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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 16, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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Cit' '

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:^Kt *C' i

''v F
r^W. ^ T-I sr, t i./ .I.l*la
iy~fftiiii^iiri~r~iiii 1.iii|v ^ ww w ^

Ot e at thla

lm.00nl bl toe r byt
ui ~:iti = Jtha na. .
im t at., psblkt

S tb".tp e is nthe past,
,'p iwe.rM-r t t kO and the

I* tw e. to halv. perma
| tist Dee lta r ocetlnnce

~.llr~,CtsiUftekea rlt*k rad the

Wi J*iia to have perfwedl

0e #1 s rted as Myeoa i
*^ tI'.!. .It Whew a young ilrl
p_ be deam d two hour, awre
Sr aim i. The second was
W. ,'kmaa crnuahed to death
Sat6em white the abbey war
I MusLtelr d it lanltbony. Tilbl
tinerted to have walked horhe
T V# haVtin been crushed to

Sr i tor bblefra'ehtled.
Jawi.l* M1.. Dee. ll.---overnot
V inan today imad a seasatlokal
M a Oisairdletl the view of John
harp Willia40 r6ardRS the cutStlu
,OWn of sontherm se ea Ir lt lal rpre
ItattmuI The Iovmgeno diputed the
e4rtmio that nobody is distra lehed
' Maislaslpti o acclan at of race. and de.
Stared that it II "tloe for ue to. ult

JT n n -W -,

exit down the Ore #capes. but ret.
Iowa made the fatal error of runlnla
to the elevator abaft and alldhil dows
the cable In the belief that the lawenr
part of the Widing bad loety begun
to burn. He slid Into a eauldron ao
flames and was seen no more.
1. J. Bucklhte, p another member oil
the insurance patrol. Is ppnoed tuI
hawe been caught by a falling wall
'nd sklled. He ia mteutng and nuonu
of his Comrades can tind hint or kno a
Lhat has become of him.
Defeated Candidmtes File Contet.
ltttte. M rt bw.. 1.-T1. Ph.r
eat ind Petcr ( 1r;. late futlo11 isCai
dldates for ihce ,lslrict' bench havei
RtId four co'itlts against gtor sv:
nt nrquPon a'lit| Mlrhael Dillann, t l'.
Democratic ls;utiillcan't
Who have bev'. given .ral'treates ,of
elCfti1. It i llsleed that fra ui:
*~SAr Mm 0 .nivbi k.., & 1... b


4 -"k _ _


C.','lftA.. )',


Thuge Pirewnwe Wage We and Several
Othere Sly Ie rty Le
1 Amemate te l fe ra een0 1Or

MIaspewlo l Deel: an e ot nhe
e l si l Ares la' the of Milana
ho last h frtemne lkst
Mr vea aa4 :*rly fraIm ai

heti ereetf twaafr t
*, ^ thrnt eaod BWali I. cp

,dmato Ma to. i seorta o
;':''f- Tte e:
'iaeb Miller ,
a G. lca ,nie orf A It

Th i M vr jo1KPd:w a

er etakw Irm f' aoubsttut pIpe
4"*he d bott A Maoee.

%wi l"'. w *a' I *, be d by h

v -in'et 60fle w eminouteo to h
Wile "the baeddy.t
Ntaoi, n ae o. re, ante s
rh t -l do Oetf he outelld by .
eemtelee. 'the Stif, w~hheald thetl

199 4patati d8 their bpaseyt,

flmlltlue estalIshment woit thrtbe 1

sIe' e thpi parlres olf te onoalgra
te. Tale atesw hId started a iort.
It aster W10 tO erk the basement ol
the Peek 6aabltlhment, which front.
o*l 1 Pit Istreet between SieN nd avenue
iad South aid Plrst vfente south
She upapl Ueo~,r wereol Ws by the
Doutlel Bro. war ose estabilehmero
Was lied with cheml with hrml, e o
them very Itnflammable, the fireal fnh
et .had lttlep d robt of the o ability r
t ion. The bofnmes to thte build nl.
Sae 1 attacked the bira o ell sIde
fellows Pk & his mnnt. wid climbed
oa fi thh str o between meoond vle u
Tw appere pouring water fid by th Pe

atidllt Bro the. whope itldows. Shme
wtsr thed wireth chemtltrollre tho

altolaUc 4wtrinkler syIstm turned aI
thll rodr i fln ammable, Itair thei
whore bulilmug from top to bottom
Tri at eitamesd the spri on ler wrde
id leached a U tve heavy e lrrint wblr
The hrafth olum ofe golerheat arlt
maltled wtb pouril, wier w o trnis P
btlldkg W f ro the opa wed touche d
do ly the wires, The ctrolld thein
dltti ral ud ln another tatant th'e

done. and the huge Sre was Under
Tile three moen who were with Felt
lows toeededd in maklnl mI rculonI

Amounts Aggregating Nearly $10!0000
Resulting from an ExpleeIon.
New York, De., ('S.-This city will
be compelled to defend damage suite
aggregating $1,719..90 In view of the
decillon Just handed uown by the court
of appeals granting a now trial in thi
ease of Solamon Landau, who souhtb
$25.000 damage for the loans of his
ton in at exfplslun of fireworks oppx
site Mallesn Square Garden in No
member, 1902. *
The explo>phr li oerurrcdl duringg tlhe
present de :onLtration. It re~~atad Int
the death (of 13 peronat, a'1t larloutl
Injuritrls Lt) a m'it!t it. Tli'!i V il be
a test 1, it.
It was 'al(-'x d by the plalntiff that
the city wa Iir.Wle In having Krrantel'
perminlion f.r thel dli 1a> 14 an'ord:


Commonwealth Embraced In Loulsiana,
Purchase Rhceive Present.
8t. Louli. l)e:. 15.-Presldent D. Rt
Prancis, of the worl-'n fair. has writ.
ten a letter to thr governor of each
state and t.:ril'ory embraced In the!
lotuisana Putrchae inforlimTng !In, t1fat
the expoA llonu ruomany has deeldeui
to present to ourhl of then states and
territorY-, the statue arnlltwle of 111
and occupying a niche In the o c t
annade aft satpe back of fetilval hall
on the fair grinds
The statues are of heroic ale andt
were dealsnedI by some of the leading*
scuptlures itn ihb country.
The stalt nntl Iorr; f)rieI repr(s.nt.
Od 'nl the group are Mulssoturl. Uinhlri
ana, Arkansal Iowa. Kansas, NeLbrai.
ka. Coliradu, North Dakota, Sountih Ir
kota. Moniarn. Wyomi ;.. Oklahoma
and Indlan Territory,

louth Carolina Masons Meet
Chiarlh to r,,, V ., .



Distiuguiahod Men Talk At 4r
Weevil Convention. l


Convention Has Been a Great Sie
and Means Much to the
Plantere-Many Delegatos
Government's Iltlmats Too LaoIp 1


Intrealing Developments In the Nan
Patteonn Trial.
New Ytirk, Dec. 1S.-A-ll Itqt iell
bhe Nun Patierson murder trial today
conteredl In Ile ruling which Justlee
Davts announced that he would make
0t the opening of court regarding the
admlslIoui of the tetimony ts the pl
leged enn liracy referred to by As-
iluatant Dlstrict Atturney Rand yfstor-
On this rulln depended ll te question
whether the proseeutlon would be per.
mitted to alli~mipl to substantial In
the presence of the jury Its allegation
that J. Morgan SmltJ wan *pirlteii
away from the Jurladiction of the court
by Mlis Patierson's counsel and her
father. Tlhe national charge
which had been forcasted by ru,
mor fo.several days was made yester.
day afternoon. The Jury had been dli
alned fur bhe doa, however, *ad beard
nam t of the arguments between ouns
eI. The tetlmony, It is aesrted, will
prove as sensational as charges of cob
racy Itself. The Ilnak of evidence
as very wide apart, sad Ia order
to form a connecting chati of ilraum.
tanseeps, Wtnfesle will, have to be
eIlled who have been kept In the
background since the tlstrict attor
ny's office has lbeen building up Us
ease. Letters containing threats have
been spoken of by the pro ecutcon as
Ielng doclumeite Important to their
theory. but eo tar the name of Smith
has iot been co:uected with thee
allseed threats.


wn tn e larln et ile n
The morning h. slup was t

--1 a. .-- ~ order Iby I'relident Piters It 10 o'CieO
Itftd lodle of An. .It't. Fr' M'-- ll JkUI" ,org M. Aldlrih. f TeI ,
lor Moth. ,aroll. 1h 4);d Iljur!ld reld anl l ntiereving pt l)r 1 R*l54lo
tlO onh the it r r AL Ct t Il Ii t r t r-R
. Det at high OJnt T"retdy wi h sold that ha had c.ulterdedl wlt
ftrll 1,oftndntl t d*TueKIsd from Mi th I olis Wvil Ior f Ipr y1 en ad rl
the ptat I indg" The oa.,r 1 0f 11 t be evil for four yea l eck its
Greater unilfirrnitt. In the by-lawn f raag. The in urna lit wikl
the lg's and ealtliLIty If Canhali~Ch efly dcevotedl ji di On ofa rOtld
ba itn Iphyirtcal tlf rrlltl o ltl Ittert'e, gnerall y. The reSllltti'
Ihe t ,. iTt. 1 rnrtal ittl9 ITlHr Iitn co imittlee is txpe' t o4 tt, r.,pQIt to tM
muattr rs heror the loldgel Tle n al r
bualni. ,rf tihe day s i.) 1;i)n t1ny afterlnon sesioln at :1 o'{ol'k
the realtig orf the aIdres *' (;'f rantI Anti.Mosquito League Maett.
blaster John It. lHe1l a f liami.rrg New Yorkl. I)4r iS.---The .$co and the i;)iWlntmNnt of on., nit a,1,,p. 1 1al roiveO; ,,on f tih Na ,i'fl5. M
I- "--qultn l';itmnllion S,'ciyd' 'wll 1
llpineoe ell for Home. h ii ;; ;' -r
.11tt I.' Wash., Dec. I.-h I i Tho ~ 'I IJ I l I; lh, t'1. 1:f i: hi
er 'ly of the N ppon "PP l.i eiI ue : ha in ls? IoJ of lh1,)II' killDl!
Itt of14 steamers sall irr irni thh ia !! the .. T I ...'. a t (!o t113



