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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 24, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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r0r"" 3 ., -
J1 r


AY,. IfCEMBER 24, 1904


Tho Czar Has So .otiAod The
People Of His W onai2.


Nklholas Will Net Y ,One Principle
of Autecracy and 14 llieved the
Revelutlonary tiona Will
Cauae Trouble In tnl entry.
S. t. Peteraburr, x 23.-Bmperor

lmt pwSfl t N illeholas has formal i notlted the
namitry today that for a cos.
u$ttauen @ad the tin of a a
ss espeably Is such Is
SIi ,Iiroti pl a pa f the ea.
t dwet writttea Is oa"r hand an
,bs itw mi boleto by the Cher
SI1'tgPVrl SeJ atwo Dee. tag him, la
1 the 1Met loyal to oloavocate
-- i#*1 t WA. lally elected of the ZeI.
Snta to pillar p rr ,his co
&WW*$=- Thee rewrote o
)tIIINIh thmsthateb:
if I "I eolsmder the a of the prel
det s tobe preftm ad taettes
S e l0 'ad state I lratlon are
gLim se oI me as s"ero to the ivateo whose
tst lks ad rlebts early demand
b the law" mThe n eat I t print.
'it el at e In the tSow l M r ttl morn.
itS dh .. j 1a dashbl g the the extresa -
.In~a It erst our
lilIr T the. .mpel. a the begtm,

tof the

4 is te ar t

i, Dee. t-Wehlle rOLAs IL
S i ~an s a ish although he haa bhown hliselt
mi, :iile I omilea north oI favorably disposed towards a more libt
gIf8 i$Wr the Pbliledalpbla ad oral regime and in entire sympathy
l a I ror company, were with some of the Zemtstro 4emant
0 0i 1 elyag boueso rookd el had roolved not to yield the prlnel-
tioea ad several tltod jpe of autocarcy. U'pon this poiat,
tiq SwIee11ta4oot toppled Into the it Is understood, all his advisors, I.-
W110 Th Ir ktohe a of the double eluding Interior Mlini ter Bviatupolk
wding tsated by the families ofl Mlrky, agrmd, but the character ol
rftlet aad Jacobslpabert the agitation which fi.:owed the meet.
ttn o'tbe mine and the terror leg of the presidents of the Zemr
t p e tl t ite ro the bulldl styos aid nation of various provincial
efr alght clothe. The ftam Zematvos and municipal conunile
4 nik Ceollies and Joseph Welt coupled with the recent demoneatration,
S Similar fepeliene, at Moscow and elsewhere, probably
i '. Im s opeabd I th, ha severed to strengthen the hunds
rsllU sh Il Still slaking. Th. of reactionaries and coalvinced the em
I f dt thbo sariee is due to the per otf the Imperative necessity for a
Sd V~ee e ebeld In lepe. pl nin-spokenaansouncenent of the for
s Y the North Mahoney Col erein's position upon the main point,
""i '4The reactionaries undoubtedly re
4 .""gard the emperor's action as a distinllct
low V m Rag k1h to Ourtalm. victory for them. Neverthele-s tto
i l4Ligh I, N. C.. Dee. 23.-A francheie feeling over the reform movement, are
ShI m bWlbeen iPrated to the Raleigh and still In progress at Taarskoe-Selo a ni
r OS ODhas Pow* @and Traction company wilt shortly be Iublkshed. What the
atdl, Operamte a electrLa line here and Immediate effect of the Imperal re
f l0 buldl a linte o f malies to Durham. biake admlnistlred t, the t'hertnigov.
S Jhllag O. Carr, president of the lelr. Zematro will be problematical II
a* til e eoempany. otoed the franchltse, may only serve to fan the fl.meu ani
hut asked If It was irnratedl this his be used by the revoltionary organrla,
orld eMapasi he given the prIVIlees. A'i tons to increase the alitation and In
S.1 eallttee e franchilse was dlrrertl turn eomIpel itts repression.
a0s to etaldr' this matter and report. tt
I i etam annateoed that the new company y sultan Expells Foreign Missions,
rlat would pay the old one every dollar it New York, I)er. 2:f.--Aa order just
t i d lanvested Ina the plant Isrued by the sultan of U Jomco expel.
Itro *--**- Ilng all frei~ l missions, delegates and,
__ I anpletsg Permanent_ Organiatlon. empirloe.. at pr c.nt attached to his


Step Are Taken to Bring All CottaM
Growers Togrther.
ort Worth. Tex.. Dec. 23.-At I
meeting of the executive committee of
the National Couton Aiioclatlon here
plans wcri adopted for the organipa-
tion of the National Cotton Atwocl.
tion uader the resolutions adopted by
the convention at Bhrevepo t Dec.
It Oswald Wilson. of Pt. Worth,
Tua., was unanlm(ouly elected serte
tary of the executive committee; J. W,
Spencer, president of the Farmers and
Mechsaleu National bank. FT. Worth,
national treasurer, and George N. Al-
dridge. of IDaIll. was added to the
executive committee.
The objects of this organlxition are:
1. To urge upon every farmer In
the souther slate the absolute nete
stly of dlveritlcatlos. rotation Sad the
cultural system of growlag CQoma.
I. To secure legislatlon la all of the
oottUr states for the protection of Ian
*etivoroua birds and to destroy eys.
-temtleally the cotton stalks M aoon
as the cotton Is picked.
To secure these results, steps will
be taken to systemalilcaly orgalite
the entire cotton country.
Vice presldents have already been
Utmed for each cotton state, who will
act as chairman of tbe state execute
committee of their resprtlve states
and will name their own executive


President Reoevelt To dSa Capital of
the Confederacy.
Wasuhngton. Dec. 23.-Prsidenat
Rooevelt has accepted an invitation
to vilit the city of Richmond, Va..
some time during the approaching
ear. The Invitation was extended
, .r a delegattfn trpr "sntlng the city
government of RichmOnd.
At the white house the (leleogatioa
was Joined by Benator Daniel and
Thomas Nelson Page. Mayor Mc-
Carthy presented tie tInvitatlon in a
brief address. couched In cordial terms,
concluding with a promlne of "ruch a.
welcome as the world would expect a
brave, gXnerou4 and holpitalle iwople
to extendl to one of your exalted posl-
tion a:d( characters
Tbh president told the delegation
It wou!tI afford him pleasure t') matske
the vhlit as early as practicable, but.
at this time he couli not fix a time
defnltel). lie Indlcattld. however..
that It would bie Stie tim iiiuring the
ensuling year, perhaps In the spring
but probably a litlet later.


Railroad Traffi and Shipping In Loe-
don Completaly DiaorganIzd.
Iondon. Dec. 2'.-Such a complete
disurLanizatlon of railroad traffkl and
abshipping as ha resulted from the+ prey-
eat fo ghas been unknown for many
A dismal pall is spread over the
greater part of the kngdom,. causing
enoromoats hIsineas losses and threat-.
ening to deprive thousands of their"
Christruas parcels.
Statistician e:tilmate that the losesM
In a sinlte day of mu.h a fog In lin-t
don alone amount to fully $.1.000.000.
All the roast report a dislocation ol
shipping The Whirt Star line steam.
er t'edric which sailed from the pmowl
yesterday for New York. Is still at
noun fog-tboun ib t .t r Merey. where'

trami Is at a star
Similar condItlio ;, ir il on the
Thames. A numh.r of minor ahippinl
mishaps have beein reporlted.

Rewarded for Brave Deed.
Montrmter. A!t.'e'c. 2.,--W. H. i
Collns, of his 'cii, has recev!ved a
cherk for l:)lwo a a token of xgrali-

tude forum ithe parrentn of t young wuo
man asved frum tmlrowning Iy hih, nt.
Atlantic c:fy ?aist Septrmbe.r MI
Collins w, on the brarh when 1l;
hbeanrdt fi ", woman rrv, y .tlie -na

Pars.,Dec. 3 .--The laternat onal court at In'. snd also two of bhi owel in nd r5l l., tI her jiiit ts time. The
eoamlntlon appointed to inquire into ministers. was arrtanged 4 six months name of ith. dnlorr Is wtlhh',.
the North Se incident nm at t he for ago arording to tent familiar with .\|i.
4Ipu oaffc at 10 o'clock this mtI rn. rocialn affair*. lhel ar now In N,. Murderer Arrested In Texas.
Ipg. Rear Admiral )avitl, I. 8. N York. The .in!y reiaoln th.a the T. Nash\ .. Tn14n. c. 2:: tr.
wa present. Hlis priMq nation Lu ptilion order wa an ca ti,- o~ gramt ltrltn Mar.ha'. T,\ ',i. h
Pruidet nt lAth1Il liat b' n net for I ui.,,, A t.. .......... 1 f ,. . .. Altr*l I t.. .... .




Russians Attempt to Re.-Th
Lost Fort But Fail. I


Numbers of Cruisers and Torpse
Boats In China Sea-KuropatkJ
Says Russians Have Recaptured *3
Meter Hill.
Toklo, Dec. 3 --A dispatch recaind
by telegrapb today front the JapaAaw
army before Port Arthur aaya:
"The right oolumns of the army at I
o'clock this moringl taking advantaI
of Ihe enemy's excitement. drove a '.
enemy off am eminence north 4,
Housayentaio on Pigeon bay. and o "
eupled the potlllon and at 7 o'cloe k
dislodged the enemy from a height ea
the peninsula. west of HlousanyedmtJa
which we occupied, capturing Mge
mall guan.
"After the Japanese occupatlo el
the statlons, the enemy made a coI .
ter attack, but was immediately re
pulsed. At present our occupation of
the pinltlon is practically secure."

