e i" 14. I 1 I *
'' t' r . ,, I I



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