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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 18, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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, 1904 TEN CENTS a_

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7 Mb Sep. A
leW qte
;r~l\6 C4

.- !&* *Ar 1 -.'ft

it .' / ,."
Itk~u. Cox
I .tob
ld b

boIre the rclos at the preset weel.
TIe prosecrntlon hao4 abponmeRd aw
fterday lhbit ls case against the pri*
Sooner was practically oomplet. It WMa
II sid that In ease the dIeftns i 4led
that It wonld be bet to sake an effort
to rent the evidence preseated to the
I. jury by. Assistant Dlstrutt Attolra
Rand, 3lisp Palterson woa4l be the
principal witaneo In her own bW alf.
Sbhe wAN prepared to t19i the whole
a story of her acquaintance wllh Young,


Talk, Ovec whio ah

miw 'ot Nw

ThkSesN and a

esas he bedha

tiiWn ld ,,Ubaobut
uam WW tod ,is...
.,e .mrJ^^^^ .Lruly -

';W M t. AlW460, t bl i.
as; son as o., ba1hd oLnI
Br~~~~ ~ T1.* ^ ju^ r-.-'^ ^ T i ,T f"

e aseI out of tol l 41
.....4 ad., Walkld up the
a Irlead.on either tide.
'ew Y ork m an atppe oW,
". t sce, down the eorrl
g" ,ispot .do ,-Wii Lawmon,'" ex-
S*,4 i tdel uri i ile. with a smile.
eph.d, Shted his h nd to greet his

.i.M., ".....A ba did s r smile. but had
*prge amiaous r Hhad a0 hear
1*hllowovnr, il toui gS the tcoht
S' r j i 'has md"d to ln obIookets the
"'"'oap"S 'p ared Ilks that of friends.
l'ut Greene Imme4latsty asked Mr,
4,0iM4w Mto .o up t hies room. Mr.
N .st said be w6oedFt he glad to do
S% 1 d Othe two enter4l the elevator
S *I*W, t, two friends of Cotonel Greene
t .e ~u.u the menv ho w# with th'e Botos
!,' ,l T"hye we o t 'oo to the room
,!i,.tl hl't the door, xetldlnig the news

,Mi Itlg his clnw mea tion wi th the
SWePair men-, before the meeting
......: o.w. its C olerl Orees. Mra lawoon said
.h .*CUb he.. did not recetve word from Colonel
.t/ aN O aM that the lattr was n Boston.
i rd h of the colon i's arrival about
.P..S...1. and diclded io eil at the ho
S mea S the late several relporterswent p to
ps 4p the+ A doothe dr of the room they found an
_eq 4 't, t ax mploiy* of th : ~a 'el guard. lie
B,,f.! ..*..r atb btur*i had reeled rtersi. bie o td. lto talmn
It lbetrlii that ia ll. toI, ards or admit 'ay parwmn. The
.ouiIh orders e*arn. from Comltel. Orme, whoI
.. also i arrnttaleu Witth thi hltel peple' ti
-- "e ; a hiut alO all etelphone ell to this
,*lSnII ,:O _h dMSI$ While the conference wea still Ihin
P. ltm iteetn s"askiid. Cbief Inliector William Watti
cis'v for the Wila-"d of the totont llO ee departing. t and
t Is t hao' thel ill Inptor Anlrew Houghton entered
hild ib w if.- O th... s tIe hotel f4st before 11 o'clock and
li t'MO. 11Wookd over the regllter. hibf( Watt-
ht a Ns'='%i mai a brietf on fire t e with the wsin
da *WUr. ,C uetr of the hotel. When alpnroarhlle.,
,f W' 10.I. tMse ablef inlel he 'lt heard of the
SPemtll ng 1,1. w n reene an t
Awsaorn. and )ia4l errnte In see that no
A in diltnrrbainc' was 01S111 by the me~C
,to tah a fl he V iew, ay,, .
pa that r. 0llt 0.*9esi Who wl WILL TELL STORY OF HCA LIFE.
.'th &4 witofe oieml C asOis 1. '
'IC the ilhil M ablitllrlat a' mnlstn Nan Pattsterfe W a.I V Etnd ih Ow."
t, f .iell1 i .ih wmor. a baide. 1e t.

It w said.

RP liwA devie Oalie CeevesUel II
January at New Orlease
Now Orl.san. Jec. 17.-The apectal
to Lte States from Shreveport, as~y:
lreslduat Harvie Jordan makie the,.
anouneeraent that the Soutber Co.*
tU r Owerw' poeeting t Nw. w Orleoa,
I IJa. 4, ed M l for LUe pr Mpo

era anletltursl ausoolatlon Into a
ftlntral body with a kbttese of lnfor
Option on the lines of the Uanted
Itate department of agriculture. It
is sot ltenlUed to dlicredito the ov.i
erantt bureau but to aupplemeot Its
"We propose to 4nuow as much about'
the buhjjess of the spinners as they do
about ouears said Mr. Jordan. "As
It i iow. they know everything about
us, and we are la the dark.. Among
other thinga, It is our object to bring
about closer relrtionsa between the
manufactuirer add producer, that the
price rnay be fixed by the laws of app.
ply and Idemapd, and not ,by the .peou.
latar. To lhanee theu piton siOnatlon
Whllh will give tle plant etr iltoUble
data as tor%(ftLge. average a laudtlln
of growrlg crops, propeeotive yield,
e4st of delivery to spinners, cast of

manrfactstnlna. price at whih matnau
filctred goots are told, coantmpthkn
Crltinttttrtr odnr by the ills1 of
the wrol and the muurpiu, If any. El-
las D. Smyph. a member of the conren-
tion fnlm the S ouh Carolina and own.
er of th;e live lariget mills In that
state state, will propo a a committee
to visl( the cotton nulttfacottir' u cen-
ters of the east and uro!;r to InvO4etl
Sale rontdiCc.uh for the advice andl ben.
eait of thie aurolntitlon.


Pret German Maid Comes to Wed
Amerlcan Who Failed to Shst Up.
N, e YrvV lDe. 7.--A prtlty anit
well .edueatd t:ermnan grl. Gertrude
Radok. Is uulder deltntion at Ellil Ia*
land mndiW r oimance with a young
doctor from East Liverixol. 0., ap-
pear( ti have been hbat tered.
AerordIiaX to her story, she was tin
have married him here Immediately
on her arrival from Rerlin. In that
city the Ohioan met the garl while'
he was tAking a apeetal course of
As her natne was.ealled out in the
second rain a woman lstepped up and
"Thin marrinm cannot taker place':
the doctor ts my nephew. anal I Ilhve
eome to Inform this woman that she
mtni go bark n It lrmainy."
MIStt RnR;ici vn nlaten to Iillns It-
land, wher'l he w"*pt rfr hour. '"
An attorney relpreseutling the per-
sons wlho had Mcrpped the girl visited
her later and iffered to .upoply funds
for hl'r re'rnl homne. bult she spuirnd
tlis offer anti dec he own living if nllowed to land.


Chicaoo Laborers to Aid In War on
the Qreaded Disease.
Chlcnnso. ler. I7.--lilhor uinions
hav% hI0en nclliMd 10 filt i ht, )isprema l
of itltl.rulnl'a. The onfire )faltors r
e'arnmaNrs ond gaui t t Win rl;4 r*
have olfr'rrl. the rinll|Mratlon of thrir
(oraTniza.Ttiins It efflrtsi lr hi ri t Ir
he made to n1lnllmslzl (Iet in dow lt
town hulld inngs innd i tnhealthy rl
tlonu in iFhop anutd factrrtei.
The Janiiltorr. arerdiun t)o Aecrtasrv
Mrliln nf Ihei unkt.n, will irsli'avor ,
discover imeaoln of 'linkein rli. a ,i
rarpn wholm n f ,

will uij e u'r 1'"! IrI I I 'i:. ,, -
the 'upcI. the f i i
thv t-s i *^rt< <.^ >n /,, ;



ConIgresaman Livingtoa
duooa Important Bi



msasws BW II an in In
*M May B le aROil
af SeOater meldt, .W UMLib
greaing W efet% Senate Commn
Washington, ec. l* --Repreu
Uvte i.vlnuton, of Ueorlia. intre|
a resolution today requesting th
retary of agriculture to forward u
houme all d4a0 rp whiet ti
pert oe otton acre e and prom
wa made. The preamble rcItus
'tlre li ireat dlsiiatisfaetl
want of eonldenee nl the roeMt
eaton aereae and produet!ioM I
department of agriculture. "Ip
a to the last report made a

lmmedlate!y after the Aseatei
called to order this morning Mr.
oridtg from the committee on
torfi, reported the statehood nMi
gave police that Immediately aul
disposal of tbe Philippine gon
bill he would move its coast1-l
Representing the minority of 1I-S
mittee, Mr. L. Bate notified tl
ate that be 'woull eter a ti
recommit the hill for the par
;aklis further tetlimony.
Mr. Hard gave notice of a l
rnot conAInla.g tte provsl0lo 4
bill to the state to lic formed r1
anlon of Oklaboma and Indlia
tory, and eliminating all refer:
Arinmom &A d** ewla .l I

1nateor Smoot's Trial.
Walhltntoa, pee. 17.-The I
anes In the. Senator rmoot n
day was Mnr. Annie Illott. at
Utah. She oi an elderly ladr
went from Denmark to 'tab It
and left the Mormon church Ia
8ho was asked concerning the
tIoan taken is the temple, sid,
requested to repeat as much of th#
emony as she could remember.
was shaken with emotion as slk
that the obligatlols were so Indl
she could not bear i, rcpelt't
Chairman Burrown told her to
own time and not to lie embat
By slow drgreesl Mr, l. lliott
ed the oa th of vrngeaanre and t
.roiis penalthie nscrllwed by othiI

At the rijnest of 31r. Taylor
E lllott odeucrlthtI thfrarments
by MQornios who have taken t'
doWlmenits. Senator Ove rnaas
If every Morman in sgtol ti ldl
completed to wear the garmtettl
the witness said that all aech I
mons wear the garment ani
clothing, Looktng at Senator 5
Senator Overman anked the wttl
she were sure every Mormonf IS
Standing In the cnmmiltee room,
the garments on. ,
'Yeis, sir, they have." was i h
This provoked laughter. and i4
tnes repeated:
"I know they all have them o0.