Looking Out for Rusian Stipe.
Singapore. Straits 8ottlements,. De
23.--wo Japauele cruilers called her4
this mfrnins and left at no)n., Th
reported that two Japianu e battle
ship.r. two Arb clabs enrlines lt two ee
ond-.camn cruisers and 12 tIrpdoto boa
destroyers were nearby bteamihnt west

Shanghal. Dec. 21.- -A sqnla ron ol
powerful crulsers lndefr Adlmiral K&
minmiturn has istlume iout tt oi the Chie
sea to meet the Rusttiiana surIIId Pa' O
squadron. "!

Report Not Confirmed.
lMaIdon., ler. .13.-A dispatch to the
Exclhanie TdeRlraph company from St
Petersburg. sa)'a (;ePI'Inral iilropatkla
has tel iraphed thih gtnetial staft that
he has received a report from ('hisae
sources to the effect that thl. Itunstaus
have rucaptured 21:1 NI.1: -r 11111 at
Port Arthur, together w iti the wgu
mount"l by the Japenm~ *'
The Japainese legatlni; ; ii has a
'onflrmnation of the ret'ii'-t.d rer'pturl
of 203; Meter il11l.

Admiral Skrydloff Loses Command.
St. Iet'orburg. I),D f Inquitriel
made at the admiralty all ternd to
confirm the r'ieort thUiii Amlnlral Ro
jest '.-p.y w.l iuc'Cedl .\,iimi. ra skryd'
lofr in .il|premin fleet. the latter retirlir :n hlir-. 5 l
member of the adziraulty crnutil
The admiralty is p,'rf'tiien ptIran!g
ments Ito dipatch ho aOnh a. the wa
Ia over, an exptdirlon lih0.1,.el l y Ad'
miral Vilrhit-.kyI chi*.!f ( t d li htydro
graphic bnurs;au to tl ,i.roigh;y eipilorl
the Arctir route to the Prdr Fa,-t. et Pr
clavly with refel ncre in the' quicst io
of ice blocks In Kara ItlaItl. ThW
expfeltlon s Pxlpectted to tr'iirlre two
to n ve year to oomplut,, its work.

Macon Discusses Freight Rat*e.

Macon. ta.,1 Iec. 2.;.- Tho Macso
chamber of comiu rcet na,' litei vory
much exerelse d over ithe fiutigrt rat*
SitUstloin since It w*l aIuotnllr''di that
Atlanta had r tclived ait irIterstalt
rate that put Iuer ahtad of a!: of her
eomipetitort ib hIl the t fforti
have tieI,''n made to a. r-.'.a-r';in t th il
Malte railroad cuInRl--;sa l prpo t
do or cran ld to prevent til. injury
that it is belir, 'ld will follow If r,,fme
thiig I not t ,Iioi hll i ,r i t i, O't iher cities
80 far tlhi rain-oadl ha' 1.:,ii n1utltli
to lay to the cotulnlis.ulunu ll the suli

Operators Reject Plan.

Fa;i liter, .. I, | rh
River r:ton mj nlutfa ttc*i ll. I.1 r
I J'
" J '.tii \ I b3 t h lr ? "\ ,'" ,i n.

.orf (t l > uiinI ,c .rS'':. rv T* ..



--- +--


IltlrO (i'~
~. I1~~I~r u !

thulnris u i
popehlqltigf Ii

.' .
,vi : "., ,,, ,(


a oneiwtorbe
O" a 'ts UovM 1 tos "M
I UutasrU ;uv-s urswseflrm li aetbilIu
UfhtiWjv "lUp, a MIW! 'Irp*II^e
.Fii.CtW on otmr.
la o s o w fa t r ll t T Im, . -

Lni. rona IuvSo.
to t m CrulrtCsu rl. tflihlk JMlnll liroult. "

" h4a- C'ous-y, -Mw --a CI. eO*b*
u mmueslrhsita vs. Aadrifl artlso.--X.
pp r li by tatldvI dt e 0ded to the Itill
abov misted n5 thlm Andirew
lOfit O Oate /O *ead obs
u or btan Ma *4
jean; ii. timmrs hw IM rkab n
or e atPh serea b
ra ea- ther iteefos. tada d
w aPre to the WBU ph5 alled
*-"* o or bfr i it* ***> d"
S~ffyA.a H up*N tb< iiyf




-,'QL . 'C;....
*i )
kS 'h .
t 'H' I~

I j)E

,,,.. ,,r ia tRl :1.rE. (, .. ll


li aoil their virtUMes-ono uf iOelI
4doadly o&JILI, l iERINS t -:
reJulnrly iVilltorulh hE"""ii .li,i ,
tiBiulls Yctlvn or~m iotn, h.ahu off billosnuup, hiii
livur Uim. keep you la go*I ~.i
90 b 9SkN AXODroau

For Sale by Johnson BroL, Gainw ille





To Please


. ,L? , '.
, i E;:' " i,... .

*fe'*,, .. .. ;s 1
p I

I. K I

! .N

,/W~o~ tk

: s 9r! o

, ;L

I lise ap ,." ," glasses In
II fatwr thR they raitive the
g ~hpl peristlsdy flitting ltso *ye
24k tk.t tWi4 qmsure s, Ihubs press rviug
dth ey. tfilmilnlur the eye only
the latest M d West improved methode
rod lftllSts aore used.

^i~~ssSty- ^

V1'.x a



wwwpow p

w6. :-

;.- hed.. t Hew Villifler.
Mp:hI s Citr, P.. Dee. 3.--Taklin
..a RuSIasi to Ltak for pome
t1|M wng. ~eorge Peters. her
Sfi se t upon by the woman,
uhSS im 4 aBl wth a pall of
S i ll blaborled him with
SIU bE ad tI a rotes until be
be k NO m r. Pet M ha her
wI" for assault before a Justice
Slife t mhi smo called mIe *-," .d U e twara, "that wcild
i Jtibe s i 0i tt lWiW ahim s the
Oured Pa .rpal.
8. Bailey, P. O. Ttru. Tezxu,

PheleI4 e eiCpeIally are invited to
mfill d tmmsIgate our methods of
orr tlmL error, of rrioefaoti. .1aamy
sme o beof edlhe, neurallai, nervous*
*MW, Irritability, isUiainta, vertigo.
penriu proetrtion and the ereming
.upplityl of eklldtrn are ofaa due to
defettee vista eMused by a* abnor-
el earfatuar of he eorne or ery stl
lI0 lea or no ea irrntularky of the
refra"lnl moeda of the eye, and are
roi'evd 1 ann. upon the appliettion
of the proper la"ss. inetyi per oCeti
of Lsbrpeo pe oeir 40 yeafl e0le need
PflSlw, MW so per went of the 90 need
them. for.41lhee..
QOtius are so always given to im.
prone eyraight bou to relieve uond
tsamlas-4I eon to ssit nature.
Thotausfof eye are ruined yearly.
een Mueemsona of to hate aei(her
eas Ue and one out of tweaty As-
al *.1gemeel the lneeslty ofs teest
log ehe separately. Speelal at*
tentio i ftive to ay inoqealllt that
may existed twea the reflretion of
eao. '..
Optiloeal ea bhas made. rapid ad
vaseO within the lust few year; the
oreot adopdioa of spectacles has be-
olae i ditlnet profession. The opti.
elm who thorouhbll understand* his
bealalne rMallM fu that I adjust.
Illg lro for his ertlooers he is
trostinawih a most dellaie and pre-
*esbu ovaM., where the slightest error
may mall seriously..while if be does
hto wor well be not ouly gives om.
fot ande *a to his patroas, but in
many lutanese restore the sight.
.peial eare should be taken n o.
leeing the frlne pair of spectele*, nor
shoulit be attempted without the aid
of a mwponlsble optician. It Is most
Important that the lenses should be o*.
emrtely entered aSd of the best qual.
ity fd the frames o made that the
wearer leook dlr*etly through the en-.
ter. UlM nses ely fitted to the face
became an ornment as well a a no-
FItlanKehildren with spoeeales a
Pareasl, do not neglect your chil.
dol*e eyes.
PlD ulta ease solletited.
All questlons in re ard to the eyes

Ia the matter of a Christmas (tit is a mighty eiay natter in
his store. Be she wife, sester daugherr or friend, we can sell
you what she will be happy to hare.
H~l II I I II .. -

Now is the Season.

We think Just before Christmas a good time to remind you of
our ei)ga(Ia line of Irrt (foods, Dree (moods, Novelties, Laees
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lSdis in an up-tnodate Dry Goods store. We're never had
stuh an attractive showing, and it should Interest every lover
of the beautiful in this town.

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Ia Via, Via
Deprath .Ea&s ts. a o. rDow,.0 0
or or ~s~ulMn JM 1r:.e asJ
LIltbJaksa'artUe .. uJsaUUUse 1, U loUsotr.,

Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service

Time Table In rffeet Sept. 1, 1904.