-% mo







abreveport. La.. Dec. 15.-While th
program was arranged to ltaiA
through a session of four days It Is *I
leved that the national cotton e
veation will adjourn ilue die at *',
aesuion this afternoon. Nearly a
the Important papers have besb ri
lad deletes are awaiting t he
of the resolatlpgn committee.
Dr. J. A. B. Lovett. president of i
Central Alabama Agarcultural eiiq
of Blountaville, Ala., isaohairma q
this committee. In an interview
a representative of the Aal
Press today Dr. Lovett said that
had been correctly quoted Is a ir
cent dispatch to the effect that
would advocate a atric quaraat
a a means of exterminating the in
weevil. He had favored, before
arrival here. that farmers should d '
advised to plant their lands il their
fe'ted areas with rrops other thIn 4*
ton for at letat nive years. Dr. Le
ott said he bhs modified his views
ter lltealnng to the many papers
before the convention. The report
the resolutions committee, hel
would deal fully with the boll
Dr. Otto Gauxow. Imperial Qe-i
counsel, left today for ljulsvllie.
today, ies goes to the Blue Gracir"
lion with a view or Inspectlag tlh
horse breeding and tobacco ladtd
He said that next year he would
a more extended visit through t
lsolth In the interest of his governmAw,
and he would do all In his power 6i
encourage the people of htis coE
who are tmtgratlng to America to *ij
tle In the soutitern stage l4d
The possIbilitles oT Ih7 touth I ii
agrlciltural way, he saj, areI ale
lmltless I find thec roeidtillols al
of the b-st and predlet a goldea f.i'i
for the sgrlculturlrts ro this res"
Tbc action of the Saiuthern mOtte
Grow'ler' ai. w-'vatlIen laut night la pls
ing a re.ohiiion n trglngt the south
farmers anld cotton men to hold tkW I
cotton for l:!WlIhr prirc's a- a teol.I
of general d!--i 'slun today )' al oB
dl vigaites. *' '* '* i
Practically every mem~tr 1e tM
convntlon was present and the l
olutton was pa*sied witthout a dilti
Ing voice.
The reo lwtion wan unannies
passed, eomimending iI tatgt14 tlctI cifl
of the agricultural bures for uatii
and correct reports of the rottoa dit
catued some dt~ricsaon. tany dd.
gate expressed the opinion that tM
total yield of cotton this year woel
not reach the flilrei given out It
the department but It also coQnc1
that the government had excellent b
and it was admitted that tohlrti
cilltles for gathering crop reports. a
ft was admitted thin l asbn's S.
wi h lsvrrar& In


!' St PB S* wNthsert's Sake.
Ner York, Dec. I.-lIn order that
P i his woetheart might have presents.
-L ttaule GeQlt, of No. 187 Ueaunont av-
au6 h beoae a thief. He' was ar
wav my * e -ted n aI BlSth avenue department
i hltiMp^keRppe Slltart and admitted his Ruit when tak-
a M br e wremM n to the Tenderloin station. Gent
r 4iha Plat Ib 1 yrun old. lie admitted e bhad
iwls*s h e .lv. t- ole about 11,000 worth or lace*
a "fl s kis hefte n Ikn-Law In Quarrel.
*ayton, Ky.. Dec. 15.-Idward tWl-.
Scr*Mos. o, a piMao tuner. was shot and dan.
wesb i i- o-f ., i agfoulge ay wouadod by bis ftther-in-law,
Ai o. tu n I willhe W. H. Dkher, in the latter's home.
SIt1'. 0.'... .. ir w h|eUa Wilo sad bit wife bad separate.
B --- W --D-re B farther prevented a a-tnl "to
ma.lss t 7: Cn t a rcomoll eaon, and shot Wilslon
u .E'.will w r h l ti. he qual which followed. Dutker
I feol lattedwmam o a lemds ~l~efetse.
dsIe d. .IThis-rwo k I ....... .. .,, _
S- llt IsuSshape, APPM ARING OLD
h It1 appreetate tb
she laep. Visllta hbroith
tSeve a MIS wleoaWlimou SL bSl IwSle me. -pe a. .P M a
-J. W. .B".n:X. lmmet sf rd to arow old.
;. T -__tr, _S= ary. Isn th e eays of strenuous competition
I ' '' t io rrry to maintain, Ia lonir .I
,,i 'r" 1 iKllG Byw Pall. [iot3e eeso youthful apperance.
It o I ble to do this withnut re-
R-.'!GM Ra 1 'W {. I.--Mieael Ut MtA a luxurious growth of hair,.
GRItM ti a1k walty tired merchant. The prew-ne of rndruff Indi 4atPa the
Ither tl-or threw hbiasef from the .onne, of a burr on r nrm n thih
Wthid steI7 wlaww o hl isome l ani t tI caure total baldness
Weft OSI Hared aud Twents-thlrtd ewbro* terptrie is tthe only known
M .te l a today a was lastaNtly killed d. dsror r thl 1t. and It is as oe.
to" |i u It 3b dellhtful to u26
as had bqe ta Inlvalid w r some time Wle leW muakm n teramnt hair dreas.
aS o b' M r the ear of a nurse. aa w" an s Dandruff cure.
i .f B It ....* .. t0 0 -e t badl A ept no substitute--there In nnne.
S1 4a k e w ander Sol by leadlinrupt ~Wnd tee. th





Jmflen, Mis., Deo t-A profuad
smato- has bonee creed by the I
tdeme4t, of HIea, H. 1. M)outosmery,
member of tihe luglhilaure, aed MeSars.
J. B rypa and J, Willis, Wml .
bhe of the board oft e*Suprvor ol
I Liseola county. ona the bar.e of white
neaplng. It was knows Ithat promt
moat e!t1X'lm4 wo ltl f lav Ijvod iv n the
lawlea outtra.-is att.Z ;JC %SvernoI
*aMplo)e1 PIIte(? .11'l.t ,. tu a col
1eCt ev0r8lcl. kit It Was "i'. a);JI|AMvd
that county oftfilalr v.OuS I hIt ftwuitd
mixel d up In the wU'it'csappligK bhstln.s.
It Is uzuitrstooil tht nO at 3'4 wi'l lb'
token toward ith rentoval of t:e rfi
1Rals from ]illcoe unaill after rll-r ila .
are hel.l mi it )' itrur ph-, s.ini t Ihr
laoawctt until protrn Say t. thtltiitgh
tUlh videieC u.xalsPt i4et rlin hloul to
be very cuncius.!,a. Th'e lUtncoln
county cireuit coe;'t will not 'i, a)lii
to di4* if itell f! th cr h te-t at thi
term a. more than 4404 initlriments
have been returned, amoug the accused
partlen being mime of Ite wealthiest
*ltUsenr of the county.
The whole4alo Indlctmlens agxaint
thi whitecappers Lu Iargly l in ll. tlhe
.wrk of A. A. Hoyt, the Pinkertou d4e
ttieve employed by the. governor, and
W 6ee dervlces re betla paid for out
Of the speelal fund appnrtated at the
Iat a4aslte of the leIlature to be
ae"; In aupprealpag tb Icapping.
.o8pni-ts Are AudA0-l They Will Be
T eT llU G a., De. It-The Cltise.a'
taRL dl Wrtiftasvil ft., suspended
Whtanes aOtrday. 5. Z. Under. the
W0" of the oeak, tiatt es bhia mi
aielo. o the heavy decllae tl cot.
ba. ble tavin e ha- domethiag like
SAN bales at high pib",
me the a-aon-- iat of. hi fall
Wi, he LU aid hi l4poailtors down
Qto 1M,, htvlig eat 1s hand In do
pita a at M lose ti business last
I Is tkhe gmral '9polaton that he
Willt y ap U ONdiptoa full, and will
doe a withoft earryla his business
$l t he courts.
AUll dposits appear to be perfect
ly eamlUdd. and will to wait on him
1 to*r mn %w.m aarl arrangement*.
AMhe w Feri,
mad *k hon she str.t
"004 .1 Sm10 orm a hund red
S-, y day eur.
Sdy to have
ft -Ht I -Vlu!dy an 0 twe'sr' an0e
i g Mt Ikealn' Arniet Salve
.Jtr, W, ireW, .aftm and blles
W qAedl.pader ,Is slop bing
OMH. 'h Onrvoile.
"uiuslray Taphy Onveled.
Maitla. De. 15.-The sunery ree
*4 tirof,.' prefeted by Presidentu
IfhpeLt to th battleship Oregon was
tel4et dlay. Rear Admirat 8tir
UISts ia MmmaMd of the Philippine
a dro doft U'heAsiatIl nelin made the
paoeattson asperh. after which the
prlJdestt'l ealue was fired. There
Wnp a larig reception ou board the
Orgs, which warn attended by Msa
or General H. C. Curbil and many


In Fine Iry Goods have attracted unusual attention. A IrumbLer
have rvmarkvd. "How ean (laneiville support a stock of suclh
proportioal?" The ras o is that we give the lbet valur
eonusteut with honorable merechandisifg.

ThI PMpqh Apprmlate Or Efrtls
And our busaIne eonainues to grow. Our took, eomprisini the
astn eerestloas In Dresa Ooods. Novelties. Rugs. Art tquares,
Truaks, E ., anow ready for your inspection.

