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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 23, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02091
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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In$~~~fl~~j'Y 11i 'i r-~

PWPi~ tben dewy Lod slgtlegf
eyem~, i:it iqa

d use. 22.-Tbe 0
o s ai13 lltha t t hasi b
t sthe grand Jury wkL
Sthe land ftud el
Appogeed for the pV
I-U--S Ism decimsi.
SfllI kows a to bee
I Sad the man who di4
to tLe id4l t autheorltie

it also traasspires th
i lbakin from the
S AL-to wht Is taking place
e hiinIWt be serious if it d
111IO. tLOM It I poamhble to ge
*4m 1.lm naitloa with the jury.
Te!, fl wltmeases, so far exam in
t ll rb i04 Jun. are S. B. Ormi
IWiv. nbraMn forest ranger: Marie L..
L'e"e. c Jime one 9f the principal wi
.t In the case, tamm l, Wat,
mow til P S vi dy co01leed of conspiracy.
*W Pittesa Nothing It known as to the m
O AEmuat 4e their testimmacy.

14 oaltrsrs?? Pipe Line RA00 Miles Lon.g
twTa. t NrNW Yolrk. IDe. 22.-Work h
is o e gl'a on the last Itage of a plla
at tlhe Wheh Will mcovey oil frrom th,.
that this, i of Itdlan Territory to the ref
da 4t tIo Is ImAn Isluad lty and Grvren
MeEn are now preparing plpo.'
the SIst ,river. The line will b,
aW miles lon4..

t An Outdoor InaIuguratieon.
S4 hrl t, Raleih. Nto.. Iec rtr
1|4 eOllferfr,' e, tcn ay hittW+.qi l.o

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It of

) the
k ln-
m the
, the

ays Czar's Ships At Port Ar
thur Badly Damaged.


Tell Has Received RIWft from Man-
ehurlan Army--It. rsburg Oets
News Frm Port Artur that is Net
at All Ineouraglng.

Pe* I'okto, Dee. it.-Adalral Togo who
Sthe la personally made a WrlIes of obter.
tIr vTUl of the RusuleM battIleshp 8e-
MdL. steap'ol telegraphs toe' department
ar praila Ihea opinloea r.t the Bevas.
tn 11o kt is dbled. OrlS welsht is at.
rat*. tebed to Toiea peragpl pbervatilan
4 optlltm lMtaua u tho fact that
*i whN the Rulmesn kt p Ip Petropov-
iin tnk was sUg- Teog one of the
i e I r qliftr of the tre Japanese
IbM W. a whose eye ryeaa the vtalon of
flUB ipejy Smailer 0.
4W* 1 Oe mader YeSm4 ii was killed
Swhilte torpodolig tek Ivastopoa has
aslt esi- iven other patotaous tnaors,
th The followlg repS" oe the Man-
t to hurate Jeiqurters ,i received at
rtWar 111 o'aloek last ntlg:c d made pub.
f )i. today:,
"Onw Moadar at S 1filock In the af
te1soot ht eleemy' i- tllery eamt of
I1p *a gmaetals bobar the neighbor-
i bhd o IsIlmltnlag'. At 1 o'clock In
1* o 1te 1 oatleW d the enomeuy'-
Ihatry attacked %&a uthb of. Plenli-





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I lad.

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ed by
aby. a

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as boe
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ut ldeu r
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kea ape sad at Tastrli By 4 o'clock
In tU Imoraingl e tre_ pulled. 8t.
muitaneouly the mor a Infantry at-
teald Chblalsatutag elt!tntui and
Hiu l a atil*t vlorotnr
stcak i thS a .r Chlhan-h
tMg. The flightlngl entinned an hour
whet the eseay was complnley re
pulled. We ha4 o c jualtles."

St. Peterburg. Dec .W 2.-While de.
SlUalng to give Ce0tall., the admiralty
admits that th Rutialnn ladvlcrIe front
Port Arbthr sent l.v rGeneral ftoessel
*ubetastlally conf~r-:rl the Japanese'
advice of the partial wrecklng of the
IUasian Iasip In the harbor and the
eai4or bha been Inltrrcted to permit
the publicatlao of the dlipatehem. It,
is claimed that several of the laIrer,
lhips and a respectable number of tor
pedi boat destroyers are wtlli sea -
worthy, but they are' not belng coenjll-I
end as a factor in the co9ain fight
between Admiral Tnio's sbips Inid the
Ruseasla ecoed Paelfle squadron.
The reports that a Japlante qnad.,
frn of 40 vessels had already lalI'd Lo
meet the second Parlfic iqlua!nron, I
regarded at the admiralty here a, l)
Inl incorrect and cirrIlated for a pur

RusIla Wants Amwrlcan Money.
New ork,. Dec. 2.--Overtures are
reported to have been made to a nun -
ber of local bankers roseernlno the
rotation here of a part of the fortheom
la Rumtsan loan. No delnlIte step-
have been taken as yet toward placing.
the bonds, but bankers express the be
llef that a fair staed block wll find a
market In this city and there may evert
be a public otering, as In the ca.-
of the two recent Japanese 1oans,
which were placed half here anl hall
In Europe The amount of the new
Rusian loan, an already announced,
will be $2.f0.o)t,.4O)nt. and it was said
that perhaps $:3.01,.i,,t of 1thl aniotnut
might be placed In tis country.

Beggar Gets Six Months In Jail.
New Haven., 'oni. I -he 22--.-A sen
tence of six mnnth,' n JaIl wa. Ini
potsel todlay on Cha!l' e l. Pirorrtr th
Mozuxbr), lMan-. nmatn arreste.t in corn
plaint of Presdent I;xn 't v 'f Y 1* t n
v rril Thert. werte is criIlouilt rlainllt
P rilr r ionir' at II gh in' K iug. 'ii 4 -o .11. I
traveling InKti fa!r'e toI place %wim hiut
lawhul pjirji )e.

Ten Lives LeIt In Wreck.
Wooi'tU L 1 M -1,:- l..I .. .Mon
day' ? a. t !, i t' tus 'tt N' .
Rnglanl c w I' :-i l. *l ..-'. I.t
ly rke'ii atIlnd 1 l. 4a ;tt,;4 1 I It Its

Two American Proepector Captured
by Them In Mexico.
.Ma/alian, Moexio. Ic. 2 2. -The
BFer Indians. Inhablting Tilluroi islan i
off the roalit o4f loonorai, are on the
warpatlh. Within their past few day
Metrani fishermen fronm ithe Iland
have arrivedt at liaynla in I report
that teverul fishermen wore captured
nnd taken into the nt'ilor of the
island by the Indians.
It It alwo reportdil that Iw Ameri-
ran prtpertfaor from Arizona. narml
Frgrlllml aind lrake, who Ift titGua
mar for Tiburon Island. were iallptured
b4 rhab Inillpu.
The Berlt are known to her canal
balm. They have annonneal4 that they
Intend to hold ihe island for ihem-
aelvel. Iafael Isabel, governor of
Donors. is now preparing to level Her-
meuallo with a large force of Mexican
. troops o ubdlie the Beris. If the
Indianl. bow organled oppoitlkoa. a
campaign of exterminatoon wilt be at
once opeiel.
Tiburon li the largwEt island In the
gulf of Callfornla, and Is very rich In
natural resource..

Ohio Docter Will Not Desrt Woman
Who Croeaed Ocean.
Bast Liverpool. 0.. Der. 22.-Dr.
Howard Bean. of this etly. will marry
Mils Anna (irtrudel Raderke. of Ber-
lin. In Cleveland., ome time next week.
Miss Radrerke is tile girl who camer
across the ocean to mIeet her fiance,
only to b metl In New York by Dr.
Bean's aunt. who Informd lher that
the wedding could not take Iplce. At
lfrst Mr. lean reflsedl to dismcusi the
matter, declaring that there was no
foundation for the story that he was
to marry Mia Radecke. On his re-
turn to Kart Liverpool the phylcilan
said he would marly Ihe girl at the
home of a relative in Clevelandf.
lie blamirei hli relatives fur the pu-
blitity that has rensulted. saying they
wished him to marry an Anmerican g!'f.

Many Immigrants Coming.
Bmton. Pee. 22.-.--le predictionu that
the fiscal year ending in Juine. 19"O'.
will eve lihe greatest Influx of imml-
grants into the unitedd States which
the county ban yet me.en. was made
Tuesday by the romailrniqonqr general
of Immigration, Frank P. Sarrent, whip
madee an official inslnpecion of the local
station. Mr. Sarfent addr*d that the1
Incomingii forelIners. are showing a
notable deflrlency In desirable quall-
tie for would-beP cltlrns of the coun-
try. beinK Inferior morally and phys.
Ically. while financially they are almost


Wholesaa Grocers Combine to Hold
Up Prices In that.City.
Ban Fralnclie o. D. 22 -Tht exist.
tence of a secrtp agreement among
the wIho.h ale Krorern of the coast for
the, paslt yenr and a half to control
the price of sigar was revealed by the
withdrawal Monday of six local houses
from the Parci Traufme and (oimmer.
cial astcilaTion, tliil nlae Iled Io rov.
er the joint rel'prt nationn of thoe mem-
ber .
Theme nix lh flrnth whose rumbinlnt
capital 'qu(ai l hat of all the other 4!
members,. ell ve that their withdraw.
al will Mt-ean illsirglanlxatloil ,f the
ronihnast lIon an l that t he trli. ruMi w;,~
oIi0lgei I(o gI o (Ul of tior nss lit-
manaKer. if 0 f.iviiladit. 'RV". how
ever. that the a-lIatlaonn wilt gfo a !a.3
with its oplratlotns andl il derminrnril
14) uiphott th nMN: kf t,

Bank Cashier Makes Assignment.
.ol eaiit. () Ih.< 2" ( (. I.lltim .

