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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
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Title: Gainesville Daily Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Creator: Gainesville daily sun
Publisher: H.H. McCreary
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: December 7, 1904
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID02075
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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*i4 0htlieir tow Jstn witlo tlemr
A akstIaatI* ThIM Ihnme us lgul
Siag to Jn wltheiru th
"^Yt, "ve YlbricUu to clrruul
.. ..Y ly notr 4 beo moor$l
'l. ti twork lu aCarply
i,-t oi i u to jl- their or
f hb'~eye uder no. efr
U r' i t to commit vlo-
hia sllwhether capitallsts
,wi ro lse to support
WMhiUou. Or wioe 1W with
wb lr Do, at at odda, for
toO ble In sn fory1m.
W *iUV*lraS' ate pacutlMair RcUs
S pem Itte *m asd the Wee.W-

tis ba per thew
Mi1 abeaMw a Ip1 i

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a a w rrn
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Cat!erics Pack3d With Visitors
When CailbJ To O:rder.
---- A

One of the Most Itglreatig;; Sassions
la Ahl'id cf thVe ifasMtb-r aid the
FPfty.c'ih;h C.egroa3W Will ACj3urn
a1 t.larah 4, 19;3.

Wa sittlon. l)De. G.-T';o last aes
ales of thl flfty-elghth congress wau
oiedle together at son today.
SThb opening was wAder the usual
atereUtngl coaditlions, -d lmid those
nesees that for year *vae made the
refseebltlag of eomu ifa among the
notable event of the santry.
SHundreds of eltsmoer today
aroused the corridors and crowded
tlto the lllerles to.wituess the for'
mal procedlndig. l oL cm e ed, oft
the eapltol Ibillding to the o(ther.,usy
Irud of the stateseall anl the flutter
Of emiallty distlaulaisd the occalson
tvoam any other In tbq o tal or ao-
clal calendar of the year.
maLm the lktharw tlI wherk haa chkr.

Sit I.lnAG aoterixed Waabingtos gibtce tarly in
SJE c %t rthe *Prlg the city aw.ttaid to a new
ilqlUwaeyi unlpn Sa esand heralded with appatret Joy
ila iwrbe the day whleh nopen both the offlreal
010B i.5 1i4j6 r 11-. sad social season M3La, newly ,elebti
pu I W-Um- ed meemberl were at the capital al
ol mmnubS. Tt- wv- thouSh they will not Voter office un.
I lu aa)i sta g IW til after March 4. A particularly sad'
:mi rog" fNature of the re-maessbltitg was the
sence of -ntily ferac grown old in
S tUhe aervtea at the rnw ry. Rarely
h t to ealqma of in the Tmoniory tof th-e old xuard lhas
l^ItMi beloogtag the openiu d!ay beun made such a.
wI' t pmeslit ca4 met- gala ocoiason. The slllerles, rather
tMr aiotr hlalte than the &lor. proved ti e center of at i
I WS O iTo lam I a traullon, for rows upun rows of hand
s In k tOb 1 b a -' somely |giv'ed womel loolIked duwnr
MoOwreir, It is a very uop(,. thp Ste.rmnilll who KroI)Ped abluut
LW p ulea r W thoe chamhb s ,r riuIlltr1i 'n ani out of
pivat ethe cloak rooms to ','hangie gr(et-
*e g. ernaidTtnl. Inug, with old fried: io or to re )ogni e
Mi a C wo MO u. ,
b a trse of those witbhit n w ones.
iat ile The letter ear* Tis will ho the w rh ose. ln >of t: -
ClMdl a dlt1 i"re I a fiift~y-iehth rog'reis an.t n.lo ri **I
eb u 1t body of public teresturig orne. lfr with the a'lrrura
hey shmi ld be aimply paid. t!in of Prs.h'en t:-on v.elt. li, t'-
t PllMIweagt mast be obtained slon will ') ott a Ib.t of ;ta y. 1
V.tblwlr clais tharly nd hona- fMly oir It f;on-r )eairs din" ron.
Ath0e cOmu and not by greni have an (1oi.trt'tirly to wind uni
ltoqther for the defeat ot its affatlr ,Id-*r the historic cndil
0W431MIwthot*U wo EIs to give hluni whlr w !! pr..v:all next Marc(h,
whiclhi they etaint la coin- T,' sp-riRt., waS lit ',,-4on thfirteen
eiwe V(1e. The pdmIlnistlatIon 1Ita. in, ,t neijm I a^ n'ark -o
1W atepntq to prevent and pumdstah t r it o l' :dt ln I &Aiatr ark a a
| of ti1 natute, but It will In, Qay an'
fortee eulmreSS uluph-cugm lt vu.w
,lhUcoa ciby ) glasltlon. .
"Wn"emof Labor. Get:mltea of Apprc6riations.
ecbt tln IeW done'by the gorvernmwpet IVa ,n, '. I' 1 The e.-tiuate
Is bbor matters nwtely by girvlng put. aof approorit.'s. r *Imtel for tre su
0l6 t ett'tulh rondltions. Thle lirntrns p'r" or th., a '..' n p it ,r thae fl..nei
SMbor has done excellent work (t )ar nding .Iin, :. 19ol, were tran
kld la Ilinany )different t lwthonx. ) i('.l t> (i,'.r'- a i u~b liy thp scre
t 1 ail shortly Iny tWfore you ln a pe- fn"ry of th' ;I ,'.- T;iL* pe' tl;nit-
aliJt iawatg r the fIll report of the in.- a sr ta,,e .:i.i.'y.. asi atagulnI
'wlMilon of the Uireau of Ilabor into $b5I.;t.Wl,. ih aaitmr ,f th apLpro I
u ri elorttdo itAlnlng strike, as tIbls i n printhin f:r thl runl ft cal ya .
trlkein whlikh ..'stdln e.ry vil fonr4. Th- CtlnimaSP for I\9." '%hch a r* namr
Wirk sare more yr lIns at work ewtry- 6u i .4 1 Tnn for i%'5 in
,IR utler tthe coldltiions of Iuwiertin ril, .1 ",, ,$1,2%l.f it
hlStritlleit. I-nlnrsui startlinaly purot. r't in' $10 aa- l-en(ed onnnal,
Inet I t is lgnrly tk Ie w1lhe0l that l.apprprri.tion. !a. ,y 1ovil for ,)
t department of muniere andi In-law.
tbsl, tllh ogh the nlowr ilmrni h. 0ho0l F SON-IN-LAW'S SON-IN-LAW.
roC lplre a1 aitrl"unli t e for *lo t'e .,flliyi'%, !$.
. list of the ilor law. of tih vilrills. Sylvester Heth Enters Into the Queer
Stats a, ,l itmhle Ii aylltslh t' n. 1- A R tinhlp.
tO ite'ttio e and reort to eth mean I e.. t of Al Relationshlpu.
eto iltiw ittte ndn report t t. II1,In, r Wi. lk.srr, i j'. .--PI ttv Ix,
aea Utpon the ilnl r p rp l-,ltionl l ii the v I t W Ir r
tmaufawturffng awl dintnttne re lits* yetr-oi : r it 'th 'a, tannrrie.l
throttgbntit the rottiry, buti s to to his an : blws diuzh;t.r and *h'l .
VW ,9W". 1ni to 't1II of lhor, nli tn t)enme- th,' In.i w if hbs am Irt
the Inlmr of womnri nnd I'hldrit nmr law.
as to the eff4et In the rarioru labnlor The h1iTt,. Sarah ltaz.-'arlch i
renitw of immingratIon from broa:id. year YtI, She 1 her fath-r's ht>:li
ink this Ivtgaett!lou g .1e toa i Int ii tpttkm Iby hi. 1I.-t wi lfe. IIll eharh'i ?. should Iw* tpali to' the condiltlon of wife is a fdalnil';" oIf lioath. wi
bchtid labor antd child labor legtiiintlis when he h#1%t to i-N' his I'fnlh r
1ia. the ever stafltes. and smo Innlaw. mt ..trah, fell in t',,
Crpeoivleitaft, With her, pr"t,'1 andl was atne-'i' 1
Wlhe. we sonm. ti deall with Mt Ars NtAsshe' ,- r ate. thi fite.r '
cororatotinl the n tr for the o ovt rn. cntsent waW nl-* ayn, a:aJ It was
nent in ut l dire 'tly la far itgreter ttian i
i nt' U0 .i ef Utalaor. tebans' sMri't ow ea
pori't(n ,-Mnl bli 11in1e such on0ly by *i6 Jailed flr Kis.stng Sweethelrt.
#itUgi: itn I(terstati


Japanese Did Not Reply to Heavy
Cannonade of Rumsians.
Tokto, Uuc. 6.-The following an.
souncement was ruado at Iliperial
headqulsterd tirOs IVt'nilnIu: Titr lot
waticn at thli front with the lmanchurt.
11n dihar Ird 4 follows:
At a'Hmtit in thti morning( nn sat-
urdtiy our infantry otr-plel Kiichlatxu
driving the enuiuy northward. The
village hadl tbeen firmly hirl by tlhe *ni
emy'" Inlraurry wllih the mNchine Sius.
Our rcaultlirih* were 12 oenn ounlrld
anl dtl?4 one it illet. Thle enemy lost
over 30 mlen. Ihring tIhi evoenin ofi
Dec. ::, the teulmy's artillery shelled
Wal Tatn iulllntain. Two or thrive
consImank~r of hs Infantry adlvanclua
toward the mountain were repullld.

Mlkaden. Saturday, lDe. 3.-Via Pe-
kin. Dec. r.-The Japanese did not re.
ply to tIle heavy cannonede of their
mouth of aSuchiatln yesterday, though
they had prevlouuly khlolld the viclnl,
ty of Suehlatun w!th the ammunition
sad Itmaslan Iun caplturoe aboard
the' Rusian bte*inier Mauclhria taIt
Last night wh-. appeared to be a
Japoanee atten:pt to place mTlesu on-
der the bhakhe rverr rallroad bridge
for tuse In cr:ae (if a Russian a4vauce
was relaltedl aInt a sharp rifle fire fol.
lowed. alnlrnl rnen sly the Japanese
who were shelllnq; '(ntnlloff hill were
surprisho y (,)o tar .i ks w i. after an
UtaUtcrut.r4ll attortiptl to e:,pttur the
battery, tretlrd.
After two day' rinlf!nlllum 1purmi't
of the, Japanlsii wy' h :: r "'rent atfarc:
he repIitlIe. trn'ran?' H14-ni'nr amplf
has u 'ilpendll his rIfeTil '.- Ionvement
aeat. .
Although the weather Is vory cold
esrthworl.a are' ,l: ;:tA .x rabeI by
the oppNsaing forcewi,


SIx Men Fight Revolver Battle Over
Slot Machines In Saloon.
Chlcago, I)PD 6. .itlltu t MI.lrr
man. a t~nstahle, wa lrt utn I t l"jil
and two moni were wounK On stlt machines in a I:tu I&'111-
Thomigh thy l'ad riio papirsi for ItI'
marhlliIei, llHiedr'man. TlhoTmnal Ker(nan
anil Jlam.r F,. Anderson llttmflpni iol I.
selse th'in. Thrilr e i In tIII l i-" plaIt"
oppiiostl the xrvliro., i; l rdrmn d'ro.t
a reyo!t'vr and fl"dl at one of tihe
opposktilon All tl 'n b an shooliUri.
anld whethn the we"-'Rponiis ere i mlitlIed
Rledernman wai ilvrid with fl\, houle't
woundI Kn nan w ua il'lci In thp h bea.
and .J. T. All Tn. oin- of the two who,
resltcd l :leterman, war Ih:)t twice
in the body.
Two men weit mrrtnled and the(ht Itwo
wounded were s It to a h: pl;:al].
The lli e Illand plicer rrfilnt to give
out the names of the prismnrelr


strong Opposition Will We Made
Against Citizens' Alliance.
New yu, It) # \t a mrnering of
the Centri: T.eP .fr I' ri l -i l'regatle
reprPoentin~,.: t.n r :l.t I:rf30.0o work
ern 1and in the' mksc&lanomn4ll, wrarte'
have appoilnterd a conimitte.i of ten
to light who inst-9t on thie
open Shop in compliance with ih s'tl
timents'i xpr rta "i at Ih, r'.* c t <:; t
sean' ldustrlal lITItl'v cirnvrf-,i .
Tlai' d'lea'o % h' a44roIud Olt'
union declar ed thi? 'f th rr 'i;.!t 4,n
adopted by the a l.atici' wr, o;.n n1 tt'
ofwrartinn oruaniz,.' Talir u ;1 lto
delstroycut. After a protracti d lr'an
slon ( w -:i d i,<.! I to mak.e a Ltro t
fifort to1 ri co it;b ty i "OI' pn sl.'I" rroI
nadie in the' rity an't to a-si1 f m"Il'r ni
tIlo ..i olth tl e of Ne it York tl, ln d .

Death Caused from Dancing.
New Yor I. 1 kfrnv'-:, in a!'l of a hI,-l ,i: i.-Kn &
I an II tack *'t ln) ulnmon ,i i ; ti!a ,an
Pd tl" ,'.ath of lrt1ta .\ "' tR', ,
at'l ghit rf M ( w.* It ..
engi ~i- of r h i. L *i N -.. y ,,
Tie alir!,. who WaS 1t s,, .. .,. *,..
tm n ..." P rTal nI:n !T- t)It ., hin i



Second Trial Of Actress Now
In Progress.


