Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 21, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02089
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Former Actresa Wlil ?l1 HU.r,
es Vrlersion of t lr Tnqiy. I

Wh eaewIman dHa N Fi Wh1aWith $t oC
11 11 W4i40e m e Dme toeN N4l Start .4
tois^ tot mt ^the i nMMws F the Per.
,. fo .Gr !, IGr
a...S M:.New York. ID. rr l IISl for i
M INterems onssaeeN 1 ore the

9e1. tty esrt t i 4 li ases '

:igl tmey pa tI tgsoi till

,k .mllMIa hLalM m er hTl o
o,:1i4l Ite am W *t1 ^ a itoi hip YIR i

aII~iNo bea th esaell

.i^^l^ !f ikt w iK r1181ma.g

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Wasiy ser' ib4" y r usy abshede,

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tot l p a ifl Iss Is quite
abeU isEMm81e 1a Was would be
MON*n- IsMr w 4 atm toe a"h t1 1he
*1 ii0t11411q i o Ishe as a tti ling b,:

40 Opp" d *lowto IlM I hioh
P* SW W flhr .. .su 1 ta. s. I. hlay i
.ir Is

S" INK! the. oi s so bas om o o .thr
Hw4 k f lls. "arec 16* isw asW mB t aying. "mld,
W.tese w thea hery what I bare:. say
M" eW y o h of ag b t will vr I to us re,

th.boatS lile ., Man.petterse is so content of sr-
waqoltbi that ke aid teday that she
b-.. slut r I 8ndAh to y In I h

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f.wmxzaq. tm b Irs hi he thore ien Wasbilatln b.
I I Ab. msta,. Mari bm nsotir nla comes,
.. l_- d tta Irt I msd tordy It wati aritl lewi t thdd
i$l11 imt Satur- eOvientl wehould be snluiitllIt b) the
11111 "OI O I V r letw York. de tn. *It was mal thiat lini, Pat,
W IiS ertIlvoimr. tames hernlt problurlr w.,uldd I,e' oart
t 'hopu aalkd lt t so l. witelln es called t ti tsutrelli I.
li itil bI tearl aWV he io rrei n the* 1 atter umn Irial
i s I beb Io ever was take L. Mr.Ljvy, rof coumuil for tlh
,emt b AIAt bwi. 4tnre" itase ra owted that Nata Patlter m
Sall *tl would take the stand In haver ato ba
...II ilth Sf M O thel will t to eIt m

.t i this after s

iL90f A at Wrlarl -a --
M^ a fth hatet WMd ke Neat Pattfian B o eonirni of t 1

rI ldL tolt Lan- h Illtal lthai e AIsld to Make l uth er

j:.' Wi 1 nH0ral 4t.: Sbt* Pay Repudlated SLdo.
Wat Ina 'Atlatsa. De. 0e.- Whls e tLn y n *l
sL.t.t. mi .b tihe hle, bit thter II Io doull that st ep will be
i ma iLtnch tn Ikt wirehrh will Iitea (rorshlat ro tle
S Irn.. sN. a world oe oe other oNd ld udulont

*.mb. il4..d. Mesis. Isaa which havr bn mI llawv'd by
t I m aid, If It will muain theC onetltutlon and by legutlwto ri.
SW < .I I Ueit ttIe lt t e oPattiasn ri mol w d ren
Sl Mt. l M that the lo day will c rin uut wlth cler
letW aall st irtora M vts mmd w it outs havin tI pay t a
pet I rrt C W York. arteA. thI t t8 tkt hat MInn p at

L Et hle the aetlvr t s dollar, mli. MIl teay, It coni for It ur.
'a aL ael1 he wltteI e aftor t.. *.ws' _el tlhae mt af_ PaIt ltlri
-- 4 ftlll tr Wrtllin~ o( 5* aw'1 fe**. as thet ranlH of he lttg.

Stil 1tat promise to ioe iilultiutio.
and The report fronm Blouix 'ty. lowa.
*I with. regard to a l(ed-er of $10.01064
lch Ithe repudiat e'l hondsi of ewtain
uuthern Mitl tteI t hatl ate, with a
tin tviow to Iowa1' bringing stit for their
an. collection In thei aM.pretl court oe f the
! and
mrall 'nite Slates. no HarprtMi to
S thkem. II flar. lhire, the action of
%n South nflko ta hr ringing ( lt M I ai
l i .mla mr alnlunt or North 'Iarolls
eats bonds. which wIr< unrelleltah'll inl
fro tbe hlltals o intlirndililal o lnerl narnitlir
irad. actlonl at this lkinI have Ibrn erxplt
Tre W l. anet they wouil1 hardly wb sLtr.
pr ls many daiy It hear tthat simer ol
That Goe.l'n's fraudulent ecuritiel had
* It been dalthi lsh tI thl way.
1 lo .I... .
I be~ Prominent Methodirt Dead.
iW. Na*sh illh. Tl-n.. l)w,' -' t- r 1.
R. Aluti r'trelitry5 of ti T,,rnnit l'p,
| . .. . F l- i L --i. ..... ,

it a God wbo l is

,2, Ofr Ilbi eor imen otet our
41 t butaO that tta cloar to ust
hteas ir fet. Seance, literature
MOM". t o1 it that thetr In unt e'te
eotII I that the Hible no longer
'l i il ed s ulimattel that man
tl t laws wer* empled tfor other

i did i ot spring rpouanmas ly
Mosat, bt Wetre, Ilk* lI laws. a
I tat g1ewI h-aanid that man Itra c
aRf. Met a ermtiaH.
There Is only owe eaer0y.
N MC" ha always beat workli
l l a linililtrte *nergy. No u
01 mtiMt em da it. 1 It was working
( .t ChriSt's ilwi. wevr as it is n
I; a1. 1 '. .a"a'.

" I


Four Mon LIee Lives and Pour Othelt
Were eriously Burned.
New York, IrKc. Q.-.- Filar lilmn lefl
their Itros iiand lfr oitber weri n,
ver-'ly hlilirgI i i the lire on m llt e aitd
ard 01) Irgel No." tl which wasL mhlthe
W-Li II llrasi. X. J.. lat nsithL. (
When lsrllilllig ithe' artge was,
ilgh0 1-t l ist ight tWut it W sW Itipoiblol
Ito larn unli)liig otf thilie fate oi the'
rcw. Tl:e iut>e wlhtirh lwelre eiTar t
hand f atl' all tlhe aishttanrer H*l)'
ble antil ni* ffiirt wlla mnaite to Lre(t'l
the barlge by the ti' tl swvitug rrw at
tl io>il' i(. Tre fitl.I in .al, tilhtri- i( l
tlhie In re toi 'y 3 lI'h l a t 15 lioiti til
hinto lAil I lin)i city >l llde- '1 iti
"t iv11i'' nn In Hin..

iieill ,n n i ila lii n it i

O lmtl .i i %w In n rrll rt cr'odt iiti
It i* t nt a1 I t It liti- ther hia-
mioni t '1' ll rv.%e thei t r ntitirl,'
Th,'' of It:'" lire'e oi mth' Il r ,
ha nol ll'ln o rxpltli,r'il.
Noime of ithe ~til irm wsere' In ou
comttdltin tla ll. Itoiay, iv. bil it was
lIretnrn' that the'r %"I A is an explomioan
*lt iitiruing oil wan thrown cialr the
ve tnel. The imeln .were knwiHked ili.
Cm(sIloitlla the emrltsin l, t iliiil hurii
Ing oilt i et tIre to thliilr cltit.*.e Thei
bargel hlail on tI mirid barrelI or
O 1ut 'i!illiO1n K ilins orf nil.

WIll Remumo the Coa After Chritl
mas Holidaly.
WViln'h -*tr. Ky.. Iho Li. -The tinI'
of tlhe rpexn*ar trini tof elrtilt c",%lri
will 'li~sRe lin .1 tei % aIeiV attld lthe Miar
Ct illII 1t0 If i lI ll i Ita l o thei i % ilI.
i1.tin of I r)thlirl io., It w ill Iu.
be* tflloilh l whenli ilit Illn exli| hilut
.111I1 It.'11 1 0e 1 4 he Vil4 '' etl' I 0
tl mii t itiln h thb w 'ltl: of i .1 illHll

The"ir fii wllt -- :todli s \ l--
ICV.o110 wr l k l tas ; stit
the r 1a1 g'.ti oure' w"'.nn [" win i ,1
h1,14 I b-th. 1i,' .A it. li .:
tlill itl t ti .dllts w .i oIn% 1 lil i. 8i.I
thounil g the ri p ,ll e wei1' allardl to l.t

b uroras i I *1l'n"1v tit) ii n untei i Shu
V'0u the idefndant t 'ir, lni u. all, Iit
killing w t.h a reir w'r iu hi. L cand.

