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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 10, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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,~rRj~;~~ 7-.--';~ n- .wl~rrs .aI- i 1W u. 1LF if ~ 'CiI' ~. ~ iT -'ilu7.'qr~yri r

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hem .t I

PolWaVa. Th1 rPallaua 13 WRIKinl "o
list It port. We are vigorously bom--
barding the Pallada."

Rusitane Horribly ManglId.
Headquarters of thE Third .Japanese
army before Port Arthur. via Fusan.;
Dec. S.--Tbe corrspupoinent of the An-I
seated Press vlattedl U03 Metr 11111.
the ne the e o the awful six days' fltht'
whclh ended with'" Iti rapture by lse'
The advan e and the crest of the
hi were ton away. The slopes ofi
the hill were covertl with dlebrrlsI
and the trenches were smashed and
killed with soil.
la a slnle sectlon of the trenches
10 yards long nire than two hlun
dried Rupslan dead mand woclded were
soen. They had 14jIrI holi=bly man
led with dylamtite grenadea


Chicago Concern Agrese to Closed
lhep and Scale of Wages,
Ohlcago. Dec. 8.--A bitter Alht of a!
year and a half between the E. A.-
contractors and sheet metal 811RDIn.11
Rysdon company, sheet metal con
tractors and sheet metal workersi
aston No. 75. haa been settled, In the
struggle one killing and many aaaultt
were committed. public school buildlnI
repairs were tied up by sympathetlr
Strikes and the RyAdon, company was
Sued .a total of $:!.00 by Ihe heel
metal contractors' associaltoM.
The settlement fs a coalplete splr
render by Ryadon. HiSl eamplnoye g
back on a "closed--shop" barsl .a nnlon
scale of wages and a full paymeni
Sby Mr. Ryldon. of all fines.

I Whistles Will Send Children Honme at
S tight If Ordinance Passes.
Chicago. Dec. Y '.ntfew whiistle
Swill bI' hearI ii i hlleago ir a Ip 'tioinlin
otdinance nirets with' approval.
i ho.t ani igilt- li, tun r 1 .years o i si a
. tM! have to run ti tb rir hotlnllw' v'r
promptly at K o'rliok between the StpI I
tentmbr and lit>, and fl 9 o'cl'l, dir.

St ~~. .... --r

..... . .i. .

sbsrlb aC si fts.r lher arralsament, 1 IIPl
the battery lS whlh had beeSTB N
ui Ip k. Lco' eartm room door
tured i w'. The sudden a Nash OOI
oI powr -a .sslLd Mrs. Chadwick RUoAI N ARSiH
that dhe tiIn I isa nk to her kan
Sl14i. n IM iioowr. She was *4 "d-
toblftlg WY Mabhl Heakel. -ad Lnd Batteries 7r Mter
-. m L a asoKa La a a~f" "i a




S xi a wo PlrEupo o tews Ir m
0 IfhladO iwn through the lssr Bombarding Vmsmps.
Soelf l s rLnt o we who had crowded
I irrll twl the court tCZAR'S FLEET BEING WIPED OUT
Sp4i thelnnhl'm office.M
oille W Ie Marshal Hl Trritl Rall o has lld Shell from
S sn d M* I Mit C ic u Trufl Rain *o f s ho*t po S elfo
Si.Wb 1b po0 pr ball this after the Ounsa f the MtIhd'as Men Play.
l--d *t be taNes to the Tombk Ing havoo with Enegl' Ships--Fall
of Port Arthur a O n of Time.
w $. Di Nw t v Nwe"f Toklu. Dec. 8.-4 p. s.-The follow.
S"o. 1.-ConSty Piou laN report Irom Cosmander of the"
f;&l N ree-n the tlbo aval laad battery fIront of Port
frt Aair W r leALlthur wa receive f I o'clock tbll
IBmflh a 1 m r -luiry wluoo: .
sleiof t1 le sMlgstres; The battleshi t Por l middle fe.
M lAl ma Wa"Mes; ain 11 e let seriously dma l. The vessel
.i w .l.; have tat aIued a IM l jtiag aflt, sad is bli erged to the
I ". Io arlSnI to u te walk. The htlarhtp Pure.
ir I* asV iet's awper deek I kblbmerged.
(sloIwl ) AadMw CU tahe battlehilp IMl@tas Is listing to
tarboard ad her uvt1 deck Is nearly
l.lW, rOWU WAGITONW. The protected eor PaIIlda,
which l# lying betw the Retvlsua
l*I )I" teimesb ws st a bd thge aile uhlip' A t cannot bi
",. taoS*m", distlnctly seen. but seem s rto be
PF&. -*lxegtIw Mtl a slight sl akl g aslt. The actual)
lltSrlvath, today ltre satlet of the damage Ialatlned by ber
i l to Mr Pu. rIoae6ktto a not yet know. The armored cruiser
t+ n wIu @I Iotd*Umase rte dlfrfa. Byas Il now bumnin to her fore deck.
U ." '' 'The battleship aevaui plo appears
lI i *l nMral thai that to be lying la the eatliarlbr along-
mrO, aio Platt fyefrt side the great crane. but only the tiopa
SfltrhinP *.pPly to my of her mnats are visible. A hill com-
.slRi *, pleteil hides her bull.
bei te IbSy Mr. Blnbham The principal aims taken by the na-
lI 1 p te Iltualltvt, Oeci- val and military guna today are at the
S dlaJ P appGroprlation bill. Pallads. laa and evastopol.
il~lt..~ t1se1 or the Te enomander of ti naval lain
SDll. Peuaylva. b battery at I03 Meter Hill at Port Ar-
OWlh, hlt.0 r .Mr. BlaUiTal m8s1d0 304u aor reportlag at 2:30 p. m.. today
r ift o M ofIthoIe bll. said: "*At 12:3 0 today it became cer-
Stal. that the Pereavhlt has been sunk:
I Nshet. 1I I the same conditlun as the
,,wI ra Ii t atllemt to ,._ .A O

:tatldtl a ot the pure food
I re-ivWM tod w and the ob-
'ISleal that It will not pas.
SM er M e up imuadiately
a4 bleed th senate lalo
ielQa .;, Mr. Tllman (S.C.)
1 Aont trom the Judiciary
Pi e o hita treutaion regarding g
Ai e s appoetatmt of Dr. Crum
lleIstio& at Chalestoa. Before
iapgela proueded tar the door
iK en eeaed a moastio of iMr. Aldrich.
S4lAt 1: tIe snate adloulsrn until


N.b We Eviduwe OMrund To Um Used In
I* Ipeeobment Trial,
WmalaUtkf. Dee t.--The report on
*L!, : O splementaMr hearing of the,
4W ll *tetiapthes-t aa c oase mpi l.
j ed isedl l the han4s of he houe Ju-
Stti ryo eomittlee. It II uoderstooim
.. that th iNew evidence secured axalnst
Jg .'Siwayae at the recent bearing
If 4t it AO nature that Representa.
fe tt L ar's ease ~ br Impeaching the
*eL hmderal judge sl strengthened and the
am beti who have followed the evl-
';' a Iee now look for the house of rep-
l' raatltives to adopt the report ol
S the Judicial committee, which was
W inS made to the Rouse last asealon and
l wheib. received imtlachtment etn hbe'-
fo fbe the lately sriuredt evidence an'i
St )the house bai set lID. 13 as the!
4 br date for coinshitrllin tihe imfpelahnlliut
i i' retort. While the udllclary corninlt.
Vr V tee ill not talk. It Is altleted that thi,
o ne evidence secrrted against Jnltli
"Doke Uwalyn, chargKed, the government I41,
I" le tor expenses fur 41 days awal fro)ll hlit
arhal own court, which In the Nl rallowancne
of $10 a day.
Bd of Ared Hermit Dead.
id not New York, l e. h --;r.ue in. iefr
He ison, a direct desnendani of Abraham
Ir tmi. Pierson, the Irst prlid.ent oif YIle' rcol
I rain lege. a d whose family has onsi!
browa practira',l all Ihli. district nilwn aR
earir RaUiapo fIr i11) years.. Is dead in th*
old hoiniles'iead of Kamapol. wbcre l *
11g,000 lived almo- a hermit's life, with h.-



Coroners Jury Returna Verdict *1
Murder Agalnst iheofleld.
)rcou, (Ga.. LtC. 9.--1 l Bchoflell,
a younDx Imatt belonging to one of tbh
most prominitnt famitllte of Marii,
killed ian (old ngro), Glreea Klig.i lI
the tacHMrn) of li)wuhlid l'ai.el, dil ibJ
Vinevllte branch.
From the clrcunintancer aws old by
two negro witnesres, at th.' coironer'l
Inquest, held later. It iei'mnt that )>iIlng
Hclhoflehl md Ihiee drlinilnig. reh4t
field lated that tile old nflKrt craeI
bhi. but the two witnesses testify that
the dead negro only remarked, when
dShoeold drew out his Smith & Wee
son. that the oldl gunl would not ahxbt.
Then. It Is said, Schofield caught
the nelro with a grip behind the head
Gred once. the ball not only passing
through the samro's bead, but enltred
elofteld's own BnIer. After the old
egroo wm I' Iwn. schoeld ts *sid Ic
have Arl hr balls at his body.
Offreit RiS ht. who was In the v$
elilty at Ilt time. 7 IS o'clock, rushed
In. arret 4d Schofteld. and a coroner'a
Jury was hastily summoned.
A verdict of murder was rendered af
ter the testimony of the winersons.
Sehofeld not only belongs to a
prominent family, but is a young man
of considerable mans.n lie is abo ul
26 years old. Tine dead negru ias
60 years old.