Next Mleting In Loulvlliv
Birmingham. A4a.. Iec. l7--e W
enteenth annual meeting of the
em Burgical anidl (ynccoeloglIl I
ety adjourntdl Thursday ite(Uil
The next place of meet inx tI 1
ville. Ky.. Dec. 1,, 11 a dl t., 1 1.
following offers were er'iC.
trlat Dr. Ihlllml C(, itulier, of Rieh
Va.; first vice prs ,li t. Dr.
D. l avl~, of Itliringhamn
vieo prestlentl. ,r I. S tool.
la'ihln"tnn;t: secretary, lr. W1Ill.
Laggard. osf laltimore;. restPNNI
Charges 31. IlRos r. of 01alla.
memait'r aif the council, tr. F r F
ham, or New Orleans.

Arrested for MurP?
RPil' tkfl~4!' I-'~
%w S ItiE *' ,;

ra i n I

T~ r --~-----IC'~r~ ~'~~~--L~~1-'-''`~'~:~1 -- ~ ~ ~~II~



L' .-

C. /


r. .. ; Sl ,, l l l l I l"

4-9T ~~ I

Sl. :ira .

.4, ,I


.lbiwn wker
!* noftn *h

d K'd.-pr ,

Kwh tBthe

. i. a rw
ltIn^fF^-^ ^^'^ v^

- Ia

i ", ; . I ' ' ', ". *

l^ .. ", ', , ,. ,' ,.

F.4^^n^^^^"^ ^T^

Mbt^^L ta~ a^^hji^k


h. I

R, .?.' ,vi

al' -,fl fla j
U."., :. H&^"."^, .I
^F'^^^ff 'i,^ ^ ^^iy ^'-"**

f't,,INA.wO NW
A', ----

twoi ma it" is ist la t N rtiet
Mteiltllba to tho domeetle scaan
Wi brll e was, thrltene the
lotll"at lear, M. Syveton.
.i iasie4 of tnatiotl irrLMniarltile
',.i ineOracter, Iayl a Timme, dl * PIrlts. An expert secount
mil a. i elu e tled for an Invettirst
.tA t iW.malettalte l charge and
,.tht e*r)t ltI beagll made t le ari
lWhat beCme of s0.W00-tart of a
t4t sill' d to .ave been entlrnted
it Sleta n to conanetlon with the mll-
!tfry ltvantian some time aego
This mattw er It i stated, would have
~. - aI

+-~-L .:

t bel gio Com-
Sbu'll t In

alto Eylt.t tlo :ll1.m

S fhZO tfZa

-&,de.o .K..l. .oa h.

L i

s, iited.
~~itIp rvgai4 to the eyes

i i 0. to .red'
Oh' OhS Wi9W 10. .t@S to 8 p.. n.

- i _ l / l t, I 1
Ste Prom sotbai tlnjury.
NWr York, Dec. 10.--UDeas of the
pta, .attributed to .n tsJuar received
Is. ftottall 'same. has eanued the
dati, at ,LakewI l N. J. .f Aulgutus
V. M"yi, .Jr, -a forqaer fopalml o*f the
Prlaeeptpa tum. He was traduated
lii 1WI md was distant related to
the Vanderbilt. ramlly. 'Upon lea-v
lag rolleqge he entered on a business
reer In thtl Y city bit was compelled
to give It ap two years ago.

Firman Killed In Wreck.
Chicago, Dee. IG--Tle fait mall
bound ot the Chicag';. Burllngton anad
Qunlny railroad was wrecked thil
irotitg 2 i iles wesat of Brlitol. Os
car Johnson. tireman, was killed and
entlneer John ('owtlref. wa protba
bly fatally Injuirwl The train was
eollpoped of mill coaches only and
carried no passengers. The engtc e
and Ave mall cars le't the track. Only
the nnplins and the' first car, however.
were bdly wrecked. The wall clleks
escapedl njir>.
aboard Pays Back Taxes.
Jacksovlle, FIla,, 1;--A settle.
mitlt has jnst been reached at Tallls
ba"sr between the seaboard Air IUno
tailway and the governor and aomp-
trtller rCental of the state for haell
taxes claimed by thlae te for the
years of 1179. 1I0 and 11tl, thb. ex-
sot amontut h lng I$9.1814,. The caseC
IL - -. -ia -. - .




ii1 Jnu iwvUwi

in a r
is. i in

WIl Mm bfl l" frawt

M om In i9, Irown own'
Pr la r. L

fll r i s utsier r Atlo l
MsMai ft msu*r t 1 114 r1 lvte 4019.
ege riai perl tyitp tihig hlu y9
Ash'| >a amd remt thus prsu*ervrng
It rW 114m thIiteye wi or
ga" gsrawNmethads
vs. are 1Iited We
..- k,1 .. *. tt -::rl

e. reumbl a
-s i*s** 0 *

,'. .ult lu
Swiii l d t ilei

ofK^ s -Its f *

of mSonmAesn

l rI ag r pI
1409 and pot. e
SHi error

H iieo lrnh^^^

Now i Sthe Season.

We think just before Chr*atmas a good time to remind you of
our elegirlS liiie of )rg (loods, ')ress (odem. Novt lti e. Lief
and IEmbrolderl-e-in fari everthlnlg usually ucrried lor the
Ildi ll n an Dry Oood store. We've never had
stiwe an attratsve showing., and ts should interest every lover
of the beautiful in this Iswn.

There's a lRason
Whf y on sbol boy the Shos earrtied in our took, liun
drs of people-ne, womenso d *hlildren-are wearing
them. Why notE oa.,

IWsalm sU fir ebutrts tO hlw giod
. .I ._ .Jr.- .7 .. " '" o .. -




We covet these imlorant points and respe tfully
Ssoolltit a Itare of your business.

Fire, Life, Acilnt and lHeal lus

Agents for the--

Victor Safe and Lock Company
04 i-r n-I V-n at-i. O.4i o.
Tie "Victor" Is the best safe made, and parties eonaemplat-
ing the parebme of a safe, or anythfnlg in that line,
from a box to a bank vault, will save money
by consulting us. Call on or address.

Information cheerfully furnished. GAINE8VILLE, FLORIDA
Ss ,4 n


Take The Atlantic Coast Line

Via Via Via Via
Dioms Do nm L P. AO. l or X or I $llIesp Jrlkd Iad
Jlrk'ortiUle J ae turevllUl L Us l oncomllli .

Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service

Depart For

Time Table In effect Sept. 1, 1004.

Arrive Fri

8:46 pm lHigh Sprinp and Inter- 10:805a
Dnlily mediate Points Daily
12:40 pm Ofla, Leesburg ad Tamp,. and 8.40 Qp
Daily Intermediate Pointe Lily
2:0pm Paplaka, Paytona, Jaksonvill e, :6f p u
Dailv North, East and West Daily
12:16aml High tprlnis. Waycrose, Bavannah, Brunswiek, 8:1 i
Dally Albany, Atlanta, all Points North. East West isily

8:18 p t

Koehelle, Micanupy and Citra


Daily al

8:6(0 a ni 7T 0p a
Daily High Sppril ll 1111
ex.Monday ea clSundl

Th'r.. P ~.....f.. .' e. l.. .. .... .. .. ._. Atlntit CO -s

' i. :,. .

L i,

.. L 11 11.11. III L ]-


To Please a Woman
In the' malttr of ia Christmasn (ift It a ilhty ray Iraattlr it
this ptor. Rli she gwife., lister, daughter or friend, wu ecii u al
lum what she will te hapy t t have.

.1'. .

~ ..

i ..

t I LY S : GAINI, n. DCEVBP 18 104
g-tI WR--IRM.r



0 Orate and Was
to New York.


C Also of Superior Qual-
i*IcatIons are That Heavy
i land Oood Prices Will Pro.
I Season.


There's homlething tihe
ter with the (lhilil th,.t

to gflw u)p.