The Second Trial Will Croate Mor
Excitement than the First, as Nong
of the Star Witneaaaes Had Been Prf.
duced.When Case Was Dismised
New York. Dec. C.-For the 'Heond
time Nan Patterson. the former show
girl. today prepared to face a Jgu
which Is expected to (irciae whether
she In guilty or innocent of causigl
the death of Caesar Young. the book
Contrary to those iu-al orledr *t
thinKs. It Is expected that the pre"esl
trial will attract tven more widespread
Interest than did the first. Compare
tlveiy little of the evidence which the
promututton claims to have. had bee
prnerntel when the previolln trial was
brcunght to an abrupt termination by
thn ulrloulK llnti n of a juror.
The defense had not even shown its
.hand. The ra ot hadl i-carcealy p as
the ptellmnary eiaiK. wh'ln the inter.
ruptlon came. NoT sne of the never-
al perAonis frtierilnTy :pkiilen of as
".:tar witnewt es" hald lbln ealle.I to
the stand.
Orty .ine- htuni're' ttlensn lr were
rallrd when prI'naflatI'>ns fer solect-
Ing the jury wrr' nmad, -nri n mny of
thni had nott b '4ili ePxa1uli::'i when the
panel wa rcMirulet'l'tl.
Ttl4 timem, howerr. In view of the
ad I.,tI jpiil0iJ ity gil t n tlh r;:I. IL was _..
thllni t. that nmorL' Ir.*i!'!l. wmillld be
(xiw'rrl,,ncPr i tn fl)it:, ti:- Jury blox aal
S>!iecrial pin! Io if 20 tajl im'n has
bern suuIilllirmtl, ,
During thle ip pa-I we(i Ml Pltter
Pnin, waLhened 1by tli'h strain of the
fr.-t triall. har l t'*'n w! it n lir r'oll ta
Ith tf 't: ht pri-on, nt Il h rcov-
eril ,1f,)r rt 4 t p -r;! her to
to rcotirl today.


A Scheme on Foot to Organize Cam-
pany with $700,COOoCO Capital.
'Chiacrto. I'c. G.--ThIe hrinicle f n
day uays:
A rcheme which Is Ithe prelirlnlnary
step to th.I (.rigatilr tllin r g ical ntic
telept one r-uIt whirh, when its a:
It(ger1 purp'* .s a'conipli ,1!'he1 will In
volvoe a rtp l etlinttl iat S7)t.)me
000, andl whir will put o11 ( nf ex
latenc'r nil lindepvrdnt tgte phuni mall
tifarturing r;inpAn'l lll tl-. country.
has con'r- tn light in c'hti.I., withh tht'
iannflIlt r m nr'nt that a rp-lr-:ntatlV1
of an Ir'I,'erTi syn-;il'r:p I~ endeavor'
Ing to o!tn!n op!otimt. frn vMl 'irlk-opedest
fatt4,.r'*b tIn thre rt. yand! I :i f)1t3 d
a If.
SirlIFnr e trtin' are l-<'tI sotnht
from all he imli>rt;mn* t ir p.'1nP mnfl
1fn,,r ngt tr1 ro 'emp qilla ie t i aou 11b' I? th a
ct antry with the nhofret of formilng r
hbi roitln nt ton #phonr Intorus' on a.loKt t 'h" ,am
norlrr ;aR other !Argt enriwirntioIn,. .ucb
at tlhi I'nt^ad -'tfare, Sft'rl! ,urpratlfln
In nrir to t 'limluate th' rlTflpn ibitul tI
In thil llnr
'. .Ti, Iilanit. nf C( r: agr; 'hsn I
-alli to rnrpre'srnt ri- 't-rn pariIP In
the Itr.0v4n, 'nt tIc'rbr? .! tha' theP p)r
po!,ed it.'iMnnt i ht'i ti ll i t'i 'r i 'or *i' l
far Ithat there wa- \1'r? Title rdonll
alriout Itcs rnnnTimn atlon


Paper In Argentine Republic Says that
Country Should Suffer.
,.wv 1irk.L Der r 4 A Itt'r rlt
d l itniie th f '.-ci 'f the' 1:','."
ffp lx ; t hr 1 1 S I f tf r, 1* 'i 't

ir,'ii b. f ,o m f- lh w n nr1ytAt

TI;r t' r - .. r 'n vr ,-." r tha



7 ..


"'WI 'W

J '






',~~ *,'I, r'.c ~


.i thOe Q v'Our fo r Stomach
r t*Abfi. Hr lWter Pubtithed
r Wht It Is W.enh by Drug,

,i' 1 Fra .k s er, Ioo ot lin
|i ssI.. P*entm$' iof lWashilig.
.' .

008 lt1.* p 4g i tan(t, andr tin ua4.i
l r ibl to kp l 11*4' i e9S ny 1*ltIOm. l
e I wae 2ait04 Jtd iry inol. I
*Ir 7. t ai4o sti il Ilt l th p s&ii 0 m1dl.
gi 1s I have veir eent for dysejwpaia
)41all stmtalih p*owublv It induced
f.tllltdi4 ap pgl|Snd eantlrely ourrd
pi*. viYlaqwn^tiwsy t ideti 'd





relr ag eU er, while th
is.l4 of e~d oil i
NMlae4, I MesMee to retain
"fbloIwelbmepri, is purfies
thiOleslh tones up Uhe
M4S4O C w lih sand velw
hml*M sad srnf h. I e us
"Mtln9 Viaolt toh bet ras.
i,0 eta ,h troables, bmwue
MbSIMISol fed .liver oil
W 4' *l^iil drugs spaet
Lf Msi Vino!t lode a
IMi i' e4 li amiwnlalited by
,",u mi e"sentraed

Wru itoo r oil, 0ti.o
...i .! livened, but
IW rpst, it hat genuine
iw bl. (it to hiel
sUk0*( ItIt1ed, worn, tired
., : ,.:': ...:
1 a rT pir Pe Gs lnei Q llle
lablrsh ir stmu21h trou. le
i-n, -i on er ganmutree to
,lr aWp It Is ,,lt. WM.
V biias.

I^Jgy^st jl A-otaloo n nvnvd
WOj*t io 1 t 1 Holy Trinity Churn
"ie' is is Prild M ay in
Sar t a fall board. with
-of Rer. W. J. Carpenwr
1 h rob, *h. who l at.
S'lt isu aeauil eonfereaee of. hii
Sl f .:l AlOlni tie yalmen pemrnt
U;:^ 5W.W,'R.. HIgl.ou alnd Chrfctopher
iM thPe Psbyltrlan church,
Si ll iStnl, rFprewting the Bs l
.l* *anlt. Rev.Je $herosre of th.
IA s"t Chriillan Cthureh was electd
6 *WWbrof the- emeaiolou.
M'a.twe of kr of the relglcusC eonsul
SboughtoUp, sand the committee re-
i M itr prgt.eM with the work.
h wowill be completed within the
it tl daly Another distrslot that
SVoerth alIetelile. wa added, aind
ik ee.i Jo herouse wa ais.igned to this,

e4es the
:. 'iP-iefth .

S i.. 4r
-,-.i^ .....- s ^ *

r iPii r -

t' nat ineetingo of the asoelation
Sll tM eld oai the Ilat Tuasday after
iiisnt Sunday lna the nrw yit.
SPlIht Wit be BItter.
thaS who will permit In elouiaq
t t an against the eontianal reom-
,datosa ofa Dr. Klngl' Sew Dlisov*
f lfor t0lsampiton, will have a loan
di bittlr bght withthelE troubles, It
IOi smftd earlier bjf atal termination.
Bted what T I. Ball of Beall. Mlls.
ha to saI: "Last fall my wife had
*vlrt symptom of cousumptionn, t1he
leek Dr. Kilo's New Dlsiovery after
*MrLtbiI, sels had failed. Improve.
imat time at oate and four bottles
*ntllrly iured her." Guaranteed by
all drunlta. Price 002 and $1 iW. Tri-
al boattl fr.e,

SnowItorm In Teuxa
9 Paso. Te. IDec. .-- l Paso
has just exlriencedl he flercset snow
tW 'for two year. The storm )asti
4 six huurp and was precreded and
Stlonwr0t h1v 'nil rain alnd- 1a Is ..



The Subect of Kud roads Will
be Thli Enthusiut's Txt.


Just at This Time the People Are
Deply interesled In This Matter, ant
the Remarks of This Enthusiast Will
be Well Recelied.
Fo tthe Information of lhi;n elllen
of (ialliU6n lle, The uon announces
tlat Ilon. A. la. M i uf Jacksonville,
State roads organien r who canme to
Ititieevill ye)es dlay by ivitalltiun of
the (Gailesville Hoard of Trade to Imeet
the Board of Counry Commiistinoerl In
the matter of reiisting tle govern.
ment, lt aeoijquestoli with the Board
ofTrade, in thet onstructill of one
milk of hard "objectle Ison" road free
of cost to rhe county with ttlhe exeap*
lion of the eost of drllvery of material.
will address the pubtli at the outr
house this niorraing at l0 o'eloek on the
subject of hard roads.
There is probably not a hltter post.
d or more enthusiatie man i(u the
Both on the road question and what
lesator Manm will have to say today
on the subject will prove of espelial
value aid 4 iaret, J ust i this lime.
The publli, Inoludla the ladies. Is
ordolally Invited to shm menlng,
No More Saffring.
If you Iar troubled wish indigestion
gI a bottle of Kodol Djrepplpa Oure
sad e how quiekly it will cure you.
Go. A. Thomoon of Speneer. Ia.,
la.e "Have had dylpepsla for swaen
Iy yarn. My ease was almost hope.
Iea. Kodol DJflpepias Core was ree.
ommended and I aid a few bottles of
it and It is the only thing that has re-
lleved me. Would not be without it.
Hiav dcetored with local phyrsilans
sad Also at Chilcao, and even went to
Norway with bope of fitting seote re.
li.f, but Kodol DyopepsiaS ure l the
only remedy that ha done me any
od, a 1 heartily "orntn*med it.
very proa suffttrin with indires
taon ordy pepsia should use it." Sold
by all druoa|ins.
Man Cuts His Throat and Then Plead
ed to Live.
Chlep,. f le. 6.--*Whn B. 8, Was
Ion. a pulllsher, flt hTiraelf dying at.
tar he had ett ha threat he iurg dI thi
phyrailan who was bvtlinm. (nver him
to save him.
Whilo pre;u)uat!rrn- wr,., bilne mati
to remove the man t u hcw.!tal h-'
diT4l. Thi travTLly t t tp'tlR tn thl
bgth roon, of *.:o a'-n',
9thtr. MNr. Sa.1. \%Nt, .: In Drwxel
Waitwn had .h'rn 1igiLvdjl In th.
ptublicatnl' :1 a ra!'"^ tn.vairOnp. A
brother, Jei;tv (, \\" bcfn, being a4@;a
slated ttil hMn.
Mr. AV(a's;IIn cwi'i]' :a, `n s no r iri'la T
oLher than tnr.spprary ilxnllny. ftor ll!i
brother' amc. Ta-,T di*til man le3rVP
B wldonw and t'o r lldtrn.

"I was much antiuitd ith i~eitiea."
writes d ( Nud, lowaville, Srdg--
wick Co., Kan., "going about on
crulehes and sufterin a deal of pain.
I was nldueod tr try Itallar d'r snow
Liniment, which relievtd me. I used
three bOe botle,. Is is the greatest
liniment I ever uted ; have rn com-
mended it to a number of Persons; all
expreM themselves as bionb beneftfed
by is. Ie hw walk withons erualteo;
able to perform a great deal oif light
labor on the farm.'" 25c, Gk,. $1,().
Sold by W. M. Johnson.

Ix-.Petmaster General Dead.
Washington. Dec. 6.--torm r Poals
master General James N. Tyner ditl
today. Mr. Ti rr wai nTotmanlte
qecir:nl duri'rn.; ;ants ao ilmlnl'tration.
HN I kt omr:al uttuy wa~s an'lttant
attorney gc'T raIt; Iv-rt w-.hIh lr flbre ho
wa% rei~ai'r'rl !dH-t 't"air and afrerIar(wd
Inrite: ed wili h. i 'p w, Harrl on
J. Itar rT':. tn Ot n'".' 9" In cd;tie.Ocw1 v 'i t ihr t-4ot lrh mnialA'
by rectn!r ;.'-," r hqiit-c 4 .,-
e-rnTll :i ti i '. f *' 1.* w ras A rqu"-
ted 11) a j.ury IS. liha' bhen In i6T
health for a tiulher tf yvarsr. I!-
was bon n In diana in 1826.
A Pleasant Pill.
No pill is as pleasant and positive as
iteWitt's little Early Riser.
De Witt's Little 'atrly Hisers are so
mild and effective that children, deli-
eate ladies ant woeak people enjoy

--- - .. ... ."' --_. -- _I i_



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- - -- --- -- -------- ----- ----- -- --

F".7 0 11'


.V l





;:' :u .


Ab A,-




S Irn u. ---r n T-.u



iulauin Was Transacted
p Council Monday Night.

DOcided to Raise Salaries of
o Fire Wagons and Street
ling Wagon-Streets It be Pav-
Other Important Business,
p llilar monthly *e,)ii4n of the
telpa Ip gilatiire erivieidJ ut tihe
.Hi p M onday ivenii i iandl dtispi i
|ruhatiininr weather iaid the ht lav
hanfigl ove'r thil weiht, a full
SomprititgK Presidjent I1roome,
i Dll. a d Aldpmni'L iPdriek,
Irf, Iloi, W'ittltoak. LyiiLtli arid
n, were pretselt.
much as there was ll ecaine I e-
b lfe miLting SoIIte liatt-ri ennsitd.