Depart For

. .. ..
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Arrive FroM

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ily mediate Points Daily
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elpa tanlwajl" t other Stai n, are on ale by the priselpal agents.
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r ..

alLI,~ ~RL~

laJ~ Y~C' I



. I


'' ':

9 ... I . -r,.''L

----.- --. -- --- -r ,


iNuL oDIun

rrt ald Eatimate of
Il Bxu About COM


It Has Carried Very
SPriceS asea Result Ha
pvaroweri Holding i
pei Prult for Better Mark
. Hill has returned frou
where rv has been for
inki buying oriaRIre an
IrnitS for J. 1'. Mo tyer
lrlphia, and other eon

The Cause of Many

Sudden Deaths.

II IU l Thtre'i i t* ei lipt;i,- Ij r- ilin in this

21000,- *fl ll'11ni -d'b
nIo?. itsU t

HIPPED r t' 'r
Poorly, : k-hi t i
Ilb -. -% Ir I ~ u i>,!,,I ,
ve Been N'- .
Bulk of -.. 1 1 .
tack tl tl t or i +l' il- ;. i. !. t i ,,*f
S m inth erl 'k h l l dii 'l 11w I- > I 11.'1.
fl3jp~jfJlj J. l.l br tr,,' l , t' i ,-t ,,!?Iu ?: t ke
ti h e t161nL I I t( r in t.t 'l s t t 'k 1
tl tlher ti tlurv i.i o tlit. < |.Ii 411 1. j' 1
& (1; t .I l.' ..I t I I t I l -IL ;.. V ], 1r 4 t I-
,isio.JN i 'r id N -, 1 lV .ll 11 n4n i- L?.

IM' -r .. . .r ..... . .j S i wh--n he returns
gre:t Libtn', lii r no:iL it ,jdu-r -t Ltw b.
base of Mr. Hill's operailionis t ior 'v'ti, 14ri U tt. hl 1 1 .in 'I I't wIl m Iih a(flt)I withi scIatica,"
B i.,te ovoinilty of rSet. wPtlrlbturgK ^-,1, ,- l i: ; :.i t>l r- Writt ,j;i C. N d, l,)wa'ville, Sedg-
k, vicinity of S. i r rabu ig' ttin .t l : 1h8 .i;tt ,in it\ I nig witt (i Ki i
the e West C(o st, where lhe crolp I>t ,t. t, ,,t, i .i. inwit ol.v,
.i Oan heaviest this easionua. If'*" itP t 't i i lllit >.. .n tu iL s aruirttil ee avri suffering a deal of pain.
that upto this time he hae im pur- .iIih lt. TI lie tilIl ii, tI-i t trirdt li.rl I w'1 ilind tui'*le to try Hiallard's Stnow
and onr ign*td twenty carlIo lad l t: t o1 .t uiti 1 .t I 4n i ial, ,ivi L I.i ilteiinI. whi r1h rteli vd vd ,me. I used
t cut% oif the mili1 ar i .u. th ree oVii little. It is the
lHStimate I gavL you ofr ,(X-,AX) i inp,-l ,t it lt-,,-:ti o te llt ii lin intnt I ever usei ; have rtcoim-
for the State early in the fall 4',! il v all at: l.4,L.-t, illn tL It cI.t nlt tlit'hItm d4 it to a 1uiiilhur of; all
sbosu correct." remarked Mtr. O nitilt le l iootle -I' thin U olna rtt[ tll 1 Ill-Iik.- I 1 i
when asked what hie thought the IC rv n ~l i..k t1~t tells 1t ;,l..ut it, bty it. I ow walk without ertches:
would be. "Of title number lostIiItnt frc. iy ail. Ail.i DrI. Kil- i ble to perfrm a areat deal of light
half the erop will come froin the 'u mer & Co.. lIinghm.tan., N. V. Vlhen labor un the farm." 25e. Wr*-, 1.40)
ooaat and the Manateerivr rtiniK iti li ll tlii this li gi teIt Othh Sold by lV NI Johnson.
O0 nd the Manaee river s '.idletr in lhi.s i IAr. I)Dni't miike iany
Balf of this crop lha already naistaikt, ut riLmiiii.r the niie, .e1I111p. Ii. W. &sarbarough of Waldo was
skipped, but the buyers and* RooMt, Dr. iKilnwer' SNu.ilji Ruct,. a.t. the aiong thoae who favored the city with
MI have been disappointed as re. ilr s, ltiinlin.titOi, N. V., on every a visit yesterday, and while hero he
pries. The carrying quality tf m4ttl. renewed his subscription to The Sun.
Nl ha also been very poor, and r- ---- .. Serarborough, aside from his farm,
Iy laistances oranges which left NIEW OF CITY AND has a healthy aere of cabbages which
ed o market t in excellent condi- COUT CONDENSED are nicely headed, and from which he
Seaebd the market in a deesyed e~~speas to realize handsomely. He
with the result that very took yesterday to Brinkley a wagon
were reallsed." Deputy Sheriff .1 H. ranger ha. re- load which brought good priem, and
of grape fruit, Mr. l Hi turned from aiu offloial visit to 1*a- swill soon bring a lot to the Ualuesville
that this fruit would prove a Crosse. market. He also hal a couple of a res
profmabloe rop in the end than D. L. Whitt of Trailer was in the In strawberries which are now nla
iMo. "But little of it has beeu so eity yesterday on business connected bloom, and which will yield in Jan*
-plpped, however, owing to the with the olerk's offue. uary.
piStealst the market. Two.thirde J. M. Shipman. the lumber manufac. Among the visitors to this eity ye-a
ngap ls yet on the trees, as the turner of Archer, was I ransaetinA busi- terjay was D. R. MeElvine of Albion,
s'e holding their fruit for neas In this eity yaslorday. one of the most progressive eltisena of
F No' charge for laying' that section. Mr. MeElvine Is repr'
lu state that t81. Petersburg is reee matting or hanging sending the Interests of Edward R.
little eity, and that a great shades. Beautiful line and low prices. Blodgett, owaertof the property of the
I rlte s are sojourlninr there The 8. J. Thomas Co. i Albion Chemical and Export Cornm
The streets are being paved W. E: Dow. the huostlig agent of rany, which is benlg operated on a
lltlSded brick, and altogether the New York Life Insurance Corn- royalty by Ford 4 Hiller, Oeala. He
SI !s prosperous. pany, hali returned from a trip to Lake satles that the mine tare being worked
f City and other points. regularly, and that large quantities of
ifL CBby I s Outtingh Ttlh dw ls Florence L. pre nad use that old and well- ton, N. C has arrived in the city, and Mr. MKeElvine has many friends In
muety, Mrs. Winslow's Booth- will peind the holidays as the guest of ;(lainesville. He come here but sel.
r np. for Children teething. ItI her brother, S. W. LeOrande. dom. and his friends are always glad
the child. softens the guom, b Wernike book ase, to see him.
all pain, cures wind collo and i. lO e hall trees, ehiffoulers. Dr. U. Goldsteln, the ooulist, arrived
at remedy for diarrhoea. Twen. beaniiftl rattan rocker. oak and mia- in the city from Palatka "on time"
4es aie 1 bottle. .Tho a ll kinds p. TC yes irrday, and will be at the Brown
Ohrietmas Tree at Micanopy. Mr. Pomroy of Lexington, Ky.. fath- tH),ie for the next few days. The
W people of Micanopy, determined or of liss i. na Pomroy, who is spend- .LIwtor states that he glad to get
up with the procession, have ing the season at Odd Fellows' Sanita,. bi re and w(re it t for his profen.
o old a Chrltms tree to- rium. has arrived in the city and will: e. and were it st for uil proft.
so holda Christmastreerto-bet fewsonal engagmentshI*wudnot ob.
in Johnson's. Hall, and great b le guest of his daughter for a few tonl uemeni lie wou*lntc ob
nl ae beina, made for tea d ..e to remainingn here the balance of
les are being made for the days. the season. "I am dead in love with
Those interested have been We want ltX.O00 pounds (If frrap U inepville and the people," he said,
day and night ror the past two iron. 5.000 pounds of srap bras. Will d wod bewilling to remain here
"W"daysarranging the tree and pay the highest trice. Bringt ti your n wo e win o ren e
arragi he tree and erap iron and bras. (Gainesville if I could indefinitely." The time be-
batterS, and a good time gen- Foundry and Machine Works, Gaines- ing limited, Dr. (Hi.ldtein cannot re-
b lanilpated. vTille. Fla. dim maini longer than a week or ten days,
,llItree will be a public affair. The R. 1D. Lowman of Williston, one of and those needingK the qervloes of a
ftbofM leaiiaopy, with that goner- the prominent eitizens of that progre*- first-class opLtiian would do well to
l'Bart for which they have always eive town. was among the visitors to gee him at oiee.
aMWted, are at peace with each Gtainesville yemtenlay. ItHe states that ---- --.------
L t'al tbh world, and there is n9 the people of his section as a rule are Fight Will be Bitter.
ftweleome there. It Is proposed prosperouil. and that the merchants Those who will persist in closing
Uab tshil occasion a grand Christ- ar er o ling a fine trade. their ears agaillst the ontinual rmeons-
i.le feast, and there will be no On.e of the prettiest grocery windows mendation of Dr. King's New Diseov-
small gift for everyone who in the city is that of Dorney, which c*ry for Consumption, will have a long
.Ss.As A matter of fact these contains an assortment of reasonable and bitter fight with their troubles, if
l be diversitlfhd. Some will be things for Christmas The window was not ended earlier byf atal termination.
there by loving friends whbleh designed and dressed by Douglass Per-. Read what T. It. Iteall of Beall, Miss.,
yWOveof real value, while others, ry.amd iitsn credit to the taste anti 'hl to Stay: "'Last fall my wife had
i humorously disposed, may take ability of thi young man. every symptom of coinsumptIon. She
i g e of their oceiion t play a| 31 Thomas. 0. I1 Thomas, Kin' New Dicovry aftr
saaome of their friends. At any .Jon Thomas and John A. Thomas, everything eise had failed. Improve-
intbe occasion will bq a goodnat- ment rame l once and four bottles
_I L Jovi l one, nd everyone im in all of Wilhiford. were1 in the city jes- men __
S on lloooeand everyone i in- business. These gentlemen entirely ured her." OGuaranteed by
to Jome aed "take chances e on at negotiating for a tract of timbered all druggists. Price 51)e and l I) Tr-
Mnaybe presented to them. land, with the eixpectatonl of engaging ml bottles free.
a.' *, in the naval stores business.