Shoe Satisfaction
For Men. Women and Chldrea oa be had by wearing any of our
eolebrnod llaes, If you want the beet value in Shoee ever
ofeed In Gainaville, don't fall to see our line.



41- -- ",

Tdke The Atlantic Coast Line

via via via a
s Dopo s P. Dmests.*
Nodh Eor East or a et amsp= er j vl
Jlastuj watimI skM sae .VULU u i lU ur
Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
Time Table in *feet Sept. 1. 1900.
Depert For UAINELVILL, Arrive. rF
8a4 pan High stpnan ad Inater- 10:8 a J
Daily mediate Point Dailyl
I2.upm Oealat, Leeaburg and Tampa, and I 0 pa
Daily luermediate Points Daily
2:06p M Palatka, tytona, Jaoksoaville. 1:00pm
Daily North, East and West Dally
12:16tu l High lprings, WIaytrois, Nanabh. Bruinwiek, 3 -1 pm
Daily Albany. Atlanta. all Points North, East Wlest Diljy
I~~~I kuw -

8:16p m

Rochelle, Mieanupy and Citra

9:53ta a

8:6 a n 7 :20 p I
Dall High Springs [.S y
ex.NYday x. SindSy
Infaehanseable Mileage Tiekets, good over 18,000 miles of among the pria-
elpal railway In the BoAthern States are on sle by the pri ncpal afens.
Through Pullman sleeper Port Tarmp to New York, via Atlantie OoM
Line anlo via Atlantie Coaet Line and Southern Railway.
For complete informalton, eall on
J. A. OOODWIN. Tkket Agent, Galnesvillk.
FRANK C. BOYLS.TON, Com'1 Ago.. W. D. STARK, Trav. Pau. Alt:
18 W. May It Astor Bnildli, Jseksoanvlle, Fla.
H. N. EME~ SON, Trit. Mr. W. J RAIG, en. Pan. AtL.,
Wilminaeto, X;. C WIlmnlto. N. N.


Alachua Pool Parlors,
C. lumn, Proprietor.

[Aiated in the Porter Bloek, south
side square. Three firstl"ss tables.
Good lights, and prompt and courteoua
service. The pubiei i cordially invited
and always waleomne.
- .. .. .- ..I A --- -


Cash Grocery Co

Buy for Cash With Discount.

We Sell the Same Way.


save you money 0on
your purchases-

whether large or small.

Corner Grove and C'vl*rev treets.

Plbone le1

I'. 0. Hto an
:AIvliit-tr, L* ..



eCom to The Big Strn

If You Are Looking for Bargains


te *mShe
a^P u -
wa-st to
r.W. U^-T-

.W- *7

;'ar:*iL .tw
vHw arak
baa. a3. kt



'' '~~~' ~~'~`'t'


-- iiai

'%AI-Lr. MAI

% 0 J% '% F..



Pc raim Carried Out
miner @1 Mrs. Ford Monday-.
~~s the spalous parlors of
i A. Veond' rsesdeslo were well
ish the member of the Twen-
OCentury 'Clh, saotrnhlf d (or
gegluliar rmlti.t llt hI meeting.
SbouneMS was dimiatched with
ad facility by the president,
*lpreelated the feast of blood
Is waitisngIt for sit0. proeit
shair warl turned ovr tu Mrs.
SWrner. the leader, fur the at-
of tht literary Iprogram--thu
i being "l'he Thirty tast'

roll call was rB6podlll'A t' hby
'member with a rteiniifeenriii or
olation from (etrmrny's mili.
Mroen., The paper by Mrs. Tnur
Sleath en L'Causes and Itlesults of
flry Tesr*' War," was a eani.
WlNlfollowed by a reeiitaiou Ib
Rath BSarratt, which was highly
r by Ms. W. h. Taylor. "*tui-
B, aroa Till, iand Caoul t W\Vtll-t.-
Swas highly instructive aiid i-i.

program was ouncludtd with a
muudered vocal Poli) by Mrs. Per.
which at its elose, wua greeted
Iwurm applause.
S et meeting of the club will lie
st the president of Mrs. .',
.i TuesdlyI there 7th init.

W. T. Bnndick of Virginia Will
"iTaIk to People of Galnesvllle.
people of Uainemville will have
til*mun Sunday, December 28th,
is Rev. W. T. Bundlek of Vir-
a Slmperese leeturer of us-
as putaleoa, who has decided to
thIee lectures here.
i e moraino Dr. Bundlok will lee-
g I Ithe Seond Adrvet Cheruh,
lee Sherouse having generously
to surrender his pulpit. Il
kMwaoEmon at 3 o'clock, he will talk
public from the pulpit of the
bdl uehlut md na the evening
S:tlsM of Prelbyterlaa churches

l. BdIk is a fine talker, and
"to this sity highly recom.
There is little doubt but that
lUbe q.ted by good congresa-
Mt elish meeting.

IlMT M. Tisao Will be Married to a
SFil OGorgia Girl.
bitllions aire out announeing the
giseof Beanebt M. Tilon of this
ai Mle Eliubstb e Virginia Rushin
. Tlsaa. Oa., which will occur at
JOlme of the bride's parents, Mr.
Mr. Mathews Kushin., on the
Wlaof Thonday, December 22.
iMhr.Tisnm, more familiarly known as
il," has many friends here who will
IV Uthis information with surprise,
iWlhi o will wish him well in the mar-
UlJte. He is one of (alneeville'r
l-own mand moot popular young
W *laad The Sun, with other friends,
lalda eongratalations in advance.
Death of Mr. Redwood.

4fhrmalon haa reached this city of
*ith of Mr. i. redwood, which
& UMt occurred at his home in New
Sa the 12th Inst.
waau the father of Mrs. 8.
elSnJmin of M ieoaopy, and was
Lkown In (Ufinesville, having
many winters here. He was a
i *I rntlemanlj and courageous
lways pleasant and sociable.
uws liked by those who had the
to t of his acquaintance.
tihe friends of Mrs. Benjamin in this
yfSoa in extending sympathy in
hkhour of bereavement.

; Will Improve The Sireet.
lUekrlal in the form of vitrified brick
bee. placed on the ground for Im-
Liberty street between West
"ad Oarden, by constructing gut-'
*o either side, in ecnipliance with
Iilltrucions of the City Council a
ilof months ago.
lwtiere will be installed, and
properly graded and filled
hil is one of the most important
S1b fares in the oiy., and the im-
i .-eats will be appreciated by the

L Judson dotlings.
., I ee. 15.-Ea.ene Rush of


AV.\x Y

It's the smilt hut (loni
los of l t t in physical wate th 1
-lippin ).a%.,y 4if ,thr 1t0 I.
I)p)I | )' )po llim l, w\\' .
,i)nl ir fn,.r:. se i ;
0t,6 n. SA f( otf Il'.i itI'II ,I'...%
'_s t.r' 1t. "l'h i., l iV. -."

tillt' gr.etrt t1,-,'i hiii>, ,
tI.:l. i '. S tot '11 i'
' fir:dt -t, thet \\:',tiing *.
vie gaiIn. I Ili luitcfl i
)liC .:e ls.h a'inl t-:' .

Weglhit, that'-* anmtlhv.r
and a bAg one.
X 'Iv i .I l ,. ii i
-I+1;.% IIll\ S 4 '.5t- ;1- Si>c,t "-.


Saturday His Last Day 1
Pr 0., (1ll t0lCin of Louiasvikl !i s in
the city and will remain until Satur.-
day evening and will Iit glaiise to the
eyes of all lwo iieed them.
ie has madu the study hf .iptiei a
speelalty, and anyone in i need of
glasnes cnunot do twtter than give him
a call. ile can be found in the parlor
of the Brown House. Parents of chil-
dren whose eyes are in any way affect*
ed should take them to Ir. (ialdstein
and have them examined. Too muchI
oare cannot be taken in this particular,
as any neglect on the parents mai
lead to most serious consequences in
after life. If the yj's of a child need
glasses the doctor oan determine it
and adjust such glancea as will be most
apt to preserve and increase their
Isrength. Thedoetor ha betn giving
sateifaetlon for many years, and we
recommend him as worthy the patron-
age of the public. Those suferiag
with their eyes should alllon him and
if he don't gire them relief it will not
eoat them anything. He can adj esa
to any eyes and any age. A good lasw
rightly adjusted is a luxury to a perry
son with falling aight they can ill af-
ford to do without. A Ilass Imper
feotly adjusted is worel thaa no glass.
OSee hours from 10 a. m. to 8 p. m.
OffHce In Browon ouse.

Through Pullman Car Line to be Oper-
ated Port Tampa to New York.
Effective with first ear south-bound
leaving Jersey City Sunday, Novem-
ber 27th, and tirst ear north-bound
leaving Port Tampa Tuesday, Novem-
ber 29th. 1904, the present Jersey
City-Jacksonvi le Pullman drawing
room sleeping ear now handled on
Southern Railway trains Nor. 88 and
34, will be extended and become a
Port Tampa and JerseyCity Pullman
drawing room sleeping ear line, oper.
sting over the Atlantic Coast Line to
Jacksonville. SBothern Railway to
Washington and Pennsylvania rail.
road to Jersey City.
This will add materially to the al-
ready magnfleent train service be
tween Florida and the great East now
operated by these three great railroad
Passengers arriving from Havana
and Key West hare but to transfer
from boat to sleeping oar, which will
land them in Washington, Batimore,
Philadelphia or New York without
change. Likewise, passengers from
Tampa and local stations on the At.
laniii UCodsL Line between Port Tampa
and Jacksonrille. ean take passage in
this through P'ullmani ear for points
East goiag rsa tColumbia. Charlotte,
4 rpeenboro. l)Invtile. lyunchburg and

'.i C., ct at ?.'ciber, Voundi Au.It andj
Ti'en Klts Himself. (
I'.r? i, '%m4l. A a I,' c. -, ,. i.,iro i
WI' .1 "'. :- 1 i. i T I "

ti, tq: d rI :& t : *r t' : p
i1 ', i "i ..... *fl" fl . ,. .