Canhir'r ,if thf ~ h, et Frire Natinal
batik of tIh h il afind prlesid4ni -f ih
Nar!ia,' S la'i ng baik+. which is a!a..
rcin.j''. mlnu.e n a ll niRpnl II waI
NtapI y,( ..,r.dMa Ihat both h .ank wo1ild,
1ie all;, It I100 iL inhinl a we l., or ten
daW T., lant i *., l iMg neu of Mr ITil;1t
I put 1 lIt% a "t'H upan) i),. M W,!b e I-f-
fae r Na' -.'*, m .tnil ,r I., i' H -N t
,,r i. 1 lit,.. ,. agten a\ o

Slays Himsetf and Sweetheart.
vIn it wa 1.. .
AIIM ? 111 '% hI3%- - -





Cleveland, Ohio, Is Visited B
Big ConflagratiOn.


Several Hundred Thousand Dollars
Worth of Property Destrcyed in Ohie
City, While the Metropolitan CluL
House Ia Destroyed.

Columbus, 0., )Dc. -22 Fire eary
today on 11ih stree-t, near llroad, d
stroyed $25.,000 worth of lprolirty a0
stocks in the center of the buhisin
dsltrlet and la an xploslcon during the
Aire nve firemen were more or less l.I
The fire started In the lMithoff btm .
Ins on the second floor lu the rear o
the First National bank. The seco ',
third and fourth tflor, were occ u ato
as fat. and something like 15 famlli e
reside there, but all were rescued.
The fire then spread into the atoral
of Kraus,. Butler & Iklnham Co, the
largest carpet and rug dleatrs in Ohln l
In the rear of the store were ostel
thousands of dollars' worth of mat
tin and other highly inflammable l
material, mad the fire r tnil hnto that
and destroyed 1t as o m nllr tirder.
Ten elngles were put tvi work Wad '
were unable to Iget control of the
lanmes, and every englLine ini the l ty
was called ont.
The fire spread Into the limillllng ad
joitnin, oenpied by the \\Wheler SI
cery. In thIn ease It wat almost lf
possible to pe with tIhe flames
they were on the top rlflnr and In tahe
rear, away from bligh ilanll aiid alley
along the Mith off hllina.
The firemen carri'bl tili hone 1ate .i
the fourth floor of the. n.w First Na
tional bank btliul illetin a t loheed
illthmff and Wheeleri blilJldilKn
Shortly after the flame had mlt ea
their way to the fronw tof f I Mitbdo t
lJuilling Ibe firenion frun Na .; bot o
entuer.i and workedl in the secodM ;'
floor. Suddenly Ihere war an explo
alone of Ras, and Ihr. s.r.,onl floor r wo
down. Firemetn DIrl;rin. Owent. Me,
Avoy. Ierrmanrl unitl F .ri welre 1 ';
Sjired. but not werlmin ly
The 5-.tory Mlthdoff hiitlll was co'
phlte*ly iulltil. Tl It li*e j wa ni et ai
the new A-!-tory Fl~t National btakl
building, hbt itcritaped ilarnale. 4

Washhigton City Fire.
Washington. Ihc., 2 --Thl' lti'tro
Itan club honse, the home of the ~.
fashlonalble rclth in %\VahiiKtn, wal ',W
igutted by lire tllay involvilng an et
mate*d lmsn of fromni (;. t oin to $l00.001.
partially covered Iby Insuranrf. T
fire was ranitil by a ~.ntiIhl from a s
*lreitrlr wire near the ielevilor sha ft ''
; leP clu l haIpI a laIwr IlnfitlillersbiA
Onlracirlng some of the ,e-'t knows j
mPen In pul it life, lii1r ihe o, nly {e -:
pants at the tlnie of thl, fir. w .reC th
watchmen. steward and wr, v hi'r ea'
ploy's. all of whom r.caped. M w
ager KnIghi. of th,. ri't. t,.-inmafe the '
tossa on the building at 1I l 0W'. no

which there in an intirance of I$45.W
and on runt',nti tg:':,,u w1Ih *15.l
Insulrantie. The Im)ice estilmtr' of ti
loss is considerably lower thian thft

Headquarters for Woman's Club,
lenver, I'o' . I), : 1,r- Sard
Pr~ Ik'rker. jr' Slllnt of he Na't uoaR
Frelrttlin of 11omenisH 1,ii,, Jnlllce.
t"lRy that nhtP had ipra<' r at.' s
i ri'd ar:t r inrli C lmi for thi' ,.tsilablls
mhelil il" a [ro l i f l(nrmali-O l. I*
l>ICIIt ar n art rean .f inm rrnatio p IS
for tlillt .on conc rnln ii tar lT. ill 1
nuti n iltn his country. their 'I- *114i "
th.- wattrst in which Ithl- ,1oro( f
e ii : e. rillpect d uan'l t i--wtll i!4
Ou1 init-. for sot ly a:.o w r 1, l 1 'aed
It i- jprobulah*. hat h, h. ,f.l l art .
wi:l }1. at Poirts ionii-li. N 1
S-.. -
aridge Unsafe, Declares Jury.
r1,AT %%t % ,t 10 1 --
clrlnll juir in the ;nt ill- '
Vt('nt! jf tire o .s iii 'i 1'
nt-?'r bIrrlniiht in a veptL!lr -:_'l S '1 -*i


-c~L1- *r -

n....r.. ~' --~C"--'t-



*I hbes "Id dearly nt ooIlg saway 4
10 a wnesakot *p1atha0 7 maklnd.
two spopIha ago he war the pros. Ara ma, I., rt lV i Uof r n'r f-rp il
porous owner of 8 dry oRdW statre.k:IVr...
5 n Due s0F a prety tr Iearnl In Hanti E R,6B1I;N1Iib
Drlss waited upopn We. She wa as
J SJ* Rk soVi lWvachlous, with a0a R. Of- hwnqr mnd RI
t s Wpe rftet mariners. la nsue Way. some0|
11", he oebrr'o4 and hissed her. She
sbsug med n wreepini' 3d angry out of tse Uv r VltrtmSe-CaI rd th1
st ore. He wal arrested and loAed T-he .11U C44 V. a^l ,y.
I TI women Whawho uid ntt olS k(lased start. H e V1ortr i
0L a buyr:t zon h's store. NVow bh I toN opfi$lt hrolt
- l *rt mt.a >bankrupt and charged with 1 liver wse Moepyo lIt gOui &t.I
TS @* *oceeiluange*th asIeta to dand h bil cred. 1

Two peaks Clen Doors.
at Alon adouVtonea. Th.. Di. (.I-Two bonk fOr Sale by Johnson Br., Gainesville
l1# It y" iji owned by W'. W. floaklp, loI thIlr --
ooru. A run. wbe1 *talrted l atu-
,mH^. . ...... ar t Anglutln, was* amtinid Mlon
Velasco and ip>.ted a notice tltat he% I I r
woald mumpend payments until he would
adn arrmagements for, payment of all .
el a in a full. No StOement of se
btsmS sets or liabIlities wps adte : o BthI____
hi7t s paid all diAsI until they
*HMShrim p b -o I assrdh abI "THE taBIG STOR E
M 9sN80000 b a been withdgwn during the 3BIG STOI l

Owed Pargelsa.
WV1. ailey, PI. 4, Tree, TenP,
W111001 "ly wife hbe bwe sulerlug
B$"I""nue witi pal Ie o Bna h.r Trm.o P W Wom '
Ihe n I ws prmuaded s we Ballard'
leu% tIalseatrS, whilbk erd her all In the matter of a Christmas ilirfI isa m1imlrt easy matIter in ii
t h. I hw ao i 4 for i store. wife, ater daughter or fr end, we can sell
W. fso iss see * Ohe week." $1. 0

__N T sI sIs th

an^^d c^^^fWe think just before Cbristmas a good time to realind you of
T au O01.1 1 r elegaist line of Dry oods4. Dres floods Noveltiers. lsaes
at^^MH ,1 tn lP 1s | I and Embroideries-i n st everything usually prried for the
4f ras lad in in upto.dasr Dry ooads store. We've nevr had
u Vh ab aitraetive showing, and ts should interest every lover
ti 7 tht1' ofr'he beautirul in hei town.
tan mkilld llWWI Rev Dis r a tlw __

0 ,Q on There's a Reason
W K.of Whl you should buy the Shoes carriedrl in our astok. tin.
$L0 fmla to $WPSe h.dem. of people-men, women and elildren-are wearing
iPdeS 4 vn W.uator them. Why not yeo?

14, Iwo topIt H's a Phasur for lr einrks to Show Sowids
Sh0en e ai e pssy

the ISI es ?h Stat m et Impro methods "TILE BIG TORE."
o id; l.le lmpsqearge us
.eqwOS I. Ph1yeim saelalr lty are A lwid to

allk amid aavss gate ou methods of
s of cbhrlarenilt ahre elsndu so
fk'Bil^ig^ aet h **Carflnni|rorput f retlf-liN. Many-

^^^**HBEEry '^yJ4:ga? io.lmu, Take The Atlantic Coast Line
*^H naJ~ i't^* oedtett vision eueas*d by a Ibnator-
Us suratltaure ut th4re mrneor Acry sAD tal.O
^^t'Xr1 ',h __ l ease les or to an Irrrgularlsy of the FOR ALL EARTHLY POITS