I Lost Lif e n a Tornado.
I N o % 1-i,. |p I. I' ; ,% l i:lra d i i l -
i n'; etil I'J r'1 'I- uril m1 rI t : n l 1
' illl t >ll It Itit ltlii',r i 1i r| .. ,i,',. |iit

I "rL T : W I!; of li i f Snt

- .f 't. l i ; 1 1i I,
; I %.1> I ltg, I a 1 6




DPelr.or Apoatll l iNmli ,t r iLh
/ittarnag, Vkwurci h.

t'riliKKR ,.It. IWN4


taher of the l*4 I0'd" PFive D0*
ifr I tl ArrnItd

I' 'oI l tm t1 Ila4" In' t. ,AI t ..l t ti
i 1 't 'Itl t Ih j I1 11 4I "-. I h qI*li"

',l II1 iit0i t i lll .. ? L t ?j .
tl s a I !1 r Iie i, 11 tm 'it
*I 'I II ff%' 4 1*
il'q l r n naralgo < s n 'h' i a*
h,,'J 'I llmlll l l*1 I'b j la arr t If

AdIlrs own II IrI II in t fur
iiW,n-, room tm r tl h h tharin X i a1 %
I 1- ih., i KRl hp* ll f II I)I it)tlll, H t)1r
I I at ed hp wals n nt1tll llllllln ill.
t ale Io f iimi nollats. lThe attppilmod
Mil)*r was a (dieiorive andt he arreleIl
Ad ammn In th lio It. The prittilnl
mtIt w as IaiherldP t I II Illltrvant
Mfew. Adamumii a asserted to tw
well aneoNted II ihis rity. lie I.
ighil 9dlucatled an d !s said to bhe ne
f tlhe elelelt meln i America.

UIs were found is Ihe many phtarsa
about the city. There vwf a print
Ig prios and a plhotlgrph oullti o-
Pther with many dellerate InIstruments
and the colorl ingmaitrltl of thI
killed rconterlltlr, .
Adllasso was taloa to Connrrlllert
for heartnx IIng ier-t camrw hw ailr aly
be n worked unp theIic in which t I
f hif allet dpals are urlnder lldicl
l esat

In the House.
W -ia ngtuim. liteo .t TheI hoi5M
of rIt|I p ntat!,el I., ri t 'Rut1t ha il1rt,
*f ita'eI tU' .i S itu thailit hodt nid
t, 1nti Th1*11 .o 1 N1tl it for dhpitrni

ist I tr MTilt !nilcitLter of apinm'l'tir% I-

nit rtita l to ,l elutII arl h. I ali at t '
irm, hi t i Ai rti er*ill i fo H I lri *H-
I ltit'.e Th lliU i .'- agistli to adlIurF
frllo tol ay 11til \Wi nid.

In the aviate.
The sensit# ad a *"es! Fn of thr1
minute itthisa u11e adljoinI e.t u111ti
SW ien itsdayil .Mir. 'lirken I ii'glil a had
ben it illigustelri lt pl sil' lt Is i et'
Idllt i' Te. frve Thfior wt as
ihuit lrary t b6 1 (1 ul'lit illr a ia il
ial' frol m Ith l miIls- 'fll d n'*It* <
froni (h hutiii*'. ai naniun L M1r l*i
lingsr.. (N 11 > tio Ilt- n,' ith thb
realdiag of hn l iliti li ult111- n iaT.u Ier *0 '
tI On b ) Mr I. tic l u to el)iiiu l A1 lth
bloIruiin s inr ir llritl
Msaliull I Iraf &n 11rr l1 a

banford Coto Lont Term,
t Lm nliPi .A IH so.- (
Balfitfii 'Ii ti it ll l hn ptMAl &
Ichor> In v a ',ii ti t inrl ti t rsi'
lti l t'r. war t all lien a lrtlitu- il o lt,
i! in the p nwltoptl iry Arler
wt i e rl hlnlh ii 0 e'rt nc u'irri ic lit htd
1i 1n1 9410hi11 i Thr 101 ;41Sr nlI i
i r' ,'h iat \ l ir ('t trhi t Silun t il hirl'
lit. .in 'Alap' ,.i! w ll lie alkirn Io Ihi

Ion City Valued at $21.000.O
S I ,o 1 )> tti l tI*iA ric el ni ll'r'

I5 q ': .i.;'!
~ fY~L

I ,

t .. -.. ..
enilals Av MIae I" Regaril to Met
man a Own g MaIorty t1of it* 041
of liM( S I duetar.t Nelthtng
PaglIn n ith Nal Ctfgeea.l
Weahlilutm. lIC*?0- v l )at|ll John
11lary tmilth,.it of iih* M, no*ln ihurcq,
was reiralltld a lhs frt Witllra toi4
is thel senator 14nies1t Inmsliklltsail
antdl warn rnw.t'oyeAnt1iIl I) A It WV,
thlhitlln. r'uinthed for M1r SmNst,
Apostle timlnh aild he ha ktnRt
A. r. MoelsMld 4 who diLd luring ia
prWlentl tmni who wase bairger t
ome witines with hhavila perfurtrl a
plur) nmarriage in Mixtnh-? l 1I
caiNW its tho el irtIt htfn it Proi4mde
lAI ri*no HIIow ht McltihlaWd ha1t1 b
elrE singl the right to marry or maee
persl tou phlrnl nrrlai., slaid le
wit ltes. Preladnt Iinow Inmslr rted
me lea call Mclknlhmalid to a'erout I
went to IMexlo. liit did not rle'n ltht
uay plirail marrlagciN hlad twen p.
Iormfl I m uer hasve heard of aiIy
pr'ildent o( the. chlurh lUlhborir l
jltural marringrl, inr' liht Wanilfilo
l*t I l a uin ik al> i the* wit nestimht
the Mormon cli irrh owned a InJit
Ity ofi l the Itft liu"Nrt of 1I1w1ho 11, wae rixnumltd
onrertrinu hisi parl ripi'llia in ipotw*
tit in Ildaho, anI kiqh tIeStiiimny Atle
ly wail in run strad tictitn o 1ilh Intl
Imony aliven by t'harle Ii .IMCioI
charllralll (f tier *tmhr otin'lmitlIIer, I
te ttilled atuinlrdn) II I'nilhisalltlil
dlll l that Ie had i adI the-i1, hdt bis
revla tll tin a thatI c'i.ill t plii r, i lt tiCk
i thotill he *Isip4 istil
Cttairmanll tiu% isl e'i t from the
wittneIna stRom t H ttifAtrii r -'wtng to ohe
chlrcllh .Imn n[l t I aiz ler [ ,o w Intal
rhutreh hi i ne to I ( it total
ntite il 'r hlp It IIIf AAIi 1 4 tI 1 11111
thol Al.ilte 8amith -l aii h1v Ie La
larm*e ollPlmetnt' In -l\ t' :im ul that
oInse L irdt of lhe palLti)iiln ol ,I' Idabt
ind onI e fum rth i til. i |epo tliti;n t(l
\Wtoinli arte1 \l1trmin>sh
*A( ;hlli ill tIh tlld l ;ii t 1i 1 19 lPi '
ailnoi of the1' irateltr' of C ,sai;t% Wa
lhe ri tulit of a re'tiaint i l AiiI hatl It
woulki t ake lVw'.* tiill| tli lP it It I

.L. I

*wtlrL44A si ' I

is l P I s9t'rll
llbSnw bw ISM 5i II

iiE-I *Imps ,ml, '
.e11 ,. ah

IkiTN tkur * kr' 1I hir
Oatsi OwWv

I' a ^ Wi^ e.M~i f

j., t% 1. 0 (I s il *.s;hI~C~ I. i.)*
1I ~ ~ .1 j li5~
I.I' 1u,

I 1


iern t 1.. : I. s. ,q i I, |
_I t, t ~~ r ~~

r'r lateo by ,hl %istmn firme tatlmwvIll

.. 00.. etL
he llRHte t)d
| tsii ^thew t

4PPR'Ui ^p AIi6t 11 0 44" 4
. m. It IIi S met tltl e t i d s!*** i,
th****lt lei r, (k IithS, i ,, ,n
't.n q19 4C- I* .. A em llt.s tIH C*11
Nl~ii, Ii, Ullllllu t ,iW stow 0404ih iv i lo

lai tylwe t. $t9 tol00d methIde
ve aiense 4f* tO eI4
MS$BW SM ^ a StItttll t out tlitti oii

hS! wmi Ql ti t..h. .



