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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 25, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02093
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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S.' ', I r' ' ' *
I'f ", :. . i .

,.". : .... .. '.. :.. i . *.iO

S .. *" ,. ,F .


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. .. -.I A - -- *" * i
a r A. N A -- r *- -

.1, ot..0.


Sie, rand r 0.

SSin hrl l. IhLtIy Attacks l Japuese
SSSi ,, S Oitposts By hisians. "


s$ N QTt lneraln Telh M Caur He Raw
FOS rr hi i T64PernaIIy Two JIp- Captured ~I
*.I d b* that The WOre W liot tlly Attire
w-- im .M t he News fIrm Pnrft Mr.
tlWM SE, Goir alOku's Htrfters.. viau. |
rMI| i1t1h*. Uw eM O IW . aU, D Thurtir(Delyed)- 1
eaM ~, t~r1 y e tb: ass" w 1 oal$ t rat.ofG e On.
u it se 0 r:A Oku's army du th, ajlbt o'd
1"e j. b v Wi A4 fla.d attack
r ni t1a dLvil. but el viv back
ib^ !,id ., .W t 'ik 'at- U W v ip
1" -,.O WW .ess it .- t -
abNIIo;M* esvatry at.
UPl!' We lhl e Ostviry oi ie the extreme
*--trn.'b 1 6fill of the Japasnee 1 o thbe altbi
tS s -1. 3D1. but we epuImed wits
"8 ^^lm i ie ,o o.
s h W i gtsl, wituets. Russial
S ateektakthe os e outpost

v, ICA psti Se go" i.0If Pight.
i It. Pter brg. ...-olnersl
"lptis ael rtlig mall hkirs ,
ist.1 6b0- to pwemr N sYS h he pr
lbb.iwa o sally s ai cupld e s pri ,
th t;.ns Who e wm takei tI . They

e.un Wr s w f aew4 Ohe lmi.i. of the frost

U 'ner r, 'c ,.s /

a M!B'.bm ts. Petera.bur. Dee.; 21.-The admit
ri ~.iW it $* anly profeMles 1 e 1mn b t is report
,:'" th'.~ i b ptristn ed by the .tDinoln Daily Tete.
t *!t M grnph today la dlpatct fromC Chb
Wi' whether theL ,, that elii ssia..ln toriedo boat
L, ltihe **l tdetroprs haq d .iavept from Port Ar
**Ui T thikuar during a ms rer nowstrrnm, II
w;ll.W Mt W hkowl edgoie ist their co ,,r .,'n...:. r. $p. li hterd lre, n tiua lly It would
be careibully Suardei for strategic remi
tl h:ed an l while aS umnti artln that they were clear
S ,1t 0"M M 0 ET the brdid Tbhre a so Iltempt.*thwever. to dlw
plsIe the iat that cefirmation of
i'm ll ntIW OW the report would be welcome aitelli
S e She WM st It Is quite Iatble that ar
IM 1i W be t ohltia to bet mgeaents were made for tbh destroy.
; aBLat e*!ilapMd. I with the aid of a collier to le
qiuSp5o Was? called to loathbrard and joln the becod Paiclt
640:r ,it al kw t**seat aquadlron to whieh they would co otl
r sold lshe did .01o tate a powerful reinforcement.
BY*wo W11 it I N SN
H. t uiates4lt the girl. WOUNDED SY INANK trOTHER

iS.V# tOfl IRANMOTHEM. After ShUtln Him Man Palil on His
t I K n an n Dog orlglvmer .
t ~yal iltX Wt Style They Op, New York. Dec. 24.-iheomung mud
t f te n"etO iw. dl, 4ly Inane while at the breakfast
l .:Yor .D. S 4.-Wetrlnl OP tble with his brother and their mnoth
,.ti 4ihd baing their poCket ir, Abraham Chapkowarky tauly flred
WdJi ime tla@iti two boys hUtl rve ihoit at his brother Louls, wound.
i lritH'eknlgl thbr greand e4 saila i well to do, cloth InipurLeto
mtir gliag bhe Into unaorn of iUplenal trlet,
aUL4 then robbing her ot Inmmediately after the siBootln Abtm
"4 l M oassy amounting to mBO heam seemed to weeover hbi senses and
SIdropplng to his knees beside his pros
14iKi5 / were Charles W. Uptou trate brother, beglel his furiveneva
*I4l'Mii6 4sd his Cousin, rederol The brothers were bulinlau parinerl
.S t mr whoo plr ive home ai util four years lu.o, when Abraham's
r wife died and he became Insane. rot



'4 '.,, ,
_ iu_, +." ,..

IIaI:I' to il poleo. tIn ladI thee yenrs he was kept In an In.ane
S their graidtatber, lnformd asylum. but a year ago. due to the utn
h i wa w ted down tows tiring eirztsi of his brother, Louis, h4
&IMSSMt baltaesa at after tU was released.
"*ib t pe rflormed their deperalt .
gambling Donm Rafded.
4 ,1 ,HUiNl6l thtb .r admother was
iW h" lteh thor tlrel one Ia sid Montgomery. Ala. 'ec. 24.--Roberl
o vL taket up a portion at tbl Alexander. proprietor of a gambling
t t An, whif the other procured doen which was raided by the pollce.
Ws th fIrIe at moseyr iln s lbt. Sunday night, hax bgen arrested I.I
t. i itd )ei y hd atld g.hv h made hand In the ~sm of $5l t The
ie. d wlet W ti down dwn m erses against ul r. Alexander and te ltse tli a ns tw .. IMn I who were caught In the raid come
veuu' ,an ticktta s were found ot up before Ih, r rerder and It th menin
aiml ,wit tteket were found on
the, youths, t0tether with a llue 1 are onvrtloed, it Is aid they Will at,
SjIu l 'peal the to a higher c*url andt
"l iLal neer tms thle vali ilt) of the aity ordinance
- sutusy *uhntu *siu' y.

IRAW I, I8W" ui marry.
Adams la Captured.
Columbia. 8. C.. pec. 2,-J. If
AkIsa. who was cOnvit;IAti of the itnur.
at of Jamn e Jacques, of- oletin cotmn,
t,i anid i rienhced to be haniged, aidl

Light Rain in Drouth Section.
Pittsbur.g Dec. 4 The lIgHt rain.
fall of last night wa, tiot enoIih ti
materially cvirhan the dronlh intiii-
tion In the vicinity. l'The Ihermoilnso
ter r fneO 10tk'.td ,s ts0terdav (1111 t


Mrs. Chadwick and Her Husband Held
By Grand Jury.
Clevsland, 0.. I[*. 4..-The ooualt
Irand jury yesterday afternoon re
turned Indlctmenltu tlalist both Mr
ad Mrs. Chadwick on tho charge nl
forging the name of Andrew Carnese4
to uote for 5,0.oo,000 In May, 10 02
Sheriff lBrry will so to New York
o take Dr. Chadwick Intu custody A
soon as the latter arrives from Europe!
It Is stated that arranlgemientst had
miready been made for Dr. Chadwick':

Requlsition Papers Aked For.
Columbus, 0.. Do. 2(.--sivernor
Herrick resolved a request Friday from
he protecting attorney of Cuyahoai,
Mainty to issue requltitlon papers for
he return of Dr. Leroy a. Chadwickl
to Ohio as soan as he laside I Now
York on Wednesday nest. The hua
bead of Mrs. Calse L Cbhadwick wa'
hldieted for alleged forgery in conne I
Lion with Ibe fnantial operations ol
Mrs. Chadwick.
Govearor llerrick will spend Christ
Mas In Cleveland and will reach Co
lambus Monday.


Fer the Preent Year Will Break Alt
Previous Records.
New York, IDeC. S.- Dividend and
laelrejt dlsbiairsrnents to be made Ini
January will break all records accord
nla to statltiles collected by the Jour
nal of C(ommerce.
The compilation Inditatei a total ot.
about $136.0l0.10o to ie paid out 19i
leadiln rallaard and indti.rtial c(ror.
atlo-i with local banks. triurt Cronipt
lfes, traction comp0anes and the tha.
tonal government. This s nearly
$3.00,000 larger than In January aJ
year agu. when the total paym'enls ol
similar Insltiitluons were about $143.
900.000. The industrlil payments show
considerable falling off because of re
duction and patning of dtvidends, but
this Is much more than offset by in
creased iaymQnlI, on the purt of the
railroadvt atnil lil traction rurompaull


*lEx-nk President Must Answer ti

Charge of Arson.
Chicag. lDec. 24 --The grand jury
today retuitrntld lto irnll(lrtmenl a galilst
Isaac N. Perry. foriier iprcsidelti of tile
National Hank of North Almerlca.
The Indlclmelts charge- hinm witi
arkon In connection with the burnlnlg
of the place of the Chtiago Far anlt,
Locomotive works, at Ilegewich, I11. 1el
was president of the loinmotlve corn
pary which was In financial dlttMfiltlie
The works were heravly insured,
Mr. Perry was acqultpt d on a pro
llmtnary examination before a Jliusdt
of the peace. An acenration eaalnul
him. however. mass mihsequrntly car
ruled Iwfore the grand Jury.


People Hurriedly Leave 8tip asa he le
New York. Dec. 21..--There was i
wild rush for shore among the 40O ce a
Il passengers .when the Rang p 1i
*the great .lipr Ueutchllland wRs
lower4i at her pier in lroboken eri's
today. Among the traivltern wer
many froam tlhe- west and 'iuthi. anx
lous to get the fltt train for thv;.
home to speId ChriAtmaar
Men anld women itiruitletd together
and thongr they knew there wa at
least an hour's wall o. their pier ftl
the bagage" Itnsp4 ctlon. every one
stemed imnbuts with the oni ll Ides
of getting anhor efirst. 'Women .
dresses were torn and mair mein 1 I.
their hats. Half a dozen inoin in the
front wellle sent spriawnlg wh.-n the
galted the pIer hr the rush of tIl
crowd behind them.
Laughed a tHis Death sentence.
Dllas, Tex.. Dfr 24.- -A Jiry als
4~sfi,, tihe d ath pa nAl'v iji 1 tI h, -,t III
Holly Vanni. a white hlfhwai) maln whI
helped tl rllller Iolin1non Arvioff ln his
Itorr* In nDltaa on Nnvr .':, \Van
itushed when the vrrrdilt AnR ..



Thirty.Seven Men Slain Iu Ag


It Is Rflorted that Two Thousand .
lajanes Threaten the Town of O,
lorea-Allstance Hia Been Asked.
Situation Is Crltical.
Manila. Dec. 1+4.-The I'llla s '
have ambushed and kilird at IDolor4
on the Island of Iamar, a lieutenall
and 37 enllted men of the Thirtyl
eighth company of the nathlv scouts
Two ihoutiand Puilajanes, it is repoqrt
ed, threaten the town of Iolors ad l
tle iltuallon ILs aild to be crltli *L
Lieutenant Abbott in command of th
scouts hba requested that alhi be al

Washlngton. Dec. 24.-First Use
tenant (leore V Abbltt, who o :;
mandl rthe Thlrty-flghth company of
Philipplne StcoINs, which was ',so
bUMhred by natives at kDlores. Sanr,
nid one lluttenant and :;7 enlisted
men 0lled, was a corlpornl in the
Ninth 'cnlted BlateN infantry la tbl
flight at Tien Trin., China. during the
Ikxer tru4sliles.
Offer In n aihingn i:ir witi .'h
his record sal' that hle (l'dilnixtlllsht
hiriem.l In lth tfl&g 4eimfileii IIyv stl
InK Ihe eolor when the colorl'beiarel
fell anid ioldlng theiin iht1 I line.
No alvices regarding the arnbitsedl
have yet reached thi war dilcriJt'llt


Former Princess Overcome by Desire

to See Her Children.
Drteail'n, Dec ) . -4'nin lllll n let
Sgeg, former crown dcl erlit+s IIuh
and divorceir wife of Kini 'Fretr'll
Aug Kiusl by crniii ln to tlH.,li'n anJ
tr)inK to see her'rtilIro'n y,:terfday,
has probably forfeitedil her iilhowlae
of $7.'.00, one of the n .tltinin of
which, that she bhoiuld not .it foot o0
OGrman nill.
This condition, however. may not bi
enforced. as popular syrnilmthy with f4
countvts in so stnieron aitl rl ) Ithat the
eourt will avoid anything giving thb
impreAr.ltoi of pnil.liilig hiFri fror he!
lnaiturl womanly feelir.,
The version of thle rountess' mis4l
vnlture c ommonly h lhrld in th
kluingo of Saxony IH r halS li 1 s giilt
Ies of actual wrong-ldoingL nl Idt t1h
victim of ah inrtrtige of the ('cntel
party which In described ats usitn lift
scrupulouus means 14o pre'l'tao a stroll
liberal from hileronlinitg Iqt'l
The etrrunmrianrcs oif r1t i runti
leaving Ihoe court are nso Veriitl witl
tctloil that 1h triuth |pril-Jb ly will ho
unknown to the pre'set i,,lneralttfol 0'
Ba xons.


