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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 17, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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though prior to Ithi third nlipe.nio.l
of the hitting. Ihe tIood for 30 mlmnute'
appinelng fno a hearlug, and he was
finally forced to detstIt by .the dealfen
tpg dltn Cauesl by aun uneasilng choiuls
otf '"R*ell"I" from members of the
utnitelt opposition,
Prince Fushlma Io Chicago.
rhiraor. i)he. 1l;t- Prince flisihlnl o
Japan was the lgre l of ActiTng <':'n|il
Kollma dl in.' JI:nese renlsltlr' ,
day. A 'ftr '.ilh 'o the ipril et,'s p.I r.
ty with -\t1At ,nn11 inltiure Prnlm. r !'
char1 s. vlihe'.ldi n IBIm'n thr 'c., o If I'lI
cago. The l;tapanle at the utaith- : '

lbust to Couultdr Bwayne Im,
po walnut mtolution.


A Pavrabale Reprt is Made In *on.
ate on the Iil Admitting Ariona
nged New Sals -e aStatesa in the
UMlee-Othere Ni
Wahilnptoe, D'". 1I-As soon a
the oew n et todl Mr. Olmetead
(Pt.), from the e Wl4Jttee Oe electlom
Mt,. i pra tedld iroltlm on the
#nmal. leUti 0 4, of Gorse D,
l eMa spanst Ja Sd. Bulter, from
th twelfth 4istrIt Misaourt, auklii
rnt the eesaq#t atiseharged ftao
thet i(iim of the ease. Mr.
a hitend mlop g ipi tx .
..i .OfC:tl Ith ih as i he aid bowed
.54 p p 44t5 som t00li0t4
,t0 te law i, wit *poet a the Ima
)h wlh tek s M U W should be ta.
Is W Iq I seveiril i.r way.
'T~H EcT,. o A-, -i. I e
The negtoti flj adopted.
tih poSte 41frtseet baa re.
WIed a ftwt p the 1avstiUatio -
argg mls4 ~ lstant Poetmas.
" i. o.f i#, HCoty, Mo., blt no
iq o bea. hw& *Mbed as to what
U W. .bi t. 4- The ftatiosal
'Mormb Is Sl ul"o aourl Sluires' In
r be ,anid t w~p chalied that the
Wittat lilPt wash fponsble
h rtMI puhibtoadileB whti c charges

tBg to the demand of the house yester.

The ate 'eWommlittee on territories
today omplted Its work on the Mtate-
hoot bhlt mad authorized a favorable
report as the measure adinitlng Arlts,
a a' NMw Mexlro as one state and
04kfiasi .and Indian Territory as an
other state,
'Oo~aslulae er of Penlioni Eigene
F. War today rellhnqithhed his official
dttel here. Deputy Commktiloner
J.. L. Datenport. avats i charge of the
penalon bureau and will remain In that
O1tO pend!. a the appolntment of a
mtcersr to Ait Ware.
Bide wer opened at the navy depart.
Wmet today for the caemtnrctlon of the
battleship New Ilamihpshlre and the ar
moeid celsors Nd .rth Canolina and
lMouItaa. The Towest bidder on the
two ships was the Newport News thtp-
building and Dry tlchk crpmpany.
Which offered (i complete tlhe two
eruimn Is 36 i onths at $3.,i75.00
Wl.h, or one cruiser and the battleship
IS 39 months at $3;,t8W00.

The Lewrr House of Hungary Pearla
aent Again in Uproar.
Budapest. Dec. 16.-The parliament
traces have been Ishort lived. The *e.
PolI of the lower house of Hungary
parliament today witCuesed a rpettl-
tion of the tur'blletewe which ha
marked moat of the recent alttl~th,.
Members of the opposition emphat.
Ically declined to recoluite the new
nlleA of proseditre and greeted I'Pr
iler Tlnrxa' aItltemiuts to speak with
such a pttorm of invective pand oIh~rl
noisay Interruptions that Ihe sittinp
hail. to be nspesnitd*d repeatedly,
Premier .'i4)'e to ipeark, hat a;

Mlll, i N"',It u fmr

*bse. 1sooter

hamVIF _1 stitW b t b oe
,D'o' 1 ," e "" ,t, r. ".b

s' OrN a' l.. 1 .t

I4 k iarty t e one ptlon
.t today. Tobe, are u8
w h, it e p bedr herT.
Wll dl for tsd uer eeotrol o
S$ Stttoal aitraherlo. Ther


o a n llpam ha'd sawldled two
M44t "i G d boatom bond deal
ia m h oam at of sert0ei
IUD. tbouumada of dellam
.t'i Tare Boston oCer
A fl go liaat September the main
i't u aS*g foIwr the rale of real
M. t LymI. LYm.. -le carried on
IM;.U~ l e uibtul andl appeared to
e Wpe.. o. Sooen afterward h
-, am. pJl ad o rltdliedl
Bb. m ore F thas 9.0,00;. cer
"UItiA *eks wNre tendereel ln ,pay
'iiti utf ter the buyer dlappeared
It 1O 0al tOat the certiflatlon to
th, stab wan a fortery.
Ta* diiae. 1 Lynn was closed mean'
ie tad, oam e trhae of th t psedo real
Wetaso broker could be found.

Notad S6uthaerer Oead.
Naihvllle, Tents.. tir. l6.--Robert B.
nertrend Is duiad near (allatln, Tenn..
Iged 10. lie wag the son of Josrepi
Bri-traad, alid to have boe the broth..


Love Affair Said To Have Been th:
Cause of His Act.
New Yerhl. .M.. 16.-Thato tw vtis
tlionl dal;at. of .1. syvito the ui111 iull
atist ru.d,'r. asA t Pa.t a i I i'I,-,-. IA
aS^,er( d lby t iiihe t n atrlll,,r fi le. e i, ,iat'
eithr Ir l a'rc:.dnt ,lt iri.a':8* llt ni i ,
now 414dl1tlil btby 1.b. l tfant' I4 ti,
dratl mi 1 n. calJJ h I'h 'r;Ao ili .in~ji
accurtling t( thx c;r*-tiainlrm. On-w
Wit of i love affair whiv, .114t
to end in hlr arrest. a ind 1 ii a rti.
"< tlhaS with the furl kI Ce ?t e alii
appr)va.t of. o nof ir Itdi'r iof i t;9 *, (.0l
corned. SyVetnil shE I hn : in t il
hisl irutly. but ih a bhath rt'..I
There waS a rharvoai heater lrel'r
which he liiltedt, alltowit l I i.' ,.ri
ottle acld lUes tI ,k'c^lpr "aIn' lth
iae.a lAI s....-L +

Htavy Lesee Sukatald by Flames In
the Queen City.
Clanclnnatl,. 0., le. '1-A losa oft
bnwtmen S11o,000 and I200,00o wasa u.-
tained early today from a Sre which
started In thei Ohio neat company'v
plait In t'e eastern par tof the city
and spread to an adjolalng building
occrlplrl4 by lie R tanrery and a dwellinM house, all three
belii destroyed.
The people In llie dwelling had am.
pie warning so that none were serl-
ously Injured. Other residences were
seorehld by the flames.
Irranh Westercamp, a bystander,
was badly injured by lying brick wthe
the walls of the Ohio Beat company
plant fell. Because of the Inflamma
hble nature of the contents of the two
buildtags It was Imposslble to do more
thea prevent the spread of the Basaes
Fbllowina closely on the two Ares of
Tuesday night and coming before the
lrerpe b ad.Atlabed work on the 8,.-
00 fro In tbhe Mamolith carbon paint
ftrtory. men th mn n he department
were nearly exhausted, the intense
4old maliJna their work particularly


.Itluones f Jackson, MicL., Lesara by
Acts of Sharper.
KnoXville, TenRt., iDeo. iG,-lufurma.
tion has reached thlh city that a manM
giving his name of Philip lcintyre, re
gently obtained a stim of money in
Jackson, Mlis,, uoxm presentation of a
letter whlch proves to be a forgery.
The better was wrItten upon station,
cry of the supreme (court of Tentnessee
Knoivlle chambers, and bore an ex.
eellent lae simill of the signature ol
Chief Justcle D. W. Heard, of Memphlnim
The letter of endorsement and Intro,
duction iof iMcntyre. wuas prerented
tol Mrc lnh tirs rn, a prominent clti
sen of Jackson, 'Misw.. who, acting on
It, Identtlcld ,Mcinlyr at the bank, and
Qntldtalei what was culamted to be a
draft on the LaFollerie, Tenn., staty
bank, enauliing blist t1 securely counlidl'r
able n!niley. Th' draft prs',ented ty
Meint.~ 1 ;:I s'( 4 to be w;rt.l4Isi' anla
in; est I:: .~I!n by Air. (ren it has l':-I
led to iilu ulN c nr) ot fort-'ry.
rveiral ]I;uontht. ago nulllrol -
cbheel.l came to hanks in this0 elt.
ARgno.l "th':tjit Melnt re,' nntid aI.,
drawn tr a 4l haul tir, l.tIFlltttr
IThey Iroved alnsor to be IhreerS*.