_~ -




In thel ItIr M e I lt rhltamis It I l y Phti oe! mttrIr r in
ItiM *sw, o *** wiNe. *, t dlstr ottet r ift ls. *0 hs *pit
yoe what she will be happy to l.,

. short i
*"I *too re
Im od reI wl
Iod sr, ot

4r^I^^ i. l--ol 1 ^0o1 IW*1 lM M IIR 1i1Wmai that

ofiOWNIise' is$$ bi o Il e W*NwwlL hem I eO

pt mI I pm *t* s re, ae i
i1 L thI e es t he lI he a I theI
.L "m^ rr>* rlr E

!hape l IiW, a ne
,-L "F. pidme pSS s

. 'cblk^ WAl 46 *ad Sill uii ly p fl.
t- e .s I itr he ** I g

h ob el.. MIs A wll be wpii Is i s e sie nls.
e bms.---- upg i wili to i. eFren,. but a
_' ,,,, .,, ". ",. i h...
...... ........ I a re n If ab w r lI t In g o .

.itih*1u. 1%0 IM r or .em|. lour
"is 3b Ia- L si S withes ihe *i
adL1^***) .^g I ta ar net+rra. I to mi' Si., l
iHN0? ---- *M- OM.lp *is< it4 like of sh iquli.

PW Shf' iinS ta tn* ajthe
6i IMUS tei i n Srou hI o e

S tUill, W Tuieawk Sabs.

lbr. iny SiW Olrftkllr, VaI, w. IO. The lultiet
TeIIIm t4tn I 1 s e w. thef1
t 'BIfelIl ***l qa i t*idoWiMMH *it *litlM m r ft

S lmogrSngt tllsfh r 11 e' hIiNtH e wFri ti d tiols)

,5bSl^l SlSSS ILS St 35 I siNO ras cln i itIlln' le Ipr fur
CL---- -ss theireont l i eo bs unielh, hit ll, estl, llt.Ie beit !
BWI som qulllt thllyi b.llllrhmlll

bflm- t this_ blt ifeeae. the an.-, i tm l't"miitiii A
pupp,* u rt haeSmten tm a. m.e t8k im

.*hW blme~Lt bh ene. r to kIht 1, li, Fl n
IUl l(ug Mhaoik Wtottd

Cb us*, t1 p11 yao ^l'p, I mlk r ti hl a t r ll h it h r
lm u seesei dw o I84th I gloor fled i t h e. wh ares ^*nr Frlsisc
B BIm. ..e. .. t So the whis rtl e s it t .rd o lrnim lu Ia heit .

i.[ ^ | i sllOe l qdlu i rtulr thrlot sdcu ihhg d or
,. I b na f o I bstlbe ttu r milrnt H te i' lloklntM'll. A
MiW>ea rtea Mr. Whaler, ftr t Iht 6 nt n tk rI I c h or

SS ii thi s ^1 rooe rll l t k l sa tit 111s isir wrtl l
Bgypt Bp seek the diay be to te water and mnniinr at crew

S5i l -lsl rpies. Wiiow l '.iln boIi I llb
tloldo iSr TL Ihin Wll p h mid lhae o i o COEtlT UGr o TISa,

I*; S IthsI tt e t ldr .. rI.. g tmu llld l -l-. ll..r
i.i tKB1 Is l M propnIPoI ,e Non an ai t t,.cudi with imtfor
SJthis hs wesm it Iarte ac Ten r by other t maien i t oin i t r ew St b
gr) m u t r 1 1 wirn tal tilat I rn aurty
ramt tt11 H r0r rar01 IUt9t olI 'aNd wellf. A
Mg r. *~his M fthig. bel W aape
S1 bH Welet atel Nnhd pot ne e ynne %mf Nr tr&. 1ls
e hat mey for dttrrhlova*l. Twen* Etrm tb o ther Snd 1 i-rfii1- 11 rfri nere*
ll F* eno t Mta rtl td le. 1,. olrnst .M6 o t nII ll P rNti Iad flbut fn lSt

HitIh Spris will egret to learn t o ;f u u *111 fl. 4gr.1
WSe a t th of their svem.vear.uld soni. 'atlirnd) itr S Tl,v .r

Avery Stphktil, whioeh a 4 event o-
*arred Buitdi oenli. I
The ltirntnlwrl held Ifr m the rli
de 'Tue u dal morningI Hir. Mr. 4nra
eys, umnole*ot dnased,o Mlciasltin
4Ary_ ws a bright oblld, and
fluids oil the bWrefavd IarentB Pleteld

% lrt pl-l. I,.,* l' l.. illt.
il*S hrrionm i l'ortllul. rI. t l
'Aftrtr usnin him *loIt' jf "Itltrott*ilp,
my hair hns i sitip il (iltilr ol*t., anil iiyi
1'74frz )1 iv. ll"l.
ra1 IM *ntirv 1r ru' l intr .ir
'111t asl h Pt rlortlnTl uOr,-
tkaM bly 1l0ie tamtina rw o' nfmile to The lferwtice Oum,


is llsM.

We think just benorn (th sitm a g iod tlne lio rtlmil yu lolt
OHue r ret ile of tle tI |ioteM, Itr l thandt Novwlt.s 1.4Ias
and Kmbnitftitderti-tt feet *rlllthil wuall p rrl e ln11it lrnh
ladIle in st up.tlodat t Ibry unMel sa. W'v ntrvr hail
silh set stmiletiv shnwlnrt, ad it should interest every ,lvrr
St thie bnutiful n this towa.

ThmL' a ReIsen
Why IIt should bIuy the Nhoe oatrrld in oulr stock, Itun.
dldas tf nlept-mrn, wumco and ,ehil drn-ar4 wraiing
sheen. Why rsot youl

'l a em or S kt e t It --t w i.





'"THE 11iG STOR(."

Take The Atlantic Coast Line


n via V a v% i
on zLat ::t u.e Soh ~v Il WestJ klh '. *em
lofril at rjdMl "r V61140 tooXI^^
11 VI IoomroV ml u- n nr

Rapid Transit and Unsutrwpatwil Service

Time Table t *In lept et. 1. 904.

Depari For
3:46 p m
119 ly
12:40 ll

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Ilig dOpnha and later.
mediate hstsl
Coals, Ieburl sand Tampa, ,ld
Int rmediste ISoinr
P'alatai, t. ima, ldokrnonvllle,
North, K t and West
High tipringu. \VS nwi, Havafnnth,. thrunalwle,
Altwiny. Atiata all Points North,. Kle WIes

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ktwohells, U ilauisay anid Ilit

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Arrive Frr
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iinterhiqerable MIhrsilht 'rlnkts, nut Wmie 1 ll?.O) milo of among the prrin
eilal railways iu the kntihern ;ost.i.. Sn' uitm ial by the prtnolpal agents
l'hrnuilh Pllllnmitn *l<'ir Irt, 'TaSmAU to Nw Vorlk, vi Atlanthli tist
t.hntr .alea vti Athltllklt Iot siait lnmw mili rnl tlhrrl R Iilway,
Fitr omintshPte isifsllrilt itWin, ikll t 1
J. A. (IOOIWIN, Ticket Aeint, (alnesville.
FH AN' K l. 1)Yl.STITIN. (Cst'i Auti W- It 1TAlHK T'rrv I'M. A
14 W Hali l I mi lnr ilil .11 .. t.AL...a.i-

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THINt lAI IIII. t':N -IIi !,:l, il*i!.lj.I I .
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f t '.I a t W + a. N, i 4 *
1iH li't' l + 1'tSt l* 9 igs ri4

'r 't nt 1h bI i!' ht l t '1 v t
', 1#r ,tt ell t 9 At ps't al* 4Hi

40t Ahi. u' tht awe M 4111 I
ilis *ll60 t11 %li.t r ,t 11111% li ,
9 tu* rit s a tsd |' p'itnit ,'t I
it het hI tt ite l *I IiIIgt L I I t
hiletia A thi( W*t So ptitlik site

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poll sidI the
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S"6t$ whll
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li report
t he lke
' I appolet m
Sshr with Be
im alsail Dav

Stothis work

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wti BStales lai

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Sihe bsemlo It Isi
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C' S I

4- I I r4 .. I g, I

dUilts MAtun' i tc'ouml

hgltiu t- Mai'l several Clam. fIn oiht itg Amsi

itim i i le' Ier ) Ii' l) Itig i ll4 l.' t, t'l\I.I ii iicl i *tU \
Ila e IVpll. tl l r arll id In. Sb, I'si.,. I 1i1ii ,I

Iit C(i s ttgtl l t *sI t A lhtatit 'IC 'Cm 1e t. i' i t Ir(g it.sIo
I4e0 h qm lrla trll4 t ItTh'i o l.toli, s'..,tl Ii tili sittl ut l

i IItlltll! 14l iil .+ll ,.it.loo k
nilvn i eI It t I l Tho .tl Il I 14 10 ,14 ,1h1t1 111 lM

