Group Title: Gainesville daily sun.
Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 9, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02077
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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UNWl4,1 WieriUatKl fr S g TILL TVRYiNG TO OGT JURY@ A n DP
b kt ruel The h-oe
,In^* K "Sa.W5S ^^ w m i n L p..- ... ^-n v. ^PAESE bISAUBLE
.1111, .11f Por tion WAT I l WOMAN New V urh. J X-Untiual -f.O.t. RIUSSIAN WARSHr
.4 no to th. ar being p" t forth t expet'!' te
I, W ,la't f etnd Irlal o Nan Paterson, 1th for.
.I As wm A& this Mrs, Cbadwick's Creditors Are n r i how irl. who s. !hrger with The FirO of thO Japc so Warw
.t MIS al6 the murd: "r of Caar Young. a wealthy
n x iour To Sitte Chims. blkern turfan. Alr That, Enemy etiri.*J
tie DaVill hasid anno11u1Cn M that the1
St* DID CARNGICE SION THI NOTES cuurt will sit an ddll *o hlf hour TRUCK DECLARED TO BUaRY DdAS
UP 16 t-. omMe 1111 tarb day and rumors kiay it is quite
gOOW 0. f,.T 'nker kSckwitU Claied He n asllle t unigt n mlye Mikde' MEn Ar St-i battling. a b
W mK t 11111111 t 1W dood s aper that Orwe the Signature heil c1uring the latter stages of th r
0' 4 tria. Atrt.

Of Stelt Klng---teet In the Mat1 Alit.onugh there remained lve jurors Oround Hevy Cannonadng li e
.r. t'r Unabatel d. bo chosItl %thn the eame was re ukn a Oeing On. "
40tA -- ) *umed it the supreme court tPody, It
n Uw ori. Dec. A, -ThaRI the credl.MBER 9t 1904ltbl the prlr TEklo. Dec. Th hCadqurn
itr orm b. Ce O hadwick, -a-k wal- be concluded and the pr. J
l ..t ,rr by lhe eObL .e n w 'ar' The Po tersn woiald Ps 1wel U under way rt r h e rt coOBrmi
rivet la Now York yesterday. are =or before the close of the prwsit week. disbllial U te Rusila brttleup
-+,- i, OP.". lot t W THN WOMN a. $Ulm-Us RUSIAN WARSHo W

9aSeas to YS br1 MIa3 Sshf t ettlet Maby of the too mea coompoing the Retvit-t and l ll*va atd It -
et W'..ilt elaim S ISIt te woman Spl trial N imoead for Slrvce tht h bur Bayan l rou d.
S~IO lI5ml i aths to prel dpai a redora Are tme co rearll twhot I e would bw Owlen tl plo f te Japs I re fr
pitIw "MIl e llW e t1 Irlevedl by M"rT. 0LIged to undergo sefrchtBr quet Mjter 1l, the enemy har wciin ra Mt
a.- ls A dl'. lioLs IM .e C tllai.k tlonklaki an to physlcall fr jry JW IT outr force Rccupid r e
*now"SJ!! 1r has b o ttany y" hhe' day, have been examined la private. ti fore l a I p. a. On Dc. (
.,+reaseM Ie..._ ,1i.hout apparest Among the many stories la connect p. m.. In response o ethe brw dl
11101 o t. It 1l4e POW"lt t alo thaSt 1s tt4a wlth the cae which have aloed lthe elemy* Aag of truc an aritlll
.,I1 11 S. St'h a a oN EWt it Is Tot yet general Ci regulation, ai on* to the *at o i hur T R h raRted or tOh rg
*.l Wi4M llE.b tlw to i l"pertht thetSgatu that the defense air rtlt o tahe evl nrova of th dea. wy
SMr. Cwe bnitted by the proecutlon. The Jp es tinntp occupnd
rsbi s apkia$ the do toi submitting tLo Msat Pattersoon has exprcsed a strong aska hill fronting on 'ort Arthur ye
Ir"I it". Dow : t11110140 w iA wegl *v note bold by deelre to be at hoor rlher's home la terday Doc. *.
.61 $00.t*6 Obeds (Obie) 0o0 tor his dent. Washlgton for (Ihristmas. It Ii said.
A Ir te tra tereon and It wing to the ra chance to Fla nvy Cannonading N Mu
,onthrt endo. P kin. thc. c.-e rn Gi On..
i ''Sd S oAtg se Wd tra. ae Aonher o tory alil hat arrange tnmmen uuu aDul i of oannonade arodJ
S.i.resu.r .r LOdO. o t Wdo Moants hlad bete completed *souring the Poutlolf hill and thl railway whte
:... -r MW I.b k of". ClehlId". Is quoted t appearance luring the trial mf J. for begun on hec. th In the In rnin- :a,
; wuj.S.El. _n Sea i6 pnlpita: risan millth an importlnt witnhe wl ho ruch d itl htlght fromnl i to f Li tl
V,,IS W,^PUU.Ui# smSt eles st i is tui preseDtlin b ev' r o I two mIndergl slnce a day or t wo fter ilo. lite uens llf awythlRta
11.0 1S W 1ek.s Al ) at I an fl ok ayftest the ritopedy. s oth the attor of thO kind h re fore. occupied t Palt
P,1 fB p ai ib'i abhoSe ." shs* h tey trr tmy C i l, hvle pbeent exami Ine Arthur, tihe f efft 1 p du to the a 4,
S. Ut i atiatl iatf it T. prpo Si o thatf s dnym any knuolegiceof ny much ta ntley inrea lng f bt r of en aale
. M I u h m h. .t .t r 1 gneral circulation, 15 O to the efet of aE hours nwsa grated for the vsch 0

7..ljIv im .iwr t. unid.n ts ttweork atl rrange t ments howae vr. Smith Il Na l un of the du cai r. al of w
Wiu .41 6tIIeIEt i Mae. l was toru PMllttfrwoadn' bolher-ilntw. It In oaid arecti nelq o be in ~e at tlec tuI.
S*,i l, ,the i~ t tfh It d the that Himaun a terti, a pawn broke r, will Hurss ill of t Jonplce artacklr i
IeICrve CWalwclwk CSdsls said teo be worth ttdlry that hSmih purchased there n or varis dat hae n cur .
bt ` A BS B Slch f.e id to beSit the Sw -r m Volve. with which i Youn w chan ot. during ite pavt tCn wo ning and It Mu
.btlfw t.Msimn Aontivr story 9314 that arrrane tlmendoi of cannonade narjm.
$e*l t.aIer S heWademes had berm omped s.urloh the Poutiloff bill ad the raiLway which .,

s^^i's:I^f e at at amlookingmites thKANe TO MgOLD TMhC COTTON ofthe mokemrnt. Toreay the a S'
lea Inhthi e fletnr ato s~thr hoel. ee afno tl
.r "9,le t hI fct taat thh 1I Meov Imeant o cn anoot tlo Hlp FarmAr t u!t hlee fnow e llI
ats,. tdtb .th es rtfe!nd I tiwo cret erv lc oklcorw ayst a Itnt i Prie..r t o it
g." g i* H.'.. *gg. al i Atllt S. e lla t l Iae ar I e r ol ei et ant h e er c. d .-Sm ort e RUa ra'.s lf l ry Lcslltnth Unt uf whll I
Stl a P rhatii.ra reth er]. hl awltee
wt It ke hLd a ISboIce by a omd epot tte F Ir and iru ptawo th rf t e krnn ihe ur onerf, eacpt at Iv e.i. elecl k se i t mai t. bir t rt i y t la paeSlt m to lh. sd th ren i thr oi t u lrti a ill vtovhen cu d
mt, iIi Ae lt a** rpothie l hald l w to dela B srran ruma resl wiein. lar, sl t.e byrn the parst tw cat r, rdlin( a i S
.tun m p.5 awp.e lu.eta r st e r, ,e toce l ia rdeti te Terlxa cuttni browern. auw riat Ion ad fllncial re a dl tI wiPl nlare. ml
.....,. pr*pt. p th al the sudden o m srdsiTlp TpO tr pmOOLDmn THrIr cotton Janp. m en. l the
i tA ft beh r. adIck a Th tl ram tht a ma m t- h n thus -r r.rril Cd wiwek tl muher Ihotl
epiigpa id w dIatche byt woea part Iere n he~ A un ola b better Price. lld 3 tct an In te tt

.lt aI S B e e Ihalield I ie yane by th ome il Ipo wer. treio h and al alihv in tkhe .tltcN m ar, n r It.he Pe rrigt 1rvev. 8d Thh illt *
...... A- er-, h. -r--ume. Is t w t oth dr h tlnk hat de Dc theo ddurlae ys anrw Inr Pre.ihnt P ir, nfar te bllesirc t wfr' itlelr s a (.@ d

i9fele g fpfrtA and res lioas to Mrs. Chadwiek. a run oni tna i bold cotton. It Hwa added Ithat Te.x- aId renadler corps. eatYy eCmPi
SIlht be started that would do the as woiUld hold bher. It wan considered and ... rogllalr, corps .lii.Itve (f IVt o
Mbintt rssltia. ntrducd CI ne ~t'o4tha aIllI~e('~.. u ..I i In J Eitr,,IS

-' -reliticesl introduce gNatt Injury. No one not latimatel) not improbable today that a neeting In <.
iln isc to nomitties was Wm en$ ected with the caste knowA whji of thb planters and country bankers sad the Siberl.'i. orp, Ten of thi
"-th t U0 a ti.a the ltJ these banks are nor what has Inbome In all the southern states growing cot. Corps are now at C ht front Nu
917P more Riropeara etp'lac' flive rifle 7Ior
ean'm s JUlesO with twh of a Wote for $`i0.i0`n which President tol wold be heldhi here about the date iulre ir.eA r sr ,n,,lP. to Iil
l.t itTm.wa Works"' tled Beckwith, of thl Oerlita bank. it)r of the Texas mceing" to 'unnida., lsr n to
'.R',wbI!h ibwitte. the Utreasr- e liadorised f iFrs. Chadwclk. means to ni'eet the conditions impulie ep the three arlans to 1.,.itl ete "I
I.tidtle wld. htlT head there was some anticipation that by the rti rt, or the bureau of rl. each. Th r t l
A has i tsihead .' the return frota Wahngino n of r. r cultlir. Thi market opened itoay Use of on'y Right of thi 7 resla
h e ..ertive committee submlUtti Oldham. an attorney or the comptril. about ipoilnt higher. January selling Europt n corps.
Uil mirnOlt rMetiwlag the work of th4 ler's department. would be a mignal at 76:I. March at 7.t:: and May 7,.8. IGeneral KuropaLkin. in a MPaly.82
eer. VieS Pnsident Damiel Su0 for te presentation to Andrew Carine n'oe advance continued during ti. to the emperor mento .
submitted a report conmeerlng Il, of the notes la quntion and that forenoti. ks on In hin Ptu anr sp1nd1
St1*tlS* asi the AUtlitle coal e eight bring inKtructions from th ---both which wr, rp andh ob
%pb'fh i Mre*mceN to maripe i mr oaptroller f currency as to his pro I POSTMASTERS FOR THE SOUTH. unimportant outlpot affair" On t
lw, 'eedure In the ('hadwi(k case. rht win when th ro
It was made clear last night tial President Roosevelt Has Sent the Ap. and bayonetted a Japane-e guard.
tOrB of s Geltn Oteiebeyed. Mrs. Chadwick 1. being clotel polntments to Senate. NEGRO IS SAVED BY WHITES.
m tastptlle, Dec. A.-The orders watched by two il,('cret Pervice nmer Wash1igiKtoiin. 1t. --- The president -...
.* Whl h Se prte declares were sent ii who followed her from the IHolland today sent to hhe senate the following Memberg of His Race Determined. "
Athe Trkash officalds it the prow house to the New Amsterdam hott'.. nominatious of Ltulaster. Lynch Him.
'l a t ot to laterfere with the p1i4 yet remains to be, as.ertained who ha! Alabama -JoNI. C. ltanninT Alecan C'iini <;a I1,. It ,d, oeki
.t..... t bnot. ha pro tedfer wth the malt asulgnI them 'to nicr rk der C-it';[ D[aas IB Smtlth. ptik. that onl) ithe ost ,st, r tflT'' actio
I' W5; ,S blesol. Wharm ted ailethorti t There' was i, intlination .toda Fior ida-- rile J. Arnow, ialne-. on the part of mi.A nil pr..llt
19oS I& Pl ptlb y Intewrvened t mnediaorly l! that the hlcal authorities of le,veland Vill'; Enoch RH Skipper, utartow; New the lynihin f e i ro. "ill4 M
N l ated strWt selling and recOmmendtid ith' might. step into the Case aut lring i ell hull. B e. Vaughan. at the hands of a nIlro UnxiW
SDwnrt ulAre of the Bibles and fnwd ehh th Caie to an w iee by atstrtainteu Kentluky John N1. tkwilng. Pl In 1IIn u,0 coint, Alabaa
t0111 D et i setiuirsl o The port ib preparln 0 osclay wheher the dl lpltd no Vill ild. W illiain.iwn 1 Vaian ronf that he robbn.
d a th, e sltlp enos for the por Amt ler an ler bear the .stl uiiare tit Andw carew, ( ie isslis lIi: ialra ( i)d. IMtl 4 his wif.'_ grandnmother, C rt fire to hl .
*. l detle, motes foBritishe Ameray. polesin fe v:lh,: lvrI 1. S o tt. Itoedale D[a huuie, nurdesl her 1and 1re beL
i.. ll hl t th alll 6ibrctihh'ebaluns. to itns n id (. Im intlp. 14ard., bl t'ding body Iatct the tlanw'- H,
tH.tli t the tel- of ealportaee to e touched Banks for Thousands. Tenne-_-ee--Jasperf N. Fitwater. Col. WaS, aptrel. escaped from ile d#pe
W iet h i. tern .o ipOtge. Macon. l. ec. I .- 11ern I'ot lIer.vil,; Thutnu .1. IA.C.l!. Obion ty sheriffs after a dcisperstf briglltU
.ster.-- ol m n, -ho Is ahir ill John Held. olh" 1i 1t), ldll 1d
*t rqp Psee Hunting Negre. l t l' oro. a. r II. Ho l. In which he ler ht hit
banks at Wlaav'too. :nwohI and 1II lnger. Wamerly th ami-
i '" lntil-wick. slIa.. De. 8.-Much ena. (la.. has ,lyteriomiis U .f8! 3 citement was occealoned here wh:,j peare and lis buh*ol. vh!h hav a -.--- mid ltn r lhril lt; cr edt ld l no Up
Sfu S k& It wIs reported on the streets that al twon cheikelrl tr-,y etI .. 1,I Putney is Disgraced. a n "orln i rl'd on i
aegnrs had made an a si lt, ueiN i .., a rt aM ah r 1im Hl i ,n' tae. shtln ton. jDj". P,-e I ar l ab '- .,"'l' dS '- n lltlllC rt r.r 'str, .. it Is said that the :i inan w. : irml nt l ; dir tred that recruit St I I' l ,. ,,.h ., i thE
wnnn.n A 1'0144 a a0.. 1.. *. I