Southern Publithers Want to Parfect
Telegraphic tSrvice.
Atlanta. Dec. t16.-The Southcer
Prnss Aw Ritmaitlr>n wan organized and
oficcers elected at a nit'ftin.g of r'lpr.
sellatrvle of a nttlmber of the w~lt
knmtn soInthrrWn nftHLrns&oIn paperrs. hi"!
at the Piedmont lio)tel WVedltelday.
The purpose of the organization b.
to perfect a telegraphilc nwn Fervir.,.
and comnnitt'ens were a*lpoilnfi'd an;l
thi prolwr stepit takell to Carry 0u11 tht
pItrII Mn '.. et' the uinsni'catl..
The ofilcers elected at the nmoetrint
President, Crhwr'cl l).nltei, of The At-
lant. NewS.
Vice pr ,ant,. E. I|. -olmoes. ol
Memphis N.ewe.
Secretary J. J. Smith. Illrringhai n
Trteatrer, ItR. A. Ius.Mll, Jack
sonvtlle 1Mctr iUili.,

prlie.*. So far Inot a farlt'r bih
found who di*oe not favor the
ested pian. T'ihe atlll tice', thecot
grow' r* colnvenlol antll one if other
soclatIon of lafiitrs will r it"te
forces In this htS potl)ttil wor'. lOd
ti0e by the farniersi iin esiery %c
growing c vouny to Ib* mn I anl at
court honNll.e iext atkurrlri. lbe i
fxed for tl-h11 rinolngs whlb. 11
understand ) hre. arm, to hi'
froml Vitgiiira t 'I Xa. s tid t o ,
the Mlisbi ip) l ali'. n
It Is noticed e r- t th. t a 'lla
farmers are holding.

Protection for Oodge.
T;al~ve tin. T*., 1k I ; A .suPI
n3i t Di .1 injav tflri Ni;: i- nit todE a
hy Intlml \W :;I- Thlsi-,n and i
dress q.t, 1 c al' j ,iii, ulie r' r tt l
h nm1 It.) rt.I iln i, ies It New Yri, 4 or 1 vy ,ne frm fo
1'1 rmonim liti: h rl' I I1 "f*
Te'as prior- to tll Ii '; 'of riha.



.F . :: i.

", i'f '

: 7 .,, ; "; : -'.




School Children and Team.a
Throwni Into Rivei.


Many Parente Fear Their Littsl
Are Drowned-Men in BoSt Ai
Fishing for Bodies-A Numlbr
Been Rescued Alive.
Charleston, W. Va., Dec. tI.-
sualpen.ion bridge connecting irtt
West Charleston, fell through t
preciplitatng slx leamn and a Imai
of school children estimated valt
from a duxen to thirty into t h
covered waters some 50 feet
The fllowiun were re ncued
an hour:
Zellsa BmiU, S years old, arm
an and internal Injuries.
LJAlle Cavudellar, aled 16. brula
Loulse McWhorter, and Hlel a
dollar went down but t o out
selves on the Ice.
Ira Wood, a driver.
William Holmes, a driver, both
ly bruised,i
George Woodall, driver.
Henry Plelder, fatally iujured,
the dead body of Mamie lllgiba
aged 8.
Of 13 horses, but one escaped.
Ray Ilunmphroys in miln ing .
GOrat crowds have collected mo
banks of the river., ad immense
antxiont crowds linht the river, au
people on the VWest 8ide are em
in Charleston.
HBut one htrand of cable, real. .
The brldgte turneitd turtle as it
down, and the flror in lyinl aml
Ice floes a little bet'ow the place
Meln In loatS are flahing In t0
of walker for bolies.
The brhid e had beien In a 4dang
coliti on for a lcong IItl ,i
The Imdy of Ray Ilnmphreys,
I-yetars, wam recovered. Gordon
and Tom .1tchie, drtlv,'r?. went d
with Iliht bridge hIlt m rauight the
of the ice and managed tel reach
In safety.
The bridge floor wa.' rcnlvred
several lchesr or Iee antd .-now.
has hlrn consldleresid usuafei ror kf
lonad foIr several monlhsi. iaml o0
Labor day the ollft"er.- wo nd ot
low the IIH:t Is in t ha piraule' lo
the brilde on nirme4nt of Hit ps upI
unsafec (cnditin 1|
h;Ciglitor T"lIhmas .Ieffrie's has t
ranlllgK d Ior a ,\it'rniiliit t dllivr to@ l
in the art.ur .h o the Il,' rf the .
river for blndli _
Th J'pauln .'f the l lhIK'' which
wan alittil 860 feet lol n. a.,
The blrlidge wa.s built n I8f2. 3


North Carolina Farmers Will Met
Discuss Cotton.
Raleigh, N. C.., ic. I;. -L,[qterf
pouring in here to tlhe promoters
the plan for united uctioau on the
of the cotton nroa 'rs to ma


~r, flU~T r," ';~

tIr II iW I M I dll

i s.'1 O
.ki ... .

000K U10,


SI &ST I 0!

R, & 6. GL00S IEI,

R: oom go,

r .






Comr to The Big Store

niagr aB r ofg nik ooLe rAu oY f I


Ms. we e NAosy and Touday after. i D il Intermediate Points* Pail
ige tp Mrs, EH. King.
e I seti he Lade' Lit -- 2O pm Palaska, Daytona. Jacksonville. l ip '
*th Msty tor th e LAMdies Li- Dail ____North, teaand West Pail
stel t lety for the season will Ammunition and Guns. D-t, Non E. u. War ,
bIM -e Desmber Ils at 2 p.. adm. 1 .:lbam High pring, Waycro. Savannah. Brunswick, 315 PI
MlL. W.A. Voelbeeh's paper is eat- Daily Albany. Atlanta. all Points North, East Wel Daily
ile "~TeFreedeotf Life." A varied ueleltion of Carvers, Triple
8:15 pm M:M so
A !rieWn in Need. Plated and Solid Silver Piee. Dail KRohelle. Micanupy and Citra pDi'
Do you know of anyone suffering -
with OMasmp4ioc? The. tell them Largest Sellers in Florida ofi as:.,, 7 p:iP
wiltheo delay that Dr. Uolhe'ee's e ... Dail Higlih Spring *ualW1
Ger;ma Syrup will aure them-and A i a nin im n e z.M.on ay SDd
son will be a Mriend in %d4. Oerman IIIwod l ,
.Syrp it a reliable speciGe for h ourI Interhanangble l Mileage Tiekets, good over 1.OOO miles of among the Pl
of soa umtionau. It hae bleen making l AL elps raiwyl oin the SouthernM Sttes, are on sale by the principal SPnP
oftOmsumPiosa. It has been osakine aLr..0...-1t--v.-- -m-n-* --- a

S''" ;

I AI I ,. Ni Ins a |V a~& AMm-- ---l -- a -w ew e Q ILu

a pp. v' ..OUR OFFERINGS..
, Fir.e lDry (huio have attraote(d uteitial alteition. A number
ba ve remarked, "How ean UasiivJlille support a stock o( ttielI
SroportItiI?" The rrauo i tiha we give ihe IWlt valtlres
Itn esd Is U our wolsit i Ifs gla sses iI onasistn with honorable mnerchandisiing.
$134204aEtat S Ianerm that th ;hey reve toam
m b e r ey stui I pI rle- tlyl Ill 0 1 69 | -the
l s iiih ai *d lfilur, thus pr l .r.i.u
Ithe ey- e. pl s exomthu Thn Pey 4prl1te@ Our Efforts
d.,.r-,ee no do a.' ,, lid to 1,0 And our Ibusiness contliues to grow. Our took, comprisingthe
fU .U- a lP Uhlel, W as m lthod o latest cr*ions In Dres QGoods. Novelties. Rupr, Art lkluarr ,
nrse sing oter of1l fit 4toa. lMany Trunks. Era.,. o now ready for your inspection.
geasm 9of bedeckmsq rmraigi, u --ere J-ous---- o I
eotrlter ahlt lh obild"W0 o|ead to. 0 S
s016 ofu bif o wr byesdue or Shoe Satisfaction
ear lor. re NoseW to srlow S ularity of he For Men, Womenn and,Childrea ean be had by wearing any of our
m alufofg media of *e eIte, ald as *siebraed lines If tyou want the beet value in Shoes ever
.U* ss opwps ho appijie li | offered In Oainesville, don't fail o see our line.
e the proUper W1 1Winey 1per geas
oft-p oeoer ue w r ofr e.e as
O "la d "ar________# of_ _the0 0 d
,. Is for disan o I
KEMMUeen O ar. man alwl given tol Ie*
.69eI 0 baus, reliMeve undue *
W sesaW o rui ed p early. i
...", n.. p ess oute hv litW 10)o I *
ig ehesa s-- m II. l al -p etl. a I
m"t"". l given to issqulit hlatl
U .la00 s be.tweeIs ef,,,do of "THE BIG STORE."
.h "up IM 0lew rade rapid ad*
vm1s wit4him she loe arsl; Ihe
_Af0 dasa hlsbaa be
M !This opsl-
r *J e ubnu rL.. ..q ywmdenande hi
Sd ee ad ojust.l A tt t
lip fnli-gr e.,r boE m rs aomn he- l
'7ii.Si!!, m ii /lEoll egib Mir. a _W= ,ew w* s'iahl l ror
t.: :%Ww lMh.- ltiw ~L U h ot We ll 61v, com.-I I1 wtay ot LIBERALITY or POLICY CO TIA.UTS
F6'st a__o eas to bi lepJe bul condeere.on PROMPT PAYIIENT or LOSSES.
Ohmelde taktra ikn o*.
5 1i 2 i lr of 5SotBl2. nor We covor these important points rand repctfuilly
fbtkl am DateM :pt""ed IhobaU the I *olicit a harer of your business.
S.aa a .t thl. Ithonlde ae 1 me
6S#R madeof thato te Fire, Life, Accident and healh IsUna.
seaer hleow directly through the *n.
ses. btse amisely fisted to the far
je wusuOss. ms aswemmenMt as well as a **. Agents for the---

r Par# *r#.*"^ .' l dewnt,. a your chi. f Victor Safe and Lock Company
ds#t. eyes. Oino nna-r-1 att. 0 J
lleaer~C l -M'lo fuleaospes solicited.
1a WH 1himg a16re pi0. All quations in regard to lthe eyes The "-Victor" is the best safe made, and parties contemplat-
obt leo tmsaJlasleo of of. sherflilly answered. ing Shte prefhafl of safe, or anything in that line,
as bushtes' 17t.6E.Sfauds.t t LB C ultim mud Io froa boa to a bank vault, w l ave money
Sod' bycand laminaoon -ydnsulting us. Gall on or address.
7".hthe, t, 0. W. of tho gae
.of. rtP sM1 wil ble l Qboe honr from 1t am. to 8 p. m.
Orsh Rtw d, a. Pkh.t and Table Cntl r. Information cheerfully furnished. GAINESVILLE. FLORIDA
wheygi.eJ. eckt ad Table CN lesj t ts st%,
e* SSemo lam a H. uselr e Co asa Qa N,
Whftl ro e a ele W.B. PSura rN O'- ---I o-- -t-si
i~~T:'re'. at....i. Take The Atlantic Coast Line