Ia ii

A chiildl tt

gruw',s URl too) u li li.i ,
%itlhout proper fillii .t .
i fl'h, is alm ot ;I lb lil ,y ;
Nothing will help thi-_ i.- c
tlin "weedy" children I I,. 1
S(,tt's "mnulsion. It 4:':i
I A... .a.... t:- .. ... I 6I I

leamdlpl that *v'ral tip- I rt uun ll ilg 0 I l c' .1,tl
Sbeen made by expires,, ,th the rich inward nourishn,:< ,t
itlr"oM t lf tt tue hy rerriaf-
ltq season from u ines.u 'i elt, via th. Attlti which insures rapid trowt ;
F Prid night.
aiO x oar. anid con- healthy and uniform dcvlop)
i, ew York. The car con.
ls four hundred baskets o mnnt.
loutteel.and the consigneesl -""-- ---- -
SJ. D. Stringfellow, 4. A. HAD A LARGE AUDIENCE.
mwd others. Messrs. String-
Cloilcouglh are amorg rthe Rev. Joe Sherouse's Talk on Pryhian-
IllI growers in lhis rertonI. 'sm to People ofAlachus.
rpps this year are said to be It was a large ainl rjpr&.rt..riivei
iIf gprolilidand fine. tutlience ilt preertrdl Rev. J1,| Shier.
b(lloiaesville oeetion enjoys J1*0, pasI'tor of itSe second Advent
ibol of being One for the Christian Church of this city, at Ala-
Imek of all kinds, the soil chua Friday evening, when Sir. Sher-
pI11ily adapted to lettuce house delivered an impressive IleQir
kft bobeemn said thatAlsehuas pp I'jthianim. Thrse who attended.

rlestuce what the Kalama-
h for celery-the best that
In the world. Is is a
J 1 to know that the Ala-
produot earries well,
t in better condition.
bilr la the op of tie mar-

ree that the lettuce crop
the county will bt good,
-ofI superior quality, and
slid earloads will be
111 northern markets be-
is over. There is a
Il letter along the
A Gulf, eepeciall in the
i oey Point, Taeoma and


p Oarpnter Will Fllt Method.
9S-Other Services.
will be observed at the va-
today a follows:
Chareb-Sunday school
|la04 m. By request of
Ilimi, the pastor. Rev. W.
M r will occupy the pulpit
anid night. Subjees of
sermon, "O(rpha and
lktioan of Two Kinds of
M' The subject for the
be"A Great Man's Atti-
the Future."
0hristlIa Church, Rev. Joe
S'aslor--orning service 11
wiwaing serviceat 7:15. The
lt I evenings service will be,
HlIo Diference, For All Have
Mi Come Short of the loryy of'
eailay eshool at O1 a. in
SPmbylterlan Church. Rev
Pta--Preaehinl at 10:.0 a.
fp.m. Sabbath school at S p.
ll. later League meeting at

6tlist Church, Rev. S. B.
inSl at 1 0:30a. m. and
i, sbbath ashool at the usual

Sservicee will be observed
lHltly Eplaeopal and St. Pat-
lle churches.

r CChief Witness in Convict
t SOay of Robing Mail.
oli.Der. I7 -- Iavl K." i
t at North W''*I, .r, tar. :1

l yle. w o (, ,i 'r- I
SIt O len a r+ d ,' L r- t I> ,' i
P"l mAl anil -, t .rp.
' i th e F' It ;, ; ;,rri ,T I
S P:n 'l ,1 ,, r .-, rata' ,i1
.l Pa'rn 4 ,,i K ,,' I t ti :. !i
W hia ,tn (.* an:- r*:t -l i
iW v tit'i. ti' -f.' rt at *-\.!anp 4 11
Sto aie thi t'.e v n' pi.r ,t ,
island hI n ,- , u '
tbhyr , r.' it iat :a. Marc:>
SItao pacrkaian (I in i,..-..
*.shat of the mrone'-i.rtIr lpa,,i rt
-hi ,1 off r1 In th-* Ipr. %'nce of hls ia

U Bids Wanted.
t acit regular meeting of the
i ooanty Commiisionere. to tw
Rand mm W -

more especially irembers of the order.
were deeply inlpr reed by his remarks.
which proved of great interest to all.
Few men in. Florida or the touth are
better poeted on Pyhtianimr and its
history than Mr. therouse, aud few
can hand Ie the subject to better advan-
Thursday evening Mr. Sherouse ad-
dressed the inember uf the order in
the Castle Hall. at their regular stated
meeting, but the leeture Friday was
a public function.

Fight Will be Biter..
Those who will persist in elosleg
their earn against the continual reoom-
mendation ol Dr. KinA'l New Dieov.
ery for Coosumption, will have a long
and bitter t)ghl with their troubles, if
not ended earlier byf Ial termination.
Read what T. It. Beall of Beall, Mi..,
has to say: "Last fall my wif had
every symptom of consumption. She
took Dr. King's New Diosovery after
everything *eIe had failed. Improve-
ment came at ODOC and four bottles
entirely euted her." Guaranteed by
all drugliats. Price 50c and 1.00. Tri-
al bottles fre.

Ought Fortune for Four Dollars.
Nevw York. Dec. 17.-Wrapped In a
fadeil bit of brown paper at the bot.
tom of an old trunk that he bougKht
at a icirrngi v. autltion for -4.
a post ffric ( r.rl of Ihli rltw h-a-
fountd 1i n of 1:t -outhrn electric
liLhrin g <'r p-iany whlrh havr r market
value of I lv,' "vn 117,.'>. and $2U.0MI
Accru;'rl ici;,te, t at *; I*r Ccent has not
been c0tllt't-41l tor 'years. add4 nearly)
Slt.inio to I th- aiue of hiL lnd. which
l% ertimatod Iby bank oltcals to be
between $5'3.*ol and $;30iI.0.

Lcet Articles Still with Guards.
St. Iumtf. Ier. 17 -The lost and
found art ul,.s which were turned In
hy niemhteri of Ihhe Jefferson t (Iuard *
an.J which vvrt'vhr had been claimed.
have ('n ri-ir tr to th Andrs In such
harv, been rxtiurned to Ihe finders In
such rasus whro' the nfnderAs ers atili
with th' guardtl and were known. Dur-
ing the fair about 800 lost articles
were ti*rnel into the qitartermastr 's
;l*palmn( t Of thee many were af.
ttrwardn claimed by the losers.

A Costly Mistake.
Iljliders are s omnietimes very expen-.
mute )-kensitnally life itself it theprice
of a misrakr., Sut oitu'll neverI be wrnn
if you take lr. Kinc's New Life' I'tlls
for dyo wplsia. dizzinesp. headache. liv-
re or Iowel itroihlet'. 'I l1h are ,ge-ritle
et thorouchi2. L.5I ati all (drirnstores.

"'i Re'u-.: '"'e State Debt.

G .a r: r t 'U. -I;I T 1T ."
r.t4 > I i r f<'r N* w
Ior'n. '.a A anrA 1;t-[ ni t It :




How Lawyer Marstem Tried1 t Foil
His Fee&
W:nl(l.P-r Ky,. lDe. 17.--- 'T tfral
(if t J .il-tr.( Ul ilinagrL stullt tlinI)' was
IarK v l i i a ii it..
I i 1 Iln flrat b rr If Mr ure i
a*l ptc-ri, r l'f J kar di1o n i.-lil t r*
-^wi \* i Fre ,, h< Ji' on ll'i- r"ir

*1*rI 4 1 .1

1i .

*~ 1 ** I

a ;~ ~

tll iI p l ii trl it.

'IL 111 1 i

I -I I-A
I : "* L r1 ,1r t
'if. 7i111S i I!' *i 1 V : I rt

;. l1. I 1 .l, V V A!. t: ( I v i (A) 1 1l1
L. r i a. '.an 'I t 91n 711 T nl hInt
tii t. ;.< l 1 a ; w;iVi, hu I W y did.
St .\:. ;u ;, r hon an
4 l ,._ III L ,b 0 4 1.i ilit
o l !1a1 ,' . ." It ail a ill u ll


Street DuI Caucos Death.
J i ,,. .% A. > .1 -A 4n r*a.
t74nal m tduel with fatal rewults
ocet'rrtrl at Ohir ImTll; town of Ma*ee.
in rti24 rii li p< in y about :3 mile%
-outh of her T', e combllatants were
'.dard Xlantim.I a livwry table pno-
lprl (or, and Pl~rofestsr Woodward. the
pruiiipal ofa Magee H1ih ichpool Man-
Sum was ititaintly killed. wh:Il Wood.
ward received wounds from utilch he
may not recover. Atlut two weeks
ago Proftesor Woodward adminlterea corporal punbishment to one of Man-
gum's children for unruly conduct In

Coughingl pel Caused Death.
"Harry Dutcwell, aed S6 years,
oboked to death early yesterday mor-
Ing at his home, In the prenee of
his wife and child. He contracted a
slight sold a few days ago and paid
but little attention to it. Yesterday
he was seed with a tis of coullhing
which esntinued for some o ime. His
wife sent for a physician but before he
could arrive, another ooughingl pell
eame os: and Deakwelldied from suffo
cation -St. Lools Globe Democrat,
ee. 1. 1901." 1Ballard's Horehound
Syrup would have saved him. 25c. 50a
and $1.00. Sold by W. M. Johnson.

Sank Cashitr Comlrg Back.
MDrvtlre (:r4. :;r. 17 The affairs
of the' Daluv:ii'r bank are *till in an
unsrrttleil uondition and a re elver has
U,.,i\ apini.'ted t wind nip the busl-
nrs. T1:h d-rrelter' inrreaseed the re-
vward for t -e ltprle'n~ion of Maro S.
P., it th# <,'.efauliing cashier. to
s .' Prte: irn: a
prouminr nt aw.^#r of Lsenburg. Ca.. on
inarnin of thini. wirt1i Potter's friends
here res'**.rda. askinK that the direc-
torts witholil that reward, stating that
Ptitler had been comMuDcated with
and 6sa on his way back.

A Frightened Horse.
Itinn;ng like mad down the street
dslntipingl the occupants. or a hundred
other accident., are every day owur.
rences It behoore, everybody to have
a reliable alive handy and here's noeo
eo ood as Bocklen's Arneia Salve.
Ruarn, outs. sorem. eaema and pils
disappear quiefkly under It soothing
effect. 2 as all dr x alone.

White Weman ls Murdered.
Nashvlle. Tenn. Dec. 17,-A dis-
patch from !.ynchburg. Tenn.. aays
that Frances % lnnett. a well known
ut*~hi woman, wa. s br Iitally murdered
(t h-'r home n-ar that plare. 8he liveil
ilolln ni hfr tfarn Int Iti I thought
.he %IMa runurder1d ftr money ifhl It
-l2piposer to hba 'e I :t in be h lirne.

