Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 11, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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o tvr Ifly Trhee Co nn eted Wi t Chw y h R
SM y-ont CoT *IinE ttorEy YIn hDi opening aru Return to C PvlSnd Ond tnd Trial.
at iltp tpmarh Ml C asen Admitted to Court Room. WE A
Ma1d laW~" aed todNw toh'k, Dec. tei,-Now that the
dgo h 6 btftresoame task of choosing a jrry has
psfI#VWwtDh th e M. -. no bo n iomported and the ars t or the
we oko o It l ke nir thl tbhl Port of thoe Committee Do prts mtieon distr beIn, ourtllne. by e Nle o Bond In Bight p nd Pri ouw
OINVt ,r tilMl e ek0 stit adt yI t),rtl J toisrlie' Attorney Rfand.i t wwe
SWitnes e4- a t o iely Agai t Judg*o. oecloo A lrtr Jwd progtre r would hO I I Very Nhe prvo

SAo is Oa ror to a f l o ooo e court troo e eryAY WAIVa bt PRE LIMINARY TRIAL
a at A11bil SOmla eie dl Mucinh lnpeulatic ha1i ftv l oweod saome
PenMen Sill Will kofe thee statint ments Mnti by t8h pro. Mrdy. te
eloNemt Menday-eHoUs 410 Into Condre in hi opening *rou Rturn to Clevlnd and Wand Trial.,
u i ov ms.,& aIrttres of at Whaol moto dor Ap o. Peat;, ea rd t. a.pd t o Iter h be inad tas of Health c
pelSgig^ emi Otheor Imtg ss daIled today that th tes tlmony oWr co
Smindmn SteUrn, then pawn broker, m a Physial Collape Is Now Fearl.
A1 PWasinhluton. Dec. 10..-Io sob-tcor, 0o be so important for Ithe prosecutLon Nw \ark, Dec. 10.--In her Ioo
.s .ew .... sat tn of the house Jud rport Ur My of t i urittourne bo eenv led sell In Ime Tombs prison. resorted o e
w ..heI+ k K l d W me, which hbas bem at1 e t rtlmor to belIevec, from the other ufrtun ate
pW1l 'dk W st a i a Ma of Judge Sw", of lrpot A largIer crowd gathered around the lan thd rle ehnd the prisorary w
'~IgOgl ii G h lai today re ted~aj to I r fupill oo th corrid erurt oug ever pary t ,Mr. Cllao Le. Chadwic. the for ly
Rbi AySW si rte s to riom e h~e td htW th d e the rly an of Justice Dait that elmir woma a now the oentra
itumao t of oearea thole bvhav lmo connection with thny be i nxoly o i the omlur of tome
I bfu hRemi lvtalvle Pla r). cbhair aeo be permitted to enter has ben rad aotnr of those to wm te cetluryl
Sl d 'I i r t wbo a-e=rolnal U VlS diret Mtdly enforced op to this time. w id ntian w dluel i toe c o eur

statilt a tst tesd Charle jrno.' id. Atist, wh, queit fir the eoa
gIP tWs bni "thMIW 00i ft "bat to theIr jd L o e oot scoured Ihe city in an effort to ri
mal sortltt em i thke (a pemitted themselves to become dim-d ee Ild
& t i euraed, however, and many remain toe i her
A060 0s1" 0ir Y enmittes ot Jsdt9vv .resect Ia lb. corridurs thiougth a greater part y All d
L ask a fit fods e to tile h sll6111the teatl- Ofr dt the day appaAll dawI thI lre' rom h Ihl
#ba$" uiote p1r"4Ing ta wIhn the gnd lf Chario Aatima a Joourn. amon tPl illn et ut hnully be ry e t om
w e* S ae in the p n waited anxiously in tao f re tt the
Vthwe sscluios that ts $r opinion bar
Sisttmany sires. the e. MASONS ELECT OFF ICiR. aor ol th*s o
S' 4pltat the add Carles o. f aid t dli roe to h
ho teiiw- Alabama Crand Lodge Namor Oinmcials ta t l hlbst fr the timeog Nr
dtiqAcvis l. Si i. tlo P and Adjourn. W abandoned d doo
.',..l .1b0 bu o ohIl*-o meoureb Ala.. Ihrr. 10r.-A-t a 1tl In tMdo Aehtt. ll o rel. a o ma t
t lflMt t0 a UE Wft oS0r ad a ootunriItI kol utelli rand ThridIay ;i al. S-nImht r whch Mrs. t hadcl;'a c ll i located
^ e|Dod prvldtuga tta wfhen thi' ghi nd lwoigs of Anabavna ajmnlabama. Nan Pattitr.i.i, ormplr wlhacw glrl. Ie
h hS e sad e Ieabo adon &i" ti Wlmdn TheoI a atenual .jrhn I higrear w"n r a pro. cusd oNf tlh illin onf U aar ouna .
.4 ht 1 4 ,' "wDec. t 1., It Ir ha u inl th4. rO s. io t Ceel bIln(. l lsafil fron .'very point
i P.... IsP llny hr1ot was *ubatlftklr for to" -of view. The attendance excerodd alls ke11eS haM brtn aClboartlhe u f
Aw lo. the conaIderat o er t the pen, xpeftlul ions. Beforee adoIrnmenthe corridor in frt. r (ll
i.'.there Were III la st 80l 1 vl-thig hfill e
*mmle AU. w.hLw'lltin ty an eti i tweeun ; a. ni. il.d I p. ii.. and sty
.0t teo of the ms1 in 112the wy. The newly lcea e ta
0 WIN",uRter oeoWsi l e 0 officer of tho gratk eand li'dg.e oare: it. ti.n
e Sb tlio tihe:~e, IClatrYe ead judicial approltpri Matthews. Mlyt ter,, ian. materlP: .ir,. Ia iI Ir .n .,iI Me do
WOOistlt adol Ip sreltoM 111 XM. Iatr I ('a.) prenadinl Bea 1. Jarojr:, Iliiillgherm. 1Ideputy ridr t islat meet
e 8pmel p1etiWeb. all lalurme n was taken g)rLt". sand mira*ti-; i . i ialllor). Selma.t h tor
.th 0 ga Iss paf fth e diso isulo as on the damenoad. senior grand &I.wn W1 ard. walrdln: lstorewronte UIn. ,h Ah1(a
I ,aLld.M b S l.w rt Mr. Hepburn l[wrais ltnl ~.ttn (;Iat d' Ptlln. Jtlnlor w tlrgd warden; wick. tSIrne. wof .aet'l taday hO
i* l tpe0akl liplaropetart for the civil servlc W. i. ilrut;r. IN'ly. J.ongtuiury. grand i
C hptH I ~wT esarnmIaao er By a ia te rarer: rg A.v BA:npmnm rnware T Mrs ('hr .Utrn d.r
d eeuabe fosimdoeut Vs lost. Manntgrrns'r)l gi rnd .,,r, syllry: Y. 'l CIMItII1 5e"nto (tapl'I nuii bw
4tsn o a to thb nj, aro Ius rtb r dln r the a dol k..F +I,, t.f UAfiii r ,hall p,- ir t h i ,
gt lfur:ther p readgrpr n of the bilhiu11 4U. t Rytt. M ,n'e .,ra 'en' Q I o n i talli b aiull fur ,l.:
J.ugeeM O.t peuprtcrto oodeCd far wern .Mr. Olr.tPeaI lain: iU. ,.,' t ler l 'he u,-- r
V & ielt tu bfmsmeas: e (Pl,) placed the obsthurt-ou In t h, grand inaru al; r. 8, lrrh.*t, iis epet, tr at
tatoI r on shelld pth of tie provlsion prrovdlng for a SpClUI r;i:,,,l ,,'C .&ull + ]- ,l,:'WBNI. Chvland of It |fltdint p idso taleothml eral c rriersaminng hOsri by d'- Wl'Iam, Ju'v'ur grani ,.wd., rl
o.lalag It to be neow le-lg alatton Intl Peti I:. Ai nr b)" .b* tbh ilue of addititIu;i! r~.nipltaintt
ot proper:Is;;ln the bill. ar:'lt, .ui,;', psnh~r t~Mlh t NIra. ('hadw'I ii0W US WITH QSA7T, Messr. i~lttauer IN. Y,). a member grad ,t,,,.,;;rs 1 A. Men. M':tr;Vgor 5I Pllh iul a set t*.'d @1 "tll utib.Cunslntltee, Sue! Sir. Hinlt cr)-. gram. I: r \VsarTt" V. "'11 gie I1OL' jr olhe'r pHalwr. X. Ie by
Urns... Unan TriM ll ts halrmann e -oca:d the arop allcom, of Au,,i-'o.n. *. re'mt,iinted Mr. (` 'ha t ick.
r tros of the paragraph. chairman oi the ('mt!tltit!P'r on rtenlorg ('nifed Starl : r 'thn lfdi H his
J1:a.i.- Ky.. Dee It--ch Co Tho Cetentiau of .Mr. Olmatead warn eorreaponetnee. Shinou raced tiar 'Mrs (Cihad ick h
Dot tled, D ,!.1hr l ha :,'. bail is
.aise .. Ietlds sd Mowa Ffli sustamLnd by Ihe chair, an4 th. par- urniabtet bfr:i or!rl. I Ilte-