Sbe latd up for spats feor
dl >Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
:. Ur. A. I a, Rtoomr Creek, C.on.,
gly sinatord as the laoffman Time Table in eLect Selt. 1, 1904.
M-- Depart For GAINESIILLE ArriveTFr
CtS peotse In honor of Mr. and -
pC. Geo. Mnse of Brooklya, N. Y.., 8:46pm High $pnngs and Ilter- 1030*3
Wg giwit oet Saturday evealag by f" JDi mediate Point Da
MlW Mr ly. Noaday *veala by 1\2:40pm Oeala. LeesburE and Tamna. and o:40pm


~klrrr~prmrcrrcrrrcrrrr~Bcrrrmrrzrc*rr ~

_ __


r'~ i'9~


-,, .. II,,

gards printed In I
Orders for *t
short not lc. tf.
da111 stve' pousihil
tol *ellployI ; lflt
ipnst seachh $2 per
ord r.Lr t.
of Micolmnpy, a i
of Osteeli lii,
.o naval Mlore"l.
inMlo in lhid city

higiuh of Tacoma, II
Judson anid Mr. St
ua were among 1

S100,000 p round i
#I IId of Scrap brass..
il prloe. Ilring io
a.nd brave" tIain,.
Machines Works, (la

Il to her' sister, M r*.
. I h city, Mism6 )l
irday to her hume in
i ypooo lady made r
l her sojourn here
0i@ her leave, but tru
ita an early day.
Ps of Jacksonville,
Mniltent traveling r
the Florida Times-Ul
S i h1e Interes of tha
la certainly a fai
lq maybe said that I
i* buluness it cert

bik. proprietor and man-
Iglyalskl Fruit and Pro
West Union street, ex.
W*oe to the rear of the
mPtry, where a ro)m hba
rllmodelled for his busi.
18i0os without saying,
ilag sluperlor, that this

h eal to the change of
ot Miarous Endel. which
rbein this issue. Mr.
eoie of the oldest and
clothiers and gentle.
s In this aectiou, is of.
barglns for Christmas,
riag goods In this line
to eall and Inspect his
I pr tes will prevail at
lrlag the holidays.
t, the clever traveling
R the International Har-
lne Company who makes
SIn this city. went
|,i High Springs on business
SMr. Warner has jPust
the Eat Coast, and re-
mlltion of the State in excel.
liko. The people are pros.
y is plentiful, and there
air of prosperity there.
Oalsoo. manager of Spring
it Bennianton, was a visi-
ellty yesterday. It will be
that Mr. Callison has
to the farm a earload of
cattle, Anlora goats
ie hogs from a farm in
lon of which was made in
Of Tuesday. He states that
thriving nicely, and seem
tLe hne pasftrage afforded at

J. Carpenter has returned,
OP where he has been in
it the Methodist Confer-
pesople of Gainesville will
have the pleasure and sati.-
Id hearing Mr. Carpenter
i bhaing decided to deliver n
&S1da. He has been assigned
Plrk church. Tampa, one of
. AItrles In the conference.
Ill I l the appointment with
with *ttIafsan l.. *i..... ht i n

-- - C .. ] i i 1 m -

liniment I ever used; have recom-
menided "t to a number of persons; all
express themainelves as being be neflled I
by it. I now walk without crutches:,
atile Io perform a great deal of light
labor on the farm." ? ,!, o*, $.1 ).
Sold by W. MI. Johnson.
8. M. Mlixuon inha returned from
Jacksonville, where he went to attend
the funeral of his sister, Miss lollie
Milaon, the sad death or whom oc-
eurred Tuesday night, and who w a
buried Wednoeday, Rev. Ir. Hobson
of the Firent Bptist Church of Jackson-
wilte offi tltlRn. Deceased leaves three
brothers, 8. M1. Mixton of lhis city, J.
J. Mixon of Williston and Miles lMix
son of lHaltimore, and one sister. Mrn.
R W. imbaulh of Jacksonville, to
whom the sympathy of friends is ex-
tended. Miss Mixeon was formerly a
resident of Gainesville, and had many
friends here who will learn of her
death with regret.

Coughing Spell Caused Death.
"Harry Duckwell, aged 25 years,
cooked to death early yesterday morn. I
ing at his home, in the presence ofl
his wife and child. Ile contracted a!
slight eold a few days angf and paid
but little atleinion to it. Yesterday
he wa. seized with a fit of coughing
which continued for some time. His
wife sent for a phydiean but before he
could arrive, another coughing spell
came on and Duckwell died from suff-
cation -St. Louis Globe Iemocrat,.
Dec. 1. 1001." Ballard's IIorehound
Syrup would have saved him. 25o, 50c
and $1 01). Sold by W. M. Johnson.
Tax NolCe.
Wh hall he at the place on the
dates set opposite for the purpose of
oolleeting and assessing taxes and we
urgently request all property owners
to meet hese appointments, thereby
saving trouble and expense to all par-
ti is concerned :
Iigth Springr-Thursday and Fri-
day, January 5 and .
A achua-Saturday, January 7.
Wtlltford-T-'r4e(day. January 10t.
i Iel-Wf-dne lday and Thursday,
January 11 aridi 12.
DI nnu-ie-Friday. .Imaniry 11:.
\ 'rr. Itln- It iFr(ay, J.1anutry I. I
SNewlrr --M trllay, .lainuary 10.
lie. s(ctL(lly. !
W.\ ).. Dth kw-e, ,.
\Vll,,, V. (' rso .

;,.omau, .n. ere to no,,, I r l
'. i Bids Wanted,
I un Alachua was amongR t te nxt regular inetingK f the
lIotthiseity yestentay. \Ir.
t ilte ihit p. T'r. II. il- il1ard lof Ctunty Cunommissiouirs. to be
OtAtell that Capt. T. If Wil- liel. on T~eoday, JanultrY 3rd. UW,
S other have recently engaged held on T.uesday, Jnuary Jrd, 190B,
'i0t d hivs re onl te arg b ids wdl) le received for hire of county
in& industry on the Forman convi r ensuing year. All bitds
co, victs (,,r entuing year. All1 bides
be iSprins. They have a ho .sou e taled aid addreed to II.
Saexpeet iof. Ig'oen. Clounly C lerk, from whm
.Import a number of Angorll
' Te is no doubt bus that goat aI.y desired information can Ie ob-
Is o1ome one of taned 'he right to reject say and
40I11114 to become one of the 1
PS most profitable industries all bidse i.reservedl.
uMI i ounty, ind those who be- t. Ta Th. i o. n.
will ai. .L.. .. ".. Attest i. C. I voS, Clerk.

w. S. Hailey, P, ). True, Texas,
writes: "My wife has been suffering
Ilve year* with paralysis In her arm,
when I was persuaded to uise Ballard's
insaw Lilniment, which urged iher all
right. I have also used It for old
sore., frost bites and skin erupsions.
It dest the work." 325, 5)a, $1.00.
Sold by W. .. Johnson.

Unusual Experience of Frank Cellon, a
Trucker of Hague Section.
Frank Collon, a progressive trucker
of the league seetion, has an unusual
experience In the matter of frozen
hands. Right here, in the heart of the
tropical belt, where cold is seldom
known, and has never before been
known so revere as to have this efeet,
his hands were frozen to Puch a state
that t was neelsary for him to oon.
sult a physician for relief.
Mr. Cellon conduert a truok farm ati
Hague. In covering his lettuce crop
to protect It from the cold Friday
morning, his hands became so frozen
and still that his ningero turned Llui
and the nail@ peeled off as the skin
from a baked apple.
Mr. Cellon came to the city and eon-
ualted lDr. Hodges, who treated him.
11i suffered a great deal from the ef-
feets of his experience. and it was nee-
essary to bandage the frozen members
for a time.
Considering that die thermometer
was only forty-six Friday morning,
which is thirteen degrees higher than
freezing point, this experience is one
to which is attached- considerable in-
terest to the medical fraternity. There
is no doubt but that the finger of Mr.
Celion were frozen, and tine only at-
trilbiabile reason under the cireum.
stances was a peculiar condition of the
if the Baby is Cutting Teeth
B* siernr and use that old and well-
tried remedy, Mrs. Winslow's Sooth*
ing Syrup. for children teething. It
soothes the child ,oftrens the gums,
allays all pain, acres wind colie and is
the best remedy lor diarrhoea. Twen-
:7-five cent a botle.