Two Trains Meet on Atlantic Coalt
I M tit ll ''Tv, A:a. l ''. t24 l "
headT 1i '1!ivlllt'n l be t i W i frlui' ani
work train Which reeirre Sii lit ', ftIronl llntol
ery, oli l man % as kI it'ql!le Uinl f.pir por
)snm nm, re ir bl'-f .i iiu. y iiJi'i*
I m "it I'
.Jim l liseIl ,.. Ilag ;mn: li,.l '! -
unlder hIFlor
ftijii '(t ,
iiH ry E .1Mrlkh nionh!, oinjer,
skull ltilrt i 'i in r !." l I i L n
('arl Tally. Ih m t naii. ain i-n, it,
tW('i iarp .-. nerk nearly li Ii n 'el b

) ililosi I I. i l r l ii.e nlulI
Oh. 'aulght illldIPr enln'll
C( i'. \VBt I, lai'iim.l l, U i' ,,1I', 1

Killed Husband in Self.DPeen.-
(rr!i1i.1 <'rc6k, t 41o lt -1 T I
W rl l ,n (h 'iK*,k. ,, Ih l i -. m'I %Ai1.
htr h111.1hinil t Itht r ihorni ,i *
GSIM'h Thur.liluy haB bI.'e n v t o iS t)
tha ...,... .. ..... ,-. l, ., l f.f0 lll0

I. ~'

4., '.Ay .~A

. .I, . .M. 4 .. #









... .. 's.* .a in trr a t of Iefno
jat un t"rnkIlln. lI Sar: "WhIMn Dr
Fru kln wfnt to Praene On hbim levolu.
MLary mls.silont his elrnilfl as a. phi l
lomophe, til vneraltble aplen f -rlmr :ilt*l
|' .. q ui 0 the ru ite on vi hIclh L was. is t rten.
nit ,1m1 him erlinmwely !popphlr. All anks
and ruditlmis of mlmen etehred wanlly
SInto. lit the Anwrllassn ltqe t. 1 wias.
S. 3 S thPfr~l~r foe. tog l nnl l (n vltsNl to nil
.96 Ilurl la i rt puIk l. At liw le i ie u tnliaws
mie ,t ol hl4 Idtharl ti of Iolurlan, wio,
,l|Wahslti( $ fi e s4Ui I 1 iR llng chalsa peiyer .af bluntly hll for.e .
IiNlt iA l ...f f nilealn r very u rtr..; |... ,.l wfll h bli. 11al-
t ,. hnl lr tIpt It. *I".t ." anit l IlI', "woe
110" Y s y'S L.KUM4IN d4 snt titkl, kisw **.* W"Vt dit l i
: I M e-'r S n mla ay A nterlr," isuil 11: t(lildf.
bI a0 M B ir lMr m t.
orW Mweb t he iin h ierts iii ltrii liti il a oamisz-
SImea Mm is il lsre of itl ter.i'.ar, r. plria nod r
| 'i1 alohas c.llkiliI It birn. A gacdfal bowl ifltao
:,Slw ro a kr ) lllI "rll lla ll llr I del ilt w hll
ioS II. u. a de1th*nty L h % ideln ai son e iunt rof lth
,A tie lyw wayl-y p r e' I1n l 1inu Is.u. T'leua n IiuM-
lbet r )rf 'in; fti'lhuvws of tie n il or-
: .b.... slanl for Is. Mo.llt elsL Ih ey
m n sced In owallngi It and at otie
,. Utim they f ll. Atft Oeing ttiHe rntn
bltler a eillection Is made anlgou
."- ". ^ w";". ,W T tMhoeo paweelt. al the Ol* ey contrite
SWORTH $100. ~ea Is plam'd In tle twl fr t he new-
': ."A" M aborn child1 and rete along with
1 * l 1r00l fM a Who Is 84I914 the bowl to tie ho seswhor It was
J lri Amount pwcurwl. Lonlon spIbtor.
DO.. SS. U--Dootlst Js .-
ery city No. .. I Heiissrt teif.
E.ii lbs CoHn 0U -"on" lmi 4 -food MW W in e
HN^ W&Zffclll lll W *rillO t li (l* hIDIM

u"eeL BS Ma it;, 1 0les. W ho lr bear Mrble
.j~l~l0 t. OAS lwa lr raoi kl fr 'afewb
M W4 HM I r Yoe Will mml be *lrib". 0&,M
WS arC m 0. a 1byW. M. jokftgof Johae

u. II!

,,..,.W owfer. H. & 9J| DOLOSTEIN

...., .. ....w ..

h dI tor .,, L o Ebw Io

rte aithe % B e s ty
I*. go an

emlrYC wH-Ta su tedr a har rsi lirltpt to ya ilnwie to
lr 8 esy today. 1ed s he r neuali; asi the roe
._m.. wpegs, lw ismb Iad .lfors, Ihus preertvin
..5- W-~,gtoeL pra, ll *malnianl the see only
ti a whie t rame si l to ag U ael improved arlthodl
If'. (i6it mep !withoat ih Oad iut*a*mf re uetd.
-, ryr a il *ltutmld IM Philynofpheeslrnly are invited to
,Ii| tluMl X I whh wor sb slln d nemtlt pe our methods of
H iad tk* faste anurs 0et ar ala eoril of rvffIeion. .Mny
rBue hrd-he. neurmlfi, nervous.
WdLr a Uti it wal Oee, Irislltbllil, inoilll. ertigo.
iSMr 'ts w wouM *apmr d to vnowl presntlrson and lhe seemo.l
e'l. ts Il til tletd ltdlle.y of Childen sr oflte due to
iekes violoH eausied bt *a abnor-
'il i r tu'. of the eornea or crystal.
""' ile la toilro an Irrlrularlis of she
"" fietape, Ml dla of the ery, acd sre

bs't e avy expe relieved a omad upon he application
'i1 .lif ll ie t o the proper glews. Ninel per cent
W..mmifl ss he o.f thoe h eo p e over 40 yearsof ag r need
B.._ PM sllEo be t 0/ ml ol OW 0I0 per meat of the 90 need
w .. ....iWr Litl Plo them for daslkse.
tLSe Ibalm o. 1 1ilv Oease Q wae noalways given to im-
Bs.Miti. they ae gersh. on s ymllits but to relieve undue
SUse mUl dre res t I-la shonr to amisl nature.
To ousadofreyes are ruined early.
... even e Pers out of tn have netllher
vu a llke. and one out of twenty As-
St vr ratmem; henme the neeemity of test.
"l ",g e S em b ee separately. Spieell at-
. oatioe Is given to any lnrqutllty that
a sy exlst between the refraction of
Sol Parlrs, Optical slence hae s de rapid ad-
.I vanmes within the lset few year; the
Po r, eottre adoption of lwet~aeles hua tw.
,m IF n r wl. oome a distinet p)lressiou. The opti.
etla who thoroughly understands his
S--business reallel fully that in adjust

I ing laswe tfor his customer he Ii
: treating with a most delinatt and prr.
Sth e Porter Bl9ok, south eous organ, where the slightest error
a The li Iss toie able. rmay mult seriously, white' if he dore
ld ptl ore-oneo his work well he not only give. ai.- t
w elay Invited fort nd ease to his patrons, but in
SWM many Insltalnce restores the eight.
S .- -. --- Special care should Ie taken in se.
lectinl the first pair of speltacle.. nor
W1 TU A lsTILLE should It be aAtempted without the aid
WAI% YILLU of a responsible optician. It is moiti
I ImolIrtant that the lienes should 1e ac.
rIrllcuraiely centered sadul the beet iqual-
S Ity ad Ihe frame qso mdle that the
iI W t Union Btreet. wearer looks dir-ctly through the evn.
Siter. (lares niee ly tittld to the face
01 ,61 beermne an orntament as wenll #s a ne.,
ILT, UPUHtK DE1 S; ftolatmllt C t' ll
GPRfr'I uing chllten with i|3*etacleN a;
-In FIRM IvinettillCehhitpilWithmllt rm
ec ialty.
i ,,,,rJa ltdbs, (gttsrtu l sd.t'lh~Iten. Plarens,. do no i,,t Ttie t r .im l'Ol.d


An a re Iln4lcnlons of some form of at
trnIbl bili, I .mwit of ar tul liver. blilS 'i-.
; LTlrt rL yo.. Do: rlu~k It, nAmi a boney ai


&- -lth.ia
j. 1 b 1 O ayi .
Uru i lr+ orriiia pemrro 4t C:l:dl
Ur1 Ul, p lp i gdtS
. g g aQ Xy

For Sale by Johnson Bros., Gaineville







In the matter of a Ohrisltmas lifl is a mighty easy matter in
tbi tore, H e owfe, iblter daughter or frlncd, we can 1*se
you what she will be happy tohav r.

Now is the S8ason.

We think Just before Christman a good time to remind you of
our velaint line of l)ry toiods. Dress ioods. Novelties. Laces
and Emtroideriel--in faet ver thing usually carried for the
ladies In an up-lo-date Dry Good store We've never had
ceah an attratele showing. and it should interest eery lovqr
of the beautiful In this town.
.. . I- I l In I- ,

There's a Reason
Why you should buy the Shoes carried in our look, lInr.
dredt of pople-men. women and childrea-are weiariln
them. Wry not you?

's a Pilasre for Our Olorks to Shlow S ds.




- - --" -"--i-

Take The Atlantic
Atlanti fC


Coast Line


S Dal vml I p V P. & v. IWs oc or
Npoth d ,East Dp UmeSouo th Va C
I9 r liZ.a or Allllpoll p! Jnarvlig h
JlL'UmUBvlel JokleloLe fl MontHaomerl
Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service

Depart For
3:46 p i


2:u6 pm
12:1 am

Time Table in eleet Sept. 1, 1904.

High Srpnas and Inter.
mediate Points
Oeal. Leesburg and Tampa, and
Intermediate Points

Arrive From

Palalka, I ytona, Jaeksonille.
North, Eat and West
SHigh lprinp., Wayoros,. Savannah. Brunswick,
Albany, Atlasats all Points North, East Wesal


Rochelle, lleanupy and Citra


High Slorinags

lu:ia Ir
8:40 pm
I :o pm
3.15 pm


7 2 up
01x Sunday

Interchangeable ?,ckets, good o4er 18,000 milen of among the prin*
oimal rmilwaysJ in the Southert states. are on sale by she nrineipal agents.
Throluh IuHllman slee t.r Port Tampa to New York, via Atlantic CloU
Line; also via Atlantic Coast line and .southern Railway.
For complete informatilinl, call on
Addre J A, OODWIN, Ticket Arent, Qlsnesvllle.
FItANK t'. IIYiLSTN.e,,m'i Art w n .wrtIc 'r P ... Axlt.