(wupW*P VIKtL 7IB5

b OMS n t Autkhr.

.... ... U"K. k .t o 'r,
rtffraott t r, iM.,w O.WE
ftrll gW,:iie siieisl prip.
S tli blet m.h nl

*4rk fau ateb is
4014 p61peen .a

pw whe sh gA

I .lASJ a o sh
114 WndAllImmwalhs

i,..iaf t *Olies u

. . '.. ". .'' :... '.'., ,. 'so w '
aile model St
^^^^^^/f'^W W^^^^^^ e^^^^T^^a ^^^ y^a^^
^^^H~_^^ -M~lk^ "^j Irsr| r H-i lfc' A ll'
^^^^M~~l^W^TW ^W r .b ^^^f.wTT ^ ^B
H^^^^^^B^^^^^^j'11 '^B^Ha~l^Hl^^l^ H JB ~ -I v B
^^^^^^t^ P ^nJ ' i * i C 'I& ^_ i ^K11
:aK^ B W d i J j f^ :,h -^ ^ ^ .^ I ^ B tt Ib l
^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^HB^ kn 8IR lHi&^H^^R^^
^HI^HIP^^^^^^ri W^ll.^P^^W**^fWW^^
^^^ Mj-it-''^^ *h ^,ttjkaAh c^ ^ L u

H|U|Wj|,^f,.;itr *i.^^^^' l" ~ l.',qK l^^jtefJl ,
^^^iBB'WBWBW~ l^J'l^f- ^ ^^

P. -n
.. ,-i'i * . m t
a. '* -% dr .

~tblIo~lg Iane a.
I^---B^B'"B ', ij aBrl "'W q

* I
I $h*Me Rslvld ilW I
i Ur t ur p n, iot

; d0s Is, a W.

rP Iridl
rl,* -Ur w rry. JohB"~l.

Skid b he Chars.e
W'!* w by raiwu.
UIM GrspI Bwrined at
i iluhe William ODavs.
Sil ieaults withb attempt S

On1bo asJ aon Oa mo b
|I I te nmad that om bupay
'b "" "", at M,' s. w a "..
S*eb asVeins., ,.ois.
,"uIA. geL sselfad with a piatol
o. eude oweM 3S. V.
ab lIedr liately after
S*vil. wyIer e ahaeed a po.
Sl:t eew mill. 6ud wthen ,he was
~1 ,nw Inl the Alashba eoean
l l"a will be Ivta a preliminary

Ide. Wanted.
44 ael Ir meeting of the
LC C oAmaafl~on to be
S, Jamuar lid, 1O06
R IX) be reCe-id oi hire of eoanty
I on torlxl isr. 'All bir
:I r .%aM: lew f addsned to H.
. .IW. 0ouaity Clerk, troak whom
S- Ifrsd If tlemai an be ob-
~%e. Ps*a rtto rjeet any and
*I MiA b 8sN.aM I . a .
T.r.TIoae. Obe I. 0o. Conm.
Attesrt H. 0. tXavto, Clerk.
AtteMntla Odd Peiqwa.

AMlhus. De*, S-W. T Pe F ot,
iasold thei rowsem- hrr o 10,. K.
fLrm as Old Town.
TI. A. CL agent have bee
*hospVdC I V. rW. Casto In sharg of
ths old linr, and W. T. Iluo rts I lei
share of the old J. & 4V.. I. 1
R,. A. Tunaor left Monday for his
ora"* f gure in Siutth Florida,
, a r.C of1at Ko( tuesk ls spendlug
some ttme ar. "'.
Maluor ha It tihr their, will bI b .v.
eral wvddluiat 4durli3 the Lhollay.,
biht We arei 1101 a jibtluiny o10 lrI
mor*o at prenaw
A baby boy hae arrived al th home
of Mr. au4 M 0. A. Wllimu,
dwlm Ik T d fa hPifrtis C
L. Nl Piiyse.i spar4o46emo
dfo rp in, *t oIn,- i
,Kml MiNed S o of Alabama Is
vOn siMSr Ns. W.a OAu.

rled a Rw with White Man and li
Irwlatllle. Ga., De: 8.-Truemd
t 4 o'elock B. M.I ollock hlui and
illed Amos Williamsa, a nears.
Williams cape to the town loaded
with whisky, raise A. arow with Mr.
Pollodk, abd they e*gasgu In a ftlbh
Pollk lsea s to have got the bet
1C hi nd WlllansWgot hit shotlua
8Ud wlachester, case back to town
a4 hbuted for Mr. Poiloct.
POtOlek had bae wrnied or Amoe'
iMtos aeu kept out of his way. Wil.
Ul falliag to find Pollock In towa,
Martd toward his home. srying that
he would kill hilt.
.A cowd of while eltlxeo haltily
toMaed a posse and st overtook him,
took *It gun from 0Ii, arrested bis
and stated to carry 'Itp to jail.
SWhhe he got Ina gllt of the Jail be
aid be would die bofero he would go
further. He Jerked okmee amid drew
ib kLaife and tried to ft Pollock, when
JbtOok drew his pltl and shot hbim
fotr times kitnlng Ml Instantly.
Polkook Ia an ezsaariff of Wilcox
-Iveral ladles on a nearby veranda
iaw the hibo0tlg I d r8ainted. A
mept of citUems patalled atbe streets
with goret fo awhile, tearing further
treble with te aegris. All Is quiet
"- ". "" -".--
Ceartenlut Nilan Dead.
Nrw York. ,De. s.-dThe death of
Charles Nelan. the cartoonist. at Cave
prints. O Ga., wal annnmond In a ape.
Mla) dipaitch relelved hrre today. Late.
ly he had bees employee Iby the New
York Clobe atd had ane onuth In the
a -arch of ktlith.
A Oestly Mistake.
DBludesn are aometimee ver ex pen*
ive, Oussioalolly tire t itf is the price
of a mbLtake.bus you'lll never im wrong
If lou tae Irt. King's New Life Pills
for dypepeia, dixSinees, headaeh, i. li
eror orwel roubhir. They areas guntie
yet thowoughl. os at all drul stores.

In Thse Days
While unaerupulous mannlfetur.
eir and agent ar Itood In thIeo Ua O
with worshless rewing mahinlO, and
leinula ir elarn and ma lkg state.
amet wbherwl they have sopled hel
leltlisane laime of reputable *omnv -
ale, many purehasers become hewil.
doted sad periled, annd td 1s difficult
o makes eleoaion. The popularity of


whieh lCt bena maintained throughout
Sshe world, s evidene of Is h uperlorl-
ty; and as the New Home sewlg ar l .
oltee CoIIopany ha alwaysen Joyed the
enviable reputation of mean aeturing
finS4ila soewing machines, here neel
be no heelsUtlon in buying a NEK\
I| ', eot be imposed upon by agents
1telltg you that some other machine
is Just as good; _ak thoee who have
u*ed the KEW HOME for r quarter
of a eealtur and be guided by what
the ay For Light Running, 1Sia
gjlets and Duaablity the New Home
hates equal
If the agent in your locality Insists

* O. SAOlOLA -oWm
A m MwMAn AP oN fY S eaM vewo
fl tW -rS i Lnm


p -7i1ww l~r w izjr S' WX' W~ 9- ..-Y.~ .I ~ iT I (

G. W.



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i'- There will a work. ad i fulf atteld-a a llty l lori. For prices, terms, .-terohan4eableMileage Tie
Si e e tir denied. Visittlnl brothern will dr opal railways in the southern S
S.' r eoive a fraternal weaoms. I I at I I .t Through Pullman slireer Pe

Koehelle. Mieanoppy and Citra

Arrf!v Fro
10:80 tm


I :b) p II
3 15 pm
1 ail

* :bb1 a

7:20 RM
if igh springs I)aU
es. sunday
ekets, good over 18,FXIn miles of among the prin*
tate. are on sale by the principal ageut.
ort Tampn to New Ynrk. via Atlantic ,0-


-. I' -- ---








Thma Johnsop Arreslt
rOhrdero0t Attempt.



.. .. ... ...i4,.;.'- ', ......'1 "', 4 4. T y 4 '


J. . l. T F--.R 1 A4n r.. .

%owl f%,J ii .o;1 ,



n ..i

gri&att t. 1 i ;


t .. I

S 'i t 1.8 I'''I

w ill ;0 \iv -- <:;,t j '. '.
r t. f I l If4< :

rv* IIt l l
User is ala ns m.) iLiuha.
Sm Etci*;agu 1 r.'u .I},
c asiV l r -, t 'a. 1. i ,i ,,..
n'lriaiirii 11' t.lrIt. E'l ( .. I .

Art* 1 ,' m' h : .10 ., ,lI' 1 i 1f'r 4 ', ; ".

- -- 1*,


SWars Arrested and Brought
iservlle by Officer Granger,
iln..d Before Judge Mason and
jlnd d to Jail.
sd ThIominmn Jhtslon. ito I,.w-
[Vho are sell kmifawin thiromgIotlt
iiaiy, e poipaiilly illn i aut
qt w cuw l hind tihe bars of thei
county jaii, chenrK'd within
with atttmipt to mliurdrer \V'i-
.. l i . l

K I~ l't'1I ~1 fI k4'i ti. 4

.C'Mill (1,'.

It ti 44

. I t i ,I !t ) t L: -t

tic L t il



I I'4
itI ," ,I I -

pwaurds at Ira gIKe legltll 11 Mun- w l: . I.
*1a lag.
Sshe evidence it aPemni that thet or & a-1, A
fallen nut %with Edwards ov.r
I 'ratte r, hrut Ilis Wtfi OFFICERS INSTALLED.
_gltrtV 010%ThoiM11 W't !
Switch a gun, lie wi fl-
I it t i n i Micaopy Now Has Lodge of M, W. of
tan]* who t)ent In to help hi 61
i u. sho t l ,hi W., With Full List of Officers.
io oul. hi ,he l o li t oThaiirl
0iot, it semU, while Sit's i Wm '. (. Cnirier, Stat or ganiizer (of the;
a goodmand went wildof their MModern Wurki.i of the \Woril. de-
The eifcrta of the fornbir'. parted 'lursday for Mianoipy, where
however, ier@e iutiellet, (o Jlay lThursday night he acted as installinR
ups for repairir" uitloeer in I *ating tie olffiers of the
itlatly after the shouting the lode recently instituted there.
Sboys succeeded in inaki lg The offluer, ar C.. t rdon, W.
ale. 8amn went to the hole :. J .ll l*kniht, V, W. ; D.
Sfthber near Oranrge heights, W. Tompkilsp. J, P. W.; J. L. Arnow,
e wsarrestedby Deputyhlier. sribe; 0(. W. Mutt, banker; II. L..
alger and brought to prion, Montgomery. .lr., medical examiner;
iila nfornation received frou J. E, Shuford, prelate; 1E. E. 81appey,
ionrt Oiior (;rangenr scern- Kguide; t. Ii. IFurd. warden ; Holomon
tbat Tom had gone to Santa Fe. Morgan. inside sentinel; .1. i. H errin,
ger immediately proceeded outside sentinel; W. L. Mimonton, .
i o, where he found his man dS (teen and T. I1. English, trustees.
ri e hhipplng turpentine bosxm. The ludiKe tarts out with sixteen
laieilyl played him under .at- members, full of push and ambition,
d brought him to Jail here. mad is destined to become one of the
IMjeomns were arraigned before Imost important lodges in the State.
I mson Thursday upon a charge Beware of C
L-. ...l& -t J- 4w .are of Count rf. --

w ri win niteran so murder.
was pOed under a bond of
ainm of $2k) Ior their appear.
Sthe bne term of the oircult
suA failing to give tihe bond
iLmaIded to jail.