Jury Failed to Fhfd Bills.
r(;llll :'ls, 1:a., l[ c.' I.-- No bIl)M
.'i ,rt t'tirnu'ed by ; ** f 'ffA' al irari 1
jury ill tie tt Pl'i '., lach
Plties anl( Jaspw; r it"Lra r. three, well
ilnown L i 1it.4 of \\ ']kl.ttr ciiounty whio
Uwra' lharg'ell w1lili t' lco piracy Ia th4
rest 1t ro the Ijlng:i negro witl-ni. In n al tonlhinie c lant
April. The negro, who was the prin-
rcpal witness f(or thoi government in
a cape involving imemitwrm of thi. famine
ly. was railed from his hoiue antd shol
to death. The jury indicted In a fresh
case Wilitam Collini. an 80-year-old
Merlwethpr county moonwihlner, who
wan acquitted In one case lately.

To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Bromao quinine Tab.
lete. All druggists refund the money
if it fails to eure. E. W. Grove'a sift
nature li on each box. '20.

Air Line Railway

Savannah, Columbia, Camden, SotA

Pines. Raleigh, Richmond, Wih
ington, Baltimore, Phila

delphia. New York. i

Two Elegant Trains Daily. '


Only Line Operating ..
Daily Through Pullman Sleepers from Jacksonville to Noew

For full information and sleeper reaervatioa call O
write A. O. MAcDONELL, L. 0. .:
Ast. General Passenger Agent, PaI fl '

nra bni a is ?. , *.*' r:,Ii'

%-lef t-


IHI of Newbhrrr
ei tO his aloy ye

T im "r "" """ Lt .P T ;.' r '.......... ."" irs .."


WITH A LAMB BACK ? Assated by Prof. Drown He Enjoyed a -- ,Sl

r Kidney Trouble Mlacs You hMlsrable ,Fine Meting in r ow arton.
ster- Il1m t%111 %n 1A M J i 01t "1.- I. .. fne r 'll
1"1 I rs is !m u c t, 1 1.P I 4 t I ;~,,- t It-t ;IIII1 t0! 1! c rii ligii d ,s h1 e#s0
3 ,(TfP ; ca, uII.ork, iA I n s it .1.t(a The ^ Stl Il *.
s I 7 j prt lIICe i, lI 1 *1 I**I' f I l l 0A t r .I I iIjI wasp

1, ,,01,,,,,, lotsi,-,IB M* ,,,-,,"
I.1?t ( .0 1I *]h, i* Ii 1 .Viti 4.have parujyad the
grav- l 1 i1.. :b 1. limu iir fil t.ioiJi m ,>i'ist ii ( C Wie f a Cardul imparts beath pj to d4

hul. I i.i]i.i l .,.,, ,I i' .-yt, r>hi -h chur"e all !h.rurti y eagmaimn tron iglleithy.
1,,, 1.- l,.lr ,,, i:!, 1 ,u 1,- ., ,, ,,, ., ,,,ll (. i,,,.*tln,. ,,i ,,,,.h ("|,. atn.r -t $ ..0b"T'tle Wl ed
't ,"i L L l *i,11,, 1, ,. i. I IiIt. T1- .i be of .li..f f I wi ri a ipplaIsi to ifhm
rr. ,, I Ii..l t' lI: t. > I, ,, i).. r ul t'ii thL' r, ..t! wr urk y.t* ii st1r1inL1111n1 *.Id tLObot ]h"
r.i l ,go t l ,,Iiil1 tu,,11to-, T l .li,, i -r*n n. d wt1,iei nl iit'l i)r. u pt Ig t oo 'I

l" *i ;in itl'i l. ilti "'.i 11sawl. Iti u,,,, , ,, CA mIs
i'v,.:lit' I .t ti t, r, I., di 514, 1P u :. 1 i l 4 U t, llS R : ,. ,ilt e d i'41 W ,rLrk II *trL Sad_. i caI^ s
)t wiiiiiitiimp-tii I'** i" I'*'tfl ,r.* o r roil.e mai h it ii r, ble I! -A u' Qmo
I iry | n t t, i b1111111: IJui,, u. l~~ i,, L rl W in e of Cardal uis w=c.rth I c.ts we ho@9rf

ri.lK- i 'trk Intd in 1 .l.' .. ti .,1i I lh ];owlin t r, t to (C l on. K y
7 41o.11v' | r pl Isk ii 1c tl;1k4 in itrt g i 'l; ;i i r(i o Iu J S;ta gt0 Biur asvyb t or YA e, W ki did
ilha 'inl s irrrag ivti11t 1>.+ l.t m.;,. hv t r r Mill el l t I h io *e :- 1i a. l lW hter-inli ir, tv Oo, m
whihid aS-ll IMIrt( 'a ii pLP ., i b" h e, n th'er I al; 11I h.I ch h urohem bl. te r al nw, MKJI WO.b
ii .It : llr tii~. > itil i h IDt c .. iii i r invit.<. 'r,.4f 1. (, ti r iw is ane. iob sm I IM eal th met
rIp ilm .ttlte 1-t free t1v*,> |,,.k t, 1- ;wilh )r. Str,,i-. ail iv t l itl h l. IndVi1I thB .. '7 .ibl loo.BM1
W ill i r ., SIm (. l.. h t ,, i,,r,,,. r v I V r t a d. ir t i lra d v I '.
toui r t*lou t if0y1 Inv &ikii i .i >rity (IT tu *rI s i Mu df fi dy t i rtga iauag'ti n
vill. i.Ie. \Vlm riti ig tiI > is.tii tilt rif. Brww are mn of :azrkd at?.l- i smte.i.h 8 h g
int. Ji oir soflif ir in this 0!11 ,n-t i t \.\:r ly amd dan i holdl ith' tite ion of a
1 ires toI)r. Killer lrgn Ruti'1iIri( wi h th Ilr wonderfult
J K. V. h jtrAgoli-tn exrpound iK of the Sarlpttlur.. The
.in | t. 1.cTh rl uit-r pe o.le of o wli l iree ar i d C ving-
fII i i't V- llt :t l 4 ltl o NI1* , ,
Live hdllr i' lnmlttles re r oll .r ~slllool toDl are t bey congrctuilate.d Upon "s e.
imany a w l y ai l who a lny niistak lil rett smtTer tle initae, et .l n .. .... "pI
Swa"'im-R"t. Dr. Kilmtr's Swiup t.-Rxl,-oot.-... T- -
lt i" aiil tlhe m.Ircst', llinughamtoi, N. V., oi Cured Paralysis. ( A Im 1 li iiI
rverv IM)ttkl .... .. .. .. '

jiy of
*o paid

01 Int-$1

kI pa-
f hi



L .





e Best Barginsi, for although we have endeavored to provide gifts
oeeds and demands the best things-the most unique
hings-have a habit of going first.

S .,
.. .* : ri',r- : ,,"

i $zjtering
l ' i i. .
'. .:-, L" .)' i",. ;, ,

; 4. 4;" : P.,k4 1.a

Silverware, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Leather

,Fountaln Pens, Fancy China and Vases

Iyor inspection No Dauger of Disappointment in filling your list of
tended if you ill give us an early call.

00- 0 A-. .. ;.-0 .- -- pm"M o-p- 09




I'I1 fl,

W'-toabt. f l-.


SidLe of



. 1.

a. E lyrical Gds
ivna E se Cenr,

. . . . .. ..... . . o-
,n Dl ar -ad anll U* ofr t
VOL -" b de.-

1g p S tW I llll MLL j

I-Mr M llte -

m U aIe, WIuIeLuu5Ll Ut.

it, ila wm -
mag .. .* -
;..'.. Fuerail Directors and
4Pi ss Hn.,i
.;-* Ll'g 11 oensed Emnbalmers
Nmaiemi daeM eas
m millW m,,- m maie,.

SM rl lbt.l o "~l Fm ham, f bber Sbmps Art
a'rI" Vb, s e t e-os a eae w f ..... W a ,l ery. ,u ,,,
Opm eampW
Iw ia bor% 1i1ts in.
Ord$" by Teleph or Telep>era
l Miam. Din INew York. wll rt Terp allenmtlee
s, ^ a lawyerw ail well knows n
oL is4d"ad at lhis home
SNwas a tautive of Mobile, .
: iUe Wi bor l 1842. In b a
,O eleV s a member of the
ml .1t M1 .fo e.t 3ra O

So 4b" @OILb -^- Jacksonville, Florida.
S^hj taw rl OW -0 -01
i A ***- e-So wer wil setk htlp alt
1 WO a w O" otr MON OGRAM

a iatoo*" .H Pit nd 8 Old
Amw aJ -m*r buO.l a", *
e WU--t w. .r .o Wt.t otPour 4 l

SXl70fl#NE Olazins
... DENTIST....

OfMae over Maros FAdler AU work auar-

Offl : Magnolia Hotel. Gainesville,
Al dQmoses uaeoa ululty treated wiLhou
drnlU Comnsltailo and Msainatioa froe.
o Honr: o to Is u m.3t o 4 P. m..or by
apiatarBtL dawn
And Soliitor in Equlty
Real Estate, Coaveyaneing and Gen-
eral Praetee. All business promptly
aitendSd to. Ofkee next door to Sun
ofll. GA IUhn v l.L., FIAlIIIA.

Can sell your ocll property, (im.
proved and unnluprUvd), propluate,
ruokling and f armin lands. dead him
a list of what you offer for sale. 2142n.
OmIlao in Endel Block.
(Beooe0mor toSetltier Atlderma

Over Dptlon A 00s sak.

GalemvT i

Bpeila attleoM to Crown aud rfte work.

]D.. o""o a now

Graduate atIumoe Collere Denta smwry
Ive e taw expedewr e New York Clay.
Crownm.etk work aS1li rit Speltalta
ALL. Worn Ouarmawtml
o te aIn Miller Law ibelhbae.
AIUUSvguLas La.
artiix& n^.

(WILtht Dr. I. ll. Ton).