-refreselg med la of a he i*p, aid are
TRS Days ::zAkt NoEat**A hlsti.on a via Via
of The proper glasses. NinetyperoP. .
of the people over 40l Iears of ati nd orm or s|a||upW Jprvtek *U
glans. mad 50 per cent of the 90 need m e otlnv a uim. Wonumt
rmOMppleM astfbtt*e 0hea for distane.e
www*- nwwsme m met forRapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
*llism se eg ma* rne proswSsightsl ,but tob relieve undue
.*tuiwLS-l ftshort to art etaure..
ma wsih2 4""* TbaAtumndsoor ses are rUiuld yearly. Time Table in effet Sept. 1. 1904.
eirciit" 6i"e ps ons out of tern have neither
titW es allke. mand one out of twenty A Depart For GAINESVILLE Arrive From
Iir i u uI I sm; bean Uthenecealty of tse. .
IpIolarlty -i Tmo ilveo ay mqual v45t High Sprnup and later. late r
ma exist rlwe the ref rlacnon of D[ill mediate Points Dail
SsI solinee has made rapid ad- t pm O Lebur d Tampi" and :40p
Sorret adoption of specaol- has be-
SK i K ooe a distloes profession. The opt 2B pm Palatha. Daytona Jackuovoille, 1: OpS
5t U U V a U elan who thorouhbly undevntamus his PDl ?onh, East and W t Daily
6r bai busi@&e realism fully that in adjue-
beem "maostalmed throughouts Ing alas tfor his eusomers h is 2:15am High Ppriapn. Waycrons. Bavainah. Brunswick, 8:15pa
p et ee -1 riot to s grriori. Seating with a most ddi0late and pre. Dally Albany Atlalnt all Points North. East West Daily
S!1. P010 tl1" sewain Mla- .lus organ, where the- slightes error
ofMs e 4e0*101Jye^hd the may rsulf seriously owhibl if he does 8:l6pm oe a a a
S' of aou turinaw his work well be not only gives comrn oeelle, Micanopy and Cra .
WI M mlablues, there ed fort and -adt to his patronL, but In Daily Doly
W IS In buying W' NKW many Instanao* restoras the sight.
Special esari should be taken tn*** nse .I:a 7 :0 ,
be at be Imposed upo. by a te leasnl"1 the tirst pair of spectacles, or Dail High Spring D
g I #i u s f wl oe; other mbsioa should it be attempted without the aid P.SoK, Bn
st a ki ia these whoe have of responsible optician. It is mosnt o. B--
Si WHO foX a qrer in*ortanr that the lenw should bec -s - - -
4. *lItn b ided by w mat ourtely centered *ad of the bets equal. Intbreh wabl ile Ticket., good over 18,000 mlle of among th P i
t h rr rbtA ianing, x i- ty and the frames so made that the elpal railways nthe Southern States, are on sale by the rincipal agenU-
S te a b iy s e New Home wearer dirtl through the n. Through Pullman steeper Port Ta to New Yor via Arltiat CSn qil. ter. UMlass niOcly ttted to the faLe Line; alno via Atlantic Cost Line and ruthern Rallway.
to 44I1 s l nyour losity Insists become an oruamnt as well as na. TFoar complete Information. eall on
os s11t myou, "misy. children with agesle a> J. A. (OODWIN. Ticket AIent. Oanesvill
o 6A rilt somt e other mhihe Fitting children awith spOetaeles ai Ald).c
write to the uiudelgnfd and e will Addre s
thatlw ^ youa e e tht Parent., do not nlm mar ehl. FRANK C' O. O, Cam') Al.t. W. I)D. STARK. Trat. T roy. Pas

"P : ,' 'I


W. 8. DOnham of Atlantic
LLiL WilU Have Setter Job.
.tad of Captain W. It, Den-
ghout shis eet ion will re-
the information that's l hai s
arded byI another p)oIl)ul I gt)
p prly fdur years Captain i 'i-r
It ln hthe rtklini ent neral '. s
adut. of th Atlantae <(nrt i
ptbh headquarters at tfivanaulh.
i* b* pronIotIed from diiiuil,.
elndel arnd transferred frura
ille. Het has now beer prn,,
it be A~sistiaSt to fourth \Ir. j
uJs J. It Keni-y, anid in th 'e r.
pill have hradquarlers iln \\'l.
N., (' where thle general of.
riolbhe rompar 1are hlocat, d.
13luary 1, Morton iiddell, iwhoi
idM waliitant chirf engineer ,f
rrot since last Junt, it is sa..d,
to suece-d Captai Denhalim
jalsuperintendent )Ir Iid-i
mi formerly a district suiptirit-
pll, ati.ontd at Iichmond.
4paking of Captain De nham', dI1e.
air froam avalnnh. Thl' urti g
ftesterday said:
departure of Captain Ienhani
ily from Svannah will b, t
It regret to many friends. 11H.
rllamaong his subordinates arsd
e4lost railroad man.
tla I Denham's railway career
I 10, when as a graduate of
ta Military la Iitute he en-
Lservuice of the Wilmington.
and Augusta Railroad as a s-
engineer. Later he was em-
with the Bouthern Espres.
afterwards becoming ai1o-
ib the Florida Central and
Itaitrad in the capacity of'
t. Aflerwaild he was sp.
ai mletant superintendent of
J6easand Lake Eustis Railway.
three he went to the Florida
Railroad a general superin.
Svhich plaee he filled with
Is that h ee eived the ap-
Sof general superintendent
halkaonville, Tampa and Key
AiAllay, ieH went irom this
Wt tS Plant System. beinl eta-
I9 GaiSaeville. Fla .. au upenn-
o l ti Fourth and Sixth divie.
'.O February 1. 19lu. he came to
la General iuperintendent

l4imte 'ha' sueeoior, Mr.
ldarlag hi brief residence
med* many friends, and i in
AY qualiled to assume the din.
le poastlon."
I' ~I s PIeaded Guilty,
!weLrap shooters, Will tlane.
es. Issaae Watson. Gtibert
id Jerry Hayman, who were
b the middle of an eiciiing
i elyf niughi, rere arraigaed
ihJtlee Colman Thursday upon
Sa playing a game of chanee
ns appeared a little ha.
eoaalnment of a couple of'
prilo, but they were quite
Mad talkative "Dat man dun
hdeae' our huttlin' de bone,"
me of she men. while en
1"| the jail to the justiee
"Pe alin't mo use tryio' to tll I

I ler lie dun look yer in de
I pes tir plead mabsh'f1
S o mahee'f on de ignorance

ter do de same ting. 'cause
Iketchb r en tr lie he sho'
ep so lone till when yer cam
pea yI 'll be so thin yer'll
.tor back hog feel sorry ter
I. de facet."
en mosthrar entertained
i4. for thty aillm tied Ruiltl
and were sentenced oU
S 0f J 9 and costs each.
were paid and the prison.

It, I t Bi er Repaired.
flIion of West Liberty street
Wt Main and liarden is b -
.-in faet,.relpaed. in conT
llth authorityy of the City
I teo-operatiom wUlg Ihe prop-
i, passed at the la&% meet-

ll eesea is being OUed in the
tliaKtritt. A few days agf
S.dand Street Builder spo a
*i States goveTrnment.who
ity al official visit, suggest,
lal smt efeetire method
f1rit0 was to plow up the
properly gtrad ii. lay
tad peL k it by the roller
Sh.i proesm ii being orked


'T'he li\ Ci 4 X tII C 1l '- h
protlittc s < ,ij Wl i i :i t,-
derf I Ilh --,I !;(:.I" 0i f.
'( F t il t 1 ', .
i t i

C11 t i1 t *1> 1 a -,1 lL
cl Isi S f 1 1 '

s111 it is 1 1 i
I Wst -i I i ,-C 1i. l't i. ,
(IItCC thu le t ]e -


Thliirty (,ir- I I* ',

prJ\ven tli<.
Si. ,.. I f
hCo('t & -o NI.,. 2 ,

* 'C


Completed Fire Wagon for Edpress
Company, as Well as Other Jobs
Few polol real the rea inanitudr* if
thile wagon matli:facturzig and repair
uit'op of itenitsn A S. n, Who- are kept
constantly bLtIu. ith a fxIod force, at
thei ttig sk'Ls )lln f'actlry street
This firm is kft eoustantly busy
turiiflg tiiut riliclte* of theirown make
by special order, principal among
which within the past few day. being
a haindoomie dvlrvery wagon for the
Sou then sipres Compasuy. and a oce-
horse delivery wagon for the Cash I ro-
eery Compoany Mr Benson elated to
The tun reporter Thursday that he'
sold four wagons in one day during the
pr shit week, all of which were Hll*i-
sonp's manufacture. .tA wagon build-.
ers thisr rm lkows its business, and
their goods have eijryed a reputation
for many years.

Interesting Paper Read by Physician
Before Medical Meetinr.
New York. Lec. 21--A papwr "r
before lbe Nw 'rK rin cTiny hospital
aA (ciakton by a prf1trs1+r .of Clinipcal
medicine in tn e xew York PlOytecbhile
Medical s bho.I ron the, % ublfrt eor wo-
ter drinking ha' ar.ulls-l rtntsiderat
dl*ciu4i.tont the mon:til me l'i of;
thet members.
-The alj-,:r of water dlr.nking at
COmnmr:'el< qry 0-14vy rn."e ,aA the
pr~tft--or. "1in ht rai t.r.e <(,rk I', *a1
y no harm .- dE.l;e. i-:ti. thrAlih a '
fat Irn, a .ht .. rfes.:t.t d ir*,rr!
h'.r" -:, 4 A ] t 'jVtrax.-* n heart
altd irr.i ri!,,1n A er1 w-i th. tags
:.,-' '. :r- r I. r .rlriiar ~ nm ef
.: tg; ar;/r .Or.e at*- *a:Q '; .Atdik l rt
e !
Moi, rTrV"'" z .f I i& th~e aei.'it-
of waver Ilrr.k:r, ;n ,-.r,..r nceurat-
th miir T *':1 K- ", +'' r.-r l:re oi uri-
fr*- to, Trnk as t::<,. a. *i le To
do< .rI. :hLe tficav' is g ';ry of it ranik-at htrey that
ou4d night rrsuti fram the redur:ng
of th'* glf >" amentlt of fli ld o tla or'
mal qulanti:~eis I co% prehen~ifhle azIt
)et s:urh :! the rase
"In tsrt dtsesAis ,..% s~i.e of 'h'
Oludst; .:*a es deal btil none The it,.
Ifsrious 'o l t c]trisr *nccs. i'very
drop of wat:r taken into the body
means a.d:lona: work for the heart

Fight Will be SBier.
Those who will persist rn eloiong
their eart against theeoliinoul ecItam-
mtriatdnon of ir. King's New D*;cov-
cry for C'onunipt ior;. ill htave a IonU
and bitter flgri with tr :r Itr6b;l, if
r.: e;,dd -arl. er If fatal tirrnirlSa on
R ad w hn T It lr ai f P.aa,;., tr.,-
hae t" rsay Lar fa. my rife had
' ry rt) # I ri c4 ennremin io .he
tu,,k lir. K ns'. Nw Isu' l .ry ar*tr
everyt(t.< .;*e* tad la>td Iprosfe-
mint 'am'- at onre- ad f!j -r tdtt..*.
eraltrrly o*jrrJ h-r Giaartsd by
aIll drlgt f f' r.frr ,': arid E Tr.-
a51 t)tt*' Irre