Ilht l Ih i *ut ht A ( ri9|tf y slt th l lr I in t f. a e ltinut l '
ilte tiqI 411110 6m 1 ilil00 l t t tl hilt, 1041111ll
pt l r ilo th. Irvc. wwas tkiMn as the l Ih ItS it 01iititml fiori
f1pae wis |t. the plaatiff. Thiss ns wails ll ot o li n-
i to Ithe rapid lrgl for trntt llot iItt wInod rahks
nlt lit ihO, elly of the plaintfll, whh'lh it i alleged w
o l Is a V lry tlis. tigtl id anil Iittd lty ht
    ld tlhe ntrionii l Igr+gty tIn h defendantiL
    in moral rnlmn Theao eoIf .i %. IW Noelon, vo tih' S'~.
    nrilled, whlch 'ilard Air Line, killing of at(tl., wm
    Idltional appwo. bro tht up Jutry waived aniS rae4 0
    the buildlll, was submitted to the judge, who I#.
    dtlg is not erelt trneld a deleio ln tinfavor ri plaintiff.
    remarked the In OcII of sltae v, J. P Johnaon,
    !e we arel al it sharped with asaultl dtlrfendatm we
    ndeavor to gpt quirdll to llve lond ior his apiwar.
    I our itnoted ",n, iatl he otrn eIt court, whtih was
    IUnealted that, promptly furtilshed.
    mlles On eddl-
    In Washlnglon Couhe pelt Olaused 0eath.
    In the lauT hulf "Harry Doekwell, aged a 19yr.
    rd of Trade and choked to death early yesterday morn.
    I Joait commit.* ng t his heoi, li the premnee of
    ,ater Tallater r his wife and child. lHe conraited l
    is in the matter alil tiold a few days ao 7 and paid
    oppropriaties oi but little attention to it. Yesterday
    The present he was ahled with a fit of touching
    * one story, to which onuislnioed for some time. His
    e patnoll iand wife sent for a physlelan but before he
    nd offlNe The o auld arrive, another coughing spell
    wive idl tis o to lime on nd liD kweltdied (frolin *uN t.
    iei ti-- Milk ,bt. Lo.i Uil< nerlmOtls.,
    @ stories the ee- te. I. InI, tlallrd' I Icltehouimt
    d nelusively to $tyrup would have saved hitm. e, hilu
    ite4ld that even and 1 ,t41. Itld hby W M. Jlohnson,
    ldildlie tho i- ----n
    have liIttle 1n A Liberal Premium System.

    vs yars, at the
    r wonld Iw nonlil

    I. tile of lIh llntrul of Trade
    *IQ# shid that th*e tiy Coun.
    tI M In tonjtuntlion with the
    it Capolintilng a omnmilttee to
    iI thel prope. prtie*. IIn pe-
    m dditidoI al appointment,
    Sihast sow adjourned for ihe
    iult t nlator tTllaferro and
    tn lavis may both b really
    i their respeilve holes in
    ul1e and lIaklat. There Is no
    bt that thel would I ve there
    p5prr enttsidlerao werer Ist
    i pIrolt mannerr.


    lhulltlmnin Ott Line to be Oper-
    M d PIOW Tampa to New York.
    SIWtMi wsith atlt oiat lntl-ih oull n
    JeNt 10nity 14iiimuday, Novuslim.
    anh, irand n ar t ni thl-t lindl
    h irt Tlanl Tuii*day, \livii-l
    kUb It14 lthe pl r'ltl Jirnyp
    elvlitt'il Puh Iimau ll drlwlitg
    arr i nl I:anud l.r n
    .f ti*& llwry ritl ilNot, :I anlll
    b ematended and brtonivs a
    tHIP and Jetitsep City I'Pliluni
    Slftw om sleepiln oalr line. ole.r.
    ivOr the Ail agllllu Cot Illte' iti
    tifill,, an4thern liallwlay toe
    &ieM ai11I l'euiluslma Allisrail-
    Alos C!t t y ,

    Will add latrirllly (t (thoe Il
    tt itA111emnt trtl in *rvieti e-
    Flrtra ltnd Iht great last nIow
    by the ** three great railroad

    S o Isrillnl ftrom i tlV Hllllt
    .INI Wilt have u lhti to itratrni,
    1116 t ll raping e r, wlhihh will

    More thin usual Intti eis Is h ing
    arft1msll aniilngl honurwivres y rae-
    markably liberal tpremum ilnsystem e-
    eultly eit ploSited by the Soutlhern
    Mn ufactturing (company or Itioih.
    mond, make of the ell known ilood
    Iuk taking Powder.
    Althoughi tho sals of "(tod luck"
    thus far this yar have rutn above bth
    It.lOtt. htlpond mark. the maker arew
    CIling to double Itheir output by living
    val Rhlell (renlssm for touuon.r print-
    ed on their oan latbl'. In glanalingt i
    the Illnitrlaed premium b okll found
    In each can, one Is lturprisodh not only
    at the utitriatl value of the artidler
    ofnerd, blut holw heply and asilly
    theyRl ay he oIuwd. The lit inn.
    clidS fifty-1iin ltms-beautiful mr.
    tiles ll f w lrel. dtls and house fur
    nishllins, so caretfully siolted thla by
    ating ti hiid Il1ck tempoeione aii p*it
    a pLreInt It 1111 allllill ay oldillnl y
    Th'e O ureldii mlow prlit'r, tioalIined
    wit il thr ielltui nlopportnityi, mllaki i
    it tidtiiler (iiinoniy to uqe tloht IlA ekk.
    lttv aue oisl itof tl iiitiv e putirit smil p r*.
    o tilh i thle i io tlit rl ai f ir a lit*i A t'9 !C !9
    Sisal the' it, liitallt01 of iltl iis'W te 1 t-
    1itihit1 p ttalti hti i fN ir r 'ill t o ilnrt t eir as
    that pularitly, I

    Notf.d 01.4.'a i C OraJ.

    iltlat, ntl x o eI m't it 11" ,.tI' i
    H W t6 A111 I.m Im ill-Ail 11n1 i lOf Nr| ll j
    lbivel itti wl a"t iI1 hel il the fa*ttmln
    4rlvilh i'tr Ai in it lstlntl lm i ta
    antd *a wnii Inlto att I hee a otf I ,II
    (hwstr tm 'i'rf On iteniitnt of t ha
    bmweiv in the ctntpfiiln iilhe was ip
    pointe l to 4 li iltni lcy iH rbtmnIpntI.
    after hittlllt hli1 11% ini linl lon for 1 "o

    '.4 9 I tI

    I, I
    ' I

    i,' 5

    * ,i t ,

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    9' '* ~4 I

    I ,' t t !. I (l, t
    It 4t t 11 i (1 i ~i i !' i

    m ml'l,+ .' I 1 "l **( i \ t.,. ,,, ,l + 1 '
    ;I ", I +fl i tl 1 to' >l t i + it h t
    l>ii' .' t i't sswsn1'1 i u*t Ii at b tl !.t

    , ** l It lit i 4t I 1f 1 0 I i t r
    Tlu n, i n tI It t iit tl i ill t (
    inf t i ll. It it t W fi t 4li, .| tithi lt IW t
    hl*Htil It*o l t Oki t At o lli et t r m >| lt

    11iilktlt o' 111v Ill*

    Iti t l Il rr like it Ldo II th o o t !,
    Ithpisg ho ill pants or ar Itnd hdy
    oI ther acldents are'orp daWer
    imm. It ni.hotves everybody atSo hs
    rtelia lrmv, hiinip aldhitlihie f hoh
    so good as I11 litkles Atii let* s lh lStal
    attet lt 1i r'. ,,

    l + IA Lrghfmenel HMer*,I

    pioirne ots, mitesui e oe a hpin4les

    t ihaer oolduei url ideryit dsy oothi

    effec. asa stal drIgaytoos41.4
    'Olreaskiffes Can't Stand It.
    Oe l .l lat. kenSwho.toids toi lOage

    a rwilaowt w sTa hir y old tem Int te
    llo irood as leektle'i ArsUlU Gilv.

    aurnda. ell writesn a fri nd horl

    of the -Sei&.$ temperature" of halt
    drhoI ea ul tklyp her irs esrouhll

    Majo e "'The th romeboer has been
    and w ln fornd several
    p oalr and wh. tuys, whle to *pndn
    ( few isenll hiom old lheml Io n 8hia
    aridlell. Vb,. mrl- In frilml he
    of the "**Iirt< temperature" of tha
    'ooe tryoI.
    he welahle *ip her sl etotanlldiy
    tough! on *Oraketni ", conslded Mr.
    Moaers. "lThe lhrmomete ha bon
    1t aild low frlting for iVenll dafg
    pai, ftnd whekn I Ils teoi lo my old
    )liloiillle homrn I will fll good and

    M p Myers has Iwta abausns for nomsi
    ltine. li1l oe dirys reluread from
    i lliiniullon ioml dys aio, and bl hi

    friends will
    human agaln.

    lw ledl to lwlooutu hli

    Curetd ParaItlls
    \W. t. Illtly.l, P. 1I. True, TenIM
    writes; "'My wife has ben *tuffiertin
    five' y#ars wih raralpls in her arm,
    t 1et I was pnPruaeted to IeI uiatlletd'
    Snitow Uininiho, whih poured her atl
    right. I hiave also nuld it fur old
    sorow. froe bites mll klin ruiptions
    It due fthe work," '2, 0W, Atill.
    iold Iby 1, Johnrso.