:n;n i : ;':i l:' 1: r in t '' i *
in .l I \~, tr ;iu i !,uu i ile tldia

ljilw ouit l'n iin llaim 1
\v't. had ben itvii i'entl y re'l -a'd
from thr. inlliirP iai.l im at T iosrFlooit l
He Ia- ro inmititl smrne time asl".
but was theilUht to tie cured.
I .a Itil.. : ..iI tO la d til In .

T'L) I via<' IhII r. 'r1 tj: of 0I:i Sloullt
tSf t 1. \4 I ( -iago. Mrr. (Celts
'ar, r W%', ,?'y, a t c':ty woman and
Sutihr,'. ll leave Lor home to live
among clubwo"nan.
Fire in the Academy of Music at
Norwich . .. did damage estimated
at S25i.o). %Sixty grirl who were on
t be Mitage rehcarsnlg for a fair. nar-
rowly escaped. An explosion of an
oil tank spread the ie,.
Temperatures ralain from 10 to
25 degrees below seo were re orted
from varlous points in the seetlon ol
Saratoa. N. Y.. today. It was tem
Ilow In thil city, 25 below at North
Creek and 19 at Ballston.
A complete net of the Pena msag
tine for the years 1775 and 1776. edited
by Tiomas Palno and contanlaig one
of the rarlclrt prints ever publiabed
of the battle of Hiunker Hill, baa Just
been mold at auction fur 1200.
The proprIetors of several of the
fashionable hotels and cafet In New
York, have prohllibte the female mem.
bers of the Salavation Army from so
lletling rontrlbutiuns of their patrons,
In their respective places of business.
Mcjor Etward E. Ilartin. of the
S t(;tlh infantry. Is about to be ourt-
n.arilalr(d on rlarjts at Manila of
neglect In not having *ufficlrnt guard
nt ,lalto e pr'ion, frum which 33 na.
ifvi- i.toiunr-.s riicapedl recently after
killlinl thrLe :,o!dlersi on guard.
A tr>aaty of arbitrr.nton between Italy
anil lthe I'lited Stilats was signed to-
day at the -tnre ldcarrment by Baron
M.ayer duIr PlnrcheM. the Italian am-
bas treat 1- Iult'iil cal with other arbli:ra
tl(n treatlie signpied by this country.
W. E. Crane, of Jacksonvllle. III..
former general manager of the .ack-
soinvill anld St. loilt Railway crpai.
n\, and d! iriKng the ;)ast year coal tral-
fic nianatr'r of the IBltrlington rytte:.,
hasi twen appoifnted general manage
(i the Ft. Emith and Western railway.
with headquarters at Fort Smith, Ark.

Cured Paraalalsl .
W. *l. Bailey, P. 0. True, Texas,
writes: "My wife has been offering
five years with paralysis in her arm,
when I wa pernoaded to use Ballard's
Snow Liniment, which eared her all
right. I have also used it for old
sores, frost bites ant skin eruptions.
It does the work." 250, 0o, $1 00.
Sld by W. 31. Johnson.
Bids Wanted.
At the next regular meeting of the
Board of County Commissioners, to be
held on Tuesdsy, January Brd, 1906,
bide will be received for hire of county
rieviete for ensuingi year. All bids
hllIiI lihe sealed anid addressed to i.
0 lrnton, Cuunrty Clerk, from whon
any desired information cfin Ib ob-
tained. The right to reject any and
lil bid ais reserved.
T1'. F. Tlruu C, hn. Idl. Coi. Comn.
Atteft : H. C. lIST)oxN, Clerk.

Kin nti;. Him $10. 0O.
Nashivillr. T',n .. I '-. l,.-- lIoiston
Bond. a rlerk in n lIilading hotel of
thil city, recivt'dl a cerilfled chtc this mornltnt fromn Euvans Illo, Ind..
for 110,000 frur year agIo an old
gentlenas fell on the sidewalk In front
of the hotel and severely Injured him.

elf. Mr. Board went to his assistance,
lifted him fron the ground and eared
for him until be had recovered. The
check this morning was the sequel.
Mr Bond would not disclose' the anae
of the mann who sent the cheek.

Oer ertbetemb M hghl ad W rsS #
PECAN TIREroeftle' i ..a,
hind rtrem. Ab. "F*im h, It
wb e -a- CRtwbMPR f ,. 1t *r C.: j

GAI--uh-uI ulnI 1

Air Line Railway ': ,

......FOB.... 1 i,

Savannah, Columbia, Camden
Pines. Raleigh, Richmond
ington, Baltimore,
delphia, New Yort
..... ,. .' ,

Two Elegant Tdnl '"

Seaboard Expre


For full information and sleper reservatlosl saila
write A. O. MacDONLL, & 0.,
Aset. General Paeagepr Alent,

I Fe I)UTT L"'Ol'&V

I. emu a-mfW

--r :;-I- ,:- -~
;: 1

NEWS EtreLY v TOLD. r-t

Tl1- R; .,w o rnf.federmni Poei eral I p U r 'P m
P It 11. tb.t'r of Mr,. Nitoneweall" i 01 01N (TORET LY W W
J.Itcslv ht deadly at atle h, X. C,,sIl
S.J i I I, 11i ~% uMst were t ... I.. ruMP PAYMXENT r54
tl t. : ire- 1. II h t Tet k r '. .i*. 'ir !at points i d p e4s
()l. I. i .,I' t I,-ct atare.of your bailane,

!n I i Lii rLie, ccidet and HUeH .
h I i ,, \!.j i, lie 'a elfftring

S:i 'r 1,, Yrk. .,, -.I A-geuts for the---
l v rd ui i ?I! 4
i '!; ;Vietor Safe and Look Cea
ii '.* 'h al i IIccouI f t l in l llt* '.. O3j
OF T '11 r i'h r.trVNtw Te 'Vietoir' Ih the bert salfe made, Mi
' *l -Erf. t. a ) rTw i inn. tihe jlistha of ae,*1, or am
'-:11, ,,r t ;, In thul fromn a hbo to a bank vaL lli
(. i I :. f., by eonrultirig us. Ollo 1 or
A I< Ii ji'rv in;panitfte a s.
re"*, . ,. i'..-.', it' 'I,!. (-',JI.. has CUSflAfl u 3&
r .li. i .- i .ii' i fo.r election r Inforrmtatlon heerfully finished. GAO
tir t r, w re hwur fl ..- ..n. .,. .. n
In t,) i,-r,,'lh Cai, .lil. -L-n ss.

hi' I A

t ':
k i



ai iTd
n' '',

f though we have endeavored to provide gifts
Am. A d the best things-the most unique
tl;ip-have a ba b of going first.

Mo m-- ---
*ti *' .


ty *

l Silvaerian Watches, Clocks, Jewelr

is, Miat Pes, Fancy China and Vases



r of Disappointment in tilling your list of
ive us an early call.



' 'K '"

I tI
II 'j; .y ~j ~ I
~r~n .


-- prth Side
B d
*n T! .".




I_, liii_ __
A -- a-... .-., ---_,-,- .- .- - .-~ -

"@0 &, itLx

d" Wor .'- "mn ,


^ ndaertaka GCoo

,t ,om, FPnelal Direbtos and
-aS' .Liosused Embalmers.
:Msn ffwlIg 4 the One' r
*.mt. Nes 0.a. md mrsreor aM kehu
g jyl r.. iwemetej homM, Rite stams Art
14, Wem si' i m m tms y a K- E*
Sflt oAtM, ,IS YSllI, .... nS S m
.W ^ .- .. - ... ,
",ra auCI Ir tn3m ~imdb + m

#b,. i, 2SaorrC gv pm a m.
:j; ; ,ii IC l-- A s P, _llr l rm, W B-
bty ofte usAe p oi! g
wli the c malt, whna rt "

ABW -OWsLa. o uw. D Au

______-__- OwW X

OOt over Mlrous Kadel'. '*AU work uer-
0~ie: Magnolla Hotel, Galemrville,
All dkM ss meWfuUfl tretred without
unComiMtaft" Rad m**Wfltit|on free.
O-as HOan: Sto & .., (p. o m aor by
appEAsUSmL damea
And olleltor ia Equity
Real Estate, CooveyanolDl end UOen
eml Practie. All busioem promptly
attended to. Ofl.. next door to sun
ofaio. OArlurn I.LIt, FtORlIA.



an aell your city property, (im.
proved and umip ruvd), phosplate,
traekin aad farming la&ds. Send him
tllk of wbht you offer for ale. 2142w.




Ooe in Emadl Blook.


oa-or soameierA Aiam
a Oo' tk. flwtsn
mn oa to Crowsa ad mUrs work.

DoM & TInOWr

Coast Dnarrl suacrs
Sa loew Yok Otu.
ma wIuSnrsasIa
w kmeoheawe.

(With Dr. U. i 'flon).

Otoe lu MUlaer law Ekcl.anae,

Frank t(ard:icr. Prot'r
Jaokonville. -
Best Imgorted asti I ,nonestri L
and Wines in the roily.


('nwN I Il I I'tllr. WO, K.
Out-of-town peop1. please mina
i lgement before coming to haw-
done to avoid delay. -

Ot plano for thibl trvli cllnuSte. stcB
uine i longer tha nt-erl. comtvruc.d '
betn Mterialm. i 1 nt anrtlsl ,.
workamahflsl obtainblit.
UIptodate n evrrr
detail tn.l V n-
*uutlS. ,
Bold by continuously fti
without a angle fallro. Ifr i,
was a piano for a lifetiS& .

triaL We pim fretit. Wri
for prices TODAY.