Feed a cold-yes, kLut
feed it with Scott's Inniul-
sion. Iccdinlg a cold in this
way kills it. You can;.'. t
:Iffrd to have a cf ii1u 'r
c,,lA! at this scasOn ',
(.tiler. Scott's lnmlsui,:I
\ ill drivc it out ciiiiLi,
:ind kccp it out. \" ...

are strip ilthi :I

: il all Iwastingt (di
;:r cchecked by S'

I i ulsion.

It's a

gr at

flesh producer.
W\'cr eid you sanmle Ires.
) IrITA bluWSl .. 'Lrl llir. NO Yli.

nawry Ptr'rt for a dli-it.,c, of 'oI feet

of great imiuortanrr to Ltse .ity, Iindl \W. I'. Th-Miia for tle grading inil
was alsto preserit a g)ol stIrink- 1 Pa101i g l( the ('tiIIIuiAtion 1to Alachlua
lf e it lien v i eini', e'A?., to rtgiit with the lconii-
Orst bmivielIn I xf tIty ro, ad. a distain t ,0 ,f i!! fe-f %11l
first busiiis, co 'm:e ttfora that' L 1 Y 143Rd a distsi .' u %' l
nlaiafterthe readiilg ald nilgroval !lpetitioners revil t r t hi irg-f th.-
Smiinue ( l of prtviious tneting PIg& ropurii'on of two.-ilrds, and tli e ti-
lhe presentation of lte Imarshal' Itiolln wer graLnted.
I wIhich thowd Ial aggregAt, (f The Sweetwater Viaduct.
lol niution the report was 1. H. I'la nlpiot, rereseritiing the
red. Liainlciqe 1 I rIriiVe met company.
..+. Discussion of Bills. ,brought up tthe matter of the con-
I e tt order of business was the IL tructiotn of a srubtiantial culvert or
at of bill, and all amounts prop. I bridge across .Sweietwater branch on
approved were ordered paid. East Liberty rireet. lie desired to
W as dome discussion, however, impressi "pol th I toun Lcil the partially
S lhepaylmolnt of 12"5, which wals rumbled and dilapidated conditions
t oMltyl which had been purchased of the r114'he''t culvert, whtiihll J do.
mu td Iby A. J. MeArthur io the 1dred war really ltoo lnnll for the pur-
AM l of chief of the fire depart-' Ipoe for which it wits intended, as had


___ ___ __1
I _

, and for a bill of thirircei woolen been demnurstratld. IMr. lHanpton Ior l0I0 peopi o1 i ,intivi'lr would
sand other sundries for the fire stated that he was atlilhorized to offer liave the plerairnt opportunity of wit-
rxlent which wasi held by r 'hiAfr Ia loa in te eonotrictiict of this work nessing the "Breezy Time" perform.
T This bill was for $18, and was' for a period ut fir year~ without In- Iaie* heilr.r, a. hlad lbee-n prortdd.
rly approved by L Frcuiein Layton |terest. provided the city would make What's In a Name
iainba of houe companies Nos. I this improvement at once. After lome iha n a
L It wasinot a question as to the adicusiion as to whether the authority "Int..tinal indigestion' is the nvw
mla of the bill particularly. Ibut a of accepting a loan for this pIrial and name for a mnltitudev of stomach
tlhof incurring the debt without under these conditions was rested in troubles. It is the recognized cause of
L _b J:...... L ,+I.A .. ....Ai!. ... -

IrnatIhorityof the council. It is sta. the counc;, M1r. lampilin kindly con- s irtar i'ase, kutnry trouuureu, coui.-
:* that the goods were ordered and sellted to let the niaittr rtet until he Ia:ion, flatulency, ifAnrtinlhtion of
Jil-4d on the Fourth of July. l.oth could inivtti gate Ithe law and ascor- the bladder, inuralgia, headaches,dis-
iUl were ordered paid. however, but tiin definitely for the city. finest, appendleiit and rheumatism.
AttitIdo ol the council was Iplin Re Rreen's August t lowtr gols right af.
Wat r Rent Raised. Icr itleataril indtligeutiiion and quickly
1lthat body did rot approve of suchl Alderman lDohl Tpatrd tlat, iin his clainr it out of ttin inritstinal tract.
.ilh rdd way of doing business. opinui, ti iduIt .llnict rinig I'-"y curing any or all the ail-
Sopini n, thS it-4l mt' tltioed. 'Trial bottle 25e,
Drivers' Salarles Increased. Compin y pian paying entirely too little jt; hlllt',e 75. At W. 1 Johnson's.
SAerman Cuuhman, chairman aof he for the amount to water that concern
i ehnmmittee and first assistat chif used frot th city waterworks He PaIe:d Ncc Tral.
0 eliren department, asked that the 1fted instances where woher lIrmn who p ,'f K., 1.. h:' Th 1 cl1:
iL. of twodriver for the fire' Ag.l- used no more water we ore paying from : 1 thf '
be ie ed to 35 per m h $40 to # pr yar while the Eddins :- t.earg in the C e ofC J. W.
"I .be Increased to $35 per monolith,
!,la from No. 1, and x plairilPd as oenucern was gettingi the same service IlN-cr .coun icted of tLo murder of MIr
from Now. 1, and explained as .
*INMSbeNO for this request that it wais for $'NL per year. A notiats prevailed Marl;a M.'artll anrd Inow under s el.
Sexpnsive experIm t to ployand was carried proridinig that the triP- siof deuth. (Cvernor Beckhan
Male boys ase driver at a low al water rent of llhei lidins Manufac- will ix a day ltr the execution, rhllc
yiL;.' wth the result thut the wagons i turning Company, beginning January 1, wiT probably be in January.
US paraphernalia were continually be raised flrom $s to $t) per year.
'ar srepalr. "It i1 cheaper in the Are Compelled to Light. Curious Mail Package.
::t l1 pay a decent salary and hire Ordinanels were paqed compelling One lof the molt curlbus pakalges
slt to operate andi take carol of the the Oainesville and (ulf Hailway to which has been received by the
,perty of the fire department, as has instali an aro light at the orolssin of lain lvville postotHc for several years
'lnbady been fully demonstrated." that road and liberty firelt, the At- wa a cocoanut, which arrived in the
.lllrked the alderman. And hid col. laikti0 (a.tfrm PI'n lainl each, Wednesday.
ntwagthiUgrssIws oslway and the
h ntesnmed possessed of th. Iame Seaboard Air Line Railway to install Thi nut weight in Irs was 82 lances
1. : li,!t0 the ril.tll .- U.-. and wirs addrelfied to Ilaria i lliianmr,
M1. due0 the rCelest wras unan- i arc light at the juiction of said a colored woman here. lereral who
hely grnted. roads on Weest Main street, S on Jan- saw the package were impressed and
halrman Wittstock's Grievance. uary 1. and providing a penalty of $MO endeavored to purchase it frort the
owrnr, but no reasonable financial
Alderman Wittstook, chairman of(i fi or each and every offense after i nrebideration would irduee her to dia
hi saaitary committee, had a stiff that date, each and every night to con- pose of it.
UisMe. lie stated to tno council stitute aln offense.
,tht kh could no longer employ a Bicycle for Fire Chief. Italians Ki:led in M'tkitalppl.
illpeaetsdriver for the trash waon Alderman Ctuhman, in compliance .Meuaph2:. ,Te.-, DI. c.-MGMchae:
S5leSat d a day, and asked that he be with a foi)rir ordtr to purchase a bi- Ma'rt"nill hit: ..on Frank Mart'i'
ls eered to inereaie the salary of olyle for thill 1e uof the chief of (the~d two llans, hv r len ot and n kf!lr
SIdaer to 1 per day. This request tie department, stated that the same Iambert. yMis. The c ausof ar
bsinkhi about considerable discussion had lbeen tl rdterlt, and was expected in tragey Is not known. The lw'n
lLsh the president t k part. Ife a holrt limP. 'Thef ellnil instructedI of the dead ims n were .ent to ?M1n
,.OII1h itt the duty of the merchants tie treasurer lto paY Ihe lnim of SiPA for phis for nlterment.
properlyy take care of their own Baid hicyc,* ipo. its arrival. Alder-
; by burning or otherwise. '1 moan ,l'uibnliai ,W'ia 0LkeCd permitaion, KEEP YOUR HEAD UNCOVEREIO
m much trash out of my store, I to purchaisea biiei'le at a coest 10 the
tp s10, I any busineae man in town. eiry of t$iM for tih lirnt assistant chit f,
itbi take precaution to hurn it," heli a t no atlikon w as tken in Ihis nent. The lCoaan W'earlg e S Hat PrH e
.wwrked. Another alderman oited a ter r Ile Duaerrls G rms.
il i wereli eer:aitn tenant inl lhe (tha irllt ': i of lie tre i There are many men who wear their
ll bullying a tiiimsel had, on a miltte' waS tilloirizid t purchase a haut practicaUy all the time when awake.
ila. Ireeptit o-.amiln. taken a "solid a incltssaryjl ,iply of zineis aind enip' and are blessed with n heavy shock of
1'P0n-load"' io trash downl stairn and pers f mir ,if thie re dtreprtnlnt., hair; yet It the scalps of tlhes same men
--LOtdt iL it ls tthe blek yard. *"Thisl once became Infested with dAndruff
,lin Oug1ht to be itlld th dehe e Buzzard Nuisance-. erms, the parailtes would multiply all
ght toer the qulker for lack of air. Baldne
,t l ttlinued. "l'"eple should he The question of the bluxiry iltis- Would nso r the a i. .Bald
4~ip.lle to conmply with the ordi. an''c i" last 'ainreville was again bro' rerpleldi hills these terms ant
" aInd do away with their trash in brought t the attention of the coun- stimulates unhealthy heir to abundant
wa." Everybody agreed with cil itn the firni (if a petition signed by growth. Herplelde Is a pleasant hair
Ir iw iI as well ni a dandruff cur* and
Siittstok, however, th at )r .1 II. Alderman. Dr. i. I. Jarvis, drewn as well as a dandruff cure and
So ec, aontains not an atom of Injurious sub
S day was inadequate for the .I. 4. Matl.'eso and It Coloin, ask-, Ptanet 8o4 hb leadtln druitatt. lendt
.andd ordered that tie salary ing that tey b e given permission to .ir In ttamnp for simple to The Herplt
:iU Nirtld as per his rehient. flir blank earsridges in order to frighl.- eld Co.. Detrot. Mlc.

t:Iat the *;InRrrq had f t i.) r.v t Il
iliu ttjzheard. L.ui tl. t !. [,. -
*ornTe a nren41l li ni c"' i:i t i i .-

IId Id I l-* (ii ; f A fv r i : ,-,. .1 ; .. t.
trig tl.r r. 't'.t uriti I ary 1 ta 4
'otl:!L.a i I.l.g t "l.''r r*, L ls" tI I ,
linit.i' ti rri .ri r. ir i r.. :.; . < t- i
water bhrain.b. i It ;;.'r vr ,. .i -
Clut; lv'll ,e. I J fr i ,; r ''-I.tU

Atr ,t. i

i; r' ,, iir ii t rt .1 r', ..r.l ;i jlt '
lart'i t .it (* ('r li;:l (,;; ', city
A ie.r l !. -', *, ;;l i .,,
it a r!t r, ai i.. I.**e i . al.,jr...d
Coughing Spell Crused Daath.
"hlarry il' na. 1 > i-.
oi. k,'d at t ltde ith 'a ir!y~ 't rdsay mntor i-
ing (it hiq hJinm e, ini tli ,r-t*t-ri .' f
jiAi al ll rti t'Ptild. lie C' litr .lt d al
sligliL e ld a tr'w di ly li LinLd i,-:Il
Ituit little attiltition to it. Ytltrrday
lie was ri/red tith a !it of eougl;.ing
wlich e'itin:ured for s!ime itmne. ills
wif, Iteiit fcr a piiyti'ian but befrirne h*
touiild arrive. anjiither couthigitg spell
tn 1-. (itor: and l)(Wk wvli dted frodm 1ntTo-.
eatniin, -Sct L ,u),isL Ii!9oe llt.erat.
lire. I Itjl ." ILtliarJ'a Ilorehound
Syriou would thave iII vei liinm. -.'-&, W ,
and I1 0 ( ,ti 1 by \V, JuI1iiSni
"A Breezy Time" Will Not Furnish a
Breese in Gainesville Tonight.
"(Compansy clodlt." That was all
there was to a postal card, which had
the ilapprarance of buing hastily written
and probably hJrtily posted at Lead.
South l)akota. on the 2nld, intt.
The card was addressed to C. It.
Layton,i manager of thet opera house,
this city, and was the brief announce-
nient that neither tthe' genial manager

Wine nf Cardul btriang crtaean iUf lt w -
torfn f era:.Je weakness anid ptrtl segalti the IM
o Cadui opl tearing down ai by a ly
which weaklrm si lijamtm M ing W= &
uomr every month igo take this
al be paile and Ialany dGwithow "
l Cadui will make yoor bwlth ri f l
is yO.r own home. Bemo a t ll 1 4
dnruigt today.