.anmm. Will A nar. at k1h A...

"DesWitit' i. the only genuine
Witch Haxzl Slve," writes J.. L.
Tucker of Centre, Ala. "I have used
it in my family for piles, cuts and
burns for years and can recommend it
to be the best aslve on the market.
Every family should keep It, as is Is an
valuable household remedy, and
Sh.nir l. Il m li Llid. n- l. a.A *. t I.

rwlw"yl v, --l 'iw m riw nr n #u- Is l J u IaiJa U ry u ll ll11 Illiu tur iil-
4lkim for Benefit Cemetery. mediate use." Mrs. Samuel Gage of
0of good vocal and instru. North Bush. N. Y.. may: "I had a
alluio and dialect reading fever sore on my ankle for twelve
VmA forget the entertainment Jear thiat tlhe doctors could not eure.
SPollardnPit Company. which All salvet and blood remedies proved
r at the auditorium of the worthless. I could not walk for over
ilje Graded and High Sehool two ypear. Ylially I was persuaded to
k eneolt of the Evergreen Ceme- try l'Wits Witch lael R alve,
Afo .istom toht I s r which has ooimpletely oered min. It is
.Aosllatlon tonight. It *should a wonderful relief." IT'Witt's Witehs
I mslembered that Miss Wim. Hazel Salre cures without leavinop a
teacher of elocution at East sear. Hold by all drugRistx.
Seminary, will aisist the coln.
Il the rendition of some old-time THROUGH CAR LINE.
melody. 3ils Wimnterly is Through Pullman Car Line to be Oper-
iie mot competent eloo(tion- ated Port Tampa to Now York.
111tl11 Bouth, and oif her Tihe ounny
ll ntat u and d: ttiTheu':etve with first ear south-bound
= h she studied with Mr. Henry leavngl Jersey (ity unday, Novem-
IN oew York, whereheer talents er 27th, and first oar north-bound
Itlhulualstlclly recognized, and leaving Port Tampa Tuesday, Novem-
etr made her formal appearance ber 20th, Ir4, the present Jersey
Is, Miss Wimberly ir a true CIty-JacksGivillj Pullman drawing
Msof the South, and 'lotes her room sleeping car now handled on
Sthe best.' Orations and the Southern Railway trains Nos. 33 and
ftehUd aplrPeation await her A4, will be esxended and become a
sr he Roes, where the is warm- Port Tampa and JerseyCity Pullman
"and loved alike for talent and drawing room sleepian ear line, oper-
la ating over the Atlantic Coast Line to
member, this entertainment will Jacksonville. Southern Railway to
tonight at the Auditorium Washington and Pennsylvania rail.
lfmbenotage of the proceeds will road to Jersey City,
61oted to cemetery work. The Ia. This will add materially to the al.
o shO Ceometery Assoeiatlon are ready nagnifleent train service be-
pllous to eontlnue the paring of teen Florida and tho great East now
d laside the enclosure, as well operated by these thtre great railroad
1 maLke other needed improve- system.
ttd it is to te hoped that a Passeng arriving from Havana
tIaIwd ill attend this function. and Key est have but to transfer
Sa ti_ from boat tIn bleeping ear, which will
Heart Fluttering. land them in Washington. Ilatimore,
''hldIestd stood and la in thie Philadelphia or New York without
S lut below e e change. Likewise, passengers from
SIited just aelow tuhe lar' Tampn and local stations on the At.
aioa. When ou hield aurses hear lantle Coass .iie between Port Tampa'
Sio. Whenyourherttroubles ndJcksoville, can lake paagein
at nway takes ierblue for a few and Jacksonille, can Itke passed in
tbYt wai sake Ilerbine for a few this throuRh Plullman car for points
byou wiM.Joho1on b EEats oin via Columbia. Charlotte.
(itreenaboro. Ianville, ILynchburg and
S Woman Was Crazy. WashingRon.
SAlIT NAlslon, a young colored wo. Why Not Learn to Speak Spanish?
i Al lhual, wsU brought to this You an sure a copy of the new
S arri nd breore an exam edition of booklet entitled, "What to
abortd comprised of Drn;. iar. ay in Ilpantish and How to ay Its," by
bd Dell and J. FlewellUe, ending two ents In poItage to W. H.
I rned a report of inanity. The Leahy. division passenger agent. At-
*plpear and talks perfectly IntleCoast Line railroad. Savannah.

brau; r. i~ r*~ .,.'
N 4'r ..t4*
j- ll'i ~ I~.

i'1 12 a ari

itI tit 4III

V... :~1.

I I' I t' 1 .i f iirt
4 I 1. 1 .r.-v, p a h' ii f(t I
I ', > 1 I1 t .1 i th ,

I;. : : 11 ] t 4 it I, t111 4 ,. u nt,
1 ,' ,1 ,' ;I 1.' 1 k, l r r I' i rif u nIllr-
no ; ;. .1 1 j i n il

S.41 .. .t 'II r' [ i In a llan rt llni tl r c'o-u
i ,, . Al hl tues they
a1 t I .i-i ili ot i' .irltjr w itll
nj4 1 l'i 1 r t, a j ; ii n't14' e, r heltN I h
0t 1 Nt1 ,I v latSrI. hsi terIt rr ro,'kles,
S' 1 1 i P ii lt) 1 i ,lie'' > 44ll Ai h t rilnky
t ; 1. wit ln Itil tTi'er., At other

twi, th ef .i t lil Ito ine )lesou-

tiig 4r i ln* ,tiii f ,llr al it r ml no
IN pe'rtrfly uell aftlerinrd thi oilier
11n1') i'4,c! 1t violently IIll.
'l l. rei.i" s'a*i of yew poisoning

n4014".1 !L i& iiilo'Ut Mu. They will aOine-
tll ii lilr)tv'n; oll holiut of yew ndU
tk,' i., lla l' II whtti ever. At other
tiw tl. .ty 1ti,< oh\liiusly made very
III r: i. al tro'i .tIug the le Ifaves. They
limt"ve 41 In'er'l foul dedind with 1the
I vt';v fiv h Iult ui31idi Pltiesl' in their

k\\,rla i |ol4 I)i : irit ivr* |irepr t
it, ii L.- i. t lihlltt* i m l it er l Nllngtp e I
ct-. t ;,' luAipImpo tble to prevint tat-
i r I'' 1mil ,.'di~g t11in'u .
i'l.r~d m'tIls e:t ti linvo dleorlmnilutlon
vwhtiiilver tn l tv.t rtrl toi poisons. prob-
ii.lly 1iH'ii-:t'. they hIave nlmnlt no
inf'Ie:"L o4'r ;ttell iund ,nwaniiaow their fotxl
wILhl.i:t I tllun i-nti tg i. urbch intolll
gt'ltt lisi- gln rMsiMlts will peik up andi
ett plJ-onu m gri-in. undi cronw uind
ravens r ladUy ivat poisolledI eggs or
11 'ent, ,.
('hitke.ns will 4.t the l)oimuonboufs tei
of thl. IitttiiiniimI ud mld froul the ef-
fect4. t Wli.t her llirtl nucth ins tits iod
green flu lis t iver do o d0stlul not seem
to kIH knowui1. lbut wAil' kirds anre fre
qutttlty fo;i tiil dylig In t igardei, though
apparently they have Ielln In good
health a few Ihours before, and their
tlieith tniny pi|'otil1y IwP due to tie om-
stulllttl ilikl ir u Iti tiillu l I led -s 't-C ih a


No More Suffering.
If you are troubled with indigerstion
get a bottle of Kodol Dlspepsia Cure
and see how quickly it will cure you.
Oeo. A. Thomson of Speneer, Is.,
*ays: '-ave bad dyspepsia for twen-
ty years. My ease was almost hope-
less. Kodol Iy)apepsia Cure was ree.
ommended and I-ld a few bottles of
is and it hI t lyn thing that ha4 re.
li*wed me. Would not Ie wiLhout it.
Have drctorrd with liosal pbydlians
and also at Chicago, and even went to
Norweay with hoola of getting onle re.
lief, but Kodol Pyppepsia Cure is the
only remedy that h- drme me any
o and I heartily rommend it,
Every peron sufferiuai with indig".-
tion ordympapela should use It." 1 old
by all dreaistle

: t.'v .Dead Man.
Nrwbhrrv, F ., (. i- 7 .- A
Wrlih!. of No 1.':t r ct.rity. Thna th
dt 'irciton of h rnt a rz T 1l1% Jlo1
man. Arr rrnn ; T, I !trryv, ,W ril*h
wai MTilrd In I ht;' 1t ,';y4' I -as
around litchtnn u .,r'nfo the' r;v!'
war bitwfe n li,, '.:'.. As n mftnaIT
of fert he wnr 'rit down and t1."
for h:i(ld o~ th, tli&.:fco1m Ir' ro
viverl. hnioweovr nFi1 nrllniatll rerr\
ererl. Today Tin 1. onii of tlhii rtun
try's livest and nin-t prosperomis 1(t1

Double Tragedy Over a Don.
Knox1vlll., T'nfl. 15pr 7.- thlujn
ltRerill McCamry. of Anderrsn rcoun
ty. and a man name dl M~asIngll 1!<
dead In Anderon county. near here
as the result of an altercatlono ver 1
Mamalnglil Is said to have shot a
dog and MeCmey bearing Ute shoot
Ing, subasquestly attempt to Inter
flre ad an alteration followed. Map
singill shot MCalmey. The deputy
sherlts wife was the only witness ti
La *IsnAn l.k nman mar Am AlrA.


* I

S4 .' ,
' .
,. ,' ,.

,, ,, . *:,.,,

WA prominent club woman, Mr
forth, of St. Joseph, Mick,

was cured of falling of

its accompaing pa

ian allxratU a ab
belingl- 8ntr hMl rdWLr

M10aw 0CCOIS

thened 1 t ll

1a0Maa JE* *at 4im
r-k^^.h^t^A^^kj~^^ 'I~.t ^^L^Lk^^~= o;'^^^K^k^'j^^^^^MM


--R, inh sevhrave

oil Ml SDWAI.i ADVY2SOT Vmw-
Warn would an utaiHU'S'
wuit. wro. Pl bMba tarase is- s.

rightp"i dto prnnsriot.n
behf althoughg rlh a a eMba
w tb o hayve bms I I Ifto it

as~ in auILe a g3

''- -.---- -~ - -4- 44- 444.-4 -- 4-7-*r--rF w

Sb*e Wtn Deols IlrO IMe.
IGenulin' < tci e1mninie'. shine A
Uthirouih thi.t "ttry whlllch thste Pilltadel-
pblai l].lier g u(stite: "A widow one
duy In lupriing nti H mtln iy th)( rlerk of
her puri-h cl ro, sng the wlOtirerlyar
with a wal trin Iut and a bunlll.l,
"Ah. Miplrnrn M.tfaviskh" C sold the
clerk, what'sr yer uni4an wf SCle like
geir a' that y'ii'are enrryln"'" "Ah.
wea'l, Mr. M iInc lilanlf." r'PINdi thbe
widow. "'l-Fi j't-t iwti' to nly .liHle-

mD n' 0lrl i't ; 'vs-, I ,t 4anO1111' liny ). dtI
in mliy iurlnell. whlh-ht I'lm u'i,n; tr o 9'w
upon 11. nudl tlhe wlter in tIne clan la
Just to, il''e 'cil a sprin likeV" "The.
1 winiiia wintll Ith wa.tering,."o i
Jolt'lw ith' ,l.'rk. "Tiley'll spring ltne-
)l tlihtiie'l\-ve'." "Tht mony well be."
reptlidi theo w;ilow. *'ut ye dinna ken
that uy vinlteiail. as lay a-decng, just
got mne to promise Iliht I'd never marry
agaln till the grsm bad grown above
bhis grve. And. as I've had a good
offer made ue hut yestreen, ye oea 1
4dina like to break my proeals or be
Ikpt a lone widow. as ye re me!'