Reported that Bank President Pail
Cashier Money.
[Dvishoro. a.. Decc. 9. L.atef r
ports from the stalentent of xprrt ae
countants in regard tl the laUnlNburc
bank inillucte a *hurtlaet ofS $?0.00..
M. 8. Potitr, I th cuahler, left D)aviu
born on Nuv IC, after lhavinx been
asked to r.;:,: by hilt' lell'rt CtlrPa tl
13th, aud lns- :;not ritirnutdl. IL Is cur.
rently reported ltat thli president
of the ban 0. II, IP Itall. adlvhid Mr
Potter lo Itave atn pald him a lartn
amount of tnnry the afternoon of his
depar;ulre, .I owling ai the tlnim that hb
was Kging away. ,Mr. Itea', almits
pay ing Mr. Poit :r IInis it itm:t.v, but
claiiimn t ~ ., in SeItt.Vtritn t f Sir
Potter's IaWnct ;ork
Mr. i tetf, r a w. il II ,l -:I h.ere+, lhala
many frki nl-. wa~H prlonrmlinll Mna-oni
member ol thle Kuliht- of Pyiltial
land Oldd4 .FHn I He iaJ ca.rlet
of their t l);Ivls i" hliank. mirfid*ni of
bank, at 11'iiua and (;'.l'w(nuwoo. (uGa
an'. %n, also, ?< (aretary and IreaLtirfl
of tho laI'' :-Ioro ('Coton0 ()O1 .11, Th'l
bankm he ;a-, pr''ildt'nt of did not ,if
fer any lo1*-. tl)p .iitors of the I)Pa
vliiori baph will be pal ton full and
the tlunine?..' uind iiup at once4


Insane Negro Choked and Threw Aged
Woman on Burnig Bed.
Providtncue, It. I., Die, 9.---Annio
'Water%, an Sagd negro woman, was atl
stackd 1yi her -sion. I.onard Blach. al
an early hour tils morning, and for
throe hours fojatht desperately for 11ft
against his efforts to choke and burn
her. llar'! wns mentally deranged
some time n, Ib l- ohoild fever.
The womun aIt. ih' was awakeneld
at :t oc'lock by her sin, who began
to choke her. saying that she miami
die with him. After her strength
waS etxh.i'sted the on felled her bj
a blow on the fate. Then piling cloth.
Ing on theP ied th a ppltd a ma:rh i and
picked his mother utp and threw Ihet
on the lied. the finally tbokoe away
and ran Into the ,ireet.

Accidentally Killed Son.
Dallon. (;. Ikr. P.-John C(sh shu:
and arreidn'nl'y killed hi,- 14year-ok,
won. tear )Dalon tins afteirnhvon
They were owi rabbit hIntinig and in
attempting to shoot at a ralbi! thi
gimn wa ac'itentafll)y dI(harrged 1.
flit faith r. the cruntsnt tlkinl se
fIlt In his on' bshark. Death wmi
instantanll rl-l The faIlthr is r.
itrulK' n n 1t i r I t I l ft-arfulr ar'c-
dent, Thir wV r"1 R oil a nil' tfl >
hloni whtin li Hi mr It]e il*n' uail'n.t

Was Drummer at Waterloo.




Fire Damp I




[a Supposed To i
e Of Calamity.


While Eleven Bodies Have Been Receg.
ered It la Certain that There Is Fer
More In Mine--Explosion Shook the
Ground Like an Earthquake.
Burnett, Wash., 1ke. 8.--Eleveo Im
Sners have been killed by an explogia
Ia the Burnett coal mine and It Is
believed that the death liNt will toid
Searrchin partles were Immediatiel
organized and after working laeI
santly for about eight hoursM eleven
burned and mangled corpses have
been recovered. Of) Ihh4e, eight lea
famileiP, while three were unmarlred
At Ieast four other miners are Ia the
ahaft. but It is too dangerous to eSt.
tlitle thie re'cur work. Tey pro*
tically have be,'n given ip for lost
It is bellevod that fire damp wa
resilmibilo for the accident.
Thi Hurnett mline 1.4 owned by the
South Prairio ('al r rnnilrny. At the
time of tile .' lefl'nt there were about
forty nmen at w~t.Lk Justl prior to th
explotolin stnio ir iof e Inhluer had ai
ended to the a.urfacr and t ihers wern
altlt I' mal. tIhuitr way to safety
after the t(rribl'1, hilait which shook
the n<,vithborigii l ilrrltory liLt, an earth.
quake. Ti'e lurintt illn. employes
betw't-n 7. and ilt' nrtirlit worklaI
In tuwo shill .. Manly or the em-
ploy3' are P l',, nl TI It l plans and the
married victims of itL. d1 a--ter leave
large ftraIit-'t.


Detectives Have Searched in Vain fe
Mitsing Millionaire.
Al.ntai ( < .- ', t) d t rectlrYp
have l..-t n ul,'i;Je t t ,d -,.trch hl i city
for trl nl 1 ;A: I liiliaUTil nil'lionalrA
John lv l,'n y. h "lim iun t.'rSm !, y dit
appeared from :i ij iirain be
twe itn AHlnta jniil i iiII f;a.
All 1th lh nte iniii, I in, ll!in IholAse
were v-iit,'d. Iu' r trar o f tle mis*
lng man wias f lunr
Rlle't wlio i.n i ulrly maa,
ind ai r-r' iedtl f.irll T I linr (rawfurd

which initt .MIacon 1J1s \\V'inimtday,
After tihe trla n hald a~ l ,. tirotiul
Atlantn. lie nI!'' til) dl -I .i iO .'' Sn
altlhin h a -i, ic l .,-archi ha. betK
m;r1l. for lwIJi, i. lilt- ltipt lb n find.
I n In '.| ',i h itJ1 li i.' Lh ti, i nfl t
Itouim and Irlh hat he ith r r ':, tiillrke
at aI talion n, lilr .r:ng tr':ni IC
porary oir..inily, orr tih hf:l Irom
the truin. In itiher <'.ir.'. It IN -tran
that 1:0 trace of hini L (1111 hl found.
The' uldetect.' i% ..-.i f1. ,-y uil now 0t %
tain th.e nr nT "v r v : n -- --- --

Say They Were Intim;dated and The
Feared They Would Be Killed.
New Orlanl-. )Ie- 9- S.aini Ig'W
were fin far of thr li ?iv,' wviib n Il-i
made It. four wliit, n'ln. _fnl1llmd Tr
E. McK'.ney, W. l'Ki l'liP' A,
t)onald-o)n annl lW. n .\,rlnir.s. crhargt
by U'niitd Statoli le iIall- wanir n ribbil
the li t-tofrfi t l i,::(< .. l. hti'V ri
pildiate- d i a c(ti nfr,, i ifo L'1 In I
piilti.l: -, <1 c.t. t l t A mA nA!iii. -
wlvre they are In jai:. ti,'> -ay
"What %ui.%s f, -n 41 ] y h' wa
save 'ife& nil as nlt ile Tb" rol t
wa around our nc.l"- anid t" f
our lee.l aiil l 1 Thlo gh'li t i <:' ch eIai IFo siave life."
It 1 -.ttil that It vlz'anrt'p OiromiiltD
at P 'llo k ha.-' hlo-c r n : tA
the rffurt to run Ild hn tt II t""
De C thint' ..

Kentucky Man Misslng
8t IA i:-. I)ec. R- a
rhrt'- I. M.lion. n wra'tliy l' t
rna; *41. ti of fa in h. KY ''



rI,; -,:..

)do% t4 -

I '1

,mar an -- Mr il sive ke amr.
Sd willl *pply O V ailfuri peopl)
il: IiIe s 0h, bill.*; Ia dola ing qi upo
t... t ll. Thii 40er4ri5alh IM
0l4_r0m uf l Batoesu whlebIb s aid so be
,to me ae, mders 4 uileraitory in
g lfle Mph;ionoW. Tbhe aeh serrias It arrived from
*I p plued, s ifl0l s Sloa 1in Sthe fmi of 'it e orS. u
1 Mt this sility tr" ker4k dsk( (170l0) In. i t.
Mi 4I4ntINts arde ** anich Il reromrklble, ileu wis l
t I lSiila, sad *Mr r.tifllne* In thti ditaSnoW i< nearly livo
of the guet. t as
i .n hie p .** ro MHanager Thomas i. well pleased with
4 d o gi Wn the system. sand t~wIIeves liat i slO
"~,~.t- In- # to rove a iMats ilvlail to te A rm
." stns ".h.l. In the mttler of time and trouble in
o fndlnwuted makin ehore It will likewfIIsave
.. so. d.pu t lb. .evassome r a greI deall of time ine
kip l molsd fr niv.ghuere.
e0vr of twest -,
b a iRt of prt A Co,,ly Mistake.

s e i easts ally lie Ireis Ot prie
of a aniiaklh.,bu 3 ou'li never e wrong
It "f es take Dr. Kel g. Neiw Life Pills
m i ri, who lor dys leptl,' dissia., headeohe. liv-
h: bam ar AlahMllis. or or bowel ashItrs, 1hby *r* entile
S0 tSWo In Ie illrl, rle tOwrough. -*Af as all dru I*sturev.
l& -'.1 kil fat ei ts M r. .. .. . .
ri epi edawl u WMy Nl e Lsarn to Speak Spanish?
I miIney I hmpolar Yo Ys nseur* e a ew of the new
b l. tl Ib toeof me ediite of booklet s llled. "*What so
W lu a"i"bg two eantsis pese a to H. .
Sil I basIs C U luldrs eul a, S amush,

. At b A Living
i- Me-aNomen
Jst Ifotpe M m,!" li

Ji, e me,. 1M l w l "
gIo. Mo. n.MMIf we w e w to assemble ail
= "i i. m I tuhoe who have been cured of
W 4u f ht diese by Dr. Milet

w0I'. eatekes;4
:.i^l +=.v~ r v ,IP '+" ^p.w ^ w -. I^
n-f, iarrwh-

f -i-iM irOa.. teai
Erifiift ia la tljhe
e W.e bp Ph. i
hI taia ill

With4a leasaW.

eink. .) unhe wil. l -.

S. MieMW sowill qeukl
~b w th Min Seem. earns.. Is

h syi el, sa
liili l let id i- led wi

11 .Wlf proingbo revlt
jMee*I yu @lear ytem is
I tl, iS. a~8In4- or stomra h

iWill i iln uMale af.
N'ib..""'-, 0r" bI"w ......

ghik teieL ouisiana Pureb hki
p lsMwl miak a tour of h+
M'itelrIpe the vliit of forelga
i st r,sad irixpra thble aod.
awmr tbinefi par.

"- .. i t Stt i s reasrnd It

iyi!.!, to p x.msto ille qira
Bi til Wt.a M.arehe. u.

tI the Loulatan Purchastl
tICC~o re ffl thvsits of orlar.
4L 1t. Ioalsu and the national gov
fr t. liberality of forelvg
4ald slabiters. The tour wil
r4 a. Itth spe i
Heart Phlaeriln.
UadIgstsd aood and gsoe in hle
SWh N loated just. below the heart,
New sa an It and Causes hears
ie wh. When Your heart doubles
L t1t1 way take Herbine for a few
IeN e wil bel right. 0.