Takes Uncle Sam's Advice.
Havana. IDe. 17 --The hour'e of rep-
r-'-4-natlv.. tiulay a pas-idl the bill ap
1', Ti'aating $l.o '"' far lh' 'an0 1 atIlon
,if th.- strelts o! Santlago. ilenlfullos.
('o! rint and Matanras. the work to
I,. '. '1 at o f the U'nited Btare.

.,-<1 t1,y I'i, tTO anat.' rf tror Billious Colic Prevented.
i:1n th' t;' i- S..*..' tIf Take a double doe of 'hamtwrlaimn'a
h fa; d icre. w.'r' h'l.I wilh Tr ah tIap rmoon a oTgrnor J-ik disease appearsand a threatened at-
Sapproximat, t n ew t ack may be warded off hundreds of
;,.r .i:t l he ld a -""cfpt cwupr ue the remedy in this way
Ir lti'i t x l thai a clotrart u* Ii witih perfect sucets sFor sale by all
:t Idrut1iists.

-V-~ ~--1- r~

a ** KAs 6 m L WIAlA aasU i Ji

14I O0 7 NIUel

OflRr for the nrt r Fall ai Winter a rhile h ot .f a
Prt AN Ta Erl orf ik standard raeIs, uo a pIp C D8i
lhld them. Alm Yrlls. Oranuimfl eala E* Cat'aeis ad 94
Wuemehl reese Cullun" free. a I I g L'

-p, a ll l CIIgGl e .
e ANV1 raw, A, a w tl be


Write for pr-es Cwe .n wwle eaM. bt ef-l t a
---P.. .~ A

r. }


,, .IHighest mSA P -P aw Ch*es Rn ,

HI t aato pi ft Ou. t g".^.SB,;

A ,pe I "re .-vt, ,. -- -
Zi Sr rwwaI

*. ;


*: 4

1, 1 r


JOS. ZAPF, Jacksonvitl

Wholesale WhiiapB, Imppor.d Kq
aud Glager Ale, Iorasl O -IsollIWIj
MiMleva Wae,1 S,

I ". m, i
Absolute satisftMlis imuaed or mew *i ;.
WiV O ne BY .o ,,D t .o p'ls M"

533M=Aw |-

Air Line R ll" V

.. a F OR rp4

Savannah, Columbia, Camdin

Pines. Raleigh, Raihmond,,

ington, Baltimore, Phi

delphia New York. t
Two Elegant Trains fly. '

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.

1 'U
. di


Only Line Operating
Daily Through Pullee sirmpen from M. m0,tt. w. i:n

For full information and skpr renratiom eall -
wrie A. 0. MAcDOXlLL, i
Asat. Oeneral Phamgr Agenlt,

4 ** .

fl. FB DJJTTTObT& 0 0
el Ill ,

U '

~~'`~' =r-------





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y WI"I~ *)4M~T II

41, I,

II r.'1.
( 1t.' r

i t w. .. t' , 1;

"Pr -7 r
" i' FpTfII ~ 'py '.' (1.1I T
.2. .~ '.I ~ '~ k
I vW
c.~~~11'1 mi .
A: i !,p i.

I ' i,

S ,, rsi ia -'e. .

ough we have endeavored to provide gifts
Sebet things-the most unique
Sf i oiog first.
I' -F' '

o, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Leather


f m;"w^,*' I^ ,
i '/ ,.-; ,.,

ina and Vases

ger of Disappointment in filling your list of
give us an early call.
I i *

I K-
'7` I *' I".

I 'It Um al
ilk a# '
., I I,
4h14 )s


' '. .
.' '. ,

'' i, f .'
.". .. ,', ^ *^ "
' ':,
"' **.l , .; .;^ I ',
n ,' ,; .... ..^ :, .... +. .


'thB Side of

Sq aeLre

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. ... ,,- I


Ih ll.'Il !1! .'

mo. M Oi at"i

', t *hibSlw .e

oen oon

omd w
n:W~r q

No 6*

*ltM TI?..
i ^^^?i^^ ^ S.^* '^*^f'wf

4 !.41asVILLS.

Betal aDire
L iCe s ed E nftl
* I : '

*0 l*I, V lpha o
ski he bt~rleewag *
wai merpr rwu

i-- mt-. R Aseta. U E UJ
R-A- a ,i. m a J
: IiRS A 4

:at tmsu
,, i t ra 4, tiJa U cksonvi eI 1i

rprmhr Pure and C
i u, .o . ...* Tlanw A i
*yiywf^^f-'-irv n~n *~WHWva m^~.'^T^^m~ ~ yfmm rfmm

(WiLe Dr.. I TiMi), '
D....DENTIST.... -
O*, It Miluer Lawl KIeb.ane.
SO*e qver Man orlMatdl' AU work aar tUAINlSVILJ.E. FI iOaT

S. OL .. Plrnk ialrdner. Prop'r.
Jacksornville. Florki
0i1o : Mqanobll Howel, Gainesville,
S-Flori. d-
Florid.- Best Imported and Domestic Liqusns
IAN AM. 4Imo semmftur Uretms without end Wi in the city.
LANr' lamialtso tree. -
.t. *,*a DR. P. D. HICKS,
Is r, !~ ~~a. I a io in I e

And oliltsor la Equity WALtDO, FLORIDA
IDA. Ret *, Ooovesawlng mand Gen. Out.of-town people please make o
-l Praf e s!tle. All business promptly iemenoD f bftf eonminl to have work
a sSS 9ed to. Ol5e next door o Sun doMo Io avokI delay. S o 1
ire and lB, OAel lViL L, FLOUIuA. --
ma OmlhGAI.STILL. FoIDA. a iuk

Isari l. O sl Jl our aity property, (ImO- IOTED OR SWEETNESS A1l4 Pl *
iruekingl and armlnlg iead. aeBd him r
16 a list oftwhai you ofr or Itse, 'l4r, ORAB11 TILITY.
r Tfll beXe E. BAKER.
r Te s. 7 BA KER-, tBat Pseu for l thi trVl.ra r allarte. utrdS I
m ATTORNJBEY-AT-LAW louter than otherouis. atru.nte
A oB B ^^best materi.s. and moat artisLU
S.. SOLICITOR IN HANCERY.... wormrpalP obtinablre.
----.. -- Vte dfu a overy
deudl and taUn
GAINESVILLE, Alachua Co., FLA. eal and
Oeie in Eadel Bliock,
S. Ooldi4 by as continuously flo
DENT 0 x.
(smO klE T A1aTwal Without a single failure. If vlr

mtota. We payfW e Nig Writ
S I % o --o plio li TODA Ieime
rewsreNol wtor Crow s ow&S wiork.

T OAIO Im a ..Mer e ow issue sa. ,wit a

.A Gla iue, ilui iW, i jj o' n i
D&owmi 4m J-... a.ea| n AUt @51, o
ri O ~aewbLwr II IW"TODA P 1Y. \
OaU BIiaur fte qi Dem sum*

w AIIIns'EPufls sgg y Ludden & Bates
711ltdl/Ai thatm GAnumfu niriA.

1,! A
w k:: r4'

I'!. -


E1~j 1

I d

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" **I ,i ., .

a ~r..-~l~~ ~P~YL-.~~m~.T~.r-~L~s.:L~ .


i I


r 'L'"'~:

-' yaws I

..._ .-

-A .s


ase a, OS alosaeM ri..

i iuA PubUtlsur.
"AiJ SLM U AfeelbSle Kditor
WUIll USL Cr Niter.

geIfOT owI. ee
e very s l WI S*
OuprN ul tsetd tI. trti11f
sorsby farrier aI theoh$t,
Parse S tf PVlted SWM mPp
are nMtt ala moelSM V1.
p i II r s lot f*r woebks L

is in eoeIbs 1 eoI as
ued o ats for e*aol d-
ifvefrtln# maids kows

roel ts t a s .. eltb-ees*o,
ia MAr, i *ei wostlll l t
werl. osleo, toe itS n
iN -ow", punoW frl. so Say
'Vmot *-n 1s r Usda.. tort1l.

MOtes I se due after Aru
lnosserTmetlmraion olerwi s
ewas vParisseo nMows so
to l r for Idverrisl In ad-
SW AWuLLrsS. s.
,. .............. ., .
ryI llktenst we have sese
Si b reported leader of the
paIr Js li plain that the
Sad themselves hopeles-
to the tariffrnot, and l
Sr of uorprir to elose
f tlhe present sItuaion if
SMe ble to ge together
i parly out of ite dleouhly
P during the1 nbo four
Sflw, whole IsM to hav
ambitions, hm OOnstituted
e raplen of the Bourbon
I n an interview the
Sdowred stha thbre ia no
Itbh Oanlres will sent
of pw oeowtive utles aend
aIta d of devotinl giwlf
i te tar if the Republines
'hto oarontent itself with
H rOt obtee of duties on raw
iat e r used to manafoe.
'tIapers Wherea articles are
i be' sed in manufacturers
1taikreod goods are ex.
s bortary would have the
rlalfd the dailes paid on

1 ast provides for rebate
Ia fertaln raw materials
binluhafttuits for the foregnn
it offer no relief to the
eoasnmer, It is not alto-
ln why CongretM should leg-
Ii give the foresigner cheap
nlompel the American con-
lif lWy monopoly prices,
'i little to be hoped for In the
S veduetloo of the tariff from
sbl.ea party of today. Roth
te "'rnvlulonlsts" on one aide
L"sltandpattelrw" on the other,
Sthe "beak and call" of the
a d combines,


i 0lng of easava should be one
H^Mi industries of Florida, and
remarkable that so little of
able crop Is raised here.
V la the best of feed for all
o1 stock and produces enormous
i In faet mbre oases can be
to the acre than asay othor
ItoP-produoinia i high ia six
9W tons to the amre.
l Vegetable l produced with but
Iitbor, and is not a crop exhaust-
Fte larl, One of oassava
')iloese five .times as much eas-
SrWilllthe same acre planted in
lib0tatoeL and is better feed for
ads of stock. and we think that
brter friends will do well to
i a few mares of this moot val-
i flop,

0not waste mlinute-'not a see*
1. trylingl t demonstrate to
*i 'ie merit of your own perfor-
(* If your work does not vin.
SItself. you cannot vindicate it.

j will. you b an rise. No power
ilky. Ro hardship in your condi-
,ita depress you, keep you down
Wlid .Stf. awe. ... ... ... --


mte lynan)iigs in the country in recent
earIs were due to this oflenae. "The
other 1 eases per UO aroee from mur.
der all the way down to personal tn.
The governors of South Caroline,
Georgia and Alabama have within the
puat few weeks uttered ringain seun-
deainatlons of lynching. It looks like
a lnuinoe and vigorous efort la now
being made to blot out the disgrace.