(Waer for he r mla Fill ad Winter M w klt h lr hAilt
PE'.IN TREES of kthe stamldan varietle, eI #Lh iiWr a
lind them. Ale FPrlts, Ornmametals, Wte Catalell i
neeftlltl reran Cultutar" fte. 3 i 8*. l


Hotel at Denison. TeM., Swept By s rm was s les tlli
Fatal Fire. Mst aro < w, tit
Den!son. Tcx., lDec. 6.-in a fl rejt Whi WU I T1p la
which conrumve4t he Major roomlonl t, Wie WP ll.
houbt todat, ihlree gets were twlneda M~ u la i1 er te
to dritr" .., t.vrr:;l others were in- U 4r t f i Ci
Jured by jutmpingitg tom windows. W.I-k'"- Moo
The dead: ard t
Albert 0. Sharrt.,, employee of thee li, seord _L t_
railroad shops. Deniven. O i
John I'nhwellTr, tailor, Dallas.
F. Rauderson. printer. Greenville. w it4 "3 i t S
Thirty-five pcnts were Int h rt the he ae
the majority of whom mved lthe w ve i"y wi-
selves by jumping from wliaows. w ahiet was
The property loM as riL AllM. I
sesw,, frell bites i a
How's This? It do"s the swbrk.
Sold by W. M. Johapftg .
W\o' ollTr one hundred dollars rewad i.
for any ease of catarris that lcannotW e Th'e LrUt srtorlu
cured by Hall'. Catarrh Cure. day bleyele rae t
F. .. CiaI% E & Co., Toledo, O. leon Squas 0rdelO d Nf4tit
WVe, the undersigned, have kows F. red early today whbel
.1. Clieiiify for the lait 16 reanr, and be- the Lowelt, Mas., blt 0M.
lieve him perfectly honorable In all built that he was ftl r
litilne.s trastactione, and finanolally track,
able to carry out any obligations made -
by his irrm. A OetMir tki....
\\V. .M ,|i K nM .A A AL l l. +l vl. :' ....
W'holeoale Iruggists. Toledo, O. Blunders alal s.Is l*S
Hlall's Catarrh Cure is taken in- live. OelhallllrVlifWt
tern lly. aetin directly upon the blood of n mistalkebulIo l
ard mueouse urlfaes or thoe vtem. if yoU ik 6dr, Ir.lli
Testimoniialsmiet free. Price, 715 "r for d speipi, d
bottle. Sold by ell druliistt. er or Sowe blelnb l.
'rake lall's Family Pills for onstil yets sbergih. S4Ilolt.1 i

Ouffalo Bank Clatso Decra.
lButflo, N. Y.. Dec. 6.-The German
bank. of whlih 'reod4ent emery, of
the German Natioral Is presIdent, li
closed. A notice posted on the door
gives the reason for clolng as follows:
"lnaufflclent funds to meet a coastant-
ly increaston run." At tie German-
American bank today btere was o .
dence of a run.

Revoluti n Imminent.
A sure -ilrn of a:proaching revolt
ant serious trmuilef in your system is
InertvllutIe', *sl 'lil**n'iiion-, or stlinach
upsets. F.lI.-ttie Ii-it'rs will quickly
dinsmenllen r tihe trnmbleb'nlll causes. It
never fail# to nlls lthl stoimachl, regi
late tirl. kiriniys and bowild, niinu*
late liuetliver. ptd clarify Ihe blood.
Hun iluwn i ystemr Ilwneftt par*
ticularly aind all Itr- usual attending
acheA vtaliih tnder its sparehinl& aad
shornuith tffeetivenes. Electric lit-
tetrm r only tWe, and that is returned It
it don't give perfect latlifaction. (luar-
antated by all druggltis.

Dropped Dead When Elected Judge.
Augusta. Oa.. DMe. 6.--%Ien the
polls clotPd Saturday and it was an'

souncred that he had been elected
maugl!trai;' i one' tf the district.. A.
. i ...i L. n .l A sl ii het ali wikll

In Thee 0
While uiMroerpalo -
ern and al ni aat ifsdt il t&ii
With worthleWr lWitl
issuing elmulana ad_
mene wherein ll tl hat
legitimate elaimso olf
nli, many purebawun
der d and possled, an SSl I
ito mske a seltilon. Tli


NEW H101'
which has been maintaled al
the world, te *@4** el o f$ i
t ; asd as the Wet *f me
ehine Oompany as alSway l
enviable repetalee of maolt
firt-elan swing mailleatf
be no hesitation aI bayl ft
HOME, ". :.
li not b Impoid upoai M rl
telling youa thtbl OSw i
ti Just oa i M
used the SNW W OUB8 .r
at a eeaIrf and b li h
the say. For LIt b a arl.
plie li aud Durabihy she eiw
a no equal. ,
It the unat in wanr l0liti lal Is



dS hmbEARIWsDMh ai

Ahbln ma aIhsnA i awlti

I Iamde r M Ae w
Ste bo s l m-- wo -

y. I abw msbI wlatdb reada th ot IIh ftI
IthSW hIamt Mr AU

ger than IW bd Lt A. -.
p7#. I takenados aow,
occ .i.iralloy, of Wine l t
cr 8tab. ,We 'ed sa
crw.I~ kcad health.f i kli'i, o .

. ... ,.

*_ C__ _ _
_C1 r

. L,','1.


_ ..; .- ,
'- 4' 9045" '"

t It "'.




; pleed, '
tae to e 0Qws* Here.
Ut nlltuWIhe.ladiung that, M. More hak
Sbl hUd fgJ Ila the monagemrunl or
t. sliv. at'nlren, he is a voty plens.
sib u d mlsanilbloe gntlemaU, and al.
.$I hma llim i r n pleasni word to
the:, with whom he eomes in 0cntalc.
L W"l. w slled lS the o*M ofl the
O(Si7se alle OM and Eletrld L eight
we pang Moday, o.ejojing a good ol.
SSIP he sWmed '"t peoae with the
u "Yooknow lt doMe m'e good to et to
(t mfVil ll e rki. rlred in a Jovial
y. **Mr, Dolj, aty manager here,
ISi"L Ls d," r r of the businVei
S Ul m Niot tiMbl4m0e, ad, whenever
IW dt lm hi I tl s lemuoh for a social
U pimalplghi'slse. I love (uiine .
,flle, boi eso people are so cleovr
a* 4ke lf b elOefulll.t, sad were is
w. fqu p l) Nrher lat rnv"A, which
*w sp 0nio*tla t M rthaar here, I would
W p44e:0 Mo'e here and make
S imu bm r I she balance of my
til: '"' l o+ hlI the East.
hI4| a W- ef lhee odition of bugl*
Se Al. imr M Mr. Morns, who le a
IM i u'Moefy l plentiful
SI sLh..i1d b1lnem Is betli
* $*eon for some time. We
.. in. air ll right with the
oif fe w labor troubles, bus
193 l feel Mf o ea thia
mbN wlll be eventually ad*-
bfmleflwUo of both the
.o..l It n loeo eampelga
boasmls in the mass se
lst erpIona hae been so.
J0' "r'40 4p0l ~n6" V
0'' df. 4 fliPrlese tined
BWMO* pjlts e peoally slie6
06'l4 OWAOONSealth falt
s Wk ItW" 0t0 -tmal of she
tbi s p the aMietb or nur
-..,gj tq ^^i N4 WI of Mr.
tstj WiLmia*imt IDetImesatle
f104*0lVU!W fr om-l
^HBriABw^HB~i^-^^ ^'"^^ *~*W ^ ^^-

'I7. '

of. k 3

M ,elate^t Mn he feuw
ab uinem0nkip byr a
"I. ,.0 Wi telwheo
...... ,,4.

lalI i ia maoljrit over
1wt be" won a V001%
M amisl will
we .wcr, and will leave

.phae with yeur little
eU-II MIemp, 'l m "and noti t
PofN 6- bleins the many
lnlMy i btll heae IMs
i,:s, bj mireM and htelan lu
Sbe;l a .i 0 thw e o n *ateS
S i4,iW. iuh masn mailleg all
i tnmshe ta p0 will ea111se
S,1mwiwill oepy a meest
'i,-.m the lpo peritoy and
4ttipest .f1. theke Isate. (alaues.
e, .,.e of$A *l. plosaest little
M iMilbl oR wnr eoa s my pleasure to
tian X. m fraskenooph to admit

S hea L th of your children. Look


.. --

wop and
im time-
thle bmt




,:haQ~l sam bl.

- w


r Get Preimumj l

Your Bakldry Powder

r Bay Good Luck It:ki,, I'lfl:.
we ar offering butwilly froe.
0 8Wu binking puwdecri |.! e.. In I I:
is light, white, wholsoTnV; ;H Ii n ;i : .-
than othL baking pjwI* .II ,,, ,! '; ..-
Good Luck is only 1(k: a I ul.- A hv .
Luck l now biung shiplpd in ar I, ,
country. It is the idea th tighb quaniny isd 4w| icir, it:i :..,"

m 4- .. _

-Z .-
,', '-.-
-4. -'---
4 --C

~----- U

;i:L l
4. 45.,

4 1

is p clel in 6 -. r i 1i'. .
many useful git( ii L ; 'p, .' ,.
th o. COU apu:ii, .. ve lItI;t /,. ,. .....
lmi fre irenlium. Fur ,' i i
in every can. pon'tl i t l tI, i ':.
Se r worry, aYove nmopy, '.! I ; ." :
it, endul s lii name and v.: w ;w '..:r r
'. f Ji 1 > '' IJ .. r
T ieu ,et I e Vauif lL*ul g ,,,. It r
Ii I the oy ,is:,44n t ::I'
ThisIs the ccqjnf1,:-


I! r

0 .



4) /


Rtt USfro PartuND Peop A
Outft~ter to Particular People. I e


Different I

That Is the doAs and wtill-fo tndled conviction in
the pubtlo mind regarding tihi

Correct Clothes

Hand-Tail ,red
Co., Baltimore.

by Schlois Bros. A

They are markedly Superior in style and workmain.
ship to other makes of ready*to-wear apparel.
Don't be deceived by the etothing pictures you r'e
In the m a niie advertlements. Take these elaborate!
llsIurationsand compre them with the clothes they
olAim to repraent and watoh the effect upon your opin-
"Fioe pictures do not make flune lothes." is one of
the hlose slogans. This make of clothing stands on
the pnuAne quality actually found in each garment.
There ilt shown In the illrttration but faintly repro-
n lt the latest shape of Iouble Breasted hack. W,
have It In the popular browns and fanoy rnixtzarss

FROM $12 UP.


Outfitter to Particular People.
IBM ll lrt s.aii



S1iI ''1 /~
K'~ Irri


F4 A ).1119A

I u iJ6MmEa~ it

r" W''f

eral Directors and ,i w.e Union. Stre.
)ensed Embalmers. unmT mnaum anme, cu.u
r--- 10 AID IRW1N
"tlfuturW r ....d Ladle,.a UenU e d Ch en....
oft ....volr adies. Genlesm en eCbidren ..


NDo B8yT Co0



B. F





Bakingq Rowder


J '.t'
s .l


:' '

- ---- --

- --0 q t--mp.

~. r... ..--~.*.:,- .'. '~` Cr~LLL*-r~ll;:~. ..~.,.. .\! ..,. ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~_ ~~;~

. I


w am1lC~Jll~J~

V ',* P "I -,I' ; I': '" ," '."
, -7.r. j rI : ,

ar a

^'' l 1Lt. t i ix

b y ( ... .t C
W V ti E U ? .ll .I I f*,l. 1 'II{
I sL '. r r %I n f 'tc ,, i' -. -. ,-
|TL I ':. : > I l tI .. ,:: :. t: .,' .'. '
1 : i tt. i lu. i. d '

rouPait r.' bt l ia ee9r *e , au t. -
It kh; & a'I $11' 'or 4 tr 'l..-

WCr of id erti5C e km r t er e

eitrSe iirtert -. .
f~ fl^'^y~ K;.r:i^ r' t 111Fr ''

g tt m etre, or. rat ru ic 'r" t.-
1 M 4V1' toP S f ofS -, r.

eAddress. THIEVAI.Y S(_ .
I t'it or .i b * I t.s

b;:w l hing tona. 'o. Dec ag -If:r,1
S tam rm.,ted ll Jr C'hriLrLI '.I :.

d,1tr ,f bui very twinulatil.'nrw-i
iM el trshfng If thOs i nuntre;. ii
Il0 rtutrrd do t very timber1 r, ia .1
p*-. AddlrM. TKEAll.AII. YTS

defeated In % general election ,i w.

;jsa~hInuton, l* 1 Or. k I ) '
iltaht dirt, but very smii Intuiaag-iti
L nourishing. If Utii country haIl
p||. to she dogst verry dnm' s jitri y
.p detested In a Kgeneral *lsctiju ae
iMIM have been In tht kennel uf tih
.IeHs most ofr th tina* sinre tlihe tirt
iAm. failed of re.eletion. Detino.