    Lecometitv l plodtc KlIimng Two,
    lt'nnlrll. t, Iinm,. th.' i t iythe
    tittll ieiii of t h i' Uilelri i of otii of I hli
    Itlgril unlllrl en wtle Hlok llnnl
    iroad tiodly, KlInllo rr Mi (' lholin nslot
    Firmsnt It Kliniwv, iteh killed lit
    ilt lirtlkemlln ThIItnai tiullnntl atllS
    Tralinlenue' Ili iit ai i etl n1lid lit u1!i ThI-'
    erol wriis' 1lI1 ij11 iil (llIIntie 'l I Iiulfl')
    Th o tsiollii itit plithi' n few
    nltle o ," II m I Ir ii, putilni i lonl
    fririlh tirin

    Term Does Much Damage.

    wttWI V(alue C'el llin tfli'|1hneIt Anil ltole
    r oph lit. 1%41**1 'I tti 1 1n ilit ioi1tmi
    *3 lh t ll loriti 'll I|t e i) t iay ii4tll h eliI
    rdllll0tl Iliifo)rlttulY o MI had Irnl t re
    reit' l nl liratrl II Ht Itho earlier re.
    pitI0 t liiotrilh isnitas" hatd hnot breii
    ,I'l an it irl l i t-4l ll Iow .in frotm i tl
    "s a KS" irid i'd 'I'hit N 1105 iS I itpt IIi
    4 ftel derep ant Iln mani y plaIl lilulcki
    high iym anld ~sreet 'ar linp.

    A CosIly MistakeL
    )lullidcIrs arell llsmetin* T lvry lwpen.
    mvn c bIorlnislly life islf 1 is ith priete
    of a liittikak, but yoli'll never li wroniI
    if you take Ir. Klig'ss Now life Bills
    for ilys1p lpio diuulistiess, teiaelahc. liv.

    , , < ., , ,;, , ;,; .: ; ., ., 1.
    .... Im

    Air Line Rallwev

    Seaboard Expres. .

    Seaboard Mail


    Only Line Operating
    DOily Throuih Pullmn lepers from Jikseovill to N I
    Vor full Information si d stgwep ervatlo a elr ull .M i *
    write A, t.. Marlt)l Z., i IW U P J
    Ant, t(lerem) l seniagr Ag nt, Pi

    I -

    Sm tab, i 1 . .

    31S. D'TTTOlN & 00OO .


    . I I t.

    ' *'

    I I . I ,

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    ** I No


    A ~ '''


    * ':1

    bI g-i l11 11 ini t1thgi|tt
    0 Tlr tt,


    E lfi
    I 1L'~~I:, ;?4 -*gI 4'

    WIltao Caok, Jewelry, Loather

    Ii Plhm m FI U y Chin nd Yases

    I. i ,ii of DiuppoiNtmout 1 tillingY yor lint o |I 7f W V1 -ih us an early call.
    ',-L; . i .,il1hL1.


    ITS ,

    .. .ide of


    * ;Y 4

    Simi tlo ^atln.o""
    ..... ....................... I .! l .
    a* m

    0 Mgkb EAlempu

    *t., ,*,,,,,, ,

    5mf rUIi Ln icn....E l e O N rsu.

    nun1sOa. tq bOp Into
    Ab DtMI, WMi.&me a n .ee EmlLLtamp. A
    1 Ohms w a Orsaws hp. lu. tauwI rnlI hsft.

    Mpbva' R OppAw
    0 1 VlLloennsed to o .io.r9
    t' mWi d art liotII IAti the

    I s.H.' 4M tthe .tAM,s
    S" O e*r m watt9W beythe o tt !

    botorn, It n jub tiV AIt Ur wn. B. DAWBSOR

    s a t his~M ll s nwU.I

    ini't Ma# Ift aella tI
    'ImIs"'""""1 AND ItUOISl
    .rns.l5 I"il'' TO Inmi
    Lii )II4v olr i atno tina hj11I A,

    4 2 1110 lotheko
    i .Whf !ttttea. o.l

    sh dtet mtag ultagl, hsm thwe. Is i l n i A W
    4 N. t a ttitthllft ttt 1T5I N U A l
    1ShahtrheH^ ec twnebbt** m(iit* \Itte 80nil Old
    ftittle Itabuleasttt, lnAminesmio of
    Hi MatHe rtleyi. Wadesh* tt* Mllrllnnll KV^lWllkov

    . S...I.. S. .. i .,...
    DR-DvlXKMt OAitIt

    DJ A. 4, IO ;LK ,
    4l ST K 0 A 'r I.

    .Omte t

    Nea4tulsl lait l., tIIneovlloh,

    AI ll rs4Ad r mns'iftt tuiiI irslih Iihoiis
    M m tl moLlit, ra at
    two Htl4ultik dth II MaN1 ul ath=U )U e. M

    3, A. VAiLlKI.K.
    AI u tktloit r in E Sitity
    ItRaI R4st1e, tColnveyetinig Bid (tin-
    *ral I'rmettl,, All telnona promt ily
    f.itftnml1k liirtttrt
    ntled t, ) Il t tie v I ,t d oI. ti tht1
    ..... 00 0 .1,%K%%NChip. 10 .10

    ATTItNKY AT l..AW,

    U AIlt aviu.l.,

    IW tI I S 6 II 'I'ilmon.
    IKNTAI. n U tttlOtN,

    Mo*. I, Miller V t.. I.

    e itv~vr,

    1 *lNs,\'i it1 FPiAAIWN
    \lA SAIAON,.

    r l ui qirk qntIR'

    lte*t lln rt ilt fillIt I tnt, .Iq 1 .1 4

    DR. P. D. H ICKS
    1 )I:N'IHT1 t
    t'Mn'A h %II 1 |lHitlh Vt'WO

    Outl~1f-tiw pton* poitnp li ih
    oe0 to Viold delay

    0 a PIOmIPA.

    Mtsn t1ll your llty jP riperty, (1111.
    plqvvi ml tt%1 lt1NtrvtM11111. % 1m p~ikt>.
    Itrueklil t MWt rnrnitl!| Ia1i.S .tidl hint
    a ltet uo what you ufftr for lts, li. i2n
    "W KII. AKKiK
    An\O)HNt KY.A -LLA,
    ... MtttI l i7 it IN tlANlhit V..
    ItAINKI4VIt.lE, Aluhtue Co,, VI.A.
    iltif i In E tdel| Halrk.

    lwinemwo WROulerrA AMleismal

    Over Iawe a w Ia tuk.


    iiPO *w *k to ",'* lJ kl1 ***

    Dl. Ut)W1mn IL TItIUN,
    (I it4ueI It sLU (Culy e tetltil RwIvsrs
    i n. l W 1.i& *'LtTS H TY k iY i
    Rh 10 li l 1r I rhlti
    nIl, Miler lAw t''Khsivp
    rgl'u WKrAr KtM

    II Uv T IRa IKWET itut Itm
    UIl' It i H TV.
    wI4t l'lm htfr th1% hI ,r4f 1.iitLiAir' Ido
    onh t<*sr thayli'n 'tnl"a
    i r$l2*bhhi' tuji^l
    tdtritl Mtit it
    kildt by u111 Nttttmltitl y lot


    without At linule faitilrt If tO "
    waitl a ltno lfr at i ltfrt ItI
    -Mo otI* I ft thI .,
    Mathush l kt
    I w te a low f1 toI SORSIIPf w ith
    Oah r o *fIi tm V wrf l t*I* *w i&
    W46. WO ipsi lftwh WIrW
    lot priest 1 Il AV

    Ludden & Bate.
    So&tMher Inslc Hflo ,

    I .

    a 'ki'. I


    I ', ^ ,, ', '

    ; n, . ,
    : '" ? I '
    ,L .., '. ,
    ,..'. ,, i ,..


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    ,, ?