The United States Is very generous
with Its navy yaid emploiye engaoed
In building warship. It pays them
per diem waIgs for fifteen dagy leave
of absence and for the seven public
holidays of the year. The chief oon.
struetor of the navy, RB r Admiral
Capps, says the United 8tatee cannot
build its own battleshlps as ohaply as
theft can be constructed In private
senator James P. Talisferro bas in.
produced a bill to appropriate $100.000
to acquire a site and eoUstroeLe a build.
Ing to be used as a branch home for
disabled soldier, sailors sand marines.
The bill stiptlaltes that the home shall
be located as some place in the State
of Plorida. Henatos TFaliaerto is con.
tident that the bill will illio through.,
practically without opposition,

The cows of some parts of Norway
are trained to eat codflih and all the
cook has to do is to heat the milk and
thicken It and they have coditsh
How's This?
We offer one hundred dollars reward
for any ease of eatarrh that cannot be
oured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. OnxuNs & Co., Toledo, O.
We. the underigned, have known F,
J. Cheney for the last 15lyam and be.
lieve him perfectly honorable In all
business tranaetions, and fnancially
able to carry out any obligations made
by hie firm.
Wholeale Irtrugdist. Toledo, ).
l1all's Catarrh Cure s taken in-
t-rnally, acting dir ectly uoan the blood
aid mucous surfacest of the system.
Testimo6nals sent free. I'rice, t7b per
bottle. Suld by all drugiprstI.
Take limtllr Family P'ills for conlti-
l-:ung ry'a P;rli-r.ent May Be Dias
s. ved by Premier.
t. i . , Al t i).Lny* Ar .4.
T.o :i I .t :h .t l lilt I p l it! .I
r'' ,I : ;in l'a. if':I I'r'*'luia.r *i" '/ lW nii*
ih.t' 3, l,. it 1' ',' ti *'1 4 b1,y gli" Itaiti
ril(" i ',4 r.'. h ,tli.I lhe 411i li',l Ita dl-

it to W nt4",'/.
Kl':ul4'i, Iih.-.lhtl1 fuir iht ,I|l lI4)tht
declared t here wohiild he no dlf iculty
In rrasnt In the bill of indemnity io a
got ernmenst which respected the law.
but they could nrst concede it to the
Tisea calnet.
The prenilers lft today for Vienna,
I I. .. .. -. .

Niproes Oppee to Platt'as ill.
Raleith, N. .,, Dec. 17.--A number
of representative negroes In Nordif
Carolina have been interviewed re-
gardln; their attitude toward the move
met for reducing souther rtepreoel
talon in coorree," and without csepo
tion say they are opposed to it abeo
lately. They give numerous roeaoae
for this opinion, and the most thought.
ful among them ind cogent reaons
for the eltmination of the untatell.*
gent vole of their rae, and go as fat
as to say they feel coideoat that It
baa been of value to North Carodlaa
and to the people of both raee

a Cbhk cs, 0C91 lv. V W
This word of late hnas been In eary
one*, mouth, alt many are woalderln
what the Word<-sl"nilkes,' though no on
hnas .tv been found, who will deny that
NWrIIRO'1 HIrPICIDW does the wort.
Well, for the ItfmanlUon ot thousaa of
people who like to know all about a good
thinr. we would say that HERPICIDE1 it Aestroyer or kier or "Herpesn,"
Now "*l.'rortn" o. the family name of a
d'renp re;auebd by various vegetable par-
asues. A sInmfInr ticrobe caure diani
druffr. Ithling nealp, mnld rflllnq hnlr: this
to the mnlrobe that NEWBjIO'8 11tltPI.
'(~DE promptly destroys; aftr which the
hair grows. lolt by leaditla drunrsts.
aend 10r. In stamps for sawple to The
Herpllde Co, Detroit, MrLo.
J. S. kd.ild Ce,.. Nl cat iRamla
-- .--- --

s c siiffII
jk *-' t-~t~l C IW r- M- f -f- P-

Cream Vermifuge
.. .-. i ... ...'so



'"eas ReSt Yla@ v ov
Sallerd4eSnow LnImeat
'T. Leouit. M*O
r Nale by W, *M. Jeobsee.

! 0n #

. . . ... .ii- *r !" 4 i --4i k n = "
There is abundant videlsee reoaetly *Seured Parents' Plta! and Iset li.
Ithat the leaders of public sentiment let Through Man' Heart.
are determined te lake a decided stand C(ovinigon. (a., Dec. 17.-At 9 a. m.
alalnst lymnehilg. Thursday a Mhootutg affray occurred at
Recently. fir the lirt time, a white llardy's rosuroada. In Juplwr roulnty,
maln was lyaned iltn iuth Carolina a short istanroe from the Newt on eounr
anid In hi remarks lhlereonli tjlao ) vt ly iln1', 11 which .ack M.. Parker was
urnor of the Stalt rtnmiilndd l thle p o- illld Ith Jes' e* Iee inlen and Iloywies
ple that lJallenourse could not be Lrlpt hlnil'l, IM eclvol wouilnd from which
within nar now limits, iid lhatl Ilnoh. le rIbNllnmI recover.
log for oulrage would lead to lynichni tl Ai i airked y II' ftll. ie fromw hi fa
fur nsther ,f ,a s, a d the l )i uutlji of tal 'i alt el n f ire iy d I f ih e tr hti.
black men hald lrvtpdy led to .he leSi ,rs l, I rt,4,,II 'lls hlai t(4&liao ; l th
1p,0l4 falwhiti i Whle man. Plet u4 011D0'
account of thlii Iltest lioluh;nI the .lq 1in l',,1aIr, t : .r..! '' ii t1?
frovoeallon of wbhih was the iiurdrtl Jack Plul.'r, apjirjid oni th r '. '*
4.1a Iman wliu had f il a -| te lnId ten inid ;.. Ic ;. l hi~ s fua:lhr' piristol n .o
eliruts. a Law and r4er lesg- e ihas two lbt'i' L; 9le by cf HlIJlg:'I 1ne
teen orgalised iI Aikoen eCtu ui si aid .,nti .;i ~ thLe ;t h1ioulhr aind. she
Il a lpirruh at thie orl la iation of Lhe ulthl r iil o li t ,, i v, li'itrating ttih
league Major Hlamninnd pointed unit hrou l'ill dcl'tal of the tragedy
the prcvalraoe of ,rime in lSouth Oaro. h*at.' ll t )* t Ie hlarni i1. butl froml
linu and tlhe frequwioy o(f hominiide Ihe l'h t ilftr r:patlon oliualnble t.,
due to lsiearrylilgof weapons, whichI i a,!*i if :nucn a.'e' tlrlnkiiil at
It isone of he purilses of the leanne lit I ar)' tn:. havtin jmt returned
tosupprea, i. tr l a lillll t 'r 111 the vicInlty, whelt
Thecommon arology fo r lyrIneiun tiulll ur e .l' -A r i i' t old 1r' i'le
that it s provoked by a crisile for ft l., 1 i.1 tnil r of yearltwl i tl
wbIeh there i. no adequate pualsh. famnl, .,: a nf m l r of )ar, Th' e
reIs no adequatep older P'iarlr 'was o" yVWars ollh, hnd I
ment in law, he dilponi of by Saying larg f i.y anild was a t.t if
thaL "the' uual offense"' wa unknown N ",,. ,.y
before the war, during the war, "slid l,.lIe. i~ y'ars o a ol nd lha a
it was unknown after the war until thel family in Jui'Pr countyl..
politlelans discovered It aid recosrn It i tatul that e rr,.ort will lie
mended ly ahingn a a remedy for It. madei to pr'o* entoe young I'rrker. as
No single oeas has reer occurred in illy he was only lerdtavlr;su to dorfnd ht
aneghlborhood." Only 19 per cent of father.
t.. t1 4 . --



o Sale by'i
For 8a4e by J ': '"":
, , ,' ,,


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"ThAe fpe ionoflr ql a i
a what you pay or wben, yo
know what yo anw i

Title ordImflIly lsvhlewmii

- AlICb U COMU -
Gnf E , '." U' L


.... .... .. ..,.i .a ft.

SeaI Iland Co0toti a"

Manufacturen of i

GAIN, .. "

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TUS ONLY. ..... ..