Otae Ia Miller La w Ktehance.

Prank Ganlner. Prop'r.




,) D

)UDA i
rT ,;

. Florida

Best Imported and IPomeitia Liquors
and Wines in the city.
CO ANowS BnjHtU,: HWok1.
Out-of-town people please make en-
gagements before omniingi to have work
done to avoid delay. "M


Matheshek Pian,

BiSS plaso for tlia ttlrI c allJtmte. ltbIld
sUae later than other., construoted
best materlala. arAl nsO. liti 1ilc
workmlnahipl obtainable.
UCs to dte n eirry
detail nd Un-
Sold by au continuously for
without a single failure, If von
want a piano for a lifetime
service by the

Mathushe ;l T
n~Prtg low I eos SrtCeni wilh o***Slll
Ca" or on ear s erm. seo on Il danr'
ryt We pm fre iat. Write
for priOce TODA Y.

Ludden & Bates


. '... .,

, rl -




,,J . .

--------,,- - -~Oman~


'. ' .

I. ',



Q~~hr Y1I~A ~nlQ11


. _-" -C -' 4

lmese a*s aaslstuIe. na,.
_11 11... .,


It took Christopher Columbus -..
Pnlty dsJA I) arc0M the Atlantic (Idean,
Imt lailt was 4Il )years ago. At the
present moment the fastest hlp hai
oroised in lioe layst, sii hours and,

AY ll' ri ru"'r twenty minutes. Frm iety
S. CARI.IPLE AcilCle dilt.r, tor Is thAn six dayi I ea Inltg j,
rIL.U URT. CitVCl rSAr. but Lewis Nix:;ll, tlit ('rainsp
S---- -- ltichard 11, I'aiiter., thrre nxp.-rt
y~Irga PORTUA ULOCK. 1 builders ri nnt rinu ilsvelntoure. Har
alasil.B, Tl.lsrnoEti I ig re ily to lat fiheil ARt o',Tn 1
- tci'- ...... sonlii ,lj1; {.l* .ill Orftril 1i + 'RB I "* l
Igplc i,ubltwhasd eser) ;ornina es- u t
W,0deivered by eairrier in threoitT., 'l y i will If nfl'.i iiry, mIl ;i r
*alr o rt of thetI'rclted Sta,.po- Irip to l tiid li'd iti 'k tllgatlri ti
r iayer. snl- Om monthly ; It l ,'r, but it. ii N.i,, t n ,e'rainL
; Oi 50 s eo ith fur iss wee'k- ,6 ..m.Ik0VC I. . A . 1

-T I-
aOl'"ll losl )ol.ctluw 16 oenrU I
IItseruion, lud A een e lur eobi slt'

S:d iI
K, t.

N w
''IuI] ~

ti.1 r-l',yr ig tit L t:h 4vt r 'il l 'I '-in
t"or. -'l' 1 ill th wi ttr 0T1 m i0 1,
luj- V on ii:,t v ui lli I I
I.? J A V 11 1 & F p p I I I

SdvertIr made nownl r pt turtiultr irjotieable dt re
S_ _i_.... that hi r stnaiktSntR will b.- *iz
il-al Week Sun tI an e tvit-lile'. I1 In (tibir.
paper, published tery M -.-......
g Thr&y, rtnd coutalnm al the More t)'an 8*pa students wo>rl tIhvIr
the wsk. l1, *l. mists and g nII
e week. iloca, t frate, ao n way through Columbia L Uivtersiy laft
W0 be m killed, Im.iag froe, to any
.41itd4 Sltti or Cmanada furll.00 year, earliti ig VlriiIu wys 7t,-.
| advance "21 17, &a'eorditiig lo a rep)rt of t i- 'se<-
due afretary of ithe comnilitte oni muii)y.
l i'ar~nmile t ktit for itudeunt. The ways h in h;.*It
S gOr verdI eams al*" other lr I Ie
tireatr. Parties ots known to ltident raerln mon(lll' are aI various i
i "tlllld po pfv for advertnl nr In d- their abilities. I'li.e rightly-l l oe ea-
srei. THE DAIIY SUN. pillmne rtportfit varied all inth way
Gnumiuiy..i.5 rom belly, driver, laborr, .i"nliiuc
P'? .... ....t l or, clerk and rt lnographer tC ritlec
iMfe hool has been opened in Itriian a dran timthlian, iaher.hp I.a

boM with the Unlverslty of Call-

Sbrie-a-brac is sold for junk,
e often Junk la pold for brie-

w gpreass and ielf-denIal will
props from under almost any

ldrla ven tintr i a bar
- siplil furniture or

of soap

Slipartment of Agriculture has
im lhlan ern of higher wheat In

sl w man on the South Side who
slwhat he ILkes belt about ahi

uitty should begin at home, but a

Sneiretl around the block
li w*ll do no harm.

StHres lone thlng a childless
Wean knows all about it is
Mbriaging up children.

B laaionsaaused the los In




luyl year of nearly *ll1,000,0Mt)
et property, mostly crops.

s most beautiful just before
HlI, h fall. So is it often with
WI touched with kindliness and
lW saypathy.

IMa dreary place is a farm with-
irlait-It will be a race between
iiObeor and the sheriff as to who
..sfinal pouetllon of it.
.- -
SiLy Oreen has refused to give a
to the town of Wendell, Mass.,
,raimr home. She doesn't eare
ittWh she is to the good at the

AiAdu philosopher says: "It Is
k6 the world thinks of us that
make us either miserable or
Sbut what we think of our-

1trmy transport Dix on her next
*..1Mianila will carry a lot of bur-
tlbihlh will be used in the islands
*i. a analsml, to' lake the place
lil narabao.

':ailUton of cooks are the C:hinee.
iSN is rclscely an individual in their
. t tlunity who is not more or
llMpetent to cook himself a re-
Wable dinner.

i; ll isOi to going out of fashion;
tmLn farmers may take courage in
rlodualang work. Butter, milk.
S Poultry, beef. mutten, pork. all
rablei, must be called.

W oman li not counted as a per.
Sntity in the eensu of Slam, but
M ll to be milk and the yolk of an
A Manl can live for a consider-
P 11lod in health on these two
W tlose.,

reader and sub-editor.

The editor of a weekly paper reeeit-
ly culled at the "homni of the bride's
parents" the day after the wedding.
lie wa desirous of telling his readers
all about the event and wished to give
the young couple a good bend-off a
well. "G'lod mornlin, Mrs. Jones,"1
said the editor. "I'rye called to get
onrie of the detail of the wedding."
"tioodneisr replied Mr". Jones in
dismay. "They're all gone. You
ought to have come last night. They
ate every scrap."

There are but a few human mortals
who--a onse time or another-have
not had to bear some very terrible
trouble. Life's road Isn't a boulevard;
you are dead sure to run into rough
places and to hare to weather a storm
now and then. 8incre such conditions
exist and cannot be changed. the
thing to do is to change oneself, get.
ting the proper mental choolini that
will keep ones smiling in spite of all
the hard bompn.

*Healhrille, Va.. steps to the fore as
the scene of one of thie mot unique
marriages known in the history of the
country, when Iichard Callis. a boy of
15 years, married Mrs, Alice Court-
iiey,the' divorced wife of the boj'i

And now the farmer is having an
lecetria bell ilaced in connection with
his rural mail box where the box Is
located some distance from the house.
the mail carrier ringing the bell when
he deliver the mail.

It is a never ceasing wonder and
marvel how nature will take the rain-
fall, the sunshine, the heat, and out
of Ihe same sort of plant food make
a thistle, a rosri a skunk cabbage or a
peach. -
How's This?
We offer one hundred dollars reward
for any ease of eotarrl that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F .1. UC r.Ksv A Co.* Toledo, o.
\Ve. the underuignel., have known F.
.1. Cheney for the liat 15years, and be-
lieve him iprflctly huonmralble in all
business transaction, and financially
able to carry out. any obligations iade
by hir tirm.
\VAI hiI.& KI|.% N & 3EtIIt IN,
Wholesale Ilriiist. l''uledo, il.
llall's Cnearrh CUre is trakin in-
Scrnally, aetfthg directly upon tihe blood
atd nmuoul suirf:e'eo of the system.
Testi;mionials enit frurr. Price 7Tie per
bottle. $4htll by ill di rrlUggs.
Take liall's FainiJy I'ilst ir eoniti-
Many ask "[i marriage a failurev"
We say "ui ." Not if the tman does
not marry a sealskin woman on a teIHl-
sikin income. Marry the right girl and
yon'll be happy and proaperouir rro
viding you are right )ourself.