* bIy Web MalIa te rad Mother.
rtoat, W. Va., Dec. 9.-charlo
,Lttlertel4, speeal delivery boy, %T
Ma t IS aevealta kllo money fr,.:
a letter and was rested. He ItH..
t flom a letter Contain 1.50 ai,,
Spot It tor meat. He support a .:
owed mother.
If the Baby ts Cutting Teth

Hirt Cure, and who would
today be In their graves had
not Dr. Mille' been successful
In perfecting this wonderful
heart apecitc, they would pop-
ulate a large city.
What a remarkable record--
a breathing, thinking. moving
monument, compome( of human
Hver-that for which every
other earthly pwoassion is 1a
The iles Medical Co. re-
.cevde thousands of letters from
these people like the following:
"I 1d t40"e4 to te Dr. Mtile
Slturl lor T it. I I4tire to eal
I tte l o~Hrs sluffrerir as I
r ,M 1b my fr t"b
ll j Ri tirme I hid *tiie rod
Sbth after any
tatllon of the hart;
4 l p ln usPAI li t the O
f ti m Ii10 enrloui that I Iird
reil Ier. ad Iarntli IlrY wento
an r ar_ p. t :ir n ,ri d twoi bot-
__ wN nal'rt d.. and took It
tCr7Ld J iL.r" 0o1i' with the
sawd to 410 srall.itl.
._ul thI | am tnticly cured. BInc,
tewe f I seeTr ml an op>,Mrninlty It
seoBreuvl thl rm,,lty to mi rrtinale
.W o hV hfat trolitbunl: In rNct I am
Ia rSvlnrtel q lvt!r<'r.-lt. fr I am
wiwy snowl in thislj v.
Mianar o. Lebanun DeaLkclrat.
Ka bvWNC Taarn.
Dr. M11it Heart CureI tsd ob
w ilbat. who will uarantn that
No .11 will banltIt.Itft allr
ha wl r yaur money.
MilA Medical Co, Elkharrt Ind
- -~~- -- ----
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aLxTc sleaters.

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Plated and Solid Silver Pies.I.

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hatannna Plnw
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4,1 -.




Ar o ClrO lIe.tflna some fa. i Iof %
tru r, !I..umooU or f ba KIver. ru itlaria
' I t" A kti IV's

\ wregl i yt will tonwil.

on d r 1. prf1"T..
a. 1k3-t ep au od

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bin The Big Stor

If You Are cooking for Bargains


In Fine lry Goods have attracted unusual atteolion. A number
have remarked. "How can Ualinesille support a stock of such
proportionu The reaon Is that we give ihe best values
consistent with honorableo erchandising.
.. -- . -- .--- ii-

The People Appreelat Our Effort
And our business continues to grow. Our sto.*k, compriitng the
latest creations in Dreis Golods, Noveltire. Rugs, Art qjl ares.
Truuki. Ec., I. now rrady for your inmpeolion.


hoe Satisfaction

For Mlen. Women and Children can be had by wearing aniy of our
celebrated l ines. If you want the tlIst value iln Shoes erer
offered in iGalueville, dun'& fail to see our Iult.







Take The Atlantic Coast Line


oru SouL h

*. r o.
U &c f~rl:r

I T h"'
W s rM ,)-'' -L' T4
!IjI t \ .'3 ^ f

Rapid Transit and L'nurpas6d Service

Depart For
8:45 pm


Time Table iu effect (t.. 1, 194.

High Springl and Inter.
mediate Points
Ocala, L~stburg and Tampa, and
lterznediate Poiuts
Falatka, Dayiona, Jacksonville,
Nurth, East and West
High sIprings. Wayeros.s Savnnah. Brunswick.
Albany. Atlaita all pointss North, East West


Roehelle. Miuanopy and Citra

Arrire From


DI iip I
3 I:t r'


-- .1

a:Mt rri 7:'OVpU
Daily High SprinRg stiiJ
ex..londay iundai
Interchangeable Mileage Tickets, ood over 18,000 mUil of among the pA*
cipal railways in the Southern Staes, are on sale by the principal agenu.
Through Pullman sleeper Port Tampa to New York, via Atlantie 00O"
Line; also via Atlantie Coat Line and Southern Railway.
For complete information, call on
J. A. GOODWIN. Ticket Agent, GOinesvlle.
aA -

18N AW. Bay st.. Aitor
U14 I ~fIfluamUi -

W. D. STARK, Trar. Pa, A t,
ling. JicktonTille. Fla.
itv raik fl flq- wa. LeE.s

- ........



, I

q -Y



psdto New York by
V P. S$Ittkwrth.



Sl Srettewrt'Ir'ti Melons. I
I Fest *~n n- nsornest
Mbe G*rosw- Moetnetr t
i$ aFew Days.
sIld cai r f r'.u*- *f Qt

lllll wort, t t'o t 'Av
ALAA .Oli4t J-O V<:>, t. r,, s ,.
r ead trcier of ^.vtnsron
|||fresdis rLf i ir ef'ir.*l~ttu.Lt-
sC- C. N ?c!FSyiv.
three ;ur.Jrr4 crates tO
a eve )r )Jft the Sae.
i :i lrt of er It.r .rw rt '&
Mire ai se mntiet. to N'L

rw ie1 iCT at .. AI' -
plsaleworth .s tr's-,k~ing :*r

ha.the Uj! i 51FOt Aid
Ste larros accr ate na' gurm-
h bit omeier An oany h
|r~l~a Iuat-, &aEd :-h plt.r-'uc%'

l ts Tep ha" nie has i4anitf
let l ma tthe el t ieet of his
gilrakit his crnp and warket'i
prv1.aee. which riulls in a
0i0"re in his sucet**. lie tv-.-
rahens in the biblical pit t.
hMuaaoevera man tometh that
Wa On reap."k hence hai arla),
mfl ina iEte selection of his

- a

- 4

.44 .

:1 .

TrI iil is Suut

Tnd T mai 0
*w T. Oa m" v.

| "' .. ... .
W'&ttf A, ,, ,:* ** .' ....
I I~0;



i ,. --
r t >

t Pt.. .

4 *
. ,. . L, ... . . I .
'.. .o + .. o.
4 1. . 4 .

., t - ,"- .+0 r T , . .

-. ,,
. A .- C-. .
C .*- .o r ... E d ,, d .. 44 U

r1 -. -. ; " .
V,-- :- r, +, . .... .. ,

4 -,*. 4 ,, 4- i

t'. ^ .- ': 4- ': **., I t *':, t. t
.i. .* .. .. .il l

Contractor Edw.rd< Now Shtp4nL Up

I '.


.4 z:

.t' .-?
- : A.

* 4 -
* 4,

S . t*

-- t .
44 .

* C>._




- 44


* t, .'
6 ,
.. :*'


-. 4+ + .4 '.

A '
t4iC .5
12 *k 1

2 'g
.4, 4."
44 .*~ .7-i, 4
.4. *4:444~ ~4 444

L4 Xt4 LZ~


- r

;'Lf .* T't, > s : '.

:.>rtycrwt2 t45C

U~:~ iTv Un- :

-- -. a '-.. f A a lt.. ..?r,
. 12Ail W.Lt4* t O e .t
*: ratte : 1e.-t '
Tt e ArTe. r, .::t ;Cr t at A*uns -
Par.:c .. re- rn. to a
rs '' ri-' t,:soe Ayres. Araert..
thv tt pi Parapuasan goverrr-
frrc-ee tare t'nn agata Cefefnr-

i"" Work on Praire Creek Highway. ht rn ..r.. st. H ads ttat .
tlkworth ha anisce acreage i'h the co:nmltion of the h n.r riangemet a proposed wttr ;
,beans. cabbage anrd ot- a re road to the city imite from thh est. 4lit rf prevcu,:ng further b:otelds4t
alot which promise to pay himn A. ny another ,* -m.le TRCA LI.
this* season. 1* made stretch at F rd roar upon whi';h tT OUH CA L
anIexellent thing from Lis bo#l-*-ani 1 raF'lt at is worth lrag-. ThrouKh Pultmrn Car Lie to be Oper-
,4nd while Lis product was kio abcott at th at. ated Port Ta Lpa to New York.
fie pries" in the mark i Contractl r Edwardis tio a cnt ranct
miAkeilra discarded. frtm the I rd of County Cnmmis. .Eff etive w.ia :I.It car *outhound
wOemat of lettuce it is ant i- sioners aboutt lI) m inlh agol to com. leaing J.ter-y tity Novem
Will beavy from Nlelttosh. P l*e the gap ltl ab. it a zni: and ati er a:. first ear north-bound
and other points in that ire. hal t betern tI C.ty atd rrair:e Itavig Pcrt Tiaa T uesiJay. Norem
Cl the nelt few days. Preek. ard btorani at once lis task. btr :L'h. 1*., the tr wat Jerlny
which is ow1r t0:1c compleltd. Mr. C'(ty-Jacksnvil'te roll man drawing'
.TE XPERT IS HERE. i Ewards tltted r'hurday that the con- rIn)i tieeping citr now handled on
.,., T-orsris;' nection with A: .hlia aveni. htd been ,' ,'rn Railway traiii Noe. 33 sad
lprT tSpoon Collecting Sam-' made, sd that rn'r Tl force, was n- -riil be #ZxTnVled and beoume a
RI R led.-Building Material. aed in ",trfaeir. 1 I' r ad and 1' I Ta':n's an JerlseypCi' Pullman
Proinet arivs t putting it ii gl IIndititL. This ralwiti rtom sleeping car line. oper.
SroakMin r l at the d i, alat mix miits i:i lengri, ', tin ig cvr the Atlantl C(ast Line to
oe is W L tpoo of W\ash- r,.sheing to 'rrir,. Creek 41 aIksor.Til;e. !iathlrn laillway to
maepert road builder inte ('ontrietr dlwards hs iso bo. ,'ashington and Pennsylvania rail-I
of the united States gErn- I l [ as
he~d ate wardeid the ci;trnt for r uEtr-lttin road Lo J'erey City.
oeaa here in adt f al~)nt a nmile ,n t L,,. nry ro,. ill add materially to the al.
team for the purpose ,f It)- la.i n fr.. So',t iin Tv;: t It r, nSu.i;:1C t't itn t'v 'e -
the various materials of tilt,
Si iOi-bouiLd i matprial oif itl direct on of lE:v'rr..~r n re mr te.ry. ,,, '., I;. rtran d i.- t creSt l:Alt no
lr oad-buldding purpou-. f,,iw b, a foo,.e' gaged t, )t woria W r 1' -i tthre 1'.r, Kgreat railroad
OIp who always, goes ,, il- m all rl i. r-, r f,, t hr i t' r,, jI y t,,h
4 the road-buildirg team, e- h 1n laid. uild ""i .'rucr l''rUi ardty Hltnar
,r rtl" h- een laid. A wotk is prv re g 4'.ej rr;rinj front H avana
lk material al-d intrucjl tl I]iy. !- Key West hlav lbut to transfer
Sthe matter of usinf same. Hame I ni to e t. )- r ,-l 'at to illi car. wich w4
eMrTeral samples here, anrd missiontrd :,4d the people matliflesting 1. 1 th in 'lWa*hnion, lIatimre,
llke hit report and issue irtin rue.- o musch interest iti hard road now." lai hia or New York without
I s1 ou as he will have drter- remarked Mr. Edwards "Inder- eh likewise, pi lengers from
L al ia the most durable and ,tanl, it i4 trit beaus.te I am getting a T"amp:i an, local stations on the At.
*b eo malterial. 'ilice' of thElt work, but because I m tl a lJantuI Ct'cat .inre between Port Tnampa
i blt Mr. L poon isworking in hard roads rankn. if yotu choow to aind JLC.4ra1iille, can lake passage iin
salon with Dr. T. V. Thomne, term it that. flor 1 believe KlOO raads thio through 'Pllman cr for points
ina of the Board of countyy Con.- are the first principles toward build. :East gti glas C('olumbia. Charlotte,
Ie*I ahd Ii, I' Hllamplto. 'e ing up a nommiunmlty Pnl making itt ireevtnbaro. l.Pnrille. Ly.achburg andl
Siof the haiDnellle Hoard of .~. ...... v t.,I n. a .tI u.i,..O.