Surplus a iMUU4*4
. . . J i ,
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i B- -" ^ "^^ ^ ^^^ ^^'i.^'.:II

On the A. C. L dL iA i. L4 .
None Better in tbe S I

In, "" 1-,,I:.. V..:,.. ....,
285 W. Bay fL,J IVu
UlrSnl hmr m'.4siftM

.. ' .' ,'. . ..ii .-, .." . . . .

S I. I I,
"* :

Poetmt SLOoK



e: i A- N
S0 DI D=

E. E. VOTE M0 : .r
AbtraiU of Title ad fullora M S iS,,S .,
eonuty. Our maar ha live LrI a
to thomoughily eaveurtt i
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^^ fl-I^mw 'wr IMF JjqLwL mw
P .i91 i .... .. . p. . ....
-7--q& __ n'

agJ'I - ,, Tb= -! fi [o. _. I ..
rnasm sm O ,. h. L.
amram am v It I furns u 1 Ba -Fl
sIaw ftminnr q II

- -- 1. ;
r_ .nl

LAr rttrn Indlo.ngts o.6
wa. s" stu~rtaw y BU, IkfIj





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A.'.r '
WI.. I..: 4

iIa ~ ) 24'r I. ; ~

L .*1

SWe sell on the installment plan, small cash
LI payments, balance paid weekly or monthlly.
Our line is complete and many articles suit-
ed for Xmas presents are pre-eeminently
displayed at our store. Christmas shopping
is dreaded at its best, the disagreeable part
S' being the crowds, rush and hurry. Avoid
this by making your purchases and selee-
t lions now and have the goods laid asio t or
you, marked to be delivered on the day
N wanted. We store them free of charge
and make the delivery as ordered.
(ps w---^ ------ - - --
Yo ma v niel aw hr Ike- m falMlatltnl aortmeit, entirely different from any
S thlF ever bhowm here.
il- '..i.. . "-1. -_ .-... - t Ii

A. 4

"."~,.>i :. .
" *"' *** *" :;'f.'* ., ^^
" ,. ' *,' i ,
.4 I

I :SmbmllhMWlqum

ota Pattern
SAll wool Pro Brussels
" Ax nlaster
,_ Velvet ad Moquet '"

Handsome all wool Bmyrners
Llnoleune, oil cloths. MatlIng
of heavy and pretty patterns.

low-- A4I

Our warehouse Is full, oar stor I is full-over-bought, that's the condition.
NMus mke room for olshr FraIlnure. Have aIo her oar arriving next week.
We are offlerin them at a big ou price. Atteol thl sale and got a good one

Chairs of


"*"I airs ,.nd
s*i tle toa* m*l Y fre.

.. .r ... *'. o* ** *
.ll IC i. Il I f l C [ I If .4 *1 *I S ..Il r I A 4 I I *
,,* ,
ii * ^ t ***;*' r+** t* * < t* ,> ,,

'A |

ij ;, ..: .* ..- *, -/...., ..
- ." '. .
" ,: I '' ''



..L ,..
,II. "



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^IHLAH^IHA^^I,. '.(,',}i K "^hji~
1.. . ,
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s '"L' "'. .,"
: .. ~.'
'' ; '" : .. :'. .
t I ,:5'.

fiLJ~a &^ t










Lamps and Pictures

The Night before Xmas
ALd every milt throl houhot the Iver o u should *leep on our Hygiene Felt
Ma.idIt. I~ u oodas an aePseo.*d-verswd maulre. and sosts one-
thrld lees. Beweem a Isleep met rs a ld restful sleep there is a world of dIf-
S fauns. Refreblaig slumber and perfecs re stn saresd if you use the
Hyglew, We bha others. Ask to m them.
3 .*.***,*,*-** **,.,- ..~. 1

Tibbetts, Japanese Stands, Corner Seats,
lMsic Cabinets, Box Seats, Willow Goods.
Everything Known in Furnishings.




our- u-.-
\ ^

our U-


s. We

. .. Ii1









* " '. ', i '., .. "

I, I -
,4rA ASr C,, '


'Ijt ~ 6
I'. 4
4'~ 47

6i4.4 f9Ai

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; '(b


- o.





Victims of Adventurer.
im tam ir Warned., i
hlrur. IDec. 1I.--Mtuch dim. !,
til!Ii i the ltlllllier which 1W
l RI lan adventurer ha s
several newspapers aborad
stories of Russia having
gWeret leformation about the'
iinadent. |
4gthborittle hre are In nowise
for these reports and ox LT
iafdeace In the test lmony
irll be submitted to the later
Commission In Paris. Tbe
ppoTrw Captain flado's demand
gowlrtmart l l, declaring that ma
Sof tht ijrlitclial Russian wit
h ihouti Igo Lto Paris oxwmplete
,lOitlatr lclarl e that If Japan l
Iful in this war she will col.
naclehurlra and maintain a stand.
y their iam a buffer agalnl It' there in
Igd that if sh raitl., she surely C bt
4 an uprfing in China. I ropriate Chlit
paper. therefore, wants the pr+a We ar t offering
liI the united Staten who are quote you can a
11 Chinese ooImmerce to con haso of Christi
W Well the effect of either alter

SA Behloss Bro. and
Ing Mill Aleo Consumed byl sd A sutl, eela asii
Flames. qu lity ...........
Dee. kI.-A portion of the
was aflewept l t night be- A G 0 0 d Ca
S*a ud 10 o'clock. when flame Suit, heavy
property valued at Ibtween
ad $75,00o. The place de- Cravenette 0
were: c t .Cat.
'V stock yard., o% the railroad .....
jtalteration of Wetw rair street; A splendid Ovw
t l$1B,0o; Insurtance not yet fine quality, I
a pianiun will. fronting at Boys' Overcoate
West PletrIrh street and nie-
,ak to the railroad yards; los
d t about $40,oo; believed Your patronage
the horts and nmules n Saw.
lekyardn e were turnr-dl Imoe to t
4lm1 from iling lurndrl. to death. M
afterward 300 horses and M
etre turned into the street i
.. otbIhs f Iarper eith Outfitter to Par
k"Ralurdaie It 1w ald that at
.0 ho ead of ttuttik" %ee thus het tiuhi 11iE

'me S chwhter determined to A sharp earthquake shic
R Sm hwecter Dtermnd to t an FrPanclco yesterday.
End Her Life. was d
was don," .
h. Ga., Dec. 1G.-The woman B adi nral Samuel
who shot herself last night side, retired, who bad ol
Water' edge on the Casino Saniago during the Spanhtl
at Thunderbolt In an attempt suddenly in Washlngton to
it suicide. was Miss Irma su
.r a Jewess, who is now at Coun#t Tollstot haM op
view sanatarlum, where she stores at MoshcoW antl t.
t every opportunIty, to and is offering to provide
iher work by tearing away brarlen wllh books at cheal
|lages from the wound so that ADD NEWS ...... ....
Qy bleed to death, Normal McCall. a noted ,
IUts are on watch conqtanily the Athenaeum, died In la
It such an attempt proviluK of heart disease. He wi
I. I ,:.
B woman, who rani here soUmr The Searmen's convention
'B iao front New York, and L-d a drthnmalking )hlslne',.. \ ended. It was decided t
he r farni, termlnaltin to nit next convention at Clevelh
f lle. December., 1904.
-.- II. Ii. Hollins A Co., of
Revolution imminent. announce thai they hav4
,,Ln sigf n of approaching revolt their option on the Cinclnr
8ll0lons trouble in jour system is ton and Dayton road al ha'

aa, sleeplesans, or stomach control of that cannal)a y.
Electric Bitters will quickly Kin Edward has. ace
ter the troublesome aoases. Ita dipatch from Milan, Jus
taib to tone the stomach. refilu. o ftheg
nthe kideves and bowels, stimu. thi *onk- of the gr S
the liver and clarify the blood. i-in:atiery a magtnitleent
down systems benefit par- to, p e-icr 4,n4e giin them
I and all the usual attending Virter... halt a cent trv ag
"lsiah under its searching and
t effeotivenews. Electric Bt il-
s only Ws, and that is returned If Be Quick.
tlre perfeet eatllfaction. (Iuar. Not a minute should be lo
lb all drufliatO.
ellhild shows symptoms
Patti Ctlres Public Career. Chamberlain's Cough Ken
I, Peter.ri,- I| e M me. 7 Ad. as soon as the child become
Ba Patti KgtVti, w ieo i it lai t utgiit
!thel itiilt 1101 o even after the croupy cough
'itle b( ttertr ii | th ll<-' <'ln --_ So.l- ,..
t tLe affair IntinlK IrIr $:l;...o will prevent the attack.
a we afIl ,o fabim, pri fails, and is pleasant and sa
WWrV millti a' filabis prices*
.PrTor Nichol. nmeltl.lri of the In- For sale by all drugginlt
Istl flnml) aind all IahE. wUaltth anrl
Of of the Russian n capital were pri*". M3n C!.ims S3 ffDef
It Mi e. Patti received a wonder Il:Ttt.rX AI TI'4 i
SOvatIr n, antd announced that thin n.i in a tas I,', i P st,'tt
1 ISl final faterwll to, the concert freight iP 'tpot htr r r*pp(
. it`'ln" g vhat a.s hri flrnt isucciss i''in-n frolm the tiitn ilihr
It BchI v '.! In H 1'e( rl,4 burg. it wa killl t: l ar-hal (ClaI( lae V
tia h tha' ~l.e sihild close her pub. Thursday. Th, notlti r-tat
C elt LT r ot ahot in Nelf-defense and
badly wounded ansd rannot
I3rliand Raids In Tangler. It further nays if he Io iguar
tWaIer. Morocro. Dec. 17,-Raltul- tection, be will surrender.
L.te otaourous britand chtrf who committed no crime was
Fj Ion Perdicarlc, an American to Alabama and was dolnt
iand hbl stepson. Cromwell Var- Offecers will follow this cl,
_British sulject. in May last. -

rreweir~E~mam~mr~ I

Qeruer OGrov eaS Cwesisnes
Phme i i IIN
GAlmMt 1,. .PA.
oulCIR mAnW. CAEM aa
neaa 3vrm Or.