~pI eongreslmen who have arrived
Il Whltngtoa, whether slicesiful or
etI, are not ahool rely east down.
u.t h, they are in a condition ,of
tIbe good cheer. They liok flr.
lad not back. "Hlope deferred
the heart iick : bat when the
emetlh it Is a tree of life."
Sharp Williams. in even a Jovial
,Ihakee hands with hi friends,
*uemy. and quotes to them tihe
of.iran Paul Ilichter: "Hope
a bad clock, forever striking the
of happiness whheher It hai come
1 '." Cowherd. the political sui.
I Kansas City, whs o sacrilleed his
iiue In trying tosave that of his
inot dikeoniolate, but cheer-
y exellaim : "Tomorrow. ,o thy
.ets: for I have lively today '"
,'Ihe Republican members are, ,tf
lanti, very mtleh inULlined to rtib :ilt
lthle sore spotI of the dcfeatld iarty,
lhhilarious lauiht. of )ar tCh'Lii-
i^(lflal be heard repoundirit i!l ovrr
.. every time hi rt,'ats to a Ilrw
E.Ikllsee hib Joke antout th I ri~!iinti
,didn't vote. Spirry or New Hl .
WaIf s lso a perrenl we.ll.-sp;rinr ,if joy.
bling to ilthe brink. H1s )h th', eon-
.!Pmaiin who. being i n! rrilptr..l by a
'.Ust10loii Inn abolt tlh only IprI ceii he
..It made, reipoinded". "1 do not uni-
#llMtand the gentlleman. Ili- re:nmrli
I atirely amlphlibiouii Thid en-
l*s defeated I0-mocrats tu make
IM kind of in "armphiibioluis' returL
"hea Nlihanlh' alttrnpts to be fulltly.
Isuppose that the vociferous Fuzzy.
'. iy of the Stilate, Brother Sploner
I t1laonsin. is the Ievat merry of all I
i 1 lpubl(afes here gathered. It is
Wtoo muhl to call him lugubrouu.1
a. rrie his handkerchief in his
i la"ready for use. and says ii rfe
qS U.W" to ympallthetic collimgnei,
l, It wit too btlllked treathertiui.
T7:LOkow how I have run niy legt ofi
:M Sitaerifeed myself in every wy y for
t'basin, iverr since Aiogue Camteron
,- turned down. There t;hiS1' hbeeii
4 lay when I wouldn't riun erraond for
I' .l ie refoolt.a and ILoNv thief laWf' in.i
SittIdes! What a comiutient on hiu-
0 Nature!"
S *Prt esl ent himself is ail dtoi ie
*,"la ealm and tolerant than Ibefore
Ithe es o November. It is even ex.
S.i0*0d that he will Lick over the traces
ii.amore or less ndependtnce iin the
P 1mt1eanent freedom that has been me-
:N:dl him by the election. By this it
is Ilai that lie will co:'ntriue tihe civil
'"Iufte law to Imrnan that hii political
I: IprSoul have right t, and that he will
$Plut?? to varil*i oltleei a good nmany
h ilnOru1 t besides Cockrill who werre
:; ia awayi in the injexpeteld torrent.
r$ k- tol Coc relp'I inactinaion. to accept
,IC( at the hand of the Plresideint I.
,itt Snerally disapprored by Itenl.
. ats here. who remark, with Chanlmp
i Oltik, "o course! That's thie ghi
> _t40 \Vh hiuld i u ,.n *..MI t i,


.1, ,0I1 't t. tll ?'1;" 0Airrrlnt ( xpelslo it
volve'I ill i 'din; t'i t'e Ler' ire er-!,' .
sarily vr.or la.vy. A piotid imay :r..-
ittent. viiLt-L residents. andJ imtnmnLorg
tof oth v. 'liet' if Conritrei haIaT liked
retspeetul !y,. if n ,' titenttli ti l.y, in
W lV t iisgtu ,on ? :heir iA!AfiRta ilioa-)',
ai d harte ,at d riney.


Alachui-J. A. Itutolrough, Wind-
sor; 0. M. Tillman, Campville.
Baker-L. C. Cobbt, 'anderson.
Braf r;! J. I. ;, iDatler,
E. 8, Matthew., $'nrke.
revard-Claud i. ( j'ieree,
Ctalhuu:i-.1 Pi. l'irroug, Wewa.
Citrus-J. W. Kiight!. Floral City.
Clay--\W'i:liant ".. Bllk,.r. ltelroe.
Colmtiu ia--.. .1, J iai,. Lake
City: E,. r.Tlrm.iw. A W\'hite'.
llade-trrah u:A W. King, OjQ .
l-Sot1--.\11,A rt \. ,.i.hrtt, l.ants
( ordia.
tival-- l. II, ljck,:ian. 1,. I.. Mel-
tot> Jnekf ivil..
]I niiiiil.-- 4. tu lnt'!l .\ v ry, , r,,
Ilsitik a ; .a ;'. t-'i:!ii ini ;lufiT

Inchie cla
ti ti ,-,ti--.J lixt'.r Cal ilni', I,
.,,ii W' i a-,m 1. r')I r, Uranch-
l sn 'ilt':--.! d'i llradshaw, .Ten.
nini ls : t,'ni I.. ..-rus'|, .)aisper.
l1rnan!i ,-. S. Wi\\'il 1:roouk-

lli Iahuro.ligh- ohn S. Tauylor,
.Largo,; t, i \\W11. Plant City.
IHoiit1--l0. ., Paul, \ cstlvil!e.
Jaklteon-.l etr.Irtot 1). sf Itph!nre,
Malriatina ; Jami:es N. Wils'on, Sneads.
Jefferson-'-V. M. tiirardeau, James
A. Sledge, Monticello.
l.aFayet tt--JTHAep W. B1rouin. iMayo.
Lake-S. i'. Kirkland, Altoona; C.
S. Noble. ,intCelair.
r --V. .1 \ilson, BItuckinRham.
I.eo--W. \A. Rawl. Tallahasl'e;
John 1.. Itbjisoun. Woodville.
L. v-C W. Mcud ry..I don.
.i berti-Edinund C. Herndon,
rI Ira rEle.
31Mdi~soi-. Ellis lBliatun. Ltee; C.
1,. l.ogkett. t(Ireteniillbe.
Mniiat-e-A. F.T. Cornwell, iraden.
Marion-Cal.los L $istruntk, t)eala; -
S1'. Wartimani., itrta.
Muiro -t. L. .Knowlesi, i arunit P
:uberts. Key We st.
NnIsau- William 'Carleton. K i hIs
IFerry; B. lyal, Monica, sa.
Orange--ieo. W. Orawford, (',r
way ; Win. II. ,,well, Orlando.
itceelh--Johin \ \\W tgtun, l pimnt-

Polk- A. 1t. Carter, F't. Meade; A.
It. W iliaie), t ;nf$I Pond.
I'tnam----ti. 1.. Spraciue. Cr'ent
City; .ohn 1'. Wall, I'lutlnam Hlall.
Nanta Ilown-J. iI. lunrvell, Bagdad ;

... I

. ,' I

rI I -
iav. ,j r i .:lratt l dt ly at.- .'i.! :.' The
l r-*i l.n rr ,rt as r un l o to at
"r .g .ii ,, i'r ,(i, (tl it 1t mtr i s -

;'i r. !/ t j! .''.:, r1.y -'L ; :- ..i$

% 1 t I *
S;i r r.- 4 4

Si ; -
*Lr i .

*r 'sE I. o' ,
t'. \ b I1 .r 'r b l r .. n .' *

,I k .1' 11r
t ,l t r, .,j ] .. r .
'in 4 L "}. i' a I. : ii, l 1 : : .

1 hr ,'l .irriti h f l V : '. .

I 11 ta r i
r ,' d r.- it j. AI C I L, ;- r'.

'll tl' f r' lII n ', In ; r. 's t r ..
1f r r,.'aK y ,' l: .* ,i ..v
olit' lL tt, I';ri Ii 2' 1 u It ih i,

tiIXi| ('l< l Ii I,' ",1. r;'. A l T. ..
I 1 tin' 'I,4?. J .. ,;, L!.r.'mry t-:,: '; i

Sulphurn in Liquid Fe

Modern Science Triumphs

Chemists Astonished!

Doctors Amazed

Ecvervone rcn,:, trx -s- the sulphur and molasses ,of childhood. You hated te
dcse but it i.< J., I Buint ovu had to t:,ke a whole lo to get any bqvneflt
because very little lf it cou!,' ,: i:to your ti and svte. Now, at last, a
chemist has founl a wa 4:u:v ,ulh!t:: -.i nae it Joluble-- Q that it is ia.
stautly absorbed by the ski . : l d. T; nl.rve:ous disci.very is called

OCK'S Liquid Sulphur


I.- *;


Just think of it Chemisvt, ,ow us that every part of the Dody gColai
utlphur-rrds sulphr ., Su! t;ur ii SNature'sgreatestp;urifiter. \Wlheireulphurlgsl I
disease is dttroycd. Hantc.. Liquid Sullphur cures Ecs r nma Piap- I
ll Blood and Skin Diseases ,
BItalVxlea, Arrllt. 1i. '
lianicocc Igl.i' l Su .i .ur o,.,
l14l41 ino -, .IN .
(itltLiinei: -.1I I Ul to testify to L meMr4talf tour Ita.raLn EaLrrtp t'aa ,tat It
iL U I. Sr, Url ITM i'r. J arlU i pOilclrftlertl itittid ot lllltimOv Indta Ctmlaleses It.
slid all miy trItids tIad uiaiayJ otheil know thal I 'havle Io i41fftrltd wlh a b4d e L
res.wr ot e the an. i rn ay handsI ad litr hisd to wear gaive slll the tr.
I was unaer tIealnlilt t mbyiut rit ph>''lerian for lo11 1 iuoilie i witIl U
Lastii mit.Iler yur lIuid fultphurI ar id iulminent w**e rFerurillnn4eld to nMe '
ianulu tt t3 u My hans lmplnov4 front the trat ap Ptlilon, After ali ,a'
Il I wiet lo tihe Johlli Ilopkhln IIoTtali to thav an hain ad trlntd4 w4"wi 'X-tlr.ys
the l.opit.,l I was lA i .e Itoro ntllnte stortuse o I+ buld I uliphur and UlUtmama
it ilnmeid Ito t 4mti nilly hands iiu l. m uch u.
Under thelr sdtile rontltiuet t' tlhe r.lulid Pltrull 'rt i OInt fnt.t ',"t
weeksor Iwo Tuontli .audMat the *tdct itll t; I rui haudl urt a utul.aU4tef Ur g&.
tunnlld 4I mla lklody' .
I have us4thed h lllphulr w slitaTnlrl In mv trIailr, anlt il I etetellsI. L lAr' f i
bath, for sore aind Iinder etI nilnd f or any ititdifse orf or tplact .' '
I fAtit recoiomend your I.l4 Pillphultiir a i ,lipti:i"t;oo I A tiilr' 1 .

Trreared specially for Burns, Scalds, Opein Slores. Clafell prt 8 e .... .4
I'ilsc, Roughness of Pace and Hands, Scaly Eczema, BlackhadA nd i all W "l

valuatb Iski n on I he curative arer anud toIate qtuel Liqu4 Swtr. pt' .


; 4 ],,.' -i4

A.. Peiadenu, Oak t;rve.
,-, .Jthins-C J. DuPont, .Mattase;
!. H. FlIyd. ifoward.
Sn:er- C. (. Kilgore. Wild.

.Svwanisee-l'. It. l)arInsn, Live
).t u : .I. 11. H1ai l. o' lrietn.
Ttylior-L[. W. ian!t.on, Perry.
V\ -1liia-Chls. L. Smith, Daytonir;
i! r:lln J. Sparkman. Port Orangae,
Wakullha-Frank \V. Durial. Crsiw
f rilville, .
\Valton-WV. Mc'Collum. Irn arme.
\Vas, ihngtnt>- WOliamn .\. '}lryn.i



Via Atlantic Coast Line.


A line opportunity to visit home. On
account of the Christmas holidays the
Atlantic Cout Dine will sell tickets to
all omlnts east 'of the Mius.lppI and
south of the Ohio and Potomea rivP,.
iIelschdtig St. oisuib. M11o. at one and
.,r.t hired fares for the* riiiid trip.
I'ick~-ri. ui, fal ii,-rtritl,.r 23nl. 24Lh,
2 5th nt'd 31sit, IIXU, and Janiary lt,
lO.': Ulnal limit of inste .January 4,
I i.ti.
For rull information. rates. IPullman
reft'rvaiiolp.O eit rt EallentL of Atlan-
ti (larlt Ltl.' or ri'mltlllnitrit with
Frank C. itiyltorn. IDistrlot Passenger
A ,'lent, 1 : '~v lay 4itreet. Jaekion-
ville-,. Vla.

'trE t I i "he 4fi-r not. A r.ral
Si e rs I i is -rll ll, r.I r n atli:rla .
,I It e.. 4, h!rr tt .e ll 'i,) ., h, iri t.
Rt '4 a tfsurel i.f Ili ISr i' t lii iilru es.,
I *q**ll**ll**i rNle.d.. r irnl rl
T'lttV aqI CtM i i 'al4lr. ,t 9 >r h, t ai4in.
nIl St.n A or i nit In pi.n sf"trr,
).I r 'pxri. fIrl'yid for
1 O. ,f r 3 I.,'tt '
I Ilut Wa pii l i' llllll


JOS. ZAPF, Jacksonville, F "a
'. ' '(

Wholeale Whiskies, Impo.rted Liquors, Al,e S
and (;inget Ale. Imported and Domestie WI saild
Mineral Water., Eto.

Am seg ae rs, I w: eg
Albolute saslifaetion puaruanteed or mnioey .ohrfbll ft
Write for price list.

*i ,

.jA .B ] E Br



Air Line Railway ',

... FO .. .

iah, Columbia, Camden, South

es. Raleigh, Richmond, Wash- '

ington, Baltimore, Phila-

delphia, New York.

l'' n lal
ClErr j:h Trfkl nft i t 'D il

IWO egant rans a y.

Seaboard Express.

Seaboard Mail.
... .. -- i- a i as I a i

,, I

: '. ",.
i*;",v g
., --. Il_ ""xi

tv : ^':;i'*

', .' ,,.