Dropped Dead oen ILg',e.

r, '1-- ; .- - *
*re :. "" T",'i '' ". t-j

S a : ':'" t ':a r c> -'
baa-l ,* r -a.* 'I -*h* <5 -IK: r a 4
A. 1'Y-a :*'? 4n'rr T1 &'l <- 1 'aa L-1

molir'" the PIatl ef aIn aI i was'
switcr.gsi ar ratzrd thtf :f T A b
be dropp l t- ad Heart fa..'.i t
gtvel as :e caus l of his d aL.t



Through Pullman Oar Line to be Oper-
ated Port Tampa to New York,
1.ffrctleV ath tirit ,'ar *i(th-bouiind
le0at it9 J rsey City smday Sort th-
rar l r..I (.irtI l n rL-L url'-
-ta i t l'..71rt 'aim a l i',-Jay t'4 rli.
l1,r .- '.. 1 ; I, i,- I r, .uit J, rr y,-
.'iy'Y Il *,' ; i lls 1I' rlltiin l t7lr i4r s 1
r3a: *.,r' rl. ir cl ilS hiand 'd eon
S.r.. l ,ainway traii(,s Ni l : l i
A ? (ie.l'd4 anat tr4tc',rime I
'arl I I s i a ne l J.-irr y (o ) I 'lJinia '
ilrHt a:, r, o n skei jig lrt' .12i. (*Pr rr-
Ittini^ *,.,r nt., AI riantn (_'.,,a~l l.<'89 .in t "

\\' h;l sotii and -llrun )!vaii s rail
roai, to Je-riy City.
Tri. will aid mt aerially It the al
-'ref iy 'ilarii;iteent train er'- r be-
tn-rti I Iarikiaid the** great Lait lnowI
I'abiengern arriving; fro'ri Ilransa
arid K-y e'-t havet butt to trausfrie
frotit t. t at to le-pingf car, which will

lai.d 1 tem ir Wa~thifington. l':tinrirre,
i) .ladtjLd h or N ewr York willi.oqiit
e:.araie. Likewil**, iatCpleger fromn
I alimpsi an I local statinI on thw At*-
:liate o ast Line between Port Tampa
artd JackoiwiTnil, can take psalge in
this through I'lllman car for points
Eagt uroitg ia C'ulimbia. Charlotte,
anville, i.Loehbure and


Woman's Throat Cut and Man is Rid.
dted with Bulltt.
S. -i .:, V. I- ;1 Norw has
r a ',-Jl f;a ;.A ,- .ft a l k .)- y oli ble
n.urdr I:h 5 to-,k p:,art i et 'cWl
liams. in \Wilrox rcunty.
T'r.f i ':t-; werq: Mr anil Mrs.
Jam s Andnrs. of1- it -* l. *. The
story lsat- thbat lMr. Andrews was
fotindI lytng aIr's hllir: tellJ ith her
throat cul frua ear ro ear, while
Andrewri was rljond lying on the 8oor
with several pitol wounds in his bo4y,
wh'ch hail eralsed imtnillea death.
The mnasuins have not. ye trubn ar-
rttt'd. bLut Ihe c ruar's jury ', now
i v.rT.igating the crime.
Yrari a;, Andrewn married and
had ierlral children by his rart wife,
bhomi. t is sald, he finally left. H
then a maried asther womal It Js !aid.
w:tchit firit having obtained a divorce
from ?Ax first u-.e
A f* m onttl ac It : stared that
An !reum*te4d a I& getting his
fl:h wife t14o &*d a farm be had
grin her :'r hi L- mana who wasil t'-rered. Th! rl Ia di
to tar- atnrl r*;a;'.,i anrd ld to a titter f&a ily

if the Baby is Cuting Toth
KBe *re and use that old and well-
rartd rFmedy, Mrs. Winslow's S oolh-
Inf Syrip. for children seething. Is
sootheI lhe child. sofl as the Suni.
allays all pain, cures wiod elie sad i
she best remedy for diarrbors. Twen-
:;-flve enlts a bottle.

Air Line Railway "i
:;, B I y;

Savannah, Columbia, Camdn

Pines. Raleigh, Richmond

ington, Baltimor6, P

delphia. New York.

Two legt Tuat D Iy. i i

Seaboard t rese
S' O .. .. "

Seaboard Mail.


Only Line Opsrainftg

ra l"tIA

s.y K "lt'd by train. n .r. I
Aar.'s. : F.ran- i ur 1
tsjLr# i.*; uSj, ' -1-Ttrr b toa oiurgolg DE AL RS 33...* ua.
WVr'em and '.i... train aIt noc ,
M iya., andd i f oe w bhourr aiter. g
Th*t ar< Xlenr.9( ux CTArll hy the saew Sea
b",TI .. t jm a? fer Sa'on-, uhber: Sea Isbland Cotton # Seed, Bhmn andl Twml V
th i ".,r. ie LIa s Jtt kal bsk he
Ii re sn r .: n at the sho)p. Si6,r IfIimO 8o -
a. h.1 ,_C- s an. a d was r' .-
Str A ri rr. r of ra s Manufactuers of the James v- I
ier- pan n o m t 8sm ea Island Cotton Gin and Bappli for m

rr and Atar fr Msr.r a as 4a-.l A t V IJ% a U

Heart Flutteritn.
I'rd gesied fool and gas in the;
t.nmach. lieated lt tw;lJw tre heart,
;rel.ce against i aid Caet-l heart
;,' i's;ion. Wrt--, y ur hart triubn CI
yi.ii in tht wa.y late ien rto rne for few
days VYu wili srwn be slrighl. Vxo.
"-d] bL M 3fJ.,n:..c),

Weedawards Paced et Jail.
jar.4.- 4,. .- I n p P r E0lghe market pries paid for Chclbm, sad betr PiLft .
l. rt.a? 'tam;r r Pr .lfe ? -*
r c -.&7)---a--r;a. : ,6-v..

er of %lst&=~r : s.he oa m:Sw
uv t att h i -* a er* *Bd 4 Co-m3plete Uoek oU a CoU. Oste ne S-, M.

Comrp'c Y Pro foo !ar W.w-twdr4 4 ... -" .. [ .. :
his rnbrAhr rati ui0 resmandd tkS-r Ta 1sle
to ja w:hout la.; ad E vert was .
*As4Ad to bai: in 1.W Trub:' I n w | m n1s n1
wap epppcted e bwfnldfls o Wow4 r. Uf LI L7 IJ J li ) i ;.|
ar ;,i M'r; r. tI.i tO .C O
ward a d Masrsm but frteod to an
t r a..'A-


. m


rA.- .' i' a l. .. 5 . ,,"
^ 'ii1;1 1"^ ^ i" ^ '

A'n' .'. ,
* ~j; *.r .?' ..

I Ii



Our Special Lines...

Noveltles, Soovenir Spoons and

Silver Toilet Articles

are particularly
you through

our stock.

We will cheerfully show

Sp you to do ro, for we
tifw ma4t BSutable Prements
jf .w M,. .
I ,,o

Sb o fo
*.:.' I.. .

it a, Sabalu,

,0 8I




1-" ^o.. rm -..d-'- ,.. -'-"






we ~~ S M

~l I- -l-`' .. .-- --

wfM,,. T1. tll Directors andh
t "'*"" iuenSed Embalners.
Msmeto"am el Osg of. In
WAii 6I0s Rolm -kk. M So Ma -iNin.
AWia t 11Jeetsan. VI*a V. l m.. 3 m. r ShaK, &n
..u y, wc i tw Itay.. tm % kr.
M i.Lo Mr. DWlt. O-n. e4 .fles .
wN k here iphou' ,kppS .