I: -,4

...- --- --

__ I III

- --

-- -

W. !w

e~iii~i~ I


ia .ii

I -, *


- -.-, -. . ~ w. ur*-


e Foundry and Machine
Are Making Big Thing.
vill* Foundry and Ma.
Y, lonie Iof the leading
'hiLs e a ion, whih ll I 1-
Jppetion of the Heaboamrd
Oi nalnville IUntflItlil.
l1 the leading miialtan'.r
I tris In thi *eotI'i>.
.,B P. and A. I. -Lrso ll ft
Ir we dsditrliu uf( euoliln
were attracted to Siiiinrs-
g duotlniill d I ontlillr-
r advantages of this city'
to locate there Albut
baglo thle purchased tlit
lP, tl. W\'estuigiardl of the
loehine lWorks mnd hav'
giled the business.
alglinlg the itteruets of 1th
.ae1 Motsrs, Larson, who are
m alhinists, added a lot of
mlllr* whiuh Il modern in
l They removed the shmop
lMeCormick street ti molre'
quarters on Iepoit tl reel,
materially increased ith em-
bl the plant. Many new mu-
blw, been added, atnioln whih i
wheel press, hlaving a capacity
$hads to the square inch (Out-
the railroad shops, this is the,
Sle I thil sectioll which car
o r ellas w heels on iron
il Ualestvllle Is to be cungrat-
1 a lot of work of this kind
Ib sway.
ijltltution has recently in.
*9i dry, which will be a great
*S and oonelienilce. This
l .1op*.todake In every way,
udder charge of C I. Libraud
i Ua one of tihe IInest
la the South. Mr. Librand
el bhed his first heat, com-
l)j00 pounds of casting aof
Plr1er l, and this heat warn
oi WeTyway.
GOale u llle Foundry and Ms-
ImpBay Is yet to become one
tlMingl Industries, and deserves
of the public.


I~b dnts Who Received High
jeslll During December.
sllg a li t of students of
WJeslil Seminary who did not re-
gmdtemerit for the mouth of
t, and are etltled to a mark
l. Atkinson, tieter, Itaker
2nd, Baum. Hlitch. lrilg
1tOwn, Buie let, Blue 2nd, Ca-
Ipma. Chapin, Clarke l.t,
let, Colson 2nd, Dell, Ih)oulame
ria let, Elli. FagfRn '2d,
e t, Fisher 2nd, (iardiner,
Ilorge, Gillletr, iraham lit.
Hamupton. Iligainbotham. 11ill.
,iJaoobie. Long, MTfferi. Mix*
Niesle, Morrish, McHeath, Mc-
i Y, MeRe. Plekelt, Pound 2nd,,
r, Richards, Roth. Roux.
let, Shands 2nd, hands 8rd,
h!*, Taylor, Townsend 2nd,
*i 1lt, Thomas 2nd, Wheeuler,
Ware, Whitaker. Whiting,
Allowing cadets having eight

18to or lesa are entitled to a
i1"Exeellent:'" Itardin. Butler.
Clfr, Chambers. Colson 8rd,
Sontley, Llddell, McElroy. Na-
P e re, ioborough, 8birkie,
led, Btephens, Stringrellow, Vi.
.,W"lte and Wilson.

S Figlht Will be Bitter.
The who will persist iin losing
ftts against the continual reconm-
Ion of Dr. King's New Diseov-
ltr Consumption, will have a long
Bitter fight with their troubles, if
SSded earlier byf atal termination.
what T. It. Beall of Beall. .M11.,
Sto ay: "Last rall my wife had
ymltptom of eonsumption. She
k Dr. King's New Discovery after
lang else had failed. Improve:
0stri at once and four bottles
r l! eoured her." Guaranteed by
r Ir laits. Price w0 and $1.lx)T Tri.
gtl let free.

Low Rates Via Southern Railway
Account Holiday Season.
Yh Southern Railway will .ell tick-
tb all points at rate of one and one-
firsti-elas fare for round trip..
#k on sale Decmber 23d, 24th
ntd 31t., 1904, and January let.
ith linal limit January 4th,
bthk '

WilY Io)()lS

-A I.:I1Y (V k

leriau.ce it i tiilt r

1: :


gry or in pain. ',l ,l, : ,
n i,,1iii ftl it w ill 1 ti lv ,, ,,.
u~i right ;ul and he i 1.
-that's ti jirilciwl.i i ''.-
1,,r .1 l>a1 jy. If its (fo Lt ]. 1

'11tl) Sco ltilm!"H i S fl
,iil; tilerc. A I, v\ tr v1"
-1i<, \ .sill' 'i) isi l ri ill -. I
b y i tillumi) it is i. :-
,J)ly safe. Scott's ';I ,
\iilkI s Lbabies plnumpi.

W. f l., t I Ic I.l, ), k s



The Mysterous M May Be Solved.
( 't l. :,' l .< : aIII.,. I I' I)'Dec 2"
('i ]I f'IIN m1i 140 1n 4 ]l- '.t ,ii> m
fFr4l lith' I rI I a t is bel Mltuit
(Ctlt Itr motrib( r ni-\t- li h t I li ittllert
have, halt fi \ il%% iit n-i e' the (d4 r(
ery of L Iji't oJy of iti ut i known wo.
T'11% clew coCsIIlsdl of a one ounce(
bol4le laubIledtl "'Poibn." which wa
founfl within M f-f oi+f l ihe aspt where
the boly of hIe rimurdered Kgil was dils-
covenrd, TheIi. Jthel, thiongh partially
4lesiroyeyd. It beli'vetd to hIe sifftlcenti
to lead the* detleirlv, to the druiggist
who stold the pulon andt liy (evi'lvlt'lt .
ly lead to the capturt of the amuri
In the lmnimmdtle vricinty of the bot.
tie was found a linen, hundkerchilef
of ordinary reI'. Ihem- switched, and
bearing in the (,rner A laundry march
"D, 1. (C."
the officers are mal.Lng a careful
search for the missing portion of the
label fromn he bot tle. This labvl
is the regulation red polion label, but
from tihe enter had Ibeen Hscratchedl
the major portion of the name of the
druggist and the address.

Revolution imminent.

A sure sign of approaching revolt
and serious trouble in your system Is
nervousness, sleeplesnese, or stomach
upsets. Electric Bitters will quickly
dismember the troubleotme causes. It
never fails to tone the stoimaclh, regu-
late thi kidneys anid bowels. stimu-
late the liver. and clarify the blood.
Run down systems benellt par-
tienlarly Iand all the usual attendinal
aches vanish under its searching and
thorough l ffvectiveneus. Electric Hit-
ters is only ,K*e, and that is returned if
it don't give perfect satisfaction. GIur-
anteed by all druggists.

Burred as She Slept.
New hnir. .N. Y.. lDu)', 2 I One tira.
and thre'n injutr,' I is he ol.n' record
freom two tlr's in N-lnmIng to:a,. nThe
first fire oemr rred IlliH frrenoon al No
14R Ihi:oir ltr't. a ::- tory framni
ntrucrtire. .1Mrs, .1M('auilvy and Mra
Truesdaile wre' liailly btrnedl In iryinp
to wave their tli Kltngls. The second
fire rteurreid dlurng the night at No,
24 Chanll er ItrI'et. Mr Crotty, wi1f
of J. .J. re Iy. a malehlInst, wwa
binrn'ml to drath. She wis a lrep al
the time.. IIern aglel mother was In
jured In Jumping from a window.

Bids Wanted.

At the uext regular meeting of the
Board of County Commissioners. to be i
held on Tcesday, January 3rd, l )6,I
bids will be received for hire of county
convicts for enluing year. All bids
should lto sealed and addressed to 1,
C. I lenton. County Clerk, from whom
any desired in formatIont can be ob-
tained Th*1 right to nrject any and
all bids is reserve, d
T. F. Tlmlu 4 '. Chan I1. Co. C)min
Attest: 11. (C. i Clerk.


The freight departmenlts of the'
S. & G. m nd A. C. 1.. rail-
ways will be clored the entire day on
Monday, December tMIh, for the ob.
servasnce of Christnms, and also on
Monday. January 2mSd. for the observ-
ance of New Year. The shipping pub-
lie will be governed accordingly.
E 0. ('om, Agent S. A. 1,
.1. I.. I Agent (Ci .t IA .
I .I I th %t l- Aup tp A. (


Through Pullman Car Line to be Oper-
ared Port Tampa to New York.
l'Trfctive' with tiret car soiutj-li.ound
lPaviing Jerstiy C(ity SuInday, tNovlln-
litir 2l7.1h. II li.rt eir ior tili-bloiiil
Ilavdi i I'Ijrt T'lm inS t T'itstulday, Novorin-
ifr li'tli, il(l th-' I r,, nlt Jersey
<'ity I kol;1i. lle I' tI Iitil d raiw ilig
r-HIl uI'io Ig t i ilar .,iA' .hair dlrit U
S 1Itth rTi milway teirnIs NIvI I33 ll
'A. wil l i' xtinlt, d all n ll h'coiie a
I'r rt ni'dl ait aniL ft'ru 'y C doy 'IiPulilnan
idrNwins I rini sleeping ii culr hliti, ipr-
attiiig ,Ju r it,' AlIlitlc 'Coalit L.iJ e I t
i'1 ivii '. mtithl rn lf nilwmy It
T ailin$,ii i,,i d i 4 l't'ii. iylvaiIla rail-
roid toi Jor'Py t'ity,
I'hi I IJl J d111 i ateria!ilty tL the al-
re dly Iniila i:iiLe t train cii irv, be-
twritn i'Flrida alid 1le great FKaot now
Oe' rated by these thrut' great railroad
S) te lllnll .
I'aiisteiigers irriviiig from i Hlivana
nid Key W'rt haveI lut to trauefer
frmnl boat to *iteelii g en r, which will
JIiint Ilimi ill W a hliingtotii, Ilatinirte,
I' liladelrplhia iir N ew York witJiout
lIn *e. tLik is, 'I. tpasetll'i rls front
Tlimii ii 4 loea l siat ihua oil the .t-
lant ic 'Oast Lin bhot weern 'rrt Tiampa
arid Jiackrijtvillte, can tlak passage in
this through 'I illmal n ear for points
East going via Columbiat. Charlotte,
4ireI'inlMiro,. I'.rville, Lynchtbure and
Vash inltl In.
Bilious Colic Prevented.
Take a double do**r of (.harlierlain'
Co(lie, Cholera a id Iiarrhoua Remedy
as sowmn a the first indication of the
disease appears and a threatened at-
tack may be warded off. Hundreds of
people ust the remedy in this way
with perfect success. For sale by all


If you don't wnit to Jtopsardise
frie'rnl (liip ianli I 'il nmOr<'wy tlo friheni,l .
Wihe'n % liv' ar of aI rermil who re-
futi'el to riuli'ilt to anis ope'rntlon and
Iot \i wll 'r f. (q I lIlP .Mlincerlig;.
'll, .tla I,1t ,t Itl' 1 n it futilliy In lIn-
I, t lin ll i ) Int on I *'11.tti 's ir loIi agliter
(er slit4 ln ' -il I- e 1i mptlPxioi r:lat's.
mIt-ii by ilte'e h-*s., VYotiui Imeit and
e, irl. tu'I 'n i f t. r l:re'ly dlift'rre t proi-
T'l', colors in n trte dou't nppenl to a
ans i uiit.hli ia tile ilumnbr in It, nod
all the petry in the, world will not
cilMnue dim.
i-'inillm hishould lie goodl nnd large. no
taint very itemonber will healr the real
truth isioit hilnis- from at least a
hulf i lonii i ui'xlto, tmm.
Siid) fthIliiinid1 losp1tallly is dying
out. l''erhlpi you aire to blumne for
kllllng off ortnie of it. Did you ever
vi'it often uand too long?- Atchison
C lowe.