Pollard-Pitt Company.
bidiff to announcement, the
.IPhl; Coneert Company ap.
a L the auditorium of the
tite Grded and Ifigh School
eveningg to an appreciative au-
h. The work of Mise Emma Ter-
S phfalist who demonstrated a
Sof fine points in singinR, was
ila the superior of which has
101dom heard here, while Mliss
Ookh Piu, on the piano. was very
)ill s Pitt Is a $graduate ot one of
bwl eollplePe in the South. and
lllh u a brilliant and talented
*lj'. m l l,
~~hp0 the pleasant features of tht
was the reading of Miss Wim-
i teBher of eleoutiot in in E
ft8minary. Thi little lady i
IM ly eloquent and perfectly natu-
he' work, but is exceedingly
Sias well.
il., the enterntanment, which was
oader the auspices of and for
biefit of the Evergreen Ceme-
_Agosietio.o wia a social and A-
01 *U0We. and was highly en-

14 9eruna Almanac in 8,000,000

or/l r tru. l tul u n 'e a uuLr i fe U mv. .iiE.
of the money I would *say to ahead --
and push the hard roads as rapidly *a HOLIDAY EXCURSIONS.
po mible. Th admits the truth. I am ..
makit. no mtoue--nothint more than Very Low Rates Via Southern Railway
an average man'is salry-in this work, Account Holiday eason.
but I want to tee the work dnne, and The tSothern Railway will ell ltick-
since there seems to tw noltwly anxr et to all points at rate to one and one-
ious to take it up here I am willing to, third irst-cllas fare for round trip.
do iton what la nothing mote to me Titkets on sale oeember 23d. .lth
than a salary to superintend." 2i:h and Slet, IltN, iad January lI.t
Mr. Edwards i certainly a hard 19l0, with lnal Limit Jinuary 4th,
roads enthusiast, and the people ofI 1M06.
this section should appreciate his ef. To teeahersr ail students holding
for crt. certiflites ftriln .i upe rinterndent,.
To Cure a Cold in One Day tickets at above rates will bIte old
Take Laxative Hromo Quinine Tab. daily December lith-24th. 19 with
letp. All drturists refund the money tinal limit January Sth, 1906.
if it fails to, elr.E. E. V. rovte's si- For further detailed Information.
nature is on qeach btx. '. rates, etc., apply to J. C., di-.
trict passenger agent, Suuthern Rail-
Den erted Man Hangs ortyrelf. way. Jacksonville, Fla.

Qutin.114 \ :' *, ofn f.itrt; f ta Bids Wanted.
coun' irtiY. hz igd Iirti-pf at i hktn<
f a nelhlr na--r T'rlm T it. t At the nlet regular monetlin of the
.ofa neghborlle had a TricIm Tud,.l Ioard o County Commislioner. to be
morning. Hte had bel n len a dlon n held on Toewsday January Ird. 19W,
ed condition sAtral 'weeks. ant b&a bids will wb received for hire oflounty
wandered away from home, but wau conviete for ensuing year. All bide
found at Calhoun. t.a. and brought should be sealld and addressed to II.
back home. ie iwar spending fe C. I IenIon, County Clerk, from whom
a He dnheZd itilormation can be ob-
day. at the home of a neihbor, aimed. The right to reject any and
W. Bats.. and slipped out of the house all bid* le reserved.
and hand himself In a blacksmith T. F. T In. i*, Chn. Hd (o. Coin.
- -1 &*-.._ 1U di 1 to..... l.

TCI a f w~.. IwU.
V ""t .uaam iT p W i
-.a iE ... wetseM W

a, ,+as ad *__ a
ort.. aiL'i.p twm Ii

ty**i wneks, tst as the st

a boo k tS
ikw sa frts s4 J.

hjr U mcr i __-
^ ^ CiC^


---lt 1n

-&sd ,d a f-ld
utawb ma kuec IS -lo- a t

6hw- -10 bow" Wb bOLi
hmPI w bs bCteh^d4 .Im
a-i^^ iR ~icM

iV ~~~ iN^ jC M! I

'.JOS. ZAP J.'.'.'
'AL. ....,L. ,

Wholesale Whisklw ImprdI
a% i At*l. limp td a" m" t'"l
Mlw'ml1watt* ,+,
,, -

ii nl'Iw iI ,n ,r .
JOS. ZAPF, JsoksonyLA

Writhole se he m ,,or:e

M udpnS U '. ,',
aOS. hAPFn hqaCv



Absalret of Ttle and full lIbmft- shm
enunIt. Our Inasaer blH InN tta
la shoofaghly easnevat wi Bth
**i I I...I ---.

smalg a number of 1SMma l A
pa4IM il a i
O D ., "

Air Lie Railw.a

Air Line Railway

o a FOa1] v


*< .;' i' .", : 1^
S.i "' H ,
', t 1''
.- -, -9 :;
- :i.41

Savannah, Columbia, Camden,

Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wais:

ington, Baltimore, Phils.

delphiaa New York. '

Two Elegant Trains Daily.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.



Only Line Operating

.. t !. ..
t' I,.

: ".i ,\

.' ',l!
', ; -
,*: .

pa "n



- .t.4


~I ____ _

_' '" -. "4.. *- --


%Ef s f ,% ,V g f ,v tw



1_ C1


: ,,lU. ut

"" :[, ', ", ', ,

J . Jh,
^^ .*_6 be
t~lM'skimp^^ A
--Wt:I ma.
d ,,;:!'^,-.w ale .' .*

fl^^s ^^~'
I^Ihahs^^^ a^^^^^BB

Ther IIoke 4** awd fw and
SieGe Monil and QSeds.
Sw, be,,w, D,. -"4rilA mwl, f
.ltl e, ewberiM mullo ho
Za 0bho. OIsbtn Oompany ate

sof*e$Wis. hl n four ad flrv
SW8 ld e 0 lh, Rft o
m. buurvlaena lerokI late i, (ti,
ein Is!iNid ni.0 s"W .

^ijrin ae la ss er
U lk j k ^^^Kj~lyk c Ith I paltf ftile
T1w4 J -I s
to r g~ ht t .E

lugilers' wI bi Antan.
rUo itN, DO&tmo -J!' Borws Poe
" W ,New Ytor, sUnMompnmed by two
4, i.s to Way to MOexro CLtlA
itWe sm LWebles will be tWkm
ler0. of Moexlo. The
Sl4.g U.hlLoQ on oplat a
to M fTi over aomtry Mt
'* U'!t*. Twoo MabmMIl
K D0Rm0 City ftbr their a
rtk u Uo will bI to te
I pmbile sad wil laMt
am',10bl shtabln dhr mMa

,M mTh mokle.a
"min, i .llx tIt une


e"... m-. oM
Iih maritk tee tpe 4f eto e

Sss o eri
Ht f te n a

sea; r. ptomptlp *tmptluhed
7L. ,,.,,

b'.. .' a.p. Wa o

*1W, r hte d sd thb r pok p
lrr9~, l4 pl ith ao--n VB '---

Hilr i .er uad svad *;p p+e
1 s-. .t.. '.e 1.. lr

i'ae 1 nt"t o Li s eo"o
WOWl~ -wa"NMr she ma

.":Of i OW Y *or* so tribi :
!..!Ai* oi ,.i Us f"

f.- ...- ..
.jem dmuivw a aS aflkmem
i-. ll1ir tiro mw 2t e. m f td t

t Y .an gelm ve-r n amrtm
,aseas tIlw east.
e a^r on oBhair awi Sy pet

r6ta b sh e i uI@Mat hair 49Sn-1
d at. Mel Nt Iamps
iUnd* e r takin g tot.

It m II Di M ctrs anrd I

Licensed Embalmerms
MiL a ltvaewnv oad 1eMf If lIaLuM
.-. . p Are.
flSr MeCLELLr Stamp t Co...

erte~frrce^ Rutesr R(tuB Ar
jr-i- A trf-.-.- ^_ __ __


Outfitter to Particular People.


.Dioff t!
That 1s the deep and well-founded
the public asld regarding the

oontietion in

.Correct Clothes
Hand-Tailored by Schloss Bros. &
Co., Baltimore.
The. al markdjel superior In style and workman-
Ahip to thr ake at rldJ*tlo-wear apparel.
DoPae be deestivd by the clothing plotures you *see
lamlatIsiul adtnrtl-el inmna. Take these elaborate
IIImwtIoims ind. ompete thtm with the clotheL they
gli i o e present and watch the effect upon your opin.
'"Fina pittnre do not make fine clothes," Is one of
the Seik slo.pian. This make of clothing stLads on
the golalue quality setually fund In each garment.
The sult shown la the Illustration but faintly repre-
anta the latest shape of Double Breasted Saek. Wo
have it II the popular browns and fancy mixtures

FROM $12



Outfitter to Particular People.

C. p. YOY.LE,

llcycles ad Electical Goods,
Brown House Corner,

l.limvllle, -

- PlFrid..

Iltsyd rlpired a d all kMno mri.
trial hraltM d 'r M eye %, oe*
tri., lls oad t i


t117 Wst Union settet.
m... oi1 an d Cndrun.
....iwr lade. a, eUUememn sad Cutren ...