To Cure a Cold in One Day
! s Laxtive Bromo Quuinne Tab-
All druLgists refund the money
Ia lll to ure. E. W. Grove's sig-
Li,'p is on each box. 25o.

,l* Atlanta News of Monday. De-
*lo 5,* contains mention of the
WImg of Mies Haillle Hollisier of
.-e Roek. Ark., and John D. Webb
VAt&a, twhieh oeeurred at the rem-
ui of Rev. Dr. C. P. Bridewell,
O*, on Saturday evening, the 3d

Notice of Annual Meeting of the Stock-
Robert Hawkins of Alachua is in the holds of the Atlantic. Suwannee
city. rIt. iawkits isone of the old- River and Gulf Railway Company.
eat residents of that section. hatinRg
e, r n t ... a 1 Notice le hereby given that the an-
resided there for many year. lie i* nual meeting of the stockholders of
now engaged, between seasons, in the the Atlantic, Buwannee Itiver & Uulf
male of a book entitled "War Songs and HRalway Company will be held at the
I'oem." by an ex.Confederate ,ldier, o 611e of aid, nomw any Is the city of
S . Jaeksonville Florida at the southwest
r.I. I Wharton. aorer of Bar and Julia strte, Tue
Dr. It. II Maynardn, formerly of, day, the thlrd day of January, 190*, as
lachua but for the past few years twelve o'lock noon. for the traasae.
.. ,,-a Wh--e r .._ btion of oeeh bausine as may some be.
locale in Iis profession at tbser. ore the meeting. y order of the
was in the city for a few hours yester-l Hard of Diretors.
,aI. ti-a war en route to Alaohua.' D. 0. PoarKir. Secretary.

You NO wI


* 1

mion m you take W
trenthens weak wek
heewile to ber b Ih
taUlltheduties oA Cw
It will rliev the
Isnorrbma, ovaries t
0iaa comidewsi ai
do Notelsf a t# ma
bume- Wine dl O

- iS. "

- ---gIa S-a

SJOS. ZAPF, Jacksonvl
Wholesale Whikies, Importd Ziat
and Oliar Ae, Implremi s aowSilhi'
3Iimal Wake, IN.' . '::'
ms llw umiu ,

BUDWlin- i O
g fm I aru liin

Absolute satlsfeotlo gInaratead oir mien **iAie
Writs fo pDric 0 '

Air Line Railway

.*. O .

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, o
Pines, Raleigh, Richnbnd,
ington, Baltimore, Phila-
delphia, New York.

Two Elegant Trai Drily.:

Seaboard Express. ,|

Seaboard Mail.


Only. Line Operating ,
Daily Through Pullman Slopersa from JolsevMli toiw
For full Information and bleper reservatIo 1 all e
write A. O. MacDOlNEILL., 7.J
Asei. General Paswngpr Agent, PrIWi f

Oyl r thr rte memlngall au WWinters aW 1m ot k Ml S m
PECAN TREE r hei.t Sat ardie, A l MS oe d
hbld them. Akb FLrrue On resetae it. Caiti --s 'w "
Sreemdhil Psalt CulMure"t S I i ,
GrA3vLL= ran-, 11 hL. L .IM W

flteiflsaOed 1.70


* ''I:, I
* S



where he will spend the holidays
among relatives adn friulds. The 1 ,10.
tuore Irleuds in this oity ert gladil to
6r!e 1i4iti
lIr It t iI)er aRin f imily i f Traful.
ar I I,l arrived iln ithe ciry )'rerdllary,
u| i ;l riu r r.'tea l l l 'ii l *, ,i) ,\'iiteipr.

,iuii iii i0 th,, l..,>lIt iv. fun ily
% wiu ll ghllly WeL-l'ti.'u n -d lty tih,' gi'"J
|'"lll | 'f \ 'li iJ ,'r.
A j I.Mrlia>i, j g tir, ile-mT) -r nf ttse
f lr: orf I, r oai ,t a i. i iit r ,i- vi ;Il
Flaintl ry aiI Machiiln C'.an.nll.y. de-.
partfIl yesteirrtay f ,r l.tulls., Of ,
wlherer. 1l wii alpl then ii'i iy< 4'
the uisrIt nf hii siter, Mrs. N. Fartim..
l rindi sii*h hi m a pleasaiit ejiiurn.
Th:ey declare 11th j ket" will bi o1 A.
%il I -

; r

, .."

--~ ~F I

1F .

Borrow MAI., 15 Shawmt Ave., Od ,
After bI a ben manied about four meath.
health grenr elly drcline I e.roed to lose o llth
antI (Ira4 d wearily alom inrtead Myapsite
and l Jst health and strength. I waM oo O 4
Lu-tif. paing through aiy lmbtand stomaa v w4
ing down li rns anrl Lonwtat het ach addad tomy
SThe mrmntrual low became pure and mo r ai
wau nfit toattend to m duties. MyhduiM
in three d i ffeent physicasdI took eaoql
kill or curem % do r To n, hbut aU l"d uno a s
took Wine of Cardul. a few dyr felt
l health improved and athe mlt mel
natural an d 1 wa in IOM pal. O.Oduay I
and am now ia perfect h~thb. I tlake ooeamal
whlt k keerp me well.
YM this &dore
haMpy if
ftr~ 5'b

rrrrvYT I~'~'~lr

U ., ''
,. ', .



m p.

Our Special Lines...

Novelties, Souvenir Spoons and

Silver Toilet Articles

are particularly
you through

our stock.

WeI will

cheerfully show

WT --


M you to d4o to



Smot Suitable Preents
r' lils of

Jt Glen, ,ae

&'. '. . W' .

i0 ; ,,. w ;

lp gp..W...
am t

I. 4





', -. .'' I 'M ,


*li" .i qe a

Sa bbk'Win olh

H||^r'-|&*:~i~knl b | B rr'. -

ptoaed to be
he aOll hio'
Ii how", hi.




ing Co.


re' rDirectors and
U ensed, EmttelmeAr

skbw Uo IfipbMty. brn
hen' fSupplim

| igs bj YdWrspb ft TephmeT s

" ": .... .. .. "- .. .. - ......
"rafo t teba Pfei am Irt mereflh for IAk f~aror.."

is what you pay for when you buy land;
W mea ,-


know What yo are buying.

S, Titw lisaurily InSislble tetly meealed to you by..

STke- AIMhIL Colty Abstrnct ColBpa

Gtai esr..Ifle,

.'lo .ri: cLa.

ER. DUZI re. OMiJAsl

-. .-a-*
I(Wih b r.;. Thr1n).


Ofl0e over Mareus Edel'a. All work muar-
And Solicitor in Equity
Real Estate, Conveyamoing and Gen-
eml Preutice. All businme promptly
attnded to. Office next door to Sun
o ne. LUAIX.vIMn.LI, Fl.oIlIiA.



Oas sell your eity property, (im-
proved sad unimproved), phosphuae,
truakinpl ad farming lands. Send him
a list of what you offerr for l. 142in.

Office fa Eudel Bloek.




AbS et aofS Title ull l Mim rNabtkbed oims-t.r n S-la this
enan Ou. Oa nage~r ba" erdli th WrW 0o rtma ry
o tbownglty fe*femat with ea ti5l.

Buukt S. n OrI J XL a


IBSmeeemr oSIrlerA Aldemaml

OrTW DatO a Cota uh.


Pme) tteUm to c ro u Ba rl4dAo wort.

T. GORMoN a Tsor.

Ordoati4 BttlMore CoUef Dkuwa Smrer
Im reasI twW exsmer Sew York Ctly.
rows.lBtrr weortk uad mlulE SpalUs.
As. Wosa Oa sAAmTt
Oasoe in MUile Law aehbane.

Offlce nl Miler1 L.