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    ' .. :'" I "." I ',


    .,'w t '

    '' ace

    j I A



    ECISI #h~~J' 4k tsw'~ I
    *r *9tH

    ,*0 0took *04940 iii

    II/ t9 qt9~~' "i t .4 db .:l C
    hit4o fo m- ,,44tt

    ft i I I I

    *'' 4k

    * 2, ~ l~

    I) *1' A 4I
    1t e "11 9 I

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    0I $I ot% %144 lo.

    yr 't41 oil

    r .91 *O.9i19tittP94 c 1kI9 rrhhIt# )49
    Ayll 1.4,4444 cJlb ~r a-l

    10 i IIbR*qlg 44 Ii C

    I P a .9lip 9qfr q41 *114 f 4 *t a
    *t1pII '. a

    hi eAetttlk'4 wakot rio

    I~~~~s tbg99~i59 5959 gI pp

    Y( c9qt *tru'* Lqg~ L45 hi Iri
    r ~~ll1,4s-0 d%00, sit. w
    WON 0ttff %w" ~ nlt~t ~

    flt9Sbyw to Sw 9flI$4%0IV. ltA
    "0 IWO I %V"rll
    Ale. r*SHAIS -Now
    ttepme i

    *inW Wee mnrt 10w vnyt estrete
    is %win 'lifmt" 1W Wellt twet
    ., .., ". 1 .. .. ** *' *
    I t-7Mll I*ttenh Ian rhn W *lmr *
    gI ti to t s eItt matte o In @eah
    i it lwateit ts th"e SlwirPle

    vtal Thr1 to sll vert
    t1eswto w iW0 ktmlstl

    0 t I e I .Iis
    h11 jost.

    IP ^ ~- .>m. mi4.. 'L . -,-..r*i-
    I "Kin;l tAtsm" to hat0ie; shit
    aiP teIe>ble as Kinl I t t ot

    StOhti hlanten eshmUld tie Ia
    ilN Is I tf li fium. wl lI of

    htp %es ha meo to fret front
    Wfthi *II1 0i wevi"I than it hta
    rth bt-wl t

    Slpem that tholseI tpihthns*n whi
    rftlm. this oimtiry a 6 i Itn lto
    SH "t@tm srltnr t ai tele tt

    S from the rill,- .. r oer l '

    i e to hIve hald oiistIh o t hin
    lpIOIkt Jret* tIesI very wits lee tnre

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    :A ittitsar jtlde. th lie re tist li.-
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    li. tll llteuei wilth tlie htlt tatil 1 pre

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    he (netut lial ieti nald.itatP^e
    i n,, ,. . .- .

    I kIt k am if Na.l lmttnelrt lhtld
    S1 I Just ilfel the' piieHee oitf tw .r*
    i;,ll ta whlth she wttill ta whet silte
    b *- N.. ,. -
    -'" fuketmsei Itkaihot iteel rset*.
    *E s WISietll tab lebldp bythee itIc.u.
    tintiet.we ept wlnistl its Ihta

    Etltti \,r. Hkhetsler has sueteil'*
    p I ilo i lhtts imshitt tlse, ihur todtw
    ||i'"R|M" TI )lth hlr n h Ctohaidli)y

    Sap*pe ha r. a teikt.

    S,. l e! l14 ti i 1111i 111 ti III
    O "flr thOmR h Ito tli4s ft i ne Itr li
    e stheled vrine's

    .I i s aeihal esei t l kar takiIs it

    S tWl i ll A itt d Ir y llte ei t. 1i4 ity to
    eNm askther tnes.

    9ttVeeltc awlh peter o nsi.eule ti In'
    4 eity i !lid h ei't hl'gltl Win l
    StOr '. ioni .

    et initis hll hes o patn a law to ilr*
    h **w elstelieg. This mei waste ift 1ii99
    tk t .tl illiton too, reticlh dlistllsi
    S"lr did ntil hnt. ..

    SIt i rported that Addekt
    ; 5 tovt anale All iete tleian t to Iie11i
    klli hAs-s i... i.-- *,.ii-.i ill.l i--. so_..

    ! t 9.'

    4 liir
    * II'.

    I t4 '9 II I

    tI'4 AC *vk'gv 'Af Lil
    qIt' 9~~ 1. 4 It

    F l

    S t

    I' *

    94 1:1
    4. 4i i

    N I I

    t~ mu I ltl

    lti<' I14-I


    I)C~Y I.~'t*$nlrtv p t~t '. iPO.

    1 ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 t1 tit'ttI i 4

    --THE EE


    285 W. Bay St, JAoCor

    fimm-~w ~w, :0"t
    io t-
    -- d

    Cream Vermluge


    ewas, *S *ettArteSU.
    tei gsuIS rPAt|la t*rl *S,
    SIllle id.Slnw Linlimnt Co*
    IT, .OUllt .S So
    r ntrle It wl. n. JIlhSns

    C. t i 4 (r,%4 Ilk t 4kc. itt
    .' >- . 0 1 tt. I
    I* I *' i t p llt I Iit attl
    Wilt %Pt"t *995 tt
    aIt sim It %tn1 0.,


    1 C1 -I t

    t I

    It 1 9 .. t

    Vj *'

    N iIrh. E i l *tI

    i. 9 fl 1 WAY A



    SI ilt I h"tt Il 1. cl it Ith '0 il

    O tt*l htqe t tal It il *a 4 i tI s 5 to *i p teii I

    in pa tlli e I)4bo h t 'Itl '9 ta

    I 1n1tw Ilt

    Yits4 ~ tfp% $to" It0ptrso hltWk' itl
    his n t4 l tate.

    *1. s$ta snwlthsiw that thee bteates
    sn Ia mMItedil t 1 14 f *111h 4041 6th

    Shet kthcd Ih. aeas r The, Nwe
    11ll^ Owtv 11sa %h ti loot*r 110
    (n9fl|p 5etty tirm thee >haell .nWs ys >
    Oval e*awupe p

    A ftltthiwn I ek hhas bee dolted a di*M
    WIated of WI1f tpr fTht t1t0i datbted' Its

    spitael sitio clte. the L Woaodsy
    what it meuiM hive l dnme had the cr)
    had two flesrI

    A Kan Frvanitsia Ju de rwenlly de
    olded that Ipnhetr waI nit ia eltl Oit
    chin.Si WI"e Inntil help lll ieS 4 tl
    thlt thte* jtillg t'lrM have 'l"6t" e*vey
    Iline. I

    l' tithl' In t'i, itn n i hnse t t ti i hiri It
    inwise* t1o r.itS the tarti whvien tie
    Or1114g it MSIi--Itr tvadelrs hthti il
    i-rtihi let rviYo it chue senepme *rt

    If ?4e4sfttavv ethw ,isuh't 100l thktl
    gr4owinl dllelit in tih 11 'I' triiiey I Ityl
    mil Prtrosi let1t H o.tvlth had i ett er
    *llt %!te Cmhadetltish i hi aelstmlct.

    %V11ll 1ir'ml i 4 tgifl IaYinK it Sv r',
    mtilt h l of l igstt ilul eettri' i ee

    ShIt While Hiuting Turkey. I
    RINlltrih N C' ,I 'I' t Jllnit I1
    ltitil'th I a l t litO iltt rrili r eif I,,
    10i o i t'llt i. O" 1 tel l hI IW i l tt'ti
    of Kitwtull, i hi t Illlnok him Ifr n
    Warld tit'lhe v 141t IWI indt a rli4r Ai .-
    In at tollt htltlU arilteks t thllnld tP A nl
    the MAnk of thee m4t*mqS taiL wIlt ir
    kv. %hih'leh lNtia,tehot-v hait ktited sadi
    sai hel *I iIls It dt lat% ,rlhIkiherty
    ain tn tiled n* IStl a dirtf ik eat and tik Sr D0t11111114 1Y*fl )1t'1S| f1r tho1' s m*et
    this fulteher ewtel'li Sttit wt, Whi Bired
    Gtal i1l hit iil<*ftil *ini0 ltm ,lk Mi ilhotly
    sald Ihe *ateifl hnid stretch ateghet vy
    in ihot athoilmter Nitid nvrk ie4d head
    Thrc I It a htllner* i hil reliwry,

    aoys Rout HIghwaymen.
    (hlasll' tlr ..Il A'tt0ck.Ld bL lIrt
    hel'ti l tti0 51 itittI li (itt i t 1 I l% m*ttS11e
    Mhit t J r t1101 *IAsd i Ne Nw'on
    hol h i ,i lt 't I vro i IIof a g ieoli6 1 t
    h stmaliAng t!s he dl of lte of the
    thllltr Il.,I It II On d he as it? *i l
    ond hl i l 4 til t "I hI thI t til 1 1 Itru1 Iln
    *i1HI of ili fal4 l tl h t ihet w lptit%

    need I1 '1**'0,1" itltit 91 1 t*1 ll l InW
    bed niIvin'I I nI t I. ?i t hIt I,. t i it1
    bhle t iht1 t' i a 0 Ittit lt h i n Ilt
    (hli 18th Tlrl Sit l wt t lf i >t4 4044# 0