' ,,'


r Ge
on your .
Luc-k Bik

T hi s 1e "-
the espen
*n s em.* '


wMad you fire yotr cholii of 36 ur'tnIl itrm .allU v.'w 1 1.- .Tti-
ie I O iJe eiry, dres,4 d ia luh e fiirihin'. T.i .t i & it tiLjLi LAis- k
loUDad in ech catftcl4 1 all a4hOt tt;i .
The ailolute, iuniuemNtiuoinil pImtity ,t
~ ? g Baking
Is al other ret s Kt Whly oial ~u~iit t1 .:, : r., tittl<' :1 l, 1'-
e bting farct is lo re11 it th it* 1. 1i1, iil' u ,- fiIl
to it tqu rt of silted flt ur it .i .I '. i, it. -L -t'Lt-. '1,
lightesi t, whiteri lu) kilni i '4 t I 1... t- l. i
L.uc --l iighIR ~t. ?ir.sitr it r' | l. ,
bCCJUa e b C its fr tw1ln1 i0: I I i.'it ii i .1
the least .t t > i, . 2 .
4XV. a 1010111 u11
I,(111 k -P kt it.
s usaf ; dOlyrii dn
MrG. (O.

--- - ,....


-- fi i U. - i ."



flr Cloui Miekr

GAIx \'lLLr. FL)Rl1lA
&aarg!~gi'irii^& Swfj~srpj


Highest market price paid for Chickens. Eggs and other Prtoeuc
A gouplete tcoks o Har, Corn, Oal, lourr, Bran, Mil, Ootton Seed Mel
Ud tft*r W ^ bse on!? the VERY BET IWood at the LOW-
g ]RIoCes, an garantee ntlUbiOn alwags.

NEO - -.


rm, AiN l. s
low 5.Urnmaw





t Double Returns
oney by m 'vintg the fi' ih-car *.,(u p i, ..3 1 ; (n .
iKug lowdTr Van label In tx, nii ltoi t e "t- ...

______-- ______- --..... ar.~. -.... I-


Retailer asnd Jobbers in

Staple and Fancy Groceries,

rain, arden Seed and Fertiliers.

" '''~' "I -r~

r ~~---

~--rr~rJ3Crr~'~CI+c~C~~~ ~rr *rl-



r a 11 111



''la~ ..~~: ;1~ ;

~I -c ---,... ..~-. ._..,,~~ -m

'~ 'r
I~,lc~: Y

r*.,... ..*-.,., .,..,-,., ~ ".~LC~..


I . ..


'''" '' '

S., ..

,-...,.,,,~. ~. ~~. ....... ....,.

-* -- ---+e ii :.: --TT~*-~


'J , -' ".."'.,7 *"au J



~~L~Ol~c: ItlltIcl IIlyI ,' rer r i
i1 : : I712r;

[LYIklOtca% ler !,g, 3% j r v -
OEC C A. .-.AI '9

h. IS' 0jrr*

J A tA1- - f lr .! t
Vats .t I I' i rt E 1 r
1u* f, Ilia'P 9.4-": 141110 *,. r

(Ij~tlAlt P1
05'1 0t@ C m r ':. '-0 1!1If



b. r. *.
K .

'aT wm WaI riwja, riust u i
*"- r -- '- --- .^. -
tFTH ANNUAL r ^.7^ ^ -.

r ..

g Ver %r r s L r
53^i W6 1k Ir .I..., d *' t S. .* ",.
d I't d ofl teaew t ,b i H'1. 4 a,- i t .. ,'

o ga L r' ted tt t t i Ca LL., a r .' '
htll 'li tf l C ............
of diiib rtl trI R etrl I rT tr t ir."h
l Of lr ll!4PU 1 'rr CJ .i'c r* '
S I MC t~t; rl(!t, Pll lt't < ,i 'tr f1, **
la e r.itr5 t 1art l tLf. cT' ri tr I
Squired to ( 4AT fo4r sr rrt'F rr: I. a.:
lfM THE D .1II' I .
tll I LTil I It l,*

$ v yerlrJapan inllimrrtd f. loIntu"-
gdlag ovcr e $ .',Cl '.' *I in va'~ .
, :., +--'.T i. _.
. whole history of crt'r;to!:i+" d.
e t is lLrkiLkd Lty lthe d!owrnfit
lmali I prodrae 'r
Sr. of -- hool chiIri-- in N. -w
*renjmf of cliol chi!drlrn inr Nw

sl larger tly ull i,i JO thanll a t i m ti*' i Itn i I o iow n pr.ijort 'i
whieb folughit at Liao-Yang. iLe -.. at li r r Irort.t in Ariz insa aid
.. ih T r, n k, 3 iro in rt' I l'ati s
SILewis and ('lark xpl 'irioi n at were- .*rfe't 'i for iiIlV rtain retear '.h-
d., Ore... has vrit*d ii 11,1 1 fo"r e4 ;'y th' t!. ilIon oL f 0 t.eti'i ry 3 1 l
i3loms for a tig livirstock dirp!;iy. phlirylt' i vi lutable trogra.'lC
.- r-feren 'cf i ",' k .! [iat; of tl-[e irveiy was
i people are terrnedl easy goJing. !ilrgu.l aitl mitie otir aesitl,
tiisa mislnoimer, It is hard o) Iet New prote-, .,r'ir,( gxreat.r exle.
i'tlarItd and wortn to ket-c 'em at ditiin and tciinolny were t'ivirsed in
thi, pihottogranlll le latioratury atud i:r the
division of enigraviiiug and printing.
:s out of ten men that l'do lthir This rrporti i ainons thii free publi-
suenwd. Nine out of ten men eatlons of the urvvy Those inter-
do not do their hbet, fail. TAke eled in the wr of the bureau may
,.llhoio.. obtain a copy rf Oli report by apply-
ing to the [rr ttor of ti. Unit'led
n fn l Is lota of work for tll loulr State, (iulcti.l !urvey, Washing-
Wip IO looking for a jobt. bLit the toil, ). C.
h fall of folks who aren iin archl -
.,s si ion. ..iD .dri J 1: \ lir\ply. a tinoted ur.-
a - m Cmgeon, in rep.)rtin L .I I(. ca*seS Of ap-
..IDt r be Ia back number. rome to p,.ndlicitil whiieh had ben operated
fEro# with the tread of progress ,,,uon. cit's tIit two capes where any
'i inl will e.the wor!d's eopile fonrein body ihd i ben elfond in the
r.n up.-to-date. l,'indix. This pretty conclusively
p rove that grape seed., iet.. play a
A9vrllthrmtir111 i9l laitiv'e glibr- very limniteld part in th* catiuation of
SIWtthe guodB will be sold. 'The the dineaze.. IJr. murphyy br.lieves that
inlthead can do it createl a desi i, if all eases (f the disease were' oper-
.lhe1 ain interest Tihe menrchanit sted uaio ti t the proper tliir, there
'P1" do the rest would be v ,ry few death.,

:. e position of young MIr. Thaw is Young Imen, if you want tlo llceed
.: tliyll that while Mi-i Neslit is do not haing around the loafing players
;!l0t possessing great charms, it hard- nearly every night in the week till the
lt blanso the difference between midnight hour. By Ine company you
MPiI)D and $2.51 r. keep you art known. Take the young
I-. anl who seeks out older persons as
SoOrand a half millions of dollars his assrriates-he profits by their
,l|r hs have been engaged by tle Na- knowl d ep and experience. Keep
S"IhBahnk of Commerce and the Na- away frumIt loafing plaees. The read.
" I Cilty Bank, both of New York, ingof llod books Is as good a pas-
S",:'W ipnent to Cuba. time as any you can tind,

E"rOi oekefelier' Owiing toirciumn Aaillable lgtires go to show that in
,-.L over which even he had no con- the twenty years between Is18 and
i.l be glet only $14,tXx,laxl income i1Xi there were 22,7 .3 trike., which
:b lfttalndard Oil this year. How- cost the United states in wages, eI-
"ifi* he s thus increasing his chances pentes and direct loan of trade, near-
S'Pting thiroul.h tith nteedlel's eye. ly $4(.1 4i.4n In the sameni time there
S. .... .... were B little' ovirr 1,1.0J lcwkot)kt, cott-
W Were wesreity thoisand divorces iler nritrl]y $1,'i . hit, country last year, or an aver- items of lossi hy no means rfegresut its
Iof nearly seven fur every hour of f(il extent.
M1rda and nighl. Sun ldays included. -
,'iIS business of making and un- Five .lapmniie. the advanclt giiard
, at Ii i misfit marriages appears to of a colony If 41l "r t families. have
't i become a national industry, arrived at Snn Franciinpo by the steanl.
S--... tr Manchulria oni thie way to Dade, Fla .
We have 7, potlof let and i ,- where they ilnt'tlvd to cultivate 87T.O 4
SOliles of postal routes, with a year- 'acres of land. lThe colony will raise
ibla tel over them anliotrt ing to i(.i ,- silk. Cotton, and pineapples
.,0001miies. The sitrice costs over and experiment with them.
i o),0O.00 a year. The receiptl now -
i'equOll lhe expetldiures, and How's Thil?
Ii doubled in the last ten years. We tlffer one hundred dollars reward
for any case of catarrh that cannot be
p rospe@tu are that within a year cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
I StWe Utcle sam will have by all oddly F. J. Cu ~:v & Co Toledo, )..
Sblnl getl navy in the world. lie ha. We the uindersigned. have known F'.
i Sep it for service, incladinR those in- .I, Ctheney for the last lf5 years, and be.
i'"liptlr. 868 rellel. Irn sdd(tion lieve hint perfectly hononrabshle in all
adi hs B business transactlons, and tinanelally
l'AlS iLl I o.Ue or eolLstruetion: able to .carry out any obligations made
?i, la- itiam.I-itm. C ...l .. .. .. L_ -- .- Ji ...

I o C6 -1 :

. f'

i I
i ,



a, ",g "v w ..
.. .~ '' *- V1 -V ,
l y S IP -< ^ ^ ^, ,, _^ ^ n5 ~

-----ahC*rCrChlL~CCCnH I C~eh.kL+ .a- ~ --- ----,,
*A^#OW4Rt.'Rnlwp -ft- mow




I-,- i

I. -



I4 I

p I


r "I




-c %n



The Florida

Fruit and Truck Grower
L. J. BRHUUl, Edltor and Prop'r,
One lear........ .... 61.00
lilnle repiew............. 10

A handsomely illustrated magauie"
devoted e ppecially to the Inlwemls of
the fruit and rvegtable growers of
~ ~ ~ --:r --
% s* pt V 4itIiQ r.r i I.m tlim
** h m I .Ill l 1 ( ii i.iii iir .
I i. k-Tti...1 r '. i I *it a 'l Ia iV i.
N. idt by Irugw.I*mIa.
t I ,9: l .r r Il* iii i
IA l I K 1 V mtI ll I

Llm l m m', '



1 *


t ~ 'i.',

'"- + *


S.~.'.4 "L:. ;4

^ ^

Title i.d

knoy what you are buying.

Titles ordinarily invisible comctty vweald t n

Gainewvtfle, flor) da
The- Ala' C0/ty b- .li"

H. F. DUTTON & ,



I, 1.

Sea Isl lud Cotton Seed Bagging and Twine.
Leather in Strips or Sides.