Be Quick.
Nut a minute should be lost when it
child shows ympltoliTm of croup.
Chamberlaiin' Coigh Ilemedy given
as soon as the child becomes hoarse, or
evtn after the croupy cough ppears,
IIIl prevent lthe attack. It never
ftils, and is plraslint and stae to take.
lFor ialei by all drujglihis.

A 'lst Iorlunr I. Not RIRelL .
To I't englulthil ILn Onlle' occ'upation,
swallowed up i in ii LuQpllc4teld life,
blilrasiid r lthe trlig nd trav iing,
the worry anlil aiixlvty which aerom-
Lpiy i vntl fortllue. Ii i not to we ricb.
Time und olmrttutiuly Imid ielIrt'lllon
to help olthrl ar I the niust valuable
thlnigs Il the world. ani If you cannot
ielse the.e, if i you i crlnnut utilize them
to your own eilargulelnt, your own
betterment, you ire poor Indeed al-
though you hner, millilons Iln the balnk.
- Uc.s- .

"VYou look nwllully tIlred, yotungm man."
said lthe bine'uidlelt liokiliug wonin to
the youtg ulia wtllh tlhe books under
hi. arni.
"'e Inn'nnim. riplltll the student.
"* in tudying for n doctorr"
IIt' n sbhtinet! Wlhy dlont you let
the doctor ituldy ffr himsielft"-Yon-
kern Htaltesman.

Hi law peir'. 11wi.
Illent.. Tlinl Ill of yourla is exorbl-
tant. There lnrc nrevrsil Itemn In It
that I don't unlle'rsltand at all. Law-
yr- I ntu pe rfe'tlly wIlling to eiplali
It. The explannullot will rat yoU $10.
-New Yorker.

Kmewv Wbale Was CLm-u.
Pat Well. it-r.-' wlte.r ye Ilve. Mike.
lWhat shall I do Inow? Mike -I'ae--
Ide ring the dooterll Oant nnd thin-
bil, rinf far tlh' (mrllbulfe. Puck.

Air Line Railway

. FOR..... '

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, Sout

Pines. Raleigh, Richmond, Wa.s .W

ington, Baltimore, Phla*-

delphia, New York.

For full Information and sleeper reservatioBn all oI
write A. (). MACDOK)NEL,. 0.
Asst. General Pasenger Agent,

- ---


^^ ^^^^^.* 1.. ufl'na^h

Sthe Montezuma H
S t...bD .. At OOALA. FLORIDA.

', 4 --- On thg A. C. ?.. sad 8. A. L Cis. t SHIPMAN, Pr.
mm amA _ None Better in the State at $ a Day. Porter,

A4 1r AT LAW
?S. L ..... alnsa lle & Gunlf Railway Compa

i oSrStu Lo ,A. OP FLORIDA.
S uD A. Time. Table ~ July Il .
*RuAA. .... h
l AM aa LNo.. .L o.4I. o.ti
I - Ia 't Daly Dy. I STATIOKB. tD l,.
'3,*'V.q t he weawmsu pp ------ 5-mb
wt"h "" .TLw w!.4 :mRK :* **m:** '""YBm-'"...:: :: :::: :::
h s,-"- M . i'" ( a .:.......: .............. . li.f.""t". 4
:=tiss..e inuI.. O e S:a ...* ...... ... .. ...... DuI s ......... .....
sotuiCi^d I* ^- FAT P mi "m Pi ..*6v A 39 "l

i thi tb ....... ..... o u .... .........
hOWe "s t" "A.TOR....T .AT* AW, 5 .. .... ... m ........ Rfokmau.. 0. .. .. .sl s m ... 4*
t & ... OIITOR IC OT ANOERR Y... ;.. 5 **....... m Mlnnop ...5 I .. .*1 .
.et a1 ...l e ........ ........ ...... p,..o .... ....:.: ::' ...... I
.., t o ........... ..... .. .... "
p u O-Val .SL G AJI.ItLE ,o., FLA. 8 4: ......... .... ...l... K Wl'w o ....... .,, .......... .
uplrq t 41 dusd." Tj'h Q eeI h l look. O ... .. ......... ... .. Oly att **. ..... ...........
i sn ... ......... ...ei h.. e ........ l. ..... .4... .I
--^ a-- -- to them* ' ... ..1..... o ....vsoot . .., ...... p

thaee tihe bUlem t D .J.3.ALD*M4N. Is ........ ..... ......Rocky Point ... .r .
'f ase wew"" a." = "t "--"- --""- i r'.o A,,o",
f nl* *^I1e m 40 as.....,..... Bellnm ........ . I!o N 5,
t I1..I .1.. l ne l.. o t e....... ,40
lO .... SlL, jAR .. &. IP m.. a
NI. , IX Se. ma

5 3' 135. 6" *g ..... 0 .....oale & t... OW " CA .
,s 33.o 7i ,, 1 p ...... rat FI ....., 3 a...

-. ..f.... .* 11 .......elaos, i,, S. .....
0106 I nD1 rO @11 *......

I r^ .Mn~*M tItB. eAr L. t RKER, General Superintendent.
4, e ,RJ If. i%0., Agent JAR. OGRABAN. Pre ides
up N ,, ,04111 OMNI .1< ............
AMm' s o*- to

doavm pN ~,u sosye, T 0I .I


v p. osm h W*e -aw0..6.Smoe.. Reveals the News and Facts governing
UH Wo 0A0N fhV FrIamo Values.

r "**.RYTA.L S A L O Studies underlying causes of Market
w'n OIsTuAL So I ONN Movements. t..
.s *a rReviews, analyzes and criticizes Railroad
4 w tk -* ..... ,mou. olor d and I4dustrial repp 0 rts .0
S3L ILp RARRI, des -

,V etamwf sm Due lapsed and Domas"l. Liquors Ha complete tables of Earnings of
'W as 0 II PropertCie
.iws sE --- ...- Quotes active and inactive Sto.ks and
u .ttutme Io se. SoILOS ORNaNito TO nORO. Bonds.
lae ~~mae e. loRecords the last sale of Bonds and the
Swre inP. Vi .i S OSn yield on Investments at the mrice.

as NO* MM ial Dep. 1M 23..-A Soan of bell Answers, without charge, inuiris con- i
.a...I Ibors esotel to ,tet the propnet cerning Investments.
a Wuts T.t he down-aown hotels has
ITOUTU" WATR bet dasovred by th polte S One whI dally emamlls THE WALL nTREET
._____ ,7 ead jwelry a montlag to sear. JOURNAL Is betr qal ie to laert mo
M -.MM @9 U~ ~S.0 a bee fold ut L hr paosee-y Sld reltabl am to dvirms abr t inv t-
5 The te y ws unwet f th mO tham me wa* dts met,
Swhat t- Et of and two gott watcrhen
""e V, Iro e4 tro Mwe Combe. His room- -PUBLISHED DAILY BY-
w&W. ftivwGrewasr. s w, .. arrmt-
"" t0 4 M .-e .arrd tao te thaf. He DOW, JONES & CO.,
e *the1^ told the O police that rakt bar- 44 Bread street, New rrk.
M a boll tot Iin a dowa-town hotel, THE OLDEUT Nm ECor WALL STREET.
l e gild lead thesO to the spOt where the LDT EW E OF WALL EET.
Mmoieye had bes hlddt $It r,$
stis~snskm. n t tha .. sha to u. Mos INVESTORS READ THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
'; bdr tont Park by dOtectlve and he polanted out
al i g e lmt a ks stboe at the end of a culvert
CmeLt Xd a bridge. Here the money
S" I a b 'tLrem watches were found surely
w rppol tI a newspaper.
Cbs pS AW. jfrthrj dclotscures made by Green-
.stela_ led to the' mrreit of John Kerr
sad Cntet Price. All ir these, la-
cnt a Word. a, W d lar. hotels
e m, ~weee Vus aerC One. of tho tbheftl e boys ot.sra
Ae^ums msw g.awn s o Ir a. lama wet B070 F a ACTORY LOADED SMOKELESS
foram ON 0toa a hCe a trs wo W staying at aIO

adWe Kerr was cefll tLhe "nrsom
., '. II Tht-r -pl-, ,,,-ru n t0 Goo4d hells In your gun mean a good 1a
9t11 we bess sNhr ew ttebl gmts em thy elb" It la ulad t ld or aod coe at the ldoratr'.
a smeetim thb used bhrebsum. Winchester LIeader" and "*Prentfr
olw smom,-keless P.o---
f lj1 m A r AFghtkhened Howse mts owder Shells re good
AIt nD assrw eeAlways sure-fire, alway givi a
WAs or*t Rdmpiajg le pmad down ath red pt
.Sw duam ping tb# out pasIs. or u hunuilr re spread of shot and good ptnetrifcn. ti

4 6L


Pt I Our hearts, ar usual~ very much
larger at Christmas time than our
gpreso.l ast SalltUase.rF.. purses. Thin desire is to rtnembmer
S- imtlwo. everybody thall t u w know. and for
lr# Iubler whorl we have the least regard, but
pIv.iMiw ampublikjerur t means, s a sItle, do ni)t allow us to
A. AM. bLI A'-im itor do it. As a result ue Ouftein ptI elr.
s l lsU#lTra C ttr )dlior. tirvly ib during ('hristimla people to
ls IUTZCIt whom a sn tinle "MAlrry ('tarittmas,"
g : PORTU It-CK. arnd nothiirgK more, wJuild mean a wprldJ
i ats. T. ul.sasnosu -3 of cheer and gl IhthearrtmlrireY
b0wr ptll deverymora mei-i ti-'Ihiae %W% w iInmift gIVe whaIt ow
delivred by earrlerin thettay,. woulil l4ke to, We think that we -l inuld
aea pnW or tshUnited St.ata.p- |not give at all. ter troth ii, whf Iw.'r
rSe'M ; $rU sial monithb; ol. we wild likL' I) ckuaiwl..e it i o s
SL6 @*Br for Ate wOkV- -'
lllr et for we t many words or t1mt1 %r L havi
IKrowii so comiiiior.-ially rd 1 )4 ari~il-
ilAm-i e t a loo shiea o 10 t* e eat ei.l -i)ii,(dld in this i'o)-IOtry that
Cllin Ittle, s. ee forh emllbha- ihou;saillt of 'ie are, p r.Le inio mlr
4II ar Savrtelrll made knows ur lChristmas Irreelrl by the 'ard
stick of intr ask ct o r by what tlhe
ii feet Week Sumn Is an eigbl-pele' hi hnk "f W..t srtfm
Lsr paper, publishd ry Mo- have entirely los t si f it
tnhrrtts. sad e IooaI all she bthl we call tlw)5 givT soiulnethlg.,
i l week toal, i. tat nd ie s, v-n if It be nothlnig more than trds
rtill b08e 41.t4. PxOMW ,t. to0 s. of eheer-Asnd if w. ean cive lthil, nd
-------&-__M-_-0- 11 AI ICI aette

gItskotau bt become due arfter rt
of adverlftdl S. t, ee othierwIt
tr e ltrle Partlesnot baown so
es rieled4 pe for adverttala ID ad
A GaiYrILtLr. L.r.

l mea mad women of ideas, ideals
llion who aeeomplish results.

love of a good woman Is a spring
that blooms through the years.

the Lord created woman lie
i4 s a magax'ne fashion plate for

lAmm are required for haby ear-
i Berlin s d the vehicles are
lrtoeen British life insurance of.
decline proposals from unvacci-

'Jmw men get along by doing their
l, ad others make ends meet by
their bees friends.

is' lfa's rot isa't a level one. We are
ik elimbing up hill or sliding down.
S t M well sing as cry.

e rtha Krupp'a income ii 62.400,(00
Syar. And bhe doesn't seem to be
A:::Illes to puerhire a title.