w^s*K hMrM the prnnqtios 1. WE Stnri,.>1 Flom L hill as DODGE STILL IN HELD TEXAS* boon she will r*' befnr' lI'h-, 1 SaIt3
a siOe pne t twe M of Mrs. J. a wl aalso'te para graph dclar t o Cormti..T>ner .SlI-a.l. wat , x\a3XiL
ga salt the Har s. '--r ei bse Unlawfal to dvtaai leaks or other Will Be Surrendered to New York Of. t.iun return immuta t 1 eve-,
ainlsk the eHar s- F eeh in the derrtnnt at Wash- ficers when Mandate Arrives. luad Ohio
"epOIm the pert of the defend, t fordt wh h l oston. Tex.. I. 0 --harl .
b pftt the aaulsinaat io of I Dodge is still in Galresion in charge GERMAN REICHSTAG OPENWI
S'uan Jsehe last a er. ,of federal omfcrs of the southern tdls-
a Aliga ttodays S 1LAMEMO FOR LOW PRICE&S trict of Texas. who wl!l retain possee Iportant Treaties Slgned Wth 0th
4 S, :tM Iga 014 that they bad received i Ion of his person until the arrival el Countr;e
.fn that they would he killed' lmt Thee. Price. of New York, HN the mandate Dodge will thoe be uo:1: IIrka,. rii.. C ,,N' r Von
*,tiienetlled. Saeen Using Unfair Means. turned over to New Yptk omrers and hlci,,:w at i .. ,vr' ,r the reich
Sa.s ai amavit last light l aeomn Us.. le, 1 l.-Several Macon will probate. eav.. fr -ew York soon tg toda .ilt:
I *tthd beKmN ofSerod $1.500 not to parties blame Theodore Price. of New The ren,, al of tb, prisoner to Gi1 "*The T11e v,.r's,r.en. nte.d M
i It deleared e m would tand by York, tor the terrible fall In the price veaton was tius w thed l cottoan, saying that while be has pro were prevalet that New York offeore or the first renitq af the al hin: h"
,tmL.l .... tended to4 be friendly to the south. be had intenddl to take charge of Dodge, ended. cmnieral tr,'.t wth Rtu
i has bei---- ----- ng a tllnu all *ort or nlar and return at once with hin to New ala. Ronmauia. li ini. ltal. SitL
HIs O!f Will Ifor Child Labor Law. MaoSs to bear the cotton market York lie Is closely guarded by fedl erland and Semn Th rt t
f Bllio Doe. 10.-etinnlng ezx that he has been paying fancy pric-. enra authorltlts. ;with A" t. .tr a voI Mt
,i. i h Nay thUe child labor 'aw of 1111, 1 pnhl0traphs of cottosi fields where. -- al _a rIah l wi, a1 n,_ n
l e eftorcd I all the tton ple t ng had been deay eda. so Invited to Visit Roswell. ad lffrue
^.UJi'r ll" SUaMlas. of the state. Under the int as to create the impression that ther iRoqw@vel Ga., Vlt 10o.- T t can of inon r. ,ff Iwever
ruttles of the law made by Factory was yet an abundance of cotton In the oil thisw pace, a ---i ctcu z raoulmiruen oI e-en:, .In cwten,
potter Edgar T Devis, and sus I UAnI nimos bu passed a rles solution il. l hch Aurtit lHuiiaiy 1h- J'st wus4
*i.n-trnpgu m8 1alued br the courts. no bot)y under ,, li cokthl get but few photograph a ti viti Preitent ROlaMse ve lt. wki o there .. a ,pr.pert oyf ra-hrr th1 "
i j'' *,esrn of age will be permitted to the kind he wanted. it is -iuel be his inttslern trip, to visit Roswell ders;andlng s. h ae deinU a ,thtf t
vae. tWthe SManes, it Is estimated th e. aue ot of olon e nt e the cHluhool home of ll mother. Thee neighhius Ot( it is cotontnny uMde
fa 'Aep n est Of the statute will take 2 than one has any cotton t it pr t A d e cordt:l!y and court! Stood .0 y a ntan the go60 < ii
re Pr W6. ohse away fnm -employment dhe y the goernrnatu gss I- lr 4 b t1 hme of, 111 andth'n r talon wi th Au6t' ianii 'l to I'
I yers Of age will bW permttted L2 1,100.00 tales wai. bad enOugh ,et I cmily r vt elf,. he thel ie hofh no al rl. prtcin 1r
eitui re r 4f Ihe town shhmid lie honor a ro ro.
Oe sr s work In Ths BtneA. It 11. estimated Pthet t.mti it' of A3,,W,.9 000 taa ,, the. wi' i Vigit l I man) re~p, ci-. cattle' lrenm viI.,a',.. _P.1Kb d
" t f o roreemont of ire statitle will It mueh tuo far. Thbre a tre bfrm
S.M i'take 2.200 boys away from enmplou, doubt. here that t.Ir';am incres hr
1 1 In& tha]n all% pac' in the bowlnr ..ner wad.. 0ulllrmiP'inUe.whar ilil I'1
Ii mo an t under ground. was anywhere. taar 400,00 0it was "ug the home of hirs muthrr tia oltl% with Au-ran-IIltaLA ': t,) t'
1. thtei tune far th,,''r t]ihe h m os .''T / 1 ti, l"
helMN4W. Who ftfport of Atabama' Treasurer, Father Kilied; Son Ptrishes. Report of EngIlih Mills. (lin i;: *-lrp'T l" '. a :t
h.:'i v Repeiat 'Monmontery. Ala. TI*r. lit-The re. IYrelingi. VA.. Ik'ar t) JfkllKract londn Dec 10. t ;h'' ,'n rt I" 1' aw N th, eh o- tt ,
U$V'S^ Momunie pwt of l*l a .Trahuei-r .1. 'ralg Smith Roe. of Mte 1'i w'*r.' hwtlg in litix tl to a spinning mills emruphlvtn" T IJ. stl. -
SIM l1 161 has been stt1 t t the acting governor InlRbt, taking h- -,tti nn I aintm ng 1t ov'r $,V i l,,- ,l -.---


MI 1' 0

______________ ~_I I

mK- rtomi


MX iAmmuniion and Guns,
A -.rlod s- -, of "-., -T ...
rA 'tied slntlhn of O Va n, Triple


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ff^^^, ^V^ ^f' ^
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"i.S 1p I ROaO. N hg Tomki
S, .tt sil, em te :ho i I

sh-oM .s, ,hM tanm se i ell.

,l P f nsinMr nl e ioommnei. i
8ih th Mli tM Uan4 ,lw 4- weoll.
e tlap, for *hildne tUthing. nI
*KB1 atahs the abild. atthftet tas n-*

Plated ad olld BSliver Pines.

SLlest Sellers In Fbrlds of

SIwib Wa Wb hnce

I Ch r1atanooa Plows
PSo WieLa as ste so at Unselates

Bm a Had 'Co.,

*Pr rlor a
IPA* -Ia-o

is lt oer speltat to fit glass In
ae f ipamner lka they relieve the
qe tain prfre ty; timing the eye
wrt Mese eom fors, Ihus preserviugl
the In eixaininN she eye only
tIW tlest Madi M0p improrrd method
and lptrumeots are used.
tplitofi. WeIe.alip are invited to
6all nad lvestllpia our meshed of
eOrretl etrrmN of renltlaeteo. Algay
ars of kheadaei iteuralali, nervouse
now*, Ivritlhlllsi, lmunin a vertigo,
Laervnui prtratiom mud the semiall
*tu pitty of sthii i are often due to I
d srfiv t oe. em aed by an abnor-
uml eurtIOIm of UMe cornet or erystal-
lipt i orit in Irregularity af the
ifL rlal Mieda of hol eye, .hd or
0lllvd ioi a"i"Po'n the applinslon
. lithe plerop laus. Ninet per een
of the propte over 40 year nr lie aeed
lasse. and M0 per or ns of tie 00 need
them for dilsteea
OWtre pN mN t always given to im-
prov4 'e~ht. but to relleve indune
r islaI s- short to assismi asare.
TIMMniMelf ey* are rained yestly.
vTtnow p a0e of t n hav nelther
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Opdoal wisee* ha made rapid ad*
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Ing lane for hlM austomen he is
trmalag with a most delliste sad pro.
ekie orgse. where she slightest error
way rellt seriously, while if he donI
his work well he not only lives eom
toe tlneswe tSohis ptronni, bhot in
awny laeit ,o retores the sqht.
Spell esrs should be taken in e.
1lti4 h bi istn pair of spetasles, nor
shoudm t tb atssmpSte without the aid
of a reposulble opliian., It ti meet
mportaat thti the lenes hold be -
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ty satd the frames %o made tha the
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pltting children with spetakles a
Pahret, do not netleet your child.
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PINult easeo Ibliolted.
All qletione In reprd to the eyes
Sehe rflly an.we.rd.
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-,.. .- -

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~.1#t ,

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Si v i i Vii V:
DAote ns OT Dupon t Ph ap l0.nt. o
Sor i or i 3af s4arp e s Jlie a V
llviujtaba'rjivUI JVacksoalowie U Lne v, l3on dorerU
Rapid Transit and Unsurpassed Service
Time Table In offset Seep. 1, 190, *
Depart For GAINESVILLE Arrive From
a-m'- ~'IibBnpuh~l l --"'-I ~--~
8:45 pm High 8p nags and Inter- 11:84 m
Daily medlat Ploint s lily
12:4L m cala. Lesmburg and Tamp, and :40 pm
Daily Intermediate Poinat Daily

3:05 p i

Palatka, Daytona, Jacksonville. :60 p o
North. EIat and West Daily
SHigh $prinlr, W aycro., tbavannah. Bruaswiek, i :15 p n
S Albany, Atluilts, all Poin North, Eait West 'Iatil

Rochelle, bIloanopy and Citra


8 4 am 7i: p :M
Dnly I High 8pringl lsily
_I.MonaYt < _x. Roaday
Iintrnbaeasble Mileage Tickets. ood over 18,0m miles of amoug the pria-
Ipal rallwayal the Southera BSta8U, a on ale by the prlnelpal a guts.
Through Pullman sleeper Port Tama to New York, via Atlantit CoeU
Line also via Atlantle Coast Line and Suthern Railway.
For oomplese information, all o
J. A. GOODWIN, Ticket Agent, OaImlnvllle.
FRANK C. BOYLSTON, Com'l Ags., W. D. 8TARK Tray. Pau. At.
I8r W. ay st. Astor Building, Jaoksaville, 1ia.
I.. M. EMZRSON, Tr.a. r.. 3J RAIG, Ge. Pass. Al.,
Wilmigton, N. N. WlIaiato, a. 0.
-LL-J- --- '^^^**^"^"^* ^^^ I ' I on^^t^^-


Alachua Pool Parlors,
C. Bare,, Prepietor,

Located in the Portr Blook, south
efde suae. Three irst-laM table.
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' ii


' in f l pI

:, "




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---.------------------- -----~ -.-- 1~-.*.-.-. -*I

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I'v 44!;q


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M Dods Were Prented to
irmiiOenrn for Approval.


i fthe Most Important Actions of
* Board Was the Appropriation of(
Thousand Dollars Toward Con-
rltilon of Road,
sy, Dec. d- -Tlie Board dof
AI Curliinmisiioner linmet this dlay iin

sessionil IeiSt ,, i I. I'a ii,.
ai-lrma ; J. I. Damnlier, E 1.
l (. Ramseny and T. CU. ry-
%minutel of the last meet ing
approved without reading
following bill wero aiilditn, d,
eorreet and ordered raid: 11.
,iion, iudltor,4(0; W.. 3M. Torle,
$f,26; .Moses Shernan, janitor,.
J. H. Jarvi., sanitary work, (I;
lTeflphone Comp)any, ; IfI. C
UI, staCmps, etc., $1 2.'; I,. W
Mell, sheriff, delivering ballot
lMl, ; L. W. F'en1ll, services in
ll as Geeo. Washington, David
Annie Nelon, $22.60; L. W.
l servicese s habeas corpus case
IRoberson. $17.8; .i IW. Fennell,
notlies estreating bond of J.
mpson, 2-.5M ; L. W. Fennell,
lnquest Mack O'Neal, $0 0S;
g . Ayer, witness, $280; T. I.
haude and booth. 2.f2: If t