3afnulfactureis of the James Doig Improved Endl
Sea Island Cotton Gin, and Supplis for S~m 'n

JI, M. GR kAtAU,Premldoen



* **'i ,



I' ni *' r


rhtligelti c;:! ffr ',' ', !'; *.
rasiphl i iir. Iy v r.- r. *,lq" i .l -.v i*
':at*s tihe :ri .1 :i.waat i- f r ,'._:.
surveys b-; r.r j, .. a.t. a- L '. i'1y T Ie-
than $1t'"P*
The inlor:ia'Otl r- of lthI rr-a'.a is-
tiii lervy1ic'. a rap.l ly a 1 ran.t'id ilu
n.I;.y (f ithe! \\ ftierni Matei ar d 'Ter-
r;ie A '*n .u*ti*trtiIi oin of worked

Peruna is recommended by fift m1a

Congress, by Governors, Consuls,
Majors, Captains, Admirals, Eminent Phy
Clergymen, many Hospitals and public

tons, and thousands upon thousands of t

the humbler walks of life.


Your Druggist for a Free ielruna Almanac t:

Thr psflh fr Tiwte afIdn n &alIS and

what you pay for when you buy la4d;

Isl aE d

o"n. W. LTms. Vit

- -- - --- ------.

. ,'I '


t *

0"P46 1








ft *





'.'9 L04' ___
V0L fl,48flfl 4 wool-

r....DN3TW.... Fay-Sholes

_-_ -Ty-pewriter +
DIIL A, O, mo unstr l,11

nuDe, osle*, NAEUIn ON TAlE oil
0 -" Hs Tl P Aiator

..,* UNIT IR I Every Mlchine.

S, A. OAUSL1X, lighted: -j il Lightest Ilmnlng The
... ATTORIIEY AT LAW Chamrplon :nd Writers of the World
eke". And IaSOlloIrsl Equltl U1 i s I y -4Ibole's. More FayIBhole, In
s0"adg ad Gea. 'a' In 4 I:: l than any other WhIn.
.,d .1"~r All bilmN_ pmptly ... .- --
to. 001 eot door to mum
OAsxlsst, FatODA, I For Sale .y....
7rDIWW,, *T "HE SUN, Galnesille, Fla.
Osumvlans.e. * FLtoma. I
us sll your oly7 "Yo_
n04 Galm- -w"h phhae,

SAm nRy-AT LW, We cover these m i ortans points and espcrrf,. p :y
..UCITOR = OGANOBRY.... soliit a it.are of your business.
0" ini --'' Wool,.Fire, Uie, dent an eal

S3.. pU3XAE, --.- ,,Agikts fo6r the-

nwa,.a,,, Victor Safe and Lock Company

The "Victor" is the best sare made, and P s cotemplat-
inl these pesphae of a lese, or groth in Ltht line,
fro a t ors to bank ike, wil ae money
*m .L mvby eonmulting us ll ao. or addI e
a s~ a. Inform t AINESVILLE. FRIDA

A Goe"Is Vmw OU*"WLn
..... a ...... ........

-. ... 84 11 1 E 11 Ik NOW'. SO 1904.
I 40WW Mo .MWsearlewr, s,,,,..,P ,I E,,.r art ,Nv. e, 80s .
ue "'. Mr v 1,, Ms..,- -, -- -- ., --o, . B -
lmbeusIbmT losnddraeht. Dea's Lv Jamkoknvs l-. . .. s 3 ...a.p I, -askovillo, Fii. s.- licyp 7 p
Ltanpnah. oRy I (mp 12 18a Ar Mihacon. ia ... Si 3 ~O
I. HART LEE JARVIS. Ar Chrolum ba Ho Rf 4 ArA Roinaini, ... So ly S los
4W au Ar Chlarlitnell So RI 40a 94l% p Ar DIlloe, (ItSalt y 73
Plmh aortr (WitrrB.Ta Ar remuaboro Solty 1 12 i6p A flln,Ga..ully 8
EL a BT)AL iURGEON. Ar-Ion* .o y 1 45* 2 P Ar Chatsnooga, Ttbn no Ry 9
DEWALUEO rV d~ Nolti 6* 84 2p Ar LAVInAX on, KyS .... qf A 6 20p
-h-i. Ar Obarloe'**e Ro Ry o 5 p 01 6S lU p L-vCinoinnasgp .. Bi Four 8 lop

204CYTL. Ar New York .P RJ 4 14p, 0 80A .i
Y A ....Lv CinolnnatI, O.. C II sL Dn ip
.AfO, No, M-"NewY d ork and Florida Ex. Ar Chlao, Ill II & 7 28*
.* bumaueknsr. ProPr, pie." Dlly Pullman Drawlanll Room tln.1,,na.i--; .... nU.. o a.

-. s l 11 ..... I L I p ,
t llm mu JseeasslI, lorid fteeplg Cari between Port Tamp., Ar Toledo. O C H & ) 8 '-t
.a. s Jacksonville and New Yorkh Ar Detrol Mrch .. P 2.
No. IO-" Washlinaton and Florida 'O.-e
Belt Imprted aDomeetle Llquors Limited." Daily Pullman Drawing Ar inoanuri,O P n. M
...WI. hew York. O nt e ,- .. 4o r Up
Ar ClevladO lg Four 4.
Through The Land of the Sky." No. Le ton, K
S LiJseksonvill,. FVla.....o Ry I"7 p Ar LouIoville Ky ...... USo A 8 10p
inlabshek Flaw, Lv xavmnnah, ia ....... 8o Ry 12 ]k Ar h8. Loi, Mo o l 7 SM
Ar Oolambl,. U .... NoS K 8" --
Au Asheville. N. O .... ..So R I Op eNo 18-"The Florida Limised."
Ar Hot SprIagn, N.C So Ry 2 87p Daily solid vestibule trsin, through
a Ien 3 1 F3O U SWETNS NS A PUILPIDI. Ar Knotrllpl, Tenn..... So R 6 00p day touches sad Pullman uleepiul ears
Ar LouIsville ........So 80Ry DOs Jacksonvills to Cincinnati.
le TWI O Uf M OWRL AS3 Ar St. Louis ... R 4 5p eo.
aseeneer gue DURABILIT* Ar Clneinnati........ Q& 8 In No-t-wt
e DU LITt. raLv Jackonville, FI ....o Itj 745p
No. 8n-Daily Pullman drawing room i J1suop. O, ... S t 31)p
ae f eme, ~ d buffet dseping ear between Jack- Ar Macon, s ..o R1y 33 (
.Wam e or e eemets. sonville and St. Louls. ArAslant s. So y 5s
a-t a g k a i a mbls em afrsli5e Ar Anniston,. Ala.. So lpy 9 4
Q.. Ar Birmingham, Al.. .o o 11 4
o ........e a eer Two Trains Daily At ~lemphi. Teq~ .... rio i op
...... ', I~ UnI .vrs Kit ll 1 MV piriton 9 K41
S nrisra #i TO L sMmphT, e ... . IP
Ar m oot, m hn od Hot S print.. Ark a Ho
-, 0 by m otluouuly o. W h8--i"Th aloridd .iWiand ." l i
Ovum TI New York. ca bt ween Je Iaonville, fBirmokc
ea withMat a etlage. alue. It won hta, Memphis ad Kansas Cty.
Mwat plaO for a lifetimfl IEXCELLT I H AU
From New York, WAuhl111 eo.--No. 29. "Wuhingtlon and Florida l.lm-
IIn e a. w 'a- a a nasts i istd." O00 .* m.
e as- Oasm e tm semeS dm' From ChCalo. Olmeinnati, Ohattnoogp, Atlanta, etw.-No. 14, i"loridA
-e-WLimited," et:a a. m.
d n e mr& amet Pea W From Knmsas City, Memphis, Birmingham. 'te.-No. 14, "F lorida Lim-i
omu~ mblll CIuoi nat, Asherlile, etl.--No. 29, "Washington' and Florlda Lia
pe From New York, Washington, ete.-No. a8, "Ner Yor. and Florida Ei'
proe," 7:40 p. m.
iO3 MJ I Opp'0 ,11t. ., LUBEK, 060%vDlulterie FietdSW
40r. m IN'D E- '"hm 0. H. Acker%, (t. M.: W. H ,, in& #a P.:

1r-d~ro Now
a, r Way.
rM4 0 be to ts,"l lb
p :ia s t lhs tr,,l ft
;95I rectiussl in thu
a. it WShe h' *1* -

Wall Un

rllty tl i
.< I 'i l i

n.,t iii





The Optic Sp~i:i. L of Louisville,i
Ky., Have Arrived and
Will Remain a Few
Days Only.

C. Baure i'riprltter.

Roonu 29, Brown House
P a r 3 r o .

get directly r ufnk tE1 aWith tile
llfP btt .i! rft~UI' to Rb , OLiie
the cUtri rmrom largee.yy to
ration for it:,, ph ml,,n r.
Patterson L coUmli'I'' "1 rittrl *:
Ithe rat trial 6brtr&taae he, wiA
to "sit all 4Iy an t hin ltae l'
a croowd of somen," t. de $ LX
f |ttlera.m senis to be In beu er
iai L trial prolsrease. It is our I h l* it gsi l i
nIkCit n It rl t r lihat I'li Fy r alt-ve the
S or t Will be Bitter. r i rn r ".I C i.-r t I ,l I tbl: a l .rtr eoaig
wei h raw sfour c*'-I t-W r, thse .prarrwmig
pa who will persist in eclosin: .104 r) it 'aX afl ." Ai tr)e ) .,1ty
S i inet hpsonrtinuaI recoim- 'ih td ,r wO e , ITd h'4 aiedor
I or li n Kin's New uDwoV- *i Im.hp-e.r ,i.p *1 -r.oiTI-t
a:11) 1 t.0p9 re to
ig sOu pti0on, will have a long eal a nld 11trsim |er u:-e r ,lrth.lhAels of
Ier 1fst with their troubles. If corrrcLitic errors of rettaetiou. lrny
Sil earlier by statl termination, eases of brsdacuti. eiralyia,vat rvous.-
,has7 Tf. Bell of Beall, Mwis., ness. irritability, iusoaur.ia, vertigo.
nertao prm traiotlun aid the steemirg
Wua "Last fall my wife had stupidity of children are rulten due to
qmaptm of eaonsmptlon. 8bhedefective vision caused by an abnor-
Kia*g's Noew Disovemry after mal ourlatur of the cornea or crystal-
l oha em bed flaied. Improe- lime lens or to no irr lulmrlty of the
iiii at on sd four bottles r tsatinlg me dia of the ee, m. d at.
reiitved at once upon the appiesaion
1e p her." O ardr 1 d by of the proper lasseS. nuaet per ent
l. Prie 000 an*d $1.00. Trl- of the people over t~ years ol age seed
wis gui. lalsses, ani1 i& per ceent of the 90 need
them for distance.
TURN TO N YORKlasss re not always given to im-
I Ill TURN TO NEW YORK. prove, eyntlh t, but to relieve undue
-- strains-in short to asists nature.
P k Re tady to Oo Sack Whes Thousandsof eyes are ruined yearly.
Caurt Slip Order. $even person. .out of ten have neither
eyes alike, and one Iuoft f twenty As-
Isptom. Tex.. Dec. S--A sw,,eia! tlgmatism;: bnee theneeeeslsyof test.
* Galveston .ay6 that AtlIlliit~ J ing ract re)e separately. special at-
m, of New Yt rkI l, l t I:.-rte tension ie givrn to arly inequality that
Charles F. I',',. +-r X in an nay exist between the retraction of
wit hW t h1 in !it' t a t h tlhe ?eye.