The family medicine n thtouauds of
bomes for 6S yemr-Dr. Thacer's Liver
and, Blood Syrup.

Tw, s Is
*Profresirnalol tra tW 1
lfe In Mwimtrland. t y
startute beggars ant tramps l
treated Ilb acottdiate with tl
Ut canto" in which tLhe a"
undl those off raloregh at
be expelled from t e em I.
ablebodtd main is witto i ii
gieally In aeWareb it fl
papeft a in oatm, ew 41& 4.
eaton, be supplied by .O pl)~
the Interrautonal uao. w
2cl1l9on u underr alestl
rod alngt lod1iat and WWT." l
sib). have employmu t Ud
blui. if he tIaInot obtai1p ay il
be Immed' on to the wext tiows f
Iltf stattton, to lit owa dUmtrl
the caIsonal froutter. If ei
work when ofead he is m
own datrkit to bi deit wt"ht
eescil. aS if the eied
he b' "wort aOtY tp *y l
rmsed labor tlastatiL UMS b0
are toapowerel to
eat special warrut eS toa
teflnmt ca p nw*t Wit,
nommlt them to pris.

Liver Wand SletO up



co) N

r ru~l~ (~~~L~ ~ V r-~15~11




Outfitter to Particular Peollea.

A Iirb Prolp.we I Will ill soe of
Un.tCrun r *rtotb I fmistakably I ;
MW. Sopgemenit This Monih. '

. of Oo will prone' for moIe ad
* ;..on ,, .ae lotha A hln i.
ts^*hgwanw Macla Fe. Pope. **
pI' 5 a eIIo.i HIe r tth /
a r ea $"a', 1Nth. All ea ** That is the deep and wellr-oundcd convlation In I

^^ -- r^- s MlrwU,^dwlw ta ms, t- 1
* qpu.ssombe b pf le .t .desre o ith public m ab regarding thte
* gstwsabim M Ti ai An oI e
04 NUVssna, Pdeuo.
m I..knmi .H.- 1 Correct Clothes
.UMMY SoW WITH SWATH. g Hand-Tailored by Schloss Bros. &
IlApiM W Ris flltabit Aftr fli U Co., olaltimro th
4% POW 5.-A4 womsa be, They ar marlkedl superior in stylo and workman.
O O CWOS haS nR Hlami a4 ship Io other mnake of ready~obwear apparel.
11M) boadwlisked slat now
VI.y eIde ,sI h di Don't be deceled by the clothing pictures you ee
AIblemf "in the magwsuine dlrtelmn.ents. Take ihree elaborate
ulamr r Hamlia sl d a3 s I Illustmroes and compare them with th eatcil iathe tly
Sy iAlaetfder IsmatUm. dli4 4l80 tlo NprentD a"d watch the effect upon your upi. w
dIrs apb abarity wardo lof I.
h'uIta. e el t e rtiSty "rl plptorsl do not mak, ine alothes." is one I
. the S tehoalog Ino This make of clothing sta d on --
Up WWa beesom nowa ts e palm quality sexually found in each goarmnnti.
m s bhlele The suit shOW In the iloetsrauion but faintly repro.
W, ~d W bt a kill Ma a.e latet s4 pe of Double Breasted M8k. We
a i av la 10he poplr browns and fancy mixtur e
Sn u Ottter to icular hI. AINESLE, FLOI
9 run Ieaths nol Mrg, 66 FROM UP* ae $12 upa he

S, a- ad a _bALTIMO_ _WOR
04M mons wu at
11R- 1rriag W as ow
isw Hs" iseo Outfitter to Particular People. 0A1NESVILLE. F XLOlI DA |
11i rEer W W an (

bib. MC u cae. G. 8. MERCHANT & O0.
as a"R0aI*rhM M sod W01- e tainic sid Jobbers In
Ai $ egi ta eM -and wiCi
r:. t*U0es a!U Staple and Fancy roceries,
P l fe.t lmb esa. Te e.
petwp~~,. m.wI*~I eo e an!ld. IEleatei S. .
s -eSOUTHI. D,*,. Uraitn, Barden Seed and Fertilizers,
t 4SbW Dee. 6.-4* I tlter to Ma. lighlst market price paid for Clhikrken. EgCs sad other Itr n ..A
^#', !tUS^lO. prmwlent ofr ( thei
i dZlb ir' -rluo a,. Proal. A Complete stook ot Hay, Corn. Oat,. Flour. Bran, Meal. Cotton See.! Meal
I .. carter. of tht No and Rye Wu handle only the VERY HBET goods at the L]OW.
edqi,^l 's ar" oImhiPon,.---- PRICEH. and guarantee stiateiston always.
9hett "stv and snlse chairses ----
^!Wm, trthe m d U bribery In -r YJAs. M. Gasaam, President -tro. W. HtDE. Via.-Presld@ut
a:sl wth &. awartEnT of csT

A: -,.-. r ... r...l om hw mmunmon ana suns.
,** ire up. O. "O G-.A.II9TES, ILLE.
kI',4 I 1Arld A' v A seri. ion of arvern, Triple THE ONLY CHARTERED BANK IN AIACHUA CO
"LW U MAIRATVI. Platd solid Solvd er Piece.
Capital .................... 0,000
i Ow .i t Larfut Sellers in Florida of Surplus and Undivided Profits... 25,00 oo
tb, wo* oIf Dowe eu'zsi ITv a buwa with I ln e-ual to ang beak In the se: Bos
thA", ,It bieM-- WA1CkS 4 Woren Wire Fences '" -"-b"l"" A1ill=
S.mfl a: ... *'* Uhiwoedil W NEW 8k ,' Z C!T,,""" Msat "*"*I SIOUO etc-,# #1 9?*4" allowe*
S'A ee.wee tra All bdelea irasseid wihrmul" hyi
$a ta e~ eter f,1: e ,,,. ,----4. E. TAY J1 A,. Ouabri.
h k c1. ltul Chattanooga Plows AT LNT I HAVE IT O" TF" ES.
1=a with
00t: hree e ofhe*, % st be ow. AT LANT I HAVE IT F01E
"A M causes boldnes. Tne PMeM W% mr at the gt.'Louts Expo ( |*ion
-ask-nh dn r. W ..I. a i""L The Montezuma hotel
IL" I t Baird rdware Co., At OCALA, FLORIDA
B *INESfILLEr n75 gto 9 P o p riet
We, 4m.-you rem.,o t GAINESVILLE, LORIDA. On the A. C. L. and S. A. L. Ry. V. J. SHIPMAN, Proprietor
om -d n-o in---
*o ne s m. AN None Better in the State at $2 a )ay. Porters
& M. b& Nt $ e1 Ag itsi M.Meet all Trains.


o tC. w A 235 W. Bay 8t., JACKSON VLE, FL.orIA.
tOGL Via Atlantic Coast Lineo. Cnlrally ent, lt herghlyri rear.d arnd reed. Nwly frnhe.
A due opportu t it hor. O n BOWL. A SProprie t -,
l Funeral Directors and 6oto o ao, fthe Ohst as holidays t he
Aa Atlaulei Coast 14 i( ll tloklne to 116_ '_ *_ T_
AMI- Eml mer alrl .pante east of the MiHlppi aod
i ou h of the Ohio and I'otomee riven
tlaeludln 9St. LouI Mb *a t one a*d M R L AJ
f Mewuearf r" of as Deades in ne. third fars for the routd trip,
me lllltero Mome. RauWb Ktsmas .in TJkets on sale lbcember 28rd, 24th,

TE r v

*' ,- ~ --

.: eAILV


'I.. I


d ^ w os O e gs O ausrL;:e. ia.,
-f elm Ialul m' Iter'
r" r. AHy 11i Ior aId I'utbl rr
j .CAMJ *l>t E. Ai.uelia? t ge ls

IAl11 5

WT Ji1K 1S Y- in r lv. 'itv k ltitor f sil ol0 ihfto t. Unw i .'l g r:;tf -
I. OwCE; P T* FIT *I WK .
W rs Is m r 'l'rrirnil( 4l-3 Killilg Ijhu Goosoe at Lia s thl G,:1-
lr, Ig plllublld every imonlri'r er- 11 E
,del, rled by al rr rier In nl le otty. [.1 litvv ti l t ,i i .. i r-

g e for fIe wrei hio. .
ire e er r
i e ad v e id '*" t I i"'*" .'; I, ',' i L;,;
.-. - -.. ..... r'd u1l r i vriir II i I 1 .
sr gt;di'. Igtl c t ri r 'rst a II, t d il 4; rtiifilptl ;,i.1 .. 4 I

r 'i uus ta *vrjJ rC.L 3 in C(a t i f)*) w ire to fit w i:J I (i y n.1i-
*. *le'*' s~dvcrt'l 1'v wade koonL r sin IIA h'lr 4 Ii $ rC rI.l,:t L Ii r,4 Y i,,-j
-g0. I nlialljrr I ji li|) i) if ft I, *.)llt)
l s pter el N U rlO rn-ln. ll sry '- e! I rt1 110a. e! h4t I'
I3 ir, liu)b> Lrds e a'rrv Linn- ,**' I A,. .Ii 'l. i <, t;r l, a ea ~ ..ii
. TLburrtlr,. und oltr iptn at ihe I ilnjurt t llt te i
t (el week. bLt. *st ert aid rrn- W in) ist C th+rt Inte''ltl thK t l,t b', .
i pIU be yelled. roltq free. ir i' r rv ,
pgs UnIFted MWS dorCssda lorirll 1q.
gprtes S teS .reuatly 1 )' I sl t I hy II.L frI r Ih of
- ,(IVor interior it it.'s?
iltrlMa billtabeloe Aue liter a r t IIJ I IL that, blessed with a i.-
IIIIY llrT U.ll-i i.iB oibrwiM 114 1
MW* ofA dvertarnitt. umrtee others Is PartileuoL h1owhb o Innat ll rptufuinrda
  • lbe nreared loV fr lvertllrislngtad- Willli ii lnet'os iei&d n' of pioh, Bag4deiLty
    4l4em. THI DAILYV SUNl apitalt aid lerrprise, al n withl a Co-r
    (ilsEWVI ..LLA. neiasI antd jul iju iou ll( applicatir n (of
    printer's ilnk, it hKas iten a nlntter of
    RAILROAD COMMISSION. i.mpoleitillt to tuiMid uI, a firge city,
    or a singh induotlry of uiay con idr-
    the Oea0 a lainner: shit size t aany 'poili within tlhei in-
    fnlrght dlleriminaticrn. by a terior of loridritd ?
    ot rebates, transportation cornm Slomething wrong omnrtwhere. W'hst
    I etan if they choose, make or is it?
    be eltes or ffrms. It simply cannot be done, snitn never
    pupalng a system of freight diel will be done a loing se tli. interior Is
    Illons In favor of a few seaport handicapped by urli kIal and discrimi.
    the transportation companies unting freight rates.
    Business in Florida Liare made it We are halldeoulTd Iuand helpless.
    ib)is to build up a oilly or even a If we had a wholv fllk of geesl lay-
    lible businel rlnterprise, at ally ing goldeii eggs very day. and a
    within the interior of the ate. freight tmbarKg was placed upon
    era system of freight discrim- tile shipmenltof the same. the indue-
    Ni, if not blindly, at least per- try would nrove profitless and lhe
    ily pursued. it i1 impossible for tlock would have to share tlhe fate of
    er eitie to compete with seaport the one put down in the books to dt;-
    and we are boldly told by The serilt the farmer's folly. Thtt eggs,
    pville Mletropolls what we have though golden, would be no good to us
    6 all along, that If we want "to unleu s e could use Ihltra in the reg.
    pIseS" rwe must abandon the ular channels of trade.
    i and move to tacksonville. | Why, uadur heaven, is it that, with
    wby should seven hundred miles the hundreds, pa. thousands of inen,
    nd territory, abornding Ia rich, employed in our phosphate mines, sur-
    i and productive lands, managifll pentinee camps ard vegetable farnim,
    f lumbered, be hopelessly aban- tha nt not a lnlil factory ham been
    I exept for the purpose of hare estblisrhd to supply the every-day
    alet', iad those few who nke out wants of liis large body of laborer
    sobeistenee, be compelled to land the imant of our homin people geun-
    tribute to a handful of seaport erallj?
    SlWhy is It that there is not a mian1 .
    along the Line of production fecturing plant of any considerable
    sllumption-inlerior towns are size anywhere in the interior, although
    sapped by unequal freight rates we are abundantly supplied with raw
    not put on a competitive basis materials aud have a ohltiate that is
    portt citel, it will be imposri- most favorable?
    w1 them to do more than a local The Ianwer is easy. Our freight
    ON; expansion and growth will rates are prohibitive.
    p.owlblc. and, in the rery nature iWhy longer continue the faree atnd
    p1, they must remain stationary, folly of a railroad eommrnissioi?
    Actually go backwards. 0 0 4