S11.11) TO IDE IT running ranm lrn'rie sLake to Jod.
lIlII)E 1 ', "'"" /"" '" .b. "
woan be changed, o that theu said road
A Ilo)ther wrote us rccn:.l run by wa of Trelnn. be gransled,
.oh r wr otL e u s ."m that T, .. L.-lVe. I*. -. Willinia,
tl.t l;he had to ktep Sct', 4., ireI.n llagn b, arfponti.d to view
LmuInlion under 14 r hild in- u) p irt uf .rl r d, nple mit ul. Jl si ary
r ) t' m.',iugiK (of this lb'rdt.
it wh vt'l evtr her ( lku k '. tatl I.. l ir ti-iio f foit'.nr, tl.nt ht .
I l i faiK .1 i t Ill'tu ;: ('oilmetl citf g al i
.1. IL l li ke (N(-il i i.t i llh;l elYuVFinr d an |i1lihc road. run
Sn )l fior theml. It 's t Saidl rad nurtlh 2d? ynrtl, tihence w
v tl.he I ithr w .. "" "" Ii, line between F. I. l'&terrson and
S" iJ. Wi.I. liAm l tild lrI lthe orixiinl %aMe-
.ni n r'n ralt rcrt he gra r d. an11Id lat F. I).
n0if rt;tlj]t, iakt thtnl i l,: t'Ire r t. ii J *. Mart in a tnd V. J
S i .t -.Nit: w hrw ha1re L. spstiial .rild to view
;i! i-ctLt : ;; and mritrk ut said road, ald nmak. re-
t lI t' N i v li tv li I p jrt or their douiiig at the January
-".,1 th v ln It 11.. eting ;f this board.
Si ithat t i,, petllit- on of the eitilenm
J!)in et-cil A(it. Unakiig Il at the road leading from
c' "I i I . l ir. Gaielrivi toi nid n );n or levyyville be
S, changed io as to lo around the north-
SWestI cLtorin'r of Se -tion 17, Towunship 9,
I oLuth l{RIrt g 1 enast. be Rretmnird, and
,+h-;i< tIn Itolkt (*J tl ie C rllfcIor. tral- 1
utc rl iook of the colltor.t that .1. I. Stringfellow, V. F. (Gay and
urnr and sheriff.
Thao the bod of W. \ warren he altlointed to view and
That th* b That of W. S. SO niark out saild road atd report their
notary puIhlin for $5(ia, with J. It I Ioi ad report their
e lding at the v anu ary nu'etingof trhis
Jr., and H. It. Livirigston as sureties, board.
be approvdI That the bond of M. \Vevable as con-
ThaI the hond of a.I-mes Croxlon 1s v ,
Thait the i of lmes Croxion as i stable of Distrlot No. 12 be approved.
county surveyor, for $1.000, with N. B1. adjourn.
Mt . a ut. The board adjourned.
MoLL and C. Johlison aa sureties.
be approved. RECTOR OF ST. LUKE'S,
That the bond of E I. Tornier as in-
tary publei, with John U. Nichols and Alhburnham, Ontario, Testifies to the
Ii. F. DI)tton as iireties, be approved. Good Qualities of Chamber.
That T. L. Waite and C. .. Thigpin lain's Cough Remedy,
be elected as road overseer for the Ashburnham, OtI., tAprl 18, 198.-
HnsuiiiI Year. at a salary of $2 uer day .L o r, .Ias-w .i... *-La v &_a

.... ... .... ,W V4 n &16 1.%_ W .ol. .., . . tuin k i t i only riant to ot i nouidq si1
t. house for election, $1; in. each. you what a wonderful feet Chamber.
io and lerks of election, twen- That bids fur poor farm manager be Iain's Cough Remedy has produced.
Opreelats, lenluding mileage, rejected. The day before Easter I wa so dis.
31 Bodiford & McCollum, medl- Tnat W. H. tobertson, county tresetd with a cold and cough that I
W$; Robt. Porter, building for treasurer, be inltrlIaLed not to pay any did not think to be able to take any
,i06; W. H. Robertson, tress- money from tho county funds on any duties the next day, as my voice was
Seommimssionl, 4$0.91 M. S. orders or warrants drawn by the school almost choked by the sough. The
supervisor, #80; J. B. Doug- board. same day I received an order fiMm you
stadries imor farm, s9 65 J. C. That the following bonds be ap- for a bottle of your Cough Remedy. I
Work on tax books, $36 T. L. proved: J. L. Kelley. superintendent; at once procured a sample bottle, and
are, three eords wood. 8.26; 8. J. . Smith. Justice of the pease; H. took about three doses of the medleine.
fTlomas, sundries, $2.386; Walker, to. Mason, county Judge; W. H. Rob- To my great relief the cough and eold
& Coswell, books, $31 ; H. II. erton, treasurer; T. B. Tillis, Justice has completely disappeared and I am
iy, publishing oolleotor's re. of the peace; J. L,. Ford, oonstable; able to preach three times oa Eatuer
tl., $14.10; Usinesnvlle Gas and H. von. Noesky, juatlee of the peaee; pay. I know that this rapid and o*f
I lle Light Co.. $9.2i; Dr. E. Lar- W. I). Dlekinson, ai collpotor; Wmt. ftive oure was due to year Ooagh
prolisional w evices, $2; W. I). . Bell, notary public; liee. M. Colt* l-medy. I make this testlmoaki
o, collector, comnmisslon, man, justice of the peae; J. D. 81- without solieltstiol, belag thankful to
B7; H. & W. B. lrew Co., blanks, ford, constable; E. T. Headerson. jue- have found suoh a (ld-ent remedy.
5Rpestfully yours.
M; Mr. J. T. Brown, services at ties of the peace: H. Strinlgfllow, E. A. LAXNtrI M31. A.,
ft arm, ,:6; 11.ti0. Maso, metal Justice of the peace; W. E Harris, Rector of St. Luke's Church.
Ssee s e lunaties David Takes, constable; L.. J. Kilght, justice of the To Chamberlain Medlcine Co.
Washington and Annie Nelson. peace; U. H. Zetrouer, constable; J. Tll remedy is for sl by all drag.
l t J. U. Dampler, arranging fIr A. Tucker. justice of the peaoe; L. W. --
IS JL .;i J F. )DeBha, making booth. Pennell, sheriff; A. II. Chamblin, Jus- A Vote of Thanks.
IS W. H. Kemper, making booth, twice of the peace: F. 8. Curl, cooata- At a regular meeting of the Woman's
M4S0; T. 1. Kellum, house for election, ble. Guild, held at the rectory on Friday,
SJ. K. Feaster, booths, $2.011; .1. U. That whereas, Ii. K Zetrouer, B. lF. IPec. Oth, a speelal vote of thanks was
I, house for election, $1; C. I. I iyes, John R. Htartlett, 1. V. Todd, tendered the press. the Qards and the
WllUamn, house for election, $1; W. F. D. Peterson. A. H. BlindingI. B. Lmerhants who so generously control
-U Thomas, house for eletiun, $1; .I. Thonmas. .. T urley, H. A. Thomas, buled to the swftess of the basaar.
V.; tephene, booth, $1; W. I. tiviere, J. H. Hlopkinson. J, I. l Martin, (. tl. and to the public who gave such liberal
$t11t. $3;U0o. M. Colman, services Gleason, C. P. Wynn, Walter Tbigplin patronage. The bsaaar war a ueesls
1 colroner inquest of Mack O'Neal, S. W. Rogers, F. Lee Hughes, H. Il. in every particular, netting nearly
it.0; Geo. II. Colman, jury and wit- Barnett and J. W. Chamberlain, each $1J0. The refreshment department
itsfees ease Mack O'Neal, $l; 0. C. having complied with the requirement wish espeelally to thank Mr. Domre
F LJ.bhter, lumber for roads, $11; T. of the law, that they be granted a per. for the oofee he not only contributed
0. Bryant, road work, $16; J. M1. mit to own and carry a pistol for but also made.
hs"lwa, road work, $76; T. V. Thomas, period of two years, according to law.
. nL ee aon road, $6; Eddins Manufac- The boIrd' adjourned until Wednes. Fight Will be Bittr.
ring Co., lumber for road. 6 85: day uorui as o'elook. Those who will persies in eloelag
:Ievr & Pope, sundries for road, their ears against the eon iaLl rewom-
i J. J. Godwln, lumber fr roads, Wednesday. Dee. 7.-The Board of mendaslon of Dr. King's NeW Diov.
WIIV; W. J. Wals, building bridge, County Commlssioaers met this day ery for Oonoumptlio, will haIv a to
I: Baird Hardware Co., sundries pursuent to adjournment of Tuesday. and bitter fght with their trouble, if
SA ldl, r $14.40; Oalaeoville Cotin Presnt, T. P. Thomas, chairman; J. not ended earlier byf stal termiatio.
rPlalsng Mill, lumber for roads, C. Dampier, T. C. BryJan and P. 0. Read what T. H. Beall of Beall, 31..
I 8. J.Thomas,sundries for roads, Ransey. has to ay: "Last fall my wife had
@e0;1E O. Chitty & Son, sundries The meeinm being called to order, every symptom of eonsumptlon. She
oeed. $1; C. U. Pedrick, work for the business was remed. took Dr. King's New Disoovery after
ld,$Ll.76; 0I. S. Merchant & Co.. Ordered: everything else had failed. Improve-
Sltriles for road', $23.11; A. L. Webb, That that the following bills be paid : meet ame at once and four bottles
arlirel for road, 9; 1'. U. Ramsey. L W. Fennell, sheriff, feeding pris- entirely cured her." Guaranteed by
,W work, $5 u; F. J.. Hammond, oners, $127.2; I, W. Fennell, sheriff, all druggists. Price WCe and $1.00. Tri.
Witries for road. $16.48; L. II. Ben- conviction in whiskey cases of Rufu all bottles free.
"'1u, workoun road, 1 ; A. I1. Zetrouer. GlUs, William Hughes, A. W. lWaten.
,rk on road, $; fE. J. Baird, lumber $15); \. R. Thomas, reward in con- Said Husband Set Her Afire.
riWod. Sbi; iW. J. Jackso work reitiU, orino'U. IRoers, selling whiskey, Aaheville. N. I'., Dec. 10.-Mrs. K..
r d11d, $8.75; T. Waitsl road I $); .1. ., Fugte, reward in eonvic. Peterp o, wife or John PelCeron, a
'e.rtieer, *46; 0. L. Thigpin, roal ti iawrenctii ll Iur rd end George Craven couiy farmer, in a dying de.
46.8ter, 10.80; l)alis Thigpin. road Stmith, selling whiskey. 100; (io. Lt laration swore that her husband
I7 ks, $2; J. L. Ford, road wori $1 1 Bryant, special coi, Utbl, $7.10; T. M, wrapped her up In blankets, saturated
,L. Johnson, for road hands. *liM;V Venahle. house and booths for ele- her wih gaslene. set ber afire and
A JohJn fr hnod l; T. hands. 19 r.left her to perish. John Peteron has
.Bryant road hands, $150; T. F. lion. $2i bo arMled.
S,,ruM road hands, 1160. TLt h th followinrlg commissioners be
Ordered: paid for services and mileage. quarter A Frh ed Hor
l-et $112 50 be paid t0 Chairman endiDee. 7: T. Thom $ u, Rai like mad down the street
Thomas. fuude advanced for road G. Ilampier. 32; T. C. Bryant. $5; P. RlmpniI tike mapd donor a hundre
[:'iba. (I. ras. $3. 40; IC. L. JohnMn, 186. dumping the oecupants, or a hundred
Other aseident. are every day osearu
: bat *1,00 be appropriated for the That fees in criminal cases agre- renees. Is behooves everybody to have
iOIf the government expert in build- Isting $IW.WO be paid. a reliable salve handy and there's noae
lfl ue mile of road from Hog Town That the bond of 8. I. Wienges as so good s Blieklen'. Arnle Salve.
S sI.Lk west, out of such material and clerk of thie eireuit court be approved. Burns, eaus. sores. esema and pile
s thme *zperts may deem beet. aTht the petition of the citizens of disappear quickly under its soothing
k. rI Raa. a-i L .. . -_ .. -'i