Elegane and Economy in

Christmas Furni

over a time when oewh ne wan. the liht kind of gguds for top-
w:as selections, and at the right pric.s. it is at this Feason.
a complete stock of desirable n='essities. At the prices we
ifford to give yourself a present und save money in the pur.
mas gifts.

Christmas Suggestions.
Tai'lor- to $) A Bo' Suits, a fine electionn of
..t best up-to-date materials, $1.50 to

igh$ to $10

ve: $10 to $18

ercoat, 52-inch 1
$7.50 to....... 1
s......$3.50 to 67.50


Men's Sweaters, Boy' Sweaters, all
A Howard Hat 3. All the latos
styles and shape.
Floreheim Shoes, Heywood thou,
Monarch hilrts, Fine Tie, Sttik
Pins, Men's Jewelry, Etc.

requested and appreciated.


ticular People.

-II aa -IR

ek was felt
No dam-

I MI. White.
amanded at
h war, died
ened book
village 11.
p prices.
F... g* . .
educator ol
ndon today
as born In

which bas
t1 days hba
o hold thmi
and, O. In

New York.
0 exerclaed
atl. HamU.
ve acquired

cording to;
t presented
It. Bernard
new piano
by Queen'

at when a
of croup.
iedy given
s hoarse. or
h appears,
It never
fe to take.

Iur 1 ,- 1I

r lint Hi!'
Viloti la-
1ts tlhat h '
that he If
gIt away.
ranteed pro.
as he hal
on his way
i no harm.


Cash Grocep] Co

Buy for Cub With Discount.

We Sell the Sm Way.

Can save you money on
A L L your purchases-
whether large or small.


Oran ge m eled dally fwm ear *wn
greve. $1. I per x or 1e perdeoms.

J. R. eMERSON, Na!wer.

One Cent a Word.
Adveraemewn. of tea words or mor salder
tabs he4 Imsrted for one CGent a Wor. OaM
4a advaase, eah lsortion.
Please sawer advertisement as auddreomad
Ia th save t semest.
The ooesence of all pero InnerUniir so
oie. miged withl intlalt will be rewspeMtd.
Thler mammr wil not e livem to lnqutres.

'IRK'ULARt qi tril smni*ler dlitritilorm wanted
everywhere ,ot ,ansbSInl. filod pay.
4'oo00 rative Ad rto New York

WANTKl--tei1rmn*lIle niun to manage an of-
die arndlditrittinlli defiu for larte nnltu-
raetuorlug coneeir. SalarS tli etwr arnum
anl Ctomeisito.l Apprilet muint have
rood referlpneri indim lti. ('ai4tal Seeure.
Addrewu Surt HWe S Ifth St.. ChlrUao.
WANI'KI'I -Men t learn bkrtwr traue. ubhort-
ett and mokt thoroiahtom method. *|rmltloel ex-
slerieIwce. c frrlful It rlnUl ou. little expenms.
htarl ubd tiwil provided. trome now and
lto|mldetg durtlw I'i-l weapon C atalol)trn
free. loler Ilmlrtr Collree. Nee ( ITLa

The Florida




A IT ssne
*,, .
*' ','." "i







* 1I

I. r
.. ,

' ":% ;
.... '. *. j. '



$. j ,''P
i '- i
* :." ,i
* *'*..
' '**: *I.J - >.*;
., .. S... ; '
>i I" j

IDWnlM be AU PoU 4X6 OW*!
kikerste D Fames c Clv. ^


I I I B i ..

oL i


*fur mHa)


Ammunition and [Guns.

A varied election of Osrver, Triple
latedd and Solid Silver Plnes.

Largeost Sellers In Florida of
ierls &L Woven Win Feace

Chatfanooga Plows
The I'rlt Ininner at the t t ILouIs Exlt m lo o

Baird Hardware Co.,

Fruit and Truck Grower Christmas and New Year Holiday Rat
A .. -A . L-- 9 -h A

mga ggt

e As' .rn ,r
S.Mass .a

i. rw JrllS'. !/I :

310. 3AUfTi W BUkoi. .
p_ Usilar a. e .
I.. Kansas* I

"r rnr'' ~ -*' fq ir'' W"


,* ,, i**, &


I. T. UCUAfIm Pa

sflnges a
S" n" .
^ ^ __ ^ _d

- --;_r_-_- - -- -. -- ~ _~__~


_ ___

~_ __ __


_ .. ._..1 ___

- -- --- -- -------~-~


1I P


*, 'i

-~:-*nlrr ~

" '


I P -


?' t C.rr-~

/ '

appoeit ti

tI I- Til

*,; ', ', K ,

S ', '


hr. erm OI matIMrt Oath

^":. '



bsMPPleeadSnd What to OGinfg
U WON i TOM in Short Paragraphs
m ThI "Hao Who Nuns May nadf'P
SThe Sun.
idI Cashmu n A 11l
our top at New York Racket.
g a In great variety at

aeoUeo for sale in East Gaines.
SDr. Lartligue.
so Wonderful Salve for sal
-W. MeOollusn & Co.
twns, all klds. all prices. A full
itoelest from. Marcos Endel,
Iels a ood rioe-100 !he. i selek-
S per sa k. New York Raoket.
Hathell of Hibh Springs was
hb violitors to this ei'tl yeter*r
Cs-Do's fowrel to e-ours free
ao le rasbepohn. mowe 1ael-
aI tWh habi. Come to Butrhla's
i* *n bth rebo, Juas e*
8. COkae has reormed from a
trip to points on the East

.50 per thousand for ood
Co .eypuess shiml Thees
l piIuLa e Camp of Ocala. well known
jgHiseity.wae9 registered at the Brown
rb e s erday.
j000 Wpoonds tirntlas candy at 10
o j06s s per pound for Xmas.
W eepy Hollow mkers I n
1 PY Jleather. ( aiuesvllle
idrtlroe CoMdpany.
W W e a showing a bandeome line of
Stis aend hoeiery for Christmas se.
i e". Marous Endel.

. .t* . ,",- -- ", I vp "

Wrtefru ,me ,,,:,

haNse wlb teA ms i i n,
Toy wagons, dolls, errdw a4d all
kinds of lors, at Now York'rakae.
Thirty barrels staked lime fory n-i
itary purpose %ill be sold sheap. Now
York aRJke(.
rus r alu Monday and
Special Tuesday. (alaesvrlle
Furniture Company.
Wright's Health Underwear, eom-
forstble, durable and moderate ia
price. Marous Endel.
Thou, E. (iAen of Jacksonville is la
she oity. Mr. Owens' friends here are
always glad to seo him.
Saee the beautiful Prairie irass
rockers and eonohes. I iasas*-
vi lu Oompny..
RalliaJils the late bours aeoOuns
holiday reason the Coutlnental Oafo
will keep open until 2 a. m. or later.
mI n4 A In e"rlond lola, Wbe s.s
LmI llt oa ulomB on a ll build-
ers* material. The S. Thomla Co.
J. J. Hayman of l.oehlooa, Burrell
Wiliins of H taue eand Chse. Wynn of
Jonesvill0 w.@re among tha rviilors to
thie city yesterday.
Dining table- alao liner-
Dlnin. ei.ved-the round and
equtre kind I all ql'artered oak. The
8. J. Thomas Co's.
Bermad Oarpeater, smo of Rev. W.
J. Carpe ter, who bha been quite ill
for a few days. I aewr iprovlalg and
will ao be up plan.
Our labor emr ant es possible lo
from advasees to empleas; Aftly t
Iee at tSsM emetseebN P paer ba&.
drid. eash with order. ft.
taveA a dad reases. A loa
SaWs premnatfor hriatams.
0(@t oae of our 8uoerbM amd he atis-
fled. Thi J. Tioas Co.
If ou want a aloe Oehriesms tie,
heaadkeerebf or pair of saeks, or fd*
win Clapp & 8ona ftine hos for eats,
ait $eL bIabit and Som to Burkhiims.
After a pleasant visit to Mr. and
Mrs. J. E Walnwrlbgh la Ibtll lilt
Mrs. R. H. Donnelly aid little daOl'b.
ter of High Bprlnrs returned to their
home yesterday.
When you want a pleasnt purgatire
try Chamberlain' Stomach and Liver
Tablets. They ar eaey to take and
produce no anousea, griping or other