    ,i ctly to lire, to make progress,
    IiM be able to ship in and ship out in
    ipetlitlon with surrounding cities;
    ir It i unable to do Ihiis, lti growth is
    iepsiesl* and its career is doomed.
    It Was to prevent freight diserlmins-
    MBs il favor of n oe ity over another
    lt, ot one Ne tion over other sections,
    SI Ibates given to one tfrm and with-I
    ';I from other., that the railroad
    f S. Itsclft unable to perform this plain
    A.lgto the people, what right has it
    S:- litove any longer?
    ^. iS Itf funotloo to see that the things
    r tI or supposed to have been done,
    ihlad closed doors, shall now be done
    W ,ih open and cloth ed with the sane-
    oi fo law?
    We ask if that was the purpose of its
    i aon?
    I we elect Mblossn. >Morga*.
    *"*ne and Burr. and defeat IMr
    ::1, merely to be told that if we who
    i, tl ln the interior want "to do busi-
    : a" we must abandon our homes in
    becdtion so abundantly favored by
    1ftri, and more to l'ensaecola Jack-
    'S1VtIIe or Tampa?
    SWe'don't believe that the people of
    SlIL aore willinK that its seven hun-
    'P 4sd miles of interior shall te sacri-
    SIltd In order that two or three cit-
    SMkla be built up on her saeosat.
    SThe Jacksonville, Metropolia refers
    I, "l rome degree of glee to the fact
    S--iwhen .Mr. Taylor wau auked if
    'I tlaille shipped or received in ear-
    .S lIotl froln points within hIe State
    I; franklyy said -No," and it says that
    S llmwer is "elinaher" to the as-
    ai, on otlar .... ..6 - M. .11-_ .-

    No doubt many readers of this paper
    can remember when hundreds and
    hundreds of aores of land were planted
    near Arredonldo. The crop was early
    vegetables. There Is scarcely an mert
    planted lters now. Ocala recorded
    the same story, but 'tii all over now.
    Then came the planting of watermel-
    ons and ealasloupes. but they in turn
    are being abandoned. Why? You are
    confronted, almost without exception,
    with the following explanation
    "Can't tHind the freiRht rates !"

    Decide Mrs. Rogers' Fate.
    'otnfip-icr, l)c ..- S-The Judiciary
    comnmitlre or the 'Vcrminnt leglftattur.
    adjuninrtll \\ h'I C it taiking action on
    the hill tb)o 'oii, 0 i rit', thp drl lh -ntelenc,
    of .M rs. Mary \. HlF)gers. Cha!rtna
    Mil rt. of the ItIliiaarv cforinilttirc. al
    tuda)y that 1" l4jil'(d ti *.,panihle the
    coinrnHt -, oni (Ill gn tbo ntiu
    rpersts. n c ri i ni :agree'nipi t ,llnd r-
    port bill ben ri uP i"l uiril advarHetd to a
    third readlin- T rueti ay. It will ho ulad"(
    a spervl order of hmininesm for Wied
    nesilay r.evnlng or T'hlrsday, when
    Afal action Is exprect0d

    How's This?
    We uoTer one hundred dollar. reward
    for any caee of eatarrh that cannot be
    cured by Halls' Catarrh Cure.
    F. .I. ('C:.A & Coo Toledo. 0.
    W'e. the undersigned. have known F'.
    J. Clheoney for the Iast 15 year, and be-
    lieve him perfectly honorable .in all
    business transactions, and Ilnancislll
    able to carry out any obligatlons made
    i. .- L ... i


    _.. .

    I,)owsi-v, tad 1 Teddy sas le Idor't
    waatI it any more after tiext term."

    A. L > 't ic I ,--::tThcn.
    r. '. ....- I it' thnd

    t Lf'P M .t Wor-
    h!,. ,' i ;! =i IIi v' '( tr .\1o ; t I \ or
    %ii; L: i t ;.r:.! s:M :',, I l;le.!'t .1. lH ld-
    wn "'!' v i ; prohally he liI
    -, ti"i'l \'.'n,'tiiay night or

    Fatal tbioot;ng Affray.

    :(ri i ni' I killed Trl.oEmn Tbarp.
    'itu1- a l r li I ,nicb while 'nf wet
    !i l ( Olli(i.ty. Heil gave hiLWt lf
    upi ,o r 4si rff and Is now in InTJ.
    Tin'. ti;on r's .. rrdlct was that 'I hin,.
    wa4s hr l. lllteh. Reid clma i.

    S------ -

    "I In4 rCmpsaru mRe pC Sha I woMl um Abe
    witbosm I*hem. I wM Itrmble a m sm& del with
    torpd4 llter and headache. lod *sne tkAill
    Comanre ln (ndy r ('ats I trol velS m h bSefor
    I blrllacrtaiilnt ra eomed 4Um to ay trieft
    au th IwLt medleli* I bhv wever in."
    AB* *bltl.ti oer 1 lU M.. rL I UmAter .

    tmrll reame dy C.. ClMS rY.. s
    MM m u mUL -TE bLM.

    166J det tor.- -1 m11*** 06e.l

    oriPnui, aid net t1ile.

    SvC-0i Ufaisws hot
    un llt, eilt f .li W
    Jl I .I ... _~ I I I. .. I. .. I

    *;~ **fl *f 'r/I

    lhasd lolt from within ur without the

    I'" "*14 Pill'. t I,6iii ilietly fold thu ir
    14,il Ii mIM l<, 1ij J li'+-;.m, t.ill if r Tauutil
    it th'y aulr tI' dk, ti.'i l t.,
    And wts i rfor this that th* i. i,,j I.
    of I'loridl4. i1 1 L is r 0,-1iJ. cretasted tl I
    ranilrtiad t'lii timb niii, 1 d ariil r-, I ., hi* -
    )i'pR1 !f tI' pe.tpl.' e.r( wh,| i, ,T.r.ur t,

    '~~ ~ As-,v

    - '. -C A r ,
    I;"*.' M 11Fi). 1'. ,1Jillin t 'oplip )tos I ti
    Mr trya in 1n 1 .41l iT|,I li m'i4,
    ?rit'Il hi'i> I li- P t e ljiel of ridtha li., asln
    .r. li**i I acittnled the SI
    I!O., 111'm 1 T' u, al ati mi lIr tIm
    i.t ii rr .t in t l r .r thl rL t 1iTi l 4

    t of II f t t t i tr n .
    Vi .11 1 ,, P, l !,6 I 'rj l IIt liVlt'lll- V 1.14

    I i 4 II f i r i
    f tI i .. ,, i r' i m r' l, r i.* I- Pi t v lI

    g4Jy t t1 ;rI' tt rt r 1.41 l' [II.

    and t rytr t il toe I l it.i V tlIIo wVi ll
    I'tl the h iAdwriti oI L,|i waIll,
    1 iiiart g1igvdinsiitse' tbasIlaua e and
    i ,,n t I O lt,,-

    4'W. .c d tif I to c|nt, Aick t-j afe Ity
    ' Z ily. ;il "i adfit pre ltt l l nHl Il

    \. 1' .l ri g lc', s ,i f the .. tl' ,l1a
    I l H IC ii f t. 4' +n thi y r pullI ( it l uf ll r

    ltf:ryAtL;ra I'd r ni :r yF'Iet lIr 4 threw

    tiaii r whE lie wl is rlnTiing fl r tIhe
    p.i .ll:diL' i hii it I. There a mt gic in
    hie i; [tiinH. lime tsom[ thing to iy to
    tlr mllrnOn Vhp It],-t.lIrd l fthecoimon
    tpeoleI llrUir hirt, Hlut linlly l I
    by ihe milli onr. I am not a free silver
    nian, bunt I ln a Bryan a tii n from this
    tiutn i, said I verily beliric that bhe
    wIprI I the iwiit reiiicplf hi' i oliidn in
    willb,+ ttit iiest |)r~eiiJen fulltiwliuf

    V.. 1.

    .4 '.. --- --* --

    ~ .r: .

    ha ll their
    \ regularly wliy
    Ni' lljt lvo o1B
    IJrrr ~A

    For Sale

    by Johnson Bros., Gainae o i '4

    A' ,

    JOS. ZAPF, Jacksonville, F
    Wholesale Whiskie, Imported iUquotsi
    and (Inlaer Ale. Imported mad bsaml Wles taW !"
    lMineral n, Wa s. 4 ".'

    VnWEUS.IR, A1X50 M S.' .'

    Absolute satifaotloa ara alnleedl Of mliq *,
    WriSte w prlse In .: I"D 0.


    z.E. .VOTIY ,
    Absetress of Title and utall lIatUlS ftl- U SIfmo
    eooapn. Our manager p i 11h I Is
    Is FRO M" TWI.-

    ,E, o, V07
    aenting amber of n eoilats Af
    -6.. .. ..- -


    Title is

    N D-. TIT ............

    'TAe qseutm onq Tf e sW A` 7em.dwlrm

    what you pAy for when you bey lad
    know what you are buyig.

    . Titles ordinarily invisible wmtly lmvld tb

    be- Aichu Couty- tu bt, WLoridA

    SEr :s 0-2 A. ^E-L
    i^3JZLJ3~r, E1.iw Ji3

    Air Line Railway...

    .... ,FO ... ;

    Savannah, Columbia, Camden,. Sou

    Pines, Raleigh, Richmond, Wah

    ington, Baltimore, Phila-
    delphia, New York.

    Two Elegant Trains Daily.

    Seaboard Express.

    Seaboard Mail.


    m mIff7~ Ka. t'"2'r.TrTr~

    to I 3 f ..




    ; .



    - I ~- ~~ .... ....._. ~



    T eta


    t* yo u rtis
    VIrt clf I;A!.iLr ;O!I'at wink Ia
    ~ l~. ]a
    -.; ~:~l~~~ E.U 1 ,.ql;c..,l4



    : ..'


    . .. im


    k ; m, tPl flO i&* ', E E BE 9 i 11
    in: r E ER 9s 11 104

    Usc :;- -.. i:. r AiW. fl -

    Ja I

    : ;l 4.

    I 1

    Pr ftt I.

    ^^B^^^i '*,; ':..'*

    I' rl


    ?u ['ri~

    ;... .- .,;
    . 1 h.J' ," "

    a NK....m.. oA.IM_
    -- ,( ,--- ,I^^ I y -i^

    ,i ,'.

    IR 4 D DaVERE B. UO11I411
    S...B T...

    Ear. f s n DR A. MOBBLLEY,
    A Ib ms OSTROIPAT H,
    ... n0 Magna lI Hotel, ainoer illse,
    Al. "4. Allsell r .d.wh o ls m
    .iw, Ate, :. so .,, a..l-. or by

    ia I.. I o t w y .
    ... n. ATOBRNEY AT LAW .
    .a N, .Larid Anl olleior I jsqulis
    |I |p"i.-9 Rl hoat.e, Oo vhyiasefuLg and Oen.
    sI. .Pft*. All busWri promptly
    S t.u ,to. Oea a s door to Hun

    air .. 7fIMRANXD BAYE.S,
    4pj h. hATMTORNY AT LAW.
    ttmJs 0 gOst sell your elIty ppry, (Lm-
    mnwd 0ad alnyierd pho"plaw,
    M4 sod 6 f 4Rlnr Ibrma. ead him
    hi MS W SAK R. 91S

    SlDrIOQ TS. GAWMlUL AI.s oo.. FLA.
    O0als Isi B"4 wMk.

    .... ....... ,,... t. . t n..a.. _

    4 POINTS
    j& (;<>r. *ik ili

    1.1IltICtALITYor I'Of. Y ('" NT A C'I .

    mWe Iver thesl:li imnortatlll palits Anld ro;p:llIf i! t
    olioeit a stare of your businlase.

    piF Life Accident ad Health Inu m.