\vwth, ,,r Irli.RALITYorPIOIOTO
W soeit a stare ot your busiBeg, I i
* A a' SAO -. '. '^us

lire, le, Accident and Heillfl

-- Agents for the--..

Victor Safe and Loek (
)Qi: 2 O -,n ona. QOLW
The "Vietoit' le the best laf mre., sd Mt
S log the pareba eof a aoe, rfl
r from a box soa bank nrAt r
Sby 06esulting u. C~l ima ori

---- Inorm--tion eherrlly fumis ,

---- --net'-,


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Wholesale Whikies, ImpJpaEd
sad Olainr Ale, IRmpeolt --e 0SllUp 1

A^-nah^^ali1 Iaaw il* Il lih
kvIrxu ni or Iima
Absolute satisfeelem maiited oaf am-m "sei"
Wite r -Pa .


E. E, VOT,
Amaruaw of Ti tl dl & I ft-- ir
eoanty. ODr mmmmw ha lin to 1
S aN us.m

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SA..M a .a.t 0
*,,a,.eme .e
i^i i'.l l.

Air Line Rallwa i

i .. ... i I : .... i I
Savannah, Columbia, Camd
Pines, Ralei h, Richmo d,
ington, altiwmore, .
delphia, New York.


Two Elegant Train f ilyT*.

Seaboard E, xp rss

Seaboard ai.
S ;..';'
,+ +


Daily Through PSIUll S Imrm fiEJmhh ii U


full Informatmin ad sllpr nesmUatl ils
A. 0. MAeDOONLL. C. 0'
Ase Oenral Puwa-rt Agest
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F7" 'P' ,
IT <.# "

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-, '.' 1 .B. g a f a, t .n II .l1 1 SAIYJ

Shopper catches the Best Bargains, for although we havu enldeavod to provide
' cording to-your needs and demands the best things-the rmot iijilI
I :., things-have a habit of going first.

Sin uM of Sterling Silverware, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Lea



snePn iatnuoF, sallabaS Fancy C h i na and V ases

'-, ,7 1'- . W . .. ..
4med for your inspection. No Danger of Disappointment in
1; intended gift if you will give us ai early call.


your list of

t*i~J ~ i

1 .; '':

a n.d.


Torth Side




ii"*'wk l aa.U M oA mb orf i
......p. N m disme of Pftar

-..4 19---= imd ,
Is hb l plesws, tor Dr. Wtllr,
.... II m I., sad the a lu
~bSS ww fr nil hbaow in.
..In s mpeflsman. sadi
L.iilf wts buingM wh ea
oi t Dp ll h or th is dog.
,W :ik Cr ,VrIrot Tjea l-
*f Oll t Mu allkM Oof hr pastor,
a a.ome.. ra1..

.'~- M t t e on's e at w.*
usseusseiii thpue w ill be-

; bS, .IW'bt wlmELLpopti, Ad.
'+y *^ *l O .o r *lll Is co llly
Slm atesadi all pslaes of wr llp.

mio "ss.t la 011pes" la be aoew
m ts. .uS masltude o stomacn

sWebee. Isis the wnlgmbed see. of
beeps 41w.. kWuq tmIenaes, osem.
Ipl-ie mlaney rlasumm i anU e or
biStors. emal4ia., bemdMheLedis-
.m, pe .l.b.. aIll- ,d rkrhemlelm.
n~s- Aagust lower rgon r iht af-
i llwthIl ladiellMoo 4ad quickly
tm is es at tofle lutistlw l tret,
spdsily Wartg ay or all of the all.
m-I mease-d. Trial bottle Ie.
Utiltd.Tba. At W. M. Jobmhon@.


Undertaking Co.

Funeral Directors and
Licensed Embalmera
Manfietuen or aM Dealersn
Pieta Frame, Rbberr Stamp. irt

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mrrum MM--- MI A
@ee U~bnws s Wa oe

"ta~wa -.
I An llst ir i lTOr iu
~ II.W ,UIYI ,

fantploe Ir i r *inal ;,. far i .,
"I 3itfWr4ro*. Ictk o rie 9.
LaLOLA cO.. *S**awa-.


.... DENTIST....
fflle !n .ij.efr iLaiw iet'earitge.
ofl1re over MarrusM ICdr;m AllI wrkl guar- i.AINIKSVILI.K. F

o) s 'r E o () A "T '.a i r r A, r. r.



Ikcln and Electrical Wo;
Brown Iouse Corner.
Oalnevllke. - Florida.

Ikyels rpainrT and all kisi ofr ma
trW nilruhbed for Mrelek., iee-
Irllthl, bell a tMeepemes.



Jacksonville, Florida.

Ji. Everard's Canada Malt

Office: Magnolls Hotel, Gainerville,
All diket.e nucewtfully treated without
drugs. I'onitultlloli lnd Kiiuniatlun I free.
Oftoe Uour. to I a. .. J tou 4 p. nm.. r ly
And 6olicitor in I ',lltj
Real Estate. Coveyancing saiid (ein-
eral PreCtice. All businfe promptly
attended to. Office nxt door Io 1iitI
office. GAI\.:-VI> l1., FVi.uuiiN.

J AR N EWVI ll.5,


Can sell your city property, (im-
proved and unimrproved,) phiosphae,
trucking and farming lands. Send him
a list of what you offer fIr sale. 2142n.

Offlc in Endel Block.
---I--~------ ~--~.-...


(Saeoemor to SelieWr A lderina

Over Dataom & Co r Baek.

GaIftltl g

s pIsta stCCIo to crown Mad Brine wFork.

Graduate ialUtaore C-olege DeOnta Surterr
Five fear' e*herlbee In New York Cty.
Crow. Bridte work 0ad nR llS peajJtluer
ALL Wbuitg (acrwmmA&n.
Ole n Mll ter Law hcba ...g.



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Beat Imported and Ivi.mi,'tie LiquoI
and Wines n the rtty.
H N % \i) ItImllllci-it W-RK
I WAI.)o, . IJt)IDA
)Out-oftl.own pr)ple' please makea*
Iregementse lwforr cwiiling to havbte
done to aToid delay. M '

Matbht Piaflts,
EL I i'.S S02-j


BH at plano for trhl a r1t lar i is rlerat rt. b
tuCm Iogefr than tiflcrr Cit;-' t1iCd
besl ,letLart J. adl maort artlWU .
worlmanbl>ll o riatt*-
'1 to datr nu a
detail TlLI U't-
Sold by us continuously for
without a single raildrre. It O"
waknt a piano for a lifetinel',
ereioe buy the
Mathumhe h I
Prim s low M I eostesra witR "A
Cu h or o emI tr m.l tS o i dr is
riMl. We par frellti. WWri
for moites TODAY-

Ludden & Bates.

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Sit r S r, ; ,lt i t .. ; i 2. ( ,


,- Ma u t. Tar Il: ss t iI IunL 19 A I* I. A.

,, r t e1 ub. t r er laCt itartt .l'usi er2 .1 . 'h -
, .-- Ollr .s I'OIITJe IT ll rr r *(- I ^ IIYr t. y .x- . f i.

J;;s. '^ "io t t' t^ i g S. fre# l t .vered tl' e r',er #t5e" i" ' .. ,-
% 1 m -- .. O { r I I ' r f .t .o d t .r e *we e k s Ir l -r
j,, l u "dv ar, k-r rdtL. ..; :- .

j.' Aisran t iicrUoB. and verlI ftollr .1 r. 1
a ..... -,.a4 ImaaS~thu I ;tid : i ? h ; y, ll 4 *.C 'r *.. ..
I _l_.,, rr t 'iiiLt '1 l w+, A I.'- J. F o
. &l r i ierUunLy avefrikir L n de k W tiw a it be. a 1 i a*,.1 .-
. li a tlon. to h. ir.-rfr t, r. I. .v r ?
I S' T eem- W #CL 1'un Is a. c dttl'tle Ii )I w'1 !,1,'. + 4:.- 2 TI*,4 9' ... t -
papeta, public d eerr M I 'trLr r A i.- r ; :
OW i hut T lav, nd co i s a tieIe w tv* -II R "<, w '1.:1 a.. "i .r lI
, l l1o the week. o10l41. altte artd er lll or i L. ) .y rt f t '
'cli rlll be mtll.d. pstage tree. 1, er c ,
"i tli h* U'nitte M4atet or C ra Fjrt ~ 0 or ofrI daIrt l n k Pq i U a '
Sp Iarr--mad wa e 'graiB throw in ,. ; :n :. .1
aas" d fr ata'itar in 's t. r .,- t n; AtP'.-r
I nlldwommLs4l bill s bem s _fi due after flr1t:4 '

gpeaqamieef vdsrtUarwent.urie4Cotber5iWf
* alates-la' Ira4t. PartlemBot kcowe to
.ge e klrt~as ieo raw to rs odvertatu a t ad-
.--' Ad4ruS. THPE A DAIY hL'N.
t illau tql ri V i.a