Is up to Mrs. Chadwick is write a
o. Ik for sheap fishermen on "'Suckeru,
S4 How to Catch Big Ones."
o .
t M one can be married and di.
W IV d afler death. but they can't draw
" htesl when the grave has closed upon

AS trade now stand., there is not
i IwMeh gold out of the earth, if it
SW all coined, to transact the busi.
N s of a day.
SWhy dogirls make fool of them-
::I.,.w by marrying worthless men,
elftaer than men do by marrying
athesse girls"

ALdrew Carnegie may not know ex-
W, l how much money he has. but he
kiat that he continues to have a cor-
NM list of hi daughters.

SThere is a woman in Germany who
"S become the mother of triplets
tl year. The present whereabouts
Sheer husband are unknown.

The Amerloan hen lays eggs enough
It4 e month to pay the interest on
he aUtional debt fur that time, accord-
thg the latest official "cackleation',"
hot they won't pay it.

A simple way to test soap is to touch
i to the tongue. If the soap is bitter
It contains too much free alkali to be
I ,Ssd on the face. The purest soaps
have hardly any taste at all.

Ontevive MbILeod of Chicago has
left I161,300 by an eccentric uncle
t Sosudition that she get married. It
!, a cinch that she did not lose time in
h k Ing awary from single blessednes.

Bishop Brent of Manila is credited
, 1 this remark: "The Methodists
m ethe people out of the mad. the
, p tts wash them, the Congrega-
TsalILts Iron them, and the Episeo-

gnie it sincerely, we wrojll, chorine
Oloser to tihe real spirit of Christmns
giving. A fe-w cheerful words. killed
with a ring of minevrity that is like
wFeetf perfume, have a meanuiig that
only few realize Tlhre is nur inIg so
pleasant, in thli world as the feeling
that onie Is remremlerrd, and thit in a
few written words will convey more

strinrily than a gift.
We seem to refuse to believe that it
is the simplest things we do that live
the greatest inallltnce. It l the sin-
cerity and the fondness for our friends
and lovwd oneio expressed In a frank
and sincere manner, that are appre-
ciated, and we should so endeavor to
distinguish ourselves more by ourdaily
lives through all time. rather than by
expensive gifts at Christmas time.

There is a man in Iowa who is ore-
ited with having added JtO.sXO OiO to
the wealth of that State during the
past year-Prof. Holden of the Iowa
Agricultural College. lie traveled
thousands of miles all over the State
lecturing to farmers and showing them
how to increase their corn crop from
27 bushels to the acre o 40 buthels.
And the harvest justifen his claim.
The farmer. listened to him gladly,
and have added 100.1U.(OOO bushels to
the customary yield of the State. All
this was dune by selecting the heat
seed, and following scientillo methods
of tillage.
The Queen of the Netherlands is an
enthusiastic farmer. A dairy has been
established in connection with the
royal cattle at I oo, and it is run on
regular business lines ly its owner,
large quantitles of butter and milk be-
ing sold regularly from the dairy which
i# now setf-supporting and proltablie.

If the seventy people who made up
the population of Chicago in IS30 had
been married into thirty-flve couples
and required to furnish Chicago with
its present population, each mother
woald have had to raise about r74,x.O
The bachelor girl in her boated in-
dependence is not the whole work,. as
esie will find out to her biLter disap-
pointment, for It is the women who
marry and have children--lurdy boys
and handsome girls-who control the
How's This?
Ve offer one hundred dollar reward
for any ase of catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHJKN:v & Co., Toledo. ).
We. the undersigned, have known F.
.1. Cheney for the last 15 year., and be-
liee hint perfectly honorable in all
business transactions, and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by his firm.
Whol.ueale I'ruglist,. Toledo, ).
iall's Catarrh Cure is taken in-
ternally, acting I really upun the bklinl
ard mucous surfaoee of the system.
Testimonials a,.nt free. Rice, The per
bottle. rSold by all drufistir.
Take Hall's Family P'iill for consti-
"2 -- ... .. :. ..
Every woman hates to hiare it said
that she is good-hearted, for that
usually means that nothing else can be
said of fr.

All boys se better tor eoura.nlu
mets. Osaiosailly there Is one who
would be better for a thrashtg. Some*.
tihes0 boys are considered slow and
lacking in ability who are merely In
hued tf *niouragemenmet.

Young Man Kailld While Intertaln.
ment Is in Progrssa.
l:i lt. <. Ijt t a ar.ily on
Jt I f, I v.;, trilru II;I .l |,. ('it
l '\ ; ; i 'lil l fi ll

m Ii .:, LI i tj
Il. 1 '* '.' ,11 i t t.' I
"i!. :,v .- a'' i i' 1 t.a im.u !l '
ti," I u ., f I .,r; i h '; r A t'r, n<

V. $ f 11 '- T C: !, I 'i,: lti'ap' r'.
l 'A Ve :. V i I r i i 1 i fl

I i g i":i n r f ht il)

Ir i *, !* aI ; t iE'1',ip tT4 amr ce lt e-
Ti I They t

nLLt :i.',) '. e ttaa It _'!i I t |pl rA m'l
lii r t it.- 'I J r rt itli h(t ti m fi lii-
11 i. Ii rtr auirwn t?;r (1q11

1I' ii"

* 'en H( .
r ('.ie

-r i llI \';V usnhiin. \Wa er
u1 I l'h'nnl Vaighnn an I

t| *1 Is:nn ft, r t I i .s iti tin he back of tI;L
h .., L .I h i 1 I',!I ;i n-ia:tl)y.
1i( -, .rrF r .:4rt, h:':i ,lif to the


Miss 8lzie Patrick, Well Known South
erm Woman, Passes Away.
l.nivi:e,, Ky., li)c. 2..--Col. Ben-
net[ II. Louiing la4 a me4saIge
annaunclng Ithe slrath in NSw Orleans
Of .Ml9 Satllee Patri'Cr. secretary to
General Williiam .Mickl', adjutant
enerul uf the o Un'ted Cuonledrate Vet
Death resulted from appendIeltis.
Misl Patrick was well known to all
t conftederates who have attended
He national gatheriag of the amoort
foe. and wa a great favorite with
them. he had been connected with
the aD a a s Ln a.lS t

e secoea on or some

wr r LI URALfTr pWUO
c ~.urT IROMPT PAYiiT UlN'

We enonr these im-lrtauo Ipolaled n|III :
olialt a stare of our blea. -.

Fir, life, Atidet n 1s

----Agents for the---

" i, -' "
. r:t. ".' ;.'

* I.M

Victor Safe and Lock Co

The "Victor" Is the best safe inde, aUd iU
I il the purbha of .a uae or iDllziIila -I
from a box to a bank val, wriftl Ii
by eonaultlgn ir. Call eo or a0 n J e,

S Information cheerfully fumrshed. OAI

..- *

-----EALEIRS I--- .


Sea Iland



Cotton eel n
Leather iuIn lp or",

Manufacturers of the James I
ea Island Cotton Gin, and


Abstract, of Title ..d tal Ib emod l ea
meonty. Oar aasmu l t ao
18Unrl eatW~rat~


3B.- E, B. o
&a- _- _~- -A M-_ ~- __

seating 6 number of
(3Ia TI rI am** P11v a
BAD BREATH-- ., ..

-l=t.-4" *i/-. f --I 1 1 1-1 M
a*N~r lff- ~ w Iftt T t tl ur ~ I -- -_ ..... .- ..-..-..- .......... .......- - \,^ ifp |< halltt a

1 i l -. Ws $iWMll TM at e
6%0 I A. Title

a ST1m nt&

riert" Wes E L M Io. =ji. Oe, ei. Y.

SesthlaReedrCy e., Chise N.T. -i iia1
MnLtsIauX u su --

aica h e uleltr u.
l a Uthl rEltstla r uftrtmm tomri
of r. t Ioa n sl.awreI.
ssamste, se n r s
Iamour. d ent tiopr plal***.r
% J r ip w*mp pwpsl lee
I 1 is. ir IIfle s oi
. i. er .tmn, .

Cream Vermifuge




orA, a
Fer ale t


.- .-- ---. m aa

.a ,,'

6Thew m r vrwe f 7. aafrlw

is what yon pay for when you ha
know what you ar y g.,

Titles ordinarily Invislble lrretly v

SAachnbl-County- AIbtratsd

G i- n xes l lel ,
-- ---p


Write f Or uts. 1: aSk s. a
5- W. Bay- J -K'0N----,f



Centrally Inter threnghly repairedan sw e I

l M-A &SOtW I3?rOpXdi

"I I- Utoi uIw or umian. rot l. i
i--iJ edlWAAo,

e o

r ..,.ve.Ns. Oil'r fr the' nml Fal ad Wilatr a chM h th|
M*0lESS *OTV O' PEt'AN TREo erf the stuwd v4t.ldl0, ash- a ha s w Ma
w LimllBeat C hnld thes. ate Fruits, OrM ..tak liM. Caltet M tI
wulse, no. bdw hIs -M
W *. JMo Kenuwstl Putem CaHlrer" eo. a a a & .

M^KInlL ut~~oBs oame r l, a'W
~Plp 13?.

- '' io

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I,=, il

:'. 1` .** r .

* ^J'l I- *

^ ^^ '^ w Ty^ w. *;F .~..'s;. -* **1


S- 115 AN 11 UOS
*M ""l~fI *TW -N I
II I ...l.L

tv Iey nc. M 0 N 0 G R A M Jacksonville and New York,
.i5i B Calling ast HARLENTON, 8. CC., buot wayu.
SPure and Old lTe faist Stoaslm Iu the Coailswl Service
S"4 rland lliskey Clyde New England and Southern Linese
Direct Service Retween JACKSON VlILLE,. E(rTO, N rA
,I! bo!lr 1hl.0..... .. 06 Calling at Charleston both wayl.
'in I ftVw r .wolen ship.tor ay r .io. '........' ..... a aI M3EI3- W BELT 8AJ.ILINST O i
l, S I, I l. I bl "Twea O(t d Ie lo. I A lh le din S4oulhbound.............. .......... ...From L.wis' \w hart, tHklt, :
f i l 1it 1 '. The eI~tl waQd p WI brekl. Bol d o Pric eLi Northboond...... ............rm Foot ofl Cathrin mem.. JackSi nVill:
hisuIauIs a sth ships uad is_
4 l aM11 M l wft e ol a d to In nsa *
t it." s oaM g am i WL Cld e St. Johns River Line
S"i Is trh woe1d afl LII-_ BeItween JACKI[)NVILLIC anlrl SANsti nit
sN alW ii 00 was Vrd to too t h S topping at Pflatlk, Astor, St Yrancis, Bersford (del.aid), and Itlermeda
k" it WAN a0 It Inhim Landflan on St. Johns Hir r
i! i1 i-m- r ttat tha tL U Commeneing Tuesdty, ooveiuber It. I ,1l,
I sT it *I I* l I r IR II Steaura "CITY Of ICSOIVILLE" ud "FROD'K DaBBARY"
*1r'w f adm maf IIL. RD t are mpp ,t,*U .o )se as follo*.: 1.-ave Jakemvilln' daily ex.ct S turd ays
Iiill_ i._ 3aa s$i me I I 3;:1* p. m. lRutaruing leIavt Salifrir( dnily e* daept hullduay at I :.I o n 'n.
Ij1 *B^B N p' sesitones BOECHKDULIC NoruNi m1
Fates t Tim. ea finet Service L N .... ...... .JeV ille........ Arrive l
HOAL L!LECT!ION DAY. ts All Plst 8t :4 pm .................... i. .... ... ai o.
to o-- -- I n I:. a ............. ..... ...Astor ...... ..... ... 8:2
Wed. I ............jkm 2fod 01
t 'Done. I. ArriNow:, m. .............. .... Bianfor ...... d ........... a)
1 l^ BlgB, E'XttR i ,ei W pa^o nl^ "lrel -- a ArilH ;IKmW ..- -.. .. ........ .. .Ln ord ... ...... ...... .'J!O#
/ I!1 Ha aftf h l bw aw I dh It I l 1o0.M a ..................... pi .......... ...... 10r
h er paa_.. ._ _yl RO GENE! OURAL PA8. A TIO OFICE. 0 4 W. HAY T...JACKSONVI |