Ludden & Bates
uanthamn vr l. Hill t

Mi, 4A%~

~' I~~i?.l~i~'Ct 4.


--- -------
- ---

, . ' ,


T A.~:~~~'l~ '''I'

.*l. ; L r .

*peresOit e u as.smaWt,, m
Sps !ls*Oe li matur.t r.

BASY,. pEdltlor sad Pubitlter
J. A. CAIJItL AnloIste lEitor
ji3 IL, ItHTfs. Cilsr ilr.
A Isfls TUasuRow.lI 4n
uf SiulN lbUtsbe every worlarl s-
,. l;evered by earrer in she elty.
eo airn of the United Bises.po* -
lotra a cr lt. t1a si otihI; I1.56
s1; ofr 4W *osts for Ive weebk-

lseiiMs oa leal etamE 10so ae a
ia ai5, IMdA a es*a for emeh SA4
gI b if'-V aIdvertirF made kn9owa

ItitW l WiD son Man IN SIr+le.
4vlees Week sBu a am eIatht-pse.
raper, publisihe every Moe-
tlll terry. and oetSalas all the
e fle wfela, ooal, state ad Ilo-
OeUt be mlled, p0 sse free, eto a
as waited Sultae or UVSda,. for ll.-
be be eome due arter ar&r
oef i4verestmistles er O wlie
Il eaursl. Prttle soL know to o
e rlestrdl to paw for ad ertlidas la ad-
.IuuivLLIL. IVA.

sheer i halfof good courage,

akes more than a house to make
Ir nellhbor le neighborly every
b the week.
Afrie wives have been sometimes
Jt Iwo peekels of hairpils.

and greed are thel bals
Ot he strife and contentions
'* wait for somebody els to do
s.1 yourself, and ,then you will
i Uo ldones

WiN writer says that "worry kills.
spi le than work, because more
A Okle the former."

Ila test and most fasluiating
of teeahlhn children to read
Itpat them to work on a type-

: Ibis folly to suffer the child to eon-
I abits of Indolenee and sloth
.expet him to become a useful
-. -.-- -
baeI s would be absolutely imrpos
IaI thia country with farmn pro*
marketed as other things are

1'Therm is no person buit would e tIhe
.l Ir fordolnl a kildnesL to some-
Svler day. Try it, and see how
It works.
The latest government Itatlltiic
that the United States produced
Jwi. 8 barrels of salt during the
P I08. This is the sinallest out-put

'Dr. Amelia Wilkes Wines, who re-
s i celebrate her eightieth birth-1
1, the oldest practicing woman
r it the world. She has prac-
la New York City since I64.

ylChina is undoubtedly the greatest
country In the world. Of a pop-
of 406,000,000 o9er one-fortierth
iraves. Every family of means
i s slave girls. The girls are
S1t1lu Purohased to do housework, it
obi cheaper that, to hire.

1 3r" Bramwell Booth of the Salva-
An Army has been a vegetarian for
It years and maintains her health
*WiP* of exceptionally hard work.
Itbisband is also a vegetarian and
1;' Booth may almost be oonlidered
lSii* Dea hle eats but the snlallest
:. -ioullt of meat.

":Many of as think if w were only
;kl e would do lots of thing. If
,3le ody lsated on this principle the
I'U 'Would be a misrable place in-
& BSut, as it happens, the poorest
a have the kindest heart. beeaose
Lt have experienced sulferlDn and.
Wlitatlon sometime in this life.

STheOudaby Packing Company at
aOmi.. % &h & #1 .. .... - I

MHiR9r QN 0o oS. Ulr i--os.
The details of the laest flghtingl 'I pool
around Port Arthiur don't make a
pleasait read iMg, but the story bag at
least the merit of showing what an
abundant supply of herui virus the For lhl Grultt lid Eot
old world skill carries along. Jap.a
nese anid liusilans alike have evident.- moal Shew u AIIICL..
ly waded in blood In the struggle for
the defense, rilaghter hals ifver
been more lhbokling, blio bravery hua
'luv' r been more abundant. Never in
all history have men rhion n rrater de -
l,1,1le nf death ithan has bIen slhowii TN! MILt O
in the terrib'l*, munthsi of sltriKglr t ir
ilth eitadell which Jie n fur I t arsT f 3
the key to the Ieit-rn ituiatuion '.
would pay fur ihlo. fort.relg, iIaC,. OUTM I ilN lO S
Iong asi ltuiia owis that fort the p'Lr.
pose for which this war is fougilt will Will pear In (iaiaelvllok
Poit )ale reern accomplished by Japan.
If the war ihoo i ti.t' rtllrd withrit F'OR ONE [iAY ONLY







For Sale by Johnron Bimr r

depriving Russia ter.miAnetl of th I I 1 1 L'
fortress a daltger would still be tium t. -
ed at Japari'. heart. The enitrol of r r 01 U7-, il. '---" ... .... '-- ,., .
Korea by Japan hwu be ou n nre 1 W wednesday r
defended so, liing ul the strongest posi. |...
ion in Manohuria was o eld by her December Title 1 what you pay for w en y
enemy. Russia needed to hold the know what you an
fortrea for the same reasons that Ja. -- t ., ,,i
pan needed to take it. Additional
motives for both siles were furnished Two Cmplet and Un.
by consideration of pretiq* and b w lll
the bearing of the Port Arthur situ- The-A ac u
nation on the immense struggle further bridged PerfomnUts Dhil
north. The tilk about whether :all .4
this desperate courage and destruse.
lion about Port Arthur has been well 2 o'clock p. m. and 8 p. m,
Invested, therefore, seems to us be. Door op ,n ne hur eli
side the mark. If thie war was to i D
at all Port Arthur was a Iseeulty to
etah of the combatant., and time was .
an eential consideration to both, es-
peo.,. i to Japan.
lpell rpo t Ipo to show that over A Free Outside Exhlbition G
15.000 Japanee Nllt In the recent at-
se byJsne felt in th O renh owt ilrat- on the show grounds Immediately after
task by hen. Nogi's men. How great
the Russla lose was nobody can tell, the parade.
but It must have been heavy. Prom
all Indleations many more thousands ; o
will fall before the vantage point s Theis n U k uf tre f tj
captured by lsh MIkado's me.. The Champion Hidgh en An

This bit of philosophy Is from The Dive f the World -
,. o ,fDive0 heWodd
Bodgwiek (Kan.) Pantegraph: "We
hear so much about forgoag to the
front, takinR Sime by the forelock, by Capt. David Lot"lip frm-po.sIvely
selling the bull by the horns, and the free to everybody before eaoh
like; and also that the man with th performance
tail-hold is entirely ignored. Ni.e prfor e.
nen out of ten wisely follow, and. U- s
ceed. where one does who cbarpWs THE ONLY
around at the front all the time. If Don't Fojget the Day and Date:
you miss the fnrelock, arnse the tail. s.pUOt .',. .
It s Isanging on mre than the par.
S. ,.,-. oo ...0 .. *Wda, ODumber 21 K ISM surpsan, U ulkm4
tlncular hold that counts. The m.,an.Un d r2110
will Io Just as fast and nearly as far ----.--. w... ,,,,,....... e**li
who has hold of the tail as lhe one r
hanging onto the horns; besides he
ger. Youg I111man. don't I H tw ainx.- l A i. fl
ious to Ret rapidly to the front, but *3rsn i >|.
hang on to halt you have and you will r
get ahead ill the world Just a. fast as 'T he M tS
you deserve." IN'a1 'At lLI
How's This?
How's This? i *l o~r nOn the A. C, Std A. .V
We offer one hundred dollars reward
for any ease of ctarrh that cannot be None Better t the tat
cured by liall'. Catarrh Cure. MN 1 ,..l i
F. J. C llemc v & CJo,, Toledo, .(). ................ .._...
We. the undersigned, have kfuown V. Nr i :
J. Oheney for the last 15 yeaars ad be.
live him perfectly honorable in all E I.;
business transaciunos, and finacially k
able to carry out any obligations made 2 5 W ay eSt
WAIn.NIS KINss.N & MARVIN, NtCheeKr .Y. Os trally
Wholesales Iruggists. Toledo. 0. NI I ImU I5, 13,1 M
aIlal's Calirrh Cure is taken in.___________________
ternally, actll d ireetly pon thll blood
and mucousa urfacel or the rsetem. M AMD W UOM ,
Testimoniuale seat Pfrer. Price, ,6C per arasU tm teser tmai h. B J f
fake Htalils amily Pails for consti- i gr r...i..., -- me i.aa, F,
Ca:at Ion mi Pauisl. m as m! a ils.
There are many who seem to delight r l.t.5.t. SSrS...,.. ACCIDBWl 1m
in saying that ministers' sons do not '.lir ll trtiI., O *l. '
amount to inmuh. The American Boy (M (rcatfr me* P rnu 1,
furnishes a list of the onea of nlliuter --. 2 I. A8UR
includiKg thr following, who eertainlyl PIaII
have honored their fathers as well as fA 1i1. l
S.... I... ... . II. i... I ..... Ha l

tulemew iv'e .grASsi, lia iimli, .rinriL-
than, Eidwardo. Whatley. P I'rklin,
Haueruft, the 'volwyr, I lreri.ets aud
Spurgeunsi, Cowper, Coleridgr, T'enny.
son, Dowell, iolnime, nmersun. Charles
Kinitley. Matthew Arnold, Dean Stan-
ley, M acaulay, TTiaclkeray, Nir Chrristo-
pher W ren, Sir ,Jolhua Reynolds, Swift,
rSLier, IHatlltt, Preidenits Cleveland
and Arthur, Ptter Stuyvesean, lAduo-
iram Judson. Timothy Dwight, Ienry
Clay, litx (ircna iallek. Mlorse, the
Inventor; Justices Field and Brewer,
Benator Duliver aind other.