A woman knows more about styles
in a minute thlaii a man does iin a lifl-
--- ~ ~ ~ -- ---



- -- --

.-l .... .- ..l.+,m .. .a ," ... 4 m
A Ltt er Irm r i Wite, f
(illiC~ e Wll, El~J y /

1no mine i
o ICvw

by Johrnon Bros., alnsi

-' '.. ... '"^,^-- .---.=

h Thc qufctv
tl i- whalit you pay for when you buy uland;
know what you arp buylna. :,

Title ordinarily invisible corretly really 1

he lachu Count Abt

Ca3-aLer221s flowt

* Coung r!esBniin i oorge Ienry oWhite, o I
Tarlioro, N. 4., writes the following let i
ter to Ihr. Ilarnman concerning Perunas' i i L
o i | m relltlar( n Te Fb -- DE 6" 1M '"i
veshetti ottb4i a Pth s s D ALR.R..S ....
PerCnua Medicine Co.. ColSmbea, 0.1
Gentl,.,pi.4 am mo 1aW aggwisi
tifd w11immodR Iet w n Ad o a,
ex"116H8 naeytor tr -T1 din- -o l&W d&
t-rrA. a i fa Iw d Msr a o ea Island Catton Seecd, B.i
and they all a ~e- I n--nai Leather in B
Ita e an excltnmd. ,
Very 1IOga&
Go e wua Manufacturers of the Jant D I
If yu havee starrh write to i. Se Island Cotton iOn, ad
man, tlvilng a full statement of yn
c-a,., 4lI he Will iM pleased to gliV I GAIlNiV A L
h*, valUIAi)L wicvie s gratis.
.\.'.Ir,.r 1r, Ilarlman, President oif Ja 0Aes, r .'i -
h-i. irtin u SannltartIum. Columbus, O
I -
Railway freight rates are cheaper In
the United State than na any other
country in the world. In 16M8 the 3 AT*
charge for fright per ton per mile
was 30 cents-it is now less thha THE ONLY OHARTSRB D RBANK
three quarters of a cent. And that
ha been broiuht about by the Im- Captal* ...... **
provements of railway tracks, heavier Surplus and UnkTdivdetd P cf'i b .:l
rails, large care and larger lotomu-.
lives, so that the railway are mactu. i tU1o0uP
ally making more money moving i
freight at le I than threwqtuarterr of ,
a cent per ton per mile than they -- -
made while chargin more than there AT LASt I 1AE 11T S9 tI UI, T '
cents per ton per mile. Ic lo marvel. r'l
lous that freight cls bl haulrl er T he M onte u m
4hApl(1y a at a nprOit.
---- AAt aOOaA.I& FL RYIDA.
H--war' i "f .the kindly traoniger who
w-ri,.ri that you have. Ieen 'fortunate On the A. C. '. lad S. A. L V.. SI
enoutl'igh to win a valuable free prize
or rent, in ome puat pogesing or None Better in the State at Il a$2
.ittir nl rgclinteit. and that "lite preos Mefll 'a' .
uit will hi, pronpiuly forwarded upon
re.ei pt oi nrinenillivn e ernti c(or there- t I r
shouts) "to cov.r packing charges." T H E EV

'harsebtr Is one of the best thlns a 285 W Bay t, JAoKSoNVILU
mani or woman can be born with or ae* Y 3 *
pir.e. That is to say, good character. eutraly wasted, thrLhI llalLS 3m t
Ilhere has never been a time and there
will never be a tine when charaetor -L.A JA O
will count for nothing in the building -L
of r lec .S s .. .... ,
___.... .... .. . ..a ,' ,
.... .... -'

Three things in admire: Int.ll-et, F
Jisnity and grmrefulnep.. Thrl t things re C 7 1 111 FB I
't l:te: Cruelty. nrrogance and in- accwn m
grat ii ode.
, Z I a ill for tias tlrtllrllI
rio I lto*lrt J dirn<'hntl; r f.mIl naim n n. 'llPA JUS
Umiae o( Ilrrltiuleut4 c.r ulrrrnitjnrm
as$f vsOf r. l t Plifr.t r 3in o
S . .f tf o 1Pfi rll. pIl t@lr tm. P R n.
Em"'; s f,, ,o e. a
m~ai9r" tiP saw by mMr I WI'l PORTER BLOCK


Cream Vermifuge
n.i< oPi..nt i pladin wri u
uI .c. o 3 s ut f l ... ,

i R tilAbstracts of T(tle Ud full luforsatio for
|enanty. Our maWar h Ived lIna thi
n mtWORMh ghl U lyll oannsat
U 110 Ia Ia "EM C !7C'



, '" ,, ''."
* ''


i, MB. 'I
it. "

fct" V 1 .rlPl l



p. ,

I .-

- r. __ -.

For salbI



OS r,- ll.tln IriMn an
Cit t[;io tlb u.;U il o fS bw l i0 1
r. <'' -ril:ko S 'U, Do cnt .t
r. ;t, ca Jlokiirq'il ln


yS\ druiji

._l_-ri- : ---r.----- .



''' ~ ~llr ''; '
'' I I

* .rv^^



, ,; '

.....11- Iwo".-r,.. .- .- .
S -

,,. -] ,T:ff : '::;: .., ': **.
4,, ,rr r r . i*
". . .:.' I .
i :.!] di dK ,, '.I. i ..


41 'iv

938R7~... . '

mind as to
hr, recon-
le limits is
fly the best
a & & ^

t deCSion both
St study the
diu la
S! ; **
'^i "

E iws.. OK. SWW






i* *. .: ''.








Si ,' .r



a ,, ,, ,,

" /3 / ,,,.
3 9..'
'.4.. 4-



We sell on the installment 1plan, smna: (9ash
payments, balance paid weekly or monthly.
Our line is complete and many articles suit-
ed f)r Xmas presents are pw e --iinently
displayed at our store. Christmas shopping
is dreaded at its host, the disarreeable part
being the crowds, rush anid hurry. Avoid
this by making your purchases and sclet-
tions now and Ihave the goods laid asji


marked to le)






on11 the day

free of chiarro

and make the delivery as ordered.

You never saw 0he like-a fascinating assortment, entirely ditfnr.n. frut any
thing ever shown here.
^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^* .ts *"ar I ...I

M w rFm Art Sqares

Oriental Pattern
All wool Pro Brussels
Ax Minster
Velvet and Moquet "


IHndaome all wool Siyruers
Linoleume, oil cloths. Matting
of heavy and pretty patterns.

Our warehouse is full, our store is full-over-bouglht, that's thl condition.
Must mainke rom for other Furalturr. Haoe another car arriving next wek,.
We are offeriuK ilhem at a big out price. Attend this sale and get a good onu





I H*1* Ip hNd ths name sad addre
Ofeme e I .ly to~ bu furallure. and
e will sed youa beautiful ounv~ ar aad
* -e i hekshoLdM ntete abqoloteiy free.
We Jus k afor tamp to pay postage.
RA -- **...... *...... ....................
AU m ................ *.. .

lr m4 *4.em. .... ....... .......... ..


" l


aher wends. Odd

s ..... .... ",
l'HiHE^m k^ il PoIoB,
''''' t ^
Ir i ., '

VI*" e
i r." *'* *' * *







Chairs of



Lamps and Pictures

The Night before Xmas
And every night throughout the year you should sleep on our Hygiene Fell
Magei r Ir' as good as Soy magauue.advertised mattress, and costs one-
btird laes. Betwees a sleepless rest and a rmetful sleep there i a world of dif-
lerence. Refreshing slumber and perfect rest are assured if you use the
HIyiene' We have others. Ask to oee them.
/ I I -


Japanese Stands,

Corner Seats,

Insic Cabinets, Box Seats, Willow Goods.

Everything Known in Furnishings.








We Know

\/ Am I

'4'~~: :~'rr~T:;~C ~C*I





r .. ,. ~, *
I'f fflR' *>'I
J', PV. :

TN.,1~ 1e

iu re

f!i 1


--- ----------'

; I.,

'! '. ,' ~s!~ ''--'
7. :




I -


tt: AIN

miK FLOrIDA. Mm It 1904

a!gws FRrOM ARNO.
wendeU w Wins First Prize for
Article on Peach Growing.
jIm e. 1S. -The farmen are all
gathering and selling their
*, wbib have proved quite satis.
fr. The sotton orop turned out
e1r than they espested. The eas
ft of the old storage room at Iigh
i fl is slmoIt fully utilized. show.
tat our farmers are not only kill.
aie quantitle c(if meat, hut that
aure easiled with the results of
SriSa their meat by sold storage.
,ilgs are earee and in great de-
Many of our farmers have feed
Ali* Id suIdolean to fatesn twlce
S a umsber of iogs they have or can
a, hesee the surplus feed will be a
O ia haac
The new residences of T .1. Terry
H Mld N. A. Stes are enurrig cosmple.
a end when finished and painted
01Ul add much to the aliparaetnce or
areornmnitl. Mr. alrry is rn-cov--
sapl his houter.
SMis Pearl h*tren has returnrld front
t, where she closed hr-r term cf
T'hre will bI. i1. xercies or othir
Stitaelaiflmett at the Forest tirove
I .'lSay school this Chritmnas. so the
; wsan people are left to hunt other,
40' i poeilbly not so Innocent entertain-
ms', Ml; sad the children-well, they
ga:I (T) to be entertained.
i' The birthday and the day commem-
" nIl4un the resurretion of our Saviour
mi lag together this year. we hope the
6i*oeb of the country generally will
~lblrate the day with Joyful and ap-
lleorlia exercits.
r P. Hendernon has Just received
;l e that his article, "CommercIal
h b L hibthst prize-ten dollars-fur the
"' artsle on "Fruit i rowing," of-
lp 4d by The Southern Rurtali, of
:haanta, ,a.
S We are glad to not that Mrs. At.
wtr. who has been very sick, is inim-

Fight Will be Bitter.
ThMe. who will persist in leosiox
| lir ears against the continual recom-
s suiation of Dr. King's New Discov.
S*forGomoumpUton will have a long
Said bitter fight with their troubles, if
; tt ended earlier byf fatal termination.
m: e d whatT. it. Beall of Beall. lis..,
111 to ay: "Last fall my wife had
ery symptom of consulmption. She
"|L. Dr. King'* New 1hiscovery after
erythinl ele had failed. Improve-
eatseame at once and four bottles
i'. wisely oured her." Guaranteed by
Ill druilists. Prices ie and $1.C10. Tri-
al eIl kltel free
SElection of Officers.
The following officers havrt been
Ste!ted by Gainesvile LodKe No 41. F.
A A..M, for the ensuiin year :
W. B. Hflgdon. W. M1 ;J I Blake. .
i ,W; D. Tomkien, J. W ; J. (I,
...;ey, trearurcr; oubert McC'lellan
I' may be mentioned incidentally.
,: bet with a degree of signifleance. that
. etl stlion of Mr. MtcClellan to tlhe
pit : Ion or ecrrtary for this term en-
S"1m la him upon Iis 'v.,nutteeth year in
eb bla responsible, f litnioin, wllich is the

bIF t recommendation which' could be
Sgivre him. lie is a ineml r of nearly
B "vryr eeret order in the f'ity, and
H tlds pre-eminently p(iiular in all.
it -1 re-eletiOl as secretary of G iaines-
Vule lodge is doverved.
'1 'Revolution Inimmient.
SA sure sign of approaching revolt
4 rious trouble in yamr syMtenI is
'..: IYousness, uleeplissnws. or stomach
; pIekt. Electric Hitters will quickly
.imnember the troi)lblesolme carue. It
v: er fails to4 taele thel stomach. reig.i-
hI ile the kidnurv and bowels. stimti-
hNs the liver, and clarify the bh fHl.
S Ran down ystemn lierinetli par-
*' tidlarly and all the ustaal attending
bt rlvanish under ite arrcuhing and
t rough efftetivenes. EI.ectrie bit-
6M s is only f6ie, and that is returned if
Sldoacs ive perfect satisfaction. G;air-
sateed all druggists.