Frank UGa

w )irbange. '

dncr. I'trop'r .
Florat h;

Beat Imported and Domestle Liqol (i;
and Wines In the city.
U----- ---

Mathishek ie'

am paM fon r thlu trvtg climate. *ands
StN* moir than olbers. eonstruoN M
beot matrtaria. sod moIt artltllo
workaMBtils1 obJl1alble.
Uplodas n every
detsil uAd U-
bold by us continuously for
Without a mingle failure. Iftvon
wSat S piano for a litetimOe'
9reneI buy the
Mathushek T"
Prite. l ow m i oSeemtaI wlb qu2r
C as or o ear tera Sre eat on It datr
aritl We pay fretlbh. WrilR
lor ritonsr TOU,

Ludden & Batesi

S0tbn Mlulc Hoos,
InuMM n MilBBMV EMr.


*j:. ,;1'i'


I '~ -

__ _ _ _Lcrde LC

' I


.,Wl -

.. ,

, .. -q -. .


0". : -
A6 l-, -

lIN -.'rvr13Er

4,1 I~

- A-


Kjils aest cOame at JAlnevile. Vle,.
r M!,eede^s traiimatter.
.. _..t.__ _..l r - -4-- -- - 1
IpeiAKYi rullwr aid *1utui2lrr I

I~UAI' U'a auS. 'ase- si'


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rvwee HATe


-r. ~ TT+; ~rl I~+-
I I~

CO. r

Colds Lead to Catarrh--Catarrh Leads to Con
Sc.... o.--

Dir. I'hf rls- It ili,'ji i, r.nori department f ti.n i'iy ff ,1te tL't.itr-e
lu liiv.stlt5'l". intt uIK lit! ii l cilit y.r
"t'sli of charitiisr* I rrirr 'ii'rit,. ii m,,1
(:IiiiI as ll L' 'eitj [. ..g r
reiigih 55 tbI ingi 1 '1,1Rl irnl it is tinr.
l.r' is u' tii a )n r f a ),. -<
Itr. IlI,-t el,'i., w a. at 'kl f l..
tliiy) iff pIarnI aii n.timI i i, i t hni t'ii*-
i i li:li th ti lg I t in it it risrri~g." rfit-i'y
,i. ., fi g. I L .. .. 4 r i I i

.r bi lulled everynornlirit" u""." "* ** 4j I- &.
T. del rd t y ltriL rlIn il.eity, 1i41" rr ito.'g o6' 1 1*- 1-%|-r ,.-.. i.,. ',. *
S fmr ri t eor ;beUrt 'ird Stiu t.L pl il ti i.l .i. L tl 5lit a- 1
, loit V are &r, i^ sI *1 "i s h 10 11- I t t. .Ct ltre 1 i y 1 ; i,'\ llih i rli
W loo : o t%, IR s1t for l1e w k l <'. t u tri 4 ; l .'
14. la tSll e -e I' s ;' i t 1 -r I; Il .
J gl lottiss" lor l) noou m I r c rt a -41 tl 1 it' t l i* f1 re. ,r IPJL. tl11 !i *
P tlf lUll 11on nd td.h ri fitr rlreh ad priil iin oi f ,, i *| iiii itr ii il Pi, l,+**; ,,'l.i t
p lasrtJn t' il '-.a I.r rIearri f e r i-lt i t h ll
I3ll7erthed rtitr made knw U1411 I'ii i ra t .
- -- oI I sIh l in;tftiA r i ,i'n.A W lit irr 4, I i.* tlint '
I Te.( .a* Week Sun It an eIht-l+t i. iri'ill VlaInldtl, oHl t1.'* t'l' tsi ii ll
gijtuMr Iimer. published t~vry Alrian lo k shI 'Lh lie w ai-, all ni.tirirg .--
I Tlur aiyr aid contalim ':1l thi e i l t
C tihe week. loeal. 11LtLe Md rn- t li i
i pll be tullld. PI Mas s free. tol any l it iw' Ii zit t r rtili '. 1 tr i,*'l ,* tiAi 1)
el Soe VUited States or Canada. Fo; ri 010 p" f ril tllit- V.rt nLty.
rlma advuree. *

versW na bills beennle 4us *ftrr Ortl
0 ost dvertlImenlt unless ttberwime
|lsAC'trlct. Prrtisnot known ti,
snreqaired to psa for adverttlsnW In l ad
AddcrUes THll DAIIY SUN.
(IA fsIvII,.l Fr.A.

llIntimaled that corn cobs ar
times uued in making a certain
issMold on the market under the,
of "breakfast food." Whethker
eorn cobs do filad their way into
products we are unable to say.
l lste of ront of the so*called
would indicat that something
sort was used InI tle concoction.

10 ti Deparinleit of Asriculture
can obtain noil loculatiIng
l aI small package something
aI jeat eake. This kake when 'is-
and mixed with water, etc.a, ac
todirections, becomes a mar-
ai dium for farmers' needs.
of clover, alfalfa, peas, eIo., ean
in the liquid, thus inocu.
them with the ntrerasary hao.
to make them grow as they
M on land where they would not
ise do well.

e bear a great deal about the
MaTrlee of titled foreigners,
plraue and marry American heir-
,but we do not hear half enough
l tbhosq female vulgarians rho
mesempltes to the indecency and
permit themselves to be chased
Sfel*rry foyelgner of tank, without
slflargand apparently without car-
I whether he is an impostor or a
AmeN. No well bred and islf.
:iPsMl sig wommai will ever he caught
Sit" foreilner,.on account of his title.

Of- 4tneral Nelson 4. Miles has accepted
i I appolnatent of adjulant-general
S he stall of William I.. liouglah.
': ;llltlor.elect of Ma*saehusetts. At
PI l t Gveneral Miles Is on retired
:li Ot the army rolled. Inderthl pro-
...O Lof the Dick law for the ihn-
."pMaient of the inilitia service of
;.l several Stateg. the assignment of a
WMflar army officer from the retirel
blo1 the active service in any State
U .-.re1 him to the active list of the'
l, with full pae y Thir will make
'.~irml Nilea' payfrom the govern-
"M l0SLOCOayear. His salary from
State will be $3,M00.
:-- E-:: -:.:
S' earthly flories fad coma out
i t-lal Iin the ease of the 'Wuorld' lFair
r' '..MIdlngs and trimmings which cost
:", U'',O,000, and have lien purchased
i She. Chlcago Wrecking Company for
hhiSSOQiO. The purchase price takes in
Sthlkv le.bieng exhibit palaee., stock
'h.L festival hall, eollonade of Statre.
Slllloin, serodpome, bank. Intramni
,.l railway, hospital, press building.
i'" .e and Bre stations, and also somen
'h". r s trtetureg. A eyelone could not
b. Rin to sweep the art on which they
Stud as clean as will those who deimol
" the building, as riot a lick of tim-
. .rilll be left standing on another.

IThe report of the third ariltant
" lilshler*leneral state the reeipls
.,, Ithe department from all soorces for
:" Pll lyeatr at *I1i.2,f3.624, total
.; I3k *lt '316230,l116; deficit !.779.-
"4 This la an increase in dellairncr

SIsr year of more than four and
'1 ituer millions, chiefly caused by
..I. r roral delivery. The total e ti-

'' + 0. ','6
e- -"" ;- .' .....
::+ "": -.

,isy tll.. St l. ,in l;. ibihlde: "1 O0
it 'ay for in adve(1 orItl I" e
y,'1rr iN, < ilili tb aikN in P tgb ir,.
Pid., be nt..lio*nl.l inari, at.ild r CniLlty

Mia ss4111 oIT W
exa tly in this I
ltok a Iroaret oP r i 1
too late,. he bLadeMl
'ortS of eegOk rra
poate it, "I k.-lkeoat
In four weeks a ftli
ber oatarrb .ad herq
'id or it.
This is what pen pi
while. Notldayas4 pu
exper.ncea wlit k b Vy

saoly 6be1ais '*i r.
the ebtqrrh %egI
bee to toh t thro .
catarrb satn Wte os
Iad Imags. If tqe
UlO i& iWl an&mt. ,,
At Is tltid Biet lte l
AS artlmedmuinth a*

IeI, -I rl r

t11 y f ely ApOF urtd (I t reIni' t. r 1Y os es-
paring Iualr b sis r'se wilh that If .' loped m '
libaks that did i)not ivertise. ii I t1 PW i
(ie y are thlbank ik that soushit ww haae I
l|tauins ,s thrimih printrt' ink gained '_
38 p.'r cenii in isetts and 8 pe'r cent in '
depuitsu. The question whether it
pays tMadve-riies. may not be entirely MI S -B mkm
asswered by siich tigires but haety are MISS
caklulated it provoke ihoulght." ALMA

i.ife i wehat iare alive to. It i LI lUW &i
not lenigLh but breadth. To be alive l &l11lS l=tl .B
only to appetite, plissure. prde,. isor 4WS, ''flill i A A --f
moneymaking id mnot togSoodnue a d
kindness, purity and love. history, wI" a-- a "bwl
poetry, imusie, flowers, stars, Uod and I
eternal hope, is to be all by& dead. I / f ,"M lH

The people of the United States an. /1/ a & 4 m5M
nually consume about 15.000 pounds of -l to
ordinary seed and about 2,51t0 pounds
of the very high grades. The former M m at S 2
will average $7 50 and the latter 01250 lt .' inlil le s
per pound, wholesale, making a total .
of about *a)f(0) worth. ao of aw@ WM ,