S. -I --.--, ........ k ad Etal Gods,
i.*** S Chhp. YOYmLE mo
Itqul bo"p ireep orLgb a

AegaI lrlowelr !o rihl a* (ii
AAiLaisd Isdtlgeste Madi qu .ietly rpltteld and a lllaond eusa.
qiml t of it LIn telha r1s1. 16s bhrabbhed Ohr vlitk s. le
Lorall or the til t a
TrI-l bottle SUL. ltri tthbah t$. e
ilrt, At W. Johalon'. ... ..
~~~- ....IH I A H
":.:Ui.ttdod Murder Charge.
SAmerious., O. Dee. 22.--la the sup.
s i rourt TIesolay afternoon luke
et, a nwnl known young iri RASer
li WOI ue r AmericU, was acquitted
lt arge o murder reslt fu from e
M the 1i~iLgr of Davd Kenne-dy, another
LOW erm nudl Iselfhbor. ome time since.
The 'em wqs stabbornly fou ht by Vti aAtlantiO COCast Line.
I .me 31q bfl iSem, the 3Jry reder(ag a verdbit
O f SlpIUal Teeplltl ly tlt. aot% aU A iane olppotualf to Visli home. On
ml peistol.i In thb bhoottlg aray, sefUt of the Chr lsta hIolidays the
sP*l Nr Prity plugdl tat be atbt Kmaaedy Atlane Cast Line will sell tickets to
' atb la ullf.dmalle. f 1p..t t id utif te lhlpl pi ad of the_ U_ 10ad 1o oma rivers.
"dei .st inelodin St. Louis, elo., at one and
It A FPrightlend H rse, on.tlhld faren for the roea4 trip.
R 'ntrim like mad down the tret Tickets on sale iembr hM.e 24th,
Sithe dumDlat the e oauants. or a hndre l .t rd 8. t 1M d -

BTSZtQr T^B ttt O(3.tLMDt9

Ofllee over Marcaus rnels. All work alrtr-

And tollaltolr in Equity
Real state, Convellneing and Gen-
eral Protice. All business promptly
attended to. Offce next doorIo Sun
offle*. UAINKNVII.LR. FPI.oulA.
Oan ell your aity property, (tm.
proved and unimproved), phosphate,
trucking and farming lands,. Bed him
Slist of what you offer for sale. 2142n.


GAINE8 'ILLE, Alachua Co.,
Ofice in Endel Block.



leooeeaor tsolegera AdLremal

Over Date a Co s a-sk.

OaIaetvI a

SpmetaloD t slo to Crow d m Ilre work.

Da. GORnoN i Tal nsl

Graduate Ilslmwo Colule DOntl Ssrerp
ive rearm' peremrE1 InInew Yorh Cl,.
Crow. raud work md Uamlim SpeMal
AuL wona Ova nMwLa
omee In U ler Law sbehauLre
UAlilr Lm.P, ru.
rHE WKf'sr nP n

(With Ir. (. IL. TIM n),

OfMce In Mller iAw Pxnthnngte.



Frank UnGnner. Prop'r



Beet Imported d and Domestic Liqul
and Wines in the city.

Mathishek Piaw,

Bfs lasoo for tIbi trsi.rg eUitae. *uS n
Ime loter tban oltherk construewd
bet matlerlal. nd mot artUtlU
Worlmfansilp obtlDalbl@.
Up todate n every
detail and U-
Bold by us contir.uously fo
without a single failure. If VrT
want a piano for a lifetiUme'
ervtie tLy the
Mathusho k T
Pries a low a Is i solrmt with lli
CMb aor o* ear oter. Sent on 13 ar'
Serial. We pay frelbht Wril
for prices TODAY.

sudden & Bat
Soktnlrn Ilnc Hoise,

InAu n IImDnUwV r.

1: i .
i'-. i. '<.?* 'j v _, ,


- now


....... .......

. TA

*il '!*

, 'llod"do, ,


L:CI. ., '

.. . i

+.', +,



, ,





~2~.. '1G I~


w F 4 4 W rrd W 1.' Akinn', who Uwas theg iri
s flm e1*riteril.l- t il tiliti' is in tlhl
PoSe p OtS at OSoal*l-lOa. -i Phillpili' misader it UIsllrrilia H *r*i.
ps ueontlas milsatler. trl. write. tf tie F iilnaoli, in the l.-
-, .*unilm r \\'orlI ,ork :
-AL t Cro na hr w W.. Wa trk
AIeAMV w oI p r' +t "P% Itrl[melrrirel i)t"e If rT,. ytr ll t i e'
J. A. CA l. L A .4i.!., lilt',,. C l, IHqil Il. h ri I ip,, j i Il.-
JE E T. iH l'tt~I t!l' tFA l.:r h4f1ini that t; I jih i',l are i unlpl.t-
...........* --- talei ,! mtlrf.givrl iflIt. 1.*'L ) r irn iti*td-
V OpC-R PORTER BMA)K. ItAd by a few a hl int' i leaders ll.ry
as lls mmmll, S. Tai.airnueK a hate sa ,i+t ritt t.I.d it n",.ane of f t.r
s ,r au publtbhed, very orn t es a r -I ; itSe [l .
p. delaverSid by e Sirile tn tbhe l ty, f,+ I lkopiii ntl IA )it 1 tl. k I. '. ~> i .
Sasy plort hfteUnr e d stfi es,.po- f (gif (itb r-lf.goverr,lrtipj t i -i -1 i r1i,,1 *.
o w rear;: l.6I ti% wor.tb.; 1 S ire s t lI pi w It' l. th. ietil .-iM .
t h ; or o0 e lits foir flve weeks- te1l d it l I 11 I' r IIy rllliiin
?' K" l"itiiwvd II. tm tldg't *rr thy rTfghtiin,
rite al n i.1 n,u ) i (r tu ai -i itnsl
u paailIs Jxoal ocMlt >1 0 K s e 1rtiit'rial 0 1 .1irri Thi re Mar -t inlortaio. sad h eotU IM rteb ad towns in 4iiah 14ill nir hi V br ui bi
rli .ltti t ID' IIi l3. vl ari d o i vl efri their ill
gigl ds4r adverllsinl made bnown allaii as 1 is 4 s y' yr tlI. rr .i r ,l
- -- - townls f irr rla iI th
N k igs WV eeK Sun is an eight-prae, United Siat lep t n iCr.[- itinri f
s papers publitbed every Mon- (gove'rlientsIal Iwe.ret hals bn f.irlulill
rI hu taty. ad co1ta 1tts l ll i i Sb
L th w oee, local. state and esn-,
eiW Ibe Wlled., pmotai free. to any Wlectviltv' Atblity-, rlld *orne Iof thlitil
aei UdalSd Itatesor fJuada. forIst 0' Ietray ibitinate Irltl!f.ieney tart iu -
dw n Iasvf aItlivily. Jht' tin.lde.-iry teverywiher,' i(r
i daIf hUabecome+ dle after mt the l"ast is in the (lirelit) n ft -rnll -rlillr
etwordventlaemt.ualeaotberwise Iiower, ma1d, too oten int the Philip.
Ilal*atrais. PaurtInot know. to pines, the mayor or iprovincil l overil-
lrel-rlQ d Su pa or9 advrttltar In ad, ur domin atrt e 'vrytihing po far as he
k Ad 4re. THE DAILY STUN. en. e is very ready with prolmises.
Sbut, is Irolltr e aie sia:d, 'the Flli-
ha ma. l ipino never says no, but never does
Chkleao man loat hti wife in New yes.' Whena asked fur information, he
ithe1 other day. Let (u hope this studies you, and is inclined to give
ptesIUWe tn unseemly rush I'ast- you the answer be thinks you want.
.* Indireotness is a Irari and the giving
M t . f 1 __6- F &1 ._.a _

pam In this eity dreamed that he
gad went straight to heaven,

Iseo an's even dream

i pama le the I'
al species to 1
Siltate., as t
I of Ix foee t.


arrest animal of
e found in thie
mes attaining a

uLeman of Harvard Univensty
aserts thai President
t has agreed to become presl-
etHarvard at the expiration of
la 1S.

shows In the Pike a rSt. Louis
hill toextend their leases two
Jad i a company can be formed,
ent resorL similar to Coney
will be establlehed.

lllte has been favored with
Oltll weather this week. and as a
the Ierehants are enjoying a
Chrlistmas trade. Judging from
s.aniber of packages being delir-
.s-t aI plain that Kris Kringle will
Nlb*al with his charges this year.
balsoa strong indication of a pros*

it Cbristmas edition of The (lads-
O County Times, Quincy, has
this offoe, and is a credit to
oblishers, to Qauiny and to
eaeounty. The Issue contains
pages, with a handsomely
phed cover in colon, and Is
with interesting reading, telling
ltheIadvantage of that section from
lultIumal and commercial stead-
S ==__--i-t----
hel appellate court of New York I
hl a deeded that the eight hour
:- laW paid by the Legialature of
* iState s anoonastlatilonal; that a
16 lIa a right to employ men to
V as many hours In a day as he
Ciathem to do. It is claimed that
t the eight hour law contractors
help but lose money. as they
1M figure lose, and in many eases
flh work longer hours to come out

A Bodapelt scientist has made a cal-
tof the energy expended by
lttqsaIkes. Ie finds that an amount
work equal to the raising of the
of the earth through a little les
tS* o*efiftleth of an inch was done
Silseh of the 200 world-shaking earth-
rt registered during the eight
rn from 1b to 1101l. The work done
liodical)y by these earthquakes
:.ientLy 75Oo0),OOQX bhorle-power
*Inlog continually night and day.

h U ntMerous friends of Captain 'W.
I a2* am will learn of his promotion
lh lm tabks of the Atlantic Ooast
1 ith a great doal of pleasure.
ttiive January 1. Captain Denham
hfbe Promoted from general super-
I CIea0t to a higher position. with

,f lifts by ulur bjVety those In Author-
ity A eusiom common In the Philip-
pines. From instinct the Fillpita
agrees with thie boodlr's opinion that
there is no use in holding an office un-
less It can be turned to profit. It is
hard for Fillpinrs to understand that
the giving of parents to government
offlaiala ii not right. It is very diffl-
cult for them to believe that a man,
tecausehe happens to be white, has
any scruples against it. They look
with a measure of contempt upon a
man who refuses."

Nearly three years ago, when Tlh
Indst made for Lake City the same
fight Ocala and Gtainesville are now
making for the interior towns, it was
told that it was an opponent of tUhe