', L
*^' h


)ftTnf S noo'i


cnsosK ett R U I

sewis or m.laeeh. Abstrmts of Title ad fill .lformar iif fc ?i
TNa SU11M81ei l0*0e OiV | e aonaty. Oar Isaerr h- ll o ird
Imar4-4now Liniment Co. i tssry erveua i
PerM UhbyW. N i fl T7CV'r :'ni

rII;01 4

A ;&


. r l'^
4.',. i,


-"-- ...-. 'T* ei

IIR l : ,,. ^,, .' .. .' I.. * .
DL WW: '"r j," YT'. .. ,' r.
r.MU.rM NVh-tW,,,.tDA.. .C.E. .M B ;.- :1'6.19 0'. . ...'. ..
'va ,Is. 'I.r

-d -Opp*"


#~'z4~~: k:



C W I '*..
'F ,'

mind to

*tter reonou
Sits is
ly the best

the d
l;de~inon both
J tudy the










V; A. ~; S:'
.t!''': :;ljd ;

I ,

We sell on the installment plan1, small! cash
payments, balance paid weekly or monthly.
Our line is complete and many articles suit-
ed for Xmas presents are pre-eminently
displayed at our store, Christmas shopping
is dreaded at its best, the disagreeable part
being the crowds, rush and hurry. Avoid
this by making your purchases anLd selec-
tions now and have the goods laid aside tfor
you, marked to be delivered oni the day
wanted. We store them free of charge
and make the delivery as ordered.
rrr V. -J ..-..-.... ---
You never saw the Iike-a fsMoisting assortMeut entirely ditTfreiit from ay
bting ever shown here.
.- .- .. .. ...,-

Ft Art Spas

Oriental Pattern
All wool Pro Brussels
Ax Minster
Velvet and Moquet '

Handsome all wojl Smyruer
Linoleums, oil oloths. Mattnla
of heavy and pretty patterns.

^********~f''^*KJ *;
Wwrel 14gr



: 11' .
'U'" ',' : '

.0ev woods. 0

., SrtaICPe....

i .i: S d.
i~ T oo

': I .''

S'w^111 i
.i1 H / . .* .. ,
4$, 'I .,'i ,

! [ * *

Our warehouse i1 full, our store is full-over-bought, that's the condition.
Music' make rmwno for olhur PFuriturv. Have another oar arriving next week.
We are offeriliK them at a big cut prise. Astend this sale and get a good on*

a's a u d thbe snano ad address
seM*ou, M to boy fmitur and
r wril irteMia e a beuktrol soiveale rnd
.tgwrtl kMitod artilel b='oltely free.
We Js ask i f stamp to py poitg e.
W e e ... .... ..a . . . .
Year se........................
S* e le SI *.m .... ......... ......
am, e44 ,,.~~....,









Chairs of



Lamps and Pictur

The Night before Xmas
And every alllyh throulout the year ou should sleep on our Hygione
MasctS sIU trfas anyo magaine.adverniid mattress, and cost
third lI. Between a sleoeplea It and a restful sleep there i. a world
ferese. R-rreshing slumber and perfect rst are assured if you ui
Hygiene' We have others. Ask to see them.


Japanese Stands,

Corner Se

Insic Cabinets, Box Seats, Willow Go

Everything Knon in Furnishings.
..--. -. --, I- I.I-. i.-l







We Kno%

%kmI a a


:bA k r;


* Felt

of dpl
in. the



.. 1 .- .. . . ~ . - ---

f A

I 1

. f





,DPoe. IS.--A aeoB lrgals oal B
i tShe Pmbrenerian church
59 Ir. Waddell ws called
IuSirP e. He will presbh two
ps in Meb month and two Ruu-
.lS ...loa.. Wr.I. ulC Curl & G
ed organist with Miss Martin
Slmwn anld family have moved O : aIN 2

gad Mrs. Ja. 8. Cotton ofr K-. P r I
lad., have arrived at their winm.
r, Llttleflld of the iHrantly C ct-
pIpanl was In town this wirek




Brown House



-, Mel m p nall, an Itd reside nt
FPord, near here. dlied quite
I of orgestlioe of thle brain on
T. he interment was in Archer
Son Saturday.
Wod, wino he bi en iIs Atlansa,
eter the car of a s Mec iallst f or
pMnI11ie, has roeurnef d lhom.e is, leiraceilal to lit gluses In
t improved ip health. Luen as ,ats ur that thy relieve t le
Lodr K. of '., at their last Pe srcitli prfret-lr ; ti'ting the eye
ed te following o i r eShr antio rt e uniatr, i iisl preperving
lld tie following I lrt-e ee. In uza iliaing thu eye only
mseUlSg term: J. E. Wells, 0* latest and most improved methods
V. Bane., C.; J. W. May, and instrument are used.
I, D. Fleming, M. of W.; 8. T. Phrialira elsptal uy are invited to
at A.; C. I). Wood, K. of all and investigate our methods of
orredtiuo error. of rllfeaslon. Many
LtUa M. of F.; A. B. Hodgeon eas of hemadehe, neuralgat, nervous.
3.; i. S. Bradley. I. OG.; J. M. new, irritability, lsommai, vert o,
0. G.; las. S. Kiner, D, nervous prostration and the seemain
oprsentative to Ornnd Lodge., stuopdity of children are often due to
ur i T defeetivte vision cau t by an abor-
Curl, with A, T, Duren aae &I-I al OurVatule of the corn"a or Crystal-
0. D. Wood, A. Ii Cham- line Ilsii or to an irrvgtlarity of he
M. H DePasW, Trusters. refraoting media of the eye, and are
relieved at lonse upofn the, application
FitM Will be Brittr. of the proper glasu KilitrIt per cent
t wi be of the people over 40 )eats of agr need
who will perllst in closing .glasses, sd 15) per eenu of the 90 need
amn anet s the continual reom- I them for distance.
M of Dr. Kilg's New Diseor. ti" ,ase are iot always given to im-
rprove eyesiKht. tut to relieve undue
OLsumplioe, will have a long i rain--in short to dis n nature.
ewlr tlht with their troubles, if Tlhoiusa.l of e yes are ruined yearly.
earlier byfatal termination. tevrcn persons out of ti-n have neither
i what T. U. Beall of Beatll, Mis.., .yes alike, and one out uf twenty As-
Stig-matiam ; hence the neceslrtyr of test-
Isy: "Lset fall my wife had l in a eacs he n epsr tele. Spell at-
pryptom of eonsnuption. bhe entl on is givvi to any inequality that
r. King's New Discovery after may exist between the refraction of
lg elsle had failed. Improve 11e he eye,
O IIptical science has made rapid ad*
lam at once and four bottles vanes within thes last few yearn; the
u uraed her." Ouaranteed by correct adoption of speotacles has be-
isFte. Price 0o and $1.u0. Tri- come a distinct profession. The opti-
Inu *e elan who thoroughly understands his
---- business realizes l fuly that in adjust-
uIT RlIGQN IN SUDAPEST. ing IaIMes for his customers he is
i treating with a most dellate and pre-
t Opensin Pecct Oioua organ, where the slightest error
ltet Opens in Perfect Order nay result seriously, while if he does
SAftr Previoua Storm. his work well he not only giive erom.
jiapeel, Dec. 15.-The lower house fort alid ease to his patrons, but In
it lHungarian parliament opened mnunl Instance* restores the stht.
I perfect rsim. The royal Special care should be taken in me.
ovokntle diet was Ie ing the fist pair of spectacles, nor
convoking the diet wEa tI- should it be attempted without the aid
to attentively and the house of a reponsible optioian. It is mosa
adjourned without the least important that the lenses should be ase
pt on the part of the oppolstlon curately centered and of the beet qual*
IseIw the rioting of yeaterdlay I ity and the frame so made that the
er liarer looks directly through the een-
w or lir lnes tit the j)rocceIInge "tr. losses nicely Aited to tbe lfae
iattrbuted to the absence of Prew- bet me an ornaent a well ae a nee
Pernel and hli parliamentary oeseity.
tgurdwho yesterday were driv- Fitting children with .spectacles a
Sthe house. Had these been specialty.
1t nudoubtedly there would have Parents. do not neglect your chil.
tepetitons of yesterday's scene denllCs eyeas olicited.
1h opposition, under Ihe leadership All questions in regard to the eyes
o tO1L Appmnyl and Franori Kos- cheerfully answered.
0. took posessnon of the hous.t a., Constutation and Examination
SaS 6:30 this nmorningi In conse-
Sof a runir Ihat the goern . .
mli propose 1( hold a hitting at < )lCe hour froan 10 .h 3 p.m.
S a. The dl;n'iriit ttok up a' --
S"postio n t hiei presiten' plat. p n Tale
i prepared to repel any attempt of rocct and Table CUlery.
PI trds to disposses them. Thl'
-.r however, made no effort to n
he: bhouse and on thb asSuranrta o l
ht Andreasy that President P':.
i6o1ld presidt and that the gtluards'
*id nolt W nltrr the hoaue. the ain t
c was cleardl p^T-i ye IIE te2''sOX

Revolution imminent

S tr sign of approaching revolt
M rlous trouble in your system is
ess, slepilesnesls. or stomach
I Electric Hitters sill quickly
ber the troublesome causes. It
atils to tone the stuImacll, regia-
th. kidneys and bowels. stiniui
the liver, and clarify the blood.
down system ielietit piar-
rl and all the usral attending
vanish under its reaching and
h effeetivenep. Electrio Iit-
1 O6ly tc*. and that it returned if
%pive perfect satisfactionll Iiuar-
i y all droggists.