Pull Salary *or Life.
Dallas. T' tp ,: '" T iatt.
away. r jt Ii v ..' i. a .- .,. .- .

S U lagew r in T' ;t- ,I 1, \\ 6 r>-P,. i .
cit %aN i l
; Y TU^ela for r hof rrmiaifidf Br rf hi
SI^. |Durinti t;th Itontllt. iIo f Ihf \eVa-
,r ItPierr 01i company with the Txr
M atuthoriIles, several VtIas anRo, NMan,
imr Hathaway voluntarily went to Jail
M Waco for 0si month.


I ------------ I--

SMarcus Endel, CThiothier

SElegance and Esenmy in I

Men's Christmas Furnishings.

a If there Is ever a time when one wants the right kind of goods for ap-
Spropriate Christmas selections, and at the right prices. it is at this season.
We are offering a complete stock of desirable necessities. At the prices we
* iuote you can afford to give yourself a present and save money in the pur.
chase of Christmas gifts.
~------ ----- -- -- ---

A Christmas Suggestions.
A SYhlo lro,. Hiand-Tailor- $ t 20 Boy' Suits, a fine selection of
ed Suit, latest style. bestu .njjtImatfineof5$7
quality... uptoate material, 1. to
SA Goo d Cashmere $ to $10 Men's SSweatere, Boys' Sweaters, all ,
Suit. heavy weight sizes.
* Cravenette O ver- $1f to $8 A Howard Hat $3. All the latest
CO coat ............ ..v. V0 styles and shape.
i A splendid Overcoat, 52-inch $18 Florsheim Shoes, Heywood Shoes,
fine quality, $7.50 to...... Monarch Mhirts, Fine Ties, Stick
Boys' Overcoats.... .. $3.50 to $7.50 Pins, Men's Jewelry, Etc.

Your patronage requested and appreciated.


SOuttfitter to Particular People. GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA


Cash Grocery Co



Alachua Pool Parlors,

C. Burne IPrpreitor.

Buy for Cash With Discount.

We Sell the Same Way.

Canl stave you1 onefy on
A L LA your piurchases-
i whether large or small.


Iueated in the Porter Block, south
side quare. Three firsnt-las tables.
(ood lights, and prompt and courteous
service. The pubime is cordially invited
and always welcome.


R. T. MC'IIA ER, Prep.
Coaser Ir and C o Crete streets.

Phobe lob

P. O. nox 41

A. k rLVL',II f I ff LL" 1

._I lea W
3.0kuaa*) ml,..


l t I-a
R L, a

a v WWLt a wew
iflat *MuSaNt N ua m. '. 1* .
tftMU 0wmT&UmAt

Sk--la'. -- Ial" erl f ,p t.
MAX KRAUSS, ^ i .I.- n'eObisL
kepreentlfa t Hi. t. MASON. IHir.r for Ot-i.
E A. WEIL & C0* ro I1 :
WHOLESALE SHOES t'* 'trut" Cw"r. it
StarUtn Hunt vst Orae In
Of All Desriplemsr k It amearia byr meatfleit
-. blld ied b a the po hiaed oial
Runt, tie defendt~os Um _
Sole Agente for MONlARCH adMOl det or the teas0 ort
EI QUAUITT Shoes. Evert yestar be orer ta
rooaiin hersef lbht UrlP
pair warranted. eade sals her. t ova
Soae year: ilt I eo thter
J. MNmtla. AgAnt 4-etr d.ten t a
.. -- an ed d oas I a r
110 000 ay. B dfol JIrl IgUa;oo
THE 4ALEHNVIULLE auawatloM o be B
fcame by iiaM d el la "
Int 'IFere U'ewiui Men.sC. ar i psit 4
117 West I't ion Street. x e .A ,1
sealtl Ir .. L Wiwases. It'.
tG D HP. Weaer, c C .a.
1G I PRU1~CGH. U. MAsoNM, ol'r. for Compl'.

. 7 vrA


'r%) -'1;

S '.V

11 -T wr IF mv mv

---- -- ---- --~


Ps Voel SY
st 'ous o Mji
A n c Ar o ut t g A.Oo
.11 *o w"rit UV 1*d.1 a
It splea tar sa1ed i %
AlWd In the mNeO
Wrelht. the de
restlwit of t o
bb1e,45141 Irui
Is enoaents
*rn* unpo re II
one rean: it
iS(Nrn.M4.l 4- 4
r ulre d tt Pl
1leni aIn ami peow
I:I dry of J L.rAr .
Itf ol byt a-
It Is fturr ofNwrw wj
11ilrd noes aw
in Tsh t iaui
R. C.
A Is de Or of @17 i
II, U;, A ,SOX, It
11. MAbOr t: -
- -- -- -100
ULL o0 flap
in Ita Circulta
Iarcbu. C
OI.tSl Ilas1es aI
It Map3ea4rt b
1n ud to **O atso|
erscd lu Its he st m

HaM1semp. tgl
00e yIn;
se-res. ai





S-.', c .. w*I.. ." "... .. ',"*.: . 9- 'b T T.r Fr--' n U .^- -'^ ^ -.





n :cwder

Bre .d

,here is
. vcat of

,, ,greatest
l o"i ood.

c-Il '
ucL ~5Ct.~ (.ru.

I With

R! : i .' .

no m ixir ': '.I1 :.
the brow. O r t .. .
, facility, L.'. cC; ,., .


instrucrior l in tle "l i,).:i i i :-,! I'.tastry Cook"
for in i:', I. .. :',iscUit and cakse
R, .. ': 1 : I'o". Ac. .. :.. .i,' tdde t.

WY4d. BAKIN P"W:iLtH C.. ,'". VIL *t'l &T., [. W yVjHI.

OF ifUt ANDIr wUra1t aa A BUL
T Freh all-pork s*auseI for today at
aau nrM T Ic rter Aaderrons*
N W.. B Martin of Santa Fe was trad
l in In the oily yesterday.
ti meal kttaeit Olta 'Fresh country ean -plenty of them
,Wim, e and everyone eone. O. V. .IKleN.
f r 0d b OW R ortan
J. B. Iain of Jacksonville is spend.
fUiSONAL AND OOCIAL ITEM8 log a short lime in the eity on busi-