railroad Comnision. This paper has
seen two wholesale houseI go under
here-practically that, because they
more away to Jackeonville-on ae-
count of high railroad rates on iecorn
ing freights. 'roduee was hauled
through this place, where three lines
of road center, tu Jacksonville, by the
carload, 60 miles faJrher, at less than
the rate to Lake ity. The eOcla
Banner thinks if the commission can-
not help the interior towns it had iet-
ter be abolished. The Index is stand-
ing off this t ime for awhile, and watch-
ing the fur fly.-Lake City Index.

Should the efforts of the BoarJ of
Trade to secure an additional appro-
priatlon of 1(XJU0 for the public
building prove fruitful, the importance
of the existence of such an organisa-
tion will me a settled question wilt
the people of (laineeville. There is
nothing more effective than a live
I board of trade, and this fat haas been
already demonstrated here. It is the
duty of every eltizen, regardless of
occupation, to support the Board of


How's This? fi Un n
We offer one hundred dollars reward
for any case of catarrh that cannot be
eured by lnall' Catarrh Cure.
F..I. 'J. cuti: & Cu Toledo, 0. ( -a-_ 1 f r0'p-,
Vei. the undersigned. hare known THC CNILDREN'S FAVORITE TONIC.
.I. Cheney for the last 1i year. and be. Me, :A:u0*OFIM.T 'aT E. E. VOILE, W
lieve hinm perfectly honorable in all B1llurd*Snow Liniment Co. Abstrats of Title and full Itformatio ftralt te
business trainactions, and financially e,, LouII. mo. county. Our manger has lived In hblo on
able to carry out any obligalions made Far 1ale by W. M. Jehmeu. sl thoroughly eomwveant with I
by hli firm. .
\Asi InJ,. KI % & MtV. A IND E E Vl
Wholesale Ii ruirts. Tleudo, 0. MEN AND WOMIIN. V
Hall's (atarrh .:ure Is taken in- 4iF ML% l:tU rtrlIlahurIl iP R IRE AO"IDSNT BRtGLARY tAn 1MDUIIM:
ternll y, acting d irtectly upon the blood aM- a6 ..p.FIRE, ACIDENT, BUReLARY AND INDwur
aid mucous surfaces of the systemn. ,,t.i r r o..e o patio a amumbr of n AmD e a
Testimonials sent free. I'rice, T6c per B .,*I &r i, 1.,14. Ip,*, 4 t R T AND CITY t
bottle. Sold by all d ruugits. EW, IC-""IaUI(=. $ --1a3 1 tIFW lt r 3
,rake Halal's amily Iills for cons ti- IK n .t.. r,,,t i y. - ..
nation. -r -i n .prno. prep' oid JB K. GAr P el Go.
4.. .:IIa Ilr 1 vr l sItnt ros
A justrlce in Chicago fined a tnan $76
for stealing In umbrella, The week -... ----- N
Wefore someone stole the judge'ds.

Method, hustle and muscle. mixl 1 ed 1 OB QEBII edQ:
tgrither in equal parts, snake an ex. THE ONLY CHARTERED BANK
cellent winter tutuic. g L.L'WL4
tou_*. fl I. Eb S*iW *U^* S CaSePital e* *** **00
...... i wi ii-iOTM-^Mi ww y^ S"1r "i ( wbUM mi i. u & U 1 .. .* .* * i


mA an% rj iwumwwruw6.. .. AI -am

, w -


-i rm V e1EKi toibA, J, io ] ..... 1 >ti Ki I' '
'- r ,I -i
....... ..............I " + ... 6.-,-mp,-- ... _

T ,

A. I.J'..

,L, ,,
' a

h. M. Ir_

I 'I fr..' ;
a .


Al-Mll~:. 1


~ 6`
I i:.
I~ ~~u


,4 ,. .. , .
qup D9a'o mind as to
cul matter, recon-
ithe purse limits is
i frestly the best
derniuon both
to study the
,. ,- beast disrla ed
. ': ,,,,, .. .






a In\

bsDttlartr. n Z .
rM SI .

|(MIfUtM l~ri-pUr |L O ^


We sell on the installment plIanl, small casll
payments, balance paid weekly or monthly.
Our line is complete and many articles sEit-
od for Xmas presents :are pre eminently
displayed at our store. Christlmas shopping
is dreaded at its eost, the disLagrectalOle part
being the crowds, rush and hurry. Avoid
this by making your p )urchases and selec-
tions .now and have.t he goods laid aPidol for
you, niarked to be delivered'l on the (lay

wanted. We store tlihm lreo of
and make the delivery as ordlere(l.



You never awr the like-a fascinating assrtmenten nt, irely dffb-rent from any
tIhln ever shown here.

fr** ,

liui I'' '''
as a.




Sim FIbor Art Square
ail Pathlte rn
Oriental Pattern
All wool Pro Brussels
Ax Minster
Velvet and Moquet

llandsome all wool S~iyrnel
Linoleums, oil aloths. Mattini
of heavy and pretly patterns


Is C,


4_. wIt.. se-th. -ell' wv ns op

tables j..
1;., L : , . ..
:.i ",' .-: ..'-.,,.


Khfbl es Tbe

en. Tables
OAD.ORNS...... IT.

* m.d mo. 'i other wood,. Odd
Oiu IfoaataknDrla tablee.
l /M *1

is, ourimisa Ps.,
Wis. Seed.



i.. r-I

br% ILp

w o


.mSt s1Uip .and the name and adressa
oame ol Ikly to buJ furiture and
ril B ead py a beautiful souvenir and
MleOl homwhold article mbolusely free.
Sjust a k for stamp to psy potlage.

R a .. h .S*I .i I 1. .. 4. .... l . .
* dYovr i.o .............. .... ....
name dm.. ......... .. .......
., . Palo*.











Our warehouseI in full, our store is full-over-bought, that's Ihe' condition.
Must make room for other Furniture. Have another car arriving next week.
We are offering them at a big cut price. Attend this sale and get a good one


Chairs of



Lamps and Pictures


The Night before Xmas

And every nlght throughout the year you should sleep on our Hygiene Felt
Mati ea. Its as good a. any magalsuleadvertised mattress, and oosts one-
third lees. Between a sleepless es mad a restful sleep there I am world of dif-
ferean. RKfreshlng slumber and perfect rest are assured if you use the
HIllltene We have others. Ask to see them.



betts, Japanese Stands, Corner Seats,
music Cabinets, Box Seats, Willow Goods.
Everything Known in Furnishings.






We Know




I1/ ,I







- --- ----- -




:! r


I '.,I

h .-


.hi U&L UJ

JiR l




in c.n b'Slat iCn hi ,

sI die A p*.it c, of b1'r lt.l
Red ca fe

gat ga? t o iBier t:e-
tllor'd A' t "r te r: in I
t f jrIt...' i

i. b ,vn e 8 1 t'p i' a
p. nil eflS "J
r)S tw i i' ..> *,' '.. o," I""

w ..
'tlll bi b -: h .

||W Torn Tu- ..

Oi f in !F 'r <"'

a:. I
*: S.**' t

*. ,0h 1 ifOr P;T
i .. a- gtlie .-: r4 ..f i .i

i. Ma;be- the igr,, It+.,Pita"
UI Jl player, bha* tKen i;cted
it i HariArd"' 1enlor C.4.- day
Tt isL mong theb higasl
n tha* annfi of Cri

| HHannah gratr lanr of f.P*
iI, V.. wasI :'1 yt'ar ,,o
' tpdfmt'-r f'. .I: in !ho revo
~I~r Wa .ihe has erircnt
I lcd can r',Il .'-.out gai&fai
ted i* l ;t. ,r

kMr I0 ) i L. Nc ...h IJ I 0 I -,rra

: n t 'ttl ti1 |is..?. ;
jSTt Plar h i
.sllnte. N /
t olk 4aL W, ( .i ,'r. ., e

a- k 4

\ at
, i ol

p todaj ;r+ r r,; a .i mr a .-'

hr. 4.! '.' 8 -- w'' a^.1 T.;<^

S tak in - . *
Atl :r. (* r

a t C,-

oY~a~r Ann
$I I
Ye vars q*

ob. rc '

ikm Ha, -
| kflitn
tetbr,. p
i th
tlet . i I,
tt,, r ,- ",

ll e t n .. -..

l r whir 't ,.,r
--tPpor- Ual '.ng

- 1fflsp p
12 rrr- --v 4





o hier

Elegance and Economy in

Christmas Furnishin

theri i- evt-r a tin;.- wln wan -l.- Itilht kind of gw4ld- ftor aI
I, r! r irat, (tIhri--1 t a- .leti. -. and at thl ric,.a price's, it is at this e sea' m
SWt. ia:t. cffrring a cripllete- .. ~k -f Ies-irale n -ii sitie. At the prices we,. 'Tiu 4r,:-n afftr.l t, give -v, ur*lf a trcr-*:'t and save money in the pur-
(I I t-f ('h- (rf1ims* gifts.
i .. -------. ._ I-- .

Christmas Suggestions.
I 1,.l.r i a. t.t $12 to $20 Bo St!s,' ti a inle elt-tion of $
quaiti$l tio to-date m.fteri;i.a. l1..50 to
A Go d Cah mere $6 t $10 Men' Sweater, Boy% Sweaters. al
Buit. heavy weight [izt-0-
Cravenette 0 ve r i t0 0 Sto A Howard Hat $3. All the latest
c(oat . ... Vv l styles and shape.
A .pk.n-1i, Ovrev ctat. ;-.-inch
I A 1nil (r '.inch $8 Flor sheim Shoes I, eywood Shos.
S ine quality. .. to ....... IMonarch Mhirts. Vin Tii. T Stick
B)ys' < vCert-oaV.. . 3.50 to $7.50 Pins. Mens .Jewelry. Etc
;*! ---------------------- ----
r' \Your patronage rnequeted ant alaplpreciated.


!; Outfitter to Particular People. GAINESVILLE. FLO)RIDA

- HIilB E IIIU I aLthe ma tsll

) Va'ies Containng Mt-. 'Chladwcki'
Jew ey Havae D0iappeared

-. S: .; *i 41 ji-. -. MS .I
Satan:I r* r *.I *. a..
141 it tI.. -

-~ '. *- -f fr.: > -r

I 2k-1 '' 1 Al i. r.XS. v . -
ce t .r T 'a 2 Is a Ti .

P': *-~ :.k N1 .J' .! a11 I>
*~~~~~~: r L 'a-.L .2 N- .':a'; .'P3
J ,*-'''ft ;- .1,'-- i

La,! A A I ri

PupmIas'- The vosWv-: wa ,. .:
ob Mtnam ;:! m;1re ITM 1 *'
r a burr.cane which la.a a .

` Pqbing Spell Caused Death.
Duckwell.t aged *5 years.
bt death early yesterday morn.
kie home in the presence of
Snid cild. Hie contracted a
mod S frw dayk ago and paid
iie attettiono ij iat \eterday