'qI '

a" m'-. aerna3le7 KALOLA p' ..-

MI SWr iatRvjut rE
7mre., ..77-
:t Y -0l tR 1901
.. I. oo. .. Alaua Fool Par lors,
-o htwi Inglit I t'pH1:1q lrspl'ur
to Aptttt t tird COhy 4 1 t f ,
snL 'W e have undertaken o S PWffM 4 o Js 9 m 1r
-for srtW sy oOer .jt sbmn bar in
**tow t A.'t. We have t WUon.S.4 D '. 1
tNopwrt -ar Ietteetne hme
tuvenwpsmust is tmn iaa .,ar flb.medy.;r,..,
ml in h Ieteidif to i m l on twe IL IPATION. m Nflr.w M,, ',. 1, sIutd il e t',r,,r a ".,c4, lsUIwt
triw tf Ike Mmii doctrine to STC!_, f, Y + .,i. I *ae. i u T 4 b
to e SC Nd (ha nd, ;lImw LIr a T'rtlic.
A t wu nle Rio er I Nwe rvI 4)1"A1(1 11 Ta4 DI, 'W i lt. Fth .. i ..I.8L
!i tllm~p a tnd ll hem :0iSIgo-te dr W',., cA ... t,,.. ,.:,+ i ,L 1 ,, -
S.,la ti a ,nd oi w navl Afl o..srqu ap' :t".... it
rl i Uiw potent aonpl frUr- or / 4 tie. r s,).9
ail i *b *1 potelt Ietiftti s We. 4* hhlIV fous. boEa C A+ CA 1 !.1 .I;, o |. L [ 5
t.v !eM p1 trr. hut our prot RALOLA GO., SAASMaA. GA M0
4 w t1 R rpu4 tliehr i t of peare would, ':. j 4
hIM .in r dnvo the slight. 'i'. .tr 1' .Iyiter g
IS eim it, we wee liupotept to - 1rs !> sr, Ei (
'ra, r 1 2 Ol Z '114144.* ; I (
.i .- extend ou .'.'.i .. .... 1 E 4..L
14('14-9ast tnu! 9.rnrwtly p. P :I-% t1 to all*
A.yrs 9 mactmat Into hnw om t I. . WH 0 LESALESH 0 E
..a ex.ailplre in W!- now lMieuD to enolura.e .t;,
41htl 93tnlir11t wa4I capital to meek investment il EL INNL) UAYE, All,)hitln
1 our am Wo! Md In iilrosads, In fatele*, IT, AITI Y Al LAW -
S an '.xt t: tattoos god In lumberdang lad riltl;,-.
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3L,,p,, ,m tteis !otn to Crown a lr r.A wArj Del.v red n1 A, Paii. or trV
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''--- b. ILD. GORIXN U. TIHON'

'": "tb uGradUate I t ntdOre CCretr ,to,. ,,..,l spC
Five years' exerlence!n New Yurk (Uaty.
crawuate torm a, ec. L Fins Wines, Liquors and Cigars
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-nCRYSTAL SALOON, Jacksonvi]P, Florida.
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S /way by Csop. Ptlatd ad & !aid Silver Pieces. T ad N) FS ICE.A
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II "S tod Largesto Sellers in Florida Aof aLITY. Per Barrel. ..... $14( m(1
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^^.i^ -. ,M Bifrn Bess pCtrbo for thisi trvaatealinwhtc. *tarkAI iK' 1 I I 1 M
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lltIIMt, if th ll a iLI tift fl t Bs Through P'ullm n lrailinl Ilnoo
SeIIaLAI fa elteitll a llt which Slew inll C0l dily from 1.llcksonvcle
M:W nt tr fI tabl l ei to B rmin lhlm, r i nh illr, I :ldr, -e &
.1 LI o"L at pn t la th sal i w ork o,. Cne PI It i, u,,, work o Ie osfc i i aO l
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a n'~. a~d~~ n~sae 'Vi'2ai...
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S a
(QomI(nl l I'i m Hiram l'Sgra.

io in t to l r tiili'.t, l ts'IU i' l tIlr'q tliltl

way toi tin' (*i'iillriil whichrl
I9 tplr opprllerIld within thlit satiti
l, bUt In ttihr stntva wlulo Iaw
-igo Tw 1,l itti govnltitnt
It ai dien in ill'nll!illy with these
p mst rpo itt.liN. To try to deal
S thei la an ii Itilenperate, deitnic-
I or deam aogic' spirit would In all
ildilty ewanui that notbilnt whiit-
"Le would le arim'onlpllhletd, alnd with
lbrtto etertlinly 4Il m aIMYcoiupllnr it' would be ofl
hat.liatl natur,. T'li Auwrlcnmi Ipo-
r ed to Cintinue to nlihow thl0 very
wUine that they have ll,'wn--hat Is.
lutll, lli W~rSii', the sutin'st
Ia u to arid doilng lny damaged ail
Sthe quiet diltteriltintlA) to )prwi''d.
I by "t w, without halt atli without
I, in elizmtuwting or at I cnt In
;.pijmltl"s whaltr'vr of mir-bk-if or of
r l |bhere la to Intqtrlstte comrniunri
ti tl thlict ut o r ilt rw11a riationpi
S1M Isae acting In ti lrlt uprlt o lllfility
i U leth, tiher' irndlividual ior cor.
r l'They are i t agfalnt the rlyll
i the' p"
!,0 a ilraa (Irtla Illlllst the pm)r
S. On the contrary. they ae t frkl
v d aRa toward rich man and toward
watrn, proTvlrd only that ach acts
a! spiritt of justice and dermne to-
S'alld him eflows (Grt caponltons
r'-g meeer. yad only men of great
" allgulalr mental power can Ian-
q msh esoaponraions m eu ttlly.
il. ahwt aomen itslt have rswt r-
1 iwa. l It thib icouporratkons should
II. S Iuer with due regard to the
Ii'fM oet t the public as a whole.
Whw k ti earn be done undea the prm-
-t 4 laws it must Ib done. Where
;"4iS laws coIme short others sloubt
',l 'ted to t uppleihanlet them.
Areas .t Cerpesollmi.
If m bagn of cororyprittloni ti a made
,ttil pwululllary Invelwtlntion of
ry aImportnlt .nrporatlons. It will
,i e a special report on the hef In.

to polly of the burrme is to ac-
L';' ilahh the parpoes of ItS creation
i'.r w -opPrtilon, not antagonism; by
t'. a coa ustnlrtiv IrgisIation, not
IM"lrletlve prne 'wtlon, the ImmedInte
v.,llsel ot of l Intqurles: ly onservattro
4 l. lttlgatlon of low and fact nod by
S; pIl to Islae liueniiplete mad hbenc'
l.' SeraYirtly in urat e reports. It pol-
.. tblr thusa ll one of opon inquiry Into
gd sOt attack upon tbusnea. the bh-
M.. I aI been lstrl to gain not only the
S:a l- e, but, bItter attll, the co-op
a"im. -eof men engainRd i4 legUtmate

;*, TI burerau offer to the congrre
K ns of gettlnge at the mcot of pro
!, WiaM of our varluaii great tilples o

." Of 'IabuItt the careful lnveltliltion
1 ill petal olpornlltlon will afourd the
MiMamlsoner knit ulg'l* of certain
bites facts,. th iml l .lltoI or, whit'h
. lali ilt bIn it il pr',initr- lifrrilie'ii',it of
' W"iTate r'ilrliltt i T'i t 'll otl | f 0 in klnr
S;.. jbI l the result. lat it ? i -,'i ri'stlzla-
.,." affonl., tunlder the Iew, a iimains
^I ,i the protitlao l jl itf riiv riflhts..
S... tot g rwIl ra will hIllt al fla r l t ex 'Itt
."b...W I a would give ti iiiioteltr ci-r-
lltlOtin Infnorltm ~lito whth would iin-
, r' te i K l4 itlintm !e' liuiin'ies of I ioilli-
Slitoer nntl th'i'ily ht inlr'ntv ';, for
idlrluall suprlirlriy nani thrift.
Thbleurena hiira : l.. 41 ridie a XI tiNAIliv-
Slamtntatlion llute I ht Igal Iandilt toi
dtilw which -iprate nr iisu lrtihs is t- l'-
-1. o In th* v' rilotls state

. Udeltll d'llcltont on thlie stubjell t ali
I l the vnrioitu ris isystelitst it ,frl rait'
1.. ation In ine t ~i11 4irtnl attrntionl
t' e port of in' chief iof the lhIurItnI,
tl I earneAtly iank thlut thle lonlrerei
M,' etuilly ronrTillcr the report andl ri.'-
ilneniIaItlona uf thtil uiinisillioner on1
h ..Billet,.
The buslnens of insumrnce vitally at-
il thi Kgrllt ilnltns of tihe peoplo of
Sti Unltecld Mtut.ei aind I. iin:linal aindl
,"t local I it s al iiitlh'li,. It involved.
I Mllitude of triaiiasr: tl aim iin oliin tltk
lQ; e of ille differenII t siteL t intl be.
StWlent Aliricali atimnp:iln', tu nnull for-
RIgov'ernmenas. I liurie 'th at th*' o4TI
': 3I carwfutlly rolin.thl ir tw:i'tlner I'a
Ptiwer Of the hIULI'in tof c'rlpo'riinllt '
SClnot ClonltitutiotaIll-y I b Pitlricl dt to
ear elut-ntsta trnuli:ctton In it illr-
S Abotve l i we Kb t euc m ..
it" b)hiwua.v t of lma111iMr', oipe l: I i
t* O:. quul tcIr s. noit t 'o d. thiI It I ; tILi -

bke. w. Wh-'ht" h'' shi *l .:r, te.' rail-
h; tiOi I 'sL.ta t inaii,' iii t' i t v l ift rtr a''-.
St > la r n ii su t e a d fierewl.i
th e _1at r jist g.1r th'la.IppI 1. tih aalnIP ri"
W hiP pria:t Idr ;ll lri tItieliiall
bact 0itd sliti tr:rwk rt:a:aarin< nii'rt Ie
I Sl... llltMid Itho loll alnltil of the rit-
i4' S th iiin whictI 4Irl'l It to
S.t" i I W fi l fl i r 1 i y iir t' "' itt lie' 'orli ria-
tt Offer, iirn>. s it allwit, nal eptl
Sa'illy ioll r14 lii',I i ll)I lr
"' ; 1 iiNation ti e i t~lr ; t rf tlh trntib.-
Ibion itof all) pr.'rty It lute'''
'. / @, ,_ "

thority to A remlnrh d rates I do be-
lieve that n a fair lsmurity to, hip-
perM the urLtiUtllit i lihouldt oe vestidl
with tha prl*owTr w\t'rel i lven rate lia
bI en chalnwlluIiiIl riaril ifter iul heaurltgi
found to le Iuriireaiipll e loflt dvtirl, sub-
Jdt to judlliill rMlieVw, wlliiit hatll be a
M41ei1:d01i. ritt |ti tiik0 % It li|t) e, tith
ruIlhi 1,i '1, I'v 'iilllatml lu t llke efflec
ImDi~i~i~il'l1 mlv4 to 40101i iicjM nud41
untll It Il ra'i..-r.uwd by tle court of ir-

h14lar:iLt.hp cllmiittL i'engagtl In in-
terntuliIl ra o ml d rotcted In our
cNIMitwIue tr;ldut N liuld Ite hekl to a
itrli'l otlisertn ir' of the nterstlte coin-
in i.(t lrIt.
(The prntident other dliflmtin the
city of Wn tiington, iu.;g T|atI, uIS1I1
reoniiCt'lllula t he kmloin; ti .ti tittrer
govfrn' ntiinn I1 ii: ).i I'.:. I lws be
paissd pre-v .e'tling ovierrrowdinli In thu
tenentent di.4tricta, for thie ut ollon of
blndl aAilleys ,ild ithelI ro)wr hotsIlag of
the poor. Hli, at0n re 'nn i tid <'chuanget*
in the crinlliiil ,le., iland wivould have
wife le K l".r l l oor:illy pinllhl,) I
lurini tI;.l two utl It luilf years that
have et111,ll 4d iniv' t i, pIHni,:~, of thb
rt'lamliatiu act rllii iproi.;~~ bha
bten iidetl In the. ni'rve' 4 and texamnl
uillotiioi of tiie nilnlrtunli'"n for relam-
i tiitfil lin th lj irtli-ell' r.i;It- n .llo three
terrltori u f thte arlii wetl. I'oustruc-
tlntli hns lreamly hly*in begun oil the lar-
geIt aud uaiut LiuportauI of L LW Irrlga-
Uton works, nrnd ptnan are twing; comn-
pletiad frgr wtorks which will utilize the
fund now nvallrtblr.
The forest Inlly Iof the gorornment
la Juat now a subjtet of rivid public
laterest throughout the went and to the
people of the I nitted lmatea In getratl.
The farnvt reserves themiltvemr aNr of
extireue v:li to1 t tie present as well
La to tIh future welfare of all the
wester'T publll. tlaud statiw. They iww-
erfully uiffct tihr uw Maun dispolal of
theI pitulic landI. They aro of sie-
clal Ilportalice b'ar use they prl-
servo Ii' w itter supply find ith supply
of tlililer for edontestlr ipurpolse and so
pmroell lt lenienll tl u Ier the reclawm-
tlou uct. lut ,ti they are essentIal to
tho welflir! of very cis of the great
tl tuLrest of the wtrt.
I lhue repeaitelly called attnton to
tlht conftualun which exists In govwea-
miiat fort uintlters because tbe work
la scattonel anlontl three independent
orgnnlxations. As I have wrommnwd-
wl, all the forest work of the govern-
ment sholli l Ib cot. centnited In the do-
partnient of agKriculture, where the
larger plrt of that work it already
done. The C'anyon of the Colorado
nhouldl INw ulllo a national park. and
tho natlonnl park system should In-
clude the YToumnitte ad a nlainy as
poMluile of thle groves of giant trees In
t alifornia.
ThP lretern.ias tihe clvUw war have
a claim Ilupn 1,ti ntlion Sucth iia no
oUter bodyI ofur cttllzens p ssen. Thi
pctuint lbiureaii hnlui nrlver in its history
lMaen nmiinRgedl In a mowr fiatisfactory
nmaner thaiin now thie raIe.
r'onmhlar Srflrew.
(I!r consutlr mynteleli needl Improve
nlent. Naiald.ld ibsiuld be substttuteJ
for fees, nod the propwr clasildration.
igrndlUK and transfePr of consular of
Iher slonllld be provided. I am unot
prepared to say Ihat a competitive .ly-c
letrn o exatiraniiions for appolntanit'n
would work well, but tly Inw It shtiiol'
be providelt tlht 'aitconsuli sIbhlld 1.,
f;inlltar, n'conrti'g l l pidace for wlhi'i
they nppl'ly, wtth tiln re'tirh. (ienuanl
or Spali lil .iii li' ,' .'"' ,tihoulhl poSt-
s'.In En'iktimi; ia c i : n 1 t 'i: 's.oiurt'fl of
I le' Ii',tlll l $:,liu4
It ij gth'iraiili' to *'ini't i pr'aper nla-