SWhen three noted Americans like
Srdinal G(ibbons, President l.lIiot of
p11arvrd. and Grover Cleveland united
II committee organized to tight
a. llist child labor. says The Indianalp-
i $1 Sentinel, there is every reason to
4sp that reform in that direction will
I sa be forthcoming.
I Amricane jlstly pride themselves
b the l2,000),000 children in the ipub-
* s whbool. but are apt to forget that
b tSlhi favored land more than 2,n00,-
00)ehbldrea between ten and fifteen
a. compelled to work In mines, fields.
Selorie or domestic service. In
e lr words about one-fifth of all the
OUdren in the land between then
II are working for wages. Stunted,
i sMally. morally and physically, with
Sttle opportunity for play and less for
Si i tlon, these unhappy little ones
4 iioot a wretched existence in the
O l Selds of Penrnylvania, the fac-
toril of the East. the cotton mills of
S thaouth and in sweatshopm oft large
, tels all over the land. The child la-
brers of the United LMatel re; rrwnt
d*pr I cent of the entire working u ji-
S several States seek to minimize tlis
vil by legislation; few succeed in
p' venting it altogether. In many
I Mtl the laws on the subject. ade-
4st.' if enforced. are dead letters
The committee referred to will ide\- to
as. t the public eonienlence and point
0e 1 the danger which the xlistit: cion-
'di ti presents. It prupoae --that la-
bor practically be problbilted to
all children under fourteen who
Seoot read and write the
Eaglish language. That night world:
be prohibited for all girls under
a'lsteen or eighteen, and that all chil-
diea under the age of eiiter except
S tinder special eondiLioni. Te alltfwed to
do only a limited amount of might
work, and to see that legislation along
Ibef line is adequately eaforced."t
S: 1sh Is the program as explained by
Dt. Lindsey of the University of Penn-
qilvania. Further, the plan is to ro-
operate with State and local commit-
S tee, rshool authorities and all other
g: elies that work for tihe tpattsrmenti
Of Children in securing; tho enfore.-
Ment of satisfactory existing laws and
Worktin for new laws when ncrsary.
The question of child labtr agitate,'
te country periodically. generally ar
th result of the expoulre of much1 eon-
dltton. as Exist in the anthracite tield,.
the Southern eotton mill. or the sweat-
shops of great cities. Probably last-
n and general reform can be secured
only through n the agency of some uch d
bcdy as that now moving in the mata-
re. Only perlastent agitation will
vail. Though the evil i so notori- and to univernaly deplored at
,ill be no easy talk to do more than
tlllgate it, and lately because of up-
POltion oin the part of parents of chil-
dren whom it is hoped to rescue. lnt
f hes parenmte mert that their own
Poverty make* it neeessary for their
bilidren to be bread-winners; and
houlgh there is roae force in the oun-

alion and though, doubtless, the pro-
- pIne reform would 'Iork hardship in
I1 cSeal e, the welfare of the State in
wa r.ter.., paramount and the
. DIIP t ma aA -r 1- ---

i e toil h*' '. I.g *} in t' ; " I;
and so i tt y r urvgt* u ,
mnato worar are arki t the- ',,e at
the same It i t; e t o':r t n' .rI-

m it A rI amn 1 Ill .it .eli at g S It ; ;.--.1
that has no Ihieind.. Ti. 1 e.** .
aind th* wormrs 'J tiii Li'.-rn : t
the ra ll ju:1t abuit the time t at tI.e;rr
is a demardl for tie tirkeps t0at 'Ar. -i
be ittietied. Ily raising turkey. tt .e
farmer gets Iailtance in keer-.:ng down
the boll weevil and the tomato warmer,
which are sodestru tive. Tur ky ra *
Ing is now one of the mc4t Ir''fdtab'e
aceupations of the Sit uthern farmi-r.


We are in rectipt of a copy of tke 1
annual report of the Florida state.
Horticultural Society ftr 11 t4. This
rolumIe is well worth. to anyone inter-
est d L hurtictlture or agrituiUre in
the State of Florida, five times its co t.
and instead of the membership of tlhi
society being five or six hundred. it
should run upi int the thousands.
This report shllJd Ibe in th.h hands of
every grower in the State, tt as the
usoirel does not rr-ire a;ny state ai '
in its publeiation, ith, diotrib'ition of
the i>)okx i hi *t t,!- ero tin d to its (it n rn--
le'rsaiip. Ahtllyj e can recite a eory
of this book by remIttinlt I1 Iu to the
secretary, a a Immbership fee Hr.
side the report, the meminbwr will re-
reire the Iewntli of the rdueudd rlten'
in traveling to and from the lise- orf
ineet ing.
:It'nd in jolir retmlitt&nrl, t otnt e to
E. .) 'Paitiz r. Stecrtary Finrisa tmatet
iiortieull tlira.: r ,x* *-ty, l a. ,n Til,.J
Pla., sti y' a Wuill et jYour mitiritrIr-
ship ec rtifte'aie anid c',py of the L. Co
toy rttutn wT ilT

)One prOati direct in Atiit rln youlhi
in irrvpponsibility. A toy iitny be o-nwr
so brilliant, ever so q)ui-k-wittlej, .rr'
to capable, but if he cannot Ib de-
pruded iupont to finish what he begin--
to do what lie promises at.d to full l
his task* with con'eienie air.i 'l t-r-
mrnatlion, he will be mnore or I a.

How's This'
W'e ffTer one handrvd dollars reward
for an ease of eatarrlt that cannot t-
cured bIy Hall's Catrrh Cure.
F. .1. Cirr:v & Co.. Toledo. ),.
\e, t ie uiidersigned. have known I.1
J. Cheney for the last 1:r yenr. and Ik.- -
liete him Iperfectly hntiorahte in at;
lsltinles transactions, andl financially'
s le to iarry out any obligatmins niate
byy hit* tirm.
\ imlhlsatle Irug-sti. Toledo. '
1!all't ('starrh t'ure ln taken in-
ternally. ateing diarrel y ,po1irn the bl'ntl
ard i mucos sIjrfaes of the Tvetrm
Tre*tinonsalel *nt free. I're ,-per
tbttik. Soltl Iy all drucrgst-s.
T-Ake' 11lni 0 ;uil lfll < i for c r
Rrz:.-:C: Are Cr'O .A'..
.,.i T' 7. '."
VAIthr thre, .i' W,-'" .$V rfat r4 .\' 'L i
frnni H mni'ir fr Suni'ra '.',t which
wai rc'ree \in Th. rh-ks nU'ir N
lagen. N+ .sri ti rland. In re
ipoise to a li.ij'e-r i n ,) a djoz'.n fl-th
ermrt went aiI 'n a fishingl oat which
wans strtuk by a heavy ,a antd
swampp*1 A :lreboat iae*'guen t
picke:l itp a ',!ngt'* *ulr.,'r ho Was
ellngu!rz to t' ii;ng o-. t. TtIe
Anglta. r'rn uILL ,afe

r rL


a *1, "~


at -- n , I' r
t. 4 .,
.4Ar ..., ... .. : .. a

4q ,
P. '. k

1 I' *:

r 4. \" t*

* L t ..L..144
r ; a
* &

"tiea A*. .:? o B. r-- rc-r Sttre
8 Oc- Ao tTco

'l ay
S. ,- &r1 e i ....
I q- I .F I ',,:
'I . '" 5 a i: r. r .

a *' *' ,. r. .rg

* tr '. .t* .1 -t *. I .Mt n o? thiu-J r
S* 1 r~ t '. t ~4 r. l Prie.-A e* nts.
I> * ty *i rI ggste r

Pre dent Jordan tun-e Cait.
3M1tea .;. wer !,I-Prt idnOt f ir
Tvi )t: ta, of the ScuI.h*rn C('::,.L
4I; -' ai ?.:' .ar .-aL La i i Ut J'J a c I.l
for fraI teE'ti'Ur ctf tart.%.s n e' vr.
ccunwy. ,n a&. rof t e rttol starb tSa.i'
of tht )I;stsisipp. ft.r fl r.
The purpI .e ot the mu-elings wMii t--
to Induce farIm-er "'to tie up between
2~.00.4O and ,.O000 btales of ti.s
crp untiA prices advance to 10 eat
per pcu'd.
---- -

0" ad W aem Abeam s.f
Uanar wom*n rep and wil and refuse
to be cCmferledl because tbhetr nce maa-
ratier.t tressa h are become thin and
faded. laj M men In-1ric to profanity
twbuan the Bits bfte tbrr, f th;r t.t
thatich oin Meir crarnumL II wUa la rgoo
m*tws t,- tie mirnl.rblt of htxb ti er t.
lkarn that IeS.rt.o b Jrpti-4e has k bela
played upgn t"w nrket. ThtI Is the now
eralp sTr.:r-: i an<- atrtletprlc that acts
by 4Ar*t'rrv-'!r 1tr CTr or mcrobeS that
Ia th*, te* t .-r riuCn of alI hair 4.-
ltruic.r. t Ilnrrt-l e Is a Inew prtfara-
twMr rTr.ale@e .-r a new fIwmUIa on am
cr.erlv new pr -.tpte. Anyone r ho has
tried It ar: tItlfry ar to tI wlrth. Try
It -vn-rrfir ar*d be re KAMI by
lrttlne rrarritsr Penlnd A- In ta rf ** P*m;* to "The It-rpkld C' )Do
troit. Mkcb.
J. '. ItItifrad & PI,. Srtal Agt* lt

. 1


F ar Sale


" ; *"

'"7*-.---- I 9
-.m li

7 t- ,t r i- form e

...-... .. t a t l,ab n


.il "Is. afbi l J

: & MMMa

by Johnson Bros., GaineBfl.I


crAc w ar..lt0,rf: a a cri k .n f f. We r j

what you pay for when you buy 1U8d; t
know what you ae buying.

' "'9w"

Titlt ordinarily invisible m foty e-it o!

The-Alclu- ao tk ull

Ga-inesrjfl* ~



SeaL Tal Pon A mmna

Sea Islandl Cotatt 864 md
Isther in N&,

Manufacturers of the Jauw
ea Island Cotton Gi, WId

or3 QGAix

tapis . ... .. . *4 * **
Surplus and Undivd PrO. I
ke w as.a= w na Iaq1 1 C .o
beas emneUssdeis4


On t

AT LAT I RATE IP n 11 mR ,iiU

- Montezuma :I

he A. CS.L ad tA. L Ry. ,. s IM

None Better inthe State at D a .
Meet all Train.