Ie Happenedand What is Golng Now then boys, look In Larkin's win-
d ow Carter & Anderson's and see
*|N Happen TeM in Sart ParraFpha the f reworks.,
Ge ThIt "'He Who Runs May Read" Medanies W. Geiger and 0. Dresye
St hi The Sun. of Micanopy favored i alaneivlle with
Satire with C(.msaau HKI. a brief vilt yesterday.
A cornpleso asortment of candies,
John A. Sullivan of Jaokionville is fruiA and nuts for theChrit asdtrade
i'l theWB Brown House, at Carter & Anderson's.
I Mr M.BIslne of Cyril was shopping Born, to Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Ander-
'is Iheelty yesterday. son, Friday morniJng, a flae girl.
;' lana on'l Wonderful Balve for ale F'riends extend congratulations.
n, Miiollum & Co. Frank A. ToIeaue of Oeals. one of
SA fresh caie t cquaker oatsr lust the leading eitieaes of the Brisk Oly1,
.up.eid. C. V. MeKinatry' was transacting business ia (aiineeville
i Fireworks. flreworkh-in Larkin' yesterday.
Wsladow at Carter & Andlerson's.
Ask "B11ill" Jones to bring you front
Pliaty fish and oysters for today's Carter A Anderson some of their spe.
Si"aOe. E. A. Davies. Phone 83. cial brands or canned goods and fresh
LJ. J. night and J. T Stokes were in vegetables.
b oeilty from LaCrosse yesterday. H. J. Dowliung of Waldo was in the
BRev. M. T. Rell of Rochelle was in city yesterday, having come on butl-
thellty on n visit to friends yesterday. noe connected with the county tax
Onrge Beek, ihe trucker of Roeky colletors offoe.
f tlt. was trading in the city yester- Deputy SheriffJ. W. MlcOCnn of La-
Crosse, one of the moe efficient ofl*-
Olet Julian Roblnson has returned aers in the county, was among the visi-
"tem a brief visit to hi. parent at tor to this city yeterdy.
SOala. Jnames C. (4riffln, John E. Bryant and
Mo. I mackerel in kits and barrels Iuther T. Walker of Bell were in the
r'eL welved from New York by Carter city yesterday on business connected
Andenon, | with the United Itates land office
; .. J. Feagle of LaCrosse was among I, B. Bimmuns of Fairbanks was
these who came to the county capital transacting business in this city yes-
s. business yesterday. terday. He called at The Sun oseIce
The residence of Mrs. 31. E. Tinsley and had his name added to the sub*
L ,i bellg considerably improved by the Ier'ipion liet.
II,beral application of paint. William R. Fowler and I. W.l Pen-
E Perr y M. Colon departed yesterday rose, Jr., both of Brooker, were visit-
Bf. ~Pt Jaekswoville and other points. or to (iaineville yesterday. They
.Where he was summoned on business, clame on busineu connected with the
M Ih Walkup.a eharming young lady alnited -tates fand onri.
OMelIntosh, was among those who arnted--A good farmer to takes
... d ineaville w Ith a visii es -ihlrge of twoorwL e farm two mile
r iinil e with iit ye- from railroad (ood land, good fence;
i, *erlay. two housesl and barn.. All farming
W; e have some nice lettuce today, im element. seed. eta. Healthy lo.
|s tshe supply will be limited, nnd alily and lone tor school. Ad.
E jt had better order early. \' V. Me- dress T. J. Cone, Ralelgh, Ha.
,' I lll ryt ..... .. . . . ... .._. _.. ...
Ira J. Carter, the hurtling young READ THIS
- terehant of Newberry. was il the city A i
:' aterday and made The Sun an agree- Mobile, Ala., Dec. 24. I9.
. able call. Dr. Ew Ha. ll, St. Louis, Mlo.-Dear
Po rSaile-New Wheeler A \iison Sir: Having tried different doLoron
Wial machine. f. o b. factory or and their reimedies for several yearn
t oleiill,. Apply at this office or :ko3 for back and kidney troubles, I found
,.East Liberty street, dwif nothing succenrful until taklg The
Frh Texa onder Hall' rea iscov.
SFeh country eg lT, and a frw line i er, wonder, sil pidl ored, the old
\" b~iclb"n'the kind that are tender and ry, and, being rapidly cured, the old
eL r nray ng with railroad men is, "tod
l nd lour order in eaMrly if uu Ll bl the Ianl who invented the Pull.
the best. L. \. -leKinstry. lman sleepiKg car." but I say. "God
If you have a cow, quit feeding hrr tile. thI isnventir of Hall's Texas
** mWdult and gat aack ut I.illie brat. \onder." Yosun truly.
"Wrrareld Ito b the porest ever on the W'. i. C LAIIK.
S+Osinesville market; at Carter & An- 1 A1 i It. It. Co.. Mobile. Ala
Samuel .Lamb ,t Lake City wa~ a A TEXAS WONDER.
vltor to utsiiesville yesterday. line(lie smalll botMi uf the Texas Won"
li 5 brother of A. ti Laimb of Miea- der, Hall's Greal Discovery, cures all
oa in d wna n raC1vtsi t that Icla' kidney and bladder troubles, removes
Son atilt. graIrvel. eure, diabetes. eminal emia-
F1 Anmt. L... --_: .. ... ... *lnn.L wenk *nd lam bitks. rhetimfl

^ 0Y.





The Holidyl Sgaon of 1904
Is now upon us sad we have
made unusual preparations
for supptllinl our eustomens
with AoodI ultable for these
oeuflon. The greatest s.s
lection of Toys re now on
display. . .. . .

The Bglngt Line of Do0ll
We have ever carried is now
open for inspection. Prices
from le up to $4.50. . .

0oll Carriages in Great Variety
From Sha to $8. Full line
of ihe Metlri Doll Carriages.
Toy Wagnsn-all sizes and parties.

Pictures. Albums, Purses,
Watches, Chains, Misri
Roltls Ink 8&ads, Fuey
Box i'aper. Fountain Pens
and all kinds of things luft
able for parents. * .

Buy the "old man" a pair of
He will like them.

The Grandest
Line of Furniture ..
iuch ae I'arlor Suils, Lounes,
Oak and Rattan Roekers,
Centoier Tables. odd pieese,
e't ever shownll
Remember we are the people.
Full lin or i'eters Loaded Shells
JUst in.

Come to the Sale
which opened on the 14th. We
have maiiny good things fur you,

Do You Eat Rice ?
We have got it, and it is

a_- .

WrIt hor Our

n-P ,mm di


lamrn with VMhuaua Hill.
Evmr thingg n.eeesary far the Christ.
asas Carter & Andereun'a.
jusi oape',t OFtrter i All*trL tlr'.
jirt iplll t rtf 1h mll l *l*t- (trldrr
jwlay. C. V. MeKimiry
A. J. Daf('oe wsit y.sterday to
Alhchua, wLere h will in' cillageld a
day or wo it *u rv ryiun avid luicaflg
*some iirhimpery.
Chia. e line of friilg.. ni re.rl ', d(sl .,
ete iow noels. I tk.r; il, coninestiogn.
Frnh breld daily. Fir vFirlI and toq
ferr holidivse rhlolel1 tily. 1'W. '
Moe.tley, West Union street.
%. 1 Blitlh f Iai Stn F., ...oe of iti.,
nuimnt widely known And ifloIt protni-
nont residents of tlhat Peeiioin, i in the
city on business for a day or tWro. lie
Sis the iunLt of his daughter. Mrs. .. I.,
JRiwry, Emst Gainesville.
0. H. Martin of llikesville wna in theo
city yrsiterdaly anl rrnewrd hi iluh-
eripltou to The Sun. lie r,.r fti the
plinlers of hil section t.appy slhd |iron.
perous, hmrina harvested I ItI. lt all.
round crop for several yearw.
M. E. Robinson of ()elas. ltie lever
represntalrve of the ''ur- y Jim"
shoe, is in the oily. Mr. Itobsan,.
who is known as "Sunny Jin." haU
made a wonderful success wirh his
line, and hs aniee trade established
throughout the Btate.
Mis (phellr Dawkire, ohanrinl
young lady of pFrtaburg, 8. 0,. ha
arrived in the ily uand for ihe res
few day will be tbhe guet of Mn. Jobhn
W. Telib. Mhlt DIwklinr i a meber
of om of the llst fUmiln of bhe Pal.-
uotto Sta usd will so doobt make
may frlads In (saluesville.
Harry Pers., who Is satending the
Atlsta Denal Oolklege. ls at home for
the holiday. Harry states that he Is
well played with hi school, whkih Is
onauldend sno of the bwlt n the
oolth. Thol eolo hau turned out
some of the finet dental surloon lan
the Sooth, and ln almost every In.
tanee she gradunesr of this JinUtlu.
Iton asve proeperld.
.--.-- II 1 / I I Ir





Dolls and Fancy Goods,

IDrcs Goods,
Ladles' Jackets,

Children's Jackets
lnd all kinad of
Rugs, Blanketk, Etc.

We an bMdlRi foI Ir trde with
the beti i.l.1i'd si luhk Ina Solf
at pries which string a buslase


The stately ok tree alIg bal h
(ledea stret. btiwee Vals utm l-*
scasnt, are belong trimmed, whillb '4
add a greai deal to the appssemn
sst se tilo.,
Turoip ad mustard grem-eN _
thir which will maLi yur beat i S
und fill your stomh fur imnm-r W-l
We deliver them primp. and they i
limealu. 0. V. MeKlnesy.
W. J. Looked of Fani, one of the
energeti elltas and plaulers of ita
Nation, wls among tbhe whiter to Ithi
sly porserday. Ho called at TIhe rs
ofte* sad renewd bhis ubserlptdi.
mosng the irent ImproveaMetl il
South Pleasat stret lis an additles of
Sbay or observation window o he
hoem of Iion. W. 0. Roblmse. ThM
home baa always beenD one of the le
eomfortabl. sand atr olive I the ilty.
sad this addition will tend to make i
more so. The plans. has also ben !x-
tended on the south lde. ,

Among those registered at the BroW
House yesterday was J. D. Watklae,
the clever represeatativ of the. Na
tional Toilet Company of Paris. Tia.
Mr. WVtkins ha been a geuelart i
tor to this seetlon for snrail yeas,
and his numerous friends bher are al*
ways glad to welcome him. He is re.
gardod as one of the mott seesetlful
salesmen in tlie State.
W. P. Moeley, formerly engaged il
she merelatile business on East MNal
street, bhe opened a siore oi West
Union street in the building reestldy
occupied by Malphurs' restaurant.

Mr. Moseley is too alive to realsi
out of business. heuce decided to staLr
another place. IHe will no doubt emo
Joy a good trade, lie propose tco
earry fruit, cigars, stationery, ete.,
embracing thieiamue line as before.

nt-- g- --- I

t It..
I #':i~.t

Awll.MS 'H

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*T. Fr


FUit ",L

. ^,
* .
;1 ; 1

hi~tt' *


'* :

. ';' .



W .,.
r#w;:r#^^ ^^^
1 , u -* *.: *


K *B'"J

-e ag

,a g r 'fi

Swhih baee lIn lia
St rworM, ir eTidesMi
at aSd a the New M
* brlllbkl mR' M -M
flt-etla se wla mec

s jutesi as af ,

of a ceator at eti
theyfhe n ajl R
If the agent la nem
aO ellms yo s-mems
irlte o te udLnlgci
sle the* Oai are p0Ile
New Dome at a rasa.abhl

Diamonds Watkhe JewI Club, C

warn, Etc, HOLIDAOY LOr l

'maTC iCI
'-: Is




_ ~_ _



n ~ I'

''': I~i:1~11~


I .




INo. 34 Cream Plttier $s.go
No. ?4 iugar Howl to n ltch 9 IJO



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