    7')i W. 1' S A1
    hg-Agents for the-
    lwea^.rS u.. Victor Safe and Lock Company
    Oitnol r ati. O.hbio
    /!fial web./, 1 T s rrlm /! TThe "Victor" is the hb estsae made, and partly eeontemplat-
    Sag the poachue of a safe, or anything in that line.
    iSS I from a box to a bank vault, will save money

    *"- fIr1 CUSH3:AN & HILL,
    .W f OltM s e WD1 tal ees
    j*,|N|O^ Iithbwwilt h Ufn-smw LTwatcr. Information cheerfully furnished. GAINEBVILLE, FLORIDA
    ""te* wetb-1 Speeaies brtr swststSewS ttS
    ?otga/^ .s alswe o., wens ,.v rTe.. Auna ....... .r
    ato#est oreLaw aean,

    ..:,,. .:. -- riq=1 Wi Fl. MW1UOR8 1 CIOARS8
    esqoe SWFT pS. Ios fhl .Proprleor. SIrtr: i 4 nEit, r Nov 60. ,11..
    I,. I *ar .J k to bam u. .. . a...
    Swi m1 9prow tDier br D attl m thh 1-,1 fran swt ,s ,L N". ;'X Nonrth and Wist. No. 13
    11nlo ,t. It h ot aetbeeb bo p draught Don't VJaeckonvilte. .So tR 8 541 7 5.I Lv Jacksonvil le, Va Su lty 7 4p
    t w tl to wfr a dido tfl loe l nlo e eab n Jaiksonville LvJ s1-Pvu So y 11 2u ? I r1 LvJesup, n So Hy o lo p
    i f..i ,i l- ift s l~k l --N - -- - Avannah l .y (i 1 H Ar .Macon, : So Ity 3 IRk
    Sa orfl t HA Y LE JARVIO, Ar onlumbia SI K it l p I Ar Atlanta. (i so) y h i
    Sav m of t he veA hrlotte S iy 4i) 1 55k Ar Rome, 4' So Icy :3
    arl ,i 101' of Uw hich 1(Wrb Dr. II Tson). .Ar (jreeneor..n Is Rly 12 1th 1- So it S ;a
    S twfna tCh tater which Ip Arcm anvilb* 4o ly 45 2 1 ArlI al Wii t eve by aiturtA Carttbtac DENTAL SURGEON.nn .T So R
    *11 Ves t*|h( rCaMtd to A tlflehmrend lSoRv I ( .* 4 44p Ar LexioRton, Ky 1 2p
    ti WPei postedt A -- Ar Lynchburg .ti Ioy 4I ( 4 q) Ar 'Ciieintnti. 4)0 & 7 4( 0
    SS i pn to ll hGAISVLt.L A Ar Waih imon .. Int Iy I I 4251p hic n.t i .. l P
    l i m tudr to return Ar iW. Philaldelia P Ry 1I 4p 2 Cincinnati, ir.... Pl lines
    S a obIt Pay b : uOei Ar Nw York P RIt 4r 11 p l 8I Ar hicago,.I Ifl l' t I 7 10. j
    1 gt diof a body of CYYrTAL PALyN,i I: v Cincinnmat.O -0 C I & t4p
    Sa I a besw at m eod a o. 34-" Nw York and Florida EI-: Ar ('hirso. 11 C II, ) D : Z
    P A"sLect to swl atm el shat er r o. Pror. press." lDily Pullman Drawiog room Lv inciuisti, O ) I & 1) 46p
    ,a iM:to Ulld over ehkMavllhl Florlda leieping Oat between IPort tinaml Ar Toldo. 1 J 1 I) r, a
    Sth. mal litJackson ill mnd New York. Ftora .trDtnot. Mh I' 7 *'
    'lS101I th oAnireD Ilghlt$- es No. 80--"Wa.hingon Florida Iutlil..I....
    SI allow It to torw ylll-Tou Bet laporwel and Domeotle Liqoon Limited" Daily IPullman )rawingR a I er.001'111Iam Pa AIns lil
    tthe Io or the weight d I et. Room Bleeping Car Jacksoniil;e to iAr Piirbrg. Pn P .A I1n. f6 Wt
    i bei dy a odid geuat*hM tho wlin W' Nfepw York. Lav C(innati, O 0 K Four 9 )p
    a i farther than on - --- ---h-- Ar Cle vlalnd. O Rise F'nir lt 4*0
    .i 1 11 1 1 Through "Th Land of ith i Sky. No. I I.L o, Kyi .. .o i y 30
    L JaoksonvlilleFla...8 1o y 7 ap. Ar .LoulOille, Ky .o SY t 8p
    Lv aivannah.(is... .SoK 12 15a Ar 8t. Lania, HMoA Rv T 32
    A ArWolmb,.S. O .. 0 8 00 o ." .. ,-
    .Ar AsheillN. No RN. 6 0p I -The Florida Iinted."
    SAr lHo Springr. N. So( y 2 87p Daily solid vestibule train. through
    M0M3 MR SWEU TnEA f110 l-. Ar Knoxville. Tenn So Ry t 0op day coaches and 'Pullrman leefi.Kg ca
    _a' Av 1y -Ar Loallville .... Ry iA Jackonville to Cineintmn _a
    WTI OF 1OW, VOWER'AID Ar Pt. Louis o Ry 4 rp -
    w Ar Cincin nati 4 0 H 1A Northwest NI. 13
    BUAM.I..t. ir Jacksonville, F So f ly 47
    No. t-l) daily Pullman drawing room h Lv Jeup. a(i o *Iy I> 1'P
    St fr |ti tr ru. Uaad. ID and biufft sleeping ear between Jack- r Mao., bGa. No lt e twi.
    r r n o rfor" iaA.ow,1 onvillo and Ht. Louis.. Ar Alilant,. (isn S ly S A'
    ia t o --------s - Ar An liton, Ala.. SnI Ky 1 tI
    .w. obU tbte* Ar jilrmiinAgham. Aln, .. So Hy. 11 4
    ELY ....,Ll uMnaErD, Two Trains Daily Ar MemphisTenn Frisen, iP
    ^-t-- Kdans a un. .r K anse (lly. Md, iFri>0 00 9 el
    sinm FAw;_ yiu g m *.S To LV Anemph, ti'r, s. 3'p
    1 4' tw i ss Ar iHot Sprinf,. Ark I '.s
    MO wat, *bi Sod by as eontnuooa ly Wahlinghr and IA t Ar
    atingtn a No. 13--T'he Florida Ia.llnited."
    i I TnIT. 1 DllNew EYorkw O kOK. I b he teen J1k n liie. lir milng
    r ~rb By W. tj"as ithotsa al nle fall. I on ham. Mnmlphis and Kans s City.
    wmat a piamo for a lifeltie's E LLT DIR ER
    w ih e Wol d the EXCEU LE XT D01.4( S VAR SERVICE.,
    IThe Flo0da ..rn.... -T ARRIVALS AT ..AOK.ONVIL..E. :
    u From New York. WashlIgton etc-So -. ., "Washingtoo and Florida
    r t ad Truack rwer -- Ited." ,:000. m.
    FrtlOrhMd Trmucmk G rower VImW ?* "I' Fm Chaleml. (Celnnatl, Chattanooga, Atlanta, etc -No. 14. ,'Florlda
    tlatL WIe trnt. Wri Jteimited f9:3 m.
    am T Mitr a N for Wet T NODAY.W 7rm ity, Memphis, Birmntlghmm. et,--No. 14. "Florida Limit-
    OCALA L. Fro m Ol natsi, Aehetll, Washington and Florida ,im.
    r. ..... .......,... From ew York, Washington, eta.-4 o, 183. "New York and Florida Ex-
    emW Jer ................ Lr, Bals pl," p. Jaknll
    ,c:ku..IS DAmnt I Ek ., ...., .. :S.^E ^i

    __1 C _ _ __ __ ___


    , 'i


    (': lllu iolln .i I,@dl Writers # of the* 'lorlJ
    l'-.' oa .* ;ay ,l.' Mi n re Fany-hormI a hin
    U [ ** i a i V. ile' i.Un any otlie'r matis iia ,

    -~ur -.,n'

    un U f a ntMB..-


    For Sale

    THE SUN, GainesYi



    L---'- --" r +~~-llrc

    ____ _




    A C'KNOW I:Ell 41i :1)


    No ne

    F !

    I -' -- I II

    --- --~-~1 ~

    F I .



    I'l h ain tor

    lle, Fla.

    li. hr,'l rtf t!

    I. it: III pot I b III) I I ill g !



    m ,


    tvRMlLV TOLD.
    B o5ltiF1i'I' lla f ll n d. llsc(':i rnt) hI
    pm !,ivcr / d 'r it~ lci'fl h* i ld m lh ltait'
    *1 1iilltut ea.
    Wihy h o ll II C the lal ('lihrle,
    hli. a rliet .l 1merr'ln*lt of 1iB a
    P0,000 I0 Il ft ti charity,
    hi eonflatdriiat a' rianB< of l~al'.a
    L. i tii"'utd ton Iinl i n the Invltl
    i t pr.0llent Vl l t lt to1 vi it
    aith h.
    Sso Apiln SIt lh ltlhe irgemit rv-
    Sof Ml t'slk 0l uIa11, li*null K-IPVi'
    withirmiwn tll ren)gnbtio-n a., vito
    jledit of t'liba.
    .Ip ldPe t Iloomeil t ot IIl agaiiin a il
    '.g01 of Dr. Cruns, their (Clarirltoun
    Sn rl (c. ir (! i 0lllcto 'lr ('llM1 ris t
    '.lt uiot to tI l a InatlI t rmir cinfirlim

    p iJal praerrs are eht .i.< ,offereil
    a a in cthliircnl. of cert'iln local'
    I al Dlanplln. Perry, C(mlbrituni
    | rloundling ountia ll f'it ia .;!

    t eian., including nf h'altlihour ani!
    ie0, bhave Wlithtdrawn liin4i ithe bil
    i y le ifc!te i't Mti lislihon kLqnare

    i YOrk li Kl '),hl['tt oft
    Her rd id
    oi oleial fti ures for
    Iat ti e world's fair
    today. The total
    S$,741,073, and that of
    l pee. 1, was 20:1,01.


    the atten
    were made
    the closing

    C. Murray, represontlng the
    tille Board of Trade has extend.
    person an Invitation to Preildeui
    lvlt to visit that city next
    The president accepted eon-

    tramp steamer Couladon which
    In New York today from Java
    by the quarantine officials on
    belief that cholera exslts on the
    Six men of the crew died dur.
    .be voyage.,
    I. Brown, tho cotton LIng of New
    Is l idt iIn a stal nit-mwnl In
    he tell the farnieih to kee;i
    eltton until prices advancl.-. Ill
    il that c.ll g,'Overnnment ertimRate
    trely too large,.
    Sritislh t;m.alri Anglo-Saxon tlha
    f"m1in VW tMil tli N. C., for
    I with 1;.228' hall't of cotton,
    1i largest cargo ever A.hipped from
    atlon. and va'led at Sat6!,000.
    record was 1,0:18 lale,r.
    r dad and one seriously wounds
    %,is the result of the jealouy r
    DBures, aged 53. of Rocheister
    who isot and instantly litllei
    Wllife and haby, aild oe Grlle i'
    Y home 1lt0n wIfN, Wa empllon '
    i l then blew out hl% own ralltul
    '.-Jo1a Walnwrllht. S,) year_ old, t.rll,
    '* wife anti daugie'r., Mrs. Prar
    Liadley. in hie' parlor of ilk, <
    at 'aorcheter, Ma .- ii' .ia
    s Sabootigll wa. art 'letrT I ti r fi .
    ,Ilp Igiore hill It'"a nnll e i :"r
    N,1.1Ht police heald4ipiarter. oi t'.
    I"; flre of murder.
    S" Fight Will be Bitter.
    Tho who will persist iln closlig
    .lOr ears against tihe ontinual recom-
    Se6Lidallon of Dr. King's New Discov-
    ,;A lor Consunmpr ion. will have a long
    l bitter fight with their trouble. if
    I ended earlier byf atal terminatioin.
    Add *whatT, I lteall of Beatil. Iip.,
    !Iw to iayl: " fall miy wife had
    ,watySymptom ofr onutmilltioi. lShe
    S1W Dr. King's New lsllclvery after
    allrythling else had failed. Imprure-
    I-lealme at once and four bottles
    Scored hIer." iGuaraniteed by
    lid ii1P. Price f5 cand $.lt Tri-
    ttbottfo trev
    ,- CemmtnIn irm Suspends.
    ..Winllaptllal. l). 7--.The Nialhiul
    h '.all lon1 1 ropiiany with fiouir branch
    : ^: ittIn this etl *nil 4 t4) in the state
    .~jy l dedTIh toanrt The frltwllnr nil-
    Si,: a waR ,"l tir al of It, r',,r,.;) n
    "Owing1 t4o P 'i tn t nl o tiigifln.
    |. < which hae lll ,, r llr; .tl ia 1hi' niantip
    ,U.. on of the tMock anid irnTn matrltuw ae Ionillf ,t!l,, tlo uiipnT'.ld nl enmpra
    ,411Y Unill furihtr notie'p li the nian-
    i..ll* *F 'all dielpen 1ii pon your indul,

    SCharged with Embezzling $16,000.
    i at St. Ilnuins II!T llc 7-- 'harl(e4
    It <... aMel rt4, for a niarnl.'r ,if ypsrs
    ..m*deaulil a lerk and fltaokkeprr of
    t .O ulrmlt conuetfiad With thei Nal ional
    K'. ock Yards '.r l, st St. l 't.I Is un.
    '. arrest ,l a warrant hwoin ult at
    Silt Iltanr.e of Tarll'oi, Co. & lrraui.
    , MAb", ing him with being 16,t n4 short
    hisLl aroninrs A shortasge In conn(CC-
    .' t1i With time other rontpanyr afcount-.
    i h e ls alleged. li, F'rr i driniss tlie.'

    A Pleasant Pin.