I A W' & I" Optical trience has made rapid ad*
*w tork ti [i: .l: M 11 .l- lvaner, within the l t few yearn; the
Unir.. of t1i -'r'ihi'rn 'T.vB correct adoption of spectacles has be-
I artco. t;:i :t'; <;r',.r and 1. come a distt i profession. The opti-
jlpates t:e. ord r 'rit.y. eian whu thoroughly understand his
is atalkenu ft jn,'iate( t3t Doi.i business realizes fully that In adjust-
1ve n up the fllrli anlu! that (h, inlg glasses for his customers he is
o ua h, ipiait fro treating with a most deliqnte and pre,
is to be ma0le bly kat fr GIIa eioum orgau. where the Ilightest error
d. Dodge was 4.tal:en to Ga:,C. may result seriously, while if he does
*| feo llouiton last night by Dnp his work well he not only giver oom-
Manshal Vann. who hal will him fort aid ease to his patrons, but in
Chief of olicllre J:,hn Howard. iana initle retores the sight.
: lty, n the prty w special care should be taLken in me-
t ety, and t party wa n ting the filrt pair of spectacles, nor
e saltLon by iDepul) MarLhat li hr should it be attempted without the aid
!of a responsible optician. It is most
two New York detective wer important that the rletnes should be a-t
Lat Houston where they will awall curately eenterd and of the best qual-
I ute ol.Of Jude Burns. ity and the frames so made ,hat the
w darer looks dir-etly through the cen-
ter. tlases nicely fitted to the face
Outghtng Spell Caused Death. twcome an ornament as well as a ne-
ay DIekhwell. aged 25 years, Fitting children with spectaclesia
ilWtodeath early yesterday morn. specialty.
.i hisl home. in ihe presence of Parent., do uot neglect your chll-
t1ife and child. lie contracted a den's iy es.
ifflcult ease olicelted.
t1 foMd a few days aro and paid All qtestions in regard to the eyes
1 lllle attention to it. Yesterday cheerfully answered.
IwaOiaed with a Iit of coughing nd Emiat
i-Onti..n f n. .aa .l.1 Consultation and Raam nation

L Up- Sur NU*I SuiM" 11111111. IsI
Iat for physician but before he
tM arrive, another Ooulhing opell
oa and Daokwelldled from stufo-
-9t. Lois Globe Democrat.
. 1. 1901." Balllard's linrhoun
W would hld hve saved him. '2c. k
1(1.00. gold by W M. It. Johnson.

SRr Inr nn 'am.rlt-lla.
-J I Ph irn t .. ," t i n ; i t": ','
^,Bn il'H i .m-: m tihi itit)1-itlbr i lot'i. :
B ),*n ;it im rittir II Tti' l t i*
Water ni l tiny st k. it of grit run
Intro It:e ltraing nalidetr the Iron
that mw-ertir tihe ribs. I1tl It ilt*1Y8
Mlkingr ihe silk teller and rAte
Illither ltshauli you l.nlve' the umll
Spen to dry, as that itrstlches the
414 t makes It ntlff. itb It wt'll 0oon
"h ake It well. then ,l-o it and
It handle utitwn where the water
IR* off. N4\ ..r r,,t in umbrella or
Iway lightly fi lletl. It will
Aim out just am sn an uata i leavee the
i to tie loemfely
Cured Paralysis.
SW8. Baley P. I True. Trezs,
Wl les: "My wife has been suffering
* yars with paralysis in her arm,
SI wM Pen added to use Ballard's
rb6W Liniment, which cured her all
lrkI. 1 have alo used it for old
l' frost bitel ani skin eruptions.
0doe th. work." 25e, b50o, $10

l^ r' They olrg T'.
^"..ot w Y'"l11 grtllll' rI wl i yU,lih
"IWln dK' I.t. i nll
S0611 I i lder igtn ."Ho tiller,
A, Frightened Horse,.

(ftlee hours frin 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
--. -




OiW**- Op lilTATIONi.
Ballard-Snow Liniment Co.
r. LOUIS. aMO.
PFr Nale by W. M. JoibanuI


Via Atlntic Coast Line.
p f

A fine opportunity to visit home. On
account of the Christmas holidays the
Atlantic Coast Lie will sell tickets to
all point east of the Missitsippi and
sou lI of the Ohio and Potomae river.
including St. Louis, Mo at one ind
ontr-third fares for the round trip.
'Uisf..i r nn i sii I lmhim r *M..l Pd-at


iD. a *wtari b wttt Iweimee. e aM aftS PasW sm
I '.e Ob U4 beCak. >****k *fu (a
r-e0esnd IStke asb4e sWeonS
ui**m &4i 9 616SI ta Nto Las S

IAelted It the |Porttr blrck. south
uide square. Three irirs-clas tables.
Good light, and prompt and euurteous
servrie. The public is cordill: iuvied
and a'wap, wlome.


-. -- - - -.. ilPIII I- II I .r wII



iog g
iOod .ak waM i

ALL 'P A, L .' ,
f LF is *' Ki~
*U^B*A ^M^ DI**^ L ^ ^f|^~a

Send your orders for Job


ALf pf^f* ;

Jacksonvillle and Nf l
k llt"n as OCAULUO. 0.c WL .

Clyde New England and Soth
Dirmt e ervie Betwoe- JA5 OirVoB I
Calnll at ChaMtlMs bou wae. '
~SouthboMd.. ... ..... ...... *as law LWqj
NorthtbonDd... ..... ..... .......... Fr ooo f AeaS M..u
__ ^ '. ** ~ .-;.~

Clpd. St,. aOstu K fm' roibw
SBopplng at Palatl, Astor, St i (DPamaedkl
aLudb,.p ..dsU .
CommetnIr ToedYq r rl fs v1sj01,:f ,;
stemen 'cmOF oA sr n r Ui YWI III
are appointed to small a follows: Jadrtllle dail ulII
8:0 0 p. I. Returning leave .Xanfoat deif uf 3Sd Mtu
S othb Ia. .scUno J'. .
L SO .. .... ...... .. J Mk Sai ..... ...a"* esI
Sfe ipu ................. ...... alaths ............. ... "
S Oai............. ............A r .......SO e....aas u.**
4:0 ) am ....................... Fr anIS ..a . .. o...ep.......
A -- ..... ........ e te do ( ea *d) ... ....... ..
k L a- -.


r 4 '
'pTo :,
^^ .'' W


- Montezuma -i
*^M-- -- ---- ----R *. .,;1 **"-. *

E. A. WEIL & CO, t On the A. C. 'a. tad S. A. L. V.
WHOLESALE SHO ES None Better in the Itie It n q .
MOeet All Durrtr.
Of Aill N DeIIPthm- ---N- ii9

Sole Agents forXONQARCH and TU i.
EIG 4qCALUTT Shon. Every
per warranted.

J. MauIiM

a Agent


I.. T. Wl Au, Pr

Coaer Grove MId Cree street

rhoat IS

P. o. bw



Prh Every Dr.

DeOvered to AU Parut O Cir.

J. D. CRABB, Agent,

Fine Wines, Liquors and Cilas

We wil sand j Epress
Prepld to Cusinifik, RIL, 4
full case qart sipsoer od
Iarymnd ije for $.OO.



Jacksonville, Florida.


Jas. Everard's Canada Malt

As good as asy and better than uAS
Beer. Made of liops and Malt

Per Barrel
Per Dozen

* a.. . n.
ea. s .*..em

$10 50
1 25

,_ .__. ..



Fastest Time and Finest Service
to All Points

North, West
lad Northwest
Through Pullman Drawilg Room
Sleepl COars daily from Jekionville
to Birmighbam, Nsuhrille. Ervanville.
Chicaeo. Bt. Louis. Pensaeola. Mobile
and New Orleans.
.. -. 9 l .. -.

Alachua Pool Parlors,

o's cas wouI4 be w.q.! in
3U Jithering wcf m. .
S hich have b .nI cn3 i4 '1.11I9
Sof tb0 faimout'i triAalt iIn Ih
p the p sl w as. I n III e I,.l.t,','
It l b t i l' thati Jutit lt1
Lt *a*llhn hem loliio eketll lid:'

E3M B1. p rT03



'i t-.


oft ow& ft owl" aoweeh1 wi asa
SdkMw'. AWslr*C r S iriiiS'ij

IuISVu IUB. II. S~ S.fL.
as_::+:+ ._: s- 01 rrr

285 W. Bay st., JA
I'____ I I1 I' ,, ; ,**-

Sne .-..m. fWf- fl'4

a 3si MlaO -f

- --- ~ ~---------- ----------- - '-I





. *' .* S .
*-, ^ ,


K' .* '*' '. 4.4 ..;.s I ,. ... '* 4.. .I:-: r Zql l:rrl'Y ,/;4r ,-..-r.T 4.4

I~~~~. r' rr 'I7 .'


V 'Good
^*;;" '

to the


Children especially are fond of dainties,

1/ and the housekeeper must look carefully
to their food.
S As good cake can be made only with
i good eggs, so also a cake that is health-

', ful as well as dainty must be raised with

a pure and perfect baking powder.
Royal Baking Powder is indispensable

Sin the preparation of the highest quality
"of food. It imparts that peculiar light-
Sn sweetness and flavor noticed in the
inest cake, biscuit, doughnuts, crusts, etc.,
Sand what ismore important, renders the
Food wholesome and agreeable to young

Sand old.