Sized with a It of coug irig
Ilatinuel for 9*Sme time HIl
Met for a physician itb: lbeore he
MTive, airother coughing ieill
o anmd Duickw-rllditd froul ni lv)-
-'iSt., I sir lobe lemocrta.
1. O1901 aI'llard's lihorPh.titl
Woold havw rivel him. -'&. r
IL .g Soldd tby .M. Johnsol.
L.w Rates Via Southern Railway
Account Holiday Season.
saoltihrrt, liilway will orl tick.
ball poeintl at rait- of on- and one-
lnt-clas. far. for round prip.
Id 31st. 19i.- crd January I.t.
with i'oai limit 3 ariaary tth.

i bchee anld 4tudrnts holding
iaeO friM i ._ -

Revolution I mmnernt.

rlrt r grn of aprrosetalinc revolt
alid serioups riublr in your siyitlm rt
I.;rt olC.SJ t. srle-p.ite ns. or stomach
1tj1Ctl. lreCirlt- e ttiers will qlekLly
dtimembier thr caur. It
i' vrt fatsl too onle th r Iomach, regvt-
latr the kidurt;s and towtri.. ltimu.
la:r the liver and clarify the blmod.
l; dUwn ytemsi tIltneit par-
1Icularly and ail the aOual attending
'sc.ia trash under it searching and
* thragh effrctivenee tEleetric Ili:
tar is oni: 3t. and that it ret!irned if
it don't give perfeetl stisftrlrion aIt'eed by asl druKggetl
S3LTN -, b EE. 5'V S FCRR-KER.

6Se"r'' Ti

', .


I -I
I.. '
th'. '. .
?*i '. '

*q ~ .

-, 5 z'11 s
re !:

tc C..: R =;


Co t a B.

Buy for Cash With Discount, AII I

We Sell the Same Way.

Canll siAe you money on
ALL your purchass--
whether large or small.


Orange rrriherd daill fh ear owv
girov. I.# per 1 rrb or 14r per deme.

Jacksonville, Florida.


--- --"mamma-

~'~t~I MeB



A A rined llUai
Saieat4 d SM O

I: .

M I.


Yeq' uY

Largtst *-m W

S amg 9 gg

. i

Puhw RutnesAtt nfl



." '.,. m.

lt~nl Aar a Us. 49j

U uT Wa .N-

6-..Fn IS Cain -
yearl-- Wlln* I*"

ad sl pmpte o ii
bste ro.m Yes wa
be^wu. Yer muiM-rllb

Pure and Old

Maryland Rye Whisikey

Per ease
I'er bottle
Per gallon

93 It

Carried in lock. All the ledingf
brands. Send for Prire List.

J R. EMR%4o. asaser. LOUIS LA
P""- -Vl:ll: -A$. l.-
120.000 Trmale of Fraternity.
temp,*' -*' fra'-t' 1! t- onf of tS.. *II11 ll -

, tL -B a' Tv L' ;* *' i. #e ni*el i a-
A g'rt-t A: r -, '. '-fadqiartnre f.',
rra .rna','- sfr. A Tnim uil he r.,
f '-r ,-+, f' r calt' *4 1' eI or eri jjn-
pita; \-rrC : "1 providMt in Oh*
bu:'.'r.4 arrd lo 1 n l Stata, Fr.
terna: cOngres. :: bhtI ta s t^!"n
thert ;n Jnul.

A Costly Mistake.

Sl: u;vidt lrs arer ometienit i very e pen.
saIT. (ecasiunaly life itself in the price
of a ltnntiake. bt yLJ'] never te wrong
.if you take l'r. K ng' New Life Pills
f. (or dyepIpoia. d::,- nesl. headache liv-
Sr or tkwetl tro ibv. They are gentle
yet thnroulgh. .l*, at al dru sturrs.


*L I
'I- *' :e 5

L; ,i0aer Burned *n Cotton Mn.
'r. '-,.. .i ,i ,, .> . i ,' ,
S roit n i -a le*' t
ihav- w '"* : 1t. 'r .
S as a t t a ia. T ,' r, Mr. Smri Ii u. ** . a .
d blumrel d Fr ,.r .I f'rI!- Ar 'ir :.' t
T, them arfl r : .'t r '- r < A;.



Alachua Poo






leod Ito, iti aalAl

mo l l. a- ftww4q

Fastest Time and Finest Service ....r..
to All Points WEIL L& O, *1

aid Nrthwv e"
Through P'tullman Drawing Ioom.
Sleeping Car* daily from Ja.ckonville 0ole Apala forJm oM 1 da
to Birminaham. Nashville. Eransville., *Ni I.&.r B
Chicago. St. Louisi. I'ensaeua. MoHbilJe I Pa l ruLaL. 3;n
and New irleans. 'pa wWntd.
Finest lining Car Service in the -|
South. Elegant Free teclining Chair i mam*Ma N
Cart. Route of the famoiu 'Chiaeso,
'and Florida limited Ire sure your::
tizkett read ria_ L. i A. WhyHet Lesm to lSp k gpdIo
For rates, sehedales and sleeprin eat rl You ean eure I ot te '
reerrvations apply to edition of booklet e, ". eI
tiEiK. E. III HlRIN. la-P. PasAt. ay to sp.athe dd Ho aso
2. W. Bay St.. Jsk onville. Flafl, IWo lm U WPI ,.Jb
Leaky. divisloe Paneogt
.... .iat. lanie Coat Lim nsllUred, wt
Thap VlnrilAi O,-rg .

I Iit x ItY&IUW --.
Fruit and Truck Grower Chrsitma and New Y. r Hdl dma.
- Announced by trhe Srbod.


---. ~5 .


-- ---

-- .--- __ ___I


~T Il;pl~i~ :t~ i. .I


' .'"'1I,



.t i .

Psas ma mm


- --

. ,I'P':7.1-ITT7 L77 r-777 TIP1r I *1W
'I' :'T


S with E:Casha Mil.
OiF ur I A h tulmis to lat the band at Musel y'
ilircil A Uittl1 rly atl t pii. T .1.
uNTY CONDENSEDt, irttrr l
C. 11 C .I.lujyId f iHold r was tra .sat'-t
S .i hsines ian this eity yesterday.
i i neral Interest Oath- .i r Lii I isk iaku ho
Sanher i'mtia ii I silik aked abol.
a by O ur pRfporte. I dermlI hrian k l kf Iii rni. Shjimthingl
flue. A*u ri .f A l-:,rl. .
LO*NAL AND SOIAL ITEMS S lalms I.L A Ca.v. and 1.. A.
h I1oror of1 tHigh .*|r1ingr wetre rtrgiL.
S.Pnd and Whatis Going trod lt Ith lruwrtn 11 n.- yesterday
i" IHa eMiss pNity l"dnwy.a th-es1 loirut lust
l pn Told in Short P paragraphs asiatant prinucilal of theI Mieanopy
0 That "H Who Runs May Road Ililh ehool. wits v"i.itllug il tIhe cily
in The Sun. yeierday.
p--woks atMos-lIey' live ri or irtir ,work (lrdin Iat
f w ..a (,ruSila InI' e l. arte.r S hp. ThIree
rwith CLilsha A Hill. l lri.ela'u trbe r*. HIut ad t cold
t. V Waits of trove l'ark was in the baths. It
S trday IlMiis ItB-lll lre:r ditov- iin the ci, y on
hi to toys. All kinds, all pri. a visit to 1 r- If 1. l'hafetr. tier n -
s o Meeolely' mermus t ririds hero w-re glad to wel-
ie poStage for sale ili East i aiifne. enue her again.
r... Leartiu-. re N ellarg, for layiigt
S Pepper weit yesterday to ree. n maItiK ior hanging
vII. pu o r ye .. .... Ir t aUi'iful line aud low prices.
MVlh on business.Te i ..I .ThiCo.
on--iM' Wonderful Salve fur sale 'i. m. r ll. rey of North
SW. MeCollum & Co. l Wll overly o or
of filt Sl m aines t ille iter giw nP i rugres'live far-
ls. I.Uniimn of Hligh Sri ..reetinghis
..--- .i ,lr .f Mo Kohirii. H lr.1eting his

t ay in l iarr t ity.
S yes have anythinR to sell maake
ta he kuown through The Suitn.
'A Mr. mud Mrs. Hague 8trickland of
e were in the city yesterday.
S'fkr tle-My family hone. Prince
eW buggy. RB. I. HAM*PT4N'. St
oaimre Florkda irown 90-days seed
to be found at i. S. Merchant Ll

m ve you visited Urant's Shaving
Polite and courteous atten-
is all. Ut
{ When ordering your Christmas din-
sjmiember C V MeKinstlry. We
r' u-o LIUbrty street, yellow lap
i~r-1. leader return to Robt. Sherrod
evewive reward. 2t
aOnst is the oldest resident barber
to (he trade. Fifteen yearn a

told friends hern' yesterday.
Sweare al displayin the
Ladies Ikunt beautiful line of
goods In the aity. We invite your in-
speetiun. The 8. .1. Thomas Oo.
A full line of feed. such as earn.
oats, hay. bran, shorts, cotton ed
meal and cotton seed hulls at the right
kind of pries. See 0. 8. Merchant &a
A. B Simmons of Bell. Mr. and Mrs.
II. L. leville and John Ileville of Ar*
redonano and I' (. RIamniey of %aea-
hoots were amonl tihe visitors to this
oity yesterday
Mrs. A. l'. Sargent and daughter,
Miss Fannie. returned to their home
at Avon Park yesterday. after a pleas-
ant visit to thst former's son. Arthur
Sargent, In this city.
U l in cleniiing time is now
HouiIsea-a s

alryt'mq UinUrvmi, I. i UvwU W l on SU. ellYo your old
I Amso of tine fat chickens to offer Ifrniture andl we will replace it for
K or our Christmas wants. See ( about what you get. with fine new
Mi' amaAl & Co. and get your or-. goods. The S. J. Thomas Co.
Illled. 1r. and Mrs. I1. H. MeCreary are
aatdnw maohilun at flve delighted to have with them for the
w Wl dollars and up holidays their daughter. lMiss Irene.
Sa lfew. The 8. .1. Thomas Co. who arrived yesterday from Lyuch*
.T. Trammell of Fannin, a pro. burg. Va where she i attending the
I; piv merchant of that town. was in Maeoln-Randolph WVonman's College.
: e" lelty yesterday ard made The Sun The friends of Miss aeCreary will also
Ellilneble call. 1w glad tu welcome her again, if only
e. EM F. Tayl or and daughter. .A it s for a short time.
UIt U .of Fitlerald. tia are in the Among the visitors to this city are
Srit, the guess of the former's father, 1 E. Cannot and Rev. J. Those. Knight
SImlge iGo. J. Arnow. of ell. Mr. Knight is from Marian*
SAni i until 8:30 every evening a. "ad ha blut recently removed to
O e 0,lhi week. Wo will bw .lachua county, le prolmses to make
i s L slholw the fine goods we have. Hell his future home. and it is to te
SJ. Thom Co. hoped that lie aid faml ily wll be well