117 West Union Street

l e r n.. .. .

Ammunition and Guns.

A varied selection of Carvers. Triple
latedd and-Solid Silver Pieces.

Largest Sellers in Florida of

Etl we ed4

Woven Wire Fence:

am If






n mistakably

differentt I

That I. the dCeep sitl ell.-foundi d ')rrivctio.j in
th' itltiliiio niitl ir.t it-

"orrect Clothes

Hand-Tailo-ih .I.
Co., Baltimor...

Outttitter to Partic:ular People.
mmwmmw .-.- wmwm mw

l Schloi4,

Bro &

Thiry are markedly hsilerieor in style and workman-
Ihip to oliser makes of redy-to -wear apparel.
Don't be deceived by the clothing pietures you ee
the magazine advertisements. Take these relabrate
lustrations an4d ompare tihem with the elothea L tlh
aim to represent and watch the efftet upon your opin-
"Fine pastures do not make fine clothes." is one of
'e Shlo slogans. This make of elothla stands on
e Senulne quality actually foumd in eah garment.
The suit shown in the Illustratlon bat faintly repre.
intI he m sshabpe of DIuble Bereas ed ask. Wu
Ire It in the popular urowsr and fancy mixtures

FROM $12



Fish Eggs for Naw Zealand.
San F'rnncisco, Dec. 15-J. F. Ayson.
commlAsiont r and inspector of fsher-
lee of New Zealand. hsa arrived here
for the pitr lete of taking home wita
him. 100Q.Oellga of the eastern wfilts
fih and 300.000 salmon elts from this
ate with which to stock the streams
sad akre of New Zealnad.

In These Days
While uneeropulous manoteutur.
en and agens are floodlDn the eountrty
with worthles sewing machine., and
issuing oleulars md making state-
monte wherein they have copied the
lexitimase lahims of reputable eompa.
nlee, many purchaser become hewll.
dered and pulled, and find t difflolt
to make a selection. The popularity of



which has been maintained throughout
the world, Is evidenee of Its superior.
ty; and as the New Home Bewlo MI.
ohine Company has always ooyed the
enviable reputation of manu facturin
tnt-clan sewing marhines. there ned
be no hesitation i buying a NEW
Dlu not be imiosed upon by agent
tolling you that some other maeblne
is Just as awod; ask thoae who have
used the NEW HOME for a quarter
of a century and Iw guided by what
they say. For L.ight Running, Sim-
plicity and Durability the New Home
has no equal.
If the agent in your locality insists
on selling you sami other machine
write to the undenigrned and he will
see that you are supplied with the
New Home at a reasonable price.
Reliable agents wanted in every lo.
eality in Florida. For prices, terms,
etc.. add re-





E WEIL & CO., 2s




* ,*-.**, :'f



S .'
ph~s *F' t
?;* lr



,9-. : '1



_.tb t w ; .*^ fji
..NEDULE IN Kn H,.o.. 4* ..10.4
'* .. .1 'A

2 V-sstbus 'tramia. aFS tco.H 8_ b.A)
tv v .. htolty A T 4t
Lv Jeup .. ....SoK It M 104
Lv Savasnah... t ty I DOp 12 1
Ar Columbia 8o0 y 6 Iip 6 00
Ar Obarlote so y 4op a' *
At Greeouboro SoR ly 1 *S 12 16
Ar Danville ..Ro.y I 4 Ia Op
Ar Wlehmoed. 8ol 5it 64 S
lAr t hbeu.r Sut sy 44 ofi. 4*
Ar Washlngtoan do R 9484 9
Ar BOalimor e -.. I Ky 11 SM 1R I
Ar W. Phladel'ia P Ry 1 46p
Ar New York PRy 4 1p 6 R
No. 84--"New York sad FloridW Ex.
PreM." Daily Pullman Drawlu Rqoo'
leoplng Car between Port rTamps,
Jaleonville and New York,
No. )--'-Washlapon and Florida
Limited." Daily Pullman Drawing
Room Sleeping Car Jaeksonvilu to
New York.
Through "The land of the Sky." No. 80
Lv Jekeoavills, Fl.a ....o y 7 Up
Lt Savanash, (as ......dt H y 12
ArOolnblbaI.. .. ..3lty S WM
Ar Asheville. N. C. ...... So B 1 p
Ar Hot Bprilgl N.O Ho Ry 870
Ar Kao xillet. Tenn o Ry 6 O0p
Ar Louisvolllle .o. yo lip N la
Ar St. Louo .... Ry 4 Up
Ar (Onoinc ati ... Q & 8 1 a
No. Ml--Dfly Pullman drawingroot
and buffet sleeping ear between lack*
sonvill and t. Louis.

Two Trains Daily
Washington and
New York.

Atr A cii O.,. ..';
At b5El^ Sfl, SF, 4W .4
ArOf lnt.0 .,.

Ar Oi I!...t J

Lv u ooi.ei, .... f
Ar Toledo, .
Ar O tMl lt ...

Ar CBraad. oa A......4
Ar)I.-pL... 9,
Ar PIotSpr.l.. Ae k
A r IF ol R..

A lNo. l; 3-'b
J~B~#ar~lim .... .,
i?5r Man,
day Puarnli m raling .

Are r smms TnnA6*....Y J
As B i at A a*., .AIX
At MemphAllis f .. ,,"
Lv omphi, e . ...Tm
Ar not Spris, A PEA ..r ......
No. 13-"T69 PFlorida LUN 0
ly. Pullmroan Idrawl$ IIr
ham. Momphl, &ad KS
)ylullYmiw dtuiOf bl*J

From New York. Washington. etc.-No. 29. 'Washlnto and1
lied," 9'-0 a m.
From Chicago, Cinoinnati. Chattanooga, Atlanta, fete.No. d, ;'
Limited," 9:35 m. n.
From Kansas CityMe. Brinhie. isrminilgha. etc.-No. 141 "
From Cincinnatt, .sheville, ete.-No. 29, "Washngton Oa # t
lied." 9;(XIa I ..
F rom N.w York, Wishing:on, etc.-No. R8. "New YorLk iu irflit
press' :lJ it m. i:
J. C. LUSK. District Passengr Agent. lo W. Bay Bt.. Ji6SS0lIe, (11
f1 la kakL*. i: &M W It IT..Rai n P ( A 46r I. lAailA .






LOutfitter to Particular People.





I- A -0- L' '-'. il. ,I


k -


9-; SdW.'; iywf.'w- *.' *^'-^T 'J^-1.i^ ^ ^M .,i'iIl~ .,.pwyyyy~~~
T-Try'l 07
1 1 1


.C AND ..

ad heabsw t Oath
.;. rm by OR 3tpsrta"



ta Happened and What Is Going
L p T$4" he ISn hoet Paragraphs
,TM ~I *o Who ruem May ReadR"
The tum
wMb Cushm i Utl,
tabe and Mandy at the Carni.

Train Robbers are with the

ao Wonderful Salve for sale
Sw, ollum & Co.
a d Mand from Coney Is.
Pow with the CaOrnival.
she Train Robters hold up a
a d rob he pasengern.
1r 3. Stokes of Micanopy was
visitor to this city yester-

ter A. L. (Olae of the At-
Oiat Lime baa returned from
JI di p South Florida.
M oreard of Port Orange
Sofew days here a the gesst
nla Noarth (Jlaeevllle.
Sherit J. H. ranger de-
esrurday for Alaehsa. where
gammoned on olfial business.
T. IDell IsJ pending a day or two
his family here. Sam is one of
et seesoeful traveling men Jn

Apderon of High 8priag, one
h dlang youngU merchants and
smei of that place, was in the
A. Armtrong of Marriston was in
IIty yesterday, having come on
oanmeeted with the United
land oafee,
J. Rogero of Palatka, repro-
Swift & Company, packers.
Sand Jacksonville. l In the eity
iRl tres t of his firm.
rIs-leNew Wheeler A Wilson
a oine, fI. o. b. factory or
fe. Apply at this o aice or 3X
IU nrty street. dwtf
*. 0. Smowden of Micanopy. more
aly known among his friends as
aowden, wau among the
t o thle eity yesterday.
sa Mrs. William Gibson of
-wore in the city yesterday, havy
|pme to consult Dr. Alderman, the
a, O professional buslnes.
a Liberty street a black hand
naUlnaingl money. Finder
ltum uAtoMr. O. (0. Tyner, 108
lek stret, and receive reward.
P. (1. Ramsey of Wasahoota.
ens aeanmember of the Board of
ty Commiesioners from that dis-
was trading in the city yester-

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Rhodes bhae re-
to their home in this eity from
Sp and other points in South
a. Friends are glad to welcome

I Florida *yrup *1 per galotins
Orleans syrup 40o per gallon.
Florida homey In quart jar 2 kt.
8lan syrup in pint means l en Earle.
l. John \V. Ettel of White Springs
1 ~yestqrday in this city as a guest
r on, Joe. A. Etel. Brown House.
stimable lady has many friends
I, who were glad to see her.
Olaptan A. Paul, peelial agent of the
|*e tates land office, hua gone to

a couty and other points in
Florda on ou elal businew. He
is to tbe absent about ten days.
Swant i 00.00 pounds of serap
AM. I pounds of serap brass. Will
thi highest price. Bring us your
Iron and bras. Oainesville
y and Machine Works, Giaines-
. Fia. dim