Ift ishop P.tIer takes "tablespooni- itkam pm A'l- .... a
ful of the be.t brandy three times a treatment that is ltaeectwtalsa
day," as charged by the Purity La[ie sXg mold low *. .o
women. he is certainly using it as a Then they eateh another Sold etd kll bliIbe* OWN,
medicine. On no other theory could gIn to cough. Then they take ogh I pn t ll
such little doses be explained. syrup., but theydo me good. Me,
d e i. i~eciaeesofreenmnptlon out of ten By and by they get ftid of taklAg wt mes f
If you love your work you eed ecur In this way: medilene and give up In despair. I'
If you love youir work jou nedn't A permnn catches a old. Tihe cold Is Their rdd continue said their eoigh be pleaed to I. .
worry about succeeding. Slot pr.iperly cared, and they qule'kly grow worse. Then they apply to a vyi1 Kr111s '. K ..4
eatch niaother one. Thisl coel 1. dilly- doctor, only htodiu-,n'ver that Ihey arn Il ATddres Dr.1 'Mill,
"A man sho\ild have 'the will to do. dalliedl ithl hv no treatment. or some the firJl tagesot oonsumptilo. Tihe rt"na a
""'the sou to are.Ask Your Druggist for a Free Peruna Almanac
I & POINTS "3L='iar.. lrcund toDo b. - at -s
>sw, o m. >o ,, ,,l.'_( l, ,, .l n,:-" ?. MEN AND W/ OM ;N I rU TV#BWV, O O J .
O%,,r!Iatnl. a i b .. 1 ,I ia ~ M4..j 4 ',fl00Wuxfor .ti'ur"
mian, was grnouni l' l e h h(e*v alh uiti i !.ta l u l ... ri 3 rO NwrM.",
bla, dy ci.t into sainl pieces. Otis 4A;a .A, ,i, .Ii: ,,, ,0..0RRTL. WR101L
foot was sound 'd edged lightly In a s"Inv$CvcsiC v l.t e.t t.1C ET0.
frog and the suppo'itlnn is Ihat hl alt 'Itati. a g elWtdbpb U U Wwrtbyef LUBERA TYorPOULOT
bore he could extricate himself the 1't% .i. ae pie 1 4a f PROMPT PARYM 1Tsr lr
Incoming paspnger trsin caught .bl.I..ra ns A .m. iO.MttlPT.R.a '. ,,
lHeo came here from Chicago three _uWer m r We ,over them imponsra poile and s spS l -

" g.""." '"..,.., W. B. DAWSON Fire, Lire, ACII atid Hel

We offer one hundred dollars reward ......... .'_
for any ease of estarrlh that cannot be -
cured by Hall's Caiarrh Core. A gents for e

e. t usi.INES AND LIQUORS. Victor Safe and Lock Comr
.1 Cheney fr the last 15 years. and be- n 11 $
lieve him perfectly honorable in all C 1 0 1 OhiO
business transactions, and financially Jtckonvillt, Floridll. The "*Victor" Is th best safe iiades
able to carry out any obligations ulade ing t hpro ase of m oo r a he e
by his A -firm. by onultiln|g us. Oall a or addlteS.

Sholesale ruists. Toledo, ... M N N G R A M Cn sL.,
11al's ( .Ctarrh .Cure is takem in- 0 v j li N ...o VlaJaIae &
tcrally acting d ii urcly upon the bloodInformtion cheerfully furnished. AIZVN
a, d mucous surfaces of the pyten. Pure and 01l %I
Tessirnomuals sent free. Price, 76c per aPu#re and01(1#
bottle'. Soldi 8l4,le ior o i r...l| 14 t b d si11i I-
Take iall's I-amity Pills rorconsti- arylnund RYe HUIskeP -- ---- **
aPer as.e . .. ......... U.,
Shoct.s Her Betrayer. Per bottleT .E.. T EEV ER
', : a' ,. I ,," i (l:,. the Per gallon . 3_ 3) 235 W Bay S t., JACKSOn-V.I'" LE F I'
mind hithn, a alter, in the clare als Carried In Stock. All the leadin_ .- -. ..._-_ -
levar i early traay and then sent two brands. Send for Price List. Cent rally late, thuegly repaired anli d rme ai. e uM
bullet Into ie, scmn 1M51.3 lI dnl' ."" "eps u i a.- a '

fore she learnedt hial he had a wife 5.... ... . ... .. ... ..
afd two chhIllenl. It is believed that AT LAT I HATIE IT 703 TIN TIR AMS.
-n wttl r-ver. -I evW!L%-Tha Mnnt7IIm Hntd
g f y) "I -us

* '"-* .
,' I-^c




g gcguuor

,, i I

S' il n ,

:i i., I
_ r


. [ ; .' . .
r . .
,, ,, ''




Iwind as to
tr, recon,
se limit is
tly the best
belslon both
study the
t displayed
.T, 0oVa

-. fl.


m l j S
t,~'v I


0 10
a- U tCM

We sell on tho installment plan, saldl cash
payments, balatw.c paid weekly or mlontlly.
Our line is complete and many articles suit-
ed for Xmas presents are pie -eminently
displayed at our store. Christmas sh8oppingl)
is dreaded at its best, the disagtrecable pIrt
being the crowds, Irush and Ihurry. A void
this by making your purchases and selec-
tions now and have tlioe goods laid aside tor
you, marked to be delivered( on tlh day
wanted. We store them free of charge
and make the delivery as ordered.

You never iw the lker--a fascinating at ortment. entirely diff-rcniL froin an
luilg ever sbows here.


SlFk Fr lrt Suares

Oriental Pattern
All wool Pro Brussels
Ax Minster
Velvet and Moquet "

Handsome all wool Smyrners
Linoleum, oil olothe. Matting
of heavy and pretty patterns.



,,1 . . . - ,--.. - ... ;. _. .. ..
Our warrhnou i .full, our store is fiull--over.bought, that'. the condition.
Must makn room for or oth Frniture. Have another cr arriving next week.
We ire uoferiuK them at a big out price. Attend this sale and geo a good one

............ ....... .i.
Ily i

it,': r- :, ,

.? ..., ,,, . ...
S', .'. .v'j', ," .* ,'
|1| ^ '-_I,,4J ^^ ^^ _' - ^ -_ -lj

.--4 sm, 4d the narme d add rse
Su ete l~ily to buy fornltore and
el Wi asl d oa t beausital souvenir and
hra hmebeli amiule atolely free.
u .. ...O..6. .. ........ .. ....

,.mu ..-i...... ......... .... .,

Chairs of Every


Lamps and Pictures

U1. T... S
F T8~

eaw floods.l table
kylDredg tables.

-----*1 *MB
BI OBMla Pu..,
i., S'd. s'

tk'":' *',',,'# ,.^ ,' ,'r.' "
" I, 11. '.. ', ^ '1 1" '- I'**. * j '

::a'i s a' ' ', 1 '
i,, i.,
-R'R '
.t.'.I .' "
J i
', : d

.;'. .:
', ,...'. ' .**
4.1 i -,
4,, ',
i ' ~'"
1^ ''











The Night before Xmas
And every night hruhout the* year U should eleep on our Hygiene F'elt
ttLr. t's a ooa s ap mIsgsne- advertis d mattress. and coast one-
third les. etlwesna leepi s rest anld a restlul aleep there i a world of dif-
lfryee. Itlren hln msmboer rod perfer t rs are aLsured ifJ Ou use the
niyleu WOe hove other. Ask to see them.

Tibbetts, Japanese Stands, Corner Seats,
Insic Cabinets, Box Seats, Willow Goods.
Everything Known in Furnishings.
I I I I II ill





our u


s. We

nk fJ I.








K: ;.