    How's Th'79
    \e lt er ttlt hdtl tidlltrs vwant
    fur alny e0ns s t1litrrlh thikt iosruolt wIn
    ilr'Nld l y ti'tll's 'talrrl h oietl t
    V, .1t (i 'I r l I' 1' 1nl'ltln,. t,
    % e\\e. die' i tetsl ltenllitY. t, thl'
    .1 Chrlbstv tiol 1ir Ilash lfl v rim. eis tw-
    1lero him t >ip'tll'tIy honrlatal I alt\
    Sliinlt i IIrailmat tik*til, tti11l Ul i vi allpl
    f-i- Ill, Ski M116 Jk. l h i~ I .h .ili.iLmA i: 140 in l/Ij

    I l$ t IA Il

    UII II e ,

    UBtrt, eitc.

    l ~ttle( 9 H 4h9 19 ' 'I I 1 i 'I y ilt.I 9
    14'. It
    t4iet, t*~ h i t '4'kI I g 9 q 1 i 4' t 1i
    t 0 t t41 g 9j gt ki f t69 I t aIl t jII' *.
    U66 11111 911 1 C
    S. to~ iki VO v kk r--w 11rr

    iv 1uS




    ,.*| ,, l" I.
    i ill t "'lti! t
    1C A jmft *

    I il l 'I''' r -Nt 1'i~*
    I ~I *i. i.i
    1. R '
    Ii I *(. *4

    .4 i t' ti I


    Si d1 ** 10 il' 1 )ti n' w s k, s -.I < *1*, % *t' V ' ,t % i rtisY tas* 6

    N .t at N t.s t-t *L I j *(4 l A I% hi 11 t 14 0 4%*1t uMstjtl'w m to t m tl"
    Rt ut ii tI S ttji I itit hi *I htItt* u > u4 H94tR 'er St(tntI msttl


    -~--n--l-S. -?-7~.~


    tiMlin tM-

    B. F. JOR


    a mOSV LlM


    E. E. VOLE, GB.
    Ahberaste if Ttleid fi l lth
    runty. OuM w IMk bm I a

    "aine a Wntn Of l'w '
    qwl-"X .jrrwmannnriT^~plpA

    oW cGUWS flLZSw. ', ,:

    N $I Wt. **-W -i.' +i AI

    His W4. tFnri Pewnr SWv

    The Monte
    A 0
    At OCA

    0e Ur At L AM L

    None Bettor In

    IMun m umn

    - I IW



    I i' '

    . :. '. ;

    *< *


    * '



    ,i ," ,' I i. r


    ' w

    . ;.r: **^.



    -- w -,'--

    I I

    r:- ...
    |l ., i rr ,' *
    atih Siiimm^ntut&IHN
    Lkai L tfl'l ilh idk ii

    r.~. .1.

    .y.i'. &.


    *-Store of-.

    I,4 1

    d. 'I





    from 2 to 5 O'Clock.




    . '

    , 1

    Come and Register and Get a Chance on a

    -' eead.



    Sr tht tLal but come and let's get acqualnted, iMybO we will do business later.

    Li -11 I 1a 1
    rrA~ ii-



    *~~ ~ -,-; '7-



    I' '
    R :I:



    i '

    '' ,i4


    AM --

    11 r

    r*~~~~~~~~~A k tI L A'. k. ''J~. .4A~4,

    Wi., 4~. M

    o4Ir i' j




    4 *1



    A tv

    O t PwLUC
    iintll r'ori.f

    I I


    I i'
    Iii I *


    7 J



    I r' Itlle

    4lt~l 4 I JAA4lldINI~

    % ttApi nhmfl~t4

    000 Aso
    941 T'

    ' *l~l It S r

    I N lll* : i
    I, t*' c '

    U& 1aH *t>

    Oiiw i I
    ittci i '#

    h 1 1 I
    jfIW,*., N -, llt -, i ,,
    ela ,, ,,A

    k iloW l 0 I.I

    lt kW, fI.I' II

    Not ,
    4t11,t' ow!
    ;'situe .i ..|
    t shw Ilt i Cii

    I i l IlI lt
    .i tS, h lis
    athe tll $ ,
    |uimt lit
    t l ih li lt
    ,.. lrl Il ,ll, '

    |1tll i i

    tl' i iSMi fit ( 1.
    C.II ll lr l,

    t h. Ill l I i
    tiYIifcli (ii( i,

    "h'.i lUe il!i'.,i

    & t w litt I U
    i'M %i 1 it,, hi

    I!"B llh ,I

    Tl' t, higtle*$ ', the
    ' '* i ,. n it iPI

    IA4' k 9' I
    14 ( i,

    i a I t

    liking Powder
    WI4 1tlS th, m Wc I t ra hl i v1 i0 lr h t in t h ih l Il
    Ai lt tt ,i i t II i N II I tmt t tIo, tIl temsi t41 1in l rtn tt I *
    I ..kql-0 i I\ t 1 (t, 4 l H tl I s h iettgl trtlitt IA( t i ll e hl4 tI
    * %1 v I bi W I V I P I % 4r 4^ 41fW t fO h1 ir l1 %r1'u0ii4100"i ^ f l
    41 iIA t O. .l,. hat ,,Il- I :'II -, IN'.111 ,l t
    Si t ;W'.1 4 t1 1n h a he tnnn blIS ete ahti e it
    oth t. \.,, i it i ' p. I I1 mn ,4 .t K" t w i' .I t i-i t tN 9 i w t, ;t11 llw A-It m t' 1i0 t oR
    i t4 I i 'i' vtItII i 1s MI iIIIt 'h lI tn 4II us OIt at4fl

    to **seuwTNO MAwwnPA*YUmef S,

    I P i i i

    i 4
    \ -.

    1 I 14.

    "o. 000 1


    SI ,'i

    Ad .. ... ,A

    i Marcus Endel, C, other |

    ... IMen's Christmas Furnishings.

    it . I 1 I Ii 1
    I Ii t tutit i Mver a tWim when one wanti the rItht kind of giwwIn for .gt
    ., '. l itrthIat, ('Iiti |11t t*t, I %tllK iw it th ratht pr ,, It, wI Sat thld me umll.
    S """i. I' s offt'r1 n t ti u_ lttht' ik of tdilrnlth neIwi tl e t At. the prices we
    *TI1 4t ,4i1i VIt t l t r ^ t i t d o v i t rvo, m itf it p ,iolI, ttill mltv i llmoney In the ipiur.
    niggjll, t^>lilti *i t M i %M>tift-. U

    II~tsii illusl 01svlwo
    \14,1Ito% $1 $01t t, n tlliltMl*tOll or p
    Slist N t. II 4 lli' ) %. v v lA I 14ttiiI ll l tta 1r11o h, *o t
    Ittib t tin 4UittW itll, s os It t $10 to % t O n ti0tt1 uuitw'r'al
    l Ilp t itmitt i 1 it tt I

    i... 1i iMill, ,t m It1r lI y weaterst all
    t enta *h. *Mi. At $4 s it1 d t O 'v $61 $10 MI'W1VS

    Il 60 1111%I
    IS'T! 0 43 ti 1'0v nt to$' to 11 A tItwarK Iat 11. AU the Inatt

    1t1 t ii tt\\ht\ 1, *1at W' Y Ntiuvt hir M tirn TP'1 Btick *
    \i SuAti, A,,, hIty. tI'tivI4 M $ 3,80 to 71*10 I'ltt Mlit'iv dIwlitry, KI(,
    , ,st ll, 1,1ee-i 04 1 11 tall
    ,1, AN, tli' ,, It, ll IItV1 IV &1 A l ( 14 11 1 % II
    '1 '"it t ho ( 'i t ii 1et
    I, t I IIIr,.. 1 ,I | lrtlSlu I,RP iU, (ItI\ t, I H

    t 1 1,: Oud hrl Io t'ni'nruht' I'viplh', tAINK \VIlI.K. II UAItIDA
    :, ,: ,1,.. ,, " ^i ml lle Wti lti MIt M4M'}IillaiM,
    '1111' *Io 111,(1114 tul eN11111 U% I 1 I 5% t 1 NI N S IaA nIn aInmI.