!rRpptemm I lritl .l ,lill, REvarvllrl, Iloor Rots.J.llt. ounwlle.
*I I -, tt weSM tm m--.t G-M O.P NI)r M a aor. i5 e i A gents 0. '

Rar el tha J* "A!.r ii'

oJ t mgw!in ..l. SOUTHERN RAILWY
a t. -a. i IL.. v0D.. Ss as B AcSnr. Io. EarCr.. N.o. 0, 1901.
SVnttl Trn In th er ;Ms 0. 34 No M` North sa5 Wne. N. 1s
aSa se, Lv-II"souv lle..EoRkv C b .l~LeJaksonrlle. ii N, 7|p
E.ll l atvJup da.. kIC t II .0 11 40p r Jesupa, 1 1 10
!!t vIh t.. .t.r Sravnnrh l.t",o R p 1 1 (Ir A 0r soon.a. -it, O

-t .a- -4M Whiha JnIv ArAD DanIep. Tuo R 1 463 2 lop Io u TLkn
l alt bhemr to gp to Div m iIisammnoRy U0 58A 41 tp Ar LsxinRon, Ky Aj 6*.
VON o !iece Ar Ltnahburl o Ry 4 1 s 4 Ap Ar Cliini. O 4 AC & toC tina._
ei ~S. I d l-t- t aAr Chmrlos'sv'ls So Ry t ?0s I lIp Lv CineinuaL,, (I OI tour D
modtC it$ Ar Washington 74o By I UIp Ar Chicago, Iil H1K V'sur 7 l
wI0lt WM t Vtt Ctr aIimr P I :iii II apn Lv .Oi.nanat i, .... a in-es S
iAl.a- m we em, O Aio me Ar W. Phiiladel'in P KR I 44p a Ar Ill Pmins JA l 1
lg. ,- aW a0 0 o n ee pn it.tO v,.it. h A N e w Jok l R y t4) l 4 0p 6 3 0j lte e._ a ,I It 7.,
#Fdw'eW Q. _ays, i th se s rt o o. Chu eifmas holiday the Lv N.Lv ininin ti. () ( ,l a T h1.
S. u2hS mi tlmg Attaatt Co at Line will siell tIcket to t No. 8 --'Nw York and Florida I:. Ar ChiAle, III C A .. 7, '
Ill '*Sl ,M W duall polse eag ortf the UiplppI and ,pr ." Daily Pullman I)rawin Ro om Lv C5iAosneus, i S o ll 1) 9 4p
.l.. pt Sthof th Ohioad Potoma river., Aleping Car between Port Tmpa A Toledoi, 0 .tC Ay1 f
Sas se t"t irftoriy. Tr lislodldi 9t Louis. lo at one ant JaeLkonville and New York. o A111 r t)etroiMti.ou h ,I' I S
JWAbeti trod a usuloe @tonsh1ti fte Gor the round trip. No. GO-*"Washiongton ind Flori a r
t i teIti IapellP wan Thk4LtS ac aIm elssmbesr 2A, 24tLh, I .milted." Daily Pullman Drawing *l I42pai, Ol I irnn. *i,4
l i .. . u..t.l .etrt e .a.h Arad 1ist, 190,. and January It, Room Sleepioa Car Jaoksonville to Ar 'istsbure, Pa I'a Lns 6 T8
act IW(amuth sIbstu ulmme Seali amit of same J5nurwy 4. N!! Y!rk. -- Oio@InnSti, () Hi.ig Iour C S p
sa Itb sa es as a e Ai ill lli I. drua 1 4o1 8
SN For fll Iforma.ion, .rate, Pullmas Through "The land of the y." lNo.. ln.on Ky S Iy B
bl bee l tt. New 11 f~it ntvaiton, Stl.. ee agents of Allan- lv Jackuaulll, Vla. So Rj 7 Aip Ar Loxuivillr, Ky So Iy 8 109
Bflt. > ThIs0 -0 add ti Odms Lime or *ommamtease with Lv savannsh, ia .. 8o lty 12 Ila Ar Hir. Louis. Mn RKr 7 Uk
D i as tthetimAsm. FII k 0o. oglateo, laIirs Passeger Ar ColumbiaSC. O. .....Sty a6 41a -
alu4idi6 uy dlleMa to A ie. 1m 's Bay Strt, Jauksoa. Ar Asheville, N. O .. .o fty 1 4 54 No. Ib -Th2e or.lsa Imimes
a hitRM day. The original tilBe, Fle, Ar Hor Springs. N.O .. Ho gy 2 37i Daily solid vrstibule train, through
fBlgtbe Arst Tweday l No .. Ar Knovillle, Teamnn ..NSo Ry OOp day eoaches and Pullman slepring cSr
Btgt it wiaaA ford nLrmary to o it Ar lill ....... o Ry Kt A0 ackstivle Olminual
ttU with tir ferilneaa t T1h 00 orida Ar St. Lous... Ho Hry 4 tp -

S. e m a t Irty as so d Ar Cleinnati .. . .a s ..." ,
Iter the ..tla of tl.. w Fruit and Truck Grower Io.. a lip. n... .. .,ekov Fl -S~...i 7,
e P drawing" o m LvJsusear up,b _. "So' II o
14.si0pse 1 th Vdifmat stat. Land b fft le epingcatr btwcn, lack- Ar Maon, j, t1 a 3 0
&be RUMtU. t w sonvill. anid St. Louli. Ar AltanLta U ( So IC- y
OC-.R ,1n D e. Tsi- ...., .... A T-r Ai.jsonAl-, Al. wuR y 9421
Slo n t day or Norembr. De- O0 TY.......... ........ ... . Ar Bltinlhanm, Ala .... y LI 4
s hve slo wi eday till 11- h st.............. io Two Trains Daily Art lemmhio. Tnn .... risco 8 (p
I. The later al tthirty.- Art Kai0. City. no Frico a9
i Under the law as It was A aIdamiel illustrate magasie TO I rtl ilie, rs. .e o
S t iM38 a t Imore tIn tbawenty. PlI1e to the o Ierote of Ar Hot fRrina,. Ark 9 8
0 ; SIa S e $p 0 WE, I tKU FtsSa d Vegetable grower of Waslngton and No 13-'.T.he Florida .,itd. "
'Ij1- ^o *r-- tlul *, ....... .. ID ."- I'Pullman drawing rm rli ,lepinl
o. k., thm law of the' A spell trial subscription of ls New York. care between JaLsoknvillP. Ilitrintl
mIlt gd I0 tlt to I their lTt mathu will be sen on reeilpt of i ham. Memphis and Kiansa (Cit$.
t eead M namy I Jnuary.- eM. Bam taken... .. -.
lk bmaI G (-. -...,.. EXCELLUET DINING CAR I ERVIC(.
N IY. ,L, IUFm !CUUIYIk From New York WasIhilaRon, etl c-o. 2, a'' w siton n1d Jorid.i*
SImp-r_ .-tt, Onamtl, Testifle to t* ited. 9:00 a. m.
_iC ,Al Qchuatof Ch-mr- Mr Ir aN a I nin Frm Chicago. Cinainnati, Chattanooga. Atlanta, -No. .1, **flrid
Ga Sed..uWe Of Chambr. area Ia246 miles railroad gX 1Lmited." .9:3 a. m.
Wa Oe~uh rem ned. miles wa roado, pieo llee. From Kansas City, Memphis, BirninRh"m, ete.-No. 14, Flordl Id lim
SI Aebbraha. Oat., April 1, 19M .- 23 publi schools, 27 p hophate ed." 9:3 a. m.
Sthi t lsy lrght. ht ahold tll b, Il ll, p ot iur Fom CIneinnati, Asheville, elot-._o 2. inton and Florida ia-
it MA k sell l.t .].I s ........ .l, five newppers, arad pro. Itd." 9200. al.
i.l I6i a W eladrflRetl ffot Chamber. dioes orn, eoaton, riee, sugar, From New YSork. Washingtn, ft --o..* Y. and Es'
. CWOM s l il.h Remedy has prodoeed. oa0, rp, potato. pineapples, or. press." 7:40p. m. R o New York and oril E
the d-ere k bftfen IK a di Ills. peiehe, pea, plumh,, pears, p s ---
sset with as* aS cogh thut I mu" d *all kinds of vegeltb le. J. 0. LUSK irle Pa er ATgnt. 108 Y. St., .ieksonvill.
1..o..Ai, ,JOSnWnBey St, vil l N.Aehert, (. l.; X.
LL : :wth z t zZ a ble G ud cou htay 1 0. H. AeakMoran, A. t. P. P. TalIpe,, . A Ht wick. I'
6W iadlld iahk aIi to toitbl* o aIke i_ ii i 00 i Mlto.l r. an-, A, " A .

r 'SMaly I raleetd u ardeerh iron Has fourUn churehs, two poble_
I r ab d "otear O Ifs h edy. I eb.oole, the Zu Florida seminary,
l At ..LwLm.sgd ampl t olte al, D rivate elhool, ihwe iopfpers, nIew rat M I. Jn ,JA IN
| lok tbo let doiel e mdleilsO Ul ed8tate land ofaoe, t o bels I
I a smolet li tk abt oegh and old water, aIr elarm system, a llrlt w
!Lee iptlowly disppeoi a"d dI i am nd WA Ithta, two lee feetoril, I O l l t
S to proee thr% times on BFter uaC l slope, three fatori- I I A i
t i.l I kaow u this rapid aid *f. rit, iaton n, two mor Io entories, A t Co I NSURAN CE
i t enars wa due to y our Coah threra nilroadsl, iwor erltisermn, l a man.


& ,: .

U ~n~ r: cl
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~'i~S;c~!~r;;., 1!

LA 6,. "....A Jmn

mWW W lw r LwIL'. d

- p -.- -- qq r~' r I v IFEW W 1

Ye atnt, of
It butler," will enter th R I

&I city h.,nk of1 Ne EU FlO 1 0 Ia l 1 A
Slhp $1.U,0 *I tro South.. _
o"orrow. (uoldmain, B.kachl
r *also .lbp to Bouth Airrmeri tl n i
O $250,000 ln CetIa.

presslaw%, M.ich pract.llMus, 1T,, lUEl, C 0 t h l 6eir
Ifreedoli or the press In fep Ir
aimed principally at the
c and appl o ltiton papers ,
and, pi,.dt.. ,,,er,. Elegance and Economy in
^ nruuel. daghter of Iuiiian i
ts i eillhly IliI at Si. lAhke, .. hl lV V11 v III
is .Denvbtr. of Iriniwltial piue .
h theMOrpeuen s Christmas Furnishings.

t (o Into the caiie of the -- C.
l d dlxRate'r In whirh nine per .
*elr lived begi in New Yoro It there is ever a tiimet when one wants the rizht kind of g(Km)l for ap.a
before a spcril Ihlirdl repr I ir)l,'piattb Cl(ll.ritmnw. .lectiolr, and at the rfighrt prices, it is at thi season.
ithe lorI board of ,seamboat l We Ir' offering a coinplete sto I'1 i. . t l uote you can afford to give yourself a pr'eitit t d save money in the puir.
ntdoonor erc',liuK. i.n wh" hfr PaLl Elr. ('C.. has girmonded on
lld bar. The Fire Claiad and uggetion.
ljgm is av ing crews went tuggestons.
~lle.^ n. A .hs lor t0 S&0 Boys' uits, a fl .-eleq ,tion of
men were bstantly killed cad -d nule ait. n -t-i ,its, is. Resetion t Of2
e ieii were nearly sufoatud quality.. up-tOvdate mterialls, $1.5 to
wa, Pa. today as the gr A U 0 d C
ais epc 'on i. R at te i td Calsmere l to $10 U Men's Sweaters, Bo Sweaters, all
a Co.'. coal m*r. at sn.r, Suit, heavy weight sz es.
east of thisl pTaraft g
Wul o, .Jam,..s on.. Cravenette 0 er $10 to $18 A Htward Hat $3. All the latest
pher oil flow has lubn true a .......j styles and shapes
ar Coi 4 ile, from Janew A splendid Ove rcoat, 52inch m d Ses
Spperty of John Alen Cob ".18 Flohelm Shoes, Heywood Shoes,
I thry. 4ir1I wJon Atoflowin ne qiualit, $7.50 to....... Monarch Shirts, Fine Ties, tick
th, in a r..tus of one-ha Boys' Overcoats... .. $3.50 to $7.50 Pins. Men's Jewelry, Etc.