::'';': . .I'; i":
1I .1.
~~~~ I'"
~:; : ~ . I


-- .- .;i .. ..
-., .. .. ..
C".l l; .. ,
, 1.. '. *,. : ^ 1 " ,
' ,, ,, 1,,' , ,.

,, *I ,'



:- '-' -----~--- --r-- ---- 1

tM.t I~'%1


.," '.i?'
' >1'. ,.


. . .

_ .





Dishi "s Hias o Far
SAbout 896 Receipts.
:Ta:I S OulljoQlr Dicklinlon
greisday IihS *ulletItiots 1of
pI l wee very good so far,
o eeomplaili Ii tnaoke. He
iaoulA tS re0elpts out of
gwe books were opened.
want to gt ie is tItapayers
'l his es* Msrtlun, however,
satero of lndlfferenee with
Iwlhatl ilu they r ome, re.
'e olleator. "4 would
l upon their mind tlha
some promptly, for It will
a great deal in oeheinR tp my
t lhe end of the term. I have
SpLahlborhood of-.,700 receipts
, and as somei of these rv-
ryll lengthy it relui'rtv a
lf lime. I have several re-
a te quirire She time of uOne anll
yto make up, arid he iham tiu
iwFre at that."
pIs Diekinson states that the
will close in aecordsace, ith
April i. and the probability of
sion of 'I S Ii *lanit.II, TFhI of.
il be olusd for aboIu ton days

iJasuary, when the collector
hle regular visit to poinir
t the county.
Wlg Sp 11 Caused Death.
Duekwell, aged 25 years,
t dethb early yesterday moral.
his home, in the presence of
stad child. He contracted a
S old a few days igo and paid
It attention to It. Yesterday
giiel4 with a lit of coughiln
psioatlnued for some time. lli
Wat for a physielan but before he
'mirrive another coughing spell
sa sad Duooweli died from surTo.
,-St, Louti Glote l Iemonrat.
31. 21." Ballard's Ilorehound
Woald have saved him. .e, 5f)o
.)o. ld by W. M. Johnson.
la of Oravel Roadway Built
1'.WbIch Will Prove Successful.
a niOd builder C. L. Thigpin of
road supervisor for this die-
SIs provi ea great success, as hrs
Slmonstrated on several ocea-
SHis la effort wae the half-mile
of roadway between the
title and Brumley place,
b constructed of travel. and is
$o prove very laying and
.Th gpil expects to make his de-
Wr the first of the coming week
Alabusa. In the vicinity of which
he will commence the building
-... ,-
S Revolution Imminent.
f0Ne sign of approaching revolt
serious trouble in your system is
nllf leeplesrncur, or stonmach
SElectrio Bitters will quickly
ber the troublesome causes. It
fall to tone the stomach, regu*
hie kidneys and bowels, stimu.
the liver. and clarify the blood.
down systems benefit par.
I and all the usual attending
Salish under its searching and
h effectiveness. Electric Bit-
il only 0, and that is returned if
'ilgvle perfect satisfaction. iuar-
by all drutgists.
lttling Works Enlarging.
'1lhnmmmendablle energy, and in
to meet the demand of inoreas-
ibtinesso Musrs. iDavis & brooks,
tors of the (Iainesvlle Bottling
atre making an addition to their
7 commodious plant on Weqt
street, S. Thls flnn has recenlt-
mPleed an order for a solid carload
lta water bottles, which was ne-
lltateld by the growing demand for
ir prodaut, which Il said to be the
Mad best in the State. The
lliieof the ;ainesv'ille lBottling
il IB now ettensivi, and thle pro.-
.Ifsa deserve credit for tlihir en-

i: A WOMAN T1O PrrrvTT
. llo urge Tua ad CAlos Blr,
N. rag,, Wh.4 Vein.
%Whe tuest contour of t a rsmate face. the
'SmWt mile of a ftenale mouth, loses
t It the heIdI Ir Crowned wtlh
hair. Scant andt fallin hair. it is
Ie wn. I caused by a ptramtl that
Wl Into the urilp ir the root of ihe

i Whe*l t sPI Oh' vilnlity The lit-
I lt. Nleste t Ihe nrm throw up In
r.ig ire attl4I .laindrufr. To cure
p rOraneqntly. then, and to stp


Stoves ,
and.i 3

emiL J

S-'''I *

Ammun Ion, I

A warld seleog d~
I'laed and solid BlS4,

nLart blSlsl

The Ate

- .410


SMarcus Endel, Tc.thi.
S0 thi er

SElegance and Economy in

I Men's Christmas. Furnishings.

SIf there is ever a time when one wants the right kind of goods for ap-
* propriate Christmas selections, and at the right prices, it is at this season.
We are offering a complete stock of desirable necessities. At the prices we
Stinote you can afford to give yourself a present and save money in the pur.
-tchase of Christmas gifts.
tt --H-----^-- ~-- I I-- I

JChristmas Suggestions.
A o t ,SI. bTl $12 t $20 o ys 'uits, a ne selection of
. .ua ity .... .. up-to-date materials, $1.60 to $7
S A o. e ash d mee fl to $10 Men's Sweaters, Boys' Sweaters, all
Suit. heavy weight sizes.
r Cravenette 0 ve r $10 to $8 A Howard Hat $8. All the latest
coats............. $18 styles and shapes.
A splendid Overcoat, 5s2inch $18 Florsheim Shoes, Heywood Shoes,
fine quality, $7.50 to.. ... I Monarch Shirts, Fine Ties, Stick
Boys Overcoats..... $3.50 to $7.50 .Pins, Men's Jewelry, Etc.

Your patronage .reiliested and appreciated.

* Outfitter to Particular People. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA
* Otfmite JiflrnuarficullJsMaIBA)Ig

IIILL )t lF DI Vlto('
It the CirculL court 1rtFlith Julit4lal I'lreuuh.
A tHlius 'inurit i. ordw In CI anmeery.
inaiie Allen s,.I .uime All'en, Ikvorce .
It *aticarinw by litlidaf t lalppi nlle to the 1ll
riled in the h e %ta tull cause thlt Jime%
Allrld. tile ilctferlant thercin nuorme. I* a re-
tent f tle St r oif Florida. aial haw been a*h
,cmt tromu tl i lIomie trr Ijiore ihwtn qixty |lIsvY
pirr'tliitm iM Ornler foIr i'u'4lleaion, al I-'.
,'imn'letu1O |lilnrir %4) thai -rvkte rcabnot IHbe
inri(e |nilKti hiuir. i itl I over the age of t w ent.
Irnt teuri. It iI tI'rrffrr runlered t)haLal *u
lon rektllcn rdefeindsart i and he 1i hereh
re't ilred tit .ilP'osa t-t thie 11111 u ofI'imis|lulthl
frlie IIm.akl '.au on tir twfore Morionda. the
nWT dia oof Julliart A 1) C ithI terrl he the
,l egmatilonh% of .id bill ai lh4e take aia ciont
frwed h1 -al dleferidlant
I t' further 4)l 'red tlamit lhi' ohler thbe .h-
li'elied oili ;i e swepk for oIurr'',u'rirc alt weeki
n Tl'r a;i6,m'. llt Sian., a11 Tun .lile'a r 1tuhlIithcd
Tf'ht. l)'r,'rtu ti*'T|. I'sil.
II t )UINTi N, :lrtik I'irc.ln t .C urt,
S.r;1 *( S l* \l r~rc1 1 1It
A ii.1 eIn art o. trlarnal.
HI. t'. IESNIUN. i'l,, k
Per If Wieinel-. II. 1).
II N. MA. StV. So1 r for Caoliv + t.





Sea Island Cotton Seed, Bagging and Twine. Walrus
Leather in Strips or Sides.

Manufacturers of the
Sea Islandl Cotton


S ' "' . ..I n" n- ,, ,***... ..*-.... .. ..... .

Ac0m03 IN


James Doig Improved English
Gin, and Supplies for Smne.




. ,
..., . .,.



S....a La O

"am .,

A : ;


a t- .. .,^i i
Boe A#8 torIESC i W
nim qunal '"s
J. eamrn. *

Cream v i

Sli U

Christmas and New Year Holiday Rates
SAnnounced by the Seaboard.

Ih ~



S4 .... . ..... r : ... ._.. . + : .....I r 1 : y. .. . -_ .... r
I- - '.,.


of Health

There is a quality in Royal

Baking Powder which makes

the food more digestible and

wholesome. This peculiarity

of Royal has been noted by

physicians, and they accord-

ingly endorse and recom-




S IT AND i .rw wh (1' **k-- ItHL
S l il Fancy thowm lAw nry' candies a tha
E iU lta MuIW uM rn (Ialaheville Urueery.
HU imonUaon' Wonderful Salve for ale
C' bw J. Wo MeCollum & Co.
Allen (toolsby and family of Morn
tmrlOInrutr skt Oth, teucha were trading in the city yes-
in d byOur tportm. "rday.
T.I. Miller of Jennings Lake and
AL AND SOCIAL ITEMS W.* O. ItorDell of Williford were
trading in the city yesterday.
N Happn*d and What is Going lae our barber work done at
e. M r.dd U trant's Palacp Barber Shop. Three
W)lHSppe ToIM In Short Paragraphsr.i tsi tla* bartwre. Hot and cold
S Tha "He* Who Runs May Read" baths. it
Rb Twh' un. We have a nice assortment of or-
:.. nieS, grape fruit, apples. banana.
u"mtwl CUCashm A Hill. etc for the trade today. Pournell &
Aslket line of pickles. Gainesille sor' Ihone l4.
SC. A. W. Thomas, traveling agent of
SFBa Ilrd has returned frolt a busi- the Singer sewing machine, has re.
Jipt to Savannah. turned Irom a successful trip to points
S eSotae for sale in East balnes- i Bradtord county.
SIit. E. Lartigue. I for Sale.-Five-room enttage. 106
aboaouy egs in large qua.- .North Arrednnldo) street t xl5Ol)O.
ahA n doutoy lL in large lqua- Wil\l he sold as a bargain. Apply to
Iti Carter & Anderson's. ,Mn. Pauline %lellvaine. 2s.
te Iuhave anything to sell make The friends of Dr. S. B. (iiddings