, '1I


235 W. Bay St, JAOKSONVLL Pt

I Centrally eated, i
ni MASrftitlffi^*BM^-fl.-^l^ Propr^^icf^hIM- -

I '-- ^L-' ~g' I.xyp3Pd

oalal~ll. T49 4 lP mlm tal.L, W lre t. WbuG,
*to lace ar* 7e4r a Cmqback.
IuItsl r emrdy Co.. C caIes or l.r. Y.
lii. '

.gf re n- of-' -n>- c' as
Es fl (5!.' -ii" *. 1
t'" r 4 r1 irritst e *+ 'F.r : * t,.t ,
'.ta"" "I t 1 b" '' k l
*. Ie',. ;.fL.W R AW .P 4.. n, 6- .. w 1&o.
9, f; apid ... p .by se. lotmi
C r am. tV er mifut go eipv wvi

C rm I I Ie .11 ..... -+e


UL %



flu. Ifl AIn




,'I I


lr fb tohe e Iati to nd Wirmtr a*a M.m rtta t
rcA TRS 1 Ohf somrt mitim, mr, .S5S
hI W06 Abe Fruit%, Ormwmm b, E. Cibmp -A-
seese,.I re C aMsre NN Wa I I I s
Gma MUDMII L & I.tR. I S i



- - - ..-.-.'~.. I LW /. Y I..~.

. '-- . .- ... .. ,. .
a a sunmna a w maw i"n f~lai

'at Chrtn ie'* .4 c i. r a .* ,
jbrmin ,te. .*... .; t ,rr .t I j .
' 1tood at ro:;. .- .r'-t N, :. r -
day, T!e )},ir f- *. r,r; . .
dayt'fit, tUsie A r t A .


f -,
:L :r* .

i .
45r ,^' 1
t ;

e g as g t Eh PJC t OAKI at *.aidrLet.e. rr .,

, L 4 ACLARJ.1"A M L- Oal* r 'd I r & tr
J. A C'Ah l.I1. H, A . '.; I attll ,r

_ I~___i

.... I i m

- -- -- -----

r-- - r. -- -- - -%, --I



. ' .

i% I



* .':1


S i *5I iA 1.04
.1% -

--~~~ 'f I ; - -

din 49

'1I I I .. .' r I j ' '
*""1 ^ 1 '* 1:'.1 ':'". '- 'X '*
a "' "
a": "+ :, o "mtai '

lL v.A


I" Ns mnd as to

oree imits is
Aftr Dthe best
l Ate(^ dension both
STlto study the
beIt played
IT, u









, .*. . '.
. "'* , : .. '

llwpk .. ", ',
i h + i^ --,'- -^*^--*
.' '"..,, ', '. ". -.' . '


..... . .

I' ti

.* .

~k. 4*4*
'1 .i

wiK"goo pelSlWo topw

*.-bles ..

ADien Iables
,. i",' ," .- -'.
i^ ..'. r .. i l '' '' I
^J0 D~ri~o 1T

.W. "Id t ,t1. wod. Oldd
kleosahks,'DeJsls tables.
*tek !* 1

7--7 -

m .lle'




co) c

* Sel eMtMp sad he nam u&d s ldrdMm
'*N aee* lolly to boy furniture and
we* ill Mad y i a beautiful ouveoir and
ia ust l h debold rtisele lboluteiy free.
We JOt sk for stamp to pey postage.
asseImI .b.e..... .... ........
rVe O.............................
rmvsgguie^w **..... 4****.. .,. ..,










We sell on the installment plah, small cash
payments, balance paid weekly or monthlly.
Our line is complete and many articles suit
ed ftor Xmas presents areo pe -cm inently
displayed at our store. Christmas shopping
is dreaded at its bost, tle disagreeablel part
being the crowds, rush and hurry. Avoid
this by making your purchases and solec-
tions now and have the goods laid aside for
you, marked to be delivered on the day
wanted. We store them free of charge.
and make the delivery as ordered.

You never saw the lke-a- fasAdating asiertment, entirely diffr .-nt from sa
thing ever shown here.

BIaler Art Squares

Oriental Pattern
All wool Pro Brussels
Ax Minster
Velvet and Moquet

anldsomer all wool Smyrners
Linoleume, oil cloths. Matting
of heavy and pretty patterns.

=. ........ .. .... .. .."_" - .- .... -- . -- .... 2_=.
Our wirehouSe Is fill, our store is full-over-bought, that's t i' condition.
Murt malk ronni for other Furittire. Have another car arriving next werl.
We are offering ilham as a big out. priret Atwend this sale and get a good oe

Chairs of




Lcmps and Pictures

-a---. - -
The Night before Xmas
And every nItht throughout the year you should sleep on our Hygiene Feil
MpW4TI rsW, tieaod ams any magaulne.advertled mastress, and coMs one-
hird lewt. Beewen a sleepless r m and a restful sleop there is a world of dil-
rer*n.. tRreshl* Islumber and perfect rest are assured if you use the
Hygfine' We have other,. Ask to see them.


Japanese Stands,

Corner Seats,

Music Cabinets, Box Seats, Willow Goods.
Everything hnownn Furnishings.
. . .n n- ' -,, ... ... ,-- .,

Your C

Is Good

Us. We







4,. Ir

W 2F.


'11~~ .~'y!~n:; ~ I~! ,

' I


: :
~ '' I
I~r: ~' !i ..I. .. e




---V - "---r wwyfW ean es ec, a w wir'

VlMf lie Arnrlui-WNte With a Fin* L;in of Jewe'ry. Watches.
roalJ Interest. E, I.He rs PFi Trade. A R C U
I,^*P. it-Te 4ota I rainfall L. itt Il. t e j,-a ir s ,:! watch.b-
lkt of Noiuvembwr was 2.1 6niskr.l has a half-luar a.rr :,sritu.iu u
i i l t itu- I) w1hilh the Stti tio f a utitt*. !
Iware had I 'u n isfortOnem r 'h ub 'lilc t Jdir.ect,'il. I -- -- .
,w) from bis horse onf r. snitt L 4f tlr Landlnsonlt i
Srsultin is a broken eol and nmuost Cr,)iI-t luies oIf Jr welry,
te njutcr stulSnipi; o s i twr. i W a, Wahr.. rlck, ih istak
y.A. Weks treated a Uailsber lralher-r o K.. .'I,. rt;ls fountairia
10to aIl altr supper orn ,ens fancy fIM-1l,,t .ec gtr shI.wn a i
kptgif, this secuti-, an iioftrritilg areas bar.
L= 1or three new ouoncil- galns I ill hrla Iftr tlh h.lildays. It
o t1owu clerk will be held till piy inteindin purchsetor to all
.$M Tues lay in JanuaryrI. !lan iulir.pc ti.. lit , l d i
riived in town fur tie win- til atsurtnair : f ral r*al t 1; art I elesl
are \Ir. andJ Mrt. .1 W u' talte for ('ilr,in.ia. It
Iod Ihree child ren of $iusl-
l. Y --1lse Mr. aild Mrs. I1., Cough, g Spell Caused Death. Ti at the di l, and
,loboku. N. "Harry I1' sckTwl. agI-d .5 years t!.e ubhie mn.d regar
i lr (irs Uiwr '.5r.)oM. l4tyii. o tLol ikr d,.a.h t rl) )i,&:daJa) moro. i
Slt L Itgue tltif s Mr.ld Mrir.. n iift I.i llrai, i t. i!r i reeuce of
is wife &i ft l ,!d. 1'i' i. r.traeritedi.rrectd C
lpwa eopuail met for the ulual slight ioldt a few driy ams i and paid
sMrlion on 'luesday p( m. tin i little tit i.iilor, t ,, Y erday Hand-Taioet tl 1
tiber hIsinels la ithe Jevy- he war *: .'I ith a Iit ,f culhing t Co. BRatimore.
Syeairlyi "tn taxof fiveT nll, whrlh e.i ; irl, f r 0ro** time. llie
paMi1n Aiif er wlaie. which wf-,eia for s k I.y-.n,'a ut buiefure he o TiLh'ey art, mirk-dlv super
tI known al Watrf' coainld fr ium. it ,.' tr soi!it i,.iC spell hip tl uther makes of ready
Sln e ,in I oi and Dluckelaeit ded f raum u1o.
member if the Ladie Aild t4o. nation -St. Lnali (Globe IDmoaerlt, Don's be dneived by the
-aoested I.anmet as theie. 1 le1 ll1liavJ' lXrel.round i n the miailaslr aderirimei
.o I nsll ber 2rth. as I p. m., Syrup would have aredt him. .M, le illustrtious and compare thl
tlh tablest fr the comingit od $1 0lu.. S 4 ty W. M.. Jiinson. laim to represeut and watchl
; a tIon,
1BOUGHTD 000 PROPERTY. FNe pleures do not ma
M .* Colic Prevented. |the kslosw loans. This m
sdolabl dow of Chamberlain's S. M. Mason Has Purchased a block the pfaime quality -tesally
ktm md i'arrhos oRemedy on South University Street. Th ll sui sown In the tll
R Ihe f0lt ildieation of Ihe One of the most important real es* seats the latet shape of IW
n"I sad a hr eathkl*dd as r LtaleiionI in shis eity for some hbve it n the popular orowna
w a ihe wmeudy In this l time was the deal wh ih trmoaferred
seosee. Nor sale by all tht ownershipoa l block on South Uai*i
versity street between Snell anJd De.
S pot streets from the estate of Itussll FROM
A bbed by Three Men. Co. ti S M. MiXton. M
ll Ol.. Dec. 16-Th. e Farmers This property is desirably located for
hlendr, of lbb mrt. weet of here renting purposes on one of the most
robbed by three men, wh.n principal streets in the eity. The
gted he safe. obtaula5ng Sl.0im'
St '. he tw r property contains seven houses, all of
booty. While tIworobber ,
which commsid fair rents.
i. lalle. :he third naldd the.i whteh commend fir renf|,
olalte: li thlrd > e. -d the. Friends of Mr. Mixeon are congratu.-
6 heilIdt Use hursv N/I rK F
Qkk rlating him upon this new purchase.
Be Quickly Mistake. Outfitter to Particu
llala should be lost when ..-a.A Costly Mistake.
L ke symo nplomr of cr Bluders art sometimes very expen.-l
uilaiIn's Cou h Remedy given sire. Occasionally lile itself is the price ,
SUtlbhe child ,eomeulll hoarse, o. ,of a mistake. but you'll never be wrong
the eruupy cough appears,f iyo u take Itr. King'i New Life Pills:R Y I
i ft the attack. It never f or dyspepsia. dizziness, headahe. liv
ip pleasant and sale to take. er or bowel troubles. They are Igalle
I ruall dnruilist. yet thorough. sc at ll drug stores.


ii~ i~~u1zr *Pc c~p

a aI


wi n .. i


Schblo i

Bro3. &

ir in style and workman.
-Lo-wear appalel.
elothin c pioturel you e
nmu. Tare these elibrateb
ern whist the elollthe hey
I he e t upon your opain
ke lue elother," is oJe
ate of loithila slnds es
fond in eaeb grmens.
ustratlon ba falatly repro.
aLble Bmsed Iask. We
a sd fnoy mixtures a




lar People.