Ryan. for nmny years In the i
or the Awoctatert press and Your pattronage requested and appreciated.
hkown among telegrmphers as
t~the nmst highly skilled noper
Vta d ed at Chi cag today.
;'& -has relativeM at Richmond, MARCUS EN DEL,

Iletv. iiirn r ,tow. | Outfitttr to Particular People. GAINESVILLE, FL)RIDA
eo sed l I',II1 :n the:hous:; alE- asi1J3.11iSa1iiiS msBiam
Vktim. 5V.0.00* for the eitblilh


ga game abandoned military ree-







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Ammunition an8l,

A vried seletlon of O ,ei
Plawtd and Bolld ilver ie llg

Largest S in I h I

Imweu a
1 llwoed



h. lo.. .. .
Te Prb* a4

tIM Hon

"* ' T*hsO
h.,...., l W 1*. WW,

lI te Unllted States of a le BENEFIT SHOP GIRLS.
a. for the care and treatmoat
wa I the UnlUd Btates suffer. Movement on Foot to Have Certalt lero)syr Laws Enforced.
Alainr i G ., .' ninvanLrnl
Predicts an Earthquake. has ie.n start*-4 in Ih lalf of i he .1%a
I l ry. Ale.. fet, 23.--The n, m s R: ls .hr nir, II ion. 1. J. Kil
al und U'nionl ar erxhlb- I,,t i.n an Interv:i l iNptilihell in ionE
Ithe uaual euwrlillth m for which oi .. ,, :,. .rt--. l, |iPlurl'IMo o
Mi Is noted A kxrport has been I.. .i,'ni t o e*nft):re litha part
ed that an earthlquake l to ,,f ,' P.i ,1, 1.r', I. which
Dec. 24. and ialakL down the r- lf:'iiiPI r- of ta'nal ., nmlI
ity for 10 maitl.t, around t'ntm ion ,33' ,' t.,"
several iday ag',. th, noe .1. .'ri w s former
sY., a h ol-e talnmped hls foA t A ir f 'o .'a; a ,i :tuie frmrt
k Iground at th l boundary ltites I t .,, ,a ,,ntL t ha t_ ; a- l t tone ttinm
l terrible calamnliy and they are r, lt of t e, (Gclrga Fe l. ratio
lawa fronn t 'l' horse wal ni of l.', it II-- im nllon to brinj
1by a prophet. thvy say> The r tot a i i C
have been full of negroe alla ,,r n t r
-*0t. They tay thly arp going I h. I- 1 n .a a.kI r ,,e
t 'u h rouith wi their shlpplng and . r a, % .ieI. ,,I o ea
eato th tone n Satuiria. '1I Thla .
.v.. t h"t\ (,i iat Nplo rp In n r t jprovil rins
" ... ...t- f | l em ploes, that thl
MISIeng Woman Return.
Sihata. nDe. 2:: .1r Mla o t n. it diwi whtn o'l r01 lrwlo on
SWhose swli deln di..n aigantl,e ys. ionildred al nl.-lr aniilaor.
her relatives and the JIkilce lasi i
Sreturntedl to the city and tol Coughing Spell Caused Death.
S y of her disappearance She "Harry IDuckwell. aged 25 years,j
li she went away with a lady who 'choked to death early yesterday morn-
her to ait In ellitg tofM iiig at his horn. in the presence of
nl Fti Par ll. nnllli thi t he t rason lh wife and child. lie contracted a
Le know Ith i titi(!de I t akoT th but little atlltetion to it. Yesterday I
SasU that lj* t "l nilt li;iiv" tm"re, al he was seized with a lit of coughing
EnuL lefav t l m'lntn 1-. halir she whillh cumtli.tmed for smne time. 1His
telto I Ive the rotn artThe huvr- wifie. ellt for a plhyseicimn but before he
tt d tIoha, r ifa nt r v o -~1 could arrive. another coughing spell
n to haVr he w!fhrmand hidorr bC,,e C tl and l)uckwell did fr In suffo-
*MWe for Ile r'hr v. na hiisays. .I t.
eat in -St .Louis Ulolow I)emerat.
Se'.I 1l)! mallard's IlHorhoudi
Malcious Conspiracy Charged. ,yrtip would l harv. aved him 2. -', le
n and $1111* Sold by W N1. ..uohnso.
eks,,n I ;, Ikl o. 21 llnrt _
ty C. liarrv. hal .': r';r l Itauiat igatifal
0l nel' r. t Ii c r Ssbreei Many People Narrowly Escape Death.
$Zltqoa i Ig oi i ha"ih E Phiilad p,.lih i. l c, 21 All of the
;r f lr I;i ':i< ll ; folln.jiilr
;A to hat i, *1 .I ll.- A ( r nn \ v 'vr if i 'r f ovfre irf by eo ;
r)-' I I iane.t (' .i th.
'if t an of en.t Wil
l.'hS s i\, n-II *. '.T I hal II
.flfteerai <-,.;., i i ......... .. i '* 1 f (l- l> ^ l* .

f,:j tO d tri f i, ::. \, )I

e. .r:t,

Si r n tf ;ll iinipri
' I >i p i ittpriaJl.s
', i 1 of [ lit i a'nil s
;' r;, n i t ,ia'
-, ; j 1 n tr-a*

i. .

I .


&I't II

Witroants issu
I'rLn (

S" lr it '. r
' t ]' i "
4 *

rd *' Syjveton Cane.
\ t;,'w 1; : ;.", o sy"

I a.. ... .. I .. 1.

Was Largest Satch of Prisoners Tak*
en to Pen in Years.
Jackson. lMfs., l'r. 2* Warden
Hlieur.. &of t he Ctati pu Li n,. aiirl Travel.
tug Serg.-ant I).fld: m leave ut a late
hour for Hrookhavtn., where liut'y g
to brinir ito the pitt'ltoiniary white
menr who( were as'nitinrfld tIo I iet terms
in the late I v'oni for w:'tecaptng
at tIlh' rlent tr:-m of the Lincoln
county clrielit courl.
The mln'i hliad ptirtned the warden
.to allow them to eat dininrr wlih the'
sheriff of Iincoln r(intyl in the jail
at i rooka vil, biit Warden Henry
found it tilunlpr Itircale to gral' Ihe re-
Thr,:. % h1 ii : .t hatch iof wliltt,
|Ir;. r .-i glq t>. ',lt, hl 0 1 ti, the 1hi'tl.
t s."l d, aat ii llni'' ti r 111 n i ny ypf '.

Cured Paralysis.
W. S. Bailey, P. 4). True. Texas,
writes: "My wife has been suffering
live years with paralysis in her arm,
when I was persuaded to use Ballard's
Snow Liniment, which cured her all
right. I have also used it for old
sores. frost bites and skin eruptions.
It does the work." 2M,, 0, $1.00.
Sold by W.. M.Juhnson.

Gasoline Launch Starts Long Trip.
Mobile, Ala. 1. 4 2:.-Thn little
open.dec hed gas iin launch Hliame
hba clipped her in"m tgliit andl tartv;
on hrr voyage t I.N"hi m1!( Iacros (I
the IOlt of lef ir Th'e Sla im. I
in. cbarg' of <'api'a:n Ihirdi. iand a crew
,f mi t Ster ,ti r* 'Ti i Ih Irii down
th- Ws M pk 0 'ianN tl. Ivne
to TN.tmiV Ti,' a tl .:r liur a
lol0 ) l l i j II *ni. T r is a st
bt u -4- l r L . '*, aIt ld .***I
ta.'ii:s of o l. i, ~ i-. l d o1 tlih voy
Watnett:c Sent to Jail.
uis .. I) 2: Judgi'
~YViil-1 If li-eF f ,- .4' oil'" t, ha. seitl
twon rneru Poinlt*i ,1 jia;' at tl'n Kov.
ernrentlN I'p ii- T'r ii 'ire their alap
afatanre in th .. 1 SaII to stiy
agat;l- t the jiolfini. ;rfi Tn'i n fne i tis l In-
der IndllIcein it fr inoril' r ice wth
an rlectuotn. T'Ihe w to n till he id I
t1 ani vliiensl.. andii ffTerel to ol- I

j ction to being h ll in custody. L *
Jectllnn to being hie;I in rustody. rlla
a- t .-- A a 6 - L #-

In These Days
While unseerupulous manatestur.
eo and agents arvn oodela the eobtry
with worthless sewing mnahlie, and
Issulng cirslars and arikiug slate
menes wherein they have copied rhe
legitimate claims of reputable eompe
nles, many purchasers become bewil.
dered lad punrled, and Ord it dfllttals
to makeI a se etion. The popularis of


which has been maintained throughout
the world, is evidence off its sepforl.
t ; aad a the New Home Sew nl Ma*
ahine Compoa y has always enjoyed the
enviable reputation of mauraseturing
first-elms. sewing machines, there aeed
be no hesitation In buying a NEW
Dlu not be imposed upon by agents
telling you that some other machiae
is Just as ood; asL those who have
used the NEW HOME for a qualer
of a century and be guided by what
they say. For Li ht Running. g WSin
pl lty and Durabiity the New Home
aes no equal.
If the agent In your locality lnsists
on selling you some other macblue
write to the umderslgned and he will
mse that you are supplied with the
New Home at a reasonable price.
Reliable agents wanted In every lo-
cality In Florida. For prices, teras,
etc., address

__-- -- ,, _- _



J. Nil L f, ,':.A Li

rJE*-*BS^ s. **fl-i1- --- 1^


nwnuu, nm
~ ~a -~~IL

SM. MaeM fee s Ttaf OWtaa
a n -wfrgaMs a ewM i
butama adam
6"a od wC 4

bold to ealflSUl NV I
em UIETTTWlS lil
withoumt a slnll Um. IfVr ,
weal a pls for a Ili~mtH ,f
enri e buy the ..
l athusihe ]
Pulse -as ne-s is aWUmS wea
GaS eri i --sf -i l U'e 9--

-Wial. We pw Ilnn y' WON'
Friamlal Niatlemt *r th Her id of for efee TQDAY.
Pulik lidrktrle, Alaceh 1omer.
ly, Flrids, for tha NMealh
"Public art ALeh '" Io Lu dden d
ef evember, 1904: &
chia County. Forktla-
Sir II h teroniiun. Ine aIh 'See 2 AV; L.UU.
laI ,if t.rilr a. we here rv ..lile llh vIu the Sothn Il aU
fiolliw in"r Ilunrlial later en tit o 1 ll u.ho l
;nlltt*i, reIttexo arv i Cor.r1n. 4 alv war- SAVANNIA *
lre *' or onemill U 3"' GAITHER A BRYAN. Stato A 't
t Ili,' Ln-, p,'.. tax 1.
l* 141,1 ll 0 II S I U) -TA PA,, =
Christmas tI nd .op lday s
SChristmes and New YVelr Holiday lRal ''
oti . .. .l t a, --... .. L . ._ _L_--. . .