rO. S. JIlMerchant & Co arid get pleased. The gentlemen made The
mr prices oun pure Teisa red' rust u .an.a -b
s aed ats imported by thein di- n a ae cl.
S t!imm eSheriiman, Texs. A. 11. Tower of Dunnellon arrived in
ST.J. Cone of Raleigh. J A Williams the city Wednesday. and Wednesday
I Bell, J. H. Dye of licanopy, l.uas night the degree of the nrder of
rSlk of Hague and John i. Willie of Knighthood was conferred upon him
SIvaof were visitors to Gainesville b I'ilriim Commandery No ,7

;' Fried, of Hon. V. i.. Robinson wi. very interesting one, and war well at-
I e idd. Among the onutof-town mem-
.h6r mtlfi at the Informatin that he bierm if P ilgrim (ommandery who at-
S' a t again. after an indisposition tended was A. It. Morgan. of Floral
Wha eonflned iiin to his home for (Cit
Of lio three days. Mr. and lMr' .1. A. RKosbrouIgh of
SM kept busy all Winidsur were among the visitors to
Two M en this wee-k lay- this city yesterday Mr. I{osborough
nYatting and putting tp shades. states that a very iii(portant function
aS J0Th rmgA for hi work. will ei "pulled off" in Windsor Christ.
r A r... d M. ls D a y, wingt the marriage of his
A thnur and Mi li M lIl oyle, whto worthy coNik. For Ithl litime the euok
I llteidilit Stetson i'nvertliy at will quit yankingk" the dinner bell,
StLand, sr pending Ithl vacationt but will "yank" the wedding bell in-
Sitihtir ta-en-,- n .... .I. sr el. The affair is to be a moss in.
ir l.. Mr. and Mr. 1. E. formal onet, a number of nicely print.
Sl*., iln til city. Friends are glad ed iuvitations having been issued,
r WM then. l_
Swant IlA.4i11, pounds tit ser ctrap rr i T 1
l.l, .pounds of serp bras. Will READ THIS.
th brhightest price. l1ring i u your *
Iron and bras (Gaineville Mobile, Ala. D 24. 1W.
iran ud Machine Work.. Gailnes- hIr I W.\ liall, tr. louiis. lo-l ear
ria. lmi ,Sir: iavinri i tried fr different doctors
flnasso el l v it r and tlir remedies for several years
Sin,' -fa d VC iun brougalt for back and kidney troubles. I found
d r 11i111* nof ods thla we are lnow linotlhig sulceful until takinR The
t P.r0 t hn10 w you t. antl the prit' -xa Wonder. 11a111* treat Iiscn.v-
Sfr 5rht. The' .1 i'homnas Co Pry, saad, being rapidly enred, the oilt
The friends o( JoeIph Brtooko are saying with railroad into is., "t'iad
lA 0 to feli hrt oist again, after a _l, ll,'sbl he matr who invented tile 1ulll-
r tiphoaid fir which .ci.lln'd hi.i la1etll IeIiirig ear." but I say. ("(td
Si which coId h lesio lh, i a.entr of Hall' Texas
W1 Oli bed for twe'isty'-oi' days Joer 1 onlcr." Yoiirs truly.
i Wl s a kood-natured, jovial fellow. W I. Cl Ka.
S i a littll weak. Ii lie' still 1 I 1 Co. Mobile, Ala.
: kthe ring "
JIdg.. .,wi, ,a t. A TEXAS WONDER.
e--, Ma, o, witinnr ,t, .ir t twt ,, .
4 4 has issued tiarriag li.rns's to n 1 small bottle of the Texas Won;
fl. I iarr, and salli. Smith lio. 'rt der. lill t' ireat l)covery. eures all
to*k and ., 11i. Mi.h.ll Jo hn kidlney ad bladder troubles. removes
i la llrr r \k,,. lgraveil. cures diabrter. seminal emis-
R esa R. ra i, ..... 'J 11 l t0io11n weak and lame backs. rheuma-
'. rlelrt, lr l n IIIow Ian d ii. t mil i ....... 11 .ri..r ,ila tiau n i lho kb id


lasars with Cwohan A H111l. ** ** **f** enI.n*
.- W 18itlanding of lh)tto is Ipr IiT ad Pre s ed
i.1g a short Iimne in tln.e city a. i., TO Improve and Preserve Your 31
guest iif tlm-rtivms. :1S
A ior .-|re -el for C rii iI. N im NADIN FA I
41tlain 1 I4 Iariithd*I Io, 4L. iirg I a l) *
rulint Nf^ie 1-. 4a am mw qup&na py,
I or ' Nertol .4r, tidio tr I 1 :; tl*i. i--
rv, lain ua Mc liv.. ine b loatse N nAcea
1 P4 rl W Gral ee
e 1'ritit Grinwers'r sxpreest tunkm, s anWg

(luring i.*te lttuie PC5aoI)II in he initer- uf c IfNC TIg. ALWAYR*
PiI of his company ut isI. t ci tla gJ
CIlobe WrnikPk .rak tcaer .$ C rriSedtar IM (e!**
Hall trFete. ch ifum ie.s l II if l
Irautiful rattasa rQCkCr?. uok amd mm. Natlesal TeNlet ftd%
11gany1 chain of all kuiud.eelpi. Thie 'Ii It ol l.aIarille by 1I. 1. lIedIbrd Ce. atI k d ig
S .-. Thom."as.cIO. n^flflflflo,*** s^





S* '
I ,I



Write for Our soo*Page Illulrrt CaS g

Diamonds, Watches Jewelry, Cloc, Cut Gna,


e aI MAD.sSii
AIgU l s,~

No. 24 Crnam Pitcher ~a
No. 24 umgar Bowl to mtoL 1$.10



'.r. aIU AMrs. j. litihieiis hRav leftl
the city furr the liludayf Mr Ithlodr
Iguing t l.Hivllrle, Ky.. and hii wife
to Savannah, (.. i wh rer he will
tb lth guPst of heer imoiir. M14.
I'Pt r is.
Faieret When yuu want ti1 tmy
your seed oat., stop and think where
is the iurest plise to tiid them true to
naine Call at (. S Merehanr'i Co's.,
where they will be pleated to show
and sell them to you at the lowest
G. W. Parker of JaCr-sMe, Mr. and
Mrs W. t1. Thomas and baby of Mon.
teocha Cham. Howard of Joneswlle
and W. H.Cason of Banta Fe were
amnnli those who favored the county
apiLal with a vilst yesterday. hatlo
come to do some Christmae sboppinm.
Buperlatendent H. A. lFod and
Agent J. N. Strobhar of the Atllatie
Coast Lne weat yesterday to Hlig
Springs, where they had a brief but
pleasant eonferesue with Captain W.
B. Denham, general superintendent.
who was en rooted to South Florida.
As a matter of course tkheH Igetlemen
ineilentally eOngratulated OCapaim
Irnhamn on his promotion, mention of
which appears elsewhere IL this paper.





SHoliday Sale
Continues with unabated Interest.
The orowds continue to throng our
store from early morning sill late
at night. taking advantage of the
great bar lals that are to be found
from one end of our mammoth store
to the other.
The, people know a good thin
when they see it and our goods and
prices peak for themselves.

Never before was there
sBi1ch an opportunity for
shoppers to secure their
holiday goods. For the
next week we expect to
paint the town RED.

too sack, 100 pounds
to sack, good white Rice,
a little broken, at $2. 75
per sack. Turkey and
rie'e is mighty good.

I ,000 pouind s of the
bIst 10 audI 4rW, Candly in
the United States. The
2(o Candly is as g(Kd aus
the best.

Lust rer'eive an im.l
IIOenWFI line of Round-



Ale a iS Us* tof

Holiday SioN
.I every dreslpiea.

Jackets! Jackets I
Fr Lati Mie sad sodt)1Mm.

Rugs -c
The bigose*t and best line of Reap
In East Florida. Some heautle
Jimt suited for a Christmas gift
or for Sour own bhore.

I.adirs'e llinc cards printed in late
atyle at Sun office. Ordered for eagrav-
iag executed on short notice tf.
For Sale-New Wheeler & Wileon
FwinIk machine, f. o. b. factory or
(iainteviltp. Apply at this office or 80
East Liberty street. dwtf
Rev. W'..1. Carpenter. who has been
assigned to the Hyde Park Methodist
Chnreh. Tampa. expects to make his
departure for his new field today, and
will be followed by his family the frst
of the coming week. Friends here re-
gret very much to lose them.
William Milliner. an old tiainesville
boy but now of New York, where he is
holding a responsible position with the
Western Union Telegraph Company. is
in the city for a few days visiting his
mother. Mrs. Ann Milliner. ill has
not been to aine .ville for four yearn.
and his old friend here art g-lad to see
him again.
Mr. W. I. tliteven. and baby. Little
Miss Dorothy, art in the city from
Chattanogat stirhe guests of the for-
mer's mother. Mrs. A. L.. Fuoter. Mrs.
Stevens was formerly Mist May Foster,
and has many friends here who are de-
lighted to see her again. She- i* inIre
oni account of the illnr*oo o'f iher baby.
and it is hoped the cl ange wI i ove

43 w. imlMt,




F in rUL tI


*left Lo to M"WLO
S m r r W ar

. .,-.

Irs, J. A. al
2M lw.nsr w. :


Full Umr or..

(iiton'. Cbhriutl' ,.
and il Plbert m Pie
ties. Chriltme Card o
tlonery, Art Gift

Full Line Lldies' RedI
Clothing Expecte Dal.


I ini' of it rthe r-lties! windows sl the
nitl L ii, at .m I .. ai.. ,u I1. ..n i 1Ia


tree's Trunks. Bags and
Suit C'asus-suitable for
holiday gifts.
I '- _J +_ n ,

No matter what you need, jupt
comer to the New 'ork jacket and
we will suit yo. WV W oll fur cash
at laeket price m,

linmemblr mitr I arnituire l)epart-
alient. The pretitlit I 4s4h and there


rw. A r-P -

__1_ IICI1YCC~~III~ -C~I -I -.




I I I"
I' Il

lr ,.

-- r


A ft_ w-_

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