ti,' w.'l ir t' la Itll lst 1;' .
I[ all ,youtr :tti ui t the great
extra. r v.i, i, oi pi liti! i,'alt tuinding;
a n i cil wlltlil lnill nI' ll ; '*:. .in*, ,'plf i'tally
To !'. r t t.It i,; itI.I' O-i loo of
tt.*' p'iblcujni ns i *rilit1d.
4',Irr*nc .
Tlip allot 1:n.* rt fi! 1n1.4 .h0ld
bel' -I' '(;i:vl'. er'la t') the iui'rency
111' tlll .'ia,' l li ut 1 '' 4 tillUdilln z coti li t-
ti *.tt Im I':1.. lt:tnt'& e' iIr In la' Itw' houses
Cuthl',t \vwithC tile l. 1 ta11K i tI(he it' mat.
fqr f( un curr i''ir tV aila ss.' ,whietlier It
Is 1t1t f1. IL4a ti *.I ur fin :iig e'i'n'nt
in i' -!l i'iine ll w4 rit l fi>r tit 1r'l iK the
-y -.1". Ti .m' t ab n:iii t ii ul il i .ul-Iaiv t ., ., L a' ii o4 fil it iref n'l t of
Ctol. 1' '.in i :mni! l lI- iJmllh'ii of Nt
at .rl i **'it!' 1i'.'re'1'- 'n, l4'ii i' tlt l ty
n i It lit sn I fe'ty Eviery
S' .1- t ,. '.~, ul ,l i.. iilt', livy ;inw re-
i'. lu K, i.t a;! t1,' i tionl of Ithe

IIll1 of .o.t n ur
li1,' ',''?j", ; 1 i '.,< 'rinta l oi'

T(If th eoPient
V ; .,.t.
hi iI ii.e ,V A .r. : ,,a i'n 'piol'ow

I l i n ,.1 ", ,. ,t I i I l l .l -
lul ' , , ,''- l f i s ori. -
T i rI 1 'a "-'i''" r0 t. rl
1lli ;'ar tV 7'94 '111 1 i r'e'l% t

is tni i iin ,ti 'i '- ail'ir relrt''

- ---- --- --- ------------- -- - -- ----- --- -

I Mnny of inifor rarlnst the man
who has no ni ,ry rnid dllicult of en-
Sorrmieietti. evmn to ithe olmdnt of lsome
turli Micurlti; i'nn iitllty, ai reIgnrIl
l thli annn wlhoi I'- iuiey. At prwsnt
itlir Intereni If I1e innocent man nar
n, iplInif:lir'uird'!h. u tit the tItstetst bf
i tle government t;it Is the Interests
of honest tndllnstr rtlon; that a., the
interernt of tIhe p'optle are not recog-
I ll1Z l ns thlle s lilltl Ih1 .
S[Tho ptealv'eihn l.iltwusn" the plrognrn
of the terrltortqis of Alaskat, iHawnr
anl Porti IHro. w;tl reion inendatloin
Sfor c'rir..r: In tiI' I preliit system of
goVertiiiir t uC lf i l tli i aiiiliedl. lie de-
iiv.'s til 11 i 414-dl,.tL' ftroul Alaska I
1 coligr'u'". I
I' rrlf nli I'allri.
nTh" 14 uly JiIJ i 'I| < i i4 iitlilt an of
nill l; lil1.' .trl i. i ', .!i 0, lo1. il; In W to

II l ia (heire- nIll I>rs-1 .ill Ihroughout
ti', Iitlorbi h ,r -( It* *r JWt lh'e. but
1h]r1m'1re kn;I4 l %r '4fi.le? w.i[Ch are
hit1l.) ulder:mi. li, v itn arp It tla te
lo, ,. n ,a I ,-i o-. ,,a ,, any war.
Th@- .,'il t t lefor iu4 ~is it nation,
thi' i l whill u l- 1 i : he'll t i fo h' re all
Ul kil ,il. ]4 Vt. tt alllllai'u t of tbh
pil4'' Vf Ja iNtf.-, oif tlh 0 in[nte( which
o.ullli wll' i%% tl lit' ; t iI'tl noI. t nI *r ier ly
StnfI;;t~'v'rI ll In !tsi on rigflit. but
. 14 'iiiiiMly xi+r '" nltl. i'nd p 'rfornns
its duty towirdnl o IIIer. (ipi'cprally
l*a.ce tellS f'tr lrtitiI1441iM,. but If
i thlir in ''lui tttI lI -w ',i th' Itwo lthet
our friaty Il diie tirlt it o raim.use of
ri.atuill* ni.ti"'. T liE "ft11fIi i rs v RA ntr

Imml rstong edt slmItuuallltaee.
Ill dl<-:ling with th1i ,I'rrr tltln. or Inl
milttnBta .ui an.I iit 'i'.'., 1 n ,I j n-
(d llsl4) I' 1%I t L .s i ,'1L h ''- ker f
j hoftore t '

fi liln f i. i I A-. r':';lt w A
l blrthil ''l ;n(,l!. LL lf -I. .

ounli i i of f(nI ''Ti I i lth have
stupil in ite vterry 'fio..jnst rink of
giAl 'cI ltlzenilp. l nd l t Inat ercrly
IIn n bt n every hfe d oif Atilutlrill
T her In lno tlltidLr of ) vin:ivg t o
nlia2j1 liu3nilgr:n Ve* 4f the ri !fit kind,
ltitt I h iltitiZ! lin ouf tliL. countryy
hMjoulIl liot li, IldeltNtedt, II Ii* vltil that
we ishtit ltlkel I tilh I1. hta:inl;ird of
wrell Inihl lun!p og our w..geworkeiri,
nLad h therrfore we slhou.l not iinlllt
ifltmls ( f oliin whol(,le stanilr::rd of Wv.
IIr atIid whluse portnhiail iintlisl aind
llhtitM ar0e 1uri h. lihit l.'y t'tDl to lower
the level of tile tAulrliat it wtgewvorker,
and nliovP* nil wPe sh1ihl not admit any
titan lft Ua unwliiornty lyp, Mliuilarly
we should taikte tlW In'grealtntl 'nr' nsout
naturalization, Frauullltllht nitiuralisa.
ton. tle nlaturalltation of Iumprope
persons, s ua curse to our government,
and It t the affnir of every hollost
voter, wherever Ibrn, to mio that mo
tfradulent voting Is allowed, tlat no
fraud In connection with naturatula-
tloun Is Pwrultted.
owtIo *I ll WateralilMlt.m law.,
Then Idsould be a comprhenslve Iw-
vitlon of tle naturallsatlon laws. The
courts having power t, natrnuiel
should ib definitely named by national
authority, the tstlnionly iuIon which
naturallutlton nmy be conferred nhoiikl
Ie definitely pricrilk.l, pimbllctlon of
Impending anturallntlon nplli.atlonas
slhoilll Ih required In aidvnn.t o their
herinlig in ratirt, the for:ti ntd word-
ing of all Cvrttfllqntmt. IniittAl u uniform throughout the countryy, and
tihe v'uorts wIlnuid It, nrillirr'd t.,a maki
roturn4 I' thl; wiern try of Itlatt t
stilitedl wrlod. uf illl niturall;:atlounu
con erranl.
SNot only are Iti liwn rinlatin til
natunllautlon now delfetivu, inlt ltiow*st
relating to rlllenthilp of Itle I'nltil
Btaten on;tht nlxo to be inude the nmbh.
Jrct of slentlfic Inquiry with a view to
probable further tleslntlion. The pow-
er of the government to protect the In-
terlty of the rlctlion of Its own or-e
clain Is Inheret and lion been remg-
ntzed andr alarmed by repeated dec-
Slarlationl of the Ulrpribtilo lurt. There
In no etneily of frr l gvernultent more
l danceroua and none so Insl4Ious as
the corruption of theb ltctuorte. I ret-
omnmend thle c nnrtment of a law direet-
ed agaulnit lriberyv nd corruption In
fdere.rl eletllna.
SDelmyl s Jl crilmial Pr 0eetfoas1.
SI o X ilslji.ct Is l elter worthy the at-
tentioln of the rungretr titan that por-
Stlin iof the report of the attorney Ian'
erail dealing with the hlonK delafs ad
th<"e rrnt l4tru.rtI'tIon to justice expert
enrrd in the (Ii.r, of lleaersL OGreen
arid inynTnr and lhenkiu. VWere thseI
itn.l itidta nIpthll r:ii r fl I slhoulk ot
(rill your uttetntlon to them, but tiM dCt-
flnrtlt:rn ertfoulntlrrl U rltards thees
ni* wltiu lih te l't'r n indllcted for clalt-
11i:il I'lr;w t It q Rll'P riot xii'ltlhnf l. They
lnrl' ;r''l.'l'y slimilair In kind t whIt
. *.Hr- iii:iln iiiil niglia In the li se of
'rtilti'min who have ~itfth'leont i1nln to
IIIlLIhte tthi tl tiake advantage of a
,?.v4ieui oif IJroi'Itlir' whirh has grown
iup In tl.-* fid' ial flirts nnd which
t ;1ilult.l :i IJilt' It to niking tbhe law'

For Sale by John-on Bros., (lT
_'" ., i ..


We eo ur thbe laIBrsanT pol ata e i .'
solibl a bar*o of your bsslam,

Fire, ife, Accident aInd l

--Aent ifor therl m

Victor Safe and Lock

Ila uthe pa ofn aofa sa*
from bo to a baok w
by doemiStlag S. Cal -

CUSH A x,,"
SInfornmation eheMrallj familhed." A I'

-": -.7 "'-7 ."'- ,-:L. :,-

TITLES. +"..i 71
. -. ..rr. ..,l

"T. um wfoe .r..a ae ra
~. ~ ~ ~ i L &U^*~

Title is what you pa9 for when you bh
know what you arn bay




. Title ordinarily invisible osrrelit reM M

he Alach Cony AI



'rTWW i ,
Jacksonville and Now
OCalling as OHARISTOW, 8. 0., bothk
th f lam tdmufl I I e
Clyde New England and southern -
Direst ervl. Between JACKO1E VILLI. BlTOW ada "I''
PMOVIDBINOI md AUll IMnsa Pola .
Oalling at Oharleto bh wys,. '

Southbot d ........................... .. .W ....
Norlhbound............... F..rom Nool of *hthoerie. ,Q


Cltde St. Jhns mir ,Li
at Palatlka Astor, St Prael, Ber ford (DL tid)9iudl t00
Landlnp on Johas inrie

* (4

Commenaing Tuesdlay, November 1. i .
Stwlne "CITI O JICiUOII. Iad ."'i iti ,
are appointed to mail a. follows: Lea l JIethalvill* daly e*lp S t
3 O:t pm. Returuinga leave Sanfot dailly rxept Sundayslit 0t
Southbowad. iSC DULN
LesveT % 8: p ....................Jaeklo vIllt............: ? ..A t i
8:46 ptm .. .... ............... P............. L l..
I OOam.......... ..... ..etAsltor .."...... ...... .*
:9i0 am .......... ... ..... r.. a tin el............ i
S .. .. La d) ** .......*
Afrive Ri80 rtm .. .. ...........afod .. ..............
10.00 mm .. ..... ....... .tEftrriSe.. ... .... .4.' *'
r. M 1 IONMONOKHR.L. Aant. Ub. Pi MAt.. Nt WArWa IN fV
W, (iO.OdPRI Jr.. rre lit A otea "g i. ki Ii
A., u Wa 0. ,.'V zas t'A.... .t...N w J.a otaur-V a A .a
* aj a uifiRs~wmap fsj. a:^.e. in r*^- Am e *fj- oirb r't.VrhR rf.W .~lm WfhkB AMl L_1 -


S. . . .
'* iti .l. IT ". "
Si -
*..R ... ^ ,i... 'i'.' ^^il

livu their

Coi, n l i


:7 1'
ii I; ; ~


1, ,. .' rlL *

, "' :tthl


'I~ I
;:; :

.7 r. m; ,- . W. ;., i.......

..' r i

imur wit Cuh a A. K.l l. na.mgra.,,oled

MIf itW OF rnL7nW

S ,

w w n imw-qlwa
Abhire y Pure




Mdm ofGeneral Interest Gatb-
aed by Our Reporters.


IHa, Happened and What is Going,
"i Happln Told in Shori"Paraglraphs
1i. That "He Who Run, May Read'"
H: The Sun.

mnll with Cashman i 111!1.
,r. Thomas Mel.eod of Ne
Y la town yesterday.
SAllonlons1 l Wnilerflil SalveI
SJ. W. MoCollutmi A (Co.
' Retas Halle made a Ilrief
pat trip to Starke ye sterrdty.

for s : '

aMINs. R. C. Dlvi (if Ala'hu waL.h
*Pll INpl in lhte uciy yesterday.
ialslty farnmishd room t l rent Ito on,
itWoentlemen. Apply at Sun ollice.
3.. _L Forman of Alachrliu wa4 a we.'.