.;I..~~.~ _~, ,.,~~ ..LT_;I_~ L_.,, ... ~. .. --







A- -


,WW UY ,T ' 'V .>. ,'? r , I. .,t .' r-l I n l ,'"n l ', l rnY '
, ,"


witH maa Milln. withx _*
aeTY AND Issue .- -,a UM A K~lL ___.
S1111 MIss ially l Wesglal has gone to 5tul Iusll IAnety-lIsv oats foir sle Write tr Our saPgll olIlluss c Itat
a s ealn a Iamintlm, where, she will spend the he libo t of W per bushel. ti W. Easterlin, II-I
NDENday with friends and relatives Ilh Spriang, i. Diamonds Wf IM
_l__ve __r hIrbtr work done Iat 'TdemusB.i ,s th. VNrs1, lii- r lok
P4, 4.. air l 't l'salie m Barter Hlip., Thiree pIhoueS in lli .iurs on .ii ,t ii irin.,
$soE.n.l.tSItt art.i.tlr-. barb rs. Hut and cold tmore s oto,,iy ksii,. ll. slre.,,w t HLIOAYTI
r. iur i or i .,.1 1o ,h yl at. y.. ,r
6ibyb Ow ur laorbop % Our 'na r mitrae E aveK imikltleas Iiimu lit SaI .ALi .P..jl I Ut. a2-1

. A ..-t .. .......



Iaappendand What Is Ooln
ST oI n Ibhort Paragraphs
Nft Whoi lIun MeV Read"

ll Cshmalu A Kll.
llsaI for sale in East (;aines-
K .Z -Laropgue.
'r Wonderful Salve for sale
ilOollum A Co.
Merrill of Morrilton was a vi*-
i saville yesterday.
Baaknight and son. Will, of
rwere In the ity yesterday.
Peterson of Lake City was
at the lirotu House yestere

kIin S rs t *t .MouIrre free
A i lie are ipolblhoae. Mue. VFAele-

y- vaistd Oramt's Shaving
r Pollte and courteoae atean-
Ali. 4
l i oldest rsident barber
klo Ende. fifteen years a
b mlavewille. 41
SDeay and family of Otter
were doing their Obrislmas
In this city yesterday.
,J. I. Cole and Oeo. P. 1Mor.
WaMo were among the viitors
llasy apit al yesterday.
IP. gllth is spending the holly.
lbL his family hero. His nu.
friade are glad to see him.
1W'eallg eards printed in latest
ail un eoffiee. Order for engrav-
oed on short notice. tf.
3I. R Looke and two children
yesterday for Tamipl, where
will pend a few days with friends.
DeoVre r B. Morris departed yes-
for Maeon. Ga., where he will
a few days as the guests 'of
Sll J. Thomas Company desire to
the public that their store will
Monday in order to give their
Sa holiday.
M lle-New Wheeler & Wilson
I h emhl ne, f. . faeory or
StUberty street. dwtf
pIW W. MeCollister of Hatch Bend
4 eib eity yesterday, having come
S nal proof of homestead in
ited States land ofice.
Srwh olo ore hau worked hard
all week. So our store will
all day Monday to give them
The 8. J Thomas Co.
STwentieth Century Club will
STeldally, the f;7th inst.. at 3
Ilp. mh. Instead of Mnnday, at the
-MWee of Mrs. B. P. ltiehards.
7i Ruby and Pearl Lee,students
'Florida Seminary, departed
Ilday for Brunswiok, iGa.. where
Swill sped the vacation with their

* Smditor of the Atlantie oasst
I,W among the visitors t thi
aldrim eu i i... . -;iI

from adviranrl to emlployue; fifty or
les at three cents eaoeh; $2 per hun.
dried ash l ith order. tf.
\ When you wait a pleasant uruative
try (Jhamniljwrin's HStimach and Liver
Tablets, They are easy to take and
r roduse o in rifli, griping or other
isaoIreeable efft-t. For a:e by all
We want IlX,(K) pounidsl f scrap
iron. O.0lX) poultnds of scrap brass. WlU
pay tihe highest Pric.. Bring ies your
mrap iron anI, bra.s (ainesville
Foundry andt Machine Works, (iaines-
ville, VFa. diml
George Oibbouns and M. C. Melintosh
of Archer were amuongi the visitors to
this olty yet--rdaty. lProf. Mllntosh is
the eiltticlrt Iprinolpal of the Archer
school. while tMr. tiibbons r is ne of the
leading ctirtiens of that progressive
Arthur Jarvi,, firmnerly of this city
but now connected with the cNw York
Life Insuranee Company with head-
quarters at Nashville. Tenn., is spend-
ing the holidays with his family here.
His old friends are glad to welcome
him again.
Thomau Curry Merchant, who has
been attending college at Davldeon,
N. C., Is home for a few days spending
Christmas with his parents. The many
friends of Curry are glad to have him
with them for a few days and to note
that he Is looking so well.
Mr. and Mis. M. C. heves aid ohil.
dren departed yesterday for Elarbee,
Bradford county, where they will
spend Chrislmnse with relatives. From
Elarbee they expect to proceed to
Jacksonville fore couple of days. after
which they will return to their home
Jae. F. Smith expects to make his
departure today for Jacilonville,
where he will spend the holidays with
his dear mother and other relatilres
He does not expect to return to his
studio until next Saturday. Friends
wish him a pleasant sojourn, as will no
doubt he the case.
"1 was much anflicted with sciatica,"
writes l'd U. Nud, lowaville, Sedg-
wick Co., Kan.. "going albut on
ritchlies and suffering a deal of pair.
I was induced to try Ballard's Hnow
Liinment. which relieved me. I used
three 5tko bottles. It is the greatest
liniment I ever used; have recom*
mended it to a number of persons; all
express themselves as being benellted
by it. I now walk without crutches;
able to perform a great deal of light
labor on the farm." 26c, e., *.Io..
Sold by W\. M. Johnson.
Mirs (ord o IB. Tison, W. II. Tison
and ~Jies MarthaTison have returned
from Vienna, ila., where on Thursday
they witnessed the marriage of their
brother, I. M. Tison, to Mi3. Elizabeth
l{ushin. Thursday eveninR. The at-
fair was of a high social nature, the
contracting plrties being esteemed in
society. There were many present.
antd the affair passed off in a happy
manner. There were many presents
from friends of both groom and Iride,

FumVy. ll e CmF 'l on 0 1. 1 ne f -1
... .and altogether the affair wRt one of
the society events of Vienna for the
turday night, small purse a r. and Mr. Tilon will re
aSi of money between Wall
and Saunders & Earle's store. "ain foIr sot lime in n Loutisville. Ky.,
t ('. V. VheKlnstry',a store and where the former is attending a numd-
rewared ihali colleger.
l John Wolfenden of Sampson ...
'.W in the city for a few hourstn THI
*t. She Ws en route to Evins- READ THIS.
Where k hae will npent the holidays Mobile. Ala.. l*'c, 2.. 1t4. 9.
*erparent.. r1. X I. Hall, St. Louisi, lo.--te ar
Nn lunie Melntlah, ine of the Sir: Having tried different doctors
Sssistlanll in, the tiainesville and their rentedics for several years
and High lhool. departed for back and kidney troubles, I found
ay for her home, where she will nothing succeeaful until taking The
the holidays. 'exas Wonder. Hall'a ;redt l)iscov-
STkialI our friends ery, ad. being rapidly cured, thoie oll
.e Tha l l for the ir jryi.a with r. ilroad men i. t'ixl
patronage tos piat week, lad lless the tMan who invented thie Pill-
O*Wh one a Merry Christmas, ma sleeping car." but I a1 "(o d
8* J. Thomas Clo. tlets hthe inventor of Halli 'Texta
W\\nder." Youra truly.
OeOr" Taylor If Palnmer, superin- W. Ii. ('IAI S,
t of the li4inesvilhl l' -aeh ior-i 1 I lI 1. Co.. Mobile' .\ ln.
Company and one tf the clever-
WIlows In the world, was among A TEXAS WONDER.
t liltors to (iaitaevilhl yesterday Inlwe lsmal bottle of the ITxas Won-
. T i. Nixonl. the new pastor.l* der, 1iall'l0 tret Discovery, cures all
P,; ach at lit. Methodistt h urchlrh kidrli'y aid bladder trlouthlei, removne
itF torln alt I::;l o'clock, There gravil, tures diabetes. enita iil emnil-
he t sn nor ...r.. ... .. -.t ainn l k end laiem hai*k.. Phrlirma.

i* t almt minmt inai qpru, or ut p earniu i
val, whic-li 1 il :lll t itnlIL eirilImoni 111
thte d4 ty Sols i" or lirter iii-trU-
mneilp. Wii-L nre very valu.(!s*, ae ito
t1W fivel stway as a praemiukil. wile
inulif frmun otii htre is int'i d.d 'lily it |
IttrIct aL ten iion. At niy rite,
far whatever purptos*e ttry rmay he ii.-
tended, they attract liln c'rowl. aI d
the inerchanlts an tha t0.oroaughillar as
a aoi)irqucnce have gooId crowds.
.J. Masl.y lell, sheriff I. W. 'en.
nell, \. I). 1) d E K. againn aind nh-
ore returned Friday frumn the wi:d of
latlayette county, where ilthy lrve
bet)n for the past few days oin a hunt.
it expedition. They report a good
linme and plenty of gamei,. aumolg the
victims being three line deer. It is
said llat aI Mazy )eli "treed" a deer,
but bedaime im excited at the condition
of affair which existed at hlst time
that he could not conim within fifty
feet of hitting it. E. K. Fagan is re-
sponsible fur thisesory. and will be en.
fabled to explain It In a monr Stiisfe.
story way than it can be explained here.
To the Public. TI IDiamond lee
Cu. having Just been Inoorporated
will, on January lel, 190, euosed to
the old partnership of Strinafellow
Broe. & Liingltoe, taking on the s.*
6I54 and operation the factory for the
benefit of she tokboohlders. All so*
counts mout be uttled on or before
that time, as an entirely new set of
books will be opened, sad all patrons
of the old company are requested to
alil at once and settle their aooounts.
No new aceounts will be opened with
pereone who have failed to settle their
old accounts. Your truly.
T.. b. rSTihnruvi Low,
It .. KtmfuiVLI-nw.
R. B. Livmor osN.
Uainesville, Fla., Dee. 23, 1904.
.I~- I I- I l I ... .





Holiday Sale.
Continues with unabated interest.
The crowds continue to throng our
store from early morning slil late
at night, taking adrvaitage of the
great bargains that are to be found
from one end of our mammoth store
to the other.
The people know a good thinly
when they see it and our goods and
prices speak for themselves.

Never before was there
'such an opportunity for
shoppers tt secure their
holiday goods. For the
next week we expect to
paint the town RED.

10o sacks, 10o, pounds
to sack, good( white Rice,
a little broken, at $2 75
per 'Turkey and
rice is mighty good.

2,000 )11OUR1l of the
best 10 aniat c (.4Candy in
the United States. The
-l<'c Candy is as good as
the best.

uust rercived an im.
mense line of Round-
t free's Trunks. Bags and
Suit ('as.s-suitallv for
holii4y gl fts.


I,.,' U'

conme to the New V'rk Itacket andi A
we will tfNO you. We sell for ealsh
l at acket lprin'' w]

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