loo out nor spring osts dsareebl efflt. For Sale by all
R u n|A at 765 eeat per d ruflsts.
4 e1. The S. J Thomu Co. We want 1,00000 pounds of erap
iLaies'ealling cards printed In latest Iiros. 6,000 pounds of erap brau. Will
soleas 811 pey the hiahat rios. Bein- us asou
I e at Sun office. Orders for engra- lra p iron aId .. Oianlslle
:lll oreeuted on short notice. if. Foundry and Machine Works, Galnos.
S After pleasant visit to Mrs. W. E. vl6le, FIa. dim
ip n tihis city, Miss Agnes Rogers The altizens should greet rIt. Buno
4p1 i''N returned to 1her home in Jackson. dick with a large audience on Decem.
ille. ber 25. He comes highly recommended
SL'. D. Hathaway of Fort White wes by Bishop Hoe of Tenaesee, Belle
I bthe city yesterday on business on. of MtissulIppl. Iev T E. Ostesr f St.
Mi led with the United States land Augustine and many others.
A 1 I a I (opnDingl of the store
I, K. Rosbornugh of Win$.or. rep- I o the Frmlll 'nlla
e MetinU he Connolidaterd (irooery Furniture Company will be held Wed-
r~lienll Ihe t, -nede (, r .essay afternoon, leember N. from
Ospaptny of Jacksonville, was in the 2 to 5 o'clock. The ladies are espeal
I ty yesterday. ly invited to attend.
SJla. F. Taylor of Tampn, the clever lMr. and Mrs. H. 11. lMeCrary wont
Sttaveling passenger agent of the Sea- yesterday to Lochloosa, where they
Board Air Line, was at the Brown were summoned on account of the
S seou yesterday. serious Illness of Mrs. William Rich.
KlAasi household article free ardson, a eltter.ln-law of Mr. Me-
t W' O IU Ito every housekeeper. Creary. It is to be hoped they found
fi r Pricul rs call on tho (Iainesville the eundition of the patient improved.
rtra C ued-Fi nmy place fire miles
or Sale-New Wheeler & Wilson rom Alabur, two pointer doei-oe.
Swin machine, f. b. fetory or white female with brown ears, answer.
le"vllln. Apply at this office or 303 meofBes; white pappy, rar-old
u t Liberty etree. dwtf answers name of Jack. Any Informa-
SMil Roberta Purse of Savannah, tion leading to recovery will be re.
Safter a pleasant visit to Captain and walrded by W. A. Hale, Alaehua, Fla.
SMrs. J. N. Strobhar in this city, re- After a pleasant visit to friends In
turned to her home yesterday. I arie and Savannah, Ga., and Jack.
Mrs. M. A. Mills of New York has so"ville, Miss Gertrude M. Oushman
Arrived in the city, and for the winter has returned to her home in this city.
Swill be the gtient of her niece. Mrs. W. The numerous friends of thei young
Stkers East L er trt. lady were delighted to welcome her
again, and several met her at the st-
Mis Edilh Baird, the effleient prin- tion upon her arrrial here.
S*lpal of the Rocky Point schwli. is
pending a day or two with her parens.A T
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Itaird. in this city. READ
S special for Monda -Priestley'sra Mobile, Ala., Doe. 24. i0.
S lenttes at $10 OS i ia for spot cash Dr. E W. Hall, St. Louis, .lo.--easr
"f G, ot the habit on alid comel. to
A' Rurkhim'. for the abovo. i ell'e nIw Sir: Having tried different doctors
Sbellding. and their remedies for several year
SMUise kr Hate of iis. fi lor back and kidney troubles, I found
S Msen Mary Hague of lines. Almna nothing sueeessful until takin t The
!O)teen of liHtgue and Oabrella Albott Texas Wonder. Hall's ( great Diseov.
of Lochloosa. a trio of Alachu rconn- ery. and, being rapidly aured, the old
StJ' efficient young teachers favorurd saying with railroad men is, "'iod
S, Oslnesrille with a visit pe trrdny. bless the man who Invented the Pull.
"" eovtille wiha viisyitu trdIy. man IleepinR ear," but I imy. "Ood
S fall to call and rKgiter blless sth inventor of Hall Texas
i at your nam. aid get a Wonder." Younr truly.
Sshane oon that flre drop-head uewingi W. B. ULAm.r,
macrhine to be given away on February 1 x t. It. t. Co.. Mobile. Ala.
S5. Oainesville Furniture Company.
Eulgee oHosetburgerr and sistrr of A TEXAS WONDER.
Tre noma. John Crowni and daughter, ()lie suall bottle of the Texas Won-
rf Miar Kate, NMr (,. A. Porler Rxd MIr. der, liallt' Great Discovery, eures all
nd Mrs. C. W. 3MclInald and .hil. kidney aud bladder troubles, removes
d rea of Rocky Pllint were among the gravel, oure diabetes. seminal emis-
Svitors to this eity yt'stvrday. |sion. weak and lame baekl. rhauma.

laIsre wisl habeJa HIU.,
Atltrney Christopher bllatheon has
returpnd from a professional visit to
W. It, Ilhifer 1.r this rigr. who i tn*-
ga1fd in the naval tlurts btusinessa *~
Abbotl, to spending a lew days here.
B. J. lleekhesp of ('tagprilcj rie of
the most widely k now rssideiit Euf
the Eist End, wae trading in tsie eity

ow Christmas prens. lhe S. J.
omaes O,
Itev, 8. 31. Bell, recently Appointed
to Reddlek, by th n late orlmthlin t Con*
e arence.Is rouding a fewn di with
his sister, Mrs. W. D. Fagami
Carload owki mill." y maker
OdW Chri ttmae. opre u. i d wards'
Boble by 0.rP. "34,'m". d".1.!P
Mrsn. Warrn and sister, Au Aste.
Habehel, of8. M B prin tywernin plnt
ito ly desday. They eame to sounsul
Dr. Adermne in regard to Irw ndenal
hd.a White. MHaue, H. . Baville
of Arredbyad. a. Moi. A. Ts2ker of
RHaell, oad J. O.ld Aplln Hwal of
AiJahs were amopn-. hboe who Ifa
Vow Oslasvlll with a visit yesate.

The (auaeville Foraire Co aM
deire nto the fom l oeln
of their stee oe WedeMdaq, i n.
ber U, fn I to 8 o'eloks. h6oelrin
wll be e Arr d tbewill beuoise.
The pubz", *peeally tbe Isdo o,
vrltad to be p mraat.
MUn, E. H. Maddre of Norfolk, Va.
hm aNeepted a posito a asohier aI
th OCootlamoml Oafe. As seen Is
another erhousa t o popular Prasrt In.
sen4d pStns ga an ightser iedurlon
thebuy euoa. This will be a big
4eonealeae o t bhos keeping late
bore on leouat of the holiday seeo.-.


NHoliday Sal.
Co0otnuu with onabatod Interet.
The Oewnds eaxim to (rong our
mloro flem early meorainge sil las
at night, taklngr advantage of the
reat bargali that ar to b. faoundi
from one end of our mammoth store
to the other.
Tbh people know a good thin
when they ee it and our goods and
prior ep.tak for themselves.

Never before was there
such an opportunity for
shoppers to secure their
holiday oodf. For the
next wek we exp t to
paint the trn RED.

100 sacks, 100 pounds
to sack, gowx white Rice,
a little broken, at $2.75
per sack. Turkey and
rice is mighty good.

2,000 pounds of the
best 10 and 2'(J C'andyin
the United States. The
20c Candy is as good a8
the best.

Just received an iml
Imeir line of Round.
tree's Trunks. ags and
Suit (.a.R-suitabtle_ for
Iholiay gifts.

No master what you need, just
come to the New York lsaoket and
we will suit you. We sell for eash
at aocket prien,.

Remember our srnitur Dl)epart-
: MM 6 I -ftA lt __ __ A I_

Diamonds, Watche; Jedlry, Cst.

wife, *... HO' LI
_- ...= ,

No.* a4 CeaWm Pther h.. ,
No. 264 sigar Howl to mtseh OS00



--AT- Dolls


Jackets I aktu!

S. i..

f orot e.19 0o
Mra.. R1 WI

i w ,,IP


', I' ',0



W. W. Fea le oe oa! f, $t P
caiy yesteuds a ad b Id s
agre ble all, w se 'i r
tie,, ,
T. '. Strinfrilow, r iui
Moment and bthime na st
but now in the wholesale aie ls i-
Jkeekml lls, sI ier a p viu t lI-s I :0

Don't .m. et th, ,euI
W" fne ayll term w. rom Al 1
o'elaoh whe te hadmesne nd
W idhe r of ti lrht. ..... . ... .

In AltehaU s.o0 l1 will hBe .'
Ohoeslate will be sram4, theU w w In i ,
malo, and tke ladle A peaely ii i
viled to attend.
Attenlon is aalld IP the pkha n oft
advertllement of Mrs. J. A. Amnohee,
book, pltomre, faesy ood, Noaseveslt e
toys, Christmas oodsw. et., whkih ap
pears In this iue. M1., Amiu !teei
non0l0s that she I expeetilnS iallf' s
full line of up-tou4at ladles. reP .
made clothiin, which she propoeme to
plae upon the market at lilvng pries, a 1
She is located at a nmlt Let pt.
stree,. in the quarters of the Gala s
vllle ewlniaMachie Compuay." B
Prof. Murrell H. DelAnd, for srea m m
time icher elerk in the offile of Ouan O irJ
Superlutendent of Sbhools Heloway
but now prinelpal of the Acla Hlih
School. is spending a day or two n,
as the guest of his parents. Prof. De*
Land states that the enrollmieni of the U
Alachu school this season has Ireaeed
125, and that the school is In oelleat
condition. some Rood work beinx done, iWbih h he
He is ably saisted by Mirae Ros May the world.
and Luay Newsome.. Tbhe soho) will 1;d W
elowe next Friday for one week boll. inbk
day vacation. flM relals a


* i . i

to heet
Nt iot be

ned sho it
or ee4s thn
plit i ad lI
Rf tbe ultenls
as iollIIs ygo am
write tso I- ea-
we thatot ar ema
New Howi st a, a
*^i -i~i^1 W6 I ^i'-


* ~: ' _ _ _ _

r_ r

; ?

; r
~, ;1

': ~~-~'C~'~' '-~-~~'- T~~~ C~ -I-- r C3T-C .- C1 -*CC

1 1.

'' . ..lfi:'R
'.* "'" 1


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