EWS OF CIITY AND ure with w hmau Hill.
OW I AllD i.P rie7'4 picikls s and chow-chow at

i "'.rtr l i Aidcil to 'L".
aitl O df General IntereMt ath- i. r11 Cihanlrliin and B. F.
end by Our Reporten. Mathews of Tacoma were trading i
thr, it y yesterday.
Fauoey celery. lettuce, new onions,
PWRSONAL AND SOCIAL ITEMS reillaue, riuii,*trd nrd ,rverythming in
Sthe vegetable line. . MeKinotry.
RIta Ha Happend and What is Going A r profesinonal mret cutter engaged
t0 Happen Told In Short Paragraphs at the marke-t of Cartrr A Anderson.
H*e alveis yiou jiut what you order-
0o That *"H Who Runs May Read" n', thing but tl)a best.

It Itn Th Sun.
hsre with aushman A 11111.
preh buckwheat in bulk. C. V Me-
K try.
Old newspapers oqir sale AL The Sun

F." J Feaster of Roohlvle was ill the
, .lty yesterday.
SimoFnsonlls Wonderful Salve fur sale
J. W. McCollum & tl,.
T Twelve-ouno hlir Export oapl. only
%e oper bar Saunderslt IEarle.
R. a. Hnall of Hague was transact-
e Ibusiness in titis eily yesterday.
Wanted-Two earpepters Monday.
Apply 1. J. Lsuiter, lLtt Arlington St.
S Niealy fIruished room to rent to one
SorIworentlemene, Apply at Sin oillee.
Miss Susie Smiiti of Micanlpy i is
he city, a guest of liies 1Eva ilauk-
Best fresh meat. beef, pork, etc .
II" P~er pound. Malplhura. Shaw .t
SOP. 2t
Attorney J. It. Willis of Bronson
-Waa professional iwitor to this city
For Rent-Sltore Royal Coo(k former.
"1 oco pied. Address Thomas. V. l'or-
tr, .Jacksonville.
Fireworks for holidays. A good as-
; Mlorlent at prices which will hear in-
Si pltiono. Malphurs. Shaw A Co. 2?t
8, Ii. Benjamin, -the progressi rv
rehant of M1ieinopy. was among tlhe
;bu sllnes visitors to this city yesterday.
Ohas J. .onlman of High Springs,
fireman in the employ or the Atlali-
ti C9oait Line. wa a visitor to thiv
:ity yesterday.
B' t groceries, always fresh, at right
4i ptiee. Ooo ham I l pound. ostis
elsewhere IN<. A trial will convince
OU. Mailhurm. Shlaw r Co ( 't
Those intelidinn to Iarticipate in ithe
Christmas muice for the Metlhoist
Ihurch are requested to mee t at the
Church at 9 o'clok tl is mnornilng.
James C(roxton of Micanopy was In
tse eitry yesterday ti route huloe from
Alaehus. Mr. Croxt(o is countty sur-
"*Ma 01 . ..

I hr r labor contract naven possible lols
from advanceii to einployes; fifty or
les. at three cenrseach; $2 per hun-
dred. eahi with order, tf.
I ivorge Sinith oit Arrendo idu wa
aminLlig tiae v -iilcro Io tile county capi
tal yesterday. Ife niadoe The Suit a
pleaint call and renewed hil sub~crip-
t io
The uWomn's Foreign Missionary
NKtiety of thlie l tihoilt church is re-
qiur'ted to meet Tuesday afternoon at
:1 o'clock. At this meeting a president
will be elected.
.1 11 I)e of Micanopy was in the
city yP'telrday. ie lipas just returned
Sfroli iMorrlston. Williton anid other
i pnilnt in the interest of tlie hliir P'or-
trkit Companay.
,Amongi thel vifitolr to this city is
Mr .T. I) Walkins of Alicanopy. who
is a guest of Mrs. J. I'. Hauknight.
I I rifien4 of ilthi Is dy are glad to wel-
comnll her again.
C. i) Schafer hat returned from
3 lilanopy, where tie went to place a
stuloe i vver tlhe grave of Mr.. Mary
I lit.,r I'rice. drcerased, mother of Mrs.
'i. %. F-ennell of this ily.

Mobile, Ala.. D.C. 21., INIO. |
ITr I. W. Hall, St. Louis, .Mo.-flear
Mir leaving tried different doctors
and their renmedies for several yean
folr bnek and kidney troubles. 1 found
I otilliigl imreitiful until taking The
1"'exa* Wonder. liall's threat lisoov.-
Pry. and, beinl rapidly cured, the old
stayiug with railroad men c it, "' iod
i bless tie man whlio invented iit" Pull.
1i1i tIn ei'llng t'ar." lib t I Iay. "(Iot
!blesn thai- IivUtiTr of liall'si Texas
i rr %ot'l' sours truly.
\\\ tr li ln trtl .y
W .It. .
'I A o 1' I. (Co.. V!o iile. A11a.

(JlOt small bottle of the lTexas Won-
der, liall's treat Dis)covery, cures all
kidniey aiid bladder troubles, remove
gravel. cures diabews. seminal erais-
-1 - __ -A -_ 5.0,660- -1P .-.1 .---%





We will indulge in a little shoe talk
thli week. We are the originator of
low prices on shoes. We have fine
values all the way through, but we
want to call your attention to a few
specially good things in footwear. Our
Box Calf for boys, a strong, durable
shoe at $1.65, cannot be equalled.

Our $2
Oalf are
both the

line of loys' Vioi and Box
simply sipert. They have
style and wearing quality.

Our $2 line of men's shoes is the
equal of many $2..W) shoes. In fact the
shoes are branded hy the manufac-
turer to retail at $2 .N5, but we can sell
them for even money and we are do-
ing it. We have thein in both Viol,
Patent and liox Calf in all sltles. Try
a pair.
,lust rect lived a shipment of the
'"King Quality" ad 'ertised 8.51) shoe-
the best made for the price-see them.

The bitxie Girl fur ladies at $1.50.
genuine )Dngiola upper, solid leather
sole, is the prettiest and best shoe
made for the price. Ohir $2 and $2.60
line for ladies is strong Values un.

in short, we have slhuoe fur big folks,
little folks, rich folks. poor folks, old
folks, young folks, ugly folks, pretty
folks and all sorts of folks.

Come to the Ilig
and get what you no

I Ipartmilent Store
ced at low prices.

Write for Our soo-PaRe lllMeraw $tugs.

Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, ClockI Cut UI,


Inuire with 4CashMla A 1I1i.
Whrie its choliow It Il f n'lI tiir lati .
) ( Wait 'hione I ri- .'4 A 'lf^ rr .i,
I i' r i, i f ) l,. rit
toli) airial ir t.-ti i t.',r- i,it IrvL a I t.-
.ti l |..p ;ii. ir ('hIa., l'-m i.+:,'
lbarblr sh(iop,
l'tiuaetg t ig r eie r ;',, L i ii p ni rjl.ll
tied tj r=-. f -o l lt i !, l .!' a
Soodil i t nlny Iht' 1li li i.It. iia,. N.b -
phur., >tw w >, I io '2
T, .1. ( !ii ri ti \ 1, l j.d rmg )li.i
ItV'l- in thr city for tit i pitii tiij diay
N1r, Csalrs de!iarled },terdJay fitr
(Crescet t ('Cty, 'l itlr im ( iiiy. where
hre wilt spiinl a sliort tnii' as the guest
of hi liiither and #t itr, Mri. Mill r.
F'..., eawvrll hait rltiried frron
MIicaiopy, whitrel lie wei, to lt)i, l Or.-
nhii/er rur rutr In installiig olllere of
the 31. W of W. Thursday. III, iv..
ports a IWg time, and Ayps the 1clea.
nop y hou) aretI ll. he' hiret ihat
amI ,"
Mr.. A lioward and son, C' o.w-
ard, have arrived from 'ittsiargl, Ia ,
and are rcculpyig l thtir haiilnsone
home on Alachu a avenue, l, 'tltaineie-
ville. They are regular winter risitor*
here, and have ianyi friends who are
always delighted to welcome themi

Thi flest sho#s In the city are tnade
by Edwin Ulepp. Uet the haldil and
o 10to Burlhim'y. where they are
handled exclusively.

The friends of Poetmauter George J.
Arnow are eonrgtuleain Itim upon
his resppointment for the coming term
of four yeer. Judeo Arnow has made
a most saeommnoltinl and ffcllens of-
leer, and his reappointment is entire-
ly satisfactory to the people of this
His Honor Judge Mason Wi doing a
nice business in the matrimonial liea
now. Within the past two days lie has
issued licenses to wed to lavid Hilne
and Francem Parrish, Oscar Jones and
Viola Armietead, white: and Edward
Haile and Tillio Uothar, Samnipon
Hayes and AIbe Hicks. BenJ. Harris
and Jane Cato and Lawrenee Wil-
liame and Maggile Roger. colored.

Ladlk*' Ebr4d Collar, ,

Semr Whit.e Mals Cweet at **
Lade' Catlaia V'lMwts 3irn Ia,

laaeks' ry Woel Test. worth l1
ewly IThe.
5Ld..' kI Wed Tes l,
L1.a"a a iteW oath. j

BeIt Vralues
It every dlpartrrent, nd m ost
coupfrtlel linu to -eliet from.

Our 14e of IlraMad sum t U ags
We to *6 eath.


Ladle' calln eards printed I latest
atyle at Sun olice. Orders for oeagrr-
ing exeeuied on short notllee. if.
Coudueior Ohas. R. Crter of rte
Atlslan Oast Line, with headquarten
at Oltr, wa Is tnhe olty yesterday,
COoduelor Oarter expects to aurms
run between Jsukonville mad St. FiPe
erburg tomorrow, He is oueseeded
on the High Springsl itra run, by Orb*
doctor Peak*.
Among the guests at the QOd Fel.
lows' Home is A. E. Whittemor, a
prominent aitizna and busirnesa msm o
iowlita Oreen. Ky.. who Is here for
the winter. Mr. Whittemore is o e of
Bowling Green's leading eitiean, be*
Ing a member of the common eouell
and a suoe roe l business mann and reml
estate owner. He is well pleased with
aOlaesville and its people, and uay he
believes that the aity's population will
be doubled within the iexIt nve years.
It may be that Mr. Whittemore will
malk his winter home here in future.
A Few Cheap Articles.
ilyeerine Soap worth Ile, we sell
at 6c.
One-pound package of Apex Wmah-
lag Powder, 8,ie.
Florida syrup good for onoking pur-
pore. 36e gallon.
Good value plug tob1oeo, worth 48k,
we sell for 880.
Plantime. the good shortening iN
10 poudd buckets, onll I.
Stone jan--one to we gallonae-only
10c per allon.,
S tLIIEEE & EattI.

Cash Grocery Co

Buy for Cash With Discount.
We Sell the Same Way.

Can save youl money on
AL L your urI:hafles-
whether large or small.

S -

No. 254 Cream Pitcher Sa.So Th
No. 24 tagar Itowl to malch *2 6*W

w3 ILxso' I 1
'm e rwurr -w -

: ~


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