I. ~d
- ~;~









B argan

. '
I , :. ,
.' i .

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Dec. 14, I,1 I
S~ Y---

,.!.A f ,'.

Sgreat outlay of Special Bargains are in waiting for you. Real values turned upon a close margin of profit TbThe
r slogan, and with it we have bought merchandise which we are offering at astonishing low prices We nave on d pl tie
Sof Toys ever brought to Gainesvillte-Toys for the children and suitable Christma presents for the older folks. Our ie of
_ never so complete as now; cheap, medium and high-class Furniture in great variety. We list below a few cut prices for thbi2

urned 100 uNsks ood qualty Rise, Spelal for this ul. le M S ly l y ib tek. IM Ms to tl e s a '..... --..

'4 -

bys, Dolls, Etc.

bDoll 12'. inch . .. .t1 '
e okll, Ir inch 160
d llb 16 inch .. .. ~
Il D 16 inch ...... 3e
DollH. ,Pretty Face, Real
Dolls. Pretty Face, eliea
lt inch .... . ..... ;Isc 1
fel.s 16 Inch. 2. ,
Dolle, 2 inch..........
SDolle, 80 inch ....
Dbol, .33 inch ... It (l
SDolls .. ... 1
t tiral line of dressed lioll-
Wd lan the latest Pari fashion. 5li

.d tolls. specially pie

Lyody lDaill-the kind
Iiauible kind to buy
SSleeping Kid Body.
Bl8eepinl Kid Body..
B sleeping Kid Body.


i sleeping Kid Body,
inry pretty ones at i.*

Musical Instruments.

Turkish Tuberphones..... .25 and oe
Piano's ......... 15. to $23 t
Aecordeonsr ... e.3 to 3 b1)
Horns ...... be to 25c
.Masi l Bze ..... ... .l and 2c
Tambooriues ........ 10o

Ollutil d Iarr-

Air little. Single Shol ..
Air lilless, lUpeater
Air Rifle, Shoots Bli Shot . .
i,. It. Trains-all mizes-all price

Pop 4;un. ..
tty. 25e Toy Guns.. 1
Carpeuter set. 5 pieces .. I
hat last. Animals, assorted. .. .. I
for the False F ace .. .... .....I
Riding Vhip .. 1
.. 156 tate Bank.... 5-' 1 and 2
. .. ; Autograph A bumu .. 2
but Photograph Albums ... 25c to $3
.. 5e T rains, mechanical.. ........ ..
but \ imas Trees.. .... . . .
.... 7Te XSma Tree )ecoratious-all kinds.
Me $1. Children's Tea tSet. In great vs-

Honres. .. .. ......... to .
Nut crak alet .............. 26o
Toy Furniture, Dining Room Sets,
Drgeser. Sideboards, etc.
Rogers' Carving S'-t ..... ... $2.
Rogers' Knive and lFirksl....... $8 i
BoLy' Tool Sets, Trunks. Cap Pilsols,
Walking Men. and a great line of me-
bhanial toys.
i iiI i i i

Furniture, Furniture.
TOy" ,Our line is complete. The greatest
display of Reed and Rattan Rookere.
.l. 00oChI Cbhrsn. e. lParlor Suites and Ta.
bles. The selection is great. A most
S beautiful line of Oak Center Tables,
ifat flaIaLaI inn 4 swa lp 4 al..

re ne ns e goo e ever so in



Ulinesville, and at a very low price.
Forty dilferent patterns in Malting to
show you. Iron Beds in colon and
white. Book Cases. tuite, Pressingl
Table, Bamboo Mlulic Racks. ete.
Come to Pblfers' treat Department
Store tore to aythinl you want.
Our stoek of shoes Is complete.
Kin4 Quality Shoe. We are exclusive
agents. All sixes. leather and
shapes........ ...... .. ... $8..50
Our Crown lae at...... ........ 2. 0(


Dress Goods.

1 piece Venetian Closh. 6 ids.
only. (trey, Blue sad Brown. for.
mer price $1. for this ale the yd 81e
1 Bolt Ladies' Cloth, as inehes
wide. Blue, former priee e0, this
Sale ....... .................. 42
1 pieea Dreas (oods, All Wool.
Brown, B inehes. former Pr te
5. this ale ...............
I piee same as above. . o
I piece Plaid, All Wool, sane as
aboveT .. ............. 32o
1 piece Plaid. All Wool. ame as
above 2.... ........
1 piece DresU oods. A inches wide,
All Wool Plaid. Brown, former
price te. now .. ..... 4



: ,
We are ormsi .*ope t
Clothlag-MN.ea's4 e4 '
eau tm Ptia. ab, D"t h~j*.
7DBe' tOal. e. .
a us. .

riuwm "

Mrdallions and small uad la i
turn of all kinds at low priPe.
Photograpb fraemmef all ar
kind.. '
We have Jest smeatiosieda ftw ie
tope; for eshe see eaur ieaw
tables lNa eaoer of ste ,

8 pieces Plaide worth 2fe, now e '
Beet Broadcloth. All Colors, per atl aa n
lard......... ..... 6oo and $1 15 Cr N
BHi Line ilk SHripe Watitings.
Worth Double Sale Prite Larg Bowl P r......
M yEOds. eel lialaeIms and Madras 1Cups and aueeperset...... o
Mtripes Werth l 1-tr, Our Plais per *et...s ft8, e,.
Pr.....,. Sop tBowl. lilhb abi lei
1 lecet taller, light uad Pimbers, %Water Ja ist at '
aLrkw.. . ...-. . ereokerywi S lll lt a l6 w 6ij .
1600 VY. First iuality Me Mo ad if l adl a l
TardWid.e wllatin, t i,. aslmtl a t% .

I, I

(4 .

Tiae -



f %


"Paw_,,__,,__ a"

It '








1U11 ~LLI~

7'T '' ..'


lesaw with whamam a HMill.
tolnty vt-l-a nice aiortmenlt. $ T
to 4 lar.frutvi.
M 11. If D If. .l, i'r,' *!rtl *t, thie Ala-
chua school. ii ui A A l,.it jti rentit
(uir llnr f ii ur, l ,r wl at uf r
-I, ltrr. ,tt. itn. iL' l W li ;. V "l. t -

; *. AN OlT 1re I r iMrlklai d oif \ aIdo inadt a
LU. AND SOCIAL ITEMSl Ibrief but s ,tnt nsit t frin i
pn ld ti (nthiI, eity yl' Itliriy
a appenedand What i n *, v. ,
La.dis' eC 11:lli,: carerJl rinlt-d li latest
ipm Told in Short Paragraphsl .i, t nII utie' I lIird rr fut erirarv-
wat *MHa Who Rwua May Read" ing executed oi iLort noti-i trf.
SurWt. Ion't fail to e i l.iuntte tie F iii i
wbt Hl. Ily. -hi w ill spiat-ar t is,, illr'o
wr aislon m* Hmill,. itret Far. i e.. I; .. i,. 1 id
. TtiosDpon1 effets. Mas- 17.

ic-kweaLr: the latest.

-i Shoes! Shoe! for all

iiary Bell of Waldo
th eaty yesterday.
uiitnlfnl line of new
i-l. Mlarous odel.



f9'a Wonderful Salve for ea;e
M rNCo llim A Co.
irf lne of hIas before making
S J. 8imonaon of Kanapaha
il in the ity yesterday.
3 r 'l en to secure free
4* eam gvpofwone. Moe Me-* d-

a Winginsg of Halae made
i plaset vialt in this city yes-

ie ai mea beef, pork. *t .
peI d. Malphurn. Shaw &

and ovenareas-diferent
lAp the good to appreciate
h Ie aet for the eelebrtaed
jatl*lItary Wool Under-
beiv to the Old Plantation
timei n darkins at I lnetville's
Falrs Dee. ISto 17
ites*li lihb" on the Pike
i a while he carnival is In the
8, 1, 14, i16 and 17th.
PNrieasett of Cyril was in the
*rrday. lle allied at The Sun
Edo reaoewed his subesription.
Wi for holidays. A ood a-
at priea which will bear in
u Maphurs, Shaw & Co. 2t
,bheroouse, the lumber mann-
*rmofe Micaopy. was among the
bi vslltors to this eity yesterday.
n Ikelle Chitty, a charming young
rat Miasopy, i n the city. a
r of her sister. Mrs. J. Fletcher

Sloae of odd panto to make your
w from. They are of the best
fat the prices are reasonable.

b t the higtet priced chair
W w have. and o4 cents the
L .. We can sult you The S. .

lW.t. C. Mclntoslh principal of
,Ablher school, was a visitor to this
Plteirday. He reports the school

I .000 Challeune Dog and Pony
Irtheamusemennt of all. 6.000
Ieqaal at Uainevrille's Big Street
r.Dbe. S13to 17
K. BBileol of Green Cove Springs
hktheeity yesltrdia. Mr. Silcox
*Sgee in the loggiIg business on
aaibLk jik'. Usw

Mvsdanm-s IC ('. l;,rrrrti ,f lflaw-
Mar- thorn arid 'lurtlr of l:ithel.r lere
amnjIg .ie .tiit;.ers in this eity ytlt-r.
sexes. dayvl
Sriicr..rful'y hinvit* i adhldi
shop- Ww C t ';it firtrf eit. I'lite alt
teatii on gutarairiit. i'L'r .. .1. T'homr
sock s. C.

\V. Cola-man cashier Uf til. Jack-
sonivill branrl h of the. New York Life
Insurance (Cimpnlmyy, is in the city, a
guelst of % I'.. liw.
Mr. and JMrs. Chas. lMcElwe of Me*
Intosh were among thole wim visled
the city yesterday. They were dolig
their holiday shopping.
I Our labor contract aves possible loss
from advances to employee: ifty or
lae at three ea ts eab; $2 per hun-
dred, oash with order, tf.
The Sun acknowledges yesterday
agreeable fraternal eall from Jess D.
Baky of Palaska, one of the effliest
employee of The Palatka Nws and
W'. J. Tillman of Orabge Heishts,
N . Hall of Hague and J. H. lion-
nell of Hawthorn, all employed in the
profession of teaching, were in tlhe
eity yesterday.
W. J Waits of Failranks was among
the prominent ouStof-town folks who
visited ths oilty yesterday. While
here he renewed his subscription to
Alachua's luminary.
J. W. Morris of Bradford county,
Florida, and Mrs. Daisy Thomas were
married at the house of the bride's
mother in this city yesterday, Ferd
Bayer, notary public, ofleiating.
When you want a pleasant purgatlve
try Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets. They are easy to take and
produce no nausea, griping or other
disagreeable effeet. For sale by all
ltr A. (ioldstein has arrived in the
city and will assist his brother, Dr. GI.
tioldstein, the celebrated eye speeialL
ist, whois now located at the Brown
House, and whose advertisement ap-
pear in another column.