SImeanre will I u uhlaan H lill

1 ? t'.n niin. the clever traveling
r .'lr,-.*'ntl t v (, th. N K. rairbanks
COliimpny. ii at It l Brown lIouse
%V E 'ils of Hiath i rn. It. C.
Ir',,iF 'If I i PIv. I'P4k, F' F, Ps0lIliig of
lak- V-iew iart \\ W I. liiehrdson of
.' .. % r. vr ilulitln tto Gainesville

y',* trdnl it
I: L. .Jol, mnrio f Ilawwthornid .lJohn
[I. I,.'i i.e r of Hague were in the city
yprol.trl-i\. haLvinR cl me to represent
il., '- r.- -' r*llve fcretilonl at the meet-
ila ,4 iI.e l. II rtl r(f County Conmmi-.

W\Ve titv* tbehlind the block a
tiaseir';inl miirrat rtte'r-one who knows
.i* :,uliir *--niird l)those wishing fresh
ie.ork ni i h bef .anl obtain the same at
.1 ...* I't-r Ipund ly calling lt the store
r: Mfall.tirs, Shaw A Co. Phone 10l.
lMr S I Doruey of Birmingham,
A' s, t'' 1 I, '1. ln in this city on a
v;rit tI Ier niece,. Mrs, E. J. Hard.
dlrwiprtld ye, trday for Winter Gar-, where lihe will spend a few days
n- tte gisit ,f her brother, T. A. Sea-
T'. ? rll M r n V'trknmen of the World,

ll victor o T. I tlC ltu t1.-iw ordtlr recentJrly iLttituted here,
isor. gavefla iy t)o Its tnllet*wr a oslt enjoyable
S.)." .r 31iip-r Monday evening, which
S Polk, of orn ie wS in tow it i n ,,edel,; to add wa en joyed.
siay and miiade The tSu an agree- TLrrt, was a got crowd present upon
t lll. 1 rt of a l i< .
lent-Stort RRai(l Cook (frmper- .iB i.n'ig Tiuesdiy. 1 lc 27th. Rev.
epted. Add ret Iliona Pur-
.lackLon ill 1 M I rtlinin, alste-ed by Rlev. Hart
SW. t. Jackson of L.ak View ad J.I 'd Proor. ill begin a series of
.' ~lirser of Micanopy were tran.acr- let ,i, at Fr t rove Missionary
.,bg bulcees it this city yeasvrd ay. IIsjet Chicrele Thee nwtings prom.
thr is n' ti be' vry ~~i -retsful and the pub.
. W. A. Bryant. familiarly known ai I is cordially invited to attend and
'., ele Bill." merchant oif Hell. was ier i,, Ii,.I preached
V IR town yesterday antl made Tlle Sta.l .l. ,
f a eI Iavleical I t11 I ui el! is clll lto ttie ad vertie-
."I ly(reeaiole cil .
' J. atthew of Tret on. t f Joseph iapf. Jackonville,
SJ. Matthew of Trenton on appearr elsliwhere itn this paper.
,, best men of Itihe Wreierll e Reoprv,,
,'he best men of the Weslern ei l rveI, 31. is distributor of the cele.
.Wa ii town yesterday ard made ti ti:ratd prcllucti of the Anheouer-Ilusch
aMagRreeablea t-il .r inr \.zauciation, which are re.
For Bale-New \\'heet1r & \Vilon r n,.wt,..!i traKht it the' enItir e'tro~1t1ry
I'.iniB maclrine, I. a. h factory, or auel '"
Uinevill. AIppi at this a leea or :~I iti I r iir p i irityr entrrcllence.
U;ns. Liberty sltroiet dwtf t II. So.lic!td. is cnterpriling mer-
M l1h Winnif Tucker of lIocti llte ad l cha of Nell wasm, in the city yevter-
.Ml. Benj. F. Dluke. of Iton-illoni. who idr nli t ll iiade 'Tl* s in a proitalble
6V siting Mi s Tucker. her sisttr, 'l!Ji Mr. Sollit!it staes that his see.
Stl shopping in thli city yesterday. t1.oi haii. 'ejloyed al exceptionally fine
i* i i n Tlihe farorirs have as a rule
b ONd--l ~MtethulJit chiitreI Sii liday ) tis l if 1
ao" slir l d p f lla, itII ad i o l tca t -rop., onlley is plettliful,.
ow pai of ld (yt g l aAti-verybody i.s iappy and contented,
,; s. Owner may have iamle by ctall- i v
ltaut Sun olie and paying for this ad.
U. Ramsey of Wacahoota was in ll AI) TH I
y, t eity yesterday. lihaving ComeI to *
Stuad the regular mionthtly meetingif Moltilv. AaIn lre. 24. ,ItI.
StAiS board of County C'.itniiilonier, lr. I-. W. HaIl, LoLiis, Mo.-lDear
,. which he is a member. : liavisg tritdl different doctors
T the HelpinR HIan. Sticiety tfl li ll'd thrir r.udits fir several years
S bterin huri, v will hold a ill (fr tack Iand kidn ey trolllel>ls. I found
lg I l tiw rel iditi e f f Mrs.. I :i. nl thing i f c es ul Until taking Ther
"id i 'l'+x W.o .. ..lxa ttondV r. 1all.'r irrenlt ])incov-
"1' I nn2tellow this AflrI.rn.o. at :.t.i ery. a nd., lting raltdly iured, the. old
"Lo*lk. at Whicth a full liltndaidtir*" i .l aryiing with railroad tliin in, t".tie
r e4d. bles the tltian who inve'rnted thw Poll-
G.(iwo l il . *la n e'lerig ar-. bit I say "G(odi
I. nih leoIni, nd N iloah l,. th, viiitenr of iall's Texanl
R Swbomrn of Newberry ilade final \\ nitler. our truly.
SIo: of of their liomelteadsl hi ore tie V Il CiANi;.
Sitsd states land ocflee on Monday. 1 i. 1:. i Mahalle. A l.
'bosu r knowledge a pleasant call
i InMr. miith A TEXAS WONDER.
I' ". Mertealnt, bookkeeperf for 'Thei eI small ottle of the TIt-xa Won-
t. wLl ho has bee ,s i cutniid tao his der. Ilall' Gireat IDisoelovry, cure*. ll
i o' e for tlie lpaLt sil wteeks by serious kidreYa nl bladedr triublers removes
s", W"as it alI i.. ina l.... .. l.uv.I. I louvre dinlete'u si Iinal *emis-

.ur. .. $2" the city yesterday on business o- .. -., ,.
Our $2 line of imen's shoes is the netted with the United states la ad .of*. .. .
equal of many $2g .' shoes. In fact the flee.
shoes are brartded hy the manufae- Riley Polk and Joseph White of
turer to retail at -' -i, but we can sell I)ouuie. after a business trip to thli
them for even mtrony and we are do- city, returned to their home lester-
ing it. \\e have tih-m in both Vici, day.
'Pairnt and 1x C'alf ini all s.tles. Try Among the High Springs business
a jair. men who favored Oainesville with a
visit yesterday were Dr. W other
.lust rec. iivd a .siplmneit of the land. A. K. umnmers and M. A. Denas
"Kiing quality" adrriirsd 3. ;'shuo- ler.
tI h bet made for th ie price-see them. T. t, Bennett of .aCrolsu, one of
-.- -. ---- the oldest and ba-t citizens of the :
SThe Dixie Ii rl for ladies at $16.&, northern part of the enunty. Was in (P. smorner eirol V$*tNibt
elmineI Dongola uier, solid leather tOwn yesterday and made The Sun n "Mntuu AI SL Ol ait.
sole,,ij pt. rt-ttiett and best shoe agreeablecall. Ile reporll his section
made fur the pricet. (Our $2 anid $260 in" blood condition.
lile for ladies is strong. Values uin. Miss Brown of DUnoiillon, a Iiseee of Q UI'
equalled, I Ii. '. Langley. ha arrived in the elty
indisposed. and haie been taken to the eicll(s d trifi,.H
in short., have shoes for big folks, Naitional Odd Fellows' Sanitarium. i
lilttl folks. rich folks. poor folks, uld Friends or the lady with for herl .
folks, young folks, uily folks, pretty speedy recorrry. ron Ho U
folks and all sorts ofi folks. J. .4. Bronier, formrlry proprietor Galnesvlle, a- P il'
of tie Central City Tonion ri rlo .,
Collie to the Iig Ieppartnient Store in thii clty but now rt.idiingt ill .Ilak- .
and getl what youi n d at low prices SonY illt. where, h' 'A ltid owner r and BICycl". rl"pairl ulad alt kia iT '
tiolanger nflk a ilop. is hiere on tlrlal hftlb d fr hUreyu jei.:.
.----. business. fur i ia r day or two lli, old tr Ii ella d l k L .'

rll----- --

. 1~11

,'''. '.r 5. w' ~r~ V ''~"Y 7 '~ ~;r~CII l~I Xl!C~~~
II .
;* 'p





laxort with Cashman & Hit11L
ILrr I, I i l, onllrmed l tationery msake a dalnty hi
Mrs, W. l). Willimm. of Hligflh fro,.
lrilltug fav(or-, fri .i n t hi Ii s city f "r
W i -th Iy ,.tl i T f V ..l t ,I \'l -. .

rit)y y tr .r i ,,l, ,r,. t .. I 11' iraal d visiting cards nake an Ie ptabllI:
tor market t n P itnt itb.r ( (;(,.* turke-i K W 'f^^
tw iih .a l rket i u e r v,e' . tnI r. rk .-4 ; t 5-,lJr rdetrs 1w o t hat the y san be ek u l ,;
chant at Ia ,io. I t, tS':.. llarilep sai l prices furnished upon Rapplll
li 'a t .ir ry *' t'l.'nl r.ree.i r f !:K.\'. l' NtilK.AVINi; C ., Manuf0tiure.n ofl
the UiltedJ ai-4 hiued iothr, whu left .
the elly a fewti). da) a o .i ith h1 inte.n- t 4io ry i tl iit vl, 30 WAIlehll i.
thiln if l*elndliiil tt.e hliity wi thL 'urgiln
Li family at W\'jitir 'Park. has heI'n
te'a ,'l Ijba k tan uirg iit bus iiire. l e
MIxpI4t it return to WinIer Paijrk in a
day or two., however where will THIS STIRLING SILVE R
rerinu i till the begintliiiig of the nr l ew
Pr'if ia d lrN. .1 II. I ulk and
daughltrr hakave re'tuirrd fromn Arcadia.
W TIr- thLe-y hIave Tien for the pasi few W IRITE FORL OUR
fy. Mre. Fulk I las ri, ntrd the a A llu
Ienrrlv house, East I.iherry street, ied 100-Page Ilunstrated
m ill conduct same so a board ingl hotise. 7fI i q..m
It is one of the most ciiimumodloue. asf r --ym, :i
well as trost desirably Iodated houses
In the city, an d uniidr ,the l ile diree. Mai Orders Receive Pr
lion of \lr$. Folks will no doubt enjoy
a fllne season.
Among the prominent visitors at the
Brown House is lion. A 8. .Mann of
Jacksonvilli, State organizer of the. JW. 5 .
Ecod roade movement, who eame to
attend the meeting of Ihe Board of 411 West I t.
County Oommisloaerr with the eo m
mittre from the Board of Trade, In the
matter of constroetlng the mile ofy *] To.."
"object lesson" road which It ls pro. W
.osetd to give Alasous county by the
United states government. SPECIAL VE
I Drs. R. A ti. Goldstein. the famous IPEO IA L VE
optie speciallsts of Louisville, Ky., -
have arrived In ihe city, nod will have
offles at the Brown House for few Liaer' fhI bdwl o a swhi | 20
days. The gentlemen need no natro-. i ol d w ,
dutrion In this State, u they have O a* llAW M.' I LlSt 1 C l'
buen for year regular winter visiltorn Tle%, i. t.h pplar U 60, U LL 4
to the more important litiae in Florl*
da. They enjoy tlie reputation of be. ElKi Glee at 71e, ei $a $ll pl er
ing among the finest in the profellon pair.
and never fill to ive perfect satisfal- i dowes White N atlU tersetb at fc.
tlon. irse. liuldstein will be pleased to t.. rulcerre. sue, ,ll .
consult anyone suflerlg from df sel Iss' 'S i m I rmt e, e.
or imperfeeti4ni of the eye. Li 0 W e worth 1l
i Laadi Oray Wool Van wltk4t1
I -+ ..... .....iy--.
H EW Ii O L Ladles' Whit W.e Yetos at 410 1l, IanI*ll',

R i f F r T - l- v i c
II. -


Swill indue In a little rhoe talk W ILSON
thi week. We are the orilinato- of .....-.. PEC.... IAL MOUN-TS b
low prices on shorns. We have fine Friends of J. H. Whiting are glad to BMSoS MlWS__ ...
values all the way through, but we see him out again, after an illeessof t .
want to call your attention to a few several weeks. F
specially good things in footwear. Our T. J. MeRKe and F. J. Hammond of I m L ts
lox Calf for boys. a strong. durable Hawthorn were among the visitors to T
*hoe at $1.0, cannot be equalled this ety yesterdayy,
d .I. W. Williami of Wade and 0. 3. ,. .
iur 2 line or lIoa' Vle and But William of Bell Were in the eity on
Calf arie im ply *upe'rl. They have business yesterday.
buth the style aid wearing iluality. Cl. Park r o.f liugh Hprings Wag In C

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