    . :. ,IIUI H.F.DL UTT N &CO.
    SII'm1,i 1 \ I s 1

    tiq II lr

    i t e it ,tIttiI t,,e, , ttti qt liee
    f ti 'l liiiT y t ifiaiti iitt g t ,i ti,.
    $ I ith isau ilin l. a...... .. 1 a.ib

    still II\ I ,! *


    Is lar d-


    lw A
    - :n ,H 'nfl'



    WWIW* S ^B^

    *&Smmfll i0
    ai' "^

    Al kv illhu *
    At a TW '

    . C-


    L A. WIlL A 0X,.
    WM AlUs tBAm llliw1

    Int l11 nsmIS

    J, Mnlll,.
    .* i4*

    & ',

    I a

    Why N0t1m LoM W t&MON&
    oUll-tien I I tofl Lki i.IIsVt
    tlunr il t ^ *ili t llii )i .
    t nl tIHr Ile i t'1
    llil wn sem.s Is w
    alntie lUneltlL Iu Il ll 4.
    Si mn ......... ........ .... i.".
    Ahrlnlma __ rnr o ZHly ft .
    AMsnaMiial a a kd h i '' '"l,"s's

    IA 44 4t

    .b' 1.I'



    *C".-~ -- II-I~'-"- L--_I_L -- - II_ -- --'- ---- -1

    ' rI 'I. l . l II^





    t ~wlr wl


    .--, : I I I -
    -. I II *- J I
    I ,

    tK i.14,? rBaN ItuAIImuik, PtWIiPA,

    4. < I'., i ti .t i
    * + > i .


    N tpt I t .

    | I, La.- .1i ,, ?9 $,,*, ,I+ 9r ., - 1

    .: i l I v o eh ~ lll i t h111 P t t d o itoM 1 % *0'41 6 0 t?41..- i
    IBII R^i ,.,., --l,- tn at't l4 petIit Ybe ,-
    iV4 t it t inni i Ih 1,It t i pt1 ei .
    wit"1 b the w tvyiw tie 1 ir estipn nat itw th*
    % m t tit s lh whev' shy' WI! i t. ihow v

    ip!rem I^^^e ^_ ^ ,,^^. ,,,1,,, -, ,tta, nf tirsi i ta ftw lipt 4.1 4 'I

    %l is t II' tk i of tI% 6IM Of. ,q. D. O D S._

    Awntowis*1411 %t lieid teed ".. .t. !eta a
    *; ...I -t hI W III tI tim t. tItW-T" t p.
    tSnti I"c q'nshet p., Ie reor. 2 th. 0 Iis

    ....... ... AYof 11 I L 11 0 %1. .. Is l-0i6.ft km hriatx A I I I|ka | 'Whipo
    b hi. I"ctknio Ius r Dolls,
    Ss, "k I I\ i~t*ttetwieweth0 "itbi 1 Is6n the 8 tip to penTS w

    M. % , Ien with behe i Idtefn, the a r .
    MnTWMMI -^ 4'. Metahts a Alw e ha sU TOawal
    N .J k,nea4,lm pear ast the beia Ootge o A a t

    i (t it*t IS.1 tith is ofle' .N wthe &b sma m hlt. within rM

    itswmege11016 w11 . e.. t. .iht depots '..Ju t
    W sieNtndsA t MIt isa*te .. _* iWtect. tnmItt iof this *n h y m .ee. the .. AlS
    I S t I dp s nI v, b ****,lit heiR S t"t 4P hI O Of Thete m et m pm. w ih &a d* t. % ...'
    iW W Wss e We itt tI1o't p.oqIt etontlnp old 0* 0 mi a Sfe,61"lelf
    0 W I. tLt ,.. *w w tr Iis Im S S--- .

    .n itbti~- .hIW.~Y 6 p1Pw iN maw i ke a isasd at pan e . ,
    al . tt. ,e atIit |Ichnr fI t fa r b. tine y 6 '
    timti llevtlm \lis vat thi M e*itOe ofU m' 1 s IB
    At soloIn last itIs I ast ihtu 'y dt wi'#SI dwi t SSiiin su e i r. $. & r+ .A,
    t t wiate 'tIshot qtaiinegm0eet I aw pos sibwe tiae 3w
    tISSA e., .,t t iepos, 1 U ae.p_"_ -., r n g

    .a. t-Ht,,... .therI, w5,,*e. t!;-1Wtni
    !kib-50 01 10 ti : h11 .. t S w Pert1 IIp 1111 ...n. .....ll W ... F
    l of 00 6 ta l was llismnd4 mr 4 th=", who wdMn Mr.a3U aS Mee on1. M L O MU.
    M pWtl M OI m. te n,*,y -,u. II h"* % ItW ..0 11 19 I0 01 m 1tte d6 K sh oMtI!
    i s. -vnt t ttp ,, *1111ait i v iraUerda. H1* ea gn. o v l g luI I .it._e 35iill. W
    tft ita s rRatc iaeions il .h Uie .elhaubwth
    I II.,., eny Ii,. .,a il lalwt ** llo rotl -- -- .... ... ... IeW *o1 lm. with thhe, .lt Mt

    ,o ^ ,1,+ ,<:11att.1 I"IIat isa rmte 1 w s0een Mls oee oI l i t, .

    |t4ft I Alr *i-, ,i w Iti,% 60 .ik *Ike, I 6Mm (iiA h .. tokd ron d. Th 8a U. y1 (t
    s tm ayp i, ine th at Al1shus# I> .C oSrU RtErM o p Ms
    L Sliien of Ma-- wata i"lh ,sprilhsM oeing" al, i l tl among hie M oa Orkme -I to.W .tI
    flsa 1twg neinse W 10 ith O nwlyhf t h nus te tw t*li e mwp hT E BIGMdePu Woested of t W Wr 4in
    at this IIason of the yea Siubio ioeaslwmu Af Oat. when &
    1hot^ hialtu I%"tnkit eIlsmn el r on* kf th M e Sligre An o Srkris MSe
    * hee r'is thri u h cs ieta tiet^nsttts(lg nh % the o asad w*oWhs btees 4 emeh Wastesid. he
    I 11 %IV.. ~ Sim atw thr oMWO ow. (Contaie .with ma bated interest. elsewhere. Heo stiLuSeS .th M
    l tt aW! It Haeahi a w*.s t ,p n0. M tpmas *t otPOSW The rwds oontlsme to thronour will m ire asout thiee sS to -
    . the. wh o n.. I 4,,., I Whoot W h eom I N eril o spendW the h l. ,sto. ,ro eut 1 metin mat ll- toe
    *11 Wh ,nfaond 1 pitaym with his i. lrststg family, at nght. making advanta. of the O ga o I..81
    41411 1ee\adrVah\snbip titn bhpm eoins that are to be foaud The BSue seasouesd peeddi ttf0
    1.Mt la. h,1 IP *t6a i hMil*1 h, i T4 1W? i Idet Ctn in HmP- r ito oswe end of uo"r mammoth so-re te". JohnI thems of Laoreee s. .
    0t4 ta among thos ho paid t11 atid hrist ose Hlcharts. whoe at to the other. edSto orry Ms Asmas CerISe0 8 S
    le1 a visitwp.l rda ni t tend .t, itsle0 in Chaottell, N tt. T (h. op te know a good thin; Ima Ove. An error was. made I
    AtU' ittt tm (tr ie INam m n0411 itn holttwethy s eeitand outrgoodsso the M. I Mo. sf the prOls tipe iN 5
    1ii sl, N11s0 tie,.0 t1.0 0 ,IM M I M-lb frieo dso f litIhe$s* pikttmit halprices ssnk for th na'ee, lwh. I liP. solMid have bees.i Thes,.
    Sh ... "; ." '_ ies an t llghtet It ,m tkei again Ne w a. the re At I rate, lithis error woumit p t
    th~h ', tt. t i ,t s" Wh p ,tt want S o Ity Never ortWhhave ked little. mt-astr, but l
    wit "lt hoa sn O 1 ~ eta s 1n 1 1 4t41et ink hi bsuch II oppO tr ity for' Sthe eoeeniet iis made lao t Is flle

    1i;.. 1% .tA,.S.. it. l.te "t."" ,., ,eI-$ M,,t stt t-. .. .. 'ns, t.o"ut- ----s-I....d
    lttt witt lc e uattrnl i an .. tmitn ysn at th towns Wl 1e1t 0 .Jaebsevlle, altar bad e r"s t
    % m 1p WA s ito. w eI Itt 11%0, The "ron of h viittIeto e Mr. a M .

    I 'l .Ab seI' is b1ing impmred by ___ Lheb .orn. lslit havhe weerus W
    "ii.. was n ."' s'"' ",e. cgm, vern" o ",,,twht eRh,.," t" k c",,, sserbof LVen ym ed fi. 3I Lnh .
    i'd" thee week, am amnnouncs tto star af t momwllle. Her friends he ren were 4
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