Attention is called to the advertise-
ment of Mrs. J. A. Ammons, which ap-
pears elsewhere in this lisue. Mre.
Ammons has not had the time to write
a regular advertisement, but will tell
the ladies on Tuesday what she has to

interest them.

Among the visitors to this city yes-
terday was (eo. WVadkins of Wal-
do. Friends of Mr. and NMrs. Wadkins
will regret to learn of the death of
their Ilve-mouthis-old baby. Nannie,
which uceurred at Waldo on Tuesday.
'the funeral was held Wednesday. Mr.



H ofbous Intert Oath.
-W by Our BRAport.


0-. .uau. n rr Wadkins is now employed in Jackson-
Mt menou of Anatomy. one of the vrle. but does not intend to remove
dlesitlosal exhibitions in ex*il hi family to that city soon.
today, will appear at ains. hi family to that y oon.
Blg Street Fair. Dee. 13 to 17. 'L
hWillle Mae Mcentosh the
l eand efficient assistant prin. (tleintl(*a Ial, rua a midailght
If tiodwin Institute at Rex. was w ereit mlll hrtibr metlie. II
0111M to the Central City yesterday. ii r ...
lRiamaey .1. I'. Bradshaw and m
,W Mnrs. 1 S Bradley were! READ THIS.
llbthe Wacahoota people who fa- Mobile, Ala Dec. 24. 18Wl.
Ollinestille with a visit yester- Pr. W. Hall, St. Louis, Mo.-ear
Sir: Having tried different doctors
1 fail o see the Holt City at and their remedies for several yean
ties oBit Stret Fair, exlbi3th fhor back and kidney troubles. I found
The most beautiful exhibitionuT
tNmdued afore the American tinK isuc sful until takin Th
SAi'exas Wonder. liall' Great )isour-
F ew runanto o*f miiauit ery. and, being rapidly cured, the old
Slthft We charge you saying with railroad men is. ";0od
fo(r %ayina matting and han b hilels the man who invented the Pull I
when boillht of us. The t anii leepiin car. ht I sar "lUod
Co. t.les .k itv-n rlir of Hiallla Texas
,A, W. Thundo '\\o r ".iuusu truly.
WT. WT &omas, the ,icerspIaII rep- Y W. Itr e1t uy.
tive of fthe iger sewing ma- \|1 A 1:; i Co Mobile .la.
h*b returneti from a trip to
i Putnam anid I radtford coti- A TEXAS WONDER.
the ihtereIt l( hil line. Won-
attli 1 .di petahnds4 of afti dir. llall's great lis.tevery, eures all
'pounds of wrap trae. Wl I
highest ,r,, r. lriig t ur ksir.y anid bladder troubles. removes
.leel aid hrai. (ilain. vilhe travel. cures diabetes. triniall emis-
td tMaik an. \\ ,irkS a .,.,A. ...... a -mah lnl amiea lk rkmiliaml I

lparkmIan Vanlandiogham of W'ard
City was in the olty yesterday. He is
a son of Janmes Vaalandlaham, one of
the most Influential eitisens of that
Next comes the Statue Turnina to
Life. one of the most beautiful* el-
sines ever prodeed. Will appear at
Gaiiinvile's Big Street Fair, Dee. 18th
to 17th.
Those. A. Mequeen and GOna
Chaires of Old Town were among the
visitors to this city yesterday. They
eame on business connected with the
United States land offlee.
J. D. Luther of Old Town, one of
the most progressive eillens of that
section, was amoiii the business vie.
Itors to this elly for the put two days,
returning to his home yesterday.
Milton Bauknight of Miesaopy and
J. T. Collins, A. J. Feaster, A. B. Zet
rouer and W. A. Porter of Roohelle
were among those who favored the
county capital with a bushliea visit
Kirschbaum suit have
K i r h bat m oe the style
sad elegansl to them that always
pleases the customer. You Ret one
and join the throng of satisfied wear-
ern. All weaves, colors, kinds ad
prices. .1. Manasse.
Itemiember. the Great Riddell Carni-
ral will positively appear in liaineo
ville tihe eominal wet'k, from the Lth
to 1Vith inetuifve The carnival this
season is carrying omne of the finest
atractinns of the kind in the United
States, and muit be seen to be appre.
)Deputy Sheriff H t ranger yester-
day arrested at lRochelle E. D. Kieh-
bourg. colored. charXgd with assault
upon the person of Ed if y., also col-
ored. It appears that HIays testified
recently laainst lichbours in a eas
wherein itiohbourg was charged with
selling whiskey in a dry county, which
amuLd the trouble. It is said that
ltichbours advanreil tpon lHays with
an axe handle. I:ichbourl as now in
jail. and will be given a preliminary
hearing tomorrow morning.

I'll lare ItUrerred Ir

i IIL 1 & A tI frVTOa

rll. Lsa Liller I of O S iE
Christine Cook of Brol&svUIe *e
the eity for a few 4dle, thse *-e of
Mils Myrtle FMell. Tlbeso latdis e
qalte popular In their mrpa"rt
home, and have easy fIrai helw
who ame delUghd to weleoe tem,.
A Pew OCeap Artiles.
(ilyeariiuSoap wortlh- le, we ell
at 0e.
One-poound pekar of Apex Waik
ilg Powder, 8 ie.
Florida syrup good for enoking pll
poe. 35e illon.
Good value plug tobeeo, worth tt,
we sell fr f3.
Plantise, bse rood shortenalag i
10pounad buekesa, only $1.
Sone IJan--one to fve galon--e-aly
lIe per irllon.
HeokL s' Royal Heallh Food. two.
pound packalg. b15--oow only 10.
Misatel Raisn. 10a pound,
Tin dipper., reular lO goods, now
4 enats.
.O WIlliams' Royal ftarlse Cars
etls for 'l-rrdueed to 12ae.
Pickled walnuts in bolsles, prie
3ue, now lnly 92h.
Raistonl' Jellattle. regular It
goods, now only To.
Solo Pole-Cot Tobtso, omne-alf
pound box eft. red d to 10.
Arrow Brand Out-Plug Toboes. As
euts. now only 3e.
8.u-NmmE & EARLS.
. .. ... ... -.. .. A

117 West Uiloea street.


. For iadle. C:eatlemen Ind Chlldrn...
You receive prompt and good at.
tention from people who know their
business. Your monthly membership
or piece work solilued. 00ne trl
makes you a regrilar customer.


E.A. WEll &CO, -


, ; .,:. ,;.

n :"-'
Wuu" 17^wiWB^^^*fc!

While paIsapsC-m
em iet age a 5
mes wh la

wrb mwr, ~lmn imah a
dew Weat S
to make a mettisn alI


wbeh k h beo laen a r/ a
the worl, ias evdoes
14: aId m the Yen HMeas
uea labtl rep 'l $oU

telni yie itatn

so oewlua
is J t a Is iira b/
usd the NEW piOU

If the *t in yar >lomW_'
-_ .. a.It 1 auk" m f,,, ass huba o

Inr i ll.


r '


...wi. 4 .9 la aakKill. **-l*l.. ..
Attrnr .1 A.. ('arli.-. went iesltr- Write for Our lis-Pagi I lllmrlr a 'C t
SdaY ou I prlfeesivnall t.1t I Tl.r a.

I1 ,I;tkIA.At Diamonds, Watches Jewelry, ClLdU C- WGu

i g**et*r 'h ..' Er' *ma t. .Iv' ar
I!". ti (rr.i. 1' e it a krrrIB i, 11 'a. ';'I +..-9

agreel .. .. ...
dW. T.,.J .towa, Etc. HOLIAYIOVL TIE.

1 r and MrI. C'ha. 1 -eIofer Lnf I.o I a
WI tt wtrem11t n g tile'Sltorts t oi l ue-
vlte yesterday, RAIle r LDRU ISbL
S iMystriou l Asia w.i11 Iit ), of r t I
Ifadieg feratiures lat the Carnil lraD r
13ih to 17l G larIe ville. .I

Toilet Sets ." ,;', No. c Cna Pc .r$ The334 a rrt 5.
terns. See us. The S J Thomas Co. N o. 24 SuRar Bowl to math $2.0so i Th i
Mils May sheMlild of Arredoldo it
in the city visiting her cousine, Minei el
Cora Wittstok and Curl.y Strickland W ILSO N 'S T, F
Mrr and Mrs J. C. Halle of Alachu a
made a brief but pleasant visit to reIa.
ties and friends in thr city jester- SCL DRIVE
day. .
The big Ferris wheel will be with
you and take you off the earth at Lades' Emriuudu'4 ( Olers i "i
sinesille's Big Street Carnival. e. allt ern sad wlhte....... I.
1S to 171. '
W eroud of ar stock The,4 alltw aaershX" 2c FULL
W e Atll lin d Irll to Are andore111.t
bsow you oar goods. The 8. J. Thoun-
U Co. KM Gle es at Ui, t1 aIl 1.9l re
Those who will parniipate l the I S
Christmasn muse at the Methodiet a 4a L While l tMl Catis at I
ehuroh are reqested to smet at the s .L" e V llS wv k Us
hbreh at o'eolek this morning. 11 M aIrnl S
See the Bold Biak Retbers, 1t. et e Si
a shAM' Sfamome exhbloa. KUepebli ly...
for the ladies sa lldrem. At (iaslae.
illt's Big aees Fair. Dee. 13.17. Lss' WMhte WedT 81 at S.

3 Carloads it' 11" I"newI
oods ow on display. The 8. J.t alue
Thomas Co. Bt va
Deputy United State Marshal H. 8. Is every department. aa m s
Chamber psaed through the eity lye eompleti linu to select lfrm.
terday en rouse hoe from Ne' rrlny, .
where he has been oe oelal boinaea. Ass *
The W. 0. T. U. willhold a apilalI r s m l
alIled meeting at the readinsll so I or l to- m
Monday afternoon at throe o'elosh. k C
All members are orged to be preheat.

Finest Lined .*Mrs.' R WILSON
er to be soee at our store. The 8. J.
Thora sCo. i. m 10A. UtIn Al Ma f IU.


p I






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