A-roag the visitors to this city yes-
lsay was W. PI. hettleworth. the
taalwve melon grower and trucker of
SIinsvlton seeton. Mr. Shettle-
minb states that Iisa lettuce and other
.k is advancing nicely, and that he
!Sl pates nice returns
SAlaong the prominent West End
IlqOters who are visiting Uainesville Is
ltyant of Wannee, who called at The
i* ollee and renewed his subserip*
!lt Mr. Itryamt osates that farmers
ti 4i atlon have made gool crop.
Ism A,, ,J O. A -- ........ ._ M


are good.
Lad es' allina cards printed in latest
styleat BUn oatoe. Orders for enmrov-
Ing executed on short notice if.
W. 0. hligu of Ifague, one of the
most prominent residents of that oee
tion, was among the visitors to this
city yesterday.
Our labor r'itraeitsaves possible los
from advanees to semploye; fifty or
less at three cents each; $2 per hun-
dred. cash with order, tf. i
Lueas HBlck of Hague. Junior
armber of Padgett Black, naval
stores operators. wa traneseeing buosl
nrs in this eily yesterday.
F. H. Il]tts, postmaster, express
agent and ther *whole cheese" of the
progressive rillage which bears hie
name, waytraiisating business in this
eity yrIstefdy.
I)eputy Shtr, ff F. 8. Curl of Armber
wasin ll u city yesterday. Mr. Curl,
who is one of the most e*elent ofleern
in the country. was en route home from
Jacksonville, where he been on
W. J. Parker, deputy organizer of
lthe Modern Workmen of the World,
his returned from Newberry, where
he is working In the matter of orga1
islas a lodge of thas order. He reports
good program, ad here Is little doubt
bat tht a good kodp will be organamd
J. D. and T. II. Strlngfellow. 0. A.
Colelougbh ad others. desirous of a
han. departed yesterday for Alaehua,
where they expect to "take the
woods" In proper shape this morning.
Insomuch a these hunters are all
sportsmen of reognlased ability, there
may be somethip great to relate in a
subtnquent lssue of The Sun.
A furniture rack has been Installed
In the store of the tainesville Furni.
tore Company which will not only
prove a roomsaver, but is designed
to show the chair off to a nloe advan-
tage. As furniture people the Mere.
Powell have demonstrated that they
know their business and The Son ul
slad to note the sueeaauof the new
Arier a brief visit to this city. J. F.
Whetstone returned to his home at
Mikeavlle yealerday. Mr. Whetstone
was formerly engaged in the lee manu-
fatturing buaineas here, having pur-
ehased the Interest of the Expres Re-
frigerator Car Company, but later
opened a fginery at Mikeaville. It ls
understood that he has disposed of I b
itereats in the ite business here.
Remember that Miss Wimberly,
teacher of elocution at East rlorMda
Semlnary, will give a reeital at the
Seminary hall this evening for the
benefit of the Athletie Assooiation of
the Seminary. The admimlion will be
nominal, and the entertainment, whieh
will be one of the most enjoyable of
the season, should be well patronisetf
The exenlses will begin at 8 o'eloek. I
How Miles Orton'a Hhow ean afford
to give sueh a diverslfed entertain-
ment for the admission price charged
it a pussler. but that they do it Is a
fact that can be vouched for by all
who were present at yesterday's perform*
manees. The reputation that preced-
ed their vislt to this city wne of aueh
a nature that great things were ex-

peated. Judging from the reception
accorded the show. the praise be-
stowed was well deserved, and the eir-
cie will be a welcome visitor eah sea-
son.-Evening Journal. Elisabeth,
N.J. (ainesville. Dee. 21

Mobile, Ala.. LDee. 24, IW.
)r. E. W. Hall, St. Louot, .o.-Dear
Sir: Having tried different doctors
and their remedies for several years
for back and kidney troubles. found
nothing successful until taking The
Texas Wonder, Hal'* (Great Diseov-
ery, and, baing rapidly cured, the old
saying with railroad men is. "God
bltes the man who invented the Pull.
ian sleeping ear." but I Hsa '(od
bles the' inventor of Halls Texas
\'ouder." Yours truly.
W.. CLA.K.
l &A it. It. It. Co.. Mobile. Ala.

t)oe small bottle of the Texas Won-
der. lall's Ureat Discovery, eumr all
kidney and bladder troubles, removes
grvel, curwe diabetes. seminal emis-
,.inn 'arh and lane rbanks. rheaumn.

r. r. Henderson, the |eacli grower
of Arnow w.r ir&adij in i he eany yle.
terday. lliderson it the owifer
of o0ie of tli fnest peaolh nrohar)s In
the State. lie rreesily received a
prise for an artlet, treating the out.
lure of ote5Chee.
C(Oin i Mallard of Jls'kmonville,
mearmtr of the firn of the Miller &
Mallard broeery Ouimpany, rae In the
aity yesterday ithe In terest of his
firm. Mr. Mallard formerly resided in
Ualneeillle, and hra many friends
here who are alwsay glad to see him.
He reports a good busnuew throughout
his territory.
Ootrnstor WitLtook, who Ins beep
engaged for the pat few d)sa in trans-
formlng the Williame bloca into offme
buildlang, is making nice prigre t.
When oompleted these uulrs will be
among lhe mosst modern in theneily,
and it goes without saysag will rent
readily at a good aom. It is tnder
stood that the o1fees have beeon sll qk
for already.
W. Neswborn, traveling organizer
of the Brotherhood of Railway Track-
smn. has returpd to this oity, after a
smeeceful trip coverial a period of
about three moIthe to various poiler
throughout the Sooth. Mr. Newbern
6 a lowvr follow, hbose muss be a
leverr e gaiser. He h as jenoyd le
smoe* drlnhise work. and sis I eed.
ee to add made w friends wherever
he has bees.
W. E. Cesler, State orgalner of the
Mode. Workmea f she World. has
restned from AlMahu, wseb he es-e
*@edd in e or ilaE t mum oeeesful
lodge of Mat eoer. The lodp ill
o epril eihktee members, and will
a istitted thise eveal. Mr. Crw
ator, who is a r deSt or Oalaswlle,
hae emoeded In organlsrlg aM leeral
lodge here, ileosopy sad other plate
nl the sooaty.



Tbh Holidy teoa of 1904
I now opeo me ad we have
made nusoal preparaikes

Thegr. a iseseea

open for Insope tIf. Prelre
from leup to .. . .
op i
Doll CorrioI i. Great V oriIty
From Ne m.o Faull it.
of ahe Metal Doll CarrIage.
Toy Wagons-all sies and pries.

PlcturM Alkum, Purrs,

Watehb, Chains, Ma sic
Rols, Ink Stuids, Famep
Box aper Founsarl Pens
asd ll kinds of thing sualt.
. able for pr tnu . .
.......... -gI l I

Buy the "old man" a pair of
He will like them.

The Grssdest
Lies of Furniture...
Suebas Parlor Suits, LouangC,
Oak and Rattan Rookene,
Cooler Table. odd plees,
etc.. ever shown.
Remember we are the people.
Full line of Peters Loaded Shells
Just in.

Come to the Sale
whieh opened on the 14th.
have many good things fur

Do You Eat Rice ?
We have got it, and
. sai.a ,n i .Ill n .se a


.- -- -- --.
lnthC Cf &I Imure with OMhmn A Hill. *flfl**f* mflfl4f4gn*nma40
miss the Trois Robber, Lok nt fno r thes Oreat Tira ol To improve nd Prser .
.ut soee be and Mandy. Tbhey ,r ****a c T improve and Prr

aun rowuma


owes' a.i

MM In laesvlle by J. Dii-

OL - - -v -I-- T -7 I

,l r A. -. W. A

WritO or Our

wa.,Etc. 1911


No. maS arP$ Sen te*i O

'I ..
* *. n

rr. *~ *~

"riH BUSY s5p01."



Dolls and IFancy Good,

Drew Good

Ladies' Jackets,

Children's Jackets
sad ail kinad of
Rugap, Blankets, Eta

We an bhidt l for oar trdith
the btet leMsod ee In tse eons
as prleew wicsb b i b Cinle-

,Nra ,

J,. B. LI. Pae eklevr reer a-tifh
of the Ladea d Baee 4 Bete6 Maode
Hooae, ha retired frn m t. AtAAeg
tme, Titesville aad other palat Oc the
East Ooast, wher he eha bns for the
pat three weeks in at a inret of h
lame. Mr. Pate esN that the peagl
of the East COoae arm pr-spebe lust j
now. The hotol are opeulia, the
prices for pndwlts of the UNt 0"e
are od, and as a onsequesa e.
body hapyn.
"1 was moeh afflicted w lSh sealant "
write Ed C. Nud, lowaville, ti-*
wick Co.. Ken., "geWil about s
erutehes and offering a deal of pia.
I was Indueed to try Ballard's Saow
Inatment. which reirved me, I uas
three re bottles. It is the gireaeM
lialmeat I ever used; have veeom
mended it to a number of person all
express themselves as beinl beneftod
by is. I now walk without erahes;
abe to perform a great deal of light
labor on the farm." Sb. 0., 1.00,
Sold by WV M. Johnson,

* T "* 5 S.L

1 *: '"^i
;** '*1. 1 -
*' *^


.,- .. ,-, *r" .ih1*

I * ..*~** 4 9* *^
a "I*'

i .

-* .. v il i :
'. I' ,'., i
** < ^ -. ,.' -
: : * ;
aa~ia _I' ^;-t.
B- '^H

- a-m

.. .
,; ., '" .
: .r'" '"""i ,,e-.l

y m~r"

tarn Lets
mITE'S~~r U:


Among the promaieat visitor to
this city yesterday were Captain J. W.
We Carter and on. W. R. Cater, of Nl e.
you. nopy. Captain Oarter is one of the
oldest and most wkiely known resi-
dents of that section, and owns a
handsome home and prlifio grove nl
that town. l ais also a ontraetlag
rok dealer and lt year made a
,.. .., roek dealer, and lst yoar made a eon-

". ; _

'snmP InIbsusSG

* 1,. If .
I '







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