    * --- -IC~. -I-. --*

    OtS P & C GOLOSI Ef, "1""LL' ''FAV

    The Optic Specialists of Louivile, E DT TTOC ,
    Ky.. Have Arrived aid il AlhiaDnn Dnlrlnr De 'r

    SRcmnnin a Few

    Days ONiI


    mhiauiuIIu SUV rIOIUIo,


    tra IVa r" i nt1n1 0aw41e.. bum I ad u PNeu V( a.N
    Oifce: Ro,:,i 29. Birwii House -. .. I ai..' a rter n ::de.OUtiId "
    Parl]r I ,o, irsi. P .a .. o: iLucated miu the I'urtr J.iuk, utth ...
    a aids square. Three dir.clasm tables. V
    (iood eights, and pt land oeiirtsei s
    ervie. The pubsle isi |rdialiy invited A
    and a'waye weloome.

    MAX KiRA lS.S,

    ftepres'nti FACTORY LQADCO S81Q
    'E A. WEIL & CO4. POWD HO N
    e.......' Good s lllna n your pa gON m
    IJL i, ,oPr ; .., ityi it~ gi.,,. i" WHOLESALE SHOES in the Beld or a good some
    Mu l at l. Iit iir thait li'y r. .%,1 t eWinchester Leade
    re. s>n.i iperti-rtly; liltisir thlu eye Of All Dnriptsion. I nWn eater "lader" d ,
    wil ha .r. i., aai.d 'iNie'litr, he.J prervig . mI 8mokellss Powder Sheole : I
    th I Ea. In I't+lht&i! 4 I 1 ryQ 'only '...
    lt" t? iI .,'m i,...r d tdSole Agents forEONACHI and OV$p. Asyr"of surhmo a ldwq"
    Siii ieii, i r4li trk fri, liwresti'
    I10:i14e1. Ie en i.cilay art i94 vIad tI i4IGN qL'ALITY Shoes. Everyspeaoft
    ril nalt inveKt gate our Iltlin of d v itrnd preat superiority s w A t
    correcting error o.f rlfacti n. Many men who usa Wisghl'/il
    Uamea of headache, ,ipuralmia. ,.-rvous-. i -I i
    nis ,l irritabiliy. i. ornmaia, w. A n
    liervous prostration and ithe seemlt _._... _. ji. ,__ __l S.. 'r
    stupidity of children are often due to -nAL D9ALi
    defectilve vision causeaid lip ait abnor. .V''' -
    mal ourvature of trie coreaorlerystail. K E YSTONE A g
    line leni or to an irreglariLty of fthe Y NBE
    refrltinlg miedim o4 the e01. and anreS WIIAVfE, I reV
    relieved at once uponi the application
    of the proper lassrs. Ninety per cent C '
    of the 1eoil over 40 years of 0aes need coner OGroe v ed Cr ee pr es.
    laes n 60 per cent of the 00 need p 1 %. p. e M 'soxbe
    thrinem for distance. 1 '
    lashess are not always given to im- UAINfKVIKLL PLA.
    prove eyesight, built to relieve undue
    strains-lin short to assist nature. i
    Thoiisands of eyes are ruined yearty. I CuOIC MKMADS. CAKS at PIs Es
    Even perlutel outi of ten have neither
    eyes alike, anlid one out of twenty As- rres everr DM.
    tigmniatimn ; h nce tine' necessity of tellt.
    inrg eah eye qioarately. tpeciaul at- Delilvered t All Puts of Ct, r.
    tention is given to any inequliity that
    may exist between the refraction of SalfsUoin G0sti raleed
    the eye. i
    IiptLical soirnce ha t inside rapid ad- *
    vances within the lust felw years; the I D l
    correct adoption of spectacles has he- *..J
    com,, s distinct ,.+eason. Tie opti- 1 tf ke oa vllle as !
    egai who thorotiughly understands him -Dealer Ia- llCa iat -CAXLSTO S,
    business realizes fully that in adjust-
    Ing gl.,.s,.. tor his st.,omers. i. i. Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars e l nia t Seam p I
    treating with aRmonst defiqatee and pre-
    in i organ, wher th slightest error 8TARLKE, FLORII.A. Clyde New la d and
    may result seriously, while if he does "--- C u...
    his work well he not only gives con- DWira *.;ii snd e ta Uxpre O"W E ,
    furt aid ease to his patron., but in 3WI5iU Dlsd D iruSeeuiOViM O "ews.
    ninny instaner restores the sight. ,C*lil, *le
    p,..cial.eare.should.he sakeiI, c IMp to Glnlet1il0 1f 4 Gane IaewFtaAr
    ectirng the first pair of spetacles. norr I i P-..
    .,old i jtc..ase .,hlo.u ., [ii Ci S quarts Superior Old _orhboad.... ...._....
    of a responsible toptieian. It Ist naomi ,s .
    eurasely centered and of the best .uia. ll-dd R for $8.00. St J
    ity and the frimues 'o made shat the R w I 81wen JACKoWNVI&LS a iMi
    wearer looks dir-'etly through the cen. Stopping at Palts, i Astor, t la.Imb (
    ter. lasses nicely fitted to the face
    becme alln ornament a well sa a ne- 'WEmB.laD AW BOR-.W a
    ,itting children with spectacles a* tmsW of 1IN
    peeialiy. ~are apolat4 iso sail follow: LS lle.j
    Parents. do not neglect your chil. 8:p. Returnln llearve ala d laskt4
    D)ifcult ease* olielted. I olow UD
    All question ini regard to the eyes | pm ..... .............a,...toml b..... .".i
    cheerfully answered. S 1 pw .............*...... ....,.le..,.. .........
    Consultation and Examination am a................. ...A ......
    4 SI sm.....................ft. .............
    J kFree. acksonville, Florida. .. ............. B t)........,.
    illice hour( from IO a. rn, to 3 p. m. Arrdv !e lKIm ........... ... . .... ......... .o......
    ....... Arrive SiC a00 *am....... ...... .Eswpubs......:.maW,.,
    TAKE PART IN WOLF DRIVE. B.EJEX. Poj t., JAmDTCKT. O.FIem. h Mo .. 3!
    lawton. Okla.. Il)c. 8- On .>f the W 0. OOOFR J.. miff iy ,o '
    ;arge.,? 1%lli drlv,'s n the hi.stry f Jas. Everard's Canada Malt '#ItuA.oET .
    fti Ifl lhI Io he OSt m .1t bi cictili. a't in the /al u n n rn
    'pa ,u ,-,T suar (liatlai,,S,. RED STAR. I c. SIi,,r Sl>,., s ..
    ty drn;.' partlrlpun'd., Furty qnnaro
    ml:t' of icrritory wrre coverM. and As good as a:y and better than most f flAla flu f R l
    about :.0 wolve~. coralle!. ,'In of1 whicrlh eer. Made of lhops nd Malt .UV..s5W 1 *tl5
    ,+ ,.-.., anu, .,ifi Sv;e i and NOT RICE. THE PRUIT A VBOIABL'it
    Bing ait full speed os<,r the prairie. u ... O P LORIDA. '1.: -'

    Flnr line, were formedni in the Im. Per Barrel .... .. $10 60 Time Table In elmse Ju t 'S".M
    im -o i ar, ai th .. 1 h5 --w w ,.ed i l. 11 reA V I" 11... ......i
    hrdet ,l io, the eonl-,'. Mrs. \Williams Per D ozen. 1. 25. -. ---_
    and M.11i Clra tharp. In full riding ---d -- .. .... 1I
    costulmm. participated in rhe'h e il N No' Daily DiUly. ITATIOB, Xil' lii
    an.d (e wild stamped.. each, coming | A illl
    Into town with a uicad wolf aerois LVUI LLL
    her saddlre.
    S s ut b P W D vP LT ,PKLvAM r A A MA
    ft 45 a" Ab SY* S,* ,, v .
    AV F he deI LL *""l... . .......r Ie...... .. ... r i ........ .** .. ...aa* ***.*.
    A Frightened Horse, 7. 1,0 as IN 00 of, 4 0 .`0,.,0
    l nni;nsg like mad down the street ILLL iRs 8 00 .. ..... ... ... .... .. Dulul ...... ....... ...***
    dumping the occupants. or a hundred 80 o6 ..... ... ..... ... ... .l i del.... ..,..*,. ..
    other e *eidenui, are eve y d.. ci~il . .. .. --*. 10 ... .. ........ ........... HighIaRMa..o...o ,w **.* ****.** ,, *f.
    other accidents. are every day occur-I 8 10 B @n !0 DI 00..jIa e@ 1s
    rene t. I verybody to haove Fastest Time and Finest Serviep 10 6 16 ........* ... .* e r.j P ,
    Ss i........ .... ..! ... ... M O ............. . ... ..
    a reliable salve handy and there's none t A Pint s ..... ..... ... ......ineosi................ .*.*t .
    go good as Ilucklen's Arnica Balve. o 4A .. ... .... r. lkl od.... ....... .. ..i
    48 ....... .....q... ... *.... K nth .......... a....., S.....,u
    Burns, cute, isores. ceema and piles W l S ...... ... .. ......... Iewelli........... ::;::,: *, .+.
    dimrppear quickly under it soothing W I g W .......... ..... ... ... ... b,.. ...... .....
    effect. 2A at all drug stores ln wa I .............. ... ...... Itooly Ptall6...... i. ..l .p i *0'
    ... .1000Lv L e 4 1 5i |
    C. C. Y O YtLE, Through Pullman Drawin Room Is 01 7 0 .. ....... ..n......... S f
    SSleeping CVr daily from Jlaekonvllle 1iS00 81 7,m) ... .....a*.07yr1.*.e .,..
    I [io liiriniha Na.hville. Evansville. l ? 7 031. t2........, ...-homh,.." .
    Bicycles and Electical Goods, Chlero. i.Lui. o ile 120 7 15 Ar 7 ...L af, ? g 40
    and e w (rleans. .... ......... ...Jaako ville. J. BI I p..... ..