iat known thlrouRh Th.e un.
a known through The Sun. will regret to learn that he is quite
welll and doing well. (iet thie siek at the home of Mr. and Mn. Tur.
Mid we me. L. J. Burkhim ner, corner West Court and N.orth Ar-
:ieep pineapple., fsan fruit* of all redondo treerto.
l ..o.u. is illo roe A number of btixes of the celebrated
b.r Se-My family honre. Prince \ills aigar at Carter A Anderon's.
Vr ROOd boggy. I Ir.i IH AM'Tn. t .hiL the rialit cigar for Chriltma
I.. you viited Grant' Shaving preents. Thise eiglarnare all the go
IUeF? Polite and courteous atten- among the "Smar*" Se.'
S to all. Ho use cl1n ineg t'ie i n ow
;, Goode ha. arrived in the city rVUt on Iru. Sell your old
l~bTaa anp, wil rend Christmas furniture and we will replace it for
.about what ou lget, with fie new
l his family here. goods. The S. J. Thomas Co.
r Gmt is the oldest rueident barher Ladies' A nice te makes a very sa -
Sto the te trade. Fifteen years a ceptable Christmas present. My line
r In Gaainesville. 4t of ties is complete. Before purehas i
machines at flve in"g ifts for your husband or sweet-
tS OW l|l dollars and up heart see iny stock. L. J. Burkhim.
Sa few. Te 8. J.Thomas Co. all'ss new building.
| After brief business trip to this C. ilyars, the clever and staccess-
.: Ol. Thur V. P'orler returned t fl to traveling aleeman for Belkuap &
Si home in Jacksonville yesterday. Co., wholesale hardware, Louisville,
: B. rooe hd I m Ky.. is in thie cily for a few days. lie
Brovine has returned from is with his family, who are gureot of
tr. V.. C where he lhad
M,- foC r othe t few days on busies. the Odd Fellows' anitarium.
S. th a t f ewdys onbue. The friends of W'. Trueheart Hodi-
e; al e of r e wbery an Le '. ford are glad to welcome him home
i7i O:ftl esof Tra ler were along tle allgai Mr. ltlifonl, who it attending
1 inWt riiutor to rtoaineville yester- the larylanld collegee of P harnacy at
i a laltimore. is spending the holidays
rs n, ii. lliglun antl ehildrmn de- with his parent,. lDr. and Mrs. J. S.
S" td l yesterday for K issimmee. where Bodiford.
t,.i will spend Christmas with friend
Turkef dling too Ihigh. sjo buy a nice READ TH1 O.
S; western mutton. aie ha ai ,
ft k MoPobile. Ala Dee. 24. 1ihK.
Sigo vTeal, or a roast of fruin Mobile.l i. ;l -,It.
N roWld's Market. Dr. F. W. HIall, St. Louio, Mo.-Dear
Mrt. Ve al of New York. lwo i vi. it- Sr lHaing tried digerept doctors
i tiherdaughter. 3r.. C. Bell. .- and their reinedies for several year
i llbo, for the saloni was lhopif il for back and kidney troubles, I found
t ... city yesterday niotlinag sucueisful until taking The
H T 'I xas Wonder. Hall's treat lDiscw.
r t line sta lple and fancy groerie w ry a bn t o
I ayo on h i.d .Pron d cor...- ery, and, being rapidly entreti. tihe olj
t I-attention to all er. 'ournell i tl y ith railroad mn iIs. (. d
Son. Phome -. bless th man who invented the Pull-

Smain sleeping rar." but I say. "(Oud
Opefn U b entil ;:t, every eveninR bless the inventor of Hitl Texsi
thiss week W\e will be Wonder." Youiri truly.
Slnto show the rine guOds we have. .. "._. r, .'lAla .
[i e8 J. Thomasl Co. 1 at . Co.. Mobile. .la. p
)_'t forget us today in ordering lti-
row. 'h rirtmas dinner Oirder A TEXAS WONDER.
iaY, oride late, we will gualraltte One innall bottle of the 'exas Won-l
i ut ittll iervn il aIdilll Uro ery. Hall'. "reat i)iscovery, ures all
S lliam iarce .Albiti. mtuember lof kidney and bladder troubles, removes
Urin ol Barcu t Veal, eltenive gravel. cures diabetes. seminal emis-
S rehants. was a business visitor to iouns, weak and lame backl, rheum.-
& 1 I k

I ,





Holiday Sale.
Continmes with unabated hiterest.
The crowds eonltiue to throng our
store from early morning till late
at uight, taking advantage of the
rest bargains that are to be found
from one end of our mammoth store
to the other.
The people know a good thin
when they see it and our Roods and
prices speak for themselves.

Never before was there
such an opportunity for
shoppers to secure their
holiday goods. For the
next week we expect to
paint the town RED.

100t sacks, oo0 pounds
to stick, good white Rice,
a little broken, at $2 75
per sack. Turkey and
rice iN mighty good.

2,O0(0 pounds of the
best 1o aud tk- Candy in
the Unite d States. The
2ck Candy ims as good as
the best.

ust received an im-
mense line of Roilnd.
tree's Trunks. Bags and
Suit Cnasusfi-suitabje for
holiday gifts.

No matter what you need. Just
come to the New Yourk jacket and
we will suit you. We sell force ash
at litaekt prices.

ltemembgr our Furniture Depart-
I na .e 'lT---. ...i eL- ..i. _.. 1- *..,1 1A ..

Write fr Ourr oo-Pag Illulartrstsn ai

Diamonds, Wa!chfs, Jewelry, Clocks, Cut hi ,

ware, [tc, HOLIDAYi OELTIEU,:

lasure with (babmam & Sill.
lir. J. D. Walking has returned from
a biuinese trip tn Jaekournvail.
l.nwie'e e# e u.d;p*_p, t lii it. P'.ii. rd
pIckages i iiahI. ti 'l irrtwfr) I
Atlorm'y i ii ,b-t J, il vi Itlr r.
imlied Ifruii a itr tmi.l V.iL I
Lake Ciy.
Sir and Mrs .1 A.. It- ,i,nl of l,,I.
ro- w-rie regttrrtrd a i t. |rIr rli
llolijuar .,trday.
Iriry S,.i ilnoiil l *,t or .11 .
Irieha were amog Ithe viii'.,nrs ti tthe
county capital yesterday.
(Cristmau showers' \We hrae a nice
I no of Lowneyl's fn11r ca llli'* ill orilt
1o tive piund package. W. W. Avers
Mfrsdamen John Larson and C 1
Shrink 4If Hlih Bprinig were doing their
Christmas shopping in this city yeI.
te rday.
My stock of clothing. shops, ete Is
ii-Ito-iow (Get the habiil uidl iras
look. I.. J urkhbim. DeLl' new build.
Ing. east side.
|Ladie ,we are displarina the
Ladiell Innnt beautiful lii of
aoida in lths oile e invite your in-
9pect ion. The b .1. Thonmasl .
The eight-year-old son of Mr. and
Mr-. Joseph Howell, who ha Itwen
quite low with appeadieitis, and who
was operaled upon at the Odd Fellows'
Sanitarium Tuesday by Dn. hMKia-
stry. Jr, and Lartigue, is reported
rapidly recovering.
To the Public. The I)amoad lee
Co. havlug jost been ilmorporated
will, on January lt, 10M. sosee*d to
the old pannreehip of tlriagfellow
Bro.. A Uvpllco. taking on the as
etu a opentiig tlhe fasiery for the
benefit of the moehLoMden. All -e
eounis an ie mewTeId eo or before
that time, a entirely' ew *el of
book will be opened, sad all patrose
of the old easpmy a.n requested to
ill at eoae and settle their aobounL,
No mew souats will be opened with
persao who have failed toltele their
old seooale. Yours rily.
T. B. rtXUVtosLLU W,
R. L. rauworvLMow,
S. B. LItvIarooN.
Oaineville, Fia., Dee. 28, 190.






Alas a Big MIa St

ifllayr 8le1
ofy deserlpbs

Jackets I Jackets I
Fer ltodes MXhaes obit Ca

M-t& *.- 6-2- *_ h_

The itset a" D est lneo0 aof Rg
inl Et Florida. Slome beuml
Just sulted for a Chrismas gift
r or your own home.

Olothlan. haft, thoe". tietsapeodtn
--every tinL you are looking for. GI
the habit and en me. L, J. B rkhi.
I Mn. T. L. Boulware and daughter,
Mis Daisy Flowevs, departed yeteLr*
day for Wauchula. where they will
visit relatives for the holidays.
M.r Truus Denby a d daiehter,
Mis Claire. departed yesterday lor
Jaktsonville, where they will be the
uests of the former's sister, Ms.
Vestch, for a few days.
J. Lee Stokes of Mieanopy, B. .
Mathews of Taoema, H. J. Clyatt of
Clyatit Monroe Venable and W. L.
Smith of Kanspaha were among the
visitors to this oily yesterday.
(imrpe. oraeges, apple and fruits of
all kinds at Carter & Andersoan'. Our
fruit, and vegetables are kept In the
bouno and not displayed on th reeta
to be sprinkled with teobaeo Julee
Bay where things are kept clean.
James Croston of Mieanopy, Jobh *
Video of Areher, It. i. Weeks of
Hawthorn, Prof.E.. Bonner of
Hawthorn and John Kite of HagUe
were among those visiting the eoonty
capital yesterday.
(ur A. Morton of Eve. formerly with
J. N. Stlokton, but who now holdia.
responsible and lucrative position with
the Ibutton Phosphate Company, was a
visitor to this city yesterday. Ous i
one of the Jolliest fellow in the world,
and his friends here are always glad to
greet him.

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