    14., iw ,


    C'. lHurth' l'rtprlet, hr,



    B0W FrPITY AND 0 nh "a *Hil wt "l. ll"rv w 46hal** a 11111.
    ... UO CI I T IAND'+ .1 ( 4 ol o er- adinlWari wei reale. M. ylerilonl Aial will it. ,on, ,f file
    r1Cih! IntErEiOal ah ,,r t L r., I'I",. oyetlrJi., lht"i
  • SOCOUNTY 0UN n' n '. ... ,,, .. 7.,,. .'**'* -7
    ONDEN ft being lnifST.|f l*l 1 >. H il t 411, .1
    lelli Oflk R't W I tt *'.Rl tiot-,radl f |rintt-i nlat e th l i" tl I d by O t R ,portr bP'- irt i .'I r r, r for< igra'- l'i in irtl'i 'r lol i*', irol i..,
    S| i*'* '.'1' ol '11 rt1i4r litotice. tf. 'veiiiting work will I- rptiferve-r d i .
    iAL ALND 0SOCIAL IT rLM 5 il', fibti I** I, .tlu lett, thie lyirna iwnli mta r delgret. Ttrr wat tI.. i,,
    S % l- I l| rr at <(ifne vllt('te' .duitt r it? #a atftmilHi,,a s' th$. A s r.
    .. "-Lrttrl ..i L r. I .ii. L. I i,, It and im c,,if,,rr.ld il lt a r sit i iting
    as 14appnesd and What Is Going Imanrr,
    i HagP p Told in Short Paragraphs \ -, \ XL4. / -1ri r ut l(othelle, th, li .At reg, .ar
    r at1 "He Who Runs May Readt' I nle-r of the Arredoi d o ellonl ho Iarld iurdny t lhe-re
    iplTheSuni. i Wn t vI!war to hiL eity )s-* was I fiUll board pre',t. hult nothing
    wit T'e, u n.- .L .., 1' r v. >utsid"iof the regular rutinte oIf htiii
    O w i Ch (htmas & li. I[ ( rietia. odi larrit- vwse was transace.d. Th11 *alaries of4
    ill lWpapel f.r Imf ..a s.i v I UI t EI i it I.ih- teachers and other expenser of the
    b ". r n 1 1 b.marl were ordered paid, and ithe re-
    il M. 'colnoa. we .it .,tr.rda yto I tr ].,.t r l ...*rctlsav ..ibileoI i girtu of the schol s throimghouit the
    on b sin.f .r ", t". im' ply; f1tfy or county were very ehtnau raging.
    p Dbialys-ki Ispent .n o ,trI ''r ?t tacl. $2 "r hur ShelT't $5 6.0XChallenge Dog and Pony
    yrville on, t ,tnes ir. if. Show for te iamuepiment of all, .s.0i0
    i ls on u ,,- ..terf. l s l- .. ,. 4, 0' i' ti* Statt' T'lurningz to for i rtsequal at (Gainesville'si tg Street
    i Meo51- hllt in ( .i l't t o i i, Illo[l ttt eat l iful ,lu. r air. Dee. 13 to 1?a.
    sale-A niit Ct 'se ins la*t "de M' r J B. Marille of .Iaeksonviile',the
    will#e, r v lK 1: .:tr.i'(,oi r 17 11 well-known anid succeaftul represents-
    5 . J. A. Mr..itsty If (ri.i,,,ll.e jar \' C. .1 1n'n 4f 1emnopy wasltre of thle Standard *al (Coanurpaiy, is
    'aVshl In the city. Mr. btlurilel states that
    g hb o p p i n g 1t y * T sr ., t i r t, ,< i t, , t y . t e a |tr "fl e . . . . . M u . . hrr
    .. a iy m business was never better with him.
    ig p1ely ftrlsilei r Ito re itt oli .onVd hlbi o t fmm tiiintst orange fie covers the entire State east of the
    tWegentlemen. App yn at Sut toler. groves in thatn section, and took orders A abl re. an d ae h
    Apalahleoola river. and declare@ that
    iM-. o. Bass of ilgh Springs fa. for several boxes for the holiday tradele p
    ime with-aviol&..whiltier. Ithe people throughout his Ferritry
    |l aimesville with a visit yester- whilehere are in better financial condition than
    I. e of the moat interesting and for many years. The crops have been
    -dme- t),upuls of Alachua was among amusing pines ever rodus d before
    ,, heAmrupliofAa public, .E000.0 of P good. the farmers have plenty of
    i beelnas visitorll to thcity e- ple witnesing this exhibition In one money, with hle emult that trade is a
    ior- month In St. Louis. Will pmitlvely reat deal better and the merehanut
    t ntse per bushel for s*ritng or pp7eart th 0 arnlval, Gainesvillle are enjoying a itne trade.
    0 Soayoats. The 8. .1. Thomas De. 139h to ln th .
    dliswl. Blaturial for the new sidewalk In J. W. Has, the eontraetig agent
    r fRest--Store Royal Cook former. front of Orant Player's ba r hop of the Riddell Carnival company, islais
    uselspled. Address Thomas V. or- arid lHarper A Chase's mueiWetore is vhe es making arrangements for the
    nTkama w vill. being placed uun the grounds, and it is carnival gas week. December o 3s 14,
    i 50 tA per thousand for good expected that work will begin in a 15, 1 17. Mr. Hars wishel to state so
    .rrpi.V epe' hingi's at The short time, A number of new side. the press and public that the line at
    .50 Co dlwl walk* of vitrified brick are now being attrition whlh Mr. Rlddell has
    UrwaSd and William lewis, irogree- constructed shout the city, which will are positively the best sad highest
    wpleaters of the Alachua secti, prove of bi advantage and conve1*elass shows that were at St. Laoual lMr.
    Owe trading in the city yesterday. e I Hays wishes to state furthermore
    T bg Ferr whel will with the to t without fear of eontradletion that the
    sad lake you off the earth at A.naa the isi tors to this city yes' attractions that will appear at lhe car.
    tsntle's Big Street Carnival. lDee. trday was Stv C.ullen, for man nival gala week are the best that were
    S|I. years a resident of Galnesville. but ever in the South before. This is the
    Stoday-a beau- lnow cundcting with great success a largest bee and only show of the seal
    u Sal te iful as aaor t- farm at tiague. Steve is an ambitious son. Carnival colors, purple and

    .-tl to slect Irom. The T .1. Thomn.
    0,e. d.ll
    Mr. and J. M. Pettit of Alaehua
    e..M ejoleing over the arrival of a Ifne
    0,1, and friends are extending con-
    il e Henry S. Chubtl haI returned
    Ui bh home at Winter iPark. where he
    I wUIl pend the holidays with his inter-
    tMhag family
    SN.J. Beekham of Windsor. one of
    h:,e oldest and molt widely known
    elt hiea of that section, was trading
    bI t eity yesterday.
    a SIale-New Wheeler A Wilson
    If stwmlt machine, f. o b. r, eory or
    SGlaiWsvillw. Apply at this otlce or 303
    I, Liberty street. dwtf
    e the Bold Bank Robltwr,. St.
    E.Ual' famous ,exhibition. Especially
    i the ladles and children. At I;aineg-
    wIllU' Big Street Fair. lec. 13-.1.
    Amusements of Anatomy, one of the
    00 flt eduestionsa exhibit ons in oxts-
    " time today, will appear at (;aiirs-
    . ill)'s Big Street Fair. Dec, 13 to 17.
    Piends of Tax Collector T, B. Ellis
    WIll be pleased to learn that he is oin
    : lhItreent again. after a siege of fe-
    ,';"r. 1IP Sl tAte that he is improvinti
    Sipidly every day.
    D"Oa fail to pay a visit to 'A Day in
    te Alps," the talk of the twentietth
    tury. Will positively appear at
    (It laesvialle's lig Street Fair, Dec. 13
    ..o Io .
    S Tickets for the P!ollard. Pitt Concert
    C Oompany are on sale today at V\idall'
    1 Sad Aversa'. Price, r) cents each. No
    W; L reserved Ilenetit Evrergreen
    Orsetery Association.
    I a nt ail tI see the Holy City at
    inesville.' 1ig Street Fair. lee. 13th
    t 71th. The mont beautiful exhibition
    bo" produced before the American
    J. FI. Jaekson of lironson, one of the'
    Solselt and most widely-known travel.
    : l salesmen in the State. was in the
    : lty yesterday. lie was en route home
    Iron an extended trip through the
    SState. and reports a fine business
    S Chase. A. Williams, one of the lead-
    Slag merchants of Alachra, was in the
    I y on business yesterday. NIr. Wil.
    ', isr is rejoicing over the arrival of a
    One boy at hii home. and his friends
    W ere yesterday extending eongratula-
    '' llons.
    See kubly. id 3Mandy .Just Irom tihe
    I Country, one of the most laughable
    l P ever Witaimasil in i;-"......l.b 1

    young yellow, and It goes without *ay*
    ing is an industriou, farmer. He is al-
    ways on the alert In the matter of pro-
    ducing the best results, and it may be
    truthfully said that he is one of the
    **b)." whocan make two blades of
    grats grow where only one grew be.
    "I was much saflicted with selatlea."
    writes Ed '. Nud, lowaville, 8edg-
    wick Co., Kan.. "going about on
    crutches ansd suffering a deal of pain.
    I was induced to try Ballard's Snow
    Liniment, which relieved me. I used
    h ree .r Me beot le. It Is the greatest
    liniment I ever used; have reeom.
    mended it tO a number of persons; all
    express themselves as being benefited
    by it. I now walk without erutehes;
    able to perforni a great deal of light
    labor on the farm." 25c, 6Sc. $1.M).
    Suld by W. M. Johnson.
    The work of transforming the store
    roomn ill the t illiamn block is pro-
    grtreing nicely tinder the supervision
    of the contractor, A. E. Wittstock, and
    when the improvements are completed
    this will make one of the most desi-
    rable oflke bLuildings in the city, espe-
    cially minc, the lliere will Iwe treated
    on the tirst floor. W. I. Phifer, the
    owner, is sparing no pains or expense
    to make the offices modern in every
    way. and they will no doubt find ready
    teaaats. The sidewalk in front of the
    entire block will be relaid with iri.n-
    lied brick, which will also be an ini.
    provetienlt appreciated by the public.

    REA) THIS.
    Mobile, Ala., Dec. 24. lh9 l,
    Dr. W. Hall, St. Louis, Mlo.-Dear
    Sir: Having tried differPut doctors
    and their reinedien for several yearn
    for back and kidney troubles, I found
    Nothing successful until taking The
    Texaa Wonder. I1*alli' reall Piscov.
    ery, aid, being rapidly iured, the old
    saying with railroad men it, '"*tod
    bless the man who invented the Pull.
    uitan sleeping ear." but I say, "God
    bloes the inventor of Hall Texas
    Wonder. Your~ truly,
    W 1l. CLANK.
    \1 '. I 1:. Co.. Mobile. Ala.

    One small bottle of the Texas Won-
    der, IHall's Ureat Discovery, cures all
    kidney and bladder trubles, remores
    4~1. 1 ,~- -a:-a.r- . .... an a


    NEW YOR0


    ^ -^. -tr- %*ptjS9. %. .-

    W\e will indulge in a little shoe talk
    this week. We are the orglinators of
    low prices on shoes. We have flne
    values all the way through, but we
    want to call your attention to a few
    specially good things in footwear. Our
    oi Calf for boy s. a tronag durable
    shoe at l$1.). cannot b* equalled.

    Our 2 line of Boys' Vici and Box
    Calf are simply superb. ihey have
    both the style and weating quality.

    ()Ir $2 line of men's shoes is the
    equal of many $2.0) shoes. In fact the
    shoes are braided by the manufao*
    turer to retail at $2 ~., but we can sell
    them for even noney and we are do-
    Ing it. We have them in both Vici,
    Patent and tox Calf in all styles. Try
    a pair.

    Just retired a shipment of the
    "Kiung( quality" ad ertised $3. )s hoe-
    the heat made fur the prioe-see them.

    The lDixie (iirl for ladier at S1 V,
    genuine I)longola upper, solid leather
    sole, is the pr ttie t and belt shoe
    made for the l rice. Our *2 and $2 ,5
    lnue for ladies i PstronK \V'lues un-
    eq called.

    In short,. we have shoes for big folks,
    little folk., rich folks, poor folks, old
    folks, young folks, ugly folks, pretty
    folks and all sorts of folks.

    Come to the Bigr

    and get what you need

    l'elpartimenit Store

    at low prices.

    1 I 1

    i~CI~-~3c -~


    IAn arss

    % og ;t i
    B!' ;

    I "fOWH


    * **,.**

    Wfl O W .,R-

    0-Papse Iluhin
    FIlflft t

    .",., ''

    Greasuf t

    a *'

    4,itw m

    WILSON'S T. sO

    g g g

    Isalls' Xmkr4Me d Jh1. 1 b :' ,
    , alledouaadlwMte ....,.... I'.,,., -

    _Tlss lhe ip sla r*S. *U

    KId meves at 7 e. $1ut*L pi

    i dare Whie Ns atW CenAs at Wa.
    Idat ate Ueme a rlasml Ukr, te, fl 1

    Wlads' nrey Weol Tas wt *l $1,

    a1.$ e Whe We f 1.4 @ .*.
    *i r.s asia sah A -fl-n

    Nest Values
    It every depltment, *ad mst
    complete line t6 sleet from.

    Our IIe ot large sad aisf) RagIi
    &k to i $1; 4 f

    Mrs. R, WILSON

    Pay a visit to the Old Plantation
    with old time darkies as (alnevillle's
    BiK 8treet Fair, Dee. 18 to 17.
    A. J. loyl., the traveling salleman
    for the C. W. Bartleou Compasty,
    wholesale grocers. awksonvrille, has
    gone to Newberry and other poinae is
    the West End on busianew
    John W Martin of Jacksonville, the
    clever travellag salesman for Lee
    Frank, harness, addlery and whips,
    Savannah, (sr., is at the Brown House.
    Mr. Martin began his career with k.
    tbl Bros., in the same line, La JaCk.
    sonville, and has made a most gratify.
    ing success.
    Mrs. Ohas. Leyjres of St Aulustlm,,
    formerly Mime Lottie Wood of this oely.
    has arrived in Gaioesville on a visit to.
    her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Weeks,
    She expectsto remain here until the
    fin of the year. The numerous
    friends of this lady are glad to wel.
    come her again.
    Mn. F. M. Cellon and son. Mlarion,
    have returned from Albany,(;a., where
    they went to attend the funeral of the
    former's brother. W. A. Itrokadway,
    .Ir., who was the iotinm of an aseldens
    on the Atlantic Coast Line atl Hghh
    Springs which cost him his life a few
    days ago. It will be rernenabered that
    \lr. Brodamway, whii- attempting to
    board a switelch .a-1 e. lost hip footing
    ....M I -II ,..s l... thai ahuP iW h a Ithel




    * fl~y^^



    (Finst lcorerl iea '
    "acss Lbe

    117 Wet Union Street.
    almmustmm artiraunsM WMullfll

    _ I ~_ ____~~

    __ _____ ____

    t *-9+-*lf +***++*** *n..**nne-+ inn

    STo Improve and Preserve Your


    w,'.rallrrIsy p

    tlt Irkaee e li.
    TUN ullt),+U l Ifi

    U T-*T; -T-tO N i-9 -
    r t
    I 0

    10"0' OftQ by
    ~~~~~~~~ta widmen ir(un~eJ 1 ~~IUIH k~1 S
    ~~~~~~'fltfl w~~ 3H ~ ~~afir
    -, ~ ...` -~ :-: .:.-' - ;r:ir~uqthr-l~,.u

    ""i' "

    + r

    " .,U,

    .' ~: :I' : "


    I J,, ,, .,' L. J .' (

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